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File: 1538876512073.jpg (174.66 KB, 2048x1363, 1508538198960.jpg)

No. 705676

A thread for all these terrible cosplayers/costhots (Jessica Nigri,Amouranth,Momo,Belle Delphine,Lynn,…)

more on Belle to continue from the previous thread, i remembered she was the one who cried she was being "bullied" because she cosplayed Kotori with a purple wig and people told her it wasn't suitable(shit thread)

No. 705680

Link to the last thread and either make a more detailed OP or strip the second paragraph out, not really OP worthy as it stands.

No. 705685

No. 705697

my bad fam i never made an OP before i should have known better

No. 705758

Use the appropriate threads for Momokun
And her "friends"

Irrelevant uggo cosplayers include, but are not limited to:

-Jessica Nigri

-Meg Turney

-Jenna Lynn Meowri



-Belle Delphine

Please be sure to read and adhere to the rules before posting a previously unmentioned shitty cosplayer.

No. 705789

File: 1538893240058.png (Spoiler Image, 1.98 MB, 1148x1102, Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 2.20…)

incoming dump of rachni's recent shitshows. first one is lydia from beetlejuice. (apparently).

No. 705790

File: 1538893314751.png (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 1188x824, Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 2.21…)

bUt DoN't SeXuAlIzE mE!!!

No. 705792

File: 1538893369242.png (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 1190x858, Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 2.23…)

No. 705922

>tfw gf thinkgs nigg and delphine are hot
>says i'm just jealous when i call them thots
time to break up i guess

No. 705929


what is that wig, am i in momo's thread

Delphine i can at least understand, she's got a tight teen body but nigri is just uncanny valley tier by now, aside from her 4/10 face.
either way, your gf is a fool if she thinks you're calling them thots out of jealousy (is someone projecting..?)

No. 706077

That's creepy if that's the case. If your gf is attracted to a teen like body she's probably an hebephile aka a pedo

No. 706116

>found the malefag
nothing about Belle's body is "tight" even in the sense you mean it to be lmao what the actual fuck that's so creepy anon

No. 706242

Just a day or two ago belle was at 500k on IG and now nearly 700k??? How the fuck is she growing so fast?

No. 706272

4chan has taken her in as their new ~chan~ like they do to a few random bitches every year

No. 706281

is your gf also a thot? if not, are you sure?

No. 706330

I miss the times when it was a some awkward/cute Boxxy type and not this slutty, desperate, ahegao-faced woman pretending she's still fourteen.

No. 706347

i know,right?
Belle is one of the most desperate thots i've seen she tries so hard it's painful. She's what Juwune wishes she was except she's publically admitting being a huge slut with almost no self respect

No. 706362

File: 1538963313636.png (150.01 KB, 482x642, belle.png)

How long till she breaks? Her fanboys already pressure her for nudes every day, she's already posted plain ass pics on her patreon before, she's def doing porn or at least full nude photoshoots once she begins to feel like her followers are moving on to the next big thing

makes me wonder if june is seething at this girl's popularity right now, especially knowing how much of a pedo greg is

No. 706369

kek now i wonder too.
belle seems like a cunt herself (at least she's a little bitch given what OP said) and i would not be surprised in the least if she was but june is an obvious cunt and honestly she probably is boiling.

but once again once she gets older herself,her orbiters will turn away to another prettier,younger thot pandering more to their pedo desires like they always do until she turns too old herself,rinse and repeat. how pathetic.

No. 706372

I can never get over how much she looks like a human opossum, it's fucking creepy.

No. 706373

She definitely will,she's starved for internet (male) attention and there are a thousand other girls like her out there trying to get cucks to pay for their stuff. More power to them honestly but I highly disapprove of any thot using pedobaiting it's absolutely vile

No. 706384

File: 1538965072367.png (323.15 KB, 512x557, degenerate dream.png)

Once she ages out of the role she'll get bolt ons and either fade out or skinwalk some other popular costhot.

She started becoming more and more receptive towards online male attention once her sadboy sack of shit boyfriend dumped her, >>706369 so that's exactly what it's about.

She used to delete comments critical of her, like if they weren't overtly kissing her ass she'd get defensive or immediately delete them. I don't know if she still does, but they'd basically disappear anyway because of the amount of broken english "show me tittes pls" comments she gets fueling her ego.
When her follower count inevitable plateaus because there are no more pedophiles and anachans to obsess over her, she'll freak out and scramble to do anything to appeal to a wider audience.
Also, skirting the lines of including uninvolved people, where are her parents? She's been living in the same place taking half naked photos in the hallway since she was at least 16? She's left a lot of stuff on her facebook, old friends and relatives telling her happy birthday, but no parents. I found that her name is Mary and that she seems to think Belle is her actual name and not a stage name, but no guardians whatsoever.
She was taking nude images of herself before she turned 18 and posting them online barely censored. This girl does not have a single person telling her no.

No. 706424

is this a tranny

No. 706445

they've always liked girls with that aesthetic like cracky chan and every fucking uWu trap that posts there
mostly because those people come there and force themselves, like im sure belle is doing now

No. 706459

jesus i just looked at her insta and the cringe is painful

my soul left my body

No. 706463

File: 1538973679819.png (9.72 KB, 294x150, Untitled.png)

lmfao at this comment from a male though

No. 706719

She tries so hard i almost feel sorry for her she must have severe issues. Mommy and Daddy probably didnt give her enough attention or monitored her at all. Tragic. Like those braces.

No. 706816

this "I have no tits" shirt has become another giant thot signal like the cat bikini one
why do internet whores choose the most obnoxious clothing

No. 706821

Mods, is it mostly one person in this thread? All the posts are typed the same way.

No. 706824

>girls with that aesthetic like cracky chan and every fucking uWu trap that posts there
Cracky had none of that aesthetic tbh. Only posted a couple of photos herself, the rest were stolen and she went into hiding pretty much straight away. She also never did anything even remotely sexual. Sage for retardation.

No. 706835

all these ~so smoll~ whyte underaged anime obsessed thots are the same and have been 4chans main targeted demographic of obsession since its inception

No. 706850

I wonder what will these people do when they grow up and have their slutty teenage years plastered all over the internet? I would be so ashamed, even a few years can make a difference in these kind of behavior, I would probably kill myself if I was in their shoes lol.

No. 706865

I was sensing some samefaggotry myself, glad it's not just me.

No. 706919


should've called that inb4 "muh penis".

im into pussy. i dont have a dick. she has a tight body you desperate ana-chan.

No. 706984

Idk but I agree. At least the cat bikini was sort of cute, this is just plain trashy.

No. 706998

this entire thread has reaked of both samefaggotry and vendetta-chan’ing right down to the description of the post. if all they wanted to do is talk about belle, they could have made their own thread.

No. 707003

Saying a girl has a "tight teen body" is fucking gross anon, it has nothing to do with being anachan or not and 100% has to do with you using the same pedoshit wording some btard who wants to lick her asshole would.
Saged my spergery

No. 707019


Like a few weeks ago a belle thread was made then locked cus it seemed like severe self posting/same faggotry ( >>688616 ) belle is a nobody outside of 4chan but shes weirdly desperate to be on lolcow, lol.

No. 707022

Samefag and this is just tinfoil but side note ahegao in the title makes me think this is the same op as the belle thread because otherwise literally no one cares about ahegao lol

No. 707028

I'm pretty sure it was locked due to misinformation indicating Belle was 17 instead of 19.

No. 707038

Along with "lack of milk", but she is milky. People nitpick about random bullshit all day long in other threads waiting for cows to do something embarrassing. Yall are just overly defensive of skinny minis that aren't butchered yet. See: The amount of bullshit in lola's thread as well trying to shut it down before it started
Belle has over half a million followers and people are clearly aware of her from other platforms. Stop.

No. 707040

>she is milky
>provides no milk


No. 707042

Can someone pls just make a new thread for costhots? This thread has sucked and derailed into “belle” very likely self posting

No. 707054

I'm sorry you can't read?
Toopoors thread started for all the same reasons except for selling fingernails. Sorry you all have such high standards that "Girl who pretends to be sjw when it benefits her but panders to 4chan pedophiles" isn't interesting enough. You're all more than welcome to post other costhots you just don't and spend forever complaining like going "wow that's gross" comments don't happen in other threads.

No. 707071

I'm the OP and I just stated what I remembered of her. I have no vendetta besides the fact that I see this bitch trashy pictures everywhere and it gets on my nerves

No. 707072

And I just added ahegao edition because it's a reccurent theme with costhots. Do you just never go on Instagram?

No. 707077

So make a Belle thread if she’s “oh so milky”.

No. 707096

Does anyone else's skin crawl when she does that ageyo shit? I can't stand it.

No. 707102

Just another costhot I don't think it recquires an entire thread dedicated to her. Feel free to discuss other costhots,that said. If the focus on Belle is too much and even more milk is found, I shall make a new thread

No. 707128

Why is everyone so up in arms over this thread? I guess its logical the focus shifted to Belle cause she was discussed in the last thread a lot. Also I've been seeing her disgusting ahegao faces everywhere, some rando started posting her in a fucking simpsons shitposting group and she fucking caters to pedophiles in such an obvious way that makes my skin crawl. I mean no one is stopping yall to talk about any other costhot lol chill

No. 707133

Thank you.
Moving on, what was the deal with her bf? Did she dump him to whore herself out? And jfc her crusty neckbeard fans are demanding.
I noticed a friend of mine follow her yikes

No. 707140

Okay? Let’s bring up some other costhots as well. This is DannyLantern on instagram and you can essentially count him as a male costhot. He’s known to creep on chicks at cons even though he’s married now.

No. 707146

File: 1539053830767.jpeg (462.67 KB, 1242x1776, AEBFA855-8925-4777-AE38-1C22D9…)

No. 707171

Her whole look makes me really uncomfortable, it reminds me of Shadman's creepy fucking style. Is that what she's trying to emulate?

No. 707201

Ewww that bulge jesus, he looks like a creep, any more info on that?
I believe that's exactly what she is going for anon

No. 707207

File: 1539060703546.png (1.51 MB, 844x1136, Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 12.5…)

I followed him a while back and it was weird because he's gotten a girlfriend, gotten married, and had a kid all within a year. It seems like he rushed hardcore. He has an 18+ patreon where I'm almost certain he does lewd photos–I don't care enough to look. Dude is just generally uncomfortable to be around, really flirty and not good at boundaries.

No. 707213

he's really oddly shaped for lewds if that's what he's doing
not that this ever stopped Momo

No. 707217

That's exactly what I thought of when I first saw her. She looks like one of shadman's pedobait characters, it's creepy.

No. 707234

File: 1539063777493.png (131.14 KB, 640x796, not lurking.png)

Fairly certain that she's here selfposting since she posted this yesterday

No. 707271

it’s more likely she’s lurking and posting as people trying to shut it down. she changed her name after her previous one (belle kirschtein) made her PULL thread come up. she does not think all publicity is good publicity. but everyone who thinks she’s not worth talking about totally know her better, so, sure jan

No. 707336


This man looks like a refrigerator I cannot imagine his lewd patreon is doing well??


There's so much stylistic repetition in this thread (and bumping to talk about belle) that I'd definitely call self post tbh

No. 707369

dude that's exactly what i was thinking of when i saw her, and given how much i hate shadman i just can't bear to look at her it makes my skin crawl

No. 707370

Ew. It baffles me that those pieces of shit get girlfriends. Not only they're creeps but they aren't even good looking in the slightest. Homeboy looks like a crusty refrigerator

No. 707392

why the fuck did you go off the vendetta-chan's OP from the last thread?

No. 707425


>makes my skin crawl

If you're gonna samefag through the whole thread can you at least try harder

No. 707429

Anon this is practically the Belle Delphine show now because OP and whatever samefag is in here can't give us any milk, just "she's pedobait! she looks young!" We get it, got anything else?

No. 707458

File: 1539098090082.png (817.1 KB, 935x599, ddlgthot.png)

>she looks young!
You are really sounding like a white knight tbh. Is being a ddlg thot that panders to the Shadman demographic really not enough? While it does seem like there is some samgefagging going on, it is ridiculous to act like she doesn't belong here.

No. 707460

It's her selfposting in hopes of getting attention from us, but obvious samefag is obvious

No. 707464

posting the same 2-3 pics again and again isn't milk tho, anon.

we go through this every thread. first it was with jenna moery, now it's this bitch. if we posted every DDLG shadman worshipping cosplay thot ITT it'd be full in a day. they have to be milky in some way. the only thing possibly milky about this bella bitch is that she may have gotten fake braces. post milk or get out.

No. 707476

Not a WK, just tired of the same fucking photos of her being shared with no new milk except the fact that she looks young. Do you know how many costhots pander to the DDLG crowd? She isn't anything special. When you can actually contribute something besides pictures of her doing an ahaego face (which, again, every costhot does), then maybe we won't be annoyed with your posting.

No. 707492

Lmao tbh the only milk I can see is the obsessive self posting. Even if there was milk we'd never be able to discuss it cus the thread would be overrun with belle talking to herself in a day

No. 707694

am the last anon you mentionned and also OP. If I was trying to samefag I wouldn't make such a dumb mistake fam.

Instead of whining just talk about other costhots then,no one is stopping you. There is already enough milk as it is, read >>707458

With all those samefag accusations though,I wonder if she actually made the first thread herself

No. 707730

her room looks like the kawaii section of Ali express came on a mid western Texas house

Why would anyone white knight weaboo wrapped white trash

No. 707819

Being any costhot is not milk. She is like cookie cutter costhot no one cares about her generic shit. Stop desperately bumping to tell us how milky she is without providing any milk

No. 708198

Not the same person

No. 708825

File: 1539180860578.jpg (148.19 KB, 720x934, _20181010_150727.JPG)

Every time she posts "costume made by me" it draws attention to how little she makes her own costumes. Surely someone that insists they make most of their costumes wouldn't bother?

(also interesting to see that op got banned and the obsessive belle bumping all but died out)

No. 708837

I figured this thread was the same person posting about Belle, but god forbid I say something or they'll sperg about it.

I've heard J-Nig is cool in real life and all, but this entire thing is so annoying. What did she actually make of that costume? A bodysuit? Woah, big deal. Same with the bathing suit. Nigri, this is a beginner costhot level cosplay and I thought you were better than that.

No. 708842

So what is the consensus? Should someone make a new costhot thread that doesn't suck?

No. 708872

I mean if she didn’t say it people would go “ABLOOBLOO RYAN MAKES EVERYTHING”

No. 708880

Well what I mean is people who normally make their own costumes don't typically announce it; they only say if someone else made it (because if its a normal thing - like she claims it is - you don't need to keep reminding us)

No. 709093

File: 1539199821289.jpeg (241.61 KB, 2048x1135, 349C7449-2C9D-431F-950C-A75FAD…)

>I thought you were better than that.

What on earth made you think she was 'better than that'? Jessica has been churning out poor quality garbage since day 1 of her cosplay career.

No. 709337

has she cosplayed the tree? she should cosplay the tree.

No. 709689

Personally I wanna see the invisible man cosplay. Nigri finding out a way to be nothing but a pair of floating tits would not only be peak costhot but might actually prove she has some skill.

No. 710114

She could be a sexy boobs ent I guess

No. 710399

File: 1539290395734.png (750.45 KB, 784x476, yikes.png)

this cringey bowsette/boosette/whatever faggotry has been a gold mine for all attention-thirsty, undesirable thots who go for the lowest hanging fruit for validation. it's honestly depressing to watch.

No. 710967

Oh for sure costhots are living for it. Realistically I doubt anyone is actually thinking boosette is super hot like no one is fapping to a ghost

No. 712074

File: 1539463780196.jpeg (614.09 KB, 2048x2048, 1120A3F0-C7E9-4879-99A6-BBB839…)

How about llillybetrose? Posted she was quitting cosplay because she didn’t enjoy it and backtracked quickly to delete all evidence of saying that when she realised Costhotism was her only form of income and jumped on the Bowsette train. BDD queen but only when it suits her.

No. 712094

> Realistically I doubt anyone is actually thinking boosette is super hot like no one is fapping to a ghost
Oh my sweet summer child

No. 712476

How old is she? She has a nice body but her face looks 35. She must smoke or not use sunscreen/go tanning.

No. 713800

Im the person who originally posted about Belle in the other thread, I just ignored this thread because people annoyed me because people are never this critical about other snowflakes but want to WK Belle because she's not ugly. This is the last post I'll make here about Belle because you are all so fucking weird about not thinking this stuff is wrong while criticizing the other cosplayers for it and it's not worth the effort. I could sit here and ask "Well what did Meg do? Why do you talk about Meg? She just talks like any other 30 year old on the internet and looks bad sometimes wheres the milk? Wheres the milk? Wheres the milk?" to get people to stop posting her and you'd probably get how fucking annoying that shit is. So whatever, no more Belle, no more thread because you've all raised your standards for what gets posted here apparently.

No. 714067

Anon I have actively looked for belle milk once I saw these threads because it was clearly a self post so she seemed like a mess. All I found was:
>Cosplayed kotori in a purple wig then played the victim when she was called out
>when asked if she mains d.va said something like 'I don't play games she's just cute' then again played the victim when she got called out and announced she's never Cosplaying again

However these are all things that happened literal years ago and there has been no milk since.
If the thread criteria was attention whore snowflakes who pander to ddlg/pedobait then the entire of insta would be in here. Posting everyone who acts young isn't milk.

Sorry for belleposting I'm just over it lmao

No. 714361

she's milky enough for me imo,being such a pedobait and so costhotty is worthy of being in such a thread although i agree it's a shit thread to start with

No. 714415

She’s 21 I believe

No. 714683

7 days later and you post a sperg about Belle. We get it, you don't like her. Give us ACTUAL RECEIPTS OF MILK since you seem to think she's so milky.

No. 716164

File: 1539888361637.png (2.48 MB, 1440x2171, Screenshot_2018-10-18-12-41-35…)

I think that cosplay is for all ages. But someone tell yaya if she's old enough to be the character's Mom maybe she shouldn't do it? Lol
Her hips look super small in this compared to her boobs.
Cosplay to flatter your age.

No. 716167

As long as Yaya has been in the cosplay comm, she really should be cosplaying more age appropriate characters. I don't get this at all

No. 716168

Is this supposed to be zero two?

No. 716174

yaya is never going to look good in cosplay. she doesn't care what flatters her or what looks good (if she did she wouldn't have gotten a boob job) she rose to fame because she shoop'd the shit out of her ugly ayi face and got fake titties.

sure she can sew and stuff, but she's never looked good.

No. 716187

Yaya has that busted old pornstar look

No. 716202

she's had it since the 90s.

No. 716225

I feel like a lot of the things that Yaya have cosplayed recently (Zero Two, Black Cat D.va, etc.) were made to stay relevant. I doubt she cosplays these characters for herself and because she truly likes them.

No. 716263

I honestly forgot about Yaya's existence. Maybe because she stays out of drama, which is good I guess.

No. 716292

She is one of the few people to actually make a semi business out of cosplay with her fabric line, so i commend her for that. But honestly, she's getting older and should probably stop with these body suit cosplays and other really unflattering shit.

No. 716364

Doesnt mean she doesnt look busted af in those body suits.

No. 716979

File: 1539969691982.jpg (153 KB, 1080x864, beach.jpg)


There was a photoshop/real life comparison thread and Enji and her white knights made it entirely about her. Just search for "Enji" in this and watch Enji and her white knights relentlessly defend her. I didn't know she was so spergy. Thread is just full of milk.

No. 717015

Honestly cgl is full of Tumblr garbage and crossboarders nowadays. It's now 97% lolita and 3% "POST UR COSPLAY WAIFU" threads.

No. 717031

You mean YOU went in the thread and kept samefagging and attacking enji in a frenzied jealous sperg and when people told you you were being crazy you went ape shit and started making even more posts derailing and attacking. Pointing out sperg isn’t “white knighting”, psycho. Why don’t you make a thread to cry about enji since you’re so obsessed.

No. 717046

What the fuck are you talking about? I was just looking at /cgl/ cosplay threads earlier and saw all that garbage.

You seem awfully defensive.

No. 717052

that thread was a ride lmfao
>y-you're all just jealous!!!
if that's not a dead giveaway then I don't know what is.

No. 717104

You don’t even know how to sage, it’s so obvious you’re the same cgl vendetta-chan

No. 717137

Is it milk that belle delephine has little girl written all over her stuff and ddlg (daddy dominate little girl) on her Patreon? She’s marking herself to pedos and wants to be considered underage

No. 717139

File: 1539987129094.jpg (102.34 KB, 600x900, literalcow.jpg)

Your tears are delicious reading in this thread and your fans are sperglords (lol at the shrinking fetish guy defending you in particular). Don't defend your basic bitch looks so much and there won't even be content.

Here's your sage.

No. 717148

and you've got the same yuropoor writing style as Not-Enji, both you and the vendettachan are spergs, but you moreso for coming to whiteknight on a site for shittalking. You're not gonna convince anyone here no matter what.

No. 717149

Uh, there were multiple people in that thread anon, not just one. The whiteknight(s) were the one who brought so much attention to it. If they didn't freak the fuck out over someone not thinking their waifu was The Hottest Cosplayer Ever no one would have paid any attention.
You did this to your fucking self.

No. 717156

We get it, it's been brought up several times. Nobody gives a fuck. It's boring.

No. 717158

Ya. Someone tell Lori Lune/UsagiKou so we can watch her sperg out about how she’s the real life zero two
(Her thread here - her SM days are def vintage milk but this skinwalking zero two thing seems more befitting of this thread - >>>/snow/712733 )(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 717263

File: 1540001461926.jpeg (139.91 KB, 569x879, AE305ABF-4166-4D44-92BD-279AA9…)

The most beautiful cosplayer out there

No. 717297

Lord, the pasties and the big hair…

No. 717703

File: 1540063829565.gif (1.6 MB, 300x229, 1407128460658.gif)

Did the photographer edit these like this?
So unflattering. Why did she not wear some pasties that were closer to her skin tone?

No. 717705

stop trying to bump lori's thread you sperg.

No. 717715

I don't know who this is but saw this one scrolling down and this is one unflattering image. The pasties make her nipples look like giant pepperoni slices, her facial expression looks constipated, the gritty filter has made her thighs look disgusting and mishapen.

No. 717739

Why so angry anon? Because belle isn’t the only one self posting now?

No. 718022

That's a bad photo but the cosplay is worse. The puffy hair looks horrible and the blue gem slapped over the "Realise" writing on the swimsuit, so cheap and low effort looking even for a sexy cosplay. Just because you do lewd cosplay it is not an excuse to be this low effort, even if neckbeards will still like it, it pays to go the extra mile and set yourself apart if you really care about your work

No. 718404

Yeah Jenna Lynn Meowri blames the photographer and told him to take that picture down because he did a horrible job but I can confirm in person that she looked awful. You can see the terrible pasties through the suit and her skin looked horrid. I don’t feel bad talking about it because her attitude is even way worse

No. 720879

File: 1540474905477.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1242x1843, 2DD38C25-0A45-4877-A924-A07642…)

Wear!! A!! Wig!!
Every costume he puts out just looks bad and I think it’s because of his face. He either does muscular characters or skinny characters when he is in fact fat.

No. 721824

File: 1540590587687.jpeg (40.3 KB, 281x500, 1503891828574.thumb.jpeg.a9c8f…)

To get back to Belle I found this back in my files from last year.
Besides the fact that she's another bitch acting uwu when she's,well, a bitch,she really makes me sick. If you want to do sex work and be a megathot, fine but how she pushes the smol teen/barelylegal shit is disgusting. Not only has she been found posting NSFW pictures of herself while underage (and denying it) on her patreon which is pretty creepy already but now she's grown and knows exactly what she's doing : contributing to the sexualization of children.

It's sad because she has a cute face,a cute body,but that shit is downright vile.

No. 721830

"to get back to bell"

that's for old milk anon, sage next time–it isn't relevant when it happened a year ago and it's just a snarky remark.

No. 721855

Well,the "milk" is still there,she's pandering to pedophiles and milking the "barely legal" persona. if that's not milk then what is it?
saged this time though

No. 722007

Nobody. Fucking. Cares.

No. 722391

Well apparently several people do since they were discussing her you retard.
She is one of the costhots. And I want to discuss her cringe. Die mad about it(ban evasion)

No. 722622

stop being a vanilla sjw and acting like a 19 year old marketing herself as a teen is milk. It’s a popular porn catagory and she sells ass pics. Let’s just discuss every porn star and cam girl who did ddlg fetish or was a teenager when producing content.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 722643

>stop being a vanilla sjw and acting like a 19 year old marketing herself as a teen is milk

I agree it isn't sufficient milk but it's still disgusting

>It’s a popular porn catagory

ugh, gtfo

No. 722644

File: 1540704921673.jpeg (214.3 KB, 750x1060, 7CF75093-1BC2-45B4-AE22-69C563…)

Ichigei Cosplay has always made me feel uncomfortable she tries so hard to be sexy but her face ruins it also what is happening to that thong

No. 722656

Is she legit retarded? Or downsy? Kind of looks that way.

No. 722678

Agree this is getting old and boring. Are ppl aware that “teen” is like at least top 3 searched for thing on most major porn sites. It’s not funny or anything , it’s just how it is, it doesn’t mean ppl really want to fuck kids or that women want to appear all underage , at least not most of them. It’s all just fetish stuff and thots indulging it won’t change ppl to pedophiles if they are not so already, it’s retarded logic

No. 722681

>It’s all just fetish stuff and thots indulging it won’t change ppl to pedophiles if they are not so already, it’s retarded logic

Thot logic.

No. 722682

“Like pedos already exist aneways! so y don’t greedy cunts encourage these predators to continue existing xD”

No. 722690

Not to mention she's not selling herself as a teen. She's selling herself as like, a 10-12 yo. She flaunts her children's toys and children's wear (like literal toys for 3 year old, not teen at all).

No. 722740

Lmao did belle get unbanned or something, her telling someone they don't know the name of her camera guy isn't milk.
Also you have to varify your age on patreon I'm p sure so I really doubt she was posting nsfw shit underage. Literally none of this is milk

No. 722894

Eww, the bottom part just looks so gross.

No. 723104

File: 1540773530164.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1242x2002, 7DC4F9C9-AABF-4057-B1B1-07A346…)

This girl insisted to me that she made an obviously bought costume when this is what her craftsmanship looks like.
And it's a microkini, they're supposed to be that small but be… Cuter than this. Yikes.

No. 723160

Stop reporting every mention of Belle. A cosplay thot with 1 million followers is bound to have some drama. We have no indication of selfposting. Furthermore, several users are posting about her. There was only one case of a ban evading anon.

Anons who post about Belle, please summarize her drama in a more concise way so other farmers can follow.

No. 723294

File: 1540814294774.jpg (139.82 KB, 720x901, _20181029_115454.JPG)

Just seen these posts on midnaash's Tumblr. Does anyone have any more info on this? 1/2

No. 723295

File: 1540814366913.jpg (78.7 KB, 720x494, _20181029_115511.JPG)

It always annoyed me that she comes into her bfs streams and tries to make it 100% about her. I feel like she's probably hiding loads of milk lol

No. 723316

We’ve asked farmers to give us proof of the milk multiple times and all we get are pictures of her doing slutty cosplays. Where is the ~big milk~ they keep promising?

No. 723346

>Stop reporting every mention of Belle. A cosplay thot with 1 million followers is bound to have some drama.

But no drama has been mentioned. Just the same old “she posts slutty pics!” And “she markets herself as a teen think if the pedos” comments. Those aren’t drama at all. I didn’t know it was acceptable to keep bringing someone up and providing no milk in the hopes that eventually there will be milk.

No. 723355

She has a fucking fupa

No. 723360


The whole issue with this thread is that newfags use it and don't really know how. I'm sure Belle has drama, but the anons getting it aren't summarizing and are just posting old posts from years ago. The same thing happened with the Jenna Lynn girl, and anons eventually stopped posting about her. You can see from the thread OP that whoever made this new thread was a fucking moron, but likely not selfposting/vandettafagging.

All cosplay thots are going to have drama just due to the type of person cosplay thots generally are.

No. 723408

Snow doesn't even follow the no milk rule considering we have calve threads that keep thriving like the pixielocks stans who now have 5 threads dedicated to people dressing ugly in messy rooms(literally thats all 99% of the time besides self diagnosing and mental health spergs) a costhot who sells her nudes is atleast a step up and better than reading Momo threads where the Newfags need to eat Susu's ass every third post and mention her and Bunny whenever they can.
Belle is atleast fresh air considering she posts herself on 4chan and thats ground zero for cows. Especially the thot ones. When you pander to incels, theres inherently something wrong with you, but LC has had a weird influx of anons who wk or try to push subjects under the rug when they are posted, ie Belle, Susu, Bunny yet the lesser ones gets posted up and down and nobody bats an eye lmao.

No. 723437

that's not really true tho. people who think /snow/ is a free for all are just as fucking annoying as the ones who yell "vandetta!" at everyone ITT.

Instead of arguing a point that a farmhand already clarified, post some fucking content.

No. 723439

>yet the lesser ones gets posted up and down and nobody bats an eye lmao.

U kno why! Y'all are clowns to think Belle isn't lurking and whiteknighting herself in this thread while the actual irrelevant costhots with 12 followers are free game. Zzzz this board is for snowflakes with generally cringey personalities and half the comments on Belle's pic and videos are people clowning her obvious thotfoolery. She's a cringefest and pedobaiting while being such a loser she's offering up her friendship for $2k is a fat titty waiting to squirt milk our way.

No. 723458

File: 1540841159285.jpg (146.05 KB, 1014x697, nana.jpg)

>get bolt-ons
>lie about it
>tell others they are perfect and shouldn't change a thing

No. 723465

if only this would be the worst about her…

No. 723470

The amount of whiteknighting for a basic cringey thot is suspicious as fuck. I found out her bf is an insane whitekight for m'lady.

No. 723479

wow this post is cringe. you should feel embarrassed for typing like this. again and again.

No. 723483

She supports Momokun. Is it worse than that?

No. 723486

File: 1540843834249.jpg (2.76 MB, 3137x904, 20181026_070047.jpg.a21ffe8703…)

Is it true belle took down pew die pie's video that had her in the thumbnail?

No. 723546

I saw her at a con and oh boy she pushed those poor titties to the max.

No. 723651

Just paining the design on a corset instead of making actual layered armor like the reference is peak lazyness. The busk of the corset is also completely visible and in the front wtf is this

No. 723676

Other than laziness, not really seeing the milk here, anons. Where's the drama?

No. 723681

File: 1540869723595.png (14.29 KB, 517x179, Screenshot (2).png)

The reason there's no new belle milk is because she's new to a larger public and hasn't been around long enough doing this shit to drop a friend to spill your supposed "real" milk as opposed to 'old' milk that other cows totally don't have brought up against themselves and repeated to remind people why they're bad, totally just a Belle thing. She cleaned up a lot of her public image, and I'll admit I'm included in this, but a lot of people just don't know how to dig for stuff, new stuff. That doesn't mean she's irrelevant to irrelevant cosplayers or that she's "just like any other". Regardless of whether or not you think what she does is normal (hint: it's not), she's worth keeping an eye on. And again, by trying to keep Belle posters from shitting up your already shit nitpicky threads, you've made it impossible for anyone else to post because all of the reasons given for why belle isnt worth posting hit too many marks for other costhots. I'd also like to say Belle is 100% posting here. She changed her name and cleaned up her persona after the last round of people criticizing her. She knows these websites. She's worth posting about, if only because doing so is likely to trip her up more. It doesn't help that farmers have immediately dismissive attitudes, so trying to work to gather milk isn't going to work when others keep shutting it down without question. You would have a total of zero active posts on this website if you doubled down as hard as you have against posting about Belle. Post about other cosplayers if you want to, no one is stopping you, but Belle is going to keep getting brought up too. Complaining about every Belle post is just going to shit it up more, and you're doing her work for her.

No. 723695

Seems like you don’t really keep up with momokun threads as that hasn’t happened since they called momo out and delivered the biggest blow to moo’s cosplay career to date which was at the begining of the year. I don’t get why people get so triggered when they are asked to bring up actual drama when trying to constantly discuss the same person. Threads where we post one off pics of cringy cosplays/fashion/thottery aren’t comparable to activley attempting a discussion around one individual when no milk is available. It’s not white knighting, it’s justboring to see people trying to steer threads into a dead end by wanting to revolve the whole conversation around someone with little to discuss.

No. 723698

File: 1540871841711.png (71.58 KB, 1040x310, Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 8.54…)

Your post is a good take on this whole Belle thing. And you're right, her popularity is pretty new as opposed to other cows. I agree that she's worth keeping an eye on. When Momokun first started getting popular, there was close to no milk about her either. Then she self-posted on cgl and everything went to shit.
Belle probably won't have this similar kind of downward spiral since her persona is more controlled unlike Momokun, but it's definitely worth keeping tabs on her for potential future milk. She's just not milky enough to repeatedly post about now.

No. 723699

File: 1540872409300.jpeg (295.97 KB, 831x1800, 98A7189A-A437-4438-8E12-35353B…)

Aside from Belle, which it seems is the only topic in this thread, can we talk about the black costhots who complain that being a cosplayer is so hard and stigmatized when really they are just ugly and their cosplays aren’t good

No. 723724

File: 1540877319379.png (602.98 KB, 720x1224, Screenshot_2017-05-25-10-37-13…)

No. 723727

File: 1540877449426.png (594.5 KB, 640x1136, 1524104503488.png)

No. 723740

>black costhots who complain that being a cosplayer is so hard and stigmatized when really they are just ugly and their cosplays aren’t good

I see this so much from POC cosplayers who really try and play up the race card when no one pays attention to them. I saw a post once about a girl who was mad that Capcom didn't retweet her absolute garbage cosplay and claimed that it was because Japanese companies are racist against dark-skinned Mexican cosplayers.

No. 723779

File: 1540891250669.jpg (263.83 KB, 1438x2560, _20181030_090806.JPG)

I agree that belle is probably milky but just knows how to not run her mouth on the Internet. In >>714067 I admit the fact that she's ticking all the cow boxes (fake gamer girl, snowflake, Cosplays for attention etc) and pic related shows how much she edits her photos. The problem is that any mention of belle turns into an absolute fanfare with literally zero milk besides that she's ddlg/etc and it's just really boring. If I wanted to look at normal edited belle photos I'd look at her insta, they don't need to be posted here. And sure this happens with other people but not to the high level that people are posting about belle. It's a mess
Also, to all those saying "just talk about other cows" theres two screen shots that were completely ignored so people could talk about belle so honestly it's not for lack of trying

No. 723780

Idk, but I'm tired of seeing that top one everywhere. Literally everything looks like trash, from makeup to wigs. I can understand the closet cosplay aspect but that doesn't make her good. Everyone keeps sharing her like she's amazing.

No. 723786


why does this look like the most obvious samefag I've ever seen on any board since 2003,

No. 723824

Still not a samefag. Give it up, if something isn't milky enough for you, report it instead of shitting up the thread with your tinfoiling. Final warning.

No. 723825

A couple of hers have been decent but for the most part they look like shit. She’s probably getting attention moomoo style for being body positive or whatever. At least unlike moomoo it looks like she actually might be.

Bottom left (?) posted on imgur and got most viral on her first post…was complaining all night in the comments that people were pointing out the obvious flaw in her Snow White costume, when I bet she would be the first to outrage at a white t’challa

No. 723829

We asked for anons to give us milk and all were getting is “oh she’s popular so she’s BOUND to have some milk”. I’ll probably get banned for this, but who is picking these farmhands? You’ll ban people for stupid shit and yet you let people post multiple posts about a costhot with nearly no drama that we can see? This might as well be a “Belle Delphine” thread instead of a costhot thread at this point.

No. 723838

File: 1540905736713.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 306.54 KB, 1242x1686, 391052FC-81C8-4F10-A837-116E25…)

I was going to say post it on meta, but you know already…

Here’s some rachniqueen for you anon.

>post tits on insta


Also she’s been wearing the same lingerie for over a month and is doing similar cosplays to moo.

No. 723840

No one who is secure in their relationship would need to make a post like this publicly unless it was to the levels of when people would say "jnig is just dating ryan so he'll make her armor' and that was everywhere. Where have people been saying that she cheated? If it was a private/personal/small time issue then she could easily just post about it on FB. She needs to make sure people think they're in a happy relationship when she's obviously10x worse than every other costhot (shout out to thost $5 assplug sets she used to sell on tumblr). Also it's funny she would say that when octopimp's previous relationship ended because he was cheating and it blew up in his face.

She's 100% in his streams making sure he's not getting attention from other girls because she loves leeching off the bit of fame he has because she's too abrasive for people to actually care about her past her lewds.

Also congrats on a 5 year relationship when you're both in your late 20s at least and arent even living together even though you live in the same state and neither of you have a job that locks you into a location

I'll never understand how and what people are jealous of them for? Ah yes I'm so jealous of momo tying her name to softcore porn. I'm so jealous of someone having to shoop eveything they post like sssniperwolf and I'm definitely jealous of someone who is so insecure in herself and relationship she only feels the need to jump on bandwagons that she can milk (She got mad at people calling out momo and sexual assault/harassment at cons because 'where were they when the cosplayingwhileblack tag was going around?' despite all of the girls she tried calling out having Rted a bunch from it) She only ever does anything to further her own goals. Like how all of a sudden because she's pushing her relationship with Octo, who does participate in FGC tourneys,more over the past year she's mainly cosplaying from fighting games.

No. 723842

File: 1540906443090.png (876.66 KB, 932x1108, Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 9.33…)

Figured I'd post in meta before I got banned, at least then maybe a mod would see it rather than a farmhand.

One of my favorite male costhots in an older costume of his (by like, 4 months). I don't understand "Jedi" cosplays at all unless you're doing an actual character.

I think the only costume he's ever done that fits his body type was mid-life crisis Mr. Incredible.

No. 723886

Oh look, she's posted on imgur…again, and of course she feels the need to address her race in the main post.

No. 723905

If the belle thread didnt get locked we wouldn't be here. She's had tantrums over people criticizing her cosplays and got her ex boyfriend to try to get someone expelled for doing so, this is easy to find if you really cared so much about proving her innocence. She has a spoiled "pick me" attitude, always has and always will. It's not "Just that shes pupulerrr", but show me another costhot with a fanbase as big as hers who isn't on this website. Try. If this is how she used to act and she's really only gotten worse in every other way I don't doubt she's doing shady shit on the DL. It's already been said, but just a reminder for those with autism. God forbid people post nitpicky drama-less shit in a nitpicky drama-less thread. The last bout of true 'drama' was people bitching about Gavin.
Get over yourself
I hate this fucking haircut. He looks constipated and his face looks like it was shooped on

No. 723917

It’s so annoying. Like yes, some people are racist. But chances are you aren’t “cos famous” because you’re not conventionally attractive and have shit cosplays. Kayyybear is successful bc she’s hot, puts in effort, and doesn’t scream “racism!!” every five minutes.

No. 723924

File: 1540917912717.jpg (31.32 KB, 720x424, _20181030_163732.JPG)

I actively follow her boyfriend and I hadn't heard anything about this until she decided to air her dirty laundry on Tumblr. She strikes me as the sort of person who hopes her bf fails to get popular so he doesn't get any female attention (but at the same time leeches off his shit by Cosplaying the exact thing he's playing on stream).
Sage cus pic is like a month old but she's always throwing a shit fit about how awful her bfs chat are. So supportive

No. 723966

>She's had tantrums over people criticizing her cosplays and got her ex-boyfriend to try to get someone expelled for doing so

I'm one of the anons that thinks we should keep an eye on Belle, but you guys can't keep posting shit like this without screenshots or some other kind of proof of milk. All that does otherwise is undermine the idea that she has any milk at all.

How ironic that she doesn't want her bf's stream following to look at her Tumblr and yet she shows up to events in skimpy cosplays in hopes of getting as much attention as possible. It's super sad that other female cosplays and women in the gaming community eat her shit up considering her former affiliation with Momokun and her repeated trash behavior.

No. 723989

Kaybear is famous because she lewds

No. 724005

If she didn't want her boyfriends fans on her Tumblr why does she always go into her boyfriends stream and demand everyone pay attention to her? Sit down Ash no one cares

No. 724074

File: 1540938033111.png (91.82 KB, 206x299, Untitled.png.82bb4f56735905f27…)

Well here's her ex-bf sperging hard in the PULL chatbox.

I still say her going to the lengthes of FLAGGING PewDiePie's video is a cow-ish behaviour that pretty relevant considering her gets millions of views.

No. 724079

She also spergs hard in Belle Delphine thread on PULL if any other anons care to look.

No. 724120

Report posts that you suspect to be vendettas or selfposting instead of filling up the thread with complaints and infighting. We already established that she's not enough of a cow or even a snowflake to warrant her own thread, but this is what this thread is for, and but we'd have to ban mentions of a whole lot of other smaller flakes too if we followed your expectations. If you need to discuss it further, take it to /meta/.

No. 724171

File: 1540948752465.jpg (534.95 KB, 1010x3686, EgioO71.jpg)

I'm gonna summarize some Belle drama so that anons can stop bitching. I'm making collages of some screencaps but it'll still take up several comments, >inb4 farmers complain about me spamming my vendetta

This girl is an ex-scene girl tumblr sponsored cosplayer, hardcore pedobaiting attentionwhore and if any other cosplayer pulled half her tantrums at 1 million followers, they'd have their own thread. I think this is just a matter of newfags not knowing how to write a decent OP and spoiling the milk by coming off as salty vendettaposters. There's a lot to cover so let me know if I missed any screencaps.

Cosplay drama:

>posts her Kotori (Love Live) cosplay to a LL group, but wore a purple wig instead of brown; users criticized the wig

>yells "it doesn't matter what color it is!", "i didn't have a brown one!", "cosplay is about fun not accuracy!"
>posts screenshots of the comments on her page to complain about cosplay being a "toxic community"
>admits she should've said it was inspired but keeps making salty posts in reference to it

>begins "lewding" her costumes by posting swimsuit cosplays and a completely random bikini armor version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast

>goes viral for D.va cosplay, this time just long brown hair and pink cheek tattoos in bathing suit
>posts screenshots again because people pointed out that it's just a normal person in character makeup
>announces that she'll never cosplay again because people take it way too seriously
>continues to cosplay characters in free taobao costumes and unfitting pastel-colored wigs
>upon her PULL thread starting, a massive whiteknight attack took place in the thread and PULL chatbox and she changed her FB name

No. 724172

File: 1540948824003.jpg (759.85 KB, 1010x5320, rMEUUzT.jpg)

Age, pedobaiting, and sex work:

>submitted an ID stating she was 18 to a cosplay page while she was underage, later got verified on Patreon and the age she still claims as her real one would have made her 16 at the time of the fake ID

>started selling lewds as soon as she turned 18, broke up with her whiteknight boyfriend at the same time - he's been sadposting since
>got her Patreon suspended temporarily as soon as she started selling lewd photosets (possible age concerns)
>uses every opportunity to harp on about how young she looks
>did Lolita (the novel) inspired "looks"
>sponsored by brands like "cutesykink"
>got fake braces, claims they're real but they disappear and reappear all the time
>posing nude in public and in supermarkets to appeal to kinksters
>claims she'll just keep selling nudes until she retires at 30, citing JNig as her idol

No. 724176

File: 1540949155804.jpg (222.52 KB, 747x2603, 0ryzgCA.jpg)

And finally, photoshopping. I'll let this one speak for itself.

The FB thread also covered her making up a fake profile to comment her selfies under photos of her ex with other girls

Hope this helps gain some context for the individual comments about her, on their own they may seem petty but in the big picture it just adds up to a lot of cow-ish behavior.


No. 724177

Thank you, this was literally all we were fucking asking for: proof of milk.

No. 724191

I hope she goes back to actual cosplay, the passive aggressive posts about the Kotori wig are hilarious.

No. 724202

The problem with the D.va Cosplay was cus she admitted in the comments she'd never played overwatch, people called her out for being fake and that's when she announced she's never Cosplaying again

No. 724210

File: 1540952055071.jpg (173.17 KB, 720x912, _20181031_021149.JPG)

No. 724212

File: 1540952082996.jpg (36.9 KB, 508x517, FB_IMG_1540951861966.jpg)

No. 724213

File: 1540952098411.jpg (25.99 KB, 516x482, FB_IMG_1540951872419.jpg)

No. 724214

File: 1540952111680.jpg (31.64 KB, 506x481, FB_IMG_1540951884291.jpg)

No. 724218

This is fucking pathetic

No. 724219

Who cares? Plenty of people cosplay things they don't play. They person actually upset by it in >>724212 is the more sad thing tbh. It's literal dress up(samefagging whiteknight)

No. 724220

ot but does anyone know where I could get this girls elf ears? I'm doing an elf in the future and those are exactly the kid of ears I want.(google it)

No. 724221

File: 1540952952923.png (5.23 MB, 1440x10164, screencapture-patreon-belledel…)

Forgot this screenshot of her Patreon perks. Exclusive content beyond her FB lewds starts at $50 a month and she has over 1k Patrons at the moment.

No. 724230

After seeing this screenshot…she is 100% a sex worker. The top tiers are extremely suggestive of one-on-one camshow, chosen by buyer. Everything else is straight up sex work. She's not a costhot, I think she is miscategorized here when we say that. And heaven knows what the content looks like based on her Instagram.

No. 724248

It's kind of weird how different she looks in that birthday photo. Even with the filter she looks a lot more mature and normal/less exaggerated. I'd guess it's still pretty heavily edited though.
I don't see how being a camwhore and being a costhot are mutually exclusive. She's clearly more focused on cosplay lewds anyway.

No. 724277

That's against patreon tos too, no outside platforms

No. 724282

oh god this gives me Alison Rapp vibes

No. 724286

File: 1540960134239.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.89 MB, 935x25996, belle.jpg)

I found a leak dump of her snapchat content, some of the pictures aren't very shooped and closer to her irl looks and others show a lot of sloppy shoop especially around the eyes, nose and lips. Everything is carefully styled to be youthful naive sensual brat teehee~~

There's tons more but it's mostly the same recycled poses and faces with changing outfits.

Also, any full nudes of her are shooped by thirsty males. She always hides her nipples under emojis, some of the leaks that pretended to be legit were blatantly shopped.

No. 724345

I saw Belle at London Comic con this last Monday. She didn't do anything too lulzy but funny she gets all upset about being judged for cosplay when she only wore that long brown wig, a pleated skirt, (yellow shirt?) and those cat ears and tail. Was confused at first but it was definitely her, braces and all. She looks a lot less attractive in real life.

No. 724403

reading the descriptions of those tiers makes me really depressed

No. 724413

By how much variation there is in her filtered/shopped photos you can tell she's pretty average irl. Like someone you wouldn't look twice at

No. 724489

Lmao thank you I was the one who originally posted about her and honestly did not know what anons wanted because they complained about everything and seemed to already know everything about her and how none of it was noteworthy. I was also trying to avoid posting pictures of her when she was underage because I wasn't sure about rules
on that
>>724286 Some of those were taken when she was 16-17 too. She said her mother was a "model" and has helped her a lot and 'supported' her with what she does. CPS should've been called

No. 724784

She's not unattractive IRL, but obviously less pristine than her shoops. Her clothes aren't really ironed. She had on the braces. She wears so much makeup - a lot. Which isn't unusual for the UK anyways. She's totally recognisable and not in the scope of Kota.

No. 724874

File: 1541080095926.jpg (213.87 KB, 1196x705, saltychans.jpg)

No. 724881

So does her lack of lips and brows weigh out to salty attention whore, cause thats the vibe im getting kek
Hope shes not mad her mom drank during pregnancy. FAS.

No. 724897

id get implants too if itd take away the attention from that adam sandler lookin head of hers.

No. 724912

Who would pay for this lmao? Pretty good scam she's got running

No. 724914

Who would pay for this lmao? Pretty good scam she's got running

No. 724926

One time drama magnet Ichigokitty looks like she’s starting to test the thot cosplay waters. She did some Halloween “boudoir” cosplay and is asking if anyone wants to buy the whole set.

No. 724937

The fun thing about her is that nobody gives a fuck about her in her community. She is at most Austrian cons as a star guest but nobody cares about her. Why would any other coslayer care for a costhot?
Didn't think she would be so salty about a lolcow post tho.

No. 724957

At least she has been banned from YuniCon for harassing another guest.

No. 724978

Deets on that? Post screenshots, if they're German post here and an anon might translate: >>>/ot/222488

No. 724984

I saw this, and I have nothing against costhotery, but I am really curious: Did she photoshop her back smooth? There's just a blurry shadow where her spine should be lmao

No. 724996

File: 1541099412202.png (2.19 MB, 1344x952, belle.png)

As far as I know, her braces are real, she got them in October-ish 2017, she just posts old pics of herself a lot.

Also here's some old pics of her for comparison to now. Left pic was from 2013 and right one from 2015.

No. 725031

Don’t think she’s ever done that before but she seems freaked that she’s become irrelevant in the cosplay community so I wouldn’t doubt it

No. 725045

idk, who?
(No I’m serious I don’t know who that is.)

No. 725097

this is an imageboard.

No. 725102

File: 1541114267890.jpeg (212.19 KB, 682x984, F43C6BE0-2023-4ED6-94CA-DF04B7…)

No. 725283

File: 1541151559464.jpeg (93.02 KB, 900x600, 0ED889F5-EDE3-45DA-AE3A-8D35F1…)

she’s a narcissistic costhot who has cheated on her boyfriend countless times, who burns bridges with her very few and constantly changing friends because of her gaslighting and toxic behavior, she scams her dumb photographers all the time and mostly makes them work for free, she tried to get someone banned from a convention just because she didn’t like them and said they sexually harassed her (which wasn’t true at all), she’s an open supporter of moomookunt, and much much more. I can’t believe she doesn’t have her own thread, she’s such a garbage person.

No. 725303

File: 1541157816659.png (222.83 KB, 305x308, Screenshot_2.png)

Isn't she married? And do you have any deets of that?

No. 725309


gotta love how she went from under-drawing her eye liner to make her eyes smaller (?) to putting on lower fake lashes further out than her actual eyes to make them look bigger (and somehow carried that technique into her current aesthetic).

at least there's some skill development (unlike with some of our other cows).

No. 725311

File: 1541159903037.png (190.58 KB, 407x265, 40ceac7c47c246f6bb50684d65e843…)

dropped pic, also:

is she going for the same droopy eye McKeyndra Kentucky goes for?

No. 725353

No she’s not. She’s lying about it because he backed out of his own proposal apparently.

No. 725435

Nayrt but she said she's in an open relationship even though her bf lost his mind when she slept with someone I know. Makes it seem like their arrangement wasn't consensual.

No. 725446

lol Ichigokitty is still around? Definitely a huge bitch but I dunno if I'd call her a thot

No. 725499

File: 1541190621232.png (2.3 MB, 586x2755, wedding.png)

She is, but she got anime married to her anime husbando at her anime wedding, so this is an interesting development. I'm not familiar with that anime she's obsessed with, but she def comes off as one of those people who thinks she IS that character and the only one who can cosplay them considering her whole wedding theme. (Not gonna lie tho I totally creeped on all her wedding shit when it happened cause I thought her dresses were really pretty, and I don't mind a nerd wedding at all if it at least looks nice)

Not sure if anyone else feels this way but….I tend to be less annoyed at cosplayers like Yaya or Ichigokitty who have been in the cosplay community forever. I kinda feel like "well, they put in their time in when there was nothing to be gained from it, they've paid their dues" ya know? Like compared to the other 5000 J-nig costhot clones that came outta nowhere in the past 7 years or so who are SUDDENLY giant nerds when there's money to be made off lonely neckbeards. Does that make sense?

Takes me back to the good ole' days of /cgl/ drama and devART and scouring acparadise/cosplay.com for pics of those cosplayers.

No. 725513

I think they had an idolmaster themed wedding since she cosplays that one character all the time. The photos of the wedding was cute.

And I sort of get your logic. This isn't just some girl coming in to cash in on nerd money out of the blue. She's been here a while. I don't really care for it either way but I get your line of thought.

No. 725514

>I won't need a job after this ends when I'm 30
I actually laughed out loud at this stuff, jesus this is some top dumb thottery this girl got here. Can't really be too mad because she's just dumb as a brick and it's hilarious. These photos are so trashy, she seems like an airheaded teenager and a sketch show parody of a costhot filled with daddy issues combined into one.

No. 725518

New users, please read the rules and usage guide.


No. 725735


This is beyond creepy. She looks legit 10 years old. People who jerk off to her probablynwould jerk of to ten year olds if they were able. Yikes.

No. 725752

She looks 20.

No. 725756

File: 1541222990774.jpg (226 KB, 1113x537, notebook.jpg)


Jesus christ she really does look like a child.

She's just turned 20 from the look fo this post from 2016.

The wholle "Guess my age" is super creepy imo

No. 725758

She really doesn't look like a child at all. She doesn't wear makeup and is short. That's it. If anyone thinks she's underage, it's probably her behavior and/or the way she dresses.

No. 725775

Vendetta post? The only reason she looks "young" is because she looks like a middle schooler who hasn't learned how to do makeup or style themselves in any way yet, aka a cringey 20-something. Nothing about her actually looks young. Also judging by the amount of filters she uses I would guess she has some eyebags she's trying to hide to make herself look uwu smol

No. 725780

File: 1541228588332.jpg (1.55 MB, 2160x2008, 18-11-03-00-00-36-708_deco.jpg)

She looks like a cross between an awkward 10 year old and a frumpy 30 year old. I guess when you average them out you get her age so it works kek

No. 725781

Looking young =/= looking like a literal, actual prepubescent child. And it's obvious she plays into that or is trying to. Disgusting.

No. 725798

>Guess how old I am!
>Upcoming cons: Hentai con

Some of the pics she looks young, but she mostly looks like an adult with learning difficulties. I imagine if she put some makeup on it would negate both effects.

No. 725799

What irks me the most is that she's trying to sell herself as a "legal loli uwu" like damn, seek help that shit is disgusting.

No. 725806

This. I opened the IG account without reading the rest of anon's post and thought she looked like she was 20. Some anons on this board seriously seem to think that everyone who doesn't put on full instathot makeup and clothes looks like the're underage.

The "legal loli maid" thing is disgusting though. I have no respect for people who shill themselves as "little girls you can fuck uwu" no matter how they look like.

No. 725956

File: 1541261478110.png (473.2 KB, 707x404, oook.PNG)

how do you guys think she doesnt look young? she looks like a fat child. she does look young. she looks like every awkward 13 yo weeb i went to middle school with

i swear sometimes you guys love to claim people who look young really don't, just to be contrarian. she looks like the quintessential unattractive geeky middle school weeb girl tbh

No. 726016

She has an adult woman's body and the beginnings of crows feet. She purposely does her hair to look young, but I've met women in their late 20s who look much younger than her. She looks like an adult woman with BO.

No. 726077

anon, there are plenty of tubby 13 yo children with hips. and i dont see any crows feet

No. 726123

File: 1541283493233.png (2.12 MB, 940x1206, 327776746734.png)

BCharlotteD Cosplay / Charlotte Dolan

saw she was talked about before in the personal lolcow thread and figured she belonged here. she’s known in the dallas scene for being a giant snowflake and goldmine of cosplay cringe.

>21(?) year old cosplayer and “model”

>acts cosfamous and has big ego despite cosplays always being cheap and lazy as all hell
>literally buys costumes from halloween stores, walmart, etc.
>‘alters’ them, then says she made them
>thinks she’s the best Harley Quinn cosplayer in Texas
>idolizes Jessica Nigri
>has a youtube channel where she posts convention vlogs that always consist of of her getting ready in her disgusting room, then walking around annoying the shit out of other cosplayers or her “friends”
>her “friends” just being the same tiny group of much older male orbiters that kiss her ass
>lets those same “friends” grope her at cons
>tries to be featured at the big cons in texas but is always rejected for obvious reasons
>settles for guesting at practically unknown cons around the state instead
>her booth at cons always consists of overpriced autographed prints, dollar store shit and more of her unwanted things for sale in a “bargain bin”
>also displays various cosplay props she “made”
>constantly begs for money/patrons and for people to buy stuff for her off her amazon wishlist but is always buying followers or showing off new video game junk

her links:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bcharlottedcosplay/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BCharlotteDCosplay/
YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfXmQis1ak9jA7VX5ZBK2lg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bcharlotted
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/bcharlotted/videos/all

No. 726124

File: 1541283657008.png (1.57 MB, 780x1178, 7584875874457.png)

one of her frequent orbiters. i can't help but feel a little bad for her.

No. 726134


Lmao on which planet exactly is this hoe considered to look "childlike"? Looks like any dime a dozen 37-year-old soccer mom from where I live.

No. 726145

This, honestly. Either 10-13 year olds must look old as fuck where some of these anons live, or 20-22 year old women must look like they're already in their 30s. She's just a short, stubby woman who can't into makeup like the other costhots can. The only way she could really pass for "underage" is because of her height and lack of makeup, and unless you're from the Netherlands or something, there are plenty of grown women 5'2 and below. Every homely chick at your local grocery store with no tits or waist looks like this.
Besides that, anyone who would publicly attach the words "legal loli" to their face in any way doesn't love themselves. Goddamn, that shit is not cute.

No. 726158

why do men lust over these ugly girls, jesus fucking christ

No. 726165

you can clearly see the dude lusting after her is ugly as fuck too (and fucking old)

No. 726214

File: 1541293949726.png (1.18 MB, 838x1118, 893748267176.png)

sadly shes not that bad looking. if she just learned how to fucking do makeup and style her hair and actually put effort into her cosplays she could be pretty decent looking.

No. 726244

i despise belle because of how hard she tries to be tee hee childlike uwu but i'm also really jealous of her body and she has a cute face. I got neither of those and it hurts, man. That and she seems carefree/well off. So fucking unfair.
At least I don't whore myself out, I guess, that's a meager consolation.

No. 726407

Costhots basically selling escort services in their patreon tiers really make me uncomfortable. They're always trying to veil it as something cute and innocent like "I'll be your friend and I can send you messages to cheer you up uwu" but in the end it's just being a paid sugar baby. Belle's definitely not the only one doing this either. And regarding the other stuff, do you really want to make money by writing some guy's name on your body?

I remember when people laughed at anyone who said that Jessica Nigri and other costhots are ruining cosplay and making it all about sex work and nothing more. Well this is what we get now, barely legal DDLG girls with daddy issues posting trashy soft nudes making ahegao faces and wearing dog collars because they saw how well she succeeded and how much money she made off of thirsty men who are willing to pay anything to own just a share of some cute ~nerd weeb~ girl. Even the old washed up cosplayers who used to put effort and time into their costumes have now started doing "boudoirs" and bikini costumes because they saw how well it worked for everyone else. I can't decide if this is making me sadder or just angrier.

No. 726624

It's pretty sad that cosplay is turning into softcore porn. You can thank Niglet for that. Now actual porn stars, male and female are jumping in the costhot movement

No. 726689

not to whiteknight but please don't feel bad anon. she will probably feel horrible about her online whoring very soon, if not already now. it's not good for your self esteem to only be known for your braces, skinny body and cute face since all of those things don't last very long. she won't be as careless when she can't get attention or make patreon money off her greasy orbiters.


No. 726872

i hate that people are trying to defend belle by saying "she was 16 at the time of possible under aged stuff, that's legal" when it's legal for sex, NOT legal to share/post nudes online, that's 18.

saged bc useless info i guess

No. 727334

God I hate this obnoxious cunt and her autistic obsession with cosplaying genderbends. The way she talks is just as grating as her shitty personality.

>Thinking she's cofamous but barely getting 100 views on her videos. Kek.

No. 727521

Thanks anon,you're very right.
Although I said I despise her, I hope she'll realize her mistakes soon and turn around while it's time. Cashing on such an image can do so much damage to your self confidence later on. Especially when people are so ruthless online.

Seconded. I really hate that it's becoming like that.

sage for my blogposting

No. 727869

File: 1541574131434.jpg (133.53 KB, 960x960, 45513751_296758400935869_41026…)

Pengu-chan Cosplay

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/penguchancosplay/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/penguchancosplay

Low effort overly edited costhot riding the coattails of her more notable friends, lives with her prop making boyfriend. Seems somewhat disliked in the Atlanta community for being fake.

No. 727900

If there's no actual milk take your vendetta somewhere else

No. 727909

I can‘t believe she doesn’t have her own thread on here by now. She‘s extremely hated by German people. She‘s basically the German version of momokun.

No. 727919

File: 1541588751461.jpeg (143.56 KB, 720x960, C838D6BE-CA2C-41D4-A6A2-8C4F47…)

“She’s a German version of momo”

>she looks fine anon..?

No. 727993

can't believe it either. On one hand I'm glad she doesn't get more attention but on the other hand she's just a vile human being

No. 729628

File: 1541794513591.jpg (1.04 MB, 809x3720, 20181109_151543.jpg)

No. 729646

Wtf jenna’s comments make no sense. Why are so many people so triggered when people say anything about copycats? Cosplay girls are like those tumblr artists who would get mad whenever someone said their oh-so-original-tumblr-style reminded them of another artist.

No. 729647

I'm up for a thread if it doesn't get filled up by ESL sperging like most of the threads on international cows. She tried to arrange a photoshoot with me a few years ago in a public way and I had an inbox full of warnings not a day later.

No. 729650

Seems like jenna is taking it personally and wanting to be the voice of all the copythots because she knows they out number the models who try to come up with their own niche and that neckbeards always get mad whenever any woman puts anyone on blast.

No. 729949

What niche lol, all susu and bunny do is cosplaying only the hyper popular stuff from time to time and doing one shoot per month in like the most basic black lingerie that usually men like. Just because they have kept a certain tandard of quality standard doesn't mean they are "pushing boundries" and Susu's original tweet sounded very conceited and aggressive tbh, she's becoming really milky lately , she's super butthurt and aggressive at any hit of a negative comment

I do agree that copycats happen heavily in the costhot world and Jenna is trashier than them and has lower quality over all but damn does Susu think that she invented bread and butter

No. 729954

Of course straight out stealing an idea right when someone else did it is shitty but honestly Susu comes off as way too aggressive and conceited in these tweets. She's not doing anything original herself, what she's doing has been done a million times before. It's just basic thottery of shoving her ass and tits to the camera. It's the same poses, same characters, same fetishes. I don't see how she's "pushing boundaries" herself, it's the same sort of vanilla softcore porn you see on every adult cosplay/erotic model page.

Costhots trying to argue who's the most original slut is so laughably petty. They're all your basic attention-hungry bitches making money off of lonely neckbeards but each one of them thinks they're the one making ~actual art~ and everyone else is just a cheap mass-produced effortless camgirl.

This. I guess she got an ego boost from everyone latching onto her anti-Momo statements and supporting her as mah kween just because she shat on someone every costhot is taking turns ripping apart now. I used to really like Susu and congratulated her for speaking up against Momo in public but this is just catty behavior now.

No. 729974

I knew Susu/anti moo costhots would start crumbling considering newfags kept posting her and bunny for no reason in the momo threads and the ego just kept being inflated from all the ass kissing and "yaas tell the truth", when all she was doing was directly ripping milk from the thread to post as tweets to cancel moomoo. Costhots have such weird attachment issues to what they do and claim ownerships over concepts that are copy pasted 3 years too late from hentai trends and popular ecchi mangas when its not an ebay/amazon/etsy bought lingerie set thats gotten popular due to some 9Gag/Instagram/Imgur lewd cosplay meme.
Can't wait for all their meltdowns now that the moomoo drama died and they have no scapegoat for when they get all aggressive and the thot jumps out of them.

(Its very redundant watching people who dress as slutted up fictional characters for neckbeards to try to sound as educated and smart as possible when no amount of buzzwords will stop the irony of y'all just being copy/pasted bodies onto the same stank micro thong and ugly ahegao while you try to discuss what is and isn't theft/copying.)

No. 729992


I hate to be one of those "hurrrr this isn't milk" anons, but why was this even posted? It just looks like two costhots arguing with each other on Twitter. Some other thot disagreeing with Susu is not milk, no matter how much some anons like her for "roasting" Momokun by passive-aggressively mentioning her on Twitter now and then (omg queen of shade yaas slay)

It was funny to see moo get called out publicly but it seems to have come at the cost of anons in the Momo threads being firmly wedged up Susu and Bunny's asses. Please let's not let this one get infected with this bullshit too, unless some actual full-on drama happens.

No. 730010

File: 1541858669169.jpg (108.99 KB, 599x651, shad.jpg)

thats a thing these days.

No. 730025

shad is so disgusting. Basically saying that he's okay with pedo. i wish this could get taken down but he has a scumbag fanbase backing him up

No. 730035


>have shit body fat distribution

>"i'll just open my legs, wear some pigtails and call myself a loli"

jeeez this girl is pathetic

No. 730042


lol funny how like 99,9% of these wannabe "lolis" are just chubby to outright fat adult women with visibly adult (though fridge-shaped) bodies. uwu so childlike~

imagine being so ~not like other girls tee hee~ and desperate for male approval that even legitimate masturbating-to-shadman art pedos will do. all this pedo normalization is revolting

No. 730123

I think you’re forgetting that susu isn’t the only girl doing lewds and most likely talks to a lot of other models considering how she shares other girls all the time and how many of her friends were copied/harassed by moo. Also i don’t know how activley starting the momokuniscanceled hashtag is passive agressive. People liked and praised her in the moo threads because she was anything but passive agressive. She’s most likely not talking only about people copying herself. Also I haven’t seen her or Bunny do flavor of the month cosplays or even focus on cosplay much so not sure where the “they only do popular characters” comment came from or why Bunny is brought up at all in an exchange between Susu and Jenna. I assume this was posted since some people on snow have hate boners for Jenna. There’s plenty of times I’ve seen girls roasted here for ripping off others ideas or trying to be copies of popular e-girls so what’s the big deal when someone who actually does modeling and is directly affected by it says something?

No. 730127

>when all she was doing was directly ripping milk from the thread to post as tweets to cancel moomoo

did she ever post lolcow screenshots? I was active in the moo threads and didnt see anything that seemed “ripped from lolcow”.

No. 730129


As I mentioned in the post, originally she actually called momo on her shit and that was actually entertaining but the weird praise in the momo threads I was talking about is the more recent shit people feel the need to post where she makes references to her for no real reason.
Bunny and Susu aren't really worth talking about here but a lot of people don't like them because of all the shitting up the Momo threads their fans have been doing (again, I'm not talking about when they actually called her out and were relevant, I'm talking about the "omg bunny made a vague comment about momo on a livestream" "didn't susu do this same cosplay momo is doing that a bunch of other e-thots have also done?")

Fair enough if you dislike Jenna but I'm sure she has plenty of actual drama and posting some petty thot argument isn't particularly interesting unless it started getting vicious.

More importantly, why are you writing a long-ass post to defend some e-thots in a thread dedicated to bashing e-thots? On an anonymous image board? It's fine if you like them but it shouldn't matter to you if some anons don't.

No. 730135

Directly ripping refers to how she was quick to tweet out call out posts on moo's behaviour no less than like 10minutes after it was posted on Lolcow, one thing is using your voice and all that moralcapy bs they were on but it was obvious susu, bunny and the whole squad were lurking minute for minute on LC, they were all just echoing what was being said on the board but without the excessive and derogatory language etc(we're adults trying to represent the community uwu). which made it even more cringy, because one thing is talking about your personal experiences with that cow and public statements blahblah but fan anons ate her ass for reading out our threads like an edited script.

No. 730138

I wasnt trying to white knight, I’ve just followed the moo threads since their begining and saw some comments that didn’t add up or could have used some explination. I was also around for the other costhot thread with a ton of Jenna sperging hence why I commented someone has a hate boner. I’m probably just way too invested in this site then.

No. 730144

That was yanderejane, not susu

No. 730151

>There’s plenty of times I’ve seen girls roasted here for ripping off others ideas or trying to be copies of popular e-girls so what’s the big deal when someone who actually does modeling and is directly affected by it says something?

You seem unaware that plenty of patreon girls themselves come here to shit talk/self post so of course some are bound to take offense to a comment shitting on them.

No. 730217

File: 1541892677288.jpg (Spoiler Image, 120.38 KB, 495x1199, what.jpg)

I was browsing through susu's twitter since she's mentioned here and i noticed her retweeting from RockysLight, another porn model cosplay thot. most of her pics are semi-nude on twitter… I went to her page and uh…


anyone else think it's kind of gross how she's marketing "soft erotica" to 16 year olds and gravure to 13 year olds? why would you acknowledge underaged fans when you're a cosplay porn star… the worst part is she's acknowledging the fact that she's selling lewds to 13 year old… like she's allowing them to use their parents credit cards to pay for her lewds?

maybe i'm just a prude but it shocked me.

No. 730226

File: 1541894922387.jpeg (211.65 KB, 333x701, 4E99E7ED-ABAA-4E82-BE2E-95B6E3…)

Jenna Lynn recently posted her fallout cosplay on and in the comments said it was a difficult cosplay to make. It’s obviously the same bought suit all the cosplay thots buy and the pipboy is from the collectors edition. What exactly did she make? Lol

No. 730252

Yeah, it looks like everything is bought.

No. 730265

This has to be illegal in some way. Medium pack is literally selling porn to 16 year old dudes.

No. 730279

File: 1541901675141.jpg (Spoiler Image, 211 KB, 620x1102, Pic_6.jpg)

Apparently regardless of which pack you choose, every patreon gets access to her "casual selfies" which are just a bunch of softcore nudes like these.

So she actively markets and sells her porn to 13 year olds…

I keep having to delete and repost the images because I keep forgetting to spoiler them, if that says anything

No. 730289

To be fair, that's pretty much how Shad draws his fugly Loli characters. They don't look like kids so much as flat chested, wide hipped 1st trimester goblins.
I'm convinced uggo cosplayers like ChelHellBunny and this bitch try to dress up as Shad drawings because no human being could ever be as ugly and gross looking as his art is.

No. 730346

Yikes, this girl looks like an ana chan.

No. 730348

Agreed. >>730010 doesn't even look like a kid. It looks like a pregnant FtM with a giant bobble-head.

No. 730370

Dont be a retard, she obviously isnt selling to kids. Using rating system so people know what level of lewd they are getting doesnt mean she is making them FOR kids.

No. 730381


Don’t be fucking stupid >>730279 and >>730265

Teen rated games and movies with cleavage and sexuality aren’t porn. It’s literally a rating system she’s advertising

No. 730386

File: 1541924624055.jpg (166.85 KB, 640x1050, 1518346370979.jpg)

That's because she is an ana-chan. Pic related.

No. 730390


potential marketing to underage fans aside, Rocksy always bugs me because looking at her near nudes makes me worry that the FBI is going to arrest me for child porn

No. 730392

How tf do ppl think she looks like a child, she looks like an emaciated woman with small tits, plenty of adults have small tits. Her body is just super skinny but with an obviously womanly shape

No. 730411

File: 1541931719128.jpg (492.08 KB, 750x747, 1517894149967.jpg)

I feel the same way. Even though she starves herself to look "childish" and photoshops her face smaller and eyes bigger, there's something about her that doesn't feel childish at all. She just seems like an adult ana-chan who tries super hard to look like a loli.

No. 730418

Yes, she looks like a young adult not even close to a child. Those wide hips and long limbs are unmistakably adult looking. Her face is round and edited for the usual animu traits cosplayers want but I've never felt like any of these starving pedo bait girls actually manage to look like children. I've seen young adults with healthy weights or even chubby looking younger because yes some ppl do happen to look child like well into their 20s (eg Freddie Highmore the actor) but she's not it. Even the above discussed unused.notebook girl who is a bit chubby has more child like traits than her imo

No. 730430

I'd love to see the original files with skin texture, flaws an' all, this is so smoothed out it's barely a photograph

No. 730445

Legitimately terrifying. If I saw this thing in real life, I'd throw salt and holy water on it.

Also that wig looks like an eight year old cut it.

No. 730484

She has made posts on IG about getting a nose job and fillers and posted before and after pics. I didnt save them though but her face isn’t shoop. She posts videos and looks the same as the photos. She has complained on twitter about people saying she looks like a kid too.

No. 730490

The face shoop is not as drastic as with other cosplayers but she still does it , the extreme smoothing is always there tho including in videos, and the "oh ppl tell me I look like a kid" sounds like a humble brag and something girls like her are low key happy to hear. Anyway her content is pretty good but her attitude is shit if you follow her for a while, she gets triggered everytime somebody associates her content with porn and lashes out at negative comments

No. 730769

File: 1541992920882.jpeg (464.85 KB, 710x598, 85689232-6660-4D10-878F-366F66…)

What Hana bunny actually looks like. Here’s a fan photo

No. 730782

File: 1541994123702.jpg (51.39 KB, 300x640, Gasai-2nd.jpg_640x640~2.jpg)

Not only is that wig poorly styled but it's not even close to what the character looks like. She has feathered bangs not fucking horns or fox ears or whatever that is sticking out of the top of her head.
It really looks like her brain is being eaten by an alien parasite.

No. 730787

I’m a day late to this convo but yeah.

I’m a fan of Susu’s work, but I have to say I find it hypocritical for her to say that models should focus on being more artistically creative when a lot of her sets are very bare bones compared to a lot of others models.

her lingerie is very basic; buying from Pocket Tokyo or Syndrome Store, literally buying lingerie that other costhots regularly wear already. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that, and I’d usually see other girls buying the same lingerie AFTER she does, but buying hugely common lingerie and adding horns or bat wings or whatever the hell and shooting in your bedroom is not necessarily ArTiStIc.

And yes, I said bedroom. So many of her fucking shoots are featured in her bedroom. It’s aftually refreshing to see her with an actual backdrop because she does shoots in that same bedroom ALL THE TIME.

I don’t think she puts as much effort into her content as she thinks she does, and certainly not compared to other models like Mokomihokina who sometimes will offer 130 professional pics a month, including 5 different outfit sets, and 30 fucking some odd gifs PER MONTH. Yet she has 500-600 patrons while Susu has 1500.

Susu relies on the fact that she’s one of the OG lewd models who offered non nude content. She also relies on the fact that her body is ridiculous compared to a lot of other girls. Those things I see very clearly, not her “artistic vision.”

To be fair, she is a fucking machine when it comes to marketing herself and integrating into twitch streaming with Bunny was a smart and lucrative move, but still, she needs to check herself.

No. 730789


No. 730804

There are more candids of her in the irl vs online thread, how she gets away with it is beyond me. Is she still pretending to be Japanese?

No. 730829

File: 1542001300618.jpg (84.21 KB, 750x738, 46221260_177654463174121_23712…)

It's amazing that anons unironically defend her on cgl and say that she doesn't shoop that much while they shit on Zekia for shooping even though her shoop is less drastic than Hana's.

No. She's trying to pass as Korean now.

No. 730863

That's because there's a handful of anons that religiously vendetta Zekia, come on now. They're in the irl vs online thread too.
Tbh I've seen Hana irl and she's not as bad as her candid pictures, but she's definitely miles away from her shoops.

No. 730875

The worst offender is her nose, if she would edit within reason like maybe the jaw only and not so drastic it wouldn't be so striking. But the nose is this thing in the middle of your face that changes your whole appearance and she edits it into another dimension, at this point I wonder why she won't just get surgery on it

No. 730879

Oh god, the wig is bad enough that I didn't even realise this is who she was Cosplaying lmao

No. 730921

File: 1542029051308.png (608.3 KB, 720x905, Screenshot_2018-11-12-08-21-07…)

>no she's trying to pass as Korean now

That is pretty sad.

Her makeup is horrendous.

What's her REAL name? SEA cosplayers are cool until they start pretending or lying about being east asian.

No. 730935

I agree with all of your points but wtf, mikomihokina is like a bad example, she is so much quantity over quality it hurts and she's super toxic sometimes with a very similar attitude to Susu, I still think Susu has better stuff just very little content and in no way pushing boundries. The only boundries she pushes is with marketing indeed

No. 730968

Susu is the only girl I’ve seen with an actual visual novel game, a sold out figurine, a comic on fakku which is a super popular hentai site, body pillows, keychains and is an official model for a swimsuit brand. To say she hasn’t pushed boundaries seems really ignorant. She really did change the game. If anyone was around for the Luna Lanie and Chelhellbunny drama they could understand Susu’s frustration with toxic copy cats. Momokun ripped her off as well.


>only has 500 patrons while susu has 1500

Lmao what is this a self post? I had to google her and she looks like those absurdly shooped asians. Her photos are all low res with skin airbrushed to shit. Also photo quantity doesnt matter if it’s the same pose several times in a row. It’s like those porn sites that just upload the whole photoshoot of a girl instead of selecting the very best.

No. 730978

>She really did change the game.

Lol. Excuse me while I barf.

No. 730980

I’m not coughing up money to costhots but facts are facts. No girl was trying to make merch or do the whole “OC” thing before her. Moo’s shitty clothing line or stolen milk party “OC” wouldn’t have even happened if she didn’t have someone to steal a branding concept from.

No. 730983

File: 1542044838931.jpeg (80.75 KB, 768x960, 140D0E14-13E8-4496-8709-7B7659…)

Here’s a candid photo of Jenna Lynn Meowri without the shoop. No idea why she is wearing a skin colored body suit.

No. 730984

File: 1542044860383.jpeg (261.93 KB, 1265x1842, 7D2FFE82-7A5D-4F42-9205-588EC3…)

No. 730985

File: 1542044889136.jpeg (158.55 KB, 1080x1350, 8E54D485-017A-4920-9C1F-1A95D4…)

No. 730986

File: 1542044915838.jpeg (56.19 KB, 530x797, D382BF8E-F8EB-4412-9513-B309FB…)

And here’s a photo she uploaded herself

No. 730988

How long has Susu been around? I honestly hadn't heard of her before all the stuff with Moomoo started blowing up, so I'm just curious how long she's actually been in the cosplay game.

No. 731000


>”I don’t think she puts as much effort into her content as she thinks she does, and certainly not compared to other models like Mokomihokina who sometimes will offer 130 professional pics a month, including 5 different outfit sets, and 30 fucking some odd gifs PER MONTH. Yet she has 500-600 patrons while Susu has 1500.”

Nice self post. You’re work lacks any sense of quality so there’s no need to be triggered over sss. It isn’t her fault you’re tacky.

No. 731005

why y'all taking the bait?

No. 731016

Not that it's rare nowadays, but she 100% got lip fillers, you can tell if you look at her pics now. A lot of my friends have had them and I've got a pretty good eye for spotting them.

Just funny because lip fillers and plastic don't come to mind when I think of the 'smol kawaii teen elf' aesthetic she's trying to push.

No. 731025

How does belle have 1.2 million follows on IG but only 1k patreon supporters? The way she has grown has made no sense. Litterally going up like 20-30k every day. How is she getting so popular?

No. 731029

Bought followers

No. 731033

Doubtful, her interaction per post is way over the average amount for someone with 1 mil

Isn't she a huge meme right now? Like being reposted by all the meme pages. The thirsty guys who follow those pages go follow her, but it's not like they're dedicated fans who'll pay her money.

No. 731190

That's the same facial structure though? The lighting and angles are different, but it's the same. Stop trying to vendetta Jenna so hard it's so god damn annoying

No. 731207

ffs they're back.

i hate people who call her jenna lynn meowri. it's cringy.

No. 731229

Would a self post be that fucking obvious? I would hope not. I’m just someone who has seen a lot of other costhots posts and was drawing her as an example. I know Misswarmj could have been a good example too, maybe I should have put more than one.

No. 731236

Are you talking about the Hit or Miss girl? Cause that's someone else. Nyannyan cosplay or something like that.

No. 731267

All these thots today tweeting a pic of them in like Spider-Man underwear or a picture of their slutty cosplay with hashtag #ripstanlee

No. 731289

No, that’s a different meme entirely. Meme pages post Belle’s ahegao pictures a lot.

No. 731312

That’s her cosplay name how is it cringy to call her that?

No. 731401

Still sounds like a self post plus you picked an even cringier photoshop mess as a “good” example lol

No. 731608

Cept for the fact that VampyBitMe has had a mascot for a while now and has merch of the mascot. 'OC's based off of the content creator and selling merch of it has been a thing for years in youtube, art circles, etc. Susu also pretty much has to make produce her own merch for that kind of thing because due to the fact that she's a 'heavily lewd' model most companies arent going to be willing to work with her. I don't count the figure company working with her since they've released figures for people with >10k followers on twitter.

No. 731737

File: 1542151252876.jpeg (652.53 KB, 693x1073, D859F58A-CDBA-4DAA-A9EE-B4576C…)

Inflated lip trans looking Jenna Lynn self posts everywhere for attention. Go away Jenna.

No. 734242

Is Jenna a guy. Her hips and stomach area always look suspicious. The way her muscle is on her stomach is more like a ripped guy than a girl who works out alot. She also wears a fake breast plate like drag queens use.
The amount of lip fillers and other surgery to her face make me question it. She's starting to look like a botched wrinkle-less cat.she is too young for all these fillers. She also wears body shapers or corsets alot to try and accentuate whatever ass she believes she has. It's hard to see such unnatural faces becoming more popular. All the girls look the same

No. 734306

People speculate that Amouranth is a guy too. I'll laugh so hard if they are both dudes.

No. 734472

Her hipbones kinda look like they're in the wrong place, nothing to say for sure.

No. 735461

File: 1542749112732.jpeg (287.68 KB, 750x617, 2F256A01-C692-4E47-97DE-25BFCD…)

Never mind she's still trying to pass for Japanese. She's actually Viet and her last name is Dinh.

No. 735465

This photo shows pretty obviously nipples on boobs and doesn't leave much room for a dick so…I'm not sure why you'd speculate that when the photo is clearly just a bad photo of her.

No. 735515

She is not shaped like a man anon don't be delusional and she doesn't look like one, botched? Sure, a tranny? No lmfao

No. 735536

Hana bunny you are not Japanese. Just stop.. Just accept that you're Vietnamese, giving yourself a Japanesey first name, a fake Japanese last name and tagging yourself as #japanesegirl doesn't make you Japanese–you bird brain bimbo.

No. 735537

HanaBunny makes SEA cosers look bad.

No. 735638


Imagine having this much fucking filler in your lips but still having a long, extremely masculine philtrum.

God, she's fucking ugly. Like, she's really just genuinely a very, very ugly woman. And now her face is botched. Yikes.

No. 735646

Jenna definitely has the face of a man so it’s possible but I think she just is muscular and the injections her mom gave her (lips/face fillers) make her look like a botched drag queen.

No. 735650

lmao Belle is trying to copy nyannyancosplay's viral video

No. 735680

Lol she doesn't realize that the biggest reason why the nyannyancosplay version blew up at all was because everyone was freaking out thinking she was a "trap" because she has a boyish body
Nobody really gives a shit about the stupid meme outside of that and tiktok trolling

No. 735880

which is dumb as shit since her body isn’t boyish at all. Imagine thinking a woman is a trap just because her waist isn’t 20 inches.

No. 735969

The combination of her being a little chubby yet being flat as well as her kinda masculine facial features makes her look kinda boyish

No. 735971

She definitely looks like a kid though, a minor at best, but a lot of that has to do with how she photoshops her pictures. Without the shoop, she definitely looks her age (twenty something Im pretty sure). She has a thread on PULL, but Im surprised she's not talked about Snow more.

I do really like the aesthetics of her photos, but I also feel kinda weird about Ana-Chans being so glorified in weeb and lolita fashion culture. Lately though it seems like she's kind of gotten a bit better and fuller, but still kinda iffy sometimes. She once shooped her legs bigger as Kanna and denied the shoop initially after people were saying she looked different

No. 735998

chubby? the nitpick lol

No. 736092

she doesn’t look boyish or chubby. you’re all brain damaged from staring at people like rocksy-chan all day long

No. 736185

File: 1542879510072.jpeg (310.6 KB, 1254x2048, 97569B86-CB8E-4F37-859A-84B0BF…)

I guess we know who the Leighs' next victim will be

No. 736258

I couldnt think of a better term than chubby, but what I meant wasnt fat but rather that slight baby fat that younger kids/preteens tend to have before they get older as well as that straight figure. I dont mean it in a malicious way though. She does have a kind of androgynous looking face in certain wigs because of her nose and chin. If you put her along with Sneaky and that one dude that dresses like Disney Princesses, it's not that far fetched to think she might be a young boy.

No. 736290

kek at the "you have nothing on nyannyan" comments. i bet she's mad

No. 736301

Does she look like Peter Coffins weird wife to anyone else? Uncanny

No. 736509

Even retarded incels can sniff out a try hard thot sometimes.

No. 736525

Weakest dab lmao

No. 737020

File: 1543019301018.webm (Spoiler Image, 6.61 MB, 640x640, tiktok.flopz_46548639_35842914…)

It got worse. She seems to have decided on her niche: Your chantard bro's annoying little sister.

No. 737025

Sneaky looks nothing like a girl without all the shoop though.

No. 737043

she's trying way too fucking hard

No. 737048

What the fuck is wrong with her mouth? Why is it shaped so weird? God this is awful. The pedobraces don't help.
Hope she cuts her tongue on a knife doing that someday honestly.-

No. 737058

Well this'll be embarrassing for her in the future. Lol, what a moron.

No. 737074

This is so unfunny, incoherent and embarrassing. I wonder why she doesn't feel ashamed of making herself look so ridiculous, but I guess as long as random gross men comment "hot" or something like that because they saw her butt and a hentai expression, she'll be content.

No. 737079

Sometimes I wonder about that. Her real name is attached to her online name, and I can’t imsgine what it’d be like to have family/friends/other people searching your name and finding a bunch of weird, childish, almost-porn of you. She’ll regret it down the line, but as long as people are calling her hot and giving her ass pats right now, she probably doesn’t care.

No. 737088

Isn't Belle Delphine just her pseudonym? It doesn't sound like a real name.
Either way it doesn't seem like she works or attends university so her future is fucked even without these lewd photos of her on the internet.

No. 737228

She's a troll, right? It can't be otherwise

No. 737440

Her real name is Mary and there's little reason to assume her last name isn't Kirschtein. But im sure there's some UKfags who will get tired of her popularity and start posting yearbook pictures soon.
Because she gets monys for doing literally fucking nothing.
"I'll retire by 30 with my thotting money" is her plan, lol.

No. 737589

Imagine being this starved for attention. I've seen many thots but this is one of the worst.
Also her plan is so weak,she'll end up as a sex worker at best.

No. 737597

File: 1543104476356.png (68.73 KB, 574x558, rzcF2Cc.png)


Her real name is Mary-Belle Kirschner. It's suspicious that she registered her company exactly one year after purportedly turning 18. Maybe she really just turned 18?

>"I'll retire by 30 with my thotting money" is her plan, lol.
In case anyone read this and thought it sounds fake, it's true. That's literally her plan. Good luck burning out in 2 years from the constant harassment because you chose the asshole of the internet aka chantards and pedos to cater to.

No. 737611

She probably thinks she’ll turn out like Jessica Nigru and have this long-winded fairytale of fame and money. It’d probably be more profitable now for her to go down the line of camming/sex work, seeing that there’s no coming back from soft core Snapchat porn pics and flirting with chantards and neck beards.

No. 737614

She makes crazy bank at the moment and lives with her parents, it's a guarantee she'll piss her money away and end up e-begging even after she quits camwhoring and tries to establish herself as a serious person.

No. 737671

File: 1543110555132.png (252.95 KB, 834x782, lol.png)

People are still not buying it lol

No. 737892

She has such a punchable face

No. 737928

She shooped off her belly button….

No. 738020

File: 1543167525033.png (477.81 KB, 358x654, Capture1.PNG)

No. 738196

Her fall back is thinking ahegao is inherently sexy, but when you're dancing to shrek, cross eyed doing the loser sign all of the context is taken away and you just end up looking like you're doing a dumb face.
Also Idk girls who try too hard to be sexy just aren't imo, being this explicit of a ho is a turn off.
Also I know her patreon vs insta subs has a huge discrepancy, but I feel like there's only so many times you can see the same clothed/censored poses without getting bored, and when she puts videos like this out for free why bother paying

No. 738337

J-Nig was acting like a retard near the Giant Gundam

No. 738340

File: 1543211996229.png (522.65 KB, 1440x2186, Screenshot_2018-11-26-00-59-16…)

Saged because Jenna but her instagram was taken down

No. 738427

Imagine selling your dignity to cater to the chan-crowd, I feel sad for her. She's still a teenager and unless she changes her name and look she's gonna have a hard time doing anything other than porn/sex work of some kind.

No. 738552

File: 1543257261962.png (244.93 KB, 720x384, 1.png)

So how old is this girl again?

No. 738556

File: 1543257820021.jpg (105.01 KB, 1200x800, bob-burgers.0.0.jpg)

with all those 68 snow filters stacked bitch literally looks like she's cosplaying bobs burgers

No. 738587

Lmao I see it, it's like she has no chin

No. 738712

File: 1543272612300.jpeg (399.74 KB, 1045x1600, 1FAB72CE-2600-4B50-A79B-7E64DC…)

Belle is currently getting caught up in the thot VS thot police battle where all thots are being reported to the IRS (UK - HMRC) for tax evasion for having premium Snapchats and Patreons. (Posters name not censored due to publicly being at the forefront of this crusade)

No. 738721

Honestly this "crusade" is cringeworthy incel-tier shit.

No. 738725

File: 1543273937925.jpeg (31.67 KB, 400x400, 52F8EE8D-A202-4E35-ABB5-7D6CDF…)

sage for OT, but i love how men are forever asshurt about how women can easily incur mass beta bucks off of their thirsty asses lol

No. 738738

>pitifully attempting to reach and understanding with misogynistic retards

>being surprised the people you pandered to turned on you

kek, beautiful

No. 738760

Honestly agree. Plus, these guys probably aren't reporting male sex workers at all–only female sex workers because it's based in their hate of women.

No. 738777

Of course not, they're the guys who angrily jack off to porn and lewds but think they're above the girls who are in it.

I guess it sucks for them to have the neckbeards turn on them, but it was only a matter of time.

No. 738831

File: 1543282503984.png (558.78 KB, 720x900, Screenshot_2018-11-26-20-29-46…)

Did Belle get braces to look like a teen pornstar? She looks like those pornstars who try to play up the whole teen ddlg thing. I bet she'll take this as a compliment–it's actually pretty disgusting and sad.

No. 738832

File: 1543282577670.png (369.67 KB, 442x815, Screenshot_2018-11-26-20-35-41…)

No. 738846

She's had them before her rise to fame

No. 738850

she did not. She didn't have them in all her original ahegao clips.

No. 738853

She's had them for quite awhile now, where have you been? It's hard to see over her hard filters sometimes but still.

No. 738857

Im here to shit on an incel anyday; but i can't do anything but laugh at the thots who do nothing but pander and cater to these nob heads and now that they're being swept up in one of the neckbeard raids suddenly its abandon ship and woe is me im just an innocent "sex worker" (its not a valid term tbh and is used to essentially bleach out terms like prostitution bc god forbid we remember majority of "sw" is trafficked, underaged and non consensual and the whole point of 'legalizing' prostitution is so women who are trafficked dont go to jail for something they're forced to do, not so men can continue to do whatever the fuck they please)
Sucks to be you ya know, maybe do your taxes and dont pedo pander to people who notoriously will go autistically ape shit with a hair trigger due to mass testo filled hoard mentality. t o p k e k

No. 738860

File: 1543285375093.png (1.53 MB, 2274x938, Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 6.22…)

They're probably fake. You can get costume braces for $30 on ebay.

No. 738865

File: 1543285861025.jpg (41.82 KB, 750x702, mFOVift.jpg)

where have you been? read the damn thread.
Examples of no braces until recently:

No. 738866

File: 1543285871167.png (281.92 KB, 515x406, qA9QEH2.png)

No. 738869

File: 1543285934030.png (183.42 KB, 358x500, a5H6nwz.png)

No. 738874

File: 1543286463685.jpeg (236.74 KB, 934x1920, 3779A89F-3F1B-41E3-A210-FBFF6D…)

How does she get away with these shoops?

No. 738877

File: 1543286550015.jpeg (417.12 KB, 2048x2048, D648A360-A2BD-4B72-86EA-6785D2…)

No. 738893

File: 1543287638837.png (498.71 KB, 600x396, 2017_belle.png)

>>posting old af photos of her from before 2016
>>when she was under 18, before any of the milk or drama of her costhottery
are you retarded, anon? The oldest photo of her with braces on her insta was 2017. So she's had them for awhile now, you need to catch up instead of acting like they are new. But honestly this >>738860 is probably it. They most definitely seem fake for the ddlg shit. She's a pedobaiter, I wouldn't put it past her to wear them constantly (which probably isn't good for her in some way).

No. 738910

Literally not here to WK, but why has this thread delved into nothing but Belle Delphine? If you guys want to talk solely about her, make her a thread of her own.

No. 738927

She had a thread of her own at one point iirc and it was a shit thread where all people did was nitpick her. She's also been brought up in the annoying Facebook girls thread.

This thread is mostly Belle because there isn't really much to talk about in regards to the other people in this thread. She's the "milkiest" (and I mean this in a very, very light way) of the people in this thread.

No. 738948

Did you guys see Bella Delphine got caught selling the nudes over another girl and then backtracked when she got called out? I'll find the screenshots again but there was pretty solid evidence for it

No. 739035

File: 1543313891623.png (345.96 KB, 640x1136, 41C6B7FE-ADC4-45B6-B553-25BB18…)

I got you

No. 739037

File: 1543314098693.jpeg (145.9 KB, 639x859, 1F769E39-9E33-41C0-AE0A-7E7BA5…)

her pedo pandering is so blatant. the amount of creepy old men in the comments saying things like “you look so young very sexy” is disturbing

No. 739055

The reason this is a general thread is cus none of these people are very active, but I have noticed there's a routine influx of sharing her old pics for no reason other than to complain she looks young which I can only assume is either the same vendetta-chan or belle herself(?) lol

No. 739066

I think it’s because that looks more like a heavy snapchat filter rather than shoop and ppl are used to those nowadays that they don’t mind it as much, just a guess

No. 739070

Where do anons complain she looks 'young'? Ive only seen people complain about her pedobaiting which is her dressing up and accessoring to look like a toddler not her just naturally looking prepubescent, cause she looks over 18 to any normal person who isnt a complete incel.
(am placing bets on it being Belle herself since part of her online troglodytes congregate on image boards she self posts in)

No. 739075

>I mixed up my photos with some other girl's, we just look so similar!
How do you not recognise your own ass and underwear?

Her bottom teeth look crooked, I'd buy that she only got braces last year because the betabux meant she could pay for them.

No. 739076

You can tell her bottom teeth were really fucked up, get over it. Even if top teeth are straight they’ll add braces there too for other reasons such as correcting an overbite. She wasn’t even that old, some people get braces way later in life.

If she was a normal looking girl the braces wouldn’t be an issue, it’s that she dresses like a toddler and makes baby faces that make the braces look infantile.

No. 739077

File: 1543321462909.jpeg (98.97 KB, 541x915, 09C69FD2-1625-40A3-99F5-F56DC9…)

it’s not really that she looks young, it’s that she purposely tries to appeal to an audience that is attracted to lolis. pic related she deleted this later but she’s clearly trying to dress up like Dolores Haze from “Lolita.” That’s not just accessorising like a toddler that’s dressing up like a fictional 12 year old child molestation victim.

No. 739085


>max daddy issues

No. 739101

>if you know you know

No. 739136

>If you know you know
it's an infamous novel and movie, what is she trying to prove? uwu look at me i'm such a naughty loli connoisseur just like you my fellow pedos

No. 739142

She looks really average without the fake lashes and filters. Kind of reminds me of Martina from EYK.

No. 739455

File: 1543362088816.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 486.86 KB, 1366x2048, 02DB393F-3DF4-45D8-9B50-66BF25…)

I love hearing SS complain about lack of originality and “pushing boundaries” when most of her sets are this basic with some random hair accessory to be “different”

No. 739478

Jenna Lynn is asking for donations to help her cat yet just tweeted that she bought so much stuff on vacation that she needs 4 suitcases to carry all the crap. Lol

No. 739483

A ton of her photosets are the same, but i guess since she actually her a nice face and body, people let it pass. Plus, she's also very interactive when her fans.

No. 739513

Please name another model with a visual novel, hentai comic, sold out figurine and body pillows who is also partnered on twitch, an actual model for a swimwear line, and sponsored by sites like fakku and jlist. Not to mention she was the first successful patreon girl.

No. 739518

I’m really not understanding why farmers would be mad about an erotic model saying a lot of models rip each other off when there’s been a running theme of cows mimicking others. Momokun gets flamed for her copycatting all the time so I thought people agreed that it’s lame? But judging from this >>730787 blatant self post I guess it’s costhots themselves getting upset

No. 739523

She probably blew all her beta bucks. Her patreon doesnt have that many supporters considering how massive her online following is.

No. 739617

Jenna buys all her Instagram and twitter followers lol

No. 739638

Is there any proof of that? Not that I’m saying it’s impossible but how could someone tell it’s bought if they but likes and follows? If they buy both they match up so it isn’t as obvious as accounts with like 30k and 12 likes a pic.

No. 739650

>i'm poopin

No. 739651

This must be a self post, right? Because white knighting a coshot of all things lmao.
So I'm going to spell it out so you can stop playing dumb: maybe she was original in the way she marketed herself (not gonna fact check that, idc enough) but when talking about her content she's as basic as they come. And hey that's smart imo, crossing some lines would limit her in the future. But don't bitch about others when you do the same fucking thing as everyone

No. 739663

I heard that Jenna posted a video and before it even had any views it had thousands of likes. Is it possible that she got her IG banned because she was buying follows/likes?

No. 739740

This. No sane person could ever think she looks younger than 20 but she's clearly playing for the pedo audience by sexualizing girlhood and that's what's disgusting.

Every time someone so much as whispers a critical peep about SuSu we suddenly get some vapid anon screeching how she's Totally Not Like Other Thots and "Hi momo!!!11" accusations. We already know SSS and Bunny lurk this site so make of that whatever you will. Just ignore them.

No. 739852

I've definitely noticed this before but didn't want to derail or seem tinfoil hat about it, but I honestly don't understand why anybody would have their head as far up Susu's ass as some of these anons seem to be unless it's a selfpost.

No. 739874

I think people are more critical about what’s said about her because like Taylor R, she had a sperg-chan of her own. A while back there was a ton of drama with a cosplayer called Luna Lanie. Luna was completely insane, made tons of spergy posts and even posted screenshots of texts she had gotten and outed herself multiple times. She would obsessively attack kaybearcosplay and succubus. Then after the momokun cancelation there were a bunch of ridiculous posts about her and bunny and weird nitpicks which people speculated were momokun and crew. There was also posts in te chellhellbunny thread about chell getting mad about the attention succubus gor. It’s clear she garners a lot of jealousy from cows and lesser costhots due to her popularity.

No. 739899

I don't recall anybody nitpicking them in the Momo threads around that time, I only remember them being praised in a really creepy, over the top way. I could believe that some of the other thots have a vendetta against them since a lot of the costhots that are bigger cows are really salty about one another, but that definitely doesn't make SSS and Bunny exempt from criticism, especially when you consider that the Momo threads still occasionally get shit up with weird posts about them when they're not even relevant to the Momo drama anymore.

I understand that this site's userbase isn't a hivemind either, but it's also pretty weird that in the early Momo threads, there was mostly criticism of Momo turning cosplay into easy $$$ by throwing on a wig and lingerie, but other people who do the same thing are now aggressively white knighted.

No. 739909

I wasn’t trying to whiteknight or anything, just providing some background story as to why many people get annoyed about bunny or susu getting brought up on things that don’t seem super milky. And in the momo threads there was a bunch of posts about bunny and susu being fake gays and this was around the same time momokun was under fire for ger “relationship” with vamp. There were some other nitpicks but none that stood out to me as much as the one I mentioned.

No. 739934

This girl is gonna have a hard time once she gets a wrinkle on her face and her betacuck fanbase leaves her for a younger thotter thot.

No. 740030

Nah, she’ll just meitu it off. That’s what they all do.

No. 740090

No, I understand you were just providing context, I just think it's ridiculous when anons really do white knight them.
I never saw anybody nitpick them in the Momo thread but imo that's just as stupid as derailing the thread to praise them.
I get that it's not you specifically that starts foaming at the mouth as soon as someone criticises them, but I still think if they're posted in a thread like this they're fair game just like everybody else, and it's weird as fuck to see anybody go on weird tirades where they list all of Susu's "accomplishments" like >>739513 and >>730968 on a thread dedicated to shit-talking costhots. It reads like someone taking it far too personally tbh

No. 740141

File: 1543451021376.png (127.81 KB, 302x296, Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 4.20…)

Nitpick: I hate her haircut and I think it makes her face look longer/more masculine. She looks cuter with shoulder length or longer hair.

No. 740157

Yeah this happens often with Jenna. Her nun cosplay tweet on twitter had 10,000 likes 5 minutes after it was posted. I’m guessing her insta was banned for buying the likes/followers.

No. 740164

File: 1543453120206.jpg (65.43 KB, 720x503, _20181129_005332.JPG)

This is petty but midnaash's bf gave her a serpent night dragon card and she's just so oblivious. Between this and only Cosplaying what video games her bf is playing I feel like she's such a fake nerd lmao (also Istg she's illiterate)

No. 740189

She’s always shitting on her BF publicly or posting her relationship problems for all to see. She’s cringe as fuck.

No. 740211

Very true but let's also remember that Momo started off wanting to be a PrOfEsSiOnAl cosplayer and then turned to the lewd shit to make $$$ whereas Susu/Bunny started as ero models. As Momo has received more and more criticism for less cosplays and more uninventive lewd shoots she's played into being a fetish model more and more. I'm sure that Susu/Bunny lurk here though.

No. 740220

This haircut looks like a bad wig from party city and she needs to invest in either longer hair or not those dumb looking hime cut side tails. It also ages her badly.

No. 740231

Momo’s shoots also look fucking horrible with MSpaint-tier edits. Many cosplayers went down the lewd path but produced decent content and didn’t catch hate.

No. 740313


It’s honestly so fucking ugly. I understand trying to have a more unique haircut or whatever but that shit is not flattering or cute in any way. It makes her look way older, and mannish. I think she looks a lot better when she does a more normal, not as angular bob with either longer length bangs/or just not super straight ones.

No. 740316

File: 1543476374047.jpeg (282.42 KB, 1242x1384, F9B36003-744D-4650-8AAF-A2E311…)

Sureee you did Jenna…

No. 740318

File: 1543476578775.jpg (10.11 KB, 300x200, 1391365483952.jpg)


who comes up with these bogus stories, let alone even thinks someone's gonna believe it???

No. 740324

>when you're desperate for retweets

No. 740326

Someone who doesn't fly often enough to know that all old people ask is "Are you from ___", "Then why are you visiting ___?", "Youre partner does what now?" and "oh you speak [country your travelling to's language]? I wish I had found the time to learn another language". That sort of intrusive but also completely meaningless drivel.

No. 740331

Who's going to tell someone to "enjoy their life" on an airplane of all places, flying is one of the few things everyone accepts as being a good excuse to just watch movies or play video games or whatever

No. 740372


No. 740422

>Complainins about being judged by her seat neighbour
>ugh Becky, you can't even keep a man you fucking bitch!!
Obviously didn't happen but come on.

No. 740442

Why are SSS and bunnyayu lying so vehemently about not ever 'lewding' underage characters? You'd think their fanbase wouldn't care so why the need?

No. 740460

Yeah I want to talk about this. I follow them both on twitter and they sent their fan base after someone who made a post about it and are acting like it’s an anti sexy cosplay thing not a lewding children thing. It all seemed so over the top and dramatic

No. 740461

Because bunny never did. I dont see succ denying that she did a set of wednesday that’s been posted here like 3 times already.

No. 740462

File: 1543504637478.jpeg (87.52 KB, 399x561, DC45E826-C218-4450-B05C-4B3E81…)

>so over the top and dramatic


No. 740466

File: 1543504812675.jpeg (177.31 KB, 1022x738, 87AAE80E-1CBA-4CDB-ACFE-694637…)

No. 740471

File: 1543505496557.jpeg (200.82 KB, 1440x1070, 7F4EAE4B-3B4E-49F9-A2D9-CB37C0…)

No. 740476

File: 1543505825209.jpeg (325.92 KB, 750x968, 7FBDE438-95B0-4DA9-B259-4CD101…)

Are you really going to come with no screenshots?

No. 740480

File: 1543506113274.jpeg (141.92 KB, 1125x793, E7E95582-368C-4477-8471-7D2B7B…)


It seems like an “anti lewd girl” post honestly

No. 740482

I bet they have no problem lewding kids considering they love that sick fuck Shadman. At least SS does

No. 740486

I remember when I pointed out that it's hypocritical to jump on Moomoo for making a sexualized Kanna cosplay and praise SSS, even though SSS made a sexualized cosplay of Wednesday Addams, a canonically underage character. I got anons grasping at all sorts of straws saying she totally "aged up" the character just because she added lingerie, or that there's another Wednesday Addams who is 18+ in a musical so it doesn't count (even though the 18+ Wednesday Addams design was completely different from SSS's cosplay).
Shit's pathetic and disingenuous.

No. 740489

File: 1543506682960.png (6.67 MB, 1242x2208, E4269445-7811-44E7-94A4-A65122…)

“Sarada Uchiha is 11 years old”

No. 740492

Moo got roasted becuase she made a big deal saying she wasn’t going to lewd Kanna then did lewds of her. People were annoyed that she was a hypocrite. Also the pics looked fucking terrible so it was funny.

No. 740495

What does this have to do with the person saying Bunny’s Vanellope was sexual though? I’m getting really confused by what’s going on in here. It’s like people are purposely ignoring the screenshots of what happened >>740476

No. 740501

I know that. I'm talking about the people who were clutching their pearls not because Moo broke her own word, but because Kanna is underage. They pretended it was a huge fucking affront and implied Moomoo panders to pedos, but the same shit is okay with SS for some reason.

No. 740504

It’s obviously not if people have posted her wednesday in threads numerous times to complain and if people have had multiple melt downs on twitter over it.

No. 740505


Just saying SS had no problem lewding underage characters, no idea why she acts so high and mighty on it. They both do it.

No. 740506

NTA, but no one's talking about that or Vannelope. It's in reference to >>740442. SS being a liar. I don't know/care about Bunnyayu, so I don't know if she did it, too, but it's on topic.

No. 740508

File: 1543507197431.jpeg (423.38 KB, 750x1057, 757082D0-675C-4395-9D46-6DEE97…)

No. 740509

That person admitted that they were wrong about the Vanellope thing and that they didn’t know much about ASMR. They should have done more research on their end before jumping into it. But they also said it’s easy to be led astray by it considering SS and her girlfriend have lewded kids in the past and profit off of it. That point keeps being forgotten in every post I see about this

No. 740510

It obviously is to those anons who tried to WK her in these threads, lmao. Keep up and reread my post.

No. 740514

Bunny is either stupid as fuck or just in denial . She’s pretending or I guess lying to herself that all the cutesy boob jiggle videos she does with underage characters are totally non sexual.

No. 740515

SS still moralfags, SS still sucks Pedo Shadmans cock, SS still aint got an original bone in her body, If anything SS is just a lewd JNig in terms of people shielding for her simply because she isnt as fugly and directly histrionic as the other cows lmao

She has deals but nobody wants to admit that it had to happen to atleast one costhot and just because she rose to the top people wanna act like she still isnt a hypocritical costhot who makes money off of her neckbeards and pander to them wether it be underage characters or the latest trend.

Take that "erocos" bullshit away, just call it softcore and stop coming to all ages conventions so ur creepy fanbase can congregate the same place kids do.

No. 740516

Bunny just sitting there and not saying anything about her girlfriend’s actions make her equally as guilty.

No. 740518

File: 1543507618039.jpeg (143.98 KB, 750x713, D5E39A9D-C3C0-469D-8A23-5CA5D4…)

I don’t see any posts of ss saying she never did lewds of canonically young characters, only saying that Bunny hasn’t. I can’t find any lewd cosplays of canon underaged characters by bunny. And ss admits to doing it so where are people getting that she’s lying from? No one’s posting screenshots to back up what they’re saying.

No. 740524

i personally don't give a fuck if people are lewding underage characters. they're characters. pedos don't want sluts with boobs cosplaying their precious lolis. DDLG and nymphet shit is more problematic because girls trying to look more juvenile is much more pedobait than adults making child characters look adult.

No. 740527

File: 1543508974385.jpeg (36.7 KB, 550x419, E100176A-8ABF-4D29-9A68-FF0BB7…)

>people not posting screencaps to go with their claims about a public twitter dramafest that just happened
>people ignoring screenshots

The fuck?

No. 740528

I think susu and bunny’s relationship is just a fake one so they can get more attention for being kawaii lesbians

No. 740531

I totally agree. Characters can just be aged, shockingly, like every sexy Misty from Pokemon costume every basic bitch wears on Halloween.

No. 740532

File: 1543509266975.jpeg (21.14 KB, 225x225, 075420CD-6E95-41AE-A737-91EDF9…)

Are they actually retarded?

No. 740536

So you're saying that SSS fully admits to doing lewd cosplays of underage characters but sent her neckbeards after the Twitter user who pointed it out, if >>740462 is to be believed? That's just as shitty, if not worse. If Bunny replied to the post but SSS ignored it because she knows she's guilty of it then that's cowardly as fuck imo.

I don't care about that either, but anons were pointing out that many posters in the Momo thread were losing their shit about Momo lewding an underage character while white knighting SSS for doing the same.

I feel like the anons criticising SSS in this thread are deliberately having their words twisted around. My point was that many posters criticised Momo for being a costhot. The fact she originally wanted to be more like jnig lite or her edits being shitty isn't really relevant to the fact that the shitty "boudoir" with lingerie and a wig was what people were pissed off at. It's still the exact same shit that SSS does, even if the editing is better, she's less fug than Momo, she markets herself better, etc.

No. 740540

File: 1543510138011.jpeg (358.88 KB, 750x1031, 22999BC7-1D3E-4D48-8D58-635078…)

Dude the person accused bunny of sexualizing vanellope because she did asmr or whatever and bunny and susu said that asmr wasn’t sexual and that bunny didnt do lewds of the character or any “child characters”. Why aren’t you sharing any screenshots? It’s like you’re ignoring what the drama was all about.
Why do you keep making post after post saying the same thing about “people hate moo but not sss”? You even say you made the same posts a bunch of times before.

No. 740549

File: 1543511111673.jpeg (270.35 KB, 1125x1174, 456EC006-C6CD-4C00-81F4-80A584…)

Literally their response to this was saying they were mistaken about the vanelope asmr video. They still stood by their point that they have done questionable lewd shoots of children in the past so it is easy to be led astray by this. I don’t think they’re really wrong in their accusations but jumped on the wrong thing.

No. 740553

File: 1543511293791.jpeg (85.41 KB, 480x1024, A4B8C1CA-7220-4C71-BA29-A743EF…)

So THIS is the pic _jpegs is having a conniption over. This is what prompted them to call bunny a pedophile, make like 50 posts back to back and make their account private like 3 times for. SJWs really are something else. Also lol at them bragging about getting views for their hysterics proving it was all for clout.

No. 740556

It’s been pointed out multiple times in that whole ordeal that Bunny didn’t do “porn shoots of children” like they claim. >>740462
Why are there no screenshots of the lewds Bunny did of kid characters if she’s done it so many times before?

No. 740558


What are you even talking about? This is the first post I've made about the ASMR thing. The post I made that I was referring to is >>739899 but go ahead and believe I've made a ton of posts if it helps you sleep at night, I guess?
And I'm not the only person who pointed out the SSS white-knighting is hypocritical. Momo is obviously way worse, if I liked her I wouldn't be posting on lolcow, but I don't think that means that other people are exempt from criticism for doing the same things she does.

I also don't understand why I replied to a post about people criticising SSS's lewd cosplays of underage characters and you've jumped back to ASMR being non-sexual. I never said anything about Bunny in that post. Honestly you seem like you're deliberately missing the point in some weird attempt to defend them.

What screenshots would you like me to post? I don't think I said anything that I haven't backed up, but go ahead and correct me.

No. 740561

this whole drama with susu and bunny is retarded. Its not even about lewding underage characters anymore I think it has to do more about how susu reacted. The original tweet from the poster didn't sound too harsh and considering that she has mutuals with susu and bunny I think the tweet could have been deleted if they explained through dms. It wouldn't have been a big deal. Like yeah she was retarded enough to post it when she obviously misunderstood, but really susu called attention to it and I doubt many people would have seen the tweet in the first place. And she knew her thousands of whiteknights were going to go after her. It's more about power play now.
Susus weird damage controlfor something small makes her look aggressive and drama seeking; also considering the random tweet she put out before about how lewd models arent "creative" enough like her.

No. 740562

i don't think many people were WKing susu or bunny in the moo thread, some anons are just pushing that cause they hate all costhots. also, how tf do you know those were the same anons? the moo thread isn't a collective. most people in the moo thread don't hate costhots in general, just moo's skinwalking lying fat ass.

No. 740563

File: 1543512061484.jpg (312.7 KB, 1080x1440, IMG_20181129_111635.jpg)

They're both on some weird shadman levels of fuckery tbqh. Maybe I'm a prude but stuff like pic related rubs me the wrong way, even if it is just part of their betabucks marketing schtick.

No. 740565

I agree. I think it’s susu’s unnecessary reaction to this is what sparked all of this. She went for the throat and overreacted to someone who barely has any followers and put her on blast for making a valid point.

No. 740566

You can think whatever you want, but that was my observation of it.
I'm familiar with the concept of anonymous posters, thanks. I'm saying that the predominant opinion in the early Momo threads (in the "thicc samus" era) was that she's lazily profiting off of a hobby she doesn't give a shit about by throwing on a wig and taking photos in her underwear. I'm not saying I agree or disagree with it, I'm just pointing out that most of the posts I saw in earlier threads seemed to be of that opinion.

No. 740567

Judging from the screenshots of the shit fit _jpegs threw and how they intentionally kept saying bunny did porn shoots of kids with 0 evidence I don’t see how it could have been resolved when the accuser Acts like that. I agree Bunny should have ignored it because the accusation was obvious bullshit. I don’t really fault susu for commenting in her Gfs defence though. _jpegs calling people pedos and making a shit ton of tweets was pretty psycho looking so I doubt people consider them credible and if bunny ignored it no one would care. I mean even after the ordeal no one really seems to care outside of _jpegs little sjw circle. I personally don’t care about the post about costhots copying each other because I see that all the time but understand how it looks conceited.

No. 740568

they honestly weren't. no one's going to shit on other costhots in moo's thread, especially if they're actively giving milk.

No. 740569

I kiss my mom on the cheek. If they were making out I’d see your point.

No. 740570

But how was the point valid when it’s true that Bunny hasn’t done “porn shoots or kids” like the person claimed she did? How is it valid to call ASMR sexual? I really think everyone in this situation should have just shut up.

No. 740574

I'm not sure if you replied to the wrong post but that's what I'm saying.
I never saw anybody criticising them. If anything, I saw really weird OTT praise for them that kinda gave me vague selfpost vibes.
I've seen weird OTT praise for the people spilling milk on a cow before (Asherbee in the OrangeCitrus thread, Isa in Raven's thread, etc) so I dismissed it as that, but it's starting to seem strange now that the milk has died down.

No. 740575

its always better to DM first to begin with, why start a bigger fire? and if the poster is still stubborn it would help susu's case and make her look more mature at least. Then it would validate how she's so keen to lash out so quickly for something trivial. And once again everyone keeps forgetting that this person is a nobody. I would really understand if Susu is so frantic about it if I were someone big on the cosplay scene to say such a thing, but I'm gonna say it again I doubt anyone would have seen this tweet and it's susu that made a big deal about it.

No. 740576

Oops, same anon, but unless you're saying that you don't think that was the opinion of people in the Momo thread?
Susu and bunny started "actively giving milk" at least a year after the Momo threads started. I'm talking about literally the first or second Momo thread.

No. 740578

File: 1543513309892.jpeg (240.29 KB, 750x574, EF13C4C8-C6F7-4592-900F-934B0F…)

They deleted most of their meltdown but this gave me a real laugh. Reminds me of whenever momokun gets flamed to shit for acting an ass then posts about “omg you guys are so supportive”. Imaging using a serious accusation like pedophilia to garner attention for yourself then bragging. It just helps the actual pedos in the end since people can take claims less seriously

No. 740592

Sss and Bunny are both going to be labeled as cows soon enough, they flat out are just not decent people. They are good at their jobs, but when it comes to decency and being genuine, they are lacking. All I'll say is, 9 times outta 10 thot models don't credit photographers because it's their freaking boyfriend. Sss never dumped her boyfriend, he's still their photographer, and they are playing this fake lesbian card and everyone is eating it up. It's all a show to get that $$. We all know it deep down.

No. 740594

Like who TF retweets their relationship announcement to get more likes…? Oh that's right, they did.

No. 740599

Lol the same claim was in the momo thread worded similarily. Also bunny and susu both tag their photogs on IG all the time. Bunny also admited to being bi so one of them allegedly dating a man in the past doesnt make it impossible for them to be together.

No. 740605

Nayrt but who gives a shit if someone else said that in the Momo thread? Either it's the same poster or someone else thinks that too. There's no post in the Momo thread mentioning them in the past few days so it couldn't have been recent.
Also I'm not sure whether they're right or not but they're implying that SSS has/may have a boyfriend who takes her photos that she doesn't mention, not that you can't date a woman if you've had a boyfriend in the past.

No. 740609

This is so low and pathetic. These sjws who go on moral crusades for the rights of cartoons do so much harm to credible claims of pedophilia.

No. 740619

People speculated that mariah herself was posting this same thing because it came during the time of the sexual harassment scandal and when moo was saying her and vamp were dating. That was obvious shit but got totally exposed as a lie on camversity when vamps was questioned. That was the only other instance of ss being accused specifically of having a “photographer boyfriend” besides this current posts. Just seems suspect. The fact it was an unsaged comment not replying to anything is suspicious too.

No. 740624

File: 1543519387217.jpg (205.23 KB, 540x641, KzdXLbe.jpg)

>tantrums over costhots sexualizing fictional children characters
>same fujoshit probably wants to bang Naruto in the same breath
Really, anime was a fucking mistake LOL

No. 740631

This fujoshit is clearly mentally unstable and desperate to gain attention for being “woke”. I guess now pedophiles are attracted to grown women and aged up characters too. Pedophiles totally love giant titties and fully developed female bodies and they love hearing that a character is “grown up”. That sure tickles their giblets.

No. 740634

I can’t belive how hard people will dick ride and wk SS on this site. It’s truly shocking to me the levels of wk this costhot gets when she is hyper aggressive, shits on other models for not being as original and creative (lmao) as her, Lewds children, and just seems overall up her own ass.

No. 740638

Fujos are notorious for shitting on women whenever they can while they sexualize underaged male characters and follow male cosplayers who do fanservice pics of boku no hero and naruto boys. It has 0 to do with actual pedophiles or actually wanting to protect kids and 100% clout chasing.

No. 740639

bro, no one is talking about then but you. stop.

No. 740640

your hateboner is so big it broke my fucking computer screen.

No. 740641

File: 1543520793337.png (123.35 KB, 720x529, Screenshot_2018-11-29-11-30-05…)

Please continue to be mad over shit that doesn't matter in the real world. Fake boi fujoshits shouldn't be commenting on hypocritical shit like this tbh. Are SSS and Bunny saints? No.

No. 740644

tbh the autist bitching about SS seems like the same kind of autist who doesn't understand you can have differing opinions on different cows who are similar.

No. 740645

Huh? I don’t care about what that retarded fujoshit is saying or whatever or not she’s “hypocritical”. It doesn’t make SS less up her own ass.

No. 740647

okay, that's nice. we're not talking about what SS is doing, we're talking about fujoshits sperging about it. i don't give a fuck about SS but this fujo drama is hilarious.

No. 740648


it’s multiple people you understand that, right? I have no idea what you’re talking about in terms of “different opinions on cows who are similar”. I haven’t said anything about that at all.

No. 740649

Lol this fakeboi follows Kawiibro who has done lewds of underaged boy characters. But it’s only pedo when girls do it I guess.

No. 740655

And they also follow ModeratelyOk who has sold sexy prints of Squall Leonhart who is underaged as well.

No. 740661

her working with shad makes me lose all respect for her. it's really upsetting. even if you did bad things in the past (with pedobaiting, etc) the least you could do is admit you were wrong after you've dragged girls for the same shit…

No. 740668

holy shit the susu WKs and costhots are out of control in this thread

No. 740670

File: 1543522620708.jpeg (519.45 KB, 2048x2048, D8B00DEF-D73E-49EF-A010-3B4914…)

Okay NOT calling Mod a pedo or anything like that as Squall isn’t even real and I don’t think aging up cartoons is pedo.
but how does _jpegs follow someone who has done the same “lewding of underaged characters” photos she is trying to attack “costhots” for? This is clearly not about “pedos” or else she’d go after men too and not follow ones who do what she’s going on a crusade against.

No. 740673

it is really obviously self-posting. belle gets the same influx of wks whenever she gets posted, people claim it is vendetta or selfposting to try and distract the thread. honestly just ignore it. it is obvious that SS and bunny read this thread, and are trying really hard to maintain their image as "cool costhots" or some shit. i don't even have a problem with them but the mass whiteknighting whenever certain people are mentioned is suspect.

No. 740678

Lmao there are more people criticising them than just myself, anon, and I was literally replying to a post talking about them.
Do you think everyone you don't agree with is the same poster?

No. 740680

agreed. just report them.

No. 740682

This post is getting traction on twitter and a lot of people are pissed about it so that’s probably going to cause a big stirr in this thread >>740480

No. 740684

File: 1543523346371.png (1.15 MB, 2048x1536, PicsArt_11-29-12.27.01.png)

Are you fucking done with the sperging now? Pathetic lol

No. 740687

Interesting how after it was pointed out here that they were following males who have done sexy photos of “underaged” chatracters she privates her account and changes her name.

No. 740693

why the fuck did you have any respect for her in the first place? lol this thread really is a costhot circlejerk

No. 740700

File: 1543524026279.png (2.25 MB, 2048x1536, PicsArt_11-29-12.34.17.png)

That's the point bby

No. 740712

Lol she just nuked her tumblr since it was visible in this pic.

No. 740715

File: 1543524741622.png (4.13 MB, 1773x1773, PicsArt_11-29-12.51.12.png)

No. 740725

Bunny did though, she doesn't dress up as young characters but she did a saucy cosplay as Elastigirl with Susu as Violet.

No. 740727

That anon wasn’t me but I will say that one point I didn’t really have anything negative to say about SS or costhots in general. I don’t really care if they want to whore themselves out for cash online or whatever but it’s annoying when they act high and mighty and think they’re so important when they are just e-whores

No. 740751

Ew, I didnt know she collabed with Shadman. Also, if she is still okay with Shadman now that makes Susu a giant hypocrite.

No. 740753

Who is this and why do fatties always cosplay cindy?

No. 740756

They always do. I don't get that.

No. 740758

Yikes obvious lurk is obvious. Noelle needs to take a break.

No. 740759

I love how several thots use the "lol ur so ugli anyway sis/hun/.." as an answer to girls saying that they don't need to take their clothes off to make money or attract men. It only further proves the point that they're triggered about not having a real job. I'll shit on an incel anyday but that thotcrusade is hilarious solely because bitches like that gets taken down. Too bad they do it because they hate women.

No. 740762

For some reason susu and bunny don’t read as a couple to me. They don’t really have any sexual/romantic chemistry…I wouldn’t be shocked if this lesbian thing was all for show kek

No. 740767

Not to be a tumblrina but do couples need to display affection to be considered a couple?
Not saying something is manufactured about SSS/Bunny but I can't agree with couples needing to slop all over eachother to be considered a couple.

No. 740768

Yeah, we're gonna have to agree to disagree. Not sure what counts as being a 'couple' but they stated many times they were dating and that should be good enough. Susu and Bunny have even had fans mention on their igs that they're off limits when guys try to ask who's single.

No. 740774

The thing is even when theyre showing affection to each other it looks awkward as fuck. Like two drunk straight girls at a party trying to les out for attention.

No. 740775

Because apparently you cant be a feminist/progressive/whatever but also find issue in creating a softcore porn fandom that they decide to take root in an all ages community while making money off of men who think they can fuck you or be their virtual gf's cause they gave you a monthly fee.
If you say 'hey thats gonna look bad on me(the entire female populous) cause if i dress like anything other than a nun your creeps are gonna act like I will treat them the same way you do, sweetie'
Thats rude and I should just be happy our dear thots are living their best life spreading their ass cheeks to simulate the latest shitty hentai manga for the cum tributes they totally love to get cause they know they cant have their cake and eat it too
/b tards are scum of the earth and when you are a thot who panders to the scummy audience I will laugh and take great enjoyment over the irony of a snake eating itself.

No. 740778

This reads like a bad copypasta.

No. 740779

It’s pretty obvious she lurks here - she’s been harping on moo since the whole “all patreon girls are sexworkers” drama, and used terms like “beta bucks” and “costhot.” I wouldn’t be shocked if she was the one sperging about susu and bunny but it’s at least extremely obvious that she’s lurking.

No. 740780

The way they try to jiggle around and act like cutesy dainty anime girls is annoying. It’s funny how bunny is trying to shake her tits as much as she can with every movement.

No. 740783

A lot of the comments here sounded just like the ones _jpegs / peachriing was making on twitter and the lack of screencaps to back up what they were saying was weird.

No. 740784

These two have negative amounts of chemistry. It's like they just met. Why so many white knights itt pretending like they're not blatantly faking their relationship for neckbeard attention?

And yeah, their mannerisms are really annoying.

No. 740787

Two conventionally attractive girl with huge tits, no threat of males around because they’re both “lesbians”, two big titty Stacy’s who are so shy/cute and sit around playing video games all day and have the same hobby’s a neets. This is pretty much the dream girl for someone looking to spend their beta bux.

No. 740788

Because posting screencaps would reveal the exageration and bullshit being said. A lot of screenshots that contradicted what anons were saying about the twitter drama went ignored. Also the way the whole conversation started was weird. 2 posts with no screencaps? If theres drama I’m capping.

No. 740789


do they have actual drama though? so far i just see two chicks pretending they're attracted to one another and making major coin from it.

No. 740798

Wow, this is cringe. Susu wasn't too bad, but Bunny trying to bounce as much as possible and realizing jiggle physics in anime/videogames is not the same as real life. it's kinda sad as hell. They really do have zero chemistry as a couple.

No. 740875

I don't believe for a second they're in an actual relationship.
But I guess it's the best way to win cash money beta dollars, and have a safeguard.

No. 740877

Get over it _jpig and stop the self posting. no one cares about your vendetta boner for sss and bunny. you literally called bunny a pedophile when she isn’t. that’s enough to piss anyone off so what did you expect?

No. 740902

This tbh, reading this whole thread is hilarious because it sounds like one person just replying to themselves over and over.

No. 740904

TBH I think it is this noelle beattie/_jpegs chick replying to herself. She might be the same anon who goes into Momokun threads and sperges about it.

No. 740906

That’s kind of ironic that you chose to say that now after _jpeg aka peachriing got outted for lurking.

No. 740909

They're so painfully detached and awkward to each other. They don't even seem like very good friends, they're more like…co-workers. If I knew nothing about them and went into this video blind, I'd assume they were both hired by a company or agency to do this video together, but didn't really know each other besides that.

No. 740912

This WKing has gone too far. That's nearly on the same level as the Twitter fujo supposedly calling Bunny a pedophile, lmao.

No. 740920

Idk what you all want them to do to “proove” they are together on a youtube product review video. I doubt people would expect them to constantly perform their affection for each other with they were a hetero couple.

No. 740925

I didn't even finish reading this post after "proove", it's too whiny. White knighting is pathetic.
I was stating my opinion, as were other anons, I'm sure. I don't actually care what they do, I don't personally know these people, and whether or not they're faking a relationship for clout doesn't concern me outside of the sheer entertainment value.
What I said is simply how things look to me based on that video. Stop coming to the costhot thread if you're going to get buttblasted about anything that doesn't praise your favorite costhots. This is Lolcow.

No. 740933

>projecting this hard

No. 740936

I think it's just one WK who's been sperging hardcore. It looks like they've been deleting some of their posts ITT, so maybe that means they realize they're embarrassing themselves and will fuck off.

No. 740946

It’s probably susu or bunny TBHQ

No. 740964

Who is this fat thot?

No. 740965

That is _jpegs/Noelle Beattie.

No. 740969

So this whole “pedophile” drama was caused by a fat thot mad at another thot for thotting? Lmao

No. 740977

File: 1543542474656.jpeg (54.79 KB, 548x221, DC147AE8-F19B-4A84-AB11-ACBA1D…)

No. 740979

>a mutual
it's you. You mean, you. What else did we say that was false?

No. 740984

This is like watching two of those virtual YouTube bloggera try and interact but just worse… Their body language is like two high school actors trying to act out a couples scene for the first time. Super cringe

No. 740988

Nothing. This idiot is just a bigoted liar who says anything for sympathy or attention. I’ve been contemplating unfollowing but I want to stay in her protected little bubble to keep screencapping her sympathy ploys.

No. 740990

Who knows if they are together for real but there is no doubt that they use their relationships to pander to their trash followers and that for me is just so low and skeevy. Everytime I see one of their thumbnails they are posing like a cover of those lesbian hentai manga made for men to wank at.

No. 740991

Anyone notice how any time evidence that _jpegs / peachriing/ noelle lurks on lolcow is posted the sperging about bunny and susu being fake gay starts again?

No. 740995

it's because literally no one gives a shit about her except you and maybe one other susu/bunny white knight trying to distract discussion from them.

No. 740996

File: 1543544696852.jpeg (161.67 KB, 702x1144, 1E3066AD-82EF-4096-ACB0-9882BF…)

Bunny is lucky she has this tits and a cute body because that face is done for. She is the true meaning of the word butter face.

No. 740998

jpegs better tell her mutuals plz no booly on the internet hate machine

No. 741000

yeah _jpegs is all over here

No. 741002

I always thought that too.
Like, Susu I can understand why she's popular and gets money thrown at her but with bunny I just don't get it.

No. 741004

Agreed, susu's kind of in the same boat. But her face is more average than ugly.

No. 741008

>why she popular

She’s got big tits and is good at playing the cute girl I have a chance with because she’s not that attractive. She poses good but she’s kinda fat and stumpy in real life.

No. 741009

Doesn't Susu basically have a flabby body and poses or photoshops the unflattering bits away? I've seen pictures on her Twitter with a flabby stomach and then someone posted one on /g/ or /ot/ the other day where it kinda looks like she's perched and sucking in or smoothed out in Photoshop. I'll admit I don't know her stuff very well but just curious.

No. 741013


anyone got candids of her? i follow them both on insta, but sometimes susu's body confuses me.

bunny isn't cute at all and tbh her body isn't that great either. she looks like she's apple shaped or a chubby upside triangle.

No. 741016

she really looks soft af, I can only imagine how much shop she does. She just had a good editor.

No. 741020

Looks like Amouranth stole, move for move, Belle Delphines Hit or Miss video. At work so cant cap

No. 741023

File: 1543546997653.png (4.01 MB, 1242x2208, D9513243-BAD4-4A4B-B786-98DFBF…)

I’m going to upload a few.

No. 741025

File: 1543547043788.png (4.71 MB, 1242x2208, 8C4BFA5B-8089-4CCD-B65B-CFB731…)

No. 741026

IT confuses me how she can look 98 lbs mean while having this huge ass and extremely small waist. The top doesn’t match the bottom.

No. 741027

File: 1543547115346.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 483.69 KB, 1242x1500, C50E38F4-6641-47AB-808F-3C8253…)

Compare this to >>741025 . She looks so different.

No. 741030

It's a meme, the moves aren't original. Also, Belle Delphine was not the one who first did it, lol.

No. 741033

And Belle “stole” it from nyannyancosplay. Except not, because it’s a Tik Tok meme and everyone is doing it.

No. 741036

Bunny looks like a middle aged mom and her styling is awful. Why do both her and Susu have the worst styling and hair?

No. 741037

The original and the more genuine one was Nyannyancosplay. All the other thots can't dab for shit.

No. 741047

But belle wore the same outfit and was clearly trying to reference nyanyan’s video so it was a copy. Amouranth is a copy of a copy

No. 741079

They must have a really good editor because jesus, that's a whiplash. Susu straight up looks like a man in real life, I don't understand her following. And the heavy arching of her back makes me believe her candid ass is tiny. I'll give her props for somehow branding so hard and profitting so much from nothing kek

No. 741084

File: 1543553205512.jpeg (450.7 KB, 2048x2048, E491EBE5-5CEC-4699-9034-6A8855…)

When will this nightmare end?

No. 741092

It’s called photoshop. She doesn’t actually have that

No. 741099

Don't yanderejane and peachjars lurk/post here? They've definitely talked about it in private circles previously. Wondering if maybe they have something to do with the WK influx for Susu and Ayu

No. 741104

With how huge belle has gotten I don’t see an end to the “quirky memey e-girl” aesthetic for a while. And with people shilling out tons of cash for amouranth and belle’s patreons they’ll probably make more videos like these.

No. 741111

Proof? Do you have any candids that prove this?

No. 741131

lmao calm down, just because they're lewd cosplayers doesnt mean every single thing they do is inherently sexual. It's a fucking cheek kiss dude

No. 741137

They look good here and they looked good in their youtube videos and twitch streams. Calling them ugly is a stretch and everyone has unflattering photos at cons.
Wow this meme is still going? Tiktok was a mistake.

No. 741141

File: 1543564031820.png (3.57 MB, 1242x2208, 922EDAFA-5555-4068-9F30-E761E0…)


This is a twitch screenshot. Sure, they’re not hideous, just too average af looking girls with a good editor and photographer. Bunny looks like a middle aged mom, SS looks manly IRL.

No. 741152

File: 1543567142826.jpeg (405.04 KB, 1242x1533, 930F5442-F563-4A08-86F3-BAF6B0…)

Susu and Bunny look fine irl imo.

Susu looks pretty much just as skinny, with a small waist and wide hips here (for her height.)

No. 741153

File: 1543567336495.png (4.96 MB, 2208x1242, 436753B7-70BC-4E79-A236-847041…)

Also her butt seems pretty big naturally, but maybe it’s the angle.

No. 741154

Where? There's been 0 proof of this.

Who the fuck even is _jpeg? No one cares about them; the spergs that keep bringing them up sound incredibly butthurt and make it even more obvious that they're Susu/bunny wk or selfposting

No. 741169

Sage for no one cares but I agree. Esp when underage anime characters frequently have developed bodies and act adult level mature it's really hard to view that as child sexualisation

No. 741181

bunny still looks like a stumpy middle aged mom, even with half her face obsured.

are you one of the ones who's been wking them?

No. 741189

Took me a while but I got it. Bunny reminds me of Magibon. A white chick trying to be a cutesy Japanese girl

No. 741224

No shit

No. 741230

>Who the fuck even is _jpeg?
This. I didn't even bother to read the retarded screenshots when scrolling through and at first I thought _jpeg was an internet slang term or something. It's simply embarrassing for the WKs to throw a massive fit and ree over anons criticizing muh precious kweens SSS and Bunny. I hate all costhots equally and that _jpeg seems to be just a salty thot who wants to stir shit with the famous people to get some exposure. They're all ruining a hobby that's meant to be asexual (at least to a degree) and fit for all ages. They're all contributing to the reason we have people like Belle Delphine who unironically brag about retiring at 30 with the bucks they get from internet prostitution.

The issue with SuSu lewding kid characters isn't inherently that she's doing it, the issue is that the WKs are screeching about Momo doing it but tripping over their words trying to defend SSS/Bunny for doing the same exact thing AND supporting Shädman. Momo used the "it's the aged up version!!!11" excuse just the same. I thought people crying over Moo doing it was retarded and think people attacking SSS/Bunny is just as stupid because they're adult women but the hypocrisy is what irks me.

As for the other thing, Susu is a bitch for vagueposting about "other models" ripping her bit when she's just as tacky and unimaginative as they are. The "relationship" between her and bunny is also clearly scripted for neckbeard wish fulfillment. They're not complete narcissistic trainwrecks like Momo is but god the spergy WKs derailing and intentionally misreading the anons' points need to fuck off.

No. 741277

True. Susu is really pretty both face-wise and body-wise, but Bunny is a dog

No. 741285

Jesus, anon. Share your jealousy more. They are actually dating, its not fake. Su did the shadman thing before he was outted and hasnt worked with him since. And they arent REAL people, characters. Not like shes having sex as them or something. The difference is Moo purposely pulled sexual poses as Kanna whereas Susu showed her ass? Moo actually went out of her way to simulate shit. Theres a huge difference and even then, its fictional characters. No real pedo looks at this and thinks its okay. The girls in the outfits are old, ffs. Theres zero correlation

Dont freak about me defending her. Its just about thinking logically and not overreacting. And shit, let them be catty. Its entertaining.

No. 741291

These types of posts are honestly more spergy and frequent than any post that’s been in their defense.

No. 741293

I too love to date my coworkers for monetary gain, that's so completely normal Anon teehee.

God some of you are so fucking dense. I couldn't care less if they are ugly or not, it's people who pretend to date to take advantage of lgbt perks without understand the actual struggles it entitles that irks me. Lipstick lesbians are toxic and insulting. It's obviously a catch-22 argument, cause it's easy to say couples don't have to prove their love, but when you are blatantly taking advantage of your followers by pandering a fetish to them to sell, instead of you know, just being in a regular lesbian relationship, when there's a problem. Keep enjoying the forced Boob jiggles and awkward acting if that floats your boat though I guess. They love your money so so very much.

No. 741298


ok woah. they are actually dating. Stop thinking so hard about this.

No. 741302

What are the “perks” of being LGBT? They are a hated group and can’t even get married in most parts of the world. No offense but who the fuck would want to be gay?

No. 741310

Ever since Susu was brought up there’s been a ton of infighting.

No. 741315

A lot of people were pissed at the lack of screenshots provided by people coming in to talk about the twitter drama. The screenshots provided prooved a lot of the first half of the discussion to be exaggerated or flat out wrong which lead to the people posting without screencaps to cry “whiteknight” and “self post” constantly but get mad when actual evidence of one of the users (another costhot) involved in the twitter drama was lurking would be shared. That just made them cry “self post” and “whiteknight” even more and it got annoying when anyone asking for proof or disagreeing with another user was called a wk.

No. 741320

There wouldn't be if the mods would hurry up and usher all her annoying ass wks out.

No. 741329

Joke's on the whiteknights, it's causing Streisand effect.

No. 741332

Nope I actually know her, and yes it’s her real name.

No. 741338

>Lipstick lesbians are toxic and insulting

You're a fucking moron lmao. You're ruining any argument you had about these girls with your weird personal hangups.

No. 741356

Nobody gives two shits about the fujo girl because it's transparent as fuck that one or two posters keep bringing her up to steer the conversation away from Bunny and Susu. She's a chubby SJW, it's not like they're rare or interesting on the internet.
Since you're getting so worked up about posters having no "evidence" to back up their claims (but never explained what claims you're even talking about, just vagued about it), why don't you give me an example of someone getting "mad" about the Twitter girl? I never saw anybody giving enough of a shit to get mad about it.

No. 741369

>Su did the shadman thing before he was outted and hasnt worked with him since.

Outted as what? He's always drawn loli porn.

>And shit, let them be catty. Its entertaining.

no one is stopping them?

No. 741371


lol, okay belle. >>737597

No. 741372

The self posting is so apparent
Sounds childish

Bunny is flabby , cross-eyed and tries to play up the cute weeaboo white girl who wants to be Japanese.

Sss is not that great looking either, maybe average
Very confrontational and her wigs and hair are horrible. Her body is average and angles help make her ass look big since she's an average weight.

They both have no depth or longevity and should just fully become fetish models and stop infecting the cosplay scene with their half-assed copy cat shit
I just don't get the appeal I guess two girls who appear easy opposites soft and dark attract so edgy and cool is the gimmick also pulling in the gay crowd along with straight men who drool over two animu chicks kissing.
Their marketing is B- , not polished enough and they come off as unprofessional and immature. Typical Twitter/internet girls who happened upon fame but don't know how to properly present themselves or capitalize because they are just internet dweebs with no adult wit.
They really could be taking in so much more money and the scheme is so surface level idk how anyone is fooled.

No. 741380

Are you really responding to a 6 day old post with something so milkless? Kill your hate-boner for Belle for 5 seconds until she's brought up again for ACTUAL milk.

No. 741389

>>741371 Wasn’t replying to a 6 day old post, they were replying to a couple hour old post that stated a claim that it was her real name and that they knew her without showing any evidence evidence. Nobody has a hate boner for anybody.

No. 741390

nta but are you kidding? the retard who she replied to (whose post was only made a few hours ago) replied to a week old post. anon only replied to >>737597 to prove the retard anon wrong.

No. 741393

That's my bad. There's so much pointless reaching in this thread for multiple costhots that I overlooked that. Disregard it.

No. 741718

Yikes do you even know what its like to have internet fame? You're reaching– its one thing to out someone over their wrong doings but to shit talk their looks is too far. I've been following this thread but to be jealous of their looks and following is low. Not a good look.

No. 741726

Man, it’s lolcow. Most posts here are reaching or have stupid nitpicks.

No. 741826

Outted as being a pedophile. Or whatever scandal there was a while ago. Su immediately stopped working with him and fuck is it stupid to compare drawing loli to actually being into fucking children. There is a huge difference. That's as stupid as saying everyone who likes Love Live! is into children. It's that stupid.

No. 741847


>That's as stupid as saying everyone who likes Love Live! is into children. It's that stupid.

Shadman doesn’t just draw cute lolis. He draws literal child porn, as in children getting penetrated. That’s way different than something like love live!

Not only that, not sure how he was “ousted” he’s been an openly sick fuck.

No. 741853

Mate if art depicting childrens bodies (flat chests, 4" tall, no hips, you know.. Prepubescent characteristics) engaged in sexual acts turns you on you're.. A pedophile. Only like one of the girls in love live! Looks like that so..

No. 741859

People seem to forget about him drawing actual children, (like the little boy dressed as Harley Quinn, for example) he always hides behind "this isn't based on an actual child u guiz, totally a coincidence hehehe."

No. 741869


bunny looks special ed here.
why do they both insist on these short and unflattering haircuts?

neither are cute enough for the length they've going for, and for some reason they style themselves like they're from the early 2000s.

susu looks skinny af irl though. that's what confused me about her T&A

No. 741882

bunny looks like she’s holding in a fat shit

No. 741888

Their looks are part of what they are selling. If they didn't want to be judged for their looks they wouldn't profit off of their bodies.
THAT IS THEIR PRODUCT,T hey made it that way. No one is paying these girls for their personalities so stop pretending you feel better about not judging someone's looks. This is lolcow not Twitter stop acting oblivious.
Everything isn't a nitpick

Also you don't have to be internet famous to know how to market and present yourself. There is life and work outside of shaking your ass on the gram

No. 741889

ok but we all know the comments about how ugly they are, are coming from the same one or two people

No. 741891

>ok but we all know the comments whiteknighting them are coming from the same one or two people
ftfy. clearly a lot of different anons are commenting on their looks.

No. 741894

I think they looked fine in the other candids and in the youtube video. They look fine on twitch livestreams too. This whole thread has just devolved to boring nitpicks and infighting the last few days drowning out discussion about other costhots.

No. 741898

This entire thread has been boring nitpicks since it was started. The last thread at least had some discussion on shitty cosplays.

No. 741902

He draws porn of actual, living children though. Fuck off with that pedo apology, there aren't excuses for that guy, this is not 4chan.

No. 741906

File: 1543680234347.jpeg (287.43 KB, 533x810, C5E77F99-3604-4830-85A3-B0FE22…)

I remember a little while back he got a bunch of twitter posts talking about the real kid art and his account was suspended. But still after that Jessica Nigiri cosplayed his hideous Kylo Ren and Jenna Lynn Meowri cosplayed his faul out OC

No. 741909

Anyone who interacts with Shadman is a garbage human just trying to siphon off some of his desperate weeb followers without giving a single fuck about the actual awful shit he’s done

Anyone remember when he drew lewds of Keemstars daughter and asked his chat to send irl pictures of her for “reference”? Or what about when a fan got that underage actress from Stranger Things to sign his Loli hentai of her (because she just thought it was fanart) and Shadman has a field day? Everyone says loli =/= pedophilia but like where is the line drawn when you literally get a kick off of making little kids uncomfortable sexually? That dudes a degenerate and it always baffles me why these costhots suck his dick (without any backlash either) so hard

No. 741916

As if i already had little to no respect for Ngiri, she does this. gross af

No. 741922

It makes me very, very suspicious. I think it's obvious that she and Bunny lurk and post here. I bet mods could prove it pretty easily too.

No. 741923

That's freakin vile. Shadman should be in jail. I don't like Keemstar either, but no one's own family/daughter deserves that. Anyone who openly associates with Shadman really is human trash, Susu and JNig included.

No. 741932

I have always wanted a thread of shadman but I personally dont know enough milk/nor want to dig through his garbage heap. you'd think there'd be more info but all I see is praise elsewhere

No. 741945

Making a thread about him would honestly accomplish nothing. All the milk you would be able to find would be that he’s a vile person (but I mean he draws irl lolicon and laughs when someone insuiates that it might make that underage celebrity uncomfortable so that’s not too shocking). He’s in love with that part of his persona and he likes making people angry about it but so do his fans that follow him. He acts like a shitty anime antagonist trying to corrupt the “innocent youth” and “trigger the sjws” with him lewding the lolis all before he has to tend to his mid morning ego jerk session on twitter/discord.

It’s why the whole “well there’s a market for it so you can’t get mad at them!” defense is particularly disgusting. The fan base will canabilize these pseudo loli costhots as soon as they move on to their next ahego waifu princess. All these women who interact with him are doing is normalizing what kind of content he creates. Take one look at his “art” and any adult would be able to see the particular repulsiveness in the audience which is attracted to that kind of shit.

Whatever makes them coin though is obviously body positivity for woMEN!! and shouldn’t be criticized

No. 741947

Or when he got his ass sued for drawing porn of 11 year old Dafne Keen, the little girl from the Logan movie. I can't for the life of me understand how are there still people defending him, aside from greasy neckbeards.
It's drawn porn of a real child, it's not real so don't call him a pedo! /s
Whoever willingly associates with scum like Shad is scum themselves, period.

We used to have one, I can't find it right now though

No. 741950

you're right and I figured it was a pointless case, as it'd either be filled with his dicksuckers or people going, well he isn't TECHNICALLY a pedo. I honestly cant believe he's not in jail but I mean at the same time, figures with how things are.

that was what made me aware of him- I was on some film site and it came up and I saw the image. I have a baby and it made me want to curl up and die. like, if I were her parents I would go after him with a bloodlust. he did MULTIPLE IMAGES of that actress being tortured it was fucking horrific- I will forever regret being curious. I really didn't think it could be that bad

No. 741951

File: 1543688325137.png (461.94 KB, 635x635, 2D56CCC7-D75A-4262-B3C7-4870CD…)

Shad owns Loli sex dolls

No. 741952

does he seriously hang his own artwork on the walls wtf. also his art is HORRENDOUS. I dont understand how anyone finds it attractive, even his non-sicko stuff?? like the kylo ren looks like someone mashed four different bodies together

No. 741960

omg hahaha the mic is like right under the bags of snacks, the bag crackling is 10x lounder than their voices

No. 741974

Yeah I'm not one of those people who condemn all lolicons as true pedophiles (even though it's gross as shit) but Shädman is genuinely vile as fuck with all the sick stuff he does. There's a certain line of Not Okay you cross when you start drawing underage porn of actual real life people and retweeting cosplays of your sexualized loli drawings.

This, there wouldn't really be milk other than that he just draws disgusting stuff and has an equally disgusting fanbase.
>The fan base will canabilize these pseudo loli costhots as soon as they move on to their next ahego waifu princess. All these women who interact with him are doing is normalizing what kind of content he creates.
This, this this. All of this.

Absolutely heinous.

No. 741976

I always wondered why Nigri who is the biggest costhot doesn't get shit for dealing with Shad. Susu is no one compared to JNig's fame, but I never see anyone bitching about her doing cosplays for shad.

No. 741978

I wouldn’t be shocked if shadman watches child porn and has sex with child hookers in other countries since he has enough money and fame to hide it

No. 741987

File: 1543694538315.png (Spoiler Image, 8.91 MB, 1242x2208, 4845DF40-CF91-4A0F-B7C1-72DD4F…)

SS looks good here but bunny is just tragic looking

No. 741990


I feel like SS fan base is more likely to know who Shad is. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people know who he is but her fan base is more degenerate vs normie nigri fans

No. 741991

People said this about Belle too. People say this about e v e r y o n e. I sincerely wish people would quit with this shit because arguing about 'ITS SELFPOSTERS AND VENDETTAS AND THE SAMEFAGS BECAUSE I DONT LIKE IT' makes these threads 10x worse than just letting people go 'wow her bangs are bad lol'. It's a thread about irrelevant cosplay thots, what did you expect? Intellectual discussions?

No. 741993

>SS looks good here
lmao she looks like the photo was taken while she was about to blink

No. 741995

The Nigri milk has overall been dry recently because she hasn't gotten into much drama and people really don't give a shit about her anymore, she's old news and gotten boring and stale. You can say that she's a whore who lies about her implants a million times but the when you say it a million plus one times it gets old. I for one didn't even know that she's done a shitty Shädman cosplay.

Also this.

This is what SS calls original with effort put into it? It's the same pooping pose and generic retarded pornstar face every costhot makes in their photoshoots with a cheap set.

No. 742030

She does that “I need to take a shit outside in the bushes because there are no toilets available” pose in almost every photo she takes.

No. 742073

>hangs his own art on his walls

Ok, every artist I have ever encountered that has done this is always a psycho.
Also his art looks like it came from those ugly toon porn sites, but I guess if you do niche shit people will eat it up.

No. 742074

Legitimate question but why do people PAY for stuff like this?
There's so much free nudity and pornography on the internet that is easily accessible, so why pay a bunch of rando weebs to get semi-nude?

No. 742081

That's basically the equivalent of saying "I love how people get angry at this big group of weirdos that wallow around in pig shit all day."

Being shocked at people's lack of standards does tend to get a negative reaction from some, yeah.

No. 742095

males are retards, cognitively disabled from birth. leave it to them to throw all their money at random internet thots.

No. 742105

No shit, Einstein. Bunny outed herself on the Moo thread by posting a screen shot from Patreon but didn't edit out her icon. She (and other anons at the time) begged for the poster who blew the whistle to delete their post. Why do people forget this?

No. 742112

do you remember which thread this was in?

No. 742114

Nta but I actually had no idea about that, I never lurk the moo threads. That solves the white knight mystery.

Can anyone post it/tell me which thread it happened in so I can?

No. 742115

Do you have a screenshot or remember which thread/saga it was? I've completely missed this. I only recall Sabrina getting caught vendettaposting and samefagging in the momoakuma&one of the previous costhot threads in an identical fashion. She did use the piss poor "I-I'm not Sabrina, I'm her friend who got these screencaps from her!!!" excuse but it was pretty damn obvious.

No. 742152

I do not remember what thread. I will try to go back and read through. No, she did not respond ala "MUH FRIEND" like Sabrina but it was obvious there was a rush to delete it.

No. 742155

Samefag but I think it was when people were debating whether or not the Red Riding Hood set was being sold on her Patreon or not? I'm sorry, this doesn't pinpoint a thread…

No. 742358

Fam I’m not going to dox myself just to prove a point. I’m not belle and you need to calm down.

No. 742410

Thirding the request for thread!

Nta but no one's asking you too, maybe you should calm down lol

No. 742606

Why are you replying to a two day old post, nobody was asking you to dox yourself. Let it go, nobody is talking about belle’s crusty ass anymore.

No. 742793

I know SS personally unfortunately and man she is insufferable. She’s very self important, always acting like she’s some rare species of thot because she’s played a video game before.

I don’t necessarily doubt her relationship with bunny in the sense that I think bunny clearly has feelings for her.

No. 742794

File: 1543811654954.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 174.24 KB, 700x1066, 4C46C006-ADB8-46A8-B310-5ABDF5…)

SS new boundary pushing photoshoot. I find it so cheap that she charges patrons to see her in outfits that were sent to her for free. It’s so low effort.

No. 742799

You paid for this though…

No. 742812

I saw a video where this dude tried to do an impromptu interview with her, asking her why people find lewd content interesting instead of traditional nude porn. I can’t find the video right now but I’ll link it it I find it.

Anyways, she was really cold and short with him in the screenshots of their conversation.

Is she normally like that? She seems to be the kind of person who is cordial to her fans in person, but if you seek her out online or try to have a real conversation with her, she’ll be cold or uninterested in you unless you have something to offer her in regards to her brand.

Would you say this is true?

No. 742815

>I find it so cheap she charges her patrons for this
>bought it anyway

This isn’t drama or milk it’s just petty bitching like we had up thread and seems like another jpeg vendetta post.

No. 742818

Lmao did you seriously buy this so you could post it here and bitch about a tweet from weeks ago? This is pathetic.

No. 742820

i don’t like costhots as much as the next guy but I have to agree with >>742815. can we stop shitting up the thread with your hurt feelings and focus on actual milk?

No. 742823

…..Did you really pay to keep fanning your vendetta because no one else in the thread agreed with you???

No. 742826

give it up jpeg this is getting annoying. no one cares about your vendetta boner and now nit picking what is literally a common pose.

No. 742827

I’ve never seen a hate boner so strong that the person actually pays their own money to have something to post.

No. 742828

can mods please ban this anon so we can stay on topic with things that are actually relevant?(samefagging, newfagging)

No. 743078

this thread always turns into garbage, doesn't it?

No. 743122

File: 1543868655215.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.65 KB, 640x640, 43597821_518453201956833_21202…)

copy and pasted from here >>>/snow/743104 told to post here, my bad if this I'm doing it wrong, at least I read the rules if it means anything

Was browsing randomly and then found this, honestly don't think she's much content, since this type of cow seems common nowadays, but I've never posted here and perhaps it'd be good attempt to contribute once at least

Some of the milk there is to be gotten from her: https://twitter.com/dicloni0us/status/894098163484819456


For the people who don't want to click the link - She's basically just another insecure SJW cosplay thot who doesn't want to be "shamed" for posting half-naked pics online to garner followers/attention and money,
who lives off donations from her male orbiters and SJW followers, with an amazon wish-list open for degenerates to buy shit for her, also does the weeb appeal cringe shit and doesn't like to be treated like a camgirl "Don't flirt with me 🔪 " in this picture of her Insta profile even though all she posts is either cosplay or lewd shit

The link she has in her insta profile of her donations, Amazon wish list and Twitch https://linktr.ee/diclonious

Is patreon/donation supported half-naked e-thots the new wave/form of camgirls?

No. 743167

This girl used to obsessivley whiteknight momokun and talk about her all the time. It was creepy.

No. 743173

File: 1543873747327.png (305.27 KB, 992x462, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 4.48…)

She also sucks at photoshop.

No. 743175

File: 1543873801800.png (493.54 KB, 805x585, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 4.49…)

No. 743179

File: 1543873886327.png (444.04 KB, 812x542, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 4.50…)

No one should ever be this happy to meet Momocow and Cuckette

No. 743236

Already mentioned in the "Momokun Calves" thread multiple times.

No. 743267

File: 1543883825844.png (77.86 KB, 604x691, heidi.PNG)

This chick is such an asshole. '/I/ would do it this way and other people dont because they dont know how.' and then the entire 3rd tweet… how does she think people LEARN to become those pros if they never do it because they see cosplayers with a bigger audience saying stuff like this?

Maybe im over thinking it but she just comes off as so elitist and self absorbed

No. 743326

You might not be able to use leather/vinyl/spandex for everything. There's a ton of different ways to do satin stitching to where it can look really beautiful. More beautiful then just top-stitching it. Literally most people who apply satin stitching to costume or clothing work doesn't use the big wide stitch that quilters will use. Either technique is going to take practice to learn to do.

>young sewists

I think that's the part that bothers me more. It just reminds me of someone trying to act like a mom when no one needs you to do that.

No. 743347

File: 1543890537508.jpg (28.65 KB, 400x400, 1Ca3ILkN_400x400.jpg)

Heidi seems super pretentious. She would be nowhere if she wasn't ProJared's wife.
He raids her streams all of the time and that's where most of her donations come from.
Yeah her costumes are nice. But she's boring as fuck and one of Arda wig's favorites.

No. 743401

File: 1543895476748.jpg (103.11 KB, 750x1334, LUlYPJP.jpg)

At this rate she'll be camming by early 2019

No. 743404

File: 1543895814317.jpg (59.89 KB, 1024x522, njbogazr05221.jpg)

not really milk but made me lol

No. 743407

Heidi is elitist and self-absorbed and what's funnier is that most of her fame comes from her husband. A lot of her professional gigs come from her husband being known by game companies and the gaming community.
Her fanbase is equally insufferable and stuck up. I know quite a few people who are fans of her through cosplay competitions and they all share her ~more talented and knowledgable than thou~ attitude.

This. Plus there are times when fabric appliques or lace appliques suit the costume better aesthetically.
Heidi does try to be a cosplay mom, especially to younger cosplayers on Instagram, as if she was truly that much of figurehead in the cosplay community.

No. 743476

Unless her Patreon becomes unprofitable, I seriously doubt it.

No. 743483

grow up

No. 743522

Not to insinuate that she's in any way suffering (because she's not), but she is rapidly losing her paying followers because of reused content and not posting nudes lol. If it keeps declining I can see her camming eventually to stay relevant (but I feel like she'd be bad at it? Judging from her awful dancing in the hit or miss video she does not know how to move her body)

No. 743529

She already is

No. 743548

Yeah, she definitely wouldn't have gotten any of her Splatoon gigs without Jared's influence in the gaming comm. She just comes off as a house wife with no real hobbies outside of sewing. Does she even have a job?

No. 743600

The other thing about just top-stitching stuff like pleather/vinyl is that if you fuck up, the hole from the needle is there forever. You lose that clean look you were going for. At least if you fuck up with regular satin stitching you can rip it out.

Her technique isn't that much easier for beginner sewers either.

No. 743610

File: 1543943116836.jpg (150.87 KB, 683x1024, 920685_881634565267533_6444854…)

I'm an oldfag cosplayer of 10+ years and I absolutely despise this attitude. So many older cosplayers do this shit and don't realize how detrimental and discouraging it is to the younger ones. I've seen satin-stitched applique that looks amazing, and also leather and vinyl applique that looks like absolute shit. Satin stitching is difficult to correctly master but it's not WRONG to use it. These people have spent so much time at the top that they've forgotten how it feels like to be a novice cosplayer and treat their social media like an echo chamber. It's helpful to point out actual tips and advice (i.e. "Iron your seams open, seal your foam carefully before painting") but people learn what works for them through experimenting. You can have your preference regarding a technique but judging by the worst of it and fucking posting about it on your public twitter as a public figure makes you look like a pompous asshole. Just go on anon and vent on /cgl/ about muh unpopular opinions like a normal person if it annoys you that much.

And while we're on the subject, the topstitching on her samus zero suit looks tacky and out of place. It looks like a green screen spandex suit that tripped on some vinyl pieces that got stuck despite the reference picture clearly having a smooth shine to its surface. She claimed it's because of her ~artistic choice~ and combining matte and shiny surfaces adds ~depth~ to it but that's bullshit, it just looks awkward an unauthentic. Her costumes aren't really anything special, they're rather simple and plain in design and don't seem to experiment or take a lot of effort.

No. 743613

Topstitched vinyl also puckers like a bitch, especially if you're using the wrong stitch settings. The puckering looks especially horrendous when the creases catch all the light next to a matte surface, like in here >>743610 .

No. 743649

Ayrt. Not that I know of. I've only ever seen her list "professional cosplayer" on any of her social media whereas other "professional" cosplayers like Cowbutt Crunchies and J. Hart at least mention their other jobs in passing.

Also I guess this is a cosplayer general now since Heidi might be a leech but she's not a costhot.

Holy shit anon you took the thoughts that I've had about people like Heidi and managed to put them into words. I hate how the cosplay community has more or less divided itself into costhots/fame mongerers and pompous elitists. It feels like there's no middle ground anymore.

No. 743674

> I hate how the cosplay community has more or less divided itself into costhots/fame mongerers and pompous elitists. It feels like there's no middle ground anymore

Wow. This.
And it feels harder to fit in when you’re someone who does have a following, albeit smaller, and doesn’t want to be in either of these categories

No. 743680

File: 1543955069691.png (13.48 KB, 830x278, 2018-12-04 21_24_07-Start.png)


No. 743714

did she get b&, can someone confirm? i don't have insta

No. 743753

File: 1543960462935.jpg (67.22 KB, 629x209, be.jpg)

No. 743774

People like her often don't see a lot of other costumes people have made or network with other cosplayers simply as fellow hobbyists, they're only there to gain social media benefits from them. I do a lot of contest judging and I've seen people use all sorts of techniques with their costumes and you can either rock one completely or mess it up. In the same contest someone could have satin applique done so well it'd left your mouth hanging open, and someone make it look like a slobbery mess. It's stupid and ignorant to put one over other, it's all about the context of the costume, your skill preferences and presentation. You wouldn't tell people not to use worbla because you saw someone construct a steaming pile of wrinkly shit from it, and you wouldn't tell people not to use EVA foam because someone didn't seal or buff it correctly.

These so called "cosmoms" just want to preach to conceal their own ineptitude and to feel powerful, no matter how much they try to disguise it as "just helping m'youngins out sweeties uwu".

No. 743776

File: 1543962780347.jpg (58.4 KB, 395x580, 11935_revolutionary_girl_utena…)

The only one of her costumes that look really amazing is her Zelda costume. I'll give her that (and i got to see it in person during katsu) really incredible detail, but her attitude is a huge turn off regardless.

Oldfag cosplayer of 10+yrs here as well, but her attitude turns people off. Everyone has their own technique and she comes off as very 'my way or the highway.'

This. the division is one of the reasons why cosplay is strictly a hobby for me and i dont get why people are so extreme with it so much.

No. 743778

I've never seen this cosplay of hers, but that top stitching is horrendous. How did she think this looked good at all?

No. 743791

right? it's all puckered and weird.

No. 743801

won't this one just get deleted too

No. 743848

File: 1543968848738.jpg (683.95 KB, 1500x2250, 33114665765_5dbb84093e_o.jpg)

Yeah that puckering looks real bad there.

Her Zelda is fine looking. But this costume has been done a million times before. And for whatever reason (maybe her boyfriend's association) every big cosplay paetron girl was sharing her Zelda. You get one girl who had some skills in sewing and she's what they see as an expert.

The top-stitching on her gloves is such a weird choice.

No. 743890

Other than a brief internship with GSTQ she doesnt have any other job besides twitch and cosplay. Shes always been on the wrong end of drama though and very clearly has a fake personality for her image

No. 743897

can't post a screenshot rn but is littlejem on insta doing the same belle thing with the braces? i always thought she looked like she pedo baits as well

No. 743917

No because she's not constantly showing them off and being like "teehee braces"
She has her mouth closed in 90% of her pics and does actual cosplay not just thot pics.

No. 743925


okay? but she's got fake braces none the less. you guys are so quick to shit on every little thing belle does but when another costhot does something, you brush it under the rug.

No. 743946

File: 1543979291919.jpeg (542.26 KB, 750x936, 7870C433-9411-45AE-B97A-2D2281…)

She’s a real cosplayer who does real builds. Not a costhot. Also if you look at this 23 year old woman with a woman’s body including DD tits and think “pedobait,” you might be retarded.

No. 743955

Do you think adults never get actual braces?

No. 743961

File: 1543980942400.jpg (70.61 KB, 640x960, 47090562_2148208058542879_7378…)

this girl is in all the cosplay facebook groups and everytime someone tells her something not nice about her cosplays she says they're jealous of her boobs

No. 743971

Caps? I’ve seen her on insta but never heard anything drama wise

No. 744039

Does anyone know what caused her to get deleted? Because I don’t remember her posting anything like bob or vageen, or did I miss something since that bathtub post with her friend?

No. 744048

Thottery and the fact that she wasn’t verified. There are lots of fake accounts and all of those are gone too.

No. 744053

I'm like that too anon. I'm not a fan of doing big builds which take a long time and would rather do smaller, but still intricate builds.
There's pretty much no one who fits into this category. You're either making Sakizos and Hannah Alexanders or shoving yourself into the latest fotm lingerie that neckbeards are into.

Imo this elitist attitude and "cosmom" thing are ruining the community just as much as costhots are.
It's tiring to hear about how "better than u" a lot of these people are, especially if their so-called talent comes from being funded by other people like their parents (Angela Clayton) and spouses (Heidi), leaving them with essentially infinite time and money to improve on their old techniques or try new ones.
The thing that I hate the most about it though is that because so many famous cosplayers have this kind of attitude that anyone who's remotely good at making their own costumes feels the need to adopt this attitude as well.

There are still cosplayers like J. Hart, December Wynn, and Cowbutt Crunchies who are talented and down to earth (for the cosplay community anyways), but even they're a minority now.

Wow, those are by far the worst bolt ons I've ever seen in my life. They look more like bad pec implants than boobs because of how far apart they are.

No. 744063

she's only posted one picture with braces in them so far. if she starts doing it in every post then yeah, but she hasn't

No. 744082

That wouldn’t make a 1mil+ account get deleted though

No. 744086

Someone probably reported her as being underage. That's the only reason that I can think of as to why IG would suddenly delete her account.

No. 744120


Instagram is always deleting the pages of people who do “sex work”. Belle was advertising an adult service so they turned on her

No. 744128

File: 1544012723302.jpg (166.55 KB, 513x869, 040302.jpg)

Cannot believe Nana Kuronoma is going that far to disguise her boob job.
This tops everything.

No. 744130

How the fuck is wearing braces milky or "ripping her off"? Lots of adults wear braces to correct their bite.

> But this costume has been done a million times before.
Lmao, I was thinking the exact same thing but was wondering if I'd be too petty to bring it up. The costume has been done to death and there are so many tutorials and references for it that it's the basic bitch pick of the non-costhots. It's relatively simple in shape, but has enough details and a recognizable character so that it's a popular choice.

>The thing that I hate the most about it though is that because so many famous cosplayers have this kind of attitude that anyone who's remotely good at making their own costumes feels the need to adopt this attitude as well.
Fuck, this. The moment someone starts getting a following they crank up the elitism and start posting all the backhanded "advice" they can. Often they're not even THAT talented, they had one semi-nice costume that got them exposure and that's what they're going to ride for a few years on. I guess Heidi got so much admiration from the leather-applique tarp of that Zelda costume that she considers herself some sort of an authority figure in that field.

Do you have anything to back it up? I find it hard to believe that anyone would be psychotic enough to lie about being a breast cancer survivor in order conceal a tit job.

No. 744135

Jesus christ you could land a jumbo jet in that refund gap and leave plenty of free room. It looks like a flat-chested girl stuck football halves under her skin.

No. 744137

File: 1544014826155.jpg (96.64 KB, 395x803, 213.jpg)

>Do you have anything to back it up?

She tried to explain the sudden increase of her breast size by using “tricks" and push-ups a few years ago.
No word ever on her breast cancer till today. No signs of any kind of cancer treatment on social media or whatsoever even though she's always in for any attention she can get.

If you've ever seen reconstructed breasts and compare it to her nudes you'll see her story is bs.

No. 744139

Her account was restored, it seems.

No. 744148

File: 1544016782894.jpg (157.83 KB, 1267x545, 212.jpg)

No. 744228

as if this cunt wouldn't have milked it for all its worth if she had breastcancer. She just wanted bigger tits

No. 744262

File: 1544037711863.png (5.51 MB, 1500x2300, hanashoop.png)

Shoop-chans are now trying to protect themselves from being called out by wearing costumes only to cons and not for shoots so that people can't compare their shoot photos to candids, but it's not like that does anything.

No. 744271

pic not related? having a shoot at a con isn't not having a shoot.

No. 744277

I never understand girls like the on in the pic. She's not ugly. Why shoop yourself like some unattainable waifu if that means that the real you will always look bad in comparison.

No. 744278

>she's not ugly

sorry about your yellow fever.

No. 744285

Come on, she's not hideous enough that neckbeards wouldn't like her without excessive photoshop.

No. 744310


Reconstructed breasts can look like this though. Maybe she’s lying about the cancer but the look of them doesn’t really prove that. My mom got a double masectomy and her new breasts were pretty round like this, they even looked less “fake” than these.

No. 744321

File: 1544042965833.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.79 KB, 640x440, breast-reconstruction-options_…)

Breasts are reconstructed using tissue from several areas of the body. Does she have the corresponding scars?

No. 744341

yes and those neckbeards also have yellow fever.

No. 744364

Uh… What? You posted photoshoot images yourself.

No. 744371

File: 1544048507202.jpg (701.49 KB, 1911x1695, scarsnotfound.jpg)

no visible scars and same goes for her videos

No. 744380

She's really not, though. Where do you live, anon?

No. 744384

she's not ugly, but she's not beautiful either. she's definitely uglier than some of the girls posted itt who have also been shat on for being "ugly." none of them are actually ugly, but you're expecting too much from farmers

No. 744405

some of these aren’t fair comparisons. of course someone is going to look different in shitty convention lighting compared to a highly edited artistic photo shoot.

No. 744407


"artistic" lmao

People pay her to go to cons and people are fans of her and expect her to look like the person she presents online.

No. 744440

If you expect someone to look exactly the same as they do in a perfectly lit and retouched photoshoot then you’re fucking stupid

No. 744465

yes anon, "artistic". any photographer worth their salt isn't going to edit in a background, or fake fox tails but leave in someones eye wrinkles or stray wig hairs.
i don't think its right to lie about editing or photoshop every candid photo or do dramatic editing to body proportions and facial features. but editing in and of itself isn't wrong, it depends on how its used.

No. 744476

her face shape and breast size are different. retouching and blatant shoop are different beasts. also lol at you thinking those photos are well lit when most of it is shoop'd bg and vignette.

No. 744517

So? I didn’t say the background wasn’t edited? It’s still a better lightning set up than a top down light in a convention center that shows off every wrinkle and blemish on someone’s face.

No. 744519

File: 1544068867564.png (998.37 KB, 796x746, sfaewiaofpeasdf.png)

Sorry anons. I posted that image as more of a shoop-chan example than what I was talking about in my post. My bad, should've clarified.
Pic related is one of her costumes that she wore to cons but never did a shoot in though.

She's definitely just a very average looking SEA girl without shoop. Neckbeards wouldn't look twice at her if she didn't try to shoop herself to be a pale, delicate ~so Japanese~ waifu.

I feel like the images I posted show how different she looks shooped vs. unshooped.
The bottom row, especially the left vs. the middle, is the fairest comparison out of the three since they were both taken at the same con in similar lighting, but even then you can tell that her face looks pretty different.

No. 744576

File: 1544076152866.jpeg (371.17 KB, 750x997, 27C5931B-BD11-4E5C-AFC6-93F16C…)

Hana bunny says she doesn’t photoshop. She just uses a silicone body suit that has silicone breasts like drag queens wear

No. 744593

ot but
jfc that's so fucking creepy. crossdressers, trannies, and all other agp men should be gassed. why didn't anyone learn anything from silence of the lambs?

No. 744596

I doubt she'd wear the whole bodysuit. She probably only wears the breast part, which is pretty common in a lot of crossplayers and even female cosplayers now.

No. 744605

She edits like hell for sure but she wouldn’t look half as bad without the shit convention lighting.

No. 744608

File: 1544080213235.png (2.3 MB, 2290x900, 54A56599-7F0B-492E-BD6A-F320E8…)

There’s a pretty good fair comparison of her from the ot thread

No. 744612

No, and her breasts are made of silicone. There isn’t any fat in there, you can feel it.

No. 744619

When more than half of your pictures are basically just drawn digital art yeah I can see why a lot of people have problems with it. But the only people dumb enough to think a digital painting is real are incels

No. 744625

Damn her face is very unfortunate

No. 744660

I agree, it's retarded and vendettaish to compare edited photoshoot pictures and hallway photos taken with a potato in a terrible fluorescent convention lighting. The photoshoot photos are edited sure but anyone with half an eye should see that, her whole face is painted on. I don't think she's ugly or bad looking anyway, anyone looks awful in candid photos and hallway pictures. Editing your face to be more anime isn't really milky imo because literally everyone does that, if she was photoshopping a 20 inch bee waist and claiming it's real and making it her trademark despite being a pudgy fridge IRL I would understand the hate. But so far I don't really see anything to get that mad over.

No. 744674

She doesn't look good with or without the shop

No. 744695

File: 1544104796276.png (196.37 KB, 503x480, h7.png)

the first two photos are both from her standing in the same spot on a stage at a convention. she's completely unrecognizable, and she lies about her shoop.
Pic related, her "before and after" with a preshooped "before".

No. 744726

She used to be open about the fact that she shoops like in >>744695 but now she lies and claims that her edited photos are what she looks like and that she doesn't shoop.
It's obvious to anyone that can see that she abuses Photoshop to the point where she looks like a digital painting, so what's the point of lying about it?

What could she do to shoop herself better? Her current shoop style ticks off all of the boxes on the "reel in the yellow fever neckbeards" checklist including whitening her skin, giving herself giant eyes and a dorito chin, and giving herself just enough curves to have some sex appeal but not appear ~too lewd! >__<~

No. 744761

Idk I thought the belle complaint was that we were quick to shit on everyone else but no one cares to do it to belle, this is the literal opposite of the belle complaints from the beginning of the thread

Lmao jesus I thought this was her doing her version of that image at first, not the same person

No. 744896

File: 1544134893157.png (126.73 KB, 625x548, Untitled.png)

Poor lil Nana got sad that nobody believes her stupid breast cancer story. Oh no, nobody in the community likes you.

No. 744913

Could you post the following screenshots? I could translate them.

No. 744977

File: 1544144849017.jpg (280.72 KB, 2048x1384, 13316790_10206261141480038_540…)

Even in the comparison photo in >>744695 she lied about shooping. She was claiming that the "before" photo was unshooped, but she already shooped her face/body.

No. 744978

File: 1544144906393.png (2.22 MB, 1033x1724, h12.png.0d4807d9216a36828f7f77…)

Pictures from photographers (some of which already filtered/edited her, but not to the level that she edited herself)

No. 744991

File: 1544146391432.jpg (333.18 KB, 1852x818, nanastory.jpg)

She could easily put an end to this and post documents but she rather posts over 20 instagram stories contradicting herself.

>Option 1: waiting and chemo

>Option 2: Remove the inner breast parts and add implants

Could someone with knowledge in that field elaborate?

>I took my regular holydays for operation

You get statutory sickness allowance in Austria and don't have to take days off.

>If people asked me I tould them it's an amazing push up bra

She lurks.

No. 745024

She has a cute face. If she would let go of her doritochin obsession she'd be fine.

No. 745033

File: 1544154422092.png (404.94 KB, 626x679, Sayathefox.png)

Sayathefox did the same thing. She lied about going through cancer surgery when in actuality she went to Korea to get her whole face and body done, homegirl still looks busted without makeup and that horrid azndesu photoshop.

No. 745049

File: 1544156227686.jpg (28.33 KB, 400x400, vivid.jpg)


speaking of dorito chins ,costhot vividvision has the most heinous one.

No. 745111

File: 1544164118701.jpg (284.32 KB, 960x1280, 1435784970747.jpg)

Holy fuck that's some Eikkibunny level shit. What is with costhots and dorito chins? They actually look worse with dorito chins a vast majority of the time.

No. 745130

they wanna look like an animu, duh!

No. 745143

>I didn't tell about my chemotherapy and cancer surgery to my family or at my work and took paid vacation leave to get this operation done!
Just.. what? I really don't want to believe that someone would lie about breast cancer to "justify" their implants but the way she's telling this tale and being "I ~totally~ hated my new perfect sculpted man-made tiddies at first!" while showing them off it just… doesn't sound right.

No. 745198

File: 1544181255570.png (264.26 KB, 630x555, Untitled2.png)

Here is the translation
>To say that you had breast cancer and to show off that you have new breasts is so shitty
> I love the Austrian cosplay scene
>the worst thing is that the person got her whole boobies removed to get bigger ones. I'm pretty sure nobody that had actually breast cancer would think about getting bigger breast.
> Honesty I don't want that this women is associated with the Austrian cosplay scene. Can't we just take her and put somewhere else?
>perfect idea, bye "miss first lady of Austria"
>Nobody is surprised about her shit anymore

No. 745207

File: 1544183632989.jpg (73.19 KB, 640x800, 39960664_1691061547686486_2939…)

Holy fuck, this girl. You posted one of her better edits too, as absurd as that sounds. I honestly thought her account was one of those joke over edited picture accounts at first.

No. 745208

File: 1544183972113.jpg (68.45 KB, 640x800, 39316644_885649388290799_11594…)

No. 745209

File: 1544183998286.jpg (834.66 KB, 2419x3226, Mc0FDwM.jpg)

And then a picture of her I saw someone post on reddit

No. 745216

She looks very harsh, tranny esque

No. 745218

How the fuck is she not embarrassed by seeing this?
Why on earth would you shoop yourself so much that you're not even the same person anymore? Like, save up for plastic surgery or get a fucking grip and accept what you look like.
What level of poor self esteem is this woman on

No. 745231


Is that what her current nose looks like without photoshop? I thought it would've looked worse seeing as she went all Valeria Lukyanova on it.

No. 745247

File: 1544194279405.jpg (1.57 MB, 3200x2560, PhotoGrid_1519745317721.jpg.86…)

Yes, her 2nd nj is busted af in the frontal view that's why she photoshops her nose heavily, she also tries make herself look asian with the shop. When someone else takes her pics at cons she usually shows the side of her face to look less botched, irl her nose is not that thin. She used to have a large and crooked jew nose, her first nosejob wasn't bad, I guess she wanted a kpop nose and ended up with a botched nose. Her other plastic surgeries came out ok but her breast implants are so obviously fake.

No. 745250

Her current nose is busted, she's got triangular nostrils MJ style. That's why she chooses angles from above where you can't see the nostrils very well

No. 745252


To me, her shooped nose looks worse than her unedited nose. I'm actually kinda surprised she doesn't get talked about more seeing how often she's lied about diseases and photoshopping/plastic surgery. She's also always fundraising for photoshoots but I never actually see anything come out of it.

She had a mini-rant on her personal account about haters following her today. Claiming she could see who they are because IG shows those that look you up the most, is that true? Does IG show people who are watching your stories and searching for you?

No. 745257

It's ridiculous how she's always begging for donations when she's actually from a rich family. Saya loves lying, she lied about working "multiple" jobs, working 7 days a week and 12 hours a day all while going to university. She's hilarious af, all her lies are so damn obvious too. Saya deleted a bulk her of pics on social media and she's hasn't posted anything in awhile. I'm guessing she's getting more plastic surgery

>does ig tell who looks you up?

Idk about that. Do you have any caps of her going off on her hAtUrZ?

No. 745264

OT but what's with this "jew nose" bs. I have a huge bent nose and no jewish ancestry. Do you also think jews are reptilians anon?

No. 745267


I wish I capped it earlier because it's gone now. Didn't know you could delete stories from your IG. She was ranting about how she could see who was searching her account/watching her stories on IG cause it pops up ( didn't mention where though ) Also, that she didn't care about them or waste time thinking of them and how sad their lives must be to always be watching her.

Sorry I didn't catch some screen caps. She almost never gets talked about, and it was so out of the blue as all threads that have mentioned her aren't or are dead like the one on PULL. To me, it came off like she was trying to spark people talking about her again cause her popularity is kinda dying. ( I guess if that's the case then I'm doing what she wanted ) These stories were actually posted to her personal account ( sora.live).

I also didn't know her family was rich. Thought she paid for everything she had with her scam money, as her home looks basic and not that of a "rich family".

No. 745278

If she didn't care then why did she make that post? LOL! She made that post because she cares. Saya obsessively google searches herself all the time. She used to post screen caps of people on 4chan etc praising and lusting after her until she got called out for it.

No. 745323

File: 1544208793693.png (Spoiler Image, 734.54 KB, 1080x1193, Screenshot_20181207-105111~2.p…)

I'm sorry um what the fuck is this Nazi aesthetic looking shadman shit?

No. 745333

I mean lets be real, her audience is maladjusted anime fanboys, gamers, etc. these people eat this up

No. 745334

Is there any posts in past threads about this or screenshots of her sharing the posts?

Looks like someone’s ban wore off. >>742828

No. 745337

Not all military is Nazi anon

No. 745342

No, during that time she didn't have a thread on pull and wasn't mentioned here unfortunately. She cleared her twitter history the second pull started talking about how milky she is.

No. 745344

That anon was the SS wk though…

No. 745347

File: 1544211947851.jpg (60.71 KB, 187x326, Sayathefox 2.jpg)

Sayathefox after her first nj no photoshop

No. 745351

File: 1544212157139.png (61.89 KB, 720x265, Sc.png)

No. 745353

File: 1544212209816.png (493.66 KB, 466x807, Sc2.png)

After Korea plastic surgery

No. 745354

Why do the girls that get a ton of surgery always make these public statements drawing more attention to their surgeries? Couldn’t they just have never addressed it and continued on? Technically not talking about it isn’t lying and it’s a personal choice so not many people would fault them for keeping quiet.

No. 745366

Awhile ago saya said that she was naturally good looking cuz she's half turk and italian, 0 surgery. Another time she said she got septoplasty done for "muh breathing" problems, then she got hella mad and said all her haturz are ugly and jelly of her and lightly admitted to getting ps done and said it's not a bad thing.

I don't think anyone would care if she didn't try to hide it so bad by photoshopping her baby pics, deleting all of her old photos and lying about having cancer surgery when she had her dolly rework plastic surgery in Kr.

No. 745368

File: 1544214363061.png (139.27 KB, 246x310, Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 3.04…)


You can't really compare an over the top photoshopped picture vs a candid before shot.

Here. This is her current face.

No. 745369

Whoever took that def shopped her face. That does not look like a candid, >>745247 looks more legit

No. 745374

File: 1544215688211.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1530, Screenshot_20181207-134455~2.p…)

A not so subtle shoutout to us

No. 745391

>that one thin corner of black she could had easily cropped out
If she wanted to trigger a farmer, she accomplished it. No eye for detail.

No. 745403

File: 1544220965500.png (8.03 MB, 1242x2208, 87A0E692-3F43-48E4-A783-66D805…)

Jesus Christ why does she photoshop like this?!?

No. 745406

File: 1544221757580.jpg (69.91 KB, 443x960, vv.jpg)

Sageing for no proof but I knew her years ago and if she's anything like she was back then, shes always been a spoiled brat who knew how to get herself attention. Believed herself to be above other people, I'm assuming because she's staff at her local convention. If anything I think they just have her on as the "token pretty Asian cosplayer". I use "pretty" lightly here obviously.
This girl believes she's hot shit through and through, always has. Probably why she hasn't has plastic surgery yet.

No. 745412

She tries really hard in her IG stories to be cutesy so random kawaii with her voice and the things she says too

No. 745447

>that claw hand
Belies how crazy she is. That's not a normal or cute hand position. Dat pent up rage tho

No. 745521

File: 1544238192997.jpeg (659.25 KB, 2048x2048, 0662A706-728A-4B2D-9EE5-BB606A…)

I don’t know how she hasn’t been called out for this sooner.

No. 745522

File: 1544238257529.jpeg (590.47 KB, 2048x2048, 598120F9-FFB7-4790-8D8A-B2D766…)

Sage for double post but I wonder how disappointed her fans are when they meet her irl

No. 745538

But her shops aren't even good..

No. 745552

Late and not that anon but her name is Khainsaw, I’m in the same community as her.
She prides herself in being edgy and aggressive. Likes to argue and challenge people over petty things. Everything is an argument for her, it’s exhausting. Also she’s friends with Momokun, and defends her.

I will admit, her craftsmanship in person is pretty good. And she at least puts genuine effort in her cosplays.
Sage for no contribution.

No. 745555

File: 1544242756126.jpeg (445.2 KB, 2048x1923, CC09C567-899D-43ED-96C4-88E44F…)

Probably should’ve at least posted one of her good cosplays

No. 745560

File: 1544243267493.jpg (475.05 KB, 1000x1177, sjdfioewjo.jpg)

How do people recognize shoop-chans in real life? Especially VV because she looks so different from her shoops.

No. 745578

Wtf is that weird thing she does with her mouth in almost every photo

No. 745589

a lot of them show up atleast to smaller cons as guests, plus if they say their lineup people may ask them who they are and they usually happily answer.

No. 745618

This, she looks deformed in all of them, like she's parodying overshooping. Unfortunate that she actually thinks this type of shoop looks good.

No. 745696

Now this is a genuinely ugly person with or without the shoop. Most ppl posted here that many like to call ugly are realistically speaking average or even cute with styling and all but this one here, it’s a lost cause wow

No. 746008

Is that a bruise across her butt?

No. 746074

It looks like they tried to shoop out a shadow that went diagonally across her body. If you look at her ribcage near her elbow, it's got that darker patch as if two shadows were overlapping.

No. 746079

Its just a shadow…..
The bath has the shadow too
Not everything is a photoshop fail

No. 746134

they don't care because any skimpily dressed asian thot will do

No. 746164

You took the words right out of my mouth anon.

No. 746207

the hat most certainly is

No. 746211

I'm surprised the SS whiteknight ITT didn't jump on this and start sperging, claiming anon must be the Twitter SJW.

No. 746260

did she wash her wig after this?

No. 746419

File: 1544384725341.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.94 KB, 640x853, ripxqutdodp11.jpg)

Have you seen her rug?

No. 746661

"Probably why she hasn't has plastic surgery yet."

She's admitted to having breast implants though.

No. 746935

File: 1544469013612.png (184.34 KB, 294x306, 1534406444554.png)

Zelda is like an obligation for elitists now

No. 747190

File: 1544487869339.jpeg (135.99 KB, 800x1200, A2B67200-7ABC-4BAD-BBE3-39F599…)

Why are these costhots so embarrassingly lazy? She used that god awful meitu makeup option and you can see the edges of her drag queen chest plate near her “boob window.”

No. 747196


I don't think that's a shoutout…. she's referencing the water as it's meant to be milk

No. 747216

File: 1544489827872.png (996.2 KB, 800x1200, fake.png)

You can see the difference in skin texture in this one and if you look near her armpit you can see the edge of the plate. It's slightly too yellow for her skintone too. She really goofed on this one huh. Also not saying it's impossible but I have never seen someone with natural breasts that size with areolas that small for where her nipple bump is.

No. 747227

rofl I was referring to facial plastic surgery considering the topic was about how ugly her face is. it's unsurprising she got her tits done though.

No. 747271

it's really fun seeing some of the popular costhots in this thread being mentioned with their fuckups. especially susu and bunny

No. 747378

Ppl generally don’t have the same color of skin all over especially when you compare the mid section which mostly stay covered all the time with arms or face or legs. I know she has quite big breasts, fat girl breasts but still… would be kinda awkward for her to wear a chest plate tbh

No. 747385

Exactly. If you're chubby, why wear a chest plate when you can just push your boobs together.

No. 747396

It's a play on words, anon. A double meaning

It's clearly a plate though. The skin texture is completely different (plastic and smooth) compared to her atm and tbh, the colour doesn't even match her hip, which is just as frequently covered as her bust. Her fat tits were probably just saggy and unflattering

No. 747435

She has? Where?

No. 747437

There's also the possibility of the editor selectively smoothing out her tits more because well they are a point of interest as opposed to her arms for example (her face is smoothed more too). Who knows tho, there's a small chance there is a weird breast plate there even if the final shape doesn't do much for her, it looks pretty flat and unflattering

No. 747442

I'd say it's more than a small chance considering you can see its edges

No. 747461

Ok cool explain the obvious top of the beastplate showing through the sweater. It cant be her collar bone because it's way too low.

Also I've personally never seen an editor make blurring look so plastic since It usually just looks 'photoshopped' and I'd say if the editor was worth anything the arms that are framing the boobs should have gotten editing attention because it's pretty obvious even from the thumbnail.

No. 747609

You can definitely tell she’s wearing those fake breast plates lol

No. 747730

File: 1544573986273.jpeg (40.18 KB, 750x324, 62258725-B6EF-4A2C-922D-BA3D64…)

…oooook then…

No. 747733

I love it when snowflakes interact

No. 747734

when you try too hard to look like a lesbian to pander to your neckbeard fans

No. 747747

Wow, what a quirky and random meme, they’re so unlike the other e-thots

No. 747751

Ngl but I am salty Belle prob makes around $9,480 minimum from patreon alone (assuming everyone has the minimum of the $5 package for some sort of content as opposed to the $1 for a sweet FA package) and she does pretty much nothing deserving of it.

No. 747760

Eh theres better paying jobs out there that let you home office and not have a public thot record your family, future kids, spouses etc can see(ever after death yay), she will never have any other legacy online or otherwise besides weeb porn and whats the chance that shes gonna elon musky her money into anything wise that on its own could produce more money for her future like stocks, land, investments or even a good retirement saving?? Nah its gonna be renting mcmansions and buying figurines and ps until her content becomes stale and she moves on.
I mean you either burn out like nigiri where your looks are shot, the body dysmorphia from photoshopping got to em (the fillers really top her leather skin cake) and you make petty cash dressing up while each day less and less people in your community know you and you are invited to cons/online shows out of novelty rather than interest.
Or you go full moo becoming an irrelevant meme people shit on whilst clammoring for your next viral cosplay and sinker deeper into desperation.
(Im being melo dramatic but if the large amount of costhot threads around imageboards have proven one thing is that few to none just drop this shit and leave once they taste even five seconds of fame/being paid 1$ to spread their legs in a bad wig)

No. 747795

Just to clarify, I mean $9,480 per month. Thats around $113,760 p/a.
At least Nigri and Moomoo put effort in to their cosplay in a way I guess, have professional shoots and make appearances at cons, Belle does nothing all day.

No. 747796

I've thought the same thing. She has quite a unique face/body and lives in the UK, which has a population of 65 million or so.
Her local town probably all recognize her, as well as millions across the world. For showing her ass on the internet. She needs a full new identity and look to progress in her adult life. People pay a high sum to help you fuck up your life. She can't delete this stuff, those dumb photos and videos are online forever. Teenagers don't really plan for the future, which those men are banking on. So it seems like a lot of money now, but this shit is permanent.

No. 747821

File: 1544582013842.png (419.12 KB, 772x544, ss tasha.png)


There were like 4 other photos in this set that made it pretty obvious she wasn't wearing a breast plate…Tasha is pretty big…and like another anon said, the editor clearly blurred her butt, face, and tits since those are the main selling points of the photo. Breast plate doesn't seem as obvious here as it does with JLM.

No. 747861

Occam's Razor should have been applied here. Why jump to concluding its a breast plate when photoshop is already a sufficient explanation.

No. 747863

Not trying to wk thottery but it seems like a lot of you anons saying “what are they gonna do when they get OLD” have no idea that retirement funds exist. They make bank which means they can save a shit ton for retirement and be set. They can also just get a normie job too when their looks dry up. None of these chicks use their real names anyway.

No. 747876

explain the obvious top edge of the breast plate showing in the other picture then?

Also how does this prove that it's not a breast plate? every seam where it would be showing is covered. Why is she hugging her arms to her sides, making her arms look far and if they smoothed out the other things why not shoop out those super awkward back rolls. I dont know why you're wking so hard but it's a breast plate.

No. 747892

File: 1544590589661.jpeg (128.95 KB, 960x1280, 45B86D7E-E8C2-42EA-92A3-9919B1…)

Yikes she’s huge now

No. 747896

>back rolls
Those are normal skinfolds, ana-chan

No. 747899

There was a whole thing mentioning that though (like them spending buckets on RENTING mcmansions with seemingly no real thought of future investments or savings)
the name thing…idk how many cows have had their threads or cos pics directly linked to their name with a single google search.
One picture linking you to your cosplays and its over, one Reverse image search, i mean its endless oppurtunities to find your work even if you dont connect your name to a brand you made. Especially when that work is literally you taking uncensored pictures of your face (the nr1 thing used to identify somebody kek)
Personally I just dont think any of these girls once they get more grounded, realize patreon thot isnt resume quality and stop basing their lives solely online are gonna be happy 40yr olds who sit on rolls of saved thot cash working a 9-5.
I especially think theres gonna be major regrets exposing themselves to that kind of audience too and im calling it years from now tbh.

No. 747916

Momocunt is majorly fucked in this regard

No. 747924

Kek this is true. It's because it has all of the elements that elitists like to brag about like fidgety small details and being able to do armor and sew.

The other anon is right though. Not a single one of these costhots has savings or a retirement fund. Just look at Nigri and Moomoo. They spend all of their money "flexing" by buying random shit, eating out, and commissioning expensive cosplays.
Besides it only takes a few months for neckbeards to move on and find a younger, cuter costhot to thirst over. I'd say Belle will only be making that ~$10k/mo for another year, year and a half before she has to find some other source of income or go back to school.
Also Belle does indeed actually have her name attached to her costhot handle since she registered her company using her real name and "Belle Delphine LLC" is the first result that comes up when you google her real name. If any future employer googles her at all, she's screwed. Her only chances of finding work are at like a grocery store or a similar low end line of work.

No. 747930

Tasha got rid of her community tab on Patreon and I wish I would of taken screen shots when I could but it was literally cuck after cuck complaining that they never got a single set for months and that the photos she shared on her regular social media were all she had she's a total scammer it's nuts.

No. 747945

File: 1544606445678.jpeg (82.39 KB, 750x391, F62F8595-9371-432B-A92B-FEA13B…)

Kek at Heidi's snippy reply to this question. Awful hard to keep up that fake cheery personality isn't it, Heidi?

No. 747950

File: 1544607031927.jpg (140.89 KB, 744x744, CwTIp_GVEAIVDtY.jpg)

That's not sayathefox, it's Katya Lischina

No. 747953

>she does pretty much nothing deserving of it.
Look at it this way: her name and face will forever be affiliated with making ahegao orgasm faces, DDLG fetishes, semi-nudes, thongs and overall whoring your self-respect out for neckbeard bucks. I think 10k/month for a few years is a pretty cheap price tag to put on your reputation.

Yeah, what this anon said.

Get real. None of these people have retirement funds and only the very top 10 of them make enough money to last longer than a couple of years. Producing and shooting cosplay non-stop is actually pretty expensive, especially if you're commissioning pieces and paying for photoshoots like a lot of the thots are. And like mentioned before, a lot of them are renting a McMansion instead of saving up and buying their own property, essentially burning money instead of putting it in the bank. Unless they're Jessica Nigri their "career" will last 5 years tops, nowhere near enough to save up the money. 500k Twitter followers don't convert to 500 000 bucks, most of these thots are wasting their time for maybe a couple of hundred bucks a month.

And another thing like proven here >>747930 , these people have no marketing or business skills outside of self-posting on /cgl/ and reddit to gain a quick following. They have no idea how to take care of customer relations, they're quick to get into twitter fights and post passive-aggressive instastories because they don't have a professional PR team taking care of their public image. They don't have any business models or processes so they end up screwing their patrons over for lazing out and not sending out their monthly rewards. How are you supposed to build a long-lasting brand with these skills, on something as flimsy as selling tit and ass photos when the internet has an attention span of maybe two weeks and the market is oversaturated already?

The people who are jealous of the money these girls make - don't be. What's the point? What's there to be jealous about?

No. 747959

I don't want to brag but 100k a year is nothing so hard to attain nowadays. Yes a lot of people won't make it but it's accessible to a lot more people with an internet connexion and/or access to classes or internships to learn useful skills.

I'm making close to that after getting a master's degree and my partner is self taught in 3D modeling and animation and has a pretty niche job.

My point is, before you see those numbers and start thinking about being an e-thot, think of your own value. What's on the internet stays on forever. At least by being an escort you'd be somewhat anonymous and nobody could dig up much dirt on you. Most companies don't like ethots because they don't want to be associated with negative advertisment or creepy stalkers disrupting the company's workflow.

Plus do you really think you can stop being a ethot at 25 and live off of the money you made for the rest of your life ? Even something like 500k sounds like a lot but then you gotta remember you have to pay taxes on that and renting a mcmansion isn't gonna last you forever.
Can you really imagine someone like Momokun or Nigri making bank being the center of attention, going back to a 9-5 job where they're paid 10% of what they were making and being yelled at by their boss ? It's already hard enough going back to having a boss when you're a regular freelance.

No. 747998


The only one who probably was smart enough out of the younger crowd to set money aside for investing seems to be Nigri…so many of these girls idolize her yet don't take any hints from all her past fuck ups and mistakes on how to handle criticism, PR, or saving for their future. Hell, they could throw 10-20% a month just straight into a savings account or IRA and be set by the time they dry up for retirement if they were smarter.

No. 747999

File: 1544621826058.jpeg (59.68 KB, 500x507, 3C67DD3C-219F-4557-B5FD-E6E645…)

Genuinely, the only costhots I feel I can be sure of are thinking of the future ahead and down the line are actually Nigri and Yaya, the two who I absolutely credit (or blame) for getting cosplay the the place it is today - more well-known outside of nerd circles, which is excellent, but also highly sexualized both in and out of the community and filled with girls trying to follow in their footsteps.

For Yaya it's obvious. Maybe it's because she got her "big break" a little later on in her life and she's older than most of these girls, but she knows she can't rely on her looks (which have never been spectacular to begin with) and her tits forever. So she's purposely made her name synonymous with cosplay and has made herself a permanent spot in it. On HoC she was being called "The Queen of Cosplay", so even to normies that's what she got known as. She started her line of ears and wings, then her pattern and fabric line, which had a bad rep at first but now are pretty loved amount cosplayers. She's definitely not one of the hottest women in cosplay by a long shot anymore, but she's still known for solid craftsmanship and has built herself a reputation that's going to last and now has various means of income based on it.

Nigri on the other hand had a shit reputation up until just a few years ago, and I really believe that at a certain point she must have come to the realization that her income is based on her looks and rep as well, and she's getting older as well. She's calmed down a /lot/ and has upper her game from what it used to be. She used to be known for her boyfriends and friends making her stuff and taking credit for it - so she learned how to do it herself and has proof of it, and now she's known for busting out crazy builds. She had a reputation for not sending out rewards and skipping out on events - now every month she proves she's sending out hundreds of signed photos, does giveaways all the time, and interacts with her fans constantly and seems to have built a solid community around herself. Plus she made that clothing line with her boyfriend or whatever, puts out tutorials, all that. Same sort of concept - definitely not to Yaya's level, but she knows she has to have an impact beyond her looks.

I hope I don't sound like a WK, I just think it's interesting. They pioneered getting paid to Be Hot in Cosplay, and are the reason all these girls are following in their footsteps hoping to achieve their levels of fame and income, but I really think the two of them more than anyone have realized it's not built to last.

No. 748000

Sorry but to me it doesn't look like a breast plate. It isn't WKing…considering Tasha shows her tits off every chance she gets AND how much weight she has gained I'm just saying the size of her tits would make sense comparing to the rest of her body without using a breast plate. Chill out anon it's not that deep.

No. 748001

Sorry for spelling errors and general weird warning, on phone. Also wanted to mention that the two have them have been much more purposeful in avoiding drama and just try hard to live up to their "cosplay mom" reputation. Not how they always used to be lol.

No. 748005

Nigri didn't stop at showing her tits around, she also created a lot of connections during her career and essentially made being a costhot a thing. If she wanted to quit being a titty model she could pull a Yaya and start her own business in the industry, she surely has the strings to pull to make it happen. She bought a house which is always an investment to your future. She's been a lot smarter with her money than these girls, but then again she's had her parents managing over almost everything she does, and later her boyfriend has been her business partner. She took a ton of sponsorship deals and disguised them as fan gifts to promote during her mail Monday and got away with it for the longest time, the only things that made dents into her career was her ditching the fan meet to go to an aquarium, the Fit Tea fiasco, and the time she sold prints of a photoshoot without the consent of the photographer or paying him his share.

And by god she learned from all of them, ever since that she's been extremely careful from displaying any public controversy and resorted into being an inoffensive funny meme queen i just make them costumes guyz tee hee. And naturally she matured, she's almost 30 by now. Someone like Momokun or any other stupid costhot keeps repeating the same fucking mistake over and over again, sending her reputation on a downwards spiral for the millionth time. Getting into catty social media fights, cheating their patrons, compulsive lying, ignoring their fans, burning a shitload of bridges instead of connecting and so on. It's just girls with mental issues and personality disorders not being able to handle fame and money.

I still hate Nigri for monetizing and sexualizing cosplay and manipulating her audience, but I gotta give credit where it's due. The bitch knows how to play the game.

No. 748006

Why does she not deserve it? She's apparently providing something that a lot of people want. It's just entertainment after all. It doesn't need to have some kind of great value.

No. 748032

it's clearly a breast plate. the color is different from the rest of her skin, and her nipples in >>747190 are in the middle of her breasts…which is not where they'd be.

No. 748034

Most of the latest comments seem to be people trying to make themselves feel better about the money other costhots make. I’m certain this thread is just where all the less succsesful costhots come to bitch and moan.

No. 748058

File: 1544631529798.jpeg (53.39 KB, 655x393, ABBDC8B6-5710-4AD4-B5F1-F28289…)

Terrible and tryhard memers.

No. 748080

It's clearly a breast plate, having tits doesn't mean much. She was probably just uncomfortable having her areolas hanging out the side

I wish the dumb wk's would learn to sage

No. 748081

It's clearly a breast plate, having tits doesn't mean much. She was probably just uncomfortable having her areolas hanging out the side

I wish the dumb wk's would learn to sage

No. 748181

File: 1544644630112.jpeg (210.71 KB, 845x1600, 929ADE6E-30AA-4B3D-AE52-143D87…)

Incoming sperg
It honestly hurts my feefees. It’s not even so old it’s become an ironic meme and is therefor hilarious in a bad way, it’s just really cringe and the second hand embarrassment hurts me deeply kek. I honestly feel she just types “memes neckbeards like” in to google and uses the first 3 results on images for content to pander to her semiretarded audience.
She honestly believes she’s that 3edgy5u animu meme dream waifu as opposed to looking like pic related desperate for some basement-san dick.

No. 748188

Honestly anon, I understand what you mean. She tries so hard to be a quirky and hot meme girl to appeal to neck beard fan base and it comes off as so try hard and cringe.

No. 748217

Ironically enough all the men I see on social media who are actually fans of her aren't even the chan types that she wants to appeal to so badly. They're primarily normies who think that harambe and ligma are still relevant memes.

No. 748223

Agree. She's just so unfunny. She reminds me of some rich white mom who's trying really hard to be relevant to her kids
(also it really bothers me how heavily edited her skin always looks like she's almost cgi)

No. 748271

I don't even browse this thread but everytime I pass and see this chick, she legit looks like the Chuck E Cheese animatronic that sings on stage.

No. 748382

File: 1544670857397.jpeg (234.51 KB, 750x1102, 3D54DF58-AF72-4E04-80D9-7ECAB1…)

I thought this was a different person…

No. 748386

File: 1544671724646.png (Spoiler Image, 628.57 KB, 496x764, 5CDADAA8-8A7B-4BA1-AB8D-518184…)

Lmao she’s trying way too hard.

Saged for OT but is it me or does she look like she’s trying to emulate like… the ~edgy loli~ shadman aesthetic? Idk I could be wrong though.

Pic related.

No. 748408

She travels with her sisters to cons and promos herself HARD. She definitely has a ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude in-person. Has always been very desperate for cos-fame. I’ve never seen her without make-up on but I assume she’s terrifying since WITH makeup AND SHOOP she still has a typical ‘farmer face’.

No. 748486

>all that warping around the waist and face
>no collarbones
is she actually a fatty-chan?

also i hate how i can tell how bad her makeup is through the shoop. it must get exhausting having to keep up and appearance that isn't even yours. internet attention does weird things to people.

No. 748532

why does it have pink stains? it looks sort of like she plucked some geese on the floor

No. 748533

File: 1544708940893.jpg (54.51 KB, 720x489, _20181213_134328.JPG)

No. 748560

She is. Look at the faces she makes, the braces, the ahegao faces. She puts herself out as a "irl Shad loli"

No. 748595

holy shit she's huge, I always thought she was tiny?

No. 748612

File: 1544721212361.jpg (338.26 KB, 1562x2366, _20181213_170957.JPG)

Anyone know what provoked this cry for attention?

No. 748628

she has the ugliest smile and her braces don't help. she has the face of a 12 year old boy.

No. 748656

"Huge" what…

No. 748732

nta but the comment means she used to look like this >>747892
but is now huge in >>747821

No. 748919

She's probably just forever salty that she's not pulling in the numbers other costhots do. Her photoshoot posts barely hit 2k meanwhile every other girl's photos get 5k+ easy. Midna's the type who thinks she's owed attention and clout despite being selfish and whiny all the time.

No. 749136

Yeah she's angry, airheaded and really comes across as a casual/not that nerdy to properly grasp people's attention. Even with a "famous" bf giving her a platform no one cares

No. 749174

Yikes at that reply. I thought they were friends with Holly and her husband. I guess not anymore since Holly stopped making cosplay and going to cons?

No. 749184

This seems like a huge reach. I agree she seems fake at times, but in this case she just answered the question directly and concisely. You can't hear her tone of voice or see her facial expression, there's nothing to imply that it's snippy. Post real milk next time, her tweeting about submitting a pic of her butthole in a college assignment is more interesting than this.

No. 749368

Wew I knew Belle was garbage but putting yourself out as a "irl shad loli"?
Imagine being this desperate for dick and attention jfc. She's disgusting.
Any thot pandering to shad and his fanbase needs to get beaten up in a corner

No. 749395

File: 1544845740748.jpeg (910.5 KB, 1564x1564, CC140F2C-6D66-4CF2-B361-BEC18D…)

Just want to say I recently met this cosplayer, and she was extremely rude. I recognized her from her MHA cosplay so I told my friend and she loved it, when she asked for a photo she ignored her or at least seemed like she was. Then my friend asked again saying “excuse me can I get a photo?”. She just looked at her said “yes fine” and took a photo but was visibly upset and not into it. I understand not wanting to take a photo. And we would have been fine if she said “not right now, I’m on break”. Because hey we understand it. But she was straight up rude about it. Don’t take the photo if you are going to not try to even be nice about it. It really upset my friend because she really liked her and her costume. She also really doesn’t look the same in person? She was much more thick and seems to photoshop herself. She was mentioned in the thread before

No. 749412

lol nobody cares that some cosplayers was mean to you

No. 749433

Even 4chan doesn’t like shad. It’s a meme to make fun of how gross and shitty his art is by replying to it or other ugly things with >shadman. She’s pandering to the lowest of the low of internet communities.

No. 749460

I don't think Holly is really friends with anyone in the cosplay community anymore since she stopped cosplaying and attending cons. That's the thing about these types of friendships though, once they can't use you to promote themselves, they drop you.

It's snippy in comparison to her other replies to comments. Her other comments are like "Thank you! I'm glad you like this post!" with lots of exclamation points and emojis. Definitely not milky though, but then again, this is /snow/ and half of this thread is whining about Belle.

No. 749558

File: 1544891247909.jpg (138.22 KB, 1200x900, saya 2.jpg)