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File: 1536993416043.png (531.14 KB, 422x744, 111.png)

No. 688616

Is this girl 18 yet? god i cant stand her pedo baiting and the stupid faces she makes . i couldn't find a thread for her.
Shes decent looking and could be a great average IG model or even proper cosplayer , why all the cringe?

No. 688627

File: 1536994185813.png (57.76 KB, 398x725, 5b3cbb6711145_2018-07-04_14_19…)

No. 688629

so how old is she now?

No. 688631

her patreon pictures, apparently. if she's not 18, does patreon allow this shit?


No. 688632

File: 1536994412645.jpg (15.41 KB, 360x243, Oscar_willsmith_sharktale_1097…)

All I know about this bitch is how in another thread someone compared her to the fish from shark tale and I'll never fucking forget it

No. 688635

i read 19 , i read 18 , but i also read she lied , so i guess we dont know

No. 688637

A minor with a "yes daddy" panties . good lord . where is her parents.

No. 688641

this feels like a selfpost…

No. 688645


No. 688651

Whenever people bitch that costhots and the sexualization and monetization of cosplay aren't hurting anyone I will show them this underage girl wearing daddy panties and posting ahegao selfies because that's what the big girls do. She looks like she's fucking 14.

No. 688657

No. 688663

Tbh this entire thread feels like a self post.

No. 688664

You are ugly and have no tits.

No. 688665

Her teeth look like they're covered in a thin layer of yellow moss…

No. 688686

Literally who?

No. 688696

I usually just lurk but this thot is hella milky and i was surprised she didnt have a thread , maybe because she is just newely legal . but anyways , not a self post

No. 688697

Holy fuck she's wearing braces? I didn't realize until I watched the ig video. I'm sure it's possible she's 18+ but that's still less common to see than braces on minors.

I'm sure it helps appeal to the pedos even more though

No. 688701

>not a self post

Anyway, in what manner is she "hella milky"? OP hasn't stated and you aren't stating.

No. 688711

idk she was apparently telling girls on fb to kill themselves when they criticized her according to last thread

No. 688731

what "last thread"?

No. 688742

where the fuck is the milk?

No. 688748

who are all you idiots making threads that have no fucking milk? If you wanna make a thread fucking link us her god damn milk first.

How is anyone outside of the people who shittalk her in some random thread supposed to know or give a fuck about these nobodies getting posted all the time?

I thought when summer was over and all you newfags whould be gone by now, christ.

No. 688751

I wish people would stop doing ahegao faces. I'm sure some of the people doing it don't even know what it means and just think it looks "cute" (and plenty of under 18s on Instagram doing these stupid faces)

Stop. This "who" is no exception.

No. 688757

I just scrolled and I have seen her before. I much prefer the split dye fairy character of 2015. The costhot she's doing now is so tired.

No. 688759

No1currs Belle

No. 688812

i get that she just rejoined instagram again and her pics have been circulating on tumblr and 4chan, but that doesnt make one a cow

theres nothing out there at all that really constitutes milk

No. 688827


It's clearly all just one person desperately trying to make her relevant. This whole thread is lame

No. 688838

I dont give a fuck if you dont give a fuck , to me her being a pedo bait is milky enough , if you need more evidence go search it yourself, theres clearly enough people giving fucks because this thread has gotten comments.
bitch i aint here to do yo homework

No. 688842

Lame. Just another below average looking plain white girl with brown hair whos desperate for attention. Delete thread

No. 688849

>I ain't here to do your homework
That's not how any of this works, lurk more and sage.

If you can't write reasons to explain how this girl is milky other than being a generic thirsty teen then just need to accept it and get over your vendetta obsession

No. 688903

>bitch i aint here to do yo homework
Yes you are you fucking idiot, this board isn't here to vent about someone you personally don't like without providing context or evidence.

No. 688913

Oh man I have a vendetta against this thot for constantly showing up in my feed & willingly looking like some crusty league players wet dream. Her parents are probably paying for those braces and she just uses them to play up her persona of being a literal child. Someone needs to get some actual milk though, no "look it up"s, it's a fucking image board dedicated to cataloging peoples bad behavior.

No. 688919

File: 1537037925625.png (2.6 MB, 1714x898, Screenshot.png)

Samefag because I'm lazy
There's no way there's not milk here, but I've only seen surface level things, most of which are bad enough on their own. Then-again pedo-baiting costhots are a dime a dozen, so if we have one for her there's an infinite amount more to dedicate threads to.

No. 688924


no one gives a flying fuck if you don't like her, no one gives a fuck if she's some pedo-baiting ddlg dressup doll. Look at how many of those carbon copy bitches are on the internet, we don't talk about all of them because guess what? Not all of them are fucking milky, and that picture proves fuck all, proves she can take a better picture than Shay, who is a pretty good example.

Wheres the gross sex tapes of her unphotoshoped body? Wheres the screens of her telling girls their ugly and to kill themselves? Wheres the evidence that this costhot nobody needs to be talked here?

You idiots are making these threads to get milk out of us because you're fucking vendetta-chans, jealous or whatever your real reasons it's very easy to see why this thread was made y'all newfags couldn't be fucked to learn how to integrate here.

We are not a personal army, we are not here to do YOU'RE fucking homework.
Bring some fucking milk with you or leave, you are making /snow so annoying

No. 688997

Agreed. It's so vile. Though I'm pretty sure they know what it means.
She's doing that in a skimpy bikini and "cosplaying" (her hair is way too fucking light and unstyled) D.Va who is supposedly one of the most pornographied OW heroes, if not the most. (Just based on what I've heard numerous times; I'm not looking into that hellhole myself.)

If you're the OP, then yes, you actually are here to do the "homework" and provide adequate research/milk/reason for the thread existing and her to be a COW. Threads exist to develop. If she isn't producing milk, then it can't develop. Most of the comments here are complaining about this thread or describing cringe on her photo.

I will say it is curious her pseudonym last name is the name of Delpine LaLaurie. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delphine_LaLaurie But it's likely unrelated. It apparently just means dolphin and is apparently something from skyrim.

Can't tell obviously but that massive gap makes it look like she has a likely tragic ass.

But yeah I still don't see milk here

No. 689053

Locking this thread for the lack of milk and possible underaged subject.

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