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No. 743104

Was browsing randomly and then found this, honestly don't think she's much content, since this type of cow seems common nowadays, but I've never posted here and perhaps it'd be good attempt to contribute once at least

Some of the milk there is to be gotten from her: https://twitter.com/dicloni0us/status/894098163484819456


For the people who don't want to click the link - She's basically just another insecure SJW cosplay thot who doesn't want to be "shamed" for posting half-naked pics online to garner followers/attention and money,
who lives off donations from her male orbiters and SJW followers, with an amazon wish-list open for degenerates to buy shit for her, also does the weeb appeal cringe shit and doesn't like to be treated like a camgirl "Don't flirt with me 🔪 " in this picture of her Insta profile even though all she posts is either cosplay or lewd shit

The link she has in her insta profile of her donations, Amazon wish list and Twitch https://linktr.ee/diclonious

Is patreon/donation supported half-naked e-thots the new wave/form of camgirls?

No. 743105

Lurk and read the rules before you post. She belongs in the cos-thot thread >>705676.

No. 743113

soz I almost never use any of these boards, tried my best to follow the rules presented to me, k I'll do that

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