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File: 1538348168803.jpg (318.29 KB, 683x1024, 1538152071361 (1).jpg)

No. 583294

First thread: First >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>579485

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, xmariahmalladx (now btsmomokun), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile

Current livestream thread (#2): >>>/pt/569199


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad

Google Drive:

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826, >>>/snow/644215

The basics:
>The original “Thicc Samus”
>has received 2+ lipo sessions in attempt to create some sort of figure, all while lying about weight loss through exercise and diet
>is laughably bad at making own cosplays; buys and commissions 90% of her costumes and props, neglects to properly credit the commissioner or store (see: David Han/KoreanBarbq, Cookie Kabuki Cosplay, myOppa, “Waisetsu Missile” creator Taropun)
>rips off designs/ideas from smaller creators in the community then backpedals when she’s found guilty
>claims money is “hard earned” through her half assed, overly photoshopped sets priced at high marks; scams patrons by claiming 3-5 “teaser pictures” are exclusive when in reality they ARE the whole set.
>has delusions of grandeur; beefs up certain things she does so she looks more important than she is. Isn’t above using her social media status for free convention badges or getting into “exclusive events”
>despite earning 10k+ a month through Patreon, she still ghosts conventions and begs for money
>likes to pretend to be a fan of a series, expresses warped knowledge of said series so she is in the right, gate keeps and posts spoilers despite hating it when others do so
>professional backpedaler with a lack of remorse; has lewded young characters for photosets, said she sexually assaulted multiple acquaintances due to her ADHD, said really controversial statements/rants that paint herself in a negative light, but she still doesn’t accept what she does wrong
>in addition she preaches the false narrative of “positivity in the community” while she targets, attacks and exiles people once they speak up against her. She wants to be a fattie cosplayer messiah in her echo chamber of yes men
>Momokun is a sexual predator

>was told NOT to cosplay Bowsette, does a shitty cosplay anyways, says she's trolling everyone even though nothing's changed
>spending entirely too much money on props for her shitty Umineko project
>commissions Designerdaddy to make her Beatrice dress, the Internet finds out and took to his comments. He is currently back pedaling and planting sob stories on how he will not return to cosplay scene due to "drama"
>Milking Moo set was as terrifying and rape-y as anons imagined.
>currently ~not bothered~ and is taking selfies of her unshaven cooch because people were being mean to her on the internet

No. 583295

It always suprises me how quick we go through these threads every week lmao

No. 583296

Love the thread pic anon

No. 583297

File: 1538348456873.png (759.04 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-09-30-15-26-49…)

>not bothered by body hair but crops armpits out

No. 583300

DesignerDaddy's gotta be squirming hard rn if any of this shit was posted to his page along with any record of her recent sets. Even though he's sticking to the whole "I just make the dress please think of my family!" story.

No. 583301

Considering the others who've commissioned him are just well normal Disney obsessed, then you have the vulgar Moo with no dignity left, the difference is amazing. But but think of his family!

No. 583302

File: 1538349173916.jpg (43.87 KB, 640x606, theydidthemath.jpg)

I've always been annoyed at designerdaddy's fabric choices (he's basically a shitty davidfordisney hack) and now seeing his Beatrice job he does deserve the flak he's getting. Also his wife is reminds me of an older moochlette l m a o

No. 583303

She's so not bothered she made sure her face wasn't in a single image.

No. 583304

Okay so around what time did she commission him anyway? If he's as family orientated as he claims there's no way he didn't check into her. His kids are heavily shown on that page even a greedy fuck like him has to check and see if the person hiring him could damage his rep in any way. So what was Moo producing at the time that would of been a google search away?

No. 583305

Samefagging but she used her real name for everything so it's not like anything is hard to find?

No. 583306

A quick reminder not to engage in derailing like the last thread. Report and move on.
Remember that when you post you're expected to contribute something constructive to the topic, even if you don't have to sage. Bumping the thread to only comment
>she's fat
Or even an empty comment or reply, will warrant a ban. This is not a chatroom. Excessive nitpicking will also lead in a warning ban. We all know moo is obese

No. 583307

Honestly it looks like a last minute job so probably not long ago at all. She's been working on this shit project for about two weeks so maybe around the start of that as she's been in a mad rush to get everything done for October.

No. 583309

when did this happen in the last thread?

that's not what the derailing was as i recall, just curious.

No. 583314


i like how she cropped out her armpit even though she's "not ashamed". at least commit to what you preach.

No. 583318

if she were ashamed she wouldn't wax it in the first place. she's doing this while also giving excuses

>people are shaming my body hair

>i love my body hair
>btw it's only like this cause i need to grow it to get it waxed

she totally would just get rid of it all if she had the money.

No. 583321

Fucking report this shit when y’all see it in her stories, vagina lip is definitely against the TOS

No. 583322

weren't, if she weren't ashamed.

sorry guys i just woke up and am kinda off.

No. 583323


Didn't even notice that…now wish I didn't look. One minute Moo is insecure as shit, the next she's showing off her vag lips. Which fuckboi isn't paying her attention this time? This is the sort of stunt she always pulls when there's trouble getting the dick.

No. 583325

At a quick glance her boobs look like her ass in a jockstrap or something. It's really unfortunate with the way she cropped it.

No. 583326

So yea he has no excuse to cry about "Think about my family." If he wasn't thinking about them in the first place checking on clients when taking them on.

No. 583327

>Which fuckboi isn't paying her attention this time?

I don't think it can be anyone but the Twattoo guy, unless there's another fuckboy she's trying to court but not been broadcasting to the world through Instagram

No. 583328

I don't think it a coincidence that she has embraced this "all natural body hair you guize" bullshit right after shes trying to jump tattoocunts dick. Cause hes such a sage wise zen dude, and since hippies lurve the all natural you guize it would explain it.

No. 583330

how can she be doing that AND telling everyone she's getting it waxed tomorrow?

No. 583332


Maybe it's not really working out…so the hair must go, maybe Tattoocunt has gotten bored.

No. 583333

Maybe he decided snaggletooth was better?

No. 583334

I love how she’s posing for all these selfies in the bed so the gravity makes her fat melt down giving the illusion of being thinner. That and jello tits.

No. 583335

Are we just going to pretend that this new body hair thing isn't to impress gross tattoo senpai? He seems to be super into that modern hippie lifestyle/personality… and Moo probably has no idea about that aside from stereotypes… so she's probably trying to milk that all natural, free love, embrace your body shit that hippies are always stereotyped to have in media.

No. 583338


Shes not on her bed, thats the mat she has infront of her bed.

No. 583339

The reasoning still applies.

No. 583341

It's an Amazon rug that is also a favorite of a /snow/ cow
Another thing they have in common is not washing it. There's dirt flecks and cut fabric? On it in the pics. Making them much less sexy

No. 583344

File: 1538352739917.png (717.68 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_2018-09-30-15-26-19…)

Can't see the Dropbox rn but dropping some possible reposts

No. 583345

File: 1538352769951.png (752.34 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-09-30-15-26-14…)

No. 583346

File: 1538352788479.png (1.02 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-09-30-15-26-34…)

No. 583347

File: 1538352805623.png (1002.92 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-09-30-15-26-29…)

No. 583351

File: 1538353627870.jpg (58.42 KB, 540x960, 42919995_2026203107691119_1391…)

So DesignerDaddy updated his FB page with this statement. Honestly if he had just said something like this or >>583050 from the last thread he wouldn't be getting as much flack as he is now. In any case, he's not really associating with Mariah, just taking her money.

No. 583353


While this response is much better, by saying he will be blocking 'hateful' comments, which none of the previous comments were, he still isn't handling it professionally at all. None of the comments were personal attacks, they were about Moo.

And how can you want your Instagram page to be a family friendly place after this? He needs to get a grip.

No. 583354

Wonder how Moo will feel knowing she spent 3k just for the commissioner to apologize for even communicating with her

No. 583357

He definitely doesn't want to be associated, so the obvious answer is to clear all the evidence.

No. 583358

I didn't see any hateful comments, there were people just saying they were sad he was working with a sexual predator

No. 583359


Seems so, if anything this has opened his eyes up to what he can avoid in future so it doesn't happen again.

This is going to grate Moo big time.

No. 583361

Can someone please tell me what is this font? I really like it!
Imaginary sage for unrelated sperging

No. 583363


Probably can't tell the difference between disappointed people who care about his work and actual hateful comments. Most of them were along these lines yet he's labelling them as the opposite. There was no hate in them.

No. 583366

File: 1538354571614.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 25.44 KB, 427x320, emqfVNbE.jpeg)

It's just so unsettling because her tits are like merged together and her legs look like they're actual baby feet with how fat they are and how she's posed, how would this be hot to anyone??

No. 583367

kappa vibes

why does she insist on pretending this is her main bedroom

No. 583368


Reading the comments on his FB post is just an asspat fest and everyone talking about the imaginary haters. If only Designer could just admit he fucked up that's all it takes, not play the victim card and pretend everyone is coming after him and his family.

No. 583369

He kinda did admit he fucked up by saying he would be more careful.
Every creator she commissions now is going to have backlash like this. Guess she’s going to be stuck ordering from China from now on.

No. 583371

These are /soc/ level camwhore mirror pics. It's really funny that she thinks she's so much better than any of them because she hasn't shown nip, but just shoop some onto the pastie-pics, and boom. What a fucking hypocrite.

No. 583378

Good lord. If you just looked at the lower half of the picture you could make out an ass she wishes she had.

What an odd choice of underwear combination. Nitpicking on her appearance aside, despite aggressively implying that this is her main bedroom, this honestly looks barely used. Still wondering why she doesn't make the bed, though.

No. 583380

i hate people like this who are soooooo into family and shit. he's just hiding behind having kids and family trying to act all innocent.

especially since this guy practically scams wannabe disney princesses.

also ty to the mod for answering my question!

No. 583381

so, what guy has hurt her this time?

No. 583384

File: 1538360075687.jpg (783.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180930-191313_Pat…)


No. 583385

I think she's using them in a manipulative way to show Tattoo Sensei that she's soooooo down to Earth and whatever, but also look at my body don't you want to fuck it? I didn't send these to you directly, so it's not creepy!

…. or something.

No. 583387

>>583378 Isn't this just an ancient CK sports bra and her Mei thong from a recent shoot?

Mariah recycles more than the Planeteers.

No. 583390

Come to think of it, does she know that underwear has their own expiration dates? I could smell her spunk from pictures alone because she pretty much wears those days at a time.

No. 583391

wtf is this???

moo is losing her shit.

No. 583392

she finally learned to blur how bony her ass is

No. 583393

It looks like she has balls.

No. 583398

She looks like a spatchcock chicken in this, what the fuck. Also that underwear is hiked up to heaven for her to even try and get a semblance of shape.

No. 583401

This almost reeks of Tattoo Sensei showing interest in another woman levels of desperation.

No. 583402

Gotta love the greasy hair

No. 583403

Yikes…I guess that tattoo'd guy finally made it clear he wasnt seriously interested in her. So cringey how she does this every single time she gets rejected or brushed off

No. 583408

How can someone so fat sprawl like this? Amazing.

Maybe it's her reaction to designerripoff disassociating from her? Guess Vamp's epic rant didn't work. People are still ruining her life.

No. 583409

File: 1538374399161.png (919.68 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-09-30-20-33-11…)

For the anons that speculated it was not done: it is. She brought it home

No. 583410

File: 1538374419643.png (925.48 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-09-30-20-33-26…)

No. 583411

I can't tell this bitch's ass from her tits, it's like one of those mannequins from silent hill 2

No. 583412

File: 1538374675985.png (1.25 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2018-09-30-20-41-45…)

Is this for Moo as well?

No. 583413

File: 1538374703089.png (903.57 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-09-30-22-57-36…)

No. 583414

File: 1538374719823.png (1020.54 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-09-30-22-56-18…)

No. 583415

File: 1538374735496.png (409.64 KB, 720x855, Screenshot_2018-09-30-23-11-55…)

No. 583416

It's…so…gaudy and tacky……..

No. 583418

File: 1538375334841.jpeg (33.58 KB, 500x500, 7560F81C-E465-4245-B6B2-CD84AC…)

No. 583419

Did she give up on #TakanoProject ?

No. 583421

maybe its this beato?

also she has that ugly as fuck tattoo on her neck and beato has her back very exposed. if she doesnt cover that shit..

No. 583422

Wait, did Vamp finally distance herself from Moo? Haven't been in these threads in awhile. Forgive anon.

No. 583423

God no. Vamps went on a twitter rant about how Moo was drunk when the harassment/assaults happened so it's not her fault, they were friends guys it's what friends do, she didn't even do it they're lying and have a vendetta!!

No. 583424

No. Vamp went full WK for Moo on Twitter and then Insta.

No. 583425


Thanks for the info. Super disappointing though. I thought there had been some sweet, sweet milk.

No. 583426

Is that an old lipo scar? New lipo scar? random bruise? I can't quite tell on her hip. But look how much she's stretched those panties trying to hike them up time after time. They clearly don't fit at her hip since they're cutting in a good inch. Momo why.

No. 583428

So much for that shibari update that was coming tonight.

No. 583446

There was. Vamp got her ugly ass handed to her by costhots and Moo said nothing in her defense.

No. 583447

Moo carrying on about her usual shit instead of defending Vamp was hilarious. Such a strong friendship they have.

No. 583452

that's some cut-rate sewing work.

No. 583454

File: 1538394436122.jpg (84.95 KB, 720x489, IMG_7223.JPG)

Seen on facebook, in a uk group

No. 583455

A 14 year old x a 55 year old…. kek, great pairing to Lewd, Moo

No. 583461

it's shannon.

beato is the giant ass dress, elder beato doesn't wear that.

No. 583462

It's an endless cycle.

>meet guy

>throw money at guy
>they wise up and run for it
>posts a spam of sexualized pics to show "what they're missing" and make her feel better about herself
>talks shit about the guy if they don't come back
>drops every hobby she picked up for them
>never speaks of any of the hobbies/interests again

No. 583465

How can her stinky pubes attempt to lure a guy back?

No. 583466

She never learns from any of this either. As trash she attracts trash and then she wonders why they abandon ship so soon. Her selfies reek of desperate, alone and insecure every time she has a fuckboi meltdown. What a sad ass life.

No. 583469


my thoughts exactly, yeah. she did this when people mentioned overtflow's girlfriend and in the end he didn't leave her for mariah. wonder if sensei finally reralized how crazy mariah is and started getting ready to bail, or chose vamp over her.


ugh, damn it. plus we know that mariah's ~yuri~ shots are even crappier than her standard stuff. she hates other women and it shows when she poses with them.

No. 583470

File: 1538399419108.png (396.18 KB, 540x438, 1532637041898.png)

No. 583471

bitch behind her looks like she's staring down at a phone or something.

No. 583486

I cannot believe Mariah just took pictures of her pubes and out them on instagram.

Actually, no. I can.

But I’m shocked at how no one seems to be freaking out of this AS MUCH AS I AM WHAT THE FUCK.

No. 583489

We're numb because of the increasingly bad decisions and bizarre photo shoots.

No. 583493

She's done so much random/terrible shit that little can surprise us now. Just wait until she reaches Onision levels and strips down in public to yell at a camera. Or goes full Pixyteri and starts taking panty pics in parks and other places people could see her.

Right now all her shit is contained to her house and the places she rents but I give it a few months before she's catering to the exhibitionist/voyeurism crowd or just has a mental breakdown and struts around a packed convention in just lingerie/micro-bikinis screeching at anyone that dare stop her that they're racist against Muslims and if a skinny bitch could do it then so can she.

No. 583498

File: 1538404538976.jpg (463.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181001-073431_Pat…)

No. 583499

So now all the sudden shes paying real attention to her patreon? Bitch must be broke AF

No. 583501

Last bastion of asspatters she has left, doubly since she ditched camming, er, is taking a break from it for Umineko, my dudes.

No. 583505

Her tagline is now Mariah Mallad is creating Cosplat, Fetish, Lewd Content.

No. 583510


She only cares this much when the money is running dry or if the site has faults that prevent her from getting paid. Suddenly she cares about her actual job again!

No. 583516

File: 1538406955906.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.96 KB, 710x960, 772615162891999.jpg)

No. 583518

i don't think slapping a $40 on /soc/ tier mirror selfies is "caring about patreon" tbh.

No. 583522

This came across my YT feed. He’s not exactly licking Moomoo’s ass, but he’s saying people need to ignore her… which people would do if she would STOP being a shitstain.


No. 583523

File: 1538407519015.png (1.15 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2018-10-01-08-24-14…)

No. 583528

File: 1538407666130.jpg (72.69 KB, 453x640, shannon.jpg)

This is Shannon I think.

No. 583529

File: 1538408040497.png (132.2 KB, 334x402, elderbeato.png)

Yep, that's shannon. The other costume she's doing is pic related (i think) and she's probably just going to wear the same button down she always does for it.

No. 583531

Why is she having Antares make #2 when CC made one already????

No. 583532

Also holy shit antares is a fucking retard. Shannon's top is supposed to be a traditional button down. style and it doesn't have trim.

CC made this already, when?

No. 583533

… why the gaudy gold trim?

No. 583534

That's what I'm wondering, it's not part of the design. Antares probably doesn't know what a bolero is, so I guess I understand her attaching it to the sleeves, but the trim is just so fucking out of place.

No. 583535

File: 1538408601088.jpg (22.33 KB, 419x480, shatroll[1].jpg)

Samefag but this is the original picture.

It's easy to see that the undershirt and the black bolero are seperate pieces and not just the sleeves. You can plainly see how it's tucked under the waist cincher.

No. 583537

File: 1538408874722.jpg (112.7 KB, 792x960, Pimple.jpg)

Looking like a female battletoad there

No. 583538

See >>579505
She archived it when no one gave a fuck. Posted it twice

No. 583539

Ty fam. Clearly anatares is also making shannon though.

No. 583546

Why velvet? Its so ugly and makes no sense. Velvet back then wasn't meant for servants either. It was only for the rich, royalty. Jesus. The people Moo collabs with are fucking idiots. [Referring to the CC one]

No. 583547

Looks like she bought shitty Christmas tulle ribbon and used that. Lol.

No. 583548

So she's still huge and she is using a lot of photoshop. But usually when she shows off her body with these body check pics it's because she got cool sculpting or lipo. I'm also aware she might also be doing this for tattoo kun

No. 583549

umineko is set during 1986.

No. 583556

File: 1538413273151.jpeg (198.33 KB, 800x800, 5D539483-80B0-407A-A44F-112961…)

Pretty sure Moo's trying to go for the realistic approach for the costumes, which to her just means adding a bunch of out-of-place and unnecessary details.
It's a cool idea when done well, but DD goes overboard really easily, and Antares is just a mess in general, so of course so far everything just looks like tacky garbage.

No. 583557

i mean sure, but adding gold trim to a button-down white shirt isn't really a realistic approach. moo probably just thinks the lines on the shirt are trim and wants it to be gold cuz umineko all about the gold my dude.

No. 583573

A servant doesn't even need those details. It makes no sense to the story either to have Shannon be flashy just like everyone else.

No. 583577

Anon don't be silly. Even while playing a servant Momo is the queen! No one can outshine her
(Sarcasm to the max)

No. 583587

She probably had it rushed, so designerdaddy slapped it together with whatever materials he had on hand/was easily accessible.

No. 583589

I agree with both of these statements. Moo once again completely proves she knows nothing about umineko.

No. 583591

File: 1538416614161.png (513.25 KB, 1720x334, getting absolutely BTFO.png)

oh anon, you had me thinking she'd misspelled "cosplay"

though in any case, she definitely shoulda changed her tagline to this

No. 583600

File: 1538417608148.png (40.3 KB, 450x549, scamming whore.png)

She's scamming again. Seems like her shibari thing was posted to be released on the 30th and now she is telling people they won't get it for September but October instead. What a cunt. Seriously. You think that's okay. Moo? Way to fuck up your Patreon after 'firing' your manager.

No. 583608

man, i can't wait till patreon shuts down.

it's like the website manifestation of those shitty commissioners who disappear once your payment goes through.

complete with naive buyers who truly believe it's coming.

No. 583612

File: 1538418341683.png (885.67 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2018-10-01-11-24-02…)

No. 583628

Why would you release a September reward set on the last day of the month? How is this not against the rules? It's such a scam, even if I can't feel sorry for these idiots

No. 583629

File: 1538420295347.jpg (Spoiler Image, 111.56 KB, 831x1090, FB_IMG_1538419482996.jpg)

Perfect art by Ugly Caricatures by Slaay queen on FB
Really knows how to capture our Moo

No. 583630

Yeah and people are clearly upset. Of course she would pull something like this. Why wouldn't she? Promise a set and instead take your time to take ugly chicken selfies instead of doing your job and actually sending shit to people for the promised month. What a cunt. No wonder people fucking hate you Moo. You literally have one job and you can mass send people shit via Patreon too. Its NOT like its hard.

No. 583632

But she already paid for his Japan trip.

It's OK anon, she is waxing them.

No. 583633

p much this

we've already seen her pubes

No. 583634

Then he and Vamp will have fun in a love hotel while Moo Godzilla's her way around the stores being cringy and weeby and fat as fuck while people in another language literally make fun of her. I don't think she realizes that in Japan people are VERY forward, even if they don't know you, about pointing out how fat you are. Even if you are 10lbs bigger than you should be. She's honestly going to get made fun of everywhere she goes.

No. 583640

File: 1538422561066.png (470.44 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2018-10-01-12-34-48…)

No. 583641

File: 1538422587271.png (931.58 KB, 714x1179, Screenshot_2018-10-01-12-34-53…)

No. 583642


Like you did?

No. 583645

aka I'm using an event unrelated to me to remind everyone that I may be an insufferable cunt but please be nice to ME

No. 583647



Not you moo unless you're referring to the hotdog water smell and thirst for hippy d

No. 583648

This is great coming from someone who bullied their classmates into depression

No. 583653

And who literally run people out of communities cause they don't want to sleep with her nasty ass.

No. 583657

Jesus fuck, not this shit again. We all know you don’t give a shit about last year’s drawn out massacre, Moo. You’re such a waste of space.

No. 583658

To be fair, even if the design is meant to be a shirt and a bolero, it makes sense to make the entire top as a single piece because it cuts down the amount of layers you're wearing and minimizes the chance of the pieces shifting out of place when you move, etc. It also cuts down the amount of fabric you need as well and we all know that Moo needs tons of fabric to cover her impressive girth, so yeah. It's a pretty basic cosplay trick. Idk why she added the trim though.

No. 583661

People called her out back then too for using that massacre as a way to promote herself.

No. 583662

I remember that. Antares tried doing the same shit claiming she’d get a Nevada “Battle Born” tattoo. It’s been over a year, bitch where??? No wonder she and Mariah the pork bellied pig are such great friends. Bird of a feather using a local tragedy for clout but really don’t give a fuck.

No. 583664

It was cringy. She didn't even mention the victims, photoshopped her black Widow cosplay over Vegas to promote the outfit and claimed it was her city and she would protect it and she was a hero. People were pissed

No. 583665

No no no anon it was her shitty batwoman cosolay that she posted that it.

No. 583666

equally as cringy

No. 583669

File: 1538429881083.jpeg (162.13 KB, 640x1036, 980A26F3-1F0F-4D10-BA5C-4DED80…)

>”So… I’m gonna dye my hair silver today although it already looks silver, it’s gonna be more silver. My hair’s gonna be a bop.”

I don’t know how to describe her… a retard or old man trying to use memes while getting them wrong. A bop is a song. The terminology has been around since at least the 50s!

No. 583671

Pretty much a confirmation Sensei wants no part of her. She did her hair blonde for him and he probably still hooking up with Vamp. Guess Vamp was right in her twitter ranting that they weren't fucking?

No. 583672

She really shouldn't do anything else with the wispy hair left on her head. But I guess if you have the jowls and wrinkles, go full granny.

No. 583676

So no more sensei, confirmed? She hasnt had coconut water in like a week? That was fast.

No. 583677

With how defensive she was it seems so. Don't think she liked Moo latching on to her sloppy seconds.

No. 583680

Hes still going to Japan with them, as he also took pics of his Suica passes.

No. 583685

EBay purchases: another cross applique and a Halloween witch bottle

No. 583693

So have old fake glasses-kun been retired?
She probably sat in them or they got lost in one of her flab rolls and haven’t surfaced yet.

No. 583696

We're going through the usual motions
You don't know what you're missing selfies
Not a hint of her new found 'spiritualism'
Changing her hair instantly it's not taken with awe by fuckboi
As for Japan he's prob gonna be hanging all over Vamp or she's gonna attempt a last ditch effort to get him to fuck her instead.

No. 583702

If it’s any consolation I reported it and then checked from my other IG account and it had been deleted from her story.
Always report when she crosses the line, Ig will shut that shit down fast, it’s not a platform to whore yourself out on

No. 583703


I wonder if she wouldn't just cancel his ticket and not take him along at all? I mean she pdolly bought non refundable since its cheaper but I could see it

No. 583704

Because she can't let go. She's always gonna try to make them love her. To her taking him to Japan probably is her "Look what I can give you."

No. 583705

And if they ever try to ditch her she'll use the guilt tactics like she did with her ex-friends

No. 583706

Yep. Like even after Overtflow dropped her ass for his girlfriend, she still tried to strike up a conversation a month or so later.

No. 583710

File: 1538435973596.jpg (511.94 KB, 1080x1694, 20181001_191604.jpg)

Just seen this posted in a KOTH FB group I'm in, I'm not into anime,cosplay or anything like that, so never thought I would see a meme posted of her in a group I'm in on there.

No. 583711

Didn't she JUST dye her hair? That shit's gonna fall out before the end of the year.

No. 583712

Maaaaan, I haven’t seen anyone reach such a meme status like this since Chris Chan. It’s been over a decade and people still try trolling him although it’s died down a little since 4 years ago. Congratulations, Mariah! You’ve reached a level of Internet infamy you’ll never be able to run away from!

No. 583714

i'm pretty sure she's doing this bop shit to try and piss people off, just like she did with "my dudes". she's really just outing herself as an idiot.

No. 583715

That Zelda cosplay actually looks really pretty, except for the velvet bodice. Velvet looks tacky imo

Pho and Lard-ass in Las Vegas.

No. 583718


Isn't the Vegas shooting one of the relief efforts she lied about donating to, in addition to making it all about her?

No. 583719

Yes, it is.

No. 583720

I thought she gave them like $2k

No. 583721


Only after claiming she was donating money from sets and then not doing it and being pressured, iirc, she posted the page confirming the donation with the full amount visible so she could flex.

No. 583722

So basically she's reaching new levels of audacity with the whole #VegasStrong stories right now because the tragedy itself was literally only something she used to try and inflate her own brand, and now she's using it to try to convince people not to be mean to her.

Legitimately sickening.

No. 583724


Missed the chance in the previous thread but I can't believe I had to fucking look twice to understand that was her body. the legs remind me of chicken wings, but whats worse are her breasts, they look like a butt from that view.

And here I thought her annoying filters were bad. Even I know how to take better photos not looking like a fucking chicken.

No. 583725

Im a taco-land anon and the other day some guys at my university were making jokes about her being tied like a pig, It has already spread like a wildfire in a lot of groups and in real life. I cant even feel bad for her, tho.

No. 583727

It's true for cosplay it makes sense to be made in one piece, decreasing the chances of the bolera part shifting and folding since pins can only do so much without being noticeable, though the chances of Moo finally giving Antares her true sizings is slim (unlike Moo), and the seams will be bursting between the black and white pieces, so it'll still look unnatural and inaccurate.

No. 583728

Our typical Moo, using her narc ways to milk a terrible tragedy and make it all about herself because the world revolves around the perfect Mariah. She is very sick in the head.

No. 583729

wtf are you talking about?

No. 583731


He's saying people on campus at his University in Mexico are openly discussing her being fat and piglike.

No. 583732

First she went to a con, Disneyland and then bought Guzma and until after being pressured she eventually donated

No. 583735

File: 1538440805044.png (Spoiler Image, 792.18 KB, 720x1173, Screenshot_2018-10-01-17-36-48…)

I thought she didn't do physicals anymore?

No. 583737

File: 1538440832391.png (1.3 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-10-01-17-37-13…)

Made a fairy village

No. 583739

File: 1538441042693.png (873.18 KB, 720x894, Screenshot_2018-10-01-17-42-43…)

No. 583740

File: 1538441061690.png (689.3 KB, 720x949, Screenshot_2018-10-01-17-42-56…)

No. 583741

why does moo talk so weird? the 1st of october isn't a month.

also i believe wholeheartedly the umineko shit is going to be just as accurate as the higurashi shit was.

No. 583742

This umineko shit is going to be a trainwreck and I'm going to enough every single minute of it.

No. 583743

Something has spooked her, she's starting to give a shit about her Patreon job. She's not done prints in fucking months.

No. 583744

In like, a year I think? Some patrons said they hadn't gotten stuff since last February

No. 583745

i think camversity dropped her. she said she was "taking a break" but like, she clearly wasn't in control of her contract.

No. 583746

Wonder if its the petition to get her off Patreon? It's getting higher in signatures and suddenly she cares about delivering her rewards…interesting.

No. 583747

Judging by how old this set is, I’m assuming she’s catching up on backlog…. again

No. 583748

What's not to understand, it was a reply to >>583658 and not to the post above, can't you read?

Reconfirming that she has never even touched the VNs.

No. 583750

I went back to see because I know she did stacks of these prints way back since she had it in her lower tiers but I see the 100 dollar tiers is the only one now with physical prints

No. 583752

That's pretty fucked up that the only way to get physical rewards is by pledging $100 or more. So the other tiers must be shit tiers of digital photos put in her Dropbox and supposed behind the scene info, tutorials etc. What a rip off lol.

No. 583753

File: 1538442058015.jpg (476.81 KB, 604x900, shannon_cosplay_sitting_by_con…)

no anon i mean you clearly have no clue how fucking sewing works. the bolero in this pic is a separate piece and it looks fine.

No. 583754

>ooh so busy guys
>spends her monday playing with fairy shit
moo is peak jobless culture

No. 583756

Interesting. I went on mobile and saw she made the fairy garden on insta-live (2 hours ago) but didn't go on CamVersity?

No. 583757

Pays to live a life of luxury laziness where all of your costumes are now commissions or bought on Amazon, Aliexpress or some random normie party costume shop. Such hard work being a costhot my dudes.

No. 583759

I'm >>583658 and there's no reason to be snarky. I agree with >>583753 that you don't understand sewing.

The costume shifting is the least of her worries anyways, and the fucking waist cincher isn't attached and will shift and stuff. Don't comment on stuff you're not versed in.

No. 583760

So much for her saying she'd work harder in thread 1

No. 583765

she really commissioned ANOTHER shannon dress? and it also looks tacky

No. 583768

We can just meme it back in to oblivion like my dudes.

She spent the money then finally donated it when her Patreon cheque came through. (apparently)

No. 583769

File: 1538444823091.png (975.25 KB, 720x1111, Screenshot_2018-10-01-18-45-19…)

Vamps, Moo and Sensei all posted the same instastory about the sky just now

No. 583771


And iirc she didn't even do that til about DEC/Jan

No. 583772

And she only did it because she started getting called out for her suspicious behavior just to prove a point that she wasn't a scammer.

No. 583773

Why would anyone bother, you spoiled shit in both Higurashi and Umineko. You can't even fucking shill a recc properly goddamn.

No. 583777

she didn't even spoil it correctly.

No. 583779

File: 1538447001927.jpg (271.48 KB, 1280x800, 0_447026_fe5b55ed_orig.jpg)

Some she kind of did, I think, at least for Higurashi. tbh I haven't finished either yet, so I try to avoid her posts (even though a lot has been spoiled for me already due to the simple passage of time)

It's extremely off putting, and ironic, since she cried when DB Super got spoiled for her on Facebook or whatever. I dunno, she just pisses me off with her Wiki spouting know it all shtick. And it seems like we're in for another month of it.

No. 583807

It was around this time she did a lot of fake charity donation scams. The vegas one, save the bees, Puerto rico hurricane relief. She only showed proof of one I think but her friend was dumb enough to admit MooMoo used the money to splerge on herself (one big buy was her designer kitten) but Momo learned her lesson and donated from her own pocket to shut people up.

No. 583815

No. 583833

File: 1538458443343.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 93.19 KB, 1280x854, HnEgem7k.jpeg)

No. 583834

File: 1538458457856.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.95 MB, 4912x7360, 2jnwZ60g.jpeg)

No. 583836

Jesus her tits…..they look so angry….

No. 583838

All of the skin around the ropes look so chafed and dry where they couldn't touch it up.

No. 583839

Aww how nice! They gave her a waist!

No. 583840

What date in November is she going to Japan?

No. 583842

File: 1538459775722.jpeg (91.32 KB, 854x1280, GVJV0OqQ.jpeg)

No. 583843

File: 1538460067461.jpeg (110.63 KB, 854x1280, Fy7DfwJo.jpeg)

Also in case anyone missed it last thread because I think that link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/g4o7hhoyadcxwid/AACYISnG7vJmUmqGqRwDWD1Ea?dl=0doesn't work anymore.

No. 583846

File: 1538460204131.jpeg (32.26 KB, 640x427, Q_VxCBZw.jpeg)

why do her tittys look like theyve been thru one of those 1000 lbs of pressure crushing machines in those sperg videos

No. 583847

samefagging but her right tits all squished n blue n looms like adelia rose lmao

No. 583855

File: 1538461248968.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 74.17 KB, 534x800, 2385EB58-B0F5-41C0-872F-53429B…)

back boob finally got some support!

No. 583856

File: 1538461553063.jpg (60.36 KB, 497x558, 997a16a0a01895560bb035329efa66…)

I wonder if the chafing/rash visible on her boobs in the Bowsette shoot was a result of the rope. I aint no expert but this doesn't look like the right kind of rope to me

Her body looks so bad at this point I almost feel bad for her. She's literally an example of (pic related), a person so ugly on the inside it turned her ugly outside

No. 583862

her ass looks bruised, but whatever, im sure some creep will jerk off harder as a result

No. 583863

they don't even look like breasts. They just look like the fatty fluid filled sacks obese people get

No. 583865

I'm new to looking at these sets that people put up, but is it very common to have pictures that look almost identical in people's sets?

In some of these photo's it's just like the difference of a head tilt or knee bend. How much is she charging for this shit again?

No. 583866

There are indeed common poses to show off rope work, like showing the back. But a creative rope bunny/rigger and photog along with artistic setting and props can produce creative and dare I say artistic sets. Though Momo doesn't have a creative bone in her body, her copying someone else doesn't seem that far fetched

No. 583868


No. 583869

All the nasty ass-ne and the weird purple areas, wtf is going on? I wonder when was the last time she had a physical with lab tests ordered???

No. 583872

Oh my fucking god.
I would be so dissapointed if I were her mother.

No. 583873

come on, you cranked up the contrast to make the ass splodges pop. no way she put it out with her ass looking like a cadaver's

No. 583877

She must be seriously lacking in proper hygiene and diet to have assne and blotches. That's not normal.

No. 583879

File: 1538468880985.png (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 949x614, no please why.PNG)

Well here's your proof that it's not retouched or edited by us I guess, gross as it is.

No. 583883

Im pretty sure anon means her not changing poses. Not copying people. Like Moo with her eyes half closed in the same pose, BUT THE EYES ARE DIFFERENT MY DUDE!

No. 583888

File: 1538474713076.jpg (190.13 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181002-030230_Ins…)

Moo is out chain smoking and drinking with Tattoo-sensei and Antares.

She's probably thrilled about the cooler weather reaching Vegas, since she has an excuse to dress like a lesbian truck driver for the next 4 months.

No. 583891

wait. her horns aren't even a solid black? This makes them look purple/black striped.

No. 583894

File: 1538477232829.png (17.56 KB, 220x137, Screenshot 2018-10-02 at 11.47…)

she can't even spell tied

No. 583899

Does she even know that 07th expansion makes visual novels? But she's a superfan, of course.

Didn't even try either.

No. 583901

File: 1538479334862.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 117.18 KB, 854x1280, E6490474-DD98-4C94-A685-342266…)

Who the fuck finds tied fat baby arms arousing

No. 583905

Anon, I explained in the other thread. The files have to be reuploaded to a different dropbox. I labeled it Cow Tried. Her original files are being sent via messages and not in the timeline so we can no longer share the original dropbox files she posts. She actually spelt it Cow TIED Moomoo.

No. 583911

File: 1538485316682.png (1.11 MB, 720x1201, Screenshot_2018-10-01-21-29-45…)

Forgot to post. She's making Featherine a mermaid dress and not a gown

No. 583912

File: 1538485381267.png (583.47 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2018-10-02-05-59-31…)

No. 583913

File: 1538485419698.png (453.27 KB, 716x1050, Screenshot_2018-10-02-06-00-13…)

Thought she was about to graduate?

No. 583919

lol who knows. so she's gonna go into an actual school as momokun the molester so she can get her business degree(?) and apply for actual jobs with images of herself being milked out there on the internet. it's gonna work out great

No. 583920

that ropework doesn't look safe at all. dat compression

No. 583921

So she’s dragging this tired ridiculous lie out again? Whatever. Best of luck at good old Imaginary State University.

No. 583931

Jesus Christ that wig

No. 583932

She had to drop three classes? Whatever happened to she was doing fine and was ahead of the curve, submitting her work a whole week before they were even due so she can maintain that 3.8gpa? Maybe it was only possible to even have a 3.0gpa once she dropped those other failing classes.

No. 583935

Fuck! I thought that was a man even when the pic was enlarged.

No. 583936

Welp, looks like the line about her lying about attending school needs to go back into the OP again. This is her ME TOO BUT BETTER-ing Vamp's master plan to go back to school. Again.

No. 583941

It's just the way the light is shining on them.

No. 583942

nice to see moo still doesn't know what credits are.

No. 583954

"Cow tried" lmao I was about to say, that's a even more appropriate title to her sets lol, but I don't think she even tried tbh.

No. 583958

File: 1538495549228.jpg (16.05 KB, 480x360, 1503637141780.jpg)

>claimed was about to graduate
>claimed was ahead of classes
>claimed was taking a break from school

No. 583970

I love how she bragged about being ahead of her classes and yet had to drop THREE CLASSES last semester.

No. 583977

She's basically made herself unemployable posting pictures of her spread ass on the internet >>583735 under her real name. Good luck finding a job in business, Mariah.

No. 583983

Yep, she already said that she was supposed to graduate, but she burns through lies so fast that she forgets to keep track. Just like her finances.

No. 583985

You know, this brings up a good point and makes it easy to tell that she isn't in school. Thanks to her using her real name, sending her nudes to her lacrosse team, looking like a stringed up naked ham and showing her labia all over the internet, she's proven to be a laughing stock. People who she went to school with have spoken out against her for bullying them, but why haven't we heard or seen anyone bring up seeing her at college/university? We definitely would have by now and she sure as fuck haven't taken a million selfies and candids of people to talk shit about. If she were really going, I highly doubt that she would have kept her mouth shut the entire time.

No. 583986

File: 1538499739995.png (1.05 MB, 712x1366, Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 19.0…)

I was watching something on Jeffree Star and it's so fucking apparent that Moo latches onto someone she likes and then wears their skin.
The filters, the gucci, the hand movements… it's so creepy

No. 583987

jeffree is known to be in scandals, says he's gonna change, but gets caught doing the thing he said he was going to change.

it doesn't surprise me that she likes jeffree, they're the same personality wise.

No. 583990

She clearly doesn't have a personality of her own and just jumps on people who are considered popular and tries to be a mashed up hot mess of everyone. The only parts that are her are true trash and that has been echoed plenty of times before she ever even went 'viral'. She kind reminds me of the creature from Splice.

No. 583991

There's a facebook page called Tali - 縄, who does bondage shoots, she's definitely not doing right, looks like her boobs and arms being strangled.

No. 584002

mariah, the only thing wild about you is the lengths youll go to lie about anything and everything.

No. 584003

She's due for another crack in her personality and let her bitch jock side shine out. We just have to wait for the right person to trigger her so she can start clapping on video and talking like she's in the ghetto again

No. 584006

I wanna know why she dropped 3 classes? Is it because someone did see her ~lewds~ and recognized her? Is it because she's dumb? I can understand dropping 1 class but 3?

No. 584007

She didn't drop any classes. You actually have to be enrolled in a school. 2 of her classes she claimed to take were not even in her collage, the skype theater class thing was a joke, and she mistook linguistics for the study of foreign languages. Momo is beyond dumb, she can't even lie right

No. 584008

Its not a direct link from Moo's dropbox. This is a reupload to a different dropbox. Just in case she deletes her link or it goes dead after a certain amount of time. She's hiding these in messages now in order to stop people from sharing it seems.

No. 584010


If I were vamp id be fucking pissed.

Vamp has cosplayed for YEARS with no recognition only for moo to cosplay for two years and make thousands

Now vamp is quiting cosplay to pursue a career and w/o a doubt will be struggling to pay for school/have debt. While momo copies her school plan and can pay for school with ease.

Do people actually have a good time hanging out with someone who has what they want, but they can never achieve it? (Hell she tried, but her butter face never let her)

No. 584012

Vamp has no one to blame but herself. When she was distancing herself away from Momo people liked her more and she was gaining a small bit of attention, even from Nigiri. She could have had her dream but ran back to Momo. Hope the cash was worth it

No. 584014

Don't forget Mariah already went to pharmacy school~

No. 584015

Of course! She's an Olympic level lifter, professional lacrosse player, fluent in Japanese, business and linguistics major, film producer and beloved by all! Clearly not the ramblings of a sad woman having a mid life crisis at age 23

No. 584019

Looking at this recent set that dropped, can you imagine how she would look like if she didn’t get lipo? That’s just a terrifying thought and image.

No. 584020

moo doesn't have money to pay for school.

and she's not going anyways.

No. 584022

She wouldn't have her deformed gut and lumpy body. Yeah, she would have a hanging gut and more of a double chin, but it would be better than the mess she is now. She was better off not being lazy and sucking out like 50 pounds of fat. If she actually worked out and lost the weight she would at least look human

No. 584039

Exactly this. Even if she did gain weight, she would at least look like a natural fat girl. Her body is so disproportionate now, and her sculpted abs have turned into mangled lines on her stomach.
But now she's trapped in the mindset of quick fixes, and I think it's too late for her. It's done nothing but fuck up her body and face but she keeps chasing this idea of the one perfect procedure/product that will fix everything and make her finally love herself.

No. 584067

Of all the cringey things she does this whole school lie triggers me the most. It's just so painfully obvious that she not only isn't a student but that she knows nothing about how the whole university thing works. Yet she continues to bring it up. Why? It's just pathetic and sad. And it's also a huge insult to all the people who actually are in school and doing the work. Stop this moo. Just stop.

No. 584071

Momo wants to be like the women she's intimidated by. She wants to be fit and sexy, she wants awesome hair, she wants to be an educated career woman, she doesn't want to be seen as some dumb drunk party girl, wants to pretend she knows anything about seduction. Maybe why she tries to bring down every female cosplayer she meets.

No. 584084

File: 1538519677907.png (295.14 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-10-02-15-33-49…)


No. 584087

File: 1538520098998.png (163.15 KB, 720x1036, Screenshot_2018-10-02-15-39-32…)

Slight OT but I went to look up Roxy, and her comments are limited too? Did Moo tell all of her dogs to limit comments?

No. 584088

but she originally started this lie cause she chewed out a male fan who was criticizing her. he told her off about how he was getting a degree and she's on borrowed time with her piss poor career.

No. 584089

It was a furry who was going to medical school. She mocked him for being a furry, sent her incels after him, then pretended to be in school to try and one up him.

No. 584094

If this was legit, by a stretch there, I wonder if she's going to the same college as Vamp. She doesn't want her BFF to succeed in discovering a new college life with new friends etc and wants to be in control, she wants to be by her side the whole time as we know Moo is useless without her and visa versa.

No. 584105

She also knows that she'll be alone all day, every day if Vamp goes to school cause she has no other friends besides the guy that they sharefuck and he has a job.

She really needs a real job and some hobbies cause all she ever does is harass people at work or get them to miss work to hang out with her.

No. 584106

either way, it's not cause she's trying to be a high powered career woman.

moo doesn't care if it's a man or woman or anime character that's better than her, she needs to be the best! she's the best woman, best cosplayer, most feminine, most "like the guys", nerdiest, biggest fan, most damaged, biggest SA victim, most depressed, wisest, smartest girl ever!

both men and women are competition to her unless they're kissing her ass, and then they're just tools like vamp. that's why she gets so tilted when she loses "friends" she can't use them anymore.

No. 584107

she already said they'd be "going to school together" on camshit

No. 584108

she says a lot of things tho.

No. 584109

Including that she already went.

No. 584111

She doesn't wanna be it she wants to give the impression of it

tbh I think it went like vamps was talking about school with sensei and mariahs sitting there with no attention on her so shes like UMM wait! im going back to school too! ME!

No. 584115

she's like that kid in school you and your friends made fun of. when you'd get a new bike she'd be getting the same one too! if you wanted x thing, she said she already had it, even if it didn't come out yet. then eventually you'd start making shit up so she'd brag about uncool shit.

No. 584116

oh, i know. my point was more, that lie has already begun.

i dont believe anything that comes out of this fat cows mouth till i see it. shes like that shitty dad that promises everything and never follows through.

No. 584118

oh yea, makes sense.

i'm sure moo will "go" to vamps school the same way she "goes" to the gym.

No. 584120

File: 1538524042409.jpg (167.35 KB, 901x811, MomokunIsGettingBiggerBangBang…)

I just damn near spat my god damn drink out when this showed up in a Devil May Cry shitpost group I'm in.

Her shittiness has broken all containment barriers and is quickly hitting widespread internet meme status.

No. 584138

File: 1538529499356.png (782.85 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2018-10-02-18-16-18…)

No. 584139

The internet giveth. And the internet taketh away.

No. 584145

File: 1538530470143.jpg (20.34 KB, 400x299, fbc6d87bc7ff835ec7eef55c79b534…)

Poor dog.

No. 584146

File: 1538530502640.gif (1.09 MB, 337x600, 2243545B-1ACB-4C84-B0F1-67E4D9…)

two dogs hanging out

anyway in the first snap she’s asking the dog for kisses and it’s walking away but of course in this one she’s grabbing it’s face for kisses when it’s whining and side eyeing

No. 584168

This is such a trainwreck

No. 584169


I'm glad someone remembers the specifics of this, because it really gets brushed over way too often when people talk about her lying about school; she literally lied to try to shame someone she was bullying off of twitter.

No. 584172

Moo would never take classes. She will however go on campus and "accidentally" slip to everyone she sees that Vamp abuses drugs

No. 584174

Know we say she has turtle lips a lot but god damn her mouth looks fucked. Like one of those old people who refuse to wear dentures

Also that poor dog. Stop abusing animals ya twat

No. 584176

she needs to fuck off when it comes to people's pets. They aren't there for her entertainment nor are they toys. Reminds me how she flipped her shit on some poor guys corgi and picked it up and paid him to shut up about it.

No. 584178

File: 1538537030841.png (60.38 KB, 637x611, dumb bitch get fucked.png)

Dont forget about threatening people on campus. I think she's only 'going back' for real this time because she's realizing that this community wants nothing to do with her and we can see how miserable she looks in the fetish sets. She honestly looks depressed as fuck. Not sexy at all when she's trying to be unless you crop out her face completely, 90% smooth everything out, and take photoshop to her limbs to slim them down for everything she puts out from now on. People are just fed up with her bullshit.

No. 584179

I'm looking forward to the milk if she actually does go to school. She's going to realize that word of mouth is more important than she thought and they might even openly mock her dumb ass like she does to others.

No. 584183

I hope she gets bullied the fuck off campus if she actually attends.

No. 584194

Hey I would just like to say thank you all for this continuing thread. I personally have been teased by her and I almost quit cosplay due to it but a friend introduced me to you guys and now I'm on here every morning before work and during work lol and just being able to know that others have copped this shit from her and I'm not alone is such a comfort. So thank you all !

No. 584196

If it's any consolation, life or karma has made her pay physically and mentally. She barely has any friends too which is well deserved.

No. 584199

File: 1538541147770.png (963 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-10-02-21-30-11…)

Out to dinner with cousin and Vamps…again

No. 584201

OT but I'm pretty sure it was facebook
Either that or she's been in so many of these "comeback" fights and lies that I can't keep track

No. 584202

Most likely both. Almost all of her school talk derives from comeback fights.

No. 584208

File: 1538543718502.png (308.4 KB, 2048x1024, PicsArt_10-02-10.14.31.png)

Saw this going into one of her tags.

No. 584209

Her trying to one up the medical school furry was at Facebook, then within days she tried to pretend she was ~studying so hard~ by uploading an ig story with her laptop and some notes and books spread around on the floor, it was especially cringy because the textbooks are general entry stuff from her 1st year in college, while she claim to be studying Linguistics and Business.

No. 584210

If I recall, didn't she only post the freshman textbooks and notes as a comeback?

No. 584211

File: 1538544716697.jpg (188.79 KB, 1200x862, wuts_dis__by_featherine_au_au-…)

well featherine dress looks like a mermaid dress on the manga so that how they got confused.
can't even search for the visual novel references properly

No. 584212

The FB furry incident is correct. The second incident with the books was on Twitter when she was on her second account made. She posted a shitty picture of her books in pile alongside a old assignment that was graded.

No. 584213

Has she really forgotten all those lies about graduating soon, starting her assignments early, taking classes that don't exist, having a double major and showing off entry level books? Is she that forgetful? Does she think people don't remember? Or does she just not give a shit anymore?

I'm baffled. At least don't completely contradict yourself after a few months jfc.

No. 584214


Right. The funniest shit is that… this bitch never, ever stops live blogging herself. She posts 200+ instastories a day.

The whole time she was lying about school shit, actual school shit was only shown three or four times, and it was all very clearly old and unrelated. If she had actually been going to school and doing schoolwork, let alone anything difficult, she'd have been posting shit nonstop begging for help and asspats.

No. 584220

And then she was saying how she doesn't party at cons and that she's always on her laptop studying but someone who roomed with her said that wasn't true and that she didn't have a laptop with her and Momokun went nuts trying to find out who said it

No. 584222

also never forget her sperging out over being asked to post like… a timetable or something from school because 'muh privacy'. But nearly-nude photos and every tiny detail of her life uploaded online are just fine privacy-wise kek

No. 584224

File: 1538550810927.png (968.09 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-10-03-00-09-14…)

No. 584225

File: 1538550872967.png (1000.02 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-10-03-00-10-12…)

At sensei's shop tattooing a clipart sword on her cousin's arm as part of a bet

No. 584226

File: 1538550891361.png (1.08 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-10-03-00-10-59…)

No. 584229

File: 1538554287056.jpeg (175.01 KB, 649x974, 89DBC1D8-276E-4B35-86C1-E20058…)

Patreon exclusive

No. 584230

what fucking retards

No. 584231


I bet if she took one full deep breath or did a deep knee lunge, that entire outfit would explode.

No. 584233

There’s something weird going on with this story. If you watch the wall in the mirror is shifts weirdly at some parts. I guess she’s using some sort of slimming filter.

No. 584234

There's actually a filter that lengthens leg in one app, so this could be the case as well.

No. 584236

Well she only looks half as wide so she's gotta be

No. 584239

>Has she really forgotten
Yes and hoping that others have too cause she's dumb as fuck.

>At least don't completely contradict yourself after a few months

She contradicts herself after a day. Remember "I'll be doing fewer lewds and more big builds cause I want to be taken seriously"?

Now all she does is porn and lewds. Not one cosplay in the past few months were of her keeping her clothes on.

No. 584240

and her family names + ancestry

No. 584243

She also shared Vamp's drug history and texts with Nana to prove how totally "right" she was.

But her school schedule that other students have too knowing that people can just look up the degrees and the classes in them online? Nooo, far too precious.

No. 584248

pretty sure its a slimming mirror like stores have etc. My friend has one and it makes everyone look 50lbs lighter

No. 584250

She'd look better. Fat, yes, but she'd be a regular fat girl with a gut instead of being permanently deformed.

No. 584255

i mean, didn't we literally look up the majors she claimed to take and found out they're not available online anyway?

No. 584256

she'd have more than just a "gut" anon, she's had probably 100+ lbs removed.

No. 584260

That's going to look terrible. Wow

No. 584290

Yup, the university didn't have the classes at all

No. 584293

She's hanging out so much with her cousin lately. Hope she's not getting desperate enough for male attention to go after him.
>B-But I'm Muslim, it's part of our culture!


It speaks to how professional Sensei is that he's doing the tattoo no questions asked instead of saying it's a fucking terrible idea and you shouldn't get tattoos off bets, especially shitty ones.

No. 584303

Yeah, that's what I meant. People can just look it up for themselves and see that she's a lying sack of uneducated shit.

No. 584304

Do even know tattoo artists? They don’t try to talk you out of anything they just verify it’s what you want. They don’t give a shit if it’s stipid, why do you think you sign that form saying you’re not going to hold them responsible.

No. 584305

Was just about to say this. It's not his job to talk dumb people out of bad decisions that only affect them. He'd probably lose customers if he tried to deny people who "probably didn't want the tattoo" anyway.

No. 584306

If it were any rando tattoo artist I'd be saying otherwise but considering he knows all of them personally I thought maybe he'd have the decency to try and at least tell them it was a bad idea or do a temp one instead.

No. 584310

Ooh I got it, you actually think he respects them.

This is the guy who was vamps fuck buddy and turned his attention to her best friend he knew had $$.

No. 584319

Iirc didn't she totally graduate last year? Lol of course not she was trying to convince everyone of that while trying to get people to ignore whatever shit she pulled that week. Maybe she just forgot shes got what, 4 degrees hanging on the wall lol.

No. 584320

No, she claimed that she was waiting on taking her "last classes" cause they weren't available online. Even though we already knew none of them were ever available online.

No. 584322

Vague timeline of school lies

>says offhand a looong time ago that she's majoring in """business"""

>no mention of school again until using it as a rebuttal against someone she was insulting, claiming to now be a business and linguistics major (cause she has access to a 1st year lvl 1 Japanese lesson book no doubt)
>posts 1 or 2 pictures of random books including freshman orientation as "proof"
>doesn't mention school or classes again until we post here that she forgot (like her glasses kek)
>posts random notes and shit as homework, clearly from years ago
>claims to start classes (and finish all the homework) 2 weeks before classes actually start
>gets extremely defensive over questions about her class schedule, because apparently that's too private coming from someone who pretty much broadcasts whenever she takes a shit
>claims to never party at cons and only studies in her room
>goes to NYC during the school's finals and claims to have also done them early
>claims she's such a great actor in her higurashit video cause she's in theater class, which turns onto "skype" theater class once she remembers she's doing school online
>totes has a 3.8 GPA and is way ahead in everything (2 weeks ahead even!)
>forgets that and tries to lie her way out by saying her online classes are all in person next year for reasons, so she's taking a break to focus on cosplay since she'd have to take time to go to classes
>forgets this and tries to one up vamp going to pharmacy school by saying she completed it already at age 22, despite it being a 5+ year course that includes postgrad
>forgets again, and now claims she was doing poorly, despite her 2 week lead and 3.8 GPA and is now going to pharmacy school with vamp, even though she already completed it.

And I think that's it.

No. 584328

Samefag but re-reading this has made me realize how cringy and messed up moo is in the head.

No. 584348

lmao I love it anon

No. 584349

I have decided I've had enough of having this disgusting woman on my hard drive for so long, but instead of deleting everything I thought I'd upload it.

Also the google drive yall keep linking is very outdated.


No. 584350


In regards to that second point, I was the anon who pointed out that her Japanese “textbook” wasn’t a textbook at all because I have the exact same one I bought from Barnes and Noble. Her compulsive lying is always a riot.

No. 584354

You forgot to include her old real time shitposts trashing UNLV when she kicked out then got denied re-admittance for reasons. They are available in an old thread. She claimed then that she was transferrring to Michigan. This was during her alledged professional level but still an amateur LaCrosse career.

No. 584356

Shoot you're right. We still have those fb caps.

Ty anon, makes it even more pathetic honestly.

No. 584360

Anon, are you a former patron?

No. 584364

I subscribed two years ago for three months and I only got one set. After that I lurked here and kept compiling her sets and other sites too.

No. 584365

can you provide proof? like scratch out your email or message username?

No. 584366

why do they need to do that?

No. 584368

Thank you for the summary, anon
>5+ year course
Waiting for her to pretend she's gifted and skipped 1 or 2 grades and started this course at 16-17 only to justify this, and that would be part of why she was sooo bullied in her childhood (really farfetched/tinfoil. but since she's able to tell so many shitty lies and claim anything that could scream oppression, it wouldn't be such a surprise)

No. 584370

are u kidding? they don’t have to do that shit LOL they just dropped 18gb of mariah’s shitty work and u want “proof”?

No. 584371

Alright there Momo. Stop trying to find out who's ditched you for good reason.

No. 584374

Wasn't the point I was trying to make but go off. Receipts are good when trying to prove a case to a website that obviously doesn't care if scammers are on it.

No. 584375

What are you even trying to say?

No. 584376

they can only remove about 10lbs per session, so no, she hasn't had anywhere close to 100lbs siphoned out of her gunt. more like 20-30 max.

No. 584377

I have a question about this, is it pharmaceutical school, or pharmaceutical tech school? You can be a pharm tech in one or two years I think. I could be wrong though.

No. 584379

File: 1538590765470.gif (242.35 KB, 475x300, 1485213547374.gif)

>implying that Patreon will care about Momo not doing rewards
>implying they'd do anything with a report from an anonymous Albanian basket weaving forum

No. 584380

File: 1538590800396.png (3.7 MB, 1946x1256, Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 20.1…)


this was after the first lipo session iirc but it's probably a good indicator for how huge she would be since she's grown even fatter since

No. 584381

People who get tattoos as bets are fucking stupid. Makes sense though being a part of the same family. Also I hope she paid for it because of it and didn't just come into the shop thinking "I know you so its free ahahaha".

No. 584382


This is so bad. All three of these beasts are fucking hideous.

No. 584383

Stella is the only good looking one here. Looking at Moo's wig makes me remember that she was brushing it or combing it while walking down the street on her way to it. Who goes to a professional shoot looking like a hot mess and can't even match? Couldn't put in ANY effort, Mariah? Really?

No. 584384

File: 1538591614313.jpg (16.15 MB, 4000x6000, _DSC0029.jpg)


Jesus, I forgot how disgusting her diarrhea v-day shoot was.

>tb of when moo looked like somebody who takes showers.

No. 584385

i have no opinion on the costumes, but the two other girls aren't hideous. is this an ugly by association kinda thing?
are your standards based off hollywood surgery and airbrushing?

i just don't get it. hell, maybe it's just them being cozied up to Moo that makes them seem that much better looking - i don't know.

No. 584386

I post the sets when they come out now. The anon who posted the mega file as been compiling anything on her. Its a good idea since the sets are scattered, but there is no reason to have proof of past patrons when we have the sets and timelie feeds. Kind of sounds like you're phishing, tbh. A name or email would have no merit.

No. 584387

To be fair, it's easy to see why they would think that about Antares. She has the face of a granny.

Just looking over these, you can see that the quality wasn't really here but it still managed to somehow decrease over time. How do you get below zero quality, that's just sad.

No. 584390

Hey anon. Do you have plans to keep updating the mega? I have no issues with the sets being thrown into there. Considering our old file is very outdated, having a new one that updates with every post would be really helpful.

No. 584392

>Has she really forgotten all those lies about

no matter how the sentence ends, yes

No. 584396

someone clone this (you can do that with mega accounts or something, right?)

No. 584399

File: 1538593196570.png (540.49 KB, 443x569, rape.PNG)

>sexy scarecrows


No. 584400


Either this or as a torrent.

No. 584401

Don't remind us of that abomination. We just wiped it from our minds.

No. 584402

File: 1538593390338.jpg (37.7 KB, 552x773, b11142d.jpg)

Has this been posted yet?
Saw it on reddit and it made me die

No. 584406

Note to next OP to add the new link

No. 584411

No one knows, cause the lying cunts don't know either.

No. 584412

That was this year. She did second lipo this time last year.

So that x2 lipo sessions (with however many areas done each time)

No. 584413

Appa is a good boy and doesn't deserve this

No. 584418

OT and tinfoil but an anon pointed out last thread that yanderejane was leaving social media for a little while and she hasn’t been online since. given this was only a few days after she body slammed vamp does anyone else get the feeling mariah threatened to doxx her the way she did kbbq?

No. 584419

Nah, she wouldn't be intimidated by Moo at all.

No. 584420

You missed that in her cam stream she also said that she’d done chemistry and had then changed to business and FILM.

No. 584423


There is nothing Moo has on Jane that would be enough to threaten her to leave. She more than likely saw she was getting way too involved in all this drama and decided to step back and focus on life.

Moo doesn’t hold any of the cards anymore at this point. Any dirt she thinks she had on anyone is worthless now. Her name is complete dogshit now and no one wants to hear what she has to say. Any attempt at her trying to spill the tea or out anyone will be simply seen as her attempting to drag others into the garbage heap with her.

No. 584424

Yep. All of what you said was proven when she dropped those text screenshots when Nanabear came out of hiding. Not one person gave a damn about those text messages, she only wanted to scare Nana back into hiding. While she got what she wanted(Nana really shouldn't let that dumb cunt push her around but whatever), nothing she says holds weight anymore.

No. 584426

the only thing that holds weight is moo's saggy body.

No. 584427

yeah that would make sense. jane did a relatively good job of not participating in drama until recently so she may have done that.

looking at her twitter it’s only been five days, but i can’t help but laugh at moo’s “break” in comparison. maybe she should take notes.

No. 584428

And it also made Moo look more of a psychotic, controlling friend in those texts after what Nana said about her, which was already obvious since an ex friend dropped screens of Moo telling her to control her friends after she pissed them off a while ago

No. 584429

I think if Mariah or one of her calves threatened her, she'd post about it+post screenshots because if that did happen, everyone (or almost everyone) would be on her side and would drag Moo. So as other anons said, she probably just took a break to focus on personal things.

No. 584431

Jane also said that if she saw Mariah at a con she'd openly call her out and such, I don't think she'd back down to her

No. 584434

The only good looking model here is the blue haired one. Moo is a mess, and her tits look like flapjacks. The other one has a very bad spray tan. A mess in general. Wow

I still can't believe patreons paid for this.

But wasn't this also the shoot where she molested her female photographer? Or a different one?

No. 584437

It was a different set, she dressed up as a witch then claimed other people stole her ideas

No. 584438


I believe that was the harvest fairy shoot.

No. 584440

Exactly this.

Don't post who you are ITT cause moo will 100% read it.

No. 584442

File: 1538600283413.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.93 MB, 7952x5304, DSC02773.jpg)

the infamous set no one uploaded. jesus christ this pose.

No. 584443

it just dawned on me that moo has all of her patrons addresses from when she sent out physical rewards.

how terrifying.

No. 584445

Thanks, anons. So many of her sets look exactly the same to me by now.

No. 584446


is she unable to arch her back, or…?

No. 584461

Its 3 in the afternoon is she even awake yet? There has been no updates

No. 584463

A vision into the future when she's reduced to being a Vegas stripper.

No. 584474

File: 1538606219185.png (641.37 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2018-10-03-15-34-59…)

So much for not paying attention to what happens on the internet

No. 584476

File: 1538606256136.png (899.37 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2018-10-03-15-35-25…)

Does Moo not know how to match foundation

No. 584479

File: 1538606522219.png (485.47 KB, 720x1026, Screenshot_2018-10-03-15-41-27…)

No. 584485

Odd. That was uploaded two hours ago and so was this >>584442

Someone's lurking

No. 584486

Susu does this every Wednesday. Is she still trying to rip off Susu??

No. 584489

i mean she paints her face 5 times too light in the with the wrong undertones so i'd say no. unless she's trying to make herself gray to look like a gargoyle.

No. 584492

if she at he's too much her back rolls will take over.

No. 584501

What? She did lipo right before Dragoncon 2017 and then again before Fanime 2017. Its rumored she got cool sculpting, those fake ass abs, last year around this time.

No. 584502

My guess is it's a Mean Girls reference (On Wednesdays we wear pink, in addition to it being October 3rd, which is mentioned in the film). Except the only thing is the wig and background.

No. 584503

Wow they really tried to blur and level out the sag on her thigh falling over the bench. Jfc.. How saggy IS that skin that she needs this?

No. 584504

I feel so bad for that crusty ass beauty blender. Rip $20.

No. 584505

File: 1538609833497.jpg (263.36 KB, 1080x1080, tiZ8AXJ.jpg)


oh boy get ready for her to project hard with this.

Went through the upload and seeing this pic again is hilarious. Imagine telling everyone on the internet working out/eating right and drinking that toxic fit tea shit helped you out, but in reality you got lip suction.

her midsection doesn't even look like this anymore. she ballooned the fuck up. what a waste of money

No. 584506

Her eye lashes aren’t even glued on proplerly jfc

No. 584516

Still looks very Paula Dean-ish.

That make-up looks caked on. Good to see she never ever learns.

No. 584523

Ah the narcissistic cunt watching about personality disorders, who would have thought!

No. 584525

possibly she's too retarded in thinking "muh poc dark skin" even though she sits inside for hours upon hours each day. also is she using that new expensive foundation to do this? she bought it to cover her tattoo??

No. 584532

File: 1538613755329.png (851.97 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-10-03-17-34-52…)

>says she's nervous for classes because these are in person. Before she juggled online classes, cons and Patreon
>plans on going 4 days a week during January to June, doing only 2 cons. Fall is busy for her so she doesn't know then
>says her friends already graduated and she's a sophomore

No. 584534

File: 1538613832422.png (4.6 MB, 1125x2436, A4333D6A-5213-4971-B6ED-F80EF1…)

I cannot WAIT for y’all to see this school spiel she just posted holy shit
She definitely just lurked and is trying to force feed anons ~some truth~ about her schooling/school plans
I think she’s kind of finally accepted that the whole “travelling cosmodel con life” is not going to work out for her, so now she’ll really go back to school so she has an ~excuse~ to not be at them lol
Good luck getting memed to death on campus

No. 584535

File: 1538613938556.png (1.04 MB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-10-03-17-39-27…)

No. 584536

So its blonde, not silver?

No. 584538

File: 1538614066026.png (871.17 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-10-03-17-39-51…)

No. 584539

man, I would not wanna wake up in the morning and have this be the first thing I see

No. 584540

I can't believe that she used to have a flat stomach, even 2 months ago she had a flat abdominal area, but in her cow tied shoot you can see that she's getting a gut back and soon she's gonna have overhang. >>583842
That must be killing her self esteem, that for the longest people thought she was a thicc goddess because of her flat tum, but now that it's not flat anymore she can't hide the weight gain as easily. She's just fat looking all over now.

No. 584541

File: 1538614754374.png (707.73 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-10-03-17-58-42…)

Something mustve happened. Shes doing the thing again

No. 584543

the stupid ponytail she always does legit makes her look special needs.

No. 584548

its amazing how transparent her whole shtick has become on her ig stories, she reaaally wants to impress this guy and she feels like the only way to catch his attention is to put on this whole facade of how easygoing and super cool she is! the humble bragging, her change in mannerisms and the way she talks, really nauseating when you realize this is just a personality she puts on to impress him.

No. 584549

She's getting more and more desperate for someone's attention and it isn't working clearly.

No. 584550

You are not fooling anyone. You do not look like this. Somewhere in your crazy disassociated mind you think you do, but you don't. You don't look like this!
I don't understand her with this snap crap she's doing. Isn't this embarrassing to her friends that know what she really looks like?

No. 584551

File: 1538616221059.png (594.6 KB, 720x1044, Screenshot_2018-10-03-18-22-38…)

Reading the thread again, Mariah?

No. 584552

File: 1538616251912.png (772.35 KB, 720x1177, Screenshot_2018-10-03-18-22-09…)

No. 584553

Sorry, I'm retarded, is that Sensei? Or a family member?

No. 584554

Pretty sure that's her dad.

No. 584555

File: 1538616417752.png (1.3 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2018-10-03-18-25-31…)

Her dad. She's visiting.

No. 584556

He looks so dead in the eyes. I wonder how that meal plan deal is working out, and if he's haunted by the realization that she's just gaining weight even faster than she did a year ago?
Sometimes I wonder if he thinks she's doing it out of spite.

No. 584559

Always looking like the happy devoted father. He looks bored and fed up with her shit everytime she posts a photo of him.

No. 584560

This fucking hand…Oh my god…

No. 584561

The same people giving her the benefit of the doubt are the same ones who believe her apology video is legit and that she will change her ways one day. They're all fucking idiots unfortunately.

No. 584562

We can only hear the earthquake that you're causing, Moo.

Looking forward to her making crying videos in the bathroom at school.

No. 584563

>dad's face when Mariah says that she's going back to school

No. 584564

>when you give her a diet meal plan but she keeps gaining weight

No. 584565

every little thing shes doing right now is 100% to get this dudes attention. remember how she'd go days and days wearing the same clothes, not showering spending hours fighting people online. now shes trying to act like some elevated being because shes into some hippie dude. hes her guiding light right now, hes the one person in her life that has a positive motivating energy, and he just subsequently has a dick. shes clinging on for dear life to keep this dude around, overcompensating in her stories and posts, trying to look like the most lewd uwu waifu to have him stick around longer. the only result of you trying so hard, moo, is that youll just drive him away quicker. sure you can make yourself look hot in those stories flopping your titties around, but men dont respect women like that. you need to learn self respect and find your identity before you go off trying to seduce a man, moo. tone it down.

No. 584566

Don’t be naive anon. She has no school to go “back” to. After one incomplete semester freshman year UNLV basically told her to GTFO. She still owes her loans and financial aid. When she tried to be readmitted she was told cash up front and academic probation or no deal. She documented the whole thing herself online. She has not done 1 minute of college course work since. And she never will again. Anyone who ever gives moo the benefit of the doubt on her bullshit will always be disappointed. And made a fool of.

No. 584568

>his face when she says "for real this time"

No. 584570

She did the same performance when OverTFlow was beginning to vanish out of her life. She's so thirsty, insecure and desperate for validation. Moo has no understanding of self respect then wonders why she attracts trash like herself who just want to fuck and run.

No. 584572

Is this a reference I’m not getting? Cause it hasn’t rained a single drop like it was supposed to in Vegas.

No. 584574

But it'll be fun to watch her try…a 5th time? to lie

No. 584575

this fucking pinhead.

No. 584582

File: 1538619182823.png (1.02 MB, 720x1178, Screenshot_2018-10-03-19-12-20…)

No. 584583

Can I provide proof I paid $60 USD to a dumb coswhore 2 years ago and got photos equal to a $10 set from a better cosplayer?

Sorry but logically there wouldn't be a point because SOMEHOW she's still doing this shit despite the many reports and changes to patreon she's already endured.

Not worth until she goes to hard core with hippy daddy or some other bum fuck who doesn't know her history.

Also is there proof of her actually sculpting her abs because I can make my stomach look the same by sucking in and it normally sticks out further than hers proportionally

No. 584584

All for her I'm sure. Moo not realizing veggies aren't doing much when you drown them in every dip you can

No. 584585


Linguistics major, my dudes.

No. 584587

Its all over instagram and snapchat and facebook. Im sure it wasn't from the thread. Its a monumental day for people obsessed for some reason over a mediocre movie.

No. 584589

At least at school, if no one knows her, she might have a better chance of being laid by dumbass drunk guys. But it's Vegas. No way in hell the people at her school haven't heard of her.

No. 584591

IS that a giant bowl of just RANCH? Jfc Moo. Dip it in the soup?? She has no idea how to be healthy.

No. 584593

Is Moo so big that her costumer has to make her garments out in the garage to have enough room? The work space is right next to the box of Christmas lights and an old couch with the door partially open for ventilation.

No. 584594


Forget about it. >>584386 proves a good point and revealing any information could be bad. Don't worry about it.

No. 584596

man, I'm looking forward to seeing how bad she'll look, squishing her sag rolls out of Beatrice's backless dress, attempting to have a figure.

No. 584602

if it is, store bought ranch isn't vegan.

No. 584605

File: 1538620680527.png (13.87 KB, 525x257, Ranch.PNG)

Here's the menu. It is just ranch.

No. 584609

File: 1538620887936.png (1.41 MB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2018-10-03-19-40-59…)

No. 584610

these hipster places always have piss poor food.

it claims that it's 100% vegan but it's still made of fucking fats and oils.

No. 584611

whoever said the black and white pieces would look better attached can fuck off and die.

No. 584613

A serving size of ranch, vegan or not, is still around 1 Tablespoon. That's like 1/4 cup of ranch. Buffalo sauce is low calorie but high sodium as well. Again, tablespoon serving sizes. Deep fried cauliflower isn't healthy either, for a vegan place it's all just hyped up expensive bar food.


No. 584615

As soon as she wears it, her boobs will have two separate socks. I'm excited to see this.

Not to mention the buffalo sauce is high sodium, isn't it?

No. 584617

File: 1538621618233.png (717.45 KB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2018-10-03-19-53-00…)

No. 584619

File: 1538622358157.png (594.45 KB, 720x1040, Screenshot_2018-10-03-20-05-22…)

Singing the new Kanye song

No. 584620

I would have thought the outfits would be done by now. I was sure she would film all her Umineko crap before October and spam it this month.

No. 584621

>>584613 is vegan buffalo sauce still low-calorie? Because the real deal is equal parts hot sauce and butter.

No. 584622

"Looks guiz, I'm healthy!"

No, you're just an idiot who spent eight dollars on five sprigs of cauliflower and a shitload of sauce.

No. 584624


Didn't know Paula dean liked kanye. And butter. Moo you look and sound like a 50 year old trailer tramp from pahrump.

No. 584627

I think the place isn't supposed to be healthy from the looks of it. Its not masquerading as trying to be either. Its vegan comfort food. So of course its fried and pizza smothered in mac'n'cheese. Moo, however, probably sees ANY kind of veggies and thinks its healthy. So to her this is healthy.

No. 584629

File: 1538624376438.jpg (103.14 KB, 836x596, king-homer-5.jpg)

>>584463 Plenty of opportunities for moo in Vegas.

She can play King Homer OR be part of the chubbiest kickline in town

No. 584630

File: 1538624436174.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.49 KB, 250x250, dizzy cow.jpg)

No. 584632

even if that were true (UNLV is money hungry as fuck and doesnt care about your rep or theirs), that's not the only college in nevada. she could be going to CSN, the cheaper option, which has a campus much nearer to her.

No. 584633

You dont know where she lives, so how do you know its closer to her?

No. 584635

We've always known she lives in Summerlin.

No. 584636

She should cosplay from the music video

No. 584637

it's also pretty obvious if you just pay attention to the places she frequents, lurk more

No. 584638

Ive been posting since thread 12, so I've been here. I just don't go out of my way to find the area she lives in based on the places she goes to. I'm also not a Nevada native, so not like I know the area.

No. 584639

She kind of is. Whenever she wants pity points she said her dad abused her to be skinny and have an ED and that's why she's the fat fuck she is now. Because her father isn't abusing her now and she can be happy as an obese woman.

No. 584640

…she's literally said where she lives before…multiple times

stop being so tryhard no1cuur.

No. 584641

please, everyone knows that this was just the appetizer, like hell she showed what she actually ate. Or she went to another restaurant an hour later. She's a fat fuck for a reason.

No. 584643

she needs to stop doing these bits and pieces updates like anyone gives a fuck. your handmade shit will always look like ass, moo.

someone come get their crackhead auntie.

No. 584644

>>584627 I was asking because the post I responded to claimed it was low-calorie. obvus fried veggies, ranch soup, and butter sauce aren't healthy, kok

No. 584646

I feel like Vamp wants to pursue a doctorate of pharmacy, which requires three years undergrad and four years post-grad.

Moo might be claiming to have already completed pharmacy tech training, which can take one or two years.

No. 584648

nope, pharm tech takes 4-5 years now. it's been pretty standard for the past 5 years.

No. 584649

no, it doesn't take anywhere near that long. it's not even a year in Nevada - only 7 months. what universe does it take as long as a bachelors degree? lmfao

No. 584650

File: 1538631490649.png (138 KB, 720x906, Screenshot_2018-10-03-22-37-32…)

No. 584651

I kind of suspect she was, then the magic of Photoshop took it away.

No. 584653

it looks like they cut out her right leg and pasted it further inward on her body
the bottom of the thing she stole from vamp looks weird specifically

and lol @ lining her fat with the bench
and basically giving her too much/no knee???? what the fuck is going on with her legs my dudes!

No. 584654


She's definitely lurking. "I'm not poor you guys, I'm getting a BIGGER house!"

No. 584655

>says she caught up with the thread
more like, kek

Why is she so transparent? How stupid are the people in her real life?

No. 584657

Doritos chinned tranny.

She eats double that in sushi per meal, this is a warm up. Or a photo op and nothing more – kind of like the gym.

She admitted it on camversity, but I forget if it was just the chin thing or both. I don't actually watch that crap.

No. 584658

90% of the fabric is pinned back.

No. 584660

jfc Parmacy school? I'm studying pharmacy right now, there's no way someone as retarded as her could get in, it'll be entertaining as fuck when she tries to lie about it though.

No. 584662

All the more empty space to not have furniture. Living the dream.

No. 584663

It's an absolute BS lie she made up because Vamp is going to pharmacy school. She always has to one up everyone and be the first to do something etc. If I remember correctly Vamp even said that's the first time she's ever heard of Moo doing that, but I could be wrong.

No. 584664

Nope, I remember this as well. It was probably on cam.

No. 584666

what the fuck happened to being in her last semester?? that wasn't even so long ago, come on Mariah

she's really grasping at straws with the school thing at this point, I'm not sure anyone who follows her and pays any attention to her posts could believe it by now

No. 584671

even CVS won't hire undergrad pharm techs now. the law is changing.

No. 584679

File: 1538635932065.png (925.15 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-10-03-23-50-13…)

>bought "Cardi B's lashes" only to find out they're mink

No. 584681

she looks extra bloated/red

No. 584682

Is she straight up high?

No. 584683

this is what i look like when ive had a severe allergic reaction

No. 584684

File: 1538637077524.jpg (184.15 KB, 824x1024, moomookun.jpg)

83 threads and the ride never ends, why is she even bothering lying about school when we all know she would've snapchatted or done instavids going to school just to prove her haters how smart she is? this is literally one of the dumbest things she has lied about, watch her try to get in and leave it half semester and say she needs to focus on her cosplay

No. 584686

There's no way her arms will fit into that…

No. 584694

bless u art anon

No. 584696

She'd rather try and get fuckbois attention while her slaves crack on with the work last minute because this project is unorganized as shit.

No. 584697

Well the one I buy is only 15 calories per tablespoon so I assumed they were all generally low calorie. I don't eat out much admittedly so I guess I had incorrect info. Sorry for the confusion on my part!

No. 584701

make this a banner! beautiful

No. 584702

Maybe an Umineko reference? It takes place over the 4th, 5th and 6th of October and it's set in the middle of a typhoon rainstorm.

No. 584703


what >>584696 said

>expecting Moolester to get things done in a timely manner

No. 584704

Can you imagine how dirty her new bigger place is gonna be. She can’t even keep the one she has now clean.

No. 584707

>>584552 I just watched this IG story. To me, it seems like Mariah's dad has a good relationship with Mariah's younger sister. The interactions were authentic, and it has me thinking that the father probably has some disdain for Mariah due to her awful habits (smoking, drinking, gluttony), her "career" choices, and her lack of self-discipline.

The whole family is in relatively good shape, with the obvious exception being Mariah. And yet Mariah will throw her parents under the bus without hesitating for the sake of likes on social media. This is why I don't buy the abuse stories she seems to fabricate. I think her parents were just trying to give her a bit of direction, she retaliated by doing things her way, and now she's this insufferable, abrasive yeti with no idea how to change her ways.

No. 584708

But doesn't she already have a house with an extra bedroom?

No. 584709

Silly anon her guest room is a cam show set up now

No. 584712

It's Antares who made this, who's also shit at making cosplays but seems leagues better when compared to Moo who sews a kimono for a whole day and still look shitty.

No. 584724

>How stupid are the people in her real life?


Moo told her that she went to pharmacy school and that it was "hard". You can fucking say that about any degree, but Vamp believed her anyway despite never seeing Moo go.

No. 584731

to be fair even if anyone moo knows called her out she'd freak out and bombard them with "proof"

No. 584749

Is moo awake? Cause if so she is having another meltdown on here

No. 584775

That's very true. If that doesn't work she can do the lunchtime special at the strip club around the block and help herself to some of the customer's chicken wings while she's performing.

>moving soon
Bitch, where? She already cleaned up her pit of a flat acting like she was moving into some Victorian mansion and then never did. The most she's done is move into her camming room.

You're a godsend art-senpai. Can you make this into a banner as well? We've been needing some new ones.

It's likely Mira's crew. They've been spamming her general the past few days. No clue why they picked Mariah's though unless it's because she's a filthy heathen Muslim not up to Mira's standards.

No. 584776

report it an move on. it's just some kf fag

No. 584778

Looks like Vamp is back to babysitting Mariah's feral cats

No. 584780

She still has those cats she swore she was just fostering?

No. 584782

I can't remember whether she was keeping them or getting someone else to foster so she could get more

No. 584790

This happens almost every week. Check the pt board, it's spammed too. I don't think it's Moo's wks.

No. 584795

I'm surprised Momo even remembered she has cats with her chasing Tattoo-kun so much. She dumped her cats on Vamps for that wedding +1 and then hasn't spoken of them since.

No. 584805

Why would she need a bigger house when she lives alone?? Is she trying to flex?

No. 584806

Please make this a banner. Great work! I love Moo's face. rofl

No. 584807

Sounds like bullshit because she already HAS a guest room since vamp moved out??

Either she's moving to a shittier area where rent is cheaper or she's lying and she's moving somewhere smaller. Then again wasnt she 'totally moving' when vamp moved and the place was supposed to have an amazing staircase that she was going to use for her umineko project? My memory is fuzzy on it but I'm p sure she was saying she was going to move into this big fancy old house that was 'perfect for her umineko project' and she was gonna decorate it to look like beato's house or some shit and yet she's still in the same place.

No. 584809

Moo is just lying, she doesn't want to admit that she's about to go broke before she turns 24, and had been triggered by lolcow saying so, so she's been lying and flexing.

Lol yeah, her totes real vintage Victorian house that she was totes going to decorate and cosplay Umineko in. Iirc she even promised a house tour kek.

No. 584812

moo always flexes this shit, and then falls back on her e-presence. it always amuses me cause i know all of us are doing 500x better than she ever will. some of us probably already have our dream homes decorated how we like.

No. 584821

she only always reminds me as the slave of mariah, I feel kinda bad for her when mariah besides is always eating a lot of trash, doing nothing and picking fights with everyone online.
What a sad life moo that you do less and less stuff for your cosplays.
go back at being bad in camgirl things, where even there nobody wants your lazy
all-day-eating ass

No. 584824

lol why feel bad for her?

she's choosing $$ all the other people who left moo just got the same "you'll miss me!" empty threats and nothing happened. she knows by now she can choose to not work with her.

No. 584825

File: 1538672251806.jpg (698.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181004-095602_Pat…)


No. 584826

File: 1538672284754.jpg (551.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181004-095608_Pat…)

No. 584827

lmfao who shoop'd this? they forgot to get rid of the other half of her back. now it looks like she's got a huge lump hanging off her left side.

No. 584828

Seriously wtf is going on with her back? Looks like it was edited in MS Paint or something

No. 584829

I think they shaved off like the right side of her ass there, see where the bikini just stops?

I doubt moo or cuck really know what the normal female body is meant to look like, so whoever shoop'd this just kind of blurred it up the middle of her back. You can see how flat it looks right by the folds.

Really looks like back boobs now.

No. 584839

File: 1538676271728.png (1.2 MB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-10-04-11-00-52…)

No. 584840

File: 1538676293791.png (715.24 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2018-10-04-11-01-03…)

No. 584841

File: 1538676313823.png (184.41 KB, 720x934, Screenshot_2018-10-04-11-01-24…)

No. 584842

this isn't like "may the 4th" moo, give it rest.

No. 584843

I know right? Momo thinks her fans are dumb. If she did get a Victorian home it would be a home from the 70's that is shitty and falling apart, but because it's old it's totes vintage

No. 584850

She's making sure we all know what a TRUE fan she is by timetabling the events for Umineko. Dude, you can Google that shit. You can own all the mangas, doesn't mean you actually read them. When she tries so hard to break down FACTS about an anime as if it is some deep, convoluted mess, she sounds more stupid than she realizes. Its NOT that hard to understand Moo. No one actually needs a play by play breakdown of a fucking series. This isn't Paranoia Agent.

No. 584852

it isn't believable because she obsesses over an anime one at a time because she only has time to google one show. Like how she forgot she was suppose to be into Soul Eater, Overlord (She couldn't be into it because it wasn't on netflix), and Devil man (She had no idea the show is like 50's years old because again… netflix). I think she even confused the cat for an actual witch which is a common mistake people who haven't watched the show make.
She also focuses on one or two characters. The main female role she inserts herself in, and the attractive male friend.

No. 584855

You can't remember because she said it was both.

You're right, and now I feel sad. Not even little cat babies can stop her thirst for tattoo'd dick.

No. 584856

i cant believe she didnt get this cleaned up
or i mean, i guess i can, maybe she just didnt see our posts dragging it

looking at it again, i feel the editor thought it was her right arm. yes, i know it doesnt make sense. but its the only thing i can come up with outside the pure laziness

No. 584857

There is no point in not using them now that you own them you dumbass

No. 584858

>She also focuses on one or two characters. The main female role she inserts herself in, and the attractive male friend.

dont forget how devilman is totes #nohomo

No. 584865

File: 1538681585527.png (533.95 KB, 500x750, post_file.png)

Sorry. Full image. I wasn't able to do it on my phone.

No. 584866

File: 1538682172935.png (Spoiler Image, 872.38 KB, 720x1047, Screenshot_2018-10-04-12-39-54…)

No. 584867

File: 1538682215556.png (539.02 KB, 720x1130, Screenshot_2018-10-04-12-40-33…)

Etsy additions

No. 584868

File: 1538682235154.png (625.22 KB, 720x1034, Screenshot_2018-10-04-12-40-47…)

No. 584869

File: 1538682334227.png (684.41 KB, 720x1042, Screenshot_2018-10-04-12-40-55…)

Finally putting that Ochaco suit to use now that Bunny Ayumi debuted hers

No. 584870

Of course she only has a Witcher character on her wishlist now because there's a Witcher series coming to Netflix.

No. 584873

some part wants me to think she plays the game and is not trying to one up Jannetincosplay

No. 584874

File: 1538683847415.png (1003.73 KB, 1219x749, 2018-10-05_04-04-51.png)

LOL what the fuck is going on here

No. 584875

File: 1538684064520.gif (1.65 MB, 480x360, giphy.gif)

>mermaid man and barnacle boy

Don't you fucking dare Momo.

No. 584876

Its her back literally rolled into itself. The other side is also her back, NOT her arm.

No. 584877

It's amazing how often she posts things like this and doesn't seem to realize it's porn by most of the internet's standards, and certainly by Instagram's.

She also looks like she needs to put down the fucking monster and go get some sleep. Seriously Mariah, as your managers, we recommend you get a minimum of 6 hours in a 24 hour period. But of course she won't do this because "hur hur, I'll show those haturz, hur hur." Starting to suspect she's caused major long term damage to her cognitive processes with all that alcohol, lack of sleep, bad diet, and drug misuse.

No. 584878

why not? she's literally a spastic, granny-looking sphere and mooch (because who else is going to do it with her) has a witchy honker that's perfect for barnacle boy. it'll be their most accurate cosplay yet, and they'll try to pass it off as a joke.

No. 584880

replied to the wrong one
meant to do this one

No. 584881

"haha, remember what I looked like 20 pounds ago, guys?"

No. 584883

Cognitive processes????? Kek. She has none.

No. 584886

Does she have a lack of sleep? She doesn’t seem to get up until past noon

No. 584888

i still think the editor thought it was her arm, even tho its obv back fat lmao

No. 584892


More like 40lbs, min.

She stays up all night, probably till close to, if not at, sunrise.

No. 584900

Just Mariah pretending as if she didn't show her real body to a bunch of fans in camshows.

No. 584903

File: 1538689048674.png (1.07 MB, 1152x864, FE52DE9A-A8DA-4FBE-9977-C25563…)

she’s got pat back

pat front too, unfortunately

No. 584906

Kinda OT but perfect, let her cosplay the bitch Triss, it'll suit her perfectly.

>back phasing into arm
Fucking really? There's so much wrong with this.

No. 584910

File: 1538690793147.jpg (9.11 KB, 189x292, 1508543485708.jpg)

>moo the sexual abuser's gonna cosplay a sexual abuser
Is she becoming self-aware or something?

No. 584912

I thought it was because ThorneChan just started playing The Witcher series last week

No. 584915

What does she mean by "Cardi B's Lashes"???
If she means the ones she wore to the Grammy's/MET/VMAS that were only $7, KISS lashes are faux mink.

No. 584918

File: 1538693251293.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1175x1814, 55C86338-A9B4-485F-BF10-714518…)

Holy shit. I just noticed the back boob that was blended and blurred to almost look like an elbow.
And I thought her right back fat was her arm fat. The more you study her back area on this photo, the more horrifying it gets.

No. 584924

File: 1538693716474.png (1.53 MB, 1222x744, guzmarunforyourlife.png)

I seriously have to laugh at all of the cucks who think she looks like her latest Mei picture and the Instastories to the point their worshipping her. It's almost like their brains erased how she looked on cam which wasn't that long ago.

You couldn't get anymore real than what she showed on Camversity and yet the Photoshopping continues.

No. 584927

File: 1538694608867.png (1.01 MB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2018-10-04-15-46-13…)

>says its 73 degrees F in Las Vegas
>wears a sweater and doesnt feel hot

No. 584928

File: 1538694656146.png (1.06 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-10-04-15-46-39…)

No. 584930

Holy shit, her tits sag below her elbows. She’s like… 22, right? No kids?


No. 584931

73 degrees is totally cool enough for a sweater, anon. Where the fuck are you from, Antarctica?

No. 584933


Rapid weight gain and loss over the years. Saggy tits isn't uncommon really. Moo sure does like to make it look like she has a perfectly round pair in her Patreon sets though. All about that body positivity right?

No. 584934

moo is mostly fat tho anon.

No. 584936

File: 1538697155366.jpg (Spoiler Image, 79.13 KB, 742x544, DaO11C4WAAA50zE.jpg)

She def is. And as a reminder, this was when she was 40 pounds lighter. All chunk, no muscle

No. 584937

File: 1538697196094.png (744.53 KB, 640x1155, vlcsnap-2018-10-04-20h52m38s69…)

No. 584938

File: 1538697213813.png (777.02 KB, 640x1155, vlcsnap-2018-10-04-20h52m57s49…)

No. 584939

Any semblance of those ankles are long gone.

No. 584940

Yes Momo, we know you love us more than your actual fans.

No. 584941

I remember when this first was posted and all the costhots went nuts to show off their flaws. Because she was still the in crowd. When anon really only showed it as a lol you don't retouch really Moo.

No. 584944


She's so fucking cringe while out shopping.
Moo can't enter a store without acting like a child.

No. 584945

This is a succubus? Looks like she threw on latex and shopped her teeth. You can't even tell if those are horns or something on her head, jesus.

Can't even say I'm surprised at how lazy this is, i really can't lol.

No. 584946

Depending on what state you're in, most states don't require any amount of schooling to become a pharmacy technician. You just have to go take and pass a test.

No. 584947

That one droopy eye is fucking brutal, dude.

No. 584948

Her butt creases are so small, it doesn't look right…

No. 584949

She looks so normal here. Now her outside looks like her inside.

No. 584957

Sadly this is one of her best shoots. Likely because it's dark.

If you mean like the "w" Hank Hill, she shopped Vamp's ass once and it basically looked the same. Maybe she edits the edits? I dunno.

No. 584958

Yup, everyone was insisting that picture was taken to be toxic. Thus spuring, "her durr, we all have flaws gaiz". When it was in reality, as you said, to prove that moo is liar and always shops her photos.

No. 584959

Holy shit her back is like zoidberg cause of her 4 back boobs

No. 584960

Is there any proof she's even read or played anything Witcher? Because Triss is probably one of the worst characters she could've picked. Regardless, I might break if she ruins it.

No. 584963

Funny, I was in Boca Park the same time she was. Kinda glad I didn’t run into her, I don’t think I can stomach the smell of hot dog water.

No. 584965

File: 1538703502525.png (952.25 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-10-04-18-36-18…)

At antares's. The dressform she's using for Moo is significantly smaller than Moo's actual body

No. 584966

File: 1538703528169.png (828.36 KB, 720x1148, Screenshot_2018-10-04-18-36-37…)

No. 584968


Am I colorblind….it looks green?

No. 584969

That looks… wow.

No. 584970

Anon, sorry for OT, but which character here is a sexual abuser?

No. 584972


Uhhh it's just worbla guys. It's not primed/painted yet

No. 584973

Not the same anon, but probably Triss.

No. 584977

it’s been 16 days since she did cam, right? Did that die?

No. 584978

i dont understand why people use this filter or whatever

also thanks i hate it

No. 584980

Definitely past her “two week break” lol I wouldn’t doubt it if they dropped her and she was trying to save face/hope people forgot.

No. 584981


I don't know much about crafts, but wouldn't it be easier to paint it first and then add the decoration in the middle to avoid it getting colored too?

No. 584982

why the fuck is she watching it on a Chinese site?

No. 584983

It’s probably a placeholder just so she can show off a wip.

No. 584985

big mouth filter never looks as bad on a regular person as it does with her, prolly cus she's such a pinhead like its scary on her idk man

No. 584987

I can't imagine how bad it will be for Beatrice if its a proper open back corset like hers. Hilarious they couldn't even have this done on the proper Umineko days either.

No. 584988

I think this link is dead?

No. 584989

Triss from The Witcher. She takes advantage of the main character's amnesia to sleep with him multiple times, it's definitely messed up. Probably not the best choice for Mariah in the midst of a sexual assault scandal, but no one ever accused her of being smart.

No. 584990


Imagine being so bad at caming they fire you

No. 584993

That'd not her younger sister, that's her mom

No. 584994

No, it was her younger sister Sydney.

No. 584996

Sydney is the better daughter. She's not a disappointing failure like Mariah.

No. 584998

Sydney wasnt in those stories tho? with papamoo and mamamoo arguing over the cat (idk i didnt watch it with sound)

No. 584999

Remember when the sister was saying "My sister doesn't do porn! She has more pride than that!"
since then she hasn't said shit. I think her whole family agrees not to talk about Momo's line of work

No. 585000


It's definitely her sister, not her mom.

No. 585002

Her best friends lover at that…

Art imitates real life?

No. 585003

I know she's trying to be funny, but funny she ain't.

No. 585006

i find this hilarious that she needs to wear a mascot sized head to make her body look at all proportional.

No. 585009

Wouldn't be that bad if the super tacky plastic gems didn't ruin it

No. 585012

File: 1538712683343.png (635.95 KB, 654x727, Tw3_journal_brewess.png)

As long as she keeps her greasy fingers away from Yen I'm not mad.

However since she wants "big builds" why not try brewess? A perfect fit

No. 585020

She always thinks people will forget. About everything and every lie. But the internet never forgets.

No. 585021

Don't assume that anon. Her whole family is totally autistic.

No. 585022

The saddest thing? People would forget, if she didn't constantly try and keep up a lie.

No. 585023

Vamp has been over to her house a lot this week. I wonder if Moo is "uMU sad"

No. 585024

Her eyebrows always look so harsh. Not nice at all.

No. 585025

File: 1538718663235.jpg (36.76 KB, 480x480, IMG_8362.JPG)

>those stretch marks

No. 585026


Yea looks like it was ToS'd, prolly reported my moomoo or someone. This is why hopefully someone mirrored it or made it into a torrent. Not like we havent seen it all anyways, but still

No. 585029

She definitely reported it. It's clear she was scanning the thread that day.

No. 585032

File: 1538723989010.png (911.46 KB, 720x819, Screenshot_2018-10-05-00-17-55…)

I'm sure it would've angered orbiters

No. 585033

File: 1538724011184.png (939.11 KB, 720x816, Screenshot_2018-10-05-00-17-48…)

No. 585035

another gross guy

No. 585037


none of these people look like they bathe with any sort of regularity

No. 585038

All this time I thought that gucci fanny pack was red……as if that stupid bag could not get any uglier…..

No. 585039

Ah great that’s the target I go to. Maybe I’ll get to see her screeching in person

No. 585040

Oh Stella…. no Stella. Why you doing any work with Momo? You got some class.

No. 585041

That was like a year or more ago

No. 585044

OT but can a talented anon edit moo as a Crone in her cow tied getup?

No. 585046

File: 1538728515106.png (450.27 KB, 654x727, Tw3_journal_crones.png)

Moo, Vamp, and who else?

No. 585049

Same here anon, I avoided her by an hour there judging from the time that was posted. It’s bad enough I hear her screeching and see her acting like a dumbass at cons, I don’t need to experience it when I’m shopping too. Children are better behaved in public than she is.

No. 585052

At first glance I thougt she was lovingly looking down and holding a pregnant belly

No. 585053

File: 1538733531566.jpg (349.74 KB, 1000x1081, brewess moo.jpg)

It fits perfectly. Moo's perfect cosplay was in front of us this whole time!

No. 585055

This is perfection anon, I love it!

No. 585058

Everyone was supporting Moo back then.

No. 585061

It was after she pulled the charity scams, it was amazing when someone changed all the tags on Funimation's photos with her so they had to delete the photos and drop Moo

No. 585068


Deadlink, guess he removed it or moo and her white knights reported it?

No. 585073

I didn't say that she wasn't retarded, I said that out of the two daughters, she's the better one.

No. 585074

This already has my vote for next thread pic

No. 585082

Antares ? I dunno, who is viciously supporting her dumb ass right now?

Some talented anons here. I'm dead

No. 585119

File: 1538755494041.png (104.25 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-10-05-08-34-34…)

No. 585120

File: 1538755517824.png (832.92 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-10-05-08-34-49…)

No. 585123


I have no idea about what Umineko is about, so what is this?? What's up with "the first day" and "second day"? Is this some Majora's Mask type of thing?

No. 585124

The hell is this? Trying to combine a Henry Ford quote with Umineko red text? She has to make up for having no Umineko cosplay like everyone else is posting right now I guess.

No. 585125

File: 1538755894223.jpeg (908.42 KB, 1222x1726, F8ACC366-C0B3-4F8C-B8ED-D99DBA…)

One of moos victims used to date the guy in that photo?

No. 585130


Oh, I see. Thanks for the explanation. Now it makes me wonder if moo thought that her lazy ass would manage to finish this film project on time and post it during these days lol tragic.

No. 585132

File: 1538756969689.png (1.31 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-10-05-09-26-59…)

How creamy. Wow Moo you like taking other people's boyfriends

No. 585136

Next thread pic. Literally the best birthday present ever, than you anon!

No. 585141

Whose costume is this supposed to even be?

No. 585143

The second one is clearly her being allowed to sexually assault people, anon!

Just kidding, but I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 585145

the story takes place on an island on the 4th and 5th of october. nothing happens until midnite on the 5th tho.

either way it's not that important at all.

No. 585146

So much Triss hate in this thread, I love it.

God bless art anons, and god bless that terrible bondage shoot. So much material for the next dozen thread pics. I can't see how Moo could get any worse, but I bet there are worse shoots still to come.

No. 585147

Shannon, the maid i think

No. 585148

No. 585152

nta but i wwas confused by the random bits of red where they don't belong.

No. 585153

so far 3 dresses are hugely innacurate

>beato's mess

we all know the issue with that one
i'm not really going to give this a pass, cause while it does look mermaid style sometimes in the manga, it's only when she's seated
>shannon's dress
too much red, the red should be burgundy anyway.

all in all, everything looks like cheap milanoo cosplay and lolita. gg moo, the only nice outfit is battler's which was bought.

not sure where "long haired beato" dress is, unless moo is an idiot and accidentally commissioned both cunty corset and antares to do shannon. we will see tho.

No. 585154

You mean 4 dresses. There's two Shannon dresses now. Both look horribly cheap.

No. 585156

Oh fucking man. Wasn't cosplay bunny another one of Mariah's victims? Fuck Mariah and this guy.

No. 585157

forgot about the """velvet""" one. i'm still really wondering why there's 2 shannon dresses and none of the elder beato.

No. 585158

She mentioned, while shooting one of her October shoots last year, that Moo touched her chest.
She slighted Cosplaybunny again by saying she was also lying and that her photography work for her Autumn Witch was "subpar".

No. 585161


She photographed one of her sets. She asked Moo for some professional tips, which she proceeded to answer by squeezing Bunny’s tits and saying something along the lines of “with these you’ll be fine”.

Since coming forward about her, Moo has since called the set she shot for her “subpar”, obviously only saying so since she was pissed at her only adding to evidence that shows how much of a piece of shit she is.

No. 585162

Cosplay Bunny is also the one who did Mariah's makeup for that shoot and its honestly the best her makeup has ever been

No. 585163


And as with the case with her other victims, she wasn’t friends with her, so she couldn’t use her bullshit “I thought I was just Messi g around with friends” excuse.

No. 585164

Thanks, anon.

Mariah with a bunch of cheap Autumn craft garbage and cosplaybunny's ex…I don't believe for a second that Mariah is smart enough to organize this kind of offense to Cosplaybunny but shit…

No. 585166

File: 1538768891016.jpg (93.9 KB, 736x920, c33daff877d79a2d4a2ddb6b050e56…)

sorry but pic related
like bitch how can you insult Bunny's photos when thats one of the only times lolcow had anything nice to say
that speaks volumes

No. 585167

I assume that she did this slight, because she's planning on doing the bullshit witch shit again this year and won't have Cosplay Bunny to do anything for her this time.

No. 585168

Seriously. This was the ONLY set she's done that made her look good.

No. 585169


She does it all the time. Someone does actually competent and professional looking work for her and she immediately tries to tear it down and call it trash since she knows she had nothing to do with it, then tries to do it again on her own only for it to look like complete dogshit.

How many professional looking peices has she stripped and tried to rebuild under the bullshit “I have such an eye for detail and something about it was just wrong. So I made it better” excuse?

No. 585172

This is the only makeup wherein she looks different (albeit a whole lot better). All her other ones she looks the same with just a different wig and bikini slapped on.

No. 585174

Not exactly a catch, he looks like Post Malone (with the same levels of hygiene)

No. 585183

i'm in love with this, next thread pic please

No. 585185

I really like this pic, but I'm kind of in the camp that we should use real pics of moo for OP pics, so maybe someone should make a collage with that and like some of her candid pics.

No. 585189

File: 1538779604241.png (838 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2018-10-05-15-45-36…)

>Flaunts pushing a car out of the street
>records someone's car that just was in a accident
I dunno if this is her car but w o w

No. 585191

a 4ft 60lb child can push a car when it's in neutral.

No. 585192


Still trying to push that retarded “stronk anime gurl who can crush your head between her thicc thighs” bullshit.

No. 585193

Bitch please. You got winded on cam bringing your carryout food up a flight of stairs.

No. 585198

File: 1538782400580.png (113.24 KB, 720x659, Screenshot_2018-10-05-16-31-12…)

The ass kissing caption is even more cringy.

No. 585201

Probabaly couldn’t talk because he was blown away by how huge and ugly she is in real life. I’ll bet it’s a fucking site to behold.

No. 585202

she did it to vamp her best friend why would anyone else be different

No. 585209

File: 1538787222834.png (638.26 KB, 720x954, Screenshot_2018-10-05-17-52-34…)

No. 585211

File: 1538787250688.png (730.4 KB, 720x1040, Screenshot_2018-10-05-17-52-48…)

Someone got dropped

No. 585212

File: 1538787446164.png (260.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181006-105333.png)

Newest post she's having an argument with a fan

No. 585213


She always has to get into a shouting match whenever she gets called on her dumb bullshit. She’s just pissy that no one is buying her “Trololololol it was a low effort costume in purpose lol XD” bullshit.


I’m going to take a guess that she is getting tripped up by a lot of legal red tape and permits she thought she wouldn’t have to go through thinking that she could just do whatever the fuck she wanted. She does have a history of thinking she can just go up to places and start filming without asking for permission or permits.

No. 585214

lmao she wishes anyone was actually that mad. nice of her to continue confirming that she lurks though. hi mariah!

No. 585216

She kept blowing it up as some kind of huge film production. I wouldn't be surprised if they looked into that and told her "Hey, stop it" or "you can't profit from this". It reminds me how a bunch of Pokemon fans made "Pokemon Uranium" and even though it was a fan game it was shut down.

No. 585217

they actually deleted the pics? i dont remember that, just the tags lmfao

No. 585218

She's a 23 year old woman screaming at a 17 year old over instagram. What a fucking world.

No. 585219


Mostly everyone is just laughing at her dumbass and thinks it’s another one of her shit cosplays that she is practically known for. But of course it’s easier for her to spin it as “Internet mad at me again for literally no reason” and play the victim.


It’s like when she tried filming at that pirate ship and she was asked to leave since she didn’t have any permits and wasn’t given permission to film there and she tried to spin it as “They were being so unprofessional and unreasonable!!!! It’s a public place so we should be allowed to film there!!!!!!!”

No. 585220

File: 1538788824777.png (204.06 KB, 640x479, smallbombs.png)

It's dumb shit, and since it's Mariah her video is gonna be extra dumb shit.

And she's gonna post dates (I forget if it happens over a longer period of time or not) to show what a woke fan she is. And broken ass quotes. And I think even with getting dragged she'll be extra full of hot air until this specific car crash is over.

No. 585222


Sounds like business as usual for her. No doubt she will be so high on her own farts thinking that she is some sort beacon of maturity and has it all figured out while she talks down to him.

No. 585223

Exactly. And she has the audacity to insult CB's work

No. 585224

i dont know if the words are worse or the tags


No. 585225

File: 1538789529855.png (44.48 KB, 720x271, Screenshot_2018-10-05-18-22-31…)

Whole conversation

No. 585226

File: 1538789562642.png (42.5 KB, 720x290, Screenshot_2018-10-05-18-22-49…)

Sorry some are in bits

No. 585227

File: 1538789585335.png (145.77 KB, 720x945, Screenshot_2018-10-05-18-23-05…)

No. 585228

File: 1538789627733.png (146.38 KB, 720x945, Screenshot_2018-10-05-18-23-17…)

No. 585229

File: 1538789650519.png (64.63 KB, 720x410, Screenshot_2018-10-05-18-23-24…)

No. 585230

She should consider looking in a fucking mirror.

She picks and chooses for her narrative all the time. She doesn't understand context. Bitch is as wide and dumb as a tree.

No. 585231

File: 1538789690020.png (122.55 KB, 720x894, Screenshot_2018-10-05-18-23-42…)

No. 585232

File: 1538789721802.png (111.97 KB, 720x738, Screenshot_2018-10-05-18-23-53…)

No. 585236

for a split second I thought she said "Throw me some loli's"

also welcome to Mariah's hugbox, young one. you will not enjoy your stay

No. 585237

it still blows my mind that after everything that's happened she still views herself as a victim and thinks everyone is out to get her. how unaware and egotistical can you be?

No. 585238

File: 1538791431559.png (697.65 KB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2018-10-05-19-02-20…)

>"Worrying does you no good. Just be, just do. Dont worry"

No. 585242

She said, unironically, having just ripped into some poor kid on her instagram because she's so butt bothered by haters all the time. Christ, she's such an insufferable fucking idiot.

No. 585243

Your have to be as thick as her to take it seriously though.
Is the younger generation that gullible?

No. 585244

>claim to be "so not bothered dot com"
>do this shit almost daily to disclaim yourself

No. 585245


God she is so fucking insufferable. Wish she would just shut the fuck up.

No. 585248

To be fair, her regular cosplay, the one she actually "puts effort into" looks just as bad as that one if not worse.

No. 585249

As another anon said, it's not trolling if you do it every fucking costume lol She's mad she can't make jokes anymore. Also, mad about the internet being mad about you? Who pays your bills? The internet.

No. 585250


Which is why no one is buying this “trololololol it was low effort on purpose!! You’re all buttmad over nothing lol XD”. It’s no different than any if her other shit tier cosplays and it’s obvious she just threw it together to latch on to the meme before it died out.

No. 585251

kana was just a troll too my dudes

No. 585253

Her big film project is going to be a bunch of bad acting by her calves and her screeching. All shot, badly, on a phone. Can't wait. The memes will be glorious. She will finally reach the level of fame she has been wanting but too bad it will all be ridicule and she will end up as even more of a joke than she is now. Again, can't wait.

No. 585254

Lambda? Really Moo? As if you can find someone else for your shitty Umineko project. Or is she planning on cosplaying Lambda with whoever is Bern for lesbian points?

No. 585259

File: 1538793654583.png (58.9 KB, 597x575, 2018-10-05-190304_597x575_scro…)

So I don't know if I'm gonna catch shit for self posting about this or not, but I don't know where else to go about this because I'm a bit distressed.

I made a video back when the allegations were in its prime basically compiling all the proof and receipts documenting her history of big controversies and bad stuff she did, making it a point to SPECIFICALLY not personally attack/shame her and sticking only to showing what she did and the proof. The site I was using to host a mirror got taken down so a couple days ago I was looking for alternatives and went to Vimeo.

The strange thing is quite literally seconds after the upload finished, it was instantly flagged as spam and my account locked down. I mean so fast that I watched the upload go to 100% and I didn't even get to type in a title, put in a description, change the thumbnail or even put in tags and my editing rights were already locked out. I have no idea how they managed to flag it so quickly and assumed it was a mistake, but I got this today. Never mind that none of these reasons given for the video's instant removal and my account's instant termination are accurate because, again, I made it a point to only provide proven facts and events that occurred with no personal attacks or inaccuracies. It was a sort of loose documentary style video that was simply a comprehensive collection of all the publicly available information and its proof in one video. I don't really know much about Vimeo- like I haven't heard about it doing sketchy things or anything, but there's only one single video uploaded there related to Momokun and it's a mirror upload of her "apology".

So yeah, find it weird that Vimeo was somehow so impossibly quick to flag this. I figured it might be a blanket ban on anything Momokun, but if that were the case then the mirror of her apology video shouldn't be there. I guess no documentaries are allowed there?

Anyway, if nobody cares about this, apologies for this post. It's probably tinfoil to the max but this entire thing for me has been reeking of some white knights at Vimeo lmao.

No. 585261

Bets on what happened? Did CC make it to the measurements she used before and it didn't fit Moo because she got too fat (not that this one looks like it will fit either)? Did she run out of money to pay CC after throwing 3k at DesignerDaddy? Is she just totally stupid and ordered 2 of the same dress? I'm dying to know now.

No. 585263

I'm sorry your hard work essentially went to waste.
Even on Instagram a few days ago, the mariah mallad tag was being filtered. She must be going through major social media sites and creating obstacles for people wanting to talk bad about her?

No. 585265

i think she accidentally had both make . she's missing the elder beatrice dress.

No. 585268

Thankfully my uploads on Facebook and Youtube are still up, although I dealt with takedowns for those too, lmao. After the original uploads blew up on their respective platforms (got 3k shares on FB and 60k views on youtube within days) they both got mysteriously spam reported and taken down for supposed "sexually explicit content" lmao. And my appeals failed too, despite the most sexually explicit content being photos of Moo's body and those photos being available on FB. I ended up uploading extremely heavily censored versions of the originals but by then the reach was already halved or worse so I guess they succeeded with that.

I wonder if she has fuccboi white knights looking out for her on every social media platform that's so vehemently hiding criticism and proof of her actions?

No. 585271


Exactly this. She tried to play it off like "omg it's a joke guys, I was trollin'" but like, 98% of her cosplays are just her in a shitty wig and a size too small bikini? Can't get mad that people took it as a serious attempt when most of your costumes these days are exactly what you did for your Bowsette.

No. 585274

small bombs are triggering.

No. 585281

Thanks anon, I wasn't sure. I've played some Witcher 3 but I never saw Triss in that light. It'd be hilarious but angering to see Moo in that cosplay, it fits her alright.

No. 585282

File: 1538796490749.gif (1.63 MB, 337x600, D32F5DEF-B87D-49F6-8579-A9A309…)

Vegas cosplayer can’t move or breathe! more at 11

No. 585283

You mean several sizes too small

No. 585285

where did she hide the rest of her?

No. 585286

linebacker as fuck im dying

do you think shes sewn in to this outfit too?

No. 585287

File: 1538796649643.png (770.97 KB, 1192x720, Screenshot_2018-10-05-20-29-14…)

No. 585288

Lol, looks like a mirror from Target. I have one and it makes me look a lot thinner. Sad that she still looks like a football player even in a slimming mirror AND a corset.

No. 585290

File: 1538796873893.png (765.96 KB, 1187x720, Screenshot_2018-10-05-20-29-19…)

Lucoa forestkun appears

No. 585291

File: 1538797025533.jpeg (389.15 KB, 750x897, D9D6F112-72D0-47A7-BCC7-DCDE82…)

No. 585292

File: 1538797135805.jpeg (40.24 KB, 750x121, DD315261-F88E-4962-9D99-AB3ED1…)

samefag to drop this

No. 585294


Yikes at those tree trunks she calls legs… even the black can't slim her down anymore. She's truly reached critical mass.

No. 585297

jesus, that looks painful.

No. 585299

Why does it look wrinkled already? I lied, maybe CC's Shannon would've been better

No. 585300

I honestly thought for a second that this was a pic of those ballsacks people put on their trucks. Her boobs look gross and painful.

No. 585301

File: 1538798191472.png (304.97 KB, 720x977, Screenshot_2018-10-05-20-55-37…)

EBay purchases: a bat stencil and these fugly earrings

No. 585302


when mariah is broke and forced to declare bankruptcy and move back in with her parents… I hope she remembers the time she spent 55 fucking dollars on these ugly ass earrings.

No. 585303

File: 1538798424039.gif (99.46 KB, 550x750, 09-05-14-shannon.gif)

cant she be more obvious about lurking here?
its the 80 mariah, stop. also the it isnt a second skirt, you already fucked up. even in the anime which is your ref it isnt a second skirt
and even if it was, it shouldn't be appearing like that

No. 585304


Lol holy fuck. She looks like a empty tube of toothpaste. I’m sure she’s fucking dying lol. I’d love to see the nightmare it was to actually grease her fat body into that.

No. 585305

File: 1538798553222.jpg (57.4 KB, 480x640, china shit.jpg)

I don't even understand what the fuck she is trying to say about the skirt.


I remember the Victorian 80s.

No. 585307

>pretty gold piping!!
Just say you don't care about the source material, fuck

No. 585308


She always has to add these unnecessary gaudy flourishes as her own personal touches so she can feel like she did something.

No. 585310

Its obvious she forced Cat to do Shannon first because CC dropped her so Cat probably has 0 time to work on Featherine properly. What about Bern? She buying it? Making Cat do that commission too?
Also what investor would wait for this shitshow? Its way past the "due date" and they don't have even half the shit down.

No. 585317


I will say it again- if any of those clasps break it will fly back through time and kill JFK

No. 585320

Can't even be helped to make a corset from scratch because they need one that can actually handle the stress.

No. 585324

This looks so bad. I can't wait to see her moving in this thing

No. 585327

File: 1538801759860.png (78.13 KB, 713x589, Screenshot_2018-10-05-21-54-36…)

Is this a troll I can't

No. 585336

I think it's great that Moochlette is putting cosplays up for sale because she's struggling financially this month which goes to show she's shit with her money when someone isn't paying for all of it, Moo, and her parents are done helping her when she hasn't learned anything. I do think Moochlette made Moo worse by having her go down the same drug thot path

No. 585339

You'd think at her age she'd know how to budget or have priorities by now, and as she lives on her own what a dumbass to get into financial trouble all while she regularly attended cons.

No. 585340

She wants to try and flex like her precious cash cow but lord knows she can't keep up and now she's paying the price (literally).

No. 585341

It's backfired badly, she must be in real trouble to sell off costumes. No Moo to the rescue this time it seems!

No. 585345

File: 1538807205134.png (476.28 KB, 599x1102, jokesonyoumariah.png)

Nothing was taken out of context, nobody was mad. Your troll just failed you idiot.

No. 585346

When Moo spends money on shitty projects that don't return profits, her pets suffer in the cold.
Someone cue the Sarah McLachlan songs and grayscale footage of Vamp.

No. 585352

Good god. There is no way that isn't incredibly painful. The boobs are clearly being pushed up and out because of the fat being pushed out of her midsection and that looks painful as well. This looks like it could actually injure her if she wears it for long periods of time.

No. 585359

>Making a "docuseries" about your cosplay video
Why? Who asked for that?

No. 585360

>>585352 wouldn't shock me if she had internal stomach issues due to these outrageous corsets.

No. 585361

lol good summation anon. the only "thicc" moo is is thick headed.

No. 585362

You know your proportions are permanently fucked when your shoulders become fatter than your hips.

No. 585369

File: 1538813683221.jpg (142.81 KB, 750x1334, DoPmRIKVAAASQ64.jpg)

Exactly, her and her pet Vamp love screeching about "context" whenever something they say is blasted

No. 585371

File: 1538815951640.png (556.59 KB, 901x451, shannon.png)

Oh my god she's obviously using the anime as reference, it's the only one that could possibly be interpreted as having a red underskirt when it obviously isn't. Look at the VN refs. It's amazing how she tries to say it's so important to her and then she goes and fucks up like this.

No. 585374

Odds are these are fake from China anyway. They should be with how tacky they look.

There's no way her skin isn't red bordering on purple under this. Jesus Christ..

No. 585378

Her leg (yes, just a SINGLE leg) looks almost as big as her waist. That is fucked up

No. 585380

File: 1538819428190.png (26.61 KB, 282x259, hot.PNG)

what does this even mean

No. 585381

It's apparently a title that "exists to highlight creators with 300 or more patrons who have seen the largest percentage patron growth in their category over the past 30 days" according to some tech site

No. 585382

>>585340 Retirement is inevitable if Vamp isn't getting any more money from Mariah, which could only mean that Mariah isn't pulling in big money like she used to.

I'm just happy to know that Mariah only had a few moves left in her arsenal before she's finally in checkmate. I'm sure it chaps her ass that she's only planning on attending two cons next year, and that's if she even decides to risk showing up over fears of public backlash.

No. 585389

I don't think she really chose to attend 2 cons, she's just scared of what might happen there. She didn't choose to go back to school either, she just realised that she fucked up her cosplay "career" beyond salvation. If people didn't speak about her sexual and online harassment, the thieving and so on she would still be on her merry way attending every con and con party she can.

No. 585390


>she fucked up her cosplay "career" beyond salvation.

When do you guys think was the earliest start of the end of moo's cosplay ~fame~?

No. 585392

this is one of the funniest things i've ever seen
the fact that someone spent money and time on making this abomination of a costume is peak humor imo. the fabric. the "accents." the silhouette. i swear to god, antares is just the most dedicated troll known to mankind.

No. 585393

This is so weird. This crop is a pretty nice butt, but it looks like it belongs to a lady that's around 130lbs. She really didn't luck out on the ass, did she? And with her tit reduction it's just kek.

No. 585394

File: 1538827201726.png (135.14 KB, 720x920, Screenshot_2018-10-06-04-56-21…)

Those rubber tubes you wear and try to pass off as corsets are not corsets. Also, doubtful you wore it to the job.

No. 585396


what "full time" job did you ever have mariahhhh

No. 585398

The only job she ever had was at Starbucks? Unless she still counts this sinking ship as a job.

Once again she's giving out ill advice, yikes

No. 585399

>full time jobs in corsets

Moo, being on a convention floor all afternoon is not a full time job.

No. 585411

The clap back argument between she and the 17 year old fan are deleted.

No. 585413

Is it even remotely possible for her to ever speak without including at least one lie? wtf is her problem?

No. 585419

She's probabaly talking about when she worked as a cosplay model for the store Anime Revolution here in Vegas. But I doubt it was a full time gig.

No. 585421

>we don't allow videos with an overall mean spirited vibe

What kinda tumblr bullshit is that? Sorry about your account. It's really dumb for it to be taken down

No. 585423

She legit has the gull to act like she had anything to do with this costume, while in the same sense saying she can't even sew something as simple as an ascot and apron?

Such a great cosplayer

No. 585425

tumblr bullshit? Have you like gone to tumblr? There is like 10000s of fuck no blogs and gossip blogs on there.
This is just businesses not giving a fuck bullshit.

No. 585429

>used to do full time corset jobs

These lies are hilarious

No. 585433

Holy shit now I'm sure Momo is retarded. A 17 year old fan was defending her and she attacks him. Also, if I was a nsfw content blog or whatever, the fact that he said he was 17 would get him banned from my page. Like I thought Momo age restricted her shit? She is def not for children

No. 585434

You know I can't wait for her to go to a con and faint because she can't breath and all her friends to leave her when she falls. Because you know, karma since she did the exact same thing.

No. 585435

She doesn't age restrict anything, going back to her older threads, she said other kids were "fans" of her work and she talked about cumming and tagged a video of her with a kid. She's disgusting

No. 585436

dude it looks like the dress would only last one wear before the seams come undone. It looks like just a small sneeze will cause the whole thing to fall apart. If she sits down in that dress it wont last. TF

No. 585441

but that's sick. She's that desperate for fans? If you say you produce porn and make nsfw content why the hell would you allow kids to look at your shit? She's so desperate for views. I'm not sure how she wasn't taken down for not age restricting her shit.

No. 585446

File: 1538849660252.png (648.4 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-10-06-11-13-01…)

No. 585447

File: 1538849684470.png (937.58 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2018-10-06-11-13-08…)

No. 585448

File: 1538849701192.jpg (6.5 MB, 5760x3840, big bitch baby hands.jpg)

No. 585449

the one where she shoves chick's face into her saggy tit. i know she smelt something horrible

No. 585450

If this set is supposed to be sexy it fails, Sakura is what sixteen in that Naruto arc? And moo is cosplaying a teacher basically sexually harassing an underage girl? Wtf Mariah? Bitch learned nothing.

No. 585452

File: 1538850108793.jpg (76.24 KB, 518x392, eww.jpg)

Her face though ….

No. 585455

No anon. She's comparing compression wast trainers to actually working in corsets. She likes projecting. She probably watched KUWK in high school/"college" and thought "WOW Thats easy I can wear shit too!" and now assumes no one can breathe with their diaphragm in them [which is hard but doable, especially if you are doing it RIGHT and NOT just tightening it as much as possible]. No way in hell she worked with one, but an elastic, overhyped, spandex one that idiots also wear to the gym would wear. That or she is assuming everything Penny Underbust says is true even though she wears her's 20hrs a day like a dumbass and still doesn't do it right. She has been on a spree with liking her content lately tbh. Probably because Envy dropped her and so did her hopes of getting into Kelly's group, but Penny is a sad sack so I can see Moo attempting to get in her good graces by feigning ignorance about corsets and trainers and the massive ♥s on a lot of Penny's posts this past two months which weren't there before.

No. 585456

she said it wasn’t, just a ~fun shoot because they didn’t want to lewd young Sakura

No. 585458

they both look the age of their characters, which is just a big yikes on moo's part. i really can't understand why she keeps doing these shoots with girls that are so much younger and prettier than her

No. 585459

This is shit is so annoying. Is she gonna do this every day for rest of the month?

No. 585463

Forestkun is taken off in this one. To whomever that received this set: was this on Miso's Patreon or Moo's this was released?

No. 585465

Nta, but I think they both released it as kind of a freebie set

No. 585466

Really? Why would she take off forest-kun for the Miso part of the set? This girl makes 0 sense

No. 585467

Fun fact that dumbass Mariah got wrong cause shes a fucking fraud as usual, Tsunade only wore that necklace for a short time in Naruto the original series yet here she is with the time skip Sakura from Shippuden. Can't wait for her vague response about "gatekeeping"

No. 585468

I'd love for her to preach gatekeeping when she also did the same shit

No. 585470


She's done it many times already. Iirc the last time was about all the people suddenly cosplaying FATE without really watching it, and how uncool that was. No sense of self-awareness.

No. 585471


Just when you thought her shoulders couldn't get any wider.

No. 585473

I'd say Kanna was the beginning of the "ew momo wtf are you doing"
Thats when the cosplay community i think first started to show how much it disliked her

No. 585474

She used to waist train and wear those fake waist training rubber corsets in 2015 before she was famous. its the only reason she had any shape as Petra

No. 585475

File: 1538853918093.jpeg (220.86 KB, 750x992, A9BB80DF-35F2-41DC-A048-A8B2DB…)

No. 585476

She's complaining about trends but did Bowsette and was going to lewd Cuphead (when I doubt she even played the game)

No. 585477

Could you even imagine the backlash she would've gotten? I think it'd be worst back then honestly, she still had her Twitter.

No. 585478

There's no way she can breathe normally in this. She's gonna kill her organs instead of losing weight like a normal person. wow

No. 585480

Is this a spoiler for Umineko? I thought Moo hated when people spoiled stuff ?

No. 585482

What is going on with Moo's right hand?? It looks like playdough

No. 585485

I bet the extent of her Nero references are just saying “umu”

No. 585486

She probably pronounces it wrong which why people don’t get it.

Didn’t she want some fate character to have a completely inaccurate Indian accent?

No. 585487

File: 1538856552238.png (459.91 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-10-06-13-07-36…)

No. 585488

File: 1538856575774.png (853.46 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-10-06-13-07-56…)

No. 585489

File: 1538856665942.jpeg (175.35 KB, 750x537, 38BD33E6-1D5D-4AD6-8A95-9ABF5C…)

No. 585492

File: 1538856917287.jpeg (197.31 KB, 742x845, 27638045-8316-4742-9F56-870B45…)

No. 585493

File: 1538857220453.jpeg (52.03 KB, 297x307, 8B899747-E7C0-4AB0-817C-B93CBA…)

Kek nice save moo

No. 585495

File: 1538857557466.jpg (31.02 KB, 600x662, steve-ohoho.jpg)

whew, I've never seen this before

can I get a "yikes," anons?

No. 585497

Been shared before

No. 585498

File: 1538858085970.png (1 MB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-10-06-13-33-08…)

No. 585499

File: 1538858110068.png (427.09 KB, 718x941, Screenshot_2018-10-06-13-33-30…)

No. 585502

She switches between Australian and Italian accents it's a little gross at how little of an idenity she has

No. 585504

Lmao this shit is rapey as hell

No. 585506

Back to this topic, if it wasnt fucking KawaiiBro and some small cosplayer she would have fucking torn into the poor person that “its not right and that they need to know the series before cosplaying”

No. 585507

>it's so beyond clean

Pretty sure it's not even clean anymore after the dress trial.

No. 585510

File: 1538860331301.jpg (11.92 KB, 251x63, butthurtlol.JPG)


>tfw you know that nobody of your neckbeards fans gives a damn about this project

No. 585511

I remember this being posted a while back. She was passive aggressively telling him he was wrong later in the thread, I think

No. 585515

This feels like shade at Nana or whoever it was.

Apparently not lmao

It wasn't, and I think it was technically an illegal job too.

No. 585518

But Sakura's head is pressed against her tits…

Someone was asking. >>585486

No. 585520

File: 1538863088339.jpg (12.58 KB, 600x315, jesuschrist.jpg)

No. 585521

someone asked for it, anon.

No. 585534

File: 1538865684849.jpeg (140.81 KB, 728x1068, F2988C6E-F7B1-4C9D-B9CA-1A7D58…)

What’s that about not being a sexual person Mariah? Hmm

No. 585535

She's just fucking gross.
Who even says that when there's a child in the video clip? Oh wait Moo would.

No. 585536

File: 1538866097251.png (999.69 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-10-06-15-46-52…)

No. 585537

File: 1538866152482.png (1.22 MB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-10-06-15-46-57…)

So what happened to that other cosplay she bought?

No. 585538

File: 1538866177295.png (855.87 KB, 707x1189, Screenshot_2018-10-06-15-47-03…)

No. 585539

do it you coward, make everything even more inaccurate.

No. 585540

So more inaccurate cosplay? good job, moo

No. 585541

what the hell is wrong with her that she's so comfortable lewding children or being lewd around children?

No. 585543

It is actually disturbing how she has a pattern going on with this sort of shit.

No. 585544

She has to be into ageplay. I refuse otherwise lol

No. 585545

Is she asking this seriously? Like neckbeards care where the placement of the symbol is on man's jacket?

No. 585546

And yet she cosplayed Lancer Arturia when she clearly doesn't play FGO. HMMMMMM

No. 585547

Well that mommy/pregnancy kink she was diving into when she first did Camversity was enough to convince me she's definitely into some fucked up shit.

No. 585548

To be fair (sorry), I think that's a half truth.

She's vanilla milquetoast as hell irl, but plays it up to gross levels online.

Ahhh, you didn't need it explained, the picture shows enough. She's just a fucking normie who pretends to be "so sexually woek hentai irl my dudes" when munted or when online.

No. 585549

The only people who care are us, and we will mock her either way.

No. 585552

That's half true. The new placement is indeed stupid to anyone who is knowledgeable about Umineko. But hey, the biggest Umineko fan ever should know why on her own.

No. 585554

Last cinematic had Genji's mask.
New cinematic has Genji's crest.

No. 585555

Well, before that she said she had a dad kink so…

No. 585556

Uh how dare you anon, she loves Fate Go so much that when he account got suspended, she bought another one for hundreds of dollars on eBay!!!
>Never forget Moo crying over her b& FGO account because "I REALLY THINK THAT THE SERVANTS CHOOSE YOU"

No. 585558

She likes to say the opposite of how she feels. She became a Mei cosplayer while barely playing over watch. Just like how she yelled at that 17 year old and said "Everyone wants to be on the Momokun hate train!" When she forgot that literally just a day ago how much love and support she gets

No. 585559

Sooo along with the sexual assault it would be fantastic if she started getting roasted for her extremely racist behavior. Ya know, since she likes to pretend she's a POC. I want her to get dragged for being a sexual predator AND a racist homophobe.

No. 585560

She's a narc is all. She likes abusing anyone and everyone. She doesn't get sexual gratification from it, but it is predatory in a way. As long as she hurts or damages people/children. Why she's so proud that kids look at her porn.
Can't explain this to Momo. She can murder someone and she won't think she's in the wrong.

No. 585562

File: 1538872050365.png (776.43 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-10-06-16-52-22…)

No. 585564

File: 1538872074899.png (677.72 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2018-10-06-16-52-49…)

No. 585565

That Gucci pack must smell like a jockstrap by now.

No. 585566

bubbas going fishin n huntin

No. 585568


When Grandma decided to live alone, we all decided LifeAlert was the way to go. Her safety was first in our minds, and the button can hide in her nasty ass Gucci Fannypack!

So we have the school sperging BS, the Lewding Holidays BS, and the fake positivity BS after calling out someone on SM. We've been here this time last year, so whats next in the "shit Mookunt does every October"?

No. 585569

File: 1538872966373.png (113.81 KB, 720x748, Screenshot_2018-10-06-17-40-54…)

No. 585570

File: 1538873005076.png (132.61 KB, 720x811, Screenshot_2018-10-06-17-41-12…)

No. 585571

File: 1538873034666.png (137.72 KB, 720x933, Screenshot_2018-10-06-17-40-38…)

No. 585572

are we sure it wasnt actually red, and she just already ruined it

No. 585575

"corset by castle corsetry"
SO CC made you an entire cosplay and it didn't fit, so you made Antares make you another one and you kept the corset from CC's ensemble
not like CC cares whether u wear it or not she already got your money

No. 585576

"hey sakura i'm going to stare at your boobs, shove you into mine, and now force you to get drunk!"

No. 585578

I wouldn't give a shit if she had just cropped the little girl out but this is beyond fucking creepy

No. 585583

it cracks me up that she's still replying to us in the thread. you can list her fabric choices all night long, they're still ugly as sin & right off the party store rack.

No. 585585

There are SO many spots where they tried to liquefy her fat smaller that they completely destroyed the quality. Like the boob face one, where her hair is touching her back. It's just one giant lump of smeared pixels. Background warping around her body, like jesus christ. This is so low effort and still so shitty.

No. 585588

File: 1538877591547.png (1.12 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-10-06-18-58-32…)

Cat loves responding as well. Who fucking cares who you're working on next

No. 585591

File: 1538877833905.png (279.93 KB, 511x632, Screenshot_2018-10-06-19-02-03…)

Etsy addition

No. 585593

Here's to hoping she splashes out on these costumes that will never suit her only to go bust one day like her dearest pal Moochlette.

No. 585594

Lol peacock… If she wore that overpriced shit shed look like mothra.

No. 585596

Amusingly she mostly uses etsy as a lookbook and grabs cheap knockoffs from Alibaba/eBay/Anteres. She's so supportive of the community and the small artists, my dudes!

No. 585603

I kind of hope she does this, so SJWs complain about appropriation if she does a Samba/Carnival outfit because I want to see another mass shitshow

No. 585606

File: 1538881284832.png (1.28 MB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-10-06-19-59-23…)

No. 585609

File: 1538881442841.png (755.64 KB, 720x961, Screenshot_2018-10-06-20-00-19…)

>fucks with Momo when its a deletable 24 hour instastory
>"I mAdE DiS FoR My FrIeNd"

No. 585610

File: 1538881465475.jpg (46.5 KB, 720x480, FB_IMG_1538881234424.jpg)

No. 585612

It sucks, because length and inaccuracies aside, I think if the right person wore this with a petticoat underneath, it might still look nice. But when it's stretched to its limit like we saw earlier…

No. 585613

im sure it wasnt worth the amount mariah paid tho

No. 585614

biggest load of crap ever. Her face was puffy and red from the corset and the cosplay in general being way to small

No. 585615

Well, the mega link I posted was taken down. Thanks Mariah, you absolute cow. Nobody's gonna give you any more money until you do porn.

No. 585617

I mean, she is paying to pretend to be famous. She actually started replying to her paetron, this is a first

No. 585618

wait where did she fuck with momo?

No. 585619

"fuck with" as in "is friends with" or likes etc.
common phrase to say "i fuck with ___"

No. 585620

Figure of speech. I meant she goes along with Momo's antics but doesn't share her name when it matters (in public)

No. 585627


Of course- patreon is her last hugbox. She cannot control narrative anywhere else and she sire as fuck isn't making money anywhere else. But hey only took her 3 years…..

No. 585629

File: 1538888589022.png (26.24 KB, 550x384, blocking people.png)

I guess she's blocking people on Patreon?

No. 585639

File: 1538890589011.png (1.2 MB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-10-06-22-35-21…)

No. 585640

The jewel pieces she bragged about finding on eBay are hideous.
The characters are pretty much all extremely high class, and wealthy.

This is costume tier jewelry, casting something out of resin would have looked so much better.
And isn’t even that hard.

No. 585641

no way
costume jewelry looks nicer

No. 585643

wtf is this shit… dont this bitch know about primer?

No. 585655

Sabrina mentioned in her stream "if its momo its a nono"

No. 585665

File: 1538901244522.png (1.14 MB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-10-07-01-31-42…)

No. 585666

lol don't insult rhett and link like that. their friendship is actually solid, not shallow and rooted in famewhoring, money grubbing, and blackmail like yours and vamps, you cow.

No. 585667

Holy shit moo stop revealing you don't know shit about umineko please.

No. 585670

File: 1538902799120.jpeg (40.89 KB, 275x275, 2815D017-426A-4F08-9A4A-9C054B…)

god moo can you not compare yourself to the internet dads? They deserve better than that. A more accurate description of you a vamp would be a garbage bag and the bin that it goes in.

No. 585676

this sakura outfit is from the last, nice reach but she was an adult there

No. 585678

maybe you should have used fabric that isn't the cheap chinese silk they use for halloween store capes. embarrassing

No. 585682

File: 1538908586143.jpg (273.86 KB, 783x931, thatsahugebitch.jpg)

lol you wish moo you're literally the opposite.
rhett and link are genuine daddies that have personality than you pretend to have, you're more like a beached manatee and Vamp the barnacles on your cooked body.

No. 585683

Yeah she had a huge DDlg kink and was into lolis and lewding them but did a 180 after getting called out for lewding Kanna and acted like she was into being called mommy then dropped everything about lolis. Idek what she did with the loli sweater she had

No. 585687

File: 1538910947949.jpg (378.25 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181007-041256_Ins…)

Within the past 24 hours, she tried to promote overpriced sets on her website, and now she's trying to sell a mic.

She can flex all she wants to, but she isn't fooling anyone. She's going broke.

Also, Tattoo-kun was grossed out by a woman's hairy legs in his IG story, so the theory that Mariah grew out her pit hair for Nick is DOA. She's just a gross, lazy bitch.

No. 585690


I'm dying to know how much she currently makes through patreon, how much money she wastes on the other hand for useless shit every month and how much money she throws out of the window for the umineko project. Shit ain't looking good for Moo (and Vamp). I guess the Japan trip will be her last big flex.

No. 585691

Moo at it again with her blocking and lack of communication with her supporters on Patreon, but as usual she still expects money from them.

No. 585696

>unblock me so I can pay you
Aaron needs to love himself more.

No. 585702

>"I'm getting a new one"
My ass. She completely stopped streaming on CamV, she doesn't need one anymore. She's just getting desperate for money.

No. 585703

This is hilarious because:
Patreon money JUST dropped. if she's already desperate she must have been asking people to let her pay later for her commissions from them etc to have already burnt through that money.

No. 585708

These are the sort of fans she has. She can murder a kitten and they will still want to pay her money for her mediocre sets, it's like they're brainwashed. They're desperate, like this one who's been blocked, instead of just saying fuck it and not giving Moo money because of what she's done, he's doing the complete opposite and still wants to pay up. She a laughing all the way to the bank with how much she treats her mini atm machines and she knows full well she has them wrapped around her finger.

No. 585709

File: 1538921786538.png (100.27 KB, 440x660, BC062476-2CDB-4666-A247-D71CB9…)

this is her shipuuden outfit dumbass. Sakura wore that as a mid-teenager her last outfit is THIS at age 19. pay attention lmaooo

No. 585710

I stand by my theory that all of her fans are into feeder fantasy/degredation porn so they desperately want to look at her stuff because tbh it's not the easiest thing to find on the internet.

I'd be willing to bet that at least half of her remaining fanbase keep a picture of her old sets next to the new ones to see how far she's fallen from someone who could realistically thought of as 'pretty' to someone fatter and more grotesque than they themselves are. She's really the ultimate incel fantasy a 'stacy' who fell into being a slut because she was the money hungry (and regular hungry) 'femoid' they think all women are. They defend her now because they don't want her to change they want to see how far she can continue to fall with the minimal amount of attention she gets.

She's basically their case point in 'women only put in effort when they're trying to get chads because if you're just giving them money they will reveal themselves to be the disgusting eldritch beasts that they TRULY are'

tl;dr they're not her fans DESPITE her being disgusting and nasty they're her fans BECAUSE she's disgusting and nasty

No. 585712

And most of her fans post in comments how they only want to see her with her tits out and do porn

If your fans are only your fans because they want to see you naked, and not because of your hard work that shows a lot on what kind of person you are and what people you attract, so much for not wanting to be known only for doing lewds

No. 585713

How on earth are you unable to do the wing on the lapel, it's a flat surface, it's (supposedly) the same fabric as everywhere else, how in the ever loving fuck? Moo is that desperate to show that she's a professional cosplayer that gives her cosplays a lot of consideration, but she always end up looking like an incompetent idiot.

No. 585717

"This set is my dream, I've been wanting to do it forever ma dudes!"

buys a ill-fitted blue and red pile of buyer's remorse

"This obviously easy lapel design is hard, so do you think I should just do another character's design instead??"

commissions shit cosplays, can't even be helped to do right on the one she's making

The amount of effort she puts in a "dream cosplay" describes her perfectly.

No. 585724

Wow… I can actually see the appeal if you're into degradation thing with the side by side photos and her constant spiraling downfall.
The comments on her camshows support the feeder fetish 100% too. Multiple guys mentioning wanting her to stay at home to get bigger, asking how full she is when she eats and if she can keep going, and saying how they would feed her when she can't leave the house anymore.

No. 585731

File: 1538929716624.jpg (21.03 KB, 720x355, 38924139498.jpg)

No. 585739

I just saw bunny flexing a VR set apparently funded by her fans…. Hey, moo, you ever get presents from fans? Because that would suggest that they actually see you as human.

No. 585745

no its gotta be that pic in nyc where mariah sat on a pile of legit garbage bags

No. 585748

Wasn't she just streaming through her fucking laptop anyways?

Reminder her bf at the time built the PC she just gave to Vamp. She was supposed to use it for streaming games. Obv that's because it was bought with Patron funds "specifically" for this purpose

No. 585751

She was doing her CamV streams through her laptop even though she was doing "editing streams" on her main desktop as well. She never had the mic, I don't think, when she was just on her laptop. I didn't see it used on her main desktop either.
Anyways, she claims she gave Vamps her old set up and bought new monitors for her own ~new desktop~ but it looks like she just kept the old set up where it was. I don't know WHY she's deciding to get a new mic. Maybe she's trying to stream again because Sabrina, Bunny and Susu are streaming but she didn't even keep a consistent schedule back when she just put on more pounds.

No. 585752

the addition of Vamp makes this god like lol

No. 585769


Can’t really disagree with that. This is probably her yet again seeing all the success the other cosplay girls are enjoying right now and wanting a piece of that pie. Except she doesn’t realize in order to stream she actually has to be funny, charming and engaging towards her fans and not screech like a retard into to mic and spend the whole time black meme spouting into the camera and not acting like a cunt to them every time she sees something she doesn’t like or getting called out.. They aren’t going to put up with her shit like they did on Camversity which she only got by on by being as trashy as she could be without going full nude.

No. 585794

Susu also commented thanking fans for buying her a VR set too. It was apparently her first twitch stream and she already got a $500 piece of equipment funded. Moo couldnt even make that with tits out on a cam site

No. 585803

Nobody fucking cares about the calves unless its milk (relating to moo)
Costhots are costhots

No. 585805

The last time she streamed she brushed on dried acrylic paint on her Roadhog prop my dudes it was invigorating.
If she did stream it'd be better if she just didn't. She has the personality of a water ham.

No. 585807


I believe that was also her “I love my body so much uwu. I was so miserable when I was thinner!!!” cry stream.

Because that’s what people watch streams for. Crying about eating disorders and emotional abuse from her parents. For some reason that’s what she immediately goes to when she runs out of shit to talk about. Sob stories about how bad her life is.

No. 585810

They arent calves, moo copies them often so they get brought up

No. 585811

And when she isn't crying about eating disorders/abuse she'll complain about how she smokes weed because of bullies and takes adderall

No. 585812

Who cares. The cosplays are garbage, the shoot was garbage, and Naruto is garbage.

Mariah probably didn't even know her own character's age, let alone the age of the one the other tart was cosplaying. She just knew that neckbeards like watching women pretend to be into each other.

No. 585814

Even then, Tsunade is in her 50's, that's gross

No. 585833

File: 1538950075442.jpg (95.71 KB, 720x611, 20181007_150102.jpg)

I know Mariah likes to brag about her frivolous spending more often than not, but in this particular case, I can't help but think that she probably paid closer to 7k than 4k on these costumes and their components. I think she knows the craftsmanship on everything is very mediocre, especially on the dress that was made by the guy who specializes on Disney-inspired designs.

She always talks about how October is such a huge month for her, and yet I've seen nothing that validates any of her claims. We're a full week in, and she hasn't done shit, other than her hairy armpits and pussy impromptu set.

No. 585834

Wouldn't it have been better if this was molded, cast in resin, sanded/primed/painted/etc? I understand trying not to break the bank for cosplay but damn…

No. 585841


bro, this ugly and cheap looking
much like momo

No. 585843


Do we have confirmation on the cost of commissioning dresses from that Disney guy? I think $3K was floated around for the cost of that dress, but that was coming from Mooriah, so who knows. If it is true, she paid Cat a thousand dollars for that maid's dress?

No. 585844

>>585843 I'm not home, so I can't do a thorough investigation, but I'm thinking back to the MyOppa plagiarism. I may be wrong, but I thought the Red Riding Hood dress ended up costing over 2k, since Mariah probably paid extra for an expedited/high priority service. And since we know Mariah doesn't do shit until the last minute, I have no reason to believe she actually put in a work order several months ago with CC.

From what I've seen, Daddy's dresses are typically in the 3k-6k range on average. Considering the fact that he attempted a custom piece by request that was obviously out of his wheelhouse, I would imagine he took no less than 5k before he threaded his first needle.

No. 585845

Mariah had said the CC ripoff costed more than MyOppa"s original, she deserved to get scammed because if she had've waited a few more months for MO's commissions to be open and emailed the right address she would've avoided all of that, and did she even give the money to that charity?

No. 585846

File: 1538951928059.png (720 KB, 1322x532, LBBow.PNG)

Ladybeard is doing his Bowsette cosplay and even his post can't escape the void that is momo.

No. 585847

Lmao. I bought a full body armor (helmet included) for 1k, from a great propmaker. I really hope she's lying, because if she's not… this girl gets scammed all the way and back

No. 585848

File: 1538952410715.png (688.09 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-10-07-13-42-51…)

No. 585849

File: 1538952441712.png (876.71 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-10-07-13-43-51…)

No. 585851

>>585845 Well, if she really didn't donate to the Save The Wolves thing, I'd say there's a small chance that she pocketed some extra money in order to compensate for overspending on that stolen Red Riding Hood design.

No. 585852

File: 1538952662942.png (864.8 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2018-10-07-15-48-28…)

>apparently hurt her back so bad she needs a massage
>Said the cause was from her sleeping incorrectly on the sofa, so she wouldn't wake Jaeda

No. 585853

Shouldn't that crest be on the lapel?

No. 585854

have you not been following the thread?


No. 585856

I think that's what Designer Daddy actually charges, because 'omg he's so popular omg Disney' so he can get away with charging ridiculous prices for his somewhat mediocre work and Moo thinks she's super cool for having a TOP designer make her dream project dress lol. What a fool.

No. 585857

File: 1538952987710.jpg (140.88 KB, 857x1200, DmVPkl4VAAEPNjR.jpg)

Christ I didn't even notice she didn't get the crest itself right. It should be an outline, not the whole thing.

Channeling Jeffree Star's looks, isn't she?

No. 585858

>Unblock me so i can pay you

This is some severe degrees of self cucking.

No. 585859

Doesn't she idolise him or some shit? She has no personality of her own so once again has to want to be someone else.

No. 585868

i mean, it goes to show how vapid, boring, and self absorbed she is

No. 585869

File: 1538955923241.jpg (245.34 KB, 960x540, tumblr_p39iikWPC11tyw21qo1_128…)

>I understand trying not to break the bank for cosplay but damn…

>while she spend "4k" on "two" costumes

No. 585873

The "charity" was ran by her friend anyway. There was no talk of the money after it blew up on Twitter etc.

No. 585884

Underrated comment

No. 585886

Holy shit…it's bad enough that the wing not on the lapel, but it's not even an outline, oh my god, she's better off using the aliexpress costume because this is embarassing. So much love for Umineko, and so much attention to details, my dude.

No. 585887

fml I'm sorry for spamming my internet shit itself and this was the result (30min have passed)

No. 585892

It’s crooked????? Lol
And not even an outline? How is she so bad

No. 585893

lol you just turned 23 and your body is already this shit?? keep pretending to flex, cow

No. 585894

File: 1538961440660.png (518.71 KB, 720x1163, Screenshot_2018-10-07-18-11-02…)

>Cat isnt finishing Featherine
>was working on Elder Beatrice's skirt and was hit "by a wave of exhaustion"
>doesn't care too much because Featherine was going to be her entryway into more serious costume making but would rather have Moo's finished as her characters are the main ones
>plans on shooting Featherine, when she is done, in a studio

No. 585895

She definitely has a personality disorder

No. 585898

File: 1538962309956.jpg (497.74 KB, 800x533, umineko___featherino_by_tori_y…)

So what does this mean for Mariah's epic video and storytelling?

No. 585899

i thought battler was from china, not a local slave?

… did she not even pay the difference to get a cosplay and just bought a white jacket?

No. 585904

>>585894 Who wants to bet that Mariah was bitching and moaning about deadlines and accuracy, and Antares is getting fed up with Moo's shit?

See, this is what happens when you try to bullshit people into thinking you've had a dream project for ages, and then you try to learn the material and set a plan in motion way too late. At the rate things are going, she (Mariah) will either scrap the film project entirely and settle on another boring photo set, or she'll rush this out with incomplete/inaccurate costumes (as we've seen in her IG stories), missing characters (Featherline, at the very least), and laughable shoot locations.

This is reaching Duke Nukem Forever levels of bad in terms of development.

No. 585906

Moo can't organise projects, deadlines or schedules for shit and it looks like it's taking its toll on everyone involved. This 'dream' project should have been organised ages ago but as usual Moo has more important things to do. Hope this fails entirely.

No. 585908

She really couldn't put that design on the lapel because she didnt make the jacket. It's a mess and i doubt it's fitted to her. How is something so incredibly simple so difficult for someone who supposedly has been cosplaying weekly for 3+ years?

No. 585909

We don't know who the jacket is actually for yet, iirc.

No. 585910

My bad. I didn't realize it was for someone else to wear. She's still a scrub for not knowing how to do a very simple lapel design though.

No. 585915

File: 1538966021618.png (137.13 KB, 720x957, Screenshot_2018-10-07-19-29-40…)

I like how despite buying everything so far she has to make it out like she had to take artistic integreties

No. 585916

Please. We all know its th as t guru tattoo guy.

No. 585917

File: 1538966084404.png (473.63 KB, 720x1030, Screenshot_2018-10-07-19-29-49…)

No. 585918

Blah blah I had to scrounge stuff together from Amazon so its wrong, but Ill call it artistic freedom. I also messed up the marking. ALSO FREEDOM. Who is she fooling??

No. 585919

Yeah but unlike Duke Nukem, no one actually wants or cares about this lol

No. 585920

Either Sensei or Elizabeth Rage's ex, who was her Emiya in the Sakura BJ set

No. 585921

too bad moo already fucked up shannon's dress with brightass red.

No. 585923

Moo was one of those kids who could never color inside the lines but instead of being told she sucked at it her parents told her it didn't matter because she was "special".

No. 585924

Didnt she say that she got jealous her sister got a party or a gift once and her parents decided to do a party/gift for her because she bitched about it, as a kid? Or was this someone else?

No. 585926

iirc moo got a cake on her sister's birthday once or twice.

No. 585929

Every year Mariah had to get a gift on her younger sisters birthday or else she would throw a tantrum and ruin the day. Once she even tried to have a party but since she had no friends that didn't work out too well.

No. 585930


Agreed. She’s going to end up dropping the project and settling on a shitty photo set instead. This is what her dumb ass gets for trying to shit out a project last minute when it should have been planned at least a year in advanced.

No. 585931


lol holy shit, what a brat. can't say I'm shocked at the behavior though, absolutely nothing has changed in that regard.

No. 585932

She doesn't think cool tones suit Mei, you guys just wouldn't get it…

No. 585944

She’d also threaten her mum when she wouldn’t make lunch for her when she was old enough to do it herself, and when her sister got a car and Mariah got one she didn’t like

No. 585948

You can also blame the parents. I know i'd slap the shit out of my kid if they tried that on their sibling's birthday.

Mariah was raised rotten

No. 585949

Pretty sure it’s Elizabeth’s current boyfriend or ex. Her weird love guru crush isn’t involved at all

No. 585951

No. 585952

File: 1538972120322.png (1.25 MB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-10-07-21-10-03…)

I feel kinda bad for Cat. She has to deal with the brunt of 3 costumes by herself while Moo sits on her fat ass

No. 585953

File: 1538972167715.png (859.02 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2018-10-07-21-10-42…)

No. 585954

File: 1538972201026.png (855.54 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2018-10-07-21-11-11…)

No. 585955

File: 1538972241721.png (939.21 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-10-07-21-11-02…)

No. 585958

whose waist?

No. 585959

I’m assuming she means Moo since that’s the outfit for elder Beatrice. That’s an insane amount of work that corset puts in. Or she’s lying to Cat about measurements.

No. 585961

She did order from aliexpress and tried to pass it as something she worked on, then nothing was heard about it and this mess showed up. I assume it's because she bought a man's size in hopes that a fuckboy she was aiming for would change his mind and cosplay with her, but it's pretty much settled that Antares will be Battler, with the deadline coming and all.

So in addition to her Featherine cosplay, she had to make costumes for Shannon and Elder Beatrice as well. I feel kinda sorry but that's what she gets for sucking Moo's teats lmao.

It's been confirmed by Moo that Antares would cosplay Battler and Featherine.

No. 585964

If she's really talking about moo's waist she's even more delusional than the cow herself. Moo is like, twice this girl's size and even with the lipo there's no way her waist is smaller without a lot of help.

No. 585965

How depressing that all cosplaying is to her is buying shit online

No. 585968

File: 1538973838144.png (706.61 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-10-07-21-40-36…)

>Cat expresses stress and frustration with how the scallops look on Moo's skirt
>even says she hates herself with how imperfect they are andasks for suggestions on how to make them better

No. 585969

File: 1538974616347.jpg (103.96 KB, 960x720, HomerForeverNothing.jpg)

Every time this bitch posts her wall of text:

No. 585971


So true. She always posts these long essays that wind up amounting to saying jack shit and offers the same “So positive uwu” bullshit platitudes.

No. 585974

File: 1538977219701.png (994.14 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2018-10-07-22-37-11…)

>"muh hurt back" but is going to dinner with Sensei and Vamps

No. 585975

File: 1538977249766.png (870.72 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2018-10-07-22-38-11…)

No. 585977

>the lapel is too small

that's why you should commission something like that you fuckign dumb cow. who would half ass this much a 'dream project'?

No. 585978


That sweater really isn’t doing her any favors. She really does look like a grandma/crazy cat lady

No. 585979

but if its tiny it shouldnt fit you instead of getting large. who are you fooling cat?

No. 585980

It makes me wonder if Cat, SquareNoodles, and the rest of Mariah's crew have any friends outside of her. I wonder if they lost friends for sticking around with her? I'm sure people tried to convince them to drop her.

No. 585981

Miso, Square and Tenderbro hang out with a ton of others. Cat, I don't think so. She was also exiled because she was scamming people through commissions? (Someone else can provide more info, for some reason I can't find anything).

Nicoletters has some friends but I don't see her hanging out with anyone daily. Same with Veronica and Matt. Moo has said time and again she'll gatekeep her friends from people she feels "uncomfortable" hanging out with.

No. 585982

that was nice of vamp to take her special needs cousin out of the group home for dinner

No. 585983

is that 5 fucking ramekins of ketchup? who needs that much fucking ketchup??

No. 585984

Fucking cackled, anon. Thanks, I needed that.

No. 585985

File: 1538978064112.jpg (187.84 KB, 416x400, 6a010536b86d36970c013488a4b89f…)

>>585975 Whenever I see her forcing a smile in her natural fat glory, I keep thinking about how she reminds me of Jerry Mathers (from Leave It To Beaver) as an adult.

No. 585986

Her teeth look like dentures. They're oddly straight.

No. 585992

She's the one who took it on and didn't tell Moo no.

No. 585995

>>585974 Not that I feel bad for Antares, but it's incredibly comical that Antares is the one who's anguishing over these costumes for Mariah's big project, and Mariah is at her favorite all-you-can-eat-ketchup spot having a fantastic time.

If I didn't know any better, I would think this was Cat's dream project, rather than Mariah's based on the eyeball test.

No. 585996

she looks like a pig here. for real this time.

No. 586002

File: 1538983104654.png (652.69 KB, 720x1197, oinker.png)


Couldn't agree more, anon. Did a super quick paint over on this photo.

No. 586007

File: 1538985453690.png (177.25 KB, 325x293, image.png)

her boobs looks like an Xbox (Original) gamepad in this kek

No. 586011


Actually agree with you 100%
I mean Antares did this to herself by accepting the commissions but it's funny how Mariah screams "Muh dream projeeect…I'm literally cryinngg!" and Antares is the one stressing over the whole thing

No. 586021

Which makes Moo such a shit cosplayer. She's relying on her slave to stress out over everything while she enjoys her life of not making shit and dining with her cuckboi and Mooch. Such a hard cosplay career she leads!

No. 586022

>>586021 Not just a shit cosplayer, but a shit friend and shit person in general.

A couple of important things to keep in mind are her recent criticisms of SquareCuck for excessive photoshop edits (at her request, undoubtedly), and Cosplay Bunny's photography for that autumn shoot (which was far from terrible, mind you).

With that being said, if this isn't well-received, she'll more than likely throw Antares under the bus for not doing costumes a certain way, or for not having Featherine ready before the planned California trip.

And the worst part in all of this will be the inevitable praise from delusional neckbeards who insist Mariah worked so hard on everything. I mean, opening a wallet and handing over a wad of money is such a bop of a daunting task, my dudes.

No. 586024

She really is shit all around and we're having her paragraphs again of how she did such and such work to give the illusion she's working so hard on this project when actually it's not. Her fans will believe anything she says. Part of me wants Antares to drop everything and leave it to Moo to finish by herself. Cosplay isn't worth the stress. She's an ungrateful and lazy cunt.

No. 586030

File: 1538994144649.png (551.27 KB, 890x472, beato.png)


This is incredibly inaccurate. It's supposed to alternate layers of pleats with layers of scalloped fabric. I can't wait to see Moo in these thigh highs. Or will it end up being someone else?

No. 586047


Unfortunately, she won’t be able to drop the project without it being seen as unprofessional on her part, especially if Moo has already paid her. But she should absolutely drop Moo’s dumb ass and let her twist in the wind stressing to finish the project. This is her supposed “dream project” yet it’s everyone else busting their asses to finish this while she is off stuffing her face and goofing off like she always is.

Although, she has no one to blame but herself. She knew what kind of work and schedule she would be taking on when she decided to work with her. She knew she would be working last minute with little to no assistance when it comes to Moo.

No. 586053


they will go up to her knees only, mark my words

No. 586059

I'm guessing she's being paid well at least. She probably wasn't getting paid for making Featherine (since she would be wearing it) and that's why she's just spending her time on the commissions. Moo sucks but unless we find out that Cat is getting paid nothing/very little I don't really feel bad for her for doing her job.

No. 586061

people who can't make/alter patterns accurately shouldn't be getting paid to make cosplays. this isn't even that fucking difficult.

No. 586066

Yikes that looks rough. I know what she was attempting to do and its just so sloppy. She could probably go back in and save the scallops but the skirt is inaccurate so I'm not sure if that would save it.

There are so many commissioners who do this. There's a vast different between throwing together something for yourself and making a functioning garment for someone else. The problem is none of these people have any sort of basic sewing foundations down.

No. 586076

File: 1539014265389.jpg (64.23 KB, 1280x720, cowteeth.jpg)

It's because she doesn't have canines. It's like her teeth are all incisors. She's a literal cow

No. 586079

Cat charges too much for her shitty commissions, probably even more now since selling her soul to the cow she probably doesn't get many commissions anymore. Congratulations on fucking your reputation to soley make Cosplay for a garbage human being and sex offender Cat. Reeeeal accomplishments right tharr.

No. 586091

File: 1539016736206.jpg (17.9 KB, 400x400, 1534279184498.jpg)

That room looks like a tornado went through it

No. 586095

Damn. With the amount of Momo throws at everyone to keep them in her life, you'd think she'd have bought this girl an area out of her hoarders garage.

She could be the best seamstress in the world but I wouldn't pay for something that was made in a place that looks like it stinks of garbage and mice would crawl over it at night.

No. 586097

File: 1539018668209.png (1.28 MB, 718x1196, Screenshot_2018-10-08-10-09-45…)

Here's a more accurate depiction

No. 586098

File: 1539018704852.png (1.34 MB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2018-10-08-10-09-35…)

No. 586099


1. That room is disgusting
2. That skirt doesn't look anything like it's supposed to

No. 586100


What a shithole. Then again Moo lives like this as well so this wouldn't even phase her at all.

No. 586101

Fucking kek

No. 586102

File: 1539019250949.jpg (86.04 KB, 275x275, 1467998748873.jpg)

>that wig laying on the nasty floor
>the bin of cat litter in the back
>all the fur and fabric on the never cleaned floor

Did Momo commission Asherbee?!

No. 586103

is mariah keeping her locked in a basement?

No. 586107

I thought you were talking about Moo's room before I saw the post you were replying to, both are equally messy and trash, they really are birds of a feather.

No. 586112

So I know Moo talked about having someone make things and that they didn't like their name being showcased though because of backlash. I think it's safe to say it isn't CC even though he Shannon outfit, but the corset for nyxed. So who the hell else makes props or outfits for Moo who isn't Ant or CC?

No. 586113

WWOOOOO GIRL, use some of that moo money to paint the damn walls holy shit

No. 586123

Looks like a converted garage. Unfinished drywall and what looks like a garage door opener by the door.

No. 586127

I think this is nitpicky as hell. We shouldn't discuss her garage.

No. 586128

I think it's hard to say since most of her items are Etsy or Amazon-bought. She has bought time and time again from MudandMajesty for her horns. Pineappleprops did her sword for Lancer!Artoria. Will-o-wisps used to do her art but backed out due to the allegations.

TBH David Han did most of her prop work until his internet demise so

How is it nitpicky if it's true?

No. 586139

Because its not about Moo. Its about her commissioner. A LOT of cosplay rooms look like this anyway until they finally clean everything up. She's been working nonstop of these outfits for Moo who can't do anything but apply an applique. Its a messy room. No big deal?

No. 586142


Ok Cat