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File: 1451675462986.jpg (63.08 KB, 640x480, 1402379306605.jpg)

No. 76893

The figure of Usagi Kou aka Lori Cerda has intrigued me like no other cow ever since I started browsing /cgl/ several years ago. The amount of people she managed to charm, exploit and manipulate into playing her personal Sailor Moon cast so that she could live the perfect Moon Princess life without having to lift a finger is astounding.
Sadly, though, not hailing from the US I only learned about her some time after the shitstorm had already died down and, of course, I never had the privilege of witnessing her craziness first hand. With sites such as The Pocky Box recently going down after all these years, the accounts of the Lori saga are dwindling, so I'm starting this thread with the hope that some of you might have your own stories to tell, maybe know where some of the old Klan members are now (I'm wondering in particular about the - now de-transitioned? - trans boy who used to be her Seiya, Lori was pretty nasty with that one).

Her current dA

and Facebook

ED for a basic rundown on Lori

One of her LJs; wondering if anyone has accesso to the locked posts

No. 76894

Haha, I was just talking about her with a friend the other day. What a mess. What a nostalgic mess. I would love some updates on everyone involved.

No. 76896

oh good old days

No. 76897

Oh man!! This brings me back so hardcore to my early cosplay days.I remember when she made a big deal about dying her hair black. I had the displeasure of meeting her in person at least twice. Her voice was grating.

No. 76899

Wow..I want to hear more.

No. 76900

makes me feel old
kidz nowadays won't know kek

No. 76901

How old is she now?

No. 76903

From what I get lori has more or less settled down. She moved to seattle with her significant other? She has done a few random cosplays. But for the most part has gone quiet from the interwebs.

No. 76904

She is either 30 or 31

No. 76905

Oh yes! early 2000s… i thought she was like the BEST sailormoon cosplayer EVER at that time.

No. 76913

Has the fandom wank wiki gone down? That chronicled must of her shit nicely.

No. 76919

This milk has aged into cheese. Delicious cheese. I remember her being aggressively possessive of cosplaying sailor moon and that she would bad mouth or even try to deter people who cosplayed usagi. Her and the sara saga were always my gulity pleasure reads from long ago.

No. 76933

File: 1451684009534.jpg (160.17 KB, 600x879, 1408036034523.jpg)

>dat Maguma photobombing in the background

I feel sad because I'm definitely in the minority that actually recognise him.

No. 76939


Here is her newest facebook I'm guessing.

No. 76966

oh man, I'm excited for this thread! it's been years since I've seen her face pop up in /cgl/. I remember stories about her sticking entire bottles of sprite up her vagina. Vintage milk, indeed.

No. 76972

He looks good here.

No. 76973

She stuck a bottle of sprite up her vagina?? Why??

No. 76978

Is she the one with a missing tooth, big rose(s) back tattoo and pierced nipples? I remember a picture of her tits with a weird shield ring

No. 76991

Oh man her milk and Adella's milk with Aeris and Zelda stuff was the greatest.

No. 77007


No. 77014

Oh my, Usagi Kou/Lori was probably the first cosplay drama I ever came across. She was such a fucking wreck. Her boyfriend (Scott?) wrote a long ass account on what a crazy bitch she was, including mooching off his family, demanding sex at inappropriate times, pressuring him into engagement, cheating on him, stealing his stuff etc. She also claimed that her Usagi hair was real, including the long pigtails.

And of course, she bought all her costumes while claiming they were made by her. They weren't even good costumes, but it was 2006 and back then everyone sucked.

No. 77037

This makes me feel old. I still remember the days when he and other tripfags were relevant on the board as if it were yesterday. /cgl/ used to be so much more fun back then, not better maybe, but at least fun.

IIRC the accounts from the time mentioned she put it up her clit which is telling in regards to the knowledge of female anatomy of the original poster and, most likely, of the truthfulness of the rumors as well, to be fair. They probably took advantage of Lori's notorious sexual appetite to make up the story.

Anyone remember the story about that underage girl (she cosplayed Mercury?) who was raped by whoever Lori was daring at the time (?) during a convention?

Yes, it was Scott. I'm pretty sure they've somehow patched things up again now and are friends on FB.
I think there was another "Mamo-chan" and then Enver/Seiya.

A few years ago I read on /cgl/ that the Haruka and Michiru from the KKK (Kewl Kou Klan–very tasteful, Lori) broke up at some point. For a while, Lori used to live in the house that was owned by the family of one of the two, and where both Haruka and Michiru lived; eventually, this led up to the girls realizing what a shitty person Lori was and broke ties with her… only to forgive her again some time later. No idea if they're still in contact.
The Mars/Suunseenli is still good friends with Lori.
The Chibiusa (chibimuun on LJ) from the group tried to become relevant on /cgl/ years ago trying to start a cosplay group on Deviantart which was still relevant for cosplay at the time. Never took off.
I think Soni was involved too?

By the way, OP here (obviously). I'll try to find and link to as much stuff as I can, any contribution would be immensely appreciated: what has always baffled me about this case is that none of the people who were directly involved at the time ever came forward to dish out.
As a writer, I would thoroughly enjoy to make a proper write-up on the whole thing in the form of a short story, but I feel there's not nearly enough material out there for that…

No. 77040

>lodged a Sprite bottle up her cooch
>Maguma in the OP behind her holding up Sprite can and giving the thumbs up

My sides.

No. 77068

Other LJ: usagi-kou.livejournal.com/profile

Myspace (empty? content hidden?): https://myspace.com/usagikou

Flickr account: https://www.flickr.com/photos/usagikou/

Twitter (dead, locked): https://twitter.com/sailormoonlol

Tumblr (relatively recent but abandoned): http://usakou.tumblr.com/

Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/usakou

Michiru Kou's post on forgiving Lori (journal is otherwise locked): http://aquariel.livejournal.com/74167.html

Brief exchange between and ex Kou member and someone else: http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/49157689.html?thread=8317360441#t8317360441

An old LJ post on Lori after the drama with her friends: http://asuka-langely.livejournal.com/12359.html#comments

Another old post, this time on one of Lori's impersonators, contains comments from Usagi Kou herself: http://michitofu.livejournal.com/124146.html

A summary of the Usagi Kou drama with links to other sources on the DailyDot: http://www.dailydot.com/society/fandomwank-10-best-drama-stories-anniversary/

The SM Pocky Box (through the Wayback Machine): https://web.archive.org/web/20060216062102/http://www.sm.mypockybox.com/drama.php (contains Scott's story among other things)
Bits and pieces of the Lori articles can be found in this old /cgl/ thread as well: http://4chandata.org/cgl/Newfag-hereWho-is-Usagi-Kou-and-what-is-the-deal-with-her-I-heard-she-s-a-Sailor-Moon-cosplayer-and-a-lot-of-people-hate-her-Why-i-a153314

Usagi Kou posts on the now defunct fandom_wank (contained several caps and lots of juicy gossip IIRC): https://web.archive.org/web/20150401215705/http://www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank/tag/person:+usagi+kou

Fandomwank Wiki (sadly also dead): http://web.archive.org/web/20120117012030/http://wiki.fandomwank.com/index.php/Usagi_Kou

A truly vintage website mantained by an ex Klan member with lots of vintage pictures of the gang: http://www.sailormoonavatars.com/moon/usagikouesmoon.htm

Recent-ish thread on wankgate@dreamwidth: https://wankgate.dreamwidth.org/29451.html?thread=105467403

I'll be posting more links if needed. In the meanwhile, I'd say that looking at the past few years, it's more that Lori's not up to date with how the cosplay world works anymore and her attempts to become relevant again have miserably failed because new generations have 0 reasons to give a shit, and everyone else who knew of her at the time is either out of the scene or sticks to their own group of con friends.

No. 77073

File: 1451756427032.jpg (78.13 KB, 960x720, 10261994_10152353497564507_493…)

Adding: Facebook links of people who were involved with Usagi Kou back in the day. Note that these are all public and can easily be found on Lori's profile.

https://www.facebook.com/riamux - possibly DJ Ranmas?

https://www.facebook.com/scott.lind.31?fref=pb&hc_location=friends_tab - Scott

https://www.facebook.com/sunseenli?fref=pb&hc_location=friends_tab - Sunseenli/Mars Kou, has throwback posts that talk about Lori as well

No. 77083

Shouldn't this thread be moved to /pt/ since she is technically a vintage cow and hardly a nobody?

No. 77085

I don't think there's enough current milk to keep her afloat and most of the drama is so old (around 10 years) that the sources are gone and the people affiliated with it have moved on to other things. I haven't seen Lori on /cgl/ for years now, I know she's still probably a dumb selfish bitch but I think she doesn't have any drama anymore.

No. 77140

Ender Kou's cosplay page: https://www.facebook.com/EnderVonDam/
and personal FB: https://www.facebook.com/enderr

She has also apparently made up with Lori.

No. 77144

File: 1451767537379.jpg (16.48 KB, 471x387, full.jpg)

No. 79546

The nostalgia is strong with this. Wish she'd come back or at least another weeb who's deluded themselves into thinking they are the one and only sailor moon.
Until then I've got the cringe worthy antics of Ashy mcBerber to follow along with the Queens awaited return in full force to hope for.

No. 79788

File: 1452574930621.jpg (223.91 KB, 640x480, mirror_mirror__[1].jpg)

I'm surprised she still has the same username.

No. 79820

She's basically settled down and become "normal" these days. The only lolzy thing she does anymore is talk about how pretty she is (I remember when Sailor Moon Crystal came out she posted about how Usagi was finally "pretty enough") and how she doesn't age (Posting side-by-side pics of her now and ten years ago and bragging about how there's no difference). A little full of herself but harmless. Has some really cute ferrets and cats. She was very briefly married to a guy who then apparently cheated on her (?) so they broke up but are still friends. Was dating a guy named Rikki but idk if they are still together or if she's with someone new. I know she's in a relationship but never names him or posts pics.

Anyway, not lolzy, just a normal person now.

No. 81445

Lori is an actual babe, ya'll need to chill the fuck out. =^]

No. 81465

Hi Lori, welcome to Lolcow

No. 81474

File: 1452964604296.jpg (123.17 KB, 610x813, crissyesmarsusagikouesmoon1.jp…)

yeah i remember that
she bought her costumes from setsunakou

No. 81475

File: 1452964617887.jpg (39.76 KB, 308x542, eternalmoonfull4.jpg)

No. 81476

File: 1452964658023.jpg (119.72 KB, 347x672, usagikousupersmoon1.jpg)

No. 81477

File: 1452964710320.jpg (29.99 KB, 372x495, crystalsupersmoon1.jpg)

setsunakou's costume
same materials

No. 81478

Those materials look so cheap ugh.

No. 82501

Setsuna Kou is super lolzy herself. Absolute shit at craftsmanship but charges up the butt. Had the scariest home made UFO catcher styled anime character plushies in this universe. IIRC she was freaky looking too.

No. 82673

I remember her. Good old timesye

No. 82727

File: 1453173385841.jpg (86.84 KB, 580x700, pgsmprincessmoonpose.jpg)

very much agreed. sometimes she seems to make decent costumes but most of the time they're extremely halfassed

No. 82759

Thought that lace was bubble wrap at first.

Though I am still unsure if calling it lace is actually correct

No. 82771

Oh jeez, I almost bought custom Digimon dolls off of her

No. 82961

File: 1453214831202.jpg (54.18 KB, 750x950, sexy-halloween-costumes-for-wo…)

yeah it looks like lace but i'm pretty sure it's cheap satin. it gives her costumes that cheap-halloween-costume look

No. 82994

Her costumes were bad but…idk, this was at a time when Cosplay wasn't taken as seriously as it is now. I'd even venture to say her costumes were some of the least bad at the time (though they usually turned out best if they were for slimmer figures).

The main thing I remember about her were her lulzy headcanons. I think she couldn't deal with anyone being gay or single so she paired every girl character up with a male from the SM universe. I think her website is still up…

No. 82995

No. 197657

last update: October 2016

Holy shit that website is straight outta 2000, love it.

No. 340333

File: 1498264832211.jpg (92.98 KB, 1080x1080, lori.jpg)

Sorry to bring back such an old thread, but there seems to be some newer milk on her. There was suddenly some weird post on /cgl/ today that talked about how they found Usagi Kou's instagram and how she's "thinspo" after a breakup. She looks pretty ana if you'd ask me. She looks really stickly and has a bunch of cringy artwork that I'd expect from someone half her age that emphasizes ribs and thinness. She seems to love her own ribs in all her photos as well and forced "thigh gap".


She's known as Lori Lune or crown_and_heart on Instagram. Looks like she's also gone from thinking she's literally Sailor Moon to seeing herself as a white witch and depicts herself as some forest nymph in her high school quality art.


Judging from her etsy shop, it looks like she's all into crystals and Wicca. I don't know if she ever moved, but her Etsy says she's in Washington state now.

I'll post some more cringe from her instagram.

No. 340337

File: 1498265025935.jpg (59.5 KB, 640x640, ribbylune.jpg)

Her creepy rib cage.

No. 340339

File: 1498265374172.jpg (76.69 KB, 640x640, loriluneart.jpg)

Her embarrassing art I'd expect from a high schooler.

I think the reason for her hair color change is some new obsession with Miku now. This comic is hashtagged #theworldismine.

No. 340342

File: 1498265612784.jpg (43.93 KB, 600x750, badfawnmakeup.jpg)

>Did a thing. DM me for pricing for a photo set~

I don't know if she's always done this, but she sells nude and fetish related pictures now. It's always funny to me when cows look down on others like CharlotteCharms then suddenly sell their nudes or porn of themselves.

No. 340343

File: 1498265767342.jpg (42.15 KB, 640x480, bondagelune.jpg)

And some bondage.

No. 340346

File: 1498266145443.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.6 KB, 900x773, noboobs.jpg)

I guess she does photoshoots like this now, but her creepy ribs show even after all the photoshop smoothing.

No. 340443

Oh man, this is a hell of a blast from the past. Her new ana~spoopy~magick persona is great since she's now over 30. I know it doesn't mean she's an old dried up hag now, but this is some teenager shit.

No. 340449

Besides her spoopy figure, she doesn't look that bad considering her age. She may be batshit crazy but she's not bad looking.
On CGL they said she's a camgirl, does anyone know if that's true? At least it's some sort of work since I remember everyone saying she was a total mooch.

No. 340496

Where on /cgl/ did they say that? I'd love to find her camgirl stuff. It'd be like having a new Charms to follow. Old condescending cow gone cam girl.

No. 340645

File: 1498324930939.jpg (33.96 KB, 261x299, cam.JPG)

She confirmed it on her instagram

No. 341683

Omg, how old is she? She aged pretty well considering how old this drama goes back.

No. 342966

I want to say this cow aged well cept all the pics are really toaster-like.

No. 349984

File: 1499700861153.jpg (62.89 KB, 540x960, 19905382_10158870483345431_165…)

I wasn't under the impression that she did cam stuff. She does do nude photoshoots and she works at a sex store.

She did go through a breakup earlier in the year. I guess the guy cheated on her multiple times which she claims she didn't care so much about but it was more that he lied about it than the cheating part. She still sees him on the side even though he's dating the girl he left her for – but apparently it's because the girl he cheated on her with doesn't put out or doesn't like sex. The mistress-now-girlfriend supposedly knows that he's fucking Lori, too, and is okay with it (because she doesn't like sex?).

She may be a closet anorexic. However, there is a lot of pity posts where she is looking for people to send her food or take her out for food because she doesn't have any money or the electric bill is due, etc.

>"Oi oi oooiii. Anyone want any of my photo sets? Gotta pay dat internet bill friday. :|"

She is 32 years old.

No. 349994

File: 1499702585288.jpg (161.71 KB, 1200x800, 19488668_10213408185989305_627…)

I'm pretty convinced that she prefers her right side to her left side when taking photos. She depends on others for paying for her shit when she goes out–and it works out a lot of the time because she's pretty gorgeous.

She goes for the younger guys, and as a result ends up financially hurting herself in the process like with her ex. She had savings, but spent it on living expenses and taking care of her unemployed boyfriend.

She's made some shitty decisions but she's rolling with it.

No. 350035

Why does the ED article call her a wetback?

No. 350095

File: 1499710765703.png (1.72 MB, 1996x814, rofl.png)


Looking at her insta I found this exchange. Kinda off-topic but made me chuckle. Maybe Kaka can have him since she needs japanes boy.

No. 350296

I think because shes hispanic/mexican?

Im not fond of the intense uneven tan she has going on. It looks like she doesnt bother to try and match her foundation at all >>349984 >>350095

No. 399829

File: 1507416403989.jpg (49.62 KB, 474x712, lori32.JPG)

Just another day at the sexy shop.

No. 399838

god, is it just me or does her hair look absolutely awful

No. 399868

File: 1507419945278.png (315.33 KB, 520x918, loribitch.png)

And she periodically does this then gets angry at compliments.

No. 399946

Yes oh my god I would be so beyond entertained if this cow came back. Seems she is already well on the way between ebegging and stuff like this.

No. 400730

She was my favorite cow in her hayday many a year ago. She does look pretty good now though - as in aging well. Though 30s isnt too old either.

I am curious on how she is doing nowadays. But cant garner much aside that she has some relationship woes and her once significant other bailed on her for rent according to her facebook. She is looking pretty slim (not sure if metabolism, or eating habits), and am surprised on how long she has been bleaching her hair for now.

But I will say she does seem more grown up and laid back when compared to her once drama filled days.

No. 400902

Goddamn. Some cows grow up and start a new life, some cows just sink deeper. It's pretty obvious she's still using 2006 anime aesthetics because she hasn't kept up with the times and is trying hard to be relevant again. But now she looks like a drug addict, what he hell has she done to her face to look so sickly?

No. 400960

Anon she looks malnourished (pretty much confirmed anachan too) but a far cry from a drug addict
I think you have some seriously misinformed expectations about aging, and I am concerned for how this will affect you going forward in your life

No. 401265

File: 1507598142510.jpg (43.28 KB, 508x406, loriusagi.JPG)


She sometimes eats, or asks for people to bring her food, but overall I don't think she eats.

No. 406223

I'm thinking of writing down a novelized account of her drama for NaNoWriMo as a fun exercise. Anyone with a better insight and knowledge of her inner circle that could help retrieve lost info or tell myths apart from facts?

No. 406451

It's been a while since I read up on this girls drama which was shared on that old pocky box website. I mostly remember highlights from the ex boyfriends account. Mostly her being a leech who refused to find a job, always missed the bus to get to whatever job she did have and force the bf's parents to pick her up. She stole from his dorm while he was at college. Was ungrateful towards Christmas gifts and any gifts his family gave to her. Kicked out their roommates at a con because she wanted sex then was mad he wouldn't give it to her. Convinced him to buy her a moon stone ring for her cosplay then proceeded to force him in to accepting it was an engagement ring.

There was a lot. I can't remember it all but it was pretty wild. Good luck with your project lol

No. 551363

Looks like Loris back on the radar(necro)

No. 551367

Does anyone have her Ex boyfriends full name, Rikki something ?e

No. 551984


Post milk or don't necro.

No. 557762

File: 1523966202140.png (900.84 KB, 885x1123, Project - Drawing 1201333430~2…)


Something happened between her and current boyfriend and ex boyfriend Rikki it sounds like. Usagi eluded to someone she loved a whole bunch only being with her and using her until they didn't want to do it anymore, which people assumed was in regards to something that happened with her current bf. That was recently taken down and the post removed from her Facebook.

It seems as though everything was rectified because her current boyfriend proposed and now they're engaged (started dating November 2017). It honestly does appear that Kevin (25 y/o) is a pretty decent guy to Lori (33 y/o), but she continues to work part time and has no real drive to do anything more. Still complains about money issues; meanwhile BF showers her with public affections and makes posts about how all he can think about at work is supporting her and coming home to her.


I believe giving full name information could potentially cause harm to the individual and thus goes against Lolcow policy. Any reason you need Rikki's last name?

No. 558566

She was still hooking up with Rikki while dating Kevin, so it's very possible that kevin found out about this and that's why he dumped her. But really, their entire relationship seemed to be based on aesthetics and how good they looked in selfies together, so I'm not surprised it didn't last.

No. 558788

It is refreshing that no matter how much things change in this world, cows like Lori stay the same.

No. 559110


Whoa, really? That's really too bad considering that he was pretty much financially supporting her. Now she'll be back to ebegging for help to pay rent and internet.

I want to feel bad for her because you want what you want, but when you're 33 years old maybe it's time to put away childish endeavours until you're financially secure enough to afford them, and get a full-time job that can support you. She has back pain and getting a full-time job would help pay for that and WPA would be a thing.

No. 559116

don't know exact details but they were engaged on Lori's b-day and the next day kevin said he was giving up and going back home to utah. . . last week he had also posted and deleted a post saying she had been abusing him.

some cows never change. he just had enough.

No. 559149


It makes you wonder to what extent did everything come down to. Was the engagement an attempt to fix things and show one was serious, only to find out that moving to that step in a relationship doesn't mean that if there were trials and turmoils that they can be bandaged up with a ring and a "will you marry me?"

It seemed pretty sudden because the night before she had a post, which she deleted, stating that Kevin had been receiving threats, and then another post that she claimed that the person she loved the most ended up hurting and using her. Couldn't use her for money – she doesn't have any. Couldn't use her for a home – he had that before he moved to Washington. Couldn't use her for fame/career – she doesn't have that. If it was for sex, girl, it isn't that hard to find someone to sleep with when you're attractive.

There were comments that claimed that Kevin was insecure. Lori was a moron if she kept seeing Rikki; and if that's true, she is broken. She needs to find help or move out of that area.

No. 559388

I'm pretty sure Lori was cheating. Kevin seemed to be head over heels for her but we all know Lori can't turn down any kind of attention.

Did she quit her job at the sex shop? At least she was going something.

No. 559415

kevin's post (deleted from a week ago) said that lori used his car to go see her ex Rikki behind his back so i am preeeeetty sure she was cheating.

i don't know kevin but i feel sorry for him. he seemed like a genuine guy who really loved her so it sucks for him.

No. 560959

I remember this chick. when I was younger I couldn’t see it but looking at her now you can just see it in her eyes she’s a lunatic. Like that annoying girl your body brings over because “the sex is great” but she makes the whole evening uncomfortable. What was her catchphrase that she wanted to copyright? ”I eet u” or something

No. 560961

Buddy* not body

No. 561104

Along with "I SUU YOU". Also if anyone uses her phrases, she would throw a bitchfit at the time.

No. 561120

I saw her at Sakuracon a few weeks ago. It was pretty surreal. Does anyone know if she still is with her old Kou Klan and if she is still batshit insane?

No. 561149


A lot of them have moved on. They still like cosplay and anime things, but they've grown up and gotten jobs… gotten married. Most of them, at least. Some are still clinging to their mid 20s.

No. 561630

Damn its always interesting to keep up with someone I payed attention to forever ago. Gotta say she does look good for being in her 30s. Kinda odd in a way that she was dating someone 8 years her junior. I actually thought he was younger than 25 when I first saw his photos.

I wonder if her back pain is just a way to get away from having to work a full time job. Or if there is an actual condition she has.

Also do we actually know if she cheated? Or is just speculation?

No. 561636

People keep saying she looks good for her age but it's obvious she does the same dead-fish/smelling something foul-like expression in literally every picture because its one of the few expressions that don't show laugh lines or nasolabial folds

No. 561876

File: 1524362332347.jpg (140.88 KB, 504x726, lorifb1.JPG)


I really don't know. There was a lot of speculation that he was being insecure and accusing her of stuff. There was some post he made on Facebook where he claimed Lori abused him but he deleted it so no proof it existed…

But the behavior from both of them on Facebook makes it hard to know what really happened.

No. 561993

File: 1524374440124.jpg (452.01 KB, 1242x1786, abuse.jpg)

brother is friends with kevin on fb and snagged it when it went up.

am assuming this is it.

No. 562104


Regardless of who is right or wrong, I feel bad that someone feels like that in the home they are staying in. I don't know if he's imagining it like he claims he was with her cheating (cause he said he fucked up), but I don't understand why Lori would continue to live in a place where Rikki might try to hold something over her. How fucked up would that be?

Lori posted about giving up and moving back to the east coast. I think she should. If Rikki is still in her life in some way, it would be because he's still on the lease. She will never be able to close that chapter until there is no remaining trace of him in her life.

More over it's pretty shitty behaviour of her to treat Kevin like that. He pretty much took 100% care of her and her expenses. Her behaviours of being distant, etc, are something he experiences. Either make a decision not to be with him or be more mindful of how you treat someone you care about. Communicate FFS.

Either way, even if Kevin is insecure, he seems better off without Lori.

No. 562141

For us folks who haven't been following Lori's latest chapter until now, can we get a picture and quick summary of her stint with Rikki?

No. 562265

File: 1524420638892.jpg (107.77 KB, 1440x1440, FB_IMG_1524419898828.jpg)


Attached is a current photo of Rikki.

Lori and Rikki met at a party in or around 2013. Theybdated for 4 years and throughout that time she would publicly post the shit she claimed to deal with when it came to Rikki like not celebrating birthdays because Rikki didn't want to dumping her for a period of time and continuing to live together and bring his gf at the time over while Lori was home.

They eventually got back together, but Rikki eventually stopped coming home immediately after work or he would leave early to go to work. Lori found out that Rikki had been cheating on her with a married woman he had been carpooling to work with. Mistress Husband found out and it's whatever. Life goes on, but Rikki and Married Mistress keep seeing one another. Lori and Rikki break up, but because Married Mistress doesn't like sex, Rikki keeps coming back to Lori for that sweet poonani. Lori can't say no, she still feels feelings for Rikki.

Rikki is on the apartment lease, so he plays mind games with Lori whole he uses her. Claims he'll tell the landlords about the pets, or claims he will get her evicted since she's not on the lease. Nevermind the fact he hasn't lived there for a year and a half now. Why re-sign the lease? Stupidity.

So Lori posts videos of Rikki coming over and threatening her. She's angry because Rikki said he'd help pay for xyz of her utilities but never does or is always late. She depends on him during this time for money and complains she can't drop him from her life.

Enter Kevin who moves from Salt Lake City, Utah to Washington to be with Lori. Seems like a good guy. Shows her off, which is the opposite of Rikki. Lori goes into selfie mode, Kevin gets insecure or has a reason to be worried and accuses Lori of seeing Rikki behind his back. Like taking his (Kevin's) car and going to Rikki's home to fuck. Lori and Kevin lived in the apartment that Rikki is said to be the sole name on the lease. Kevin posts that he's worried about his stuff in the apartment (in the screen cap above) and decides to just remove himself from the drama and move back home to Utah.

No. 562300

Probably not a good idea for her to keep staying somewhere where she has little say (not on the lease). Would also be odd for any of her future bfs to stay in that place given the situation too.

It would probably be best for her to move elsewere and get some independence.

No. 564210

Mostly correct, except that the main reason Rikki is still on the lease is because Lori doesn't have credit or proof of income to get it under her name. It's possible she keeps fucking him in exchange for keeping his name on the lease. It's also likely, she just needs the attention, and kevin was a pretty boy to show off online but probably didn't satisfy her sexually the way she wanted. Lori is a notirous ho. I would not be surprised if she was fucking Rikki for rent money and hiding all of it from Kevin, her hot instagrammable bf

No. 564277

File: 1524576667195.jpg (38.2 KB, 650x813, lorii.jpg)

what the heck is going on with her body?

No. 564484

she's a pro-ana queen now i guess
fuck,i liked her as crazy sailormoon better

No. 565117

File: 1524657320999.png (1.51 MB, 1344x1669, Project - Drawing 1804858673~2…)


Recent Facebook post states she wants to lose 7 lbs because her back hurts.

No. 567401

thats just ridiculous wtf

No. 570449

she's fishing for attention and people saying she is already skinny

No. 573204

File: 1525396054774.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1732, 20180503_180133.png)

…and then this happened. Not sure if they're together again after all that crap, but this image actually received a lot of anger reacts than likes.

No. 573406

File: 1525417476280.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.65 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1525408769542.jpg)

Someone posted this in the comments of that recent photo, is this cow crazy

Does anyone have anything on her old ex's

No. 573408

It seems he had to self cut to prove his loyalty??

No. 573411

spoiler this plz

No. 573414

oh my jesus I thought it was a prop

No. 573416

It seems you didnt explain it, from what I gathered in the comments it seems lori forced kevin to self cut. but yes in the future spoiler this type of content its a bit graphic.

But poor guy..
can anyone else post the other comments on that photo from >> No. 573204

No. 573417

on my computer so a bit hard to screen it.

No. 573520

If someone was Mariah, she's another cow.

No. 573525

Combination of being pro-ana and pectus excavatum

No. 573530

nasolabial folds have nothing to do with age if they only show when making expressions lol

I feel like if it's for back pain you don't have a really specific number in mind. As someone with back pain, I swear to god 7lbs (or weight in general if you're not fat) isn't going to make a difference with the pain either. I feel like the whole thing is an excuse for being an anachan.

No. 573809

File: 1525464808945.png (249.65 KB, 1080x1920, 20180504_130901.png)

Well I guess the guy either deleted the image or made it private now. This was what one of the comments was like. This guy is so blinded by her that I still cannot believe he unfriended a close friend that he knew for 5 years. This girl is a life ruiner and a leech I swear :/

No. 573829


Out of curiosity, what picture/ post was made to have had thesereplies and reactions?

No. 573850

the selfie one of both of them posted above. she came to Utah to "fix" things with him. they are at his parents house right now.

No. 573859

File: 1525468693063.png (101.42 KB, 1080x854, 20180504_141751.png)

No. 573893

File: 1525471209767.jpg (153.17 KB, 531x793, lorikevin.jpg)

he is so blind and a textbook example of being in denial of abuse. it's really quite sad.

No. 574368

So which of these are being posted by Mariah, because that would be some serious irony coming from her and of things.

No. 574522

lets try not to derail and keep this thread about lori only.

No. 574527

Looked into his fb and it says he was born 1993, which means hes 23? and lori is 32-33? so shes ten years older than him… yikes

No. 574611


If he was born in 1993 he would be 25, anon. This "relationship" is still extremely creepy and abusive though, even without an enormous age gap.

No. 575128

File: 1525626238832.jpeg (178.03 KB, 744x1030, F0768C2D-BEB7-4CE9-A72B-6A7DE2…)

I only grabbed Mariah’s comments because I was surprised to see her on Kevs post, I didn’t know that Lori was a cow. I’m friends with Kevin because I’m also a Utah cosplayer. I’ll share what I have, just wish I would have got it all before he deleted the post. Lori only commented once, basically saying that they both got hurt in this.

No. 575130

File: 1525626343114.jpeg (200.2 KB, 750x1044, 8570F749-D8AC-41EB-84F7-402103…)

No. 575131

File: 1525626364645.jpeg (211.04 KB, 750x1056, E12DF707-E23B-4612-B5D6-35FEE3…)

No. 575132

File: 1525626396991.jpeg (241.98 KB, 750x1068, DF820168-FAE5-4E87-8AEA-562285…)

No. 575133

File: 1525626442153.jpeg (155.25 KB, 750x1068, B452955A-44BA-4A51-B639-A3A790…)

No. 575134

File: 1525626472138.jpeg (219.57 KB, 750x1140, F2EA53FE-AC4B-4C4B-9E6A-C2953B…)

No. 575136

File: 1525626499120.jpeg (215.09 KB, 750x1114, 8ADDF051-1DF4-4372-87F1-7FA1C7…)

No. 575137

wow, the last cow I ever expected to be the beacon of truth and sanity in any situation is Moo. she’s actually right for once. Kevin needs to get out of there before it’s too late.

No. 575140

I tried to warn him but he won’t listen to any of us, I mean he is not a saint either these past few months he’s gone on sprees of posting crazy boarderline abusive stuff and then deleting it. But nothing as bad as Lori

No. 575147

I’m not super familiar with these people but i’ve read this thread, and done a little bit of research yesterday. imo, he would have to try hard to even approach lori’s level of abuse and manipulation.

it sounds like he’s had a little too much of her Koolaid and he’s not going to see the situation realistically until it reaches yet another breaking point. what that’ll be is anyone’s guess, considering police have already been involved, not to mention the whole rescue fiasco last time. sad to say it but the only one who can break his delusion is himself

No. 575158

I agree, Lori’s friends seem to think she’s an innocent little victim that big mean Kevin is hurting :(

No. 575159

Usually I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. But these are some messed up screenshots. So basically lori is controlling who her guy can be friends with? And may have been the cause of self harm. Wonder if she told him to do that.. or if he did it himself (his own idea) to prove it. Seems all sorts of messed up though.

No. 575211

I might be wrong but I'm sure that self harm photo is from Google, I could swear I've seen it before.

No. 575292

I reversed image searched it but didn’t find anything

No. 575449

he has more bruised up legs of abuse hes shown pictures to his family and close friends thats him. not a fake photo

No. 575540

File: 1525659707106.png (270 KB, 1440x1591, 20180506_172746.png)

No. 575544

File: 1525660200451.png (336.7 KB, 1428x1693, 20180506_192953.png)

No. 575586

File: 1525663505597.jpg (99.35 KB, 523x809, fb_83863738266383.jpg)

she's still at his house. looks like they're still "working it out" and are going to stay together

no shitstorm comments yet

No. 575591

Instead of thinking she is Sailor Moon nowadays, she has a new anime character she believes she is. It also looks like she made him dye his hair black to match the male character in the same anime. Some things never change.

No. 575601

Even a broken clock's right twice a day, this is one of those circumstances. This poor guy is fucked if he doesn't get out though.

No. 575609

oh shit you're right anon. she's trying to be darling in the franXX zero two and he's hiro.

wow that blows my mind. this cow hasn't changed in literal DECADES.

No. 575613

Holy shit, she's even got the sucking the life force out of him part down.

This, and there's no "sanity" in Moo's actions. Instead of trying to help privately like a normal person should, she's blasting him publically to corner Kevin, and by posting whatever things he confided in her in trust Lori now knows the things he has revealed to others, which would make her more pissed and put Kevin in a more precarious situation. Moo has no tact nor the intention of helping, she just wants to be a "hero".

No. 575621

judging by the screens posted above I think moo did keep it under wraps from when kevin left seattle and came back to utah. she kept it to herself until it was revealed that kevin and lori were trying to "work it out" again and thats when she unloaded all the screens in public of what happened.

not defending moo or her need to "be a hero" but she had a lot to do with getting kevin back home to Utah and he tossed all her help back in her face.

No. 575642


The dude's eyes looks half-dead compared to before he met her. That friend was right too, he lost so much weight (in a bad way) thanks to her actions. She basically treats this guy like her ex, Scott (from the smpockybox link in this thread). Guess she's turning to younger guys who probably has no experience in girls to easily manipulate them than guys who have experience.

No. 575644

She still didn't have to blast him publicly like that. Whenever someone does that, it just makes them dig their heels in deeper.

No. 575645

Sorry if derail but does anyone have a photo of this guy pre-Lori? He looks very sick in all the pics with her

No. 575662

No. 575665


heres what I found reading through the thread.
its similar to what kevins going through.

No. 575753

you would be right if it wasn’t for the fact that his facebook has comments from multiple different people on it in the same vein. it’s not just moo. either way my original point still stands and thus far it’s quite literally the only time i’ve agreed with her on anything at all

No. 575759

Having someone else doing it doesn't make it justified. They're all equally bad for taking the shit out on Kevin and reveal everything Kevin ever told them in public like that, >>575644 is still right. Kevin needs to leave, but blasting him in public isn't the way.

I'm concerned that Lori would most likely isolate Kevin from these people and scrutinize his communications with others even more, making it a whole lot harder to get him out. Not like these pissed off people would try again, nor would Kevin reach out to these people dissing him.

No. 576062

File: 1525724885064.jpg (53.08 KB, 1080x1440, FB_IMG_1525724744082.jpg)

this is roughly before dating and meeting her

No. 576077

File: 1525725840979.jpg (1.39 MB, 2560x2560, 18-05-07-16-42-45-774_deco.jpg)

I had to put these side by side and the difference is so noticeable. She's killing this man.

No. 576091

That’s so sad. He was really cute too. Is he just looks sickly.

No. 576151

Don't do drugs or crazy girls, kids.

No. 576181

He actually doesnt look too different, I think its the choice of the dark hair colour that makes him look off. He looks a lot better with lighter hair.

No. 576194

File: 1525735448348.jpg (51.83 KB, 720x960, fb_8983737627243.jpg)

the right pic isn't too noticeable of a difference because that shirt hides his collar bones and chest. anon posted a pic up there from someone saying he lost 60 pounds in the few months he was up in seattle and it really shows in this one

No. 576345

He looks sickly. he has eyebags and looks thinner. Also, anon is right, dark hair does him no favors.

He needs to get away from Looney Lori.

No. 576364

Well while I doubt that is 60 pounds lost based on his other pictures. He does look thinner and more sickly here. I read above that lori doesnt eat much… so Im guessing he is following her lead?

No. 576376

I am dying wtf. She is still a leech sucking the life force out of everyone around her like decades ago? LOL I am pretty shocked she is having another round of milk this late in the game. I wonder who else she chewed up and spat out over the years in-between.

I'm the anon that saw her irl at sakuracon. She was with a guy with I think pink hair? I wonder if this dude was him.

No. 576382

He did dye it pink when he was with her actually.

No. 576408

It was him. he has pink hair before this and they were together at Sakuracon

No. 577087

File: 1525822476081.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1242x1865, B6E07120-720F-4626-A3F1-0A800A…)

Lori is an anachan and probably forced him to lose weight because that’s the only way he’d be as beautiful as her. She tags her photos on ig with all kinds of cringy shit like #slimgirl and #under100pounds. It’s pretty clear that she’s obsessed with how thin she is.

No. 577179

Poor guy. He looked healthy, young, and cute before her. It's crazy how haggard he looks now, even with the obvious filters being used to "smooth" things over.

No. 577596


Why is he with her he could do so much better

Whats the appeal to Lori, she's pretty I guess but she's also ageing and crazy

No. 577617


Kevin’s “type” is pro-ana girls

Am one of his slc friends and he’s always liked very thin girls and I guess when he found out Lori was interested that was all it took. we were pretty shocked when he just up and moved to WA so quickly.

No. 577637


I've heard that Lori is interested in pretty kinky shit too. Some younger people will make all sorts of stupid decisions for kinky/good sex. I talk to the ex that she moved out to WA for and he always said the sex was good (he was older than her).

Definitely sounds like he's thinking with the wrong head.


> she has a new anime character she believes she is


> she's trying to be darling in the franXX zero two and he's hiro.

She totally is. Right down to the abuse and treating him like fodder to her flame. Except the character development in 02 is much better than it's developed in Lori.

Lori likened herself to be a monster on her Facebook when the breakup happened and Kevin noped out of there, and went on about how she related to 02 being separated from Hiro.

Except 02 wanted to be human, and felt that she had to kill the Klydosaurs (sp) to become human. She used people and ultimately killed them (partner killer) for her goal until she found out that it wasn't how someone looked that made them human – it's how they act and treat others.

Lori is still a monster with no character development. Especially if she's still abusive and manipulating people. She's more like a Akito Sohma (Fruits Basket) & Yuno from Future Diary.


I need more milk!

No. 577641

not much more milk than what was posted in the screens above!

apparently kevin would have to "hurt himself" to "prove" he didn't like other girls to lori and that leg wound is one of the wounds he inflicted on himself. looks like a stab. he said that she would also self-mutilate herself in response as well.

what a toxic shitshow of a relationship.

No. 578820

File: 1526008178531.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x1813, 94EB46A6-7B12-4137-BCE6-7AB004…)

judging by this post she did make him dye his hair because he doesn’t seem to like dark hair on himself

and lori got him a ring. Wonder if it’s another forced engagement ring?

No. 579059


Probably is a forced engagement ring at this point. Even with the filters, he still looks dead looking compared to his pre-Lori days. Then again if you look at Scott as Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask from her old Sailor Moon cosplays…he has the same dead look just like Kevin.

No. 579070

Not sure if someone posted this yet, but skip to 15:15 to see her and Scott. Mostly Sailor Moon cosplay talk, her shit talking about the live-action series from Japan at the time, and her claiming that she made her own costumes.

Her current voice sounds just as annoying like in the video though.

No. 579790

if this is 2004 and kevin is 25 now that means
he was 11 at this year..

No. 579836

maybe kevin has a mommy fetish and prefers 10 year older women?

honestly not much is known about why he and lori started dating in the first place other than they look good in selfies together. I'd like some milk on that!

No. 579863

File: 1526080673165.jpeg (564.37 KB, 750x906, 3CFB5278-B3E1-4372-A9F5-998E81…)

No. 579964

this poor guy.
Is this before or after she started forcing him to stab himself?

No. 579967

So what is this bitch's job? I get that she leeches off of her boyfriend now but how did she support herself before that?

No. 579968

Ahh, memories of when people used to make their own costumes and the community was still fun.

Lori's still just as annoying then as she is now though. Talk about never growing up.

No. 579969


I feel so smug when I say this because at his age I thought I knew what I wanted and what was best for me, too. Except I was in an abusive relationship and thought it was the best thing for me.

But he's fucking 25 years old. Lori is 33 years old. I don't think age is a big factor at this point in either of their lives since they're both adults.

It sounds like they're both shitty people. Lori likes to play wounded bird, and Kevin wants the pretty pro-ana chick. Maybe they're two shitty people who are meant to be, either way Kevin needs to get to the point where he actually sees that the relationship and Lori aren't healthy.

No. 579994


If you look way up in the thread she was selling photosets to pay her internet bill.

No. 580003

You're right, she was/is a cam model and I forgot. Do you know what she did before that?

No. 580064

scroll up more! she has a retail job at a sex shop.

No. 580082

yoo-saggy co. fuck her pronunciation is awful.

No. 580112

lol this guys is pathetic. good to know this bitch is as crazy as ever.

No. 580269

That "HER FACE IS FLAT" really look me back when talking about the Japanese Sailor Moon live action actress. Wow.

She really comes across as a jealous bitch back then who can't stand the thought of anyone irl portraying Sailor Moon. It's also hilarious because she acts exactly like how I expected based on the stories of everyone who used to know her. While it seems her bad qualities haven't changed much, I wonder if she acts just as obnoxious now and if so, where it stems from.

Anyone have more videos? I hate using this word, but I can't help it: she's so cringey.

I also forget but does anyone know anything about her home life? It's fascinating to me how she never grew up and still acts like such a brat well into her 30s.

Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for clarifying! Then it was definitely them walking hand in hand. She was dressed as an elf thing with long ears iirc. Not sure when he announced they were back together, but seems like before Sakuracon then. (Sorry if that is not news, I'm not sure when he first announced they were back together.)

No. 580284

She comes off as a typical racist weeb who thinks she's automatically better than Japanese cosplayers and actors. Her level of self delusion has gotten worse over the years.

No. 580497

File: 1526151130724.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1242x1865, BE35E121-8CCE-4585-94C1-ABF1BD…)

Actually confirmed. Got it off his instagram. check out the tags.

No. 580503

Ugh he seems so sad, and different. It’s really upsetting how much he has changed since meeting her. Even when he attends our local cons he barely interacts with anyone like he used to

No. 580677

Probably isn’t allowed to talk to anyone or else he’ll have to stab himself again to prove he doesn’t like them!

Honestly how in the world can he tag himself and Lori as “cutecouple” and “goals?”

I think he must know how toxic it is and just feels like he’s in too deep now.

No. 580685

File: 1526162927955.jpeg (433.53 KB, 1242x816, 33347831-9BDD-44F5-9607-3843EE…)

so like does he not realize we (his friends) are worried about him?

we’re not “getting down” on him. we’re scared for him. c’mon bro snap out of it.

No. 580716

So it sounds like Kevin is staying with his parents. Moo said earlier that she had called Kevin's parents to help get him out of the situation he was in with Lori when he was living in Washington.

If he is staying with his parents and Lori came to visit him, would that mean that she is staying at Kevin's parents' house? If so, how could she just walk into their home after all the damage she's done and not feel some sort of remorse or shame? Surely she must know that her actions aren't widely accepted and she must assume that Kevin's parents don't like the thought of Kevin self-harming or being in either a physically or emotionally abusive relationship…

No. 580732

Kevin lives with his parents.

She was there with his parents there. I have no idea how or why they would allow this. Need more milk.

No. 580864

This is exactly how she treated her exes, those who were close to her know this. Possessive to the max, going as far as removing the man from his previous social circle and life. That’s not to say her exes were perfect. Her old Mamoru slept with anything that had a vagina both during and after their relationship. Those two deserved each other.

No. 581003


Ha I'm pretty sure she doesn't even know what those feelings are. Just look at the way she's treated all her exes AND the Neptune and Uranus couple she lived with

She's going to be so fucked when she's old and not pretty anymore

No. 581027

File: 1526183769059.png (808.14 KB, 812x593, eh.png)

She relies pretty heavily on filters and editing to keep looking young in photos. She's not ugly, but she's definitely already showing some age, despite the high contrast, editing, and filters you see on almost every photo of her.

Also, she's a legit skelly at this point. With her already shapr features and strong nose/long face, she isn't going to age well at all. I can't wait.

You can kind of make out her lines that she typically smooths/filters out in this second photo. All I did was turn down the contrast a bit.

No. 581044

Honestly she's not even THAT skinny. It seems to me like she's sucking it in hardcore, because her arms look normal sized. Lifting them above your head can make ribs show easily too.

No. 581053


especially with her ana dieting too

No. 581081

she seems to be under 100 pounds currently though, seeing as that's what she prides her instagram pics with.

she also said she's trying to lose 7 more pounds for back pain.

No. 581105


Those instagram tags looks like it's written by her than his usual tags. If he's less interactive at local cons thanks to her, I wonder if he'll be like that in major cons like Anime Expo or something where all of his out-of-state friends are. Hell, I bet now he wouldn't go to major cons because he doesn't want to risk running into his friends that she thinks is a "threat" to her.

No. 581119

i don't think he's even going to a-expo this year tbh. haven't heard anything and all his money went to "taking care" of lori (and probably his ER hospital visits from the stab wounds) so i don't think he'll be making it to los angeles.

really a shame because i looked forward to seeing him every year but i don't want to see him like this. and especially not if he brings lori.

No. 581155


One of her uploaded videos from Youtube and it's mostly full of cringe.

No. 581167

Nah kevins a sweet dude he seemed desperate to be in a relationship for a while though, hes always had low self esteem which sucks hes a good looking guy but he's too shy.

I feel which ever girl showed interest and wanted to be with he just went with due to his issues showing feelings. TBH hes a really easy target to get romantically and as big of a snake lori is it was simple to make him hers.
he also had interest in the past with other friends of mine who were normal weight so he isnt "pro - ana" he just was too shy to go for it.

hes not a bad guy just blind

No. 582501

It seems pretty obvious that she filters her photos and posts pictures to try to emphasize thinness and being delicate. For anyone who has seen her in person recently, does she actually look younger than her age/anachan or is it all smoke and mirrors for Instagram? I mean I personally can’t even tell what her face really looks like given all the filters and angles she loves to use.

No. 582524

Honestly though, if you love your child you wouldn't let someone who you know abused them into your house. And if you did, the police better be there already to make an arrest.

No. 582553

She’s raising money to move to Utah now already, many keks.

No. 582658

I fucking knew that’s why she made the go fund me to move closer to that poor man smh.. she did the same shit with Ricki she did a go fund me to “help get ricki out of her life” in which she managed to raise 880 and a week later she took ricki back. I really hope someone can point the people who don’t know what she is putting him through because that is truly dangerous for her to move closer to him. She is going to drain all his money, isolate him, and control him on making him dress like Hiro you can tell he hates the dark hair. After seeing the photos of him from before and after he is losing so much weight because of the stress, and he looks like he is crying for help through his eyes. Don’t fund this people please!

No. 582869

To be honest there's nothing you can do about it unless your child wants the help. In the end its gonna be up to him to get rid of Lori since nobody can get rid of her for him. Yeah it sucks that Lori is staying with his parents but the parents should give him an ultimatum such as kicking him out as well if he brings her in. He has to hit rock bottom in order to realize that there is a problem. But you should always lend support no matter what and never did what Moo did on his facebook such as making it all about yourself and scold him for not accepting the help yet.

In other terms I'm actually happy that this is bringing up the awareness that Males can be abused as well since society always look pass it and go as far as laughing at them for letting their girl abuse them.

No. 582870

You should totally spread the awareness on facebook if you're friends with Kevin.

No. 582996

File: 1526341733852.jpeg (162.55 KB, 750x897, C950CD86-A58E-4B90-A755-D374F3…)

No. 583001

Time for them to pick a new anime couple to mimic.

No. 583044

Anon is right! Kevin’s friends need to raise awareness this needs to be seen that she is not the victim, but the abuser!

No. 583114

Since when was she ever a victim?

No. 583148

How do you know she's moving to Utah? Neither the go fuck me or her own posts say where she's moving to, just that she "has to get out of washington."

She also posted that she's rehoming her cat, but taking the ferrets.

No. 583177

File: 1526353023908.jpeg (56.96 KB, 640x303, AEBE0BD0-AC2B-4DDD-A49B-3BD613…)

No. 583180

I don't have a screengrab of it before it got deleted but the thread above where Moo was posting all the self mutilation photos also had Lori's friends commenting telling Kevin to stay away from her because he kept "hurting her."

so Lori's friends believe she is 100% the victim here.

No. 583185

Yeah she had them believing that Kevin in her own victimizing mind said fuck off pretty much and up jump and left her high and dry, but left out the details of her driving him to insanity and mutilation of himself because he was being abused psychologically and emotionally by her.

No. 583306

That's really fucked up. Looks like she got worse since her Sailor Moon days. Probably now trying to weasel back into the cos community too since the bf is a cosplayer.

She reminds me of another version of Raven (another lolcow in the /pt/ boards), same shitty personality except in ana-form.

No. 583510


If you scroll up in this thread I thought I remembered someone having posted the screenshots of Moo sharing the self-mutilation and her comments about it.


She's raised a grand total of 200 bucks so far! I'm under the impression that she has the money to move her sorry ass but doesn't want to spend it. She bought Kevin a stupid crown ring and I'm sure she had to spend some amount of money to get to Utah. I thought I read that Kevin pretty much was broke after the first round with Lori when he was living with her.

No. 583641

Yup truth.
I don’t know how much he was making in total but he was paying the rent, buying all food, groceries, and “taking care” of Lori which probably entails buying her whatever she wants on a whim. Since moving back at home he is back to being jobless. I’ve never known him to have a job at all since before going to WA so I’m assuming his parents paid for all his con trips before? He was still in college but quit abruptly to move to WA to be with Lori.

His life is going to be finished if she really does get to Utah. Or she’ll just leave him when mommy and daddy won’t help her and he doesn’t get a job to take care of her quick enough.

No. 583642

I believe she is getting the money to fix her car to drive down there to live with him and his parents so that she won’t have to work but will drain the hell out him and all his resources. Kevin was going to college before he started dating her I hope he graduated and didn’t drop out.. also someone asked the last name of her ex is Cory .

No. 583644

She’s gonna move in with him and his parents?! Please no.

Do his parents know what she made him do?! He must have a scar on his leg from the stab wound.

No. 583646

Does any of her friends know how she is treating him? Also is pussy that amazing to men that you are willing to sell your soul to the devil which is the bitch your going gaga over? Like seriously someone enlighten me because it has to be more of a self esteem issue with this guy unless she is dropping it like it’s hot on this dude and he was a virgin .. who knows!

No. 583650

I don’t care what happens to her, but I’m truly worried about Kevin and I don’t know the guy.. as anon said if she gets down there his life is over.. and the worse imagine if he cut himself like that her abuse can drive him to insanity to either kill himself because he feels like he can’t escape or kill her…

No. 583653

he was not a virgin I don’t think

i think it’s really poor self esteem as well as Kevin being somewhat of a “star chaser” in the cosplay community. he was always trying to hang around with and was noticibly nicer to people with some degree of “fame” ( if u can call it that ) like moo and kohalu and now Lori. There used to be selfies with him and other well knownish cosplayers that used to be in his profile pics but now they’ve all been replaced with pics of lori.

you can see up there how kevin said he saw lori as a cosplay senpai so that’s probably why as soon as she was interested he just abandoned ship and went crazy and became fixated on her.

No. 583658

can confirm he really prided himself on having been invited to an Anime Expo kbbq group outing one year that he said was filled with his senpais

I’m not his friend on FB but know some of the mutuals so I saw the pic. i think it was 2015

No. 583667

From what I heard his parents are the ones who rescued him from her apartment. I don’t know if they know how he got that wound because I don’t know a parent who would let the woman who cause that in their house unless he managed to talk to them and said it’s ok. They could be the type that allows him to live his life because he is grown man I think he is 23 or 24? Anyway I remember Scott or ex had a similar proplem with her minus all the cutting. She is going to be up for a rude awakening when her looks began to fail her because that the only reason why she is getting away with leaching off of people I mean the girl borrows her friends crunchy roll paid accounts because she said she isn’t paying for one. The shit is only 7 bucks!.. sorry for misspelling but I’m too lazy to correct it right now .. XD(XD)

No. 583678

Kevin is 25.

I get that his parents don’t want to impose on a grown man’s life but he’s still living with them and they had to drive up there to save him.

I wouldn’t let that woman anywhere near my son after that so if she’s really going to move in there then he must have told his mom and dad some lies to make it seem like it wasn’t that bad.

No. 583714

File: 1526402821496.jpeg (159.53 KB, 1242x391, 93C3AEC6-5839-44EE-84DD-1CE306…)

So, I lurked.

Uhhhh according to this Kevin “liked” a bunch of rikki’s old posts from 2017. this is one but there’s a bunch more

I think Kevin and Lori started dating in November. Was he lurking hard on rikki’s posts to see when rikki left Lori so he could swoop in and be the savior? Were Kevin and Rikki friends?

The plot thickens?

No. 584088

From Scott's story back on pockybox she was abusive mentally and demanding physically in terms of sex and money. She was ungrateful for the gifts his parents showered her with and she would constantly miss the bus for work so one of his parents would have to turn around from their own commutes to work to go and get her. She didnt want to get a job and just wanted to mooch. Then when he was away at college her and a friend stole from his dorm room and she never trusted him. I also remember his story saying that she kicked everyone out at a con once so they could have sex and when he wouldnt do it (since everyone was literally hanging out in the hall outside their room) she went psycho.

No. 584253

Kevin probably hasn't told any of his friends in Utah that she's planning to move there. Someone should alert them because he seriously needs an intervention. I wouldn't even consider it cowtipping, it's for his own safety.

No. 584343

kek Lori as cosplay sempai? The friends that he used to look up to are 10000x better than her. He used to share and repost other cosplayers posts that inspired him.

No. 584367

yea said he looked up to her for doing cosplay when it wasn’t cool

No. 584431

File: 1526441150371.png (1.28 MB, 1440x1336, Screenshot_20180515-221549~2.p…)

Girl needs money from people to move but still has the money to buy cosplay stuff? Or perhaps someone bought it for her – but why not ask for the amount spent on that outfit to be given to her fund raiser to help her move?

… Maybe she doesn't need the money to move or does she already have it?

No. 584446

not defending the cow but i frequently buy cosplays from chinese companies and it's entirely possible that this order was put in 2-3 months ago. shipping takes forever.

i'll bet kevin bought it for her but it just arrived now.

No. 584468

A little ot but didn’t this girl used to have jacked up teeth or something and that’s why she never smiled in her sailor moon cosplay?

No. 584496

It’s probably not a smart idea to post a screenshot where you liked her post and there only a small amount of people who liked it as well. Kinda dwindles down the possible list of people who are posting shit from her wall.

No. 585396

From the looks of it she is still packing getting ready to head down to Kevin’s so she must have money or reached the goal of her go fund me…

No. 585474

To all the Utah anons out there who happens to know Kevin or know someone who knew Kevin: Keep on the lookout for him if Lori moves down there! Provide a leaning shoulder for him if he wants it! Hell talk to his parents and voice your concerns if you have to.

No. 585503

She was missing some teeth. Check her ED page, it has a collage of pics where it is visible.

No. 585584

Is it cowtipping if someone links the parents to this thread?

I’m not even joking. They need to know what kind of girl is going to live in their house. This cow has been causing issues for over a damn decade!

No. 585616

If you can contact his parents, I would.

Just look at the picture of his deep wound, there could be more. Lori is a crazy ass bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 585657

Anyone who is close to Kevin your time is now. If your friendship means anything to him even if it means he will get mad at you please inform his parents of this girl! In person, by phone which ever I’m generally scared for him he looks sick and that shit ain’t cool. No one deserves to be abused. NOBODY!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 585663

Kevin has a brother named Dan.

Does the brother know about this?

Please Utah anons contact his family!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 585703

In this case, hell no! We're dealing with a person who harms himself for the sake of his girlfriend's approval. If they read about his self-cutting PMs then it should be enough to prevent her from letting her stay with them. Although they did drive up to Washington for 14 hours to get their son and they may already despise her but the PMs should be the final nail on the coffin.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 586277

All we can do is hope he stays safe and stand up to her when she wants him to do things that are not safe..

No. 589235

Fuck there should be a Lori support group for all of her exes

"Those that were eeten"

No. 589372

Its funny she makes Scott say his name is Mamoru but claims its for 'stalker' purposes. Every account, his AND her old scout groups, said she was delusional and made them all go by their scout persona when with her. They couldnt talk to her about anything real because she only wanted to live in the fantasy that she was really sailor moon, her bf was mamoru and her friends were the scouts.

I wish pockybox was still up to grab caps from all the testimonies of her crazy ass.

No. 589901


It is with the wayback website.

No. 590357

File: 1526928429290.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180521-134526.png)

Why do her teeth looked so fucked here :B

No. 590408

Trying to look animu I guess? You can really see she loves using the filters to (badly) smooth out her eyebags.

No. 590509

I want to know how the hell is she buying all these costumes when she has a gofund me crying about she needs money to move…

No. 590538

File: 1526941346041.jpg (74.24 KB, 1280x720, zero two from darling in the f…)

This character sometimes has pointy teeth but I'm not sure that explains her mouth looking weird there.

No. 590578


her huge pupils stood out to me more. is it the low lighting/circle lenses or is she on something?

No. 590684

Beauty cam app perhaps? That stuff can make anyone look semi animu.

Some cosplayers I follow pay their bills/rent/utilities/important stuff first before going to their cosplay work unlike her and others. Isn't she struggling with money even before meeting Kevin?

No. 590688

I don't think she's ever had a proper job so probably. She can only suck bone marrow out of the people around her for so long.

I haven't seen her posting about selling nudes in a while so maybe she's doing ok somehow

No. 590701

probably on stimulants, she's obsessed with being thin. she has direct lighting on her face

No. 590703

She smokes a ton of weed so she's probably just high

No. 590706


You might be right. Direct light is on her but her eyes are dilated as fuuuuuuuck.

Honestly, I don't think that her financial situation is as bad as she makes it out to be. Or it is, and she is just horrible with money. I'm actually more apt to believe she has a hard time managing her finances and that's why she's always in the hole and needs money.

However, before she dated Rikki she had a savings, but she drained it for that relationship paying for this and that. I don't know how she got that savings, but I do know it's gone now.

No. 590724

File: 1526955496540.jpg (146.6 KB, 769x574, UsagiKou001.jpg)

No. 590726

File: 1526955616589.jpg (Spoiler Image, 279.24 KB, 400x500, Usakoucktease.jpg)

No. 590727

File: 1526955637131.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.91 KB, 545x600, Usakoutits1.jpg)

No. 590728

File: 1526955655018.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.62 KB, 471x599, Usakoutits2.jpg)

No. 590731

File: 1526955675575.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.24 KB, 697x466, Usakoutits3.jpg)

No. 590737

File: 1526955759185.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.95 KB, 640x480, Usakoutits4.jpg)

No. 590803

not sure what's horrifying: her wigwork or her trying to be sexy

No. 590809

File: 1526961568611.jpg (314.92 KB, 960x1280, anusshoulddie.jpg)

>Nipple piercing or ring thing
>looks tacky to compliment the shit setup

No. 590830

Looks like she has a Saw trap on her nip.

No. 590853

Is he an ex boyfriend of hers?

No. 591164

I wanna know what creepy, kinky shit she's into. None of these links work for me.

No. 591269

she really is delusional
she used to harass every single sailor moon cosplayer back then. I think the most notorious ones were, the one where she said the japanese actress didn't look good because her face was flat. when she posted for her "friends" on her blog about how another SM cosplayer looked too old to be SM… talked shit about her nose… she always put them down because of their looks. and I remember one convo where a girl was asking her for advice to cosplay SM or something, she saw the girl's picture and said "wow ur black? xDDDD"

No. 591337

Wow, racist and a bitch. She flat out laughed at a post of a couple cosplay of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask (which was adorable btw) then proceeded to reply with her couple cosplay. Just wait, she'll probably pull that stint on Darling in the FranXX cosplayers next.

No. 591345

She's always been an elitist cunt. I've been cosplaying since 2004 and i've ran into her more than i can think at local cons. She judges anyone who cosplays from Sailor Moon, esp Usagi cosplayers. She's got the whole 'i'm the real life usagi' vibe going on, like Moo thinking she's real life Mei or Saber. It's insane

No. 591362

anybody have rest of michiru kou's lj post? moar plz

No. 591384

File: 1527023591922.jpeg (305.92 KB, 800x1236, borderline-personality_disorde…)

Holy shit, this chick screams Cluster B and needs some serious psychological help. She's like a poster child for BPD (borderline personality disorder).

BPD symptoms
- disturbed sense of identity
- frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment and extreme reactions to such
- splitting (black and white thinking)
- impulsive or dangerous behaviors
- intense or uncontrollable emotional reactions that often seem disproportionate to event or situation (threats of suicide and multiple suicide attempts)
- unstable and chaotic interpersonal relationships
- self-damaging behavior
- distorted self-image
- dissociation
- frequently accompanied by depression, anxiety, anger, substance abuse, or rage

Kevin, you better run before she goes Single White Female on your ass.(derailing)

No. 591389

This is gold. Is there more?

No. 591418

"Usagi Kou's husband (YA RLY!) Luis allegedly raped one of Usagi Kou's crowd while at a con, then Usagi Kou allegedly tried to get said friend to commit suicide."

Holy shit I remember hearing about this. Does anyone know if anything ever happened?

No. 591427


Way back machine won't let me see the post. Just the title. :(

No. 591439

How in the living fuck has this girl have not been reported for talking people into killing themeselves?! I really feel for Kevin he is not going to have any female friends left every con they go to she is gonna be all over him like white in rice. But hey that’s what he wants I guess…

No. 591580

Different anon than >>591418 but I was nostalgic for reading the old crazy too, so I went on wayback and saved everything relating to her. I mostly have pdfs (can alter to .jpgs and post here) and then the photos that were uploaded.

Question is, should I post everything? It's not a lot, but a total of ~10 pages for just the text stuff, and then probably close to ~40 of just images. I just don't want to spam.

I could also just post the "testimonials" and the LJ screen shots if that's better? Or just make a zip?

No. 591602

Post it. post it all. Delicious vintage milk.

No. 591607

Damn, this chick does not have much going for her aside from a pretty face. Those tits are really unfortunate, and this was before she was anachan too. I can't imagine what they look like now. Small tits that are still somehow saggy is unfortunate genetics.

No. 591617


OMG pls post the LJ stuff. You got any of the posts from fandom wank?

No. 591628

The thing is a lot of that stuff is from … 10 years ago. Im more interested in any current stuff really. But she has always been a fave to keep tabs on. From the looks of it she has always been on the slim slim side to begin with.

No. 591642

File: 1527045032211.png (566.07 KB, 1192x718, The Pocky Box.png)

Okie dokie, here we go.

To be fair, a lot of it is more plain than I remember, but the LJ shots are pretty great.

No. 591644

File: 1527045127870.png (528.25 KB, 1275x1650, Usagi Kou- Scott's Testimonial…)

I may not do it all tonight though, but I'll try to at least upload them in batches.

No. 591645

Unless this was prior to the actual Kou group, I have never heard anything about this. I was pretty close to the group back in the day, but it formed when she was with Scott, not her ex husband. She has been involved in a lot of grimy situations, but take that story with a grain of salt.

No. 591646

File: 1527045323629.png (517.88 KB, 1275x1650, Usagi Kou- Scott's Testimonial…)


No. 591648

File: 1527045363624.png (494.41 KB, 1275x1650, Usagi Kou- Scott's Testimonial…)


No. 591650

File: 1527045969047.jpg (150.66 KB, 571x431, 1339341645259.jpg)

Ergh, reading these, stuff is missing. I'll just do a single long screenshot and re-do them, sorry guys! I'll upload them as soon as I can, have work in the a.m.

Here's a photo I found archived from cgl in the meantime. I have a few more special ones I'll post eventually too.

No. 591692

I remember this Scott drama. Scott was hot and I legit thought that relationship was perfect until I read this.. It seems she mentally and emotionally abusive to these men.. it’s horrible!

No. 591693

It’s true, she does treat them shitty. However, Scott was not an innocent party. He cheated on her multiple times throughout the relationship. That relationship was unhealthy all around.

No. 591838

Like Lori herself, Scott is in his 30s and going absolutely nowhere in life. He’s an entitled loser who still cheats on his girlfriends and keeps in touch with Lori to this day. Not saying their relationship wasn’t bad, but Scott loves the distressed princess type he can “save” for the first few months, then gets annoyed with them.

No. 591911

I remember when Lori was dating ender when Scott didn’t take her back but then she went to Cali and ended up fucking Enders brother…

No. 592001

File: 1527094994755.png (2.58 MB, 1343x3435, Usagi Kou Scott's Testimonial.…)

Ok, here are the full screen shots with no missing bits.

Scott's Testimonial

No. 592005

File: 1527095088617.png (2.22 MB, 1343x3189, 1 Usagi Kou Eudial's Investiga…)

Eudial's Investigation

No. 592007

File: 1527095196586.jpg (64.97 KB, 769x576, 3 A Typical Sailor Moon Cospla…)

Is "Screen Capture of Michiru Kou's LJ post." It won't let me upload the same image.

This is "A Typical Sailor Moon Cosplayer"

No. 592008

File: 1527095216777.jpg (42.74 KB, 769x576, 4 Usagi Kou's response.jpg)

"Usagi Kou's response:

No. 592009

File: 1527095237119.jpg (63.03 KB, 769x576, 5 The URL from the above scree…)

"The URL from the above screen capture"

No. 592010

File: 1527095260077.jpg (36.34 KB, 309x423, 6 Proof of Extensions.jpg)

"Proof of Extensions"

No. 592011

File: 1527095290752.jpg (92.32 KB, 744x760, 7 In Haruka Kou's Own Words.jp…)

"In Haruka Kou's Own Words"

No. 592014

File: 1527095361190.jpg (78.31 KB, 769x551, 14 Screen Capture of Usagi Kou…)

The SUU/EET you screenshots are kind of pointless to post, same with nitpicking her shitty typing. So skipping those.

"Screen Capture of Usagi Kou's LJ"

No. 592015

File: 1527095380914.jpg (88.55 KB, 769x576, 15 Strange Experiences....jpg)

"Strange Experiences…"

No. 592016

File: 1527095398228.jpg (115.96 KB, 774x578, 16 "Safe" Sex.jpg)

"'Safe' Sex"

No. 592017

File: 1527095414909.jpg (92 KB, 768x572, 17 Sexual Appetite.jpg)

"Sexual Appetite"

No. 592018

File: 1527095465826.jpg (123.94 KB, 768x577, 18 Seeking Employment.jpg)

"Seeking Employment"

Last photo is a repost of >>592011

No. 592019

File: 1527095615341.png (1.6 MB, 1343x2545, 1 Usagi Kou Eudial's Investiga…)

Eudial's Investigation, part II

A lot of the photos for this one are silly to post. I can make a zip or something if someone really wants, but I think it would just be extra clutter to post here. It's mostly screenshots of lj comments of other people.

No. 592021

File: 1527095653789.jpg (115.53 KB, 768x576, 10 Haruka's Note.jpg)

"Haruka's Note"

No. 592022

File: 1527095741572.png (704.68 KB, 1343x971, 1 Usagi Kou Sat's Investigatio…)

Sat's Investigation

No. 592023

File: 1527095796723.gif (266.67 KB, 678x523, 2 Case #1 A Costume Comparison…)

All 3 pics are just comparison photos proving she didn't make some of her costumes. I'll just post one to avoid excess clutter.

No. 592026

File: 1527095969128.png (223.82 KB, 1275x1650, hmm.png)

That's it for what was on the Pocky Box.

This was the only other mildly interesting thing I found.

No. 592036

File: 1527096980495.jpg (107.12 KB, 760x508, 1339166149937.jpg)

One last photo for now that I found on cgl archives.

While everyone involved in the drama seems like a cow, it's pretty impressive she still causes so much drama. I can't wait to see what happens next.

No. 592343

What a creepy photo. Looks like the beginning of a bad porn. This girl is insane

No. 592582

File: 1527137405093.jpg (234.59 KB, 1600x1200, lurp.jpg)

This was amusing ten years ago. Now it's just sad. What's a term for a NEET that stays a NEET well into their 30's?

No. 592651


is she truly 5'0 or is that just something she lied about to sound small? because for someone 5'0, being under 100 pounds isn't terrible >>577087 if she's under 90 or 85 pounds that would be worrisome, and i think she probably is. seems weird to brag about -100 when you're that short. i thought she was a lot taller. and she loves sucking up to look skinnier than she is >>581027 i really do wonder how healthy/unhealthy she actually is.

No. 592710

File: 1527162186479.jpg (19.77 KB, 480x430, 66752_10153043107120431_589558…)

she really is short

No. 593185

She looks old there lol

She’s small but it’s how you GET small that tends to be concerning. It’s not like she’s working out and eating right. She’s just… not eating. And her hashtag use and poses in her pics just screams wannabe thinspo queen.

No. 593431

Does anyone actually know how many times she's been married/divorced or "engaged?" I know of at least two actual marriages, the one mentioned here >>592026 and her marriage to a guy named Steven Osgood in 2015 or so. so that's a minimum of two marriages and divorces, but it seems like she's forced every one of her boyfriends to "propose" to her at some point.

No. 593666

I don't think she looks old. Just middle aged. Like any normal woman in her mid 30s. The immature aesthetic might make it seem more awkward is all.

No. 593801

She doesn’t look actual old, just older than she thinks she looks. She literally brags non-stop about how young she looks and calls herself an unaging vampire

No. 593920

So does anyone know if she is still planning on moving to Kevin’s parents house? Or is she staying in Washington?

No. 593934

>middle aged
Anon, middle-aged is like 40-60.
She looks good for her age.

No. 594158

Lori is that you?

No. 594220


>she looks good for her age

it's all angles and filters, she was never good looking to begin with. the quality of her insta pics is absolute shit imo its hard to tell. if we ever get a candid that's the only way we'll know if she's busted or not.


No. 594453

a loser

No. 594613

Do you think people only live until they're 60 or something? Or are you underage?

No. 595596

Well guys today is her last day in Washington, she is officially heading to Utah to Kevin’s house so I can’t wait to find out how this turns out… is good ol Kevin excited? Who knows!

No. 595615

My popcorn is ready

I'm honestly curious if she'll be able to charm Kevin's family or if they'll tell that crazy bitch to back off

No. 595637

Lol me too!!

No. 596227

File: 1527549362678.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 75.69 KB, 540x960, A1A52150-31D1-4D05-9E68-AD8DE1…)

It’s official she has moved in with Kevin!

No. 596242

Does anyone haver her personal FB added? Does she make updates often or has she updated about anything/being called out on his FB?

No. 596260


She's actually been wearing that look before the anime came out. The hair is new, the eye makeup has been like that for a while, so, unfortunately, she hasn't been copying the makeup for Zero Two… just the hair.

But I'm sure it just makes her think that she's meant to be Zero Two because she's been doing it for at least a year before the anime came out or was announced.

No. 596269

He certainly looks "happy".

No. 596272

>Lori looks great for her age!

Hahaha, damn, she's burnt the fuck up.

No. 596278

naw, I notcied too. Oldfags represent.

No. 596281

I'm the anon you replied to lol, deleted my comment when I went on her IG and realized that too, oops.
But I'm sure you're right, because the minute she dyed her hair pink, she called herself Zero Two. Probably took it as some sign.
Only Zero Two doesn't have big curled Sailor Moon bangs… I think someone's still stuck in their glory days.

No. 596347

File: 1527558938429.jpg (48.23 KB, 510x661, ring1.JPG)

Ohhh snap. The ring is back on her hand. After the breakup, she took off the ring. Now that they're back together, she put the ring back on. I've seen people ask her about the ring before in comments and she never responds to those questions in comments.

No. 596441

I believe that is the opal ring her grandmother gave her. It was said that she had forced him to put that they were engaged when he was trying to leave him so I don’t think he has proposed unless someone else knows other details.

No. 596447

Man, middle-aged kids these days have no respect. Taking awkward selfies while Kevin's fam? is just trying to enjoy a burger in peace.

No. 596468

File: 1527571178186.png (1.47 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180528-221522.png)

>>596447 Damn she's shorter than I thought. Also, kinda cringy that she's trying to act like a 20 year old again in broad daylight like that.

No. 596802

Kevin's family has failed him…

No. 596873


I don't disagree, but if you're in a situation where you give an ultimatum to your son which will ultimately cause him to isolate you for his blind love for an emotional abuser… you're going to do what you can to stay a part of their life.

I was in an emotionally abusive relationship where my family did not like my significant other for the abuse and they had considered intervening and giving me an ultimatum but they knew it would only cause me to isolate them more. They were there and offered support when I needed it, and when I became wise and left my abusive significant other they were there to help. I was blind, and it was bad. I wouldn't have done what they ordered me to do, which would have made leaving my abusive SO even worse later on down the line.

In the end, Kevin is an adult even if he lives with his parents. He'll just move out and cut them out to do what he wants. This way they will at least be there for him when it fails.

No. 596921

i totally disagree with you.

No. 596931


You don't have to agree.


> Do not expect a person being abused to make hurried decisions. Many victims choose to stay with the partner in hope that the violence will stop. You can help the individual by providing long-term support and encouragement. Unfortunately, it may take years for the victim to make the decision to leave.

This is even the advice that government sites offer.

No. 596936

there's a huuuuge difference between not trying to rip someone away from their partner and letting them move in. not only that but when the person starts getting them to abuse themselves, you send them to a mental ward. this is a totally different stage of abuse.

No. 596941


So what do you do when he decides to move out with their abuser into an apartment when you give the ultimatum and say "No, I refuse to let her anywhere near this home"?

Committing someone to a mental hospital is a little more difficult than most people think.


No. 597025

Lori would have followed whatever wallet willing to foot her bills. This kid's parents taking her in just insured it was their son she'd end up using.

No. 597038

Anon is right I too was an abusive relationship I never told my parents about it because I knew they would talk me into leaving him although I knew I should have I was blind, a teen and dumb. My friend didn’t like him and hated what he did and I lost all of them because of this. Kevin’s parents are doing the right thing because they can support him when it does get ugly. If she gets him in a place to herself and starts abusing him again it will end up really bad or worse one of them dead. I just think they should sit down and talk with both of them to see if they are willing to not make the same mistakes and lay down some rules for Lori.

No. 597065

I also think that the parents should make Lori get her lazy ass up and get job to help pay for rent, food, bills as well as getting her car situation fixed because I know damn well know 33 year old woman is going to be living in my house for Free!

No. 597132


But her bad back…!

No. 597158

Her back don’t seem to be hurting since she got what she wanted.. it was all a pity party/ get attention/feel sorry for me to get Kevin back which it obviously worked.

No. 597159

I wonder if she gets some type of disability payments because of her back? I mean she left her old town and job to move with the bfs fam… and also what happened to her ferrets? Did they come with her?

No. 597193

Can you elaborate on the bad back story?

No. 597203

uuh civil commitment is different.

No. 597208

File: 1527642876918.jpeg (136.97 KB, 750x662, CEE2FB42-2D5C-4644-A94C-EA19D6…)

They put it up back on Facebook that they are in a relationship

No. 597602

Of course I’m sure she talked him into even though he could have been hesitant. Just like she kept trying to beg and manipulate Scott to come back, but he realized his sanity was more important rather than dealing with that mess. I just hope it work out for them…

No. 597615

His friends list fell down a little by 4 people…

No. 597710

File: 1527702155690.jpeg (189.46 KB, 750x867, A17639C8-2448-4328-B4D6-8383E9…)

No. 597712

File: 1527702170564.jpeg (192.73 KB, 750x735, 9182451A-D863-45C1-AF0C-485B60…)

No. 597713

File: 1527702184479.jpeg (50.7 KB, 732x303, 473CC414-3BF0-4C56-9039-45A39D…)

No. 597715

File: 1527702326483.jpeg (78.06 KB, 540x960, 922BB45F-8952-43E5-89D3-8C71EB…)

No. 597739


It always comes down to cuteness with this bitch. She literally doesn’t care about anything except appearances. I don’t see any actual substance.

No. 597825

Yes she is more focused on aesthetics and looking like fictional characters instead of being happy with her own looks. She would rather put more time into that instead self reflecting about getting her life together because that “cuteness” is not going to last forever.

No. 597827

Hahahaha. Wow. Never change you crazy cow, keep these amazing keks coming.

No. 597829

This hair is waaayyyy off from 02’s…

Also 02 doesn’t deserve this.

No. 597830

Her outdated bangs and neon pink is nothing like 002 she’s delusional

No. 597845

Far cuter? More like far trashier.

No. 597855

File: 1527713378392.jpg (140.27 KB, 1080x1350, 19955589_266380453843432_28020…)

Kind of surprised she willingly tans and smokes since that ages you faster. And we all know she will literally fall apart if she is no longer *~*~*~beautiful~*~*~*.

Also it cracks me up that even pot won't help her calm tf down. Her crazy is immune to everything.

No. 598109

I was kinda looking at that too. Zero two’s bangs are more straight kinda of flat actually. Well shit 02 hair is straight really long and fine looking and blush pink. The Lori hair will probably fade out to match soon maybe.

No. 598166

File: 1527731626078.jpg (55.43 KB, 506x742, wut.JPG)

Oh if only they knew..

No. 598175

File: 1527732138761.jpg (17.24 KB, 287x227, outside.JPG)

How she looks without the heavy instagram filters. This was in one of her friends tagged pics last year.

No. 598189

Still not as bad as people make it out to be… She's definitely lost a lot of fat on her face and looks a lot more mature than her photos show but jeez people make it sound like she's a dusty old hag risen from the grave.

No. 598211

It's because she has a disgusting personality and most of us view her through that lens.

She also overhypes her own attrativeness SO much that the reality is disappointing.

No. 598228

I mean she's not like a hunched grey haired lady or anything but she's not young either. She's almost my moms age, unemployed, living in some guy's parents house and still cutting to be cool. It's the fact she's doing all this at her age that's embarrassing.

No. 598229

those pics and the drama are old. no one gives a shit about her anymore. there wasn't a lot of internet/cosplay drama around so i guess that made her so relevant

No. 598237

Yup, that’s exactly what it is. If you act like a piece of shit while hyping up your “ageless vampire beauty” you’d better be perfect, because otherwise you’re just providing ammo to all the people who hate you

No. 598284

>almost my mom's age

You have to be 18 or over to use this site.

No. 598309

Not that anon, but it is possible for an 18yo anon to have a 34yo mother anon. Lori is now in her early thirties.

No. 598476

I wonder is Kevin gushing over her as if she didn’t do anything.

No. 598869


I bet this is how Kevin got on her radar. Cam shit.

No. 598877

Lori is only 31 or 32 and people that old usually only have a very young kid, not a teen. (Def not 18)

Her face (esp eye area) looks very sunken in. Her diet isn't doing her any good.

No. 598938

She 33 yrs old. Even though she can be a sack of shit, 30s are not old because she look better then some 20 yr olds who look 40 yrs old no joke.

No. 601280

File: 1528065620239.jpeg (249.25 KB, 750x1066, 0A48D615-AAE6-4A4A-A9E3-5E537C…)

No. 601282

File: 1528065641075.jpeg (92.21 KB, 750x516, F02B348F-C314-4D5D-8B39-FD8E24…)

No. 601377

File: 1528071783929.jpg (51.38 KB, 533x960, 34321885_10160318697695431_150…)


I gotta know if anyone responds to this. Looks like Lori is back to having her boy toy pay for everything again.

No. 601446

Well it's not like she eats anything, gotta keep up that anachan body

No. 601472

File: 1528081262029.jpeg (53.43 KB, 750x359, 5FAA48F7-0496-4EAF-8449-303456…)

No. 601474

File: 1528081293210.jpeg (152.45 KB, 720x960, 0707232F-9BE5-4050-A1F1-3D2EDA…)

No. 601475


Of course, she barely touched her food, and it's mostly veggies.

No. 601477

So far the only responses have been positive. I think after the last big blow up and a friend sweep everyone is a little reluctant on speaking out on their issues

No. 601484

Does Lori Loon ever smile? It seems the closest she gets us this dumb slackjawed expression.

No. 601530

Yeah he is really trying to make it work, but question is how long can she hold back the real her.

No. 601531

She's missing teeth and doesn't smile to hide it. It was a thing even back in her Sailor Moon days

No. 601556

File: 1528093420113.gif (340.82 KB, 499x250, LoveIsBlind_GIF.gif)

>>601282 Well buddy they are antagonizing you girlfriend because she abuse the shit of you and they're concern about you. Let's give it a few months where the honeymoon stage will be over.

No. 601561

Stop posting this shit. Where the fuck are all these autistic gifs completely irrelevant to all the threads coming from.

No. 601566

It is relevant since this guy's totally blind on the fact that this chick is a psycho.

No. 601568

Can you at least sage your autism

No. 601569

Has she never heard of smiling with her mouth closed? lmao

No. 601811

Seriously! Why does he expect his friends to welcome her back with open arms when she fucking had the guy mutilating himself to prove love. It’s so sad because he is not going to realize he is going to lose all his friends for a woman who is never going to change .

No. 601915

Not to mention he dropped out of college for her too. I agree with you anon, she'll revert back to her old self once the honeymoon phase is over as usual. Once she finds another guy and leave, he'll be left with nothing after all the damage is done.

I really hope she doesn't reproduce.

No. 602123


How can she claim she loves him if she allows him to drop out of college to move to where she lives? A better, more responsible response would have been to request him to transfer to a school nearby – but I forgot that she isn't responsible or loving. She's a vampire.

No. 602126

But do we know if she actually asked him to drop out?

Luckily he is back at home (even if she is there) so has the influence of his family hopefully behind him now.

No. 602261

Let's hope they're protecting the walls and doors if Lori gets physical. I feel bad for the parents who will have to hear the screaming and everything but hopefully they'll kick her out fast.

No. 602338

File: 1528203084870.png (2 MB, 1288x2291, Screenshot_20180605-074542~2.p…)

I want to know why it looks like she's in an unfinished attic or something? It looks like it's unfinished drywall along with stored boxes. Her boxes or Kevin's family's stuff/boxes?

No. 602406

Where is this guys friends and family in all this? Letting him drop out of college and mutilate himself. Sure it might be easier for him to surround himself with a bunch of enablers but where are the people who care about him enough to stand up for him? This is just sad.

No. 602483

It’s so cringey she’s trying so hard to ~be 02~ but still doesn’t look anything like her

No. 602537

The fact that she’s always trying to be someone else shows you how shitty and empty her life is. Cosplaying is one thing, but trying to BE someone else (and forcing your partner to go along with it) is messed up. She seems incapable of relating to anyone or anything unless she’s filtering it through some anime character first.

No. 602677

She looks so old and hard faced lately. Even the filters are having a difficult time covering it up.

No. 602801

Ahhh fuck I was hoping he didn’t drop out of college for her… smh. We don’t have to worry about her getting pregnant she said she hates kids and doesn’t see her self ever having one. I think has more to do with she doesn’t want to lose her skeleton figure considering she lives mainly in taking a deep breath for meals.

No. 602807

Oh they were there for him anon and was against the whole thing of him getting back with her. They jumped through hoops to get his parents to go up there and rescue him, but the only thing he paid them back with was cutting off all communication with them because they wouldn’t accept that he wanted to make it work with a woman who almost had him skin himself. So pretty much everyone has just kept mum and is sitting back with their mj smirk and popcorn waiting for the shit storm to come crashing down.

No. 603008


I don't think she looks old. Honestly, she looks good for her age. But her personality makes her uuuuugly.

No. 603017

Isn't she only in her early 30's? How does she look good when she's already missing teeth, has a sunken/sallow face, thin lips, potato nose, etc. as seen >>601474 ?

Her body is alright, though that's only because of her ED which seems to be wrecking the rest of her.

No. 603022


I mean, it's pretty common to lose teeth regardless of your age. Even if you take really care of your teeth. Lori smokes (smoked?) so that would help speed the process along. I have a friend who lost his front tooth really young and got a dental implant.

No. 603029

idk perhaps I'm missing something but I just don't think she looks that old here, just ugly because it's an ugly angle, not 18 but not terrible for like 33? she's rotten inside but cute enough on the outside to get away with it, having a potato nose isn't the same as being old

No. 603031

Some of his friends like Mariah are to blame for him digging his heels in about being with her again. Putting an abuse victim on blast like she and others did rarely works. That just humiliates the victim. They should have spoken to him in private about that.

Eh, she looks decent. You can't tell that she has any missing teeth cause she doesn't show any. For her age she looks fine. Her personality is a whole 'nother story though. That bitch needs therapy and a few restraining orders.

No. 603035

>I mean, it's pretty common to lose teeth regardless of your age.

You absolutely should not be losing your teeth while young unless you have very poor hygiene, drug addiction, have suffered an accident, or from an illness maybe. If you are a healthy person who cares for their teeth, you absolutely should not be missing teeth by your early 30s. Wtf anon.

She looks okay for her age, but I wouldn't say she looks good or particularly attractive. Her face kind of reminds me a little of Lana Rain, but slightly less horseish. It's funny how people here seem to think these photos are true to life though, these are all heavily filtered.

No. 603043

I said she looked decent. Not good, not attractive, just decent. Can't get mad at people having a different opinion than you, anon.

No. 603049

File: 1528260913586.png (78.39 KB, 186x180, missingtooth.png)

Only photo I could find where she was smiling wide enough to show one missing tooth.

Where was I mad? I wasn't arguing with you, and if anything, was generally agreeing? We both said she looked okay.

No. 603582

File: 1528320651430.png (2.35 MB, 1428x2104, Screenshot_20180606-154749~2.p…)

Smol bean 002 before 002 was 002, obviously.

No. 603649

She’s really going all out with this 002 thing. Her insta handle is now @iota_zerotwo

No. 603706

Lori's trying to stay hip with the kids now that she's engaged to one.

No. 603734

Engages? Seriously? She has always been this way where she just has to take on a real life persona of an anime character she is obsessed with at the moment. She seriously is just very unhappy with her own life and I feel that is her way of escaping it is by being someone else.

No. 603752

It is a crack about his age, anon. Chill. Oldfags know her penchant for skinwalking animu chicks, Usagi wasn't the only one.

No. 603774

She's so full of herself. The red under eye makeup has been a tradition in Japan for forever now. It's what Maiko wear to distinguish them from other geisha.

No. 603807

Wow Mariah.

You couldn't have him for his armor skillz (or his cock) so you decide to bring up a thread of his psycho darling from the prehistoric cosplay age?

Go back to pretending you can cosplay.(derailing)

No. 603811

to be fair this thread has been pretty active so it's not like it's been necro'd

No. 604346

File: 1528390986599.png (653.32 KB, 480x718, 935910_346000272193916_9166013…)

She still has quite a few embarrassing photos online, I guess she just doesn't care

Shame for her she didn't get into titty cosplays before jnig, she could have been the slutty sailor moon.

No. 605460

File: 1528491571730.jpeg (232.68 KB, 750x1069, 09D08AAB-3371-4F95-91F9-B7F1C3…)

What is she even trying to say with this caption?? Also, why are you always bragging about yourself Lori holy shit

No. 605633

Ngl, she looks mtf here. Those large feet, that horse face, blocky thin body, etc.

It's hilarious, and kind of sad that she's going around casually wearing those zero two horns. Can you skinwalk an anime character? This is like that one batshit girl whose gender was literally a Loki cosplay.

No. 605754

Yep, Lori was one of the OGs at that shit. When she wasn't trying to be IRL Usagi, she was trying to be IRL Orihime, among others.

No. 606411


I cannot unsee the potential MTF now.

No. 606424

would explain why she's batshit and obsessed with being animu.

No. 607180

File: 1528682843260.jpeg (221.06 KB, 750x961, 51969F85-555A-4286-9793-CD5EE6…)

No. 607195

>those hashtags

No. 607250


Those creepy vacant expressions she pulls in an attempt to look animu really aren't working for her. She looks like a Hartley Hooligan.

No. 607623

I really wish she would just pose in a more happy go lucky pose outside of the car and just have fun with it if that is the skin of the year she is going to wear. Like zero two is all over Hiro like take pics of you licking his face or kisses. I’m so sick of the blank dead stares, the peace sign looking off to the right, or just staring for fuck sake own the shit! And isn’t zero twos name with the nine Lota not iota or am I wrong?

No. 607712


He looks so dead inside.

No. 607791

File: 1528744140031.png (655.11 KB, 495x1198, 6d368db52a79c9c11aa19e9a2ea416…)

No. 607802

jesus christ she's condescending

No. 608165

Thank god someone called them out on it because all there pics do look depressing! Especially Kevin it’s as almost if your looking right through him because he looks so dead…

No. 608381

His dark circles are so sad for someone his age, and his skin has no color. He looks sick.

No. 609726

File: 1528918597056.jpeg (111.23 KB, 750x1086, 952D217E-E78D-4991-A7AA-942C7B…)

People who talk about themselves like this are the worst

No. 609885

It's funny that she's trying to be so animu. She would be considered pretty average in Japan and her 'smolness' would become less accurate.

No. 610151

>them tiny legs
Them big feets. Why is her foot the same size as her calf here? Is she that bad at shooping?

Her thighs look two different sizes too.

No. 610152


I can't tell if that's her tiny boobies with the nipples photoshopped off or her creepy ribcage peeking through.

If that's her rib cage it means that she's got less than 10% body fat which is usually kinda dangerous for a woman.

No. 610166

Her body type confuses me tbh. Her legs honestly look kind of thick here in comparison to how hollow her stomach looks? I can only assume she is sucking it in which is also making her ribcage look worse? She's definitely still an ana-chan, but not a particularly extreme one.

No. 610171

She’s definitely arching her back to make her ribs show. She’s in love with her creepy ribs.

No. 610176

Also, she has to fake a butt.

No. 610178

Ok but that's clearly her ribs and you don't have to have 10% body fat to be able to lay down and inflate your lungs and see your ribs lmao.

No. 610545


I think you misunderstood what I said. I'm not talking about the fact her ribs are showing meaning she has 10% body fat or less. I'm talking about the line that trails from in between the rib cage to to belly button. If there is a line, an indentation, like that from between the ribs (sternum area) to the belly down the middle, that means the body has very low body fat or that it's genetic (meaning she would have had the definition when she was heavier).

Lori has done a great job of taking newds so looking back, that sort of definition wasn't there.

No. 610550

nta but i have that when i do that pose and i'm overweight.

No. 610679

She’s thin but shes not at 10% body fat, thats Eugenia Cooney levels. She’s probsbly around 18-20% the most, which is still pretty lean

No. 610747

I’m pretty sure she actually has a chest wall deformity. It’s present in other photos, but the enormous divot between her breasts is either her rib cage being a fucked up shape or she has some kind of pectoralis excavatum.

No. 613363

File: 1529256052491.jpeg (273.94 KB, 750x1106, 6E137343-3B5A-40C6-8D7A-60E1D2…)

No. 613401


How is she going to react when 02 gets officially killed off?

No. 613452

The way she talks about herself is actually the worst

I just picture everything coming out of her mouth being about her appearance and/or anime

No. 613456

Zero Two is taller than Hiro and has pretty large breasts.

Ichigo is the “smol” one… lmao.

No. 613476

File: 1529263593741.png (41.48 KB, 466x262, BD12D7D1-2219-4AC1-A9AC-C39984…)

so smol and no wigs needed uwu

No. 613498


Also, her hair is much longer in the anime. If she gets extensions for 02, wait til she claims about them being her real hair again like she did with Sailor Moon.

No. 613539

Lmao I thought this too! She should of cosplayed ichigo considering she is so “smol” … all the shit she was talking about of others doing sailor moon cosplayers is going to haunt her because she isn’t tall enough, hair isn’t right color or the right length and the bangs isn’t styled right. These are all the critiques she gave others. Lol..

No. 613589

I can't wait to see when others give her the same type of criticism that she did years ago and then later she'll call that out as bullying or harassment.

No. 613684

File: 1529278237806.jpeg (377.68 KB, 1242x1551, CBF68B1E-2791-4BFB-84AB-E56A6A…)

Why does she always act like the anime used her as inspo for zero two’s make up! Like it’s been done before just because you have only seen yourself so it doesn’t mean you were the only that look was hot in 2017!

No. 613687

It’s not even fucking “liner”. Zero two originally had SOLID RED SKIN. This is what’s left of it as far as we know as she tried to become human.

No. 613703


she looked a lot better with blue hair than with pink. i've yet to see a pic of her in pink hair where it doesn't look like shit. perhaps the shade is a wrong undertone or something? it looks bad imho. i feel like it washes her out in every pic. maybe its because damaged hair + the bangs that always look like they were done by a 12yearold who doesn't understand flat irons yet.

or maybe she just ugly. either way, she should go for a different character or a better pink.

No. 613740

Or just stop trying to become anime characters and be her own person, damn.

No. 613762


she's been at it for like what, ten years now? i think that's a lost cause, anon. that's why i didn't even mention it. any normal person would have grown out of it at like 15.

No. 614914

File: 1529410133783.jpeg (236.32 KB, 750x1063, 40D1134F-DDD9-4D0C-94C3-F973EF…)

No. 615100

She looks more like Utena than the 02 character. Too bad her taste in anime is crap

No. 615104

File: 1529432654078.jpg (108.62 KB, 768x1024, Utena.jpg)

dropped pic related

No. 615165


Especially since she's obsessed with wearing ruby red lipstick with her 002 cosplay when 02 never wears lipstick. It would match up well with Utena.

No. 615214

File: 1529440313653.jpg (100.4 KB, 1280x720, 002.jpg)

She's so delusional, it's absurd. Does she really think just wearing pink eyemakeup and having fried pink hair makes her instantly look exactly like 002? The character has a round face, no lipstick, doesn't have big false eyelashes? Her hair and makeup are all wrong too. If she wasn't so obsessed with pushing this narrative that she is the irl 002, I wouldn't nitpick these little details and let her do her halfassed cosplays in peace, but she's just too obnoxious.

Seriously. 002 doesn't have those weird hime bangs or whatever that is. She doesn't even have the right color for 002, whose hair is a more baby pink. Her hair is Utena. If she didn't suck as a person, she'd probably make a pretty decent utena cosplayer given her skinny bodytype, pointy face, and big feet though.

No. 615231

But Utena isn't what her new child bride and his buddies are jacking it to; Lori needs to keep her finger on the pulse of what the kids these days likes, and handsome prince-women of a high moral character ain't it!

Lori does share one trait with 02 though, and that is their penchant to eat men alive and ruin lives.

No. 615428

Now that girl is the irl zero two!! I agree with you guys that the hair is too dark for zero two, and I hate that she is going to half as it by not wearing the green blue contacts. Truly her hair isn’t even long enough for the character and looks like the ends need cutting imo.. I feel like she is still living in the past as far as cosplay goes because kids today take in every detail of the look and costume of the character.

No. 615472

Imagine what it's like to be this bitch's boyfriend. Every day she probably calling you "Hiro", trying to say and do things like 02. I bet most conversations are about her, 02xHiro, how she looks like 02, how awesome she thinks her hair is, and "omg buy me sushi and take me out to eat againnnn!"

Looking at Kevin's FB, dude treats her A LOT, like almost every day. He buys her shit. Dude is literally pissing away what money he has. Kevin's gf is such a fucking vampire. Financially and emotionally (life-energy sucking banchee).

No. 615481

lol that humblebrag. She definitely starts conversations telling people she looks like that character

No. 615485

Also she’s in her 30s and her Instagram bio literally says she “loafs around” with her boyfriend

Get a fucking job

No. 615537

It could also be because of a spine issue. I have scoliosis and I have the exact same chest divot and rib flare protrusion like she does even though I’m a normal weight.

No. 615552

Sage for samefagging, but just read above that she also constantly talks about back pain to the extent of trying to apply for disability. I’m pretty positive she has scoliosis as well then, probably doesn’t talk about it because that would make her sound less ~*attractive*~

No. 615556

She's seriously still doing the whole 'i dont need a wig for cosplay. i'm so perfect' bullshit? Lori, never change. rofl

No. 616165

Now she is talking about she is on a pre-con diet to loose 3lbs in 3 weeks… Bitch your already fucking underweight! Zero two is not extremely thin, she has big tits and curves in all the right places she is healthy looking! That really concernes me that she feels she is overweight when she is perfectly fine where she is now and actually could stand to put on about 7lbs!

No. 616339

Losing weight again? Damn, she really has a ana mindset. Also, what con is she trying to go to actually? Anime Expo?

No. 616450

If that’s the one in Utah then yep.

No. 616458

Seriously, if she really wants to be the irl 002, she should be putting on a little healthy weight and exercising to fill out like >>613476 . Instead she's starving herself so she can be "so smol!!" real life anime waifu. How long is she going to keep this up for? Into her 40's?

No. 616474

con in 3 weeks?! what con?
please tell me kevin isn't taking her to anime expo.

No. 616477


He totes is. He's going as Hiro and she as 02. It'll be perfect anime couple waifu relationship goals.

No. 616482

anime expo is in los angeles.

No. 616483


I'm not the anon that said which con they were going to. I just know they're both going to a con.

No. 616496

File: 1529557448668.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 232.54 KB, 750x992, 1E367207-8D4F-49EA-A3F4-74CBB4…)

Salt Lake Gaming Con is in a couple of weeks, she could be talking about that con. But I don’t see them showing up to a smaller con like that.

No. 616499

She is going to AX.

No. 616507

Her hair looks terrible here. How can she deny she needs a wig?

Also, it's no wonder she's so desperate and aggressive when it comes to keeping him under her thumb. He not only supports her financially, he also feeds her delusions and makes her cosplays?

No. 616549

Who wants to get she was breathing down his neck when he made this post

"find a way to mention how smol I am or I'll cut myself again"

No. 616568

Lmao honestly. He really shouldn't be encouraging her ana behavior, but he's probably genuinely scared of doing anything that would set her off, all still while publicly making it seem like she's the perfect girlfriend who totally isn't manipulative and abusive.

I want to be mad at him for enabling her all of her shittiness but man, it's just sad. He's so young and probably has no idea how to handle all of this but to try his best to keep her happy and hope everything will be fine.

No. 616723


But if she goes to a small con like that she'll be able to show off her awesome cosplaying abilities and she'll probably feel like the best cosplayer there. She'll get all the asspats.

No. 616793

Fuck yes, I can't wait for the cow collision with Mooriah, then. Of course, Moo always just talks a big game then hides during the con, but considering she tried to publicly shame Kevin out of that shitty relationship, this should be golden.

No. 616804

Haha even if it’s a small con our cosplayers here in Utah a very good. She won’t look like anything compared to a lot of people I know are attending. One of the people made a fully functioning D.va Meka.

She’ll just blend in with all the anime cosplayers. In fact she’ll look worse because she think that just because she dyed her hair pink she doesn’t have to wear a wig

No. 616820

File: 1529597972576.jpeg (268.34 KB, 750x1073, 23DB5F7F-2145-4630-BFA6-625939…)

No. 618150

It truly is embarassing that she is saying “smol” … 5yrs and 16yr olds do shit like that, she is 33yrs old!! Grow the fuck up and be a adult! I’m surprised Kevin doesn’t get turned off from that. I bet she calls him “darling” during sex since she recently told her friend that zero two calls Hiro darling as much as she uses the words that’s the other reason why zero two relates to her. Yeah.. ok.. Lori you didn’t know that word until you watch the show.

No. 618396

That's just cringy as all hell.

No. 618483

File: 1529704502311.jpeg (173.76 KB, 750x1077, D48382B5-DCA5-49FC-A57A-30946C…)

No. 618538

He’s just echoing her now… sad

No. 618580

File: 1529713109444.jpeg (115.81 KB, 742x1016, 141B3D9A-C14E-4D70-BA68-84735E…)

No. 618601

So is she wearing the plug suit? Ughhh this will be gross. Just give up and be ichigo.

No. 618616

Guess the chances of a spat between her and Mariah are rising now.

No. 618619

I really hope shit goes down, that would be hilarious

No. 618661

Why does she use that ugly hot pink when pastel would be both more true the char design and look better on her ?

No. 618917

File: 1529742945274.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1711, 20180623_013502.png)

She's also doing the school outfit too. That hair color looks nothing like 02.

No. 618920

She tried to style her hair to look less utena and more 002, but she would still be way better off with a wig. The color is way off and her real hair is so wispy and damaged at this point.

Also, that dark red lipstick, why?

No. 618925

b-but she identifies so strongly with 002 because of her hair!! uwu

also. Kevin is NOT cute, at all. it's so pathetic to see these 2 lunatics act like they're 13.

No. 618935

Would it kill if those two wear a styled wig?

No. 618975

File: 1529751284964.gif (5.3 MB, 562x761, GIF-180623_055355.gif)

Totally acting her age.

No. 618987

I hope some of Kevin's friends are going to AX so they can get him away from Lori and try to talk sense into him.

No. 619088

Her hair looks so thin and damaged. Get a wig, you are not 02.

No. 619090

It's a trip seeing what Lori has become. She was in the cosplay scene with me and a lot of people from the early east coast con days and she has legit not grown up at all. It's eerie af that she's 33 and still acting like she's 14/15.

Also, she's not as smol as she thinks she is.

No. 619106

i mean, based on her pics/that video she's pretty damn small. but it's not cute to constantly talk about it like it's an actual achievement

No. 619108

So much for her back being in pain all the time with all the galloping and bouncing she's doing.

No. 619155

File: 1529774391251.jpeg (60 KB, 750x388, CF1C0E28-BF11-41D7-9DEB-BFFB6F…)

No. 619156

File: 1529774415342.jpeg (112.45 KB, 768x960, F0ACC5C8-7467-4284-9184-FCEA1B…)

No. 619181

Wow is her hair slowly breaking off?! Because I swear when it was blue it was way longer and now it’s short compared to how long it used to be when she was blonde it was past her ass! The color is so off it almost looks magenta.. I truly think she is going to need a wig. She is going to be blown out the water considering a lot of girls are going to cosplay that and they are going to have every detail of that character on point. She needs to understand zero two is not created from her looks she is trying to create herself into zero two which she is off by hair and makeup besides eye liner..

No. 619355

Why would a spat happen? Because of the text message drama that happened or is there anything else I missed?

No. 619381


I assumed she just got a hair cut. Though dying her hair the way she does… just cant be that good for her.

No. 619408

Mariah was a part of the group that got Kevin's parents involved to haul his ass back to Utah. When he got back with Lori afterwards, she went public with those private texts and was screaming at him about how horrible Lori is, which is quite true, but also some top irony considering Mariah's own history and actions.

Mariah is too much of a pussy to confront Lori directly, but I wouldn't be surprised if she tried to drum up a personal army again during AX.

No. 619902

Forget what's going on now, what happened to the animals? Has anyone seen them in pics?

No. 619979

I have not seen them post about any animals.

No. 620140

If your referring to the ferrets they are still with her, but she gave away to cat because she said she was never really a “cat person”… guess the cats were only convenient for her sailor moon skin suit at that time. If zero two’s fav animal is a cat they will make a return.

No. 620586

File: 1529892398037.jpeg (214.19 KB, 750x1045, 6EB5B74A-5D59-4FB0-8BDD-04CB59…)

No. 620614

Always with smol or little

No. 620707

…did she hijack his Facebook or what

No. 620714

He was blonde before? Geeze, could have easily pulled off a goro and ichigo cosplay then and have pretty much no competition lol
Zero two is huge and there will be tons of girls doing a much better job of it than her.

No. 621425

File: 1529970123078.png (778.9 KB, 524x822, fb_8848484u4jjj999399384.png)

movie theatre?? so does she just make this poor man wear his hiro cosplay 24/7 in public or what?

he sounds brainwashed.

No. 621428

The slackjawed deer in headlights expression makes her look like she's his special needs cousin he let dress up. These people are in their mid 30's and they still act like scene kids from the mid 2000's, it's so fucking cringy.

Loon, if you're going to filter and blur the fuck out of your face maybe you should do the same for your pug-faced punching bag.

No. 621433

kevin is ten years younger than lori, anon. he's not also mid-30s. obviously just being around her has aged him terribly.

No. 621446

is he wearing a clip in extension? what the hell is with that piece of hair coming out from on TOP his natural parting

No. 621614

I can confirm that him being around her has made him a lot more tired and stressed looking irl, the dark hair does not help, it’s not flattering and he hates it (I think that’s taken a toll on his confidence as well) However I don’t think is “pug faced” or ugly imo

sage for pointless opinion

No. 621641

Honestly I would imagine spending 24/7 with someone as obsessed with their looks as Lori would make you immensely aware and insecure of how you look, as well.

No. 622112

I agree Kevin is actually good looking.. with HIS blonde hair. The dark hair washes out his skin tone and dulls his eyes. This guy is literally doing everything SHE wants just to keep his relationship free of conflict which is sad because she would never make that sacrifice for him regarding her looks. It’s a sad sad world of truly all she is worried about is looks because it’s so fleeting she should focus on being a better person and being a good girlfriend to Kevin.

No. 622228

wow this looks like shit

No. 622289

File: 1530049569662.jpeg (187.79 KB, 750x862, 485C5D05-37FA-47D0-88C1-C31C62…)

No. 622296

This is literally all he posts about now. something forced about how much he likes franXX and lori looking off vacantly into the distance.

kevin used to have a personality and now he's just a zombie. also he hopes he's a good enough pilot for her? lol

kevin you were too good for loony lori.

No. 622381

Honestly if looks like he is trying hard to not scream in that pic, and your on the money it sounds forced, as if she is the puppeteer and he is the marionette. She has complete control now and he is just soulless doll… so sad.

No. 622390

Both the caption and photo are literally the saddest thing. Also, that cheap looking chest piece sucks.

No. 622393

Aaannnndddd it’s official!! She believes studio trigger (darling if the franxx creators) was following her face book and created zero to model this psycho bitch because she did the red eyeliner last year… even though she fucking ripped off zero two’s hair color (trying to at least) hair style (what anime DOES NOT have the hime banks and long hair) , clothing, and horns. She always does this shit it seriously is not cute and is getting scary also look at her response to her friend not knowing what her crazy ass is talking about. I have three images total so sorry if it is flooding…

No. 622396

File: 1530056252910.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1679, FC3BB501-9241-49EA-B52F-592C9D…)

No. 622400

File: 1530056475330.jpeg (553.28 KB, 1242x1759, 1F48C333-7591-4906-BFF0-27CDFA…)

No. 622401

File: 1530056542139.jpeg (910.71 KB, 1242x1829, C96C6119-CC4A-4BF9-850A-2A227D…)

No. 622402

Does…does she know how long it takes to make an animated series? It isn't like wow I like her eyeliner and then an entire series is written, designed, storyboarded, animated and then sold to broadcasters in under a year

All because of some chick on IG's eyeliner.
Companies do copy from little guys all the time. But red eyeliner and generic anime hair is not distinct enough to call it on this.

No. 622404

File: 1530056714127.jpeg (102 KB, 750x511, 965B6C20-26B2-4D85-AD83-EEB8D8…)

look at all these bitches ~CLEARLY~ ripping her off

No. 622407

It's extra funny because she doesn't resemble the character at all, wrong hair colour, shape of bangs, face shape, facial features…

It's just a generic pink hair anime character, imagine being this fixated.

No. 622411

File: 1530057243672.png (467.71 KB, 480x569, F2AC7A54-50C5-4938-91D1-00EE32…)

Rihanna copied her IG too. The audacity…

No. 622419

File: 1530058116810.jpeg (47.39 KB, 470x374, 5164A55D-E477-4FFF-8D62-430B1B…)

AIC studio also copied her all the way back in 1997 with Yugi (tenchi in tokyo). Holy shit, why can’t everyone stop copying Lori?

No. 622442

File: 1530060505338.jpeg (717.86 KB, 1242x1851, 2899B650-25A5-4E45-AA95-86801D…)

No. 622454

File: 1530061358666.png (755.74 KB, 934x790, areyouserious.png)

Holy shit, this is so cringy and embarrassing. No one other than her believes this, I'd hope. The manga and anime both were released as of January 2018, meaning it was in production before that throughout 2017. Lori didn't post any pink hair/red eyeshadow pics on her IG until April of this year, months after the series had already been out. She tagged that first pic as 002 too. Before that her hair color was lavender and she was tagging her photos on IG as "emelia" from re:zero.

No. 622458

her crazy wide-eye'd stare in every picture is so strange why does she think this looks good? yikes

No. 622475

I miss her spoopy new age stoner phase because she seemed almost sane compared to this. She didn’t talk about her hair or appearance or weight or being smol the same way. I feel like those things come out the most when she’s skinwalking her new fave anime characters

No. 622479

File: 1530063507933.png (598.56 KB, 907x594, nah.png)

Bugging your eyes out makes you look more anime obvi! Tbh I'm surprised she doesn't wear circle lenses, but she probably both can't afford them and is deluded enough to think she already looks like irl anime.

Her obsession with her "smollness" is super off putting, but it's nothing new with her. I think it just seems worse now because she has her boytoy parroting on about how "smoll" she is too.

No. 622487

002's "eyeliner" isn't even close to the way Lori does it. Lori's is super thick and winged out, and extends all the way underneath her eye. 002's is just in the corner/waterline.

No. 622492

Especially when you see how she used to do it on Instagram. It was a lot thicker and made her look dead.

On a hilarious side note, she’s a frequent poster in a public Darling in the Franxx Facebook group and has been sharing her cosplay. Someone commented on a picture of her and Kevin, calling them “discount in the franxx.”

No. 622494

It's obvious why she does this. That pose accomplishes three things:
1. Makes her jawline look more angular and anime-like
2. Looking up and to the side makes her eyes look bigger
3. Slack/vacant facial expression means no expression lines/wrinkles will show

No. 622498

File: 1530067030617.jpg (682.89 KB, 1000x1500, 89195profile.jpg)


I'm not familiar with this anime so I Googled 002 and looked at images of the character and some cosplay came up, too. THIS girl looks like the human version of 002. A far, far cry from Lori.

No. 622502

>heavily shoop'd bjd style azn cosplayer

No. 622503

>discount in the franxx
accurate tho

This is a very creepy shoop but still better than Lori, how sad.

No. 622508

Does anyone know what she actually looks like in person? Wrinkles? Eye bags? Clearly there’s something there since she does so much face tuning

No. 622521

File: 1530069229987.jpeg (144.42 KB, 750x1014, DEACFA6D-94EF-46D6-8F65-0E755A…)

Bragging about her spending habits when she doesn’t have a job and her 10 year younger boyfriend supports her ass

No. 622524


Is that dude her friend? Or is she posting shit and tagging the page for Darling in the Franxx in some sick hope that they'll see her and notice her and be all, "OMG ITS THE GURL WE COPIED. BETTER DO SOMETHING SO SHE DOESN'T SUE US. WE KNOW HOW 'I EET U' WENT!"??

No. 622555

Omfg that caption is SO cringey and that hashtag #under100pounds I'm dying

No. 622557

Is this one better then? >>615214 Calm down.

>discount in the franxx
Super surprised she didn't act super salty about that comment. Hilarious and accurate though. They both look a mess in their cheap store bought costumes. Wigs and proper accessories would do them both wonders. Her white boots aren't even the right type.

She's not ugly, but she looks more her age. She's got kind of a gaunt face, thin lips, strong nose that she blurs out, a bit of laugh lines, dark circles that she uses filters to hide. It's noticeable if you look closely in some of the filtered images still.

No. 622563

She certainly my sounds salty to me. "lol you don't know my spending habits I'm rich lol lul" reeks of passive aggression. She's insufferable, I have no idea what her punching bag sees in her.

No. 622591

Your “spending habits” don’t matter when you still look like cheap lazy shit lol

No. 622601

File: 1530078532171.png (874.44 KB, 1184x925, gofundme.png)

Which is funny considering she was just making posts about raising funds for the move a month or so ago. Does she even have a job this time around or is Kevin exclusively paying for everything like her exs always have?

Just last year she used gofundme to get out of her last relationship when she couldn't use him for money anymore.

No. 622603

File: 1530078711257.png (484.6 KB, 675x670, gofundme2.png)

Her last one, only six weeks ago for the move was unsurprisingly less successful. But between the two gofundmes she got 1k in donations within a year.

No. 622619

File: 1530081678642.jpeg (206.92 KB, 749x1114, 12DFCFF3-3C63-4C30-AEB9-343876…)

C r i n g e.

No. 622621

She feels the need to reply to every comment on her post. It’s pretty awkward, this photo has been posted but this caption is from what she posted in a fan group

No. 622622

File: 1530081771893.jpeg (236.9 KB, 750x1038, E8A657F0-5CC7-4A22-8FE3-A125F2…)

Dropped the picture like an idiot

No. 622623

File: 1530081796838.jpeg (83.13 KB, 750x560, DE7A86F7-FD9D-4754-887A-2FC50A…)

No. 622624

File: 1530081834857.jpeg (107.35 KB, 750x887, 749A276B-F2AA-4905-8B6D-3BD8ED…)

No. 622625

File: 1530081870601.jpeg (114.92 KB, 724x747, A7E2010D-0362-451F-9B12-96D7D0…)

No. 622627

File: 1530081889338.jpeg (182.06 KB, 750x1102, BE7DDC80-5B35-417E-8B89-570D05…)

No. 622633

How could the careless production team that so obviously stole her look for 02 overlook such an important detail like her height?


No. 622646

If you look up The Cycle of Abuse you'd see victims of vampires like Lori are near impossible to separate even when those victims are talked sense into. Kevin is literallay bewitched and always going to see through the bad because they are "working things out and she loves me" ^w^ when in reality she'll scrap him down the line when he is of no longer use for money and cosplay selfies. Sadly hell only learn learn when all his self respect and esteem is shredded on the curb and he asks himself "what happened?"

No. 622648

Does it drive anyone else insane that every single pose of hers is the sailor sign and/or giving the impression of a lifeless BJD? I hate seeing her photos so much. It is anything but attractive.

No. 622651

kevin's (former?) friend here.

we don't want to go near him at AX as long as he's with lori. no thanks. i dipped out with associating with him as soon as he moved her down to utah with him. after me and a lot of others saw the abuse pics of the leg stab we determined he's totally lost and beyond saving. the fact he's bringing her to AX and forgave her for all the bullshit is horrifying.

No. 622654

I agree, especially seeing all of her autistic fb posts and the fact she seriously thinks she is original in any way for wearing red eyeliner and that Studio Trigger would copy her old, fugly, bugeyed ass

No. 622746

Im sorry you had to go through all that and I honestly don't blame you. But I was hoping that someone could try to separate himself from Lori and just be with his friends that care about him. The more time he spends with his friends the more likely that he will snap out of this.

No. 622747

But I guess like you and the other anon said he's literally bewitched into oblivion.

No. 622778

You guys did what you can for a friend you cared about, which is fucking awesome!! As you said he is beyond help and it’s going to take him to hit rock bottom for him to see it sadly. I know his account is drained the way she is bragging about her “spending habits”.. she completely isolated him for that reason because with out a support system he won’t leave her.

No. 622801

File: 1530112770474.jpeg (346.25 KB, 750x1167, E4BF5DD8-8536-4084-AB0E-DC5BBA…)

No. 622812

She's in her thirties trying to talk like an anime character…

No. 622864

he looks like he's dying.

No. 622881

Omg yes!!! It’s disgusting and not cute at all! Also she is talking about drizzling honey all over everything knowing her ass barely eats anything so she can maintain being “so smol” it makes me want to vomit. She is half way to 40 yrs old acting like a fucking 8 yr old!

No. 622972

One thing I want to know… are Kevin's parents supporting both of these two right now? He didn't have a job before he moved up to Seattle and he made no mention of getting a job upon returning home.

We know Lori isn't working. Where's the money coming from? Does Kevin sell cosplay commissions or something? He's not a bad craftsman so I assumed that was his job from home.

No. 622983


Wait, what? I need to see these posts about pouring honey on everything.

We'll, Kevin quit college to go move out to Washington. I haven't seen Lori talk about work or anything for a while so I'm assuming she's not looked for another job. Normally she posts work selfies anyways.

We can assume Kevin's parents are paying room and board for her in the house though. She's pretty much got it made now. She can afford to waste money on her "spending habits" until she milks Kevin for all he's got and abandons him for the next best thing. Leech for life.

No. 623021

>>622983 I actually used to know a guy who's in his 40s who acts like this. Luckily they weren't living with their parents but the guy leeches on his girlfriend while she does all the work and refuses to get a job and play magic all day. He even go as far as manipulating the gf to go into a poly relationship even though shes not into that stuff. You'd be surprised about how many people are like this. It's just horrible.

No. 623025

I woyldnt put it past Lori to be using Kevin's credit.

No. 623029

The honey thing is because 02 does it in the earlier episodes. Now she doesn’t eat at all because she’s a vegetable, oops.

No. 623046

Scroll through her FB every post is about appearance, (warning for creepy eyed selfies) relationships, and breakups. Her entire mantra is living a melodramatic anime highschool life. No wonder she's messed up.

No. 623065

I want to know this too. How are they getting money for all of this stuff if they both are not working. Kevin did work when he came up to Washington though he said himself that he got a job pretty to take care of all of her needs and things she wants. He was paying majority of the rent I believe to while she only opted for part time she never works full time job. Also it seems that Kevin must have the dick of god because all of a sudden her back had miraculously healed and she can walk, twirl, jump and squeeze into skin tight costumes with “no pain” now the minute they start asking her to look for a job she is going to start playing crippled again.

No. 623106

oh, my god… is she trolling? please tell me she is trolling.

No. 623160

No. Just attention seeking.

No. 623191

He was only paying 200 for rent per a post of his from facebook thats posted above in this thread. He also stated he paid for all gas and groceries… tbh… 200 dollars for rent is dirt cheap. No idea what his total came up to after everything else.

Im also curious on what the dynamic is at kevins parents house… its like they have two kids they have to take care of in a way. Though one is a full blown adult.

No. 623244

No joke. She made this gofundme >>622603 only six weeks ago claiming to have a serious spine condition that caused constant severe pain in both of her legs and yet we see >>618975 just a five weeks later? Her super serious spine condition sure did clear up super fast.

$200 seems outrageously cheap. I suspect there's a lie in there somewhere unless he was renting a room from family or a friend who took pity upon him. His family might be helping them out, including Lori as she probably gave them the whole "I just left an abusive relationship uwu" story like she has done in the past. I wonder how long it will be before we see another gofundme pop up?

No. 623518


Her relationships tend to last a few years despite being toxic. Kevin is Young and naive enough – I'm sure she'll be able to get to engagement status with this fella.

No. 623580

That’s usually how toxic relationships go when the abusive one gets a good target, unfortunately.

No. 623585

File: 1530203254695.png (128.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180628-092658.png)

Is this the girl that Lori said he couldn't be friends with or another female who dares to speak to him?

Per Instagram they were good friends and she styled the wig originally. Now there are photos where he credits Lori with the wig styling.

No. 623653

He already proposed to her once, so I mean…

No. 623765

That is one of them, yes.

No. 623768

How does she get back on Lori's good side?

No. 623772

He never proposed she made him put that status when he was trying to leave her.

No. 623795

File: 1530223106232.png (17.55 KB, 540x214, marriage.png)

he couldn't think of something good to get her on her birthday so I guess he proposed back then. judging by this it doesn't sound like she forced him to but she most likely did or tried to guilt trip him.

the day after this status, he left seattle to go to utah.

No. 623862


If both your bf and you claim that you're going to "work together" towards a positive change, then it would make sense for her to publically put up with the person she has the biggest gripe over.

Her response towards Kae looks to be one of the less bitchy, "I'm better than you" responses I've seen from her on Facebook. I half expected her to be like, "uh duh, it wasn't true to the character and the original style was amateur and I have plenty of experience styling wigs."

No. 623866

So it went from I want to marry her to she is not healthy for my mental health in the same day/ leaving her? Why would he even want to considering all the shit she put him through does this guy literally think of himself so low that he feels Lori is gonna the only girl who wants him? Any Kevin pals think he is p whipped or low self esteem?

No. 623872

kevin has low self esteem def but he also is pretty shallow when it comes to girls and has a specific preference for girls that look like lori. he's also a star chaser and said he considered lori one of his "senpais" that he really looked up to.

he is willing to be treated like shit pretty much because she's hot and notorious and because she has brainwashed him. we dont know what goes on behind the scenes since all he does is post the cutesy fluffy stuff but it's probably still extremely toxic.

No. 624061

My sister lived in Salt Lake and lived in a carpeted basement room with a kitchen, washer and dryer for less than 300$ Utah is much cheaper than east or westcoast.

No. 624067

But that is very low end living. If you want a nice place there rent goes up to 600-3000 depending on how you live or if you have room matis or get a mortgage. Still better than other states.

I don't see Kevin's family allowing him or Lori to be around but perhaps they are living with a friend?

No. 624084

I live in Salt Lake and she must have gotten lucky that usually would run like $600-$800 some of the stricter housing run by Mormons that ban you from doing certain things and having the opposite sex over can run a bit cheaper.

I find it hard to believe she got a room for that cheap when Salt Lake City is home to the U and Westminster, it can be hard to find housing with all the students

Saged because semi-off topic

No. 624093

They are living with his parents. Judging by the photos above she moved all her shit into his attic.

No. 624141

it's either an attic or a basement. it's some kind of space where a bunch of crap is stored.

No. 624911

File: 1530321454477.jpeg (117.53 KB, 606x960, 6ACD90C9-989C-4B7A-8015-48789B…)

It’s an unfinished attic with plywood floors.

No. 624913


Good for her. So accomplished. 33 years old. No 401k, and living in her 23-year-old boyfriend's parents attic.

Nice skid marks on the knees.

No. 625019

File: 1530325854708.jpeg (243.92 KB, 750x1072, 5554C4E6-C3AE-4700-8A79-D6B281…)

No. 625024

Cheap spandex suit, not even remotely close to the right shoes. I thought her white boots were bad, but these are ten times worse.

Lori literally has no future outside of the men she uses. I wonder what her plan is once her looks continue to fade? She can't keep preying on young dudes living with their parents forever.

It's kind of sad though, the reality of her life. Living in a cluttered unifnished attic that looks like the beginning of a hoarders den. No future, no job, depending on her boyufriend's parents and handouts to buy cheap cosplays so she can skinwalk various anime characters.

That suit doesn't do her body any favors. I suppose starving yourself skinny doesn't bless you with any kind of curves.

No. 625042

I’m pretty sure Kevin is not working either right now so they must be both living off just his parents.

Does anyone know anything about Lori’s parents? Do they send her money? There’s no way she’s just living off the GoFundMe funds.

No. 625078

I kinda feel bad. I bet she didnt see herself where she is now that she is in her 30s. Sorta reminds me of pixy teri in the fact that they are both in the same age range and are still trying to make it. Though in Loris case - she always seems to have to depend on someone else.

I do feel sympathy mostly because I didnt get my first grown up job (where I could somewhat support myself and pay rent independently) until I was 31. Though i live in pricey city.

And I do think lori would look better with a couple pounds on her. I feel that her face is looking more gaunt.

No. 625229

The funny thing is PT has improved her life whereas Lori is just endlessly doing the same shit. PT may not have it made by any means, but I think we can all acknowledge her efforts.

And yet here Lori is, trying to skinwalk a cartoon character, living in her young boyfriend's parent's cluttered attic, no job, no future. I would feel bad for her too if she wasn't such a manipulative, abusive person.

I agree with the weight comment too. She has a long face, thin lips, and a strong nose. With her face thinning out more due to her excessive dieting and aging, she's looking pretty weird, especially from certain angles. But hey, she's "so smoll tho!"

No. 625323

There's no shame in having a "late start" in life, so to speak. You were trying to actively improve your situation, and you did.
But Lori has been doing this for years - her plan since the beginning has simply been to find a rich dude to mooch off of so she can fiddle her days away in cosplay.
There's nothing wrong with doing that even, if that's your agreement with your partner, and they can afford that. But Kevin's 22 or whatever, he doesn't have a job and now he's not going to finish his education (and you know she didn't discourage him in dropping out). It's her own business if her selfishness and laziness ruins her life, but now she's actively ruining his.
I genuinely think the only way Kevin could see the light is if he met another girl tbh, but it's never happen with how territorial Lori is. She knows that if he met a girl his own age who actually has her shit together and doesn't have to manipulate people to get her way, there's a chance he'd realize what this predatorial hag us actually doing.

No. 625721

I've never heard of this cow till today but my only question is, how has she been cosplaying 10+ years and she barely gets 40+ likes on a photo? I'd expect she would at least have a few thousand people who remember her from the the 00s cosplay scene following her out of nostalgia.

Also as another skinny person her anachan tagging is disgusting, but also her actual body isn't even that good looking lol, more lie skinnyfat. I'll give her credit for the aging well thing but jesus christ. How does a person based their whole life on their appearance?

No. 625779

Back in her heyday, we didn't reward drama whores, we shunned them. She had a very nasty (and well-deserved) reputation, so the only people who gushed over her were not much better.

Lori had a pretty long dormancy period where she went semi-normie to adapt to her husbando at the time, so while the infamy is still there, a lot of people don't know who she is or care about what she's doing these days.

No. 625901

She was more well known during her sailormoon era… which was maybe.. a good 10 yrs ago. Back when livejournal was very popular. She had a lot of drama surrounding her. After it seems like her friends forgave her or were civil with her… and she went silent. She did a few cosplays since then… but has only recently become more relevant due to the recent drams.

No. 625939


>Lori had a pretty long dormancy period

Literally the first thing I thought of when I read that was pennywise kek

No. 626492

Zero two is now a g i a n t mecha in space, complete with large boobs that they specifically focused on.

So much for the character totally being based on you, eh lori?

No. 626505

Don’t worry she just said she is doing that costume next lol. Good luck with trying to get those epic tits… also her hair will continue to frustrate me until it’s long and pastel pink just suck up and get that damn wig! Also I hope she is informed that zeros name is lota and not iota unless it’s me who wrong lol.

No. 626517


Are you saying it's "LOTA"?

Or are you picking apart whether the "I" is capital or not? The Japanese website says Iota (with a capital "i").

No. 626528


not even onision types that creepy and immature, jfc.


she's sucking in most pics but she's not skinnyfat whatsoever, she's thin >>603582 her proportions just look odd to you because she's 5'0 and her fat distribution is fucked >>622479 >>613363
but for someone that short, being underweight isn't as noticeable, see jill too who is the same height and was anachan too with a 20 inch waist but still look totally normal. not trying to whiteknight, but she's absolutely 90 something pounds and 5'0 ive seen it before. at that height a lot of girls don't even get tight gaps at all till they're all bones, but then again that's also genetics so.

No. 626529

Yes because I’m the anime when the nine says it they seem to use a lower case “L” perhaps it was an “I” lol.. thanks for clarifying that!

No. 626612

I didn't say she wasn't skinny, I said she was skinny fat, an unflattering shape where you have skinny arms and legs and gross flabby midsection, nothing to be so proud of as she is imo

No. 626722

But she doesn't have a gross midsection??? You really sound jealous as fuck, anon

No. 626734

skinnyfat just means skinny without being in shape. Which Lori is.

No. 626742

Skinny fat is usually when someone has the the appearance of being slim, but tends to have more fat and not enough muscle that would be seen in a fit/healthy person.

Lori on the other hand… doesnt have much fat on her. I wouldnt be surprised if she has an eating disorder

No. 626860


Specifically this was the photo that I was thinking of when I said she was skinnyfat. I'm not saying she's huge but she just doesn't look that good to me, she isn't repulsive but the way she goes on about how "smol" she is you'd think she looked like Paris Hilton at her peak. She has no definition, flabby af and has the first signs of a developing pooch. I have several relatives who were naturally skinny like her, had a lifelong sedentary lifestyle like her and are now very overweight and unhealthy. Just food for thought.

No. 626869

You do know that picture is super old, right? Current anachan Lori thinks that Lori is fat fat, not skinny fat

No. 627021

File: 1530542991218.jpeg (719.56 KB, 1242x1554, 8FE62CBF-69D5-4835-9884-62624E…)

Lori is no where near skinny fat or fat. I’m not white knighting but she is just thin she can stand to gain some body fat actually. No muscle definition at alll but that still doesn’t count as skinny fat because she doesn’t have any fat that hangs on the body this pic is a good example.

No. 627038

File: 1530545303731.jpeg (229.37 KB, 750x1078, 0BB1E499-B6A5-4537-89CB-11EB6C…)

No. 627061

For someone so obsessed with being zero two you’d think she’d get zero two’s canon one piece bathing suit.

No. 627070

The way she never changes expression between pictures makes it feel like she isn't real. Even if she does it to seem like a doll, it actually makes her look even creepier and makes pics from other angles like >>625019 uncanny looking. She's actually hard to look at without some discomfort.

No. 627097

02 even has a canon red bikini that you can get off amazon for $20, so she has no excuse.

Why is she using those horns? 02 only ever has broken horns in her white suit. You'd think she'd pay more attention since she's the real 02.

No. 627245

It is a shame that she is such an anachan. If she let some weigh in to round up her face, she would look younger. Also if she styled her bangs to the sides instead of the sailor moon bangs she has, it would take away from the 10 miles of forehead she has.

Also, none of her outfits are handmade by her. The plugsuit and uniform were bought by "people that thought she would look good as 02". It was after this that she dyed her hair pink, considering she was originally going to dye it purple.

No. 627258

I sort of wonder how she would look if she went more natural. With a more natural hair colour with regular clothes.

I know she is trying to be an anime type princess or whatever. hence the hair colour and horns etc. but given she is in her 30s. I wonder if she will ever try to have a more normal/natural look.

No. 627268

I think she would actually look a lot older if she did that. There wouldn’t be much separating her from your average chick in her 30s without the wannabe anime princess aesthetic

No. 627555

Honestly, she kind of has a bit of a rat face? Like her weird nose and thin lips, and teeth? She's not ugly, but kind of has a strange face now that she's lost so much weight.

She kind of reminds me of a more horse faced Sheena duquette.

No. 627633

File: 1530593510111.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x1592, EE224767-5CFA-4217-A010-3C59ED…)

She actually looks really pretty! It’s not so much the hair color it’s the bangs! When her bangs are longer they hide the stronger features! Here is a pic of her when during the face of her roll of fiancé. Granted it was 6 years ago but I think she was at her best here.

No. 627651

File: 1530595728774.jpg (97.99 KB, 600x681, creepy rat x girl morph from d…)


if she gained some weight maybe her face would look fuller and not rat looking. she always does weird angles and silly expressions but her face is thin and manly imo. i think this is the only cow on /snow/ who could use a few more pounds lol.

her hair would also love to have some nutrition too, she must take supplements and shit but its not enough. you need to eat more, the hair goes to shit.

No. 627819

What you're describing is not skinny-fat but stress-fat. Stress hormone cortisol breaks down muscles and fat in your arms and legs and stores it in the stomach area.
You can't solve that properly even with exercise. If you don't remove the thing that's stressing you out, you're still gonna have a flabby stomach even though you exercise.

Skinny fat is skinny but not fit.

That's a very good look for her. Is that a wig though?

No. 627918

No that how her real hair. She used to always have think long hair, but as you can see the constant bleaching has take a toll on it big time! Even when her hair was blue it was thicker it’s when she bleached it white to go pink is when it seems her hair has broken off and thinned out… I went through that same phase and just stopped because I had to cut my hair off…

No. 628256

>most of her face is covered!
>so pretty!

No. 628334

File: 1530671011190.jpeg (167.3 KB, 750x990, 7D8CAEC3-BE82-4FAB-81C0-B10157…)

Caption: “Driving around with Darling today running errands. This is expresses how I felt after going to Ulta. Lol”

Grammar mistakes of hers included

No. 628360

>this is how my face looks after going to ulta OwO!!!
>same retarded deer in headlights look as every other picture

No. 628970

….what the fuck

…and red eyeliner still UNDER the eye… double what the fuck

No. 629693

Running around in a bathing suit, hoodie, dog collar, fried pink hair, trying to act like an anime character. This is really only going to get funnier as she keeps aging tbh.

No. 629733

Just ran into Kevin today at AX as we walked by. Gave him a quick hello and he responded back though he looked really drained when I saw him. As for Lori on the other hand (she was 02), I didn't get a good look but she isn't like super ana chan and also her hair looked so dry.

No. 629766

her weird outfit is killing me, she looks literally special needs. it's like everyone's first trip to Hot Topic outfit when they were 14, but this woman is in her 30s. you can dress edgy or alternative or whatever but still look like you can hold down a job, but she doesn't seem to be able to manage that

No. 629771

but was she the smollest 02 uwu….

the only job she intends to hold down is leeching off whatever sucker is stupid enough to let her.

No. 629829

She's smol alright….in height. Not so much in weight. I've actually seen some smaller build 02's at this con though they were taller and others that nailed it better than her (like having a wig for starters).

No. 629845

So she’s got an average build, she’s just short?

No. 629959

Just thin but not like skeletal.

No. 630027

I saw them too and I wouldn't have recognized Kevin if Lori hadn't been clinging to him. He looks NOTHING like his pics online. He has bad acne and generally looks greasy and unwashed. Lori looks pretty much like her photos but I was shocked by Kevin's appearance. He also seemed very drained and out of it.

No. 630028

Does she make him wear makeup for photos or does she just filter out his acne then?

No. 630047

Most likely a combination of filters and her potato quality photos

No. 630062

Any idea where we can get candids? Haven't seen a pic of her in ages that isn't taken with a toaster by herself.

No. 630216

Interesting, the last time I saw him in person was before he was dating Lori and he didn’t look like that at all. He’s always had really fluffy clean hair, but I think Lori makes him go with the current style to be her ~Darling~ and had minimal acne, the normal amount at least.

It’s like she sucked his soul out, he’s probably depressed and can’t find the energy to take care of himself anymore.

No. 630220

File: 1530890053168.jpeg (236.95 KB, 750x1055, F56B7C4F-46F1-4C2A-AA9C-F1450E…)

No. 630221

File: 1530890075115.jpeg (157.44 KB, 750x958, 7B16E35B-3BB7-4B1E-AF18-537A3C…)

No. 630223

File: 1530890098380.jpeg (252.05 KB, 750x1088, 0BBAFC3C-EB5E-40AE-9623-24B33E…)

No. 630338

Oh my god do I hope moomoo and Lori cross paths at AX!

No. 630340

her name is Iota because when she couldnt speak english hiro called her zero two and the way she pronounced it was "eo tu"

No. 630341

What is the point in adding "I'm such a smoll bean!" to that? she sounds like a goddamn bot

Not against her calling out Moo at all, but the first and second parts of this status sound like they should have been separate, it makes her sound even more unsettled when she jumps around like that, or just not like a real person.

No. 630342

Lmao just came here to say the same thing


No. 630445


Oh something happened at the con?! Please, I need pictures! Someone needs to share! I don't have the Facebook.

No. 630470

It's about the Momokun drama, Lori is using this as an opportunity to shade Moo for calling her an abuser before when it's just come to light that Moo has been sexually harassing people

No. 630479

Laugh all you want Lori, but it won't be long until someone finds out about your history on your manipulative behavior.

No. 630490

imagine being in your mid 30s and still using shitty emoticons and calling yourself a smol bean…how embarassing.

No. 630511

???? What the fuck. No, anon.
Her assigned name when she was with the nines was Iota. Alpha, beta, gamma, delta, etc to Iota.

No. 630532

Ahhh!! People at AX start snapping photos so we can see smol bean and decaying Kevin with out filters!! Keep us updated Lol!! Also I get she is short so why does she keep reminding us that she is small.. WE DONT GIVE A FUCK!

No. 630541

File: 1530921600257.jpeg (450.51 KB, 750x1135, 3F303C52-7FA1-47DF-A4F7-2DE9F2…)

No. 630546

i love how this looks like a crappy 90s portrait except featuring weebs

No. 630551


Actually in this photo she does look normal sized.

No. 630568

Lmao anon is right it looks like it’s from the 90s!!! Kevin looks fine here and Lori actually looks better with a little meat on her she looks healthy and she doesn’t look so tiny even though she is. More more more ! Lol keep sending em!

No. 630572

File: 1530924879079.jpg (124.88 KB, 800x580, 90s02.jpg)


Lori must be going for this rendition of 02.

No. 630602

Her makeup is too mature for 02 and that bright red lipstick is so ooc and killing me. Also, her boy toy looks like a creepy old man in a boyscouts uniform.

No. 630642

She could've done a playful smile like how 02 does in the show. Here they look too serious. Looks like her habit on not giving any expressions to her cosplay characters is still stuck with her after all these years.

No. 630723

This honestly looks pretty bad. Her hair, the lipstick, the boots. He looks like a creepy old dude in an emo wig somehow even though he's so young.

Also, agreeing with the anons saying she looks average sized. Is Kevin a small guy? Didn't she say he was 6'2" or so? She doesn't look particularly "smoll" or even ana here.

No. 630739

>Looks like her habit on not giving any expressions to her cosplay characters is still stuck with her after all these years.

She always wants to skinwalk as young genki girls but looks dead in every photo.

No. 630913

File: 1530974885465.jpeg (224.55 KB, 750x1099, 6A7AEDD0-2C85-4F85-A7B7-94A093…)

She looked a lot more anachan last year and would actively brag on Instagram about weighing 92-93 pounds while hashtaging #under100pounds/posting pictures that showed a lot of bones

This was around the time she and Rikki were breaking up and she would post captions like “I might just disappear,” so it all seemed designed to showcase that she wasn’t okay after their breakup/make people feel sorry for her

No. 631063

File: 1530993542916.jpeg (630.86 KB, 2076x3000, E6A15061-2D34-4A24-8415-A83AE9…)

I’m probably in the minority who thinks her cosplay isn’t terrible. It would look way better with a wig and different makeup. And the shoes. But she can’t let go of the fact she’s the character personified to do a good job.

No. 631229

I mean, yeah. With a proper wig, accurate makeup, better shoes, etc. her store bought costume would look as good as almost every other 002 with store bought costumes I guess. It's not the worst cosplay ever by any means, but with how she's always trying to convince everyone she's "SO SMOLL" and "irl zero two!!!" it's just obnoxious how half assed this cosplay actually looks.

Also it really doesn't help that Kevin just looks super weird in this. Not the small, soft space boy that Hiro is in the anime at all. Instead he looks like a middle aged dude in a little boy's school uniform, weird sock garters and all.

No. 631307

File: 1531021316370.png (719.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180707-224138.png)

Hope shit that huge ass nose

Does Kevin usually wear eyeliner?

No. 631428

I can't believe she thinks this looks good. They look like a couple swapping cosplays to "genderbend" or something.

No. 631468

File: 1531034419790.jpg (452.43 KB, 1071x1398, Screenshot_20180708-001406.jpg)

Her 02 would be spot on if she did her "coma" version since she already has her dead like expression most of the time in cosplay. For this version, it just doesn't work.

No. 631483

Her nose is so big compare to the OP pic, what happened?

No. 631549


Sometimes when taking selfies on the front facing camera it stretches the photo to get a wider shot. It happens a lot on many smartphone front facing cameras when the subject isn't 100% center.

No. 631856

What anon said here >>631549 but I think her nose also looks more prominent lately due to her aging and losing weight. Her face has become thinner which in turn kind of accentuates her nose.

No. 631920

her hair looks so unhealthy. Also, why must she insist on doing a curled bang when 02 doesn't have that? She looks older than she thinks.

No. 632093

Agreed if she worked with the hair and makeup she would look great but norhing makes up for her selfies *shudder

No. 632546

File: 1531168013666.jpeg (177.71 KB, 750x1149, FA81B5A8-87F8-468C-A60D-2A82B1…)

Complains about hair not cooperating in the heat, refuses all advice to wear a damn wig

No. 632831

To bad it didn’t make her bangs go flat so she could be more accurate with the hair that is the only thing that’s off everything else wasn’t bad… I don’t why she is so elitist with wigs like her hair is fried… it’s about time she gives it a rest and just accepts that the wig will save what left she has of her hair.

No. 632847

File: 1531194339466.jpg (131.03 KB, 682x1024, DhnVTGPVAAAaGcw.jpg)

Lori's body type. Different hair.

No. 632852

I can see the appeal of cosplay and being an anime camgirl, but once your entire adult life revolves around it it's time for a psychological evaluation. Hashtags creep me out with her doll stare.

Bonus points for the MLP shirt.

No. 632882

Lori definitely seems majorly stunted. It's only going to become more sad as she gets older too. Like, she's thirty now? This shit isn't cute.

No. 632917

File: 1531203931873.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180709-232546.png)

So… Same makeup. Same hair. Same expression. Washed out filter and a body suit?

No. 632919

There are tons of tiny Zero Twos all over Instagram… a lot even smaller than Lori in height. I don't get her creepy fixation with being "smollest 002 uwu"

No. 632923

>this woman is over 30 years old

No. 632928

What does the bitch even look like without this expression?

No. 632944

Ironically enough, this girl is another one who thinks she’s “irl 02”, and got a badly drawn picture of 02 tattooed on her.

No. 632948

>staning a shitty anime before it even ended

I'm crying.

No. 632955

Whats even the point to try and be 'smol' when 02 literally is taller than the male protag. Its a shit show but seriously there are characters in the show who can slip under the smol label but 02 is not one but shes the main character and attentionwhoring goes hand in hand with using smol to describe yourself so im not shocked,

No. 633057

File: 1531235269002.jpeg (232.69 KB, 750x1064, FCD19DC1-3E5A-4850-B69E-558EEC…)


No. 633132

how tall is she? looks about 5'3" thats kinda average, isn't it?

No. 633148

She claims to be 5 feet even

5’4 is average for an American woman

No. 633207

Even avoiding wearing the proper height heels 02 wears with the suit, she could have done such a better cosplay with a wig, some decent makeup and ugly red grandma heels.

No. 633306

Maybe Kevin is very tall and she compares with that as stupid as it is to compare your height to men

No. 633512

Well she is for a fact 5’0 so of course she will always be shorter than anyone else above that. Your right though she shouldn’t be comparing her height next to a man. I think she does that because kids nowadays think the world of you if your small as girl because so many men seem to not grow past 5’10…. I’m 5’4 and it feels like either I’m the same height as guys and girls are always shorter than me….

No. 633822

Her profile sure got beaky in her old age.

No. 636039

Did anything happen with Lori and Moo at the con? Anything happening on Kevin's FB?

Lori's FB went on lockdown. I need some vintage milk.

No. 636092

Moo barely let her foot out of her hotel room because she was shitting herself. On one side I'm a bit sad that Lori vs Moo didn't happen, on the other we got something even better, so

No. 636504

File: 1531609856146.png (1.31 MB, 1152x2048, 2104701577.png)


She's lurking. She edited her nose.

No. 636569


Lori your Photoshop "skills" are god awful

No. 636571

I’ve been wondering is she lurking because all of a sudden she started saying she was a “smol” zero two…

No. 636573

Yes how is Kevin dealing cause he still looks dead in the eyes to me … I truly wonder is his bank account suffering yet.

No. 636713

His instagram pics are most him swooning over her though the filters aren't doing much favors since I saw him in person at AX. Won't be long til she sucks him dry and move on to the next guy.

No. 636739

she sounds fucking autistic the way she keeps shoeing in this IM SO SMOL shit in completely unrelated places. hey lori, try showing and not telling. wishing yourself smol won't make it real.

judging by her passive aggressive "lol u dont know my spending habits lol i buy lots of fancy shit lol" id say yes, kevin's bank is suffering alongside his soul.

No. 636757

lmao she now has “5 foot smol bean” in her Instagram profile

No. 637382

File: 1531683716334.jpg (64.13 KB, 996x646, Zeniba.jpg)

Giver her 10 years she'll look like this

No. 638118

Don’t know about the next 10 years… not wk but let’s be real for her age she looks better than some 25 year olds… but funny pic though!

No. 638130


Because of the filters and angles lol. She is starting to show her age tho

No. 638305

Exaggerating for the lulz. She does look very good for her age and may keep that up.

No. 646147

File: 1532457327384.jpeg (558.85 KB, 750x1114, 334FE66E-C1C0-4CB1-9781-027F89…)

No. 646312

That she looks so good now makes it even juicer tbh. Eventually her low weight, poor nutrition and age WILL catch up with her, and all Lori has ever had is her looks. When she can't sell her nudes for cash anymore, and can't entrap 20-somethings to pay her bills, she's going to do some really crazy shit

No. 648349

No. 648353

Why does she insist on wearing bright red lipstick for 02?!

No. 648381

Yeah I didn’t get the point of the video.. like yes you got fangs, but taking a deep breath and fluttering your eyes like hair is stuck in it wasn’t cute. How bout giving a cute smile and a wink and find some smaller ones that are not as big as your damn jaw.

No. 648394

File: 1532649503645.png (1.41 MB, 1360x750, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 4.57…)

She really shoops the shit out of her nose.

No. 648423

I’ve never seen the anime but I assumed she was trying to mimic some Zero Two mannerisms and ended up looking like she was having a stroke

No. 648516

Smiling and winking would require too much facial movement.

No. 648595

>my tiny mouth

She won't stop..

No. 648836

File: 1532707935504.jpg (629.11 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20180722_080930_318.jpg)

Damn, you guys still think about me ♡ how cute. So this is the reason for all my new views.

ZeroTwo is pretty much me. Try not to be too butt hurt.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 648839

get a job

No. 648860

File: 1532709404138.jpg (84.92 KB, 1920x1080, S4sdOeI.jpg)

You could never be Zero Two you lazy cunt.

No. 649016

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH!!!! You think we are butthurt because YOU … ahahaha YOU THINK WE ARE JEALOUS…. LMFAO! I am dead! If anything we are EMBARRASED for your psychotic ass! You at what 34 believe you are a fictional character by trying to talk like this said character jobless and living in the basement of your 24 year old boyfriend and his very open hearted parents because if that was my son your ass would not be near him making him cut himself to prove his love because your insecure ass. Wake up! Your pushing 40 and have nothing of your own to show because you have taken what others work for. GROW UP!!!(sage this spergout)

No. 650579


I suppose you can call this board cowtipped? Still great milk but boring now

No. 650928

Unfortunately, Lori isn't doing anything with her life except skinwalking an obsolete "waifu" so the content's hard to come by.
Ugh, I liked this one too.

No. 651196

this thread is one of the top results when you google literally anything about Lori, so i'm not surprised she found it. hopefully she showed her boyfriend so he can possibly rub his braincels against it to get a clue his girlfriend is a crazy bitch out to steal his allowance or whatever

No. 651226

A leeching sociopathic skin walking adult with no life accomplishments or redeemable personality traits whatsoever. So much to be jealous of.

No. 654082

Which shows even more obsession with her self if she is googling her own name… way to much time on her hands…

No. 654217

Man, this was one heck of a nostalgia roller coaster. How sad she hasn't changed at all.

I do hope she continues getting back into the cosplay community because she'll be dragged if she lets any of her early 2000 personality shine through. Imagine her saying half the shit she used to, "ur black? XDDD" Or publicly harping on how "smol" she is around fat cosplayers.

No. 654271

Personally I'm really hoping Momokun does a Zero Two cosplay sometime. The cow vs cow fight would be fucking amazing.

No. 657754

ZeroTwo is gross af anyways

No. 667284

Posting a bunch of pics in her bra on Instagram. Boyfriend must not be giving her the attention she so desperately needs.

No. 667287

this is an imageboard anon

No. 667347

>zero two is me

Zero Two sacrificed herself to save earth and died. Soooo…

No. 668229

File: 1534681552277.jpeg (67.38 KB, 960x960, rVHG3mmh.jpeg)

Aw look. An original character design that shows their first choice wasn't a pink haired girl with red/pink under eye liner. It was actually black hair with actual eyeshadow/eyeliner on the eyelid.

So much for 02 being modeled after her. Such delusional.

No. 668411

That probably gives more credibility to her argument in her mind. “Zero Two was going to look like that until they saw me!”

No. 668463

But she didn’t try to color her hair that weird inaccurate shade of pink until she saw 02

No. 668958

How the fuck did she get magenta pink out of pale pastel pink?? How do you even confuse the two? The dumb cunt died her hair pink, saw a new animu waifu and did what she always does; claims she is said animu

Because she’s insane and hasn’t changed in literally 10 years

No. 669864

I don’t get girls these days and especially her. She doesn’t want her boyfriend to have any female friends on soicial media, but it’s ok to for her to post herself in a push up bra or underwear knowing the horny male attention is going to happen. Now imagine if her boyfriend post a pic of a dick bulge and girls are drooling she would be squealing like a banshee.

No. 674828

File: 1535431978913.jpg (521.06 KB, 1080x1499, Screenshot_20180827-214311_Ins…)

Totally agree with you anon. No drama brewing up so far except her posting more pervy shots like this for guys out there. The boyfriend seems quiet on his end now. He used to post lots of progress and reblogs back then. Only things I've heard from him recently are from her image tags and just progress pics for her 02.

No. 675724


She's about as fucked up in the head as Pixyteri is. Does she have a Tripod-kun or does she have her BF take all these photos for her so she can post them?

No. 675868

It looks like she is caming again. So many pics of her tits and ass in bras, lingeries, and zero two suits it’s gross. Don’t get me wrong do what makes you happy but I don’t ever want to here her complain when Kevin starts liking similar pictures of other girls doing the same shit considering she is screaming for male attention right now. Also this obsession with her trying skin walking as zero two has reached a a point of freakishly scary. I mean this girl is flooding social media with pictures of zero two and herself with vancant eyes believing she is this character… she is just sitting in the same room all day long doing nothing else with her life. I feel like this is worse than her sailor moon days.

No. 675886

god. imagine being such a cuck that you take pictures of your psychotic abusive gf (who used to make you cut yourself and abandoned you for another man and only came back because it was convenient) being a thot in your mommy's house for OTHER guys to jerk off to. wow.

if she's camming again does this mean she already drained Kevin's wallet dry?

No. 675952

File: 1535583949862.jpg (110.3 KB, 1080x1080, luluuuu.jpg)

she gained weight?
or stopped sucking it in…

No. 675970

No. 675973

File: 1535586117152.jpeg (990.57 KB, 750x1093, 9A66B9AC-1CF5-4CEA-8D37-5AD7DD…)

the relationship could be going south

No. 675997

That's exactly what I though. She's definitely gained weight. It's beyond not sucking her stomach in. You can see the extra weight in her arms,lovehandles, and thighs.

No. 676061

But she’s so SMOL and had to get an even smaller 002 suit!!!!

No. 676065

im surprised she uploaded this tbh

No. 676142


Woooow. I'm surprised she uploaded this as well. She doesn't look bad – adding some weight suits her well, but what she's wearing isn't flattering her new bodily shape at all.

No. 676153

yeah I'm shocked. The extra weight looks cute on her, much better than when she was ana imo. But isn't Kevin notoriously into super thin girls?

No. 676159

kevin looks like a corpse that she propped up and filtered to hell to hide that he's dead

No. 676293

>you are just jealous cause we're smoll and in love

No. 676298

File: 1535637481664.jpg (54.7 KB, 594x598, lorilori.JPG)


Definitely weight gain. At first I thought it was the angle, but looking back at older photos you can even see the weight in her face a little. Now that hair-style is making her face look more chubby than skinny imo. Still a better direction than her ana looks, but she can stop leaning on being so smol now. Now you're just norMOL.

No. 676483

From what I heard, yes he is into thin/ana type girls. Not sure what happened.

No. 676507

Personally I find her much cuter with the extra weight. She also looks much better when she does not make the D: face.
Can't believe she's 30 and still believes she's an irl anime character. What will she do once she hits 40?

No. 676545

She’s in a steady relationship and probably eating meals prepared by kevin’s parents/going out to eat on kevin’s dime. When she was at her most Ana she was living alone and supposedly had no money for food.

No. 676696

I thought she lied about being under 100 pounds in the first place more like 120 here

No. 676715

I don’t think so. There were definitely some scary thin pictures happening for a while there. You could see it in her arms.

No. 676743

she probably doesnt work out either, so gaining weight by eating normal alone is easy for someone who used to only cut calories and nothing else.

No. 676786

Holy shit she literally looks insane in that bottom right corner pic, scary

So maybe they're fighting? Or he told her she had to start making money instead of laying around the house all day, and this was her next best idea of a 'job'

No. 677124

Tell me about it. Her Instagram pics lately doesn't have her usual "under100pounds" or "smol" tags.

No. 678358

It could be that or his parents are beginning to tire of her sitting at home doing nothing while they are busting there ass. Good for them if so there is no way a 34 yr old should be sitting at home not helping out taking pictures of her costumes while everyone else is putting in the work. Kevin probably had to get a job too because all I have seen is them just eating out and buy her zero two gear since she moved there. I remember one of her friends saying she was looking for a job then she brought up her “crippled spine” but it seems to not her when she is throwing that ass back to take photos. Smh

No. 678359

Truly I feel bad for her because she is depending solely on her physical looks to get her through life rather that be for money or a man to give her money. She is going to be fucked if she doesn’t figure out her life and soon!

No. 678787

Kinda funny how back then she looked down on others doing lewd stuff like this and criticized others on putting on weight. Oh how the tables have turned… she reminds me of this other lolcow here named Charlotte Charms.

No. 679399

I actually think she looks better with a couple pounds on her. She has less of a horse face now. And looks more normal/youthful/healthy than before.

Im pretty sure she never went and got a degree or has any real work experience aside from retail and being a cam girl (unless Im wrong). So her choices might be limited..I wonder if she has tried to job hunt since moving in with the bf's family.

No. 679405

can you guys sage if you don't have new milk to share and want to speculate? you're bumping the thread for no reason

No. 679877


She never stopped. Anyone could DM her for some exclusive photos. All you gotta do is pay her through PayPal. She'll pretty much do whatever you want when it comes to taking her clothes off and taking photos of herself for money. She doesn't discriminate against money.

No. 680418

File: 1536036909089.jpg (51.24 KB, 600x900, 1402337234894.jpg)

Compare 4 years ago she's ana waifu thin now

No. 680427

She hardly looks human does she airbrush her skin?

No. 680991

A lot.

No. 685654

File: 1536639225698.jpeg (307.54 KB, 1242x787, F0869C01-C035-4392-8A43-0D98D0…)

Lmao could this bitch be any more conecieted?

“This character that I constantly try to look like just happens to have my makeup.” Bitch at least say thank you, you’re tryin to look like zero two 99% of the time anyway so it’s not a reach.

No. 685743

She’s fun to hate because she’s a psycho drama monster truck on death wheels with a cute face.
Reading this thread makes all of us mediocre types feel just a tiny bit better about ourselves and our minor accomplishments when we compare it to the absolute dumpster fire that is this girl’s life.
While combing through all these posts (#imaloserwithnolife), I caught that she was married at 16? She’s a New Yorker right? The age for consent in New York is 18. Did her parents marry her off? Does she come from a crazy religious background? It was stated in one of these posts that her parents are also abusive and have totally abandoned her when she was in her early 20’s. There’s also no mention of this girl having any other family members.
Could it be that maybe her borderline personality disorder is due entirely to the abuse and abandonment received by her shit bag parents?
Her debilitating addiction to attention (positive and negative) , her codependent, toxic relationships, the self harm and threats of suicide, her argumentative defensiveness, and being stuck in the mental state of an adolescent are all tell tale signs of deep trauma.
Some of you on here are obviously her “friends” if you’re posting caps from her private FB- has anyone ever tried to get Lori actual help and mental rehabilitation? Or is it too much fun to keep her in her delusional state so you can all continue laughing at her and pick her apart.
I’m not denying that due to her condition, she has done and said some cunty dirty shit. I guess what I’m trying to say is that this erratic, crazy-ass behavior is indicative of someone in deep self-loathing and pain.
I wouldn’t be surprised that when these two break up (and they will) that a suicide attempt will be made.
I hope that someone who is close to her reads this and has the decency to try and get her help. There is free trauma counseling in every US city. Someone please get her there.(whiteknight)

No. 685946


>"cute face"

>"us mediocre types"
>u all cappin her and laughin at her but did you consider that she might be ~uwu mentally ill~
>it's the responsibility of people she hurt or she annoys to help her and get her on track

had a good belly laugh, thank you anon. and you're right, compared to a horse faced, penniless, uneducated cunt nobody like Lori i seem much better than i already am.

No. 685998

What are YOU doing about it if you’re worried?

No. 686028

I suggest you and your ever flattering assumptions about Loris & the anons on this boards appearances learn to Sage and possibly seek therapy at any of the free counseling locations you so diligently typed out for us. You seem to know alot about it.
However this isn't the room for your displaced aspie meltdowns and you're gonna catch some nice bans with all that bait while Lo(w)ri continues to embarass herself and stay a manipulative attention whore. (All which will be screencapped and attached to her real name until she dies for future employers to see cause the internet isnt a hugbox playground lol)

No. 686061

She literally tagged it as zerotwo but it's not zerotwo you guys!

No. 686079

It is not anyone’s responsibility to help with her mental issues, she has to be the one that acknowledge her problems and work on them if she wishes. You can’t treat a patient who doesn’t want to be treated.

I know it comforting to think that all gossipers are insecure, but the reality is, almost everyone love to gossip. Lolcow is just another outlet for people to enjoy it. If you don’t want your actions to be talked about, live your life fearlessly and make decisions proudly. :)

No. 686423

Zero two DOES not have her make up because it’s the corner of her eye tear duct that is red from her being red skinned!! And Lori happens to have her hair cut, hair, color, all her outfits and stole Hiro’s look for her bf!! For last time zero two is not her!! Why don’t her friends call her out on her insanity for fuck sake!! I had heard that her marriage was arranged, but her dad was always the one who sent money to support her joblessness while it was her mother who disowned her when she had her lesbian era. She has two brothers as well. I’m sure people had brought up therapy for her but because she doesn’t have familia support she has had to use her body and looks to attract men to take care of her because that is all she can do. I truly feel like she is so disgusted with her life that turning herself into anime characters and living there life is her coping mechanism.. Since I has known her the only time she was herself was when she was with her last husband Steven. This woman is 34 years old it is going to take god himself to change years of what she has been doing. The sad thing is this train ride only is going to hold up for another 5 years or less if Kevin tires of this she is going to have to stick to 19 and 20 year olds with no self esteem to continue living a delusional life because no grown man past the age of 27 is going to even deal with her trying to change them and herself to the next anime character she gets infatuated with..

No. 686443

she doesnt have friends, just the decade younger boyfriend she's sucking the life out of until he's a husk and she has to go dick hunting again.

No. 688011

File: 1536924403288.png (4.83 MB, 1440x1773, Screenshot_20180914-061730~2.p…)

Her facination with this character is pretty concerning for someone who is in her early to mid 30s.

Seriously, those ugly ass shoes and that pose. Not flattering at all. I don't understand how she thinks these ugly shoes match this cosplay. And she likes to go on about how amazing her cosplaying is, yet she cuts corners and halfasses shit.

Oh, and now she's asking for donations to fuel, i mean support, her shitty cosplay.


She was married to Steven? From what I know of the guy, he's pretty polyamorous and was pretty anti-marriage, so I find it strange he would marry someone.

No. 688030

does she know this character is fucking gay?

No. 688514

Are you saying the character is gay as in “stupid” or gay as in a lesbian character? Because I’m pretty sure she’s paired with Hiro canonically, he’s even called her husband or something if I remember? Been a while since I watched anything about the show honestly but I’m pretty sure the character is straight maybe bi at most?

No. 688559

File: 1536983627221.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1232x1557, CD0DCF23-612B-4F6B-BCB8-D47D04…)

Here was a picture of there wedding day they did it midieval style and truly this is when Lori was the closets to a normal human being I have ever seen. She was into anime but she had began being herself which she is more into a neo/gothic Victorian look her banks and hair were all her. This guy then did the unthinkable and ran off with another women a month after they married which was really sad to see. Now she is completely lost in life and it’s hard to say if she will ever find her way considering she is mid thirties…

No. 688598

She looks I daresay almost like a normalfag who happened to go to Dragoncon.

No. 688746

Ho shit Lori, long beautiful black hair, a nice healthy weight that looks good on her, minimal but flattering makeup, that style of clothes looks way better then her usual "ugu~ kawaii slut" shit a=or her normal cosplay.

What did you do to yourself girl? Please go back to loving yourself you looked normal.

No. 688881

Any clue how old she was here? It seems she hasnt had her hair a more natural colour in a very long time.

No. 689200

File: 1537071271944.jpg (498.6 KB, 1080x1920, 20180915_211246.jpg)

Guess the moneymaker er I mean boyfriend is speaking like her now. Either that or she hijacked his social media accounts.

No. 689313

Holy crap those hashtags are so cringey.
The Utena hair strikes again. Plus the guy doesn't even have black hair, more like brown.
Do normies or should I say average well-adjusted instagram users browse those tags to see bunchof selfies of unreated people or is it just a way to humblebrag under disguise of reaching more people?

No. 689897

File: 1537145146025.jpg (602.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180916-173854_Ins…)

New character to skinwalk in? Now she's going into the My Hero Academia fandom now since her bf cosplays it. Bet you she's gonna use her hair for it.

No. 689906

Gross. Darling in the franxx is trash, so she belongs there, but BHA is actually really good. She really has no shame

No. 689961


nah. kevin isn't even cute, and that super dated mid 2000's scene hair and deer in headlights look makes him look even more retarded. i actually think lori could do better lookswise but i guess he's the sucker of the month(s).

No. 689969

Is her face filling out with the recent weight gain? Her face looks so soft/cute here, but it's probably just the heavy filters/editing.

No. 689989

Filters. She totally loves abusing it.

No. 690001

They don't even look like a couple to me, they don't have any chemistry in photos. If I didn't know they were dating I would think she was hanging out with her teenage nephew or cousin or something.

No. 690040

really? i kind of feel the opposite. kevin isn't my type, but he's a type, so i feel like he could get a cuter scene revival girl. maybe it's just not her angle but she looks skeletal and ratlike to me. either way they don't look very good together

No. 690273


Cool, they'll be married by the end of the year and she'll be on husband #3.

This bitch is crazy. She's asking for donations now. Obv doesn't have a job.

No. 690297

Agreed, the scene look isn't my shtick but hs's not bad looking, he could definitely get the attention of cute girls in the con/cosplay scene that are actually his age. I don't know why he settles for Lori. I know he considers her his "cosplay senpai" because of how long she's been dressing up, despite the fact that he's the actually skilled one. There are girls out there with passion and talent in his hobby, who are interested in actually crafting and cosplaying, not just trying to skinwalk characters. Shame his self-esteem's so low that he thinks he's lucky to have Lori mooch off him.

No. 690664

27yrs old

No. 690669

yeah no I don't see it at all. his huge upturned nostrils are particularly ugly.

Lori isn't a stunner but she's thin with ok facial features when she's not doing the stupid baby face in all her pics. could be the filter though.

No. 690684

Post caps of begging?

No. 690690

File: 1537237565708.jpeg (60.09 KB, 736x736, E99EBCE6-B1AB-4BB5-A083-DA295D…)

Come on guys let’s be real. Lori is going to do one or two photos of a half assed mei hatsume because the character “doesn’t have her make up” and the hair is too short for her liking.. she has invested too much money into zero two so that isn’t going anywhere until the next hot new anime that has pink hair and her exact shoe size so she can skin walk as that.

No. 699893

File: 1538182702484.jpg (524.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180928-175621_Ins…)

Guess that's her new skinwalk now.

No. 699897

File: 1538182834633.jpg (593.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180928-175557_Ins…)

And of course there's more lewds on her insta. I got a feeling she might've shooped the cleavage in this picture though.

No. 699943

more like #worstgirl. Didn't see bnha but judging by her zero two obsession she has shit taste in characters and animus

No. 703725

Naw she didn’t cause now she is whining about she needs to drop weight because she has a con in two weeks and her and I quote “I miss my small titties” even though they still are, what ever you say Lori… just needs to be happy with her own fucking self for once on her 34 years of life.

No. 706359


Self harm (recovered) anon here, this has been bugging me the whole thread: that is NOT a stab wound. Note how it was thinner at one and and gaping in the middle/end?
(Everyone claiming they’re here for Kevin’s well being, pay attention)
That’s someone hesitating and then REALLY laying into themselves.
If the wound didn’t look like that on first pass, he went over it (lol ask me how I know). Meaning this bitch either made him crazy enough to do it on impulse or he didn’t want to but begrudgingly did and gritted down at the end.

Also - has no one bought up that there were self harm scars under that that were white/aka - old & very healed? How long were they together the first time? If not long enough for that level of scar tissue build up, we might wanna think about the possibility that Kevin offered up cutting as a way to prove his loyalty.

Don’t get me wrong, Lori is still a batshit cunt who is def abusing this kid - but if you look hard enough it becomes a lil plausible to understand how she got her claws in so deep.

No. 712030

File: 1539460383023.jpeg (388.05 KB, 1242x1789, 3FC5C08D-8D25-4178-B182-0D92E8…)

Red alert: her Instagram is open again and she’s discovered snow/Meitu/beautycam like a true weeb.
So much for priding herself on looking the same 10 years apart. Anything to give herself bigger uwu anime eyes I guess. Do you think she realized she looked like a demented corpse just holding her small eyes open as wide as they’d go?

No. 712032

File: 1539460684655.jpeg (340.39 KB, 1242x1835, 32933CB0-D794-4C54-80F0-8E2E2D…)

Double post - pic related. There’s no doubt she was filtering before but this is straight up snow making her eyes as big and buggy as her skinwalk zero two

No. 712502


I thought the general consensus was that Lori pressured him to do it to "prove" his female friend was just a friend, not that Lori stabbed him?

It's crazy as fuck either way, of course.

No. 712733

Oh yeah no doubt - but everyone keeps saying it looks like a stab wound/that he stabbed himself and it really clearly is not, that’s all my point was.

The other point being that he has other scars and unless she pressured him into all of them (doubtful, they’re healed and white - not pink like fresh heals) he was already self harming. So the question is did she pressure him because she knew he was self harming? Or did she demand a way for him to prove his loyalty and he suggested cutting himself?
Still yeah - fucked up either way, but interesting to wonder how much of his “damage” played a part in her being able to absorb him.

No. 718646

File: 1540217923162.jpeg (409.62 KB, 1152x1728, B3B1EA80-89EE-4AE3-9A3D-AD3818…)

They were at a local con I went to (not my photo) but she skin walked nearly the whole time and forced Kevin to wear this awful suit. It was super not flattering in person. He is a little chunkier surprisingly and the suit showed his package because he didn’t wear one of those cups

No. 718667

Her suit is pretty unflattering too.. what is up with her arm? The shoulder definition printed on isn't doing her any favors.

OT but vintage milk is honestly my favorite, wish there were more!

No. 718671

File: 1540221879109.jpeg (136.41 KB, 540x720, A8151220-FCAE-4BC6-A3B0-EE335B…)

No. 718788

he looks completely different from his selfies and still ugly as hell. lori looks really fucking rough too.

No. 718790


Not to WK these losers but based on the 2nd photo anon posted, he's wearing a suit that's too short for him so the crotch is sitting at like, midthigh instead of where it should be, making his proportions weird and making him look chunkier than I think he actually is.

No. 718848

Holy crap I knew her way back in the day, I mean wayyyy back. Sad to see people haven't changed. Super cringing hard at this thread (at Lorraine).

No. 718868

he has a double chin anon. he's fat. both of them have put on a lot of weight since she moved in.

No. 718883

I thought he was a 'kawaii ana boi~' for Lori? He looks fat and old.

No. 718894

I'm kind of confused by her proportions. Is Lori just naturally a thick girl? This is not that ana thin she posts in all her other shots. I guess she's sucking it in like crazy and editing them. >>680418 she really doesn't look too far from this and seems to have a square build. Her shoulders are also not that of a thin girl.

About how tall is she anyways? Most short girls I've seen collect weight well and she looks like one of those.

No. 718963

She’s 5’0 and definitely a thicker girl naturally. She only gets Ana thin when she literally can’t afford to eat. But it looks like she and ~~~Darling~~~ are both eating well at mommy and daddy’s house.

No. 718996

I'm now convinced all her recent "smol ana" pics are shooped because there's no way she got so big in such a short time.

No. 719014

Without context I’d assume this was a photo of a divorced mother taking her chubby emo son to an anime con.

No. 719044

File: 1540258639858.jpg (12.84 KB, 200x269, emodad.jpg)

This is hilarious, thanks anon. She looks old and has definitely put on weight recently. Kevin just looks like that emo dad meme, but fat.

No. 719069

In all seriousness why do you guys think she looks old in these new pics?? She didn’t have any wrinkles or anything (unless shooped and I just can’t tell) so to be honest I can’t tell how old she is exactly.

No. 719077

lol you answered your question anon. its all shoop and filters. these photos were taken by others so Lori couldn't filter out how haggard she looks.
also correct me if im wrong but doesn't being ana like fuck with your body hardcore and if you miss out on certain nutrients it just ages you?
also friendly reminder to sage your shit if you don't have milk

No. 719094

Those sneakers…

No. 719111

File: 1540262930968.png (334.44 KB, 389x424, srs.png)

I'm assuming you are on mobile anon, cause this is definitely not a face of youth.

No. 719117

She looks exactly her age (though the ana definitely doesn't help) and looked older than her age when she was younger because of her stylistic choices and undereye circles. She doesn't look "old" at all, but a lot of anons are very young weebs who think that 30 is ancient. And I imagine hyperbole factors in as well.
She doesn't look old here, she looks similar to the way she did ages ago but with shittier lighting/angles/makeup and the same shitty bangs that she had before. Her face has gotten longer and her undereye circles have gotten darker, but that's about it.

No. 719122

Would saying "she looks rough" instead of "old" not chap your ass then, anon? I really don't get arguing semantics on a lolcow thread.

No. 719140

They are the worst part of the cosplay

No. 719146

Honestly, she looks pretty great in her face for her age. Criticizing her face as old does come off as a bunch of younger farmers thinking 30 is ancient. Her only issue is she looks really sallow and sunken like in >>598175 when she's not eating properly. But in comparison to the Ostregas, yeah, she's at least taking care of her complexion and it shows.

It's her body that seems all over the place.

No. 719184

File: 1540270664376.png (591.68 KB, 727x401, shoop.png)

>Honestly, she looks pretty great in her face for her age.
How old is she? 34? 30s isn't ancient and I don't think anyone is saying it is, but she does look a lot older than what she's trying to portray. >>719111 is a far cry from >>712032

No. 719198

>Holy crap I knew her way back in the day
Spill milk if you got any

No. 719536


She definitely looks her age, but it's only funny because she desperately tries to come off as youthful and looking like she's in her early 20's. What actually disturbs me is that you tell the age difference between her and her emo boy toy and I would honestly mistake them for possibly mother and son.

No. 719733


Didn't he say he was a fan of her back in the day?

He was probably masturbating to her Sailor Moon cosplays when he was 12.

No. 719783

>she looks great for her age
>you guys think 30 is ancient

so which is it? is mid-30s old and she looks good despite that or is 30s not old and she looks her age?

also is she wearing plastic fangs or are her teeth just that weird looking?

No. 719791

They look like those fake fangs she has been sporting.

I do think she looks like a mid 30 something year old. But her hair colour combined with that tan arent doing her any favors.

No. 719813

I agree she looks about her age. She doesn't look super youthful but she also doesn't look haggard or anything like that. The styling and the stark contrast between her super filtered selfies is what makes that picture particularly jarring.

Kevin looks fucking awful though. He doesn't remotely resemble his selfies (at least Lori is still recognizable without filters and angles), he's put on a lot of weight and looks like he hasn't slept since Lori showed up. He looks way too fucking old to be doing this mid 2000's emo shit and he's barely in his 20's. If Lori wasn't such a crazy bitch she could do way better than him.

No. 719818

She seemed nice at first, what caught me was her hair and we shared a love of Sailor Moon. What I later found out was that she loved it way too much, like she owned it. We did have fun at a con together, but from what I could tell her folks were sick of her crap as well. The general bitchiness, controlling (overall), and treatment of her tuxedo mask of the time wasn't cool. We live such shit lives as is, why shit on it more I say. (btw I was a failure of a Sailor Scout lol that's ok.)
The early 2000's was the time to be alive though! Everything was so much more fun back then. You could park anywhere too! Now you have to pay for everything.

No. 719820

Sorry I forgot to say that's the answer to your question above. New to this site.

No. 719866

Lmao she ballooned UP! So much for her being a perfect smol anachan. Like why post this pic? She looks like a ham stuffed into a plug suit. Guess she can’t pretend to be the irl zero two anymore since zero two isn’t a ham with no distinguishable curves.

No. 720227

File: 1540397145099.jpg (42.92 KB, 640x480, 1209975925425.jpg)

>ywn be part of the Kewl Kou Klan back in the day

No. 720253

The funny thing is that Zero Two doesn't even have cute bug eyes. The character's eyes are more on the "sharp and predatory" side.

That guy looks super unfortunate, goddamn. I weep for him having to be stuffed into that suit.

Jesus, calm down ana-chan. What the fuck.

No. 720397

Uh Lori is the anachan you sperg. This is Lori we’re talking about, miss “I need to lose 2 pounds even tho I’m skeletal” as a way to get asspats about how thin she already is. Miss ‘look at me I look the same as ten years ago!’. Oh and miss “I’m the smallest zero two!”
Lori has made it very clear that her size is something that she feels makes her better or more special than everyone else. The pic is pretty embarrassing and unflattering, and there’s no difference in noting that and you saying her brainwashed boyfriend is unfortunate looking. It’s fair game, get over it

No. 742413

Looks like Lori has been spamming her Instagram. In two of the recent ones it looks like she's got a lanyard. Did she finally get a job or is she still leeching off her boy toy and his family?

Any Kevin people out there who can give insight?

No. 742515

If the pics are taken recently, she's still living in the same place.

No. 743280

She mentioned on a public Facebook post about her ferrets that she has a job but can’t find anything related to what it might be. I’m just shocked she’s actually working.

No. 743350

Looks like a Forever 21 employee lanyard.

No. 743385

File: 1543894087787.jpg (55.33 KB, 1080x1080, 47052793_195952774642644_51466…)

The irony of her being long past 21..

No. 743398

Is she wearing those damn horns at work

No. 743406

>mid 30s
>living at her boyfriend's mom's house
>working at forever 21
>wearing weeb shit at work

what a fucking loser lmao

No. 743444

imagine being in your 30s working minimum wage

No. 743599

At least she is working now. Though she probs had no choice but to go the retail route. I would hate to be in that situation in my 30s (luckily I'm not). But I do get it.

No. 743606

Lots of people have two jobs for that reason, sadly. I am not going to shit on anyone who has a job, no matter the age.

The problem with Lori is that she spent her entire life so far pandering to guys and using them for money and now she has no choice but to work. I guess Kevin ran out of money to squeeze?

No. 743690

I bet she carries them in her pocket for selfie times. She's also wearing a Franxx sweater.

No. 746578

I actually unfollowed her almost 4 months ago because her obsession with this character is much worse than when she was doing sailor moon cosplay. All she does is spam photos dressed like zero two and that’s it. It’s not cute anymore know her age and in fact makes me sad for her that a 34 year old is no longer happy with being herself and I feel like she is taking Kevin down with her. I’ll follow up in a year and hope she has found something else that makes her happy that involves exploring life in all aspects and not through a fictional character.

No. 749405

File: 1544847295656.png (3.56 MB, 1683x2048, Screenshot_20181214-220808.png)

Her most recent photos have an uncomfortable feel to them. There's something eerie or creepy about a 34 year old woman purposely dressing like a scantly clad teenager. She's had weird photos in the past, but these ones really don't flatter her appearance. Her breasts look like rudders at this angle.

No. 749441

She pulls some dumb shit, but the age nitpicks seem petty. I think she looks good for her age.

No. 749483

Any costhot threads has a good portion of nitpickers who are costhots themselves or just under 20 cosplayers in the community who think your life is over once you're like passed 25 (cause then ur not 25 you're a 'near 30yr old) etcetc
Age sperging is just pathetic but its a good way to distinguish newfaggy anons who just come to jerk themselves off and be edgy rather than contribute actual milk.
(The thread hasnt been filled up in two years which is another sign that its kept alive by locals who just wanna talk shit or she would have been brought up more in the costhot general thread w actual full fat jersey cow milk)

No. 755215

lol ok. Several attempts to bring her up in the costhot thread have lead to backlash and insisting talk of her belongs here. Good try tho.

MooMoo also seems to be planning a 002 cosplay and in her thread people have already speculated it’s somehow a jab at Lori since she was so involved in this shit show before her entire reputation went down in flames.

No. 756157

With moos habit of cosplaying to spite or one up people( or rather trying to one up people) I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 756310

Tfw thread so dry anons respond to 10+ day old nitpick critique kek

No. 772820

Moved to >>>/w/24583.

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