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File: 1529130120327.jpeg (104.15 KB, 630x505, 059D1988-6D1F-4B9D-BF50-62B4BE…)

No. 612216

- The worst hoarding pettuber with over 100 animals.
- Keeps her animals in a small room with way under minimum enclosures.
- Advises not to listen to veterinary advice, like not spaying and neutering rabbits.
- Backyard breeds dogs, purposefully mixed two breeds together and justified it by saying they're designer and "these breeds are really in right now".
- Breeds a potentially harmful gene (merle) into her dogs
- Uses aerosol products and paints her nails in the same room as her birds.
- Feeds her animals mostly fruits and vegetables without proper supplementation.
- Her bird almost died due to poor diet (vet literally put it on seed because it was too thin from bad diet).
- Had her snake and bird out on her body during livestream.
- Some of her cages have exposed wire and splotchy/peeling paint.
- Charges an OUTRAGEOUS amount for 'consultation' when she has 0 credentials and can't even say she does her own research for her own animals.
- Extremely rude to supporters and shuts down every question that she can with a snarky remark.
- Recently put two male mice together, ignores advise and says they'll be fine.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa_17EwmmHm7FJtIn57c9-w
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meghan_happytails/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mj_happy_tails
Blog: www.mjhappytails.com

No. 612219

File: 1529130386926.jpeg (128.54 KB, 575x691, 392EBEC5-6287-45BB-B5E7-F29FEB…)

Was posting on all these social media’s that she was at Denver comic con, no posts from fans. Sounds like no one showed up???

No. 612226

This is going to get confusing with the same image as the pet tube thread

No. 612228

File: 1529131196698.png (186.87 KB, 750x1464, HT twitter.png)

Thanks for the thread OP, I was getting the feeling HT was dominating the pettuber's thread too much.

I'm genuinely curious about the interview she had with that author. The author is very liberal and shits on Trump any chance she gets, and Meg posted pro-trump and more right-leaning ideologies on twitter before. I imagine they will be mostly sticking to animals (literally what else could they talk about? they share no common ground besides liking animals). Also Meg said she was interviewing the author but the author said she was interviewing with HT? Are they interviewing each other? Usually there's an interviewer and an interviewee.

No. 612230

This. I thought a thread had been double posted. But it is a funny pic. Still confusing doe. Nice OP though

No. 612293

Info's just copied from the pettuber thread too though. Would have been nice to include some more milk of hers. That was just a short list.

No. 612320


If you wanted a better/more inclusive thread, you probably should have made it yourself then

No. 612321

Already made the last two pettuber threads. Already said I wasn't going to make another. The rest of y'all are lazy. kek

No. 612322

Does anyone have the spreadsheet of all her animals still, or did we just give up on tryna keep track?

No. 612329

File: 1529151883825.jpeg (106.9 KB, 750x427, 49BD3BBD-E43F-44F1-A150-46254E…)

I mean at least her stans are questioning, but stellar care? Really??

No. 612330

File: 1529151899826.jpeg (207.38 KB, 750x1171, BA6D1FB0-1A77-483F-BC3D-D86561…)

No. 612363

Say what you want about someone but telling someone to kill themselves is fucked up man. I’ve seen a few posts of threads about her supporting trump but never seen any evidence on her twitter, instagram or YouTube. If someone has evidence post it.

No. 612370


Then quit bitching about this one lol OP said they'd never made a thread, cut them some slack

No. 612374

File: 1529158061682.jpeg (514.71 KB, 750x1101, DF75DA60-9BB7-4635-9873-CC1180…)

All I’ve seen in terms of fan interaction. Same on her story

No. 612375

File: 1529158086391.jpeg (663.48 KB, 750x1165, B051860B-251E-4028-A3CA-0CD59A…)

And I don’t think it’s at her stand.

No. 612384

Why the fuck would anyone at a comic convention give a shit about some random pettuber? She'd have way better luck at a reptile con or an ag show, where there's actually yanno, overlap in the interests.

No. 612422


Different anon but I've seen her retweet something about how the Trump administration was saving american health care. She posted pro-gun stuff including pictures of her shooting at a firing range shortly after the last couple school shootings. Also something about how people are "using" victims of school shootings to promote their "political agenda". Nothing too outrageous but a little insensitive in my books. I'm pretty Canadian though.

No. 612427

File: 1529164458774.png (1.58 MB, 1094x1028, Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 10.5…)

These budgies are literally in a smaller cage than the ones in Petsmart. I've never seen them out of the cage either.

No. 612432


Jesus, my local pet shop has tiny finches in a cage literally 4x that size

No. 612449


Also, that cage is very precariously hanging off the edge of the shelf there.

No. 612452

Just saying someone should do a proper write up for her and copying the pic is confusing when we have so many good photoshop anons.

No. 612457

Anyone else notice her two male mice just casually aren’t in her room tour?

No. 612471


And she’s been deleting comments asking about the mice

No. 612475

I hope they haven't killed each other already.

No. 612476

File: 1529169158296.png (314.08 KB, 972x5062, Updated sheet.png)

Yes I have, but I'm also unsure what cage they are being kept in.
I tried to spruce it up by going through her instagram and attempting to figure out how many birds she has, and it turned into a huge mess. The old one is still in the other thread if you rather see that. I think I'm going to take out all game birds because it's just making this sheet look clumsy and messy, since even she doesn't know what's going on with the birds.
If anyone has suggestions or notice errors, let me know.
they are being left alone for an entire weekend, I would not be surprised if she comes back and finds one half eaten

No. 612754

File: 1529192022162.png (817.46 KB, 750x696, Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 6.32…)

These bird cages are insane. The lone one is a cockatiel and the other one has 2 green cheek conures (one on each level).

No. 612755

File: 1529192065156.png (1.04 MB, 1142x584, Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 6.31…)

Here's the cockatiel

No. 612892

Anyone else notice that people kept commenting on her room tour video asking where the mice are, and she deleted all the comments?

No. 612901

Welp, that is enough lolcow for me today. Poor birds can’t even stretch their wings.

No. 612955

File: 1529201634477.png (40.29 KB, 392x570, comiccon den.png)

Anon seems to be right about HT not getting many visitors, I saw maybe 4 people on insta and youtube talk about it. Most people said they couldn't attend.
Were they being nice about it? I see a single comment asking about her mice from a day ago

No. 613037

Yeah I didn’t see any harsh ones at all. Most were just like “where are your new mice” or “why didn’t you show your mice” and they’re all getting deleted

No. 613073

really? really??? thats what she has her parakeets in??? even petco care guides state the MINIMUM for parakeets is 18x18x18.

No. 613149

File: 1529231017535.jpeg (312.93 KB, 833x1401, CEC16819-61B3-49C2-9A00-B84A11…)

I can’t get over the way she responds to hate/people who disagree with her. She’s so insanely rude

No. 613189

I think the hair dying and wall color are irrelevant. Like really who is to tell anyone what color they should dye their hair regardless of their age. That’s a dick move. But the rest I agree with.

No. 613195

Wall color has a lot to do with pets. I’d go crazy looking at that pink all day! It’s not natural color for them. (Shouldn’t pick at her hair color, but good grief. Just another case of “look at me” syndrome!). Blue is known to have a calming effect when used as the main color of a room — but go for softer shades. Dark blue has the opposite effect, evoking feelings of sadness. Refrain from using darker blues in your main color scheme. Green is considered the most restful color for the eye.

No. 613226


The effects on mood you listed are about people, not animals.

No. 613283

Yea don’t want to be mean but I think the wall color evoking certain emotions doesn’t mean anything for animals. I could imagine just a plain magnolia working so the room didn’t seem to crazy and cluttered. But the animal cages already do that. Some of this cages she must have to get up on a step ladder to view. I couldn’t imagine not being able to casually peer into my pets cages.

No. 613531

Sage for nitpicking, but I was watching one of her videos and she was like “I know I look 13, but…” GIRL. NO. You look haggard as fuck. Then talking about how ‘smol’ she is and how she needs Jaime’s help to clean the fish tank then showing the wedding picture where there’s barely any height difference? She’s so delusional.

No. 613545

I think she’s 25 isn’t she? She could be wearing heels in the weeding photo but yeah there isn’t too much height different between the two.

No. 613808

Honestly thought she was nearing 40 lol

No. 613937


No. 614036

Yeah she definitely looked younger before the pink hair and hooker makeup. She was actually kind of pretty back then. Hard to tell if it’s the new look or just being more familiar with her personality that makes her so ugly now.

No. 614133

File: 1529340466759.png (84.25 KB, 1046x736, Untitled.png)

Nice to know that Meg doesn't have them together for their sake but instead to prove to her 'haters' that she's right. How utterly selfish can one person get?
I saw only one comment a day ago that literally just said 'where are the mice?' and it got deleted. I didn't cap it because I figured y'all were over-reacting or the comments were passive aggressive, but it's true. Any comment just asking about the mice are getting deleted.
Remember she's a family friendly youtuber. I'm waiting for the day someone really gets under her skin and she tells them to kill themselves
I honestly thought she was mid to late 30's.

No. 614280

File: 1529352794379.png (1.39 MB, 1664x1164, HT tank.png)

Yeah I'm sure 3 days of no light magically changed the fish you have, too. She went from having some glowfish tetras to only white skirt tetras in a matter of days.

No. 614282

File: 1529352860206.png (1.12 MB, 1042x518, HT remi.png)

Also older milk but has anyone seen the updated room vid? her bird cages are appalling.

No. 614289

It does help with algae. Maybe she got new fish or you just couldn’t see them in the original?

No. 614315

File: 1529356459537.png (3.2 MB, 2122x1150, hoarding starter kit.png)

I didn't see anyone post about this yet so here it is.
>canary cage is woefully bare, not even another perch besides the two that are shown. Having the cat tree and food RIGHT next to the bird cage without a doubt stresses the birds out
>her cockatoo is not only in an incredibly small cage, but it's also fairly bare for a cockatoo. Says that he's eating through toys fast, meaning he's bored and spending enough time in his cage to destroy toys despite her saying he rarely spends time in there
>Chinchilla cage has become even more bare, no hides, plastic ledges
>Iconic duo male gecko's cage covered in shit
>somehow managed to let the hedgehog tank get so messy that it's appearing very far up on the glass, yet doesn't clean it with some water before videotaping her room
I won't forget to give credit where credit is due, though. Good job on getting a new cage for the sugar gliders, congrats on cleaning the tank and also you have the canaries in a very large cage which is great.
If you're gonna WK at least WK using something plausible. Look at the bottom pic, it's just about the entire tank. Unless all 4 white skirted tetras hid in quite literally one sliver of the tank in the old pic, you could still go to the video and see the full scan of it and see there were no white skirted tetras. If she got new fish, then you'd have to explain what happened to the glowfish. There are other better excuses one could make for this, but that is really reaching. Not like anyone would care about fish anyways.

No. 614329

Also she seems to use a lot of dowel perches, which aren’t good at all and are bad for birds’ feet. Anyone who has done any amount of research would know that.

No. 614349

New video about her 'mini pig' Petunia
She keeps calling it a mini pig which irks me, because calling it a mini pig is exactly what started the fucking teacup pig craze. Call it by it's common name, juliana pig. She also talks shit about how neglecting is over-feeding, when her pig is nearly a 5 on the overweight scale and it's back is actually sagging from the weight. But when she does it, it's not neglect guys! She also threw a bit out there that pigs can be friendly with all other animals, it's just a matter of how you raise them and that's why her pig is great with animals. Yet, she had to breed corgis because any other kind of puppy may not be good with other animals? At least stick to your guns, Meg. She also claims to have trained the pig really well, but can't trim it's hooves? It should have been desensitized to this when it was young (she had it since it was young) so it wouldn't be a problem. I also highly doubt that she's an experienced farrier to be dealing with hoof trimming. But anyways, her excuse for not trimming her hooves is because she's in a 'bad mood' and refuses to take the pig to a professional.

No. 614394

Glowlights are just infused with dye to make them that colour. They all become white over time as the dye seeps into the water.

No. 614402

Same anon - Also keeping the lights off for 3 days would decrease the fluorescence of the dye. Not WKing, she's trash, but arguing about this without understanding how fluorescent dye works comes off pretty dumb.

No. 614510

Wasn’t WK just things should be explained or at least queried before throw accusation. I don’t like her either but maybe we did miss them or she got new ones????

Also this video did not help her in any way, the cages are so bad. Even that beautiful gargoyle gecko she got from Tikis is shoved in an empty tank and the top when you can barely see into it. I know she’s waiting for plants to grow but she could at least use fake ones for the time being.

No. 615719


Thank you! I looked for it in the other thread but couldn't find it.

Good lord that's… a shitload of animals. I knew she had a lot of farm birds but this is excessive.

No. 615730

>labeled cage cause she cant remember all of her animals' names

No. 615902

File: 1529508709323.png (158.35 KB, 640x1136, 02949402-2E67-4CBE-9393-38762C…)

For those questioning the Trump support. She retweets a lot of stuff like this.

No. 615938

File: 1529512559062.png (1.5 MB, 1170x1204, savage.png)

Meg actually isn't deleting comments in her favor, that's new. Basically everyone in the comments are disagreeing with her, and she's even being mean to her followers. I honestly think she's lost a lot of viewers, or at least people are getting too intimidated to speak to her maybe?

No. 616099

Meg is seriously so good at being a huge cunt. She says the nastiest things with such ease. I definately get vibes that shes the kind of person who could bully someone into taking their own life.

No. 616158

She’s really not helping herself. I see other people get hate and handle it so much better.

No. 616289

Yeah I'm really not surprised she's pro-Trump. It makes perfect sense that his level of anger would resonate with such an angry and hateful person. I find it so weird that she even takes the time to post these rude replies to basically every comment. Imagine if she spent that time actually caring for her animals or working at a real job to support them. What a narcissist.

No. 616334

To be fair some youtubers get pretty decent money, more than the average job. I don’t know about her though.
She’s just so defensive and so angry, youtube is not the place for her.

No. 616420

File: 1529548673332.png (1.49 MB, 1156x730, meg.png)

Someone should go on there and suggest mice, watch the comment get deleted and the person be blocked lol Or animals she clearly neglects like the game birds
Some people work really hard at being a cunt. For Meg, it just comes naturally.
Considering she begged on her patreon for money to bring her pets to a vet, I'd say she barely makes enough money to sustain the lifestyle she is currently living. Even if youtube was enough money, it's not a stable source of income. Personally I'd keep a fair chunk in the bank in case youtube decided to randomly shut my channel down, like they did to that one pettuber in the general thread. Imagine if you're just making ends meet and then a huge source of you income gets shut down quite literally overnight, and you have nearly 200 animals to take care of, a really good chunk of those being incredibly expensive to take care of animals.

No. 616428

To be fair I believe she said in one video the cages were labled for the pet sitter. Apparently she got a pet sitter that can't tell parakeets apart from conures.
The birds I'd take with a grain of salt… I took both what she said in the 'all my pets' video (which is where the number in parentheses come from) and from her posts on instagram, which is how I found out so many of them died. What kind of irked me was that there were so many animals she would announce or casually put out there that died, that she never even mentioned before while they were alive. Unlike Tay, who blogs about her life constantly and doesn't think before she spreads info, Meg is actually pretty private about what she shares. Which makes it even more mind boggling that she lets shit like this >>614282 out there. Imagine the milk she'd spill if she had loose lips like Tay!

No. 616522


Back when I had a bunch of mice and several hedgehogs, I labelled their cages so I knew who belonged to which cage after I washed them out. A lot of folks have a legit reason for that.

But somehow I really doubt that's what she's doing, since it doesn't look like she ever cleans her cages.

No. 616543

You also had many of the same species. Going to be kind of hard to mix up chinchillas and parakeets…

No. 616571


Both are small mammals, not the same species (or family or order).

No. 616579

I thought they are genetically modified now? If they are GMOs it wouldn't seep into water over time but I guess there is no way to tell the difference
Meant mice vs mice and hedgehog vs hedgehog, I figured that's what you meant by saying you had many of them that you'd need to label cages to remember which batch of mice/hedgehog went where. Anyway off topic my bad.

No. 616685

File: 1529583608079.png (173.68 KB, 750x1334, AE9448D8-2B3F-4D33-958E-C6E54A…)

Lol okay Meghan, I suppose it’s possible she has friends that know her irl that are as dumb/dumber than her stans. Is she talking about cataleah? Also she’s been liking/retweeting this chick quite a bit, she seems big in the gaming community.

No. 617564

File: 1529629210031.jpeg (128.52 KB, 750x1144, FE2373F6-EE40-475A-96C5-D942D2…)

Apparently she’s not doing videos on the rats anymore? What have you got to hide meghan?

No. 617618

She has a lone, elderly rat that is most definitely not getting the attention it needs. She got rid of a lonely elderly ferret because it was too much work. But for some reason a rat isn't? Anyways, her rat hasn't been shown in any of her pet room videos or her live streams since before the other part of the pair died. No doubt the remaining one is being neglected, especially with her vacation.

No. 617628

File: 1529633318159.png (1.4 MB, 1110x1222, family friendly guys.png)

She's family friendly guys!

No. 618028

Imo I don’t support people shunning a girl from showing a bit of their chest. Breasts are for feeding babies! Literally family! Lmao, if someone’s such a prude they can’t even deal with a tiny bit of cleavage then they need to grow up. the way she responds to people may not necessarily be family friendly, but I have to say, people need to get over a bit of chest!

No. 618061

There’s a difference between being offended by breasts and being offended by how she presents herself. Her bright pink hair and intentionally low shirts are attention seeking and trashy. I’d expect that kind of pathetic behaviour from a teenager, but not a 26 year old woman.

No. 618119

Her head is partially out of the picture, this shot was taken so your eyes would be drawn to the tits. I don't consider that to be family friendly. Drawing a crowd in with tits is one thing, having it be the center of focus is another. Wouldn't even be arguing it except she has said on multiple occasions she is family friendly. She's pulling a TND imo except Meg is far too stubborn to go back on her word where TND at least later revoked her 'family friendly' title.

No. 618131

File: 1529680873883.png (91.74 KB, 360x1262, Meg being a cunt nothing new.p…)

I don't understand how she can be such a cunt to HER FANS yet her fans still get on their knees and suck her clit. I wonder if she lost a fan after setting the rest of her fanbase after her over what was a pretty unconfident comment.

No. 618166

File: 1529682430678.png (639.35 KB, 732x574, allergic to happiness.png)

there's a video of her interviewing an author. i don't care about the hair or the boobs. i do think she has the most ingenuine and bored look on her face from the con. i get the feeling she thinks she is better than others from the look on her face. look at her face when the author talks about adoption. she transitions from a burning glare, a faked smile, and a holier than thou look. i pity her.


No. 618479

she can be super rude, but i cant agree with the boob thing, its just people being prude.

No. 618603

File: 1529714430303.png (101.08 KB, 376x1440, bully.png)

It's genuinely concerning how much time a day she spends on the computer bullying people considering it's physically impossible to give all her animals the daily care they need in a day.
Imo if you're focusing on a young audience you shouldn't focus the camera on your breasts. If this was a full body shot of a man whose main audience was kids where the camera had the same focus on the outline of his dick lolcow would be in a tizzy, but when it's a chick it's just expressing yourself. Just because some school girls dress worse doesn't mean I would want my kid to look up to it. Honestly if she didn't explicitly say many times that she is family friendly I wouldn't even think that is pushing it at all, and I'd agree it's people slut shaming and being prude. But a family friendly channel can't do things that non family friendly channels can, that's why not many people advertise as being family friendly. I do agree with you that she is being rude, though.

No. 618609

File: 1529715114194.png (57.01 KB, 1178x422, cunt1.png)

This is on her video where she is interviewing Anne Wheaten… Honestly the fucking size of the nuts one must have to be a cunt on a video that promotes one another. Especially considering that she seemed to use the author's name and book to tag the ever loving shit out of her video, just to be an asshole to the people that find their way there.

No. 618969

I feel like people are just going to stop commenting completely. Even a compliment doesn’t go down well.

No. 619175

I find it funny everyone was asking for chinchilla and sugar glider videos, and she does a bearded dragon video instead lol almost no one asked about the reptiles, if you're not going to go by what your user base wants just don't ask them.

No. 619224

File: 1529781815254.jpeg (529.29 KB, 750x1071, 5EF40296-FE45-4554-B482-D13F1C…)

Old post on her fire Lilly page but booty goals? I mean is she being serious? Not like it’s bad, just seems a little arrogant.

No. 619357

File: 1529791531535.png (924.56 KB, 1144x736, fighting goats.png)

>Wonders why goats keep getting knocked up
>keeps opposite sex goats together
I hope she just had them all together for the photo op, because otherwise there is a big possibility of in-breeding here.
You wouldn't need to exercise if you actually took care of all 200 of your animals, Meg. Let that sink in.

No. 619866

I feel this thread goes super quiet when Tyler is busy, like at Vidcon. I think him and maddie are the main contributors.

No. 619931


Lol it's quiet when she hasn't said anything cunty to someone in a couple days. Don't kid yourself.

No. 619964

Yea I agree. Wouldn’t surprise me if they made this thread. They’re obsessed with her.

No. 620191

File: 1529872631743.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1556, Screenshot_20180624-153436.png)

Apparently not abusing animals is snobby now lol this is from her firelily account.
Also anyone notice the chewy shilling on her Instagram? She must be getting low on cash after her vacation.

No. 620214

Since when is riding in a bit abuse? Those look like tom thumb bits which are definitely harsh and banned in many riding communities for good reason, but I wouldn't call riding in most bits "abuse" or not "expert". The vast majority of riders use bitted bridled and no bit at all is banned in a lot of shows.

sage for horse sperging.

No. 620620

File: 1529894058281.png (470.52 KB, 750x1334, 8B7BEA71-0B7F-4213-A161-BE26FE…)

Her response makes no sense?

No. 620625

File: 1529894194230.png (600.13 KB, 750x1334, D4C9647E-26D2-41B2-A42B-5B3D3E…)

From her liked tweets. Isn’t she pro-hunting?

No. 620630

File: 1529894475750.jpeg (247.46 KB, 750x1190, FB0C7112-FC32-405F-9E5A-0F7CB0…)

So you let your bird sit at the bottom of his cage (probably a tiny cage anyway that didn’t have any disability support access, perches etc) in pain for a year and a half?! She is literally the worst.

No. 620631

Lena Dunham actually did molest her sister.

No. 620856

Yeah I was going to say Lena did do that. She’s a sick woman. I do not like her at all.

No. 620892

Ahk my bad didn’t know that hence the confusion. Anyways she’s been posting heaps of stuff about the riots, definitely Pro deportation/Wall/trump etc.

No. 620975

Surprising since her family is half Mexican and I think her husband is Mexican.

No. 621103

Lol is it surprising? I’ve never seen her express any concern for people other than herself.

No. 621603

i was wondering why her current canary cage was so big. she upgraded it a couple months ago. i wonder if the canary's recovery time would have been quicker if she had them in a proper cage from the beginning. it would have probably been happier if it only started singing when it was in a bigger cage. so fucking sad to think about. thinking about her pets and their care can literally depress a person.

No. 621625

A fucking year and a half this bird has been sitting on the floor. Besides obviously not being good for it's feet, it must have gotten seriously bored and possibly depressed. That is behavior that indicates bringing it to a vet asap… Lord knows how her other animals fair. We were never told that bird has been acting like that until it got better. How many animals of hers are currently suffering?
What I don't get is she goes full animal rights tier on spaying and neutering rabbits but not on shit like bits for horses. She's never consistent on her beliefs, it's only based on what works for her.

No. 621786

I can’t help but wonder whether that bird would have healed up quicker if it was her only pet and would have her undivided attention.

No. 622448

100% I feel like it was the cage upgrade that helped stop the bird from being fucking depressed. Any other injuries should have been dealt with and would have if it had been an only pet.

No. 622886

File: 1530121423513.png (1.13 MB, 1130x736, vacation.png)

She just came back from a 3 day vacation and is going on another vacation for a week, are you serious? You have more animals than a single person can physically care for in a 24 hour period and you're leaving for a week? How do you even afford finding people to care for nearly 200 animals? And what about that single old, ill rat that needs constant attention? Why is no one up in arms about this shit? Oh wait, because all of Meg's stans are scared that even a well-meaning question will have Meg and thus her followers insulting them.

No. 622905

File: 1530123098341.png (931.93 KB, 986x850, meg cat.png)

Being a cat fag myself, this is really showing your hand at how absolutely little you know about cat breeds. Firstly, her 'research' on what breed her cat is is literally a youtube comment, because the youtube comment section is just seething with intelligence. Secondly, if she actually took a minute to google she would have realized her cat is not a lynx point siamese, not a pure bred and honestly it most likely doesn't have any purebred in it at all. Only 2% of cats in the world are purebred, and to be considered purebred they only really need to be roughly 80% purebred to account for out-crossing for health. I feel like she's peddling a moggie cat to be this special pure bred when it doesn't have to be a purebred to be pretty and special. It's just annoying to me how people feel like they need their cat to be some pure bred or pure bred mix to be special, when every cat is special regardless of it's breed or lack thereof.
I would point out the tell-tale signs of how the cat clearly is not a lynx-point siamese and can't even be offspring of a lynx point siamese, but it's pretty long and boring and I also know she lurks here so I want to see how she handles it herself. Maybe she'll do some research for once.

No. 622914

She’s obsessed with having designer animals. Her other cat is just long haired but she calls it a “ragdoll mix”. Clearly no animal has value unless it’s some expensive breed or morph. I hate when people are obsessed with blue eyed animals. She also kept the blue eyed puppies from her dog’s litter. It honestly pisses me off that she even has cats to begin with. Aside from their looks their only value is in acting “like a dog” whatever the fuck that means. I can’t believe a shelter was even willing to let her adopt.

No. 622925

Guessing from her response she has not bothered to neuter him. Sad really, she lacks the capacity to think beyond her actions (or lack thereof).

No. 622943

File: 1530126097899.png (883.88 KB, 730x756, Enjoying Summer In Las Vegas.p…)

For those of you wondering, she's spending her YouTube money not on new and larger enclosures for her birds but on a trip to Las Vegas, because apparently she has too much money weighing her down and has to gamble it away.

No. 623110


"neUTeRinG AniMAls iS cRueL" We all know her stance on neutering rabbits, so I doubt she's neutered her more obvious animals like cats

No. 623133

With any luck either she or her husband is neutered….she’d give shit care if she reproduced!

No. 623239

File: 1530153163893.png (3.18 MB, 3080x4084, Family Bramble tree.png)

I tried figuring out the family tree for her goats, figuring she didn't have many goats. She's very private and doesn't say who the father is (that or she doesn't know, she obviously didn't keep track of her bird breedings), and she only has one male left (I don't know when she departed with them or if her other two males died or were re-homed or MIA but they are not part of her pet videos as of 2018). So unfortunately this is the best I can do. I put the one male on the right side just to show that he exists, I didn't put him as the father because to be fair, we are not sure who the father is. We can assume, but we won't know.
Also please if anyone knows what happened to her two male goats, Wesley and Blue, let me know. I only just realized they weren't in her 'all my pets' video. Did they die a long time ago and I just missed it?

No. 623524

File: 1530193950318.png (218.82 KB, 750x1334, 2C6AE610-D03B-48CC-8F53-708C2C…)

In HT liked tweets. Figures the shittiest of the shit pettubers would team up

No. 623551

File: 1530198758434.png (1.17 MB, 1134x662, bearded party.png)

Of course you'd hang out with someone with a stronger network than you that has committed the same crimes. If all the other pettubers are going to flock together, she's going to need her own clique. Why not other crappy breeder? lol

No. 623567

Lol because HT is so good at avoiding negativity and drama right? Like way to constantly play the victim when you’re actually the instigator.

No. 623618

Those are real European Jay wings on her hat. :(

No. 623823

File: 1530224897665.png (135.06 KB, 384x1828, family friendly.png)

I still can not believe she is calling herself family friendly and against bullying when she does stuff like this… And everyone seems to just let her do it

No. 623825

File: 1530225312359.png (110.72 KB, 718x730, nuts.png)

I don't know what's worse, watching HT do something objectively wrong and getting praised for it, or watching someone go absolutely nuclear on her and giving her fuel about muh bullying.

No. 623856

it surprises me her sub count still increases. how does she deal with actual hate?

No. 623857

tbf u can see y some ppl who have worked with her in past might not speak out against her, bitch is crazy, could you even imagine how she'd react, probably y some ppl keep quiet.

No. 623880

File: 1530230626133.png (93.79 KB, 566x374, its retarded.png)

It probably increases because people want to see the shit show, really. There's a direct correlation to her bitchiness and her sub rate.
That's true. I don't know of her really working with anyone but that cataleah woman and she asked a few questions to an author at a panel. I mean I imagine there's a reason she doesn't have many friends

No. 623890

She looks like such an unpleasant person to be around. If thats how happy she looks on vacation, I can't imagine how she is normally.

No. 624327

File: 1530290443293.png (81.89 KB, 982x698, Untitled1.png)

Just a heads up, the pettuber's general may get a lot more action soon and this thread is linked there. Be prepared for stans

No. 624542

File: 1530306202301.png (1.26 MB, 1154x694, Rehab Feral Pigeon.png)

As someone with a license to rehabilitate wildlife, this is beyond infuriating. Now I understand one doesn't need to be licensed to 'rehabilitate' invasive species (Rock pigeons are actually feral in the US), but it's still BEYOND irresponsible to treat such an animal like a pet and then release it into the wild expecting it to act like a wild animal again. The DEC gets so many complaints of wild squirrels, pigeons, chipmunks, crows etc that appear aggressive by running up to humans, when in reality they were incorrectly rehabilitated and lose their fear of people. It seems innocent, but when you have birds flying right at your face, perching on your shoulder while you're trying to eat, unafraid of humans, it's actually quite a health issue and frankly, it's fucking terrifying (I've dealt with my fair share of 'friendly' wild animals). As a result, the DEC has to find these friendly animals and humanely euthanize them.
The one time you're supposed to socially neglect a bird and you don't, lol

No. 624858

File: 1530319207748.png (506.32 KB, 750x1334, 91BC005A-B8B7-41C7-A37E-8CA9B0…)

Basically emzotic came onto the general pettubers thread, lost her shit and because of this admin have revealed ALL her posts. Screenshots of the HT related ones. There’s so much milk rn.

No. 624860

File: 1530319228057.png (540.35 KB, 750x1334, 18EEDC9A-51A4-4B15-87E5-AADE7F…)

No. 624909

Dare I say she’s even more of a cunt than HT

No. 624922

Considering how triggered she was by Pickles who tried to be as nice as physically possible, I can't wait to see how she nuclear reacts to someone actually bitching about her.

No. 625439

It’s possible she hasn’t seen it yet coz she’s on holiday, but em already has multiple pettubers turning on her so the HT response is gonna be priceless

No. 625889

File: 1530393584518.png (1.07 MB, 1142x730, new game bird.png)

HT got another game bird to neglect. Add it to the list.

No. 626289

File: 1530450017900.jpeg (76.95 KB, 577x1174, B1E1E0F3-C8A8-4E4D-A385-31E728…)

This was posted on the general pettubers thread by an anon. Spewing at meghan nipple.

No. 626293

File: 1530450339329.jpeg (44.08 KB, 597x1031, 447F5BB5-063A-40F8-AB5B-5ACFC4…)

No. 626294

File: 1530450362076.png (177.59 KB, 750x1334, 8EE0FFEB-9FA3-4ADD-BC27-A97F3F…)

No. 626295

File: 1530450396464.png (171.4 KB, 750x1334, D4DD89DD-C1E5-4074-A327-D74FD3…)

I’m loving this Bree chick 😂

No. 626310

File: 1530452815919.png (23.2 KB, 726x178, em tweet.png)

I find it odd that HT is talkin as if Em was her friend after the way she talks about that whole clique. From a PR standpoint it probably would have been better to DM your condolences because it just looks like cashing in on drama at this point. Also find it funny that she is alienating the one pettuber who wasn't a cunt to her face and runs to the ones that were cunts to her face to get in on the petfest shit.
Oof the desperation. I almost pity HT honestly. Even with all that shit with Em going down she's still not invited.
Fucking savage

No. 626630

I always thought Emz and HT were on “okay” terms. Emz featured HT in her Pettube video, and they always seemed cordial with each other. But HT can’t help victimizing herself in any situation, so not surprised she’s bringing up the drama publicly.

No. 626659

her ass flat.

No. 627088

File: 1530550871049.png (39.95 KB, 384x546, hoarding.png)

I really wish HT would share more like Em, TND, Tyler etc. because she would be full of so much milk. But she knows that what she's doing is objectively and completely unacceptable, hence why she's very picky about what shares. She got this bird either right before a one week vacation, or she came back home and got the bird at most 1 day after. Or, she had the balls to make whoever was pet-sitting 200 animals take on 201 while she was away. But no one will question it because her stans are far too blind to read between the lines.
Also lol at this comment from that picture

No. 627338

Another fucking animal?? I've literally lost count of how many new pets she's gotten in 2018.

No. 627356

File: 1530572675712.png (205.98 KB, 750x1334, 4F23706A-ABFE-4976-A57F-1147C8…)

HT has been liking all the tweets relating to Maria Nicole Grey. Trying to recruit one before she’s lost to the petfest crowd 😂 she’s definitely been active on social media but hasn’t addressed what Em said about her. Probably reckons she’s being an ‘adult’

No. 627489

New HT video. She 'saved' two baby peacocks, but really she just took two babies off her farm. The two ended up being separated from their parents, and her game birds are so out of control she wasn't able to figure out which peacocks the chicks belonged to.

No. 627506

>I saved Peacock Chicks!
What she really means is she didn't neglect those ones to death. 'Saving' is minimum care now I guess. Reminder she was away when those babies hatched. God knows how many chicks have died from negligence since she lets them free roam and breed them indiscriminately.
Here's the hooktube if you don't want to give her views

No. 627568

Let's see the mis-information she hands out here
>peacock nests are higher off the ground than that table
No, if you knew what a peacock even is you'd know they make nests on the ground. Peacocks are in the same family (phaianidae) as pheasants which also have ground nests, you'd figure she'd know that considering she has pheasants. Just about every bird in that family is known to make ground nests. You can just look at the birds and take an educated guess that they make nests on the ground, seeing how large the bird is and how quick the chicks are able to run.
>there's not an issue with these animals falling
They are newborn, very fragile, birds, which are already incredibly fragile, that is mostly thin little legs, which are also fragile. Yes, there is most definitely an issue if they fall. I don't understand why she's trying so hard to make it a non-issue? She said they already dropped from chair height and I wonder if that affected the one chick's droopy wing?
>chicks are born not knowing how to eat
Maybe she means they don't know where their food is, but it really doesn't help that she's feeding them out of a very deep dish that is also reflective. So not only is the food hard to find, but the reflection makes it confusing and possibly scare them too. She also tells people to teach them in the worst way when the suggested way (dropping the food on a paper towel) is not only easier for the chick but easier to do than hand-feeding.
>has VERY deep water dish
I really hope she has some other set up for the water because I can see a few issues with this, mainly being that baby game birds are notorious for finding fun new ways to drown in their drinking water. Also a bowl that light and deep really encourages them to perch on it, tip it over and get them soaked and cold. Or, maybe she isn't giving them free reign of drinking water which is also bad. I'm thinking the latter is the case because she also doesn't give them free access to food, either.
>does not keep chicks in a brooder
I'm positive she's keeping the birds in that shitty little blue cage seen in the background here >>624542 as that is what she tends to do with her chicks. She talks about it being a problem with food and I wonder how she hasn't killed more chicks. People use brooders for heat control. Says nothing about how she's controlling the temperature, only that she's using a heating pad which you can't accurately measure or adjust
>they don't have access to food, are fed on schedule
I really don't understand how they aren't malnourished, as chicks sporadically peck around often. I hear of people turning the light off at night and taking the food away, but not feeding on a schedule. On top of that, she does not feed them at all during the night. I imagine that they are fucking starving when she does feed them. It's probably why they only get playful while she feeds them and otherwise are very lethargic; she says she feeds them, they start to get a little lively during feeding, and she says after eating they sleep 'for a few hours' which, if she is telling the truth, is the entire time in-between feedings.
Unfortunately they probably would have been better off outside

No. 627811

File: 1530620818271.png (192.25 KB, 750x1334, 499B7E1E-623B-4B74-9748-8330EE…)

So turns out she was featured in this local magazine? ‘managing her career as an online influencer completely on her own’ are you fucking kidding me they realise it’s just YouTube right like 99% of people on YouTube ‘manage’ their own ‘careers’ 😂

No. 627812

File: 1530620845198.png (160.8 KB, 750x1334, D0EA93E7-86DD-4CA7-9323-D21199…)

No. 627937

To be fair, they had to find a diverse group of successful people (under 30) in El Paso. Just finding a group of successful people in El Paso is a challenge. They were probably scraping further in the barrel besides HT. Doesn't change that she's been milking that for ages and will probably keep bringing it up long after she's over 30.
I love that she is literally saying she saving baby peacocks from her shitty care. Did she not think that title through or something? You saved them from your own neglect, meg.

No. 627940

Wow they sure used the word “science” a lot to describe content from someone with about a 3rd grade science education.

No. 628830

File: 1530732892704.png (1.13 MB, 1130x732, sugar gliders.png)

When the fuck did she get sugar gliders again? I thought one died so she re-homed the other one, and I thought that was earlier this year.

No. 628905

One died so she got two more from Cataleah. Just a couple months ago I believe.

No. 629015

Ffs. Would it be too much to ask of cataleah that this person just killed their last sugar glider maybe don’t give them more?!

No. 629538

File: 1530817063174.png (39.34 KB, 720x464, civilwar.png)

For a Trump supporter I'm really surprised she's getting into this. This hashtag was created by the left after a well-known conservative (Alex Jones) called for a second civil war, and the hashtag is about making fun of the right. I just find it weird that someone who posts a deal of right wing shit suddenly flipped sides. I think she's going to magically become a liberal because she is learning most of her viewer base is, which to me is just two-faced. better yet, don't bring politics into your animal medias when it's not related at all. I never cared about her political beliefs so long as they weren't racist or something. I just think it's fucked up that now when she's getting a little boost in viewers she's suddenly done a 180 with her beliefs.

No. 630148

Is it possible she just doesn’t understand what it means and actually thinks it’s a right wing thing? I wouldn’t put it past her she can be pre stupid xD

No. 630638

Oh boy! Can't wait for the terrible spread of myths/complete lies or the usual 'do as I say not as I do' bullshit. Haven't watched it because this lady actually makes me ill.

No. 630671

Omg her 'resources'
The RSPCA is akin to the petco pamphlets as far as care goes. Incredibly vague. Just says mice are social, which isn't false.
Every other source of hers says it's very controversial to keep male mice together because of how even siblings have a tendency to fight over territory. Her 'aggression' strain article (which first of all was about social hierarchy and territory, not aggression. Learn to read a fucking title Meg) even says there were very few studies done on stable groups where males didn't have a hierarchy. The study she posted was small scale, the strain was incredibly specialized and not something you'd find at a pet store, and the reason the mice of that strain never fought was because they never left their cages seeking more territory. It was less about being friendly and more about how territorial they were, and considering they were together given about 3 cages with 2 separate food, water and sleeping areas for 20 to 30 minute time frames, territory realistically was a non-issue. All mice groups had acted aggressively when mice of other strains were introduced, even the 'docile' ones, and the docile ones did act aggressively towards each other on occasion. She must have also not read this part;
>However, over the following days in all trials severe fights were noted, from which a dominant clearly emerged.
Yeah but no muh male mice right?
Her other source seems skewed as absolute fuck because even in the abstract it says that the 'preference (towards other male mice) was most obvious when mice who were previously housed together were tested' No shit Sherlock and most kitchen accidents happen in the kitchen. I can't get access to the full article but I have a feeling they are basing their information not on blind studies but on people's existing pets. Even so, one shoddy experiment whose size and procedure we are unaware of doesn't really trump the two articles she posted that refuted her own claim and the other 'article' that doesn't even talk about it. I'm lmaoing at Meg's reading comprehension. American education failed another one

No. 630684

File: 1530937824522.png (1.17 MB, 1330x518, its ded jim.png)

She's not trying to pass these off as her mice is she? They are totally different…

No. 630709

Ugh seriously. She boasts in one of her videos that she was valedictorian of her class in high school, but she seems to read and write at an elementary school level. #murica

No. 630940

How many in the class? 2?!!

No. 631568

File: 1531055833892.jpeg (763.55 KB, 1800x1800, 8BF4BF4B-80A7-4016-B230-26E7DE…)

So much milk on Meghan’s Twitter rn re her latest video. Maddie calling her out and her calling cyberbully.

No. 631618

If this idiot had ever taken a science class in her life she'd know that you don't "sight" an article, you "cite" it. Lay people don't even have access to real scientific articles unless they pay money to subscribe to a journal. So congrats on your half assed google search Meg.

No. 631708

File: 1531077076276.png (517.19 KB, 1948x1944, YT comments.png)

Her youtube comment section isn't much better. It's obvious she tried to hide everyone saying she's wrong by liking every single comment that ass-kisses. Luckily she's not fooling everyone. I just can not get over how she treats her fans. Also the one comment by Jessica Warton that HT actually liked lol I'm fucking dying. It starts out nice by saying Meg can do what she feels like, but then goes on to say she's unsubbing because meg is being a bitch. Meg, are you really trying to tell us you read two different studies completely when you can't read more than two lines of a youtube comment?

No. 631736

File: 1531079318025.png (31.11 KB, 1004x150, HT bullying.png)

Meg has been trying to pull all of this shit that she and her fans are being cyber-bullied. I'm seeing a major trend in people crying wolf when they are actually the wolf (I'm looking at you, Em). This comment came from some crazy vegan's channel (JackoWackoVegano) that was talking about Meg's video on why she's not vegan. This girl is only 11, possibly 10 when she was being bullied by a lady whose nearly in her 30's. Where's Meg's bullied 10 year old stans?
>inb4 Meg claims this little girl is a bully because she said she hates her

No. 631937

I honestly think that she made the video because she was jealous that another pet youtuber was getting more negative attention than her. She just loves being the biggest bully and yet playing the victim. I'll never understand how her husband is willing to sleep next to that pile of trash.

No. 631951

File: 1531099422181.png (110.16 KB, 794x786, TND HT.png)

Unsure if this should go on here, TND thread, or the general… They really should have just kept HT in the general thread. She doesn't produce enough milk to warrant her own general and there's so much cross over

No. 632207

By that reasoning then Taylor also shouldn’t have her own thread? You can post the same screenshot in more than one thread…

No. 632210

Learn to sage; and Taylor has far more milk (around her animals/life/jonny/hermom etc) than HT.

No. 632305

HT had more flow but she’s been far more private lately imo. Probably since finding this site.

No. 632404

File: 1531157152986.png (430.55 KB, 1142x726, boo hoo.png)

She posted this and tried to make it about her mouse situation. Meg, the nipple thing was around long before you even thought about keeping two male mice.
I think she's always been private compared to other youtubers. She never blabs about shit on twitter or facebook like the other ones do. I think now that she knows she has her own thread she has been much more conservative on pictures (haven't seen her show an enclosure on insta since she mentioned lolcow on stream) and more on the defense. But I don't think she ever shared enough to warrant her own thread. Unless y'all want to go back and talk about other shit she's done in the past which could fill up a thread or just hypothetically talk about how she can care for ~200 animals in a day, this thread will be pretty slow.

No. 632593

Oh Meghan, always the victim. I find it incredible that she’s willing to bully her preteen viewers but is this outraged by any negative comments directed at her.

No. 632674

File: 1531174526173.png (1.09 MB, 1144x684, victim.png)

Add 'professional victim' to your list of qualifications.

No. 632742

I find it incredible that she seems to be so proud of her husbands spanish origIns and yet she supports trump, who if he had his way would deport her husband without a second thought. She’s a walking contradiction.

No. 632750

If he’s in the US legally, Trump isn’t interested in him. It’s the ones who cross illegally that he wants to evict.

No. 632774

If someone else’s last name was being made fun of she would never jump to defend them. As long as trump doesn’t go after her personally she’ll never see anything wrong with him. Just like how it’s fine when she bullies her young subscribers but not when someone else does it.

No. 632861

File: 1531195969891.png (1.13 MB, 1128x670, its ded jim2.png)

So what is the average lifespan of a guinea pig, because I've seen sources say anything from 3 years to 10 years. My anecdotal evidence was mostly 8-10 years excluding a guinea pig I had that got cancer. I was fucking 7 years old and still had the know-how to ask someone to bring my pig to a vet though and it bought her half a year. I guess Meg is just giving up because hey, some people's guinea pigs die at 2 years so at least it's not that bad.
90 day fiance, once married to a US citizen you become a citizen yourself.

No. 633002

Yeah almost 6 years old is not old for a guinea pig. Maybe for her stans that keep their pigs in equally shit conditions, but not for a properly housed and cared for guinea pig.

No. 633027

Well for one the way she’s holding the pig is wrong.
And 6 years is going into elder territory but it’s still pretty young to lose a pig

No. 633178

File: 1531244779137.png (995.78 KB, 1134x730, ded snek.png)

I know absolutely nothing about snakes, could someone explain what's happening here? Is it weird behavior because the snake is moving?

No. 633187

File: 1531245413341.png (76.97 KB, 1448x464, socialblade HT.png)

Daily reminder that if you actually don't approve of a youtuber's animal care to post a link to their video through hooktube and NOT through youtube.
HT's subs are down 33%

No. 633892

Typically snakes, especially ball pythons are very shy and don't like feeling exposed.

Because ball pythons are nocturnal and very shy, sometimes they like to hide during the day when it's light out, so she's saying it's weird that this snake, who I assume is the more shy of the two, is out and about when the lights are still on.

No. 633919

File: 1531335471219.png (1.3 MB, 1120x1056, kittenseason.png)

What a complete hypocrite. Also, very little research has been done on the health of desexing cats meg. Desexing isn't the same across all animals so even if you think it's not good for rabbits doesn't mean the same for cats, dogs, ferrets etc. You'd think someone who 'does her research' would know this.
>peacock nests are high off the ground so it's ok for them to fall!
By that logic, any songbird chick with a nest up high is fine falling. Which is obviously not true.

No. 633928

File: 1531336546361.png (1.16 MB, 1150x714, megan nipple.png)

This is hands down the most arrogant thing I think I've ever seen her post. It's literally "if you don't agree with me it's because you're stupid (or 'weak' if you want to be PC)". And the fact she doesn't understand that or doesn't care speaks volume for her character. People will lap that shit up though, because people will always wish they are never wrong.

I realize now why she wanted so badly to paint those chicks as indestructible. She has them walking around loose on top of the table while not paying attention to them as props to get more views for her sponsored video. She wanted to cover her ass beforehand in case they do fall so it didn't look like a lame excuse to not worry lol
Just a meowbox unboxing vid, nothing really worthwhile that we haven't already become accustomed to. Dirty and small enclosures in the background, dirty table, tons of bored birds chirping, a plant that seriously needs it's water changed, etc. Birds almost fall a few times but it's ok lol they are used to falling from table height in the wild

No. 634199

File: 1531376996343.png (889.85 KB, 750x1334, 84115177-C8AD-49DB-91A1-74187D…)

It’s a joke that she thinks that half the people she is rude to are targeting her honestly 99% of them are asking simple questions and she bites their head off no matter what.

No. 634364


why is her entire brand now just "i wONt lET the hAtErs gET 2 Me!" how about stop giving it so much attention and focus your time and energy on your hundreds of animals

No. 635073

File: 1531448246857.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, 6AA777CC-E7F7-43C1-82A4-BAAD9B…)

Since when is she vegan??? Also it’s called jackfruit not jaca fruit so she can’t even get that right lol. Also she’s branching out to cooking videos now? Why? Animals and video games aren’t getting you enough adoring fans?

No. 635101

File: 1531450767080.png (17.69 KB, 1856x188, HT tags.png)

She made an entire video about how she loves animals and is not a vegetarian. She just tries to tag the ever loving fuck out of all her shit to attract the most people. Have you seen what she tags her videos with? She often tags 'all my pets' in unrelated videos since it's by far pettuber's most popular videos, big chain pet stores, sometimes she even tags other pettubers.

No. 635164

Jaca fruit is just another way to say jackfruit. She’s definitely not vegan though.

No. 635214

File: 1531464574462.jpeg (293.16 KB, 750x1107, 0AC4516E-1C94-4B4A-9588-4F779E…)

Are any of her livestock NOT backyard bred?!

No. 635571

File: 1531507006804.png (573.86 KB, 722x496, desperation.png)

Sage because even though it's a new tweet, the content is old as grandpa's nuts. Just meg being desperate.
I think she's getting super desperate for money and trying to branch out. Maybe 4 alpacas giving birth days from each other should have been thought out a bit more thoroughly. Pic related, she reposted a vid she made in the beginning of the year again probably trying to score more views, she's very aware that the 'all my pets' shit rakes in the most views. I've also noticed she has been much more active on all platforms, more active than before she started going to all these cons and vacations.
Reminder that besides the baby Camillo, she only has one male Alpaca which I'm pretty sure is the white one in the background. She doesn't separate her Alpacas so IDK how the others aren't getting pregnant too unless they aren't being properly fed. They are in season all year long.
Same deal with her goats, she has one male that is most likely father of all the babies that were born so far but he's being kept with all the other goats including his own kids. They also have a year round breeding season so long as they are healthy.

No. 636095

File: 1531577448910.png (1.24 MB, 1150x644, only male.png)

interesting, Shiva is the only male that could have knocked all the goats up. Supposedly he's fixed now which leaves Blue, which means almost any breeding would be pretty recent inbreeding. I'm waiting for her to defend inbreeding in goats when she can't even properly breed her dogs or control her game birds.
When she says 'only male' I am assuming she means only intact male, otherwise something happened to Shiva. Wesley was already out of the picture as of 2018

No. 636105

File: 1531577988864.png (1.17 MB, 1476x678, boo hoo bully.png)

Someone has been reading this site!
>cherry picking a small off-handed comment
>not tackling the full blown discussion about how you misread your own sources over keeping male mice together
Ok meg. Also, no one is believing that shit that you're getting bullied when this is how you act towards everyone, even your fans. But no, SHE'S the one getting bullied.

No. 636890

File: 1531652591666.jpeg (150.47 KB, 750x1179, B555E345-4BFF-4FD2-A9D9-D69E94…)

I would love for her to do a rabbit cage tour, given how shit her views are on other rabbit related things. We also barely hear of the rabbits and considering they’re not neutered they must be breeding out of control. I also don’t know anything about prairie dogs so can’t criticize her latest video but would love to point out all the things she gets wrong with her rabbits.

No. 636891

File: 1531652678353.png (181.73 KB, 750x1334, DA908581-C324-494E-890C-9FFE17…)

Is ‘pinky’ another new pet???

No. 637259

Here's the prairie dog vid if anyone is interested.
Here are my irks about the vid;
>cage is unnecessarily tall, not really an issue but she should be building OUT not UP. Her reasoning for it is moot too.
>they should be kept at temps of 70 degrees F (21 degrees C) and avoid extreme temperatures. In the video she even says it's over 100 degrees (it's supposed to get hotter in Aug).
>keeping them outside for 'natural environment' is utter bullshit, being prey animals they should be kept in a quiet area. The second you take a wild animal out of it's natural habitat 'nature' no longer comes into the picture
>very little enrichment
>She says she expects them to be from further south, El Paso is pretty much as far south as Black Tailed Prairie dogs will go. Probably an excuse for why they are out in 100F when people suggest nothing higher than 76F
>top is open to predators like cats, ferrets, weasels, raccoons, etc. She doesn't explain WHY she kept the roof open unless you count the appeal to nature fallacy
>she keeps them out in the rain which isn't recommended because of how easily they get sick from being cold
>Black Tail Prairie dogs don't hibernate, I don't know why she keeps bringing that up. Become less active =/= hibernate.
>water is disgusting, holy shit you know you're going to do a video just dump them and fill em up real quick
Side note, the only reason one would give so much food and water is because they're leaving them like that for days. Even if it's the only food they are getting, 2 prairie dogs are not going through all of that hay in a day, probably not even 2 days. While they should have constant access to hay, constantly getting wet from rain or dew, losing all the moisture in heat etc really ruins a lot of different hays. They also drink next to no water, yet have two giant dishes of water. She even notes that they drink no water, and still has two water dishes out there. Says she is compensating for evaporation, but getting a second water dish isn't going to make either dish evaporate slower and with how little they actually drink, it will still take days before a water bowl that big to evaporate enough to need refilling (I live East of El Paso and have water out constantly for when dogs are out and for plants). And seeing the state of that water, she hadn't changed the water/cleaned the bowls in a while. It's like her way of caring for them all the time is how people care for their pets before going on vacation.

No. 637266

File: 1531676387419.png (699.05 KB, 776x770, tits.png)

She's not even trying to be 'family friendly' anymore, her face isn't even in this tit shot lol. inb4 she calls it 'body shaming'
She got two male mice she keeps together and named them Pinky and Brain. The vid is here >>630638 her insta post about it is somewhere in a petuber's thread. They are 2018 'new' but not new new, I think she's gotten a snake and bred quite a few animals since then

No. 637849

lol she disabled the like/dislike bar for her male mice video. I thought you were "confident" in your "scientific" argument Meg? Classic. She's so pathetic and insecure that she has to resort to bullying kids on instagram.

No. 638997

File: 1531831240375.jpeg (183.24 KB, 750x1088, BD8BF111-6EE4-4454-BB45-ED8B0F…)

She had to take Bruce to the vet because he was vomiting. She’s claiming it’s normal for dogs to need to go to the vet which is true but the percentage of dogs she’s bred needing vet attention is a lot higher than normal. Also dogs don’t just vomit for no reason… but she’s claiming he’s fine now. What’s a bet he got into and ate something he shouldn’t but she would never admit she made a mistake.

No. 638998

File: 1531831317588.jpeg (153.36 KB, 750x1120, 07BE1D61-5032-49DD-93B3-A8EDD0…)

This shows how dumb her stans are. They’re hailing her as a hero because she ‘rescued’ a ‘disabled’ animal. Albinism is a genetic disorder not a disability idiots.

No. 639002

File: 1531831637076.jpeg (172.2 KB, 750x1100, C17AF737-7AF8-42A7-BD46-6F3085…)

Also I would be all for someone calling out HT on instagram if they raised some valid points. But this idiot is just making all her ‘haters’ look stupid and irrelevant.

No. 639269

File: 1531850394206.png (23.9 KB, 730x262, not a vet.png)

>as a vet
Pic related. Also anyone find it funny that she says she can't fix a problem with someone's pet over DMs yet charges out the ass for over the internet consultations?

No. 639287

File: 1531851211015.png (874.08 KB, 1138x678, dirty glass.png)

I just realized that was a troll account! Meghan talks like such a holier than thou bitch I actually thought it was her. Sometimes I wonder if youtube nobodies make fake accounts to troll themselves with dumb shit, stuff that's easily refutable and over the top insults to gain more sympathy for themselves(like what Em did on lolcow). That account obviously was only made to fuck with meg and frankly meg isn't nearly important enough to make an entire account dedicated to troll her that will just be blocked in a day.

Anyhow, anyone notice how disgusting the tank is? I have had male mice and for it to get this bad it would have to go over a week with no cleaning. I like how lately she's been SUPER zooming in on her animals so we can't see other habitat conditions or notice anything else. She's well aware what she is doing is not right. I bet her tank for her mice has little ventilation and isn't bigger than 10g

No. 639815

File: 1531886657422.jpeg (769.47 KB, 1242x929, EFF4B847-5598-4033-8E3A-8AE0E5…)

What’s with every youtuber suffering depression and anxiety? If I used that much chemical on my head to color my hair pink and gave out shitty care information then I guess I’d be anxious and depressed too!

No. 640793

File: 1531974707666.png (183.42 KB, 750x1334, 6C4EA314-AB49-4C8B-B73D-0033CA…)

She ‘has’ a gossip website. You have one thread but okay meg, whatever makes you feel important.

No. 641081

A fairly dead thread at that. Funny she doesn't mention the name in fear of people actually coming here and learning something.

No. 642325

File: 1532099185993.png (1020.28 KB, 1130x672, ded mini pig.png)

She let her guinea pig, that she knew was very ill, die without even attempting to bring it to a vet. Being a guinea pig person myself, this is just incredibly sad. I still don't understand why she didn't bring it to a vet.

No. 642527

To be fair I think I read somewhere a third of all guinea pigs over 3 end up with tumors which vets can do very little about. 5 is a good age.

No. 643004

She didn't even bring it to a vet to find out if it had an inoperable tumor. No one will ever know what the pig died of or if it could have been prevented, cured or managed. Saying 5 is a good age for guinea pigs is like saying 7 years is a good age for cats to die. Sure, it happens, and yes they are considered senior at that age but I certainly wouldn't call it good.

No. 643086

Is it possible that tumors could be a result of bad breeding? Coz we have no idea where they came from, could have been a backyard breeder. Does she breed them?

No. 643202

considering cats can live up to like 20, 7 would be a bad age. average age for a guinea pig is 5-8, but i've rarely seen one live to 8. 5 is good. critique her on stuff, but an old guinea pig dying, looked fairly healthy too, is just kind of ridiculous. we are pet owners too, got to be sensitive about some things. not WK, but come on.

No. 643324

Yeah I agree. Cats live 15-20 years so it’s not a fair comparison. I do completely agree that it’s irresponsible of her to refuse vet care for her animals though. She only provides real care for her BYB corgis and none of her other animals. If yo can’t provide equal care for all of your animals then keep fewer. Period.

No. 646469

File: 1532478715908.jpeg (430.14 KB, 750x1098, E043A4ED-5E92-43CC-8222-498C47…)

One of her backyard bred alpaca babies died. Would love to know if it’s complications from inbreeding

No. 646499

"our breeding program"

Alpacas are common farm animals, not endangered.

No. 646762

in fairness I’m sure mortality rate in alpaca births are quite high. Not WK but I don’t think it’s down to inbreeding.

No. 646796

Still yet another animal that died in her care though.

No. 646799

File: 1532524223673.png (903.67 KB, 750x1334, 2478752F-AE1E-4B9B-AD52-9DF909…)

When she thinks she’s relevant enough to have this kind of merch. We’ve probably seen Barry like once. At least with TND and cheese we actually see cheese on a regular basis.

No. 650219

File: 1532867964400.png (165.72 KB, 750x1334, 1032FC67-6FD7-4837-BBB6-BFB990…)

MNG randomly calling HT out?

No. 650221

File: 1532868099488.png (187.29 KB, 750x1334, D85E78FE-780F-4C13-8F18-01B66F…)

So Meghan went on a Twitter tirade about grain free dog foods being ‘full of junk’ and now she’s abusing this poor girl coz she feeds Fromm. Do we know what she feeds her dogs?

No. 650257

File: 1532871692537.png (703.16 KB, 1130x492, dudeweed.png)

Mortality rate in alpacas and llamas in the pre-weaning state are around 2.1%
Breeding any large animal requires a lot of planning and knowledge. Every alpaca and llama breeder I've talked to, even ones I wouldn't consider reputable, never ever ever advise leaving the sexually active males with the females unless they are planning a breeding. And once that breeding is done, they separate them again. The reason being, besides not knowing who the father of an animal is, is that the males will harass the females consistently which can cause enough stress to have complications at birth, and the males may even harass the young until they die too. Taking her pictures into account, she never seems to separate the alpacas at all, let alone only keep them mingled for breeding. This is beyond bad breeding, this is just bad care that is costing her time and money and potential fame, not to mention life and the health of her animals.
Hopefully she will read this and separate her males and females so she doesn't kill the next one. I doubt she will though. Just like this one, the death will be a totally common and normal thing to occur.
She feeds a (rather controversial) raw food diet. Besides that she doesn't actually say what she feeds her dog at all on a daily or weekly basis, she just sometimes takes pictures of some raw beef and eggs (very smart, because someone would find a major flaw in it if she did explain her dogs' diets in detail) BUT lucky for you and that girl on twitter, for the low low price of $150 you can have a pet nutrition consultation with the one and only happytails!

No. 650724

Oh god, of course her big secret cure for anxiety is cannabis. Great job HT, way to encourage your young fans to use drugs instead of getting actual medical help. So sick of this little bitch and her "natural" bullshit. Also fucking learn English grammar before you make another instagram post.

No. 651001

File: 1532955987759.png (13.74 KB, 360x152, bully.png)

But she's being bullied guys! Don't make fun of her last name that's mean!

No. 651005

File: 1532956318201.png (60.46 KB, 414x830, what is google meg.png)

No. 651007

File: 1532956520695.jpeg (204.39 KB, 746x1190, BFFB784A-0C04-42DE-8E2C-027A36…)

I can’t get over how she is literally always on the defensive. Like this person was just saying that CBD oil isn’t a cure all which is true but apparently they don’t know anything about anything coz they haven’t watched her video.

No. 655683

It's because she has a reason to be defensive. She knows she is in the wrong, that's the worst part. At least TND is usually ignorant. Happytails is just arrogant.

No. 655691

File: 1533318188625.png (1.21 MB, 994x748, more pets.png)

Time to update the excel sheet

No. 656137

She bragged about her new pet and it was feeders. Anyone else notice her beardie went absolutely fucking nuts over those crickets? I've never seen a beardie go at them before they even hit the ground. Christ I hope she isn't holding off feeding them for videos.

No. 658451

Is it just me or has Meg been very quiet on social media lately… potentially doesn’t want to be criticized on shit?

No. 658452

I heard that hooktube no longer withholds views/revenue? That’s why I haven’t watched her latest vid.

No. 658742

File: 1533659231767.png (1.22 MB, 1150x732, gecko closeup.png)

She has always been mindful of what she posts, but she has been much more careful lately. About a month ago, coincidentally when she got her own thread and people began bitching about how awful her enclosures are, she started posting only really up close pictures of her caged pets. Pic related, such a close up photo that her camera couldn't even focus. She learned to not let us see too much of the enclosure. Also around this time, she stopped posting so many pictures of her different animals together, like her reptiles and cavies, reptiles and birds, all her animals in the same paddock, her hoard of game birds etc. She just takes a close up shot of a single animal or species. She has learned, but not in the way I'd like to see. I'd like to see her learn proper care, and not just learn how to hide what people don't want to see.
I see that now, I'll have to figure something else out that people can access on a web browser. That video wasn't note-worthy though. It's just very basic knowledge about dubia roaches, and apparently somewhere in there there's a sneak peak of her newest addition but I couldn't care enough to look for it.

No. 660054

File: 1533777828822.jpeg (898.99 KB, 1800x1688, E1441EEA-1CB1-423A-92CC-CE6829…)

Add me to the spreadsheet… did we even know that this other bird died or did she keep that secret too?

No. 660076

Added. She does not generally talk about pets that passed if they were small time and not talked about much. The majority of animals she owned that I found out were dead/rehomed, I found out because they would not appear on an 'all my pets' video. Occasionally there will be the passing mention of a late animal. Most of her deceased animals on that list were not really announced. and there are probably many more that we will never know about. She has likely over 200 animals and over 40 species, and if you think about it all we really hear about on a regular basis is from like 10 species. It's not hard to just keep things to yourself, and she knows that.

No. 660090

File: 1533779765882.png (306.03 KB, 975x4440, new meg animals.png)

Found a couple of new animals, realized some were unaccounted for, and added a pregnant and unknown status. Help is always appreciated, let me know if I fucked something up (just realized I didn't color code the first deceased animal but I didn't feel like cropping another picture over it.). The animals that were literally uncountable I just have an estimated number (most of which were estimated by meg), and any individuals I've put down separately, like the chicks she hatched herself and the peacocks she raised.

No. 660468


No. 665154

File: 1534341565867.jpeg (698.2 KB, 1800x1681, 72E2EB87-F408-401E-8032-F01C95…)

Meghan arguing with a girl on Twitter about tail docking. It’s funny seeing anti-vet (but still brags about working at a vet) Meghan come up against an actual vet tech. But it’s okay because she’s pushing for change by posting on Twitter about it…

No. 665533

File: 1534368072064.png (1.44 MB, 1796x856, MJ creations.png)

I'm surprised no one did a quick google search of her. Not milk, but she's had her hand in quite a few businesses before. I guess she still sells art but her MJ Creations website has long been abandoned

No. 665544

File: 1534369283270.png (2.06 MB, 2011x823, apartment.png)

This was where her business was, not where it is now though. I wonder why it didn't get much business lol. Her hubby rented an apartment there 3 years ago, which coincides with the videos starting 2ish years ago.

No. 665555

File: 1534370038546.png (1.66 MB, 1668x1271, self-promotion.png)

She is on some personal trainer's website, next to actually ripped and fit people. Also notice how much she is played up, and she (or her husband) actually designed the site. Everyone else had very non-sensationalist and factual write ups. Nice self-promotion.

No. 665573

File: 1534371113522.png (140.9 KB, 948x416, linkedin.png)

But that's not all, meg is also an energy healer. Maybe that's what she means when she says she heals animals.

Does anyone know of any events she actually co-ordinated, besides volunteering to be the speaker for one 50 minute interview? Oddly enough there are no jobs listed on any of her profiles, she must not want her workplace to see what she's been spreading.

No. 665946

File: 1534389993022.png (71.75 KB, 532x355, Picture 7.png)

My god she is such a scammer.

No. 665948

File: 1534390057505.jpg (236.43 KB, 450x562, reikiweb2f1a42a.jpg)

Here she is, giving reiki to a fucking horse.

No. 666235

File: 1534431195219.png (2.5 MB, 844x1554, sex.png)

Can someone tell me if she's still pulling a TND and trying to be a 'family friendly' pettuber? I understand even a little bit of sex sells and that's fine more power to you, but don't go around claiming you're family friendly at the same time.
She was a lot thinner back then, she actually looks decent. Still no signs of her actually working at a clinic, does she work for one of these chakra bullshit clinics and calling it a vet office because it 'heals' animals?
I feel bad for the animals she had while in that apartment. The area looks like shit, the apartments probably reflect that, and I imagine it must have been pretty small if they fit 2 businesses and 3 apartments in there.

No. 669654

Jesus, do either of these girls speak English? Reading their conversation is like deciphering code.

No. 670835

HT went fucking mental on instagram blaming lolcow. But it's odd because this thread has been dead for nearly a week now lol, and I never heard of whatever it is she is bitching about. Guess she can't handle that people think her care is sub-par and her attitude is that of a shitty preteen. I think anon really pushed her buttons posting their old apartment.

No. 673959

File: 1535322333242.png (857.04 KB, 908x586, victim.png)

Megan blames lolcow for something while both threads were completely dead

No. 673965

File: 1535322497050.png (433.8 KB, 918x600, haxor.png)

And now she thinks she's getting hacked. I get one of those failed sign in attempts every other week meg, not a big deal.

No. 674334

File: 1535375858828.png (654.15 KB, 750x1334, 3769CE14-B457-4AB4-BAE4-35AC8F…)

When Meg likes this tweet when she’s literally one of those people who know nothing that people listen to on twitter and YouTube… like honestly what actual qualifications does she have??

No. 674589

File: 1535406212557.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, 33E2E2ED-085A-4FBB-99E7-F985EF…)

Hens plural… add them to the spreadsheet. Will she ever stop hoarding.

No. 678431

File: 1535888923745.jpeg (227.07 KB, 750x1215, F789A5F2-4074-4736-A9DE-C6404B…)

I honestly don’t understand how she is getting any sponsorship. Unless she’s bullshitting and trying to get sponsorship from them, she keeps tagging them in Instagram posts

No. 678788

File: 1535920664641.gif (338.55 KB, 149x111, what confused leave.gif)

>it's grain free!
>we add grain

No. 679504

She was slim and attractive then…what happened?

No. 679579

Lol dogs and cats dont really need grains and most veterinarians arent up to date on the ideal diets for dogs and cats

No. 679708

Are you aware that vets study 5-6 years and then even when they practice they still have to complete training every year to still hold a practicing licence?
(In the UK)
Could you get into vet school anon, you saviour of animals im sure they would welcome you with arms open!!!
think they are up to date, more than you anon or HP.

No. 679709

More on my point and trying to be less snarky.
Have you realised that when someone recommends a grain free diet they are trying to push a product?
Raw meat diet and grain free diets are just stupid fad diets for dogs. Don't read those websites and don't fall for it, there is little to no credible scientific evidence to suggest the diets are better.

No. 679713

Its 8-12 years of studying for veterinarians typically. So yes, they studied it, but unless they attend regular seminars to learn about more recent studies on animal health, like diets, they only know what they learned all those years ago at school. Dog food used be jammed full of calcium and now it isnt because they learned it doesnt need to be in such high concentrations in the food.
I wouldnt want to be a veterinarian, working as a vet tech was displeasureable as is. But just know that dogs and cats typically get whatever grains or vitamins and minerals from eating animals who are typically herbivores. They're also incompetent drinkers because their moisture is often taken from whatever their meal is due to the blood and guts. Furthermore, they cant break down starches in their mouth like humans can. It just turns to sugar on their teeth which causes their terrible dental states.
Okay, good talk.

No. 679720

In the Uk its 5-6 years, im applying next year (with a zoology degree but yah who cares).
It's definitely not 10-12 years, look it up.
Sometimes you can even do it within 4 years.

No. 679722

Dogs are domesticated animals, they are far removed from their wolf ancestors. We've genetically bred them down, they can handle grain diets with high protein levels.

No. 679726

That's nice you can say these things but I can't find studies that link that to gum and teeth decay. Leaving ANY type of food on the teeth over a period of time will cause gum and teeth problems.
Ok good talk.

No. 679728

I worked as a vet tech when I was 18, im 24 now. Vet techs require no qualifications apart from the basic ones you get when your 16.
Vet techs have entirely different jobs from vets, you're a helper and not even a nurse. Lol. Lots of cleaning, animal poo and restraining. By law you dont have any right to give information to clients bc you're not properly educated

No. 679737

I don't like HappyTails.
I saw her videos before this thread even existed and I thought she was stupid and uneducated.
The people who critic her are also dumb and uneducated.
You guys act like she's the absolute worst when she's not.
The real problem is her giving advice with no qualifications and making money off it whilst misguiding people into believing she's a profressional.

No. 679748

um its 4 years undergrad and then 4 years graduate study but good luck doing it in 4

I know you did it as a job but you're thinking of an assistant. vet techs are vet nurses, I think there's just different titles in different states

No. 679750

Hey I think there is actually some confusion because i live in the UK and there is a distinction between a vet nurse, vet tech and animal tech.
In the uk you don't need to study 10+ years
You can literally do this course and be able to practice in 4 years
I dont know about your country x

No. 679754

5 years with a-levels (not a degree). Doesnt take 10 to 12 years to be a vet.

No. 679860

Off-topic but you're not looking for dry/wet food and tooth decay you're looking at carbohydrates and tooth decay. It's common sense the amount of carbohydrates in dog foods, because it's something that legally must be labled (at least in the states) so if you're feeding you should be able to know the carbohydrates in the food by looking at the bag or can. Grains have more carbohydrates, carbohydrates are what causes the bacteria (in this case that produce acid) to to eat at the gums and teeth. The more carbohydrates = the more tooth/gum decay.
I'm a current vet tech student in the US (I figured we are talking about the US because meg lives in the US and probably brings her animals to US vet facilities). In all US states but Florida you are required to have at least an applied associated in science in a vet tech orientated degree program and pass the VTNE(which has been the case, albeit under a different name, since the 1970's). You must have so many hours of clinic observation, usually 40. Many states will only let you pass the degree if all your vet tech orientated classes are at least a C or above, some B or above, and you can only take the exam twice to get I believe a 75% or else you have to wait 5 years to take it again. To continue being a vet tech, you must do 25 hours of continuing education a year or your license can be revoked. I know this because I'm working my ass off to prepare for it.
Maybe you're getting confused with vet tech assistant, because actual vet techs are actually more than a nurse. They are the nurse, phlebotomist, we do critical care like a paramedic, we are lab technicians, anesthesiologist, radiologist, dental hygienist, physicians assistant, surgical tech, and pharm tech.
Welcome to lolcow. If we were here to discuss the worst people every thread would be Hitler and Stalin. Honestly I think giving her her own thread was an awful idea because she feeds off the victim complex and is incredibly inactive and I was vocal about not starting a new thread just for her but it is what it is.

No. 679868

I was gonna post something from her twitter where she said banding a tail (tying a rubber band or other tight object around it so it loses blood flow, becomes necrotic and falls off) is not painful, or less painful, while stating a vet removing a tail in a medical procedure is much more painful, but it looks like she killed her twitter account. Is anyone else getting the same?

No. 680580

Sage for speculation but why do I feel like HT came on just to completely derail the thread… that or new farmers be dumb.

No. 680581

File: 1536065106616.png (779.04 KB, 750x1334, BF7DD8B1-6B03-49DD-92B2-60337C…)

It’s working for me, maybe she blocked you?

No. 680584

File: 1536065476977.jpeg (501.64 KB, 1800x1047, A001C63C-998A-41E0-94C9-7349BC…)

No. 680916

File: 1536094306790.png (871 KB, 2854x1686, docking.png)

Here's the tweet where HT says letting a tail grow necrotic and fall off is more humane than a vet procedure to remove the tail.
Man if only the vet clinic she supposedly works at ever googled her name and found out she's telling people vets don't care about animals and are only in it for the money.

No. 683112

File: 1536325908806.jpeg (535.14 KB, 750x1205, C675DB08-B9EF-4E86-B5E6-FE27C9…)

So she’s now trying her hand at being an ‘animal educator’. I pity any animals owned by people who were educated by Meghan, likely they’re getting very old outdated info.

No. 683113

File: 1536325939766.jpeg (310.7 KB, 750x1163, C699DD49-7A14-4E68-BB0A-D5DB50…)


No. 683169

The only official schooling she had was in philosophy, she only studied it and never got a degree so I'm going to say she failed. Not like it matters, philosophy is a pretty useless degree. Important, but useless as far as structured education goes. It's probably a class on this >>665946 type of shit, which requires 0 education

No. 693574

File: 1537545579590.png (826.45 KB, 918x592, thin gecko.png)

Her crested is underweight and her gargoyle gecko isn't growing at the rate is should be, her parakeet is puffed with eyes closed (this could either be a sign of illness or calmness tbf). Of all her 200 animals you'd think she'd take pictures of the ones that don't look visibly ill.

No. 693595

File: 1537547079348.png (583.58 KB, 902x564, more.png)

She got 4 more ducks and 6 chickens, but what I find funny is she pronounce 'scarred marquet' as 'scared margret'. I could understand if it was a stream or ad lib-ed, but it was a pre-recording. C'mon meg learn to read. I can sorta understand Marquet because it's French, but you have no excuse for not knowing the word scarred.

No. 694151

File: 1537620449922.jpeg (169.55 KB, 750x1037, 10235730-5AC3-4747-B146-420CE0…)

lol she’s actually 100% wrong, a lot of horses are started off in just a halter. But of course meghan is the animal expert and is never wrong about anything.

No. 694152

File: 1537620479687.jpeg (Spoiler Image,170.23 KB, 750x1054, EC505885-A65F-43B6-A4A4-538714…)

No. 694718

File: 1537675886487.jpeg (253.9 KB, 750x998, 547C85FD-7AAF-41CB-A982-71A1D4…)

This is like the worst way to hold hedgehogs it makes them feel super vulnerable and they can struggle and hurt themselves. But she can’t just take a pic in the enclosure because then we’d see how terrible her enclosure is…

No. 695437

The bigger issue with that post is her promoting Exotic Nutrition despite them selling one of the unhealthest hedgehog foods on the market.

Some hedgehogs do perfectly fine on their backs, and considering hers looks content I’d assume it has no issue. No hedgehogs do fine on the garbage she’s promoting.

No. 698869

File: 1538088321329.png (616.18 KB, 750x1334, 6BA8FFA6-BCA1-4E83-853E-360F14…)

‘Pet nutrition expert’ my ass.

No. 700959

Didn't she manage to make a bird so sick on her diets that the vet had to put it on seed? And now she's an expert of bird diets?

No. 701364

Wouldn’t surprise me. She has no formal training in animal nutrition, or anything else for that matter.

No. 717409

File: 1540019278403.png (337.5 KB, 750x1334, E6942025-E7D3-4E6C-A124-1E1ACB…)

No. 719352

File: 1540298781448.jpeg (187.09 KB, 750x1334, 5182E6ED-935E-4721-9BDB-4ECF13…)

what happened to all your YouTube money meghan? I can’t believe she’s playing the saint by claiming she’s gonna take her animals to hospitals, and yet she’s expecting her stans to pay for it!

No. 719827

File: 1540337512667.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, E3F965DC-4F3A-4C1A-B7E0-970D56…)

$1,234?? She couldn’t even make up an amount that sounds real? As if it costs that much to take an animal to a hospital!!!

No. 719936

Add two salamanders to the spreadsheet, she’s swapped one of her females for a male (wonder if that’s for breeding purposes) and a sand boa. She claims that her alpaca herd are mostly rescues with health issues but she lets them breed?

No. 720250


What a scammer!! There is no "legal paperwork" that is required to take animals into hospitals. Most hospitals that allow animals in Texas already work with an established therapy animal group that one needs to join and meet individual requirements for. If it's a dog you'll have to take an obedience class and test. None of the groups in Texas charge anywhere near "$1234" to join.

No. 720741

File: 1540449739452.jpeg (301.32 KB, 750x1212, F5413D56-CF9D-43B6-AF05-DE4EBF…)

Lol someones been reading. Maybe you should spend less time stalking lolcow and more time taking actual care of your million and one animals?

No. 720742

Also although backyard breeding is frowned upon but not necessarily always bad, she’s admitting to breeding with rescues that she probably has no idea what their genetic history is like? So irresponsible. Not to mention she’s keeps them all together so inbreeding.

No. 720764

File: 1540454914693.jpeg (164.42 KB, 750x1073, 3CC07206-02D4-4F75-9AD0-1AD8A4…)

Only Meghan can post about ‘haterzzz’ but be a bitch in the comments 😂😂

No. 720766

File: 1540455064630.jpeg (306.93 KB, 750x1034, 6AD347B8-B911-479C-AACE-FCC221…)

We’re not against farmers were against people who hoard animals under the guise of #farmlyf

No. 720950

Notice how it's just 1234?
For dogs, at least her corgi mixes, it would cost $40 a dog in AKC paperwork to be a certified therapy animal assuming it's already well trained. This is including the prereqs too. If she got every single dog she has in that spread sheet got certified excluding her service dog who should already be allowed in any hospital that would allow animals to begin with, it would cost $440. Now most of those dogs aren't even in her possession supposedly.

Only dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, rats, miniature pigs, llamas, alpacas, horses, donkeys and mini-horses can be therapy animals, as in animals that are allowed to go into nursing homes, hospitals and schools. A lot of places deal with therapy dogs, but as of 2016 less than 2 dozen therapy Alpacas were registered in the US. Only a handful of organizations deal with the registry of farm animals, so I'll be taking that into consideration with 'just the paperwork'. Excluding her service dog which should already be allowed in these areas, and pretending she kept all of her corgi puppies, she has;
>11 dogs = $440
>2 cats
>2 rabbits
>birds (lol i ain't counting all those birds)
>2 guinea pigs
>1 (?) rat
>1 pig
>3 llamas
>12 alpacas
>1 horse (the rest aren't hers)
All of those animals combined would be $1,160 in paperwork. She doesn't need a notary for this shit, it's all just simple registration fees. So to make up that extra amount I guess she's registering all 100 of her game birds too? Even so it's absolutely absurd to believe she would take all these animals out to different places separately. I bet you anything if she ever does manage to get that money (reminder she has never made her goal in patreon as far as I know) her next line of business will be 'I need X supplies!' and 'I need money for vet check ups!' etc because she specifically stated she needed that in just paperwork fees alone, and I can tell you there will be more fees for her than just paperwork. It absolutely is a scam, no reason to have over 30 of your animals be registered therapy animals. It's a way to make people think they are giving to a good cause.
This thread is soooo slow that I believe she loves the negative attention just as much as the good. Literally fanning the flames so we talk about her more. She's growing up to be a good milker. Meg there are people much less popular than you getting much more hate. If you didn't keep fueling the fire this thread would have died, but you love us so much you gave us the milk we needed to go on
Not to mention all alpaca breeders, even the shittier ones, know not to fucking keep the males in with the females during pregnancy because it causes prenatal complications and neonatal death. She already has 1 dead baby alpaca under her belt.

No. 721870

anyone notice she’s doin loads of spons videos at the moment and no one is watching?

No. 722553


"For dogs, at least her corgi mixes, it would cost $40 a dog in AKC paperwork to be a certified therapy animal assuming it's already well trained. This is including the prereqs too. If she got every single dog she has in that spread sheet got certified excluding her service dog who should already be allowed in any hospital that would allow animals to begin with, it would cost $440."

That's not really how it works in Texas, I work pretty closely with a couple therapy dog teams and none of them are AKC therapy dogs, however all of them are certified by whatever organization the particular hospital they visit is associated with.

No. 724116

File: 1540942137970.png (1 MB, 750x1334, 6FE4E4AC-4448-42A6-BE06-0950A3…)

No. 724119

File: 1540942274532.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, AF465941-A4DF-4842-A85E-620612…)

We called it. Instead of just stopping it once it reached the goal she’s letting fans keep donating for ‘other supplies’. Watch that money result in nothing.

No. 724423

I chose the AKC therapy dog registration because it is the most expensive wide spread therapy dog registration out there; it requires two separate papers that you'd have to pay for. One to register the breed or mutt and the actual therapy dog one. I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt by using the most expensive therapy dog fees for every single dog she's ever had.
It was no secret, she's not exactly hard to read. I've seen scams like this enough times to recognize it.

No. 724731

File: 1541038595875.jpeg (478.09 KB, 750x977, 871F41F9-7D89-48BE-816A-6118C6…)

So much shit!!!! This is not okay!! It shouldn’t be dried like that, not that much. That hasn’t been cleaned in weeks!!

No. 730790

Posting here because I cannot find the current general pettubers thread. Can someone please link

No. 730799

Here you go

No. 733268

File: 1542388737362.png (5.31 KB, 238x204, animal count.png)

Playing around with anon's excel sheet. Is there anything people want to see specifically in it, besides just animal count? I would like to have a general age in years for animals but there seems to only be a few animals with known ages or rough dates when she got them.
Pic related, just a sort of teaser, not done yet. Seriously considering messaging her and seeing if she will buy the template. It's not farmer levels of intricate (partially because I don't have the information) but this could actually be really damn handy when you have this many animals.

No. 736983

File: 1543013506932.jpeg (178.84 KB, 750x413, 287D9704-0E92-407E-8BC9-FA8D09…)

Meghan is constantly going on about how proud she is of her Spanish heritage and yet she supports this racist asshole?

No. 737016

iirc it will show you like an original tweet, even if you actually liked someone quoting said original tweet. This is probably the case.

No. 737071

>Deceased 2017


No. 737929

She had a clutch of birds that died, that inflated numbers.

No. 738004

File: 1543165748578.png (758.12 KB, 920x534, new.png)

OK I got kinda bored of this, so you all can have at this spreadsheet. There's a ton of information on dates missing, like dates animals were re-homed/deceased, which made doing any graphs based on dates pretty difficult. If you see information missing or wrong, let me know and I'll update it. If there's anything you want to see on here let me know and I'll see what I can do to add it. I did it in Excel then transferred it to google so some stuff may be off.


Some new things since I last played with it, I don't think it was mentioned yet in the thread;
>Her crested gecko is lost
>she bought a baby Sand Boa
>she got a male alpaca, pic related

No. 744113

File: 1544008514015.jpeg (413.08 KB, 750x593, 28D8D2D9-37AE-47BE-9622-76A4A2…)

She got ANOTHER rabbit but this one gets to be indoors? What’s so special about it? That is also the most boring pen I have ever seen there is literally nothing for the bunny to do, no toys or anything.
Side note- she doesn’t believe in neutering, so I would love to know how many bunnies she had now since they must be breeding like crazy? Unless she’s killed them all.

No. 744686

File: 1544102236200.png (1017.34 KB, 750x1334, 2D0331A5-AB13-4CD3-9DD4-3A955E…)

I’m glad we entertain you meghan, while you’re here and lurking STOP HOARDING, BACKYARD BREEDING AND LOOK AFTER THE ANIMALS YOU ALREADY HAVE. Notice she didn’t address the comment about having no toys at all…

No. 745756

I love that this thread is dead as fuck and she's still here checking it every day. When you care more about your drama thread than the anons posting in it, you have a serious problem.

No. 746601

Where is the unlimited supply of hay?!!

No. 750710

How do you report someone for animal abuse? To the police or…?
Online is it possible?
She needs to get invistigated, those poor animals.
Arriola if you're reading this do the right thing and take care of the animals, If not give them to someone who will.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 768642

this bitch is so fucking rude to anyone who interacts with her lmao. even to her 11 year old fans. what personality disorder does she have?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 771819

Seems cluster B. Probably borderline. The attention seeking hair colours are a dead giveaway. Not to mention the constant splitting in her comments.(Armchairing)

No. 773244

Megan discussion has been moved to the General Pet Youtubers thread here: >>>/snow/730730

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