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No. 13403

On the off chance that anyone plays League, can we talk about the Yuno/RNG Remilia/RNG Dreamcatcher thing?

>Plays high level League of Legends for a few years

>Team won the qualifiers two days ago
>In a community that shits on women pretty regularly, the first "female" in the pro scene wasn't even born a girl.

Wouldn't be that bad. It would bother me, but…
>Asks not to be shown on camera during games
>Hid and had an anxiety attack after the game
>Decided to quit the team AFTER making it, so she's not even going to fucking play in the LCS…
>Is bragging on twitter that "all the girls hating on me, you're jelly you didn't get here first" and posting anime memes
> all people that mention of her being trans on the reddit and LoL Twitch, and LoL forums lead to insta-ban
> "I don't want to be part of any of your LGBT shit." she says
>Used to frequent /soc/ and has soooo many nudes on the internet with dick out
>Used to say would never get rid of dick. So how bad could the dysphoria be?

Am I overreacting, farmers, or is it logical to be bothered by this? I've been playing since S1 and while I don't (and don't have the skill to) want to go pro, it's so shitty that this person is trying to represent "girl eSports players" (verbatim).

No. 13404

File: 1439600105552.jpg (187.54 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

No. 13405

post her nudes

No. 13406

File: 1439600175964.jpg (167.97 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

No. 13407

File: 1439601678607.png (173.23 KB, 447x359, 20140409065545!Yuno2.png)

If you really want to see them, try http://www.mediafire.com/download/mom03nkpi334dwz/Yuno+-+Imgur.zip . They keep getting deleted from imgur. I don't really want to download it to my comp or else I would and post em.

No. 13408

File: 1439601768530.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.12 KB, 1246x467, 1431812324265.jpg)

Nvm found one.

No. 13409

He's a retard.

I'd hit it though.

No. 13410

Good looking person I guess, but…this whole situation is fucked up.

No. 13411

What she said on Leddit:

>so everyone keeps throwing around support and it means a lot, it really does. after the games last night i went back stage and like sat in a fetal position and cried while my team was doing interviews, took some xanax and passed out. playing on stage was really easy, i've always been able to perform when it mattered in everything i've done, basketball, gymnastics, track etc. i'm really not scared of the competition like my fortune cookie reminded me lol.

anyway, yes playing league is a stressful thing, it's rewarding though. when we won that group huddle was so satisfying, i worked with these guys for like a few months for 10 hours a day. i'm so proud of my teammates and myself for actually living up to what i promised them. especially alex, i promised alex i would carry him no matter what.
in the end though the competition doesn't mean much to me. i don't care to be the best in the world. i love playing with a team and accomplishing stuff and being recognized for it. when i set out initially, i wanted to be the first girl in LCS. that was what motivated me. that dream i had i accomplished and yet it is being challenged in such a heartless way. i really honestly truly hate so many people. if you want my honesty, everyone that tries to take away from what i accomplished, well i will always spite them. i'm always extremely salty when dealing with fans on mediums like twitter and reddit, i met some really cool fans in person at the studio for sure.
i just want it to be known that i accomplished my goal for real, and i accomplished it for me, my teammates, and girls in esports. that's it. no one else. don't fucking put me on some lgbt agenda or some bullshit and bring that up. that's not me, i don't believe in that. i don't want messages acknowledging that part of my life, sorry. that's not for any of you guys. that's why i get so pissy on reddit, everyone thinks that's there for them to comment on. yeah, it is because of a lot of circumstances that forced it out there, but fuck you lol. i'm not angry or upset or anxious anymore, i'm feeling pretty okay. hope i looked decent on stage. i'll be sticking around for one more project in League of Legends. after that i'm gonna peace out. much love to you all.
also just for the record chris is the nicest person in the world, fuck whatever the big 3 team orgs say, i don't think i will every respect them after the bullshit they pulled. please support renegades, everything from the players to the management stand for something that other orgs don't.
edit: also accepting applications for fangirls

No. 13412

Same deal with Starcraft
Men pretending to be women are getting uppity now that gay marriage is in and they think it's their time in the spotlight for constant attention and compliments, especially after the Jenner shit. no surprise this LoL guy is mentally unstable

No. 13413

the attitude he has about being a trans girl playing games is more infuriating than actual gamur gurlz

No. 13414

Wellp, nevermind guys. Look's like she's playing after all.

>I hope they get relegated

No. 13415

File: 1439608884077.png (1.05 MB, 1116x608, 1439608495989.png)

>I'm super important to my team, I'm a girl!
>But don't look at me

No. 13416

oh god fuck "her."
This annoys me almost at the same level as the trans faggot who's apparently the top highest paid "woman" ceo.

Fuck them both. They lived as males in their early years or the majority of their lives and then choose to go with their sissy fantasies and expect to be taken seriously as a woman. They have NO idea what its actually like to be one or grow up as one. They have never experienced all the hardships of being a woman (not saying that men don't experience their own hardships, its just different) and so have never actually fought, never "made it," its not an achievement for the female gender by any means.

No. 13417

Terf pls go

No. 13418

You mean biological realist when you say terf right?

No. 13419

Who cares

No. 13420

I agree 100%. You shouldn't pretend that it's the same thing as a bio woman getting the same title. Come on, if a trans woman became president, would we REALLY start saying that that was the first female president????

No. 13421

This this this. I'm sick of this shit. Yeah, we'll smile and call him a "female", but he's not a real woman.

No. 13422


I consider myself pretty liberal. I'm against gender roles, cool with lgbt right, like the idea of government health care etc. But I agree with this shit. Funny that TBH I feel almost guilty, like I "should" accept her as a woman in the sense of "first girl in LCS" but I a mean I can accept she is a "woman" but not as first LCS girl if this makes sense.

No. 13423

Exactly!!! Thank you. I have no problems calling someone the gender they want to be called (even dumblr transtrenders as long as they don't use made up pronouns or say that they're genderfluid) and I feel like if you say you're a woman, others should accept you as a woman.

But it's like Rachel D, the woman who sued and got a scholarship for being white, but then says that she's black–like, you're having your cake and eating it too. You're benefitting from both sides. It's not fair to biological girls that this person is heralded as the first NA LCS pro.

This is the reason why it's not fair. Watch a little bit of this video, the part I'm referring to starts at 8:15. It may help explain why there are no real female pros.

No. 13424

i totally agree with this. i also hate people who insist that Lana Wachoski is the highest grossing female director even though she got famous as a guy

also i hate how when trans women shit on women, call us cissies, but it's totally ok! fuck people like that

No. 13425

not everyone who is critical of trans people is a terf. a terf would never say that men have their own problems. you guys are delusional as MRAs and think there's some secret feminist cabals runing everything

No. 13426

Calling people you don't agree with "terfs" is just a way to shut down discussion and invalidate anyone you disagree with.
Exactly, there is a middle ground and calling everyone a stereotype is just stupid.

No. 13427

I was the one that uploaded that file, now my account got banned, so i reuploaded it, the link is this: http://filetrip.net/dl?MaUk5y19AZ

No. 13428

Is this seriously an issue?
Who actually gives a crap.
He/she is living as a woman, it's plain to see. Only about ¼ of transwomen actually have srs. I don't blame them, the options are shit. She is clearly taking titty sprinkles. She has a dick, it's not the end of the world. I'm not going to say "women can have penises" because that is some retarded shit, but if someone is living as a woman then how can you say it is wrong to acknowledge them as one?
It's not like this is something that a man would actually be better at biologically such as a sport - even then when they go on hormones they lose the test and muscle mass that makes them stronger.

Fight me. I'm ready.

No. 13429

You have heavier concerns than he/she being a trans. I mean do you even dota2?

No. 13430

I don't get it. Is the only source of "drama" that she's mtf? LoL is casual tier shit anyway so why should we care. This just seems like a salty vendetta for "bawww she's not first I should be first".

No. 13431

It's not the trannies' fault that real women can't play vidya for shit.

No. 13432

>being good at LoL

So…like being the queen of shit mountain with a secret penis? What a non-issue.

No. 13433

Would a ftm have to register for selective service in the US? Or serve in the military in South Korea? Also can people in China get past the single male child rule by having a trans son? I think mtf can get out of military duty but on psych, not gender.

No. 13434

I'm more bothered that someone like this is part of my beloved Touhou fandom than that they're into League tbh.

No. 13435

No. 13436

File: 1440275904432.jpg (8.9 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

>gender matters in a fucking video game, a pass time with no physical attributes of either gender can benefit from in competition, therefore in theory they are literally the exact same

So why does anyone give a shit? It's literally a MOBA, so this officaly a non issue.

Maybe the most popular actual esport can have actual discussion, like how females get their own league that they can compete in AS well as male leagues (but none of them are even close to good enough), while the men can't compete in theirs, even if they were the same rank (LEM-SMFC)

Pic related, sploosh

No. 13827

Also she's a lolcow. Makes such a big deal out of being a "woman". If you really are striving for equality just fucking act normal instead of parading it around.

No. 13829

>In a community that shits on women pretty regularly, the first "female" in the pro scene wasn't even born a girl.
She didn't ask what to be born. If Remi feels that she's a woman, then she's a woman. This isn't some new thing for her. She's been around for awhile and has expressed she's female, penis or not. Your gentiles don't define your gender.

>Asks not to be shown on camera during games

>Hid and had an anxiety attack after the game
Exactly, she has anxiety. Is the fact that mental illnesses exist that off to people? Do you know how many in the eSports scene actually suffer from some sort of mental illness. I'm pretty sure a lot of those in the eSports community suffer from some sort of social anxiety.

>Decided to quit the team AFTER making it, so she's not even going to fucking play in the LCS…

She's playing in LCS. She made it known awhile ago that she's going to stay with them. She wanted to leave because of all the stress.

>Is bragging on twitter that "all the girls hating on me, you're jelly you didn't get here first" and posting anime memes

It's true, honestly. She's not lying. There are tons of girls out there who are fuming that she FtM and the first woman in LCS. They don't think it's legit, so they're shaming and flaming her, and all their hate is a product of jealousy. Males go around taking shots at people constantly on their Twitter page but when Remi does it, it's not right. Hm. Seems like a double standard.

> all people that mention of her being trans on the reddit and LoL Twitch, and LoL forums lead to insta-ban

Because no one respects it. Instead of pointing out that she's trans to honor that she's a female, people point out she's trans in a way to try and "expose" them. "O HUR DUR IT'S REALLY A DUDE."

> "I don't want to be part of any of your LGBT shit." she says

She simply doesn't want a lot of attention tagged to her. But before you go out saying she "asks for attention," all the attention she gets is due to her being trans. People go to her, she doesn't ask for them.

>Used to frequent /soc/ and has soooo many nudes on the internet with dick out

And? Does it really matter? Do you know how many other male/females in eSports have some risque photos out there? It really doesn't matter, lol.

>Used to say would never get rid of dick. So how bad could the dysphoria be?

Just because she doesn't want to get rid of her dick doesn't mean she doesn't experience dysphoria. I'm starting to think you know 0 about the trans community.

Except she outted as female before all of this. Remi isn't someone new to the community. She's been in high elo and has had various twitch channels she's streamed from and taken down due to raiders and flamers.

I'm pretty sure she doesn't go around flailing her arms screaming "look at me" because she's a female player.

She isn't running for president. So why are you trying to compare being in eSports and being a president of an entire Country the same thing?

It's called being proud of who you are. Men who express confidence are strong, yet women who express it are asking for attention or are full of themselves. These double standards. Seems like you guys actually do see her as a female if you're out to treat her as poorly as you treat other women.

No. 13833

> "I don't want to be part of any of your LGBT shit." she says
"don't fucking put me on some lgbt agenda or some bullshit and bring that up."
She doesn't want her success being looked at as some sort of service to the LGBT community. She doesn't want to be known as the first "Trans women," she wants to be known as the first women. That's what she's getting at, but y'all wanna twist shit.

No. 13879

Hi Remi

No. 14049

>Your gentiles don't define your gender.
oy vey

No. 14052

honestly i never used to care about trans issue in that i was alwsys "just do you", but mtf trannies are seriously so obnoxious. Autogynephiles, all of them. They offend me as a woman. Why arent ftm half as annoyong as mtf?

No. 14054


omg long and yes
gentiles define gender

No. 14080

Gender is a social construct, while sex is defined by your biological makeup. Sex =/= gender. But I don't expect y'all idiots to understand basic science and sociology, plus the difference between the two.

No. 14082

Because of misogyny.

No. 14083

tumblr pls go

No. 14086

>tumblr pls go
basic 101 college classes????????

No. 14091

as a cis woman and a moba player, I can not relate to her in the slightest. She may think she's a woman, but only cis women will ever truly know how it feels to be a woman.

No. 14092

Nice job trying to make them discrete, only theyre not exactly black and white - sex is used to inform gender ie your role in society.

No, pls, tumblr go.

No. 14093

Except YOUR role in society is defined by YOU.

No. 14094

As a cis woman, I can relate to her so much. She deals with just as much of the bullshit as I have to deal with. Bless Remi.

No. 14095

Sorry, but society doesn't have to cater to the 0.001% of mentally ill individuals that want to pretend theyre a different gender than what their sex would implicate.

No. 14096

Cute, but it's estimated that about .3% of the US is admittedly transgender. This number was from 2003, and has most likely grown since. And being transgender is far from a mental illness. But, again, I wouldn't expect someone of such low intellect to really understand.

No. 14098

Sorry, did I hit a sensitive tranny nerve? Transexualism is absolutely a mental illness and it is characterized by dysphoria. They need therapy, not to have their dicks split and inverted. Do anorexia get treated with liposuction? No.

No. 14099

Nah, I'm not transgender. I do however have a degree in Sociology. Dysphoria is an experience, not how you "diagnose" someone with "transexualism." Absolutely anyone can experience dysphoria, even cis gendered individuals. I'm guessing someone failed English.

No. 14100

But shes not a woman, he does jack shit to be an actual woman. Sorry but women dont have a penis let alone want to keep it.

No. 14101


Whooa everyone watch out we have someone with a degree in sociology aka tumblr. Let me guess, an assocites from podunk inconsequential community college. Inb4 you claim a PhD from Yale. Top kek

still, facts remain. Sex informs gender, and trannies want to influence social politics with their mentally ill agenda despite being an inconsequentially small percent of society.

No. 14102

WOAH. I didn't know that having a certain gender had specific entry requirements. Please, enlighten me!

I don't think specifics on my level of education or where I acquired it from are really of anyone's concern on an anonymous thread. The literal facts are that sex does not equate to your gender. Open a book, perhaps? "Mentally ill agenda." Good lord, that was cringe worthy to read.

No. 14103

File: 1440387645602.png (965.01 KB, 2448x324, gender.png)

Actually, let me save you the trouble and pull the closest book off my shelf. I believe this debunks the comment made >>14092
>"gender ie your role in society."

No. 14104

>implying one author's stance is irrefutable evidence

Besides your amazing evidence starts with "we argue" meaning there is more than one opinion on the matter. Why don't you show the entire context that shows the other opinion?

try harder with your tumblr degree, pls.

No. 14105

File: 1440389521600.jpg (2.19 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_2672.JPG)

The rest of the opinion on the matter lies within the book that West and Zimmerman wrote, titled Doing Gender. You're free to pick it up if you're that curious. The rest of the text this photo was taken from goes on to talk about how gender is an achieved property, not something inherited thorough birth. This was pulled from a family studies book, as my text on human sexuality is probably lying in a box someplace.

Nice try thinking you caught me, though.

No. 14106

So why the need to preface it with "we argue"? If there is no argument to be had regarding whether sex → Gender or Sex =/= Gender?

Clearly, they acknowledge there is dissenting onion, of which you seem incapable of incorporating into your world vision. The mental Olympics you must go through to reply to me must be astonishing.

B for effort.

Continue throwing social study trash at me though. I'll listen when you have actual science, though, and not soft science.

No. 14107


p.s. :

>"sex," which refers to the physical characteristics associated with being either male or female, and "gender," which refers to the culturally defined roles and behaviors associated with a given sex.

>Gender dysphoria. By: Mathiesen, Amber M., M.S., Magill’s Medical Guide (Online Edition), January, 2013

No. 14108

It's called quoting and citing the source of the quote. Did you pass Freshman English class in high school? The quote comes from Doing Gender which is a text that speaks on gender as a psychologically ingrained social construct. I'm guessing you're not reading all of what I type. It's a lot, I know, but you can do it.

Yes, you see the separation of sex and gender, as I explained loosely >>14080. Your sex is given at birth, your gender isn't. If you identify with the sex you were given at birth (say you were born male), then your gender is male. However, if you do not identify with the sex you were given (male, female, x) for whatever reason, you are not obligated to identify.

I've attached more material for you, if you need.

No. 14109

File: 1440390826887.png (52.34 KB, 827x331, ss (2015-08-23 at 09.27.46).pn…)

>I've attached some more material if you need. ^^^

No. 15185

>Fite me
Fuck off

No. 17356

what the actual fuck, NO women do not have penises. god i fucking hate this generation so much, do women come out of the womb with penises fuck no, women are women by sex, by biology and genitals. not because they like fucking make up/pink and want to refer to themselves as a god damn woman

No. 17358

I'm generally supportive of actual transgender people, but this stuff does kind of bug me. The "first female Starcraft 2 top tier competitor", Scarlett, is also trans.

It's odd how there don't seem to be any at-birth females who compete at the top level in either shooter or strategy games. I imagine a big factor is that the talent pool is much smaller since so few women seem to be interested in those games.

No. 17383

File: 1440498737196.jpg (75.15 KB, 951x1054, 1420472021544.jpg)

This guy really makes me want to kill myself for being a woman. I though there were only physical imbalance, which i'm okay with it. But now there is also mental imabalance? Is female gender completly inferior on all sides then?

No. 17398

Oh nevermind, he doesnt cite any sources. he's probaby over-interpreting the studies.
I think it's a (very) vicious thing to do tho. He's like using "scientific studies" as proof, but he doesnt say where he found those… That sounds like (terrific) bias to me.

No. 17441

So few women in general don't care to be competitive because of the toxic environment. This thread is proof, because you all even go as far to shame a trans women and try and invalidate her success because she's trans. It's either females are "carried" or "lol ur a man anyway not a real girl." Lol.

No. 17442

To add to this, Remi herself didn't even want to carry onto LCS with the team because of all the shit she's getting.
> "not a girl lel"
Yet you all sure like to throw stones at her like she is one (because she is). Mmmmmmm. ?☕️

No. 17445

This is interesting. I don't get why everyone has to claim every race, gender, etc. is equal. I think being "progressive" ironically hinders us from learning these things. If there IS that large of an imbalance and if science acknowledged it, I think we could also use science to help bridge the gaps.

As for men, I think they are definitely not as good in other areas. A good example is women tend towards other types of games, lots of simulators, and aren't usually big competitive players. I think the female forte in gaming might be building up something, not something so brutally combative.

No. 17447

Wait, he has no sources? Then nevermind, too. I fucking hate this quasi male ~nerd science~. I still think the genre love for different genders is cool and even the gender ratios like I said should be studied, but if you're going to bullshit science that hurts everyone's experience in the end.

The real reason a lot of women don't get into competitive gaming scenes. It's because of neckbeards like this that think competition = everything is fair game. You can spit trash and not creep on a girl and pretend it's totally fine.
She seemed really cool about it too.

No. 17450

I tend to agree. People are too Concerned with being PC or "accepting" to realize the truth in the matter. No matter how hard you push for equality in certain fields women are going to tend towards A while men are going to tend towards B. And I don't see how that's a problem. Women and men have different skillsets, that's why we're able to coexist and why we need the other for survival/procreation etc. If men and women were to be indistinguishable from one another aside from personality etc, why wouldnot we be able to asexually reproduce.

No. 17455

>I think the female forte in gaming might be building up something, not something so brutally combative.
> No matter how hard you push for equality in certain fields women are going to tend towards A while men are going to tend towards B.

It's that way because in our society, certain tasks are gendered. People attach cooking and sewing as a feminine thing, where doing mechanical work on cars and playing contact sports are a masculine thing. It's a thing that's taught and conditioned to each gender that "this is where you belong, this is what you're going to do." It's not that hard to see; just look at kids and what they are encouraged to play with. Little girls are given baby dolls and kitchen play sets, where boys are given footballs and toy cars. Then when a little boy wants to play with a doll, they're scolded, and vise versa. We aren't born with these "different skill sets," we're taught them very young and since we're so young we don't have much of a choice; we don't know better, we just do what we're told. By the time we've hit our teens and young adult stage, it's ingrained into our minds of "what our role" is in society. It's not something we choose. There are, of course, those females who enjoy cooking and those males who really enjoy working on cars. If that wasn't something encouraged by society, good for them. However, there are a lot of people out there who are a certain gender and are uncomfortable of crossing these "gender lines."

> If men and women were to be indistinguishable from one another aside from personality etc, why wouldnot we be able to asexually reproduce.

W.. What? Because we're mammals. That's why. Our biological makeup literally doesn't allow us to.

No. 17467

oh jesus christ please fuck off with your unironic SJW speak. You drank so much koolaid you're honestly better off on tumblr, halfchan or where the fuck ever progressives hang out.
You have no evidence to support that x gender role is a definitive "social construct" you are just spouting the usual feminist nonsense.
Everything you wrote sounds as cringeworthy as saying
>Every1 is specuul and unique! Down with the oppressive societal norms that were formed because our ancestors thought it would be lolrandumb and fun to make up, not because they evolved naturally!

Get the fuck out you cancerous piece of shit

No. 17468

>You have no evidence to support that x gender role is a definitive "social construct" you are just spouting the usual feminist nonsense.

Or is reading too hard? :'(

No. 17469

But if you wanna believe men are only good at fixing my engine and lack the "cooking/cleaning/sewing" gene that only women miraculously have, then fine by me. It's not like there are males out there who have greatly influenced the fashion industry or anything. cough But hey, I'm only defending women, right? Is that why you're mad?

No. 17471

I don't keep up with this thread but

> If men and women were to be indistinguishable from one another aside from personality etc, why wouldnot we be able to asexually reproduce.

wat…????? there are plenty of species where females and males share similar skillsets but they do no asexually reproduce because it has nothing to do with it. I guess sharks should asexually reproduce then since males and females dont have skills that greatly differ from each other lol?

No. 17472

K. I mean if you wanna restrict yourself to that then go ahead but I'll be over here playing CS:GO while you cry about it ..

No. 17473

>So few women in general don't care to be competitive because of the toxic environment. This thread is proof, because you all even go as far to shame a trans women and try and invalidate her success because she's trans. It's either females are "carried" or "lol ur a man anyway not a real girl." Lol.

Those seem like 2 conflicting points you're trying to make. The people in this thread are complaining that competitive gaming is full of men and no at-birth women. While I think shitting on trans people is generally wrong, complaining about a trans woman does not imply dislike of women. It usually means the opposite. A lot of the most anti-trans people are radical feminists. I assume most the posters in this thread are women.

As remarks like "females are carried by men", it's kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy, isn't it? If no women bother playing the game at a serious level, some people are obviously going to think they're just no good at it. Sure, even if some skilled woman does win some tournaments or something and is clearly not being carried, many bitter nerds will still say that shit, but if anything that should be all the more reason to prove them wrong. Someone making misogynistic accusations towards you shouldn't remotely prevent you from playing the game, unless you have really thin skin.

No. 17477

> While I think shitting on trans people is generally wrong, complaining about a trans woman does not imply dislike of women.
It does. and I'll explain this while I address the next thing you said.

> A lot of the most anti-trans people are radical feminists.

You're right. Not particularly radical feminists, but the feminist movement as a whole ignores trans issues because they do not believe trans women are "real" women, where they are. So yes, the shit talking and removal of validity in Remi's success and any other trans woman's success and completely ignoring trans women's issues is hate towards women.

> Someone making misogynistic accusations towards you shouldn't remotely prevent you from playing the game, unless you have really thin skin.

It shouldn't but it does, sadly. The thickness of the person's skin isn't the issue, it's the unnecessary beating down on them. The point is that women aren't encouraged in the gaming/eSports community. It's quite the opposite.

No. 17480

Competitive activities like games and sports are raw meritocracies. That is, you're ranked based on how you objectively do in matches and tournaments. It's not like politics or running a company where you need the approval and respect of tons of people, where certain groups may have a lower chance of success. You could even say it's an issue in meritocratic-esque careers, like STEM ones, since there's still going to be hiring and promotion bias and all that.


Women like these prove that it's a meritocracy. They win prizes based on how they perform in matches and nothing else. Not based on how people feel about them or their gender, or how much or little they're "encouraged". It's kind of condescending to suggest that half the world's population needs special encouragement or support to just play a dumb video game.

For many games, you can climb up the ranks without even having any friends, or a team. And if you do eventually join a team, obviously most of them care more about your skills than your genitals.

I just think it's a lazy excuse to blame everything on "atmosphere" and "toxic environments". It's just a never-ending cycle. What is going to get more women in gaming after 50 years pass: criticizing that it's a "boys' club" that's not open to women for 50 years straight, or 50 years of men seeing women win important matches and tournaments? Even if it is a toxic environment (I don't know enough about it to say whether it is or not), saying it's a toxic environment won't change shit.

There is nothing tangibly stopping any women from inherently changing that environment by mere virtue of competing. Just like chess. Assholes like Kasparov bitch and moan about women being inferior at chess, all the while being beaten by a woman who didn't care what he thought.

No. 17482

> Women like these prove that it's a meritocracy. They win prizes based on how they perform in matches and nothing else. Not based on how people feel about them or their gender, or how much or little they're "encouraged". It's kind of condescending to suggest that half the world's population needs special encouragement or support to just play a dumb video game.
They've already made it and have proven to be stronger and able to not be brought down by discouraging words. I'm speaking about girls in the process of going pro. There are many women who have turned down the opportunity because they know the community is harsh.

> And if you do eventually join a team, obviously most of them care more about your skills than your genitals.

As someone who's played on a team, has competed, and been in media, from my experience my sex/gender was much more talked about than my actual level of skill. My team didn't care (just as Remi's team doesn't care), but everyone else around you does care and they'll talk about it. We're reduced to our genitals. There's actually a video posted on this thread that shows it and it stopped them from competing.

> I just think it's a lazy excuse to blame everything on "atmosphere" and "toxic environments".

Mmm, I can't agree with this. Not everyone is as strong as those who can just ignore the harsh words. There are even men in the pro scene who have stepped down due to reddit threads. The pressure becomes too much, sometimes.

> saying it's a toxic environment won't change shit.

Of course it doesn't but that doesn't mean the issue shouldn't be addressed. There are women out there who are trying to break the stereotype of gaming being a "boys club." I was one and actually have interviews where I speak on it but that didn't stop from people taking my words/success and making it a joke (which is why I stepped down and usually avoid the topic of my success in the industry, I've gone back to casual play).

> all the while being beaten by a woman who didn't care what he thought.

They're strong and more power to them. Hopefully more women like them rise up and give the ones who aren't as strong a voice.

My point here has always been that the negativity is preventing women from having the confidence. It's hard to work for something with no support, even if you're amazing at what it is you do.

No. 17485

Valid points. I can't really disagree with that.

No. 17487

It bugs me too and I feel bad about it. I don't want to feel that way about people. But i can't help it because a transwoman isn't quite the same as a biological female. There's a whole different experience growing up and developing that they do not have.

Turmblr would say that makes me transphobic. I am not transphobic. I just feel off about it when first time female accomplishments are awarded to transwomen. And I'm sorry about that and not sure if I can ever work past it. But there's a difference there and it's not the same as being female from birth. It just isn't.

No. 17493

I completely agree with you. I read a thread once where a trans woman said she was more of a womam than a bio woman could ever be because the bio woman couldn't have kids.. makes me sick.

No. 17517

i can understand how you feel. Growing up as a young girl, getting her period for the first time, sex education,etc– is all different for women. And I understand how there's just kind of an injustice when women are told all their lives are much less they are, how we have to push harder just to make a spark. There is no competition with a biologic woman versus a trans one. No need to apologize. We're mostly women on this board anyway.

No. 17532

Not the person you replied to, but thanks for giving your insights. Could you give some more examples of moments where it felt like people were only seeing you as your gender rather then your achievements?

No. 17533

It's okay anon, I feel the same way. I mean the video from game theory in this thread rustled my jimmies as well because in the end such claims just sound like "girls simply can't be good at games lel".

The same reason I got annoyed during discussions on where there's not a lot of women in STEM (at least some parts of it) where some people just ended up going "they just aren't biologically speaking good at it"

No. 17534

Believing that people/genders/social groups act in some way because they are made like this is called essentialism. It's a very simplistic way to see the world, and gives the illusion to the essentialist that he perfectly understand how those people work for.
Showing him otherwise, that the explainations behind people actions are way more complex than they seem, would make his rigid, simplistic system of representations collapse. That would mean that all he believed was stupid.

This would make him feel that he has been so stupid during all those years. Consequently he cannot accept it. He becomes defensive "as fuck", defending his representation system to the last breath, often using a lot of insults, prejudices and logical fallacies.

No. 17541

Mo its more because Remi is not a girl. remi is a man. Remi was born a man. Remi was raised as a man. remi has been socially comditioned to act…. As a man. A man pretending now to be a woman and getting credit as the "first woman to do this!!!" Is why a lot of people are slinging stones.

Remi is the first "trans whatever" competiter, if you want to say that, but should absolutely not be considered the first woman to do it because its patently falae because…. Remi is a MAN.

No. 17547

No problem. I particularly remember interviews where questions were questions about how I felt being a girl playing video games. How am I supposed to answer, that? No one ever asked me about my rank, gameplay, daily routines, how I felt after games. The guys got those questions.

I also remember being filmed and the guy behind the camera asked me to do my makeup. I don't wear makeup .. I have it, rarely wear it. I told him that, but he insisted. While the guys were being filmed sitting at their computers, I was being asked to fold clothes while they took shots of that. It bothered me to all hell and if that documentary makes it I'm going to be so fucking embarrassed with how they portrayed me. Not because doing your makeup and folding clothes is something to be embarrassed of, but because my gender identity was so important that I was being asked to do things I don't normally do for the sake of being seen as a girl (they never asked/got shots of me actually playing, which is sad, and they followed me around for 2 days).

No. 17550

Again thanks for sharing your experiences, and wow that's really.. depressing to hear. I get maybe a question or two because it's still not common to see high ranked female players etc. but only about that is plain condescending.

No. 17551

>>17487 >>17493 >>17517
She's mtf, so we all know that she was not born with female gentiles. Her sex suggests that she is not female. However, her gender is female. So aside from having a period and being able to give birth (other biological differences, etc.), there's no reason a trans women isn't a real women. It limit and say that you are restricted to your sex and must identify as that before you experience anything in life is pretty unfair, no? A person who's female identifies as female because that's what they feel comfortable claiming because they've had a set of experiences that lead them to that. So to say she grew up differently than us and we can't relate because of that is awkward for me to read because I'm pretty sure there are studies out there that prove that trans men and trans women are biologically different but hold psychological similarities to the gender they identify with. So all the thoughts and struggles we had during out pre-teens, Remi most likely experienced the same. Just because she didn't bleed doesn't make her any less relatable. But I don't expect you all to really grasp that.

> I just feel off about it when first time female accomplishments are awarded to transwomen.

Yes, that's called jealousy. Because it wasn't you, you feel off and refuse to relate to them. You'll get them next time.

No. 17558

Ive never related to any transwoman. Theyre all completely narcissistic autogynephiles that think they can slap on a dress and wig and be a woman. They are always the most horrible caricatures of women; remi for example reminds me of clueless dudes who pretend to be girls online and act like massive stereotypes.

Fuck off with your 'ur jusjelly' i can gaurantee no woman here is jealous of him and his 'women can have dicks teehee'

No. 17611

I do think she is a girl/woman gender wise but she should be called the first TRANS woman to be on the LCS not the first GIRL. Same way you say first TRANS woman actress to star in x or y.

No. 17613

this. Why the fuck is it so bad to separate tanswomen into women and transwomen subgroups? This is fucking SJW cancer that I'm really sick of. I think this is kind of similar to "if you're not attracted to blacks you're racist".
You sound really progressive. Don't you think you're in the wrong place here?

No. 17617


I'm this anon >>17611

I'm honestly very "progressive" but I agree. Just weird to me. I will always call Remi a woman since she identifies as a woman BUT she is a transwoman. There should be first transwoman and also a first biological woman section IMO

No. 17644

This!! Being raised as a man from birth is socially different than being a woman from birth. There really is no comparing it. Bitch wants to rake in the points for being a girl who plays videogames suddenly? Yeah, lots of actual women are birth are hardcore gamers. most idiots just don't want to acknowledge it or get defensive. Remi shouldnt have any title of the first woman anything.

No. 17646

That's disgusting. I dont understand this assumption that all women are born to know how to do makeup, cook and laundry. All that shit is TAUGHT or your learn from another person or tutorials. It is not gender exclusive. You know what is? Giving birth, menstruation. That's really it… Ugh. I would of spoken up more about that kind of treatment, anon.

No. 17647

Oh honey, no one is jealous of Remi.


No. 17650

Because transwomen are not women at birth. Plus, there is such a small percentage, might as well do it. Sorry, but transwomen arent real women.

No. 17664

File: 1440671744876.jpg (31.15 KB, 313x286, 1360551962437.jpg)

I don't even get how a group of PEOPLE can act like such horrible mysogynists human beings without even realizing it… I mean, what they were doing was OBVIOUS as fuck

No. 17667

use your brain please. What is very obvious is they were sexist, yes, but you're only ever a misogynist if you actively hate women and/or confess to it/acknowledge it

No. 17680

I mean I kept telling him that I don't wear makeup but I remember him going "just do something girly." I literally looked at him and said "I don't know what that means," so he was like "fix your hair, do your eyeliner, something." It awkward as hell.

No. 17681

> Bitch wants to rake in the points for being a girl
Remi's been around for awhile, pal, and has always identified as female. This isn't the first team she's been on or the first time we've seen her streaming.

No. 17697

And shes still trans, not a cis female which is the norm. Her title should be, first trans woman not first female. There's nothing wring with being trans and being proud og being trans is extremely important.

No. 17698

There are people out there who actually see her as female. Just because you want people to call her a trans female doesn't mean your word is good. There are people out there who think you're wrong just as you think people who see her as female are wrong. Wild.

No. 17700

But isn't it usually even more of an achievement to be the first "trans woman" of anything?

No. 17701

Firstly, i never said anyone who wants to see her as female first and not trans is wrong, you ignorant fuck.

My point being is that she will never be like me. Im not saying she will never be a woman. Im saying shell never be a cis woman. she wasnt born with the biology of a woman. Her chromosomes are male, even though she indentifies with being female. Therefore, she can be seen as a woman but will always be a transwoman, just because you take hormones, have surgery and wear make up. It will never magically make you a cis woman. Now because of trans, there are two different type of women, cis and trans. Nothing wrong with either. However, trans women should not be ashamed to be called trans women, they should be proud of it. They can definitely be a woman but will always be trans and never cis. So remi, even though indentifies as female. Should be called the first trans woman. Even if she doesnt want to remind herself or make a big deal that shes trans and just wants to be known as female. Shes just ignoring the truth and isnt proud of the term transgender to put it out there. (Like cait is proud of being trans and wants to spread awareness) there are two different type of women, under one label. Trans women and cis females and there is nothing wrong with seperating the both because trans women are different to cis women. Like I explained in the beginning.

No. 17702

Still a woman. First woman in the LCS. wipes tear So proud of her. :')

No. 17703

She's stated before that she doesn't want her success being some sort of LGBT feat.

No. 17704

Where the fuck did i say shes not a woman, i shes not a cis woman and never will be, first transwoman in the LCS :)

No. 17705

in that case i'm a zebra, because apparently we can be whatever we want to be, fuck biology amiright?

No. 17706

Sorry, I think the news and headlines say first woman. :)

No. 17710

The reason some of us want a biological woman to be the first to be rewarded that title isn't that hard to understand.

It's not about if you considering Remi a man or a woman. It's about biological gender. Why? Because there's enough people out there saying the reason girls can rank as high is because they're biologically unable or at least hindered. So a biological woman would show that such claims aren't true (even if she'd be a special case). A transwoman on the other hand most likely grew up male for a good chunk of their life since there's only so few that start transitioning at a early age.

Here's another view on it. Imagine we're talking about the male 100 meters sprint at the world championship. Now, what if someone says there will be a woman competing along with the males? Obviously people would be amazed since women have their own category for a reason.
Now what if that woman was actually a transwoman? Then the whole achievement of biologically beating the odds kind of…. goes up in flames. Sure they're a woman in the male 100 meters sprint, but they still were born with the body of a male meaning that biologically they didn't have the same disadvantage.

No. 17712

Anyone who truly thinks that being good at video games comes down to genes .. I have no words for.

No. 17713

They exist. Hell, the game theory video somewhere above in this thread pretty much says "sorry girls you guys just don't have the attention span!" as the reason why.

No. 19030

trans woman*

No. 20207

It's biologically proven that trans people have brains much more similarly constructed to those of the opposite sex:

And after being on hormones for around like 2-3 years, their body and muscle structure is drastically changed so there is next to no difference in strength and shit between them and biological women.

I fail to see how your points matter.

No. 20210

Yes but "sexist" is a trigger warning word here.
"omggg go back to tummmblrrrr"

No. 20211

That article is about transexuals not trans gendered, actually read thr article, there is mere speculation and no actual facts to back up that claim other than to a degree white matter looks similar.

Nice try though.

No. 20212

and muhsoginy isn't? You make no sense. Both are used incredibly frequently by SJWs

No. 20767

Please be joking. You know that is sexist bullshit.

No. 20769

rofl, she's trans, not a birth woman. Get over it. She'll never have a vagina or the chromosomes of a woman.

No. 20821

more importantly, he was socialized as a man, not a woman.

No. 20840

we both know that is radfem bullshit anon

No. 20846

Only your limited brain abilities make you know that, anon

No. 20855

Oh anon.. I've seen discussions on why women are complaining about the amount of women in STEM with arguments as "yeah but they aren't complaining about the amount of woman in the army!!"

And then in a different thread (I've seen these happen on TiA, yes it's reddit but whatever) you can see stuff like "Well women shouldn't get lower standards for being able to enter the army I mean they biologically aren't as strong!"

Basically I've seen so many contradicting arguments on why women can't or won't do x or y and the moment you try to rationalize it you get called a radfem.

No. 23958

File: 1441829702806.png (618.31 KB, 800x1143, 1427702988370.png)

Remilia turned her back on the lbgt community and hid the fact she was trans thats the only issue. Other than that no problems to be had she is a good player and could have a good career if you were more dedicated.

No. 23961

What in the world is this from?

No. 24087

Questionable content

No. 25118

Hahaha love it.

No. 81887

Well, the LCS started yesterday. Remi showed up sporting cleavage. Anyone else watching?

No. 81929

She also has photos of her online where she is posing sexually and showing off her penis. Please. If you are actually trans, and pretending to be just because it gets your average boy ass more attention in the league scene… Stick to your story and don't show off your male assets.

No. 81934

Not everyone wants to be a crutch for the LGBT community that's obsessed with segregation and special treatment. Most people want to live their lives as normal people without associations to a movement that's more and more mostly about a fascist ideology, not actually supporting sexual/gendered minorities.

No. 81935

She doesn't want to support LGBT… But want to support female equality… Oh, except, let's bitch out these "jealous" female bitches.

Such a good human.

No. 82143


I saw it, I think she looked good

I personally don't mind her being called the first transgered woman in the lcs. Thats really not my issue at all with her

I just don't like her attitude like >>81935 said but I can also understand how annoying it must be to have people bitching about you about some shit like this

No. 82168

Damn, this thread makes me regret not buying popcorn when I was at the market.

Tumblr Femitwits claiming that someone saying "gender is a social construct" is a fact. A fact is something that can be proven repeatedly by multiple people through the scientific process of "doing the same shit over again and seeing if you got similiar/same results as compared to others who performed the experiment."
You can't "test" to see if "genders are a social construct." You can theorize about it, but there's no way to get actual concrete proof on it.

Darwin's Theory of Evolution is considered sound because of many supporting pieces of evidence, such as the fossil timeline, fossils found all over the world. Newton's laws (aka something proven so many times it's considered a fact, irrefutable) of motion are true everywhere, constants offset by variables (i.e. gravity, different amounts of force).

Saying "it's true because I cited it from a book" is as retarded as saying "It's true, this book said it" and then citing a book on Intelligent Design Theory [:^)].

You. Need. Proof. To. Say. Something. Is. A. Fact.

Surprised PHIL 101, ENGL 101, and common sense aren't prereqs for the tumblr gender studies classes

No. 82420

He/she looks masculine, maybe if Remilia fixed up her lips, nose and jaw he/she would look more believable

No. 82434

Can't change chromosomes tho.

No. 83451

File: 1453299456623.jpg (93.9 KB, 1390x495, image.jpg)


No. 83455


LOL OMG. i thought the tranny at least looked like op's pic. god she does not look good or passable. someone give her estrogen pls before i get more salty about some ugly chick with a dick getting into the lcs and claiming to be "the first womin in lcs"

No. 83460


i googled her pics and the thread is right. a few pictures, a few pictures of her showing off her dick a few pictures of her at lcs. why do the ones from lcs look nothing like her other pics? her other pics are decently cute for a mtf with no hormones but the real life proof looks horrid

No. 86045

you fucking god thanks

No. 86183

Necro but am I the only one super pissed off by that one SJW anon with a fucking sociology degree or whatever who keeps coming in going on about "buh-buh-but gentiles r not gender!!111!!!!" while simultaneously saying "I'm guessing someone failed English"? This is the most autistic pet peeve but it's so stupid to me for someone to act all high and mighty about their ~degree~ when they can't even spell genitals. It's not even a hard word to spell?

No. 86236

They know their argument sucks so they have to resort to petty tactics like insulting someone's intelligence and flaunting their degree.
It's pathetic.

No. 86315


I have not seen that anons post but maybe they meant something like this:

Gender is more of an identity thing (like what you identify "I am a man" etc) and Sex is the biological sex of the person/animal. They are actually different things.


I think if she got a better haircut (maybe some layers? her hair now is kind of masculine imo), and some lip fillers she would look 9000 times better. Some subtle fake lashes would be nice too. I also have an unfortunate nose like that and fuller lips/eyelashes makes me look more feminine

No. 86447

I laughed whenever I came across it tbh because it made them look even more ridiculous. I can definitely see why you'd be pissed though.

I think >>86183 was saying that sociologyanon was mocking other anon's supposed "lack of English comprehension" when they themselves kept using the wrong word ("gentiles" instead of "genitals") in their argument.

No. 86690

File: 1453965214786.jpg (27.2 KB, 468x354, 3167854_111153_1_lit.jpg)

She looks like a guy with long hair at LCS, not passable at all.

In pic related she looks super qt, but wow it doesn't even look like the same person.

No. 86694

The guy on the left is froggen tho

No. 86746

File: 1453995038427.jpg (16.06 KB, 371x278, 013.jpg)

No. 86748

File: 1453995263239.png (344.78 KB, 396x418, CSNArenegades6.png)

I just wish she'd spend more time on her fucking hair, it looks awful.

But I don't really think she deserves to be here. She's not a shitty person by any means. Her family pretty much disowned her after she decided to identify as being a girl. She's had it rough so I understand why she doesn't want to be a role model of any sort or draw attention to her choices.

No. 86750

so when a guy or girl with a vagina plays in the lcs.. let me know

No. 86779

Seriously. This dude doesn't have a vagina or the right chromosomes. Still a dude

No. 86790

because he does shit like >>81935 said. it's gross. and doesn't even try to look passable either, just looks like a dude with a training bra on and a badly grown out hair cut.

No. 86804

File: 1454007781222.jpg (297.86 KB, 735x741, 27a5447abf0a8f8cd285b3732f8657…)

Remi screams autogynephile. Throws some emo bangs over half his face, puts on a training bra and calls it a day. Wear some fucking makeup, take care of your skin, do something about that nest on your head, take E, jesus christ. If he doesn't put any effort into being a woman then he shouldn't expect to be taken seriously as a "woman". This is on the level of tumblr fakebois who get offended when you misgender them when they're ~~~femme~~~ BUT STILL A BOI YOU SHITLORD

Does anyone remember that Team Siren fiasco? Alexa from that team was also trans, but pic related. Take some tips, Remi.

No. 86871

>take E


No. 86874

Estrogen, anon.

No. 87087


Alexa is not trans wtf

No. 87088


she is, she talks about transitioning here. Just hearing it makes I (a cis female) want to take e :'( fuck being a hairy woman.

No. 87139

Any pics of her pre-transition?

No. 87197

File: 1454077967228.jpg (286.02 KB, 741x733, 2.jpg)

I gotta admit, I have a bit of a soft spot for Alexa. I'm glad things turned out well for her but christ. Flying out to Thailand by herself to meet some sketchy ass SRS doctor? Things could have easily turned out very differently.

IIRC Remi and Alexa are friends. I'd love to see Alexa give Remi a makeover, considering she actually knows what the fuck she's doing.

No. 87336

File: 1454107809318.png (951.61 KB, 594x628, 7sdue4N.png)

This is dated 2011 so I think this counts? I'm not too well versed in trans-terms. What is pre-transition? Before taking hormones or is it before growing out hair/identifying as female?

Still, I don't really follow Alexa much at all so I don't know when she started transitioning and everything.

No. 87344

sweetie, hairy or not, you're still a woman. Don't get so down on yourself. You have a real working vagina after all.

No. 87346

Maybe it's just me but all trannies just look like their original selves with slightly longer her. this is more passable one, but still a boy.

No. 87405

No I get you. You can imagine pretty well what they'd all look like if they still went by whatever they were born as. Alexa has a pretty decent body for trans, but it still looks off because absolutely no curves. Alexa's lucky for being half Asian and have more feminine facial structures unlike the manface that is Remi.

I assume when people say pre-trans, they usually just mean when they still looked like their birth gender.

No. 87745

Remi is so bad at League compared to all of the other LCS players. I bet Renegades would have benched her by now if the SJW brigade wouldn't be all over it.

No. 87758

She is living up to the stereotype of shitty support player grill gamer… Great!

No. 87764


"She" seems like a half-decent person, it sucks that these people have these mental illness that drives them to go through great lengths just to feel "normal"

You don't want to be taking more hormones than your body naturally produces taking excess hormones can cause some wicked side effects while increasing your chances of contracting cancers esp breast cancer.

No. 87769

Add one trick pony to that too. Gotta say, at least her main isn't Lux or Lulu or some other "stereotypical" gurl support main. But then again, I'd take a girl playing "stereotypical" support mains with a larger champion pool over a "girl" that can literally only decently play 3 champions max.

How to win render RNG botlane useless:
> Ban Thresh
> Pick Ali/Morg
> Ez 5v4

No. 87821

I fucking hate Remilia because she portrays herself as the "first female LCS player", but she still has a dick so people are just going "oh lol of course she has a penis no real woman is good enough to play at LCS" AND SHE'S STILL SHIT so people still go "lol girls can't play for shit" and she is also a shitty support main so even though she isn't a woman she still lives up to all these stupid fucking stereotypes.

No. 87872

Which also shows that she was probably just kept on because she is a "girl/trans." So kicking her out would not be PC enough. Way to use gender as an easier way to achieve your dreams…. 100% sure she would not have had the "support" or whatever if she were a boy. And way to represent girls really terribly.

Also, she apparently has a girlfriend, according to her interview with a chinese outlet. She is essentially being like Caitlyn Jenner…. Oh, I am a female… Oh but I like women… Oh but fuck all the supportive LGBT community, I ain't part of your shit.

No. 87875

IMT didn't even bother banning thresh because they know playing against Renegades is like child's play. Aside from the one greedy play where they went behind the second top turret to kill trundle, they stomped on Renegades with almost no contest.

No. 87878

File: 1454260037286.png (169.71 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Some tweets for your enjoyment…

No. 87879

File: 1454260060488.png (509.72 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 87881

File: 1454260084169.png (193.33 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 87882

File: 1454260101374.png (170.83 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 87895

That's probably because when you're told an otherwise passable trans person was born as another sex, you start to imagine what they looked like before.
If no one told you a trans person was trans, you probably wouldn't be able to tell unless they were fucking Stefonnie or Chris-chan tier and not trying at all.

No. 87985

>that beta commenting on 'her' boobs

No. 87986

He should have just stayed a boy and let a real woman play on stage.

No. 88025

Lets be real, if he stayed a boy he wouldn't have nearly gotten as far as he did as a "woman". He wouldn't have even gotten a second glance if he wasn't trans because he plays so shit. I'm so embarassed this disaster represents female League players.

No. 88043

I think the same as anon >>87346
I think most will always be recognizable as their real sex, regardless of whether they take hormones and hack of their genitalia for most they just have a masculine/feminine thing about them that gives their original sex away it could be as subtle as a more broad jawline, narrower eyes, or wide shoulders but it's always recognizable.

but even going beyond physical attributes i can't speak for everyone but i feel like it would be pretty easy to out a tranny from a room full of real women, the brain is not exempt of sexual dimorphism small but subtle cues will give their real sex away easily.

No. 88046

>Also, she apparently has a girlfriend

Yup. And surprise surprise, the gf's a weeb too and they tweet yuri pictures at each other.

No. 88048

File: 1454296281967.png (117.04 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 88049


Seeing how they got destroyed here, not surprised. She leaves all the time though.

No. 88072

File: 1454300183388.png (415.37 KB, 331x561, 027759f384bb48dbfecef9d51eed1d…)

Dat tiddie change

No. 88075

File: 1454300550705.png (558.22 KB, 722x428, 6843cfc9f340671ba4d120f6e22881…)

No. 88077

File: 1454300729897.png (635.65 KB, 714x423, 3e00b798d301a569fc9a2970964aa5…)

She looks like she's wearing one of those post-augmentation bras, except for the fact that >>86746 and >>86748 were only a few days ago.

No. 88101

Until she actually leaves, honestly, it is more likely she is being a drama-queen and bask in all of her fans begging for her to not leave….

Could she be any more stereotypical though? It's as if she is making an insulting caricature out of "women" and what it is like to be a woman. So emotional, fragile, and mad hyped up on hormones. Sigh.

No. 110926

File: 1459011636922.png (395.88 KB, 475x359, 108 - 36DwdcO.png)

Here you go boys!
For all the Remilia lovers out there :v)

No. 110940



>remilia lovers


Why the fuck did you bump a old thread for this? Reeks of self post

No. 111653

No. 111731

literally looks like a 2007 scene boy with tits.

No. 112865

>first female
>isn't actually female

roffffl. This is like Caitlyn Jenner winning woman of the year. Men just seem to beat women in everything, thanks trannies!

No. 122020


Someone really needs to alert the police to this place.

I'm sure if the authorities get a mirror of the server that all these neckbeard/troll/anons will find themselves a nice concrete condo in the walls of the DOC

No. 122063

No. 122083

File: 1461099970073.jpg (8.66 KB, 264x200, 5703098 _3db1b2372d3ae7a8edc4b…)

No. 140240

It's so annoying. You always hear how women can't into esports because "lol biology women are just slower teehee" and the one time it does happen they're trans, AND they suck at the game.

We just can't win, even if an actual girl would have gotten through by pure skill, people would just say it's because she's a cute girl and not because she can actually play games very well.

No. 246383

His name was Marus before he changed it to Maria. Did anyone save that Youtube video he was in before the transition?

No. 539925

I'm bumping this thread since I was active in it years ago, and I'm sure many people would be interested to hear this if they haven't already. I recommend reading the tweets (they aren't long) and Badawi's reddit post because I've probably misinterpreted a few things.


TL;DR of tweets
According to Remilia, she underwent SRS at a sketchy Thai doctor 3 years ago and has been in constant pain ever since. She was desperate to get the surgery so she joined an LCS team so she could pay for it. At the time I, and many people thought she was really melodramatic about not wanting to be included in the team photos, and active on social media. She says that it was because she was constantly in pain and insanely depressed about the outcome of the surgery. She apologizes for being shitty to fans.

The outcome of the botched surgery is irreversible. She will have to be on heavy pain medication for the rest of her life, and can never be intimate without it. She also needs to be on percocet and gabapentin to dilate. For those who aren't aware, post SRS MtF have to dilate or the 'vagina' closes up.

She apologizes to her fans for being a dick to them back then and says she was in an awful mental state with her only therapist being Badawi's mom who signed off the surgery… She attributes the quote "If you help us make LCS, I will pay for your life altering surgery" to Badawi, who if you don't know was the co-owner of Renegades.

This is Badawi's perspective on Remilia's tweets. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/87drs6/chris_badawi_with_an_explanation_of_what_happened/

Rem needed/demanded a lot of special treatment, said she wouldn't go on stage before SRS. So Badawi agreed because he 'cared about her' and wanted her to play in the LCS. All US surgeons had a 2 year waiting period so he got recommended a doctor from Thailand from another trans person who received surgery from them. Rem did her research and agreed, said it was what she wanted. He paid 8.5k in cash, stayed with her for 3 weeks as she recovered. Said he did it because Rem wanted to be in the LCS and wanted SRS.

No. 539926

this guy named himself after a 2hu? lmao.

No. 539927

also stop using she. this is a man.

No. 539928

The top comment on reddit says that these accounts don't conflict but that is false. Maria says it was 5k, Badawi says 8.5k first of all. But more importantly, Rem gives me the impression that she's saying that she didn't want to be in the LCS and only did it for SRS.

Apparently Badawi was dishonest about his credentials as a lawyer - https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/4uxv6y/hello_im_chris_badawi_uber_twice_banned_esports/d5tt89s/ he also made this tweet about the surgery. https://twitter.com/RNGDoombang/status/784195768701771776

imo, Rem is still a cow. I feel sorry for her getting botched surgery and ruining her life, but I think the signs were all there. Badawi should've provided her with proper therapy instead of just paying for SRS.

Rem also responds to the reddit post here: https://twitter.com/idolMariya/status/978705280295895040

No. 539930

>entitled tranny didn't want to wait 2 years so they got a botch job with a Thai doctor instead with lifelong complications
What a moron. Had someone pay the way for him to have a permanently fucked gash.

No. 539934

ALSO - in those tweets I linked, Rem says the guy who operated on her had a reputation as 'the Butcher of Bangkok.' I googled it and found it's a nickname for Dr. Pichet at Yoskarn Clinic. I think Rem's tweets are also pretty sketchy since if you google that name, you find posts about his malpractice since 2011. So that seems like a lie to me.

Also, correction, the price isn't a contradiction. It was 5k for SRS 3.5k for breast implants. I remember most farmers thought she was stuffing her training bra but if the timeline is correct, they were implants.

No. 539935

File: 1522213039148.png (19.27 KB, 390x470, 1492400042604.png)

Literal karma for being a complete and utter twat to every girl player on league. Literally don't care. They were impatient, stupid, and acted like a complete victim when they knew it was all wrong. Remi likes to pretend that they're so embarrassed to be up front in stage and yet liked being a trap and showing off.

Badawi is an asshat, but they aren't some oh-is-me victim they try so hard to paint themselves into.

"I only played in LCS so I could get my surgery" LOL ok.

No. 539941

Rem's just trying to make itself feel better for not doing the proper research and trying to pass the blame buck onto Badawi.

No. 539942

genders do have an entry requirement: your biological sex.

No. 539948

bumping this
>when i set out initially, i wanted to be the first girl in LCS. that was what motivated me.

>also just for the record chris is the nicest person in the world, fuck whatever the big 3 team orgs say, i don't think i will every respect them after the bullshit they pulled. please support renegades, everything from the players to the management stand for something that other orgs don't.

No. 539959

there's not much difference with a 'good' srs surgery tbh.

No. 539960

stop calling it a she

No. 539973

I mean gee, do all end in consequences so severe that they need lifelong pain medication though? I'm just thinking the cheap Thai doc botched it up especially probably because there's no real oversight or accountability.

No. 539977

KEK no sympathy from me, fuck that guy. Maybe you should go feel bad for him on reddit

NTA, but yeah. When you have an open wound in your body that is constantly trying to close itself, it's naturally going to be very painful to try and stop it. Their bodies will never stop trying to close it and the pain from dilation won't let up unless you take medication.

No. 539986

why was she bent over backwards for? It's a shit tier support player and had so many high demands. I wouldn't even give faker this many conditions for a team.
What a spoiled cunt demanding this kind of shit.
He was never the first girl in LCS. First butchered man, yes. Heck even c9 sneaky is more feminine than him.

No. 539990

You got a source? I'm genuinely curious how first world countries greenlight these kinds of procedures if that outcome is 100% of the time.
And by that I mean the lifetime painkillers part, not the weird dilation cocktail they have to take or whatever.

No. 539991

i speculate it was marketability. i didn't play when renegades were big but they had a lot of interesting people on there. Alex Ich, RF Legendary, first grill(!111) so they were probably trying to get as much attention and hype as possible.


not that anon but 10-15% of SRS is botched apparently. i was really curious about it after reading all of the new remilia stuff, and a lot of transpeople claim that they went years without dilating… one of the cases claimed going 10 years without dilation. but if you're having regular intercourse through that hole, i suppose it makes sense. a lot of people say it wasn't too painful, others say it was excruciatingly bad. probably also depends on whether you get the butcher of bangkok to chop off your bollocks or Dr. Johnson from LA.

from what i've read, it reminds me of wearing a retainer after braces. some people probably get fucked over by going a month without it, others don't wear theirs ever again and enjoy perfect teeth for the rest of their life.

No. 540001

>I'm genuinely curious how first world countries greenlight these kinds of procedures if that outcome is 100% of the time
Money, duh. And I don't have a propper source right now, but just look up some stuff about neo-vag upkeep. Vid related is one guy's experience with it.

It should honestly be common sense. If you cut a hole in your arm and fingered it every night to keep the wound open, it would hurt, yeah? It's a bit like that. By dilating the wound you're preventing your body from doing it's job. This still isn't going to make your body give up and, like I said before, dilation will never really stop being painful without drugs. They're also extremely prone to infections (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2695466/), so there's even more too it.

Sage for derailing, sorry

No. 540004

I could imagine the bad press if he got signed to play and they didnt want to promote or pay for her lady parts. It's a double edged sword.
Theres a lot coming out on reddit.

>Why was it so important for her to get the surgery before she played?

>If she was so mentally unstable with self harm and suicide why did she sign with them, why didn't they let her go?

>Why in all hell did her manager to look for surgeons in Thailand?

>why wasn't she the one looking for "quick" SRS options herself?
>If she found out the surgeon was the "butcher of Bangkok" after the surgery how come didn't she find out before?
>Did she not look him up until something went wrong?

I'm not defending badawi but holy hell if you're in such a rush to get a pussy before you can become the "first LCS grill UwU" it's your own damn fault.

If i walked into a clinic as she describes as "sketchy" I would have walked my ass out of there. Fuck the job, fuck the LCS, fuck the SRS. It's simple common sense no matter how depressed or fucked up you are you know right from wrong and if the clinic was visually fucked and sketchy then you can only imagine what they'd do to your body.

This shit pisses me the fuck off. It's no ones fault but her own, badawi didn't push her onto the operating table. He was a shitty guy 100% but to blame it all on him because you dont know right from wrong is her own issue. If badawis mom was her only therapist why couldn't she look into her own personal therapist? I know it was the companies job but if it was as bad as she claims she could have, again, did her own damn research.

I truly hope that the first real LCS girl will be an outstanding player, friendly, and with no fucking drama to clean up the sour taste she's left of females in pro gaming.
utter disgrace.

No. 540007

And he deleted everything off his twitter. Good thing the archived version exists.

No. 540009

Orrrr maybe it's common sense that one is less likely to end up on life long painkillers if they actually research their surgeons and don't get it done by a third world hack job.
Same logic follows other plastic surgery.

No. 540200

Never denied that, just saying the successful surgeries aren't much better.

No. 540231

This whole saga is fascinating. Why did he delete all his tweets?

No. 540250

Not being on painkillers for life sounds vastly better to me. But ok.

No. 540254

>people on reddit blaming badawi

wtf? its not his fault remi was a spoiled bitch who couldnt wait 2 years to get the surgery. shes an adult, if she walks into the surgery and thinks it seems sketchy she should just walk the fuck back out. its your own choice to get surgery, you should make sure you actually understand the risks properly. literally all badawi did according to him was pay for it. How evil of him??

No. 540262

And like I said, you'd probably need them anyways unless you're a masochist or you can't feel pain at all. It's marginally better.

No. 540263

The lol reddit mods are so sensitive about Remilia. You literally can't post anything abt him/her without it getting removed. I remember someone posted months ago "why does Remilia always change their username" and the mods removed it so fast even though no one was saying anything abt him/her

No. 540275

Remalia has always been a huge drama cow and now he's trying to blame it on mental illness. Up to yesterday his bio had "first girl in the lcs". Shouldn't it be first trans female in the lcs? He never was proud of his roots, being trans or want to represent the lgtb community and even tried hiding the fact that he is trans.

Anyone else find it weird how he's a "lesbian"?

No. 540290

misgendering her on purpose.. so edgy

No. 540292

It's not to be "edgy" - they just don't respect Remalia.

No. 540295

he's a guy, not a woman >>540292 just like that anon said, a lot of anons wont and dont respect his gender identity.
>>540275 He's a straight guy, not a lesbian. I'm not surprised by "her" trying to pull the gay girl act though.
He needs serious therapy, why was she aloud to transition when he's this unstable. I'll put money on that in a few years he'll stop this act.

No. 540301

File: 1522265989024.jpg (56.83 KB, 542x505, get out.jpg)

Okay, now I'm straight up glad he got botched kek.

Pic related. Go back to tumbr, fags. This man doesn't deserve respect.

No. 540303

Yeah because we're soooo respectful here towards cows who bilk money from people to get surgeries and then have crocodile tears about their own mistakes.
Your tranny isn't special.

No. 540324

File: 1522267840802.jpeg (205.33 KB, 640x793, 2A0EF2F5-6007-4ED9-A5BD-E5AE55…)

ugh that entire article is a wild ride but this especially stuck out to me. jesus christ, this shit is barbaric. no wonder the trans youtubers don’t mention this.

No. 540338

I have respect for people who go through with the GRS. But just not Remelia, like what >>540004 said he wanted a puss real fast so he could be credited as "the first girl on lcs". Don't blame others for your own fuck up. If he was in a terrible mental state then why even think of surgery? It's more logical to get better first THEN undergo life altering surgeries. Just dumb..

No. 540357

He just wanted to be a special snowflake. He's milking this for all it's worth.

No. 540369

File: 1522271526109.png (484.15 KB, 623x347, AkzygQl.png)

Did Remilia get breast implants put in before the grs or did he get it with the grs?

No. 540475

got it with the grs according to rem and badawi

No. 540515

File: 1522281555090.png (103.39 KB, 720x558, Screenshot_2018-03-28-17-25-51…)

Remelia has nothing to say cuz that's the truth, he's hiding all the drama and bullshit he's said and done to look like the victim.

No. 540519

File: 1522281751123.png (554.46 KB, 720x752, Screenshot_2018-03-28-17-28-06…)

Sage for samefag

Ofc Remelia is a small figured, mecha loli girl with big tits, blonde hair and green eyes lawl

No. 540573

….now I see why the face is covered in OP

No. 540755

File: 1522303827301.jpg (96.02 KB, 750x750, 1498528106439.jpg)

>permanent open wound
>colonized by coliforms

No. 540795

I thought the/one of the first females in league was some girl who mained Thresh and now is sub for some other team.

How sad it is to see that she plays off of this whole sexy look thing also.

No. 540829

Wait nvm I looked into this and it seems to be the same person.

Fuck me what happened.

No. 540858

File: 1522328274613.png (312.1 KB, 675x443, Screenshot_2018-03-28-17-24-47…)

>didn't want to be on camera for lcs cuz "I dun want attention gaiz"
>posts pics that appeals to men

No. 540860

File: 1522328482649.png (58.52 KB, 720x264, Screenshot_2018-03-28-21-44-04…)

And deleting everything doesn't make everything good.. he's clearly still a attention whore. In a few months he's prob gonna try to blame everything on "muh mental illness" again.

No. 540864

what the fuck is that guys deal? complaining about the maintenance of it all?? he chose to mutilate himself and now has the audacity to complain about how hard it is and how unfair that is? lol

No. 540868

>This schmuck not being instantly banned into oblivion after "your genitals don't define your gender"

No. 540887

when will he ever wash and cut his hair?
will he sign onto another team to get them to pay for it?

No. 540893

File: 1522332920143.png (25.22 KB, 546x416, Names.png)

You probably thought it was another person because Remalelia changed his username a lot during his pro career. I guess the only way for him to stay relevant was through the Lol board and reddit popping up as "news" whenever he changed his ID. It's rare for pros to change their name and when they do it's a one time thing. He changed it 8 times then goes back to using Remalelia.

No. 540984

Yeah the origins of this thread are a hot mess. I had to stop reading because what a Tumblr trash shit show that was.

Anyway, I’m so confused why they greenlit all of this. Was it really worth it to be le first female LCS player? Why pay $8.5k for someone clearly unstable who had to step down after a year because surprise! Mutilating your body does not fix the severe underlying mental illness! Not to mention like… he really wasn’t that good. He played exactly two champs super well and that’s it. Assholes all the way down. A manager looking to profit off of the ~first gamur gurl~ schtick so he’s willing to fund the most back alley SRS possible. An entitled tranny now trying to play the victim despite the fact that they got literally everything they wanted (a gash, bolt ons, and “teehee pro gamer girl I’m better than all those fucking whores,”) now for some reason thinks they deserve pity as well.

No. 541022

File: 1522350119624.png (80.83 KB, 720x501, Tweet.png)

Chris's side


>First of all let me say I am extremely saddened at the difficulties Maria's surgery has caused her. But to clear up what seems to be a large amount of confusion, and to those who want to really know the truth of what happened, I would appreciate the opportunity to explain it.

>Maria needed and demanded quite a bit of special treatment from the very start of challenger series onward. Things like not participating in team photo shoots, not being on camera when on stage, many hours of emotional support, alone time at the cost of scrims, her own room, etc all of which were obliged readily. In the middle of the split Maria informed me she would not go on stage if we made LCS until she had her sexual realignment surgery. Because I truly cared about her I told her that "OK, if we make LCS, I will pay for your surgery." It was a personal promise - I cared about her and wanted her to play in the LCS if she achieved that goal.

>I initially looked in to clinics in the United States and the shortest waiting period for an open appointment was two years. Maria told me this wasn't acceptable and to look elsewhere. I turned to a trans member of the esports community for advice who gave me the name of the doctor she used in Thailand. He had an opening with enough time for recovery prior to the start of the new split and I asked Maria if that was what she wanted. She said she did her own research into him and that it was. She was an adult and knew more about what exactly this was significantly more than I, and as an adult, I took her at her word. I flew with her to the clinic in Thailand, paid for the surgery (which was 8.5k - they only accepted cash as is the policy for most clinics in thailand) and then stayed with her for 3 weeks during her recovery.

>This was not a quid pro quo for her getting into LCS. This was me doing something the best I knew how to give her what she wanted. She wanted to play in the LCS. She wanted this surgery. I tried to make both those things happen for her. She made it clear she wanted it done quickly, and this was the only place I found that met her time constraints.

>What this has to do with anything other than me trying to and, admittedly, failing to give her what she asked for, I don't know. But it had nothing to do with the team, Monte or anyone else.

TDLR; Chris tried to give Remalelia what he wanted which was a fast pussy. Chris found an American doctor but Remalelia said he wanted it NOW so he asked another trans person in the lol community for her doctor (pretty sure he asked ex team Siren member Alexa). He gave him the doctor details and Rem thought about it and chose him. Now that it went wrong Remalelia is blaming Chris Badawi for all his suffering. Smh. I think Chris is a scumbag but you really can't blame him for this.

>>540984 Chris Badawi is a pretty sketchy guy since he lied about his credentials BUT he did try helping Remalelia. I don't think he tried to milk the whole ~gamer girl~ thing, that was Remalelia's own doing.

And Rem was not grateful for what Chris did for him lol

No. 541029

I also want to add that it's ridiculous how Rem claims to be used and abused during his time in the lcs. He and a few other members were unstable and shouldn't have been in a team so that was the mgt's fault. Rem claimed Chris was basically dangling the GRS over his head and used it against him when that didn't happen. Why do people believe his bs on reddit?

No. 541032


chris is so full of shit he could be a cow himself

No. 541053

File: 1522353356548.png (206.63 KB, 396x413, woof.png)

I guess lc has changed a lot in the past few years. Lol at basically everyone calling him a she and someone unironically using the phrase "her dick" too, I forgot how tumblry and lame this board used to be.

Even bigger lol at this pic, SRS and HRT ain't gon help this gingercel nightmare. He looks like AGP!bryan stars.

No. 541060

File: 1522353825442.jpg (20.69 KB, 320x400, 20213857_338860653218185_67970…)

He likes to show off his tits. I thought he didn't like any kind of ~attention~

No. 541061

File: 1522353847010.jpg (148.54 KB, 1280x720, vod-111241172-offset-86-previe…)

No. 541063

File: 1522353865035.jpg (12.87 KB, 320x266, 20214557_1712538809048054_6822…)

No. 541161


remilia never actually refuted anything he said here, she just went on a reeing spree about how the thai doctor he found had a bad reputation, she still consented to going under his knife tho. she also called redditors sheltered underage babies who need to learn about the real world, which tbf is true but completely hypocritical.

No. 541208

File: 1522363405053.jpeg (23.19 KB, 275x271, 0F990010-C070-4726-A4FE-F11786…)

>rather chop of your peen and multilate your body for life to enter a stage for some faggot tournament.

This is a new level of horror-cow jesus fuck, my bet is he has a serious hatred for bio women.

No. 541209

Don't mind me gaiz just deleting the evidence like it's nothing~

Remilia is the only e-celeb tranny who denies and does not support the lgbt community. What's the point of trying to hide being trans? It's pretty obvi when you look at him

No. 541227

Remilia's ~sad tale uwu~
he deleted it

>My gender reassingnment surgery was botched and left my entire pelvic area riddled with permanent numbness and intense nerve damage. Inside is the worst and dilating every other day feels like stabbing myself with a knife in the vagina. Any advice would be useful. Thx Badawi :(

>Its been 3 years now and the pain is still unbearable. Percocet helps lessen the regular pain and Gabapentin gets rid of a lot of the nerve pain, it sucks being having to be fucked up on drugs to do post surgical care like dilation. At least my current doctor sympathizes with me.

>Anyone that says sue the surgeon, it was in Thailand at a sketchy clinic and he paid 5000 dollars cash for the procedure so everything was kinda off the grid. Don't bother telling me how fucking stupid I was, I already know. I was under stress from intense social anxiety and depression as was visible from my tweets during my challenger LCS run. My only therapist was Badawi's mom… She signed off on the letter to get my SRS from this sketchy Thai surgeon.

>I was cutting and suicidal during my LCS run and had no prescriptions like I do now. The pain was absolutely unbearable and I still had to get up on stage every weekend and dilate every day. I didn't know just how fucked up I was until Richard rescued me and we came to Atlanta and I got a real doctor. Now I've been spending the last 2 years trying to get my body to function again without pain. I never told anyone the entirety of this story but maybe it gives you a small idea about what I was going through and how vulnerable I was to all the negative attention I received online. I wasn't able to deal with everything in a healthy way.

>Now years later I want to say sorry to my fans that supported me who i just blew off during that time. Life was honestly horrible during my time in LCS. I hope you can forgive me and give me another chance as a person. I've received help medically and am a stronger person now.

>Really sucks for my girlfriend because being intimate or anything at all requires me to be on painkillers or else everything just hurts. This will negatively affect me for the rest of my life and its all because of poor judgment, desperation, and lack of proper mental treatment.

>Be careful of those that promise you the world. I was promised the only thing I ever wanted and I was fucked up and desperate enough to believe it. "If you help us make LCS, I will pay for your life altering surgery." It was the one thing I wanted and I would do anything for it.

>This is my life now and I have no one to blame but myself. I was not in a healthy mental state to make a decision that huge. The lack of access to mental health services despite knowing I was a trainwreck was an oversight on Renegades that cost me more than you can imagine.

>Esports still feels like the wild west. Things like this continue to happen, I am blessed that someone like @RLewisReports exists. He helped rescue me, get me proper medical treatment, helped me revise one of the awful botched surgeries, and is helping me reach my dream for real.

>Unfortunately for me, I've visited experts up and down the east coast that tell me the damage done during my gender reassignment surgery is permanent and the only things they can do to help are aesthetic in nature and won't fix the terrible pain. The end of my esports adventure..

"I have no one else to blame but myself"
"My GRS was botched. THANKS BADAWI."
Remilia's whole post was blaming CB for the surgery failure. How about doing your own research or waiting for the damn surgery? Fixing ur mental state? Not going to a Thailand doctor? There were so many things this dumbass could have done to prevent that from happening. But nope "CHRIS WAS THE ONE WHO DID THIS TO ME" all the way. This is what he gets for wanting a pussy for the most vain reason–for a shitty title that doesn't even apply to him. I could accept himbif he said "first transgender female lcs player" but nope, he declares himself the first female to set foot in the lcs.

My heart was all out for Remilia when talks of him "getting abused" came out but when you look at both sides of the story, Remilia is clearly the idiot who's trying to fix his reputation by playing the tragic victim.

No. 541272

File: 1522368307176.jpg (26.1 KB, 400x400, tQHOxgMo_400x400.jpg)

Img dump inc

Posting pics like this won't make you more of a woman. Is he going to pull a Stef and pretend like he has periods next?

No. 541273

File: 1522368343774.jpg (149.46 KB, 1152x2048, CmysBTsWEAABUR4.jpg)

No. 541274

File: 1522368359414.jpg (137.38 KB, 844x956, nnLBTdK.jpg)

No. 541275

File: 1522368383186.jpg (20.39 KB, 320x400, 21819702_1444358252277886_8446…)

No. 541276

File: 1522368402895.jpg (11.95 KB, 320x217, 21820040_1151026488331226_7644…)

No. 541277

File: 1522368424513.jpg (13.62 KB, 320x320, 21879658_476486686058493_61401…)

No. 541278

File: 1522368436303.jpg (22.82 KB, 320x400, 20181180_129187327686735_33419…)

No. 541301

This is so ridiculous. It’s not like he got feminizing facial plastic surgery (which he pretty badly needs, in addition to literally any fucking haircut that isn’t scene girl hair.) “I NEED to have gigantic bolt ons and my dick lobbed off in order to be on camera for this tournament.” Typical MtF superficial sissy-boy fetish nonsense. If Chris was willing to wait and pay for the American doctor after the tournament, Remi easily could have taped his dick and stuffed a bra and worn a regular crew cut tee while on cam and waited until he could go to a real doctor.

No. 541411

Literally a man with bolt ons. His arms, legs and stomach give it away even when he's covering his face.
If i didnt know better i'd think this is some 4chan trap

No. 541413

>pull a stef

what does that mean? sage for OT

No. 541415

It ruins the point of the cow pattern lingerie when you literally have no tits. Smh

No. 541419

I'm guessing she's referring to youtuber stef sanjati who did something like that

No. 541444

>If Chris was willing to wait and pay for the American doctor after the tournament

Remilia was the one who wanted a pussy asap so could be creditied as the ~first lcs~ "girl" Chris was one of the owners of the team who willingly paid for all of it.

No. 541448

The cow lingerie is pretty cringey. I wonder what his gf thinks about him taking these pics for male attention.

No. 541558

File: 1522421377779.jpeg (45.74 KB, 640x360, D4A439CB-11F8-4904-8E24-EAF770…)

No. 541559

File: 1522421390063.jpeg (37.49 KB, 640x361, 936AEE8D-C56D-43A1-8A8B-E524D3…)

No. 541560

File: 1522421400808.jpeg (57.09 KB, 442x640, D4B0E37D-93FC-45FB-A03A-86AD72…)

No. 541562

File: 1522421436326.jpeg (35.96 KB, 640x360, F5CA4889-EDF1-419B-84F8-6C75E5…)

He's really gotta do something about the face tho.
It's sooo manly.

No. 541591

Does he even know what shampoo is, im yet to see a picture where he has clean hair.

No. 541630

>hehe aren't I like those loli anime girls? uwu
>don't you boiz want to fuck my non-functioning-multilated peen vagina~?

Pretty sure if his gf asks him about that shit he would play the muh MENTAL ILLNESS!1! Card.

No. 541634

File: 1522424932030.jpeg (103.58 KB, 900x1200, DZYzGCfX4AI_Ghk.jpeg)

He deleted his profile pic so he could reupload it with a msg thanking his fans for believing his bs and sob story. I love how his tits are like 70% of the picture, he's desperate for people to see him as a chick.

No. 541638

File: 1522425395756.png (488.66 KB, 800x450, e3h7gxfy2zmymrt6qwnu.png)

Scarlett is a mtf pro Starcraft 2 player, she never tried milking the ~gurl gamer~ thing and was open about being trans. She seems humble and never did anything outlandish and stupid. I respect her a lot, you can tell she's passionate about the game and truly doesn't care about attention. Nowadays it seems like a lot of the e-famous mtf trannies love starting drama and acting all crazy for everyone to see, what is up with that?

No. 541648

A strong desire for validation and an often narcissistic craving for attention. OT, but it's rampant in speedrunning too, not just e-sports.

No. 541671

Trannies are inherently narcissists, especially the ones that call themselves lesbians.

No. 541705


it really puts me off when trannies take pics like this, because theyre being so overtly sexual but i know they have a disgusting gaping wound where their "vagina" should be so it just makes me feel ill. having PIV sex wouldnt even be pleasurable for him, so whats the damn point. gross.

No. 541732

File: 1522431417570.png (1.09 MB, 720x899, Screenshot_2018-03-30-13-37-47…)

I noticed once trannies get their surgeries done they start showing off their bolt on tits and ps enhanced bodies like it's nothing. Take Nikita Dragon for example

No. 541736

File: 1522431545369.jpeg (6.56 KB, 167x302, images (1).jpeg)

Rem clearly aspires to be an e-thot

No. 541738

File: 1522431564694.png (313.09 KB, 720x407, Tr1.png)

No. 541739

File: 1522431587688.png (293.42 KB, 720x406, Tr2.png)

No. 541752

all trannies do. even the mostly straight ones want dudes to jack off to them. it's fucking weird. it's amazing tho how he does look passable on webcam though yet looks like the more masculine, less cute version of that twinkie frontman from 'the academy is' irl

No. 542007

Still a narcissist for calling himself a woman and submitting himself to top female records in esports. Stfu

No. 542029

File: 1522451853343.png (364.37 KB, 720x862, Pic.png)

So he's open about his depressiom but not about being trans? Tbh it seems like he uses his depression for people to feel bad for him

No. 542295

I mean he is relatively open about being trans. He literally did just post a huge exposé about his GRS, after all, and I don’t think he denies that you can find his dick pics floating around the net. He just doesn’t want to be associated with “that LGBT shit” as he put it, which I sort of get because it’s hard to take people like a Blaire White or Riley Dennis seriously as women when their life’s mission is to remind you every other second that they aren’t women at all.

I mean Remi is still 100% an autogynephile and depression is only one of his many severe mental issues, but I get him not wanting to form an identity around the fact that he’s a fucking freak.

No. 545190

He only came out with his grs story cause it went wrong. He mainly used it to play the victim. If it was a success he wouldn't talk about it and he'd pretend that he was naturally born with that man made peengina hole.

No. 547550

Let's not forget how cringy his Twitter is (least was last year ). He was aroused by turning his mainstream hentai fetish into reality (cow outfit) and posted alot of hentai on his Twitter. Also, the worst part about him and his fans is that he literally begged people to buy stuff from wishlist for him and his gf… How desperate can you be?

No. 547565

Typical agp. Him and Scarlett.

No. 547613


scarlett is agp? how? genuine question idk them well

No. 547685

Lemmo go ask my old school SC friend for proof before i go off.

No. 549055

I'm not surprised at all that he is going the e-thot route.

I have a feeling most men would exploit their sexuality if they could, especially the ones that get so angry about "camwhores" on twitch and all that.

Men aren't really raised with the same built-in "sexual shame" (for lack of a better term) so I feel most of them jump at the chance to show off when they can.

No. 551319

I'm still wtfing @ how he claims to be "lesbian" and wants men to thrist for him at the same time. Remalelia thinks acting like a trashy weeb hoe makes him a girl.

No. 551658

File: 1523373358142.jpg (10.51 KB, 236x236, a6b4c64ac9a3f870e9ab7d5b979e47…)

Does anyone know Arika Sato? She used to be open about being trans, years ago she talked about getting her adams apple shaved and a few other transition surgeries she's had and now when you look her up there is 0 mention of her being trans and her wiki doesn't state it anymore either

No. 553073

File: 1523495865539.jpg (Spoiler Image, 215.52 KB, 1280x672, 1501055107595-2.jpg)

looks fine to me

No. 553074

File: 1523495997400.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.73 MB, 320x180, 1517131761689.gif)

>>553073(read the rules & usage info)

No. 553079


Do you not know how to spoiler shit?

No. 553143

Wait is this Remilia or is this >>551658 who someone randomly decided to post in the Remilia thread?

No. 553521

Barely follow this thread but can someone explain if they're trans or no. They look like a female yet everyone here seems to use the pronoun he? Is it what they asked to be called or?

This is some tumblr level shit of eggshell walking honestly

No. 553538

they are. yet tried to hide that fact. but people found their attention-seeking selfies from 4chan fast

Tbh it is really obvious to spot him as a trannie IRL, hes just good at posing on webcam

No. 553573

Remalelia is a trans female "lesbian" who hides being trans and denies the lgbt community. Underwent Gender reassignment surgery so he could call himself "the first ~female~ LCS player. Only shared his GRS story cuz it failed then used it as a scapegoat for being a drama cow. People call Remalelia he becuz he's not a woman and no one respects him and the shit he pulls.

No. 553666


tfw when she looks so much better if she just got nose surgery, unless she cant afford it or nose surgery would fuck her nerves/etc i can understand. but her fucking nose is too big.

No. 553682

Did you even bother to read? He got his dick chopped off so he can call himself the first female lcs player. The GRS + breast implants costed 8 thousand usd. He obviously doesn't care about anything else other than having a chopped up dick vagina and bolt on tits.

No. 553996


guessing it's remilia showing off their post-op boobs

must've been a pretty hack job since better surgeons cut into the areolae, not underneath the breast.

but the scars look pretty fresh, so maybe this is some kind of progress pic?

No. 554540

Why would he post shit like that? That's pretty disgusting. Let me guess, ~muh mental illness~ So why is his girlfriend still with him??

No. 554544

File: 1523638745751.png (121.5 KB, 720x760, Screenshot_2018-04-13-12-58-54…)

He has a grocery list of plastic surgery procedures he's gonna undergo

Does he even have enough money for all of this?

No. 554545

He won't have anyone to blame this time if it goes wrong kek

No. 554581

Ahh, so much tranny regret. I love watching people who get SRS too soon try to "fix" themselves with a fuckload of plastic surgery soon after because they can't admit they made a huge mistake that can't be undone. It's like they think, "I became a girl and the problem/unhappy feeling/haters didn't go away, so I must need to become more of a girl to fix it! I just need more attention for being a female!"

No. 554856

File: 1523660577279.png (249.58 KB, 720x537, Tweet.png)

>"hey guys check out my house"
>shows off man legs

Everything he posts has to be sexually suggestive

No. 554864

File: 1523661006825.jpeg (95.76 KB, 1200x900, DaX-EAWU0AALxQa.jpeg)

No. 554921

When you wanna sugar daddy but you're a troon and have settle for a splenda daddy

No. 554923

I'm imagining this retard laying down in the middle of an empty house and thinking anyone's 1. Impressed by it and 2. That the legs make it more interesting.

No. 554929

Kek for real, there's nothing more depressing than an empty house. There's no boxes anywhere either. Reminds me of Yumi King's Splenda daddy's place

No. 554943

I've noticed the empty house being a trait of gamers and cosplayers who got money suddenly.
They didn't have time to develop the maturity and tastes to care about home decor and cleanliness. And they didn't really "work" to save for it so the research and imagination of putting together a house is lost on them.
So they end up owning these cheap looking, beige mcmansions in the suburbs. Nothing's in them except their gaming rigs, various trash, and beds. Minimal furniture, nothing practical, messy, disorganized.

Idk, they think they're "adulting" but it screams immaturity.

No. 555126

Once he gets all of this he'll still be unhappy. The high suicide rate for transgendered individuals comes after SRS, because surprise surprise, mental illness isn't cured by mutilating your body. They think a fauxgina will magically fix their self-hatred but it rarely does.

No. 555143

File: 1523677543745.jpeg (175.74 KB, 960x1200, DaX4_nKVAAImrjn.jpeg)

Is Remi living with his ~savior~ Richard Lewis now? Who is paying for it?? It's def not his family as he cut ties with them and his GRS and tit implants were funded by Chris.

If all those surgeries go wrong he's gonna turn on Richard's ass. Remi is really immature and dumb for saying he was brought to a butcher for his GRS. There's a failure rate for every kind of surgery, even the best doctors can have a failed surgery. That's called risk–a concept Remi doesn't seen to understand.

all that surgery won't help with his appearance and underlying issues. He should use that money for counselling, therapy, a psychiatrist and medication.

No. 555863

File: 1523758738420.png (175.65 KB, 720x1029, Cap.png)

He's going to do all that at once, is he retarded or what? Even his fans are telling him maybe to considering doing it one at a time, he clearly doesn't want to listen. Does he want to die? Heidi Montag almost died from her 8 hr plastic surgery. And what is he going to if he doesn't look fab af~ after the surgery? Get more surgery? I really don't understand his logic and mentality

No. 555906

Aren't surgeries like breast implants and other plastic surgery supposed to be redone after a couple of years or so? Even if he has the money(or someone else does) for it now how's he going to keep it up in the future? Marry a rich dude? Become a camwhore and hope that it pays well? I'm not seeing how all these surgeries are worth it in the long run.

No. 555908

is this horsefaced ginger gay or what

No. 555943

can't wait for this freak show to happen.

No. 555950

File: 1523767473398.png (211.44 KB, 720x513, Screenshot_2018-04-13-13-47-53…)

I don't think he can marry a rich guy, he's a unattractive tranny with no working parts plus he's a "lesbian".

It's disgusting af how he posts lolicon hentai but then again he's the type of attention whore who'd post pics of his dick, peengina and bolt on implants for the world to see.

Remalelia has to be the biggest japanophile/weeaboo out there. He posts and retweets Japanese shit all the time, supports and advertises Japanese only streamers/players and does the rest of the run of the mill "I'm obsessed with Japan" shit.

No. 555952

File: 1523767593779.png (246.9 KB, 720x564, Screenshot_2018-04-13-13-49-09…)

We all know he's not going to do that–that's some low tier attention bait

No. 555955

File: 1523767836669.jpg (57.58 KB, 700x393, aApbqBR_700b.jpg)

He can try with all dat ps but his lanky shoulders and legs will always give it away

No. 556038

maybe he should at least try to act more feminine before all this surgery.
Also you know he still will never learn how to wash or style his hair.

Lol at butt implants and lipo, it's like working out isn't free or better for you physically and mentally which will get the same if not similar results. inb4 REEEEE im botched let me blame it on someone else

No. 556108

File: 1523796377176.png (875.71 KB, 720x904, Bn097hk75g.png)

I really don't see how cheek implants and a harline reduction will make him look more feminine

No. 556142

Why the fuck trannies do that? Do they think every real woman looks like a fucking barbie doll?

No. 556143

Tbh he looks like a very awkward autistic girl, so he kind of passes.
All the surgery really shows how sick he is, and how that has nothing to do with being a girl or a boy though.

No. 556151

Tbh fix the nose, a little jaw work, see an eyebrow specialist, get a decent haircut (extensions to get full hair always helps) and he should be fine, sad to see em’ waste hella bank

No. 556181

File: 1523805794214.png (278.61 KB, 384x532, 1.png)

Typical male physique

Does Remilia know he can't change that?

FTM like to think getting a lot of ps, acting like a slut or a bitch makes them female. No honey what makes you a woman is being born with vagina..

No. 556204

I read a few days ago his surgery went to hell and he done it in a shady clinic and he can't stop feeling pain or something like that. Serves him right lol

No. 556208


>My gender reassingnment surgery was botched and left my entire pelvic area riddled with permanent numbness and intense nerve damage. Inside is the worst and dilating every other day feels like stabbing myself with a knife in the vagina. Any advice would be useful. Thx Badawi 

Wew lad

No. 556239

Yeah that was already talked about earlier scroll up, if you don't want to read all that tdlr; he only talked about grs cuz it failed, only did it to call himself 1st pro female, blaming other ppl for his own decisions, trying to make himself seem like the victim+trying to better his reputation and blame his past on mental illness and how he's different now and yet he still does the same shit and is still lulzy as ever.

No. 556241


this information is literally in this thread. bother to read shit before replying

No. 556311

The more time passes the more i think he got his idea of what a female is from thots on twitter and tumblr

No. 556343

File: 1523817509483.png (106.84 KB, 720x597, Sc.png)

He's prob gonna go for a jaw shave when his upcoming plastic surgeries goes wrong.


I highly doubt the clinic turned him away for that. Pretty sure they noticed how batshit insane he is and rejected him as a cautionary step for potential pill abuse. Let's be real, Remilia is the type of person who can't make good decisions for himself and chances are he probably already uses the pain pills to get high

No. 556362

Don't want to derail but isn't that the whole point of pain mgmt? You have to sign an agreement that you'll only take the prescribed amount and if you're suspected of abusing it you not only can't go back to the clinic but your paperwork is flagged indefinitely so even your regular GPs will see it and refuse to give you painkillers. It's the riskiest thing to do if you have any intention of getting high.

No. 556371

has he ever even been professionally diagnosed with gender identity disorder?

Honestly the first step would be learning how to do your hair and makeup before tits and pussy. He went straight in the deep end with no professional help for his mental issues and he expects to be perfectly fine?

No. 556372

Maybe that's the reason why he got rejected and he's trying to turn it into a sob story for attention uwu. It's plausible considering how 2 clinics turned him away

No. 556513

File: 1523827879421.png (324.41 KB, 720x567, Screenshot_2018-04-15-17-30-33…)

It's always a good time to post a selfie when you feel stressed and like shit /s

No. 556876

jesus those lips are AWFUL

but the makeup is a huge improvement from >>541739

No. 557096

File: 1523892657756.png (122.73 KB, 439x288, Screenshot_2018-04-15-23-43-58…)

I don't get the point of this pic
Is he trying to make fun of weebs?

No. 557441

It's a meme.

I'm excited to see how this will turn out. He's a fucking pussy and has absolutely no pain tolerance. (Which not to get TERFy but it absolutely boils my fucking blood that he's all "boo hoo you can't imagine how bad my voluntary surgery hurts :(," like real women with real female sex organs don't suffer pain ten times greater than that in their lifetime. I digress!) Getting this many surgeries at once will be absolute hell and now that it seems that medical professionals are hesitant to give him painkillers? Yeah, good luck.

No. 557610

Does he know that there's a higher rate of shit going wrong if he does that many procedures at once?

Inb4 the surgery fails, infections, scars, doesn't look hot after

No. 557683

but is it pot or is it the HRT

No. 557787

File: 1523969051162.png (185.96 KB, 720x659, Screenshot_2018-04-17-08-41-54…)

>"my acc is gonna decay from challenger AGAIN cuz of surgery"

Well no one told you to get all these surgeries..

No. 557789

File: 1523969107129.png (54.88 KB, 720x263, Screenshot_2018-04-17-08-42-21…)

He's gonna be under the knife for 8 hours

No. 557807

Dang I thought he was going to get rid of his nuts or dicc or maybe get some tits, but nah he's doing surgery on his face. Haahaha he's going to look even weirder after it. Congrats on your plastic face.

No. 557816

Where have you been? See >>539925 , he already got his benis hacked off by a shady surgeon and is now stuck with a botched, open wound. He got some shitty fake tits too.

No. 557840

It wasn't a shady surgeon though, Team Siren Alexia got her GRS from the same clinic and she's fine. Rem claimed it was shady to seem like the victim

No. 557963

My guess is his surgery went exactly as well as expected and he’s just a fucking pussy who can’t handle any pain at all. GRS is painful. Dilating is painful. If he had done his research he would know that. Man up, Maria!

No. 557965

File: 1523984843728.png (148.12 KB, 720x609, Screenshot_2018-04-17-08-42-07…)

So how old is this faggot again?

No. 557994

Lies. I remember someone drew him in his ~owo slutty cow w huge tits~ costume.

No. 558229

File: 1524003438402.jpeg (134.57 KB, 800x1200, DbAdANLV4ActCaR.jpeg)

Not even acurrate. Missing man arms and figure.

No. 558237

File: 1524003899213.png (85.17 KB, 720x412, Screenshot_2018-04-17-18-15-15…)

I wouldn't be surprised if he reads this thread

I don't think it ever crossed his mind that he could potentially die from all this til it was mentioned here

No. 558357

He gets off to it

No. 558436

Did his gf dump him? He used to have something like this on his profile my waifu:@(w/ehernameis)

No. 558730

File: 1524057112158.png (169.3 KB, 720x505, Screenshot_2018-04-18-09-11-34…)

His 8 hr plastic surgery is tmr
I wonder if he's starting to regret his decision

No. 558731

File: 1524057130456.jpeg (97.28 KB, 1200x944, DbCziaNUQAA5Rjq.jpeg)

No. 558753

He always changes his gfs due to terrible personality, they just use him for 'please by stuff for my gf' In the end

No. 558783

I think it starts by mutual interest then they peace out after seeing how much of a drama queen attention whore he is

No. 558866

File: 1524068797296.png (15.98 KB, 438x114, 678579.png)

The Janna nerfs weren't even that bad.. does he even play Janna?

No. 558868

File: 1524068881834.png (210.77 KB, 720x563, 65437432.png)

No. 558873

File: 1524069132001.jpg (14.41 KB, 275x275, 1513457326602.jpg)

his existence is an attack on women

No. 558894

File: 1524070502219.png (Spoiler Image, 392 KB, 720x742, First grill lcs yall.png)

It's ironic af how in the past he was adamant on keeping his dick and said he'd never subject himself to GRS. I think he even called himself a futanari at some point (hentai dick girl shit). Fast forward a few years later he cuts his small dick off on a whim so he could crown himself the title of first grill lcs proplayer~

No. 559035

tbh i think he claims to be ~janna main~ etc because of local 'only girls play Janna xdxdxd' meme which is actually true. Alot of females play as Janna, so he tries to be like them even tho he used to spam morgthresh

No. 559435

He's not hot or a girl lol

No. 559559

File: 1524101196237.png (90.96 KB, 720x490, Screenshot_2018-04-18-21-22-44…)

You guys were right, he's gonna get more surgery after this. He's not even going to let his body heal a year before getting more work done

No. 559561

File: 1524101217902.png (318.09 KB, 720x604, Screenshot_2018-04-18-21-22-49…)

No. 559563

File: 1524101235399.png (55.2 KB, 720x269, Screenshot_2018-04-18-21-22-39…)

No. 559697

Who's paying for this shit?
His new babysitter the Richard Lewis guy? (Who ~saved~ Remi.)

No. 559717

Considering how he's barred from pain management over how much drugs he "needs" for his dilation, I don't see how he's going to survive all of this.

No. 559831

All this about 8+ hours of surgery is making me tintoil a litte.
If he had a butchered major surgery like GRS, it would leave some pretty deep mental scars, maybe PTSD? (i know some people that have had botched nose jobs are are TERRIFIED of any doctor as a result)
I mean he's clearly mentally fucked, even before the surgery but think about it, having something you NEED painkillers for on a daily and seeking pain management must be something that would scare you away from any other surgery.

With this in mind, he was either lying about the pain and butched mess or he's majorly fucked up and is getting another back door job (no self respectful surgeon would operate on someone so mentally messed up).

No. 559839

Getting a 'Gina as a Transwoman is the worst. Congrats on your open wound that you'll desperately try to keep open for the rest of your life.

No. 559872

Anon the point is EVERY GRS is a botched surgery, it's a rotting hole no matter how well done it is, it will hurt and be extremely uncomfortable no matter how well done it is. He just wants the pity points.

No. 559900

Some people already don't believe his "GRS failure" bullshit. This adds to the list. Rem said "THE DOC WAS HONEST AND SAID IT'S GONNA BE PAINFUL" uhh no shit it's going to be painful.. the retard is getting 7 procedures done, did he truly think it was going to be pain free??

No. 559909

File: 1524139031586.png (83.53 KB, 720x551, Screenshot_2018-04-19-07-52-27…)

His Heidi Montag surgery started

No. 560012

Hope we get pictures of this disaster. Pathetic how his motivation seems to be wanting to look like some hentai cowgirl, why do these type of trans always have the most fetishistic view of women? Must be because it is a fetish taken too far to them.

No. 560542

Well, we're either going to have hilarious milk upcoming and some uncanny valley selfies or another dead flake

No. 560712

File: 1524230760120.png (361.88 KB, 720x748, Screenshot_2018-04-20-09-24-26…)

"I look so much cuter" idk about that

No. 560714

File: 1524230783746.png (280.99 KB, 720x576, Screenshot_2018-04-20-09-24-17…)

No. 560718

File: 1524230871114.png (38.92 KB, 720x202, Screenshot_2018-04-20-09-24-12…)

He's totally obsessed with his plastic ass

No. 561235

7 procedures at once? Ay caramba!

No. 561297

Awh, Remaleilia deleted his after-surg selfie. Tbh I wonder what's going to happen to his health after doing 7 surgs at once…

No. 561385

File: 1524315047170.png (44.86 KB, 720x228, Screenshot_2018-04-20-22-40-48…)

"Omg my ass implant hurts so fucking much"

No shit. It's plastic.

He's such a lazy fuck instead of getting a haircut he gets his hairline pushed back. Instead of gaining some weight he gets check implants, instead of working out at the gym he gets lipo in 4 areas and ass implants lol.

No. 561387

File: 1524315215186.png (50.88 KB, 720x220, Screenshot_2018-04-21-08-53-39…)

He's so confident that he's gonna look like a hot thicc goddessu for his male fans. Watch him still look busted after he heals

No. 563184

File: 1524502963292.png (61.19 KB, 720x335, Tweet.png)

Wtf is a clavicular reduction?
> F cup
Yeah, Remalelia is trying to go for the freak look.

No. 563187

Still not going to shrink those shoulders.

No. 563192

Well, what’s the point of getting all that surgery if you don’t come out on the other end looking like a blow up doll? That’s what all ladybrained people strive for, right?

No. 563199

He goes on and on about being a ~thicc Janna player,~ I wonder who his inspiration is for his looks. Whose face is he showing to his surgeon? Whoever it is I'm laughing because he's never going to look the way he wants to. He's going to be more plastic than a Barbie and when he enters uncanny valley territory his solution will always be "more surgery!" when half of this tragedy could have been fixed with a haircut and a makeup class.

No. 563247

File: 1524506098796.png (14.91 KB, 420x114, Tweet 2.png)

He's starting to look like his idol Bruce Jenner.

Ever since he got his 7 new plastic surgerie procedures done he's been calling himself cute/cutie non stop also he won't stfu about his plastic ass either.

No. 563521

>"breast aug revision f cup cow emoji"

This fetishist is trying to live out his creepy fantasy of being a ~cow tit hentai girl~ it's pretty disgusting.. it's clear that he's not a true trans person, he's just doing it purely out of fetish and for attention. Wtf is wrong with this guy?

No. 563534

it's pretty insulting to women to be honest. This image he's trying to fit himself into is what he thinks real women are.

He litreally is just some straight dude who is mentally challenged.

No. 563551

Honestly this a fetish to him and it is disgusting. He is going to look like a freak anyway so his little fantasy will be broken no matter how many surgeries he gets.

No. 563554

Went from almost passing as a nerdy, not quite attractive female to just looking like a fat boy. Looks just like this really fat kid I used to know.

No. 563561

No anon! He's not fat, he's T H I C C.

No. 563589

File: 1524523889258.jpg (10.66 KB, 313x283, obama-annoyed-meme-generator-i…)

It blows my mind how none of his fans notice how fucked in the head he is and how he's making a mockery out of real women. In his mind women= fuck holes, plastic surgery, easy sluts and hentai girls. Obviously women are more than that and he will never understand the struggle of it all cuz he's a fucking man masquerading around as a fake woman. No matter how many hormone pills he takes, he will always have more testosterone than a woman.

No. 563626

not to defend this creep that totally looks like a 2006 emo band reject, but his face is swollen from surgery. i'm sure he'll still look hideous, but it looks like swelling, not fat tbf

No. 564071

I'm curious to see what his mental state will be like a year from now. It's obvious this guy has bad self esteem issues, and I doubt that changing his appearance is going to make all of that just go away. I wonder if this'll make him see that he actually needs to start working on his own internal issues instead of just taking the easy way out every time

No. 564936

File: 1524630290504.png (342.79 KB, 720x621, Pic.png)

Remalelia is pretty ungrateful, his fans draw pics of him whenever he asks for it and send him pics on their on accord and yet he only pins and remembers the pic a Jap drew. Keep in mind all the fanart does not look like him but atleast they have the right hair and eye color, it's like the Jap artist looked through his random unused art folder and said "here ya go I drew you, I hope you feel better about the non existant abuse you claim to have suffered." It's pretty clear that Remalelia has this weird Jap worship thing going on. Maybe that's why he aspires to be a irl hentai cow tit girl so he can net down some ♡preciousnipponjin♡ people

No. 565195

Does remalelia even speak Japanese? I'm pretty sure Japanese ppl think he's a freakshow

No. 565326

Nah. He's just your typical 4ch0n weeb, feels like watching/reading hentai is his only hobby.

No. 566255

File: 1524757138326.jpeg (96.8 KB, 850x1200, Dbm-r_gXUAAdTyl.jpeg)

Another Jap "drew" him and called him a cute cow girl or something, in what way is he cute? He looks like Bruce Jenner v2. The pic doesn't look like him but atleast the Jap got the bolt ons right lol

No. 566968

This is inaccurate. Where's the dried blood and pus from his unhealed penectomy/castration? It should be all over the panties, considering that his gash wound has never/will never properly heal. But that's not kawaii, I guess!

No. 567111

File: 1524838805235.png (72.42 KB, 515x453, C12408214.png)

Is it me or does it seem like he's trying to convince himself that all the surgeries were worth it? I have a feeling the regret is kicking in

No. 567115

File: 1524839118442.png (119.68 KB, 720x596, C97730247.png)

No. 567116

File: 1524839204468.jpeg (126.74 KB, 900x1200, Dbv7pXsUQAAQTVk.jpeg)

Still a guy

No. 567143

Just sounds like a need for validation.

I think he's emphasizing pain because he's hoping someone will reaffirm "Don't worry, all the pain is worth it!" Or give asspats in general.
That one Tweet is revealing,
>I'm in so much pain
>But at least my face looks better than pre-surgery, r-right guys?
This person does not want to admit they've made a huge mistake, so any slight justification for it matters.

No. 567175

Gross. If he actually thought he looked good, you'd think he'd ease up on the the meitu.

No matter how many plastic surgeries you get, you'll always be a ginger male, remi. You never had a chance to be unironically attractive.

No. 567192

File: 1524846378123.png (66.07 KB, 720x310, Lmaowut.png)

Hate to break it to you Remalelia riot is not going to make a faggot male champ that gets his lil dick cut off for fetish reasons and for male attention.

No. 567193

File: 1524846538764.png (44.45 KB, 720x229, Screenshot.png)

More bitching, he's been complaining non stop after his freakshow surgery, this makes me wonder how much he bitched and cried after his GRS + breast implant surgery

No. 567256

I think that he looks like a normal girl here, but I know irl and in pictures and video taken by other people that he's unmistakably male. It feels so weird looking at these overly editing and specifically angled pictures.

No. 567329

File: 1524855625106.jpeg (160.76 KB, 900x1200, DbzarwLV4AEI3t4.jpeg)

All his post op pics are photoshop filtered. I don't think he'll post one without all that shit.

No. 567419

hides his man shoulders and arms
looks like a guy who was stung by a bee in the face. but still a guy

No. 567523

imagine spending tens of thousands and enduring significant physical pain to try to become a ~thicc gamergurl goddess~ but still looking like an ugly 16 year old boy at the end of it all
i predict he’ll continue to get more surgeries and procedures over the next few years, becoming more and more desperate as he begins to realize that they aren’t magical fix-its and he’ll never really pass or look like his autogynephiliac dream

No. 567539

File: 1524871496349.jpg (64.26 KB, 1818x223, pic4.jpg)

Remilia posted under the name "ScarletDevil" on 4chan for awhile and talked about some issues, for example that s/he isn't really trans and only did it as a fetish and regrets it but there is no going back.


No. 567565

This is basically 100% trannies. They all end up regretting it in the end. You're either born male or female. You cant pretend to be either one.

No. 567605

>He isn't really trans and only does it for a fetish

I fucking knew it. Remalelia is pretty fucking disgusting, no wonder his family disowned his ass.

No. 567873

Men have (by default) faster reaction speed and better spatial thinking than women. They are just born with it.

Both of these things are extremely important to excel at video games at a high level. Even though I respect Remilias choice to live as a woman, she absolutely has the male advantages because she is a male and SHOULD not be considered the first female anything because it's unfair and absurd.

Our biological differences are the reasons why there even is a distinction in competition between male and females. And no, hormones do not change most of them.

No. 567878

I mentioned these points in a conversation about another AGP “female” player in a different competitive online game, and was shouted down by a cis woman whose only response to me was “git gud” and implying I was only saying these things because I felt jealous of his skill. But from men? Total silence. They know the truth. It’s only extreme liberal feminist idiots that shill for this shit, lmao. So embarrassing when they fall all over themselves to defend men that not only take away opportunities from real female players (by putting men in women’s leagues or giving them accolades as if they are women, women lose spots - who would have thunk!) would NEVER do the same for them.

No. 567885

Damn reading all of his posts makes me almost feel bad for him. He's regretted GRS since he got it done. He also admitted that he would have rather lived his life as a male/normie that just went to college.

He pretty much just got caught up TOO much in his AGP fantasy, and no one told him he shouldn't get GRS since his family and therapist/doctor thought he was really trans. He literally admits he had no idea what his GRS would look like afterwards, so he couldn't tell if his inverted dick was done well or not..what the fuck.

No. 567898

makes more sense why he greenlit the surgery himself. Personally i dont think he had a real therapist or lied to them a bunch. You'd think they'd know if he was really trans or just a guy who has a fetish.

No. 567901

He mentions in one of the posts that he lied to his therapist and told them what he knew they needed to hear in order for them to give him hormones. They gave him hormones at 15..

No. 567904

File: 1524915133352.png (228.27 KB, 750x1291, IMG_3798.PNG)

Some of his posts

>not sure what I need, maybe I don't need anything except to accept my mistakes. becoming a girl was based on fetishism but now i don't particularly want to be a girl I just go through the motions since there is no sexual gratification from doing this stuff since i got surgery. eat spaghetti to forgetti your regretti etc. etc. whatever.

>I don't wanna fuck over trutrans whatever bullshit by going mainstream with this shit even though I could probably cash in on right wing sites advocating harder medical psych evals for people like me.

>I'm literally the worst girl ever loool, I did the foundation and hard part of becoming a girl but cba to learn anything else. Would have to get other peoples' opinions on hairstyle or w/e because I have 0 knowledge of what I want/what looks good.

>it's only an issue if you really care about sex and sexuality, which mine was always personal and focused on myself ie. AGP and losing it just feels like a consequence/punishment for acting in a selfish manner. I focus on other shit now but it plagues parts of my mind that's why im posting here rn it's particularly bad.

>I just don't see how I'll ever be sexually fulfilled, I was turned on by the normalization of a guy becoming a girl until you live it and realize normalization ruins the turned on part so there was no winning.

Also pic related, didn't want to have to huge of a wall of text

No. 567957

His posts proves everyone's suspicion about Rem lying about his "grs failure". No wonder Chris seemed clueless and shocked when Rem started the accusations a few years after his GRS. Guess he really needed that scapegoat to save his reputation and the pity from the lol community. I don't feel bad for this scum at all.

Men naturally have higher reaction speeds than women because their testorone levels are higher, there's a reason why shit is segregated between men and women.

The truth will never come out about his lies becuz the reddit mods and lol boards will censor and delete everything and anything about their precious fake trans princessu.

No. 568039

Nah, it's not just about testosterone. Because if testosterone was the only reason why males have these advantages over females then Remi saying she's the first Female wouldn't be that bad because she's on Hormone therapy and her test levels are probably lower than the average women.

>Men tend to have larger diameter axons than women. Larger diameter axons cause signals to be transmitted faster up nerve fibers, leading to a shorter latency between stimulus and response.

And things like that aren't changed by hormone therapy. So Remi has still the full male advantage.

No. 568209

File: 1524943052611.png (54.14 KB, 720x256, Screenshot_2018-04-28-09-06-10…)

Is he implying that people are sending him dick pics? I highly doubt that's happening, maybe if he was an actual girl. His actions are so exaggerated and pretty attention whorey, he's real desperate for people to see him as a girl. I bet he has a checklist of things he thinks girls do/things he thinks will make him a girl.

Platic surgery? ✓✓
dick pics? ✓
act like a prostitute? ✓
Take slutty pics for guys? ✓
Play Janna? ✓
Long hair? ✓

What's next Fagmelia? Claiming to be drugged and raped? Cuz that's what gurls do all the time amirite?

No. 568229

Tbf he posted pics with his dick whipped out on 4chan in threads for camwhore femguys/traps

No. 568354

File: 1524951734123.jpg (51.89 KB, 480x599, Cy3uJi-XcAIJzDn.jpg)

Remalelia next to an actual girl

No. 568371

Kek he looks legit like Eddie redmayne

No. 568520

Looks like your average chubby ginger boy.

No. 568530

Seems like this is him. Everything lines up including the name. Why does he fake it so much on Twitter? If he wanted to vent about his issues without anyone knowing it was him, he wouldn't use an obvious name that links back to him.

No. 568544

File: 1524962238261.png (12.35 KB, 1194x88, really.png)

If only he was this honest on his public accounts. He could really discourage people from following the wrong path he did, instead he pretends that hes loving his newfound life as a "sexy anime cow girl".

No. 568575

Not only that, he also posted selfies just for that board. He can't even deny that shit

He won't because he wants people to believe he's a real woman. He hates and denies the lgtb community hard, guess it makes sense since he's trans for a fetish.

No. 569138

Loving how the truth is coming out through his old posts anyone got anymore?

No. 569980

So how many girlfriends did he have now? Is he ever able to be in a relationship with someone longer than a few months?

No. 569990

I have no clue, I do remember he use to date a brazillian and he called her the love of his life, he said she saved him and all that junk. Pretty sure all his girlfriends abandonship when they realize his sexuality and gender is a fraud.

No. 570000

no self respecting Lesbian would want to go near that botched mess. I'm honestly surprised he can even get a girlfriend in the first place.

No. 570002

I think most of his "girl"friends were also trans.

No. 570004

File: 1525091543520.png (242.08 KB, 476x338, 1524800382910.png)

oh so it's just two dudes playing dress up boning

No. 570005

Well, no lesbian in general since transwomen are not women. I'd wager his girlfriends only like him for his league gamerbux, then dump him once they get sick of the crazy.

No. 570094

So how is he a lesbian? He's trans and if you look at his pics/posts it's clear that he wants some dick. Guessing it's another fetish of his..

No. 570124

He’s AGP so he gets off to feeling desired by men. I knew another AGP who also only dated women but enjoyed posting bait pics for men. Their entire personality is shaped by porn.

No. 570158

What is a AGP? I've never heard of that term before

No. 570539

AGP = autogynephilia

>Autogynephilia is defined as a male's propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought of himself as a female. It is the paraphilia that is theorized to underlie transvestism and some forms of male-to-female (MtF) transsexualism.

No. 570977

File: 1525178763260.png (128.43 KB, 720x645, Screenshot_2018-05-01-08-42-16…)

Ofc he has an infection, he never takes care of his surgery wounds, I bet he just leaves it there thinking he'll be magically hot in a few months.

No. 570978

File: 1525178811557.png (85.17 KB, 720x441, Screenshot_2018-05-01-08-42-43…)

More bitching about the ~pain~

No. 570980

File: 1525178837581.png (61.61 KB, 720x305, Screenshot_2018-05-01-08-42-36…)

No. 571048

I'm definitely thinking he's an opiate abuser now. He claims he couldn't get pain medications for his "botched" GRS from a PAIN MANAGEMENT CLINIC because they "couldn't handle that kind of pain," which… it's pain management. That's literally what they do, and he's not that special. They probably wanted to give him neuropathic pain medication for the nerve pain he claims to have but because it's Gabapentin and not Percocet like he wants, he says they "refuse to help."

Now he just had a major 8-hour surgery and he says that he can't get pain medication? They send you home with that shit. Either he's lying for sympathy or he already took everything they gave him.

Either way, imagine being this fucking unhinged.

No. 571110

File: 1525198462392.png (66.14 KB, 720x291, Screenshot_2018-05-01-08-51-44…)

His next lesbian relationship victim


Who tf says that? I feel like he's already lowkey pressuring her to get into a relationship with him.

No. 571112

File: 1525198545595.png (54.76 KB, 720x225, Screenshot_2018-05-01-08-43-07…)

Apparently the friend is taking care of him and the Lewis guy is cooking meals for him

No. 571257

…And they all got empty/new twitter profiles and possibly stream shit on twitch…

No. 571386

Watch his ass implants flip inside out like this person's. I'd give it a year or two.

No. 572674

Apparently he wants to join a Japanese lcs team lawl. This fool can only play Thresh decently and can't speak a lick of Japanese, What makes him think anyone would want him? He's a liability and I don't see why any team would want his ass, he's unstable and crazy. Taking him is like caring for a handicapped mentally disabled kid.

No. 572677

Japan doesn't do the whole tranny sympathy thing so he's got no chance.

No. 572792

File: 1525371353973.png (57.04 KB, 720x335, Imb.png)

Rem doesn't look cute tho

It seems like he can't decide whether if he wants to be a smol kawaii loli or a slutty cosplay weebaboo.

No. 573704

File: 1525455645066.jpeg (83.85 KB, 1200x675, DcUx949V0AANbWe.jpeg)

Is it just me, or he looks fucking terrible? Also reminds me of some kids with illness, downeys etc…

No. 573714

Honestly, most mtf trannies want to do the slutty thing immediately because think being a real woman is so easy and women use their sex appeal to get what they want. It's so gross and a huge form of sexism in itself.

He's gonna find out real soon that pretending to be a woman isn't all fun and games.

yikes, that's horrifying

No. 573943

Almost everyday he posts about how kawaii~ he is when in reality he looks like Bruce Jenner v2.
No team will take him let alone a Japanese team. He gets a ps every year on top of being nuts and playing the victim card everywhere he goes. Who tf would want to deal with a mess like that? Also Japanese teams don't seem to import as much, some teams get a few Chinese or Korean players and that's it. This idiot thinks "After I become kawaii every Japanese team will want me~!"

No. 573999

lmao it's autogynophilia not gender dysphoria for these people. being socialized as a woman entrenches slut shaming into you. there's a reason why AGP types sexualize themselves so much.

and it's funny that AGP is 'confirmed not real' because it completely ignores the existence of ftms. i have never met an ftm who fetishizes themselves yet i can name dozens of mtfs who do.

No. 574008

Looks like you haven't seen the fakeboi thread(s) yet. Plenty of FTMs do the exact same thing, the term AAP exists for a reason. This isn't just a guy thing.

No. 574186

File: 1525498378106.jpeg (110.02 KB, 1200x675, DcY89ZPVwAEpnBW.jpeg)

Tbh these cheeks make him look like a fat kiddo. And he's back to shitty webcam quality and angles, can't wait to see how he looks like irl. Does he use any snow filters? I remember he had a selfie with one as his avatar

No. 574311

He uses snow filters or his shitty blurry webcam. You can see how bad he looks if he takes a normal picture.

No. 574328

He didn't do any research for the gender reassignment surgery I doubt he did his homework for any of his new surgeries

No. 574329

He looks like that one ex-Vinesauce streamer called GPM, so feminine~

No. 574340

File: 1525527600595.png (303.39 KB, 720x534, Screenshot_2018-05-05-09-39-51…)

The caption for that pic lmao

No. 574344

File: 1525527842832.png (263.34 KB, 720x735, Screenshot_2018-05-05-09-40-06…)

Fagmilia wants to get F cups to look like this pic, it's sickening and sad.

No. 574348

File: 1525528285397.png (53.03 KB, 720x311, Screenshot_2018-05-05-09-50-52…)

And people are actually playing along with his delusion. Dat pity card tho.

No. 574351

He wants to be Momokun?

No. 574370

File: 1525531477735.png (45.4 KB, 720x229, Screenshot_2018-05-05-09-51-20…)

The opioid addict finally got his fix

No. 574388

He's so AGP. Literally a dude trying to fill the void by acting like a female sex doll.

No. 575188

File: 1525631918728.jpeg (178.14 KB, 901x1200, DcgGu2LV4AAu0lp.jpeg)

The fuck

No. 575189

File: 1525632120204.jpeg (104.03 KB, 1200x675, DcgFGksU8AAlGZQ.jpeg)

'Course you'll look passable if you use shit-quality cam with more than possible mix of snow filter. :p He did used it earlier after all, and his uwufriend abuses it to hell because she looks pretty cringe w/o it (even tho based on her weebpose, she looks cringe anyway)

No. 575205

Is it me or does his nose look weird?

No. 575274

File: 1525637460425.jpg (124.46 KB, 739x667, cheeks.jpg)

Those cheeks look crazy and not in a good way. I slimmed them down a bit and it looks already way better to me.

No. 575290

Ngl i noticed that too.

No. 575852

File: 1525704863142.png (367.93 KB, 720x500, 2.png)

I like how he posts lgtb stuff/memes when it's convenient for him. I'm guessing his new image is a ~gay~ big tit anime cow girl.

No. 575918

Lol and he's been raving non stop abt how cute he looks now. Those cheeks are too big to look good or natural

No. 575948

File: 1525715983436.jpg (20.81 KB, 275x218, 1495590078282.jpg)


>unironically posting stuff like this

>claiming to be a girl

fucking gross
autogynephiliacs: not even once

No. 575954

>not k or l
fucking men don't know shit about bras.

No. 576024

He brought this pain onto himself and continues to do so. What a brainless moron, how worthless and pathetic to chase a fetish while rendering yourself incapable of feeling anything but pain just to achieve it.

No. 576140

realizing how much he fucked up and what worthless trash he is, is probably why he continues with the extremes

nothing left lmao

No. 576574

he always claimed that he is a uwu lesbian uwu and dated only girls. Its funny that he used to claim that hes not a part of LGBT-at all.

No. 576591

He was less annoying when he said he wasn’t part of LGBT, deep down he knew he was just a straight male.

It’s so obvious he’s trying to convince himself of this lesbian shit now that he’s realized his life is fucked beyond repair for a fetish

No. 576592

He looks cute in this pic, but then again he looked cute in >>86690 while he was looking like >>86748 IRL. He knows his angles and the shitty webcam hides the rest.

How long until he flashes his new ass for the world to see?

No. 576666

He looks male in every single one of those photos. Looking better than awful isn't looking cute.

No. 576686

File: 1525786518945.png (38.27 KB, 720x226, 2.png)

Lawl he's fake trans wtf is he talking abt?

Exactly this.
It's ridiculous how he's trying to be all lgtb for his fake lesbian image but he denied and hated lgtb for his transition. But then again he's a fake transperson so I see why he rejected it.

No. 576687

File: 1525786538564.png (222.92 KB, 720x1174, 3.png)

No. 576861

I don't think he's ever addressed himself as trans. He only does it when he plays the pity card. Remalelia hates being called trans cause he wants people to think he's a real girl.

No. 576967

File: 1525811210770.jpg (Spoiler Image, 118.25 KB, 1280x720, WIN_20180423_20_56_43_Pro.jpg)

>How long until he flashes his new ass for the world to see?

No. 576969

File: 1525811221527.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.7 KB, 1280x720, WIN_20180502_17_34_11_Pro.jpg)

No. 576977

That is disgusting..
His breast implant scar is so noticeable/obvious. Funny thing is you can still tell he's a male in the ass pic.

No. 577000

>you can tell he's a male

I was just thinking that

like even though they tried to give him a round/bubble butt, his torso is so thick and shapeless it still looks like a man's ass and body

No. 577005

>obviously fake tits
>barrel body
>suddenly ass
Yeahhhh that's real convincing.

No. 577036

File: 1525816835551.png (154.04 KB, 720x789, Screenshot_2018-05-08-18-00-29…)

Another round of his weekly minna feel bad for me the pain is 2 much uwu posts

No. 577075

Is he uploading these gross photos on twitter or who the deuce is he sending em to

No. 577200

My guess is he uploaded them on Twitter and deleted them cuz of the backlash. Remalelia has a long history of uploading nudes, half naked pics, undie pics and bikini pics on the net and deleting them afterwards.

No. 577880

File: 1525921058080.png (206.58 KB, 720x541, Screenshot_2018-05-09-22-55-34…)

Lol do girls even take pics like this?

No. 577881

File: 1525921092476.jpeg (192.72 KB, 900x1200, Dcvf_xuU8AUz-be.jpeg)

No. 577887

I do but I never ever post them anywhere. Usually its when I'm reading something and want to remember the moment. Sometime I see girls post them if they wanna show off their tats.

No. 577905

Yes. Well at least girls with nice legs do…

No. 577921

they also don't call their own legs nice in the caption. ffs you'd think that it'd be easy to copy vapid girls' habits.

No. 578097

These are actually disgusting. He looks like a man with tits and the first picture just looks like a man from the back.

No. 578104

He posted this on his twitter

Remalelia is taking every girl stereotype to heart. He was originally known for his Thresh and now he's spamming Janna so he can have stereotypical ~girl stats~.

No. 578191

If someone said every woman eats pig feet he'll start chowing down and raving about how much he loves it.

No. 578207

Lmao I didn't even notice that

No. 578226

File: 1525975129455.png (78.66 KB, 720x512, Twitter.png)

"I want to join a team but I don't want to be held back by medical issues"

I never knew getting plastic surgery done every year counts as a medical issue lawl.

No. 580149

File: 1526109878928.jpeg (113.79 KB, 900x1200, Dc8yXJCV0AEQmcc.jpeg)

He looks hideous.

No. 580154

He just looks like a fucked up man

No. 580156

he looks like someone who needs a nose job opposed to having just got one….

No. 580166

lel he does look like a girl now, a puffy homely lumpy potato-nosed one. could have been a normal-looking male though. if you want to be a girl get ready to be treated like one remaleia

No. 580213

All that surgery to look like an ugly boygirl?

No. 580232

Looks like average ginger boy face. He must be deluded.

No. 580272

He legit looks like my ex-co-workers son who is 17, I don't see anything girly about him at all here

No. 580301

looks like the ginger dude from two door cinema club kek

No. 580307

the issue with her is that she had SRS. if she sticked with implants, fat transfer to butt and maybe some facial surgeries, she couldve lived her fetish out and wouldve been happy.

how dumb of her to get srs. i honestly feel bad for her, she will never end this suffering unless she commits suicide.

having AGP must suck.

No. 580318

File: 1526137512731.jpg (81.52 KB, 1299x598, emilia b4 hormones.jpg)

NGL she used to be pretty hot as a guy. i remember her posting these hot pics on /soc/ of herself pre-transition. AGP ruined her.

still jerking it to this pic tbh.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 580328

Are you guys sure this is him? Looks nothing like him

No. 580336

it is him. he had minor surgical interventions like botox to forehead and hyaluron fillers to cheeks, plus the estrogen made him a bit fatter, hiding the jaw well.

No. 580340

>jerking it to this
get out, fag.

No. 580341

File: 1526139176864.png (4.59 KB, 410x154, anawn.PNG)

i am gay, you moron. i just respect her gender. she was hot as fuck as a guy.

No. 580344

lmao he's so obviously a straight fetishizing male and you respect that shit? it literally could not be more plain that this is a case that ESP shouldn't have pronouns or 'gender' respected. pls, anon. stop.

but the skintone, like, the ginger pale pink undertones wouldn't tan like this. he clearly has a basic freckly ging complexion in every other photo, even candids that def wouldn't tan this nicely or evenly. idk, i think this is another AGP weirdo.

No. 580349

estrogen actually can make your skin lighter. look up black mtf's who became light skin after HRT.

also i agree.
>>580341 stop calling him "she". he is a mtf. and with all that fetish shit calling him he is even more appropriate.

No. 580356

once again: get out, fag.

No. 580478

That's not Remi. Remi had a bump on the nose before, this guy doesn't. They look nothing a like.

No. 580502

only if they have thigh tattoos and/or a bath bomb

even though it's a filter it looks a lot better than the other pics. i don't get why he doesn't attempt any eye makeup, even just mascara. worrying you'll suck at it because you were raised male isn't much of an excuse. we all start somewhere and there's billions of makeup tutorials out there now

No. 580532

I am at most willing to believe he posted a picture of a different guy, at no point does he claim that picture is him. and yeah, there's not a single feature that looks anything like him in that photo lmao

even that guy has a more defined waist than 'female' remaleia now

No. 581243

>>580532 When Fagmilia was a guy he was never jacked or in shape. He was a scrawny, lanky kid. I'm guessing he'd post nudes and other ppl's pics for attention back then.

No. 581301

File: 1526224793176.jpeg (609.85 KB, 900x1200, C5DBCCC9-DA52-4E35-8900-BA8608…)

Get some eyebrows gwurl like damn

No. 581427

I'll be a girl if I shave half of my eyebrows off right?

No. 582436

File: 1526306204737.jpg (375.37 KB, 900x1200, MAKEUP_20180514165527_save.jpg)

YouTube makeup tutorials would work wonders.

No. 582700

tbh he still looks questionable, but its fine 4 him if he wants to pass as 'some creepy-looking n ugly chick'. And God, whats wrong with his nose?? Or is it just his poor photoshop? His face looks really weird, its either photoshop or really bad surgery. Maybe both.

No. 582738

Something is seriously fucked with the whole nose/jaw line and cleavage

No. 582992

Nah he rather get eyelid surgery than learn how to apply makeup. Contour? Nope just get cheek implants, get a haircut? Nope, got his hair line pulled back. Workout? Nope, liposuction and ass implants.

No. 583043

Nose still looks a little wonky, and that hair looks greasy as hell, but makeup really makes a huge difference. There are a lot of filters/angles in play here too, so who really knows.

No. 583068

He looks like diamondprox with a wig

No. 583100

This is my main issue with not just him but most of them in general
They constantly appeal to sexist stereotypes because to them that's what a woman is,despite the fact he never did it in the past

No. 583318

File: 1526371885778.png (150.67 KB, 1332x581, 4212421412421124214.PNG)

It's totally not a fetish guys

No. 583328


this is something so blatantly written by a man, i don't even know what to say. no girl would ever talk about herself (or girls in general) like this lol what the fuck is he doing

No. 583330

File: 1526373178287.png (43.96 KB, 1144x455, 44214211421242.PNG)

The entire discord is awful

No. 583407

File: 1526379594699.png (14.24 KB, 945x91, 242142141.PNG)

The entire place is just rping AGP shit but it's totally not a fetish and they totally have dysphoria

No. 583423

File: 1526381597457.png (74.88 KB, 1334x633, 2.PNG)

He has a nasty habit of being very ban happy and hostile towards others

No. 583432

This is disgusting and painfully embarrassing to read.

No. 583449

Wtf is wrong with him?? Why are his fans so blind? Call him out on this shit and he'll be like muh mental illness~

No. 583480

This is literally a man rping as a woman. Holyshit. All these trannies are the same.

No. 583498

File: 1526388320082.png (76.3 KB, 1335x607, 1.PNG)

He doesn't like being called trans though for some reason
>literally a man rping as a woman
The chat is full of that shit about him roleplaying about being turned into a woman against his own will

No. 583499

File: 1526388371730.png (87.87 KB, 1332x635, 2.PNG)

and he seems to think being a woman automatically makes you submissive

No. 583531

>being turned into a woman against his own will
tbh thats true, but the thing is that its all his own fault. He regrets the whole surg and mtf shit because he does knows that he is AGP yet tries to find an excuse to all like 'NOO ITS NOT ME AND MUH SEXUAL FANTASIES UWU' like always

No. 583535

I hope Fagmilia gets exiled from the lol community, I still can't believe he tried blaming Chris Badawi for his GRS. Next year he'll delete all his posts and tweets like it's nothing, post about his mental illness~ and how he's different all while rinsing and repeating the same bullshit.

No. 583537

>He regrets the whole surg and mtf shit
Are you sure? he doesn't seem like he's going to stop pretending to be a uwu cute anime lesbian uwu

No. 583539

Idk, dudes weird af but >>567904

No. 583540

It's very unlikely the community exiles him
The community (or atleast /r/leagueoflegends and the twitter league community) treat him with the most padded kiddie gloves and were defending him during the badawi shit storm

No. 583541

thats why we should keep all of the shit :р

No. 583548


THIS is what is supposed to represent the ~first girl in professional LoL. just end me tbh

No. 583633

That might be the cringiest thing I've ever seen. It hurts.

No. 583648

File: 1526399305304.png (31.04 KB, 1278x351, 214124124.PNG)

It's bad to be a ugly/a crossdresser/a feminist but perfectly ok to be mentally ill while pretending to be a uwu cute anime lesbian uwu despite being a man

No. 583649

he hates being called trans? wtf else are we supposed to call him?

No. 583651


a man :^)

No. 583652

I have no idea
He says he's not trans but goes by she/her pronouns in discord

No. 583676

>she/her pronouns in discord
>roleplaying discord

makes it even more obvious being a girl is a huge roleplaying game for this degenerate.

No. 583681

>what do we call him?

A sick fetishist.

No. 583688

>>583649 here >>576687 he talks about hating being called trans too. He fucked up bad with his fetish and now he wants people to believe his man made infection hole is natural and what he's born with.

No. 583705

Oh so he actually thinks he's a real girl,not even a trans one
That's even worse

No. 583969

100 000 dollars? Where the fuckall does she get this kind of money

No. 585242

File: 1526502965323.png (60.83 KB, 1133x596, 51.PNG)

He wants people to call him a woman but is mad if you call him trans

No. 585246

File: 1526503037916.png (32.07 KB, 1166x292, 421.PNG)

No. 585248

File: 1526503055854.png (45.5 KB, 1160x363, 21442142112.PNG)

No. 585249

File: 1526503077047.png (77.25 KB, 1165x709, 512.PNG)

No. 585261

Remalelia is trying to make himself feel better about his mistake hence why he's going hard on the forced woman dress up act.

No. 585294

????? 100000 bucks later and he’s still not happy lmao. You will never be a >woman< , I think even some actual mtf know not everyone will view them as such, it’s a given

No. 585295

Lmao at this fucking narc meltdown (feet. unironic crytyping), what a freak. It's so insulting to watch a creep like him call himself a real woman.

>I hate trans people
same, especially you remaleia

>none of my fans are trans

k e k when will he learn that they are the only ones who play along with this. hasn't he dated other awesome trans gals too?

No. 585305

File: 1526505359612.png (45.96 KB, 1036x562, 2512.PNG)

The entire discord is just so sad and pathetic
It's either cringeworthy rp or whining

No. 585307

File: 1526505369822.png (29.31 KB, 1019x313, 412.PNG)

No. 585310

File: 1526505450210.png (88.16 KB, 1173x720, 241412.PNG)

It's really nice of him to lash out at someone for simply trying to be nice and below this was more "you're going to make me kill myself fuck you for caring"

No. 585330

He doesnt have trans fans becuz he denied the lgbt community and he's a terrible role model. How delusional is he? Who the fuck wants to admire or aspire to be like him?

No. 585332

This is cringeworthy. It reads like 12 year olds first sexy rp on deviantart.

No. 585379

Is there a time where he's not threatening to kill himself? I swear he pulls this shit on a weekly basis

No. 585381

You mean daily lmao
The entire discord is just a pity party for him and his rp buddies to suck his dick whenever he's sad and anyone who doesn't get's banned from the discord automatically

No. 585388

kek the self awareness

No. 585875

lmao so he uses words like tranny and hates being called trans. he'd be a terf if only he were a real girl

No. 585878

well at least he gets it

No. 585899

Why is every trans woman a 'lesbian'

No. 585929

you know why

No. 585957

Thanks to lesbian fetish + the 'no homo' thought when it comes to men inside them

No. 586008

i know he's obviously a fetishist anyway, but he couldn't be more transparent with this "i just want someone to meet me and treat me like i'm just a real cute girl" thing

if this tool even wanted to play at seeming ""naturally female"" (whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean, when you're a male) then he would at least have the sense to refer to himself as a ""woman"" at his age instead of this "i'm just a cute lil girl uwu" garbage.

No. 586175

>5'11 male body

No. 586253

File: 1526575198595.jpeg (185.19 KB, 900x1200, DdVWooYVMAEEWBP.jpeg)

So he paid 100k to look like a kid with a chromosome disorder?

No. 586257

File: 1526575249591.png (77.07 KB, 637x439, Screenshot_2018-05-17-12-39-26…)

This doesn't apply to you Remalelia.

No. 586397

he legit looks like someone with rubenstein tayi syndrome

No. 586623

File: 1526593421010.png (66.53 KB, 720x292, Screenshot_2018-05-17-12-37-25…)

Who the fuck wants to be friends with someone who is constantly pressuring you to date them? And he wonders why he's friendless..

No. 586642

Why are so many MTF trannies so creepy like this?! And pretty sure 'making yuri irl' is the most male thing to say. You probably need a vagina and XX chromosomes first, hun

No. 586703

>you probably

You need to be born as a female to be a lesbian. It's insulting af for this homo to call himself a woman and a lesbian when he's literally a fucking guy.

No. 587083

Let's not forget that this sushi person might be a trannie aswell (based on sc above… all about weird erp) which would be great tbh because imo agps should stick not with biological, wonderful woman but with some mtf creeps such as them.

No. 587185

File: 1526638889097.jpg (394.9 KB, 1290x1920, 1517489275595.jpg)

Left side explains a lot.

No. 587188

I'm not gonna doubt your graphic there because I have no knowledge about this topic but the "girl" on the right side with the ginger hair is just a gay drag queen that isn't trans whatsoever

No. 587205

You're aware that a lot of these hyper feminine dragqueens eventually come out as trans even when they claim they aren't at the start? It's usually when they get older and can't maintain their feminine-youthful looks anymore without hormones.

No. 587206

A lot of them does not mean all of them so that's not a good point nor does it change anything

No. 587247

I know but he is not one of them apparently

No. 587256

Is Sushi another pro player? I just thought it was some random "fan" freak in their embarrassing RP chat

No. 587329

Sushi is a unknown Twitch streamer, she gets 5 viewers max

No. 587531

File: 1526669036013.png (9.46 KB, 390x138, really.png)

Looked at his twitter for the first time and the tranny is having a breakdown in his most recent tweets. Isn't he supposed to be a "professional"? Nobody can take him seriously like this.

No. 587538

File: 1526669565109.png (81.78 KB, 660x732, 1.PNG)

No. 587539

File: 1526669573829.png (57.48 KB, 639x669, 2.PNG)

No. 587540

File: 1526669579429.png (63.34 KB, 755x662, 3.PNG)

No. 587541

File: 1526669584735.png (74.42 KB, 740x728, 4.PNG)

No. 587543

File: 1526669618667.png (36.65 KB, 648x333, 5.PNG)

No. 587697

None of this even makes sense. Is he on cocaine?
> I’ve never had a part time job because I led a more creative life.
What? You play a fucking video game.

No. 587833

If he never worked a real job then how did he get all this money for plastic surgery? I highly doubt he made 100k when he was in Renegades and he doesn't get that much in donations. I'm guessing he sells nudes and cam sessions

No. 587835

The finances are very mysterious. Expensive surgeries aside, the new house is almost certainly a rental but something like that wouldn't be cheap even in Vegas.

No. 588233

File: 1526714409978.jpg (135.73 KB, 1581x566, 57dbf43cf7.jpg)

From last stream

No. 588235

Still looks like a sick, bloated man with a tragic attempt at winged liner. He should've put his money into getting his teeth fixed instead of wasting it on plastic surgery that did nothing but make him look doughy. Also, nose is fucked.

No. 588238

File: 1526715444278.jpg (17.17 KB, 486x370, cams.jpg)

They also wrote this in their stream chat.

idolmariya:being a pro gamer is better than working sewage


No. 588239

File: 1526715624216.jpg (20.43 KB, 480x360, 191be5ab212d00bb6407b0e88a66ca…)

Oh wow how much money did he pay to look like this?????

No. 588241

Screaming, homeboy paid $100k+ to look like a melting hon

No. 588242

File: 1526716650289.jpg (13.59 KB, 462x483, CA!.jpg)

Yeah, it's rough.

No. 588257


part of the vod if anyone is interested. It's even insulting to call him a man in drag at this point. Even drag queens put more effort in than this, jesus.

No. 588290

Holy shit, his voice and face and body are busted AF. that is one SCUFFED human being, Jesus Christ

No. 588320

File: 1526735546548.jpeg (54.28 KB, 650x650, i-98.jpeg)

Lel he has that busted trans look down like Bruce

No. 588333

File: 1526736771820.png (576.09 KB, 720x854, Screenshot_2018-05-19-09-32-39…)

His weebiness hurts.

>140 fps

And he's still trying to play on the Japanese servers

No. 588652

Looks like a fat man who lost a bit of weight but kept the moobs

No. 588657

This is pure embarrassment, he's rapping Filthy Frank's I Like Sex but trying to make it actually sexual. Does he have some breathing issue? What's with the heavy breathing? I didn't realise he was this chubby

No. 589232

File: 1526822500799.png (55.35 KB, 720x302, Screenshot_2018-05-20-09-21-16…)

He takes xanax on top of antidepressants and opioids. I swear he's a munchie in the making, he's always mentioning the meds he's on and how shitty his life is when he gets sick or gets surgery.

No. 589234

File: 1526822630457.png (117.08 KB, 720x625, Screenshot_2018-05-20-09-25-07…)

>feels like i'm jamming a knife in muh vagina

No. 589241

File: 1526823823336.png (70.25 KB, 720x369, Cap.png)

Guessing he smokes weed too

No. 589247

File: 1526824081379.png (71.88 KB, 720x549, Cap2.png)


By oishii manko you mean mangina hole infested with bacteria..

I highly doubt anyone knows who he is other than the two Japs who draw him

No. 589254

how the fuck or where the fuck does he get these doctors to perform surgery on him???
He's clearly a med abuser and yet they are more than happy to give him a new face.

No. 589258

File: 1526825978265.jpg (75.25 KB, 1571x647, showing.jpg)

Stands up and shows body off on stream, holds ass literally into cam.

No. 589261

report his stream, it's against TOS.(cowtipping)

No. 589272

Don't think Twitch cares because they protect this person because they are trans.

No. 589295

File: 1526829735912.png (183.96 KB, 720x1003, Cap 3.png)

600 mg for the antidepressants

He's asking his followers for med advice, lol just go to a medical professional..

No. 589310

File: 1526830881410.png (86.71 KB, 720x414, Lmao.png)

>Ofc ppl who don't follow me will find my posts to be attention seeking

He's exactly that tho, an attention whore. Funny how he tries to deny it.


That's really sad if that is the only highlight of his life rofl. He's not even pro though? Someone like Doublelift has the right to say they "have the privilege to game for a living" not some mentally ill dumb fuck who thinks he's living the life, also what's so amazing about having 65k followers?

No. 589325


>”I wanna be an IRL hentai cowgirl!”

>spends $100,000+ on multiple major surgeries only to look like a hun
>”OMG Japanese ppl keep catcalling me and making sexual comments omg why are they doing this”

I love Remaleia because he’s like, the perfect embodiment of white male stupidity and entitlement, even as a botched tranny.

No. 589351

File: 1526834433757.png (192.22 KB, 720x1134, Screenshot_2018-05-20-11-20-41…)


What the actual fuck is wrong with this guy?

No. 589357

File: 1526834726814.png (324.95 KB, 720x579, Screenshot_2018-05-20-09-38-14…)

>I don't want the hentai shit to be apart of my identity
posts shit like this

Throughout his whole league career he's been playing this anime girl fantasy, and now he's trying to say the opposite–he's delusional af.

No. 589366

He’s a stupid guy with a twisted fetish who tried to turn himself into his fetish, and was appalled when the rest of the real world didn’t immediately see him as both a natural born attractive female and a kawaii cartoon porn stereotype who totally isn’t a slut or attentionwhore, but is pure and passionate uwu. He can’t seem to separate the way he sees things from the way things really are and destroyed his body, so that now he has to live the rest of his life in almost constant pain because of it. I honestly think he’ll end up committing suicide within 5-10 years if he doesn’t get some serious therapy soon. I think he’s bordering on being just self-aware enough to realize he cut off his penis trying to be something that doesn’t even exist, which can’t be healthy mentally.

No. 589390

Sure they do. I can't imagine anything less "oishii" than that disgusting festering wound.

No. 589391

Not sure if they're catcalling with 'hentai' part, because if they call him 'hentai' it means 'pervert'.

No. 589403

File: 1526838009535.jpg (71.25 KB, 600x450, 67b.jpg)

>oishi manko
>gaping infection hole that constantly needs to be cleaned through dialysis

No. 589415


No. 589426

File: 1526838987972.png (245.44 KB, 720x684, RTC40F8093D.png)

He's a weeb who doesn't understand a word of Japanese, ofc he doesn't know. He thinks they're complimenting his fantasies when in fact his precious Japanese are actually mocking him.

He posts this in ENGLISH telling the Japanese players to add him for a free skin. How the fuck would they understand or even know? His autistic gaijiness is showing. Remalelia is not known in Japan and yet he likes to act like everyone in Japan tunes in his shitty stream. Also he wouldn't do this in NA or any other server.

He lurks hard haha

No. 589430

File: 1526839151082.png (286.24 KB, 720x608, Tweet 2018.png)

No. 589431

File: 1526839182541.jpeg (131.44 KB, 900x1200, DdgB_6zU8AAysmB.jpeg)

Still looks like a disgusting tranny

No. 589441

>actual used panties on the floor

No. 589451

File: 1526840329398.jpeg (113.6 KB, 900x1200, DdhsIuMVwAAs5KJ.jpeg)

He posted another one with circle lenses

Pretty embarassing how he walks around the house in his underwear. I feel bad for his roommates

No. 589456

This is still blatantly softened/filtered. It was purposely taken in poor lighting to ensure minimal sharpness and/or detail, and he STILL LOOKS LIKE A MAN. That jaw. Those shoulders. I almost feel bad for how obviously mentally ill he is, but he has literally mutilated his entire body for the sake of a deviant fetish. Jesus christ.

No. 589550

not just any man, an incredibly busted man

No. 589578

Lmao he's so careful to keep his giant man hands out of frame and to cock his hip/butt out to make it look like he doesn't have a flat male figure.

No. 589658

He got liposuction on his stomach and he still has a gut?

No. 589703

Baffling how after all that surgery, the flattering angle, and potato quality camera he still looks like such a man. The absolute state of male troons.

No. 589720

Bitch if you’re going to try and convince people you’re not a cuck soyboy pretending to be a girl you could at least wax your man brows. Thicker on the arch isn’t exactly a feminine look.

No. 589789

Looks like a disgusting tranny even in the angled and filtered photos. Besides, this one has a soft glow on it at the very least.

No. 589868

I thought he got huge fake tits? Those aren’t that big.

No. 589925

He's gonna get another implant put in
it's gonna be an F cup cuz he wants to be a living anime cow girl kek

No. 589977

Waxing doesn't come with prescription painkillers, that's the issue.

No. 590223

File: 1526913975034.png (253.97 KB, 720x581, Screenshot_2018-05-21-10-41-19…)

He'd get a haircut too if the salon provided opioids


This is cringe to the max especially how he points to the camera. Did he just discover filthy frank? FF is retired and he's raving about him like it's 2015. Remalelia's hormone voice is aids and it's so cringe inducing how he tries to be a edgelord by singing FF songs and tweeting/posting FF stuff.

No. 590225

File: 1526914304470.png (280.66 KB, 720x766, Screenshot_2018-05-21-10-50-23…)

No. 590232

File: 1526915678846.png (273.27 KB, 720x537, Lel.png)

He loves the attention he gets from posting about his medication. Munchie inc.

No. 590237

I didn't realise it was possible to cringe this hard.

No. 590257

did he get vocal surgery? the voice sounds pretty good. his shoulders are so masc, holy shit

No. 590265

I believe its best to save his yt video somewhere since knowing him, he might delete all the stuff LOL

No. 590276

I doubt he even takes all that shit at once. Who the fuck mixes antibiotics with xanax, painkillers, antidepressants and the other shit he has on the table? he's full of shit.

No. 590299

Are we watching the same clip? His voice really grates on me, very nasal and whiny

No. 590306

He's on hormones, his voice sounds disgusting. He sounds like Bruce Jenner

No. 590350

File: 1526927607583.png (52.85 KB, 720x304, RTC093741864914I34872.png)


No. 590355

An inverted, infected, rotting dicc is still a dicc, hon.

No. 590510

File: 1526939378297.png (170.88 KB, 720x766, Screenshot_2018-05-21-17-45-23…)

So when is he going to stop lying about getting rejected by pain clinics? He's a opioid addict and he's pissed off that this clinic offers a combo of pills, physiotherapy and injections, but he only wants pills and the clinic is like fuck off addict. It's clear that he's not telling the full story and twisted a few details.

No. 590639

File: 1526948628964.jpg (17.65 KB, 400x318, Cringe_Meme.jpg)

No. 590920

File: 1526979022719.jpg (60.26 KB, 1190x712, panties.jpg)

This clip is a year old but just goes to show that this person has a trans-bonus because they showed their actual panties on stream and Twitch didn't care. Watch an actual girl do this and she would get banned and witch hunted.


No. 590966

estrogen doesn't affect mens' voices the vast majority of the time. i think he sounds passable, just not attractive.

No. 590995

File: 1526994763877.png (109.51 KB, 720x726, Cringe.png)

His cringey poll. Why does he even bother with the "I TRIED TO NOT MAKE THE COW HENTAI ANIME GIRL APART OF MY IMAGE!" bullshit?Atleast be honest with your intentions you attention fag.

No. 591154

The only 'cis' look that he'll achieve is going to be a ugly and fat woman. From sc above all i see is a fatass.

No. 591158

File: 1527007997765.png (59.06 KB, 563x625, a.PNG)


>a shitty fan-art of him w cow horns / tail

No. 591168

It pisses me off so much but there is a legit trans pandering going on esp if they are male to female. In general, it's another form of make privilege.

No. 591297

>male privilege

How Remalelia gets away with his sexist agenda

No. 591510

File: 1527035755007.jpg (11.51 KB, 372x286, pc.jpg)

I think s/he looked better a year ago before all these weird surgeries.


No. 591518

Looks freaky either way

No. 591522

This just proves he'd look so much better if he just…wore makeup. Why get all of these surgeries to look like a girl if you don't even want to put any effort into your appearance? Makeup can make the most masculine of faces look good, but he chooses not to learn how to do it. I'm assuming the only makeup he knows how to do is crappy uneven eyeliner plus mascara, since it's so easy for makeup to look at least okay on a shitty low quality webcam on his stream.

Like by no means do I find Remi/Maria/whatever the fuck attractive at all. But he looks 10 times better on stream with makeup on than he does now, post-op. If he cared enough to try even a little bit with makeup he'd look so much better, ugh.

No. 591526


If you guys watch that video, you'll see that s/he looks way more happy and lively. Part of the reason why s/he looks more attractive back then, I think. Now you can really see the depression and addiction in their face, like the life and joy has been sucked out of them.

No. 591672

Didn't he say he was >6ft tall? He won't even be able to pull that off if so.

No. 591742

File: 1527057026275.jpeg (102.58 KB, 1200x675, Dd3Ipi-UQAEupVu.jpeg)

No. 591743

File: 1527057095732.jpeg (263.59 KB, 900x1200, Dd0qSKVVwAAfmee.jpeg)

No. 591753

Hahah of course he is a support. The most boring and least challenging of all roles.

No. 591871

>>591753 the reason why he plays support >>578104

No. 591883

Why is this person always whining and attentionwhoring about being depressed and anxious on their Twitter? All the fucking time. Aren't they getting bored of it?

No. 591916

He'll die if he doesn't get ~attention~

No. 591941

A lot of MTFs will put on weight in hopes it’ll make their figure more feminine (in the same way a lot of FTMs will go spoopy ana to get rid of their hips and tits,) but unfortunately for him all it gave him is a man’s beer gut and the rest of him is lanky and flat as a board.

But no he’s “thicc” though, cute squishy tummy uwu

No. 591970

Well that explains both the trooning out and the bizarre fixation on being a sekushi japaneezu hentai cowgirl.

No. 592276

>still posts pics with blur

His nose still looks wonky af. I'm surprised he's not getting his jaw shaved

No. 592839

File: 1527179547578.jpeg (13.12 KB, 645x351, Dd8T8ShV0AA_B9F.jpeg)

Tbh im surprised that sane-looking pro-players interact/interacted with him. He posted this old sc to get some juicy attention from Scarras fans, knowing that he's one of the most popular streamers atm.

No. 592846

Scarra is just being nice, Remalelia sometimes posts caps of his cringey af interactions with other players, pro team social media accounts and casters. Ofc if they are vocal about how fucking annoying and retarded Rem is–he'll get his followers to attack or he'll write up a essay about being left out of the lol community for being ~trans~.

No. 593238

>if they are vocal about how fucking annoying and retarded Rem is
Has anyone done this yet?

No. 593564

Exactly which part of his multilated dick is oishi?

>he'll get his followers to attack or he'll write up a essay about being left out of the lol community for being ~trans~.

Not worth the hassle tbh. He'll play the victim and trans card. Notice how he only calls himself/admits to being transgender is when he plays the victim or he's trying to get people to attack someone? (ex. Chris Badawi). He knew that no one would believe Chris because he lied about his credentials in the past.
The pros, top streamers, etc are just tolerating his autistic bullshit at this point. Everyone knows he's a downie attention fag.

No. 593569

File: 1527257277138.png (327.74 KB, 720x882, Screenshot_2018-05-25-10-01-28…)

I'm starting to suspect Sushi is another "Transbian". Some of you said this before and I didn't really see it til now. His face looks masculine like Remalelia's and big give away to me is how he calls himself gay. Real female lesbians like to refer themselves as lesbian, they don't like the word gay at all bc it's for males. Also most of his posts fetishize and cater to girl on girl stuff like Remalelia.

real women do not talk like this.

No. 593571

File: 1527257305111.png (230.9 KB, 720x629, Screenshot_2018-05-25-10-01-15…)

No. 593573

File: 1527257430018.jpeg (104.36 KB, 1199x609, Dd2eaBpU8AEKc3t.jpeg)

No. 593575

File: 1527257544079.png (232.51 KB, 720x536, Screenshot_2018-05-25-10-13-35…)

He's a cringey weeb too

No. 593586

lots of lesbians definitely call themselves gay, 'gay' is used as a catch all term all the time. that's some really weird paranoia you've got

No. 593590

Not the lesbians I know, and how is that paranoia?

No. 593595

Trans or not she looks odd

No. 593599

File: 1527260069858.jpg (54.13 KB, 401x806, sc.jpg)

Yeah, it's a dude. Clock the shoulders and lack of boobs. A lot of transwomen are "lesbians" because they are heterosexual men with a fetish.

Actual lesbians are pretty rare in the female population. Yet 50% of transwomen are lesbians. Really makes you think, doesn't it? :)

No. 593604

File: 1527260750355.png (64.93 KB, 720x410, Screenshot_2018-05-25-10-11-53…)

I guess Remalelia and Sushi are dating now, the question is who will drive the other to kill them self first? Both are pretty autistic, mentally ill, attention fags and trans fetishists.

No. 593608

File: 1527260826221.png (240.52 KB, 720x535, Screenshot_2018-05-25-10-11-45…)

They post the same kind of shit

No. 593615

So… how many girlfriends did they have by now? 6? Just cycling through them? Empty, shallow relationships.

No. 593624

File: 1527262243267.jpg (61.96 KB, 530x766, iusa_fullxfull.29149779_nj4b.j…)

What happened to asian wannabe Tenshi? For awhile Remalelia tried to push her into a relationship with him, did she abandonship?

No. 593625


If you think someone is a male you're going to see them as one(and vice versa), every tall girl without breast will look like they have huge shoulders

No. 593627

That's a dude. Obvious one.

No. 593631

Oh yeah but I've seen some girls with really big looking shoulders

No. 593636

Yeah, scope that autogynesmile. That alone is a dead giveaway.

No. 593679

File: 1527268748539.png (265.2 KB, 720x582, Sus.png)

Sushi supports Remalelia's ~living cow girl~ plastic surgeries. What sane person is ok with this?

No. 593861

Autistic gay boys in pastel clothes playing at being slutty gay ladies like Maria-kun and Sushi-kun.

No. 594202

Everytime Remaleilia dates someone, his gf always has empty or new profile, which makes me always think that a)they use him b) are too ashamed to show their relationship on their main accs/etc. Though it might be both.

No. 594233


idk how many lesbians you know to think you can generalize people like that. gay has always been a catchall term for people attracted to the same sex - that includes lesbians

No. 594382

"Gf" aka guys dressing up as girls

No. 595482

It's funny how he sings about loving sex so much when he can never have sex with that wound he calls a "vagina". Nice man shoulders in this video too.

No. 595486

No way he's fooling anybody with this. He looks so rough

No. 596666

File: 1527602861639.png (93.76 KB, 720x435, Screenshot_2018-05-20-09-38-21…)

He thinks he's attractive now. No Rem u look freaky

No. 596734

He must be reaching a new level of delusion from all the fellow trannies and "totally accepting" asskissers that give him empty compliments to get on his good side.

No. 596738

Fetishist trannies tell him he looks fab and real trangender people stay the fuck away from him

No. 596739

He talks about his failure surgery ruptured implants and everything from going to a butcher here. Wasn't this before the face surgery? He looks much better and slightly more passable here even if still manly.

No. 596750

That was his attempt at fixing his reputation and putting the blame on someone else, he didn't go to a 'butcher' and he twisted the story to sound like the victim.

No. 596852

Anyone willing to deal with this and give someone a monstrous "vagina" wound is a butcher.

No. 597435

File: 1527676862758.jpeg (143.11 KB, 900x1200, DeZgHEMU0AAW-WK.jpeg)

Mannn, is he ever going to stop using snow filters to make himself look better or passable? LOL. And damn these cheeks.

No. 597437

File: 1527676900642.jpeg (167.04 KB, 900x1200, DeZiHbxUwAAGDLq.jpeg)

Um no guys im not trying to be e-girl or attention whore uwu ehee

No. 597438

File: 1527676954267.jpeg (156.1 KB, 900x1200, DeZgSJyU8AE0RTl.jpeg)

We should compare himself IRL and w these filters LUL

No. 597451

What a flat, boxy man body.

No. 597454

so he finally put some makeup on and still looks like a chubby teenage boy?

No. 597471

That fucking tranny dreamworks face again wtf. Do they all develop an involuntary muscle contraction?

No. 597504


Lel he wears the same sports bra and shorts.

No. 597517

He really is living completely inside his own head and bubble of the internet he's created where he can pretend to be a sexy animu cowgirl while sitting around with his square out-of-shape man body. But when he's that distanced from the real world it's no wonder his only goals are LARPing.

No. 597523

Let's not forget that he uses snow, an app whichchanges your face shape size ez

No. 597524

He was able to live in Vegas because of Richard Lewis (pretty sure he's living with him too) and he doesn't do anything with his life other than tweeting about how he's a caricature of a woman with his animu cow shit and dancing around stream wearing the same bra and shorts.

No. 597571


No. 599822

Not even close to feminine even with makeup and what is that hairline? It looks like balding

No. 599838

Ugh. Why bother? Are they going to rub their manufactured gashes together? Spread some coliforms? I’m sure Remi can’t be attracted to this “girl.” For all his performative femininity for male attention, you think he would want someone who’s actually attractive.

No. 600030

File: 1527932530513.jpeg (157.17 KB, 900x1200, DenbIPQUcAAda6k.jpeg)

Dat blurry editing LMAO

No. 600032

File: 1527932553644.jpeg (154.27 KB, 900x1200, DenZ3PWV4AIaGki.jpeg)


No. 600106

He and his "girl"friend call themselves irl yuri and they are constantly posting about it, which is both cringey and sad.

Remalelia has no sense of hygiene, he's been wearing that same outfit for months on end, pretty gross if you ask me. Based on his habits I can bet you he barely cleans out his mutilated dickhole.

No. 600131

My god, all that surgery to look like Vamplette.

No. 600137

>He and his "girl"friend call themselves irl yuri
Woah. Nothing says "I'm really a woman and a lesbian, not a fetishist" like calling yourself irl yuri.

No. 600230

Serious question: how long until this guy kills himself? All those surgeries to be in so much pain and still obviously an ugly male, plus the slow and creeping realization that he’ll never be the kawaii little cowgirl he wants to be, and can’t force the rest of the world to see him that way? Not asking to be cruel, this guy seems really unhappy and it’s like he’s just burying himself in the fantasy he created to avoid dealing with it all.

No. 600285

It's clear from his past imageboard posts that how he really feels about himself is negative. He knows that he will never be a real woman, and he will always be a "hon" ridiculued by society. Only in his safespace echochamber can he feel like an uguu kawaii anime girl but he can't hide from the reality.

No. 600424

why's he always gotta get his dirty crumpled floor undies in his selfies?

No. 600561

Cuz he's trying to lowkey remind people that he's a "woman" hence why he leaves his gross virus soaked panties on the floor for every selfie

No. 600830

Not even all of the surgery in the world can make this thing look like a woman. Does he even go outside? I'm sure he can tell by the reactions or maybe he is too deluded by this point.

No. 600868

>Yet 50% of transwomen are lesbians. Really makes you think, doesn't it? :)
My brain literally exploded

No. 603444

File: 1528312325618.jpeg (161.02 KB, 900x1200, DfB2p1jUYAEZ6A8.jpeg)

He looks like some drug addict

No. 603447

File: 1528312367230.jpeg (181.93 KB, 900x1200, DfB2qu-V4AACKf6.jpeg)


No. 603453

he is some drug addict

No. 603460

He looks same as before

No. 603495

File: 1528315919212.jpeg (89.92 KB, 1200x675, De8msUBVMAA7YC_.jpeg)

Sage, forgot about his addiction.

No. 603497

File: 1528315957582.jpeg (126.38 KB, 900x1200, De8puQpUcAARsRa.jpeg)

I still think he looked better before surg

No. 603540

Still abusing filters, i see. And does he ever clean up his filthy room?

No. 603541

His face is so bloated, I don't remember his face being this puffy. Did he get a bunch of face fillers?

No. 603967

File: 1528361554243.png (49.72 KB, 360x646, fByOdxX.png)

i looked it up because you made me curious. 69% of transwomen are not straight/asexual.

full report here: http://www.transequality.org/sites/default/files/docs/usts/USTS%20Full%20Report%20-%20FINAL%201.6.17.pdf

No. 604367

Yep. I dont have images to back it up, but I believe his last batch of surgeries he mentioned having some shit done to his face too.

No. 604389

He got facial feminization, and probably got fillers or a fat transfer too. It looks like he got stung by a bee, and I think it's funny that the more he tries to look llkke a girl, the more he looks like a hun.

No. 604631

File: 1528411485911.jpeg (197.51 KB, 900x1200, DfCP1sFUwAARJbR.jpeg)

Why his nose looks so bad… It just seems so obvious that he had a shitty surg on it, not counting the whole face. Also, why the fuck he keeps wearing this awkward hat for a year or so? It also seems like he never changes clothes unless it's some fetish shit (maid costume and cow bra)

No. 604666

The angle of it was done poorly. The tip was taken in too much and the nose bridge left too high, so it makes a straight line down instead of a diagonal slope.

No. 607384

File: 1528708922104.jpg (62.99 KB, 718x564, lol.jpg)

So basically it's two guy pretending to be females roleplaying a lesbian relationship?

Also, who wants to bet how long this "deep" relationship is going to last? Remilia has a history of jumping from person to person.

No. 607445

its the first time he meets his 'gf' IRL as far as i remember

No. 607526

Why is this picture so horrifically bright? Calm down with the editing remilia

No. 607772

the amount of blur is so fucking sad. they look so awkward in that picture like the so doesnt even wanna take a pic with them

No. 607807

this lighting is typical filter of SNOW app which changes face shape/etc, he mixes it w some blurry stuff

No. 608412

File: 1528793053407.jpeg (141.85 KB, 900x1200, Dfbx0O5UYAEEHzV.jpeg)

I believe the reason why his tranniegf keeps having the same face on every selfie is his jaw. Just look at it.

No. 608413

Aaaand they both don't wash their hair LUL

No. 608430

They have such thick man necks it's disgusting they will never pass

No. 608544

Imagine spending this much on surgery and still needing such a heavy blur and shoop

No. 608599

Agps are the worst. I swear there is a cookie cutter start kit for this shit, I used to play an mmo years back and there was a agp faggot like Rem in my guild. He pretended to be a girl, claimed to be a Japanese lesbian and also referred to himself as a yuri animu girl. He started a lot of drama and cried about how everyone hated him, he stopped logging on after word got out that 'she' was actually a he.

No. 608663

starter kit? mind sharing?

No. 608749

-refers to self as a yuri animu girl
-sexualizes self
-plays the victim/sob stories
-role plays as a girl
-attention whore

No. 608905

dont forget

-begs followers for fanart of self that isnt close to what they actually look like
-puts their mental health business out there
-still looks like a man no matter how hard they try

No. 613512

Wearing thigh highs and taking leg pictures (especially if no face pictures) is another big warning sign. It's the only part of the body they can sometimes pass as female.

No. 621002

File: 1529942180674.jpeg (78.81 KB, 900x1200, Dgatvf8VQAE46kG.jpeg)

Least he can try to hide his man body with posing, yet he would only pass as some chubgirl I believe. Least here he looks like a man or a fattie

No. 621003

The butt implant looks like a tumor and he still has a manly broad box body

No. 621069

He looks like the fat ginger kid that would always smell of fish or something nasty

No. 621085

what the actual fuck is going on underneath his armpit though. what is that weird bulge he pulled his sports bra down to cover????

No. 621355

>atleast he can hide his man bod with posing

Not with that torso lol

No. 621360

Seriously. Even with the fat transplant and tits that torso is just way too masculine.

No. 621374

How can you STILL look like a boxy man doing that pose? It's literally a cheatmode pose wtf

No. 621421

That's because he's biologically a man

No. 621574

He’s built like Lanky Kong.

No. 623428

File: 1530179053450.jpeg (173.6 KB, 1027x1199, DgvZrVWVAAEsAeg.jpeg)

No. 623437

He really does think that being a woman is all about taking "sexy pictures" and getting male attention. The butt implants don't make him look any more feminine, I've seen men who go to the gym with asses and thighs like that.

No. 623439

so sad that he paid for that when he could have squatted in his room for 6 months to get the same result for free

No. 623581

File: 1530202850085.gif (4.08 MB, 398x256, 901B4425-5915-4392-AF36-1F4E8A…)

No. 623588

Right? Homeboy doesn't fucking do anything but play League 24/7. Buy a standing desk or replace your desk chair with a pilates ball. Squat while in queue, clench while you play. Didn't even need to spend thousands of dollars to look like a freak but gotta get that instant gratification I guess.

No. 624438

The shoulders give him away instantly

No. 624477

His plastic ass looks so hard and fake, ew.

No. 628509

File: 1530692040638.jpg (163.42 KB, 1183x577, example.jpg)

It's interesting how surgery in the face doesn't really help with the overall proportions. Their face and head are pretty small, but look so weird relative to her larger body and bones. I think they are aware of that hence why they wear certain hairstyles and hats to distract.

Pic related. On the left is an unedited screenshot, on the right is an edit what it would look like without the hat. I can't edit for shit, this is only to roughly show.

No. 628510

File: 1530692194644.jpg (153.36 KB, 1173x1200, Czp9MrpUUAA8j2p.jpg)

It looks like someone swapped heads on a doll

No. 628514

How the hell did this guy make enough money playing a video game to buy a house and pay for all those surgeries? Is that reslly a thing now?

No. 628531

Those are some huge man shoulders, not even fatter women look broad in that way.

No. 628550

Wow I never realized how big he was…

No. 628680

In spite of t=all that pricey plastic surgery, he just looks like a big greasy college-aged dude with eyeliner on.

No. 629342


No. 629544

Can we all appreciate how he's ginger? Ginger male market failure is real.

No. 643205

Remaleia wrote an article about how NA LoL teams don't understand how to practice. Pretty lulzy to see him attempt to show some sort of insight into how things are done despite only playing 6 whole games pro and then spending the rest of the time trooning out in his room. Best part is the hypocritical "Real life is not an anime. Sorry to break it to all of my weeb followers."

No. 643304

I bet he also tries to suck Japanese lol-esports scene dick by that, since he's been begging jp teams to let him join

No. 649415

Oh hey this person goes on /soc/ and r/gonewildaudio. I think the subreddit still has their discord up but holy shit he annoying as fuck. Celistia Vega or whatever her name is would come in with him too. Lmaoooo

No. 649420

Really? Care to share any usernames or handles? I want to look

No. 684495

>Can’t feel frankenpussy
>Literally in pain 24/7
>Running our of surgeries to do to feel like a “”””””woman””””””
What’s next lads?(necro)

No. 684522

while this person is clearly a complete scumbag i've never seen such blatant astroTERFing in my life as I have in this thread #TERFisaslur

No. 684541

Maybe suicide when he realizes how much he fucked himself over tbh

Are you new here? LC isn't hot on transgenderism

No. 684573

i like a lot about this site having just stumbled upon it recently, i wasnt expecting TERFing but hey nobody/nothing is perfect right boys

No. 684584

no. the no-bullshit stance of lolcow re: transgenderism is one of the things that makes so lolcow great

No. 684588

Go back to Tumblr where you belong.

No. 684593

This thread is nothing. Check out >>>/ot/281458 for more information.

No. 684667

All the same to me gamer, TERFs will TERF

No. 684672

Well I’ll be damned thanks for the heads up

No. 684680

uhh he really couldnt… squatting doesnt equal kim-k ass, there are genetic limitations.

No. 684685

fuck away, faggot. the zero-tolerance policy in regards to tranny bullshit is what makes this site so good.

No. 684705

I heard you the first time son no need to repeat yourself lol

No. 684761

>implying everyone who tells you to fuck off is the same anon

No. 706178

File: 1538945674294.jpg (20.21 KB, 471x330, wtf.jpg)

You can just tell that he's a man roleplaying as a woman. This is how he advertises himself to pro e-sports team on Twitter right now.. like the fetish caricature of a woman.

"I have boobs! I look cute in a maid outfit! uguuuu"

No. 706479


>I'm gay

What do they mean? That "she's lesbian" or that he is gay?

No. 706548

>I play at challenger level

>also known as: I'm not in challenger but I was once for a couple of hours

No. 706559

That he is a female homosexual. He is currently dating another man who is also pretending he's a woman, so they are a "lesbian" couple.

No. 706572


No. 800253

File: 1556206257485.png (415.12 KB, 862x594, lol.png)

Remilia is now in a polyamorous relationship with two males. They're 3 guys roleplaying as a lesbian couple. But it's not a fetish guys, totally legit. Fucking wild.

No. 800254

File: 1556207450824.jpeg (138.78 KB, 960x1280, C08B3DA1-45DF-45D9-A9EF-F72169…)

three god damn years later and he still doesnt know how to style his fucking hair

No. 800255

>"How do two girls have se…x?"
According to Remilia, by sticking their penises in each other's asses, apparently. Because an all-male orgy is lesbian as long as you have long hair or striped thigh highs.

No. 800256

I'd be pretty mad if I'd spent all of that money on surgery and still needed face changing filters

No. 800259

File: 1556208091812.png (174.29 KB, 750x1334, 1555450503276.png)

No. 800372

This is so fucked up, he clearly thinks that being a woman is just about looking like a sex doll, and its all wasted effort because hes going to look like an abomination and a man at the end of it anyway.

No. 800396

It's going to be a painful awakening when even after all this pain, surgery and money he'll still feel empty.

No. 800400

Where the hell in SEA is he going to get butchered this time? Because I'm pretty sure almost all first-world doctors agree that removing ribs is not okay.

No. 800449

That's the typical mindset for fake trans women and mtf trans fetishists. These degenerates think all there is to women is looking and being a sex object hence all the fucking surgeries.

No. 800454

Probably Thailand, Korea is the plastic surgery district of East asia and Thailand is the plastic surgery district of South east asia. Is he too poor to get his surgeries done in a first world country? kek

No. 800479

Remilia is one cow that it’s nearly guaranteed he’ll kill himself within the next three years. He’s proper fucked in the head and mutilating his body can’t cure that.

No. 800484

Why do every trannie that i meet always has two damn girlfriends (who are troons aswell) ? It's so fucking retarded. I remember when my friend trooned out, a year later he found 2 trans-gfs and was bragging that he is in an open relationship, flied overseas just to fuck other two troons/etc. Jesus. Do they really think that fucking would help them to overcome w their mental illness?

No. 800507

He, probably seeks the kind of surgeries no first world doctor would perform, plus he must be thinking Thailand doctors are better at cutting boys into women.

No. 800508

They don't have mental illness, they have personality disorder with very wild fetish.

No. 800511

He had his dick mutilation surgery in Thailand and he tried blaming his ex team manager for his infections and other issues caused by the surgery. He was the dumb fuck who rather get dick chopped than get paid.

No. 800534

>I'm finally happy with how I look now!
>I can't wait to get H cup implants, shoulder reduction and rib removal
Deranged. Dude is obsessed with trying to look like an anime girl, something he admits openly with constant tweets of sexy anime girl art and saying he feels like/wants to be one and is addicted to spending absurd amounts of money on never-ending extreme surgeries, yet we're supposed to just go "Oh yeah, this is a normal mentally sound young woman, nothing amiss here."

No. 800536

File: 1556298169892.png (Spoiler Image, 335.25 KB, 579x608, 1.png)

Spoilered just in case for semi-nsfw.

No. 800547

File: 1556300290402.png (26.95 KB, 800x202, 4-38-1.png)

Basically every guy to girl tranny

Even with all that surgery he won't ever be able to look like that because he's biologically male.

No. 800734

He is so disgusting and going to look like a butchered man

No. 800765

File: 1556384579021.jpg (50.97 KB, 1280x720, kek.jpg)


he looks like one anway

No. 800778

I can't wait for this stupid freak to waste all that money on surgeries and still be a botched up man.

>I'll be so cute! hehehe

Men larping as women is always so obvious

No. 800794

those massive shoulders, god damn. no surgery is gonna fix that and getting massive fake tits isn't gonna hide it.

truly destined to be a hon

No. 800795

I forgot he chopped his dick off. Why The hell would you do that, invert your dick to an infected fuckhole, just to date other mutilated men? Now i really do Wonder how these "girls have sex with eachother, but not sure I want to know

No. 800804

Maybe some guys he's dating haven't had their dicks chopped off?
Or maybe these troons think scissoring is actually the best thing lesbians can do. Yknow, since they're stupid men.

Wow he looks awful. That eyeliner is actually making him look worse.
I think he'd actually look better with smaller boobs (like average size). The giant implants don't look right on him, possibly because of his very narrow facial features. If he wasn't a fetishistic AGP man, he'd be more likely to realize he needs to work on accentuating his facial features to be more flattering, instead of just being TITS OUT.
(Also that tanktop+bra combo looks really dumb for being ON CAMERA.)

Literally no one is going to look like this because everything is disproportionate to everything else. It's hilarious he thinks this is remotely a possibility.

No. 800811

How does shoulder shaping surgery work? It sounds like some crazy surgery Pixee Fox would get.

No. 807304

File: 1557949728153.jpg (29.59 KB, 592x248, 324245.JPG)


>41239 operations later, still not liking his body

>thinking that getting H cups would totally not make it worse

No. 807395

File: 1557959828443.jpeg (100.24 KB, 750x552, 1F4D4452-B6F4-45C3-992F-040561…)

Looking at >>800765
I’d suggest getting a real haircut, remove fat from his massive arms/shoulder reduction, a makeup course and a new wardrobe would be in his best interest. But since he’s not really trans I see why he wants H cups to feed his fetish.

Had a go in some shitty makeup app lol

No. 807896

>"tHaNkS fOr bEinG sUPporTivE tO WoMeN"

You're a fucking man.

No. 807952

lmao he's using an app for his hair too, look at that double hair line around the bangs

No. 807967

so bizarre. why does he have to do that like what's wrong w his real hair

No. 808557

anon said they edietd the picture themselve

No. 811291

File: 1558566269057.png (979.96 KB, 750x1334, 5524C2A9-7B0F-46DE-ABD0-9F0429…)

I actually got blocked because I liked the person’s tweet about H cups being disgusting HAHAHAHAHA

No. 811582


Good luck on the freakshow plastic surgeries Remalelia

No. 910962

File: 1577555558561.png (69.6 KB, 655x665, O0w8uaY.png)

It's dead.

No. 910963

File: 1577555662399.png (32 KB, 638x386, D9376QW.png)

"passed away in her sleep"

No. 910982

probable translation: overdosed

No. 910989

he certainly lived up to this tweet

No. 910992


No. 911004

Bet he accidentally overdosed on pain killers because his surgeries still made him hurt like hell after all.

No. 911032

Is anyone surprised? Transgender people have ridiculous attempted suicide rates. Like so astronomically high I think it’s up to 40% now.

No. 911036

i feel bad about his poor life decisions, but at least the first female player, who was born with female characteristics and has had to live with them their entire lives, won't have to compete with someone who always played the victim. how many lolcows have bit the dust now?

No. 911037

Somehow the bfs statement pisses me off majorly and there's no way young person dies in their sleep without any foul play. Even if she did have a heart condition, it's rare to just drop dead with proper medicine.(also pretty sure she would've milked all the attention for the heart condition)
I'm calling either not taking medicine properly or overdosing, sadly. It's always sad when someone dies like that.

No. 911048

i would've loved to fuck him and suck his dick tho(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 911051

He lost that dick years ago troll

No. 911062

Honestly the fact that this person didn't want to be shown on camera, was literally hostile to tumblr-esque lgbt tomfoolery and now killed themselves makes me think this was one of the rare troons who actually have crippling dysphoria (aka a mental disorder) and don't try to milk their trans status for clout and asspats. Probably a gay male.

No. 911063

My fellow sisters, this is a great day. Let us unite our menstral cycles in celebration.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 911069

You guys called it, last year a farmer said he's gonna be dead in a few years

No. 911085

I realize what forum I'm on but this is still sad. The worst thing Remilia did was take away a completely unimportant title from a female. Some of you guys act like being unrightfully dubbed the first female LCS player is on par with physical violence against women. Remilia had the least harmful form of autogynephilia. There was an obvious fetishistic element layered on top of the mental illness but she wasn't a predator. This was someone who was clearly hurting.
A person has died, most likely to suicide. Nothing to be celebrated.
Inb4 >she

No. 911094

File: 1577573927011.jpg (628.66 KB, 1500x2700, remilia-maria.jpg)

This is so sad! My heart goes out to this beautiful young woman.

No. 911098

Kinda soft agree, normally i don't have a problem with dunking on trannies but no matter what pronoun this person went by, they were in an undeniable amount of pain to have killed themselves

No. 911099

So disgusting. How anyone can be sad this pervert is gone is beyond me.

No. 911101

I agree. It's kind of beyond me why people get so excited as if Remilia was a serial killer or something and not a depressed, confused person who needed proper help, not applause. Rejoice? Please.

No. 911109

Welp I won't deny he had extreme mental issues because look at this shit. Talking about his body like its a craft project to be worked on. Gross.

No. 911112

he's not going to openly type "hello my s/o overdosed yesterday". 'passing away peacefully' is a generic way of saying they overdosed or killed themselves.

No. 911124

I agree with you as well. It's actually kind of lolcow-worthy how extremely edgy people here react to this persons suicide. I was not a fan of them, and think they behaved like a degenerate in many ways, but they were clearly in a lot of pain. Meh. Rest in peace, I hope.

No. 911131

lmao would you all say this if he identified as a male and said all this fetishistic shit instead of a trans woman? highly doubt it. i'm not saying to celebrate his death, but the only "rejoice!!!!1!1" posts were made by obvious shitposters
while the majority of comments are neutral or sad

No. 911142

they’re not shitposters, there’s just a decent chunk of anons on this site who continuously sperg out every time a trans person publicly exists, no matter how valid the criticisms are. GC refugees who can’t contain themselves to their containment thread. i actually find myself agreeing with their overall points a lot of the time but the delivery is always so overdramatic even when it comes to shit like some Literal Who trans league player committing seppuku

No. 911145

>the delivery is always so overdramatic even when it comes to shit like some Literal Who trans league player committing seppuku
This. Like just say "good" and move on, why is it so difficult for those unfunny little reddit sharts to hide their powerlevels? We don't have any upboats for you quit trying so hard.

No. 911154

My timeline was off. RIP. Also RIP Lewis’ cuck bucks account drained for nothing. Imagine if that PS money went to the rehab/therapy he so desperately needed.

It probably was suicide since he was constantly suicide-baiting, but he was an addict abusing a cocktail of benzos CNS depressants and opioids. Could have been an accidental OD.

No. 911162

Does anybody have before pictures from when he dressed like a man?

No. 911171

Yeah they said they were on 4mg Klonopin which is a large dose plus opiates for pain. You’re not supposed to mix benzos and opiates, you can die. I would say that it’s probably an accidental overdose.

No. 911173

He was a recipe for suicide, severe mental health issues, attention whore x 1 million, weird tranny dick girl fetishist, plastic surgeries and self degradation. He was so obsessed and dead set on being a irl balloon cow sex doll, it's disgusting and sad. If he didn't die he'd still be parading his plastic mess body around saying how he's better than actual women. Can't really say anything of value was lost here. Rip regardless.

No. 911174

File: 1577591324424.png (282.15 KB, 1371x2063, Screenshot_2019-12-28-22-44-53…)

Lmao Reddit degenerates think he killed himself cause of trans harassment "tHeSE pEoPlE hAvE bLoOd oN tHeiR hAnDs". Remilia sealed his own fate when he decided to get his dick sawed off at a random clinic and not properly take care of the wound and surgery site.

No. 911178

File: 1577592751404.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 63.62 KB, 1246x467, 62BFEF67-E461-43E2-9C32-282453…)

He removed his tiny dick or died with one?

No. 911204

Idk, I wouldn’t label this person as a trans warrior. He even admitted to it being more of a fetish, should’ve spent those big bucks on a therapist cause goddamn being so mentally ill you’d cut off your penis for sexual affirmation like that’s fucking gnarly man.

No. 911219

these idiots who randomly wish/cheer death on troons are the reason why their pity party movement keeps on. You can hate someone without being so stupidly vitriolic.


No. 911220

Read the thread before asking

Dude, thi person just died, hold off your will to masturbate a bit eh? Male posting is so obvious

People can be happy with his death if they want, they're free to do it, but yeah, all this edgy behavior is just cringy and retard lol. And a few of it read like males larping too. Huh.

Can farmhands just lock this thread? Not like a dead cow will bring any new milk anyways. If shit goes like it's already going, this is just gonna be infighting, newfags wanting to be spoonfed, males searching for fap material and stuff like that.

No. 911225

kek, what a grody man. i don't celebrate his death, would never, but i just don't care, sorry. there are enough annoying fetishists out there using their public platforms to objectify women and gross caricature-ass tropes. the posters itt celebrating are obviously trolls/shitposters. i don't subscribe to the belief that manchildren that fuck with their bodies due to cartoon porno are severely mentally ill. they're just impulsive and dumb. all men are pornsick already, this is just what happens when you actually put it into action. it's just impulsive retardation that all men possess. this dude is no different from any of the rest of them. not mental illness imo, just retardation.

No. 911227

maria started transitioning when s/he was in middle school, so there's not really any pictures besides what she posted on 4chan

No. 911252

File: 1577612935728.jpg (7.52 KB, 207x275, 1531559762248.jpg)

damn, I can't believe he's dead. I've been checking in on him throughout the last two years cause I loved seeing what other surgeries he was gonna get and his big empty house made me kek.

I'm so disappointed he died before he could get bangs lmao

No. 911254

No. 911255

Giga incel thread in general, yikes across the board

No. 911257

Everytime a cow dies theres always so many unsaged anons that come in to moralfag as if the world lost another Princess Diana. you’re no better than the spergs who go all out celebrating his death.
Oh no a pervert who was clearly abusing conflicting drugs to deal with his own medical choices, died of most likely an accidental overdose Lil Peep style.
This was remilias thread and nobody was out of turn talking about the troon shit but then he dies and suddenly anons should keep it to the tranny containment thread? Kek. Anyways rip first “female” league player or whatever tf.

No. 911262

And then died in his sleep. Damn, the prophecy has been fulfilled…
The only medical attention he needed was an inpatient psychiatric facility. Sadly today's society gave him what he wanted instead.

No. 911265

I wish Remilia chose therapy over many surgeries because it was obvious that it wont help with well-being and will make health difficult.

The thing that also sucks is how LoLesports and esports news are saying that its the first LCS woman, when in reality its the first LCS transgender. Imagine when an actual biological woman would come to LCS and people will keep spregging that shes not the first one because of a person who cut their dick off?

No. 911266

I never understood why farmer actually acted shocked and appaled that a tranny was the first "female" pro lol player. I mean this is a community where real women are either systematically kept out or, if they get in, brutally bullied away. These people fucking hate women. Any mlg community does but lol especially. Of course they're more comfortable with a woman thats actually a man. Just like rightwingers love their transwimmin too. Because literally everyone knows they're men.

But whatever. Save the big bottles for when something happens to actual scum like Yaniv. This poor guy doesn't deserve it. Or maybe he does. But probably not.

No. 911268

File: 1577625089933.png (834.4 KB, 787x709, ilmnkKL.png)

He didn't really pass w/o filters

No. 911277


nah, remillia was agp see >>567904

also posted a lot of awful tweets about their cow milker titty fantasy shown here >>911094

it's really sad that he died, most likely pain med OD due to the constant pain he was in. i hope this helps other transwomen considering surgery to look at other options (therapy) instead of getting risky surgery in thailand or wherever.


No. 911283


Truly a prophet. How could anyone have ever predicted this outcome? Who would have guessed that telling someone they'll be happier with life if they mutilate their bodies would backfire?!

No. 911293

I wish most people did. The reason to laugh at his death is to remind everyone that this obviously isn't the way we should treat people with dysphoria. We're going backwards and need to correct, because somewhere along the lines we went from "accept who you are and love yourself" to "you're right, you won't be beautiful until you mutilate yourself and we warp reality to cater to your perceptions."

This dude dying is just as sad as any other death, but it's also an affirmation that the 40% statistic is indicative of us handling the whole "trans movement" entirely wrong. It's not okay to not like yourself, and we need to stop catering to people's unrealistic fantasies. We don't tell anorexic people to get dangerous surgeries and drugs that will align their physical image with what they want to be (but can never realistically achieve), so why the fuck do we do it for this case?

No. 911295

I don't think Remilia kill himself. I think he accidentally overdosed because he was always high on drugs. Mixed benzos / anti depressants with alcohol because he felt like shit during christmas and passed out. This is not uncommon.

No. 911300

Did he start taking the painkiller cocktail after getting all those plastic surgery procedures?

No. 911307

After his debatable botched penis removal yes, kept getting surgeries, kept taking pain pills. Some think he was addicted. Don't asked to be spoonfed though, read the whole thread.

No. 911354

Everyone seems to gloss over how he was literally fucking 12 when he started ethotting. Prob got fucked up by pedos giving him more attention than anyone else in his life

No. 911357

File: 1577650607202.jpg (101.69 KB, 777x739, 2019-12-29 15.15.41 twitter.co…)

Hello sirs, well I write from Japan, I heard about that dead person on the news, I usually look for nudes of some famous person just for fun jokes things like that nothing serious.

But when I googled this person, I found terrible things on the boards, before I make my comment I want to say that the doctor who developed and created sex change surgery in the late 20th century, he decided to stop practicing it and withdraw from that type of sex change surgery, the surgeon man was very sad to realize that the patients who operated over time, did not improve their mental situation 80% of the patients regretted the operation and others committed suicide. The doctor argued that it was terrible to mutilate healthy organs in order to leave a hole, an illusion of femininity.

But for all this, this kind of surgery is also risky, the patient can die in the operation, I just wanted to laugh or see naked for a while but find that he died in the operation.

Explanation of operations and my opinion:
Doctors and specialists never recommend to do more than one surgery a year on a person if it is not to save his life, the body suffers a lot, in some of the naked pictures I saw blood on his breasts, while he was touching himself with sexual motives, this kind of operations are not a joke you have to take care for 4 months, it is very irresponsible to pretend to go to play professionally after a month of surgery, also I read that he blocked 30,000 accounts on twitter. I have free time but I block 30,000 people, never.

You also have to stop taking some medications before some operations and take care of your body by talking to your doctor.
Personally I think it was an excess, I didn't know anything about it, before I googled I just thought I was a player I saw on TV once and that I was a non person.

But it wasn't like that, another thing that bothered me was that she took away the title of "First woman to play professionally in that league", that's not justice, that was deserved by a biological woman.

Link of the captures when she disrespected the professionals in LAS: https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sr1f1b

And his twitter, I didn't know it was private, I think it's stupid to have a private twitter.

and i use this: DeepL Translator
My english is bad for write for myself like this.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 911362

Your post sounds so empathetic yet your first reaction to hearing a person died is to look for nudes? Okay…
Agree with the rest of your post(tho we’re not “sirs”)

Anyway, hope he’s resting in peace now, life must have been hell for him. The a-logging ITT is quite gross, GC/pp posters really can’t hold their powerlevel outside their bitter containment thread it seems.

No. 911365

uh huh, you mean the obvious male posting? there's no gcers a logging

No. 911373

Nobody else is talking about how a week prior she/he was banned on Twitch for showing too much skin. She then kills herself. This is VERY related and it's being swept under the rug.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 911374

I remember s/he got banned for showing bra this summer…

No. 911385

This was last week.

No. 911395

My bad then! Mistook with someone else then.

I think he most likely overdosed by accident + all this plastic surgery . But could be a succesfull attempt of suicide because he was venting about his family for the last 3 days.

No. 911404

Well, then he finally got what he wanted to be seen as a real girl. He’s been streaming in his bra and underwear for the past two years without getting b& because Twitch loves trannies or something.

Why would killing yourself over a twitch ban at all be valid anyway.

No. 911419

Pretty sure the other anons were right about the whole painkillers od plastic surgery thing. His vagina surgery failed and on top of that he went for more surgeries. Didn't he do like 5 surgeries in one day last year?

No. 911426

He had 7 surgeries at one time in an 8 hour time frame. His hairline, cheeks, butt, lipo etc etc. as seen here >>554544

No. 911435

I'm surprised he didn't die during the plastic surgery

No. 911479

in case anyone is wondering what actually happened to Remi's voice:


RIP, but jeezus what a dark comedy.

No. 911482

Honestly every time this thread has gotten bumped for the last year and a half the default assumption was that it was going to be something like this. Nobody can live such a miserable drug-addled life without an early death, either intentional or not.

No. 911515

File: 1577674705811.png (1.5 MB, 1440x2259, Screenshot_2019-12-29-21-20-44…)

Kotaku back at it with their sjw propaganda, they report Remilia's death and refers to him/her as the "first woman lcs player" instead of saying what he/she really is–a trans woman while Fagddit wonders why there's SO MUCH TRANSPHOBIA IN THE GAMING COMMUNITY!1!1 The fags at Kotaku knew what they were doing with their bait.


Reddit fags having a meltdown

No. 911566

File: 1577683778338.png (75.93 KB, 1382x302, asaguy.png)

This is particularly funny considering Remi wished he'd never transitioned.

No. 911567

File: 1577683823103.png (62.43 KB, 1216x214, psychevals.png)

No. 911568

File: 1577683941002.png (410.75 KB, 1818x223, 1577670648126.png)

All these admissions of being a man who took a wrong turn, yet he's being hailed as a woman.

No. 911569

File: 1577684128615.png (83.7 KB, 1188x366, oxycodone.png)

No. 911571

File: 1577684307141.png (95.26 KB, 1248x414, oxycodone.png)

No. 911572

File: 1577684382394.png (28.2 KB, 1230x238, oxycodone.png)

No. 911575

I respect him for at least being honest about being an AGP fetishist and regretting the reassignment surgery. Maybe it will make some wannabe trannies rethink their life choices.
Can't believe this mentally ill man was presented as a first woman proplayer in whatever game tho.

No. 911587

I really hope these posts spread on social media, partially because I think they'd be good words of caution, partially because I wanna see trannies and handmaidens freak out and try to refute his posts about AGP

No. 911637

Remilia's Trip Code

Thread on /lgbt/ talking about her but quite interesting, another trip Kayla her "arch-nemesis". I think you guys should definitely read.

This one too. Ctrl+F for kayla's mentions or he/she talking.

No. 911643

And there you have it. I'm absolutely certain that he would be still alive if he hadn't gone through with the surgeries. And this is whats going to happen en masse in the coming years. "Trans"ppl committing suicide because they've completely mutilated themselves and destroyed their chances of living a normal life.(>>pp/gc/2x)

No. 911667

I understand bottom surgery is supposed to help actually dysphoric people but what do AGPs thing is going to happen when they cut their dicks off? Of course their sex drive is going to be completely non existent after removing their sex organs. I don't understand why a fetishist would actually go through with it.

No. 911671

They were not thinking rationally. It's like a porn addiction where you try to find increasingly extreme material to get off to. They fetishize transition and getting SRS is the ultimate high for them, at least for the time leading up to it.

It's like a cuck who regrets getting a BBC bull for his wife after he ejaculates, after losing his horniess. But luckily for the cuck horniess will return after a short time.

But unfortunately for the post-op AGP that sexual arousal might never return, at least not to the same degree as before.

No. 911672

Null archived his last stream and posted excerpts which point towards his OD not being accidental.


A while back someone attempted to launch a thread about him but their OP sucked and was banished to Spergatory.

No. 911675

Funny how the SJWs try hard to hail Remilia as a trans savior when he/she was a just a agp fetishist and hard denied the LGBT community, he said he didn't want to be and labeled in that group/community. He also didn't want to be called a trans woman.

No. 911692

wow, those videos at KF. what an incredibly unpleasant person.

'my dying grandmother told me to get a job when i called her on her deathbed to beg for money, my mother disowned me (but tried to soften the blow of grammy not giving me the money i deserve) so i might as well attempt to mooch off of her too, i'm an h-cup hentai cowgirl teehee but all you women on twitch are assholes!' etc. the levels of sheer entitlement and gross navel gazing were off the charts.

45k a year for playing fucking video games isn't enough for me to live on! hdu tell me to get a real job or even to be grateful for what i have, the open wound that i wanted so bad that i begged for it hurts too much! and on and on and on. relentless.

sayonara, i guess?

No. 911695

I went through major news sites and nearly all of them are using these photos from his original LCS debut, before the majority of his surgeries (he had only the botched axe wound "vagina" and his breasts done then). It's both funny and sad that he's being remembered exactly as he didn't want to be: as a lanky, awkward, non-passing tranny. He tried so desperately hard to fix all these aspects of his appearance with the facial surgery, the fat transfers, etc- and absolutely none of it mattered in the end because these photos are how he'll always be seen.
Autogynephilia, not even once.

No. 911702

His last stream?

No. 911703

Did he always sound that high?

No. 911712

someone said they only ever used kratom but um, that voice was a p. pure example of someone stoned to the tits on either pill opiates or just straight h. kratom doesn't do shit like that.

No. 911713

>>911702 wow, he was fucking high. He also sounded really fucking miserable.

No. 911715

His ass surgery was so obvious

No. 911716

yeah people are straight up idiots, they themselves posted countless examples of them using hard prescription drugs, as documented in these posts:
they seriously came off as really addicted and died overdosing. They were young, and if the didn't OD, how they fuck did they "die in their sleep"?

No. 911718

frankly it reads like no one is capable of saying what really happened or just stating the truth any longer. like they obviously, clearly od'ed on whatever the fuck they were using. the only other people who die in their sleep are ninety year olds.

No. 911721

I'm not buying all this family trouble. If they were transitioning from such a young age then they had family support. What do you expect to hear from your grandma as she's dying, ffs she's dying and probably has more important shit on her mind than worrying about writing a check? I have a feeling that what she said and how he heard it were two different things anyhow. They were pissed that they didn't get the money. It sounds like they were a miserable person.

No. 911722


Basically he called his dying grandma and says hey Merry Christmas can I have some money for more plastic surgeries? I make very little money. Grandma is not having it and says you should be like your mom, pull up your boot straps and work harder for you money. He gets all sad because no one wants to pay for his surgeries. He goes on about how he was homeless, did porn and lived in a drug den to "survive", uh he didn't have to put himself through that. He chose that himself. If he worked harder as in his goddamn mental health, he wouldn't have been in those shitty situations and wouldn't have died. That's what he grandma meant but no, he just wanted to be the victim.

No. 911723

did porn lol, you mean knowingly uploaded trap nudes to 4chan. the dramatization of every aspect of their life is ridiculous. masses of entitlement.

No. 911733

"I uploaded nude pics for free on 4chan to survive!" I think he wanted to justify his past deeds ofc with a little sprinkle of dramatization

No. 911744

He says after that “my mom(that disowned you?) helped and his brother helped” so he was just making his rounds and once grandma said no that threw you off the deep end. Also sounds high as fuck off pills in that vid

No. 911745

My* not his brother

No. 911757

Well someone shelled out over 100k for all the surgeries. If it's not the family, maybe it was Richard Lewis? He supposedly sort of "adopted" Remilia and let her live at his house.

No. 911759

Is there a lolcow wiki page for this dude yet? His story is getting complex, it might be nice to compile everything about it in one neat place.

No. 911767

File: 1577733714882.png (16.92 KB, 954x206, trip.png)

Remilia confirmed for being a rayciss.

No. 911768

File: 1577733743863.png (25.18 KB, 1788x198, trip (1).png)

No. 911810

File: 1577743623619.png (66.68 KB, 1834x354, regret (6).png)

The tripcode archive was pure gold. Apparently Remilia deeply regretted transitioning and wished he could undo it all and live as a normal male.

No. 911812

File: 1577743888742.png (21.45 KB, 993x193, ohnoo.png)

"whatever you do, don't go public with your disillusionment because conservatives will use it as "proof" that child transitions are harmful"

Fucking trannies, man.

No. 911817

>Deadbeat grandson calls
>Christmas wishes
>Proceeds to ask for money to fund vanity project
Anyone in that situation would say no

No. 911845

Euphemisms for death have been common since at least Victorian times; nothing new.
That's just fucking pathetic, his life was basically a radfem's cautionary caricature of a tranny. You have to wonder what his childhood was like for him to have become an AGP chanwhore at such an early age

No. 911851


Literal camming as well. Didn't last long but I remember that quite well back in the day.

No. 911856

males are pathetic attentionwhores even without trauma, so seriously, nothing would have to happen. they live by their dicks and die by them.

No. 911861

File: 1577755574994.png (1.13 MB, 1000x574, 1464621026414.png)

No. 911952

Bitch I'm a female was born one too got kids ectra but far as the the Glbt bs I believe some was born that way cause my sister was a Lezbo sense she was 8yrs but she has been repeatedly raped by grown men and never told no one and in to day society I think alot of ppl looks at the shit as a fad more then anything and that pansexual bullshit I look at that as a whore that just fucks anything that walks it's a gene issue if a Male is born with more female genes then his ass is gonna be gay and same as woman if their born with more Male Genes their a lezbo you can tell at a young age even with 2 and 3 yrs you can just see that something is different and shit my mom showed me my sister ultrasound before she was born and her ass had a set of nutts but when she was born she had a cunt so I would pick on her and my dad telling my dad he rattle the nutts off her lmfao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)