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File: 1446705171825.jpg (609.89 KB, 1280x1600, tumblr_nwry4rWSId1syqyomo1_128…)

No. 200212

Previous thread

The chronicles so far…
>The glasses phase
>Her documentary
>outed for self posting
>Buying a nipponese cat

No. 200217

don't forget the PARODY of the documentary that caused her to take it down for "unrelated reasons," anon

No. 200218

File: 1446705394719.jpg (101.92 KB, 960x960, 12144752_10208200126901094_490…)


>I've never heard of her. Anyone got deets?

Yeah sort of. She isn't anything special, just a name-fag from 4chan. Nowadays she posts coords on CoF with poorly edited on Drake faces. I think she also tried to organize a /cgl/ secret santa last year but a lot of issues came up from it.

No. 200219

hang on, let me gather some caps together for those of us just tuning in

No. 200221

File: 1446705665721.png (116.17 KB, 579x523, 1.png)

No. 200223

File: 1446705687204.png (297.41 KB, 571x593, 2.png)

Kate's HILARIOUS reply.

No. 200224

File: 1446705707526.jpg (234.9 KB, 750x1025, 3.jpg)


No. 200225

File: 1446705755611.jpg (143.69 KB, 656x632, 4.jpg)

carly's response to kate leaving

No. 200226

File: 1446705770464.png (56.19 KB, 749x733, 5.png)


No. 200228

File: 1446705809490.jpg (203.59 KB, 437x319, 6.jpg)

some dumbass friend of kate's departure

No. 200229

File: 1446705840489.png (109.78 KB, 540x960, 7.png)


>based carly

No. 200230

File: 1446705875449.png (23.59 KB, 437x381, 8.png)

voldie's passive aggressive response

No. 200232

What I don't get are Kate's "friends" (Cadney, Lani, and Voldie) defending her despite Kate saying in multiple places that she ~doesn't have friends~ like I don't get it. If I had a friend who did that to me, I'd be kind of mad?

No. 200233


I can't believe Voldie is supporting this hag. I didn't even know she talked to Kate??

No. 200234

that's a good point, I hadn't really thought of that.

No. 200235

File: 1446706291715.jpg (337.14 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_nxbmr4tn6O1so1014o1_128…)

this is caps anon again. just wanted to include this cute picture of our savior from this evil.

No. 200236

and she wasn't even brave enough to put her response in the actual post, it was all wimpy shit in the tags. if she's trying to show that she can stand up for ~what's right~, she's doing a shitty job of it.

No. 200244

She also selfposted a lot and was generally obnoxious/immature.

No. 200251

>SuperCarly64 is Voldie
WHAT? WHAAAAAAAT? Man, I'm out of the loop.

No. 200253

Sorry but why would you cover your face with a sticker, then post a picture of your face right next to it?

No. 200254

No, carly is not voldie. The girl responding to carly withh those passive aggressive tags is apparently voldie.

No. 200255

She's so cute.

No. 200256

I'm not even sure she does talk to Kate, I think she might just be jumping on the bandwagon

No. 200259

Why does Voldie still think she's relevant?

No. 200260

Voldie's just mad that Carly is liked way more as a 'chubby' lolita than she is. Voldie didnt even start using the drake pictures. Some other seagull were using that and then Voldie jumped on it.

It's amazing that Voldie would feel the right to call ANYONE a 'cuntbag'.

inb4 vendetta: I dont know Voldie or anything outside of seeing pictures and the posts she makes I'm just wholeheartedly tired of her.

No. 200270

It's not vendetta when you're stating fact, anon.

No. 200272

Damn I want that hedgie. Super cute.

No. 200278

I feel like voldie is just trying to be popular to be like cadney and kate. She looks like a fun person but she tries so hard to be revelant on cgl with her coords and annoying drake pictures on her face. It was funny at first but now she is just beating a dead horse and forcing in the joke

No. 200279

Kek Voldie was whiteknighting Kate on the RC:U thread about the bogus documentary, got called out and tried to back peddle

No. 200306

That's because she doesn't have friends. Kate has asspats.

No. 200309

They have talked, happened when Kate went to Toronto. Voldie became friends with cadney and so has been brought into that inner circle. There is at least a few pictures of Kate with voldie.

You dont like how your face looks in the picture but you like the pose. You arent trying to hide your face, just unflattering pics of it.

No. 200327

Is that documentary ever happening/being released then? It was so pretentious and terrible but so lulzy.

No. 200332

I immediately laughed. based indeed

No. 200337

I can believe it. Cadney is supporting her, and Voldie was a seagull attentionwhore until she couldn't stand the heat anymore. Now she's licking Cadney's butthole instead.

No. 200339

Is her name actually Voldie or is it a nickname? Every time I see it I just think of Voldemort wearing a lolita dress…

Anyway she obviously needs a punch in the face along with Kate.

No. 200341

She's honestly just exploited people to get more e-fame. I'd be pretty pissed off if I'd been played by Kate, and if it was anyone other than those three I'd feel sorry for them.

No. 200342

No it isn't. She canceled it when the guy wouldn't listen to her about the direction.

Wow that's a pretty dumb question. Do you think cadneys name is Cadney?

No. 200344

I fucking hate girls who do that bullshit.

No. 200345

… Are they both really considered chubby Lolitas?

No. 200348

Well, yeah. I haven't seen Voldie in normal clothes but Carly in a t shirt definitely is chubs. Not really a bad thing but I'd consider her chubs, lolita or not.

No. 200359

I wonder if she's managed to call her husband yet… I mean she's got time to dig up this macro and post it on tumblr, and her husband and poor cat and rabbit are just rotting away at home meanwhile probably.

No. 200373

Um… caps? I mean, this thread is supposed to have all that kind of stuff for reference. Come on anons, I know someone has been dropping the farm on cgl a lot lately so we have had an influx of noobs but really, learn2use farmland.

No. 200378

>She canceled it when the guy wouldn't listen to her about the direction.

You mean, she only raised $1 (which was donated by a seagull for lulz) and was so butthurt she pretended it was something related to the director? Because I'm pretty sure that's what happened, if anything the director seemed pretty cool and replied to comments/carly's video with incredible grace.

No. 200380

Agreed. Although she didn't really bother me that much tbh until she started posting in almost every single draw thread. Like, it was so obvious that she was just taking advantage of anons who were willing to draw people for free. Seriously, how many drawings of yourself do you need? Holy narcissism batman.

No. 200394

I really hate Cadney, she's so fake and famewhore-ish. Everything she says is just trying to make herself sound so perfect but it's so fake.

No. 200397

Voldie was such an annoying shit-posting cunt on /cgl/. I'm not surprised she's become a lolita and is stirring up drama in the comm.

No. 200406

HAHAHAHHA she baleeted her shit

No. 200407

I used to have a hedgehog actually, and they require a lot of maintenance. They need a heat lamp at all times and have to have a very regular light schedule. They also shed their quills and are prone to mites.

I say this because it's the exact opposite of what Kate is doing with Pom. The way that Carly takes care of her hedgehog is admirable, especially when she's in college. Kate can't even be bothered to not kill her cat.

No. 200408

No. 200411

Ya, I remember on /cgl/ she was always arguing with people about her relationships or whatever. It was really dumb.

No. 200420

File: 1446748369152.png (730.57 KB, 1690x916, Screenshot (27).png)

No. 200422

No, the real story is that he did make it without her knowledge, put cadneys real name all over it and the two of them got mad enough that they ended it. She tried to keep face about it but she got used by him and she saw the backlash from the trailer and knew it was going to be bad

No. 200424

File: 1446749041307.png (631.74 KB, 1435x637, Screenshot (29).png)

No. 200425

File: 1446749137855.png (63.3 KB, 1450x412, Screenshot (30).png)

No. 200426

No. 200432

File: 1446749593225.png (369.77 KB, 1017x535, fb.png)

Her personal(?) facebook is still up though, pic related.

No. 200439

Someone should report her for using a fake name kek.

No. 200440

This shit is news to me. My two dogs were carried by plane to live with me, and they're fine. They're small dogs, too. Still alive to this day.
It's fucked up if something does end up happening to the kitten though

No. 200442

>those of you who have pending SS orders with me

WOW BITCH way to really show your true colors. You don't mind networking and keeping in touch with the big meanie western comm if you can make some money.

No. 200443

her instagram is now tsunderrist

No. 200444

No. 200445

kek ilu anon, isn't her name supposed to be Kate Davis?

No. 200446

Naw come on. She's backing out of the light and finally leaving. Let's have our final keks and if she does really stay out of the public eye then whatever.

No. 200447

It is against facebooks TOS to have a fake name, anon. Plus if she is going to say the entire west community is shit, why should she get any respect at this point?

No. 200448


and it's private now lol rly

No. 200450

She's prolly following this thread.

No. 200451

File: 1446750962612.jpg (40.1 KB, 480x720, 11393070_835043749919045_61173…)

Here's Voldie. ever since she's done her best to hide her true level of chub

No. 200453

I'm laughing so fucking hard at how she thinks the Western Lolita community as a whole is shit and went full out rant mode. Hahahaha this hypocritical cunt. Good riddance then. Looking forward to her whiteknights leave as well like the flock of sheep they are.

No. 200455

Is that from her personal facebook anon?

No. 200456

bullshit. Kate herself promoted the indiegogo as soon as it was posted. She then CLAIMED to know NOTHING about it after she shared it herself.

No. 200457

Nope her cosplay page fb/VoldieCos

No. 200458

Um no? It wasn't even made yet, there was a trailer for it and that was all. That's why she wanted to raise $1000+ to fund the making of it.

No. 200466

File: 1446752203732.png (135.58 KB, 484x1144, calr.png)


Not originally anon but found the post for you guys

No. 200471

As I said, she was trying to save face. I know it's easier to see her as vapid. But she was just naive

No. 200474

Lol so by the trailer was out she was already done half the filming. First filming was anime north in May. She came back to Toronto for a month. Trailer used sections from 2 meets she had done for filming, the last section of Japan was left by the time of the fundraiser. She had planned for Japan anyways as you can see.

No. 200476

Besides the 2 public meets she filmed herself alone for a few days, and filmed herself at torontos matsuri. Both were in the first trailer.

No. 200478

Janine Briones is ocd-queen on tumblr and is a super special snowflake trying to become fairy kei famouso. The only reason she is getting involved is for the same reason kate made LACE: to get attention.

No. 200479

By "it wasn't even made yet" I meant completed, bad wording on my part. That's my point though, there was still filming left which is why she wanted money for her Japan trip.

Basically, no one asked her to make it, she wanted to all on her own. Then she wanted to profit on it because she thinks she is popular and flounced when she found out the EVIL WESTERN COMMU only thinks she is worth $1.

No. 200487

Yes no one asked her to do so. She wanted to do something big and got a guy to film her. But she wasn't as in charge of the tone as we make her seem. Having talked to him earlier in the year he acted like he wanted to bring about the convo of bullying and a segment they filmed was of that. He even was in Rc for a bit. But he instead was making her to look special snowflakey beyond what she is. He lied about his intention and she was stupid enough to believe him.

No. 200537

Even if all this is true, by re-uploading the video to her personal channel, linking it from her Facebook, and creating an Indiegogo fund she basically endorsed the doc, and made it seem like she approved of the whole thing.

Kate's big issue is that she doesn't think things through. She just goes and does whatever she thinks will further her agenda (popularity, LACE, etc) without bothering to consider what might happen afterwards. She is just THAT desperate for attention.

No. 200538


ok not that anon but tbh I thought Cadney was her name for the longest time bc it sounds like something some redneck mother would name their child

No. 200541

File: 1446761781798.png (52.45 KB, 1361x643, 352523532.png)

Insta is gone too, maybe she's actually disappearing?
I can't wait for all her friends to whiteknight and baww about how people "bullied her off the internet!!!!".

I'm a little concerned about how this will affect her mentally. Like, I have no love for her, but going from spotlight, updating social media, getting tons of attention, to zero, is going to be very weird for her.
To be honest, I'm worried she's going top herself. I know it's awful to say, but something like that would be turned on the community so fucking bad. She's had a lot of eyes on her, and she's fucked up so badly that she could never really be taken seriously without people to defend her every action.

No. 200542

Derp, only just saw this now.

No. 200544

It is from a webcomic I believe, Cadney is a character from something that doesn't exist anymore . But to answer the question Carley is voldies name. Not to be confused with Carly

No. 200546

Nothing against Carly, honestly, but why do you guys like her so much? I guess it's just kind of strange to see someone get praise among all the salt.

No. 200548


I have no idea what her fucking name is no need to be a shit about it..

No. 200549


Because she calls people on their bullshit off anon, is usually pretty good humored about it and makes cogent points when her subjects whine about being "bullied" aka parodied.

No. 200552

File: 1446764005798.jpg (128.83 KB, 445x223, fdss.jpg)

>Prominent lolita desu

No. 200554

File: 1446764053314.jpg (63.31 KB, 500x375, ew.jpg)

No. 200557

Oh no, obviously the opinion of two and a half e-fame Lolitas > literally everyone else in the community.

>I had to stop wearing Lolita because Western Lolitas so mean desu ;__;

Fuck off Jillian, you just wore the clothes for attention anyway. And when the Lolita community refused to give you enough asspats, you quit.

No. 200559

Is anyone else getting sick of Ina and those two other black chick on the Lace thread on RC:U making it all about how "cool and I am so edgy for kicking out my old comm modz" and randomly attacking another person?

I feel like they just need to go to their own private convo if they want to talk all stupid and how they are so coolz and shit.

No. 200560

I follow so many Lolitas on tumblr who have been around forever and get no shit from the community. The difference is that they're not obnoxious famewhores. There's a difference between having an online presence and shoving yourself down everyone's throat, and it's clear that Kate and Jillian don't get that.

No. 200563

Yeah, they're literally masturbating to their trolling accomplishments lmao

No. 200564


She has a loving husband, cute animals and family who clearly care about her; she'll cope.

No. 200565


These bitches are just upset they're becoming irrelevant in the Lolita comm as time goes by. Without the attention they want and asspats, they cry out that the Western community is a shithole and then leave.

Fucking top kek.

No. 200566

^this. She's basically our hero from the lolcows

No. 200568

As funny as I thought her tutorials were, and as much as I can't fucking stand girlytoot, Carly is becoming such a full-of-herself cunt. I have 0 doubts that she comes here to post about how great she is, in between making edgy posts on tumblr attacking nobodies like that friend of cadney's.

No. 200570

As far as I can tell Lanii's fairly prominent in the Toronto comm, but yeah I agree. Her first few videos were amusing but she's kind of coming off as an asshole right now.

No. 200573

>Loving husband - who had to make a facebook status because she was too busy flouncy about japan to even send a 'hello'
>cute animals - two that she left for months on end without a second thought and one from a terrible place and that could die
>family ho clearly care about her - yet she needed to try to be famous and almost made a documentary about how 'hard' her life is?

overall if she was able to 'cope' she wouldnt have been so fame hungry in the first place

No. 200574

So it's fine that you guys whine about people anonymously but when people put their face behind it they're 'full of themselves? I admire Carly because she does what she wants and what she cares about. Unlike you who sits behind a screen and would probably lick Kate's shoes if she was in front of you.

No. 200576


Then she'll have to get her priorities right for once. I wonder if her husband said something to her when she returned from her trip? As it was clear she didn't give a shit about him when being out in Japan and only cared about her e-famous social media life.

No. 200583

yeah I'm kind of indifferent about carly, as in I'm not like a huge fan or anything, but I don't think she's full of herself. rude and blunt, but not really full of herself.

No. 200584

People are too sensitive these days, no one can stand someone poking fun at them. It feels like no one can accept criticism or take a joke anymore.

No. 200585

Not that anon, but yeah I agree. This community specifically is extremely picky about that kind of shit. Carly has even brought that up before, which is why I think her comedy is so prudent

No. 200588

Absolutely disgusting. What is this cosplay supposed to be anyway? Something from One Piece? She should not be cosplaying that.

I love how Voldie is like a typical /cgl/. Acts like she's so great on 4chan and has power to delete all posts gossiping about her, then is actually a typical chub who desperately needs to lose some weight.

No. 200593

File: 1446769693547.png (144.21 KB, 484x1144, screen1.png)

screenshots of the RC:UC convo in case some aren't apart of that facebook group

No. 200594

File: 1446769827116.png (132.01 KB, 484x1144, screen2.png)

No. 200596

File: 1446769956605.png (148.65 KB, 484x1144, screen3.png)

No. 200598

File: 1446770120789.png (161.37 KB, 484x1144, screen4.png)


Link that is mentioned

Cannot be viewed since she bawleetted her entire blog

No. 200599

File: 1446770201182.png (172.54 KB, 484x1144, screen5.png)

No. 200601

File: 1446770384603.png (160.66 KB, 484x1144, screen6.png)

No. 200602

File: 1446770486632.png (130.03 KB, 484x1144, screen7.png)

No. 200603

Man I really wish the 'documentary' was still coming out now.

No. 200605

File: 1446770583944.png (144.42 KB, 484x1144, screen8.png)

No. 200606

File: 1446770702641.png (135.27 KB, 484x1144, screen9.png)

No. 200609

File: 1446770917574.png (138.24 KB, 484x1144, screen10.png)


Skipped over the carly rose/voldie stuff since its already screensnapped

No. 200611

File: 1446771106889.png (178.23 KB, 484x1144, screen11.png)

No. 200612

File: 1446771224279.png (145.51 KB, 484x1144, screen12.png)

No. 200613

File: 1446771336543.png (130.97 KB, 484x1144, screen13.png)

No. 200614

File: 1446771425236.png (122.32 KB, 484x1144, screen14.png)

No. 200616

File: 1446771545272.png (135.74 KB, 484x1144, screen15.png)

No. 200618

File: 1446771665890.png (120.71 KB, 484x1144, screen16.png)

No. 200621

File: 1446771923908.png (128.56 KB, 484x1144, screen18.png)

No. 200623

File: 1446772081133.png (128.57 KB, 484x1144, screen19.png)

No. 200625

File: 1446772198662.png (221.47 KB, 484x1144, screen20.png)

No. 200627

File: 1446772278038.png (163.6 KB, 484x1144, screen21.png)

No. 200628

File: 1446772353967.png (132.68 KB, 484x1144, screen22.png)

No. 200629

File: 1446772439173.png (267.05 KB, 484x1144, screen23.png)

No. 200630

File: 1446772527392.png (135.53 KB, 484x1144, screen24.png)

No. 200631

File: 1446772663491.png (178.52 KB, 484x1144, screen25.png)

No. 200632

File: 1446772781640.png (143.3 KB, 484x1144, screen26.png)

No. 200633

File: 1446772858633.png (137.66 KB, 484x1144, screen27.png)

No. 200634

File: 1446772962025.png (163.92 KB, 484x1144, screen28.png)

No. 200635

Fuck Janine and Angel jfc.
Just cause someone voices, their opinion doesn't make them a meanie butt.

No. 200636

File: 1446773078007.png (129.19 KB, 484x1144, screen29.png)

No. 200637

Voldiemort is so fucking annoying jesus christ. I barely even know who she is but she's such a fucking background noise whenever she pops up holy shit.

No. 200639

File: 1446773167057.png (119.51 KB, 484x1144, screen30.png)

No. 200640

File: 1446773274012.png (70.17 KB, 464x588, screen31.png)

No. 200641

File: 1446773309026.png (53.93 KB, 476x599, screen32.png)

No. 200643

File: 1446773402929.png (103.79 KB, 484x1144, screen33.png)

No. 200645

File: 1446773667113.png (144.83 KB, 484x1144, screen34.png)

No. 200646

>Yeah she was friend with her ((the KA in Canada?)) but that KA just stepped down

Does that mean Cadney stepped down as KA? Or does Canada have more than one KA?

No. 200647


Yeah cadney stepped down from KA a bit ago. Before Kate went apeshit lol

No. 200649

wait is that carly at the bottom?

No. 200650

File: 1446773832371.png (85.18 KB, 484x832, screen35.png)

No. 200651

>Masaki Deguchi: I understand why her kitty cheap, writting in (moon speak)
>meaning the Kitty has occlusion problem. not beg problem that just be careful foods but she can care that??

So does this mean POM already has preexisting health conditions? Wow. Just wow.

No. 200653

Janine is ocd-queen on tumblr. She is definitely snowflake material, borderline lolcow.

No. 200654

looks like her but I can't tell for sure.

No. 200658

Kate shitting all over Western Lolitas was the worst move she could do. Even if she wanted to return to the online aspect of Lolita, she will always get bullshit for her words. What does her local comm think of her now?

No. 200660

Oh shit, she is an even bigger has-been than I thought. Any info about why she stepped down?

No. 200662

Yeah, it's her.

No. 200664


I wish I could find where it was she announced her leaving, but iirc she was leaving because she was disappointed with the KA stuff in general. Such as how the Japanese group was handling the whole AM/Jon situation (by doing nothing at all).

No. 200665

No. 200669

The tumblr post is someone asking what happened with the docu. Kate vaguely replies it wont be happening anymore because of some issues.

No. 200670

She's been inactive in the comm for a long time now (pretty much since Tekko). Personally, I'm looking forward to moving on.

No. 200682

Ina, Bri, and Ke'Avia can just shut up. I swear they never bring anything to the table and just want to show how trollololo they can be in everything. Every thread they appear in just turns into a huge cringe. Also where did they get that cap from the other person they are talking about?

No. 200692

With Girlyhoot leaving it almost feels like the sky has cleared and we can finally breathe again without having a cringey new Kate stunt shoved down our throats. But I also firmly believe that she will not be able to handle not being surrounded by attention and validation for her insecurity and narcissism. she is eternal; she is not gone, she will never truly leave. I have concluded she's going to do one of three things:
1) shove herself down the japanese lolitas' throats on their social media because "gaijin community is a bunch of nasty bakas desu"(if she knows how to speak jap)
2) reemerge in a new niche fashion and continue blowing her dead dad's inheritance on things she doesn't need. my money's on larme kei given all of her ~larme~ shit
3) return the minute she thinks the drama has died down for "fresh start desu" and do more lulzy bullshit

No. 200693

顎ずれ means misaligned jaw. So yeah, looks like the kitten is probably inbred as shit and has hereditary health problems.

No. 200696

File: 1446778889484.gif (499.21 KB, 500x270, marieantoinette.gif)


Was thinking the exact same. She'll be back in Japan more often than we think because clearly the Japanese Lolitas are such saints; she'll have to join their inner circle somehow.

No. 200698

Hi Nancy

No. 200713

File: 1446779953739.png (52.07 KB, 504x642, ss (2015-11-05 at 07.18.11).pn…)


screen shot for archiving purposes

No. 200729

tfw I like larme and don't want it ruined by Kate

No. 200732

This is a good time to think about why so many Lolitas looked up to Kate. Fawned over her. Liked and liked every picture she posted on Facebook. That discussion should be had so the community doesn't get duped again.

No. 200735

Her only claim to "fame" was creating lace, which caused all the itas to flock to her for nourishment. Without that, she had nothing.

No. 200738


I'm kidding. But I'm not grossed out by this. Just very very confused tbh.

No. 200740


To think LACE was all to do with her having a shit in the toilets at a meet. All she could have done is laughed it off and ended it at that, as everyone has to take a dump no matter how kawaii desu loli they are but no. She just had to go overboard with the ANTI BULLYING brigade.

No. 200743


For all we know she could have self posted that dumb poop story to

No. 200764

Voldie has been on Kate's dick for a while. Kate posted some uncredited art that my friend drew a while back, and my friend asked her to take it down, and started to post along with her comics to not delete captions and such. Voldie sent her a message telling her that it was offputting that she would caption her artwork that way and that she shouldn't be mad that someone stole her art.


No. 200765

File: 1446787041054.jpg (107.5 KB, 1170x700, 11894610_10207874964172229_593…)

Did anyone else see when Kate posted that picture Lanii drew of her, Kate, and Cadney, and Voldie "fixed" it by drawing herself in? LMAO she's so thirsty for the e-fame chans.

No. 200770

Holy shit this is so pathetic lol

No. 200772

File: 1446788216097.jpeg (28.45 KB, 260x339, image.jpeg)

No. 200775

File: 1446788306656.jpg (82.36 KB, 640x640, Anyone Can Lolita.jpg)

Sorry Voldie

No. 200776

Wasn't that just because she wasn't at the convention with them?

No. 200777

The weird thing was, everyone on cgl jumped to her defense when the poop story was posted. No one gave a shit. I don't know where she got the idea that everyone cared and was bullying her over that story?

No. 200778


WOW holy fuck Voldie. I used to be indifferent to Voldie until this thread lol. She is so fucking thirsty for the efame

No. 200790

My friends still have fake name accounts and some made new fake name rp accounts

No. 200794

Right? Only 1 or 2 people laughed. You can see the proof on rebeccablacktech.

No. 200798

How old is she again?

No. 200818

If you're talking about who I think you're talking about, I'm friends with her too. Voldie is always deleting the captions from her work. It sucks because she's gotten more protective of her art, and artists shouldn't have to be afraid of sharing their work. All she wants is credit, but I guess Voldie is too self centered to understand that.

No. 200819


I think shes 19? I can't believe how immature she acts for her age though. I'm just slightly older than her (20) and I just find her so insufferable. She couldn't handle any of the back-lash from trip-fagging on /cgl/ either.

No. 200820

I hate how suddenly Voldie got into lolita and started buying popular dresses left and right. It seems so fake.

No. 200821

i seriously don't understand the obsession with e-fame that so many lolitas seem to have. it's not impossible to wear the fashion without looking for praise and attention, their petticoats are obviously cutting off the blood circulation to their brains.

No. 200823

Once I mentioned on /cgl/ that I was a lone lolita and someone told me that was a waste of brand. So many lolitas have really messed up priorities and I feel like tumblr is making it worse.

No. 200825


I dont understand either anon and I'm a lolita. In general though I really dont like posting photos or anything of myself online.

No. 200839

They're not wanting e-fame because they were Lolita, they wear Lolita because they want e-fame.

There are tons of chill Lolitas who can post their pics to the internet without self promoting every two seconds, or who just don't put up pictures on the internet at all. Even the more knwon Lolitas like Lor or Peachie, who pt themselves out there a lot, usually avoid too much drama.

But these people use the fashion as a way to promote themselves, and get easy attention. Only thing you need is money, some PS filters, and the willingness to promote yourself. If you're well off like Kate, you won't have much trouble constantly buying popular releases too. They than expect the community to bow down to them, and everyone outside the Lolita comm to be amazed how ~quirky~ and ~unique~ they are because they wear frilly dresses (as if you get a special award for that).
If it doesn't work out, they'll throw a huge tantrum like Jillian and just leave the fashion for another upcoming style. Kate is on the same way.

No. 200841

it's such a fucking bummer. i really love the fashion and all these thirsty e-fame wannabees create so much unnecessary drama that it drags the entire community down. i hope that with kate leaving the terrible awful very bad western comm things will simmer down a bit, but i feel like it's going to be more of a 'cut off one head and two grow back' situation - there's always going to be someone else hungry for attention.

No. 200842

Angel is also a guarantee to shit up every discussion. Fuck them.

No. 200886

So she spent close to $1K on a special needs cat. Wow.

Thank you so much for all the screencaps! If you have time, would you please be able to go back abd cap the full Kristen Mahone comments? I am curious about what her sociologist mother thinks of the lolita community.

No. 200894

File: 1446827342488.png (522.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-06-08-27-30…)


Sorry anon! Didn't mean to miss that. I currently only have mobile available but I went and found the comments for you

No. 200895

File: 1446827404861.png (517.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-06-08-30-31…)

No. 200902

File: 1446828773786.png (306.28 KB, 573x510, Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 10.4…)

holy shit, Japanese girl is out for blood

No. 200903

File: 1446828798728.png (158.18 KB, 566x480, Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 10.4…)

No. 200913

Not a girl. He is the translator guy who got snubbed by lace. He somehow got into rc and is shitting up the place.

No. 200924

> the embodiment of evil. definitely dont get involved.

No. 200933

Is this the same Masaki as Venus's Masaki?

No. 200935


This person is a creep who can barely speak English. He made a fake profile because Kate blocked him after he got stalkerish about LACE stuff.

Everyone should stop giving him attention. He's obviously unstable.

No. 200940

Firstly, Venus's boyfriend or whatever's name is Manaki. Secondly, do you think there are no Japanese people with the same name or what? Idiot.

No. 200950

Remember folks: If you make a single mistake, ever, you're scum and never to be forgiven.

The lolita community is shit.

No. 200951

Top kek

No. 200952

>single mistake

No. 200958

Not to mention it's really the reaction of the person to the initial criticism that really sets off whether they're going to be "forgiven" or not. People make mistakes all the time in lolita and are forgiven - it's the shits who react like babies who are torn down from their high horses and put into place.

No. 200959

File: 1446836863046.png (158.74 KB, 446x400, 1437977062550.png)

okay there friend

Just pointing out: There have been western lolitas way before Kate* who dont cry about drama and there will continue to be lolitas who will join the community without crying about drama.

*Kate, Cadney, Jillian or ANY of those stupid famewhores who bawwed out of the community because of 'drama'/'haters'

No. 200961

If you want a giggle, ask him about his vendetta against Misako.

No. 200962


Exactly this.

Like what the fuck is wrong with the Lolita community? I've only been in it for several years and I've had no drama, no bullshit, a lovely comm and never experienced any hate? So what the fuck? Do these fame whores just cause problems to happen on their own terms? There's nothing wrong with it AT ALL.

No. 200967

They expect respect when they have earned none. They take people for granted. They don't live up to their promises.

They are bad people.

No. 200968

And that's when I stop taking you seriously

No. 200969

ONE mistake? You're one of Those People, aren't you? The ones who constantly excuse bad behaviour and enable others to be shit people. It's all there in the OP post:

>The glasses phase

>Her documentary
>outed for self posting
>Buying a nipponese cat

>the PARODY of the documentary that caused her to take it down for "unrelated reasons,"
>that fucking Indiegogo backpedal
>the AM anonymous rumour posting fiasco

No. 200972

Got to agree with you, I have never seen any real massive drama or hate in my comm and when something did look like it was about to begin it was immediately dealt with.

The only shit you deal with is the shit you bring with you. The people who continuously complain about drama and haters following them everywhere need to understand this. There needs to come a time when people need to ask themselves is the problem me or the rest of the entire world.

No. 200973

Poor kitty.

No. 200974

I'm a bit out of the loop here, what was the "AM fiasco" about? Could someone fill me in, please?

No. 200980

No. 200986

What the actual fuck? None of these are mistakes, outside of maybe the cat. Instead of trying to talk about it with her calmly over that, all anyone did was gossip over it and claim they're upset over the cats well-being instead of actually doing anything.

Basically, you hate her over things you personally dislike and continue to seek her out instead of looking away from it. You morons made her e-famous. I don't even like Kate, but I also don't think she's that interesting of a person worthy of this attention or hate. It must be because she has a big wardrobe worthy of envy.

No. 200987

Seriously. If she had just ignored it, everyone would have forgotten, but no. She was so hurt by it she had to make a damn anti-bullying group. Now, she will forever be known as the poop lolita.

No. 200990


No. 200992

This. Lolita is a fashion where you can buy your way to the top, which is pretty terrible imho. I sort of wish that all lolita was lifestyle lolita to a certain point so we could get away from this shit.

No. 200993

>not a mistake

What are you smoking? Disregarding that it was a grab for efame, trying to found an antibullying organization with no professionals on your team and no planning is definitely a mistake.

No. 200994

>giving Skype calls as an indiegogo prize
>only claimed she was being exploited over it when it didn't raise money/had people questioning her
>not a mistake

yeah OK
You really don't belong here. Also you have no idea if people actually confronted her about it or not.

No. 200996


If Kate just admitted she's made mistakes she wouldn't have had so many issues.

Notice how she never says thank you to her fans, but instead decided to take a crap on them. Even her little temper tantrum post reeks of lack of responsibility.

If she'd just say, "Hey everyone, I've made a mistake by getting the cat. I got caught up in the moment, here's how I'm going to make it right.." She wouldn't have gotten eaten alive.

No. 200999

Yes, that's another huge thing - not owning up to mistakes, or being grateful at ALL.

No. 201007

You need to check your facts.

When LACE started up several people calmly and rationally attempted to open a dialogue about bullying, the direction it was taking, how people could get assistance, how people could educate themselves and how to prevent the vendetta dog pile. It was either met with silence or allegations of being pro-bully/harassment for immediately not joining the bandwagon. People asked if there was more behind it than just a hash tag (a legitimate question) and they were called haters. People were told more info was to follow - it never did.

>Basically, you hate her over things you personally dislike

And yeah, I personally dislike hypocrites and people who twist the truth, you got me on that one.

Kate is a hypocrite because she made up that AM bullshit. She didn't care about the things that were going on with AM until Buttcape stepped forward. If she was REALLY about protecting people from bullying, harassment and exploitation AM would have been a red flag. She should have been leading the charge. What does she do instead? That AM bullshit.
A girl was legitimately being harassed on Facebook in the Rufflechat thread for saying something dumb about skin colour not being her cup of tea. A bunch of lolitas formed a gang to make a concerted effort to make her cry, humiliate her and shred her in a public forum. Where was Kate an LACE then? Fucking nowhere.

Kate has been caught out twisting the truth with the doco. She was promoting the trailer and was linking the Indiegogo. As soon as the online community went WTF is this $300 Skype tea party?? (also a legitimate question)she pulled the pin, stating that it was done without her knowledge or permission. How could an Indiegogo where ALL the perks were Kate-related be created without Kate's permission? How could she post links to the Indiegogo and the doco to her social media and not know what was in them?

She became e-famous by plastering herself all over social media platforms. We commented on what she posted. That is how it works.

>It must be because she has a big wardrobe worthy of envy.

This is how I know that you are incapable of making a rational argument or even understanding the dynamics of what is going on here.

In summation, you can leave now since the only moron here seems to be you.

No. 201011

The LACE link from there is now gone, but it was a collection of allegations against the AM organisers. The stories were posted without names. Kate claimed the people behind the stories had approached her personally to tell her about their experiences. When asked for verification, people were told that the stories were to remain anonymous to protect the persons involved. The stories turned out to be made up or exaggerated.

No. 201024

Lone as you never go to local meets?
I mean, to each their own.

No. 201026

A lot of them were given to her or sold cheaply from a friend that was leaving lolita, nothing to be jealous of, anon.

No. 201042

I have a couple lolita friends who I go do lolita-ish things with. Mostly though I just wear lolita around the house or to go out with my normie friends. IMO it's just clothes, and I'm not saying I wouldn't make friends if I joined a comm, but I'm perfectly happy with the friends I have now, regardless of how they/I decide to dress.

No. 201053

Thank you, anon!

No. 201059

well he's a fucking weirdo, BUT
>You say you are suffering, but have so many beautiful expensive dresses and an easy life.
he does have a point tbh.
Kate is all first world problems, and quitting the internet for as long as she can stand to go without the attention isn't going to change that.

I've experienced a lot of drama in one comm (chicago, in 2012 when things were really awful for too many reasons), but then no drama in the one I was in after(Scotland, which is a pretty chill comm with well dressed girls, and they're still super nice and keep me in even though I've moved again because I might possibly maybe come back). Lolita is a mixed bag of drama/no drama. Just like the rest of life. Ppl like LACE are just pretty much tumblr where everythings got to be bubblewrapped in order to be acceptable to them, except that's totally unrealistic and makes me wonder how they handle life outside of lolita tbh.

THIS. Just admit you fucked up and not play victim all the time.

No. 201062

Is he the one freaking out on misakos insta right now?

No. 201068

With all the kitten drama I'm surprised no one's pointed out that it's kind of cruel to have it even in Japan. Kittens need to be socialized or they can turn out 'weird', all the adoption agencies in my area require you to already have a cat or adopt two kittens if you want one under a year. I can't really imagine Kate sitting around her apartment in Japan giving this baby animal the attention it needs, never mind what could happen next. Then you factor in that it will have been in three different homes in less than two months, PLUS the flight & quarantine. What a thoughtless decision.

No. 201069

LACE was never real. It was just a Facebook page.

No. 201076

No. 201093

No, that's a totally different weirdo. Scary to see, though.

No. 201105

File: 1446857748320.png (215.62 KB, 434x454, crazy1.PNG)

No. 201106

File: 1446857767634.png (44.76 KB, 286x410, crazy2.PNG)

No. 201108

File: 1446857811511.png (38.46 KB, 303x395, crazy3.PNG)

No. 201109

File: 1446857836133.png (24.14 KB, 349x125, extracrazy.PNG)

and some crazy on another pic

No. 201111

Every time I hear about her shit story, I remember this.

No. 201117

AM and all it has brought is the real cancer of lolita, tbh. One comm, a few e-famous lolitas, and John and his garbage have become a huge lolita affair.

No. 201126

File: 1446858592481.png (704.89 KB, 601x580, datlip.png)

No. 201139

What the fucking hell…

No seriously, what the fucking hell is going on…

No. 201140

File: 1446862174247.gif (71.1 KB, 130x130, 1414807661199.gif)

very true. it didnt accomplish jack shit and only made the so called "horrible bullyingggg~~" worse.

No. 201141

It sounds like he's trying to say she stole his picture. Maybe he's a Japanese lolita trapped in a fat Malaysian mans body kek

No. 201146

File: 1446863411196.jpg (39.73 KB, 680x848, 1445285517721.jpg)

No. 201157

File: 1446866702620.jpg (23.58 KB, 320x270, 1359931227001.jpg)

No. 201163

File: 1446868004104.jpg (174.76 KB, 1183x1078, face.jpg)


>Just shut the fuck up shemale

No. 201182

No. 201189

I hate to be that guy but can someone greentext the poop story I need to be reminded

No. 201190

Wasn't there an incident where Kate was hospitalized and her bf asked friends for money for get well flowers but in the end she just used the money to buy burando?

No. 201192

I don't think Cadney left the community.

No. 201201

Lani plz go.

No. 201204

She apparently stepped down as a KA, which is stepping down from a fairly big part of the community. Plus now she is Kate's bitch and has no backbone anymore so she is as good as gone.

No. 201225

The greentext was
>Using bathroom in Doubletree during lolita tea party with RinRin
>Only one other person in the bathroom
>Hear someone taking a huge, nasty shit
>Leave stall and wash hands
>Out walks girlyhoot

No. 201233

File: 1446890125921.png (12 KB, 287x120, extracrazyontopofthatcrazy.png)

Dude's gone off the deep end. Claims that Misako is talking about him on her facebook?

No. 201235

These fucking famewhores are giving overseas lolitas a bad name. Who would you all say is a better replacement for them? There's so many others I think that deserve it and won't have all this drama, especially AM, attached to them.

No. 201252

And copious amounts of money, don't forget.

No. 201272

Yeah lol I do think Kate posted that story in the first place tbh. I mean who even writes about that? Everyone poops. It's not that remarkable. Kate probs just selfposted it for efame and to start LACE honestly.

No. 201275

No. 201276

But didn't she step down as KA to take a stand against the JLA not dealing with the John and Deneice Leigh situation? I don't have any feelings about her either way but I think the JLA is a crock of shit that all the KAs should leave at this point. If they don't leave, it's either because they're up John's ass like Daniela, or because they're holding onto the idea that they're special and above the rest of the lolita community because precious Misako told them they were. The JLA doesn't help Lolitas its just Misako's business ploy to get work overseas.

No. 201280

>they're holding onto the idea that they're special and above the rest of the lolita community because precious Misako told them they were.

Pretty much this. Since Lolita is a hobby mainly around clothing, there isn't much that can make you stand out. Misako is one of the very few "idols" or "role models" (or whatever you want to call it) that most Lolitas accept and even look up to, so having a special position appointed by her will make you stand out. And might give you privilege like being invited to events etc.

No. 201283

Secrets are out!

No. 201294

>>201276 What do the KAs even do?

No. 201300

I think so too. Especially since no one had really "bullied" her over anything other than her hair and glasses before that.

No. 201301

Whoa deets/caps? Because that is essentially psychotic behavior.

No. 201302

Yes but honestly, as a KA she should have tried to spread awareness about this imo before stepping down. Or tried even harder to affect the JLA. She kind of just floated away without a spine.

No. 201340

Anyone have caps from her "I Troll u" post back when she was still known as glasses girl?
Where she got on cgl saying she would never stop wearing those black-framed glasses cus she liked angering the gulls or smth.

No. 201396

It kind of looks like she's selfposting in defence of herself on the secrets too.
So much for quitting the online comm forever.

No. 201429


No. 201486

File: 1446949023554.png (68.79 KB, 631x391, Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 2.30…)

Looks like the documentary is still going to happen - why else would the creator want to interview Carly?

No. 201490

to mock kate.

No. 201492


I remember Kate saying she didn't like how she was portrayed in this trailer, but I have this funny feeling she had a hand in the edits and end result, and he was probably rolling his eyes inwardly. I can see her blaming him after the Carly parody, so now he doesn't have a reason to kiss her ass anymore. I hope he makes good use of an interview with Carly and gets some great insight!

No. 201498

I can't wait to hear what Carly has to say about lolita in general. She'll probably do it a lot more justice than Kate was.

No. 201506

Arey ou sure that's the creator of the documentary? I thought that guy's name was Paul.
I read this comment as coming fromsomeone who had a technical hand in making the trailer, like directing or cutting it.

No. 201507

I hope Carly gets his side of the story. We have only heard from Kate about how it's his fault the doco is crappy.

No. 201516


What do you guys think about some kind of revenge use of the movie? Would you watch it enjoy it because it's Kate? Would you hate it? They'd probably portray lolitas even worse in it.

There's also the possibility, maybe, they'd show "our" side and use Carly as a voice for the people who don't like her. Thoughts?

No. 201520

You know, I'm expecting something like Exit Through The Giftshop or Dear Zachary where the documentary starts out being filmed one way and then takes a sudden turn.
If anything, I hope it's about Kate's bizarro views next to normal lolitas and about the director discovering his subject was fucking crazy and lying.

Inb4 blog post but I'm a film student who wants to make documentaries and I'd kill to get my hands on that footage and make what I just described.

No. 201522

who is this?

No. 201523


I really hope she signed some kind of release so they can still put it out. Though I'd be fine watching her blow money on a lawsuit if they released it without her permission ha.

No. 201525

File: 1446959076019.png (489.49 KB, 600x600, YlG69T8.png)

The best one.

No. 201527

I'm pretty sure you have to sign a release before filming

No. 201528

But she clearly already signed one - they filmed a whole bunch and released a trailer.

No. 201544

File: 1446963964162.png (482.13 KB, 376x646, girlytoot.png)

I don't know if this has been mentioned already but Kate didn't delete her blog she has a fake deactivated theme.

No. 201546

File: 1446964272650.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-07-22-30-25…)


Can you share how to access anon? Or if you don't can you keep an eye out to see if she posts more things and report back

No. 201547

People are getting shitty about Carly in the comments tho.

No. 201548

It's probably Voldie

No. 201550

Do it thru the app.

No. 201551

I replied to one of the comments earlier but they're pretty shitty still. It probably IS Voldie.

No. 201555

I tried to do it through the app and it still doesn't work

No. 201556

if you search her up you won't find her but if click on something she'd been @'d you can get to her blog.
Under carly's post in the girlyhoot tag there should be a post by cadney, click on the girlyhoot link on the post in the app because that's how I found her

No. 201559

Found it, thanks anon. There's not much new on there unfortunately.

No. 201560

Anyone here following her instagram? I'm thinking of creating an account to try and see if I can (she already has like 4k followers)

No. 201561

File: 1446967864332.png (909.5 KB, 700x1050, baldy voldy.png)


No. 201563

Can you make one of Kate?

No. 201570

I probably would have watched it a way. I enjoy docos whether good or bad. Carly being potentially involved has made me more interested.

I am torn between wanting a fly-on-the-wall no interference from the director type presentation or a Nick Broomfield-esque fiasco. I love Broomfield, his stuff is a bit bizarre and I think a Carly x Broomfield collab would be hilarious.

No. 201597

Cadney, dumbass
Read the thread.

No. 201638

Cadney did post about it publicly at the time, as a KA and with what she dealt with at AM.

He isnt the director, although he may have worked with the guy I doubt it is legit.

Would like to see the film, not with Carly though. She is not a good 'voice' for that. Would be better if the director himself was talking since he filmed with Kate.

No. 201651

File: 1447001864756.jpg (43.41 KB, 643x643, 12193466_1545316585758954_3995…)

you can also access it through the small popup that comes when you click a reblog link
if that makes sense

No. 201698

I honestly just want this whole thing to die. I'm so sick of hearing about both Kate AND Carly. They both annoy me honestly.

No. 201707

I'd hate for Carly to be in it. She hasn't done anything related to Kate besides parody the trailer and post about the cat. Plus, it seems like he just wants to find a replacement for his soedgy docu after Kate quit, and no matter how they pull it off, it would make us all seem like crazies.

No. 201712

When it's a fake theme, you can use /archive and see their posts anyway IIRC. You can't do that with this.
Tumblr has this setting that allows you to make your blog unviewable to anyone and the only way of access is through your dashboard if you follow them. Maybe she's using that instead, and they haven't implemented it on the app yet?
I mean, this can be circumvented if you make another blog that only follows them and just look at all their shit by checking out the dashboard, but what do I know lmao

No. 201721

So why are to bumping this thread, dingus

No. 201785

jesus they're STILL at it.
I kind of figured this was going to happen ever since Carly began to have a "cult following." After her first lace/pixielocks parody, people started guessing that she would start getting hate just for being popular, and I guess they were right.

No. 201792

I don't think Carly would agree to be a replacement for Kate in the documentary. In fact has anyone even confirmed that she's even doing an interview?

No. 201876

Did something weird happen to this thread? Its wasn't in the /pt/ or /snow/ and I had to access it through the previous thread from the "new thread" post.

No. 202018

I was told by a very reliable source that the Kate Davis documentary IS going to be released on youtube as an "invite only" video by the filmmakers.

No. 202045

Can you possibly get your source to reupload it?

No. 202114

Kek I got banned on 4chan for posting about Kate in the japanese gossip website translation thread. I think Kate is secretly friends with someone who is a janitor because her threads always somehow get deleted.

No. 202116

*her threads meaning posts about her

No. 202118

There's an occasional bug where a thread may get "stuck" between pages. If it's the last thread on a page, a thread on a later page being bumped may cause that thread to temporarily not be on any page. I'm still working on fixing it, but in the meantime, everything can still be found through the catalog.

No. 202122

It shouldn't be against the rules to just mention someone. When moot made that rule, it was to cut back on PT and Dakota type threads where literally all we would do was dissect their lives. It wasn't meant to be applied this way.

No. 202126

This is why I am curious if she knows someone. On other threads girls get pinpointed all the time and everything stays up.

No. 202127

>it was to cut back on PT and Dakota type threads where literally all we would do was dissect their lives.
Now who in their right mind would ever do that…

No. 202136

Is there any way to have a peek at the old Kooter and PT thread? rebeccablacktech? warosu? (who the hell even named these archives actually?)
I am on my time of the month and everything hurts and i just want something nice to read tonight instead of binging on cookies.

No. 202138

>PT and Dakota type threads where literally all we would do was dissect their lives
aw man that was good i was obsessed with dakota back then and would obsessively follow her drama. damn my life was sad back then. i was an angsty underage weeb.

No. 202141

>I want this whole thing to die, so I'm gonna shitpost in the thread about it instead of ignoring it

No. 202264


Totally agree. When all the LACE shenanigans began, threads were being deleted constantly.

No. 202286

File: 1447145101892.jpg (72.78 KB, 730x640, 12196081_10153350965695345_517…)

Kate's new cover photo. The amount of tryhard here is ridiculously cringey.

No. 202287

Is that really her cover photo? If so, wow. So, she sees herself as the bitchy queen bee or whatever? Jeez. Lol @ her making Voldi the lame girl trying to fit in, kind of insulting to your friends, hmm? This picture says a lot about her ego, really.

No. 202288


Honestly surprised Kate would include Voldie, but also lmao at making her the odd one out. I wonder if she doesnt mind Voldie or if she finds her annoying

No. 202290

File: 1447147059139.jpg (183.97 KB, 1032x618, ss (2015-11-10 at 01.16.59).jp…)


Just went to check it out and it totally is. Jfc Kate, stay classy

No. 202291

File: 1447147122205.jpg (77.43 KB, 518x562, ss (2015-11-10 at 01.18.18).jp…)

Carly-rose = voldie btw for those that dont know

No. 202292

File: 1447147165725.png (47.01 KB, 509x455, ss (2015-11-10 at 01.19.07).pn…)

No. 202293

File: 1447147195382.jpg (206.65 KB, 720x960, 12189521_10153338384455345_161…)

No. 202294

File: 1447147321665.png (6.14 KB, 584x170, ss (2015-11-10 at 01.21.18).pn…)

So just realized her fake nip nop name on Facebook isnt a translation of girlyhoot like I assumed.

Its Catherine Glitter?

No. 202295

Not surprised. I'm so tired of how fucking fake everyone in lolita is. All the "everyone is pretty and bullying is bad, I'm such a wonderful person" shit is so fake and everyone knows it. And yet, anyone who doesn't behave like Tumblr gets shit on for having a real personality. Reminds me of those Japanese Idols. These same bitches go and talk shit on /cgl/, so fuck them.
Just a random example, but I actually liked Charms in a weird way back from her lolita days. She was just so real and it was so refreshing because everyone else acted the fucking same. I wish there could be more interesting people in lolita, but it's filled with hypersensitive rich kids who can't look the other way when they see something they don't like.

No. 202296

oh, oh! look! some nipponese i can understand! it's Catherine kira kira ~_^ whimsical

No. 202298

Who is this?

No. 202299

No. 202300


>catherine glitter

>catherine kirakira
>kate kirakira

No. 202307

Did she not understand the plot of Mean Girls somehow?

No. 202314

Why am I not surprised that Prince is on team Kate?

No. 202330

And now you're doing it again with Kate. Looks like you're still a sad human being.

No. 202388

She really should be reported for this fake name.

No. 202389

Because he is also desperate for efame. It's interesting how attention hungry nobodies cling to other attention hungry nobodies and then become e-infamous. Whenever I see someone who is friends with tons of "e-famous" people I always suspect their motives immediately.

No. 202402

hi Choke

No. 202410

File: 1447177768263.png (14.6 KB, 325x105, Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 12.4…)

No. 202412

Nice. I was wondering about that, if you report someone's fake name can the person ever find out?

No. 202413


I don't think so.

No. 202417

kek oh well Kate already made it clear she hates Choke so she has nothing to lose.

No. 202418


No. 202423

nothing to lose except her business

No. 202425

But do people even buy from her anymore? Plus she trips on cgl and all that jazz.

No. 202437

File: 1447183638593.png (101.25 KB, 631x533, Screenshot 2015-11-10 12.48.34…)

It's cute that you're trying to backpeddle and delete your posts, Nina.

No. 202448


Looks like someone skipped screencapping 101. Always knew she was a big shit stirrer.

No. 202459

I honestly don't think this will make a difference. Choke has been wildly disrespectful to customers and potential customers on social media and her fans just eat it up. She won't lose any business for coming here and participating.

Tbh I'm not gonna act like I am above her or something because that's what we are all doing here, posting caps and pointing and laughing.

No. 202460

Looks like she's make her insta public again, guess she couldn't stand not having likes on her pics

No. 202462

I was just curious so I googled girlhoot, and lolcow is the second result lol

No. 202473


Nah, she deserves the flack for being sloppy. Outing yourself on lolcow is retarded as fuck.

No. 202474

I used to be close to Nina and she is behind more lolita drama than you'd ever imagine. She's fucking two-faced. If you're friends with her on something like Facebook, I'd be really careful. She'll shit talk anyone and blame it on being an aspie or say it ~couldn't possibly be her since she uses a trip~. She's probably lurking this thread too, lol.

No. 202477


She's an aspie?

No. 202482

Yeah, there actually used to be a video about her talking about it on her Youtube channel, which I can't seem to find. It was really out of place alongside her other videos so I'm not surprised she deleted it.

She just uses the aspie card whenever she's being a bitch, basically. Being an aspie =/= your get out of jail free card and not having to be held accountable for stirring shit.

No. 202487

is Nina choke?

No. 202491

Yes it was really stupid, I admit.

I somehow doubt we used to be close.

Okay, I've been a huge dumbass and I should have known better.
I will not write this off as a "lol aspergers" because honestly this was just me being a bitch because Kate wrote me something that really pissed me off a few days ago. Lashing out like this made me feel better for a bit, but it's not going to make anything better. It's immature and petty and I should have been way above this.

I have a lot of thoughts on Kate's actions and I should just have confronted her instead of being a little shit.

No. 202496

Kek. Wow, and there she is. You're just apologetic now that you've been ratted out. The fact you're this obsessed with Kate to reply this fast is creepy enough.

No. 202499


This is so weird

No. 202502

File: 1447194605287.png (13 KB, 486x137, 1447143671149.png)

Kek I saved the original.

No. 202504

Funny how you only see the light when you get caught.

No. 202508

r.i.p lolita efame and career

No. 202509


Yeah right. Choke keep doing you, no matter what you//people say you will be my beautiful salty bitch senpai forever <3 <3

No. 202513

The saddest white knight I've ever seen.

No. 202516


Only sorry you got caught. How many times do you have to do shit like this before you stop. You'll just do it again, you're no better than the cows we talk about here.

No. 202526

Not exactly read the thread as I don't follow this girl at all.. but have I missed something here? There's nothing particularly cruel about a cat going on a plane. My boyfriends parents breed cats and have shipped and received many over the years. Hasn't affected them at all as far as I can tell.

No. 202532

No. 202536

File: 1447199735860.jpg (41.72 KB, 629x395, image.jpg)

Thought she was done with western drama and checking cgl? Kek she just can't stay away.

No. 202537

what was this file before?

No. 202538

She can keep sticking glittery lipgloss onto her ratchet GLW wigs, and take about 10000 selfies tp post to her 'deactivated' accounts.

No. 202539

Oh my god, did Nina fuck up again?

No. 202540

She has some of her friends watching this thread.

No. 202542


Aww bless her true colors are showing. She's far more immature than I thought. Painfully embarrassing.

No. 202553

File: 1447201631938.gif (487.25 KB, 400x300, gtfo out gif.gif)

LOL all these efamous lolitas are proving they stalk this thread to death and selfpost.

<- "Kate, Cadney, Lani, Voldie, and Choke"

No. 202554


Sure, her 'friends'. We all know she selfposts.

No. 202556

>implying Voldie's efamous

No. 202559

I think it's hilarious that she went to such great lengths to delete hundreds of people from her facebook but her friends locked posts are still being leaked LOL

No. 202562

This hahahaha.

No. 202563

I didn't say they were well known for positive reasons.

No. 202564

Choke should be Lindsay Lohan instead since she sabotages Kate rofl. Voldie should be that girl who says "One time, she punched me in the face. It was awesome."

No. 202565

What if it's Voldie all along? Voldie is a notorious seagull and a massive Kate asskisser. Maybe we got it all wrong, and that Voldie is actually pretending to be her friend to feed us more lols

No. 202566

Hmm I just wrote >>202564 but you have a point. That would be hilarious.

No. 202568

kek I can practically hear her screaming in the comments.

I am curious about what message she sent Choke to provoke her. I mean, depending on what it is, I might wind up thinking a lot higher of choke lol.

No. 202570

That's just my conspiracy theory man. If it's true, I can't wait for the fall out.
Voldie has always been a seagull and probably contributed to a lot of shit talking on /cgl/, I just don't believe someone would change so from a shit stirrer to a 'SQUAD OMG!! MY LIFE!! MY SQUAD WITH EFAMOUS RORITAS! FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC!!' so quickly.

No. 202571

Choke just has an insatiable lust for dragging e-famous lolitas through the mud. I legitimately think it's jealousy this time. Ever notice how close she was to AM drama but was "innocent"? Same thing here except she fucked up. She wasn't innocent in that incident either.

No. 202572

Oh I don't disagree, something about her was always off. But I am still curious about the message kate wrote to her to TRIGGER her to post to lolcow.

No. 202573

based anon pls cap comments

didn't kate unfriend choke when she did the friendscut?

No. 202574

I wonder this too. She clearly is obsessed with Kate for some reason. Did Kate steal her thunder? I feel like Choke was more favored at one time and now no one cares. Did she get jealous of Kate standing in the e-fame?

No. 202575

Yes she did unfriend her around that time, either during the cut or when she found out Choke wrote about her on Rufflechat Uncensored. But apparently she also sent her a message? See >>202491

Also here is a copy/paste of the comment (can't be bothered to cap rn), in case she decides to delete it.

>Yes it was really stupid, I admit.

>I somehow doubt we used to be close.

>Okay, I've been a huge dumbass and I should have known better.

>I will not write this off as a "lol aspergers" because honestly this was just me being a bitch because Kate wrote me something that really pissed me off a few days ago. Lashing out like this made me feel better for a bit, but it's not going to make anything better. It's immature and petty and I should have been way above this.

>I have a lot of thoughts on Kate's actions and I should just have confronted her instead of being a little shit.

No. 202579

I don't like choke either but I highly doubt she is jealous of Kate of all people. Kate is a nobody. She probably just dislikes her like the rest of us do

No. 202581

Nina, please.

No. 202589

Choke is so ridiculously tacky. I can't count the amount of times I've seen caps of her doing something unprofessional and I don't even have her added on facebook.

It's fine to have no class, but she just looks stupid with her name connected to her business. There's really no reason why she can't bitch and moan anonymously.

No. 202599

File: 1447205871400.png (489.14 KB, 1505x807, barf.png)


Doing the lords work for you guys. Nothing special here, just a wankfest.

No. 202600

This is fucking amazing. Thank you so much, anon.

No. 202604

>Jillian's comments.

These girls suck eachother's dicks so much they must be sterile.

No. 202605

>bahhh I just wanna stay out of the Western drama!!!!1

No. 202606

Also, Jillian saying what a two faced bitch choke is when she ONLY brings up this opinion of her when it's convenient is pretty two faced in itself???

P.S. Jillian, it's Two Faced, not Too Faced, you illiterate fuck. Read something other than Sephora labels for once in your life.

No. 202609


Anytime, anon. If more lulzy posts pop up, I'll be sure to report in.

No. 202611

File: 1447206810560.gif (458.87 KB, 400x225, giphy.gif)

No. 202620

File: 1447207973730.png (23.93 KB, 469x192, ninabehungry.png)

I love all this drama. Kate is melodramatic as ever.

Nina wanting LACE so bad she sabotaged Kate is so funny. LACE got so much attention and Nina couldn't bear it. Does anyone know the story between Nina and LACE regarding AM that Kate mentions?

Also, wasn't LACE supposed to be against bullying? She's not any better than Kate. This older post from RCU is so e-fame hungry.

No. 202624

What cgl thread is being referenced? Lol so Kate still lurks….nice…

No. 202632

I think what really irks me is throughout this entire situation is that Kate is so quick to point out everyone else's flaws but not own up to any of her own mistakes. She sincerely thinks she can do no wrong. Don't get me wrong, I'm holding my sides at Choke's lolery but it almost feels like Kate is running with that to make everyone shift the hate from her on to someone else without admitting to a single mistake she made. The little ways she has been handling every little thing and person in this hatestorm says volumes more about her than she probably means to let on. She really is a sorry excuse for a human being.

No. 202639

This basically sums up my opinion as well >>202581
Nope not her

No. 202710

Absolutely. And the 'oh I thought I was off the ride' bullshit… If she REALLY wanted off the ride and out of the drama then why contribute to it by responding? She is using Choke as an example and scapegoat for all her drama issues by holding Choke up and exaggerating the story for all her dumb arsed friends list to flog.

Thi is her true colours, this is why the critics of LACE were correct, this is why LACE never went anywhere: Kate is an immature cunt who wanted a white knight army behind her to pander to her actions. She was never for what LACE stood for.

And I fucking knew that bitch lurks here & cgl. Damn hypocrite.

No. 202719

I'm behind here. Who is choke and what's the deal with her?

No. 202737

File: 1447247781222.png (352.28 KB, 640x1172, ha.png)


Owner of Lockshop.

No. 202739

I somewhat agree. Choke's actions have always been questionable, but everyone just forgives her because she's popular. Same thing happened with the John thing.

No. 202743

I'm confused, why wouldn't she be buying lockshop wigs? Like what does this have to do with anything. (I'm behind on lolita drama, excuse me for having no idea what's going on)

No. 202746

Oh boy. Another wall-o-text apology.

Choke since I know you're here, you run a business. Represent yourself better and keep the bitching between close friends or take care to do it anonymously. Honestly, back in the day when I was considering wig options I decided not to buy from you because I don't like how much drama you're involved in. I could be wrong, but I seem to remember some of those bitchery posts of yours ending up on the Lockshop page as well. Either way, not cool, and I'm positive I'm not the only one who has decided against buying from you due to that.

She's just an idiot who can't keep her opinions in. She said some awful things about how part of her hoped that the nuclear situation in Japan would worsen and then blamed it on her assburgers. Her reasoning was that ~it'll show the world how dangerous nuclear energy is~ to get us in the right direction energy-wise but clearly a very poor choice of words. That's the biggest drama that comes to mind but she has no lack of lulzy stories.

No. 202747

I wonder why Choke feels the need to write such a pathetic wall of text excuse. There are enough reasons to shit on Kate and apologizing to her will only contribute to her victim complex.

No. 202760

LMAO, I hope Kate's month and a half long vacation in Japan is ruined because she's got to spend all of her time sitting on a laptop doing damage control and having petty arguements on Facebook chat.

No. 202774


I love to hate on Kate but thinking about this makes me so sad. She must be so empty inside to be spending her time and energy caring about what a bunch of anonymous strangers think while on a dream vacation in Japan BY HERSELF. Like just picture her sitting in a cafe alone in scarlet primavera sucked into her phone doing "damage control" or what the fuck ever. Kate just ACTUALLY deactivate your accounts for a while and try to take a mental health break from the internet, I swear things still happen if you don't post them on the internet for likes from strangers.

No. 202779

Well, I'm done with Lockshop.

Does Chokelate think her "manufacturing issue" wigs are special? Why would I buy from her when there's so many other wig shops to buy wigs from with no drama? Chokelate's wigs have really gone downhill lately and she finally dropped the ball.

No. 202780

I got a warning for mentioning her in that thread too. Janitor-chan is definitely a friend, I've wondered for some time if it was Voldie (which would make absolute sense in my mind).

No. 202783

Which image/comment if she referring to?

No. 202784

>Kate still being friends with Silke
Fucking hilarious

No. 202787

Nina, I'm so sad to see you still behaving this way. I was a customer several years ago that you pulled the "I'm just too busy to give you decent customer service" card on and even after giving me the run around for months I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt at the end of it all. I was hoping it was just a growing time for you and that behavior wasn't a core part of your personality. This is really disappointing in a lot of ways.

No. 202798

This is ridiculous, Choke is just doing what everyone else here is doing lmao Kate is just a drama monger and since she has a person so latch on to, she's able to make a big stink about specific posts on lolcow. There's tons of people on her friends list in this thread, don't pander to Kate's thirst for attention by making it about Choke.

No. 202799

Hey nina

No. 202802

Literally not tho I expected that. Here now I'll be Kate:
This bitch needs medical help, not bullying. I hate her as much as the rest of you guys but like at this point, she's alone and losing her shit in Japan, I think she's gone off the deep end and maybe someone should talk to her husband or literally anyone that can help her. I'm getting bored of this drama anyway.

No. 202803

>I'm getting bored of this drama anyway.
Then get off the thread.

No. 202809


Holy shit I haven't seen this bish since like 2012/2013 back on /cgl/ in the good old days.

I used to get along alright with her although she got a lot of flack from seagulls in general, but if she is supporting Kate she can get fucked.

No. 202812

File: 1447261520182.png (350.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-11-17-05-03…)


Also idk how many of you here are ex-oldfags but Voldie used to namefag on /fa/ as eyebrows after /cgl/ kicked her out.

It didn't go down well, as expected.

No. 202814


Omg Nina, we've all done this at one point but god fucking damn u dun goof'd kek

Laugh "with" us baby, just laugh with us.

No. 202816

tbh I'm not gonna roast Choke for this because she's only doing exactly what every one of us in this thread is doing, difference being that she's a recognisable name and she fucked up hey cap lel

No. 202817


Nina, you can get fucked. You pull this shit every now and then and claim how 'sorry and immature' you are and how 'you'll never do it again'. Your excuses are fucking weak because you'll just do it again. You're sorry you got caught. I hate Kate, but you're just as bad.

No. 202820

Errybody mad at Nina but tbh this is some pretty lulzy dramu idk why more people aren't praising her its funny as fuck.

No. 202821

Somehow I feel like Nina is posting a lot of these "oh nina fucked up but I'm not gonna hate on her" type comments to disappate some of the heat that has back fired on to her. We know she lurks and we know she posts. I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 202822


I just posted 2 of those because I only just entered the thread and caught the drama and can't stop cackling, but I'm not Nina and if necessary I can timestamp something in my country of origin as proof.

Either way its funny as fuck and I'm still not going to roast her because how many other people in this thread are doing the exact same shit? I wonder how many of them are famous lolitas too? Gurl dun fuck'd up but I know we've all been there before.

God I wish I'd had the money to get into lolita whilst I was younger, you precious little monsters have the best drama.

No. 202823


>Gurl dun fuck'd up but I know we've all been there before.

This is not the first, second or third time she's fucked up. She should know better by now. She is one of the sloppiest attention whores I've seen over the years who always manages to weasel her way out of getting in trouble. She would be getting it worse if she was a fugly as kate.

No. 202824

Her parents/bf? are rich, they will give her money to go again. Don't feel bad about her.

No. 202825

Kate after finding out Choke posted one measly little screen cap: BURN THE WITCH

No. 202826


Yeah she really should by now but it doesn't make it any less hilarious o lawd.

No. 202828

File: 1447263656302.png (25.5 KB, 492x310, plz.png)

looks like choke is deleting her comments

before hitting enter, please reread your posts out loud to hear how fucking fake and ridiculous you sound

No. 202829

Different anon but the only thing that makes me mad is it's the perfect excuse for Kate to get the negative attention off of herself. I don't give a crap about Choke, she is kind of a cow or at least a snowflake anyway, but now kate's whiteknights I mean friends are going to shift the attention completely on to Choke. Especially if Kate is now saying Choke was the one who was mainly hating on her on cgl and shit all this time.

Choke, you might as well expose the message Kate sent you. It really can't hurt you at this point. Kate will never forgive you. Even if it seems like she does she is pretending because she is vindictive as fuck and wants to keep her enemies close. I mean Choke was only caught posting the screen cap, we have no idea what else she has been posting so the rest is just her word recently, but Kate is already hate mongering on her facebook page to bring down Choke.

I feel like I'm reading a suspense novel, wot a twist!

No. 202830

I posted the first comment of that nature in the thread. I think a lot of people feel the same way bc we've all been there at some point, and despite how much we all dislike choke there is a small element of sympathy there. I mean we all come here for the same reason. I kind of just wish choke would have owned up and been more frank about it like yea I posted her there and was contributing to drama, I fucked up. Instead of that wall of text

No. 202831

File: 1447264097605.gif (403.24 KB, 320x240, galaxy angel.gif)

Oh my god Choke fuck off and stop arguing with her. If you apologize to someone, you don't argue with them if they choose not to accept your apology. Just let it go. You're making everything so much worse

No. 202832

This. Honestly I think maybe she or her friends are in this thread and trying to shift attention/hate. We already know they lurk.

No. 202833


Choke, you feel bad for what you did, but why not admit you're as retarded, malicious, and drama llama as Kate. You sound so fake trying to be the 'better' person. Just own up to be an unredeemable bitch.

No. 202834

I'm honestly baffled to see choke roasted ITT, I thought we were talking about actual lolcows. Are we seriously getting our bloomers all in a twist just because omg ~CHOKELATE~ is amongst us doing exactly the same thing that all of the rest of us are here to do: get the latest dirt, talk shit, and laugh at the trainwrecks? Pot, kettle, black.

Admit it, you're all just creaming yourselves over this because we're such dire need of fresh milk. Girl fucked up, but I've seen the exact same thing happen in other threads and the only reason we're responding with anything other than 'hey, you might want to delete that screencap, you forgot to censor personal information' is because it's someone who's ~e-famous~.

No. 202835

Haha! Choke isn't quite an lolcow but whenever she pops up she dutifully supplies delicious milk.

No. 202837


Well duh, who doesn't want fresh milk. Are you retarded?

No. 202840


I wouldn't be surprised if both choke and Kate's friends are both on here deflecting the milk on each other. This would have been a nice time for those ID numbers so we could cut down on the samefagging.

No. 202842

File: 1447264700284.png (195.15 KB, 1496x641, Untitled.png)

well just compare how civilized choke's thread is vs >>202599 kate and her screaming harpy harem

No. 202843


This tbh^
There is a girl on here who has her own prominent thread on lolcow now that is still bouncing back and forth between the front page daily that I used to be friends with that turned out to be a user and animal abuser, and I did the exact same shit as Choke, posting something here whilst logged into an account, onyl difference is I got lucky and caught and deleted it almost immediately after it got posted.

I mean we're no long chummy and I don't mind telling the bitch to her face exactly what I think of her, but still, it's pretty mortifying when you almost get caught in your shitposting lel

I'm suspecting that there are many on lolcow that have almost fucked up in the exact same way :^)

No. 202844

I want delicious Kate-milk, not the salty froth-flavored beverages being churned up itt from outraged farmers. less jibjab about choke's stupidity, more screencaps from Kate's nuclear meltdown.

No. 202845

I just want an update on the cat.

No. 202847


Are you blind? Kate was been somewhat MIA and now she's been driven out of her cave sperging out full force. How can you not be relishing in this new milk?!

No one was complaining when Voldie was brought up so many times. How is this any different?

Nina unvoluntarily sacrificed herself to milking process, she's part of the milk now whether you like it or not.

No. 202848

Holy shit. This is like night and day compared to Kate's post.

No. 202849

same. Is she even still getting the damn thing after all the criticism on BtB? where is she keeping it?

i'm not complaining about the fresh surge of Kate-drama in the slightest, just this weak-ass OT bitching ITT about what a ~terrible person~ nina must be OH AND HER WIGS ARE SHIT QUALITY
tbh though probably just more of Kate's friends swooping in on blind-rage attack mode kek.

No. 202850

Whoever Ebony is, gurl I like you.

No. 202852

Here's where the controversy is coming from, if I am understanding this correctly.

I don't think most people are against Choke in that she fucked up with her capping. No one really cares that she did that or if she is posting anonymously here. The problem is that Choke has a history of being self righteous and having a major attitude problem before on cgl where she trips from time to time. If you look up posts about her in the archives, she really does come across as though she can do no wrong. I have no idea about what other sperg things she has said as I don't follow her, just sometimes saw her pop up on cgl, but it seems she has rubbed other people the wrong way with really spergy statements in the past.

I personally think Kate is handling EVERYTHING, her drama plus the Choke thing, far far worse. However because of Choke's past, people are coming down extra hard on her accidentally outing herself. If it was any other efamous lolita other than Choke, everyone would be completely rooting for her.

I kind of wish Choke would just say fuck you Kate and try to not be on good terms because she is going to have to suck Kate's asshole repeatedly for the rest of her life to make up for this, and even in that Kate won't ever really forgive her/trust her. I mean, look at how neurotic she is about the western comm? Plus I am really curious to see this private message because Choke might have had a better reason to hate on her than we think.

No. 202853


Honestly the only part of this thread that has been shit is the people excusing choke. She's relavent to the lolcow now so she should be discussed.

I do agree with the need for more kate screencaps.

No. 202854

The amount of Choke samefagging.

No. 202855

The only way it can be salty is if you are either #teamchoke or #teamkate instead #teamidk. If you are partial to one cow you are going to have a really tough time here and only get curd. You should probably go, because everything unfolding so far has been delicious.

No. 202856

Oops, #teamidc.

No. 202857


Pretty much this. If any of you are defending either of these bitches, you should just leave the thread since you're the ones curdling the milk.

No. 202858

Kate-screencapper here. She's been quiet since last night. I'll be back the minute she posts something worthwhile!

No. 202860


Thanks for your hard work.

No. 202861

I don't think people are defending choke as much as they're saying they don't want the whole thread to be about choke and "hi choke" posts

No. 202863


>I kind of wish Choke would just say fuck you Kate and try to not be on good terms


No. 202864

i just don't see choke as a cow. snowflake? maybe. but I've been modding lolita comms and lurking wank communities for years myself, and haven't ever really heard of any of choke's bad behavior getting her to the stage where she's worth milking.
still #teamidk, but if she is a cow, then let her have her own thread instead of having her whiteknights/vendettafags shitting up Kate's.

No. 202865

File: 1447267167255.png (308.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-11-08-35-39…)


Lol. Ebony dun goofed as well.

No. 202866


Yh I posted that and then I was like "no that's not a good idea gurl delete that".
Too late I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 202867


Nice to know choke's friends are retarded as she is.

So now we have kate and choke's friends defending these cunts.

No. 202868

Dude you have nothing to hide tho? I mean what you posted about Kate is basically what we all think anyway. >>202865 and >>202867 are probably Kateknights or Kate herself.

No. 202869


>Choke's friend

Not really, never met her in my life but I don't dislike her and we share a lot of similar stances concerning worldviews and shit so I have zero beef against her and actually support her in #rek'king Kate's shit, even if unintentionally.
I fucking DESPISE animal abusers which is exactly what this bitch is so she gets everything coming to her as far as I'm concerned.

If you're going to imply that I'm some Facebook friendie that's flighted over here from Facebook to defend her I'm going to tell you that couldn't be more wrong if you possibly tried.

This is extremely derailing though so can we shut up and move on.

No. 202870


No, I stand by what I said and would have said a lot worse if it weren't for the fact that it was going on that page specifically, but it's never a good idea to link your personal life and identity to a board of which the primary function is anonymity and I forgot that for a brief moment.

No. 202873


If you two would stop replying to these types of comments I'm pretty sure choke would fade as a subject. Trying to defend her just shits up the thread more since you'll be getting a guaranteed shit post in response from people who hate her.

Either stfu, or relish in this milk.

No. 202874


You're right, sorry.

No. 202875

But >>202868 wasn't even about Choke? It was about her friend. Also going omg stop talking about it gaiz!!!! makes people go on and on about it so.

No. 202876

>Not knowing ebony is spoony

What hope is there left for this forum when people can't spot the most hypocritical drama-whores.

No. 202877

Holy fuck is she? What? Aw man, duped.

No. 202879


Wow this is more than milk, this thread is pure cream. Anymore drama whores and we'll have straight up butter.

No. 202880

I didn't recognize her from the tiny thumbnail but holy shit you're right. Bitch is too thirsty for attention to not to reply when someone is talking about her.

No. 202883

Wow it makes so much sense, spoony is so desperate for attention whenever someone brings her up she just has to respond. I was wondering why "ebony" responded so quickly

No. 202884

Remind me… spoony is? I am googling but a tldr; would be lovely.

No. 202885


No one reply seriously to this post, unless you wish to unleash the spoony beast upon this thread.

No. 202886


You know somebody's gonna do it anyway.
grabs popcorn

No. 202888

No. 202890

look far back into the /cgl/ archives and you'll see

the short version is she is a notorious attentionwhore and has a long history of selfposting on /cgl/ and /soc/ (maybe /fa/?) and generally everyone hates her

No. 202891



No. 202895

God spoony samefagging it up in here. Can admin ip ban her or something? This thread will become derailed by spoony within 30 minutes if something isn't done.

No. 202897


Crazy idea but, like, but, like, stop talking about her then?
Like, crazy….

No. 202901

She also had a thread here where she claimed for the thousandth time to be past all of the drama and that she just wanted to live a quiet internet life. So much for that eh, Spoony? Yet again you involve yourself willingly in drama.

Even the admin believed her and moved the thread to the random board. Drama never changes, farmers. Drama never changes.

No. 202902

Okay jeeze sorry I asked!

Thanks! I am just seeing everything now. I won't ask any more questions.

No. 202904


>"so yh guys anyway about spoony"


No. 202909


Hey what does everyone think Kate is thinking now that so much shit has hit the fan?

No. 202910

It's over now. The newfag had their question answered in 2 sentences.

She's probably thinking if she works hard enough at deflecting the hate onto someone else then people will forget about that poor cat

No. 202911

File: 1447270573507.png (31.84 KB, 642x1083, but y.png)


How dumb and without restraint everybody on the board is.

No. 202912

>Not my fault, I am the victim here! Not my fault; I AM the VICTIM here! NOT MY FAULT, I AM THE VICTIM!!! THE VICTIM IS MEEEEEEE!!!111

No. 202915


She's staying in Japan for a while right? Is she staying in pet friendly hotels or something? Or is she staying at a house with a friend?

No. 202916

antikates vs. the whiteknights

No. 202918


Wow anon I love you.

No. 202919

also kate thinks she's John Smith but she's actually Ratcliff

No. 202921

Not sure, does she even have any friends out there? I wonder if she's been using airbnb or something and keeping the cat there without telling the owners or asking for permission

No. 202922

File: 1447271412122.jpg (81.65 KB, 720x631, meankate.jpg)

Just saw this on Kate's Facebook page.

I wonder how many hows you spent on this in MS Paint while you're in GLORIOUS NIPPON.

No. 202923

File: 1447271415576.png (202.54 KB, 499x499, pepe.png)

Would Admin reveal all of Choke's and Spoony's posts? Or does he only do that for people who make threads about themselves?

No. 202926

Just to let all the farmers know, we have a Choke thread live now.


No. 202927

Voldie being Lindsey Lohan, the tryhard who try too hard, is too perfect

No. 202928


Only for people that break global rules I believe, otherwise there's nothing to stop him from revealing the posts of people he simply takes a dislike to and would destroy the boards anonymous culture in general because people would become too frightened to post or contribute for fear of drawing his ire.

No. 202929


Choke isn't a cow though.
If you're going to make a thread on her it doesn't belong on /pt/.

No. 202931


Little late to the game anon, but it's still hilarious. Someone needs to make a gif of the part wherw Lindsey's character (voldie) falls I to the trash can.

No. 202932

Are you seriously this new? Did you never read the rules?

No. 202953

making a parody and posting it to BtB

No. 202954

File: 1447274757986.gif (960.66 KB, 245x250, 1436674233238.gif)

No. 202956


This is my favourite GIF and I scream whenever someone submits it to a thread with complete accuracy.

No. 202982

Didn't voldie make this though?

No. 203004

File: 1447285382303.png (22.96 KB, 490x75, ems.png)

Not much to contribute right now but apparently she's shipping all the excess shit she bought back to America EMS. When she first left to go to Japan, she was already complaining about her suitcases being overweight. Damn.

No. 203005

i don't get it/ someone please explain

No. 203022

Kate is still in Japan until the end of Nov, so nothing really to talk about until she comes back.

she already bought it. She had it for a few weeks before btb blew up about it.

Actually she is living in some sort of apartment.

No. 203025

It's an airbnb in Shinjuku. I should see if this guy has a pet policy.

No. 203026


I don't know much about kate, but does she have a job or something? Or is she still a student? A month+ vaycay in a foreign country with an apartment is pretty unusual for someone of her age?

No. 203028

She has a sizable inheritance from her dead dad and 0 common sense

No. 203032


Wow, well I hope she's studying for something that will be able for he to keep the life style she's living.

But she's probably not even a student anymore/or got a shit liba arts degree.

No. 203033

She studies marketing.

Let that sink in.

No. 203035

STEMfag here. How much do marketing majors even make?

No. 203039

File: 1447292882915.jpg (34.51 KB, 492x706, Jerry_S01E11_Sad.JPG)


At the moment marketing employment opportunities are near nil as the area is heavily oversaturated with idiots without an original bone in their body who believed they can come and study a little business here and there, a little creative thought, look a few charts and statistics and go away and begin immediately reeling in the big $$$.

They're like art degrees in that every now and again one might shit out a student who goes on to become genuinely great but who undoubtedly entered into the discipline already with a honed, natural talent.
The rest are all just dead weight.

There's a reason why Jerry's character, who is portrayed as creatively-indept, foolish, insecure, arrogant, impulsive and stubborn, is assigned a career within marketing.

So to answer your question, Kate may as well be studying at clown college.

No. 203042


Well, she sure fucked up with marketing LACE.

No. 203058

She better be investing it or having someone do it for her. Even a mil won't last long as you think it would.
I don't much about her husband, but it's possible he's rich as well.

No. 203061

I was just thinking that myself. She probably didn't even as if she could have a pet. He might be allergic or something. Rude :/

No. 203066

Which is hilarious since I used to work in marketing and none of the people in my department actually had marketing degrees. We all ended up there because we failed at what we actually wanted to do. It's an industry where dreams go to die.

No. 203068

Only cats more than eight weeks after birth can take on the airplane Japanese air line JAL or ANA. US airline can take ??

No. 203087

i just threw up in my mouth a little bit, she is fucking pathetic
>complains about toxic western dramu
>photoshops face onto regina george
that backfired irony damn.

No. 203089

you hit the nail on the head. I'm currently making a career in digital strategy (read: marketing + coding = magic) and the one person in my department with a marketing degree is exactly like Jerry. Totally incompetent, bloated on self-importance and delusion, and needs the rest of us to do his work for him since he doest have any real creativity or intelligence. Most of us are smart kids with writing or art degrees that find satisfaction being being yuccies and "sellouts", "marketing degree" folks are those sad souls that weren't smart enough for business school and not creative enough to be "real artists".

No. 203138

File: 1447314021922.jpg (519.46 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpg)


Kate didn't make it, it was actually Lani.

No. 203144

Ugh I used to like her but she's being so nasty… Then again she's like the ultimate white girl who follows trends and likes whatever's popular.

No. 203145

I wonder what the foreign lolitas in Japan think of her, or if she refuses to even meet with them and thinks they are below her.

I kind of imagine her walking through Harajuku with her arms outstretched, kitten in a BABY tote in one hand, BABY scepter in another, full burando, waiting for senpai to notice her

No. 203148


Can she even speak japanese?

No. 203149

Queen Kate can do everything you pleb!

No. 203153

Go away Masaki

No. 203158

Couldn't give two shits about trying to meet her. There are a few thirsty fame chaser type who might

No. 203181

It's really sad that there are people desperate enough for e-fame that they'll still follow Kate into the ground even after everyone knows what nasty shit she's pulled.

No. 203188

lol rosaire lol

No. 203189

I'll be back

No. 203205

What the actual fuck?

No. 203217

File: 1447342354364.png (322.54 KB, 628x408, Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 00.3…)

Hey queen! introduce friend for you.

No. 203225

Go away. You're a creep and no one likes you.

No. 203226

So we have kate, choke and crazy jap man all on one convenient anonymous board?

No. 203248

Usurpation of Queen PT's throne?! Can it be…?

No. 203261

Fuck off. She never gets involved with drama.

No. 203356

>I'm sorry :(
>but Kate posting something to her private friends only Facebook after I did something to hurt her IS EXACTLY AS BAD as what I did when I posted private info she trusted me not to post to a platform where people love to hate on her… I'm disappointed in her


This isn't an apology. It's a way to save face and to make yourself feel better. You can't even own up for what you did without making Kate to look bad, too. When you are apologising for doing something wrong it's supposed to be about you, not them. You don't think you did anything wrong.

No. 203359

Pffft. This trashcan can never be perfect like the Queen.

No. 203366

They are both idiotic, narcissistic, two faced bitches.

No. 203368

what private info?
it was a screencap and a scathing (but amusing) comment.

you're really just making kate look worse when you come here frothing at the mouth to defend her. if you hate choke so much, go post in her thread.

No. 203372

Please. Let's not try to pretend that one is better or worse in this situation than the other. Youre going out of your way to exaggerate when they are both on equal ground.

No. 203377

Hi Kate

No. 203381

Right, but the fact that choke is trying to pretend that what Kate did is equal is ridiculous. It's just her trying to make Kate look bad so she doesn't seem like such a bad person… While she's trying to apologise for her actions? It's really childish.

In this situation I definitely think choke is worse. She can't even be mature enough to make an apology without pointing fingers. It nulls what she's said in my opinion.

So because I said choke was being shit it automatically means I think Kate isn't? She said they were equal when they weren't. What choke did was worse.

These last few posts reek of samefagging so bad. I'm not even defending Kate, I just think choke's "apology" sounded fucking ridiculous. I don't like either one of them.

No. 203396

Look at the language, retard. They used non-American spelling. I doubt this is Kate; she isn't smart enough to purposefully change up her spelling to hide her anonymity.

No. 203402

Except that Kate can speak Japanese, so she is clearly not as stupid as you make her out to be.

No. 203404

Wow, these two are great. They sure know how to cause a shot storm together. Keep the milk coming people. I love watching you bicker while we wait for kate to reappear and sperg out.

No. 203407

If Kate is publicly accusing choke of something she didn't do then she has a right to publicly dispute it. She probably shouldn't have worded it the way she did because yea it does make her she like she's trying to shift blame, but she's not worse.

Wow more than one person disagrees with you? Must be samefag!

No. 203411

Talking shit on your Facebook after someone does something to you is not the same as anonymously giving information to a thread where people congregate to shit talk you. Choke is worse.
>sudden influx of replies after hours of no activity because I said chokes apology was stupid, accusing me of defending Kate when I wasn't even doing that
Ok samefag

Someone with a brain

No. 203413

Idk I don't think you can really compare them as to who is "worse." It's kind of like comparing an apple to an orange. Both of them reacted incredibly poorly.

Kate really should have just talked to her friends instead of posting OMG SO DONE WITH LOCKSHOP as a way to bait people to wonder what happened to then bitch about Choke. I mean, it's no secret she has been networking herself to have a nice big bumper for situations like this, so posting to her facebook is basically strumming up an army.

Choke is just an idiot and can't handle herself, let alone another people. We can't really pretend she is below Kate for posting here since Kate has definitely selfposted anonymously before too. But yes, Choke's apology is absolutely backpedaling and a super laughable one at that. You can see how she wrote it that her foot is shoved so far up her mouth, she can lick her knee.

No. 203416

>except that Kate can speak Japanese
except she can't, lol. Her reading comprehension is shoddy at best and she can barely understand a word of it when spoken naturally (and don't even get me started on her conversational skills, she really only knows basic phrases and can't really form complete, original thoughts). She doesn't hear Japanese well, if that makes sense…and therefore makes a lot of phonetic mistakes when she tries to speak or translate it ("nail lolita", lol).

No. 203425


It does not take intelligence to learn a language, just the right amount of exposure.

No. 203427

This. Dakota is a prime example.

No. 203431

Frumpy old hag meets makeup caked sweet loli, me like

No. 203433

File: 1447373843694.png (77.19 KB, 1015x478, Screenshot (31).png)

So according to Cadney this is only a break from the internet and not a total meltdown. I wonder if Kate really will return.

No. 203441


I'm sure the Western Lolitas will welcome her back with open arms after her whiny tantrum about how 'cruel' we all are.

No. 203444

This thread is for discussion. If you make a post trying to say that one idiot is worse than the other of course people will crop up wanting to discuss it, you dumbass


No. 203445

If anyone wants to try to get insider info on Kate, Cadney is asking people to PM her on tumblr about it.

No. 203455

Pls someone I want this too.

No. 203462

Holy fuck how long was this up for? Too fucking good. Thank you Jessica whoever you are.

No. 203463

No, even if you're notified for a report like nudity or something, the reporter is totally anonymous. You don't know you've been reported for a fake name until your account is on lockdown.

No. 203472

It was a joke impression of Kate's selfposting.

No. 203485

Just did a lil searching, can't be bothered to check if those are good but they look it:
I'm pretty sure many of the bad threads are from before the archive was created.

No. 203491

I repeat: what private info? don't sperg like there's fresh milk if you got nothing.

No. 203508

>So because I said choke was being shit it automatically means I think Kate isn't?
What this anon said. Some of us think you're shit too, Choke. Maybe you should work on your shitty wigs instead of vulturing on some anonymous message boards.

Has Kate posted anything else on her Facebook?

No. 203511

I like Choke and support her because I honestly think she's pretty hilarious, but it seems I may be the only one in this thread that does.

>INB4 "hi Nina!"

Grlll no.

No. 203512

All this Choke talk is shitting up the thread. Get off. No one cares about how cream your panties over her.
Is there news on the kitten?

No. 203513

>Maybe you should work on your shitty wigs instead
Sorry Choke, but this. I wear wigs daily and yours are by far the worst I've ever tried to manage. Awful shedding, visible wefts, and shiny fibers are not kawaii.

No. 203515

What are you talking about? Everything she said is facetious. I have all these people on my FB, and Jessica is a fat asslicker just like Voldie is.

No. 203523

Do you think you could do a short review of some of her wigs on Choke's thread in /snow/?

No. 203528

Yeah, agreed. If she can speak Japanese then why was that guy brought in to translate LACE? Kate would have been able to do it and she should have used that argument when he raised his issues about it.

No. 203530

Just because you were caught samefagging doesn't mean you have to get so upset.

Read my post. I didn't say anything about private information, I said her Facebook was private.

No. 203556


Nothing news-worthy has popped up. Just videos of the kitten doing its thing and everyone cooing over it. Wonder if she's laying low on the drama posting since she knows someone will post it here.

No. 203604

"If I keep saying samefag samefag samefag samefag samefag samefag then I don't actually have to acknowledge or address anyone's points! Genius!"

God I REALLY wish we had post IDs here it would really cut down on this fucking useless bickering. Admin sama pls.

No. 203611

Unless she's learned some since April, Kate can't speak much (if any) Japanese. I walked with her in the AM fashion show and NONE of us could communicate much with the designers. There was seriously one translator on the fashion staff.

No. 203636

That's not entirely true, Daniela isn't exactly fluent but she was able to help with translating basic ideas like "do you approve of this wig styling", etc. But yeah Kate was completely lost in that department and i have heard her attempt Japanese as recently as a few weeks before her trip and her skills were fresh weeb-level at best. Also hi fellow AM fashion show anon!

No. 203656

I agree. It's detrimental to the conversation. There's no conspiracy behind 2 people having the same opinion

>inb4 samefag accusation

No. 203717

File: 1447468357805.png (878.41 KB, 1276x547, Screenshot (33).png)

Hey guys, our reporting her for using a fake name worked.

No. 203722

No. 203723

The fact she keeps associating herself as Regina George so much is telling…

No. 203736

nah, I didn't see the cap they were referring to at first. I just got in this thread and thought they were referring to her talking about the makeup because Jillian is obsessed with it and discusses it a lot.

No. 203749

Does anyone know why this got flagged? I don't understand Facebook's naming policy. I'm trying to get some personal weeb cows of mine flagged and it never works on them. Is it because she changed her name from Kate Davis to Japanese for Catherine Glitter, that's not related to her original name at all, so suddenly?

No. 203750

It's because she can't provide some kind of ID that can prove her legal/given name is "キャサリンキラキラ". It has nothing to the timing or frequency, and FB only allows name changes every 60 day (unless you've been flagged obviously, then they force you to change it).
You can also just flag names that aren't super common and the person will probably get locked out of their account. For further reading:

No. 203767

LOL did she make a status update about it? Big mean ol western bullies forcing her to use her real name and cause a divide between her nippon comm :(((((((

No. 203812


No, she's been staying quiet. Unless she's posting things I can't see.
As much as I enjoy the drama, I'm hoping she's keeping to her word, girl has a lot of problems and needs to be away from the Internet.

No. 203815

File: 1447520277041.jpg (92.62 KB, 400x533, 3nHslNl.jpg)

This was on Loli_valentines today.

No. 203816

Holy crap, she honestly looks terrifying… does she not see what she looks like before leaving the house?

No. 203819

I actually have a fake name on fb (because scared of stalkers)

No. 203825


Did anyone ask?

No. 203828

I highly doubt the Japanese Lolitas take her seriously if she walks around dressed like this. When I was in Tokyo all the Lolitas I saw wore the fashion as if it was an actual fashion, not a costume.

No. 203835

This is true, a lot of them wear just the dress with simple shoes and a casual cardigan or jacket. The most dressed up you ever see are more understated compared to the west with simple lolita shoes, a simple blouse, and bag that matches. The most OTT you see are for fashion walks, no one really dresses that crazy outside of those anymore. But Kate dresses like a scary frill monster even compared to those standards.

No. 203864

I hate her for owning the Scarlet OP. It's one of the only OTT sweet dresses I want. She does it zero justice.

No. 203876

Her face looks hella haggard and swollen in this pic. Did she forget to shop this one pic or something?

No. 203880

Same. it breaks my heart because I really want it.

No. 203891

Do you think they'll ever rerelease this? I see so many people specifically want this one, probably more than any other OTT BtSBB OP.

No. 203896

They will if enough people email them, probably. We could try organizing a mass emailing spree.

No. 203902

I think you're looking too deep into the picture
it seems she was going for a self depreciating type picture, adding herself crying by the side since she wasn't included.

its a bit funny imo

No. 204011

I'd get in on this. Anyone interested in organizing this?

No. 204023

I'd be up for it! Maybe mention this on /cgl/ as well so we get even more people?

No. 204024

I think I'll let another more experienced gull start that. I'm too new to know the right way to get the ball going on cgl.

No. 204052

I've mentioned it on cgl a couple times. Everyone seems really enthusiastic, but it falls flat because not a lot of gulls speak Japanese or are willing to translate. I think if someone composed an email people could just copy-paste, an email campaign might work.

No. 204082

Hmm, so on a Kate-related note…

I am not sure if I am on the right track about this but here it goes.

I am starting to think some people on BTB and CGL are in certain friend groups.

On cgl I mentioned Kate twice in two different threads and got a temporary ban for it. One was a Hi Kate and the other was saying something about her in response to a photo someone else posted. It wasn't even that bad of a comment tbh, just critiquing her coord without using insults. I was almost instantly deleted/banned too, however I have seen tons of personal hate thrown at other lolitas recently that was not deleted. That Doll Delight thread stayed up forever and was throwing shit at Cyril and the rest of the cast for weeks.

I have some concerns about BTB too but they are not related to Kate, so I will just stick with relevant stuff for not to not derail the thread.

Anyway, I'm starting to a bit wary about those anon websites because it seems there is definitely a connection based on these kinds of behavior. They might even be saving anon poster information and sending it to interested parties.

No. 204089


hmmm that could be true. Ive seen so many kate topics be instantly deleted or if they mention kate in the thread it seems to disappear.

I am curious about btb, which e-fame girl do you think has an in with the admins?

No. 204091

Even in the West people very rarely walk around in OTT Sweet unless they are going to a meet up. Most Lolitas dress more casual for an everyday look. Being a daily OTT Lolita like Kate will get you some looks from Western Lolitas as well.

No. 204118

As much as I hate Kate, the thought of other lolitas being judgey about girls wearing OTT casually is just so hilariously ridiculous.

No. 204127

Yeah seriously. It's already OTT. I feel like it's better to just go all out than try to act like you're just casually wearing a lolita coord like it's regular clothes.

No. 204128

I genuinely like what Kate wears, it's just the attitude in which she has. It seems as if now anyone who wears that kind of thing is a brand whore with bad attitude.

No. 204149

It's because she goes on the irc chat and complains to a moderator. If you complain enough, they put a flag on the board and the janitors instantly delete any negative mention.

No. 204150

That's nice. I like full brand sets too.

No. 204204

All they can tell from that is your city unless these people have access to your IP address from another source, like if they have an IP tracker on Tumblr and you've sent them asks off anon or if you post on LJ and they happen to be mods there too.

Honestly, it is wise to be warry anyway. I wasn't there to witness it, but I've read quite a few times that a /cgl/ mod outed JNig as self-posting because some of the IP addresses were from her city… which is a huge major city, so she very well might not have been.

No. 204256

I got a warning for saying "Kate has spent so long making herself a public figure in the community, are you really shocked she gets brought up so often?"

Complete bullshit. I honestly think voldie applied and got a janitor position.

No. 204272

This disgusts me so much. If I were completely ignorant to all the reasons why buying a Japanese Persian cat and flying it overseas was bad and ended up buying one, I would be so thankful that all these people cared enough about the kitten to warn me and save it. I would immediately reach out to the community to find a Lolita in Japan who would take it and publicly thank everyone for showing me my mistake before it was too late.

No. 204923

Isn't Kate supposed to go to the florida lolita con in December? I wonder if she's not coming after all of this, my comms gonna be pissed if so. I was curious to meet/see her myself.

No. 204925


is this for that convention Dream Fantasy Theatre?

No. 204930

No. 204935


If anyone in this thread is attending please report back. Even if Kate doesnt show up Id still like to hear about the event in general.

No. 204969

If I remember correctly, she said in one of her "final" posts that the last thing she will be doing is attending DFT. No idea if that's true

No. 204998

It's been confirmed.The Kate documentary is going to be released at the end of December. Omg. I can't wait. Merry xmas!!

No. 205012

So excited for this film. I think I'd actually pay the 1 dollar to see it!

No. 205016


No. 205018

No. 205027

>1 USD
kek, he's not very optimistic about how much people would be willing to pay, is he?

Still, I'll get it. 1 buck for a good laugh is not bad at all.

No. 205073

Can we do some sort of livestream chatroom group viewing of it? It would be fun to snark as a group but I'm not sure how many members of my local comm like dramu as much as I do.

No. 205074

Fuck, that'd be fun. I'd be interested.

No. 205077

Count me in.

No. 205078

I would so be down for a lolcow viewing of kate's shitfest

Anyway didn't she say that they had cancelled the documentary? So she was full of shit then? Or is she going to bitch about how the director is a "bully desu" and released it "without her consent" once everyone gets their fill of keks

No. 205094

File: 1447802872108.jpg (36.45 KB, 960x536, 11825679_10153569425218383_424…)

The Kickstarter was to raise funds to shoot in Philli, that's what was cancelled. Looking at the editor's facebook page, they shot a bunch of stuff with Kate in Toronto. She probably signed release forms for that, so the filmmakers are using that footage to try & make back some money for the time they invested in the project.

This is a screencap from one of the Toronto shoot days, according to Jordan's facebook.

No. 205126

God… she is terrifying.

No. 205127

ahahahaha how edgy

No. 205128

I'm going to try and attend, are the tickets limited? I might try to go saturday at least

No. 205129

So lame. I'm down to pay 1 dollar for this.

No. 205132

Wow, that's really close to where I live. Too goddamn expensive or I'd go just to see a cow in action.

No. 205282

I feel for the director; he got roped into believing Kate was hot shit based on her funds and her militant dog squad. By the time he realized she was so disconnected she might as well be a rotary phone, it was too late. Now he's trying to salvage some of his money and pride by hawking the B-roll footage and maybe superimposing her head on outtakes from Hard Candy.

But I in no way, no matter how backwards, want to feed Kate's ego. I'll find a way to torrent this before giving an ounce of cred. Sorry Jordan: shoot crazy, miss a payday.

No. 205319

I'm going to try to show it in chat. In that case only I would have to pay for it (assuming I can't torrent it) but everyone else could see it for free.

No. 205358

Last I saw they only had two left?

No. 205377


Where does it say it's one dollar? The filmmakers sight says its 1000 dollars!

No. 205379


Kek. He must have realized that everyone was just going to torrent it!

So not paying that amount for a laugh.

No. 205392

File: 1447881906701.png (18.78 KB, 712x375, 1000dollars.png)

Hahaha. Yeah, I made this plan >>205319 when it was only a dollar. Not going to happen unless I can torrent it, but I wonder if it's even going to be torrentable if someone has to pay $1,000 to get it to begin with.

No. 205399

nobody is going to buy it for that price. jfc.
I vote that we make a kickstarter to see it, haha.
but seriously, if everyone ITT/cgl can pitch in a couple of bucks we could make it happen. we can have an initial screening on lolcow chat and then upload it somewhere on a separate hosting service for people who are busy at that time.
it would be kind of hilarious to spam youtube with it afterwards, too, in protest of that fucking ludicrous price, so nobody has to pay this dipshit that amount more than once. can you imagine how kate would sperg
personally, I wouldn't mind pitching in 10~20 bucks for a chance to laugh at kate's asshattery for an hour or two.

No. 205400


>$1,000 per download


No. 205402

how could he troll us so hard

No. 205403

You're all laughing but you guys are seriously going to buy it. You all need to see it because somehow Kate is actually an interesting person to you. It's honestly kind of brilliant since he's aware of the Kate thirst and he knows you're going to share it. Might as well make it 1,000 dollars.

Chokey, do you have your wallet ready? Take one for the team.

No. 205404

I think someone would buy it for $100. I don't know about $1,000.

No. 205407

I think his logic is:
sell it for $1 where kate fans and haters alike will buy it: he'll get a maximum of a hundred or so dollars. That's if he's lucky. Gets torrented anyway.

sell it for $1000: only lolcow buys it, only one copy. Still gets 10x as much money off kate's shitty life. Still gets torrented but at least it's not a complete loss

No. 205412

So does this guy lurk here or what?
I'm guessing the price is just to stir controversy, but we'll see. Honestly, as long as it's 10 bucks or less, I don't mind buying it.

No. 205432

Typical exploitative filmmaker asshole trying to make some cash at the expense of a small niche community. I hope these idiots never get a cent from anybody. Why would we want to watch their shoddy instagram filter-looking "documentary"? Let alone for 1000 dollars.

No. 205439

Once someone obtains a copy, we will stream this in the chat for everyone, so you can watch and comment in real time. Maybe on a weekend.

No. 205448

Can someone also upload it so that we can watch it later?

No. 205449

Well unless somebody figures out how to hack Vimeo I doubt any of us will be watching it anytime soon.

>tfw 4 of your friends have actual degrees in hacking

>they can only use their skills for good/exploiting flaws for protection because of some kind of ethical contract they all signed and are super strict about

No. 205453

I assume they probably don't want to go to jail, either?

No. 205454

File: 1447894535679.png (693.72 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

I like the lighting of this picture, but not her pose, it's kinda 80's "vogue strike a pose"' looking. And I don't like the coord it's ott as always. And again, the pose it makes her look like she only has one leg.

No. 205455

Well, they were going to offer it for a reasonable $1 a download until assholes here starting bragging about their plans to torrent it.

Clearly they're lurking here, we're only people on the planet who would have the slightest interest in seeing this thing.

No. 205457

Kind of dumb of him. If he sells it for $1000, he's most likely going to make $0, or maybe $1000 if he's lucky, at which point people will just Google for the pirated version or do nothing.

If he sells it for $1-5, he's guaranteed to make at least like $100 probably, and possibly much more than $1000. At least if he thinks it's a genuinely good documentary some people would like.

People who want to watch it are more likely to pay $1 to support the creator, or because they're too lazy or ignorant to find a pirated version. If it's $1000, people will either immediately Google for a free version, or just give up right then.

The only rational reason I can think of for charging $1000 is he honestly knows it's bad, and is only going to get one sale out of it, so might as well make it worth it.

No. 205473

I say that we don't get buy it. IMO he deserves no cash for A. trying to paint lolitas in a bad light for personal gain and B. trying to exploit our desire to laugh at Kate for money.

Also, if Kate finds out people spent $1000 to laugh at her it will probably fuel her ego and make her even more insufferable.

No. 205483

Was just coming here to say exactly this, anon. Let's not give this ass any money. He's asking for a ridiculous amount in the hopes that we'll wanna watch that train wreck. If we don't give it any money then he may eventually give in.

No. 205491

Definitely. By not giving him anything, it's a win-win.

No. 205494

Something between the lighting, the crooked bow, and the awkward pose makes that dress look so dirty on her. It bothers me. I own that dress and it always looks so bright and clean.

I don't think this poor bastard had any idea what he was getting into. He probably saw a 3edgy5me "le damaged mind" girl in a weird niche fashion and thought, hey, it'll be like those old documentaries about goths. He thought he was doing something cool and shocking. I don't think he realized how close-knit of a community we are, and there's no way in hell Kate woulda clued him in. Now he's just desperate to try and make back some of the money he lost by playing along wih Kate's shitshow.

No. 205565

Has anyone seen this guys demo reel? All I see is beautiful scenery and then sexual women… Imagine if he pulled one on Kate and tried to make lolita sexy? Because that's all he seems to do a part from good scenery.

No. 205571

As much as I dislike Kate I kind of believe her that he wanted to make the documentary something else as he said he would before.
Almost always documentaries about lolita are extremely cringy anyway, either calling us childwomen, making us out to be horrible freaks or something like that.

No. 205578

I wouldn't be suprised if both sides are saying the truth.
The documentary guy probably wanted to frame her as some mentally ill child bride and a living doll freak or whatever normie documentaries usually say about Lolita, and Kate probably wanted him to portray her as a fragile little saint who did nothing wrong and also is an amazing human being for… reasons. In the end they were probably both disappointed.

I would be so down to watcing this shit, but $1000? He is a lolcow himself is he thinks anyone will pay this much for a piece of shit documentary. Enjoy the thought that you wasted your life on a useless human being like Kata for what turned out to be a shitty documentary no one will ever watch.

No. 205579

We should make kickstarter where we all donated $1 to someone who will torrent the movie lol

No. 205603

That still puts $1000 in that fuckass's hands tho

No. 205605


I'd honestly be fine with paying the $1 as long as it was going to the creator and not Kate

No. 205642

You cant see her neck

No. 205693

We should donate the money to an actual organization that helps others, like RAINN

No. 205696

I'm so confused. How in earth could anyone seriously think people would pay $1000 to watch this? Why the fuck would any lolita pay the same amount to watch some famewhore bastardize the fashion for the same amount they could get an Iron Gate or 3-4 new brand dresses?

No. 205702

I think we're being trolled. Is there any evidence that this movie is even being released?

It's not on imdb.com

No. 205717

You know that not being on imdb doesn't mean a film doesn't exist, right?

No. 205719

But the thing is, if this is the case Kate just looks that much more like an idiot. She should have made sure she knew the work of who she is working with so there would be no surprises. So if "she didn't know" she is even stupider than everyone originally thought and it is even more obvious she was so eager to throw herself at any possible chance of getting more efame/making money off lolitas.

Although she still seems to be happy to take money from the big fat meanine western comm she supposedly left by offering a shopping service while in Japan.

No. 205759


The creators other work is on imdb.


No. 205789

So being a mean bitch is a good thing now? And they were hot in the movie. This bitch isnt

No. 205829

>Cadney=a spastic spoiled Gretchen Wieners
>Voldie=an awkward Lindsay Lohan trying to fit in
No idea who the other bitch is, but somehow, these characters are fitting.

No. 205894

>spastic spoiled Gretchen Wieners
Idk I've never gotten that opinion of Cadney. She seems to have her own job and isn't buying shitloads of brand. Besides being friends with Kate I actually can't think of anything she's done that's especially irritated me.

No. 205895

Just wondering, why does everyone hate Cadney? I didn't see her do anything really hateworthy, but maybe I just missed something.

No. 205898

Just posted above you. I feel the same and I don't get it? Besides being Kate's friend she seems fine.

No. 205974

File: 1448000795521.jpg (381.66 KB, 500x750, tumblr_naabzxYyug1tragabo1_500…)


I'm in the same boat, I dont really know any specific reasons as to why she is a hag or anything. Like maybe when she first began a lot of people were annoyed at her for wearing glasses all the time? And I think she had a messy break up with her ex but I dont know any details except that I think he wore lolita too. Also I think a lot of people were giving her a hard time because when she first started she was skinnier but then gained a little chub.

the other one is the girl who photoshopped the image, Lanii.

No. 205975

File: 1448000980898.jpg (105.42 KB, 600x400, tumblr_ljc8r9kkJE1qcvasso1_128…)


these were the glasses everyone hated btw

No. 205977

Thin glasses like hers make you look 60 years old, no matter what you look like. It also makes you look like you roll your own cigarettes and hoard cats.

No. 205978

File: 1448001436261.jpg (114.31 KB, 400x602, tumblr_ljv3pr7jzq1qgjg88o1_500…)


Completely agree anon. But thankfully shes changed that now and usually has quite successfully coordinates in my opinion. These photos are like 4 - 5 years old

No. 205987

That would be awesome! I would really like that to happen.

No. 206018

Do people hate Cadney now just because she's Kate's friend? She's kind of irrelevant nowadays, but I've never gotten that impression of her, definitely not spoiled. Her wardrobe isn't even that big either.

No. 206021

honestly i think everyone's just hoping on the hate-cadney bandwagon purely because she's friends with kate. cadney seems like a perfectly alright person aside from her questionable friend choice

No. 206023


damn kate would not be seen with her if she still looked like that

Cadney is smart enough and has strong ethics to the point that she renounced her KA title and yet somehow she has the wool pulled over her eyes by kate? Like kate was staying in Toronto with her when she self-posted and Cadney was completely blind to it? Even after closing LACE/cat thing/being a huge baby in japan and shitting on the western comms that took her in such as Toronto. Cadney is STILL this bitch's biggest whiteknight? I don't get how she could be fooled that bad. Or she likes to keep friends who have delusions of grandeur and think of themselves as Regina George??

No. 206032

Wait wait wait.. offtopic: Glasses are a problem in lolita?
I have really strong prescription lenses (I get them thinned so they don't look horrible) and I have a lazy eye when I don't wear glasses, so… ??? Like, my eyes are too bad to get contacts… is this wrong? ;w;

No. 206035

No, don't listen to the salty sprinklers. Just make sure your glasses compliment your faceshape and over all wardrobe, if not your specific coords. There are many websites that provide cheap glasses, so stock on for your major coords.

No. 206037

just get a pair of neutral glasses that suit your face and won't clash with a majority of things - avoid really thick or narrow frames and tortoise shell.

No. 206045

File: 1448030449366.jpg (117.99 KB, 500x750, tumblr_nu4aqfVarr1qcvasso1_500…)


not really no, just make sure they somewhat match your outfit. If you're into classic or gothic lolita its much easier to integrate the glasses into the outfit

Now-a-days Cadney wears much better suited glasses for her outfits.

No. 206054

>so… ???

Go back to tumblr with that shit. Anyway, no. Glasses are not a problem in Lolita, don't worry about the nitpicking tards that tell you that you shouldn't be wearing them. Just wear nice glasses that look good on you, that's it. Bonus if they compliment your wardrobe.

Kate's glasses are cancer though (and she obviously didn't even need them.)

No. 206055

Re: the Cadney hate, some people disliked Cadney because she was a little chubby I think.

No. 206058

Didn't some of her white knights say that Kate couldn't get contacts because she had a "blood condition" and something about it affecting the "pH of her eyes" so she wasn't physically able to wear contacts? I have no source for this, I just remember that being said when people were giving her shit about her glasses.

No. 206059

Things could have changed. Health or contact tech improved.

No. 206075

Glasses like these make people look special needs though

No. 206080

I don't think they do. She looks fine and they suit her way better than before. It could be that you just don't like glasses on people in general.

No. 206082


i'm a different anon but >>206075 is right, lol. this style of glasses teamed with the garish pastel attire and her weird chubby face makes her look like she has downs. i like the way glasses look on a lot of people but she just looks retarded. wear contacts. get some horrible circle lenses in your prescription and take those special needs glasses off.

No. 206093

File: 1448043066283.jpeg (30.86 KB, 614x511, image.jpeg)

I wear glasses so that's not why I don't like them. This is literally all I see when people wear glasses like that.

No. 206096

I had glasses like that when I was really little (had glasses since I was 1 year old). Now I also hate pastel frames. Mine are currently a translucent light tan; I wear a lot of different styles and IMO they don't clash with anything. Really though I wish glasses were less of an issue than they are. They're medical equipment first and foremost and a lot of people don't actually have many options with regards to frames. I feel like the entire Kate situation could have been avoided if people didn't make as big a deal out of her glasses as they did. She would have remained a nobody instead of infamous.

No. 206104


>if people didn't make as big a deal out of her glasses as they did

As if people did, probably just her self posting and trying to cause a ruckus kek.

No. 206149

I think a few things Cadney did rubbed people the wrong way. She painted herself as an advice guru who was educated and had a good stance on "lolita politics" however as soon as anything started to involve her reputation she kept quiet or ran away as opposed to doing something about it.

No. 206390

Isn't Kate supposed to be returning from Japan today?

I hope her kitty survives the flight.

No. 206394

It says on her instagram that she'll be staying in Japan until the 24th.

Anyways, is there any news on her and what she's doing over there?

No. 206405

Good for her, then. I think running from drama when you see it coming on the horizon is the best thing anyone can do.
Though I am confused why she didn't follow that policy with Kate. Cadney doesn't benefit from Kate e-fame-wise. Is Kate's irl personality really that amazing or something?

No. 206429

I was able to wander onto her instagram once. It seems she's shopping a lot and eating at places like the hello kitty cafe. When I was there she was talking about getting lunch with the designer of rose marie seoir. I wonder if she's following in Jillian's footsteps and leaving lolita for larme.

No. 206463


Neither suit Larme

No. 206477

There's a difference between running away from drama that doesn't involve you (good) and running away when your reputation is on the line. The whole Kate thing is not the first time she went with option two. Also imo, it takes a certain kind if person to be friends with Kate so they are all bad seeds. Just look at how Lani and Voldie handled the whole thing too. Bunch of rotten apples.

No. 206502


Also Cadney is trying so hard to stay a relevant public figure which means sucking girlyhoots dick

No. 206545

Okay, what would someone do when their reputation is on the line? I've heard too many gulls say that you shouldn't ever say anything, you shouldn't acknowledge drama, if you show any signs that you know it exists—you're guilty of something and deserve a shitstorm. So, what is the right thing to do?

No. 206546

Good. Then she can sell me her Scarlet Primavera.

No. 206554

Well there is your first problem.

Here's the thing. Cadney HAS addressed it, someone sent her an ask about Kate. Cadney replied like nothing ever happened. Staying out of drama is one thing, but playing middle field so you stay on everyone's good side comes across as very two faced because then you can't tell what they are really thinking.

So, to answer your question, there are two things you can do.

1. If you don't want to say anything and just want to run away from having an opinion, lock down everything. Facebook, instagram, twitter, tumblr. Make it private so only those who know you have access and shut the fuck up. Stop trying to round up attention online.

2. Make a statement about what happened in your position and where you stand. Then resume your public posting as usual.

Pretending nothing happened but still pandering to tumblr anons and # pictures is the stupidest thing to do, which is what Cadney is doing.

Cadney should have made a statement about why she is still Kate's friend. Kate was accused for animal abuse and supporting kitten mills which is what really sparked the controversy. Cadney could have said why those accusations did not matter to her but instead she is pretending nothing happened while still being Kate's bff.

As I said, one bad apple rots the bunch. None of them can be trusted. Kate made it clear what kind of person she is with how she handled everything. People who are friends with someone like that are of a similar feather. I mean, just look at what kind of people are involved on that "side." Lani, Voldie, Jillian, and Kate. I sincerely doubt Cadney is as wonderful as she tries to come across if she associates with people like that, especially considering how she already handled this and previous situations while still trying to be relevant, as >>206502 said.

No. 206576

The best thing is by far to say nothing. People on here will talk shit about you no matter what you actually will say once you get their interest. I have never seen talking about it or showing you are hurt by what is said actually do any good.

Its easier to have people talk about you not saying anything than to have them pick apart what you did say with them knowing you read what was posted and assume you are reading still.

No. 206578

I feel like I'm missing something. Not a fan of Kate, but wanting to preserve friendships even when that friend fucks up isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's not like Kate murdered anyone even if impulsively buying a cat wasn't a poor, stupid decision. If Cadney dumped Kate like a sack of bricks I think that'd actually make her look like complete notoriety hungry crowd pleasing bitch who cares only about her reputation. I mean haven't they hung out extensively? What do people who know Kate in her actual comm think of her? Did they all dump her as friends to save face?

No. 206580

Meant to say buying the cat -was- a poor, stupid decision. Sorry farmers.

No. 206587

Oh, I don't mean that Cadney should dump her by any means. However the whole Kate thing undoubtedly blew up, first with her cat then with her closing LACE, leaving the western lolita world, and why. It is incredibly awkward and doesn't look very good for her to not say anything about a bff starting so much controversial stuff, especially after in the past she had no problem saying how she feels. It's kind of like how Lor was after the GLW incident.

Not always, it really depends on what happened. There has never been an incident like this before where it became a matter of ethics as well as insulting a large amount of people.

I would agree that other petty drama cows should have shut their traps in the past, but Kate pissed off a LOT of people during her meltdown. If Candey didn't want to say anything, she should have really slinked away instead of trying to still get attention and answering anon messages about Kate. It's shady as fuck.

No. 206592

This is what freaks me out about being a lolita. I see a lot of people in this thread saying the best thing for her to do is ghost on social media and just slink away and disappear and not post #photos, but isn't that the point of having a personal blog in the first place? I don't have any friends who are involved in controversy but if I did I probably wouldn't halt my blog content because I did, because I wouldn't feel like I did anything wrong. The friend did. One of the reasons why I never share my lolita photos anywhere is because I'm worried that I'll be seen as an attention whore for engaging with the community by posting outfits. I can't usually figure out why people say things like "god this person is thirsty for attention" when the only thing I can see them doing is post outfits. Obviously Kate is on another level, but lots of people get called out for that when they aren't doing anything I perceive as out of the ordinary. Probably stupid of me to be scared, posting photos probably only makes people mad when you're efamous, but I'm still paranoid.

No. 206604

I'm not sure why you are not reading some parts of my posts regarding Cadney's actions? I think you should read my post again.

In regards to the rest of your post, tbh if you feel this way, you probably shouldn't share your photos online at all unless you can grow a thicker skin. It sucks, but that is what it is.

No. 206605

Also fyi, you don't have to # on your instagram or tumblr. You only do that if you want people who don't follow you to find your content. So no, it is asking for attention.

No. 206634

File: 1448180943309.png (43.17 KB, 370x293, Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 17.2…)

No. 206635

No. 206637

LACE side lolita in Chicago

No. 206646

What exactly does this mean?

No. 206650

I don't know I just ask this question then she send this and block me.
That kind of people said "Stop bullying" that's LACE xD

No. 206651

I used to know Rachel. Has she really become that bad?

No. 206652

Do you remember i'm Masaki.
I make video that against LACE about translate Kate's document to Japanese.
Then she post LACE side comment my video.
Because meaning of that question "What do you think that incident in now" ?
She just answer that and escape.

No. 206671

Masaki what the fuck? Why are you still outing yourself on a website like lolcow? Oh yeah, because you're clinically fucking insane.

No. 206674

I'm not anonymous.
I'm Masaki.
I'm independent.
I do not forgive.
I do not forget.
Expect me.
Queen Kate xD

No. 206675

Haha oh fuck this guy again

No. 206677

If you want my real life in Japan add me friend on FB xD

No. 206687

Kinda OT, but she is retarded. She is one of those people who clings to girls who are well known to try to get attention.

No. 206693

You're amazing I actually like you keep the keks coming

No. 206714

I don't buy that there's anyone out there running a public (not friends locked) social media outlet that's transcended the want to attract some new followers. Don't most people tag? Is everyone who tags their post a shameless attention whore, because they're happy with the idea that someone outside their blog followers may want to follow them? Every one of us enjoys receiving some level of attention, even if the level is modest. Kate took that to an extreme and that's why I think people are justified in saying she was an efame whore. But implying that you can label someone's behavior as attention whoring because they are tagging their posts is going way too far. We all do that.

No. 206719

This. I think people who think tagging = deserving of negative attention are really mentally ill. If I tag stuff, it's just to meet some people and show my coords. I don't necessarily want e-fame or even a ton of notes. I don't think it's unreasonable for wanting to be connected to people within my small fashion circle and to not recluse myself like a hermit on social media.

No. 206742

Why did this needed to be posted? How does Rachel fit into the LACE equation?

I kindly suggest you stop stirring drama in the Toronto Comm and focus on Kate. Rachel has nothing to do with this.

No. 206751

Chokelate and some of her friends got removed on Facebook and now they're upset because it created a huge divide in friend groups. They're just trying to drag unrelated people like Cadney though the mud, even though she's entirely irrelevant, just to spite her for sticking with Kate.

No. 206758

I would hate you less if you stopped "xD"ing all over the goddamn place.

No. 206759

Just search #lolitafashion, #lolita, or any brand # and to see the attention whoring yourself! The blatant ones are obvious because the #'s are longer than the picture description.

No. 206761

If you both would get your heads out of your asses and actually read what I wrote, I was talking exclusively about Cadney and also what not to do if you are involved in controversy and want to remain quiet. I never said "tagging = deserving of negative attention." I said still answering anons about the situation and # your photos to high heavens when people are questioning your motives is a bad idea.

The world does not revolve around you. Calm down.

No. 206770

Except that isn't what you said and still isn't what your saying, but okay. Kate is sort of whatever for me but honestly her hashtag spam is very normal. She'll tag a photo that's lolita Larme and other things like that so she can get people from that audience too, since there's often crossover. Is that so hard to understand?

No. 206788

why? reason? that just she kidding me. I'm not saint.
If I post polite and clever things then something solve the problem? never forget here is 4ch and you are anonymous.

No. 206797

I'm from 2ch.
I did 2ch way.

No. 206800

Merci beaucoup!!
I'll be buck ^^

No. 206861

Rachel is so thirsty to be in Kate's friend group

No. 206891

A thirstyass gremlin who should have her own lolcow thread

No. 206939

I thought Voldie was the most thirsty. How many more members of the Toronto Comm want to eat Kate's poop?

Fuck off. She's never had any drama. Why don't you give hard evidence before opening your cunt mouth of yours?

No. 206972

hi rachel

No. 206988

Rachel isn't in Toronto, she is from Chicago. She just tries hard to befriend efamous girls and be in on the drama.

No. 207007


I'm pretty sure she used to visit Toronto when she was dating some guy there.

No. 207027

And Kate won't be at the dream fantasy theater con, she has been replaced by Cadney. Shit I wanna know if she flounced or if Rosie and Kim were pissed by how she was acting.

No. 207074


No. 207116

Rachel is way thirstier. At least Voldie is actually in Kate's circle.

No. 207117

Anyone have access to Kate's facebook? Has she said anything about this?

No. 207123

Regardless she wasnt really part of the comm unlikely to come now that she isnt dating that dude anymore.

I bet she flounced, having Cadney take her place sounds like Kate trying to pass off responsibilities to others

No. 207125

Biiiiig surprise spineless Cadney covers for her fuckups.

No. 207145

You're such a sociopath. GTFO of our fashion groups, freak. Also, I'll bet your translations were shit because your English is awful.

No. 207169

What if it's Cadney's plan all along? Kate obviously used her as inspo before and surpassed her in terms of being guested and fame and drama. So she destroys Kate knowing Kate is stupid and fame-hunger enough to eat all shits she feeds her while seeding anon boards with hurtful drama.

And now she's trying to get above it all. Resigning from KA and act as if she has conscience and not a fame whore all along. got invited as guest and probably rising again from obscurity.

I'd say Kate got played somehow.

No. 207184

As someone who knows them both irl, your theory could not be more ridiculous.

No. 207207

Voldie pls go away.

No. 207213

>mfw someone obsessed with Kate's life calls some Japanese guy a sociopath kek

No. 207235

Anon, you sound paranoid as hell. Kate got herself into this mess by being a jackass on the internet. Did Cadney ever actually have any drama besides people thinking she's fat?

No. 207244

No she didn't. I gathered from reading the thread that people think she is an attention whore and fame whore, but that's the same people say about any efamous lolita. I didn't see any evidence that she has created drama or done bad things to anyone.

No. 207245


wtf is it with Chicago anyway? ugh.

No. 207246

What's the drama there? Isn't ElleJay supposedly from there?

No. 207248

Ellejay, Lauri (cancerchan), Heather (who is a mod but has had some definite craycray moments), and I guess now Rachel too who's not really drama herself but is clearly addicted to other drama? There was a lolita general drama thread somewhere around here, and we should really discuss it there if we're going to…

No. 207250


Yeah here's Ellejay… >>144934
And lolita general drama where I'm p. sure Cancerchan's been discussed… >>45180

No. 207265

Any news about her cat? I want to know if it died yet

No. 207302


There is no drama. Ellejay has been gone for a while since the train wreck a few months ago.
Cancer-chan was spotted at Anime Midwest or Acen this year,not sure which. But she doesn't interact with the comm at all.
Heather is rarely online to begin with and doesn't post any toxic stuff. She's also nice in person. Idek why she keeps getting called out just for being butthurt over the AP tea party. Let it go already.

Rachel is just a basic tumblrina SJW who trash talks almost anyone. She turns into a huge ragemonster if you say something she doesn't agree with or that is incorrect.

Nothing really worth discussing.

No. 207306

is he joking? this feels like a joke.

No. 207319

Here's the thread.

No. 207320

Heather threatened to kill herself over not getting Day Dream Carnival during the online bloodbath. She's crazy and thinks that because she buys all of the latest releases, people should like her and be her friend.

No. 207615

Nah, Cadney is actually just a really sweet person who happens to hang out with some real conniving bitches. She's not a confrontational person.

No. 207645

There's a point though when it's kind of obvious that it's not just that kind of person conveniently hangs out with bitches. And when you seem to be friends with a whole group of them, it's self explanatory that birds of a feather flock together.

No. 207651

I don't see her hanging out with a whole group of bitches, though. As much as Lani is a salty flouncer, she is overall pretty nice. idk about Vold because I've never met her in person, but I know other girls she spends time with in the Toronto comm (most of them don't have a big online presence), and they're perfectly normal people.
Same seems to be with her regular friends.
It's just the bitches she's friends with are the REALLY visible ones, so it's constantly in your face. People like Kate don't seem to be a high percentage of her friend grp.
tbh, though, I don't know why Cadney bothers with her. Kate seems like a shit person and acts really spoiled, and doesn't seem to respect her husband AT ALL, which is a huge red flag.

No. 207842

She posted today that she made it home safe. Multiple people have asked about Pom, but she hasn't responded yet…

No. 207882


Please please let her have come to her senses and taken the cat back to the shop

No. 207899

File: 1448514104601.jpg (89.75 KB, 640x419, image.jpg)

Unfortunately no.

No. 207906

kek, supercarly btfo

No. 207912

omg, pom is alive. cries
although i want pictures as evidence. (and because he's cute af)

No. 207922


Well if this is true I'm really glad that the kitten made it home OK. It's still sad to see kate make bad decisions like supporting a kitten mill and not adopting a cat in need back home but I'm still happy for the cats well being. I hope she posts pictures of her two cats together because it sounds so cute to have such a confident little kitten.

>but next time tho kate, please adopt a cat from a shelter. They need love too

No. 207934

How is it that she wasn't required to quarantine the cat

No. 207936

Cats with those features have to travel with you at the end of the plane

No. 207953

That has nothing to do with Quarantine though? You need to quarantine foreign animals normally when you import them into a new country.

No. 207991

Yeah the reason they need to be quarantined is because there are diseases, pollen, etc that the animalss aren't used to in the new country. Same way how if you travel to a new place in the height of allergen season you'll end up with sniffles and the such.

No. 207992

>believing anything that slithers out of Kate's mouth
kek, anon btfo

No. 208037

Japan is a rabies-free country so the US doesn't require a quarantine for animals coming from there.

No. 208040

Bahahahahahahahahahaaaaa I fucking knew that cat would be fine. You guys get so fucking worked up sometimes it's hysterical. Its like if it incriminates someone while simultaneously being morally neutral you guys just lose your shit with how easy it is to peg her as a shitty person, rather than just speculating due to random snippets of things posted 2 years ago.

Sage because bahahahaahahah the fucking cat is fine

No. 208079

I mean if Kate somehow didn't end up pulling strings to have the cat sit with her, it'd probably be in way worse shape.

Yeah, she could've adopted from a shelter and gave a needy cat a home instead of spending hundreds to support the cruel pet industry of Japan's petstores. But that isn't the point, it's okay not to adopt.

But that isn't the main point. The MAIN POINT is that she bought a living, breathing baby animal as a trophy/souvenier just because it was from ~GLORIOUS NIPPON~. There is NO REASON to get a cat from Japan when you can get just about any breed of cat back home. Especially a Persian, a non-Japanese cat. There are thousands of Persians in the US. In the end she's just an attention whore with no value for living things like this cat nor does she have value for people, as proven by her shitty generalization of "meanie western lolitas!"

No. 208083

Ironic that the biggest drama queen in this situation ended up being supercarly64

No. 208095

^this. Buying a ~souvenier cat desu~ is such a shitty spoiled brat thing to do.

Amid the cat fiasco it seems people are forgetting the real problems with her anyway that actually make her the lolcow she is. The cat was just the tip of the iceberg, there are a thousand worse things she's done. Also don't forget the fucking documentary is coming out soon, and keks will be had. She's not a saint just because her stupid fucking cat is (supposedly) alive.

No. 208099

You know what, fuck you, she's still a bad person for buying a freaking designer kitten from another country instead of adopting one in need.

Basically this >>208079

No. 208142

It wasn't a Persian (and petfinder says there are several Persian cats up for adoption in her area), but some fancy designer breed. And a souvenier.

This so much. That poor sweet cat is just one thing.

No. 208146

Infact, looks like there's a Persian specific cat rescue located just across the state line in Ohio. But yeah Ohio's probably not exotic enough for Kate. What an ass.
I really am happy that the little kawaii nipponnese desu cat is ok though. She really had us and probably a lot of other people worried about that, but honestly that's probably something she wanted. She wanted us to worry about this poor animal.

No. 208376

No shelter would let a tourist adopt

No. 208378

I think they meant why didn't she bother to adopt a kitten from a shelter in the states.

No. 208401

She needed the most sugoi kawaii souvenir from the only country who understands how deep she is.

No. 208565

I wonder how her husband feels about a new pet he probably didn't agree to :^)

No. 208568

What husband? Oh, that ATM she married and only pays attention to when it's convenient for her.

No. 208570

This so much. This stupid fake outcry over a kittens well-being seemed like just another excuse to hate Kate. All I hear from anons like >>208099 is "Wahhh your morals isn't the same as mine so I'm going to call you a bad person for not getting some random Japanese shelter stray".

No. 208655

No. 208665

oh boohoo, not everyone wants some fucking cat from a shelter. somebody has to adopt the ~designer kittens~, why does it matter to you? kek, just go adopt all the strays dropped off at the shelter if you care so much.
>inb4 "hi kate!"

No. 208666

also, my own cat is from a shelter. but i don't care whether people buy luxury animals, you should get a pet if you want it not if it's 'in need' or whatever.

No. 208670

Ya, but she bought it in Japan. Half way around the world and then carried it back to the US. She didn't care about the fact that it's not good for the cat and could have killed it.
Also… it was a small kitten. She left it alone in a hotel room/apartment all day while she went and ran around Tokyo. Baby animals need attention.
I really don't care either way about Kate, but the whole thing was selfish.

No. 208672

Again, people are forgetting that the cat is the least of her problems. Honestly I don't give a shit about the high horses people are taking about the cat, it's the wrong thing to focus on about her. Remember that the sugoi moonponese nekochan isn't even the last in her long line of drama. I mean, she just denounced the entire western lolita community and bawwleeted everything, essentially outing LACE to be what it really is: all about Kate. Meanwhile her friend group appears to be other famewhores and drama mongerers because she's a ~bad bitch~ who's ~too good for us~.

I can't wait for Kate's next big stunt so that we stop arguing the morality of a fucking souvenier cat. All of a sudden people are backtracking and defending this piece of shit because her stupid cat is still alive.

No. 208771

Yea I don't understand why all these people are defending her now, it's not like she's suddenly not a lolcow anymore bc her cat managed to survive the trip

No. 208790

lol this is the stupidest argument because her other cat was adopted from a shelter, agreed, this just another reason for people to hate on her

No. 208837

I'm starting to think Kate's friends are here now. Go away. No one likes kate, cat or no cat.

No. 208838

The cat very well could have died. Just because it didn't doesn't mean it wasn't pretty shitty of her to put the animal's life at risk just because she wanted to bring it home with her.

No. 208841

Yeah I'm not a fan of her but the ~omg adopt from a shelter~ was really reaching.

No. 208851

>inferring anyone who doesn't adopt some feral cat from a shelter is Kate and evil

No. 208870

weirdest thread I have ever stumbled upon.
voldie, still attention whoring.
choke, still crazy.
spoony, forever trying to stay relevant.
people don't change, I guess?

No. 208872

>mfw this shitty samefagging trying to paint animal abuse as something dumb to be mad about
There is literally no reason to try to justify her behavior, it was selfish and callous no matter how you spin it and it only looks bad on you when you try and downplay it.

No. 208881

Most of my pets have been flown in planes from one third world country to another and they ALL live pretty long.
I don't see what all the fuss is/was about, I think people were just grasping for any reason to say Kate's literally Hitler or someshit.

No. 208916

if it's Kate then yup typically what happens

No. 209230

'Pom is in great shape'

Where da pictures then?

No. 209326

On her facebook which most people up in this thread probably got deleted from.

No. 209456

We've had proof that some people are still in it though? Also why make a post about it and not include a picture? it would be simple to post a picture of the two cats.

No. 209468

mfw I know half the people commenting on that cap and they are just as dumb shit stirrers as Kate herself.

No. 209472

muh trigger discipline

No. 209483

exactly, anyone can say the cat is alive, show us proof.

No. 209499

It's like Schrodinger's cat lol

No. 209557

jfc, what a sheletered child you must be. Do you know what real animal abuse looks like? Literally, show me or post to me the thing she did that is animal abuse. Adopting a cat is not animal abuse or taking it on a plane. She would not be able to take it on the plane if there were real concerns. The only samefagging here are these anons that are insisting the cat is somehow going to curl up and die for existing.

No. 209590

bro you realize that if you have to take an animal on a plane trip more than 4 hours you basically need to sign away it's life. look this shit up before spouting off shit.

No. 209591

Taking a pet on a very long plane trip is a huge deal. it's not like a car where you can have it out and take breaks with it. It's trapped in a fucking crate with a bunch of other animals and treated like luggage.

No. 209593

bro, every time YOU get on a plane, you sign away your life. Read the fine print when you buy your ticket. By your logic, the majority of the western world is irreversibly scarred, because they set foot on an airplane.

I'm not saying it's not stressful as shit for animals, I'm just saying that your argument in particular is stupid.

No. 209594

i get that you don't know what you're talking about please just look something up. the pets are pretty much treated like baggage if you don't pay out the ass to get them in the cabin, the fatality rate of that is high on local flights, let alone international, the plane would be going too high up that atmospheric conditions can barely support the animals if they don't freeze to death.

No. 209600

You sound like a whiny vegan.

Anyway…Kate mentioned that she took the cat out while on the plane, so it was clearly in the cabin with her.

Can everyone calm the fuck down? I have pets, and I am good to my pets, but damn, the extreme animal rights arguments are so fucking irritating.

No. 209602

Can we please stop arguing about the fucking cat? Jesus, I have a feeling kate's friends are here trying to derail. What's she been up to lately? Since she's not going to that DFT event as a special guest anymore. Didn't she say in her "westerners are EVIL and people hate me for NO REASON" rant that she'd be going to it though? Are there any other events she'll be attending? I'm sure a lot of us want to see the bullshit in action

No. 209604

>whiny vegan
>extreme animal rights
sorry you're triggered, anon. i was just stating facts, animals die with little oxygen and cold climatic conditions, which plane cargo holds have. sorry to have upset your delicate sensibilities.

No. 209605

I agree. All this derailing by Kate's asskissers and you guys taking the bait needs to stop.

No. 209608

Seriously wtf is with all these people acting like this whole thread is pointless now just because the cat is fine? My best guess is friends trying to derail.

Anyway I'm surprised that she gets invited places as a guest. She's a nobody and hasn't done anything for the community other than be a beacon of drama

No. 209614

Are you retarded? Animals flying cargo/baggage get flown in climate controlled sections of the plane.

"According to PetTravel.com, luggage compartments are usually pressurized and heated on most major airlines that take pets as cargo. This climate-control makes the trip more comfortable for animals flying at high altitudes. The flight itself is typically secure for animals. According to Dog Law, most problems actually occur while the plane is on the ground."

No. 209618

No one said this whole thread was pointless, just that the cat drama was/is retarded

No. 209637

Except it's not. Had the cat died or become traumatized then no one would be trying to defend Kate. There was a real chance of something going wrong. Everyone is glad nothing did. We all still don't like Kate. There's nothing to argue about.

No. 209667

This. Just because something didn't go horribly wrong doesn't mean that it wasn't a major possibility, and Kate's willingness to take the risk simply for the novelty of a super special and exotic kitty from glorious nippon is inexcusable. She either didn't bother to weigh the risks, or weighed them and didn't give a shit and either way she's on my permanent shitlist because of it.

No. 209683

Who said the thread is pointless? Everyone who was saying the cat would die is just mentally retarded and there's nothing wrong with pointing it out.

No. 209686

It's not mentally retarded to be concered about a very real risk though. Why are you being so ridiculous about this?

No. 209696

Yes, we get the cat might have died. All circlejerking about it is gonna do is invite Kate's ass-sucking friends to come in and go "THE CAT IS FINE AND SHE'S NOT A BAD PERSON FOR ADOPTING A DESIGNER NIPPONESE CAT DESU".
And of course, instead of people ignoring them, they fall for it and start trying to argue with Kate's faggy friends.

No. 209702

You're the ones shitting the thread up here. Look up and see how much people only talk about the cat. I also like how you infer anyone who doesn't talk ad nauseam about the cat is a spy of Kate. It's getting to the point where you should just make a stupid animal abuse thread in /b/.

Actually talk about Kate for once. We get that you hate a designer cat are afraid it'll collapse in on itself for simply moving from place to place.

No. 209719

To be honest anon, I'm really impressed with you. I don't think I could ever relax my asshole enough to allow Kate to be elbow deep in it and be my puppeteer. You must really trust her.

No. 209874

I like how no one replied to this.

No. 209880

What a hilariously salty response. Did it ever occur to you some of us just follow Kate because she's a lolita, not becaus we're in friend camps? Seems like Chokelate is angry.

No. 210037

Ok, why are you going full retard, tho? "everyone is responsible for all of the bad things that could've happened but didnt"
Are you even reading what you type? Kate is a stupid attention whore, but at least talk shit about legit stuff like the documentary, or the fact that she flew a fucking cat from Japan instead of adopting a cute one at home.
But not this shit. "Yeah, you stopped at the red light, but if you didn't you would have ran over 12 pedestrians. Everything was ok, but you took the risk of driving a car, which could kill thousands. You're on my shitlist."

No. 210139

ok, but the DFT post said she was injured and recommended not to travel, that sounds bad. details?

No. 210144

As much as a cow choke is, there ARE other people in the world who hate Kate.

No. 210174

According to her facebook, she broke her foot in five places.

No. 210225

Wait, Kate did? She broke her foot? What??

No. 210260

KEK all of her videos are gone.

No. 210261


No. 210263

oh, shut up. as bad as kate is even she doesn't deserve an injury that bad, and wishing pain on her is awful

No. 210264

LOL calm down I never said I wished pain on her. I said it's karma. Which it is.

No. 210265

I like to think of it as karma from ignoring her husband while in japan. now she has to spend time with him

No. 210300

The problem with your simile is that Kate didn't stop at the red light. She sped on through without even considering that there could be consequences, and when people yelled at her to watch out she cried and called everyone evil bullies. Then when she narrowly avoided a direct hit and got to the other side unharmed several anons (who may or may not be Kate/her friends) started posting here telling everyone who was concerned about her running a red light that they were whiny babies and that clearly there's nothing wrong with running red lights because Kate turned out alright.

The fuck did she do?

No. 210367

File: 1449158525891.png (199.69 KB, 376x468, lol bye.png)

No. 210371

It's for real! I'm so glad to be rid of her

No. 210377

Ngl, I kind of want to buy that scepter just so I can wave it around while cackling. I think of it like being when Dorothy put on the Wicked Witch's ruby slippers after she got crushed by the house.

No. 210391

Does anyone have info on her husband?
I don't want to "expose" him, or anything, I'm just curious who this sad beta is putting up with his wife ignoring him to the point where he has to do a whiny call-out on FB.
It's just so pathetic.
Like, is he a normal functioning adult with a proper job, or a shut-in nerd who thinks this is his only chance at love?
I dont have access to her fb, so I can't snoop the husband by relation.

No. 210404

File: 1449165976977.jpeg (24.81 KB, 356x437, image.jpeg)

ahahahaha I thought she said she'd be staying in lolita and just staying under the radar
this confirms for me that she was only a lolita for online attention

No. 210409

Didn't she say she can't function without being in Lolita? Well, well, well…

No. 210421

the hilarity of this made my day. how fake can a person get? scenario 2 is imminent, folks, prepare for more shitty pseudo larme kei. she already blew the money on it, as photos have shown.

No. 210434

But wait, didn't she say she just just leaving communities and not the fashion? Or did she change her mind? (Hope so!)

No. 210441

It's not worth it for the 115 I think she is selling it for. It is fragile too so the tops get bent in transit a lot.

No. 210448


Different anon but I didn't even look at her prices, I bet they are all super high so she can make one last quick buck on the EVIL WESTERN COMMM.

No. 210452

>still no scarlet primavera waltz aka my holy grail dress
>(i hold no ill will against kate tbh, i just read here to stay informed)
fucking dammit
kate, if you're reading this, pls put up scarlet primavera waltz, i'll throw my money at you

No. 210454

You should have kept your mouth shut because now if she does and you express interest she will bean you as an evil farmer and bitch about you on facebook.

No. 210458

File: 1449176360884.jpg (275.63 KB, 1242x2208, image.jpg)

Her lm account is owls if you want to look. The baby sceptre is going for 150 usd.

No. 210461

Doesn't she have like 10x this much lolita in her closet?

Leaving Lolita folder name my ass.

She is such a liar, probably is using it as an excuse to make people want it more or for pity.

No. 210462

it's okay, i don't make myself obvious, nor do i post about her anywhere

No. 210465

she also had favorite ribbon in red, and i don't see that listed either. hmm.

No. 210470

She said on her post that she has more to upload anon

No. 210475

She also told someone that she's keeping the things she loves, so who knows if she's REALLY leaving or not.

No. 210482

Thank you for correcting that shit analogy, people don't seem to understand this.

No. 210492

Yeah. Aren't a lot of "leaving lolita forever" sales like that though? Really just a grab at attention more than anything.

No. 210510

>those prices
>when everything is covered in crusty makeup stains and cat hair

No. 210516

Why? I just… why? Why leave lolita because lolcow, some honestly ugly bitter /cgl/ tripfags, and some random gulls hate you?

Leaving lolita sales are the most dramatic bullshit. If I had her kind of wardrobe, it'd be mine for keeps and no one could convince me to sell it other than myself and if my own interest declines. If lolita fashion is something you genuinely like, then it really shouldn't matter what other people think.

No. 210521

That's the point, she didn't like it. She was probably just in it for e-fame, hence all the trend hopping and LACE and shit.

No. 210644

She has a "new wardrobe" album too so unless she sells those I doubt she is leaving.

No. 210707

Fake ass bitch. I hope no one buys anything and she is stuck looking at her failure of a famous lolita "career" wardrobe 5evr.

No. 210742

Someone bought Pixielocks crap.

No. 210827

That always floored me considering what she was charging for the cat dress.

No. 211144

Must be e-fame hungry "lolitas" selling their shit because they're leaving lolita week. Pixielocks just posted another leaving lolita sales.

No. 211271

Holy shit, a shill to the end. That sceptre goes for 45$ NEW direct from BtSSB. She's got more money than I can fathom and she still wants more. I hope it's because her family cut her off after all this nonsense in Asia.

No. 211339

So she's going to be a Japanese lolita now?

I wonder what the "Eastern" lolita community think of this dingbat…

No. 211350


Not when you have it chipped and vaccinated along with an animal passport.

Been there, done that but with a dog on a ferry.

No. 211540

Just noticed that this post was deleted from Randall's blog. I wonder why.

No. 211664


The film was destroyed because the filmmakers didn't have the proper consent forms. Now they are facing lawsuits from Kate's lawyers.

No. 211669


No. 211740

I don't get the Cadney hate. I know she's friends with Kate, but I think she's a pretty good role model. When she heard of all the shady shit going down with AM and the Kawaii Ambassador, she stepped down from the position, which many other e-famers couldn't bear doing despite how useless the whole thing is.
I've never known her to be nasty, and I can't help but wonder if a lot of people either dislike her because they were jelly of her back in the day when she got well known for being one of the first ott sweet lolitas, and wearing glasses to boot, or if they're new and don't understand why people know/like her because they weren't around for the heydey of her online presence.

TL;DR I don't get why people don't like her.

No. 211741


I've always liked her. I've spoken to her a few times over the years and she was always nice to me despite me having zero presence as a lolita.

It must be because she's well known.

No. 211776

I've never had feelings about her one way or the other, but I met her at Dream Fantasy Theatre and she was pretty funny and down to earth. So my first impression was that her hate is not deserved.

No. 211954

I agree. I really don't like seeing her friends get dragged into it. Like any e-famous person, their friends may or may not be bad, but they shouldn't get ripped apart merely for associating with them.

No. 212088

Japan Lolita Association is evil.
They are not Association. no registered. exist in Japanese private school and nothing active in Japan.
They just want foreign students. ambassador is just nickname.

No. 212090

I was bored the story of Kate.
You all ! Try to blame lot of tax thieves, exploiters in lolita world.

No. 212093

>>Woah, long time no see buddy.

No. 212099

Dammit, meant for >>212088

No. 212100

e-famous is better that e-anonymous.
I'm busy at solve the real world problem.

No. 212103

Do you know this perison? he died.
He was one of tax thief.
Related with Japan Lolita Association.
Which is important him and Kate's kitty?
I think kitty xD

No. 212106

How is he relevant? Stop shit posting.

No. 212117

If you interested search yourself.
If you want to only bashing Kate no-relevant.
But if you want problem of lolita world everything relevant.

No. 212118

This is a thread purposely made for talking about one thing: Kate
I think its time to pack up your bags and leave the thread

No. 212130

File: 1449600614265.jpg (131.32 KB, 960x720, 12341216_894871013953366_46226…)

You still stuck about Kate because I gift you.
Kate in Tokyo Disney Land.
If you want to know about Kate in Japan, say Mr. Masaki sorry I kidding you. Please give me more information xD

No. 212137


That lipstick…

No. 212147

That wig.

No. 212163

Soooo, did anybody ITT eventually meet her at that convention / meetup in Florida?

No. 212166

She canceled because of her foot and probably some other crap she made up

No. 212180

Her makeup application is so grimy and terrible, is she blind??? How does she not see her lipstick all over her face?????

No. 212209

All that inheritance money/money from her husband and she couldn't buy some goddamn lipliner and a decent wig.
Her makeup seriously looks like a 6 year old did it.

No. 212336

i actually consider this less horrifying than when she did use one.
kate actually needs to buy some fucking coloring books and practice before attempting makeup.

No. 212628

Masaki, you're a creepy fuck.

No. 212857

How has she been applying OTT make up like this for a long time almost daily now, with enough money to buy tons of decent products, and still suck so fucking hard. It really is a mystery to me.

No. 212897

She canceled because she was scared to meet people after her big post, she was already looking to flake before she got hurt. They wouldnt have gotten a replacement so quick if it was only the injury. Since Lor and Kate flaked last minute, the only efamous lolita was Cadney who was pretty cool.

No. 212952

That guy wasn't involved with the JLA, he worked with the actual Ministry of Foreign Affairs who created the title "Kawaii Ambassador" and then Misako hijacked it for her stupid club.

No. 212956

Wow… This makeup seriously reminds me of trans women when they first start transitioning..

No. 213459

Oh! you understand well. the title "Kawaii Ambassador" by government only 2009 -2010. Many people misunderstanding that. JLA is private club exist in school. and the guy and true boss of JLA quarreled.

No. 213493

I think Masaki is a westerner who is doing Yellow face in an effort to disguise their identity.

K8, you can stop. I know you're sad we're not talking about you as much anymore, but it's the way of the world. We stopped talking about Pogs. We stopped talking about Clay Aiken. And we're done talking about you.

No. 213513

Masaki is a real person, just a creep

No. 213842

Show you proof , what do you want? Passport? Driving license ?

No. 213843

Either, I'm curious.

No. 213847

Actually a lot of old Japanese otakus do this. Like Jrcach, I never understood why they target white Westerners though.

No. 213934

File: 1450069722584.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_7500.jpg)

No. 213935

I don't know who is Jrcach, What did he do?

No. 213937

File: 1450070539545.gif (1.32 MB, 200x190, clint-eastwood-disgusted-gif.g…)

No. 213938

File: 1450071012281.jpeg (314.96 KB, 1250x1036, 1343188826183.jpeg)

No. 213944

If you hate me then go to immigration and say "Please prohibited Masaki the entry of the US !" haha

No. 213959

File: 1450075448686.gif (271.82 KB, 350x195, tumblr_lwd9fnGp741qgreab.gif)

pffftthahaha those earrings

No. 213964

We are making fun of you, old man

No. 213965

File: 1450075809549.gif (919.39 KB, 272x181, heh.gif)

oh my god, why would you post that here you retard

No. 213967

File: 1450075955405.jpg (58.05 KB, 250x375, tumblr_m2bjp5J6YY1qletz2o3_250…)

we need to have a "hall of fame" for retarded shit people post.

No. 213968

Where's your chin, fam?

No. 213969

You said poor kitty but you kicked kitty of next door.
You kidding Kate make up.
Now kidding my earring.
What a happy life.

Nothing funny. I have information about Kate more than you.

Make anonymous's hall of fame.
Only anonymous, anonymous,anonymous and anonymous in that Hall of Fame.

No. 213974

Please never stop posting

No. 213976

I don't believe you, post more proof.

No. 213983

I don't believe you either, post a credit card number pls

No. 213985

name written on penis will work. Although, there is probably not enough room for "Masaki" to be spelled out.

No. 213986

If you want I sent you photo that Kate in Japan.
Sent friend request to My FB.

You know nothing security system of credit card in high-technology country Japan. You must learn that from Japan before lolita.

Sent me friend request on FB I'm in here.

No. 213987

He's going to send that dick pic fam

No. 214001

(translate on google translator)

No. 214016


No. 214039

You should probably go ask the admin to take that down.

Jrach #2 soon?

No. 214048

File: 1450087491093.jpg (78.38 KB, 640x960, kekekekekek.jpg)

He is Jrcock the 2nd. Only difference between him and Jrcock is Masaki has some French weeb vagoo

No. 214083

Looks fake, maybe you should post your password for more proof.

No. 214086

Probably because people on 2chan won't put up with their shitposting so they go act like creeps on western sites instead.

No. 214090

Is that her? She isn't exactly anything to brag about.

Probably, 2ch hated Jcrotch before we did.

No. 214094

File: 1450090954364.jpg (81.82 KB, 648x648, somestolenimage.jpg)

"helo dis is masooki dnt insult mai kawaii furansujin waifu XDXDXD!"

No. 214100

File: 1450091434564.png (55.86 KB, 446x400, 1443452551077.png)

Oh lord.

No. 214149


Surely he could do better than that, even as a 50-year-old man…

No. 214176

File: 1450104422389.jpg (41.93 KB, 540x720, FB_IMG_1450104145667.jpg)

Retarded pedophile 50 years old man with a 19 years old ugly as fuck fat dwarf. I know both of them personally as they are part of my French lolita comm, and trust me, the lulz is endless with that much cringeness.

No. 214181

Do go on anon.

No. 214186

No. 214206

Is Masaki autistic? Serious question.

No. 214213

Dat daikon ashi

No. 214226

It's funny Masaki stopped replying once someone spoke Japanese back to him, I'm starting to wonder if it was him or his fat weeb wife.

No. 214262

Why would you post something with your personal information on here?

No. 214266

You all has nothing information about Kate more than me.
Here is no need for me.
Adieu !!

No. 214269

hahahaha masooki. your girlfriend has a big gaijin nose and large daikon ashiwww ぶすよね when will you fix these things?

No. 214353

Please, please elaborate

No. 214357

>>214176 hahaha I'm glad someone finally mention this wonderful couple. She's actually more than 19 years old, they've been together for 3 years, can't communicate properly and the weeb is completely insane and gets mad at almost everything the old man posts. It's even more amazing when you can understand what she says in French. I swear. I love it.

No. 214362

I think Masaki doesn't have much experience with boards like this. That or he's delusional. Better for us, we got all the entertainment of a 51 year old ugly Japanese guy with broken English who is for some reason involved in the drama of lolitas in their 20s, who'll even upload a picture of his fucking passport. It's a lolcow jackpot!

No. 214363

>high-technology country Japan
lol what are you going to do, fax a copy of this thread to Visa?

No. 214364

I wonder why he thinks that credit card security measures were any stricter in Japan than elsewhere. Heck, in many stores you can buy stuff with your card without even a signature/PIN.

No. 214367

umm, thought that was crossdressing.

No. 214369

I know this is old but how is an anti-bullying group bad?

No. 214370

The idea was okay-ish, but the execution was piss poor.

No. 214371

you just don't understand the glorious nippon. as a dirty gaijin, how could you even begin??

No. 214374

File: 1450135781333.gif (555.79 KB, 500x360, tumblr_nfujjdolje1r23i51o1_500…)

>>You know nothing security system of credit card in high-technology country Japan.


No. 214499

File: 1450162371329.jpg (134.92 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Can we talk about the guy behind Sweet Rebel being in RC U?

I know they used to be facebook friends. I wonder if he's seen the shitposting kate has done about the documentary.

No. 214529

lol what why hasn't he spilled any dirt

No. 214595


Masaki, I still don't think we can believe you. Post a scan of your authentic japanese credit card, then maybe we'll reconsider and give you a second chance.

No. 214597


I was gonna say, isn't Japan really behind on the system of credit/debit cards?

My native Japanese teacher told me people still rarely use them.

No. 214605

I think it's like another anon said, 2ch probably doesn't put up with their shitposting so they come to Western sites instead. He also likes to mention he's Japanese when he can, so I believe he thought we would slurp his ass because he's Japanese. But instead, everyone thinks he's some creepy old man lol.

No. 214634

They can pay through their phones though… and have been long before the idea even came over to the US

No. 214680

We use credit cards, but almost nobody has a debit card. What we use a whole lot is prepaid cards like Suica, actually a train pass, but now widely used as alternative way of payment for almost everything.

No. 215097

UFJ and I think SMBC rolled out debit cards. They work as credit cards too, just like the US ones.

No. 215098

Kate has said it's legal issues on both their parts.

No. 215344

this made me cringe so much..

No. 215361

No. 216445

I would like to see caps also

I don't think you get much legal protection when you are in a documentary. Don't you have to sign a waiver or something so that there are very, very few things you can sue over?

No. 216525

I heard Kate made it into Kera. Anyone have caps?

No. 216547

were most of your pets under 1 year old and snub-nosed? there were factors making this more risky for this particular cat
flying kittens isn't recommended and flying breeds prone to breathing problems isn't recommended
she made a selfish decision, with no concern for the cat's wellbeing

No. 216550

File: 1450781344771.jpeg (64.62 KB, 330x330, image.jpeg)

No one's been talking about this for eons. Please let it go. It's not worth it.

This, I would like to know. I doubt it though. Anyone have the latest issue?

No. 216565


Not being funny but how did this mug get into that magazine? Does Japan just throw anyone off the street into their magazines or what?

No. 216566


Anyone ever seen Thirteen? Movie with the druggy teen girls? If so, remember that scene where Tracey fucks up, she's in the toilets glaring at her reflection and the other blonde one is putting gems on her face like "im the mermaid :D"

reminds me of that

No. 216597

I've only ever seen Kera put ugly and badly dressed foreigners in the street snap section. They continue to prove my theory correct

No. 216634

File: 1450815506695.jpeg (69.5 KB, 640x347, image.jpeg)

No. 216642

>that face
Jesus christ. She makes a lot of unflattering facial expressions but that one is just awkward and sad. Why does she always look so dirty and gross?

No. 216644


The way her eyes look in this photo really look autistic to me. Like actually mentally challenged. She reminds me a lot of the Channel Harris girl that always looks super downsy here.

Although I'm really liking the dangle-y accessory she has in her hair, I think they're macarons? I'm going to have to make myself something like that.

No. 216648


I'm pretty sure that's a Christmas ornament, I have one.

No. 216651

File: 1450818961275.png (221.81 KB, 550x550, laduree.png)

I'm pretty sure she said at one point way back that it's a macaron keychain from Laduree like pic related.

No. 216653

Does that really matter or are you guys just nitpicking at this point because you can't find any real reason to bitch about Kate? I've seen stuffed animals and detached doll heads used as hair accessories. Try a little harder, will ya?

No. 216654

No one was nitpicking it though. Someone said they liked it and other people were telling what it was.

No. 216661


Try a little harder to negative filter will ya?

No. 216674

File: 1450826536451.jpg (7.32 KB, 150x137, 1444673019858.jpg)


Thank you guys for the info! Very appreciated.

>mfw Laduree is opening up in my city

>fucking fuck yes

No. 216688

Don't underestimate the autism of anti-Kates.

No. 216975

File: 1450914434563.jpg (253.76 KB, 1080x1920, annoyinggaijin.jpg)

Ugh I buy my first KERA in months in a rush and yep, she's there and making me very annoyed at my purchase.

No. 216977

If I saw someone wearing this shit in realmlife, I'd die laughing.

No. 216978

File: 1450914690881.jpg (243.07 KB, 1080x1920, muhbag.jpg)

So many levels of ew are oozing out of me

No. 216980

File: 1450914729607.jpg (265.33 KB, 1080x1920, ew.jpg)

No. 216990

File: 1450917202913.png (87.27 KB, 484x214, Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 6.32…)

No. 217012

Her one hair accessory looks like a fucking keg hanging from her head

No. 217030

She meant borderless, I think. What an idiot. Isn't she college educated or did she drop out to travel to a new state/country every month?

No. 217032

Her handwriting is really ugly…

No. 217060

File: 1450940221906.png (581.27 KB, 494x810, tumblr_m8gj00uLSI1qzkpr9o1_540…)

Fucking late to using this, but still worth it

No. 217106

OMG Kate motherfucking Sanders is exactly who I think of whenever I see anything about our Kate too.

No. 218080

This coord is such a clusterfuck and so top heavy.
If she wore just one cluster of roses and changed her necklace to something simpler, it'd improve the coord a lot but right now it just looks like she fell headfirst into a rack of fabric flowers.

No. 218237

I'm surprised this is the coord that made it into a magazine. I saw a bunch of pics of this coord a couple of months ago (or whenever she wore it in harajuku) and thought that was one of her worse from her visit by far.

No. 219043

Is Kate losing steam? I really don't think she's much a cow anymore. She seems on her way out of lolita and social media, which is the only things that made her fun to watch. She's not like Isaki and Jillian that are either still in lolita or still pumping out regular videos to talk about. What is there to Kate?

She was going to release that movie all about herself, but it seems to have vanished and we'll probably never get to see it. LACE was also interesting with Chokelate bullying Kate to get it. All other minor drama like "but cats on planes" overblown and dumb.

Other than that, what is Kate doing anymore?

No. 219302

I don't think anyone knows - but Jillian keeps mentioning her and she even got her a necklace after Kate left lolita - makes me curious about if she even left, maybe she's going to do a comeback sometime this year for attention. Who knows.

No. 219307

Kate put out four pics on her tsuderist instagram one with her husband and one bosting about being in Kera.

No. 219316

No. 219321

I think instagram is public again

No. 219326

It is, thanks.

Just went through since I never looked at this account of her and she has a post saying "This is my hair I don't wear wigs" and I almost died.

No. 219330

She did buy things for people when she was in Japan.

It must suck to have to wear a wig everytime you take a photo.

No. 219601

Yeah but Jillian brought Kate a necklace that she said was 'lolita' but if Kate left wouldn't she say to her friends 'Don't buy me lolita items' ?

No. 219975


Lol and already private again.

No. 220650

File: 1452192308158.png (687.77 KB, 621x597, he's alive, but barely breathi…)

It is public again.

No. 220652

Kate looks like a drag queen…

No. 220691

sorry but what ever happened to the cat?

No. 220695

Lol, >>220650 is Pom. I guess Pom is doing good, which is great.

No. 220749

Holy shit. I knew she'd be back once she figured the drama had blown over. She can't not show off her kawaii rori life. Now we just wait until she does something fucking stupid again.

No. 220839

YAY i can watch videos of little pom again <3

No. 220840

downloaded them, hehe

No. 220907

If Kate stops providing milk I'll keep watching her instagram because pictures of that cat and burando. I could maybe even grow to like her in time.
Her instagram made it look like she is back in Japan though, if that's true when is she going to have a life with her husband?

No. 220915

Pretty sure these are pictures from her initial trip. I think she's just trying to slowly weasel her way in by uploading a little at a time.

No. 221081

Written in her job is Model + Student

No. 221083

File: 1452391300193.png (420.54 KB, 475x627, スクリーンショット 2016-01-10 10.59.21.…)

It's Kindle book "International Lolita Fashion Phonebook".

No. 221089

The only new photo is the one with her husband, everything else is old reposts.

No. 221321

File: 1452482779760.png (1012.82 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Random but I was scrolling her Insta and I'm laughing super hard at her purikura face, she looks like bashful from snow white? I can't really describe it….

No. 221358

File: 1452503737057.jpg (159.25 KB, 540x540, tumblr_neunwqwcrb1syqyomo2_540…)

>These hideously applied nails
>Gurl that aint kawaii

No. 221359

wtf? is that index nail even stuck on? Are any of them even stuck on? wtf?

No. 221363

How can this bitch have so much money but still can't draw her eyebrows worth a shit

No. 221371

Everything about Kate is so grubby and disgusting wow

No. 221443


It's like when I was in elementary school art class and would cover my mistakes with glitter. Maybe she thinks if she can slather herself in enough rhinestones people will like her again.

No. 221454


i can't believe she thought it was okay to take a photo of her nails looking like this and then post it online, like it's something worth showing off

No. 221458

File: 1452547281750.jpeg (188.37 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

ew ew ew ew ew ew ew

No. 221474

Her thumb nail looks like it has nail fungus

No. 221479

The one on her middle finger is coming off near the cuticle, too. She's a fucking mess. This is disgusting.

No. 221501

Ew is right. And the one on her index finger isn't even remotely straight. How do you even mess up that badly? Damn, her levels of sloppiness are baffling.

No. 224734

Now hold on, this isn't Masaki right? I have this guy on facebook and he uses a different name there.

No. 224946

Can say if this is true or not?


Some seagull is complaining that Kate is being manipulative of selling her brand.

No. 224958

…what? Kate has a brand? Please explain, anon.

No. 224960

isnt it junnyan?

No. 224961

Nevermind. Got her confused with Jillian when she said she wanted to start her own "Larme brand". (Funny how that never manifested, kek)

I'd like to see proof of the claims since I'm wanting to buy some BtSSB items that could possibly be hers.

Also, If I was leaving lolita and I hated the comm I was leaving, I'd scalp the fuck out of them too.

No. 224973

I bought from her with no problems, though she didn't tell me when she was shipping out. I was getting concerned when the items just showed up in the mail one day.

No. 226076

Her tumblr is katiebabydoll now. Nothing new and interesting, basically just larme/kawaii aesthetic/whatever reblogs.

No. 226172

No it's Kensuke Iwai or something like that, I have him on fb.

I also have the fb of the girl and it is so cringey omg

No. 226180

File: 1453818330372.png (264.62 KB, 449x461, ehh.png)

such fish eyes
and horse face
how unfortunate

No. 226270

How is she still so terrible at make up. Her eyeliner and lipstick re absolutley terrible, this is clear even though the picture has a low quality. It will never fail to amaze me.

No. 226285

I can't help but feel a little bad when I see all these bird-faced girls try their hardest to fit into cutesy fashion and fail terribly.

No. 226444

I cannot unsee her real eyebrows now. Even from afar I can see them under her drawn ones.

No. 226631

She wore that to a job interview, she said. And got the job. I can't help but wonder what kind of job it is.

No. 226651

File: 1453864390702.jpeg (326.95 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)


No. 226660


She seems to pretty much do the same style of makeup every day, yet she still has that "face paint" look, like a child who's just discovered their mother's makeup. It's crazy.

No. 226790

the most awkward and imo most characteristic thing about kate is that her lack of natural femininity and her OTT yet horrendously applied makeup combine to give the impression of a really lousy drag queen. it's like her own miserable trademark.

No. 226916


Imagine taking a dump and wiping your ass with those things?! Your ring would be like the inside of a cell wall

No. 226974

that ugly bowl cut emo swoop she has going on with those ridiculous unhidden layers is definitely scene. that's an accurate hashtag, anon

No. 227097

File: 1453957324984.png (243.57 KB, 560x551, Untitled.png)

No. 227098

File: 1453957358646.png (170.2 KB, 586x582, Untitled.png)

No. 227102

File: 1453957490272.png (482.91 KB, 546x600, Untitled.png)

No. 227104

File: 1453957574924.png (637.08 KB, 620x636, Untitled.png)

No. 227106

File: 1453957687293.png (342.98 KB, 588x590, Untitled.png)

No. 227147

why the hell would you take a winking photo when your eyemakeup looks like that

No. 227167

Her eye makeup? Her lips look like an inflamed asshole.

No. 227172

File: 1453967891828.png (1.14 MB, 1280x720, tumblr_n57q3g5HQP1qa6mvjo1_128…)

geez WHY

also i thought pom would grow up to be much more beautiful, kinda like this

instead he's pretty odd looking imo

No. 227190

This photo has so much potential.

No. 227228


I agree lel.
They probably have the cat looking its best and cutest in the store.

No. 227260

Her insta says she's broken her foot. (on the latest neko atsume post) Didn't she do that not that long ago?

No. 227521

Probably an excuse to keep not having to work.

No. 227522

That is because the shop she bought him from has so much inbreeding that they come out really strange.

No. 227523

Oh… oh dear.

This is a picture they probably should not have shared online.

No. 227529

I don't understand. Why not, anon?

No. 227904

File: 1454169996648.jpg (252.89 KB, 980x615, 58234gf4084aewrwereae470c6c6c7…)

they look like body doubles of Katya and Jade Jolie

No. 227906

My "gaydar" is going off when I look at her bf.

No. 227923

Her husband.

No. 228296

You saying she married her husband to be his beard?

No. 228344

Outside Kate's awful wig choices, I actually think this is kind of cute. This style suits her more.

No. 228405

No, he married her to be his beard. She's unaware.

I bet he will leave her for a man within the next 10 years.

No. 228513

My theory is she is a lesbian and in a secret relationship with Cadney.

No. 228520