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File: 1446248933106.jpg (60.21 KB, 300x400, tumblr_nw37s45bgV1ue5x2io3_400…)

No. 52615

No. 52616

Dat chin

No. 52620

Her latest obsession with shoujo manga is weird. All she does is spam screenshots and she knows they get alot of faves/rt on them. Might be reaching but I think it might be another way to gain followers; we all know how much her internet life is to her kek

No. 52640

And the last thread said that the one she likes now is just about a brother perving on his sister, I think? Wtf….Even for Berry, that's messed up. I fear a little for her brother. I wonder what plans she has for him….

>inb4 Berry's brother goes to jail

No. 52654

Did the last thread sage?

No. 52657

It hit the post limit.

No. 52665

File: 1446255902520.jpg (227.25 KB, 1920x1080, 15-10-30-10-49-32-747_deco.jpg)

This was earlier today, it has since been deleted. So seems she has two classes on Friday. I find it funny she doesn't talk about her classes except to say the things she is doing in them that doesn't involve learning or paying attention.

No. 52667

If you notice, she literally deletes all the tweets she makes that doesn't have more than 20 favs and/or retweets. So I think what you say is possible too.

No. 52668

File: 1446256061105.jpg (866.16 KB, 1023x901, berry.jpg)

What I got when I brightened her halloween costume photo

No. 52669

what does the orginal loon like

No. 52670

File: 1446256247734.jpg (41.49 KB, 600x528, CSlodnbWoAA_hp-.jpg)

No. 52671

First unshopped photo of Berry ever! She's just as beautiful as we all thought she would be! Lol

No. 52685

that's actually nightmare fuel. good god.

No. 52708

She's really good with makeup, though. Can't deny it.

No. 52751

Yeah she is not bad. I wonder if she will do anything this Halloween. She said she was going to but things change.

No. 52790

Agree but I also believe she has the help of photoshop, I mean it is Berry.

No. 52793

I fucking hate Berry and I'm going to murder her.(go away)

No. 52797

go get your head checked, you sound insane.

No. 52798

Fuck off, white knight.

No. 52800

fuck off for what, fatty-chan
just because you're some insane bitch, who's got it out for berry, you're taking it too far.

go get locked up

no one in this thread likes berry, but to say you're going to murder her lmao
go murder yourself instead

No. 52801

>I'm going to murder her
What the fuck is wrong with you, mate?

No. 52802


No one in this thread likes berry, tfw 12 threads. But there's no good reason to threaten her over some stupid shit, so she's an ugly photoshop monkey, cool it makes for some subpar milk

doesn't warrant your psychopathic ass to come in and shoot off>>52793

No. 52803

I think they're trying to be edgy for Halloween or something lol

No. 52804

Lol at all the moralfags in this thread. Berry is shit and needs to die. She gives weebs like me a bad name.

No. 52807

being a weeb isn't a good thing, go cry to someone else

No. 52810

> lol at all the moralfags
> saying that wanting to murder berry isn't a cool thing, bc murder isn't cool
> suddenly a moralfag


No. 52811

What exactly did she do to you? I don't get it.

No. 52812

I want to kill Berry because she photoshops her pictures and pretends to be cool. I want to use guns on her.

No. 52817

ok but you need to go back to /r9k/. your bait is subpar

No. 52818

LOL what the shit

No. 52819

You think I'm joking? I haven't even posted on 4shit for years. I just want to murder Berry.

No. 52820


No. 52821

I wouldn't be surprised if this was posted by Berry or anyone kissing her ass so she can say later "They threatened to kill me"

No. 52823

it's a possibility. but i really think it's just a bored farmer, a robot, or someone from 8chan trying to get a reaction out us. and with the pulltard invasion, there are plenty stupid enough to take the bait.

No. 52828

File: 1446327154135.jpg (374.76 KB, 1920x1078, 15-10-31-17-31-14-893_deco.jpg)

So…he is with her in NJ again? This girl can't make up her mind.

No. 52856

File: 1446336361501.jpg (123.5 KB, 576x1024, image.jpg)

She makes a good zombie

No. 52859

Wonder if she actually left the house like that. All of her pics only ever seem to be at her house.

No. 52863

Holy shit her nose is so short. Even if you take a pic of half your face, we can still see your short pig nose, Korine.

No. 52880

is this what her nose really looks like? Can't tell by the amounts of shoop.
Its wide as hell and how can she breath with that short nose..

No. 52889

Yes it is you can see it in the few unshooped pics she does have. None of the recent ones because she elongates her nose and makes it skinnier and gets rid of the upward tilt.

No. 52895

File: 1446349107283.jpg (851.83 KB, 1152x1024, qwdadal.jpg)

Her jaw is so weird in this???

No. 52921

she hasnt been posting much recently you think its because we have finally gotten to her??

No. 53101

File: 1446421334766.jpeg (105.46 KB, 640x861, image.jpeg)

No. 53103

File: 1446422646074.jpg (204.58 KB, 640x535, flip.jpg)

Her face was already weird but it looks even weirder flipped. One of her eyes is weirdly liquified, slanted jaw, crooked teeth, all sorts of weirdness with her lips, and as usual, no neck

No. 53108

So she's back to be being Wylo?

No. 53109

Her lips look disgusting.
Lol at how wide and piggish her nose looks here compared to her usual edits.

No. 53110

File: 1446423978720.jpeg (252.92 KB, 1080x1920, image.jpeg)


No. 53112

Her lips are crusted as fuck and her teeth are so crooked wtf. Didn't she claim to have dental work done? She was bragging about her "cute fangs" and how she didn't want the dentist to shave them down. Too cheap to get braces even though you're rich? :3

No. 53115

her scalp looks unhealthy as if its thinning

kek af

No. 53117

She totally slimmed her shoulder down too lmao

No. 53137

Maybe she has unwashed hair or keeps parting her hair in the same spot.

No. 53145

It's really not that great, only the mouth is decent. It doesn't look clean or realistic, which is basically the point of sfx makeup. She should do more research and see how scars and blood really bleed and look and she might be decent, if she doesn't photoshop the pic to death.

No. 53155

bruh. her forehead would look huge without them bangs

No. 53162

File: 1446433489099.png (101.33 KB, 970x529, burry01.png)


No. 53163

File: 1446433504421.png (137.44 KB, 1157x611, burry02.png)

part 2

No. 53164

File: 1446433517488.png (482.23 KB, 600x493, burry03.png)

and part 3

No. 53179

Wait, you can't even see the other side of the band aid behind her hair…did she photoshop it?

No. 53193

It weirdly blends in to her skin so it is possible. The first time i saw it i thought she forgot to lighten a patch of skin

No. 53195

I thought she just put a patch of darker concealer on her face for some reason.

No. 53199

Even if she looked good naturally, why would you post a picture like this it doesn't look good at all and it's not even funny

No. 53214

File: 1446440861805.png (441.52 KB, 912x711, rick8yg.png)

Why the fuck is her left pupil all jagged like a character out of Rick and Morty.

No. 53258

File: 1446447953307.jpg (400.98 KB, 1920x1080, 15-11-02-02-04-42-410_deco.jpg)

She must be hurting real bad because they've never met.

No. 53280

File: 1446457251707.gif (1.85 MB, 200x200, ANTMsmall.gif)

No. 53284

just when i thought she couldnt have photoshopped herself any uglier

No. 53285

File: 1446461028082.png (352.94 KB, 512x461, autist.png)

just an autist passing by

No. 53286


i see no difference though

No. 53288

File: 1446461582246.png (289.05 KB, 451x516, 1.png)

hi all

call me opai-chan

No. 53289

oppai too real
chin touched b00bies

No. 53302

Where is the dramu?

No. 53339

About what?

No. 53448

ITT: Berry threatening to kill herself.

No. 53469

my first suspicion at who it was is hentaithot/kousaka w/e the fuck his name is

No. 53486

File: 1446496004969.png (27.28 KB, 584x338, k.png)

Both of these tweets are sad. I wonder what her parents would say if they knew she called them assholes.

No. 53494

That's reaching af anon. She's not calling her parents assholes, Jesus.

No. 53501

I thought she was proud and loved being small and tiny

No. 53508

I don't get how that's reaching though? Anon was saying that her parents are the ones who buy her shit for Christmas…even at her age..

No. 53531

Considering how she talks to her parents, I wouldn't doubt that's definitely what she means.

No. 53552

Maybe she should think about meeting Ouji first I mean they never met?

No. 53558

Lol her trying to say two as if he's there with her again. She can't make up her fucking mind.

No. 53564

If this girl truly wanted to see her internet boyfriend, if she truly wanted to go to Japan, if she was independent enough to travel abroad and was actually a 21 year old in med school or at least acted like it, nothing is stopping her. Blame Santa and blame her parents all she wants but unless she is underage, doesn't show responsibility, is immature there is no reason she couldn't say, have a hamster, or go to Japan on a trip with another consenting young adult, or even clean her own fucking room. There is something missing in all of this and I swear it's her age. She has to still be in high school. If she's not that's just sad because at least that could explain her immaturity.

No. 53571

Do you still believe in Santa Claus? Who do you think she's referring to, that will give her presents?

No. 53828

One of FakeMiruku's admins here. Berry has been spewing more nonsense on Twitter which means we updated our blog. Check it out: http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/

No. 53838

OMG you're all so jelly of berry

No. 53842

Fuck off, ass-licker

No. 53852

Hi, Berry.

No. 54034

I feel like this is Berrykisu coming here again lmao

No. 54093

these are terrifying

No. 54300

File: 1446680384100.jpg (1.3 MB, 1654x1920, 15-11-04-18-38-03-533_deco.jpg)

Please, we all know you post those-for attention, retweets and likes.

No. 54315

How does she have so much time on her hands for arts and crafts? It's midterm tests and projects season at most east coast unis.

No. 54325

Well…didn't you know? Toms River High School North is closed for the week! She has been tweeting diddly squat for the past three weeks except a few manga caps but once her vacation hits she is making crafts, tweeting a storm and online often :) wouldn't you be as well if you were a high school student on vacay? :)

No. 54357

why do you guys act like all college students focus on school 24/7? lol

you make it sound like college is so difficult that you can't make time to do anything.. you guys must be high school students

No. 54363

File: 1446686660563.jpg (730.36 KB, 1884x1920, 15-11-04-20-20-37-226_deco.jpg)

12 threads and people still think she is in college, that's hilarious. It's not really hard to see what I wrote in my comment. She has been doing jack shit on twitter and once her high school (the same high school that most of her friends in that infamous photo went to and JUST graduated from this year BTW) she is all of a sudden more active. It's not a coincidence. And I don't think this tweet here she just tweeted after my comment here is either lmao.
>she probably lurks here
>someone notices she is more active
>all of a sudden has an excuse to be because her 'class is cancelled tomorrow' lol
Is that not obvious or what?

No. 54374

Maybe people in this thread focus on the fact that she has too much time on her hands to actually be in school, specifically because she claims to be premed?

No one would say shit if she didn't pretend to be going through one of the most rigorous programs.

No. 54384

Someone sounds bitter.

Not sure how posting things that you think others might also find interesting is wrong.

No. 54388

lbr she does it for likes, that's why she has been deleting all her tweets that didn't get over 20 likes lol.

No. 54391

you're a fucking idiot if you think a pre-med student that aces every test her test has this much time to shitpost on twitter

No. 54407

Undergrads love to delude themselves by saying they're pre-med. Not saying Berry is acing anything lol but lots of people latch onto pre-med for a while and give up later when it's too hard/their GPA is shit

No. 54408

but even if she was doing some sort of "premed" program, she doesn't make the effort to build up experience through volunteering or extracurricular activities. Whenever she isn't "studying" she does unproductive shit rather than trying to reach her dream of being a doctor

No. 54429

That's the thing. There is no premed program, you just tell people "I am a pre-med student." Doesn't mean anything unless you actually get into medical school. You don't even necessarily have to be a STEM major, but you do need to know all the concepts for the MCAT.

So yeah, no chance she'll get into med school considering she needs a combination of:
1) university with a good rep
2) good MCAT score
3) letters of rec (maybe she can score one with her photoshopped pics loool)
4) good GPA

I would say volunteering and extracurricular activities don't matter as much, although they do build a better personal statement. But anyway, it's not just Berry doing this. Plenty of freshman/sophomores skip class, watch netflix during spare time, and fail college physics exams while dreaming about med school that won't happen

No. 54582

File: 1446744515410.jpg (127.97 KB, 1395x785, 15-11-05-12-23-36-207_deco.jpg)

Look she's trying to act like she still has a day off now after it was posted that her high school has a week vacation and she's been more active during it. So transparent honestly.

No. 54584

File: 1446745380378.jpg (10.09 KB, 288x216, seriously.jpg)

someone should make a collage of all of the posts you make in the berry threads (and there are plenty) so that people see what a dimwitted shitstain you are.

No. 54613

berrykisu pls

No. 54740

File: 1446768394140.png (19.74 KB, 567x80, 2defe23f734e8340d7195e3a6a4e59…)

Watch me jinx this. She's going to get into league and will keep bragging how "good or bad" she is. And low-key call herself gamer girl. Because shit like this always happened before when she was into RPG "videogames"

No. 54747

Someone call her highschool and pretend to be her sister to let her know she has a dr appointment. Then you can definitely know if she really does attend highschool still

No. 54757

File: 1446774018410.png (28.13 KB, 587x224, dont lie.png)

Burry, we all know you're the biggest virgin in the world…

here's a link to the gif she was talking about https://twitter.com/Swaps4/status/662435142686887936

No. 54761

File: 1446774946506.jpg (626.92 KB, 1920x1717, 15-11-05-20-54-56-123_deco.jpg)

Too kawaii to clean after herself! Future surgeon, Berry Tsukasa everyone!

No. 55036

File: 1446844105261.png (308.85 KB, 564x480, 34AjRFA.png)

Why the fuck does Ouji wear the same god damn tracksuit in every single selfie? It's like he has only one shirt, one pair of pants, and his tracksuit. Go get some new clothes.

No. 55050

I still can't believe that berry thinks that's a good photo of herself

No. 55053

That ugly picture again? Berry must take a really long time shooping a picture of herself.

No. 55092

Wtf is this island boy doing in a thick ass track suit jacket? It's fucking humid in indo.

No. 55102

Same reason she does. It's what they wear in Anime.

No. 55109

Why does Berry think she looks good in that photo
But also, Ouji better fakes having money his track jacket looks adidas and then there's Berry

No. 55155

lmao they are so poor they cant even afford fuckin adidas !!

No. 55175

>claims to be living together
>says that taking a picture together as a proof is a privacy
>takes picture of using matching jackets
>upload it side by side
>just what the fuck ?

No. 55176

File: 1446877752922.png (70.75 KB, 300x300, 1844494-ao_oni_large.png)

this has been bothering me forever but i've finally figured out what she reminds me of

No. 55181

File: 1446878533587.png (72.09 KB, 300x300, 29190501.png)

fixed it

No. 55185

Her hairline bothers me and her teeth. didn't she claim once that she had perfectu teeth or whatevs?

No. 55197

No. 55360

she actually used this pic as dp on twitter? kek

No. 55443

did anyone manage to save the tweet where she said she was sleeping over at a friend's house and was cleaning the room for her friend?

No. 55446

File: 1446940400680.png (167.39 KB, 332x425, JrPuxN2.png)

berry is gonna be one of those women in her 30's who is still trying to hold onto being young and small forever

No. 55464

Them filters tho. Isn't her room originally white? The amount of intense pink filters she use irritates me on IG. Ruins the quality mang :(

No. 55466

File: 1446943915933.jpg (228.19 KB, 1920x1078, 15-11-07-19-51-02-280_deco.jpg)

Lmao she wouldn't even clean her own room, doubt she'd clean someone else's.

No. 55468

File: 1446944037062.png (671.42 KB, 935x598, a84b24e3e5e323625b8bbcef309c3c…)

Her "friend's" room is HER room. LOL. This crazy bitch is talking to herself.

No. 55471

Lmao this is hilarious

No. 55476

im glad she finally got rid of her ratchet spongebob curtains

No. 55519

So she cleaned up a friend's room to take a pic wtf?

No. 55532

No just looked like she tweeted some made up scenario when actually she was cleaning her own room up. I know, it sounds weird, that's because it is.

No. 55554

KEK that is so sad

No. 55555

Berry's whole life sounds so damn sad. She has no friends except for Ouji. Her asskissers just want a tiny bit of her fame they don't give a shit about her lol, and one obsessed fan who comes in these threads (Berrykisu hey qurl). And I'm starting to think Berry spends most of her days shooping pictures of herself.

No. 55556

ugh berry's "friends" are like 'bloody mary'
every time we say their names, they make an appearance in the thread
berrykissu is the worst of all

No. 55557


Someone needs to color correct the pic tho. Without the purple wash it's depressing.

No. 55682

i honestly feel bad for her at this point. not because of people talking about her but because that shit's connected to her real name forever. her future employers just have to google her name and they will find tons of material about her being a dumb bitch on the internet. at this rate she'll probably end up working low/minimum wage jobs for the rest of her life because no company with better working conditions wants such a hot mess to be connected to them. i already see her as the new PT, like others mentioned, tbh. i'd also doubt she'd ever be smart/well-off enough to pay one of those companies that erase whatever online content there is about you. oh burry..

No. 55709

File: 1447004043483.jpg (811.93 KB, 1768x1823, 15-11-08-12-32-49-479_deco.jpg)

He lives in Indonesia, why is he making winter jokes?

No. 55712

Lmao she said she just woke up 15 minutes ago and he posted something on twitter 14 minutes ago. I think that's interesting…

No. 55714

File: 1447004438465.jpg (790.77 KB, 1920x1658, 15-11-08-12-39-36-850_deco.jpg)

Times off a bit, but you get the point. Only active when she is and what not.

No. 55731

Lmfao wtf. Um, there is no winter going on there rn. I'm going in December and even then I'm told to pack shorts and dresses because it's humid/hot af.

Berry you tard, you have to be in high school to not understand seasonal variation and how the northern hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere experience their seasons at different times of the year.

No. 55805

That's true. Fall this year is pretty warm.

No. 55841

File: 1447022598440.jpg (231.96 KB, 1920x1078, 15-11-08-17-41-43-770_deco.jpg)

Sure he did.

No. 55878

Lol why not screenshot the text (like the convos with parents) instead of typing it out as a tweet?

No. 55882

That and why does everyone in her world talk like she does?

No. 55885

File: 1447030938575.jpg (119.47 KB, 1024x576, CTVJ1YUUsAAFo0m.jpg)

oh boy sick tracing skills berry

No. 55886

File: 1447030988997.png (80.32 KB, 269x500, 14910294.png)


No. 55891

File: 1447032322529.jpg (2.09 MB, 2560x2560, 15-11-08-20-24-08-773_deco.jpg)

You would think she would put her Photoshop "skills" to use and just do a color edit to the page itself.

No. 55892

File: 1447032353077.gif (329.97 KB, 250x147, bda4d1e8a29c7a3021e757d35ee618…)

Wondering what her excuse would be if someone tweeted her the original….

No. 55897

She already mentioned Uzumaki so she isn't passing it as her own.
What I want to know is why she is painting on a cloth surface that can be stained?

No. 55901

what's the fucking point in doing this?

No. 55903

so she can post it on twitter and get tons of compliments and her followers going nuts on how talented she is for copying art from a mangaka, someone who has genuine talent and is required to put effort and creativity into their work.

No. 55941

Kinda looks like a comparison between original product and shitty Chinese replica.

No. 55957

File: 1447050530785.png (11.61 KB, 393x75, VRyaE7T.png)

atleast he doesn't live halfway across the world and can actually fuck instead of RPing on FB messenger LMAO

No. 55968

Suuuurre. Even my ex who had ED would probably last longer than your imaginary bf's penis.

No. 55971

Does Berry even know what a penis looks like? I don't think Momma and Poppa Tigno would be too pleased with her bumping uglies under their roof.

No. 55987

I believe Berry has full control over his accounts, and he just sends her pictures to post on them. This relationship is weird

No. 56050

File: 1447087365780.png (1.13 MB, 1222x884, Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 12.4…)

about to get *fatter

No. 56074

Nobodies fault but her own

No. 56088

assuming she would ever get a real degree and real career in which employers would actually google her.
fyi - not all employers do this. seriously

No. 56091

AND, even if they google her full name, they'll see all these pics of some kawaii azn dolly and then look at frumpy irl berry be like "well this certainly isnt the same korinne tigno"

No. 56141

Here she tries to make it seem like she's really skilled in painting when her actual painting is really simple and probably another copy of uzumaki's work

No. 56143

File: 1447104248478.jpg (550.99 KB, 1922x1086, Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 4.22…)

Original vs Korinne's copy

No. 56156

hers looks like genuine ass in comparison to the original. why can't she just draw something original she created by herself instead of copying someone else's work? is it because she knows she's not capable of drawing things that aren't her shitty potato doodles?

No. 56160


I think the anti-Berry army here would make sure that any perspective employers knew exactly what they were getting into. ;)

No. 56223

lol she's definitely tracing

No. 56317

It's a good copy, but it's still a damn copy none the less. Ito's stuff is extremely recognizable too, so you can't just get away with that.

No. 56628

File: 1447219244762.png (447.28 KB, 759x756, Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 12.1…)

Still trying to act like she's in college

No. 56766

I mean I don't think she is in college but even if she isn't finals are everywhere. I just think it's more telling that no matter what she does she still seems like a high school student. She used to talk a lot at all parts of the morning but now I see her mostly talking at 11 which is probably her lunch time in school.

No. 56793

I find it funny that through all this time she just kept talking about "tests"

has she ever tweeted about midterms? I hadn't seen any, don't know if anyone else has

everyone in college I know won't shut up about midterms and finals; but now I just see her mention one and not the other? it makes it seem like she just glances at some college kid's twitter, every once in a while, and copies what they tweet about their current school life

No. 56804

Literally all she has talked about is finals, SAT, homework, studying and tests. Lots and lots of tests, studying and homework. She must think this way of college if she is so adamant about pretending to be a college student. But she seems to forget lots of things. I think when she starts college she is going to be so overwhelmed with everything she has to do, especially in pre-med. I mean I've been to college (not pre-med) and its not just tests, its projects and presentations, field work…she needs to start lying about this stuff too if she wants to play pretend. If she starts to after this comment you know why…lol. But I don't think she will, plenty of people have said this before and we know she lurks and so do her friends. I just think she can't lie about something she doesn't know, and tests? Tests she can't lie about…same with homework and studying. There is tests and homework and studying, but way, way more than that in college.

No. 56807

File: 1447271537280.jpg (1021.65 KB, 1920x1858, 15-11-11-14-46-01-276_deco.jpg)

I personally have been waiting for confirmation that Ouji still runs his account for a while and I think there was some recently. He replied to someones comment about the shaft head tilt and said he 'feels challenged' and then he did the head tilt. Also his hair is fading. I just think this is live proof that he still runs his account a bit, because he posted unrelated photos to an unrelated conversation. Unless Berry had those saved up with that exact same thing, I think the account is still his…which is sad because it means he allows her to post on his behalf…unless his nasty pedo ass really is as immature and daft as she is.

No. 56811

I'm surprised he was even allowed to @ those girls with a reply
bc you know how batshit insecure berry is, he probably can't even talk to his own mom bc she's a girl

No. 56875

How old is this guy again? He looks aged.

No. 56891

People said he's 25-26. Which BTW means he met Berry when she was 15 or so. I think this is why she lies about her age as well.

No. 57035

>it's a good copy
It really isn't though. It's sloppy and the lines around the eyes looks extremely bad.

No. 57039

File: 1447315663374.jpg (23.69 KB, 317x332, 01.jpg)

> Tomie
oh god, stop.

No. 57062

Get ready for selfies of her shooped to look like *~irl Tomie desu~*

No. 57063


What's the point of reposting this? She could have just as easily retweeted the original.

No. 57067

File: 1447334565779.png (370.15 KB, 527x567, 1445951876062.png)

No. 57068

is it me or he's rly ugly

No. 57069


you aint even chinese burry stop trying so hard :^)

No. 57070

File: 1447335040065.png (843.98 KB, 692x782, sausage fingers.png)

how to hide your sausage fingers:

No. 57071

File: 1447335306174.png (30.6 KB, 527x117, kek.png)

ass-licking lvl is too strong in this one

No. 57072

She reposts alot of things to get the retweets and likes
Never original berry

No. 57075

File: 1447337482229.jpg (17.53 KB, 200x294, ocover.jpg)

Lol is she going to shoop herself like this now?

No. 57077

Paint your own shit berry


Ew are you serious? She ruins everything because she can't enjoy anime/manga like a normally. She has to 'claim' a character and monopolize it and try so hard to be the 'irl version', like what she did with Umaru.

I feel like she does this because her real life is a big fat void so she tries to emulate characters that have her ideal traits. Then when her idiotic ass kissers proceed to kiss ass she feels better about herself.

No. 57079

Truth. Exams aren't shit compared to all the god awful projects/presentations I have to deal with, and all the extra outside time I have to dedicate to research and field work. I wish all I had to worry about was homework and tests once in a while.

No. 57131

File: 1447354094669.jpg (1.17 MB, 1920x2560, 15-11-12-13-47-01-951_deco.jpg)

No. 57133

I hope Tomie doesn't have her ideal traits.

No. 57174


Oh. Backfired by her own tweet.

No. 57192

Lol the majority of people who say shit like that are the biggest weebs, that's their way of making jokes about it all but they are still learning Japanese and can recite to you all the mangas they read by heart.

No. 57193

Summary of Tomie:
"Every male who encounters Tomie becomes obsessed with her and eventually kills and dismembers her. But Tomie is not human, and is always reborn…"

Yeah she probably wants to be Tomie judging by the first few words

No. 57204

Jesus, I couldn't tell what I was looking at until I read the caption. It's so sketchy how she always hides herself.

No. 57226

Whoa, are you telling me not everyone is a weeaboo and other people can have different interests? Crazy!!
She's so childish and annoying. And >>57192 is on point. It's weird how some of these fuckers say they hate anime but are actually super into it. Le so cool and ironic!1@! XDDD

No. 57228

Ok, maybe I'm being a sperg but I took that as sarcasm because holy shit anybody who visits any of her sns can see how much of her life is encompassed by anime/manga.

No. 57230

>they are still learning Japanese and can recite to you all the mangas they read by heart.

She doesn't do that though. Lol She only picks what will make her popular. You see how she jumps bandwagons. If she was genuine we wouldn't see contradicting things like this.

No. 57240

I never said she did? But she is still one of those weebs that joke as if she doesn't live for Japanese stuff.
Yeah that is sarcasm and that's exactly what my comment means lol.

No. 57242

File: 1447376069365.png (104.85 KB, 762x594, Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 7.53…)

Okay korinne

No. 57290

I used to follow this girl and she's pretty cringey herself. Totally asslicker when it comes to Berry.

No. 57291

No. 58322

File: 1447391060961.png (124.23 KB, 211x275, 1436583368608.png)

Copying Burry's twitter style:

Everybody I check Burry's twitter and all the jokes are stolen from someone

No. 58495

File: 1447451180914.jpg (93.13 KB, 600x450, CTuBQ9CWUAAEG96.jpg)

So anyone know about the game she has been playing?

No. 58499

It's a rhythm game called Audition but she's playing on the korean server

No. 58500

File: 1447453214573.png (19.37 KB, 580x125, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.png)

she deleted this lol

No. 58792

Remember hearing about this back in high school, maybe late middle school. It's old as hell.

No. 58795

yeah I used to play it in middle school. It was popular back then but I barely ever hear about it now

No. 59042

File: 1447527213285.jpg (435.07 KB, 1920x1194, 15-11-14-13-45-56-350_deco.jpg)

She probably deleted this nice tweet because it didn't get enough likes and retweets…shame. Even things she does good she deletes based on popularity. Well, who am i kidding. She probably posted it for likes and retweets anyway. No harm done, right?

No. 59187

File: 1447534239103.png (351.57 KB, 720x763, Screenshot_2015-11-14-02-00-54…)

She also deleted this

No. 59228

File: 1447538494927.jpg (226.27 KB, 1865x1079, 15-11-14-16-59-10-945_deco.jpg)

Lol look at her being mad someone reposted her content. As if she doesn't do shit similar on a regular basis. https://www.twitter.com/iRelateWords/status/664279064929132544

No. 59229

Is this her dog? If so what she doing with her parents bill money?

No. 59242

How ironic considering how the exact post with the bunnies and world domination was reposted by her

No. 59259

File: 1447540965996.png (21.44 KB, 504x164, Ty0TPTz.png)


No. 59301

Something about this just made me crack up.

No. 59304

lol i bet she's jealous that it has more retweets and likes than hers.

No. 59309

Lmao she is 21 and doesn't clean her own room what is she doing judging other people?

No. 59347

No. 59364

bless archive since the tweet is already deleted

No. 59415

File: 1447557426919.jpg (306.94 KB, 1707x1920, 15-11-14-22-13-39-263_deco.jpg)

Congrats Berry. All that reposting and making image sets to get retweets and likes and deleting all your content to make it seem as if all your tweets are popular is paying off for you.

No. 59430

Lol this tweet's been around since 2013. She's not posting anything new. Recycled tweets are apart of the game; she should get used to it.

She's going the joke/relatable/anime route for quick followers like most attention seeking twitter whores (I.e. koifresco; total dickwad turned Buddhist yogi rapper trippy dab model in a span of 2-3 years I think, hopped on what was trending atm). Just expect recycled tweets in the future.

No. 59453

File: 1447564866376.png (19.97 KB, 572x80, sure.png)


this genius girl thinks everyone knows who berry is

No. 59457

yeah berry especially when you ran for help saying you've been crying all nights because of the non-existent stalkers who were planning to rape you :^)

No. 59463


if only her mom had an "anime twitter" too

I'd have sent this ss already

"look at your daughter being horny on twitter with her impossible-to-meet-and-do-the-sexy boyfriend"

No. 59464


plot twist: this is her mom knowing what burry's actually been doing on the internet

No. 59465

Haha what a dumbass

No. 59537

What's the bottom thing? Clear lenses?

No. 59543

Lenses that have sparkles on them

No. 59548


Even though Tomie is supposed to be stunningly beautiful, and I think her personality varied a little in each story, isn't she also kind of vapid, selfish, batshit crazy and conceited for the most part? I found her really unlikeable as a character. I don't think she's supposed to be someone to sympathize with or relate to.

It says a lot about Berry that she wants to be like a character who's horrible in every way except her good looks.

From what I've read here, Umaru seems like a whiny, unlikeable character despite her supposed intelligence and attractiveness, too.

Like fucking hell. Get your priorities in order, Berry.

No. 59553

You're right. I've read the Tomie series and made it through an episode of that Umaru character and they share very similar traits.

They're both selfish, entitled, conceited, and hide things from others. They also use their beauty to manipulate others into doing as they ask. We all saw her attempt to BECOME Umaru and now she's changed her Twitter handle to 'Tomie', showing she wants to be like her too. I have no idea how the fact that Berry tries to emulate these types of characters raises no red flags to other people.

I'm guessing because most of her idiotic, weeb followers want a piece of that internet fame pie and would do the exact same if they were given the chance. That's why they find no faults with Berry.

No. 59607

File: 1447625406045.jpg (455.33 KB, 1920x1302, 15-11-15-17-08-13-277_deco.jpg)

Only time she ever talked about presentations and its for tweet to get likes and retweets on lol! Also she deleted it. >>56804

No. 59610

File: 1447626323830.jpg (866.54 KB, 1623x1920, 15-11-15-17-23-16-822_deco.jpg)

Accurate… >>59430

No. 59629

This is hilarious lol…it seems really obvious to me that she read >>56804
Also, if you put together a whole project how do you not know what you're talking about during a presentation? I thought she was supposed to be smart?

No. 59650

File: 1447642811440.png (389.93 KB, 774x594, Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 9.57…)

She makes the fact that she's still in high school so obvious. What college student is still thinking of prom looks? Especially if she's trying to pretend that she's a third year premed

No. 59656

Premed my foot.

Also didn't she skip prom because she and a friend didn't have dates, and they went to a divey restaurant a while back?

No. 59703

Lol. Like her fat ass is going to fit into that dress on the lower right…

No. 59708

Yes, Berry. Because universities have proms. Just like high school.

No. 59711

All of Berry's photos make it seem as if she's got no neck.

No. 59882

File: 1447697387069.png (170.57 KB, 584x349, dumb fillipino.png)


No. 59910

I lold at the caption

do Philippinos get money?
I have Vietnamese friends who get money

No. 59911

Lmfao no, hell no they don't.

No. 59912

I'm vietnamese and I get lunar new year money. I believe there are other cultures that do get red envelopes but i don't know if Filipinos do

No. 59913

Doesn't she claim she is though? I thought her dad was?

No. 59914

File: 1447702754180.jpg (664.04 KB, 1920x1288, 15-11-16-14-37-47-266_deco.jpg)

She is STILL talking about this stuff. It's been forever.

No. 59925

I had to look it up, but Chinese-Filipinos do celebrate lunar new year. But Berry isn't actually half Chinese is she?

No. 59927

I doubt it but at most she'd be a quarter

No. 59946

I remember she made a tweet stating that she's part chinese, filipino, spanish, etc etc etc.

No. 59975

Not half, but probably a descendant.

Like G-Grandmama or something.

No. 59976


Full Filipino here. Can confirm, we do not give out angpows. I've only ever gotten them from Chinese friends but never my relatives.


Literally every Filipino can claim this. In my experience, only the ones that try to be ~different~ say this.

No. 59983

Dated a Filipino, exposed to culture and friends and none of them did this.
Except no because she's just another basic ass Filipino girl with so much self hate she could fill up the Grand Canyon.

No. 59984

>>59910 Maybe Filipinos with Chinese ancestry do?? There's this huge China town in the Philippines but they're all over the place.

No. 59986

There is a significant Chinese-Filipino population in the Philippines, but most are either locally born or recent arrivals from the mainland.

Prior to the 1900's, a first generation Chinese-Filipino would take the entire name of their father as their surname and pass it on to his descendants. Those names are really weird looking on paper because they were literally Spanish transliterations of the Chinese characters (ie: 許寰哥 becoming "Cojuangco").

From the 1900's onward, Chinese-Filipinos only had single character surnames like: Tan, Ng, Wong, Lee, Lim, Chong etc). these are more likely to retain Chinese culture, tradition, and language.

From this we can determine that it is quite unlikely that her recent patriarchal ancestors were Chinese immigrants…I mean Tingo?

No. 59991

Yeah, Tigno is Filipino surname. I think Berry is just being a Chinaboo.

No. 59996

Lmao Berry is an EAboo everything East Asian she wants

No. 60000

File: 1447720105878.png (653.99 KB, 1371x599, autistictotoro.png)

Her art is so bad tbh. Totoro is easy af to draw/paint but she ended up with this miss (left is hers, right is actual)

No. 60002

Not saying her art is good, but c'mon, now you're just nitpicking her.

No. 60004

It's not that bad

No. 60009

rather than her art being bad, I'd say that she lacks creativity and that her copying/tracing skills are bad

No. 60013

That's not a BAD drawing by any means but compare it with the original and it's very clear that she doesn't understand how different elements interact. Note how awkward the snout is compared to the eye placement, when the original drawing is very natural and organic.

No. 60015


If it was an original it'd be different, but all she has to do is copy/trace and she can't even do it well. For someone who struts like they're super artistic, this is pretty bad. There are huge blatant differences, like if something was curved she drew it pointed for some reason?? I expect this type of work from someone younger just getting into art.

Totoro is made up of really easy forms; a circle here, an oval there. The indentation of the snout is an eye length away from the eye. Easy things like that.

Idk maybe it's just her half assing it. Anyone have any examples of original work she's done?

No. 60099

I'm filipino, and while my family somewhat observes lunar new year, no one does the red envelop money thing. They kind of just make and eat the food sometimes.

I don't get why she needs to say that. Pretty much all filipino people have chinese and spanish ancestry. Hell, my mom's grandmother was 100% spanish and no one in her family says that they are anything but filipino.

No. 60107

And that's because everyone who has been colonized doesn't claim the side of their rapists. Do you think most black people in America say they're white and descendents of George Washington?
I'm Mexican and I don't say I'm a lil Spanish.
Why is this such a big thing in the Filipino community? I see a lot of them trying to avoid the Pacific Islander title.

No. 60151

When do you think she'll be out of her Umaru phase? It's so cringey

No. 60204

I think the only reason she stopped talking about it so much is because she was criticized, I imagine if she wasn't we'd see it even more than now. She hasn't shown any sign of changing her current fascination yet. When she does it will be easy to notice.

No. 60207

For Umaru to be your favorite anime, you have to have a pretty limited knowledge of anime imo. I actually liked it a lot, but it's not "my favorite anime" tier at all. It's filler.

No. 60215

Since when people get angpows during christmas/new year tho..
Lunar new year is different from new year :/

No. 60225

Lol poorly timed tweet or she just doesn't know shit about lunar new year and thinks its same as the new year lmao.

No. 60338

Usually I get red envelopes on lunar new year but my grandma and some family friends have given me red envelopes instead of a gift for christmas

No. 60339

(cont) It's more of an americanized thing though since we don't celebrate christmas back in asia

No. 60363

File: 1447800952565.jpg (1.1 MB, 1920x1323, 15-11-17-17-50-58-340_deco.jpg)

Halsey retweeted her a few days ago lmao. No wonder she's been getting so many followers and why she pinned that tweet.

No. 60379

File: 1447804859656.png (548.54 KB, 508x462, 2 years late learn to credit p…)

More reposted shit; examples/some source (both from 2 years ago):

So, Berry, are you calling yourself a thot too for not crediting other people whilst taking their caps?

No. 60383

Not a bad way to get popular or gain attention on twitter :P Of course she would go this route, internet is all she has.

I notice more people are posting """relatable""" or retweetable tweets, it makes twitter less interesting.

Sad, Berry.

No. 60388

it's a trace. a copy. it's certainly not that good either.

No. 60540

File: 1447864248295.png (13.43 KB, 330x182, OTp98X1.png)

All she does is repost shit for likes and retweets. Shes just as bad as those "relatable" twitter accounts that repost and recycle shit from each other.

No. 60541

File: 1447864272950.jpg (130.18 KB, 640x640, 11758076034_d4be95f389_z.jpg)


No. 60542

File: 1447864426062.png (47.41 KB, 319x599, Y6hDf4b.png)

chou original!!! ^______^

No. 60579

this is so sad

No. 60629

File: 1447891497840.jpg (256.7 KB, 1920x1078, 15-11-18-19-04-00-963_deco.jpg)

This is exactly what I do with her page. Hm.

No. 60638

o wow. she actually hates people too?

No. 60643

All I'm gonna say is I'm tired of dumb weeb bitches calling themselves Tomie. Like bitch, you're not that pretty.

No. 60657


Didn't Kiki once say she felt that she could relate to Tomie too?

That shit is like how to spot a narcissist 101

No. 60663

Wonder who she's talking about kek if she can hate someone and tweet about it like that then she can't say anything about people who dislike her or see through her BS. Referring to her good ol ranting on twitter and lying about fakemiruku era.

No. 60696

Is ichigofaker gone?

No. 60736

Seems like it. End of an era.

No. 60751

It seems the admin decided to close it, as there is fakemiruku doing the same thing and she (a real med student) didn't have the time to run it

No. 60892

File: 1448038164981.png (287.88 KB, 574x342, .........png)

what friends

No. 60897


No. 60905

God this bitch is so dumb lmao yeah has she never been on a college campus? Like yeah there are hallways but the majority of your walking is done outside unless all your classes are in one building, which is doubtful.

No. 60971

high school realness

No. 61193

File: 1448143537282.png (121.66 KB, 779x595, Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 5.03…)

Berry tell us this once you've quit being umaru or any other anime character

No. 61208

My god haha the lack of self awareness is astounding. She more than anyone else is a prime example of an Asian girl trying to act like a cute anime character

No. 61213

Nobody fucking thinks that tho

No. 61214

She always talks about "friends", but we never see them or hear of them. Of course, they don't exist. She seems like she'd be a bad friend.

No. 61215

Gross. She's making SE Asians look bad.

No. 61227

I like how she says thanks as if she's fed up with that shit when just earlier this year and a couple months ago she was doing and saying stupid shit. Lol. Who is she fooling? She just now started to realize she did stupid shit and never did apologize, she thought it's no big deal. Please. She's just saying this to get more retweets and likes.

No. 61228

File: 1448158718336.png (12.79 KB, 429x130, hmmm.png)

When your bf tries to be a Kdrama actor and that cool guy from an anime. And you try to be some fat anime character who annoys her brother lmao

No. 61229

( btw this was from the old thread, but the anon didn't screencap )

No. 61239

Umaru is fucking annoying and retarded so, I mean, she's not wrong.

No. 61240

Whoops, meant to quote >>61228 on that one, my bad.

No. 61242

Well simply because you shooped yourself to be, why even bother asking- oh to get attention and compliments, alright

No. 61243

This girl's hypocrisy is beyond saving

Just to get likes wtf you cant live without it can you

No. 61245

burry, dont try to act like a cute anime character in a badass way u look dumb

Thank u

No. 61247

File: 1448165465369.jpeg (116.39 KB, 1242x978, image.jpeg)

No. 61250

File: 1448167899367.png (25.48 KB, 758x110, Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 11.4…)

Berry reposted this story about a girl saving a suicidal boys life and this was ouji's response. Berry and ouji are meant to be after all. Both are perverted and insensitive

No. 61251

Should've known her bf was a runty little piece of shit.

No. 62954

File: 1448171034751.png (1.1 MB, 1162x1262, 1342.png)

The story, for reference. Of course berry would repost this story for likes and RT's and wow ouji what the fuck lol.

No. 62967


hes trying to be funny but nah

No. 62989

No. 62990

File: 1448187768035.jpg (1.24 MB, 2560x1920, 15-11-22-05-19-30-855_deco.jpg)

He looks nothing like Kuroo. Plus, his hair looks gross and crusty.

No. 63015

No. 63027


this couple duh

stop ruining every anime character's image

No. 63030

idk mang. he looks stoned in every pic he takes. ://

No. 63054

Is anyone into hair here?

How does he switch between his colors so fast, without getting damage. Are these old pics she's just reposting, because doesn't he have a bowl cut w/ blonde hair rn.

No. 63060

> End of an era.

Haha, you give it too much credit, this made me laugh! Thank you.

For one, I wasn't devoting enough time as was needed, updates for the blog were incredibly slow and non-existent. Besides, there's fakemiruku.tumblr.com and I figured ichigofaker wasn't needed anymore.
Although the blog is gone, the posts are still out there. When a tumblr blog deletes, the posts don't disappear.

I think the URL bitchigoflavor is still up for grabs; r.i.p.

No. 63122

God that story is so fucking old. Why would she tweet that? Everyone and their grandma has seen that already.

No. 63128

She's just tweeting it to get people to uplift her. She's pretending to care about something other than herself, to try to seem caring. "Wow look at this post I found, this is so deep and influential."

No. 63142

File: 1448228303892.png (90.94 KB, 756x399, Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 4.36…)

berry please

No. 63151

Why wouldn't she be awake its 5pm? She had to make a stupid joke every tweet its annoying.

No. 63190

>how are you gonna roll on him if he's in Indonesia

No. 63194

Yep that's why she deleted >>59042 she capitalizes on this shit.

No. 63275

File: 1448252344394.jpg (620.11 KB, 1920x1278, 15-11-22-23-18-31-234_deco.jpg)

No. 63276

Oops. What is she on about???*

No. 63337

File: 1448269647263.jpg (11.09 KB, 200x200, PAlZxyn8_200x200.jpg)

I wonder if she will photoshop herself to look like this girl now. This is her dp on twitter atm. She already tried to look like Hani and any other person she used.

No. 63367

Dude how did you know what her new dp looks like before she even updated it

No. 63374

It's one of her fucking friends lmaooo. I always knew Berry's friends were on this thread. Anyone remember Michele whatever her name is? She posted a pic from the Venus thread to her Twitter and when an anon took a screencap her ass was here one minute later.

No. 63378

This is gonna be gud

No. 63385

I posted this after I saw it changed. Maybe she changed it to something else and put it back and you guys didn't notice or a twitter glitch didn't refresh for you? No sauce here sorry :(

No. 63447

It changed before anon posted. Idk what you guys are going on about

No. 63497

I'm >>63374 sorry fam. But it is pretty obvious her friends are lurking here because they report the her every time something is posted. I think Berry isn't even on lolcow, just her friends telling her it's a site talking about her but they won't link. (Not saying you two anons are them)

No. 63557


Thought this was IU, but it's just a korean CF model. Berry is going through a korean-model-wannabe phase

No. 63681

File: 1448334140983.png (28.62 KB, 582x230, 928.png)

No. 63684

she deleted this really fast, or is it just me. went on twitter rn to see if it was there, and it's not for me

If she's going to try and seem smart, she needs to try harder.

No. 63685

01101110 01101111

No. 63687

File: 1448334789634.jpg (45.34 KB, 736x569, 1350-0-1447882000.jpg)

"I fuck with morse code too"

No. 63694

>I can read and write in binary code

No. 63695

The fuck?

No. 63707

File: 1448338848128.jpg (582.16 KB, 1920x1219, 15-11-23-23-19-53-029_deco.jpg)

lol gay jokes

No. 63710

did she delete this too wtf?? all I see on her timeline are old tweets, maybe it's just me.

but why does she want to talk shit about, just be nice to people and positive omg!!!
but only when it pertains to her. what happened to that "movement" she tried to do with her followers, and now she doesn't even talk to them anymore - as if she ever did in the first place

No. 63717

She deletes 99% of her content that doesn't get more than 50 likes within a half an hour to an hour lol. Very transparent.

No. 63725

Does she even knows what is binary code?

No. 63737

File: 1448347149949.jpeg (124.19 KB, 909x1277, image.jpeg)


Google Translate also lets her speak Japanese.

No. 63978

File: 1448406348106.png (12.97 KB, 442x86, hahAHAHA.png)

this girl is too much.
burry, EVERYONE knows you're the biggest fucking virgin.

No. 63990

Someone should send this shit to her folks lel.

No. 64011

whats the problem Berry I thought you were rich

No. 64043

File: 1448416758487.jpg (267.21 KB, 1024x1739, IMG_20151124_205757.jpg)

No. 64085

But Burry! I thought Ouji looked just like GD!!!!11!!

No. 64181

File: 1448447870820.png (60.25 KB, 564x229, lmao.png)

never knew she was this angry LMAO

No. 64183

File: 1448448154753.png (29.18 KB, 540x155, ok.png)

ok burry

No. 64324

File: 1448474044831.jpg (67.18 KB, 810x552, delicious milk ghocolate.JPG)

She posted a photo of a fake makeup palette on her instagram? The milk chocolate color says "milk ghocolate"

No. 64326


LOL 'Black Porest Truffle'
Probably is a fake

No. 64328

File: 1448474583993.jpg (201.85 KB, 700x818, choc2-vert.jpg)

LORD that is embarrassing KEK

Here are the real ones, pics found on google images;;

No. 64332

File: 1448475016304.png (749.91 KB, 478x597, fake makeup.png)

Sharpened the photo for clarity

No. 64335

How can you be sure? sure the colors are off on IG but that can be explained by filters and photo editing apps.

No. 64337

File: 1448475583521.jpg (737.91 KB, 1170x1170, web_chocolatebar_open.jpg)

Not the anon you were responding to but here's a picture from Too Faced's site.

No. 64338

Didn't mean to add the other anon. Also meant to add on that they were probably trying to show what the actual names should be.

No. 64353

wait does it say black Porest instead of black forest??

No. 64358

ain't nobody talking about the colors we're talking about the names
the photos was to show the real names of the eyeshadows versus berry's upload

No. 64360

File: 1448477755478.jpg (366.88 KB, 600x800, tumblr_mlu03q1bIv1r3wd4to1_128…)

I know this is a bit pointless but does anyone know if this wig is legit? Cause I really wanna get it but looking closer, I think it's photoshopped (it's a bit wavy where the pink meets the blue)

No. 64362

It looks blue, blonde, and pink and I personally cant tell if its edited or not. You can always find half blue/pink wigs (search it on ebay) and cut it / style it yourself like that

No. 64363

theres green in it too

No. 64365

it's very badly shooped

No. 64373

Ok chill. I get what you mean, it even says Black Porest, lolololol.

No. 64381

good catch lmao

No. 64385

File: 1448481048051.jpg (973.18 KB, 1885x1920, 15-11-25-14-45-59-323_deco.jpg)

Well what do you know? She can spend money on friends. But not without that humblebrag!

No. 64483

File: 1448501823402.png (83.25 KB, 830x379, Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 8.36…)


No. 64485

She's been talking about dicks a lot lately huh

No. 64488

What does this even mean?

No. 64500

File: 1448506193026.jpg (480.9 KB, 1771x1920, 15-11-25-21-49-15-971_deco.jpg)


No. 64612

File: 1448541469084.png (408.98 KB, 551x545, ull9NIv.png)

this tweet makes me feel so weird its almost sorta creepy like i can already see her on fb messenger with ouji
"babe can you take a selfie of yourself pretend sleeping and send it to me"

No. 64618

Dunno anything about this girl but her boyfriend is kinda cute.

No. 64619

Smfh this crazy bitch

No. 64675

Not this rat looking motherfucker

No. 64686

This is sad…lmao

No. 64690

Yet no picture of them together still

No. 64723

lmao did she delete this? burry is so ridiculous I feel embarrassed for her lol

No. 64753

File: 1448585519626.jpg (329.74 KB, 1920x1080, 15-11-26-19-50-51-001_deco.jpg)

She must be using her private account more now that she mentioned it twice today and is not telling people she followed them on it. Hm. Anyone know what it is? Also here is her thankful tweet…lol.

No. 64754

Now* sorry, didn't meant not. That will confuse people.

No. 64755

File: 1448585986544.jpeg (59.26 KB, 640x601, image.jpeg)

This is her private

No. 64756

Having a private account would definately explain why she's only been tweeting "relatable" posts on her main and not interacting as much with her internet friends/ass kissers

No. 64758

Who is pinkochinchin?

No. 64760

one of her friend's private accounts (I think it's tiramicchan)

No. 64761

Ahh okay, thanks. Just noticed they were active recently too but that's irrelevant if not Berry.

No. 64762

I'm itching to know what she tweets about on here.

No. 64774

probably stuff that proves the fact that she is still in highschool and where she lives

No. 64778

File: 1448593326163.png (19.63 KB, 591x162, burry.png)

well the tweets don't seem really happy if you check the replies

No. 64786

That account is not going to last, on that account she can't get the amount attention she is used to, she loves to brag shit and in a private one she can't do much

No. 64799

berry's dp isn't even her she's using a korean ulzzang smh

No. 64803

lol newfag

No. 64805

i've been here for a while i was just saying she's faking again smh

No. 64806

In a way I think she would be more likeable if she shared personal things more instead of her fake rich desu bratty and arrogant side but I think she dug herself too deep into that arrogant side and like many other people i cant believe most of the things she tweets or post anymore are real or genuine
also there is too many shit on her name kek

No. 64812

File: 1448605205102.png (2.35 MB, 1981x942, thanksgiving.png)

One of FakeMiruku's admins here to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. We added some content to our page. We have been inactive due to the lack of milk she has been producing as well as it being the holidays. Feel free to give us any feedback.

No. 65025

I'm dead

No. 65092

berry hasn't tweeted in over 7 hours on her main but the tweets on her private jumped from 30 to 90+ within a few hours LMAO she even changed her DP and removed her profile bio something must be really bothering her

No. 65106

We need a spy

No. 65107

File: 1448686405115.png (80.42 KB, 772x429, Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 11.5…)

"Drag them." Something's definitely up

No. 65110

File: 1448687765066.jpg (284.88 KB, 1920x1478, 15-11-28-00-15-17-095_deco.jpg)

Well, she did tweet this yesterday.

No. 65111

tbh Berry's ass kissers would say she is dragging someone even if all she said was' your shirt is an ugly color' they over exaggerate so much lol.

No. 65221

File: 1448725375206.png (16.11 KB, 426x154, pcdUDpa.png)

Is she genuinely retarded or just severely delusional? Both?

No. 65258

She is now even fetishizing Japanese mafia lmfao???

No. 65292

yes but who? I don't think she will just accept someone random in that account

No. 65593

File: 1448775029672.png (42.94 KB, 759x239, Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 12.2…)

Ouji is aware of berry's chub

No. 65641

Chub???? Anon pls that bitch is a whale

No. 65652


lol not even sure if shes ever seen one/known who they really are, she must be reading mangas that contain yakuzas and liking them like its a cool thing to do

No. 65688

File: 1448831028408.jpg (31 KB, 599x337, CVAcC3IWEAAbhRs.jpg)

No. 66144

File: 1448864146658.jpeg (170.7 KB, 1241x856, image.jpeg)

No. 66150

File: 1448866860388.png (78.33 KB, 720x708, Screenshot_2015-11-30-01-56-52…)

She just keeps getting dumber

No. 66158

rofl ignorant berry is ignorant.
There was a post circulating tumblr about 911 operators once; they ask you questions as a way to keep you calm and to know your situation or whereabouts. 911 Operators are trained to be calm and collective.

Reading this tweet I thought of her old dumb tweet about calling 911 on her neighbors about their dog or whatevs

No. 66179

Her attempts at being funny fail so much she just ends up sounding like Seinfeld comedy haha so what IS up with 911 operators ammirite??? #relatable. Is she seriously that desperate? Wait don't answer that.

No. 66247

>she just ends up sounding like Seinfeld

Don't insult that man.

No. 66252


No. 66563

File: 1448967244141.jpg (73 KB, 600x1066, CVGirZWUsAAJIFR.jpg)

Has she ever even dyed her hair? I swear she wears wigs 200% of the time or photoshops herself so much it looks like a wig.

No. 66564

>Has she ever even dyed her hair?

Nope. She just wears colorful wigs. Sometimes she'll shoop colors onto them. Other times, if the scalp is visible in the part on the wig, she'll shoop it so it looks like her hair.

No. 66597

She wanna talk like she's from the hood so bad, she is nothing but a lonely fat girl who hangs around with her dad lol

No. 66634


at one picture on fb and for a while, she did claim a wig was dyed hair

No. 66702

I remember she claimed and posted pics saying that she dyed her hair Purple, brown, red, blue, and even "toned" it grey/blue.

No. 66777

File: 1449016624634.png (375.22 KB, 1013x472, Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 7.30…)

No. 66778

File: 1449016674679.png (568.33 KB, 1017x691, Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 7.30…)


defending her "real" hair

No. 66779

File: 1449016741867.png (672.87 KB, 1016x631, Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 7.29…)


wow burry do u rly not know how to take care of it

No. 66784


You guys got it all mixed up, it's actually berrykissu who "never" got her hair dyed.

No. 66799

I don't think anon got is mixed up. They're saying that Berry shouldn't be giving out advice to her friend if she has never dyed it herself.

No. 66800

>bleach once, then tone
What the fuck? No. She's never bleached her hair in her entire life. There's different volumes and powders to achieve how light you want your hair to turn out. You don't just "bleach once". Don't even get me started on toning and the fact that she said bleach once from black to silver. If she was going to lie, she should have done her research but as usual, her fans are too stupid to notice anything anyway.

And this post is from 2013, but it's a shame she still hasn't grown out of her fake, immature personality.

No. 66813

Yes, exactly.
Bleach once my ass lol. From black to silver? Get real. Like >>66800 said this is so fake. Though I agree with her on virgin coconut oil, it works wonders on bleached hair.

No. 66825

File: 1449020807988.png (296.72 KB, 720x764, Screenshot_2015-12-01-20-43-05…)

This girl and her bragging… I still bet that her gifts are all cheap things from taobao/ebay

No. 66847

File: 1449024133849.png (16.9 KB, 584x112, 932.png)

this is so embarrassing

No. 66851

That moment when your mom doesn't know you are dating a guy all the way across the world lol :)

No. 66853

I knew she would end up deleting it. Bravo

No. 66854

omg i posted this and she deleted it in a flash!! this is so funny

No. 66857

File: 1449025088477.jpeg (20.86 KB, 606x143, image.jpeg)

The guy who commented on her tweet is so old smh.

No. 66866

Of course she is gonna be a doctor and cure aids and cancer lol

No. 66889

File: 1449040058931.jpg (199.15 KB, 1024x1024, s-l1600[1].jpg)

I love that I can find her hair on ebay.

No. 66903

File: 1449046450701.png (1.35 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

No. 66925

That bitch is delusional like wtf that doesn't look like berry. Berry's tan and ugly af not pale kawaii ulzzang

No. 66956

File: 1449076636564.jpg (426.67 KB, 1920x1131, 15-12-02-12-15-16-809_deco.jpg)

Anyone know what she tweeted to induce these replies? Also lol at her liking this other tweet about tuition. Still pulling this doctor bs >>66847

No. 66957

That's because Berry tries her damn near hardest to shape her face like an ulzzang with makeup and photoshop.

No. 66989

loool berry blocked me in her private twiiter:'((

No. 66990

she could have ignored my follow request, but she blocked me??? so paranoid…

No. 67011

No. 67014

File: 1449093033976.jpeg (202.18 KB, 599x597, fwdder_6_1445313510.jpeg)


that and she's been using selfies of ulzzang as her twit icon. latest one being this.

No. 67020

She lurks here lol so I guess she is really afraid to let people see what she writes

No. 67025

lawl someone bring back the tweet when she said her parents bought her (fake) cartier bracelets and paid for her $60k tuition, berry is a joke

Berry gets mad when someone says she looks like someone else (i.e Wylona) but when someone says someone looks or reminds them of Berry she retweets it. Weird.

She is in her korean phase it seems so possibly because its a popular trend now and she bandwagons anything popular

No. 67026

Read that first mention wrong but I stick to what I said about Berry being a joke and we all know why

No. 67030

Korean beauty looks mimic what she wants in her looks now I guess. Straight eyebrows, pale skin, long dark hair, natural makeup, lots of eyeliner, that lip color fading stuff, all of it.

No. 67052

where the fuck does she claim to go to school with a 60k tuition?

No. 67054

Lol if this bitch is actually Korean then this is even sadder. Berry is a Filipino shit stain.

No. 67061

File: 1449106624148.jpg (10.04 KB, 552x106, tumblr_nt88lwyahQ1ue5x2io3_r1_…)

No. 67068

And yet she lives in that shit shack of a house.

No. 67171

Uhm, what? What medical school is she even supposed to be going to? Has she said?
That price is a bit…crazy. 62,000 for EACH year? I go to one and the price is 31,000 every 2 years so I'm a bit confused?

Did she pull that number out of her ass to be "oh so rich and famous" or did she actually do some research? In the case that she actually DID go to medical school (lol) that price wouldnt make her seem that amazing, it'd make her look extremely dumb for paying that when she could get the same information and degree and work for half that price.

No. 67172


she doesn't go to med school 99.99% sure but many schools ARE that expensive

my regular college is 25k a year and the colleges medical school is around 60/70k a year.

No. 67176

yeah, i go to a good school and its 30k a year. if you go to grad school it would be as expensive as berry says, except theres no way the dumb cow is even on that level yet or ever will be.
i know people who went to b school which is 50k for 2 years.

No. 67178

Craziness. 50k per year?

Sorta off topic but I wonder what makes people accept prices like that? I figured she didnt go but I was curious about that pricing. I mean, if you add it up by the time I finish, the total would be 62k so I know med school is expensive but - I think its the fact that her 1 yr is 4 in another school that throws me for a loop.

Kind of wish she would at least post "her" school's name. Someone that proud of all the money her family is spending on her would be similarly proud of her school and work, right? Someone so much of an attention whore hasn't posted selfies in school with her classmates or such? Hmmmm.

No. 67183

File: 1449111938273.jpg (42.3 KB, 500x264, BCq5_ypCAAA4Dm3.jpg)

a lot of ulzzangs are photoshopped or fake af in some way so berry has that in common with them. Berry's probably most similar to bottom left

No. 67193

Are those prices just for tuition? I'm Canadian and i've never seen tuition get that high unless people are applying internationally.

No. 67195

well shit.

No. 67197

Many people I know love to flaunt or mention the school they go to if it's a prestigious school, hell as long as it's a good school. With Berry's mentality about status and being rich desu, it's a wonder why she hasn't mentioned anything about it yet. Perhaps she is scared of people stalking her? She had no problem saying she "lived" in New York though rofl.

No. 67198

Because she is lying. That's the only thing she can say. If someone asks they'd just be like sorry, I want my privacy. You can't complain to someone who wants privacy, its their right. Saying that is another way she can avoid the truth and keep lying. Whether it be about her boyfriend, her location or her school. It's not anyone's right to know this stuff so questioning it when there are no details, photos or proof is going to happen but she can easily avoid every bit of that by saying oh I want my privacy. Posted a photo of her at 'her school' and its at a community college in her city. Ouji is clearly still in Indonesia given all the proof there is, they never even have taken a photo together (but oh, because of privacy!)

No. 67208

That bottom left. holyshit.

No. 67543

File: 1449204196904.jpg (391.5 KB, 1920x1078, 15-12-03-23-37-31-660_deco.jpg)

So she doesn't have good heat in the house? Figures since she has a window air conditioner. Her rich girl lifestyle has been slacking. From cheap Costco bday cakes, to no heating, to pawning bootlegs off as official. Good thing she hasn't claimed to be rich in a while because I really doubt people would be able to not question it if she did keep claiming it.

No. 67548


Wait, her fucking cat died from being cold?!

No. 67552

It could happen depending on how cold it is. I remember a few years back my aunt left her puppy outside and he died.

No. 67557

Fucking hell. People need that need to be on a blacklist. I hate people who leave their pets out in the cold.

No. 67560

She doesn't have a cat. It's another one of her reposted news stories

No. 67561

>> 67557
I agree. I keep my dogs inside all year round and most of my neighbors bring their pets in at least at night.

No. 67570

I go to a private school that is 25k a year institution only

all the class sizes are 10 students or under and there are MANY research opportunities and chances to get work outside of school (teachers most still work in their fields, so you can easily shadow a psychiatrist or psychologist etc)

often times these expensive private schools also give out a lot of free or reduced cost tuition

No. 67577

Did she even say it was her cat? She has only mentioned her dog as I as I can tell.

Could have been just a stray, guys…. If it is a stray, I think its pretty nice (and smart/sensical) that she would carry it to the vet, instead of warming it up first on her own.

I know most would say she isn't special, but by personal observance I think most people would just stare and walk away.

(If she's telling the truth, not sure how cold up there can get.)

No. 67581

Could be a part of a story she posted up for notes/rt/likes

lol@burry trying to sound smart and sciency in her first tweet in the post

No. 67586

File: 1449215006229.png (393.35 KB, 720x863, Screenshot_2015-12-04-02-41-01…)

Guys it's a story she posted. Berry would be too dumb to do this anyways

No. 67598

No. 67601

File: 1449226380190.jpg (25.67 KB, 584x258, Screenshot_2015-12-04-05-50-14…)

This is so sad….

No. 67643

They surely will never understand the power of fakeness/photoshop
Dumb people are everywhere

No. 67850

No. 67868

It looks like she sloppily made a gif using still pictures.

No. 67870

She makes a video like 5-8 frames and only blinks so its easier to shoop

No. 67877

Feels like I'm looking at a fifth grader's slideshow jfc

No. 67880

>>67850 she looks like a monkey

No. 67884

File: 1449289575377.gif (203.68 KB, 563x317, berry.gif)

weird eye twitch

No. 67886

File: 1449289802267.jpg (305.42 KB, 720x1280, burryy.jpg)

so kawaii and ulzzang

No. 67898

lol the small dent in her contact lens too wow

No. 67899

KEK Her hair reminds me of a mop like wtf burry

does anyone else think she owns clip in buns? they sell them on ebay for cheap,, didn't she cut her hair? Or could it be extensions she uses?

No. 67900

Can someone upload a gif of this? Large preferably >>67850

No. 67904

File: 1449296775855.gif (7.23 MB, 720x1280, ugjhk.gif)

No. 67946

Did she delete all of her twitter favorites? Yesterday it said she had none and I thought it was a glitch and I look today and it only loads like ten of them. Lol. I guess it was her. She must have used a tool to delete them. Hm.

No. 67948

Berry has to have some kind of underlying medical disorder because she is one of the WORST compulsive liars I've ever seen. There has got to be something wrong with this bitch.

No. 67949

Here's what's wrong with her…

She's a teenage girl who accidentally got popular based on photoshopped selfies and ran with the idea she was a natural anime waifu and lied about details in her life to make herself seem cooler and smarter, likely thinking no one would question it because she probably didn't think she would get this popular. After she got more and more popular and started to get more and more people like the kids in this thread stalking her every move, it became more difficult for her to keep her story straight as people started to question things.

She's not a compulsive liar. She just wants to seem cool and as if she has friends and a boyfriend. I lied about stupid shit when I was her age too and I doubt I'm the only one….I just didn't broadcast it to the internet.

These threads are always full of dumbasses who couldn't tell Berry was obviously photoshopping and lying and instead of being like "oh I feel stupid" and going on with their life they decided to get mad at HER for not telling them her obviously photoshopped pics were photoshopped. Pathetic.

No. 67955

File: 1449322794361.gif (184.18 KB, 500x236, nicejob.gif)

wtf is happening to her left eye

No. 67959

too bad she's like 20yo so she can't really give the teen excuse anymore

No. 67960

I'm sorry but I thought the consensus with everyone was that she is definitely still in high school.

No. 67973


Agreed. We know she's bullshitting about being a 20 year old med student, so the "she's 20, she should know better" excuse doesn't fly.

She's kind of interesting to follow because she's so pathetic, but at the same time you can't act like we're not just laughing at a stupid kid.

She's like that one kid who claims they live in a mansion and their uncle works for Nintendo.

No. 67988

How do you know she isn't a compulsive liar? She lies about a lot of shit regardless of what it is or why she does it. Sounds habitual to me. Especially now that she has such a large following and everyone is looking at what she does. She even lies about lying and defending her lies with more lies.
If she is still in hs she will probably be outed next year when graduation rolls around.

No. 67989

oh lord that reminds me of when I wasn't even in middle school yet and I lied about my uncle owning a successful company kek

You make a good point.

And yes she is interesting to follow becus of how stupid she is, she dug a hole forherself

I always thought this as well

how can one lie, decieve, manipulate, act so ignorant and depend on the internet life so much at her "age"? Ridiculous

No. 67991

it's growing lmao

No. 67994

Because as I said, she was telling lies on what she perceived as a small scale and now she feels like she has to run with them to keep up appearances, hence why she deletes tweets that people question (either here or on PULL or similar).

No, I don't know if she's a compulsive liar or not, but this kind of thing happens with a ton of teenagers. Showing my age a bit but in my high school there was a girl who said she was dating Jesse McCartney and he sent a dozen red roses to her everyday. As far as I know, she proceeded to be normal after that. I lied and said I won some Harry Potter competition to go to the premiere and met Daniel Radcliffe but that was utter bullshit as well. We did this cringy stuff to be cool and everyone forgot about it because we didn't broadcast it on the internet like Berry is doing.

She can't exactly back out on her thousands of fans and be like "I'm actually a poor 16 year old tan Filipina with no boyfriend and I lied to all of you about how I look."

I feel sorry for her because eventually it's gonna be too much and she's going to have to disappear or come clean. She didn't do anything or scam anyone. She's just kinda living a lie out online.

No. 67996

File: 1449341058671.png (Spoiler Image, 134.97 KB, 401x312, 63f3dc93ddef5b0d5209dfa7337897…)

lol she even put a mole in, and on the wrong side to boot. other than ito putting the mole on the wrong side in one of his pages, tomie's mole is supposed to be under her left eye, burry.

jfc the only thing that is similar between her and tomie is the fact that neither of them can be actually photographed bc they're monsters

No. 68013

File: 1449348308485.png (104.91 KB, 813x600, Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 3.43…)

I really don't understand how ouji can be with such a self centered person

No. 68083

File: 1449352654497.png (12.85 KB, 584x84, ooii.png)

thats because you are a dirty hobo lol

No. 68100

File: 1449359287975.png (402.95 KB, 585x730, Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 6.46…)

what the actual f……

No. 68101

Lmao worships the Bible…what?>>68083
Contouring? Yeah sure. In what world does she contour? Her makeup always looks flat as fuck, she doesn't put blush on and she uses bb cream as white as paper. Get real.

No. 68107


No. 68108

File: 1449360670401.png (32.17 KB, 590x114, Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 7.10…)

oh the irony.

No. 68109

oh yes berry you are so funny….. never heard that joke before..

No. 68114

so now she's recycling her old tweets?
in her old picture where someone said she looked like wylona she made the same tweet
I know it's in a super old thread

No. 68115


and it's gone lol. funny cause I recall she left a tumblr post calling out ouji's fangirls and threatening them

No. 68117

This is so cringe.

No. 68158

I've been telling you guys ouji's real since forever :/
Well both are insecure little fucks, who feeds on attention. Ouji is a midget irl plus he sounds like a girl. Berry is short, chubby and tan. Both of them live in their own delusions.

I could see why ouji is holding on to berry. For a guy who lives in a boring country, having a femus gf from the states makes him a lot cooler and raise his self-esteem. Even tho it makes him a NEET…

No. 68159

Ouji's recent insta photos of himself with black hair isnt too bad, is he really that short that girls don't like him irl lol? I remember long time ago he posted a photo of him with berrys name on his face and his fingers were visible, he got lot of backlash from the photo saying he looked like a girl and his fingers were small and dainty like girls hands would be.
I admit when I saw the photo I thought he looked like a girl too.

I feel sorry for him ngl….. she seems way over her head. Does he know her lies? Does he know she use to be very thristy for japanese men?

Also, on Oujis twitter now it looks like he is trying to tweet relatable or funny things like Berry for notes.

No. 68160

Ouji looks short but when I went back to asia, I saw lots of really short girls so i doubt that his height's a problem unless he's actually like 4'10. I do believe that Berry's probably all he has at this point since he's become a shut in

No. 68241

I'm not saying he looks bad, in fact i think he's quite attractive :) however, i think he must be insecure about some things which is why he PSed himself. Yes, he looks rather feminine in person add it to the fact that he's short. If you followed the prev thread you'd notice that he looked manly in those pictures he took himself, but in the pictures his friends tagged him he looked like a little boy (he's already in college by that time). Tbh I don't think it's hard for him to find a gf if he wants to, it's more to his low self-esteem that he resorts to having an online rl. Not that i know him personally,that is what i concluded myself.
I can"t answer that bc how do i know lol but think about it,their rl is 100% online and he's living like berry is the center of his world so ofc he'd know bc he'd be stalking her alll the time. And imo i think he knew of her lies and has helped her hid them. I feel sorry for him too and i used to defend him but he's not innocent either afaik

No. 68291

File: 1449438719602.png (499.45 KB, 792x447, d6b43037b266a38e5823267bd7b428…)

Jeeezus. How many times is she going to take a picture of her room and add 9375925792759791 layers of filters?

No. 68292

File: 1449440340010.jpeg (30 KB, 750x190, image.jpeg)

this is ridiculous

No. 68293

woaw so anime. making your onii-chan feeding you. woaww

No. 68295

Thought her room was more pink or beige lol where is her vent? Guess she hid it behind those curtains

I think this pic was to show off how kawaii richu desu her room is based on how she usually is kek

No. 68297

I thought being weak wasn't kawaii?

No. 68300

she could have taken it out, since it's winter now

also id on't think her room looks rich at all LMAO
her furniture looks old and gross

the leaves near her window and on it look tacky and cheap, like she bought it at Michaels and taped it up.

plus the stuff that's above the sowing machine just look thrown up there, there's nothing cute about that wall at all it's a mishmash of useless shit that's not even pleasant to look at

No. 68325

i dont think her room was ever PINK. She always uses fliters to make all her photos pink and "kawaii" lol

No. 68338

>>68295 she probably took off the air conditioner and that vent thing because it's getting cooler

No. 68398

I'm with this anon, it's a cheap (albeit cheerful and childish) nightmare of a room.

And you know the clutter is just out of sight from the camera since most the pic is the bed!

No. 68399

File: 1449451604294.png (11.59 KB, 581x90, 39999.png)

poor guy…

No. 68558

File: 1449505073260.jpg (71.96 KB, 600x976, CVopV7dUAAE6IjL.jpg)

No. 68559

dat nose kek

No. 68588

Her lips are dry as fuck.

No. 68598

God why does she always do that to her lips it looks so gross

No. 68603

What nose though. This girl literally has two cavernous nostril holes looking like the gateways to hades in the center of her face. The blur is unreal.

No. 68698

I know that she looks like an ugly little monkey normally….but how does she think that THIS looks better? Those lips are just gross. She should have just copy and pasted another girl's nicer lips on to her face. Lol.

No. 68715

She must lighten her photos or blur it to hell alot. Being this pale skin isn't a good sign is it?

her lips remind me of a vagina and she looks high af… Her wig looks nice of all the things.

No. 68730

File: 1449521691610.jpg (110.28 KB, 978x601, CVopV7dUAAE6IjL.jpg)

Here's the rotated pic

No. 68750

her brows…. rofl

No. 68753

She looks like Lord Voldemort with a prolapsed anus for a mouth.

No. 68781

File: 1449525287389.jpg (400.75 KB, 1500x501, unbrightened.jpg)

Unbrightened the pic and wow she looks fat here

No. 68784

File: 1449525529350.jpg (613.39 KB, 976x599, 15-12-07-16-57-55-615_deco.jpg)


No. 68804

Has she edited the picture?

No. 68805

She kind of looks like jennlovesyou on youtube
which is kinda funny since Berry sent all her followers on her awhile back for having the same tumblr layout as her lmao

No. 68807

Of course. Even without the effect on it, you can zoom in and edit brightness and contrast and see the pixels around her nostrils holes, eyes, side of her cheeks and jaw, around the necklace, the shirt. It's harder to find things sometimes because she puts so many filters on it but it looks like she might have taken this with a camera so its more higher quality. Th photo shows the white as possible areas of photoshop.

No. 68828

That was exactly what I was thinking when I saw this pic
Berry really looked like jenn (for anyone who does not know jenn use to be amikoto)
How ironic ! I think jenn has cuter lips.

No. 68835

Berry sent all her whiteknights on tumblr to attack jenn, previously amikoto or amikoji, even called jenn an ugly monkey or something on twitter.

No. 68856

Yeah I remember that, I don't think Jenn has a tumblr anymore and was off it for awhile but came back recently with her youtube and she seems to be doing well good for her
Plus she looks 100% way better/cute than berry even if she is a little chubby

No. 68892

Jen still has a tumblr. I think she remade it a few months ago after deleting

No. 68896

If this wasn't such an over shooped photo and the person was naturally pretty then this would actually be really cute imo

No. 68903

File: 1449538283114.png (52.74 KB, 639x321, burrymad.png)

is she mad lol

No. 68933

File: 1449544348573.jpg (24.54 KB, 529x372, a.JPG)

I love how these boys freely talk about her ps and laugh at her, really wish ouji join the convo lol

No. 68943

He would join in but Berry has trouble with Google Translate.

No. 68947

Is it really amikoto? She was in here a few threads back saying she dropped circle lenses and wigs and the 'kawaii style'. I guess it's not kawaii but more Korean, still I'm surprised. Maybe that wasn't her after all. I really like her though. Thanks for pointing me to her channel.

No. 68948

Jenn is amikoto. She's changed her style and she is Korean so i guess it makes sense

No. 68949

can you translate?

No. 68965

Girl really needs some lip balm and did she shoop her double eyelids out?

No. 68972

From what my bf could understand, one of them said she's a pro at ps. The wkwkwkw is laughing, much like jajaja is hahaha in Spanish.

No. 68979


No. 68981

says she has a 115% GPA
you would have to rEALLY try to make a mistake like that
this isn't even a small mistake like "you're" and "your"..
berry pls

No. 68991

she isn't remotely close to being this pale.

No. 69017

Jenn is cute, and she's everything Berry wants to be lol. Jenn is pale and EA, I see why Berry attacked her. I don't get why Berry doesn't do some kind of Filipino kawaii style or something, she wants to be and look EA it's so sad.

No. 69020

Were these comments posted on her latest picture? If they were, she deleted them LOL

No. 69023

One of them said something about photoshop of course she had to delete them and it's funny cause a few months ago she was bragging about how much she used photoshop and how she isn't ashamed but now any comment that mentions PS is deleted lmfao

No. 69069

File: 1449604195692.png (37.79 KB, 762x168, Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.48…)

probably because your selfies weren't good looking to begin with even with shoop

No. 69070

Holy shit! It's so obvious here

No. 69079

File: 1449605594563.jpg (379.96 KB, 1500x501, New canvas.jpg)

I think she's shooping herself to be like kr0npr1nz's girls (one of the most famous tracers who draws nothing but quick headshots). Maybe she tries to hop on his art to get more popular.
Anyway, maybe she got really lazy with her shoops….But I can see her Filipino nice and clear. She even looks like her really old photos. Also, her nose is really upturned.

No. 69086

No. 69096

her nose is much wider and upturned tin this picture than her others. It looks like a little pig snoot from this angle

No. 69105

File: 1449612383838.png (411.64 KB, 588x386, ok0.png)

the fuck is this

No. 69106

File: 1449612435717.jpg (69.03 KB, 599x337, CVu_bA7U4AAkfxf.jpg)

bigger photo

No. 69108

what is this even supposed to be? According to google translate, the first three characters is satan. Does anyone know what the last three mean?

No. 69110

She has been rather pokey at religion lately, I'm starting to think it's a jab at Ouji being Muslim, but she's doing it indirectly instead of being like "SO U KNO ALL THOSE MUSLIMS BOMBING SHIT AMIRITE?"

No. 69115


"Satan's Daughter"

No. 69122

This girl thinks that calling herself satan's daughter, calling ouji names (bitch, whore etc), and being cold-hearted will make her look sooooo badass. She's such a child smh

No. 69124

Berry's like the disappointment in her family. I feel bad for them.

No. 69127

File: 1449616974918.png (16.12 KB, 584x127, 0202.png)

she deleted this

No. 69133

she's already fat though

No. 69134

Of course she did.

No. 69170


what makes her think satan is cool though?

No. 69174

File: 1449626866527.png (46.21 KB, 570x279, Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 9.09…)

because you havent photoshopped it

No. 69176

Probably some new anime. "OMGGGGG… Y DO I LOOK LIEK (insert some Japanese female name) FROM (insert an anime title that has demon in it)?????//?/ LIEK OMG QURLS I CNT BREEETH"

No. 69177

ugh the filters

and i wonder why she starts replying comments on fb
its like she's starting to realize that her asskissers are the one who made her as popular as now

No. 69178

the only absolute reason of why berry hates God

No. 69182

File: 1449628899003.png (12.92 KB, 587x124, qorl.png)


No. 69184

File: 1449629539304.png (192.88 KB, 606x284, datenglish.png)

>getting hair did

No. 69185

english is not my first languague and i was so confused with her tweet

No. 69197

It's kind of a slang term, especially coming from the black or "ghetto" community. A lot of people use it ironically now to seem cool or funny

No. 69198

It's aave and lots of people use it.

No. 69199

Will she ever stop using qurl? It's been two years ffs.

No. 69201

She deleted this on her instagram

seriously why is she obsessed with all of this does she want to summon him or is this illuminati shit she has going on rofl

No. 69202

It's slang from a while ago, I think Missy Elliott made it popular.

No. 69206

Missy Elliot didn't make it popular lmao. Black people have been saying that forever.

No. 69217

Is she trying to imply that she's kinky or what? She'd probably be mortified if anyone choked her.

No. 69231

I'd give it a shot. ……for science, I mean. ;)

No. 69296

& its deleted

No. 69298

File: 1449675181022.jpeg (44.46 KB, 1242x248, image.jpeg)

Honestly Berry's Bf is disgusting doing shit like this in public.
Doubt he is a muslim so I guess he aint following his parents or he just low key don't care.
But i'm still curious for the day he tell his parents about the girl he likes
like yes mom and dad she is perfect waifu
worship satan
l will marry her :(

No. 69299

They both sound sexually frustrated

No. 69305

This is not Ouji. I'm sorry but I can't believe this is him, lol. This is totally Berry, I can see her fat fingers typing something she'd think a cool guy in an anime would say on his Twitter. I do think they're together and he's sending her pictures on Line or something but I have a hard time believing that this is actually him typing this. Does anyone remember Ouji's old FB by the way?

No. 69309

>made it popular
meaning brought it to the attention of the general public/not black people.

No. 69372

I think Ouji runs his twitter but Berry runs it too. It's obvious when he started posting things to get likes and retweets like she did.

No. 69414

Yeah, this is definitely Berry. It's the kind of crude, vulgar thing she thinks is funny (and posts very similar on her own account).

No. 69436

File: 1449698165515.png (30.3 KB, 758x167, Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 4.53…)

Why is she always complaining about being short? I'm a short person and I don't really care at all since it's just genetics. I bet she's actually average height but wants to seem petite and cute

No. 69437

I think most people who make posts like these are average height

No. 69441

File: 1449699199274.jpg (7.99 KB, 200x200, LosIV7oF_200x200.jpg)

what the shit is her new dp?

No. 69442

File: 1449699304097.jpg (17.71 KB, 400x300, LosIV7oF.jpg)

A little bigger. This is photoshopped like crazy.

No. 69444

How does she think this loks good? Like, at all? If I saw someone that looked like this in real life, I would think they needed medical attention or something.

No. 69446

why do her lips look so fucked up in every photo???

No. 69450

her new instagram is milkbby_ and she deleted a bunch of posts. I guess she's changing her instagram from disgustingly pink to a more white aesthetic

No. 69473

I love how she suddenly decides to show her overly shopped collar bones/neck in every picture. Shes been lurking hard.
Anyways, I really wanna know what Ouji's deal is. I thought it was him before but lately he really sounds like Burry. How has none of his old fans come to question what's going on with him? Oh well. We'll probably never know.

No. 69483

"meaniemilkymoo You're old posts are gone!!! ?? but this new style is really cute!! You're so thin and small I can't believe it!! Very pretty Berry :)"

Holy shit are her followers retarded… Are there seriously people this stupid?

No. 69486

KEK I saw this. Burry prolly gasm'd herself reading that comment.

Looks like shes forcing jer collar bones to stick out. Her previous tilting photo makes her size a little more obvious.

No. 69501

lol what collar bones the only thing I see is a really pixelated picture

No. 69505

Bottle covering her non existent tatas.

No. 69507

File: 1449705844493.jpg (89.55 KB, 750x750, 12362560_1008913082498411_6563…)

the big version of instagram

No. 69508

No. 69509

I don't think Ouji has anymore fans. His whole fanbase is Berry's friends, not like it matters since he isn't controlling his own account

No. 69510

File: 1449706079694.png (413.81 KB, 600x600, analysis.png)

And finally, white areas is where she must likely sued photoshop

No. 69512

>those lips

No. 69521

they're half of her face lol

No. 69523

She's copying jennlovesyou with the choker thing now

No. 69529

Berry used to be obsessed with all this "Japanese/kawaii" shit before and now it's all Korean ulzzang.

No. 69530

Berry you called Jenn an ugly monkey now you want to be her? Lol she is lurking, she found her Youtube channel and is now probably going to copy every makeup style she does in her videos

No. 69548

I don't get how she's supposedly 21, trying to be a doctor, genius and is supposedly rich and super pretty (I know it is all lies) yet all she seems to do is go on the internet, trying to keep up her internet """fame""" and be a neet? If you have those qualities of being "attractive", "genius" and "rich" you think she would be more social and popular in real life at her age, if it is her real age.

I don't know about you but all the people I knew or followed back then who were just as popular as her and were around their 20's moved on to the bigger things in life. Whenever I come across their profiles, I see them achieving their real life goals, out with friends and aren't online often as they use to be.

Berry is the biggest lying internet hermit I have ever come across…

No. 69552

Lol. Anything to avoid being Filipino.

No. 69556

jenn is really pretty

No. 69566

I just finished my last final, wtf kind of "college" does she "go to" where they aren't having finals and she has the time to make that ugly Satan hat

No. 69578

I don't get why she lies about her age either.
She could've been out months ago saying "ok i lied qorlz im rlly 16 but im srry 4 lieing 2 u all.." then she wouldn't have to lie so much about college, it's obvious she doesn't know what she's talking about.

No. 69583

Becus when you lie to thousands of people who looked up to you its really bad lol. Now she has even more followers and she already dug herself a big hole. Her name is out there and its connected to all her bullshit. What a shame. She is too dependent on the internet too its obvious.

No. 69585

Since she lurks, she'll probably be making a post about finals soon. I wonder if her internet friends know her real age. A few of them are in college with finals and yet they see berry doing arts and crafts all the time

No. 69588

I wonder if they know everything real about her and how she is so vague with some of her posts about ouji which we know shes making it vague to mislead people.
But I think even if they do they wouldn't rat her out or care because she has a following and is "popular" and no one wants to do the dirty work, risk being hated on and have berrys whiteknights after them. All her online friendships (cept maybe michelle whatvr her name is) seem like such a lie, all tied together simply because she has a following/popularity

No. 69591

File: 1449711751052.png (135.09 KB, 791x466, rzHWPhV.png)

what the fuck is wrong with her choker? did she edit that too?

No. 69592

Of course! It was unkawaii. She was probably moving it around while she was liquifying off her fat

No. 69593

How tf is her hair so blurry but the choker so sharp? Obvious photoshop is very obvious.

No. 69667

File: 1449720207680.jpeg (75.33 KB, 1237x431, image.jpeg)

She deleted this
I really feel like she aint a pre med

No. 69671

Does she mean that she fractured a growth plate because what the hell is a growth bone? Is she saying that she's "so short" because she somehow broke both her ankles in the same spot at the same time??? Berry this story screams lie

No. 69675

She claims to be a future doctor, but most times girls stop growing by the time they are 11-15. I stopped growing by the time I was 12 and I've stayed the same height since.

This bitch is so stupid.

No. 69677

WOW she probably realized how fucking stupid it was and deleted it

i'm not even a med major, but from my science classes in highschool I know this shit can't be true.

No. 69678

aren't some of her twitter friends or mutuals aiming to be doctors or smt too? lol i wonder what they thought seeing that tweet

No. 69798

How many of you guys have finals right now for Uni? Some of my friends are currently doing finals down here in Texas and, and my brother is already done with finals and he was in Minnesota. It seems like everyone is doing or has done them, but not a single post about her doing them has come up, but either way she should probably be studying.

No. 69799

Nah she is probably on her playstation

No. 69800

I just finished mine and I go to a 4yr Uni in California. This is the last week for my school.
Lmfao, taking basic anatomy and even anthropology teach you shit about this. What a fucking fail.

No. 69820

>growth bone
>I'm a med student

Lol. Why does she even bother?

No. 69972

No fucking way she is in Uni/College/Med school. No way. She has friends in College and nobody calls her out on her shit, they're either protecting her or are oblivious.

No. 69979

I think they're protecting her and some are lying about being in college themselves. And she deletes most of her mentions about college so the ones that are actually in college probably don't see it. I'm sure some have though, but very few.

No. 69996

kr0n has been making a ton of videos lately trying to prove that he doesn't trace but they're all just headshots. it doesn't prove anything since he was tracing arms, hands, and torsos, not faces.

No. 70010

What's his YouTube?

No. 70015

Never knew he traced lol, just like that other dude (forgot his name) who pretends he's a girl for his Western fans. But the weebs seem to get on Kr0n's ass because he's not Japanese of course.

No. 70020


No. 70028

File: 1449785086674.png (26.94 KB, 770x112, Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 5.03…)

korinne you will never be cute

No. 70031

They might as well get on Yuumei's tracing ass since she's not Japanese either.

But yeah it was proven that he traces. Even Sakimichan called him out on it.

Linking the imgur because there's multiple images. Some are just him referencing (the person who wrote this is probably a shitty artist who's never used a reference before), but yeah he traces.

/sage for OT

No. 70036

>I'm cute
Lol No. She knows damn well she looks like fucking Voldemort in her new pic.

Jfc, none of this is relevant to the thread. If you want to bitch about Kr0n make a new thread.

No. 70039

Is this what she tells herself when photoshopping herself into a new person? Who is cute, Korinne? Berry Tsukasa or you? Whatever helps her sleep at night I suppose. I personally don't think she's ugly at all but her personality is and her lies are too. I understand the trouble of loving onesself is hard but that doesn't excuse any of the deceptive shit she has done. Hope she sees this.

No. 70043

File: 1449789042131.png (24.58 KB, 585x81, Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 6.07…)

No profs will text a student

No. 70051

Maybe she texted them a question and they responded? I used to have a professor that preferred texting over emails outside of class and would respond to your hw/test questions that way.

No. 70054

File: 1449789728405.jpg (497.42 KB, 1712x1920, 15-12-10-18-21-06-274_deco.jpg)

Did they also say this? So embarrassed for her right now. What is she doing…???

No. 70055

File: 1449789749159.png (101.11 KB, 552x573, professoromfg.png)

Sounds legit (not).

This is fucking embarrassing, Korinne. I knew you couldn't keep your bullshit and lies at bay for long.

No. 70056


Well, at least we both find this embarrassing.

No. 70058

Daddy Tigno needs to take his daughter's phone away from this child.

No. 70060


She even added fake/edited collarbones to make it look like she's so tiny and thin. Disgusting.

No. 70061

So embarassing wow. Professor m.s what??? Nice text renaming berry. Also why is she talking about a test when its finals right now

No. 70065

You know, I never thought her lips could get any more disgusting… but each photo she releases horrifies me. Her lips look like a puckered up anus hole that has been abused and suffers from constant hemorrhoids.

No. 70066

File: 1449790310639.jpg (115.89 KB, 1500x543, anuslips.jpg)

Someone give this child some Preparation H for those lips.

No. 70068

This sounds like some weird high school teacher
like why would a profe text
not unless its an emergency
everything else is via email
and I don't understand is the prof laughing at her asking for an A instead of texting her the materials to study ????? idk like im gone
I'll give her an A+ for the good milk she gave us today tho

No. 70076

It's probably her special ed teacher who has to be nice to his/her students because they're mentally slow

No. 70078

Sounds so fake…. professors are professionals, not someone you can message email text or call like they are your friend. Especially in uni. This shit is so fake.

&& the fact she posted it up when its not even interesting makes it seem like she just wanted to brag or show off kek

No. 70080

How it really went:

Berry texting a friend (kek):

(First message) I'm going to message [insert her teachers name] like

(Second message after) ok thank you I don't really know whats on the test so give me an A [insert emojis]

Friend replies: LOL omfg good [insert emojis]

No. 70082

Exactly, and we all already know she isn't in college. She's in high school. She should really stop pretending to be in college and just be honest.

No. 70083

Seriously though if she thinks college is like this she's in for a rude awakening.

No. 70100

And it's all been deleted

No. 70117

She didn't even try. And it's one of her friend's typing styles, didn't know professors were 15 year old girls.

No. 70150

Wow this is awful. Teachers aren't even allowed to text any of their students no matter what year for multiple reasons. I can feel the second hand embarrassment

No. 70168

ayyy how fucked is it she's telling people she wants to be a doctor and work on peoples bodies but admits she can't even study for/ pass a test

No. 70246

File: 1449854338326.jpeg (72.47 KB, 750x645, image.jpeg)

No. 70247

File: 1449854378309.jpeg (80.21 KB, 750x774, image.jpeg)

No. 70250

uhhhh…made?….what? you can buy these like anywhere

No. 70256

Oops just noticed I posted the 1st one by mistake.

No. 70265

her friends make it seem like she invented these, when they've been done already way before.

I really wonder how many of her friends don't like her, and pretend to. How many of you guys are up in here, shit talking her along with us?? Show of hands please, you don't have to say who you are lol

No. 70266

she only added the spikes and thats it.
She decorated them not made them.
Learn English Berry.

No. 70267

Tbf she did put the spikes on them.

No. 70268


No. 70269

> tbf she did put spikes on them
> acting as if putting spikes on something is still creating it, and not altering something that was already crafted by someone else

No. 70272


lmao she wants to be creepyyeha

No. 70278

I don't get how she has a private twitter account for probably ranting and stuff and still manage to say stupid shit on her public acc.

No. 70325

I try to kiss her ass when she posts something so I can get her to talk to me but she never acknowledges me. I have a track record of kissing her ass for a few years and she still hasn't replied to any of my comment/questions. I wonder how she chooses who to reply too?

No. 70331

man I want to give advice on how I think you could get close to her, but we all know she reads this thread so then she would find you out fast and then we won't get any of her weaboo tears

No. 70340

people could like kiss her ass for a while, collect evidence and then expose everything, that would cause her to have a breakdown or something

No. 70351

This "qorl" thing she says all the time, I assume that's supposed to be "girl", yes? Is that something people say, or just her? It just looks retarded every time she does it (and she's referred to Ouji like that as well, if I remember correctly). How would you even pronounce that? Coral? Fuck she's stupid…

No. 70365

Lol anon, it's pronounced in a black way. It's means girl.

No. 70372

Lol. I guess I'm just not hip enough. Thanks.

No. 70373

File: 1449870861672.png (60.84 KB, 808x324, Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 4.53…)

She was probably ranting about something related to her "crafts"

No. 70375

Is Berry trying to be black now? OMG….it would be amazing if she started shopping her photos to give herself a much darker skin tone. Like digital blackface. Lol. It would be like Christmas come early.

No. 70398

I know it's only anecdotal evidence and I'm not trying to say it's wrong but is this a regional thing?

I'm black but I haven't heard anyone use this so it sounds a bit try hard-ish to be hip

No. 71244

It could be. I am from NY and never heard anyone say it.

No. 71255

Probably about creepyeha and this thread kek
woukdn't be surprised if it was about jenn too since jenn also makes her own chokers

No. 71259

Well, Berry is the try-hard-iest of try-hards, so that makes a lot of sense.

No. 71260

Nah, at most she would end up morphing her style into some "vapour wave baby prostitute nymphet azn gangsta" aesthetic.

No. 71268

Where are you getting she is trying to be black just because she attempts to use aave? Lots of people do that lmao and if anything she is so far up being East Asians ass she won't come out for years, if ever. She just tries to be popular and use what others do but this qurl or work think is so outdated its so stupid now.
I know when the twitter came out she befriended a few and talked to them and retweeted them more often but that lasted just a few months and I really doubt they were in any private convos with her. Sometimes she posts private group chat screenshots and it will show that a few people are in it. It's probably Michele, berrykissu, her bf idk, whoever she is closest to. I feel like lately it would be harder to grab milk from her or for her to willingly give it to you than it is for her to post on twitter naturally some bs like here the other day >>70055 like if she's idle for a while she'll end up posting some dumb shit herself. She lives for making shit up.

No. 71269

File: 1449877718977.jpg (38.63 KB, 651x480, Capturegtyrrfe.jpg)

No. 71272

I don't know what aave is, but someone else said that the "qorl" thing was a black thing. I had no idea.

No. 71274

I think the only other person who is semi close to her, is that one guy who changes his twitter name every so often
hentaithot w/e he is now???

and he got to be friends with her, when the twitter was made and he was standing up for her. and she told him to "drag" the twitter and thats how they started talking

No. 71276

What about the panda guy or whoever she gamed with?

i think your best bet would be to get close to her twitter mutuals but i don't know how well they know her if they even know her at all. There are other ways too but I think those shouldn't be shared publically since she lurks the thread kek.

No. 71279

>Where are you getting she is trying to be black?
>uses aave
>African American Vernacular English
>African American
>Where are you getting she is trying to be black?

No. 71280

No guys, this is some like back in the days, old big black lady way.
Your not unhip, it's just some ancient 90s shit that should've stayed there.

No. 71283

File: 1449879328602.png (105.12 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 71286

Berry is such an embarrassment. I feel really bad for her parents. All their other Asian friends probably have the overachievers that are actually going to medical school. They got cursed with this fat little freak.

No. 71287

And she complains about other people fetishizing other cultures. Lol.

No. 71288

Lmao that doesn't mean she wants to be black. She clearly loves trying to be East Asian too much. Try reading it all instead of being selective.

No. 71289

When someone says someone is "being <insert cultural group here>" it generally means that they're talking and acting like a person from that group. How is that not exactly what she's doing? She tweets out ghetto sounding crap all the time. Maybe I'm not the only one that reads selectively.

No. 71290


She is only mentioning this word more often lately because someone in here pointed out how stupid it sounds when she uses it so now I guess she keeps using it as a "Look haters I don't care lol I will still use it "
but it totally shows how she lurks here with her net friends 24/7 since Berry A s s kissu is also using it now

No. 71293

Bet your ass Berry is ranting on her private because people in this thread are saying shes trying to be like creepyyeha lmao stay mad berry

No. 71294

People who want to be black talk black but you can talk black and not want to be black. Lots of people try to talk black but that is the only thing they do when it comes down to it because its popular or relevant to do so. Saying qurl or 'hair did' is nothing.

No. 71296

I think you're being a little pedantic here.

No. 71297

I'm friends with a lot of drag queens and they all say "QOOOOOORL" it's just a really annoying ~hip~ way of saying girl. It's popular amongst the pink haired ghetto fabulous tumblrina feminist girls

No. 71306

Lol I can't deny that. Not all things are black and white so I felt like elaborating.

No. 71310

Ah well, none of us really know her, so we're all just guessing anyway. ;)

No. 71314

probably be SE azn LEL.

No. 71316

Lol. Every time I see her write that, I hear it in a Rick Grimes (from The Walking Dead) voice. When he says Karl, it sounds like "Coral".
"Coral, get over here!" "Coral, that's too dangerous!" "Damnit, Coral!"

….I may watch too much TV…

No. 71317

It's not new and it's not spelled or pronounced "qorl", it's "gurl". The drag community along with hoodrats have been saying it that way for years.

No. 71319

What if Berry starts pretending to have a southern drawl?

No. 71321

File: 1449884429859.png (97.74 KB, 821x587, Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 8.38…)

what's the point of a tweet that just says oppai (boobs) wtf

No. 71322

I would love that. Maybe we should get her to watch The Walking Dead, instead of Anime. Would be hilarious.

No. 71323

Never try to understand the Berry. That way lies madness….. O_O

No. 71329

That's the only Japanese word she knows so

No. 71355

Fucking quit your shitty faces newfags.

No. 71366

cause it's lolrandom

No. 71454

What the fuck is your problem?

No. 71456

:^) newfags

No. 71457

This isn't /b/, douchebag. Chill out.

No. 71522

File: 1449941114361.png (98.73 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-12-12-12-20-34…)

Please burry die

No. 71529

Just eat shit and quit your bullshit newfag. This policy is site wide.

No. 71594

File: 1449953892967.jpg (261.88 KB, 1899x601, 1.jpg)

I tried something

No. 71600

simply terrible. don't post anymore or i'll get cancer.

No. 71609

File: 1449957275552.png (373.12 KB, 769x486, Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 4.48…)

"hey that looks like my mouth"

No. 71612

File: 1449958247140.jpg (149.15 KB, 978x601, 1449521691610_meitu_1.jpg)


No. 71623

>I photoshopped a pic of my mouth and skin to look like this artwork

No. 71626

File: 1449961848518.jpg (330.76 KB, 1242x1450, image.jpg)

lol this bitch wants to be korean or some shit now

No. 71640


first japanese now korean
god buttugly, at least stay consistent

No. 71641

She wants to be Jenn so badly, kek

>Japanese in the photo
>Korean description

No. 71645

I know she lurks here, and saying she wants to be Jenn would piss her off so badly; so now let's just have it be our motto lmao

No. 71652

>>71609 didn't she post that shit before except without the watecolor?

No. 71668

Jenn is way cuter than her and doesn't need photoshop to actually look nice and pretty

No. 71671

For once she didn't google translate. She took lyrics from a song instead

No. 71736

so when it someone going to take candids of her?

No. 71737

Imagine what someone that takes 4chan this seriously must be like in real life…

No. 71738

never because she never leaves the house

whenever i see her ig, i remember how i saw a porn account called milkycumbby_ on ig

No. 71739

>newfag! newfag! You're all newfags!
>I just learned the word newfag!

No. 71771

burn the house

she will leave the house with black skin she hates

No. 71772


plottwist: this is her butthole

No. 71774

File: 1450016881898.png (721.17 KB, 969x597, compare.png)

just how much she whitens her skin

No. 71776

Japanese people didn't called her their queen nor they did care two shits about her (even after that japanese dollar store line of wigs she was so orgasmic about last year). Time to whore herself out to Korea, I guess.

No. 71788

I feel bad for her.. She'll never have irl friends or be able to post normal selfies online because she shoops to hell and back
She can never just be normal and take natural pictures in the real world it's really sad

No. 71793

well, she could… but she'd have to delete all of the "berry tsukasa" bullshit and start again. she'd have to just be a normal asian girl, not the prettiest ever but definitely not ugly. she'd need a new name because obviously we all know her as berry or korinne… but she COULD do it.

too bad her only source of attention comes from being ~internet famous~ and we all know she's too self-obsessed and attention starved to give that up. she brought this on herself.

No. 71809

I was going to post something related to this.
The paleness doesn't look normal.
It actually ruins the picture.
She needs to lower it a bit or she will blend with the wall next time.

No. 71817

The way she editted herself pale in this picture was really sloppy. I think she just used a soft brush and drew over herself before changing the layer style + opacity which results in this really weird glow

No. 71829

File: 1450028604148.jpg (722.54 KB, 1746x1200, hands.jpg)

I added a picture of the actual drink to compare the brightness/whitening

No. 71830

I think we all clearly know how filtered her photos are.

No. 71831

Remember, lighting isn't important anymore. As long as you have a shit load of fliters, you're good.

No. 71834

This is really easy to manipulate, and I don't mean photoshop.
My hands are really long and skeletal, I quite hate them. So in photos when I'm holding something, I'll bend the knuckles back behind the item to make them appear shorter and smaller.

I know with 100% certainty that's what she is doing here. You can tell bc the fingers would come out more.

No. 71835

She in the back seat with the groceries bags lol
I thought you drive yourself berry

No. 71841

File: 1450031342443.gif (323.55 KB, 700x481, 91948184.gif)

something like this

No. 71854

Question is, how dark is she really?

No. 71881

She really wants to make it seem she has little fingers when her thumb is huge? lol does this means she has a deformed hand? and let's not forget that picture with that alien edited finger

No. 71882

File: 1450040014864.jpg (26.4 KB, 400x562, tumblr_ntdu862jm31ue5x2io2_400…)


No. 71883

that's just the lighting, and she looks cute anyway you jelly mad bitches

No. 71884

File: 1450040201792.jpg (51.21 KB, 604x404, U8zfce0JnHc.jpg)

so cute qorl

No. 71886

File: 1450040420062.jpg (22.24 KB, 384x512, 1426423833423.jpg)

k qurl

No. 71888

File: 1450040768696.jpg (139.83 KB, 978x601, 1449521691610.jpg)

that white spot lol

No. 71889

and omg her nails are disgusting

No. 71892

she looks perf normal here? and so what if she used to be a bit fat? she lost the weight
Maybe she tanned? Maybe it's the light? You don't know her so why judge

No. 71893

She's not stunning but she isnt hideous either, just a normal girl idk why people here are always so harsh on her.

No. 71895


Hi, Berry!

No. 71901

File: 1450043282045.jpg (45.65 KB, 620x400, disgust.jpg)

No. 71913

Yes, we all feel that way about Berry.

No. 71916

File: 1450046751290.jpeg (159.54 KB, 900x900, image.jpeg)

Idk she still looks buff to me ,
all those snacks aint helping her

No. 71944

Maybe you relate to how she is or look which is why you seem offended?

We're not bashing her only on her image, fyi. If you read the threads, her image isn't the main focus. Her image is just a bonus to talk about because her PS is ridiculous and how hard she tries to look not like her real self lel.

No. 71963

Hello, Berrykissu.
We should really stop giving attention to this person. They come in every Berry thread to defend her.

No. 71970

her hand looks like a porpoise flipper

No. 71985

No. 71993

File: 1450056354548.jpg (46.33 KB, 600x748, FcGRCys_0yy_clst.jpg)

She should leave her nose alone.

No. 71995

No. 71999

This is terrifying

No. 72005

>these twitchy gif videos

Just why? Also she's getting whiter and whiter with the recent edits, dat self hate.

No. 72010

u look ugly as sin qorl

No. 72015

"ok im berrykissu qorlz, itz da light daz doing that ok.. y all r racist to berry and she is naturaly pale if u dont believe ur ugly n fat uwu berry is perf that's why i buy the same clothes she wears u all r jelly"

No. 72017

You can see her real hair color showing on the right close to her ear.
So I hope she doesn't go like "no no its real not a wig "

No. 72019

Followers need to ask themselves why someone would upload this weird twitchy gif when they could just upload an actual not stiff video of themselves

No. 72026

File: 1450063000424.png (65.7 KB, 509x280, 918284.png)

weird discoloration on her neck/collarbone area. shes getting really lazy now.

No. 72028

File: 1450063120076.png (37.88 KB, 421x200, 1741294.png)

also solid pure white sclera. nice.

No. 72067

So sad she can't even take a normal video
Do people not realize this? She can't even do one of those meipai vids or whatever

No. 72068

Her hand looks like a nub with 2 chubby sausages sticking out
she lightened her shit so much her hand doesn't look like a hand

No. 72071

this aint even a video, this is three shooped images put together…

No. 72073

Not trying to defend her, but she's making these videos on an app called snow which make all videos taken in the app extremely whiter and slow, which makes them look like they're photos pieced together. It's popular in Korea and Japan right now.

No. 72076

Sorry, just watched the rabbit one on Instagram and that one is just pictures ahaha ignore me plz.

No. 72078

I looked up a few videos from the app and none of them were as white as berry's

No. 72086

so basically what she does is take pics with the app, photoshop those and puts them together as if she took a "video" ? nice.

No. 72087

where did her slender yaoi claw fingers go

No. 72090

That's probably what she did. I opened the video up in photoshop and found that it's the same sequence of 8 frames replayed 15-20 times

No. 72099

i tried this bunny gif thing on snow and it lightens the shit out of my face i did it in rly low lighting and it made my skin look almost white??

No. 72139

I just checked myself and it does…however, she lightened the images/video AFTER as well. She brightened it more. The ears are so much more brighter/whiter than it is in the app, and my screens on full brightness. So the app itself might lighten skin but she still added more to the whole photo and you can tell by the color of the bunny ears.

No. 72141

File: 1450088860004.jpg (241.72 KB, 600x748, 15-12-14-05-26-00-290_deco.jpg)

Tried making the photo a little more accurate according to the actual bunny ears in the app. Yikes.

No. 72143

So did she just shoop a video then edit it on that bunny ears thing?

No. 72144

File: 1450089369645.jpg (267.04 KB, 1920x1080, 15-12-14-05-34-56-108_deco.jpg)

Their looks are so similar lol. Wonder who did it first?

No. 72145

I don't know if you can do that in the app. It looks like she did it regular and then edited it after. Especially so judging by how much she lightened the ears.

No. 72149

I'm judging based on looking through Nao's images on twitter. It looks like Berry did it first. I wonder why she isn't creeped out by these asskissers, you have Berrykissu wearing Berry's clothing now you have this girl who probably dyed her hair this colour kek.

No. 72192

>now you have this girl who probably dyed her hair this colour

It's a wig, same kind as Berry's too.

No. 72220

atleast Nao looks decent while Berry looks unhuman with all her Ps

No. 72255

Oh, it looks really natural.

I like the style on Nao too, Berry could look good if she would stop photoshopping her Filipino features away.

No. 72322

why couldn't she have spaced the spikes better…they're so close to the center that it looks clustered and ugly…

No. 72346

Well in Nao's defense Berry didn't create or start this look either.

I assume she prolly has a slight irritation towards all those that "copy" her, you don't really grow out of it I think… i'm assuming so cos of how she reacted with Ami/Jenn and how she hates being compared to Wylona

No. 72370

File: 1450125232519.jpeg (87.04 KB, 900x724, image.jpeg)

so much filters my eyes hurt.

No. 72373

damn, I can't see the video

No. 72375

File: 1450126782380.png (363.51 KB, 596x357, 1447718710263.png)

because she's a liar.

No. 72394

Yes she did.

No. 72395

The shoop at the top of her hair by the beanie kek

No. 72396

It's not a wig, she actually dyed her hair. You can tell in her pictures, she also just recently dyed it back to black. But Nao also copies a lot of people, especially Zeal XV (that popular cosplayer).

No. 72397

If she lurks here (and I believe she does), then she knows how horrible and obvious her shops are, and how they're constantly made fun of for being so terrible. Why does she continue to do them? At the very least, you would think she would try to get better, if not stop doing them altogether.

No. 72398

What app is this? It almost looks like the snapchat filters but I don't think they whiten skin tone.

No. 72401

take the "mobile" from the url

No. 72402

or maybe not, she deleted it?

No. 72403

Nao only colored her hair that way after Zeal XV did so she's had it for a while now. She's really obsessed with her.

No. 72433

File: 1450135224784.png (18.32 KB, 524x110, sdfsf.png)

:) she deleted this tweet

No. 72447

I thought you were rich qorl what happened

No. 72455


probably deleted it becus it ruins her "rich girl" image

No. 72459

When watching the video… pay attention to what is supposed to be a human hand
why does it move like that? Anatomically speaking it weird to me

No. 72460

She deleted it on twitter but its still on her instagram

No. 72476

does she even have a job?

No. 72487


it's just like snapchat but with animated stickers and a lot of filter and you can make gifs

No. 72489

It's definitely a wig to change from black to plat blonde that quickly would fry your hair and head
And if shes back to black already why would she through the trouble to bleach/dye her hair for a week than go back?

No. 72490

Pure white sclera exists, my eyes have it. But yeah she defiantly edited it

No. 72501

She claims to work in an icecream shop or w/e

no solid proof of her working at all despite the claim; no uniform pics, no work or employee pics

No. 72516

Her hair has been dyed silver for a while now wtf are you talking about? And if you look in some of her selfies you can tell her hair is fried lmao.

No. 72550

another anon but i think the other anon meant pure white as in devoid of any shadows. There should be some shadows casted by the eyelid and eyelashes on the sclera

No. 72562

She can't be #relateable and still be what she pretends to be. She tried so hard to build up this bullshit I'm rich, go to med school, have big tits, and a family that caters to my life, so I don't know why she would even try to break that down with "jokes" that don't apply to her ass or that fake life she puts out there. Its kind of pathetic how hard she tries to fit in that she will post this stuff over fitting her made up facade. We know this is probably her irl but she keeps forgetting or not keeping up with it good enough. No one who is truly that rich will be sitting there reposting #relateable jokes about being broke. Some of her followers/friends are rich and they sure don't do that.

No. 72568

And if she's in her 20's and so rich how come we don't see her out partying and hanging out with friends like REAL rich kids do. If she relates to Umaru so much about being popular with people in person too, wouldn't she have lots of friends irl?

No. 72574

it's a wig.

No. 72617

how do you know????

No. 72635

You've got to be kidding right now. She has a picture of her actual hair on twitter.

No. 72636

Weird, for a minute I thought I was looking a pic of Ouji.

No. 72681

In other news, Berry made all of her friends delete their replies/tweets to her private account.
If you don't know how twitter works, you were able to search Berry's private and everyone's tweets to her were visible so we could pretty much see what they were talking about.
She must've told them to delete their replies because she saw everyone here was reading them lmao.

No. 72684

Wrong girl lmao we're talking about berry's hair not this chick

No. 72686

just looked and she did lmao
it's so obvious she reads the thread

either that or one of her ass sniffers told her and then they all came to the conclusion to delete them

No. 72690

File: 1450206730650.png (511.76 KB, 604x771, Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 2.11…)

No. 72693

They were talking about Nao. But Berry is also wearing a wig. It's the same one as Nao's.

No. 72694

If this is the case what a control freak.

If it was her ass kissers, lmao, they do what they can to score some friendship brownie points with her. It's not like we were able to really read her private tweets anyhow.

Berry wears a wig or she photoshops her hair, the only hair color that is for certain with this chick is black and brown. Lets recall that bleaching answer she gave to someone kek.
idk about Nao.

No. 72706

Nao did have her hair dyed silver and it was like that for a while but she deleted her old account (noodlezdesu) and started a new one (the linked one). All the pictures of her hair when it was longer and silver, and even when she dyed it back to black were on the old account. I've been following her for quite some time now.

No. 72732

Really? I can still see some of her friend's old responses to her private account

No. 72734

I can only see one, and that's berrykissu. Everything else has been deleted.

No. 72742

File: 1450214209796.png (349.5 KB, 775x1223, Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 4.15…)

No. 72756

i can see them too

No. 72773

it seems like all weebs will become koreaboos sooner or later now at one point, since it's now a trend

No. 72774

they'll be disappointed when they realize Korea's beauty standards are pale white skin, perfect proportions, double eyelids, long legs and a small face

No. 72814

What people don't understand is that is the beauty ideal for Koreans. They don't expect the same from foreigners.

No. 72836

That's true.
what's also true is that a lot of Koreans finds South East Asians ugly tbh

But it's not like berry is ever going to korea anyway soo

No. 72837

I wonder which country weebs (and now koreabos) will latch onto next

No. 72845

Honestly she should show some more Filipino pride. Additonally, stop trying to be a Korean ulzzang, lose some weight, cut the BS before she totally loses it, and become a beautiful or at least cute pinay.
She's just as bad as the white koreaboos who do the straight eyebrows, gradient lips and overly pale BB cream. Good God Get A Grip Girl.

I've thought about that too. We can't tell for now, but I hope it's Mongolia or Kazakhstan hahaha

No. 72847

I hope it's the Philippines. Berry won't know wtf to do.


No. 72902

I always thought that the beauty standard in South Korea is too much.

No. 72913

File: 1450241877410.png (115.12 KB, 817x556, Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 11.5…)

Don't teachers only do this for high school students in 9th or 10th grade??? Berry what happened to being in college?

No. 72914

Yea I don't think they do that in college..

No. 72917

She deleted it as soon as it got posted here

No. 72918

Seriously, how stupid is this girl? She has no idea what college is obviously.

No. 72919

It doesn't
You either hand in homework or you submit it online

No. 72920

*college is like>>72918

No. 72925

Their goal is China next lmao, they have weird obsessions with some of the Chinese dudes in kpop. And I really hope they latch onto the Philippines, but I feel like Berry will go full Tumblrina and get pissed.

No. 72929

Just thought about this, we all pretty much know Berry is still in High School, but what about Ouji? I know he was in college or still is but what if Berry is asking him about college in Indonesia and he's just telling her things about his college. I don't think she could ask any of her asskissers about college because they know her as Berry Tsukasa the 21 or 22 year old, and not Korinne the probably 16 year old fat Filipino chick. What

No. 72930

Didn't mean for the what to be at the end lol

No. 72944

She also has older siblings that she can ask

No. 72945

she dug herself too far a hole
she even deleted most information about her like "Berry Tsukasa" on her profiles now cos she knows that name is linked to her bullshit she spewed. Korinne too.
Wonder if she will go by any new names in the future rofl. Maybe thats why she is only sticking to anime character names that she feels she ""relates"" to.

No. 72952

who gives a fuck about this pedo anymore he's gross as fuck dating a 12 year old when he is 18 nasty bastard

No. 72953

Lol this is hilarious. She deleted it because she knows how bad it sounded for a college student. She truly has no idea how college works. Omg.

No. 72965

Does he even know he's dating someone so young/someone who lied about god knows how many things? If not… i pity the fellow. He is blindly lusting.

Or who knows maybe she was held back a couple of years and to compensate for it she lies on the internet about being so "smurt and geniUs" kek

No. 72970

I don't think that Ouji is really doing anything with his life. He seems the same as her, maybe he hangs out with friends occasionally, but it seems like he's not going to school.

She constantly brags about how she wants to be a doctor, and how she's so smart; but she never mentions anything that Ouji's doing or wanting to do, like that's so fishy for her.

I think he's just some bummy 20something, nothing wrong with it because for a lot of people it takes a long time to figure something out. You would think with her overbearing personality, that she would be on him about what he's going to do, career wise, and then brag about it and how they were such a great power couple.

A thing I thought about that supports this, is >>72929
Why isn't she asking him what college is like? Simple, he doesn't attend one. I think he didn't do anything after high school, and still doesn't. Obviously the education systems are vastly different, depending on your career goal and degree's that you get in other countries - as well as the curriculum - it's different from the US. Sure classes, and teaching styles are different, but I figure that colleges from all over have a similar teaching/learning core. (If that makes sense, I'm terrible at wording my thoughts, I'm sorry.)

I don't think he's doing anything, and she doesn't know what it's like. She's obviously not asking anyone what the experience is like either, because we've seen the proof in the pudding. So, she's making it up as she goes along, and it's all incorrect - or at the very least, really odd.
It's also pretty odd to ask siblings, "Hey, could you please describe to me your college experiences with extreme detail?"
I have siblings, when I was in high school I asked them what college was like and of course was met with different answers because they had different majors. Most of the answers though are basically 'it's hard'; but in what sort of grid that falls under differs for everyone. Some it's money, grades, school work, teachers. She's tried at playing all of these levels, but doesn't actually know what it's like.

"Oh, I have so much money, college fee's don't matter." "School work is easy, because I'm super smart." "One of my teachers was a Doctor, so it's hard for me to fake being sick."

She's just pathetic at this point.

Sorry for this long tangent, just wanted to throw my thoughts out there and see what you all think.

No. 72982

To be fair I had a chem professor once who kept posting out dated means and typed like a spaz on his webpage and the emails he sent us and I go to one of the better UCs. I think he believed it was ironic/funny, but most people just thought it was weird.

No. 72995

Even if she was in college she is still lying about her experiences. She sounds like someone who isn't in college and if she is she must be heavily trying to make it still sound like high school and I don't know why that would be of she is in college. So the only option that makes sense is that she is in high school. >>72970 even if he did attend he is in another country. She could have asked her siblings or friends of their day in detail but I guarantee like you said even if they get asked they won't go into that kind of detail. The only way you get college knowledge of how it really goes is to live through it. They will just say ugh, so expensive, the books are too much money I have so many tests and things to turn in, and that's about it. I know she has mentioned presentations and turning in homework online a few times but that's as far as her school experience goes. She doesn't talk about field work, or labs, and she stopped taking about studying a long time ago even though it's finals now. Weird. Who knows, maybe she is posting this all on her private acct tho?

No. 73007

No. 73251

File: 1450325651471.png (31.03 KB, 585x100, Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 11.1…)

cause all the med students are chilling and not worrying about their finals

No. 73252

Isn't she like a week late

No. 73253

yet berry has shown no signs of stress over finals and has been making crafts. I hope she's given up on pretending to be in college

No. 73254

>Being sincere
>Taking it a threat, or turning it to something awful
Never change, /berry/

No. 73255

File: 1450326241032.png (40.71 KB, 827x126, Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 11.2…)

One of berry's internet friends who seems obsessed. With 200+ photos, I wonder if she's even noticed how different Berry looks in each

No. 73270

You won't really notice if you're blinded from licking her ass too much.

No. 73274

well I mean she reads the thread and we were all talking about how everyone was taking finals last week. It'd be too obvious if she posted about it right away.

No. 73282

never stopped her lol

No. 73333

File: 1450371361906.png (386.58 KB, 578x606, eye.png)

I bet Korinne thought no one screenshotted this. :) More like she's too lazy to photoshop herself to oblivion. Even then you can tell she whitened her skin and sharpened her eyebrow/eyelashes to hell. I also think her eyelashes look really odd as well. I think she might have made them longer on photoshop.

No. 73338

File: 1450373391527.jpg (107.27 KB, 600x375, cassandra3.jpg)

She photoshops her face so much even if its just her eye that she looks like this character. Her head looks flat.

No. 73340

She has frosty looking eyebrows and eyelashes. Very festive photoshop! Ho ho ho!

No. 73343

No. 73347

i died

No. 73374

It looks like she's got mucous all over her lashes.

No. 73390

bitch can't even take a full face selfie without makeup. so she decided to take a picture of one eye closed.

No. 73392

did she smudge a bunch of eyeshadow under her eye and what is the weird white stuff??

No. 73398

File: 1450387600139.png (18.72 KB, 549x128, soggydiapertigno.png)

This child needs to calm down before she soils her diaper.

No. 73399


I'm thinking she might have used the burn or saturation tool on photoshop.

No. 73434

this is disgusting

No. 73516

Her eyebrows are so messy. I understand wanting straight eyebrows but keep them neat.

No. 73517

Shes going towards the aesthetic route

Besides that, i don't think Berry recieved enough attention as a kid lol

No. 73534

I thought the aesthetic trend had died down significantly?

No. 73535

Overuse of contrast caused that.

No. 73540

It looks like she uses then facetune app because you can't see pores either smoothed out the skin and used the detail on the lashes and eyebrow

No. 73544

File: 1450429203677.jpg (61.61 KB, 600x996, FB_IMG_1450428757201.jpg)

Have you guys done this photo sorry I am new too this post

No. 73548

Not whiteknighting ore anything but how done know she isn't skinny? Because I know photo shop can make you look skinnier but can it really make you look that tiny? If so wouldn't have to be highly professional Photoshop? Once again not defending just curious on how the whole calling her fat thing sorts out oh! And what exactly are y'all classifying as fat? Like is she HUGE or lil Pudge?

No. 73553

honestly she's not disgustingly obese or horribly ugly its just the fact she lies about it. If she stopped pretending to be something shes not I dont think anyone would have a problem. It's just her shitty attitude and the way she treats others.

No. 73555

samefagging but either way it's obvious she's not as tiny as she makes her self out to be, she's at least agreeably chubby

No. 73587

She may have been skinny at one point but she's definately chubby now thanks to all her snacks

No. 73592

File: 1450446356759.jpg (81.45 KB, 500x553, tumblr_nmwxw0b3Bt1urk9fvo1_500…)

She's hinted before that she's at least chubby, and you can really see it in this particular picture. She is really wide on top, she tries to use her hair to hide her broad shoulders and arm fat, lack of collarbones and theres a roundness to her stomach. And yes, photoshop can make you look really tiny. And considering Berry has been photoshopping for years, she is practically a professional

No. 73607

this pic never fails to make me laugh look at that body how can people even believe that anatomy is real

No. 73629

Holy shit those are some huge fat tits. No way they are skinny girl tits.

No. 73630


Lol at her head proportion and wig

No. 73636

her boobs in this are photoshopped

No. 73639

File: 1450464218568.jpg (44.63 KB, 523x400, standing-postures.jpg)

Old Ichigofaker mod, here.

I have a theory on why you can never see her neck, and why her shoulders appear huge.

I think it's her terrible posture.
If you're on the computer for several hours, and sit wrong, you develop a bad posture. Especially if you continue to sit badly like that for years.
The fact that she has no neck, is due to her head coming forward, just like the drawing in >>73592
She never corrected her posture, and continues not to due so, so it leaves her head sticking forward. If it's as bad as I think it is, even when she walks her head is forward as well as her shoulders.
It's actually pretty common, and you see it in chiropractic offices a lot because a lot of tension will build in back shoulders and neck.

I know that I have quite the same thing, while at Uni I was on the computer a lot, whether it was for writing papers or just to try and unwind. I know when I get very tired, while walking around I'll be slumped forward, and when I realize it I'll stand up better.

No. 73653

File: 1450469306673.jpg (225.81 KB, 1920x1080, 15-12-18-15-07-28-324_deco.jpg)

No. 73654

Forgot caption: well now we know she's a liar. OCC and Tom's River North haven't gone onn break yet.

No. 73666

File: 1450473429868.jpg (255.5 KB, 268x477, 1419973441206.jpg)

Reminds me of pic-related. This is just now how a human body looks like…

I used to follow her in the past and always found the body selfies to be very suspicious-looking but no one ever talked about it. Looks like she lied about way more than just her body.

No. 73671

File: 1450474768948.jpg (49.42 KB, 599x1018, CWidWBkXAAIHuTv.jpg)

The stuff she sends her friends looks less photoshopped. But as you can tell it's from the other day and sent today so she would still have time to make photoshop them, clearly.

No. 73681

I wish she would quite shooping her hair, it's so obvious.

No. 73684

File: 1450476516870.jpeg (67.45 KB, 640x548, image.jpeg)

And there she goes, judging people who eat differently than her. make up your mind burry

No. 73686

Don't her friends realize that the stuff berry sends are from the other day? Same hair, hat, makeup like???

No. 73695

The milk thing is a joke that circulates on tumblr, and other media.

No. 73696

can't see much with the white circle player thing in the way but she defintely used filters since that app allows it.

Agree its kind of weird.

I think only a small fraction of her "friends" know how she looks like without the shoops. Might be why they defend her so much? Can't say much about her personality though, she probably gave them some sad sob story about herself so they can sude with her actions.

No. 73697

Berry has a massive fore head like look at her bangs or wig bangs start really high up her head

No. 73698

This is some Wang Jiayun shit

No. 73703

Checked out berrykissu's twitter and lol she kisses the ground berry walks on not a wonder her name is berrykissu

She practically copies berry every doing. This chick can't see no fault in Berry, what a shame.

No. 73718

Berry's eyes look so big because she opens them so widely to the point where it looks like it hurts in photos

No. 73719

File: 1450484682348.jpeg (69.75 KB, 1242x358, image.jpeg)

No. 73720

File: 1450484712164.jpeg (229.35 KB, 1242x1593, image.jpeg)

No. 73721

File: 1450484806043.png (124.45 KB, 1023x900, CWjBht6VAAAQGE-.png)

"Idk why im in a group chat with my brothers all they talk about is gaming computers and im there like"
I thought she played a ton of videogames?

No. 73722

File: 1450484918002.jpg (55.77 KB, 823x635, wtf.jpg)

Ugh this girl I know loves her and even made a drawing of one of Berry's shopped pictures.

I want to send her Berry's real pictures so badly.

No. 73724

File: 1450485288051.jpeg (81.43 KB, 750x727, image.jpeg)

>>73720 Aaaaaanf this is her response. I knew she's gonna say that she's only kidding.

No. 73728

File: 1450486517069.jpeg (76.8 KB, 750x987, image.jpeg)

So Burry wears wigs and a pound of makeup while chatting with her friends?

No. 73737

please berry. If you're on break you would be tweeting at every possible minute

No. 73796

You know I got that this was a joke, the milk thing, nbd, but she has given this 'its a joke' attitude to shit that was bad or gross so when I saw this I was just like lol gtfo here stop using that excuse when someone calls you out on shit.

No. 73886

Reminds me of the Other Mother from Coraline.

No. 73918

Even if the milk thing was a joke, she's still being a contradictive hoe. she's so dumb lol

No. 74099

File: 1450660375192.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x388, ycuDvxmF.jpg)

What a beautiful head-neck proportion

No. 74100

is this supposed to be a pic of berry?
Because this is absolutely not her.

No. 74104

pretty sure that's some korean girl's photo that berry's using

No. 74116

>>74099 Pretty sure that's just a photo of a random girl. She's been taking photos of random Korean girls and making them into her profile photo recently.

No. 74117

nor burry

No. 74122

Berry has long dark hair, photoshops her lips full and recently has been showing her neck more she wants people to think this is her lol.

No. 74127

File: 1450666254021.png (57.79 KB, 585x426, 9000.png)

shes filipino now???:)

No. 74131

berry only embraces her culture when it benefits her. She'll probably go back to korean or japanese next week

No. 74132

But with recent photos she's trying to pull of that pale white haired animu aesthetic girl look

No. 74141

There hasn't been a "white" Miss Universe since like 2012 lol.

No. 74143

I think her natural hair is short
but she uses extension now and then hence why she always go from short to long in weeks.

No. 74145

second tweet sounding salty as fuck. stay mad that miss universe USA is beautiful irl and is making more money than you ever will in your lifetime.

No. 74148


Tbh, I've never truly seen her deny being Filipina.

Yeah she may act like a fucking weeaboo and koreaboo, but whenever you asked her what her ethnicity is, Filipina was always a part of the list. Not including the rest of groups that she names don't really affect her, but is in her bloodline anyway. That is a given for special snowflakes.

And if she didn't mention it, I'm sure in the past she has mentioned her moving from the Philippines.

No. 74153

It's true that she doesn't deny her ethnicity and she does occasionally type in tagalog and mention different filipino foods. However, there are times where she acts like she'd rather be some other ethnicity (ex: japanese) and whitens and PS's herself to oblivion. She may not deny her ethnicity but she surely doesn't love it as much as she loves east asian culture

No. 74154

File: 1450684872312.png (698.46 KB, 498x539, 1424382735559.png)

when she was younger during her koreajapan love phase she would mark some of her pictures korean girl But she's grownup a bit from that childishness and accepts her race. She sprinkles some extra stuff in there to sound more exotic but she doesn't deny being pinay.

No. 74155

File: 1450684993365.jpg (960.88 KB, 741x1756, 1234.jpg)

oops I actually wanted to post this picture for the thread but that ones more relevant

No. 74156

I thought Miss Vietnam would win, Miss Vietnam was hyped af on the internet (facebook, tumblr, twitter) way before Miss Phillipines.
How disgusting she would talk about tits of all things. Is this supposed to be funny lol.

Berry now because Miss Philippines won: im so glad im from the Philippines talks about philippine stuff
Berry later: shoops to look japanese or korean because it is popular. Pretends to know japanese or korean and google translate or copy and paste korean Or japanese words. Uses japanese words to be funny. Doesnt realize she fetishes japanese culture everytime Because shes too dumb to differentiate liking and admiring a culture and fetishizing it. uses other korean or japanese girl as her photo icons without credit etcetera

No. 74157

What a disaster

Korean girl lol I don't think she really grew up from it all. I agree she doesnt deny being Phillipino but its obvious she wants to look Japanese or korean. She even tweeted saying she wanted to look japanese or whatev once.

No. 74227

File: 1450723497977.png (25.08 KB, 585x190, columbia.png)

"columbia" lmao what a stupid bitch

No. 74228

so smart much genius wow 115% gpa student

No. 74230

Looked through her twitter and it's so redundent. All she posts about is relatable shit, reposts, something to do with anime or japan that will get likes and then a selfie here and there trying to get some likes and RT.

Boring. If this is her way of becoming popular online its sad. She's just becoming one of those relatable twitters and trying to be relevant online because she has nothing interesting enough going for her in person lol not even PC or venus has stooped to this level kek

No. 74273

File: 1450735440728.jpg (700.85 KB, 1920x1880, 15-12-21-17-01-26-014_deco.jpg)

Notice Ouji's? The guy doesn't even have friends.

No. 74297

Wow I really feel bad for him

No. 74317

Isn't it almost certain that she controls the @kurokuraudo account? Don't feel too bad for the real dude, whoever he is.

No. 74322

perfect pic for the next thread

No. 74332

I'm sure she uses all his accounts somehow. Since she's been posting relatable and reposted things he has too. She changed her Instagram style and so has he. They tweet at the same times too.

No. 74339

File: 1450747530989.png (3.88 MB, 1500x900, mainbanner.png)

Happy holidays from FakeMiruku! We are updating our blog daily and have made The 12 Days of Deceit, a play on The 12 Days of Christmas but with all things Berry. We hope you enjoy it!

http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/(advertising + embarrassingly pathetic obsession)

No. 74340

It's been proven many times that he still uses his account
I just feel bad that this kid honestly has no friends cause Berry brain washed the fuck outta him

No. 74354

She must have done a very good job.
Whenever he posts in English it's with her exact tone and dull sense of humor.

Satan Claus as a twitter handle. It's Korinne, most of the time if not full time.

No. 74383

I'm convinced that berry's "friends" know about her lies and fakeness. They just want the "popularity" that comes with being her friend. Reminds me of Mean Girls where its better to be a follower than not be apart of it at all.

No. 74403

In his anniversary pic that he drew for berry a few years back, he mentioned that berry wanted to end their relationship a few times but they always got back together due to his 'loyalty' (aka him pleading to berry i suppose lol) i think we can assume a lot just from this.. if berry is really serious about him she'd at least tell her mom. Also remember that time when she actively flirt with japanese twitter user? I think he was inactive there at the time. She'd throw him away in a heartbeat if that japanese guy wanted more from her.

I mean, a friend of mine is in LDR with some guy in Denmark and last week he came all the way to singapore to visit her. He's coming back in 2 months. They worked their ass off for his tickets (both are still broke ass college students) what i'm saying is there must be some effort if you're really serious with each other right?
And it couldn't be that hard or expensive to send things to each other. My friend swap things with her bf all the time. How can you be in a rl for 5 years+ without ever seeing the real person?

Also I found it disgusting that he's helping her with her lies, like posting a scenery that's similar to NJ on his IG so that we're gonna assume he's been there, posting some cool ass garage (since we keep saying he's broke) or taking a pic of him waking up to suggest they lived together. It's sad.

No. 74409

I agree.

I have a theory they broke up once (on and off kind of deal) or had a big argument. Berry doesn't seem to be the type to post negatively about her relationship as it would ruin her shoujo animu relationship image. I think this is when she cut her hair short back then or when she started to flirt with other men. Childlike behavior at its finest nonetheless.

However, I do agree with your post. I didn't find out about Berry long enough to have seen that anniversary post but that is interesting.

No. 74410

Ouji doesnt even makes his own friends that is so sad

i really do hope he does things better outside of what he shows online. hes at his peak age (20's) he should be out doing things and not cling onto a neet hermit like berry. poor guy hes even influenced by berry to lie and cover for her.

No. 74423

No. 74443

>(advertising + embarrassingly pathetic obsession)

'Tis the season to be jolly.

No. 74452

It was posted here once (last thread i think) and I have it saved on my phone but my phone memory is acting up so i can't access it atm. Will post it for you asap :)

No. 74461

wasn't it that one with a stolen image? lemme see if i can find it

No. 74467

File: 1450813527808.png (233.72 KB, 819x615, Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 2.41…)

i feel like this is highschool stuff or she's writing college/university application essays

No. 74483

File: 1450817934197.jpg (31.26 KB, 245x275, 1435470365811.jpg)

It's this one?

No. 74484

Ew why does it sound like berry wrote it?
Keep people envious and jealous over our relationship?
Best couple?
Thanks to my loyalty?
The fuck.

No. 74487

File: 1450818711098.jpg (63.01 KB, 596x834, Screenshot_2015-12-22-16-01-53…)

Why zoom in so far? Why not get the whole fireplace I'm sure its beautiful cuz she's so rich also I'm surprised she hasn't posted an elaborate christmas tree and mountain or presents to show of the "wealth"

No. 74502

She probably killed and ate the real Ouji a long time ago. Now she has control over all of his online presence.

If he actually wrote the….holy cringefest. I'd kill myself over something like that. There is no way to recover from that.

No. 74508

File: 1450821491120.png (122.33 KB, 600x1024, Screenshot_2015-12-22-16-56-08…)

Yah OK

No. 74510

>who ever lived

I read that as who ever lied at first glance kek

No. 74567

implying she's ever been in any club, bitch please.

No. 74568

>Ew why does it sound like berry wrote it?
take a guess.

No. 74575

Sure loyalty; More like brainwashed. Accept her for who she is? Ha not a wonder why he helps hide her lies and plays along with her lies and deceits!

It really does sounds like berry wrote it though.

No. 74588

Just by looking at that picture you can tell it's not a big fireplace. Try harder berry.

No. 74683

File: 1450882649654.png (296.2 KB, 567x581, kek.png)

when somebody corrected her lmao

No. 74684

File: 1450882982452.png (43.83 KB, 532x258, ok.png)

but there r ppl out there waiting for u to cure their cancer buryYY!!!!!


wait what

No. 74719

File: 1450892831182.png (809.29 KB, 586x461, toomanyfeelings.png)

She had a lot of feelings yesterday… I wonder why.

No. 74727

File: 1450894742538.png (292.26 KB, 565x166, hangul.png)

What made her think this was alright for her to post? I'm sure you can find something of this nature in the English language or any other language for that matter, but it isn't kawaii enough for her. Why only Japanese or Korean? Disgusting.(this is LITERALLY not okay tbh)

No. 74742

are you serious with this or are you trying to mock this thread?

No. 74748

ok but you're really reaching now

No. 74755


different anon here but this is the type of shit that people say on tumblr. she's, as they would say "accessorizing the language" and being an overall fetishist and culture appropriator.(>>>/tumblr/)

No. 74765

When I was in grade one, my teacher told me that I could remember the difference between b and d because they were people and b had a big belly and d had a big bottom. I'm sure you could pretend characters from other alphabets are people too. Disgusting.

No. 74783

This is unnecessary. People use mnemonics all the time to learn kanji, for example. I know Berry is a piece of trash but this time you are exaggerating imo

No. 74807

According to both her high school and college calendar she is officially on break now! Nice try trying to convince people you were on break earlier by being more active lol.

No. 74843

File: 1450930186335.png (459.74 KB, 580x554, berryplz.png)

No. 74844

File: 1450930238131.jpg (113.22 KB, 600x1066, lmaoplz.jpg)

No. 74861

so rich gorl desu everything is cramped with old people furniture

No. 74877

File: 1450945327560.gif (890.17 KB, 305x320, 1439528417622.gif)

No. 74880

File: 1450946408004.png (153.88 KB, 445x447, merrychristmaslolcow.png)

tell us how you really feel, admin-sama

this thread was a mistake

No. 74892

File: 1450955566804.png (114.35 KB, 380x322, 1448245025807.png)

No. 74895

File: 1450957397212.jpg (5.66 KB, 228x221, 1450858107116.jpg)


No. 75073

File: 1451044219789.png (202.33 KB, 454x340, Untitled-1.png)

when she changes her twitter picture to the girl that apparently looks like her (oxrumi)

No. 75115

this thread is absolute shit why is there even so many berry threads

No. 75120

Blame PULL. Anyway did you hear that Berry said she was eating chocolate today? What kind of college student eats chocolate? Pathetic, she's obviously still in middle school.

No. 75187

I cant really tell if this is for real or just funposting

No. 75247

Omg, she said she's rich, but uses non brand pens in her HS, hahahahha. Rich qurl lies lmao

No. 75268

I honestly regret making the first berry thread. If only I'd known bitches were gonna whine about her ~appropriating~ the Korean language and analyze her every stupid tweet….

I too don't understand why there's 12 on her. Do you all keep it up to antagonize her, is she the snowflake you love to hate, or do you come back to see if she's changed?

I'm gonna take Admin-samas lead and commit.

No. 75271

What is the point of lolcows, if not this?

No. 75272


Come on now.

No. 75290

Berry is not a lolcow or even a snowflake, she's just a generic weeb like millions of others.

No. 75311

Photoshopping, then lying about the use of her excessive shoop.
Being Racist - not talking about "fetishistic" korean shit, just her out right use of the n-word. and constant talk of it
Taking money from fans

I'd like to think those things make her a snowflake.

I don't think anyone in her seriously cares about her "fetishizing" korean stuff, or japanese stuff. But if some tumblr douche, locked onto all that stuff she's said and done, it would blow up there. And considering that's where her "fame" started, I think it would give her a good kick.

No. 75313

Ok. Stfu and bye.

No. 75329

>Using the ""n-word"" makes you a racist now
Welcome to the internet you fucking nigger

No. 75330

>using a racial slur doesn't make you racist, hurr durr durr durr
>Watch me, I'll use it casually because I'm so cool and edgy!
>being this young and stupid…

No. 75333

File: 1451165607730.png (696.58 KB, 1135x835, 1450146864535.png)

Doubleposting but
>Excessive use of photshop
Everyone is doing it, nothing lulzy in this anymore
>Taking money from fans
How? She sold her (shitty, ill give you that) drawings and people buyed them, its not like she was coercing people to buy.

Go back to facebook pls

No. 75337

>Go back to facebook pls
Right after you head back to /b/, young edgelord.

No. 75338

I think there is some merit for general discussion of her, so I understand why you originally made the thread. Thread #1 ( >>>/pt/29721 ) was much more reasonable, until it slowly degenerated into what we have today, probably as tumblr users began to find the thread over time.

She admits to Photoshopping repeatedly, even in many screenshots on that blog. And even if she was racist (from every screenshot I looked at, I see almost no real indication of this), being racist is not nearly enough to make you a snowflake.

>But if some tumblr douche, locked onto all that stuff she's said and done, it would blow up there.

I forgot we were on tumblr.farm.

As I see it, lolcow is for talking shit about people who have actually done something wrong, ridiculous, and/or amusing. Obsessing over a cow and dissecting everything they say and every detail of their life is completely retarded, especially when what they've done isn't even that bad or interesting. Kiki, who is objectively way crazier and way more entertaining, doesn't receive anywhere near the level of scrutiny that petty, obsessed Berryfags give. I can only assume it's caused by boredom, jealousy, and pleasure from bringing someone else down.

Berry's fixation with constantly photoshopping herself and hiding parts of her face is a little amusing, but she admits it, and also doesn't really exploit it in a significant manner. That is, she doesn't abuse it to make money, catfish people, or deceive people in a malicious way. She just seems to be insecure about how she really looks and is addicted to masking that in different ways. Yeah, it's kind of dumb, and her personality is a bit annoying (which you could also say about tens of millions of people her age or in similar demographics), but it's NOT worth 12 fucking threads and 14,000+ (1,200 times 12, plus PULL) posts of discussion.

Most people who post in these threads are bigger lolcows than Berry is. It's kind of like alogging, except with elements of jealousy and insecurity. I imagine a lot of them are under 18. Or at least I hope.

Please, anyone who posts in these threads religiously, correct me if I'm wrong here. What else has she done that warrants this amount of discussion and such an in-depth look at her life and everything she writes? If there's something else that you think makes her an interesting subject, please post it.

This is probably a major waste of my time, but just to stamp out any complaints from Berryfags, let's take a look at the "case" against her.

The general theme seems to be accusations that she is a compulsive/pathological liar; supposedly lying about going to college and having a boyfriend, for example. However, these accusations seem to be based on tenuous evidence at best. Even if the accusations are all true, I still wouldn't think she's worth this level of pathetic enthusiasm, but at least it would make a little more sense, and the thread would have continued reason for existence. Can someone, in a single post, please provide clear evidence that she's a consistent and compulsive liar?

From a brief review, I see absolutely no evidence of lying about anything other than appearance, and even then, most of the deception (like Photoshopping) appears to things she admits to.

Just looking at this horrible blog for a moment:

http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/post/135825356551/on-the-11th-day-of-deceit-our-berry-gave-to-us alleges that she's not really in college, because the class she's taking is too basic for pre-med. Well, it's pre-med. Many colleges have introductory classes. They also say she's probably not in college because she makes mistakes when writing papers, doesn't know a ton about her major, acts immaturely, has a professor that lets them eat in class and checks people's homework, and simultaneously doesn't talk about college much while also talking about it way too much. I don't know if this person has ever been to a college before, but these things are all very common at many colleges. She's not exactly at an Ivy League school. She's probably not the brightest student, but most colleges have tons of students that are not very intelligent or mature. They also point out her professor supposedly texting her in an unprofessional way (http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/post/135555195121/a-conversation-between-berry-and-her-professor), which is a bit weird, but again, it's a shitty no-name school. One of the student reviews of the school upon Googling it is "it's like an expensive version of high school".


>We have no proof that the Classmates.com account is fake or real, but we think it is fake. We think the same of any other website that says she graduated in 2015.

Right, clearly she tricked every website into thinking she graduated in 2015. It appears those websites put a graduation date scraped from public (or private?) information, but allow it to be changed by users. It's plausible that someone could register an account and edit their graduation date with a fake one, but there's no cache of the supposedly "original" one, and also no actual evidence she lied about when she graduated or her college attendance.

http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/post/132494883346/berry-is-smart-enough-to-not-pay-attention-in is so stupid, I'm not even going to address it.

http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/post/135337469651/berry-knows-all-about-dying-her-hair-first-hand claims that it's unlikely she bleaches her hair, as she says she did, based on her giving incomplete advice on how to bleach it, and a suspicion that she typically wears wigs. It does kind of look like a wig, but the evidence of lying clearly isn't very strong. And even if she is lying about wearing wigs, that's not nearly interesting enough to care much about.

They also claim that her boyfriend isn't real, that she runs his Twitter account, and that she/they lied about his staying in New Jersey when he was really in Indonesia.

I think it's pretty obvious he's real, which the blog even (reluctantly) admits eventually. Maybe she sometimes uses his Twitter account. If he lets her and she does, who cares?

http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/post/127635495991/ouji-tweeted-this-at-the-same-exact-time-it-was-2 is evidence of a claim he was in New Jersey with her. But it could just be a coincidence it was 2 AM in New Jersey at the time of the tweet. He made no clear indication that it was 2 AM where he was. It's still at least evidence though, which is something.

http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/post/134113235946/how-did-this-happen-did-she-ask-ouji-to-take-a and http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/post/132495960336/we-honestly-dont-understand-first-her-boyfriend is finally actual evidence that they claimed to be in the same location.

>First her boyfriend is with her, then he’s back in Indonesia, now he’s back in New Jersey with her?

>This couple goes back and forth. Is Ouji in New Jersey with you Korinne or is he in Indonesia? She can’t make up her mind with these lies.
>Maybe our readers can piece this together, because we sure can’t.

Hmmm, this really is a tough one to piece together. Obviously her Internet boyfriend of 5 years didn't take a plane to New Jersey to visit her once or twice; that would be too absurd. I think it's a conspiracy.

Though, again, even if they did actually both agree to lie about his being in the same location as her, who gives a shit? Her completely fabricating a boyfriend or college enrollment would be a bit amusing, but tiny things like this are meaningless, especially when her boyfriend is fully aware of the lie.

Most of the other posts on there don't really address lying in any way, and instead take some issue with every little thing she says. Most of what they overreact to appears to be completely misinterpreted or exaggerated (http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/post/135674311716/on-the-2nd-day-of-deceit-our-berry-gave-to-us-2, http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/post/135555399341/you-were-dizzy-toughen-up-berry-you-want-to, http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/post/135553515906/another-attempt-at-being-funny-backfired-this, http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/post/134517174276/shes-been-talking-about-dicks-a-lot-lately, http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/post/132490478196/berry-thinks-she-is-the-beacon-of-all-things) or basically non-sensical (http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/post/134183007557/very-believablethe-saga-continues, http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/post/132910547246/berry-is-still-cracking-jokes-about-not-cleaning, http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/post/130995997251/omg-why-is-she-so-meanid-never-call-my-dad-a), and the few things that aren't are incredibly boring (http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/post/135291605126/yakuzas-are-so-kawaii-for-those-of-you-who-dont, http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/post/129431568761/america-is-bad-i-need-to-move-to-japan-home-of - Holy shit, she's a weeb. How horrifying.). Either the owner(s) are (genuinely) autistic, have no common sense, and are unable to recognize humor, sarcasm, and figurative speech, or their seething hatred for Berry somehow causes them to be deeply offended by everything she says, causing them to disregard all logic and reason. The person or people who run this blog deserve a /snow/ thread much more than Berry does.

Other than Photoshop and possibly lying about wearing a wig, I don't see a single credible claim. And most of the claims, even if they were remotely credible, would not be discussion-worthy. All I see is a somewhat immature weeaboo who uses social media a lot, manipulates some photos, and (usually) admits to doing it, and a few people constructing elaborate conspiracy theories and accusing her of APPROPRIATING JAPANESE CULTURE OMFG to justify their hatred and jealousy. The thread's continuing existence makes a little bit of sense to discuss new instances of Photoshopping, but I'm struggling to see how anything beyond that is justified. The obsession is bordering on zealotry.

If anyone has any counter-arguments, please present them. Seriously. This is just from me spending 5 minutes looking at this thread and that blog, while many of you have been reading and following this stuff for years, so you may know a lot more than me and I could be wrong. I'm not going to look through all 12 threads for other things. I will obviously not ban or warn anyone who disagrees with me and has some kind of tangible evidence or arguments to provide.

I will also not lock or delete this thread even if no one can provide a good (or any) counter-argument, as I don't lock or delete any threads, but the thread may be moved or modified in some other way.

No. 75340

Admin-sama, thank you for not being an idiot. I always thought a lot of threads (and this one in particular) were hyper obsessive. I'm glad that someone who has some authority feels similarly.

No. 75341

Pls rape me admin-sama(how about no)

No. 75344

File: 1451168893318.jpg (14.33 KB, 422x437, 1450859099571.jpg)

Admin-kun… Thank you. You are so brave and smart.

Seriously tho Berry is boring all these threads are dumb.

No. 75370

File: 1451174051271.jpg (468.3 KB, 791x606, Ym800st.jpg)

beautiful post

No. 75373

bless you admin.
im sick of these berry threads looking for the smallest reason to talk shit about her. boring

No. 75374

A lot of people who don't like Berry threads spending time in Berry threads…

No. 75375

god, i'm scrolling through that fake miruku blog and it's so retarded

a college student with a messy room? impossible

http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/post/135553497876/berry-uploaded-a-new-photo-were-here-to-point did you know that this extremely obviously photoshopped image is in fact… photoshopped?

No. 75376

I've been seeing these threads accumulating over the past several months and I've been waiting for someone to say this, honestly. Thanks, Admin.

Personally, I think she's definitely an interesting person and having a thread for her is fine, but after looking at the whole tumblr on her I had no idea people were this obsessed. It's honestly creepy to me.

I can understand threads about our queen, but if Berry truly does have concerns about her safety irl I don't blame her, to be honest.

These threads have been on the front page of /pt/ and /snow/ for months. I go through her threads on occasion because they're ALWAYS there. I feel like there's always a reason for it but there's never any juicy drama for anywhere and it's fucking annoying.

No. 75380

I agree with this anon, personally I enjoy this thread but I never liked that fakemikuru tumblr it literally nitpicks every little thing, even when it doesn't prove anything

I also don't like how the blog picks out the people just commenting on her twitter/insta as "crazy blind followers" or something like that it makes no sense to attack normal people

No. 75393

So I guess this is now an admin dick sucking thread? Oh, that's sooo much better…

No. 75395

It actually is, though. You can still post Berry's tweets or whatever if you want

No. 75396

Fucking thank you Admin.

12 fucking threads if this shit and I still don't know any drama about this girl. Why are people still talking about her?

No. 75400

To not derail the thread further, please don't reply unless you have something else to contribute to the thread (so the prior discussion before I posted), or if you're refuting any of my points. Don't reply just to agree with my post. It's not productive.

Yes, there is some merit for a thread. Berry's constant attempts to disguise or obfuscate her real face with Photoshop, copious makeup, angles, hair, or her hands are definitely somewhat amusing and relatively thread-worthy. But they're not worth anywhere near this amount of focus and contempt.

I kind of split cows/snowflakes into two categories: projective and protective. They use psychological defenses differently.

Projective people take their issues, insecurities, and anxieties and maliciously project them onto others in a hostile or harmful way. For example, Ashley and Ember's vendettas and backstabbing, and Kiki's general litigiousness and insanity.

Protective people stay on the defensive, and construct false realities only to protect their image and ego. For example, Aly and Berry.

People in the latter category still are worthy of interest and discussion, but typically don't deserve serious resentment or dissection. At least not until they start projecting.

No. 75421

Holy shit, how new are you?


I don't post in this thread often by any means, and I also don't think Berry Tsukasa is anything other than a self-conscious social media rat (like millions of other girls/people, let's be real,) but I think this level of content-policing is kind of.. concerning.

Kiki has gone into hiding for the moment, of course people aren't talking about her right now. And if I remember correctly, back when she was faking her trips to Japan, her thread was almost always on the front page of /pt/.

Before I get attacked, I really don't think Berry is lolcowish by any means. You're right that it's becoming increasingly repetitive and there's really not much to pick at. But I wonder what this means on a larger scale?

I feel like the random girls on the internet who photoshop themselves, or post constantly to hide their rampant insecurities/mental illnesses/eating disorders are much more popular than other actual cows. Like the Stephonknee (?) thread only got so many replies before it devolved into retarded tumblr faggots trying to defend that fucking nutcase. Even PT's threads don't have many replies now, and a whole new set of pictures (including nudes!) were given to us on Christmas fucking Eve.

It's weird, and I think it shows the trend of lolcows posters to be insecure girls themselves who care more about dissecting the lives of other insecure girls than genuinely laughing at the weird fucking crazies that are actually out there on the internet.

Anyway, TL;dr: Even though I agree with your posts, I'm genuinely wondering what's going to happen because of it. Are you shutting down the thread because you don't care for it? Is this all part of hell week? I guess I'm basically just wondering what you're going to do with this, since I can't tell if you're saying Berry doesn't deserve a thread (and this will be moved to /b/ or something, or Berry threads will be outlawed?) or that she does 'merit' a thread, but you think it's stupid anyway? Are you just venting?

No. 75422

>I feel like the random girls on the internet who photoshop themselves, or post constantly to hide their rampant insecurities/mental illnesses/eating disorders are much more popular than other actual cows.
>It's weird, and I think it shows the trend of lolcows posters to be insecure girls themselves who care more about dissecting the lives of other insecure girls than genuinely laughing at the weird fucking crazies that are actually out there on the internet.
True. As proof, despite being a much newer board, /snow/ has already nearly overtaken /pt/ in post frequency and is clearly the source of most new posters. I have not yet decided if anything should be done about that.

>Are you shutting down the thread because you don't care for it?

No, not at all. See what I wrote at the end of my post:

>I will also not lock or delete this thread even if no one can provide a good (or any) counter-argument, as I don't lock or delete any threads, but the thread may be moved or modified in some other way.

I'm definitely not shutting it down or stopping discussion in any way.

>Is this all part of hell week?

Yes, primarily. But also because I read >>75271:

>What is the point of lolcows, if not this?

I really didn't like the idea of people thinking this thread is the "point" of the site, or an accurate representation of what the site is all about. That sort of reputation is absolute poison to the chan and the community, and attracts the wrong kind of users.

No. 75424


>I will also not lock or delete this thread even if no one can provide a good (or any) counter-argument, as I don't lock or delete any threads, but the thread may be moved or modified in some other way.

Ah, I'm sorry for jumping the gun on that. I'm just paranoid about this becoming the new 4chan– overwrought with autism and disinteresting, overkill topics, and heavily moderated according the the biases of a select few. Again, I'm sorry for not reading more closely.

I agree that this thread especially is not an accurate representation of that this site is all about.. or rather, what we want it to be about. However, I think it (and others like it) highlight the growing problems that this board is suffering from. (As you said >That sort of reputation is absolute poison to the chan and the community.)
Since Berry Tsukasa's claims to fame are insecurity, photoshopping, fabricating parts of her life on the internet, and finally being a 'secret fatty,' I feel like it's a way for other insecure girls to take out their anger on a specific target. Which is not farming; it's a-logging to the extreme. I think the obsessions over random girls reflects the sort of 'community' lolcow has now attracted, probably because of the migration from tumblr, /cgl/, PULL, and especially instagram. I don't mean to be a nostalgiafag, but I miss the days when this website was first opened, and there was a concentrated community of posters who cared about milking the true cows. But I suppose people have been saying shit like this for ages, right?

I guess I am no longer refuting any of your points, so I will stop posting. Thank you for answering me. I realize I sound like I'm complaining, but I'm glad to have lolcow up, for all its faults. Praise be to PT.

No. 75425

*As you said,
>That sort of reputation is absolute poison to the chan and the community.

Forgive my stupidity, it's been a long day.

No. 75458

More evidence that this site is becoming shittier by the day. Even the fucking admins are thread derailing 12 year old cancer (not to mention the faggots sucking their dicks. "Oh, Admin-sama, I love you! You're so wise, Admin-kun!"). Fucking disgusting. If you don't like the thread, don't fucking go in it, you almighty fucking retards. "oh, it's on the front page, so I HAD to click on it!". Let the people who want to talk about her, talk.

>inb4 ban from butthurt admin (don't care, never coming back)

No. 75462

File: 1451213863302.jpg (34.65 KB, 450x338, anon.jpg)

No. 75468

File: 1451222930207.gif (1.91 MB, 330x250, 4xT69.gif)

>that moment when other people start to realize Berry is a generic weeb everyone hates on because she happened to be popular with her shoops

>despite many others weebs doing the same

>mfw anon is getting mad and leaving over admin giving an analytical opinion on said nobody

>that moment when Admin said he wasn't even going to lock or delete the thread, and gave reasons why he thought she didn't deserve TWELVE threads and one PULL discussion

Jesus, y'all are ridiculous. Oh well, bye Anon-chan!!

No. 75471

>Website when to shit when Berryfags started nitpicking.

Literally everyone hated the threads, and were complaining about the threads since the start, no dick riding here. Try visiting TownHall conversations before you spew out butthurt words.

No. 75474

File: 1451226462919.jpg (252.74 KB, 895x657, 17.03.04.jpg)

I agree that there lately wasn't much to milk except her stupid screenshots of conversations with her parents or teacher (which all seem to be using her lingo) but there was a lot of lying involved with the photoshop and her hair. for example this great picture she took of her body claiming it to be unedited when it was clearly stretched (there are even reference pics of the backpack which show just how much she stretched the image).
I think lies like that are fun to observe and discuss.

No. 75492

OK but….so? If this is your example of totally real drama worth discussing for 12 threads you need to leave.

No. 75507

well not for 12 threads, and not now anyways. just saying that this used to have at least some milk at the beginning.

but then again, is snowflake drama not always little things blown out of proportion? all threads here are like that in my opinion, this is not limited to the berry thread.

No. 75515

/snow/ is honestly cancer to this chan but all the shit threads had to go somewhere.

Truly though, no. It has not always been about discussing every little thing and blowing it out of proportion. Some of the people in /snow/ actually DO say and do things worth discussing. Berry doesn't. Her photoshopping and acting like she didn't it is nothing unusual, though I can understand why it would be discussed. But no one really talks about her photoshopping, they just try to use that as an excuse to explain why they talk about her. Everything that is REALLY talked about in this thread is nitpicking and trying to call her on lies that probably aren't even lies because Berryfags are so jealous.

No. 75556

so jealous of her photoshop skills

No. 75593

I agree that the thread is ridiculously long and lately, the topics are redundant.

Photoshopping, lies about college, lies about being rich and pretending her fake Cartiers were real (which she no longer speaks of being rich ever since the thread but those were glorious kek worthy moments to me), boyfriend speculations, weird and rather unreal conversations with her professors etcetera. I believed they were topics to talk about when the threads were fresher. She has done much more than photoshopping but it seems that photoshopping is the only thing that can be easily talked about. Berry doesn't have much to milk out lately simply because she has learned of the threads and is laying low. She probably learned that her BS back then were purely stupid. Clearly, there isn't strong evidence that she lurks but it can be assumed she does by the way she (use to) retaliate. She deleted most if not all her old tweets so I can't dig them up. Her friends have lurked and defended her, so it's possibly they could have told her.

She seems to be taking a new route on social media instead of talking about herself and her life entirely, she only reposts things people deem interesting or relatable. She has become quite boring. She is a typical weeb on the internet with followers, trying to gain more followers by being 'relatable'. However, I can imagine she might go back to being her old self that started these threads in a matter of time if this thread does die.

All in all, I agree the threads have become boring and redundant (just as this post ha). I only check up on it time to time to see if theres anything new because quite frankly I found the older threads rather interesting when she spewed out nonsense. To me, all of her BS were transparent and the threads made some rather good points (I was an ex Berry-Fan so perhaps my POV differs from those who did not follow her at her peak of internet fame).

No. 75705

Yes, the photoshop and hair discussion is definitely valid. However, the impression I'm getting is that in most of 2014 (date of that screenshot), she typically denied photoshopping, but in 2015 she's started to admit to it more. Still worthy of discussion even if she admits to it, but also makes it less interesting.

>her stupid screenshots of conversations with her parents or teacher (which all seem to be using her lingo)

>Photoshopping, lies about college, boyfriend speculations, weird and rather unreal conversations with her professors etcetera.
As I addressed in >>75338, I see almost no evidence of lies about college or her boyfriend, and so far no one has provided any counter-arguments. I'm not saying I'm definitely right, but I see no substantial evidence and no one trying to refute my impression of that "evidence".

The screenshots of her mom using her lingo seem perfectly sensible to me. Lots of parents do that to appease their kids.

The professor one is definitely a little weird, but since it's such a shitty college, I would not be surprised if it's real.

>lies about being rich and pretending her fake Cartiers were real (which she no longer speaks of being rich ever since the thread but those were glorious kek worthy moments to me)

That's finally something new to me, and interesting.

Could you link to some screenshots where she claimed to be rich?

I don't actually give a shit if she is or isn't or lied about it, but since I've already sunk myself in this deep, I might as well go all the way.

I did find this in a previous thread, with the fake Cartier bracelet:


Other than the photoshop and hair, this is the only amusing thing I've found about her so far. She claimed to have a certificate of authenticity for the fake bracelet, but as someone points out, fake versions often come with fake certificates, so she may have bought it online, thought it was real, and was scammed. She also may have lied about having the certificate because she did not realize it was fake until someone pointed it out, and just felt bad about it. Maybe her parents really did buy it, thought it was real, and got tricked. Maybe they knew they were fake, and she was tricked. But of course, she could have known it was fake, and was intentionally deceiving people. I think there's a pretty good chance she was being wittingly deceptive, but who knows.


Discussion in this thread also shows that she is somehow able to afford (real) expensive lenses, and is sponsored by some sort of shop. So, clearly she was or is able to obtain some expensive things.

There's a decent chance she was deceptive there to give the impression her parents had a lot of money, but that's the only instance I see so far. And as >>75593 said, she immediately stopped pretending they were real, and seems not to have suggested she was rich again. Did these threads play a role in that? Very possibly. So, it was funny while it was occurring, but that was 9 months and 11 threads ago. I see no evidence that she is currently a compulsive liar of any kind.

Were there any other incidents like the bracelet one?

No. 75730


it's ulzzang yoo ara not her friend lmao

No. 75731

No. 75733

File: 1451284448470.png (19.17 KB, 504x132, Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 1.33…)

awkward moment when she spells almost everything wrong

like at least try to do something right smh

No. 75737

She copy pasted lyrics from a song by Kisum

No. 76119

She claimed that her anime merch was official and that she bought it for almost 200$ (she posted a screenshot of its price).

As it turns out it was just a bootleg.

No. 76155

File: 1451405421493.jpeg (106.81 KB, 750x592, image.jpeg)

She deleted this.

No. 76156

When people write sweaty, is that what they mean to write or is it a misspelling of sweetie/sweety? I've seen all three variations. It's very confusing to me because I'm not a native English speaker. I read it as sweat-ee but maybe I'm just reading it wrong.

No. 76166

It's an intentional misspelling. I think it originated on Tumblr after a blogger tried to talked down to another blog but miswrote sweety as sweaty :) and everybody made fun of them.

No. 76190

wasn't "i love you sweaty" from man door hand hook car door?

No. 76192

I'm kind of sick of all the whole 'all (insert ethnicity here) looks the same.' Who cares.

No. 76196

Ah, yes. I remember when that was posted in /x/. Good times.

back before /x] was actual shit

No. 76206

I don't have screenshots but there was a time where she lied about her fake Cartier bracelets being real
and she claimed something along the lines of "if my parents could afford real Cartier bracelets I'm pretty sure they'd be able to pay $60k a year for my college" which is implying that she's in a more prestigious college

and she posted multiple (edited?) stock photos of mansions and luxurious homes claiming it was hers

if anyone has the screencaps for backing these up it would be great! these were mentioned in the previous threads but it's hard to find now since there's sO many posts to look through

No. 76212

You guys are seriously running out of milk huh? All that shit was covered in the last threads

No. 76279

Not sure if you're kidding or just didn't read but the anon was just giving more information to the admin. The admin wanted more information or "milk" worthy things about Berry. Admin didn't know about the Cartier incident until it was mentioned.

No. 76731

Well, she lied about a cat doll she got. Said it was official and $200+ but it was a bootleg. She lied about fakemiruku sending her rape threats. She outed herself as being at a community college a while back, someone compared her photo to a video of the decor. Though I think she is still in high school idk what she is doing at that cc, maybe a sibling goes. She posted a hilarious photo of her bf laying down that he took trying not to make it look like it was a selfie and wrote something to make it seem as if she was with him. I mean there might be more little things but those are bigger things more interesting than oh look she is a photoshopped weeaboo.

No. 77583

File: 1451898133879.png (400.54 KB, 646x427, 827364764726.png)


No. 77585

why would a college student bother with knowing/remembering what day school starts other than their own lol

and since it's only high schools returning now…nice try berry

No. 77590

Where the hell did that 'bye felicia' thing come from again? Maybe I just don't go on social media enough, but I don't get the reference.

No. 77596

File: 1451902736122.jpg (48.85 KB, 1280x720, felicia.jpg)

The movie Friday and drag queens for the most part. Tumblr picked up on it and here we are.

No. 77740

It's a line from a film called Friday. Ice Cube says it.

No. 77741

Most of the white tumblr kids don't even know the movie it's from

No. 78016

i don't see whats wrong with knowing other back to school dates, when you're friends with younger people lol

No. 78020

uh, i just started again yesterday and i go to a 4 yr

No. 78057

When was your last day last semester? Usually colleges get a longer break than high school etc. Her high school got out December 23rd. I hope as a college student you got more than about two weeks off regardless of when you start back up.

No. 78067

I got off December 11. It felt long since I was traveling.

No. 78068

Sorry, forgot to mention we are on a quarter system.

No. 78079

I'm going to try to avoid arguing points in this thread again, especially since hellweek is over, but I'd like to reply to the people responding to me. I'm also not trying to suggest that this thread is at risk; I'd just like to better understand all sides of the story. My opinion is easily swayed in the face of evidence.

>I don't have screenshots but there was a time where she lied about her fake Cartier bracelets being real
>and she claimed something along the lines of "if my parents could afford real Cartier bracelets

I addressed those in the post you're quoting.

>I'm pretty sure they'd be able to pay $60k a year for my college" which is implying that she's in a more prestigious college

That part is quite humorous, I agree.

>and she posted multiple (edited?) stock photos of mansions and luxurious homes claiming it was hers

Can't find this. Can someone post a screenshot or link?

>She outed herself as being at a community college a while back, someone compared her photo to a video of the decor. Though I think she is still in high school idk what she is doing at that cc, maybe a sibling goes.

I'm pretty sure she goes to the community college everyone has speculated she goes to.

But these are interesting. Could anyone please link sources?

>she lied about a cat doll she got. Said it was official and $200+ but it was a bootleg

>She lied about fakemiruku sending her rape threats.

The rest are uninteresting.

No. 78080

Agree. I'm not trying to lick Admin-sama's ass…

>u-unless he wanted me to

But Berry is only lolzy when we catch her in one of her many lies. She's just an unremarkable fake bitch on the internet otherwise. Which is a majority quite honestly.

No. 78084

She isn't in college yet. She's still in high school. She just likes to hang out at OCC and pretend to be a student there.

No. 78086

File: 1452059956637.png (707.4 KB, 1139x710, Untitled.png)

>and she posted multiple (edited?) stock photos of mansions and luxurious homes claiming it was hers

i'm not claiming this is proof or isn't, I just like to lurk cow threads and a lot of stuff is hearsay and berry is pretty vague sometimes so it's whatever here