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File: 1514503848082.jpeg (557.76 KB, 750x1228, 446E5AC2-C114-4B53-800E-D08238…)

No. 455506

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>472802

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
New Twitter: https://twitter.com/omariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad

IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad

Google Drive:

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her lackeys have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826

The basics:
>”body positive”, but photoshops her body. Resorted to getting liposuction to keep some semblance of figure (and failing miserably) all while lying by saying she's exercising
>so laughably bad at making cosplays; gets 90% of costumes commissioned/bought and then makes gloves so she can credit herself as a talented cosplayer and claim her money is "hard-earned"
>does "boudoir"/softcore porn shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame where she'll loiter around booths/other cosplayers or pretend to be a con guest
>has to beg for money, con passes, or just ghosts at cons despite +$10k/month on Patreon
>Spends chunks of her Patreon income on food, drugs, alcohol, etc. rather than on actual cosplay
>pretends to know about the series she cosplays, despite evidence proving otherwise; will tweet profound essays to prove her expert fan knowledge
>Has lewded young characters for the attention; backpedals after backlash
>Goes on crazy media tirades against people like old fuckboy KBBQ, old photog, yet preaches about being nice to everyone
>constantly goes on pity party rants or videos, trying to make people feel bad for her about things that are happening to her when she’s done the same

Highlights from the Last Thread:
>Announces on twitter that she's paid off all her family's debt like the saint she is
>Hops on Nigri's dick every chance she gets; buying a sonico figure, claiming she wet the bed, christmas Ahri cosplay
>Still insisting on establishing her "OC" with photoshoots in different costumes
>Showing how she's turning her kitten Guzma into a POS
>Shows she's done over 50 trash cosplays/photoshoots where she's made about 5
>Admits she's spent $50 on a Fate mobile game
>Argues she's allowed to use patreon $$ on whatever she wants when she's failing to deliver on rewards
>Twitch was temp banned, her ig was temporarily gone
>Claims she used to self harm for pity points


>After ghosting cons, she goes to NYC without vamplettes to boast about her Star Wars knowledge and “buy presents” for herself

>Got evicted/kicked out/or just moved out so she is moving somewhere
>Cosplayed Sonico, that came out pretty worse
>People are still drawing fanart of her acclaimed “OC”
>Advertising her old photo shoots because her patreon is lacking
>About to do a nurse Joy cosplay, which will totally fail miserably

No. 455511

Typo, with vamplette

No. 455517

File: 1514504108343.jpg (228.62 KB, 1538x2048, IMG_20171228_143201.jpg)

Carrying over: she bought a latex suit from Kitalyst Latex and looks like rotting kielbasa

No. 455518


Why would you spend over $100 dollars for that shit, Jesus Christ. It looks like something you could buy for $12 off Amazon, it doesn't even have any details or anything.

No. 455524

File: 1514504423532.png (302.32 KB, 1089x691, Screenshot 2017-12-28 at 3.37.…)

Funnily enough, the shop is the same people who made ItsBoobaFett's swimsuit Cammy and Kelly Eden's Sailor Moon outfits. They have experience, she does not. Also, see chart lmao she paid more than 100

No. 455539

File: 1514504902868.png (480.5 KB, 1163x595, Screenshot 2017-12-28 at 3.47.…)

On DEPOP, she listed the Harley Quinn she said she was going to do. Looks brand new, she was probably too fat for it lol

No. 455541

File: 1514504985525.png (403.46 KB, 1140x577, Screenshot 2017-12-28 at 3.49.…)

Just the gauntlets.

No. 455551

File: 1514505320413.png (994.46 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_2017-12-28-15-53-21…)

No. 455553

That ass is about of shape
Also lol at how her arm is as wide as her photoshopped belly

No. 455554

*so out of shape
God damn it

No. 455556

Bitch that's what you keep saying

No. 455572

i'm fucking laughing and vomiting simultaneously

No. 455600

File: 1514507196164.png (364.88 KB, 720x933, Screenshot_2017-12-28-16-24-10…)

>complained about spoilers
>drops a major spoiler

No. 455603

File: 1514507514000.png (931.37 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2017-12-28-16-27-44…)

No. 455604

>adjusted or altered easily
>didnt alter or adjust for her fatass

Yeah Im sure, Moo.

No. 455625

what a pleb. meguka was lame like 4 years ago.

No. 455628

>ark HAM knight
Lol, Freudian slip, Moo?

No. 455631


She's trying to sell this? Fucking lol. I know some neckbeards would buy it but man this is just desperation. It's more proof that she only cares about money and nothing about cosplay. She's the reason why cosplay is going downhill. She as an "artist and content creator" as she calls herself, is okay with letting this piece of shit work out in the public. She's not an artist. She's a swindler. She is will soon get what's coming to her.

No. 455643


With her apparent busy schedule? If we're lucky, we'll see this lot be shipped off sometime in the New Year like her Patreon rewards. Next few days is laughable.

No. 455645

It annoys me that she watches it dubbed, but leaves the subtitles on it like she was watching it in Japanese.

You can switch subtitles to match the English dub, Moo. Netflix lets you do that.

No. 455651

File: 1514510456528.png (997.09 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2017-12-28-17-19-38…)

Totes moving house my dudes

No. 455658

She's really all about riding Gen Urobuchi's dick, huh?

No. 455671

>momopretending she knows how to sew a straight line. she probably just stuck those pins on and is claiming that she's 'making' it

No. 455672

OMG. the patch is square and she didn't even sew it properly.

No. 455691

File: 1514513897400.png (890.97 KB, 1365x2048, momokunediteditedit.png)

That thigh gap was bothering me. And her dead eyes. I tried fixing them… not perfect but better than the person she's currently employed. Saging.

No. 455698

I pointed this out in the last thread, but she was pulling her thighs apart from behind with her hands, which is why they were lumpy and her hands are hidden.

No. 455712

File: 1514514884337.jpeg (165.54 KB, 750x843, 48A543BF-9CD8-44AD-A260-25031B…)

Return of Cumilla ??

No. 455750

Camilla reminds me of when Moo tried to ride Yaya Han's dick for a while when she went through her Fire Emblem fangirl & Camilla cosplay phase. Only for her costume to crash and burn once Yaya released hers and Moo quietly made her way out with a shitty kimono version before heading to milk Overwatch.

No. 455756

File: 1514517032285.png (700.62 KB, 716x1146, Screenshot_2017-12-28-19-08-34…)

No. 455762

File: 1514517247396.png (659.87 KB, 720x934, Screenshot_2017-12-28-19-11-54…)

No. 455763

File: 1514517280243.png (456 KB, 720x924, Screenshot_2017-12-28-19-12-55…)

No. 455772

im sorry how long ago was this?? i have a hard time believing this is a recent shoot

No. 455804

Binding???!!! This was 80 pounds ago, we all know your “assests” are just lard.

I need to find that old screencap of her saying abs don’t count if you’re skinny and big boobs don’t count if you’re fat.

No. 455886

why wouldnt abs count when your skinny?

No. 455890

can you guys imagine… her lubing… to wear this?

but she obviously didn't so it makes this even more disgusting

No. 455891


Don't be silly anon. Everyone knows that skinny people have nothing under their skin besides their blood and fast metabolisms. /s

No. 455895


No. 455900


It was more than a year ago anon. It was her before all the drugs and weight.


Ugh she talks about fake Fate fans but she's a fake fire emblem fan. Her whole knowledge of the fandom seems to be from fanfics she makes in her head. She knows nothing about Camilla. I'm glad Yaya outshined her. It shut her up and made her do a stupid kimono version that showed off her lack of talent. She didn't even bother making it herself. I would love to see her try Camilla again just for her to make excuses like when she wore it for only an hour because of the heat or some shit.

No. 455902

She is planning on doing a bunny suit fate cosplay for Katsucon. And I'm already laughing.
I don't have a screen shot but Vamplette made a post about doing it for Katsu and now they have a whole group doing it.

No. 455907

File: 1514522939508.png (434.49 KB, 720x941, Screenshot_2017-12-28-20-45-23…)

I'm guessing her listing for removed on ebay. It was 202 on eBay but sold on depop for 200

No. 455908

File: 1514522977236.png (286.46 KB, 720x842, Screenshot_2017-12-28-20-47-04…)

No. 455914

There is NO FUCKING WAY she only grew two inches from the time of her zero suit samus to now. She’s such a fucking liar. When is she going to stop pretending she’s smaller than she actually is???

No. 455917

File: 1514523284457.png (715.04 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2017-12-28-20-51-52…)

Vein-Chan looking bluer than usual

No. 455923

File: 1514523478973.jpeg (96.77 KB, 750x1334, 7E81633F-63C0-440A-8951-B9E975…)

That is absolutely a new lipo mark

No. 455928

File: 1514523897391.png (749.37 KB, 720x1019, Screenshot_2017-12-28-21-03-34…)

No. 455929

So she's still doing Roadhog… at least her cosplaying a fat pig is more fitting.

No. 455931

File: 1514524098747.jpeg (719.69 KB, 2048x2048, C67472E0-DDDD-4443-9A99-5E228C…)

There's no way, after all the weight gain and the lipo, there's no way her measurements could have fluctuated so little.

No. 455933

Those square patches being sewn in so messily is giving me an aneurysm. Wtf!!

No. 455939

File: 1514524728230.png (381.42 KB, 1005x621, Screenshot 2017-12-28 at 9.17.…)

holy shit maybe she wasn't lying about this…what a dumbass

No. 455942

This costume is too complicated for her to make, but she might pull out her ol' wrinkly kimono Camilla to try and be relevant.

No. 455943

You can remove duct tape with coconut oil or baby oil, but this dumb cow probably tried to just yank it off.. jfc.

No. 455945

File: 1514525242662.png (156.63 KB, 695x374, nice padding my dudes.png)

this was a year before she did the sakura shoot in question but also that's not 'binding' that's actually taping to make boobs look bigger and better. If you look carefully you can see where she has a chicken cutlet or some kind of padding in there. She's just been on her 'i'm so beautiful and curvy my dudes it's sooooo hard'

No. 455946


This is how you know the dumb ass never makes her own stuff. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE knows you don't put duct tape directly on your skin. She could have easily asked her more talented friends or look up a tutorial. Most people use clear plastic wrap and then tape it. If it was her first year it would be excusable but it's been more than two years and this is still her skill level.

No. 455947

File: 1514525403239.png (102.55 KB, 720x587, Screenshot_2017-12-28-21-26-37…)

About Arbys

No. 455948

what was the point in hiding her face?

mariah, no one cares about your face but us.

No. 455949

File: 1514525454135.png (180.78 KB, 720x944, Screenshot_2017-12-28-21-27-46…)

No. 455952

File: 1514525652109.png (742.12 KB, 715x499, two inches.png)

samefagging from padding post to add that although it should be obvious there is no way she's only 2 inches bigger anywhere. I tried comparing by head and eye size. The angles are different so it's hard to show it exactly but even with angles this isnt 2 inches.

No. 455954

That is not how you bind, fucking dumbass

No. 455959

Did she seriously sign the fucking shipping boxes??

I don't think eBay lets you sell dirty clothes.

Something looks wrong. I'm guessing she had trouble getting out of the latex.

No. 455978

what are you talking about you are always excited about food

No. 455994

signing the boxes and not a nice note inside the package instead….smfh

also yes totally agree with you it looks like she ripped her skin off trying to get out of the nurse joy latex.

No. 456005

I FUCKING CALLED IT IN THE LAST THREAD! I told you guys! Her love handles are magically gone and her waist is slimmer on the sides on her lower abdomen, but her stomach still rolls and sticks out like a fucking lard.

I fucking God damn knew it. >>>/snow/454609

No. 456012

New art? What? Who gets excited about fucking fast food images????

No. 456017

File: 1514529432380.jpg (199.25 KB, 1200x1200, CrCm9qOWIAAH2aU.jpg)

I think she's referring to the art Arby's marketing put out on social media like pic related

No. 456020

I think she’s talking about arby’s “nerdy” posts, they’ve done some fma ones and castlevania and I think she’s putting her two cents on how people get hyped over the photo and not the food but I don’t think she understands how marketing works lmao but then again she’s a business “women”

No. 456024

>people talking about your company = bad?

Jesus christ. Can she be kicked out of college already?

No. 456032

I didn’t believe it myself because she still looks so horribly lumpy and fat and looks like she’s continuously getting heavier, but those marks are clear as day. That’s gotta be why she’s been shopping out all the marks recently when she never did that before.

No. 456038

File: 1514530668429.png (448.35 KB, 846x900, servallaugh.png)

Moo selling her shit cosplays to "pay back" a new surgery? Rich

No. 456039

Omg you guys. I think we actually cracked the code. Now we just need people to call her out though and without her photos untouched because everything is shopped to high fucking hell, I dont know.

No. 456040

File: 1514530807322.jpeg (150.64 KB, 1334x750, AB281422-B6C7-494C-AFC8-D4442F…)

No. 456041

>sucked the fat out of her stomach but not her bingo wings or shoulder fat

No. 456042

Can you grab it in her story when its a pulled back shot to the side and you can see her arm, side fat overhanging the top, and wrinkled stomach? My phone isn't swiping to screenshot for some reason.

No. 456045

Thank you for this glorious proof anon. Also I can't believe she would think this is ok to share, and that it actually fits her. Sad fucking bags of fat she has there. She is fucking her body up beyond all repair.

No. 456046

File: 1514531363380.png (815.02 KB, 1186x720, Screenshot_2017-12-28-23-06-04…)


No. 456047

File: 1514531386752.jpeg (165.97 KB, 1334x750, C565641F-668B-4BD9-A068-62E017…)

Was this what you were talking about??

No. 456048

File: 1514531408897.png (820.98 KB, 1188x720, Screenshot_2017-12-28-23-05-53…)

I'm going to die

No. 456049

She probably did that when she got called out on lying about her weight in August. Mustve got it done somewhere between Halloween and Thanksgiving because there was practically nothing that wasn't covered as far as sets go. She stayed in covered cosplays where it mattered.

No. 456050

lmao damn you beat me, now i have these disgusting screenshots for no reason.

No. 456051

Don't delete. Keep them all. Its totally fine and yes. THOSE are the images I was hoping to get grabbed.

No. 456053

anon she just posted a similar one to insta but conveniently cropped out the left side with the lipo scars. hmmmmmmmmmmm

No. 456054

Do y’all think she’s gonna try to pass off those rolls as a six pack again????? Why the fuck would she show her body to tons of people on the internet when it’s in such disgusting shape?? I’m all for loving your body and whatever but Jesus Christ this is repulsive.

No. 456055

she already is, go look on the new instagram post, thirsty neckbeards are all over it already with the "nice abs" comments.

No. 456056

when will this dumb bitch get lipo and PUT THAT FAT INTO HER ASS?

No. 456057

Oh no. Why is she like this

No. 456058

File: 1514531814737.png (689.34 KB, 1188x720, Screenshot_2017-12-05-18-34-06…)

repost but yes.

No. 456060

shit is all starting to make sense

No. 456061


. . . What the fuck am I even looking at?! That does not look normal.

No. 456062

a body mangled by lipo 3 times in 1 year

No. 456063

an abomination

No. 456064


I have no doubt she is going to try to pass this off as “tire flips my dude”, “just dieting bro” and “hitting the gym so hard”. I thought she was done getting lipo after getting found out the first time. Silly me for not realizing she is a lazy sack of shit that will always take the easy way.

How long will she try to lie about it this time before one of her “friends” stupidly blabs about it?

No. 456067

Man, #tbt to when she first got posted here and we thought she was fat and unfit in Samus. Now look at her.

No. 456068

Hey Mariah can you show us more clips of you going to the gym? And pretending to work out? Need more laughs, now that we know you can't put the fat succ needle down lol!!

No. 456072


No way she can use the gym and dieting as an excuse. She eats like shit. She doesn't even hide it. She also hasn't "quit" drinking like she said she did. She only goes to the gym once a week at most. That's not how you lose weight. She also blames her dad's "body building genetics" for why she puts on weight easily and holds onto weight easily. If that's true, she would need to be doing a rigorous routine. She would have to be dieting 7 days a week with only one cheat meal. She would also have to be doing cardio at least 4 times a week. Her arms are also the same size (if not bigger) and so is her face. Natural weight loss does not target one single area, especially if she apparently worked out enough to get a "six pack".

No. 456075

Asherbee level professional cosplay

No. 456086

File: 1514534856911.png (4.81 MB, 1242x2208, 292906C9-8B6E-47B8-913B-C59771…)

Holy shit she just keeps scamming. 55$; doesn’t come with the string.

No. 456087

to be fair, maipookiebear knows her

No. 456088

File: 1514534958382.jpeg (401.85 KB, 1242x1972, 1184A3D9-2045-4376-A0BD-457716…)

I can literally have it brand new WITH THE DAMN STRING by noon tomorrow for 35$.

If anyone with a twitter or insta wants to let this poor girl know she was scammed it might not be too late for her to get a refund

No. 456089

Even worse of moo to scam her irl friend then. That’s ridiculous - something she’s sweat in and stretched out.. for 20$ extra becuase her friend touched it?

No. 456090

>implying any of her "friend group" have brains

No. 456092


That's their own fault and a lesson they have to learn on their own

No. 456096


>Moomoo's mind: I am like the best businesswoman ever because I can sell my old cosplays for more money because of my name!

Little does she know that by doing so cheapens her brand. It also cheapens her as a person. She doesn't think other cosplayers can do this? Heck has she thought about why not even Jessica Nigri does this? Because I can guarantee Nigri would make way more selling her higher quality cosplays with her bigger name. But she doesn't. It's because she's better than that. She doesn't want to be known as the person making money off of hand me downs. It's even worse for Moomoo because she is straight up conning people. It also comes off as desperate and maybe she really is trying to pay off another lipo surgery. She's really destroying her own career. It's both amusing and pathetic. This is a new low for her. Like has she thought about why other better known cosplayers don't do this?

Momokun forever the cosplayer who rips off her own fans.

As much as I don't like her, her whole cosplayer journey is a train wreck. As much as I hate to admit, she is one of the more known cosplayers even if it's not for the best things. She could have actually used her influence for good and spreading positivity like she always claims to do. But instead she has time and time again shown the world how lazy she is, no longer even taking the time to learn to further her skills as a cosplayer. She has shown us how toxic she is by burning bridges, playing victim, and going after people. She has shown us what a liar she is by not sending rewards on time and with her hiding her lipo, and possibly a newer lipo procedure. Even after all of this she just continues to reach new lows.
Momo, Moomoo, Mariah like it's great you're making money and all but if you don't feel even a little guilty about where your money comes from, be it the people you scam or the neckbeards who beat their meat to you, you're even more terrible than we already think you are. You're always trying to act like you're a good person and constantly tell others you are, but have you actually taken a good look at yourself and all of the deeds you've done? I get it, we all make mistakes, the only difference is you never admit to it and when you do you still don't. You merely tell people what they want to hear and it's obvious because you backpedal constantly. IF YOU THINK YOURE THIS OH SO IMPORTANT PERSON WHO IS A ROLEMODEL TO OTHERS, THEN ACT LIKE IT.

No. 456108

As much as I agree, I also don’t. People like Jessica don’t sell their costumes because with her ridiculous bust:waist it wouldn’t fit anyone anyway. Moo should be critiqued for selling her scraps for $$, nothing wrong with the legit costumes she sold (except the higher price)

Unrelated but why is it everyone still fear saging? Saged posts were only strict because mods were threatening to move to snow. We’re here now and constantly falling off the front page because people are saging relevant posts like they did on pt

No. 456113

Guys.. Jessica said she will be selling costumes in the new year.

No. 456114

You should've saged because you are talking about another cosplayer, stating facts that aren't adding to anything, and then the added part in the end.

Opinions and tinfoil get saged too. Its not anything conrete that matters.

No. 456125

>Heck has she thought about why not even Jessica Nigri does this?

I think it's more hilarious that you don't know JNig has already done this and plans to do this in the future.
Or that this is a great way for titty cosplayers to make money.

No. 456130

Pretty obvious she’s selling her dirty clothes to make up for how much she blew on her new lipo

No. 456207

How come before she was all "Lipo helped me!" And "There's nothing wrong with it!" And now she's hiding it again? But then in her apology "video" she was like omg I regret it so much. And now she's done it again! Guess all her fans that she was "so sorry she let down" don't really mean shit to her. She's lying to them, scamming them, being rude them on pateron, like who fucking does this???

I've also noticed everytime she gets Lipo done she starts posting more revealing pics (like the first time when she was showing progress of her "con-body") so this would make sense.

The saddest part of it all is even when she gets lipo done, she'll never looked like she did 2-3 years ago. Because she was just healthy then. She really needs to see a doctor and get a nutrition plan or something, cause this is just getting really sad. Lipo is for like when you're trying to take off a little excess, not trying to go back down 4 dress sizes. I just don't get why she can't do it, I really can't imagine a person being so lazy that they would pay thousands to get small amounts of fat sucked out of them when buying healthy food and working out it so much cheaper. She is the human form of all 7 deadly sins. So prideful she gets Lipo but refuses to admit it (or backpedaks anything really), gluttony for obviously reasons, lust the way she plays to her neck beards (omg I totes didn't notice that nip slip), greed because she's all about that money, wrath for when she "calls ppl out" aka bullies and have her fans rip that person a new one, sloth because hello, shes still sending rewards out from JULY, and envy of every successful cosplayer there is because when she sucks up to them they give zero fucks and she actually wants to wear Jnig's skin. I can't. Fucking. Stand it.

sage for ranting/blogging but seriously what the fuck

No. 456221

lol, everyday of her life is fucking cosplay anyway. so why not this.

also, maybe shes addicted to lipo now.

No. 456231


Moo doing what Nigri does?! What a surprise!!!

No. 456260

Honestly those new marks and her belly and the general appearance of her abdomen look like she tried to get liposculpting

No. 456271

Holy shit I would definitely believe this. Those “abs” honestly came out of nowhere.

No. 456293


Even if Jnig is selling her cosplays, at least a good number of them are custom pieces that can't just be bought at a store. Meanwhile all Mooriah is doing is selling is stuff people can find on amazon and eBay for a lot more all because she sweat it in.

The people who buy from her are all idiots. If they want her sweat on themselves so bad just go to a con where she's at. She's usually drunk off her ass groping people anyways. Maybe they'll get lucky.

No. 456316

Jessica makes her stuff, and it generally looks quite nice. There is no reason not to sell it for a good price, even if she didn't have the "name".
Moo buys shit on Amazon/Aliexpress/ebay, wears and stretches it out, probably leaves it unwashed in a pile, and then sells it for more than she paid. This would not fly for someone without the "name". People would straight up call her out. Granted, I'm sure it's just neckbeards buying it for nasty reasons, but still. This shouldn't fly.

No. 456339

Her boobs, jfc.
Her body looks so grotesque from all the lipo on her stomach while the rest of her upper boddy just gets fatter.

No. 456341

I noticed that too and pointed it out in the previous thread (right before we made the new one, figures!) She also very obviously ordered the wrong size. It's too loose.

No. 456379

I just wanted to add to the lipo allegations and I didn't sage this because I was wondering if people can help me research this:
Last time she had lipo, there was about a 2 month gap between her doing anything shirtless. Correct me if I'm wrong but the first Milk Party shoot (or her OC as she calls it now) was done late September, early October? And since then she hasn't done anything shirtless until recently. Even for her Takano stuff, she was still relatively clothed, only showing her bra and not showing her stomach area. She also didnt start posting work out videos until recent. Before she did that it was just selfies.

No. 456390

Someone else said that too. That her not doing anything really overly raunchy, mostly clothed things, in October and November is probably when she got the stuff done. Also why she was probably so quick to admit eating like shit in New York since she had a bunch of shit sucked out anyway.

No. 456400

Momo had a personal trainer and her father was a pro weightlifter. She knows what not to shove down her gullet. She just has zero self-control and has an addictive personality type. She is probably addicted to all the salt and sugar in processed food.
Instead of lazy tire flips all she has to do is 60 min of cardio a week, no booze, drink water and cut down on the junk. She can shed pounds if she didn't give up after one-week cuz tubby needs her sodium and lipo.

No. 456422

lol bitch should just to 1 hour weight training 3 days a week and she won't have to cut out anything.

No. 456432

I feel bad for her dad.

No. 456498

Why? He raised a spoiled brat with her mom and their other daughter seems fine and skinny. It isn't genetics like Moo talks about making her have a 'big build'. We've all seen her skinny photos. She just eats like shit because she was pampered and a bully in school and when she was a kid and thus saw herself as untouchable. Once she got free money for taking off her clothes, she turned into Trisha. He is just as much at fault for not teaching his OBVIOUSLY HARDCORE RELIGIOUS daughter to not be a fucking fuckwit, a selfish piece of shit, and lardass all while preaching to people how good she is and how everyone needs hugs and hate is bad.

I have no sympathy.

No. 456506


No. 456512

Her body is permanently wrecked at this point… if she lost weight she'd have weird saggy skin in certain places, and then the weird rolls like she does now.
Should have just watched your calorie intake Moo, you'd look a lot better and it would have been a lot cheaper. Lay off the drugs, booze and lipo.

No. 456535

How much fucking money has she spent on plastic surgery. I gotta research belly fat lipo prices in LV

No. 456539


Her body is straight up garbage now. Like the fat distribution is ridiculous. Like cartoon ass proportions. No belly fat but a lot of back and arm fat? What was she thinking? Was she even thinking? I hope more people start calling her out on it because honest I thought she would've learn after being caught that its shitty to lie to fans like that. I'll even excuse her for her previous lipo because she said she was insecure and shit but another round? There's no excuse.

No. 456551

It's almost worse now than before, simply because she's been name dropping the gym to trick people into thinking she HAS been working hard, where as before she just would look physically different with her dropping her weight numbers around. These "tire flipping", personal trainer nonsense posts, she REALLY needs to be knocked down a peg. She was stupid enough to post those instastories showing her NEW lipo marks she's been photoshopping away, bitch needs to be put in her place as a lying piece of shit.

As far as how much lipo she's had in only a year, are doctors even able to do that many procedures on the same person in such a short time span? I can't believe a doctor would willing do as such with how shit her body looks, unless they're blinded by money like she is.

No. 456552

File: 1514585262580.png (38.15 KB, 714x186, oh the irony.png)

Old, but it'll always be a favorite of mine.

No. 456556

it's about $3k and that doesn't cover cost of anesthesia

No. 456558

If she makes as much as everyone thinks she does, she has spent close to $15,000 dollars on Liposuction if she's had it done 3 times.

"The price for liposuction will vary depending on the technique used and the extent of the surgery. The average cost of liposuction in the U.S. for the most common body parts are outlined below:

Abdomen: $3,000-$7,000
Arms: $2,500-$5,000
Buttocks: $2,500-$4,000
Chin: $2,500-$4,500
Inner Thigh: $2,500-$5000
Outer Thigh: $2,500-$5,000
Hips/Waist: $2,500-$5,000"

Taken from https://couturemedical.com in Las Vegas

No. 456561

File: 1514585716970.jpg (48.42 KB, 320x619, 2HmRXK_EEicFw-nmokSegty-u2hGd1…)

reminds me of

No. 456567

i can believe she spent 20-30k on lipo when she could have just STOPPED EATING.

No. 456568

I thought Moo was getting that what's it called again? Water based lipo that was cheaper?

No. 456573

Or eaten right. Coupled with actually working out and not being a lazy fuck.


Is that girl serious? topkek

No. 456574

lmao it would have been even cheaper!

No. 456575

Is the cost for moving to snow mean people forget who pixyteri is?

No. 456578

Its the anon who never sages anything. I'm pretty sure they have no idea whats going on.

No. 456596

The failure to sage was an accident. Apologies. I'm not this serial non-sager of whom you speak.

Eh. I don't know who most of the fucks on lolcow are. I'm mostly here for moo, Kelly Eden, and the altcows threads. She doesn't look like someone I should care to know about.

No. 456607

You see at the bottom of this page there's a "pt"? Yeah, that's what it's referencing.

No. 456622

But anon, she is the queen of cows. Get educated.

No. 456628

Holy goddamn shit her body proportions are so fucked. Also does she really need to post like 30 insta stories in an hour? And the worst thing about the new lipo is that she came up with the excuse of writing it off as "body modification" which is "completely fine". No, it's fucking lying when you're trying to pass your weight loss off as the result of your arduous tire flipping. And people believe this bullshit.

Just what kind of a quack doctor agrees to do lipo 3 times a year on a fat pig that simply refuses to diet and looks for lipo as an easy answer for weight loss? The more fat cells she sucks out of her stomach the more fucked up her other body parts will become. The backdoor surgeon needs to have his medical license revoked. And Mariah lurks here anyway and we've been through this a million times, why doesn't she learn? Does she think her quarterback shoulders are sexy to neckbeards?

It's just like last time: only cosplays covering her midsection for a few months, brags about going to the gym for a few times, then boom - suddenly she's busting out the bikinis like crazy. It's so fucking frustrating how much she repeats her retarded behavioral patterns.

No. 456655

she probably goes to different doctors or has one with no morals. no doctor would do three rounds of lipo in one year for someone, especially if they dont take care of themselves afterwards

No. 456658


I thought that too. Even if she went to multiple doctors, wouldn't they all have to be pretty unethical? If Doctor A gave her lipo, and then she went to Doctor B to get it again - wouldn't her medical records show she'd JUST had it done?

No. 456671

I like the points you bring up. Also remember how she's been wearing a lot of shapewear as well? That's standard after Lipo surgery. This last time I swear she got liposculpting done

No. 456676

Omg could someone incorporate this into a new moomoo banner lmao

No. 456678

Lipo is a procedure that can be done multiple times in a year. It's not that big of a surgery. Treating the same area requires at least 6 months between sessions though. Sounds about right since May, right? We see you, Moo.

No. 456680

nope. drs don't gain access to that unless you sign a waver. it's legal, and she's in vegas, plenty of unethical plastic surgeons there.

No. 456682

Dang. I assumed that'd be something they'd require to perform any sort of invasive practise. But I guess not. What do I know.

No. 456683

The waiver is signed when you check in and you're a new patient

No. 456693

Can't wait til we see her on an episode of botched for fucking up her body so much LMAO

No. 456695

Maybe she is on her way to being Penny then. That does seem to be the crowd she is rolling towards.

No. 456713

but you can opt out, you don't need to do it. especially with cosmetic surgery.

No. 456733

PT is a goddessu! leave her alone

No. 456778

It’s amazing to me I used to think pt was so fat and nasty, yet she’s half the size of moo. dang.
pt was too ahead of her time.

No. 456792

Sage for totally irrelevant, but I just got hit with a wave of nostalgia. At least PT’s insanity never really hurt other people, whereas Mariah’s is damaging an entire community. Sigh.

No. 456857

File: 1514616298677.png (86.33 KB, 720x469, Screenshot_2017-12-29-17-08-48…)

No. 456859

File: 1514616422208.png (963.02 KB, 720x1037, Screenshot_2017-12-29-22-41-11…)

No. 456862

I'm sure the milkman would rather chew razor blades and glass.

No. 456865

File: 1514616649110.png (244.04 KB, 720x939, Screenshot_2017-12-29-22-48-51…)

No. 456868

File: 1514616690354.png (188.9 KB, 720x936, Screenshot_2017-12-29-22-48-58…)

No. 456870

Well, water meets it's own level.

No. 456871


So she is a lying, toxic piece of shit who constantly starts drama with everyone and steals other people’s work? Yeah Moomoo, I can see why you’d admire and relate to someone like that.

No. 456875

I really hate it when she pops those contacts in over her bulging eyeballs. She looks almost scary or demented (also a little cock eyed) wearing contacts because of how far her eye balls protrude

No. 456876

File: 1514618082130.jpeg (217.45 KB, 1242x716, 1CD43BC8-C647-40AA-BD00-AE6C98…)

She doesn’t have money left for her cats vet bills so she’s selling her dirty, old cosplays for a ridiculous price. Classic moo.

No. 456878

Start mailing out the prints people paid for you fucking cow

No. 456879

She’s behind on both Patreon prints from all fucking year AND beekeeper Mei charity prints. Still.

No. 456881

>Like cartoon ass proportions.

And not the kind of cartoon she wants to be.

No. 456882

But she can find time to ship out stinky soiled costumes
Lmao this bitch is a piece of work

No. 456883

No. 456884

… i thought SHE was the milkman for that shoot

No. 456885

>my cat has diarrhea so im locking in her in my room


No. 456891


. . . I swear. It’s like someone took her brain out and dipped it in Fanta for 10 minutes then put it back in.

No. 456896

confining a cat to one room when they're stressed out about a new house is fine and actually recommended. I assume she's not completely retarded and has its litter box + food/water in there with it. Not to defend moo but yea

No. 456901

Stupid, cheap bitch. Can she possibly fuck up other people's lives as much as she already does? I mean, if your cat was so important, you should've separated Guzma when you knew he was infected. Jaeda will probably die from the stress on her body tbh

No. 456908

i didn't take into account her moving, so you have a good point.

sorry for catfagging but we're in snow so who fucking cares anymore idk how to post in this thread anymore

No. 456912

File: 1514622043209.png (384.8 KB, 750x1334, 00E872DF-29C1-4692-B6CE-7D716A…)

Pic is fat Lois

No. 456915

File: 1514622360616.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, 88E36C09-A1B5-4403-A0FB-B5275A…)

> Complaining how she keeps getting “little things” (acne) on her face
> Proceeds to touch and rub both pimples with her grimy ass fingers

No. 456919

She also said she's been seeing "definition in her calves". Bitch, where

No. 456924

File: 1514622995598.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, F22EDE14-6E6E-4AA9-AD4D-620683…)

> “it’s been holidays so I haven’t been eating the best, decent but not the best, but I need to cut out all the candy canes and all the sugar because it’s con season and it’s time to get fit”
> “I need to lose 5-9 pounds in the next month, not because ‘new year, new me’ but it’s con season and I want to feel good about myself”
> “my roadhog cosplay is going to be VERY revealing and also I have these horrible back fat rolls that need to go. BYEBYE”
> “was that too open???? Is that why I’m single??”
> “But dude I’ve been seeing hella definition, especially in my calves. My trainer has been working my legs, I haven’t been able to walk up the stairs right in like weeks”

No. 456927

fuck this lying cow

No. 456928

her face looks like its melting

No. 456936

I don’t think she’s moved yet? I’m pretty sure she’s still in the same house. We haven’t seen any photos of this new place she speaks of.

No. 456941

she was supposed to be moving at the end of the month

No. 456942

She hasn’t moved yet. She is in the process of packing. She claimed to have been “cleaning all night” tonight

No. 456946

File: 1514624599714.jpeg (328.23 KB, 2048x2048, B63C712B-47ED-430F-B3B5-010BE1…)

She always looks like she's on the verge of a breakdown in her stories

No. 456961

Yeah you're right these random lolcow fucks, it's not like this website was created for her anything. sure wonder what /pt/ stands for.

No. 456965

Off topic, but seeing her put together a Roadhog 'Cosplay' Upsets me to no end, as ive done a Roadhog cosplay in the past, and SLAVED away over it. Yet, this fucking bitch is going to bullshit one out of her ASS, and get shit tons of recognition. Cant wait to watch this bitch fall. I know of so many others who deserve her following.

No. 456967

File: 1514627575546.jpg (56.42 KB, 473x835, llj.jpg)

>cleaning all night long

No. 456969

Moo seriously thinks she’s gonna loose her back roll with 5-9 pounds lost. Try 50 it they might go away.

No. 456975

she should just lipo her whole body

No. 456996

No she's single cuz she went after douchebags and guys who have girlfriends already. Plus she fucked over that guy who supposedly wanted to be with her and gave 4k between her and her friends. So no Moomoo you're not single cuz you're too open it's cuz you're a hoe who's an easy fuck.

No. 456999

she and keintastic are meeting soon for ala fate cosplay, she said. she's going through the asians she knows.

No. 457006

I think Kein wouldnt fuck her since he's a friend of KBBQ. It would just be weird and awkward if they did. But in the disgusting chance they do then he loses all respect and she's known as a friend fucker

No. 457019

Quick question how do you guys come to 3 x lipo?
She definetly got one before Colossalcon that I know of. And now it looks like she got it done another time.
Where is the third time in this timeline?

No. 457022

i thought this too, with her “”character”” being a cow? although i guess a milkman would have to milk her for that. but then why is she dressed like a milkman? it doesn’t make a lot of sense. she probably threw an outfit together for a shoot to make it look like she’s been “totally planning new outfits for my oh see my dudes”

No. 457034

i bet the dude who gave her money wasnt asian

No. 457040

She got lipo under her breasts, newest is on her abdomen I think, and then her thighs. Am I missing anywhere else? Just look through pics for her “freckles” she’s recently started editing out.

No. 457058

File: 1514643087279.png (713.69 KB, 706x861, yeah.png)

Thank you for posting this anon, now I'm going to have fun in MS Paint

No. 457094

I think you severely underestimate a dude's willingness to fuck anything that rubs up on them, even if they used to be their friends fuckbuddy. Dudes, especially fuckboys, do not care.

No. 457121

>haven't been able to walk up the stairs right in 2 weeks. lmao, that's not how it works moo.

No. 457175

File: 1514652343578.png (807.89 KB, 1236x700, 1496883505959.png)

dug through the old threads to find this and I'm pretty sure she's gotten lipo at least twice since here since she got lipo before the chun-li shoot as well so she's gotten it done at least 5 times even if you count possibly doing the legs at the same time as the stomach

No. 457176

nice work out moles moo

No. 457184


Let's not forget she commissioned the mask and is likely buying the hook on eBay or something. I think the worst part about her is that because of her blind following she doesn't even have to be the best anything. Like her neckbeard fans are so blind and horny that even if she buys all the cosplay pieces and looks terrible in comparison to other people doing the same character they still stroke her ego. Look at her Overwatch short Mei for example. The hair isn't even correct and they worship her. Her roadhog without a doubt will be ugly and disgusting and the parts she will be making herself will be obviously lazy but you can count on her fans to worship her.

The annoying part is she likes to think having neckbeard thirst followers and a lot of <negative> publicity also means she's an amazing cosplayer, which she is not. There are plenty of amazing people who are not famous and some of them by choice. Keintastic for example seems to do pretty good work but he doesn't have much of a following.

No. 457196

Top kek, this Bitch acts like she only needs to lose a few vanity pounds and not an entire person just to get back into the top bracket for her BMI.

You just know these 5-9 pounds are coming out of the fat she's going to get sucked out of her back.

No. 457201

File: 1514654521917.png (71.67 KB, 881x486, 303030.png)

Her complaining on twitter that Guzma is acting out when he probably doesn't get constructive play time regularly

She's admitted to getting lipo done on her stomach and inner thighs, so the theory of her getting lipo a few weeks ago would be the third time.

Also, hasn't moo been talking about packing and cleaning for weeks now? If she's moving soon after new years how will she have time to send out her late prints

No. 457203

i feel like the parasite is gonna result in her ditching guzma

could you imagine if she had a child lmfao

No. 457215


>Lipo Recap

The first was most likely sometime between The Valentine's Day shoot and Wondercon. In the Valentine's Day shoot she had a VERY obvious gut. She also did the Mei pov around that same time and you can also see her gut. She also wore Camilla 2.0 around that same time I think? And her chest piece apparently broke or something but it was probably from the worbla not being able to contain her gut. Anons have been realizing that her stomach area seemed thinner at Wondercon. Before Wondercon she started spamming her social media with Fit Tea and after Wondercon she started to be overly confident in her stomach. Like it was something she never did before and it was only a month and a half or two since the Valentine's Day shoot and somehow she managed to get "abs" (or at least what she tried to make them look like). Her stomach looking like that within that time span and lack of any signs of dieting, anons saw it as a red flag. She also forgot to blur out or shop the scars.

The second one likely happened around the same time as her first one because she had very hammy thighs at Wondercon. There is a picture of her Shampoo somewhere and her thighs were bigger than most people's waists. After Wondercon people noticed "thigh freckles" on her leg and even her fans did so (but they actually thought they were thigh freckles). Her thighs also seemed noticeably smaller compared to the photo of her Shampoo.

Since then there had been no confirmations of another one BUT a few months ago people called her out on it. She kept denying it or stayed quiet but her friends (Sabrina, Matt, Roxy) outed her by saying that it was public knowledge, which it wasn't. Also, Alyssa Mayhew (LxM Duo) a photographer who shot a lot of her stuff and I guess formally close with her stated in a comment on a fb post that Mariah did indeed get work done. She also claimed that Mariah showed her a video of her holding the fat bags that she got sucked out. Mariah, cornered into a wall and unable to being on the other end of bullying (even though she is THE biggest bully), finally confessed. According to her, her reasons for getting it were insecurity and pressure. She also claims to REGRET it and said people should make the same mistake as her…. HOWEVER, ever since confessing to it she began endorsing lipo, likely to make her feel less guilty about deceiving her fans and people who unfortunately look up to her.

>Present day

Recently anons began theorizing her getting another round of lipo because of the same habits she expressed during the last two times she had it done:

>posting nonstop about working out on social media.

>posting about her so called diet even though she eats like shit 99% of the time.
>she had been posting less shirtless photos.

The biggest red flag was a new scar on her stomach and her suddenly flashing her stomach again. Yeah, she has a gym membership AND posted a few videos working out, but her work out schedule seemed inconsistent. Within the last few months, she has been out of town and because her membership is to a local gym in Vegas, that means she had no means of working out all those times. Furthermore, she's gone to the gym 3 times in one week at most, but most times it seems like she goes once a week (especially with her BUSY schedule). Anyone who has ever dieted and exercised successfully will tell you that 1-3 times a day a week even if it's "tire flips" will tell you that's not even to lose the amount of fat she lost in a short time. She also has not been keeping strict to her diet (thank you Mariah for posting every meal you have on social media). So lack of proper dieting, lack of regular exercise, and a terrible sleep schedule = zero fat loss. AND ALSO she has been claiming on social media that her "linebacker shoulders" and trouble losing weight were due to her father's "body building genes". ESPECIALLY if you add that into the equation there is NO WAY she could ever have lost the amount of fat she has within a short time period (1-2 months - just like her last procedures). She also lost a lot of her love handles and any quick research on the internet will tell you that for a woman, fat in those areas are especially hard to lose.

With all of this evidence, did Mariah get another round of lipo?? 100% yes. Will she deny it? Of course she will. It's disgusting of her to get another procedure done especially after being caught and saying she has regrets about it. How lazy can someone be that even with all the free time she has, can't even properly diet and exercise?

No. 457225

>>457215 She is also living in the "now" moment, and not thinking about how her body will be affected in the future (hell, its being affected now from it). She is only 22 years old, and has had 3 lipo suction procedures all over the main parts of her body. The flab, terrible diet, no sleep, its all taking a toll on her. Most people comment on her posts and photos in shock she is only 22 years old and think she is older. Usually the common and most WANTED confusion is that people look younger, not older. Her eyebags, acne, huge, flabby arms, her back fat, all of it is going to distribute even further and look terrible as she gets older. Plastic surgery is NOT the answer for weight loss unless someone drastically need help to get started with eating right and exercising, or losing excess skin. Based on the chart and prices I posted earlier, I can't imagine how much money she has wasted on these procedures as well.

The magic number is 22, she has a LOT of life yet to live, and she is so stuck in her now moments that she has NO idea how rough it's going to be for her when she has to enter the real world. This cosplay/patreon train isn't going to last forever.

No. 457226

File: 1514656894759.png (421.43 KB, 750x1334, 018053DE-6754-4B00-BCA1-D4032A…)

The first ebay posting went all the way up to $610… why would she post it for a buy it now price of $200? Do you think she feels bad knowing that guys were the only ones bidding on it to smell it and was hoping a girl would buy it instead?

No. 457230

File: 1514657216434.jpeg (132.45 KB, 750x1000, AA9D43CC-496B-4F30-8A5B-6B0DE1…)

Pic in question. Thigh is bigger than both other girls waists.

No. 457232

as an aside, after admitting to her lipo she was saying it made you gain weight

No. 457233

She may have had more than one suit? And "relisted" even though it was a separate suit trying to get more money.
Or the buyer might not have paid, that's a problem with ebay.

No. 457246

File: 1514658653375.jpg (56.2 KB, 489x750, IMG_0817.JPG)

Why would you sign something you didn't have anything to do with other than wearing it? She's so up her own ass with this stuff. Thinking this shit is worth to upcharge so much just because it touched her fat body. I guess it worked for her though.

No. 457302

Thanks for the recap anon I appreciate it.
I always thought she got everything done at once at the beginning of the year so I only counted that as 1 time lipo.
Anyways thanks again this cow can be confusing witz everything going on lol

No. 457306

File: 1514661849254.jpeg (172.91 KB, 1437x1348, 1DBF8BBC-5325-4966-AA5A-C8CA1B…)

No. 457316

File: 1514662687838.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 29213AC3-EEB5-4718-92C5-AEE1C0…)

Looks like she gave up on Midoriya?

No. 457319


Nooo. Surely someone who degrades herself as much as she does would be okay with guys sniffing her worn out clothes while jacking off.

I mean, she did say she was aware of guys using her pics to jack off to and said she was okay with it, acting like she was some kind of saint providing a service to the less fortunate.

No. 457341

I think in general we don't really count her breast reduction since that was a few years ago and didn't have anything to do with weight

yeah that looks about right. time to update the chart.

No. 457342

I'd also like to add that's it's super fishy she is suddenly trying to hide and shoop/crop out her lipo scars when she never bothered to do it before (with the one exception where she posted a dark bathroom selfie early on, but immediately after its like she stopped giving a fuck. You know it's apparent when her dimwitted neckbeards point it out). Since she already admitted it there's no point in trying to backpetal and cover it up… unless there is something you want to hide.

Honestly my guess is that she's trying to get in the habit of covering up signs of future procedures because there will be more. Also, given that she seriously thinks so little of her followers, she might believe that if they can't see any lipo scars they'll all eventually forget she ever had it done, thus going back to being a body positivity spokesman since that was the only thing really going for her.

No. 457357

When you work out regularly, you stop getting DOMS (that next-day soreness). LEG DAY AMIRITE jokes just confirm that she's not actually working out.

No. 457360

when was this screen taken? before she took it down?

No. 457373

that's what i said earlier. i only got it for like 1 or 2 weeks tops. fucking liar. good thing her fanbase doesn't work out.

No. 457404

Well MHA isnt "in season" anymore
So the hype is gone and ahe doesnt care
Plus, the suit didnt fit her lmao

No. 457430

File: 1514671441263.png (380.03 KB, 674x738, 20171230_140205.png)

Yep. The marks are 100% new and look just like her attempt to hide her upper abdomen ones.

No. 457431

File: 1514671468844.png (335.51 KB, 675x739, 20171230_140123.png)

Uncircled close up too

No. 457477


>back fat rolls

Oh gee golly! I wonder how they got there?
If she had just lost weight naturally she wouldn't have to worry about this. Is she dumb? Lipo sucks out fat from isolated areas so getting lipo in her stomach and thighs won't get rid of fat elsewhere. Her back fat is a reminder of what the rest of her body should look like without the procedure. It's so sad.

No. 457481

File: 1514676561685.png (1.51 MB, 1334x750, IMG_6854.PNG)

Here's a reminder of what she should look like now if she didn't get lipo. What a whole year of bad eating, being lazy, and drugs get you.

No. 457493

File: 1514677079662.gif (1.89 MB, 240x155, laugh in your face.gif)

>had to get her knees liposuctioned

No. 457520

Mmm good ol Instagram live Kanna vibes here lol

No. 457523

File: 1514678247405.png (98.16 KB, 720x536, Screenshot_2017-12-30-15-56-18…)

Tru gamur grill

No. 457536

I took this screen shot earlier this afternoon. I seriously can’t believe neckbeards wouldn’t pay so much for this stretched out smelly costume. Yuck.

No. 457549

File: 1514680148565.png (1.37 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171231-012614.png)

Haven't seen anyone capping her eyebags yet so here ya go everyone.
Srsly for how long do you need to be awake to get these monsters.

No. 457552

File: 1514680194059.png (1.32 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171231-012618.png)

No. 457554

File: 1514680258747.png (997.19 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171231-013015.png)

Last one I don't want to spam

No. 457558

ugh christ, go to bed at like 10pm not am and have like 8 tablespoons less of salt

No. 457561

>Bags so puffy your eyes look like vaginas
Top fucking kek, atleast she will fit perfectly into her guro hentai kink by being a monstergirl. Thanks anon

No. 457562

File: 1514680491600.jpg (213.04 KB, 2048x2048, 1A63E1E9-D403-4880-A9B5-403840…)

I cant unsee it.

No. 457586

anon pls, this is a wholesome, christian imageboard. what if children see this?

No. 457605

File: 1514683551632.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171230-185451.png)

Got this one when she actually fucking zoomed onto her eye, feat her disgusting outgrown nail.

No. 457616

At least she FINALLY got those Halloween claws removed.

No. 457625

File: 1514684930080.jpeg (265.22 KB, 1152x2048, 3337D91D-CE73-451F-9DBD-FFAA2F…)

her ass is just one long flat asscrack

No. 457626

File: 1514684952344.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 254.4 KB, 1152x2048, 979F3371-1B12-4D21-A57E-F2583C…)

No. 457629

are these from a drive or drop box? these are oldddd

No. 457633

File: 1514685419444.png (916.39 KB, 1185x720, Screenshot_2017-12-30-17-52-22…)

No. 457635

File: 1514685472896.png (1.77 MB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2017-12-30-17-52-12…)

Regrammed this in her instastory

No. 457637

Someone should ask her to do some porny hijab shit lmfao

No. 457644

Ya know, I'm not even mad anymore. I'm just gonna sit back with my popcorn and watch her waste money and turn herself into a fat lumpy monstrosity.

No. 457648

is that craft foam? dear god she didn’t even bother sanding the edges even just a little?

No. 457650

looks like it. I'm mad about the fact she can't make templates

No. 457654


It's actually frustrating to see her skill level be so beginner cosplayer/low budget tier and has no drive to improve because she's sussed out how to keep the neckbeards happy regardless of how shit she is. Roadhog will be a failure, but nevermind, they'll be plenty of tits and lewds coming to make up for that, like every other costume she 'creates'.

No. 457675

File: 1514688834146.png (567.41 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-12-30-18-52-55…)

So Keintastic is at her house

No. 457676

File: 1514688902598.png (1.04 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2017-12-30-18-51-21…)

New Asian slave making her easy items

No. 457687

i can’t believe that even after Jaeda got issues from the fumes of the shit she uses in the house she still….uses it indoors lol she’s such an asshole

No. 457691


He's so tiny! She's going to crush him!

You know, you'd think after losing kbbq she would at least step up and spend the time to learn how to make simple things at least. Instead she just finds other people to do her dirty work so she can lay in bed and look up other plastic surgery procedures she wants done on herself. Honestly if she at least used her free time for something productive I'd be less peeved but instead just…does… nothing.

No. 457703

>that duckface
>that literally square ass
>her backfat engulfing that poor, stretched out CK bra

No. 457719

You’d think if she has this obnoxious weeb yellow fever she’d fucking work out or stop stuffing her fat face. Asian guys don’t like obese grease beasts.

No. 457728

File: 1514695878243.jpg (63.82 KB, 560x728, 7465486465165198561.jpg)


her face really looks like the queen's in this pic omfg

No. 457730

look at all that pit hair

No. 457735

Dont flater her. Even compared to the Queen Moo will only be a cheap slutty imitation.

No. 457738

File: 1514697078983.jpg (489.15 KB, 2896x2896, 20171230_230956.jpg)

No. 457743

her asscrack is so high. she needs to suck some of the fat from her gut and create some cheeks. this is really sad

No. 457744

File: 1514697516202.jpg (464.35 KB, 2105x1405, fml.jpg)

just wanna ask how the fuck her legs are oriented in this image? kek

No. 457746

He's just spreading reallll wide, you can see the strain of those pants

No. 457749

Castlecosplay comes across quadruple amputee Moomoo by the side of the pool. She looks at him with longing.
>You know, I've never been fucked…
He throws her into the pool
>Now you're fucked lol

No. 457750


My god. She has an actual “front butt”

No. 457754

lmfao this is some silent hill shit

No. 457755

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oh that’s just great

No. 457759

oh so this is how sex works. thanks mariah !!!

No. 457760

File: 1514699208324.png (679.08 KB, 720x896, Screenshot_2017-12-30-21-44-38…)

No. 457761

File: 1514699232054.png (1023.19 KB, 720x1173, Screenshot_2017-12-30-21-44-16…)

No. 457762

File: 1514699251692.png (933.89 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2017-12-30-21-44-10…)

No. 457763

File: 1514699334499.jpg (311.93 KB, 2048x1365, IMG_20171230_214810.jpg)

That's not how stomachs work

No. 457764

File: 1514699356540.jpg (312.79 KB, 1365x2048, IMG_20171230_214801.jpg)

No. 457765

lmao what kills me is she doesn't spend any of the plastic surgery money on her busted mug. just shows how much she is only valued for her flat sagging "assets".

No. 457766

File: 1514699408839.jpg (304.17 KB, 1365x2048, IMG_20171230_214756.jpg)

Thanks for half the set Mariah!!

No. 457767

those gloves…oof

No. 457769

File: 1514699540045.png (169.17 KB, 720x917, Screenshot_2017-12-30-21-51-09…)

No. 457771

can we talk about their difference in outfit quality, all moomoo could be bothered with is throwing on a 10$ walmart tier bikini that's 2 sizes too small and some shit she made in 15 total minutes again out of walmart quality fabric.

No. 457776

Can we talk about how about how her underboob lipo mark/fat fold is horrifically shooped out? Tilt your screen back.

No. 457779

lipo and yet shes still sucking it in

No. 457780

It just makes me laugh every time to see her plop her horrific orc self next to a halfway decent looking girl multiple times, with zero self awareness…

No. 457787


thats actually a myth, you can get doms no matter how often you train. doesnt mean moo isn't lying about it tho.

sage for fitspam.

No. 457793

File: 1514701295404.jpeg (112.2 KB, 742x708, 22A8C5E1-3D63-4ED1-8729-93B45E…)

can anyone explain to me what’s going on in the area between them here? Is it the way her body is angled or terrible shoop? it looks like they took her stomach in and left her thigh the same size? And then her arm behind them? Idk

No. 457796

I think it is given that cosplayers always overly edit their photosets.

No. 457800

I think the "wiggle" closest to her string on her bikini bottom is where her gut would naturally rest. It's super curvy for no reason

No. 457805

File: 1514702200861.jpeg (143.91 KB, 750x950, FBA810C4-F911-486B-83D2-654AA8…)

Someone posted basically the same thing to her saying “they photoshopped your thigh totally wrong in that picture” her response

No. 457808

What? Gel? Mariah?

No. 457809

she missed a lipo mark

No. 457811

Gels are the coloured filters that go over lighting rigs.
Sage incase this isn't what you was asking.

No. 457814

I thought she meant like hair gel or something lol.

No. 457815

Tfw forget to sage

No. 457823


I find it funny how she had to tag Miso and Marvin so they can side with her. That's how helpless she is. She needs to tag people to remind them to protect her.

No. 457825

when it branches from a op, twitter will tag the people originally posted in op

No. 457837

File: 1514705834994.png (314.84 KB, 720x908, Screenshot_2017-12-30-23-34-22…)

No. 457839



Don't you mean "you're"??
Sorry it's annoying when she tries to school people on their grammar and reading comprehension when she cannot even get this correct.

No. 457841

File: 1514706039768.png (785.36 KB, 720x944, Screenshot_2017-12-30-23-38-16…)


No. 457842

File: 1514706073475.png (749.74 KB, 720x954, Screenshot_2017-12-30-23-38-27…)

No. 457846

File: 1514706419949.png (849.4 KB, 720x1144, Screenshot_2017-12-30-23-44-25…)

No. 457854

The worst part is literally that they shooped her gut flat but her right side is still hanging over the bikini… That's not how bodies work lol, photog did her dirty.

No. 457868

Isn't this bitch getting ready to move?

No. 457871

so she says

No. 457872

Happy shipping day anons. There's no way in hell she'll actually do anything.

No. 457876

It's like xmas but more disappointment!

No. 457880

File: 1514713879451.png (419.82 KB, 600x724, dontstopmedontstopme.png)

oh my god, anon I can't unsee this now. This is physically painful lmfaooooo I can't.

No. 457908


I stared at this for a moment but,her thighs well the inner thigh, is definitely colored out and burned/dodged a little as well.

Does she shop her own pics?

No. 457920

I believe so, she pestered a photographer to give her unedited photos

No. 457966

File: 1514736501159.png (101.35 KB, 382x727, Capturemomoculo.PNG)

No. 457974

She also still hasn’t donated the money from this prints. I doubt she will be at all. What a scumbag

No. 457981

lol implying she'll be able to get a wig before the hype disappears

The hype for MHA was around for months and her fat ass couldnt get a costume done then. This planet stuff is already dying down and the wig would require actual effort

It WOULD be hilarious to see her cosplay a planet cause it's the closest thing to her actual size

No. 458003


She probably couldn't find cosplay her size. I'm glad too. I didn't want to see Pigdoriya, Fatkugou, or Ochunko. She's all about the hype train. She says it's not but her track record says otherwise. When Overwatch came out she was all about Overwatch and people later found out she knew nothing about it and sucked at the game itself. She only keeps milking Mei because she thinks she's "that's Mei cosplayer." She was all into Samus when she started and even called herself Thiccsamus. Now you never see her talking about anything metroid related. She was all into Fire Emblem because she wanted to achieve her wet dream of being the Camilla to kbbqs Ryoma but she barely talks about it and never played the games. She shut up about Camilla especially after Yaya schooled her with her LEAGUES BETTER cosplay. She was all into league two weeks ago to do her Jessica Nigri… I mean… Christmas Ahri cosplay. She doesn't play it anymore it seems. And now she's all into the Fate series but her lack of actual non Wikipedia knowledge is evidence she knows nothing about the series or is too dumb to have any thoughts of her own.

No. 458024

she had most of the stuff to do a MHA cosplay, but most didn't fit her so she gave it away or it's nowhere to be found

from old threads:

No. 458026

samefag, anndddd it linked off to other threads. i went back through the old threads for nothing. sorry

No. 458031

from old threads:

No. 458039

No. 458050


That last pic will give me nightmares. That's the difference between cosplayers who care about cosplaying and people like her who do it for attention: cosplayers who care will work on and finish their cosplays no matter the challenge because they genuinely care about the characters/series. People like Mariah only care about how much attention they get. I can almost promise that she would have quit after 3 months if she never got attention. That's why she went through the trouble of leaking her own nudes and spamming herself on 4chan. It was never to "build a brand" like she keeps saying but just to have people inflate her already over inflated ego. Heck I bet that's why she quit lacrosse. She probably wasn't a starter and wanted more attention.

No. 458096

Isn't the post office closed today??

No. 458097

Does this Sonico understand what smiling is? Does she even know the character she's cosplaying? Her face is making me cringe more than Moo's in this shoot.

No. 458102

probably lol

gr8 excuse for moo

No. 458111

it's sunday. no shit.

No. 458125

She has no concept of days of the week or holidays. So damn stupid

No. 458132

let's be real, that Sonico was only making those faces 'cause she wanted to get the hell outta there lol

No. 458134

File: 1514754519289.png (1011.03 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_2017-12-31-13-04-04…)

When your dashes are tiny dots you did too much to show off

No. 458135

File: 1514754546768.png (962.76 KB, 720x1045, Screenshot_2017-12-31-13-06-50…)

No. 458136

File: 1514754707308.png (225.28 KB, 720x930, Screenshot_2017-12-31-13-10-17…)

No. 458137

File: 1514754728685.png (147.02 KB, 720x874, Screenshot_2017-12-31-13-10-30…)

No. 458140

File: 1514755127587.png (204.52 KB, 606x495, earthchan.png)

No. 458142

>>458134 it astounds me how much time she wastes on instagram with these stories, bitch must have zero life to have such a ridiculous amount of tabs EVERY DAY.

No. 458146

i guess thats just an energy but lol "i dont like to drink"

No. 458155

File: 1514756747268.png (82.65 KB, 233x230, 20171231_154130.png)

This poor boob

No. 458156

Bitch is acting like she made all of his every week.
Cracking open your Amazon prime shipments don't count as real effort.

No. 458161

Remember how many times she got into fights with people telling them that she didn’t consider her swimsuit stuff to be actual cosplays, just her having fun??? But like half the “cosplays” she included in that 54 was swimsuits

No. 458163

File: 1514758454029.png (247.45 KB, 750x1334, 246622E1-D533-41AF-9F3B-667232…)

No. 458164

File: 1514758474538.png (589.85 KB, 750x1334, 9418C15B-43F5-447B-99D9-0DC43E…)

No. 458165

File: 1514758494353.png (684.37 KB, 750x1334, 15E1B4EE-3958-4FCD-917E-060930…)

No. 458167

That last tweet is just that stupid fucking clip of her doing the h3h3 cough

No. 458170

File: 1514758780978.jpeg (332.43 KB, 750x866, 5F5F4147-733B-4792-9933-DC9C98…)

No. 458171

File: 1514758793153.jpeg (325.56 KB, 750x984, 7CFE028D-49EB-4FF5-B8BF-8AE8FD…)

No. 458226

This bitch. Does she not realize that the time shown is set for the screenshooter's location and not hers? Jfc

No. 458231

File: 1514764244461.png (492.05 KB, 720x700, Screenshot_2017-12-31-15-42-12…)

No. 458233

File: 1514764275842.png (166.39 KB, 720x857, Screenshot_2017-12-31-15-43-04…)

No. 458234


No. 458238

File: 1514764863301.png (320.83 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2017-12-31-15-57-39…)

No. 458240

File: 1514764926604.png (892.73 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2017-12-31-15-58-20…)

Guzma tried getting away and Mariah gripped him tighter like leave your cat alone

No. 458241

how many times has she mentioned this

No. 458242

lol she keeps calling attention to it

No. 458257

LMAO had to settle for vamp since cosupray mom abandoned her

No. 458262

she's trying to make a big deal out of this fake tweet so that people can assume that the old shitty tweets she made were fake

No. 458274

File: 1514768736162.jpg (8.82 KB, 150x150, 38d340c922514318c88c14d812c1f7…)

>I wasn't awake until 2pm
Does she even say it proudly

No. 458304

I feel poor for the cat.

No. 458326

They're both going to look absolutely terrible.

No. 458332


When has a character being over sexualized stop her for sexualizing them? Her whole gimmick is sexualizing cosplays. She shouldn't think for a second it's not. Every day she is flashing her tits or ass of posting "previews" of her tits and ass. She sexualized even characters who aren't normally sexualized. Like Moo don't even lie.

No. 458339

I bet the only reason she isn’t doing Earth-chan is because a way better cosplayer is doing it or has already done it.

No. 458352

File: 1514775177618.png (641.18 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2017-12-31-18-49-20…)

Crusty-kun came out again

No. 458355

File: 1514775288349.png (610.7 KB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2017-12-31-18-49-32…)

Didn't she wear this last year? And she exclaimed she's not wearing a bra

No. 458357

Looks like a drag queen you could find at hamburger Mary's

No. 458360

drag queen was my first thought too lmfao

No. 458361

File: 1514775686091.png (707.44 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2017-12-31-18-59-23…)

You're being too gracious

No. 458362

so is she gonna drive drunk or what

No. 458363

Looks like she has her vape in her hand. High driving. Still impaired.

No. 458364

good eye

No. 458369

I went to check her Insta sprites for this and had to pilfer through so damn many “2017 highlights” … despite checking them this morning. There is a glaring difference between those irl Mei shots from Jan/Feb compared to what she looks like now.

No. 458372

Do you know what a vape is? Not every vape juice is loaded with THC anons..

No. 458379

and since when has mariah smoked anything but pot

No. 458381

Lookin' nice for that last call take home.

No. 458384

I would like to speak to the manager!

No. 458387

Holy shit that cat is getting so fat
Also Vamplette kept saying "hes so chubby"
Like YEAH, dont you think you should feed them a better diet?
Saged for cat bullshit but I seriously can't fathom how shitty Moo Moo is as a pet owner

No. 458392

Can a cat get fat off of salmon oil? she said she mixes a little bit of dry food and wet with some salmon oil

No. 458395

what's she doing for nye?

No. 458401

Trolling a club or bar for some dick most likely.

No. 458438

No, all salmon oil does is moisturize the cats skin and coat. It’s really good. Indoor cats just have a tendency to gain weight much quicker, not to white night or anything - but you can be feeding your cat once a day, and it’ll still be fatter than an outdoor/semi outdoor. Also depends on breeds etc. Cat weight isn’t anything to be concerned with until it’s got diabetes lmao

No. 458460

File: 1514782484301.png (31.73 KB, 441x265, Screenshot 2017-12-31 at 8.52.…)

No. 458533

At this point people must want to leave comments like this just because it’s certain she ALWAYS HAS TO SAY SOMETHING BACK lol

Meanwhile her “fans”…. (crickets)

No. 458544

"Fans" lol even majority of the neckbeards who fap to her know she's a joke and make fun of her

No. 458597

dried cracky crusty-chan

No. 458613

You lost? This isn't moo

No. 458638


Does she think all of this started because of swimsuit Kanna??? Back up here! She knows she's BEEN doing swimsuit shit way before Kanna right? What is up with her? I swear she's mental. She's also the same person who said that her swimsuit stuff ISNT cosplay. So why is she now considering it cosplay? Make up your mind!! I'm sorry but you have been calling yourself a sex worker for a while now meaning that yes you are ONLY known for your fap material. Stop thinking you're all high and mighty when you're just a joke.

No. 458664

File: 1514790635263.jpg (Spoiler Image, 151.33 KB, 666x1024, IMG_7436.JPG)

guys look it's mooriah's next 100% original OC do not steal

No. 458667

Momo has said outright that her vapes are thc

No. 458723

File: 1514796035441.png (837.05 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-01-01-00-32-32…)

No. 458724

File: 1514796091350.png (806.21 KB, 720x1166, Screenshot_2018-01-01-00-32-46…)

Looks like she went with antares

No. 458726


No. 458908

This obese anime shit is so weird to me. 10+ years ago when I was a weeb you never saw so many fat anime girls like you do nowadays lol

No. 458910

Looks like shes about to drop a deuce

No. 459045

This is so stupid because she also counted some more than one time.
Like she got two pictures of the Android chick in this collage and counted it as two cosplays.

No. 459048


I feel like she's doing this dark make up again since a few anons complimented that make up style on her autumn witch shoot. She really lurks here and values our opinions.

No. 459079

You all need to stop saging. We’re already in snow. People only started back seat farmhanding to avoid getting moved to snow. Sage shit that isn’t about moo but her thread is constantly falling off the front page because people are saging every single post that doesn’t include a photo because of complaints in the pt thread.(anons have been making improvements)

No. 459080

File: 1514841773384.jpeg (43.87 KB, 472x472, 46C5E286-5540-48FC-A824-500498…)

Knew I saw her somewhere

No. 459092

Don't tell me what to do! One of those posts you highlighted were mine and I sage mine because 99% of the time I don't have any milk, just opinions. I've forgotten to sage a handful of times in snow and gotten a ban or made people mad for not saving.

No. 459095

Saging** sry autocorrect lol

No. 459132

You're fine anon. Just seems other people didn't read the rules about how saging works.

Also… So much for 'working out'. If she is as serious as she says she is, photoshopping out all her scars, photoshopping herself smaller, angling herself just enought to look skinnier, I would assume she wouldn't be drinking. At all. Like seriously.. One night a week when you boast SO HARD about how working out is changing you… Bitch, shut up. Moo, we all know you got a third installment of fat removal. I tried to call her out and immediately got blocked via Instagram. What a coward.

No. 459140

File: 1514849716503.png (39.84 KB, 184x123, 9166f550f2e8e395c7a7ff88c1a0b1…)

Jesus is watching your nasty ass

No. 459174

This poor soon to be banned person calling Moo out where its deserved. Anyone guessing what ill-sounding attempt at a reply will look like? Im also shocked its not immediately removed..

No. 459176

File: 1514851730220.jpg (229.75 KB, 967x1267, Screenshot_20180101-160414.jpg)


No. 459203

Didn't she say so herself that the shoots she did for that month were not going to be cosplay? That it's just her dressing up? Why the fuck is she taking it back now

No. 459227


Because she wants to be seen as a “hard worker” and is all like “Look how many cosplays I did this year! Don’t you dare call me lazy!!!” It gives the illusion that she is constantly working 24/7 on cosplay and gives her something to point to when her detractors call her lazy or “not a a real cosplayer”.

No. 459231

Where is her damn neck? Good lord

No. 459234

File: 1514856443381.png (672.08 KB, 517x702, moomoo.png)

I like how she didn't include that crusty ass black widow cosplay she made for that one youtube channel on her cosplays for this year.

No. 459243

If it's not new information (i.e. not milk) sage it. Calm your tits, anon.

No. 459248

Oh dear Lord

No. 459251


Like another anon said, she herself was the one who said they weren't cosplays. Cosplaying is just when you dress up to represent a character be it a real one, fictional one, or an OC. However SHE said it was just her dressing up. The difference between costumes and cosplay is that when you cosplay you're becoming a character. For example, you wouldn't call some random guy in a 70s disco costume a cosplayer. He's just a dude who's in a costume.

I don't understand the point of her trying to milk even her costumes and bikinis as being cosplays. Most well known cosplayers make and wear about less than 10 cosplays a year. Does she think doing 56 cosplays in a year is supposed to make her seem like a more credible cosplayer? I don't think it does. It just shows me she's lazy because 95% of them were of even made by her. And even if you don't factor that in, most of the pictures were from her lewd sets and bikini sets. 3 of those photos are her "OC" Moomoo in different outfits. If she wants to be taken seriously as a cosplayer she should sit her ass down and work on something actually worth being called a big project and try doing it herself. If her "career" is being a cosplayer (as it says on her patreon) it's only fair she can accomplish at least that. If she can't she should just stfu and shoot porn.

No. 459255

No Annabelle either. Did she magically forget? Also, where is this Castle Corsetry collab she was wanking about? She said she was making a video with the owner?

No. 459279

File: 1514861716031.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, 6B9DC053-3815-4EB8-927C-2CA40D…)

Went through her tagged pics and found this. Her life went to such shit lmao she used to be kind of thin and apparently was supposed to play lacrosse for Michigan State? What happened there lol

No. 459281

How did she manage to look like a 45 year old mom before she was 20?! This is some weird ass shit. She really never took care of her skin.

No. 459282

I know she’s always looked old but that’s something especially funny to me. She looks older in her skinny pictures than she does now I guess the extra fat helps fill out her face.

No. 459284

>she left behind the life of being a lacrosse-playing Snooki
Yeah, being a coswhore is way more lucrative than whatever you think she'd have had going for her there.

No. 459292

she would have dropped out with her Mrs. instead of finishing her B.A. lbr. there's more than a niche for slutty party girls in vegas, socially and professionally.

No. 459300

>apparently was supposed to play lacrosse for Michigan State?

It's unbelievable and I really can't wrap my head around to just give up on something that huge to her knocking herself down into the gutter.

No. 459305

When you're outside nearly all day every day and in such a hot and dry climate as vegas, skin care really needs to be a top priority. How long before she starts getting bad untreatable skin trouble like cancer? Or did sitting on her ass all day at home balance that out?

No. 459315

File: 1514865191250.jpeg (151.33 KB, 750x1092, AD40ACB7-CE4A-4CA6-8FFE-845EEC…)


No. 459323

Thank god: Midoriya is too pure to be ruined by this messy ass thot

No. 459328

File: 1514865999680.png (757.64 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-01-01-19-57-36…)

>had to order 500 more prints because she miscalculated
>took off prints from Patreon for November and is adding older sets? I didn't understand this one
>talks about big builds (lol) and how she gets down on herself until she actually makes it.
>asked her basement dweller following what they want for the new year
>wants to do more daily vlogs
>her cheek crease getting worse. Aging like a beast

No. 459329

File: 1514866128672.png (1.02 MB, 720x1173, Screenshot_2018-01-01-19-58-22…)

"I love it when you say misogynistic things about my over sexualized cosplay!!!!"

No. 459341

File: 1514866933179.png (119.45 KB, 720x710, Screenshot_2018-01-01-20-18-22…)

About Logan Paul video where he found a body in the Suicide Forest

No. 459374

She legit has crazy eyes now. holyshit

No. 459378

>wants to do more daily vlogs

Please, I've seen those dots. She's more of a vlogger than a cosplayer.

No. 459386

File: 1514871074293.png (338.63 KB, 720x806, Screenshot_2018-01-01-21-27-59…)

Posting this 3 times doesn't make it suddenly funny

No. 459422

Poor little guy. He's a living thing, not a stuffed animal.

No. 459425

File: 1514875871970.jpeg (32.49 KB, 443x332, 2607E236-4996-4615-BD9C-59A521…)

I know :/ ive always had cats and I’ve always been very affectionate with them (sorry I like playing with paws, holding them and kissing noses) but she’s full elmyra.

No. 459426

i think everyone harasses their cat to a degree. but i know if mine squirms or is clearly done with my shit, i let them go

im surprised she didnt de-claw him. i used to have a friend whose whole family harassed their cats way too much, and i suspect its because they didnt have claws.

No. 459440

I think a lot of it also comes down to the cats own personality. Some cats like being rough handled like that, they think its play time. They will let you know if they do not want to be touched like that or messed with and to be honest, Guzma seems like a hyper kitten and might be that way as he gets older. I have two cats who love being rolled around on the ground and get all hyped, run away, then run back and repeat.

I really wouldn't blame all the fault on her. She's still a shit person, but some cats love that type of rambunctous, rowdy play.

No. 459443

yeah in the end she does know her cat best and we’re all just tinfoiling. what a civil catderail we just had.

No. 459466

File: 1514879902424.png (902.55 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-01-01-23-54-26…)

Eating next to her prints

No. 459467

File: 1514879929487.png (1.64 MB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-01-01-23-54-44…)

No. 459468

File: 1514880069405.png (1.35 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-01-01-23-55-22…)

Forgot to mention these are reposts but damn

No. 459501

The fuck? Is that one of the recycling plates?
What trashy household does not have any plates.

No. 459504

To be fair do you really want Moo of all people washing dishes? Even then for the sake of others especially the pets; I'd rather there not be fumes from in the sink 8 weeks long dishes and such.

No. 459505

Might just be how you're raised. We only used actual plates for a sit down dinner, and used paper plates for shit like pizza rolls. -shrug-

No. 459506

She's supposedly in the middle of moving right now so it'd make sense for her to not be using actual plates. Honestly more surprised she has a decent home cooked looking meal for dinner.

No. 459508

I think at this point we'd all rather her take on being a vlogger than a cosplayer. I'll put my money on her putting out 3 vlogs then putting out an apology after 5 weeks of no content because of how busy she is "making cosplays"

No. 459534

File: 1514894457774.png (303.43 KB, 476x592, Screenshot 2018-01-02 at 3.59.…)

No. 459535

File: 1514894481833.jpg (54.54 KB, 722x960, 26169017_1233157400162540_7318…)

anndd the full size of her shoop

No. 459537

>i made it all
>ignore the fact my new fuckboy showed up right when i started posting these

No. 459552

>"everything made by me"
Lol sure Jan, your new Asian fuckboy totally didn't make most of your shit
And a bra tutorial from her
"Make sure you buy a bra a few sizes smaller to suffocate your tits, and don't forget to add a nip slip to really get people's attention!"

No. 459585


She's not even going to give Keintastic credit? She made a story of him coming by and literally make the stuff for her. Is she dense? Why does she always insist on taking credit, especially from little known cosplayers? I think that's why she works will a lot of small time cosplayers. She wants to be able to steal their work without retaliation since she could just do what she did with kbbq to them.

No. 459593

In a previous thread anons found out her stats and apparently she wasn't even good as a goalie.

This expression reminds me of the one Onision pulls in those pictures where he's trying to look like a little boy

No. 459613

Is this a logical, sane, and mature discussion about a cat? Snow really changes a thread man.

You tried that already and were too fat for it. Stop trying.

No. 459614

meh, shapewear + first lipo round, right?

No. 459632

>bra tutorial for girls with big boobs
Yeah but that doesn't even fit you right sooooo….
she just made it into the same shape nigri used but her tits are so naturally bit that nigri's designs will not work for her.

No. 459643

did she do a poor job editing her boob vein lmao

i thought my screen was dirty

No. 459701

You can tell that she's suffocating her tits. The one on the left(our left) looks more pale and veiny than the other, like it's going to pop.

No. 459706

…Im curious how she's going to make a tutorial out of something that already exists because Jessica made a tutorial on her Roadhog too.. Like.. That top isn't anything that somehow NO ONE can make without help.

No. 459783

File: 1514921499499.jpg (44.08 KB, 959x868, gross1.jpg)

Dumb bitch posted this on facebook to show how with a cup looks and without a cup looks and the comments involve things like "Nice almost 6 pack! I need to get back to the gym too!"

No. 459785

D-Do they know that you have to remove the fat before you can see the abs…. What am I saying, they're fat neckbeards, of course they don't.

No. 459795

Is she going go to cons in this? It's so ill fitting that it looks like even a whole package of boob tape won't stop it from slipping up.

Holy fuck, that slippage in the rightside. This doesn't even look erotic.

No. 459797

Exactly we are looking at contoured sculpted fat not abs

No. 459799

This is what it looks like when you try have to roll your saggy tits up into a small bikini to make them look perky and volumous

No. 459800

Lol! No way does she have abs that developed, even if she did suck away all the fat covering them. She's still one of the laziest bitches I've ever seen. 6-pack? In your dreams, and only there, you fat cow.

No. 459808


She looks like shes painfully breathing in her stomach, like look at her neck theres no way thats a relaxed pose.

No. 459809


Abs are the most difficult muscle definition for women to achieve, not even all female exercise/lifting/fit instructions what have you, have them. This fat alone of a cow only wishes she had any kind of muscle definition. People will blindly suck her tits in hopes she might notice them, even if it means she's fucking lying to them. I would love for someone to spam her 3rd round of lipo pics in this new set of roadhog pics

No. 459816

File: 1514923571162.png (621.35 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180102-150506.png)

Liposculpted abs before/after

No. 459834


It's disgusting that she's flaunting around those fat sculpted rolls as abs. She doesn't even try to correct people. It's pathetic that someone who calls herself an athlete/ former athlete is okay with lying about this. No respectable athlete, former or not, would be proud of this. Are people so dumb to think they're actual abs? Women have a hard time getting them even with a strict diet. Even in the olympics a few women have them. Is she so insecure that she just wants praise, even if it's undeserved?

No. 459842

Yes she feeds off of attention and will go to great lengths to get it, even if it means destroying her body with cheap PS instead of having a healthy lifestyle like the other fit cosplayers.

No. 459850

These are dudes who think her lipo scars are freckles, so yes, they are really that stupid. -Or perhaps just smart enough to know that if they ever want to see her gross-ass vag, they need to keep praising her with utter bullshit.

No. 459866

File: 1514926355106.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 188.84 KB, 800x1132, 4CC297A7-78F9-473E-8DAD-AB97E9…)

here’s to momo trying more accurate pochoco cosplays in 2018. I mean the more I browse the more I start to think this is the best character for her, nearly every picture the artist draws has her eating

No. 459868

santa tsuji is a fat fetish pos. he's stated before that sonico was only 'thin' cause she was for mainstream viewers and pochaco/taruco are for his 'real fans' or some shit. she's supposed to be fat. sonico is just a bit thicker than standard anime girls.

No. 459880

you forgot the “red” contacts

No. 459884

File: 1514927380274.jpg (464.61 KB, 800x1132, 20180102_160829.jpg)

That's better actually

No. 459885

and boob vein

No. 459887

i noticed the sonico figs gaining weight

this explains it

No. 459889

File: 1514927703358.png (169.51 KB, 720x749, Screenshot_2018-01-02-13-10-34…)

Bitch you ATE the full meal, the buffet and 20 snacks. Looks like you keep reserves in that pocket you call back fat too

No. 459890

File: 1514927736392.png (102.89 KB, 720x423, Screenshot_2018-01-02-13-09-45…)

No. 459893

Bitch you're always awake before 7 am shit ain't new

No. 459894

The only person in the world who thought she would ever play at MSU was moo. Typical for her after a few games with a club team at UNLV she was not only going to go play for a major university but also turn pro. Totally delusional, that's our Mooriah.

No. 459897

a full meal… girl you could feed a village.

No. 459898

Girl you look like a crumb ,not a snack not a full meal. Lmao

No. 459910

File: 1514930394956.jpeg (292.85 KB, 750x1088, 59D83F61-C838-4A05-AD12-9AAB5B…)

Retweeted a short clip of Mei getting titty fucked by Soldier 76 (actual porn on her so professional my dudes twitter account) and implied the porn was based off her shitty POV set

No. 459914


>I'm kidding I hate myself

We know you do. It's nothing new. You fucked up your own life. You have no one to blame but yourself. You're selfish, cocky, and one of the worst things to happen to cosplay. You're nothing but a massive bitch and everyone who tries to befriend you only care about your numbers, not your pathetic excuse for a personality. You can keep buying your friends by getting them rooms at cons and buying them booze, but in the end you mean nothing to them. I can promise you that 5 years from now, none of them will be by your side. They'll jump ship once you lose relevance. Maybe that's why you try so hard. You know people won't love you anymore once you're a nobody again. Your life is depressing and your newfound delusions are proof of it.

No. 459919

Yes, I can tell this is based off of Mariah because she totally has the same amount of arm fat as the CG model. Totes legit gaiz~

No. 459928

I will never get over how old she looks in that last pic. some late 30's desperate housewives vibe going there.

No. 459947


Source or links? Otherwise, this is bait/fake information.

No. 459952

Seriously if give her some skin tips here but I'm petty and want to watch her crash and burn. Im much older than her and would be so depressed if my skin was in bad shape like that, even at almost 30

No. 459953

I'd* not if

No. 460074

I’ve seen that porn movie. There’s no way it’s based off of her (since it revolves around her mainly fucking Hanzo) sage for slightly off topic

No. 460079


This is the laziest thing i've ever seen. I will never understand why people do this. your shitty eating habits will get you fat again and not working out makes your body deformed as we can see with Mooriah and her multiple lipo rounds.

No. 460096

File: 1514941127910.png (4.77 MB, 1242x2208, 37B71FBC-2FD0-4F91-8A26-15CC60…)


No. 460149

File: 1514944024710.png (1 MB, 718x1018, 20180102_204437.png)

No. 460150

kill it with fire….those eye vaginas can never be unseen

No. 460177


No. 460180

File: 1514946362153.jpeg (555.04 KB, 727x1155, EEA5C0D3-E4A3-41D1-8116-A59351…)

I thought she was supposed to be moving???

Posing in these again for no reason

No. 460183

lmao silly anon the 7000$ lipo she is showing off is reason enough. she has to flaunt the newly made "waist" ASAP before it disappears again.

Pro-tip Mariah….it's not working.

No. 460184

Does she legit own only one pair of underwear!? They must be filthy and falling apart.

No. 460204

File: 1514947787993.png (Spoiler Image, 1.44 MB, 1080x1920, 20180102_184736.png)

More proof of newest lipo. 100% 3rd time. This area had no marks up until she started showing off her body again.

No. 460206

She should really invest in a nose job, breast lift and blephorplasty…you know, things that can't be fixed with diet and exercise

No. 460215

She should just cut her hair off and rock a pixie cut. She wears wigs for all her "cosplays " anyways. I think she would look so much better that way

No. 460241

hah tutorial
for me to laugh at

No. 460268

File: 1514953153795.png (818.81 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-01-02-20-10-02…)

Anon forgot the most important shot

No. 460269

File: 1514953203783.png (611.83 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-01-02-20-11-51…)

Must be reading hate comments again

No. 460270

File: 1514953233379.png (1 MB, 720x1175, Screenshot_2018-01-02-20-12-12…)

No. 460271

File: 1514953269174.png (166.74 KB, 720x920, Screenshot_2018-01-02-20-14-12…)

>only twice

No. 460273

This bitch is really 22? Holy. Shit.

No. 460274

File: 1514953314784.png (151.81 KB, 718x884, Screenshot_2018-01-02-20-14-39…)

No. 460276

I'm genuinely surprised she hasn't done her nose. though I'm guessing she might be trying to pass those eyebags off as aegyosal? her face just offends me tbh. can't unsee the vagina-eyed turtle.

No. 460299

oh no this needs to happen. cerebella's hat is really tricky so i can't even imagine how much she would manage to fuck it up. it would be awesome.

No. 460300

wyd waking up next to this?

No. 460305

The post she responded was a NSFW gif of the character and the post itself saying "I wish Momokun would cosplay Cerebella from skullgirls". Why would she ask who is she when the name and series she's from is right fucking there

No. 460311

I'm calling the police

No. 460315

>twitch bag in a underwear thot selfie
It's almost poetic

No. 460316

It's clear she isn't taking care of herself and doesn't know how to read/spell in the first place. Forgive Moo, she's retarded.

No. 460318

bitch can't fucking play skullgirls

No. 460319

you really think she knows what aegyosal is??

No. 460320

File: 1514955945558.png (193.31 KB, 588x1119, DEXATI20180103000344.png)

I can just see it now

No. 460324

That shirt is also stupid as fuck. The Japanese makes no sense

No. 460331

I'm very unconfortable right now. Thanks anon.

No. 460337

isn't it supposed to be 喉の渇き? still it makes no sense anyway

No. 460340

tfw fat body but thin person's face

No. 460344

Just edgelords that want any excuse to still use "trap" even if it means uneducated shit translations to force it

No. 460346

i'd say 'thirst' should be written in katakana as an english loanword bc the meaning doesn't translate 1:1 with the actual meaning of the word thirst.

fuck that face ruins everything, pls shop this onto pics of her main cosplay characters

No. 460347

yeah… those words 100% do not translate into Japanese the way they want them to. a garbled mess.

No. 460350

They can qualify for crunchyroll translations now

No. 460356


Yep. So she is just going to keep lying about it. She thinks admitting to it once got her off the hook for any future procedures she gets done. Any time someone brings it up now she will just say “I already admitted to it. It was only on my thighs! Try coming at me with something new. Have a nice day lol”

No. 460360

File: 1514958142124.png (360.62 KB, 620x789, 20180103_003939.png)

No. 460363

File: 1514958204201.png (727.4 KB, 629x1119, DEXATI20180103003548.png)

No. 460366

this kinda looks like sheena now especially with those dumbo ears lmao

No. 460384

wait logan paul actually showeda dead body on youtube? i dont follow him but everyuthing i hear about him is more awful than the last..

No. 460393

This is art.

No. 460394

yeah he did, blurred out the face but showed the body. he’s in the YouTubers general and they’ve got a reupload if you’re interested.

No. 460396

not interested in the dead body but interested in all of the drama and his crappy apologies I mean

No. 460397

Wow was this originally fan art? This is so unflattering…it looks like the work of an art anon, even covering the shopped face. How can anyone think this is cute?

No. 460399

Yes it was fan art that she proudly posted on her Instagram lol. I made a few adjustments, like making the lips look more realistic among other things lol

No. 460404

File: 1514962834440.png (840.23 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-01-02-22-58-48…)

Out eating with Vamp again

No. 460406

That girl has a very unfortunate face

No. 460409

File: 1514963124123.png (206.44 KB, 720x915, Screenshot_2018-01-02-23-03-06…)

No. 460410

File: 1514963150216.png (167.91 KB, 720x942, Screenshot_2018-01-02-23-01-33…)

No. 460411

File: 1514963202965.png (161.84 KB, 720x938, Screenshot_2018-01-02-23-01-46…)

No. 460415

File: 1514963493647.png (124.64 KB, 316x303, Screenshot 2018-01-02 at 11.10…)

Sage for Vamp but what is this edit she did on Vamp's ass???

No. 460420

No. 460422

File: 1514964040316.png (50.14 KB, 327x336, Screenshot 2018-01-02 at 11.19…)

Mariah, didn't you write this for your Hunniecon profile?????????

No. 460425

back to lying about her lipo. Moo, we all know you just got another round done. when’s the next apology video for lying and deceiving your fans?

No. 460428

Hahaha damn

No. 460431


Doing shitty tire flips once a week doesn’t count as working out Moo. Not to mention you practically bragged about how you are like shit throughout this entire holiday season. So you can just fuck off with that.


And you can fuck off with this bullshit. The only reason you stopped calling yourself “body positive” is because everyone called you out for what a lying piece of shit you were. No because “Oh, I just didn’t want to call myself that anymore”.

It’s just so hilarious seeing her think she is outsmarting everyone and several steps ahead when she is really sitting with her thumb firmly planted up her ass without a clue. She thinks she is totally off the hook because she “admitted” to getting lipo and any further accusations are just flat out false. It is always blatantly obvious when she gets work done because she is always so quick to try to show it off and brags about how she “is totally crushing it at the gym my dudes”

No. 460434

muppet-looking ass

No. 460436

What the fuck is going on with that chin acne my dude

No. 460442

File: 1514968777849.png (82.66 KB, 442x559, Screenshot 2018-01-03 at 12.37…)

No. 460449

Already saved all the caps of her saying she only got lipo twice for when she gets cornered/outed again. It's only a matter of time, Mariah.

No. 460451

File: 1514970716281.png (893.58 KB, 720x1171, Screenshot_2018-01-03-01-10-20…)

No. 460452

Someone should ask her about her new "freckles" that have never been there before

No. 460453

I'm confused, is the tattoo in the photo on her? It looks nothing like her, wrong hair and half the width

No. 460457

Kek I wonder how deformed is the tat now
That's from a year ago

No. 460484

File: 1514977392205.png (188.54 KB, 1280x709, 25861-107jpg-png.png)

Not to insult a magical game, but she's reminding me more and more of above pic. Especially since she's taken on 'cow' as her new identifier.

No. 460488

google your own offtopic facts

nailed it

No. 460489

i feel like shes pulling her bra straps back

No. 460490

>buy this shirt with backwards text guyzzzz

laziest promotion ever, unmirror your trash

No. 460491

just laying on her unwashed bathroom floor

No. 460492

You were only ashamed of it because you got caught.

No. 460509

Not to mention many doctors in North America still do not have digitalized records, they have paper copies. So that means there is always a loss of information and possibility to skirt around it being sent to the new doctor by just not informing them

No. 460523


Mariah you're a lying sack of shit.

You wrote your own Hunniecon profile and if you didn't I'm sure you still had a chance to proofread it. I don't know when you "stopped" associating with ~body positivity~ but Hunniecon was only a month ago? Are you trying to say that you stopped associating with it when you first got caught for lipo or last night when Hanashimada was questioning your ass? Didn't you also write a super long comment on instagram to a company about how they weren't being body positive also? You also made a long post about body positivity when Gabby was apparently attacked for her size. So tell me Mariah, when EXACTLY did you stop associating with body positivity? Because you seem to still do it. If you no longer embody body positivity then stop trying to act like it in your posts and jerk your own ego by sharing the oh so many good deeds you do for the cause. I'm sorry but the only thing you'll ever be positive for are STDs and diabetes.

Ugh dumbasses like her get on my nerves. If she's going to lie she should at least keep her stories straight.

No. 460542

moo wishes she got enough d to be std positive.

No. 460611

Its plastic surgery. Not a regular, mom and pop doctor.

No. 460612

I'm dumb and forgot we were in 2018 not 2017 now

No. 460615

File: 1514996451413.png (373.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180103-081918.png)

Yo, farmers on her twitter, chill the fuck out. Youre WAY too obvious. Youre bringing up shit only brought up here.

No. 460617

that still applies. she still doesn't have to give her med history. if she's paying in cash no one will care.

No. 460619

Moo isnt the type to walk around with $5k in cash. Seriously. Stop trying to stretch this.

No. 460635

File: 1514997897818.png (314.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180103-084304.png)

Whoooo boy. Dropped 200 again. She really cant keep an audience.

No. 460643

You know debit equates to cash right

No. 460647

lmao, i mean paying upfront in full, debit like anon said. doctors have no obligation to get medical records from other offices, i worked in insurance so i know how it works, even for high regulated drugs, people would always slip through the cracks. one woman was being prescribed 3x the legal limit of adderall and generic by diff drs going to different pharmacies. obviously selling it, she didn't even have add or adhd diag, it was 'inattentiveness' which is almost a bs diag.

sage for insurance-fagging, but moo can very easily being ps hopping to get her lipo, especially around vegas/cali.

No. 460648

more like she just straight up stopped paying for her fake subs.

No. 460660


I did and i couldn't find anything. That's why i politely asked. Calm down.

No. 460765

Vamp says she edits her own photos and only uses the luminosity tool to smooth her skin.

No. 460776

I'm pretty sure Moo did a set of hers recently, and the ridiculous ass would be her doing more than Vamp's.

No. 460779

The newest set is the one I am referring too where everyone was calling out her ass and making comparison photos. Moo doesn't do her editing. Im sure she showed Vamp what she does, but it isn't Moo.

No. 460789

File: 1515010956342.jpeg (303.81 KB, 1242x1828, 4FFDBCF1-3F93-4B13-AEED-955462…)

Her fans are as delusional as she is.

No. 460796


It amazes me that she continues to call it an OC despite being called out for it every single time she posts in on instagram, or sometimes twitter. It's NOT an OC you dumb fucking bitch, it's a hentai character, that someone else created. She's such a gross, disgusting leech without an original bone in her fat body. And it kills me that people with artistic talent are wasting it on this shitty wannabe "cosplayer"

No. 460800

This really IS OC, considering it only slightly resembles the fat cow it's based on. That fan sure has an imagination.

No. 460802

A year ago…. look how healthy her hair was…

No. 460803

nah its her oc: the cow who's employed as a milkman that drinks its own milk instead of doing deliveries as scheduled

No. 460830

I have a question. you guys are always saying she had only 3 rounds but in the graphic she has at least 5 spots done? you coun't it by times she went and not how many procedures she had

No. 460832

i assume lipo is usually 2 spots to keep it even, hence one procedure

not that it even matters on this monster

No. 460834

sorry, when i said 5 spots i said double spots, so like 10 or more.

No. 460843

Like the anon said above, to keep it even, you don't just suck the fat off the left and leave out the right, two spots on each side for bigger area of fat to get sucked out

No. 460871

File: 1515018497423.png (52.1 KB, 624x379, cherrypicking.png)

So Moo will answer questions she can cherry pick ,or don't "Make her feel uncomfortable" This is ripe for asking her the real questions people want to know about, like the charity prints, lipo and her lying about it, or any other things she's skirted around the past few months.

No. 460878

I just wanna say this fanart is gorg and its sad it was wasted on moo

No. 460880

What she doesn't understand is that even if she tries to play the, "mature, serious" card right now, she's not going to be able to gain back her credibility and atone for her shitty attitude overnight. She can try all she wants to come up with weak excuses and pretending that she's "no longer that person", but it's only going now because she's desperate to have people think that she's honest and sincere so that she could gain back her followers.

I think at some point early on people actually did root for her turning over a new leaf and not fall into all the fakery. Her old interviews show that she was a mess but wasn't that far into the hole as she is now. Even if she tries crawling out of it though, she has clearly shown that she doesn't think that she has to pull her weight and work her ass off as a better person. A better reputation isn't entitled to her, and shouldn't be easily given out to her anyway considering how she's done little to nothing in this community anyway.

No. 460882

Good news is we have proof of her lying about this new round, so when it finally gets revealed she had it done there will be no talking her way out of it.

She probably did multiple spots in those sittings. Seems like the first time she got her gut sucks out, so above the pelvic bones on either side and then also under the breasts on both sides. As well in the love handles on each side. Which equals to about six spots. Then she got her thighs done, and again to keep it even its about once on either side of each thigh so again, equal to four adding up to ten total. Like in this graphic >>457175

No. 460892

i wonder if she even shipped the cosplay stuff she price gouged people on

No. 460895

Okay but what about those charity prints she promised would be shipped by the end of the month????

No. 460897

the prints were literally mentioned in the post i replied to, holy shit

No. 460901

Written like a true dumbass trying to sound smart. Girl must have flunked English class. Oh wait, she's probably taking it online.

No. 460906

No. 460907

The only places that use the phrase "comfort of discretion" are plastic surgery doctors and clinics. Stupid cow busts herself every time.

No. 460926


I would love to see people grill her but I feel like she would just delete people's posts or block them. She's such a coward.

No. 460928

File: 1515022065272.png (335.05 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180103-152605.png)

No. 460929

File: 1515022093328.png (315.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180103-152612.png)

No. 460931

File: 1515022120771.png (226.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180103-152617.png)

No. 460938

She hasnt replied to a single question because none of them are attacking her. Only to the lipo girl. POSITIVITY

No. 460950

Who is this? I don't get it.

No. 460965

probably that dude he spent 4k on her and vamp lol

No. 461005


Yeah. Just mostly ass kissers tring to get her attention. No one actually grilling her or asking any kind of serious questions. Not like she’d answer them anyways. She just block and ignore or do the bitchy passive aggressive “I don’t know what you are talking about. Sorry you are so upset with your life that you have to try to ruin mine for no good reason. Have a nice day lol”

No. 461021

thanks, thats what i was trying to discern

No. 461030

Not a fan of moo and I know people root for the dude who spent money on Mariah and her friends, but like dude they don't owe you anything. You honestly sound like an obsessed freak. You can't buy people. Mariah sucks but I doubt she asked you to pay for Collettes car and Gabby's fiance's cancer treatments. You were trying to be nice, but if she's not your gf or asking you to do these things she doesn't owe you shit. Wise up dude.

No. 461118


My assumption is that Mariah cut ties with this person and it's the idea that this person did a lot for her and she is thankless. Is it creepy what this person is doing? Kinda. But is it wrong to feel this way towards someone who cuts you out after everything you've done? Of course not. It's made worse knowing how Mariah is. She is the type of person to hold things over people's heads. She's a very petty person. She takes credit for things people do for her. She always expects to be thanked or have people kissing her ass but when it comes to other people she seems like she acts too good for them. You don't think Mariah believes she's the reason why some of her friends are famous or more well known now? She probably holds that over their heads and wouldn't be surprised if she uses it as leverage and threaten them that she would ruin them if they cross her. After all, we all know she isn't above doing that.

No. 461120

vamp never opened any doors for her tho

No. 461145

Definitely don't wanna defend Moo but a donation is just that. I dunno what kind of blood contract he thinks she signed but he sounds entitled as fuck to keep going on and on. She probably just has him muted.

No. 461187


That's exactly what I mean. She's a thankless person. Vamp has done a lot for her because she's the one that introduced Mariah to the Vegas group and even took her to cons. But Mariah still insists Vamp didn't open doors for her. How shitty is that? Meanwhile Mariah goes around telling people that she got Vamp famous, or promoted her patreon, or got her more followers. It's very shitty.


Since we don't know who this person is we can only speculate. From how he is talking it seems like he was close to her at one point or at least on talking terms. and it does not seem like donations were the main issue. The main issue is Mariah basically cut ties with this person and continues to be a cunt. It could be anyone since she's burned bridges with so many people. It will come back to bite her. You can only burn so many bridges until you're stranded on your own little island. If she really wants to be this ~positive~ person she advertises herself to be she should make amends with the people she's hurt or cut out. But obviously her ego is too big for that so we can all watch it come back to haunt her.

No. 461202

this guy's word only, but he implied heavily they are close, not some rando.

No. 461221

File: 1515039778321.png (1014.19 KB, 720x1155, Screenshot_2018-01-03-20-19-52…)

Cleaning her garage which is a pigsty. She did not clean the fake blood from how long ago? I hope her deposit is taken from her…

No. 461224

File: 1515039813729.png (791.34 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-01-03-20-19-36…)

Sorry for the blur

No. 461226

File: 1515039838781.png (723.8 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2018-01-03-20-19-40…)

No. 461227

File: 1515039964333.png (865.31 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-01-03-20-24-47…)

No. 461233


>if I have many cans of spray paint people will think I actually make cosplays.

No. 461253

Did this bitch really do all of that fake blood on the bare floor? Didn't bother putting down tarp? Nothing? How is this bitch still alive with so little intelligence?

No. 461254

It was on the bare floor. She said she used bleach on the floor and said "it works!". She's an idiot, it takes 1 dollar to get a dining table cover for the floor why does she do this?

No. 461308

Why does this look like found footage of a serial killer's home though?

No. 461327

File: 1515046403962.png (163.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-01-03-22-11-55…)

Lol, how long did it take for you to donate your money raised from your stream?

No. 461330

File: 1515046472793.png (136.37 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-01-03-22-12-01…)

Also, where are the donations for the photos your were also raising money for? No mention of giving the money at all.

No. 461332

File: 1515046588854.jpeg (154.83 KB, 640x1136, DD968D2F-C5FE-4E58-8C77-983D8D…)

So I guess she shipped out her “punk” Mei?
She’s REALLY picking and choosing what she wants to ship out then lmao

No. 461333

File: 1515046640435.jpeg (166.2 KB, 640x1136, 4913F44B-F44D-41DB-966A-66BB0E…)

No. 461335

Does she not realize that there was more than a handful of people affected? Plus there's involved insurance for these kind of tragedies. Some claims take months.

No. 461349

holy shit that looks like a homeless person why would anyone pay cash for this?

No. 461350

holy shit this wig is worse than most of moo's wigs.

No. 461354

Smaller than Moomoo but the outfit is squeezing her to death in the middle.

No. 461356

I'm pissing myself laughing. This cosplay does not look good on anyone!

No. 461362

File: 1515048042497.jpeg (742.98 KB, 1242x1388, D6B0A379-B057-4705-9B6D-1E7781…)

No. 461363

File: 1515048065232.gif (1.15 MB, 320x240, hulk.gif)

>Punk Mei
she looks like Hulk at the beginning of transformation from Bruce Banner

No. 461365

I hope the artist you're abusing for that is getting a cut, you shit-encrusted heifer! Haha, who am I kidding, they were lucky if she even paid for that as a commission.

No. 461366

momo “bought the rights” to the image from the girl who drew it. Totally her oc u know?

No. 461367

The artist is Willowisp or whatever…was paid a base sum versus a percentage cut of her art being used in sales. Dumb bitch

No. 461380

File: 1515049376920.jpg (514.46 KB, 540x1756, mm hmm sure.jpg)

I totally don't party at cons guys all I do is play board games and have a few drinks

No. 461384

Guys I totally don't follow Jessica Nigri around with my nose up her ass and drink in the fucking Mariott or anything!!!!!

No. 461385


Board games? Bitch where?! In every video you post at your "totally not a party room" you don't fucking see people playing scrabble. Everyone, including yourself, is drunk and loud. I don't even know why she tries to hide that she parties when she has instagrammed and snap chatted drunk multiple times. She tries so hard to be sophisticated or something.

No. 461412

In her latest instastory, she is bitching about how she is being called out because her “oc” isn’t stolen and there are many other cow girls with pink hair

No. 461437

File: 1515052568866.jpg (323.69 KB, 1112x1891, IMG_6901.JPG)


She's a fucking idiot. It's not a matter of it being a pink haired cow girl. It's the fact that she literally used THE SAME EXACT COSPLAY that she used for a shoot based on the Milk Party and even said that it's a Milk Party cosplay AND THEN wake up one day and say "lol guys it's my OC my dudes." That's not how making an OC works Moo. To top it off and prove that the cosplay is based on Milk Party, she copied very specific details. For example, she's wearing the SAME FUCKING ARMBAND. It's a small detail but it's one that's specific to Milk Party and NOT ANY OTHER COW GIRL. Sure Sonico has armbands but she has two and they are red with bells. Only the Milk Party girl has ONE BLACK ARMBAND like she did. She also tried to make the same fucking bell. Even though she plays it off as being based on cow girl Sonico, the similarities to the Milk Party girl is too much to just ignore. And again, it's the SAME FUCKING COSPLAY she wore for her MILK PARTY SHOOT!

God fucking dammit. She's such an idiot it is infuriating.

No. 461446


Samefag but also notice nowhere here does she say it was "inspired by" or "loosely based on" the hentai. She straight up says it is from the hentai. She needs to quit trying to school people on their reading comprehension when she lacks it herself and tries to back pedal hard on her own words.

No. 461448

File: 1515052874628.jpg (82.14 KB, 350x467, cover.jpg)

For those who can't see it (no I will not cap it because it's ridiculous) she basically goes to her Sonico Holstein figure and points out that even though both her """OC""" and Sonico look the same, her """OC""" has black bands on one arm and no bell on the bands. She also said Milk Party's cow has no horns and hers does. Um, do you not have fucking eyes.

She then does a slide show presentation where she probably googled "pink haired cow girl" that brought up various images to her instastory including one by a furry artist. I don't understand why she feels the need to differentiate her cosplay of Milk Party but whatever. Must be too much THC and lack of sleep killing her brain cells.

No. 461449

File: 1515052885852.jpg (144.72 KB, 800x500, Efi.jpg)

the only other pink haired 'cow girl' I can find is Effie from Astarotte's Toy and it looks nothing like the OC and sonico doesnt even count because Sonico having a 'cow costume' doesnt count as there being 'pink haired cowgirls. Cause in that case her OC should be blonde since most cow girls are based around the american 'cowgirl' stereotype.

No. 461458

File: 1515053572281.jpg (160.22 KB, 750x744, IMG_6907.JPG)

> but the Milk Party girl doesn't have horns my dudes
>I have one black armband so it's totally original my dudes

Please just fucking give up and take the L Moomoo.

No. 461461

File: 1515053879223.jpg (194.79 KB, 720x1174, PicsArt_01-04-12.16.46.jpg)

No. 461462

File: 1515053942536.jpg (235.8 KB, 2048x1536, PicsArt_01-04-12.13.13.jpg)

Please kill yourself this isn't deviant art. By the way her deviant name is M3rkat

No. 461467

File: 1515054595616.jpg (12.29 KB, 582x386, Point_over_your_head.jpg)

Samefagging but whatever. The problem is, Mariah, is that you are LYING about the source of your "inspiration".
You can make a OC to fit the archetype of whatever monster girl you wanna make them. You said over and over again that this cosplay was for a Milk Party set. You could've chosen a variety of different hair color, clothing, ear tags, horns, whatever accessory but you chose Milk Party, smeared your piss on it and called it "your OC" because you have 0 imagination, you skank.

No. 461471

File: 1515054808729.jpeg (151.17 KB, 750x1150, D714655D-FB58-4A9C-BA52-4ED65B…)

Ahahahaha! Her gallery…oh man….

No. 461472


No Mariah. You stole from Milk Party and you're only using Sonico as a scape goat so you can say "there is more than one pink haired cow girl guyz". It's a very pathetic defense on your part.

If she is your OC, then tell me why you're using the same exact cosplay you used for you Milk Party shoot? Follow up question, if she is original, then why use pink hair? You have many different wigs and you have a blonde wig that you've worn over and over again. Why not just use that one?

Yes, an OC can be inspired by an already existing character, but you just straight up plagiarized. Being inspired would be you using a cow girl theme like Milk Party and building a whole new character around it. Not make a knock off cosplay to do a shoot based on the hentai and then just say "guyz she's my OC now." The longer you drag this on, the more of an idiot you seem. I'm pretty sure that even you know that you copied. You're just in too deep in the lie to back pedal.

No. 461476

File: 1515055933554.jpg (102.09 KB, 720x944, PicsArt_01-04-12.50.58.jpg)

No. 461477

I know this airheaded bimbo ain't calling anyone a fool!

No. 461479

Not to mention she's trying her hardest to monetize her "OC" to keep up with the other costhots coming up with OC's and monetizing them. People wouldn't give a shit if you would stop plastering your donut steel OC everywhere and pretending like you're going to get merch made of them.

No. 461482

It’s kindve like when cosplayers arent 100% accurate to the T, or when they switch things up a little. It’s not their OC because of one or two differences. She can pretend to be a cowgirl but it’s not original girl. Get over it Mariah.

No. 461483

This OC is not even remotely important, like seriously who gives a fuck? Do any other cosplayers have an “OC” as well..???? This is just obnoxious.(sage)

No. 461485

SwimsuitSuccubus, Bunny Ayumi, and Tenleid, as far as I know

No. 461488

Sage. It's important because it reinforces she's a liar and can't rely on herself to be as creative as she attempts to lie about.

No. 461497

File: 1515058904270.png (858.74 KB, 720x1033, Screenshot_2018-01-04-01-38-27…)

No envelopes. Its been a week? Has it?

No. 461498

File: 1515058990785.png (960.72 KB, 720x1178, Screenshot_2018-01-04-01-39-23…)

Wants to cosplay this

No. 461509

>that corset on the right
I hope she drags out that worbla-ass mess she did for Camilla again.

No. 461511

File: 1515061342529.jpeg (270.18 KB, 1242x1772, 280E00A3-9ACD-4AA9-A147-7735F2…)

A bunch of cute comments about her Cat Guzma, she likes no ones comment but this one.

She’s truly trash.

No. 461512


She’s the one that fucking said that is was a cosplay based on a hentai. And this dumb bitch is really trying to come back with “Its totally muh OC my dudes”. Does she really think anyone is stupid enough to actually believe that? Even just a simple side by side will show how full of shit she is.

No. 461546

File: 1515067834308.png (1.35 MB, 1078x1683, 20180104_061014.png)

I just want to say ita 608am and i just woke up for work and this girl is up making roadhog tires? She's crazy

No. 461578

i think the same guy is making multiple accounts to post this kind of shit to her. crazy attracts crazy, shocking.

No. 461580

this bitch makes ~10k a month, and shes all shocked 4k "only" helped 12 people.

thats like ~330 each. what are they supposed to do, give less? its already probably nothing compared to the money problems these people are facing.

No. 461581

wasnt that white rag of a shirt alone like 50 holy shit, i cant believe someone bought it to wear and not to smell

No. 461621

File: 1515080080358.png (179.12 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2638.PNG)

Something an "experienced" cosplayer would know… or anyone that's made their own shit before.

This should really be considered her first cosplay, lol.

No. 461622

>See also: some no name cosplayer who seems half-capable at costumes said yes to making costumes for me lol I'm excited to have another idiot looking for views to be the next Vamp.

How long until this one magically stops being friends with her you think?

No. 461625

>cat got sick from fumes
>doesnt know fumes are bad

No. 461658

>Burning plastic produces fumes?? Who would have guessed!
How has she survived thus far being this dumb.

No. 461672

File: 1515085227707.jpg (43.55 KB, 656x456, IMG_1499.JPG)

They all look exactly the same.
You would seriously have to be autistic be able to notice "so many differences my dudes" but to just glaze over the fact that this all looks identical.

No. 461675

File: 1515085494084.png (297.38 KB, 1080x1799, 20180104_180256.png)


No. 461676

File: 1515085739770.jpg (58.48 KB, 550x550, IMG_1457.JPG)

>it's my OC
>it's the sonico costume
>it's the milkparty costume of anyone says this isn't a cosplay
Bitch what the fuck? That explained nothing. If you really think this makes sense put the damn vape down.
Grow a backbone. Use it. Just being a bitch doesn't count as having one either.

No. 461677

File: 1515085811141.png (255.18 KB, 1080x1797, 20180104_180332.png)

It was 8am when she replied.

No. 461681


. . . What the fuck is she even talking about? This doesn’t answer anything. Again, she was the one that said it was a cosplay from that hentai. Then a few weeks later she tries to claim “Its muh oc my dudes”.

Seriously, what the fuck is she on?

No. 461687

File: 1515087016635.gif (822.36 KB, 268x295, liar.gif)

>tfw you tell so many lies you can't keep track of them all

No. 461689

Weed, adderall, white knight asslicking, and lots of booze, my dude.

No. 461699


It must be exhausting to have to keep up with all this shit. Its always some new lie or another bullshit excuse she has to come up with instead of just telling the truth. And in the end she ends up being the one to tell on herself.

No. 461713

Wtf, has she ever mentioned taking the design from a cosplayer she saw at a con before? I know she mentioned collabing with castle to make it but I swear this is the first time I'm hearing it being inspired by another person's cosplay. She always flip-floped between it being an OC or from the hentai. Where the fuck did this come from?

No. 461714

Oh, so she's legitimately brain damaged from inhaling fumes? Well, that explains……well, just about everything.

No. 461715

she probably spray paints indoors too.

No. 461716


It’s just more bullshit she is making up to get out from under all the criticism she is getting. “I totally planned this character from the start you guys!!! I didn’t steal it!!”

Not once in all of this has she ever mentioned getting the idea from another cosplayer. She is just saying it to seem like she had always planned on making this an “original character” and all the talk of her stealing it from a hentai is just false, coming haters who are looking to bring her down.

No. 461721

she's going through so many logical hoops to get there tho, especially since there is a comment direct from her saying it was milk party. it's amazing since she's claiming it was always OC and 'haterz' are saying it's not, when she changed it to OC cause she reads the thread and saw us calling her out on inaccuracies/inability to portray a brainless hentai character.

No. 461726

What is this incoherent foolery? This doesn't even make sense.
>It was a milk party cosplay but then I decided to make it my OC
>I said it was a milk party cosplay but it was inspired by the sonico Holstein
>But I still called it a milk party cosplay because it looks so similar
So…she's admitting she ripped off the Milk Party girl?

No. 461727


That’s all that really needs to be done. Someone show her the comment where she says that it was a cosplay from Milk Party. The one where she tried to clap back at someone calling her out. No mention of getting the idea from another cosplayer or it being her “oc”. She is literally the one who said it and now she is trying to act like “lol no I never said that. It’s an original character my dude”.

She is either delusional or actually retarded.

No. 461769

File: 1515091734004.png (386.43 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0921.PNG)

She's so fucking stupid doesn't she know the shit is poisonous to cats she's going to kill them

No. 461782

Why does she even have cats? Can even take care of them right.

She likes any character with big boobs so she cosplay them terribly for neckbeard money

I’m suprised that she didn’t make Camilla her oc because she changed the eye color. Holy fuck she is really that stupid. Even claimed the cosplay to be from Milk Party.

No. 461795

File: 1515093019357.png (382.57 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180104-140852.png)

A quick Google search would tell you that although you should never use them on cats directly, diffusing a diluted solution is fine unless she keeps the diffuser in the room the cats are kept and they are unable to get away from said diffuser…(sage)

No. 461802



In the screen shot it clearly says that she cosplayed from the hentai. The word "inspired" is nowhere in the screen shot. Furthermore, she even made Charlie (castle cosplay) dress up exactly like the guy from the hentai! She even did shots that were based on the hentai itself.

Heck, for argument's sake I'll try to believe her claims of only showing the Milk Party girl to quiet people saying it's not cosplay. If that was the case, it still doesn't prove it's cosplay. It would then just be her in a costume. So what? If people call her bikini cosplays as not being cosplay, is she going to show people anime characters in bikinis and say "it's cosplays guyz!" ???

Also, based on HER OWN WORDS (lies) she admits that she knew there were similarities since the beginning. Then, as a GREATTTT business woman like she claims to be… why didn't she make sufficient modifications to the design so people wouldn't call her out on it? She could have literally just done a different hair color, lose the "totally not Milk Party" armband and make more personalized armbands, and add on more stuff to the design?

Mariah isn't going to slither away from this one. She literally copied the design of the Milk Party girl. She even said in her progress photos that it was for the Milk Party girl.

No. 461804

Do you honestly think that she has that specific grade/brand ?? I don't even trust whoever posted that, Moo claims her home smells like oranges when the shit in ALL citrusy scents is poisonous to cats. All scents are diluted and mixed with other shit that isn't good for cats. Only people defending their use of poisonous stuff around their cats are people who don't want to feel bad for poisoning their animals.

No. 461807

I'm more surprised she didn't use her Mei wig and glasses with the cow girl costume and then claim that to be her OC tbh. But the current situation is a big enough trainwreck for me to laugh at I'm not complaining

No. 461816


This might be a new thing with her: Taking characters with minute changes and claiming them as her “oc”.

Surprised she hasn’t tried it with Mei. The the contacts aren’t the right color and the wig is all wrong. Shocked she hasn’t tried to call it “Winter Moomoo” or some stupid shit like that. Or her Camilla with the wrong color contacts could be her “Dragon Lady OC”. Or her Chun-li with the worn out Calvin Kline underwear could be her “Training Girl OC”.

Nothing is off limits when you are looking to steal other people’s work to claim as your own.

No. 461840

She does do it with Mei. She thinks that she is Mei, the one and only, the original.

No. 461846

>literally a chinese girl
>don't call me white

No. 461856

Tinfoiling here, but if we're questioning to why she hasn't done this with her other cosplays, is it because Milk Party isn't anywhere as known as Overwatch/FE/Street Fighter that she's delusional enough to think she can get away with suddenly calling that character her OC? (Maybe to her neckbeard army but that's probably about it.)

Jfc this trainwreck is giving out more headaches than her usual trainwrecks because of her sheer inability to own up to shit.

No. 461859

I think the people defending the use of toxic oils around their pets are the people who haven't done their research and don't want to admit that they're wrong. I'll be waiting to see when her cat starts displaying cold-like symptoms or vomiting.

No. 461863

it's cause she got backlash for milk party from us and from fans. her spergy fans like the one commenting here >>461437 want her to be a kawaii waifu cosplayer that just happens to do lewd stuff sometimes. which is why he thought it was vulger. her 'real' fans just want to see more and more of her body and don't care what she cosplays as, dresses as or takes photos as, as long as she's showin the t&a. but those people never comment negatively, and also don't care about her 'great works' n shit.

the thing is that she -needs- to clap back on people, so she was upset about getting called out and unlike her other cosplays, there's not an abundance of variations for her to use as a defense, like she did for hotd and higurashi and shit.

No. 461865

File: 1515096661740.png (548.09 KB, 861x571, IMG_6908.PNG)

More proof it isn't her OC??? Here you go

No. 461871

File: 1515097106182.jpg (275.43 KB, 640x344, 1507099814618.jpg)

she got a fucking way off fanart of her shitty cosplay for comparison? use your own cosplay moo, then we can talk

No. 461877

she's absolutely trashed this house. no wonder she's getting evicted. I feel bad for the landlord.

No. 461891

This is like claiming an obscure coloring of a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure character is OC. Just because you use green pants instead of blue or pose standing up doesn't make your Johnny any different from the original.

No. 461902

Kek fuck off moomoo

No. 461945

File: 1515100852198.jpg (265 KB, 1652x1652, IMG_2644.JPG)

Direct opposing statements.


Oh what I would give to see the pic of her friends cosplay which "inspired" the rip-off milk party girl.

No. 461949

oh shit anon
good work

No. 461957

So instead of ripping off one character, you're ripping off two at the same time.

Got it.

No. 461961

so….her new scape goat is that it was inspired by the Sonico Holstein cow girl, and her variation on it HAPPENS to be identical to the milk party girl?? Oh no wait, the tails are different colors! (give me a fucking break lol.) And all references to hentai throughout her progress of making the costume is also purely…coincidental? Okay… right. What the fuck lol

In my personal opinion that sonico looks like a rip off of the hentai or vice versa, but I digress.

No. 461962


You're welcome. It wasn't hard to find. She makes every little thing in her life public so jokes on her. Wonder how she will weasel her way out of this one. Honestly, if she was just honest and didn't keep dragging in this lie, she would've been way better off. Now, she looks like a total lying cunt. Especially with her track record of constantly lying and getting caught for it.

No. 461965


she literally copied poses/ scenes from the hentai for her cosplay. man whatever she's on must be wild

No. 461973

File: 1515102260199.png (961.59 KB, 720x966, Screenshot_2018-01-04-13-40-15…)

No. 461975

File: 1515102285983.png (64.34 KB, 714x395, Screenshot_2018-01-04-13-40-43…)

No. 461981

this picture reminds me of azealia banks' closet when she showed the world she was killing chickens for years

No. 461983


Someone please tweet this at her

No. 461985


This, all this proof being found is no good unless she is exposed for it and has it shoved in her face. She's a blatant fucking liar and needs to be called on her shit.

No. 461990

inb4 banned for 'cowtipping' fucking mod watching this thread still doesn't understand what cowtipping is.

No. 462006

No. 462013

>>462006 Do you have caps anon? Or has she been living on twitter and deleted it already?

No. 462032

Who is pj?

No. 462034



No. 462045


She has never mentioned Sonico once until recently.

Also, her arguments don't make sense:

> Didn't use the Milk Party girl as reference

But she clearly says in a post that it was based on her.

> I should say it's the Milk Party girl if someone says it's not cosplay.

She said in a post before posting pictures of her in the full outfit that it was based on the Milk Party girl. Remember, that post was made long before anyone asked questions or said it "wasn't" cosplay. Besides, she's never used this kind of defense with her other stuff like her bikini sets and lingerie sets.

>I was inspired by Holstein Sonico.

This remark is the most of sinful of them all. She literally says in that same comment thread that IT STARTED OFF AS BEING THE MILK PARTY GIRL!!! So which is it Moo? Was it based on Sonico or Milk Party? Because you also say in the same thread that the Milk Party girl had nothing to do with it. WHERE IS YOUR LOGIC??? She's only using Sonico as a convenient scape goat because she happens to be another anime girl with pink hair in a cow outfit. If it really was inspired by Sonico, would it make more sense to use Sonico as a defense and referring her to all the "haturz" instead of the Milk Party girl? Also the shoot itself was based on Milk Party. Like what the fuck Moo!!!

She needs to just stop and come clean. The longer she lies the harder it will be to backpedal.

No. 462047


Trash becoming excited over trash; sounds about right.

No. 462051

i cant remember, did she start pushing this narrative before or after jnig posted about cow sonico

No. 462053

After. Jnig went on about it, momo got figure, now that she has figure it’s sonico

No. 462061

File: 1515108309912.png (873.27 KB, 750x1334, F3F77D6E-8A9A-48E1-8489-B8A311…)

capped this off her instastory so I could read it better, I know it’s supposed to be her edgy~* middle school oc but lol at “far from Mary Sue she has DID and kills herself.” surprised nobodies tried to turn this into an ableist issue yet.

No. 462095

If this ain't the pot calling the kettle black…

No. 462100

File: 1515111103931.png (54.45 KB, 996x294, kettle.png)


Wrong image.

No. 462102


She doesn't even hang with the same people as she did before anymore. She used to hang out with the Vegas crew and when she got " too cool" for us she started hanging out with the people "at the top" as she calls them. I can bet you, a year from now or even in 6 months she's going to hang out with different people again and ditch her current group. Collette is the only consistent person but that's because she has nowhere else to go.

No. 462127


She really needs professional help. Didn't she say she tried to kill herself before? The people likely to commit suicide are the ones who have tried before. I'm not saying we should feel sorry for her. I'm just saying all this ego and fame going to her head isn't great for her condition.

No. 462130

When was the last time she even hung out with Nana Gabby Tasha or Sabrina? I don't think she has any friends and tolerates collette who b"didn't open any doors for her". Her sleep schedule would totally make talking to friends hard that's for sure. She only shares accounts of people she thinks she can gain stuff from. She thinks she's above everyone else.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 462132

yes, and of course its not healthy. but these psychos never realize it.

No. 462148


Trying to get a narcissist professional help is incredibly difficult. She'll continue down a path of destruction before it's too late.

Let's be legit here, Momo is a very lonely person who heavily relies on being acknowledged by her fans and asskissing anyone else who's well known in the geek universe to make her feel like she's wanted.

She lacks real friends, only manages to date fuckbois who are just as shitty as her and has one bestie who she's neglected over time in favor of chasing after her cosmom. It's very sad.

No. 462151


Nana and Tasha despise her, only tolerate her or don’t say anything because her white knight keyboard fighters are ugly and vicious. Also they have similar fan bases and business is more important (smart).

No. 462152


Sage just in case, I had to refresh to post this because I got the ban screen from mods who I didn’t know asking a question about cosplayers also doing oc had to be saged. This is also saged.

No. 462168

jesus I’m literally mutuals with OP and some of the people in that comment thread. OP is just as messy as Moo so I guess birds of a feather flock together.

No. 462206


It bugs me that she tries super hard to downplay that she actually parties at cons. I get that she feels the need to because people always talk about how trash drunk she gets and how she's always high, but what's the point of lying when people literally see you at cons partying? She even posts on instagram all the parties she's at and she is clearly drunk in a lot of them. If she's going to lie about not partying / or just having a "small gathering" then she should at least put more effort into hiding it.

No. 462219

>She should at least put more effort
doesn't that more or less describe her entire career

No. 462229


It’s so obvious she is full of shit. She wants to be seen as this “innocent, down to earth wholesome girl who doesn’t get invited to parties and and hang out with all the cool kids. so she sits in her hotel room forever alone”. You know, despite the fact that her instastories are plastered with photos and videos of her getting completely sloshed out of her mind. She spends way more time at parties than actual cons, which makes sense because she doesn’t even get invited to those and has to resort to ghosting.

It’s all another desperate attempt to seem relateable and obtainable to her neckbeards. That, and she doesn’t like being thought of a trashy party girl who gets embarrassingly drunk at every party she is at. So now she is trying to shift the narrative to “Lol no. I’m such a loser who never gets invited to parties. I’d much rather sit in my quiet hotel room and just hang out with my friends”

No. 462232

So basically with this whole thing this is what it comes down to:

>> Saw a girl doing the Cowgirl Sonico Holstein cosplay, wanted to do a similar cosplay. Basically lewd with Cowprint

>> Commisioned for a Cowprint Swim Suit

>> Decided after ordering it would be a Milk Party Cosplay

>> Decided half-way through making it she enjoyed dressing up as her spirit animal so much, she wanted to make a cow-girl OC.

>> Made horns maybe an inch bigger, and gave her a different colored tail (THINGS THAT LEGIT NO ONE WOULD NOTICE) and now considered it her OC.

>> Because it has a different tail (Don't even remember it having a tail.) it's an OC. And basically at this point she won't be convinced otherwise.

This is Mariahs "bulletproof" thought process. Her first shoot was a Milk Party girl, and then she changed two MINUTE details, and considered every other cowgirl cosplay from there on out her OC. But fucking whatever. When you plagiarize a paper, changing a few words doesn't change the fact that it's plagiarizing.

But the creator of Milk Party Girl a few threads back said himself as long as she's not making money off of it he doesn't care. Maybe rules of plagiarism is more loose in Japanese culture. She gets away with her shit again. And her braindead fans act like it's all okay cause at this point they just want her to do porn. I honestly feel like I would gain respect for her if she did porn, she finally wouldn't be lying to herself anymore.

No. 462235

we totes just had soda and pizza and played dnd my dudes!!!

No. 462239


ummm ok well its your fault for not having the same attention to detail as mariah does (cold tones look terrible on mei)

No. 462240


Not to mention she’s super late to cons the next day, stumbling in around 1 pm, and high af half the time she is there. ALA last year she barely functioned.

No. 462244

File: 1515118736119.png (332.59 KB, 1080x1920, 1506873697168.png)

Ok ya'll I did some digging in the last threads to get some more evidence that she os lying about the 'OC' crap.
Now she is saying 'moomoo' already here (name of """"OC"""") but also admiting that they have been recreating the milk party hentai.
Why u lying?

No. 462250

She is making money through her patreon tho.

No. 462276


Not to mention the keychains she'll be selling of the "OC" now too. Should the creator of Milk Party be notified that she intends to profit from his IP?

No. 462277

idk i feel bad bugging him over some gaijin cow

No. 462280

this was already done. go read older threads. he doesn't care, he's not losing money, leave him alone.

No. 462299

with this logic, every character she’s cosplayed is an oc of hers, her cosplays are always inaccurate. wrong shoes? oc my dudes!!

No. 462301

The creator was contacted when this all first started its in a past thread someplace and he said he didn't care if they used it. I don't think though he understood what she was using if for tbh but whatever

No. 462324

this is an image board

No. 462349

Your account is showing, bungoddess

No. 462351

File: 1515123803050.png (175.83 KB, 720x920, Screenshot_2018-01-04-19-40-27…)

Stop. Tipping. The. Cow.

No. 462352

is the second person wrong, though

No. 462354

File: 1515124073456.png (698.42 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-01-04-19-34-27…)

No. 462356

File: 1515124148096.png (811.66 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2018-01-04-19-35-17…)

Not sure if old repost or she went to sushi 2 days in a row

No. 462357

File: 1515124179366.png (63.33 KB, 720x450, Screenshot_2018-01-04-19-36-11…)

No. 462359

>>462351 it's not cow tipping to talk to her on twitter jesus christ. We have no way of telling who is from here or not, and no one can control who says what to her.

No. 462362

I feel like some people here grossly underestimate how much she is actually hated by AnimeTwitter. Most of the time its just randos who comment on her statuses making fun of her.

No. 462364

This. My brother's friends even have a FB group dedicated to laughing at her.

No. 462365

Moo is to Mei what Traci Hines is to Ariel.

No. 462369


How the fuck is this “cow tipping”? I swear people come here with this bullshit every time she even vaguely hints she reads what’s here. Which we all already fucking know. She doesn’t know who posts here.

No. 462380

what ever happened to her cuphead cosplay?

No. 462381

cow tipping is linking her the thread or mentioning lolcow. also how are you going to assume that anyone outing her is cowtipping, it's not like the 'evidence' we gather isn't on her damn twitter. anyone without eyes on her tits can see it.

No. 462383


Same as all her other flavor of the month cosplays: She dropped it when she saw no one gave a shit anymore.

No. 462388

Hit the nail directly on the head.

No. 462414

How is this cow tipping? She lurks the thread non stop isn't that what she's talking about, people literally come at her all the time because no one likes her

No. 462444

File: 1515130962235.jpg (247.34 KB, 1152x1815, IMG_6911.JPG)

No. 462445

File: 1515130975775.png (128.53 KB, 750x952, IMG_6912.PNG)

No. 462447


Who does she think she's fooling! She asked for a bathing suit like Sonico. But it doesn't prove that it was inspired by Sonico. For all we know she asked for a bathing suit like it because it's pretty much the same as Milk Party but she likes the shape and fit better.
OR the people she commissioned it from also made the bathing suit for the Sonico girl so she asked them for the same one.


>taking my words out of context.

She's taking her own words out of context. She went from "I only said I didn't use her as reference for the appearance. She keeps adding more to her alibi which is a big tell when someone is lying.

No. 462470

Hey fat ass just admit u are lying about this OC bullshit. Also if you are going to lie at least don't fucking leave evidence everywhere that proves you are lying. I am suprised Mister Metokur hasn't made a video on her yet. He would have a fucking field day with her stupidity.

No. 462479


This dumb bitch really isn’t giving it up is she? How the fuck is it “taken out of context” when it is literally your words. Just fucking admit you stole the idea and stop with this “muh oc” bullshit.

No. 462601

it was just a joke my dude

No. 462623

It doesn't even matter even if she was ~inspired~ by Sonico. She never once mentioned this was an OC and repeatedly mentioned it was a Milk Party shoot/ cosplay. She never mentioned Sonico until recently, and chances are she didn't even realize the picture she used in that email even was Sonico.

No. 462630

File: 1515164756303.png (4.52 MB, 1242x2208, 15C07E3D-78DA-400A-9B3E-8822EA…)

She's finally shipping out her charity prints. Also every single dash in her story after this is literally fifteen minutes of her spouting off Fate bullshit about how she makes people understand the series and characters by explaining "not all the good guys in series are good people" and how that's apparently mind blowing.

No. 462649

>"not all the good guys in series are good people"

must suck having the brain of a 12 year old

No. 462659


She really is completely up her own ass. She swears what she is saying is deep and interesting and thinks she can see stuff no one else is smart enough to figure out.

No. 462672

Top fucking kek, I went on her dA and this was posted in 2012 so she was 17 years old. Most people grow out of this edgy bullshit by the time they turn 14/15.

No. 462676

Pair this fact with her dEEP fate rants and you’ll see she hasn’t changed at all. She still think she’s so deep.

No. 462682

Wow Moo, you figured out one of the major themes of Fate! Congratulations on figuring that out! It's not like the whole ending of Fate/Zero is about that or anything!

No. 462752

Finally she fucking sent those charity prints out, now waiting for her to reveal the amount she earned and to actually donate

No. 462761

tbh anon i don't even think she sent them out yet, just packed them in her car is what it looked like.

No. 462764

I pride myself in struggling through these absolute RANTS usually to see if there are any milky comments but this was just rough, I couldn't even listen.

No. 462785

File: 1515181277829.png (Spoiler Image, 997.55 KB, 1080x1920, gotofuckingsleep.png)

nightmare fuel

No. 462792


No. 462829

Wow so deep. That's like basic high school writing class shit, when you learn about the heroes journey and how protagonist doesn't mean good guy, and antagonist doesn't mean bad guy. Then again I don't picture her doing well in high school.

No. 462886

File: 1515188404645.png (5.97 MB, 1242x2208, F39C4CA1-FC02-41FD-93D8-78BC21…)

No. 462888


I'll give her credit for one thing, she managed to be able to find a market for her busted mug. Like dang she really lost most of her appearance. When I first heard about her around 2 years ago, she looked completely different. Her skin was clean and her face was a lot thinner. I know people can change in 2 years but wow…. she went completely the other way. She makes enough money to take care of herself and it looks like she has a lot of free time. I guess she's too busy lurking here to work out.

No. 462890

File: 1515188551141.png (4.49 MB, 1242x2208, 4D0044EE-F717-47E5-8D0B-9912A8…)

Not only is her snatch gobbling up her panties, but she’s got gross dirty underwear on the floor.

No. 462892


Fucking kek.

>Wearing a thong that's too small for her

>showing off that lipo belly

Really desperate to keep your fans Moo?

No. 462894

Yikes. Her stomach looks like a deflated basketball.

No. 462896

She’s trying to milk that bikini wax, she’s never really showed that much of the area before

No. 462900

I'm concerned about how inflated her right thigh is that it's going out of frame. YIKES.

No. 462903

What even are those fat sacks under her boobs? I guess lipo really fucks up your fat distribution. She didn't have those when she got her first rounds, so a third round of lipo is basically confirmed.

No. 462905

File: 1515189208822.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 910.52 KB, 2457x3072, 3E4E9FC4-6618-44D7-8858-DE48FB…)

This disgusting bitch has her whole pussy hanging out on her Instagram story. What the fuck

No. 462908

work out lines

anyway ppl think she went for lipo sculpting this time

No. 462911

File: 1515189477977.jpg (194.66 KB, 1200x900, OoOoOo.jpg)

oh i hate this

No. 462916

She looks absolutely deformed and mangled good god

No. 462917

i think thot is stupid and also overused, but christ, i can not think of a better term for this cow

No. 462920

she showed lips off in her blurry autumn witch mirror selfie

if i have to retain that memory, so do you guys

No. 462932

>Gym time
Did she mean
>Lipo time

Report it to instagram

No. 462937

Maybe she sends nudes to high-rollers? From her publicly liking posts on Twitter of girls who happily display nudes to this I wouldn't be surprised if she just stopped caring

No. 462944

File: 1515191619393.jpg (8.92 KB, 264x191, images(2).jpg)

Did she show this image to the plastic surgeon?

No. 462951

>when u wanna be samus but ur only a thicc dk

No. 462955

That's probably why she's saying she didn't get lipo done. Because she got lipo SCULPTING completely different thing so she's totes not lying my dudes

No. 462972

Just to let you know. If you have some following Instagram doesn’t give a shit. See this post from one of the Shannon Twins . Sage because off topic but also to let people know that the reporting system they have there is rigged.


No. 462974

I doubt that. Pretty sure her fans are trash and would send it around or show it to friends.

No. 462977

her next oc my dudes

No. 462978

>>462972 Not exactly true. I reported her video of her sucking those dick lollipops and they promptly removed it. She isn't anyone and they do pay attention to their content.

No. 462985


CHRIST her arms are fucking HUGE scoob

No. 462988

>>462886 these are the fakest, grossest looking sculputed "abs" I've ever seen. Real abs don't fucking look like a stack of foam bricks stuffed under the skin, and nothing else underneath. Wheres the size lines, the definition? Shitty lipo at the end of the day is shitty lipo, and anyone who has a brain knows she doesn't have the body of someone who works hard every day and eats right. Fuck this lying sack of shit.

No. 462991

Those two just below her tits are just so fucking weird and sad. I always just thought they were fat rolls brought on by the deformity of her stomach BECAUSE of lipo, I didn't think she sculpted them that way lmfao

No. 462995

Just shows that the less insecure she feels about things on her body the more she's willing to show.
I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing, more power to her I guess.

No. 462999

theyre new-ish, she was covered up in the fall. so any weird rolls prior were just weird rolls.

arguably, these are still weird rolls.

No. 463000

She looks like she's slouching in these thong shots. Or sucking it in. Or both.

No. 463029

I would believe this. I feel like she also had some more work done above her knees because they are looking less hammy and prolly got that back fat sucked out too. …Unless she turns to the side and her sports bra is still cutting her circulation off. Maybe in her mind if it isn't a "big" area the lipo doesn't count.

Either way its disgusting. I'm betting she went straight back to sitting on her ass stalking lolcow and Nigri instead of actually going to the gym. Some fucking role model. You do not have a gym body, Mariah. And slamming down a couple k for a back alley plastic surgeon doesn't get you one either.

No. 463046

What's the point of spending money on being skinny when you still eat like garbage? Fat being sucked out of your body doesn't mean fat is getting sucked out of your arteries. I honestly don't understand the thought process here. Why not…look good…by doing something that's a lot cheaper than lipo…and extends your lifespan…

No. 463058

For people who won't be as gluttonous as Mariah, it's more of a fat distribution/body contouring procedure than a weight loss one. I don't think she gets that, though. If you eat the same TDEE as you did pre lipo and are relying on it to lose weight, you'll just end up the same weight.

No. 463091

I don't understand why she got sculpted on abs (and how people are falling for it). There's is no way any woman of Momo's current fat percentage is capable of having abdominal definition. Wouldn't someone with a bodybuilder dad understand how ludicrous this lie is?

No. 463094

tire flips tho

No. 463100

its incredibly funny tho, im glad she chose to get them…just those 2 "abs" up there..neckbeards are like wow yr abs so sex i luv

No. 463147

body builders are the worst lipo abusers of annyone. they go to shady doctors to get every ounce of body fat sucked out of them to give them more definition. Her father is probably the one who referred her to the quack that is making her look so hideous.

No. 463156

Lmaoo now we know why she has this mindset about changing her body bodybuilders have the same one Jesus Christ her parents fucked up so bad

No. 463164

File: 1515206611383.png (822.24 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-01-05-18-31-53…)

>got new glasses.
>rant about not sleeping
>Collette (Vamp) is getting her own apartment and Mariah is waiting to see if she'll move out to another house or not (she said "maybe April" because she has "shit to do")
>says she wants to figure out herself without someone else.
>Says living with a best friend is hard
>if she ever moved out she said that she'd want white walls, dark floors and "open [space]". That would make her concentrate more

Kind of reinforced the idea that Vamp is sick of her shit.

No. 463169

>>463164 So is she being forced to move out or no? Because her frantic cleaning and talking about moving made it seem like she was having to be out the door quickly (evicted?) Her shit doesnt make any sense

No. 463174

I wonder if she's just going to get another Vegas cosplay skank to live with her. Glad Vamp is getting out and not leeching as much as possible at least. Just means any notion of her being someone "relevant" (I say that loosely) in the cosplay community is going to be gone.

No. 463191


Maybe the plan didn't go through, as it sounded like she was going to move with Vamp, so last minute Vamp could have changed her mind and wanted to go it alone by downsizing to her own apartment while Momo has to sort it out from there herself.

No. 463194

Its hard to determine just as a spectator. Maybe she was trying to make an excuse for Vamp moving out? She's all over…otherwise a normal person would say "Vamp is moving so I'm helping her?"

No. 463195

Maybe that really was Vamp on 4chan and now she finally gets the chance to move out.

No. 463198

screen caps? which thread.

No. 463219

File: 1515210447155.png (250.56 KB, 974x1516, 1494707890310.png)

The thread itself isn't there anymore on 4chan but here's a screencap from thread #15.

No. 463221

And this is her only "friend". Sad but that's what happens when you are a toxic bitch with the mentality of a spoiled child.

No. 463223

i'm almost 100% sure it's her.

No. 463224

Looking at her old FB profile it looked like she used to go to raves. How did she end up with such a boring person like Mariah? Sometimes I think people should do their own gigs and be friends casually but they acted like they were a couple.

No. 463229


Fucking lord that does not look normal. Does she really not see what a wreck she has made herself?

No. 463231

Man how awful of a person are you that someone is willing to relinquish free fucking rent to live away from you? She’s literally paying to get away from you, holy shit lmao

No. 463233

Moomoo living fully on her own to figure herself out is a disaster waiting to happen.

No. 463235


I give it a few months before she is begging for a new roommate on social media. She looks completely incapable of taking care of herself and since she burned every bridge possible, she won’t have someone to cry at home to.

No. 463238

she will live in filth. imagine how her main home will look if her cosplay room is trashed.

No. 463241

Kek, bitch already lives in filth as it is. Maybe Vamp escaped because she didn't want to live in Mariah's personal pig sty.

No. 463246

File: 1515213770547.png (148.44 KB, 720x838, Screenshot_2018-01-05-20-41-00…)

No. 463274

i'm fucking dying

No. 463279

that's really severe huh.

No. 463286

Didnt she say that she already had a new place to move into that she was excited cause it was an older fancy home for her super srs plans for umineko? Sounds to me like the place she was going to move into did a background check and didnt want the home being destroyed like her current one and denied the rental inquiry.

She was probably planning on the 'omg u guys i have to move so fast' to get more money into her patreon and it didnt work so she stopped caring.

No. 463291

I was wondering, wasn't sure if she had mentioned that 'vintage' house she was moving to had been mentioned even recently. I could have sworn she said she would be moving at the start of the new year and had been making "busy cleaning and packing!!" posts for weeks.

But then she posts this >>462890
and her room looks the same as ever?? Like it doesn't look like she's moving

No. 463294

File: 1515219935866.png (496.3 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-01-05-22-24-23…)

Foot fetish pandering

No. 463305

Even her feet are fat, veiny, and gross. Incredible.

No. 463313

Was it ever confirmed that Vamplette wasn't paying rent? Moo doesn't seem like the type to let someone go rent free (except maybe a guy she's fucking or something). However it's probably cheaper to live with someone so Vamps may have needed to save up to move out and get her own place. Moo on the other hand will be freaking out trying to find a roommate soon enough if her patreon numbers keep going down and she realizes how much she's living above her means.

No. 463315

With how much she was working and the lack of enthusiasm with her cosplay, I wouldn't be surprised if it was the other way around. Vamp is nearly non-existent and works a lot as a manager. Her social media isn't even a everyday thing like most costhots.

No. 463328

File: 1515223042045.jpg (668.98 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180106-001632.jpg)

The ol Race Card has been summoned

No. 463335

I love when she stops taking advice from professional cosplayers and never saves face. She has to argue with everyone about everything and wonders why people don't like her.

No. 463340

you get no 'special treatment' because you're a spoiled brat who only is flashing your race card now when all your old profiles you only ever claimed to be italian. She's so obnoxious it drives me up a wall

No. 463345


Her playing the race card is expected. What’s really fucking annoying is this obnoxious ass attitude she has, trying to act like she is the mature adult when everyone knows she will sperg out and screech at someone the second they try to call her out.

Not to mention her still sticking to the “Its all lies!!” bullshit. And that annoying fake ass “I want you guys to call me out on shit. It really helps”.

YOU MEAN LIKE YOU FUCKING STEALING SOMEONE ELSE’S ART AND TRYING TO CLAIM IT AS YOUR “OC”?! How well has that gone for anyone attempting to call you out for it? Oh yeah, more bullshit lies lies and excuses and trying to clap back at them. So how about you just fuck off.

And then there is the passive-aggressive “Just stick to calling me fat lol”. So fucking obvious she is trying to play it off like “It doesn’t bother me that I get called fat”, yet any time someone mentions her weight she is so quick to list off how many times she pretends to go to the gym a week or how she is dieting like crazy now or how she is apparently totally crushing her workouts according to her trainer. Despite all evidence showing she is a lying sack of shit.

But of course no one is calling her to the carpet. Just the same “you go gurl” and “fuck that other person for coming at you. You are a perfect angel”. Which is why she will continue to get away with this shit. She never has to deal with any sort of consequences and just waves off everything as “lies being made up about her” or “jealous bullies”.

No. 463351

File: 1515227759868.jpeg (98.42 KB, 500x750, C3FC46CB-48EC-4D7C-9FD8-1F07FF…)

If this is real it's 100% her, Moo's one of the only people this could even apply to. Man, it honestly makes me really sad for Vamp.

Imagining her learning how to sew, improving her cosplays, making friends at cons, enjoying and loving her hobby all for over a decade only for Mariah to waddle in and make her feel insecure and less than for all of it.
Imagine having to see that mess of a person fuck around and succeed in something you're actually passionate about and have put hours and years into, with no effort or even actual interest. Having to see that flabby little Hank Hill butt wander around your house blaring anime, getting in twitter fights, yelling into her phone, getting plastic surgery, going on disney trips, buying useless shit without a second thought while you work your ass off every day.
Knowing that your malformed friend can get naked and make stupid amounts of money every month, and when you finally decide you have to do the same just to keep up, you don't get even half as much of the recognition as she does.
Vamp is comparing herself to Moo every day and can't understand why she can't compete with this ugly, lazy, miserable cow of a woman. It's gotta be absolute shit for her self esteem and I feel really bad for her guys, god damn. I genuinely hope she gets out of that house and out of that friendship, that she builds her confidence back up and can enjoy her hobby as just that - a hobby, not a competition, not a business, and not a means of measuring her worth.

No. 463366

Goddamn anon, that was really touching. Mooriah is a cancer

No. 463377

>Vamp is comparing herself to Moo every day and can't understand why she can't compete with this ugly, lazy, miserable cow of a woman.

Maybe she should foster a healthy sense of self-worth instead of trying to sieve self-esteem from being comparative and competitive to others when that's not a realistic thing to do in the first place.
This isn't a mindset that Moo is to blame for.

I see this in cosplay all the time and it's so petty. Some cosplayers who don't "deserve" the recognition and money are going to get it anyway out of sheer luck or advantage. Life is unfair like that.
>inb4 dogpiled for telling the truth

No. 463386

one thing no one is calling out though is that vamp and mariah did not start anywhere near the same time cosplaying…vamp has been doing this since mariah was 10…

No. 463390

File: 1515238436684.jpg (101.06 KB, 574x568, Untitled.jpg)

I follow Nigri and didn't even know she had been doing a charity print sale since October…guess we know now where Moo got the grand idea even though she was already so far behind her rewards.

No. 463391

I don't understand why she's suddenly claiming the hentai cow as her "OC". She could've at least just switched wigs, bam low-effort "original character".

No. 463408

File: 1515242592015.png (1.85 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180106-131645.png)

Her story froze so I got this lovely picture of hers

No. 463409

Well, she needs to be realistic about where to improve. First and foremost by cutting toxic people out of her life. Then getting work done on her teeth and nose, lifting weights, eating healthy… it’s totally doable, and her reputation will go up. But instead shes been going for the quick and easy way to “success” like moo? I got no sympathy for that. Colette, you know what you have to do. Get the hell out.

Sage for sperg

No. 463411

Thanks anon that's something Inwas thinking about as well.
Also I don't know why people feel so bad about Vamp.
She could easily walk away from this friendship or just have less contact.
It's her choice to stick around she's a grown ass woman.
She doesn't even have to start shit if she is afraid of moomoos follower, just quietly go.

Obviously she is still hanging out with her bc of things she is getting out of this friendship and/or she still likes her enough to show her face next to this meatball.

No. 463420

>>463219 Since basically the entire world knows Marian lurks here, I wonder if she knows about this post or has any idea of the resentment vamp might have or still has towards her. Unless she's so stuck in her own little bubble and is oblivious to it. This Post I would think would stir up more drama for them than anyone else, considerig moo thinks of her as a "best friend".

No. 463427

I think it's because she genuinely has a low IQ. If someone else showed her this costume and a picture if the MilkParty girl, she'd believe them without question that the costume was a completely original character. She thinks everyone is as stupid as herself, so she can get away with it, when even the stupidest of weebs know to at least change the hair color of their recolored Sasuke oc.

On a side note, I'd love to see how she'd react if a popular cosplayer used the same outfit and wig and claimed they were their own cow girl oc. You know she'd blow a gasket and suddenly see it as wrong.

No. 463434

I thought this was likely from some other girl that's a different lolcow?

No. 463458

Vamp's sick of being the only one that cleans the house

No. 463460


like she got all pissed back in thanksgiving when people were "cosplaying her august witch design and not giving her any credit!!!1"

No. 463464

Na, this logic is like saying you can only have an unhealthy/abusive relationship with a S/O. We get it, she is grown and needs to wise up and leave. Their friendship is a toxic one, however, and
that's why Vamp won't "just leave". The relationship wouldn't be so toxic if it wasn't effecting Vamps ability to clearly do what's best for herself in the long run, and I see it has, with her giving in and turning toward costhotting and all. I can see how Mariah has gotten to her in other ways. She tolerates Mariah because she seems to want to believe Mariah about how close they are, and their 'match made in heaven' connection as bestfriends. I sympathize with that, because Vamp must have been lonely and vulnerable, leading to a lapse of judgement in indulging Mariah's whim/offer for companionship. I'm betting she has had her good times with Mariah, but i'm also suspecting things have been/ or will be bad soon enough for those 'good times' to not be able to save their relationship, and things only progressively worsen between them. Wouldn't be a proper toxic relationship without highs and lows.

Anyway, don't know why this angle is so difficult for some people to comprehend. This isn't unique, and i've seen plenty of people fall into toxic friendships. So what even if she mooches off mariah? It's not like she has 0 work ethic, and not saying mooching off someone isn't a bad thing, but that would also be mariah's problem. (I still don't know how farmers know Mariah pays for everything, or, even if she does, that they didn't make any arrangements for Vamp to help out in a different way.)

Sage because not Vamp's thread

No. 463468

I really hope the best for Vamp and that she gets away from this toxic costhot.

No. 463469

She was actually planning her BIG SET UP!!!11 of Umineko for her current home. That was why myself and I assume others were surprised she was running away from current home ASAP.

But yes, she said she was moving to a "vintage home" just like her parents aka it's probably just a normal fucking house from the 80s or something.

No. 463471

>wants open space

then clean once in awhile cause you dont own fucking anything just crap all over your floors

No. 463477

nah man, i think pretty much everyone would agree with you. but have some empathy, cause u know the girl just got sucked in to mariahs gravitational pull

No. 463497

File: 1515258073280.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180106-085841.png)

"I feel like I'm everyone's best friend… y'know? Uuuhhhh guuuuurrrrlllll"

Jfc.. This instastory bullshit is so ugly. Shes 100% the most self centered pos. Even during fucking shootings in HER CITY.

No. 463498

File: 1515258168406.png (916.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180106-090059.png)

You can see how much she is trying to hunch and suck her stomach in..

No. 463506

In the post above she literally says that she's been cosplaying for 12 years, and in the thread it says they started around the first time. Don't doubt this is about Mariah, but I don't think Vamp's the poster.

No. 463515

Didn't Mariah's mom/ sister or someone come in and white knight her and claim she was paying the whole rent herself? I wish I had the cap and I don't remember the thread it was in.

No. 463517

I can forgive Jessica a little more, solely because she probably had a way higher demand for people to buy the prints and it seems like she was selling the prints for an extended time as well. Jessica has paid the charity and shipped everything out. Mariah has done none of that despite only selling the prints for a two week span and having way lower demand.

No. 463521

I was thinking that as well, but maybe she meant seriously? Like being able to monetize it/ running social media? I don't know man, everything else fits in the post.

No. 463564

I mentioned that it might have been Vamp. Do you know who else it might have been?

No. 463569

This could be it too. It's like artists who say that they've been drawing all their lives but only started taking it seriously after a certain time.

Didn't she start taking it seriously when Patreon popped up?

No. 463575

I think she might've said that to throw people off into thinking it's not her, I mean, who else would fit?

No. 463590

the person who posted a bunch of shit was her sister

No. 463596

File: 1515269283030.png (178.89 KB, 540x960, 1505287885641.png)

No. 463597

File: 1515269328150.png (198.02 KB, 540x960, 1505287990770.png)

No. 463598

File: 1515269373008.png (187.9 KB, 540x960, 1505288015699.png)

No. 463600

File: 1515269408152.png (153.91 KB, 540x960, 1505288036995.png)

No. 463606

>Rent is $1500. Mariah pays for it

That's one thing that I refuse to believe. Mariah takes credit for everything and this would most likely be just something Mariah told her.

Hell, some of these things sound like things that Mariah made up. A going away party for being late too many times? Really?

No. 463608

Well, yeah. Her sister basically denied Mooriah was doing anything pornographic because
>muh sister is just not like that
or some BS.

Thanks for having these screenshots. I was searching for them a few weeks ago and had no luck.

No. 463610


Whoever made this post was an idiot because she just confirmed many assumptions we had about Mariah. Better yet it seems like this person knows her well because she confirmed the lipo and confirmed the 2 sessions long before Mariah herself did. This post PROVES that Mariah is not as religious as she claims and she never wore the hijab she proudly talks about wearing as a child. I'm so sick of her dumb ass constantly using being ~Muslim~ and ~Lebanese~ as her POC card and her defense whenever she gets hate. Like "you guys can't bash on me because I'm 100% Muslim my dudes."

Like look at this! I have never met anyone with this much lack of self awareness.

She practically asks for special treatment all the time because she is "POC". Whenever she makes a racist statement she always says "I'm not white guyz. I'm Muslim so I can't be racist."

Mariah please seek help! I say this as someone who has family with depression and bipolar disorder. You obviously need it. You claim to have a history of mental illnesses and suicide. You're a danger to yourself and others until you get the help you need. Stop being a narcissist for once and get help.

No. 463611


Do you really think Vamp pays for anything? She works a part time minimum wage job and barely makes anything on patreon. With her wage, there's no way she could afford all of her cosplay supplies and convention fees.

This further proves that something is going on between them if Vamp is willing to give up free rooming. But hey, Moomoo will likely post about it on social media sooner or later. Guess Vamp will also disappear off the internet.

No. 463614


Momo will slowly go downhill now that Vamp won't be waiting at home to be her BFF to chill with at all times. She needs the attention, the reassurance and needs someone else to feed off of, with nobody home but her own company this is going to become toxic.

No. 463615

Also even if momo wasnt paying all the rent vamp seems to be moving out on her own so the chances of her finding a place that's cheaper than her part of the rent is slim so either way she's paying more than she was when living with momo

No. 463630

i thought vamp was a manager

No. 463635


Seriously. She only plays that “I’m totally Muslim and Lebanese” bullshit whenever she is looking to get out from critcism. Or trying to play the “oppressed poc”. Or she thinks it somehow excuses her from being racist.

It’s practically a get out jail free card for her with how much she uses it. It’s so obvious that she is full of shit and uses it only as a shield.

No. 463641


Not to mention all the over the top, bullshit sob stories she always makes up about being “totally Muslim and Lebanese”. Like her saying she was constantly called “sand nigger” and “terrorist” and having her hijab torn off by white kids so she stopped wearing it.

No. 463657

I think Vamp makes decent money at her job. She probably works close to/ just under 40hrs a week and has a management position. If she is moving out by herself its probably somewhere she can afford.

Wouldn't be surprised if Mariah wanted a nice, big house even though it was out of Vamp's price point so Mariah just said she'd pay for it because she thinks she's a baller.

No. 463663

File: 1515274065841.png (82.86 KB, 703x484, Screenshot_2018-01-06-13-24-31…)

>American retail store
>assuming she isn't sleeping at work at this point of employment
Most managers who have shitty places to work at will have more than 40 hours to work with. Trust me.

No. 463670

File: 1515274508552.png (761.36 KB, 720x1154, Screenshot_2018-01-06-13-31-52…)

Her fucking eye area was turning PINK is that normal for Shiseido creams?

No. 463672

She's a manager, so I doubt she makes minimum wage. She probably makes decent money, and cost of living is cheap in Vegas.
I can see Moo paying for shit for cons and stuff to have Vamp with her. Like if Mariah pays for the hotel Vamp just has to pay for the badge (if they don't just ghost). Mariah may have paid for her flight/hotel to New York to have someone to go with. I can see that because it suits her needs. I also agree that Mariah would have used it as something to brag about/defend herself ("I pay all the rent because my poor roommate can't afford it with her sad retail job, also I support my parents who are out of work").

No. 463674

what's sad is that even being behind on 6 months of rewards should have only taken a week even including the printing of the prints

not several months

No. 463677

It's sad when you have to blow up a picture to see if she has jelly like under eye things on her face or her eye bags are just that swollen.

No. 463694


It shows how little time she spends on her "work". We all know she's going to be all "excuse you haters. I actually spent many days without sleeping for weeks to catch up!"

We knows that's a lie. She's traveled out of state multiple times within December alone. The fact that she was behind for so long is proof of her laziness. All she has to do is sign prints that she orders and gets delivered to her door, and then ship them out. If she spent even an hour or two just signing these. She could ship out a month worth of rewards in a week!

She does not understand that people hate on her work ethic because she does nothing with her time! She doesn't workout everyday. She practically goes 3 times a month. She doesn't make her cosplays and when she does she spends a day, then show off how fast she is despite the poor quality. She eats out regularly, so she probably doesn't cook at home. She doesn't even clean. She has no excuse for being behind on rewards. And she's going to say "I'm busy planning out cons." As someone who goes to cons myself, it does not take a lot of time planning out a con. Hell, planning out shoots take about 10 minutes at most. It doesn't take much effort to say "hey do you want to shoot me?" Furthermore, she doesn't host panels or host events within the con, so there's no reason why her "planning" out her cons takes her more than an hour.

No. 463704

>online college

I understand if you're actually working full-time and this is your only way to get a degree, but there is no reason why Moo can't attent college with her patreon bux and how little she actually works on cosplay.

No. 463727

those look better than her eye bags imo

No. 463762

she's not even wearing those at the right spot, they're supposed to get rid of the gross eye bags she has.

No. 463837

her left/our right looks like its getting an allergic reaction or something

No. 463902

File: 1515296172422.png (28.27 KB, 480x298, lipo.png)

Oh Moo, be in denial all you want

No. 463904

Remember how concerned she was about HER CITY yet laughed and made fun of a shooting victim who got shot in the rear on her charity stream

No. 463906

Oh god.

No. 463908

Please put your tits away, grandma.

No. 463910

File: 1515297287422.png (225.47 KB, 526x474, Screenshot 2018-01-06 at 7.50.…)

No. 463911

File: 1515297324280.png (414.88 KB, 922x513, Screenshot 2018-01-06 at 7.52.…)

No. 463915

holy shit those jowls…
Needing a facelift in your early 20s…. yikes

No. 463931

File: 1515300139563.png (733.89 KB, 720x1023, Screenshot_2018-01-06-20-38-36…)

No. 463933


Doesn’t matter if she keeps lying. Eventually one of her “friends” is going to slip up and out her again since it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all her lies.

But still. You ain’t fooling shit Moomoo. Nothing other than lipo could be reason for that monstrosity you call a “body”. No tire flips. No “dieting”, no “muh genetics”. Anatomically, you look like a complete mess. You are either high or just fucking stupid if you expect people to believe otherwise.

No. 463956

ah yes because her last collaboration with that hack of an artist did soooo well that did wore it once and then sold it off to this poor sap >>461333

cant wait to see how poorly designed and shitty this one looks

No. 463996

File: 1515307536731.png (611.32 KB, 767x555, uhh'.png)

Is it just me or does her head look too small

No. 464005

I mean yeah summer is far away but it shouldn't take months to complete? It's a fucking swimsuit not a full suit of armor

No. 464015


I mean… in comparison to her gargantuan body, yeah. But part of that has to do with the photoshop and facetape combo.

No. 464016

File: 1515309336765.jpg (267.11 KB, 767x555, 201801071292861403.jpg)

What on earth do you mean, anon? Her head looks completely proportional.

No. 464025

File: 1515310459970.gif (2.9 MB, 290x189, laughing cowboy.gif)

No. 464026


next thread pic?

No. 464036

vegas is cheaper than you think

No. 464038


weird cuz her head is usually huge from that ego.

No. 464087

This was first posted in some Mariah thread here but the "it was her sister" meme was never confirmed. I don't even know where it originated from, the writer of that post was never outed. It must be accurate because it holds up and the lipo thing matches what Mariah said when she admitted to it months later, but we still don't know who wrote it.

Like the other anon said it could be to throw people off, or it could mean that they started cosplaying more actively during that time. I've seen a lot of people who have done a few costumes here and there but count their years of cosplaying from the time they started doing it as an actual hobby. Or the post could be a troll and full of shit, we might never know. Spergy anons just had to ruin it with "OMG HI VAMP LMAOOOOOO" replies before anyone could carefully milk out other information.

No. 464109

File: 1515327754824.png (844.41 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-01-07-04-18-59…)

>smoking a blunt
>watching anime
Wow your life is so great

No. 464110

LMFAO she literally has a different mask on every night…she really has zero idea of her skin type or what she's doing…the more shit you throw into your skin care routine the harder it is to track what works for you and what doesn't…no wonder her face is a train wreck.

No. 464111

Before this story clip, she did the same thing she did last night and wore the green tea mask/collagen pads/shiseido cream. She knows we're capping her so it was a 5 second clip. Why is she trying so hard. She must feel like shit because her ~best friend~ is leaving her and she's a old lonely hag now.

No. 464140

Mariah…I got a skin tip for you…put down that fucking blunt (you do realize blunts use tobacco leaves and tobacco is TERRIBLE for your skin, right!?) and go to bed at a fucking decent time. Get a full 8 hours. It's not hard to do.

She really must be following these threads closely. I mentioned Torrid as a brand here MONTHS ago that she should be buying her lingerie from and now it's all she uses aside from that ugly CK set she'll never let go.

No. 464160

>>464109 She will shoop herself into oblivion yet allows herself to look like this in public? She looks disgusting. Anyone who follows or looks up to her is just as delusional as she is. Her landlord must be THRILLED with how her home must reek of weed smoke, trashed bedrooms and carpet, and faux blood stained garage floor. What a filthy fucking pig.

No. 464162

I kind of think it was her mom tbh. Her mom has white knighted her before in other places before. Her sister has never really shown she cares at all tbh

No. 464193

Maybe instead of piling on different face masks every night she should try… sleeping… hm.

No. 464195

does she actually need glasses then? i dont really like these, but theyre better than the shitty mei circles

No. 464196

>blunts use tobacco leaves

No. 464200

seriously, i dont even use masks and shit, but arent you supposed to not use it every single night???? i thought it was like twice a week tops or something idk

i use Noxzema face pads, and i love them so much, but my friends couldnt use them consistently as i did (we're all no make up losers so idk if that makes any difference)

No. 464201

you can use them every night but you don't need to, it's a waste. i use them two times a week sometimes 3 and know people who use them every other day.

the paper masks are different than the wash off masks tho.

what she really needs to be doing is cleansing her face, putting on night cream and fucking going to bed.

No. 464202

a blunt is rolled up in a cheap cigar, cigars are wrapped with tobacco leaves. You “gut” the cigar (removing all the tobacco inside) but the outter wrapper of tobacco is still there

No. 464203

yeah a lot of masks will say "use once or twice a week" because too much use will fuq up ur skin - not sure about those sheet mask ones but either way - wearing a fucking face mask at 3:00am isnt going to do much for you. it's shocking how much SLEEP alone will rejuvenate your skin and make you look less dull and tired. its just fucking sad, shes an actual wreck.
she never ended up making that skin care routine video right?
imagine how fucking funny that would be
>wait until witching hour to put on your facemask, it works faster if you smoke a blunt at the same time getting the smoke caught up in the mask <3

No. 464204

everyone i knew just used cig rolling papers

i kind of wish shed make more youtube videos. mariah pls bless us with your lovely vlogs on yt

No. 464206

that isn't a blunt that's a joint lol. blunts use the crappy flavoured cigars you can buy at a convenience store like swishers or dutch masters.

No. 464207

meant to reply to this person my bad

No. 464211

Hey I can't deny smoking a blunt and watching anime is a good time. Mariah is a really shitty kind of weed user where she's probably only been smoking since she started cosplaying the last few years and doesn't know how to keep her priorities straight so weed made her super lazy since she's constantly high which lead to her being a huge oblivious lazy fatass. Sorry for weed sperg but being a responsible functioning stoner cosplayer in these threads sometimes drive me nuts

And yeah usually with blunts are rolled with tobacco leaves, you buy those swishers in two packs from the grocery store and empty out the tobacco and fill it with weed. That being said if she's smoking an entire blunt by herself, that's hella nasty since they hold a shitload of weed and will get you ridiculously high and her house probably reeks like weed cuz blunts make the smell stick. In her case with her skin so bad she should just stick to joints and pipes

No. 464215

That's not what a meme is
and you can see right in the first image under poster name it says "kiwifarms.net"

No. 464221

hahaha obviously im not a smoker myself
the onion temp stoners are so loud and annoying

hmm…. mentioning the smoke tho, im kind of surprised none of her neckbeards mentioned the smell
but i guess she takes so long to ship shit, maybe thats part of it

is pot even legal where she lives? im not american.

No. 464226

>>464221 legal or not, the way she glorifies and shows it off is gross. She behaves like a teenager when she dows, ;" oh look! Im getting weed brownies, or smoking the good stuff!" And posts closeups of it like she's some special bitch. No one gives a shit Mariah if you smoke pot, all it does it make you look like more of a gross, lazy cunt when you show it at 3 am with some paper smeared all over your face. Posts like that make it painfukky obvious that if a guy could put a paper bag over her face and still fuck her, they be ok with it. Talk about life goals.

No. 464231

Agreed, I don't think there's anything wrong with being open about using it and talking about it but she treats it like she's an eighth grader who took one hit and now is all "Rasta 420 i fucks w the vision" and well…its embarrassing. As someone who crosses over my cosplays and marijuana use I think she's utterly disrespectful and her attitude towards weed is what makes people dislike it

No. 464234

Recreational weed smoking in Nevada is legal, can confirm because I’m American.
But still doesn’t excuse the fact she tries so hard to show it off that she’s smoking it.

No. 464242

File: 1515346990435.jpg (866.34 KB, 1178x1298, s3.jpg)

Girl over there looking like The Cannibal from Dead by Daylight.

No. 464244


Would be perfect for a Cattleya cosplay lmao

No. 464250

not only is it legal, dispensaries are everywhere and many of them are open until 1-2AM. you can't smoke in public places, including cars, only at home. hotels tell you not to smoke there, but they won't do shit about it unless you're giving them a reason to want to throw you out anyway, to be completely honest. the legal limit is 1 oz per person per transaction and there's a biweekly limit on how much you can buy overall, but it's a crapton of weed for one person. i have a strong feeling that esp with vamp gone, that's all she's gonna do all day and night.

protip moo, pick up some indicas so you can get some fucking sleep jfc

No. 464253

>you can't smoke in public places, including cars, only at home.

lol so she breaks the law all the time
not to mention her distracted driving

i hope she totals her car in a way that doesnt injure anyone but herself tbh

No. 464258

tbh all she has in her room is clothing and shit. she could put most, if not all, of it into those big black garbage bags.

and i guarentee she would, cause shes so fucking trash.

i feel like cleaning my room now lol

No. 464262

more than distracted driving, it's a DUI. but it's honestly pretty common here, people will smoke right in the parking lots of dispensaries. getting caught is pretty unlikely unless you're already being super suspicious.

besides, screw the car crash, play the slow game. 24/7 munchies are gonna make her balloon and the mess will just get worse around her. if she gets (psychologically) addicted, it could really fuck her life

No. 464269

Yeah we only smoked blunts in group situations, a blunt to the head would make me sick to my stomach. I'd much rather spoke out of a pipe, and I prefer the cleanliness of a bong or bubbler. I don't get why she's further wrecking this apartment; why would you smoke a fucking blunt inside that's absolutely disgusting. Weed smoke doesn't stick to walls as bad as cigarette smoke does, but a blunt will definitely stink up a place.

No. 464277

Imagine her sticky resin fingers with her overgrown nails

No. 464278

this is the girl who uses spray paint, etc with no proper protection or ventilation and is already killing one cat due to it. we shouldnt be surprised. im almost embarassed i am lol

honestly, im fine with her having a slow burn as long as she continues in this seemingly endless downward spiral.

No. 464287

yeah at this point she could be a millionaire and I wouldnt care cause she's been on such a steady decline with life and happiness that it's fantastic

No. 464292

You've never smoked weed, have you?
Not that you need to but you clearly don't know what you're talking about. they don't put tobacco in joints and blunts lmao

No. 464294

File: 1515351598500.jpeg (362.36 KB, 733x1065, 734E3575-3F37-460C-B4AA-A90576…)

No more weed derail

No. 464298

Can we get back on topic now, damn

Now that you mention it, it's definitely likely that it was her mom. Wasn't she arguing with people over how kind, loving and undeserving of hate on Facebook not too long ago?

No. 464309


Expecting more 3am stupidity stories, angst and tantrums to increase once her bestie finally leaves.

No. 464312

In england its common to make joints or blunts or whatever with weed and tobacco. So mariah probably doesnt use tobacco

No. 464327


According to Moomoo, her mom reads all the mean comments her daughter gets and wants to have words with their parents. This was also around the time Moomoo was constantly going on about how much her parents support her.

Which, if her mom still defended her daughters bullshit despite all the proof of what a toxic, lying cunt of a bully she is means she really did fail at raising her. No wonder Moomoo turn e out how she did if she had a mom who always gave her a pass for her bullshit.

No. 464334

>wants to have words with their parents.

Welp now I see how Mariah managed to remain in child mode 24/7, her mom treats life like it's elementary school.

No. 464341

File: 1515354247594.png (17.41 KB, 578x154, cardio.png)

Maybe if she lies to herself everyday she'll convince herself, and everyone else she's actually taking care of herself. The only cardio she gets is when shes huffing and puffing to get to the next restaurant before it closes for the night.

No. 464343

yaaaaas i cant wait

No. 464345


There she goes again with her 'look at me, I'm at the gym my dudes!' while adding in how she's watching anime to seem more like a quirky fitness geek. Oh fuck off Moo.

No. 464357

It would be creepy living with someone who essentially talks to themselves 24/7. I don't care if she's "talking to her fans on Instagram" she has way too many thoughts that she feels needs to be vocalized, and Vamp probably sits there at night listening to her go off to just nobody. That to me would feel so uncomfortable.

No. 464385

I can assure you dispensaries don't do that lmao. And that's most likely where she gets them since it's legal there.
Only trashy dealers do that, it is not commonplace in marijuana at all. And with the rise of dispensaries, it's even less common.
Also you really shouldn't trust the featured answers on google, that's should be common knowledge.
I feel like I'm explaining things to a child.
Sage for derail, but cmon. Do actual research before you claim you know shit.
Especially if it pertains to Mooriah and her shit skin. It's not from smoking, it's from her shitty diet and "skin care" routines.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 464387

>>464385 how about you stop derailing period oh my god, take your sperging somewhere else, no one fucking cares.

No. 464388


Imagine waking up to go to a normal job every morning and hearing Moo scrambling around in her room venting shit before going to bed the same time. She has the most fucked sleeping schedule because of her social media addiction and keeping tabs on the haters, herself and most importantly-herself.

No. 464389

she really needs to stop with her predictable behavior. She did the exact same thing when she denied liposuction last time. She just bragged about how hard she was working out and dieting and started taking more underwear pics.

Losing fat doesn't count if you suck 10-20 pounds of it per lipo session. Also people say she only went twice, but I see at least 4 pairs of spots on her torso? Is some quack just doing multiple sessions at once? That doesn't even count her inner thighs and butt

No. 464392

All of my PS knowledge is from documentaries, but isn't multiple spots a session common? Like people do their stomach and thighs at once.

No. 464399

Stop the weed debate.

No. 464403

File: 1515360824157.jpeg (132.72 KB, 736x933, 9F5E697B-6FB9-4EB3-8AA6-D2661B…)

back on topic, she’s having a dress shirt made for her. Sometimes I don’t understand her logic on make vs buy, out of EVERYTHING whatever Cosplay this is will have she’s having someone make the one thing that no one would shame her for just buying? this is a plain white button down.

No. 464409

I cannot imagine that shirt fitting momo at all ever

No. 464421


Up close it's going to look terrible. This anateres girl can sew somewhat better than Moo but not by terribly much. What a waste of time, money, and labor.

No. 464429

File: 1515362224360.jpeg (69.93 KB, 342x400, 73E4D88C-D6B2-4F7D-AF0B-C5B372…)

same, I keep looking at the neck area and I feel like it’s way too small but the angle on the picture doesn’t help.

any guesses on what this could be for anyway? school girl Tomomo is the only thing I can think of that she’s mentioned lately but if her tits are gonna be out I guess it doesn’t matter if actually “fits”

No. 464439

Didn't she buy the outfit off of Amazon? Unless it didn't fit.

No. 464465

Because she's so awesome and totally supports the cosplay community by commissioning work from other artists! Ignore the fact she buys cheap Halloween costumes from Halloweentown and tries to pass them off as cosplay.

No. 464469

File: 1515364986592.jpg (126 KB, 990x454, Screenshot_20180107-132448.jpg)

This sad fuck's comments on Moo's instagram post where shes heating foam with zero protection.

No. 464476

File: 1515365491487.jpg (39.2 KB, 500x274, e78b97c9485b99c45e0a4974fefddc…)

>It's not MY fault you don't believe a pathaogical liar!

No. 464479


I will never understand her backwards logic. Does she think people will take her more seriously as a cosplayer if her cosplays were all made from scratch? She's so stupid. Even if a cosplay is hand made, it's still something she bought. She doesn't realize that people hate her because she doesn't make things herself, not that she buys everything. Yes, she buys everything, but the core of the problem is that she in general makes nothing herself. If she had even a fraction of talent and made a difficult prop or difficult clothing piece all by herself, and then order the rest of the cosplay online, I would be fine with it. But whether it's easy or hard to make, she refuses to make anything herself. It's sad to the point she gives herself credit for shitty gloves and even a sash around her waist.

No. 464480

shes waiting till last minute incase she gains more weight.

No. 464482

This is casual Saber Artoria. Not Tamamo

No. 464485

Cursed image.

No. 464490


She should know that after all she's done it's hard for people to believe what she says. She lied for months about her lipo. She tried to frame it as natural weight loss by suddenly posting about Fit Tea and working out. She told people her weight loss was due to exercise and dieting. She keeps saying she never publicly said she didn't get lipo done, but even if you believe that, she clearly had the intention of covering it up with Fit Tea posts. She's a psycho. She's a manipulator. She's okay with lying to her canvass and those around her. She only cracked once enough people came out about it. That's the sad part. She would have kept quiet about it to her grave if she wasn't caught.

Besides the lipo she's lied about many other things like commissions, charity, and even "business partnerships". She tries to twist anything she does with anyone as her being sponsored. She was claiming to be sponsored by the work out clothing company until they said she wasn't a sponsored athlete and in the end it was her over hyping something little (as usual). She's even still lying about Milk Party being her OC!!! She's mental.

Mariah please. If people don't believe you, blame no one but yourself. You've lied many times and don't think for a minute that you don't deserve it.

No. 464493

lol ok so i showed my mom kanadajin videos and was saying shes a retarded bitch, and i forget specifically why i brought her up. but my step dad got so mad hearing the audio and was like calling her a dumb cunt

so yeah moos mom, im sure my step dad would love to talk to you about ur precious princess pls.(blogging)

No. 464501


I would even argue Kanadajin is more Muslim than Moo. Kanadajin tries her best to practice Muslim culture (even if she is terrible at it). Moo doesn't engage in any Muslim tradition. She likely doesn't pray, doesn't do Ramadan, and can't remember the last time she's been to a mosque. Yet she always uses it as a way to defend herself. Believing in Allah or s higher power doesn't make you Muslim. Especially if you're not living a god fearing life. She's better off calling herself agnostic.

No. 464504

my point was more just cause someone is a parent doesnt mean they arent gonna tell you youre kid is trash haha

and yeah, mira is a fucking retard but still is somehow a better muslim than a "real muslim". its not rodi, but congrats miranda!

also confession, sometimes i get these cows names mixed up. theyre names arent even that similar so i dunno why.

No. 464506

>but if her tits are gonna be out

The only time they aren't is when she's getting more lipo done to her monster body.

No. 464517

did moo ever reply to >>463902??

No. 464532

Color me surprised, another commissioned cosplay. Why a dress shirt though? Those are usually the things you can buy, unless it has a funky color or sleeves.

No. 464533

I'm guessing armored eon't ever happen.
Tbh, I'd have been surprised if she'd even find a saber dress to fit her arms, without movement just ripping the seams.
Or maybe she's waiting until after her arm lipo.

No. 464535

File: 1515369891442.jpg (45.27 KB, 587x539, 1513972456351.jpg)

Saber's sleeves are a bit different than a bought shirt, but not so much so that anyone would notice.

No. 464538

with how hammy momo's upper arms are those sleeves wont have the loose puffy effect anyway so i dont understand what antares is doing

No. 464539

To be fair, chellhellbunny is complete shit.

No. 464544

she has an eye for detail my dude

No. 464545

Stuff not looking right on moo is just standard.
I really can't wait for the OOC lewd Saber sets with badly styled wig, wrong colored contacts, and laughably inaccurate cosplay. Tbh it's more like one of those discount cosplay pornos.

>inb4 moomoo tweets "But it's a eroge my dudes!" when she gets shit

No. 464580


My theory is she got too fat for the chest piece she commissioned or no one wants to make the dress for her and she lacks the skills to make it herself. Or maybe she saw how much bigger she looks with a chest piece on.

No. 464586

File: 1515372532729.png (1012.88 KB, 720x1034, Screenshot_2018-01-07-16-45-16…)

She deleted her clip of her wearing a face mask and dancing from her instagram

No. 464592

That makes sense. Didn't she pretty much mention doing Saber at the start of her Fate sperging?

Plus, she can't really show her tits with the armor on.

No. 464614

File: 1515373932207.png (600.82 KB, 1097x529, Screenshot 2018-01-07 at 5.11.…</