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File: 1497718887296.png (327.12 KB, 357x427, 1496899135409.png)

No. 398048

Last thread: >>385834

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram / Snapchat: mariahmallad

Recent: Started drama when a farmer took pictures of her unedited ass at Colossalcon, revealing the true pitted horror and once more showing her body positivity shtick to be bullshit. Whiteknights come to her defense. Finally admitted she does porn but implied that every e-famous cosplayer is doing the same. Massive backlash ensues from slightly more tasteful costhots. Tries to backpedal but even her "cosplay mom" Jnig subtly called her out. Cue social media whining from our cow. She somehow mended fences with Jnig and invited herself on a glamourous full makeup hiking trip looking bloated and zitty. Is currently working on a Yoko cosplay (from Gurenn Lagann) and a Rin cosplay (from Fate/Stay series) to be in a group with Jnig despite Jnig not confirming whether she would be doing the complimenting cosplay.

The basics:
>body positive, but photoshops her body and wears shapewear/corsets constantly, resorted to getting liposuction
>Proven through twitteraudit that she has bought at least 20k followers.
>laughably bad at making cosplays – if she's told they're bad, she falls back on her Samus/ Wicke costume and makes excuses for why she couldn't wear the new cosplay
>spends very little time and effort on each costume and then claims her money is "hard-earned"
>claims she cosplays because she's passionate about the characters and the hobby, but is only in it for the money
>does monthly "boudoir"/half-naked shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame
>has to beg for money, con passes, etc. despite making over $10k per month on Patreon
>known to spend chunks of her Patreon income on fancy vacations, alcohol, drugs and treating her friends while simultaneously half-assing all her cosplays
>pretends to have played/know about the series she cosplays from, despite evidence proving otherwise
>loiters around at booths during cons, pretending to have been invited as a guest
>lewded a dragon loli after people told her not to and massively backpedaled after she couldn't just laugh off the backlash

No. 398050

That's the wrong link to the last thread….

No. 398052

Last thread: >>393627

(ur welcome)

No. 398055

File: 1497720357615.jpg (106.15 KB, 498x849, wompwomp.jpg)

No. 398057

Lol Bardock Obama is going to be there and most likely just shit all over her

No. 398060

File: 1497721459078.jpg (626.59 KB, 1076x1209, Screenshot_20170617-134239.jpg)

Teaser for her "fashion line".

No. 398062

I think this is going to be the moment where a couple of the special guests and voice acting crew are just gonna be nice at the lounge but just think to themselves " I worked hard to be here and now they've let her in here."

No. 398068

Wow, Eyeshine is going to be there? Fuck, Johnny yong Bosch and his band have been working so hard to get ahead and here is this cow just sucking up to the right people and she gets invited to basically drink and make an ass of herself. Bet you she doesn't even know who he played in gurren lagan.

No. 398070

File: 1497723974965.jpg (370.39 KB, 815x598, 8hTrUjm.jpg)

Sachie is going. She is the most reserved person there. Do you think she'll post footage of Moo being a raging monkey?

No. 398071

looks like a shiny ass upside-down

No. 398073

File: 1497724471758.jpg (200.07 KB, 1470x981, IMG_8763.JPG)

"not photoshopped"

No. 398078

Wait, didn't someone say Bardock Obama hates Moo? This is going to be delicious if that is true.

No. 398081

I think Bardock was on the same retarded level or worst. Googling their tweets (Bardock's accounts are both wiped and suspended) they think acting rude and rough with eachother is the norm.

I wouldn't doubt it but it might be where Moomoo got the idea of clapping back when people got on your case on twitter versus a forum environment.

No. 398082

File: 1497728012837.jpg (413.6 KB, 471x616, xStt23u.jpg)

No. 398084

File: 1497728364986.jpg (1.17 MB, 3000x4500, 926bc764a1f2008758cb61db2a95aa…)

Reference for people like me who didn't know the character.
I feel weird for saying this but, she looks cute? From the waist up it's actually kind of flattering.

No. 398085

I'm never one to constantly poke at somebody's weight, but it's appalling just how much she's ballooned into unhealthy territory. Especially someone who used to be so into fitness.

You think maybe she's somebody's feedie? I couldn't imagine anyone sabatoging themselves to this degree unless there was one of those rich fetish types throwing her cash behind the scenes to shovel food.

No. 398087

wow she looks really cute right there imo

No. 398088

She went all the way to California just for a photoshoot and a pool party. She sure has her priorities straightened out -eyeroll- why does she keep getting rewarded for half assed work? Am I taking crazy pills here? Monika Lee and Scruffy Rebel were just as shitty personality wise (lee) and caught lying all the time (scruffy) yet Mariah still thrives? What the fuck?

No. 398095

She debuted during the era of the Patreon cosplayer; by flashing her tits and ass, she was able to collect a neckbeard army that helps keep her going. Keep in mind she's more or less considered bad goods in the cosplaying community proper, but what other cosplayers think of her doesn't do shit for her fans. On a personal level, the people around her are there for the money and exposure, nothing more, nothing less.

No. 398096

What's this? She actually made something that is passable? Can anyone confirm she made it, or did she buy it?

No. 398097

she made the top

No. 398102

This doesn't look too bad on her, no. But that poor corset underneath must be so strained.

No. 398104

it's a nice look for her. the sort of tunic cut of the shirt is flattering and accentuates her curves. i think it's okay to acknowledge when lolcows do something positive, since folks here have no problem calling out the negative (and there's a lot of that with Mariah) but it just goes to show that putting effort into something pays off. i still don't think this justifies her raking in $15K a month but at least it's a step in the right direction.

No. 398107

Not to mention that she chose a cosplay that isn't skin tight or showing off cleavage. I think this type of cosplay is very flattering for her (covers but shows her curves)

If she fixes the bangs, it's solid

No. 398113

Proof that she could be halfway decent if she put effort into her cosplays.

No. 398122


non-americunt here, what are the significance of the guest cosplayers in this event aside from moomoo and jnig? what are they like?

No. 398123


the wig is new, accurate and not a matted piece of shit and she's looking happy despite being fully covered. could it be… could it be this rich "celebrity" cosplayer is finally on par with beginner level amateur cosplayers?!

No. 398135

I have never been to a con with a big name cosplay "guest" before, but if it's anything like comic con guests they just agree to do a signed autograph time/meet and greet or maybe do a panel. I think they're also allowed to have a booth to use and free hotel accommodations.
I'm surprised Momo is being invited to cons, she's controversial and bottom tier craftsmanship. I think it's because they've probably seen her around Nigri or they just see $$$.
Moo doesn't deserve this shit in the slightest.

No. 398139

To be fair anon Mariah was only invited to 2 cons (only 1 actually happening), her other cons she either buys a table for herself or she just attends as a regular guest. Also both of these guest invites happened early last year at the start of her "cos-fame". As far as I know she has asked cons before to guest only to be rejected and besides that I haven't heard of any cons going out of their way to invite her as a guest lately. This Funimation thing is just another industry party on the side and that has no affiliation to AX, and most likely JNig probably invited her to come along.

No. 398142

File: 1497737425200.png (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4805.PNG)

Of course

No. 398144

wait what?????????
harry potter?

No. 398147

it appears Nathan Sharp, strawburry17 are vloggers oriented around gaming and technology

Amalee is a cover singer for anime and game music. Mega Moeka does this but also a bunch of other weeb stuff.

Wes_IRL is a twitch streamer

Stephanie Michelle is a ~model~ and does vlogs. Is friends with Kelly Eden if you're familiar. She went out to Vegas to a cosplay pool party with no one there, with Kelly and VividVivika. Kelly had a panic attack.

Sachie is another ~model~ from Canada who recently moved. She always seems to be in university. Same craft level as Moomoo since she hot glues alot of shit together.

TheMightyOtaku, gigguk do analysis videos of asian media kind of like Digibro etc.

Bardock Obama , got banned on twitter for being generally unfunny.

Living Ichigo, manslut who cosplays bulked up characters like Goku and Ichigo so I assume he will be one of those at the photobooth.

Eyeshine, Johnny Bosch's band

No. 398149

Do any of these guests have any milk on them or are lolcow worthy? I only checked out Amalee and MegaMoeka and their singing work is pretty disappointing, but I'd love to read more drama about anyone if there's any.

No. 398156

Except for the inaccurate bangs this is a cute cosplay
The colour of the wig suits her too.
Who knows how the candids are turning out though

No. 398157

Forgot to add this but I wonder what her photoshoot will be like.
Since Fate/Stay was originally a hentai game so her doing pervy stuff would be cannon lol

No. 398158

She looks like a busted version of Megan Follows here

No. 398161

File: 1497741291174.jpg (17.29 KB, 240x220, lancer_2014_fsn_8732.jpg)

Not even Cu would touch that

But honestly she does look pretty nice in this, but how much is really photoshopped and the angle too..

No. 398169

I'm 99% sure this is shooped guys. Compare where her waist is on the other side. if it was a corset it would be way more symmetrical

No. 398172

Hate to defend her but its not other than beauty cam. That's what happens when you put all your weight on one leg

No. 398186

It does look very shopped to me. But nonetheless she does look pretty cute. Even with shop she usually doesn't. I'll give her credit for looking good here. The construction looks pretty clean too. Could it be she's actually listening to us?

No. 398187

Sage goes in the email field.

That wig looks fried to hell.

No. 398190

God, Mariah would slut up a toaster if she wanted to

No. 398191

She just posted up one very cringe worthy video in her Rin cosplay.

No. 398192

File: 1497748255053.png (1.53 MB, 1440x2217, 20170618_031007.png)

does she self-tan with dorito dust?

No. 398193

She already whored up an 8 year old so an 11 year old is nothing to her

No. 398210

We need to stop giving her makeup tips it looks like she's finally putting color on her Amy Schumer thin pasty looking lips.

No. 398216

Oogh. Her face looks like a deflating basketball. Yikes.

No. 398220

She only looks good because she's looked like such shit before.

You know she only got into the Funimation event because of Justin Rojas. It's not because she's special or talented.

No. 398221

File: 1497753614219.png (33.63 KB, 636x286, coz there aren't enough bowlin…)

No. 398223

Are you implying she is fucking her way to fame?

No. 398230

File: 1497754891898.png (1.81 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2659.PNG)

Cute in that angle, still looks like a linebacker tho

No. 398231


The corsets she uses are usually cheap, plastic boned crap that tends to warp. So it could as well be asymmetrical.

No. 398236

Mariah, if you're not going to do the thigh highs, at least wear opaque tights. Rin's aren't sheer. Other than that, she does look cute in this! Good wig, make up isn't terrible and the overall outfit looks flattering on her shape. However, once more candids come out and the inevitable lewds happen, I will change my mind.

No. 398238

I'm pretty sure her legs are too big for thigh highs now.

No. 398239

No doubt about that! She couldn't even get them all the way up for Velma. I just think it would've looked better being opaque. Especially since the control top bands on the upper thighs on her tights are extremely visible.

No. 398241

She could go to sock dreams, they have thigh highs in the plus size range. But I could understand not wanting to wear thick socks in the heat. There's also those faux thigh high stockings though. She has options.

No. 398244

what a fatty thing to say

No. 398246

File: 1497756566558.jpg (Spoiler Image, 256.2 KB, 580x284, fqEskdF.jpg)

whenever the internet sees a new MooMoo set

Sure, Jan.

No. 398248

There is a slave trainer Hermione game. That might be what she is cosplaying from.

No. 398249

Sucks to have fat, stubby legs and have a cosplay that requires thigh highs and a skirt. Usually never see the top of the thigh highs.

No. 398251

Velma doesn't have thigh highs. She has slightly over the knee or just on the knee. Also she is wearing thigh highs. You can't tell because of the skirt and she is short and has short legs.

No. 398253

This is probably the first cosplay in awhile (maybe ever) that looks good. She should've gone the false thigh high route though.

No. 398254

If anything, I hope she goes back to this

No. 398255


If the thigh highs were more accurately darker, then even those gross knees can be hidden without photoshop

No. 398256

File: 1497757752909.jpg (466.32 KB, 402x597, LdJ0EhB.jpg)

OT but you'd think she'd help him with basic ass makeup…this is horrible, waaayyy too much highlighter versus powder set or countour

No. 398262

There is video of her meeting up with him at the party because she drove alone to go down to CA, and she gets on video of her telling him that his eyebrows look like garbage and he just looks so upset. Like.. He has been at the party for a while and then in stomps Moomoo and says that shit. What a dick.

No. 398267

Where was this posted?

No. 398269

Her instagram story. At this point thats two days ago? One day? Ijust woke up not long ago and Im in CA, so not sure about where I am with my timing now.

No. 398270

File: 1497765543185.png (525.7 KB, 540x960, 2.png)

No. 398271

File: 1497765561816.png (469.68 KB, 540x960, 1.png)

No. 398272

File: 1497765581768.png (557.39 KB, 540x960, 3.png)

No. 398273

Rin wears basic black thigh highs and she can't even get THAT right with stupid laced ones.

Oh a photoshoot on a bed, how original of her. jfc. She puts NO thought in to presentation other than fucking on a bed. I'm so mad she's tainting Fate.

Once again she refuses to correctly have her bangs be accurate to character and just has them sideswept.

No. 398275

She also doesn't have the white buttons on the cuffs of the sleeves.

No. 398277

Those stockings look like cheap nasty ones you buy from a sex store, gross.

No. 398278

Saged for unrelated but those are from walmart I'm about 85% sure. The same I used for a quick cosplay a ways back. They have cheap sticky elastic in the lacing which is probably why she gravitated to them to hold up on her. They scrunch up and rubbed my skin raw. But they were like 4.50$

No. 398279

Mariah would surely be capable of modifying a pair of thick black tights for a cosplay. Just a matter of inserting elastic and folding over the fabric. She's forbidden a sewing machine, I just don't get why she can't spend 20 minutes to get a detail like that right. She's so lazy smh

No. 398280

These lacey ones looks like shit. Stop ruining Rin Moo.

No. 398281

Considering her size, she couldve easily gone somewhere like Torrid and about some opaque thigh highs..

No. 398282

Not really. Stephanie michelle has gigantic, blow up doll-tier fake tits that are kind of ridiculous but she is honest about them and otherwise seems like a decent person. Bardock is probably the one with the most cow potential but i'm not sure how much anyone could dig up now since both twitters are deleted

No. 398284

File: 1497769528928.png (493.22 KB, 500x998, mooooo.png)

No. 398285

What is she on about? Did someone actually call her out? No one on here really said anything harsh enough to warrent this I think. Especially with other characters she has cosplayed. This sounds completely like she is trying to create drama to get pity from followers.

Also, the more I look at it, her cosplay is very inaccurate in a lot of ways. The top especially.

No. 398286

I'm most surprised she finally bought new wigs for Rin and Hermione.

No. 398287

File: 1497770919641.png (460.76 KB, 540x960, 19239455_10211624998892553_170…)

She also shot more Mei today. The camera on everything but this was normal. She had this pointed so high up. Lol.

No. 398288

Probably just pushing body positivity bullshit again.

No. 398289

God this shit is getting so old. No, anon, she did not get attacked. She pulls this out of her ass because her whole persona is made up of "body positivity".
I wonder if her fans are really that fucking gullible that they keep eating this shit up.
Girl, stop with this shit if you're going to keep photoshopping and getting liposuction. You've got a big enough fan base who forgets they pay for your Patreon that you can tell the truth and you won't lose money. I'm not even trying to help her because I feel sorry for her, I'm just emberassed for her that's she's widely recognized as a hypocrite and she doesn't know it.

No. 398291

How can those boobs go bigger and bigger everytime I see her. That swimsuit is kinda magical imho lmao.
Also, I have noticed I can't find a single photo of her with her fans. Wtf why?
Also, pls someone explain the last booty pic she posted, how did she modified all that cellulite and made her butt pop like that?!

No. 398296

Wtf are you talking about? Her boobs look the same size. And she obviuosly edited her butt with photoshop or an editing app, it's not rocket science.

No. 398297

File: 1497776642571.png (374.85 KB, 550x600, whoisshe.png)

Her new photographer square_noodles has been photoshopping the fuck out of her. Notice her complete lack of an armpit and the fact that this looks like someone else's face.

No. 398300

what the fuck is this? who are you that you can look at this and think yup, that's me! I understand you want to photoshop the fuck out of your body, but girl that's not your face!

No. 398305

She needs to practice some shoe positivity.

No. 398311

File: 1497787815891.jpg (240.42 KB, 2048x900, IMG_6251.JPG)

Saw this on my Twitter feed and had a good laugh. Glad to see other people dislike her just as much. Sage for ot

No. 398316

They always look bigger to me even if they're the same size, it's for the swimsuit I think
And how she can edit so well (with the mobile phone oc)?
I mean the last photo really seemed natural to me

I know it's not rocket science but sometimes I think "damn how the fuck she looks for real?"

No. 398317

File: 1497790870253.png (671.94 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-18-14-59-52…)

I mean this with"the last picture"

No. 398318

Krissyvictory is getting a lot of attention right now for this message but saying it regarding skin color instead of body type. I bet you 100% momo is trying to find a way to get herself to blow up like that.

No. 398322

Not that anon but would that seem strange to you?

No. 398329


I hate when people do this. In reality, it's just one random troll making a single, off handed comment (in moo's case, probably more) and then the person has to go on a rant acting like it's ALL people attacking them. It's just for more attention like always.

No. 398341

I wonder. Do you ever think the rants she goes on are just her pretending people are coming at her when they are not? Not in any great numbers anyway. Just playing the victim for attention?

No. 398344

File: 1497802289289.jpg (22.14 KB, 400x400, IMG_0130.JPG)

>critique my shitty seams or something
People have TRIED to critique your craftsmanship quality and you've blown it off more than half of the time.
Keep on telling yourself you really even care about that shit moomoo. As long as you can sprawl your legs open on a hotel room bed for some panty shots that's enough compensation for the terrible quality for you and the patreon cucks.

No. 398345

This costume is one of her better ones but the material she picked sucks. She took the easy route with some stretch material so she doesn't actually have to fit anything like you're supposed to.

No. 398348

Yes. Hell, she's the same girl who samefagged on /cgl/ writing mean things about herself pretending to be "slandered and attacked by haturzz" just to have a holier than thou rant.

No. 398350

It seems like you guys know her personally with a lot of this stuff(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 398351

Dude, beautycam. It smooths everything out and there are 3 levels you can set. Extreme, moderate, and light smoothing.

No. 398352

Looks like she measured herself AFTER puttin on the corest so that it could fit with the corest and not have any bulges. BODY POSITIVITY!

No. 398355

File: 1497803884178.png (115.39 KB, 941x702, someone pussied out.png)

Someone pussied out about calling her out on her scars. So close.

No. 398359

File: 1497805543087.png (1.38 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5616.PNG)

The stuff of nightmares

No. 398361

At least the wig looks brushed this time.

No. 398362

1/5th of the wig is actually behind her back and the rest is in those tails. …Ffs. You have a wig that looks decent and you STILL find a way to fuck it up.

No. 398365

I only found Monika annoying around JNigs…then they had their falling out and now she works full time for Blizzard and not selling her tits online…so I figured Nigri was the issue not her.

As for Victoria, she gets as much attention as she deserves. She's also married and older and her costumes really aren't that great.

No. 398366

File: 1497807488539.jpg (19.96 KB, 415x332, michael-jackson-las-vegas1.jpg)

Okay, but if she had more lips…

No. 398367

It has a lot to do with how nice the wig looks since most people look better with them on. It looks pretty new, so it looks better on her than her usual ratty wigs.

Hopefully she will take care of this one though, its very nice. If she took care of her hair better again, Id actually wanna see her long hair again. It was a good look on her, and it softens her face.

No. 398370

Okay but… she definitely cut the sleeves off at one point though. I thought she was going to do a sleeveless version at first when I saw the picture of her without them. Did she literally sew them back on so they'd fit her arms or what?

No. 398372

Victoria only really lied on Heroes of Cosplay. Everyone in So Cal knows that Jinyo makes everything, it's never been a secret. They should have just made the show about the 2 of them or Jinyo making them and her modeling them. But that show was stupid anyway.
Sage for not being moo related

No. 398374

wrong nose

No. 398378

Its actually from a pattern. At least thats how she made it look.

No. 398379

I don't understand why she can never let her cosplays speak for themselves. The cosplay was decent and it is unneccesary to have to make a PSA about a costume like Rin.

I'm around Moo's size and I cosplayed Rin, and several others have as well, and honestly, that silhouette is forgivable and flattering among most girls because of the black skirt giving a slimming effect, the turtleneck top having some cinching and flattering details here and there, and a long wig, which tends to also help slim your features. It is a silhouette that most people will look decent in, from crossplayers to plus size.

She has done similar cosplays like Velma which have the same outfit combination, so she knows that it won't look as wonky as her other ugly costumes. So I don't understand how someone can be so immature and insecure to have to fabricate a PSA on a costume that most people would opt to wear and have worn with no issue. She isn't the first nor the last Rin, but I'm guessing she wants to stand out from them since there isn't anything really challenging about sewing this costume.

No. 398393

>mfw momo announced she's doing a my hero academia cosplay

Why can't her and jnig whore themselves in
some other fandom

No. 398398

File: 1497817381495.png (924.47 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4838.PNG)

Ohhhh boy read text guys this is so much milk in one text…

No. 398399

File: 1497817476961.png (160.59 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4839.PNG)

To much bullshit at once

No. 398400

She hides behind body positivity instead of just losing weight and acts as if her current shape is her natural size which we all know is bull because we've seen her a lot thinner. If she couldn't help her body shape or was like injured or had a condition that stopped her from losing weight I'd buy it but that's not the case here. She just wants to have her cake and eat it too; be sexy, cosplay whatever character she wants, be whatever size she wants AND have no one criticize her or the cosplay for looking ridiculous because she is like four sizes too big for it. Either lose this clearly unhealthy weight and cosplay whatever characters you want or just let them criticize you and ignore them.

Also that character doesn't even look petite, she just looks thin.

No. 398401

File: 1497817663151.png (14.94 KB, 589x113, lmao.PNG)

No. 398402

File: 1497817762954.jpg (64.28 KB, 400x400, 1399348934419.jpg)

>he's basically Nappa & Kamina mixed into one person lol

No. 398403

File: 1497817880124.png (878.78 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4840.PNG)


No. 398407

If she really is starting to fuck her way up the cosplay and voice acting scene she sure is taking a lot of tips from Jessica since she did the same

No. 398408

File: 1497819315857.png (57.62 KB, 441x302, 1496919701983.png)

No. 398409

she does she keep thinking these contour suits look good? they look like shit on EVERYONE

No. 398412

stop reaching, who cares if it's shopped, all of her photos are, the point here is that she is wearing a cosplay that isn't shit. even when she commissions something she ruins it with terrible wigs and her face. she looks cute and happy in this, i'm impressed as fuck.

No. 398413

I thought she was attempting a sexy ninja turtle for a second

No. 398414

god she looks like a frog what the fuck is this

No. 398419

rogue she is going to fuck up rogue from x-men.

No. 398420

It looks like fucking googly eyes on her chest

No. 398423

they will whore themselves in every flavor of the month fandom. i'm really suprised mariah didnt whore anything from lol yeta.

No. 398425

>>398412 its not shit but its not good though. simple black thigh highs, a simple black skirt, a custom top (that i will give credit to her for making) and a wig. she looks cute but a cosplayer "of her level" should be able to get accurate bangs and the correct thigh highs. it just comes across as lazy too me considering how simple but she still manages to be inaccurate .

No. 398427

She's probably going to do a half ass version of Deku and use her old Shion wig to save some of those patreon bucks

No. 398437

A lot of attention whores pull this shit, especially people like Momo who want to stay relevant all the time by causing controversy. Someone makes a backhanded comment on Twitter and they chimp out claiming that the WHOLE WORLD is against them and they will not stand for this fuck the haterzzz I'm a strong person!!!!

No. 398441

>flavor of the month fandom

how is this even a flavor of the month fandom tho, I'm genuinely asking because this anime came out like a year ago and only now I'm seeing all these people giving a shit about it

No. 398443

seriously? well last year it was one of the most talked about animes, and now the hype is all over again since theres a second season.
i for one can't stand hear about it anymore. i sort of know all the main characters because people won't shut up

No. 398445

That shading looks so bad. It's way worse that her first samus suit holy shit. Also her proportions are really weird in this photo

No. 398447

File: 1497824419359.jpg (10.83 KB, 275x150, 1495834951334.jpg)

"Awesome shading"
I wheezed

No. 398448

>she's kickass and a strong woman
Is she even into Fate at all? Why don't you go into some more details of how strong and kickass Rin is, Momo?

No. 398453

No, Rin's a whore and you are too.

No. 398455

>Is she even into Fate at all?

the short answer is probably no

No. 398456

There's a weird connection to her and another LA cosplayer, Reagan. (Idk her cosplay name). Mariah did Velma, then Reagan did it. Reagan did Rin, Mariah then did it. Mariah did Samus, then Regan did it. Now Reagan is modeling with the Ahegao shirts.

They're not friends, and if they are, it's a fake one for ladder climbing. Theres no originality in this shit tier community anymore.

No. 398458

Ugh I totally called it.. I usually like the slightly shaded suits cause it gives a nice optical illusion but this looks awful on her. Too dark and it makes her look even wider

No. 398459

Also she doesn't read comics or watch the cartoons. That was proven during that cringey "women in pop culture" panel she did at the beginning of the year. She literally has no idea about comics

No. 398471

Omg the shaded tits and the amount of waist cinching THIS IS SO BAD. For these to work on most people the shading needs to be more subtle and you kind of need to be in shape. Adding shaded muscles on top of fat looks stupid.

No. 398476

the fact we even think her rin looks good just shows how low the bar is. its still not that great, and all she did was make a red top out of spandex and bought a skirt

No. 398479

She actually looks cute in this.
Please stop the salt and don't discourage her from doing shit like this as opposed to those awful contour suits and boudoir cosplays.

No. 398480

File: 1497831465657.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170618-171544.png)

Sion has light green hair…. and her black wig is edited with green in photoshop.

No. 398481


See >>398271 she's already doing a boudoir shoot with Rin. There's almost nothing she doesn't do a boudoir shoot for.

No. 398482

i'm not saying the bar isn't low, but it's a literal start for her. she is literally doing a 'baby's first cosplay' if you think about how simple rin is.

No. 398483

File: 1497831923139.jpg (319.14 KB, 978x1224, Screenshot_20170618-202427.jpg)

Are you a newfag ?
It's not. She has a video and more pictures of this cosplay not saying it's good (still horrible) but her wig is actually dark green
Still not the right colour of course

No. 398484

Yikes, hasn't one of her friends cosplayed Rin and Rogue? Does moo just copy her friends to be in the spotlight and attempt to look better than them?

No. 398485

File: 1497832344706.gif (1.04 MB, 290x189, IMG_2710.GIF)

>see everyone I don't have daddy issues! : the post
You have such bad daddy issues that you worship him and all male attention moo, get some professional fucking help you sow

No. 398488

Oh…my…god… he looks exactly like my biological dad…(sage this)

No. 398490

Lololllll well keltonfx fucking hates her so I don't blame him for this shit job, he's actually /kinda/ talented in fx and props

No. 398497

> are you a newfag
Dude. Check the image. You can see the photoshop on the hair. Its not subtle.

No. 398498

Whoa, I really see the resemblance in the lower right picture.

No. 398500

At least Reagan makes most of her stuff (I believe) and actually has a nice body. She's also a genuinely nice person.

I didn't notice that they were doing a lot of the same stuff but now that you mention it, it's true. I believe Reagan is from Vegas originally so maybe there's some sort of connection.

No. 398513

If she had it photoshopped you'd think the editor would use a more similar color to Shion. Either way the cosplay was still trash and I cant wait to see her train wreck cosplays at AX

No. 398549

File: 1497848821562.jpg (266.08 KB, 1039x1124, Screenshot_20170619-010518.jpg)

Sorry my dude. My mistake.
Sage for being a little bit off topic but it seems more like a grayish colour on the videos ? Unless that's photoshoped too idk

No. 398550

Dude, Im TALKING about the image set I posted about Ffs.

No. 398551

You could be Momo's long lost sibling. Lolcow is now reconnecting families.

Her proportions look incredibly uncanny, but I can't tell if that's because of suit shading is blending into the carpet or not.
I'm anticipating her wig usage; we're either going to get a matted mess like Wicke's or something flat and ratty like Samus's.

No. 398552

Its like he tried to shade in boobs for her because the suit is so ill-fitting her's are flattened to high hell. Which is shocking because you'd think the corset would prop them up and out.

No. 398568

The suit gives her build more of a Miss Trunchbull kind of look tbh

No. 398588

If her dad has godly muscle god of war tier muscles, why the fuck does she have a lumpy, saggy fat body? Her mom is so slim too. I don't get it. She must be eating like 4-5k in calories a day to maintain her figure like holy fuck I'm amazed. 15k to support her slobby lifestyle.

No. 398597

Deets? Did she do something to Kelton?

No. 398628

Oh man this whole wig was a goddamn mess.

No. 398645

You leave Megan Follows alone she's a beloved queen.

No. 398659

Guessing because of all those years he forced her to workout, be an athlete, and then she realized she didn't have to listen to him anymore and quite all that and suddenly became the cow she is.

Sounds like typical tough daddy, daddy problems.

No. 398667

A few threads ago MooMoo's old blog posts and Facebook posts suggested her father only showed her any love if she worked out. So before her athlete phase she talked about her dad insulting her, during she talked about how much he loved her, and now who even knows, presumably they're either not in contact or he hates her again.

He seems like a huge asshole, the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

No. 398761

File: 1497908287668.jpg (66.76 KB, 720x1123, IMG_20170619_183627_170.JPG)

No. 398790

File: 1497911973352.png (666.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170619-183711.png)

Why would you even post something so unflattering

No. 398810

Holy shit moomoo you look like a grandma now

No. 398811

File: 1497914135745.png (380.75 KB, 686x472, Wendigo4.png)

No. 398813


much spatial awareness. that seat just illustrates the fatness

No. 398848

Truly horrifying.

No. 398849

What a lovely mid to late-40s cougar.
>she's 6 years younger than me
>looks old enough to be my mom
How many drugs is this bitch doing?

No. 398850

Jeezy cripes. I'm dating a woman who just hit 51 and is just a little bit chubbier than moomoo - she still looks tons better than this, especially the face. O.o(no1curr)

No. 398851

no1curr fag

No. 398852

It's called "comparison", although that idea is obviously too high concept for your little brain, shitfucker. ;)
The point being, moomoo has made herself look worse than 30 years older than her. How much goddamned shit is this cow shoving into her body on an hourly basis, because this rate of decay on her part would be kind of scary, if she was worth caring about.

No. 398853

I can't even begin to imagine eating enough food to maintain her size let alone continually expand it. I get so full even on smaller portions I can't imagine constantly stuffing myself like she does.

Sage for blog post

No. 398854


I've seen women twice her age too that look so much healthier. But she eats nothing but fast food and drinks like a fish, of course that is aging her. Plus she probably does drugs to keep her awake and alcohol to help her sleep(which she is lacking too). She's a mess honestly.

No. 398858

She asked kelton to do something for her a couple years back when she was barely getting popular, asked to be in their group cos and they made everything for her and then later ditched them because more "cosfamous" people started paying attention to her
Basically what she does to everyone when she can claw her gross infested nails into someone more popular

No. 398859


receipts please

No. 398860

File: 1497928420997.png (217.46 KB, 1026x1703, IMG_0619.PNG)

This showed up on my feed. People really hate her.

No. 398861

What's wrong with an Asian woman doing this? Moomoo you're such a piece of shit. :")

No. 398866

The sad fact is that there are people her age, equally as fat, who still look good. She has somehow fucked up her body this much and I don't understand. I've seen people balloon up that still look good. I can't imagine the drugs she must be doing

No. 398867

Moo always looking to stir up shit for attention.

No. 398869

leave it to moo to talk shit about sjws then get hella salty over a harmless quip that has nothing to even do with her.

She honestly seems like the type of person to get offended if someone spoke a different language in front of her

No. 398872

stop posting your @ alyson

No. 398888

Ah Yes i remember the scene in fate when Rin sits and has a derp derp happy face my #1 scene!

No. 398900

File: 1497938489384.png (133.89 KB, 306x279, asdfasdfasdfs.png)

Ignoring moo's tacky nail polish, isn't rin supposed to have a magic crest on the back of her hand?

No. 398905

File: 1497940500066.png (891.06 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-19-23-30-32…)

Correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like she took pics at KBBQ/Creator's Guild party then bounced? She wasn't in their Instagram promo for Fathers Day

No. 398909

Didn't she do a photoshoot at the Marriott the next day?? Or is that posted the same day the bbq was going on??

No. 398917

In the anime there are several scenes where it's not there, and when it is it seems to be made of light. I don't know if it's always there in the VN, but it would seem a bit inconvenient, given how it would be hard to hide in school.

No. 398924

Her command seals are always there lol

The only reason they wouldn't be on her hand in certain frames is cheap animation

This is just Momo being another fake fan

No. 398927

Ffs Moo, get your nasty acrylics filled before doing a shoot.
Her attention to detail pisses me off so much. If I was doing "professional" photo shoots for my living I would do everything to make sure I looked perfect.

No. 398929

Command spells, to be precise, but yes. As >>398917 said, they're pretty inconsistently there in the anime but IMO it's just that small, nice detail that really needs to be added to make a ok costume look thought out. But it's Momo we're talking about here so of course she forgot…

No. 398985

Also the fact that she created a clothing label with vamp and in everything regarding it she isn't giving credit.

No. 398992

That caption was really dumb though.

No. 398996

File: 1497972281475.png (285.17 KB, 435x447, Barbie's_sweet_giggle.png)

So Moo only cares about Asians if they're shoving their fingers up her grody asshole. Duly noted!
Let's not forget she has no qualms running around shouting "CHINGCHONG" into a megaphone. Whatta cunt.

No. 399000


No. 399002

So much money could be save by cooking

No. 399004

File: 1497973496069.png (989.88 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4864.PNG)

How much she thowrs out..must be like 150-230$ A DAY

No. 399006

make sense she'd be hanging around squarenoodles since the group he hangs with is known for being more obsessed with binge drinking/drugs > anything actually convention or anime related

No. 399010

File: 1497975052930.png (875.17 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4868.PNG)

No. 399011

File: 1497975130476.png (1.15 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4866.PNG)

This awkward smile..like I don't wanna be here

No. 399029

so she's in LA again (or still hasnt taken her ass home)
when is she supposed to be getting these costumes done? inb4 'i was way too busy you guys i'm so bummed wth'

No. 399052

Where do I find this infamous thumb in ass photo?

No. 399063

Nope, she's still in LA. Specifically in Little Tokyo as shown in >>399011

No. 399064

posted in one of the previous threads.

No. 399069


I know for a fact that the Game Grumps like to spend a lot of time in Little Tokyo. Lord help us if she somehow weasels her way into becoming friends with Suzy.

No. 399076

Now that's a cow collision I'd love to see. Do you think they'd kiss up to each other and act really fake or just be totally uninterested?

No. 399084

Oh fuck yassss, that would get Sheena into the mix too since she's a Grumps groupie. Sheena and Moo deserve each other.

No. 399085

File: 1497985252427.jpg (48.53 KB, 490x421, 79dc0a8d410e62fffc96867691b943…)

Moomoo with any female friend

No. 399087

If she wanted to be friends with Suzy, why doesn't she just chat her up at AX? She goes every year and has a booth

No. 399108

I ran into the Moomookunt yesterday in Downtown LA, she smelled like a dirty middle eastern guy.(namefagging, shitty post)

No. 399111

That's like my go-to sushi place to go to at Little Tokyo, it's called Kula sushi. The plates there are like $2.25 usd per green plate/ 3.00 for yellow so its not that bad. She's cheap when it comes to sushi when she's making like 15k a month lol, she should be at Sugarfish instead lol. Sage for OT

No. 399115

Those guys can really throw a party I tell you h'wat. Some of my best memories are with them. She only really talks to the Asian members of the group, her yellow fever is disgusting

No. 399121

Nah, she feels way too threatened by other women to do that. That's why, with the exception of Jnig, she only thirsts after male cosplayers. God forbid anyone take her spotlight.

No. 399197

>hanging out with squarenoodles
>her yellow fever is disgusting
If she were any less repulsive, she could have been a good contender for dickskwad

No. 399288

i tried looking for the reply and it looks like moo deleted it? i also found that this girl is literally only 16 (one of her twitter replies) . moo knows her fans are like dogs waiting to attack for her and this was clearly one of those attacks on a 16 y/o….. fuck you momokunt you are a cancer to the cosplay community.

sage for rant

No. 399569

ugh you just made me get flashbacks to AX a while back - a year or two ago - I didn't even know who she was (cosplay or content creator) and she came up to me at this casual friend group and flirted up a storm despite me being gay as fuck and with my partner at the time. thanks for reminding me to hide from the beast this year.

No. 399576

Sage goes in the email field.

They would make shady tweets about each other until one of them called out the other.

No. 399578

No. 399609

> im not white


No. 399630

but holy shit lmao the amount of likes on the mariah hate tweet and replies agreeing. kek.

No. 399640

this is glorious this cow must be crying greasy tears if she even still has emotions

No. 399675

So why'd jnig get upset with moomoo? I missed it and theres a shit ton to read.

No. 399681

File: 1497999632176.jpg (767.66 KB, 1402x1283, Screenshot_20170620-155752.jpg)

God damn it. She needs to burn.(a-logging)

No. 399691

EZCosplay is well known for being paid to promote cosplayers so i'm sure moomoo just paid for this so she can try and one up Krissy's racism drama that got her a bunch of attention.

No. 399698

I don't think anyone ever said why.

No. 399725

except none of these photos show what mariah's body actually looks like lel

No. 399730

Because after Moo admitted what she does is porn, she started dragging the other coshots who do 'boudoir' as doing porn too so she wouldn't be alone in the dumpster.

No. 399793

I don't understand why people hail her as this figurehead of being so body positive and true to yourself when the fact that she's had lipo is now blantantly obvious and she alters photos to hide those scars from it. The body positive idea in the cosplay community is such a low hanging fruit and is a majority opinion almost anywhere but yet you can still get easy ass pats from preaching to the choir.

No. 399882

Loonie sperged on lots of threads tonight it seems(sage this)

No. 399883

File: 1498010588399.png (187.59 KB, 720x671, Screenshot_2017-06-20-19-01-41…)

No. 399901

She's freaking out on a-ib too lmao.

No. 399902

I'm not much into cosplay, but when people cosplay, aren't they SUPPOSE to look exactly or nearly exactly like the character??

No. 399913

before patreon hoes, that was the point. now it's just about who is sexier

No. 399937

Doubtful she's been distancing herself from the cosplay thots(derailing, not even saged)

No. 399939

who the fuck is hermonine

No. 399945

Rin, Hermionine and Swimsuit Mei…. a trio of wizards who togther are fighting the Dark Lord Vorlderwart

No. 399949

File: 1498014597765.png (217.35 KB, 700x949, Capture _2017-06-20-20-06-24.p…)

People are furious with Momo
Im pretty sure Sierra is referring to her (and so is that artist probably) and just not naming her to avoid drama

No. 399951

…sure. So believable.

No. 399953

How can she not know how to spell Hermione's name?

No. 399955

Ok, that last tweet. Honest question, why do people seem to thank that POC are inherently less racist than whites? The problems faced by Blacks are not the same as Asians, so why do people assume that there's a universal shared experience between non-whites?

Sage for not about MooMoo.

No. 399956

The cow milks herself

No. 399960

people with sense don't assume that all poc share the same experiences. it's just a general consensus that non-white ppl can never understand the type of oppression that poc have gone through no matter what specific race they are.
im a poc but i don't assume that poc are inherently less racist (momo is poc and she's clearly racist and uncaring after all).
sage for ot(sage this)

No. 399961

takisis doesnt have much room to talk about that though… being racist herself

No. 399963

Honest response: most non-white people do have a shared experience in that they are, well, minorities (in the U.S.). These people face individualized racism that white people almost never experience.

You can certainly be racist while being a minority, so don't think I'm being a complete tard right now. I just mean that white people don't experience racism hardly ever, and they almost NEVER experience such pointless racism on an individual level.

Blog: I walked into a gas station with my boyfriend and after maybe twenty seconds, someone asked me why I was dating a "chink." I've had several other similar experiences like that. Of course, no one has never made a racially charged comment about me, because I'm white.

TL;DR: if you're a minority, you've probably experienced racism, but everyone can be racist if they're really feeling it. kek

No. 399965

I don't think she is assuming POC are less racist, I think she is assuming that other POC have an equivalent to what moomoo said.
Like moomoo claims to be a POC
And if someone said "allah acbar" instead of ching chong it would be a big deal
There isn't exactly an equivalent to "ching chong" or "chink" for white people
Or at least that's what I got out of it(sage this)

No. 399966

Yeah I don't think she was saying POC can't be racist or white people don't experience it, I agree with you guys
I think she is saying its more shocking when someone would say that without thinking about if the tables were turned. Like if someone said the same thing about their race. You know?

No. 399968

Isn't she part Asian?

No. 399969

fae is white as hell(sage this)

No. 399971

I meant the other one

No. 399989

Because she obviously has never read the books nor watched the movies. But, gotta milk every fandom for those neckbeard bucks.

No. 399995

>>398403 Damn… I thought she was a BattleToad.

No. 400003

File: 1498018572596.png (33.75 KB, 607x224, Screenshot 2017-06-20 at 9.15.…)

No. 400004

Finally a cosplay that would suit her build…

No. 400009

Sage goes in the email field.

No. 400042

File: 1498025270981.jpg (117.6 KB, 800x1199, SDRiKnn.jpg)

No. 400043

File: 1498025366318.jpg (209.74 KB, 1080x1920, uHPNANg.jpg)

sorry if these were reposted by especially by her panty line you can see the shoop

No. 400045

pls elaborate

I don't think she has room to talk because she's a nutcase
However it's nice to see that a lot of the cosplay community heavily dislikes Momo

No. 400047

JFC the abuse of the blur tool to try to fix her skin is insane.

No. 400048

Wait a fucking minute, wasn't Takisiski hanging around Momo or at least around her crew at ALA? And now she's low key dragging Momo?
She cosplayed Catherine with that Guzma cosplayer dude that Momo had in her Wicke group
what happened to him, is he still even friends with Momo?

No. 400061

She also used to be friends with drunkroxy so that says a lot, takisiski or w/e, nicoletters and their crew are a mess
I feel like anyone whose had any form of "friendship" with moo are the same toxicity as her

No. 400076

Gosh, the panty line looks drawn with mspaint.

No. 400096


Mariah, please sex up Bob. Will definitely show how much of a real fan you are. And be hilarious for us.

No. 400097

From what I understand, Taki wasn't fully aware of Moomoo's reputation until after ALA. She didn't go out of her way to hang out with Moomoo at all, but she WAS friends with the Guzma guy until he turned out to be the sort of white dude who says nigga in public, which is understandable because guys like that are fucking embarrassing and it really says a lot about Moomoo's inner circle.

No. 400103

doubtful cuz she's the only one of the "thots" she constantly criticizes that has nudes up on her a-ib thread. her patrons fed up with her trash overpriced content(derailing, not even saged)

No. 400114

Jesus I think that's the highest her shorts can go

No. 400135

Her a-ib thread is gone suddenly :') loonie so transparent(derailing, not even saged)

No. 400138

Her entire body is out of focus… I wonder why? /s

No. 400142

File: 1498055673720.jpg (290.55 KB, 2048x2048, B7069CEF-0A9C-46FB-8D08-57FDBE…)

Both eyes are equally terrifying and why bother photoshopping so much yet leave those shitty eyes not even do something special for her special eye, plus you can clearly see shes having a reaction to the green one! Atleast shoop that red std on your eye.
(Sorry im stoned)

No. 400149

The difference between her face and neck is fucking hilarious. Just keep on blurring when the lipo isn't enough!

No. 400186

ot but this is rich coming from Fae because so many sjw/asian blogs have called her out for doing yellowfacing and pretending to be asian/part asian despite being 100% white

No. 400192

its just beautycam my dude lol

No. 400194

>my dude
Thanks to Mariah, I hate those words.

No. 400198


Why does she always wear the same underwear for every single character, jesus. 15k a month and yet the same underwear for every shoot. Disgusting.

No. 400212

She probably thinks they're slimming and sexy.

No. 400213

File: 1498070982247.png (1.02 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-21-11-48-54…)

No. 400215

Oh for ffs moomoo The fucking underwear is even inside out you can see wear the raw edges meet
saged for nickpicky but that is disgusting

No. 400219

File: 1498073693492.jpg (48.12 KB, 300x300, tfw-frog-looking-ass-nigga_fb_…)

No. 400224

Too bad none of those thots can charge more than a few rubles for their ugly crap content(derailing, not even saged)

No. 400232

Proof? That's the first I've heard about that
lmao that girl is whiter than cottage cheese

No. 400243

Didnt loonie have to get her bolt ons pulled out because she got a cheap botched job and it became infected?(derailing)

No. 400249

What is the point of taking a photo like this when you look so sickly? "Maybe they'll ignore my extremely puffy and dark eye bags if I imply that I'm topless, teehee!"

No. 400256

it's not super interesting but basically yeah she's super white but her eyes are naturally kind of slanted/sharp which is exaggerated when she does winged eyeliner. Anyways she's been mentioned a lot on drunkroxy/paprika/tayla 's thread on snow if you just want drama on her. We shouldn't derail this thread.

No. 400257

i can't find her twitter because it's cut off in the print can anyone help me

sage because this isn't her thread

No. 400261

yeah fair enough, I've known about her for awhile now that was just news to me

On another note, what cosplays are Momo bringing to AX and are there any farmers that are going to be there to see the cow herself in the flesh?

No. 400269

Saged for OT
But I'd hardly call that yellowface

No. 400271

Not only that but those filters make your jaw and doublechin disappear. My friends and I have a golden rule if they only post pics with Snapchat filters chances are they ugly lol.

No. 400279

Why is her head so yellow

No. 400286

File: 1498085683704.png (969.53 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2017-06-21-15-52-16…)

She's close.

No. 400294

It's like Wicke's boots all over again.

No. 400324

I can't believe she's actually doing this version of Yoko…. has she ever talked about ttgl except for that weird as fuck Father's Day post she made??? I'm going to ax and I'll probably die seeing her in Yoko, she literally has a week left and she's barely doing any work on this.. how many bets on sorry guys I couldn't do it and wears mei again

No. 400342

Probably just the lighting, but it wouldn't surprise me if her skin is starting to look yellow from all that binge drinking she does. Yellowing skin is a sign of liver problems.

No. 400362

not to mention last I checked Loonie went from making like 8k/month at 430+ patrons to now having 135 patrons…how does she even live off that income now. these other girls still making 10k+ a month(derailing, not even saged)

No. 400377

No one likes a bad attitude(derailing, not even saged)

No. 400385

Isn't this momos thread why is this person constantly interjected into her thread.

No. 400399

Because she's batshit crazy and gives more milk than Momo ever could?

Sage for off-topic.(derailing)

No. 400406

Sage, my dude.

But this is a thread about Moomoo.

No. 400431

Because loonie always comes to momo's thread to sperg out and is a Kiki level samefag/self whiteknight.(derailing)

No. 400435

According to instagram story, I think she's using the same stretch fabric used for Rin's turtleneck for Yoko's cape.

No. 400460

File: 1498104570259.jpg (422.75 KB, 645x675, ntgEfgd.jpg)

Posted after reposting her Higurashi video 1/2

No. 400461

File: 1498104652197.jpg (72.11 KB, 636x700, 5MQICfO.jpg)

No. 400466

I can't figure out which is worse. That she took the bait, or that a man with tremors just made her look stupid.

No. 400475

Then report the post? With the new rules today we can get in more trouble for derailing.

I'd say the latter since it's easy to bait Moomoo…. then again it's easy to make her look stupid.

No. 400479

Damn James.

Seriously though, he's right. The only costumes in these that were decent and decently complicated are the Overwatch ones, which she had no hand in making. (and the parts of the Mei she did make looked pretty bad/immediantly started falling apart) Android 18 was only okay at best, and her Misato was absolutely terrible.

No. 400495

File: 1498109561195.png (333.43 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4875.PNG)

Oh Boy

No. 400532

File: 1498119630529.jpg (424.48 KB, 640x1019, IMG_0466.JPG)

I love how hated she is in the OW community.

No. 400567


Seems a lot of communities don't like her. I'm starting to lose hope that this cow is ever gonna come crashing down. Decent cosplayers are defending her despite her bad rep. Everyone is just turning a blind eye. You can show them all the proof that she's a shitty person but it's almost like her flab is hypnotizing everyone into forgiving it. She's never going to redeem herself but it doesn't matter.

I hope something big happens at ax that drags her ass again.

No. 400664

This reminds me of the creator's guild Overwatch pool party. Unless she showed up for only the last hour it was so weird not seeing her Mei in any of the dozens of photos and videos taken by her "friends."

No. 400724

File: 1498156835339.png (754.03 KB, 718x918, Screenshot_2017-06-22-11-38-02…)

Steff and Gabby are guests to another con in Vegas. Moomoo should just quit being a bitch if she wants to excel too

No. 400741

She needs to quit with the drugs and drinking for one thing. No one on a professional level wants someone who is acting like a full blown retard because they're drunk/ stoned off their face representing their con/ booth.

No. 400743

That's going to be hard considering momo act like an immature 12 year old on drugs even when she isn't drinking or taking a hit.

No. 400761

These boots look weird. It looks like she snapped the heel off a pair of white heels, pulled fabric over them then glued the painted heels back on.

No. 400766

I don't understand how she's so proud if this costume when the wig isn't even the right color. She's so full of herself it's disgusting

No. 400775

I'll just leave this here. Now we have a way to accurately see what was shooped


No. 400797

Don't continue derailing about Loonie. Just report rule breaking posts and move on. Also, there are a lot of posters in this thread that need to sage more.

No. 400800

When is hellweek over?(never)

No. 400806

god bless this post

No. 400845

File: 1498179913422.jpg (483.8 KB, 582x616, CQM22vn.jpg)

So bad

No. 400853

File: 1498180195863.png (847.97 KB, 720x1044, Screenshot_2017-06-22-18-07-50…)

No. 400865

1. The loafers make a reappearance.

2. Tragic that black pants and lipo still make her thighs look disgustingly huge.

No. 400902

These pants are actually kinda flattering in my opinion. But those shoes are awful

No. 400906

Moccasins? Are we back in 2006?

No. 400911

File: 1498184836760.jpg (23.25 KB, 277x246, 1478383797626.jpg)

wow that logo looks even worse embroidered

No. 400917

She's going to wear these every day for the next year.

No. 400928

Has vamplette said anything about their shop at all?
I sort of feel like Moo hasn't once mentioned her as a partner for the store after she made that announcement about the store months ago

No. 400945

I really like big thighs, so I honestly have no problem with this and these look like a pair of Torrid leisure pants I already own. What I have a problem with is how shitty her hair appears. Go get that fixed. Also, lol at the word typing covering how big her upper arms are.

No. 400952

It's funny because she just got her hair done and it looks so bad on her

No. 400955

Like I just ombre'd my hair, kept my roots long so I didn't have to adjust them and go in for touchups since the color on the bottom is only for an event, but fuck. At least my hairdresser bolyaged the color, so it doesn't look like just grown out roots are randomly there.(blog)

No. 401004

File: 1498190482252.jpg (86.66 KB, 581x461, 2UnwiGL.jpg)

how dare a normie confront ~a true gamer gurl~

No. 401006

The irony here is just fucking off of the charts.

No. 401007


It's Pokemon not a hardcore game. No one has the time to remember 99999999 pokemon and he was probably just hitting on her.

No. 401011

I hate when girls reach for this "GUY CALLED ME A FAKE GAMER GURL" bullshit. From the sounds of it, he was merely asking because they were probably his age and since he's been out of the loop, he was trying to see if maybe they were too. Ffs. Also, retail conversations ARE a thing. No one is accusing you of not GAMING Moomoo. If anything, I don't even consider Pokemon a hardcore gamer game.

No. 401017

His response, "can't keep up" probably meant he was trashing Pokemon and assuming that more people would be into the cute characters rather than the game. Funny how Moo thinks she owned him when he was probably implying the game is stupid in the first place.

No. 401019

Does she even play the pokemon games? I've never seen her post anything about having a DS or gameboy, etc. Aside from the Wicke and Mew cosplay, it just seems like she's bandwagoning like the rest of the GO hype

No. 401029

She's just looking for something to be offended by. I work in a card shop selling pokemon cards and it's extremely common for people to buy cards because they're cute/they wanna collect, and not because they play the TCG. I imagine it's the exact same with products sold at gamestop, Pokemon is a highly casual franchise for the majority of its consumers.

No. 401032

That is the point of pokemon. It's a franchise built on selling cute characters. Most pokemon look like Japanese keychain characters people buy on a whim. Well that's part of it anyway.
There are people who do love the game. But I feel like the people who played it in the 90's grew out of it since it's the same game and same basic plot running on almost 30 years now.

No. 401044

File: 1498193831210.jpg (6.92 KB, 255x197, hgfh.jpg)

lmao Momo you don't even play pokemon, sit the fuck down

She doesn't, that's why it's ironic.
It was super obvious she didn't bother to play the game when she cosplayed Wicke, she didn't know shit about Guzma either, even though he's her ~favorite pokemon husbando ~

No. 401060

Almost immediately after the lolcow comment "text covering up how huge her arms are" she tweets this
Way to make it obvious you lurk moo
Also they were WAY bigger than I imagined. ALSO I'm laughing at the "tiny waist" because moo your waist ain't tiny. Everything else is just huge. If anything she has virtually no curves based on photos of her

No. 401061

File: 1498196039468.png (431.37 KB, 707x839, Capture _2017-06-22-22-31-24.p…)

No. 401062

I don't even follow this thread and seeing that picture makes me think she looks quite lopsided

No. 401064

Sage for OT but aren't Gabby and Sierra related? I thought they were sisters

No. 401065


I can't believe her arm is that big. It looks shooped because it's so disproportionate. Jfc.

No. 401066

Thanks to her lipo all the fat is going to her arms.
Bad news Momo, it's a HELL of a lot harder to hide your giant arms than it is to hide your gut.
People don't wear arm corsets.

No. 401069

>tiny waist


No. 401070

… is she implying having 'big ass arms' is a good thing? if anything i'd prefer to have a gut and fit arms than her character creator mishap of a body.

I think she's so deluded that even though her stomach is still probably 35"+ because the rest of her is obese she's 'so sexy' How long until she gets lipo enough that her arms are bigger than her waist?

No. 401071

her arm is almost the size of her waist/leg

No. 401073

My guess is moomoo is pretending muscle mass

No. 401074

File: 1498199103864.png (998.53 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7463.PNG)

No. 401078

Her limbs look so short and stumpy it's like staring at a chubby baby in a bikini(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 401083

File: 1498200758582.png (729.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-23-01-51-58…)

Pedo moo strikes again

No. 401084

She looks worse now than before the lipo, massive flabby lunch lady arms. She looks stubby, flat chested, and hammy. She seriously thinks this looks good?! Tiny waist where?

No. 401086

She's bisexual and apparently has no type (both according to her) Random anon had shared she was overly flirtatious and vid proof of her molesting a stranger. Is anyone at the con safe from her harassment? Does she just throw herself at everyone or just her fans? What should one do if encountered by this wanna be succubus? (Literal not referring to sss)

No. 401087

File: 1498201469910.png (466.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-23-00-00-34…)

LMAO this is so funny. Yah, you had no idea what cosplay was yet you have a big story about being bullied for an Inuyasha cosplay when you were 14. And of course, you weren't in it for the fame like your deviant art journals say, so again, you had no clue what cosplay was. And you weren't obviously so obsessed with Nigri since the very beginning. But again, you didn't know what cosplay was. You had an assumption…

She's just so full of shit all the time lol.

No. 401088

Not really, just about dressing up as a character and having fun. Of course the most popular cosplays are the ones that actually look like said character, but mostly it's just a bunch of weebs playing dress-up.

sage for derailing

No. 401092

Responding to people asking "what anime is this?" with Boko no Pico is a meme FYI.

No. 401093

I know you might have said that in a derisive tone, but I wish things went back mainly to that in regards to cosplay. Now it seems like it's an enterprise rather than a hobby.

No. 401103

File: 1498208937741.jpg (15.67 KB, 492x99, what.jpg)

I wonder what happened

No. 401105

Her "mom" Jessica literally just made a "I'm only human post" today on her Instagram and tweets about it pretty frequently. I sincerely doubt anything happened. It's just Mariah seeking attention and copying yet again. Just posting what she thinks will get her more ahead.

No. 401106

No. 401108

And the Oscar goes to…. Love how she compares herself to an actual famous person and celeb. How full of yourself can you be? Boo fucking who. In the second video she mentions that she "wishes she didn't blow up so fast" and that she uses all her money for "supporting her family and college" like you just shared video at the mall earlier and got home from yet another vacation how fake can you be. Also everyone knows that you dropped out of unlv Mariah. Why do you dedicate your entire life to lying. Try to follow the words you "preach" for once and maybe less people will hate you.

No. 401110

No. 401111

Lol changing her story yet again to crawl up Dee's ass.

I actually knew her so I cringe whenever Moo mentions her.

No. 401116

How can you have sympathy when you're lying to everyone's face? Made your fame off being body positive and you got LIPPSUCTION. Someone tweet that out to her that the reason she has so many enemies is that she's constantly lying to everyone's face and is f a k e.

No. 401117

She was just on instagram top live and showing it off 2 hours ago, when is enough attention? Like you constantly hoe out and make lingerie, nasty pov shoots of every fucking cosplay, make 15k, friends with the top cosplayers, and that's still not good enough. Dude, shut the fuck up. Literally the negative comments are only like 5% out of all the nasty gross comments that her pictures pander to, what do you want?

No. 401120

You have no talent and your fame is off of destroying a hobby that people cherish. You have no talent. None. Zero. You don't work hard. This is your only job and nothing to show for it. No one likes you because you're lazy and got to the top while people are struggling to make money and find time between that to support something they love, and you flash your "ass" and make 15k. Don't you think that you should show something for it? Don't you have dignity?

No. 401121

Not to mention the constant fucking lies. Fuck. I quit Starbucks to pursue cosplay full time turned into SOB STORY they fired me because of my pictures! I quit going to lacrosse because i didn't get along with my teammates SOB STORY they pushed me off because of my choices in cosplay, bullshit bullshit bullshit

No. 401122

Now you're walking around with 6 lipo scars and people keeps asking you and you just ignore them, but you can't ignore one person that says you don't have rins body. News flash bitch, you DONT. It's a fact. You took it as an insult,

No. 401123

Why don't you address the hundreds of comments about how they masturbate and cum all over your face. Why aren't you honest with all these plus size women that tell you how much they look up to you and tell them your cosplays use corsets, photoshop and now liposuction. Stop crying for attention, be honest, grow up, work hard, be a good fucking person, and move on like a goddamn adult.

No. 401125

People out here broke, struggling, sick, dying, and you're crying because some people are bitter and salty that you make money off of shit. Grow the fuck up, get the fuck off social media, and be a goddamn adult, you spoiled whiney cunt.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 401126

I don't disagree with what you're saying anon but god damn keep it to one post and sage your shit.

I love how before she kept saying "haters don't bother me" yet she's up at 3am making sob videos because they OBVIOUSLY get to her. Like she seriously doesn't realize making shit like this only adds to her milk, it doesn't make her look "strong","human" or "sympathetic" to her haters. She probably tells herself she's making these to thank her fans for the support but we all know she's trying to send a message to the haterz so that we'd be sorry for hurting her fee-fees.

No. 401134

Sorry it wouldn't let me type more for some reason and it got split into multiple posts. Consider it as one.

No. 401136

I love that she doesn't look into the camera once in the first part, isn't that like a telltale sign of someone lying??? Also she reminds me of Trisha paytas when she fake cries, so much work for a red face but no tears ever fall lol
Also god she's so ugly, like her sodium eyebags are insane!!! And yikes at her saying she's so popular and yet she's hooman, reminds me of the scene in mean girls where Gretchen is like I'm so sorry everyone hates me because I'm popular lol

No. 401139

good lordt this looks TERRIBLE and cheap as hell. inb4 its like $50

No. 401140

lmao what. what is she even crying about?

moo your last crying about the haters videos didn't work out so well, why are you trying again

No. 401142

Those videos made me start thinking she must actually believe what she's saying. Moomoo's gotta have some kind of personality disorder, no normal person would constantly cycle between her rages and the "just spread positivity" crap, it's just too much effort to be fake. Moos get some fucking therapy, you need it.

No. 401149

Wasn't she just complaining about someone's caption about Scarjo's GITS role? Additionally, the 'ching chong' joke she was making and how she brings up that she's Lebanese to play the POC card is contradictory.

Momo only cares about playing to her own advantage, even when it conflicts with past things she's done or the truth.

No. 401150

Moomoo sure is sounding like all the sjws she hates.

No. 401151

Absolute Narcissistic. She actually believes that she's a hero and special creature. One of the truest cows to ever grace this website. The delusion is out of this world. TBH I would stop going on here if she just apologized to her "body positive" fans for lying about lipo. Like how dare she make so many self love posts and "this is my body tiny waist big ass hehe" when the only reason your arms and thighs look bigger is due to the large amount of fat you had sucked out of your stomach in a matter of hours. Absolutely disgusting shit stain of a person. These videos scream Mean Girls so bad it's nauseouiating.

No. 401153


Holy fuck. It is literally every week with this shit from this cow. Every god damn week she is either crying into the camera or making some long winded Facebook essay about being "bullied for no reason" and being "such a good person who only spreads positivity".

You are so full of shit Moomoo and if you were really a "good person" then you wouldn't feel the need to say it every week.

No. 401154

I don't understand how her actual fans buy it she's so f a k e it hurts. It's so predictable and so staged. She literally lies in people's faces weekly and it's so obvious. "I play so much overwatch I got x amount of hours as mei cause I'm such a gamer girl teehee" actually has ONLY played the game on stream for a beginners level of play time. Like why do you feel the need to always lie so hard. Do you truly hate yourself so much that you have to make up your own life for yourself because you think it'll get you more attention? This entire stream of videos still screams "wow I get what Jessica has been saying so hard we are only human wow so deep. Jessica's fans really liked these posts oo I should try this out too" So much cringe.

No. 401156

Quick. Someone save these videos in case she deletes them.

My god. I just… wow, I don't even know where to start with this bitch. She really thinks she's la creme de la creme of cosplayers. If the hate was really getting to her why is she screaming for attention more than ever right now? There's nothing wrong with laying low for a few months and cater to the patron neckbeards she already has. But no, it's a just another bullshit attempt to get more attention.

No. 401157

It honestly gets me that Mariah is her own worst enemy. Every time shit is quiet she does or says something to rile everyone up again. Before she was getting asspats for the candid ass pic someone took of her at colasalcon then fuckedvit uk by saying everyone who does boudoir does porn. And miw, after the milk has been somewhat dry she fucks herself over again by having s Twitter meltdown about the bullies. Does she not realize the way she acts and looks for drama is why people keep talking about her???

No. 401158

I wonder if it's because she tells them not to, or that they can't, but the photo shop can never make her eyes less creepy to look at.

No. 401161

Can we get a consolidated page or drive or something of Moo's receipts so we can just splash them at folks who deny she's a lying cunt? The bigger these threads get, the harder it is to direct newfags to the facts.

No. 401163

File: 1498227898921.png (57.31 KB, 756x636, IMG_0983.PNG)

"I'm a victim"

No. 401167

I know she's doing this for attention but I do believe there's some truth to this. She obviously has low self-esteem and is desperate for attention and validation. She needs people to constantly praise her and pat her on the back because she knows she's a terrible person. She's been going downhill for awhile now and I think she's finally starting to crack

No. 401170

Yeah I think the only mental disorder she has is a desperate need of validation and acceptance from some sort of group of people. Before it was the jocks when she was doing lacrosse, now it's the geek/ week/ cosplay community online. And I think when she realizes people really honestly don't like her, she has her meltdowns. But she isn't self aware enough to realize she's done this all to herself.

No. 401173

>she's bisexual

no way in hell do i believe this tbh. she's 100% the type of person to claim it just for oppression points.

No. 401174

I hope this affects you: CLEAN UP YOUR ACT. Start with your room. It might be therapeutic. I can't stand extroverted introverts like you, but seriously, no attention is bad attention, and if you can't take the heat don't stand under the spotlight. Grow a pair.

No. 401183

File: 1498231943647.png (344.93 KB, 589x589, 1442776603193.png)

yall remember in 2015 when she stuck up for nigri's yellow facing and got shitted on by everyone?

No. 401197

giving me forever kailyn vibes with those eyebags

No. 401200

More like "only when guys are looking" bisexual

No. 401204

As Wednesday Addams said "all your life"

Ugh and look at all the people falling for it.

"I wish I hadn't blown up so fast"

Yeh well ya did…in more ways than one.

You will never learn your lesson Mariah. You've only got yourself to blame. You're in it for all the wrong reasons but you're too stupid and greedy to quit and save face.

No. 401209

Ya this just comes off as "woe is me, I put myself out there on the internet and people are meannnnnn".
Newsflash: if people are dicks to you to your face (which this video implies they are), you're probably doing something wrong.

No. 401220

Hey, never heard of this con. So far it looks like 12+ cosplaying guests and only 2 actual voice actors. Going the Sabakon route I see…

No. 401221

That's the crazy thing tho, like she doesn't realize her hate to like ratio is way high, more people actually hate/dislike her than the people who actually support/like her, like a couple weeks ago her cosmom nigri and crew were fucking shitting on her yet the idiot still goes on a fucking hike with her where they didn't really seem to care for her and only entertain her cause she brings nigri the lowest denominator of neckbeards…. how is this fucking girl still so delusional at this situation she put herself in, she makes herself controversial because she needs to be, because she knows that'll get people talking about her, but as soon as people call her out for her gross behavior she turns on her camera to cry every single time, remember she cried about being called a cos porn girl?? Like she's so fucking predictable and dense, I do think she's gonna really crack soon, I mean look at her, appearance wise she looks worse than before and her mental state seems like it's on another planet lol
And why the fuck did she dye her hair blonde if she never takes care of herself

No. 401225

>like she doesn't realize her hate to like ratio is way high, more people actually hate/dislike her than the people who actually support/like her

this is truly a tragic case but honestly she did this to herself and only has herself to blame

Momo if you're out there, get some help or some therapy because the internet is not helping you, it's just making you sicker and delusional

No. 401226

File: 1498239099099.jpg (41.86 KB, 599x356, delusional.JPG)

these comments aren't helping honestly

No. 401232

File: 1498240234641.jpg (5.07 KB, 228x221, 1496978852231.jpg)

If Momo was honest with herself and owe up to her shit. People wouldn't put her on blast. However she is playing victim while looking like the main character from Mr.Meaty.

No. 401233

"I try every day to put other people out there"

Last time she RTed another female cosplayer
>3 days ago Jun 20th
>Susu who doesnt need momo's promo

Last time she RTed another non-thot female cosplayer
>4 days ago Jun 19th
>Moana cosplay that was already getting a lot of traction

like she went on a bit of a spree on the 19th but it's the prime as fuck cosplay season and ive seen people posting tests and shoots every day so it's literally the easiest thing to do to RT one 'lesser known' cosplay a day. If she 'loved everyone so much' she would actually give credit to the people that make the shit she wears like the mei bikini that she's made 50 posts of but only 1 of them actually says who fucking made it for her.

No. 401238

It's from the same people who run Sabakon and their first show is next year.

No. 401249


Why would you publish such a picture. That looks like the burly shoops of Fridge Moretz. Only it's fat instead of muscle.

No. 401250

Sabakon got some really great guests this year
2 of the most famous voice actors in history and someone from a relevant game this year
And yet no moomoo haha

Sages for slight OT

No. 401251

It has nothing to do with mental stability then it has to do with being spoiled. She's use to constant attention. When she isn't getting an exaggerated amount of positive ones, negative works too.

Not to mention, she's barely scraping by making herself feel better about her lipo job. It's finally dawned on her that she looks like a freak. This isn't even hate, she looks like one of those toys you squeeze in the middle section and it blows up everywhere else.

Fucking come clean about your lipo, you two faced liar.

No. 401254

How is it that her hair got more bleached but not the roots?

No. 401257

I don't really think she has much of a mental disorder but I do think her strange af dynamic with her dad is the biggest reason she is so desperate for validation from people. Reading some of the stuff actually makes it all make senseb

No. 401280

File: 1498245702336.jpg (21.02 KB, 434x289, spall.jpg)

Is it just me or does she really look like Timothy Spall in Tim Burton's version of Sweeney Todd?

No. 401288

yikes indeed. used to believe as long as she had those neckbeard bucks, she would never really crash and burn but seeing how she's slowly truly realizing how shitty her reputation is and that everyone knows she's fake as fuck i'm starting to think a major breakdown is imminent. it's amazing how delusional she is.

sorry for armchair psychology, but she really seems to fit the bill for having a cluster B personality disorder, specifically npd or hpd. i'm pretty sure she's mentioned she had bipolar in her past facebook posts, which could've definitely been a ploy for attention, but it's definitely common for people with cluster B PD's to be misdiagnosed with bipolar or have those disorders comorbid.

someone a few threads or so back said she probably has bpd, but there's no way she could really hate herself like that. she comes off as honest to god having an unwavering sense of superiority+entitlement on top of being so goddamned thirsty for attention.
it's totally possible for her to be mentally ill, especially when you take her relationship with her parents into consideration, (overly critical/unloving father, overly pampering/asskissing mother) having relationships like that with your caregivers from birth would fuck a lot of people up. from the looks of it, she's got a problem, but it's really bad, difficult to treat, and unlikely she'll ever want to get help or change her ways.

mariah, please realize it's not everyone else's fault. if you were a genuinely good person you probably wouldn't have 20+ threads.

sage for armchair psychology/sperg

No. 401295

just realized i replied to the wrong post, forgive me

No. 401305

TBH I think she's way too fucking prideful and dense to get mental help, like others said she did this to herself and she rather drown herself in drugs and alcohol than actually spend the same amount for a good therapist, she's fucking idiot I don't think she deserves sympathy she's a shitty person inside and out , she's always been like this the only difference is now that there's people who call her out pubically now

No. 401308

She stated herself in her old FB posts that she was diagnosed Bipolar and had to be hospitalized (around junior high time?) I mentioned it a few threads back because I was curious if she was unmedicated

No. 401310

File: 1498247821245.png (30.65 KB, 941x177, FANS.png)

No. 401315

She fucking unrecognizable out of cosplay, so unlikely.

No. 401316

And I highly doubt in cosplay he would even know too.

No. 401318

>>401083 well of course her waist is the o ky tiny part of her. That's the only place she got lipo lmfao

No. 401333

This is Tana Mongoose all over again for fuck's sake.

No. 401345

I'm not surprised if she was diagnosed with it at one point, however, with how much of her issues center around her overall personality and her own severely distorted sense of self, I feel like Moo's more likely to have developed something like Borderline (or cluster B like anon said) over the years than Bipolar. Of course, Moo would be far more willing to pull the bipolar sympathy card than she'd ever be to admitting to an actual personality disorder.

No. 401347

no way in hell she has bpd. we are introverts and we know that bad attention isn't nice. i bet everything i have she is histrionic

No. 401349

forgot so sage sorry

No. 401354

File: 1498253925731.png (27.58 KB, 979x288, 231423412341234.png)

nw anon, I had to look hpd up but yikes, that is extremely accurate to Moo. Even the acronym they use for it too like holy shit it's spot on.

No. 401355

Moomoo has been live since midnight last night and her Instagram pic still says she's live. I don't wanna go in there to be honest because your username pops up to her once you've entered the live feed. Anyone know what it's about? Or is it the crying woe is me stuff everyone's mentioning right now?

No. 401356

You can now put your lives up in your story and they stay there for 24hrs but you still the the little play button. She's not online it's the playback you can rewatch

No. 401357

File: 1498254371554.png (629.38 KB, 1563x823, MoomooKunt.png)


No. 401360

Does she wear glasses? Also with that swimsuit? Otherwise, not a bad synopsis.

No. 401362

dang, sometimes the armchairs hit the nail on the head

No. 401363

Lmao this guys a hero. Thank you to everyone who sees through her bullshit.
Also, those videos she posted on Twitter seem so forced. I honestly think she's doing this all for image, she's been playing that stupid song from Bo a lot lately, about hating his fans and hating himself but needing them blahblahblah.
I honestly think she's trying to emulate him, she wants to be known as the "troubled celebrity who hates her fame but loves her fans"
Damn girl can't you just be yourself? Stop romanticizing your mental health disorders and just get help.

No. 401369

>I take care of my family and friends, I feel i need to be recognized more for that!!

(Its not direct transcript cause im buzzed but holy fucking shit Mariah.)

No. 401374

I've always wondered but, does she even have like a job? Like does she literally get all her income from Patreon?? Because if she does get all her income from patreon how the fuck does she manage to fuck her cosplays up

sage if irrelevant

No. 401375

She probably uses it for her family, living, bills, flights, college loans that she owes back even though she quit, but what I can't understand is that if she is making about 10k a month how is it she doesn't have money? College loans come in spurts, usually small ones. Helping her family? Unless she is paying for absolutely everything her family needs [bills, house payments..etc], there should still be money left over. Convention traveling is expensive, but not 10k a month expensive and most place will charge at least minimum 2k a month in rent, so I can see a large chunk going right there.

However, when these months stack up, money stacks up, I have questions.

No. 401376


Even shitty liposuction is thousands of dollars a session

No. 401377

Let's run some analysis on her.
First off, to find out if you're dealing with a narcissist, you need to listen to how often they use I/me/my. There's one in every sentence she says in this video. That is a very bad sign, as it indicates the current view point of the speaker. In this case, she is extremely self-centered.

There's some very nice fake crying involved. She even got the nose blowing down pat. Except people don't normally blow their nose when crying, except at the end. And her nose is dry. A lack of red eyes is very suspect too. At least when youtubers fake cry, they take some effort to make their eyes actually look like they're crying. Actual crying involves slight convulsions, increased breathing, little tells that unless you're a trained actor, you won't really notice.

>everyone is going through their own battles

Wow, basic empathy 101. The only problem with this is the context. She tries to set herself up as someone that "knows it" or "gets it." She then transitions from IG Thot Philosophy to "I'm a human guys please don't be mean. I'm only human." A normal person that hasn't dealt with manipulative behavior before would not notice and would think Mariah is a sensitive little angel. Of course, I know and you know and everyone that's read a thread or two knows that she's one of the biggest shittalkers in the coscommunity. But she's relying on idiots that don't know this.

>Mariah wouldn't be intelligent enough to set up a video

You don't need to be book smart to be able to manipulate people. This is the classic "Guys I'm human just like you. I have no makeup, my eyes have bags, I'm a stuttering mess just like you!" Bitch thinks she's the j-law of the cosplay community.

>I wish I didn't blow up so fast
>Other people deserve this
>I'm honest guys
False humility like crazy. Is this not the same woman that said "yeah well this spandex got me more follows than you?" This harkens back to the "I'm a human like you guys!" argument. You don't need to remind people that you're human. It's really fucking weird when people say that. Like "hello fellow kids how do you do?"
She then continues on with "I wish other people got the fame." A bit of a stretch her, because if she wanted to do that for other people, she would constantly be a positive force of the community. There would be less boozing and more of "Hey guys, there's this lesser known cosplayer and she's really good and chill and you should all clit ride her."
There's just a train of emotional manipulation. She's genuinely a terrible human being that hasn't learned that actions speak louder than words.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 401427

>let's run some analysis on her

let's fucking not. we don't need this thread derailed by armchair projectors like the onision thread etc. it got so bad in there they all got banished to an /ot/ thread, you should fuck off there too.

No. 401440

Fucking gatekeepers here man I miss Mariah's old threads (been here since the first one). I personally found her comment to be a good summary of the videos.

Sage for not contributing

No. 401442

File: 1498271695397.png (1.64 MB, 976x1286, moomoos new shirt.png)

drawanon, she's using your artwork without permission

No. 401445

Clever move. The artist can't do anything without outing themselves.

No. 401446

She's giving nigri and her man one, god.

No. 401447

She's trying so hard to come off as not bothered but you know she's seething inside.

No. 401448

>giving your senpai-for-whom-you'd-wipe-their-ass a shirt of someone else's art making fun of you
Momo is trying to pretend she's laughing with us, but this is actually, non-hyperbolically pathetic.

No. 401449

>props to the artist

we all know how mad you are moomoo

No. 401450

Imagine how stretched out it'll be when she wears one.She'll not even take photos of it.

No. 401451

Oh, she will. And remember, tomorrow she is going to cosplay that awful Rouge suit at Comic Con. This should be a fun time.

No. 401455

not only are your opinions bad, but you didn't even sage. GTFO

paying real life dollars to show how unbothered she is. if she wears it to the next con, someone snap a creeper pic and post it here to collect max rage

i mean, who would really want to put their name on something like that to begin with, to be fair…

No. 401456

Sad that this actually looks better than the actual items from her clothing line. Maybe she could build her line around stealing anon art. It's kind of sad tho how she thinks she's outting art anon when she's just blasting her own insecurities over the image. Just comes across as really desperate.

No. 401457

Draw anon could actually sue and win for plagiarism if she try's to sell these. Yes, they'd be outed, but they would get a good paycheck out of it.

No. 401462


what kinda creepy weeb would wear that yikes

No. 401464

Wow, this is actually pathetic especially if she's trying to not let the haters bother her. So to the artist who drew that: you may have a lawsuit up your sleeve.

No. 401467

if i was draw anon i would go for a lawsuit. fuck everyone hates her, it's not like another person being outed would make any difference

No. 401468

Why can't this girl just get a gastric bypass surgery instead of Lipo? My older sister did it last year and already she lost more than 50 pounds thanks to portion control and exercising. She can eat whatever she wants but she'll get full alot quicker. Moomoo has the patreon money for it so why not do that?

No. 401471

Just send an email requesting not to use the art for promotional purposes.

No. 401472


Average cost of gastric bypass is like $20,000+ which means Moo would have to save and we all know she's incapable of managing money.

No. 401474

I hate to be a party pooper but technically she has the rights since its her likeness. Technically if draw anon tried selling this she'd be the one who could sue

No. 401475

Do you really think moomoo is gonna give up all the sweet pho after doing gastric bypass, she didnt follow the recommended diet for lipo lol

No. 401476

But then she'd out them anyway and the artanon gets nothing but harassment in return. At least with a lawsuit, artanon would get money.

No. 401478

That's a bag of bullshit, anon. The technical rights goes to drawanon. Moomoo can't prove otherwise.

No. 401480

Thats 100% false. Not sure if you are her or not, but all rights go to the artist. Same as when MAD produced satire images of celebrities. Drawanon has every right to parody someone and honestly no one will give a fuck to you in a court because you are nobody. Not like Moomoo is a real celebrity.

No. 401491

Not all rights belong to the artist when another person's likeness is being depicted.

>In most states, you can be sued for using someone else's name, likeness, or other personal attributes without permission for an exploitative purpose. Usually, people run into trouble in this area when they use someone's name or photograph in a commercial setting, such as in advertising or other promotional activities. But, some states also prohibit use of another person's identity for the user's own personal benefit, whether or not the purpose is strictly commercial.

There are exceptions though, which is why MAD got away with it:

>You generally cannot be held liable for using someone's name, likeness, or other personal attributes in connection with reporting or commenting on matters of public interest.


>As a general matter, you will not be held liable for using someone's name or likeness in a creative, entertaining, or artistic work that is transformative, meaning that you add some substantial creative element over and above the mere depiction of the person.


All that said, drawanon did nothing wrong by posting their non-monetized parody art of Moo online, and I'm almost certain Moo is violating copyright law.

sage for pedantry

No. 401501


Its possible you can figure out the site she is using, email the company and tell them she is buying shirts with your artwork and provide this photo and proof its your work. Tell them they don't have your permission to make these shirts.

Also, drawanons should watermark their artwork with lolcow.farm somewhere across the image

No. 401502

samefagging bevause i googled the phone number on the image and it's Customink.com

No. 401508


none of this lawsuit shit matters if she's just making a few shirts for personal use. wait for her to actually try selling them (which she won't) before all you idiots shit up this thread pretending to be legal experts.

No. 401513

Drawanon, feel honored that Moo was so fucking butthurt about your art she decided to be a 'proud' ''woman'' and try and co-opt your masterpiece. If she wasn't too cheap to actually buy it, I can't wait to see it ruined further by her flab.

No. 401516

Isn't that operation dangerous if you aren't going to follow a diet anyway?

No. 401518

File: 1498282737155.jpg (57.18 KB, 718x224, Screenshot_20170623-215050.jpg)


We'll see soon enough I'm sure.

No. 401519

File: 1498282937885.jpg (293.16 KB, 720x1041, Screenshot_20170623-215028.jpg)

I honestly don't get why he's still talking to her.

No. 401521

She wants to call her fans "kunts" #rude

No. 401523

File: 1498284012781.gif (841.12 KB, 450x254, IMG_0926.GIF)

>tiny waist

No. 401526


So much for "he loathes her", sounds like a load of shit. Now I'm conflicted since I grew up hearing him and I'm feeling pretty disgusted. Oh well.

No. 401531

Mostly in the long run. Momo would have to commit to eating 40-60 grams of protein daily, minimum, would need to take vitamins and be sure to remain well-hydrated. I do not see this salty and carby pho, soda-drinking girl who can't even clean her own room being able to manage daily vitamins. She'll get malnutrition quickly.

She could also wreck her shit by drinking to excess. Bypass patients get trashed faster on less booze than they did prior to surgery - I could see her ending up in the ER with alcohol poisoning.

Marginally related, but gastric bypass would be far more expensive than lipo. I guarantee you Momo went to some Groupon clinic with a meaty paw full of coupons. She didn't pay thousands per session. Laser lipo is cheap and has become like laser treatment to remove spider veins in how cheap and easily accessible it is even though it has a risk for far greater side effects.

No. 401534

The site she's printing them off of is definitely customink, I've used them before. They are pretty sensitive about stuff being your own work, so try sending them an email drawanon. I don't know how it'll play out but they may end up cancelling her order due to it. Provide her real name and the date she supposedly ordered them to help them track the order.

No. 401539

Just like with Shadbase, drawanon could file a DMCA and take it down. Also Moomoo could be suspended if she keeps this up

No. 401542

File: 1498289619322.png (1.18 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2017-06-24-00-22-59…)

The shading is way too dark

No. 401543

File: 1498289648566.png (953.38 KB, 720x1176, Screenshot_2017-06-24-00-23-16…)

No. 401544

That dark asscrack omg. I hope I see this disaster tomorrow at the con.

No. 401546

Oh wow, I choked laughing at the crack! Amazing.

No. 401547

wait… this was supposed to be Shion?

No. 401548

>Steals a crude image of herself to put on a shirt to possibly sell it for profit .
"lol props to the artist" im totally not butt hurt, let the haters hate 100% not bothered, even tho earlier I posted multiple videos of me crying about how mean everyone is too me and I'm a victim!

And she fucking wonders why no one likes her

No. 401549

She looks like a teenage mutant ninja turtle lol

No. 401551

Please provide photo evidence of this disaster.

No. 401560

kek it looks like she shit her pants!

No. 401570


Did you mean

No. 401581

Bought 12 just to fit around your colossal body?

Also draw anon PLEASE at least email the website. I'd say fuck it about being outed, there's a huge community outside this website who hate her. You could also pull the "I made it for a joke" bullshit if her fans start crying

No. 401589

File: 1498304628520.png (189.22 KB, 750x1088, IMG_0390.PNG)

So I'm assuming she's pissed off again?

No. 401590

File: 1498304830449.jpg (443.46 KB, 701x960, 2219621-nes_battletoads[1].jpg)


i was gonna say a battletoad hahaha

No. 401591

Why is this perfectly Mariah

No. 401596

lol my dudes just body positive, the haters hatin

No. 401600

File: 1498307940670.png (89.99 KB, 612x1088, IMG_4777.PNG)

Dear god… this is hideous

No. 401602

File: 1498307990943.png (155.2 KB, 640x907, IMG_4776.PNG)

Forgot to include the uncropped pic. Vamp must have done this on purpose

No. 401605

File: 1498308240777.png (128.1 KB, 640x973, IMG_4778.PNG)

This further proves her fanbase is made up of clueless, desperate virgins.

Razorburn + lipo scars =/= thigh freckles

No. 401612

Queen PT and her I'm poopin pose has been so influential to other coshoes

No. 401616


What's wrong moo? You mad that your attention whoring/I'm a victim sob videos didn't strike a chord with us?

No. 401623

Report her twitter account for abusive content, shut this bully down.

No. 401625

From her sister
"Correcting the assumptions and answering some of the questions I've seen on here. Also, it is very sad and pathetic that so many people take the time out of their day to write such vile things about another person, regardless of what they've said or done. I feel like a waste of space for even reading the things that all of your fingers type.

1. Mariah worked two jobs toward the end of her senior year of high school (Subway at night and Starbucks during the day), so she never lived the "spoiled kid life."

2. She worked 30+ hours a week at Starbucks when she was 19 and 20, but was fired for being late too many times. They actually threw her a going away party and gave her lots of gifts because they were a family there and didn't want to fire her, but it was a corporate decision.

3. She went to work at Coffee Bean afterwards full time, then decided to quit once she started making a reasonable amount of money with her online sales.

4. She quit the UNLV lacrosse team because she wasn't into it anymore.

5. She is 5'4. About 3/4 Lesbianese, 1/4 Italian, and a little French. The extended family is religious (some Muslim, some Christian, some Catholic), the immediate family is not.

6. She moved into her new house in January

because it was time for her to move out. She's 21, not 12. Rent is $1,500. Mariah pays for it.

7. She is back in school at UNLV doing online classes working towards a degree in business, focusing on international. So yes, she does have future goals.

8. The liposuction was done at a reputable clinic in Henderson. There were 2 treatments done at a standard price."

No. 401626

seeing her razor burn makes me wonder why she chose to let herself go. fat vagines are super gross and gangly looking and seeing what's going on even from a distance makes me question when she'll go full on BBW porn. It's what her fans stick around for

No. 401637

We don't know that was her sister, that was posted last thread.. don't see a what youre getting at posting it again.

No. 401642

God, I love this post so much, even now. Assuming this wasn't a troll and someone who actually knows her and tried to defend her work ethic but then admit she got fired because she was too lazy to come into work on time. Gold. A+. Want this anon to come back.

No. 401647


So what is she buttmad about this time? That her sobbing into the camera for the millionth time didn't make the "haters" back off? So much for her "Fuck the haterz. I don't care what they say" bullshit.

No. 401654

This applies perfectly to Little Berry too.

I think anon was referring to that time Jnig started selling pictures of herself without giving credit - and money - to the photographer. I don't think Moomoo wants to sell that shirt though, and maybe she won't even actually print it for herself. She was probably just being passive aggressive and trying to show she's "unbothered", as usual. I don't think she's confident enough to go outside with a shirt with a derisive art of herself on it. It takes confidence to be self-ironical

Wow, that's some Grease level sperg. Who spit in her coffee?

No. 401658

>About 3/4 Lesbianese

No. 401661

It's painfully obvious that this dumb bitch is on the verge of a mental breakdown.

No. 401663

Her Instagram stories announcing that she is going to ALVCC today were scary. She was really bitchy and meh if I see fans whatever blah and then snapped when her own fans asked her hey you okay what's wrong and did a mini anger rant and appearances. She's going luna Laney crazy status this is alarming.

No. 401664

File: 1498324389084.png (31.24 KB, 656x148, moos breaking down.png)

You're not wrong, anon

No. 401666

I don't get how her fans are so blind and okay with her being such a total asshole to the. I still don't get how this chick makes so much money she isn't even hott. I'm curious about what her mental state will be at con. Once she goes to AX it'll be back to MY FRIENDS SAVE MEEE IM SO HAPPY #BLESSED .

No. 401668

It looks so dirty. Why would she wear it? Why would she do that pose? Totally looks like she sharted.

No. 401669


The best part about lolcow is when the cows trigger themselves by lurking here

No. 401670

It's sad that the supposed sister tries making mariah having a job sound like a rebuttal to her being spoiled. Girl had her parents buying cars for her since high school and even with her own car, she managed to be late enough times to get fired. Just sounds like spoiled kid didn't care about her work ethic to the point where it cost her job.

No. 401673

File: 1498325868425.png (288.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-24-12-32-18…)

No. 401674

File: 1498325888076.png (396.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-24-12-32-36…)

No. 401675

Was never proved it was her sister I thought…it was just posted and people assumed it was someone close but I never heard anyone say it was her sister who wrote this

No. 401676

File: 1498325908329.png (298.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-24-12-35-22…)

No. 401677

File: 1498325931895.png (261.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-24-12-36-28…)

No. 401678

and people buy it. it's so obvious she is lying because hey my parents can't come and prove i'm wrong, so it's a easy lie

No. 401679

Mariah you stupid cow, your grammar is awful, you can't spell and use double negatives, I can see why you were labeled with the "dumb jock" stereotype.

No. 401680

idk about you

I would never wear an insulting drawing of my friend even if they wanted me to. Any 'friend' of her's that wears that shirt does not like her cause outside of people who are 'in on the joke' it's gonna appear to be a huge insult.

her fans really arent smart. how do you see someone that doesnt have freckles anywhere else and assume that she can magically have 'thigh freckles'?

if her parents were out of a job why would she move out and have to pay extra for rent instead of putting that money towards her parents???? Why is she constantly throwing money at other's when we havent seen her with her family much since she moved out??? jesus fuck

No. 401681

Sad that a woman can't voice her valid opinions without being screamed at that she's just a big ol jelly monster full of envy. If any man were to say the exact shit she would still need those SJWs she loathes to defend her

No. 401684

>>401543 >>401668 how else is she supposed to make it look like she has an ass without photoshop? If she isn't bending over a lot she uses "contour" someone asked why that anon fanart shirt had such a small butt,because it's accurate. Without all the tricks she just has wide hips and thick thighs, there's no ass, it's tiny and sad like Hank Hill's

No. 401687


Looks like she is having another twitter meltdown. Seriously, how many does this one make? I think one more and she gets a free smoothie. It's so obvious that the "haters" get to you Moomoo, otherwise this wouldn't keep happening.

No. 401688

'where did I say I do porn' … on your twitter a week or two ago? god damn, the delusion is strong

No. 401689


Is she really going to fucking act like literally last week she didn't say that "boudoir = porn" to try to drag all the other cosplay whores to her level? Holy fuck balls is she delusional.

No. 401691

Mariah, your parents are adults. They are accountable for their own actions. I highly doubt your mother, a pharmacist, and your dad, a security guard cannot get jobs that receive a decent income. Wasn't your dad the head of security at a casino complex???

Being a compulsive liar and a rotten person. When will it end? Will you go one for MONTHS not posting again and THEN do shit like this? I'll see you at ECCC or Sakuracon for sure and tell you what I feel and how it applies to you in front of you.

No. 401692


Except she literally lets guys say whatever the fuck they want about her, yet she is always trying to clap back at every girl that even slightly criticizes her.

No. 401693

Learn to fucking read. That anon is talking about Momo's pattern of aggressive posturing whenever a woman comments on her shit with anything less than ass-licking. Whereas male commenters post the most disgusting shit and she can only muster a passive response, if she even bothers to. We've discussed this before in past threads.

No. 401694

She also moved out right around the time both of her parents happened to be out of work. Either it was just bad timing (she moves out and they both lose their jobs) or something is fishy. What do her parents even do for work anyway, just out of curiosity.

No. 401695

And also my interaction with MooMoo last night started around 12:30 am and she was still posting meltdowns til 6:45 am. Did she really explode for a whole 6-7 hours?

So unhealthy.

No. 401696

I re-read it, sorry about that, anon.

Moomoo makes it hard to believe her because the things that she says contradicts what she does.

No. 401697

samefag just saw >>401691 about her jobs.

her dad could probably get any sort of bouncer/ secuirty guard position tbh, i'd be seriously shocked if he was out of job for 6 months because he couldn't find one. as for her mom, pharmacy jobs are in slight demand depending on where you're from. i also find it hard to believe in a city like Las Vegas she'd be out of a job for 6 months.

The fact they both lost both of their unrelated jobs at the same time… hmmmm. Maybe they both quit because they thought their golden child would take care of them now.

No. 401698


She is more like Suzy, where she is constantly lying to make herself look better. Now anyone looking to criticize or question her looks like the asshole, now that she has revealed that she was "helping out her recently out of work parents".

No. 401699

File: 1498329470666.gif (2.17 MB, 636x357, jeatpfsabqbpbqcrnxwv.gif)

Oh man the milk just keeps on pouring

No. 401706

It's sad to think that this girl acts this way because of her shitty family and friends. Like if she is paying for her parents since they don't have jobs I would be,as a parent, ashamed of myself. But she chose to do the quickest route to make money which was POV and just sell out to support them which that idea came from Collete. Because what do you expect from an ex stripper and girl who twerked on Twitch for money who had no other skills. Which goes to show why these 2 girls lost both their boyfriends last year.

No. 401712

File: 1498330797899.png (310.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-24-13-59-27…)

No. 401714

I'm more or less surprised she told another girl to out do her. Crafting wise anyone can out do her. But what Momo is asking for is earning amount for doing porn. She can't even fathom that most women have self respect for themselves and would never do what she does, no matter how much money is dangled in their face. Because dignity is a thing Momo

No. 401717


All this proves is that she hasn't grown at all since "That spandex suit has gotten me more connections than you'll ever have". She is still flaunting her wealth and "status" in people's faces and thinks that if you aren't making more than her, then you're a jealous loser who can only hope to have what she does and you aren't allowed to criticize her.

Once a shitbag, always a shitbag.

No. 401720

File: 1498332236252.gif (2.43 MB, 270x270, 1344625369357.gif)


thats not detroit, mariah

No. 401722

I can't wrap my head around of how arrogant and deluded she is. Does she really think hers are "quality cosplays"? Especially considering how much she makes. Literally anyone could do better.

I don't believe it. I can't believe a word that comes out of her mouth. I bet she invented this sob story only to get more asspats and at the same time justify her Patreon income/cosplay quality ratio. Disgusting

No. 401723

This person, A+ but it will fall on deaf ears. For whatever reason Mariah does not understand that she makes what she does because of the PORN she produces. No one that is her patreon is giving her $50 a month because of the cosplay. If that were true, she'd have more SFW content, but she doesn't. Its all soft core porn, simulated sex, fake cum, crusty buttholes peaking out from a stinky g-sting, content.

No. 401725

I can't believe she's trying to use her parents' financial statuses as a scapegoat as to why her cosplays are such poor quality. Even if it's true, you've said yourself that this is your job now. If you want to be treated like a professional then you should act like a professional and not let personal life affect the quality of your work. You know, like what adults with real jobs have to do.

No. 401728

Both parents losing their jobs at the same time? Then shamelessly makes her parents status public to make herself seem better? I smell a huge pile of shit. Plus we all know she doesn't make enough to support her parents home and bills. Her rent is 1,500 a month, not sure if that includes utilities. Then she throws a few thousand for lipo every month. Then her "school", partying, buying cosplays, buying friends, food (because she eats enough for 3-4 people). Tinfoil time buy she probably gave her mom gas money once and wont stop bitching about it

No. 401730

THAT PT POSE. it's weird bc that suit has shading already but she..airbrushed more?

No. 401731

God I love it when she shows her true colours.
Honestly no other cosplayer has had as many Lolcow threads as she has, and honestly it's most likely because we KNOW they bother her so much. If she didn't lurk, keep addressing issues, say "fuck the haturz" while crying and stuffing her face with Doritos, I think the threads would've ended at 12.
If she didn't lie so much and make up all these different types of stories to constantly defend herself with, maybe was just honest since the beginning, people wouldn't care as much. But she's always spinning that web. She is too insecure and ingenuine enough to just be herself and tell truth all the time.
If she didn't claw her way through the social ladder to find the quickest way to cosplay fame, proving to everyone she cared more about the social aspect than the hobby, instead putting time into her cosplays (I've seen countless armour tutorials where you can make a set of armour for 170.00)
Then yeah. Maybe we wouldn't draw these out and laugh everytime you had a break, baby girl.

Sage because it's all a load of drama and it's been repetitively said before.

No. 401733

Someone needs to just straight ask her family if it's true. Her sister is active on Twitter.

No. 401740

File: 1498334861403.png (136.33 KB, 750x1133, IMG_4280.PNG)

I see she really does have nothing better to do than to keep reading these threads. Maybe if you spent more time working on your cosplays than reading these threads then no one would have been saying this lmao

No. 401741


But doesn't she BUY her best cosplays? She doesn't make them

No. 401743

File: 1498335267233.jpg (403.53 KB, 1500x1500, 1498335132372.jpg)

Went and found some more rando stuff from her twitter. Didn't she say she hated the word ugly? It's funny how she tries so hard to tell everyone she's changed but people who have been online in her circles for years know this version of her.

No. 401745


I'm HOWLING at the "#getplasticsurgery #lippo" comment

No. 401747

File: 1498335423126.png (725.52 KB, 720x806, Screenshot_2017-06-24-00-02-12…)

Found another meme too lmao

No. 401748

Isn't it con crunch time for AX? Didn't she procrastinate like usual and is now having a full on meltdown instead of working at her JOB?

No. 401751

Stop posting her family's information.

No. 401752

Sorry about my tone. I didn't mean to sound like a dick. I just realized how weirdly wrote that original comment was and how it could be mistaken as criticizing a non-specific person.

No. 401755

yoko? oh gosh i didn't have time to finish her my dudes, but you can all look at my mei again

No. 401756

OT but I'm still baffled at the fact she got lipo and looks more or less the same. Everytime I see her she looks bigger. I always like to compare her with Trisha Paytas since she got almost the same thing done and even though Trish eats like shit all the time you can still see the definition of her waist after the lipo.
How the hell does Momo still look the same if not bigger, how much is this chick eating???
I know about swelling etc but damn, such a waste of money.

No. 401758

I'm gonna lose it if she brings Mei to one of the hottest conventions in Cali. If it's swimsuit, then lame.

No. 401759

dont forget, she still has casual mei

No. 401762

Or to shake things up there's always casual Lucoa

No. 401764

File: 1498336869964.jpg (47.21 KB, 452x680, DDHPqHsU0AApswB.jpg)

At this rate she will be as big as Chel Hellbuny in no time lol. They both have body types that look really unfortunate when not taken care of.

No. 401765

File: 1498336983893.jpg (840.19 KB, 1439x2066, Screenshot_20170624-134134.jpg)

No. 401766

>when you're so desperate for an ass, lipo didn't work and you're a lazy fuck so you get your friend to litreally draw an ass on a morphsuit so people online can call you "Thicc"

No. 401767

casual mei for sure, remember the fanart she posted?

No. 401768

passionately waiting for the candids of this ground beef stuffed in a dirty condom

No. 401769

Those wrinkle lines along her nose and mouth and she claims she's 21? Gross

No. 401770

File: 1498337502985.jpg (27.59 KB, 500x425, tumblr_m1hfee3Fg81qjm55w.jpg)

I can't unsee it

No. 401773


Bitch you are the swamp. Good God that's disgusting.

No. 401774


Seriously, the only difference between her and Chel at this point is that Moomoo's tits aren't as busted looking as Chel's. Go look at her recent Major cosplay and see how her and Moomoo are practically fridges now.

No. 401775

By the looks of her Instagram story, she didn't finish Yoko. Lol.

No. 401776

File: 1498338670198.jpg (44.59 KB, 233x221, 20170624_140640.jpg)

With her size she would have been better off cosplaying fat mystique from epic movie instead of ruining Rogue. She's certainly "thicc" enough for it.

Ugh that disproportionate sharted looking ass fucking grosses me out. I've seen thicker cosplayers pull it off. This is just a trailer trash version.

No. 401778

File: 1498338893950.jpg (7.63 KB, 166x166, IMG_0172.JPG)

It looks like she forgot to wipe. Why does she thinks this looks good at all?

No. 401782

It looks like she's melting and so bottom heavy, not an attractive pear shape but like she legit looks like squidward when he ate too many krabby patties

No. 401795

without the lipo her gut was probably massive. based on her body type when she was thin, she an up and down body type so at this weight she'd has far more belly than this. maybe chel's body type tbh.

No. 401802


No. 401803

Ive never seen her Velma and holy shit. This makes anything, even Penny Underbust's Velma, look like gold. Wt does she have long hair? This makes ZERO sense. Velma isn't even a child. Even in the movie, where she is clearly an adult, she had short hair. This looks so fucking bad.

No. 401804

File: 1498345416520.png (143.68 KB, 1090x1187, IMG_8925.PNG)

She's so fucking lazy. She literally had to make NOTHING for this cosplay and was still too lazy to even cut her jacket in a straight line or attempt to hem it.

No. 401805

Somehow this makes her butt look even MORE flat.

No. 401806

That airbrushing is atrocious. It just looks like she's got a big nasty skid mark up her ass and her tits are about to fly off into the ether.

No. 401807

I dont think she realizes how bad this shading photographs. It doesn't make her chest look bigger or her ass look larger either. It makes them look more flat, less existent. Im mostly surprised about the breast shading. Thats way too literal. Not only is the shading too thick, but the lining is way too high. You need to look at drawings to understand shading. Not just will it on a morphsuit and think that this is how real shading looks. Hell, even look at real people in unshaded morphsuits would give a better idea about where shadows and lights hit.

No. 401809

Doesn't Rogue have more volume in her hair? Her wig looks so flat

No. 401810

samefagging, sorry

But this couldve been good. THis couldve been really good because she is fully covered, you can't see the corset lines [too much], but she wanted to finish this all in one day. Because of that, it is rushed. The shading is rushed. The wig is clearly eBay expidited or borrowed form someone who doesn't know how to style very well. If this is her first double colored wig, Ill give it a pass because doing that for the first time is hard, but come on… You couldve at least hammed the jacket properly, had the shader take more time, gotten some actual boots instead of making your shoes fit into the suit. Hell, even making stocking fake boots to put over the morphsuit wouldve looked better.

There are SO many things she couldve done if she didn't rush this shit because she wanted to attend a convention and bring something new. You're going for ONE day. You couldve had this nice Rouge outfit for AX, but you fucked it.

No. 401814

>if this is her first double coloured wig
pls tell me u dont believe she dyed that herself do u? kek

No. 401821

i cant wait for how bad her camel toe is gonna be tomorrow. if you look in that last pic it's already going up there and she probably only had it on for a few minutes.

Also since she always does the same makeup you'd think she could get her eyes even by now but the two halves of her face end up looking like two different people because of the difference in eye makeup

No. 401822

You don't dye double wigs. More people take two wigs, combine them together with hand sewing or with that looks like what she couldve done, taken one wig, grabbed some white extensions, and glued those to that headband. This is what she mightve done because even eBay ones look better and would look cleaner and less tangled. Mariah, please tell me you are reading these tips.

No. 401823

File: 1498347419970.jpg (28.53 KB, 270x335, Rogue_(Earth-121193).jpg)

you bet

No. 401824

the faces don't even look the same in these side by side pictures. The one on the left is wider than the one of the right. It looks like she let her hair shape her face in the left-sided one, and just shopped it to look slimmer in the right.

No. 401827

File: 1498348116111.png (1.35 MB, 766x823, crazy eyes.png)

No. 401828

File: 1498348686570.gif (975.5 KB, 299x223, no.gif)


No. 401829


Giving crazy eyes and a fake smile. Though judging by her meltdowns on Twitter, crazy eyes seem legit for her.

No. 401830

I just passed by her doing an interview (once again with the squirrel girl person) and her bodysuit is just as bad in person as it is in the pictures. I'm kicking myself because I left my phone with my friend.

No. 401831

This pictures encompasses everything i hate about moomoo as a cosplayer

She cares more about her face looking good than any part of her costume and she couldnt even manage that. the wig already looks a hot mess, you can see the underside of the neck, the headband is obviously just a strip of fabric that she didnt even try to adjust and so you can see the raw edge and she couldnt even get the face part right with how terribly those lashes are placed BUT HER SKIN LOOKS GOOD AND SHE'S SMILING SO THAT'S WHAT COUNTS RIIIIIGHT?

She probably put more effort into her makeup than she did trying on the costume

yeah i mad

No. 401833

I realize 90's Rouge comes off as slutty and I'm sure Momo only did this cosplay because she thinks she can do an easy POV/boudoir shoot with it. I will laugh my fucking ass off if she does do it with someone groping her exposed boobs with bare hands because of canon.

Ugh, Rouge is my favorite X-men. I wanna cosplay her now to just to redeem her.

No. 401834

File: 1498349818589.jpg (3.84 MB, 2679x2660, 20170624_171432.jpg)

The cow is as inspiring as ever

No. 401835

>She probably put more effort into her makeup than she did trying on the costume

Kek. You mean photoshop.

No. 401836


She's my favorite too which is why I despise lardo for even thinking she could pull her off. She doesn't have the look faciallyor physically. She's too goddamn fat to do Rogue any justice.

No. 401837


underrated post

No. 401840

I had suspected for a while that I had worked with Momo’s father for some time but never had the proof till now. Now knowing who her father is it makes sense she has so many insecurities and whores her self out. Her father is a supervisor at a local big casino and he’s one of the most shallow, self absorbed, womanizing dogs you would ever have the displeasure of meeting. The man is always hitting on customers and employees that are over half his age [even underage] and talking about how disgusting overweight girls are. If Momo was raised around him I can only imagine what kind of affects that shit had on her self esteem, she most likely suffers daddy issues since daddy think all fat woman are “worthless pigs in heat”. I’m glad I never have to see that shit head again, but Momo probably does get that luxury or even realize the affect he has had on her.

No. 401841

Of course it's with squirrel girl lol this is hilarious since you know sevanna and her husband are trying to dickride Mariah so hard for the follows, she's not even good at interviewing people, it's usually really painfully awkward the way it's all done. Did moomoo not make an ass of herself at squirrel girls women in media panel or whatever and straight up say that she NEVER read American comics growing up and didn't relate to female comic characters that she only looked up to goku and vegeta? The hypocrisy and fakeness never ends with her, or the fucking vegas cosplay community. Almost every fucking cosplayer out here is trying to be cosfamous. Don't worry I'm saging just in case for this.

No. 401842

Say one bad thing to Mariah and her white knights show up to ass pat her.

No. 401844


Can't wait to see that mothereffing embarrassment of an interview where moo brays loudly like the ass that she is for attention and tries too hard to stand out.

Please lord let there be a better rogue at that con to walk past her and make her shit stain cosplay look like an even bigger joke in comparison.

No. 401845

I suspected it was something like that. After how embarrassing and drunk Momo was in her Lvlup interviews anyone with self respect for their own channel would have dropped all future collabs with her. The down votes are not worth it.

No. 401846

This is ART.

No. 401847

Her Rogue Cosplay doesn't look too terrible. But that butt picture she took was not flattering in the least.

No. 401850

I can't believe she would interview her again after that disaster at Lvlup.

No. 401852

This is a masterpiece.

No. 401854

File: 1498352006056.jpg (485.54 KB, 481x642, WkDqd1L.jpg)

No. 401857

File: 1498352454021.png (1.01 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-24-18-00-12…)

No. 401859


Can't tell if camel toe or bad shading job on costume.

No. 401861


She looks so uncomfortable here. Also the white lines in the stomach area/thighs make it look like she busted the suits seams. God the shading is so BAD

No. 401864

Is that the same brown leather jacket she used for her Attack on Titan cosplays?

No. 401867


These two cows damn near ruined two of my favorite Marvel characters with these shitty cosplays. Neither one of them has ever even picked up a Marvel comic in their life.

No. 401869

Omg I think you are right…

No. 401871


Yes, she was much thinner when she did that AOT cosplay and you can clearly see how much she's fattened up since the jacket is now a solid 2 sizes too small.

No. 401873

File: 1498355954288.png (827.67 KB, 720x1041, Screenshot_2017-06-24-18-57-35…)

No. 401874

Moo looks like a bad Ninja Turtle, or like an anon said above like a Battletoad. The breast contour is especially bad, makes her look flat as a board under the fat layers.

No. 401875

What is Vamplettes wig even.. oh so silk has black hair I'll just wear whatever doesn't matter the length or style lmao.

No. 401877

>what's a lil ol swamp boy doin round these parts like you?

Is she drunk? Learn English Moo.

No. 401879

File: 1498356441452.png (1.05 MB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2017-06-24-19-03-06…)

No. 401880

"but guys, im soooo insecure about muh big boobs thats why i always wear sports bras and boy shirts :'( :'( muh insecurities"

No. 401881

File: 1498356559340.png (1.24 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2017-06-24-19-04-45…)

Bad quality. You can see how squished her chest is. Also she's wearing the same Nike sportsbra

No. 401882

File: 1498356618629.gif (1.99 MB, 500x306, how bout that.gif)

oh hey it's the same nike sports bra we could see through her Gohoe costume

No. 401883

is vamp's the same bodysuit that moo used for that cosplay years ago??? dem square fingertips.

No. 401886

File: 1498356838418.gif (963.36 KB, 500x278, i don't get it.gif)

the way it's pilling up around the arms tells me you're probably right.
You can wear these stupid suits a total of like 3 times before they look like absolute crap.
>most look like crap brand new though but that's my opinion

No. 401887

The fucking sharpie lmao!

No. 401889

could someone actually post her aot cosplay as a comparison?

No. 401891

I don't know if Vamp's costume is considered good but she looks way better than Moo by just her expression and body language. Moo looks like she was caught itching her labia while thinking about which pho spot she wants to hit up afterward.

No. 401893

i keep reading this trying to comprehend what the fuck she's trying to say.

No. 401894

silk eyes aren't even red too

No. 401895

She makes how much and she got a fucking free media badge?

No. 401896

Did she shade her crotch ?

No. 401906


Moomoo's retarded typing aside, Rogue, like Gambit, has a noticeable "southern drawl" speech pattern, being from Mississippi and all. Which she would know if she knew jack shit about her.

No. 401909

File: 1498360490452.png (791.03 KB, 1586x1080, 13.png)

No, she is not lazy… And the wig is a tangled mess with a couple of white extensions, the band is a piece of fabric without hem, she bought a jacket, cut it and not even bothered to do it straight and hem it, the belt shows her laziness as well… And let's just not talk about the suit.

No. 401912

There actually was a better Rogue at the con today doing the Savage Land version. I'm surprised that Moo didn't decide to do that one because it shows more skin and she could have easily slutted it up for Patreon bucks.

No. 401918


How do you fuck up simple yellow gloves…. They aren't even elbow gloves. All Rouge wears are wrist length yellow, closed, biker gloves. Ffs..

No. 401921

Days leading up to this she kept insisting Vamp would be cosplaying Jean/Phoenix. Um..

No. 401923

Ahahah! She seriously got butthurt about my comment! She totally checks this place religiously!

No. 401927

File: 1498363499908.png (Spoiler Image, 61.23 KB, 750x1103, IMG_2623.PNG)

I enlarged the photo and, Jesus fucking Christ I think I'm going to be sick.

No. 401928

Typical not wearing underwear under a morphsuit. Not surprised, a lot of people go commando in latex outfits at cons too, but I mean.. Those people don't have obvious labia minus hanging out farther than their labia majora.

Also, Velma posting anon, she changed her patreon image to a Velma one not too many hours ago and at the same time lost 3 patreons.

No. 401934

She never really looks like she is actually enjoys cosplay anymore.

No. 401935

ybh a part of that probably has to do with all the harassment she gets, but she sort of invites that. Anyone in the spotlight and does cosplay the way she does invites that. She needs to learn to live with it, just do her cosplay stuff, and to just stop paying attention to all the bad shit people say. In any hobby, this is important. Especially something that is so social media dependent. Her rants are as embarrassing as Trump's tweets.

No. 401936

Her rants do come across as playing the victim. Much like a woman hits a man, man hits her back, and she cries to her friends about being assaulted.

No. 401941

"What's a lil ol swamp boy like you doin round these parts?" would be the correct phrasing, I believe.

No. 401944


Yes it would. But since Moomoo knows jack shit about Rogue of course she got it wrong.

No. 401946

i didn't think camel hump was a thing

No. 401948

bruh, what the fuck ………….

No. 401951

fucking gross. she couldn't wear a micro-fiber thong or something? Jesus.

No. 401953

I think another part of that is the fact that she isn't cosplaying characters she likes anymore. She doesn't watch or read X-Men so Rogue is just a "look at me comic character ex dee"
A lot are "commissioned" or for attention instead of what she likes

No. 401958

Did she ever cosplay characters she liked though? Besides Inuyasha when she was super young and hadn't gone through her athlete phase?

No. 401959

Does she have a mondo clit or is it labia?

No. 401962

File: 1498371037705.png (1010.14 KB, 720x946, Screenshot_2017-06-24-23-07-22…)

What the original suit looks like

No. 401965

File: 1498371500209.png (341.27 KB, 720x954, Screenshot_2017-06-24-23-16-43…)

No. 401967

yeah, we get it. you want to fuck cartoon animals

No. 401977

File: 1498375634321.png (59.6 KB, 1018x190, nah.png)

I was lurking through moomoo's curiouscat profile looking for some wonderful contradictions and came across this

No. 401988

This is so much better
Also I love this cosplayer
Saged for slight OT but she is the perfect example of an actually "thicc" cosplayer

No. 401990

They look like cosplayers that just started out and still can't figure out what works. The bad shading on that suit is enough but then you see that barely accurate wig. Vamp couldn't even bother to attach soles to her suit and wore those dingy ass shoes and that wig is just as bad as Moo's.

Moomoo gets paid WAY too much to still be producing terrible quality like this. Hell, at least pay someone with skill to make you look good! But she's still stuck on this 'see? I can make my own stuff!11!' kick so people can stop attacking her which isn't working at all.

It's hysterical seeing her cosplays get worse and worse every time.

No. 401991


this looks really good compared to moo's version. i like to imagine that brandon did a shitty job because it's moo. like he said to himself "i'm going to do extra shading on the ass crack so it looks like she shat herself"

No. 401993

This looks really good tbh. The shading looks amazing. Does Mariah's just look that bad because the fabric is so stretched out? Also, I have to agree with >>401988 , this cosplayer is a good "thicc", she looks healthy and proportionate, not obese and smushed into having a shape via shapewear.

No. 401994

File: 1498383464885.png (491.03 KB, 502x388, jacket.png)


think it's a different jacket

No. 401995

I think it might've been the tracer jacket she supposedly was going to use that for

No. 402001

Is it me or can you see het private parts at the bottom?

No. 402003

I cant the shadows look soooo bad..why? No boobs are gonna do stuff like this so why..it hurts

No. 402005

Why can't she get the simplest colors right?

All the AOT pants are white and Rouge's headband is black. She always ALWAYS messes up on colors and I can't fathom simple things like that, how the fuck she doesn't EASILY fix it.

No. 402006

a quick google search would've proved you wrong before posting that…..

No. 402007

That suit and those colors make her really look like a turtle.

No. 402020

private parts? how old are you?

No. 402039

90s player here, still play pokemon on a regular basis. Favourite franchise after all those years still.(no1curr)

No. 402045

Beware, she's going to do a tshirt with this

What? Is that even a thing? It's disgusting… What about seamless panties?

No. 402060

I mean, I've done it before and there's nothing really gross about it. Not like you're wearing a skirt and no undies. The problem here is that Moomoo clearly shoved herself into this suit and it's way too tight. You want it to fit nicely, not cut off your circulation.

No. 402067

I'll join you anon. I didn't know she was at ECCC until the event was over. I would've went to her.

No. 402076


Record if you do. I'd like to see how she tries and fails miserably to back pedal and clap back

No. 402079

Because no curse words were used? How old are you

No. 402084

nah it's pretty gross if you're in it all day anon especially since they're difficult to go to the bathroom in so no matter how 'clean' you are there is gonna be discharge. if you wear it all day it's gonna be gross and knowing moomoo's hygiene it's gonna be tunamelt-chan all over again

No. 402087

just say pussy my dude

No. 402088

File: 1498411666881.jpg (38.84 KB, 400x539, rogue.jpg)


Ok I see that now anon thank you. That being said, the jacket i WAY too small. Yes, Rouge wears it open but you can see in her sleeves that her jacket CAN be closed properly. Moomoo however, tinyass jacket 2 sizes too small. Seems will bust open no doubt so prepare for that.>>402005 There are also many original works of Rouge with a green headband so I guess she cannot be flamed for that.

No. 402089

File: 1498411803521.png (141.64 KB, 578x518, lmao.PNG)

twitter is truly a gift

No. 402095

I totally agree with this. It would be better to wear shape wear underneath to hide panty lines and/or have that barrier between the cosplay and your sweaty nether regions.

Which reminds me. Hasn't Vamps let Momo borrow her Silk bodysuit in the past? If Momo hygiene is so bad how can she stand wearing it again? Or has Momo hygiene gone down hill only recently?

No. 402101

File: 1498413386218.png (955.64 KB, 720x946, Screenshot_2017-06-25-10-53-02…)

No. 402102

File: 1498413463223.png (853.51 KB, 720x1103, Screenshot_2017-06-25-10-54-24…)

No. 402104

You can hate my opinion, especially since my comment about her hiding her fat arms triggered her and all, but I think she doesn't look awful in these. Or this cosplay really. The shading is so bad, like really bad, but when she is fully covered up, using her shapewear to give her more os a curve and hiding her botched lipo, I think she looks nice. Has a good shape.

No. 402106

to me the shading just looks like sweat marks

No. 402107

If she didn't shade at all and let the natural shadows and lights hit the suit, with a few exceptions with a LIGHT TOUCH [not the massive shit stain shadows], this suit wouldve looked better.

No. 402112

God, she really cannot pose for the life of her, can she?

No. 402116

I have a feeling if she does her flab will poke out. Or maybe her suit caught damage. A true fan would have learned at least one pose ffs. Even a generic fighting pose would do the trick

No. 402117

This looks like the usual "HEY I KNOW YOU LETS GET A PHOTO" kind of awkward pose. Like her and Vamp were probably walking around and these dudes rushed them for a photo.

No. 402127

But isn't she a "professional" cosplayer? I'm so shocked she wouldn't be ready for a moment like that!

No. 402129

The suit already had shading on it
She had someone shade it EVEN MORE
its awful

No. 402130

File: 1498417349590.jpg (332.25 KB, 1240x930, 32aa3a24f8d16302ce0dfff8ba579f…)


This is the suit. It already has printed shading.

No. 402137

I bet her asking for the extra (-shitty) shading then was to prove us h8rzz totally wrong in terms of her supporting "lesser-known" cosplayers.

No. 402138

so a picture where you cant see where her waist is because she's covering it and a picture where her smallest part is right under her boobs is a 'good shape'?

I'm starting to think some of the anons that frequent these threads are so traumatized by landwhale moomoo that as soon as she has any shape she looks 'good' compare her thighs to vamplette's or the miles' and you can see that even with the spandex reeling her in she's still a fatass who probably looks tragic in person cause of how wide she is all around

I've seen literal children get into a character pose when asked for a picture. Momo doesnt pose because she knows she cant hide how fat she is

No. 402142

Im talking about other fan images. Hell, even the gross one up top with her labia minor showing a bit, she has a good shape. I personally love that hourglass shape. Too bad she can only achieve it with large amounts of shapewear. I said you don't have to like my opinion and I did say she looks best covered up and where her botched lipo is hidden.

No. 402150

how old are you not to be able to use the actual word tho

No. 402155


I know it's shitty con lighting but if I had just scrolled past this on Insta and didn't read the caption I don't think I would have recognized Momo. With the more natural smile she actually looks cute?

The suit is still atrocious and disgusting but I prefer this expression to her crazy eyed selfies.

No. 402159

not the anon ur replying to but y does it matter so much to you kek they said private parts get over it … time to drop the subject

No. 402176


No. 402198

File: 1498427654506.png (447.5 KB, 372x472, fat turtle.png)

No. 402199


On twitter she said phoenix didn't fit

No. 402201

Why is she suddenly smiling in every photo versus her normal awful duck lips? Actually taking our advice? Her lips appear to have some color as well. She's still a cow but I do think she looks better in these photos because she's smiling and doesn't have gross duck concealer lips.

No. 402203

Yeah but the thing that shows down there ruins every picture

No. 402205

yeah her face looks ten times better just from smiling and putting some lipstick

No. 402210

File: 1498429816115.png (189.09 KB, 750x1161, IMG_2467.PNG)

No. 402214

She's making a pokemon cosplay now?

No. 402218

It's yoko…

No. 402224

Gross for her maybe if she's that nasty but I had zero issues. I think people have this weird misconception that not wearing underwear is inherently gross when it isn't. Moomoo should know better and be more aware about how she looks but no underwear isn't that big of a deal. But sage because not very relevant

No. 402245

File: 1498434851588.jpg (266.42 KB, 905x881, 1441322464177.jpg)

3 days late but oh my God what a baby

>it's hard being a celebrity but I have to say this

>have a heart, think about my feelings
>I love getting nice comments, like I love that
>I blew up so fast
>I help my family with my money
>I try to help other people in the community all the time
>I never give up, I'm going to be so much stronger
>I've grown up so much, I've come so far

This bitch is so conceited. I've never really hated Moo but I want her to have a harsh reality check and actually have something to cry about for once. She's bawling about what every single Internet personality deals with when they put themselves out there, you are not special Moo.

No. 402247

Did she bone this? Why does it look stiff?

No. 402254

File: 1498436025788.png (784.6 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2017-06-25-17-08-45…)

Why do you need this much fabric?

No. 402256

File: 1498436061085.png (1.03 MB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2017-06-25-17-08-33…)

No. 402257

File: 1498436103410.png (883.3 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2017-06-25-17-11-33…)

No. 402258

Why she doesn't organize a bit her fabric. God this is making me so triggered

No. 402266

Her poor cat. Does she not have some spare cash to get herself some bins to organize the fabric rather than just tossing it on the floor? It must all be dirty and covered in cat hair. At least treat your things like you paid for them, Moo! You can really tell that her parents spoiled her all her life, now that she's on her own she can't keep clean for her life.

No. 402270

Did she get a plus sized dress form after getting rid of her old one? This…whatever it is looks almost appropriately sized

No. 402274

>the jacket sleeves she cut off for Rogue just lying on the floor next to the lining she took out

>the scraps of fabric dispersed between all the useable fabric and wigs sitting on the floor

>the soda sitting on the floor

Is this bitch afraid of tables and a garbage can because there's no reason all this shit should be all over the floor. I get that during con-crunch a sewing room can look haphazard but at least you can usually tell where some semblance of organization would be (usually bins or drawers). This bitch got nothing.

No. 402279

She could also get one of those 66 gallon storage bins and just dump the fabric in it. They are $8! What is her excuse?

No. 402289

i wonder if she's ever brushed that cat

No. 402291

no she shaved it because the fur got matted because she never got brushed

No. 402292

File: 1498442057711.png (22.41 KB, 512x123, Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 6.38…)

I mean we know what drugs she wants and uses now. Even if its incorrect

No. 402293

I think she was just making a joke anon, I've seen a few people say that before

No. 402294


The edges, the corners! Ouchhhhh

No. 402295

Coke would definitely solve those weight issues, though…….

No. 402304

It's passable for a mockup. But we all know this is the final product.

No. 402313

File: 1498446686865.png (686.53 KB, 720x1138, Screenshot_2017-06-25-20-10-14…)

No. 402315

File: 1498446856516.jpg (58.79 KB, 1024x574, Cwy54g2UQAARXot.jpg)

No. 402316

The ever loving fuck is going on here? Is she going to get into fake BDSM porn now?

No. 402321

I am thoroughly confused about many things in this picture….

No. 402332

I am disgust

No. 402339

God. I have been con crunching this month to make three different costumes and I know when to clean up my mess. At least get a cardboard box for your fabric you lazy bitch.

No. 402346

I wonder if her dimensions are set to be worn WITH a corset.

No. 402352

She's lost about 8 people on her patreon today.

No. 402359

File: 1498463346141.png (1.19 MB, 889x817, asdfasdfasdfs.png)

updated for accuracy

No. 402361

She just tweeted that she wants to do a sexy shoot of Midoriya in his All Might onesie like in the recent episode of My Hero Academia. Reminds me of the Dragon Maid Kanna shit since he was also a little kid in that episode.

And I love Midoriya like a child that needs to be protected at all costs. My poor boy….

No. 402362

File: 1498467635117.png (48.61 KB, 605x521, kek.png)

No. 402363

File: 1498467880915.jpg (165.42 KB, 1200x896, dat shading.jpg)

No. 402377

as a short person this triggers me. when will people understand making fun of short people is just as bad or even worse than making fun of fat people? at least fatties can change their body.

No. 402380

File: 1498484340268.gif (149.98 KB, 500x305, tumblr_mjt7vsp58e1s8u3g8o1_500…)

No. 402381

File: 1498484494252.jpg (63.58 KB, 960x720, 19260557_488349151501338_48759…)

No. 402383

This is cringey asf Anon

No. 402384

File: 1498486870309.jpg (144.67 KB, 640x889, IMG_6183.JPG)

Is this little berrycosplay?

No. 402385

I feel you anon, he is my little broccoli son. Wasn't Kanna enough? Didn't she piss off enough ~SJWs~, as she puts it? Ugh.
Not ready to see her in a ratty green wig making dick lips while trying to make a kigurumi look sexy.

No. 402389

Is she even wearing a corset? She looks wide as fuck

No. 402390

She herself is short though? 5'2 if I remember correctly

No. 402392

a 5'2 woman and a 5'2 man for example are on very different levels

No. 402410

She's 5'5", iirc

No. 402423

lol no she's not

I'm 5'4" and when I saw her at Fanime she was noticeably shorter than me

No. 402427

She lies about everything, like how do we know Mariah is even her real name? It could be Gurtrude or Hagus

No. 402428

Repost but I felt it's necessary

2011 http://imgur.com/a/r8lpW
2012 http://imgur.com/a/uhReN
2013 http://imgur.com/a/VFw7h
2014 http://imgur.com/a/sWgD0
For every time someone doesn't understand why or how we could "bully" her and to shove in anyone's face who thinks she's actually "body positive" please share on her social media's

No. 402441

Holy shit. I know these are old, but she is just as bad as she is today. Gets offended easily and the whole "positive" post bullshit. You haven't changed at all Mooriah. Fuck off

No. 402449

File: 1498504798304.png (23.88 KB, 590x258, 2pEQlkd_d.png)

No. 402466

Miss I'm not white I'm Lebanese over here.

Just want to remember no everyone on her sign off whenever she ended her fanfics she'd say "arrivaderci" such a fucking wannabe. Do you even know who you are Mariah? I'm honestly frightened that you have this money net and are on your way to becoming the next Anna Nicole smith.

No. 402467

File: 1498507641047.jpg (147.12 KB, 1264x1264, IMG_4841.JPG)


Pic did not attach. Did sage.

No. 402473

>three years ago
I know this is supposed to show she's a bad person but there's plenty of current shit to use instead of dragging up old Facebook statuses

No. 402478

>"Look at that cutie with that nose! We got an Italian over here!"
Italianon here, I've never seen anyone with her nose here. Tonight, on "Stuff that never happened"

No. 402480

ikr, my bf is italian and no one in his family neither him has her kind of nose.

No. 402496

I just love how recently she took to Twitter to state that she is not white she is Lebanese, and we have written proof here that she used to claim to be white. I was honestly expecting her to claim to be Polynesian when she was going on and about moana.

No. 402497

File: 1498513898851.png (321.92 KB, 1440x1624, 20170626_144942.png)

Mariah why are you so gross?

No. 402498

Misty looks like a teen. I know she is supposed to be, like, 10, but she looks older and the show has been on for over 20 years now? I don't know. Whatever time frame. Not like Misty would dress different as an adult. Thats completely different from her wanting to cosplay someone who REALLY looks like a child. Like.. A legit child looking character. Its like if she did a sexy Sakura from CCS. How does she not understand that and this has nothing to do with holding cartoon characters on a pedestal. This has to do with the overall grossness in general. Thats like her cosplaying the girl from 'Logan'.

No. 402499

She's lost almost 20 patrons in day. LOL

No. 402502

That happens every month it's not news, she'll do something desperate and gross to get them back so quit reporting how many she loses.

No. 402503

It's nearing the end of the month, so it makes sense that her paetrons are dropping. They don't want to pay actual money on hotel bikini shots

No. 402506

Maybe Chel is her new idol and not Nigri.

No. 402507

I'm actually shocked that she looks good here. Rin doesn't seem like the kind of character she'd normally go for too.

She's probably trying to jump on the Fate hype train since the English version of Fate/Grand Order was released yesterday.

No. 402509

Midoriya is such a cutie, not looking forward to seeing Momo butcher him with her ugly ass

No. 402511

When will she stop with the Misty argument? You can't control the shit other people do, but you can control the shit you do.

No. 402513

File: 1498516992728.jpg (26.11 KB, 302x558, ah.JPG)

it makes me genuinely sad that, this is probably what she thinks she looks like

No. 402514

That happens to most patreon creators at the end of the mo th though.

No. 402521

I don't recall him wearing the onesie in the scenes as a teen, only in the flashback scenes where he is clearly a very young child? I could be wrong, can anyone else confirm? Regardless, what a stupid/gross thing to try to sex up…

No. 402523

this reminds me of when she said she wouldn't do lewds as Kana and then like two weeks later she was literally did it anyway. how fucking gross.

No. 402526

Eugh, no, she butchered Rin. Maybe I'm just bitter because I love Fate, but God its just not good.

No. 402531



Too many things to screenshot but a couple of threads with tea. I love it when everyone knows you're talking about Momo. Her dislike is so widespread.

No. 402533

I love it when Twitter goes in on her, especially since it a lot of the people that respond probably aren't even farmers

No. 402535

I don't think she realizes her fuck the haters rants when she gets angry is actually just ruining her rep even more. If I were to look back on those tweets I'd be so embarassed. I wouldn't even know how to apologize for them. They're so cringey. But it's so fucking entertaining to watch her fall on her face.

No. 402546

kind of ot but isnt takisiski the cosplayer girl that tried to commit suicide by od-ing?

No. 402547

Never heard about that but you can talk about it in the drunk roxy thread in /snow/, this is momo's thread

It wouldn't hurt to take a couple of screenshots anon for posterity, this is an image board after all. plus you know these Cosplayers love to delete shit and pretend it didn't happen

No. 402550

I'm in the same boat, anon. I don't recall him wearing a onesie outside of when he was, like, pre-k age.

No. 402554


In the newest episode he has some All-Might kigu/hoodie, I think that's what people are referring to. Can't find a cap of it but I saw it in a gif on Twitter recently

No. 402558

>those fucking moccasins
They haunt me even in 2D form.

No. 402565

File: 1498525840882.png (742.86 KB, 720x1140, Screenshot_2017-06-26-18-08-05…)

No. 402566

File: 1498525864858.png (749.39 KB, 718x943, Screenshot_2017-06-26-18-08-20…)

No. 402567

Pinned, it looked promising but the once she sewed it down it became disappointing with that gathering, puckering.

The uneven red hem on the collar triggers me just a bit.

No. 402568


I'm an amateur at best when it comes to sewing, but aren't you NOT supposed to put pins thru vinyl? Couldn't she just use wonderclips for this?

No. 402575


Am I on Mars? Did she not learn anything from all the shit she got for lewding Kanna?

No. 402576

I'm a bit new to sewing and from what I remember, you are better clipping it than pinning it. It will leave holes and it will make it just look bad. Learn it the hard way

No. 402581


Go figure Momo doesn't know basic dos and don'ts of sewing. When I sewed with knits the first time I knew to either clip it or get special ball point pins for it.

No. 402583

I'm now expert but it seems to me that this is far below "professional cosplayer" quality work. If someone said they were just an amateur or only in it for fun than it's more than OK. But this is shoddy work for a self proclaimed expert. At first I figured she just bought it and tried to make it look like she made it but the seams and uneven cuts give it away.

No. 402589

The fact that she keeps using pleather and vinyl for everything ruins this cosplay, she's going about everything right (except for pinning that'll leave holes) but she's using the wrong fabric. It's going to look really flimsy when she walks even if there is interfacing, also there needs to be elastic in order to hold the pants up through the panties but you know she won't do that. Because a fabric stretches doesn't mean it will hold up and keep together, this is a disaster waiting to happen.

No. 402590

File: 1498530524176.png (184.11 KB, 720x912, Screenshot_2017-06-26-19-26-05…)

Lol she's losing it. Keep making everyone think you're a rude bitch so you lose patrons.

No. 402598

I love when people call her out because she shows her true colors and how quick she is to snap at anyone (mainly any other female).

No. 402601

does her cat talk? wow

No. 402604

"An inside joke"
Just like your "ching chong ching chong" bullshit in Mei

Momo that's not an inside joke that's just being an ass
You just happen to be an ass with your ass friends

No. 402607

File: 1498532179833.jpg (374.33 KB, 1500x1500, 1498531970339.jpg)

No. 402608

File: 1498532210558.jpg (249.15 KB, 1500x1500, 1498531825369.jpg)

No. 402618


Sometimes you can stick it down with regular tape on the underside and once you got enough on where it won't move around, then you can take the tape off

No. 402619

I need to put these in a frame. Holy shit I love it when she gets dragged!

How about you calm down, Moomoo.

No. 402622

What's funny is marly, the girl who commented, is a bigger girl and actually does work for cosplay positivity/body positivity.

No. 402634

File: 1498537435819.png (884.88 KB, 720x1052, Screenshot_2017-06-26-21-21-32…)

No. 402637

File: 1498537785310.png (224.69 KB, 709x927, Screenshot_2017-06-26-21-27-22…)

That feel when you don't need a Teflon foot and you just tape the bottom of the foot or wax paper

No. 402639

Is that a satin stretch tube top…? And those stars look like cardboard.. I don't even like GL, but holy shit. Even I can see how this doesn't look good.. Poor Jessica must be getting texts every two seconds about, "HOW DO I DO THIS THING?"

No. 402640

I can tell she's actually put a lot of hard work into this and there are things she still needs to learn how to do right because this isn't a bought cosplay. This is a cosplay you HAVE to make from scratch for someone of her size. In a way I feel bad because she probably knows that this looks shoddy, but she must be really proud of it and in turn in sort of makes me proud that she is proud for doing this all herself? I don't know if that makes sense. Her attitude and stuff is annoying, but finally doing a full cosplay herself… I'm kind of happy for her? Maybe shouldve started with something less intricate though..

No. 402643

File: 1498538693240.jpeg (52.59 KB, 500x707, 9432D837-72E6-4F19-970C-400B82…)

I honestly wonder how it's gonna look on her actual body

No. 402645

Im guess she is going to make the pants high enough to cover the slight pouch on her lower abdomen and the long enough to cover the fold over from the strapless bra she will be wear [or regular bra since the straps can be hidden with the cape]. I can't wait to see if I am right. The shape of the pants will still give that enlongated torso look even if the pants are a little higher to cover the bottom pouch, but she needs to be careful with sitting then. Use the came to cover her front.

No. 402646

It is nice to see her put in some actual effort but if she REALLY cared she wouldn't leave herself with less than a week to do the whole thing. She knew the event was coming up for how long, she could have planned ahead to prove the haterz wrong.

No. 402648

File: 1498539851321.png (1.15 MB, 1052x667, uh.png)

The proportions are so off on this. Is she really looking at reference images while making this thing? I'll be surprised if this doesn't look like a hot mess once she's done. It already looks really off and she's not even halfway done.

No. 402649

Yeah but thats what happens when it dawns on you how big you have gotten and the person you hang out with, Jessica, has something new every convention. I think thats why. Plus the announcement on the dub. I hope she remakes this, even with some help, because it would be nice to see how this would look the second time around with the mistakes she learned from. Im sort of rooting for her with actual handmade things. It won't fix her personality or anything, but the fact that she is probably proud that this is all from scratch really makes me happy for her.

No. 402650

She actually bought the figma too.

No. 402653

>The stitching looks great and really consistent
>Looking at the wonky, squiggly topstitching everywhere
Are her fans goddamn blind?

Honestly my only solace is that most of the scene hates her with a burning passion. I wouldn't know what to do if she was actually a celebrated cosplayer instead of just the neckbeard hugbox production she is now.

No. 402655

To be honest, so far it's looking better than her usual. Gotta give her credit for that.

But it's Moomoo so we know that she's going to fuck it up in some way down the line. Here's to hoping that she doesn't.

No. 402656


Made an anonymous twitter dm the account if you wanna be an admin/ post on it

No. 402657

A teflon foot is less than $20, seriously she has no excuse. Plus as anon said, you can use scotch tape as well.

I'll give her some credit for actually making this but the craftsmanship is so shoddy. The stitching is so wonky and she doesn't know how to do binding properly.

No. 402659


I checked her twitter but I didn't see anything there. Did she say something on her insta or snapchat?

No. 402660

It was in a snapstory. It was on top of the cape while she was cutting out the initial pattern. Its one of those really small chibi ones though, so I can understand if isn't super detailed, but there are enough character sheets online that she can take reference from.

No. 402661

Another girl all over her dick is Thorne Chan. Also bringing Samus to AX. I think she is trying to get noticed by anyone following Mariah in order to blow up, but holy shit. If you thought Mariah was ugly.. I just don't know why you would want Moomoo's fans anyway. Maybe because its easy money?

No. 402664

very good anon

No. 402665

Eh… I actually don't like this. Its one thing to have a lolcow thread, but its another to have a dedicated twitter too as well as the anon who stalks her at conventions. Im all for showcasing how she is in reality, but not to the point of having more than one dedicated thing. Thats seems a little too far and I also thought the stalking at conventions was far too.

No. 402666

Sage goes in the email field.

No. 402667

Its referencing her, so it is still on topic, right?

No. 402668

You're also in your feelings about it. I agree with you that it's a bit much but it's not milk-related.

No. 402669

For people talking about how the Rogue cosplay has camel toe shading? That's not shading. Thats a zipper actual. Very common in bodysuits for using the bathroom.

No. 402670

no shit sherlock

No. 402673

Not to mention there's 2 Jo-Ann locations in Vegas she could drive to and buy one. Though my guess is she didn't even know what a Teflon foot was until someone pointed it out after she already finished sewing the cape.

No. 402675

This is just ridiculous. Come on. How does she think this is going to look good on her?

No. 402677

Im all for hating on moo but i think its a little unfair to assume everyone is a cow
But yet again I didn't see the tweets

No. 402678

Multiple cows have tumblrs dedicated to their shittyness. It's more of a warning to potential fans rather than us farmers having fun with it, plenty of people don't want to go on Lolcow, so having a social media account to direct people to if they ask for evidence of anything Moomoo has said and done ultimately helps get the word out faster.

Also, if this twitter account gets reported and deleted, I suggest a tumblr account be made to display all of this instead. They usually stay longer.

No. 402715

The cape is so awful. She knew she needed a different foot but she couldn't order one or research what to do without it?

No. 402740

I'm surprised she's even making it tbh

No. 402742

lbr tho, the source is not realistic in anyway, as is most anime costumes. so as a cosplayer you have do have to change some stuff up to make it actually work irl.

No. 402754

The stars are WAY too close to each other, they shouldn't be touching like that, she made them way too big , also the shape of the star is too pointy and exact it should be more rounded almost like in her example she gives here.

No. 402758

Then make it yourself crazy. Her lolcow gets enough traction and comes up when you look her up on google. Making more pages is just unnecessary and makes you sound petty and just as bad as the cow herself.

No. 402767

File: 1498578064434.png (213.22 KB, 720x880, Screenshot_2017-06-27-08-39-17…)

No. 402768

File: 1498578207581.png (23.14 KB, 670x219, Screenshot_2017-06-27-08-41-33…)

No. 402771

File: 1498578600766.gif (68.33 KB, 640x482, https://68.media.tumblr.com/d5…)

I wonder who she felt threatened by to trigger this rant

No. 402782

plus dedicating accounts to her just deludes the cow further into thinking she's even more "famous"

No. 402798

Some drama at vidcon where a 'instagram model' tried to get into the con and kept telling the security guard not letting him through that he was trash and to kill himself

No. 402800

Except Instagram model is a real thing, where they get paid to post photos, have legit photoshoots for Instagram and get paid for ads (not just skinnytea) and shit so I mean….

No. 402813

>Facebook model? Twitter model? Snapchat model?

As if calling yourself a full-time cosplayer isn't just as ridiculous. And this is from the same bitch who went up to con promoters asking to be a cosplay guest because she has x-thousand likes on Facebook.

No. 402840

Oh ho ho ho… I wonder how Jessica, HER FRIEND, feels about that. Oh, Moomoo. You're going to lose connections.

No. 402858

If I didn't know who made this and just saw a photo of it, I would have thought that the cosplayer got too ambitious with their current skill level and should have researched some other methods of how to make this. I probably wouldn't have thought much of it though. I'm super average when it comes to craftsmanship but there are still so many things I would have personally done differently with this that I know would have looked better.
But after this >>401740 little statement, she deserves no excuse for this. She let her true thoughts and ego shine through again. Drag her ass. If this was something she was going to have commissioned and has received progress photos for she wouldn't have liked it.
Anything decent she has worn has been decent because it wasn't made by her. You need some lessons Moo and you need to start asking the right people for advice. I'm sure even if she is asking questions it's from other patreon hoes that think the fact their tits are hanging out makes up for quality.
Most girls like her want that "I made this myself" glory so hard but don't even want to work for it. They just want to turn shit out super fast and they think that because they made it or spent a lot of money on it that it can't be bad.

No. 402860

thinking that moomoo probably considers herself a model makes me laugh.

No. 402873

File: 1498589202865.jpg (611.89 KB, 2048x2048, EBDFF527-DA6C-41E3-BB02-988473…)

No. 402875

File: 1498589655223.png (372.45 KB, 660x1876, blog1.png)

No. 402876

File: 1498589672553.png (537.53 KB, 662x1496, blog2.png)

No. 402878

Jesus fucking christ I don't care if she was 17 when writing this, this is embarrassing behavior for anyone over 13. And shitty behavior for anyone at ANY age. She's so fucking melodramatic she honestly seems like she has some macabre case of histrionic personality disorder.

And here's probably the root of her rotten personality, extreme daddy issues. Goddamn.

No. 402879

>>402873 the only decent cosplays she has aren't even hers rofl she never gives credit to other people's work either, you literally have to ask her who made it. But any of her garbage she will be sure to give herself cred

No. 402881

No. 402886

THIS IS SOOO BAD….She could cosplay tetsuo with this forehead…

No. 402887

Also tetsuo is super simple..like you can't fuck This up

No. 402889


These definitely sound like the ramblings of a try-hard, wannabe edgelord, fake tough bitch who wants everyone to think she is not to ever be fucked with but really won't do shit unless she practically has an army already backing her to fight on her behalf or if someone breaks up the fight before it happens. But that won't stop her from bragging about how she will "fuck you up"

And she will list all the horrible shit she will do to you when really she won't do a damn thing and a square punch to the jaw will get her to either run or flail her hammy arms around in a desperate attempt to claw at you.

It's just funny seeing girls like Moomoo try to talk up how tough and bad they are as if they actually intimidate anyone.

No. 402890

File: 1498591388380.jpg (29.42 KB, 480x640, 189486_348157735277964_3106113…)

Doesn't even look like her, wow.

No. 402893

Woah she looks like her mom in this photo. Unbelievable. She doesn't resemble her mother at all now.

No. 402894

File: 1498592084781.jpg (57.96 KB, 622x622, 10325692_671148159645585_24914…)

She's always been kind of old looking, huh? She legit looks mid 30's in these pics.

No. 402898

File: 1498592169982.png (1.86 MB, 1137x799, sdf.png)

Whew, lad. The change in her arms.

No. 402899

I can understand how she was unhappy at this low weight, always working out to keep up the figure. But honestly she would be fine if she hit somewhere halfway between these two. I guess that's kind of the weight she started at? It's unbelievable how much she's gained in such a short period.

No. 402900

Even then she's doing the open mouth thing.

No. 402901

At least be a mid 30s milf and not a mid 30s whatever she is now. Sad to see such potential go to waste.

No. 402905

File: 1498592835499.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-27-14-45-54…)

Why is this tail better than than the Gohoe one?

No. 402906

File: 1498592898964.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-27-14-44-57…)

Was this supposed to be a quick closet Yuno?

No. 402907

Her eyebags are really awful here. I think that is why she looks so aged. I have no love for Moo, but that's gotta suck. Her genetics and poor lifestyle choices are only going to continue to make her look far older than she really is.

I think it looks terrible, but wtf is up with the random porn pic? kek

No. 402915

File: 1498593679524.png (914.38 KB, 768x586, asdada.png)

I feel weird looking at her old photos like that.
To be honest, her body was better, but her face and make up choices were atrocious. I think her best face-wise was when she started.

Also, the famous InuYasha cosplay. I must say I am actually shocked to learn she actually had it lol

No. 402916

File: 1498594102036.png (200.19 KB, 808x890, my dudes.png)

Good to hear she's not bothered by this at all.
Take another one Momo, since you love it so much.

No. 402917


>I think it looks terrible, but wtf is up with the random porn pic? kek

She actually has a good amount of hentai/lewd/porn pics and gifs on her photobucket lol

No. 402918

you're doing god's work anon

No. 402919

This must suck. Having a good cosplay but you can't fit into it anymore.

No. 402921

This makes me really sad. I feel like I need to work out just looking at how big her arms got.

No. 402922

hasn't she made past comments shitting on people who liked yuno?

No. 402924

File: 1498594555806.jpg (105.48 KB, 501x696, IMG_2468.JPG)

Look how huge she is.

No. 402926

Holy shit looking at this vs. the ones she posts, she is a master of angling herself. She's huge.

No. 402929

She's way bigger than squirrelgirl now.

No. 402932

Squirrel girl's face says it all

No. 402933

File: 1498595445164.gif (204.08 KB, 404x416, IMG_2720.GIF)

We do not deserve you.

No. 402938

I'm amazed that she can even get one of these suits premade that fit her. Do they go above XL? Or just super stretch?

No. 402948

dang she's gotten big again.

No. 402950

This is absolutely the greatest thing Momo has ever inspired.

No. 402952

>inb4 wow, you have low standards
That wig actually looks decent on her, despite being party city shiny. Probably because it's actually brushed.

I hope you color this. It's a masterpiece.

I seem to remember this too, but I'm not sure. I think it was around the Shion cosplay saga?

No. 402956

>tiny waist

No. 402957


No. 402964

File: 1498598520491.jpg (38.24 KB, 604x402, 5213_123171697146_593707146_23…)

Found this in the photobucket link

No. 402965

File: 1498598653305.jpg (21.52 KB, 440x480, snapshot-1.jpg)

She also has a lot of weird pictures of herself there, like this one

No. 402966

File: 1498598726589.jpg (60.65 KB, 640x480, snapshot8.jpg)


No. 402967


Ugly as shit then and ugly as shit now, inside and out.

No. 402969

Did she put the belt over her vag so she could hide her protruding clit?

No. 402970

surprised she hasn't just locked her photobucket at this point

No. 402973

File: 1498599069369.png (47.41 KB, 550x367, 1.png)

Is her ex the same she's talking about here?
>"I'm a good person"

No. 402974

File: 1498599082174.png (39.79 KB, 594x302, 2-1.png)

No. 402976

File: 1498599176376.png (40.81 KB, 583x361, yveg5qC.png)

Doubt she's that full of spirit and energetic now.

No. 402977


Incoming twitter/Instagram rant about how she is "happier than ever with her size and shouldn't be made to feel ashamed of it" and "why can't we all just be positive instead of constantly looking to tear each other down and insult people/I'm human and feelings that can be hurt too".

Of course with the added bonus of "omg I am literally crying right now, thanks for all your support" when everyone kisses her ass and showers her with "omg u are such a sweet person who doesn't deserve all this hate for no reason" for anyone daring to insult their "thicc goddess"

So did I nail it or what?

No. 402978

File: 1498599218226.jpg (12.67 KB, 491x276, 403990_118261971637230_1000036…)

Just dumping some pictures in case she locks/deletes.
>Tfw now her socks can't reach that high

No. 402983


It's possible to download the entire album as it's not private, as long as you have an account on there.

No. 402984

Looking through all of her internet history I think it's safe to say that she should getting off the internet for a bit, lol.
She was practically raised on it, talking about closing her Facebook at 12-14 because girls were messaging it that she wanted blocked and reopening new ones, she's been obsessed with social media since she was a kid. Not to mention there's pics of her on twitter from other classmates where she's just on her phone all the time.
If I was as obsessed with the internet and instant gratification from strangers like she is no shit threads like Lolcow would get to me. Dude, life exists outside of the internet you neckbeard. No wonder she's socially retarded because all her socializing has been through memes and texting.

No. 402985

I think she looks better with a plumper face. Granted, her eyebrows and hair are fucked up also, but she looks like a nasty little gremlin here.
Right now she's a huge fathead but I think a healthy amount on her face benefits her.

No. 402989

Now I see why she always has the camera up when she turns to the side or how she never takes 3/4 turn photos.

No. 402990

When weebs take being a yandere too seriously and your relationship suffers.

No. 402993

It helps fill in her nasal folds.

No. 402997

She bought the wig before she announced her Patreon and posted some thirst traps in it. Then she cut it for her very first Sakura where she mislabeled her the slug princess.

She said some pretty nasty stuff towards Yuno and any other cosplay that Steff Von Schweetz decides to do (she ranted about Gladion and Yurio being whiney little bitches which Steff is also known for cosplaying) because for some reason that cosplayer triggers MooMoo into subpsychotic rants lol.

No. 403013

File: 1498603289582.jpg (51.78 KB, 525x750, any bets.jpg)

Any bets on Moomoo cosplaying this version of 18?

No. 403018

Nah, I bet she hates Harley Quinn for some inane made up reason or another. She always seems to pretend to have strong opinions toward popular female characters cause she's such an lolsoweirdcool girl.

No. 403019

Really hope not. I don't even like knowing that this fan art exists to be honest…

No. 403026


Considering Chel's wretched version of Harley, I'd rather not see another cow ruin this for me.


Big shock she has a problem with Harley. She is always trying to be a counterculture, I hate what is popular, hipster when it comes to geeky/nerdy stuff. If it's popular and all the girls are into it, she has to be the contrarian like "All these fake bitches jumping on what's popular now. I'm totally not like them", despite her being the exact embodiment of those type of girls.

No. 403048

Steff was the judge when her and Mootch entered a cosplay contest as a shitty Mew and Mewtwo gijinka pair. They didn't win and Steff offered some concrit when they whined to her about their loss. Moo has had a psychotic hatred towards Steff since and I really want someone to post caps of when she tried to get her neckbeard army on Steff's ass so people can see Moo is a mega toxic bitch.

No. 403049

File: 1498609547073.png (Spoiler Image, 735 KB, 720x1175, Screenshot_2017-06-27-17-23-49…)

I didn't know you could post gore on Instagram

No. 403050

File: 1498609586540.png (901.51 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2017-06-27-17-23-26…)

No. 403051

Jfc.. Better than my first attempt. I commend her for that. Gloves are HARD. Ngl.. Nice job, Moomoo.

No. 403052

Man, what happened? She looks pretty normal/average here.

No. 403054

but was wicke's her first gloves?

No. 403073

I thought she bought those gloves. I don't know why she wouldnt just buy plain matte white ones anyway and then cut the top part and sew in the red piping. Would be easier. You don't have to always make 100% everything from scratch. Especially something as assessable as bases for most gloves.

No. 403089

I think the fact that she is such a horror show in person may be a factor in this.

No. 403105


Correct me if I'm wrong but that red fabric looks like the Ultrapreme from Yaya's fabric line, no doubt an effort to get senpai to notice her considering all of these awkward fabric choices. I just genuinely can't believe she has so much time on her hands all day long and still can't be bothered to do a quick google search of hemming and turning under edges. This is better than her previous stuff but there's still too much wrong for someone who considers herself a professional. Those open outer collar corners. Jesus.


Gloves like this are literally $4 on Amazon you don't have to go through this, especially if you don't own a serger :(

sage for rant

No. 403106


Hell, even party city gloves are better

No. 403117

I swear I recall her bragging about being good at gloves before in a past thread…

No. 403120

File: 1498618507948.jpg (400.48 KB, 1500x1500, 1498618401253.jpg)

Totally guys you need to start respecting Mariah my dudes.

No. 403121

What the fuck is that line?
Is that supposed to be a gusset?

She's using stretch yaya fabric just do a stretch fabric glove jfc

No. 403127

File: 1498621203656.png (140.67 KB, 720x879, Screenshot_2017-06-27-20-36-28…)

No. 403128

File: 1498621228915.png (152.16 KB, 720x872, Screenshot_2017-06-27-20-36-37…)

No. 403129

File: 1498621291247.png (108.7 KB, 720x872, Screenshot_2017-06-27-20-36-44…)

No. 403131

File: 1498621373222.png (157.73 KB, 720x873, Screenshot_2017-06-27-20-37-01…)

No. 403133

File: 1498621467440.png (131.43 KB, 716x966, Screenshot_2017-06-27-20-37-08…)

No. 403136

So now she's going to destroy Dark Souls too? Jfc I wish I was dead, I doubt she's ever played the game, let alone knows who the character is other than "amazing chest ahead".

No. 403137

While I can appreciate this person having good intentions, they have to realize that Moo doesn't care about any of that. She doesn't care about being respected by men. She eats up all of the depraved comments she gets and never asks them to stop. She loves male attention, even from the scummiest of scumbags. I guess it works out best for her since these gross dudes are filling her pockets each month.
She's got a good life and we should all be jealous! /s

No. 403138

She has time for parties but no time to spare an hour or two to sign shit that she's getting paid for. Excuses, excuses.

No. 403139

"I'll be sighing…"

No. 403141

>"is creating cosplay content"
>"cosplay commission list"


No. 403143

Oh boy this is going to be a serious shit show. I can't wait. She's going to look awful in this space Yoko I cannot even believe she thinks she can pull her off.

No. 403149

Half the time I wonder if all her supposed "commission cosplays" are her trying to find an excuse to cosplay a certain thing to either one-up someone or just do without having to claim to be a fan. I've never seen her mention who these commissions are for and it's such a coincidence for her do certain outfits right after another better cosplayer does it.

No. 403150

Literally 2 of these are just because of other cosplayers doing them first
Tsk tsk
The cow never changes

No. 403151

Saged for slight OT but Jesus Christ Mariah gloves are not that hard. I do them all the time and I don't even know how to sew

No. 403153

File: 1498625678409.png (1.06 MB, 720x927, Screenshot_2017-06-27-21-53-17…)

No. 403154

>>403133 I saw this and it was >>403136 my thoughts exactly "nooo not dark souls" I'm a little disappointed.

No. 403155

Let the dark souls community rip on her. As far as I know, they aren't very kind when it comes to a sloppy cosplay

No. 403156


"Pictures together are free" I honestly laughed out loud. Can you imagine still waiting for your Patreon reward from 5/6 months ago but continue shelling out monthly

No. 403157

File: 1498625934649.png (795.48 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2017-06-27-21-57-02…)

No. 403158

File: 1498626004131.png (850.31 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2017-06-27-21-57-26…)

Anon would be happy to know she remade the gloves

No. 403159

I don't know anything about sewing so correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't it look better if she had sewn it from the inside? Like, had the shape cut out and sewn the edges of the star to the edges of the cutout?

No. 403160

Honestly the way she's doing it as an applique is fine, sewing it in the way you described would look really wonky, especially with a star shape. Only gripe would be that she had given herself a seam allowance on the shape so she could tuck the edges in and have them look a lot cleaner than just raw cut edges.

No. 403161

Saged but likely, she's just going to 'forget' it at home like the Lucoa bathing suit the moment she puts it on and realizes she can't hide behind shapewear any foreseeable way. Or hike it up her ass like Mei bathing suit

No. 403162

i cant wait to see the train wreck of all of these costumes.
predictions IF any of these actually happen:
>cheap satin Elma
>boudoir Ochaco and Izuku that end up being the same shoot but just in the two different wigs (extra points for shitty black freckles for izuku or lack of freckles at all)
>airbrushed Mt Lady

it is actually better to top stitch shapes onto things like this but as >>403160 said you should either fold over the edges so no one sees the raw edges or use a plastic material that doesnt fray and make sure the shapes cut out are impeccable and that you follow the edge perfactly rather than moomoo's wobbly seams and curved corners

No. 403163

No. 403165

>those puckering seams
Fucking christ moomoo learn about aligning your fabric before cutting it and thread tension. I'm willing to bet that she's just cutting every piece of fabric slanted to save fabric. And why would she post pics up close displaying so clearly she has no idea what she's doing?

She's not really even appliqueing, she's just topstitching it on its place without even making a consistent stitch. It's lazy as fuck.

No. 403167

File: 1498627099832.jpg (190.25 KB, 1106x1123, ew.jpg)

No. 403169

no oil blot tissues..
why didnt she fluff her wig up?

No. 403170


No. 403171

I'm genuinely confused now she looks so fucking huge in >>402924 but she doesn't look that big in these shots? Does her mirror distort?

No. 403172


The last con where squirrel girl interviewed her, they were both in the background of some cosplayer's stream and SG was bigger then her! That's a fast weight gain.

No. 403173


I think she puts it on an angle + some app on her phone to make herself look thinner.

No. 403175

Remade or bought? Those 100% look bought.

No. 403176


The mirror is super angled.

No. 403177

Pretty sure the commission list she's referring to is the requests of what to cosplay from her top paying patrons who pay $100 every month until it's their turn. It's not going to always be something she even knows/likes but maybe she might be favoring characters that have been done by others to steal attention.

Instead of the old shit about her cosplaying from x fandom what about how she has patrons giving her $100 every month so in a few months she'll finally do a cheap cosplay of that character and they won't even get physical copies.

No. 403178

I hope everyone compares her Mt Lady to Victoria's from Crunchyroll. That would be hilarious. /s

No. 403179

Why doesn't she just do what all the other patreon people do and make a list for voting and whoever wins the vote from all the people of that teir, she makes that outfit? Instead of having them choose and they have to wait their turn for them to say what she should cosplay? That's so fucking stupid, Moomoo.

No. 403180

it really bothers me the red doesn't line up, but for moomoo I guess I shouldn't expect anything more.

No. 403182

She already tried to climb up Victoria's ass about her cosplay when she asked people to vote on whether to make it white or the original tan/offwhite color. Victoria didn't seem to care, haha.

No. 403183

I just noticed all the hot glue in the background. Wouldn't she have a better laydown with frabic glue for her stars on the leg pieces instead of stitching them? I haven't used fabric glue, but Im wondering if it would look more flat and would hold as well.

No. 403184

She gives near zero fucks about her wigs. "Near zero" because I recall her cutting one up to try and model some characters hair, but without even checking I can say it was a shit attempt

No. 403185


Plus heeled shoes can help makes the persons legs look longer

No. 403188

She remade them. Said in her insta story that she was trying another method aka the trace and sew method.
The red lines not lining up is triggering me. That's one of my peeves I make sure doesn't happen when making stuff myself.

No. 403189

File: 1498629042126.jpg (112.14 KB, 595x567, 121.jpg)

She went to Juvie and it didn't scare her. What a badassss beetch!

Also want to know why she was in Juvie in the 1st place.

No. 403190

She was probably lying as always.

No. 403191

JFC was she juicing or something she seems so aggressive over sports in all these old caps. Like legitimately crazy. Her and her dad both seem insane.

No. 403192

File: 1498629299334.png (170.6 KB, 496x268, Screenshot 2017-06-28 at 12.54…)

Honestly I'd love to see her get in a fight and get the shit kicked out of her because she thinks she's so tough

No. 403193


Full of shit as usual Moomoo. She will literally say anything to seem more tough or popular.

No. 403195

File: 1498629986970.png (925.56 KB, 720x1024, downloadfile.png)

But anon, this is her signature character, and this shitty blue tank top has made he more famous than we will ever be.

No. 403196

who is this izuku she is doing? i dont know. had to google ochaco but it was easier

No. 403197

File: 1498630361136.jpg (35.07 KB, 225x350, 299404.jpg)

The main character of My Hero Academia, also called Deku.

No. 403199

well this isn't going to end well.

No. 403200

So she is planning a female version…? No way in hell is she going to be able to properly flatten her tits. No way is she going to be able to walk throught the convention, feeling comofrtable, with her pancake tits against her lower stomach and bound. She will HATE it. I guess thats why she is doing a onesie for him because she is too lazy to even try dressing as a guy. Sorry.. CHILD.

No. 403202

File: 1498631708672.jpg (35.79 KB, 480x480, 19429101_283159465484589_34043…)

She was looking to commission someone to make this All Might onesie he wears…as a baby.

No. 403203

oh i know him for midoriya so i was confused. thanks

No. 403205

Is she seriously going to sexualize an infant boy…?

No. 403206

File: 1498633148527.png (53.77 KB, 606x458, Screenshot 2017-06-27 at 11.58…)

No. 403209

Can someone please post a direct link to her followers? Like seriously fucking spam the shit out of her.

No. 403210

I love it when she proves she reads this thread, hi momo! Pls don't sexualize Deku he's too cute and too good to be cosplayed by a lumpy mean cow like you~

No. 403211

You know Mariah, this tweet would mean something if you, ya know, actually grew up and didn't continue to be an insufferable cunt.
The things from the past were only dug up to show "wow she was like this back then and she's still like this now."

No. 403212

Don't you have a cosplay to work on? At least because of you I was reminded that the subbed version of "Koe no Katachi" was put out, but get back to work. You have 2 days and your cosplay still looks like a mess.

No. 403213

File: 1498634549479.png (345.79 KB, 396x602, lol.png)

Lol they used a picture of when she was 30lbs lighter. I hope everyone who shows up realizes how fat she has gotten and wonders why they used an OLD photo for promotional purposes. You look nothing like this anymore Moomoo.

No. 403214

Not really this time, some idiot from here sent her screencaps.
Knock that shit off.

No. 403215


Pretty sure she picked out the picture herself. Of course.

No. 403216

The bottom post is pinned on your Twitter and she changed it to "Hey there sugah" because we made fun of it. Lol.

No. 403217

She looks really angry in this picture… wouldn't it be better to have a picture where she's smiling and happy?
Also her arms are literally twice this size now.

No. 403218

Damn anon, you're so talented. I hope we get to see a coloured version of this one as well.

(As a draw anon too I kinda wish I knew where to see the rest of your work but oh well, this will have to suffice.)

No. 403220

Wait until they see Jabba in person.

No. 403221

wow, never realized how huge her gut was prior to the lipo. she is absolutely fat as fuck here.

No. 403222

Her meet up is at a bowling alley? I wonder how many random bowlers she'll try to pass off as her totally excited loyal fans.

No. 403225


I think Funimation is renting it out. Its not related to AX though. They made sure to make that clear,but they are still doing it during AX because thats the best time to market anything regarding this industry in the area. /s

No. 403235

Okay slight ot but I think it's weird they're renting out an area that's not in the con?? Cause doesn't funi usually have a huge booth at ax, and their panels are always packed and sometimes with overflow
I guess they're trying to appeal somehow

No. 403243

I don't understand why she even did Rogue when she has admitted before she isn't even into the comicbook fandom.

At least with Venom she has admitted she did it since her friends were doing other Spider Man characters, but Rogue seems so random.

No. 403244

It was her desperate attempt to be accepted by her father who probably believes sports = life and nothing else matters. Notice in she always says "My dad and me" whenever she talks about confronting other people. During this era she had his approval and she'd do anything to keep it. Its really kind of sad.

No. 403245

Kind of sad they didn't use Gohoe

No. 403257


She looks like she smelled a fart in that photo

No. 403280

Who the hell at Funimation looked at this cow and her body of work and said "Seems like a good person to be associated with."
Guess all her hanging out with Justin Rojas or whatever paid off. I'm honestly disgusted this company would tie themselves to her.

No. 403282

That and they most likely see that she's the sad neckbeard flavor of the moment. Can't wait to hear the horror stories that come out of the party from both her shitty antics and dudes expecting her to look like the promotional photo.

No. 403285


That's going to be funny to see. All these guys expecting this "thicc" supermodel nerdy girl. Only to get a cringey, tryhard, fake, wannabe dudebro, flabby landwhale. Not to mention how obnoxious and annoyingly in everyone's face she gets when she is "sooooo drunk lol".

It's going to be a hilarious shit show and I can't wait to see how she spins it as "They were all such jealous jerks to me. Won't be going back next year" when she won't get invited back after her antics.

No. 403286

gasp those lines poking through her suit. is it the triumphant return of waist trainer-chan?

more like in what universe is she gonna be able to make beekeeper mei?

No. 403288

Rights… LMAO its a drawing that shows a chick is sloppy. What fucking rights does anyone have in this circle jerk of "IF" she sells. Bunch of ragey little fags in here and its almost as pathetic as she is haha.

No. 403289

I think Beekeeper Mei it's easy and it'll hide her body in the flabby clothes. But, she'll need to hide her entire body+face. I think it'll suit her

No. 403295

>In before "Hi Momo"

If she tries to sell that shirt, drawanon can put a kibosh to that if they so choose, it is as easy as that.

No. 403311

File: 1498674067061.png (255.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-28-13-20-38…)

No. 403314

Thank you anon!! I learned "momo" from Joey Diaz and couldn't figure out why this bitch was willingly calling herself that. Isn't it Italian slang? She was so quick to say she's ~~SO italian~~ back in the day…

No. 403315

I always assumed she used it trying to imply she had a 'peach' shape to her ass or something and thought it was cute. I never get her using of 'kun', though, isn't that usually used for a male?

No. 403316

I recall so bullshit story she gave about how in Japanese class her Japanese instructor insisted she was too masculine to be referred to with Chan to had her classmates use the kun suffix with her instead? Which was one of the biggest "I'm a special snowflake/I'm just one of the guys, my dudes" stories I've ever heard. Plus any academic professional who valued their job would never say that to a student.

No. 403322

Yea except the only people talking about selling anything is in here not her. You telling me I can get sued for taking an image to the mall and getting a shirt made… Oh my the legal fees…

No. 403327

Sage goes in the email field.

No. 403329

There's a difference between ”くん” and "君" but honestly, I've had 3 Japanese teachers and the unanimous response to someone trying to use "ちゃん" was along the lines of "you aren't 5, use さん"

No. 403332

…what are you even trying to say, most of us don't read moonrunes

No. 403358

File: 1498685230051.png (1012.95 KB, 1080x1392, 20170628_172350.png)

I guess Vamp isn't going AX with Moomoo

No. 403360

Not that anon but here's what they said.
There's a difference between ”kun” and "kun (written in kanji)" but honestly, I've had 3 Japanese teachers and the unanimous response to someone trying to use "chan" was along the lines of "you aren't 5, use san"

No. 403361

File: 1498686352632.png (764.84 KB, 1200x649, mariahstarterpack.png)

No. 403362

What bothers me the most is the shading around the boobs.
It looks like it was made by a 30 year ols virgin who never saw boobs and doesn't know how they work lol

No. 403365

to me it just looks sooo dirty. Like she sweat a bunch then rubbed dirt on the sweat marks

No. 403372

Good shit, anon.

No. 403374

tangiental, but i showed a guy friend her mei bikini pics because he's into "thicc" girls and he legit thought she was asian and a total dead ringer for mei. lol.

No. 403376

File: 1498688604620.jpg (8.64 KB, 368x158, 71782030.jpg)

>thought she was asian
>dead ringer for mei

No. 403380


What bothers me most about that is that whoever did the shading used no sharp edges anywhere. It would make sense to have a sharp-ish edge right under the boob and a soft one towards the ribs, but it's just all a blurry mess. And given how there's a shadow under the boobs, why have one above as well? Go Sakimi-chan and add a highlight or something, instead. The shade of brown is also way too dark, against the yellow. I don't understand why she paid for this opprobrium.

On an unrelated note: is she biting her cheeks to make her face look thinner here?

No. 403392

nice pasta

No. 403393

labia's lookin large n in charge

No. 403403

File: 1498694535192.png (351.97 KB, 808x588, Screenshot 2017-06-28 at 5.01.…)

I'm dying

No. 403404

looks like a fucking puppyplayer kek

No. 403407

I wanna know who the hell this guy is groping her and why he's okay with this bullshit

No. 403409

She looks like a man in this. Also, that bra has to smell so bad by now

No. 403411

help, what's this supposed to be?

it's koreanbbq i guess

No. 403412

Back at it again with the duck lips, lol. Also good job not crediting whoever made it, bc this is way above moo's skill level.

No. 403413

File: 1498695820351.jpg (69.82 KB, 500x700, Derpy_pixyteri.jpg)

Oh god she looks as retarded as Pixyteri's R.Mika.

No. 403414

It's Boku No Hero Academia or My Hero Academia for you nonweebs.

No. 403415

File: 1498695975194.png (792.75 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2017-06-28-17-19-59…)

Thoroughout her Instastory her tits were spilling out of her sportsbra. She's eating her feelings

No. 403416

that i know, i'm asking which character. i know the show but just that

No. 403417

File: 1498696141628.jpg (34.41 KB, 500x353, deku-costume.jpg)

Deku, she's planning a sexyu cosplay of him I guess…?

No. 403418

this costume is ugly enough as it is and she wants to sex it up? oh god this will be amazing

No. 403420

Mommy Nigri has been dropping hints about doing a genderbent All Might, so that is why MooMoo is racing to do this bullshit.

No. 403421

That squirrel girl is super desperate for views. I saw part of the Gohoe interview and Squirrel actually seemed really uncomfortable/embarrassed by Moo's braying and bad jokes. Also grabbing a guy's ass w/o consent.

Look at squirrel's face. she looks uncomfortable again. I won't watch the video bc I can't satnd Moo's braying. Also, that channel doesn't deserve views if they're trying to cling to/promote trash for popularity.

No. 403423

There's really no point mewling and kicking up a storm about her lewding up children. She's gotten this big (figuratively and literally) through controversy. If she's gonna ruin a character it's best to make fun of how gross she looks trying to look like a 300lb toddler. She thrives and grows by upsetting people.

I think her dressing as a kid just harkens to her daddy issues. Why are you lewding up kids, Moo? Does it bring back fond childhood memories when daddy found you adorable and tiny? You weren't 300 pounds then, remember? Go ahead and dress like a child we all know what it really means.

No. 403425

the dumb cow didnt realize that it's not a 'mask' but a hood. she's either gonna look like a crazy moron in the mask or wont have it at all and in that case i cant wait to see what kind of inaccurate shitty wig she gets

also if you compare her mask to the reference it's hilarious how inaccurate it is. he's not supposed to look like a vomitted rabbit

No. 403435

File: 1498699012489.jpeg (240.25 KB, 1242x1717, image.jpeg)

That happened

No. 403436

File: 1498699039211.jpg (82.71 KB, 391x405, IMG_4872.JPG)

This is what she looks like with that mongoloid turtle expression she's making for the hatuuurrzz

No. 403439

File: 1498699216448.jpg (29.7 KB, 500x509, alluramood.jpg)

holy fuck

No. 403446

File: 1498699702589.png (97.04 KB, 203x275, 1496687642282.png)

wow, i would quit internet after that

No. 403449

File: 1498699896316.gif (1.73 MB, 268x167, DbSQ6ho.gif)

No. 403459

File: 1498700514100.jpg (1.19 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_4874.JPG)

No. 403461

File: 1498700796657.png (370.79 KB, 497x588, Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 6.46…)

oh boy looks like I m the first to post this.

No. 403462

File: 1498700811328.jpg (245.73 KB, 1534x2048, IMG_20170628_184457.jpg)

Her yoko is almost done
And looks awful on her
She has 0 curves

No. 403464

File: 1498700921294.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170628-214511.png)

Oh no

No. 403465


No. 403466

File: 149870