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File: 1515467641735.jpg (42.03 KB, 400x555, 1515309336765.jpg)

No. 465628

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>455506

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
New Twitter: https://twitter.com/omariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad

IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad

Google Drive:

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her lackeys have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826

The basics:
>”body positive”, but photoshops her body. Resorted to getting liposuction to keep some semblance of figure (and failing miserably) all while lying by saying she's exercising
>so laughably bad at making cosplays; gets 90% of costumes commissioned/bought and then makes gloves so she can credit herself as a talented cosplayer and claim her money is "hard-earned"
>does "boudoir"/softcore porn shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame where she'll loiter around booths/other cosplayers or pretend to be a con guest
>has to beg for money, con passes, or just ghosts at cons despite +$10k/month on Patreon
>Spends chunks of her Patreon income on food, drugs, alcohol, etc. rather than on actual cosplay
>pretends to know about the series she cosplays, despite evidence proving otherwise; will tweet profound essays to prove her expert fan knowledge
>Has lewded young characters for the attention; backpedals after backlash
>Goes on crazy media tirades against people like old fuckboy KBBQ, old photog, yet preaches about being nice to everyone
>constantly goes on pity party rants or videos, trying to make people feel bad for her about things that are happening to her when she’s done the same

Recent Events:
>After her NYC trip, she sells off her costumes. Her shitty Samus Aran zentai that should've sold for 40 dollars AT BEST was sold for 200+ dollars to thirsty neckbeards. She admitted it was "well worn".
>Anons discovered she pulled back her thighfat during a photoshoot to create a ~thigh gap~. Much lulz was had seeing her overly shooped photos.
>Anons discover (and is soon admitted via receipts from her personal FB) that she was selling her crusty costumes to pay off her vet bills (still). It is rumored she was also using funds to pay for her recent lipo procedure.
>Continues to lie about her OC's origins, how many lipo procedures she has and threw a race/religion card in to some arguments for good measure.
>Was told by princeroxychaan to use Shiseido eye creams to relieve her vagina fold eyebags. She slathered it on and caused her eyelids to go pink. Also doesn't know how to use face masks, since she uses a different one 2-3 times in one sitting. Still a pizza face.
>Trouble in paradise when she admits to followers that her plans to move have changed. Vamp has decided to move into her own apartment, leaving Mariah in her current home until God knows when.
>Remember that blood from the Takano Project shoot months ago? She left it on the floor of her garage and now wanted to clean it up.
>is invited to international cons. Going to ALA. no1curr.

No. 465643

File: 1515468355833.png (820.14 KB, 720x1175, Screenshot_2018-01-08-18-43-01…)

Some highlights from Cat's Instastory:
>said she and Mariah agreed to go with peasant sleeves and a looser silhouette because Mariah is a bigger girl.
>acts like yokes are hard to sew
>see picture. This will not end well
>said she had a panic attack because she spilt water on the blouse and discovered she didn't use a invisible ink pen but a actual ink pen. Blue ink stained the collar so she tried to erase it with alcohol. It turned pink. Found out and tried to eliminate that stain with bleach. Now the stain is yellow. Tried to eliminate THAT stain with vinegar. Says it's magically okay now.

No. 465648

File: 1515468532415.png (788.57 KB, 720x1167, Screenshot_2018-01-08-18-41-52…)

>Mandarin collar made with "two installments". Scope that uneven sewing.
>Velcro closures on sleeves
>pleated top of the sleeves and the back

No. 465651

File: 1515468727454.png (1.11 MB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2018-01-08-19-30-12…)


No. 465652

File: 1515468751724.png (1.09 MB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2018-01-08-19-30-18…)

No. 465655

File: 1515468841047.png (970.59 KB, 800x1523, 87A3B120-63CD-4837-814A-A8F603…)

dropping a pic of actual casual saber for future reference and comparing how bad she fucks this up. I’m wondering if she’s going to do her own wig or possibly borrow the Elizabeth girls (if that’s what she’s shooting this week.)

No. 465660

File: 1515469364111.jpeg (155.84 KB, 900x1200, 798CA960-FF8F-4BA2-B56F-6E0BB2…)

more sleeve pictures

No. 465662

Holy shit, this outfit is going to look absolutely awful on moo.

I can't wait.

No. 465675

Why is the middle part shorter than the sides?
The whole outfit looks like shit. Moomoo wearing it is just the icing on the cake.

I don't understand why anyone would commission this girl to sew something for them. She really isn't good enough for that from these pictures.

No. 465680

The waist on this dressform looks pretty small, those laces are going to be gaping on Moo. Also the fabric looks pretty stiff, will it fit over her hips? I feel like if she can't even give correct measurements to the girl that has made most of her costumes (badly) what's the point.

No. 465683

File: 1515471302480.png (1.53 MB, 1440x2063, 20180108_231318.png)

>'delicate' and 'graceful'
Pick one.

No. 465686

lmfao this bitch has no idea what she's talking about

No. 465687

but look at all the big long words she used

No. 465701

Bitch, thats masculine.

No. 465708

She should learn to sew properly instead of trying to act like she knows what she's talking about. We all know Moo's arms are far too huge to fit into normal sleeves. If Moo can fit any of these pieces of crap I'll be very surprised

No. 465711

File: 1515474307338.jpg (19.63 KB, 350x500, ba1cefb090af357ea55b80676bdbc9…)

Why is the skirt pleated so badly, and very incorrectly on the front?

Pic attached is cospatio's version. It's as official as you can get and you can see how it's supposed to be.

No. 465714

cause antares is retarded and did box pleats instead of knife pleats like what you posted. Her box pleats could have maybe been passable if she distributed them differently.

No. 465766

I keep looking at this trying to figure out how Moo is gonna squeeze herself into there. She’ll have fat oozing over it for sure.

No. 465769

File: 1515482390931.png (863.91 KB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2018-01-08-23-18-00…)

"its like healthy chips"

No. 465770

File: 1515482504278.png (546.45 KB, 720x1042, Screenshot_2018-01-08-23-20-29…)

No. 465771

Watch the turtle eat in its natural habitat.

No. 465783

>”totally went to college guies!!1 :3”

No. 465785

File: 1515484689834.jpg (38.25 KB, 1000x1000, creepy-coin-eating-bank-1.jpg)

upon seeing that, I was immediately reminded of this

No. 465787

File: 1515485061054.png (82.89 KB, 597x599, Screenshot 2018-01-09 at 12.pn…)

I wonder if she'll cherrypick if someone requested IvyDoomKitty or the like?

No. 465790

I find these super cute, personally, but its super inaccurate and makes me cringe.
Re: sizing, Moo will probably do the whole "tits busting out of her blouse" thing to prove just how huge her tits are which

No. 465798


yeah her tits will be out and its funny bc Artoria´s chest is almost flat

I wonder why didnt she pick Lancertoria?

No. 465799

She did say she wanted to do it. She probably couldn't find a onepiece to buy off Amazon

No. 465895


I got tagged in this. I so badly want to say no thanks, I hate this Jessica Nigri shit. You’re not at her level, share some cosplayers you find like you tend to and stop acting like you’re so high and mighty.

No. 465897

Why do your fans and/or friends hate you?

No. 465915

I think the saber dress was pinned back on the mannequin so you'd be unable to see it's actual size

No. 465923


lmao good luck

No. 465955

that anon who cut out her vagina eyes and nose needs to paste them on to this

No. 465959

File: 1515508784218.png (194.67 KB, 1074x1105, Screenshot_2018-01-09-09-30-34…)

Apparently she just pinned it together in the back to Make it appear smaller…not sure I believe that, where are the pins?? People on her facebook have been calling her out like crazy that it just won't fit her.

No. 465989

File: 1515511519859.jpeg (487.81 KB, 2048x2048, AA920518-82DB-4EF2-9FF8-3E0F7B…)

Looks like her calendar goal got bumped up a whole year! She’s so fucking ridiculous

No. 465990

File: 1515511611122.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, 2C8176A9-E0DF-4EDC-BCEE-163629…)

5 months of backlog pics finally mailed

No. 465991


Ughh I hate it when she gets all "supportive" with the community. We all know it's all just a mask she puts on to hide how toxic she is. She probably thinks being supportive of craftsmanship makes her a legit cosplayer. She should devote all the time she wasted into improving her own craftsmanship if she cares about it so much.

No. 465996

i wonder how much she spent shipping all of them

previously she complained one month was ~150

No. 465999

cause that bitch can't fucking sew. her end work looks like something i cranked out in 1 night because i forgot till the last minute.

what kind of moron does this? and where the fuck on the fabric could it have possibly been? obviously not in the seams. she seems like the type of person to not wash fabric before using it.

No. 466007

I can see there's some folds on the waist area, so I can believe it's pinned in, but omg imagine how little flare the dress has before it's pinned in, it's practically straight

No. 466020

Even if true, she still really fucked it up. The skirt looks awful construction wise, the shirt does too.
Plus even if she did pin it, wouldn't you double check the drape/shape with reference images before taking pictures? The skirt is far too flared in the front.

No. 466029

i love how she made more complex, larger pleats than necessary and wasted more fabric.

this shit is so ugly it looks like a dude's shirt for renfaire. tinfoil that she actually hates moo and is trying to make her look bad on purpose (while not being able to sew)

No. 466033

dudes shirt for renfair is what makes me wonder WHY DIDNT SHE JUST USE HER BEAST SHIRT?

No. 466037

The shirt is tucked in. Doesnt matter when only the boobs and sleeves will be seen.

No. 466038

LOL you think she's aware of characters that haven't even come out in the NA version of Grand Order? She'd have to know someone who's playing the JP version and told her. You can tell she barely even plays the NA version and just acts like she does to support her "biggest fate fan ever" persona.

I'm interested to see how her Saber costume will turn out. Elizabeth's is nice but I don't know if she's experienced in sewing for plus size and lord knows Moo probably gave fake measurements.

No. 466039

lbr, she just wants different people to steal ideas from. the smaller the better

No. 466046

i don't think moo expected her to do such a shit job. saber's shirt is puff sleeved but that's it. she could have just used any old office worker shirt and it would look better.

No. 466078

File: 1515518243919.png (Spoiler Image, 79.91 KB, 719x719, DEXATI20180109121631.png)

No. 466081

i love you

No. 466207

Yep, she does this every time she bullies someone to make herself seem like the nicer person when she isn't.

No. 466217


You can tell that she has no idea what she is doing. She only does these things so people can see her as being this benevolent figure. She's clearly putting an emphasis on craftsmanship because she's been getting attacked for being a "sex sells" type of cosplayer so she thinks by promoting craftsmanship people will forget what she really stands for. She doesn't give two fucks about craftsmanship or even cosplay for that matter. If she wasn't making money from cosplaying, I can promise she would be doing other things now. Without her following, she would never have lasted this long in the community. She's been blacklisted by so many people already.

No. 466223

i just don't get why she thinks this works. it's not like in school where you can talk shit to one group without others knowing and then be preachy to another group. everything she writes is for all to see. no one buys it but her sheep.

No. 466340


No. 466369

>>466217 She has no idea what she is doing because she is absolutely desperate to be accepted and adored by everyone. By her own words, one minute she is a sex worker, the next she is a craftmanship professional cosplayer. She can't make up her mind because she will never be able to cater to one side or the other unless she accepts one side or the other. She obviously is leaning to so much of her "lewding" (I fucking hate that word), because of several reasons, and thats it makes her money, she has adoration, and popularity. Fine, but she is not willing to say "All I do is sex work, I'm not a cosplayer, I'm a model who does softcore porn and will eventually turn to regular porn" She posts so many photos of explict sex, I'm stunned she hasen't done anything more leaning towards that.

As far as her proving she is in school, all people have to do is ask her simple questions and watch her dance around them. "Which professor was your favorite?" "What class do you think is most beneficial to your growing entrepreneurship?" "What class is the hardest" "How often do you study for your exams and what time are they at?" She wont have answers for these because she is not enrolled in anything, it's simple as that.

No. 466372

The one of her pulling down her panties literally looks like she's on a toilet taking a shit.

No. 466410

File: 1515541445515.png (332.4 KB, 720x1150, Screenshot_2018-01-09-15-05-29…)

No. 466413

File: 1515541468535.png (1.15 MB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2018-01-09-15-06-22…)

No. 466415

dwindling number of Patrons gotcha down, Moo Moo?

No. 466458

Think her fans are gonna get on her ass for the Ttly Racist Knuckles Meme?

No. 466469

File: 1515545030228.png (250.68 KB, 590x596, Screenshot 2018-01-09 at 4.40.…)

No. 466470

angled to hide her weird arm fat better

No. 466474


Could she make it any more obvious that she lurks here?

No. 466475

If Mariah wants to waste her life being the thing she hates so be it. I enjoy her looking like a hot mess exposing herself.

No. 466477

Moomoo, we can see the strap cutting into your fat. Stop it.

No. 466496


Of course she's unhappy with her life. More people hate her than like her. She has to always watch her back.

Guess what Mariah? You did this to yourself. You and your dumbass attitude and decisions. You have a public face, yet you keep lying thinking people can't find you out. You bully people because you think you're bulletproof. You think it makes you tough but it makes you a coward because if you didn't have a following, you wouldn't dare act that way. I hope you have fun falling into obscurity because let's be honest, you're garbage.

No. 466516

File: 1515591825870.jpeg (390.23 KB, 2048x2048, EF24D532-5C20-44CD-BE61-F02558…)

We called it

No. 466517

File: 1515591929550.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, C24C23BB-D450-496A-9FFD-C9F6D9…)

Slightly clearer pic. WIDE OPEN PLEATS

No. 466519

File: 1515591995304.png (Spoiler Image, 1.63 MB, 750x1334, 4B1338E3-05B3-42CF-A785-4E0EF5…)

Wooof that saggy fupa

No. 466521

File: 1515592283137.png (Spoiler Image, 516.6 KB, 429x540, why.png)

w h y

No. 466530

those dusty-ass socks… G o D

takes time to smooth ass cheeks
doesnt smooth out dark asshole wrinkles

No. 466532

File: 1515593344966.jpeg (314.75 KB, 660x693, BFA91041-7B1A-4A0F-BE69-0596D4…)

No. 466533

File: 1515593448911.jpeg (157.41 KB, 750x998, A9A181AE-6D1D-41B1-BF50-E9AF89…)

no amount of airbrush can hide those crusty turtle lips and mustache. Nice touch trying to smooth out the unbrushed wig too.

No. 466535

People are roasting the fuck out of her on fb

No. 466536


You can even see the hairnet. Gross

No. 466538

File: 1515593704339.png (1014.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180110-081354.png)

No. 466539

File: 1515593857224.png (73.51 KB, 629x640, torntoshreds.png)

>>466535 there is so much more its hard to know where to start capping lol

No. 466540

File: 1515593908716.png (144.08 KB, 586x563, torntoshreds2.png)

No. 466543

This is such a simple sew, how on earth do you fuck this up. These people are idiots.

>That fabric pulling
Does she lie about her measurements to the people who make her stuff or is it just bad workmanship?

No. 466553

BRAPHOG status achieved

No. 466558


Holy damn she is getting completely roasted. Must suck knowing that pretty much everyone in the cosplay community hates you.

It’s only a matter of minutes until she starts clapping back at people in the comments. Then comes the twitter rant about “not bullying people and we should all be kind to and love each other”. I hope people have caps of her hypocritical ass on standby ready to post whenever she tries to get on her high horse.

No. 466563

There's no doubt she'll preach soon considering she retweeted a cosplayer and calling them out for 'slut shaming' when they literally didn't

No. 466564

>>466563 We'll be waiting a while I'm sure, considering she probably only went to bed 4 hours ago by her time zone and sleeping standards, or lack there of. Bitch is fucked up beyond all reason.

No. 466565

File: 1515596489582.png (177.86 KB, 720x907, 79b25f726ef487a3bf140b76010153…)

From the tempcow thread if anyone hadn't seen

No. 466567

File: 1515596553004.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 199.19 KB, 900x1200, 9293F6C7-4275-4417-B997-3A662C…)

Is she taking pose pointers from Chelhellbunny?

No. 466570

her gross stubby fat legs are genuinely disgusting. she looks like an actual midget with onlu fat legs and no ass.

No. 466588

>Slut shamming

No. 466595


No. 466600


“Learn reading comprehension my dude. They were supposed to teach you that in third grade, so maybe you should go back”

No. 466617

File: 1515600247533.jpeg (586.48 KB, 1242x1007, 308ECAB5-A812-43A9-A419-22D3F9…)

she’s not going to suck your dick.

No. 466619


Jesus fucking Christ. These are really the dipshits she hasnin her corner? Seriously, she’s not going fuck you dude, no matter how much you kiss her flabby pancake ass. Not unless you are a small Asian fuckboi.

No. 466627

File: 1515601439249.jpg (879.08 KB, 1564x1564, 18-01-10-17-21-10-793_deco.jpg)

I guess one can say that I'm nitpicking at this point but Saber's wig is so easy ? Why would she not noticed that her bangs are not brushed to the side???
I feel like she didn't even touch the wig at all.
She probably received it and put it left it in it's bag until she did this shoot.

No. 466629

File: 1515601658110.png (100.4 KB, 680x720, 11139361_676438472456722_45906…)

"Let the lady be!"

No. 466632

All the comments on the shots she posted on her facebook were telling her to do porn, telling her she should do Caesar instead of Artoria for a Saber cosplay (for those who don't play Fate GO he's massively fat) and asking her not to lewd things they love. She clapped back with screen shots from the game. What she doesn't understand is that her facial expressions are completely off… Saber looks like she's pretty much in pain in every lewd shot in the game.
Also how she did the shots with the rope and the ripped tights made no sense and seriously just looked awful.

No. 466635

File: 1515602102159.jpg (327.6 KB, 869x1523, 18-01-10-17-28-26-344_deco.jpg)

Even if she is cosplaying the first design or her it's still not accurate since she got a gap in the middle.
It just shows the lack of caring. This wig is srly so easy if you buy the store bought version and aren't making the bun yourself.
If Saber is really sooo important to her as a charakter why does she not care about details like this?
She spammed twitter about how much she looves fate. Alright so why do you put as much effort into something you love soo much as that one evangelion cos that she got commissioned to do but didn't actually care about?
I mean whatever I wouldn't even care if someone else isn't getting the wig right but she is getting paid for this. Why doesn't she notice details like this but once it comes to calling her out for her OC suddenly she is like "my dudes don't you see the itsy bitsy details that make my OC soooo much different??"

No. 466636

but anon it's LEWD PORN obviously any and every sexual interaction that anime girls have is positive with agehao face or dick sucking eyes.

Also a lot of that is fan art.

Moo is so pathetic she seems to think any sexual thing is hot. she probably likes rape shit too and doesn't understand non-violent rape as a negative thing, considering she gropes people without consent.

No. 466639

>>466635 because that's just it. She doesn't. And never will care. She is a sex worker,by her OWN WORDS, and she is doing what is going to make her money, even if it means slutting herself up into a trashy, disgusting cheap looking whore on the internet. She doesnt style the wig because she is no better than porn stars wearing costumes for fetish purposes, she calls it cosplay to try to sound better than what she actually is, nasty, bottom tier sex working cow.

No. 466643

If you saw her sperg about that manga Euphoria or some shit, it had hardcore rape and really nasty things with minors, so probably

No. 466646

I see cam girls who fuck themselves with dildos do better cosplays than her making way less money. There’s a lot of cosplay porn on manyvids, a porn clip selling site and most of it looks alot better quality. Being a sex worker has nothing to do with her lazyness.

No. 466648

nta but i hate that she's called a cosplayer. cosplay is taken more seriously here than in japan, but they don't call cosplaying sexworkers cosplayers. "sex positive" or not, moo is a different thing and not part of our community just like lana. like, people call strippers exotic dancers, but they'd never lump them in with real dancers, why is moo different?

sure, cosplay is 'whatever you want it to be to you' or whatever people are saying these days, but that is for HOBBYISTS not for people using this as a source of income. once you start taking money from people, you aren't a hobbyist.

No. 466649

it's been said before but moo is likely not actually making much money.

No. 466650

>>466646 But it is, she throws on the wig, shitty costume to hurry and take photos of herself to feel validated (in this case she got torn to shreds) , but every choice she makes in her life spells laziness. Just because one can girl does it better doesn't mean moos Laziness doesn't tie into it

No. 466664


Her excuses are getting old.

Listen Mariah, you have been saying yourself that you want to be known for more than just your "sexy cosplays". Yet you end up doing "lewds" of 99.9% of your cosplays. It's the same thing with you. Congrats you found someone to do shibari and you already overused it by doing it again with Saber when you recently did it with Milk Party already. Like stop trying to come off as someone who wants to be known for her cosplay work instead of her "lewds" when you're clearly intent on continuing to lewd up every character you do.

And I'm sick of you using the "Fate was an eroge" defense on why you did lewds of Saber because, let's face it, you would have done it even if it wasn't. What's your excuse for lewding up characters who aren't associated with hentai or eroge then? You lewded up characters unnecessarily like Hermione, Kanna, Mei, Wicke, Velma, Diane, Samus, Dva…. and the list goes on. Like the guy said, if you're going to keep doing lewds just own up to it and stop asking people to recognize you as a craftsman, cosplayer, model, and so on because like you called yourself, you're a "sex worker."

No. 466670

she says she's "actual mei" and her bangs have always been on the wrong side. she's awful at styling wigs

No. 466671

she's lazy cause of her sexworker lifestyle. she's not even doing as much work as regular sexworkers.

it's clear from comments that her 'fans' who want her to be naked don't buy her sets, they will once she goes nude tho.
the ones that buy her sets have this weird perception of what is appropriate for women to do because of anime, those are who she's really catering to. the guys who "cosplay is not consent" is directed at. they see her as a kawaii anime girl because of how she acts, not her body.


can we spoiler this? bottom right is literally a gaping vag.

No. 466672

Okay the toilet one, after talking about that other hentai are we sure she doesn’t have a scat/urine thing? Maybe even humiliation at the very least?

No. 466674

It's not even acceptable to use "it's a hentai my dudes" to lewd Fate because her lewds are ooc, Artoria is a noble king not a slut that enjoys getting tied up.

No. 466678

File: 1515604597441.png (Spoiler Image, 997.11 KB, 1440x1136, 20180110_120250.png)

Sorry anons, reuploaded with a spoiler.

No. 466680

No. 466681

File: 1515604809292.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, 2A5D47D5-ADB9-454B-9742-38ADD6…)

Wtf kind of face is this supposed to be lmao

No. 466685

File: 1515605139682.jpeg (428.48 KB, 1237x1813, C989B543-F131-4D9B-8807-B89865…)

Best response on moos fb post with the shibari ass out saber.

No. 466686

that’s her sexy “put your dick here” face not to be confused by her h3h3 shitty cough face which looks the same. You can usually tell the difference on which face she’s doing by the amount of clothes she has on

No. 466688

File: 1515605238513.png (Spoiler Image, 2.89 MB, 1440x2301, 20180110_122529.png)

This is the full image she uploaded. I was especially disgusted by the Kiritsugu/Irisviel shaming Saber one.

No. 466702

File: 1515606075358.jpeg (96.53 KB, 675x1200, A82EB03E-3259-4E67-BD44-9A5608…)

No. 466705

yea moo cause fucking fan art is so representative of the work right?

No. 466708

File: 1515606563581.jpg (86.87 KB, 409x600, helping-the-retarded235[1].jpg)

moo should stop shibari, it just accentuates how small and lumpy her tits are.

No. 466709


It’s so cringey whenever she tries to be like “I like watching hentai and seeing girls get fucked too my dudes”. It’s so obvious that she is trying so hard to get neckbeard attention with false hope that she will fuck them.

No. 466714

The fringe was probably too long and instead of cutting and styling it she just swept them to the side. Lazy

No. 466715

i feel uncomfortable just looking at this. wouldnt the rope be itchy.

also as for "why"
because she got that brazillian my dude

No. 466716

File: 1515607030248.gif (2.1 MB, 440x440, AEBCABCC-1E95-44AD-993E-23EDE6…)

I know her tongues out but I can’t unsee this

No. 466721

The problem with this is that after she bullies someone and goes on the peace and love bullshit, people would have to reply with the vicious stuff that she's done and said recently(like the sexual harassment stuff and bitch boy rant). Not the old tweets that she did a couple of years ago, otherwise she'll pull the "I was an asshole teen, I'm better now."

No. 466726

File: 1515607304947.jpg (418.1 KB, 1304x1500, Screenshot_20180110-190047.jpg)

She probably thinks this is her kek

No. 466729

File: 1515607495019.jpg (326.57 KB, 1200x2004, nero cesar moo.jpg)

Moo is basically Caesar cosplaying as other Saber's lmao

No. 466756

File: 1515609997700.png (751.55 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-01-10-10-39-39…)

No. 466759

File: 1515610130660.jpg (127.88 KB, 720x1198, c11022c7c9ac9164bfab08d90c751b…)


No. 466766

She's technically eating a salad… If she knows she can't control herself when she is not at home, let alone hardly control herself at home too, she shouldn't even BOTHER going to the gym. She's probably one of those people who works out twice a week and because of that they EARNED something junk food related. This is why you get lipo, you dumb cow.

No. 466769

i wonder if the real reason she finally shipped all her prints is because patreon took actions on the reports against her (aka send this shit out or your account is being closed)

No. 466777

she's eating sushi anon.

No. 466779


Nice gut Moomoo


She probably stupidly believes in “cheat days” that she thinks she earned for “working out so hard his week”. Which is all bullshit anyways since we know she got lipo done again. But what is astounding is hat she can’t even keep up the illusion of eating healthy, which is why everyone is calling her out.


That the only reason she ever does anything, is when she stands to lose something or when she can’t feasibly lie anymore. She only admitted to lipo when she was accidentally outed. She only started crediting other artists when she got called out for it.

No. 466783

Half of these aren't even good.
she wants all of the edge of a -gurl that likes de pornsss- with all of the shit she favorites and posts but you can tell it's super forced.
She won't do porn because she doesn't actually like it.

No. 466785

Everyone knows sushi is bad for you because of all the rice. Sashimi is what you only want to do when losing weight. Fuck, thats common knowledge amongst asians as well. Moo is going to fucking get fat off of Americanized sushi.

No. 466796

File: 1515612971337.png (492.32 KB, 649x990, Screenshot_2018-01-10-11-20-38…)

LOL her right/our left tiddie is looking lopsided as fuck…

Also is this what she means by having half of her cosplays sexy and half of them modest? Yah, you take two pictures in a cosplay the way it's supposed to be worn, and then you take your clothes off. You don't even sell the normal pictures on your Patreon you just post them to social media…

I just love how nothing of hers goes viral anymore. These posts had 100 retweets at best. I think people are finally looking past the "oh look naked girl with big tits" and are actively choosing not to support someone so cancerous.

No. 466800

She's so fucking gross.

>omg im so shocked at the smut i saved on my phone lol guys!

No. 466801

>Maybe even humiliation at the very least?

she wouldnt be able to function if that was what she got off to. the internet is always making a mockery of her.

No. 466803

she also posts her butthole to sm too, but then sells that one.

No. 466805

She looks like a fat fish pretending to be a librarian. Why does she always have a gaping mouth? Can she not breathe through her damn nose? Looks nothing like Saber at all.

No. 466806

>2000 years ago this is what western man considered beauty
>jesus was 17 years old
>western man


why do fat bitches always do this tongue thing

the only people who can pull it off are kawaii asian teen girls

it reminds me of those obese people that lick their lips and weird shit all the time

No. 466807

wow you lasted 9 whole days congrats moo
only probably not, im sure you broke it one the first or second

cant wait to see what lipo you get for the summer! xoxo

No. 466811

he's talking about that reubenesque thing. everyone interprets it as sloppy fat girls.

No. 466813

>going to


No. 466814


my sides, what a typo.

No. 466817

lol i figured it was like FAT PPL USED TO BE CONSIDERED ATTRACTIVE but its like wow fat people were probably not even that fat and just werent the ones starving and working to death
same with how pale = not working outside = wanted

i also dont want to argue about jesus existing or not, i just used it as a reference point (i know you didnt mention it but in case someone does)

like holy fuck just get out of here with your shitty wk kid

sry for rant

No. 466820

I can't believe that people actually fap to her cottage cheese ass and thighs. Are people actually attracted to her, or are they pretending for the meme?
Also why does her asscrack look dirty? I'm hoping that's just a shadow but I don't understand why she wouldn't shoop that like she shoops everything else.

No. 466822

if enough ppl mention it, shell be bragging about how she got her asshole bleached within 2 weeks

No. 466833


There's no point in her being 'modest' anymore, her fans only want to see her lewd sets the more revealing they become. Moo has destroyed her chance at ever having anyone give a shit about her actual nice cosplay photos because she decided to be a tacky sellout. I'm also glad her Twitter is failing, usually she hits it big, not these days.

No. 466837

Of course no one will care about her non-lewd cosplays since they look like utter shit. She can't even complain since she puts in zero effort.

No. 466839

File: 1515615543238.jpg (157.97 KB, 1600x1042, fightclub_036pyxurz.jpg)

Nice Bob Bitch Tits cosplay

No. 466842

I believe she's deleting all negative comments from Facebook and possibly disabling them

No. 466845


She is. What a coward. What's wrong Moo? You can say negative shit about others but can't handle it when it's done to you? Keep in mind, they aren't trolls who are saying it either. They were top comments before getting deleted. Which means people agree with them.

No. 466850

Comments aren’t disabled because I can still comment. She definitely went through and deleted all the negative ones tho

No. 466851

Moomoo is very conscientious about her workout routine. She goes to the gym every day she has classes in college.

No. 466852


But anon if she doesn't tell the whole world she works out, how will she hide her lipo?

No. 466865

So are we going to get a 3am eye twitch rant from this?

No. 466872


"Look at all of my haterz lol. They don't realize that Fate is an eroge lol. So many fake fans lol. How dare people make fun of my shibari Saber. It's a very artistic form of self expression lol. I don't get why people hate on my lewds. Fictional characters are sexualized all the time my dudes lol. "

No. 466882

File: 1515625055640.jpg (Spoiler Image, 380.29 KB, 1918x1567, IMG_6251.JPG)

Mariah's adopting the "I'm Poopin" pose

No. 466896

File: 1515625477649.jpeg (191.74 KB, 747x1006, F5674F54-DA0B-4A23-A621-7DECA6…)

momo is so desperate to shove her nose into everything, just because ash retweeted this she ~*had to know what it said even though she’s blocked.

No. 466898

i feel like this is also against the rules, youre blocked for a reason bitch.

No. 466902

At least PT's feet are clean.

No. 466906

I clicked onto the girls profile, she seems like she cosplays and does a lot of wig commissions etc. I wonder what her beef with momo was that lead to blocking? maybe she just doesn’t like toxic people though

No. 466908


A lot of commissioners have beef with her ever since the whole crediting scandal. People are more wary about working with her. Plus she's talentless and lazy and not even willing to work on improving herself. She would rather spend her time figuring out how to hide procedures and be half naked.

No. 466909

File: 1515626457372.png (719.31 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2018-01-10-15-15-19…)

No. 466911

File: 1515626488272.png (875.89 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-01-10-15-15-06…)

No. 466912

File: 1515626517155.jpg (101.01 KB, 720x1188, PicsArt_01-10-03.19.11.jpg)

Nice scars fatass

No. 466914

still don’t see the point in lewding some random musician who’s gimmick is deadmau5-y head. But okay.

No. 466915

el oh el so random

i doubt they actually had direct beef, it was probably a precaution on the girls part. i dont blame her.

No. 466916

File: 1515626722194.png (1000.52 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-01-10-15-23-36…)

No. 466917

File: 1515626797811.jpeg (33.5 KB, 750x150, 21F01712-7D0E-4FC5-ABC1-766E7B…)

doesn’t she really like 3 days grace too? I can’t wait for that lewd shoot!!

No. 466918

File: 1515626823599.jpg (317.99 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20180110_152601.jpg)

Photoshop gut and shaved love handles

No. 466920

“Do my own thing that incorporated his songs” wtf is this bitch talking about acting like this was a planned video or shoot or something???? She’s literally just in her underwear wearing a damn head “dancing”. Looks like she’s just drunk and goofing around tbh

No. 466922

Congrats on buying a white pair of CK so we can see how worn out/dirty they get easier, Mariah!

No. 466924

Those fucking shoulders suit the size of that dumb thing on her head.

I feel bad for people associated with her. She shows so much skin and reeks in stank and desperation that it would be humiliating even being seen with her.

But I guess she has to show the world that she bought her second pair of underwear.

No. 466925

iirc she made the head a few weeks ago and mention this lewd shoot before, it’s just a really stupid idea

No. 466927

Her inbox is going to get flooded with dick pics. She brings this nasty shit onto herself.

No. 466938

File: 1515628103517.png (1.08 MB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-01-10-15-47-01…)

OT but she shot with Vamp methinks

No. 466940

File: 1515628585530.png (72.04 KB, 471x593, Screenshot 2018-01-10 at 3.56.…)

Holy shit

No. 466973

File: 1515630346368.jpeg (197.87 KB, 749x1141, B2CD687C-07C6-4F63-9001-98C214…)

whoops she didn’t even make the helmet. also if they both bought them off amazon why is the quality on vamps so shitty vs Mariah’s?

No. 466980


The day Moo makes anything decently presentable… you know she bought it lol

No. 466981

Moo bought them from different sellers on Amazon and gave the shittier one to Vamp?

No. 466990

real + china ver i bet

No. 466999


How guys like that donkey kong bod, I'll never know.

No. 467000

File: 1515631631923.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180110-184557.png)

She looks flabulous.

No. 467005

File: 1515631850054.jpg (91.63 KB, 750x1334, PicsArt_01-10-03.58.28.jpg)

No. 467006

File: 1515631926091.png (101.74 KB, 240x240, laughing at modern rappers fro…)

lord help me

No. 467009

File: 1515632036102.png (841.51 KB, 720x1201, Screenshot_2018-01-10-16-52-03…)

No. 467011

File: 1515632058372.png (605.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-01-10-16-52-16…)

No. 467012

apologies/saging for potential Sonic sperging, but isn't Maria Shadow's thing? Did Knucnkles ever even meet/know who Maria was aside from some Shadow mentions in SA2?

No. 467014

Why do I have a sudden craving for a ham sandwich?

No. 467015

File: 1515632210830.jpg (29.49 KB, 445x503, BegoneFleshDemon.jpg)

I just ate lunch anon why

No. 467018

her body is like 50% thigh, 40% linebacker shoulders, 10% idk mixed gruel

No. 467020

i think she means "mariah"
theres some weird uganda knuckles meme going around saying do u kno the whey

No. 467027

The line down her back is almost straight. The saddest flat ass in the world.

No. 467028

Ah. I see.
So she can't even spellcheck her own name?
(I have an unconventional spelling of my name but my phone doesn't try to correct it. Surely hers can recognize her name. But, I figured she did some Wiki glancing for a Sonic game and pulled something from there since that's how she gets most of her fandom knowledge)

No. 467030

this is such an awful cosplay choice for her, especially lewd. she's so out of character.

No. 467036

i think its supposed to be her name with an accent like the meme

No. 467039

Damn she sure is pretty hot when you can't see her face

No. 467043

She's a two helmeter.

No. 467052

File: 1515635069793.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 4.15 MB, 2457x3072, 64CE754D-D286-42CD-9DB1-59D3BB…)

Thicc goddess

No. 467057

I know you're being sardonic, anon, but to those who actually think she's "thicc": she's well beyond thicc–she's gargantuan

especially those damn thighs…..

No. 467060

File: 1515635701151.jpg (123.49 KB, 1080x715, You're sick my dude.jpg)

No. 467068

File: 1515636576405.png (961.75 KB, 750x1334, 5EFAE771-6E5D-4F60-9D91-B49FA2…)

So much muscle definition dudes

No. 467070


As a female I hate it when people use the "you're just jealous of her" excuse for why people say negative things about her. Why? Because what she does takes no effort. She just got lucky when she had a decent body and used her waist trainer to make herself look slimmer, so she went viral as Thicc Samus. There are plenty of newer cosplayers who've come out and done the same sexy things that she did and are making good money from it. She needs to quit giving herself so much credit.

Listen Mariah, you're nothing. You're a nobody. Stop trying to act all high and mighty and stop trying to call people out to do the same shit you do just because they call it easy. I'm a very well known cosplayer myself and have gotten the following that I have without going down your route. Why? Because I'm going to law school soon, and my goal is to open my own practice. I want people to take me seriously, instead of thinking of me as some eye candy and find my nudes on google. Yeah, I have 'tits and ass' but that doesn't mean I need to flaunt it to get places like you.

No. 467072

File: 1515637156661.png (271.22 KB, 394x451, Screenshot 2018-01-10 at 6.18.…)

No. 467085

??? You can get salmon sushi at 30 calories a piece why you lying anon. This bitch just doesn't know what CICO is.

No. 467086

File: 1515638444055.png (Spoiler Image, 513.25 KB, 719x906, DEXATI20180110213850.png)

[I'm poopin intensifies]

No. 467088

Damn, check out those sick arm muscles.

No. 467090

Jfc. There are so many blurred out spots on her.

No. 467091

You're doing a shit job of "name censoring"

No. 467103

Absolutely disgusting

No. 467104

lol no, one piece has 40-60 calories depending on the fish, as in one bite. usually you get 12 of those in a set.

No. 467105

it was already posted without it calm down.

No. 467106

she didn't 'get lucky' she bought her way up to the top. bought likes, bought stories, bought fans, bought cosplay.

No. 467108

Can we not derail this time, please? Seriously it's just sushi.

Ugh that gut is just hanging. I wonder if we'll see her on My 600-lb Life someday.

No. 467111

This is the second time she's fucked up this meme she's like a mom trying to fit in with her teenage kids

No. 467114

Mariah is dirtier than PT. Fucking kek.

No. 467120


. . . How many times a week did you say you hit the gym Moomoo?

Holy dam she is huge. It’s so hilarious to see her without all the shooping and waist trainers. That gut is massive and she has no shape whatsoever.

No. 467130

This bitch is built like Honey Boo Boo's mom

No. 467139

she's reached the point of fatness where she doesn't even have wrists anymore. her arms and legs are like fat jiggly stumps

No. 467150

No. 467169

File: 1515646239242.png (833.22 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-01-10-20-49-04…)

Blew smoke in Vamps face

No. 467170

Hunched over like the goblin she is.

No. 467180

File: 1515647035897.jpeg (56.96 KB, 750x332, 9AB6F9ED-5003-41DC-9331-15C998…)

No. 467181

File: 1515647081917.jpeg (140.74 KB, 750x1154, 184D2297-6432-422A-8AFF-B71AB3…)

Is this really what she considers “roasting”

All the guy said was ew

No. 467182

ive seen worse on her personal page

No. 467184

Fuck off cunt

No. 467185

This is when people expect others to respect their dirty laundry.

Ngl, I laughed.

No. 467186

Not to be a complete SJW tumblerite, but nice going mocking people who self-harm Moomoo.

No. 467187

But anon she self harms too!! They're just invisible cut marks!!!

No. 467190

Ayyyyy Moo, what's up?(hi [cow])

No. 467196


Idk why she feels the need to comment whenever people talk trash about her. For someone so busy she sure has a lot of time since she keeps responding back to them. Just take the L Moomoo. Every time you respond people realize how stupid you are.

No. 467198

Idiot that had nothing to do with moo that was to adickhead bitching about another post the infighting that got us kicked off pt!(infighting)

No. 467199

File: 1515648355602.png (58.04 KB, 586x380, Screenshot 2018-01-10 at 9.24.…)

No. 467201

File: 1515648376778.png (43.73 KB, 598x273, Screenshot 2018-01-10 at 9.25.…)

No. 467203

File: 1515648441110.png (105.7 KB, 605x610, Screenshot 2018-01-10 at 9.27.…)

No. 467204

File: 1515648497950.png (59.92 KB, 608x406, Screenshot 2018-01-10 at 9.27.…)


No. 467205

File: 1515648573320.png (65.04 KB, 584x442, Screenshot 2018-01-10 at 9.28.…)

So…what do you want Mariah??

No. 467207

File: 1515648655575.png (46.8 KB, 577x271, Screenshot 2018-01-10 at 9.30.…)

No. 467208

And yet every week she's leading a witch hunt

No. 467210

lol mooriah, jumping the bandwagon now? of course she doesn’t think these assholes should be punished. she’s just as garbage as they are

No. 467211

Why shouldn't his money be stripped? And those people it's also affecting were allowing him to get away with terrible content. If they really were good people then this gives them a chance to find a better use of their talent.

She's so simple minded. She has no sense of real morality.

No. 467213

A quick summary of what moo is doing

Hopping on a bandwagon because she sees people getting attention and put into articles for their tweets

Starts throwing in seeds not calling for a witch hunt because she is fully aware that if she said he should be deleted then things she herself has done would mean she should be deleted as well

flops back to 'but this is bad tho' to keep up the charade and milking this cause more tweets means more chances to be put in a news article

Once again her saying he shouldnt lose his money or business is to protect herself because she's scammed so much she should have lost all of her revenue

completely flops on her opinion saying Logan was bad for what he did because of 'kids' (Not because he's influencing these kids to be shitty or anything)

Her hopping on another hot button topic because she REALLY wants to show up in news articles and seem inspiring

Moomoo's tl;dr
Bad people are bad and should totez be punished but not by losing money because uh- fuck it witch hunts are bad and i'm going to imply Logan Paul is only terrible because of his audience

PS- Ignore and forgive everything bad I've ever done because the past doesnt define me.

No. 467214

Man I love it when our cow is manic, can't wait to see her ranting and raving in a story posted in the middle of the night over Saber and Logan Paul.

No. 467215

She self projects so fucking bad in her arguments lol

No. 467216

Why is it that the shitty cows are the one supporting Paul Logan? First Margo and now Moomoo lol. And what's even worse is that her justification is that YT is a complete jew when it comes to Monetization, she completely endorses shitty people getting to have their money. Just like when she violated Twitter and Patreon, creating content that is illegal.

Aren't you a precious little goyim, Mariah?

No. 467217

* Twitch.tv, not Twitter. But I guess you can call the Twitter incident another one of her downfalls as well.

No. 467218


Ugh why the heck does she continue to try and sound smart? Literally each twitter post contradicts the other. What the fuck is wrong with her????

Like one minute she's saying he should have consequences and then she says that the consequences shouldn't affect his channel and his money??? Like wth. Then how else will he learn? By giving him a slap on the wrist? YouTube already has a history of doing that and they've received backlash from subscribers and creators alike. I don't know what world you live in, but in real life, especially when it has to do with a JOB. There are consequences. And yes, YouTube is a JOB for these creators.

She's trying so hard to pretend she's a content creator like the youtubers she idolize. Taking pictures of yourself half naked doesn't count as good content.

No. 467219

Can y'all chill it with the anti-Semitic shit?

No. 467222


“pewdipie got his shit ruined by YouTube for dumb reasons :(“ yeah I guess saying “fucking nigger” in a spiteful, mean-spirited way is nothing but we are talking about “little miss I’m totally not racist or have yellow fever” here

No. 467223

No. 467226

File: 1515650842213.png (104.05 KB, 505x892, moobot.PNG)

TFW your paid for supportbots go crazy

No. 467227

oh you know Moo, it's just her blowing something outta proportion like usual

No. 467228

This thread is on its way to fucking disaster yet again, thanks to the infighting and the tumblrinas.
Jesus fuck.

No. 467230

holy shit, does she type one message and the bots reply with it?

No. 467232

Omg this reminds me of nigris bots that say the same shit too on reddit, birds of a feather
Anyways are we really surprised moo is in support of the shit show of pewdiepie and logan when this trashboat supports j* ??? Lol

No. 467236


And just like that the whole world saw how desperate and pathetic Mariah is. Paid bots to protect you? Just when I thought she couldn't get any lower…

No. 467237

You're not required to stay here if you're so sensitive

No. 467238

File: 1515651798190.jpg (6.18 KB, 181x200, 3654654565555545.jpg)

>I'll protect you m'lady

No. 467240

In those tweets about Logan Paul it just sound like she’s completely reiterating Phil DeFrancos video that came out today lol

No. 467248

I think this is just the meme Facebook culture where they copy one comment and copy paste it multiple times to be ironic and humorous. Not supportbots.

No. 467251


This is what i thought as well. I see this kinda shit all the time in shitposting groups

No. 467269

> completely flops on her opinion saying Logan was bad for what he did because of 'kids' (Not because he's influencing these kids to be shitty or anything)

Yea, this one ticked me off. Blaming the kids for YT's "mistake" and LP's retarded content? And not the people in-charge of said content (you know, the adults)? She really should shut her mouth. This is exactly the attitude I would expect this dumb irresponsible womanchild thot to have: putting blame everywhere else she can but the person who is in the most similar position to hers (obviously she sees herself as a content creator like LP). She is implying that content creators should be able to be as irresponsible with their content and towards their audience as they want, and not have to deal with any real consequences, mainly because that is exactly the allowance she wants (except i'm sure if she were in this same position as LP, she wouldn't even think she deserved to have something as small as a 'strike against her channel' and would try to find any way to not have to deal with any repercussions at all). It seems not even kids are safe from having this burden shoved on them if it can help her excuse her scummy actions.

If it wasn't clear, Moo, don't have kids. You have 2 cats that you can barely take care of. You are definitely not motherhood material at all. Mothers don't throw kids under the bus to try to save themselves from having to face any consequences.

Speaking of the cats, there is Vamp's cat, and momo's other 2 cats, but does anyone know whatever happened to that 4th cat they got in CA?

No. 467270

Iirc she talked about how they weren't getting along so she would have to return it.

No. 467273

They look like bot accounts from the screenshot but I just checked a few and they seem to be the type of people who are into shit posting, so that must be all it is

No. 467279

Did the dude remove it?

No. 467281

This honestly does sound like something she would type up too..

No. 467283

She stays in Vamp's room.

No. 467292

Ah yes, thanks. After the whole 'pheromones incident', seems she never really brought her up again. I was starting to think she gave her up already, but just didn't say so.

No. 467293

File: 1515660330022.jpg (45.84 KB, 805x513, text.JPG)

It's possible but this text is not 'memey'. It's too generic

No. 467296

Like I said, the way it is typed out sounds exactly like Moo when she is on her "IM SO SMART" pedestal and tries her best to sound as educated as possible to drive home a point that offends her.

No. 467297

File: 1515661007042.png (71.19 KB, 617x441, Screenshot 2018-01-11 at 12.54…)


No. 467299


It really looks like her style of writing. there are a lot more of those same statements then the cap. wtf do I know though.

No. 467300

File: 1515661062282.png (38.58 KB, 580x240, Screenshot 2018-01-11 at 12.54…)

No. 467301

File: 1515661085234.png (20.22 KB, 580x145, Screenshot 2018-01-11 at 12.57…)

No. 467304

She just doesn't understand methods of "standing up to someone" are bullying in return. People have tried to tell her time and time again that she always brings herself down to their level but it seems like she will never understand it.

No. 467308

File: 1515663695803.jpg (271.45 KB, 1214x2048, 13248424_939838782800817_77231…)

2 years ago she looked like this.
Now she is a fat hag who can't keep a story straight.

No. 467310

>tried to devalue […] my education
Oh, is she still claiming she's taking classes?

No. 467312

She needs to watch it if she really cares about her twitter, she's teetering on the edge of blowing up on someone and since this is her second account (ban evading) it would be hilarious to see the second one go too because of something obnoxious she did.

No. 467313

She's obviously stressed. I wonder if she'll go on another rant soon.

No. 467321

File: 1515667102824.png (100.03 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1273.PNG)

I love how all of her insults include telling people to go back to school when she still can't even spell properly

No. 467332

File: 1515668785244.jpg (222.53 KB, 1365x1365, IMG_20180111_030437.jpg)

No. 467333

File: 1515668805938.jpg (285.53 KB, 1449x1365, IMG_20180111_030433.jpg)

No. 467334

File: 1515669082749.png (866.03 KB, 720x959, Screenshot_2018-01-11-03-07-59…)

These photos..

No. 467340

Both of their movements are so stiff they look like blow up dolls. Can no photographer ever get a decent photo of moo looking good?

No. 467346

File: 1515670270828.jpg (15.29 KB, 500x359, enhanced-buzz-4380-1345234000-…)

No. 467365

the stare
why does she always needs to look like a deer in the headlights

No. 467367

Because she's scared to lose her money for mistakes. She's basically projecting I guess

No. 467371

Oh look, hand pushing hair back #7485837

Shame saber doesn't have a hat so she can use the patented variant hand holding hat

She's an actress and model tho

No. 467395


Makes it sad/funnier the fact of how tiny Artoria really is in comparison of how massive she looks in each pic, there's no possible angle that could hide how small her head looks with that body.

No. 467397


This dumb bitch still doesn’t get it, does she? It’s not “standing up to bullying” when you are just as low and petty as the people going after you. So stop acting like you are better than everyone when you stalk people’s profiles for whatever info you can use to make fun of them.


So fucking obvious she wants to play both sides of the fence. She wants to be part of the internet mob that is going after him. But she also knows all her shit is going to get brought up next if she goes too hard. Which is why she is asking for this medium of “Yeah, call him out, but don’t take his job away, it’s all the kids he has to entertain fault”.

Which is all just massive projection on her part because it’s how she wants to be treated. She wants to be able to do and say whatever she wants without any repercussions. To not have her money and livelihood taken whenever she says or does something stupid or inappropriate. No accountability or personal responsibility.

Well that’s not how it ducking works Moomoo. You are a grown ass adult and need to deal with the consequences of your actions. In the real world, you don’t get to keep your job when you do stupid, irresponsible shit.

No. 467402

She thought the person calling her out about the furry was female, do y'all think she would've responded the same way from the start if she knew it was a male? Her crying bullying is so fucking annoying, I'm glad her favorite page "roasted" her, livestock lives to be burned heifer

No. 467403


Of course she wouldn’t have. She only claps back at other females. She goes into every conversation assuming it’s anither girl coming at her and when she realizes it’s a guy she immediately tries to squash the conversation. Whenever it’s a guy coming at her she ignores it as much as possible.

No. 467419

she's not big on the 'killing with kindness' thing for sure, but she always takes it a step to far like a child. it's like she thinks that if someone starts it, she can do it back, and that's somehow 'standing up to bullies' when it's just bullying them back.

No. 467421

Child of man?? What century are we in??

No. 467423


You can clearly tell from her responses that she's copying what others are saying to defend her. Way to have an original thought Mariah.

She always has to justify herself in the most twisted of ways. When she screenshotted the profile it was obliviously to insult the person for being a furry. But let's say that really wasn't her intent…. it still looks that way in the public eye. It also looks like she was trying to get others to bully the person back. Like O M G the great Mariah Mallad has come to protect her fans. Bitch suck a dick if you're already not sucking one. You don't care about defending your fans. You just want to try and sound good. You act like people will just forget about all the bullying you've done.

No. 467429

new $5 tier.

moo will clap back at people (women) for you if they call you a cuck on her page, make sure to only comment nice things to her so she knows you're legit, and never give her any feedback that's not praise.

No. 467435

she prob read it in a fate fanfic or something

No. 467440

Probably, maybe instead of telling people to go back to school, she should go back and learn some better insults

No. 467456

File: 1515687825298.jpeg (71.37 KB, 553x496, BAA5BF10-3013-466C-8210-13EABB…)

hey do y’all need any snacks? snack cart coming through!

No. 467459

No. 467471


these clothes are so illfitting. reminds me of when i worked at blockbuster and they only had mens uniform shirts. just did not fit properly.

No. 467474

Both of them look bad. Even if the costume fit Moo, it's askew (the skirt is crooked and hanging wonky, could no one have mentioned it and straightened it?) and it looks stupid for Rin's skirt to be hiked up like that. It just looks like no one looked over them before taking the shot to fix these issues. Not to mention neither of them has a good face for the character and the poses are wooden, especially together.

No. 467477

but she's totes in school for business or marketing or something!

No. 467478

they both look like knockoff sex dolls. the rin should really learn how to contour her nose so she doesn't look like a non-passing tranny in a wig, good lord.

No. 467479

Does she even think about the shit she says? Getting cut IS YouTube being strict with him. What are they supposed to do, give him a stern talking to?

I just can't get over how awful this looks. Rin looks shit too though, so I guess they suit each other.

No. 467480

obviously she's thinking from one racist piece of shit to another, he should just get a time out.

No. 467481

Actually it looks like a copypasta. Probably some beta whiteknight wrote this and now all these people are parroting his comment to mock him

No. 467487

The rin is infamous for brown facing. She’s been called out on it and she keeps doing it. You can tell how bad it looks that it’s not natural. She’s also one of the most toxic cosplayers in SoCal. Fitting they’re doing a shoot together. Trash.

No. 467493

The Rin looks way too mature to pull off Rin.
Take a drink very time Moo's tits are all discombobulated in this shoot.

No. 467495

No thanks, I want to keep my liver

No. 467497

Let's be honest she would be to thicccccc for the aisle no flying company would hire her kek.

No. 467498

Is someone able to clarify something?
So, we hate moo for being racist, but it's ok to be racist here even though we also hate that she's a huge hypocrite?
It's confusing.

No. 467499

>die every time Moo's tits are all discombobulated in this shoot


no one is racist here? what are you on about, lc in general?

we're not a collective, and usually when people are racist on lc they don't defend it or whine about being a POC (which moo isn't) as if it makes racism okay.

No. 467509

File: 1515691929784.png (517.61 KB, 477x598, mm.PNG)


this is the same girl she did her other rin/saber cosplay with

No. 467510

Are you referring specifically to this? >>467216
Just get over the use. I didn't type it, but its nothing to try and high horse about.

No. 467511


Holy fuck. The weight gain to her face. This is crazy. You know someone drinks a lot/ gained a lot of weight when their face is puffy like that. Holy fuck. Is she REALLY dieting and exercising? Because this picture says otherwise.

No. 467512

According to the candids of her on the bed, probably 100% not.

No. 467517

File: 1515692216454.png (134.71 KB, 750x937, IMG_6931.PNG)

Oh man. Nicoletters it really trying hard to leech off of Moomoo. I want to just sit and watch this cowtastrophe.

No. 467518

>addicting to it

No. 467519

> becoming addicting
jesus fuck moo

No. 467520

back then she was still taping her face I think?.

I'm pretty sure she ended up getting some kind of face lift cause there was a while where her jaw looked slim even without a wig on (cant really tape your jaw without a wig )

No. 467521

you can tape without a wig, what are you on about?

No. 467523

Ohh man she doesn't need to do this she's a far more talented cosplayer she doesn't need to mess with the likes of moo

No. 467527


Nah Nicoletters is a fake ass bitch. She spent a whole year pretending to be a lesbian and only liking "cute little girls" while she was dating a biologically female cosplayer (claims to be girl or boy depending on how he/she feels). Now she's all about men now. I get that it's possible to be bisexual but she was claiming to be exclusively attracted to girls for the longest time.

No. 467528

talented or not she's probably a cunt from the sounds of it. anyone who does that 'i looove haters /sarcasm' shit is an attention whore at the very least.

No. 467529

Not to sound tumblry but sexuality isn't really something that's constantly set in stone I don't think this is enough to warrant her being a "fake see bitch." I'd need other examples but also do not want to derail this thread any more

No. 467530

File: 1515693366243.jpg (74.46 KB, 480x768, reddit.jpg)

From her Reddit

No. 467532

you should not mention this shit at all, anon.

No. 467533

File: 1515693540837.jpeg (407.84 KB, 750x506, 41AACDCE-7F4A-453A-A389-C67A23…)

No. 467535

File: 1515693612463.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 379.22 KB, 750x503, FAB03D0E-EDA5-47A7-AD65-F3694B…)

No. 467536

File: 1515693611554.jpg (318.42 KB, 2048x1366, IMG_20180111_095815.jpg)

Cat had to have made this look bad on purpose how this looks right to the both of them is beyond me

No. 467537

Is she wearing Moo's Rin outfit?

No. 467539

File: 1515693870495.jpeg (96.75 KB, 750x370, 4AE518EC-BBE7-4579-8F6C-BEB9F4…)

No. 467541

is that her sword or the rope? like some pov lol u tied me master

it just looks like a blurry mess
like you should delete this photo due to an error ya know

No. 467542

Nah there’s actual cuffs on the sleeves and stuff. Plus don’t you think if she was wearing momo’s costume momo would’ve posted credit for herself in every single pic???

No. 467543

Her hair bun looks like a poop

No. 467544

Bob Bitchtits cosplay

No. 467546


she legitimately looks like a fucking old saggy-tittied grandma here holy FUCK

No. 467547

Grandma, we need to get you to your room. You're having flashbacks again.

No. 467549

oh yea she definiotely doesn't harass people. not moo, she definitely didn't do it LITERALLY JUST YESTERDAY either.

No. 467551

sorry i meant to the extreme she was doing it. Yes you can tape without a wig but not as intensely as she was doing it and there were pictures where she didnt have her extreme jowls and you could see her hairline.

Even recently she's posted pictures with only a wig cap on and there's no tape and her chin area still isnt as bad as it used to be.

Okay as a kinbaku/shibari fan what would be the point of the rope being pulled from behind? it would make sense if the rope was attached to the torso binding because then it would be 'tightening and pulling' but the rope around her hands (should be around the wrists too) wouldnt really do anything except maybe make her fall backwards and probably dislocate her shoulders.

what she should have done is have her wrists tied above her as if it's attached to the ceiling and then she would have had free reign to shoop her waist too. Her arms being pulled behind her just shows off how fat her back is

oh my god she used bias tape for her ribbon

No. 467552

File: 1515694295782.jpeg (146.81 KB, 750x686, 9FC43F0C-0677-460E-80C8-3F8DF7…)

Some comments her sister made on one of her Saber selfies. Kind of interesting, not really sure what to make of them. I can’t tell if she’s genuinely roasting her or not. But it looked like she thought the whoville joke was funny so idk

No. 467554

this almost confirms that "her sister" who posted before is just her and not her sister who doesn't seem to give a fuck.

No. 467555


If Mariah could just once in her life admit her wrongs without having someone else telling her to do it, and do it genuinely (not just to save face) I would actually be on her side. But she just doesn't. The reason I find her so immature and unprofessional is the fact that she always has to be right. She always has to be the winning. It's such a narcassistic mentality. If she for once just took a loss instead of trying to clap back all the time, she would stop gaining haters and gain a better rep.

No. 467556

adding to this, if moo's sis is anything like moo, she's actually roasting her but will pretend it's just a joke. kek.

No. 467561

I think they are trying to make it look like she will be strung up or that she is being lead around by it or to keep her in place. As a fan.. You should know that excess rope is usually used.

No. 467563

nta, but i've been into shibari for 8 years. to anons point, the way the rest of the bindings are makes it dangerous for her arms to be like that and then be pulled. how can she be 'led' backwards anyways? stop trying to sound like you know anything.

No. 467567

And Elizabeth or Vamp had the rope around their neck and used thin rope, whoever tied them doesn't really know shit either

No. 467572


She is still the same bitch who threatens and harasses people on Twitter. Despite those six years she is still the same cunt who spergs out on someone the second they say something she doesn’t like.

No. 467575

File: 1515697636326.jpeg (132.04 KB, 750x778, 65A2027C-3506-4EDD-91A1-14CFF6…)

muh side by side accuracy

No. 467576

lmao rin can't even get her arms around that thicc waist.
also mariah just staring into space as always lol probably thinking of her dinner.

No. 467580

File: 1515698032336.png (680.24 KB, 933x617, Screenshot 2018-01-11 at 11.13…)

No. 467581

Why does it look like Mariah has a dick

No. 467582

fupa-chan saying hi

No. 467583

her panties are too tight. we know she's probably got a gross fat pubis

No. 467586

Momo doesn’t know how to interact with another person during a photoshop. Rin could have been a blow up doll and we would have gotten the same pictures.

No. 467587

File: 1515698398579.png (55.41 KB, 213x203, 1515698032336~2.png)


Bowl headed double chin lookin ass where the fuck is her jaw? Lmaooo

No. 467588

File: 1515698424148.png (213.95 KB, 504x302, Screenshot 2018-01-11 at 11.13…)

No. 467589

File: 1515698435077.jpg (41.7 KB, 500x700, la_Leg-Avenue-Sheer-Suspender-…)

i know it's supposed to be these kind of suspender tights but it just looks like her fat just ripped normal tights

No. 467591

i seriously cannot tell which parts of her i am seeing.

No. 467595

no anon, she literally ripped her regular tights to get this look. YOU DONT HAVE TO “MAKE” EVERYTHING MARIAH.

No. 467596

ripped? not cut? i don't understand.

No. 467599

it looked more ripped in her snapchats from the shoot, she might have cut them but either way she didn’t just buy. The. Damn. Tights. Like she should have. Ripped or cut tights always look sloppy and you can see how they started to run down the thighs

No. 467600

File: 1515698918546.jpg (77.18 KB, 750x702, ew.jpg)

Old, but I dont remember it being posted on here at all. Now we know how much she shit pays people.

No. 467601

File: 1515698928424.jpeg (71.14 KB, 640x416, B5FB6AEE-485C-44BF-93D7-3562B4…)

I don’t have photoshop and just used a crappy deco app, but goddam those dead fish eyes. Can anyone photoshop her face on a fish? The resemblance is just lol

No. 467602


I don’t even know what the fuck I’m looking at. Like, what the fuck is it? A leg? A thigh? She’s literally a fucking walking, talking potato.

No. 467603

>Doesn't list how long the job is

No. 467604

IS THAT HER THIGH/SIDE BUTT?! Omfg! Whathappened to her? Does she and other cosplayers not realize that smoothing stuff like this only makes you look more lumpy?

No. 467606

right? what the fuck. it doesn't say the hours and it doesn't say if it's by the hour or not.

atleast potatoes taste good. moo just looks like a bag of old ground meat.

her photos are all garbage and smooth/blur the entire thing, instead of airbrushing certain areas.

No. 467607

lumps? anon that is just all the DEFINITION in her legs.

No. 467612

File: 1515699364263.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180111-133407.png)

that moustache is priceless

No. 467613

tinfoil: all of moos fans have mommy fetish.

No. 467614

Yeah. She's going into porn teritory. The people subbing and following her now are the type of dudes who browse the /aco/ threads on 4chan and who have attractions to saggy boobs and old country housewives butts that sag and droop because they got married too early and had 4 kids. This is the demographic she is reaching now. Its finally a step below SSS.

No. 467615

File: 1515699516111.png (11.02 KB, 532x220, new one.png)

She still hasn't set up her discord.

No. 467621

wasn't it a farmer who deleted it and blocked all her members?

No. 467625

lol cute drawing anon

No. 467628

File: 1515700093859.jpg (218.08 KB, 1920x1080, Little-mermaid-1080p-disneyscr…)

can't unsee flounder from little mermaid. lol.

No. 467630


Yea. she made one a mod and he dfe'd it. then she was too fuckin lazy to redo it

No. 467631

Apparently. At least thats what I got from the humblebrag because they keep sperging about it. Instead of getting milk that she only gave to the people in the discord. We had time stamps showing when she says she is 'sending out rewards' and whatnot. Info that she doesn't spread anywhere else. To be honest, that anon really fucked up an extra space for milk flow.

No. 467633

NTA, didn't moo say she deleted it? Even if an anon did delete it, this is an extra thing for her to not send out, making people call her out on her publicly. which is almost better than whatever excuses she gave on there.

No. 467635

She didn't need to send it out because it was openly posted on her patreon wall for anyone $20 or more. It had a link and everything and she didn't say she deleted it. She did make a notice of it being deleted though.

No. 467636

She implied she deleted it.

No. 467637


Wow… she does shibari twice and is probably going to do it a million more times. She's really not creative at all. Come on Moo. You're a content creator (her words, not mine) . Will it kill you to try a new idea instead of overdoing something over and over again?

No. 467640

File: 1515700570409.jpg (142.89 KB, 675x1200, fatfuck.jpg)

From Rage's twitter page

No. 467641

File: 1515700634197.png (139.7 KB, 480x270, bad edit.png)

No. 467642

Yeah I know that. I'm saying that now, since it's deleted and she's supposed to make a new one and "tighten security" she hasn't been sending out the code and is failing yet another tier reward.

No. 467643

File: 1515700655898.png (3.97 MB, 1126x2002, fatagain.png)

No. 467645


No. 467647

these are definitely cut and the ripped probably by accident.

No. 467648

She looks like a fat midget.

No. 467649

How long until shibarmei?

No. 467651

File: 1515701005219.jpg (172.11 KB, 615x412, blobkun.jpg)

No. 467655


Is it me or does her makeup almost look tolerable in this pic. Is she Photoshopping more on or…???

No. 467657

cackling irl shit is on point anon

No. 467658

No. Up close its still a disgusting mess. Wobbly lines, over dramatic fake lashes for no reason. The usual.

No. 467659

File: 1515701375247.jpeg (101.28 KB, 720x1200, D68531C4-2ACE-42CD-899B-85BFB9…)

No. 467660

i agree with >>467642 moo's discussions with her discord members helped her more than anything, and stuff like >>467615 on her actual SM are much better proof.

No. 467663

haha great!

No. 467675


Shibari once, is a fun twist. Shibari twice in a row is gratuitous. Shibari three times in a row, is desperation from a lack of ideas…. unless she wants to be ~special~ and be a lewd shibari cosplayer as her new gimmick.

No. 467677

For some reason I can't camp through instagram. Maybe someone else can [probably because I got out of the shower and my hands won't work], but she has a story where she is saying all she needs in life is hummus and chipotle. Hummus is so fattening when you eat the large amount she is. Its in a three holder container, the usual styrofoam boxes, and its loaded in the big front portion. THATS A LOT OF FUCKING HUMMUS THAT YOU SHOULDNT BE EATING MOO.

No. 467687

Lots of Jewish slurs. Just trying to be on the same page with everyone, but seems pointless if we act the same way moo does??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 467691

>one anon
>on a chan
>implying this is like moo

maybe this isn't the place for you…

No. 467692

If you want a hug box go somehwere else. Someone says Youtube is a jew once and you freak out.

No. 467702

no one even said that, they said moo was a goyim, which is a jewish slur towards non jews.

moo's behavior ranges from 'ching chong' to literal doxxing (that's the guy) and calling her a goy, basically like calling her a cuck for youtube, it's likely the anon isn't even jewish.

No. 467704

adding to this goy is the same as 鬼佬 (guailo) in Chinese. it's viewed as both derogatory and not.

No. 467780

File: 1515709852092.jpg (476.67 KB, 1304x1304, Screenshot_20180111-233000.jpg)

What is this mess…

No. 467792

There it is. There's our next thread picture.

No. 467799

File: 1515710997253.jpeg (78.47 KB, 750x545, 88222BF8-F02A-4EEB-978B-CBFED3…)


I was going to say she used the wrong word but this is a bounded saber. the fat is bounding off of her body.

No. 467803

…it’s called “rigging” ffs. “Shibari rope tiers” Jesus Christ why

No. 467804


Holy shit. Moomoo looks so bad that it's almost easy to overlook how fucked that Rin looks.

No. 467809

Grandma done gone blind!

No. 467810

Salty rigger / rope bottom here. Every cam girl who wants to be a ~*shibari model*~ will do a karada body harness like this and call it shibari/kinbaku. It. Is. Infuriating. They didn’t even use real rope here… It’s so thin and wtf why

No. 467811

Underrated picture.
I love this anon.

No. 467820

File: 1515712346943.jpg (34.88 KB, 500x333, 20100506-butcherscuts-tiedroas…)

Found an unedited picture of Momo

No. 467827

Is that…the hair net used to hold the bun together … like when you don’t want it to get tangled (Sorry I’m not completely familiar with the terms but from what I can tell that may be what it is)..? W h a t is happening

No. 467829

i got moo fish face, it does look weird/off. its gotta be the fucking netting it comes in.

No. 467839


Does Moomoo even realize they sell Saber wigs with prestyled buns, or can't she be bothered to drop $20 for a character she allegedly like so much?

No. 467841

Elizabeth Rage made her wig.

No. 467846

but moo is too stupid to take off the wig net.

No. 467851

File: 1515715569394.gif (5.84 KB, 204x432, IMG_1533.GIF)

No. 467852

I fucking hate this. I'm laughing so hard.

No. 467853

it would be an honour

No. 467854


No. 467855


Oh shit. She's going to lewd granny now…

No. 467859

She already has, see here >>467580

No. 467866

File: 1515717602159.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1565, Um.png)

Holy shit she looks so dumpy

No. 467869

It looks like she's wearing a backwards straitjacket.

No. 467879

her ass makes me so sad lol like i know it fools the nb's but why not improve it for yourself like have some dignity

No. 467896

File: 1515720763927.png (230.07 KB, 750x1334, 8D87362C-4042-4704-B0C6-F6E752…)

No. 467897

File: 1515720793158.png (374.25 KB, 750x1334, 0B0B0E00-C7A4-496F-BB67-30F48C…)

No. 467899

File: 1515720818230.png (220.61 KB, 750x1334, 27B978C6-0DD1-4689-AA8A-775BC7…)

No. 467901

>Just Correcting People

No. 467902


Ugh I hate that this dumb bitch reads or watches or reads Wikipedia about a series and acts like she's an expert all of a sudden. Okay Moo. We get it you're always the smartest person in the room. Now take your meds. Please get into Jojo so you can get torn to shreds.

No. 467906

Wait didn’t you hear?????? Mariah Mallad is the god of all anime knowledge. It doesn’t matter if she hadn’t even seen the anime you’re talking about (she probably hasn’t) SHE WILL BRING JUSTICE TO THE WORLD OF ANIME AND CORRECT YOU

She’s so fucking frustrating she literally ALWAYS has to be right. She will never admit to being wrong she’ll akways find some way to talk in circles until it makes the other person give up or feel like they’ve lost

No. 467907

She must be so high right now or something that she has such low reading comprehension. She's doing so much flip flopping and is just making absolutely no sense.

Hey Moo: fandoms for kids shows claim it's 'all about the gays' (see also: Voltron, MLP, Haikyuu etc) It's called hyperbole.

No. 467911

I'm calling that we'll see a new push from Mooriah to get on a Rooster Teeth show and onto Miles Luna's dick now that Mommy is getting a documentary over there.

No. 467913

she literally can NOT watch, play or read something without writing a 3 page essay of fucking tweets to prove that shes the know-it-all nerdiest girl of them all.
i think, honestly, out of everything about her … this is what i hate the most.

No. 467914

File: 1515722161243.png (137.49 KB, 750x1334, 7F1DCA8E-8EBD-49C6-864A-A193BE…)

She won’t be able to film it for you because her theater class isn’t real and she’s just pretending to be in a real class because we we’ve been talking about her lying about going to college.

No. 467916

why would she be in theater class if she's going to community college for business?

No. 467920

I don't even think she remembers lying about going to school for business. Can't expect poor ol'Mariah to remember her lies, anon!

No. 467921


Moomoo argument deconstructed:

>they can't be a ship they hate each other

>but Ryo loves Akira

>but they still aren't a ship and it's not gay because Ryo is a hermaphrodite

>okay they're a ship but they aren't gay

Make up your mind you cunt.

Every time she opens her mouth, an orphan dies.

No. 467923

She’s still pretending she’s going to UNLV but there’s no reason someone who is “about to graduate” would be in a gen ed theater class. I guess some people put off electives until the last semester but I’m pretty sure this is just a lie

Think about it: she vlogs literally every second of her life on Instagram with stories. We have literally NEVER ONCE seen her on campus or doing homework or anything of the type. If she was doing these things she would definitely be talking about it

No. 467925

And definitely wouldn't be running off to cons every chance that she gets.

No. 467928


Her logic is that they can't be a ship because it's one sided. But like she's the same trash that ships Junkrat and Mei and Mei and Soldier???? Like those ships are based entirely on headcanons and yet she's basically saying that an actual canon ship is terrible!????

No. 467929

Tru and CONSTANTLY going out of town in the middle of the week. There’s no fucking way an actual student would be able to do that

No. 467931

File: 1515722954020.png (216.66 KB, 750x1334, 77EB865C-9ECE-4A4B-BE03-12F246…)

No. 467932

File: 1515722968091.png (159.12 KB, 750x1334, 425433CF-86BF-4854-B926-5626D8…)

No. 467934

I would laugh my ass off at her trying to explain X or Angel Sanctuary to people.

No. 467939

>Mariah's way of thinking

"I love Fate! I love Fate so much! Have I mentioned how much I love Fate? Have you heard about our lord and savior Fate? I love it so much that I'm going to do softcore porn shoots of the non-canon stuff! That's how much I love it!

No. 467940

I like how she considers it non-canon, but then goes on to say it is still apart of it. Make up you damn mind bitch, it is either non-canon and should be disregarded, or it is canon.

No. 467942


To be fair UNLVs winter semester hasn't started yet. But then again, she's acting like she's already in the class even though school doesn't start until next week. Also, if she's about to graduate, it wouldn't make sense to derail her path to graduation with some random ge class. Also many theater programs do not allow for non theater students to be in classes as they are usually very impacted. We know she dropped out of school for at least half a year to a year and based on her age, she should be still doing upper division courses, especially since she said she's a fourth year. But because of the educational break she took, she would have no room to take bs classes like theater.

All in all, she's likely lying about being in theater or going to some cheap community college trying to pretend she's in UNLV.

No. 467943

Oh man this girl rustles my jimmies super hard. Also she's going to get a lot of flack from any sjws that follow her about that intersex comment

No. 467949

File: 1515723527626.png (160.58 KB, 750x1334, 8F02D3F7-8A1B-4E0D-9C99-FFB092…)

You must be psychic or something

No. 467950

File: 1515723536096.png (692.6 KB, 587x518, uncomfortable.png)

No. 467951

Every time I see this it looks like she’s slitting her wrists

No. 467956


Christ she knows fuck all about Devilman. She’s about to get her dumb know-it-all ass ripped to shreds just like with the Fate fandom lmao I love this song

No. 467957

Her "bodybuilder" shoulders have become so large they make her neck look short as hell

No. 467958

She looks like a working mom from the 80s.

No. 467961

predicting moo being an insensitive twat is hardly a feat.

No. 467962

File: 1515723861792.png (208.86 KB, 405x347, madsaber.png)

I don't know how she thought this was a good idea. She honestly looks terrible, and she can't pull off the character. Saber is not lewd.


I bet she hasn't even read the visual novels.

No. 467963


This is rich coming from someone who literally makes gay headcanon ships all the time. Some of her ships don't even have any canon form of love connection. I'm sure she ships Lancer and Archer together or some shit and they have no canon love connection. But 'oh noooo it's not a good ship if only one person is in love with the other. And it's totally not gay because the person is intersex. I don't want to be a tumblrina but Ryo identifies as a male for most of the series even though he's intersex. If she knew intersex people then she should know that they generally identify as which ever gender they want to despite having two sex organs.

No. 467966

How can anyone look at the backfat spilling out of her ill-fitting bras, and her disproportionate waist compared to her obese shoulders, and think that's hot.

No. 467968

Of course she hasn't. If she read any of it it was probably a YouTube walkthrough and probably only read the hentai scenes.

She really does look short bus special in Saber's casual wear. I think it's the wig since it makes her face look wide and short, but the ill fitting outfit accentuates it greatly.

She truly does channel PT sometimes.

No. 467972

i doubt she even did that much, she probably just looked up h-scenes and porn.

No. 467991

Is it just me or is the waist weirdly loose on her? I was expecting gut busting, but it looks like it'd fall a lot.

No. 467996

File: 1515725947436.png (147.95 KB, 750x1334, BD7BF8D1-3298-43E8-B5FF-9CE042…)

That person was very clearly joking/being sarcastic but she’s so quick to jump down everyone’s throat and be such a fucking cunt about everything

No. 467998

it's probably unzipped.

No. 468000

not only that but it is gay. part of being hermaphrodite/intersex is that you do have a dominant sex organ, and he's a dude.

No. 468001


Fucking lord she gets so god damn insufferable whenever she gets into a new series. She always has to gleam the Wikipedia page and write some kind of long winded self-masturbatory essay about what an expert she is on the series now and how all her “theories” are straight up fact now. Someone could literally be shoving proof of how flat out wrong she is in her fat face and she is always like “Lol nope. If you were a true fan like me then you obviously wouldn’t think that”.

No wonder everyone hates this bitch. She can’t ever just admit she is wrong. She always talks in complete circles without reaching anything resembling a point and just flat out refuses to listen until you just get sick of her and surrender the argument to her. And if that didn’t make her such an insufferable cunt then you also have to deal with her pompous, undeserved sense of “You’re not a true fan like me” attitude where she talks down to you like a condescending twat.

It’s no wonder her “friends” have straight up abandoned her at his point. I don’t see how anyone can stand to be around her if they weren’t looking for some sort of handout.

No. 468004

File: 1515726500242.png (14.85 KB, 578x95, 1511765396824.png)

She hasn't.

No. 468006

I mean but even in the Devilman wiki it says basically says Akira says he loves Ryo just never specifies what kind of love. So she's legit making up her own interpretation or wants to lewd it and knows fakbois and crossplayers will get more attention doing kissing selfies than if she were to lewd so she needs to try to convince her adoring fans there is no gay.

I wish she would get into Berserk or Angel Sanctuary and try to tell people the complex history i totally understand.

Sage for rant.

No. 468010

"Its toxic and ryo is a shitty person! If its not canon it doesn't exist! But let me tell you about how much i ship Reylo in TFA!"

No. 468021

File: 1515728649126.png (839.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180111-214010.png)

Highlights from the Instagram rant 1/3

No. 468022

File: 1515728675334.png (836.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180111-214039.png)


No. 468023

File: 1515728705013.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180111-214105.png)

3/3 nice skincare

No. 468027

Wow I really can’t wait for her skincare video!!!! Her skin looks so nice!!!! I want my skin to look just like this!!!!

No. 468032

Please tell me that she isn't ranting about what that person said. Tell me that she's not that pathetic.

No. 468033

She absolutely is. She didn’t call out that person in particular, just said she’s getting shit from the “twitter and tumblr community”. She also had to remind everyone she was bi so she had grounds to say whatever she wants and be the voice of the LGBT community

No. 468035

Oh this fucking biiiiitch. Moo, never, ever change, I love watching you burn yourself.

No. 468046

lol its so easy to say youre bi to get away w things like this

No. 468047

File: 1515729683788.jpg (29.37 KB, 560x360, momokun_in_the_headlights.jpg)

No. 468052


She's bi and Muslim so she's untouchable my dudes.

No. 468056

Just theorizing but isn't it suspicious that Mariah will go on a whole fact-checking spree and rant just to disprove an LGBT pairing but is completely fine with straight pairings (even ones that make no sense)? Like it bothers her so much why people would ship Akira/Ryo (when it doesn't fucking matter what's canon or not, it's fandom and if people ship it they're gonna ship it), but she has no problem with Soldier 76/Mei or Guzma/Wicke or Reylo?? And going under the label of being "Bi" just to save her ass doesn't mean shit. Being a member of the LGBT community doesn't absolve you of being wrong or discriminating against others in your own community.

Just god this girl is such a fucking hypocrite.

No. 468064


because she’s not “bi”. only a straight, homophobic asshole would go on and on to say there are no gay pairings in an anime even when given evidence that they are. “you can have your headcanons”, well moocunt, you can have your delusions in thinking you contribute anything positive to the community and that you’re a world class cosplayer.

No. 468079


. . . No believes you are bi Moomoo. And it’s disgusting that you would try to use that as an excuse.

No. 468080

All of Momo's favorite pairings are Guy she wants to fuckxGirl she identifies with. She probably doesn't give a shit about gay ships since she can't self insert.

No. 468084

File: 1515731731176.jpeg (629.49 KB, 2048x2048, ECEEE2E7-C11F-481E-9D42-6E3F8C…)

LMAO! Can’t tell if legitimate fanart or subtle troll….

No. 468086

What’s worse is if she was bi, because then she would be bullying other lgbt instead of I don’t know…supporting them?
She needs to stop policing how/what other people should enjoy. How do you take a shitpost worthy “_____ is for the gays” and take it literally. She’s a fucking idiot and an asshole.

Also isn’t she the one always telling people everything’s chill, just be cool, let people like what they want etc. So STFU Mariah and let people enjoy things. You literally watched this anime a day ago you’re not shit.

No. 468087


Sorry for my self ranting but I've been a fan of Devilman in general since several years ago, and I knew that this maybe was going to happen with crybaby. But makes CRINGE how she overanalizes and threw that stupid deliverations about everything she got the "into" it. Devilman has a simple history, nothing so deep, basic as fuck (except maybe Ryo, even the "BIG" revelation is easy to catch) and that it.

Stop trying to look smart throwing arguments about things that already existed for decades (pretty weird that she didn't do the same with JoJo, maybe too long for her) you stupid cow.

Also just wait for her to make a fat lewd version of Akira of Seline.

Sage for weeb rant.

No. 468097

Ultra sage for this dumb addition but I read nb's as nonbinaries instead of neckbeards and was wholly confused

Yes though, she literally has the worst fat girl genes

No. 468098

jesus christ her face is so fucking ugly
she’s gotta be one of the most delusional people in the world to be ok with how disgusting she looks literally all the time, on top of the lumpy obesity

No. 468100

So this bitch can make comments like "Oh I want x and x to fuck" but someone who provided receipts and probably watched all of the different Devilman renditions is wrong for saying it's canon they're gay af.
Golf clap for stupidity. Guess you're not the only one who can force made up relationships and orientations, huh Mariah??

No. 468101

It’s not all her fault she’s that delusional. She makes a shit ton of money off her “looks” and has swathes of followers constantly talking about how gorgeous she is.

I know she caters to men who like trashy and sloppy but fuck! It still astounds how so many people genuinely find her beautiful enough to pay her.

No. 468110

File: 1515734111397.png (43.41 KB, 719x253, Screenshot 2018-01-11 at 9.08.…)

Wow, Mariah, I think you mean you read the wiki before you made this rant so you can appear smart and not stupid right?

You read 19+ volumes of manga? 39 episodes of the 70's series? 3 movies? What about Devil Lady? Cyber 009 versus Devilman? Girl BYE BYE BYE CHECK THE WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE BYE

No. 468128


You would think that if she was going to lie, she’d at least have sense enough to not make it so god damn obvious.

No. 468136

Lmao she really pissed off a bunch of people with this little Devilman rant anitwitter is triggered right now.

No. 468141

File: 1515735902559.png (47.75 KB, 587x289, Screenshot 2018-01-11 at 9.44.…)

Nevermind I clicked on one of the people who were arguing with her and I died

No. 468142

Went to lurk the discourse on twitter she deleted every comment that doesn't agree with her and is allowing her fans to shit all over "tumblrina with an agenda"

No. 468148

Nah. You just have to click on some comments to see the threads in full. As someone who also thought she deleted everything. Though, she isn't replying to anything rn.

Sage for no real contribution.

No. 468150

She apparently went out with Colette, came back and is watching it again.

No. 468173

Pathetic. Her arguments aren't even compelling, and she doesn't even have legitimate evidence to support her claims. She just wants to be some insular idiot who just wants a loyal hugbox to not correct her on her fallacies.

Mariah, if you're reading this you need to fucking grow up. You're going to get a very cold wake-up call once your cosplay career is over and society knows about your reckless Twitter opinions and you're not going to make a profession at all out of your poor public image. Even the Tumblerinas are getting sick of your crap.

No. 468186

Her idiot tweets are pissing me off so much. Devilman has existed since the 70s and there are multiple works in the canon. In devilman lady Akira says he likes/loves Ryo despite everything…but she wouldn't know that because all she did was watch crybaby and skimmed the wikipedia page.

It's so fucking annoying how she acts like she knows everything immediately after watching an anime

No. 468190

File: 1515741781023.jpeg (261.3 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180112-022102.jpe…)

Really, Momo?? Attacking the fanbase while spreading positivity my dudes??

No. 468193

Who is she even quoting? If that's how you feel, Moo, then just say it point blank instead of being a passive aggressive shit lobster.

No. 468196

Jesus fucking Christ. If I had more time on my hands I would love nothing more than to compile all of her “spread positivity and love in the community no bullying uwu” caps and then caps of her literal bullying just moments later into a google doc.

No. 468200

Careful, Mariah, don't want your precious twitter blocked

No. 468202

I hope someone does. This is ridiculous. The majority doesn't agree with her so she can't fall back on her army this time.

No. 468204


Not like it matters. She’ll just try to wave it off as “Standing up for myself = bullying? Lol what I’m supposed to do, just sit there and take it?”. She always takes any attempt at calling her out as “bullying” and her being a cunt and clapping back is just “her standing up for herself”.

It’s like talking to an actual brick wall with her.

No. 468209

Literally the trump of cosplay, if you can even call her shit cosplay

No. 468210

File: 1515743659724.jpeg (254.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180112-025300.jpe…)

How long till she lewds one of them?? Also: nice back tracking on the shipping there MooMoo.

No. 468211

Mariah isn't a fujo, she's the type of person to self-insert herself into a character and ship the fuck out of them and her husbando. Just look at her going nuts over Guzma/Wicke for example. Not canon at all, but she could project herself into Wicke so that's it. And she's displayed her kink for disturbing relationships multiple times. But she can't do it with Ryo because ew gays, so she's bitching about it on Twitter.

Her "bi" status is just one of those vapid "hee hee, I totally love boobieeesss!!!!" types. You wouldn't catch her dead with a woman. Just because you find the oversexualized body of a woman sexy doesn't mean you're bi, Mariah.

This. I could imagine her being disgusted at the thought of LGBT pairings unless it's a lesbian sex scene. Remember when she tried to cash in on the Yuri on Ice craze last winter and made the awful genderbent Yuuri costume, but buried it ridiculously fast after she realized her neckbeard audience doesn't like icky gays even though they're genderbent? That's the extent of her LGBT supporting.

>Guys I've totally matured and changed my ways! No more picking fights all the time!

No. 468219

she already claimed to be a huge fan of jojo when she was with KBBQ because he liked it
she dropped the act so hard after he dumped her lmao
I don't think she can keep track of the things she's a "fan" of

No. 468222

File: 1515747365984.jpg (494.92 KB, 1000x1415, momo jojo phase.jpg)

samefagging but tried to find the times where she tried show how big of a jojo fan she was - there was a lot jojo posing at one point.

No. 468224

kek I remember those "abs"

No. 468226

How can someone say they're bi but then tell the LGBT community to stop pushing their agenda on canon gay(?) characters, that's horrible

No. 468239

It's why I don't think Mariah is actually bi. I think she's one of those "Yeah I can kiss and go on a date with a girl but ew I would never eat pussy or see myself in a serious relationship with one!" kinda gals. Also, I don't think Mariah actually cares about lgbt issues since she doesn't seem to understand what being intersex and male identifying means or why so many people are happy for more media representation (unless it benefits her).

No. 468244

File: 1515753710571.png (1.37 MB, 720x1157, Screenshot_2018-01-12-02-38-04…)

She did a cosplay meme and posted this

No. 468270

File: 1515760784285.jpg (378.49 KB, 1304x1304, Screenshot_20180112-133700.jpg)

Maybe moomoo is one of the people that wants her fictional sex interest to be single so she can fantasize about it better while jerking of to it kek

No. 468271

File: 1515761170626.jpg (387.83 KB, 1304x1304, Screenshot_20180112-134339.jpg)

Also she said that she is watching all the old movies but haven't even touched the original manga?
Sure moomoo. Because movies that are based of a show are always the way the creator want them be
Sorry I'm late for the devilman rant

No. 468290

Lmao I think it’s a troll. Fan or not, this is a pretty unbiased depiction of her. Like… that’s not how a thicc ass is ever drawn. I think it goes against the illusion that Mariah has of herself when she really looks like a hunk of deli meat. And that eye, lol it’s perfect.

No. 468292

She seemed offended that people were calling Akira gay. "Bisexual" my ass.

No. 468305

File: 1515768437394.jpg (696.61 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180112-074633.jpg)

Lol no clapback i see

No. 468310

File: 1515768670075.jpg (237.76 KB, 433x778, Silene.jpg)


Maybe it's only a matter of time for her to try do to a grotesque version of Silene and find some fuckboi to do a cheap version of Akira as a new lewd set. Shibari included ofc.

No. 468333

The whole "I'm bi, my dudes" is just another one of her many lies. It's because she wants to appeal to sweaty neckbeards since seeing two girls grope each other is a common fantasy and she knows she can keep them around with the hope of eventual lesbian porn. Or she just doesn't know what the fuck being bi actually means and said, "I thought this one girl looked really pretty this one time so, omg my dudes, I must be bi!" Even though MANY people find others of the same sex attractive without identifying as gay or bi. But I'm strongly leaning towards the former soooo….

We've seen how she treats every single woman she comes across as complete shit (even Vamp) and says things that clearly shows she looks down on most women in general. I highly doubt it comes from some repressed attraction to other woman.

No. 468343

I have a friend who's a superfan of Devilman. This reimedis seems unsure and can't argue very well, but my friend would've torn Moo to shreds right after slapping her with proof coming out of Go Nagai's mouth.

Sometimes I remember that anon in older threads who went around so adamantly saying that Mariah's "clearly above average".

Don't give her ideas

No. 468349


Didn’t she used to keep saying “My parents pretty much wanted me to be a boy” and other stupid shit for what she was “totes a lesbian my dude”.

Also, didn’t she used to call other girls dykes whenever she clapped back at them?

Seriously, this whole “I’m bi” bullshit is just a shield for her shitty behavior and “teehee you might get to see a set with me groping another girl” neckbeard teasing.

No. 468352

It’s exactly the same as when she plays the whole “I’m lebanese and muslim” card. It’s her literally using minority demographics (that she doesn’t actually identify with) as a shield from criticism and a way to play the victim if anyone does criticize her.

No. 468368

She absolutely did.

I have to dig them up but the caps have been posted in previous threads. There was also another tweet where she went on about how she liked having long hair and "looking good" or some shit therefore she could never be a "dyke."

No. 468379

i remember that. she confused dyke with butch cause she's a fucking idiot.

No. 468390

I haven't watched Devilman yet but I can now safely assume her going off about how they're not gay is because she has a hard on for this character and needs to feel justified in it

No. 468393

Wow, Maria, you are such a fan of Fate that you don't even know what Kotomine actually eats. Hilarious

No. 468397


Let me get this straight…. she watches Devilman Crybaby…. a series based on a manga from the 70s…. didn't even read the ORIGINAL… and she's acting like she's been a fan for years??

Do you see now why people think you're an annoying cunt Moo? We get it, you want to sound smart. But starting shit with people who've been in the series decades longer than you, and telling them they're wrong, while talking like you know everything…. not a smart move.

No. 468399

i know right. it doesn't even look like curry.

No. 468405

Didn't she do this with another character that either liked sweets or hated them (can't remember) and she was acting like such a huge fan but couldn't get their favourite food right

No. 468409

File: 1515780486323.jpg (19.21 KB, 320x400, 25018895_1400188430106720_8463…)

It was Diane from Seven Deadly Sins lol. If I recall correctly, Diane was a big fan of meat over sweets lol. Which is more hilarious since she's a tryhard with the "uguu im a waifu in only an apron uwu" approach.

No. 468410

Yes!! I remembered now, the character hated sweets and Mariah had cake smeared on herself?

No. 468416


Oh man I remember this. This was before she became "that Mei cosplayer" as she keeps referring to herself now. She thought she was "that Diane cosplayer" back in those days. It's proof she hasn't changed. She's going to keep getting into new fandoms. Pretend to be an expert. And pretend like she's the best cosplayer of a character from the series. I have never met anyone so narcisstic and arrogant in my life!

No. 468417

I want to strangle her and I'm not even in this fandom. Calm down Mariah, you just started watching this shit, who made you an expert?

No. 468424

The craziest part is how blatant her lies are, she once claimed that she was such an Umineko expert that she was involved in fan translating the manga. Momo doesn't even know Japanese.

No. 468429

Yeah she claimed she was a translator and would translate for Japanese eBay sellers and that her Japanese teacher addressed her with a masculine suffix (-kun) but then backpedaled when she said ching chong because "she didn't know Japanese" for a CHINESE character

No. 468430

i remember that, she even said recently she doesn't know japanese in response to her ''ching chong'' comment.

also sorry for umineko sperg but i doubt she'd still really be into it if she knew enough about it. her only knowledge of it seems to be that (golden witch) beato is a BAMF and you'd think someone as ~obsessed~ with higurashi as her would be sperging more about bern or erika.

No. 468433

sage for OT japanese sperging, but kun and chan can be neutral. but usually it's men that call everyone kun and women who call everyone chan. and they wouldn't have just done that to moo, so it was either an insult or a lie.

No. 468436

Moos favorite anime = what gets added to netflix

No. 468438

Trump is more entertaining, likable, and also somehow healthy vs moo

No. 468451

Moo's greed is showing. Her constantly changing goal % on Patreon is at 75% even though the amount of Patrons has increased in the last few days, as it was 81% then. No doubt her money goal for each month has doubled now and she's still shit at cosplay and still pumping out the same generic boudoir shots now with BDSM to bring in more cash.

Complete waste of air.

No. 468453


It's infuriating whenever her fans are like "weehhhh you haters are being nitpicky about little things she got wrong." Because if she did this once or twice, I'd let it slide, but she does this every single time! She's always acting high and mighty. She's always acting like a gatekeeper of a fandom she's "into" , especially when a lot of them she BARELY got into. Why would you protect someone like that? Even when she is proven wrong she's always saying "well you're still wrong" even with the facts in front of her!!!

And she wonders why people don't like her.

No. 468467

So fucking true, remember when she was a Castlevania superfan for all of a hot minute?

No. 468473


Same with Pokémon. She hasn’t said shit about it since Sun and Moon. Hasn’t said shit about Overwatch either even though the league just started and she is “that Mei cosplayer”.

No. 468477


Or when she was all up on Fire Emblem without even playing the game. She thought she was "that's Camilla" until Yaya made her realize how shit she was and haven't heard her talking about Camilla since that terrible kimono attempt to compensate for her lack of talent. She didn't even make the kimono herself.

No. 468480


And with Fire Emblem when she went through her Camilla & 'Lobster Daddy' phase. She's transparent as fuck.

No. 468481


Also Dragon Maid. Her fangirling over Lucoa and Kanna lasted maybe like a week, nothing more since then. We could seriously compile a a huge list of all the fandoms she's pretended to be passionate about for 5 minutes.

No. 468482

Samus anyone?

No. 468484

Fire emblem was cause of the mobile game, I think

She's such a base level thot

No. 468500


It was before the mobile game

I think the first time she did Camilla was September 2016? She just wanted to get in on it hoping for a foursome with Landonardo, Keintastic, and kbbq because they liked the games. She could crush them with her weight.

No. 468518

File: 1515790360840.jpg (865.75 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180112-135201.jpg)


No. 468521

>Talks about Akira having a female love interest so there is no way he can be LGBT
>I'm bisexual myself, my dudes no erasure here!

Momo, the only person whose bisexuality disappears is your own. You can be bi and be interested in a person of the opposite sex. That's kinda how the whole bi thing works.

No. 468524

I swear Moomoo is legitimately retarded, you know what B in LGBT stands for?? Biscuits??? Dumb fuck

No. 468529

I'm an older Devilman fan, so I assume she's trying to go about the whole Ryo and Akira relationship vs Miki. He obviously loves them both in different ways. Not sure why she's sperging so bad.

>i'm also a bisexual

bitch, DON'T LIE.

No. 468531

Bisexual people can still fucking discriminate against other bisexuals you mentally defective pigsow. Same way how PoC can be racist against their own race, or how fatasses can discriminate against other landwhales.

I dont believe she's bisexual for a second because she's never chased after any female like we constantly see her after dudes other than jessica and that's purely because of her fame so i dont count it but even still being a part of a group doesnt mean you dont discriminate against it.

No. 468532

Most memorable pretend time. She's probably never played a Metroid game in her life.

No. 468535

File: 1515791683498.jpg (663.13 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180112-141413.jpg)

No. 468536

It's Mariah, LGBT means: Lemme Get Beef Tacos

No. 468540

Well they can, obviously you do Moo. But no one has to be happy about it and can share their opinion about it.

She just doesn't seem to get why people get annoyed with her terrible lewds. If she did them in character, people would be a lot less annoyed. But with Saber, for example. She's not the type to be giving bedroom eyes at the camera while ties up with her tights ripped and no skirt. She'd be trying to escape. If Moo wanted to lewd Saber, she should have found a Medea cosplayer and did a shoot in that costume where she's canonically bound (albeight via magic) with her skirt hiked up and all. It still would have looked disgusting because it's Moo, but it least it would have been in character.

No. 468542

That's exactly it.
1. She has a gross body.
2. She knows nothing about the lore or character.
3. The most important of all is that she's never in character.

No. 468545


Well difference is that artists have to put in actual work to draw the characters lewd. And I mean actually great artists like Sakimi chan. While you just put on a used up wig and underwear. Stop acting like it's so hard to take 5-6 decent quality poses when you're in the same poses every time.

Also artists that do such things do it because it's their niche. There are artists that branch out into it to expand their market but they do so after they've proven themselves as being capable artists.
Then there's you…. you're constantly flipping back and forth between "wehhh I'm a real cosplayer and want to be taken seriously for my work and not sexy stuf" and then next minute go "hey my dudes check out my ass crack as lewd Saber." The issue people have with you is you try so hard to market yourself as a cosplayer when you yourself market yourself as a sex worker. Can people do both? Of course! But the people who do have proven themselves to be capable cosplayers. And none of them go to the levels that you do. You don't see mama Nigri with rope up her ass with her butthole barely showing. You used to market your sexy stuff as "boudoir" but now look at you. You call them lewds and they aren't artistic at all. They're trashy and it's obvious you're trying to fulfill your own sick fantasies through them.

No. 468550


Seriously she's got the brain of a 6 year old.

Either way no one cares that you're lewding these characters moomoo. They care because you come up with every excuse in the book to lewd them and never just say 'I'm doing it because I want to'. You scream that Fate was 'totally an eroge hentai guyzzz lol u dont know anything' when that is provably false and even your 'proof' is all fanart.

Stop making excuses and just own up to your shit. It's that simple. 'I'm doing lewd shoots of these characters because I want to'

You constantly claim that you 'absolutely love' these series but then you 'cosplay' them you're out of character and messing up quotes and just everything is off.

Diane hates sweets, Samus doesnt squat her ass at people, Kanna is a tease and wouldnt be flashing her ass at people, Chunli Saber would glare and fight at her bonds. You dont know jack shit about any character you cosplay and it's blatantly obvious since you do the same poses and same faces between every single one

No. 468574

File: 1515794404553.png (222.91 KB, 750x1334, F823E11B-8050-47D8-A576-4EF80B…)

No. 468575

Kinda surprised Moomoo isn’t jumping on the “OVERWATCH LEAGUE AND BLIZZARD ARE SO SEXIST!! NONE OF THE TEAMS HAS A GIRL ON IT!!! MOAR DIVERSITY!!! REEEEEEEEEEE!!” bandwagon that people like Nigri and Suzy are on. You know, since she is “Mei irl” and “That Mei cosplayer”. Maybe she doesn’t want to piss off the SJWs more than she has already.

No. 468576

File: 1515794418158.png (153.96 KB, 750x1334, 0BFBB5FB-48F1-4661-A847-04F7D9…)

No. 468578

File: 1515794511114.png (200.67 KB, 750x1334, 9C22FD4C-2008-46AE-A38C-BFA6B5…)

No. 468581

what an annoying cunt… X2

No. 468583

Did the wiki page on LGBT not cover intersex people and their possible sexualities Momo?

No. 468585

File: 1515794681116.png (228.18 KB, 750x1334, 07488CDD-4C09-4771-BF68-0EFF98…)

No. 468586

File: 1515794698381.png (198.93 KB, 750x1334, 51D0A9FA-ADF1-432E-B8CC-361DA3…)

No. 468590

Holy fuck that's embarrassing, Moomoo, read things properly before making an ass out of yourself publicly

No. 468598

How the fuck are you going to claim to be a part of the LGBT community and still not have a grasp of the concept that biological sex =/= gender????? That’s been like a huge fucking point of interest the past couple years, literally all over the Internet. Almost everyone I know, even people who are outwardly homophobic, at least know that the concept exists.

No. 468603

Ugh i love a goid moo bash as much as tge next farmer but
Shit on her for not knowing shit about the characters but "bi erasure" and "transphobia" ???
These people need to fucking get out more…this is tHE ONE time I'd say people are just over reacting…like correct her about the character, yeah. but what the fuck are all these people on about? Its utter tumblr bullshit nonsense.
Just like when ppl made that girl fucking death threats over drawing skinny rose quarts
Smh people are retarded.

No. 468604


I would be shocked if Moomoo doesn’t end up blocking this person for coming at her like this. Also surprised to see her back down like this. Usually she would have stood her ground and been like “Lol nope ur wrong. Sorry you’re having such a bad day. Buh-bye”

No. 468609

I think you've been living under the same rock as Mariah, Bisexual erasure and transphobia had been a thing long before tumblr

No. 468610

God forbid people see her as transphobic though it would be tge never ending shit storm that might actually ruin her for good i think she knows when to pick her battles

No. 468611

No, i know its just stupid and frustrating to look at lol

No. 468612

File: 1515795698395.png (69.21 KB, 578x607, Untitled-2.png)

No. 468621

She probably blocked the person afterwards just to make sure she shows herself in a a good light in the end.

No. 468623

Agree with it or not, that’s totally up to you. I find it kind of silly myself every now and then as well. But look at it this way: she literally claims to be a part of the LGBT community and brought it up at least three times during this sperg to give herself a shield and make what she’s saying seem more informed. How the fuck can you claim to be a member of the community when you don’t understand a simple concept that has been getting shoved down people’s throats and blasted all over the Internet for the longest time????? Oh right it’s because she’s only a part of the LGBT community when it benefits her in some way

No. 468627

She never, ever, EVER talks about the LGBT community unless its a chance for her to yell "I CAN HAVE THIS OPINION BECAUSE IM BI". Its the same reason you have people using the N-word because they have a black friend.

No. 468628

File: 1515796363515.jpg (331.17 KB, 1280x960, 1514912533582.jpg)

Devilman (the original and Crybaby) has been described as a love story between Ryo and Akira multiple times. This is one of the dumbest things Momo has chosen to double down on.

No. 468630

keep in mind this is the stupid bitch that "had to explain" that sometimes in fate the "main characters arent good people"

No. 468636

Sometimes she’ll slip up and forget that she’s bisexual and say something like “why don’t I have a boyfriend…….OR GIRLFRIEND ALSO” sounds real bisexual to me. If you forget your own sexuality odds are you’re probably just straight

No. 468639

safe to assume those were sculpted too

No. 468641

I thought it was shitty photoshop

No. 468642


She thinks that occasionally being a creep to other women by making sexual comments towards them online for everyone to see and groping them during shoots means she “totes bi my dude”.

No. 468643

>Sometimes I remember that anon in older threads who went around so adamantly saying that Mariah's "clearly above average".

that was probably the idiot who spent thousands on her and vamp

No. 468645

I absolutely agree and think that’s what she believes “makes” her bi. All she’s doing by being a creep to women is furthering stereotypes and damaging the community.

No. 468647

And here I thought Moo's big sperg of the week was going to be over her shitty Saber shoot, not Devilman of all the fucking things!

It is truly a Milk Epiphany, everyone!

No. 468649

no, she played smash bros tho lmfao

No. 468653

she doesn't play smash lol, I saw her at EVO parties, but literally NO WHERE at setups during the day. Bitch just wants to be in the FGC/smash communities for sex and attention. Shocked she hasn't tried to claim she plays street fighter tbh.

No. 468657

Does she not already? Maining her precious "Chunners"

No. 468660

this sailor uranus cosplayer tweets closer to in character than moo has been her entire "career"

No. 468661

I've never seen her trying to suck popular FGC members dicks on twitter so far. She said she used to play chun as a kid, but so does every thot cosplayers who wants to justify showing off their fat thighs.

No. 468662

This person needs the shut the hell up she obviously means harm by continuing to bully people and let her neckbeards go after them constantly

No. 468665

Watch out, anon, she's going to Down B your ass, my dude!

No. 468666

yes she claimed to main chun li

No. 468667

>im not being sarcastic my dude
> (:

No. 468672

>i used to play the only girl character in sf2

wooooooooooow amazing

chun li sucks
gimme dem blonde braids any day

No. 468673

wasnt that dragon ball dude hanging out with fgc

she already burned that bridge so maybe he was her only in

No. 468683

Honestly we spend all day nitpicking her shitty cosplays and every other aspect of her life, yet you decide to say people are overreaching for this?
Honestly I think people outside of lolcow are just looking for reasons to hate her now too. She's been relevant too long go back to the swamp, bitch.
There's so much drama right now because of this, I honestly didn't expect it to reach "Lewding Kanna Levels" but it has there's so much slander right now lol.
I hope Nigri is finally starting to see the light and just unfollow her.

No. 468687

Are her Twitter numbers going down?? She's promoting it on InstaStory rn.

No. 468698

I've seen a fair amount of cosplayers retweeting people tearing her to shreds over the Devilman incident, so probably.

No. 468701


I mean. It’s not like her numbers were all that great after her ban anyways.

But yeah, looks like she burned one too many bridges this time and people are starting to get sick of her bullshit now.

No. 468702

Yeah, a lot of people are making tweets over it

No. 468707


cant really tell from here, unfortunately

No. 468717

A lot of the comments calling her out are dumbass tumblr SJWs but I don't really care about that in this case since Moo is acting so retarded about all the whole situation and embarrassing herself even more.

No. 468732

Honestly the best way for her to have her fall is through the SJWs so just enjoy it.

No. 468740

Shit like this is why I hope to god that the old series I like never get a popular reboot. I feel bad for original Devilman fans with some of the trash like this brought out pretending they're the new biggest fans.

No. 468741

So she's one of those people who claim that characters like Shinji and Kaworu are "just friends" and "fujos are ruining it" because "I have nothing against gay people I just think you're not seeing this (female character) he clearly loves!!!!". It's all because she can't project herself into a male love interest and always needs to have a female character to be her avatar, so relationships in shit she watches have to be heterosexual in order for her to not be "left out". But remember she's bi herself despite never displaying any homosexual traits so you can't tell her she's being homophobic uwu!!!! People like her are why bisexuals are so shunned by the LGBT and the straight community and it makes me so fucking sick. And what makes it even more ironic she's doing this "UMM I'M BISEXUAL YOU KNOW" shtick while denying that a man can't have a gay love interest if he also shows attraction towards a female character. You know what bisexuality is about, right Mariah?

That SJW is spergy and retarded as fuck with her m-muh transphobia but god Mariah is an olympic level expert at digging herself deeper.

She hates other girls and considers them to be her competition and her neckbeard audience would piss themselves in disappointment if she started promoting diversity, why would she do that? I could imagine her making some half-hearted tweet about it though.

No. 468749

The pose… the faces… How could anyone think this looks good?

No. 468758


Basically all this.

No. 468765

I'm thinking she was plotting a Miki cosplay to try and capture the current anime du jour for asspats and neckbeard bucks, with the additional motive of paying another beta to do a LEWDZ set as Akira with her.

Thus all of the Akira x Ryo stuff has been pissing her off because she wants that debiru dicku.

No. 468781


SJWs can be lethal. Moomoo may think she's tough and can look after herself while she cowers behind her neckbeard army but this is just good entertainment to watch. She really struggles to defend herself when called out on homophobia, transphobia and racism.

No. 468785


They most certainly will eat her fat ass alive. And no amount of “B-but I’m Lebanese and Muslim” or “But I’m totally bi my dude” will save her.

So she can be all “fuck the SJWs and their precious feels” all she wants. She’ll wake up the next morning with a bunch of tumblrinas at her doorstep with no compunction about being polite.

No. 468786


Expecting a classic Moomoo Instastory rant any moment now lol.

No. 468789

so apparently her shibari saber comes out today, is Patreanon still around? I'm dying to see this mess and we missed the last set

No. 468790


I can't wait to see this train wreck kek.


All of this could have been avoided if she just kept her mouth shut for once. I don't get why she always has to try and have deep "philosophical" points about everything. She's trying so hard to prove how smart she is or something. I don't even see anime theory accounts do this. And she has the weakest arguments to back her up. It's basically, 'you're wrong because I'm right'.

She can't even apologize correctly. Or maybe because she's been so insincere for so long it's hard for people to believe she's actually apologizing.

No. 468793

File: 1515806051740.jpg (157.16 KB, 1174x820, IMG_1312.JPG)

Here's to the few anons who talked about it

No. 468800


She does this shit whenever she gets into a new fandom. She comes in with some dogshit theories that she thinks make her sound like a deep intellectual and the biggest fan ever. That she is figuring out stuff that no one else has ever thought of because she doesn’t want to be seen as a “fake geek girl” or just some vapid dipshit who takes off her clothes for money.

And when actual fans call her out and show her proof that she is flat out wrong, she just waves it away as “Lol nope. You’re wrong, you’re just not a true fan like me” even thought she had only just heard of the series that week.

Bitch just can’t ever admit when she is wrong. She always has to try to clap back or weasel her way until she finds something that makes her technically right or until the other person just concedes the argument to her because she refuses to listen.

No. 468806


lol, does she know that people have been shipping Ryo/Akira ever since the fucking 70's/80's? does she know that fucking CLAMP made Ryo/Akira fanart when they were still a doujinshi circle?

Of course not, she's a dumbass. You don't have to like Ryo/Akira, but acting like it's just "people pushing an LGBT rerlationship on them" is fucking dumb and ignorant.

Even worse when she pretends to like Miki and rant on her behalf. Wonder if she plans on lewding her and that's why she's now pretending to be oh so into Devilman now.

No. 468813

No one is even defending her which is the best part. Her neckbeards have clammed up and are letting people have at her. She has nothing when she does shit like this but apparently if it were religions, her neckbeards come out again?

No. 468815

No. I stopped paying for access to it.

No. 468817

File: 1515808513635.png (770.6 KB, 715x1191, Screenshot_2018-01-12-17-47-11…)

She is thirdwheeling a birthday trip kittenwar_, rachelnycole, see cosplay and some others took to Las Vegas. The girls are taking selfies and videos with each other but none with Mariah aside from her blowing vape clouds in the background

No. 468818

File: 1515808585904.png (986.18 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-01-12-17-47-20…)

Excuse me sevcosplay*. Anyways they went to The Venetian and Mariah had "3 Mimosas"

No. 468819

File: 1515808613096.jpg (150.85 KB, 675x1200, vaping loser.jpg)

What a fucking loser int he back. Still trying to be edgy about vaping. Like seriously. You're fucking 22 and you're backtracked on something that is old now. Holy shit. It's 100% like another anon said when a kid first turns 21 and won't shut up about wanting to get drunk or they are about to get drunk.

No. 468820

File: 1515808624800.png (748.19 KB, 709x1223, Screenshot_2018-01-12-17-49-19…)

In their room drinking

No. 468821

I'm shocked they didn't get kicked out because of her fucking dumb ass. Who does this? Jake Paul does this type of shit. This is so disrespectful to the place they went to.

No. 468822


I hate SJW's and I still can see how fucking stupid and homophobic Mariah is in regards to Ryo/Akira. Denying canon LGBT+ content in media for such dumb reasons is quite a faux pas in general and you don't need to be an SJW to be mad at that.

No. 468823

File: 1515808711087.jpg (151.26 KB, 768x1024, Disrespectful.jpg)

>dropped image sorry

No. 468826

File: 1515808870666.png (41.08 KB, 630x491, gross stop.png)

No. 468827

File: 1515808887847.jpg (93.2 KB, 734x1200, similar smile what.jpg)

No. 468830

File: 1515809110865.png (1.03 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-01-12-18-02-44…)

No. 468831

I thought the sketch layer were her boob veins lmao

No. 468832


Her desperate attempts to look cool while vaping is an embarrassment. Nobody cares Moo.

No. 468835

All she does it copy h3h3s vape nation

No. 468836

Kelly Eden's trainer called her out on her instagram story for eating like shit and having a cinnamon roll. Where the fuck is this magical trainer you always go on and on about Moo? Where is your trainer, when you are drinking and eating shit the past several days, weeks, to tell you that you are only going to get more fat because you don't work out or miss sessions. Just walking on a treadmill and taking a photo sitting on a bench in front of a mirror /=/ going to the gym and eating right and getting your body in shape.

You lipo'd your ass. You don't have a trainer. You are homophobic, transphobic. You are not a practicing Muslim and never have been. You are also not bi in the slightest degree.

You are the upmost piece of shit person right next to all the hate that many social media personalities are getting ripped a part for.

No. 468838

How does she justify going out with friends in leggings and a hoody when everyone else has put at least some effort into their clothes. Why are those her normal clothes?

No. 468840

File: 1515809543629.png (41.22 KB, 606x332, idiot.png)

She apparently drunk as fuck >>468818
and high off her ass >>468823
and spewing this dumb shit at this really nice place that her group is eating. I can only imagine how obnoxious she is being. She's the fat girl of the group who is probably being loud and stupid as hell to make everyone else laugh while everyone around them has to deal with it.

No. 468842

Because she's the type of fat person who doesn't know how to dress even remotely appropriately for occasions. The closet she has come is that two piece thing that didn't fit her from weeks ago. I also think she dresses down because its what she's used to and to show how down to earth and awesome of a girl she is because if she doesn't look high maintenance she has a better chance at getting a dude. No dude wants a girl who can't even fucking go somewhere without being high for two seconds and can't even dress or take care of their skin and hair.

No. 468843

Screencap it before she deletes it.

No. 468845

Kelly? What am I screencapping? Moo's doesn't have a trainer to call her out and this isn't the Kelly Eden thread nor do I care about that thread. Just go to her instagram and cap it yourself tbh. I am merely using her as an example of how a GOOD trainer operates with their clients when they are social media personalities.

No. 468846

"just really want to get super drunk and like throw up on a building and look over and just smile at everyone" - what she said in that clip

No. 468852

someone said moos trainer is a dude who basically just texts the whole time

No. 468853

Oh, I thought you meant the trainer was calling out Moomoo, my bad.

No. 468854

obnoxious mom with her daughter and daughters friends.jpg

No. 468856

I feel sorry for these poor girls they're all cute and dressed up and here's moo looking like one of their moms who's here to escort them and chainsmoke in the casino. She probably doesn't wear anything other than leggings and a sweatshirt because nothing fits her anymore.

No. 468877

She more than likely paid for their whole trip because no one else wants to hang with her

No. 468880

Kind of concerning Moo was drinking with the group and drove home around 340am according to her Instastory. She's always filming behind the wheel too.

No. 468884

File: 1515848157043.png (36.37 KB, 443x387, Screenshot 2018-01-13 at 3.07.…)

of course, if she crashed, it wouldnt be her fault

No. 468885

File: 1515848189840.png (104.79 KB, 631x699, Screenshot 2018-01-12 at 9.53.…)

repost from tempthread

No. 468886

File: 1515848317491.png (78.75 KB, 588x485, Screenshot 2018-01-13 at 4.58.…)

fucking kek

No. 468889

File: 1515848638092.png (70.09 KB, 627x463, Screenshot 2018-01-13 at 5.03.…)

Drove home buzzed

No. 468890

>>my dad did a dad thing. Best dad.

Okay Momo. Quit trying to paint your life as worthy of boasting for mundane things.

No. 468927

That January 15th tweet.. her and Onion were made for each other.

No. 468930

Her weight gain is so apparent here. She has to be around 220lbs by now. Isn't she only 5'4" too? If so, she is definitely obese.

No. 468936

Everyone who claims to be a cat mom or obsessed with cats fucking knows how bad citrus is for them. Is she really this fucking retarded??? She’s actually going to end up killing them one day for real

> couldn’t drink with you guys
Wtf is she talking about she literally was drinking in her insta stories and said she had 3 mimosas at one point. If those people were really her friends they could’ve just let her stay in their hotel with them but they probably were so relieved when she left lmao

Ok just to be clear the vape she’s always being so obnoxious with isn’t a weed vape, just a normal one for nicotine. Everyone always gets this confused and it’s kind of annoying but I can see why they do because she’s always talking about “weed 420 blaze it I’m not like other girls cuz I smoke pot”

No. 468941


Sage for ot, but that artist is a cow themselves in the art community. Funny how cows always flock to each other

No. 468947

File: 1515856180788.png (39.17 KB, 612x330, calmyourtits.png)

Bitch is so obsessed with numbers, it's fucking sad. I would hate that I had nothing more in life to care about than a follower count. 90% of them don't even fucking interact with her.

No. 468954

She was literally drunk and high the whole time. Wow.

No. 468956


>big builds

>nsfw in between

First of all, she doesn't do nsfw in between regular cosplays. She will shoot regular cosplays in between nsfw stuff. If you look at the 59 cosplays she did in 2017, the amount of lingerie/bikini cosplays outnumbered her normal ones. And honestly I don't give a fuck about her doing "big builds" because she's not doing any of it herself. She's going to buy most of it. The whole point of big builds is for cosplayers to challenge themselves and have a sense of accomplishment. All Mooriah does is buy 99% of the stuff for her big builds. Remember beekeeper Mei? She had 90% of it commissioned or had someone "help" her with it.

Remember how she considers Yoko a big build?
The only big build about her is her body.

No. 468957


Does she think that sharing these people's pages makes her look like a good person? She will probably hold it above their heads now. "Guyz I totally opened doors for you so now you owe me my dudez."

No. 468958

File: 1515858028835.png (687.4 KB, 807x596, keychains.png)

it's started

No. 468980

Yeah the transphobia claim is a load of reaching bullshit but Mariah is definitely being homophobic about the whole issue. She's not comfortable with homosexuals so she's pulling all this "b-but Miki!" crap out of her anus because she just needs to have that female character to self-insert herself into. I'm also fully vouching for >>468765 theory about her planning to do a ~sexy Miki boudoir cosplay~ to cash on in the trendy anime but because everyone is shipping Akira and Ryo she's all huffing and puffing about it. And now doing damage control by RTing AkiRyo fanart, lmao.

>Bitch just can’t ever admit when she is wrong. She always has to try to clap back or weasel her way until she finds something that makes her technically right or until the other person just concedes the argument to her because she refuses to listen.
This is one of the reasons why she always ends up digging that hole she's positioned in deeper. She always has to have the last word even if it makes her look like a fool.

aaaaaaaaand here she showcases the mentioned behavior. She can't just let someone go, she has to go stick her nose in and be passive aggressive about it. It's an intimidation tactic, even if someone's not directly addressing her she has to waltz in to lay this down to make everyone see that she's WATCHING THEM.

No. 468994

'Thank you for 30k'
Yeah because you've never bought followers before so we should totally believe your follower count is real when your interactions are lower than people with under 10k ooookay

No. 469005

Not even saying this because I dont like momo, but whoever drew this, made her look retarded af. Wonder if the artist lurks on lolcow and made it look stupid on purpose. And now momo is making merch out of it lmao

No. 469007

Its taken her MONTHS to get back to 30k, when she was bragging about 100k before. Stop bringing attention to your low numbers moo, it just makes it soooo much more obvious you bought followers on your previous account.

No. 469009

the artist is will_o_wisps on instagram, she's sort of a cow herself so no wonder she drew this for moomoo

No. 469012

She's not shipping these out herself right? and it does look pretty retarded but boobs right

No. 469013

they remind me of someone dying from auto erotic asphyxiation

No. 469026

I always think the tongue looks a lil slug

No. 469028

Dude. Shes says she didnt smoke, just weed. She dabs, eats, and vapes it. The occassional blunt or joint. Dont start this again.

No. 469030


Let's be honest though… people just use Mooriah as a stepping stone to get their names out. That's why people don't stick around for long. She's far too toxic to be around long term. Just look at everyone she's worked with: Nanabear, SSS, Maroon cosplay, LxM, Kbbq, Riannsynth, and now even Castlecosplay. You don't see them around her anymore. Remember when she did a video lethalsoul the Vegas youtubers? They used her for one video just to get their names out and dropped her completely. It just comes to show that people want to keep her at arms length because we all know what happens when you get too close to her.

No. 469035

no anon is saying that her vape doesn't work with weed…

No. 469043

They don't hang out with her because she lied about the lipo to her fans and to some of them. Ever since she "mutually" broke up with Maroon Cosplay aka Eric Matos she's gone downhill physically and mentally. He got her in the gym and got her to eat right then she wanted to pursue this career of hers. Even Collette's ex boyfriend didn't trust Mariah saying was a bad influence and Collette dumped him because Mariah manipulates people. She's a narcissist where she'll feign affection to get what she wants and if you don't give what she wants then she doesn't care about. She'll use every trick in the book to do it too like a drug addict trying to get sympathy money to score more drugs.

No. 469048

File: 1515866272246.png (122.98 KB, 472x533, filming with blizzard.png)

we shouldve pushed this more

No. 469049

She is so quick to abandon and ignore her “friends” if they don’t have a high follower count. Like when she abandoned Nana at a con, used KBBQ for costumes, shit talked Steff, ect. The only cosplayer she cares about is Jnig and for some reason Jnig continues to interact with and share Mariah. She’ll just continue being shit until the super popular cosplayers who gave her a courtesy follow remove her on social medi and until jess drops her.

No. 469084

The day Nigri drops her is the day that Mariah gets her biggest wake-up call. She'll be kicked out of the popular clique and that's probably her worst fear since she's a mean girl. She was the same way in high school. Hang out with the popular kids, use and abuse the ones who she considers "less than", rinse and repeat until she gets booted out.

No. 469099

Sage for being late but I kibda doubt that she will do a Miki shoot.
Anime's like Devilman where all episodes are released at once only gain attention for a short time. I'll give the anime 5 more days until everyone forgot about it.
Anyways Moomoo is all about getting the maximum amount of attention. So she would beed to do a photoshoot NOW to still be kind of relevant.

No. 469102

>Implying momo hasn't literally latched onto every single flash in the pan fad to get quick attention
I see you're new here.

No. 469106

might be a phone glitch on my end but it’s looking like NanaBear and SSS unfollowed her on instagram. which is not a surprise, considering bunnyayumi also recently unfollowed mooriah.

if so this may be the beginning of the end for this cunt. SSS is a huge figure in the lewd community and her withdrawing may provoke more people to unfollow. same with NanaBear and the cos-community. with any luck we’ll see tasha jess and all her other “friends” follow the same route. it’ll be a fun meltdown to witness on mooriah’s part. kek

No. 469107

If they did, Mariah would just confront them until they followed again or said something nice about her.

No. 469108


I wouldn't be surprised if SSS doesn't want anything to do with Moomoo anymore. Moomoo is a copycat. She's been copying SSS. SSS did POV long before her and Moomoo tried to sell "lewds before nudes" as her catch phrase when SSS started it. Moomoo is even attempting an OC just like her. Oh gee Mooriah, for someone who is a professional marketing businesswoman, you sure are doing a good job copying someone else's ideas.

No. 469110


Whoever the group of girls were that she hanged out with yesterday will probably be her new 'friends' for a bit. She looked out of place, didn't even stay with them at the hotel at night and went home. Moo so desperate to be THAT hip mom friend amongst others just to make herself look good.

No. 469111

No I'm not kek.
I mean we all now that she will say, she will cosplay the character that is super popular right now.
Just think back what happened to her Moana?
Tbh I can't think of any other character right away but I remember that once she likes a character a little bit and the anime/game /whatever is popular she'll talk about cosplaying one of them. Never really happens though since she would need to wait until her Aliexpress costumes arrives kek.

Anyways back to Devilman other reason why I doubt it will happen is because she got called out and not the normal "you'll ruin my waifu call out post".

No. 469113

File: 1515872252070.jpeg (101.94 KB, 750x347, 692D16CB-0168-4481-86A2-37F6B8…)

from her liked tweets, are we moving from lolis to shotas now moo? wew

No. 469126

with them not following she’d have to do it publically which would make it obvious no one likes her anymore. that or she’d pull the victim card and cry about how everyone in the community is toxic and fake.

No. 469128

I'm excited to see how Graph reacts to Moo latching onto him
he's a sensitive little baby and is ashamed of his lewd shit

No. 469139

Nah, she probably has their phone numbers, so she could confront them in text.

No. 469158


Pretty much this. She’d drag it out in the public for everyone to see like “Why did you unfollow me?” and try to get her fans to go after her.

Then she’ll do some vague post about “People being fake” or “Nice to know who my REAL friends are”, playing the victim of course.

No. 469170

File: 1515875515233.png (25.44 KB, 724x236, HQ2y3HB.png)

Moo is painful to watch.

No. 469172


She just won’t fucking stop will she?

No. 469174


Nope. 'They're not bi my dudes! But that's like your opinion man if that's your headcanon'. She's such a fucking twat.

No. 469176

File: 1515875969387.png (674.34 KB, 874x608, no homo.png)

>Akira loves Miki
>He's not bi
Is she saying he can't be bi because he loves a girl? What does she think bisexual means?

No. 469178

Excuse you, she's a master bisexual that no one can question. The highest bisexual tier, she has all of the answers.

No. 469181


Proves more than anything that she isn't actually Bi because she doesn't understand shit.

No. 469183


I really am starting to think she is homophobic. I can’t see any other reason why she would fighting this so hard. If she was truly okay with other people’s head canons then she wouldn’t be posting tweet after tweet screeching “BUT HE’S NOT GAY!!!!! “

No. 469184

Well we pretty much knew that already from her old tweets. It's also probably why she never looks girls in the eye, only at the camera during photoshoots. She does with the guys, never the women.

No. 469185

>Akira hates Ryo, so he can't be bi!

Yeah well Rey also hates Kylo Ren but she still ships that. OH WAIT that's because it's a straight couple.

No. 469194


Exactly. She has no problem shipping two characters who either hate each other like Rey and Kylo or characters who have nothing in common like Guzma and Wicke. But the second it’s a same-sex relationship, even one confirmed by the creator its “WELL HE OBVIOUSLY ISN’T GAY!!! KEEP YOUR HEAD CANONS TO YOURSELF!!”

I can’t see that meaning anything other than her being a homophobe.


Which makes it even more disgusting that she is using the “I’m totes bi” excuse to shield herself from any criticism. That because I’m supposedly part of this minority group it means that I obviously can’t be hateful towards it. News flash dipshit, just because you are part of a minority group, doesn’t mean you can’t be hateful towards them. Black people can still be racists. Muslims can still be islamaphobic. Jewish people can still be a anti-Semitic. Simply announcing you are part of a group doesn’t automatically get you off the hook from any criticism.

No. 469201


Will happily pretend to be bi for photos to make that neckbeard cash flow though.

No. 469207

Good point. Her looking at the camera includes the viewer (probably a man), so it's not a purely girl on girl scenario. It's male gazey as hell.

No. 469214

Momo is just bi for the internet, how would she know?

No. 469220


She probably constantly talks up how “totes gay she is” to other girls but the second one starts to get hands with her she starts to get creeped out and tells them to back the fuck off. She has to show just enough for neckbeards to think “Maybe I’ll get invited to to threesome they aren’t having”.

The only time we see her act even remotely “bi” is at con parties (You know, the ones a he swears she doesn’t get invited to) when she is completely shitfaced out of her mind and grinding up on other girls.

No. 469222

LOL Cosplayers are actively going to avoid her at ALA because she's so toxic!

No. 469226

No. 469252

I just checked for myself and SSS did unfollow moo but NanaBear is still following her
I wonder why Nana still associates with her after how moo treated her in the past

No. 469267

Most cosplayers I know have been actively avoiding her at cons for at least a year

No. 469292

Lol I'm going to take a picture with her but just for shits and giggles. I'm a fatty-chan but I'll be amused to get a picture of her without all of the photoshops and filters and see the cow in the flesh.

No. 469303

Someone should tweet that to her

No. 469305


Back to not crediting people again Moo. Good to see you care about supporting other creators huh. Even though she bought the rights as an artist this is really rustling my jimmies.

No. 469316

At least if she ever lies about drawing or designing this herself, we have the receipts to prove otherwise. As usual.

No. 469325

tbf if someone buys the rights to your artwork you can't really claim ownership after that, she doesn't really have to credit the artist here as she bought the right to sell it

No. 469327


I know what you mean, yes. The SJW was basically talking as if transsexuality = intersexuality which is a lods bullshit (they're not the frigging same, ffs), but they were right about Mariah being homophobic and denying LGBT+ contents that have always been there. Even if Akira WAS so straight that he'd never consider Ryo as a possible boyfriend, Ryo is STILL in love with him and trying to handwave it is all kinds of "lol no".

I don't think Mariah really cares about Miki's character or her importance in Akira's life at all, though. All of this "b-but Mikiiiii" bullshit is probably a cover for her butthurt, since she realized that all the Akira/Ryo shipping would ruin a prospect project to use Miki as Yet Another Girl To Lewd And Make $$$ From. (See: Takano and Camilla, two female characters that Mariah reduces solely to "lol tits and ass" and "lol my little psychos")

No. 469329


It still baffles me that she is still trying to pass this off as her “original character” and that people are letting her get away with it.

No. 469338

thats not how copyrights work for an artist commission but ok keep talking out of your ass.

No. 469339


it's not a commission

No. 469342

I'm an artist, dummy
I think I know how these things work
commission =/= drawing something then selling the rights

No. 469344

looks like she stopped following her on twitter too

No. 469345

same fagging but the artist did this willingly, she knew Moo was going to be using it for stickers and merch

No. 469353

Like moo has ever actually heard of Devilman lady where it’s fucking confirmed! What a piece of work to come into a 40 year old fandom and try to rewrite it

No. 469356

I think she would enjoy Devilman Lady because she's a fake bisexual but she doesn't have the patience.

I'm suprised she hasn't touched Witchblade.

No. 469358

She probably will now that you've mentioned it.

No. 469363

I welcome a shitty Witchblade cosplay.
It's a shit series and she would fuck it up. I need to laugh at her.

No. 469373

not a devilman expert (watched crybaby and I’m watching the birth now and I’m enjoying everything so far especially since devilman was such an inspiration to other things I love like Eva) but you think she would be ALL OVER devilman lady. Hello? Those two dudes you think are so hot become ladies so it wouldn’t be a reach for her to lewd it like she does everything else. You don’t even have to say it’s a genderbent version, she’s said she’s dipped so far into this pool but not on mention of the already lewded big boobed Devil.

also this really makes me wonder if part of the reason she doesn’t like evangelion is because she doesn’t want to fuck anyone in it besides precious ~sexual misato.

No. 469374

Witchblade isn't relevant/popular enough and she'd rather lewd normal characters than cosplay the actual sexy ones.

Didn't she mention her not liking Evangelion because it was ~boring and stupid~ or some shit? And from what you could make out of it she never watched past the 2-3 first episodes most likely because there's no male eye candy for her or girls to lewd up.

No. 469375

A big chunk of the cast is just 14-year-olds or not meant to be hot, and no one to lewd besides Misato and maybe Ritsuko.
She also probably really hates Shinji and Kaworu if she got that far, it's not gay my dudes! No queers in this bitch!

No. 469378

File: 1515888950466.jpg (133.29 KB, 675x421, tumblr_n26knz7yVL1saucpxo5_r1_…)

Anon!! You're pushing a gay agenda by saying Shinji and Kaworu is gay!!1!! Shinji obviously loves Rei and you can't just say he loves Shinji and Kaworu loves him back1?! My credentials is that I'm bi af!!!

No. 469383

File: 1515889596221.jpeg (93.31 KB, 499x512, 0D0BCAF7-0456-4D91-85D5-1E2C93…)

No. 469389

File: 1515889876924.png (854.9 KB, 720x963, Screenshot_2018-01-13-16-28-19…)

Why feel the need to say this a 4th time? Everyone can see they're double sided

No. 469391

Bc her neckbeards are dumb, every time she posts them (two, one to show each side) people keep saying ILL BE BUYING BOTH!!!

No. 469397

she keeps calling them keychains and all i see are hunks of ugly acrylic.

She really thinks anyone trusts her to spend the time to manually attach a key ring (because she was too stupid to know how to order them with the chain) AND ship them out?

No. 469402

If she had the reliable resource or even paid extra for key rings attached, she wouldn't have this problem. Watch her sell these for 10 bucks anyways

No. 469403

>45 this batch
>implying this will go smoothly enough for
more than one run

No. 469405

theyre never going out lol

No. 469410

youre too kind, i was thinking 15-17

No. 469416

Oh, right, this is Mariah. 20 seems fair enough.

No. 469420

$19.99 + shipping

No. 469422

lol this bitch doesnt even like paying to ship prints to her fucking patrons, theres no way shes not charging shipping on these

No. 469518

File: 1515899553787.png (422.05 KB, 614x988, 165413f3ade198ae92c99fd9a05ac4…)

looks like moo ditched vamp for the marshmallow shoot.

No. 469522

gives her the shittier helmet and cuts her out of the shoot they did together and seemed like they had fun at? what a great friend 10/10 beacon of positivity

No. 469529

10/10 friendship. Remember, no one can help Moo gain popularity.

No. 469530


Sounds like they were supposed to do the shoot together and Moomoo ditched Vamp to release the set herself and not have to share the income.

Pretty shitty thing to do to your supposed “best friend”

No. 469531


>idk what happened LOL

what a fucking bitch. this is such a rude fucking way to respond especially on her public page you would think she would at least have the decency to her friend to just say like "oh we had some complications with scheduling so we released our own separate shoots!' instead of throwing Vamp under the bus this girl is absolutely the worst friend I've ever seen

No. 469532


She probably saw the faceless bodies next to each other and realized doing a set with someone skinnier than her without her face was a very bad idea.

The whole thing screams for people to compare them and we know how she is about that.

No. 469534

Vamplette said this, not Mariah

No. 469538

This is probably exactly what happened. Moo normally has the upper hand in shoots with vamplette because even tho she has a nicer body than moo, vamp’s face is absolutely busted. Just putting their two bodies together with no faces put moo at a ginormous disadvantage and probably made her feel really self conscious and just decide she didn’t want to do the shoot together anymore

No. 469545


Especially since we saw what a mess she looks like in her instastory. She is fucking haunting to look at even with the helmet on.

No. 469546

oh whoops my mistake i read it really fast lol.

No. 469617

I went to school with her and had the same Japanese teacher. She absolutely did not use -kun for Mariah. One time I jokingly referred to myself as myname-kun and got chewed out. What a stupid thing to lie about.

No. 469638

File: 1515909717366.png (1.92 MB, 750x1334, 70AF80DA-7BB3-474D-A6C1-EA5C10…)

welp let’s see how long this lasts

No. 469639

File: 1515909784277.png (2.42 MB, 750x1334, 593F9578-48F3-494A-B54B-BBA42D…)

grandmas showin off her silver hair

No. 469641

Her hair is similar to a pomeranian's. A pomeranian that didn't get groomed properly.

No. 469642

She deadass looks like someones abuelita rip

No. 469644

her hair kills me, as someone that gets bleached my hair is pretty much in the best condition when I leave the salon, most people’s usually is. It’s always soft and silky. Her hair STILL looks completely fried and bushy

No. 469648

Holy shit dude her scalp JUST started healing from all the chemical burns she got and she’s going back to silver again???? God she is so tacky and stupid. Hope those chemical burns hurt like hell moo

No. 469649

Enjoy your burnt scalp, bitch

No. 469650

Christ… The batshit crazy just radiates from this image.

No. 469651

>What a stupid thing to lie about.

why are you lying? they wouldn't chew you out since it's uncommon, but not improper to use kun for girls too, idiot. also tomboys use it anyways. fuck off with 'fake news'

No. 469661

Nayrt, but some teachers are completely humorless jerks. So, it's not far fetched to think they're telling the truth.

No. 469662

I’m not tryina start any arguments on if it’s correct or not. I’m just sayin our teacher believed it was ridiculous to use the suffix if you’re a girl. She said it makes you look uneducated esp when you’re not Japanese.

No. 469664

File: 1515911777792.png (2.04 MB, 750x1334, 8FF3A911-EF64-447E-9774-86EACA…)

another one, the lighting in this hotel room is terrible I can’t wait to see this in good lighting. she’s feeling herself so hard

No. 469666

It's the same with my teacher, she'd teach us only formal Japanese and we had to speak it properly, nothing informal or slang (I had to learn slang from a friend so I could understand half of my friends) so I doubt the'd use -kun on a girl because they'd want to teach it properly
Extra sage for Jsperg

No. 469667

File: 1515912223691.png (2.68 MB, 750x1334, 80F615A7-9274-472E-A134-8901DC…)

Sage because she read my mind and posted snaps from the salon

No. 469669

File: 1515912457733.png (322.11 KB, 354x618, Screenshot 2018-01-13 at 10.47…)


No. 469672

>when ur grandma watches anime once

No. 469677

Also chiming in. My Japanese teacher said the same thing about -kun on girls.

Why would they let her leave the salon looking like she just rolled out of bed? Her ends are a disaster too.

No. 469679

that'a really bad and i didn't realize since i learned via family/native. no wonder people have a hard time speaking japanese… sorry guys.

No. 469683

It's fine!! It can be difficult for a lot of foreigners but my uncle is a Japanese teacher so I learnt it at a young age plus the teacher I had at school was native

But either Mooriah is lying or her teacher is a giant dumbass

No. 469685

FYI her normal shitty hairdresser did not do this. >>469667
rachelnycole, another cosplayer, dyed her hair and it looks like shit. Remember when she complained and stressed she was not going to dye it again?

No. 469691

If I did this hair I'd be embarrassed to be tagged. It looks broken and fried.

No. 469699

File: 1515915630168.jpeg (37.64 KB, 750x267, 0BDC2BA1-76C4-46FE-A31A-C31886…)

I swear she was already at 31k yesterday when she was bragging about 30 but either way, she was bragging about 30k 18 hours ago I understand a thousand followers in such a short time is a lot but predict her to be on her high horse for the next few days because of her hair

No. 469700

Yeah like the other anon said, it's fine!

All this airhead cares about is popularity/fame, nothing more.

No. 469701

Holy hell, thank you paid subscribers!

No. 469715

File: 1515918550076.png (708.59 KB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2018-01-14-00-24-31…)

No. 469716

File: 1515918574435.png (614.4 KB, 720x1170, Screenshot_2018-01-14-00-23-45…)

No. 469717

File: 1515918607329.png (517 KB, 720x1174, Screenshot_2018-01-14-00-23-50…)

No. 469718

File: 1515918635539.png (875.4 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-01-14-00-24-20…)


No. 469719

File: 1515918853211.png (974.48 KB, 720x1145, Screenshot_2018-01-14-00-32-09…)

No. 469725

Her hair now looks like a really, really crappy dollar store wig.

No. 469752

File: 1515925818998.jpg (70.95 KB, 560x415, Rs_560x415-140514145605-1024.M…)


Resemblance is uncanny

No. 469757


She’s really lucky she has thick hair to withstand all the abuse she puts it through

No. 469759


Also when is she going to give up on this? It’s not even in fashion and this legit looks like old people hair. Not to mention silver doesn’t look good on her skin tone at all

No. 469766

File: 1515927838887.png (831.66 KB, 1182x720, Screenshot_2018-01-14-03-02-03…)

Still drinking

No. 469779

I was just about to post this thanks anon

No. 469792


This dipshit really doesn’t get it does she? This doesn’t have anything to do with the shitty fan art she “paid to have the rights to”. It’s that she literally took an existing character without changing anything and started calling her “muh original character”. You know, stealing someone else’s art and claiming it as her own, something she is already well known for.

No. 469795

It looks patchy as fuck, you can see behind her ear that there's a large amount of her natural colour, I am getting second hand embarrassment from this

No. 469802

Lol she finally kicked that other bitch to the curb?
I bet she was guilted into helping with the prints moo had her do

No. 469809

File: 1515937408013.png (15.42 KB, 592x85, Screenshot 2018-01-14 at 5.43.…)

No. 469810

Her hair is FUCKED, jfc. If I was her I'd run out to get a protein treatment to salvage what's left.

No. 469825

File: 1515941679522.jpg (29.65 KB, 553x672, FB_IMG_1515941612337.jpg)

One of my meme pages posted this on fb, "this is why we cant have nice things"

No. 469835

goddamn her hair is in awful condition.
I used to have silver hair and maintained it myself and it never looked that damaged.

Get Olaplex or something, Moo. Jeeze.

No. 469852

File: 1515946186234.jpeg (149.26 KB, 750x830, D4F08028-9B4F-4B76-BF64-5885EB…)

I don’t remember if someone posted her response to this or not but….when has anyone ever ripped her off? she kills meee

No. 469855

some artist copied her OC anon

No. 469874

If I'm understanding correctly, people are getting mad that Mariah isn't mentioning willowisp's name in her posts selling merch? Maybe they have an agreement that Mariah doesn't have to.
Either way I think wisp is fine with everything because they got paid for a doodle that took no effort.

No. 469879

the IRONY is killing me rn.

No. 469887

File: 1515949667982.png (2.27 MB, 750x1334, 77718310-42F2-4FA7-AB19-7B9037…)

“Hey so I couldn’t really sleep last night and I guess in the middle of not sleeping I started wondering “Hey is there a way I can raise my credit score?” and I ended up raising it like 31 points it was awesome”

No. 469891

im poor/cheap so i go to schools, and my hair ends up looking way nicer than this. wew maria u need to find the wey still huh

No. 469893

Are you…fucking kidding me? After all the shit Mariah steals so openly she wants to act like she has a problem with ripping others off? She is so delusional.

No. 469896


No. 469897


But when has Mooriah ever had an original idea? She copies ideas all the time. Come on Mooriah!! No one steals your ideas because you don't have ideas.

No. 469898

lol wtf
how do you ust raise it magically one night?

also is she naked

No. 469899


She's the one who said she doesn't like drinking and wouldn't drink anymore and doesn't drink anymore at cons. I know she just said it because she wanted to deny accusations of her being drunk all the time at cons. But girl, you're also supposed to be DIETING??? If she owned up to drinking and owned up to not actually being on a diet people would be nicer to her.

No. 469900

Someone needs to reply with the side by side of her chunli and that other girl in the warehouse. Talk about stealing concepts gtfo here

No. 469901

im sure shell just say like
stealing and inspiration are not the same my dude (:

No. 469902

yeah, dont you always Snapchat about your credit score naked after a night of drinking and crying over YouTube videos?

No. 469911

File: 1515952336240.png (258.87 KB, 750x1334, 124C7358-D70B-4A52-B18F-2B8E50…)

So fucking humble and not completely full of herself my dudes. A bunch of disgusting basement dwellers want to walk around with a keychain with giant tits to remind people to avoid them at all costs and she gets a big fucking head about it.

No. 469912

Side by sides with all the times she's copied her"friends" too. She doesn't even have original hobbies. Jessica cosplay Gandalf? Suddenly she's all I LOOOOVE LOTR LEMME GO WATCH MUH FAAAAAVORITE FILLMS. She copies smaller cosplayers constantly too. Remember thornchan's Velma set? She even paid to use the same location as her AND photographer. And then there's SSS and Tenleid having original designs to sell merch and she can't help but to copy that either. I remember she made a post once saying she lets her friends do the ideas first to let them get popular but everyone knows that's lies.

I saged this cause the last time I posted other cosplayers as examples I got banned for name fagging? Wtf? How are comments like this not relevant to the chat?

No. 469916


if a comment doesn't add any new milk it's supposed to be saged.

No. 469919

Or her Chun Li workout set which is EXACTLY THE SAME as tenderbromance’s (I think that’s the cosplayer). Like same exact location and same fucking poses and everything. It’s disgusting and I honestly can’t beliebe she didn’t get called out more for it

No. 469934

I need a collage of all the shit she has stolen with this tweet on top. She really should have been called out on her hypocrisy but visual aid would do the most damage and undeniable.

No. 469943

File: 1515954505666.jpeg (517.42 KB, 2048x2048, 11B0A1B7-B982-4674-804D-38455B…)

Here’s moo ripping off susu and trying to sell a shirt with copycat slogan and mei fanart she claims is “her cosplaying mei”

No. 469945

File: 1515954600805.png (267.75 KB, 456x418, 1514051420827.png)

no man, one day ill reach the heights of mariahs fandom tho just u wait and see im gonna be sooooo relatable and THICC

No. 469952

Doesn't her ugly sweatshirt line say "lewds before nudes"?

No. 469958

Yeah that shitty “momokimori” clothing line that flopped. It was ugly doodoo brown shirts with “lewds before nudes” printed in tiny boring font and nothing else. I dont have any pics of it saved atm so if anyone wants to add the shit clothes to this >>469943 it would help in building evidence of her stealing ideas.

No. 469965

File: 1515955933846.jpeg (792.3 KB, 2078x2078, EB34A02E-09F2-44E2-9EB4-9ACA15…)

Great modeling

No. 469969

it's called Peachy Koumori, and shockingly their IG page is completely empty bar the original announcement - there's not even any product pics, despite these definitely having physically existed at one point

No. 469970


I just can’t with this bitch. All the idea she has stolen and claimed as her own and she is really going to try to be all like “Yeah man, I hate when other people try to rip me off”

Someone please tweet at her of all the shit she has stolen and claimed as her own ideas. She can’t jeep being allowed to get away with this.

No. 469972

>tfw we cant even remember the fucking name of her fake ass clothing line

i bet she doesnt either

No. 469973

No. 469984

Freeze! you're under arrest!

No. 469985

File: 1515957399821.png (90.47 KB, 750x1232, IMG_2789.PNG)

Here's Pic from CreatorsGuild

No. 469986

Gotta get her arms out of the way to show off her titters

No. 469987

im crying the font is so fucking small holy shit it doesnt even look aligned right on the fabric

i know there was a pic of her "releasing" her "clothing line" at a con, but i dont know which one so i couldnt search it

No. 469989

Jesus christ imagine stealing a slogan and then selling just the stolen slogan on a shitty looking shit brown shirt for 50 fucking dollars then turning around and acting like you don’t condone theft.

No. 469990


She just does the same basic 8 poses for every single set. No wonder she has to resort to stealing ideas since she is so creatively bankrupt.

No. 469994

holding her imaginary hat

No. 469995

had to squint my eyes pretty hard to read that

No. 469996

its so good like the slogan is small, kinda wonky, doesnt actually make sense and the shirt is an ugly colour and an awful style all for $50 too(!) why didn't this work out???

No. 469998

It was at the last AnimeExpo.

No. 469999

I can’t wait for her next slogan - “momos before homos”

It’s about how you should only enjoy straight pairings you can self insert into with no regard for anyone else having fun

No. 470001

File: 1515958390521.jpeg (566.8 KB, 1098x814, 0FD93BDF-AD60-409A-A4C7-014456…)

Why does this tshirt have a turtleneck.

No. 470009

File: 1515959479843.jpg (203.3 KB, 1080x1080, 25013067_170162483590543_41324…)

thanks fam

i was finally able to google something that wasnt a stock image


No. 470017


I can see now:

“You can have your own head canons. Just don’t bring that gay shit in here, faggot”

No. 470021

Honestly i think the company is also to blame? They should have looked at those tops and gone 'these will never work'

Maybe some higher up in the company hated moo enough to want her to fail cause if they were just trying to milk her name they would have made more than 2 shirts

No. 470041


I'm sure since it's Mooriah's "clothing line" she had a lot of creative control. So the terrible designs are all her fault. The rest of their products look pretty great so I assume that they wanted to reject her ideas. But Mooriah probably kept annoying them so they did her designs.

No. 470053

Wow, who wouldn't love to own a runny diarrhea colored shirt with times new roman on it and pay 50 bucks for it?

No. 470056


But anon, she is a “successful businesswoman”. How could her clothing line possibly fail within weeks of her announcing it?

Which is why I don’t see anyone actually buying her shitty keychains. She can point to all the comments about how many people are excited for it. But that amounts to jack shit since they will literally cheer for anything she announces. Doesn’t mean they will actually buy it.

No. 470104

She also knows it. 45 is a pitiful amount to order cause i've seen artists with less of a following sell 100 original charms easy. Also anyone who has ever sold anything knows that you'll always get tons of people saying 'omg i need this' 'I'm totally gonna buy one' etc but when the time comes, only a percentage of that actually follows through

Then again that's BASIC business and if she was actually going to school for business she would have learned that early.

No. 470151


This is just sad.
Even though she always denies being a cosplayer, the one thing she doesn't deny is being a model, which makes this all the more sadder. I'd understand poses coming back if shoots were more than a year apart, but these are months apart and the cow girl and scarecrow were some within the same month. It's like she saw the pose once in a fashion magazine and thought "I would look great doing the same pose!" And kept doing it.

No. 470222

File: 1515971600887.jpeg (114.92 KB, 750x821, 328AC46C-D2C9-4BA6-931D-0182A5…)

her twitter likes are my favorite glimpse into her head after all of her NOT GAY!!! she’s liking things like this now? referring to straight people as cis? like??? Mariah??? This is not your demographic

No. 470226

File: 1515972169071.jpg (89.83 KB, 696x887, FB_IMG_1515972135304.jpg)

Its a stray demon

No. 470245


She is really being a passive aggressive little bitch about this. She can’t handle getting called out so now she is retweeting shit.

No. 470256

File: 1515973788954.jpeg (54.95 KB, 750x195, 4F9F0798-98B8-46E8-9E39-99F22B…)

>when you find out
>when you find out
…they tell you this in episode one.

No. 470261

everything she says reads like the wiki article on said topic

No. 470267

Good ridince to that sad sack of a "clothing line." You can tell the design is 100% her idea. Moo doesn't have a single creative bone in her hammy body. It suppose to be a joint effort between her and Vamp, right? Why not pile the work onto Vamp since she does have some artistic ability and steal the credit like she always does? But wait, I totally forgot, Moo NEVER steals ideas or takes credit from others. Except for all the times she did.

No. 470278

>when you realize he cries for others
That’s… the entire point……..
Such deep analysis. Truly insightful.

No. 470301

File: 1515978085878.png (3.03 MB, 750x1334, FAD887C5-7B2D-44BB-8459-9A9AA2…)

Tried to get a clear shot but she’s not even putting these on legit keychains SHES PUTTING THEM ONTO STRAPS. oh my god the cheap ones that break fairly easily, like a cellphone charm

No. 470303

File: 1515978155260.png (3.35 MB, 750x1334, 114E59D7-1E1C-47FF-A1FC-6C85A8…)

it isn’t even attached by a ring she’s literallt clipping the strap through the hole

No. 470306

Has she never even stepped into an Artist Alley? Bought a FOTM strap or keychain to prove how much of a fan she is? Didn't even bother to check the merch of artists she follows on twitter? This reeks of ineptitude.

But I forgot. Momo is a senior year business major. This is all part of her fourth dimensional chess game.

No. 470307

This bitch is stupid as fuck

No. 470310

"lol I always cared about trans issues my dudes, I'm so bi remember!?!? lol damn those filty cis people amirite my dudes??"

god this histrionic bitch is so transparent. she cares sooo much what other people say/think about her it's almost pathetic.

No. 470311

now that we know how she’s putting these together…any price is truly too much. if she hawks these for more than $10 I’m dead

No. 470312

“Setting up keychains”
Missing both the chain and the keyring that would classify it as such. These are just cellphone charms at this point. God she’s dumb.

No. 470313

and cellphone charms are dead anyway since there's no way of attaching them anymore…

No. 470314

i hope she sees this and cries cause she fucked up something simple so hard

No. 470316

some cases have loops or even just two small holes you can loop through, sage because this doesn’t change how stupid momo is

No. 470335

holy shit this is embarrassing. she couldn't even be assed to do these properly. You NEED a jump ring before the lobster clasp, any idiot who has bought a knockoff strap knows how bad they stick out and look cheap as fuck without the extra ring.

I genuinely cant believe she cheaped out so hard on these. There's been a lot of mocking among my AA friends of how bad these look as a product, art aside.

No. 470337

IMHO these "clip" types are the most unreliable. Any type of weight will snap or displace it if the mechanism is failing. Ones that allow joint movement closer to the charm are best. I wonder how much she dropped on these Frankenstein shits

No. 470338

chances are she got them made by a north american company and paid a lot for them (explains the cheaping out on clasps and low volume) so she will have to jack up the price to compensate. "Business major."

No. 470339

"5 dollars for the clips, 45 for shipping and handling!!!!"

No. 470340

File: 1515981356724.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, 9524B3DB-A9D4-424C-9B05-C95CF4…)

apparently her hair is so thick it took five boxes of ion hair dye……wHaT lmao

No. 470343

File: 1515981754680.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, 5F9322D9-229C-4FE7-BF82-211465…)

finished up keychains, HAS ORDERED 200 MORE ALREADY

No. 470344

Should've watched this. Her hair probably takes for ever to dry since her hair is dead.

No. 470346

>sells 0
>orders hundreds more

No. 470355

>business woman

No. 470368

File: 1515983180111.jpeg (182.14 KB, 750x1334, 57AEF221-683A-4496-BEF0-89A1BE…)


No one wants your lewds, Moo.

No. 470369

File: 1515983218838.png (340.59 KB, 472x584, Screenshot 2018-01-14 at 6.26.…)

No. 470381

I just cannot get over how fucked the perspective is. Who would actually be degenerate enough to show this off anyway?

No. 470387

I can maybe understand the mousepad because it's something that will stay at home and whatever, and isn't really "shown off", but yeah, you gotta be pretty confident in yourself, or a complete degenerate to have the keychains and pins out in public. But then, aren't those the kinds of people she caters to anyway?

No. 470399


Lol she is so sure that these are going to take off and sell like crazy. She’ll be lucky to move even 20.

No. 470400

How much you wanna bet these will flop harder than #takanoproject?

No. 470408

It'll sell like hotcakes just like her apparel, anon! She'll have to buy them in bulks of a thousand to keep up with the demand!

No. 470410

I mean she has some dedicated neckbeards, I think she could sell 45 but not many more

No. 470412

This is confusion from someone who sells charms/keychains frequently…
Why are they such vastly differently colours? they look like theyre supposed to be double sided given the mirror flip of the hair, but if thats the case, why is one so much less saturated? MOO JUST GET IN TOUCH WITH ME AND I WILL GIVE YOU THE NAMES OF COMPANIES THAT WONT RIP YOU OFF, altho they may cost too much for you.

No. 470418

i dont think thats possible ahhahaha

No. 470419

I actually think it’s leaning a certain way on her hand, shadowing it

No. 470420

they are double sided and dont help her.

No. 470423

please don't help moo. she probably got them made from a place that already stole the design.

No. 470427


Also these phone straps/keychains tend to market to women/gay guys and neither of them are going to want this. Her neckbeard fans aren't going to be into this sort of merch lol

No. 470429


Okay I'm going to try and explain this without it sounding complicated/insane. For these types (I have one myself from a diff fandom) the acrylic is there, then the picture is attached. It's a double sided picture, but the other side doesn't have acrylic/has just a laminated picture feel to it. So while there is actually no color difference, the diffusement through the acrylic causes the lower tone of color on the one side.

Hope that makes sense.

No. 470431

nta but you're getting jipped then, it's super easy to double-side with acrylic on both sides.

No. 470441

Most people dont do that though. Most of the charms I own dont have full acrylic on both side but they do have some kind of coating put on them so the image isnt scratched off. If it's got full acrylic on both sides it would get really chunky i think

No. 470442

Guys please I'm not ACTUally going to help her. I have standards.

What >>470431 said. I have both double layered acrylic charms, and printed one side acrylic charms, and I've never had such issues with saturation. More likely what >>470419 said.
If you ARE getting charms with such vastly different colours, find another manufacturer.

And before people get up my ass, saged both posts.

No. 470447

Last one before I drop this issue, but all of the double layered acrylic double sided charms I have use thinner acrylic so they aren't any thicker than my other charms.

No. 470452

what >>470447 said. also you can't use laminate on acrylics.

No. 470472

Did she post her Shibari set?? A couple nights ago on twitter she said it was coming that night.

No. 470494


lmaooo this stupid cunt doesn't even know how to properly put keychains together.

No. 470503

File: 1515990257678.png (1.75 MB, 750x1334, E4859C95-5D7A-4FE2-89FF-E6177E…)

already trying to think of ways to up the money, also probably why she had the stacks of prints next to the keychains.

Also anons who said $15 are the winners

No. 470506

>$15 dollars for a keychain

No. 470508

nailed it

also she just said her prints are only worth 5 bucks by this

No. 470513

File: 1515990649126.png (270.43 KB, 580x594, Screenshot 2018-01-14 at 8.30.…)

You fucking wish lol

No. 470514

15$ for a tiny double-sided phone charm of a character that is a knockoff of another character? Is she joking? How much do you hate your fanbase to rip them off like this.

No. 470516

File: 1515990834432.png (343.4 KB, 611x606, Screenshot 2018-01-14 at 8.33.…)

No. 470523

it’s so completely wrong I can’t even has she never fucking seen a keychain in her life??

No. 470524

Oh fuck no
Have they ever interacted before?

No. 470525


>15 for a keychain

she has never stepped into an AA yet alone supported an artist. otherwise she would know this price isn't right

No. 470533

Yes. Something about her boobs being equally big to her self loathing or something like that.(penny's tits Momo's self esteem) Caps in old threads. Also her going off about pedophilia in Japan in response to her lewd Kanna. Again caps in old threads

No. 470548

I fucking called it, here comes a big Rooster Teeth push.

No. 470550

Curious if Moo would get butthurt and claim plagiarism if someone started selling better quality Milky Party keychains

No. 470557

During the Kannagate, Mariah made a long ass apology and Penny responded.
https://twitter.com/kellyjeaaann/status/872160985909526530 <snarky comment defending moo

There was a incident a long time ago where Mariah made a snarky comment on Penny's twitter but I can't find it

No. 470570

Penny underbust is illegitimately one of the biggest circus freaks that cosplays.
It would make sense Moo would want in on her and her audience.
>a boob wizard
I would probably describe her more as a surgeon general's warning at best.

No. 470575

>legit pinnacle of human fitness

Moo cannot pull her off. She's gonna need more than tire flips to look good, but it doesn't matter if she can't adhere to a diet for more than 20 minutes.

No. 470585

Guys, stop sperging about the keychains already.

>omg who would buy one of these and carry it around.

I would. It's fucking hilarious. It's the Momokun version of Chris' Sonichu medalion. It's fantastic. I don't give a shit about giving her 30 dollars if I can have one of these stupid shits and just laugh at it constantly.

>omg the price who would even buy thing omfg

Why the hell does it surprise you people that she being the narcissist she absolutely is, is now try to milk those little pieces of shit for some easy cash. I mean, what do you expect.

Do not get angry over cows. Especially not Mariah. You are supposed to point and laugh at her moronic shenanigans, not virtue signal your outrage.

Let's have fun, jeez.


No. 470589


Actually, that's not true. She did roam around AA at LVL UP EXPO last year with her friends while in her "Kanna" outfit. She stopped by my booth and bitched about a character I had prints of while her friend was buying something from me. I'm sure she's well aware of how charms look, she's just too lazy to make them correctly. It's all about cutting corners with her.

No. 470594

You're an idiot for wanting to put money in her pocket, but you're right about laughing at the narcissistic bimbo. People are getting way too agitated over it when we all predicted that she would fuck it up.

No. 470599

im not surprised that she’s pricibg them so highly. she has no concept of business despite being a supposed business major lmao and why the hell did she order 200 more before even selling the first 45??? she’s gonna be stuck with a ton after she manages to sell a few.

No. 470601

Totally unrelated, it took me about 6 months to get banned from Momo's subreddit.

Curious if she herself actually did it.

No. 470610

File: 1516003492719.png (453.98 KB, 735x474, Screenshot 2018-01-14 at 10.56…)

Some more interesting information from Vamp's livestream:
>gauge for "moving out expenses"
>was asked how she and Moo met: "met two years ago from a mutual friend that took her to AX""didn't really talk to her at AX"
>asked when she is planning to move out "either next month or March" is going on Friday to see how much money she needs to move out. Already found some options for apartments. Getting a 2 bedroom apartment with "her friend"
>Mariah is moving "elsewhere". Is not the friend moving in with her to the 2 bedroom
>was asked if she and Mariah were ok "yeah we're fine. Our cats, they've been fighting too much" she also "kinda clashed" with Mariah
>has to lock her cat Namine or Nami in her room because Guzma attacks all of the 3 adult cats. She thinks its sad and it has been happening for months without resolve.
>someone asked if she watched the other Devilman series and she said no. She wasn't into it initially but Mariah was ranting and raving on how good it was.
>someone said "watching Mariah as ADC [in League] was interesting" and Vamp laughed, said she hasn't been playing League for long
>stopped streaming a while ago because both she and Mariah's computers "died". Mariah gave some old parts to Vamp so her computer could work. Explains why Mariah spent her Patreon money on a new computer, if anyone remembers that.
>wants to stream more and plans on drawing for the Peachy Komori line alongside cosplay during off-con season

Going to wait to do the second part. Latter half has muted audio.

No. 470619

ty for sitting through this and reporting back

No. 470620

File: 1516004135309.jpg (39.62 KB, 450x634, tyler-the-creator-new-album-co…)

It was kind of boring but she did seem to enjoy the quiet. She even said "it's nice to have a day to yourself, you know?"

No. 470621


i feel bad for her. she only made 20 bucks but momokunt made money for a cause she stopped caring about after she couldn’t milk it anymore.

No. 470622

what's the size for these, 2-3 inches? Gotta be at least 2 inches - even that's WAY too large and heavy for a simple cell phone strap…where the hell did she get these done that they didn't even offer to attach actual keychains? the printing/color differentiation on them looks terrible, too

No. 470633

File: 1516004913189.png (934.13 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-01-15-00-24-20…)

No. 470635

File: 1516004941740.png (835.46 KB, 720x972, Screenshot_2018-01-15-00-24-42…)

No. 470639

File: 1516005442653.jpeg (70.01 KB, 750x592, AF0F7BCE-3F1D-4A43-87EC-E1D1EE…)

let’s get ready for another game of “when will these actually get shipped out?” so far we have her finishing these today, and saying here that “coming soon” means February. are the preorders going up in February? are they going out in February? will anyone actually get them before July? stay tuned

No. 470640

she clearly meant February 2019!!

No. 470645

And by February 2019, she really means July 2020.

No. 470720

File: 1516016999048.png (5.03 MB, 1242x2208, 4917D442-1F47-41B4-B8F5-C14146…)

I don’t get the appeal. I see nothing attractive. At all.

No. 470726

She looks like a fat mom from the Midwest who's had give kids and gave up on life

No. 470769

File: 1516023773779.png (124.88 KB, 455x639, samemomo1.png)

>>470720 When people saw what she used to look like on her fb page, they honestly had no idea it was the same person.

No. 470770

File: 1516023818759.png (47.95 KB, 443x607, oldmomo2.png)

No. 470776


These were taken back in early 2016. I'm honestly not surprised by the reactions because she really does look drastically different. I really think a lot of her followers still believe she looks like she did in those pics.

Let's not forget she had lipo done early 2017 so it only took a year for her to gain weight drastically. It boggles my mind that someone who has more free time than most people managed to do that to herself. She has enough free time to work out for at least an hour a day.

No. 470780

From stream?

No. 470783

>that one comment about body shaming tho

No. 470817

Still remember when people on lolcow made fun of her Dva and how sad her butt looks like.
Looking back it actually looked good (compared to her new butt pictures lol)
Good old times.

No. 470827

>sells "keychains"
>makes straps
They're not even the same thing, oh my god. Why won't she make the slightest bit of effort.

No. 470844

I actually feel bad for Vamp. Mariah's such a selfish shit that she can't even be bothered to keep her 'favorite cat' from attacking all the others and probably doesn't listen when Vamp brings it up. I mean just look how little she cared when Guz had worms that spread.

Living with Mariah must be an absolute nightmare between her 24/7 awake schedule and her refusal to be an adult and keep anything clean.

No. 470864

File: 1516033131939.png (239.24 KB, 319x327, moo.png)

Yes she's sitting here vs standing, but the difference is just stunning, in a bad way.

No. 470893

goddamn this is really telling. poor vamp.

have they seriously known each other only two years?

if shes not streaming games maybe she should try younow for money lol

No. 470896

yt attached is moo's future and exactly what i thought of when i saw this pic

No. 470898

File: 1516036035078.png (154.79 KB, 500x280, tenor.png)

>premium beef


No. 470902

yeah im glad she can get away from her

No. 470904

>premium beef
uwu so respectful~

No. 470907

sage for OT, but how long have vamp and momo live together?

No. 470912

>>470844 not sure why so many feel sorry for vamp, she put herself in this position, and is equally as trashy as Mariah. Sure she has a job, but she allowed herself to stay in this position. She could have moved out whenever she wanted, and she’s enabled Mariah’s behavior right along with everyone else.

No. 470916

i hate this attitude. obviously vamp didn't know moo was shitty at first. and it's annoying as hell to move so it's understandable.

No. 470918

at least a year, i think theyve only lived in the one place

>victim blaming

yeah sure.

No. 470922


Not sure if you've ever lived with a roommate or on your own, but its not easy to just get up and go. Seeing as they've been friends for about two years it's impossible to know if someone is shitty right off the bat. I do agree that vamp is as trashy as momo, but moving out whenever you wanted isn't easy.

Anyways, i'm glad for vamp! she's moving out and getting a new roommate, while mariah has no one to move in with. Waiting for her 2am tweets subtweeting vamp or yelling about how she's lonely.

No. 470924


Seriously. Everyone is constantly going “Poor Vamp. I feel so bad for her”. She has no one to blame but herself. She is a grown ass woman who is responsible for her own actions. She could have gotten out at any time she wanted, yet chose to stay and encourage Moomoo’s bullshit. She would constantly defend her rants and clap backs at other people all the time and would often do just the same.


I refuse to believe this bitch has ever set foot in a gym. She looks fatter than she has ever been before.

No. 470925

>is equally as trashy as Mariah
Honestly, how? Sure she's not some sweet innocent angel but being someone's roommate and friend does not make you responsible for their behavior.

No. 470931

>>470925 she caters to the exact same fan base as moo, gross, thirsty neck beards by flaunting her ass, boobs, and twerking. This isn’t a vamp thread tho so I will leave it at that

No. 470934

File: 1516038948828.jpeg (835.06 KB, 750x1334, 066BAE1F-4E98-4BCA-B14F-58B792…)

From Kaybears IG story. Gee I wonder where Moo got the idea for keychains…

No. 470939

I don't know how milky this is but I recently caught up with the 30+ threads and I remember hearing about Mariah trash talking a cosplay photog and caused him to delete his social media. The photographers name was Nomisphotos or Simon Chae. Apparently what she's been telling people is that they were a thing for a while until she found out he was using her for her fame. She then talked mad shit and warned people about working with him. She basically trashed his reputation as she does with everyone.

Buttttt while catching up I realized that he's actually dating a friend of mine! The biggest irony is that my friend worships Mariah! Like literally worships the ground she walks on. It makes me wonder whether or not she knows what Mariah did to her boyfriend or is simply to blinded to care. I personally have been wanting to ask her about this but I don't want her to know I'm a farmer because she would rat me out. I'm also curious how her boyfriend feels about her worshipping the person who tried to ruin him.

No. 470945

lol and look, actual key chains

No. 470948


Saying this is like saying that everyone who has ever been in an abusive relationship 'has no one to blame but themselves' or 'put themselves in the situation'

Let's be real Momo and Vamp stopped doing things together frequently ever since they moved in together. Vamp probably realized real quick after actually living together how toxic moo was but moving isnt easy but also:

Vamp has witnessed how momo treats people who try to move on from her.

Momo is quick to start spreading lies about how the person was 'totally' harassing her, jealous of her, bodyshaming her, etc. Imagine if Vamp did it she'd probably blame the mess in the house on Vamp too. We've seen this with her public meltdowns on Maroon and KBBQ as well as heard stories from other cosplayers.

We've seen how she'll tell people long twisted stories so that what they see and think is completely different from her public narrative like how she told Sabrina that she had totally been public about her lipo etc. Let's be real vamp isnt gonan sit there and compile together all the shitty stuff she posts on social media so momo could probably put together a narrative of 'I'm getting bullied cause I'm fat not cause I constantly do bullshit' It's easy to see momo's bullshit when your main interaction with her is online cause she is addicted and doesnt know how to keep up with anything long enough but irl she obviously seems to be good at twisting the narrative.

There are tons of people who cater to neckbeards by being gross. Momo will always be among the shittiest because she is the worst person who does this because she's a constantly toxic person who goes out of her way to ruin people. WHen Vamp goes on a public smear campaign to ruin someone just because they didnt want to fuck her anymore (which moo has done twice now) come back to me about her being 'just as bad'

No. 470949

this shit is super cringy tho tbh.

No. 470973


Ohhh. You’re one of those dipshits that equates “shitty roommate” with an actual abusive spouse.

All you’re doing is removing any personal responsibility on Vamp’s part by putting this all at the doorstep of Moomoo. She is a grown woman who can take care of herself and shouldn’t let internet rumors dictate how she lives her life. She could have left at any time, yet she chose to stay because she was more comfortable leeching off of Moomoo, practically co-signing all her bullshit and often inserting herself into the conversation during her blowups when she wasn’t ever brought up, not because she was “scared Moomoo would try to ruin her life”.

And if that was really the case, why isn’t it happening now? I mean, Vamp is leaving, so why isn’t Moomoo spreading these lies about her? Why isn’t she trying to ruin her, if she is so “abusive” as you claim? If that were the case then she would try everything she could to get her to stay, yet we haven’t heard anything.

No. 470976

can we stop tinfoiling guys? we don't even know who's idea it was that they'd not roomie again. it could be moo being a cheapskate or vamp heading for the hills, but either way i'm sure they aren't acting like it's a falling out, just a situation change.

No. 470986

If it was only Guzma attacking 3 other cats, why the fuck wasn't it being the one confined to a room? If the majority of the cats get along fine one asshole kitten shouldn't be in charge. And to add to it if anyone remembers Mariah's instastories/tweets about it she seemed to think it was cute that Guzma kept attacking the other cats and misbehaving. Just another proof of how selfish Mariah is.

I was just thinking the same thing, seeing these photos kinda make me feel bad about how I made fun of her being fat back when she was just slightly overweight and pulling it together with a waist cincher and photoshop. Now she's too obese for even that. But fat or not, it's her lies and vile behavior why I keep coming to these threads, not how she looks.

No. 471023

look im not saying youre wrong, but i am saying youre a newfag

she has posted photos and videos inside a gym lmao

No. 471024

its debatable that her thot behavior was encouraged by mariah in an effort to make money re: the 4chan post

No. 471040


All we can do is come up with theories. Since Moo has not started trashing Vamp yet it could means a couple of things:

1. She learned from her previous outbursts and wants to keep things private this time.

2. Vamp has a lot of blackmail on Moo so she is afraid that anything she says could backfire.

3. Vamp found a way to convince Moo that their disagreements were becoming a problem so they should be living separately to maintain their "friendship".

4. Moo thinks Vamp is limiting her growth by constantly being around her.

Or maybe even a mixture of those reasons. Unless Moo finds out that Vamp is talking shit about her or lying to her, I doubt she would do anything super public. Although I would love to see Vamp calling out Moo on her shit.

If I was Vamp I would have a deep seeded hatred against Moo because of all the lies she spouts and how she puts no effort in at all. Vamp works full time but still has time to bust out better quality cosplays than Moo. It seems that Moo has also started ditching her to hang out with "famous" people. In the end she was treated as a pet and not a friend.


It's crazy that anyone would worship Moo so much that they would blindly forgive her for any wrongdoing. If this person was a good girlfriend she would distance herself from someone who tried to harm someone she's dating. Although knowing Moo, if she was confronted about it she would say "teehee that was in the past my dudes! Positivity!" Or "I totally did nothing wrong because I'm always innocent my dudes!"

No. 471045


Mooriah likes to convince many female cosplayers to do what she's doing. I hate that she always says "…only if you're comfortable doing it" at the end so she can take the responsibility away from herself. I've been friends with PrinceRoxy longer than Mooriah has been and it sucks seeing her going down the same path. PrinceRoxy told her in the beginning she wasn't comfortable doing that but Mooriah kept trying egg her on. It's really shitty. It's like she's trying to make everyone else into trash like her so she can feel better about herself.

No. 471050

ugh. i feel sick reading that.

convince everyone else so its totes normal and what "everyone else is doing, why do you guys pick on me?!"

No. 471059


I know. It was just hyperbole. I’ve seen her shitty type flip videos. It was more a statement that someone who claims to go to the gym as much as she does couldn’t possibly be that fat.

No. 471086

These are still ugly, but the fact that they're actual keychains is a step up. If she'd seen these, at least she should know better.

No. 471150

File: 1516051195126.jpeg (132.61 KB, 747x824, 6E71FA92-47AF-4395-8B81-D720FB…)


No. 471153

lol didnt she say she was graduating. as in, like… now? sounds like even if she was telling the truth shes way fucking off from doing so.

No. 471154

File: 1516051305155.jpeg (218.54 KB, 750x657, B11AAF80-AEA8-4308-9AAE-D7B523…)

all those lobster clips must have took a lot of work

No. 471155

>man its hard to party a lot and pretend to go to school on the internet

No. 471156

>>471150 She is opening it right up for people to peg her on lying about school. Ask her what classes she is taking, which Prof she likes most/least, what kind of homework assignments and exams she has. If she can't answer ANY of these, then the bitch has been two faced lying about it this entire time. Most people don't just say "school" or give random credit hours if they really care about the program they are in, and at least drop some kind of info about it. She's been close to graduating for how long now? Own up bitch and stop fucking lying through your teeth

No. 471158

Keep peddaling backwards, Moo

No. 471159

i thought this was her last year?

No. 471160

File: 1516051427737.jpeg (111.53 KB, 750x348, 28FD0F32-9786-4018-9654-D0D440…)

No. 471164

>two weeks into her classes
>classes generally don't start til mid jan, 2nd week at the latest.


No. 471166

you must be under 18, it's not as easy as "move out whenever you want" leases are a bitch to deal with and you can lose your deposit
not to mention you don't really know what someone is like until you've actually lived with them

No. 471168

her finals didnt line up with school either.

>thinks school starts omn like jan 1

im ded

No. 471169


UNLV classes do not start until tomorrow. You can go to their website calendar and find out. Most semester systems don't start until mid to late January. It's also a holiday for many school systems. If it's been two weeks, she started school January 1st but what school does that?

If she's going to lie she should at least look up dates.

No. 471172



UNLV also doesn't offer Winter courses besides ones abroad.

No. 471174

>>471160 classes….credits, they mean nothing until she actually says what she is enrolled in, she's a fucking idiot.

>>471166 am 30 not 18 so whatever, never had the luxury of living with roommates, but if Mooriah was paying rent this entire time as is claimed, then there really is no excuse.

No. 471175

can someone call her out??

No. 471177

fuck off.

No. 471178

File: 1516051840173.jpeg (141.86 KB, 750x400, EC2ADD1D-09FB-4F14-96FF-87F62B…)

But anons! She’s a double major!

No. 471179

i can't. you can't double major online…

No. 471181

File: 1516051959380.png (222.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180115-153015.png)

No. 471182


my ass, with the amount of classes she's 'taking' she could have majored separately in both.

No. 471183

Is she on coke or something?
No one in their right mind would believe she has a 3.8 GPA

No. 471184

File: 1516052014248.png (224.51 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180115-153028.png)

ugh stop moo

No. 471186

>>471181 She has a 3.8, in a dual major with how much she stays up all night smoking, drinking and watching anime? Give this girl a medal for being a scholarly prodigy.

No. 471189

>didnt think people cared so i never talk about it

No. 471191


UNLV only offers one undergraduate program online and it's a BA in social science studies. The rest of the online programs are graduate programs. She is the worst liar I have ever met. She can't even do basic research.