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File: 1505444326486.jpg (240.71 KB, 1078x683, mooveonover.jpg)

No. 386826

The New Queen of Milk, Mariah Mallad aka Momokun Cosplay, has a lot of calves surrounding her, thirsty for those sad, saggy, Patreon-bux laden teats of hers.

To prevent further derailing of her many, many threads, here is a spot to examine all of the folks who hang onto her, either by choice or by force. Don't feel sorry for this herd unless it is obvious that Mooriah is browbeating them to keep them in her circle; they generally know what a piece of shit she is even when they claim otherwise. Most of them are only in it for the e-fame and the $$$, because lets be real, I wouldn't want to hang out with Mariah otherwise.

Please keep non-Moo-related discussion of Onision and Jessica Nigri to his threads over in /pt/, and the coshot thread at >>354019 respectively.

The Prime Calves: Mariah's Chief Sycophants

-Collette/Vamplette: Mariah's roommate and chief bitch, Vamp can be counted on to help Mariah with her shitty costumes and take all of the abuse Mariah throws at her. Is known only for being Moo's buddy, having an unfortunate nose, and her even less fortunate twerking videos. https://twitter.com/vamplettes

-Gabby/GabbyCCosplay: One of Mariah's besties in cosplay to the point where they share and swap cosplay pieces they've already worn to min max their penny pincher skills. Trying to ride the THICCC train just like her buddy, she tends to excuse even the worst of Moo's behavior. https://twitter.com/gabbyccosplay

-Nana/nanasushibear: Another cosplayer Mariah harasses into cosplaying with her to the point where Nana stupidly double-dipped on a corset AND a binder at AX to be acceptable for Moo's Gurren Lagann group. Nana fainted at the con from this and went on to complain about her group ditching her during the emergency, to which Moo Had Some Words for her and Nana quickly clarified that she totally wasn't talking about Mariah, my dudes. https://twitter.com/nanasushibear

The Senpais: People Who Will Never Have a Dirty Asshole Again With Mariah Around

-Jessica Nigri: Mariah has long idolized Nigri to the point she was getting into internet slapfights to defend Jessica's honor long before they ever met or even talked. Moo has claimed that Jessica is her Cosplay Mom, and Jessica has been more than happy to give Moo attention as Moo's favor means parties, gifts, and sometimes outright cash money. She is currently trying to be supportive of Mariah even through our cow's latest breakdowns, occasionally getting her armor slave/boyfriend Ryan into the act. https://twitter.com/OJessicaNigri

-Sabrina/Sabrinathebunny: A camgirl and outright porn-making coshot, Mariah has recently been cozying up to her for the inevitability that the only way our cow will keep making money in the future is to do hardcore porn. Sabrina recently got into deep, deep shit for accidentally confirming that Moo has had liposuction, something that she quickly pulled as Mariah is quick to rain down the fury on slip ups by her pals. https://twitter.com/sabrinathebunny

-Susu/swimsuitsuccubus (in b4 hi loonie): Another more-popular coshot who Mariah tries to buddy up with to improve her standing, Moo stole everything fromwas inspired by her lewd sets and even went as far as to bastardize Susu's motto. They don't appear together often because she makes Moo look like complete and utter shit in their pictures. Sadly she's been pretty supportive of our cow and helped her a lot during the first year of her infamy. https://twitter.com/sssuccubus

This is but a small sampling: There is an entire galaxy's worth of creepers, fuckbois, and asskissers now in Moo's planet-sized orbit such as Lethal Soul, Rae Kay, and our beloved greaselord Onision so happy milking!

No. 386829

File: 1505445098796.png (375.75 KB, 750x1334, 1505359632940.png)

gonna post this right off the bat. shows sabrina's arrogant attitude

No. 386830

File: 1505445114746.png (208.59 KB, 750x1334, 1505359692104.png)

No. 386832

>and Jessica has been more than happy to give Moo attention as Moo's favor means parties, gifts, and sometimes outright cash money.

i don't follow moo that much but lol this is sad. she's literally paying her to be her friend

No. 386848

i don't believe nana belongs on this list.

No. 386851

No. 386855

i see sooo many cosplayers in my area kiss moo's ass. it's come to the point where these really pretty and talented cosplayers are pulling the same shit as Mariah, like putting together really shitty budoir shoots for patreon. at least they're not 200+ pounds like moomoo

No. 386863

File: 1505453053054.png (169.55 KB, 750x1077, thanks, sabrina.png)

Favorite moment

No. 386866

Besides Sabrina have any of them commented on momo's little tyrad and being 'bullied'? shows what kinda of friends she has lol

No. 386867

I dont think gabby or susu count as calves of moo if one is barely involved with moo and the other is just someone who moo copies and is cordial to. I havent ever seen susu or gabby involved in any actual drama and imo arent worth mentioning in the intro post. if they aren't closely linked to moo like vamp or providing milk like sabrina.

No. 386876

In general I just don´t trust anyone who has worked with her. it shows how thirsty they are for fame, like photogs like dappergeeknews & squarenoodels, etc. I guess there´s no actual drama with them tho

No. 386877

>doesnt bring up KBBQ
>brings up nana for fainting

Wtf is with this OP?

No. 386886

Tbf he's not around her anymore and Nana still is. It is easier to get fresher milk from someone who still interacts with mama cow.

No. 386888

I don't believe nana and momo are in contact anymore.

No. 386939

File: 1505474827912.png (983.68 KB, 1080x1185, 20170915_062520.png)

No. 386941

File: 1505474872984.jpg (29 KB, 320x320, 13556750_292973227702436_86366…)

The infamous Nigri pic

No. 386942

File: 1505474890787.jpg (59.31 KB, 434x627, downloadfile.jpg)

No. 386943

File: 1505474928202.png (910.68 KB, 752x1005, downloadfile.png)

Moomoo and SSS (unsure of 3rd girl)

No. 386944

File: 1505474947560.jpg (63.42 KB, 720x960, ivevSFV.jpg)

No. 386945

File: 1505474963566.jpg (32.1 KB, 600x401, CR392CKUkAAxC0g.jpg)

No. 386946

File: 1505474975190.jpg (52.29 KB, 600x400, CZ8Mw2CVAAAwzBH.jpg)

No. 386947

File: 1505474986884.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1059, 20170915_062535.png)

No. 386948

File: 1505475006962.png (753.57 KB, 660x1045, 20170915_062505.png)

Sabrina and moomoo

No. 386950

File: 1505475039311.png (822.38 KB, 1080x695, 20170915_062553.png)

No. 386952

It's costhot not coshot.

Sage for autism.

No. 386974

sabrina and vamp are so ugly Jfc

No. 386982

File: 1505479640460.jpg (65.68 KB, 600x750, CdFqOyMWAAE2ZdH.jpg)

Left to Right— Vamplette, Gabby, MooMoo

No. 386983

File: 1505479813867.jpg (74.5 KB, 736x1374, AsschVH.jpg)

No. 386985

File: 1505479824020.jpg (6.39 KB, 194x259, images.jpg)

No. 386986

File: 1505479855620.jpg (77.79 KB, 720x960, y9iuuofty17z.jpg)

From the con where nanabear passed out

No. 386988

Nana made a post about some shit friend abandoning her before and after her fainting. It was implied to be Moomoo but the moment Moomoo asked her about it, Nana backpedaled like she had backwards feet.

Why does Moomoo always do that retarded hand gesture with EVERY character. Girl has no creativity at all.

No. 386991

File: 1505480015888.jpg (47.79 KB, 480x480, 19050231_112542509349059_49997…)

No. 386992

File: 1505480065367.jpg (21.65 KB, 320x400, 16228735_1752086405120336_9842…)

Who is this guy? Hes in her infamous "chingchong" video

No. 386994

File: 1505480825499.jpg (55.67 KB, 591x588, 1495444512404.jpg)

No. 386995

File: 1505480859099.jpg (19.81 MB, 5184x3456, mei-pov-14.jpg)

Kbbq too

No. 386996

File: 1505480882728.jpg (Spoiler Image,12.48 MB, 5184x3456, mei-pov-20.jpg)

No. 386997

are those her fucking pubes AGAIN

No. 387001

I'm wondering how Matt & Veronica and Kevin & Nicoletters escaped the list and haven't even been mentioned yet.

No. 387011

Because OP sucks ass

No. 387017

Tasha Leigh Cosplay is the kodachi

No. 387023

I got to admit that the Hanzo in the background is pretty hot and I'm pretty jealous. Sage for unrelated topic.

No. 387024

Sorry to tell you but both of them constantly defend her gross ass, and Susu was more than happy to join Moo in going ham against Loonie but now I notice despite Loonie also being a crazy chick, turns out she wasn't wrong about these elitist bitches. Also noticed that now Lia aka Ssniperwolf and Lisa Lou Who are kissing Moo's was. They really are just one giant cesspool of horrible, ugly people.

No. 387029


>sucks & fucks some disgusting fat guy with a small dick while letting him record it.

Man… Sabrina was a Playboy model and she's letting fat ugly dudes stick their tiny dicks in her?

Fucking pathetic…

No. 387034

Thank you anon, there is always the same anon that defends the fuck outta gabby.
One of the earlier momo threads had an incident where gabby and momo had a slight falling out of sorts during last year's sabakon, where nana filled in as cammy for momo's street fighter photoshoot

No. 387042


For a Playboy model, she doesn't look particularly attractive or interesting in her bikini shoot with Moomoo either.

No. 387044


Agreed. Sabrina no doubt could be a solid 8 out of 10 but her trashy shenanigans and lack of self respect makes her into a trailer trash tier train wreck.

No. 387045

Then please bring us the milk about them instead of just bitching about the OP

No. 387047

Can we please cut it out with the "Don't talk about X", "Y shouldn't be here" comments. Lolcow is not a hugbox, we're allowed to talk about whoever we want and if there's no milk the discussion will simply die right there.
If anything, OP should've included KBBQ and that Nicoletters girl + her boyfriend who shittalked Mariah in her thread, but we can always post about them later.

No. 387051

I thought kbbq is keeping a low profile and isn't doing much online anymore? Where do you expect the milk to come from? This thread is obviously for CURRENT milk from Mariah's friends and associates (not just in relation to her). He hardly counts anymore.

I honestly don't expect much milk for a lot of the names posted, but might as well keep an eye out for some since it's clear the people Momo hangs with tend to be shady themselves.

No. 387054

At this point I wouldn't be surprised if half these bitches play nice to Momo but shit talk her in these threads…I'd like them to know just by association with Moo they are not safe.

No. 387057

File: 1505486787756.jpg (71.38 KB, 600x800, a37c8e4f00cafe2bff707e4651843c…)

No. 387060

I know this is old but man this pisses me off so much, more than anything else tbh. She's like "stop giving vamp attention, look at my ass!!". I'd be pissed if I was the girl in the photo and just wanted a pic of my favourite character and this slut is ruining it by trying to make it about herself.

No. 387061

File: 1505486966166.jpg (142.66 KB, 768x1024, Cag-WBLUAAAv6FQ.jpg)

No. 387062

sabrina's tits look disgusting

No. 387063

File: 1505487061640.jpg (11.04 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

Found it! Stella Chu too

No. 387064


why these girls want to be associated w moo moo is beyond me

No. 387066

Money, the attention of Moo's white knights, and the big cosplaying community lie of everyone being positive and getting along 24/7.

No. 387082

File: 1505489442091.jpg (139.56 KB, 1259x756, nana bear.jpg)


No, I can't use the thousands I make every month from patreon!

No. 387088

File: 1505489634343.jpg (575.45 KB, 1024x1435, Landou1.jpg)

Landou and co. reconfiming Moo's lipo/plastic surgery while trying to defend her decisions to lie about it. This status has since been deleted it seems.

No. 387091

That would Landon from Lethal Soul. Pretty much just meme shit posters group of guys. >>386939 This is Rae Kay Bro. He's a decent cosplayer but keeps beating to death the Hanzo one because he's not known for anything else. He's done shoots with other "lewd" cosplayers but only because of his Hanzo. He's that one nerd who got in shape and afterward since started acting like a douche because of his looks.

No. 387093

Sss completely ignored loonie when she made that psycho post on twitter/fb accusing sss, momo and kay of slandering her. Moo was the one twitter beefing and insulting Loonie. Can you post caps of her "going ham" against Luna?

No. 387095

Taking a photo with moo doesn't mean stella condones her behavior. Stella is popular, of course moo will ask her for a photo. Besides this pic has stella white knighted her?

No. 387096

There is a lot of reaching in this thread. Best to just ignore those posts and only reply to ones that matter.

No. 387098


Rae Kay is overrated imho. His only memorable cosplay is Hanzo and it isn't even a great one. It just happens to be one of the better ones. His newest cosplay seems to be his Link but it is terrible. He's milking Sabrina and lewds for as many followers as he can and is a major fuckboy. On Moomoo's threads anons have come out about him getting handsy with them and trying to make out with them. He seems chubby to me.

No. 387099

I know it's sad. I don't know that much about Luna, but her being apparently "loony" seems to be the perfect excuse for people not to believe her on anything. While that's partially her fault, some people probably know when she is right, or close to be being right on the mark, but still ignore her or choose to use that against her to try and cover themselves. Others are just ignorant and should be able to understand what Luna meant, but only bothered about the fact that she was supposedly crazed and unrelatable.

Saged because I just don't like it when people are too quick to dismiss someone as "insane" no matter how much sense they make (or at least without a shred of proof to the contrary). It must be isolating.

No. 387102

You know this thread is a mess when people are out here acting like Luna Is some tragic antihero when she was litterally caught whiteknighting herself 3 times on this site and is the second most obsessive self whiteknight and sperg next to Kiki.

No. 387103


Wow Moo's friends are terrible with secrets. I wonder if she is going to make Landau into her "bitch boy" now. Either she lied to her calves about telling people about surgery or they are terrible at defending her.

No. 387105

My bad, not trying to excuse her wrongs, just throwing that out there.

Saged for further OT

No. 387107

Of all the calves I think Sabrina and Vamp deserve to be here the most.
Vamp has been enabling Moo from the start and continues to do so while Turing a blind eye on her lies and bullying. Sabrina seems to have the same entitled, shallow personality (so they're perfect for eachother) who claps back at her fans over stupid shit not even worth discussing.

No. 387109

That's what happens when people decide to make threads like this. You have those that think it's worth mentioning every human being the cow has ever interacted with as if they all have milk just because they were seen with or know a cow. Wish people would stick to those with actual shit worth mentioning instead of thinking "lets keep an eye on anyone our cow breathes next to".

No. 387110

Overtflow was mentioned as suggestion. Gonna give some backstory here. Vegas fuckboy. Hangs out with Keemstar trying to suck up for views. Jake Paul defender. Onison recently became buddies obviously through Moomoo interaction. Trying to hide he says nigger in private but obviously dies with the people he hangs out with.

No. 387111

File: 1505491205260.png (40.91 KB, 540x228, Screenshot_2017-09-15-10-43-26…)

No. 387112

File: 1505491222463.png (71.55 KB, 540x472, Screenshot_2017-09-15-10-45-02…)

No. 387113

File: 1505491236994.png (272.42 KB, 519x772, Screenshot_2017-09-15-10-46-08…)

No. 387114

File: 1505491260294.png (193.36 KB, 540x774, Screenshot_2017-09-15-10-47-11…)

No. 387116

I can't believe 2 people have already outted her. Does momo just tell anyone she got lipo? How did she expect to hide it then?

No. 387117

File: 1505491287154.png (138.95 KB, 540x765, Screenshot_2017-09-15-10-47-54…)

No. 387119

File: 1505491308289.png (220.34 KB, 540x540, Screenshot_2017-09-15-10-51-46…)

No. 387120

File: 1505491494020.png (27.17 KB, 621x260, IMG_8310.PNG)

I can't believe you included gabby, nana and sss in the intro post and FUCKING IGNORED ONION when he has ben kissing her ass regularily lately

No. 387123

To put this in extra context this kid lived with his parents who live in the upper mid class of Vegas. I they have a horseshoe staircase.

No. 387124

I really think she told a few people like Sabrina who may have thought moo telling her that meant it was public knowledge or was too busy with her head up her own ass to confirm otherwise. Sabrina does not come off as being very bright. Or they're mixing up her admitting to her past best reduction surgery. Who knows.

No. 387125


>breast reduction surgery.

Fuck that noise. If anyone actually seen what breasts look like post reduction they look fuck awful.

Just go to the fucking gym and strengthen your core, way better solution then butchering your tiddies.

No. 387126


Sure let's include the guy who already has multiple threads dedicated to him

No. 387128

File: 1505491809532.jpg (177.71 KB, 810x1152, IMG_8311.JPG)

The fact he's such a massive cow himself makes him worth mentioning especially with the ass licking he has been doing.

No. 387130

Why wont she try to lose weight? Being fat can't possible help.

No. 387134

Supposedly she had this surgery as a teen way before she got fat and cos famous. It's the only surgery she's been honest about.

No. 387136

File: 1505492611411.jpg (1.89 MB, 3632x5456, DSC03195.jpg)


But losing weight takes time and effort

Better to pay thousands for irreversible surgery that leaves permanant scarring

No. 387137

She makes a good pam at least. Still,
weight loss should be attempted before a breast reduction.

No. 387146

Can we please get actual reasons why they should be here other than "oh they took a picture together" then? This thread is gonna die fast.

No. 387147

OP and several people in this thread seem to just want to reach for drama with various popular cosplayers using mariah as an excuse to bring them up.

No. 387157

Let it be then. Unsaged bitching about it will only make it live longer and probably even get you a pasture.

No. 387158

The main culprits are honestly just Sabrina and Vamplette at the moment. The heat should be on these two until the others do something remotely milky.

No. 387208


She would have a horrible anchor shaped scar on her breasts if already had the surgery then.

Anyone who has intact breasts with zero scar and said they had a reduction is lying. The surgeons literally cut the bottom half portion of the breast off and stitch it back together.

No. 387212


moomoo has had reduction surgery
nana hasnt but wants it, and wants other people tp pay for it

No. 387213

File: 1505501824414.png (189.99 KB, 720x933, Screenshot_2017-09-15-11-44-14…)

I kinda respect Gabby for this

No. 387215

File: 1505501854168.png (143.77 KB, 720x823, Screenshot_2017-09-15-11-44-18…)

No. 387216

File: 1505501901752.png (143.57 KB, 720x746, Screenshot_2017-09-15-11-47-05…)

Lisa contradicting herself

No. 387217

File: 1505501938877.png (187.94 KB, 720x948, Screenshot_2017-09-15-11-47-12…)

No. 387220


I think Momo is lying about the reduction. I've seen her nudes, no surgery scarring whatsoever.

No. 387223

I hate loonie but for clarification sss, Kay, moo, vamp (i think), etc alltalked about how Luna was a crazy bitch publicly on twitter. I still have all the caps if you want. I have a fucking entire album on loonie. I think also it was sss or Kay who made the "cos thots" shorts. Which were hilarious so I don't blame any of them bc Luna's on a whole new fucking level. Terrorcow level.

No. 387229

It was neither kay or sss who made those, it was some random ho who loonie didn't even talk about that interjected herself. I dont recall their name because they are irrelevant.

No. 387232

Luna attacked sss and kaybear prior to Loonie and Mariah getting into a fight. She had been harrassing kay and her family for years. Proof was posted in the Luna threads of Luna blowing up on Kay way before mariah picked a fight with her on twitter. I feel that bringing up sss and kay and using luna drama to claim they "sided" with moo is a reach.

No. 387244


More cosplayers need this mindset and should follow this. People like Moo are toxic because they normalize witch hunts and blowing up drama. Clearly she has not grown up from "4 years ago" because she is still the same immature person who says the n-word like she's a bad bitch and would call anyone out who disagrees with her.

I hope these calves get wise and jump ship because as we've seen all ready Moo will attack anyone and everyone who does anything against her in the slightest. Its only a matter of time before one of these calves become Moos next victims.

No. 387255

>Makes obvious subtweets
lmao this dumb cow right here

No. 387270

Anyone think maybe Nigri has gotten wasted around moo and maybe admitted to shit things she's done and that's why she won't drop moo now? Cuz honestly sometimes it seems like Nigri kisses moo's ass

No. 387278

She does have the scar. You see it in some of her photos.

No. 387285

Naw. It's cuz moo has leeched her way into her little cos thot circle jerk and gotta keep up that sense positivity my dudes.

No. 387291



Everyone in the Costhot scene are "friends" or at least pretend they are in person but like we all scene they backstab each other when they feel safe to do so.

No. 387319

they partied together with nigri A LOT. i don't know about any milk but they are somehow close.

No. 387321


They are all out for themselves. Gabby and Momo used to hate each other and now they are all buddy buddy. Krissy and Momo used to seem close and now there's barely any interaction between them. 100 percent sure that the first chance they get they would abandon Momo once she loses everything.

No. 387322

It's because Moo treats Nigri like some goddess. If Nigri asked Moo to lick her butt hole she would no questions asked. Because of that I'm sure Nigri sees Moo as an adorable little pet or sister.

No. 387326

man i feel bad, i really liked lisa some time ago… sage for nobody cares

No. 387332

what are these cos thots shorts?

i was talking about stella though

No. 387374

Digging around. Seems like she's been in "the right community", yknow, stealing things and bullying


After reading this, she's a freak. She shot with Moo at the CPA Beach Meet, apparently. There was a court case in this link where Helena Steele was sueing her for stalking, harassment and being a little shit

No. 387383

This was proved false and that Helena was lying
Lisa took the girl to court and won twice

No. 387384

Really? Aw…I'll just leave the post up for reading the court case then

No. 387391

Trying to read through that tumblr and all I see is SHES A BULLY SHES A STALKER BULLY BULLY BULLY EVIDENCE EVERYWHERE but I'm not seeing any evidence?

No. 387400

How come all these cosplayers are defending this woman? She's openly mean and would treat people like shit even to her fans. It goes to show who is part of the toxic side of this community since their attitude is as snotty as Mariah's

No. 387415

Lisa Lou Who is definitely worth of being a Calf. She constantly wears costumes that show off her cleavage, and then gets pissy and bitchy if anyone comments on her figure. Her posing is just as shit as Moo's, with how often she can be seen putting her right hand up by her face. Fuck this psycho bitch.
/sage just in case

No. 387532

Lisa and Meg Turney shared a booth at NYCC last year and I swear every time I walked by it, no one was there.

They are super un-engaging and boring. Both just Nigri followers with no personalities of their own.

No. 387536

Yeah but SSS still condoned Mariah to go after her AND Chel, and is still that friend that comments and likes every single one of Moo's posts despite all her lies…unless SSS is COMPLETELY oblivious to Moo's lies, which is possible, she is not innocent and only enables Moo even more. I also blame her for encouraging Moo to do this lewd shit we have to suffer through and see all over.

No. 387561


Did your dumbass not read the OP? Keep the onion shit in his own thread

No. 387600

I checked the chel threads (there's only 2) and there are absolutely no screenshots of sss commenting on the drama between mariah and chel

I wonder if you're that anon who kept bringing her up in moo threads to the point that new thread OPs would post not to talk about her since there was no moo moo milk. If you don't like her for being a sex worker who also cosplays and knows momo then that's fine but you don't have to reach for what's not there.

No. 387706

Landau and Moo coming together in any way is the milk explosion I've been waiting for.

No. 387756

No, i don't like her because she is in Moo's corner. She isn't milk worthy but she's still partially responsible for the way oue cow acts. I actually used to defend her but I can't feel sympathy for anyone who sees all this shit and still supports Moo.

No. 387905

Matt and veronica are dating I think?

No. 387950

File: 1505612477347.jpeg (111.66 KB, 1080x1007, received_10155815209002502.jpe…)

It's funny because this could be about moo or her haters.

Good to see Matt is being as sanctimonious as ever.

No. 388208

File: 1505668081034.jpg (645.02 KB, 1024x1435, Landou2.jpg)

Same anon as before, here's a few more of Landou being a dumbshit on this thread before it was deleted.


No. 388209

File: 1505668115518.jpg (494.71 KB, 1024x1435, Landou3.jpg)

No. 388210

File: 1505668149510.jpg (412.81 KB, 1365x1024, Landou4.jpg)

No. 388225

Good to see Matt is still as stupid and angry as ever. Of course he's defending Moo because he's a pathological liar, birds of a feather…

No. 388363

who the fuck is matt? I'm only hearing about him because of moo

No. 388381

Roid raging meathead who dated a well known cgl tripfag (tenleid) for a long time

No. 388387

You're not being subtle ?

No. 388412

He dated multiple trip fags even before tenleid. The one who also slept with that guy with the kamina tattoos while he was dating some other girl, And that other girl who did a rainbow dash cosplay… Can't remember either of their trip names. Both live in California.

No. 388423

File: 1505687647018.jpeg (156.9 KB, 683x1024, image.jpeg)

don kanonji second one
still can't remember the first one but she was right before

No. 388450

Your obsession is showing…. this is like 5+ years old drama jfc

No. 388497

Hi Zergie. Hi Tenleid.

You both are so pathetic.

No. 388521

No. 388524

and bringing up Matt formerly dating tenleid isn't old? Ok then, real subtle

No. 388536


The milk wasn't who he was dating. The milk was Matt just going off the rails being an idiot time and time again when he got proven wrong about Momos lying.

An anon asked who he was and that's why his ex girlfriends go brought up.

But of course you wouldn't understand that Matt, because you have 0 reading comprehension and you're just an inflated muscle suit doofus. So nice job outing yourself here Landou hahaha

No. 388547

>Call out obsession
>Must be X

u dumb

No. 388548

Haha girl calm down

No. 388549

Hi Yazy

No. 388550


OH you're old cgl, gross.

No. 388552

Talking about 6+ year old drama means you're obsessed.

No. 388557

Him stupidly defending Momo and outing her lipo wasn't 6+ years ago, which was the drama posted

The only reasons the girlfriends were even brought up was because anon asked who he was and that's the best way to describe who he was because he did nothing but dad cgl tripfags. You must be him or just as stupid as him

No. 388558

date* not dad lol

No. 388561

Just rolling at this pettiness. Get a hobby girl

Also hi Tenleid.

No. 388563

It's like you all conveniently scrolled over this >>388363 post

No. 388569

In this thread, at a minimum:


No. 388572

Don't know Zergie and Tim are but don't forget Matt. Trying to go "hi __!" on every single post thinking he's so clever when he's just buttmad that got outed for posting on here after his milk was delivered.

No. 388576

Cuz calling people out means youre the person being talked about?

git fucked you paranoid cuck

No. 388577


Yes, heavier people do lose weight in greater masses early on. However it still takes dedication to a strict program. We can all see from her stories that she has been eating carbs. On top of that she admitted to not having time for the gym because of her Mei cosplay, her grandfather, and going to California for shoots. I've seen her post more about drinking and eating useless carbs than her post about working out. She also has a fucked up sleep schedule which messes with weight loss. She also has been inconsistent with her weight because she has been stating for more than a month that she is 177 pounds. I don't understand why people are arguing about her weight loss when the evidence piles up with her lipo and she doesn't work out as hard as she tries to show.

No. 388579

I'm so fucking confused am I in the wrong place I thought this was where we talked about Mariah's inner circle not random nobodies.

No. 388580

Take a look at the thread, though. It's pretty obvious.

Same. I don't know how it got shit up so bad.

No. 388582

People are getting mad about someone named matt and getting called out when they think its him.

rly gud

No. 388583

Thats pretty paranoid.

I dont think its him because he would know hed have nothin to gain by protecting himself.

No. 388584

This. Its his friends or something Only explanation.

No. 388585

Did you not read how paranoid he was in the caps posted about someone using a pic from lolcow? If you put 2 and 2 together it only makes sense that he comes here and starts freaking out even more.

No. 388588

its not surprising old cgl know about lolcow. ive been on it for two years and found cow instantly

knowing zergie for a few years and i know for a fact she posted from it and she browses these threads all the time. she talks about it with us in her friend group.

No. 388589

The amount of people who come here to read posts and not actually post is pretty high.

No. 388590

What does that have to do with matt at all?

No. 388594

Do you not have reading comprehension?

No. 388601

They're some random nobody that got brought up when anon was going around saying "hi __". That name isn't posted in any screencaps.

No. 388602

Oops meant to reply to >>388594

No. 388608

Yeah cool great can someone actually post something relevant please. No one gives a shit about your friends we are here to talk about Mariah's

No. 388610


It's definitely tenleid or zergie jerking in a corner just trying to rile shit up.

No. 388615

You're pulling names out of your ass, they aren't even posted anywhere else in this thread except when that anon went around after this Matt shitfest started. Just stop.

No. 388619

File: 1505700119431.png (370.28 KB, 720x1280, IMG_5591.PNG)

Yes please

Nigri posted this a couple days ago. It's already in the regular momo thread but it sounds an awful lot like she's defending her little cosplay baby again

No. 388748

File: 1505737636307.png (170.6 KB, 462x598, 1505709388771.png)

Oh g0d

No. 388767

File: 1505741185049.png (775.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170918-082524.png)

For all of moomoos "fame", Vamplette isnt sucking very much off of her

No. 388769

Why would funimation hire them instead of attractive cosplayers with bodies that suit the characters?

No. 388772

I think her nose and rrally terrible photo quality is fucking her. Her Tsuyu set got leaked a while back and it was really terrible. Bad posing and the pics were so grainy. She was also posing in a really ugly and empty room. Why doesn't she shoot with professional photographers? Guess Mariah doesn't reccomend Collette to any of the ones she shoots with.

No. 388784

Something about her face almost reminds me of pixy in these pics at least. Maybe it's just bc they are both ugly chicks in cosplay. It's not surprising to see vamplette is not very successful. I don't understand why you would want to be a cos thot when you have that schnoz and a meh kind of body.

No. 388817

i think her body is pretty nice but yeah that nose..it looks like she crushed it in the womb. i dont like to put women down for their looks but she should really get it fixed its just plain bad

No. 388835

Her nose reminds me of Holly Wolf's so I don't think that's the issue. Vamplette almost never posts or interacts online it's almost like she is only doing it out of neccesity and really actually hates it.

No. 388862

unless funimation actually makes an announcement somewhere this is over blown as usual. More likely Funimation sent out an announcement asking cosplayers to promote a new anime and Momo and her friend jumped on that train. Ya know, an open "If anyone dresses up as them let us know" kinda deal.

No. 388959


Nah Holly Wolf has an actual straight nose. Vamps snaggle tooth is also a big turn off. I'm sure she doesn't have many patrons because she's below average even for patreon standards. Why pay for a butter face when there are plenty to pick from?

No. 388971

Has anyone found any milk on these people.

No. 388984

In OP post? The only one with anything are Sabrina and Jnig and the milk for Jnig is beyond dry. OP is an idiot.

No. 389014

All the other people mentioned in the thread are just normal cosplayers who don't have patreons
A couple have some milk I'm sure but nobody is finding it

No. 389022

She actually looks good in that profile pic, then again its super small

No. 389497

I came to this thread for the milk - where is it?!

No. 389501

There isn't any. It was just made by some moron so they can bring up people they dislike for petty and dull reasons.

No. 389507

Yeah, fuel my narcissism pwease

No. 389528

Not op, but the thread was made so that the Momokun thread would stop getting shit up by things that weren't directly relevant to her drama. The only reason it makes sense to have a separate thread for all of them instead of putting them in the irrelevant cosplayer thread is because the only reason we care about them is from their association with Mariah. No one would give a shit about Vamp, Gabby, Sabrina, or anyone else on that list besides JNig if it weren't for the fact that they defend Mariah and fuel her shitty personality.

No. 389582

Well the thread is shit as no screenshots have been provided of anyone whiteknighting moo besides sabrina and jess.

No. 389608


Be patient and give the cows some time

No. 389612

All the drama related to the calves were posted in Mariah's threads, but drama follows Mariah everywhere so it's only a matter of time before her friends get themselves involved with it and we'll have new milk.

No. 389644

What cows? None have been posted besides that sabrina chick who outed moo's lipo. No one else listed is cow tier.

No. 390990

File: 1506093492534.png (115.18 KB, 750x795, IMG_3492.PNG)

I know I'm late responding but I was in the Middle East for the week. Pic related anon.

BTW I DEFINATELY smell loonie in this thread, they are several posts in here that use her exact insults, posting style, stuff she's said before. But it's not really a surprise bc she's obsessed with all 6 of the cosplayers that excommunicated her from the community (which she deserved). Stalks, spergs, wk, on lolcow every waking second. Please departeth irrelevant wench!

I agree. There are tons of caps of loonie harassing sss and Kay way before the Mariah fight. They just joined in bc they had a common enemy. But sss still hangs with moo, but hasn't turned to the dark side yet. Also don't forget loonie making fake twitter accounts to spam crazy racist death/rape threats to kay,sss,krissy,moo,etc.

No. 390999

They conveniently ignore that because they are potentially loonie, or just want to reach for drama with sss and kay. Anon with the "screenshots" of sss "going ham" against loonie still hasn't delivered shit of course.

The real milk I feel we should all be interested in is what happened between Momo and Sabrina after sabrina outed her lipo. They still follow each other but there is no way momo could be totally cool with sabrina blowing her biggest secret.

No. 391006

>costhot shorts

ok but who would actually wear those

No. 391067

No I was the one discussing loonie. I made 2 of the loonie threads ffs and the only reason I got involved with that shit was because of defending these cows here, including sss. I get it, sss isn't milk worthy, but the fact that she associates with Mariah and constantly gives her ass pats even after all this made me lose respect for her. And tbh I feel guilty now for defending moo back then.

No. 391116

File: 1506107341628.png (167.39 KB, 749x960, IMG_8425.PNG)

Ummm ok? Can't you see that most of us don't care if someone follows moo on social media? You honestly just sound weirdly fixated at this point with how you keep repeating the same thing and providing no screenshots for any of your claims.

You kinda remind me of Sabrina when she was copy and pasting her same WK reply to a bunch of people when she ratted out moo's lipo.

No. 391125

Guys calm down.

The point of the thread was so shit like vamp and the other fucking nobodies had a containment thread when they interacted with moo.

The main subjects can be discussed here on their own too, but none of them are going to be milky unless in reference to moo. Anyone else who fucks with moo can also be discussed here too, but that's what the thread is for, otherwise they can go to the irrelevant cosplayers thread.

No. 391636

Honest question that I've always wondered just hear me out here. Why did they need to be made into a different thread. It's clearly so rare milk that this thread will be buried and people will bring it up in Mariah's thread anyway. Why can't people bring her friends up in there isn't it related? People only go on about Mariahs friends when it's the most milky thing of the day not a daily thing. Onision gets to have his gf or whoever she is talked about why can't Mariah's friends? Honesty question forreal though.

No. 391703


Yess! Vamp is basically moos gf. Relevant milk should be posted in relevant threads

No. 393397

ok but wtf is this?? some kind of inside joke? seriously someone explain to me because i'm not laughing

No. 393623

I think they all joke and call themselves costhots behind closed doors. But it doesn't look like any if them actually wore them so it looks like being called it by others still stings.

No. 393631

Maybe it's a Loonie Loonie reference?

No. 393633

the thread is linked on her new threads now. there's a lack of milk now but when anything happens vamp herself gets like 50 posts. i think it's just slow because they're not at cons now.

No. 393656

Why would anyone wear something so tacky? And "costhots" just makes whoever is using the insult look stupider than who they're trying to roast. Everyone knows only retards unironically use the word "thot".

No. 394443

Anyone have caps of sabrina making fun of a black yugioh cosplayer on twitter then getting flamed for it? I meant to cap it myself but she deleted everything before I could. She said something about how the cosplayer looked like a drug addict and that their wig was horrible.

No. 394446

File: 1506640120001.jpg (569.62 KB, 2048x2048, 97409061-4873-4C63-B3F7-C0E877…)

No. 394448

File: 1506640440208.png (45.65 KB, 747x221, IMG_8535.PNG)

No. 394449

File: 1506640472514.jpg (384.37 KB, 2048x2048, CD790F5B-2156-44DA-B33A-9BAA9F…)

No. 394465

>talks shit about the cosplay
That's really funny coming from someone who has videos of her sucking dick and dating a guy who can't make cosplays for shit and milks his only one decent cosplay.

No. 394510

File: 1506648141831.jpg (Spoiler Image,449.57 KB, 2048x1364, IMG_8569.JPG)

No. 394523

what the fuck is that…thing in her mouth…

No. 394591

I didn't need to see this

No. 394658

What a cunt holy shit

No. 394661

sabrina is such a skanky looking bitch, holy shit.

also, did that guy actually get a fucking hanzo tattoo so he could rp hanzo full time? or is that fake?

No. 394673


I went to twitter to see the tweets for myself and it looks like she deleted them. You can see some of her replies under “tweets and replies” though.

But she’s was only making a joke its not like she was being mean or anything so why would she need to delete the tweets?

No. 394739

It's a temp tattoo. Raekay is pretty fake as a whole, there's just something so off about him.

No. 394823


There have been many anons who have come out on Moo's thread about him either being touchy and trying to kiss them or towards their friends. He's just a fuck boy that wears Hanzo to everywhere he goes because that is all he's known for.

No. 397452

File: 1507067980008.png (416.53 KB, 390x585, 1.PNG)

what is it with everyone and giving fem!76 such ugly shorts?
here they're almost going into her asshole

No. 397888

>makes fun of someone else’s cosplay
>then posts an ugly cosplay of her own

No. 401359

Just dropping this here: https://vid.me/1SLlY

No. 404010

File: 1508048299555.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171014-231632.png)

What is… the editing on this picture

No. 407516

The irony if her saying this is that she completely stopped responding to ThorneChan/ Sierra for calling out Moo on some garbage. For those who don't know, shes some nobody cosplay who used to kiss ass and buddy up to Mariah and her friends. I guess one day she finally posted all the shit that happened between her and Mariah/ openly criticized Mariah and then Gabby tooks Mariah side and now wont respond to or talk to the other girl.
Saged for OT drama but Gabby is equally as shitty and 2 faced as Mariah is at this point. It seems "fame" is starting to get to her too.

No. 407517

Also I feel like this thread could easily be revived now if we just didnt keep tinfoiling and throwing out unnecessary stuff. Isn't this thread about the people Mariah associates with, not how they interact with Moo? Cause if its just about them and moo we can keep it in Mariah threads

No. 408633

Okay so give us the goods

Don't tell us how to talk shit then not talk any shit yourself

No. 408682

File: 1508829768687.png (95.45 KB, 720x595, Screenshot_2017-10-24-00-00-39…)

No. 408684

File: 1508829856916.png (355.07 KB, 720x785, Screenshot_2017-10-24-00-01-44…)

No. 408949

File: 1508886619640.png (2.15 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171024-135021.png)

This is the worst

No. 408951

File: 1508886649890.png (805.35 KB, 1080x1175, 20171024_135103.png)

Moo moo is the worst photographer

No. 409015

This is literally all Mariah does tho. I can't get over how ignorant Gabby is being because she wants to pick and choose who this is about

No. 409241

Well would you look at that. The first time vamps snaggletooth and witch nose worked for her.

No. 415727

File: 1509857038480.png (789.84 KB, 720x988, Screenshot_2017-11-04-21-39-52…)

Nana went to Blizzcon and mentioned nothing about Moo. Are they done? I'm glad Nana cut the cancer out if they are done.

No. 415771

File: 1509860132046.jpg (136.55 KB, 512x768, 38136238032_e62fc5d790_o-XL.jp…)

No. 415773

File: 1509860180338.jpg (114.22 KB, 512x768, 38112153996_73a52b674e_o-XL.jp…)

looking a little hammy

No. 415778

that cincher is just not doing her any favors

No. 415869

File: 1509877550159.jpeg (2.15 MB, 4032x3024, 7588263F-CF1D-4676-B8BE-919A8E…)

No. 415878

I am c r y I n g this is a disaster. who let her be photographed in this.

No. 415893

Why is her back so bumpy? Even corsets don't have that many bumps…

No. 418706

She always looks so unnaturally small in her corsets…. she looks so sick.

No. 418766

It looks like a super cheep corset. Looking at how the "boning" is bending.
It may not even be a corset, it may be cheep shape wear.

No. 419370


What made her think this cosplay was a good idea? Her chest plate isn't doing her any favors. She should've just gotten a zentai suit like her bestie Moomoo does.

No. 420093

I didn't even realize this was Vamplette until farmers started mentioning it. I thought it was Nanabear. Really goes to show how huge she looks in this costume.

No. 420852

File: 1510396152467.jpg (192.49 KB, 2048x1365, 23331324_1765535350185202_2033…)

Hammy ham ham

No. 421195


If photographers didn't know who she was and who she associates with none of them would have taken her pictures. This cosplay is just done so poorly and she's been cosplaying for 9 years or something.

No. 425441

File: 1510829813080.png (316.92 KB, 421x583, Screenshot 2017-11-16 at 2.56.…)


No. 425442

File: 1510829856619.png (396.71 KB, 604x454, Screenshot 2017-11-16 at 2.57.…)

No. 425445

File: 1510830107819.png (813.03 KB, 931x639, Screenshot 2017-11-16 at 2.png)

No. 425447

File: 1510830289920.png (243.71 KB, 498x330, Screenshot 2017-11-16 at 3.04.…)

No. 425468

i always figured she was born with an unfortunate face but her nose looks straight here. shop/angles or did she catastrophically break it and the doctor did her super dirty?

No. 426196

and doesn't even need it, why not just get a dang body shaper that smooths everything out????

No. 431933

ill never get over that gross ass dusty keyboard

No. 432581

File: 1511762045093.jpg (30.53 KB, 640x960, FB_IMG_1511761857551.jpg)

No. 432582

File: 1511762091531.jpg (31.16 KB, 640x960, FB_IMG_1511761853477.jpg)

What is she even doing with her face in this picture?

No. 432605

looks like PT

No. 432610


Lol scrolling past I also thought these were PT


No. 432720

File: 1511796407585.jpg (203.36 KB, 792x565, Asui.Tsuyu.full.1961713.jpg)


She was attempting to do Froppy's signature tongue out face, but it just looks like PT's Rukia was thin had a stroke.

No. 432734

Wouldn't a fake tongue be more effective? I've seen a few girls do this and each time it just looks cringe

No. 432735


its always sad when your emo phase is your best phase. jesus christ


what a cunt. that kid doesn't look a day older than 16, no need to shame him for your followers. its pretty obvious he's a kid having fun and not a pro cosplayer. what a dickhead honestly. even moomoo wouldn't. it just looks mean spirited when you do this shit and you're a "pro cosplayer"


this "sexy cosplay" thing isn't for her… god bless her heart.. she thinks that because moomoo can do it then its easy and anyone can do it. which yeah, its easy. but moomo's audience are chubby chasers. vamp doesn't have an audience. her body is average and the market already has plenty of average girls. vamp won't get any attention unlesss moomoo gives her tons of promo.

No. 432742

Agreed, I feel like if she doubled down and actually improved her crafting and prop making she could get people genuinely there for her. She's not dreadful in crafting, she just lapsed hard since Moo. I honestly thought her Destroyer D.Va was made for/by Moo the first time I saw it

No. 432790

lmao i thought it was rukia

No. 433239

I don’t think they’re friends anymore considering I haven’t seen them interact with each other for a while and she’s now in one of my groups with my friends which is weird.

No. 433990

Moo and Nana don't live together?

No. 434037

File: 1511918007767.png (405.28 KB, 720x888, Screenshot_2017-11-28-17-09-00…)

The video was pathetic and her ass is chubbier. Living with Moo ruined her cute body

No. 434099

File: 1511926568666.jpeg (55.39 KB, 750x391, 2C0D1FA0-230D-42CE-A6AE-DFD143…)

No. 434124

her face was already busted but now she has the whole moo package. (that ass looks like my bfs)

No. 434638


her face… oh man, i feel bad. this is sad. i get it that she wants to get some of that slut money but no. this is gross. don't open this video unless you want to be grossed out.

>shitty wig

>weird unfitting music
>face of a child with a disability

why moomoo why, why are you letting your friend become… you

No. 434728

the music isn't unfitting it's literally the BGM to the MeMeMe! music video, at least she bothered to use it unlike MooMoo in HERS. But this was absolutely cringey, she didn't even follow the rhythm in the beginning and the twerking……..it's time to stop. She's too old for this shit lol

No. 434732

It's barely twerking, it just looks like her ass is creasing up on itself in motion

No. 434785

File: 1512018960818.png (654.94 KB, 893x489, gfsf.PNG)


this is the monster you see in sleep paralysis

god, i feel bad making jokes about her. damn it vamp, we thought you would be better than this. when mariah drops you, you'll feel SO stupid for doing this to yourself.

No. 434869

File: 1512036979535.png (200.46 KB, 346x403, Screenshot 2017-11-30 at 2.14.…)

No. 434870

File: 1512037082885.png (411.27 KB, 933x447, Screenshot 2017-11-30 at 2.10.…)

w i d e mood

No. 434871

File: 1512037316069.jpeg (11.33 KB, 176x177, A04BFF61-0BDD-4615-A659-1C1DE6…)

Close-up of Vamp’s snaggle.

No wonder she chose the name. She looks like a trailer trash Dracula.

No. 434872

File: 1512037676244.png (314.12 KB, 359x629, Screenshot 2017-11-30 at 2.27.…)

Ah yes, the popular modeling post "hide the belly"

No. 434873

File: 1512037717354.png (263.61 KB, 588x418, Screenshot 2017-11-30 at 2.28.…)

No. 434898


I think if she put up a gofundme to fix her nose and teeth, or at the very least her teeth, she would get a lot of donations.

It's a shame, she has a lot more talent than Mariah but being around her has seemed to make her lazy in her cosplay.

No. 435519

bitch you have a patreon

No. 435669

Honestly, I never found Vamplette that bad. Say what you want about the quality and type of cosplay she does, I won't argue there, but at least compared to Moomoo and the others, she at least stays out of the drama (or at least that's how it seems to me) and she comes off as a lot more genuine.

No. 435679


Oh my god that was so awkward. She looks like a young teen forced by her kidnappers to dance. And then you see her flappy pancake ass with her dollar store version of the mememe costume.. I feel bad for her honestly this will be on the internet forever

No. 435932

some anon in the Mariah thread said that Vamp used to escort in Vegas. where did that rumour come from? any other anons know what that was about?

No. 436079

She put her foot into the Moomoo some time ago by raging on people over credit or some shit. She puts her big nose in it sometimes.

No. 436082

I wonder what her nose is looking at.

Looking like Dracula who sneezed mid-transformation and got stuck that way.

No. 436137

File: 1512193092721.png (918.49 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2017-12-01-21-32-32…)

Who is this bald fatty she's been hanging around?

No. 439606

File: 1512631886673.png (365.21 KB, 481x599, Screenshot 2017-12-06 at 11.28…)

No. 440383

File: 1512759877486.jpeg (203.79 KB, 750x1073, 8A572AF2-C7DC-427B-974F-FD1704…)

Moo posted a story supporting this girl a couple days ago and she just posted this. This shit is absolutely disgusting

No. 440406

Oh god not this “protect cartoons” faggotry again.

No. 440412

Tbh I don't like lewd Kannas mainly because it's a flavor of the month meme so attention whores cosplay her to seem like an ~edgy otaku girl~ to male weebs. It's just lazy and cheap.

I don't think cartoon characters need rights or anything but it does rub me the wrong way to see all these half-assed 'sexy' photos since Kanna acts like an actual child. Why don't these people cosplay Kuro from Prisma Illya or something if they want to do an ebin lewd loli cosplay? Sage for OT

No. 440472

Not “protecting cartoons” or saying this is dangerous or anything. The disgusting part is that this character is portrayed as an 8 year old child and goes to kindergarten. Why would someone sexualize that?? It’s so weird and creepy. Just because it’s a cartoon child doesn’t make it okay to sexualize her.

I’m mostly annoyed with this whole “adult” kanna bullshit though. People keep trying to skirt around the issue by simply putting the word adult in the pic description. How many adults do you know that wear the same thing that they did when they were 8. It’s retarded

No. 440665


god, that "wearing bikinis three times smaller than you are" trend looks so ugly. also, the pics look like shit, did she take them on a cheap ass phone or something? you'd expect from this """"""cosplayers""""""" to at least post distinguishable pictures. did you take them in a sauna, sis?


it is a creepy thing to do that attracts the creepiest of dudes so the faggotry is going to remain. most non-weird people call it out everytime because its very gross to look at (to us, at least).

No. 441559

File: 1512916349724.jpg (71.29 KB, 768x960, FB_IMG_1512916125510.jpg)

Damn Vamp really has been putting on weight

No. 441576

I'm sure its angles and shoop, but her body looks nice here, curvy instead of awkwardly chubby and frumpy.

No. 441820

It's definitely angles. She's pushing her bottom into the bed and arching her back up. She's put on quite some weight compared to how she was at the beginning of the year.

No. 442105


>No mole

A reference to the Bayo 3 teaser or just a busted looking thot trying to make some quick $$$? You decide!

No. 442233

They’re all copying the same person but in order for the minimal covering to look hot you have to have a sexy body. Fatties and chestlets with no curves look shitty in it.

No. 442361

No. 442366

I think this is more to go after Loonie who posted all of these on her thread…she's been on a rampage against Kay again

No. 442379

is it true she has leaked nudes?
never bothered to follow this fat thot

No. 442390

Maybe if Loonie/white knight would stop posting photos of Kays family in the Luna Lanie thread Kay wouldn’t have to dmca.

No. 442418

Then do it the right way

No. 442422

She did. Lolcow took it down.

No. 442616

File: 1513077269487.png (318.04 KB, 362x596, Screenshot 2017-12-12 at 3.12.…)

No. 445094

File: 1513402560394.png (722.33 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2017-12-15-21-32-39…)

No. 445750

God I wish these thots would at least shoop their thot tattoos away. They spend all this time blurring everything and remodeling their face but leave the basic bitch stars on.

No. 447374

sage for ot. when they leave the tats in they look so trashy

No. 449031

I alway told you that I was whiteknighting and my daughter was on this board one time 2016. The loonies thing or term was started by that stupid bitch Kay who I know very well from Mill Creek Highschool and she's a class A sociopath. The only reason I started coming on this board was because I knew Alex ramos her ex started this bullshit. Even told my older daughter he signed up to Moo's patreon. so it was basically lies of a bunch of salty highschool weirdos trying to ruin my kids business because the place they live is for zeros. Alex believes delanie is responsible for his popularity going down the tubes when she told fans who would dm her that he was a big Coke head. So there is the vendetta. Raquib is some tranny indian kid that sucked Alex's dick when he came into Atlanta for momocon and is pissed delanie wouldn't give him the time of day after she realized upon moving to California that raquib was a gossipy queen. I was there when he told us about his "friend" SSS and her patreon. That's how delanie and her became acquaintances and he also told us she's old as fuck and an escort. Delanie noticed she was into a lot of borderline pedo snd porn stuff and didn't want the association. She's been around a long long time hence my reason for bringing up Hannah minx in the other thread. She's been trying to get popular and credibility back when Jessica has real boobs. She sees her opportunity when she bands together with Kay and Momo last year to attack delanie. Notice how quick Jessica then homed in on promo 'ing this group even starts imitating the costhot stance. Thought the term was cleaver glad it took
off. SSS was mad that delanie deleted her nasty ass from twitter, and most of my daughters haters seem to come from that complaint. But I did that because I didn't want dickriders and literally all the people i deleted were trying to get attention. It will be interesting to see the shit talking start again now that Luna is back. Btw Kay has been cosplaying for years she only got popular because of my kid and trying to ride that tumblr bs of racism. Glad to see no one with a brain actually believed her or her stalking bullshit.

No. 449032

However the majority of the threads came from some random costhot dickrider that had a hard on for Jessica. All these girls banded together to start threads on here and pasted bs on top of pictures and attributed them to things delanie said. Lol that was me because I think this board is fucking pathetic. For the most part it revenge and bullying online and one day I hope it dies and you people get more productive with your own lives

No. 449035

Where's her family all those pictures were on ib anon. They're public domain now that someone else leaked them. I put them on the old thread because Kay is a nasty bitch that been trying to attach delanie for years now. You people are dumb as fuck(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 449101

File: 1513873131717.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 1002x937, F545952C-BD00-47D8-89F9-C5C7D4…)

Isnt Luna Lanie the one that shows her bare tits and does nudes and calls girls who do non-nude stuff whores?
Lmao Luna getting her equally mentally insane mom to post about her in threads where no one gives a shit about her existence. Sorry but your whore bag daughter has always been seen as a joke and now she’s totally washed up.

No. 449104

File: 1513873210532.jpeg (10.35 KB, 275x80, 0E4D145B-216E-4D6D-BB49-71017C…)

Luna begging for dick pics.

No. 449107

File: 1513873299709.jpeg (Spoiler Image,110.52 KB, 540x720, 33F450AE-7C2A-4520-9228-7D7D30…)

Speaking of pics that are public domain, here’s more photos of Luna Lanie’s gross tits thanks to google.

No. 449128


That’s a line crime the song Das Me by Brooke Candy


No. 449132

Sorry, from*

Even though crime is fitting for the song

No. 449750

Sabrina and Rae not together anymore lmao they don’t post stuff of each other anymore and it looks like they don’t follow each other.

No. 449900

Guys, this obviously is Luna and not her Mom. Luna has posted multiple times over the years about getting in fights with her Mom and are we surprised? Her other daughters are renowned economists or in the music industry and then there's Luna, the failure daughter who always had to rebel in school and be the scene kid, the daughter that brought scum like Alex Ramos home, the only daughter that literally gets naked online for money. Luna's Mom would never stoop so low to come to an IB and the writing is classic Luna.

Also, we definitely caught you just a couple months ago Loonie when you posted your own screenshot with your picture on FB still logged in. Why are you even here? If you're soooo successful with your bullshit acting career you wouldn't be posting on lolcow for entertainment to force people to talk about you again…

No. 449903


>>trying to attach delanie for years now. You people are dumb as fuck

Luna instead of acting classes I think you need to take a basic grammar and spelling course first…and you want to be a screenwriter? LMFAO

No. 450013

Also she outted herself when she posted a screenshot of a text she got from some nobody saying “stop posting me on lolcow, i can get your IP from the admins” to somehow shame that person??? It was in one of her earlier threads.

No. 450027

ah. Wonder what costhot he moved onto now lol

No. 450885


He is the biggest fuckboy leech ever. His skills as a cosplayer is mediocre so he has to date costhots or become a costhot himself to stay relevant.

No. 452100

File: 1514218408968.png (145.1 KB, 504x433, Capture.PNG)

So a cosplayer decided to call out Reika saying she's fake as fuck and evi.

Wirru makes a post about how wrong and immature he is for doing this, posts screencaps of the rant on his page, and tags Reika and the guy's facebookpage and personal account.

Moomoo hops into it white knighting Reika?

what the hell is going on?


No. 452121


No. I don't she even knew who Reika was before the incident. She's only on the bandwagon because she wants the Asian guys dick. She is ironically the type of cosplayer that Reika supposedly hates: untalented and doesn't make her own cosplays. Reika is honestly the ideal famous cosplayer. She crafts her own cosplays and shows people that anyone can do it since she shops for a lot of her supplies at DAISO.

No. 454051

reika is a man but I get how the name confuses people lol

No. 454805

File: 1514433956951.png (86.7 KB, 720x551, Screenshot_2017-12-27-20-01-41…)

No. 454835

Learn to actually read the post through the first two paragraphs, he's defending Reika and calling out Liui for being rude, which makes Moo sharing the post even more ironic

Reika is a she, Google before you type

No. 456066

I just wanf fo fuck Momo, but I realize she's a terrible person. I guess I'm a shitty anon.(nope)

No. 456225

reika's a girl. japan doesn't have the concept of trans because of how their society is.

No. 456236

Ew a stereotype, just because a girl has short hair and mainly crossplays doesn't mean she's trans

No. 456247

no shit. i was saying that because she's just a girl and everyone asserting she's a boy is implying she's trans.

No. 459274

Can confirm. Sabrina isn't over her ex yet so she left him right before Holiday Matsuri, leaving him to foot the bill by himself (so I heard).
I have a feeling I know who he is going to go for next, but he also might move across the country. So we will find out.

No. 459415


Mariah? Lol

No. 464704

File: 1515380389987.png (201.73 KB, 720x788, Screenshot_2018-01-07-18-56-02…)

I kinda laughed at this. I feel bad for her but at the same time you've openly associated with Mariah Mallad. Also you make a lot of passive aggressive subtweets that make people feel like you're a drama queen. You're toxic by association which is unfortunate, but if Mariah is such a great friend how come she's never invited you to cosplay in her groups? Hmmm?

No. 464859

Its like I cant tell if she's referring to losing Mariah's friend group recently or if everyone else doesnt want to associate with her because of Mariah

I see people still riding Gabby's dick trying to be her friend but Gabby never responds if they've openly criticized Mariah
So no offense to Gabby but she brought this upon herself

No. 464994

File: 1515419628232.png (25.89 KB, 633x297, 44542412132132154.png)

>Self-aware Vamp

Does Vamp count as a calf anymore? She's moving out of Mariah's hovel now, maybe she'll go back to working on decent cosplays and not rely on lewd shoots.

No. 465760

Did she say that she was going to stop relying on lewds?

No. 467317

File: 1515665704983.png (50.48 KB, 580x284, Screenshot 2018-01-11 at 2.09.…)

So Cat seems to think Mariah fits in her blouse. She doesn't. The buttons are puckering. the collar was made haphazardly and while you did make peasant sleeves, the cuffs are too small. Clapping back when you need the criticism is not professional.

No. 467318

File: 1515665796532.png (21.98 KB, 575x120, Screenshot 2018-01-11 at 2.10.…)

No. 467776


Translation- I am incapable of having enough attention to detail to be accurate with my work, so here's an excuse to compensate for it.

No. 474323

File: 1516265186371.png (40.43 KB, 469x359, Screenshot 2018-01-18 at 12.44…)

No. 474324

File: 1516265233324.png (32.21 KB, 426x285, Screenshot 2018-01-18 at 12.44…)

No. 474331

We need to put together an updated list of calves, she goes through them so quickly

No. 474341

oh wow lmao. you probably know more about the actual situation, but i thought it was a fuck buddy thing where he caught feelings. a relationship doomed from the start

No. 474346

File: 1516267978945.png (902.73 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-01-18-01-31-24…)

No. 474365

Agreed. The only asskissers she seems to have left are Gabby and Antares.

No. 474390

Holy shit she looks here confirmed? I feel as if no matter how moo "looks away and ignores" lolcow, now she'll always ask herself why vamp would check up on it if she truly turned a blind eye to here

No. 474418


this thread is barely used, theres like nothing to see. what a loser. no one mentions it or links it or anything. legit no one cares. its not even a vamp thread either cause we don't care about her that much. jeez.

at least she got to read these posts lol >>434099 >>434871

No. 474948

No, it wasn't supposed to be a casual relationship. Rae is a pretty all or nothing kind of guy. If he says its a relationship then he means it, he doesn't really publicize fuck buddies.
He was planning to move for Sabrina and everything.

No. 475194

Does she not realize people mainly hate Moomoo because she is a giant raging lying cunt?

No. 475255

File: 1516343229719.png (Spoiler Image,482.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180119-062522.png)

Vamps posted a "twerking" video which is literally just her bouncing her ass off her heels? Hard to explain without watching it yourself. I thought she was distancing herself from the thot side of cosplay.

No. 475280

Once she's moved she probably will? Plus she likely did Me Me Me around the same time as Moo? Or at least was pushed toward it like she's being about Devilman rn. Vamp probably is taking heat just from 'mama' Nigri acknowledging her instead of Moo. So to her it's probably easier to just continue as she was until she's out.

No. 475335

rare footage of Moo attempting to be le funny xD!! (at 10:18)

No. 475341

I like how Aleks basically ignores her after her comment.

No one associated with Rooster Teeth is going to like you, Moo.

No. 477184

File: 1516577641902.png (804.26 KB, 597x907, 123.png)

eh i dunno where to put these but its susu so i guess she goes here. a lot of cow crossovers just in two pics(there is a cosplay thread)

No. 477187

File: 1516577706548.png (864.67 KB, 596x912, 12345.png)

No. 477390

What does has to do with momo? The first photo is Bunny Ayumi, you can see it in the @. Both Bunny and Susu don’t follow moo so can you go reach elsewhere?

No. 477400

susu doesnt have her own thread and shes listed as a calf because she associates with moo even though she doesnt follow her anymore. bunny and susu are dating so theyre a one package deal. chill theres no derailing and youre the one who hasnt saged their shit newfag.

No. 477405

>she associates with moo
>doesn’t follow her


No. 477424


Wasn't Susu married?

No. 477429

Probably moo or her lapdogs butthurt about these two unfollowing, lmao.

No. 481049

File: 1516896401980.jpg (242.52 KB, 1800x1200, Rhinoplasty_016.jpg)

Kinda OT but I saw this picture and immediately thought of Vamplette. I think that if she fixed nose and jaw/teeth she would completely destroy Moomoo looks wise. Her body is already 100% better than Mariah's

No. 484290

Figure this better here, but since Vamp did Junk does anyone else feel like she just threw it together to keep tensions between her and Moo down? She's by means a master but she knows her characters well enough. I feel like her Junk wig is for another character and she didn't want to muss it up. Hell she didn't even make his gun.

No. 485048

Damn that must’ve been life changing for that girl. Holy shit what a difference. Is it weird I’m super happy for her? Fuck it up girl.

No. 486651

File: 1517296989312.png (58.25 KB, 593x346, Screenshot 2018-01-29 at 11.21…)

No. 486653

File: 1517297060239.png (69.77 KB, 606x360, Screenshot 2018-01-29 at 11.21…)

doesn't she realize she's friends with these types of girls???

No. 487873


Any info on SS or bunny?

No. 487908

Gabby is really fake though.

No. 487912

File: 1517388258925.png (9.21 MB, 1242x2208, D8BC27C8-96DB-4B50-A544-CCFF73…)

Damn vamp has been taking photoshop tips from moo

No. 487948


Bunny's powerword has been out there for years. Oddly enough, SSS isn't a presence on her "real" FB page.

No. 488019

remember sss stopped using fb as much cause she had views, but fb got suspicious being that it wasn't through buying their ads. it's happened at least twice now

No. 488080

Neither of them follow or support Mariah and they have no milk or drama so anyone bringing them up clearly has a vendetta. Mods already banned people for trying to bring them up here so maybe that should show you something.

No. 488233

Trouble in paradise calling Moo out me thinks.

No. 489195

File: 1517488607463.jpg (178.94 KB, 1366x2048, 27173645_1153225504808082_1678…)

No. 489196

File: 1517488621230.jpg (170.16 KB, 1366x2048, 27625204_1153225491474750_9142…)

No. 490341

File: 1517565025992.png (323.49 KB, 627x678, Screenshot 2018-02-02 at 1.50.…)

Vamp is selling some of her things for moving out costs

No. 490353


LOL, Wirru is as fake as Reika is, the only difference is that people want to suck on his pecks while he twirls on an ice skating rink.

No. 490355

honestly aside from the hair, I really love her junkrat

No. 490389

She’d be a great Kefka

No. 492540

SSS is not considered one of Mariah's calves, discuss her in the general cosplay thread.

No. 494734

File: 1517890806224.png (493.02 KB, 936x594, Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 8.17.…)

No. 494761

She's actually really cute as Junkrat. I agree with other anons about the hair but a part of me kinda thinks it works too? I dunno.

You go, Vamp

No. 498478

:51 Roxy's Mountain Lady

No. 498508

I cringe at how hard she tries to tuck her chin in videos. like it’s almost why bother to even appear in videos when you’re not confident in your face or want to portray yourself looking a different way you know?

No. 498659

Apparently that's one of the reasons she said she's stepping away from going to cons anymore. I heard that her fans didn't even recognize her when they went looking for her there. Its not surprising, seeing as she photoshops the hell out of her pictures.

No. 498662

Samefag, she didn't state that as the reason outright but we all know that's why she's not doing them anymore

No. 498699

File: 1518187771664.jpeg (146.44 KB, 1242x450, EAB5C985-5D81-45BC-81C9-70C4DB…)

I had to rub my eyes a bit, because I couldn’t recognize her (and still can’t believe that’s her) because her facial features look so different in the photoshopped photos.
I didn’t expect her to be in ALA was her earlier tweet in January when she said she couldn’t make it, so that was another reason not to think that was her in the video. When I compare the shoop pics and the video screenshot, I can’t recognize them as one and the same person from the face.

No. 498748

Who are you talking about, Roxy or gabby?

No. 498760

The video and the person we are taking about is of Roxy. Gabby did not go go ALA you're confused honey lol.

No. 498999

Roxy, but I got her mixed up with Gabby by coincidence because both of them had cosplayed Mt. Lady.

No. 499079

Ah I see.

Both of them cosplayed mt lady? Wow. Not a speck of originality in any of these people. They want to cry that people don't embrace cosplay enough as an expression, but all they do is cosplay whatever characters "in" at the time.

No. 499349

File: 1518231408796.png (98.68 KB, 720x486, Capture _2018-02-09-20-51-36-1…)

Dunno why she's retweeting this. She's still doing the same things she always does and if its in defense of moo moo, please stop embarrassing yourself, that bitch washes, rinsed and repeats.

No. 499434

Doesn’t moderatelyok dislike moomoo?

No. 499440

a lot of things are cool in fiction that aren’t ok in real life, is she 5

No. 499696

Lord knows. I've never seen someone whine so much about being called out for extensive photoshopping. Roxy needs to gtfo the internet. Nobody actually believes she looks like that :/

No. 502458

File: 1518593404907.jpg (527.42 KB, 1080x1361, Screenshot_20180213-232656.jpg)

Has anyone mentioned this girl she used to hang out with Mariah a bit ago? Kroftkat is her name can't help but notice her over edits

No. 502459

File: 1518593437988.jpg (605.84 KB, 1079x1489, Screenshot_20180213-232538.jpg)

No. 503980

File: 1518722886571.jpg (143.11 KB, 900x1200, DWDtaFIUQAAA8jh.jpg)

Looks like vamplette moved to a crack house or something lmao. seriously I know you browse this site, clean your room you fucking thot

No. 504007

that's still moo's house, anon.

No. 504009

people who do that eyeliner should shoot themselves. it does not look good and it does not make your pupil look bigger, just makes you look like you have white liner on your waterline.

No. 504012

Lmfao never would have thought that any of them would cosplay from Houseki. Especially now that the hype train is over and that anime isn't very popular with neckbeards.

No. 504538

File: 1518750690522.png (198.08 KB, 357x376, Capture _2018-02-15-21-08-35-1…)

Look at her chin, oh my god. She's getting even worse. I'm kind of wondering if we should make a thread about her and make the title picture with ever last chin she's taken video/ picture of. Its blowing my mind because it gets smaller and less defined the more she posts.

No. 504539

Samefag. The quality of that picture wasn't dulled down by me, her suits naturally like that

No. 504542

Jesus, I don't get how neither of them aren't embarrassed by this. They live in an actual trash heap.

No. 506267

The majority of her photos on her Instagram are heavily photoshopped. Pretty sure she still hangs out with momo though

No. 506957

File: 1518935597052.png (225.09 KB, 593x654, Screenshot 2018-02-17 at 10.32…)

Moo seems to have received a munchie as a stalk-I mean friend

No. 506959

File: 1518935680976.png (83.07 KB, 592x575, Screenshot 2018-02-17 at 10.34…)

No. 506962

kek glad to see we’re on the same wave length. given we don’t have too much proof she’s a munchie yet but constantly tagging cosplayers in your hospital photos, saying you’ll finally be so omg happy when you meet them and wow you get yo meet them before you die of organ failure are def ticking the boxes. Sick or not I don’t know why you’d latch on to moo and vamp so hard, I remember seeing her months ago posting pictures in her dva swimsuit saying she was chubby and how momo inspired her to go out in it and be a cosplayer so this is something that’s been going on for awhile.

No. 506963

File: 1518935964922.png (84.45 KB, 589x415, Screenshot 2018-02-17 at 10.39…)

She's definitely something…

No. 506967

File: 1518936125103.png (91.32 KB, 577x623, Screenshot 2018-02-17 at 10.42…)


No. 506969

so weird, if she didn’t have so many pictures of herself I’d swear she was a neckbeard

No. 506976

File: 1518936564648.png (239.92 KB, 599x623, Screenshot 2018-02-17 at 10.27…)


No. 506977

File: 1518936585346.png (325.64 KB, 595x622, Screenshot 2018-02-17 at 10.24…)

No. 507340

I know this chick is sick and it has probably caused her social abilities to be pretty poor but why are you tagging random people in your business? I would block them so fast…
I bet Nigri has to deal with that type of people all of the time.
>you've shown me attention! Here is my entire life documented from here on out.

No. 507695


this girl seems unstable enough that she would cut off her own hair to try to get attention from her cosmom(s)

No. 508134


I think she's angling for free stuff? 'I'm so sick! Come give me things!'

No. 508172

File: 1519016513598.jpeg (106.29 KB, 750x570, 60C3471F-D4F1-466F-8C57-6BB9B7…)

No. 508553

File: 1519064176010.png (358.91 KB, 592x571, Screenshot 2018-02-19 at 10.15…)

Mariah's munchie asking for attention

No. 508573

Okay this girl is so creepy. She probably only got to hang out with Mariah and her friends because she told them this "I'm gonna die soon" story

No. 508648

File: 1519068876817.png (44.53 KB, 609x279, Screenshot 2018-02-19 at 11.31…)

She and her friend are doing the same thing; tagging Nigri clones and asking to meet them. Something's going on but it could just be my paranoia.

Her Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mikukittydarkleek.hatsune

No. 509111

hey yall, i was directed here from mariah's thread. i had an experience with this crazy girl at katsu. i'll just repost.

mariah took a second to tell me that she liked my costume and i thanked her & chatted with her for a second cause i wasn't about to start shit.
this girl was standing next to her, and her expression completely changed when she looked at me. she looked absolutely rip shit pissed when mariah turned to talk to me.
when i walked away, both friends that were with me asked me what the fuck her problem was and what i did, and i said i had no idea.
it's actually hilarious that it's this girl, it explains why she nearly went batshit on me just for being talked to by mariah.

No. 509114

File: 1519093117994.png (33.37 KB, 503x556, chat1.png)

my boyfriend asked her where i went because he'd seen me standing over there and she was mega fucking weird, blew him off with some snarky thing like she was furious that he asked.
pic related, me asking if he remembered the weird girl.
when he found me he asked me what her problem was and if i knew her and i obviously didn't. she was just furious that mariah talked to me, i guess.

No. 509584


Yikes. This screams, "I made this when I was 12."

No. 509839

Not sure if HollyTWolf is getting close to Moo or what, but she did spend a good chunk of time with her at Katsu. Keeping an eye out for her.

No. 509843

I think it’s funny that holly was having a spa day on insta and then momo had to go to the spa too

No. 510227

File: 1519185021841.png (20.02 KB, 589x146, Screenshot 2018-02-20 at 7.49.…)

No. 510229


Surrrrreee they did, munchie.

No. 510243

File: 1519186409263.jpeg (157.25 KB, 750x546, 7AC06616-E505-4D2E-ABB3-E377E9…)

She’s on her instastory in a towel talking about how she has to take a shower to stop her skin from “itching and burning.” Id give her a peek because her instastories are full blown momoesque copying with zoom ins and all

No. 510322

File: 1519191332329.png (45.58 KB, 587x231, Screenshot 2018-02-20 at 9.35.…)

No. 511619

File: 1519330610353.png (20.62 KB, 588x133, Screenshot 2018-02-22 at 12.16…)

No. 511661

crazy munchie, mercury doesn't even do that.

No. 511863

Which of the calves are honestly still around- I feel like only Collette, Sabrina, and she's not in the description, but Roxxy are around. Replacing Jessica with Holly now too? Any bets on how long that will last?

No. 511970

The best part is that’s an assassin not a saber class

Fake nerd ass kissing at its finest

No. 512190

File: 1519360309180.png (42.38 KB, 608x326, Screenshot 2018-02-22 at 8.31.…)

No. 512208

File: 1519361451733.png (18.31 KB, 584x166, Screenshot 2018-02-22 at 8.50.…)

No. 512571

File: 1519406151768.jpeg (270.05 KB, 500x910, 04F22380-7B87-4D88-BF36-2AB0B7…)

New calves incoming.
Here’s Midna Ash. Some thot who shows her asshole on tumblr and defends moo to leech attention since no real cosplayers would want to associate with her. She’s always posting negative shit and getting into petty arguments. She just can’t stay away from drama.

No. 512618

i bet they think jeanne is saber too. kek.

No. 512660

But she didn't have any trouble walking around a con in a huge costume all day… Sure, munchie

No. 513071

File: 1519441934645.png (20.24 KB, 608x162, Screenshot 2018-02-23 at 7.12.…)

No. 513080

File: 1519442268299.jpeg (462.84 KB, 1242x1771, 30616D3A-FB71-41F1-8A1C-E9F07B…)

No. 513086

File: 1519442417716.jpeg (508.9 KB, 1242x1786, 170CB7B6-604C-497A-A4AC-B03B69…)

I used to like Midna and was stoked when we became mutuals. After seeing her defend and retweet momo & vamp is just a no from me. Then this. Does she not realize the guy was referring to momo

No. 513095

What a moron. Moo lewded multiple underaged characters just this past year.

No. 513099

Midna Ash is a hypocritical thot who will leech off anyone she can get attention from to sell her pics shoving things in her ass. She makes stupid tweets trashing on people who call out Moo all while this twitter exchange shows she’s against everything Moo has done.

No. 513245

ash is only famous cause her bf is octopimp. i remember when they first started dating he'd link her stuff all the time.

No. 513512

File: 1519499836358.png (244.81 KB, 478x598, Screenshot 2018-02-24 at 11.16…)

No. 513554

Perfect, Collette is wearing that Lunafreya dress they ended up finishing with visible safety pins in that.

No. 515336

File: 1519684105518.png (66.64 KB, 587x347, Screenshot 2018-02-26 at 2.27.…)

No. 515559

File: 1519707177298.jpg (280.94 KB, 1001x976, Screenshot_20180226-235205.jpg)

From Midna Ash's Tumblr

No. 515973

File: 1519755420995.jpeg (335.8 KB, 750x917, 5E15F581-FC87-4F55-ADDC-1A72E1…)

Okay but Mariah continued to do shitty things after that so what does Ash mean that she improved? Ash was also shitting on shadman even though Moo was JUST sucking up to him. Ash is just another leech pretending to like Mariah for attention.

No. 516292

File: 1519778259908.png (2.52 MB, 750x1334, 3F62FDE1-3BE0-441D-9B5A-7A6EF0…)

No. 516294

File: 1519778318793.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, 7E87644F-0506-4993-AB4E-5A8A18…)

she also semisubtly ebegs

No. 516506

File: 1519798117037.png (719.61 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-02-27-22-06-29…)

No. 516507

File: 1519798139244.png (685.39 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2018-02-27-22-06-36…)

No. 516515


No. 516517

>wine coolers

No. 516532

>goes to Katsucon

No. 516622

this is almost every single person you attention whoring cunt

>tfw a hate thread outlasts the actual relationships


No. 516972

File: 1519848345869.png (2.14 MB, 750x1334, 01BC4208-5C5F-4995-8218-A7B52B…)

No. 517102

Love how she just assumes that people will even want her damn email or to send her money at all.

This bitch reminds me of Luna Slater.

No. 517487

File: 1519883794963.png (23.61 KB, 590x189, Screenshot 2018-02-28 at 9.55.…)

now its ~lewds~ for Amazon gift cards

No. 517488

File: 1519883882059.png (43.08 KB, 638x340, Screenshot 2018-02-28 at 9.58.…)

No. 517501

Next it's going to be "I'm doing a lewd photoshoot, Moo moo look!! I'm so inspired by mama moo"

No. 517507

File: 1519886481644.png (684 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-02-28-22-38-52…)

No. 517511

lord she's pathetic. she somehow manages to culminate everything negative about social media

fucking gross how she blatantly expects money to come at her for doing dick diddly. how can she possibly cosplay or do lewds if she's so sick uwu

No. 517513

She's apparently met her "goal" and bought not only Rin Tohsaka but Black Canary

No. 518315

File: 1519957564229.png (994.74 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-03-01-18-22-50…)

No. 518530

walk to physio and drive for coffee?????

No. 519436

File: 1520067364896.png (2.07 MB, 1347x794, bleach.PNG)

New calf? The one with the fucked hair and glasses. Goes by MomoAkuma, seems to be close to Momo recently

No. 519568

Is this the one moo keeps tagging in her ig stories? Christ this girl looks embarassing.

No. 519609

File: 1520092480658.png (967.04 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2018-03-03-07-52-36…)

No. 519611

File: 1520092502828.png (1.07 MB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2018-03-03-07-52-39…)

No. 519734

The one with glasses looks like a disabled man.

No. 519929

File: 1520119022441.png (200.97 KB, 345x654, Screenshot 2018-03-03 at 3.13.…)

No. 519930

File: 1520119045488.png (247.03 KB, 349x656, Screenshot 2018-03-03 at 3.13.…)

No. 520131

if something trigger her so hard, she shouldve googled it first. im pretty sure that oddly good christian site lists if a movie contains this kind of thing without spoilers? or some other site surely exists??

No. 520984

Question as I really have no idea. Why is she fake sleeping in these images. Is it some weird look at me I'm sick thing?

No. 522695

File: 1520390262724.png (1.14 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-03-06-18-32-59…)

Mariahs munchie begging

No. 522696

File: 1520390290780.png (1.17 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-03-06-18-32-51…)

No. 522699

File: 1520390325128.png (1.37 MB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2018-03-06-18-33-07…)

No. 522703

She mentioned like a day ago she was going to sell her anime figures and old cosplays what happened to that

No. 522759

I think once she received money she knew she could get money.

No. 522978

What the fuck is wrong with this girl
If she’s really too chronically ill to work she can get some sort of government support instead of pathetically begging the internet

Or at least earn her money online like other Patreon girls do

No. 524456

I think she might be crazy and self posting tbh. Kinda odd that she's on here since she's just an obsessed fan- that's not a friend sweetie.

No. 526744

cough Danielle Beauliu's Misty cough

Sage for OT

No. 526883

File: 1520832208067.jpg (102.85 KB, 508x927, 848948948.jpg)

why everyone hates me so much could it be because i'm a social media whore?

she has literally no friends, just like her idol

No. 526899

No. 528071

File: 1520962938586.jpeg (781.52 KB, 1242x1721, BDBF8923-1992-445C-9ECE-8D1109…)

Looks like momos new calves are out fighting her battles for her. She just stayed with this calf and now he’s tearing down susu and bunny saying they’re bullies

No. 528077

Matt is chanscum. Why are we even surprised??

No. 528119

He’s saying all this even though he defended her creepy lewd Kanna

God damn he’s such a pathetic ass kisser

No. 528156

They have to defend their choices as much as Momo defended hers lol, which is not at all.

No. 528197

Okay wait, what on earth does this have to do with bunny or succubus? Isn’t moo the one who did that shitty lewd kana without aging her up?

No. 528207

The original thread is long and not worth screenxapping but it’s a guy defending the nsfw voltron Design’s susu and bunny commissioned

No. 528232

Huh??? But he defended moo for doing kana, a character that was a litteral toddler and now he out of nowhere is jumping up Succubus and bunny’s asses? What a fucking pathetic faggot. He’ll do anything to win those moo points.

No. 528243

Moo burns through calves so quickly that the OP is hideously outdated only five months since its creation. It is almost sad watching her destroy what few connections she makes out there. Well, almost, she always manages to find someone desperate enough to hang with her.

Like this sad fuccboi over here >>528071

No. 528271

Bunny retweeting that big call out post on moo must have really hurt our cow big time so now she and her calves are desperately reaching to attack her and her gf.

No. 528368

File: 1520983286177.jpeg (456.83 KB, 750x1064, 8447D044-35ED-4EF2-8B06-CC8F0B…)

What a little fucking bitch. Once he saw he was getting 0 likes and roasted left and right of course he pussied out. Looks like his sad little attempt at a callout backfired.

No. 528371

So this fucking retard saw a post about bunny and suc doing voltron cosplays and decided to just jump in and attack them? How did he even see the post? Moo must have her calves watching like hawks.

No. 528408

Not to kiss ass but Bunny and SS have proved that they have their shit in line and can make proper arguments. Some rando trying to get MooMoo points should know better than to accuse them of shit without any actual reasoning behind it.

No. 528459

A little background on Matt for those who might be wondering or just to give info for those who don't know:
>Matt is from the TripFag days on CGL
>He and Tenleid were both in there, initially he was being helpful then got bitchier the more weight Tenleid lost.
>He was known for some Gurren Lagen cosplay or some shit. But it was pretty much CGL specific.
>Insulted fatties and chubs.
>Started to try to be helpful when CGL tried to become a helpful site and banned call out posts. Didn't last long.
>Broke up with Tenleid and got nasty about it. Helped spread rumors about her, supposedly, but also believably.
>There's a thread on here somewhere where Star clarifies things or something.
>Everyone stopped caring about him after the break up.
>Jump to present.

IDK if this should be saged or not, since it's old milk but background information as to why he's just a shitty person.

No. 528679

You forgot old lore anon
> First came to cgl in a dmc Dante
> Insisted he made the whole thing
> People pressed further, impressed by the overall quality in a day where decent storebought costumes were rare
> Unable to answer questions about craftsmanship
> Changes story to say his seamstress friend helped him
> Anon finds the exact eBay listing he bought because of some crazy minute detail like below buckles
> Fucker shuts up and doesn't respond anymore
>Resurfaces after a few months/years as some fitfag trying to date seagulls
>Transforms into his second iteration: the ice cream man
>Notorious for serial dating seagulls and having a flavor of the week

No. 528689

ty for finally posting about it here kek. I always wanted to know exactly what his pst was but I didn’t want to clog the momo thread asking

No. 528703

He also acts holier-than-thou like he doesn’t go on lolcow or cgl either and gets nasty with people that do when he used to be a tripfag himself. It’s really pathetic.

No. 528876

Their breakup was super messy. Unlike his other breakups, the girls were usually pretty hush about it and he'd be on the next girl. But Tenleid was speaking out about it, pretty much outing a lot of his crazy controlling behavior.

Not only that but he was always talking to girls. Him & Tenleid were back and forth or maybe breaking up and getting back together, but in between he was always talking to different girls. That's why him and his current GF were pretty quick to get together, but they kept it under-wraps for a while before it was safe to announce they were together.

I don't really know of his GF well because I don't think she was involved in CGL but it seems like after she got together with Matt all of her costume stuff got so much more sexual, sort of like with Tenleid. There's literally no proof in this but its just a super weird comparison.

No. 529186

His past relationships also lasted like 3-days to a week. Maybe because other girls smelled the crazy on him right away

No. 529192

File: 1521056805599.jpeg (356.37 KB, 479x1018, 64701DF5-E566-4E8C-98F9-A181B3…)

funny how he’s doing a timely Dante throwback.

as far as his gf goes sometimes she looks really good to me but then in other pictures (like his dumb pinned THIS IS MY WAIFU post) she looks completely different

No. 529196

File: 1521056960835.png (14.1 KB, 985x125, Untitled.png)

He was together with Tenleid the longest. They got little tattoos together at the time.

The only other breakup I remember was when he was with Don Kanonj (I think it was her), but he left his FB up and she read his messages and found out he was talking shit basically.

No. 529213

His new gf looks really old tbh

No. 529218

anyone remember the gist of the rumors he spread about Tenlied?

No. 529219

He's acting like moo and posting about content from lolcow almost immediately after it gets posted

No. 529230

I think she looks fine, decently cute.

I wouldn't be surprised if he lurked here. He was a former tripfag

No. 529245

Screenshots? Pretty sure moo and all her calves lurk and post here about the various girls they are jealous of. Moomoo randomly attacking chellhellbunny out of the blue and this fag megamarines attacking ss and bunny over similar shit moo did just confirms my suspicions. Also isn’t that guy like a rapist or something? I heard rumors of him attacking girls at cons. Moo sure knows how to surrond herself with trash.

No. 529252

I've never heard of him attacking girls at cons, but he has gone behind whomever he's dating to talk to other girls. Don't think he's a rapist, just not a good dude.

No. 529260

I think they’re referring to the Dante bit

No. 529265

Can we get an updated list of who the calves even are anymore? OP is outdated unfortunately so it's hard to keep track of any new milk.

No. 529299



I don't think the diclonius girl even counts anymore because she's actively ignoring the crazy on her Twitter

Elizabeth Rage
Momo Akuma
and sometimes Midna Ash jumps in once in awhile to white knight her.

Of course @Vamplettes is still around, and her photographer Square Noodles is always in her insta stories as well.

Good lord, for a chick who thinks she's the shit she really is scraping at the bottom of the barrel. I only know who these people are because watching MooMoo crash and burn and sever ties with everybody constantly is so funny.

Doesn't seem Holly T Wolf even wants to keep associating with her, haha.

Her excuse is "everyone in the cosplay community is so fake" I'm starting to wonder if maybe she does have a learning disability or mental illness and just can't see why people start avoiding her after getting to know her…

No. 529306

if he's into matronly types then he should be in moo's cunt any day now.

No. 529309

Never heard of “momo akuma” before i saw moo tagging her in her cringy fittness IG stories which explains why she would latch onto moo for relevancy. She’s got a hideous face and keeps doing those ugly ahegaos.

No. 529345

File: 1521063971842.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.97 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20180314_143902310.j…)


I honestly think she's trying it. No one else noticed this in the MooMoo thread but the left pic is his current gf's body and I'm sure this is just a bad angle but she looks low-key ana-chan, and the right pic definitely looks like he's interested in the view lol. Also MooMoo tagged him in a few odd posts about him feeding her fries and they were together at someones house promoting anime lifting belts on her insta story. Veronica was nowhere in any of the frames. I might be overanalyzing but moo always seems to try it with the not single guys.

No. 529347

That’s interesting - I remember bunnyayumi did a shoot with momoakuma a few months ago but the pics are gone. Suddenly she’s sucking moos clit?

No. 529360

Probably used bunny for fame just like how she is leeching off moo except moo is desperate enough for asskissers to keep all these obvious coat tail riders around. it’s safe to assume akuma is trash since she is willingily associating with moo. People can’t use the excuse that they are unaware of moo’s shitty behavior anymore considering it’s common knowledge with plenty of evidence.

No. 529364

This has already been discussed in the main thread, Matt is an open fatty-basher and for sure has a thing for slim/skinny girls. He wouldn't touch Moo with a pole.

No. 529368

Yah but you wouldn't necessarily know that as fact considering he was with Tenleid when she was chubbier. Like I said before I just think moo's trying it, haha. Would love to see her fuck up one of the few relationships she has left.

No. 529483

I don’t really see anachan with her, her body’s pretty much looked the same if you look at her old photos. I doubt Matt is interested in Moo, when he got with Tenlied she was thinner, and got in shape when she was dating him.

But I could definitely see Moo trying to go after Matt. Also after his breakup with Tenleid he was pretty much booted from any west coast group that was even tolerating him. Moo is all that’s left at this point.

No. 529498

i feel bad for veronica associating with moo because she really has talent when it comes to styling wigs.

also roxy jumped the boat too it seems.

No. 529523

if I had a dollar for every fuccboi I know that "hates fat girls" while fucking them on the DL (or even openly) I'd be significantly richer lol. this guy definitely doesn't have standards.

No. 529554

She chose to also be a leech so don’t feel sorry for her.

No. 529600

Hasn’t he been with Veronica for 2 years now? Seems like he’s having more fun with her

No. 529602

Hi tenleid(hi [cow])

No. 529607

Wait wasn’t tenleid the one who lost it after the breakup? I remember her making up lots of weird stories and then trying to suck up to anyone who would listen.

That bitch fake as shit and y’all buyin into it

No. 529613

Yeah she’s scamming peeps on her patreon right now too. She’s terrible

No. 529616

Except Matt’s other exes AND mutuals with both Tenleid and Matt backed her claims up during the break up. He lost just about all his friends which is why he has nobody except for the small circle in Sacramento and moo.

This reeks of Matt and Veronica posting.

No. 529618

You sound like someone who knows Matt personally but not quite well enough.


No. 529620

Thank you for proving me right in my guess.

I’d rather not know him, thanks. Most people are better off not knowing him.

No. 529621

They’re both terrible honestly

Tenleid puts out shit on her patreon that’s borderline more cringe tier than moomoo and has even worse photoshop if that’s even possible

No. 529622

Yee because it’s definitely one of two people

Go get more fat tenleid

Love N

No. 529623

Also I’m sure you know how anon boards work, you don’t need to make 4 separate posts samefag. It’s obvious you’re the same person when it’s all posted at the same time, Matt whiteknighting, and no sage. You really suck at this kek

No. 529625

shh let them keep at it, it's funny

No. 529626

No. 529627

>bringing up the same shit we've heard about tenleid over and over again in every thread
>not saging
>whining about any costhot 'scamming' patrons when these idiots could easily defend themselves or try and get their money back on their own

Their either new or vendettafags tbh

if people pay for it who gives a fuck?
So tired of people whining about costhots making money off of dumb neck beards. There's worse and there's better than moo and tenleid and vamp and whoever you wanna bitch about. Bring up real drama if it's relevant.

bringing up Matt looks like a weirdo is relevant because everyone in that sheep shoot looks like some kind of fetish degenerate.

Also Learn 2 sage

No. 529628

lol wtf i'm from overseas dude, didn't you notice my broken english?

No. 529633

File: 1521094613800.png (50.02 KB, 814x227, Screenshot 2018-03-14 at 11.17…)

Matt will feign empathy when it fits his jackass agenda. He just wants a breathing sex toy to fuck, not a "girlfriend" or a "wife". Veronica will be next. Guys who bash fatties will fuck them if it's laid out in front of them.

No. 529637

File: 1521094780094.png (74.64 KB, 820x418, Screenshot 2018-03-14 at 11.18…)

No. 529639


No wonder he gets along with moo. He's like a male version of her. This is painfully cringey but also hilarious

No. 529645

File: 1521096015205.png (281.1 KB, 1364x663, Screenshot 2018-03-14 at 11.40…)

No. 529652

Can't wait to see him post this to his twitter with a self-deprecating "LOL LOOK AT HOW MUCH OF A NERD I WAS"

No. 529653

The first thing that comes to mind when seeing this is “what a dweeb” of course he’s a furry. he’s literally “muh dicks too big”

No. 529676



lmao why am i not surprised he's a furfag

No. 529693

This is SO fucking hilarious and sad. Matt's ego is bigger than any dick size he wants to make up, and as someone that's actually seen it, it's not that bag.
Polite sage for not being able to provide actual proof but I just thought this was so funny to see.

No. 529756


Mariah surrounds herself with fuck boys all the time but this one takes the win! Holy fuck! Never thought anyone could be this cringy. No wonder he's around Mooriah. Most likely he is only in it for the fame and knows she is his ticket into getting more attention. With his track record, if she was some random, he would be fatshaming her.

No. 529804

Anyone wanna bet that Moo backpedaling on making fun of furries after clapping back at that med school guy was due to her and Matt circling each other?

No. 529815

Fucking gross. His ego has always been so massive, he seems to have this thing for trying to manipulate the women around him. Notice he doesn't have any male friends.

No. 529844

It says 8 years ago.

I don’t like him but this is a real reach gang

No. 529957

Even if it is a reach it's still gross. Mariah's twitter shit was all "4 years ago" and it just goes to show people don't change. They just hide it better.

Anyways, didn't realize how much of a dog this guy was. One of those guys who didn't have looks going for him so he works out to compensate. Ever notice how people like that have huge egos and are just in general over the top rude people? I always have a narrative in my head when I watch them being snowflakes:

"I'm ugly but I have a fit body and people compliment that so I'm going to project as much as possible so people don't notice my insecurities about my sloth face and horse teeth."

Why not just be nice? Especially MooMoo, why be so fucking loud and "notice me!"? People would hate you less. Lmao.

No. 529981

>sloth face and horse teeth

I dunno what you’re seeing but everyone agrees that he’s attractive and just a weird douche.

No. 529992

File: 1521138426941.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1242x1377, 1F22367C-0C45-45E2-87A2-A767B4…)

Please don't say everyone lol, this guy looks like one cheesy fucking jabroni.

No. 529996

That's just a general overall when I'm talking about insecurities. Most people use sloth face and horse teeth as the first insult they throw when they don't have something original. People get really shallow and try to project to cover up any physical part of themselves they deem unattractive.

Thank you girl I wasn't sure how to explain it but his face is just really unfortunate. Everything about him screams insecure, trash talking cosplayers behind their backs with MooMoo, attacking random people on here thinking they're ex girlfriends. Nah, some people just don't like the company mooriah keeps.

No. 529997

Whatever you say mang

Not my taste but he’s not bad looking. I say this as a femanon with decent taste

No. 530006

Maybe I’m missing something but why go to these peeps profiles if you hate them?

There has to be a better way to waste time

No. 530010

>I say this as a femanon with decent taste

Sure, Jan.

No. 530013

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Let's be civil and move on.

No. 530015

That’s not what happens here and you know it

No. 530018

Did Matt and Jan have history or something?

I remember her thirsting after him about seven years ago

No. 530027


"Peeps" and "mang"

Hmm I dunno honestly that's a good question. But a better question is,

"Why lurk on a site where people don't like you just to pretend like it doesn't bother you? Don't you have a better way to waste time?"

Matt, Veronica. Turn off your phones and go for a walk or something.

By the way, if you're going to lurk and try to change people's opinions, learn to fucking sage. Its so obvious when people who don't frequent here are in the thread.

No. 530030

What happened to Gabby and Nana? Prime calves but I never saw a fight like the others. Did any of them finally publicly leave moomoo?

No. 530034

He looks like if The Situation had bulimia bloat

No. 530036

>Don’t actively shit on someone but instead come for gossip
>Get called someone else’s name for it

No. 530037

Nana bailed, but Gabby still occasionally swaps costume parts and takes bullets for Mariah on social media.

No. 530038

You’re so bad at hiding who you are lol no wonder you gave up and became a tripfag

No. 530041

Nana left a long time ago after she fainted at a con. She says it wasn't because of Mariah but they stopped talking after that. I'm guessing she only said that because Mariah put her on the spot in a twitter or FB fight with someone.

No. 530042

Veronica did get her wisdom teeth out today and matts playing nurse, maybe he got a little bored kek

No. 530048

Gabby is still tucked under Moo's fupa fold.

Nana fainted from wearing a corset in hot summer weather at a con. Moo was no where to be found. I don't remember if Moo posted a status about ~muh friends~ or what but people called her out. Nana said she was right there and ~supportive~. After the con, Nana posted about being severely depressed, took a hiatus and, mysteriously, does not talk to Moo as much anymore. Still cosplays but I hardly see them chat on Twitter like they used to.

No. 530051

File: 1521140015818.png (21.85 KB, 584x128, Screenshot 2018-03-15 at 11.49…)

plz no bully

No. 530054

File: 1521140129282.png (75.3 KB, 720x287, Screenshot_2018-03-15-11-52-21…)

No. 530055

File: 1521140146689.png (129.41 KB, 720x733, Screenshot_2018-03-15-11-52-43…)

No. 530056

Gratz on outing yourself.

Love N

No. 530057

File: 1521140165615.png (110.01 KB, 720x391, Screenshot_2018-03-15-11-51-54…)

No. 530058

all of this information is on twitter anon

No. 530062


Sorry forgot to post milk because of tripfag over here. Just report everything that's unsaged clearly it's a WK or a personal friend. But do these screenshots answer your question?

No. 530066

Actually what happened is Nana made a post saying how 'none of her friends that she cosplayed with checked or cared about her' or something about those lines. The post got out and moo did her usual bullying black mail nonsense and Nana then had to make a tweet saying 'noooo Moo was toootally caring and loving and perfect' ignoring that her first post obviously shat on moo. but yeah she pretended to be good buddies with moo for a couple of weeks after than and since then moo went back to copying her.

No. 530067

any guesses on who N is since they wanted to give an initial to themselves?

No. 530069

Probably Nicoletters but who the fuck cares

YES! I remember. Thank you.

No. 530087

Same Nicolette is active on twitter right now, took a pic of her laying in bed with her cat so clearly she's being productive. (I suspected it was her and looked up her twitter) they think they're being slick but it's so obvious.

Besides she's been sucking Moo's ass again too so of course she would lurk here.

No. 530093

I thought Nicolette didn’t like Matt which wouldn’t make sense. I remember her saying bad things about him during the breakup with Tenleid. Maybe she’s whiteknighting for Veronica?

No. 530097

She's a snake. She also used to talk shit about moo too but look at her now. She'll suck up to and for anyone that she deems is worth it at the time

No. 530132

File: 1521143938693.jpg (11.36 KB, 300x168, 1518059648942.jpg)

It's a slang!

No. 530133

I would honestly feel bad for him if he wasn't publicly come off like such a douche. I don't even mean appearance-wise, I mean having a history of shitting on fat girls and talking about his dick that's definitely ten inches and how much he makes his girl cum. You could be the hottest dude in the world and that'll still make you ugly.

No. 530147

you look like a horse in anything, i hope this helps since you are lurking

anyway how old is he? he looks like 40 and i'm not joking or trying to be mean

No. 530156

I thought I was the only one who thought he looked like a 40 year old dad from Jersey.

No. 530160

I’m really not seeing this?????? Guy has a pretty face and bad personality.

He’s like mid-20s if I recall.

No. 530161

In a way this is kind of endearing though, it's like "ohp they're coming at me time to just roll over and take it" he knows he's ugly haha just leave him alone.

Unlike MooMoo who uses it to send white Knights in here and fish for compliments. He could be doing the same thing who knows but honestly I don't know him. I know moo will use anything for attention a validation tho.

No. 530168

I feel bad for him

I’ve hunted his tweets for a week and haven’t seen him be mean or garbage yet

No. 530175

Note that I think SuSu and Bunny are trash

No. 530196

Im on the fence about them still. Either they're completely unproblematic and go out of their way to avoid being friends with any cosplayers because there's a lot of drama, and because of that they come off as assholes


They're the most problematic and are just really good at hiding their bitchy backstabbing ways.

Difficult to say.

No. 530202

I’ve worked with them twice

They’re divas and generally full of themselves. No real personality there

No. 530222

Oh look, here comes one of moo moos lackies. Based on what they said I bet it’s this one >>529347

They RT and share tons of cosplayers on their IG stories and support several on patreon. Pretty much all the girls they share have less followers than them too.

With how moo’s little lapdog megamarines just tried to attack them we can assume moo considers them a huge threat and is trying really hard to shit talk them here.

No. 530232

His shit wasn’t even an Attack. It was a callout

Go away

No. 530236

File: 1521147455595.jpeg (105.67 KB, 800x800, A3C6C860-9D3E-4246-BF18-2C8A74…)

Bunny has only worked with two other girls, sabrina and momoakuma, BOTH moo calves.

No. 530238

Moo moo calves aren’t subtle at all, lmao

No. 530239

What is a photographer

No. 530246

LOL is he trying to look like the Chad meme or something with that fucking wedge hair? his eyes are practically screaming "validate me ladies"

oh wah. perhaps people would pick on your shitty looks less if you had a brain to think with instead of your microdick. in b4 you take the Chad cosplay idea.

No. 530247

Nice backpeddle but why would a photgrapher come here specifically to a thread about Mariah’s calves to WK Matt and insult the same 2 girls Matt just tried to lash out at?
You aren’t clever.

No. 530252

File: 1521148084912.jpeg (93.42 KB, 750x236, B29ECCD4-561E-49DC-A953-41DB0E…)

Also interestingg that all this shit talking and WKing happens when matt is active on twitter

No. 530268


>Shell of choice: Tortoise X3

kill me

No. 530273

Can no one else see that the second someone insults Bunny or Susu the threads go to shit? Again it just validates what I said. Either they really are good people that avoid trash heaps like MooMoo or they're bad people and lurk these threads to get make sure the shit talking is only reserved for the people they don't like. Can't tell who's who.

No. 530276

Its the only thing that can explain the white knights honestly. Looks like a lot of lewd cosplayers are lurking these threads and side with them.

No. 530277

Just today? If I had lines in my face like you I'd have self esteem issues for life

No. 530282

Tbh this time it really seems like it’s matt posting this stuff considering how as soon as the bunny/ss posting starts he also gets white knighted and he was active on twitter. Moo and her calves should get called out if it’s clear they are posting here to suit their agenda.

No. 530286

File: 1521149717533.jpeg (76.68 KB, 725x253, 77166C27-DE68-4F11-A1D9-9FBE77…)

>Not posting the whole thing

No. 530292

It’s completely them shitting on everyone else. They have shit personalities and dump on everyone who doesn’t like them

No. 530295

Are you fucking retarded?

No. 530299

It could also just be people who aren't them with opinions of their own. I don't doubt that they may lurk but not everyone is them.

The same thing happens in Mooriah's thread when they're mentioned and those anons always make it hella obvious and it smells of vendetta.

To be fair, they didn't avoid trash heaps. They were both friends with Moo for a while and ditched her ass when the MyOppa thing happened. Susu stuck with Moo for a long while.

No. 530307

Lol. This is a thread for Moo's crew. I like how, despite evidence, it is totally and completely impossible for anyone in this thread to be one of Moo's calves yet totally possible they are undeniably SSS or BunnyAyu. The logic goes both ways.

TBF: Matt was a TripFag. The possibility of him being here is pretty high, imo.

No. 530324

A bunch of unsaged posts all at the same time with no receipts attacking the same people Matt, a tripfag, just publically went after right as he is posting on twitter all while simultaneously defending Matt’s twitter post and attempting to absolve any other calf of responsibility by claiming “i’m a photog” as soon as the possibility of it being a calf gets brought up. It’s not knighting to point out an obvious vendetta.

No. 530325

But that’s obsessive and you’re just assuming something that’s a stretch.

It’s 3 Pm for the west coast. Everyone posts in the afternoon.

No. 530328

You’re projecting your own vendetta tho.

No. 530333

Not that anon but how is it a vendetta to talk about a calf in the calves of Moo thread?

No. 530335

Going to a specific place to rant about specific people is what an obsessive person does.

No. 530342

If Matt’s a tripfag he knows how to sage

No. 530344


All this shit reeks of vendetta.

No. 530348

Lmao talking about a calf like Matt in the calves of moo thread isn’t “vendetta”. Lol such an obvious knight.

No. 530351

you all want this thread deleted right? jesus christ.

No. 530363

They do.

It's not so much a tinfoil at this point as much as it is stupid. This is a Calves of Moo thread. We're going to hate on her friends who are just as milky. Matt falls under this. If you have proof and receipts? Please. By all means. Take their SSS and Bunnyayu Vendetta to the irrelevant cosplayer thread. While I am positive Matt has posted in this thread at some point?? I don't think all the posts are by him. But, by that same logic? Matt IS a TripFag and there is a WK who IS saging. or has started to. He also knows how to troll.

But instead of dwelling on IS THIS MATT OR NOT how about we all just agree he's a cheating douchebro who is only trying to get relevant again cause there's a better looking FitBro's in the circuit now???

No. 530372

Matt was known to derail threads back on /cgl/ with his friends, this isn't anything new so can we just move on and talk about someone actually worth talking about?

No. 530377

It's never going to happen. Like you said, there's better looking fitbros in the scene, definitely guys with better personalities, and definitely guys who can actually make shit. If Matt had spent the last few years actually learning shit instead of trying to get his dick wet with random cosplay girls, he might've actually gotten somewhere, but all he's done is rack up a bad reputation.

He really is the male version of moo. When she goes down, he's going down with her

No. 530435

Do you know what site you’re on

No. 530444

they’re not wrong

No. 530546

I'm sorry but this dude is not attractive at all…I don't know him or his gf but honestly I think she could do better. He just…looks like a douchebag.

No. 530585

To be fair people are cherry picking the picture. The other half was posted further down

No. 530599

The caption has nothing to do with our opinions on his appearance.

No. 530674

it isnt "cherrypicking" when he actually looks like this?? all the time?????

No. 530683

The calves that roamed into the thread today are so fucking bizarre, I love it.

No. 530768

File: 1521177514981.png (552.04 KB, 720x1010, Screenshot_2018-03-15-22-13-46…)

Mariah's munchie has downloaded Fate/GO and is tagging Moo/Vamp a bunch.
Oh and this.

No. 530770

thanks i hate it
would never know who she was trying

No. 530772

She actually would make a pretty decent Brigitte but the fact that she's copying Momo who's usually copying JNig is too much.
And why can't anyone seem to spell her name right?!

No. 530825

>hair test

wowww a ponytail, u did it

No. 531064


Her leg is SO PALE! (o_o)

It looks like a mozzarella cheese stick!

No. 531342

File: 1521347087693.png (632.44 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-03-17-11-55-05…)

M ariah's munchies begging again

No. 531343

File: 1521347115483.png (1006.11 KB, 710x1145, Screenshot_2018-03-17-11-54-54…)

No. 531399

File: 1521350109408.jpeg (838.73 KB, 1242x1726, CF071A75-CE5D-4EBA-B902-37EE9E…)

I think we’re all agreed that she’s no longer a calf, moo is avoiding her. Unless she’s tagging moo directly imo she doesn’t really belong in this thread.

This cow on the other hand.. sucking the udder HARD

No. 531540

>They both inspire me to work harder

Uh… Only one of them makes their own costumes 80-90% of the time and it ain't Mariah.

No. 531672

no wonder Matt is getting along well with Mariah considering how he almost never makes his own stuff but tells everyone he made it

No. 531739


Matt is total garbage. You can tell he's been a total attention whore since his 4chan days. He want internet fame. He's clinging onto Mariah like a leech so he can get the kind of attention and fame that he's always been craving. No one else has sucked her clit this hard before..

No. 531858

Crazy concept

What if they’re just actually friends

No. 531879

Hey, I found a thread full of enormously pathetic losers who latch onto Momokun's every word and discuss her endlessly, day after day month after month. These people are astoundingly lame. Here's a link: >>>/snow/386826(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 531898

Nah, Matt is super fake. Back when he was the ice cream man he would write these posts about how much he loved his weekly girlfriends and how he never felt this way towards anyone else and all sorts of other bullshit. It was part of the reason why people made fun of him for being such a serial dater.

No. 531992

Whiteknight alert

No. 532145

That seems like a reeeeaaaal big stretch considering a large quantity of his drama is over 5+ years old

No. 532229

It’s pretty obvious that he hasn’t changed

No. 532235


Sounds like you’re holding a grudge

No. 532238

File: 1521422902794.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1242x1568, DFD26255-06BB-41E0-86A7-B116E8…)

Did vamp crop moo out of this pic??

No. 532242

Your Matt is showing.
It's really not hard to tell how fake he is, even in the last year he's really showed his ass during the breakup and trying to suck Moo's dick (that is when he's not spilling her lipo secrets). But no, we're just holding grudges anon.

No. 532258

Just read the thread you moron

No. 532367


Matt or Veronica. Just stop. Stop trying to white knight yourselves. It's okay to crave attention because let's face it a lot of people want attention. Matt you haven't changed one bit and it's obvious you're only using Mariah for attention. We get it. She has a decent following and she's an easy person to leech off of because she seems to desperate for friends/calves these days. The more you come in and white knight the more it shows you haven't changed.

No. 532410

Lol not even either of them, but you seem to be a bit uppity and obsessive about them so I’ll just let you be…

No. 532412

I like that you believe I’m Matt/Veronica. It makes this fun

No. 532894

It's supposed to be Mew, kek

No. 533115

File: 1521500946296.jpeg (412.87 KB, 750x827, 03BDE96B-CF8A-40A0-AC23-5809F4…)


No. 533802

I think vamp is still a calf.

No. 533853


Agreed. Until she either states it outright or we see them unfollowing each other, we shouldn't assume Vamp cut Mariah out of her life just yet. Vamp has been leeching off of Mariah for 3 years and is the longest running calf. I doubt Mariah will let her slip away with all the dirt Vamp has on her.

No. 533950

Vamp was caring for moo's cats while she was in Mexico they are very obviously still in direct contact.

No. 534232

File: 1521587232913.png (771.57 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-03-20-15-59-30…)

No. 534233

File: 1521587261897.png (794.56 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2018-03-20-15-59-36…)

No. 534302

File: 1521590122400.png (7.93 MB, 1242x2208, 346B9F57-FDAC-48BA-8685-140504…)

New calf Momoakuma

No. 534305

File: 1521590134257.png (457.09 KB, 643x765, 12EA7378-99DF-42E3-A0B9-A5CF29…)

No. 534307

File: 1521590327482.jpeg (215.15 KB, 776x1200, 0B1FC522-A12F-4137-8720-B745DE…)

Momoakuma is a dollar store tier costhot who does cringy ahegao faces (seen here >>519436 ) and does slutty versions of characters like Froppy. Seems to also be chunky and wide like moo.

No. 534314

File: 1521590541302.jpeg (743.21 KB, 750x1244, 8950943F-A43B-4987-AB5B-816A2C…)

>potato nose
>fucked wig
>terrible makeup
>concieler lips

She’s coming for Moo’s look.

No. 534332

As a person who’s about to go to a funeral tomorrow I must say what a selfish cunt for doing shit like this. No wonder she doesn’t have any friends.

No. 534343

why is she bald??

No. 534359

Looks like moo found someone with worse hair than herself

No. 534369

She belongs in the munchie thread or the irrelevant cosplayer thread. No one cares about her, moo ignores her now so unless she’s tagging moo directly she doesn’t belong in this thread

No. 534445

File: 1521597594572.jpeg (84.76 KB, 584x1200, 72BF7DEA-72F0-4EA4-BFDB-58DFC7…)

I can’t believe this girl has the audacity to ask for money on patreon when she looks like this.

No. 534452

>>534445 omg, her fucking head

No. 534888


Maybe that's why vamp made the tweet. She's sick of doing all of Mariah's dirty work and having her respsonsibilities pushed to her just because Mariah wants to go to cons and pretend to be an international celebrity.

No. 534923

I thought this was a man with makeup on at first

No. 535864

File: 1521743130700.jpeg (618.72 KB, 2048x2048, 64DE1C83-3D7F-4A2B-B2ED-F78D33…)

Yeah, seriously. I’ve always hated the ahegao shit but she’s got to have the ugliest most retarded attempts at it I’ve yet to see

Is she having a seizure? Posessed by a demon? How do people find this thing attractive?????

No. 535907

File: 1521748079487.jpeg (336.54 KB, 750x663, 927E081C-FFD7-4873-AE45-0BEEF0…)

I can’t get over how ugly and tacky she is. Where did moomoo pick up this dumpster fire?

No. 537050

File: 1521856676176.jpeg (487.87 KB, 741x978, AF0AF2B5-8DF0-4A68-A9D8-0FC069…)

Who even knows but Bisoujomom and Sabrina nichole aren’t much better.

I saw a pic of Sabrina where I thought she had a literal shit stain on her ass but it’s just a birthmark. Probably a nitpick but with her being lewd model and all, such a mark is pretty gross and unforunate

No. 537067

File: 1521858041099.jpeg (143.12 KB, 1200x584, B1B2D5DD-685B-4ACD-B162-200495…)

It’s just a mole. You’re really nitpicking. If younre going to roast her for something roast her for being hideous and still modeling somehow.

No. 537087

I’d consider the big ass mole to contribute to being hideous. She seems to know it looks ugly cause she tends to try to hide it. Not her fault it’s there but still not a nice looking birthmark

That face and bad hair tho…….she needs to take better care of herself. Looks like she’s pushing 40.

No. 537112

Aren't these supposed to be sexy/cute too? None of these are. Her face is so manly and gross. She can't look pretty even in different wigs…Ahego was a thing for a bit, but that died down so fast after a few months.

No. 537114

Sabrina's body is probably the best out of all of them, but Momoakuma has the better ass. Moo, however, really looks pretty amongst these girls though. Not body wise, but face wise. She's losing weight in her face as most people tend to do when they start working out. At least she did for a bit and then Pho again and blew up a few days later after this photo was taken. I'm pretty sure all these girls are asking HER to collab and not the other way around. I wonder if she is making them pay for her travel then for these shoots.

No. 537178

File: 1521873390291.jpg (39.97 KB, 1280x720, grulk.jpg)

I just realized who Momoaskuma looks like in this pic
When Hulk is like half transformed back to Banner. Sage for dumbshit

No. 537275

This legitimately looks like someone imitating a retarded person for a joke and not making an ahegao. But trash needs trash I guess? The're both cheap skanks looking for fame and fortune so it's only natural they flock together.

No. 537471

File: 1521917712433.jpg (216.45 KB, 1773x1773, PicsArt_03-24-11.48.01.jpg)

No. 537473

File: 1521917755919.jpg (65.37 KB, 720x897, PicsArt_03-24-11.51.17.jpg)

No. 537474

File: 1521917807414.png (39.33 KB, 720x195, Screenshot_2018-03-24-11-42-22…)

No. 537484

Moo is turning into the host for all the irrelevent parasitic thots in the community to latch on to.

No. 538149

File: 1522006354780.jpg (568.45 KB, 2048x2048, 9559EDCA-B68A-4158-8E85-1695B0…)


I looked her up and found out she's a cosplay deviant. Her ~precious~ Momokun has talked shit about cosplay deviants and thinks she's better than them because she doesn't go full nude like they do. Good job trying to stand up to someone who looks down on your line of work!


Also no one is trying to defame Mariah. She does it to herself. Yeah people talk about her past but don't you realize that MyOppa, the doxxing, the OC copying, the cosplay disrespecting, the lipo, the manipulation, the fake rape accusations against Nathan Deluca, throwing Krissy under the buss, and so on are ALL FUCKING RECENT?!?

No. 538159

Yeah moo said “i dont support CD because the don’t pay enough” on twitter. Love how her new calves used to shit on her or moo has shit on them in some way. Bunch of fake whores latching on to each other.

No. 538694

File: 1522083134188.jpg (567.55 KB, 2048x2048, 90BCA4A3-DE5B-4C67-99C7-27A9A9…)


Don't worry anon, with how she treats her calves, they're bound to be at each other's throats in no time. Look what she did to Krissy. She told Krissy that Nathan Deluca "raped" her and then threw her under the bus when Krissy told people about it. All because she didn't want her precious name ruined and because Nathan Deluca is friends with mama Nigri.

No. 538781

File: 1522095281694.jpeg (128.17 KB, 750x1065, 790B6218-874E-4938-8CEE-DD9773…)

It’s ok Sabrina you can just say mariah

No. 539174

File: 1522126305156.png (40.65 KB, 626x260, Screenshot 2018-03-26 at 9.50.…)

No. 539444


I doubt it's about Mariah. For now it definitely seems like they're drifting apart. They haven't been to a convention together in months even though Mariah's been to 2-3 this month alone. The only times where you see her is when they eat together once every two weeks.

Vamp has been demoted to being Mariah's personal catsitter.

No. 540222

She used to be a playboy model. She may be ugly with no makeup but shes way better than moo and actually looks really pretty with makeup on

No. 540276

How the hell was she a PB model when she looks like this? How do you go from high tier thottery like playboy to the bottom of the barrel costhotting with moo?

No. 540307

because playboy has no standards anymore. lots of thots have modelled for them, like meg Turney.

No. 540336

lol, that back down is Mariah tier pathetic. How fitting.

No. 541055

Of course he backed the fuck down, he gad no leg to stand on. Furfag redditor matt was litterally projecting moomoos shit qualities onto others to try to insite drama against them and got fried like he deserved. Probably hoped to be get lots of rts and likes like the people who call moo out lmao. We all know if he wasnt sucking moo’s ass for fame he would be making the call out posts himself.

No. 541397

This is the most assuming and weird post I’ve seen in a while.

You ok fam? You seem upset over quite literally nothing.

No. 541410

Aggro aside they’re not wrong

No. 541412

What do you want to bet it’s some short chubby girl

No. 541656

Why do you keep coming here to pretend none of this happened? The caps of you being male moo are literally right up there in this same thread.

No. 541688

File: 1522428278420.jpg (165.5 KB, 800x1200, IMG_7649.JPG)

"Hi guys my name is Matt and I have a 10 inch penis. Look at my pathetic crotch bulge."

So insecure

No. 541690

File: 1522428327513.jpg (548.27 KB, 2048x2048, C45F3B81-3F4E-47B2-B89E-2E97B8…)

Anyone know the story behind this one?? Did mostflogged and megamarines have some beef between them?

No. 541755

File: 1522432593941.jpeg (151.67 KB, 895x981, BC6E89CC-09B6-430D-B9E4-F833BF…)

No. 541770

>“This is the most assuming and weird post I’ve seen in a while”
>Ignores photo evidence of Matt doing exactly what the comment you’re replying to says
>Makes an actually totally assuming and weird post

All right, Matt.

No. 541776


Inb4 Matt makes Veronica start posting about how glorious his penis is.

I'm actually glad Matt is a calf. He takes the time to come on here and try to defend himself by pretending to be someone else.

Please Matt. This is lolcow. And you're a calf. You think farmers come here to defend a cow/calf?

No. 541843

I remember during the Tenleid breakup, MF said on Twitter that he would say sexual things even when asked to stop and that’s why she didn’t like him

No. 542958

File: 1522551145969.jpg (340.78 KB, 1620x960, Rae defense 1.jpg)

Didn't moo tweet very recently about sexual assualt? I wonder if these accusations with Rae have anything to do with that. She's also not following him on insta anymore? She is however following Hanari on IG. hmmm…..

No. 542963

File: 1522551313542.jpg (291.78 KB, 1620x960, rae defense 2.jpg)

No. 543103

When tenleid and him broke up a lot of people were commenting about how Matt was inappropriate towards female friends while he was in a relationship. He has a history of being a cheater.

No. 543127

Is Hanari trying to claim that Rae sexual assaulted her? Or is it other people making claims that this was non-consensual?

No. 543155

Isn’t Hanari the crazy girl that thinks she’s the ~one and only true junkerqueen~?

No. 543166

Hanari is saying Rae sexually assaulted her and that now her body is shutting down and she's having multiple seizures a day because of the PTSD. She posted on her IG story and on tumblr talking about how she was targeted and tricked into it when she just wanted to hang out

No. 543260


in her statement she literally said she wanted to try sexual things with him but then he licked her cheek and all shit hit the fan. she seems pretty unhinged based on what he shared and what she said. i’m pretty neutral on this but i’m leaning to she regrets getting sexual and this is how she retaliates.

No. 543286

Not a peep from moo about gabbys birthday on Friday leads me to believe she’s for sure done with moo. Shame she’ll never spill the beans.

No. 543317


I'm neutral on this too. Although I must admit that he has a history of being a pretty big fuck boy. There's many stories of him just being drunk all the time and getting too close for comfort with some people. A few people posted before on Mariah's thread about him being overly touchy with them even though they had a boyfriend or him attempting to kiss them.

Just seems like a fuck boy who let his popularity get to his head.

No. 543323

If we didnt have actual screenshots I would agree with you but that conversation she's obviously not blaming him but her trauma. If it was non-consensual or he hadnt stopped I cant imagine that the conversation would have gone down as it did.

Someone 'reportedly' being 'touchy feely' doesnt hold much water and it doesnt make someone a criminal. If anything she's probably using the fact that he's a drunk a lot of the time against him on purpose. If you have such severe trauma that someone licking your cheek sets you off then unless you get full professional help? You shouldnt be putting that on other people. Simple.

Sure he could still be a gross guy but that doesnt automatically mean he assaulted her.

reposting cause i forgot to sage

No. 543335


That's what I was getting at anon. Sorry for the confusion.

No. 543337

I've reread both their sides a few times now and to me it does sound like some of the things he said, like But I Wasn't Sick Tho and You'll Overcome This, were pretty dickish and unapologetic, regardless of his previous and actually thought through apology. Both parties should have left it like that instead of messaging each other and aggravating the situation in which neither party saw fault or placed blame. At that point it was a consensual mistake. That being said, she could be blowing this over the top. But yeah. Like I said before.

As far as the saliva bit, however, my gf has a similar fear and, depending on the day, a similar reaction to being licked, so I'm a bit biased on seeing it as an understandable response.

No. 543344

From what she posted there are apparently other girls who were molested by this guy… I don't know, I'm pretty neutral because of how unstable she sounds, but I don't understand something: at first he talked about "trying sexual stuff with her" and "foreplay", making it sound worse. Then from her stories it seems like it was all just him licking her cheek. Was it all just that?

No. 543348

But I would assume your gf would have told you about it first? I meant to add that but forgot. Sure he says some dickish things but still I dont know if she has any screenshots but I'm tempted to believe the side with proof.

A lot of guys in the cosplay scene get accused of sexual abuse from bullshit (see also: moo claiming nathan raped her) but i think the confusion you might be having is that the plan was for them to casually fool around but then after he licked her she couldnt handle it and it stopped there.

No. 543350

She did tell me, yeah. It's fine, we forget to add things sometimes. According to her side, she did tell him. She has caps on her InstaStory, as well. She does overblow the situation but like I said they refused to leave each other space to breathe and take in what happened between them.

No. 543360

This sounds weird. Every time I asked anyone it was Matt fooling around in just the tenleid relationship but nothing else

No. 543362

Doesn't sound that weird. He was staring at Moo's flat ass during the sheep photoshoot.

No. 543373

I wonder what happens if Matt's cheating on his GF with Moo. This ain't gonna be pretty.

No. 543374

I heard about it happening during the don kanonji one as well

No. 543485

She was the one cheating on him with her Canadian ex

No. 543507

She never even met up with any of the canadian tripfags. The pool boy thing was a joke… Matt is that you?

No. 543618

trauma and ptsd from a lick in the cheek? where you, as can anyone see, agreed to?
jesus how much attention can this bitch want
rae isn't any better like "hey dude but yeah it wasnt my fault" at every single chance at their convo but this girl is clearly tumblr-crazy

No. 543703

File: 1522626895150.jpeg (526.02 KB, 1492x2048, E8F6B2CA-7CA8-4AD8-A9E2-D674C5…)

Bishoujo mom proving she’s only sucking up for the fame: she just posted this pic where she shopped her own face & ass smooth but didn’t touch Sabrina lmao. Can’t wait to see her unedited sabotage pics with moo.

No. 543723

Shhh don’t say that anon, moo might see and force Boshojou to fix up hers too.

No. 543728

Trauma and PTSD from what exactly?

I'm sure it could trigger someone with a legitimate terrible past, but I'm SUPER skeptical of these tumblr snowflakes that enjoy throwing around words like "trauma" and "PTSD" every chance they get regardless of actually suffering from any illnesses. It's extremely disrespectful to anyone who suffers from legitimate problems by trivializing the issue.
Also super sketch that she said she had a five minute panic attack from being licked but immediately afterwards agreed to continue. If it bothered her that much why continue?

No. 543734

exactly. her trauma and ptsd is from sex all around. like how the fuck do you have ptsd from sex if you never had it? girl no

No. 543738

File: 1522629382606.jpg (82.08 KB, 640x442, Trough Stock Photos _ Trough S…)


I saw some harrowing things on image search before I found this, but this is what that pic looks like
(never search "pigs eating" if you want a happy life)

No. 543754

File: 1522630718977.jpeg (428.02 KB, 486x923, BF5A1DBE-0A29-497C-8F39-6B5273…)

I hate matts face so much, I don’t know if its this stupid smug look he pulls in every picture or if he just has a punchable face but dear god.

No. 543757

Omg I remember him, I always thought Matt was overrated in looks/personality.

No. 543829


I remember him before he beefed up. It was hilarious because he had a big head and small body. Basically a bean pole. He's overly insecure.

No. 543836

File: 1522635065718.jpg (30.52 KB, 885x516, backtothefuturebiff.jpg)

I can't quite put my finger on it, but Matt reminds me of that stereotypical scuzzy 80's douchebag villain trope. Like Biff from back to the Future or something.

No. 543872

But people found Biff attractive; that’s the point.

Matt just seems cocky. Not my type but I get the appeal.

No. 543882

he's really unattractive, his gf could do way better imo
his eyes are really tiny, and his whole face just looks too angular and not in an attractive way.
he looks like a rock golem

No. 543883

I get where you’re coming from but I think he just photos badly. In person he’s got a big head but it’s not too bad with just a very weird hair line. Lotsa lines though.

Saw him today at Sakuracon sitting with a bunch of people.

No. 543886

File: 1522639667546.jpeg (145.53 KB, 741x852, E78DEBC0-A504-4048-95FF-2246A9…)

I think he just squints a lot. Makes his face really bad.

I don’t like his face too much but I wouldn’t say it’s bad but just sadly average.

No. 543889

I don't think he's necessarily unattractive, but that pushed-back bouffant hairstyle does no favors for his head shape or hairline. If he wore it down it'd flatter him more I think, and he wouldn't look like such a bro douche.

No. 543893

I think it has something to do with his face type. I think its too thick for a hairstyle like that. Honestly I've dealt with fuckbois more attractive than that.

No. 544169

He's gained weight. His face shape worked out better when he was thinner/leaner.

No. 544282

I hope you realize that he gained muscle and not fat.

No. 544458


Yes Matt, we get it. You found some steroids online from the Chinese black market and now you a big boy.

He's the classic example of someone who was probably bullied all his life and now is the bully to hide his insecurities.

No. 544510

Why would you think I’m Matt by simply pointing out basic bodily facts? Idiot

No. 544526

N a s o l a b i a l
F o l d s

No. 544541

ah yes because gaining muscle makes your face fatter. Seems legit.

No. 544556

Wow Matt, you’re not very convincing. Muscles arent fat so why would they make your face appear bigger? Stop guzzling carbs with Moo.

No. 544592

How do people not understand what jaw and neck gains are.

No. 544598

>no sage
> “jaw and neck gains”

No. 544608

Nice roid bloat.

No. 544609

Lmao people think your natty as fuck my dude

No. 544682

Why do people think Matt even posts here? He definitely knows better considering people attack him immediately.

Are people just that paranoid?

No. 544687

His receeding hairline goes so high and his face is so fat, it makes the rest of his facial features look so hilariously tiny. He reminds me of a fat Kevin bacon.

Some anons in moos thread keep referencing some Yirico drama about her being awful to Brinni saying moo is next. Since she’s officially a calf now and is lying on behalf of moo for school, anyone who knows the details, feel free to spill the milk

No. 544692

Look at his earlier comparison pic. His hair hasn’t changed but his face got thicker.

No. 544710

He used to self post constantly on cgl and went so far to "leak" his own dick pics.

Him posting here trying to defend himself isn't that big a stretch

No. 544715

can we see his ten incher #bigdikkuproblems

No. 544720

That’s a rather radical assumption

No. 544722

Jesus christ I remember that stupid dick pic. That’s what I got for scrolling through cgl on my phone in public. Wasn’t impressive, just wasn’t anything I wanted to see.

No. 545203

File: 1522765812227.jpg (100.35 KB, 1200x857, Samefag trigger mentionlist sm…)


it's so painfully obvious that this is matt. what a laugh

No. 545245

File: 1522772448271.jpg (452.83 KB, 2048x2048, 0163DFB3-8C41-402E-9D5B-2246FA…)

Let's welcome Mariah's new calf Yirico!!

No. 545246

File: 1522772464866.jpg (447.8 KB, 2048x2048, B24D9507-7FAF-4EF2-8A43-74CCB7…)

No. 545247

File: 1522772492660.jpg (436.29 KB, 2048x2048, 9D4C2FB2-F5EC-4B1B-81CB-87C43C…)

No. 545253


Here's the summary:

Yirico used to get a lot of hate on CGL in the past. She only had a small following at the time (less than 10k) but acted entitled as if she was a big name. Only reason why people stopped posting about her was because she just wasn't relevant enough to post about and not enough new milk. Any milk about her was the same: bitchy, entitled, big ego, drama queen, etc. She also has a rep for being an entitled gatekeeper within the community.

She had a big falling out with xbrinni, who she treated like a lap dog basically and messed with her emotionally. Couldn't find screenshots because it happened like 3 years ago, but many people in California seem to know about it.

She spent like a year or two claiming to be exclusively lesbian and posting about how much she loves cute little girls and only 2D men. She dated a gender fluid, cis female, cosplayer named Rikku and posted online everyday about how lesbian she was. After they broke up she went straight after Weebking and now miraculously into dick.

She doesn't like attention on sites like this it seems because she was freaking out when people were posting about her on CGL.

Luckily I'm on her Facebook friend list right now so I'll take screenshots if anything pops up.

No. 545264

File: 1522773851686.jpeg (358.16 KB, 1242x833, 2C229A68-261E-4754-8B24-4F62F1…)

I remember that. She “blacklisted” him, and look where she is now - so washed up she’s clinging to another cosplayer he refuses to shoot. Unfortunately for some reason the original pic wasn’t stored in the archive.

No. 545268

File: 1522774283804.jpeg (711.35 KB, 1278x887, 5D2FDBFB-4B3E-4E65-A460-0620F6…)

No. 545270

>jaw & neck gains
Are you pumping iron with your face?

Wasn't she friends with Mostflogged & Lovely Paprika/Tayla at one point? I remember she was tagged in photos together with one of them and then it suddenly stopped.

No. 545271

File: 1522774497746.jpeg (62.11 KB, 640x960, C50B262D-6805-416E-B605-1396B7…)

Sage for double post but there’s that other pic from that weekend where she posted about how clear her skin was. I think this is the one she went off screaming BLACKLIST WONG about

No. 545279

At least she's hanging out with another cosplayer who doesn't take care of their skin. They seem to have so much in common! Both got massive egos when they were barely in the public eye, dislikes Martin Wong, disliked by Martin Wong, claim to like women when they're just fake ass bitches, entitled as fuck, suffocating their faces with 20lbs of makeup, make dumb instastories that no one cares about.

They should have a sleepover and browse lolcow together.

No. 545292


I think it's hypocritical for her to hang out with Mariah after Nicolette went on a crusade against 'After Dark' shoots. Saying they were disgusting and objectifies women or some shit like that.

For those who don't know, After Dark was boudoir and lewds before patreon was even a thing. It was started by some photographers in California who did it as a joke according to them. But then they kept doing it and a lot of female cosplayers spoke out against it.

And now Nicolette is hanging out with someone who makes porn while in cosplay.

No. 545343

File: 1522780714986.jpeg (187.04 KB, 563x1197, C47C30A3-D19D-42D1-A18D-3AEDE2…)

I can’t believe moo’s calf Bishojomom is charging $200 on her patreon to essentially be a fake friend to whatever lonely idiots chuck money at her. Somehow this is even more pathetic and gross than if she actually just did nudes.

No. 545361

Masamune and kim were shooting with underage girls and then sharing their nipslips in a group chat and when they were found out they were run out of the community I don’t think that’s a good comparison

No. 545393

This looks like an even more retarded version of the Starbucks icon. Like someone who's trying way too hard and manages to look cringy.

No. 545413

She went on a tirade against them before that happened though

Wayne Hill posted her on 4chan pretending to be Masamune, she took the bait, and had a huge vendetta against that whole group of photographers calling them disgusting (right after shooting with them too lol)

No. 545418

She’s never done a Blizzard cosplay from what I can see though? I think that first reply is talking about somebody else

No. 545435


And then she proceeded to go on a rant against Wayne Hill telling people to unfriend him like some sort of gatekeeper. I swear we hate on Mariah for being a cancer within the community but fucking Yirico was part of the start of the problem.

I'm shocked she doesn't have a more recent thread on here.

No. 545464

Probably because she was a teenager when everything you’re talking about happened. I’m surprised that Wayne guy doesn’t have a thread on here considering he just recently threatened to find and beat a girl because she didn’t finish a commission for his friend and shouts racist stuff at people at conventions

No. 545465

…so she’s trying to say Wong gave her acne on purpose? lmao that’s rich

No. 545470


But we can hold Mariah accountable for things she did as a teen? And when she was in high school?
Are you trying to imply that Yirico doesn't still have this sort of attitude?

Let's be consistent people.

No. 545484

Wayne is a scumbag but all that stuff was only 2-3 years ago. It’s not like she was some ~clueless innocent 16 year old~. It was event after the Brinni incident.

No. 545497

A lot of what Mariah said are things that happened after high school and to this day.

If you think she has enough milk then make a thread.

No. 545579


Exactly. I remember she's older than me by a year or two so she was around 20 when she made the posts.

Yirico is just the typical cringy weeb who was bullied throughout high school and thinks she tough shit because she thinks she's one of the popular kids now. She isn't tough at all and just like Mariah resorts to cyber bullying people if she doesn't like them.

She's known to hop from friend to friend so it will be fun to see what happens once she moves on from Mariah. Knowing her she's talking trash about Mariah already and Mariah's too dumb to know it.

No. 545726

File: 1522804996753.jpeg (198.71 KB, 750x1002, 52202B7F-14DE-49F8-8D5D-6AB717…)

Keep lurking Nicolette you can’t erase the shit you’ve said about Martin Wong literally a couple years ago

No. 545727

File: 1522805038452.jpeg (615.65 KB, 1152x2048, BC12329F-096C-44C8-8992-818511…)

Samefag but here’s the photo if you guys were curious

No. 545740

Huh? What did Nicolette say?

No. 545755

That has nothing to do with yirico? That just happened yesterday

No. 545771

Oh nvm I see she rted it

No. 546791

Tbh I'm not on Rae or Hanari's side but they've both been caught in lies. Rae said he only picked her cheek then later it comes out that he went down on her. Hanari said she consented then later said she said no the whole time. This whole thing is fucked

No. 546799

>then later it comes out that he went down on her

what the fuck
that’s a lot more than a cheek

anyway Hanari already backed down, Rae needs to shut the fuck up about it. His reputation isn’t being damaged, just look at all the fan girls kissing his ass in the comments. He’ll be fine.

No. 546803

Ok I just looked at his posts and the convo he posted just makes him look like a massive asshole, but his followers seem too retarded to notice. Way to go fuckboy.

I’m not on hanari’s side either, I think she’s unstable but for fucks sake when you have an incident with someone like her this is NOT how you handle it.

No. 546805

File: 1522907723071.jpeg (150.64 KB, 640x840, 1A600B7C-0E4C-4826-AB11-F7F4D1…)

Rae’s fangirls dragging their own asses all over hanari’s insta. Real mature. At this point she probably needs to quit the whole community because of that fuckboy. Him and Moo would make a good couple.

No. 546809


I get that in messages she consented but no one knows what happened during. I get that Rae's receipts are in his favor. But what right do people have to say her experiences are not valid? She clearly didn't want to talk to him anymore and he just kept talking to her so he wouldn't get blamed for anything. Besides, it's all done and over with. Hanari may be unstable and Rae is the biggest fuck boy, so why keep dragging Hanari in the mud?

No. 546811

File: 1522908835809.jpeg (1.05 MB, 2048x1536, 03BE9BB6-0EA4-4443-B660-F4EFF6…)

Still haven’t really been any group photos with moo in them. Not even these uglies want to be seen with her.

No. 546813

He was flat out asked if she was that upset over just the cheek lick and he said
>it was just a quick lick lol

Those exact words. The girl went on to bitching him out about using lol and he said he laughs when he is nervous. I just tried to find the comment and it has been deleted. Super shady.

No. 546814

He said they did sexual things AND he licked her cheek jokingly

No. 546823

All I see is him and his fans continuously repeating it was just a lick on the cheek and “didn’t know about saliva phobia” or whatever. Surprised he let the bit about the oral in the screenshot slide in there and yet no one thinks it’s odd this is just NOW out there…?

No. 546843

In the cap of his instastory, he said they tried foreplay. I think going down on her is what he was referring to.

No. 546852

Foreplay is vague and how he keeps insisting it was just a lick on her face I wouldn’t be surprised if his followers consider that to be the foreplay

No. 546866

Can someone point out where exactly Rae is being painted as a “sexual abuser” which he so badly needs to defend himself from? I don’t see a damn thing. I only see him acting like a full on psychotic bitch and encouraging a witch hunt, now against some other ex of his as well? She’s saying he broke her nose but of course “she’s lying”, right… every girl is vengeful and just going after you for the attention, Rae. You’re just that awesome.

No. 547003


Why do people like this guy again? He's not that good looking as far as cosplay men go. His Hanzo seems to be his only notable cosplay and it's pretty mediocre. He just seems like a fuck boy with a massive ego to me.

No. 547059

Because he's Asian. Just look at how Moo keeps wanting to slobber all over his knob, the other girls worshiping his ass are in the same mindset as her.

No. 547074

Hanari literally said it in her IG and tumblr posts

No. 548908

File: 1523123428728.png (697.9 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180403-110330.png)

Screencap of Hanari saying Raekaybro went down on her after she mentioned her fear of Saliva.
I've screencapped everything they've been disputing through their stories.

No. 548912

File: 1523123517387.png (660.28 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180403-110405.png)

Second screencap after she mentions him going down on her. Guess he's now Rapekaybro instead of Raekaybro lol

No. 548954


"my dude" is the battlecry of those who want to seem like they're friendly and cool in the face of evidence to the contrary. moo uses that a lot too

No. 548956


and he didn't exactly own up to what actually happened, even if he did owning up doesn't erase what happened and doesn't erase the witchhunt he's thrown against her. this guy makes me sick.

No. 548964

The rae kay thing is too convoluted. Both have been caught in lies so we will never know the truth.

No. 549222


>trying to help you with your sexual curiosity

No Rae. You're just a fuckboy. You just wanted a quick lay and get your dick wet. You didn't care at all about Hanari's ~curiosity~. Hanari didn't even have curiosity. You just tried to take advantage of how vulnerable and naive Hanari was.

Regardless of it being consensual or not, it doesn't excuse you from being a manipulative creep. What's worse is that you tried to further manipulate Hanari after the fact to try and get Hanari to say things to paint them as the crazy liar just so you can have the guilt off of your conscience.

I'm glad you're marked as a sex abuser (if that's even true) because now people will think twice before letting to have your way with them. God knows how many stds you have.

No. 549272

File: 1523151112725.jpg (604.31 KB, 1903x1446, pixlr_20180407182738625.jpg)

Found some stuff on Twitter since any mention of Mariah has virtually died since her Twitter suspension. 1/3

No. 549274

File: 1523151164446.jpg (579 KB, 2170x1584, pixlr_20180407182849232.jpg)


No. 549278

File: 1523151313215.png (264.29 KB, 1158x1232, Capture _2018-04-07-18-23-18.p…)

What does Lisa Lou get out of trying to defend Mariah now?

No. 549282


Thots of a feather flock together.

Lisa likely only knows Mariah on the surface level. I'm sure they only met a few times or haven't met at all. Mariah is known to lie to her friends and peers. Her "lipo being public knowledge" incident was proof of this. Poor girl doesn't know she's being manipulated..

No. 549290

Lisa was accused of being a stalker herself and has a questionable past in the industry. Last NYCC I was at both her and Meg Turney had not a single person in line and looked bored. None of these cosplay chicks have actual friends their entire existence is based on online interaction.

No. 549312

Cece is that you??

No. 549318

…who’s cece? wtf

No. 550948

File: 1523306530812.jpeg (73.92 KB, 819x1200, DZY7L_TVQAACfD6.jpeg)

Sage for Necro but yikes Momo Akuma looks old. Someone come get their mom

No. 552180

File: 1523410319859.png (90.43 KB, 496x912, amanda rae.PNG)

I do not know if anyone has seen this, but Rae's ex has made a post about him. I do kind of believe her, but Rae is downplaying it of course. I am starting to believe that his is more sleazy that he lets on.

No. 552191

What the fuck is up with these low-tier cosplay boys who think they're hot shit and are too insecure to not be greedy, possessive, and abusive fucks towards their significant others?

Poor girl. I'm glad she got out of it.

No. 552212

Rae isn't down with the wacky weed? Oh boy, Moo sure is rubbing her flaps on the wrong tree then.

No. 552230


Rae is a grade A fuckboy. He thinks he's tough shit because of his only notable cosplay which is his Hanzo. He only wears Hanzo to cons for a reason. He wants to ride the Hanzo fame the same way momokun does with Mei. I'm not saying cosplayers have to make a new cosplay to every con but when for more than a year your only cosplay is one character, that shows that you don't give a shit about cosplaying. He clearly just wants to get laid. I don't know what happened between him and Sabrina Nichole but there's obviously a good reason to why that lasted for a short while.

Unfortunately I'm sure all his fans with terrible yellow fever will still be on his nuts and label her as the "crazy ex". Dudes gotta go.

No. 552239

thats sabrina???

also man i don't know what people see in him? he is so damn ugly

No. 552252

No, it is Vylocka/ Amanda, the one before Sabrina. Sabrina only lasted a few months.

No. 552269


Yeah I think anon was just using Sabrina as a recent example.

No. 552271

my bad

No. 552282

w/o your post i never would have made the connection, but i think thats what its supposed to be

No. 552601


Is Momokun still friends with Sabrina? I'm surprised she would defend Rae since I'm sure Sabrina has her own stories about Rae since they dated. Sabrina also hasn't said a word about the Rae drama. It really makes you think…

No. 552670

Moo probably used sabrina to get to rae

No. 552903

File: 1523482026767.png (440.05 KB, 618x559, calvescolliding.png)

No. 552907

File: 1523482130570.png (838.85 KB, 630x893, 3thotsforthepriceofone.png)

No. 552912

god. they're all so plain. no wonder they became costhots, literally no one will notice them, especially not that budget G.I Jane, momoakuma.

No. 552936

I think Sabrina and ash are pretty cute most of the time but I honestly do not get the appeal of momoakuma at all. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single picture where she looks “good”

No. 552942

It’s not like akuma is popular. She got fans from coat tail riding succ and bunny then jumped to moo and her calves. Her patreon only has like 50 people. She has to leech to get noticed.

No. 553028

Hmm I think Midna Ash stopped following SSS and Bunny on Twitter recently.

No. 553038

Not a surprise since she is a moo calf and a hypocrite according to these posts:

No. 553049

Yeah didn’t Midna used SS to get popular and kinda stole her concept in terms of photo shoots and then Midna complains about people stealing her *~*orignal content*~* sets
Doesn’t Midna have a bf too??
>sorry for ot on midna but she still defended moo

No. 553060

File: 1523494704827.jpeg (619.06 KB, 2048x2048, 4A406854-EC72-42F9-840E-507F03…)

Midna made an “OC” copying the exact same outfit susu wore and trying to do the same succubus style persona lmao. She’s quite similar to moo

No. 553081

File: 1523496745251.png (1.13 MB, 667x936, ash.png)

alright heres the lowdown on midna ash
>she gained some notieriety in 2014 when she started dating her bf octopimp who's some shitty youtube has been/streamer with a sizable following.
>she was just some attention whore on tumblr who posted pictures of her butt and butthole.
>she was friends with sss back when her tumblr was ahegaointensifies and she hadnt rebranded to swimsuitsuccubus. they basically posted "lewd material" before the costhot bubble started.

No. 553085

she cute

No. 553092

File: 1523497442141.jpeg (543.02 KB, 750x1023, 6058B20B-7001-4E97-A677-F6765F…)

Ahegao intensifies isnt the same person as sss, just some other girl midna was friends with. Anyway, Midna is an obvious fame chaser and clearly latches on to whoever she feels will get her the most attention at the time. She obviously hates everything moo stands for as shown in the above screen shots yet still defends and stays close to her for attention.

No. 553202

bro you're not even using the right search terms.

No. 553209

You just don’t know what you’re talking about “bro”. Ahegao-Intensifies is an asian girl. You can litterally see her old photos and reblogs of her on midna’s tumblr. That’s the last I’m saying of this since neither ss or ahegao-intensifies are calves so it’s off topic.

No. 553227

…sss is asian you retard

No. 553246

Are y'all done yet?

No. 553264

Sabrina actually came to Raes defense when cecillia(raes other ex) was trash talking under hanaris post. They were going back and forth but Cecillia deleted her comments.

No. 553567

She's Latina, she speaks Spanish too.

No. 553584

my bad ash would circlejerk a bunch of random tumblr thots so i guess i got them mixed up.

No. 556005

>black outfit so i named her black

kill me

No. 556827

I can't believe they're still together, for a while Octopimp thought she cheated on him and she was very suspicious about the whole thing.

No. 556835

every one of these cos thots has a "succubus" character nowadays….but I will say Susu's body is really nice. I wonder if its really attainable

sage because obv

No. 556964


sss's succubus oc makes sense because of her name.
her photo is actually creative instead of just posing in a kitchen with a selfie stick

No. 557155

fuck, every time I see MomoAkuma, she looks like ChelHellBunny but in like 20 years time

No. 557173

File: 1523896608661.jpeg (202.94 KB, 650x974, 554FB949-2A12-4A3E-8D31-4C4708…)

Okay I don’t like any of moo’s calves either but that is the hugest reach. Chel looks like she is made of cottage cheese and this akuma girl could be redeemable if she got better hair and maybe some botox.

No. 557377

She's definitely in way better shape than Chel but her face looks like a confused male goblin's.

This photo actually makes Midna look better.

No. 557400

Midna isn’t bad looking, she just shouldn’t have gotten those implants. They look poorly done and take away from her body that was already very shapely and nice. I dont know wtf she was thinking.

No. 557403

Agreed. She has a really cute body shape but those implants do nothing for her.

No. 557684

File: 1523945189477.png (869.18 KB, 923x584, calfsquad.png)

please elaborate.

No. 557688

File: 1523945419147.png (652.75 KB, 918x407, grandma.baldy.nastytats.png)

momoakuma is pretty gross. her face, hair, nasty tattoos and saggy body are nasty.
kek shes gonna get bigger implants in a few years.

No. 557845

Akuma has fat girl arms. Look at her arms compared to Ash. I can’t wait for her disastrous set with Moo to be released.

No. 557903


I think she is just very lucky. wonder what her ethnicity is

No. 557904

bunny ayumi and susu aren't actually lesbians right? I figured it was a fake fanservice relationship

No. 558019

Please keep the Susu discussion to the general cosplayers thread.

No. 558024

Midna would be passable it it wasnt for her disgusting ears. I dont hate stretched ears but instead of wearing pieces that match the cosplay she's in she'll just leave her stretched holes flopping about. I think she regrets them now too cause she hides them in most pictures even casual outfits.

No. 558120

She's sucked up to moo quite a bit on twitter so she's definitely a calf. Knowing her history I'm pretty sure she's just trying to leach off of moo's lil bit of popularity hence why she's sucking up to the exact same girls moo literally just hung out with.

No. 560475

File: 1524194823204.jpeg (14.55 MB, 5389x3598, 1524168216707.jpeg)

Wow this is straight up emasculating for matt. I'm embarrassed for the whole group

No. 560510

his tampon ears kill me every time. Always trying to look so tough with tampon ears.

No. 560513

Matt looks like such a dumbfuck meathead.

What were they even going for here? They just look bored, except the one chick with the blue-grey hair who looks mildly afraid.

No. 560515

It's moo's new set but why even include the dudes? Her followers couldn't give two fucks about guys in her sets so why bother

No. 560519

what a scenic backyard

No. 560526

but like, what were they trying to do? thematically? act like sheep? Except only one of them is eating grass, then you have tough guy furfag juicer Matt squatting in the middle mad dogging the camera and Conan the sheepfucker on the right trying to look…tough? Bored? Moo and the other chick are just kind of there. I don't understand.

No. 560529

At least the random horny sheep guy clearly works out and chose a coherant theme for his look. Matt looks disabled.

No. 560531

roiding up will do that

No. 560533

Matt looks someone with a sissy fetish here

No. 560540

Wouldnt be surprised if he is into that too since he’s already been outed as a furry.

No. 560576


Lol Moo has bigger shoulders than Matt. How embarrassing.

No. 560865

Because Moo wants to/already is fucking Matt and probably wants the goat guy as well.

No. 561186

Why does Vamp do twerk videos when she can't even twerk? The new Lunefreya preview is… sad.

No. 561422

Because she is delusional

No. 561966

No. 565453

File: 1524684317158.jpeg (132.82 KB, 800x1199, 99C933D0-B24B-49E1-9984-70414A…)

No. 565455

File: 1524684347461.jpeg (87.89 KB, 584x1200, 615778A0-0517-46A6-9A2F-A3973C…)

She looks like a dude straight up, holy shit

No. 565460

when average to below average women try to do anime faces/cosplay it really just makes them look ultra haggard. not cute girls shouldnt try to imitate characters with child faces, it only makes them look much worse

No. 565471

Who’s uncle is this?

No. 565543

File: 1524688488306.png (3.8 MB, 1250x1888, 1516829943494.png)

Anyboy got the original for pic related?

No. 565556

Ewwww quit trying to find pics, of moomoo of all people, for your spank bank. Have some fucking dignity dude even on lolcow there's plenty more attractive cows than this.

No. 565611

But I wanted to put something on it because I thought that would be much funnier than… chicken breasts? Also what cows that look "plenty more attractive" than this cosplayer?

No. 565671

She's aging as bad as Moo

No. 566113


Search Google for the image to find the thread it was posted in. Then scroll through the previous thread to find the original image. I'm not going to do the work for you.

No. 566338

I know she's not one of Moomoo's calves anymore but: Nana Bear deactivated her twitter account and started selling topless/nudes on her Patreon. Not posting a link because >inb4 hi nana fuck off with promoting your garbage

Was not expecting that. I don't understand this new thinking of "selling your tits is an easy way to make money instead of finding a job". I understand if you're getting paid 10-15k a month being a popular webcam girl but I think Nana has like 89 patrons? Making pennies doesn't pay for the dignity you lose to neckbeards who jerk it to you and it's definitly not paying your rent. I just don't get the appeal. Momo Akuma too. So cringey and has like 60 Patrons.

Maybe I'm old fashioned maybe I'm slut shaming but I just don't see how it's worth it unless you're making a LOT of money.

Sage because half my rant doesn't even belong in this thread.

No. 566579

File: 1524780779342.png (157.29 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-04-26-15-11-10…)

What's her actual age? Taking this from the main cow thread as she's apparently in her 30s based on the Vegas scene.

No. 566582

we know her age you twat, she graduated high school 4 years ago, there are facebook receipts.

stop spreading fucking rumors. bitch obviously was pretending to be older so she could play the thicc older woman card.

No. 566592

I meant Vamplettes, not Momokun. But thanks for calling me a twat heh.

No. 566597

Can you fucking read

No. 566749

89 patrons could be a decent pay/around minimum wage
My friend has an art patreon and makes like 200 a month but only has like 10 patrons. She's probably making around 2k a month

No. 566763

File: 1524791629034.png (454.9 KB, 840x868, col.png)

According to her fb, she's 28? Not sure how accurate this is though.

No. 567360

File: 1524857080064.png (104.28 KB, 841x653, mhZtXgo.png)


It matches up with her old facebook.

No. 567475

File: 1524866289877.jpg (629.29 KB, 1800x900, time2korea.jpg)

I'm not trying to be mean but I wish vamplette would get some plastic surgery (and fix her makeup). She would look pretty decent and maybe would finally get out of moomoos shadow.

No. 567481

Even if she just got a rhinoplasty it would make a world of difference.

No. 567507

File: 1524868961756.jpeg (912.39 KB, 2048x1987, 15A80AE7-11AA-4F1F-A798-2CB744…)

Oof, a challenging one

No. 567508

why edit the only cosplay that her nose made her a FAVOR?

No. 567666

File: 1524882084905.png (536.4 KB, 929x447, Screenshot 2018-04-27 at 7.20.…)

how can these chicks look older than they are but think they look like jailbait???

No. 567696

File: 1524885991346.jpg (74.04 KB, 500x500, give me the tisdale.jpg)

>I needed rhinoplasty for medical reasons!

No. 567777

File: 1524893381474.png (323.78 KB, 809x597, Screenshot 2018-04-27 at 10.27…)

dat ass edit

No. 567780

File: 1524893631589.png (83.5 KB, 156x465, Screenshot 2018-04-27 at 10.33…)

No. 567782

who is this roxy? context, anon!

No. 567783

yes it's Roxy.

No. 567785

well, context? this is a picture for ants, we know her face is fugly and she's obvs hiding it with her hair.

No. 567787

it's a hall shot from twitter.

No. 567791

then say so in the comments, no one really cares about a random shit of roxy.

No. 567801

What are these shoes? They're actually worse than moo's

No. 567836

Roxy has been so irrelevant always random pics here no milk just vendetta shit. Only mentioned by moo for android 21 pretty sure she made her android dress.

No. 567837

Thoughts on gabbyccosplay new bulma cosplay? I think its a slap to moomoo

No. 567847

File: 1524903593736.jpg (163.01 KB, 1365x2048, IMG_20180428_011850.jpg)

Kek this ?

No. 567859

Her wig and dress are better than Moo's but goddamn iron that jacket and fix those shoes.

No. 568125

Still a calf and this is the appropriate thread for them, so it's relevant. Stop derail

No. 568130

I think she just hasn't updated her Patreon bio. Seems to match up around the time she launched it that she'd have been 26 at the time.

No. 568148

File: 1524938113365.jpg (62.02 KB, 960x720, 31297932_1435185349919923_5014…)

thanks for reminding me. antares made this

No. 568150

File: 1524938149002.jpg (66.08 KB, 960x580, 31239547_1434330210005437_8211…)

No. 568153

Did she really leave the boning like that?

No. 568157

Not taped but sewn in placed like that yes. What a waste..

No. 568172

What the actual hell?

No. 568174

so weird because here >>567847 it looks good. or is it just photoshop?

No. 568501

It frustrates me how her face always looks like a bloated dorito from the horrible shoop. Just get wigs that cover the roundness of your moon face instead of trying to fix it with horrible chin shoop, for the love of god!

No. 568600

Have you seen videos of her? I think she actually just looks like a bloated dorrito even without shop.

No. 568874

That looks like a paper mockup, is it? The one she seems to be wearing is velvet or velour. Also I am pretty sure those taped in bones are just placement, not actually there and sewn in only. That REALLY thin fabric, if not the paper or costume satin, they were mocking with.

No. 569420

Vamps ass always looks like a fat saggy diaper that needs to be changed. It's fucking terrible.

No. 569695

File: 1525054916142.png (90.03 KB, 336x303, Screenshot 2018-04-29 at 7.20.…)

from Gabby's video on Twitter. Yeesh

No. 569696

File: 1525054958736.png (181.51 KB, 426x625, Screenshot 2018-04-29 at 7.22.…)

No. 570067

Whoever edits her photos really needs to stop making her head so small/removing her chin

It doesn't make her photos better but worse

No. 570801

File: 1525150928224.png (334.71 KB, 496x564, Screenshot 2018-04-30 at 10.01…)

y i k e s

No. 570802

File: 1525150944843.png (557.74 KB, 517x626, Screenshot 2018-04-30 at 10.00…)

No. 572671

So is it safe to say Elizabeth rage isn’t a calf anymore? Looks like she did that whole weekend of NorCal travel with moo (where she did all the Saber sewing) and after that never contacted moo again, haven’t seen a peep from her on the Instagram story life feed

No. 572675

File: 1525357802254.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1242x1756, 38574A0F-B494-4AF3-A671-1FC724…)

kek I guess moos money wasn’t worth how annoying she was. The ONLY pic Elizabeth posted with moo was this back in feb. not a single photo of them in any shoot OR out of costume on her insta, but rage posted lots of singles from her shoots with moo.

No. 572692

I'm sorry for side tracking since this isn't Moo's thread, but what body part is that even supposed to be? Is that her knee or the side of her thigh??

No. 575561

File: 1525661071946.jpeg (172.95 KB, 750x1002, C05B24C5-CE5A-413C-AD3D-6BF28D…)

It’s funny when Nicolette shows her true colors from time to time but then again birds of a feather
>saged since idk if she’s still considered a calf of moo since she doesn’t give a shit about her lol

No. 576329

She is def still a calf, they’re all just soaking up the fact that they can be secret mooches to her now that they don’t have to interact with her on twitter

No. 576341


holy fuck how entitled

No. 576343

The back of the thigh into the butt

No. 576653

The entitlement is insane. She lives rent free in a huge house with only her grandma and has never had to worry about a bill in her life. Dumb cunt.

No. 577550

File: 1525896290498.jpg (498.52 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180509_160309.jpg)

What is this horrible shoop on her thigh? Did she do that herself?

No. 577937

File: 1525926685814.png (275.83 KB, 354x623, Screenshot 2018-05-09 at 9.30.…)

y i k e s

No. 577946

she looks good actually.

No. 577994

Fix your eyes.

No. 577999

I really don't get, why she doesn't let fix her nose and teeth/chin, I mean she should have enough money for that. Her body looks somewhat okay, but her face ruins it

No. 578016

Woah, Vamp put on a lot of weight. Is this recent? For a while she really slimmed down. I suppose living with Moo would be an awful influence on your diet though. >>577550 Even though she's shooped here, she had this figure at one point. Her figure isn't awful when she was maintaining it.

Tbh, I think if she fixed one or the other, it would help, but she wouldn't absolutely need both. I could see her snaggle tooth or hooked nose being kind of endearing, but both together is a bit… jarring? Maybe I'm just being too kind though.

No. 578046

If she got her nose done, her looks would drastically improve. It’s really her biggest eyesore both from the front of her face and her profile.

She should just go on a payment plan and get it done. It’s the main thing keeping her as the “ugly friend” in her relationship with moo.

No. 578143

I think that's the only reason Mariah is her friend actually and explains why she treats her differently then her other "friends" Mariah needs an ugly friend to ensure no one but he gets the spotlight. It's so cruel, but Mariah really is that awful, and Collette sucks too so so the end of the day they deserve each other. Even if the friendship is really a sham.

No. 578160


Maybe Vamp is staying around Mariah in hopes that she could mooch a nose job off of her. It wouldn’t surprise me if that happened. With Mariah losing friends left and right I can imagine her doing it as a desperate attempt to keep Vamp around.

Did Vamp break her nose of something? In her cringy Reno selfie from years back >>425447 she seems to have a normal nose. She also needs dental work too. I noticed she has a snaggle tooth. Her weight gain isn’t helping either.

No. 578237

She just posted this to her twitter recently. She's been going to the gym with Moo lately, because she knows she's fatter

No. 578301

She looks good and fit here.

Aaaaand then you see this frumpy, lumpy mess and it's nowhere near as nice as her shoop right above. With these photos back to back, it looks like that expectation vs reality meme.

No. 579354

File: 1526051226966.jpg (193.78 KB, 1200x799, DcOZaBRVAAAri8O.jpg)

I hate how she layers her lingerie like that. It's so tacky and cheep looking. Just wear one set.

No. 579408

That braid looks like yarn

No. 579484

I'm glad no one feels sorry for Vamp anymore. She is just as much of a toxic hag as Momo, she's just more silent about it. If she wont fix her face with surgery I do wish she would take advantage of her features, maybe cosplay a couple of the witches from Madoka or something

No. 579651

Or from Wizard of Oz.

No. 581095

File: 1526191677957.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180512-230457.png)

Vamplettes new photos. Her eye edits are so fake and I'm guessing she tried to highlight her face but didn't bother adjusting the brush so she just lightened her hair next to her cheek as well? I'm just… Wow please stop. Actually don't stop you deserve this type of low quality.

No. 581538

File: 1526240609200.jpeg (28.53 KB, 400x229, 390AE908-1CE8-4016-B08F-09DCEA…)

Embodiment of a really rich, privileged person who doesn’t think poor people deserve any luxuries. Box hair dye often costs less than ten bucks. I’m sure her attitude would change if she suddenly had living expenses.

No. 581881

Her lace is also not glued all the way down if you look next to her ear.

No. 581903

that's straight up airbrush, anon. rookie mistake is airbrushing like that without being super high magnified. blur or burn is always better for noobs. clearly vamp sucks at this since she used the fill tool on her eye and selected too much. you can see where it's seeping out lmao.

No. 584745

I know we might be past the subject of overrated & a total fuck boy RaeKayBro is but I can’t believe how much he is taking his “fans” for their money. I can believe he has the balls to charge around 10 dollars for a picture of himself & use that money to basically pay for his bills & party. He uses the money for cosplay you say? Last I checked a PVC pipe bow covered in pool noodles didn’t cost more than like 10 dollars to make. Surprise surprise again it’s for a Hanzo cosplay!

No. 584824


He’s an overrated fuck boy like you said. He’s just a loser who needs to turn to easy and naive girls for any sort of validation. He milks the whole Hanzo thing way too hard because that’s all he knows. I heard from someone who knows Sabrina that he’s got a tiny little pecker.

Just give it like 1 or 2 more years and no one will know who he is.

No. 584852

>I heard he has a tiny dick

Her videos with him are up on pornhub, can confirm he has a tiny tic tac dick

No. 585043

I think that was her ex before Rae that was in those videos

No. 585670

That is the one from before Rae.
But Rae is pursuing modeling now. He even moved to Cali because of it.

No. 585674

He is on the modeling thru cosplay game plan.
1. Get randomly famous for one cosplay & milk it dry.
2. Get a bunch of hungry fans to start giving me money for said cosplay.
3. Slowly start posting fashion & lewd shoots into the regular cosplay photos to ease people into my master plan.
4. Become a fully paid page model on a mountain of money & fan support. 😈

No. 591629

File: 1527043223194.png (6.5 MB, 1242x2208, 3A4324B9-E2D0-4DC6-8D65-4137AF…)

Vamp showed off some unedited shots of Roxys nose before she could turn away

No. 591760

I dig her hair
but also this is unnecessary anon no cosplay milk.

No. 595627

File: 1527477941987.png (126.54 KB, 1080x569, Screenshot_20180527-201759~2.p…)

>Witch hunting! Momo is innocent!
>Calls out another cos thot by name

Worry about your fake tit
bottoming out

No. 595875

What a massive hypocrite but that’s no surprise coming from someone who defends moo

No. 596109

File: 1527540487772.png (290.42 KB, 885x595, Screenshot 2018-05-28 at 1.44.…)

>Calls out one costhot for doing this shit
>still sucks Moo's dick to be relevant

No. 596112

File: 1527540564425.png (43.35 KB, 378x451, Screenshot 2018-05-28 at 1.44.…)

No. 596114

File: 1527540596148.png (44.51 KB, 359x443, Screenshot 2018-05-28 at 1.44.…)

No. 596115

File: 1527540613974.png (44.86 KB, 335x450, Screenshot 2018-05-28 at 1.45.…)

No. 596116

File: 1527540698174.png (34.01 KB, 329x358, Screenshot 2018-05-28 at 1.45.…)

No. 598176

File: 1527732139073.jpeg (362.75 KB, 1080x1724, Screenshot_20180530-185728-01.…)

Probably tinfoiling but I should be tickled pink if Veronica harbored resentment towards moo. I wouldn't blame her

No. 600687

I don't blame her if that's the case as she did attempt to hit on her bf Matt.

No. 601301

Has nanasushibear deleted all her shit?

No. 601334


Looks that way, probably for the best tho. Too bad she can't escape those neckbeard Pinterest pics of her.

No. 602182

What Pinterest pics?

No. 605179

File: 1528472348652.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1242x2029, 0AC084DD-9982-49DF-9C49-9616CA…)

Looks like Megamarines has been taking tips from moo. He posted this god awful, badly photoshopped pic with a melting background

No. 605180

File: 1528472371576.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1611, 0A0E9DDD-9278-4CEC-B2F7-5BF16C…)

And when called out..

No. 605181

File: 1528472507796.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x2009, 48711976-96F4-4355-B4F6-0B1B1C…)

… the dumb meathead posted the unphotoshopped version pretending it was wonky irl and he “fixed it”

Sage for triple post but he’s as dumb as she is apparently.

No. 605278

Why is his face so big??

No. 605279

Sorry forgot to sage it's been a while

No. 605289

His head is so massive, he looks like a child in an All Might muscle suit

No. 605338

I don't like Leon Chiro, but damn, he did it so much better.

No. 605342

Anyone who chooses to orbit Moo after the Kanna, charity, and MyOppa shit are more or less trash on the same level as her, yes.

No. 605572

Oh so you’re the person he called out?

No. 605574

File: 1528501048962.jpeg (523.13 KB, 2048x2048, F8D1EB65-5508-4609-BF90-8ADC05…)

The unedited one looks bigger??? I’m willing to bet he got photo pre edited. He doesn’t do his own work anyway

No. 605600

I was about to say he looks like someone installed big head mode on him

No. 605776

File: 1528525902390.jpg (100.57 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>I cant unsee

Also I hate that bullshit 'test run' spiel shitty cosplayers give when test runs should be left at home, not a con. You can say you'll be adding to it cause you want it to look better but it's like a child who fucks up and goes 'no wait, do over' his AX version will be just as shitty looking.

No. 605854

Thats a little extreme anon

No. 606012

Not that anon but tbh Not really. If it's the kind of person who obviously isnt online much I'd give them a pass but for example: people like nicoletters? She's trash because we can prove that she's fully aware of the things moo has done over the years. Matt and Veronica are on the same list because they're both obviously online enough to know better as people they followed at some point have made call out posts on moo (Also them publicly trying to throw 'shade' at random people with her) so yeah they are trash.

No. 606187

File: 1528578239979.jpeg (685.22 KB, 1242x1115, 79DC2793-144A-4B2D-A01B-A40099…)

Continued from the moo thread, it seems like gabby is brave enough to shit talk moo on twitter since she can’t see it, but still sucks up to her on Instagram?

No. 606189

Sage for double post but for context this was in the same week someone said moos abs looked like a bag of Hawaiian sweet rolls.

No. 606696

He’s nothing but a male moo.

Well… her “abs” actually are just lipo sculpted fat rolls, so.

No. 606880

Matt has been around since cgl days and has been on people's radar as a lolcow before this site even existed. He's been trash for years.

Irrelevant because I don't have caps since it was so long ago but I remember him talking shit about his sister after she died. Hes scum.

No. 606936

Yikes. I was on cgl at the same time he was tripping there and met him once but I don’t remember this thing about the sister? Didn’t even know he had a sister. Anyone have anything about this?

No. 607173

According to him (heard this a few years ago at ALA) she was a violent drug addict and ditched her children while traumatizing his mom and stole from them often. Can’t say I blame him.

No. 607213

His sister died well after the time getting was active on cgl and before the moo stuff. He mentioned she was a drug addict but didn't go into detail about her on Twitter specifically, just that he wasn't sorry that she's died and that she wasn't a good person. He shit talked his family a lot in general, if I recall correctly.

No. 607228

File: 1528690248726.png (681.63 KB, 708x1075, 20180610_220845.png)

Shopped to hell

No. 607240

i thought this was the IG whore thread then i realize it was vamp.

No. 607248

File: 1528692136423.jpeg (167.52 KB, 750x663, 40018E94-503E-4D43-AA32-904394…)

No. 607499

I feel like vamp has really taken some of our advice here to heart. She really tries to hide her nose now.

No. 607739

I bet Mariah edited these.

No. 608537


According to vamps new KH post, she says she edits her pics

No. 611777

I think the joke was supposed to be that the Amazon has unrealistic Hawaiian roll looking abs.