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File: 1506134313545.jpg (99.16 KB, 900x900, photo.jpg)

No. 391265

A mediocre art youtuber who does sponsored videos every other video, shades other artists, and can't take critique to save her life.


She tries too hard to be quirky and relatable when in reality she's just a woman-child with a Disney hoarding problem. She also has a shitty art book coming out. It's very sad.

No. 391266

Does anyone have a link to that art block video she made? Or a mirror of some sort? It's fucking ridiculous and full of hypocrisy.

No. 391274

this bitch has an art book? How????

No. 391277

Okay so I have only heard things about this girl from Holly's thread. I looked on her Instagram and her art isn't that bad imo. Not amazing, but better than Holly's for sure. What's the details on her? I heard she had a bad attitude but don't know enough about her besides skimming some videos. Anyone got receipts for those of us unfamiliar with this cow? Let's build this thread up, bruh, c'mon.

No. 391285

She has a couple videos where she shows off her collection of random disney shit that she keeps everywhere, I'll see if I can find it.

Deets on her range from her basically just being a tryhard, mediocre artist. She's better than Holly… which isn't really saying much.

No. 391605

her fucking icon is so triggering. like it's so ugly and punchable.

No. 392307

Plus it just screams "LOOK AT ME! I'M SO QUIRKY AND RELATABLE!"

Though I guess it's fitting that it's punchable, because so is her actual face. It looks like her head never grew into her body.

Not to mention her intentionally ugly faces she pulls in the thumbnails to add to the ~quirky~ personality she tries so hard to fake.

No. 392311

why does she need to pull an ugly face when she already has one

No. 392384

She makes me unbelievably angry and I don't even know why. Every time her videos have ever popped up in my feed I just get angry. I have no idea why. she just pisses me off(no1curr)

No. 392912

yes, fucking finally
her art got really popular cause she only draws things that look like disney promos
tbh i cant believe she got so popular having so many fundamental errors shading with black markers, not knowing color theory, she has the same face disease
, her proportions are always off, plus her work on painting black skinned girls is fucking awfull she paints them so ashy its sad
the thing is she hasnt changed in all these years, maybe her art got even worse

No. 392932

I'm convinced it was some publisher's marketing strategy. She may be a shite artist, but she has a pretty sizable, exploitable audience on Youtube. Too bad said audience is made up of mostly children who have to ask for her book on birthdays and for Christmas.

No. 392936

Her 'skills' in art are really pathetic considering how old she is and how much practice she's bound to have had in the 10 years her videos have been on youtube. I've seen people older and busier than her make leaps and bounds more progress with less practice in 2 years.

On top of that, she's got a very 'hurr durr I am a professional artist' mentality which is unfortunate considering she is a huge product/brand whore. She should drop art and get into advertising cuz she's doing great at getting little girls to beg their moms for whatever crap she spends her YT money on.

No. 392940

lol no. publishing a book these days is just about fitting the bill. tons of smaller companies don't give a shit what the content is and just need a check to publish.

No. 393075

File: 1506455331154.jpg (254.92 KB, 400x400, Libra_20Watermarked_400sq.jpg)

I'm bringing back this patchy, muddy, anatomically broken mess back

No. 393197

Are we allowed to end that horse from its misery?

No. 393211

are.. you.. fucking serious? Has lolcow really sunk this deep into shitty salty useless threads for complete randoms? This girl is nothing but an ordinary youtube artist with zero drama. she's very popular because she makes "fun" art videos that mostly kids and teens watch. she admits she's not a good artist, and isn't bothering anyone. If your only problem with her is that she draws bad, why don't you make a thread about Draw With Jazza?

I know she gets talked about sometimes on /ic/ because she has too much popularity for her 4th grade level art skills. but it's not hard to know why she does if you're familiar with the art youtube community. She's no where near a bad person, cow, or snowflake.

No. 393219

so when she gets her own thread you guys come out of the woodwork despite being conveniently quiet the past few months she's been constantly mentioned in the shitty youtube art threads. silly wks.

No. 393223

i can't believe someone in the other thread said this was "good." there is literally nothing about this that is beyond mediocre. good for a 10 year old maybe.

No. 393937

Because bitching about someone you feel gets undeserved praise and accolades is fine…. but it doesn't deserve it's own fucking thread.

Bring the milk or kill the thread

No. 393952

Sage your arguments.

No. 394028

this is /snow/, it's for young cows, stop trying to make this /pt/

No. 394900

Any thoughts on this hot mess?

No. 394907

Ah yes, this monstrosity. Like, I'm no watercolor pro nor do I pretend to be, but this is bigger level. The patches are freaking me the fuck out.

No. 394912

it’s like she totally missed the point of the challenge. she’s just doing random anatomical sketches from OTHER anatomical sketches…not drawing from life or references. a good basis in anatomy is good but scribbling out a couple pages of some random ass anatomy before moving on is not going to help you improve.

didn’t finish the video but half of it was so much bitching about how little time she has when all she does is make some shitty art videos on youtube. the challenge is worth it for the practice alone. she just doesn’t understand sketching.

No. 394913

The bitching put me off. She only did the challenge for click bait, not too actually learn anything worthwhile. Like, I understand not being able to draw every day due to being occupied by school or work, but I do expect more out of someone like her who has pretty much all the time in the world to practice. Idk, am very salt right now lol.

No. 394928

she irks me so fucking much man. like fuck this thumbnail starts the whole downward spiral.

i totally feel this too.

No. 394930

>>394913 even fucking holly got something out of it, ffs

No. 394936

Personally these drawing excerises are pretty okay. Just mediocre as always. Would have liked to see Baylee maybe trying drawing with more fluidity. She’s not under drawing. Baylee’s not understanding that the entire form needs to be drawn from the bottom up.
Other than that I still don’t understand how Baylee got so popular with her “art”.
However I do think she did a better job than Holly Brown. I still hate how both HC and BJ draw…

No. 394943

sometimes, in the hands of a good artist, patchiness can be good and used to create texture where appropriate. baylee is not one of those artists.

No. 394946

I sometimes use patchiness with liner pens, mostly because it can add a fun texture to the background. But it's intentionally done, not for a lack of skill lol

No. 394949

yeah, i've intentionally used water to make "rings" of pigment to make things more visually interesting and give it a grimy appearance, but (to keep this at least a little bot on-topic) that's not what bj does.

also, that's not how manes work. they don't come out of the side of the horse's face.

No. 395150

heh heh BJ

No. 395153

Sage if you are going to be a dumbass, please.

No. 395159

I don't get her issues with this challenge.

>bitches about time constraints/takes too long

um so if the criteria of this challenge is drawing 600 sketches in 30 days with no size specifics, she didn't need to use a huge book pad or even one singular sketch per page. 20 sketches a day is a cakewalk for basic art students who are required to maybe do 10 every hour or two for class.

>"Im a slow drawer"

uh, ok, but you don't need to rush? You have a whole month? It's a exercise to sketch faster???

>she draws side profiles and front facing portraits with incorrect anatomy and her style remains stagnant

For a freelance artist she sure bitches alot about how time consuming this is. I mean, how many commissions does she take in?

No. 395227

I went to look for one of the comments I remembered on the video for this one, but oh so mysteriously they've disappeared…
but I remember having a laugh at someone describing the horse as a squashed plum. the one I was looking for though was someone said how the woman just could not be in that position on a horse like that and Baylee was all "no, bcause I copied a photo for the horse so it must be correct'

still, she sold it for however many hundred $ so I guess she wins

No. 395324

Maturity sure is number one concern at an anonymous forum used for internet gossip.

No. 395327

File: 1506792172617.jpg (34.5 KB, 413x395, 49f.jpg)

>>freelance artist
Come on, we all know Baylee can't really be considered a freelance artist. She is basically a less talented modern version of an Art Attack host.

No. 395328

File: 1506792327332.png (20.03 KB, 827x228, 1502251433817.png)

No. 395341

File: 1506794387019.jpg (347.29 KB, 2048x2048, 7ACDA86F-D02E-4F34-8430-B3D8B1…)

Sorry for potato quality but this is the shit that makes me hate her.
Shes gone to school and yet she sits there saying the sketch challenge is shit WHILE SHES COPYING OTHER PEOPLES DRAWINGS.
Thinking thats how you get better even though the point of the BOOK is to READ about the animal torso and draw studies of R E A L animals, the pictures in the book is a fucking visual help to make you understand what they're getting at.
(Drawing shapes on it as if you have any knowledge of anatomy or foreshortening doesn't make it a study)
Its such an example of why no kid should watch her content, nor should people spend money on her tard drawings.

Sage of autistic sperging

No. 395342

To my knowledge, she doesn't do commissions because they're apparently not her style lol more like no one would buy one for they amount she would ask for.

No. 395343

I remember when she was doing patreon, her "quality," which I'm saying very loosely, was honestly not up to par with what people were spending.

No. 395350

Anyone remember this lovely gem~? I swear, this was the video that finally made me commit to not liking her.

No. 395372

The problem is not copying other drawings, art schools and courses will have you copy Bridgman and other masters. There is value in this kind of study. The thing is, the process is not limited by copying a drawing, it's just one of the stages, drawing from life being an important one.

I believe the biggest thing she's supposed to take from this challenge is not necessarily drawing much better, improvement requires constant practice instead of just one month of overpractice, but she should learn to sketch consistently.

No. 395376

does anyone know what reference book she is using btw? it looks handy, even if she’s using it totally inappropriately.

No. 395383

I think she'll be uploading a video of the books she bought for the challenge, so idk if that one specifically will be there

No. 395877

The problem I had wasnt the copying in terms of her just drawing someone elses work. I get studies in that regard but she's not doing a master study, shes just drawing someone elses little picture of a horse and putting literal spider webs on neck like it shows her comprehension of the horses anatomy,
(i get how it came off tho i was on the toilet sperging no lie)

I do agree with the consistency, her style fluctuates so badly cause she seems to just cater to what she THINKS will be good even if it completely goes against the rest of her style.

No. 396052


No. 396076


That's a fat horse

No. 396626

She's a fat horse

No. 396659

That and really stubby.

No. 396912

I don't even wanna know how expensive that dress is.

No. 397087

Whaaaaa BJ is getting married? No way!! /sarcasm

No. 397090

Expensive and it'll be worn only once by a potato. I couldn't sit through the whole video because nothing happens and it's boring af

No. 397248

I hate how she talks to her pets. That baby voice is fucking grating. Wow.

No. 397260

Like, I get it, you want your wedding to be fun and to celebrate the union between you and your loved one, but I personally feel that Disney themed weddings are creepy as fuck.

No. 397265

File: 1507055182227.jpg (350.53 KB, 2048x2048, DD9A369B-5A56-499A-A89D-54287D…)

Holy shit Baylee turned into a porker. I really wanna see how the dress looks on her tbh,,

No. 397269

Holy shit. I think I remember her saying she black listed words like fat on her vlog channel so people can't call her that. Looking at this though makes me feel skinny lol.

No. 397286

That ain't attractive.

No. 397487

She's creepy in general. She's an adult woman who is obsessed with Disney. It's fucking weird.

No. 397494

Finally, someone who understands me! This sort of obsession creeps me out @_@

No. 397684

She's literally a cylinder with legs. This is just sad.

No. 397685

Baylee has no fucking clue how to make thumbnails. She looks so ugly in every single one she puts up- and it's just made worse because she makes dumb faces to seem 'quirky' all the time.

No. 397728

File: 1507113726923.jpg (384.25 KB, 1160x1500, imagine FX anatomy.jpg)


It's pic related.

No. 397731

Holy shit. I mean, she was never exactly rail thing but goddamn she's ballooned in the last few years.

No. 397753

My issue with that photo, and one of issues with her in general, is that she has literally no idea how to dress herself or buy clothes that fit her.

No. 397772

It also doesn't help that she doesn't have lips, so the faces she makes are akin to a fish.

Pretty much m8. I think the majority of her issues is that she lacks self awareness lol like if you are heavy set, skin tight clothes are probably not a good idea out in public.

No. 397773

From what remember from the vlogs, she doesn't plan to lose weight, which knowing her, means she too freaking lazy to continue to work towards a healthy weight.

No. 398075

I remember BJ used to always make juice or smoothies and buy workout things in her vlogs but I guess that was just as useful as 70% of her copics

No. 398100

Why do that when you can sit on your fat ass all day and play pokemon and shit out piss poor art lol she annoys me

No. 398183

You're not the only one. I do use a baby voice when I talk to my pets and my baby cousins, but I wouldn't do it in a public area where people could see @_@'(@_@)

No. 398210

Stop using emoticons, it's against the rules.

No. 398468

I just remember her cooking chicken breast (gross) with nothing, then adding salsa on it and eating that with a can of mini corn cobs. I felt so grossed out that it seared itself into my braaaain

No. 398626

Ew. I remember the stew she was making with the large squash and how she didn't cook the meat first. I swear that's freaking disgusting!

No. 398629

Hey guyz guess what. Bailey Jay is getting married lolz

No. 398647

"My makeup artist bailed so I did my OWOOOOWWN MAKEUP"

Like. Gurl. You make at least 1k per video.

No. 398649

But Baylee is too speshel to do her own makeup like everyone else lol for friggs sake she makes me mad. I don't get why someone has to do you makeup on your wedding, is it really that hard to do it yourself?

No. 398660

Every time this thread comes up I want to kill myself due to op pic as an “artist” Idk if you should be proud of yourself for this achievment

No. 398665

A cookie for you!

No. 398674


Have you seen how poorly she does her own make-up? People want to look good on their wedding day, I don't see her being able to do that with her own "skills".

No. 398681

True lol no amount of pintrest will save that one. That lip color is way too purple though

No. 398684

That picture is the least of my concerns about her. The drawing alone honestly doesn't bother me. What can be odd, however, is how she's been using that picture for about… 3 years? If she left it the way it was one could argue she just doesn't care enough to switch a picture, but she actually edits it to fit her blonde hair color and tries to revamp it… And well, if Youtube is such a main source of what you do for a living perhaps you should worry a bit more about your presentation, I mean, +800k subs.
Oh, and the way she just inverted the colors to use it as her vlog channel's picture is indeed a lazy ass, bad choice.
She probably considers that to be her branding. Which is not really a good choice.

No. 398685

no one's jealous of her, her art is shit

No. 398686

Bruh, I don't think her appearance is anywhere relevant to the topic either and the comments sounded somewhat petty, but… It really seems these comments got to you on a personal level. Sounds like you're projecting.

No. 398693

5$ this is her sister.

Clearly you're new here, have fun getting banned.

No. 398694

We either have a Baylee fan or her sister.

No. 398696

Oh, and Baylee doesn't use her position and influence for her own gain? What about the videos were she talks down to people and called them "sheep," that was pretty nasty lol

No. 398697

File: 1507250453156.gif (706.2 KB, 500x212, amusd.gif)

Or it's someone who is very afraid of being judged, possibly with some body image issues, and seeing the voracity people here criticize Baylee and her appearance just brought up the fear of being the one under the spotlight.

At least that's how I felt when I first read these threads. But I'm a little less innocent than to believe having an emotional outburst in a thread had any chance whatsoever to slow down the hate train.

No. 398698

I suppose they weren't around to see Baylee's smug artblock video.

No. 398700

Ah yes, one of my favorites. I think the individual who went on a bit of spree is not used to seeing Baylee not being praised, since I'm fairly certain she censors her comment section.

No. 398721

I… don't care about being popular. I'm not a literal 12 year old. I just like to make fun of her shitty art.

No. 398722

Well said m8

No. 398743

Lol what the heck just happened?

No. 398830

oh she definitely does - eg how all the comments on the weird horse/human hybrid have disappeared.

No. 398970

I don't know someone might have deleted them. I'm still new to lolcow.

No. 399073

It appears Princess Baylee disabled the comments on this video. For someone who like to talk big, she seems pretty softhearted.

No. 399135

Any thoughts?

No. 399138

Can't bring myself to watch it

No. 399139

40 minutes of your life you'll never get back

No. 399369

File: 1507353795863.png (2.86 MB, 1920x1125, baylee.png)

No. 399372

Halp, my sides!

No. 399375

Also, spell check fam, it's Bailey Jay

No. 399554

She sorta looks like Sakuems on that pic

No. 399570

I think I heard something about her coming back to YouTube.

No. 399617

I know this is supposed to be sweet, but it just looks like a sad before and after. She used to be skinny and somewhat attractive, you can tell when she let herself go.

Not to mention, posting your wedding slide show to your youtube? That seems fucked up to me.

No. 399687

Apparently she tweeted about how she doesn't feel like putting out videos for her channel atm, so she shitted this out. Like, dude, why? Does she have permission from the people in the photos to do that?

No. 399690

Baylee reminds me of an ex-friend of mine from high school. She used to be really cute and had a sweet personality, then, she went off to college and came back being over weight and with a shit attitude. Feels bad man

No. 399816

File: 1507414639098.png (142.79 KB, 303x206, baylee praises the gods.png)

this is from her pink video. a lot of her mannerisms really do feel like those "grown woman that likes disney" people, like this. shes saying "diversifyyyy", as in, that she likes to diversify and do different things with her art. sure, baylee.

No. 399827

>came back being over weight and with a shit attitude.
I suppose those are related in some cases, self esteem goes down and shitty attitude go up.

No. 399828

>grown woman that likes disney
No wonder she gets along with Art ala Carte…

No. 399837

I started watching her videos to have something consistent on in the background while I'm sometimes working. The more and more I watch her, the more basic and spoilt she comes off. Everything seems like it's all about her; does anyone recall her saying she used to film herself vlog style before the youtube channel?
And, superficial as it is, I think both her and Christian look like they let themselves go in that wedding slide clip. I'm not sure what the point of the "extreme" low carb diet she went on was, if she was just going to then eat garbage and not sleep for the month leading up to the wedding.
I'm curious if he likes Disney at all, or if -like everything else - the honeymoon is just about what she wants.
I feel I should say something about her "art" but she hasn't struck me as behaving like an artist for a long time now.

No. 399910

didn't she dress up as disney princess and drink from dick cup

No. 399937

I made the mistake of watching that because I needed something and couldn't find anything else. I haven't watched any of the others in the series, so I don't know how they compare, but I think it just solidified my feeling that Baylee is a youtuber first, and an "artist" second (or more like fifth). Her answers often felt awkward and like she was grasping at straws to make them fit the question because she doesn't behave like an artist. And it was so embarrassing hearing her talk about the Disney Princess stuff.

No. 399988

Yeah, I know how you feel. I mean, I appreciate the classic Disney style (Sleeping Beauty is beautiful film) but to be that old and act like a complete child is just disturbing. It's sad, because she has the opportunity and the time to really become a great artist but chooses not to. As someone with limited time and money, it drives me up the wall.

No. 400015

File: 1507437706601.jpg (206.2 KB, 1889x878, 1504057384275.jpg)

No. 400031

A great roll model for your impressionable children lol

No. 400032

She has that type of personality where they say they're going to do something but give up half way. I think she started that trend when she didn't complete her vet education and it probably started a bad habit from there.

No. 400090

Is this sort of thing normal for a wedding? Seems super awkward, especially the childhood photos that make up most of it.

She seems happier after though, fatter or not.

No. 400112


Ok, she was thinner, but she was never attractive, yikes. Poor girl, not pretty nor talented. I guess she's happy, though.

No. 400116


Yes and no. Sometimes it can be cute to see how the couple has grown and changef together or have a hurr durr how awkward laugh.

This video in particular emphasizes their lack of visible chemistry tho imo.

No. 400294

Can't find the source rn but she's said herself that she is a YouTuber first and that her channel is entertainment. She reminds me of beauty channels who mostly review ~wacky~ products and always do the same look in different colors because they're not really interested in experimenting or growing their craft.

No. 400353

I believe this is the video where she did that.

No. 400635

I just realised in the thumbnail how weird that ear looks but then again it’s BJ, no faults shock me.

No. 400643

The lips look to big, but then again, I'm not fan of how she draws/colors lips anyway.

No. 400698

That feel when you copy other peoples artwork but it doesn't improve your original work

No. 401021

File: 1507574629341.jpeg (513.07 KB, 1150x2048, D5B3A87F-0691-42D0-8649-8C78DA…)

I haven’t seen Baylee’s videos in a while and thought this guy was her uncle or someone.. I swear both of them have gone so downhill

No. 401022

I just showed my bf that and he genuinely thought it was her dad. It's their wedding day and they just look so awkward together.

I am disgusted by how pretty I think she looks in this photo though.

No. 401023

She looks happy and radiant and absolutely beautiful. Anyone who would shit on her on her wedding is trash.

No. 401151

….you're new here, right?

No. 401183

She does look way better in that wedding picture than I thought she would. Christian looks like his suit is way too big (and a dated style), and I agree that his stance is awkward. It could be that he's uncomfortable with public displays of affection.

No. 401367

I think the guy is just uncomfortable with being broadcasted on the internet. I mean, I don't know the guy personally, but I think he might just be shy (I think it was mentioned when he was first in the vlogs he was camera shy?)

No. 401391

I think that's just one unflattering picture for him (it's the best one of her tho), he looks better on the others.

No. 401505

Aren't they around the same age? Maybe it's the receding hairline aging him, but he looks like he's in his late 30s.

She looks quite nice though.

No. 401518

These two posts really show how if she picked clothes that suited her better, she'd look a lot better

No. 401528


No. Before she was on snow you guys had valid critiques. Now you just fat shame her. It's pathetic.

No. 401615

Her wedding video is up now!

No. 401616

Whoops, I forgot the link

No. 401667

putting the entire ceremony online is kinda eh to me, but to each their own.

Why does she have her own thread? Being a lazy artist and kinda smug about it doesn't seem remarkable to me. I haven't seen her make any controversial content or insult/scam people.

No. 401732

She has made a few controversial videos, one being in regards to the existence of art block. People were upset because she doesn't follow her own advice and the way she presented it was quite snotty.

No. 401761


I thought the people getting butthurt over the art block video were hilarious. She was 100% right. You don't get to use art block as an excuse if you're a professional artist, you have to make your deadlines. Sure she had an attitude but her message was exactly right. It's not her fault all these precious little snowflakes want to be told they can wait for "inspiration to strike" and be professional. That's not how it works in the real world and she was absolutely right. If you can't push through "art block" then you won't make it as a professional. Period. Speaking as a professional artist, I don't understand why people found the video problematic. It was entirely truthful.

No. 401762


Learn to sage. The anon you replied to stated why people had a problem with it, they didn't say it was wrong.

>People were upset because she doesn't follow her own advice and the way she presented it was quite snotty.

No. 401774


I know how to sage, I felt my post was relevant to the conversation because it's ABOUT BAYLEE and her video. If im discussing Baylee, I'm not gonna sage.

When has Baylee ever complained about art block? I don't see her being a hypocrite about the art block video at all.

No. 401789

While I understand your point, and do agree that taking too much time and missing deadlines is a freaking bad idea, one of the main reasons that people were upset by the videos, she doesn't follow her own advice. I used to be a fan of hers, but I started to notice how she would talk about others who's view points to not perfectly match her own. She called them "sheep," and it's hard to respect someone's opinion on a subject when they a) don't follow their own advice and b) talk down to those who's opinions differ from hers.

No. 401792

That's the thing, what she said was right, it was the fact that it was her saying it that made it odd. If you're gonna do some big talk, that's great, but you have to have big girl art to back it up. You're not really the person to speak for professional artists when you're a hobbyist level artist who only sells art related stuff for being a professional Youtuber, and that's what upset some people. Others were just tards screaming BUT MUH SENSIBILITUS and that mostly overshadowed the valid points people made against her.
If she has such big balls, why doesn't she use said big cojones to get her ass into putting some decent effort on bettering her art? She doesn't appear interested in doing much drawing that isn't gonna get into some video.

No. 401796

Also how she has either been disabling comments or deleting them, it shows that either cannot back up her statements with her actions and does not value other's opinions.

No. 401879

I watched that video and if someone gets upset by that they need to work on their inner strength.

You don't have to be good at art to be a professional artist. Considering she's worked at an animation studio before (or so she says, I haven't seen anyone debunk it), that means she at least used to be one. Sounds like the old "You can't criticize me if your art isn't good!! :("

I don't want to wk fucking Baylee Jae because she really isn't that great, but not every rando should have a thread on /snow/ because they said something that upset someone or delete comments.

No. 401888

I mean if I only had to turn out one piece of mediocre art a week and spend the rest of my time playing video games I'd never struggle either.

No. 401901

Shes autistically into Disney
She buys more art supplies than she uses
Theres a whole vlog where she JUST talks about how people are sheep except her cause she thinks on her own
While its very true you cant skip deadlines cause 'muh art block', the way she presented the whole argument was childish and she sounded like a right cunt.
Just like Holly, Baylee has an attitude problem while also drawing like a 5th grader. It's fucking hysterical when she does shit like reply to legitimate critique and without an ounce of irony talks about how 'Its foreshortening' or some other obscene shite when in reality if people keep mentioning the same problem, maybe its you and not them?
Her sketchbook slam challenge was trite, she just drew off of anatomy books and didn't even bother learning anything. It wasnt a master study, life study or even anything that could help her learn. She just drew from the examples in the book, then proceeded to draw lines in the sketched figures cause thats how you learn anatomy amirite? Shes unprofessional, she went to school for this and can't even sketch more than a page before she has to resort to a 101 anatomy book and draw from it instead of maybe just studying x amount of creepy kids toys and dolls stuck in her "office".

Shes milky at times cause she really is an unprofessional toddler with an ego.

No. 402051

The video about people being "sheep" makes me rage, since she practically worships Disney and any other "popular" opinion.

No. 402057


they looked like a pretty attractive couple in the beginning imo. You can just see them go super down hill.

No. 402077

It's sad because they could probably turn it around through encouraging each other to exercise/eating healthier. I used to do that with my friend before everyone went off to college.

No. 402147

>Sounds like the old "You can't criticize me if your art isn't good!! :("

Everyone is allowed a word of critique, but humility is the least you can do, especially if your art is subpar. Or are you telling me you would trust critiques from say, Norman Rockwell and Baylee Jae equally? Isn't it quite obvious that critique coming from someone who doesn't have the ability to follow what they are preaching is going to hold so much less relevancy, especially if that critique is presented in a snappy, bitchy way? That's partly why people hate Holly Brown so much, she's constantly criticizing everything other artists do while not having art good enough to match her big mouth.

The same way I see people being little triggered pussies anytime anyone raises their voices, I see people trying so hard to appear oh-so-tougher-than-thou by pretending shitty attitudes are completely excusable. Keeping a good attitude is also part of professionalism.

No. 402640

My uncle, who is a professional marine life painter, had mentioned that it is important to take advice, but to make sure the advice is coming from someone with skills to back up their words. It also doesn't help when the person acts like an asshole.

No. 402657

Honestly not seeing the milk. Just an average chunky lady with mediocre art. Doesn't seem mean our nasty or all that bad. Likes Disney but i know of a few middle aged ladies with tons of Disney shit and everyone i know likes Disney.

Then again I'm not really the type to sit around going off on someone's art pretending I'm soooo much better. Art is a pretty chill hobby for most people and it seems like this is a bunch of salt over a hobbyist having fun on YT and giving kids advice.

No. 402660

Why do you care so much? Go on any other thread of you want.

No. 402740

I'm just saying, seems like a personal grudge wank and /snow/ is not op's personal army. Just because some other cows are low on milk doesn't mean we should devolve to a bottom of the barrel thread with barely enough content for one post. Its spam at this point.

No. 402838

Is no one going to mention the fact that she has an entire room separate from her office that is literally just filled with toys?

No. 402840

That I find to be a bit odd. I mean I get keeping things from your childhood to then pass on to your own kids, but to keep them for yourself and be almost 30 is weird.

No. 403000

File: 1507904384248.png (230.63 KB, 610x634, Untitled.png)

how does she have 842k subscribers with this? i'm so mad, and this is when she said she was taking too much time making nice sketches

No. 403014

She has a toy channel too iirc, so really it’s like a second office

No. 403080

She had a toy channel, she has started to change it to an art tutorial channel aimed at a younger audience.

(sage in case I've posted incorrectly, first-time poster)

No. 403091

Yeah, the Sketchbook Slam Challenge is not the best way to improve. An individual would get more out of sketching once per day rather than trying to fill 20+ pages.

No. 403108

I’ve seen 13 year olds on tumblr with better art, honestly

No. 403218

What I’m noticing here is that Baylee doesn’t under draw. She just outlines and has no thought process in her drawings. There’s not any one way to achieve a good drawing but it couldn’t hurt Baylee to do actual drawing studies that help her learn to draw better. Playing copy cat and drawing what you see is a great way to develop penmanship but if she’s into Disney enough to pay out the ass for merchandise then I can only assume that she would want to work for Disney one dat… which with her current drawing skills is unfortunate.

No. 403239

Yeah, that's something I've noticed. I am personally not into her line work because it makes her drawings appear stiff. I remember when she and Katvalk did a collab and when the two were compared, Baylee's line work lacked character and felt incredibly bland.

No. 403260


I don't know, I feel like I have improved a lot after I started sketching a lot and fast, like fast sketches from life, studying different materials and so on.

It has made my drawing more flowing and less stiff, and it has helped me understand objects as whole concepts instead of just bunch of parts stuck together. I think this is something that shows in lot of amateur artists work, like you can see how they have first sketched tubes that form arms, squares and/or circles that make the torso, and so on, and these shapes are fit together without it looking like clean composition.

No. 403262

Awesome! I'm glad that you're improving and working hard towards your goals!

No. 403264


Thanks! I mean of course I also do more detailed sketches too, so that I would keep up with that skill too, but I think fast sketching helps me to get to the mood of drawing and get used to different kind of subjects before I start drawing better pictures about them (like clothes, animals, humans and so on)

No. 403267

That's great! I do enjoy doing quick sketches too if I'm planning out a larger piece of art. I find it helps since it's easier to move around things when they're less developed and add the details when I'm satisfied with the composition.

No. 403341

Agreed with this entirely. This whole thread is a nitpick.

Both of you need to learn to sage.

No. 403678

Ah, plum horse. I don't understand how she looks at this and thinks this is professional quality. How did she get into that art group in the first place?

No. 403680

Disagree. She's been in a lot of artist threads bc she sucks. Fair game.

No. 403693

Outside of holly, are there by other artists with actual milk? Where do I find the art thread?

No. 403738

Yeah she's bad at art, but that in itself isn't milk.

No. 404453

File: 1508140557947.png (643.49 KB, 1334x750, 62280228-DCC0-4667-BD65-D40AE7…)

Not milk but I finally got around to seeing the sketchbook slam challenge video and I really shouldn’t have

No. 404478

if there was one photo to sum up how little bj knows about anatomy, this is it

No. 404498

These characters look inbred and unappealing…
in the video Baylee did do some drawing studies that were decent but she didn’t understand how to use from those studies. That tells me that Baylee cares more about looking like an artist instead of being an artist.

No. 404548

File: 1508167827586.png (1019.7 KB, 707x845, 200 fucking dollars.png)

The /snow/ thread wasn't made (solely) because of her bad art, she's a stuck up spoiled bitch who can't take ANY form of criticism, doesn't matter how you approach her about it.

Also she likes to complain about the smallest things but she's not only grown up rich, she has had incredible luck throughout her life and doesn't even appreciate it.
Her use of clickbait is annoying as fuck too.

If the thread bothers you so much why do you even come here? Obviously there's enough people who like to bitch about Baylee, just let us be.

No. 404582

Sage because kind of dumb, but does anybody else think Baylee and Pixie look similar? They even both like to pull all those doofy faces. I swear they could be sister cows

No. 404588

That about sums up why I don't like her anymore. She blows things way out of proportion to get all dem views.

No. 404597

I used to kind of like her too. While her art was never my cup of tea I genuinely enjoyed her old vlogs. She's become super obnoxious over the years imo

No. 404648

^ I second this.

No. 404672

Yeah, it's a shame because I used to really enjoy her old vlogs and found them to be good background noise while drawing. I unsubscribed because her everything is just painful to watch.

No. 404685


TWO HUNDRED dollars?!?!
as people pointed out on the bad art thread, that's on the idiot who bought them… but holy fucking shit. the girl on the horse has no pelvis.

No. 404713

and the horse has no neck. none of her artwork is worth the price tag but holy SHIT my jimmies are rustled from that disgusting mess of a composition selling for any amount of money.

also she’s been doing this channel for YEARS? did she start with stick figures or something because i can’t imagine becoming a dedicated artist and still drawing like a middle schooler after years of work. i think teaching yourself to draw is a cool channel idea but this is just sad.

No. 404823

the oldest video on her channel is from 5 years ago, how do you draw for 5 years and still produce shit like this?

No. 404824

The skin on the "Guardian" painting looks awful. It's patchy and the blushing she used doesn't make sense for this skin tone. it takes a couple of tries to get it right, but

No. 404827

Idk m8, honestly it would be really disheartening to look back and not see any difference in your artwork. I understand that being a full time student can slow down the process but since this is her job, you would think she would take this a bit more seriously.

No. 404831

I've been watching her since zkittyz days, and honestly I wouldn't even say she's improved, moreso just went from anime to wannabe disney style.

I want to like Baylee because I've been watching her for so long but her videos are just getting so bad

No. 404848

I've noticed that too. She's good at copying images, but coming up with her own original work is not a strong point of hers (or something she seems to actively works towards.) It's a shame.

No. 404902

Yes! This is something she could use to her advantage, because when she gives a shit and uses reference she does pretty good. so she could honestly make a killing off of referencing portraits but putting her own fantasy/flowery aesthetic to it. That's would be easy for her and her fans would eat it right up. But instead we get fat plum horse

No. 404945

File: 1508217478074.jpeg (92.77 KB, 750x497, FF8B1023-7D62-4E25-8A1B-AB64C9…)

Holy shit I’m cringing, in her latest vlog she got a Pokémon kids playset and was literally so giddy about it like a little girl. This is an almost 30 married woman. I can understand getting a few here and there to display, I have a few toys displayed but just the way she was saying “omg this is so cool” while her friend Jacob was almost nervously laughing in the background, was idk, weird…. it’s like she’s an adult with a childlike mind. I used to love her when she had her teal hair, when she dyed it blonde she became full of herself Hahahaha! I agree with the above comment. She was so much sweeter before. I just think YouTube fame has got to her head. Any sort of opinions that differ from hers are thrown out the window and her opinions are always right. No matter what. Anyone else hate how she baby talks? Especially when she says “Bebay” to her cats or animals. Omg that gets on my nerves.

No. 404951

Do you honestly think her channel will last? Comparing to even a few years ago, her views have gone way down compared to subs over count. While draw with Jazza has grown exponentially. I honestly don’t know how in the world she got so lucky by getting so many views. What attracts people to her? Her art is mediocre . Anatomy is terrible… I guess people really do pay for the name. Considering someone paid $200 for that Barney looking horse painting. Wondering, Does she make a lot of money on Twitch? She honestly is one lucky duck, who wouldn’t want to play video games all day, stuffing their face with Tim hortons. Ughh I commented on one of her videos in the past asking why her cats were all over her art in every video and it was distracting, she got so heated and salty, saying it’s free content and not a perfect tv show so she doesn’t care and will let them do what she wants. I’m like um no, if YouTube is paying you for our views you should keep the cats away from blocking half of the art while your drawing lol ?

No. 404953

File: 1508218511218.jpg (56.36 KB, 610x266, Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 22.3…)

This comment though…

No. 404957

I feel bad for her future kids already, she’s gonna be one of those moms that gets them toys only for them not to be able to play with them. They’re gonna wanna be in that toy room and mess with her art supplies, it’s gonna be a disaster for her livestreams/filming, if the cats disrupt her, I can’t imagine kids lol. Baylee has said she wants kids but I find her to be too selfish/narcissistic to be a mom. Everything is about her…. should be interesting if she chooses to vlog them or not. Most people that say they’ll keep thier children away from social media are the ones to showcase them the most once they have them.

No. 404959

I honestly feel bad for the kids too, especially if she starts using them for views.

No. 404968

Has she ever even mentioned wanting children? She doesn't seem like the type that would be a good mother, or even want children to begin with.

No. 404975


I can't even see her with kids

No. 404985

File: 1508232316604.png (377.47 KB, 697x385, bjbook.PNG)

Baylee's book is on google books now, you can preview pages with a search. I mean again, this is on the publisher and on anyone who buys it - and the publisher obviously isn't going to care about quality, when this shit guarantees sales, etc. but still, it's fucking embarrassing

No. 405076

Yup she’s mentioned many times on her vlogs she wants kids eventually

No. 405084

File: 1508253363648.jpeg (230.89 KB, 750x992, 87465BD9-7BCE-4877-B49E-918407…)

I’m honestly still baffled that she got a book deal, her art is shit, her Copic coloring is ok though, but for her to teach fundamentals is just a joke. Why are they calling her a YouTube superstar on her book? I would save that term for someone more well known, say pewdiepie lmaoooo CRINGE

No. 405087


Lol, looking at their guidelines I am not at all surprised.

No. 405096

Well, given those guidelines, pretty much any of us could get a possible book deal with them lol

No. 405110

The amount of money she probably spent on these books…

No. 405121

I just wanted to say it looks like one of those shitty 'how to draw manga' books. Turns out the publisher in fact publishes those type of books. Yikes

No. 405129

Ahh, what a day and age where she can get paid talking about books I’m sure she doesn’t use much, her description box is filled with affiliate links so her poor minions will be filling her bank account by simply buying these books ugh ?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 405137

Oh, a book haul. I guess she's going to copy more images from these books then

No. 405168

When you put it that way, that's pretty shady.

No. 405179

>"Personally I like to say there are no rules at all"
That's something that always rustled my jimmies with her, she will always use the whole -no rules- -art is supposed to be fun- thing as an excuse for her artistic handicaps.
I remember one old vlog where she was complaining about someone commenting she was holding her pencil wrong and giving the whole bullshit speech of "art is supposed to be FUnNnNN".
The faster you learn the rules and learn to take critique, the best for you. Obviously not everything people say is relevant criticism, but if you actually do stuff instead of staying inside your pink bubble you'll be able to judge for yourself what's useful for you and what isn't. Learning the rules before breaking them.

No. 405181

That and I think she says that to get brownie points, too.

No. 405182

>She's good at copying images
>because when she gives a shit and uses reference she does pretty good
>But instead we get fat plum horse

What? Fat plum horse was referenced. And I believe a lot of her sketchbook slam also was, yet it looks like shit. She can only copy some real basic cartoon crap.

No. 405184

This is true, but I think she posted an image she copied of a forest scene. While it wasn't super detailed (I think she used her colored pencils, which can't hold a strong point because of the wax) it wasn't terrible. I guess I meant to say that when she actually tries the art isn't terrible, but as of late it's evident that she doesn't care enough to produce anything of substance.

No. 405188

If you mean this one, look closely at how sloppy everything is. It seems good (or at least better than the rest of her shit) because her foundation isn't terrible, the perspective is okay-ish and so are the values, so you can discern the image from far away, which is good. But if you look close enough you'll see how she just slaps that forest carelessly on the paper. Looks pretty lazy and rushed.

No. 405191

Ah, I see what you're saying. I'm not a pro at colored pencil (lol excuse me, pencil crayons shot me pls) but to put all that time into and not give the entire piece your full efforts seems like a waste to me.

No. 405224

Why does she always use that awful blush color on the darker skin tones?!

No. 405230

Not to bash those that like using Prismas, but I think those Polychromos pencils would have worked better with the watercolors. Since the Polys are a bit harder, they allow for more layering which complements the watercolor base. Idk, it also doesn't help that she sucks shit at using her time wisely. I believe she has it in her head that because she takes forever to finish an artwork that it increases the price tag, which I'm calling bullshit since the time she supposedly puts in doesn't show.

No. 405257

A prime example that this bitch can't take suggestions or critique.

No. 405361

you're right plum horse was referenced. I guess I should say, she does okay when she slows down and actually tries. Personally I like her portraits (like the Visions one) and I think that's her strong suit. Large patches of just plain skin/hair so she doesn't get impatient/bored and rush through it like >>405188

No. 405367

Also I just remembered she flat out admitted that that was the first time she drew a horse. Why would you willingly draw something for the first time, not practice at all beforehand, but then still get mad when people call you out for a shit drawing?

No. 405371

Because she's a dumbass.

No. 405375

ugh impact books are well known for ANYONE being able to create an art book… they have the absolute worst art books out there. if she knew anything she wouldnt have published with them, no body takes books by them seriously..
oh. right. its baylee we're talking about so its a perfect match

No. 405379

My sides. Halp.

Though I wonder something, how would she react if she found this thread or any other site that didn't kiss her ass?

No. 405382

I would love if this caused her to shape up honestly. I give her some kudos because she does seem somewhat self aware; she's mentioned in her vlogs numerous times that she feels self conscious about her art ability compared to her peers/number of subs. I guess she hopes that saying it publicly will either prevent people from giving her shit for it, or she'll get enough compliments to convince her she is good enough.

To answer your question, she'd make some tweet about haters to be inspirational to the children and say something dumb and non-committal like "I know I'm bad but I'm having fun and improving at my own pace."
BJ if you see this I have two suggestions: Be honest, and draw more than twice a month

No. 405405

She thinks she’s had enough sketching after sketchbook slam… no need to directly copy reference books anymore. One artist I truly look up to is Aaron Blaise, he just made a video about how important sketchbooks are and the value of drawing from real life, Baylee never just goes out and sketches real things…. copying a book will only get you so far.

No. 405406

File: 1508312211105.jpeg (144.26 KB, 819x662, 423F3209-248B-448F-BCDF-1D4D40…)

Baylee and her sister look so different, wonder if they share the same Dad?

No. 405476

They do, I think her sister looks more like their mother.

No. 405642

I think she mentioned something about trying to post to her art channel once at day for a month. I can already tell how this is going to end lol.

No. 405980

She's constantly coming up with channel ideas that she eventually abandons when they don't bring in enough views. I can't see her "kid's art" channel lasting, especially since her style and method are already simple enough that a kid could follow along. A specific channel would just be redundant. And I can't see her posting a video to her art channel every day for a month. At most she'll drop out half way through, claiming that she's spreading herself too thin. Even though she has nothing better to do than stream on twitch for 12 hours at a time.

No. 405982

Yep, she just doesn't have the stamina for it. It's become more and more apparent that she doesn't give two shits about her art channel, it like, bitch stop lying to everyone we can see that you're not invested in it.

No. 405990

Cleaning = good substitute for an art video? And she wonders why her views are dropping

No. 406007

She will probably try to pass a lot of dumb craft activities or stupid challenges as videos… Like she already does.

I wonder if she wants to make a kid's art channel because she is truly unaware her current channel is already kid level or if she's somewhat trying to get an excuse to keep her current lack of skill and not have people pester her as much because the channel is supposed to be for kids?

No. 406009

I think it might also be another attempt at making it seem like she's super "busy." I notice this with people irl who deliberately take on meaningless tasks specifically so they can brag about how busy they are. She seems like the type.

No. 406011

I checked her sub counts and it really seems her growth has come to a halt, she's been stuck in the middle of 800k subs for a long time
I think her vlog channel didn't grow much either
She's probably failing at attracting new subscribers as well as keeping the old ones. I used to be an avid watcher and now I can't stand her.

No. 406015

Yeah, I noticed that once she started doing "fun" video's I started to stop watching. That and because she's not receptive to what her audience wants, people have started to leave. It also doesn't help that her personality is absolute shit.

No. 406017

>It also doesn't help that her personality is absolute shit.
One time I started to realize she seemed to have gone from being grateful for having an audience to being snappy and more full or herself towards the audience.

No. 406018

No kidding! It frustrates me to no end, these people take time of their day to watch your shit videos and you repay them with sass, selfish! She should be praising them up and down the wall because they basically gave her the comfortable lifestyle she now has, yet she continues to shit on them with passive aggressive remarks.

No. 406030

How somebody who has done art for so long cant even manage to bring a single depth or detail into a picture astonishes me.
Everything is flat as cardboard, she cant even be bothered to make the cat look like it has even a single strand of hair, the fishes are just blobs of frankly just one colour.
Get some dimension to your personality and maybe it will show up in your art m8.

No. 406042

Like, omg, how dare you give her sound advice! That's just so kind and considerate, because then she might have some decent art. She too good to listen to us lump and prowl.

Lol, in all seriousness though, none of her animals have ascetically pleasing fur texture. It breaks my kokoro.

No. 406066

The shape of the body of that cat… That super wobbly leg that for some reason is being overlapped by the paw that's supposed to be behind it. The head that in no way connects to the blob of a body. Even ignoring the flat ass coloring… This just screams 'traced badly from a photo'

No. 406067

I find the topic of the video to be annoying as well. People don't take her seriously because she flip flops between being a bitch and being all "sweet and understanding."

No. 406068

Baylee wastes so much money. I hate to think about how much her collection of unboxed toys is worth. I'm not even talking about the BatB dolls, I mean the ones that she bought for her defunct toy channel and are now just collecting dust in her "toy room". Not too long ago she was talking about dropping a few k on book binding equipment, basically just in case she ever got a wild hair and wanted to make her own sketch/art books.

No. 406069

The worst part is that she doesn't even appreciate those that have allowed for her be able to waste her freaking money. As stated above, she's rude to her audience. Shit, if I had that kind of following I would be kissing their feet every hour of the day, but then again I was raised to be grateful.

No. 406070

Now, this might be my foot phobia talking, but this video makes me both annoyed and grossed out.

No. 406077


Those channels that rely too much on stupid ass challenges for videos should do the put-some-actual-effort-into-your-art challenge

No. 406084

I agree so much. Everytime she tries out a new medium, she needs to get a huge, expensive set instead of something more basic; even though she usually does something once or twice before giving up. She bought a table saw and iirc she hasn't set it up yet even though its been months (and she was talking about setting it up in her fucking toy room, does she not understand how messy sawdust is?) She wants to complete her copic collection even though she's said numerous times she's trying to not use them as much. Plus what you said on the book binding stuff, even though she has yet to use/sell the ones she already made yet. I feel like theres tons of other examples that I'm just forgetting. I guess I'm just jealous of being able to drop thousands of dollars on a whim, forgive me.

No. 406087

Also, she doesn't own the house she currently lives in, why not just save your money to buy one instead of spending it all on crap you don't need?!

No. 406088

Like those Finetec watercolors. I really really really freaking want a small set, but I'm resisting until I've made a huge dent in the supplies I already own. She doesn't have restraint.

No. 406096

She seems to be more into twitch streams now. I think she’s only doing the kids channel for more income, not to really teach kids. She’s all about that coin, since her views are dropping

No. 406099

Omg I’m glad to have found this thread, I thought I was the only hater of Baylee to exist! All her minions are suffocating. Any slight criticism and they attack like piranhas!

No. 406100

I think the best thing for her would to be go back to a 9-5 job. Before she quit at the studio, she was much better at managing time and priorities, and seemed to make less impulsive decisions. I've seen so many youtubers switch to self-employment, and become the same click-baity, boring, arrogant, idiots. It makes me sad really, because she did/does have a sweetness to her.

No. 406101

Your not the only one, she censors her comments or has her minions attack those who don't kiss her ass. It's nice to know that you aren't alone haha.

No. 406102

She'll probably have to at the rate things are going, and most likely down size because she might not be able to afford rent. Ohmygod she might have to get rid of all those toys she hoards.

No. 406104

I want to know how those renters let her have two cats in that house on beautiful wood flooring, I have cats and wood floors and they’ve completely ruined the wood with their claws. Cats really damage a lot in a home. Have you seen her shredded computer chair!? It’s embarrassing

No. 406110

They probably pay an extra fee or will have to pay to have those fixed before they leave. This is a bit an off note, but I have this feeling that she'll be one of those new age parents who let's their kids run a muck and then beat on them when the kid acts out. Just an observation.

No. 406116

Ugh, this hurts me.

No. 406148

That calico critters is adorable…. for a CHILD. Not an almost 30 year old married woman. I’ve come to realize she’s proud of being Cringeworthy.

No. 406152

Yeah, I've noticed. Like, I've saved some of my old dolls and plushies so I can give them to my kids (saves money and has sentimental value). I already feel bad for Baylee's possible children because you know she won't let them play with her stuff, even though they're designed for children to play with.

No. 406157

Might be proud of being cringe, might just be trying to rake in as much youtube $$$ as possible for more shit to hoard. Kids watch those unboxing videos for some reason.

No. 406158

Idk, I guess it gives them the sensation of opening the toy too. It doesn't make much sense to me so I can't really say.

No. 406165

Just made me laugh when her toy channel was a major fail. She thinks the kids art channel will rake in more money…. we shall see. Most kids didn’t care for her toy videos so I doubt they’d care for her art videos. But who knows. The stupidest video she ever made was when she glued the art supplies to her face. I was like are you kidding me…. or that vlog she posted about her pooing her pants. Wonder if that got demonetized? She said her main art channel hasn’t been hit with the demonetized/no ads filter, kinda hoping it does muahahaha

No. 406166

Give how she treats her subs, I hope for the same thing. But in all seriousness, why in the hell would you tell the world you shit yourself? Oh wait, someone who's hungry for more views. No wonder her husband doesn't want to be in the vlogs

No. 406167

Why hasn’t she opened her new in box toys that she hoards in her closet yet? I think she’s a hoarder. What good is having stuff if they collect dust. I can’t imagine how big her “other” toy collection is… if you know what I mean. Gag!

No. 406169

Oh god I just threw up in my mouth halp. But yeah, that's a huge waste! I think she mentioned something about donating some of it. Emphasis on the word (some). Why not give it all away to needy kids who would get more joy out of them?

No. 406171

I was shocked she made Halloween treat bags for trick or treaters, she does have a sweet side. When she wants to be.

No. 406172

I highly doubt they'll be around for the trick or treaters, since she has low restraint.

No. 406173

I think people are gonna get tired of seeing skill share on every video she makes, I know I am ughh

No. 406174

She went back to eating garbage after the wedding, poor Christian lmaooo

No. 406175

Just when you thought she was going to turn her life around and eat healthy lol. There's nothing wrong with having a treat every now and then, but holy shit she eats like crap.

No. 406176

Why is she so outwardly proud to be Canadian? I mean, she walks around in that nerdy Justin Trudeau shirt, I get being proud of your country but holy mackerel. Guess it adds to her existing cringe.

No. 406177

She should’ve had a moose at her wedding

No. 406178

File: 1508466945504.jpeg (119.7 KB, 1024x1024, 56E11BD8-FB1C-4F41-B4C4-6002C2…)

No. 406179

Because she's a hack. I'm personally not a fan of Trudeau, he seems like a beta male who would let some stranger fondle his wife. From what I know about his election, the majority of Canadian women voted for him because of his looks, not his policies. Hmmm, sounds like something a certain urbanite would do, not think about the long term effects but merely base her decisions on how hot a guy is.

No. 406188

File: 1508467884480.png (2.64 MB, 1334x750, 4C71CCED-6201-4957-A06C-16E348…)

No. 406189

That don't look cute.

No. 406200

did she get married with her roots looking like that??

No. 406220

I think she got her hair done before the wedding

No. 406228

I used to like this girl, I truly did. I used to watch her daily vlogs, starting from where she was just moving into her current place, because it was interesting watching the daily life of an artist. HOWEVER, I can't help but cringe whenever she stepped foot in that toy room, her office, cat room and storage. How much shit does TWO people need?! She is renting a six bedroom house in one of the most expensive ctities in the world. I can't even fucking fathom how much money she has spent on all of those worthless toys. She also bought a band new car, and not a cheap one either. I don't know why I'm so triggered by this, but its like what if one day YouTube just quits? I doubt it'll happen but what if? She'd be in such a panic, all of those worthless toys wouldn't contribute to her survival. What would she do with all of her crap?

I can only assume she lives in Burnaby/New Westminister so I googled six bedroom houses for rent. I couldnt'd find a six bedroom, but a five bedroom will cost you $3,700 a month.

No. 406236

Omg that’s what I thought, they’re a newly married couple renting that big house, for what!? They seriously only use like 3 rooms. It’s insane, wonder how much rent is a month, if it’s millions to own a house there. That vlog where she got her new car just totally grossed me out, she was such a show off. Did anyone else see that vlog where someone parked in her parking space and she actually taped a note to their window saying “don’t park here dumbass”, another instance of her being greedy was when she was shopping and the cashier didn’t scan her tools and she was still in the parking lot, she said that was a sign to run. Like she couldn’t get off and return the tools to the store!? It was an expensive pack too. She’s just getting so greedy and doesn’t appreciate her wealth, she was once humble but not anymore, just wish she could get knocked down a peg.

No. 406237

$3700 a month just for them two!? That’s insane. Add all their other living expenses too. She makes bank. I’m hella jealous!

No. 406238

Can’t believe she has one full room dedicated to the cats shit boxes. XD(XD)

No. 406242

She's also drunk off her smug. Like, she literally thinks she's the shit and thinks she's cool because acts like a freaking dumbass child on a regular basis. Honestly, I miss the old Baylee who was humble, this one is just disgusting.

No. 406243

I’m such a hater. Wish I could go to Disneyland all the time….

No. 406245

It wouldn't be worth it if meant looking/acting like her. I swear that would be an empty existence

No. 406358

Hahaha well said anon! The challenge videos are so dumb. Anyone with some level of skill will be able to make something decent out of whatever constraints you throw at them.

No. 406359

dude wtf

No. 406376

so when she said she was going to make a video out of her cleaning, I thought she meant as in an extra Sunday or Wednesday video. Baylee is it that hard to just whip up a copic drawing jfc

No. 406379

It seems her little sketchbook channel didn't make her as fast as she said it did lol

No. 406383

>"I miss old Baylee who was humble"
same man. There was something so genuinely endearing about her, how she was just a lonely girl in a cramped apartment making the best of her life/hobbies. Anymore she's enjoying life the same way she kind of always has, except now she has no hardships to humble her. She has her husband, no student loans, her dream job, a big house, her cats, what's left to want?

>>406236 iirc she could also afford to pay $1000/month on her student loans. (don't quote me on it though) Good for her I guess but holy shit

No. 406385

Decadence has ruined her.

No. 406389

I'm less than two minutes and I refuse to believe this would be faster than a speedpaint. Her super slowly cleaning and explaining everything edited down to a 18 minute video; versus maybe 40 minutes do make a doodle and throw some music over it. I get not being in the zone if your space is dirty but she constantly has some horribly disorganized room, I don't think it bothers her that much.

No. 406392

She's making excuses to not make art. sounds like a certain video (cough art block cough)

No. 406394

I actually can't believe she just uploaded a video of her cleaning her art room in lieu of an actual art video. She's getting so bloody lazy, and it's becoming more and more obvious that she literally couldn't give a shit about art, just views and money.

I can see her eventually stopping the 'art' altogether and just becoming a gaming streamer or something.

No. 406397

Yeah, I could see that happening, which would lose her a good portion of her audience.

No. 406398

7:49 of the cleaning video, look at how she treats her originals. those are not worth $200

No. 406399

lmao then she immediately after pulls out the folders of prints. She literally treats shitty con prints better than her originals (that she JUST said she may give away)

No. 406402

13:24 Another example of poorly storing/care for her originals

No. 406419

I almost feel bad that she doesn't know how to dress herself.

No. 406422

I can’t stand people like Baylee who have to go to Disney for their honeymoon
It just comes across as childish and attention seeking (she’ll probably buy loads of toys there too)
I wonder if Christian ever gets annoyed with all the Disney crap… like I can understand guys who put up with their girlfriend/wife’s “kawaii” shit but with Disney it’s not even cute you just look unemployed and living with parents

No. 406425

>>406422 I'm not super into disney but I feel a franchise that big does have plenty of "adult" merch/decor/activites/etc. Baylee is so cringey because she CHOOSES to be over the top and childish. She could just have her collector dolls and nice stuff like the Mrs. Potts set, but she just gobbles up anything remotely cute
I can't blame her for wanting to go to disneyworld though, shits fun

No. 406427

Her hair, skin, dress, and shoes are extremely pale, why did she think super dark leggings would fit? I know she's kind of self concious about her vitiligo but bare legs would have looked so much better. If she insists on leggings, get a dark top/sweater to balance it out. How does an artist not understand color balancing?

No. 406430

I absolutely HATE it when Baylee eats while doing her art videos. It's so piggish and unprofessional. There's one video where she eats potato chips but I can't find it right now, however in this one she eats popcorn while painting and I feel the huge urge to reach through the screen and take the bowl away from her.


Based on her interest in Poppy and especially Melanie Martinez as well as her love for little-kid's toys, her Disney obsession and her childish art style (not to mention that otherkin-esque situation where she identifies as a cat with a bow on her tail) I sometimes wonder if Baylee has a secret thing for ddlg. I know this seems like a huge reach but ever since I started thinking about it I can't get it out of my head.

No. 406431

Yeah, I know no guy who is into Disney that much and would put of with their girlfriend/wife going crazy with it. That shit ain't cute.

No. 406432

I haven't been to Disneyworld but Disneyland was pretty fun. Haven't been since I was young because it's freaking expensive.

No. 406433

Because she's a friggin noob who doesn't take the time to understand color. I think she's trying to go for the cutesy animu style, problem is that she's too big to pull of the oversized clothing style.

No. 406434

Anon, I feel sick. I remember her mentioning something about her being that cat she talked about in her earlier vlogs, and at the time I didn't think much of it but now omygod. I think some of her childishness might stem from the divorce with her parents and her wanting to recreate a "happy" time in her life when she was young.

But yeah, I would never buy an original from her, even if she improved, because of how she treats her originals. You known the archival qualities are all borked because that greasy food she eats.

No. 406458

Im a pretty hardcore disney fan and collector, and yup they do have merchandise that is more subtle and made for adults, like nice tablewear (the mrs potts set!) the designer doll collection which i belive baylee does collect? amongst alot of other things. But ofc she buys the cheap plastic rapzunel kids art set. It urks me when people call themselves collectors but just go for any random small, cheap things related to their hobby instead the nicer stuff that is ment to be collected.

No. 406461

It was the eyebrows

No. 406475

my sides

No. 406485

Haha! This comment just killed me lool

No. 406488

Wow! An Effin cleaning video for a Friday art video!? Someone is hella lazy and doesn’t care about their audience, hope her channel tanks soon. Boring AF!

No. 406489

Baylee has vitiligo?

No. 406491

Yeah she talks about it in her "Draw my Life" video. I think it's only a light case of vitiligo, eg her face is not affected.

No. 406493

File: 1508530639482.jpeg (55.89 KB, 736x243, 7865C847-E141-4907-92AD-900BAC…)

Don’t forget her cat Kiki’s anal juices get all over her original art too!

No. 406495

who tf names their video title that??? Wtf

No. 406498

File: 1508531165713.jpeg (212.72 KB, 750x921, 9893D4FF-47E7-40E5-A022-9BE888…)

Omg love this comment on her new cleaning video!!!

No. 406499

File: 1508531198093.jpeg (122.31 KB, 750x538, A8C5AA43-B4F7-4623-886E-547AD9…)

And of course… queen Baylee replied all snarky

No. 406501

why does she always have to be so aggressive jfc.
>"Its for all things art related!"
You uploaded a video of you cleaning your room and a haul of shit you got at a disney con. I wish she would just say "Sorry I don't want my art channel to be my main focus now" and just upload less often.

No. 406502

Of course all her minions are attacking the poor girl…. eyeroll

No. 406503

Go read the thread on her video before it’s deleted, it’s juicy hahaha

No. 406507

File: 1508532315122.jpg (305.17 KB, 2048x2048, 5688BB31-FADD-4727-A4D2-8D4B20…)

>A grown ass woman flashing her mostly underage fanbase her ass in her tights.

No. 406508

File: 1508532355022.jpg (428.08 KB, 2048x2048, 2E110F59-BF13-4674-AC00-CEBE0A…)

>a grown ass woman going to forever21 to get an outfit for an internet meme concert

No. 406510

Call me pretentious, but I'm not a fan of the way those basic art channels banalize what it means to be an artist, and I think this, among other things, is the reason Baylee puts such little effort. Those girls believe ~~~ANYONE IS AN ARTIST~~~ so they care very little about investing their time into going through the hardships that builds an artist. I firmly believe anyone CAN be an artist, but that it takes study (formal or self teaching, doesn't matter), time and effort. Perhaps if she had a different mindset she wouldn't be passing all that crap as art videos.

No. 406513

Oh god! She has no sense of style. That dress looks so bad, makes her look 100 lbs heavier!

No. 406516

There's a fight under her latest art video cause someone had the neck to complain about her content.

No. 406517

SORRY! thread hadn't refreshed properly!

No. 406519

please learn to sage and not samefag newfriend

No. 406524

She would look so much better if she actually put effort into her hair. I understand that she has fine hair and not a lot of it, but there are ways to work around it. She doesn't need to go back to extensions but girl a little volume would go a long way.

No. 406540

File: 1508537841235.png (882.86 KB, 678x896, Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 15.1…)

This was in my recommendations and looking back at her old drawings, I feel like she somehow got worse with the Disney style lol. I mean this isn't exactly the best, but it seems more alive than her recent ones. Am I the only one who thinks this way?

No. 406543

Good on her for not caving when miss queen bee threw a fit. People are getting tired of her bullshit and her fans are not helping her case.

No. 406546

You're not the only one, I think I remember her saying she wanted to do a redraw of it, but honestly I think the results would make her look bad, since whatever skills she did have have seriously declined.

No. 406550

Wow, she thinks she's so cute when she talks badly about her audience. On her twitter she posted about how she thinks the comment section of her shit video was just "so funny." Yeah, the people who had some balls and were honest are just lump and prowl to her. Bitch.

No. 406556

Basic strategy of pretending you think something is funny to mask the fact you're upset by it.

No. 406558

I'm so frustrated that someone who has basically been given an oprotunity to do something meaningful with her life completely shits all over those that got her there in the first place!

No. 406565

File: 1508540609984.jpeg (114.04 KB, 750x993, ED2751E2-3EC3-4CE6-B48E-9E0F19…)

Trying to play it off like it doesn’t bother her… pffft. She could care less about the opinions of her subscribers, the people that are helping support her by watching her shitty content in the first place.

No. 406567

The sad thing is that loads of kids want to waste all their money on Copic markers just because of Baylee, saw in my local art store someone who wrote “bayleee” on the tester.
I wish someone could be popular with that young of an audience while actually passing on good traits and advice
would hate my son/daughter to grow up learning to be that lazy, unimaginative and allergic to constructive criticism

No. 406569

File: 1508540776817.png (592.18 KB, 500x500, tumblr_inline_ooua3cUdOq1r9lzv…)

> saw in my local art store someone who wrote “bayleee” on the tester

No. 406570

I would've written "no." next to it

No. 406573

I was one of those back in the day, but I have deviated to watercolors because they're actually archival.

No. 406578

Why does it matter that they're archival?

No. 406580

Because I want the color quality to last long term, and copics don't use pigment they use dye which will fade. Depending on the grade, watercolors will last longer than copics. I guess a way to explain it is that you put a good chunk of time into an artwork and for it fade at an accelerate rate seems a bit silly to me. I have nothing against copics, they're fun to use, but for anything that matters to me I want the materials used to be lightfast.

No. 406667

File: 1508551839791.png (501.92 KB, 750x1334, 6EFBC29C-6EE4-4014-A60A-BFE888…)

She’s so freaking stupid. (Regarding the comments on her latest cleaning art video)

No. 406675

File: 1508552248081.jpeg (184.23 KB, 750x777, ABC3AFA2-A199-40A8-A4B0-6B041E…)

Hahahaha she edited her comment, yeah she spilled lots of hours into sketchbook slam, but those sketches were the shittiest sketches I’ve ever seen.

No. 406680

>Sketchbook slam was the most difficult and time consuming thing I've ever done for this channel
So you didnt do it to improve or challenge yourself, just to get some videos.
I would argue she would have learned more just from doing three separate copic speedpaint videos than from the sketchbook slam

No. 406685


lmao judging by the quality of the drawings in the book she obviously isn't interested in improving

No. 406687

This is why people turned to lolcow, she either sick her brainwashed minions on people who question her or she disables the comment section all together. Egomaniac!

No. 406688

I honestly hope she finds this thread so she can see how many people actually don't like her shit, since she's able to tailor the comments on her youtube to fit her delusions.

No. 406690

These types of responses/tweets just show the type of person she is. I haven't read every single comment on that video, but I can tell its 99% compliments/random questions/firsts/anything thats not "hate"
But "hate" is the only thing she responds to, she doesn't (publically) appreciate the nice comments, but will make a big stink over one person criticizing.

No. 406692

That's something I've noticed too. I've made comments on her videos in the past and, while she says it would be too hard to respond to them all, but she could at least do that for some people. But that would require her to actually be a nice person.

No. 406696

I actually do see her give the occasional polite response to some kids boring story; or small thank yous for comments like "so pretty!" But I don't think I've ever seen her tweet something like "wow guys I got so many compliments on this video thank you so much!"
I don't know what the "right" way to handle stuff like this is but I feel like her fans would feel more appreciated this way.
It's like there's a really nice person somewhere deep inside Baylee that just occasionally makes contact with the outside world rather than just existing

No. 406697

True, and that makes it even more frustrating. If I had that kind of support I would be tweeting/commenting about my subs/followers and thanking them for giving me a good life. Seeing her treat them like shit just makes me mad.

No. 406702

File: 1508556754294.jpg (131.74 KB, 968x664, 3.jpg)

Ooohh I found something juicy in the cleaning video

No. 406704

Sounds like a selfpost but 10/10 for the username "Pants of Shit"

No. 406705


No. 406706

Regardless of source I'm dying for a response to this holy shit. I'm secretly praying this comment will lead to something like she cries all night but takes a look at herself and what she's doing and decides to change herself for the better.
What we'll get is "I'm being spread thin"

No. 406708

File: 1508557468965.jpeg (97.1 KB, 750x267, AFA6FB4D-245F-4A3A-A095-B967E7…)

Okay hulloalice, no one asked for your opinion

No. 406710

It's always the same damn excuse! Ugh, no one is buy that "diversifying" content bullshit, she's freaking lazy and it's plain as day. I hate how they think we're stupid enough not see that, too.

No. 406717

that is one sad, depressed flat ass

No. 406719

This same excuse is driving me mad. Wanting creators to put effort into what they do/learn to take criticism; is NOT "youre not making the content i want i want speedpaints waaaahhhh"
Speedpaints are getting used a lot as an example because its the only thing in fuck knows how long that baylee's put effort into

No. 406720

Wow, that butt is flat. So all the fat settles in every area but there.

No. 406721

Not surprised she commented, being the single most basic bitch art youtuber out there. If you check her channel she also has a few bullshit art videos.

No. 406724

I used to like Alice, I found the watercolor videos helpful, but she, like Baylee, hasn't been putting out much in the way of speedpaints for a while now. The smaller channels copy Baylee in hopes that maybe they'll get some traffic too, which is sad because no one with self respect would copy a hack like Baylee.

No. 406731

Lolol, but without her viewers she wouldn't even get paid in the first place. If she listens and gives what the people want (or at least puts some effort to), then there's a chance her views go up as well (get more moolah!!). If she worked like that in a 9-5 job, then she'd get fired lol.

No. 406732

File: 1508559528935.jpg (14.13 KB, 883x114, 4.jpg)

No. 406733

File: 1508559543368.jpg (14.29 KB, 886x116, 5.jpg)

No. 406734

File: 1508559560526.jpg (90.31 KB, 907x604, 6.jpg)

Pants of Shit is still going

No. 406735


Idk, 4/7 of her last videos have been a speed paint/drawing of some sort. I wouldn't say she's copying Baylee. Pretty much all her content is directly to do with art, some of it is tutorials and tours but it's all art. The most "out there" thing she's done recently is the makeup video. That said a lot of the videos have been in her sketchbook even if they have been full color pieces. I'd love to see her do more of her realistic stuff. But whatever this thread isn't about Alice anyway

No. 406736

>1 second ago
It's obvious you are posting your own comments here.

Keep going tho lol

No. 406738

Lol whoops, was trying to edit out all of the extra crap on the sides and my computer is slow.

No. 406739

My sides

No. 406742

tune in to 2:16 to watch a grown ass motherfucking woman make two plastic toys kiss

No. 406743

No. 406744

Isn't she a furry or something? Like, I remember she said she identifies as a cat named Mitten with a bow on the tail. Would not surprise me if she was into some weird, kinky shit. No wonder Christian has the 1000 mile stare.

No. 406745

That was uncomfortable to watch lol. Especially from an almost 30 year old

No. 406747

But don't you know, plebeian, only cool kids make plastic toys kiss. And by cool kids I mean fucking weirdos.

No. 406748

You know this video probably would have went over so much better if she made it as a sort of "behind the scenes" like what its like to clean up after filming an art video.
But no its just her room. Not even her desk where she draws.
>>406734 Pants I feel like you'll be assassinated by tweens within the next day, thanks for taking one for the team

No. 406749


oh shit I remember that! she was like trying to explain that it was a response to childhood trauma and got mad at people for asking her to elaborate. idk which vlog its in, it's definitely one of the first ones

No. 406750

It's always the ones who are in children's entertainment who are the most fucked up…

No. 406751

Childhood trauma, are you sure?
Could this be the reason why she is such a womanchild?

No. 406752

I think I remember that vlog, let me see if I can find it. I didn't know she got mad at people for asking; I never bothered cause she was obviously embarrassed explaining it in the vlog

No. 406753

It could be, since her parents supposedly had a nasty divorce and her time at the new school was not a positive one.

No. 406757

I don't think it was as dramatic as "childhood trauma" she probably just daydreams and imagines being like a cartoony cat is the ideal no stress life (I THINK there's a term for this actually, but I can't remember it)

No. 406759

True, idk it's been awhile since I saw the video and I can't remember which vlog it was. I do remember being a bit creeped out about it though.

No. 406761

Yeah I don't think it was trauma but I'm pretty sure that thats how she described it

No. 406764

File: 1508561026080.jpg (186.47 KB, 929x637, HulloAlice.jpg)

It has started

No. 406767

File: 1508561468575.png (942.7 KB, 1280x720, knight.png)

Pants of Shit is the knight Lolcow deserves.


No. 406768

Ahh the Baylee doesn’t owe you anything line, bitch wouldn’t be anything without her subs. Glad her channel is slowly tanking. She’s a stuck up spoiled B who thinks she’s always right. I’m sorry but she will never be worthy of all those followers. Hulloalice needs to stay in her damn lane.

No. 406769

Bahahahaha omg that knight pic! Excellent!

No. 406770

File: 1508561599230.png (56.83 KB, 580x180, Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 21.5…)

jfc, forgot about her third channel. I think this icon is way worse than her "goofy baylee" one

No. 406771

Anyone else excited to see her bitch about the hate in tomorrow’s vlog? Hahahaha

No. 406772

Is there even anything uploaded on that channel lol

No. 406773

Why does she always try to be Spongebob

No. 406776


no lmao it used to be her toy unboxing channel but she deleted all the videos for some reason (probably bc toy channels stopped trending as big)

No. 406777

She looks more like ms puff

No. 406778

it looks like one of them is still up? looks about as autistic as all the other toy channels


No. 406779

they're all just unlisted iirc.
What is she going to do with all the unopened toys now though?

No. 406781

collect more dust in her giant ass house

No. 406782

Bathing on them to suck out their vital force

No. 406783

Someone else suggested that she donate all the toys to charities or give them to kids that will actually play with them but the likelihood of that happening is incredibly low

No. 406786

File: 1508562469082.png (856.76 KB, 944x1174, Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 22.0…)

No. 406788

I can feel the salt though the screen.

No. 406791

thats some holly brown level anatomy there m8

No. 406792

where did half her body go

No. 406796

"like omg i soooo improved from the sketchbook slam challenge like, look at dis amazing anatomy!!" Lord help me, I can already see a disable comment section in our future.

No. 406800

Looks like the girl is supposed to be sitting in a chair and there is a body mass next to her and she’s like eww what’s that

No. 406801

What happened to her body?! And I don't see this "great improvement" that her twitter is talking about.

No. 406806

Reminds me of snapsnogger's naga art

No. 406830

File: 1508571551334.jpg (72.05 KB, 944x367, Baylee Jae Response to Pants o…)

No. 406867

Jellie Bee has now arrived to defend her Queen Bee (can't screenshot it unfortunately). It's amazing how it's only shit youtubers are coming to her defense. They brown nose her in the hope that being 'friend's' with her will rub off and they'll get crossover viewers on their own mediocre videos.

No. 406870

For the ones still looking for the Mitten thing, this is the vlog in which she tries to explain it. I almost feel bad for posting because she seems super embarrassed by it.
This was back when she was so nice and funny too.
Starts around 7:25

No. 406889

I miss this Baylee, she genuinely seemed so nice to talk and interact with.
I really felt bad for her trying to explain it because she seemed so embarrassed by it even in her sketchbook tour video where she read her old story “the little mitten”.
I despise how much her personality has changed

No. 406941

Honestly you are all fucking terrible people.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 406944

so someone linked baylee or her minions to this thread i take it?

No. 406949


No. I've been watching here for months. If you seriously think you're a good person yet you sit here on an internet forum and call people ugly, fat, and lazy, then you're delusional. You talk a big game about how Baylee is acting poorly because of money or something but yet you can't see how absolutely hypocritical you all are? You act like your shit doesn't stink except she's out there living her life and providing content to people and you're wasting it away talking shit and bullying someone. I'm sorry, but none of you are good people. Fact. You're all sad pathetic little bullies. I haven't linked this thread to Baylee because I don't want her to see how absolutely shitty and awful you all are to her. But I'm here so let me say, you're all shitty and awful. Every single one of you is worse than Baylee. You're just sitting here acting high and mighty but in all actuality you're all just pretty immature entitled bitches and I'm fucking done with it. Just because someone calls you out for being a bully - which you ARE, doesn't make them a Baylee stan. It makes them an actual compassionate human being. Maybe you should try it sometime, because seriously something is wrong with you guys that you want to spend your free time tearing someone down. It's literally PATHETIC. Grow the fuck up and get out of high school. I'll repeat it again - spending your time being a bitch because you think you're entitled to free content or because someone puts something out online that you don't like makes you a terrible person. Sorry if you can't handle the 'constructive criticism', maybe don't dish it out if you can't take it?

I'm out. ✌️

No. 406955

>using emojis on an image board
>calling people bullies
>'been watching here for months'
go away Baylee minion, we can all tell it's your first time on a site like this

No. 406957

Ps: Yeah, I've seen the art block video. She was right. Suck it up buttercup.

Lolcow: gets butthurt when Baylee says don't be a sheep
Also lolcow: calls anyone who calls them out a Baylee Stan

Lolcow: says you have to work hard and not make excuses
Also lolcow: gets butthurt when Baylee makes a video saying the same thing.

You're all hypocrites as well as assholes so there ya go.

No. 406959


Aka: cry cry cry whine whine whine, she called me a bitch mommy! I was acting like a bitch but still! My poor fee fees are hurt! If anyone here is a special snowflake it's you guys. Get over yourself. You're bullies. Accept it.

No. 406961

File: 1508602408323.jpg (255.71 KB, 2048x2048, 01174F24-971F-444A-ABDE-70C843…)

Go kiss her flat ass elsewhere anon.

No. 406963

File: 1508602466078.jpg (395.52 KB, 2048x2048, B1E6A96E-A8D1-43EE-AB08-D0C612…)

No. 406966

Someone's new, using emojis is breaking the rules.

No. 406967


Lol just admit you're terrible people who bully people for fun, you know it's true. But sure anyone who calls you out is a Baylee minion! Totally. Except oh wait, no, that's not true at all. Got get some fucking self awareness. Baylee is a bitch for saying don't be a sheep but it's totally ok for you to say everyone who disagrees with you is a Baylee Stan? Do you even understand what the word hypocrite means?

No. 406968

Holy shit I can't breath. I was waiting for this moment when someone was going to protect their precious Baylee.

No. 406969


Or I'm a lurker and don't give a fuck about the rules on your sad little bullying site?

No. 406970


Lol or you're a bunch of bullies and idgaf who's on the receiving end? But sure keep telling yourself that so you can pretend you're a GOOD PERSON!

No. 406971

You break the rules, you get kicked off, that's how this works.

No. 406972

We already know that you're lying, you can drop the charade kek

No. 406974

I want to see what she does when she will have kids. Now that she is married it's just matter of time that she will announce that she's pregnant.

No. 406975

I wonder if she'll actually let her children play with her toys, I hope so

No. 406976

I'm honestly sorry that your lives are so pathetic sad and friendless that your idea of fun is to bully people you don't know online. I sincerely hope you get some self awareness and some therapy. Until then enjoy your sad little bullying cult mentality and withered hearts.

Oh and here's some emojis cause I'm out bitches ???✋????????????????✨???✨??????✨????????⛔???⛔?⛔????⛔?⛔??

Lolcow, more like sadsheep! BYE BITCHES!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 406980

Are you actually going to leave this time? or continue to get triggered whenever we actually talk about how much of a fuck up Baylee is?

No. 406981


Bye bye BJ

No. 406983

I sense a great shit storm brewing. I think someone mentioned lolcow in Baylee's vid

No. 406984

which video?

No. 406986

The cleaning one, I went snooping and found someone mention lolcow

No. 406997

File: 1508605054815.jpg (59.38 KB, 894x253, Baylee Jae Response to Pants o…)

No. 407001

I wonder if Baylee looks through this thread, or is yet to, conisdering she read through that comment section. The other anon was too immature to be her, and I don't think canadians use the word 'mommy'

No. 407016

lol teeth on top of the lower lip while sucking on straw

No. 407022

But how will we know she's a vampire and not an elf drinking what could look like red (when coloured) coke/cola? haha

No. 407026

The 14 year olds in my school draw better than this jc, how is she a published author

No. 407029

Yo when did we say we're better than Baylee what the hell is going on

No. 407035

Perhaps she should worry more about paying people back their money rather than brown nosing Baylee.

No. 407055

nah man she's too busy defending herself on /ot/

No. 407056

File: 1508610073399.jpg (5.72 KB, 150x160, 19576152_1549946485077629_1101…)

We have a possibly underaged cow tipper on our hands here, Jellie bee was also linked here

No. 407058

Damn, but whatever, they'll be bitching on our turf and they'll get themselves kicked off for using emojis

No. 407091

There we go again! Cat butt on the drawing.

No. 407092

Ew! I have cats too and if they sit on my art I push them off. They don't know any better unless you teach them.

No. 407097

File: 1508615739407.png (723.01 KB, 1242x2208, E50E4EE9-6591-492D-A3F3-C10B4D…)

Umm…yall seen this?

No. 407104

Wow, maybe she's actually sorry?

No. 407107


sounds like shes turning things around, good for her. sounds like a lot of mistakes were made and shes owning up to them?

No. 407108

Kudos to her for not blowing up though even if we're not sure if she's actually sorry or not. I can only imagine how Baylee would act.

No. 407110


it sounds pretty sincere to me, she accepts a lot of blame and doesnt go all waah mental health like a fucking snowflake

No. 407111

Yeah, I can respect someone who humbles themselves and apologizes. As of right now from what we've seen, she seems to have more sincerity and balls than Baylee, who probably would have put those people who confronted her on blast.

No. 407113

Which thread is that from..?

No. 407114


honestly jellie bee probably has a ton of fucking fags who would come and whine their asses off if they were told, so chances are shes just owning up for her shit, unlike BJ who just creates drama from twitter

No. 407116

It's from the Artists on YouTube/General Salt thread

No. 407117

Here comes the "it's referenced" excuse

No. 407118

File: 1508617841181.jpg (137.96 KB, 1484x244, Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 13.2…)

crap, i forgot the image

No. 407120

Welp, better prep for some shit posting. Give me strength!

No. 407121

id looove to see that reference photo

No. 407125

File: 1508618691190.png (7.13 KB, 308x52, Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 13.4…)

Is this the comment someone was talking about

No. 407126

Yeah, that's the one.

No. 407134

File: 1508619722891.jpg (39.04 KB, 616x635, Baylee jae Twitter response.jp…)

When they think they're being funny but are actually triggered af.

No. 407147

I think this goes to show that as much as some tards come around and want to pinpoint us as a bunch of maniacal bullies, most of us really do just expect people to own up to their mistakes. Not saying we're rainbows either, but if people like Baylee stepped down from her little throne and acted more humble they wouldn't be fueling the hate train as much.
Since she sticks to being a defensive cunt, the hate train keeps on choo-chooing.

No. 407150

File: 1508622584417.jpg (60.6 KB, 626x666, HulloAlice 3.jpg)

I figured I would save these just in case we needed them, but for reals Alice is just another Baylee with a British accent.

No. 407151

Pretty much, the more she acts out the angrier it makes us.

No. 407152

At least we are lucky enough to be reading that shit on twitter, imagine her chirping a rant with that voice of hers.

Besides being as basic as a pumpking spice latte, she strikes me as such an airhead of the outspoken variety. Always having to blab about everything she sees. For fuck's sake, she had a video where she cried because she liked her dog so much?! Her dog that is alive and well?! What the heck is going on with those grown ass children all around us

No. 407153

congrats to alice for completely missing the point.

No. 407154

Yeah, they parrot popular opinions and think themselves edge lords for it. I think the current and past culture cultivated these adult children.

No. 407158

But don't forget to dOn'T Be sHeEpLe

No. 407161

File: 1508623577960.jpg (54.03 KB, 604x727, HulloAlice 2.jpg)

They complain about us not being diplomatic yet they don't give us the same treatment. Being soft with them works against us.

No. 407162

Alice is really digging her own grave

No. 407173

File: 1508624513834.jpg (86.21 KB, 897x382, Baylee Jae Response to Pants o…)

No. 407174

why are people still bitching on her twitter? 98% of the comments on her cleaning video are people sucking her dick.

No. 407177

Because a couple of "mean" comments trigger the shit out of her. She can't handle people not sucking her pingus.

No. 407182

File: 1508625079528.png (2.54 MB, 1920x1080, pencil shaving ART.png)

This honestly looks like preschool level, tops

No. 407184

my favorite part of the sketchbook slam challenge was seeing baylee trying to justify the horrible shit she drew in the sketchbook lmao

No. 407185

File: 1508625154906.jpg (44.99 KB, 457x693, Baylee Jae Response to Pants o…)

The smug is making her butt flatter.

No. 407186

Yeah, and those pages she did sucked ass. The post above is a prime example, my little cousin could do better.

No. 407188

I was commenting on the subject with my mate, who knew about Baylee because I used to watch her vlogs a lot 2-3 years ago.
He said Baylee is basically one of those shitty craft moms being formed, and I think he's right.

No. 407190

That about sums it up. The way she reacts to people not kissing her flat ass is fucking hilarious.

No. 407202

>it is the future, the year is 2032
>Youtube was long gone and only mentioned when people were nostalgically having "remember when this was big" chats. She tried going back to conventional 9-5s, but by that time her experience was easily surpassed by her peers who had spent more time paying attention to honing their craft
>she sits at a table in her craft room, filled to an uncomfortable extent by her Disney collectibles and half-finished drawings of cats and princesses
>Christian gingerly knocks on the door and enters
>"d-dear… I've been doing our accounting. I'm r-really sorry, but I don't think we can afford your weekly visit to the Disney store… maybe if you could… please… help out a little bit on the expenses…
>Baylee clenches her pencil tightly, turns around
>gets up with a gutural groan
>clenches Belle statue and throws it at the wall
>laughs maniacally, bulged eyes and spit flying around
>Christian quietly closes the door, careful not to bump on her mobility scooter
>sits on the couch, thinks
>"what went wrong? I always saw so much potential in her…"

No. 407208

My sides

No. 407226

File: 1508629198092.jpg (66.07 KB, 873x282, Baylee Jae YouTube Bullshit 1.…)

This line of thinking is what usually makes people fail in life.

No. 407246

This was perfectly written. I needed a good laugh today, thanks! lol

No. 407262

Um, hello there… This is Hullo Alice. I saw this place mentioned in the comments and googled it.

I'm not really sure if I even want to respond here, because there's some really ugly stuff in this thread, but I guess I'll address a couple things since I'm being brought up… I hope I did the sage thing right.

Things that have been said about me personally:

I know my voice is super annoying. I'm sorry. I've always been very self conscious about it, but it is what it is. I might try subtitling my videos in the future so people can watch them more easily muted, but it's just my voice. It's actually one of the biggest reasons I was scared to start a channel, so yeah. I know it's annoying.

Crying about my dog - yeah, it sounds kinda silly. But my dog literally saved me from committing suicide. I've been suicidally depressed on and off my entire life and have made multiple attempts to take my own life in the past. I got December when I was experiencing one of the worst depressive episodes of my life, and as such I have a really strong emotional bond with her.

Me being basic - yup, I'm SUPER basic. I like Taylor Swift, Starbucks, Ugg Boots & Candles. That's okay by me. I also like lots of other things. I don't find it an insult, but I don't like pumpkin spice latte's, coffee tastes bad imo. I like hot chocolate instead :) I like to say I'm like, 25% basic, 25% nerd, 25% small child and 25% hipster.

For the person that said I haven't been uploading as many speed paints recently - I totally hear you. I've been in a weird place with my art where I'm sick of drawing these same basic "pretty girl facing forward cartoon" artwork. It all just looks the same and I hate it, it's the easy way out and I'm just, ugh, i'm not inspired by it and it's not pushing me. So basically, I've been wanting to make more detailed thought out pieces that I can put more time into, but I've not had the time to actually get them done in a week (I also work a full time job.), and it's resulted in not a lot of speed paints at all. I'm hoping to do something bigger and more complex for YTAC and have been filming ahead to hopefully have more time to do it! So speedpaints may become rarer on my channel but I'm hoping they will be higher quality, we'll see. I tend to default to the easy way out a lot, it's one of my biggest flaws.

My defense/response of Baylee/the incident -

I feel like I started out pretty calm, but I definitely got more and more angry. I'm also more uncensored on my twitter. I'm not sure my response was 100% rational, so I'm trying to step away from the situation, but I do think that the way people expressed themselves in Baylees comments was pretty harsh. I was pretty heavily bullied growing up, so I can be oversensitive to things like that, especially towards a friend. It's something that has always really really upset me and set me off. It has nothing to do with wanting to be Baylee, but I just hurt when I see things like that, I'm overly empathetic. I understand that you guys have problems with her, but she has always been so kind and lovely to me. She has helped me out a lot even though I'm much smaller than her, and I've personally seen her work so hard at her channel. I just am not sure you all fully understand how time consuming art videos are to create, and that can be really frustrating from a creator perspective. So while I do think I probably kneejerked a little too hard and got too aggressive & angry on twitter, and that's never helpful for good conversation, I do stand by my original opinion - you'll get further without calling people names. And if you guys hate me for that, or don't like me because of it, well, that's okay.

I'm instinctively a people pleaser and I've always tried to get everyone to like me, but that's just not possible. I KNOW I'm not everyone's cup of tea. I'm going to kill myself constantly trying to get everyone to like me or be happy with me, it's just not possible. For those that legitimately do miss Baylee's speedpaints and aren't trying to be mean or rude and just miss seeing that work, I just think saying so in a nicer way would get you further, that's just how humans work. Most people respond better to kindness than anger. And that's advice that I should take myself as well - I try really hard to be a kind, nice, compassionate person, but when my anger gets the best of me, it gets bad. My anger got the best of me with this situation, because the situation really, really upset me. I have actually struggled with anger issues through much of my life, and have worked on them in therapy for years. I'm not perfect at controlling it, but I'll try harder to express myself better. I'll work more on stepping away from situations and working to express my opinions in a more tactful manner when I'm really angry - but you still might disagree with my opinions on the subject. That's okay. We don't have to agree, but I do think it's important for all of us - me in cluded - to consider the way we phrase things, especially online where tone is harder to communicate.

I think it's easy to forget that there's someone on the other side of the screen reading all this stuff, and calling someone lazy or ugly or fat, body shaming them, making fun of them, being cruel.. that's just hurtful, it's not productive. It might make you feel better but it's not going to help anything, and I think deep down we all know that. Even when I called people "entitled assholes" I knew deep down that wasn't going to get my point across, and it wasn't helpful. So, don't you think that body shaming someone or calling them names, well that's going to work against you guys as well. No one is going to listen to you when your criticism is mixed in with body shaming and name calling… Ultimately you never know what someone is going through, and I know I don't ever want to be the catalyst for someone hurting themselves, which is why I wanted to post here, since I did get pretty angry on twitter, and judging from the fact that someone tweeted me alluding to this place & her tweet is posted almost verbatim here, some of you clearly interacted with me there. For my part, I will work harder to be a positive example, and if I see things that I think are mean and rude, I will try to lead with kindness, instead of anger, as I think I'll get further that way anyway.

I apologise if this isn't allowed. I'm not really posting this here to fight or argue or whatever, but since you guys are discussing me/my response, I decided to address it, idk, take it as you will. I also saw that Jellie Bee had addressed some stuff in that other thread so hopefully its ok.

No. 407269

Also, not even kidding, whoever said I was "the single most basic bitch art youtuber out there" that is the best thing ever, I love it so much. It made me giggle like crazy.

No. 407270

We don't take kindly to terms such as "body shaming".

No. 407274

If you knew how to sage, you probably already lurked here.

No. 407278

Ok then, it just seemed faster than trying to write out all the stuff that I saw said on her physical appearance. I wasn't sure what else to call the comments her physical appearance.

And I read the rules & the thread before I posted because I wanted to see if there was a rule about me posting in response to myself.

No. 407289

If you came here in hopes that whatever you said would make people have some movie scene-ish reflection, looking outside at the rain and thinking about how we really should just love each other and stop the hate… you're in for disappointment.
"Hate" is always going to exist, and the best thing we can do is just accept it and let it run its course until it extinguishes itself. It is part of life and it has its place. Trying to suffocate it with forced positivity only leads to disaster.
You and whatever army defending Baylee are not going to change our opinion about her until she stops acting like a spoiled queen. I know you probably wish to defend everybody, because "muh injustice" but the thing is… Sometimes things are just best left alone. Putting yourself in the fire for Baylee didn't help her, it only sinked you and made you look like a brown nosed suck up. Or if you really felt it was a necessity to defend Baylee, act with less impulse. Blabbing nonstop and being emotionally driven only invalidates what you say, because it makes you look stupid.
Just keep in mind this is a forum inhabited by many people, so each of these people have different motivations to be here.
I'll end this post saying I have no real intention of hurting your feelings. I simply feel extremely suffocated by the ways "mainstream" places push sensitivity down our throats and censors things "becuz someone's feelings", so I need somewhere where I can just say "fuck these faggots".

No. 407291

> I like to say I'm like, 25% basic, 25% nerd, 25% small child and 25% hipster.

Jesus Christ…

No. 407295

I came here and posted my response to clarify some things, address some of the stuff that was said about me, and discuss my reaction. You're right, I doubt people's minds will change. You're free to feel however you would like about me, but at least I've responded and you've heard directly from me. And if even one person does change their mind about the way they address people online, that would be really freaking cool. But i definitely don't expect that to happen. If people change, it'll be because they want to, not because someone gave an impassioned speech about kindness. I'm just a long winded kind of person.

I've also heard what you've said, and it's a reminder to me to learn to control my responses better in the future. Don't worry, my feelings aren't hurt. I mean, it's always hard to see people talking about you and such, don't get me wrong. But I'm working on accepting that not everyone will like me. When I put myself out on the internet, I knew eventually someone would really just be bothered by me, and as my channel started growing it got more and more inevitable. It's kinda scary but at least it's happened now, and I'm okay, I'll still be here making videos and trying to be the best person I can be, and that's all I can do :)

I've said my piece and as I said I"m not here to argue or try to change your minds, I just wanted to respond to the things that were said about me.

@ the jesus christ person - I know, really it's a miracle I have friends!

No. 407297

honestly the only issue i have with baylee is the fact shes grown arrogant in regards to her art. she keeps saying she wants to develop skills with other mediums but doesnt seem to want too actually "learn". i remember she posted a speed pain with gauche and spent the entire video criticizing the video because she didnt understand how to use the medium properly and she was frustrated. ive got formal training with art, and ive been fortunate enough to have teachers with 20+ years of art experience teach me things, cuz hell knows i was confused by gauche the first time i used it too. i commented (very politely) explaining why she was having issues (treating it like acrylic paint as opposed to a watercolour) and i never got a reply and she never used it again. i know for years most of her art was made with copic markers, and while im not denying you can make beautiful work with alcohol based markers, they're also a very forgiving and easy to handle medium. i completely understand shes been busy with her wedding and her book, but she gives up on any medium if it doesnt come easy. what happened to oil painting? and acrylics? she only uses pencils for detail. has anyone ever actually seen her use her sewing machine? im a firm believer if you want to learn a new medium get a cheap set of paints and paper and just experiment. instead she buys the most expensive paint and paper there is and is too scared to just screw around. its seriously just stagnating her as an artist because of her attitude.

No. 407301

It's the issue I bet the grand majority of us have. We would probably either ignore her abysmal lack of artistry or be satisfied by the occasional "I don't get how someone that bad gets that amount of subs" comment.
It is her bitch ass attitude that fuels everyone. Accepting criticism is a MUST in art. The fact that she acts as if people are wrong when it's PAINFULLY OBVIOUS for anyone who isn't preschool level that her shit looks wrong (like Plum Horse) is borderline ridiculous.

No. 407306

i remember her saying she went to an art academy for animation and like, construction criticism sessions when it comes to any sort of art and standard? when i was at art school we used to do 6 hours of them at the end of the week. honestly if you havent developed a thick skin when it comes to cc by that point then you may not be cut out to be a "professional artist"

No. 407308

I'm the person who talked about your voice. I thought I should add it's not necessarily your voice alone, but the way you speak. It's not something you have to be completely stuck with, as there are ways and exercises to train your diction.

I'm not saying this as an insult, you just mentioned being really self conscious and I don't want you to think you're just stuck with something forever, keeping it the way it is should be a choice you make to accept it and not something you feel you're stuck it and obligated to accept.

No. 407311

It's my vocal fry right? how my voice goes up at the end of a sentence? Yeah :/ I AM trying to work on it, actually. I was filming a voice over for work, and I tried to suppress it where I could, but I also try to sound natural in my voiceovers, so it's a tough balance to strike. I'll keep working on it :) I don't mind having a bit of vocal fry but I know it's very obvious, especially in my older videos, and it's hard to see comments that say things like "your voice hurts my ears," so yeah, it would be nice to not have to see that as much haha.

This was good constructive criticism, by the way, and I appreciate it! I am actually very sensitive to voices myself, so I understand having a hard time watching/listening to people because of it. (for me it's lip smacking.) Anyway, I don't want to derail this, but yeah, I will keep working!

No. 407317

Yeah the vocal fry is true. I am very sensitive to what they call "the valley girl" way of speaking.
If you keep working on it I'm sure you can achieve your goal.

Just a tip, don't use emoticons, they're against the rules here and can get you banned.

No. 407318

oh my apologies, I saw the whole emoji thing up there but I didn't realize emoticons were there as well. I wont do it again! Thanks!

No. 407337

I used to speak very softly but after people started telling me they had problems hearing me and it started to affect my school performance, I started practicing speaking louder to a webcam. It was kinda weird, since I felt I was yelling but over time I got used to it. I hope that you achieve the results you want, just like with art, hard work and dedication will get you far. Also, I'm actually pretty excited to see what direction your art is going in, since mentioned above that your trying to branch out.

I'm not trying to whitenight just figured I'd say something.

No. 407346

I understand your frustrations. I used to use markers strictly until my high school art teach was like "smol child, practice other media" Honestly, I'm grateful they pushed me to experiment and practice with them, because watercolor and acryla gouache are my most used media now. I think if she re approached and didn't treat it like acrylics she might actually like it, it's a pretty forgiving medium and lasts a long time.

No. 407425

My beef with Baylee is that lately she seems to be putting less effort in her videos, yes sketchbook slam was challenging but the sketches in my honest opinion were not of quality and just a means to pump out lazy videos. Obviously it’s her choice but I know she is capable of better content, her highest rated videos were good tutorials. When was the last time she did that? Now she resorts to gluing art supplies to her face, cleaning, skillshare crap and inktober drama for clickbait. Seems she’s throwing out the easiest content just for a quick buck and her subscribers opinion means nothing to her. Look I’ve been watching since zkittyz, I’m a looongggg time subscriber, I watched her at a little over a thousand subs in. I’ve seen a dramatic change, for the worst. She is so self centered, has an attitude problem and any opinion that is different from hers she makes a stink about. She’s on a high horse looking down on people. The ones who comment nice things on her videos she never acknowledges or even says a simple thank you. She’s just gotten too big for her britches and the white knight stans don’t help. Being honest, she does not deserve the following she has. There are more humble artists on YouTube than her and with way less subs. With the way it’s going her channel is going to tank. She should just be a full time game streamer.

Oh and hulloalice you can’t deny you wouldn’t be doing YouTube if you weren’t being paid. Yes youtubers aren’t owned by subscribers but it is courtesy to at least give thought to what they are saying, complaint or otherwise. Without them, your viewers, your channels would be NOTHING and your bills would not be paid by YouTube. Ads are part of that but views make up a lot of that too. I was rolling my eyes when I saw your tweets and thought it was ridiculous that you wouldn’t consider your subscribers/audiences thoughts on your content. Again this is a reflect of Baylee mostly but your comments on Twitter coincided with it as well. Look at it from a different perspective, the watchers perspective!

No. 407429

File: 1508656126580.jpg (43.44 KB, 578x455, Baylee Jae YouTube Bullshit 2.…)

This give anyone inspiration to do some edits?

No. 407430

hey hulloalice

thank you for giving a little more explanation on your stance. I think this entire website is more about venting and saying whatever comes to mind first, which is why there are so many negative comments on her weight or her face. I think these are underserved as she isn't very overweight or ugly, but people say a bunch of fucked up shit under the security of anonymity.

As another person said, this isn't going to bring most people who post on here to a "come to Jesus" moment. There will always be people who are cruel, and whiteknighting is pretty milky. I don't think this will stop people from treating Baylee as a cow.

A lot of people (including me) don't how Baylee handles criticism, or even people who critique without being rude. She'll >>407262
bitch about a few people who say something not positive and ignore all the positivity that her fans shower her with. Of course she won't be able to say "thanks!' to every individual comment, but it would probably go a long way if she'd stop giving milk so easily by just ignoring people who are being genuinely hateful. That's kind of what I was trying to get at on twitter earlier, but 140 characters isn't enough to try to convey something.

You seem like a good person and I hope you will keep directing your kindness to people who will listen.

No. 407431

This horse wouldn't happen to be plum colored lol. But yeah, her ego is almost as big as her oversized out. I had asked her an honest question in a stream once about why she was using dollar store quality paints as her under painting for the last oil painting she did. My thinking was that those paint have a tendency to peel, so why not use something that is more likely to stay adhered to the canvas, and boy did I get shade. That was what made me hate her, she's become such a stuck up, urbanite bitch.

No. 407440

File: 1508658601775.jpeg (161.88 KB, 750x982, EE99B685-858E-4CEF-96DA-7EFEBA…)

Miss Baylee thinks it comedy. Let’s see how hard she’s laughing when her views plummet even further down.

No. 407447

Now that would be funny, especially since she would most likely be in denial about it.

No. 407469

This is something that kinda made me angry when I watched her sketchbook challenge. She reminded me of my first year of art school where we had to complete several pages of sketchbook a week and we'd try to get out of it sometimes by making huge drawings and trying to fill a ton of pages at once.

This challenge is for YOURSELF. It's not there to skip and be lazy, what's the point if you don't take it seriously ? It's not a challenge to waste paper but to improve, if you don't get into seriously just don't do it or accept that you couldn't 100% complete it and that's not a bad thing in itself !

And watching Holly and Baylee it's clear how both of them don't know what a sketchbook is supposed to look like. It shouldn't be 70% blank. It should be messy, sometimes ugly, most of the pages filled out, different techniques tried not just lead pencil and ballpoint (unless you're doing dedicated sketchbook then why not). Observation should be made if possible by real life, not just books ! Go outside baylee, go to the aquarium, plan a date to the park and draw ! No wonder she never improve, she doesn't put the tiniest effort to get out of her comfort zone and all the challenges she does never really "challenge" her style or technique.

/end of drawfag rant

No. 407479

i was the 'do u go on lolcow lol' comment, im a newfag and honestly don't know what the hell im doing. at least i brought the milk though, what's up hulloalice

sage for being an idiot

No. 407625

hey guys, Hullo Alice again. This will likely be my last post as I don't want to derail this thread further, but I wanted to address some last comments that came up after I left last night, mainly the one about "you can't deny you wouldn't be doing youtube if you weren't being paid." Now I know that this relates more to Baylee than me but because you specifically addressed me as well, I wanted to respond, at least for ME.

I just wanted to let you know that for me personally, and for a good chunk of artists in YTAC I would guess, that's 100% not true. So youtube isn't my job, and it DOESN'T pay my bills. I work a full time job as a motion graphics designer, that pays my bills (barely haha). Youtube is extra money, and I put pretty much all of it towards a loan I have, sometimes I use a little for spending. It's not even factored into my budget; if i earned $0 from YouTube that month I would probably have to spend less money on pizza, but that's it. Also, I don't earn a lot from youtube at all - sometimes I have really really good months, which I am super SUPER grateful for, but most of the time I earn between $100-$300 a month, or $20-$50 a video. That's still a decent chunk of money, but when I put in 30 hours a week, it's not even minimum wage. I could earn a LOT more if I waitressed nights again on top of my regular job, instead of doing youtube videos. Even during my good months, I would earn more waitressing a few nights a week than spending almost all my free time making videos. Over the late spring & most of the summer my earnings were so low I almost didn't hit the payout threshold some months ($100). I'm not saying I do youtube selflessly - the feedback and views and comments of so many people is honestly like, amazing to see. But it's MUCH more abut my audience than it is about the money. I also want to clarify that I personally DO try to consider my subs/audience - I have tried to create content especially recently that seems to go over well with them, that's why you may have seen more sketchbook videos, more art advice videos, and more challenge videos, because those tend to do better with my audience. I actually have a whole list of subscriber suggestions to make into videos. BUT I also have to be creating content I like and content i want to create, or else it's pointless - like i'm not going to spend all my free time on something I hate doing, you know? My audience keeps asking for an anatomy tutorial and it's not happening, period. I can't do it - I'm not good enough, I'm not qualified to teach it, and I don't want to make it, so it's not happening no matter how much they want it. So basically it's about balancing what my audience wants and what i want, and trying new things, and seeing how they do, that kind of stuff. But please, please believe me when I say I'm not doing youtube to be paid. The first couple years i was on youtube I didn't get paid, or got paid like one every 4 months. I never expected to earn much if anything from it. That was NEVER my plan or goal. If i wanted to earn money, I probably would have created a makeup channel, not art - statistically they have a higher ad sense rate and a more engaged audience, so you can earn more at a smaller level. I know you said it was a reflection of baylee but since you said my comments coincided with it as well I wanted to address me PERSONALLY - trust me, i'm not doing Youtube for money. I could make a lot more, doing something much easier, using a lot less time. If I ever gave up YT it would be because I literally couldn't AFFORD to do it any more, and needed the time to work more IRL. (or because I lost my passion for it) I also don't plan on ever being a full time youtuber, though I'd love to be a full time freelancer.

For everyone else who responded to me, thank you for your responses and for listening to what I had to say. I hope you guys like the direction I want my art to take, sorry if things take longer because of it. I will keep trying to be a good person and being kind, even in the face of things I disagree with - that's who I want to be and while I never intended to be a rolemodel, ultimately I know i ended up as one for a lot of kids that watch my channel - I want them to see me being a kind, positive person, even when faced with negativity, and I will strive to continue doing that, and pushing myself to create the best content I can. I know I'm not a perfect artist, but I want to get better and better. If anyone has any serious critique for my channel that they really want to be heard, instead of just venting out (which I can understand, I'm a total venter myself), I won't be checking back here as I'm such a people pleaser I'll end up pulled in a thousand different directions, but you're welcome to send me a tweet or twitter message.

i'm gonna stop derailing the damn thread now & "go back to my damn lane," pumpkin spice latte & all. haha!

No. 407627

no, don't go! you gotta keep bringing us that sweet, fresh milk.

No. 407645

Eh can we go back to BJ since it's thread about her?

No. 407657

I bet the topic of her next video will be about how "you shouldn't let the haters get to you! Oh and shell out some cash for my shitty book so I can make every part of my body, except my ass, fatter."

No. 407663

I think Baylee sees herself as above it all but I wouldn't be too surprised if she had a little rant segment about the current drama in an upcoming blog. One shot from an extremely unflattering angle no doubt.

No. 407664

I'm actually interested to see if she even mentions it in the vlogs, I could however see her doing a video about all the "criticism" she gets and how she just so much stronger than all dam haters lol. Pants of Shit will rise again.

No. 407708

So it seems Ms. Flatass is starting her shitty kids art channel.

No. 407738


Get ready to facepalm harder than ever

No. 407745

I have a feeling it will be too hard for kids to follow along to..
Also I like how she mentions teaching them to use shapes and rough sketches to draw yet she doesn’t do that….Baylee tends to draw in a pencil and use a light box to copic over

No. 407748

As someone who has taught young kids how to draw, the method she's supposedly going to use will be hard for them. Again, another example of her not practicing what she preaches.

No. 407763

File: 1508705440173.jpg (49.55 KB, 1196x799, Baylee Jae YouTube Bullshit ar…)

An original master piece that perfectly captures her salmon face

No. 407793

It’s like the old saying goes, those who can’t do teach. I’m excited to see this kids art channel, only for the hilariously bad art. I wouldn’t judge her about it, but she’s almost 30 and has been drawing for years. It’s insane there is no big improvement. Her main channel is a KIDS art channel lol.

No. 407796

File: 1508708595841.jpg (68.64 KB, 1216x971, Baylee Jae YouTube Bullshit ar…)

The face she makes when she buys more art supplies she won't use.

No. 407797

Baylee needs to watch this and see what a REAL sketchbook is like, by a REAL artist. She needs to draw from life and experiences, not straight up copying an anatomy book line for line and drawing Pokémon off of google.

No. 407802

How is she 30 and still doesn't know how to draw hands to the right size

No. 407809

She’s actually 27… basically 30 hahaha

No. 407818

File: 1508711840238.jpeg (623.88 KB, 750x857, F2462CC3-0339-40DD-AAF1-AA99BA…)

Why does she always have the damn cats on her desk, it’s hella annoying when she lets them cover half the art in her videos. She got hella salty when I called her out on it some months ago.

No. 407823

File: 1508712160019.jpeg (158.45 KB, 750x1023, C73E57C2-5635-4793-A842-E9E36F…)

Also pisses me off that she never brushes or grooms her cats. Kiki always has loose fur/dander or dandruff flakes all over her black coat. As a cat owner myself it upsets me, contrary to popular belief cats should be groomed often, but Baylee likes to be dirty apparently.

No. 407824

Is she not concerned that half of that cats body weight is hovering off the table

No. 407825

She thinks it’s funny. Her Instagram caption under it was “Treacherous”

No. 407829

File: 1508712757464.jpg (97.61 KB, 1920x976, Baylee Jae YouTube Bullshit ar…)

>like omg how dare you question my idiotic behavior! I'm sooooo special because I shit out "art" videos all da time and have a bOOk cuming out soon! I can let my cats to what ever I want cause the world revolves around ME!!!! I'M NUMBER 1 U CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO CAUSE I'M BAILEY JAY! I'm da bestest artist ever and I bully the shit out of those who tell me the truth, cause the truth is for those that can afford to go to disneyland every other day! U ALL SHEEEEEP.

No. 407853

File: 1508714378672.jpeg (13.68 KB, 168x300, C5032653-AD47-4D29-8291-6D262B…)

Baylee art book page leak

No. 407855

Is it just me or do their lips look like her's?

No. 407857

File: 1508714615038.jpeg (556.41 KB, 2000x2000, 9F9DCDF7-003B-43DE-9776-28FF60…)

I’m surprised these aren’t the sheets Baylee and Christian have in their room.

No. 407860

You know they would do role playing with all of her weird ass Disney toys.

No. 407872

File: 1508716346490.jpg (96.68 KB, 1920x976, Baylee Jae YouTube Bullshit ar…)

Those extra chins.

No. 407876

Her hair is what triggers me the most. It's flat, thin and an ugly uneven color. She needs a haircut, maybe dying her hair a darker shade. Just do something besides brushing it in the morning, if you're going on camera, ffs.

No. 407883

File: 1508718481382.jpg (71.44 KB, 1133x974, Baylee Jae YouTube Bullshit ar…)

>omg anon my hair is fab and because I'm number 1 you can't tell meh what to do!!! i'm canadian and an aRtiSt which makes me better than all of uuuuu! MY DOUBLE CHINS ARE CUTE DAMMIT I AM BELLE FROM BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!!!

No. 407900


can we stop with these garbage MS paint parodies of her? i hate baylee as much as anyone, but these type of jokes are overused and predictable as hell. leave that shit in 2012 please

No. 407944

Second this, they are annoying and unfunny. I hope that anon stops.

No. 407946

They're probably underaged, we've been getting a few of those lately

No. 407957

Notice how Baylee hasn't been talking about the bookbinding equipment? Maybe people telling her it was a dumb idea finally sunk in.

No. 407964

She should have never quit that animation company. I know it was just a small one, but it could have led to great things for her. She had so much more ambition back then too. Remember when she got involved in JGL's show? I wish she would do more stuff like that again.

No. 407966

Even when she was doing extra work for Daily Bumps she seemed to have more enthusiasm. But I agree, she should have either stayed on full time or part time.

No. 407968

I remember her saying in the vlogs that she quit the studio because she was too excited about doing YouTube and wanted to focus on it full time…

No. 407969

While I'm not Juicy Ink's number one fan, what she had to say in the video is something that Baylee needs to hear. She mentioned that it is important to understand why we make art and to question if we are truly dedicated to the process, given that our life span is short. Honestly, I see more energy and drive in this artist than in Baylee.

No. 407970

And look at what happened, she has no drive to do anything meaningful. Even just doing it part time would have kept her on a schedule so she would be less inclined to becoming lazy.

No. 407972

File: 1508727320923.jpeg (136.17 KB, 750x721, 3D4F9102-3898-4AEF-A687-62A052…)

Lol at the tweet Baylee retweeted, so she is afraid of failing….

No. 407975

Given how expensive it is to live in Vancouver and the lifestyle she leads, yeah, I'm sure she is. I remember someone had asked in one of her videos why she doesn't just live closer to her mother, which is in a cheaper area, and she all but shit herself. No one is allowed to question Baylee's dumbass logic.

No. 407977

I think maybe it's because of Christian? Maybe he can only work in Vancouver.
I know she moved there because of the animation opportunities… maybe she'll try to go back if her channel falls through.

No. 407979

That's possible, but doesn't Canada have other large cities like Vancouver? I don't live anywhere near there so I don't know jack shit.

No. 407980

definitely. Toronto, Saskatoon, and Ottawa to name a few. But there's stuff in, for example, Portland that you couldn't find in Houston. I think that Vancouver might have better opportunities or resources that aren't available in other cities. Besides, living in any big city is expensive.

No. 407983

Maybe she just likes it more in Vancouver despite it being expensive. That's how I feel about Seattle, I wouldn't live anywhere else even though it's super spendy.

No. 407984

if u can't afford a place don't live there, simple as that. maybe she shouldnt buy a bunch of useless shit and save some money, then she wouldnt be so scared of failing

No. 407985

I see your point and it makes sense. As someone who's lived in a large city and didn't care for it, I guess I tend to not think very highly of them.

My life's philosophy and I wish more people would follow that. Question is, does she even save for retirement?

No. 407989

I wouldn't worry. Her bank account must be pretty cushy if she was considering dropping thousands of dollars on book binding equipment just because.

No. 407992

Lol true, that's something the rest us lump and prowl have to worry about. Ugh, I don't know, I guess spending so excessively just makes me anxious because shit happens and having a sizeable amount of saving is important. Idk I'm projecting sorry.

No. 407999

I don’t think Baylee could afford living there by herself without Christians paycheck too. But who knows.

No. 408000

Tori has a great artist mentality. It was a pity to me when I stopped following her because I could absolutely not stand her giggly voiceovers, but I'm glad she seems to be cutting back on that lately and sounding a bit more mature, I find myself going back to her videos more and more.

Sage for off topic.

No. 408004

Saskatoon isn't big at all.

No. 408008

I wonder what she studied in school, since it seems a good majority of the art youtubers that did go to art school went into animation. But yeah, her old voice overs were not my cup of tea but over the last couple of months I've grown to love her work and videos. Again, this is something I would like to see from Baylee because she has the time to really sit down and get good but chooses to play video games all day.

No. 408015

She studied Illustration at Ringling.
Yeah, I can't help but notice a lot of Youtubers went for animation rather than design or illustration.

No. 408017

I originally wanted to go to school for illustration but my college didn't offer it and our program was geared towards animation. But yeah, I've noticed that as well, Baylee seems to be the only one that I know off the top of my head that jumped ship.

No. 408020

It's honestly shocking that she doesn't do commissions because not only would they be video content, but she would make so much money doing it. Her minions pay out the ass for her coloring book style art. She's just too lazy to commit to it.

No. 408021

I think she's mentioned it a couple of times but from the sound of it she hates being told what to do, no surprise there. Which is weird because, like you said, she'd get payed big money for shitty drawings. Ugh, the more I think about it the more it makes me want to improve so I don't turn out like her.

No. 408031

File: 1508736750788.png (1.79 MB, 750x1334, 38B5976D-6346-44D8-A446-1E8C8E…)

No. 408032

File: 1508736808663.png (1.82 MB, 750x1334, 6C5B31F5-CC7A-4A35-BD4A-FF4C5E…)

No. 408033

File: 1508736973475.png (1.84 MB, 750x1334, FFA57F72-0E99-46A1-BC23-CAC14B…)

No. 408034

File: 1508737247819.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, D39EAD34-7AEA-4A26-A6DF-3C0691…)

A Hahahaha this one is funny and true

No. 408036


Not only that, I think she should start checking how much Midna eats because she looks kinda fat.

No. 408049

ohhh boy, I can't wait to see the responses for that thread

No. 408060

File: 1508744003705.jpeg (587.16 KB, 2560x1920, 50DBF61C-B1DF-4BAC-B481-82428E…)

Her new eyebrows make her look so bitchy, she looked so sweet and innocent before

No. 408064

She should take example from this girl. That's what sketchbook is supposed to look like.

No. 408089

She really needs to do a lot more life studies

No. 408091

File: 1508748815914.png (598.83 KB, 750x1334, 00166663-E1B5-425C-87B1-A5C224…)

No. 408092

File: 1508748887240.jpeg (70.7 KB, 750x321, 7B2F3B47-6E89-4ABB-9F5C-2ECEA2…)

No. 408093

The official mark of her channels decline lol

No. 408094

Yup! She’s a lazy bum now.

No. 408096

My sides, halp this is just too good

No. 408097

When isn’t she out of town, bitch practically lives at Disneyland

No. 408098

Getting lazier and lazier it seems. I thought she makes a schedule, so scrambling is unnecessary? Or does she get lazy with that as well and doesn't stick with her plans lol

No. 408100

She's never really stuck to a schedule, excepting the game streams

No. 408101

Imagine being an artist and having to struggle for time!
Wow I have so much admiration for her, I don’t know how I’d been able to cope with such strict deadlines!

No. 408103

Remember when she was pushing toy videos almost every day? That if something proves she isn't into art as she claims to be. When ever she messes up something, she is just 'whatever' instead of trying harder and redoing and improving.

No. 408105

I’m just in shock she makes high income by playing Pokémon games all day, that people even choose to watch her for hours a day…

No. 408107

For example that gouache video, she never used it again lol

No. 408108

I get liking too plat some video games when you have some free time, but this is freaking bullshit

No. 408109

That annoyed me, she was using the medium like acrylics and didn't bother to try using it in thinner layers. Thin to thick works better for certain people.

No. 408110

She’s going to give up soon and become a full time game streamer, lazy mrs. Baylee Brazeau

No. 408111

This is why no one took her seriously when she became a full time Youtuber, they saw she wouldn't stick with it

No. 408116

Someone should do What people think I do and what I really do -meme of her

No. 408190

It seems like even the slightest bit of criticism is enough to make her give up. It's shocking that she made it through art school. If she was out there in the real fine art world instead of peddling her sketches on youtube there's no way she could survive.

No. 408196

Isn't the college she went to notorious for being mediocre?

No. 408204

No. 408207

She brought up the cleaning video basically saying she did all this work uploading and it wasn’t appreciated…. eyeroll

No. 408210

What a stuck up bitch

No. 408211

Apparently having a schedule is beneath her

No. 408212

Classic example of her not caring about the positive feedback she gets on her channel and only the negative, she’s like why even try if it’s not appreciated. It does affect her even though she plays it off like it’s funny. She can’t handle criticism at all.

No. 408214

My sides tho she is so easily rustled

No. 408217

This kid's art channel is going to crash and burn tho.

No. 408218

She says she can go a week without posting a video cause she’s still making money from past videos the people still watch….. her channels will not last, she’s going to get lazier uploading new content

No. 408219

File: 1508777926914.png (1.03 MB, 1334x750, 8A1D26AA-7782-45A2-AB9C-DFD643…)


No. 408223

I'm concerned about what she is going to post on her actual art channel now she's focused on the kids one?? This is gonna be a mess.

No. 408224

And she was saying our logic didn't make sense, this dumbass thinks that people will stick around if she never uploads?

No. 408228


How is this any different to what she posts on her main art channel?

No. 408230

That's the funny part, it's not. How the hell does she think she's fooling?

No. 408231

File: 1508778445230.jpeg (47.8 KB, 750x316, 67928F87-9F88-453D-8888-7E74C5…)

No. 408232

Thing is, this is the only argument they have to play. When you start questioning them they freak out.

No. 408233

sad part is that some of them are even people in their 20s

No. 408234

Yeah, what I've found works is to not back down on your stance otherwise you've pretty much lost. Push until they back down.

No. 408235

“Other people take vacations from their jobs, so I should too” isn’t your job basically a vacation… oml. Playing video games, vlogging nonsense, occasionally drawing, always going to Disneyland. Pisses me off she gets paid so much when people working hard ass jobs get measly dollars and struggle for a vacation. This girl is delusional.

No. 408236

Like I said, decadence has ruined her. Even if she wouldn't be making as much money or videos, she should have stayed with her old job at the animation studio.

No. 408238

This is good, cause her vlogs when she’s around family are the most annoying and boring to watch! She just lays around and plays card games.

No. 408239

File: 1508779128575.jpeg (70.55 KB, 750x442, D0CFE7B3-5613-4272-B956-6BF8FC…)

Apparently she doesn’t think so…

No. 408240

In the video she says that she won't post videos when shes on "vacation" because "why even try?"

She didn't try on the cleaning video. That's what people have a problem with.

No. 408241

It’s hella annoying when she refers to herself by her actual name. When speaking she says “no, Baylee you need to draw this”

No. 408245

So cleaning is trying by her logic lol

No. 408266

I love how she had to make a great big story out of tracing this "cute" shark.
This whole video, who caaaaaares BJ, wkooooooooo

No. 408273

Anyone with actual art training or even art enthusiasts can tell she is a hack but sadly, her level of skill is standard for Canadian animation houses. So the fact she worked in one is not surprising.
The most troubling thing I have with her is her book. Impact does have some shite books out there but this one is quite repulsive.
The image for the front cover alone makes me want to correct it. I may need to get a copy and do this for shits and giggles. Petty yes, but also fun.

No. 408274

I wanted to get her book at first, but then I decided against it. I don't want her getting any of my money.

No. 408275

Watching this, she’s a totally different person now. Sad

No. 408277

Also my predicament… I want to go through it to see the content. She did preview the layout (which impact did) and it was quite engaging but who knows whats in it.

No. 408288

Don't remind me ;_;

No. 408307

>her level of skill is standard for Canadian animation houses

Dude, not true.
Sage for being offtopic

No. 408311

This just makes me sad, she used to be so bubbly and cute. I think she looked so much prettier back then, the thinner eyebrow suited her face more.

No. 408327

That's not true. Her sketchbook slam challenge was crappy because 600 pages in 30 days is overkill and she was using it to make boring video content, but sketchbooks are a place for imperfect studies, repetition and lots of ugly ass sketches. In fact, Baylee's previous habit of trying to make everything a finished piece and not keeping a sketchbook for loose drawings was one of her biggest problems.
People who make those beautiful sketchbooks usually also keep side sketchbooks for the less glamorous sketches. They just don't tend to parade it around as much.
I don't think the Sketchbook Slam was a loss either for someone who doesn't sketch at all, if she kept the habit of sketching frequently it would be a lot of progress.

No. 408339

Agreed, Honestly the only possible thing I can see someone gaining from the sketchbook slam is what Baylee should have gained; the habit of drawing frequently. The idea of draw less often but "prettier" is exactly what Baylee is stuck in

No. 408345

She would have learned more if she did 1 drawing a day for a month. It would help in getting her used to drawing everyday, this challenge however looks like a recipe for burnout

No. 408348

She missed the point of the challenge by focusing too much on clean line work. No wonder it took her hours to complete the damn pages. There were a few other artists doing it that were not whining as much about how hard it was.

No. 408351

True, and after watching her art live streams she tends to fuck around while working so it takes her longer. I personally struggle with sitting still so I tend to work on my sketches either in the early morning before class or before I go to bed. Baylee would benefit from creating a schedule and being honest with herself.

No. 408357

Yes she would. I don’t think she has the maturity to realize that yet. :/

No. 408360

Yeah and when people try to be honest with her because they want to see her succeed she totally shits on them. I guess that's what drives me up the wall so much. I mean, would I love to spend all of my savings on watercolors and Finetec shit, hell yes, but I'm resisting because I'm not there yet skill wise. Maybe another means of getting her to practice is the reward system, but that would also require her to actually give a shit.

No. 408409

Agreed. IDK how she'd do with a reward system, I think she'd just always convince herself that she deserves it because she did something trivial, like how she was rationalizing spending a few thousand $$ on bookbinding equipment in the case she'd want to make special books to sell/give. She's a bit out of touch, this one.

No. 408412

Yeah, again, I might be projecting but she reminds me of a mixture of my aunt and cousins, all of whom are have had an easy life. While this is not bad, it's hard to respect them when they start lecturing everyone who they deem beneath them.

No. 408416

Wow I went back to the cleaning video and people are getting mad lol. This is going to be fun

No. 408421

File: 1508797526448.png (83.73 KB, 1402x248, Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 3.25…)

What other events besides streaming games and buying more shit?

No. 408423

Don't worry, I'm on it lol

No. 408427

I present a gift, I wonder if this will make Baylee cut out the art streams all together.

No. 408434

File: 1508798362579.png (53.6 KB, 1386x134, Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 3.38…)

And how well has that worked for Baylee? lul

No. 408437

What's kinda sad is that these people are humiliating themselves for someone who doesn't even respect or care about them. That's why I felt bad for Alice, even though she came into our form and was kinda asking for it, but its like dude pls if you have any self respect don't stick your neck out for someone who won't do the same for you.

No. 408438

Flattering her is blinding her to her problems.

No. 408439

File: 1508798733873.jpeg (59.84 KB, 725x234, 73F2BA08-E722-455E-BD72-16DB5C…)

What do you think?

No. 408441

I personally don't think little kids should be watching YouTube, but then again I have a different philosophy on parenting. Given how I was as a smol kid, her videos might do well at first and then drop because they'll be too complex for that age group or just boring af

No. 408443

Damn how many channels does a person need!? Talk about money hungry. Pretty soon she’ll make a channel just for her cats

No. 408445

Don't give her ideas fam, she might actually do that for that cash money

No. 408449

File: 1508799188294.jpg (48.25 KB, 548x719, Baylee Jae YouTube Bullshit 3.…)

Sorry this made me lol

No. 408450

Soooo Baylee wants to screw a killer clown? Ummmm okkkeeeeeeeeeeee that’s gross.

No. 408451

I wonder how Christian feels about his wife lusting at those types of people. Unless he's the same…which I doubt lol

No. 408452

She can’t handle anyone who opposes her viewpoint.

No. 408453

He seems pretty Beta male-ish to me, but just because he doesn't show his disgust on the outside doesn't mean he don't feel it on the inside.

No. 408454

she Probably has Christian roleplay as pennywise in the bedroom

No. 408458

Which is precisely why I have no problem dealing the same treatment back at her. Trying to be diplomatic with someone like that is only opening the door for them to best you, so might as well just go full retard until they cave. Has worked well for me, this is probably the most fun I've had commenting in one of her videos lol

No. 408459

Dear Lord my brain and sides. When you're in between wanting to hurl and laughing to the point of tears

No. 408508

File: 1508805113838.png (144.55 KB, 1788x686, Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 17.3…)

No. 408512

To be fair the person talking to her sounds fairly retarded with the muh sexualization/glorification speech. Sounds like Tumblr bullcrap to me.

No. 408513

Yeah. I can't knock Baylee for her response.

No. 408515

True, but it's fun to watch her squirm since she flipped out over someone not being into gay people.

No. 408517

…? Not being 'into'? As in not being a fujo?

No. 408518

Really? Can we have some screenshots?

No. 408522

I think it was in response to her friend doing drag, they mentioned how they weren't into that and that's what caused her to start calling people sheep

No. 408523

I'll go digging but she might have deleted it since it was awhile ago.

No. 408530

I think it was posted back in March sorry everyone I'm a bit slow

No. 408570

Those are the worst. It really matches with BJ, as far as we can tell. How do we know she comes from money? kek

No. 408583

File: 1508813340162.jpg (55.53 KB, 546x721, Baylee Jae YouTube Bullshit fu…)

Oh my freaking God I finally found it! There's more but this was the one I remember

No. 408585

File: 1508813400098.jpg (62.89 KB, 532x777, Baylee Jae YouTube Bullshit fu…)

No. 408603

My eyes have rolled to the back of head…

No. 408605

There was more but my computer decided it wanted to take a nose dive, sorry I couldn't get more.

No. 408607

>complaining about card stock not being used for her art projects due to it "bleeding"

Wow such a artist that knows a lot super educated. Sage for autism but how could she not know this bugged me

No. 408608

I spent almost 2 hours trying to find freaking tweets, you're fine m8.

No. 408620

File: 1508817770016.png (7.72 KB, 546x566, bd6.png)

No. 408630

File: 1508818978123.png (109.41 KB, 520x190, Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 21.2…)

That thumbnail though

No. 408631

Maybe she was thinking of Pennywise okay I'm sorry I couldn't help it I'm not an SJW I'm a shit lord.

No. 408637

File: 1508821101994.jpg (96.19 KB, 1241x1061, CnTI6NKVUAADvHv.jpg)

No. 408638

my sides

No. 408651

Like kids are gonna use anything else than regular copy paper

No. 408654

fucking lmao

No. 408735


how is kissing comparable to people having full on sex tho they're both retarded

No. 408739

No. 408745

>”I love being an artist. But I hate doing art”


No. 408882

File: 1508866965598.jpg (35.03 KB, 744x481, Baylee Jae YouTube Bullshit co…)

There's something about the values that isn't appealing. Or it could just be the freaky ass body that doesn't make sense.

No. 408888


I think she is just shit at color combinations

No. 408892

I think adding some blue to the shadows and upping the contrast could make this look a bit better. Doesn't fix the anatomy but it could help. Also, maybe changing the hair color?

No. 408911

I just went back to look at the image she was referencing; it's "close" but like the plum horse, it seems she hasn't trained her eye to see that small mistakes can make a big difference. She has the angle of the front leg pushed forward ever so slightly too much, and she hasn't shaped or shaded the angle of the hip + butt area correctly. So it's giving it a bad comic book broken spine vibe. She also isn't helping herself by making it a onesie when the original breaks things up with two garments and bare arms. But I'm preaching to the choir. And even if I typed this politely in her comment section, it would either be ignored, or met with hostility.

No. 408912

I'm waiting for the final speed paint to come out before I say anything, mostly because I want to hear what the thread has to say about it first. I'm not heavily trained in certain areas so I don't want to go full retard on something I don't personally know.

No. 408923

Holy shit it looks like a child coloured this in on MsPaint, not a grown woman with a Cintiq and Photoshop

No. 408925

Oh wait. Baylee actually colored that?! How did her coloring "skills" degrade that fast, jesus christ. This is the type of coloring I expect from DeviantArt artists who are in their early stages of learning to digital draw lvl

No. 408926

Even though this is a color comp, she didn't lay out the shadows well. This just reads as lazy.

No. 408934

Is it just me or are the feet kind of too small?

No. 408935

I noticed that too, they feel disproportionate.

No. 408955

even if you point that out, she'd just say "ItS foREShorTenING!!!1!!!'

No. 408956

….jesus. I've always hated how Baylee draws eyes, but even her art from 2016 looks better (color wise) and more anatomically correct than this.

No. 408957

The whole thing just screams lazy. She has enough time to make a shitty color comp but not enough to add other elements, like defining what she's laying on or making it look like she's in her bedroom. God, the more I see her "art" the more it makes me want to improve.

No. 408958

File: 1508887976129.png (386.75 KB, 1000x574, Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 10.1…)

No. 408964

Putting the two next to each other, the anatomy on Baylee's is borked to hell. She should have made it a two piece instead of the one piece, at least it would have helped in defining where her butt is.

No. 408966

File: 1508888750618.jpg (65.73 KB, 956x440, Baylee Jae YouTube Bullshit Bi…)

I rest my case that Baylee is a fucking bully. This was in response to people telling her the "do this not this" thumbnail looked similar to another YouTuber.

No. 408967

File: 1508889075762.jpg (134.19 KB, 964x722, Baylee Jae YouTube Bullshit Bi…)

No. 408989

No. 408996

But Baylee is never "professional" even on her main channel lol

No. 408998

Jesus.. You'd think a 12 year old would respond like this, but no, it's a 30 year old lady. Actually, I'd take that back. A 12 year old would've handle this better

No. 409019

There she goes blaming the viewers again.

No. 409020



No. 409067

File: 1508923359809.jpeg (157.88 KB, 750x787, EAD8F7F8-C110-45E0-ABCD-8A0BC9…)

She got hard copies of her book in, prepare for the annoying plug ins and pushing to buy her art book

No. 409070

File: 1508923533644.jpeg (147.42 KB, 660x863, F25CFD64-6789-41A7-9CEE-C2A39F…)

LMAOOOO I can’t, this pose tutorial is hilarious “take photos of yourself, look up stock images online” so helpful Baylee, soooo helpful Hahahaha

No. 409072

File: 1508923956180.jpeg (178.35 KB, 750x1017, 1F68B3F1-AD5E-4D8F-BBBC-9BFD97…)

No need to have children because you are a child…

No. 409074

lolol those poses look stiff and awkward af

No. 409076

File: 1508924621991.png (495.09 KB, 1142x942, Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 02.4…)

Who's gonna pay 22.99 plus shipping for this. If it comes to barnes and nobles or michaels, I can't wait to flip through it and see what kind of nonsense she has in here lol

No. 409078

File: 1508924993472.png (47.36 KB, 1474x180, Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 02.4…)

I can't even right now. I'm laughing so hard at this comment

No. 409080

Oml. What video was that from?

No. 409082

I’m sure her minions will make it sell out. The stans have a hard on for anything she does.

No. 409083

it's from the "do this and not that" video. Surprisingly, there are no comments under it

No. 409084

Poor kids are gonna look up “the bailey jay way” to buy it and find something else…

No. 409110

File: 1508934423995.png (1.3 MB, 1241x1061, 1506893599516.png)

Man, this is worse than i thought. And she wants to teach kids? Please Baylee, educate yourself first.

No. 409139

Not sure, but I wanted to have an easy way to flip between ref and art to see everywhere that went wrong

No. 409146

She should've practiced the pose before moving on to the final image.

No. 409181

when it's a sloppy makeout i could see where it's comparable.

No. 409249

thanks for doing that. The differences are bigger than I thought now that I see them so close together. She honestly is terrible if she doesn't understand why the shoulders are completely different and hers are spine-injuring wrong.
In her latest vlog - as she waits outside the Disney store for childrens toys - she literally says, "I mean, I have nothing better to do. I might as well come here". So much for being a super hard working artist, right guys?

Is anyone familiar with those photoshopped images where they take kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Beyonce, and make them look overweight and less attractive? I was watching an old Shakira video (give it up to me), and now I think Baylee looks like a fat, moonhead, less attractive Shakira XD (Sorry shakira).

No. 409260

File: 1508959292295.jpeg (68.14 KB, 660x463, 9CCE2B94-724B-425B-83B4-EB0322…)

Omg she actually thanked her subscribers lol

No. 409261

Why am I curious about the book, if I’m being honest I’m a big Baylee hater, and envy her life it’s pathetic. But I kinda want the book just to look through it and then maybe sell it on eBay, don’t think I’d get much out of it considering she’s not the best teacher…. meh

No. 409262


Just wait that someone pdfs it.

No. 409264

You think they will pdf it? Would be nice

No. 409267

File: 1508960209324.jpeg (198.15 KB, 750x960, B1D186C4-733E-46D2-8D5A-7F7CF2…)

No. 409268

File: 1508960239421.jpeg (256.04 KB, 750x1064, 6A89A654-84EA-4CDE-9697-0764D1…)

This review is GOLDEN!!!

No. 409270

Prepare for the shitfit she'd about to unleash because people didn't like her shitty book

No. 409272

Some link her this, fast! hahaha

No. 409273

It’s on goodreads.com hahaha

No. 409274

There are 2 other reviews and they’re positive

No. 409275

I can see Jazza’s books being super helpful, but Baylee? Nah…

No. 409277

WTH why is she teaching watercolors if she said in yesterday’s twitch stream she’s a newb at watercolors and can’t get effects like other artists can? I can’t with this girl!

No. 409278

Omg this is too good, someone pls link this to her.

No. 409280

File: 1508961498432.png (343.94 KB, 750x1334, 04ABC3F3-89AA-4834-807C-A1CD02…)

No. 409282

Lol the book is a waste of money, but it's be fun to criticize it in the comments and watch her have a bitch fit

No. 409288

Lets be honest, she got book deal just because she has big following (=will bring money) not because she is good at art.

No. 409289

She's not just bad, she's shit with a terrible personality. But lol that comparison of her being the ugly version of Shikira was pretty spot on.

No. 409443

File: 1508985604423.jpg (105.13 KB, 1101x692, Baylee Jae YouTube Bullshit go…)

It appears the gossip bakery also doesn't like her lol.

No. 409720

Claims to be a hard worker. Spends the entire day dicking around.

No. 409722

yeah although that person who pops up every few months to rant about Baylee being an alcoholic seems somewhat… unhinged and obsessed

No. 409724

Yeah, I noticed that as well.

No. 409754

She draws one thing and then dose video game streams. What is Baylee Jae known for again? Being an embarrassing adult-child? smh

No. 409761

And what she does draw is all kinds of ugly. I'm surprised she's lasted as long as she has, there was a reason no one took her YouTube job serious.

No. 409910

File: 1509060187725.png (3.91 MB, 1334x750, 2CB80B10-7FA4-4AF4-AAAF-821B14…)

Why does she let the cats lay all over her art in videos? It’s hella annoying

No. 409912

I don’t mind if she lets them lay on her art after videos, but what’s the point if the cat is blocking the art while she’s filming a drawing?

No. 409923

I know people get annoyed that she lets them on her desk. But the thing is, they're her cats. She has said before, she enjoys their company. Nothing wrong with that. Even for the vlogs. But her art channel… She needs to be professional. If I was a business owner, I wouldn't want to sponsor her art videos if I saw a cat laying on her work..

No. 409927

I don't really get whole 'If cat sits in wrong spot, shall not move it' mentality.

No. 409930

I hate to be one of those anons but idk who she is but if this is her art, holy shit it’s bad. Looks like the artwork off cheap tarot cards or those weird fantasy knockoff items at flea markets.

No. 409933

Yeah I don’t minds seeing the cats on her desk or anywhere else, just when they’re all over the art in videos it’s really distracting and bothersome. She’s made it into a meme from people calling her UNPROFESSIONAL for it.

No. 409935

Yes anon, that’s her art. Her glorious anatomically correct art haha!

No. 409937

Someone paid $200 for that crap

No. 409960

I’m sorry but now I hate you both for telling me this. Everything about it is so bad. The colors look faded, like it’s an old picture that’s been sitting underneath trash for a few years. But what gets me the most is the area where her body meets the horses back, it looks like the back is cutting through her vagina and leg. If only her cats could sit on her hands.

No. 409980

My sides

No. 410043

It bothers the living crap out of me when her (and other artists) let their cats freely roam around their professional watercolors and artist materials. Not for the watercolors, but for the fact that a few colors contain toxic materials. Not enough for you to be afraid of using them, but you should be at least not a total slob while messing with them (no ingesting or letting it touch wounds), and if your cat steps on your Cadmium or Cobalt colors, it's likely that the cat will end up licking its paws and ingesting the Cadmium/Cobalt/whatever it is.
Remember, people, either put your stuff away after using it or make sure your pets can't access your work area. Saves you money from all the crap they can break and, most importantly, keeps them from the possible dangers. DON'T BE SHEEP!1!!@

No. 410068

Neither you or your animals will be hurt from it. Don't know where you're getting this information from. Also, I accidentally drank paint water like twice. I thought that happens to most people at one point.

No. 410074

I worry about that with my cats, especially my littlest because she tends to do dumbshit. They're usually locked out of my room/work space until I have everything cleaned up. So, yeah, I'm surprised one of her cats hasn't become sick yet.

No. 410108

Professional art supplies are not toys. Some of them should not be handled carelessly. I heard from people who drank paint thinner and didn't suffer any apparent damage from it, yet you have people who left their thinner laying around, their dog drank it and died (heard the dog story in Lisa Lachri's channel).

Supposedly, a lethal dose of cadmium would be 0.86 per kilo. It would be quite a bunch of paint to kill a regular sized human, especially if you consider the fact that paint is not completely composed of pigment, but consider the weight of cats or other smaller animals. Not to mention cadmium accumulates in the body. And art supplies are not our only exposure to cadmium, so add that to the equation.

>Don't know where you're getting this information from

If you go anywhere beyond the most basic art videos, you'll hear people talking about it a few times.
I recommend the Spin Doctor's video on "How toxic are watercolor paints really", that's where I took some of my info from. Essentially he talks about how you shouldn't really be afraid of using art supplies because of cadmium and other substances, but still mentions you shouldn't be very careless around them. Know what you are using.

Sage for fairly off-topic, but I always like to mention those things because I think they are not mentioned enough (or at all) on the popular side of art Youtube.

No. 410115

File: 1509081262777.jpeg (228.4 KB, 1391x1031, E3F5C14D-96E9-4BF3-9B72-D12F4E…)

She went to the super Mario odyssey launch dressed like this. They had a costume contest. Uhhh…

No. 410134

Claims to have no time to make good art or practice. Spends the whole day making this shit.

No. 410142

>"omg guys, I'm so busy and being productive. I did the fricken 600 page sketchbook challenge, so stop calling me lazy after not posting any high quality art videos!"

No. 410162

The comments on this video lol

No. 410164

File: 1509096646172.png (70.97 KB, 1480x210, Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 02.3…)

lmfao this comment. At least her viewers know that she's lazy

No. 410166

File: 1509096971972.png (101.94 KB, 1512x234, Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 02.3…)

This thread is golden.

No. 410170

What a stupid comment.

No. 410188


I don't lock my kitties out of my room when I work, but they know by not to not be up on my desk and in my stuff when I'm working because I've shooed them off the desk enough times. IDK maybe my guys are just really well behaved…?
Even if the chemicals present in paint are too small to be harmful to them, cat hair is still a bitch to get out of watercolour, and I'd rather just not have that around. I'm surprised BJ doesn't have the issue of getting cat hair in her paints/on her paintings tbh because her cats are everywhere.

This is beautiful. So many good points in this review. Thanks for sharing.
OT but why tf is there a book about "how to make your adult colouring pages POP"? What is wrong with this world that adult colouring has become that important that you need a howto book on it?

No. 410248

when she was giving the build up to 'who I DO recommend' I was thinking 'just don't say Holly ffs'…

oh well

No. 410270

Excellent way to invalidate all she just said tho

No. 410307

> I hold myself to a high standard
Lol no you don't

No. 410317

It's been years and I still can't believe that "goofy baylee" face is her professional logo. It makes me so mad every time I see it.

No. 410356

File: 1509125415467.png (487.79 KB, 1071x1027, yeah im mad.png)

Baylee is such a fucking dumbass.
She even adressed the issue with the awkward looking body because of the onesie and said she added a butt pocket to help solve the problem yet she positioned it completely off even though there is a clearly visible butt pocket on the reference model. Why didn't she use the same perspective? How dense is she?
By changing the pocket and the seams of the onesie she could easily solve the off-looking body.

No. 410361

Also, the coloring is pretty bland. Given how many freaking copics she has, she could have easily add deeper shadows to give depth. Also, why is there no background? Had she spent more time on this, it might have looked half decent.

No. 410372

File: 1509126448931.png (108.56 KB, 1040x721, 20171027_184646.png)

The foreshortning excuse is in full swing.

No. 410402

The butt pocket on high waisted shorts….. is still on the butt…… so glad all those fashion books are coming in handy…

No. 410405

Didn't only draw dresses?

No. 410413

File: 1509131181021.jpeg (78.89 KB, 750x375, 3EB3AD91-698D-4DE0-8C83-0ABCB8…)

This is what I thought. Ppl are ripping her in the comments on her anatomy lol

No. 410414

Who in the hell gave a book deal to someone who can’t even do anatomy correctly? What age are we in??? Oml

No. 410427


No. 410485

Nothing wrong with it, but why are most of Baylee’s friends gay males?

No. 410494

Because she's a fujoshi

No. 410495

File: 1509142049586.jpg (100.27 KB, 842x556, 15.jpg)

The same damn excuses!

No. 410514

>”skill isn’t always consistent”
>implying that Baylee has “ups”

No. 410520

I doubt that not using copics for a month will diminish her low skills.
I lose respect for the artists in that comments section that pitch in with the same excuses to defend Baylee. How can these people be so blind

No. 410521

Because that want some of Baylee's traffic to go their way for sucking her pingus. God, these people disgust me!

No. 410522

File: 1509145130139.jpg (87.05 KB, 678x678, spongebobicon.jpg)

>It'S cALLed fOrEShorTeINg, gUyS!

No. 410526

File: 1509145297436.jpg (47.07 KB, 842x297, 16.jpg)

I'm sorry, these made me laugh. Fam, this is a prime example of ya'll being incapable of accepting that Baylee is shit at drawing.

No. 410535

File: 1509146082204.jpg (68.28 KB, 791x340, 17.jpg)

So apparently having an editor do their job has emotionally impacted Baylee to not practice and make cleaning videos. I shit you not.

No. 410536

Based on her vlogs, she hasn't been having a hectic life lmao. Lounging around playing games and buying more disney shit.

No. 410540

Those are the shortest forearms ever.

No. 410541

File: 1509147121297.jpg (50.72 KB, 828x292, 18.jpg)

So apparently we are Baylee's biggest fans?

No. 410556

they are foreshortest forearms har har har

No. 410626

File: 1509153526167.png (1.31 MB, 1303x800, stronger thongs.png)

Who else spotted future Christian in Stranger Things tonight?

Sorry Christian

No. 410630

I swear, the comments are too funny this time around. I wonder how long it'll take before Baylee disables the comment section on this video lol

No. 410642

These stans will have to deal with the criticism of their idol, she’s getting bigger and with that comes more haters and more criticism. Baylee is going to have to grow a thick skin or she will tarnish in time.

No. 410646

File: 1509155808221.jpg (42.55 KB, 769x260, 19.jpg)

Apparently to criticize Baylee and voice why is unhealthy.

No. 410666

Anyone here buying Baylee’s book?

No. 410667

I thought about it but I'd rather my money not go towards her Disney hoard. Have you?

No. 410669

I’m going to wait until there is a digital pdf to torrent haha. Just as curiosity to what the book is like.

No. 410670

True but this girl (and these types of videos) are also hella cringy
And you can't really take people who paint Holly Brown as a good artist seriously

No. 410671

Omg she’s been streaming Mario odyssey since noon, and she doesn’t have time to draw? Pfft. And She’s still wearing that twitch onesie, bet it stinks to high heaven already

No. 410673

>omg how dare you tell baylee to practice and actually make good art your so meaaaaan!
And she wonders why no one takes her seriously.

No. 410674

Not to defend Baylee, but I think it's relevant to mention that Twitch is slowly becoming a more reliable form of online work than Youtube, with the heavy censorship and all. It's basically where the market is heading.
Wouldn't kill her to livestream art related content tho. But honestly, at this point I feel she fits in better as a game streamer than art streamer. She's slowly morphing into an incompetent crafter mom

No. 410686

>She's slowly morphing into an incompetent crafter mom
I'm sorry anon, that made me laugh. Nah, I can see where you're coming from. Considering how little effort it takes to play Pokemon, yeah, she seems to fit in with that crowd (I'm not trash talking those that enjoy the games, just her).

No. 410697

She said during a game stream that she doesn’t make enough on twitch alone and the main bulk of her income comes from YouTube

No. 410699

Wonder if she got paid a ton for her book, and she’ll probably get a percentage of each sale too

No. 410708

Right now yes, but after the whole Adpocalypse ordeal a lot of people got a wake up call from putting all their eggs in one basket.
Altho she has been doing Twitch streams long before that, she may just do it for entertainment/interacting with her audience.

No. 410715

HA! Those criticism are pretty normal in the art world. Did she really go to an art school, or did they not do any critiques?

No. 410750

This wedding excuse is going to last the rest of the year. Ppl are gonna be like, Baylee why haven’t you posted (like a year from now), she’s gonna be like I was getting married, calm down!!!!

No. 410782

File: 1509175521037.jpeg (123.38 KB, 750x543, 3C8D9F67-F4E5-49D1-9AC0-8BB835…)

Classic example of how Baylee doesn’t like criticism. This was on her get ready with me vlog

No. 410787

I honestly kinda understand that.. she isn't a beauty channel and she doesn't want to be judged as such.

No. 410791

File: 1509178132991.png (690.77 KB, 572x842, Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 01.0…)

I'm getting second hand embarrassment from this

No. 410792

File: 1509178215593.png (548.67 KB, 596x826, Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 01.0…)

No. 410794

File: 1509178525756.png (805.42 KB, 910x778, Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 01.1…)

Christian is not impressed

No. 410795

That onesie omg, will she ever take it off hahaha, she’s been wearing if for the past 3 days!

No. 410796

She’s such a woman child it’s hilarious

No. 410890

she went outside, in public, in a onesie.
damn, this is so cringey.

d'you think he just realized he's -married- to her now and can't just run off?

No. 410893

If Jacob wasn't gay, Baylee would have probably married him instead. lol what a pair. Cringy af.

No. 410899

Guess we wont have to buy the book after all

No. 410938

Is she the first art YouTuber to get a book like this? I know Mark Crilley had one but he's been a professional artist for decades before starting YouTube anyway.

No. 410942


He may be well known but his style is just as laughable as BJ's

No. 410952

Yeah, his "manga" style is a bit wonky, but he has a much wider repertoire than Baylee, can draw scenery and has experience as an illustrator and comic book artist, so it makes more sense to ask him to make a book like that. From what I remember his videos had quite a bit of sound advice + emphasis on studying and practicing often.

I'm mostly wondering if Baylee is the only "YouTube artist" to get a book.

No. 410963

I can only think of Jazza not sure about anyone else from youtube - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Draw-Jazza-Creating-Characters-Cartoons/dp/1440344949

No. 411012

Nah, there's another artist named Sophie-Chan who also has a manga how to book

No. 411013

No. 411016

I personally didnt like her style (those eyes are gigantic for the size of the heads), but at least she wasn't an asshole like Baylee

No. 411075

File: 1509227778077.png (972.7 KB, 1198x852, Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 14.5…)

The legs are too short for the upper half and haha those feet…

No. 411080

Isn't that Baylee's anatomy though? Like the stubby legs and disproportionate feet?

No. 411088

omg my sides

No. 411091

File: 1509229111982.png (167.01 KB, 352x240, Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 15.1…)

I think she's just going to live in these onesies forever to its last thread of string

No. 411093

Well, that's some spoopy imagery. Honestly, seeing this makes me want to take better care of myself and stay fit. The thought of looking like that when I'm almost 30 is making me twitch lol

No. 411094


Think how big she will be when she gets pregnant

No. 411096

Oh my! Damn now I'm worried about the children and their health.

No. 411106

I still can't imagine her having children cuz she's such a child herself.

No. 411109

I hope she doesn't get a girl.

No. 411128

But if she has a boy she might turn him gay for bragging rights. She seems like one of those.

No. 411191

according to sjws cis gay men are just as bad as cishet scum. she'd probably force him to be trans

No. 411193

Pretty much. If she doesn't have a daughter she would turn her sons into girls. Holy Jesus I feel bad for them already and she doesn't even have the kids yet.

No. 411205

>Mom! I have to go to school! We're late!!

No. 411210

Damn, I'm glad I'm not her kid.

No. 411212

I think Pusheen is cute, but wouldn't spend this much money on it.

No. 411223

I would if I could, this is one of the only subscription boxes with quality content. I'm salty that BJ can afford it with her Youtube riches. I wish I could but I'm poor af

No. 411224

Same! She was going to use that shower curtain as a matte for her paint like wtf.

No. 411229

If you're only buying one box out of the four they have every year, it's not a bad price for all the stuff you get, especially if you're into cute stuff. A lot of people release box spoilers so you know what you're getting, so you don't waste money if it's junk you don't want.
Sage for no1curr

No. 411231

I see your point. Idk, I guess the way Baylee handle's thing just bothers me (I'm sorry I'm still experiencing flashbacks to her poll dancing in that onesie and my eyes sting)

No. 411252

>still experiencing flashbacks to her poll dancing in that onesie
I find it weird that she has so much, er, more mature stuff on her channel but it's also full of very kid-like topics. I think she put a disclaimer on her bachelorette party vid but seriously, that's not gonna stop anyone from watching. And she was piss-drunk and there were dicks everywhere in that one.
What is she doing. She could target her content more for a younger audience and fit in her Disney obsession, but then she also mentions more mature topics -like alcohol- and poledances in a onesie (wtfff). Also, all that focus on her marriage? bleeergh.

tl;dr it's infuriating that someone with so much "power" doesn't take any "responsibility"

No. 411270

I know, it's freaking weird! I never want my children to watch someone like her.

No. 411272

File: 1509255414375.jpeg (34.65 KB, 750x168, 762EEEDE-032B-4A16-9402-C2C65A…)

This comment on her book video

No. 411273

File: 1509255505530.jpeg (49.12 KB, 750x189, 4DABF851-0C39-4BD7-9511-BE5576…)

No. 411274

I agree with this commenter, it's not worth 23 bucks.

No. 411310

I saw an ad that has a price that says $32. Even more ridiculous pricing for a crap book

No. 411313

Damn, it's rough to have even your fans think so.

Right, I forgot about her, Sophie is such a sweetheart though. At a baseline, most of these "How to draw x according to y" books are all useless bullshit anyway, but most 12 year olds wouldn't want to pick up a Bridgman or use photo reference so I guess it works for the intended audience.

No. 411380


This is such a tryhard attempt at trying to look like she knows what she's talking about. Those 'volumes' in the body that look off and apparently follow the curve of the body, but then the volumes for the feet have straightened out lines.

Also the text above the bodies which just cuts off mid sentence and then continues in the paragraph next to it. At least end the text on the left with a sentence and then start a new one in the right paragraph.

I also don't know if that's a stain on the bottom left, or a fancy ~water color~ effect which is such a tacky way to make your lay-out appear more classy. Looks cheap. This book is so obviously a product made to sell, she did not care to make a quality product.

No. 411423

lol she has no other motivation to look better since she’s married now. Baylee’s husband is also going out and playing card games with his friends and she’s playing video games for a 9-14 year old audience. Sick sad life, Baylee Jae smh

No. 411427

No kidding, and she has n one to blame but herself.

No. 411480

>This book is so obviously a product made to sell, she did not care to make a quality product.
What if that is her idea of quality…

No. 411483

You know, that just sparked a thought. An old instructor of mine (who knew me from my weeb days onto my pop surrealism faze) had asked if it would freak me the fuck out if I never progressed within that two year span. Honestly, I think anyone who's head wasn't up their own ass would be livid if they did. But then again, this is miss ArT bLocK DOesN't eXist.

No. 411503

The thought of not progressing really is terrifying. I wonder what's really up with Baylee. She gives me the vibe that she doesn't really want to be an artist, then keeps making all sorts of excuses like "I don't have time", "it's foreshortening" or just straight out saying she doesn't want to draw more.
Or maybe her mentality of "everyone who draws anything is an artist" makes her think her low level is totally acceptable, paired with the fact that there are a lot of people who actually buy her products.

No. 411516


She comes off as someone who does art for the popularity and money. Her current shit is bringing her wealthy life so why should she get better? There is no reason to do so.To work harder.

No. 411531

I think it might be a combination of both.

No. 411599

Putting about $3 on Christian “playing card games” with one of BJ’s gay friends
I mean would you blame him?
sage for reach

No. 411603

Honestly, considering how much BJ has let herself go and how she acts, it seems pretty plausible. I mean, I wouldn't want to be stuck with that day in day out.

No. 411604


Why he married her then?

No. 411610

They've been together for a long time, probably didn't see a way out of it. That and it seems she's close with his family, so there would be some backlash. Idk, it's probably bull but it wouldn't surprise me if it was true.

No. 411632


No. 411641

yeah she said she didn't do the book design, so that stuff is on the publisher- then again, she does seem to love it. but yeah, impact seem really shoddy and low quality, looking at their output as a whole and their guidelines someone posted above. wouldn't want to be published by them, basically, it's a mark of a rubbish book clearly

No. 411659

The girl anatomy though, it was basically Baylee's own weird body.

No. 411690

No vlog today??

No. 411709

C'mon man. Baylee just had a wedding!

No. 411724

She also completed 600 PAGES IN A SKETCHBOOK ZOMG

No. 411725

But I kid you all not, people are still posting how her anatomy sucks ass in her recent copic speed paint. The fire rises lol.

No. 411743

There was no vlog today, I’d bet money she had a hangover from her Halloween party

No. 411755

Geez, nothing more classy or respectable than a grown ass womanchild getting drunk off her ass.

No. 411901

So I heard that Nintendo won't allow people to livestream their games anymore? So that means no Pokemon or Mario Odyssey for BJ…

No. 411910

I know that's for Youtube Gaming, but I don't know if Twitch is in that. She streams her gaming on Twitch so she may be ok still.

No. 411918

But if that also goes for twitch, then Ms. BJ might actually have to get off her fat/flat ass and appear like she gives a damn about her art channel.

No. 411921

sage for ot but really? there's tons of things to shade this woman on, getting drunk at a party is the lowest hanging fruit. (people drink at parties all the time, as much as it may surprise you anon.)

No. 411971

Yes anon, no one in their late 20s ever gets drunk or hungover, only Baylee, the dumb slag.

Some of you are reaching way too hard, including >>411603 .

No. 412130

I think people judge her getting piss drunk because it looks very odd in contrast to her childish behavior.

But I'll have to agree, when the subject deviates too much from her terrible art decisions/asshole behavior into her personal relationships and her looks, it gets pretty boring. Also not the keenest on people getting too hardcore into policing the way she spends her money because a lot of the times it just sounds like people got the jellies. It's one thing to mention how she gets too carried away with the toy purchases or whatever, but some of you give so many fucks it sounds like you're her personal accountants.

No. 412196

I see your point. I guess people are getting nitpicky because she seems to be the same way towards others. That and she puts her life out for everyone to see, so that does invite a lot of that sort.

No. 412343

lmfao, she deleted all the negative comments on her unboxing video of her book

No. 412361

Maybe, but imo the nitpicking makes all of the justified criticism of her seem less credible by association/easier to dismiss.
>"Oh, they're just hating on her!! Poor Baylee :(("
Clutching your pearls over a grown adult getting drunk is hardly pointing out her hypocrisy.

No. 412365


Really? I didn't have time to catch any.

No. 412372

Did people leave many?

No. 412515

>spends more time on doodle domain than her main channel
>wonders why people don't take her seriously as an artist

No. 412530

There were some about how they wouldn't get the book and yada yada. Or how bad her art was.

No. 412552

Ah okay. I'm surprised she hasn't shut down any of the more recent comment sections.

No. 412866

I've noticed that she is getting a lot more negative comments on her videos lately. Seems like people are less inclined to put up with her bullshit and excuses.

No. 412931

Because people are seeing through the bullshit. To an extent, even in the zkittyz days, she was a bit of a brat. Anyone remember the video where she lost her shit because someone called her "touk" a hat?

No. 412956

>someone called her "touk" a hat?

Oh god can someone please find a link, i swear she used to sell those things

No. 412986

How is a tuque not a hat, kek

No. 412993

File: 1509551411599.png (5.52 KB, 406x65, 95297859785489745978548975243.…)

No. 412998

It starts at 12:58

No. 413022

Probably people who were normally silent are finally saying something. Given how her fan base attacks anyone who doesn't kiss her ass, it could seem intimidating to some.

No. 413108

First Doodle domain video is up, it goes to fast and seems too hard for kids. Idk

No. 413111

It’s so monotone and boring, her hands cover up half of the sketching

No. 413113

File: 1509564794220.png (331.98 KB, 523x583, Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 19.3…)

I thought she sold this but her mum is posting about framing it on twitter?

Did her mum buy it???

No. 413120


Would not be surprised if she did.

No. 413139

It's probably just a print. Her family seems to contribute a lot to her shop sales considering how many prints and phonecases they have of hers.

I wouldn't mind but that is one of her absolute worst imo.

No. 413160

jfc. imparting the tyranny of 'you must ink every drawing' to little kids.

I know it's tradition, comics, whatever, but I'm sick of everyone on youtube telling us the ONLY acceptable way to draw is pencil, ink outline, colour in.
sage for ridiculous bee in my bonnet

No. 413168

File: 1509569438190.jpeg (159.69 KB, 750x985, 8BAA12C6-6EB1-4BA6-8A35-43FD1B…)

No. 413180

I wish I had access to a kid to try this with them and see if they can make it

No. 413181


I think the one who underestimates kids is BJ

No. 413184

She said in the reaction video that it was a comedy skit (which is pretty obvious) but it made her look like a bitch, bailey has a awful personality sometimes but thats just reaching


No. 413214

Honestly, it's structured poorly and small children won't get much out of it.

No. 413225

Any thoughts on what her collective piece will be?

No. 413267

>Basic art term
…Excuse me but what age are you catering to? I didn't know what highlights were until I was serious about art at 15-16. And even THEN I didn't use the term until I was older.
Highlights aren't a basic art term and children may be confuse highlights with highlighters. Has she never been around a child before???

No. 413269

That’s what I was thinking, the age demographic of 6-8 would hardly know what highlights are. She didn’t even explain it. All of the comments on the video are from Viewers of her main channel lmao

No. 413283

This is garbage. I give Doodle Domain 20 uploads before she cancels the channel. And I'm being generous.

No. 413285

She'll drive people away when they mention how poorly the videos are, because she'll do what she always does and that's blow a gasket.

No. 413295

Time to teach kids "contrapposto" since that's a basic art term, too.

I'm glad that it's common to hear professional artists cite really shitty artists like Mark Crilley or Rob Liefeld as their introduction to drawing because it would fucking suck if some kid's drawing ability was handicapped by Bailey's approach to art.

No. 413299

That makes me think of when Baylee, Jazza and Mark Crilley made a collab and it was basically a reunion of the most popular artist hacks of Youtube.

I feel kind of bad for talking shit about Jazza because he seems pretty nice, but his coloring/rendering skills are pretty bad. I stayed away from his channel for some time because I hated his mascot so much. The color he chose for the skin still makes me scream internally.

Sage for autistic sperging

No. 413302

Imagine what i'd be like when she has kids
>You're 3 years old! What do you mean you don't know what the pythagorean theorem is?!

No. 413305

Good grapes, I know this has been said before, but I already feel bad for her children (if she has any)

No. 413318

Okay first, how will a child know what overlapping is? BAYLEE EXPLAIN TO THESE CHILDREN. I may be grasping at straws but I don't children of her target age group know what an oval is yet? You don't really learn about shapes until a little later.
Should have explained what a highlight was.
Okay when you say moon, a child (and myself) thinks of an entire moon or a circle. So explain it as a crescent moon? I've looked through a younger cousin's homework, he's in first grade, and he was actually taught what a crescent moon was.
>Monotone/Not caring voice
Really doesn't make kids want to keep watching.
Kids these days when they watch videos, I know this from experience, they want to be entertained. If a video is too slow paced, they get bored and just hit something in the recommended instead.
>"Subscribe for more"
Dear lord. I'm pretty sure kids don't know what subscribe means, nor do they have accounts with which to subscribe with. Half the time it's the parents who subscribe to it.

Speaking from a person who's been living around children all the time, that are not even my own but family members, I can already tell that no child is going to sit through and follow this as much as Baylee thinks they will.
Her voice is just too boring, too slow, too uncaring - it's not going to keep a child's attention at all. I was getting frustrated watching her line the shark because she was going so slowly it was making me antsy. Basically my thoughts were "OKAY I GET IT JUST FINISH THE LINE ALREADY" And I'm sure children will think so too, if they haven't already clicked away.

My advice for Baylee:
If you really want to start a channel teaching children to draw: Take some child development classes. There are programs specifically geared towards how to teach children art, enroll in an online class or go to one at your local college! If this is something you're passionate about, teaching art, learn how to do it the RIGHT way.
If not and you just want more viewer money then by all means, keep going and see how many children actually watch your content for more than 20 seconds.

No. 413323

What I would like to know is what her reasons are for making a kids art channel.

No. 413325

Because there are a ton of kids to mooch off viewership money from?
Or she could just want to teach children how to draw.
To which I would suggest instead of making a channel, actually take teaching classes and become an art teacher for children or something. Ya know, if she REALLY wants to help.

No. 413326

I think she just wants the money lol

No. 413350

You sad everything I was thinking. I watched her video from the point of view of a person who didn't know how to draw, and what irritated me was the fact that she didn't explain things better. Why are drawing it this way? Why are we overlapping? What is a highlight? A child needs things broken down more. Yes, children tend to be smarter than we think they are, but they still things to be broken down into bite size nuggets of information they can understand.

And omg the pacing with this thing. I took felt frustrated with how much time she was taking to line and color the thing. And it was so monotone and without any life. A kid will get bored of this quickly and go fine How To Draw Cute instead. I know I would.

I think whoever said she'd get 20 videos up was right, they are being very generous. I don't see more than 10 once she sees it's not going anywhere. I don't dislike the gal, I just don't think she fully thought this whole children's drawing channel out really.

No. 413375

just wondering but whats wrong with mark crilley? i grew up watching his videos when i was a kid (lol) and recently revisited his channel and i dont think he has done anything wrong in terms of style or anatomy…

No. 413386

Baylee’s doodle domain video is too technical for kids, check out this one, comparing to Baylee’s this channel makes it so much easier for kids to understand the process.

No. 413392

Funny how all the comments on her doodle domain video are just minions saying how they love it and it’s such a great idea like she thought of it first. She’s only doing it as an easy way out for the coin, hope it flops, which I really don’t have too hope since she’ll eventually tire of it and rebrand again

No. 413393

I’m genuinely curious how she has the following she does. People genuinely enjoy her content!?

No. 413420

the theme is Grimm's fairy tales right? It'll be a pretty girl probably. Something there was also a Disney film of. Cinderella's my bet. Snow White or Rapunzel maybe.

what's certain is it'll be shite, and sell immediately for hundreds of dollars, and I will get more grey hairs

No. 413436

They hold him to is his anime art style since it's pretty bad but he's better at drawing pretty much anything thing else

No. 413437

He pretty much draws generic anime or boring lifeless realism. Would be ok if it came from a young artist on their 20s and not a 50 y.o. weeb with years of industry experience.

No. 413439

Maybe something based on what she watched on Once Upon a Time, or she will do one of those drawings "based on the original story version of Cinderella/another Disney princess".

No. 413443

that's so cute and tons better

No. 413456

> 1:03 "Its just some curved lines like you see me drawing here"
probably just a personal pet peeve, but if you ask me, "like this" is a pretty shitty way to teach. You need to be able to fully explain what you are doing with and without words. Also I don't know why but her asking people to subscribe at the end annoyed the shit out of me . She could have said something less …greedy? like "tune in next Wednesday for ____!"

No. 413487

I noticed that too. She just doesn't seem genuine anymore, and it kinda sad since she used to be much nicer.

No. 413558

In today's vlog, she said kids can learn the words like highlight so she'll keep saying them regardless when I was a kid I didn't know or worried about terminology It was just about having a good time drawing whatever it was.

Sage just in case this a bit off topic. Has she ever see a episode of art attack!?!

No. 413572

The fact that she didn't even bother explaining was also the issue

No. 413599

She's freaking pompous.

No. 413600

It's like night and day! He sounds so much nicer and explains it in a way that you WANT to draw with him. Even when the little boy messed up, which children tend to get really self conscious when they do, he said "I like it!" And that just made me smile because it showed how much he enjoyed just seeing a child learn.
He didn't use any fancy terms like highlight, no, he explained it in a way that a CHILD would be able to learn - in basic shapes and words.
Baylee, if you continue using phrases a child doesn't know, they're just going to get frustrated and maybe even stop drawing completely! A child's self esteem is really tender at this age, you cant just tell them to draw for fun because they don't understand what that really is yet. YOU are what makes art fun, they will love art based on how they learned it. The kid in the second video was so happy with his finished piece even though it didn't look like the man's, because the guy praised him so much about it. And now he's probably going to bug him about drawing more things, learning more things, because it's fun!
It goes to show that if you haven't been around children or have a child yourself - you don't know how to act around them.

Does anyone know if Baylee has experience with children? Because I'm flabbergasted on her decision to teach children to draw.

No. 413603

I honestly don't think she's been around them much. As someone who has been around new borns all the way to their early teens, some children learn best through encouragement and simple terms. The monotone, empty voice Baylee was using did not make me want to draw with her, nor my younger cousins. She doesn't even seem like she's having fun! I'll be honest with you fam, I think she likes the idea of children, not the reality, which oddly reminds me of Bella Swan from Twilight.

No. 413615

This is adorable! Like, this guy has way more warmth in his voice and excitement.

No. 413621

That's the problem with her video. It's way too monotone and not engaging enough for her target audience. Kids aren't going to watch something that isn't dynamic. And the steps need to be broken down more. Like when she was inking the shark, she should have explained how certain lines were going to be erased instead of inked. Instead she was just like "Okay time to ink" and followed that with a minute of silence.

No. 413625


This is how it should be done.

No. 413630

My guess is she wanted to make a children's channel because she thought it was easy and she could just use what she already had in terms of skills without people telling her she needs to learn stuff better, since children are the ultimate beginners.

What she doesn't realize is that you have to have/learn a whole different demeanor to teach and appeal to kids.

No. 413635

Also, notice how she said she had already "dumbed down" her words. I don't know, the way she said that just rubbed me the wrong way.

No. 413644

I didn't watch the vlog, I can't stand watching too much of her anymore, but damn. Saying "dumbed down" really does not strike as someone who is happy to work with children and stuff.
I also wonder how she would deal with the honesty children tend to have at a young age, probably won't get a lot of that on Youtube since young kids don't get that much access to accounts and comment sections, but imagine her showing her video to a kid irl

>so, do you like my drawing of a shark?

>no…i don't like it
>WHAT?! I JUST GOT MARRIED! My 600 pages sketchbook challenge! I don't really want to draw every day IT WAS FORESHORTENING!! Check the reference image, don't be sheeple

No. 413646

My sides, the accuracy hurts! I really do wonder how long she's going to milk those excuses. Also, apparently one of Bailey's minions was trying to write up Pants of Shit for hate speech. Let it be known, not kiss her ass and calling her out is the equivalent of saying something racist.

No. 413652

Wait but didn't she previously say that >>413168 "I think they underestimate what kids can do."? If you're so confident that kids are smarter than we think they are, why would you NEED to "dumb down" your words?

Hypocrite much?

No. 413653

Samefag but I want to see her try to explain color theory to children.

No. 413656

File: 1509649196104.jpg (17 KB, 883x90, kjadoisfjaoe983094280198-31098…)

Samefag Just be aware when you comment on her videos that someone might report you

No. 413658

Baylee seems like one of those adults that think children are just dumb versions of adults. I don't think she knows how to talk to them properly. Her tutorial was not only boring but it was not child-friendly at all, it's just a simple drawing tutorial for adults.

No. 413798

She SHOULD NOT be running a kids art channel, or a kids channel of any kind.

It's obvious she has no passion for it, but sees it as an easy target audience. Why not run a channel for simple relaxing ASMR style drawings for adults? It suits her more, and hits her actual audience since no children have interest in her.

No. 413895

File: 1509674678612.jpeg (74.85 KB, 750x417, BAF67908-FB16-416C-9232-257942…)

Her Friday art piece looks like crap so far… not surprising

No. 413896

File: 1509674700614.jpeg (85.16 KB, 750x348, DCA29C59-1D81-49E3-B30A-6B25F2…)

No. 413958

File: 1509684594404.jpeg (549.98 KB, 750x864, AE665FBD-80E5-4CEF-AFC6-124E27…)

Sneak peek of her Friday art piece… thoughts?

No. 413959

Pretty much her bachelorette party?

No. 413961

From what she has now, I still don't think the shadows are deep enough. It's most noticeable in the face, and while there is a time and a place for strong contrast, she always does the pastel/soft coloring and it doesn't help her artwork

No. 413965

Why is her mouth off-center? The dip of the lips should be under her nose, but it looks like her mouth is more to the right of her face.
Everything about her art is stiff and lifeless.

No. 413966

And not in an appealing way either. When ever people mention that Baylee has a total fit. It's like, pls, why do you refuse to improve?!

No. 414005

Is it just me or does she never branch out from the blue/turquoise, pink, purple color scheme?

No. 414040


Sloppy as usual.

No. 414045

And I'm here wondering how that leg is put up like that unless there's another character under her…which I doubt?

No. 414046

I think one of the reasons why most of her art is crap is because she's not confident in her line work and makes everything look stiff. Well, I guess that's her own fault for not practicing or not using the sketchbook challenge seriously

No. 414051

That tree looks like a bunch of rope tied and then spread out

No. 414060

I think the worst thing about her doodle domain was her “hairy lines” - it shows complete lack of security in her work and will encourage kids to use a pencil in the same way. It’s not good

No. 414069

as my teacher called it "the little itchy sketchy tiny lines" haha. She needs to learn how to draw using her whole arm rather than just wrist.

No. 414103


Maybe her wrists would stop hurting if she did.

No. 414171

What the fuck are those harsh straight lines under the flowers supposed to be. (I know shes desperately trying to shade but seriously)
They two first are atleast soft in color but then it just spirals out into straight brown lines. She shades like shes five wth.

No. 414173

I was looking at same thing. She is going to be selling that shit for 200 dollars like the previous ones?

No. 414235

She draws like an amateur. The feathery lines, sometimes she uses under drawings but they're always stick figure things that you first learn how to use, they don't have any weight or movement. She reminds me of those people who just copy drawings for fun and sometimes draw an eye or something, not a professional artist.

No. 414238

I have a habit of drawing too small, so I get it, but god there are so many overdrawn lines. also lol the buttons/bow.
>>413961 While I think in general the really subtle shading and pastels is pretty, I agree. Deep shadows with color variation (like shade skin with purple, not browns) would do wonders for how stiff her lines are

No. 414258

I agree so much with you anon! You nailed it. I've known a lot of people like that and BJ fits right in

No. 414264

File: 1509724533147.jpg (516.2 KB, 600x754, baylee jae snow white and rose…)

the color scheme looks like total ass here. not gonna lie. nothing about this piece really speaks "rose red" or "snow white" to me

No. 414279

Copic art that doesn’t fit the theme
Never seen that before baylee…
(Seriously can she even make something without using copics other than shitty watercolour pieces and misuse of other mediums?)

No. 414282


No. 414303

I actually think it's much better than when she makes everything turquoise/pink/purple, as >>414005 pointed at.
The colors could have been better executed but I actually like the blonde one's scheme, and I think the more muted colors allude well to the Grimm theme. I think her biggest problems lay in value, not color.

No. 414307

The blonde one is supposed to be Snow White to the ginger's Red Rose. Nothing about her says "Snow white" besides her skin tone, which she shares with the other one.

No. 414309

File: 1509726816927.jpg (127.36 KB, 428x600, snow_white_illustration.jpg)

>Nothing about her says "Snow white" besides her skin tone
What else did you expect, exactly? The black hair and a white dress?

No. 414310

But isn't this snow-white different? All the pictures I have seen she has had blond hair and white dresses while rose-red has brown hair and red dress.

No. 414311

File: 1509727408132.jpg (23.84 KB, 220x331, 220px-Smithsnowred.jpg)

Samefag, I thought the two Snow Whites were the same and added an image for the one with the dwarves.
She really didn't do wrong with the blonde hair and light skin, anon.

Sage for correction

No. 414312

File: 1509727415899.jpg (67.45 KB, 640x350, 045.jpg)

>the color scheme looks like total ass here.
Everything looks like a total ass. Beginner tier mistakes in every aspect.

No. 414320

File: 1509728832854.jpg (681.79 KB, 612x792, danica sills ytac 10 photo.jpg)

lol compare baylee's awful art to someone else's in the collective. (based off the tale of godfather death)

No. 414322

Damn, this looks pretty cool! Oh, apparently there's a YTAC calendar for 2018 and none of Baylee's shit is in it.

No. 414329

Danica is my favorite from the collective. She's pretty good.

I don't like the way she draws men, tho. I find them to be too feminine, and it kinda looks like more of a handicap for being too much in the comfort zone of drawing women than an actual decision to draw them that way. But I might be wrong and she might just like them that way, I suppose.

Sage for off topic

No. 414330

God she's bad a reading out loud.

No. 414363

Saged for OT but I why are half the artists in the collective really bad? I've looked through their artworks for this challenge and only a few were actually quite good. Do they not have quality control?
But then again some of them would get uber butthurt about not getting in.

No. 414366

I figured that whoever started it was seeking out people at a similar skill level, and people noticeably worse or better were friends/mutuals

No. 414372


After how many years of drawing she still does this..

No. 414374

Ugh the lips being off-center triggers me
>How do folds
The dresses look so two dimensional and flat. Baylee has absolutely no idea how clothes work.
Everything about this picture is flat and looks like paper people.
I'm so salty that there are a ton of other amazing artists out there and this bitch has more subscriptions than they do. Fuck you Baylee you don't deserve the attention you get.

No. 414449

File: 1509743707230.png (3.95 MB, 1334x750, C5C01D79-ED39-4742-909D-DDDB6C…)

Leave it to Baylee to show her cats asshole in the video….. gag!

No. 414452

i'm not that fussed when she does things like that, but then again I own a cat. I might be desensitised because they like to put their ass in your face a lot.

No. 414454

Come on don't be a pussy.

It was pretty absurd when she vlogged herself vomiting, tho. And just "censored" the vomit falling on the toilet but didn't take the sound out

No. 414456

I think it's more how obnoxious she is about it. Like, I have cats too, but if and when I record videos or post artwork, I try to keep some professionalism and that means not having their butts on display.

No. 414469

The colors she used looks so washed out and the arms and legs look like rubber flopped to the side. She has all this free time that could be used to research where the nearest figure drawing session and learn from there.

No. 414476

File: 1509745394982.png (146.99 KB, 1556x590, Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 14.4…)

Pants of Shit back at it again to speak for all of us kek

No. 414479

Lol, again, apparently we are Baylee's biggest fans?

No. 414515

A true hero. Whoever this is, is definitely taking one for the team. Thank you Pants of Shit you will forever be immortalized in lolcow/Baylee culture.

Hahaha yea I just love how her drawings are flat, anatomy is horrid, lines are coloring-bookesque and she has no knowledge of color theory. I'm her biggest fan.

No. 414525

Nothing scares me lel

No. 414538

Hahaha is pants of shit part of lolcow? Surprised baylor hasn’t blocked them yet! So funny to see her minions so offended

No. 414542

I went looking for the comment and couldn't find it. I think she's trying to censor them.

No. 414543

File: 1509748420432.png (103.71 KB, 576x374, Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 22.3…)

No. 414544

Called it

No. 414548

Pantsofshits comment was deleted

No. 414550

This is why we archive

No. 414551

Did she block them?

No. 414554

She is so thin-skinned lol

No. 414559

Seems like Pants of Shit can comment but the public can't see them

No. 414560

File: 1509748862642.jpeg (210.8 KB, 750x1063, F226BB15-AC79-4157-90C8-23D058…)

No. 414563

You couldn't even draw your own picture?
We're not trying to convince people you're a bad person, we're trying to convince your sheep that you're a bad ARTIST.

No. 414564

1) Baylee wtf does that picture have to do with the reply
2) I respected you Mark Crilley because you were one of the first art channels I would watch when I was learning how to draw. I've lost my respect for you now.

No. 414568

If that user she blocked really wanted to, they could just make a new account lmaooo. The criticism is only going to get worse as she grows in numbers …

No. 414569

Welp, Pants of Shit will rise again.

No. 414570

She’s saying BINGO! to dabbing on the haterzzzz lolz

No. 414572

It's a bingo dauber.

No. 414573

Thank you kind anons.

No. 414581

Time we grow some numbers. We have to recruit Leggings of Feces, Legplates of Excrement and Pantalones de Mierda.

No. 414583

My sides. Yes, in honor of our fallen comrade!

No. 414590

Hacks stay together.

No. 414593

Cut off one head, three more will replace it.

No. 414600

I think it was a couple years ago where she started giving that stupid "art is for fun" discourse she has because someone said she holds her pencil wrong.
She has such a childish mentality. It doesn't seem to go through her head that when people tell her things like that, they aren't necessarily policing her but offering alternatives because they maybe, MAYBE work for something?
And if they don't work for you, you just stop doing it. You don't need to follow every art rule, but it's prudent to try them before deeming them unworthy. No need to brat around.

No. 414608

I'm curious what she'll say about this on the vlogs.

No. 414620

We'll be the biggest fans she'll ever have.

No. 414622

Damn, that feel when you actually feel like you're accomplishing something. >>414620 Oh yes, I wonder how many Bye pictures she has, she might have to find some more lol

No. 414625

Man your VPNs and disposable e-mail addresses.

No. 414627

Honestly, I'm upset that she censored someone and the way she went about it. She could have handled the situation better.

No. 414776

If someone with the name "Pants of Shit" came to criticize my hypothetical work, I'd be lmao first and foremost. Then I'd take into account what they say and think if I agree or not. I don't understand taking it soooo personal.

No. 414824

File: 1509774320614.jpg (7.4 KB, 254x211, 374917401981098240192840391840…)

I live

No. 414830

File: 1509775983441.png (386.29 KB, 724x468, holy shit its looking at me ge…)

who the ACTUAL fuck would buy this.

must be one of us on lolcow. seeing as we're her Biggest Fans and all.

No. 414832

I remember she made a big to do about having to redue this one, saying how great she is for not going with her original inks. How can you second run through be this bad?! Hehe, yes, a lolcow bought something this ugly, my sides.

No. 414838

The pose and coloring is so boring. How does she even price these things? Is it based off of minimum wage or what??

No. 414839

I think that's what she does. Given the quality as well as the non archival materials, it's not worth the price.

No. 414844

File: 1509778320470.png (771.32 KB, 1464x492, Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 23.5…)

200 fricken dollars for a drawing that looks it's from a coloring book

No. 414845

An ugly coloring book

No. 414850

Those fucking shoes

No. 414852

This is the first version she made which makes it even worse that someone bought it. But I'm pretty sure she donated the profits to the BSPCA so no harm done really.

No. 414885

She uses her cats to 'humanize' her. To make her fans think she is so loving.
I remember a while back, as a young artist, I looked up to her, and asked on twitter about how to write an Artists Statement, and good tips for one. She replied with, "I dont know what that is." It sorta offended me, and I stopped watching, But watching her stuff now, its like a drinking game. Take a shot every time she buys something, or when a package arrives at her door.

No. 414893

About the yt artist collective - anyone else notice how some members just disappeared from it without anything being said? I think it’s a stupid idea and should be more welcoming - it was started by Sakuems to binge off the success of bigger yt artists and she’s not even in it any more. I just see people always say it’s too exclusive to get into. Baylee is the only one who seems to consistently sell her work anyway it’s just like the Baylee collective lmao.

No. 414895

What on earth did they teach at her college???

No. 414897

It bothers the hell out of me, how the dresses are shaded so that the legs would appear to be a noodle legs. Especially with the snow-white since the color of the dress is so close to the skin tone.

No. 415021

Sakuems was mostly out of Youtube as a whole, tho. Same with Sluggie and even Jellie Bee.

No. 415105

Can someone explain what's wrong with this art piece?
I thought it looked better than what Baylee usually produces.

The only thing that I can point out as bad is the stiff pose and the fucked up dresses.

No. 415126


a. anatomy is fucked up: the heads are way bigger then they should be

b. pose is uninteresting and they both look incredibly wooden

c. snow white's dress is too similar to her skin tone. they kind of blend in together.

d. both subject's faces look exactly the same. maybe red rose has slightly darker lipstick but that's the only change.

e. red rose's hand on snow white's forearm looks wrong

f. both of their mouths are way too close to their chins, but baylee gives almost all of her characters leafy chins anyway.

No. 415128


g. clothes are flat and look strange

No. 415129

The faces look like they're having a stroke by the way it sags down, Rose red or whatever looks especially fucked in the face when you actually look at her.
What are hands.
The shading in general is atrocious, but what makes it are for example the hard brown lines under the flower crowns or those basic paper night gowns that ive seen better constructed in a 3rd grade crafts class.
Adding shit borders around a shit painting does nothing but amplify how odd the piece is as a whole.
You're literally framing your mistake with another mistake. She lacks imagination to the point where instead of establishing some sort of background or context for these bitches she just draws a border with more terrible 2 dimensional colouring.

The list goes on, so no this piece is no improvement from the others.

No. 415134


No. 415136

All that effort put in to get some freaking yellow pencil.

No. 415150

File: 1509821439467.jpg (14.86 KB, 925x113, 000000000000000000000000000000…)

Just in case she deletes this, lol.

No. 415166

All of that for a dumb yellow pencil?!

No. 415168

why the fuck did she care so much about the pencil? what was the point??

No. 415170

File: 1509822405190.png (197.82 KB, 331x364, brows.png)

Man I just hate how well you can see the remains of her original eyebrow through the microbladed ones

No. 415173

Yeah, personally, she looked cuter with the thinner eyebrows. The thicker ones make her look like an asshole.

No. 415175


microblading was the worst thing she could have done for herself. the thick fake eyebrows look a whole lot worse on her than her normal ones.

sage for samefag

No. 415176

That and those fake eyelashes, they don't look natural.