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File: 1492457793640.jpg (479.57 KB, 960x960, instagrid_2017417213236174.jpg)

No. 293302

What do you guys think about this "guy"? I mean, I saw some people dislike him too on other threads, so I tried to put this together.

Quick summary:
>popular spanish cosplayer and fakeboi, real name is Julia.
>Photoshop and makeup to hell and back, but he thinks ~he's the prettiest boi of them all~
>identifies as a "male" and "pansexual", will also pull the "omg look at me with a long wig, such an androgynous face, much look good!!" and not go full trans because it benefits him
>will search his tags a lot, often liking tweets that simply have his name on them
>calls himself professional cosplayer, but buys most of his stuff
>uses fangirls constantly, loves the attention


No. 293304

File: 1492457838408.jpg (541.04 KB, 960x960, instagrid_201741721334367.jpg)

No. 293305

File: 1492457925104.jpg (264.65 KB, 960x960, instagrid_2017417212512835.jpg)

No. 293339

There is nothing androgynous about her face. She looks like an 11 year old girl.

No. 293351

Eh, I'm ashamed of how long I believed he's a cis boy. It's quite sad that most of cute male cosplayers on instagram are in reality fakebois.
I remember talking with someone who was defending him. Defending the fact that he hides he's not cis, to be exact. They said it's because trans people witness so much harrassment, and maybe he's not out to his family and friends, and we should let him take his time blahblah. I don't think he's afraid to come out or whatever, he's just being calculative. Most of interest in his art is from thirsty fangirls. It's business really. He's very average, and yet he's doing art exhibits and shit. All thanks to being fucking fake. Damn I'm not even sure if he's really trans, or just a tomboy girl taking an advantage of her popularity.

worth adding that he's rude to his followers and gets super defensive over petty stuff. He used to make rant posts every time he got a negative comment. He was so exhausting to follow, all the negativity and passive aggression made me unfollow his ass, even before I learnt he's a fakeboi full of shit.

No. 293356

File: 1492462900614.jpg (55.43 KB, 521x1024, pencezapp.jpg)

hes being talked about on the fakeboi thread as well.


I never believed he was Cis, however I totall agree with on this

" It's quite sad that most of cute male cosplayers on instagram are in reality fakebois."

Yea, it is frustrating, and people like him too, I'm not attracted to transmen. (I don't even think he is on T tbh)

That and I consider it cheating since they're naturally more feminine and can pull of bishounen cosplays more than a cisguy could too.

What a load of bullshit. Just send all the fakebois to the electric chair.

No. 293372

>him, himself, his

>he's, him, his, he

>he's, he, him

Why are you all referring to this female person (this transtrender fakeboi) with masculine pronouns?

No. 293373

excellent point. I don't know. I didn't catch that.

Either way, she gets the electric clamps in the end.

No. 293375

For a second I thought OP was PT.

No. 293466

No idea.
I guess everyone is used to the fact that calling Gehe out on being a fakeboi (or anything negative, really) is equal to asking for hundreds of rabid fangirls to ram your ass.

No. 293475

It's the same deal with knitemaya, with even redditors thinking she's a REAL BOY with that halloween Mercy cosplay.. I think these two are friends.

No. 293489

That haloweeen mercy omg. Had his real titties out and said they were fake…

No. 293832

If he wants to be called male pronouns, I have no problems with that. I don't care. I would call him a dog if that was his wish. I think it's childish to intently use different pronouns than those a person prefers. Low level pettiness imho

BTW, it's not really certain he's not trans. His ex outed him on tumblr and according to him, Gehe's on T for some time. Maybe it's a low dose to maintain ukeness. Why would the ex lie? He wasn't defending Gehe or anything, quite the opposite if I remember well.
I mean, even if Gehe's actually trans, he's still a fakeboi. As long as he hides he's not cis - a fakeboi

No. 293843

He actually harassed a little girl in a con in February for misgendering him.

He's friends with Knitemaya and Koivcrows who have a lot of contacts in cons and allow him to get invited despite his inexistent cosplay habilities.

Also his parents are artists so he gets most of his art shows through them, not because of real talent.

No. 293868

Sure, not calling people male or female who are faking having trans identity is petty, ok. Maybe I just don't like liars.

To me, a fakeboi is someone who is faking being a boy, hence the word. If someone is actually trans, they are not a fakeboi.

In any case she sounds like a terrible person.

No. 293882

There was never a doubt in my mind they were a transtrender cisgirl hiding behind fakeboi internet points, but holy crap those candid photos are BAD. I used to think she was a pretty attractive butch type but now i can see she's just a potato.

No. 293889

It's a wonder what removing smile lines and eye bags can do to a person's face

No. 293918

File: 1492524026106.png (463.79 KB, 815x520, Screen_Shot_2016-08-10_at_1.19…)

>I used to think she was a pretty attractive butch type but now i can see she's just a potato.

Same, seriously.

Sidenote, I don't care about using male pronouns. It's just words, no need to be petty to prove my point (even if he was indeed a fakeboi, since he was on T apparently).

But still, when he pulls shit like this It's quite annoying. He/She knows what they are doing.

No. 293923

>my name is Gehe and I look like a girl
ya sis, we already know you look like a girl because you are one

No. 294095

File: 1492546559640.jpg (81.87 KB, 432x1024, dysphoria.jpg)

Where is Gehe dysphoria?

No. 294097

She looks disturbingly like Pixyteri. Maybe PT really is turning into a futanari.

No. 294109

I've always wondered how fucking dumb you have to be to believe she's a cis male. She looks so ridiculously feminine and she has a girl's voice and a female body language complete with female behavioral pattern.

I have huge respect for female cosplayers who crossplay without making it either a trans issue or lying about being male. I seriously don't know why it's so embarrassing to be an honest crossplayer that you have to lie about yourself.

No. 294115

which ex? where he said it? have you got a screen capture?

No. 294117

File: 1492548118461.jpg (138.92 KB, 510x345, 110711022691ce0b6fl.thumb.jpg.…)

>Painted on abs

No. 294119

This. I know so many awesome girls who crossplay (from the early 2000s) but so many cosplayers who started cosplaying 2010 and up apparently have to trans to crossplay. It makes zero sense to me. They're just ugly girls trying to win special snowflake points. Gehe is definitely one of those retards.

No. 294121

…. why..

Also look a those hands something is off about them… like they were affected by the phot manipulation

No. 294125

It's called "Autoandrophilia"

Anime fucks with these peoples head. Watch too many anime and they wanna become "le cute yaoi boy"

Or maybe they get into Jrock and it's all "omg I wanna be a vkei boy"

No. 294136

These girls would take a picture wearing bikinis and say 'still a dude!! Dont misgender!! It's a really good fake breast I bought on Taobao!! It is cosplay!! '

No. 294672

I've seen this so many times it's not even funny

No. 294694

File: 1492632268142.png (190.54 KB, 272x424, 20463165ef05e0192a0d123929f987…)

just dropping this here…

No. 294697

Thought this was beiber for a sec

No. 294700

File: 1492632874144.jpg (159.45 KB, 656x480, Gintoki-sakata-gintoki-2620280…)

also check out this gem
but beware, there are things you can't unsee

No. 294704

She just looks like a reasonably cute, dykey girl. Is simply being a girl with tomboyish tendencies not ~*speshul*~ enough?

No. 294778

No. 294781

File: 1492640457020.jpeg (30.27 KB, 620x393, 7639B3F8-2E7E-4177-BB93-067F8E…)

"wanna try anal babe?
If I'm a homo guy what else could I do?"

Wow she's really committed to the fakeboy line

No. 294793

I am genuinely attracted to girls that have the vk aesthetic. I dunno what happened to dykes in general or tomboys… Fucking tumblr is making everyone think that if you don't like pink, you're trans.

No. 294794

Literally all of haku's friends pull this shit.

No. 294808

Haku eh? Haven't heard of that person in awhile. They seem to have calmed down

No. 294811

I'm telling you AAP is legit thing, it's a fetish for these girls imagining they Twinkish gay guys or Yaoi ukes.

You don't hear of AAP often but when I see these fakebois who wanna be gay dudes, it fits the bill.

The other side of the coin is AGP. There's a shit ton of transwomen and dudes out there that fantasize and get off imagination themselves as a hot girl, and being lesbian. All the "translesbians" are like this.

So yea AAP, it's a thing, and it seems to be most prevalent in the cosplay community

No. 294905

Anime was a mistake.

No. 295153

File: 1492688345389.jpg (36.8 KB, 510x387, hdfhgdh.jpg)

No. 295155

File: 1492688402687.gif (1.55 MB, 260x195, a.gif)

No. 295164

If anyone was wondering. He real name is

Julia Fernández-Marcote

Or sometimes just Julia Marcote as reported by the spanish media

No. 295165

I guess 2 nukes on japan wasnt enough

No. 295185

Its so ironic
>straight males wish they were lesbian
>actual lesbians dont want to fuck them
>they call them transphobic
>dumb shits side with them thinking its progressive
>sjws now hate (real) gay people

No. 295197

Yea ive been saying this day would come in which we see stuff like this happen.

No. 295252

oh i remember this person now. when aot just came out, me and my friend thought she was a real boy and the cutest thing ever. i feel dumb as shit now.

No. 295261

How the hell do you think it's a real boy? Have you never seen any representative of the male gender before?

No. 295325

dude, Gehe's photos are so fucking edited, it's normal

No. 295326

File: 1492717318835.jpg (85.22 KB, 281x500, pull.jpg)

You just need to see the difference between Gehe with and without edition, it's normal to doubt a bit with his super ultra edited photos.

No. 295329

File: 1492717638868.jpg (12.66 KB, 320x320, 11189475_835027569879169_13454…)


In some of them he hasn't got face because there is too much flash or light.

No. 295354

Dafaq? When is this dated? She looks entirely different here.. lol

No. 295769

This week. A few days ago.

No. 295841

>um like omg xD why arent you as intelligent as me???
sorry we don't all have the god-seeing vision that you do, anon. he looks like a guy except when hes on video where he isnt able to edit. chill out mang

No. 295891

>he looks like a guy
No, she doesn't. Even her edits don't make her look like a guy. In her IG edits she looks like a make-believe androgynous animu guy that doesn't exist in real life and screams semi-androgynous female face. Not a real man, especially one in his 20's or late teens. Even the feminine guys have a bulkier jaw and arms.

No. 295913

She really has to edit a lot to look kinda like a guy, even then she only passes as a lesbian.

Her whole deal is "I'm so androgynous" when she's not.

The only trans boys who I can understand them faking they are cis are the ones who fully transitioned so they don't get shit for it.

No. 296049

So tomorrow she's going to go to Heroes Manga, please someone take pics of her

No. 296070

stop arguing with another anon, you looks like the ass who tell someone kyss on the other topic for not call Gehe 'he', relax

No. 296647

Saw Gehe today, all of her fan girls were at the stand. She's pretty cute tbh. The bad photos are just bad photos. And she's also very nice irl . I know I speak like a robot right now but I'm very tired, I've been posing for pictures and almost didn't have time for myself, so yeah I'm fucking tired, sorry.
You can notice she looks feminine but at least looks better then the pictures posted here.

No. 296651

Hi Gehe

No. 296695

I'm not Gehe lmao

No. 296699

She looks like this but with circle lenses and makeup to enhance her features (and make them a bit masculine? idk) >>294694

No. 296701

or at least I think she was wearing lenses, if not, her eyes are big

No. 297787

File: 1492994808246.png (106.07 KB, 345x201, claw.PNG)

I feel bad saying this, but this is what it reminds me of…

No. 298388

File: 1493085519688.jpg (186.46 KB, 1140x811, ultimate trap.jpg)

Top kek, I am meant to believe that these tits with no visible seam attached perfectly to the chest that also look and seem to shape exactly like natural breasts are silicone? Ok, "ultimate trap", whatever you say.
I guess the ultimate trap is the one who actually doesn't have a dick all along.

No. 298390

No. 298391

File: 1493085691547.jpg (310.97 KB, 1732x2048, silicone mercy.jpg)

Much silicone. So fake.
>Every post in the reddit thread of this cosplay totally believing this is a "man" and saying "wtf im gay now"
>Not a single one calling out the obvious truth

No. 298403

It's too bad she lies about everything. She seems to have a nice body, decent cosplay, and isn't bad looking in the face either. I don't get it. Why not just identify as genderqueer and admit your tits are yours? She's clearly not trans.

No. 298436

File: 1493091161068.jpg (104.86 KB, 750x585, 16464150_1747256908923315_6843…)

>Gee, how come your fake boobs look so real?
You ever think that the whole world has gone insane except you?

No. 298438

They are trans using male pronouns, even if they're not cis I think it's transphobic to use feminine pronouns? Maybe they just want to pass as cis because they're not prepared to be open about being trans.

No. 298439

File: 1493091347539.jpg (93.4 KB, 1022x710, hecks tumblr.jpg)

No. 298444

If she was actually trans, then I'd happily call her a him, but this is clearly a girl pretending to be a fake boi for attention online. You don't just choose to become a guy and stay this femme, constantly have your breasts out in very femme cosplay, etc. I mean, come on. If she'd jsut identify as genderqueer, I'd get it, but the fact that she doesn't and straight up pretends to be a cis guy really makes it seem like it's all for attention.

No. 298446


Maybe he just wants to crossplay or something but he has to pretend his boobs are fake because he feels like a man? I mean, it's weird to me but my friend was the same that's why I understand the feeling a bit, it's more like being drag at the moment than about being a chick.

No. 298448

Didn't Gehe gain his fame when he was 15? Now he's 19 or 20 I think. I have been checking stuff and many of the posted one is of his teenager era, I was also pretty awkward as a teen and maaaan I grew up so good, as a kid I was so ugly, maybe that's the thing?

No. 298491

>m-muh transphobia!
Literally nobody cares. This is not Tumblr. It's a she.

Yeah, those tits are not fake and that isn't a man. You'd think with the amount of sperging about "gender dysphoria" that they do they'd be triggered by having to dress up as a girl but nahh let me show you my tits in a leather suit because I'm such a great trap uwu

No. 298543

Fakebois attract fakebois.

No. 298555

File: 1493111564219.jpg (69.38 KB, 640x960, 14462776_683124078506350_25225…)

where is her nipple lol

No. 298556

we have a shit ton of fakebois here in Spain, it's incredible. And all of them are in the same 'squad'.

No. 298560

Just leaving this here since some of these fakebois hace cosplays of guys where you can see they're 'flat chested' http://kaokoneko.deviantart.com/art/Open-Chest-Binding-249391649

No. 298564

Good rule of thumb is that if there's no topless picture, it's not a real boy.
Fakebois are also really fond of doing a sort of "above the collar bone" type topless picture, I'm sure everyone knows exactly what I'm talking about. If there were no titties there would be absolutely no reason to take pictures at that specific angle always.

No. 298575

Everyone seems to obsess over the chest but am i the only one who clearly sees no dick print when there fucktards wear pants.
There is nothing there filling it out, i get these dumbasses are still so basic they cant pack to complete the look but seriously Gehe wears tight jeans for some of her cosplays and THERE AINT NO DICK THERE.

No. 298599

This absolutely. When I was younger, I could be easily fooled. Then I noticed this very thing. If one of these "irl yaois", who do all sorts of barely-there suggestive poses, does not have a genuine shirtless picture, they are not a guy. Real cosplay man-whores jump at the chance to do show off their bodies. Or they have at least one candid shirtless photo getting in costume or at a pool/beach. No guy deliberately and clearly avoids showing their nipples like these people do.

This too, but they could just try to play it off as shota wiener. Then their fans would screech about size-shaming. Kek

No. 298605

File: 1493121297752.jpg (80.65 KB, 640x640, 17882880_708756809285389_20067…)

lol yeah, when I started having doubts about Gehe (don't judge, I wasn't very aware of the fakeboi plague yet) I lurked his Instagram to the freaking beginning of it, looking for cosplays showing off the chest and there were NONE. So yeah.

…naaah. just confront this >>294694 (2016) and >>295326 (2017) with my pic (week ago).
He isn't out of the 'ugly kid stage', he's plain ugly, photoshopping himself to some freaking bishounen.

No. 298634

one thing in common about all these ~*~fakebois~*~ is how little they actually speak of trans/lgbt rights etc., you'd think they'd use their huge platforms for some good if they were so passionate/ actually identified as such

No. 298757

File: 1493142957923.jpg (102.93 KB, 682x781, itsagirlcongratulations.JPG)

Dick bulge is easy to fake with a packer. Topless isn't. That's why fakeboys like to take bust shots cropped just below their collarbones but never full shirtless. Or photos where they have their shirt pulled up right below their tits but never enough to reveal the nipple area. Other telltale signs are:
>No Adam's apple
>Forehead isn't sloped and no brow ridges
>Longer nasal bone
>Long eyelashes
>Full lips
>Round or narrow chin
>Soft, small hands with thin fingers and a thin wrist
>Narrow shoulders (Male: 3 head widths, Female 2,5 head widths)
>Wide hips
There's a reason why forensics can tell apart a female and a male skeleton just by glancing at them. They have noticeable differences and while the bone structure may have traits from the opposite sex, there's no chance a male skeleton would be identical to a female and vice versa. There's only so much you can fake with a short wig, boyish clothes and convenient photo angles. Even this experimental face recognizer wasn't fooled.

No. 298821

File: 1493152593183.jpg (28.03 KB, 319x400, hell.jpg)

It's confirmed that Gale checks the thread

No. 298827

>ultimate trap

…These dumb bitches. Is she serious?

No. 298861

but… where are her boobs? im confused

No. 298865


Likely a form of open chest binding

No. 298867

That particular picture also clearly has some editing work done on it if that's not the case

No. 298881


The chest binding in this one is an upper chest binding. I can tell because their cosplay is completely finished and put together… what is suspicious is that random red fleece blanket or left over fabric, it doesn't seem to belong.

What clearly happened was she thought she could hide all the upper binding, tape and excess breast tissue with that black piece. When they realized they couldn't they threw on that fleece to fully cover the binding.

It's a good technique for male cosplays with scarfs like Laharl. However usually people look up male anatomy and use make up to make a nipple or use a prosthetic.

Looking at pics where they are not trying to hide their chest in a large hoodie and seeing cosplays with her breasts out I'm guessing she's like a large B cup, maybe a small C? But anyway she can't go to cons with this kind of binding. It is painful, they tend to slip out if you turn a certain way, and hours of these kind of bindings tend to tear the breast tissue, leaving them saggy. I don't blame her for not faking shirtless pics very often.

No. 299109

File: 1493192717899.jpeg (57.72 KB, 500x500, image.thumb.jpeg.2eb3b3bfe35b3…)


These are amusing compared to fan photos (take from the pull thread).

No. 299292

Irrelevant but I once watched a video about how to make nipples with Jeffree's lipsticks lol it looked realistic
I saw her at Heroes Manga and she has the dorito chin and uses tape on her face to lift her face

No. 299294

lift her skin*

No. 299300

The red fleece scarf is part of the characters outfit, so whilst it seems like it doesn't belong, it actually does?

Sage because just pointing that detail out.

No. 299397


Definitely sounds like a girl in this video…

No. 299413

Looks like a ugly lesbian

No. 299868

because he is a she

No. 301884

I know lol

No. 301898

That voice wouldn't even pass for an effeminate man. You can hear the stress of trying to lower her register.

No. 301955

File: 1493623959772.png (328.4 KB, 439x500, Screenshot_2016-03-12-13-04-19…)

But they do photoshop, that jagged chin though (and slanty alien eyes)

No. 301956

ayy lmao
Nice shop job, fucking hell

No. 301961

I really can't blame her for riding the "I'm a man!!!" train to gain fame but what I don't get is her fans who actually believe she's a man. She has a feminine face, she's quite short, feminine proportions and for the love of god FEMININE VOICE. I guess it's because her fans are a.) young girls who have zero to no interaction with actual men b.) lesbians who know she's a girl but humor her delusions c.) bisexual men in denial so they swallow any sort of tripe about men looking like anime characters. It pushes unnecessary pressure on other crossplayers to turn full male in order to be accepted so that's why we're getting so fucking many fakebois and transmen recently.

No. 301977

nah I think they just don't lurk deep enough. If you only see the pics Gehe uploads, you only see her cute uke boi persona she edits herself to be. People rarely go snooping on others' instagrams or looking for old pics or fan ones. And when Gehe was on friend's livestream, a lot of people were commenting wtf is with Gehe, why does he look like this. So, if presented her true form, her fans really do notice. It's just they only see Gehe's curated edited shit.

No. 302036

No. 302057

someone saw the streaming? I wanna more screens of it

No. 303272

File: 1493791943519.jpg (68.29 KB, 281x500, C9o9b6oXgAMfLQR.thumb.jpg.948d…)

They can easily be found on PULL

No. 303273

File: 1493791996111.jpg (67.27 KB, 281x500, C9ukEdhW0AAIoAW.thumb.jpg.084d…)

No. 313220

File: 1494852304637.jpg (259.9 KB, 456x647, Screenshot_2017-05-15-14-39-09…)

Guess this is her reply to what I said :)

No. 313872

I don't know man, I think this one has crossed from fakeboi territory into a legit transition.

No. 313929

Hope knite is really transitioning and not photoshopping… I find him kinda hot to be honest

No. 313942

That's obviously photoshoped, there's no scars at all and the part below the nipple looks really weird.

No. 313953

The scars can be edited or covered with makeup, tho. And under the courtain looks as flat as the other side. Although I'd prefer a video to prove Knitemaya got rid of their breasts.

No. 314024

It's Photoshop, I know her.

No. 314177

Thought so. These fakebois should fool no one. Yet somehow they do. Is this person even trans to begin with?

No. 314530

No. 314606

File: 1495026260530.jpg (42.14 KB, 733x1000, 1482174465147.jpg)

Those fucking YT comments… lol

No. 327574

File: 1496408636858.png (172.16 KB, 404x695, Captura.PNG)

sage for reviving a dead thread but dude literally let a fan buy him a 50$+ figure as a gift after begging for it on twitter

No. 327583

File: 1496409170265.png (809.54 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-30-08-25-22…)

Whats up with all these ugly girls trying to pass off as male? If they are transgender and going to undergo hormone treatment/surgery that's fine but posing as a guy for fame is retarded as fuck.

Neither gehe or knite is believable, only people who have never interacted or seen a boy outside of managa and anime will believe them.

No. 327598

Disgusting. Buy your own shit Gehe.
That fake "Nuuuu, don't buy for me" attitude is so reppulsive. I can't stand internet/cosplay personalities who use their fans like this.

Then again, bitch bought a figure for someone who doesn't know/care about her, so she's just as fucked up.

No. 327682

File: 1496421500289.jpg (450.96 KB, 720x835, CYMERA_20170602_123710.jpg)

Apparently boxers= male

No. 328464

File: 1496509773783.png (51.26 KB, 600x589, IMG_5537.PNG)

Did yhey photoshop their butts?

No. 328526

nice photoshop

No. 328672

File: 1496538910824.png (1.13 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-03-21-14-09…)

Did someone really get her a switch??

No. 328742

Ah, I didn't know Gehe is a fakeboi, this is a shame, cause she/he looked really cute.

And about knitemaya, I'm sure that if you scroll through her instagram, there are some old pics of herself as girl (not in cosplay or anything) but I'm too lazy to look for it now, I don't even know how is she keeping up with this fakeboi bullshit anyway.

Sage cause this is Gehe's thread and not knitemaya.

No. 328805

What the fuck is wrong with Gehe's fans, a shitty cosplayer doesn't deserve so much stuff, are her fans sugar daddies or what?

No. 328976


who the fuck has the kind of disposable income to drop 350€ on a nobody whose claim to fame is barely being able to dress up as fictional chracters? are these people fucking insane?

No. 329424

File: 1496652703027.gif (724.78 KB, 360x270, tumblr_na0883VjB61tg0gono2_400…)

Totes not a female guise!!!1!

No. 329456

File: 1496660876794.png (400.43 KB, 751x425, 592a8100c0e79_fkdhl.thumb.PNG.…)

Ah yes Knitemaya, A boy.

IMG taken from PULL

No. 329489

Fuuuck, that's really her? I have been fooled from all the photoshopping.

No. 329527

File: 1496673444553.jpg (244.41 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_7015.JPG)

feminine men do exist, its not that strange to assume shes one by her edits

No. 329542

Thats obviously thanks to a ton of plastic surgery and makeup

No. 329577

I do believe he is transgender for real but his behaviour is very transTRENDER, especially "crossplaying" as a female and claiming his boobs are fake. Because those tits are real as fuck.
Guy needs to stop exploiting his dysphoria

No. 329579

>Is 162cm short (source: http://geheichous.tumblr.com/faq)
>Sounds like a chick trying to sound like a man (http://geheichous.tumblr.com/post/101359011340/video-time-thank-you-so-much-for-the-20k)
>This is their body: >>329456
>Conveniently pansexual (source: their tumblr)
>No adam's apple detected
>Feminine bone/facial structure, despite extensive shooping effort

yes totally a biological cis male

No. 329583

File: 1496682477186.png (186.28 KB, 667x576, dasnasty.png)

A bunch of absolutely disgusting questions in demnocts tumblr today, her gay porn addiction has rotted her brain..

No. 329592

The body pic is of another fakeboi, knitemaya.

No. 329597

>still pointing out little clues that Gehe could be a fakeboi
It's almost as if you haven't seen this video (on 4:40). Her name was literally Julia. I thought it was old news but apparently it needs to be dumped in this thread

No. 329809

It's pretty disappointing for me as well, I thought she was decent looking but alas, it was all PS and lies https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Qu38j3wmVS0

No. 329811

What I don't get is that people in these threads continually argue and discuss whether fakebois are fakebois through pic when videos like these exist and are easily found through googling

No. 329921

>Ugly girl
>Cosplays as male, gets more attention as a good-looking guy than as an ugly girl
>hurr I should become a boy then

If you're dumb enough to think she was male from the beginning you're probably dumb enough to argue about it despite evidence proving you wrong. I seriously don't get how delusional people are to think that she's actually male when she's small as fuck, looks and sounds 100% like a girl, has a female first name etc. Even her photoshopped ~bishie selfies~ look like a girl.

No. 330955

Turns out Knitemaya actually had a PULL account where he whitenighted himself and talked shit about Gehe lmao fakebois don't even support other fakebois

Sage for slightly OT but you can look at mayanora's posts on PULL to have a good laugh

No. 331122

File: 1496888746111.png (761.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-07-22-21-31…)

Knite is on live talking about how she wants to take down pull for spreading lies and she's contacted the police. These "lies" are the truth though, she is female.

No. 331125

File: 1496888989333.png (794.33 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-07-22-20-26…)

Knite was also saying how people are impersonating her and pretending to know her ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯ she tries contacting nyx to get the thread removed

No. 331227

Makes me wonder how many comments here are also from Knite… is OP Knite herself too?

No. 331231

lol @ the comments. Was they getting a lot of hate?

No. 331271

Majority of them were just staying how bad pull was and how they supported her, i found the comments hate to be kinda funny

Nyx came out saying that it really was knite on the forum and she tried to cover it up by saying she was hacked lol thought knite was smarter than that. Knite if you're reading this, I think it's fine to undergo hormone therapy, surgery, etc but don't lie to your fans.

No. 331283

Surprised she didn't get caught earlier, I mean her username was mayanora. You'd think flakes would be less obvious.

No. 331671

This is PULL we're talking about… They're all morons

No. 331689

File: 1496975641979.jpg (214.89 KB, 521x981, IMG_2181.JPG)

I know this isn't a Knitemaya thread but LOL for real for real this girl honestly convinces her followers that she is a cis male from birth. Like just straight up lying. Not even saying they're trans or anything, but biologically born a male. Even if fans ask in pms she insists she's a cis male. And will claim she's "crossplaying a female", "muh man chest~", etc. BUT in knite's exposed PULL posts says "the only similarity between gehe and knite is the trans thing" + "knite has been a transman since she was 10! Her family and friends shamed her, THATS why she doesn't seem to have been a transman at all until 2015! They forced HIM to say he was a female online! So not a transtrender I swear!" And every exposed post from her secret PULL account is preaching about how great she is, while simultaneously shit talking and insulting/hating/picking apart gehe. She even used her real email to register for her PULL account, fucking retarded. How will she social climb now without her more famous tool…. I mean best friend?

All knite's exposed posts here: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/profile/4646-mayanora/content/

(Almost every post is shitting on gehe)
(When she was caught, she tried to edit every post to say "HACKED", but Nyx changed them all back to the original posts)

No. 331690

File: 1496975765493.jpg (190.73 KB, 621x1154, IMG_2179.JPG)

+ the comments under this photo >>313220
are hilarious. So many fans low key confused but don't want to upset senpai.

No. 331703

How old is knite?

If knite wants to be a boy so much she better start the hormones and plan for surgery before her fans find out

No. 331720

If any of these bitches were actually on T, we would know. You can't hide how powerful the effects are and they still look like homely girls. They will never go past binding because then they'd have to sacrifice their girly bishie ideal. Their ideal of manhood is based on CARTOONS.

No. 331731

Seeing as how that half korean chick who stalked Haku stopped the fakeboi act right when she got a boyfriend I'm guessing all these girls need is a boyfriend as well. I know not all ftm are like this, but the girls who do it for attention always seem to end up that way.

No. 331738

Knite needs her own thread by now, she's caused enough snowflake backstabbing drama on her own from her jealousy and egomaniac.

No. 331779

File: 1496987122355.png (234.03 KB, 1578x888, 18382943593.png)

In Knite's exposed PULL posts there are these gems… How jealous of Gehe are you KniteMayonara?

No. 331987

this is from gehe or knite?

No. 331994

It was an old user, it wasn't easy to figure it out,there something called WKnights and ppl just though that it was a regular Wknight

the 99% on this lolcow topic has info from there so I don't know if the one who is a moron is you

if u are so smart why didn't u realised it? don't be an idiot

No. 331995

>if u are so smart why didn't u realised it? don't be an idiot

No. 333276


"puberty did wonders for me. with all the free time i had from being a cringy weeb with no friends, i learned how to photoshop!"

No. 333468

Someone knows how many boyfriends had Gehe?
Does Gehe have one now?

No. 333483

I think this was posted in the wrong thread, this fakeboi is called Demnocts/Dys and is not affiliated with Gehe or Knite.

No. 334341

File: 1497272478631.jpg (148.71 KB, 1200x900, DBfpek2XUAQYRCB.jpg)

Gehe looks average but her fellow fakeboi friend Koivcrow is just plain ugly and I can't figure why she has so many connections in the cosplay scene

No. 334367

File: 1497278192027.jpg (20.33 KB, 800x359, 1497272478631.jpg)

total legit desu

No. 334463

who is she trying to fool? You can see her boobs in the same cosplay right here. They literally zoomed in on her boobs

sage for not being about Gehe

No. 334609

No Knite those are just pancake tits

No. 334726

File: 1497319360346.png (1023.58 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-12-07-50-03…)

Did she stuff her shoulders with paper towels?

No. 334894

idk about shoulder stuffing but look at those wobbly tiles lol

No. 334941

File: 1497360091151.jpg (168.03 KB, 1500x1301, 18768419_1315295958584537_5541…)


yeah sure what a "man chest" and i love how her chin keeps changing shape between each picture

No. 334967

yes what a manly body. knite, you should really work out, being skinnyfat girl kind of ruins your manliness.

No. 335736

File: 1497490129477.jpg (222.97 KB, 1080x1826, IMG_20170615_112428.jpg)

Apologies for knite instead of gehe again but his side blog was found because he does not know how to hide his split personalities. Compare carpet to the Mercy cosplay selfie ?


No. 335752

No. 335753

What's the point of posting these?? I thought Knite said she's trans and that she's started the first steps on transitioning.

>has gender disphoria

>posts pics of lady bits

No. 335770

Honestly the way you use fakeboys' "preferred pronouns" is just playing into their delusions and validating their stupid fucking gender roleplay.

She's not going to transition. These people consider "first steps of transitioning" cutting your hair and coloring in your eyebrows.

No. 336141

This. She isn't transgender and saying so delegitimatizes (spelling?) those who are. She will quit the charade after she gets older and stops getting invited to cons. At that time it will become too expensive and her cuteness disappears and the illusion is no longer feasible. So dumb.

No. 336497

File: 1497623765294.png (1015.85 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-16-10-35-01…)

Wow guys so much quirk!

Why does she always do this face? It's so fuckin ugly and literally no guy does it other than girls trying to be funny. She's such a fugly girl no wonder she wants to be a guy

No. 336902

File: 1497687246175.jpg (12.04 KB, 334x344, BKohSZhfoZ.JPG)

the fact that she's probably copying gehe (who does the muh quirky face thing quite often) makes this even more embarassing smh

No. 336910

I agree, looking at how much she's posted in gehe's pull thread talking shit it's pretty obvious she's jealous of gehe's fame.

No. 336916

It's to hide their weak, feminine jaw when they are not able to edit it.

Those bitches should just scissor each other to death already.

No. 337375

If this is referencing the pull thread where they were pretending to be a "friend" of theirs I dont think that info holds any water… considering how much they've lied about various other things on that thread and geheichous…

No. 341075

File: 1498399114396.jpg (93.11 KB, 540x468, IMG_20170625_155653.JPG)

Sage for no real contribution but I thought this shoop was specially terrible

No. 347362

File: 1499364986381.jpg (33.67 KB, 236x295, IMG_0147.JPG)

I would find her attractive but the lack of an upper lip triggers me.

> Even the feminine guys have a bulkier jaw and arms.
This 200%. Just look at unedited photos of famous femboys like Frank Wolf, regardless of their weight they still have wide, straight shoulders, thicker arms, and rib cages wider than their hips. Gehe is like a 80-pound waif girl whose body looks nothing like an adult male.

(Sorry if the photo is ant-sized, I'm mobile-posting)

Asian guys like that only look girlish to non-Asians. Also, the body is clearly masculine. If you can't tell someone's gender by looking at the face, look at the rest of their body.

No. 348742

File: 1499547245351.png (423.1 KB, 574x541, Capture.PNG)

This looks like Justin Bieber if he were to ever take hormones to become a woman. And Justin can already pass as a biological woman.

Adjusting her chin length in Photoshop can't fool people who don't significantly lack brain cells. If anyone here was fooled by this photo, I feel bad for your parents.

No. 348855

File: 1499556386398.png (529.04 KB, 701x453, eb2b8e1d0074516f417bdb9fe98375…)

No. 349641

File: 1499646087402.jpg (1.06 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170709_191900.jpg)

Interesting that Gehe is using the same technique for the exact same cosplay but with no credit. Cant say pretzel invented this method but she did just finish hers and share step by steps.

No. 350488

File: 1499758280940.png (116.81 KB, 617x822, 32423489.PNG)

Don't you think this is pretty ironic being said by someone faking being a homosexual cis guy? Literally doing the gay equivalent of blackface and then having the gall to bitch about other fujos fetishizing homosexuality.

No. 350584

Meanwhile Gehe herself is fujo-to-male.

>i'm not like the other fakebois guyz!!1

No. 350621

She's obviously projecting to save her own ass. At this point she's probably well aware of people outing her on PULL and other sites and is trying to make it seem like she's a real homo boi against people similar to herself.

If she's so protective of lesbians then why can't she admit to being one too? Didn't she say she was pan/into girls as well?

No. 350640

Now that you say this I'm wondering if the reason they haven't fallen out with knitemaya is because they both have major dirt on each other? Both are two faced fakebois living their yaoi fantasies

No. 351070

File: 1499859582828.png (574.31 KB, 510x984, wtf.png)

Does Geheichou have strabismus?

In some photos Gehe appears with weird eyes.

No. 351077

File: 1499860150912.png (726.99 KB, 931x596, eyes.png)

like this one, the left eye is looking at the left side and the right is looking at the camera, but the right eye looks edited, its blurred and all the photo itself looks very edited

No. 351079

File: 1499860327194.png (496.84 KB, 575x427, paintedeyes.png)

No. 351135

No. 351204

No. 351245

Gehe's version looks far worse though, her feathers lack dimension a lot.

No. 351287

Gehe always does a poor work.

No. 351328

Ha, nice job hiding those tits, bitch!

If "he" were a real man, "he" would show off "his" bare chest just like all the other male attention whores in the cosplay scene. Are all those people in the comments seriously not questioning why she's got bubbles up to her neck when she's barely submerged in the water? If I was completely ignorant like them, I'd be skeptical of this pic.

No. 355074

File: 1500433844424.png (181.57 KB, 509x921, IMG_0181.PNG)

There's been an increased amount of photos showing off an Adam's apple lately. Maybe because people we're starting to point out a lack of one?

Also the white line around her nose and chin…

No. 355087

File: 1500435374098.jpg (131.29 KB, 332x500, 4667971506_736b086b41.jpg)

>white line around nose and chin…
That might just be from the lighting, but it's hard to say for sure.

No. 355153

Has there been any update on the Gehe and Knite backstabbing drama?

No. 356140

Thought it could be lighting at first myself, but the line around the chin doesn't line up against the chin and there is a small gap where you can see the leaves from behind her.

No. 357245

File: 1500684679505.png (141.52 KB, 1093x255, Capture.PNG)

I stumbled across this post just now on /lgbt/. It just goes to show you how stupid Gehe's fans are.

No. 359163

File: 1500917113866.png (141.5 KB, 750x861, IMG_6931.PNG)

"If you dont kiss my ass and pretend I am so brilliabtly original even with my shitty deriviative designs I'll block you!"

No wonder they're such a mediocre artist.

No. 360901

File: 1501082844672.png (577.29 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-07-26-17-26-47…)

Probably the less interesting person ever

No. 361153

That's so damn pathetic and cringey. It's insane how delusional gehe is

No. 361485

When is Geheichou going to become an adult? In less than 2 months Gehe will be 20 years old.

No. 361488

btw Gehe is again forcing an Adam's apple….

No. 361490

File: 1501150826440.jpg (217.39 KB, 515x986, white.jpg)

White and proud. You're not even THAT white.
This is fucking whitewashing to an inhuman level, and you love it, that's pretty racist…..(no race discussion in pt and snow)

No. 361509

This is a phenopmenon we call difference in lightening anon, isnt it amazing?

Also white people cant whitewash themselves lol.

No. 361538

I think that the anon obviously knows the light difference fact. The point its that Gehe is showing
how white is his skin when is a normal white skin. It's seems whiter cos light. So its a bit dumb that Gehe says that lmao

No. 361541

and of course white people can whitewashing theirsekf lmao. It's 99% time the fucking problem in cosplay. For example, in the Hinata cosplay, the character has a regukar white color on his skin but in the photo Gehe seems like nuckear white, I agree that it's pretty racist(no race discussion in pt and snow)

No. 361556

these both fucking sound like a mayanora post lmfao

No. 361573

I'm not Mayanora but I loved her posts talking about Gehe, I wonder why Gehe and Knite are still "friends"

No. 361683

File: 1501182404357.png (61.86 KB, 136x221, knite.png)

Talking abou Mayanora, did someone noticed this detail on Knitemaya's writing?

https://goo.gl/mdZcfH (on the right side)

Is him, right? The right side is from the owner, the one on blue. I'm not sure about which platform it is but as he said is a private conversation.

No. 362023

looks like an iphone text

No. 362859

thanks, I don't know if Knite put it on purpose or what, it's weird

No. 363083

yeah… we dont do that here. hopefully someone comes to clean up your shitpost. go back to tumblr/pull

No. 373146

wk detected

No. 382302

File: 1503993334362.png (708.42 KB, 641x841, gehe.PNG)

does gehe really want us to think she has a dick under that skirt

No. 386727

She's not fooling anybody

No. 388943

So this video confuses me. Here Julia is "speaking" in a male voice while cosplaying Hiro Hamada, even though it's been made evident that in May of 2017 she still has a female voice. Does she have a friend backstage who's talking into a microphone and she's just lip syncing? Or is this taken directly from the Spanish dub of BH6?

No. 388949

File: 1505756201414.png (76.91 KB, 1074x714, gehe being a bitch on youtube.…)

Also cue Julia being a bitch in the comments over a fan accidentally misgendering her. The original comment appears to be deleted but as the last person said, apparently the poor devoted fan was complimenting her and intended no malice.

You can see the girl apologizing profusely in Spanish and Gehe doesn't seem to care.>>388943

No. 389092

it's from the film, the moment when Hiro show his geekthing in the geekcon

No. 460478

julia fernandez marcote is his real name(necro)

No. 460531

You can easily find that out with a quick Google search anon, at least sage

Also I think we should do a whole thread for Spanish cosplay drama instead of just Gehe

No. 463779


I dont know how to use lolcow so if you create the topic and paste the url here it will be awesome

No. 566197

LMOA :')
As a gay boy, I find him quite attractive, but damn he's got some attitude problem. He posts pics, with the focus on his legs, and you jokingly say something about having lewd thoughts, not even being rude or whatever: blocked :')(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 566214

Sure jan

No. 566243

Hate to break it to you, "he" is a she pretending to be a boy, she's not trans

No. 566248

For real? At prettyuglylittleliar.net they seem to be quite sure he's a trans boy O.o
Guess she's just an attention seeking tomboy then?

No. 566257

Initially some people thought she was trans cuz of her "deep" voice, turns out she was using a voice changer. She photoshops her body and face to look more masculine. She is not on T nor a trans person.

No. 566265

> at prettyuglylittleliar.net

No. 566290

Great job to the dickhead who necrod this thread just to say they want to fuck her. "As a gay boy," sounds like something another fakeboi would say too since we're talking about a trap.

>implying there's a difference

No. 566302

File: 1524761528122.jpg (25.77 KB, 480x470, 7410e522514680608b5c66d9fff5af…)

One of his noob followers who got disappointed? Like omg! it's not a boi!

No. 983168

He actually finished his change from Female to Male and finally changed his name from Julia to Alejandro (Alex), based on the Spain's IDs info.

So it's a legal boy now. :)(necro)

No. 1584023

hey, I just saw videos of him that are from this year I think, and although I believe all this conversation is EXTREMELY intrusive and disrespectful towards him, he clearly has the adam's apple, deep voice, muscular body, facial and body hair of a cis man, he is SO hot and he's knows it lmao. My only concern is that I really hope he's pan or bi, because I'm a cis woman, around his age, and I have the BIGGEST crush on him. I'm 100% heterosexual, and I'm also attracted to trans men, which I consider to be men, with no difference whatsoever. Feminine guys are just my type - <3 omgggg but they always turn out to be GAY, WHY ?????? I need more of you, really… like… please. I don't want a broken heart, I need hope in this f*ckin stupide world :'( I'm gonna marry him lmao or stay single all muy life because I don't want anyone else, they're all ugly now that I've seen geheichou's pretty face :')(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1584093

Government issued papers don't change the fact it's a 'she'. She's very hot wish she didn't have to pretend to be a guy

No. 1584131

this is one of the single most braindead posts I have ever read on this website.

No. 1584414

Idk how to tag you, but 6, you're just plain transphobic, admit it already, you've shown that you know just how wrong it is in the previous messages. No one owes you anything, if he's trans and doesn't want to say it, it's none of your business, it's hard enough to be trans I think, he could be harrassed for that and get much more hate. No one needs that, I thin it resquires just a bit of common sense and logic. I'm still chocked that people went as far as finding his dead name and new, legal name. That's f….d up but if the problem really was about a woman openly lying about being a man in the sole pursuit of deceiving people, get followers, make money, get fame, etc I would understand the purpose of this feed, but that's not the real problem is it…(lost handmaiden)

No. 1584421

You found all the proof you wanted, also just check his account now and live recordings on youtube. I found one that got reposted. Since it's been years this feed was created, he's exactly as described in the message above.. You're jealous he's hotter than you, typical cis reaction, also I reported your last comment for transphobia.(consequences will never be the same)

No. 1584682

>also I reported your last comment for transphobia.

No. 1585417

whos that faggot anyway(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1792396

Madre di dio, she's a fucking girl. Stop defending this bitch and deal with it(necro)

No. 1888599

is this thread still alive?(most retarded necro award goes to)

No. 1888600

Kinda miss gehe's thread on PULL(sage your shit)

No. 1888676

same tbh(sage your shit)

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