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File: 1485394554591.png (128.92 KB, 334x251, Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 5.50…)

No. 239951

"Nicole Dollanganger is a Toronto based musician and artist. She’s a beautiful little bug child living in a dream-like world with strange yellow lighting and lots of abandoned buildings and cute punk boys who get into fights and throw up a lot. Every one of her songs is like a beautiful lullaby and all pieces of her artwork are the bomb diggity (I can’t think of a really good “poetic” way to describe her artwork it’s godly). She is the sole owner of ponyboy and Danzig (#Daddy). I don’t know what else to say, I just love her so much oh my god."

Nicole Dollanganger thread #2 because the first one reached it's post limit.

No. 239959

her makeup is atrocious in that picture kinda relieved she figured out how to do her eyebrows, still too thick but I guess that's the trend right now

No. 240033

Those bulimia cheeks make her look so much older.

No. 240085

She's pretty old for the teenage scene she's trying to fit into. She's 26 years old. But yeah those bulimia cheeks make her look even worse

No. 240495

Every fucking person I end up befriending on Tumblr is obsessed with this talentless girl, I don't get it

No. 240496

Wow, that pic of her is extremely ugly, I want to take a makeup wipe to her face

No. 240499

Just looks like her in every candid with her "fans" she's far from attractive

No. 240500

But I guess that's sort of her ~thing~ she's not a pretty girl, she's one of the guys, she's a "natural born loser" (name of one of her albums lol)

No. 240504

File: 1485480806953.png (323.06 KB, 598x599, IMG_7787.PNG)

Taken from the "nicoledollangangerconfessions" tumblr account. Lol because she used to post child porn, was openly into ddlg and a few of her songs are about ddlg (he hit me and it felt like a kiss), not to mention in her early twenties she was posting pictures of her hello kitty dildos and was openly acting like a sexualized child. Her boyfriend once posted he was "daddy". Her fans are so naive and blind to her nasty past and awful personality

No. 240511

"He hit me and it felt like a Kiss" is a cover just saying.

No. 240515

I don't think it was a cover song. She wrote her own lyrics but stole the title like she does with a lot of things.

No. 240516

File: 1485482170664.png (172.14 KB, 640x1081, IMG_7788.PNG)

Found the lyrics. It isn't a cover song, she wrote it

No. 240554

shes not 26 shes 25 she was born in 91

No. 240559

Like there's a big difference between 25 and 26? She's in her mid twenties

No. 240575

Fml when I hit 26 and I'm pandering to teens on SM for cool points

No. 240587

Its like a new social media fueled quarter life crisis phenomenon

No. 240622

Why is everyone so obsessed with age here? It really means nothing tbh.
Also her eyebrows look like they where hamfistedly drawn with a jumbo brown sharpie.

No. 240637

We need to know if we're doing better or worse than the people we make fun of, anon.

No. 240684

Oh jeez she basically stole the song comparing the two now. And that title is so directly linked to the original I just assumed… This chick is gross;
"Sweetie I'll make that cute bum red"
And slot of the YouTube comments are equally against the song. Like she makes me feel dirty in the absolute wrist way.

No. 240700

It's not a cover or stealing, it's a reference, there's even a sample of the original song at the start. Oh my god are you bitches so desperate for powdered imitation milk when there are plenty of genuine things to talk about, like how Nicole randomly cancels gigs etc.

No. 240719

come on, a 25 year old hanging out one-on-one with a thirteen year old is fucking weird. "age is just a number" doesn't apply here

No. 240904

>Oh jeez she basically stole the song comparing the two now
Then you didn't do it very well if you think she "basically stole the song". The lyrics are nothing alike and Lana's is very obviously about alcohol (not too hard to know what "Jim hit me and it felt like a kiss" means) while nicole turned hers into some fetish play. But I know everyone on this site is underage now so of course you guys can't into google.

No. 240985

File: 1485569104335.jpg (67.55 KB, 500x676, IMG_0065.JPG)

some of her godly artwork

No. 241079

i'm not sure why, but i feel obligated to make a list of singers/musicians with a similar sound or style of writing to nicole's now-deteriorated-once-charming band. i've seen quite a few anons admit that they found her early songs comforting and unique in a way, only to become disappointed by her behaviour and fucked up "aesthetic" later. feel free to add to this list, hopefully this helps someone realize that her voice is by no means unique and there are far more talented artists out there who actually bother to put effort into their work.
cocorosie, queenadreena or garside's solo project, antihoney, jack off jill, cranes. i'll stop here as i've already given her too much credit.

No. 241084

That is pretty weird. What could you possibly talk about with a 13 y/o

No. 241090

Another: Gregory and the Hawk. Very similar to her bedroom days but minus the cringe and glorified ~anorexic for a year~ aesthetic

No. 241091

I think she just talks to the younger ones because they're easier to brainwash and manipulate into being obsessed lapdogs long term

No. 241092

Where's the first Nicole thread?

No. 241101

Katie Jane Garside was the original forest nymph

No. 241102

theres literally no similarities between joj and nicole's music not even the writing. are you high

No. 241104

no, she was born in 1990

No. 241110

The only thing joj and nicole have in common is that they're 3edgy5me

No. 241111

Jessicka's high pitched childish voice (minus the screaming) and the general themes are pretty similar imo. Nicole herself mentioned being influenced by them as a teenager.

No. 241113

Yeah I'm almost certain she's 26 going on 27

No. 241114

Nicole isn't a forest nymph or nymph at all and never was sage for irrelevant

No. 241117

does anyone need a compilation of the vile shit she used to post? found a ton of it in the archives of a random blog.

No. 241120

May as well dump that shit here anon

No. 241121

Post it!

No. 241242


she literally has her birthday stated she was born in 91 = 25 years old end of discussion haha (her real fb if anyone wanted to try and add and snoop)

No. 241268

Lol she only made that Facebook so she could join groups full of her calves obsessing over her. It's not her "real Facebook" might be the only one she currently has though

No. 241281

We're waiting

No. 241286

no it's her real fb sadly

No. 241293

No. 241355

File: 1485651167729.png (908.47 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1347.PNG)

Who is that ? Can't be Nicole, the eye brows are tasteful

No. 241357

its not nicole but i was wondering too, she posted another picture of some girl showing off her sweater and i knew it wasn't her because her body looked normal

No. 241363

she was born in 90, i know some of her friends

No. 241367

so shes been lying about her age for years? she always said on tumblr that she was born in 1991 too, why would she lie about something so stupid?

No. 241370

i wish babylarvae screenshots were around back when she posted extreme gore, skinny asian girls, disgusting manga and a ton of asian food pictures so people can see who she was before she started putting music up

No. 241529

File: 1485688799019.png (Spoiler Image,175.32 KB, 625x895, IMG_7824.PNG)

Not a lot but there's some on the wayback machine and if you dig into some of her calves archives I'm sure you could find her old posts

No. 241532

anon, if foundation sprinkled sharpie brows are tasteful to you, bless your heart

No. 241533

spoil this pls

No. 241591


No. 241605

Is it bad that I'm more disgusted by the background than the gore posts

No. 241635


I went through her archives a month or two ago and saw hentai of a cockroach having sex with what looked like a young girl so there's a lot still there, unless she's been deleting things.

No. 241668

anyone knows if she knows about this thread and the other? or anyone on here who claims they know her, know?

No. 241710

She's seen it. This thread has been posted and talked about on the nicole confessions Tumblr account and she's liked posts on that account. She follows anything and everything to do with herself online because she's self obsessed.

No. 241715

Ewwwwwwwwwww wtf

No. 241822

File: 1485743821766.jpg (Spoiler Image,755.78 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_0236.JPG)

here you go, anons. sorry for the delay - life got in the way and lolcow has been lagging like hell for me. most of these (if not all) are NSFW/L, you've been warned.

No. 241829

what blog is that? are there more?

No. 241830

Sage for unrelated but can I ask what exactly is that on the bottom right? I've never seen anything like it before

No. 241831

Ngl I used to reblog autopsy photos when I was 15 or so bc I was really into SFX makeup at the time so I looked at the photos for reference but stopped when I started seeing mutuals reblog necrophiliac posts. I was an edgelord when I was younger but I never reblogged photos of children and I wasn't a 20 year old adult so nicole makes me feel less cringey about myself lmao

No. 241832

there are more, i'm trying to post them rn but evidently can't - lolcow keeps resetting. does anyone have a throwaway email i could send them to? would be nice if someone could post them for me, this shit needs to be archived. the blog is bones-of-baby-dolls, if i remember correctly. there isn't much more than what i was going to post, so not really worth digging through.

No. 241838

File: 1485746545577.jpg (Spoiler Image,758.17 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_0238.JPG)

No. 241839

No. 241841

Nothing is gonna top this I'm on the verge of hurling vom all over the place this is absolutely disgusting

No. 241843

File: 1485747014354.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.19 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_0237.JPG)

No. 241859

i pray you find the picture of a doujin page nicole posted where a naked toddler gives birth and proceeds to cuddle and breastfeed the bloody baby on the floor

No. 241866

jesus fucking CHRIST this shit makes me sick to my stomach

No. 241904

The girl squatting is straight child porn. And this isn't from her old blogs, these are all recent from her latest URL. Sick.

No. 241909

wtf that child porn on the upper right! fucking yuck

No. 241925

not recent, these were all reblogged in 2012 - 2013

No. 241979

So when she was 21/22?

No. 242010

yep, sounds about right. i don't know if her fan base is entirely brain dead by now since most of them like to conveniently forget about her questionable past, but her bullshit excuse about being young/stupid/sick (how anorexia equates to liking child porn and deformities is beyond me) is on a whole another level. i don't think you can really grow out of being that fucked in the head in your early twenties, to be honest.

No. 242037

it looks like untreated breast cancer but i'm probably wrong

No. 242088

I wonder if Grimes or her 12 year old fans know about this. Most of that stuff is deleted but there's a lot like that still on her blog.

No. 242414

Seeing as Claire (Grimes) hasn't publicly interacted with Nicole or done any sort of promotion for her in almost a full year, she might have figured out how talentless and lame Nicole really is. Maybe Nicole is even dropped from the fake label by now

No. 242582

maybe she got sick of the neckbeard roadie groupies too

No. 243378

christ is she ever gonna put out an album? all she does anymore is tour and milk the last of her fanbase dry

No. 243417

hahaha absolutely not

No. 243423

I doubt it. She's been saying she'll release some new shit album called "Hillbilly Noir" (we all know how much she loves glamorizing white trash lifestyles lol) wonder how awful and cringe it'll be now that she's trying out her new neckbeard band sound.

No. 243461

File: 1486012309968.png (15.31 KB, 556x133, ig.png)


No. 243479

What is that from?

No. 243489

Almost proud of Nicole for wearing something slightly different and looking a bit more presentable at her latest shows. Doesn't change the fact that she's talentless and ugly as hell inside and out. It's funny looking at the venues, barely anybody shows up for her shows besides the ocassional obsessed tumblrina 13 year olds

No. 243510

No. 243511

File: 1486029861501.jpg (68.04 KB, 640x479, IMG_0456.JPG)

No. 243643

That double chin

No. 243702

if she's hell bent on being a touring act she could at least put the profits to good use and see a vocal coach

No. 243727

fought with her bandmate? so matt (i'm assuming from past behavior) didn't want her to meet them, or what?

No. 243728

"wearing something slightly different" it's almost like she's lurking here……..

No. 243731

I hate the girl but not gonna lie, she sounds way better than before. I think she has been practicing

No. 243732

Oh she absolutely lurks here.

No. 243737

so she's actually becoming a cow kek

No. 243738

It's pretty low to pick on her weight of all things, especially since she's a recovered anorexic.

No. 243743

File: 1486077091936.jpg (53.29 KB, 487x325, 1394949045353.jpg)

>tfw this is lolcow
tumblr is just a tab click away, child.

No. 243746

Tbh I agree, I'm all for hating on people for being pieces of shit, but not for gaining weight, esp after having an obvious eating disorder.

No. 243753

Lmao welcome to lolcow idiots. She's getting fat and it's funny deal with it. Having an ed in the past isn't an excuse to let yourself go, and her ed was ONE year. I'd call it attention seeking tumblrina behavior, I wouldn't be surprised if she never even had a real ed

No. 243812

… there's photo evidence she did have an ed. did she flaunt it for attention? absolutely. but it wasnt fake

No. 243822

Didn't really last more than a year at most, though. She was only underweight for a short period of time. The rest was for attention

No. 243828

she was anorexic for less than a year and she wasn't this fat before she was anorexic. drinking beer and eating junk food on the road with her band of neckbeards is why she's getting fat now. all her neckbeard friends are flabby and greasy. it's called poor health choices, not uwu anorexia recovery better eat junk food cuz i'm brave.

No. 243840

My thoughts exactly

No. 243846

Can I see the evidence of the ED please?

No. 243853

File: 1486097258559.png (Spoiler Image,105.09 KB, 640x779, 1477378932837.png)

No. 243854

hillbilly noir?

that's the most stupid name i've ever heard for an album. including hey man sniff my finger.

No. 243855

File: 1486097371831.png (Spoiler Image,470.49 KB, 442x570, 1471564460620.png)

No. 243884

She looks gross but so much better than she looks nowadays here. Her face was much prettier back then and she had better style

No. 243885

Reasonable eyebrows tho

No. 243891


lol what? shut the fuck up. i swear, i'm probably taking the bait but this thread is a cesspool for pro-ana bullshit. she recovered from an ED and her weight is the least lulzy and most boring thing we could talk about. get a grip.

No. 243893

This bitch reblogged child porn and is WAY too close friends with literal children but let's talk about her weight (:

No. 243894

Is it impossible to talk about both? While I understand that reblogging CP is the more… err… traumatizing issue at hand, it doesn't completely invalidate any other discussion that can be had about her.


No. 243903

>I-It's lolcow! FUCK OFF TUMBLR
Not an excuse to be an autistic retard over dumb shit like someone gaining weight when there's way more relevant shit to talk about. Low-hanging fruit, bottom of the barrel type shit.
"HER ED ONLY LASTED ONE YEAR!! DOESN'T COUNT!" is a shit excuse, too. Raise your standards for milk lmao

No. 243907

it's stupid because she possibly came up with it herself and didn't copy it from a book / movie unlike most of her album titles
> Observatory Mansions
> Flowers of Flesh and Blood
> Natural Born Losers (Killers)

No. 243908

fuck the triggered fatties in this thread, i hope nicole continues to get ginger bronson levels of fat

No. 243910

ok ana-chan

No. 243912

okay fat

No. 243913

Is the name Observatory Mansions based on Flowers In The Attic?

No. 243914

Not fat, but I'd think it'd be a less pressing issue than being a CP hoarder, kek

No. 243915

no, it's a book by Edward Carey, but also a dark story hence fitting her ~aesthetic~

No. 243916

she crafted half her persona around being a withering sickly anorexic. it's pretty relevant but keep bringing up child porn as if it hasn't been talked about a hundred times here already and stay triggered

No. 243917

She's not Ginger Bronson levels yet, though. She's still pretty clearly pushing the >nymph thing. Calm your shit and stop getting triggered by people rightfully calling you a sperg for focusing on the lamest possible subject.

No. 243921

>getting triggered
lmao. i'm not the one who put the ban on all discussions of her being a chubster because it makes this thread "proana" or something. but do you

No. 243924

you're being retardedly autistic right now

No. 243928

Well you would think but no, hillbilly noir is actually a genre of paperback novels.. still pretty gay to name an album that

No. 243930

Who put a ban on literally anything? Just because people pointed out it was a low tier attempt at milk? Sorry not everyone's a butthurt skelly, this isn't a hugbox where we welcome any and all sort of discussion with open arms.

No. 243933

Wow she really doesn't have a single original or creative bone in her body.

No. 243974

Yeah I thought it was weird as fuck too, then I looked it up and was like oh of course why did I assume ?

No. 244213

It's more of a film genre. Classic southern film usually depicting poverty or violence

No. 244215

She went to film school so I'm not shocked that a lot is her music is influenced by film. Still sucks that she can't do anything original but that's the struggle of any artist in today's world. True originality is pretty difficult to achieve.

No. 244394

does she have a degree or did she drop out?

No. 244427

dropped out due to her anorexia

No. 244646

I can't think of one part of her personality or image that isn't influenced by something she owns or is a fan of. Flowers in the attic (Dollanganger), her dolls, her room, her pug. Strip all that away and she has no personality at all and nothing interesting about her that's original or unique.

No. 245619

seeing candid/tagged photos of her where shes not wearing that dumb fucking black dress she isn't as fat as i thought she was

No. 245771

She's never been fat she's just chubby

No. 245772

It does seem she's put more effort into her appearance this tour. Maybe less drugs involved this time

No. 245781

No. 245932

she keeps cancelling/ending shows early due to "sickness" like she usually does though. somehow i doubt she actually gets sick every time she goes on tour.

No. 246135

It's just anxiety and lack of drugs. Or maybe she doesn't eat breakfast with her neckbeards at Denny's sometimes and they freak out about her "anorexia" coming back

No. 246143

File: 1486417557325.png (312.29 KB, 445x437, 8568927546208.png)


I found this on a "Nicole Dallanganger Confession" tumblr so…looks like she still gets plenty of drugs from her underage fans!

No. 246150

no she was fat before she got sick, but what i was talking about is everyone saying shes fat again and in her recent pictures shes not

No. 246151

work overnight? she rides a van from show to show what does she do as work in that van besides drink and rest her voice before shows?

also is she really buying prescription pills from her underage fans, thats fucking insane?

No. 246168

You realize who is being discussed, right? This is exactly the kind of person who would buy drugs from underage fans in a pinch or when connects get dry.

No. 246179

imagine being in your mid to late twenties and buying your drugz off of your 14 yr old fans

No. 246232

When was she ever fat? Pictures? I remember her being chubby at most but never fat? Go back to MPA ana chan

No. 246295

as someone who knew her personally before pinkcum bugsinricepudding etc she was about 150 at 5'3 even she said she was fat, no ana chan here

No. 246407

File: 1486447329916.jpg (85.84 KB, 480x640, IMG_0860.JPG)

No. 246410

Lol was the smirf filter intentional? I've actually seen this picture of her. My ex was obsessed with her and had a sort of internet romance with her. I'm sure while she simultaneously led on and manipulated at least three other internet dweebs. Still had the pictures on his computer, I trashed them of course. So body wise, she was fat when these selfies were taken? She definitely looks very full. Was she 20 or 21 in this?

No. 246444

File: 1486461145318.png (109.17 KB, 640x730, IMG_7947.PNG)

Wow that's pretty big actually. And yeah I'll admit she's starting to look a little overweight again

No. 246446

I think she was wearing the black sack dress for every show to hide the weight gain, now that she's lurked here some she tried wearing some new things. Anyways she should go back to the formless sack because she looks like a whale in everything else. I can't wait for her to reach Ginger Bronson levels of fat and nasty

No. 246488

She only wears loose clothing though. I can't find a single tour picture of her wearing something that's revealing on the waist area. Maybe she's really into the "modest christian girl" kind of look…

No. 246707

this was post recovery when she started to binge eat a lot, so in her defense thats why she was really pudgy. but she also looked like this before she developed anorexia

No. 246891

hahaha i'd be anorexic too

No. 246969

it'll be interesting to see how many fans she has left once she's a fat ugly girl singing about death and rape and ddlg

No. 247009

My god, she looks horrendous in OP. She is so plain it's unreal. Why does anyone care about this twit?

No. 247215

does she not realize she's even more of a cow for changing the way she looks after reading through the thread? this is fucking hilarious

No. 248085

all this fat talk is BORING

No. 248235


The drug stuff and interactions with fans are way more interesting imo. She might be using adderall to lose weight since everyone's noting how chubby she got though…who knows. She uses underage fans for drugs and that's a lot more milky

No. 248251

It's just funny because her aesthetic is partially based on being a sick anorexic bbydoll and she's a chubby plain woman in her late twenties

No. 248261

File: 1486689024282.png (64.85 KB, 640x599, IMG_7983.PNG)

Lol. Also why does she have to wear a wig constantly? Is her hair really that unruly and disgusting? Also funny how she bought a new one after reading through her threads here and the comments on how awful her cheap ass wigs looked. This ones not as bad but still, take care of your hair? And maybe you won't need a wig? We all know her hair isn't falling out anymore, she's at least five pounds overweight

No. 248268

her hair isn't currently a wig
she dyed it black herself with cheap box dye when she was going through
" I just wanted to be like gerard way " moment in 2016 & all the hair she " worked so hard to regrow " went straight to shit

not a white knight i just remember her distinctly posting those exact quotes & then saying how much she regretted it kek

No. 248289

lol what? how much of a fuck up do you have to be to ruin your hair in one dye job.. with black box dye? it's not like she bleached it, most box dyes that are priced over a dollar are formulated well enough to make your hair look and feel better if anything.

No. 248308

I've never heard about her until this thread. God is she ever plain, I don't understand how people can idolize her to the point that they do. I'm pretty sure she sings through her nose too, which is usually frowned upon by legit singers.

No. 248309

It's a shame she's had any success at all, there's no talent and nothing interesting about her besides her room full of dolls her mother collected. Her singing voice is awful and really very easy to imitate. Any girl can sing in an airy high pitched through the nose whisper. That's why her calves (like milliedollgraves) are able to make music that sounds exactly the same.

No. 248410

>Any girl can sing in an airy high pitched through the nose whisper.
Not stanning but actually heard one of her old songs by accident the other night and I had forgotten I really do love her voice. Maybe it's not technically brilliant and I'm easily impressed because I can't even do what little she can, but some of her early stuff really was beautiful to me.
I feel like this milk has run as dry and nitpicky as the Taylor thread. Her lying about her appearance and trying to hide her gross edgelord past and drug habits were genuine milk but we've been over it before.

Mediocre people enjoying success is nothing new, where's the actual milk?

No. 248510

She's even starting to post pictures of herself with girls on IG because in the last thread people were commenting on how she only took pics with guys in a desperate attempt so show how edgy and "one of the boys" she is.

No. 248528

…but it is a wig.

yes her real hair looks like shit and she keeps chopping it off all willy nilly so it looks like it was done with a lawnmower

No. 248607

I found one of Nicole's songs randomly on tumblr aaaages ago when I still used it and fell in love. I was in college at the time and I loved how pretty her songs were while singing about sex and stuff but I definitely got over it pretty quickly and I hate the direction she took with trying to have a heavier sound. It doesn't work at all!

I messaged her once about how I thought she was cool and stuff and she gave a really sweet reply and I got the password to her private blog at one point.

I still follow her on social media and she's soooo messy now. She just cancelled more shows for this current tour. I think she's cancelled shows every tour, right? Like how can you be such a mess every time you tour?? People are so upset on her twitter about it. I guess she's cancelled 2 or 3 times in Massachusetts before and everyone's pissed because they've wasted money over and over again. I don't blame them! It's so unprofessional. The first time she cancelled shows, I think she claimed she got really sick and lost her voice and I was like ok, fair enough. But now she's just not even giving a reason anymore, she just doesn't give a fuck clearly.

I also never really thought about the fact that she is in her late twenties now and she's still living at home in her frilly little girl bedroom, going on the occasional tour where she just gets wasted and does adderall for a few weeks until she "has to cancel". Then she just goes back home, goes back to her tumblr and goes back to getting wasted with her weirdo boy gang and making shitty music. Everything I used to find endearing about her is gone now that I've realized how sad her life actually is.

No. 248622

her voice basically was/is an instrument on its own imo. she used to play the same 2 notes on her guitar and all you heard was her voice in the bad quality of her bathroom so it was really sweet. i get the appeal. it wasn't something you'd heard before. but she's completely drowned that out with this new metal band. people liked her music because her voice was enough to sort of enchant you. now it's just background noise and completely taken away by the jirating neckbeards she has flapping aroud her as she sings. it's all terrible.

but i guess that's karma lol.

No. 248633

She looks big in photos but nah, I watched this video and she really isn't that bad. https://www.instagram.com/p/BQN9v_ID6di/?hl=en

No. 248653

and what would be the difference? in that video the lighting is shit and all you can see are black tights and her wrists. why are you still even going on about her weight. so boring.

No. 248853

that album better be out later this year. she's been touring since late 2015 to promote basically nothing

No. 248968

She's touring on the strength of tumblr's cult of personality more than music at this point.
It definitely looks like Grimes is out of the picture now too as she's on Run for Cover Records. They list nothing about an upcoming album but plan to reissue some of her earlier stuff apparently.

No. 248984

I'm sure she'll release a new album since she's been dropping the album name "hillbilly noir" for some time now, but I don't think she'll have any success with it and I'm sure she won't release anything more after that. I think she has already passed the peak of her music career, she's not going anywhere just milking what's left before she's in her thirties and even more irrelevant than she is now

No. 248985

I'm pretty sure Grimes dropped her

No. 249077

File: 1486830044740.png (179.83 KB, 750x1019, IMG_4783.PNG)

Ughhhh what "happened" now?

No. 249131

probably referring to her and her band driving themselves off the road and getting stuck like the irresponsible drunk losers they are. she's been going on abt it for the last few days

No. 250803

Weird request but can someone find a picture of her with her Monroe piercing in

She has that little hole but I've never seen a picture with it in…

Also more pics of her chubby fat face

No. 252407

Ew Monroe piercings are the trashiest ugliest ones. Of course Nicole had one lmao

No. 252544

File: 1487223497249.png (167.77 KB, 750x711, IMG_4054.PNG)

A new ambiguous image surfaces…

No. 252551

nicole… girl… this sounds like something made up by a nicole dollanganger song title generator

No. 252560

File: 1487229829513.jpg (68.02 KB, 640x481, IMG_8036.JPG)

Did Milliedollgraves (aka #1 Nicole copycat) start photoshopping? She looks a lot different almost cute, but something seems fishy. I was going to post this on the Nicole Dollanganger's calves thread but it's at the post limit. Someone should make a #2, it was good seeing the awful broken dolly aesthetic being dragged for once

No. 252631

the length of her bridge bar is making me cringe

No. 252666

I honestly believe her face is stuck like that

No. 252865

Aaaand it romanticizes abuse. Nice. Also the track sounds so fucking cheaply produced and isn't even remotely close to dream pop. So embarrassing.

No. 252876

where have you heard it anon?

No. 252878

It's on her bandcamp.

No. 252880

lol her attempts at screaming sound like a russian middle schooler desperately trying to imitate tatu, so contrived. this is arguably even worse than her previous releases.

No. 252906

lol the new track sounds like shit. kill v maim had a big impact on her, apparently.

No. 253025

So basically now she's just an imitation of Grimes plus lyrics romanticizing abuse. Nice! Just when you think she couldn't fall any further or be any less original, if I didn't know it was her song I'd think it was a song off of Grimes' latest album. What total bullshit lmfao, such a fake artist

No. 253039

I can't wait for her five minutes of fame to end. She's horrible, as an artist and as a person.

No. 253066

File: 1487300680902.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1555.PNG)

I'm so sure that's totally true

And if it was ew she was 11?? I've seen law n order that sounds like pedo shit to me

Oh wait, she's into that..

No. 253068

This is Grimes but with a whiny nasal twist. But it sounds like she's trying to break into the pop mainstream instead of relying on her old sound which would never get radio play.

Also is that Matt on the cover? He needs to wash his hair.

No. 253095

when you can't tell if the raspiness in that new song is intentional or the result of improper technique. not to mention the song is tuneless garbage and sounds like grimes but with cheap emilie autumn "industrial" production

No. 253172

The chain on that is so nasty.

No. 253197

I saw that post circulating a few days ago and instantly knew she made the story up. She's such a bullshit artist.

No. 253276

a few years ago she posted a story about having some creepy pedophile stalker when she was 11 who would always give her gifts but it seemed far fetched

No. 253293

File: 1487345660816.png (31.51 KB, 460x302, AG8IVfk.png)


No. 253304

if this was on tumblr she would have been a rude cunt to them both instead of bullshitting lel

No. 253423

>hurt cute things
aka animals which is what the term usually refers to. so… animal abuse. nice.

No. 253432

This is such a bullshit cop-out. The lyrics on the bandcamp page like
"So, go, once more, come fight me ’til
I give the fight you got the hard-on for"
clearly show the term is being used in context to a relationship. Nicole needs to grow the fuck up and stop exploiting hardships she has never been through for her "uwu so fragile dolly" music.

No. 253458

She told the story of this and it was pretty much that a neighborhood pedophile was in love with her. I guess it somehow fits with her aesthetic and image to talk about it nonstop on the internet. Wouldn't be surprised if it was made up though.

No. 253461

>a desire some humans have to hurt cute things
lmao and what are they gonna be hurting? pillows? plush toys? like >>253423 said the object of these aggressions ends up being animals and babies and if she's alluding to it using an actual picture of an open bloody gash wound then the suggestions are, indeed, really fucking disgusting. as if wanting to hurt puppies and babies isn't as bad as domestic abuse?? what a fucking piece of shiiiit oh my god. coming from the woman who got off to underaged amputees and insects raping children.

No. 253464

and the song implies sexual arousal from it too

No. 253470

i don't even know why she's trying to deny she's referencing to abuse when most if not all of her songs deal with violence, guns, aggression and bdsm. isn't that her whole appeal? it's like she kellyanne conway'd that person with some sjw sounding bullshit when she literally said "oh no it's not domestic abuse just a desire to hurt cute things. the picture of the bloody forehead that i chose as a cover for that concept does not at all allude to acting out on those aggressive desires with physical violence to the point where you draw blood."

thank you so much, nicole.

No. 253544

File: 1487370575627.png (1.12 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8050.PNG)

And it's definitely a photo of matts busted head. I wonder if she's violent or abusive towards him and they laugh it off as being cute and ~aesthetic~ looks like the type of guy who would be submissive enough in the relationship to let it happen

No. 253549


I don't know if you're still around, but mind spilling more tea? I'm really curious.

No. 253552

She looks like a foot here

No. 253555

why do you keep shitposting that girlschannel post? it wasnt even funny to begin with but even more unfunny when we all know its unoriginal and you keep spamming it. just stop, anon.

No. 253560

I'm still around. My hatred towards this girl is unhealthy, I have a lot of tea I could spill but it's all too close to home so I'm refraining. I've already posted anything relevant or worthwhile anyways. Any additional information would just reveal who I am, but I'm pretty sure Nicole herself already knows who I am because after these threads started she blocked me on IG.

No. 253630

he's like a dog on a leash with her. didn't he say he'd been orbiting around her for the past 5 years in the hope that she'd date him? she's posted cutesy videos on twitter of him making fun of her yelling at him. sounds like she treats him like shit all around, wouldn't be surprised if she hit him too

No. 253670

>but I'm pretty sure Nicole herself already knows who I am because after these threads started she blocked me on IG.
then spill that tea!!! fuck nicole!!! take one for the team and expose this bitch!!! she has literal kids worshipping her who she's possibly grooming by ignoring her fans in favor of hanging out with the 13 year olds. like seriously anything to crush this illusion of sainthood she's cast around herself. you'd be doing something good so think of it that way. this girl gives me the creeps now.

No. 253678

she's always romanticized abusive and unhealthy relationships. if idolizing lana wasn't obvious enough, she's obsessed with the movie natural born killers. it's about a couple who just are basically obsessed with violence who start a gory killing spree and attract media attention.

No. 253716

nobody would know who you were except nicole, and who cares what the fuck she thinks. she can't expose you without exposing herself lurking here. i'd love to hear the tea on this bitch manipulating dudes online. as if she doesn't do it enough irl

No. 253786

Lmaooo Nicole has reblogged her new song 3 times over the last 24 hrs, so desperate for a hit single and real fame

No. 253795


God I hope she never achieves that dream.

No. 253803

same anon.. It's not even with the theme at all??

No. 253880

man if i was Grimes i'd be so pissed right now

No. 253946

I really have a feeling Grimes dropped her a while ago, I think that fake record label must have fallen through or she rethought vouching for Nicole

No. 254007

i'm pretty sure grimes is still friendly with nicole though (surprisingly), she follows her and liked some of her recent photos on ig. but like the second she hears that shameless blatant rip-off grimes cosplay of a song, i wouldn't blame her at all for ditching her

No. 254014

new song sucks so much

tbh i'm surprised she never tried this pop style grimes imitation earlier

No. 254015

ikr. grimes sticks her neck out for nicole and gives her crazy exposure and this is how she repays her? it's so blatant that i wonder if nicole was even aware of it. because if i was nicole i definitely wouldn't let this shit see the light of day

No. 254016

why are we assuming grimes wouldn't like this? anyone familiar with nicole knows who grimes is, she's way more popular. nicole could easily pass this off as a tribute or whatever. i doubt grimes would care tbh

No. 254018

grimes likes a lot of shitty music but i don't think she'd take too kindly to a song that sounds like 90% of her last album, especially from someone she previously championed as a unique artist who needed to be heard

No. 254062


LMAO it's literally kill v. maim by grimes???

she wasn't kidding when she said she was a writer before a singer, and only did music to impress her ex. she's literally run out of ideas. no wonder she's relying on her neckbeard crew to produce her songs, and is now blatantly copying grimes.

No. 254063

I can't bring myself to listen to her shitty version bc I love kill v maim so much :(

No. 254167

nicole's shitty boyfriend even makes an appearance in this video around 3:30. the irony.

No. 254170

lol is that actually him? what is he doing there

No. 254182

holy shit they sound exactly alike

No. 254183

I don't get why Grimes vouched so hard for Nicole when their singing sounds exactly the same, to the point where some fan theorized Nicole was actually a Grimes side project. Narcissism?

No. 254184

This is clearly the same song, but worse. How.

No. 254376

holy shit nicole sounds like a worse knock-off version of grimes

No. 254496

This bitch is so fucking sick holy shit. She should get euthanized asap for the greater good. As well as all the other fucked up "fragile nymphet dollies uwu" posting gore on dumblr.

No. 256981

A++ description. Her cringe is def on the same level as Emilie Autumn lol

No. 256982

People have witnessed them fighting at shows and shoving each other

No. 257118

She probably loves the white trash abusive relationship concept, seems like something she'd openly glorify and flaunt for edgy brownie points

No. 257126

lmao lovely. anyone got any more details on this?

No. 257166

she always reblogged pictures of natural born killers so clearly she idolizes their ~aesthetic~

No. 257916

I got so much inside tea I could spill. Even her own friends are ditching her now after realizing she's going downhill both career and personality wise

No. 257919

spill that tea

No. 257927

Share the milk!

No. 257936

Think of her closest friends, or are they ex friends now…

No. 257966

Don't tease us like this, spill it!

No. 258022

you can't just say this and not spill it

No. 258039

i can't believe you fell for this.

No. 258112

nicole's already lost some of her closest friends so it's not a stretch to think it would still be happening. i mean if her "my oldest friend" kevin ditched her… and her dopey bandmates are probably just in it for the exposure (all of them have their own bands and projects they're trying to promote), so once they hit it and quit it with nicole and realize she's never going anywhere with her derivative trash music she probably will end up alone. until she finds another crop of neckbeards who are into demented pussy

No. 258617

yeah, of course, it's no surprise, however, the 'fame' is really getting to her. She has reached the 'well me and my boyfriend is better than you' phase so adieu old friends

No. 258727

Does anyone remember back in 2011-2012 when she was pinkcum that she had a few female best friends from high school that she spent a lot of time with and suddenly they all disappeared? I wonder what happened.

No. 258770

god knows about that, I'm talking about male friends she's made songs with though.

No. 258846

unrelated, but i remember when nicole said her blog was passed around at her school, and people laughed at her "pinkcum" url

No. 260133

File: 1488273088134.png (87.64 KB, 640x872, IMG_8169.PNG)

I seriously can't get over how ugly Nicole and Matt both are. Even with her pounds of makeup and wig she looks beat. And Matt is on another level hideous look at that beer gut

No. 260443

To be honest, Nicole is attractive she just doesnt do herself any favour with the wig and lashes
Matt probably looked good 10 years ago before he reached the mr i love beer n sing hardcore phase
they really don't help each other

No. 260691

Zoom in on her face. She's not very attractive lol

No. 261860

it's a shame you cropped out the photo, her shoes absolutely killed me. sorry for ot, but those are fucking horrid.

No. 261887

I just wanted a closer shot of their hideous faces. The shoes also cracked me up fucking horrible

No. 262242

I'm pretty sure Nicole cancelled her official SXSW showcase date, which is a pretty big thing to flake on considering only like 2% of the people who "play south by" actually got asked to perform official showcases.

No. 262270

God she's awful. Can't commit to playing a show, can't commit to fucking one dude…

No. 263464

Do you think Nicole will ever acknowledge these threads or the fact that her fans are being openly ridiculed on here solely for wanting to be like her or having a similar aesthetic? I feel like Nicole owes her fans an apology

No. 264661

So when was Nicole's peak? 2015? It seemed like she was constantly being interviewed and her songs were on TV and her music was being praised a lot especially by Grimes. Is it all downhill from here?

No. 264685

Yeah I'd say that was her peak

No. 264686

I'd say that peak also wasn't actually a very high point comparative to other musicians. I only know of her through this board, never heard a peep of her or her music in my country

No. 264687

When I heard her voice on The Walking Dead I was so surprised, I'm one of the few semi-fan anons here so I was impressed she got that far. Her public online friendship with Ollie Sykes was a big thing last year too, with them plugging each other on Instagram.
It's depressing to watch anything that got into some slight success to then fall down but she's doing a Kooter, it's like she isn't even trying. I don't like her shitty metal boyfriend band, but she really needs to push it to sell it, but instead all she does is cancel gigs and look like shit.

No. 267386

File: 1489208383730.jpg (82.13 KB, 640x360, IMG_6418.JPG)

Is that a miniature coffin on her desk?

No. 267405

It sure appears to be. The flowers and religious candle next to it and on it support that idea as well.

No. 267567

im actually jealous of all her stupid vintage antique kitsch shit. would be so cool to have all that (but not to show off for quirk points)

No. 268175

Nicole took cute aggression down on Spotify and bandcamp. Guess shit like "I'll give you the fight you've got a hard on for" finally got too problematic for Tumblr? I'm surprised she cares enough to backpedal on a release though.

No. 268182

She's backpedaled on EPs/singles before so I was expecting her take it down at any point in time. I don't see why she felt the need to though, since all of her calves praise everything she releases.

No. 268280

Probably because of the fact that even the calves were saying it sounded exactly like grimes

No. 268555

It's a child's coffin, yes. I've seen her say that.

No. 269490

File: 1489502315107.jpg (117.5 KB, 640x640, IMG_2710.JPG)

yep, sure is.

No. 271335

File: 1489757599601.png (123.4 KB, 750x880, IMG_2004.PNG)

Thought this was pretty lulzy

No. 271352

I thought it looked okay even with the bottles and cans everywhere and the out-of-place camera-to-eye contact, but then I saw his dog collar

No. 271353

Imbedded in the hair

No. 271400

Imagine all the cigarette ash in the pot of food

No. 271404

I hope it's something like Campbells vegetable soup, because then it already tastes like ashtray and doesn't matter.

No. 271413

damn anon what did campbells do to your family it doesnt deserve this

No. 271467

i can't tell what's wrong with her make up… …just /looks/ bad

No. 271477

gross, only the the biggest pieces of trash smoke cigarettes indoors

No. 271488


this entire kitchen area looks dirty and gross. Disgusting.

No. 271503

Bet she gathered up bottles for #aesthetic

No. 271957

the way she does her eye makeup makes her already hooded eyes look like she either got punched or has edema. she's been doing it exactly like this for years too, you'd expect her to realize sooner or later.

No. 271979

There's nothing wrong with smoking inside as long as you keep an ashtray near you and clean. Though I do agree while cooking that's pretty disgusting.

No. 272137


i agree lmao come on there is nothing wrong with smoking inside your own damn house, but everything else in the picture…. yea not good

No. 272477

But it's so ~hillbilly noir~ of her to have a disgusting living space

No. 273162

do you guys think nicole edits her selfies? idk if it's just me, but she looks like a completely different person in candid photos.

No. 273325

Who doesn't at least put a filter on selfies? Of course she does. We all do

No. 273543


does anyone have the link to the video this was from? i swear there was a video of nicole and matt in this kitchen doing an interview or something.

No. 273544

>nothing wrong with smoking inside

White trash detected

No. 273554

This isn't from a video. They did a "photo shoot" day, got dressed up and took a ton of cringe trashy pictures

No. 273604

i remember nicole used this to "announce" that she and matt were a couple. so many of her instagram followers were confused because up until this shoot, she was dating a prison inmate and nothing she had said had indicated she was interested in matt.

No. 273610

Pretty sure the prison inmate thing was a lie to make her look interesting. She mentioned using that prison pen pal website, so she probably sent some letters back and forth then ran to tumblr to tell people she had a convict boyfriend.

No. 273731

I don't. not everyone who edits or uses a filter (which isn't what I meant anyway) makes themselves look like an entirely different person either.

No. 274148

In her latest IG selfie she looks sooo so so different from her candids. She obviously edits tons. She definitely smooths her skin and enlarges her eyes. Makes herself look a lot younger than she is. Hard to believe she's in her late twenties until you see the candids lol

No. 275402

anyone notice how her new best friends (kiki replacements) are all fat and very.. average looking? seemingly have no common interests apart from her music either - none of them are into antique junk, movies or bands she likes. wonder why she hangs out with them and sends them free shit and how long it will take her to eventually drop them.

No. 275507

Screen shots??

No. 275728

File: 1490272344632.png (121.08 KB, 640x903, IMG_3488.PNG)

No. 275729

File: 1490272391563.png (127.05 KB, 640x838, IMG_3490.PNG)

No. 275730

File: 1490272477227.png (121.09 KB, 640x860, IMG_3487.PNG)

this girl just comes off as mentally challenged when you read through her posts on ig to be honest

No. 275772


I don't think these are friends, they look like underage fans. I'm pretty sure these are just post-show pics, she probably indulged them for selling/giving her their Ritalin.

No. 275870

they seem to be good friends to me, she praises them as if they are real life goddesses, gives them her ~precious~ beat up penguin toys, sends them all the merch she can spare and both matt and her regularly tag them in posts/comment on theirs. she normally doesn't pay that much attention to underage fans and doesn't boast about post show meet ups on social media because it ruins her "aesthetic". these two sure seem like the new kiki and whatever that other 14-year-old's name was.

No. 275949

Nicole doesn't look fat or chubby in this at all. Just average. What makes her look so much larger in the other pics?

No. 275969

She's soft/skinnyfat, but not actually very large. Standing next to actual fatties makes her look thinner.

No. 275970

That wig is just unnaturally thick for the size of her head.

No. 276101

Maybe she wants to look skinny in comparison

No. 276150


What is up with her and those shoes?

No. 278289

Hey, fuck you guys! fuck you all.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 278328

Lmao get the fuck outta here Nicole doppelgänger

No. 278329

Wow Nicole is starting to look very aged

No. 278351

anyone know what happened to kiki? whats her instagram now?

No. 279377

What happened to the Cute Aggression EP ? It's vanished off bandcamp/spotify. 1st track is a grimes carbon copy, but the rest was pretty good.

No. 279403

>implying anything she makes is good

No. 279611

It disappeared a few weeks ago see >>268175

No. 280296

she's @c.hapel on ig

No. 280503

File: 1490853562713.png (155.64 KB, 744x960, IMG_7947.PNG)

It looks like her hair is thinning again.

No. 280524

It just looks like she's not wearing a shitty wig.

That weird scowl thing she always dose is not doing her any favors tho

No. 280693


she looks like a terf-y grandma

No. 280815

What do you mean the rest? I thought it was just one track? Was that an album?

No. 280830

You're on the wrong website

No. 280831

She looks like a sadbaby version of Lena Dunham

No. 280909

It was 3 songs, the 2nd was very Evanescence, the 3rd was classic captive-rape-slave-in-basement vibe, but both were way better produced than normal, plebby metal but better than the last LP, so I suspected Grimes might had some hand/$$$ in the production. Since it's been memoryholed & Grimes doesn't promote Nicole anymore maybe there's a falling out ?

No. 288272

File: 1491802574248.jpg (92.39 KB, 467x494, tumblr.jpg)

Hmm… wonder why she took everything down recently. Especially the live stuff.

No. 288918

I have been wanting to talk about this lately. A couple weeks ago I posted an ancient song of hers on YouTube called "Open Love Letter To Glenn Danzig" because I run a music channel and I enjoy posting things that aren't on YouTube that I think people might appreciate. I put her tumblr and her bandcamp in the description, and credited her to the song. The song is basically very DDLG (as in, she calls Glenn 'daddy' a lot, refers to herself as his "little girl/pony" or something like that) and she sings about having sex with him in bdsm style ways. I didn't see it on YouTube so I tossed it up there along with 3 other songs that are incredibly old and rare to find.

All of a sudden I got a notice saying I had a copyright strike. And apparently the day after I posted it, Nicole herself took the video down with no explanation at all and got me a strike. I don't have very many subscribers, mind you. But it pissed me off that she would just randomly, out of the blue, get me a copyright strike like that and have my YouTube locked until I took a stupid "copyright quiz" on there. She could have at least had the decency to message me about it and tell me to take it down.

So only some of her songs are copyrighted when she wants them to be, but the other ones are fine to stay up on YouTube. Don't get it at all. I found it very strange because the video used to exist on YouTube a long time ago. I wonder why she wanted it removed? Because of the use of the daddy kink or because she was not happy with the song? I guess I will never know, but I for sure am not posting her songs anymore or trying to gain her any attention, lol.

Perhaps my story is related to this, but it's annoying that she wouldn't contact me too about it.

No. 288921

it sounds so embarassing, I need to hear it. could you post it here?

No. 288924



Here it is… pretty NSFW just as a warning.

No. 288933

thanks lol, the fact that danzig is most likely shorter than her makes this even funnier

No. 288934

where are the people who tried to fight me on her having the face of your average walmart shopper

No. 288935

File: 1491878435867.jpg (57.12 KB, 638x395, sure jan.jpg)

>your cum is my life source

No. 288936

>when half the lyrics are lyrics from danzig's songs
nice to know she was just as unoriginal back then

No. 288939

File: 1491878944590.jpg (91.33 KB, 608x817, glenn-danzig-kitty-litter.jpg)

vintage lmao i remember when she kept she went through a phase and kept posting that one buff pic of him from the 80s. it's just so funny tho like…. glenn is a huge fucking nerd. he's an absolute pissbaby nerd who's still single and lives with a bunch of cats in a gay ~spooky~ house. i love how the majority of her crushes consist of out of character projecting where it beats the point of even "admiring" the person.

No. 288951

I wonder why she's taking down live videos too? It seems like she wants to erase evidence of songs and performances she's embarrassed of

No. 288953

Watch her come up with a new name and image as she sings on a fucking Chainsmokers single or something.

No. 290566

Hello, I am the girl kimmyxmarie from the first thread with the bad makeup and I just wanted to clear some things up. So first of all the atrocious makeup, yes it was bad lol I was honestly trying to go for a "living doll" look because a lot of her inspiration is taken from creepy dolls. I'm totally aware that was a bad mistake and with a full time job I had no time to really perfect it. I attended the show because the guy I was dating at the time does audio for local shows and I was a huge fan. The show was really good honestly but I couldn't afford purchasing a shirt or anything because money was tight and I felt rude being one of the only fans that didn't have a Nicole shirt on. So I got in line to meet her and when I finally did she was smiling and being so polite but I mentioned that I'm dating the sound guy because Nicole's boyfriend seemed to really be getting along with him. We took those pictures and I was being awkward because I was obviously very nervous. I made a ton of friends that were fans of hers and it was all good until the guy I was dating sent them a Facebook message suggesting he can help them improve their sound and technique (he was kinda a douche and it was a really low point in my life dating him) after that things got really bad I don't know if they had time to read the message between breaks in the show or something since there was multiplie bands playing. When the concert was over and they were loading up the tour van he flashed his flashlight right at them and offered to help them load things in the van in a pretty obnoxious way. I was embarrassed and knew this probably left a bad taste in their mouth about not only him but me for dating him. I watched him help and stood quietly because I was too nervous to approach her and didn't want to seem like a rude invasive fan stalking her. After he was done we drove back to the guy I was datings house but while I was looking out the window it seemed like they were watching his car drive by and probably laughing because he was obnoxious. Everything that could've gone wrong did go wrong that day. I sent Nicole a long paragraph on instagram DMs apologizing about everything and I'm not sure if she ever read it but after that I feel too embarrassed to even listen to her. I know this was super long winded but I get messages still all the time talking about the thread I was mentioned in and I'm sure this won't change anything but maybe clear up this reputation I made on that thread. Yes my makeup was bad, I had a bad experience at the concert, and my old private account on twitter isn't something I'm proud of because I was at such a low point in my life dealing with personal problems. Have a good day guys :) again I'm sorry I wrote an entire novel I just thought I'd explain things.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 290568

And just to add on one last thing I hope this didn't seem like I was trash talking her in any way! Like I said she was extremely sweet and meeting her was a great experience. I thing she's a talented girl with a ton of potential but because of my own personal life issues going on I just had a really bad experience that day!

No. 290570

…but your makeup still looks like shit according to your twitter? you couldnt take 2 minutes out of your day to say "hey i look retarded i should fix it the next day" like the rest of us had done?

nice blog, but no 1 curr about the time u met her and she was totally sweet x333. you're an asskisser so of course she was going to pretend to be nice around her wannabe orbiter. fuck off

No. 290580

lol listen I'm not trying to argue or have petty drama I just wanted to clear things up, you don't like my makeup and that's okay, i don't really know what you mean by "like the rest of us" I'm not sure if you mean by people that used to be fans of her or something?? I think my makeup looks fine and I'm not being an ass kisser. I'm telling my story, as I've already stated I no longer listen to her music because of my past experiance at the show but I personally didn't have a bad encounter. I don't have a problem with you, or lolcow, or Nicole. Just relax, there's no reason to be so hostile towards me.

No. 290734


There was also no reason to blog post, just saying.

No. 290742

That's true and I'm sorry I was just venting, I would delete it if I could.

No. 290748

>the rest of us
you dont know how to fix your makeup like the rest of the population? are you so dense that reading is just as hard as drawing a line on your face for you?
>no reason to be hostile
bitch do you know where you are? ur ugly and nicole is a cunt. for the love of god, learn how to use an imageboard before you post.

No. 291358

Sweet Jesus, judging from your IG, your makeup is still atrocious. fucking kek just leave

No. 293212

File: 1492448418889.jpg (523.56 KB, 1663x2560, IMG_4990.JPG)

does anyone know if this is hers? the fan blog that reblogged this has since been deleted. found this floating around on pinterest and the caption is.. well, questionable at the very least.

No. 293314

Is that a flowers in the attic tattoo she has?

No. 293324


No, that's not her art. It was a submission from someone.

No. 293770

No. 293772

I'm obsessed with Nicole but not in the ~lovey dovey~ way but because she is so interesting and I want to find out more tea about her (high school days, old friends, her previous 'relationship' with a 'prison inmate, etc). I used to be a fan of her music but for me, she's gone downhill with her music. and as for her shitty personality, i'm glad i'm not a fan anymore

No. 293777

I knew there'd be a day where someone made a makeup tutorial. I lost it when she said she's 14 and had "Lemonade" playing in the background the entire time. And the fact that she actually looks quite similar to Nicole with that makeup just proves how absolutely plain Nicole really is.

No. 293810


I dunno, there were like one or two semi cringe moments that I chalk up to her being 14 years old but for the most part she seems really cute and harmless? Maybe I'm biased because her dress is pretty and she pulls off Nicole's look better than Nicole does, lol

No. 293933

Oh lord.
Shaky shots of 'babydoll ribbon knifu' and dirt covered make up products.
Maybe it was to symbolise the dirt ppl have on her

No. 293940

that is true

No. 293950

I thought she was very sweet
very cringe
but still a seemingly sweet girl, she seemed so happy

No. 293952

No. 294274

Hi Kiki!

No. 294982

Spoiler alert: a ton of it is lies she made up to made herself sound interesting

No. 295586

i meant like the real stories about her life, not the ones she makes up lol

No. 295859

>blank canvas
these untalented bitches wanna try to make it sound like it's artistic to put on makeup smh

No. 299882

No. 299889

She's never sounded more nasal to me. Precious bbdoll sinus cavities.

No. 299939

this is fucking horrible. her voice does not even match the instrumental like the two do not even go together well

No. 299945

sounds like a walmart version of evanescence. she lost all the charm and potential appeal she initially had and it never ceases to amaze me how much worse it keeps getting every time she decides to grace her fans with a new project instead of milking her old ones to death.

slightly ot, but did anyone else notice someone criticizing her in ig comments under an unrelated post? ended up deleting the post soon after, I'm assuming she didn't want anyone to notice her just deleting the comment. either that or I just forgot my tinfoil hat at home.

No. 299957

embedding this for convenience

No. 300050

How did they end up collaborating anyway? This band is pretty decent and I wouldn't think they'd make such a horrible decision. The rest of the album is great, this song sticks out like a sore thumb because of Nicole's out of place screechy vocals. Is it because she occasionally promotes them on Instagram and sucks up to them to try and fit into the scene for ~edgy metal girl~ aesthetics?

No. 300160

>This band is pretty decent
>liking scene kid grindcore
Please get some taste in music. Nicole wishes she could be in an actual metal music video but all she could settle for were a bunch of core kids.

No. 300256

what the heck why did foh collab w her

No. 300272

She's been on a bunch of heavyer bills she has no real right being on in the past year (code orange/youth code comes to mind)
I imagine it has to do with her getting in the rfc/apa crowd but it's still really weird. Part of me wonders if her parents paid for a good publicist.

No. 300359

I don't listen to this shit, anon, but sure, I'll get some taste in music. It baffles me how a band with a decent sound/high production value and a pre-existing legitimate fan base can collab with Queen Nicole at the expense of said fan base which most definitely will not enjoy listening to her nosebleed inducing voice. Does she not get that she won't ever be able to cram herself into a metal song without sounding like an autistic child in comparison?

No. 300646

File: 1493417803217.png (1011.44 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7125.PNG)

I'm cackling, she's not even attempting to be subtle with her shooping anymore.

No. 300653

how many times do you think she passed the dark circle remover tool over the side of her nose

No. 300654

torturegardens is always the literal first to like all this shit, isn't she? Damn.

No. 300685

im fucking crying

but why is her hairline all the way up on top of her head? it's too bad she didnt use a tool to get rid of those saggy jowls or fix her long turkey bastor head

No. 300705

Wow ! This isn't an edited photo at all!!

On a serious note though, her hair line ?

No. 300714

I like how her eyes are totally sharp and in focus but her skin looks like someone went crazy with a blur tool all over it.

No. 300719

What was the criticism?

No. 300807


It's super weird. All I know is, if I were into that type of music and I went to a show and heard Nicole's shitty vocals I'd be pissed.


Why is her hair still terrible?

No. 300923

someone was shaming her for even thinking of releasing a song glorifying columbine or something along those lines. I was waiting for a shit storm to happen, but apparently not even her tumblrtard teenage fans bother to defend her.

No. 300996

Lol she has the yearbook as part of a shrine in her room and she's not even shy about it. Of course she glorifies Columbine

No. 301004

File: 1493485859407.jpg (28.87 KB, 640x480, f53jp5.jpg)

Just gonna dump some pictures of her I didn't see here before

No. 301005

File: 1493485887343.jpg (346.54 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_m9k0ioQ9L21r4ht6ho1_128…)

No. 301006

File: 1493485929907.jpg (323.73 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_m9k15iksRp1r4ht6ho2_128…)

No. 301008

File: 1493485975482.jpg (51.8 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mm57lf1l4i1r8m6i8o1_500…)

No. 301013

File: 1493486009850.jpg (245.39 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_n0x0ya22PV1r4ht6ho1_128…)

No. 301014

File: 1493486110152.png (1.47 MB, 765x1024, tumblr_m7jju0On5b1r4ht6ho1_128…)

Got tons more if you guys are interested.

No. 301044

keep posting anon

No. 301047

File: 1493488398058.png (152.59 KB, 750x1105, IMG_7139.PNG)

She just posted this. She looks old and beat as fuck here. Needs to go back to the darker hair and actually define her curls. Relying on that frizz is doing nothing to help her old lady face.

No. 301050

File: 1493488867521.jpg (29.62 KB, 600x400, BnE55ioIgAA0O87.jpg)

No. 301051

File: 1493488909865.png (1.94 MB, 1024x1024, tumblr_m4w02vNmii1r4ht6ho1_128…)

No. 301052

File: 1493488934114.jpg (61.57 KB, 500x375, tumblr_m5gzaadJ8D1r4ht6ho1_500…)

No. 301053

File: 1493488976676.png (1.42 MB, 765x1024, tumblr_m6wmk1Rx991r4ht6ho1_128…)

No. 301055

File: 1493489003164.jpg (117.08 KB, 640x480, tumblr_m9ef07ueh71r4ht6ho1_128…)

No. 301056

File: 1493489025198.jpg (155.22 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_m9k15iksRp1r4ht6ho3_r1_…)

No. 301057

File: 1493489048289.jpg (140.22 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_m9k15iksRp1r4ht6ho7_128…)

No. 301058

File: 1493489076505.jpg (615.35 KB, 1280x1833, tumblr_m9nlvd4bvS1r4ht6ho1_128…)

No. 301059

File: 1493489135294.jpg (415.04 KB, 598x800, tumblr_mh45qp0LqR1r4ht6ho1_128…)

No. 301061

File: 1493489310687.jpg (286.49 KB, 1280x849, tumblr_n24szbs1cx1r4ht6ho1_128…)

That's pretty much everything interesting I had in stock. Got a few mores of her with random guys and tons of pictures of her room.

No. 301063

Hate to admit, but she's actually pretty(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 301071

looks like the fire alarm went off and she didn't have time to change out of her pajamas

No. 301657

what happened to the lower half of her face? I don't remember her looking this busted before.

No. 301662

Just look at OP pic. It's kind of weird because when she has her mouth closed it looks like she has an underbite, but if you see >>301056 she clearly doesn't.

No. 301698

her lips have an unsightly, weird shape that makes it look like she has an underbite and they're thin. her saggy grandma jowls dont help with that either

No. 301705


shit. i like this dress/blouse/whatever it is.

No. 301707


Wow. She looks old in this pic. Like, if I saw her out and about, I'd think she was closing in on forty. She doesn't look bad (necessarily) but wew she looks way older than she is.

She should cut back on the cigs, they age the hell out of your skin. Whatever she's doing to her hair doesn't do her any favors either.

Thanks for the picspam but quick question–are these recent or are they more like all over the place,time-wise? Some of these look kind of old.

No. 301709


This choice of wig was brilliant because it backhandedly shows you just how bland and uninteresting her features truly are.

Little miss pinkcum is an extra basic soccer mom bitch.

No. 301712

Can't really remember, I'd say anywhere between 2011-2013? No later than that I'm pretty sure

No. 301719

I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that she was in the depths of her anorexia then, so she had little face fat, and it's a low quality photo - it's actually several years old, that's probably the same gross wig that she wears now though

No. 301732

in this one she looks like the mom in Requiem for a Dream when she _really_ starts losing her shit

No. 301742

wow the cringe

No. 301808

She looks so much cuter with a shaved head.

No. 301840

i really do wonder if she reads her threads because shes starting to get thin again (even though shes doing nothing about the wig/music/life choices)

No. 301845

yeah it's really weird. usually it's the opposite. but i can't actually think of a hairstyle that would flatter her face tbh, she should stay shaved

No. 302194

is it true that i.s.w.m.u.o.m.w.n (one of her song titles) stands for "i slept with my uncle on my wedding night"? lmao

No. 302214

yes, its the title of a Virginia Andrews short story, the same author where she got her "Dollanganger" last name from. Flowers in the Attic, which features the Dollanganger family, has sibling incest in it. back when I really liked Nicole (cringe) I bought and read the series and honestly the books are shit

No. 302436

I distinctly remember a follower asking her about the rape scene in Flowers in the Attic and how vile it was but she thought it was an act of love, and romantic.
I have no screenshots because this was years ago, so take it with a grain of salt but it's still disgusting.

No. 302480

she would be the type to say this though considering she admires the book series (adopting the last name of the children in that series) and the lyrics of her songs

No. 303466

has she written ANY song based on actual happenings in her life or anything like that? for a songwriter she seems so uninteresting

No. 303490

"My Pug" was about her actual pet pug

No. 303502

No. 303888

File: 1493857874671.png (886.64 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7217.PNG)

She should get a diffuser and better mousse for her hair… those curls look crunchy as fuck.

No. 303903

Her eyebrows look nice here suprisingly lol. But she should fix her hair and stop editing her photos so much, you can tell

No. 303941

Agreed. when she over lines her eyebrows they look terrible, they're much nicer in that twitter pic

No. 303973


OT but what's the name of that hair color?

No. 303984

looks like a light chocolate brown? idk actually

No. 303996

File: 1493866371749.jpg (114.03 KB, 640x480, 37cb3c356637a1a9865c97b0ed8430…)

it looks similar to the color she had in her wannarexic phase way back when, so i'm wondering if it's her natural color. pic related

No. 304000


>>303888 is not her natural colour. its much darker than that like an ashy brown

No. 304027

OT but am i the only one who is genuinely interested to see more of her room and what she has?? it looks really cool even though i hate nicole

No. 304148

I like her room and some of her more sensible collections as well, but I'm pretty sure most of the things she owns have already been posted.

No. 304565

wasn't really a wannarexic phase she was actually sick here, not defending though

No. 304780

has anyone noticed that she hardly posts photos of her and matt???

No. 304791

they're past the honeymoon phase, so of course she's not going to flaunt him on social media anymore. (i use "flaunt" here very loosely, because… look at him.)

it does make me wonder what the purpose of that photoshoot they did about a year ago was for since she never posts about him.

No. 304797

she seems to be stuck at home watching movies judging from her last instagram story and matt is recording music separately. i thought they had broken up or were taking a break from each other

No. 305059

nicole is obsessed with chasing dick though so if they have split i wouldn't be surprised. it's like her life is a void unless she has a neckbeard lusting after her.

No. 305394

You're defending. It was wannarexic, she was only underweight for a portion of one year and I'm sorry but EDs are lifelong illnesses Nicole is not and was never actually sick, just privileged enough to happily lock herself in her parents house for one year when she dropped out of college, and that's when her sick frail girl dollanganger persona was created solely for attention online

No. 305422

did you know that you can recover from an eating disorder?

No. 305535

Eating disorders are not lifelong for most people. I've had one that lasted a few years but I'm recovered. You CAN recover, I hope you know that anon…

No. 305656

i know she does lie and exxagerate the truth but shes even mentioned before she got underweight that she had a life long problem with feeling fat, binge eating etc. even after she gained weight from being anorexic and became weight restored she started to binge really bad, (again not defending) but even with me not liking her as a person and her life choices/music "career" she really did/does have a ED maybe not anorexia anymore

No. 342908

File: 1498687518295.png (135.16 KB, 750x1051, IMG_8235.PNG)

I'm wondering if she's going for that suburban mid-forties mother look, because, if so, she's accomplishing it.

No. 342954

lol @ covering her nose/mouth

No. 343028

or covering a double chin?

No. 343030

Tbh she looks really good like this

No. 343031

>looks really good like this
>can only see half of her face

No. 343034

I meant moreso how it seems to shape her face, and her eyes look nice with it. My point is that it looks WAY better than her original haircut, not that that's saying much.

No. 343448

i was wondering if anyone was gonna bring up how noticeably thin shes getting again i wonder if its being at home and not touring eating junk and drinking 24/7

No. 343817

her wrist and hand are average in >>342908

no idea what you mean by she's getting thin. she looks fine.

No. 343844

Compared to when she first started touring with grimes and then her second tour, you can see the decrease in her legs and her face. I'm wondering if the hate on here (if she even reads this) has sprung up old ED behaviors

No. 343847

I think she looks the same weight as well.

No. 343855

Old news, but xxxtentacion sampled one of her songs a little while ago. I wonder how she reacted to that.

No. 343891

I don't think she's lost much weight, if any. And congrats to her if she did because she's been nearly overweight and chubby for a long time

No. 343892

Pretty sure there's been solid evidence she reads these threads. Didn't she have her PULL thread taken down a few years ago? I wouldn't be surprised if she posts here herself

No. 344755

she's been doing that a lot recently, same with the obvious editing. how hard can it be to accept that you're average and live with it? she's not haggard, I don't see what's her problem all of a sudden. she can't be taking everyone's criticisms on here seriously unless she's stuck at the mental age of 13.

No. 345013

File: 1499019720621.png (88.16 KB, 480x480, Face_With_Rolling_Eyes_Emoji_l…)

she seems really sensitive. especially if what the anon last thread said is true about the story where she was getting visibly upset on stage and her boyfriend angrily yelled something about "who has the fucking camera?"

of course she has the mentality of a 13 year old when she's still stuck in her aesthetic tumblr bubble in her mid 20s. she never took her river phoenix clips down either even though she said she let go of him.

No. 345186

She's incredibly insecure. The girl is what, 26? 27? And she's still trying to seem cool to preteen girls on the internet. Of course she's sensitive and still has the mentality of a preteen. There's some obvious arrested development going on with Nicole. Not to mention she's always been very shallow and preoccupied with the fact that she's not physically beautiful or anything special, even when she tries her hardest to be. She paints herself as having some sort of childlike or ethereal beauty when she's really plain and knows it, must really fuck with the poor woman

No. 345745


And her teen aged fans pull it off better than she can. Ruff

No. 346520

Anyone remember when her twitter bio was "Beauty with no talent feeds on itself and dies" or something along those lines? I know it's a VC andrews quote but it really sounds like she is saying she's better than conventionally beautiful girls because she's "talented." Why else would that be in her bio? I've followed her since her first songs and she's always seemed to have a weird problem with not being very pretty because her music and style creates this aesthetic of being old time beautiful and waify and lovely-tragic and she really isn't any of that…

No. 346701

she might not be any of the above in her own eyes, but look at the horde of teenage fans who think she's the ideal human being and want to wear her skin. she's just extremely insecure and trying to overcompensate. her entire persona is based around the notion that "she's not like the other girls". truly special.

No. 346711


>"she's not like the other girls". truly special.

Yeah she's not like the thousands of other girls who are into this fairly popular aesthetic. No, not at all, so unique.

No. 346813

do you not understand sarcasm?

No. 346836

i think they were just continuing the sarcasm.

No. 347754

File: 1499420836179.jpg (130.27 KB, 900x1200, IMG_8565.JPG)

No. 347990

She worked on a song with him off his album that wasn't released because he was too busy dealing with legal trouble from various assaults. Wonder how all her feminist fans reconcile with her collaborating with someone who beat up his pregnant wife, lol.

No. 348671

File: 1499541376384.png (75.61 KB, 640x715, IMG_0246.PNG)

Looks like she fried most of her hair off lmao. Her most recent pictures on IG are taken in a trailer park. Of course she's the type of girl to take aesthetic pictures in a trailer park despite living in suburbia and never experiencing poverty in her life

No. 348682

Seems she's trying to channel Lana Del Rey in her Lizzie Grant days, but with gritty/gory/hardcore sensibilities.

No. 348685

She's been trying very hard to channel Lana since day one. Everything she does is a cheap wal-mart wannabe version of things her idols have already done. She lacks any and all originality

No. 348687

Anyone else notice her face looks like it's melting? Lay off the skin smoothing tool Nicole

No. 350939

This was such a bad decision for her. She looks very washed out

No. 369861

File: 1502346284237.png (94.03 KB, 742x985, IMG_9314.PNG)

Sorry to bump a dead thread, but is she losing weight?

No. 369888

No she's just wearing tight clothes for once

No. 369894

She doesn't even have a thigh gap. Her legs are spread apart so her thighs aren't touching and everything else looks exactly the same. She's not losing weight haha

No. 369895

I do think she looks skinnier as well. What's up I wonder?

No. 369924

she looks like an 80s hooker here so probably drugs

No. 370117

she looks the same to me but since she smokes cigarettes, theyre most likely suppressing her appetite making her eat less. thats why smokers are sometimes real skinny

No. 370121

no shes losing weight, if you look at her twitter she posted a picture before this one was posted showing her legs and they're much smaller than what they used to look like

shes not as thin as she was before obviously but shes def lost some weight

No. 370318

she's been losing/gaining ever since she started going on tours. you could comb through her entire instagram feed and clearly see the pattern. what's your point?

No. 370413

no point just answering a question.
and she gained a lot during her first tour with grimes and shes been losing since, which is what i was trying to say.

No. 371268

File: 1502553160214.png (135.63 KB, 750x858, IMG_9391.PNG)

I think she's tired of her trademark bangs. That, or her hair is too fried now.

No. 371269

File: 1502553178156.png (142.16 KB, 750x1019, IMG_9392.PNG)

another related pic

No. 371276

Tbh se looks adorable here

No. 371666

in what world is this cute? she looks like she hasn't taken a shower in over a week. could be the fried hair, the already disgusting roots and her cartoonishly chubby hands with chipped polish, but she looks terrible.

No. 372019

ok hun

No. 372048

she looks nasty there and her heavy ass dark makeup with the blonde hair isnt helping her look any prettier or more youthful. not to mention she still has a weird underbite look to her lips and jaw.

No. 372064

She has such a mean little mouth, it's so unattractive. The fact that her weird lips also give her the appearance of an underbite look also makes her look masc and almost…aggressive? Lol.

I don't know why she thinks she thinks of herself as this ethereal nymph, she looks like your average 'let me speak to the manager' walmart shopper with a bad attitude imo. White trash, unironically.

No. 372105

she really should grow her hair out again. i don't know why she cut it, long hair suited her more.

No. 372113

Keep lurking to defend your washed up burnout idol, whichever doppelgänger you are

No. 372116

She never cut it. She wore cheap extensions she found at a goodwill and ugly wigs

No. 372314

thats what i was thinking. it makes her look mean and masculine which she has always been lmao.

No. 372339

this thread hadn't updated for weeks, but you jump on here immediately. either you're nicole herself, or you're one of the batshit obsessed fans that wants to wear her skin.
are you upset that she hasn't chosen you to shill out Adderall to her fat ass? otherwise you wouldn't be lurking like she'll figure out it's you defending her honor and personally thank you.

No. 372374

Because it gets bumped to the first page of the board, retard. Holy shit, get banned already.

No. 372384

File: 1502730446671.png (1.44 MB, 1878x898, Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 1.05…)

is she pouting or does she genuinely have an overbite?

No. 372386

amazingly it still looks like she has an underbite tho

No. 372388

She lurks this thread so she probably read what people above were saying about her ugly mouth/lips.

No. 372394

Summerfag stopping by, but I always found her creepy ageplay shit mixed with her actual personality- which is sexually aggressive and twisted - strange. Obviously this has always been her 'act' but the fact that she used to post actual CP and exploitative pictures of disabled people/gore/bestiality/ just sickens me even more. It's like she's a creepy neckbeard inside the body of a twenty something female.

No. 372401

Contrary to what she believes; you can't cure an underbite by faking an overbite. It turns into a chronic case of "jaw too big for your head" and it ain't cute

No. 372424

>It's like she's a creepy neckbeard inside the body of a twenty something female.

Tons of those girls exist, anon, she's not even special cause of that.

No. 372430

I know, these pathetic 'cute but psycho' chicks posting gore alongside 'Lolita' gifs are ten a penny. It was even worse in 2012/2013 when these blogs were literally everywhere.

It just sickens me bc some of these girls are clearly genuinely pedophilic/psychopathic, hiding it under a facade of pastel and ribbons doesn't change that.

No. 372435

Looking at OP pic it's weird. She has a receding chin, but her bottom teeth are very prominent and cause her lower mouth to jut out. So basically it gives her the appearance of an overbite and an underbite simultaneously.


No. 372440


Uh I don't think it's fair to say Nicole has a 'receding chin'.

See >>301055 for reference, kek.

No. 372522

Why did she disable asks on her tumblr? I know it's been like that for awhile but is she too good for her followers or something? She isn't that popular so dont even give me the "she gets hundreds of asks a day" shit.

No. 372613

Wow she's looking so… like sad looking. Like really aged and unaware of how ugly she is. She looks like a 35 year old crack whore

No. 372646

come on anon
while I don't think she's particularly attractive she doesn't look old at all
she doesn't even have as much wrinkles as most other cows, in fact she looks a lot like what you'd think a high schooler looks like, at least in that pic

it's just her hair and her style that ages her

No. 372653

miss margaret palermo in the middle damn

No. 372783


What did the post say that these are replying to?

No. 372900

probably because she'd lash out on her fans when she felt like it and get shit for it. the neverending supply of anonymous questions didn't help her inability to control her anger and filter what she posts online. good on her for figuring that out before she hurt more of her teenage fans who truly believe she's a "literal angel omg".

No. 372903

samefag, but the first one was something along the lines of "you toxic meanies are still going on about my washed up tumblr queen, you must have no life". the fact that they deleted everything is priceless.

No. 372911

>see that this thread has updated
>always found this chick annoying so hoping for milk
>"ugly with huge jaw"

god dammit are you guys just other tumblr bdsm nymphettes competing for who can be the most youthful smol and fragile?

No. 372940

please learn what samefag means. that was obviously a troll but you guys are dumb enough to reply to it anyway. and the mods deleted it, not the troll.

No. 378303

i thought she was losing weight because of her legs in recent photos but now after looking at matts pictures of her on twitter shes just posing to make them look skinner :/ and she hasn't lost that much SHE FOOLED SOME OF US!

No. 378529

she didnt fool anyone. people itt have said she looks the same weight. >>371268 her weird wide flat looking wrist in this photo is pretty telling of her being chubby.

No. 378643

File: 1503589216149.jpg (274.86 KB, 900x1200, IMG_1377.JPG)

if you're referencing something, either link it or post it in the thread so others won't have to go looking for it to understand what the fuck you're referring to

No. 378757

File: 1503598378326.jpg (10.54 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>just cuck me up
>dirty roots
>unstyled hair but did makeup anyway
>pink fuzzy slippers in public and on a public pavement/floors
>cannibal corpse shirt
absolute cringe. i owned that exact shirt when i was 12. isnt she in her late 20s? lord help this woman

No. 378772

No. 378990


Stop whiteknighting for this gross heifer already.

If you're trying to make sure everyone knows Nicole and her fangirls lurk this thread then congrats, it's obvious.

No. 379073

nah ur kind of a bitch.

No. 379312

I wonder how often Nicole reads this thread, what does the woman do with herself all day. No job still I'm guessing. Still no Hillbilly Noir, too.

No. 379316

I keep coming to this thread hoping for some milk because she's annoying but the nitpicking is always petty lately and screams self hatred. She doesn't look old and people are allowed to be casual for the laundromat or whatever as long as it's not luna tier. Hasn't she done anything annoying lately? It's not just all fangirls at all.

No. 379317

sorry not laundromat. she has a fucking bag of chef boyardee. dumb broad clearly should've put on a full face of makeup for such an occasion.

No. 379396

>make myself feel better
>screams self hatred
you read way too much into my comment and you're probably even projecting if you picked up this wild bullshit from my comment. i meant more so that she gives a fuck enough that she can't let people see her without makeup but she's too lazy to fix that mop on her head. it's very telling of her and you if you do the same shit.

>dumb broad clearly should've put on a full face of makeup for such an occasion.
well, she did lmao. how dare people see her without it!

you seriously can't be this retarded. quit sperging out

No. 379521

Full face ? she is literally just wearing eyeliner, Look at her eyebrows she doesn't even look like she's wearing anything else.

No. 379523

She really needs to dress her age. Dressing like an edgy 15 year old in your mid 20s is straight embarrassing. She looks like a tree stump or an oompa loompa in trousers.

Yikes. Is there something you would like to tell us? You are really upset over nothing and yes she does look very haggard and old.

No. 379525

That's even worse. Why try and then stop half way?

No. 379594

If you're gonna base your image and most of your 'career' off being a smol fragile sadbbydoll edgelord then I expect to see some effort in your appearance.

Maybe the penny has finally dropped that she isn't skinny or cute enough to live up to the whole 'living doll' look.

If surface appearance is what enticed most of your fanbase in the first place, don't be surprised when your fans start drying up once you stop making any effort and let yourself go to shit.

Well it's pretty suspicious that you're whining about all the 'nitpicking' going on in this thread, when it's literally no different to any other thread.

In fact, this thread seems to have the most arguing and petty squabbles among farmers, so it's obvious either Nicole is sockpuppetting, or her fans are lurking. I just can't think of any fans who could even be bothered to whiteknight her.

She's been so boring lately, there's hardly any milk.

No. 379597

Take your triggered ass somewhere else, Slob-chan. You're boring as shit.

No. 379661

For real. She's average looking, we get it, idk why people need to spam the thread with "wow look at this trashy fatty 2/10 pointy elbows wouldnt bang"

No. 379681

Do you do a full face to go pick some shit up from the corner store?

No. 379689

i think that's because the nitpicking here is more silly than a lot of threads, but if i'm in the minority i'll shut up. but you really think that because i don't think this girl looks old and don't think it's cringe to wear eyeliner without other makeup, that makes me a stan? jfc

No. 379696

why do any at all? she's so insecure that she had to put on eyeliner real quick to go to pick up 50 cent cans at the store but was too lazy to bother doing the rest? lmao would you stop double posting already and fuck off. no one cares about your whining and you're just derailing at this point.

No. 379731

I'm not uncomfortable with myself enough that I feel the need to do half a face which is why I think it's funny you called other anons insecure and are bitching about using makeup at the store which is..what she's doing. If you're trying to defend her, you've done it in a bizarre, hypocritical way.

You completely disregarded everyone's point here even though we spelled it out for you. You do sound like a stan or you're upset because you can't go to the dollar store without winged liner.

No. 386389

File: 1505367361908.png (182.28 KB, 750x974, IMG_8914.PNG)

Nicole's interesting new style

No. 386395

I wonder if she's taking inspo from luna. They were following eachother last time I checked.

No. 386403

File: 1505369405228.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8915.PNG)

No. 386455

She looks so filthy. Like actually dirty just like Luna

No. 386489

This could actually be a Luna photo if I didn't know any better

No. 386539

I love you, anons. I was about to say the same damn thing.

No. 387373

i don't really get the 'filthy' vibe from her here, especially compared to the walking dumpster that is luna. but this look really is like a toned down, somewhat-showered tuna

No. 389100

She looks like an unemployed, uninsured granny trying to dress like Paris Hilton. Or the lady from requiem for a dream. But I guess that's her ~aesthetic~ now

No. 389136

Not as filthy, but something about the shoes, snack, and nails does it for me.

No. 389183

I know there's more identical ones but I found this, they do look the same >>320560

No. 389200

File: 1505784182549.png (188.24 KB, 856x932, IMG_0160.PNG)

Fuck forgot to sage & drop pic

No. 389205

Is Nicole's bf old and a druggie too?

No. 390926

File: 1506074512187.jpeg (Spoiler Image,136.37 KB, 681x681, 4503E62D-CFAD-4021-8C5D-7BA52E…)

So Grimes still fucks with her ? this was about a month ago

No. 390948

for a moment I thought I was in the Luna thread

No. 391535

Put all the nitpicking aside and can we address a real question? She deleted pretty much everything that had to do with her past. I'm actually a fan of her, but I respect negative opinions as well. When I became a fan of her I wondered why she didn't have any interviews or concert videos on youtube, or ANY videos of her actually talking. So for a while that drove me crazy, why she had little to no information on her. People who create lyric videos for her music have had copyright claims filed against them by Nicole herself. She also filed copyright claims for concert videos of herself, not to mention how she constantly deletes music. She removed cute aggression off all platforms after a week of release, and she recently removed the covers EP off her bandcamp and replaced it with the columbine EP. I don't really know if this has been discussed yet on this thread but I think it's important to note? Deleting instagram pictures are one thing, but removing music and her own past is another. She very mysterious.

No. 391551

File: 1506188476603.png (55.27 KB, 1494x163, IMG_8596.PNG)

There are multiple accounts who mainly post nicole lyric videos who have said this. It's basically proof… Also a while back I found a link to one of Nicole's old videos, and surprisingly it actually worked. It's from her tumblr days, I assume. It has also been unlisted, however, but here's the link… https://youtu.be/78HDn1CJQTo I don't know if this is a good idea or not, but hey. Whatever ?

No. 391612

She's not mysterious lol. I think she is actively trying to create an illusion of mystery, or increase the demand for her music before she drops her new album. Ever since she read these threads she is probably trying very hard to destroy any evidence of her past, so that when she releases the album and starts receiving active attention again she won't have anything odd to explain to new fans

No. 391613

I'm willing to bet she's actively trying her best to have these threads about her removed too. Someone should back them up somewhere

No. 391614

Oh and the live videos are probably removed now so that nobody can call her out on how talentless she really is lolll

No. 391628

>>391612 maybe?? It's not exactly making me personally hyped though. I just thought it was weird how she actually did that, and how no one has said anything? it's just a bit sketchy to me, i guess.(namefagging)

No. 391660

Nobody has noticed because she sucks and doesn't get publicity or attention anymore. She's probably just embarrassed by her entire cringey persona at this point and trying to ditch it

No. 391797

She definitely seems embarrassed. I think that video of Matt screaming at fans is gone too because of a copyright claim. Maybe try not to be so embarrassing in the first place, Nicole

No. 393229

or maybe because she doesn't want people to see what she actually looks like in real life then in her photos she edits and poses the shit out of

No. 396004

well, i mean, doesn't everyone pose for seflies and edit them? Trust me, a lot of people do. She's not really any different. Anyways i don't think it has anything to do with her appearance, she just doesn't want people to know about her past.

No. 396883

File: 1506995675014.png (86.23 KB, 640x608, IMG_1402.PNG)

Why does she always resemble a 40 year old washed up meth addict who never matured past highschool? And my god why does this woman who's nearing her 30s still live with her parents, does she even work a real job or does she expect she'll be able to live this way forever? Imagine living a life that revolves around a cringe aesthetic and 14 year old "fans" who all drop her as soon as they mature and realize how embarrassing her whole act is

No. 396891

what's with the alligator emoji? is her arm not hiding her nipple?

No. 396963

Bet she has gross huge nips just like Luna(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 397039

It makes sense for her to live at home when her parents are giving her a free ride and she's doing an unstable "job" and sometimes touring anyway.
Criticize her for not planning for her future by all means though

Raise the bar anon
I'm not even white knighting her but this is a shitty nitpick and degrades the site

No. 397190

she showed in a instagram story she bruised her knuckles (no explanation why) so the emoji was covering it up

No. 401070

File: 1507580605350.png (3.6 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_9061.PNG)

does anyone know what she's talking about? or is she just trying to be mysterious & shady?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 401080

Maybe the dog right next to her?

No. 401082

god no, im talking about how she keeps referring to recovery

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 401152

calm down, she probably just means recovering from the flu or something

No. 401285

kidney stones, shes been complaining about them for awhile and i guess last night had to go to the hospital over it

No. 402655

Can we talk about how she STILL fucking never released her grand new album. It's funny that as soon as she "gets signed to a label" she gets lazy and sloppy

No. 403386


No. 403387


No. 403390

Go back to tumblr

No. 403391

If you're so fucking successful why do you even care what random losers on the internet have to say about you? Get real, but most importantly get out.

No. 403394

Nice job bumping the thread and bringing more attention to it lol

No. 403396

Is it you Nicole? Or is it one of your dopplegangers whitenighting

No. 403397

Cringing so hard rn

No. 403398

>minimum wage earning white men
>white men
But seriously, stop.

No. 403401

Ok Nicole

No. 403426

Can't you at least sage?

No. 403431

mods pls

No. 403432


Way to go on driving more attention to this useless idiot. Lrn2sage

No. 403460

And you say we have no lives

Thanx for bumping this 45 year old soccer moms thread. I forgot how gross and untalented she is.

No. 403498

Baby, you know that you're wasting your time? Your spam's gonna be gone in a few hours and you'll be blocked. Invest your time in something more productive, like working on your "successful" album

No. 403547


LOL youre Mar. Kys

No. 403548

ok, see ya soon? don't act edgy, honey, do you think it hurts us or something? this thread is mainly dead so good job at reviving it and providing milk, Nicole

No. 403560


Imagine being this autistic

No. 403573

I don't understand why she, of all people, has spergy stans like this. She's literally reblogged cp before.

No. 403588

File: 1507979226780.jpg (76.77 KB, 1074x412, _20171014_130533.JPG)

Because her fanbase consist of "so edgy, daddy Dylan Klebold kill me, no one understands me, I don't care about make up, calories and the kardashians like all the girls at my school, I'm deep and grown up"-Tumblr girls with too much time on their hands and no friends who think Nicole is the only person on this earth that understands them

No. 403639

Post a picture of yourself then, as if someone's appearance, gender or income has any leverage in regards to your attempted argument. Go ahead and clog up the thread, I'm sure a farmhand will ban you and delete your sperg repeat posts. Just because your sensitive little heart can't handle the internet doesn't mean we should cater to you. Sorry you're so #triggered, maybe you should stay on Tumblr or up Nicole's haggard ass

No. 403695

i missed the autist, does anyone have screenshots of their sperging?

No. 404227

^^ yeah, i missed it as well.

No. 416293

File: 1509997885284.jpg (376.75 KB, 750x1069, You_Doodle_2017-11-06T19_49_44…)

This is the worst I've ever seen her look. Like an uglier Kesha.

No. 416958

File: 1510053344422.png (87.9 KB, 640x912, IMG_4943.PNG)

She gonna start to ape lil peep? Good lord this bitch

No. 417142

Yeah the caption on this >>416293
Is a peep song lmao

No. 418974

She must be back on adderall or drinking a lot again

No. 418979

Lmaooo she's so nasty. Of course she's ugly and too haggard for the doll aesthetic, watch her switch to the SoundCloud rapper aesthetic

No. 418999

File: 1510181532839.png (70.5 KB, 640x1023, IMG_1713.PNG)

Why is nobody talking about her ugly desperate photo shoot

No. 419165

she looks like a homeless druggie madwoman. that fried bleached up hair doesn't flatter her at all, it only makes her look old as fuck (she's actually old; a 26 year old still clinging to the edgy tumblr creepy dolly aesthetic) that whole 'photoshoot' looks so cheap lmao.

No. 419241

Isn't she even 27 now? I thought she had her birthday in September

No. 419244

Agreed. She's too old for the runaway little girl look she's trying to pull

No. 419258

Can't wait until she turns 30 and is still relying on this dirty doll shtick that isn't even half as popular as it was 3 years ago. I'm curious to know how many of her fans have moved on from this

No. 419273

She will just look like Dame Darcy, Adora batbrat & like Kat bjelland et al completely disconnected still playing dress up

No. 420005

hi , all. Im that girl who made the nicole makeup tutorial a few months back. I've perused through this thread a thousand times in defense of nicole, but i can't do it any longer. i feel guilty being a fan and an acquaintance of hers, because of her fucked up-ness. her past on tumblr makes me sick to my stomach, and it makes me feel shitty that my aesthetic was so influenced by hers at the time. I've talked to kiki and alicia, (nicoles "underaged" friends/fans) who obviously know about nicoles past and problematic tendencies this thread and all, and they don't seem to care about how fucked it all is. Not in a million years would i think i would be called "cringey" by strangers on the internet. spending their time obsessing over a struggling singer like nicole. but, before i even found myself on this page, ive been considering taking the video down, because the bw0ken d0lly nymph3T isn't really my thing anymore, as well as how amateur and gross the video is, and TRUST ME, none of you could possibly cringe at that video as much as i do now. My only problem is, it got some good hits being my first video, though i had no idea what the fuck i was doing and i hated it from the start. As of recently, nicole hasnt done any shady shit that ive heard of… Last year i spent a lot of my time trying to be like nicole. utterly pathetic of me. I feel completely different towards nicole now. I still like SOME of her songs with no shame, like "Youre So Cool" "Phantom Pains" and such. The songs that actually have thought in them and aren't just words and concepts trying to appeal to a nasty aesthetic. I liked her in the first place because of the angelic, yet creepy southern gothic vibe she had. It reminded me of my childhood a little bit, and then some of her songs on "Embarrassing Love Songs" kinda made me uncomfortable. I ignored how uncomfortable it made me, and decided it was just who i was. I thought by listening to all her bdsm-y songs, I was accepting my sexuality or something. Now, it just makes my stomach churn. I don't hate the person she is now, but i despise the person she WAS and the person she influenced me to become as a 14 year old. I truly think she's a confused chick who cares to much about being seen as "angelic" or "unique" and its just kinda pathetic at this point. Sorry for the novel, just kinda wanted to stick up for myself. I think im going to upload a video re-introducing my channel, and most importantly, myself. Because i dont want to be seen as someone who messes with the type of stuff nicole used to mess with. I'm done defending her. Nicole, if you see this, im sorry too. Sorry for being cringey xxx -rowen

No. 420008

Good for you for growing out of it
No one expects a 14 year old to have a perfect moral compass, it's not your fault, you were an impressionable child. Good you figured that out so soon cuz Nicole obviously has not and that's what's embarrassing.

No. 420026

No. 420039

This is the worst description on this site. Can someone write a better one?

No. 420079

So funny watching Nicole's only fans abandoning her and her dumb aesthetic

No. 420100


good luck with your channel! don't beat yourself up over going through a phase that you regret/find cringey now. it happens to most teenagers tbh, i went through my share of embarrassing phases.

No. 420106

It's taken from some desperate fanblog that is barely active because what's there to be a fan of anymore. But I agree it's terrible when you don't know the context

No. 420213

These threads single handedly destroyed any chance Nicole had at actual fame or success. Nice work

No. 420709

idk anything about this girl. Can someone write a quick summary? I tried reading the first thread but it was just full of people asking what the milk is.

No. 422358

Anybody know what happened to kiki and ballinganger? Are they still all friends? Haven’t seen Nicole chatting them up lately

No. 422400

no, that was her lack of talent anon

No. 424100

File: 1510702582291.png (62.91 KB, 640x360, ted-cruz-smirk-gawker-kHw.png)

>I still like SOME of her songs with no shame, like "Youre So Cool" "Phantom Pains" and such. The songs that actually have thought in them and aren't just words and concepts trying to appeal to a nasty aesthetic
Except 'You're So Cool' doesn't have any thought or originality in it whatsoever and it's still appealing to her nasty aesthetic considering the origins of the contents of that song. I'm sure the same could be said about 'Phantom Pains' if I could be bothered to listen to it.
Nearly half the lyrics off 'Youre So Cool' are stolen script lines from the movie Natural Born Killers. Fuck, even the title of the song itself is stolen directly from one of the song titles off the soundtrack of the movie True Romance. She references these movies WAY too many times in a large amount of her songs.
Of course the 13 year olds who listen to her garbage music don't pick any of that up because those movies are 20 years older than they are so they just think all her shit is original, but really it's recycled ideas from media that was already produced and created by other people.
It's no wonder she deletes her music constantly or doesn't upload certain songs, because she knows herself that she's a talentless hack.

If you REALLY read the first thread, you'd know she used to reblog child porn and other disgusting illegal shit, for starters.

No. 430365

File: 1511399670308.jpeg (720.03 KB, 750x1110, 2470521A-737F-4202-B09B-586934…)

did they ever even interact? jesus christ, how creepy.

No. 430374

I’m more bugged that she took a picture that’s supposed to be upside down (he’s laying diagonally on a bed) and flipped it right side up. a

No. 430592

tbh i'm also kind of into you're so cool and other songs off natural born losers, but it's her only album i like (i know i'm alone in that) and 99% of my enjoyment just comes from liking the music style/ musicality, like i wish the lyrics and content were completely different because then the songs would be legitimately good. i also really like chapel and observatory mansions 2, and that's where it ends for me especially since finding these threads.
obviously i'm in the minority of ppl who think she had at least a little potential but i swear to god every time i think she's about to go in a decent direction she either does some new trashy edgelord shit (pretending to have been this much of a lil peep fan for one, lol) or i think about what she's done in the past and it sours it for me. sage for realizing this is a 1000% pointless post except maybe to reason that you're allowed to like aspects of a shitty person or something they created, and still think the person is shitty

No. 430630

Ew I was just thinking about this earlier today, how Nicole probably made a creepy shrine for that loser. They didn't even follow each other or ever interact, she just loves being cringey and fawning over dead boys much younger than herself. She probably also saw the opportunity to grab attention from her young friends by acting like she's somehow effected by his death. She's so disgusting. Nicole, you're 27 years old. Grow up.

No. 430955

File: 1511483200796.png (590.22 KB, 586x587, Untitled.png)

Nicole's new knuckle tattoo

No. 430970

well thats unfortunate. without blowing up the image, it reads like dull

No. 430977

perpetuating the "something cute sharply juxtaposed against something metal" aesthetic past its expiry date, nice

No. 431012

can't wait to witness the full white trash transformation. this is painful to look at.

No. 431162

just start picking it off period.

No. 431348

reminds me of her obsession with river phoenix's death body

No. 431616

Why is she doing this to herself. Move over Ginger Bronson, there's a new wannabe white trash rich girl

No. 431639

she's always wanted to be white trash lmao and she was a ginger fangirl back when her name was kayla day and she was pretending to be a meth addict prositute while her dad was paying her uni studies in berlin. wouldn't be surprised if thst's why she's blonde now. they're two peas in a pod. nicole lives in a nice neighborhood and her parents have money.

No. 431649

Where did she post this?

No. 432129

Why does Claire (grimes) even associate herself with these talentless embarrassments. No wonder Grimes never really went anywhere, despite her potential

No. 433036

I don't think grimes career not going anywhere has anything to do with Nicole; a lot of people have no idea who Nicole is. Plus, grimes has a successful career. Just because she isn't majorly popular doesn't mean she isn't successful lol

No. 434237

fucking hell i was a fan of this girl until like yesterday when I found all of this, she's terrible honestly

No. 443194

File: 1513145212922.jpg (113.3 KB, 900x1200, DPgekv9XcAEvTOo.jpg)

Her having this on her body permanently makes me believe in karma lol

No. 443371

Why are her nails always so grimey?

No. 443549

Leaving aside the tacky design, did she went to a shitty tattoer just for the "ignorant fucked up tattoo" aesthetics? the ink is expanding.

No. 443632

holy shit that looks like literal garbage. cant wait till it says "dull" in a few months when it starts to fade. the o is fucked

No. 443661

Looks like bad ink blowout

No. 444381

I'm sure one of her neckbeards tattooed her as usual

No. 444719

yes matt, they tattoo each other a lot. hes got a tattoo gun

No. 449293

hate to bump this turd thread but does anyone know if shes even touring or doing shows? was it a one time thing, seems no music coming out or anything?

No. 449359

^just put sage in the email to avoid bumping the thread next time

No. 449361

On her blog it says she's releasing Hillbilly Noir soon

No. 450156

she's been saying that for like a year lol

No. 450746

she's been saying it for 2 years and its sad because if she had hurried while she was in grimes' spotlight and having her 5 seconds of fame, it might have gotten some attention but now I doubt it'll even make small waves in the tween tumblr world the way her old ones did

No. 451528

File: 1514119270350.jpg (207.98 KB, 564x815, IMG_2160.JPG)

What the fuck does this even mean

No. 451760

why is this so specific lol sounds like a personal problem

No. 493521

File: 1517806898527.jpeg (132.87 KB, 750x784, 2C71ECFE-1DE9-4A18-8A32-B5DAF8…)

She’s never going to let this trashy photo shoot go because it got her the most attention she’d had in ~1 year.

No. 493582

> that obvious thinspo-esque "look im so skinny!!" posing

i guarantee her regular posture adds 5lb

No. 493621

lol ok ana-chan, if it makes you feel better

… why did you bump the thread with this?

No. 493653

sorry, meant to sage and put it in the wrong field.

No. 494655

in other actually relevant news hillbilly noir should be out … before the next ice age

No. 496758

"coming to a wrap"… posted two months ago. She seems to irrelevant now except to the few rabid preteen fans she has left. Will anyone even care at this point?

No. 498547

So this fucking bitch has spent all this time re recording ISWMHOMWN instead of writing new music and then DELEYES THE CLIP AN HOUR LATEF

No. 498632

She’s constantly re-recording old material because she obviously doesn’t have it in her to create anything new. She’s been trying for years now. And every time she releases a new version of an original song, it sounds way worse. Whatever talent she had was fleeting, and she’s getting too old for her desperate tumblr aesthetic anyways. Maybe Nicole realized it’s time to give up

No. 498942

where was it posted? did anyone manage to save it? really curious to hear how she butchered an already mediocre song.

No. 500072

That's what she's been working on recording and releasing for the last 2+ years?

No. 500919

Hopefully her tumblrina bubble will finally burst

No. 502635

Man I remember being a fan of this girl. She looks almost as rotten and used as her aesthetic now.
I still have her CD's and I do enjoy her old songs, just because I literally spent my premature teen years listening to that toxic crap.
Funny how the minute she got a slight bit of attention she let it get in her head so hard that she crumbled. New album is probably taking so long since she's too busy trying to find ways to copy others or movies or such.
Its funny because even her childhood best friend admitted that she's gone to shit and he has decided to lose all contact with her

No. 502681

sage your blogposts

No. 503305

When/where did her childhood best friend say that?

No. 503326

How do you guys know she smokes cigarettes? I can’t find any pictures or anything

No. 503381

unless youre talking about kevin, hes never talked about it and neither has nicole at least publicly

No. 503382

theres tons of pictures of her on ig and on twitter holding them at least

No. 504587

File: 1518753692771.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, 57DE7369-5217-456A-8EEF-4C0736…)

So Nicole actually looks like a crack addicted prostitute these days. Does she even have a job yet? Or is she still holding onto that 5 seconds of fame

No. 504596

She’s posted tons of pics with cigarettes especially touring

No. 504597

I think Kevin was always not very into Nicole’s little cringe aesthetic. Smart for avoiding association

No. 504608

I'm dying. I thought this was the Lorena Spagnolo thread for a moment.

For those who aren't familiar, Lorena is a 30yo prostitute on her 3rd child by different fathers, the first two whom she isn't even allowed visitation. She looks so much like a crack addicted prostitute that I literally mistook this thread for the thread of a worn out prostitute.

No. 504640

I like that she got herself a trashy hotel and brought a mannequin just for half assed aesthetic pictures. Lately I’ve been wondering if her and Matt are on opiates. It seems they lay around constantly, and when they “go out” they just get fucked up in cheap hotels

No. 504674

god not trying to speculate or anything but this just reeks of cigarette + piss smell and downers

No. 504718

I’m almost certain she is on downers instead of adderall these days

No. 504755

Whoa this girl was on the same ED recovery website as me back in 2012. She sucked then, too. No idea she was ~tumblr famous~

No. 505471

what site?

No. 505918

Probably my pro Ana, I know she used to be active on LDR fan sites as well. At like age 21

No. 505983

It’s one thing to do be on those sites it’s another to have to easily traced back to you as a grown ass person.

No. 506013

File: 1518867961901.jpeg (89.06 KB, 750x636, 70D5E656-9667-4C88-8BA5-FECAC4…)

Anyone else notice she took down the crack whore photo and replaced it with this embarrassment? I still find it hilarious that she lurks here so often. She must check her own threads constantly

No. 506019

File: 1518868995198.jpeg (190.99 KB, 549x978, D81507E8-C3D5-4903-91A6-080812…)

More from that night

No. 506604

File: 1518910839231.jpg (160.59 KB, 900x1200, DWN2DnIW4AA2NNK.jpg)

How long did they stay at this disgusting dirty motel and why is all their shit everywhere all over the floor… so dirty and gross

No. 506657

that's a fucking motel?

No. 506876

was gonna say she def was on MPA there was a few threads about "what songs remind you of your ana" and all nicole songs were on there and she would comment on posts saying when nicoles shows were and claimed to be nicoles friend till she eventually said she was nicole

No. 506878

thats her damn """ashetic""" she would always write posts about wnating to sleep in sleazy hotels, listen to her dumb fucking songs she lives for this white trash shit, even being middle to upper class and all

No. 506879

aesthetic* my b

No. 506880

shes not looking so chubby

No. 507033

it's the drugs

No. 507690

Not talking about Kevin I'm talking about Brad

No. 507744

Is her hair falling out again from drugs or bleach

No. 507874

nah I never heard of MPA before. It was the youreatopia website when it first launched. She was v self-centred and constantly promoting her shit art. Never mind it was a group of people really fragile in their recovery, she had to spam her blog full of edgelord drawings of vomiting babies. Threw tantrums a lot on the boards and shaved her head on cam writing at length about what a sickly recovery warrior she was. Iirc she kept angling it like she had cancer or something.
She stood out as an attention seeker and self obsessive.

No. 508187

I feel like this makes total sense. Before she went public with her anorexia, she told everyone she had a "serious sickness" and she was always in the hospital and always getting tests done and blood drawn etc and after the head shaving it really seemed like she wanted people to think she had a serious medical condition

No. 508263

Omg I wish there was screen shots of this or more information this just screams Nicole back in her tumblr days

The only thing that really confused me was how she said she was going to FL for refeeding/IP (even though she went to FL because her parents have a vacation home) but she “came back” like a week or two later with her head shaved looking completely healthy and proceeded to say she had to be on bed rest for 6 months to recover from all the damage she did etc. which in all the cases of girls coming home from recovery I’ve never heard of them needing bed rest unless they were severely emanciated which Nicole was not ever close to being (she was skinny one point very briefly though) it jut screamed attention seeking and that’s right around the time she posted those full body photos of her and her anorexia story. She always needed to be the sickest one

Sorry for long rant

No. 508266

she’d make posts after posts of going to the hospital getting blood drawn and nurses giving her sad looks and her mom picking her up because she was so sick, making it seem like she either had severe anoreixa or she had a serious deadly illness like cancer

No. 512328

File: 1519371717151.png (972.1 KB, 750x1334, FD11F185-1ADD-4E5E-A8FB-D2E069…)

It really bugs me that she can take time to do a photo shoot, put on a full face of makeup and fake lashes but STILL doesn’t bother styling her ugly ass hair

No. 512356

there's a video of her guy friends shaving her head. she didn't do it on cam

No. 512972

She reshaved her head a lot of times not just once

No. 517684

File: 1519919058746.jpeg (46.21 KB, 750x377, 381422A2-1A38-47BB-AFE2-2861BB…)

I wonder if it'll be another Grimes-esque mess.

No. 518477

She’s been saying that for years kek

No. 520554

File: 1520192185389.jpg (138.97 KB, 901x1200, DXSpTc3X4AEqvha.jpg)

Why are her fans like this

No. 524482


Prolly because they are 11 to 13.

No. 524711

File: 1520595530280.jpeg (87.84 KB, 705x370, EA0E7215-D909-4FA8-8C25-1CDB59…)

Anyone else gonna comment on grandma dollanganger’s latest ig selfie? Looking pretty rough. Is she still at that nasty hotel?

No. 524730

File: 1520598499217.png (388.44 KB, 499x750, 13-26-33-a9c3972b-6fd4-4ecc-8e…)

Still trying to look like Lana before the days of her fame. The look really doesn't suit her. She should stick to long, dark hair with bangs.

No. 524738

why does she shoop so hard? she didn't do it in her tumblr days. how did she age so rapidly?

No. 524811

I’m not seeing the shoop

No. 525040

Why does it look like she has a huge sore or bump on her forehead and why is she still at that hotel, or maybe it’s an old pic. Seems so Luna Slater: one month later, same hotel, same unwashed nightgown, same ratty hair

No. 526026

she looked so much more original / unique with the long dark hair and bangs. i remember so many girls on tumblr c. 2015-16 got blunt bangs because of her. now she just looks like a washed-out housewife.

No. 526167

File: 1520755375045.jpeg (85.23 KB, 639x479, 268FFBF8-A640-41E6-8092-2CB512…)

Nicole the Fashion Icon

I think that might be what she’s going for, sadly.

No. 529792

File: 1521122852814.jpg (399.01 KB, 698x1036, Screenshot_20180315-090745.jpg)

No. 529796

The pug kills me lmfao

No. 529812

God that’s awful. At least her awful face isn’t the cover

No. 529814

I’m losing it lmao. Went to look at the post and she already deleted it

No. 529823

No. 529840

> shitty perspective
> shitty art in general
> beefcake neck
> doll head on a shepherd's hook?
> pug
> blood on bed?

What the fuck is the concept even supposed to be?

No. 529933

Seems like a clusterfuck of things she loves. She’s been obsessed with Mehmet for as long as she’s been around. Obviously she loves the pug. Wondering if he died, she stopped posting him. Heart shaped bed with blood? Her whole awful aesthetic summed up, really. Maybe it’s her goodbye album. Doesn’t seem like she can really create the way she once almost could

No. 530050

>>529933 I think her pug is fine. Her mother posted a picture of him like last week

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 530489

why did she change the title from hillbilly noir to this??

No. 531007

No. 531143

From the clip it sounds like she might have a producer or producers who know what they're doing for a change.
Now watch the rest of the album be about Danzig cumfarts recorded into her iPhone.

No. 531244

Am I the only one who feels like she copied Lana del reys old songs? Like from the Lizzy Grant era? The whole nymphet loli vibe>

No. 531246


Her take on Hole then I guess

No. 531429

She’s been copying Lana from day one

No. 531430

She used to be active on LDR fan sites.

No. 531433

File: 1521352616861.jpeg (93.28 KB, 737x373, E0735CC1-AC7B-4543-BF70-16E69F…)

Exhibit A

No. 531434

Nothing but a cringe LDR superfan trying to wear Lana’s skin kek

No. 531437

This is what always irked me about her. There isn’t an original bone in her body. Everything she does is a cheap knockoff of some artist, book or movie she likes

No. 531587

sounds like borderline personality disorder

No. 532717

doesn't matter. theyre both horribly uncreative names. heart shaped bed just screams she took the title from nirvana's heart shaped box and changed the last word. yikes

she's copied more people than just lana. see >>424100 for a few examples. she doesnt have an original bone in her body and is stuck in her ugly, disgusting aesthetic from 2011. guess she can't let go of her early 20s

>danzig's cumfarts recorded into her iPhone

No. 532726

Holy shit stop.

No. 533029

do you think she saw on here everyone dragging her for the "hillbilly noir" bs and how unoriginal it is/just her referencing better work? heart shaped bed is no better, it just feels like she meant the swan bed from Flowers in the Attic.

No. 533407

She obviously looks here a lot

No. 533411

File: 1521514727314.jpeg (233.62 KB, 750x931, F46714DF-04BB-4660-827D-CD8A6D…)

Nobody gonna comment on this atrocity?

No. 533487

She's just in a bath in that same hotel room from last month. Who cares if she's got 10 layers of grandma lingerie on in the bath?

No. 533636

Why is she still there? Or did she just take a million awful photos on one occassion? Why post this? It’s so ugly. Why is she wearing pink grammy pjs in the bathtub? Is it meant to be an aesthetic thing?

No. 533640

Yes. Why do you even ask? She does everything for the thrashy aesthetic.

No. 533781

anyone else hear the new song snippet? how did she go from acoustic, to heavy, to soundcloud rapper

No. 533805

jesus. her hair looks like the kind you'd find on those cheap off-brand barbie dolls.

it fits her personality as a cheap, off-brand lana del rey.

No. 534016

i was waiting for someone to bring this up, the sad thing is….she took this herself. WHERES MATT DID THEY BREAK UP????

No. 534155

those plastic flowers look cheap. this whole shit is so trashy. it isn't even aesthetic, just looks like a huge mess.

No. 534274

Wait that would make a lot of sense. The lateness of the album, the shittier quality pics and sound, maybe she is going through a bad break up

No. 534300

they're still together. she posted this tweet a few days ago

No. 534344

God he’s looking bad

No. 534815

Anyone else hear her newest clip? She posted it to IG today. She’s a soundclout artist now based on that snippet. Sounds very Lil Peep

No. 534827

Wow, she's hopping from one trend to another.
Not surprised since she posted photo of that shrine to him when he died.

No. 534831

She’s just desperately trying to be relevent again and the soundclout white trash aesthetic is right up her alley

No. 534886

File: 1521644996542.jpeg (153.93 KB, 640x880, 769DE9BB-832A-4361-A674-A6BEFE…)

nicole posted this a few minutes ago on instagram. i don’t understand the new image she is attempting to go for with this upcoming album. she doesn’t have the internet presence a musician should have, you’re supposed to sell who you are along with the music. she doesn’t interact with her remaining fans, and doesn’t post flattering photos of herself. it’s always the granny dresses and some grimy aspect. a dirt road, a motel, whatever. she would look so much better if she just stood up straight and abandoned this whole contrived, washed out look, because it’s aging her

No. 534892

>she would look so much better if she abandoned this whole contrived, washed out aesthetic. it's aging her
she's never gonna drop this aesthetic since it's the reason she got popular in the first place. she'd just look better with the dark hair and bangs again, the patchy drugstore blonde box dye ages her terribly.

No. 535484

Shes trying for the edgy instahoe trash look

No. 535492

sure this is gonna sound stupid but i wonder if her parents kicked her out or if she moved out and is jsut staying in that fucking grimy hotel, theres shit everywhere in that photo >>534886

No. 535501

File: 1521690670350.jpeg (611.17 KB, 750x1077, F568461F-42FF-474A-99A4-D22108…)

lol grimes “your career is”

No. 535524

Lmao, finding this thread was a shock. I used to be SUCH a huge fan of hers back in my Pixielocks calf ~oh so gentle aesthetic~ days. TBH I was a train wreck. Even went to one of her concerts. Stuck out like a sore ass thumb with my Baby Punk friends. Long story short she avoided me, even though I had a gift for her. She avoided everyone, actually, and clung to Matt's arm all night. She only went to her merch booth when no one else was there, avoided the venue, was smoking cigarettes in with her band in the van etc. I actually talked to one of her band mates (I think it was the drummer at the time?) and he said she'd love the gift i brought her, but she never talked to anyone the entire night. I ended up going home early bc I got too stoned so maybe she did get social, but I highly doubt it. She was only the opening act for two other more popular indie bands, but she acted like she was the main act. It didn't tarnish my image of her until i found this thread and got more informed on the shit she's apparently been pulling for years. Thanks lolcow
Saged for blog posting.

No. 535529

I guess she doesn't give a shit unless you're a 13-year-old running a fan account for her.

No. 535552

Oh damn we've had a way similar experience, right down to her being an opening act.
But yeah, she pretty much walked right past all of her fans after she finished just to go to a bar next door and come back once things had died down. I was leaving by the time she was out again and the last act–Elvis Depressedly, I think–was about to finish.

No. 535653

Dude. I think I even know who you are, I think a lot of us here were a part of that group and grew out of it. It’s a shame she had to be dragged this way but Nicole really influenced a lot of her fans very negatively

No. 535654

Maybe she finally moved out. It seems she’s been traveling though

No. 535656

Imagine being nearly 30, having nothing but a shitty embarrassing music persona, no real job, no real prospects, no real money, just living at mom and dads still doing the same things you did with the same people in highschool, aging poorly from the ED and adderall abuse, trying desperately to be relevant enough to appeal to your following of middle schoolers. Sometimes I feel sorry for her

No. 535693

He's always looked bad. As someone said in her previous thread, his eyes are too close together and he looks like a neanderthal. I'd be embarrassed to be with him.

Wtf, how old are you guys? 16?

No. 535699

Yeah, this was the time where her touring schedule would sometimes collide with Teen Suicide and Elvis Depressedly, and they were there too. I was right next to a conversation before the venue opened where they were all talking, and Matt seemed to be having fun and joking but she was on her phone the whole time. Nothing wrong with checking your phone, but really? Aren't you supposed to be connecting with the other artists? And I think Grimes came by the next week too so all of my indie friends blew their cash on these two girls in the span of two weeks! I'll admit I wasn't a hardcore Teen Suicide fan and I had barely heard Elvis Depressedly, so I was just smoking outside the venue with the rest of the 14-16 year old superfans. A few milled around the van as awkward teens do, and I think Matt or the bassist (I could barely tell the difference and I couldn't see the dog collar so, also who wears a dog collar to a venue of high school kids? She led him around by it too) told them to skidaddle, in the nicest possible way of course. Guess since she already had her adderall she didn't want to see any of us lol

No. 535702

I was sixteen at the time, but now I'm, y'know, old enough to post on this thread. It's been a few years since then

No. 535889

If i'm remembering correctly Nicole has said numerous times that she has terrible stage fright and she usually gets wasted before each show to deal with that… personally, even though i'm personally a pretty big fan of her, i dont think that getting drunk before each show is right? like tf?

No. 536170

File: 1521762366953.jpg (113.16 KB, 736x552, 908252724d5d26ec39bd3d3af1e485…)

have you guys ever seen this picture of her room ? looks like the 90s threw up on it. a damn mess

No. 536306

This has to be yeeeears old – Fred looks really young. She must have been in some nymphet phase judging by the copious amounts of Hello Kitty shit and cartoon on the TV.

No. 536353

keeping poor fred in a cage that tiny is mean.

free him

No. 536405

This picture makes me feel claustrophobic. All that clutter, all that hording of thrift store tier garbage.

No. 536427

Ew I’m pretty sure this was during her guro child porn “poor anorexic little girl” pedo era

No. 536708

yeah this was back in 2013 because fred was a pup and she got him as a reward for recovering

No. 536794

probably. It looks like this was way before she started collecting antique dolls and switching her style up to be more… vintage.

No. 536822

A lot of musicians do get hammered before playing because they think it calms the nerves but you can't hide your fuck ups as well and don't sound as good. Sometimes her voice dies away after a bum note live because ironically her drunkenness makes her anxiety more obvious as she can't act like it was deliberate and is concentrating on staying upright. I can't drink before a show, just makes me more nervous, so maybe she's like that too and it's to her own detriment.

No. 536824

She's so desperate to maintain her youth while doing everything to make her look old. She wants to hide in her parents house in her childhood room, go out to play with her friends now and again, live off their money and pretend the years aren't ticking over. It's really sad actually. Also pretty sure she used to post her room on room threads on cgl.

No. 536860

damn i wish i got a $1,000 dog for laying on my ass for almost an entire year.

No. 537009

idk why but that ugly office chair made me laugh

No. 537399

Kek I can’t believe Nicole was coddled to that extent. There’s so much disturbingly wrong with the way the people close to her enable her

No. 537403

I think her lack of presence is intentional, she’s aiming for mystery, a completely separate persona. Think Lana Del Rey (again with the skin wearing), disappearances and then she drops a music video or an album, and then disappears again. Nicole thinks she’s doing something like that, maybe?

No. 537518

not trying to speculate but shes known to disappear when her weight is high or when shes trying to lose and then she comes back when she lost or can appear looking thinner than last time

No. 537838

does anyone know what happened to those 13/14 year old girls nicole used to talk to? i think it’s like chapel and ballinganger or something on insta? I remember Kiki’s name but not the other one. Are they still disgustingly obsessed with her? That wasn’t so unhealthy lmao. Hopefully they’ve moved on.

No. 537898

Ha, that's what I was thinking. She is very spoiled and lucky to have such a nice home with rich family and a big, cluttered room that she can decorate at will. I was surprised when I read she got a dog for recovering because most people don't get anything or their mental illness goes unnoticed same for their recovery process. I don't understand why she's obsessed with poverty and trashy aesthetics. It's not glamorous and everyday is a struggle. I'd kill to come from wealth like she does which is the only reason she can go on tours and travel instead of working towards getting a real job. She really has sat on her ass her whole life.

No. 538171


Because Lana del Rey did it first and created the whole little lost Lolita in the hood gets stuck at a gas station and sleeps about in motels

No. 538177

yeah not to add to the nice house/rich family, they also have a vacation house in fl where she got to stay for her "treatmeant" aka vacation, to come back home to get a expensive full bred dog. she has money to spend on toys/and to keep up with her aesthetic and i don't remember her ever talking about working (before touring that is) a part time or full time job so you know that was bought on her parents dime. so romanticizing living in a pink trailer and the "white trash" lifestyle, loving crimes based on poverty, taking pictures of low income areas, dressing dirt cheap/dive hotels is a fucking joke, considering the upbringing and life she has

No. 538273

Kiki is @c.hapel on Insta. Don’t think she is a nicole FP anymore. think she switched to posting art, all i’ve seen is her making shitty overpriced pins and shirts lol. Not even she if nicole follows her anymore, haven’t seen them interacting in over like a year. And as for ballinganger, her account is gone. I used to follow them both during my nicole phase.

No. 538281

tbh I always liked the trailer park aesthetic but I actually grew up in trailer park so whatever.

No. 538440

she posted about going to work sometime in 2013 iirc, it was an office job.

No. 538482

I think you’re thinking when she would visit her mom at work because her mom works in an office or did back then when she was still at college. She would mention all the times her mom has to come “scoop her up and take her to her job” because she was ill. And how she made her moms employees uncomfortable by her “fairy kei” outfits (don’t ask me how I remember to the tee because even I’m embarrassed by it)

No. 538493

No. 539554

File: 1522179117019.jpeg (408.85 KB, 750x1097, 7A43074C-D192-4954-9CEB-B79D48…)

Laughing because she had to re-tweet her own post about new music, and still only got 1k likes when she’s got over 15k following. Literally nobody cares about her anymore

No. 541555

No. 541609

The teaser is very boring. I was happy to hear a re-release on Lemonade and "Uncle" but everything else was so boring and I came to the agreement with myself that I would rather hear the old versions of those songs compared to the new. It all followed this format of piano (which sounded very nice I'll confess), echo of "intense lines", and then add the same exact garage band soundclout drum beat. Also the Tammy Faye song really confirms the wannabe Lizzy Grant concept to me. Heart Shaped Bed is so lyrically blunt and forgetable. When she mentions the corpse it feels as though she only threw it in there to remind everyone that at one point she sang about colostomy bags and deformed babies.

sorry for the blog post, but i want to hear everyone's opinions on this

No. 541652

sage for irrelevancy but dogs actually like smaller spaces and feel more secure in them, ideally a dog's crate should be just big enough for it to turn around comfortably

No. 541853

Haven't listenes to all of it yet, but I think it's alright. Boring, like you said, but I really like to fall asleep to music like this. Sometimes her voice doesn't fit the tone very well though.

No. 541989

I like how hardly anybody cares. And wasn’t she supposed to release an album? Everything she says is always so misleading. Don’t bother releasing the rest Nicole, nobody wants to hear it

No. 542187

Absolutely hate the new music. It’s completely over produced and unoriginal. The drum beats are the final nail in the coffin.. Disgusted.

No. 542289

I fucking hate her, but I won’t deny that the piano portion is actually gorgeous. At least she did one thing right

No. 542298

File: 1522477316556.png (947.38 KB, 1440x1446, 20180331_010323.png)

Sorry if this was mentioned before, but it looks like this is where those lyrics are from lol

No. 542314

She steals TONS of her lyrics word for word from movies, books, etc. She was never original

No. 542358

the piano part would be so good if there wasn’t those shitty fucking voice distortion and drum machine

No. 542753

the new songs are extremely boring. she's getting worse and worse. the only good song so far is lemonade but its just a re-release like angels of porn.

No. 542789

i really really wanted to like this new teaser (i'm kind of back and forth between still being a fan of hers and realizing she's done some cringy shit) but man, idk….. bits and pieces are good or have potential but overall it felt VERY boring and underwhelming. not a good sign for how much time she supposedly spent on this new direction/image

No. 542938

why does she hype the shit out of this when it's literally just her old songs made even worse. and is that heart shaped bed song supposed to be the big hit of this crap fucking album or what.

No. 543457

observatory mansions was so good im genuinely so embarrassed for her right now

No. 543782

She took “You’re so cool, you’re so cool” from True Romance too

No. 543795

File: 1522632841074.jpeg (113.79 KB, 750x864, 2320175C-344C-4D08-B2AB-1403AC…)

Lol she’s tanking, hardly any notes on her biggest fanbase platform. No fangirls EEEEKK-ing anymore in the notes

No. 543797

File: 1522632898748.jpeg (56.87 KB, 750x338, 98B7E52B-37B1-4A41-A9BC-524576…)

Is this all Grimes had to say about the new tracks? Awkward

No. 543861

It makes me so mad Grimes supports this trash. Too bad she doesn't internet enough to know how lame she is

No. 543884

Grimes internets a lot, she just has very bad taste in internet.

No. 543890

Alice Glass also follows/likes her but I think Alice is oblivious to all the things people say about Nicole. She's really anti-abuse and probably doesn't know about Nicole's history reblogging/glorifying sexual abuse, child porn, etc

No. 543956

File: 1522645704114.gif (134.32 KB, 450x338, 70ed6cf6be0e7ae6498fae8372e9b7…)

When I see pictures of her now i'm shocked because she used to be pretty cute. I wonder if it's the drugs.

No. 543966

Does she do drugs? I thought it was just the eating disorders that fucked up her face. She'd look fine if she shaved (or at least straightened/dyed) her shitty hair.

No. 544041

She doesn’t look good there at all, what are you on? Her skin is awful, tiny little gramma lips, ratty hair, generally just poor health emanating from her.

No. 544049

adderall, drinks heavily, smokes weed, I’m sure there’s other shit

No. 544176

she’s a failed film student, isn’t she? I suppose that’s one way you could utilize your incomplete education.

No. 544522

alice is probably too busy to look into it, i imagine if he knew nicole's history of glorifying abuse, she'd probably go the fuck off. alice doesn'r tolerate anything anymore and its great.

No. 544707

i've defended her in the past but… nicole if you're reading this please scrap this album. nobody wants 3 year old songs and rehashes of every other song you've ever made

No. 544871

File: 1522727346737.png (270.75 KB, 1033x1231, IMG_2011.PNG)

um, I thought this was worth contributing here (second comment is her boyfriend Matt)

No. 545383

Sad how she posts about the album like everyday and still nobody cares not even her diehard ~sick baby angel~ fans

No. 545840

the album shows absolutely no growth in musical or songwriting ability. it's the same shit she's been pumping out forever.

No. 546036

what kind of dead ass release was that anyway? You're telling me it took you over a year only to write 3 songs that sound the same and remaster old songs? Boring.

No. 546069

File: 1522849504371.jpeg (209.86 KB, 750x718, 401BB870-F6E4-4A37-BF3B-536BC9…)

this one isn’t awful, but how many photos from this one “photoshoot”(kek) is she going to post

No. 546356

if i see one more photo from this motel im going to lose it. and the constant "go listen to my 5 songs!!!" sorry nicole, but all fans listened to it, no one else is going to.

No. 546718

the funny thing is once again she took these herself, and it looks like from her phone. so what did she do get out of the bath each time to take a self timed photo? you only get like 10 seconds to run back into the bath?

No. 546880

I'd wager that's why there are so many splatters of bath water on the mirrors.

No. 546910

Hate to admit it but I did something similar with my phone once, if that’s how she got the photos she probably recorded a video, in which she posed a bunch, and then took stills from the video. It’s a lot easier than taking a million pics and posing for each one

No. 547149

what a bunch of weirdos

No. 548572

i think i just found the heart of nicole's new aesthetic: 1970s supermodel prostitute who just escaped a sex cult/serial killer

No. 548626

File: 1523081679073.jpeg (63.05 KB, 1000x666, 822B2A2D-8074-4338-B6A1-2A72BD…)


I reckon she’s going for the aesthetics from The Neon Demon

No. 548803

She wishes she could embody that aesthetic. Supermodel? Kek.

No. 548809


Haha good call anon!

No. 548815

That is sadly probably her goal

No. 548819

The video for ‘get drunk’ back when ldr was lg is a perfect example of Nicole snatching her aesthetic from someone else, for whatever reason I always think of that song more than any other when discussing Nicole’s skinwalking issues.

No. 548822

File: 1523115276694.jpeg (71.27 KB, 550x366, C9A6B95C-1725-49BA-A2AE-C295F3…)

This legit looks like a place I stayed at with my boyfriend as a joke, I wonder if Nicole goes into shock at the thought of the Madonna Inn, probably shouldn’t give her ideas, pic related.

No. 548836


What video do you mean, anon? From what I know there is no official video for Get Drunk (by which I mean homemade by Lana, not a fanmade).
Care to post a link? Or did you mean a video for another song, like Kill Kill?

No. 548862

This is the one I saw but I have no idea if it’s real?

No. 549760

File: 1523208851408.png (397.71 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180408-123411.png)

No. 550098

I have a feeling someone in that same car called it in as a request.

No. 553058

Natural Born Losers is a classic, so it doesn't matter if she never makes a good song again.

No. 553068

>Natural Born Losers is a classic

Wow, that's a bold statement, anon.

No. 553377

Nobody gives a flying fuck about that, or any, of her shit albums. Are you 13? Lmao

No. 553378

Obviously. Bitch still hasn’t come close to a small 1k notes on her new amazing uwu songs she posted to her tumblr, which is where her biggest fanbase resides. Nobody cares about her or her music anymore, kek

No. 553381

Almost no one remembers it anymore to be quite honest.>>553378

yeah, I feel it will be hard (if not impossible) for her to become as popular as she used to be. She made the fans wait too long so they forgot about her songs and moved on I guess

No. 553503

It’s almost sad to see, because if she had done something, anything besides her shitty touring which essentially ruined her career… she would’ve been successful. She was signed to Grimes’ label, she had the public eye and crazy fans, merch, fuck she opened for LDR. She even looked pretty cute at one point. And she pissed all that opportunity away in a matter of 2-3 years.

No. 553511

agreed, anon. I used to be a fan of Nicole back in her prime days and I'm not gonna lie - sometimes I still listen to a few of her older songs. In my opinion she wasted her chance to do something bigger though - her 5 minutes of fame is pretty much gone.

No. 553613

does anyone know why she didnt last? was it because her behavior during touring or people finding out shes not that great of person? i thought it was because she waited fucking forever to put out new music

why did touring ruin her career?

No. 553650

Her lack of music like you said also: losing what little charm she had when she was recording in her bathroom with just guitar unlike now with her neckbeards ruining her ~uwu sad bbydoll~ aesthetic, anyway she wasnt going to last because she doesnt know how to at least fake being a decent person

No. 553717

File: 1523567688684.jpeg (146.63 KB, 750x749, 3504B83F-593C-4FAE-969B-483713…)

I was a fan of Nicole in 2011 after she released coma baby and blew up on tumblr. She got about 300 or so messages of support after releasing a short grainy recording of a song. Everyone in that tumblr circle loved her and being her friend was something everybody wanted. Now everybody I know (myself included) thinks she is a little bit cringeworthy and the 15 minutes of fame is over.

I think it’s a combination of the aesthetic change (a genuinely cute and interesting girl who blogged about her life in an “honest” way and shared photos of her room and her possessions) to her trying this embarrassing new edgy look that doesn’t suit her, the poor touring performances, the grimy backup band… plus her ugly personality coming out (everyone thought she was ~an angel~ because she’d pay attention to asslicking fans) and people realizing she’s a liar and a user and a flake. The candids of her looking almost nothing like her bedroom selfies etc. The charm of the sick girl in her bedroom just totally wore off.

Plus I’m sure a lot of her fan base just grew up. When she was at her height me and the tumblr group that worshipped her were teenagers. That was years ago. I think as you grow up you realize how pathetic Nicole is… she is in her late 20s and pandering to 13 year olds. All the diehard fans left are preteens.

No. 553975

I also feel like one of her faults is she completely unrelatable and fabricated. I'm sure the preteen fans don't care at all because life is all about aesthetic photos for them, but for ex fans (I would say the older group who grew out of her) she is so obviously trying to fit the ~sad bby doll~ persona there's nothing left to find a connection to. She doesn't have a personality to connect to, making her music seem all the more contrived. All she appears to be is the human embodiment of the aesthetic.

No. 554080

File: 1523587118035.png (408.47 KB, 540x405, tumblr_onif1pWBbH1w00eevo1_540…)

I agree. If you look through who tags her in instagram photos or posts "confessions" about her it's obvious how old the fanbase is.

No. 554298

yeah. I started listening to nicole when i was 13, i know a lot of people in her fanbase who are 13-15. But rarely anyone over 23 id say

No. 554362

The ones over 25 are basically just closeted pedophilic shut-ins

No. 554389

this made me nostalgic.
but don’t pretend as if she wasn’t cringeworthy back then, reblogging deformities and actual child porn to suit her ~cute but sick girl~ aesthetic.

No. 554469

Holy shit, I lol'd.
You have a very loose definition of classic. You desperately need some taste in music if your definition of classic is a nicole dollanganger album. Most people consider classics to be Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Prince etc. and then here you are.

No. 554559

I'm a casual poster in the "True Crime Community" on tumblr (I know) and because she wrote some songs about/relating to the Columbine shooters everyone loves her. I tried listening to her music once and could only stand about half a minute of her ~sexy baby~ voice.

No. 554692

I’m almost 100% positive that anon was using the term very likely and you took that post entirely to seriously you fucking autist. They’ve made memes out of your kind of comment.

No. 555307

Did you guys see that Nicole posted a fanart on her ig yesterday but now it's gone? Wonder why she did that, it already had lots of likes and comments.

No. 555324

This is a image board why didn’t you screen shot and post here

No. 555332


How could I know she's gonna delete it, it was just a fanart. I'm not screenshoting anything she's posting, y'know? I was just wondering why did she do that - if I remember correctly the artist even thanked her under that post and now it's gone.

No. 555334

"Everything", not "anything", sorry.

No. 556320

No. 556424

File: 1523822156579.jpg (506.69 KB, 1080x1574, 20180415_155456.jpg)

here is the artist's original post. i remember nciole posting it. after scrolling through nicoles insta i realised she also deleted a drawing a girl @pigss made that she had reposted. maybe she deleted the art in question cuz the style was based off another artist nicole follows? also i know pigss makes/had made music so maybe by promoting her nicole realised she might be giving herself competition. this is all speculation though

No. 556950

pigss is the new dollanganger. that much is obvious. same sort of style with a "sweeter" and more "innocent" front.

No. 557081

I… don’t see any similarities, really

No. 558624

hmmm, I'm quite surprised she deleted that pigss art, I remember she was very happy with it. Pigss did a few more Nicole fanarts and for some reason I always thought she and Nicole were rather friendly to each other.

No. 560091

File: 1524158989896.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 7AB2747B-F3C4-4678-9ACD-AE56F6…)

She posted the album teaser…again

No. 560095

Someone probably reported it for gore and she had to take it down.

No. 560098

I’m screaming somebody please help her understand nobody cared. It’s so embarassing

No. 560162

if u scroll through the art on the account the person tagged in the desc u can find a pic thats exactly the same

No. 560983

She deleted a ton of pictures off her Instagram including most of the selfies. Strange

No. 566766

Shes going on "tour" 3 shows or somerhing

No. 566769

File: 1524792357135.png (842.21 KB, 720x838, 20180426_202530.png)

No. 566863

Why do they tour with her? I’d ditch the event if I got there and she was on stage. Why ruin their shows? Why support her garbage music? Pathetic

No. 566942

File: 1524807931468.jpeg (206.7 KB, 750x952, 194376AA-915E-4087-9502-B8D0A9…)

She posted another pic from the SAME PHOTOSHOOT. What did she do, pack an array of nightgowns to take selfies in a dirty motel tub all night, alone? Pathetic. They all look the same. Someone stop her lol

No. 566949

Was her aesthetic goal Mrs Klaus becomes crystal meth addicted prostitute?

No. 566964

You know, I barely really follow this topic but the repeating photoshoots in that motel room always reminds me of this one video that features a similar bathtub…and what they find in there…

No. 568935

Even if it's the same hotel, it's a different color tub at least?

I wonder if Nicole's inability to deal with criticism is what's killing her career. She keeps tweaking and re-releasing songs, her newer songs are devoid of the edge that she gets called out for and now she barely posts photos of herself. She's erasing all of the points she gets hate on, and now there's nothing less. It's like how Kota went from producing lots of popular content to only occasionally posting the most meticulously edited video twice a year.
She's got sick great opportunities, if music is her main thing, she needs to suck it up and get on with it.

No. 568967

It is a different tub… why is she repeating the same shoot over and over? Is she that boring and stripped of creativity? What aesthetic is she even after at this point? I think you’re right. She can’t handle the criticism. Not star material which is partially why she failed so hard. Thin skinned.

No. 568975

Can we talk about how, event on her pinned twitter post, NONE of her new shit has even 1k likes. And out of 15k followers, and all of the teasing and promoting she did.. it’s just sad and embarassing. Are her followers even active anymore?

No. 568994

>>568975 I bet they've moved on. Let's be honest, Nicole Dollanganger music and aesthetic is a phase.

No. 569040

It’s like a phase 13 year olds go through for 6 months, akin to an emo phase. It’s so cringey that a 27/28 year old woman creates this shit

No. 569872

File: 1525073044474.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, 4A08AEE9-880C-43AF-9E07-C46962…)

God I’m so amused by how she can’t take a proper selfie without extreme editing apps to make her look less like a woman approaching her 30s. I wonder how haggard she looks behind the shoops

No. 569891

They have/had the same label and shes with apa who are maybe the best booking agency to be with as a mid-low teir act. Also most everyone, including suits & road dogs, on that tour has like two degrees of separation max to each other it just makes sense to tour with people you already know.

No. 570355

File: 1525119289060.jpeg (114.73 KB, 750x725, F672D67F-083D-4236-AE28-A0DB91…)

Posted today

No. 570399

I'm tired of these struggle selfies. She needs to realize she isn't physically attractive enough to hold attention without having to be at least halfway aesthetically creative or push out music. By the time she releases the rest of her album, she'll have like 5 fans left.

No. 570629

I'm wondering what she can do to repair her brand at this point. Imo it's not her aesthetic that's the problem (look at all the people still lapping up Lana's same tired shtick like its 2012), it's that her following was built on a cult of personality and she's closed herself off. She dropped off tumblr's radar completely when she closed her ask box and stopped sharing photos and personal things. Her twitter does little to make up for this because all she does there is beg for attention from hardcore bands. I don't think it's too late for her to turn things around, but she has to be a lot more prolific in producing content but I just don't think she has the work ethic. A surprise release of a new album could do wonders but she'd never.

No. 570638

I don't know… her schtick was cute when she was 19 but now that she's almost 30 and sitting around all day in her parents house in old lice ridden nightgowns… it's not as charming and captivating as it once was.

No. 570912

It’s as though she’ll never move on. She’ll always be trying to re-create her 5 minutes of fame through the same tired ass aesthetic that she’s just too old for, quite frankly. It’s sad how desperately she’s clinging to it without growing or maturing

No. 571298

I absolutely agree with your comment but it also made me wonder…is there a way for her to kind of adjust the aesthetic that made her famous to her current age? Any ideas? I feel like it's impossible since it was mostly about mixing youth and innocence with macabre and while she could still work with creepy stuff, she lacks the first two aspects I mentioned…

No. 571576

So she’s reblogged her song again desperate for more notes or acknowledgement and she literally posted 2 more dingy hotel tub pics

No. 571662

She reblogged one song twice and it barely hit 500 notes. It’s really not 2015 anymore is it Nicole?

No. 571696

Tumblr is basically dead now and that was the platform she depended on

No. 571730

If tumblr is dead, what social media have people moved to? Instagram?
And how do you know it's a dead platform?

No. 571774

I don't agree, Snap and Insta have certaintly become more popular but tumblr is by no means dead.

No. 571781

it always seems to be a bit more dead in the "school months" but it gets very much alive during summer holidays. besides, tumblr still is pretty popular, it's just nicole who's not relevant there anymore (probably because she stopped posting as often as she used to)

No. 571816

Not trying to wk but I somewhat understand why she’d remove her asks, because a majority of her fans are annoying 13 year olds who probably wouldn’t leave her alone.
Just look at the IG fan accounts that c.hapel ran, or other ones dedicated to her dog and stuffed penguin.
That being said though, completely closing herself off and not really being as personal or posting as often really shot her in the foot.
Looking through old archives of her blog, she’d always write about her experiences that day and made her feel more genuine but now, you hear nothing from her.

No. 571867

right. now all she has is her music to speak for her and, surprise surprise, it doesn't say much. but i don't know, i think nicole loves that superfan stuff. she's stunted so she thrives off the attention from teenagers. i think the reason she closed her ask box is because she thought she was above interacting with fans. also, her closing it seemed to coincide with the first lolcow thread picking up steam. she knew she'd get asked about the questionable content she used to reblog and knew she wouldn't be able to come up with a reasonable explanation for it.

No. 573428

File: 1525421364773.jpeg (100.58 KB, 750x731, 740D9330-6876-445B-A93F-7CF93D…)

Another awkward timed selfie from grandma Nicole

No. 573429

File: 1525421409333.jpeg (157.73 KB, 745x920, 4901B759-A24D-416B-8D68-EBD12C…)

She’s so obviously still trying to wear LDR’s skin

No. 573442


I kinda like the vintage look of this one. Does anybody know if she used some kind of special camera or an app to take this photo?

No. 573446


She really is trying to be a goth 2011 Lana del Rey

It’s actually cringeworthy

No. 573447


I used to envy Nicole back then since she did shit all and made music at home where I was struggling with college and part time jobs

Now I’m graduated in a good job and travelling so I don’t know who is the real winner here. I can’t say I’m envious anymore

No. 573448

Samefag but I envied her too, until I hit 21 and started pursuing and achieving my goals. It’s laughable now, looking back. I live/lived the shit this bitch glorifies and writes songs about. Keep writing shit music about experiences you’ll never come close to having, you haggard grandma wannabe teen queen kek.

No. 573450

Doubt she took it. If she did though looks like 2-3 filters slapped on a low quality pic

No. 573452

Her new aesthetic is so tired, already. When will she grow up and get a job, pursue an education, accomplish anything worthwhile?

No. 573642

I think she’s also trying to emulate the soundclout emo instathot look

No. 574766

I also envied her too until she ruined her looks and lost that charm and openness that made everybody adore her. I wanted to be likeable like that but I don’t think that Nicole exists anymore. Also her lyrics suck now. Sage for irrelevancy

No. 578015

File: 1525936755576.jpeg (74.28 KB, 750x366, 508B8579-CA44-49F2-A4D8-78B9FD…)

No word from grandma Nicole for ages and then she posts shit like this. I’m sorry but is she on meth these days?

No. 578018

That or maybe psychedelics? That shit can permanently alter your mind. She straight up sounds schizo here. Maybe she's just doing it for the ~aesthetic~ though.

No. 578019

It’d make sense if she had some mental illness that has finally caught up with her, wouldn’t be surprised if that’s why she disappears and still lives with her mom at almost 30 etc. sage for speculation

No. 578025

File: 1525938022627.jpeg (110.63 KB, 750x911, F8C04895-CAA5-46A1-A9F6-272EB9…)

checked her tumblr to see if she made any vague schizo posts there too, here’s her latest “update” (lmao at her reblogging her own song again)

No. 578121

I'm always so drawn to people who are so open on social media and who are able to write about their lives so personally. I wish I could do that by AVPD stunted my brain and made me really closed off to the world. I wish I could be more like Nicole of the past. How do I even start? And how those types of bloggers find their audience in the first place?
I know that a change is a matter of practise and making a new habit but I don't even know how to start.

Nicole had a real talent when it came to writing about her life on social media.

No. 578347

What is nicole even gonna do after she realizes her music career wont be around much longer? Did she even graduate college?

No. 578453

the thing is a lot of what she wrote about her real life was only 1/4th real and even that was really stretched. she had a real talent at falsifying a persona of herself she wanted to put out on social media

No. 579230

iirc she’s a film school dropout

No. 580124

Correct. She’s also talked about either wanting or trying to get in the funeral biz in the past, but apparently the little edge queen just couldn’t handle it

No. 580190


People lie Anon. What she talked about was probably only half true.

No. 581164

I think she definitely does that to keep her "edgy and mysterious" persona thing going.

No. 581337

File: 1526229550954.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, 4AC5B71B-1BAF-4195-BED9-23AA94…)

Did she finally move out of her parents house?

No. 581346

No. She is staying in stroudsburg pennsylvania right now

No. 583992

File: 1526419117475.png (1.17 MB, 640x1136, 7FFB0EEC-F392-4CEA-B368-192364…)


No. 584002

Motels were probably the most boring part of her aesthetic, I don't get why she pushes them so hard still.

No. 584034

Girl those weren’t ticks, those were bed bugs

No. 584055


i went to h.s. with the squatting girl on the right. she's always been heavy boned. always been a try hard who moved from one person to idolize to another. not surprised she's ass kissing an internet musician.

grimes did one of her mv's there. coincidentally so did poppy, her new collaborator

No. 585915


No. 586103

Late to the party?

No. 586130

File: 1526567977049.jpeg (304.28 KB, 750x1092, EB4EDF7F-990D-4321-BC96-A3D718…)

Did she shave her head again or did she film a music video?

No. 586241

My guess is she’s dropping a music video with the rest of her “new” summer album?

No. 586314

File: 1526579560422.png (9.13 MB, 1242x2208, E6A10581-21F2-414F-8017-672C8E…)

probably new video

No. 586538

ew what is going on with the shoop on her arm

No. 586558

File: 1526590262871.jpg (Spoiler Image,58.28 KB, 630x420, youdonefuckedup.jpg)

reminds me of those guys that inject synthol into their muscles

No. 587082

File: 1526618152953.png (1.2 MB, 640x1136, 6419EF63-7D30-4018-87D8-73F8C0…)

Didn’t know she was into drag

No. 587144

My god what is she on these days? Meth? Or just the usual annual adderall and alcohol binge?

No. 587146

Did she get bad injections or is it the filter?

No. 587148

Interesting she didn’t include Grimes in the shout out. Definitely dropped?

No. 587154

File: 1526630566130.png (2.27 MB, 750x1334, 2CCCE7FE-B3EB-4A4F-A3D1-06ECE0…)


No. 587155

File: 1526630678340.png (913.6 KB, 750x1334, 485B59CD-F5DE-4F19-9B82-FB5CC2…)

So they are all in Pennsylvania making some cringe-tastic video for her ~new album~ this will be good.

No. 587157

I can’t wait for the day one of her columbiner fans shoots her(a-logging)

No. 587336

That's what I thought, but she seems to have Brother of Grimes Mac Boucher involved here. At the very least, in her list of thanks. He directs videos and commercials.

No. 587493

I see that hand tattoo aged well

No. 589185

File: 1526813942829.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, 67ECC137-F749-4B2D-96AE-C2DE9A…)

No. 589186

And so the infamous repetitive tub photos are explained. She’s been filming there too.
Oddly enough I think she’s doing a good job at making a quiet comeback. It’ll be interesting seeing if the video is actually worthwhile

No. 589386

as much as i hate her i am sort of intrigued by the video. she still really fucked herself by releasing half of her album with two old songs instaed of a proper single

No. 590073

Did anyone else notice she deleted a tooon of her ig? Realized she’s going for a new Lana Del Rey approach. Disappearing for a long time and coming back with a new brand and big video. Nicole is probably hoping for the same overnight fame

No. 594615

i love that she is having an aesthetic change but still surrounds herself with the fucking cryspell girl and torturegardens. its like she cant let go of the worn out sad bby doll thing but also wants to emulate the lizzy grant era.

No. 594627

File: 1527370559715.jpeg (235.36 KB, 750x1041, 9B2FD926-E3D3-47DC-A7F8-85F383…)

I have no idea who cryspell is, but she’s fat as a house.

No. 594695

When you try to portray yourself as a cute little innocent babydoll but you just end up looking like Andre the giant

No. 594882

Her aesthetic hasn’t change in the slightest, save for the color scheme. Still the same ol cringe fest

No. 594923

yikes that's a face that looks like a halloween mask.

No. 594943

I had no idea Pigss made music. Her acne makes me gag every time I see her.

This bitch is truly incapable of doing anything other than her white trash interpretation of tumblr pedobait aesthetic. Ah yes, grimy environments with some haggard "smol sad bbydoll" that vaguely wants to be abused in some way.

Peep the retard bangs on that moon face.

No. 594959

I like how she strategically covered her hag face with her shitty cosplay-tier wig

No. 594968

bruh this shit is wild lmao. actually unbelievable how embarrasing this picture is.

No. 594970

File: 1527403653011.png (255.61 KB, 750x1334, D054F7FD-14E8-447E-8592-4F7FEF…)

Everyone else in their group is keeping fairly quiet about the “big project” meanwhile Patience, attention whore that she is, won’t shut up about it. She’s always making posts like this. I remember her raving about an obscure filmmaker contacting her out of the blue because he “liked her art” kek. She posted about it on both tumblr and Facebook. Nothing ever came of it. She tries so hard kek. Also, judging by her recent pictures of Matt the video is nothing but cringey bloody hotel room aesthetic and more disrespectful cemetery antics

No. 594971

File: 1527403738193.png (948.62 KB, 750x1334, 41069E90-6136-498D-AACE-FF5846…)

No. 594972

File: 1527403783406.png (1 MB, 750x1334, 8E0977F8-9A21-4B1E-B693-2462E8…)

No. 594974

Leave it to nicole to post an awful photo of her “friend” just to make herself look better, and allowing her “friend” to be picked apart here. Because we all know you read this thread, Nicole. You knew she’d be ridiculed. Why post that? Such a great friend uwu

No. 594979

honestly tho she really does do this so consistently lol. all her friends are hideous landwhales because she's old and haggard and insecure.

No. 594983

File: 1527404567063.jpeg (111.81 KB, 750x706, 76F4BDB8-59E2-4E90-B361-E04A4A…)

Nicole is so obnoxious when she does adderall. Maybe tinfoiling but she tends to go on adderall binges when she’s pumping out new pics, tweets, new music, or when she’s touring. Never forget her begging her fans for adderall and uppers while she was touring

No. 594989

File: 1527405252452.jpeg (225.13 KB, 750x980, 6229BCFF-51AD-4EBA-9C6D-3DDA5C…)

Lmao at the nicoledollangangerconfessions tumblr account

No. 595179

File: 1527439640712.jpeg (95.98 KB, 750x532, 90050A70-77E6-4D8B-8A3E-8C1F36…)

None of them look like their actual selves here, kek.

No. 595360

hate to say this or sound like i'm body shaming but nicole will never have a girl skinnier than her next to her, or involved in projects

No. 595392

Spot on. This is what I was trying to write earlier in the thread but couldn't word properly so gave up.

But also kek at musical talent.
Bitch WHERE?

No. 595509

I lost it at the Andre thing.

Has anyone listened to cryspells "music"? It is awful.

No. 595544

i'm actually stunned. how does that girl think she looks good like that? how do you not fucking see how absolutely humiliating you look? nicole looks silly as well but.. this cryspell chick is mentally deranged.

also, in like 2014-15 i kind of liked some parts of nicole's aesthetic but i was obviously younger then and now she keeps doing weird shit with her style and it's getting more stupid looking as the years pass. it's like she has no clue who she wants to be anymore. at least the long brown hair wig look was better than what we have going on recently.

No. 595545

She legitimately looks like she’s cosplaying these days. And you’re right, no definitive personality, aesthetic or look. Just all around awful, a hodgepodge of edgy tumblr aesthetics from like 2014-2016

No. 595549

exactly, which is sad because at least 4 years ago she was working to seem kind of "unique", especially to people who were not in the same kind of aesthetic cult, but now it's boring and just a mashed up mix of generic tumblr ~haunted bbydoll in the cemetery looking for hot ghosts~ plus this weird bride thing she's trying to make happen on her instagram last time i checked? i don't know. but it is even more cringy NOW than years ago in my opinion.

No. 595550

I’m legitimately wondering if Patience and Nicole have talked about the threads here. There is no question as to whether or not they’ve read these. Patience even answered an ask on tumblr related to the Nicole’s calves thread when it was all going down.

No. 595551


this cryspell girl's bandcamp is so cringe-worthy and generic, even worse than nicole's music lol

No. 595553

her "music" is so bad i can't breathe
listen to it for a quick laugh

No. 595658

I love how she layers her voice with two different harmonies to cover up the fact she can't sing lmao.

No. 595659

so since patience is best friends with nicole now, where does that put millie? has she posted anything at all?

No. 595661

File: 1527482681907.jpeg (238.33 KB, 744x1281, ECA2B8E1-AD87-4A35-889B-1EAF90…)

Still going strong lmao

No. 595664

File: 1527482827044.jpeg (229.35 KB, 750x1014, 5CC628BB-DEAD-4EAB-BDB8-A53AE4…)

No. 595665

File: 1527483036533.jpeg (Spoiler Image,207.46 KB, 750x1028, 86D79DAB-F748-4913-8872-08364B…)


No. 595671

File: 1527483473619.jpeg (256.05 KB, 750x732, 84EFF098-0326-4A5F-A3F0-FDFC76…)

How has she aged so much in such a short amount of time…

No. 595672

5 years ago I would've given anything to look like them. Now I feel bad that they're still unemployed and doing this for validation since they have nothing else going for them in life.

No. 595674

dang she is looking rough. nothing about this look works

No. 595675

does andre-a the giant know these girls are just using her so their greasy haggard selves can look smol and dainty in comparison

No. 595677

This is so embarrassing

No. 595684

What is going on with Nicole’s dress???

No. 595697

wrong petticoat

No. 595768

Drugs and booze

No. 595822

All the money, expensive dolls, free time for shopping and she still mismatches and throws on a fucking petticoat that’s a different shade of white, the dress on top resembles a cheap Target boho summer top. Her wig is legitimately yellow and looks fried, frizzy, and laughable on top of said dress. Her skin is sallow and her posture is creepily awful.

Nicole you are supposed to be promoting your album and mysterious video. What the fuck are you on? In what world is this a good look? I get what you’re going for but you are not hitting the target, not even close

No. 595832

She’s almost 30. She looks her age. She’s always seemed younger because she still lives with her parents and behaves like a high school or college aged person

No. 595909

holy shit she looks wasted. all that drug use is finally catching up with her.

No. 595954


the wig definitely creeps me out the most (it actually looks a bit like two layered wigs?) - it's just so incredibly cheap looking, I have no idea why did she chose it.

No. 595965

thats what i said, nicole will never surround herself with anyone whose skinnier than her

No. 596007

how has her facial structure changed completely? how does a person go from this >>303996 to this >>587154? her face is more narrow and her eyes are sunken into her head. she used to look so fresh faced. don't do anorexia kids

No. 596009

her face was smaller there because that was almost 5-6 years ago and she was skinnier then

No. 596017

I love that Andre posted this shit picture. its almost as if shes getting back at Nicole for posting an unflattering photo of her. The secret shadiness within this group of "friends" is so fucking funny

No. 596055

I literally thought the same thing lmfao. These girls are all so shady and jealous of each other. The only reason they're even acquainted is so they can adopt each other's nonexistent fanbases. Just like when Patience was caught in the other snowflake thread calling Millie a basic bitch and that Patience was chill and legit. I guess this is what happens when fug college rejects don't get enough attention from the parents they leech off.

No. 596077

File: 1527537752428.jpg (34.73 KB, 1024x618, fascination-movie-image.jpg)

I'm sure they're trying to do, like, a Jean Rollin: Fascination/Living Dead Girl inspired thing mixed with like a weird puritan girl thing… Nicole is a fan of those movies. the thing with them sitting on the couch in white dresses like that together is ripped straight outta Fascination. either way, she's doing it very poorly and it looks very corny. honestly though, she and her friends shouldn't be posting so much and so obnoxiously about it on social media. a smarter move would be to keep it all super secret and maybe try to make something half good, and release it out of the blue. but they're all like addicted to attention and can't help it, lmao. idk though, being so obnoxious on social media just really takes away from the shock factor/mystery factor they probably want ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ just seems dumb

No. 596080

or maybe they're just being creepy weird puritan ~babydolls~ idk.

No. 596086

I really think a Rollin reference is outside of Nicole's grasp (she spent film school reblogging shit when she wasn't sleeping) but maybe it was someone else's idea.

No. 596220

Seriously, this has to be ironic. This is absolute shit. This cryspell girl is worse than shitty soundcloud rappers, and that's saying a lot.

No. 596225

I think it's obvious on why it's so horrid and generic. Anybody could make their voice higher and sound this way without sounding like a dying whale. This singing voice sounds more like a safe voice she puts on. If she used her real singing voice, it would probably sound like she was going through puberty and it would be way more off-tune than her fake high voice.

No. 596229

I think it's the concealer in the first pic, makes her eyes look smaller and more upturned. Her hair color is different, she's aged, and there's different lighting. And of course, the drugs.

No. 596233

File: 1527549887794.png (Spoiler Image,495.52 KB, 871x597, ew wtf.PNG)

This is Andre the giant's youtube. I don't understand this obsession with anything that's disgusting. Does it make her feel better about herself since she looks disgusting? This isn't even the worst of it. She's trying so hard with this disturbing creepy uwu gore babydoll aesthetic that she just seems like a poser. Personally, I love death metal, and a lot of the lyrics and artwork for albums can be very gory and disgusting. But this? The shit Andre posts? It's simply for the sake of wanting to disturb others and try to convince others that you're a creepy uwu disturbed babydoll.

No. 596243

all this cryspells talk should go in the calf thread. that said, is she trans? it's hard to tell sometimes with fat girls

No. 596372

What can even be done for her looks? Is the damage irreversible? It’s so unfortunate. Do you think it’s only downhill from here?

No. 596400

She’s always looked a bit wrecked and white trashy

No. 596413

completely irreversible. she looks like one of those people who calorie restrict and only eat junk food, so the malnourishment age them like 20 years. pill popping doesn't help.

No. 596416

I doubt there’s NOTHING that can be done… kinda harsh

No. 596424

She has jowls and deep laugh lines, that doesn't go away unless you use anti aging cream. Nicole smokes, does drugs, parties, and has a shit diet. If she stopped doing all of that and started using anti wrinkle cream she'd only be preventing worse aging instead of fixing the damage done.

No. 596435

have at it lads >>596421

No. 596438

I don’t see jowls. She could always invest in injections for the laugh lines? Quitting smoking would help her sallow skin and fine lines

No. 596709


sometimes jowls and smile lines are purely genetic (trust me, I had an oh-so-incredible luck to inherit them too…yeah, I hate it). not quite sure if any cream would help in such situation but I agree - she could definitely invest in some injections.

btw, I often read on this forum that she's rich - how do you guys know that? did she ever speak about this matter?

No. 596863

She's trying to go for Cocorosie and missing,landing straight in 'kids school play song'

No. 596939

There’s no need for her to have confirmed it - her hoarders-tier room, her parents’ collections, the fact that she lived at home all of her life and she’s close to hitting 30, the summer house in Florida all speak for themselves.

No. 597114

File: 1527635536984.jpg (400.11 KB, 1080x1080, 20180530_001029.jpg)

Even the walls bend for the queen of babydolls

No. 597123

Lmao! And wtf is going on with her ear like it's sticking out so much and looks way too high up. Her tattoos, turd inch worm brows, and heavy makeup make her look so dirty. There's not even a consistent style or aesthetic anymore, she's just jumping all over the place. This pic is so unflattering all over though with that cross eyed look and missing michael jackson hook nose.

No. 597141

i’m so confused by all of this. not saying people can’t change their aesthetics but you’re totally right - there’s not any consistency. it makes me feel like she’s finally really losing it which is super depressing but like?? idk. it’s a bummer man. when I was younger I used to be into her. but now it’s just sad to watch.

No. 597195

File: 1527641787843.jpeg (52.87 KB, 640x242, 4EC1BE6B-4539-476A-ACF7-093A5D…)

No. 597200

yes! as i mentioned earlier in the thread, at least in 2015 she had the cute brown wig and she was actually doing some stuff that wasn't too awful or tryhard, and i will admit i liked her style back then a bit. but as years go by she keeps getting worse and worse and now she really is a cringy trainwreck.

No. 597202

You’re forgetting the hair. What is even happening there? So wispy and… just weird looking. Sometimes I wonder how many drugs she really messes with, heroin wouldn’t be far fetched. She is friends with Luna Slater and other notorious drug addicts/dealers online

No. 597204

she used to shave her head so i'm thinking after doing it often and bleaching her hair so yellow, she ended up with this fried weird mess.

No. 597212

As much as I hate her it has definitely become very depressing watching her fail so monumentally. She used to seem at least a little intelligent, interesting, she even used to look kinda pretty. Her stuff was cringey but consistent and executed well. She had potential and trashed it so quickly. Anyone else notice how thin she’s looking these days?

I really wonder if she can turn her life and looks around, after watching her since 2014 I really do feel bad for her and hope she finds a way out of this. She could start by ditching the blonde which ages her horribly, and maybe just ditch the whole Nicole “Dollanganger” thing altogether? Find a real job, take some college courses?

No. 597218


lmfao newark? she’s gonna end up getting spice and/or ripped off by people who see her as a dumb white tourist bitch. nicole is so retarded and sheltered.

hopefully one of her underage fans will come thru for this stunted 30 y/o and she won’t have to find herself some shady jersey plug

No. 597220

it’s really sad, especially now because her “OG fans” have all essentially given up on her because of her flakiness and general demeanor. i think originally she was appealing because she was ~edgy~, but also approachable. the reason she got as big as she did was from social media alone. she bailed on so many people that had her back so hard. and for what? it’s like she thinks she’s Lana tier, but she only reaches out when she needs something it seems and hardly communicates with fans / interacts. if she wants to rekindle relevance she needs to find a way to be relatable to people who are no longer in their middle school “fuck you mom, i’m dark” phase.

Sage 4 blog post

No. 597221

it just hit me hard that this woman is almost 30. that is mind boggling! i have siblings younger than her who are working much harder and living on their own. where did she go wrong jfc.

No. 597369

File: 1527664571000.jpeg (479.76 KB, 2448x3264, B0EA0339-2215-42C4-B5C2-E7206C…)

Can we fucking stop harping on with the “she’s almost 30!” shit. It’s annoying seeing this constantly brought up all over this site like an insult. Nicole is 26 years old. It makes you all sound like idiot teenagers who have no concept of what being “old” actually is. 30 is always held up on these threads as the threshold where a female is suddenly OMG SO OLD AND UGLY! For fuck’s sake, that’s incel logic. If a woman takes care of herself, there really shouldn’t be much of a noticeable difference between her appearance at age 25 vs age 35. No, Nicole is not taking care of herself very well. But being “almost 30” has nothing to do with it.

No. 597538

you missed the point entirely. everyone who brings up her age itt does it to point out how she has done absolutely fucking nothing in her life and still lives in mommy’s basement. she does look haggard and she aged very abruptly, but that’s beside the point and has less to do with her age and more with her lifestyle and poor choices. look who you’re replying to.

>i have siblings younger than her who are working much harder and living on their own.

No. 597565

I feel like she didn’t actually age significantly, it’s the hair

No. 597728

File: 1527703246636.jpeg (324.52 KB, 750x1016, CF9D1002-F431-41E1-90D6-1C473F…)

They both look so old, but moonface Maggie looks like she's pushing 45 here. Are they purposefully going for an evil-old-hag-of-a-forrest-witch ~aesthetic~? Because there's nothing remotely sad bbydoll about this look.

No. 597770

26 is factually almost 30, first of all. she also does look dumpy as fuck. but like >>597538 said you missed the point. nicole is 26 and focuses her aesthetic on being smol dainty pedobait with a baby voice, is friends with girls as young as 13, has no career despite going to film school, and spends her days doing photoshoots at gas stations wearing granny clothes and cheap cosplay wigs. that's why we always bring up her age. because she's been doing this for almost 10 years and despite being a grown ass woman can't get over her 5 minutes of fame.

No. 597791

im going to assume ur far up her ass between the oh so ~~~creepy~~~ photo and the inability to gather anything that was said in >>597221
shes almost 30 and hasnt done jack shit for a fallback job,, since the music "career" was fleeting.

No. 597849

File: 1527713064468.jpeg (130.43 KB, 1200x675, C0E73805-A679-45DA-9568-2CB6DA…)

They seem to be going for the Picnic at hanging rock aesthetic with those dresses

No. 597870

Listening back to her music I can't believe how I missed how empty and simple it is. I got in to her back when she first started as I liked her voice and some of the melodies she wrote but listening back she just threw 4 chords together in a tired pattern, added reverb but no pedal so they just clunk along and her voice only sounds good because of the reverb she uses. Her lyrics always made me cringe but yeah, it's sad to see where she's come after such a relatively short amount of time. We all seemed to think she was doing something different and interesting but she wasn't, it was all really basic art school shit.

No. 597892

they look so fucking stupid and like they smell bad. who can walk around and take like 57898 photos looking like that? do they have any awareness or brain matter?

No. 598185

At least all the girls in these pictures actually have vintage long white dresses/wedding dresses, while Nicole's wearing that horrible tacky short dress with the long petticoat under it? For this being her music video shoot, she looks like the extra with how… costume-y her costume looks.

No. 598209

File: 1527734683902.jpeg (61 KB, 682x1023, 61B5CCEE-2AA6-45C5-9CC1-0B5E8B…)

You are actually right. I totally misinterpreted. I agree with all of your points. I do see the shit I mentioned all over this site but it wasn’t applicable here in this thread. I won’t lie, I’m on new meds and had too much to drink last night and it made me loopy and more autistic than usual yesterday. Pls forgive

No. 598218

Maggie used to be gorgeous and she’s more well rounded and seemingly healthy than any of them. I wonder what went wrong. Genetics? Despite that, she is still far less cringey and better looking than all of them.

Also, the lighting in all of these recent pics is just tragic. Kudos to them for not caring how they look, I guess

No. 598227

File: 1527736322040.jpeg (170.42 KB, 1125x1519, 4FB94C1C-5317-4BF3-904C-6CAD87…)

Same anon as >>598209, forgot to reply to you. No I am not up Nicole’s ass. Her god damn fragile helpless baby warbling makes my ears bleed and I find her entire existence extremely embarrassing. My images are from reddit.com/r/reborndollcringe which btw is hilarious, check it out.

No. 598627

to the anon asking how we know she is rich, what the other people said, and also i know she lives in an upper middle class neighborhood. not to sound creepy, but she posted a package once without blurring her address and out of curiosity i google earth-ed it and she lives in like a pretty typical upper middle class suburban cookie cutter neighborhood.

No. 598670

Oh my god I have to see the subreddit lmao

This. That emptiness works for like one hit wonder song, not for her entire musical repertoire, it's just lazy to consistently make shit that bare.

No. 598718

Art school music is THE perfect description for it. She should have really stuck to music as a side art and pursued something that would last. An out of tune guitar, 3 basic chords, and garage band can only get you so far - not to mention lyrics all ripped from books and films.

No. 599104

File: 1527824148694.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, 20FDD2CF-C1BB-488E-B12D-D23366…)

Anyone know what this means? She’s always posting vague hospital things like this, what disease/sickness does she have?

No. 599115

Top kek I looked it up, bitch got herself some Lyme disease playing around in those nasty motels

No. 599132

>lyme disease
hope the broken bbydoll photoshoots in the woods were worth it

No. 599236

seems like its just a test, doesn't mean she has it. here at least it's pretty standard to test for lyme disease if you go see a doctor and tell them a tick bit you

No. 599428

I think this is fake. There’s no way she would just be tested for Lyme when the symptoms can overlap with so many other things. Doctors would do a huge battery of tests to figure out if something is wrong with her, not just one.

No. 599754

Lymie here. Depending on who's doing the tests, some doctors will test for Lyme disease right away. Others won't and it might be a last-ditch test when they can't find anything else wrong with you from other tests. Lyme disease treatment is a whole mess of medical school politics, so getting a test done can range from automatic to impossible. I won't bore folks with the details, but one single test for Lyme and nothing else right there does not mean fake.

No. 604912

File: 1528434842354.jpeg (214.54 KB, 750x1197, 3175ED3C-EFA7-45C4-B5A4-525A4C…)

Top kek

No. 604972

File: 1528440295757.jpeg (219.04 KB, 1225x1010, 54345001-F24B-434F-B0A2-83D88F…)

Didn't know whether to put this here or in the Poppy thread but GRIMES WYD

No. 604981

Why does Claire have absolutely the worst taste in people, it’s a shame

No. 605228


can grimes please rid herself of these wannabes and just focus on making new music. i don't care much for her private life but associating with nicole does her public image no favors.

No. 611530

File: 1529077121383.jpeg (177.5 KB, 750x1180, DFE4B1F0-F3C2-4B33-8822-72AFAD…)

So much secondhand embarrassment

No. 611631

There's no aesthetic anymore. That wig and dress are ugly as sin and nothing in this picture is coherent. Those 5 minutes are up, Nicole.

No. 611868

I used to like Nicole's pictures because at least the positioning, the setup, the lighting, the theme or the color coord was aesthetically pleasing and consistent with what she was trying to do. Everything about this picture and all of her recent pictures is just…a mess.

No. 612135

tbh, if you get any kind of tick bite in the northeast, it's dumb not to get tested for lyme disease since it can be pretty severe.

No. 612243

It just blows my mind that this is what she chose to wear for her music video, just WHY

No. 612244

Watch her never release it just like Hillbilly Noir

No. 612254

File: 1529137452401.jpeg (142.38 KB, 750x1159, B4528000-4B1D-4A76-AF1F-C27265…)

No. 612529

that granny suit is doing her dirty, kek

No. 613300

It's so funny looking at this rather pretty screen cap versus their absolutely atrocious instagram photos. Amazing what some editing and blue filters can do!

No. 617790

File: 1529644218622.jpeg (662.42 KB, 1242x1853, 20A16DD2-CBB1-4CD0-8710-93B20E…)

god damn, must be really nice to be able to ignore an extremely abusive artist's behavior….. expected of nicole, but i've been a huge grimes stan since before visions and lately her bad taste really shows. why can't she stick with the actual good connections, going from janelle monae to supporting poppy (especially RIGHT as the controversy is happening) is so sad. even her supposed azealia collab is ten million times better than whatever potential she sees in nicole and coppy

No. 617792

Fucking gross.

No. 617865

At this point both Nicole and Grimes are huge fucking jokes. Artists who were given countless opportunities and failed miserably

No. 618058

I love Grimes but good lord she's just hellbent on associating with walking PR messes. Stick with Janelle Monae and ditch Nicole and Azaelia.

No. 618239

I’m a bit surprised nicole even managed to hook a gig opening for someone mildly popular considering her 15 mins of fame have been up for a quite a while

No. 618356

The comments on the picture are very telling. Most of her fans are not supporting this desicion.

No. 618853

Well, it makes sense. Both Nicole and Poppy are hated, Nicole has pulled worse things than Poppy too. Her remaining fans and any new fans from touring will find these threads eventually.

No. 618899

File: 1529740546888.png (705.02 KB, 750x1334, 582B7BE0-9CAA-4A19-AC19-03A951…)

Why do I have a feeling this will be the most generic, boring, 3edgy5u video ever

No. 618929

sucks you all think she's ugly my best friend compares me to her all the time(no one cares)

No. 618934

Whats funny is that even Beyonce has covered alot of this look with her Lemonade album? Except shes had teams with actual taste and it came through both puritan and offputting(cuz even if the songs arent my taste the cinematography was good) versus Nicole dragging her instatoys around posing them awkwardly up and reaching for sfx blood as her only resource to giving any depth/edge. There are underground artists who work around some of these themes and do it well too, but when even the most mainstream artist has gone through the vintage nightgown aesthetic (except made it about historically racial shit instead of like CSA victim/Nymphet psycho) yet you're in mid 2018 still clinging to used & abused themes you can't even put your own depth into thats depressing on a new level and she's warming up for Poppy of all people in the middle of the Titanic drama since its her only grab for fame

No. 618953

Wow your best friend is a dick

No. 619087

nobody cares

No. 619205

instead of her posting about it for the 1000th time when is she just gonna release the damn video

No. 619329

I’m sorry, what worse things?! I know she’s posted some tasteless things in her past but what worse than bullying and stalking somebody publicing

No. 620202

Posting CP and irl gore goes a bit beyond "tasteless" if you ask me >>241838 >>241822

No. 620243

How are any of those CP? They look like fully developed women to me. Still not nearly as bad as Corey/Moriah drama mainly because it hurts no one. How does that make her a bad person exactly? Just because that’s not your thing doesnt make her a “bad” person. The entirety of this thread is mainly people jealous that she didn’t give them attention and stalk her every move. And sure, you don’t agree with her image/interests thats fine, but what and where is concrete proof that she is a “bad” person.

No. 620248

More specifically, what’s “worse than poppy’s actions” as you put it

No. 620253

Obviously the real cp didn't get posted on here, dummy. Some of it's probably still on her blog archive.

No. 620258

Samefagging, looks like someone did post an ex. and it got deleted in >>241839

Stop whiteknighting this sickfuck

No. 620412

If you actually go look at any information about her at all before whiteknighting because you think someone being a big meanie is much worse than all the deformed and dying babies, gore, CP, violent visceral shit she used to and probably still does idolise and post, you may feel like just as much of an idiot as you look right now.

No. 621169

Nah, i stand by it. Y’all just boring.

No. 621236

>hurr durr no one understands my cp and gore aesthetic
you’re such a fucking weenie. it is bad and so are you

No. 621242

people who followed her can attest to what she's posted. the tricky thing is that she's been cleaning up her archive as early as 2013. in 2011 her archive was almost exclusively thinspo and skellies. 2012 is when her cult party kei x gore thing kicked in. then she went for the sleepy town vintage gimmick which is when she got popular, and she deleted all her weeb gore pics. the cp was mostly from guro manga, specifically shintaro kago, jun hayami, and suehiro maruo. the deformed children she posted were always naked. she also once uploaded indie doujin pages of a pregnant child giving birth then hugging the baby.

No. 621336

learn to sage, edgelord-chan

No. 622565

at least two examples of irl cp were posted in previous threads, lurk more before whiteknighting your queen and making yourself look like the sperg you truly are.

No. 623400

I went to her Toronto show w/ Code Orange last night, and she walked off the stage about 4 songs in and looked like she was having a meltdown backstage. She was essentially booed off, and she never ended up even interacting with the fans after, it was so weird? Seems like the norm though.

No. 623412

Kek where’s some pics or a video! Disappointed. That’s not surprising at all. She doesn’t have many “fans” left

No. 623414

File: 1530175801388.jpeg (218.59 KB, 750x1334, EFB90075-F918-42C9-B450-7F8F69…)

Looks like there was some interaction with her 1 or 2 fans

No. 623418

Nah, The Shelter was her Detroit show.

No. 623421

Are those her teeth? The poor girl.

Nicole looks like Laineybot here.