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File: 1667186910858.png (2.58 MB, 3463x3463, 274849492727299.png)

No. 1689594

Thread for those who abuse photoshop to gain fame off their fabricated looks while claiming to be “all natural” or “not photoshopped

Previous threads:
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Notable photoshop cows:

>Erin Eevee/Pinkfox Cosplay


>Jenna Lynn Meowri


Now welcoming:

>Succubuzza milk starts >>1683635

>Defensive moid(s) sperg about "99th percentile figures", troons and tells anons to go search "wide hip nude" on google at her very mention >>1683646 >>1683663 >>1683828
>Succubuzza has a melt down on her IG stories because a user uploaded a candid of her next to a shoop >>1686694
>Sends gullible army of scrotes to harrass the user >>1686703
>More damning evidence is posted >>1686844
>Thread finds out she was already exposed publicly months ago, then proceeded to delete all the most egregious examples off her feed and was even caught using butt pads >>1687313 >>1687393 >>1687394
>Art anon blesses us with this gem >>1687482
>Proudly posts some scrote aledgedly using her as weightloss motivation as an excuse to slide into the dms >>1687508
>Malding over another generic ethot wearing the same AliExpress costume as her >>1688768
>Guys how do you lose the womb chub without getting abs? >>1689228

No. 1689598

OP here I can't get all the links to work and sorry for the paint spec thread image I'm on my phone, my b.

No. 1689688

thanks nonna for using my photo

sage for non milk

No. 1689698

Bless you art anon you are a treasure

No. 1690005

File: 1667231045772.jpg (513.23 KB, 1045x819, Screenshot_20221031_114400.jpg)

Succubuzza proving, once again, that her pictures are edited in some way. Her body shape changes drastically in almost every post. She says that it's due to posing, but these are all similar poses. What are y'alls opinion on this?

No. 1690014

The second one looks the most natural while the 1st and 3rd make her look like some freak of nature anime sex doll. She'd probably view that as a compliment though.

No. 1690022

I agree. The one in the middle looks more natural. I wish she wasn't ashamed of posting her unedited body.

No. 1690051

None of these look natural, not even the middle one. She looks like a bad sakimichan drawing with gigantic hips/thighs and tiny waist.

No. 1690055


Her waist is literally as big as her head in the 1st and 3rd pictures. That can't be healthy.

No. 1690102

whats with these thorax having, elastic sex doll monstrosites? when did shitty cgi hentai bodies become the new beauty standard? is this only an american thing? i have so many questions for women who do this

No. 1690124


the collage is so good kek

No. 1690132

I think it's pretty universal but America seems to be the place where it is the most likely a scrote will believe that shit. Because American moids on average don't go out and party as much as Europeans do. They live in podunk suburbs where they have nowhere to go but online, and just assume there are real girls somewhere that look like that. Kinda OT but I think US males are more retarded than European and South American males because they just never leave their fucking houses AND they're unhappy about it. The OG neets in Japan seem way more content in fantasy, for whatever reason. Anyway, moids stay retarded thinking someday they'll see a girl with the WHR of a hentai manga character in real life. this >>1690005 is basically just an art piece it's been so doctored. A woman with a body like this would genuinely be wheelchair bound, she wouldn't be able to walk upright.

No. 1690155


but wait, no, it's all real!! go google wide hips nude and see yourself

No. 1690161

File: 1667243175090.png (1.86 MB, 1640x2360, 7A186E11-4A3D-4780-8477-1D35CD…)

She posted “proof” it’s unedited

No. 1690173

> A woman with a body like this would genuinely be wheelchair bound, she wouldn't be able to walk upright.
Now I'm thinking of how twisted a spine would be, and how crushed the organs would be, if that were a real human bodytype.
I think you're right about isolated moids who basically never see other humans so think it's possible to look like this. If you live in a city in Europe you see enough people every day to get an idea of what humans look like. A lot of americans are priced out of the cities whereas in europe it's a lot more affordable and logical to live near people. I feel like US males tend to be the craziest ones of all the West and the isolation must be why, they seem so invested in their weird online cults, whether it's troonism, manosphere, right wing/pol, etc.

No. 1690176

>they don’t see enough women
Nah my exes legit thought that’s what women looked like and that I was like ugly compared to it :(

No. 1690177

it’s the widespread consumption of hentai and anime where these monstrosities exist becoming increasingly mainstream. look at any popular anime woman artist on instagram or twitter, all of their women will look like this. Sakimichan is an obvious example. to deny that this is having any cultural impact is short sighted. The people into that kind of shit are probably the ones following these women too

No. 1690184

File: 1667244333822.jpg (443.23 KB, 1008x830, Screenshot_20221031_152908.jpg)


She only posts "proof" in one angle. How about she posts a full-body video of her standing, walking.. The only times she does that, she's squeezing her organs in a corset.

In this Tiktok, she's supposedly "not wearing a corset". When she's clearly wearing a nude colored shirt/tank over it. Here's a comparision with an older picture (that's edited) of her wearing the same shorts.

No. 1690186

This bullshit started with the Asian girls who shoop themselves into tiny anime waifus, yet y'all weeb asses are blaming Americans like Japan doesn't pretend a girl standing at 5'2 who weighs 100lbs can have fuckin triple D titties.

No. 1690190

File: 1667244595749.jpg (325.25 KB, 1020x1580, Screenshot_20221031_152803.jpg)

The door, railings and parts of the wall are wavy when they shouldn't be.

No. 1690204

Wait, nonas, no way moids believe that her face and body in those photos are real, right?
Don't make me lose hope in humanity, I thought the average moid was smarter than that

No. 1690209


She has more than 250K followers. Yes, they do think it's real.

No. 1690210

>>1690177 The fact that there are people even here in this thread believing this is genuinely so sad. But unreal pics like this are all over internet, so more and more people believe that plenty of girls look like that, and if they don't, they are the "flawled" ones.

The worst to me is that people are terrible at comparing appearances. They will tell you two people with completely different features look like twins and will genuinely believe it, 'cause the truth I realized is they don't pay attention to detail. That's why some will say they have seen those influencers irl and they bodies actually do look like in the pictures. I've seen people advocate for them like "I have this exactly bodytype so its possible uwu", and then you look into their profiles and you it's completely different. People have been so brainwashed, and are so bad at actually paying attention to things that if they have slightly wider hips in real life, they believe it's the same as looking like those freaky bratz wannabes.

Btw, if you still think videos are proof of something, you must look at this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fp79Cz7jtz4

No. 1690214

I've seen the second type of body irl before, she just had more of a stomach pooch. Other ones definitely too skinny to have that much curves. But idk I'm not a specialist in female bodies like coomers.

No. 1690226


Succubuzza has a little bit of pudge too. She just hides it by smoothing her skin to the max.

No. 1690234


That video is worth watching. I didn't know you could change your body type this much.

No. 1690269

Omg, the "2020" is very similar to what succubuza uses lol. Its not long before body filters will become as widespread as face filters. But for the mean time, I feel like costthots would be gatekeeping apps that do bodyshooping in photos AND videos for a while. Especially when they dont want their ~its natural~ facade ruined.

No. 1690286

That's unlikely, you probably saw something similar to it. The thighs are just too big and the proportions are off. I hate that some women believe anime anatomy is real.

No. 1690329

Go somewhere with black women, big thighs with high waist isn't that uncommon. Add back on the cottage cheese and stomach pudge and it's a pretty girl you'd know.

No. 1690340

>>1690214 The girl you saw has either had surgery anon, or she may look similar in terms of having big thighs in comparison to her waist, but having a body exaclty like the one in the picture is impossible (at least naturally). Even if you have good genetics you will NEVER gain weight in just one place, if a girl has thights that size, she will definitely have a small pot belly and chubbier arms.

No. 1690348

i even said in the last thread that a baby possibly cannot fit in a body like that

No. 1690389

File: 1667260630856.jpeg (116.51 KB, 700x874, 15530BBE-519B-45ED-8955-F7DA24…)

New? Lol tiny ant waists and broad hips have been the trend forever sis. They’re like broad shoulders on a man. It’s a timeless silhouette that will never go out of fashion.

No. 1690393

File: 1667260785099.jpg (2.2 MB, 4096x2304, pt2022_11_01_10_58_36.jpg)

Some hilarious twitter comments. My favourite is
>I can show you a medical record if you don't believe me

No. 1690417

We already got snowflakes photoshopping asian into their dna tests so people will stop questioning the asianfishing shit they’re doing. What’s stopping her from editing her medical records or providing fake ones? Kek.

No. 1690422

>I don't have surgery scars
Kek she doesn't have any because it is all photoshop.

No. 1690455

idk what you are or who you're trying to imitate but BEGONE, foul and wretched beast.

No. 1690502

It feels like we've been invaded by the twitterfags from the celebrity cow thread

No. 1690546

>moid has never heard of corsets, push up bras and padding

No. 1690558

Except her waist isn't smaller than her head and she doesn't have an anorexic upper half and lymphoedema lower half.

No. 1690577

sucubuzza is bianca devins from another afterlife if she pandered to incels on the internet not irl

No. 1690777

Sage for not milk, but god, this is just making me hate moids even more. How can it be possible for a person to be this stupid and gullible? "You're probably one of the top 3 girls I've ever seen" fucking hell, the coom brainrot is real.

No. 1690802

File: 1667298685875.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1777, Scr.png)

Do moids actually believe a human can be shaped like this?

No. 1690804

Anon, I think the like count on this photo answers your question. It's depressing, isn't it?

No. 1690807

that person has obvious bbl lipo belly and proportions

No. 1690809

File: 1667299385660.jpeg (34.58 KB, 393x800, 27D54A00-25E2-474B-9D85-23175B…)

she sure knows how to cater to coomers to the max, making fansigns and everything. shes gotta keep up the facade for them

No. 1690811

That person has an obvious case of bad photoshop (and obesity).

No. 1690821

Considering most of the men who liked this are probably tech illiterate boomers who dont even know editing exists…the question to that would be yes.

also, the fact that she has a profile picture of her as a child and a account where she post thirst traps….is concerning

No. 1690891

No. 1691039


She writes their names on her body too, for money.

No. 1691062

Japanese otaku do at least know that shit ain't real, they literally go to cons to photograph those girls and see their busted asses IRL before going home and shooping them into bug-eyed Z cup lolis. It's more dehumanizing in the sense that these girls' actual appearances and selves don't matter at all and they're just 3D canvases for delusional coomer "art", but the fakeness isn't disputed.

No. 1691072


The problem with girls like this is that they create unattainable standards. Young girls are easily influenced and think that's the only body type that men like. Then you have young girls that do extreme diets and squeeze their organs into corsets, thinking that you can get this type of body naturally. It's super damaging.

No. 1691087


No. 1691092

This is Betty Brosmer, she was a pin up known for her unusually small waist. But even then, don’t think that the 1950s didn’t have their editing and posing tricks. Her tight clothing, pose and belt are doing a lot of work here. Hourglass silhouette we’re in fashion in the 50s but she was still an anomaly.

No. 1691113

File: 1667330473488.jpg (2.47 MB, 3264x3264, pt2022_11_01_19_10_24.jpg)

Totally doesn't edit her photos, you guys!!! No surprise she removed the pic on the left from her highlight

No. 1691115

File: 1667330649957.jpg (2.5 MB, 3264x3264, pt2022_11_01_19_22_46.jpg)

Clearly everyone who criticizes her is just jealous

No. 1691119

File: 1667330855684.jpeg (73.72 KB, 640x468, 5E8553CC-5CD6-41A9-A8BF-589120…)

A lot of people don’t want to admit that a majority of classic beauties had their fair share of surgery too kek

No. 1691124

not shoped, she just use a corset before taking those pictures(sage)

No. 1691131

Fuck off, moid. Where do you think her organs went? Do you even know how a corset works? Why did her hips get so much wider from "just using a corset"?

No. 1691133

Lmfao this nigga thinks corsets continue to compress you after you take them off?

No. 1691135

that's not how corsets work. "waist training" is a meme. waist training means women being able to wear smaller and smaller corsets but their bodies still bounce back after they take them off.

No. 1691142

Report this troll. I don't even think it's a scrote, but just an anon fucking with you guys.

No. 1691144

He's a retarded moid, what do you expect. He believes the "guys I'm naturally shaped like this, it's all just genetics and waist training" meme

No. 1691145

She really, really hates her hipdips. She might as well go get surgery.

No. 1691153

She rounds out her hip dips because she is ashamed that that's how body work. Fat and muscle doesn't form there and she photoshops a BBL to fill in that gaps. Imagine hating yourself to the point that you cant' even look at normal photos of yourself. Bitch just needs to go get a BBL.

No. 1691161

"She shops them a bit" lmao are you blind? Also, did you forget what thread you're in or?(sage)

No. 1691193

Some people here seem to forget women used to remove their ribs in order to get a smaller waist(Sage)

No. 1691200

Some people here seem to forget to sage

No. 1691204

name more than five women who did that, newfag

No. 1691210

Retard scrote. That's not common and it doesn't really make their waist smaller. It makes it easier to compress their waists smaller in corsets. I know a girl who got her floating ribs removed in some shithole country and there's maybe an inch or two difference in her natural waist but she can corset much tighter. It disgusted me honestly but if someone wants to risk their health to impress their Nigels, it's their business.

No. 1691219

My theory is that they're kiwiscrotes

No. 1691250

The retardation here is off limits. Corsets don't change your waist like that when you take them off
A bit? Holy fuck, scrotes are really blind.

No. 1691266

Uh, she's naturally made of play-doh? Why are you flesh bitches so jealous lol?

No. 1691355


She's a shapeshifter!(sage)

No. 1691374

look if you worship diseased ethot pussy, sperg about it somewhere else youre shitting up the thread(sage)

No. 1691398

nta but have you been diagnosed with autism? failure to detect jokes and sarcasm is a symptom.

No. 1691834



No. 1691858


No. 1691883

What is up with this thread that brings out whiteknighting scrotes and full retards? I am just want to laugh at cows that shoop even the sun if they can get away with it

No. 1691954

Sage but this was obviously a joke… Read slower next time(thats not how you sage.)

No. 1692037

You didn't sage babe. It's 'sage' with a lowercase is and you put it in the 'email' field. Hope you don't get banned.

No. 1692305

File: 1667448135630.jpg (68.08 KB, 600x975, 1d13cdd4a6c60a5deb31b541e9ca36…)

A lot of the more extreme hourglass figures from history were achieved via padding, corsets, and straight up retouching/painting the background of the image inward at the waist. It's no secret, but it's funny moids have been falling for this shit for generations now. It's amazing what being coom-brained will lead you to believe.

No. 1693283

I'm laughing because on the left pic she literally has my exact body. Technically an hourglass because there's a waist, but not this extreme shit. You can tell that she is short also, because of how compact her proportions are.
Also I'm OP who brought her up in the last thread and I'm glad to see other anons talking about the damage this kind of bullshittery can cause to young girls. If I was a teenage girl growing up right now holy shit, I can only imagine how mentally unstable I'd be.(thats cool and all but can you SAGE)

No. 1693285

Oh yeah she's also posing with her knees together to make her lower half look larger. I have the same kind of hips too, with slight hip dips, ive accepted it now but I admit I don't like posting pics where they're more visible, because I know I'm being compared to photoshopped shit

No. 1693290

Honestly anyone porn brained enough to have this delusional of a perception of women's bodies are doing us a favour. This is some new form of natural selection with coomers opting to never procreate partially of their own volition kek.

No. 1693522


She has slight hip dips too. You can see in a couple of videos and older pictures that she posted, she's just good at hiding them with putting her knees inwards, tilting her lower back (or editing them). As for the height, she's mentioned before that she's 5'4" or 5'5".(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1693525

She already has a really nice body, it's sad that she shoops it, I have an upside down triangle body and I hate the big ass trend.

No. 1693532

I never understood why hip dips make some people suicidal, they're perfectly normal and look absolutely fine. Pear shapes with a waist and hips are gorgeous no matter if there's a slight indent in the hips or not, coomer standards are ridiculous.

No. 1693582

File: 1667581727042.jpg (930.91 KB, 828x1088, 1667007285581629.jpg)

there is this girl named french-chan that keeps posting obvious photoshopped pics on r9k

No. 1693602

I hate how they turned something that's literally part of the bone structure into a "flaw".

No. 1693607

File: 1667582667146.jpg (1.25 MB, 2160x2116, 1667566134438877.jpg)

No. 1693622

She's probably just some regular looking girl with insecurities that needs easy validation from losers online. Has anyone on r9k called her out on the blatant Photoshop or are they too mind broken?

No. 1693631

It's because a naturally attainable body isn't "in" anymore. Women's bodies are treated like fashion trends where each decade has a new "look" and "perfect" figure. It just so happens that now the look is Kim K proportions which is only achievable with Photoshop or surgery.

No. 1693633

File: 1667583474820.jpg (997.69 KB, 1497x2880, 1666634829986.jpg)

anons called her out today and she had a breakdown and made this vocaroo screaming
she admitted that she does photoshop

No. 1693645

kek holy fuck what a freak. you have to be a special kind of retarded to self post on r9k as a girl. hope she gets the therapy she needs

No. 1693654

File: 1667584502178.png (310.93 KB, 493x659, 1667583790183269.png)

someone posted this on r9k but I am not sure if its her or not. What do you think? Also I agree with you, r9k treats e-girls like shit but they keep going on there to get simps and clout. Ciara horans wanna bees

No. 1693658

i just saw that, it's not her, they used it as an example of a troon who uses shoop to look more feminine. there is a slight resemblance though kek. & yep, it's pathetic watching the scrotes flock to her boards and begging for her attention, and it's pathetic that girls post there for THEIR attention.

No. 1693659

This was an example of a troon using a shit load of face filters. They posted it because everyone is accusing French-chan of being a man using face filters.

No. 1693674

Fucking too right. My wife has them and she’s gorgeous. They suit her. There are plenty of smoking hot women who have them, they can be so striking in complement to a figure and I genuinely don’t ever think they’re OHMYGOD SO DISGUSTING. Fuck moids and their retardation forever.

No. 1693688

robots once again proving they have 0 reading comprehension, i made it pretty clear i was just trying to showcase how deceptive all these filters can be but the boys can't read when qt french girls are busy sperging out for them. how are we meant to trust them to tell apart the troons from the trolls from the real egirls?

No. 1693694

File: 1667586893825.png (597.76 KB, 720x906, jawline.png)

the jawline looks similar so does the hair, the eyes look kinda diferent tho

No. 1693701

yea but my intention had nothing to do with how similar they do or don't look, they're probably using the same presets anyway so of course their facial features look the same after all the editing is done lol

No. 1693706

most if not all women have hip dips, it's just how the human body is constructed. It's absolutely insane that this caught on as something bad when it's the natural state of our bodies. How did that even happen? It's not like they look bad or something. Wild the shit women have been told to worry about

No. 1693760

File: 1667591853124.jpeg (508.71 KB, 2579x1514, 39C9F082-87DF-45BC-BA25-E7BBDC…)

You’re forgetting that in the old days young women wore corsets from 14 or so and it would literally alter the shape of their ribs and waist permanently.

Also some woman just naturally do have hourglass figures. Not as extreme as the shoops ITT, obviously. But there are always going to be people with naturally curvy waists, and for some reason it makes jealous people seethe and scream fake maniacally.

No. 1693762

Are you…Are you simple, Nonna? What do you not understand about this being posted as an example of a filter-abusing tranner?

No. 1693763

It's possible that your photos are edited as well. Note the blank background, a common trick to make it easier to alter body shapes without disrupting the background.

No. 1693768

File: 1667592191012.jpeg (949.62 KB, 2000x2685, 5D6153D5-E198-4AD9-888A-54A203…)

Lol no you are coping. This is literally a still from a movie.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1693771

Your sperging is not milk

No. 1693774

File: 1667592435009.jpeg (972.81 KB, 1242x2082, DAC57906-2BC0-440B-B47A-4888E5…)

The reason you don’t see commonly hourglass figures anymore is partly because most people are obese (and the skinny ones often have EDs that thin their bones, stunt development and affect puberty/estrogen production due to diet restriction) but also mainly because of modern dysgenics. Scientists say increasing numbers of c sections are leading to an increase in fridge-chan genes, that previously would have been weeded out through natural selection.(derailing and not saging)

No. 1693775

You’re literally sperging because a woman isn’t shaped like a brick and you can’t scream fake kek. Calm your tranny tits.

No. 1693785

>weeded out through natural selection
Yeah, they would’ve died in childbirth. Your point?

No. 1693787

File: 1667592756400.jpg (26.92 KB, 474x633, nocollarbones.jpg)

Not coping, I'm a hourglass myself (although not as blatant as your example.) I however think it's important to remember that just because a photo is old, doesn't mean it's edited. They edited a lot of things since the beginning of portrait photography, like acne, and…collar bones. Now that's ridiculous.(sage)

No. 1693799

No I was just stating they looked similar!(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1693808

Sorry scrotum, go cry elsewhere about modern women not dying in childbirth and not having to wear corsets. The fuck.

No. 1693815

Tranny seething lol. Get some hips sis.

No. 1693817

File: 1667594938074.jpeg (574.96 KB, 1242x1789, FA422D41-427B-47F8-9160-FF21D5…)

Men should wear corsets too so I don’t have to see their gross gut hanging over their pants.

No. 1693819

Corsets should be for men, they need them to prevent the beer gut.

No. 1693826

Real. Their musculature gives them permanent love handles (more like hate handles lol) drooping from the sides and they look like popsicles, the wooden stick being their legs.

No. 1693830

File: 1667595360191.jpeg (15.38 KB, 320x180, 88E34950-61D5-4B09-A17D-69618C…)

That’s achievable with enough corset training. Cathie Jung has a 15 inch waist for instance.

No. 1693833

Anon, your example still has collar bones which my post was about.

No. 1693851

Yeah but not like this. Emphasizing a small waist and wide hips is a horrible look on men. They need something that tapers on the bottom to give them Dat inverted triangle shape.

No. 1693878

No one feels the presence of god/their mother/objective beauty when they gaze upon the unfixed male form. Men have been mutilating their bodies and genitals for millennias to resemble women and your genetically enforced fetish won’t change universal truth. Go to your corner of shame and think about the shit you spew.

No. 1693883

ntayrt but you sound retarded
humans are all hideous, go look at a tree instead if you want actual beauty

No. 1693896

Self hating moron L. Blinded + calcified pineal gland.

No. 1693903

>No one feels the presence of god/their mother/objective beauty when they gaze upon the unfixed male form
LOL tranny, nobody thinks it about women either unless youre a troon with mommy issues, your time is passing by and your years are running out while you read about pineal glands!

No. 1693926

Why is it always the fridge shaped trannies calling real women trannies? Is it some kind of cope that gives them the euphoria of feeling like a real woman kek? Or can they just not accept their delusions of the female figure are all pornified extreme they'll never achieve?

No. 1693999

Oh no, not that whiteknighting scrote again…

No. 1694343

Edited or unedited, corset or no corset, I would never deny that there are a handful of women who have small ribcages and a smaller frame in general thereby a very small waist. There are also a handful of women who naturally have gorgeous angelic facial features like something you'd think is CGI, without surgery. The fact that you're posting an outlier woman as some kind of "gotcha" that women can totally look like a hentai inspired Photoshop amalgamation is so irrelevant and proves nothing. A woman shaped like her naturally is an anomaly and that's the whole point. You can go on and on about how women like this "really do exist !!" But if they make up about 0.00001% of the population, then they don't really count when we're talking about general norms. In other words, there are some women out there who do look like this naturally, but they're so few and far between that the chances of them fucking any of the scrotes who yammer on about their rare existence is utterly non-existent. She doesn't exist in your world, you will never even get close enough to smell her farts, she's a fantasy for you whether she's real or photoshopped or surgical or corseted blah blah. Unless a man is himself some sort of anomaly with maybe a gigantic dick + fuckton of money + model features, he can go ahead and wish for a woman like this in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first. Let's be real, men are hideous troglodytes on average, it's not happening, you'll be better off if you stop living in fairytale world where .00001% beauty women are an option that exists on the same plane as you and comparing other beautiful women to that by justifying "it exists!"

Reminds me of when my retarded ex complained about how Daenerys has gotten "old and ugly" in the later seasons of GoT. (The actress is his age.) I responded with "why do you care so much she'd never fuck you anyway". He did not take it well, threw a fit like a damn toddler lmaooo. The absolute state of scrotoids

No. 1694383

>what do you care she’d never fuck you anyway
KEK soooo fucking based, Nonna. I have to start using this when I hear scrotes saying such things about beautiful women.

No. 1694436

Ily, nona. Make scrotes seethe more

No. 1694695

based, and I can guarantee that this woman >>1693768 didn't have an enormous fake BBL ass underneath that planet of the apes costume. Of course women can have natural hourglass figures, but if you're so blind that you can't see the difference between Linda Harrison and this >>1691113 you are a braindead coomer. this shooper has a nice natural figure, probably pretty close to all the 50s pinups you're trying to "own" us with. No one has a waist-to-hip ratio like an anime character in real life, and trying to use beautiful .001% actresses from a bygone era makes no sense, because they didn't have proportions like that outside of corsets anyway.

No. 1695428

Fucking based take, the whiteknights will hate this one. I wonder where the retarded moid from earlier went, he's been awfully quiet.

No. 1696685

File: 1668042207952.jpg (406.22 KB, 1080x1463, Screenshot_20221110-114048__01…)

This doesn't even look human

No. 1697497

File: 1668135715209.jpeg (278.61 KB, 1440x1800, 0F957B24-D39F-4240-89A5-A20CFD…)

No. 1697500

File: 1668135906603.jpeg (904.43 KB, 1242x1514, BCF6A609-0AC0-4BB0-802E-3ECAE4…)

@ceoofgothicc is an obese white lady who tries to shoop her body like she’s in an anime

No. 1697504

File: 1668136100033.jpeg (264.11 KB, 1440x1712, F33075A1-4B4F-4DE7-8B04-F3CC5E…)

@sunnyrayxo mediocre cosplayer e whore who does terrible warping background shooping

No. 1697505

This isn't photoshopping she's just demonstrating elastagirl's powers to bend her environment with her mind to give herself the ultimate ass

No. 1697532

Ew wtf

No. 1697538

the way she, Belle Delphine, and all the others shoop their faces the exact same with the long mouths and Michael Jackson noses looks so goddamn ugly and fake

No. 1697549

It's the weird mouth shape that really frightens me. You can upturn the corners of your mouth in Asian beauty apps and they all look like they're trying to larp as this emoji ":3" irl.

No. 1697603


Holy shit she's fucking huge. She was a personal cow of mine long time ago, went by Cia Clowniac, used to dress lolita etc and at one point she tried (badly) cosplaying. Years ago she seemed
cute (ps included, I don't recall seeing her real face ever) but now she looks deranged and literally Momokun-shaped. Horrifying.

No. 1697771

File: 1668181931349.jpg (183.89 KB, 927x926, 311087837_10218668295817467_55…)

This is a year apart from next post, is it surgery or editing?

No. 1697773

File: 1668181956652.jpg (223.22 KB, 1024x1024, 240858717_10216988846432282_73…)

No. 1697779

Definitely edited, but maybe both. You can see how stretched and warped the lines on her dress are. It's most obvious around her hips.

No. 1697955

File: 1668197046418.jpeg (511.23 KB, 828x1004, F8624D9B-7EEB-4E96-9598-8A1792…)

She’s shaped a lil different in every photo, come on man

No. 1698008

File: 1668200771115.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1170x1616, 44C8ADB2-5F89-4CC7-AF46-12C0E8…)

mindless coomers. watch out succubuzza you have a competitor

No. 1698044

what are you highlighting exactly

No. 1698047

are you blind nonnie? her waist and hips are shooped unevenly.

No. 1698051

File: 1668205026809.jpeg (1.27 MB, 3464x3464, 5351CCDA-C9A8-44AB-B4E2-24A295…)

This knocked me off my feet with how disturbing the Yor cosplayer made her friend cosplaying Loid look. Why she gave her friend a Chinese app face for Loid is beyond me, but she did her friend dirty. Photo on the right shows a side by side of how different she looks.

No. 1698066

She was discussed in the egirl threads before those threads turned into boring hikkineet nonsense. dead9irl and angelthigh and babivampire would lurk and post

No. 1698088

The warped box kek

No. 1698440

That shit is too funny, betwen the fart smelling expression and the base boosted bloat tool legs
Same here, if she was thicke she would not have big folds at her thights/ crotch region.

No. 1698914

File: 1668342813989.jpg (106.46 KB, 1080x384, Screenshot_20221113-122339_Ins…)

This was a comment left under her recent post. Genuinely depressing that people are striving for this unrealistic, photoshopped body

No. 1698998

File: 1668354418105.jpg (29.6 KB, 310x465, Screen-Shot-2016-09-17-at-1549…)

I thought so, she's got cow qualities and lived in my town for a while, had a bad rep on a reality show and parades into every shop like she's hot shit and thinks she's god's work or something. Convinced a fan account was made by her as well: https://mobile.twitter.com/fansoheila

But yeah, I didn't think her tits grew that big in a year or two.

No. 1699003

File: 1668354684573.jpg (398.39 KB, 1920x1920, DnxNngZXUAA0dyP.jpg)


Did she really blur the background to hide shoop jfc

No. 1699400

File: 1668396942362.jpg (213.14 KB, 1080x1652, Screenshot_20221108-223453__01…)

This girl's out here looking like a she's made or Play-Doh rip

No. 1699401

File: 1668396984988.jpg (306.56 KB, 1080x1336, Screenshot_20221108-223523__01…)

No. 1699424

File: 1668399724031.jpg (198.53 KB, 1080x1452, FhKFzUOWYAAX7z6.jpg)

This isn't that egregious, but am I tripping or did she accidentally cut off her elbow?

No. 1699594

It’s just the fabric of the dress overlapping slightly.

No. 1699768

It is kind of weird how precise and straight it is overlapping though. I think susu is very good at posing, dressing, and subtle shops. Hard to see her as being as ridiculous as some of these women. I also appreciate that she seems to leave her face more or less alone.

No. 1699961

I think that's just the wrinkle in the dress but I don't blame you for being confused. Someone has posted her giving herself lopsided T-Rex arms in one of these threads before.

If only that were the case anon >>1047456 she either got a bunch of surgery and passes it off as natural, or she hasn't been seen without some pretty extensive face shoop in years. I'm not sure which one tbh. She is a lot more consistent with her editing than a lot of these crazies though.

No. 1700220

She got implants and they look terrible.

No. 1700234

How did this specific face type end up becoming basically a trend for how many e-girls want to look? So many of them look attractive naturally without this style of edit.

No. 1700261

Same. I don't know who told these e-thots to edit their mouths to look like a mule's mid whinny, but they need to stop doing it.

No. 1701316

File: 1668616909021.png (636.04 KB, 893x485, Screenshot_4.png)

Weebs shooping their faces into monstrosities are so traditional it shouldn't even count, but this one loves to make this cross-eyed retarded face that pisses me off. Guess that's where the "kawaii piss" she uses to name her style comes from

No. 1701446

File: 1668627700506.jpg (1.24 MB, 973x1729, 20221116_193932.jpg)

@nekob0icarti on Twitter, blatantly obvious waist shop and no one notices

No. 1701447

File: 1668627840872.jpg (1.22 MB, 996x1769, 20221116_193914.jpg)

What happened to her legs, the wall and the carpet in this pic?

No. 1701448

Lmao the photoshopped weapon

No. 1701452

she looks like one of those skinny fat weebs who has never worked out in their life and is sodium puffy from ramen and junk food
So many of these women could benefit greatly from 20 min a day at the gym

No. 1701656

omg i didnt even notice that at first kek holy shit

No. 1702040

File: 1668693311376.jpg (357.57 KB, 1284x1598, FbWGE4BWAAAUe2D.jpg)

using the child filter

No. 1702042

File: 1668693528644.jpg (93.33 KB, 720x899, Ff1DAI0WYAIEVDT.jpg)

No. 1702043

File: 1668693624653.jpg (499.62 KB, 1732x2048, Epq4yPBXMAE0a7T.jpg)

her real face

No. 1702044

File: 1668693824180.jpg (486.29 KB, 1536x2048, FXsHyAPVEAEfWY5.jpg)

No. 1702084

the worst part is this girl is like 16 iirc, she's a minor doing ahegao faces for tiktok…

No. 1702179

Jesus the warped background ausdhuashduahsdua can't believe anyone falls for this(sage)

No. 1702212

This is so comically absurd it looks like it's intended as a visual gag

No. 1702554

Integrate, macaco

No. 1702671

File: 1668753271240.jpg (258.35 KB, 1080x1721, Screenshot_20221118-173206__01…)

I wonder if she found her feature in ridiculous photoshoppers cause her handle has changed and her second account is gone as far as I can tell?

No. 1702803

File: 1668776304901.jpg (417.53 KB, 1079x1863, Screenshot_20221118_075629.jpg)


It wouldn't surprise me if she found out about this thread. The first time she changed her handle (from sylindaaa to succubuzza), it was shortly after she was caught photoshopping her pictures by goob. He makes videos where he calls out people for photoshop with a series he named Exposing Fitness Frauds. You can find the video he made about Sylindaaa on Youtube. He made a second video where we got her response (after she deleted HALF of her pictures), but it was deleted along with his account when he was banned.

And her second account is still up, it's Imskirbyy.

No. 1702810

File: 1668778599783.jpeg (366.59 KB, 2545x1300, 97E8EF77-93F5-45FA-BDB8-E5FE62…)

I love how sylindaaa/succubuzza/imskirby posts videos of her touching her photoshopped waist and stomach, just cuz you grope yourself with the shoops on it doesn't make it real kek.

No. 1702897

File: 1668789972277.jpeg (529.26 KB, 1170x2047, 8C72D5C6-6FA1-479A-8438-4B5D76…)

This imskirby bitch really saying ‘I’m feeling myself today’. Must be depressing seeing your real self in the mirror everyday. It’s pathetic honestly. Her body in videos compared to her pics don’t even make sense or look remotely a like. At least try to make it have a resemblance if you’re so desperate

No. 1703037

the fact that her waist is the same shape no matter what position she's in just shows how fake it is. even the most snatched waist irl looks different depending on how they're standing/sitting/her posture/ect.

No. 1703068

Poor little sylindaaa succubuzza imskirby imskirbyy new account age photoshop edit editing liar egirl e-girl girl onlyfans only fans porn woman photoshopping shoop drama fake cute goth hot sexy pretty ugly kawaii tights nude naked nudes bikini panties lingerie skirt boobs breasts feet foot cosplayer cosplay anime hentai small waist plastic surgery instagram versus reality fat hips corset beauty make-up tattoo real body shape face proof warped background pose posing sucking in attention trans transgirl kiwifarms kiwi farm cow lolcow, so afraid of people googling her and finding this thread! You meanies should be ashamed of yourselves!

No. 1703097

pretty good, anon. impressed with your seo skillz

No. 1703159

File: 1668809785597.gif (567.69 KB, 675x1200, 3383114D-95C2-4E88-80ED-928771…)

No. 1703191

Art anon I fucking love you

No. 1703194


This is amazing

No. 1703197

KEK. this is brilliant nonny

No. 1703299

File: 1668821442950.jpeg (238.74 KB, 1512x2048, Fh370N9VsAAXtsZ.jpeg)


Scrotes are seriously stupid and more so bitches like these for encouraging it

No. 1703303

Her ass starts half way up her back the fuck kek

No. 1703347

File: 1668824629781.jpeg (52.05 KB, 493x802, 66472F9B-3CEC-49F6-8899-97634D…)

I saw this image on a listing for "plus size bikini" on AliExpress and I am C A C K L I N G

No. 1703351

She unironically looks like shayna i can't deal with this.

No. 1703356

kek i thought it was for the shayna thread too. She's multiplying

No. 1703366

File: 1668826567118.png (135.36 KB, 287x384, 568FFE8C-C787-4BF6-9E23-735425…)

Built like this vase

No. 1703526

I wonder if she was the one who posted "go search wide hips nude" on Google or it was just a wknighting moid. I don't doubt she tried to defend herself here kek

No. 1703543

But anon didn't you know you can't photoshop nudes?..

No. 1704851

I think it really is her, ive seen her say literally the exact same thing about how she is pear shaped with high hip placement or something along those lines on ig and how "bodies like hers exist" when people were calling her out

No. 1704919


christ not the xfactor girl whos with a sex pest

No. 1705355

File: 1669011509586.jpg (553.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221121-100347.jpg)

Today she's talking about how she lost weight whilst covering half her leg so no one can actually distinguish the difference kek. I don't even know what's she's trying to achieve with this.

No. 1705358

File: 1669012283276.webm (257.13 KB, 720x1280, XRecorder_Edited_21112022_1727…)

Samefag I just answered my own question, she just wanted to post another shopped video where you can see her waist fluctuating in and out.

No. 1705431

Even in the edited video she still isn't skinny. She's not a landwahlr but her rib cage isn't high or sticking out aka NOT SKINNY. She's just a delusional chunko weeb addicted to whore makeup and meito

No. 1705559

File: 1669050411055.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x2421, 4FF6293B-AEB4-4EC5-9068-3BA808…)

i hate emphasizing shit like this (also video format sucks ass) but god she’s so fucking retarded

No. 1705566

same fag here, her belly ripples every time she moves. she also must be sucking in her stomach for dear life here which is why she doesn’t show her face. and how the fuck do you quickly lose a lot of weight from a wisdom tooth extraction? you sure it’s not because the backlash is hitting you so hard, you’re resorting to starving yourself/not eating a lot as you should? the “IM NOT SHOOPINGGG” proof/explanation/dumbass cope stories aren’t working. skirby, this is why you’re single. you’re like momokun, a moids wet dream but not a future wife

No. 1705579

File: 1669051310007.gif (675.81 KB, 675x1200, 0DF949AE-01C3-4D21-A14F-EB8B7F…)

No. 1705613

Do these boring bitches get tired of making 2 second long shooped videos with just them sticking their ass out? Her back looks like it's about to break.

Kek at her not shooping her arms. Can't have arms like that and that waist.

No. 1706063

File: 1669072872856.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221121-230111.jpg)

I'm convinced she's found this thread because of the sudden need to explain the name change. I also looked up the handle no idea who she's referring to and it's not even that similar.

No. 1706218

Can you go make your own thread for her? This isn't a fucking cow thread, it's to talk about photoshop. Stop posting social media shit here.

No. 1707046

File: 1669163394110.jpg (220.98 KB, 1080x810, Screenshot_20221110-114313__01…)

Anon, I'm not the only one posting her and that was directly in relation to the speculation she probably knows about being talked about here. For all we know she could've been one of the "wide hip nude" spergs that came out of nowhere. She's a photoshop cow, who's only interesting anons because of her shops, and she's the best milk this thread's seen since Albany or Susu. She isn't notable enough to have her own thread so you can stop having an aneurysm over nothing. You can always contribute something else if it bothers you this much, like angelthigh's hilarious rendition of anatomy.

No. 1707747

I'm talking about the fact that if she is referencing or lurking, like you're saying, and with the large amount of posts, you might as well make her own thread. Also this thread doesn't really need milk because it's just a photoshop discussion thread. Not needing to go into cows lives here. If you want to delve more about her, a thread for her might be your best bet.

No. 1708299

This thread is to discuss photoshop cows, not just random, egregious, photoshops you come across on social media.
>Thread for those who abuse photoshop to gain fame off their fabricated looks while claiming to be “all natural” or “not photoshopped
She fits the thread description perfectly. And the image that prompted this conversation is hardly the cow's life story. It was also relevant to the discussion from a few days ago. If the number of anons posting her here is that detrimental to you can make the thread yourself and I'll contribute if she does anything notable, but I think she fits being posted here for now.

No. 1710243

File: 1669460623819.png (868.14 KB, 828x1792, FC3BC784-04F5-491E-B44F-DE46E6…)

This girl @hirazp on tiktok, her photoshopping is so obvious, she also obviously stuffs her pants or something in her other videos. It looks so unnatural, yet all the scrotes ofc eat it up.

No. 1710299

File: 1669469567548.jpeg (658.61 KB, 1451x2961, F93E5171-50C2-4ABE-AF02-886CA4…)

Fat whale stretched tf out of the sissy scrote underwear. Damn bitch they are about to rip open

No. 1710305

File: 1669469883658.jpeg (1.34 MB, 3465x2993, AA2E8570-6CBE-43F3-A087-315284…)

No. 1710906

There's elastic for a reason and considering it's still somewhat gathered, it's not stretched all the way and don't unshop cows >>1710305 it always looks bad and usually not accurate

No. 1711114

It's so stretched out the ruffles on the hips have folded inwards. Elastic is there to keep the underwear on you, not so you can fit into a medium as an xl kek.

No. 1711194

File: 1669522430772.jpg (451.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221120-192558.jpg)

Idk anon it at least looks more realistic than what she posts and I'm not a big fan of de-shoops either.

And please someone tell me this just the filter/shop and not surgery or something. The eyes, nose and mouth are all so cat-like and stereotypical of someone who's had way too much done to their face. Idk why you'd photoshop or filter to imitate those poor insecure souls you see walking around Cali who're addicted to procedures.

No. 1715681

The name of the filter is in the top left corner,
It alters your entire face

No. 1716291

File: 1669949964509.jpg (451.16 KB, 1080x1213, Screenshot_20221130-221507__01…)

I realise there's a filter I just don't use them so I don't know to what extent it alters your face. Thanks for letting me know, but now I'm disturbed someone actually made this abomination. Also found another obviously chubby girl photoshopping her body to resemble a shake weight.

No. 1716378

she def left stretch marks and cellulite in order to look unphotoshopped lmao

No. 1716635

Kek her hand in the right picture, it's fucked up from all the shooping

No. 1716882

File: 1670022176926.jpg (118.29 KB, 1080x1350, 20221127_204755.jpg)

genuinely got spooked for half a second coming across this uncanny valley. body dysmorphia is really fucked

>it's just editing to make it more accurate to the character!

>you're just jealous because you're ugly
>stop body shaming!!!
>muh misogyny
>everyone does it anyway
Really sad that vapid failed child pageant contestants are now the standard expectation for a (formerly) niche hobby and pointing out the shoop is frowned upon.
But it's still amusing how the women who would have made fun of you for liking "chink cartoons ching chong ping pong" a decade ago are now "professional cosplay influencers" that are all for it, spending the whole day in their room doing some dance in some Wish costume to milk money and attention… From coomers and guillible children nonetheless.

No. 1716971


Idk p sure the child pageant failures take the L and move on. It's the child pageant winners u gotta worry for

No. 1716993

I hope he knows no one asked for this they're just pretending

No. 1717289

Her biggest issue is that she has actually had 2 lipos and 2 BBLs and now she has implants. Her skin is actually that loose around her skin. I remember posting her somewhere else, don't remember what thread, but I'll look for it. She really doesn't need to photoshop at this point, but the state of her body is so disgusting and loose. All for that aesthetic, right?

No. 1717784

Wow that's absolutely horrific with the amount of complications you can get from unnecessary surgery coupled with the fact she now looks deformed. And here I was thinking the anime girl tattoos and bad photoshop were the worst thing about her.

No. 1718873

File: 1670229779085.jpg (240.37 KB, 720x1035, Screenshot_20221205-014051_Ins…)

This guy looked like he maxed out all the SNOW warping filters

No. 1718895

His head looks poorly drawn and pasted on kek

No. 1719029

her face always looks photoshopped to shit so whenever i see that pic of her with her tits in the mcdonalds boxes it always looks uncanny as fuck

No. 1719031

Her real body is actually really nice. I fucking hate coomer brainrot mind.

No. 1719570

File: 1670296302175.jpeg (280.88 KB, 1010x2085, 75AD7A26-0132-49E8-B693-756A7A…)

not ridiculous photoshop but more like a ridiculous amount of surgery? hip fillers etc etc which seems really concerning considering the girl is like 18

No. 1719578

the low rise waistband in the front makes her look pregnant

No. 1719613

File: 1670300520079.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x1888, 68694D30-A58E-4103-8A5A-27ADC9…)

something about this is so uncanny, but idk what it it is. she looks like a middle eastern gurk trying to larp as scandi (she lives in Norway). are those contacts?

No. 1719734

Please tell me shit didn't get her nose and chin done and that's just shop. If not I highly doubt she can breathe.

No. 1719758

yaoi hands physiognomy

No. 1719762

she looks really ethnic

No. 1719767

Imo she has very typical Nordic features with ugly plastic surgery

No. 1719769

Wait, >>1719570 is the same person?? What the hell those look like two completely different women of different ethnicities

No. 1719798

File: 1670324698621.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1144x1774, A1DD69A5-D886-4CB6-88AE-C88A7D…)

this is definitely like a turkish/Arabic woman trying to make herself look more “nordic”. look at her compared to her friend who just looks like average nordic woman, completely uncanny

No. 1719802

File: 1670325009900.jpeg (1 MB, 1170x1964, 54D98C51-E028-4156-BC38-B04284…)

2020 her, that’s an insane amount of surgery to get before you even turn 18, wtf

No. 1719849

here she looks Cuban. How is all of this gonna age? It always blows my mind when these people act like they're very confident, posturing as if they're looking down on you… but cannot stand the sight of themselves in the mirror and start down the path of (what i consider to be) self harm before their brain is fully developed. someone should have been nicer to her when she was 13.

No. 1724262

File: 1670710642612.jpg (1.89 MB, 3264x2448, _pt2022_12_10_06_15_53.jpg)

From her highlights, pics from about 2 months apart. Has she gotten lip fillers or is this just more shooping?

No. 1724264

File: 1670710776012.jpg (697.18 KB, 1080x1906, Screenshot_20221210-061110_Ins…)

Also, whatever the hell this is

No. 1724284

no, she’s just known for drawing fake lips with lipstick

No. 1724330

Duuude wtf lol I thought the same thing that she looked afro Cuban here.. god idk how people can do these procedures on themselves that they absolutely look unrecognizable..

No. 1724465

Lipstick doesn't make your lips stick out like an allergic reaction you fucking retard

No. 1724531

She's probably using the plump tool on photoshop

No. 1724543

File: 1670735173387.png (4.23 MB, 828x1792, 53550C15-7D70-4D6A-BB18-CC1138…)

kek, the warping, hands up, blurred background seeping onto the face.
we have technology now where it doesnt need to be this obvious, but truly scrotes arent able to think critically.

No. 1724553

you’re a fucking mongoloid

No. 1724562

Nta but why are you so mad? They’re right. Lipstick doesn’t make your lip fatter no matter how much you cake on, mOnGoLoId.

No. 1724583

File: 1670740393702.jpg (31.61 KB, 720x900, FB_IMG_1670740351026.jpg)

No. 1724584

In the comments "don't be shy put your hands down" kekk

No. 1724586

File: 1670740706683.jpg (27.16 KB, 720x900, FB_IMG_1670740678234.jpg)

No. 1724594

On a side note I hate this I hate subhuman scrotes who belong castrated in a pit of other scrotes
I hate that they’re actively ruining Wednesday Addams. Fuck Netflix and the pedophiles and enablers who prostitute young actresses in the guise of empowerment

No. 1724604

File: 1670742874150.jpg (1006.58 KB, 1080x2024, 102829383i.jpg)

Outed herself. These girls are so dumb I can't help but pity them.

No. 1724611

Seriously I saw it on Facebook and there was this one loser defending her hard-core like "she's fictional" I hope that nigga dies of tetanus nail in his balls

No. 1724632

File: 1670745969039.jpg (4.88 MB, 2432x4933, Picsart_22-12-10_16-16-02-159.…)

Surprised no one has talked about kattbebee/kuddlekatt in here

I mean asides from the fact she peddles adult baby fetish content to over a hundred thousand minors her face shoop consistency is just egregious

No. 1724679

File: 1670752265757.jpg (389.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221211-204641.jpg)

>this is not editing
Kek I think she's realised how ridiculous some of her older edits were and is now backtracking. That or she's covering for what looks like a recent boob job.

No. 1724709

Probably a whiteknight or herself, nona.

No. 1725074

Of course, they're always average looking chubby or fat women with extreme body filters

No. 1725392

File: 1670817398684.jpg (433.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221212-144946.jpg)

Kek is someone larping as Skirby to the extent that they're not just stealing her pictures, they're even sperging about editing?

No. 1725436

File: 1670824488956.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1477, CD1D025D-2CBE-4621-B6BA-C03DDC…)

Arisa/ assne shoopfairy

No. 1725467

She is definitely looking chunkier

No. 1725491

Wow, they must really hate themselves if they feel as if they have to larp as a clearly insecure person who shoops to hell and back kek

No. 1725776

Damn was it the old e-girl thread she was in with Haley/BabiVampire/H.P. Lovecraft's doppelganger and the other one with thin lips and small teeth? I forget the name of the thread but that was so good.
She porked up. She's tall too so the weight gain is even more significant.

No. 1726777

Yeah it was the egirls threads before they got cancered up by moids and self proclaimed hikkineets.

No. 1726832

So is there any photoshop here? Anons are just saying she's fatter and I don't see any warping.

No. 1726835

Really just needs her own thread at this point.

No. 1727173

File: 1671030516270.jpg (501.62 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20221213-235658_You…)

Chinese cosplayers really something … shame that they have some really crazy beauty standards

No. 1727200

Daily life as a woman in Asia involves pretending to be a walking filter for other body and face types
Face tape, nose inserts, wax for fake noses, mountains of foundation, and tissues for in the nose to alter the shape even more. It's such a nightmare, beauty standards over there really do embody "just be a different woman" more than anything else

No. 1727204

What the hell is all that tape and silicone and… paper tissue up their noses?

No. 1727213

how tf do they breathe with that shit in their nose

No. 1727219

I doubt they do well. if you look closely at the ones with white, some of them have blood on them, meaning they probably can’t breathe through their nose and they’re bleeding inside as well.

No. 1727451

She kinda looks biracial. Maybe she is half norwegian half black?

No. 1727732

it's gotta be drying their nostrils out inside.

No. 1728181

Chinese cosplayers and their fans are so delusional. I don't mind how cute they are but I can't fully enjoy their content because most people think these are real. Classic case of porn sick weebs needing to go outside and see a real human

No. 1728188

Even their legs are warped, damn.

No. 1728210

File: 1671142485091.png (157.19 KB, 442x244, Screenshot (340).png)

I remember her now from her Zootopia cosplays. She's that pedo pandering cosplayer who edited her face and body to look like a small childs when she was pregnant
She even got a lot of plastic surgery done as well. I understand that lighting, make up and editing are common in cosplay but it's the pedo pandering for me.
Her fans are just as annoying thinking living anime girls exsist

No. 1728214

File: 1671142860829.png (120.49 KB, 251x275, 1480501831435.png)

This was her from 6 years ago. She just looks normal, but she's been careful not to let any candids out. Still pretty cute but I see she's been gaining popularity now that face filters are more advanced

No. 1728216

File: 1671142924938.jpg (109.57 KB, 960x1280, 1481462206251.jpg)

Aaand last one is one of her pedo pandering sets of her looking like a preggo child. She did more sets like these but I don't want to go looking

No. 1728248

wait was she pregnant?

No. 1728261

Yeah she was. In a couple of her videos you see her daughter running around

No. 1728417

This is insanely disturbing. This girl was on my instagram discover page and I was completely grossed out by her shoops

No. 1728516

She doesn't look like a human being. What app is she using to edit the video? I have never seen something like that.

No. 1729768


Gary Amos is a sex pest? Tell me more nonna, they're both up themselves in my part of the world.

No. 1729915

i fucking hate this shit. meitu and beautycam do this and have those weird leg lengthening filters for videos.

No. 1731292

You don't, you're forced into mouth breathing as subtly as you can. They are pushed very high up the nose

No. 1731576

They're not the same person they just shop their shit for the same demographic of coomers to enjoy

No. 1733663

File: 1672313537578.jpg (114.99 KB, 720x990, Screenshot_20221229-043015_Ins…)

This is definitely me when my ass starts where my elbow ends

No. 1733664

File: 1672313801108.jpg (186.11 KB, 706x1038, Screenshot_20221229-042551_Ins…)

@taylorhillss the bio says "all natural"
Why do these shoop abusing that's always have to scream that they're natural (ex: coconut kitty)?

No. 1733670

File: 1672316507601.jpeg (506.31 KB, 828x1421, 463F1C09-7DA0-4186-9682-25084F…)

lol I went to her ig & her body is different in every photo. if my body was like that I probably would’nt even be able to walk, then again sitting must suck lmao

No. 1733671

File: 1672316852789.jpeg (202.49 KB, 545x608, 33533F94-1507-42C4-9502-925700…)

You can literally see the photoshop KEK

No. 1733690

File: 1672322106496.jpg (765.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221222-134007.jpg)

Her old shops were hilarious, thankfully she's toned it down recently and is claiming to be able to gain weight again thanks to balancing her hormones. Here's picture a friend of hers uploaded with normal proportions, which makes her long tangents about not being able to gain weight and being bullied for her waist even more kek worthy.

No. 1733695

Ive seen that cow posted here before and what was funny is that she at one point, while posting all these pics, she posted on her story that she scheduled a BBL. As in, transferring more fat to her ass from her waist when it already allegedly looks like that kek. It's obviously shopped and shes just waiting to get the surgery so her post op self looks more like her shops.

No. 1734029

What in the fuck? Holy shit, people believe this? Slap my granddaddy in the jaw and beat my uncle with a stop sign this has to be a study/experiment on how scrote brains function by monitoring their behaviour online

No. 1734577

It’s sad cause she doesn’t need the photoshop if that’s genuinely her body, it already looks nice.

No. 1734689

Hard agree anon, it's always girls who'd probably be just as popular without the ridiculous proportions

No. 1735448

File: 1672601490616.png (9.52 MB, 1170x2532, 6739D400-D3E7-4785-A314-C29AD2…)

what the hell is this

No. 1735564

File: 1672618052738.jpg (588.3 KB, 1080x1717, Screenshot_20230102-110547__01…)

Wow I literally called it. This is embarrassing given the fact all she did was stop shopping so hard and get a boob job…

No. 1735575

File: 1672618542572.jpg (400.15 KB, 1080x1481, Screenshot_20230102-110857__01…)

>I'm not even wearing foundation in these photos
Why do people say this shit on technicalities? She's clearly using a smoothing filter and concealer since her tattoo is nowhere to be seen and that's coupled with the fact she looks like an entirely different person to a few years ago? >>1038343

No. 1744926

File: 1673735537019.jpg (98.77 KB, 736x920, 4303.jpg)

Seracoss is terrifying

No. 1745466

File: 1673800662634.jpeg (93.2 KB, 828x294, 3D5761DC-01F4-4B1E-B6CC-B12D0B…)

Ines Helene posts gratuitously photoshopped selfies with inhuman proportions and also claims to have a bunch of contradictory degrees. Apparently has a law degree and a Phd in Mycology.

If she had a law degree why does she need to get naked and spend hours editing porno inspired proportions on each set of pics for the price of a cheeseburger

No. 1745822

anon, I really hope you're not taking a list that contains "shroomgirl" and "phd in mushrooms" at all seriously….

No. 1745964

File: 1673859397599.jpg (849.64 KB, 1080x1592, Screenshot_20230116_035129_Ins…)

It's crazy she still heavily edits her pics despite getting surgery. Also, it's been said she smells really bad.

No. 1745971

late but are these not very obvious when theyre seen irl? they cant have perfect lighting and camera angles all the time. even makeup is visible so how do they walk around with fake noses and not get treated like clowns?

No. 1745972

Oh my gosh, I can't believe she's still around. Her comments are off and I'm sure that whenever they're on it's someone pointing out her photoshop, so I wonder what's even the point being what she does. And apparently she has Onlyfans now..

No. 1746181

Yeah, I'm guessing the OnlyFans thing didn't work out too well either bc she's not posting there either. She got called a catfish by a rapper bc she was ditched by some dude she met up with. Lol

No. 1746312

You would stink too if your vagina was buried in squidward thigh cleeullite.

No. 1746618

no fucking way this raychiel psycho is still around…kek

No. 1748423

File: 1674166341831.jpg (2.55 MB, 3072x4096, MTXX_PT20230120091100661.jpg)

We're still witnessing mental illness kek. Does anyone have a link to the thread she's getting worked up about?

No. 1748459

File: 1674169030967.jpg (180.63 KB, 1080x1700, Screenshot_20230120-095533__01…)

No. 1748484

File: 1674170852692.jpeg (141.64 KB, 1080x1317, A5A19763-00AD-4127-A9E2-575C5C…)

Do they even try with their shoops anymore?

No. 1748489

I can't with the photoshopped shirt kek

No. 1748580

File: 1674184767193.jpg (2.68 MB, 4096x2304, pureautism.jpg)

I can't with the comments on the Reddit post she sent her simps after them and holy fuck they're gullible. Probably the same groomcord simps who sperged out about "wide hip nudes" here.

No. 1748642

File: 1674192293655.jpeg (487.06 KB, 750x739, C38F5DA3-DBB9-4F03-99BF-6C9A3C…)

amuwestwood on her clown shit as usual

No. 1748720

She looks familiar has she gone by a different handle?

No. 1748751

idk I can't remember any others but I'm pretty sure she's changed it in the past after being called out for shitty behavior lol

No. 1748768

File: 1674207602708.jpg (328.93 KB, 1080x1491, Screenshot_20230120-203852__01…)

The painted on abs in 300 are unironically more convincing than this kek

No. 1748787

I feel zero sympathy towards those retards, and I wouldn't give a single fuck if that was the only consequences of the grotesque editing of her photos but sadly she is hurting a lot of young girls and making them insecure over their body.

No. 1749433

File: 1674290156742.jpg (690.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230107-152132.jpg)

The comments on any of her photos are seriously depressing. It takes a massive pos to know the effect you're having and to continue doing it. Not just that, but to send your rabid autists to witch hunt people constantly too.

No. 1749452

"i just wanted to show visual art like a cosplay museum" her cosplays are the most low effort coomer bait shit ever, like you can tell she isn't actually passionate about it. it's obvious that the sole focus of her account is to show off her shooped body for attention and her onlyfans. and then to go on and play the victim like "i can't leave my room it's so bad" and to spew some fake positivity bullshit to thousands of insecure young girls, it is just so vile and sinister. don't even get me started on her retarded ginormous loaded diaper ass and tiny legs in this picture, it literally looks like satire at this point

No. 1749499

>I feel like I don't contribute to anything
Well, she is right on that part kek. Even on her "I feel so bad uwu feel pity for me", she still photoshops and warps her body and makes all about her fake body. Playing victim while she sent her simps to brigade and insult users which commented in that Reddit post on >>1748459
I really wish some big youtuber exposes her and her bullshit.
Jessica Nigri, Belle Delphine and OnlyFans and it's consequences had been a disaster for the cosplay race. I miss when cosplay was more of a niche and amateur thing. Sure, we had crazy cows like that Sailor Moon cosplayer, but you could see things were more about the craft, the details, making a homage and dressing up as the characters you loved. Now, every thot slaps a cheap wig and a cheap bikini from AliExpress, photoshops their fat bodies and call themselves "cosplayers" to amass simps and shill their OF.

No. 1749535

Ah yes, the most accurate way to take the measurements of anything is to hold the measuring tape a good foot in front. Braindead.

No. 1749680

File: 1674331803417.jpg (Spoiler Image, 244.6 KB, 680x679, d30.jpg)

No. 1749746

File: 1674341403006.jpeg (66.16 KB, 442x438, 091A21B4-3F33-4EFD-B759-A53643…)

She used to go by 444amu and popstaramu on Instagram

No. 1749803

File: 1674347271643.jpg (541.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230107-121001.jpg)

She's legitimately insane 9/10 times I check her stories she's doing some ridiculous shit for attention, or sending her teenage moids after people. That story coupled with this one prompted a much smaller user to call out the bullshit which sent her spiraling until she got her story mass reported and removed and then was gloating with shit like "I win". Wasn't sure if I should post it and clog the thread but this thread doesn't move very fast anyways.

No. 1749810

Lol she's literally saying "uwu im so perfect I can't even leave home because people don't believe my body is real" how the hell people feel moved by this

No. 1749811

File: 1674347733582.jpg (1.33 MB, 4096x4065, 20230107144733239.jpg)

No. 1749813

File: 1674347880622.jpg (2.05 MB, 4096x3072, 20230122111750520.jpg)

No. 1749815

File: 1674347972946.jpg (3.24 MB, 4096x3072, 20230122112242095.jpg)

No. 1749827

We are living in the age of ridiculous shooping and it’s become almost an accepted artform. Exposing her like this just comes across as bitter and bitchy. Yelling at insecure women not to edit their photos and trying to prove them fake won’t solve the problem? It’s much deeper than this.

No. 1749837

Personally I don't give a shit if people want to point out the obvious it's practically cause and effect at this point. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't aggressively refreshing their stories when this whole argument was going down kek.

No. 1749894

She’s so right though, these girls have no lives and no fulfilment they just rot in their rooms scrolling AliExpress and apps to shoop endlessly until they die or snap out of the delusion. The level of dysmorphia is something I want to see studied, the egirl, shoop cosplayer, neet pipeline has no longevity or quality

No. 1749903

Lol what I don't see any problem with calling this stuff out, isn't that what we're doing here? and she's right about everything. If skirby is so insecure then she should get off the internet and seek help, otherwise people are going to keep exposing the delusion. Like it's not that hard to just not post shooped pics on social media. Obviously the issue is much deeper as with literally anything else in this vein, but to say that girl is just bitter and bitchy for telling the truth is weird. I really don't see any other way to get towards "solving the problem" besides exposing shoops where they are seen

No. 1750109

ethots fighting over moids. yay

No. 1750114

File: 1674383168294.jpg (132.26 KB, 780x767, shoopy.jpg)

when i saw this pic i was like damn thats the cutest shorty ive seen in a while and then i click her tagged pics and

No. 1750115

File: 1674383214981.png (1.36 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2023-01-22 10.23.11…)

…literally no resemblance, kek i wonder how family members on fb react to this sort of severe body delusion

No. 1750121

god damn, 10/10 in pics and 5/10 irl

how are shorties catfishing with such skillful dexterity will someone teach me to use the beauty tools in photoshop

No. 1750122

shes basically AI generated at this point idk how she can even claim that this is her

No. 1750125

I smell y chromosome

She does not look that different to me in the pics, do you know how makeup and facial expressions work?

No. 1750126

File: 1674385860879.jpg (319.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230106-134612.jpg)

I think you've misinterpreted, the scrotes in that user's dms are all insulting her at the behest of their kween. Picrel same shit, different day.
I don't see much of a difference either. Obviously there's editing but she's cute and recognisable in both. The retard rating her a 5/10 and calling her "shortie" is doing a great job of larping as a discord-aged moid.

No. 1750127

Are males this retarded? Her face is pretty similar to the PS image with a different lens, shadows, different makeup, removing the color from her to look souless, I think the major difference is the styling though that's less harsh and her posing. Her body looks more altered than her face arguably and she looks fine in the irl photo certainly better than the plastic thing "10/10". I'd take the "5/10" without the dramatic styling any day, lel.

I didn't expect to defend this random woman but do males actually expect a literal Photoshoped woman to appear in front of them irl to exist that looks like a lifeless sex doll like the first image?

No. 1750269

Wtf is this samefag…u sound so retarded. She doesn't even look that different. Like omg did you know different conditions produce different looking photos? You're def either a moid or a bitter woman

No. 1750346

>>1750269 reeks of self post to me. I have a hard time thinking even men are this dumb.

No. 1750564

you’re an idiot

No. 1751994

File: 1674656648271.jpg (390.89 KB, 1080x1936, Screenshot_2023-01-25-17-17-38…)

Retards in the comments think this shit is real

No. 1752010

I thought this thread was to expose e-girls and snowflakes that abuse photoshop, not for incels to rate women lol. Go back to your porn forums, there is the place you can whine your waifu is not hot enough

No. 1752014

I know people are dumb but what never fails to make me shocked is how agressive random people get when you point out it's fake ("It's not fake I have this same bodytype!!!" then you check their profiles and no they don't lol)

No. 1753890

File: 1674842953341.jpeg (333.71 KB, 1752x2048, B48C776E-674C-47E4-8A3E-7586FF…)

ang3lthigh/nymphblonde- pedophile Depop scammer from the e girl thread

No. 1753917

she's literally filtered in this pic as well. look at how her cheek blends into her hair. nevertheless, whoever you are anon, you sound like a retarded moid.

No. 1754282

File: 1674868426441.jpeg (595.19 KB, 750x868, CA4704AC-5F24-4677-A384-61E95C…)

Jed Thomas
@/thejedthomas on Instagram

He makes girls to fly out to meet him and he catfish them kek

No. 1754284

File: 1674868468261.jpeg (1.33 MB, 3464x3464, 5F52AAB0-627F-4FA0-8BAF-A7F164…)

Taken the same day

No. 1754288

Looks disgusting in the photoshop too. I feel bad for girls who somehow fall for stuff like this. But they’re probably not smart.

No. 1754357

He already looked like a manlet in the before photo.

No. 1754571

File: 1674892770636.jpeg (142.86 KB, 1080x992, B423DC09-D11A-4A9C-9D75-46C24F…)

The face here is utterly terrifying

No. 1754595

I thought Ronnie Radke looking ass men went out of fashion years ago. Maybe that's his ploy to legitimise the obvious shoop

No. 1754665

It’s like they all just copy and paste them at this point, see >>1748642 I recall seeing her and countless carbon copies all over twitter it’s a joke. The worst part is many of them are underage girls feeding into this creepy coomer shit I fear for their mental wellbeing if they feel the need to shoop to this extent just for some greasy moids.

No. 1754897

She looks like an imvu character and every time someone posts out these terrible shoops
She deactivates. The mental illness wave is upon us

No. 1754921

File: 1674933127220.jpeg (75.76 KB, 828x906, 77609B51-9466-4B4F-BB81-6E00CD…)

Her real face for comparison btw

No. 1754980

Kek this is beyond depressing tbh, I wonder what she thinks of herself when she looks in the mirror, sad but alas she’s done it to herself by shooping to these extreme proportions, I am always curious about how these people live their lives, do they not fear people outing their real appearance whatsoever?

No. 1755312

Just sourcing these as @amuwestwood, and people have spotted her in public and she doesn't match the shoops, I'm guessing delusion?

No. 1755324

Convenient how 99% of her pics cover and hide her face aside from like 2 kek she’s gotta know she can’t get away with this shit

No. 1755981

File: 1675023013791.jpeg (1.02 MB, 3465x3465, BBF5380F-3408-4D07-9298-B4AEA8…)

Of course she can't get away with it, granted moids are stupid and wouldn't spot her eye stretching to transform into a Japanese haffu

Why do all of these broads want to be asian kek

No. 1756030

She looks Indian or mixed but def not with Japanese
Dunno why these weebs hate their own races so much

No. 1756313

def either indian or another south asian like filipino.

No. 1758159

you're literally just indian why are you so ashamed of that

No. 1758472

i'm pretty sure she is just half black and half white lol. Her name is Jahliah

No. 1758482

File: 1675281211695.jpeg (274 KB, 750x1334, 3DA2F57E-D7BC-4B0C-B435-E671CA…)

Her body shoops are just as bad too

No. 1759113

File: 1675325050157.png (8.17 MB, 3465x3465, 70650AC7-D02A-4404-A41D-D4CC81…)

The shoops changing every photo, I guess organs in the female body don't exist.

No. 1759180

File: 1675339392749.jpeg (537.41 KB, 2048x2048, 867FD6FB-6EA9-47D1-8B19-464B99…)

If my eyes had to suffer this troon so do yours

No. 1759258

she literally has hip dips in the first pic, and in the second they're gone. you can't change that with a corset.

No. 1759262

second face looks incredibly male lmao

No. 1759270

it might be surgery tbh. she looks a lot like a norwegian influencer, jenny huse, who did similar surgery. probably influenced by her.

No. 1759292

She's has the all continental blood kek

No. 1759295

Fun fact "jahila" can also mean "illiterate" in hindi or urdu so its fitting kek

No. 1759333

i mean hes a dude cosplaying a male character so..

No. 1759364

Girl he's obviously trying to look female, hence editing his body to look female, wearing fetishy female-intended clothing, and generally larping as a woman.

No. 1759535

File: 1675374417365.jpg (333.89 KB, 1143x928, 1666602242511.jpg)

No. 1759722

File: 1675389200989.jpg (830.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230203-115651.jpg)

>upload a story where your ass filter is glitching out
>Quickly delete it and reupload it as a reel with a heavy blur on top

No. 1759723

File: 1675389262321.webm (1.2 MB, 720x1148, 1193874743299.webm)

No. 1759814

These look like butt pads tbh

No. 1759827

I think they are kek but her ass was definitely glitching out the entire time in the original video I screenshot

No. 1759854

File: 1675397001280.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x2114, 6C851872-99FD-4625-8C67-FDB2F3…)


Reminds me of another lost cow

No. 1759882

Midget proportions even in the shooped pic KEK

No. 1759969

File: 1675413261650.jpeg (260.75 KB, 750x1334, 726A5D09-0620-4705-8044-912365…)

_estherng on insta, she owns that clothing brand prix workshop. Pretty shocked to see that she looks completely different irl than what she posts but I guess it's no surprise nowadays..sad

No. 1759971

File: 1675413552701.jpeg (510.8 KB, 750x1081, 371198CC-30FF-4DFA-A441-32A69B…)

No. 1759979

File: 1675415312835.gif (3.16 MB, 260x452, queen jiafei.gif)

these girls have nothing against the queen jiafei

No. 1759996

That's a huge difference btu her actual body shape is pretty nice. It's interesting that whenever these perfect hourglass curvy but lean girlies get exposed they're chubby/fat and photoshopping to look skinnier and it's rarely the other way around, a skinny woman adding curves.
I love these videos, they're so stupid and camp.

No. 1760000

She looks so hot on the left

No. 1760019

I know right, that's why I think this is so sad. I'm fucking tired of seeing everyone editing themselves into the same "perfect" body shape and face. It is a sickness that's harming a lot of people and I weep for the younger girls growing up in a climate where this is seen as normal.

No. 1760100

stop being a faggot right now, relax and calm down. people like you is why this thread is dying(You should have actually read that post)

No. 1760141

Kek maybe learn to use the site properly before complaining about threads dying it’s not fucking hard to sage irrelevant non-milk posts, this thread is hardly dying there will always be egregiously photoshooping bpd bitches about don’t worry

No. 1760319

y’all offended oof

No. 1760321

it’s period season for the crusty bitches at lolcow farms. it’s about time things were more uptight. the constant cp spam and ralphamale spam posts were annoying(unsaged autism)

No. 1760677

wow cool reasoning for the red text admins. please come up with something better. lazy hoes(I am begging you to put sage in the email field )

No. 1760784

File: 1675493242875.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 229 KB, 1925x1632, nh1.jpeg)

Nothennyfr on twitter. obviously photoshops her chubby body to be "bbl slim thicc animu slut gf" and the delusional men in her comments eat it up everytime.

No. 1760787

File: 1675493333414.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 282.25 KB, 2016x1372, nh2.jpeg)

warning for bare ass. the squiggly background tiles make me giggle

No. 1760821

Gross she’s got her vag fully pressed on that surface ew

No. 1760904

With all the editing she did you’d think she’d at least try to edit out her butt acne and stomach stretch marks

No. 1760905

About like 2-3 years ago i was in this big ass girl group chat on twitter and she was in it. I remember she used to claim she’s half black half asian and she photoshopped her pictures the exact same way and had just started getting attention. Anyway she ended up getting exposed for lying about being Asian and also her age i think but i’m not quite sure abt that part. Pretty sad to see she still hasn’t accepted her body and continues w the ridiculous ass photoshop lmao

No. 1761052

File: 1675533784784.png (2.73 MB, 1125x1952, 6AAD1D5E-46AA-4C9F-8A03-EBF302…)

Why is it always the Russians

No. 1761054


oh my god wait I used to follow this girl on tumblr because she would post interesting artifacts/art works from around the internet but she's so obviously disordered and shoops so many of her photos

I honestly wonder if the pro ana scumbags thread has heard of her bc she's… something else

silkv0id? on tumblr? I believe?

No. 1761057

si1kvoid sorry got the user wrong

No. 1761121

File: 1675539906880.jpeg (302.31 KB, 1170x835, 63B6CDA3-3414-49B2-862F-2F7177…)

she once tried to prove she doesn’t edit her waist
pic is a video screenshot lmao

No. 1761139

i’m not saging you crusty ass mod(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1761143

dumbass about to get banned

No. 1761175

oh woowww, thank you nona I didn't know she'd been doing this so long. Lol it's funny how she's obviously extremely insecure yet is always posting about having a god complex and being the main character and shit. It's always the insecure instathots who make anime their entire personality that claim to be asian or half asian kek
So… she proved with this that she does edit her waist? Lmfaooo

No. 1761221

Before fully opening the image I thought this was some lil bo weep ass eye edits kek still horrifying.

No. 1761245

File: 1675556096504.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1517, E76F3F5F-11EC-4A12-B9A6-85FC20…)

It's really funny thats supposed to prove her shoops real, her waist changes every single photo who is she trying to fool

No. 1761528

Yeah nona lol, she actually does have a huge ego and is super stuck up, I remember she used to always ignore me whenever I said something and only replied when ppl w more followers than her talked. She’s so embarrassing lmao

No. 1761829

File: 1675641992716.jpeg (293.48 KB, 1440x1920, FmE5ltOWIAE5wEy.jpeg)

I wish the ethots who posted these actually researched how to edit photos convingly, the ass made me laugh out loud and the watermark like anyone wants to steal her shitty photos

No. 1762152

File: 1675672860139.png (1.18 MB, 1198x792, Screenshot 2023-02-06 003952.p…)

how do you filter your face this much and still look like shit lmfao

No. 1762267

File: 1675693059054.jpg (14.51 KB, 480x480, images.jpeg-30.jpg)

Why her hands look like that in second one?

No. 1762977

File: 1675781219861.jpeg (822.66 KB, 1475x2950, 7C458074-49A1-4DD5-A051-8B24FA…)

The tagged photos are always like this kek

No. 1763170

Tbf every social media whore, trans or not, looks like this in tagged pictures now because of incessant filters and photoshop. Laughing at his face tape peeling off and sticking out at the side though.

No. 1763439

I think that's the lacefront flopping around rather than being glued down, he takes "effortless" very literally it seems

No. 1763706

That is if they don't hide the tag first. I've noticed nearly every ethot who is obsessed with their image removes tagged photos/candids where they look nothing like their shoop. Nothing says "I don't look like this irl" than no tagged photos.

No. 1764721

File: 1675987648617.jpg (3.98 MB, 3464x3464, lmaowtf.jpg)

bridgett cohen/devoue; i wish she'd just pick a face. i wonder if she's gonna go back to twitch thotting now that deadmau5 dumped her for an americas next top model winner (who'd also be a good contender for this board tbh)

No. 1764743

File: 1675990434999.jpg (471.62 KB, 1161x1440, 23-02-10-00-48-10-779_deco.jpg)

My late night depop browse had me screaming when I saw this girl's account while searching for cargo pants. Came up with a really badly shopped booty photo and her entire account is just painfully bad, like are you selling clothes or lies?

No. 1764763

the blonde is a…. choice.

No. 1764830

cant find any info online of her being connected to him? only seeing photos of the pages of her Rupi Kaur knockoffs.

No. 1764955

File: 1676020768122.jpg (215.35 KB, 720x1162, Screenshot_20230210-000440_Ins…)

The fujo virus is so severe that it didn't even leave my country alone .she says she doesn't photoshop anything and whenever someone asks about candids and why doesn't she attend con's she says it's because of its so crowded (kek)

No. 1764956

File: 1676020819041.jpg (141.71 KB, 720x1019, Screenshot_20230210-000518_Ins…)

How she looks a year ago

No. 1764957

File: 1676020893037.jpg (178.8 KB, 720x1201, Screenshot_20230210-000452_Ins…)

Totally a guy guys!.

No. 1764959

the balenciaga logo shooped onto the hoodie too keeek

No. 1765000

File: 1676028735162.png (553.05 KB, 468x712, Capture.PNG)

in the thumbnail, is this one of the girls' body unshooped?

No. 1765238

File: 1676058620389.jpg (763.08 KB, 1080x1278, screenshot_886.jpg)

check out the instagram page of tommy lee's gf brittany furlan. this pic was posted late sep 2022 and then they're seen together again in another post of hers mid oct 2022. they aren't together anymore as she's posting about being single on her story and he was seen with the next top model chick sat right next to him at his birthday party a month ago (jan 5)

No. 1765455

Yeah it was, it was from a short video in her highlights on her Instagram. She's deleted it now tho because she actually looks like a normal human in the pic and not the usual coomer shit she posts.

No. 1765494

there is a lot going on with this. The face thats just a realism painting, the bulging neck tendonds, the clothes. How is she not ashamed to post this?

No. 1765736

Because 13 year old fujos and fakebois eat it up. Her shoop makes her look like an anatomically inaccurate yaoi character come to life

No. 1765774

i feel bad for skirby. she can only please moids on the internet, but when it comes to meeting them IRL, or finding a date, they’ll be sadly mistaken that she’s a fat skinny loser

No. 1765986

File: 1676150831541.jpg (991.03 KB, 1170x1622, IMG_9746.jpg)

Depop is riddled with this cancer, it annoys me so much that I barely shop on there anymore. People treat it like instagram, there's bad shoop all over the place and people seem to take it to the extreme to compete.

No. 1766084

Yeah there’s an acct I follow on Depop that has cute stuff but they piss me off because they roll up EVERY top into a crop top to show off the model’s body. They also pin them back to make it super tight on her. Like hello I just want to see what the shirt actually looks like, I don’t care about her abs kek. I should unfollow them

No. 1766230

Oh wow those jeans kek. That is not how denim works, like imagine going to a store to see those pixar mom sculpted jeans hanging on a rack? Doing this when listing clothes for sale, how are you supposed to believe the images are accurate?

No. 1766288

File: 1676183621350.jpg (742.25 KB, 4096x4096, Scrote competition .jpg)

I don't. But only because she constantly throws other women under the bus for validation from men.

No. 1766289

My bad anons sage dropped but the thread's already bumped.

No. 1766535

File: 1676218764814.jpg (610.61 KB, 939x1440, 23-02-12-16-18-06-943_deco.jpg)

Orphicbunny on insta, editing out textures and stretchmarks being the bare minimum and at the sheer maximum, making delusional scrotes think this is real

No. 1766846

Ugh nonny I'm pretty sure I know exactly who you're talking about. faygofee? it gets on my nerves too lmao

No. 1767616

File: 1676338985468.jpg (40.42 KB, 564x692, double take.jpg)

Found this while browsing pinterest.
It almost slipped by while I was scrolling.

No. 1768084

File: 1676403720071.jpeg (247.66 KB, 994x1705, 522D104B-1F74-40FA-BAEF-75D992…)

Asians and their obsession with tiny heads

No. 1768201

File: 1676414177372.jpeg (106.04 KB, 881x1024, Fo9dPSPXEAAmv-0.jpeg)

Yall remember Berry Tsukasa?

Well she recently took her bf off her socials and is back to posting fried selfies like this

No. 1768485

File: 1676448736721.png (Spoiler Image, 636.36 KB, 588x850, sh.png)

No. 1768769

File: 1676482810090.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.85 KB, 750x749, hp8mdjn7zrb71.jpg)

Really impressive shoop tbh

No. 1768775

spoiler your shit, you absolute idiots

No. 1768779

Thai joke goes here(sage your shit)

No. 1769960

File: 1676598752639.jpeg (172.77 KB, 750x1334, 40F77379-8A2E-49F7-B7A3-882B59…)

Kek she posted these pics right next to each other

No. 1770061

File: 1676610268372.jpeg (204.77 KB, 1110x1767, FoUf9qBaUAEx2Lc.jpeg)

No. 1770215

What the actual fuck

No. 1770344

Can you tag who posted this, I want to see their other ones.

No. 1771035

File: 1676738081796.jpeg (113.89 KB, 941x929, FB98E0E7-25A1-4E27-AC8E-08DAAF…)

Ah yes the amuwestwood special, no brained shoops

No. 1771042

Think that's just steroids.. irl shoop in a way lol

No. 1771831

File: 1676824396973.png (1.39 MB, 1514x846, yikes.png)

Never heard of this girl before but she's not very good at editing pics. First pics on the left: her real facial structure is shining through, she doesn't look Asian at all, the poses she's doing are on purpose too, legs apart so her waist area looks bigger than it is. The picture on the right was just added for giggles since it looks utterly ridiculous and I'm surprised people fall for her shoops in the first place

No. 1772038

File: 1676844426188.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1125x1376, E58C157A-1AAE-406C-9697-2D2E97…)

The blurring on her thighs and waist…

No. 1772041

File: 1676844599117.jpeg (735.07 KB, 1125x1239, 6B05CD75-BCF8-4730-8E15-F94CBD…)

Same person

No. 1772110

File: 1676848698411.jpeg (264.33 KB, 1162x1920, FhfVXF0UYAAyWdj.jpeg)

pyrrhicnymph on twitter. She has also been posted in the coquette thread recently.

No. 1772399

In case anons wind up posting her photos again at some point, Coconutkitty committed suicide, so take as you will for discussion. Isn't this now the second photoshop cow to pass in a year now? >>>/snow/1552699 I know it's not really adding to anything, but figured a heads up if anyone was hoping to get more milky bad edits.

No. 1772774

File: 1676927890941.png (1.08 MB, 1240x775, image_2023-02-20_161521267.png)

can we please talk about @venomous_dolly on insta ?? she's been poorly editing her face and her body since the dawn of time, she still somehow has nearly 300k and every single one of them eats that shit up and she has a bunch of retarded moids in the comments who believe this shit looks real, somehow it seems no one has said anything about this

No. 1772777

File: 1676928373955.jpg (659.71 KB, 1546x2048, e.jpg)

Erin Eevee again

No. 1772778

Scared myself, for a second I thought she smoothed over her eyes like a silent hill/Jacob's ladder creature.

No. 1772786

Spoonfeed but who was the first shoop cow?

No. 1772817

nta, but lil bo weep maybe? she died last year

No. 1773070

File: 1676956924038.jpeg (206.54 KB, 827x1243, E3CD03E3-EF7A-433F-8C5B-925CF6…)

No. 1773151

The saddest part is this is an improvement from the last time she was posted. Her shoops have always been so uncanny.

No. 1773512

improvement ?? good lord

No. 1776848

File: 1677372180512.jpg (466.4 KB, 1080x1571, Screenshot_20230226-114013__01…)

Albany is back with an entirely new face. She looks like she's ageing backwards into a teenager kek.

No. 1780565

File: 1677731781806.jpg (2.85 MB, 1411x3300, Albanycope.jpg)

Photoshop or surgery? Her face has completely changed.

No. 1780611

She’s removed all the photos on her insta of her “old” face

No. 1780626

File: 1677744076222.jpeg (220.03 KB, 828x1472, 8FD9293D-CC05-4C9F-A3BF-E5084F…)

sorry guys i’ve never posted on here but had to when I came across this girl on tiktok who has thousands of followers for her unique body type that if u try to contest, people go crazy since she “goes to the gym and uploads working out videos” her tiktok is @juliaernstt1 and people keep drooling over her “insane proportions” that are so obviously photoshopped

No. 1780627

File: 1677744109606.jpeg (207.16 KB, 828x1472, 1A238C13-48A4-4202-9568-0389A6…)


No. 1780671

She's definitely wearing a waist trainer in this one, you can tell by the way her boobs are sitting. But then she photoshopped on top of that, undoubtedly.

No. 1780715

File: 1677764315733.jpg (313.72 KB, 970x970, Screenshot_20230302-143220_Chr…)

Lol anyone remember Berry Tsukasa aka Cyb4rGal (Twitter) ?
Wtf is this shit

No. 1780719

File: 1677764828585.png (87.12 KB, 946x342, sweetwheat777.png)

She's already changed her username again kek, it's now sweetwheat777. This caption made me kek
>I'm not what I'm sure some were here for anymore
Yeah girl, you've turned into an entirely different person in the face kek

No. 1780803

why'd she make her thighs bigger?

No. 1781200

Berry has never handled gaining weight well. She's still gaining. But this is braindead editing. Her neck is wider than her head. More like these recent edits are a cope

No. 1781272

why do fatties edit their head smaller? what are they hoping to achieve with it? all it does is make them look like linebackers

No. 1781299

Her real face is a bit like Belle Delphine or coconutkitty (RIP)
Something about this face drives women to do insane shoops even though it's perfectly nice

No. 1782200

File: 1677899066283.png (13.1 MB, 4096x4096, 1928474849393934.png)

Coomer attention is a plague upon women

No. 1782767

sage for thirst but she looks sooooo hot in those older pics (the yoga bunny ones) was it really worth giving that all up just to pedobait?

No. 1782933

File: 1678007660440.jpg (468.91 KB, 1500x1500, 1601970141056.jpg)

her real face is lovely already. why she feels the need to photoshop herself into a blow up sex doll I'll never know.

No. 1783207

agreed, although there's definitely some sh00p even in the old pics (her top lip is most noticeable)

maybe she has a complex about having a naturally more mature looking face, but there's nothing wrong with that and she would look miles better if she just left it alone, and her mental health would probably improve too

No. 1784092

File: 1678168508865.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 421.92 KB, 914x1615, 2EBBA408-D161-4C14-B56E-BF6379…)

she deactivated pretty soon after these were posted. She must lurk.

These edits are terrible kek

No. 1784129

This looks like Cynthia, the little doll Angelica from The Rugrats carried around. To a T.

No. 1785260

File: 1678316653946.jpg (785.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230309-100106.jpg)

>if it's blurry no one will notice how retarded this looks

No. 1785356

I'm just wondering how the photo is being taken because it's not a photoception.

No. 1785950

File: 1678428036624.jpg (416.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230310-165742__01…)

The black bar at the bottom of the tv isn't even straight kek

No. 1785963

So where the fuck are the cookies?

No. 1786005

I wish I knew

No. 1786576

File: 1678532797332.jpeg (404.52 KB, 1170x1560, 41BBAFA6-B19D-478D-B228-A7593C…)

@amufknwestwood/@amuwestwood back at it again with the questionable shoops,
lip filler migration edition

No. 1787337

File: 1678639396912.jpeg (258.96 KB, 899x1191, 7545CF07-400F-416A-8783-726011…)

No. 1790554

File: 1679121218288.jpeg (750.28 KB, 3465x3465, 578EBE05-58A7-460D-BB24-334531…)

Tagged photos vs feed photos kek. Her @ on instagram is @milanoogiulia

No. 1790555

File: 1679121401546.jpeg (148.95 KB, 1170x1460, 519B3589-50FD-46C0-AFCB-9A5751…)

I wonder if she realises how cartoonish and warped this looks

No. 1790556

File: 1679121616948.jpeg (88.07 KB, 1170x1435, 55856384-2970-46C4-A61F-C5EC60…)

How did she post such a weird botched shop job

No. 1790557

File: 1679121737443.jpeg (807.81 KB, 3465x3465, F8B5F97B-6602-466A-A0C1-526DD4…)

I’m assuming the left is still shopped a bit but you can tell she has a nice body. Sad she feels the need to do this.

No. 1798922

File: 1680194746514.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 93.05 KB, 828x1449, C94F0B7C-A896-4124-96B5-45FE16…)

what goes through someone’s mind to make them think it’s a good idea to upload something like this

No. 1801465

File: 1680504108679.jpeg (83.18 KB, 539x1106, 331A9A34-9361-492B-AAAD-539285…)

Sometimes I wish I could tell these people, you will never look like that and you will never be asian so please just give it up, but they wouldn't change anyways

No. 1801586

It’s just a way of marketing yourself to simps. Beta males overwhelmingly prefer Asian women and anime girls, and are more likely to watch streamers and sub to OF girls and send donations, so it makes sense to Asianfish and try your hardest to imitate an anime girl if you want those sweet sweet simpbux.

No. 1801589

File: 1680531763359.jpeg (33.2 KB, 414x519, A511EEDF-96C6-4A4A-BBC3-C88D2D…)

these are all photoshopped (as you can tell by the filters/stickers) but these are photos that are closer to what @amuwestwood looks like. lol. the overly skinny titless body with the huge fake ass and angular shoulders & the bratphobic face editing makes her look like a troon, might as well be.

No. 1801592

File: 1680532399295.png (316.17 KB, 1170x2532, 5488E2FD-7577-4F6F-BACB-9A5B45…)

this bitch also got with those generic gymbro sigma league of legends quirky gamerboys and cheated on them. i'd say based but he seemed to actually care about her. this bitch deserves her own thread

No. 1801594

File: 1680532767085.jpeg (68.44 KB, 828x906, 431D027D-0700-4F4B-97E6-B75001…)

Obligatory photo of the only unshopped pic of her face, she looks like a completely different person

No. 1801605

File: 1680533483308.jpeg (213.42 KB, 1170x2322, 3CE66875-B6DF-44D4-A430-B12858…)

in all fairness she's not wearing any makeup except the uguu asianfishing eyeliner she always does, and she also seems to have actually become an anachan. anyways, her mom's generic skinny white woman and her dad is generic chubby black guy, maybe this explains why she wants a donkey ass and a troon upper body at the same time?

No. 1801620

but she says she doesn't wear foundation or anything i am pretty sure keekkk, i believe the ana shit though. i'm lmao at your tinfoil for why she shops like that

No. 1801932

File: 1680573446332.jpg (509.9 KB, 2160x1620, Itsnotphotoshopitsmythyroid.jp…)

The way she shops her features to be elongated/slanted makes her look more like a hairless cat rather than Asian.
And kek, why did picrel give herself a dorrito chin whilst trying to cover for her more ridiculous waist shoops? I remember first seeing her posted in the earlier threads and she's basically unrecognizable now.

No. 1801934

Lmao is she actually claiming that this edited photo, which is completely warped to make her appear much thinner and inhumanly smooth, is a depiction of her at 160lbs?

No. 1801943

Yes, in a roundabout way she thinks that stream of consciousness is validating the ridiculous waist shops she's been doing for years accompanied with that image. The cows in these threads are a special kind of delusional.

No. 1801948

File: 1680575265814.jpeg (87.71 KB, 828x1114, 7374D0BB-A7D7-4724-88F7-262540…)


No. 1801966

Her face looks glued on wtf kek

No. 1802422

File: 1680653824390.jpeg (69.31 KB, 828x899, 535DB213-9BDD-4F43-BCA5-B682EE…)

Her pin head and giant arms gave it away

No. 1802481

File: 1680662748856.jpg (360.57 KB, 2160x2160, 120034847283.jpg)

Skirby looking like a shake weight in her newest photo. Must be the obvious butt/hip pads/corset. Bonus image is her getting her mum to touch her up in another of her weird proof videos.

No. 1802581

This has got to be the most cringe samefag chain of vendetta bullshit I’ve ever seen on this website. It’s just some random girl with bought followers. “Deserves a thread” lol nobody cares or knows this person. Stop talking to yourself, it’s weird.

No. 1802669

i know this ugly bitch is trying to attract moids but can she please try harder with the “thot cosplays?” she’s making momokun look professional. also come the fuck on. it’s 2023 and this bitch and still trying to prove to the internet that she’s not a fat stick. also the shopping kinda made her legs and butt very weird. if you look on the side of where her ass here, you can tell it’s shaped weirdly. but it’s good to know that skirby lives with her parents lol.

No. 1802671

It's probably people associated with this girl (or Rori herself). >>>/w/279215
For those unaware Rori was in the egirl group chat leaks and was one of the worst ones in there. In the video that showed the full dms, she expressed hatred for the girl being vendetta posted now. The original video showing the entire conversation was deleted so take this with a grain of salt. Though I also wouldn't be surprised if it was also Amu herself posting in an attempt to gain some notoriety.

No. 1802673

samefag, but when you constantly have to prove something for years and years and years, nobody is really going to believe it. every time she posts her “hips” she’s either rubbing it or putting a hand near it. that doesn’t prove anything. go outside. go hang with your friends. let’s see how you actually look. even belle delphine looks more like herself when she’s outside irl. what’s going to happen to skirby when she’s 30? is she still going to be doing this? her followers will just move on to other thots better than her.

No. 1802691

Kek she looks like made of plastic with that amount of warping and blend tools. If her scrote followers truly believe she is like this then the world is doomed nonas. We are riddled with retards

No. 1802733

No I'm not "rori" or amu, or the person who said she deserves her own thread that's a bit much. But isn't this thread for people who fabricate their looks to gain clout? There's been multiple anons posting/talking about her because she shops and lies. It's not that deep

No. 1803104

I haven't personally posted her but I've commented on some of the images so it's not samefagging (I assume anon would've been banned and redtexted by now if it was).

No. 1804442

File: 1680834021970.jpeg (74.25 KB, 600x880, IMG_3387.jpeg)

dumb egirl photoshop whores that cheap chinese cosplay websites use to advertise their products

No. 1804445

hee hips don’t look the same in both photos. i think skirby was dropped on the head as a child

No. 1804479

Anon stop sperging in the photoshop thread it is more odd that you're bringing up a random ethot than it is to post lying photoshoppers in the lying photoshopper thread

Saged because no one cares

No. 1804482

That and all the teenage moids following her

No. 1805029

File: 1680915898695.jpg (408.74 KB, 3264x2448, Obvious shoop is obvious.jpg)

Totally all natural, guys

No. 1805031

File: 1680916003160.jpg (430.67 KB, 3264x2448, Trying too hard.jpg)

Like girl, come on. Have some self respect

No. 1805077

Married old men who post their grandchildren follow thots like that.
never get married.

No. 1805144

yeah moids don’t give a fuck about her. they’re busy drooling over other nicer, less shooped egirl ass while this hoe can’t even show her ass or pose in a nicer way if she wanted to. she has to stand like a mannequin to make sure she can shoop. she needs to attend the lori cerda school of shoop fast

No. 1805611

File: 1681005772535.jpeg (152.75 KB, 1170x1304, IMG_6828.jpeg)

The eye stretch here is so shitty and alien like so "Portuguese, Scottish, Jamaican and Japanese" of her

No. 1805754

i’m convinced egirls buy “gaming setups” to attract moids when they don’t play shit on those computers

No. 1806948

File: 1681225087215.png (514.38 KB, 1080x1717, Screenshot_20230411-105749.png)

Genuinely surprised no one has posted this one yet. Seen it all over Twitter the last few days.

No. 1806951

people on edtwt think this is all real

No. 1806952

File: 1681226463213.jpg (36.64 KB, 603x497, jessicas-hope-mark-ryden.jpg)

mark ryden face ass

No. 1807061

File: 1681239255537.png (392.95 KB, 600x798, pngegg.png)

givin' me some vibes…

No. 1807105

She’s trying to shoop herself to look like a little kid? Sick

No. 1807161

File: 1681251351849.png (159.48 KB, 491x880, Screenshot_4.png)

Have you seen the videos kek I almost feel bad for zoomer anachans almost, but not really. We used to call the shit out of felice and other much milder shoopers, zoomers want to believe and will reee and call you names if you suggest a 0.1 waist to hip ratio/30 cm waist and three meters hips isn't real

No. 1807230

File: 1681259280030.jpeg (54.93 KB, 640x640, 1680974441187.jpeg)

she brags about "looking 12" like….. as if? ksjsjsjka digital footprints are a thing girl. she also larps as schizo complete with dated 2012 uwu rotten girl ~call the preacher to save my wicked frail 4'11 coquette soul~ thing when she is clearly a haggard grown woman

No. 1807231

File: 1681259327219.jpg (398.65 KB, 2880x2880, 1680882678076.jpg)

No. 1807351

It's sad because she looks so much better without her freakish tim burton bobblehead babydoll shoops.

No. 1807510

Genuine shame, she has a Hope Sandoval/Sarah Michelle Gellar 90s babe look and is very lovely without the scary child shoop. The internet was such a mistake.

No. 1807722

all that editing to still look bad, why even bother… this picture looks so dysmorphic

No. 1808233

File: 1681420379986.jpeg (224.02 KB, 1170x2080, F5ED5598-E7AE-4B7A-88BA-007F2D…)

The makeup filter kek

No. 1808501

File: 1681476523884.jpg (292.68 KB, 1676x1787, FpU32WlaUAImge6.jpg)


No. 1808674

File: 1681503695896.png (585.23 KB, 1388x1392, why.png)

No. 1808892

kek the more i see it the scarier she gets

No. 1815897

File: 1682553798572.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.28 KB, 684x1024, 1682549526991318m.jpg)

Scrotes are really deluded.

No. 1815929

she looks swedish

No. 1815955

I think she's a queen

No. 1816244

File: 1682608874164.jpeg (101.61 KB, 828x940, IMG_2220.jpeg)

this was recommended to me on depop
>inexplicably on a fucking nurses bench
>so like…what, she asked the doctor to take her photo?
>extreme photoshop ridiculous proportions
>nipples protruding
>mid 40s
>extremely botched fillers

you know she thinks she looks absolutely amazing as well, just kek

No. 1816282

tbh she looks good to me. retard shooping and not the best makeup but she's not a circus freak, just one of those people you have drinks with every few months and accept that it's gonna get weird.

No. 1816378

you must be british if you think she looks good lol barf

No. 1816386

why are you not saging and sounding so hateful about this random woman on depop? so what if she's 40 and got fillers this is just a photoshop thread. and i guess it does look like she shopped the pic but also like she's had a good amount of work done

No. 1816556

She's notweigan

No. 1817103

>mid 40s
Are women supposed to cover themselves in burlap sacks at the age of 45? Why is being in your mid forties something that she should be shamed for?. She looks fine, a bit too heavy on the fake tan as expected of an average britbong and ps but still for the most part, fine.

>you know she thinks she looks absolutely amazing as well

This catty snide comment that reeks of the spirit of bickering children on the playground makes me feel like I just came out of a time machine.

No. 1817447

nonny do u look like this

No. 1817599

Depop advertisements are so weird though, I have no clue what item she could be selling based on this photo. Seems like people use it like a modelling portfolio.

No. 1817945

No, but thank you for making clear and doubling down on the irrelevant catty misogynistic shit.

No. 1818124

some of the anons here are much older than you kek
she looks all right for a trashy mom

No. 1819107

Calling out misogyngy doesn't make women age 20 years, cope(back to /2X/)

No. 1819337

this thread used to be cool when it was about calling out ridiculous photoshoping cows, now it's full of butthurt anons whining "uwu this random woman isn't hot enough to me" lol

No. 1822848

File: 1683520509477.jpeg (41.39 KB, 666x999, IMG_7770.jpeg)

this can't be real…. can it?

No. 1822893

File: 1683528187921.png (251.49 KB, 828x1792, IMG_2453.png)

warped back ground blurred hair erasure of the cupids bow and still looks like shit

No. 1822894

File: 1683528224395.jpeg (105.04 KB, 837x1805, 53FA1593-13A9-4CB9-8D39-BF2247…)

Our natural queen Imskirby people

No. 1822898

File: 1683529235688.webm (476.83 KB, 888x462, FullSizeRender.webm)

No. 1823155

imagine that pocket is like the flap on boxers, so if he gets hot grease on the apron it will burn his cock off

No. 1824643

File: 1683754675280.jpg (185.67 KB, 1080x1147, Screenshot_20230510-233811_Gal…)

Negin Ghalavand over the years..

No. 1824764

File: 1683767828469.jpg (59.8 KB, 720x1237, 20230510_181056.jpg)

This is just sad. Blurry hair around her eyes and left side of her waist, and the way her shorts are warped just makes it blatantly obvious. Jesus the body dysmorphia is peaking. She's actually live on Twitch right now (no webcam of course) talking with the most fake, shrill voice. Why do Asian fetishists/fishers always associate being Asian with being infantile and child-like? It's nauseating, she's repulsive.

No. 1824954

>Why do Asian fetishists/fishers always associate being Asian with being infantile and child-like?

Because that's what they be into in Japan lol , I mean that country invented lolicon ffs..

No. 1824988

File: 1683795658062.jpeg (71.13 KB, 996x1723, IMG_7628.jpeg)

She's still going on with this? Heres a recent story of her still trying to push the shoops as real, These girls never learn, JUST BECAUSE YOU POST YOUR SHOOPED VIDEO DOESNT MEAN ITS REAL!

No. 1825014

i’mskirby is so retarded she doesn’t know that a stomach like that cannot support a live baby, and if she actually looked like that, she would be anorexic/riddled with diseases

No. 1825033

>used to play sports
Ultrakek most ethots would not know a sport if it kicked them in their photoshopped asses

No. 1825059

didn’t skirby use that an excuse as well?? dumb fuckin ethots(sage your shit)

No. 1825116

File: 1683813483621.jpg (160.94 KB, 1080x1425, Screenshot_20230511_095909_Gal…)

found this embarrassing use of the child filter when scrolling through reels
her ig is seeuxiaoro, not sure if she's been posted here before. she seemed familiar but i know multiple people shop their faces like this.

No. 1825125

It’s so shitty and pasted-on looking not to mention genuinely unsettling that it results in the literal face of a toddler pasted onto her, meanwhile retards eat it up and go “omg can you believe she’s 30 and a mother!” Yeah, I can and it’s disgusting of her to make herself into a baby-headed abomination in pigtails doing dances in fetishy animu outfits of succubi, devils, maids, and little kids.

No. 1825400

Yuh she was posted to lolcow years ago and again in this thread. She went silent for a year after people called her out on making her pregnancy look like pregnant child porn. She even specifically choose to wear childish outfits like school girl outfits and onesie pajamas.
She just looks like a normal petite Asian woman without the creepy edits.

No. 1825460

Something I notice is that on photoshopped advertisements for clothing or on pictures of girls with insane edited proportions, you'll find other women in the comments vehemently defending the edits as legit, claiming that they "have the same proportions naturally". Then you click on their profiles and they literally don't. They have a normal looking body. What is with this? I encounter it a lot tbh, just saw an ad for jeans with a girl who had a waist size of her head and giant ass, saw two comments about how "I need these because I have crazy proportions" one girl even listed her "insane measurements" and sure enough, her pics show she has a normal body, no insane wth ratio.(learn2sage)

No. 1825462

Samefag see this on reddit a lot too, random women in comment threads bringing up their proportions and how it's soooo hard to find pants that fit their teeny tiny waist and ginormous ass. Sure Jan……

No. 1825698

File: 1683889498009.jpg (37.33 KB, 431x609, 1b53119755ac466c0ae33894a912de…)

the ones who arent just lying probably have bdd, knew a girl who was pear shaped but acted like she was pic rel, weird shit

No. 1825779

>>1825460 Kekek glad you mentioned it buz I see this quite often too, tbh I wish they were trolling because it's so unbeliavable to me that people can be this delusional (it's specially cringe when you try to flex like that while having pics of yourself on your profile, proving you clearly aren't what you think lol)

When the paparazi pictures of Kylie Jenner spread a while ago, I came across an instagram post with a lot of people saying "uwu she looks 50", and I commented that she don't look "old" at all, our brains that are so rotted by social media and filtered ethots we have forgotten it's a normal appearance for a 25+ years old human being without tons of filters, and a rdm woman replied "nah she looks old because she doesn't do skincare, I'm 30 and I look 19 because I take so much better care of myself". Well, I hate to bash on people's appearance, but checked her profile and guess what, she was far from looking 19, and even to fit in the definition of "beautiful", tbh. People like to embarass themselves.

No. 1825950

I feel like people lie in really obvious ways in Instagram comments, I think they know it's bullshit but they enjoy lying, reminds me of schoolchildren. Saw a comment thread earlier
>Reel: White blonde hair being done by hairdresser
>Commenter (1 week ago): I can never find a stylist to get my hair this colour (posted one week ago)
>Someone replies with advice to get a wig in that colour instead to save her hair from damage
>Commenter (4 days ago) actually I found a stylist to do it for me and now I have the hair I want!!
>Profile is private but profile pic is brassy blonde
Like we are supposed to believe she found an expert stylist who can do long white blonde hair, got an appointment immmediately when they usually have year long waitlists, and now has the hair they want all in a week?
It's embarrassing to see people acting like this but whatever gets them through the day I guess.

No. 1826260

File: 1683951896976.jpg (82.47 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230429_140208_Ins…)

It's funny because she has no concept of self. She posted this to her stories where she just looks like a slightly chubby pear shape who's crammed themselves into a corset, which she looks like irl.

No. 1826262

File: 1683952068884.jpg (158.23 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230418_080522_Ins…)

Samefagging to post this autistic shit from aniejoy. Secondhand embarrassment is an understatement.

No. 1826263

File: 1683952235780.jpg (96.1 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230419_123639_Ins…)

Bonus troll post she received

No. 1826440

File: 1683989234730.jpg (Spoiler Image, 765.19 KB, 3264x3264, anie.jpg)

Video still vs picture, it's just embarrassing

No. 1826457

>>1826260 wtf is this thight shape???(sage your shit)

No. 1826827

I don't get this. She has a perfectly slim and nice body on left. Anyone would be happy to be in that shape. But the right is just weird. I can't imagine anyone is doing their mental health any good photoshopping themselves like this and pretending this is reality.

No. 1827015

something about competing with anime for attention

No. 1827029

Honestly deranged, all the schizo word vomit to cover her shoop and she goes and posts this shit kek? The weight gain and not so subtle boob job does not make this look even remotely realistic.
Seconded. She keeps going ham on the dorito chin lately and I'm assuming that's why.

No. 1827747

File: 1684169531889.jpg (Spoiler Image, 358.95 KB, 3264x2448, MTXX_PT20230515_175103238.jpg)

okichloeo on Instagram, video vs picture

No. 1828037

File: 1684207553177.jpeg (181.83 KB, 1170x1445, IMG_7832.jpeg)

The eye stretching and chipmunk proportions are making me kek

No. 1834663

File: 1685069410579.jpg (377 KB, 2448x3264, Shapewear.jpg)

Anyone notice how she always wears the exact same shorts under her skirts? It's so obviously shape wear to make her ass look bigger

No. 1834672

File: 1685070233642.jpg (375.85 KB, 3264x2448, Dump truck not found.jpg)

Samefag, but this is just ridiculous. Her post vs her story

No. 1834709

File: 1685073970015.jpeg (70.37 KB, 828x837, 407D9ED5-FD62-46B5-ABCF-2BB5CA…)

very bizarre

No. 1834717

File: 1685074116631.jpeg (50.95 KB, 828x772, E2035736-27F8-4857-99A5-9B0E9F…)

No. 1834719

this is what happens when you cater to incel scrotes who have never seen a woman irl before.

No. 1834881

File: 1685100645901.jpg (84.35 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230520_173909_Ins…)

Peak retardation. I don't feel sorry for the moids who actively defend this egregious shit.

No. 1835137

File: 1685131225707.jpg (250.64 KB, 2448x3106, Elastigirl.jpg)

Lol her waist has been so inconsistent in all of pictures and videos. Her hands are constantly warping the further down she moves her hands because she's obviously enlarging her hips and making her waist smaller with filters.

No. 1835190

File: 1685135958850.jpg (246.87 KB, 3264x1884, Nice thumb.jpg)

You can see how her hand (especially her thumb) double in size when she moves it away from her waist

No. 1835360

File: 1685156197105.jpg (858.72 KB, 4096x4096, Aniejoy.jpg)

She's clinically insane at this point. Speaking of insane I don't know why this girl insists on digging herself a deeper grave like we don't have eyes.

No. 1835507

>159 lbs
KEKKKKKKKK the only way weight like that would distribute even somewhat nicely is on a woman 5’11 or taller. She is truly insane lmao

No. 1835615

File: 1685205049085.jpg (275.4 KB, 3264x2448, Lurker.jpg)

Kek imskirby/succubuzza definitely lurks this thread, she's sent a DMCA complaint to the site. No wonder she deletes pictures when posters here call her out on her editing.

No. 1835968

File: 1685260403042.jpg (71.78 KB, 526x956, 1736388210193.jpg)

It's sad as fuck she has nothing better to do than to dedicate her time to curating her giga-pickme image. From her "interests" to her appearance it's all to convince low quality men she's nlog. What's the point if when they meet you IRL and aren't fooled by your nose contour and shape wear? Picrel someone I follow was one of the many people she's fought with and received this message. I've redacted any distinguishing information for obvious reasons. Take it with a grain of salt since I can't verify the claims, but going by her consistent behaviour on IG and obvious shop I'd say this accurately depicts the thought process of those who meet her.

No. 1836665

File: 1685373681432.jpg (101.66 KB, 1080x1204, Screenshot_20230529-162024_Ins…)

She's a huge misogynist. She absolutely hates women and will take any chance she can to tear them down to impress moids. I have literally never seen a positive interaction she's had with another woman, so those messages don't surprise me. Also, her shape wear is obvious and her makeup is atrocious, it makes her face look dirty and greasy

No. 1836670

Filtered her nose clean off

No. 1837195

File: 1685414406920.jpg (358.96 KB, 3264x2448, lightskin stare.jpg)

Her filters and makeup are certainly something huh. These are only a month apart

No. 1837299

File: 1685421985993.jpg (66.03 KB, 720x1280, 147572823842.jpg)

The left photo is a massive upgrade from awkward floating heads in the thread image, even if it is makeup and fillers. The right is not even comparable to the left and it shows how delusional she is. Every time she's photographed with people or in public it's from a mile away or missing half her face. Must be draining to keep up the facade for superficial interaction online.

No. 1837304

File: 1685422236650.jpg (96.94 KB, 720x1280, Irony.jpg)

Samefagging to say this made me kek

No. 1837410

do moids find this attractive?

No. 1837623

File: 1685475616576.jpg (60.29 KB, 1080x929, 20230530_204111.jpg)

She's also constantly covering her lips in her story because she was too lazy to put a filter on them. Picrel are her ridiculously over-lined lips.

No. 1837642

File: 1685476637721.jpg (454.43 KB, 3264x1632, MTXX_PT20230530_205710097.jpg)

Samefag, but where are these pictures even from?

No. 1837898

anime/cartoon-obsessed ones do.

No. 1838050

Some anon dumped them in the previous thread sometime after the moids started sperging. My best guess is someone who knows her irl, and who has followed her for a long time, is tired of her shit.

No. 1838058

File: 1685508332149.jpg (40.33 KB, 564x594, b7cfd3c6e9a97f7b3df99b1bdcbd83…)

sage for skim but this is genuinely hurting my head. wtf is going on with her everything

No. 1839289

File: 1685665470263.jpg (215.6 KB, 1080x1224, 20230602_011930.jpg)

She filtered her entire face off in this one, guess she was too lazy to apply a beauty filter. It's giving slender man. Also, she really does just look like a chubby girl in a corset.

No. 1839325

Shit like this is how you know moids truly are retarded. No woman would think that weight and height makes any sense on that body - that is already preposterous as it is. But that weight on a 5’5 girl is gonna be chubby, with a belly fold at least. Let these stupid moids get taken for a ride, all I want is for young women to know this shit is fully retarded.

No. 1839353

5'5 and 159 pounds is literally overweight. She's either lying or shopping her body like crazy

No. 1839376

Kek, shapewear shorts out in full force too.

No. 1839565

File: 1685698518267.jpg (128.76 KB, 839x989, 20230602_103419.jpg)

Found an older pic of her when she was still going by sylindaaa. Her face looks completely different compared to her recent posts, but the body is as poorly shopped as ever

No. 1839568

File: 1685698977760.jpg (103.72 KB, 1312x1080, 20230602_104157.jpg)

Kek, you can see the outline of her shapewear shorts in one of her vids

No. 1839606

I don't understand, in a lot of the candids in last post it shows that she has a nice shape naturally (or had it) why shoop yourself constantly only to be revealed as a scam day in and day out? Is she retarded? The only way as if she got an OF, but even that photoshopped thots on that site are dime a dozen, I don't think she would make lots of money
>159 lbs
That… explains a lot, actually. Just an insecure pickme

No. 1839613

Lol nonna the woman in the 1st post you quoted is a different person to the other 2. 1st is Aniejoy, 2nd and 3rd are Skirby. I do agree that both of them are absolutely retarded though

No. 1839616

File: 1685707593698.jpg (108.06 KB, 720x1280, Aniejoy.jpg)

They're not the same person anon but they may as well be. It makes sense Skirby probably weighs around there too and that's why she does what she does. Picrel is >>1835360

No. 1839632

Kekkk my bad, but they look similar to each other, which proves my point of OF being full of same looking dime a dozen ultra shooped thots

No. 1839806

Jesus christ, caption this 'ideal OF retard living space'. Looks like she's in an attic sitting on a handicap person's portable toilet.

No. 1840104

I love how much they tell on themselves when they shoop themselves sitting with ass/thigh squish on the hard chair. Girl, if you really looked like that sitting, you standing up would look like lymphedema.
They shoop themselves so hard, but have literal zero idea about anatomy.

No. 1840780

File: 1685889338561.jpeg (62.28 KB, 736x996, IMG_4877.jpeg)

dove cameron is insane. not only has she had multiple nose jobs and multiple procedures but she constantly photoshops herself to look unrecognizable. probably the worst celebrity photoshopper/filter user besides ariana grande

No. 1840882

She looks pretty in both, I don’t see the big deal, but I wish that Bratz doll bimbo shit had died in 2018 where it belongs

No. 1840887

nayrt, but pretty? she looks like an alien on the right kek

No. 1841256

Idk what that anon is smoking. One is inhuman and the other is botched but fortunately taken in low lighting/poor quality.

No. 1841721

File: 1686029076757.jpg (73.53 KB, 720x1237, 14948382932.jpg)

Yukapon friend's shoop is nightmare fuel

No. 1841724

File: 1686029394907.jpg (764.76 KB, 4096x3072, 14948382933.jpg)

Samefagging to say this looks like an animorphs transformation wtf

No. 1841755

File: 1686037543293.png (666.75 KB, 1098x719, muppetface.png)

can't tell if completely botched or if she just maxed out the eye and mouth size filter to the absolute max.

No. 1841782

File: 1686045539162.jpg (149.71 KB, 828x1792, 20230606_045645.jpg)

No. 1841783

File: 1686045809315.jpg (95.12 KB, 720x1209, Screenshot_20230606-050326_Ins…)

Troll or not I think it's funny

No. 1841784

File: 1686046327327.jpg (162.62 KB, 1080x1240, 20230503-110138_Instagram.jpg)

two all-natural queens

No. 1841953

These are genuinely so funny lmfao

No. 1842082

I've been sending pics of her all day to my friends lol we can't stop laughing

No. 1842583

File: 1686181975179.jpg (145.3 KB, 720x1343, MTXX_MH20230608_095346530.jpg)

So people don't bother with the dorrito chin, but the arm seems to be the final straw lmao

No. 1842587

File: 1686182239560.jpg (482.22 KB, 4096x3072, MTXX_PT20230608_095803402.jpg)

Here's the comments so far

No. 1843317

File: 1686287388179.jpg (67.96 KB, 636x382, 71919255-0-image-a-51_16862409…)

The winner of Miss Russia 2023 who bought the title because her billionaire husband sponsored the pagent

No. 1843319

File: 1686287616707.jpg (113.6 KB, 1200x675, 2_Winner-of-Mrs-Russia-pageant…)

an entirely new face

No. 1843387

File: 1686308472598.jpg (341.44 KB, 1908x1146, 28145388-0-image-a-76_15889141…)

OT but they all do that. It's a prozzie front. This ordinary pretty Aussie women won Miss UNIVERSE. Trump took a liking to her…

No. 1843419

Mrs Russia doesn’t know which way she’s looking but at least Miss Russia is pretty. Parents are probably mob though kek pageants are prostitution and money laundering fronts with some political corruption thrown in

No. 1843422

File: 1686315344468.jpg (780.48 KB, 2880x2880, 20230609_071806.jpg)

First pic is still filtered through hell and back but jesus… those hands. Literally nonexistent chin. And she's not even Japanese.

No. 1843431

She actually looks cute in the first one why the hell would she want to larp as Japanese?

No. 1843448

File: 1686318591520.jpeg (46.33 KB, 640x502, 99AB22BC-5D0F-4C23-B792-BF1EBF…)

Right looks literally like pic related.

No. 1843600

The first one is also ridiculously photoshopped.

No. 1843834

File: 1686359947071.jpg (53.93 KB, 716x1244, Gumby.jpg)

What is this even supposed to be? Looks like a playdoh body form made by a kindergartener.

No. 1843951

she needs to stop. it’s so pathetic. i wonder how she copes knowing her coomers only want her for her warped lipoedema body. it must be so exhausting.

No. 1843995

File: 1686391191916.jpg (149.84 KB, 1080x1252, Screenshot_20230610-105944_Chr…)

eIfen photoshops are hilarious

No. 1843997

File: 1686391969160.jpg (272.59 KB, 2048x1693, 20660.jpg)

The drawn-on makeup kek.

No. 1844004

File: 1686393077331.jpeg (1015.24 KB, 3464x3464, 30DF8CEB-4840-45F0-BDF8-248B02…)

twitter/tiktok egirls look exactly the same and have the exact same aesthetic

No. 1844498

File: 1686456755496.jpg (164.27 KB, 1080x1909, Screenshot_20230611-044821_Ins…)

I can't believe she posted these only a few days apart. At least be consistent with your photoshop. Also, her shapewear shorts are back and her arms are fat kek

No. 1844503

Samefag, but it must be so exhausting having to constantly monitor what pictures people post of you for fear of being exposed. Also constantly squeezing herself into a corset, push-up bra and padded shorts just to take a few mediocre tier cosplay photos sounds draining. And on top of all that, she still edits her photos and videos. She can never take a video longer than 3 seconds because her body and face filters will glitch out. She lives a very sad life trying to get validation from terminally online coomers and it's just really pathetic.

No. 1844569

is she even trying? no human being with arms that thick can have an ant waist.

No. 1844615

It feels like she's got thousands of hours racked up souly for the sheer amount of 3 second proof clips she uploads. If she has a fulltime job I'd be extremely surprised.

No. 1844642

Does she even makes money from it? If not, it is really pathetic. Not that if she makes money with makes not pathetic, but at least it would make sense to why she does that

No. 1844729

She makes money from her OnlyFans but I doubt it's that much. There's only so long coomers will stick around for 3 second long fully clothed videos of her grabbing her poorly shopped hips

No. 1845528

File: 1686614781411.jpeg (654.93 KB, 3465x3465, EE10F195-804E-4189-943D-05FBCB…)

What the fuck is up with these xenomorph shoops lately is she trying to skinwalk the predator? Img is a blurry shooped photo still

No. 1845901

I think she deleted this after you posted, kek. Can't find it on her page anymore, we already knew she lurked though. Most of the girls posted in here do. Good job on catching it before she could purge it though, Nona. Even if you hadn't posted I think she would've taken it down anyway since the shoop is Really bad in that pic on the left. If you compare her edited pics to pics of her normal face you can tell she fucked up in this one. >>1801594

No. 1846051

File: 1686689714449.jpg (113.4 KB, 1080x1924, Screenshot_20230613-135659_Ins…)

Speaking of having to constantly monitors what others post of her… She can't even show her face because it's not filtered kek

No. 1846161

File: 1686700051343.jpeg (448.76 KB, 1170x1611, IMG_3704.jpeg)

The fuck is happening with Snitchery’s legs? That can’t just be an angle thing.

No. 1846484

kek she does all that work on the fake waist and hips but can't photoshop the flabby arms and the stockiness away it seems

No. 1846933

File: 1686828072045.jpg (135.04 KB, 1080x1911, Screenshot_20230615-132056_Ins…)

She's using FaceApp filters now lol

No. 1846975

Looks like a league of legends splash art

No. 1847133

File: 1686860648470.jpg (408.28 KB, 1170x1708, Image2.jpg)

Erin Evee

No. 1847136

File: 1686860951310.jpg (197.14 KB, 1616x1080, 1616x1080_b5d2a7d24b1a69cf4636…)

the "I've never photoshopped any of my pics before. I was made fun of for looking like a anime character in school." girl

No. 1847138

File: 1686861029834.jpg (1.13 MB, 1771x2234, Image6.jpg)

she doesnt even try to hide it anymore. thousands of men were commenting how hot she looked

No. 1847297

how would you even take those off

No. 1847365

File: 1686892142678.jpg (526.9 KB, 1536x2048, gabo.jpg)

no gabo, you are not "getting younger" because of anime. you are whiter because filters

No. 1847414

This is just shameful,don't moids have eyes lol

No. 1847750

File: 1686952711522.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.66 MB, 3072x4096, IMG_3193.jpeg)


No. 1847759

its most likely spandex that just looks like denim but if she actually looked like this, probably the only option would be scissors

No. 1847775

The breast plates kek

No. 1847842

She’s already pretty, why does she have to shoop herself into an ugly deformed FAS fetus

No. 1848101

File: 1687012188323.jpeg (1.6 MB, 3464x3464, 6C82273C-C01B-422F-9401-0969DA…)

kuruCirculation/nyabeat on twitter kek this looks so silly

No. 1848260

What does the picture on the right prove?

No. 1848403

nta but you can see the pixels where she shooped her waist

No. 1848525

File: 1687070563825.jpeg (266.63 KB, 1082x1080, my queen.JPEG)

Are there any nonnas that know more insane korean photoshoppers. I only know shasha soosoo. I don’t know kind of genre the tiny head photoshop is.

No. 1848527

File: 1687070647893.jpeg (291.22 KB, 1170x1762, 5D296B05-FD43-43AF-BE81-578991…)

Samefag, but one of her most recent posts. I’m obsessed with how blatant it is

No. 1848531

In japan there is the "tiny face" trend whereby girls adopt hairstyles that make the face appear smaller but idk if its close enuf(learn2sage)

No. 1848541

White guys with yellow fever will insist she’s 100% natty lol.

No. 1848544

I'm not sure what we're supposed to be able to see. It all looks the same to me?

No. 1848561

I love this in a body horror way

No. 1848564

File: 1687080293784.jpeg (213.81 KB, 1170x1869, 6281FBC1-1784-4A0E-A49E-C09858…)

Sure jan.

No. 1848571

The waist is 2 inches and has blurred pixels either side, particularly on the left, which shows there was some manipulation with the original image. Not sure how you can't see that.

No. 1848621

File: 1687093152710.jpg (169.05 KB, 1080x1432, 55949-901.jpg)

All of East Asia are obsessed with small faces, but it's especially bad in Korea and China. Koreans have apparently giant skulls naturally and have developed a complex and Chinese have the absolutely worst most unachievable beauty standards, including tiny faces. There's a trend now called high cranial top where you, you guessed it, try to make the top of your skull as big as possible as that makes your face smaller. No, I don't get the logic either, it looks horrible. Picrel are some hairstyles to make your noggin look extra massive.

No. 1848636

what is even this losers occupation. does she live with her parents? force them to buy hee a computer or something? i doubt hee and skirby are rich/live alone. aspiring future femcel zoomer trash ethots.(sage your shit)

No. 1848665

I'm laughing so hard at this, not even people with microcephaly have their heads this tiny(sage your shit)

No. 1848750

File: 1687110045123.jpg (237.56 KB, 1080x1306, Screenshot_20230618-162531_Ins…)

is the idea shes supposed to look taller because shorter people have bigger heads in comparision to their body? I have no idea whats going on but I'm obsessed(sage your shit)

No. 1848998

Ah, farmhand you went a little ham here… That is saged.

No. 1849001

File: 1687138973408.jpg (157.53 KB, 1200x751, DW8dEKGU8AA08E0.jpg)

this is why(sage your shit)

No. 1849056

File: 1687145038164.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.39 KB, 720x896, Wtflmao.jpg)

It just keeps getting worse… The chin and waist wtf

No. 1849142

File: 1687158488656.jpg (234.65 KB, 1080x1917, Screenshot_20230619-090751_Ins…)

They must have wealthy parents. Skirby is always going to NYC (she lives in Montreal) on trips. It's hard to believe that a basement dweller like her has a job and enough money to fund these trips. Right now it looks like she's in some fancy summer home by the sea. It's pretty funny thinking that her parents are probably in the other room while she takes these pictures.

No. 1849221

It’s partly to do with the fact having a small head makes you look taller but it’s also to do with manhwas I think. Everyone is trying to look like a manhwa character and they always have ridiculously long legs, huge hands and teeny heads.

No. 1849222

They’re standing closer to the camera tho

No. 1849379

But the 3 to the left of Ivanka aren't, they're standing pretty much right next to her

No. 1849451

mental illness is crazy because how does she not know how stupid this looks

No. 1849838

Don’t men generally have bigger heads than women? I thought that was normal. They have larger brain mass. And it’s an evolutionary advantage for fights and stuff. Boxers usually have huge skulls because they take hits better.

No. 1849918

>having a small head makes you look taller
does it though, nona? I am short myself with a small head and looks kinda weird, i look very short still, just with a small head kek

No. 1849919

Imagine the disappointment from her parents kekkk, they probably were expecting her to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer, but she is a NEET and whores her photoshopped self on internet in their home

No. 1850589

File: 1687353522237.jpg (527.54 KB, 2448x3264, Lips.jpg)

Her lips are steadily getting bigger. She's mentioned that she's gotten 0.5ml of filler in her Instagram comments (what happened to being all natural kek) but I think she's using a combination of lip fillers, overlining and filters to look the way she does in her posts.

No. 1850761

File: 1687374228166.jpg (180.48 KB, 1080x1350, LOL.jpg)

You guys gotta see this chick according to her stories "I'm going to be famous or date a famous person by 20"(namefagging)

No. 1851825

File: 1687545303922.png (527.12 KB, 1080x1763, A7F2E7D4-F70F-47C7-B6EA-31DEC3…)

You can literally see the lines in the background bending because she is clearly using a filter, but moids will swear she is all natural

Why are men so fucking retarded

No. 1851905

>bitches be photoshopping to get that congestive heart failure look

No. 1852373

File: 1687624283203.png (2.5 MB, 1079x1509, Screenshot_20230624_122945_Ins…)

She can't be serious

No. 1852399

Kek the way she left in some stretch marks to make it look totes legit guys. Scrotes are so stupid.

No. 1852644

Isn't this the cam girl cow who faked her suicide?
The body photoshop is mediocre for thread standards but the photoshopping herself into an already photoshopped picture of another country is insane

No. 1852679

I would not like to see how this looks irl you can spot the horrible overlinning without enlarging the photo
This doesn't even remotely resemble human anatomy kek

No. 1852684

File: 1687672124271.jpg (Spoiler Image, 130.11 KB, 720x898, Screenshot_20230625-004707_Ins…)

I've seen this bitch pop up on instagram. She was dressing like this in public where children could see her. These whores have no morals.

No. 1852719

Breasts are not sexual organs.
>calling women whores
Scrote moment.

No. 1852724

This picture is so disgusting I’m sorry. Her skin with all the stretch marks looks diseased from her obesity stretching her skinsuit to its full capacity. Nothing wrong with some stretch marks but when they cover your entire body like this you are obese.

She has that weird gross flat keyhole fake bellybutton from a tummy tuck. Breast implants look like two rock hard grapefruits hastily stuffed into her chest. Thighs and her arm on the right clearly signal obesity and waist has been horribly photoshopped. Used the Hollywood faceapp filter 10x. Looks like a big gross melted ice cream sitting on top of a beautiful pristine mountain, yuck. I’m so disappointed Switzerland lets such trashy people do such trashy photoshoots there.

No. 1852725

File: 1687684324885.jpeg (152.24 KB, 1242x1138, 2930B346-A8AA-4FDF-89C4-DB8232…)

Her body looks fucked because she is/was super obese.
She claims she lost weight but really just had so much plastic surgery and fat lipsuctioned out of her and injected back into her body plus jaw fillers to make her face more defined.

No. 1852726

File: 1687684382219.jpeg (155.67 KB, 1242x1660, 4C1E089C-0B07-4864-B86F-5265B3…)

What the fuck. Not sure if lipedema or just fatass.

No. 1852745

It's very disingenuous to claim she had a weight loss journey and to promote body positivity when she had massive amounts of plastic surgery.

No. 1852889

>>1852684 if you believe she was actually dressed like this in public then you are as stupid as the ones that believe in the "all natural" discourse. She probably wasn't even there with all this photoshop kek

No. 1853694

Why use photoshop and/or get surgery to look so deformed? Those hips and ass make her look like a mutant

No. 1857890

File: 1688447025946.png (1.29 MB, 734x918, xenomorph.png)

I'm genuinely shocked she hasn't deleted this yet.

No. 1857902

File: 1688449159648.jpg (27.59 KB, 500x425, tumblr_m1hfee3Fg81qjm55w.jpg)

No. 1858413

File: 1688526842919.jpg (5.49 MB, 4096x4096, MTXX_PT20230705_131441552.jpg)

Skirby posting more weird grainy candids. It's like she thinks there's a direct correlation between convincing people she's real and looking like a sim

No. 1860559

Did Skirby get a nose job or is that just make up and photoshop?(sage your shit)

No. 1860729

Most likely makeup and shopping but it wouldn't be surprising if she's gotten some cosmetic surgery since she has admitted to having lip filler. Who knows what else she's gotten done

No. 1861017

File: 1688926579154.jpg (380.76 KB, 1080x1693, SNOW_20230709_200958_505.jpg)

his editing is so uncanny valley
his head doesn't match the neck and body, i don't get the obsession some people have to make themselves look like a dorito seme yaoi character

No. 1861042

It's not even uncanny, it's straight up CG kek

No. 1861091

No. 1861186

I like this, I think it borders more on the art spectrum than the cow spectrum

No. 1861445

The most fake thing is the moid with a hairline this good kek
This guy can use his skills to make digital art at this point

No. 1862732

File: 1689137919359.jpg (85.16 KB, 959x1280, 3ec24e3b-8a1d-4930-bbe8-d21d0e…)

Advertises herself (himself??) as "bratzdoll exterior, sane nerdy interior"

No. 1864720

File: 1689397049554.png (1.13 MB, 720x1090, 1472023554.png)

Appalled by the amount of editing especially on the right picture. It looks like there's filters on both of them as well.

No. 1864733


No. 1864798

File: 1689422018673.jpg (525.53 KB, 1080x1930, Screenshot_20230715-124856_Ins…)

Kek, and here she is stuffing herself into a bodysuit. Girl we can see that you're chubby, your stomach is hanging out from the bottom of the corset. Also the angle, she knows she has no ass so she has to position the camera at a low angle to make it look like she has some

No. 1864943

She looks like a stuffed sausage kek
When she will accept she is a fatty-chan and do some squats? That way maybe she will get some ass and can stop photoshopping

No. 1865138

File: 1689461153071.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1170x2034, IMG_9907.jpeg)

What is going on in this edit its jaded asf

No. 1865226

File: 1689469948906.jpeg (165.42 KB, 828x1792, 64E64483-3F38-4734-8301-98E589…)


No. 1865228

No. 1865266

File: 1689474504982.jpg (4.79 MB, 4096x4096, MTXX_PT20230716_123001693.jpg)

Speaking of

No. 1865269

File: 1689474963654.jpg (4.9 MB, 4096x4096, MTXX_PT20230716_123649130.jpg)

Sorry for samefag but holy shit she can't even cosplay sonico without wearing her trademark waist trainer, pushup bra and butt pads. It looks ridiculous

No. 1865283

I see the One Piece bod is trending with moids

No. 1865289

She looks like a mutant lmao. This only looks good to porn obsessed neets

No. 1865293

What's up with her micro mini skirt and long shorts combo? Does she delude herself into wearing S/M size skirt?

No. 1865312

Probably to show off her "figure" aka padded shorts. Look through all her highlights, she wears those crust padded shorts in practically every single picture. She looks like the type to have awful hygiene so it doesn't surprise me she wears the same ragged shape wear shorts everyday.

No. 1865315

Samefag but hopefully with her at Montreal Comic Con right now, we might get some candid pictures. Unlikely though because of how obsessed with her image she is.

No. 1865317

>the micro bikini worn over at least two layers
>the obvious padded bike shorts fully hanging out of her many sizes too small skirt
lmao the sheer effort of wearing all that to look anything close to her shoops and then still obviously editing these anyway. I wonder if any candids will crop up.

It's obviously the only size that would fit around her super delicate waist anon! Life is like SO hard when you're built like an ant.

No. 1865530

Looks like a vampire from the Sims 2. Also wow, she's not even trying to hide the eye editing/stretching with this one, it's just embarrassing. Everyone is laughing at her.

No. 1867039

File: 1689637323379.jpg (165.79 KB, 975x1920, IMG_2114.jpg)

do yall know anything about purelysold? ive seen her tiktoks on my fyp and i cannot believe if her proportions are real at all…

No. 1867058

It looks like her ass is pregnant holy shit

No. 1867366

File: 1689688895290.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 178.76 KB, 637x1132, 3FE85699-93BF-48BA-AFB3-7F97FF…)

Too funny. The fucking TITS.
The face..

No. 1867368

The toddler face is so creepy.

No. 1867446

Did she seriously shoop her fucking collarbones? top kek

No. 1867458

That skirt is so fugly and just makes her looks more of a fatass what a retard. I don't get is that a cosplay? As surprising it looks, Super Sonico has an outfit and looks nothing like that, she just slapped a cheap wig and headphones in her unwashed crusty outfit and called a cosplay kek

No. 1867681

what's her @?

No. 1867824

File: 1689775583293.jpg (Spoiler Image, 354.88 KB, 720x1224, 13944729912.jpg)

Another day we stray further from God kek

No. 1868034

File: 1689804108299.png (319.05 KB, 483x852, Screenshot 2023-07-19 230146.p…)

i have zero respect for her but at the very least she admits to surgery and editing which you can't say about anyone else in this thread

No. 1868129

File: 1689814543371.jpg (392.73 KB, 1080x1467, Screenshot_20230720-014942_Ins…)

wired_chan photoshops are getting worse.

No. 1868131

File: 1689814609460.jpg (40.18 KB, 246x470, 5322020.jpg)

her at a con

No. 1868210

That is true, but I think she edited that video whilst claiming it to be untouched which is even weirder imo

No. 1868394

File: 1689874955215.png (47.58 KB, 269x209, digging.png)

Picrel, bands digging into her skin so much must be pretty painful to endure.

No. 1868796

File: 1689954204689.jpeg (364.8 KB, 1030x1020, IMG_6064.jpeg)

No. 1868945

File: 1689973827837.png (727.9 KB, 1242x1542, 2023-01-03 01.11.52.png)

its giving centaur

No. 1868947

beautiful nonnie.. these ethots body may be fake but the beauty of your art is real.

No. 1868948

is that the allegedly underage weird emo chick on instagram that attracted all those coomers because of her showing off her photoshopped body?

see this is why this generation is doomed

No. 1868973

honestly i dont know which one you're talking about lol, there's two allegedly underage emo chicks with crazy proportions attracting coomers bc of soft porn on their tictacs and instagram. the fact that i cant even tell which of the two you're talking about proves your theory on how this generations will end kek

No. 1868999

they definitely leech off each other for sure, so much that they together bred and made ANOTHER allegedly underage emo chick with more accurate proportions but its so obvious she tries so hard to create the same content as her parents attracting coomers and showing mundane everyday things

No. 1869138

File: 1689994018658.jpeg (13.79 KB, 168x300, F5DA8700-96F5-460D-8E20-B37228…)

Is one of the @rightnaaaa on instagram? I found my live in ex looking at her he had a real problem with looking at shooped thots but she’s 16 so this was the straw that broke the camels already depleted back. Sage for blog but I cried so hard I threw up

No. 1869217

Fucking kek, art anon this is beautiful

No. 1869318

yuck not taryn aka the same shoop tikthot that left after being exposed only to come back when they turned 18 to sell content…

No. 1869504

File: 1690069755796.jpg (1.88 MB, 3264x2176, MTXX_PT20230723_004730009.jpg)

Some lovely Skirby candids while at a concert

No. 1869511

File: 1690070510015.jpg (379.92 KB, 906x1394, 20230723_010332.jpg)

No. 1869516

I'm so sorry nonnie to hear about your shitty Ex but it's truly digusting this is seen as normal now. I fucking hate this era of teens being groomed into prostitution

No. 1869604

File: 1690092587268.png (92.68 KB, 1834x664, 111.png)

Did Skirby delete her acc or just renamed?

No. 1869661

from her tweets, seems both her accounts got removed for nudity lol

No. 1869681

File: 1690113625383.jpg (1.08 MB, 2976x3264, So quirky.jpg)

I had a look at her Twitter, attention seeker much?

No. 1869684

Ah so it confirms that she overlines her lips and it is not a filter then. The flabby arms are sending me, it confirms she is a fatty-chan photoshopping the fat away
Instagram did something good for once, but at the same time Jenna Meowri's account is still up? What is their criteria for deleting instathots' accounts?

No. 1869727

This is the most autistic shit, it makes me want to alog

No. 1869734

the same crusty dirty blue skirt..(sage your shit)

No. 1869748

File: 1690129948049.jpg (238.48 KB, 642x866, wiredchan.jpg)

the best part of elene is the cringe alt right memes she posts to appeal to the nazi crowd. she even wears blue eye contacts and larps as a milkmaid on twitter kek.

No. 1869846

File: 1690144731629.png (Spoiler Image, 939.69 KB, 1240x1754, Untitled322_20230723164038.png)

don’t usually do this autistic shit but these ethots have to know each other at this point. the warped grainy images and pregnant asses.. y’all bitches retarded

No. 1869948

I'm glad you could be fucked pointing it out because I noticed how awful her shop was in these but I'm a lazy bitch

No. 1870123

i’m convinced they took their ass, enlarged it, and plastered it on to their bodies like nobody would obviously see(sage your shit)

No. 1870131

Its just facetune anon

No. 1870142

File: 1690212108808.png (3.46 MB, 2304x1362, Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 16.14…)

limerince/sasha sanchez school yearbook photo vs tiktok which she has recently deleted along with her other social media profiles after getting exposed

No. 1870157

This girl just makes me sad at this point, she's naturally very pretty already. In a marginally saner world she would feel no need to shoop herself to the ridiculous lengths she does.

No. 1870164

That's just what that kind of makeup looks like IRL

No. 1870180

"Naturally very pretty"? Yeah, no. >>1837642
I do agree that she shouldn't feel the need to shop herself to the extent she does though, it's very sad.

No. 1870265

Ugh, why would she do her makeup like that? It looks like she's got a rash on her lips… Tbh most of these shoopers look much better in their candids.

No. 1870413

File: 1690247002502.jpeg (752.41 KB, 1125x731, IMG_1391.jpeg)

photo from her Captive Cosplay facebook VS the image the photographer posted

No. 1870475

She looks like johnny depp.

No. 1870607

fuckin finally lol. always shocked me how anyone ever believed she was natural

No. 1870626

the yearbook photo looks edited too though

No. 1870642

File: 1690299302288.png (2.13 MB, 1126x1420, Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 16.32…)

She’s created so many caricatures of underage girls who LARP as her purelysold is the best example of them, all of her disgusting scrotes immediately flocked to her then started shitting on sasha kek

I don't think so, either way i came with more milk

No. 1870646

Seconded, especially if uploaded to her socials by her and not just pulled by someone who knew her

No. 1870656

File: 1690303296729.jpeg (117.62 KB, 675x1200, 6F775411-5BC2-47EA-8D09-34D251…)

her before and after is quite amusing kek

No. 1870670

so glad both her and taryn got exposed. god bless

No. 1870675

File: 1690306171945.jpeg (21.09 KB, 300x300, IMG_5267.jpeg)

lol why the fuck is she shooping herself to look like Odile from Barbie Swan Lake? She’s a pretty girl without it, why you gonna do yourself dirty like that?

No. 1870786

File: 1690322915712.png (2.68 MB, 1448x1370, Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 23.02…)

here's more of taryn and messages sasha sent to a fan(?) account talking about paris/purelysold angry they're attacking her and not the other underage e-whore, so fucking bleak

No. 1870912

File: 1690349988045.jpeg (398.76 KB, 1280x1254, IMG_1393.jpeg)

yeah i think she looks like a man too

No. 1870913

File: 1690350051087.jpeg (344.78 KB, 1280x1264, IMG_1854.jpeg)

photo a photographer posted VS what she posted to her social

No. 1870962

I like the unedited version so much shame she has to shoop her self to look like a troon.

No. 1871070

File: 1690384784069.png (10.53 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_1844.png)

This is what Jes Cain / Captive Cosplay really looks like without all the editing and angles, in a photo taken/posted by a stranger. She looks almost unrecognizable compared to the photoshopped pictures she posts online.

No. 1871414

File: 1690429934159.jpeg (953.31 KB, 1242x4381, 32F2845A-2960-49C4-A5B7-B3623B…)

Our favorite gangnam unnie is back

No. 1871439

>my drawing of animu girls at 15

No. 1871441

I followed her for a minute and she posts so often she practically spams. I had to unfollow bc it was like 40 pics to the main feed a day. It made me wonder how she has so much time to edit each one as much as she does

No. 1871459

This shit looks borderline demonic. It looks like the head of a child grafted on to the body of an adult women like something out of Mars Attacks or The Thing On The Fourble Board.

No. 1871463

Ahahahaaa! These are fucking hilarious. That wormneck on the first one. And her head just gets tinier and tinier. It’s downright comedic! It’s like her head is so far away.

No. 1871507

Reminds me of the guy in the waiting room at the end of Beetlejuice(sage your shit)

No. 1871563

i refuse to believe she isnt just taking the piss

No. 1871650

File: 1690484600585.jpeg (606.66 KB, 1023x682, IMG_2084.jpeg)

who needs skin texture? this is a 36-37 year old

No. 1872221

File: 1690568916288.jpg (532.74 KB, 1079x861, Thesehoesaintreal.jpg)

Mimsy's post on the left and Momokun's post on the right.

No. 1872330

Wtf where are her nipples? They look way too high.

No. 1872839

I think they're underneath

No. 1873586

I don't know why anyone would work with Momo
She's really here trying to pose Mimsy so she looks just as big as Moo

No. 1874153

File: 1690884533766.png (1.15 MB, 710x1254, BITCHICANT.png)


No. 1874815

Photoshopping an id is so funny kek this bitch is delirious

No. 1874818

She must die inside every time she looks in the mirror kek

No. 1875377

File: 1691057838204.jpg (147.01 KB, 720x986, 456239.2.jpg)

she edits her head so small kek it looks wacky

No. 1875388

>shoops her head into tiny kim khardashian
>doesn't bother to hide her fat rolls stuffed into her pants

No. 1875400

File: 1691063105322.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 852.97 KB, 828x1042, IMG_7905.jpeg)

I’m all about dressing how we want and everything and I get that nipples are just a natural part of the body but holy fucking shit, cover the fuck up?

her videos all have filter glitches which is hilarious. men are stupid and will jerk off yo anything.(spoil this)

No. 1875493

Kind of off-topic, but recently I've seen SO many pictures like these on Instagram where a woman is wearing a mesh, see-through top exposing her nipples while in public. Is this some sort of fetish, or a way to get around Instagram censorship?

No. 1875496

File: 1691077167900.jpg (918.22 KB, 3464x3464, 34.jpg)

wired_chan shoops are obvious/sad, but openly admitting you don't work out and then suddenly growing a huge ass over night is such bullshit kek. How does she justify being seen at cons as an average skinny woman? Even the faceshape is morphed

No. 1875787

the only person who knows what imskribby looks like irl is bladees brother cause he met up w her she covered her face in every pic too

No. 1875928

File: 1691143840406.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.28 MB, 4096x4096, MTXX_PT20230804_201131914.jpg)

The delusion continues. Not sure what the second photo is trying to prove, but I can see her waist trainer kek

No. 1876030

Why did Guz meet up with her? Was he trying to smash?

No. 1876199

and how do you know nonnie.

No. 1876269

File: 1691188293330.jpeg (705.64 KB, 1290x3249, E96BFF19-6846-4A26-9AA9-FB6D3F…)

watched this girl on love island and decided to check her Instagram out, she photoshops herself a whole new body in every picture she posts

No. 1876338

her face looks better without the shop. idk what she's doing with her lips in that bottom picture lmao.

No. 1876562

are those implants like a week old they're so high up and hard looking

No. 1877747

File: 1691440380769.png (627.29 KB, 1242x1380, 2023-08-07 16.29.32.png)

what am i looking at?

No. 1878982

File: 1691637447476.jpg (Spoiler Image, 105.19 KB, 1080x1293, FB_IMG_1691637114556.jpg)

This is venomous_dolly on Instagram. I accidentally stumbled upon her when some random Facebook moid shared this picture. Her waist looks different and every picture and so does the location of her bellybutton. Is this shooping or am I stupid and it's just a lot of lipo? Spoiler just cause it shows a lot of skin.

No. 1878999

File: 1691639174544.png (124.22 KB, 1067x827, Screenshot 2023-08-09 214738.p…)

Could be a mix of body type/shoop/lipo/physical issues. She said her hips are uneven bc she got pregnant at 15 and had to do physical therapy. Picrel is her talking about it

No. 1879003

pregnancy doesn’t make your hips uneven. your hips rotate outwards but if she has uneven hipbones, that’s scoliosis not pregnancy.

No. 1879036

Maybe she had severe SPD. My back and tailbone is fucked from having 3 kids. In one pregnancy my sacroiliac joint randomly popped out of place and I couldn't walk for a month.

No. 1879042

it's shooping. she has admitted to several cosmetic procedures (like lipo and a tummy tuck) but she still edits her pictures to high heavens. it's so blatantly obvious, her body shapeshifts from post to post, she's always standing against the same plain white wall in every stale ass mirror selfie. i genuinely get second hand embarrassment from her posts and the fact that her moids and coomer egirl mutuals eat it up as if she didnt shoop her body beyond recognition

No. 1879045

File: 1691648602864.png (Spoiler Image, 836.17 KB, 1313x857, ewwtf.png)

samefag but here's one of her worst and most ridiculous shoops, spoiler for jumpscare

No. 1879160

men have no object permanence if they can see it in front of their eyes they don't care if it's shooped, thus the large amount of likes. they jerk it to 2d drawings so borderline ai art ethot selfies work just as well.

No. 1879570

she tagged him in her second account and yeah he probably did have sex w her i met him irl twice and now im like this dude a weirdo fr cause he legit fucking anime larping women i thought he was cool cause of being related to bladee but all men weird af i guess

No. 1879571

samefag but he's balding anyway i think they met up for a photoshoot

No. 1879572

File: 1691727362271.png (2.16 MB, 1748x1082, Screen Shot 2023-08-11 at 12.1…)

No. 1879585

File: 1691730911095.jpeg (115.49 KB, 750x735, 703B8CF6-00E4-4B00-B03F-032125…)

shooped thinspo is something else

No. 1879681

i got a question nonnies, do you think she wore the stinky smelly overused butt pad shorts to make guz look like she’s a thicc baddie when in reality she’s a fat chick shoved into a small smelly already worn skirt, the same smelly clothes, and the 5 year old makeup job lips lookin’ like she used a crayola marker. i doubt they fucked, but they’ve probably hung out around the city.

No. 1879683

It'd be a lot of shop too she's been posted in previous threads with ridiculous face proportions

No. 1879875

It’s so weird but not surprising that Bladee’s Z lister sibling is using his brother’s clout to fuck random fat instathots

No. 1879955

you guys made me laugh so hard

No. 1880101

i feel bad for guz! i can’t imagine him watching her taking off the butt pads and smelly clothes, him wondering why the room smells, and her melting, caked makeup face. and hee pregnant ass isn’t real.

No. 1880199

Any moid dumb enough to get himself into that situation deserves it kek

No. 1880535


No. 1880602

File: 1691892390522.png (178.08 KB, 743x363, Screenshot 2023-08-12 220824.p…)

all of her moids are braindead pornsick retards i've lost faith in humanity. XY chromosomes are a disease

No. 1880773

can you really be mad, this is a minor following her, plus why’s aren’t people talking about skirby uploading borderline sexual content with her shitty filtered thot photos and allowing said minors to follow her

No. 1881280

File: 1691998984188.jpeg (99.93 KB, 687x900, IMG_6964.jpeg)

I missed Berry’s shoops kek

No. 1881429

A match made in hell: a delusional pornsick sadboy wannabe "director" riding on his accomplished brother's fame and a stinky NEET ethot that photoshops her fatness away but believes it is her true body

No. 1881839

guz should photoshop his bald ass head def a match made in heaven

No. 1883254

File: 1692291168444.jpeg (568.95 KB, 2048x2048, E12795A1-B812-4799-ADBD-3AA048…)

checked out her page along with her tiktok and there's just no way, my eyes must be deceiving bc..

No. 1883296

This the chick that cheated on a league streamer lol, why am i not shocked shes a bitch

No. 1883298

File: 1692294286953.jpg (294.63 KB, 1125x2000, -11064555771170966553.jpg)

Aliexpress kaweewee items review sections never disappoints.
I don't know why but that tiny head thing is so hilarious to me.

No. 1883340

File: 1692297195577.jpeg (24.11 KB, 251x275, IMG_6573.jpeg)

nonnie you are being too nice. i feel bad for the poor streamer who had to see and cum to this fuck ugly face every morning for weeks, fill their delulus about being asian online just to have them cheat on him with some fuck ugly dude. i don’t get how these thots are so able to pull in dudes and just straight up catfish them blind and throw them under the bus. why are canadian ethots so weird and stupid lol

No. 1883343

i think the best part is that skirby knows that she’s a fake bitch so she’s not going to be in the full picture posing with guz, or allow guy to take a photo of her/upload any photos of them on instagram. she’s a fat bitch in shapewear booty shorts and a tiny skirt walking around hot and sweaty ass NYC

No. 1883525

It creeps me out. It’s like they’re trying to have the face of a very young child and the body of a grown ass woman and there’s something wrong and perverse about it

No. 1883604

her photoshopped ID thing is creepy as fuck but why is her unedited face totally my type kek. I love her nose. Tragedy she's insane

No. 1883709

her unshooped face is genuinely cute though

No. 1883794

File: 1692362839936.jpg (66.43 KB, 610x1174, chin.jpg)

It popped in my recommended on yt, now i'm suffering, what the fuck is happening to her chin???

No. 1883885

Agree, she doesn’t need to shoop and especially not so egregiously, she’s perfectly cute/pretty; I’d buy her a drink if she came to my fav unofficial lesbian bar uwu. Depressing how many young women feel like they have to look like pornified cartoons to get scrote attention and bux

No. 1884271

File: 1692435137960.jpg (265.54 KB, 1080x1795, Screenshot_20230819-165259_Ins…)

This is so fucking funny

No. 1884273

File: 1692435164285.jpg (256.56 KB, 1077x1914, Screenshot_20230819-165315_Ins…)

(2)this is not irony…

No. 1884274

File: 1692435311539.jpg (301.66 KB, 1080x1892, Screenshot_20230819-165630_Ins…)

She's Malaysian or Indonesian, and I kind of feel bad that she is driven by Asian beauty standards to shoop herself this way. But it's so goddamn funny

No. 1884293

i gasped, this has to be a troll taking the piss… if it isn't she's deeply mentally ill

No. 1884401

Mac tonight but irl

No. 1884499

File: 1692475645670.jpeg (266.07 KB, 1536x2048, 20230816_101309.jpeg)

Her boobs look ridiculous.

No. 1884530

These boobs aren’t even shooped, dumb jealous nitpick(sage your shit)

No. 1884536

theyre ugly transvestite silicone breastplates which is worse than photoshop lol

No. 1884603



Might be a dumb nitpick but jealous is a reach anon. She’s wearing one of those fake tranny chest plates and trying to pass it off as her real boobs. She’s been doing it for years

Her face looks shopped too but not to an extreme degree.

No. 1884624

You’re coping lol her boobs are super asymmetrical and the nipples are different heights if they were silicone that wouldn’t happen, cope(bait)

No. 1884923

Kek. I noticed men are always like this. They can't tell when there's something obviously fake going on with breasts.

No. 1884974

And then get immediately defensive to anyone who bursts their bubble, usually followed by the "you're jealous" cope.

No. 1885121

Depressing that you'd still buy her a drink knowing she caters to moids and shoops not only her face but her body to hell. Have some standards, Nona.
We shouldn't pity the retard who chose to date her either. He stuck around even after meeting her and seeing her delusion for himself. I agree she looks fine how she normally looks but she begs to differ. She's just another toxic Twitter Egirl copy and paste who will never accept herself. I mean seriously, who photoshops an I.D??? How fucking sad.

No. 1885126

she looks like an indian mom

No. 1885699

I genuinely don't understand why she does tho. Spend probably tens of thousands of dollars on implants, and turn around to take low quality bait like this with a fake chestplate? Are scrotes really this retarded to think its real?

No. 1891492

imskirby wears the same 2 stinky skirts and top everyday

No. 1892866

rich people have class nonita. i’d like to see you squeeze into some buttpads and a M/S skirt from shein

No. 1893870

File: 1694003516944.jpg (1.85 MB, 2577x3264, Over lining.jpg)

Kek here she is showing how much over-lining she does to her lips. This bitch has gotten lip fillers, over-lines her lips and still uses filters. Embarrassing

No. 1893881

Why do moids think boobs having flaws must be real? You can literally buy assymentrical breast plates or ask for breast implants to be placed lower/lopsided to look saggy and uneven

No. 1893968

You’re not actually retarded enough to think women ask for lopsided boobs or buy defective chest plates are you?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1894019

File: 1694028423991.jpeg (55.76 KB, 750x750, IMG_7158.jpeg)

>>1893870(sage your shit)

No. 1894020

the last thing guz sees before she gives him the worst fucking head ever, and some stanky ass

No. 1894239

i won’t sage my shit sorry retards lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1894263

File: 1694066514923.gif (56.66 KB, 220x220, monkey-smoke.gif)

a source is telling me you will.

No. 1894325

You’re seething nona because Guz not Benjamin will ever fuck you. We know.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1894336

fuck off man(report and move on)

No. 1894439

File: 1694101021062.jpg (918.67 KB, 1836x3264, Waist filter.jpg)

Our natural queen imskirby using a waist filter, you can see it to the right of her waist. She even used the black brush tool to try cover it up.

No. 1894445

File: 1694101187528.jpg (1.09 MB, 1836x3264, Another waist filter lol.jpg)

And here she is using it again. Bonus points for the convenient blurriness around her hips, totally not enlarging her hips!

No. 1894447

I will never understand why these girls don’t just work out to get closer to the body they want? I know nobody can have cartoon coomer anime proportions but you can at least become more comfortable with the way you look and be proud to show your real body with no filters idgi. They seem like they’re just afraid of working hard, not the “I don’t wanna be gross and muscular!!!1!11” cope they usually use. That’s not how it works typically, women don’t just go from skinnyfat to manly buff kek

No. 1894453

Of course, they want quick and easy solution (filters, corsets, butt and hip pads) so they can get the internet validation they oh so desperately crave. No woman who is happy and secure in themselves does this sort of shit. She might also legitimately be one of those idiots who thinks that if they pick up a weight, they'll suddenly look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. She's asked before how to lose belly fat (or womb chub, as she so disgustingly put it) without getting abs.

No. 1894463

Yeah I remember the womb chub thing, gross. Like, girl, crunches are free. Do some. Also imagine thinking ab tone is a bad thing I have to kek. You’re right re some girls having the incorrect mindset that working out with weights will immediately make them male steroid bodybuilder ripped lmao

No. 1894661

samefag but i genuinely think she’s retarded. i would feel so embarassed if i had a million faces and weird body proportions. catfishing bladee’s brother must be an achievement for this human being

No. 1894756

nice corset, you fat smelly retard

go take a shower and change your clothes fatty MJ lips

No. 1894782

her OF pics are leaked and its her posing all sexy/half naked with a poster of bladees face in the back shes a weirdo

No. 1894844

pick me ass hoe. bitch needs to go take a shower and get a JOB. these thots will do anything but get a J O B. lazy unfulfilling, stinky ass NEET with no college education or at least a trade, just mooch rich mommy and daddy and play thot dress up in my rich luxury apartment all day. but then again some jobs kinda require you to shower, and wash your work clothes..

No. 1894925

Her OF is some of the laziest content I've ever seen, just like her Instagram. It consists of 3 second videos of her weirdly caressing herself and poorly photoshopped pictures. Everything about this bitch is lazy and busted; she won't workout to get a nice figure, instead she shoops and uses shapewear. Her makeup is atrocious, her face looks dirty and her lips look like a prolapsed ass. And her "cosplays" consist of her buying the cheapest shit off AliExpress.

No. 1895032

and the coomers eat this shit up and that’s why we’re failing as a society MEN can’t see that these women are all smoke and mirrors like how can you be that retarded they cream themselves over anime larping bitches with no ambition these will be nothing once their over 35 years old

No. 1895139

nonny. people masturbate to momokun. skirby isn’t really a whole ordeal

No. 1895501

File: 1694262060549.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x1489, IMG_1080.jpeg)

amuwestwood once again shooping the chin to be nonexistent japan moe gap edition!

No. 1895614

meitu is working overtime

No. 1895682

she wants to be east asian so bad lol

No. 1895842

File: 1694318033084.jpg (469.07 KB, 720x1128, 13488437283.jpg)

Metiuing yourself into the corpse bride and than having imskirby like it? Priceless

No. 1895897

this thread needs to be changed into

“useless photoshop ethot NEETS thread”

No. 1896085

u can see all the warping and stretching in her arms lmao and its like that makes her arms look fat too

No. 1896284

File: 1694388732301.jpg (2.77 MB, 4096x3072, Compulsive lying.jpg)

She's just as insane as Skirby kek. Look at her denying the obvious shop and boob job in the comments of the photo… Which she's already deleted I might add

No. 1896286

File: 1694388971200.jpg (3.46 MB, 4096x3072, 1.jpg)

I've also got an image dump of her manically sperging about having a bunch of said health issues. Image dump incoming

No. 1896287

File: 1694389036431.jpg (3.84 MB, 4096x3072, 2.jpg)

No. 1896290

File: 1694389158006.jpg (3.89 MB, 4096x3072, 3.jpg)

No. 1896295

File: 1694389345772.jpg (3.48 MB, 4096x3072, 4.jpg)

The last image is on the right. She got drunk a few days after the sperg and posted what looks to be her real figure and then quickly deleted it. I have the full image if anyone wants me to post it.

No. 1896304

File: 1694390902739.jpeg (61.1 KB, 392x500, IMG_7290.jpeg)

>muh health problems
>thot photos in the background
>tldr insecure cope and seethe bullshit instagram stories

No. 1896360

Kek scrotes always defend shooped thots “Google wide hips nude”

No. 1896399

Kek absolutely deranged behaviour

No. 1896489

Post it pls

No. 1896503

I’m crying she really expects people to believe that’s her body at 5’6 in the 150-160 lb range?? KEK. Maybe if she was 5’10-11 it could look that slim and well distributed. These girls make me sad, lay off the photoshop. Male validation is worthless.

No. 1896531

File: 1694442998999.jpg (450.91 KB, 720x1527, 20230912003455566.jpg)

Here you go. Also judging by how many stories this photo may have been posted directly after but I misremembered. Being drunk would account for the insane amount of exposition about muh health/muh body image.

No. 1897204

File: 1694561073493.jpeg (199.67 KB, 1000x1307, F521QI8XkAAok--.jpeg)

Can somebody please explain the anatomy in this picture

No. 1897205

File: 1694561182785.jpg (282.51 KB, 1080x1899, Screenshot_20230913-001118_Ins…)

So much wrong with this picture. Firstly, it's taken from a lower angle to make her hips look bigger. Secondly, she's lying on something to squish her fat to her hips and is grabbing her stomach to move the fat away from her waist. Thirdly, the left side of her waist and hips are EXTREMELY blurred from editing. Isn't it convenient that the picture is taken on a black background with low lighting? And finally, the black ink tool blocking out the warped background to the right. If you zoom in, you can see the warping kek.

No. 1897212

File: 1694561898110.jpg (211.97 KB, 720x1360, 32191322622772.jpg)

Anon don't you know looking like a shake weight is totally natural. Google wide hip nude trust me

No. 1897213

File: 1694561911480.jpg (44.46 KB, 919x1500, 51JemDz6QJL.jpg)

Built like Stretch Armstrong

No. 1897260

Kek the warping on her left hand and arm(sage your shit)

No. 1897291

any man who actually believes she looks like this is a retarded coomer who deserves to be castrated

No. 1897434

Calm down brick-chan.(pointless infighting + lack of sage)

No. 1897451

File: 1694604965896.jpeg (728.73 KB, 3222x3222, IMG_7422.jpeg)

this lazy ass bitch and her butthole lips kek

i would pay skirby $500 to film herself, unedited, exercising or walking down the street in public kek but she will never do it. that’s why we don’t see any cute photos of her doing things outside, with her friends, or with guz. but she’s a femcel and they tend to have no irl friends soooo

No. 1897564


God DAYUM never can get over how ridiculous she looks with all those layers and a slapped on micro-bikini. Bitch went outside looking like that, hilarious.

No. 1897568

File: 1694621566889.jpg (383.34 KB, 568x1288, 20230913_171304.jpg)

She's totally not using a body filter in >>1897212 you guys, you're all just haters! Also kek she looks completely different in this picture. She's wearing a corset, a pushup bra, a top and a microkini on top of it all. Must be soul-crushing having to wear so much shapewear each time you go outside.

No. 1897693

This one looks really shooped too

No. 1897731

She's right, though.

No. 1897742

File: 1694646036882.jpg (2.48 MB, 3072x4096, Smellyskirt.jpg)

I can't get over the fact this is legitimately the only outfit she wears outside. I hope to god she washes this skirt.

No. 1897805

Everything she posts is shopped let's be real, that one just isn't as shopped as the others. I just know that she took that pic, warped it in Meitu in front of her "friends" in the middle of Comic-con and then posted it kek.
Butt pad chan is in every single one of her pictures and videos in her "Me" highlights. She's always wearing the same smelly unwashed butt pad, and the same denim skirt. She looks like she stinks, honestly.

No. 1897825

Kek wide hip nude is back
Do a favor to humanity and your offspring and sterilize yourself, no one deserves to deal with a such stupid creature like you.

No. 1897838

Would it kill her to at least get a black bra and not some random ass purple bra with black lace? It’s so tacky and obnoxious.

No. 1897848

File: 1694660353250.jpg (1.81 MB, 1836x3264, MTXX_PT20230914_040023999.jpg)

Some skirby candids from the very rare occasions she leaves her room

No. 1897850

File: 1694660404350.jpg (792.23 KB, 1080x1764, Screenshot_20230914-025149_Ins…)

And another

No. 1897908

kek at her always using her hand to cover her chin bc she cant shoop it into pointy uwu anime girl chin

No. 1898033

>posts a picture of skirby’s skirt showing the buttpads
>SAGED the post
>it still gets deleted by the newfag mods

No. 1898035

show us your entire face, you stinky NEET bitch

No. 1898036

you sound like a deranged moid(comment-spamming newfag)

No. 1898047

The over lining and turd smear on her nose do not look good irl kek. It's funny because I'm pretty sure someone who met who irl mentioned that in some dms posted here.

No. 1898055

Found her on TikTok. Her username is Sasha Limerince and she doesn't look like a real person.

No. 1898061

i think the mods here need to be fired, they’re acting like newfags

No. 1898093

awww, our favourite bitch skirby proved to us that she has friends!!!!! yay!!!

good job sweetheart!!! now all you need to do now is prove that you’re not wearing butt pad chan, change out of that stinky ass bra, skirt and corset and film yourself actually doing something outside, unfiltered! without holding your face of course kek

No. 1898094

I can’t imagine skirby’s friends seeing her all the time and deep in their heads they’re like “why does she wear the same clothes every day” but they want clout and don’t wanna upset their fwiend with her deranged fan base of shit losers so they have to keep quiet and help her fill the delulu. now it’s amu westwood’s turn kek

No. 1898131

I am not a moid you retard, if anything you are the one for defending a neet fake ethot who squeezes herself in corsets and buttpads so moids like you simp for her, get a grip

No. 1898148

I don't think she even has real friends. She seems like the type to only have "friends" for clout, and they only want clout from her. Hence why barely any of them post candids of her, because they don't want to shatter her delulu perception of herself.

No. 1898180

File: 1694721154578.jpeg (562.69 KB, 1242x1219, 4128A679-1349-4A16-9A08-22A3FC…)

probably bc she's not kek
picrel from @expozer1 on ig ,they have a few decent posts on her and other shoop thots

No. 1898204

i dare limerance to wear something else besides black pants to hide the shoop

No. 1898207

are you genuinely retarded or

No. 1898269

File: 1694728156921.jpg (78.07 KB, 648x1343, u858wg7s1zc81.jpg)

Is it legal for a 16 year old to get a brazilian butt lift?

No. 1898315

File: 1694733836376.jpg (2.82 MB, 4096x4096, 1234626313.jpg)

Found some cancerous shit in my screenshots. The comments are fucking hilarious
>go off anxious queen

No. 1898318

File: 1694734020487.jpg (2.49 MB, 4096x3072, 1092931982.jpg)

>I crave female validation

No. 1898325

I feel really sad for these girls. It’s obvious they are chubby and sometimes outright fat and shooping “ideal” (coomer fuel) bodies for themselves, then they fall all over themselves reeing about how it’s all real and how could they possibly fake this etc etc. The need for MALE validation is depressing as fuck, and I thought the pickmes of my generation were depressing. Like girl, just get a REAL fitness routine and maybe you’ll actually see some abs peeking thru kek that actually killed me. Abs. Lmao.

No. 1898366

Well, it takes one retard to recognize another, and you like to defend moids and ethots so…

No. 1898454

File: 1694745281700.jpg (1.97 MB, 2448x3264, Fatty-chan.jpg)

So I did some digging into Skirby's old handle "Sylindaaa". All of these pictures are screen grabs from videos before she discovered body filters, confirming she really is just a chubby girl stuffed into a corset.

No. 1898456

File: 1694745409318.jpg (1.77 MB, 2448x3264, Flatty-chan.jpg)

Also, she keeps talking about her "dump truck" ass. Well, here it is from unedited videos and to nobody's surprise, she's average.

No. 1898460

I would post the videos of where all these pictures are from but I don't want to clog up the thread. If anyone would like me to post an individual one let me know.

No. 1898467

Can we not post this borderline porn shit please(can we sage our shit please)

No. 1898475

you’re taking the bait moron

No. 1898482

Anon, do you realise what thread you're in? The entire