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File: 1602797745666.jpg (34.82 KB, 567x500, 1595355954365.jpg)

No. 1059519

Thread for those who abuse photoshop to gain fame off their fabricated looks while claiming to be “all natural” or “not photoshopped”.

Prior thread >>1005098

The worst offenders:
Fegalvao aka Maria Fernanda aka fer-cosplay.

Erin Eevee/Pinkfox Cosplay:

Jenna Lynn Meowri:

No. 1059602

Thank you OP for using this thread pic instead of forcing us to look at Albany Cope for a month like that other anon suggested.

No. 1059662

Didn't we come to the conclusion at the start of the previous thread that Erin had been edited more extreme by some vendetta-chan pullfag?


Also gj removing Susu from thread description even after the constant WKing, multiple instances of proof, and subject changes literally using Erin…

No. 1059711

File: 1602823112287.jpg (92.56 KB, 828x1152, 121565123_1625173137662044_428…)

Another one from sweetwheat333 / albanycope. the photoshops to her face and to her body have gotten worse and even more unbelievable, but the fact that she thinks this isnt toally obvious to everyone who sees is completely delusional. Its her telling girls that this is natural and can be achieved by corsets for me

No. 1059712

File: 1602823210085.jpg (199.01 KB, 828x1055, 121255840_849341788936918_1450…)

This was posted right after she (albanycope / sweetwheat333 ) deleted a bunch of comments calling her photoshoping out. This is seriously gaslighting and playing the victim

No. 1059717


it‘s so funny how they‘re convinced her body and face are real.

she also uses filters on her twitch streams and doesn‘t ever take them off. not suspicious at all.

No. 1059735

No, that was erin making excuses for her bad editing. You can easily go to her tiktok to see her as Velma and see she's shaped like a fridge

No. 1059747

what the fuck is the "for me" twitterfag language, it's annoying

No. 1059755

File: 1602834780406.jpg (362.35 KB, 1500x928, cope03.jpg)

Yeah, here's the evolution of Albany.
Her editing has become absolutely unhinged while still claiming to her followers that everything is "natural".

It's also interesting how the size of her tits magically doubled over the past year or so, but still they're completely natural according to her.

No. 1059758

This one has to be a joke

No. 1059760

File: 1602836583396.jpg (Spoiler Image, 404.45 KB, 1080x1080, 202010166004829626352482577.jp…)

No. 1059765

how has she gotten worse at shooping? lmao dem big fat elbows

No. 1059769

Her body looks good in the unshooped its a shame she does this to her pics

No. 1059774

Why do we hate her again. What cow things has she done besides botched plastic surgery?

No. 1059778

File: 1602840394763.jpeg (1.52 MB, 892x1613, 722E44BA-1660-497E-B547-415299…)

No. 1059789

File: 1602843659056.jpg (157.74 KB, 650x761, ok.jpg)

does she even try

No. 1059793

Soz anon I'm an autist

No. 1059973

Agreed. Sadly she recently got lots of plastic surgery to look like her warped pics. Ruining her body like Juliette Michele did. I don’t get the obsession with the ridiculous huge hips and butts girls have nowadays. It looks like hell in person.

No. 1060002

I have a feeling Albany knows she’s been featured in threads calling her out for her photoshop. I notice she won’t keep photos up for long and when those photos get analyzed she deletes them from her pages.
It’s sad really a woman at her age still doing all this for the approval of teen girls attention online.
She’s not even profiting off of it, she just likes the admiration.

No. 1060154

yeah, really taking susu out of the thread description after this hilarious discovery >>1047456

op is either a retard or one of the whiteknights

No. 1060322

File: 1602919124135.jpg (289.51 KB, 1079x987, Screenshot_20201014-133343__01…)

Probably, there was an Albany wk in the previous thread who seemed personally offended >>1032849

It's likely that retarded pullfag that kept getting redtexted and probably banned idk how many times.
They spammed Erin the duration of the entire previous thread. And they're probably a/the wk too because they literally copy and pasted thread description but took the time to remove Susu. Absolute cancer.

Erin's shops are so obvious she's boring. By all means post her, but as if cows like Susu and Albany who fly under the radar are infinitely more interesting. Especially with the influx of "I met her irl" chans.

No. 1060638

File: 1602963319287.jpg (314.11 KB, 1339x1800, EkeuBXYXYAALNay.jpg)

embarrassing shop again from erin eevee

No. 1060643

File: 1602963679049.png (634.41 KB, 640x960, vj21p0u8feo51.png)

No. 1060645

File: 1602963757239.png (598.19 KB, 479x544, 8swzWpd.png)

this cosplayer says she's natural but even her "natural" pics are majorly shopped

No. 1060658

She has a face like a painting…unfortunately it’s a Picasso.

No. 1060784

lmfao when I looked at this I thought her shoulder was a tiny chest and the bed sheets were massive arms holding the camera

No. 1060791

File: 1602978923826.jpeg (377.74 KB, 2048x2048, CB51231D-9549-4D03-B4CC-50655A…)

This girl shoops are always so fucking bad. She looks different in every picture.

No. 1060792

File: 1602978969863.jpeg (363.99 KB, 1152x2048, CD5BD9B3-0D7C-4886-9F1E-466097…)

Like come on now…

No. 1060794

i can't unsee this now lmao

No. 1060834

File: 1602986112192.jpg (59.56 KB, 546x710, jessica.jpg)

Video screencap of what Nigri actually looks like these days

No. 1060835

File: 1602986359085.jpg (120.51 KB, 931x676, jenna.jpg)

Jenna lynn meowri- instagram pic vs video screencap

No. 1060836

The pixyteri im pooping pose is alive and well I see

No. 1060843

other than some bad foundation matching, she doesn't look bad at all in this screencap

No. 1060856

File: 1602990305991.jpg (58.26 KB, 400x587, jn.jpg)

that video screencap is blurred to shit because she put Beauty Box on it in editing. Here's a real photo without filters and editing from last year

No. 1060861


>"That screenshot is blurry because it's been edited, here is a real photo that hasn't been edited"

>Posts shitty zoomed-in blurry photo with the contrast bumped up

Lol which costhot are you

No. 1060869

She looks like she used that Cartoon Princess filter going around on IG stories that turns you into a bratz doll

dat blur tho

No. 1060872

That's the point, dumbshit. This is what she looks like without editing

No. 1061043

Creepy. Looks like they're wearing one of those silicon masks some trannies wear. Skin suit with a wig.

No. 1061183


I didn’t touch the contrast or anything of that sort. Only think I did was cut the other people out. You know jessica must edit the shit of her selfies when people assume a real pic of her is edited lol

No. 1061197

File: 1603041882403.jpg (135.03 KB, 953x900, GvvPybEnivEPNeK-1600x900-noPad…)

never forget

No. 1061250

not to cape for Nigri, but she's always been a bit of a unabashed butterface, and yet it hasn't stopped her being the OG successful costhot. horny nerds easily look past wrinkles and receding hairlines when all they care about is a good body and big tits in a costume.
plus, the tanning booth craze of the aughts aged a lot of young women prematurely. i bet she looks better now that she isn't frying herself on a daily basis. i'm sure she put her betabux to good use and got Botox/laser/filler/hairline restoration/etc to rectify some of the damage we've seen in older photos of her.

No. 1061311

File: 1603052708082.jpg (Spoiler Image, 114.34 KB, 503x1276, paigemack.jpg)

Im kinda disappointed in paige macky. she goes on and on about how you're beautiful the way you are and to never edit your pictures yet I saw her onlyfans stuff and she edits so much

No. 1061377

File: 1603060104662.png (455.27 KB, 477x560, 1254332453453.png)

Her edits are getting worse and worse. And she has the audacity to write captions about self-love and how proud she is of her ~personal transformation~

No. 1061498

I mean this isn’t really a far cry from how she really looks. It’s angled too. Don’t really see crazy face morphing editing beyond the skin

No. 1061709

File: 1603121751169.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.58 MB, 1920x1920, Elmfae_willowelizabeth_faepeti…)

Has Elmfae / Willow been mentioned in previous threads?

Girl is in her mid-late twenties and still pretends shes a petite 18 year old girl

Top pics are her photoshop
Bottom pics are candid

Ft beer belly, double chin and google eyes

> instagram.com/elmfae
>instagram.com/faepetite (nsfw account)
>Twitter.com/faepetite (nsfw)
>reddit.com/faemoss (nsfw)

No. 1061729

File: 1603123862992.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.87 MB, 1920x1920, Gremlinsquat.jpg)


Also this candid gem

No. 1061736


She uses major filters in tiktok vids too. She makes her eyes bigger, chin pointer, skin smoother and in pics she edits her body. You can see where she morphed her arm here so unless you’ve seen her in real life then you don’t know how she truly looks

No. 1061762

I cant get over how cute she used to be. She literally looked like Imogen Heap lol.

No. 1061769

She’d already had a nosejob and some filler by then

No. 1061796

File: 1603132210259.jpg (Spoiler Image, 198.72 KB, 1029x1242, erin.jpg)

Erin Eevee nude so beware..
But how do these idiots not notice the tiny foot? lol

No. 1061800

File: 1603132489760.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.46 KB, 640x853, jvq6frezii651.jpg)

this girls photoshops drive me nuts because i'll see them all over the front page of reddit and not one comment calls her out. she looks like the typical photoshop alien.

No. 1061801

File: 1603132538013.jpg (38.47 KB, 460x574, avzgz9M_460s.jpg)

i should mention her name is soryu_geggy_cosplay

No. 1061806

Besides the fact that igari makeup trend looks stupid as fuck I really dont get why dark skinned black girls do it it kinda looks like she got a 5 o'clock shadow going on

No. 1061847

So she’s trying to skin-walk Fegalvao? Lol.

No. 1061850

i was just gonna say she looks like her if she starved herself

No. 1061882

File: 1603137588615.jpg (34.42 KB, 320x400, 47334775_2153276128270617_4602…)

a better look at what she looks like with less photoshop

No. 1061884

File: 1603138021371.jpg (142.49 KB, 1025x624, amounth.jpg)

Scamouranth aka Amouranth has always photoshopped her body but now she's transforming her face. I thought maybe she had gotten more surgery and took care of her nose but I just saw her streaming right now (screencap shown). She uses major morphing filters on her face in videos as well. You can see her real face in streams tho

No. 1061887

File: 1603138481584.jpg (58.62 KB, 561x703, am.jpg)

another real life amouranth screenshot from stream. I tried my best to get a front facing shot. Sorry its not the best. She was in the middle of talking.

No. 1061897

File: 1603140115615.jpg (122.55 KB, 1600x1200, 122249709_713721562828053_9088…)

I can't remember this girl's name but she photoshops herself to look like an actual child in the name of "uwu kawaii loli aesthetic"

No. 1061912

She puts so much effort into making her face as unnatural as possible yet doesn't bother with that gut and obvious cellulite?

What mental sickness is this, her natural body looks so perfect yet she just has to get that smaller than head/leg waist that every instathot has nowadays…

No. 1061914

I see the snow app but also fillers, lip augmentation, eyebrow lift or the cheap Botox lift, maybe Botox in the 5 head but since she started so late in the game with facial plastic surgery I think it’s still the Asian app smoothing. Saw she got rid of her patreon this month in favor of onlyfans. Didn’t she use to make fun of porn stars? Something about them getting dicked down?

No. 1061935

I'm mostly confused as to why she would make her lips smaller

No. 1061984

Ew, lol, she's hideous even with photoshop. I love how she looks different in every pic

No. 1062076

Blair White, is that you?

No. 1062342

She’s a big belle Delphine fan so she tries to make her lips like her sometimes

No. 1062387

File: 1603214166488.jpg (330.68 KB, 1080x1208, 20201020_181545.jpg)

why would she post this? looks ridiculous with a tiny head

No. 1062388


No. 1062394

Or maybe she's just fat and shoops everything except her legs

No. 1062399

The leg size really gives away how big she must be.

No. 1062408

Tbh, her natural face could be cute if she had different makeup. She has a FKA Twigs kind of look.

No. 1062475

File: 1603223674620.jpg (248.93 KB, 1324x1800, Ej6s0jWXYAMOLUE.jpg)

more terrible shop from erin eevee lol

No. 1062501

it's always a shame when really genuinely beautiful people make a fool of themselves by photoshopping themselves to look like aliens

No. 1062555

File: 1603231562689.png (173.69 KB, 561x553, Screenshot 2020-10-20 102109.p…)

Another one

No. 1062558

Too bad she’s not beautiful inside. She might be one of the very worst cosplay/twitch girls

No. 1062842

File: 1603261897448.jpeg (214.45 KB, 828x1153, 9580774B-A579-4EBB-ADD2-91391E…)

Albany’s always has at least one elbow way out the side.

Her shoulder in this one looks off.

No. 1062846

File: 1603263015282.jpg (298.29 KB, 1350x1800, EQskbdsWAAY-6X1.jpg)

erin eevee's photoshop makes me laugh

No. 1062889

Same energy as Squart guy

No. 1062926

Why does her bellybutton look like a third nipple?

No. 1063027

It was a joke anon

No. 1065773

I hate how pink she always looks, it makes my skin hurt. She needs to stop taking pics all day in her old man's home and go for a walk in the garden

No. 1065812

File: 1603389279174.jpg (120.61 KB, 900x1200, EY4JDnVWoAAwjLL.jpg)

"I dont photoshop. Its just a mix of wigs and makeup"

No. 1065873

File: 1603392969479.jpeg (268.79 KB, 828x1264, A991ADF4-D797-46FC-8D5D-D89AE9…)

Is this girl serious lmfao

No. 1065965

what's with the fucking waists smaller than the neck, when will it stop

No. 1066068

Probably a fat ass nitpick, but her waist and legs are one solid color in contrast to her face, hands, and chest, which have some amount of light reflecting(?) off of them.

No. 1066148

File: 1603426987954.jpg (393.79 KB, 1080x1720, Screenshot_20201023-152307__01…)

Considering the caption someone's gonna have to explain that nose to me

No. 1066179

No heavy filters is not the same as "not retouched"

No. 1066184

Now we're just mincing words kek.

No. 1066214


It looks like two dots on her face from far away, I'll give you that, but if you zoom in that's just the shape of her nose.

No. 1066304

File: 1603463993359.jpg (369.48 KB, 1080x1382, IMG_20201023_164111.jpg)

I don't even know

No. 1066307

Just… why?

No. 1066315

Who needs core muscles when you have the warp and blur tool?

No. 1066317

Looks like one of those men that wear those latex doll suits

No. 1066318

why you posting transgender sex dolls in this thread nonnie?

No. 1066369

File: 1603472795703.jpeg (277.42 KB, 845x1056, 49608481-D06F-4803-803F-2729B8…)

Erin eevee actually sells a print of this warped photoshop photo. 😂

No. 1066379

File: 1603473817894.png (2.25 MB, 1242x2208, C6D909B6-477E-47B5-846E-081762…)

No. 1066381


pls show unshooped anon

No. 1066444

what's with the influx of newfags? fuck off back to twitter with your tardspeak

No. 1066484

File: 1603482062404.jpg (64.22 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20201023_133746.jpg)

I'm not sure if it's snow or just really bad facetune but I hate it when e-girls think fixing their eyes like that actually looks good

No. 1066489

Learn how to sage and don't post randos without links to their shit. Integrate.

No. 1066492

She always has to shoop in a weird camel toe

No. 1066513

damn i can't make a joke?

No. 1066531

File: 1603485857439.jpg (203.79 KB, 985x1703, erin.jpg)

she always photoshops that weird ass camel toe. i dont understand. it looks fucking horrible. i saw on an onlyfans leak site some of her pics and she warps her butthole bigger too. just nasty

No. 1066551

Fuck off I just don't follow the culture of this specific board.

Here's her socials kinda milky on her own with constant BeeDeePee sperges and retweeting of ass pats from her followers

No. 1066555

Integrating and using sage are site-wide, anon.

No. 1066574

Why would you warp your buttnole big, the fuck

Also I slightly understand the cameltoe thing (only because apparently degenerate men think camel toe is hawt for whatever reason), but not the way she does it. She makes her camel toe look like 2 ham flaps swaying in the wind, not the tiny cute asian pornstar shit that she seems to be trying for.

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