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File: 1703746471289.jpeg (636.67 KB, 1024x1280, IMG_7321.jpeg)

No. 1948027

Previous thread >>1931684
Pro-Ana Scumbags Index: >>1906589

Despite breaking a bone and having surgery to fix it last thread, Ganer is already back in the gym and training due to the advice of whatever ill informed psychopath is her trainer.

Fi's million part vague update story continued and finally revealed (surprise, surprise) she relapsed. Started making informational videos about her 'tism

Sydney is back in treatment after a horrifyingly rapid decline. Wants people to send her gifts at ACUTE. Please check out her wishlist!

Stef needs everyone to remember that she once had a tube! Multiple throwback tiktoks per week featuring tube selfies from months ago. Had a short general hospital stay for undisclosed reasons and made sure to document the occasion with plenty of stories and posts. Still bodychecking and crying in public, and is somehow defying the DSM with a "formal" diagnosis of both ARFID and anorexia.

Zara humblebragged about how her profs think she is the best university student to ever school ever. Then went dark, insta is private for the time being.

Abby is still head banging, drug using, and body checking her way through life. Farmers are still debating if she is pretending to be high or actually on something in the strange videos she is posting.

Jaycie is trying to convince the world she is the sickest ana chan in desperate need of the most serious treatment…despite never seeming to lose a pound. Spent some time in the hospital on bed rest while she stabilized from her sooper serious disorder enough to travel to a treatment center. Still had the energy to get out of her wheelchair and dance for tiktok though. Claims to be headed to a "lower level IP" or residential.

Lyss just desperately needed someone to go pick up some groceries for her from Wegman's! She hates to ask but it's only the millionth time she's posted such a request!

Marie, changed her handle again, for some reason using profile pictures of much younger spoops and claiming to be younger than we all know she is.

Mi is somehow STILL in a residential program (now Alsana) despite being absolutely massive and spending months in ERC first.

Niamh's ig remains private and her tiktok is similarily unmilky. Unsure if she is truly doing better or if she is still hiding in shame from the reveal of all her proana accounts.

first time making a new thread, apologies for any idiocy


No. 1948034

File: 1703752063198.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.45 MB, 4096x4096, 1000020683.jpg)

I'll never get over how unfortunate looking Fi is as a spoop - the IG video she posted yesterday is giving strong Gollum vibes

No. 1948041

Fuck Fi. If she still lives with her parents, why don't they react and send her to a hospital?? In the UK there are some possibilities to handle that.

Further enabling their lItTlE sNoWfLaKe will only make matters worse (but we already know that, don't we).

No. 1948047

File: 1703760610730.png (1.44 MB, 828x1792, 950942CF-247E-432E-9F4B-90DECC…)

According to Niamh’s reposts on tiktok, she isn’t doing as well as she’d like to make us believe

No. 1948057

kinda a reach not to wk her but she doesn’t post anything worth being on this thread anymore

No. 1948058

Christmas is rough for a lot of people, I can imagine it being rough for those in recovery from an ED too. I'm not sure if this is the right point in time to use as a litmus test as to how she's doing in recovery.

No. 1948067

File: 1703770164137.jpeg (251.28 KB, 1179x1826, IMG_7131.jpeg)

No. 1948077

She’s not only disgustingly fat but hideously ugly, so I thought she might belong to us English nonnies.

No. 1948078

Can you post an uncensored version so we know who the cow tipping lurker is?

No. 1948086

File: 1703774945844.jpeg (298.86 KB, 1178x2183, IMG_7131.jpeg)

Cow tipper

No. 1948096

don’t take the bait ^^

No. 1948097

thanks for the thread nonnie!

No. 1948099

According to Niamh's regular behavior she's a wee cunt all the time.

No. 1948101

>>that sight is mean af.
Good new thread title for #107!

No. 1948102

she's just eager to grab sum attenshiunz, tahts all ffs

No. 1948140

Watch her start making sad videos saying how she’s getting bullied poor ham 2

No. 1948152

File: 1703793210278.png (151.05 KB, 1356x284, Screen Shot 2023-12-28 at 1.54…)


No. 1948172

Amazing how isolating being an absolute cunt for decades can be kek

No. 1948247

is anybody here following Kate and can confirm what the anon in the last thread said. is she fat now? i hope so.

No. 1948259

File: 1703825057828.jpeg (612.17 KB, 2048x2048, 0D1029B3-2132-4A82-856C-9848B8…)

Images combined for convenience. She did admit gaining. I swear I saw her say it was 15 or 20lbs but I can’t find that and it doesn’t line up with her 120lbs claim here so idk.

No. 1948278

LMFAO love this for her. hahahaha omg thank you anon you made my night.

No. 1948285

everytime i see her i get reminded of kate bartlett a little lmao their faces look kind of similar

No. 1948288

KEK. Why do you know her irl?

No. 1948301

Kate is just so embarrassing. Acting like a deathspoop anachan warrior when she looks like an average 35yr old kek

No. 1948311

exactly. her way of body checking (the fucking weird ass bird poses) is by far the most embarrassing way of body checking i've ever seen in my entire life.

No. 1948315

she's not overweight/fat, but that's definitely the epitome of "soccer mom" body. If only she could admit that she's an average mom and stop tweeting.

No. 1948332

Stop bone rattling, she’s obviously a normal slim weight

No. 1948341

normal nonnie not slim but by no means fat

No. 1948350

I’ll take the bait. Won’t pretend she’s fat at 120lbs. Even if I’m not crazy about a possibly deleted tweet and she’s more like 127, at her height she’s still better off than a lot of mothers her age. She’s no skinny legend, and is more “failed crash dieter” than ana queen but rattle rattle I guess.

No. 1948362

I think she looks much better more shapely and those flares suit her

No. 1948380

File: 1703864160261.jpeg (347.37 KB, 1179x1155, IMG_7748.jpeg)

Brooke claims to be recovered and yet looks like she needs a 3 month stay at acute. Not sure how she managed to start a new relationship with a boyfriend recently while looking like she’s about to die. She’s not super frequent on her socials but usually posts on her IG how recovered she is and motivational words about living your life without judgements or to ignore diet culture stuff
FB: Brooke Kupsche
IG: @_nourishandnuture_

No. 1948381

File: 1703864245468.jpeg (738.83 KB, 1179x2002, IMG_7749.jpeg)

Sample of Brooke’s recovery nonsense on ig l. Is she really that delusional that she’s obviously so ill?

No. 1948388

failed crash dieter is the best way to explain what she is

No. 1948419

It honestly pisses me off so much when skellys like her claim to be recovered. I wonder if they are delusional enough to believe they are actually recovered or they are just lying.

No. 1948420

She looks nice to me. Better than most on this forum. I don’t understand what’s the problem

No. 1948421

Yeah this is the real proana shit

No. 1948429

Kate honestly looks way better at a higher weight, I thought she even looked great in her chubby "before" pictures although most ITT might disagree. It's unfortunate, her life would probably be better if she got her BPD attention fix elsewhere but she is too addicted to the attention of underage teenagers online

No. 1948431

Jesus, this would read as panicked cope even from someone who appears to be weight restored.

No. 1948440

File: 1703880979532.png (449.36 KB, 430x662, Screen Shot 2023-12-29 at 2.17…)

As we all suspected, Han's parents are tired of her shit.

No. 1948451

Good for them..!

No. 1948459

File: 1703883572505.png (1.54 MB, 1080x1966, Screenshot_20231229-150856~2.p…)

hxn is claiming arfid but i don't remember her ever explicitly mentioning it before
I always wonder what her childhood was like.

No. 1948474

File: 1703885718319.jpeg (422.48 KB, 1179x1919, IMG_7561.jpeg)

Why is nobody talking about Naya ? This borderline obese elephant claims over & over to have anorexia… Be so actually serious right now… worst LARP performance i’ve seen in a minute.

main: https://www.tiktok.com/@nayasrecovering?_t=8ib7q5WFyBi&_r=1

spam: https://www.tiktok.com/@dismaldancer?_t=8ib7rwpqRuU&_r=1

No. 1948479

this reeks of self posting, and for what it's worth, the main account is currently private, anyways. Unless there's a farmer on there before it went private (and many in the last thread were already skeptical), or it's you posting, it's unlikely it would've been shown organically…

No. 1948493

File: 1703889263741.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1170x2237, IMG_9720.jpeg)

Regularly fights with people in her comments about not having an eating disorder despite posting about it before under her body check vids. Also thanks those that say her body is goals which is rare for most internet anachans. Normally they say that you shouldn’t want their body or that they’re not healthy

No. 1948518

Yeah, the phrasing of everything
>>be so actually serious right now
seems too gen z/ not even trying to blend in on here

No. 1948549

you’re actually worse than anyone posted on here. Using lolcow to find jerk off material…fucking nasty

No. 1948553

don't respond to the moid, you're just giving him what he wants. just report it.

No. 1948555

i honestly don't even think it's really a moid, just someone pretending to be one to get a reaction.

No. 1948557

probably, but either way they just want a reaction so anyone who replies is encouraging their dumbassery

No. 1948561

we're all perfectly capable of googling "micropenis" on our own, thanks

No. 1948568

hard to tell but she looks like she has really bad bolt ons

No. 1948572

Stop responding to the ban evading scrote that keeps shitting up this thread. It definitely wants the reactions/attention, you're just encouraging it. Please report and ignore it. We'll be banning anyone who engages with scrotes posting in here in the future.

No. 1948576

Because at the end of day she an adult. Who has been in treatment over and over again. I’m surprised her parents haven’t had a heart attack because of all the shit she pulled

No. 1948580

File: 1703911845998.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1284x2637, IMG_5018.jpeg)

I noticed she has been mentioned in two earlier threads; it seems she seeks attention. Similar to Jaycie, they both voluntarily handle their own tube feeding and consistently assert their health issues. Fatu doesn't require residential care or a feeding tube, and there are individuals facing more severe conditions without the privilege of costly treatments. It appears both are seeking attention.

No. 1948586

i can't get her tiktok to show up, keeps showing an error "something went wrong!" page. has she deleted or smtg

No. 1948593

oooh i can’t stand this bitch. she’s the nastiest hypocrite there is and so blatantly pro even in treatment

No. 1948594

for the life of me i cannot figure out WHY chop kept admitting her/kept her for so many months unless she was lying about that and just posting drafts.

No. 1948626

American health care. money > actual need kek look at jaycie and all the other fat america fags. They get admitted looking like land whales bc they can pay

No. 1948627

I feel like Australia is just as bad about this, see: New Farm and Enara

No. 1948628

File: 1703930002694.jpeg (449.67 KB, 1170x2374, IMG_5731.jpeg)

brain rot vag forehead. who posts this kek

No. 1948654

her insurance wouldn’t pay for res at one point though. this is fatu’s first time in res. which begs the question why in the world someone at chop admitted her. it’s easier to get insurance coverage in medical ip in most cases, but only if there’s a valid medical issue and it’s not common to be there for that many months especially since she looks like that.

No. 1948655

lmao if aus had as many ip/res facilities as the usa we would see SO many more aussie cows kek

No. 1948709

how long are people usually in res? do they usually decorate their rooms like fatu did? that seems excessive if she's only there for like 4 weeks

No. 1948711

I don't think she has mentioned ARFID but it seems obvious to me that she probably has autism and ARFID rather than anorexia. The whole liquid diet thing and unexplained issue with chewing….What anachan would choose multiple McFlurries as safe food but can't eat an apple? All her 'food challenges' have been mushed up cereal, cookies, and various Christmas confectionary stuff; no sign of salad or fruit and vegetables ever passing her lips unless in soup form.
Also the constant fidget toys, the giant earphones, the apparent complete lack of care about being posted here/mean comments, and lack of care/fear about gaining weight. I'm just really surprised she hasn't been diagnosed as autistic (afaik).

No. 1948712

File: 1703951989374.jpeg (375.92 KB, 749x1196, LastxmasHan.jpeg)

I'm surprised this hasn't been posted. Seems quite far fetched but makes me wonder what she did and why there would be legal action?

No. 1948715

sry to ask but then why did she originally start getting posted here if she doesn’t larp like an ana chan?

No. 1948717

I don't think she's larping anything. She is underweight and has been very much more underweight and ill. I think she's just been misdiagnosed and her inability to eat and subsequent low weight is more likely to be caused by autism and arfid and purely anorexia.

No. 1948721

samefag; should read 'more likely to be caused by autism and arfid THAN anorexia.*'

No. 1948729

File: 1703952818571.png (324.28 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_5732.png)

Gen hospital admission criteria for Australia is not v concerning… u can get hospitalized for a bmi under 16. Not to blogpost but in my country you only get admitted under bmi 13. Anyone know what bmi it is in the us? Probably 18.5 kek. Figures as to why so many larger Americans and Australians get admitted

No. 1948733

File: 1703953614215.png (2.34 MB, 750x1334, asd han.png)

Is this the first time she has mentioned autism?!
Still vague and the 'too complex to explain/Drs don't even understand it' irks me. Has she tried just explaining it to them?

No. 1948734

File: 1703953998231.png (3.1 MB, 750x1334, vaguehan.png)

I don't know why she bothers posting such vague stuff about how 'different' and 'opposite' and 'traumatised' she is. Why can't she ignore the question and not answer, or explain properly?! I'm sure she is not the only person in the entire world with her 'unique situation.'

No. 1948739

name is ironic

No. 1948758

here in the us generally in ip ed programs (w the exception of acute) there isn’t even necessarily always a bmi criteria, you can get hospitalized even though you’re normal/overweight as long as you tell them you’ve been refusing to eat (for anywhere as little as a day or two, kek jaycie). they’ll admit as long as there is even the tiniest chance for refeeding syndrome. generally ip discharge criteria is i think (?) 85% IBW but this doesn’t apply to the fatty larpers

No. 1948759

fatu makes me feel so disgusted so i won’t watch her video, but ppl are usually in res anywhere from a few days to a few months. it really depends on what kind of insurance you have. generally no one “decorates” too much, there’s just a board in your room where everyone puts up photos, letters, notes, art they make etc. generally in rooms there’s nothing ridiculous like fairy lights or anything.

No. 1948761

she has fairy lights, fake plants, tapestries

No. 1948763

Ayrt but yeah I always thought she had autism too, she'd talk about obviously autistic traits and claim it was ADHD. I know many symptoms of those overlap but cmon.
Maybe it's to do with her dad? She said her relationship with him was 'non-existent'

No. 1948767

That's insane. What a waste of resources. You can have the flu or get dumped and 'refuse to eat' for a few days!

No. 1948769

there isn’t even a bmi criteria for acute if you read their criteria they mention atypical anorexia with rapid weight loss

No. 1948771

kek in America not eating for a day is considered of highest danger. No wonder americafags r so lardy

No. 1948779

I'm no expert but there does seem to be a lot of overlap between the 2. Agree that Han talks about what seem to be obviously autistic traits and labels them as adhd. I have no idea why her expensive private psychiatrist didn't pick up on this. Obviously it's possible to have both autism and adhd (and other conditions such as mental illnesses on top).

She seems to have no relationship with her dad and that's not too uncommon or weird but I do wonder what on Earth the 'legal action' would be! And who separated them? Why would she be in custody or sleeping rough? Sounds like she was in the wrong if that was going to happen, but if outside authorities were involved and deliberately 'separated' them, I doubt they would let a vulnerable person just be kicked out of their family home onto the streets. She's overly attached to her mother but again that's not uncommon. I just wonder what she did and she's always so vague about everything being 'so difficult' with her family. I guess every family is fucked up in its own way.

No. 1948794

well no, not technically (bc america is so obsessed with HAES that they can’t state a bmi criteria on their web i guess), but a lot of normal weight people with issues won’t get accepted to acute/they give lots of priority to lower weights

No. 1948795

nah that’s ABSOLUTELY ridiculous. maybe flowers are ok but guaranteed no one else has a tapestry or fairy lights.

No. 1948797

exactly. afaik you don’t even have to have any fked up labs from acute food refusal, just SAYING that you’re refusing is enough at most hospitals. basically you could be lying and they’d admit you. i don’t know about ip programs over age 26 though i think that might be different

No. 1948801

you're fucking retarded. america doesn't have anything even close to the amount of cowish behavior as other countries. american hospitals are no bullshit, they don't cater to attention seeking idiots.

No. 1948802

you can't really make general statements about the united states because it all varies so much by location and insurance. You can probably scam a night or two in a general medical ward by claiming that you haven't eaten in a few days, but in most places that's not going to get you a bed on an inpatient eating disorder unit, especially in places where the number of beds is low / if you don't have private insurance.

No. 1948805

No. 1948806

Yuck is she genuinely retarded??

No. 1948820

calm down tard, didn’t know the department of defense had you on their payroll.

No. 1948822

ahh sorry nonnie i should’ve added that that excuse is more likely to work with a prior ed treatment history on chart. you’re right— a normal person just walking into the ER just saying they havent eaten in a while would most likely not be admitted in an ed ward

No. 1948824

File: 1703973838220.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1179x2055, IMG_7797.jpeg)

Stefania posting a “subtle” hospital photo as it appears she is admitted for something. Made sure to have just enough of the background visible to show she is in the hospital.

No. 1948826

hoe needs to start getting admitted for her attention seeking BPD not ed

No. 1948828

cmon stop bone rattling…this does not explain why overweight Aussies and Americans (over BMI 25, 30, etc) get admitted. That's purely down to profit making on the part of private hospitals

No. 1948830

again???!! my god wasn’t she just admitted and discharged like two weeks ago

No. 1948831

File: 1703975196057.png (4.19 MB, 750x1334, why Abby.png)

What? She knows, surely?

No. 1948832

File: 1703975298462.png (1.79 MB, 750x1334, Whatreason.png)

And this I just don't understand. What is she saying? People hate her because of what?

No. 1948836

nonnie no bone rattling just a screenshot of admission criteria. U don’t need all criteria to be admitted, a fatty can have bad bloods

No. 1948839

Bet this is a pic or vid from her recent stay (or any stay) that she’s saved. She’s done that before, and it’s telling bc her face isn’t it to see if it looks recent or not. Same for anything like a hospital bracelet or whiteboard with the date on it.

No. 1948885

they say they accept any weight but there was only one person there who was overweight when i was there, everyone else who went in and out was probably bmi 13 at the highest

No. 1948936

Stef may be flipping between the cluster b thread and here, is it worth it to move her?

No. 1948939

I think she belongs here - even though she's attention-seeking and dramatic about it, she does have an eating disorder and most of her milk stems from that and her subsequent inability to mentally get past twelve. She doesn't do any of the self-harm, suicidal gestures, medication-seeking, etc that others in that thread do

No. 1948952

i guess you get used to it, but i can't imagine living with someone and having to look at a bloody head wound all the time. cover that shit up

No. 1948973

fuck, bongland nhs doesn't usually like to admit people unless they're actually ready to drop dead including under 18s. bmi <14 needing an acute admission is insane.

No. 1948997

Aidel made a three-year review about what a sick ana she is

No. 1948999

File: 1704008465794.png (179.31 KB, 784x565, Screen Shot 2023-12-31 at 1.42…)


No. 1949039

File: 1704023192959.png (335.41 KB, 484x629, Screen Shot 2023-12-31 at 5.47…)

nothing says christmas like filming goblins eating!

No. 1949040

File: 1704023372374.png (30.56 KB, 437x182, Screen Shot 2023-12-31 at 5.50…)

Stef already foreshadowing more feeding tube selfies in 2024

No. 1949076

god she’s so ugly she just gives me ratty mouse vibes

No. 1949083

Probs a nitpick but her constant smirk she has plastered on her face really pisses me off kek

No. 1949137

File: 1704046876162.jpeg (295.05 KB, 750x700, 8F9A29F4-8FE2-4A6D-8796-CACD1F…)

Think this one was mentioned a few threads ago, she set up a patreon as a 17 year old and is selling cp of herself on there for ana fetishists and seems to be rightfully getting a ton of heat for it

No. 1949143

File: 1704048396824.jpeg (235.61 KB, 1284x1566, IMG_4947.jpeg)

This cow crossover kek

No. 1949150

File: 1704049232631.jpg (238.82 KB, 1440x1247, Collage_2023-12-31_13_58_21~2.…)

No. 1949154

Absolutely stunning. Just wish she cropped that ugly ass moid out of the one picture.

No. 1949160

File: 1704051157662.jpg (37.12 KB, 473x602, Screenshot_2023-12-31-20-30-39…)

Not sure about her not self harming, what are those?

No. 1949187

NTAYRT, how the hell did she do that?

No. 1949198

Could be IV bruises? It’s a lot though.

No. 1949199

They also are spaced too evenly for IV marks I’d think

No. 1949204

Pretty vile but I remember many years back that a bulimic had to pretty much deep-throat her hand to vomit in the end, could that be the case here?

No. 1949205

doubtful, that's really not a pattern that would be caused by your teeth. The shapes are way too regular and not placed in a pattern like the way teeth would hit the hand (ex: humans don't have two rows of top teeth, kek)

No. 1949208

I second that. They’re definitely from scratching, if it were from purging they’d be in a different pattern and not as wide. It’s like diet self harm to compliment her favorite nose hose

No. 1949209

They could be burns too, I'd think cigarette burns if it wasn't Stef

No. 1949212

yeah, I was going to say that but it just didn't seem plausible for Stef

No. 1949213

Look like bruises but I'm not sure how unless she wore something over her hand that was tight or hit it weirdly on something.
Really reaching but does she have a dog? Play-fighting with a dog I've had the dog ram my hand with an open mouth (kind of like a shark!) but not bite down on it and his teeth bruised me a bit like that.

No. 1949216


Last person i knew that hard scars like that, it was because they literally tried to eat flesh out of their hands when in patient.

No. 1949217

It's the guy she chose, why are you being so aggro about it ? It's not like you are the one dating him. Nourish is the best.

No. 1949226

I don't know Stef but she doesn't seem like the type to do that….

No. 1949229

Steph is far too boring for that

No. 1949231

File: 1704064937522.png (531.71 KB, 425x689, Screen Shot 2023-12-31 at 5.23…)

Meanwhile, Frances pats herself on the back for eating five ravioli.

No. 1949240

Thought it was Kiki on the right.

No. 1949254

File: 1704075785879.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1044x1270, IMG_1491.jpeg)

is she still claiming to be doing well cuz this really doesn't fit that story

No. 1949301

File: 1704089410308.png (618.12 KB, 424x691, Screen Shot 2024-01-01 at 12.1…)

No. 1949315

I will not alog I will not alog I will not alog I will not-

No. 1949317

it has to be ragebait at this point, right?

No. 1949366

Stay strong nonnie, you just need to keep ~breathing~, kek

No. 1949446

What an absolute waste of a privileged-since-birth life. Stefania has the resources to do whatever she wants, and she’s choosing to much her way into hospitalization for the sole reason of asspats and selfies. Pathetic.

This grinning pig in shit selfie is just gross, clearly she’s fine. The maintenance fluid rate and stuffed animal (isn’t she like almost 30??) suggest she planned to dehydrate herself into an admission, and she’ll be out soon after wasting everyone’s time and a bed over a holiday when the hospital is undoubtedly short staffed. Definitely a cluster b and selfish as fuck move. And I’m sure she planned it for a holiday for maximum SM pity points and that it’s more likely to be hospitalized over a weekend for mild things since less doctors, specialists, and administrative staff working who would get her seen and out the door home where she should be.

No. 1949468

she’s actually pathetic i can’t imagine all the staff not laughing at her behind her back

No. 1949479

Oh don't be so harsh nonna, I spy at least 6 ravioli in that bowl.

On another note, is that a hello kitty plate underneath or am i just blind?

No. 1949483

ok coming from Burgerland I'm still curious as to how much all these visits cost, because even good insurance doesn't like to pay for everything. maybe the policies are better in NY though, idk

No. 1949487

Im not fluent in english so im sorry if i make mistakes while writing. I've been following Fi on and off for about two years. She made it seem like she was getting healthy, and there is a documentary(?) about her autism, so i don't understand how she relapsed back. I used to follow Hannah, but i never fully believed the anorexia recovery, as she wasn't even that skinny, i think she had atypical anorexia (bmi over 17.5 but has all the other symptoms of anorexia).
Hannah seemed to recover really fast, she cried over pizza but ate it anyway and told it was easier at the end, well…
Im not hating on Hannah, i just think her "recovery" seemed fake(sage your shit)

No. 1949490

really depends on how good her insurance is, honestly. I feel like most insurance policies for students are really, really good about copays, but she's not a student anymore so she's either still on her parents' insurance (which she can be in NY because they have a law that extends it even further than the usual 26) or marketplace insurance. So just based on policies that I've had/seen, I'm betting it's $400-500 for a hospital admission and $200-300 for an ER visit. Maybe she's just not paying her medical bills?

No. 1949491

which Hannah tard there are several

No. 1949492

sounds like Ham

No. 1949536

File: 1704157543310.png (516.03 KB, 427x690, Screen Shot 2024-01-01 at 7.07…)

Aidel also coming in hot for 2024

No. 1949544

these skanks are so lucky the EMTs don't slap their phones out of their hands. fuckin disgusting behavior.

No. 1949551

The pure joy is disgusting. How does she get away with this?

No. 1949573

File: 1704163905431.jpg (627.27 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-01-01_21_52_24.jp…)

here's some different ones the photographer posted

No. 1949637

Most punchable face I’ve ever seen.

No. 1949652

Just like Stef, Aidel was clearly fine enough to take a picture. Looks like she went to the ER in an ambulance, which doesn’t mean anything other than she or someone else called them and she wanted to be transported. EMS aren’t allowed to diagnose anyone or decide to not transport them. I’m guessing Aidel herself called 911 and when they showed up either asked or didn’t refuse to be transported. And cost isn’t an issue bc EMS bills long after providing services, and they legally can’t refuse someone without insurance (afaik they don’t even ask about it). It’s not a measure of how sick someone is when it’s a cluster B disaster like Aidel. Unfortunately people think a ride in the wee woo wagon guarantee a fast past to being seen in the ER, but nah, you get triaged the same way unless you’re obviously a real emergency.

No. 1949653

Aidel is in Canada, she's not paying for it. She's also already home. She's been in the ER quite a few times recently with low potassium from purging and that's probably what happened. She lives with her dad and he's apparently been worried about her and probably called at some point because she puked herself into looking like shit. (Sorry, no screenshots because this is info from old stories)

No. 1949655

File: 1704179646386.png (25.15 KB, 456x112, Screen Shot 2024-01-02 at 1.15…)

Comment on Fi's latest post

No. 1949661

Does anyone have the link for the sub thread (where Enara and that gets posted) or does it not exist anymore?

No. 1949662

No. 1949671

File: 1704186452357.jpeg (649.84 KB, 828x1526, B1423C27-AEC8-4097-902A-395AC8…)

Luka being Luka. Smelling such a lovely perfume and not at all posting a body check

No. 1949685

What the actual fuck is wrong with her bone structure?

No. 1949686

She's come such a long way from dangling her plate out the window, lovely photoshoot!

No. 1949695

This is actually so cute - I’m legitimately so happy for N2F!

No. 1949703

lmfao to show her ribs and her thigh gap she's arching her back so much that she looks pregnant with her ribcage

No. 1949755

Lol, now that's what I'd call a 'slow learner'.

No. 1949756

Despite that oh-so-very extroverted shit, I wish her well.

No. 1949796


No. 1949834

such a shame she’s a retarded bitch, she was so pretty

No. 1949853

File: 1704224880007.jpeg (181.57 KB, 961x942, 984A9D77-3DF0-4674-ABB5-F7DCA4…)

Waiting for the tube pictures to drop

No. 1949862

File: 1704225553157.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1179x1926, IMG_7822.jpeg)

Ironically she posted this one minute after you posted .

No. 1949867

I guess the thought of getting a job or whatever was too much for Stef. Much easier for her to fake her way back in the hospital and snap tube shots & receive attention.

No. 1949876

File: 1704228473036.png (9.88 MB, 1170x2532, 9C4D208A-39EB-4531-9043-B8B7B5…)

KEK the tube selfie on insta perfectly angled to make her arm look thin in comparison to her arms in this. Stef thinking she is a death spoop while looking utterly normal is comedy gold

No. 1949880

“So ashamed” yet constantly posts videos and pictures of herself in the hospital. Girl grow tf up

No. 1949885

This lol. Why are so many deathspoop wannarexics just haggard busted looking normal weight women?

No. 1949904

god this is just embarrassing, she makes it so obvious too and she must know that everyone sees through her fake ass Ana deathspoop warrior facade. Isn’t she like 28 kek

No. 1949913

>"don't look at me" shirt
like a caricature. just amazing

No. 1949916

What is she wearing and why does it look so awkward and awful? Got to be shooped.

No. 1949919

Looks pretty normal weight really.

No. 1949922

she should embrace her health instead of relying on mummy and daddy and hospital for attention

No. 1949930

what’s may up to these days? i haven’t followed her since she made a new account. is she still crying and whining about how her life is so unfair?

No. 1949956

File: 1704234746015.jpeg (161.27 KB, 750x1098, hardest year yet.jpeg)

Yet again, Han has had the hardest and most traumatic year ever to date.

No. 1949957

File: 1704234838938.jpeg (232.29 KB, 749x1099, mostdifficultagain.jpeg)

I swear she says this at least once a month. And never explains anything. It's getting old.

No. 1949978

Why do people not get tired of supporting her, especially on this account? She seems enraging. Maybe it’s people who also pull the same shit

No. 1949979

This is so embarrassing.

No. 1949980

Dumbfag, sry. How old is Han? Did she ever go to uni or has she been living with mum forever?

No. 1949981

Please someone upload that video of her talking to herself, in the street, while saying new years to strangers on the street. One says hi back and she is FUCKING static about getting some attention. She is so annoying.

No. 1949983

Guessing between 23-25 ? her family is hating on her hard, but mum more or less still can tolerate Han.

No. 1949987

I have it but I don't think I can upload videos because I'm dumb. But she's in a crop top in the shitty windy British weather, videoing herself at a bus stop and saying 'you made it Han, you made it, how are you alive?'

No. 1949988

Don't think she's ever done more than high school. Not sure she even finished that. Had a job for maybe a week or something last year but then no more mention of it. Her first job ever.

No. 1949994

Oh it's actually a phonebox she's in front of in the street. Wow they still exist? I don't know how the camera is quite far away from her and at face height unless someone is holding it for her (but there is no shaking or panning) or it's on a tripod or something?!

No. 1949996

Sorry I'm stupid and I can't upload it. Idk why. I tried.

No. 1950010

File: 1704243353835.png (1.33 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240102-195610.png)

jesus it's not even a crop top, is it? looks more like a training bra or something

No. 1950015

File: 1704244718178.png (97.94 KB, 675x322, Screen Shot 2024-01-02 at 7.18…)

Guess Lyss can't afford groceries because she spends everything on cups.

No. 1950017

Your pfp is showing

No. 1950022

the fucking audacity of this bitch

No. 1950031

Not like we needed any confirmation of the tism, but standing in 30mph winds in the dead of winter in a crop/bikini top?? Jeez

No. 1950037

Stef getting a tube took a whole 5 seconds into the new year…

No. 1950040

File: 1704248853107.jpg (Spoiler Image,279.83 KB, 1078x1338, Tubeface.jpg)

Incase anyone missed Stefs tube posts

No. 1950084

Nah we have to pay ambulance bills here unfortunately, Canadian fag here

No. 1950085

What’s disgusting about that?

No. 1950086

how much does a canadian ambulance cost? just curious how it compares to the minimum several thousand in the us

No. 1950088

If it ends up deemed an actual emergency then it’s only like $45 or at least that’s what it was when I had to pay one back in 2020 I think. If it does not get deemed an emergency then it’s like $250. It blows my mind how expensive healthcare is in the states holy shit

No. 1950091

the immediate tube selfies make this set of comments on Dec 30th all the more funny

No. 1950098

File: 1704259558458.jpeg (324.35 KB, 1170x1995, B142A1BD-3111-4C89-958F-EAAB37…)

No. 1950101

File: 1704259927039.jpeg (258.38 KB, 1179x862, IMG_7827.jpeg)

Nobody is saying you developed an ED because of social media Stef. We are just saying maaaaaybe it is a bit of a maintaining factor and not playing a positive role in getting better.

No. 1950122

stef needs to be put down for all the harm she causes others kek she gives anorexia and eds a bad rep and is quite frankly disgustingly embarrassing

No. 1950124

File: 1704269151286.jpeg (902.45 KB, 1170x2020, IMG_5858.jpeg)

she’s honestly such a little shit. She larps alllll day about her soooper serious ed and bangs on about her tube. Stef maybe use ur little attention seeking brain and see how ur negatively affecting others. Look at this comment, her constant tube posting hurts others. Kek stef at least be thin if u wanna larp all day it’s just plain embarrassing when ur utterly average

No. 1950133

File: 1704271534941.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1170x2093, IMG_5859.jpeg)

kek i remember this wildly cringe public crying video, has she no shame?

No. 1950142

I’ll suck ur little one nonnie. All valid cow behavior

No. 1950146

Yum thank u

No. 1950147

File: 1704273347775.png (559.51 KB, 426x707, Screen Shot 2024-01-03 at 3.17…)

Are British people okay? This absolutely does not look "fun" kek

No. 1950148

looks like slop

No. 1950180

britfag here, beans on toast is a nice comfort meal but it's not fun. It's just warm and filling when you're on a budget. Normally you put the cheese on top so it melts (and have more cheese than that little pinch)

No. 1950194

If the cops order the ambulance for you then you don’t have to pay for it. In my Province anyway. (So call them first! If you call an ambulance yourself it’s $500, last I knew).

No. 1950196

Holy crap, she showered

No. 1950201

An ambulance is not several thousand in the US, it’s around $850.

No. 1950204

Several thousand?! I just replied to another post and maybe they’re in a different province but mine is $500 for an ambulance if you call it yourself. If the cops order an ambulance for you however, there is no charge. So call the cops first! Sometimes they’ll transport people to hospital and save on an ambulance being used but it depends on what kind of cop car it is and whether it has a ‘cage’ in the back. If it doesn’t they technically can’t transport anyone in that car. Saying that, it does depend on the situation and if they think you’re not a risk to have in the car then they sometimes will transport you to hospital themselves anyway and you don’t have to pay. That’s insane how expensive the US is!

No. 1950214

File: 1704287784193.png (1.81 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240103-081602.png)

omfg embarrassing. i had to look and see what kind of fat wannabe would comment "i miss my tube" and was honestly surprised what i found lmfao

No. 1950216

someone purged on a toast?

No. 1950218

File: 1704289292185.png (256.11 KB, 1080x1788, 1000020975.png)

I didn't think too much of her NYE story since many people find the holidays difficult for various reasons, but Frances fully admitted that she was "really not thriving" in a more recent update. At least she's being honest (if not still incredibly vague) about it, though?

No. 1950231

Beans not really on toast? Slices with a sliver of low fat spread? No fun to be found there ^^(^^)

No. 1950238

File: 1704292202876.jpg (2.78 MB, 4096x3276, 1000020984.jpg)

Not much, honestly. May continues to be a whiny little bitch on her new account and mainly posts a mix of random photos, unflattering selfies and not-so-subtle bodychecks which only serve as proof that she hasn't lost much (if any) weight at all.

No. 1950241

honestly i feel bad for him it must be really hard to have an ed as a middle aged man

No. 1950242

File: 1704292774445.jpg (3.02 MB, 4096x3072, 1000020989.jpg)

May must be really desperate for asspats if she's voluntarily asking for supplement drinks to be added at every meal? So much for that sooper serious SEED diagnosis, kek

No. 1950247

stop he's a fat fuck. there is no evidence on his account of him ever looking unhealthy.

No. 1950249

nitpick and i get it if this is like a personal diary for her, but her captions are always so fucking long. if she's attention seeking, i kinda doubt she actually has many people reading all these novels she writes all the time

No. 1950259

U right, that comment is so fucking cringe

No. 1950261

I can't believe Alex still around ! that guy was always kind of weird. To be fair He did always try to not be creepy to younger people.

He isn't old but I guess ppl here think 45 is ancient, like ed's have an age limit. What does have an age limit tho is commenting stupid crap on IG. That's … sad.

No. 1950262

She is been looking better lately. Hot take but i still think she is good looking, just crazy and cringe af

No. 1950266

In onatrio it’s free if it’s deemed medically necessary. if it’s not medically necessary it’s a 45$ charge if you are an ontario resident and a 250$ charge for non residents.

No. 1950267

I wouldn’t be surprised if May begs for an outpatient toob next. She’s just the sort of attention whore who’d insist she needs it and then proceed to flaunt it everywhere including her work (where it’d be super inappropriate, it already is for her to be so wildly and publicly BPD and ED around vulnerable children and their families). She’s already hinting towards it with her “3x a day energy pill” comment, claiming she’d be fine with getting all her nutrition if she didn’t have to eat it. Hopefully her dietician won’t be tricked into giving this cow what she wants ie toob. May would also likely purge through it if she gets one, defeating the whole purpose.

No. 1950268

File: 1704296527710.jpeg (508.37 KB, 2048x2048, 41E7F5DB-9970-4AE9-BAFC-467595…)

Everyone knew Stef, kek. When you post crying videos about wanting to give up its pretty obvious you aren’t hiding it

No. 1950272

she looks scary as fuck in the picture on the right, honestly what possesses her to post these things

No. 1950284

He looks so familiar. Did he happen to have an account on the original MPA?

No. 1950285

she thinks she looks so sick and sad like a poor little ana fairy warrior kek. All just to get pity from online strangers. imagine doing a background check and all of her embarrassing shite comes up

No. 1950303

File: 1704303100694.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1060x1940, IMG_1505.jpeg)

whinge whinge whinge, UK cows do it best

No. 1950304

I feel like if she had brown eyes, she’d be a normal human being and wouldn’t seek attention constantly. She’s one of those people who make their eyes their entire personality and do nothing but take wall eyed selfies to show them off. I know not all blue eyed people are annoying attention whores, but people with blue eyes have more of an incentive to be if you know what I mean.

No. 1950314

nonnie this is so random kek but she also seems like the kinda kid to purposefully exaggerate pain to be taken to the hospital so their whole class would make them a card

No. 1950335

Not to wk because she is annoying AF but leave the poor girl alone. She started a whole new private account to get away from being posted here. She’s not milky, she is boring AF, just annoying. She posts the same things on repeat a la Paris.

No. 1950336

that made me lol. she’s also def the type to leave the hospital bracelet on for weeks after discharge

No. 1950337

as much as I find May annoying, I do think we should respect that she moved to a smaller private account and stopped attention-seeking publicly. Part of being a lolcow is that public attention-seeking, isn't it?

No. 1950338

bros… i miss marie(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1950340

i can’t imagine being nearly 30 and acting like this. how incredibly embarrassing. it’s enough that she’s a dumb retard in real life, does she have to post about it all over the internet too?

unlike cece, i don’t see stef leaving this behind. cece at least had a good job and something upstairs. stef literally always acts like her cranium is filled with rocks and according to people that know her irl, is the least self-aware person ever (among many other things). her whining for asspats on the internet is pretty much as far as her life is going to go.

No. 1950346

I find her quite milky in the same vein as the attention seeking BPDs like Stef in that she wildly exaggerates the severity of her ED and seems to have zero self-awareness, all while being her messy, self martyring, generally unpleasant self working on a children’s ward with colleagues who sound like they’re totally over her shit (Lucy Letby 2.0 vibes tbh) Asking for supplements got a kek too because again, she appears to have lost zero weight? In months? But sure enjoy your disgusting ensure and resulting aNa pOinTs, girl.
She has a public, easily findable twitter anyway so it’s not like she can care that much about being private. Here’s her latest post about finally wangling a POTS diagnosis, one of the munchie conditions du jour. No doubt it’ll be gastroparesis next so she can ‘legitimately’ score a nose hose and feel superior to those poor tubeless peons long term. She certainly ain’t ever scoring one from mild anorexia.

No. 1950347

File: 1704312168023.jpeg (325.01 KB, 1170x542, IMG_3268.jpeg)

oops dropped pic

No. 1950350

doesn't she already claim gastroparesis?

No. 1950356

you literally can’t get diagnosed with pots with an active ed so I can’t imagine that’s real or at least the dr is an idiot(read the rules and integrate)

No. 1950358

A lot of the cows posted on here have privated their accounts. Why is she any different? She is a cow. She lacks awareness and constantly complains about how sick she is both physically and mentally (insert sad emoji because she uses them after every sentence). Also the fact she posted that she eats less than 1000 calories a day and posts a lot of body checks is cow behaviour

No. 1950367

ayrt. does she? I know she was bitching about her thyroid for ages and fishing for something there so must’ve missed that among all her other transparent attempts at malingering, sorry.
I also like how May drops little hints about being the sickest ana everrrr when she’s, what, almost 30? and hasn’t ever been in hospital as an adult. NOT saying admissions make anyone v alid and clearly she’s never met IP criteria but she makes out like she’s tried everything and is beyond saving, which is just ridiculous. Posting her calories is scummy as well, big no no in the *~cOmMuNity~*

No. 1950368

also watch her lock her shit down here real quick. I give it…til midnight tops

No. 1950375

Because she didn’t just private it, she has made very conscious efforts to remove followers and start a new account to get it to stop. It’s just nasty at this point to continue posting someone you are hate following when they’ve asked you to stop and it’s clearly impacting their mental health. You all take it way too far sometimes.

No. 1950376

we let cece go when she privated everything

No. 1950381

Have you forgotten where you are? She won’t thank you for the WKing you know
Didn’t Cece stop posting entirely? As in actually got off the internet and put recovery first? That’s rather different to what this one is doing

No. 1950384

File: 1704317723653.png (177.45 KB, 428x283, Screen Shot 2024-01-03 at 3.36…)


No. 1950392

Last I checked, Cece still has small private accounts on Instagram and Facebook for family/close friends

No. 1950394

>0 (You)s
nobody cares annoying cunt

No. 1950395

what is your green text trying to say?

No. 1950396

File: 1704319549317.jpeg (442.67 KB, 1170x2254, EAB00C2D-0D3A-434F-9CBB-F6647A…)

Lyss might be the only person in upstate New York wearing a tank top in January. Love how she supposedly can’t afford groceries but can afford 2 Stanley cups when she already has a million of them

No. 1950398

I know it's not her fault but goddamn does her lazy eye bother me

No. 1950407

aw poor may being called out for her cow behaviour. forever the victim </3

No. 1950409

KEK that is the most random comment ever. But ok. Now I’ll be thinking about it.

No. 1950427

File: 1704325289151.png (396.39 KB, 683x562, Screen Shot 2024-01-03 at 5.42…)

and the essentials: gourmet cookies

No. 1950429

Yeah I agree, I think she’s really pretty and has a good personality outside of her weird pro ana stuff. But I used to think that about Nikol and she proved me very wrong kek

No. 1950431

real question are her parents brother and sister? She looks like some backwoods WV breed.

No. 1950446

it really heavily depends on where you live and your insurance, so there's no real point in giving specific numbers

No. 1950449

Hi. New here. So y’all are not ok with pro-ana content but are fine with fat shaming ppl? Genuinely curious bc I don’t get the point.(lost newfag)

No. 1950450

> New here
We can tell. Sage your SJW bullshit.

No. 1950451

Just my take but "fatshaming" doesn't exist, it's just making fun of fat people. Call it what you want but using the term 'shaming' makes it seem like it's a hate crime or human rights violation. Some farmers make fun of fatties, some don't, but clutching your pearls over it and being offended is pointless here and will instantly get you clocked as a newfag or underaged, or both.

No. 1950452

Omg that's so embarrassing kek

No. 1950456

not trying to be a saint. I just don't get it. So y’all don’t care abt the pro-ana stuff? The whole point is just to laugh at cringy “recovery” influencers?

No. 1950457

do you understand what lolcow is? Hint: there's not a social mission, it's just … a place to snark about lolcows.

No. 1950460

have you missed the entire point of this thread, or the previous 105 before it?

No. 1950461

it's obviously a retard who can't come up with strategies like "read the rules" or "use google to learn about a website if I don't understand it"

No. 1950462

got it. have fun doing…that.

No. 1950468

File: 1704330047342.webm (4.53 MB, 576x1024, f96a71e7-433c-403e-83b0-85520c…)

>asks for video
>gets two responses of "I don't know how" and then a screenshot with some farmers pfp in the corner
Kek, begging for less retarded farmers in 2024 but I'm not holding out hope

No. 1950473

I'll entertain your slightly retarded newfaggotry because you're not entirely wrong. Half of the people here post like they're competing with the cows they're supposed to be making fun of. It's like half condemning the ana-chans, and half being pro-ana themselves. It's the fact that this thread attracts the same ana-chans it's making fun of, and the more popular this thread becomes and the more people that are out there cowtipping, the more people following the cows for thinspo come here and start posting

No. 1950479

Is rachel alive? Does anyone know anything about her whereabouts or status? She went completely offline and I highly doubt it was to check into a proper rehab facility. She had her whole weird instagram stories meltdown blaming her followers for everything to do with her refeeding and then just went radio silent…

No. 1950480

yeah, this is true. there's an annoying amount of bone rattling.

No. 1950489

What is smorven up to now? Still in an EDU?

No. 1950490

I asked, and i appreciated the effort of the other farmers. Let's hope for a 2024 with less sperging over who sages shit and "this smells like self post" comments.

No. 1950495

Saging keeps the nonmilk from bumping threads, and allows for legitimate milk to be bumped, so… it's not exactly sperging. If people could just learn to sage properly, it would not be an issue. Also, if people wouldn't self post so much in the first place, there wouldn't be a need for self post comments kek

No. 1950496

Seconding this

No. 1950498

He had accounts everywhere, basically met him through tik tok. He was going for kind of ~vanilla recovery butterlfly vibes. There was never any proof he was dangerously thin or anything at any point.

No. 1950499

is there any sense of why he decided that this was what he wanted to have as his internet presence? I'm fascinated by the idea of a regular looking middle aged white dude just deciding that he wants to talk about anorexia online

No. 1950503

maybe she was involuntary put into a psychiatric facility. in the us, they actually take patients phones away.

No. 1950507

Someone said she was in a coma.

No. 1950516

File: 1704337575908.png (262.82 KB, 672x717, Screen Shot 2024-01-03 at 9.07…)


No. 1950517

$500?? What province is that

No. 1950520

File: 1704337734536.png (62.12 KB, 665x187, Screen Shot 2024-01-03 at 9.08…)

2/2 I literally don't understand how Lyss thinks people don't read this shit and immediately know she's b/ping

No. 1950521

File: 1704337792565.png (42.8 KB, 679x172, Screen Shot 2024-01-03 at 9.09…)

Also, I'm pretty sure this confirms that she somehow got herself banned from wegmans

No. 1950522

File: 1704337832281.png (37.25 KB, 658x122, Screen Shot 2024-01-03 at 9.11…)

asking the question we all want to ask

No. 1950523

Nah you’re incorrect >>1950088 had it right

No. 1950524

slimfast shake girl went into a coma? holy fucking shit

No. 1950525

Ayrt sorry I just realized the way I phrased my post made it seem like I was the one who asked for the video. Apparently we won't have less retarded farmers for 2024 and I'm one of them kek

No. 1950526

eh, citation needed. there was never any evidence posted.

No. 1950531

Honestly, from what I remember he had different videos claiming a variety of reasons; from "i want to show eating disorders have no age limit" to "i want to warn young people about the dangers of ed's". My ed account was around 40.000 followers when he started to comment, and I think he got into my dm's eventually. To be fair I didn't disclose my gender to him 'til later, and he didn't seem to be a fetishist at all. Still kind of a weird vibe tho. Too ~vanilla to be real kind of thing.

No. 1950540

NTA, my roommate had to take an ambulance ride for an unexpected and severe allergic reaction to eating some shellfish. She learned later that the ambulance was run by an out-of-network company, so it cost her $2500.

No. 1950542

wait until that anon finds out about air ambulance bills, kek

No. 1950545

“Super fucking grateful for Wegmans as always (well, other than the whole not being allowed there thing)”

I was wondering what happened to the body checks she used to take in the Wegmans bathroom. She probably purged in there and was told not to come back. Also where is she getting the money for this shit???

No. 1950546

nah, I bet she shoplifted food and got banned. It's pretty common for bulimics who struggle with impulse control.

No. 1950561

Prob got banned for stealing food to purge 90% sure(read the rules and integrate)

No. 1950564

it's absolutely insane that she posts all this bullshit on an something that just seems to be a regular facebook account with family and people who know her in real life. and the botch might as well just keep it real and say why she got banned from wegmans, she obviously has no shame whatsoever but she doesn't want to admit she got caught shoplifting (i definitely agree that's the reason)

No. 1950565

I guess it's possible that she got charged with shoplifting and is going to try to fight it in court, so she doesn't want to mention it online. but honestly idk if she's smart enough to realize that would be a bad idea.

No. 1950588

Stef with tube and Taylor Swift

No. 1950589

she can't even show a sunrise without dragging her iv pole into frame to remind you that she's so sick

No. 1950590

huh, I guess he was actually inpatient for a while. interesting.

No. 1950598

what’s new? Common stef at least be original not like the 10000000 other “sick” wannarexics

No. 1950600

not to blog but i also had a recovery acc with 30k and he would comment. Never creepy i just don’t understand his presence

No. 1950654

Does she just carry her own tube tape around every time she goes to hospital in case shes lucky enough to convince them to nose hose her?

No. 1950657

I’m sure she does nonnie the more obvious the tube the better

No. 1950658

No shit they can’t be “trusted” that’s like internet 101. She’s got 250 followers on there, probably none of whom she knows irl and are mostly anorexics who are notorious for competitive bullshit and backstabbing (see: these threads over the years kek). She wouldn’t last two minutes in a treatment setting and won’t cope with nursing either, they totally eat their own

No. 1950700

She didn’t cope in treatment lmao. She was in day patient for a while but dropped out because it was too hard and they didn’t cater to her autism >.< she also quit therapy because they were questioning her too much about her eating disorder and found it too difficult even though she was in therapy for an eating disorder. She doesn’t put in the work and the complains about how everyone treats her unfairly and hates her. She’s such a victim(>.< )

No. 1950710

Considering she has made a small private account and you have posted absolutely ZERO new milk this is beginning to come across as a bit a-loggy? I hate her with a passion too but I didn’t bother following on her new account as didn’t see the point.

No. 1950731

Nayrt but fair enough, I’m happy to shut up as long as anon who has access brings milk when it inevitably flows (I’m not following her new either as her face unnerves me too much)

No. 1950738

No. 1950746

Thanks for moar May posting. Reading of her insufferability is like having one of those small sores one gets on their tongue and not being able to stop irratating it further against my teeth. Bless.

No. 1950755

Wait, it seems like she has the money, why would she steal it?
Or is it a thing of "If I am not keeping it in, I don't wanna spend my money on it?"

No. 1950756

What's weird about his presence ? You know eating disorders and being online are not only for teen anachans and 20 yrs old with gastric tubes..

No. 1950757

ayrt i agree with u that everyone can suffer from anorexia and that’s not what I’m talking about, it wasn’t him in himself that was weird, seems like a nice enough guy… it was the comments like the tube one under Stefs post. Man or woman, 40 or 14, that’s a weird thing to comment

No. 1950772

File: 1704394133164.jpeg (146.8 KB, 1170x362, IMG_5933.jpeg)

kek whichever one of you posted this in 103 abt stef, you’re clairvoyant nonnie. thought this was funny, place ur bets for season 4 of our holiday anachan warriors.

No. 1950780

File: 1704395368314.png (2.26 MB, 828x1792, IMG_1038.png)

This girl just won’t stop. What an embarrassment. Can you imagine being 28 and dressing/acting like this?

No. 1950782

Looks like the toob is out already…

No. 1950787

Bet she pulled it out,so she gets the ultimate anachan award of the bridle kek.

No. 1950788

No. 1950790

Then again, seeing Stefania’s constant tube selfies on your fyp must be triggering to some people, hence his weird comment. Overall he’s not a cow and doesn’t deserve to be posted on here

No. 1950794

i didn’t originally post him nonnie he’s not milky

No. 1950817

bored at the hospital she checked herself into. she just wanted an excuse to post another angled photo to show how skinny and dainty she is uwu

No. 1950842

new cow? @itscamillaf (camilla ferrara) she's not severely underweight but constantly posts bodychecks and videos of her undereating but adamantly denies having an ed, she also comments on multiple minor's with an ed's videos, calling them pretty ect.

No. 1950844

not severely underweight? rattle rattle

No. 1950858

another brain rot anachan. gross behavior but let her live in denial at least she isn’t a larper

No. 1950873

I got to bmi 12 on Xmas(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1950879

I definitely think a grown man creating ED content for years and interacting with young women/girls accounts despite never being visibly underweight is cowish kek that being said he’s rather boring

No. 1950891

Seconded, it's weird a grown man wants to surround himself online with a "community" filled with young girls and women

No. 1950898

Yeah that’s some proana scum

No. 1950907

File: 1704415830081.jpeg (323.52 KB, 1024x1024, EA8B4E5A-FE15-472E-9C7E-AFD227…)

I feel like Fi is intentionally confusing her followers by posting these very different Weight photos on the same day with no implication that the one of the right is old

No. 1950915

It's crazy how much better she looks on the right.

No. 1950920

Of course she has a recent, emaciated photo of her for her so called recovery account in comparison to the one on the right. It’s Fi, kek. How else will she get the on-going asspats, ‘look how sick and fragile I am….again’ validation and the unlimited attention she’s craved and received for god knows how many years?? It’s sad how many of these cows get to their late-20’s still acting how they do because it’s their whole identity instead of getting on and enjoying life like their friends do?

No. 1950921

Yeah, she actually pretty adorable on the right.
I cannot put my finger on what exactly makes her look better though, her face shape/proportions are about the same.
I guess the flushed cheeks help?

No. 1950922

I think her cheekbones are just a weird shape when her cheeks aren't full so it makes her whole face look weird. And her glands are really swollen right now (hmmmm could that be from purging all her double snacks) which makes her face look extra lumpy

No. 1950939

File: 1704425953205.jpg (63.77 KB, 716x720, what-are-some-of-peggys-most-u…)

nah i always thought she looked like peggy hill features wise. she got dealt the unfortunate unprincess-y anglo features.

No. 1950966

File: 1704438742957.jpeg (739.24 KB, 2048x2048, 43104C72-854A-4302-9DA1-50D089…)

Fr tho. Beyond embarrassing.
Stef one min: “guys its not that serious nothing too severe”
The next min: “I’m really afraid, this shit is so scary”

Kek. She can’t keep her stories straight. Which one is it Stef?

No. 1950972

it's pissing me off how much she's vagueposting about whatever the "issue with her echo" is. It's hard to tell if she's actually got a cardiac thing going on that she's aggravating with her electrolyte shenanigans or if she had some minor but not significant thing show up on her echo, is dramatizing it, and in the hospital purely for her behavioral/electrolye stuff. I really don't understand how she gets herself admitted for so long so frequently. Most hospitals will just give some potassium in the ER and not even admit unless the person is really fucked.

No. 1950973

Also stef:

“My Ed isn’t a choice”


“I’m an idiot for landing myself in this place again”(learn to sage)

No. 1950974

People didn’t make enough of a fuss the first time so she had to dial up the histrionics.

No. 1950976

weak attempt, she needs to film herself snotty sobbing in public again because she "knows it's not embarrassing to have emotions"

No. 1950987

I wonder what disorder has talking about yourself in third person as a symptom, it's fucking unbearable

No. 1950989

mental retardation nonnie

No. 1950990

The left photo with built-in bodycheck. Nice one, Fi. Never change.

No. 1951004

Her super unique special “autism” she managed to get from a psychiatrist, the BPD she forgets she is diagnosed with, the malingered PTSD, psychosis, mania she faked symptoms of for years… take your pick nonnie!

No. 1951012

File: 1704451432610.png (2.17 MB, 1080x1921, 1000021032.png)

Fi looks older than her mum in this photo from her 2023 recap reel, jfc

No. 1951014

she looks like her mums mum Jesus

No. 1951048

I think the horrible wrinkles she gets everywhere when she's underweight are a huge factor

No. 1951054

she needs to do something about those eyebrows bc they aren’t helping her case LMAO they’re always the first thing i notice

No. 1951072

do you suppose that's like a dehydration thing, or something else?

No. 1951084

Her parents must be so tired, I know they're really well off but it's so selfish of Fiona to keep dipping into their funds to do these stunts like dropping a shit ton of weight and requiring IP, keeping an entire team of mental health professionals because of her ~super serious autism.~ I can't even imagine how much money she burned through when she used to overdose on Tylenol every week. It might not affect them much now but as they get older and want to retire one of them or even both could end up with a condition that eats away at their savings even more. I could be completely wrong about this but I doubt Fiona has the money to fund her antics and I'm not sure what the healthcare is like where they live, or even where they live for that matter.

No. 1951087



I was thiinking .. maybe if he started being online back in 05-07 when the pro Ana shit exploded, the he was fairly young when he got involved.. he just never left the ed world I guess. There's a british documentary on older ppl with Anorexia on you tube in case anyone got tired of teens and young Ana chans.

No. 1951093

Does she just severely dehydrate herself and not eat for a few days ?

No. 1951094

does she get NHS or private treatment tho? Wouldn’t it be marginally better if she’s private and eating her parents savings over wasting a public bed? Obviously it’s awful for the parents but worse for the general public. They should really just leave her to her own atp, maybe she needs a wake up call

No. 1951102

omg the relapse must've hit her hard. but no one should have been really, I mean really surprised…

No. 1951106

NHS. She’s been draining the system since she was an early teen. Literally went straight from child to adult services from 18 onwards. That’s what I’ve noticed lot of people on here, Reddit discussions, other outside discussions regarding warrior Fi, are finding difficult to comprehend -given how much support, services, therapies, years long worth of admissions (as in general, psychiatric and Glasgow EDU) she’s had all under the NHS and still complains, still gets all sorts thrown her way. Usually (well especially in adult services and I guess dependant on the postcode lottery) this type of repetitive years-worth of relapsing behaviour would just be deemed non-compliance and result in discharge because of funding, service demands etc. I wonder if she had to pay would she still act the same… half of the Brit cows wouldn’t survive the lack of attention and babying if we had a system like America and others’

No. 1951116

>three stuffed animals
>in her late 20s
My toddler doesnt even sleep with that many

No. 1951120

File: 1704478504751.jpeg (305.07 KB, 1170x2201, IMG_8259.jpeg)

chiara won’t stop looking at the lolcow “hates” and still thinks she looked “hot” , keep on posting our comments on her priv that she cares so much, also still claims to be just bingeing on her tiktok while secretly b/ping

No. 1951121

she fakes her recovery and seems milky, posting lots of bodychecks on her tiktok(sage your shit)

No. 1951136

Not to sound all Colours but it’s pretty galling knowing just how much help she’s had over the years and she still chooses to fuck around (especially around holidays when her poor parents should be able to enjoy themselves!)
With all she’s had the NHS probably could’ve treated like 10 people?! And if they won’t just cut her off and she’s determined to be a ‘lifer’ perhaps they should treat her for the BPD she’s so blatantly now using “autism” as a cover for because it seems like it’s that underlying all the rest anyway? The incessant need for attention, asspats and pity, the infantilisation and how she thrives off being institutionalised… I don’t know how she has so many comments on instagram tongueing her arsehole, I just refuse to believe hundreds of people truly give a shit whether or not she eats/uneats an extra crumb. It’s bizarre.

No. 1951155

Such a fucking retard kek im surprised she hasn’t been put in a special needs home. Poor parents

No. 1951159

seriously? but she hasn't even been posted here in a long time lmao that's embarrassing

No. 1951247

File: 1704497729291.png (499.69 KB, 424x689, Screen Shot 2024-01-05 at 5.36…)

guess what's back, back again

No. 1951278

Is it just me or does it look like there’s no cannula in her arm? It just looks like the bandage and then gauze but no actual cannula….(learn to sage)

No. 1951280

did she bring special tube stickers with her to the hospital?

No. 1951282

i have never seen an adult with a pediatric sticker on their face like that. how old is she?

No. 1951284

she's in her late twenties - I want to say maybe twenty-eight? could be off by a year, but she's definitely over twenty-six

No. 1951291

File: 1704503822657.png (552.38 KB, 590x709, Screen Shot 2024-01-05 at 7.17…)

I desperately need to understand why Lyss sometimes goes to Starbucks just to get a bunch of cups of water. She knows you can drink tap water, right?

No. 1951294


No. 1951297

File: 1704504230092.png (100.21 KB, 480x492, Screen Shot 2024-01-05 at 7.24…)

I can't stand how Fi has been writing for at least a year now about how she's juuuust learned to take time for herself and ask for her needs to be met. That's literally all she does. It's not new.

No. 1951304

File: 1704505135123.png (456.3 KB, 444x702, Screen Shot 2024-01-05 at 7.40…)

you can see the cannula in other videos/shots

No. 1951319

File: 1704506345568.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1170x2142, IMG_8261.jpeg)

has this one been talked about before , she’s admitted and tubed for a few days won’t stop oversharing her medical shit and it’s pretty milky imo

No. 1951320

File: 1704506456356.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1170x1593, IMG_8262.jpeg)

how embarrassing

No. 1951321

how embarrassing. she's 19, she can literally just say no.

No. 1951344

I think they just put extra gauze so she wouldnt be able to fuck with it

No. 1951345

and still had to take a body check

No. 1951408

kek she obviously loves it

No. 1951456

Why does one of her eyes look like it’s sliding off her face?

No. 1951457

File: 1704532797608.png (654.57 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_8317.png)

No. 1951459

it so does, Salvador Dalí type beat

No. 1951467

File: 1704537210125.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1923, 1000021051.png)

Disappointed but not surprised to see May coming in hot with yet another social media temper tantrum!

99% sure that she only posted this doctor's letter to show off the "On examination, you look quite thin" part at the beginning? She needs to get a life already, ffs

No. 1951468

File: 1704537579604.png (347.84 KB, 1080x1882, 1000021053.png)

Samefag, but May's constant larping and defensiveness over her so-called SEED diagnosis is also cringe as hell

No. 1951473

Tbf if she’s Australian she could be there against her will like a medical section.

No. 1951482

Judging from N2f’s insta profile pic looks like her baby has arrived!! Don’t want to post as it’s a literal baby but so happy for her

No. 1951486

OT but is it normal in English speaking countries to address the patient directly in doctors' letters? Where I am from it would be "On examination, the patient looks quite thin" and so on in 3rd person, because usually the letters are written for other doctors to read.
This style of writing sounds so weirdly personal to me.

No. 1951487

File: 1704540217148.jpeg (308.03 KB, 1170x959, IMG_3561.jpeg)

Oh that is absolutely why she posted it. What a silly twat, she looks no different to most other slim petite women.

Her justification is wild “mE aNd mY dOcToR” um her doctor sees people like the twins all the time (literally, pretty sure Katy is or has been one of them) does she really think in her shrink’s eyes she’s on par with that?

Also picrel, 3 years? “most trusts” or not (hint: it’s not) that’s ludicrous.

No. 1951489

I think it can be either nonny

No. 1951490

Not to WK but doctors have to put a description of their patients in their notes and body ‘habitus’ e.g. cachexic (severe muscle wasting), ‘well-nourished’ or ‘thin’ would be relevant to a gastro exam. Please excuse a UK med-fag.

No. 1951506

Hate to WK, but what is this fucking obsession with May? Honestly, I almost feel bad for her at this point and I never feel that way about the cows. She moved to a really small, private account to stop being posted here but, unlike with other cows who have done similar, you guys just won't let it drop. She may not look like the twins but she clearly does have an ED and, based on her behaviour, the autism isn't a larp either.

No. 1951513

I don’t get it either. I think her obnoxious behavior is due to the autism and not because shes a proana scumbag.

No. 1951523

oh, good for her. I hope it was a smooth delivery and that motherhood is good to her and her baby!

No. 1951527

File: 1704552338513.jpeg (764.89 KB, 828x1255, IMG_1047.jpeg)

Relapse with Darcy

No. 1951533

she posted several public pics on her facebook account! is it okay to post the baby's name here? sorry if that's a dumb question. it's a cute name

No. 1951534

also the baby was born tuesday jan 2nd

No. 1951544

File: 1704556958757.jpeg (384.29 KB, 1170x2340, IMG_8364.jpeg)

and she’s still not ip? seeking sm attention smh

No. 1951558

Alright!! Way to go n2f!! Really glad they're both safe and healthy. I hope it all stays good with her going forward.

No. 1951569


No. 1951588

File: 1704566205318.jpeg (409.09 KB, 1170x2259, IMG_5989.jpeg)

kek someone commented what we all think

No. 1951593

the anas trying to claim chronic illness in the hashtags always make me laugh

No. 1951595

Chronic attention seeking and larping

No. 1951596

File: 1704567068422.jpg (347.51 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-01-06_13_38_50.jp…)

No. 1951612

File: 1704569776832.png (3.43 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5990.png)

while posting on tiktok pretending that they’re “fear food challenges” god this girls big ass chipmunk cheeks give it away

No. 1951672

She needs to wisen up, fast. She looks much bigger than the last time I saw her yikes

No. 1951679

She had to have brought her own. Hospitals don’t use or carry specialty tube tapes, let alone specialty tape made for young children. The only exception is at children’s hospitals, but this bitch is at a normal hospital since she’s nearly 30. It’s part of her gross infantilization fetish, same with her obsession with bringing her groaty stuffed animal with her to every single ER visit. Not to mention she dresses much younger than she is a lot of the time especially when she’s hospitalized or in treatment.

Some failed former theater kids who refuse to grow up turn to drugs or trooning out as adults, Stefania has the benefit of family money that’s enabled her to go the special snowflake ana chan-munchie route instead.

No. 1951680

She went in full well knowing she'd be tubed then. I want to know if she was saving those tapes or specifically bought them for this occasion.

No. 1951715

What’s nourished Facebook name? Can’t find it and I miss her (also pregnant so nosy)

No. 1951733

File: 1704585509675.png (1.06 MB, 853x1294, Screenshots_2024-01-06-18-59-1…)

No. 1951768

First time writing on here so I hope I'm doing it right. I'm not American so I'm wondering what's the criteria for a tube? She doesn't look dangerously skinny to warrant one.

No. 1951778

they will tube for serious electrolyte imbalance even in fats, because they don’t want to get sued if someone has a heart attack

No. 1951786


wouldn't surprise me if she'd been saving them kek


yeah, I think that's likely the case. kind of gross considering how happy she looks when tubed. what a waste of resources

No. 1951791

What's her user name on tik tok ? It shows me a bunch of Italian girls with the same name but not her. Also, why is shy e begging for money ?

No. 1951814

No specific criteria afaik, it’s as simple as showing up to an ER and claiming to be suicidal with a plan. Then refuse to eat or drink anything, after just a day or two they’ll likely tube you to prevent you becoming more of a liability. Especially in someone who claims a ED history and comes in already with somewhat off vitals (eg they’ve dehydrated themselves for a day or two, that’s really all it takes). And Stefania is far from the first cow to pull the same shit, off the top of my head, Cece did it to get to acute just like Stef.

No. 1951839

the face of a person who can absolutely carry equipment to provide life saving care

No. 1951842

She has the right to say no to a feeding tube and just drink the fucking protein shakes or a banana like a normal person? This is all so pathetic lol

No. 1951901

File: 1704630513354.png (1.84 MB, 853x1753, Screenshots_2024-01-07-07-26-2…)

all of these posts and more are from the same fucking day, and she does this every day..posts like 20 posts of selfies and body checks every single fucking day. i've honestly never seen anyone post as much as this girl, how can you be so obsessed with yourself when you're this butt ass ugly

No. 1951950

File: 1704642759912.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1170x2164, IMG_8577.jpeg)

potential cow ?

No. 1951957

r we just choosing any random crazy edtwt bitch to talk abt now? Is the milk really that dry?

No. 1951972

sadly it kind of is kek(newfag, learn to sage and reply)

No. 1951975

maybe learn how properly post on here before bringing powdered milk

No. 1951997

there is nothing kek about it

No. 1952000

rather kekless

No. 1952029

Are we sure it's a girl ? Honestly looks like a tranny to me

No. 1952125

File: 1704671696046.png (2.01 MB, 1368x1300, Screen Shot 2024-01-07 at 4.56…)

Lyss bought herself a water dispenser for the holidays, apparently, because she … hasn't heard of tap water?

No. 1952126

File: 1704671746032.png (962.41 KB, 2320x912, Screen Shot 2024-01-07 at 4.56…)

Out of curiosity, I looked up the cost. She probably spent like $300 on it, wtf.

No. 1952132

hahah totally agree she sure does, but yes it's a girl. she's been around a long time and she has nudes posted publicly on some knockoff onlyfans website

No. 1952167

File: 1704678743956.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1170x2116, IMG_0092.jpeg)

It’s so funny that they follow each other

No. 1952199

who even is this person? she only has 200 followers

No. 1952248

Either self post or like vendetta post cause they haven’t posted since early last year

No. 1952300

not op but she was posted like 3 weeks ago in 105. Incessant body checks and general ana warrior butterfly vibes. Shes insufferable but idk if there’s any milk

No. 1952316

not op either but hannah is the one of the biggest hypocrites there is. she loves attacking people for their insufficient wieiads when she posts incessant bodychecks and diet foods all the time. one of the most insufferable bitches out there

also i’ve always wondered lol what’s wrong with her face does she have some sort of other disorder

No. 1952317

she? with those giant fucking mitts and that stretch of land you call a chin big enough to land a small jet on?

No. 1952327

File: 1704711523161.jpg (925.98 KB, 1079x1854, Screenshot_20240108_185417_Ins…)

Still spelling like she had a stroke, still using burn tool to look sicker or some wood nymph(lurk more, lucinda has her own thread)

No. 1952328

File: 1704711836480.jpg (648.42 KB, 1079x1326, Screenshot_20240108_184602_Ins…)

How can she have that huge house but still be UW? This seems to happen a lot in Europe or seems. Is it just for bolus, they're purging feed? It seems a lot of girls have a take home hose or 24/7 for weeks+ and either don't gain weight or in some cases still lose. Don't they get any consequences or made to go IP?

No. 1952332

File: 1704712937957.jpg (687.43 KB, 1920x1920, 20240108_190725734.jpg)

A few more from the past month

No. 1952337

File: 1704714673310.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1158x2213, IMG_8645.jpeg)

potential cow?(this isn't milk, sage it)

No. 1952339

Care to tell us why because I'm not getting much out of just a screenshot of some random woman's profile who happens to have an ed

No. 1952344

She has her own thread and last i saw she looked horrific, no photoshop needed to look "sick". >>1775242 Suprised she's not cocked her toes yet tbh.

No. 1952353

I swear they aspirate stomach contents as a way of purging. Imagine being able to eat then suck it back out again. That would be far too tempting!

No. 1952357

Nta but how can you not see that this account is problematic. It's all fucking bodychecks. Duh.

No. 1952387

And? Ed instas and edtwt are full of bodychecking retards. Tell me more about this one if she's so milky.

No. 1952414

File: 1704727152852.png (4.41 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_0094.png)

Her tiktok

No. 1952417

File: 1704727933881.jpeg (390.01 KB, 1439x1799, IMG_0098.jpeg)

Some of the comments from the last video are cow crossovers kek. Of course they’d come to defense because they pull the same shit. Also the random man telling her she’s so special is weird af

No. 1952419

her heavy filter always gives me away , also everytime she gets calls out she claims that it’s just make up and she has 0filter on

No. 1952420

her account is an absolute horror to me , huge jump scare everytime , wtf is up w the fairy elf shit , just so milky to me kek(unsaged, derailing about cow with their own thread, double posting )

No. 1952423

>… have nothing better to do than bully people who are trying to recover
Kek if u really were, u wouldn’t be posted here

No. 1952443

I always misread this thread as "pro-ana cumbags" jfc my eyes

No. 1952465

back in my time, pro-anas at least admitted they are pro-anas and didn't pose as "recovery warriors" for sympathy and gifts
I still have more respect for openly pro ana scumbags than fake recovery snowflakes

No. 1952480

I’ve been proana (regrettably) and I’ve been recovery but have no sympathy for fake recovery secret proanas. It just creates such a toxic environment and is so sneaky and dangerous.

No. 1952483

This post sums it up, the majority of us reading here have similiar history and find this behaviour worse than a normie without context would. Furthermore, bullying requires direct contact, this is truly harmless gossip

No. 1952489

That's splitting hairs tbh many things said here are deffo bullying/nasty

No. 1952514

File: 1704751251649.png (Spoiler Image,7.74 MB, 1170x2532, 5FB0D203-F589-42CF-9F82-06BFBF…)

Was wondering what happened to Marie… looks like she’s down to bmi 9 again and started a go fund me for treatment

No. 1952515

File: 1704751289400.png (Spoiler Image,8.22 MB, 1170x2532, 7C3E3BED-DE6C-4F2A-A0DB-09F2CB…)

No. 1952516

File: 1704751315467.png (3.05 MB, 1170x2532, ACD7EEAA-9FD5-475C-9BE0-B1B683…)

No. 1952517

File: 1704751436532.png (511.99 KB, 1170x2532, ADB242B2-01F3-42AD-B4F2-1EDC8E…)

The story accompanying the gfm

No. 1952518

File: 1704751518152.png (548.35 KB, 1170x2532, 07BE7093-6054-4C4C-A813-8E2E17…)

Sounds like she fell in love w/ some guy and is willing to at least try to recover for him kek

No. 1952529

File: 1704753755966.jpeg (514.57 KB, 1125x2213, IMG_0179.jpeg)

Who TF is Florine? Why does this girl have so many names?

No. 1952530

File: 1704754025701.jpeg (584.46 KB, 1162x1822, 13A6BC01-7852-475A-9346-12BB32…)

Why, yes, she did take a photo in a public restroom (again) dressed like this

No. 1952531

Oh FFS none of these deathspoops are speshul and need anything different than any other ana. Eat the fucking food if you don’t want to die and quit whining about how speshul you are and you need speshul support and care and begging for money. A dietitian and a coach sounds absolutely negligent of her parents - she needs to be under proper medical care with constant monitoring by an MD.

No. 1952533

Maybe it’s her online lover? What could possibly go wrong here? Kek.

No. 1952534

She is the epitome of American white trash

No. 1952535

Don’t trust someone whose main motivation to recover is a moid with a fetish

No. 1952536

How the hell do people in this state still have hair?

No. 1952537

File: 1704754586526.jpeg (353.72 KB, 1206x1169, 4DE68BC6-DE63-475C-98F2-FFB8AE…)

Lyss also had a gofundme apparently. It’s from 2016 but literally everything else is the same

No. 1952540

Sounds like a scam.

No. 1952546

She wants $5k when treatment is $2400/day. Okay, Marie it’s definitely all about helping your parents. Sounds like she wants money to purchase one way tickets for her and her online lover away from her parents.

No. 1952548

Also, why would at home care be MORE expensive than being in any highly equipped hospital/residential treatment program. You name any US treatment program and I guarantee $2400/day is at the high end if they cost that much. Plus most people get insurance coverage. This whole thing is either completely made up by her or they are being scammed. If she wants to recover she needs nutrition. This sounds like the plot of Emma Wants to Live. And spoiler she died.

No. 1952550

That’s exactly what I thought reading the GFM post. “In-home inpatient treatment” isn’t an established treatment method for EDs, especially since Marie’s family enables her. She’d benefit from any kind of treatment if she didn’t just fight it with the intent to immediately relapse, which is what she’s done numerous times before. She’s not some special snowflake who’s so different from every other human being and ED sufferer on the planet that it’s impossible for her to recover without this dubious speciality care. The problem is that she refuses to try recovery, and it sounds like she has no intention of trying now despite this plea.

No. 1952555

this is the nsw criteria which drives me up the fucking wall because it exists sure. But no one in health knows what it is nor do they give actually care to use in most health catchments. There are however exceptions. Basing this off people I know and their own experience.

on the other hand it seems you can can get admitted in queensland on the basis of self induced hypoglycaemia if you larp it up enough and refuse the fucking glucose or whatever, thats why most aus cows are either from qld or vic. Or they somehow can afford top cover for priv ip. Which I don’t understand unless they are the ones that actively ebeg hard enough or have mummyndaddys cow cover platinum tier edition

No. 1952559

File: 1704759052993.png (2.22 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_3893.png)

Please go watch the video at the end of Abby’s new post. It’s fuckin embarrassing to think these are adults…

No. 1952560

I agree that some of the things said here are nasty and unneeded just on par with the proanas. Especially when it comes to the fatphobia even if the people are milky (not sure if I’m using that right, usually I’m a lurker) when it’s just venting and gossiping about the hypocrisy and sneaky proanaing I think it’s more harmless. But some stuff said is crazy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1952561

File: 1704759104837.png (2.77 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_3894.png)

Please go watch the video at the end of Abby’s new post. It’s fuckin embarrassing to think these are adults… >>1952559
Also the begging for compliments? How are these people real

No. 1952571

File: 1704761077504.png (9.66 MB, 1170x2532, AF108148-D057-43CB-B463-BB2AC3…)

Momsfav doesn’t look like she’s on deaths door anymore thankfully. A little surprised at how quickly it happened considering how utterly emaciated she looked before

No. 1952573

It isn’t a current vid

No. 1952574

When will you unfunny slimy twitter fags piss off Nobody is laughing ugly

No. 1952593

>she thinks i'm joking
i literally came to that pic 1 hour ago(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1952602

$2,400 per day to do what exactly? Sit in a house, color with a therapist and continue to not eat? I hope this is her trying to buy a ticket to see her new skelly fetish e-bf like >>1952546 said because I’d hate to think there’s a real program out there taking advantage of severely anorexic women like this

please go back

No. 1952613

why don't these women just get put to sleep? or kill themselves? seriously if i had a whole thread on this website commemorating my idiocy for the rest of my life, i'd just kill myself(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1952625

>if i had a whole thread on this website commemorating my idiocy for the rest of my life
…but you do sweaty(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1952626

Seems like the same person who can't figure out how to sage submitting most of the new "milk." Gonna guess it's a cow themselves trying to deflect attention or someone hoping to sneak in a self-post in between the others

No. 1952630

Seems like Darcy is heading off to treatment (again). Can't remember who had predicted it but second or third one for the new year.(newfaggotry)

No. 1952634

for the love of fuck learn to sage

No. 1952642

Seems like you forgot your meds

No. 1952643


genuine question but isn't sageing only for info that isn't new? nobody mentioned her going to treatment.I'm going off the posted rules no need to get so pissy about it.(chronic newfaggotry)

No. 1952650

Not sure why you replied to me with this, my post sounds pretty sane to me. I'm not the anon who started a non-saged post right after mine with the same starting words if you're implying that

No. 1952661

Yea by scam I meant that if what she's saying is legit I think she's being scammed (as well as scamming her followers)

No. 1952668

I think you need an eye/brain assessment. I can’t stand the girl but she has completely normal hands and chin

No. 1952689

If she wanted to actually recover, she would start putting food in her mouth rather than begging for money. Also isn’t her family rich?

No. 1952702

all i see is a homeless crackhead

No. 1952721

You’re like one of those transvestigators who spends all day claiming anyone from Gwen Stefani to Marilyn Monroe is trans. >>1952668
Is right, get therapy and an eye test.

No. 1952728

I think skellys love having fat af friends to make themselves look even more jarring. This chick is fucking monstrous(bonerattling)

No. 1952731


No. 1952747

File: 1704798141807.jpeg (591.24 KB, 1170x1889, 05D9043D-65BE-4D61-A38B-D658FF…)

She is stepping down quicker than I would have guessed

No. 1952780

good for her but the video is a draft

No. 1952849

Does this mean it’s a selfpost?

No. 1952854

No. 1952888

Anything from Fi? Or smorven has been quite for ages - is she still alive?

No. 1952889

>>Anything from Fi?
Still your usual theatralic hypochondriac. Why you asking.

No. 1952895

Still breathing i assume

No. 1952911

>Please go watch the video at the end of Abby’s new post.
Imageboard. You’re supposed to post the video not tell us to go watch it kek

No. 1952926

File: 1704833571728.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1170x1766, IMG_0118.jpeg)

The people who donated to her gofundme must be feeling some way. She never even got a fucking job which was how she was going to “pay” for the apartment after the gofundme ran out. Guess she guilt tripped her parents by getting into the hospital again.
Also something that separates Stefania as a revolving door patient from SEED cases (which she probably claims she is) is that the instant she has any issue or her weight drops she goes running to the hospital. For her it’s all about the attention and comments, which is so much more of a personality disorder thing. If she didn’t talk about her Ed all the time she’d belong in the other thread

No. 1952927

non, anon is saying that Sydney posted using a video she'd recorded a long time ago - so she's likely not anywhere near that weight yet.

No. 1952940

Everyone's bodies react differently. One reason I bloody hate the EC derailment of "omg, she totally is wearing hair extensions!!!! everyone, fixate on her hair!" is because all people are doing is making EC feel more proud of the fact that she likely is not wearing extensions. And then there are people like Ashley, who lost hair early on in their restricting and resort to wigs

No. 1952960

Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to post a video

No. 1952968

It just seems to defy basic biology. If the body is losing so much mass elsewhere, why spare what few nutrients it's receiving to promote new hair growth? Plus there's the components involved - protein, keratin etc. It just bugs me no end because it's so illogical (excuse my autism).

No. 1952993

File: 1704848217984.jpeg (281.05 KB, 750x1069, IMG_5601.jpeg)

I was scrolling through instagram and I came across this bizarre and disgusting account. I saw the picture of Niamh badly photoshopped into the desert and was confused because that doesn’t fit her coquette aesthetic at all and she would never post that. Then I clicked on the account and found that it’s some moid ana fetishist posting death spoops badly shooped into random environments. It would honestly be hilarious if it wasn’t so disgusting and fucked up

No. 1952994

File: 1704848299639.jpeg (196.03 KB, 743x1098, IMG_5602.jpeg)

No. 1952999

File: 1704848511620.jpeg (225.64 KB, 750x1097, IMG_5605.jpeg)

No. 1953001

Random nitpick but she stole that pencil case from Veritas and is seemingly still using it lol but does she pack up a bunch of diamond art and hobbies for the hospital? Seems like if you’re feeling bad enough to be admitted you wouldn’t have time or energy to pack stuff for fun or have the energy to do it while there

No. 1953003

File: 1704849177655.png (2.61 MB, 750x1334, 541B0F2B-10AA-4B8D-9AEE-C4A040…)

Why is she always trying to be so mysterious? I thought she had a private psychiatrist and suchlike from all her Gofuckme money.

No. 1953004

File: 1704849306615.png (2.74 MB, 750x1334, EFF1BA56-0AAD-418F-9082-0BAF64…)

Poor me

No. 1953008

That is so creepy wtf

No. 1953021

she sends herself tells for sure, even if not this one the odd weirdly complimentary one is so rogue it’s certainly sent by herself to answer and appear oh so popular.
in reality we see she has to beg on her public story for people to like her posts and compliment her (surely counterintuitive as then every comment is insincere? is it still a compliment if you’ve got to beg for it?)

No. 1953030

File: 1704853286140.png (460.51 KB, 853x836, Screenshots_2024-01-09-21-22-0…)


No. 1953033

Curiosity- I’m not on TikTok or IG so when she stopped YouTube….

No. 1953048

You're not alone, I've fixated on the exact same thing because of these threads. The only conclusion I've come to is that the body functions a lot more arbitrarily than us austists would think it does. That and it probably has to do with the food that the skellies actually decide to eat. If they are restricting but largely eating healthy, balanced foods their hair will probably fair better than the junkerexics out there. I feel like purging also makes hair loss worse but I don't have any specific evidence of this. sage for autism

No. 1953050

File: 1704856286529.jpg (457.39 KB, 1440x1440, FHekanSXwAEcw2m.jpg)

who is this, it looks like she's trying to copy Eugenia's creepy christmas outfit

No. 1953068

So how was someone else able to see her drafts?

No. 1953069

it's a video that she saved in her drafts a long time ago and now added text to and published. Come on, anon.

No. 1953073

Naimh is nowhere near being a deathspoop

No. 1953083

okay seriously i've gotten banned for asking less retarded questions than this

No. 1953116

damn nonnie, grow a brain cell will ya

No. 1953121

Rumour has it Rachel is dead(include the cap in your initial post next time)

No. 1953143

Rumor has it you're a shitposter spewing garbage

No. 1953144

rattle rattle Niamh was definitely spoopy in august and September

No. 1953145

Jesus fucking Christ nonnie there should be a minimum iq of 75 to participate on here so that tards like u don’t waste posts

No. 1953146

She never has been deathspoop thin, as a teenager that's perfectly normal.
It's just about her attention whoring and cosplay.

No. 1953162

r u retarded? She was far thinner than that this fall kek bit deathspoop but pretty close

No. 1953166

File: 1704878258036.jpeg (499.79 KB, 1161x1690, 67BB56A6-3944-4300-8C35-3226EC…)

Take this as you will

No. 1953168

Oh damn anyone found an obituary?

No. 1953180

no obituary yet or posts on her family social media

No. 1953201

File: 1704887778125.jpeg (152.01 KB, 750x992, BAE0F48C-1092-4440-8565-C3A10C…)

No. 1953202

File: 1704887856573.jpeg (112.84 KB, 750x984, 078DC7D0-C55A-429F-A7C6-F2E489…)

Farmer not being very discrete?

No. 1953204

File: 1704887905492.jpeg (106.05 KB, 750x979, 1416902E-A219-4AED-9594-BF11E5…)

No. 1953233

File: 1704893101529.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x2010, IMG_8889.jpeg)


No. 1953241

my theory..this person claiming she's dead may have been someone she talked to online a lot. rachel probably made a fake account pretending to be a family member or real life friend telling this person Rachel's dead. she probably couldn't handle all the hate and trolls anymore and is faking her own death so she can abandon her social media presence and live in the real world.

No. 1953252

I do wonder, it's weird to see no mention of a death anywhere, but a lot of her family accounts are private. Two of her Google accounts were last updated/accessed 5th of December, and 12th of December. It's bothering me that there's nothing definitive either way.

No. 1953254

Things take time though? Not everyone’s family uses social media or would use it to announce something as serious and personal as someone’s death.
It’s also possible she’s actually gone offline completely as a comment alluded to. If she has I guess good for her and hopefully it works for her.

No. 1953255

The person with the news said she died just before her 28th birthday so when was that?

No. 1953257

If she has faked her own death (online at least), she’s done it very well. Take it from me, it’s hard to make it believable for more than a day or two.

No. 1953259

No. 1953260

Going by online directories and her FB it was the 17th December, so it does line up, but at the same time it's not confirmation.

No. 1953272

Her tiktok is public again if anyone’s interested kek.

No. 1953290

It definitely wasn’t a normal thin, there was a point where her face looked thinner too. I don’t know why some of you have so much trouble admitting a cow got pretty underweight, she wasn’t deathspoop level, but it certainly wasn’t normal for a teenager. If you think that her weight was normal please don’t have children kek

No. 1953302

File: 1704900959257.png (316.88 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_8900.png)

No. 1953303

File: 1704901038082.png (340.12 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_8901.png)

No. 1953304

What the fuck is this? Levae that predator girl

No. 1953328

oh please, she's full of shit. she literally binges a million times a day

No. 1953330

It’s so funny how you can tell every profile who liked Rachel’s “friend” comments sharing the news about her death belong to nonnies lmao

No. 1953335

people protecting >>1953233
her bc she’s in recovery sends me away

No. 1953337

But the original comment by the friend was posted two days ago. A whole day and a half before it ended up on here. So not necessarily.

No. 1953350

Fuck around and find out. This is what happens when you insist on recovering in your own way and that you know how to do it better than the medical professionals. Same thing will happen to Marie with her live in coach, mark my word.

No. 1953351

I'm sorry there's like a million Rachel's, which one is the one who supposedly died ?

No. 1953353

Babybicep/rachel rising

No. 1953375

potential self-post?

No. 1953439

I'm not a medfag, so I couldn't explain why the outcome of hair loss is different for everyone. In the documentary Emma Wants To Live, she had a full head of hair even as she was dying of malnourishment

No. 1953442

because a majority of this thread is just other anas, as others have frequently pointed out. sometimes they can't even fake being normal and their competitive ana brainrot leaks through their posts

No. 1953447

File: 1704920020609.jpeg (353.11 KB, 1169x1743, FDE5189B-C2E4-4C0B-A208-681089…)

If I saw Lyss going into a Walmart I’d think she’s just your typical meth addict

No. 1953465

people online claim Eugenia is dead often so I feel like I need something more concrete on Rachel. It seems odd the one account that is saying she passed claims it happened a month ago. Don’t you think she would have one family member/friend would have told her half a million followers before now?

No. 1953477

File: 1704924062111.jpeg (432.76 KB, 1169x1994, 300FDD13-481B-449C-BC52-AC04E2…)

Can someone send this to her parents so they’ll re-cut her off? Or at least to every individual who donated to her fundraiser? She doesn’t appear that “ashamed” of her relapse(cowtipping request)

No. 1953478

File: 1704924129917.jpeg (141.58 KB, 1179x390, IMG_8944.jpeg)

searched it up and saw this comment from r/edrecoverysnark, maybe they just need time, nothing anyone can do but wait.
I actually hoped she'd turn around after her hospital post, maybe a rock bottom moment to spark change, she seemed to be able to "recover" before (like her 2020 posts even though she very clearly just went down a different path of control with fitness, at least it kept her healthier)

No. 1953484

Every time I look at this picture it gets worse

No. 1953485

File: 1704924974833.jpeg (355.63 KB, 1160x2025, C1F0836B-80F1-4413-845A-BF2C93…)

Imagine if she went to therapy for her factitious disorder instead of her eating disorder

No. 1953487

True, and they always think the only body types that exist are anachan and fat. They also think calling someone fat on an anonymous imageboard is such a cutting insult kek, what a sad life. I don’t bother feeling sympathy for them anymore, they could be normal if they wanted too but would rather take the route of an attention seeking teenager and burdening everyone around them. It’s pathetic really

No. 1953488

File: 1704925185259.png (3.19 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_5040.png)

I believe that starting in res would be a painful experience. I mean, other cows post pictures of themselves sobbing and pissing themselves off there. However, Fatu has had her hair done. For those unaware, braids require four to eight hours to complete and are quite costly in the United States. She needs to quit chasing attention and get off the tube arc

No. 1953489

Nta but did you feel called out? lol

No. 1953500

“Your friend”

No. 1953510

File: 1704930828587.jpeg (397.84 KB, 1170x1433, IMG_0134.jpeg)

Attention seekers trying to be buddy buddy with other attention seekers be like. Imagine commenting this under someone’s video that’s chock full of body checks

No. 1953511

just another possible (autist) theory, rachel commented to make stef aware of her presence and how much "worse" she is than stef

No. 1953512

okay so earlier today there was nothing when i googled rachel beltz obituary, and now there's a shit load of fake pages that just bring up pop up virus warnings when you click on them

No. 1953530

And stef posting a tribute to her on stories. Kek.

No. 1953540

found the wannabe anachan, kek. why do you self-reporting freaks aspire to be like the people being made fun of here? shouldn't this thread discourage you?

No. 1953546

These threads long ago became a thinspo gossip board for braindead eating disordered anons that have the same exact pathetic instagrams and twitters of the people being made fun of here. I don't understand why people openly align themselves with the ED language we're meant to be mocking people for using. At least TRY to pretend you aren't the very thing you're meant to be making fun of. It's an anonymous board after all, why not try a little roleplay and pretend to be normal and less of a retard?

No. 1953548

so pathetic to post a tribute when there's no real evidence. and i definitely think it's obvious Stef found out about this rumor from lurking here.

No. 1953550

Stef is a clout chaser(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1953551

Clearly Stef knows she's irrelevant and has to use others to get views

No. 1953557

Hard to believe she would do that. She was chronically online/appeared to make a business out of her online brand/persona. I doubt she would just abandon it. If she's not dead she's probably in a coma or some sort of involuntary treatment with no access to the internet. Again, for someone with so much online presence, it seems unlikely she died with no mention of it anywhere, save for a random insta account claiming to know her.

also pathetic to imply that she (Stef) is like Rachel and "some pole just don't recover no matter how much they want to."

No. 1953570

i agree it's hard to believe she would give up her whole wanting to be internet famous, ebegging lifestyle, but people way bigger than her have disappeared from the internet for awhile due to being run off by trolls. or even positive attention could become too overwhelming when you're getting such a large following and have people kind of obsessing over you and messaging you all hours of the day and night.

No. 1953574

I'm reminded of Felice Fawn, and to a lesser extent, shmegeh. Felice was an ED attention whore that scammed her followers out of money with her fake businesses, then disappeared with rumors of tax debt or something along those lines. With shmegeh, I believe her domestic abuse allegations ran her off of her chronically online ways. Most chronically online attention whores eventually completely disappear for some reason or another. But who knows, maybe she did die. We'll find out sooner or later

No. 1953576

what's stef's tiktok user? can't find at top of thread

No. 1953577

File: 1704942705555.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1290x2073, IMG_3775.jpeg)

Just saw this on a ed tik tok page. Yes I liked it so I could come back to it later, sue me.

No. 1953585

It's always during January and February that we have the casualties. It's sad but that's life with that disorder. I do believe that Rachel has died. If she keeps going Marie and retarded unicorn next. Eugenia and Ashley are going to outlive all of us, mark my words. Biohazard anaching immunity thought-out all of these cow anachan years.

No. 1953588

I’ve literally never used tik tok so hop off my dick would you all. Sorry I’m not hooked to pop culture and internet trends

No. 1953589

people had already explained it to you >>1952927

No. 1953594

Believe it or not I was nta who originally asked and I hadn’t gotten to that part of the thread yet before I regretfully replied. Okay we can move on now

No. 1953643

File: 1704964560597.jpeg (207.17 KB, 828x1792, IMG_7566.jpeg)

Found this and I’m pretty sure it’s true + her insta is gone. I think it might be true.

No. 1953645

File: 1704965633394.jpeg (652.35 KB, 960x1436, IMG_4512.jpeg)

how is this even possible? 20 weeks at this size can a medfag pls explain

No. 1953650

File: 1704968309470.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1170x2298, IMG_1027.jpeg)

i looked up obituaries for her and they were ALL posted exactly 12 hours ago. they also seem kinda ai generated? idk none are from a legit obituary site, these are all sorta “post your own obituary” ones. seems kinda sus, and her instagram is still up idk what you’re talking about

No. 1953651

This sounds legit retarded. Not real

No. 1953653


No. 1953660

yeah i unfortunately clicked some of those yesterday and i had to clear a bunch of shit off my phone. it's all viruses, don't click them! definitely not real. and yeah her insta is still up.

No. 1953663

Same thing happened when Marie Senechal died. They're just trying to get clicks from the uptick of people googling what happened, they're all fake.

No. 1953666

Get out with your fucking fake obituaries…
You're so gullible.

No. 1953691


Baby is still tiny at that gestation. Also could be sitting towards her back? Some people just show less. Though I think she almost looked bigger or at least the same size at 14 weeks, starvation won’t help

No. 1953703

Kek if you think this is a real obituary you have the intelligence of an ant.

I see stef took down her TT announcing her BFFs death to the world once people started telling her what a dick move it was.

No. 1953728

I think Rachel being dead is much more plausible than any conspiracy theories. She was very ill for a long time, tried to recover without medical supervision, and she also said she was diagnosed with some glycogen storage disorder. It happens, even healthy people die sometimes, nothing unlikely about it.

No. 1953741

File: 1704989302247.jpeg (871.21 KB, 1284x2263, IMG_5260.jpeg)

Aidel begging for money to buy food she’s just going to puke back up. These cows have no fucking shame. Isn’t her family loaded, considering she spent months in the US for treatment? Go beg on the streets like addicts whose families finally decided to stop enabling them do.

No. 1953744

If she died a month ago there would be an realobituary. I think it’s possible, but I’m also not convinced fully either. I think it’s likely she could also be in a coma or just locked up at treatment locked up. I feel like someone other than online “friends” would have posted something by now.

No. 1953747

If you got nuthin', why don't you just shut the fuck up?(infighting)

No. 1953753

I can't post screenshots because it's against the rules, but if you try you can find her family's social media accounts, and they have all been posting normally over the last few weeks. If she had died, I seriously doubt that not a single one would have posted anything about it. Check for yourselves. This is all tinfoiling until someone other than a random private instagram account says something, or a funeral home posts an obituary.

No. 1953756

>a funeral home posts an obituary
fucking americans
also nobody cares(infighting, reply fail)

No. 1953757

same about u(retard)

No. 1953759

Further speculation/tinfoiling about whether Rachel has died is completely pointless given the lack of evidence. If you don't have proof from a reliable source, don't post about it. Tinfoiling after this warning will get double the normal ban length.

No. 1953770

what? posting obituaries isn't just an american thing

No. 1953796

She had a baby girl!! Oh that's amazing, enjoy being a mama, Queen Goblin.

No. 1953810

File: 1704997701869.png (1.68 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240111-132906.png)

No. 1953837

File: 1705001926857.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1179x2181, IMG_7944.jpeg)

Stefania posting an update on tiktok about her 2 week admission. Tbh her post was much less performative and dare I say maybe more genuine? Maybe there is hope for this one

No. 1953867

It’s the fact that she’s sitting recording these with other people in the same room as her. Does she have no shame? Or even consider other people might not want to hear her talking about herself to a camera all day?

No. 1953873

aw she looks great and I'm so happy for her

No. 1953875

what's the update? why not embed the video?

No. 1953897

File: 1705006994081.jpeg (231.65 KB, 750x1275, CF07D934-3A1B-486A-80A3-220683…)

Please don’t ban me but that garbled ‘obituary’ had a picture of Ganer in it and that was so weird I can’t keep it to myself.

No. 1953898

KEK wtf, these must've been ai generated or something right? Picked up Rachel's name on a webpage that also had a ganer picture

No. 1953904

What I would give to know what that person told the AI…

No. 1953926

Anon who posted the obituary here: my bad for not checking the actual website, I literally found it on ed twitter, the actual ss was downloaded from there and I just immediately thought about posting it here. And her account was down for a couple hours, I can assure you that. Don’t mean to further speculate but I think the most likely scenario is her just being in a very bad state

No. 1953933

Tbh I disagree that this video is more genuine. In the beginning when she is talking about her medical issues and equipment, it feels like she’s trying hard to not smile and show how actually excited she is about it. At the end she talks about her goals for life and staying out of treatment centers “no matter what that looks like”, and I feel like she’s setting up the scene for a future long term outpatient NG tube.

No. 1953963

File: 1705011863467.jpeg (Spoiler Image,321.11 KB, 1170x2034, IMG_3900.jpeg)

Abby looking crusty as ever. How does the forehead injury of a line happen? What is she actually doing?

No. 1953974

Don’t know how to embed a video but the story after this of her dancing, plus the videos previously shows up completely uncoordinated she is. Like she actually look retarded and like she has some sort of retarded disability cause her movements are so fucking weird

No. 1953984

You can embed video by literally pasting the url in the box at the very bottom of the reply box (the one that says 'video' in it).

No. 1954001

Someone once asked on a Tell if she has dyspraxia and she said it’s being looked into.

No. 1954007

The line happens because when she bangs her head, its not hitting the same exact spot EVERYTIME, just most of the time. So it adds tiny line of micro cuts above it and the big circular cut where she hits the most.

No. 1954039

File: 1705032206429.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1284x2388, IMG_5044.jpeg)

No. 1954044

it's like … they know she's doing this for behavioral reasons and not in medical danger, so they're not rewarding her with extra attention. Bravo.

No. 1954057

She will learn that going 1 day without eating won’t end her lol. They obviously want her off that tube she’ll eat

No. 1954060

this fat idiot belongs in the cluster b thread imo

No. 1954077

File: 1705039079615.png (263.94 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_9038.png)


No. 1954087

Genuinely think she puts it on, she likes to seem unhinged

No. 1954089

Kek. Has she ever heard of the holocaust? Her body will survive a good long time without food.

No. 1954096

there is absolutely nothing honest and sincere about Stef

No. 1954098

i think fatu will be ok without food for a week or two kek. god why is it the fatter they are the more they act seriously ill? Jaycee, fatu, (porgie)

No. 1954106

File: 1705047197129.jpeg (Spoiler Image,405.23 KB, 1170x2091, IMG_9051.jpeg)

has this one been talked about

No. 1954108

Spoiler this

No. 1954109

Firstly add a spoiler to the image. Secondly, who tf even is this? Thirdly, no one gives a fuck about some random edtwt faggot

No. 1954113

File: 1705049637822.png (6.66 MB, 1170x2532, 035F3211-A9F2-4A6F-B705-72B36E…)

She’s back inpatient- let’s see how long before she causes shit again for everyone and is the queen bitch there- from all accounts she was banned from there previously and is a real cow

No. 1954126

Tbh, that one made me giggle for a moment.
But Ganer's still going strong, right.

No. 1954127

File: 1705055410615.png (2.7 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_9082.png)

lmaooooooo(sage your shit)

No. 1954129

Will you sage that shit, dammit?
Also, non-milk.

No. 1954133

Pretty sure I know the hospital she’s at and pretty sure they have a no posting social media while in there policy so ooop

No. 1954136

Her make ups always awful and she goes out in public like that

No. 1954140

File: 1705057399233.jpeg (346.36 KB, 1170x2063, IMG_3901.jpeg)

Stoooopppp the weird fuckin movements she’s making in that vid. She’s got to be kidding? And getting followers to spend their money on her ffs

No. 1954166

It's so bad that she seems to consider her forehead vagina as part of her "style". Given her frequent use of hingeless make-up (see: the orange Trump-style foundation or her glittery eyeliner experiments), one would assume she knows how to cover up the state of her forehead. Not to shame people who struggle with self harm, but sometimes we see her posting herself in public with blood etc. in her face. I bet she already scared some children with that shit.

No. 1954190

File: 1705069359149.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1170x2264, IMG_9107.jpeg)

our fi is back

No. 1954200

Is she breathing though?

No. 1954201

i don't follow her but she looks like she gained a lot since her last pics posted here

No. 1954204

god that's such a tragic eyebrow arch

No. 1954205

every time a picture is posted of her it’s all I can think of. Did she overpluck them? Does she pick them? Are they natural?

No. 1954211

damn she literally has the same eyebrows as my 82yr old grandma

No. 1954218

I think they’re just an unfortunate natural arch… They’ve always been that way in terms of arch, thickness etc even when she was younger.

No. 1954222

"One bite nearer to the next relapse lol"

No. 1954310

good, she needed to

No. 1954315

Looking good! I hope she's sleeping okay and handling PP well..

No. 1954324


Are you kidding me ? This is as milky as it gets.

No. 1954381

File: 1705101205535.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1284x2381, IMG_6375.jpeg)

People are sleeping on this girl, her stories are filled with posts about how unwell she is, yet is still preaching recovery. Using the account to show how sick she thinks she is really 1/2

No. 1954382

File: 1705101322060.png (513.88 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_6376.png)

Also often does the, I’m not in the headspace I’ll stop posting for now and will add to her story or post like a few hours later. You can find her in so many comments of like hope Virgo or Fi. She’s really trying to be the next fi or ro. Preaching recovery whilst body checking and being unwell gaining attention of it. She’s truly fresh milk 2/2

No. 1954388

fucking hell that’s the most English looking person I’ve ever seen

No. 1954403

oh abby, stop sending tells to yourself to try to appear more liked. you have to publicly beg for instagram likes, no one believes your followers are anonymously asking to send you ~birthday gifts~

No. 1954410

I've never posted before but wow i did a dive on Rachel's facebook and clicked on one comment that seemed to be from someone who knew her. That commenter turned out to be from my hometown. Then I saw she had posted a GoFundMe for Rachel back in February…turns out Rachel went to high school one town over from me in PA. Small world.

No. 1954411

that’s definitely her writing the comments fr. No American would ever add an X to the end ever

No. 1954413

sry samefag but forgot to mention how similar the writing styles are btwn the two comments and how they both weirdly indicate which country they’re from. Oh how i missed Abbey’s shenanigans

No. 1954443

File: 1705112737667.png (17.17 KB, 476x231, Screenshot_437.png)

Regarding Rachel's death, a poster on one of the Eugenia Cooney subreddits alleged to be a longtime friend says that she has died. Sad, but not surprising if it ends up being true.

No. 1954445

Is this Rachel rising on TikTok or another rachel

No. 1954446

File: 1705113281649.png (511.19 KB, 853x1234, Screenshots_2024-01-12-21-34-2…)

No. 1954451

Rachel Rising/babybicep

No. 1954459

I’ll believe it when her family says it or there’s a real obituary posted. Rachel seems to have lots of long term friends from the internet claiming they know she’s on a coma or dead. Point is, if you’re that close with someone, you don’t post about their death before their family does.

No. 1954512

The maternity shoot she did is so beautiful, I’m so happy for her and her daughter. It’s so nice seeing her truly flourish, she seems so happy and it’s beautiful to see

No. 1954516

What is everyone's obsession with obituaries. So many people who die don't have a public death notice on the internet. It doesn't mean it didn't happen. Jesus.

No. 1954548

Pathological exaggerator and liar but maybe stef has contacted her family? She will miss her inspiration

No. 1954549

File: 1705140937890.jpeg (722.9 KB, 1170x2133, IMG_6081.jpeg)

my retarded ass forgot to add the screenshot of Stefs comment

No. 1954561

I keep seeing this shit like "I looked up to her" and "she was my inspiration". Inspiration for what? Thinspiration? She was never recovered or recovering. She kept showing up on live recommendations and I kept reporting her for self harm. I didn't know she was a lolcow at the time, I just thought she was spreading dangerous misinformation. Crystals can't heal anorexia. She steve jobs'd herself.

No. 1954570

File: 1705144957092.jpg (641.64 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-01-13_06_23_04.jp…)

i feel like these comments sound like people who know/knew her in real life

No. 1954589

Beautiful and adorable at the same time. It’s nice having a positive post among these bland ass cows every now and then. N2F was so unproblematic, I think lots of anons have a soft spot for her. She was such a quirky brand of weird. Hard to believe there was a time she was tipping into horror cow status. SHE is more of an inspiration than these other skinny wenches.

No. 1954590

Samefag but also anyone can fuck off with any ‘oh she just got knocked up and dumped blah blah’ as if no one here has ever made a mistake. She took it in stride and she’s living her life best she can without sobbing every little setback all over the internet for sympathy and attention. Can you imagine if Stef or Abby got knocked up?

No. 1954603

I’m genuinely happy for her. As harsh as this place can be, I’m always glad to see a cow get their shit together and graduate into a functional adult. She’s no longer horrifying her loved ones and wasting medical resources, that alone is a win.

No. 1954605

Her life turned to the better and that's where it counts. Yes, it has been said before, but she looks great and she's got the best wishes from me, too.

No. 1954606

I dont think she ever really wasted medical resources, seemed like she was just on her own in her hovel. I dont remember her talking about doctors or psychiatrists or anything like that. She also seemed genuinely ill so even if she was getting proper treatment it clearly wouldn't have been a waste since she actually recovered.

No. 1954623

Don’t think she ever did waste medical resources? She didn’t really talk about any sort of input from services (I vaguely remember mention of a psychologist at some points but that’s about it) and seemed very much on her own and dealing with it on her own. However she’s clearly moved on with her life and actually recovered, unlike half the resource draining/revolving door cows on here who can’t seem to function without constant support and input from half a fucking NHS trust it seems, and even then they still complain and don’t actually make any active efforts to recover. I’m v happy for N2F and hope she has a happy future with her little one!

No. 1954664

Who cares Rachel’s dead let’s move on. She fucked around and she found out. She won the ultimate ana reward. Now she can’t keep spewing her harmful BS and begging for $200 scales to aid in her recovery gains. RIP bean sprout.

No. 1954684

The sad thing is I found her art page and she was every talented and seemingly recovered (well, gym-bro “recovered” for four years 2027-2021. Seemed to be thriving(learn to sage)

No. 1954853

Did stef take the ‘update’ video down or was it a story?

No. 1954915

yeah i think so, it was a video not a story and i can’t find it either anymore nonnie

No. 1954927

fucking kek. guess all that ebegging for digital scales and zero calorie noodles and retarded ass jumpsuits on amazon was useless

No. 1955003

Who tf is saying that?
And in any case, so what if she did, she took responsibility and had been healthy and cherishing being pregnant. Just cause someone has an un-planned baby doesn't say anything. Pretty sure the majority of kids were 'unplanned'. Whoever said that knows shit and hasn't dumped followed N2F for long.

No. 1955016

File: 1705248937963.png (2.91 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_6119.png)

bc milk is this dry this is a personal cow. She is absolutely average weight yet (as they all do) act like she’s on the brink of death. All her videos are just larp over her sooper serious Ed, so serious in fact that she’s the epitome of average weight. idk if any other farmers are interested but her videos are wildly cringe and milky

No. 1955017

File: 1705249121790.png (2.37 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_6121.png)

absolutely average weight

No. 1955048

Yea slim average. She’s not overweight like some of these larpers I just can’t get over, but I wouldn’t call her underweight and she’s nowhere near death spoop. What country? I swear some people have reverse BDD and see themselves as much thinner than they are.

No. 1955051

Samefag: ‘average’ size women in most of Western civilisation are actually overweight tbh. Rattle rattle etc but they are. Because this girl isn’t carrying excess fat she thinks she’s skeletal. There are no bones sticking out here or every sinew on show. She just looks slim to me, unless she has any old pics showing she is meant to be a giant fatty and lost a load to get to here.

No. 1955052

UK i think kek they all either come from the UK or the US. Average not spoopy, she’ll be fine

No. 1955053

She just looks healthy tbh not skinny just where most ppl should be

No. 1955082

File: 1705259752828.png (128.28 KB, 853x488, Screenshots_2024-01-14-14-16-0…)

No. 1955159

What’s her TikTok?

No. 1955207

maybe all these "average" cows have this mentality of thinking they're on deaths door bc doctors scare them into it (nourish your brain before it shrinks)

No. 1955246

Probably a little thinner than where most people "should be", but yeah not unhealthily thin

No. 1955250

no she’s not thinner, ur American ass has a skewed perception of what healthy is. She is healthy and still would be with 2-3kg less. And no not rattle rattle , I’m not saying she’s fat kek just not skinny

No. 1955277

rattle rattle you can still be skinny at a healthy weight. bmi 18-19 is quite thin

No. 1955281

Healthy = 23 - 18.5
Skinny = below 18.5
Not rattling just the truth. I’m not even calling myself skinny kek. Anyways that’s not the point, the point is that she acts like she’s a death spoop

No. 1955283

underweight is not the same as skinny. skinnyfats exist.

No. 1955286

And has been kicked out for doing so before.

No. 1955287

People parroting this with no clue why exactly that would make someone “underweight” are so ridiculous.

No. 1955359

Visited her profile, she's not very forthcoming. She claims mistreatment in her current residency due to being a person of color and vows to report them. It's interesting that she pleaded to enter the residency, and now that they find no issues with her, she's resorting to stirring up drama. Likely, she'll leave the current residential program and appeal to her followers for more financial support to join another one. Also hi fatu know you like to lurk here

No. 1955361

Honestly suits her if she’s dead, it what she gets from capitalizing of her followers for money and gifts knowing she didn’t plan to recover

No. 1955385

File: 1705337936094.mp4 (12.09 MB, RPReplay_Final1705287463.mp4)

is ash loosing her teeth? if you watch she clearly is missing one on the bottom left and trying to cover it with her finger

No. 1955389

nonnie what are you even saying…like genuinely i don’t understand

No. 1955392

LOL i bet she won’t leave….she bitched and moaned and begged and cried her way into getting a gofundme/project heal to pay for it. if she leaves she knows the likelihood of her getting into another res is slim as her insurance absolutely won’t pay.

if she does leave it was definitely not of her own volition….they probably got sick of her and kicked her ass out

No. 1955415

File: 1705341401894.jpeg (296.71 KB, 1179x1700, IMG_8185.jpeg)

New milk via Jaycie from her Insta Live last night.

-Makes fun of her followers for “genuinely believing” some of her Set up Feeds! or “Make Dinner with Me! videos & lives were partially or entirely fibbed (Seriously, Jaycie? First, you’re going to beg for your followers to acknowledge your sooper serious eating disorder, then you’re going to laugh & say you’re “genuinely concerned” that anyone believed it?

-Claims her treatment team & parent’s took away her car/keys because they think the poor thing’s gonna pass out behind the wheel while driving due to complete & utter starvation

-Complains about her mom asking if she wants to return to school (probably because they’ve had to deal with her dramatics for 2+ months)

-Talks about how excited she is to have lunch with a friend because she’s not going to “have the courage” to eat with her despite this friend being notorious for getting upset with Jaycie if she doesn’t eat in front of her. (The attention she craves is baffling! Simply make plans that don’t have anything to do with eating.)

-Says she was discharged early from her recent res stay (poor girl realized she can’t LARP anorexia around people who’s BMIs—unlike hers—rest below the overweight mark)

Probably more stuff that I’m forgetting.

No. 1955483

wait i dont get it what did she fib about? not having feeds or having them?

No. 1955485

also kek i’ve been waiting for this fatty to show up…my main cow

No. 1955493

She got kicked out of Veritas for non compliance aka causing drama and terror to the unit.
Her live was full of pro ana garbage from her and her followers and it's honestly insulting to those who are actually trying to recover and have supported her (me, until last night I'm done with her bs) she really needs to take recovery out of her username smh(sage your shit)

No. 1955499

oh my GOD i would pay to be a fly on the wall while she was there. and idk why tf she’s being proana she’s too much of a fatty to do so

No. 1955506

oop! Looks who’s gone private

No. 1955512

File: 1705355390975.jpeg (148.79 KB, 750x1054, 85A94C1B-83CF-43F3-92A5-2DA2CE…)

I don’t know if it really counts as milk but imo it is: Han has her ‘first influencer job’

No. 1955513

File: 1705355472344.jpeg (197.33 KB, 750x1080, A996738E-A05C-45B2-A9FF-905269…)

Also vague posts about physical issues and ‘difficult diagnoses’. Did she actually get the autism diagnosis finally?

No. 1955515

File: 1705355549627.jpeg (264.93 KB, 750x798, B4DDC87F-2C57-4AEE-9D20-3FB3E2…)

Influencer spiel.
Why on earth are companies approaching her to be an influencer?!

No. 1955517

File: 1705355708452.jpeg (94.32 KB, 750x957, A1EAE113-5B3D-445B-9AC5-B54EE2…)

What does she need the desk for?! She’s not working or studying. Is she going to use it to put her computer on while she shops online?
And why do they think she is a good ambassador for any brand?! Must be those 20k followers.

No. 1955563

She loves to brag about how "uncooperative" she is in treatment and thinks it's hilarious she's been kicked out of every treatment center she's been to.(learn to sage)

No. 1955564

Probably because she’s fat and doesn’t need treatment. How the hell did she get into any of these places?

No. 1955573

I am just now finding out she lives right next to me kek, should I pay her a visit or something?(do not touch the poop)

No. 1955575

Nta but obviously not you weirdo

No. 1955578

I think she’s still alive and this is just continuing with the scam to make more money. I think her family is in on it, as well. Time will tell.

No. 1955579

She probably has good insurance which pays for her treatment stays at these centers. With good insurance, it’s honestly not hard to get accepted(sage your shit)

No. 1955580

And do what you fkn creep?

No. 1955581

veritas admits and tubes basically anyone

No. 1955604

I agree a lot of the tiktok girls claim to have ana for attention but I think we’ve forgotten the nature of eating disorders on these threads— the way someone looks is no indicator of actual health, many anas die at a low normal to normal weight. If there are holes in her story or she’s doing histrionics that’s one thing but her appearing to be average weight doesn’t necessarily mean she’s not anorexic

No. 1955611

Finally someone with more than a couple brain cells. Some people’s bodies are a hell of a lot more resilient to disordered eating and/or fight off weight loss harder than others

No. 1955612

>many anas die at a low normal to normal weight
Name one. Name one person.

No. 1955638

her ig account has always been private

No. 1955639

According to Karen Carpenter’s autopsy she was 108 lbs and 5’4 the day she died (bmi 18.5 exactly). I think the difference is that she was at a much lower weight a few years prior than most of the wannabe anas ever were. Iwhen you go back and forth from a very low weight to normal it ends up damaging your heart more. That may be why Rachael died and Ashley Isaacs could survive a nuclear explosion. Rachel actually weight restored before relapsing

No. 1955640

Karen Carpenter was abusing ipecac (a medication that makes you throw up that used to be sold for first-aid kits to use if someone swallowed something toxic), which can cause cardiac damage. Cases like hers are why ipecac is no longer sold.

No. 1955642

That’s true but the purpose of her using ipecac syrup was because she had an Ed. Her heart was likely damaged before she even started taking it. So either way she did die from an Ed at a normal weight

No. 1955643

ayrt. Yeah, my point was just that she died from the effects of the ipecac, not because she'd restored / lost weight. Her autopsy report is pretty clear about it.

No. 1955646

milk has been so dry without this attention seeking fatty kek I missed her

No. 1955654

>ur American ass has a skewed perception of what healthy is
If all I had to eat was flavorless, miscellaneous beige sludge I'd be starving too. Not like your country (I'm gonna guess Bongland or related countries kek) is too far behind the US anyway in terms of fatties.(infighting)

No. 1955658

Kek I was right ur an American tard that’s so funny that I was right, I was saying it as an insult kek. Anyways enjoy ur sugary food and fatty lifestyle

No. 1955659

Anyways not that ur American ass would understand but the US according to the HDI is less developed than my country so say what u will! Ur just uneducated (and fat)(infighting)

No. 1955660

> uneducated
> can't bother to spell out 'you' or use correct grammar

No. 1955671

Still waiting for a person to be named. Giving ana LARPers validation like >>1955604 and >>1955611 is the antithesis of this thread. These aren't normal people with eating disorders, they're attention seeking retards trying to get sympathy by making their entire online presence about EDs. They're the embodiment of the name of the thread: Pro-ana Scumbags. LARPing having a severe ED and making it their entire online identity is as bad as it gets. Especially so when they start wasting medical resource and becoming e-beggars to their followers

No. 1955678

only retards use fat as a true insult…kek go back to middle school and find a better insult since you’re so educated(infighting)

No. 1955683

yeah normal/barely underweight girls usually die because of electrolyte imbalance caused by purging, but they still die because of their ED. you can also die because of dehydration or lack of electrolytes at any weight even if you don't purge. I agree though the people mentioned here are larpers

No. 1955686

also the retarded unicorn or helenasmia on instagram who died years ago started at an obese BMI, when they got to a normal weight they were deeply in their illnes

No. 1955692

americans and fatties are inherently subhuman, period(b8)

No. 1955738

Ash has been losing teeth for a long time (10+ yrs) She used to purge (I say used to because I don't know if she still does)
She posted a photo back then of blood in the basin cause her tooth came out and there was blood from purging. It's why her mouth is usually covered during videos and her voice sounds a little lispy

No. 1955769

File: 1705413710489.png (326.1 KB, 1242x956, Garber et al. 2019.png)

Purgers and those who started at higher weights can appear normal but have fucked their body up from their disordered eating habits. I also knew someone (who likely had ednos) that couldn’t have dipped below underweight but whose ED habits were clearly fucking her life up. Anyone sobbing on TikTok is automatically full of shit to me by default but they could still have an ED that we might not be able to see

No. 1955770

the attention seeking is pathetic for sure but saying ppl waste medical resources is a stretch hospitals in the us don’t just admit you bc you say you aren’t eating lmao try getting an er doctor to give a single shit about you so the ppl who get admitted probably do have blood sugar problems or electrolyte/heart issues even if they aren’t underweight let’s not be dense now…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1955775

a lot of the anorexics who die just kill themselves rather than starving to death or having a heart attack.

No. 1955787

She didn't die, but wasn't italian Aly weight restored when she had a heart attack?

No. 1955830

>>1955787(sage your shit)

No. 1955856

Rachel is a grifter and a scam artist. I’m willing to bet her entire $125k GFM she’s still alive. Too many strange things surrounding her and this whole situation. And if she is still alive, she should be charged with fraud for taking people’s money for “treatment” and not using it for its intended purpose. Someone really should investigate this further.

No. 1955945

Absolutely this. I wish there was a way of forcing her to pay it all back.

No. 1955985

File: 1705455812040.jpeg (947.27 KB, 1290x1908, IMG_5970.jpeg)

Do we have any interest in the latest milk with mirubunnie / earth rabbit? I’ve seen her posted here a couple times but this is far more interesting than the usual shit editing callouts IMO

No. 1955987

Samefag, the summary is her boyfriend raped a friend of hers and supposedly Miru proceeded to blast the friend and support the bf. Tinfoil she’s setting the stage to cry DV to redeem herself/collect maximum asspats from braindead anachans.

No. 1956078

Do you have an update on Italian Aly? Been wondering what happened to her for years(lurk more, sage, spoonfeeding)

No. 1956100

Who’s her rapist bf?

No. 1956111

Just ignore them. Half the people on these boards are bone rattlers trying to feel superior. Bulimia really fucks up your body faster than AN but most people with it remain at a low normal weight then one day die of a freak heart attack due to electrolytes imbalance. Most people with EDs are ashamed and don't tell anyone, people online bragging about how uwu sick they are tend to be bpd chans.

No. 1956151

File: 1705504797748.jpeg (740.38 KB, 1290x1662, IMG_6004.jpeg)

From what I gather it’s supposed to be him, Cesar Barros Ford. I haven’t dug enough to figure out if this is more fact or speculation though.

No. 1956153

she got fat(*bones rattling*)

No. 1956154

File: 1705504914250.jpeg (344.26 KB, 1290x1589, IMG_5998.jpeg)

Samefag for “fact or speculation “ elaboration

No. 1956156

Aly appears to have fully moved on. Not sure if it’s appropriate to drop her insta since there’s nothing to do with her ED anymore.

No. 1956157

File: 1705505099195.jpeg (2 MB, 1290x1272, IMG_6011.jpeg)

Forgot screenshot, but I’d say graduated

No. 1956173

Eww disgusting ugly ass moid, I'd much rather see lucinda's creepshow bodychecks at this point than this ugly ass moid. And on top of that he is a fucking rapist? And not only that, he raped her friend and instead of her supporting another woman and most importantly her own friend, she is siding with this lump of fat ugly ass quasimodo scrote rapist of existence? I hope her stomach explodes while she purges, disgusting both of them wasting precious oxygen. I wish her poor friend all the best, I can't imagine how she feels like, not only experiencing such a horrible traumatizing event but also her "friend" blaming her for that and taking his side.

No. 1956178

That’s exactly the story, yes. I’m not happy this happened to the friend, but it’s nice to see at least a few people wake up to the absolute human garbage Miru is. Any grown adult intentionally using a mental illness to influence and to get asspats from minors needs to be put down, IMO.

No. 1956184

Why do these coquette anachan girls date only the ugliest of men? Why do they care so much about their appearance if they're going after a spherical goblin?

No. 1956195

She was weight restored when she had a heart attack, or some kind of ‘cardiac event’ I think she phrased it. Apparently due to a congenital heart issue though.
She does appear to be in a good place now: seemingly healthy and focused on her bf, family, travel and hobbies. Still asks for engagement from followers a lot but nothing about Ed’s and I wouldn’t call her a cow. She looks good and I’m happy for her.

No. 1956196

I just saw her twitter and many retards are taking her side. Because she's SOOPER SICK and vulnerable poor little anachan and ana doesn't help you think clearly?! She was hurt too more than her friend who was freaking raped by her moid and then blamed on.
Yes it's scientifically proven that you need a high bmi and enough braincell density to realize how bad rape is and take your friends side and not your ugly ass pedomoid
rapist Mordorer.

No. 1956199

File: 1705511725929.jpeg (131.09 KB, 750x582, CB060E97-6DF3-4218-B395-584398…)

She did not get fat. She looks amazing and good for her.

No. 1956229

It tracks considering the majority of edtwtards are just bpdiots larping sick for attention and absolvement from accountability for their own shitty behavior

No. 1956230

Holy shit she looks amazing.

No. 1956244

Found the moid.

No. 1956247

Nta but he is objectively fat and ugly, anyone would say so unless they’re the seething moid in question or his seething gf.

No. 1956254

What a fatass she became.(*bones rattling*)

No. 1956274

She really does look fantastic, so so happy for Aly

No. 1956319

Is this the story? She’s liking posts that seem to imply that she didn’t know it was a rape at first and confronted her friend thinking that they had slept together consensually. Either way this is embarrassing as hell, imagine all of this over a man that looks like a swollen thumb

No. 1956321

File: 1705533763189.jpeg (466.85 KB, 1242x983, IMG_1811.jpeg)

Samefag, adding an image

No. 1956326

File: 1705534904400.png (190.24 KB, 1062x980, Skærmbillede 2024-01-18 kl. 00…)

from rachels fb

No. 1956327

File: 1705535509218.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1736x1429, 8BD5A94F-4892-47D7-9A6C-3D2FCC…)

still shooping though so i don’t think she’s fully recovered. physically, maybe, but not mentally

No. 1956334

So what's the truth in the end? These replies are from her "supporters" but others in the comments uploaded screenshots where the victim calls her out for supporting the Shrek moid right from the start and throwing all the blame to her instead. Something probably happened recently and now she does a U-turn and goes with the I had no idea and cuts out the moid and supports her friend? I don't know if her words should be taken into account or trust her yet.
Just how did she fall for that abomination of a moid? He is so fucking ugly every time I look at him I feel the urge to pour chlorine in my eyes, please nonas spoiler next time like you do with deathspoops jump scares. Ofc it'd not be any different if he looked like Henry cavil and did what he did still disgusting and unforgivable moid behavior. But again like how? I want to see what her friend says about all that. Miru is very sus altogether. She had all the "evidence" ready to defend herself and now she posts about how soooper sick she is and how bad her ana is and pulling the victim card basically and ofc her narcissistic ass makes the whole situation about her for pity points who gives a fuck about the friend.

No. 1956347

I can’t imagine how low a woman’s self esteem could be to get with a disgusting blobbish looking sped like that. Jfc

No. 1956389

Not a single person who knows her in real life has spoken…because she’s not dead. There has been no death recorded in her county, assuming that’s where she died.

No. 1956412

exactly, she probably thinks she's learned enough about how to make money through gaming or whatever it was she had been asking about on reddit and decided to give up the fake recovery influencer plan and go the gaming route instead.

No. 1956459

Male, ignore it

No. 1956495

Those tiles at the pool are seriously warped, indeed…

No. 1956497

File: 1705590936488.jpg (61.4 KB, 640x640, 837388036_n.jpg)

Ganer on her way to some snapping new experiences? Now it's her upper body, it seems.

No. 1956503

They look warped in a way that she made her chest a bit bigger, which is like…who cares? At this point.

No. 1956527

File: 1705598189787.jpeg (352.1 KB, 1170x2279, IMG_3311.jpeg)

How long do we think she has left?

No. 1956531

File: 1705599082740.jpeg (922.08 KB, 2048x2048, 2E437F38-6E01-477B-81ED-EF1C36…)

I have a new cow for everyone’s consideration. @samarasbubble
She is a Georgia (from days of old) level of obese LARPer. I’ve followed her for years now, her account has always been public and she is constantly in and out of high levels of care. Back in 2020 her feed was all tube selfies, claiming she was having a hard time following her meal plan despite never visibly losing a pound, and constant admissions to residentials. She went the munchie route for awhile, even got herself a service dog ala Enara for OCD and “panic attacks”. Sharing her now because she recently restarted ED treatment for her sooperserious restrictive ED, despite again, being super obese and never having any visible weight changes. She documents all her “struggles” and “victories” and is somehow simultaneously constantly celebrating how far she has come and also claiming to be at her absolute lowest in the next post.

No. 1956532

File: 1705599148992.jpeg (1.02 MB, 2048x2048, 48E88FA5-5BC8-4FD9-B9E9-2A67DA…)

Here is her most recent post documenting starting treatment again with her service dog

No. 1956533

File: 1705599206062.png (5.08 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_6118.png)

Her story from today kek. An absolute land whale

No. 1956535

File: 1705599271126.jpeg (396.52 KB, 1170x2271, IMG_6116.jpeg)

>>1956533 an old tube selfie from when she was her “absolute lowest” 3 years ago

No. 1956536

File: 1705599337902.jpeg (649.93 KB, 2048x2048, C2D1AD57-FE02-4A3B-B934-C69EED…)

Just to reinforce she never loses weight, this is the “before” picture she chose to celebrate how far she’s come KEK

No. 1956541

learn to sage ffs

No. 1956544

The point of saging is to not bump the thread when there’s no new milk. Both the ones you were replying to were people supplying screenshots, AKA milk. Seems like you’re the one who doesn’t know how saging works

No. 1956556

That's called a 'bodycheck', nonnie.

No. 1956559

This hairstyle really does her no good

No. 1956561

Jesus do they even have scales that will accommodate all that weight?

No. 1956562

the grannycore shirt with the skeleton face is creepy as fuck but at least she's starved and ruined her looks so much that she can no longer pedo-pander

No. 1956563

File: 1705603246004.jpeg (312.46 KB, 828x1527, E4D19425-32E6-470E-8DBA-1BD42E…)

How fucking privileged. She claims such bad ADHD yet doesn’t take her meds? Especially when other people are having to scour the entire country to get them. Shut the fuck up you selfish girl

No. 1956566

she looks absolutely horrific. how she isn’t sectioned is beyond me

No. 1956568

She's probably too much of a liability, I can't imagine a doctor wanting to take someone like her on as a patient. From what I've seen, once you're actually deemed SEED it's either you're own your own or you can get palliative/hospice care. Grim way to go out, that's for sure.

No. 1956569

she's been a personal cow for me too, nonnie

No. 1956574

Glad I’m not the only one who picked up on her bs. She doesn’t have a big following but I’m honestly shocked she’s received 0 shit or questions (that I can remember) about her claims not lining up. How she has managed to get so many centers to admit her, tube her, step her up levels of care, etc when she’s clearly more than adequately fed (and not claiming bingeing as her issue) is beyond me.

No. 1956587

Brooke paintain was she really once anorexic?

No. 1956594

def not a han WK but in this screenshot it literally says she lent meds to her friends lol chill

No. 1956609

ayrt, we all know what a bodycheck is, i was just pointing out that she’s most likely not fully recovered if she’s shooping. also at risk of sounding nitpicky, this photo isn’t even a bodycheck at all

No. 1956629

File: 1705615308126.jpeg (331.19 KB, 1159x2048, IMG_3907.jpeg)

She has to be brain dead

No. 1956634


No. 1956642

A long time unless she cold turkey stops all intake. She’s young. Bodies can take a remarkable amount, especially when they’ve been conditioned to be use to that abuse.

No. 1956665

I third this. I’ve known of her for quite some time and wasn’t sure if she had a large enough following to post her here. She certainly has a large enough body tho

No. 1956677

File: 1705623023045.jpeg (504.51 KB, 1164x2530, IMG_6117.jpeg)

Kek, nonna.

Well if nobody objects to it, I am happy to supply milk of her for us to discuss here. She is active daily on stories and always posts more when in treatment (like all attention whore cows seem to do). Here’s a terrifying pic she has in her pinned recovery stories

No. 1956715

Photoshopping your tits bigger is not a body check kek, it would be a body check if she shopped herself smaller

No. 1956730

please spare us, i don't wanna see her face ever again

No. 1956758

File: 1705638328327.jpeg (878.24 KB, 2048x1939, 937FE7DC-1A16-42D9-86EB-A65EB9…)

Another potential cow and fat ana larper. pretty sure she’s a pathological liar. Claiming she’s on 3:1, being forced continuous feeds and being told she has to gain weight before being discharged KEK LOOK AT HER there can’t possibly be anyone insisting she gain weight. Tap through her inpatient ‘23 highlight and get a load of her bs

No. 1956770

holy shit is she actually claiming grounds of her sectioning is to GAIN??? That’s hilarious.
The fact that she would even be sectioned for an ED is highly improbable, my guess is she is sectioned for psych reasons

No. 1956796


LMAO no wonder she uses random children for her twitter pfp she looks like a soggy old scrotum
i give her 2 more grifter cycles

No. 1956800

full send it, its too dry in here!

No. 1956849

File: 1705665384589.jpg (405.58 KB, 722x878, aly_stare.jpg)

Oh yes, I do remember that one!

No. 1956850

File: 1705665518513.gif (511.92 KB, 919x574, aly_loop.gif)

sorry 4 doublepost

No. 1956875

All the fatties belong in the BPD thread. They’re not pro-ana scumbags, they’re attention whore larpers.

No. 1956881

yea don't ruin anon's thinspo thread

No. 1956885

What country is this fat fuck in? I can only see a private account by that name and not sure it’s hers as it says Canada and I haven’t seen evidence of Canada sectioning and tubing fatties. Definitely not seen anyone from Canada on 3:1 plus a nurse! I’ve never heard of anyone having that anywhere though so think she’s just big fat liar.
Maybe we need a whole other thread for all these fatties that are just clogging up here.

No. 1956889

No, not there either: it’s a BPD thread, not a wannarexic landwhale thread (although that’s what it seems to be becoming).

No. 1956897

No she is indeed from Canada. I’ve never heard of it either so I’m quite sure is fully made up. There’s no way she wouldn’t have posted photos of her supposed tube

No. 1956912

Fattychan ana larpers have always gone itt

No. 1956924

Yea 3:1 plus a nurse is just not happening in Canada afaik. You barely see 1:1 unless for a short time just after someone tries something, or they don’t have capacity eg non verbal, severely autistic.
I don’t think 3:1 even happens in Britain where they seem keen on their 1:1 and 2:1s.

No. 1956930

what is 3:1? sorry google didn't help

No. 1956931

I think it means 3 nurses/HCA’s for one patient in terms of observing them etc

No. 1956959

Maybe it’s because she’s so big it takes three nurses to hold her down if she acts out or something.

No. 1956965

File: 1705694773517.jpeg (466.4 KB, 1103x1029, F5CB5B14-8A46-4A1E-B06D-5DC111…)

I love it when Lyss’s own “friends” are the ones to call her out

No. 1956967

File: 1705695144378.jpeg (342.5 KB, 1169x1786, 87873E49-4093-4283-ACC7-BC1747…)

Meanwhile this is the recovered body/weight she is referring to:

No. 1956969

File: 1705695171202.png (4.63 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_3328.png)

She’s even more spoop than EC rn

No. 1956970

sorry for asking to be spoonfeed but someone with tiktok can post here the new tiktok from Ashley? I cant see them without an account and I'm not going to download that thing

No. 1956984

File: 1705696664862.jpeg (329.9 KB, 1169x2126, IMG_6221.jpeg)

Fi looking grim as per usual yet still breathing. Turns out she just got her autism diagnosis. Kek am i retarded or did she claim she was diagnosed this whole time?

No. 1956995

idk why she was making a big deal about this video, literally all she says on it is, "do you ever feel like you have to go to the bathroom after you just went to the fucking bathroom?"

No. 1956998

she just always looks like a wet rat

No. 1956999

this made me LOL nonnie that was funny

No. 1957001

Marie should share some of her eyebrows with Fi

No. 1957016

Anyone know what happened that that lass Emma think she was on insta as journeytoemma her family tried to raise tens of thousands for treatment that she got free or something.

No. 1957026

How does someone on a 3-1 get an hour's pass? I've never even heard of a 3-1

No. 1957036

Canadafag here and I can guarantee that this fat bitch is not tubed/on a 3-1. Canada rarely tubes anyone, let alone someone of her size kek. Our healthcare system is also in ruins and definitely doesn't have funds for 3-1. what a retard

No. 1957052

‘Things I didn’t know where autism’….. until I definitely did after I googled it and watched a few TikTok’s before deciding what symptoms I’d malinger to blag a gold-star diagnosis, similarly to previously obtained diagnoses’ suddenly forgotten about kek.

No. 1957056

i feel like she's started posting again just to get people to be horrified and donate to her gofundme

No. 1957057

Are there any old pics around of her at a higher weight where she still has a face on her skull?

No. 1957072

Wasn’t she also in an autism mini documentary? God I’ll never understand ppl who publicly self diagnose themselves and play it off as if they’ve actually been diagnosed

No. 1957076

I honestly hate the split of the threads because some anachan wanted pure thinspo in this one and the actual pro ana scumbags that happen to be land whales in the other thread. Now both threads just have very very skim milk. So booooooo to the people that forced it to be split

No. 1957080

honestly the fatass ana larpers are just as repetitive and boring as the actual anachans, i find them to all be interchangeable malingering blobs. im here to see fucked up skeletal freaks of nature, not something i could see on a scooter at any given walmart

No. 1957082

not only do her eyebrows look drawn on in mspaint but she looks filtered to shit. does any-anon know what this cow actually looks like - all the filters? if youre gonna shoop why not try to look cute?

No. 1957087

File: 1705713249309.jpeg (819.28 KB, 942x1345, IMG_0304.jpeg)

It’s sad because she was already critically underweight here but she looks so much prettier and less horror movie disfigured

No. 1957088

File: 1705713282779.jpg (55.81 KB, 324x500, 51hiUx1qdsL.jpg)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rachel_Rising did rachel.rising from tiktok have anything to do with this book series? was searching her and it came up.
she talked about streaming or gaming, was she a streamer? i've searched here a lot but cant find anyone repost any vods? was she just a tiktok cow?

No. 1957091

only difference is less eye filters and more bulimia cheekage change my mind

No. 1957092

what im most confused about is why she edits her brows to be massive caterpillars now compared to then

No. 1957093

i don't understand how her parents just let her skulk around the house like this

No. 1957097

Megamind looking ass. She was so cute too.

No. 1957104

me neither, she's a lot like eugenia in that regard. overgrown skeleton children with no purpose in life outside of infantilizing aesthetics

No. 1957105

I don’t think she’s bulimic. Her face is just naturally round even at a low weight like Eugie

No. 1957124

I think she was once. Not extreme. Not a cow, no milk. Now I think she’s recovered

No. 1957126

She said she was diagnosed ages ago before that documentary last year.

No. 1957128

Spoil beautiful meat Smeagol saved for you, poor hungry Smeagol.

No. 1957131

File: 1705720619532.jpeg (1.25 MB, 921x1706, IMG_4601.jpeg)

brooke hasn’t been mentioned in a while but looks like her far from “ReCoVErED” self has finally landed back in the hospital despite constantly preaching ~wellness~ and ~healing~

No. 1957161

File: 1705731872398.png (1.69 MB, 1170x2532, 3E1FDB75-985B-4EE2-B282-7FCE39…)

I think she was mentioned before but I find it funny that she jumps from defending herself against being pro ana on her story, then does a mental 180 and posts this a few hours later.

No. 1957163

File: 1705731927507.png (564.5 KB, 1170x2532, BDBF97A5-7633-435E-BE9A-167B52…)

No. 1957164

File: 1705731959567.png (3.56 MB, 1170x2532, 120F3E26-573C-4019-855A-1EB4BE…)

Saging because I don’t know if this counts as milk

No. 1957167


No. 1957189

Agreed nonnie, since the split, both threads have been super dry

No. 1957196

I doubt Rachel had anything to do with the book given it was back in 2011. Her brother seems to be a gamer, enters contests constantly just like she did on one of her Twitter accounts, an anon found an alt redit account that seemed to be her and she wanted to dip into streaming, don't think she did yet though.

No. 1957218

Any updates on May? Or are you all still so far up her ass that we aren’t allowed to mention her name?

No. 1957221

Karmalita is this strange mix of denying that ana exists, making fun of people with EDs, and then talking about how she fasts all day and how she dropped a lot of weight quickly (starving herself). Idk who this Camilla girl is but judging by her feed she looks like someone who would consume Karmalita's inane content

No. 1957225

File: 1705749841786.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1284x2235, IMG_5055.jpeg)

Fatu leaving res because the doctor are abusing her. I would bet hella money she’s going to contact another non profit to go to another one. Or make a GoFundMe and spend it on a printer again

No. 1957228

i think she just needs to actually starve herself so that the doctors wouldn’t ”abuse” her fat ass. They see through her larp

No. 1957262

still whinging
got given a mealplan by a dietician and followed it for about half a day before crying videos and getting pissy that noone is checking on her rEeFeEdInG syndrome
didn’t ss as thought noone cared, sorry anon

No. 1957278

Yes exactly. A fat fuck claiming to be dying of starvation isn’t milk, it’s fucking boring and obnoxious, same as anachans like Paris who just cry every day about how much their pathetic life sucks. I want some real deranged behavior,

No. 1957279

No she wasn’t a video game streamer, that was her life goal so she could perfectly emulate and become the next Eugenia.

No. 1957281

she seems to claim abuse everywhere she is.

No. 1957295

i disagree nonnie, the mammoth larpers are the milkiest and the most entertaining. Cause if it’s a spoop fair enough if they post dumb shit cause ana makes u retarded and they r actually sick. but it’s these fatties which kill me. They act sicker than the actual sick, it’s so fucking funny

No. 1957330

agree lol the fatass larpers (cough cough fatu/jaycie) are hilarious!! i love seeing them pretend like they’re on their deathbeds

No. 1957365

File: 1705771905204.png (328.52 KB, 720x1421, Screenshot_20240120-122659~2.p…)

Fake wannarexic adresses us directly

No. 1957380

File: 1705773261430.jpeg (422.13 KB, 1170x1980, CE3B3B85-C0CD-4F37-8A19-E593A3…)

EC might be running out of time…

No. 1957384

She's most likely talking about Tiktok. Her account got age restricted which means she can't make bank off her legion of underage fans anymore and can't use certain other functions of the app anymore.

No. 1957392

How is that a 180 she’s still defending herself?

No. 1957403

She’s definitely talking about tiktok. It’s her life and now she can’t ebeg and get money from her underage followers (or anything so I’ve heard).

No. 1957421

She’s just throwing a tantrum. After so long of her smug ass saying
>if tiktok thought I needed to be age restricted they would’ve done it, I’m not doing anything wrong!!!
they finally took action and her delusional reality is crumbling because it validates that she is indeed doing something wrong and more importantly, there’s nothing she can do about it, she has no control in this situation.

No. 1957427

This exactly. I think her "hiatus" was her sulking and throwing a tantrum while waiting for her lawyers to fix it like they always do when she gets banned, but it seems the age restriction might not be something she can get her way out of by exploiting loop holes. She probably thought she'd be back by now, triumphantly declaring that it was a mistake again like always and she "didn't break any guidelines, you guys!"

No. 1957440

Kek like others said, she is just salty she got age restricted.

If she acknowledged she struggled with a ED instead of pretending and gaslighting and joking about it openingly I would feel more empathy for her. She deserves this. And lack of internet attention might do her some good for once.

No. 1957451

from what I’ve read it sounds like she can still go live and make TikTok’s. so she’s basically saying she had a “really rough start to the year” because she cant show her bones to children anymore lmao

No. 1957463

Right. Nothing is stopping her from going live and chat with all her friends (Jeffree Star and orbiters), but she really just wants to show her bones and underwear to underage followers. Plus I think she won't be able to do battles with people who aren't age-restricted, and that included Jeffreeee. Her smug rich ass is getting punished for once and she hates it, she can't slurp and screech about the trolls with her fake high-pitched voice anymore kek

No. 1957474

Honestly I don't think tiktok cares about her flaunting her bones to young people and flexing her non-existent muscles as a joke. Many think it was just an excuse to boot her out from an official event in LA or something (livefest?), because of her subscribers she had the right to go but it would have been a bad image for the company.

No. 1957478

Mark my words, EC will go back to Twitch as soon as having her Tiktok account age restricted shows she will make less than she usually does. The only thing EC cares about is her money flow. It's the reason she left Twitch for Tiktok in the first place. I even recall one pathetic moment where she had a full blown meltdown in tears because she thought people would mass report her live after she had another flashing incident. The only thing this attention whore cares about is maximizing her profits.

No. 1957480

File: 1705786701580.png (3.69 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_6470.png)

The girl I mentioned a while back grow.with.gem has now been admitted to hospital and is posting all about it, with multiple body check and angled photos to try and look more like a spoop. It’s a Fi wannabe.

Also kek at the “I know I’ve been rather quiet on here recently” when she’s been posting almost daily and constantly story updates. Definitely a full fat cow at the moment constant milk

No. 1957484

I'm surprised how she is still even allowed in any social media platforms. She is not just a person suffering from anorexia existing and trying hard to recover get her life together. She is a spoiled very adult bitch who glamorizes her illness to underage audiences and thinks that nothing is wrong with her and that she is absolutely totally healthy and fine. Fuck her hope she gets banned everywhere and that will shake her up and her 1,5 remaining braincells of hers to recover. Not that she can do much at this point, she'll still have a shitty life full of pills and autoimmune diseases, but she has money so she can live past her 50s at least.

No. 1957499

She gets banned all the time, but unfortunately has lawyers that always get her accounts back up, probably using the argument that "just existing" while being freakishly skinny online isn't breaking any terms of service. This is why Eugenia is so careful not to admit to anything, it makes it a lot harder to hit her with any ana-related guideline violations when she doesn't even admit to having anorexia.

No. 1957521

She’s not even underweight, she’s just got a giant dome head. The fuck is she LARPing on about anorexia for

No. 1957535

File: 1705798078935.jpeg (670.4 KB, 828x1323, IMG_6303.jpeg)

Both ec and Rachel have fake obituary’s and are quite on social media how ironic

No. 1957542

Wait so she first said she has 3 on 1 as in 3 nurses to babysit her now she’s changing her story to say it’s one nurse and 2 security guards kek. So she’s just a nuisance who got security called on her not some special psych case who they break rules for to get 3 nurses available to her kek, what a retard

No. 1957564

Everyone in the UK is so fucking ugly.

No. 1957566

First thing I thought when I saw EC was back is I wonder how long until the bean sprout pops back up.

No. 1957594

Kek at her sadly looking to the side while she takes a selfie, or while someone takes a pic of her, I can’t tell which one would be funnier

No. 1957638

I'm just gonna say, if you search your own name + obituary (or other keyword like death, etc.), you'll find it. A lot of these sites are just bot generated and use search engine keywords to generate them. Can we just stop this obituary hunting

No. 1957656

File: 1705823360353.jpeg (972.22 KB, 1170x2282, IMG_6239.jpeg)

kek mega attention seeking, little gemmy’s ed services referral got rejected in November so she had to prove to all of her followers that she indeed is the sickest little anachan waif

No. 1957658

File: 1705823722830.jpeg (741.05 KB, 2180x1044, IMG_6243.jpeg)

samefag, i knew her face reminded me of something kek

No. 1957682

Those eyes are fucking terrifying holy shit. The gigantic domed forehead doesn’t help either.

No. 1957690

Some more context to the milk anon pls

No. 1957691

Kek anon bless you this is comedy

No. 1957719

That’s an impressive yet unfortunate 4-acre fod.

No. 1957784

Unsure what more context you want? She’s an adult late 20s. 26-27 I think. Even though she looks and acts like a teenager. Lives with her parents. No job. Larping about her super serious ED, lots of body checks angling her face and hand to make herself seem more of a spoop then she actually is. She wants to be like Fi, or some of the others. Her account is public. Discharged from services now trying to get back under them even though they keep rejecting the referral

No. 1957885

How long before she turns that giant forehead into a raging weeping vagina.

No. 1957952

File: 1705876943178.jpeg (755.68 KB, 828x1305, IMG_6319.jpeg)

I wonder if her dad can see her whining. Does she ever not complain

No. 1957955

what a piece of shit, hooking her up with housing and paying for her entire trip to visit him and fangirl over breaking bad. It's possible he was a shitty dad to her as a kid, but she never ever explains

No. 1957959

I ran into one of Niamhs tiktok stories yesterday. She talked about how much she hated the look of her body when it was underweight. and continued to explain how she used to always hide her body in baggy clothes and never really showed it off? Am I seriously blind or is she delusional?(sage + imageboard)

No. 1957965

you forgot? her scumbag lowlife father got her a flight with a long layover in NYC!!!! obviously he's a father from hell.

No. 1957966

it really comes off as her parents getting divorced when she was a kid, the mother getting custody and then shit talking the dad so lyss would hate him

No. 1957992

post image or gtfo

No. 1957994

What ever happened to Cece? Anyone got an update period? She pretty suddenly stopped public posting a couple years ago. Who knows why? I’m surprised she did t jump back to her old attention seeking ways. I feel like something must have happened/changed.

No. 1958020

Anons here bullied her off the internet. Ffs if Cece wants to have a tiny private social media for her friends and family I think she has the right to. Some idiot chan called her treatment center while she was there and people from here cowtipped her constantly.

No. 1958107

Is she still up to her old ways just keeping it to a small group, or did finally feel valid enough to move on & be an adult after she got into acute for probably less than a week? I will never not miss the Cece/Cassie drama. I can’t think of one without the other. Yeah Cassie was a skelly & her family enabled it, but she was a b. Pretty sure she’s been to ACUTE 3 or 4 times being tube fed & on a picc line the whole time? The last I knew ERC denied her, probably for her toxicity, & she had a g tube. Sydney is ranking with her ACUTE stays too. What’s the cut off when the center finally says you’re hopeless, don’t come back but nicely? Someone needs to spill on what moms fav is actually like irl. I see her just like the others.: Laura also had someone call ACUTE on her which is hilarious. Maybe if you were less of c_nt and adult stuck in a child’s brain+ drain on resources you wouldn’t have been reported. The Internet talked about them, & they all shelled off. The old cows were so extra. They need to come back.(sage your shit)

No. 1958123

In terms of “ranking” I think momsfav has been to acute now 3 times? Obviously that’s not good and she’s ill but I wouldn’t say 3 is necessarily like a “high” amount given acute is seeing patients who are very severe. Brooke (_nourishandnuture_) who claims to be rEcOvErEd is there now and I think she’s been there maybe 6 times? I wish she posted more on her socials but she’s a wild one given the delusion she is in thinking others believe her when she says she is recovered while looking maybe worse than Marie.(sage your shit)

No. 1958129

File: 1705900653448.png (2.58 MB, 2632x1457, beechboykaro.png)

>>1957105 if you think Cooney isn't purging youre delusional. speaking of obvious purgers why does no one ever mention chipmunk karo? most obvious mia cheeks I've seen (show me worse I dare you) presents as a coquette uwu girl when is clearly a twink and openly pro ed on mpa and edtwt..

No. 1958157

no milk here

No. 1958158

her face looks normal

No. 1958160

Do you even know what ‘Mia cheeks’ look like cause she looks fucking normal anon

No. 1958167

no milk nonnie. She is on edtwt but she doesn’t larp and isn’t milky at all, not wk but she is just an underweight disordered woman

No. 1958205

>I'm not sectioned, I'm formed!
kek what do anachans here in the U.S. call it? admitted? just wondering, not trying to blog but I've avoided eating disorder specific wards via lies, but one of the chicks I met in the looney bin told me about the weird "treatment center" she was transported to after I was freed, and mentioned that there was a cabin for anorexic customers. they made them do a lot of physical labor, too(not your personal blog/medfagging)

No. 1958213

admitted is usually used when the admission is voluntary. for involuntary americans dont really say sectioned, but use either certed or court-ordered

No. 1958216

File: 1705938024479.jpeg (772.31 KB, 1854x1191, IMG_2262.jpeg)

Going by her TikTok looks like Fi has gained back her weight

No. 1958220

I certainly won't like to see her horse face and her all-beige disaster clothing again.

No. 1958222

Going by the usual stuff she pulls off Fi will do the same shit all over again: There will be lots of breathing before appointments, some daily food tasting of sickeningly sweet stuff and finally a hefty relapse, again.

No. 1958279

no pics because it was a few days ago and i didnt sc it, but Cassie recently had a severe suicide attempt and almost died apparently. honestly i have a sweetspot for her, she's been through terrible childhood trauma obviously and yes it's shitty that she pulls this ed shit while she has a young daughter to care for but she's always striken me as very selfless, working very hard to be there for her family despite how extreme her illness was. I think she's just genuinely very very sick and can't pull herself out of it.

No. 1958291

which one's cassie?

No. 1958294

Cassie’s the one who self-posted that she was more anorexic than Cece & shared ACUTE pics and had tantrums. She locked down 2ish years ago? I know she still has ig. She won’t add people though. I was told she almost never shares anything, and if she does it’s to close friends. It’s not worth trying to add her. We could talk all day about what she did in the past bc that’ll never get old, but there’s been almost no milk in 2 years. She use to share everything. Something must have changed at least a little for her to have stopped. As for the kid, leave a kid out of it.

No. 1958327

File: 1705966122829.png (3.71 MB, 2490x1410, nomiacheeks.png)

>>1958160 >>1958158
sure anon nice to see that you guys can't…
by that logic isn't anyone posted here that isn't a larping whale off limits too? eugenia and niamh are just skinny girls existing too

No. 1958329

Are the fucking aggravating “read the rules” and hellweek bullshit visual effects happening for everyone or did I do something without being informed of what I did wrong

No. 1958334

not just you
thanks for the info but somehow I am still drawing a complete blank. I was reading the farms at the time but mostly remember Cece. I guess I'll have to go read some old threads.

No. 1958348

This is Cassie, not sure when she was first posted but she was brought up again in thread 75. Her instagram was "suckinged" at the time. >>>/snow/1485421

It's hellweek. Read this >>>/meta/67909

No. 1958351

File: 1705971095176.png (62.91 KB, 811x611, jhgfdefghjnhgfd.png)

Samefag but you can turn off the "Read the rules" falling text by clicking the flame at the top of the screen.

No. 1958367

File: 1705975285858.jpeg (319.43 KB, 828x903, IMG_6358.jpeg)

I wonder why..

No. 1958375

What happened to Zara? Did she go death spoop again?(spoonfeeding request)

No. 1958384

I don’t know which alternate Canada she’s living in, it’s called being sectioned. Never heard of ‘formed’, maybe she’s confusing it with being ‘farmed’ kek.

No. 1958400

from what I've seen, niamh appears to be doing ok on her tiktok and insta."Pro-recovery" content. Seems healthier aswell.

No. 1958468

File: 1705999541407.jpeg (592.39 KB, 1170x1748, 4F6679FF-AC6D-4C10-B90B-4B02AA…)

Nope because In the same breath she’s posting this on her Insta looking even worse

No. 1958485

Ofc she uses the photo where she looks like absolute shit, such a recovery ~inspiration~. Honestly the more she posts the most cow status she seems to be gaining. Also ‘weekly overview’…. Tf does she think she is?! Kek

No. 1958494

Now THAT's mah gorl..!

No. 1958498

I don't think she even realises that she looks like a fucking gremlin, just sooper sick and dainty vibes ~

No. 1958502

File: 1706010865262.png (513.01 KB, 1080x1669, Screenshot_20240123-114951.png)

mirubunnie posting a cryptic notes app screenshot trying to seem like the victim..or something..

No. 1958505

She just isn't milky. She's not like Eugenia because she does acknowledge her ED, but she also isn't like Niamh because she didn't post herself crying and milking her online presence by having it revolve around her ED. She posts the exact same fashion pics from when she was a normal weight. She's…just bland. Posting her isn't 'off limits', we all know she exists, but there's not really much to talk about with her. I guess posing with diet coke all the time is kinda scoff-worthy, but that's about it

No. 1958530

Absolutely called this one, she’s so predictable and performative. The way her followers are just eating it up too is mind boggling. I know they’re mostly actual children but come on.

No. 1958551

she’s acting like she’s being held by the police or some shit and can’t say a word about the situation. just acknowledge your moid fucked up and be done with it at this point. she’s so insufferable

No. 1958558

File: 1706027094643.jpeg (790.41 KB, 1290x1852, IMG_6800.jpeg)

The best part of her “it’s not safe to clarify!” BS is that apparently it IS safe to like and RT posts defending her? There’s been a bunch, just grabbed this screenshot for example.

No. 1958571

You must not be from Ontario then. They do call it being formed there

No. 1958594

the only thing she has going for her is that she’s skinny. if she were a normal weight nobody would care about her on there, it’s her only personality trait. I followed her for a while to see if there was any milk and all she does is retweet fanart of her and post pictures of her legs

No. 1958620

File: 1706044825227.png (7.97 MB, 1170x2532, 3FC12D6D-0A75-4CE2-90F2-B8B9D1…)

If Jaycie is relapsing, as she claims, it’s certainly not with anorexia

No. 1958638

File: 1706047234918.png (9.1 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_7716.png)

I feel slightly badly for Karo because her mom is a skelly too, and doesn't bat an eye at her daughter's low weight. I took this screenshot back in August, so I don't remember exactly where but I think it was from a reel or story. Her mom was shown for a glimpse and eugh, bonerack. Her mom's having a sugar free drink as well, just made me sad. Karo doesn't do anything milky beyond the bodychecks though as far as I'm aware, that and using a filter that makes her head really small. It breaks often on her instagram reels and tiktoks.

No. 1958640

>Got accepted
>Near the top of the waitlist
kek these are words people would use to describe getting into a good school or university, not a hospital

No. 1958645


apologies for the small spoonfeed request, but whats her mpa?

No. 1958664

Not a spooned, I don’t see her IG anymore. Just wondered what happened.

Also did anyone notice Stef went dark, too? Is she trying to pretend she’s sooper sick like her BFF Rachel and get $$ faking her own death.

No. 1958782

Yeah, she posted a pic of her and her mum in front of their christmas tree recently, and I immediately noticed how thin her mum was. Just confirming my hatred for eating disordered people that have children. Parents with EDs have a huge impact on their children, whether they want to admit it or not

No. 1958795

yeah i agree she just kinda exists being skinny and posting her outfits and shopping trips and shit. doesn’t attention seek or fake recovery or anything. no milk

No. 1958796

is it still on her intsa?

No. 1958915

NTA but I gave it a look and couldn't find it on either her grid nor her story highlights. Must have been a story post from that day that the anon is referencing.

No. 1958957

File: 1706124975064.jpg (803.95 KB, 1080x1925, Screenshot_2024-01-24-19-37-38…)

Elzani seems to be back with the guy she's been crying about for months

No. 1958976

File: 1706129245210.png (786.89 KB, 1003x894, unhinged.PNG)

I don't keep up with Pro-Ana cows but came across this lady Ashley Bitton and she's so bizarre. She claims to be a "ED recovery coach" with a masters degree and charges $100 an hour but it seems like all she does is screech random body positivity quotes.

Her insta is full of clips of her "eating" tons of sugary junk food but she's clearly faking it like in this clip its so obvious she didn't actually take a bite and you can see the crumb on the plate that she picked off the cake to make it look like a bite mark KEK

She's clearly underweight and pretending to eat junk food so not actually recovered herself and has the audacity to charge people with eds money for "coaching"?


No. 1958979

her other profile wokeupwashli has a reel in which she uses a tablespoon to put honey on an oat bowl. Recovery coaches who measure stuff like that… side eye(no caps, no sage)

No. 1958982

They look like twins!

No. 1958993

what does that even mean

No. 1959002

>>1958957 wow are they related

No. 1959021

File: 1706137332847.jpeg (338.15 KB, 1125x1780, 9D2D1AF9-76DB-421F-A345-081EB6…)

sageing because it’s not something that will bring regular milk i think but i need to show this cow i found. ED “recovery coach” who is also an academic and somehow works at oxford giving people advice on how to live their lives. of course on her website she needs to constantly emphasise how super serious her own ED was, and of course she went through the anorexic to powerlifter pipeline. cannot believe people make money as “recovery coaches”, it should be illegal. here is her website https://hungerartist.org/

No. 1959022

File: 1706137478337.jpeg (240.14 KB, 1125x1001, 8E677B82-B0DD-4331-85BF-9CB1C7…)

sorry it’s not letting me post more than one pic at the time. of course she has to say her own recovery took SOOOO long

No. 1959023

File: 1706137661782.jpeg (375.49 KB, 1125x1228, 8FCB7BC8-8D5E-41FA-9EA7-D2C501…)

and obviously, stronger not weaker. classic. like truly this woman displays every red flag the cows on here have but somehow made a successful career out of it.

No. 1959028

Oh my god, this woman drives me crazy. Her experience was so mild, and she wrote a lot about “overshooting” when she barely reached BMI 25 or something. It was especially grating and tone deaf that she was trying to insert herself into the Gwyneth Olwyn/Minnie Maud moment where people who were very seriously underweight were blowing up to BMI 40+ and getting very sick. Speaking of, was anyone here impacted by Gwyneth Olwyn? I’d be interested to hear others’ experiences. I had personal correspondence with her for a while and was one of the first to recover using her advice back in 2011/2(so was Nicole Dollanganger lol) but it fucked so many of us up.

No. 1959058

File: 1706143559442.jpg (282.31 KB, 761x1048, Screenshot_20240123_105433_Ins…)

What the hell is this body part meant to be

No. 1959077

File: 1706147150105.jpeg (118.76 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_2217.jpeg)

either she has a very prominent trochanter or it's a shoop

No. 1959081

File: 1706148114748.png (24.02 KB, 472x397, gwyneth olywn funny filename.p…)

The culmination of Gwyneth's sour milk was that she was professionally disqualified to what little she could claim to, or so picrel alleges (I doubt it was made up). Those really were the days of ED insanity online.

No. 1959096


It's her bday so it felt like a post from him for that, but they have to be back together yeah otherwise it would be cruel and weird haha.

Also she is 27 and still living at home with mum and dad ?

No. 1959097

They met in the Haldon unit - so he had an ED too.
Think they are just old photos her hair is much longer now.

No. 1959100

Can you tell us more about your experience writing to Gwyneth nonna? I also tried it when it was popular for about 4 months, but hated it, led me to b/p kek I think she’s sort of bonkers for it but maybe she’s more level headed in private correspondence. I’m not if surprised she lost professional credit as minnie maud is pretty much junk science, but I’m sure it probably helped some people who could get into it(not your personal blog)

No. 1959104

Academic my arse this writing is terrible

No. 1959115

I have never heard of her, but im curious. care to elaborate briefly?

No. 1959140

File: 1706170831387.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x2043, IMG_5595.jpeg)

This is like something a tranny would post.
https://vm.tiktok.com/ZGerkSJWN/(learn2embed and use the long format links, short format reveals your username when clicked)

No. 1959151

nonnie she’s not even milky anymore lol leave her alone

No. 1959162

At least sage that irrelevant shit, ffs.

No. 1959170

Not really tbh, it just looks like a day off or something. A troon would be like “On my period!!! Ohhh ouchy cramps, heat pack time! Then I cried for a bit while watching the notebook. (Omg isn’t Ryan gosling like sooooo hot, am I right ladies???) Then I hopped in the shower and cried some more, then I ate some chocolate ice cream and cuddled my squishmallow to sleep.” That’s what a troon would say

No. 1959185

Is that not more or less exactly what she said?
>not milky
>posts a tiktok called “a day in my life on my period”

No. 1959194

No, it really wasn’t what she said, at all. Did you not watch it before posting it?

No. 1959195

File: 1706186050233.jpeg (753.67 KB, 1170x2311, IMG_6421.jpeg)

treatment is really kicking her butt, you guys!!! It must be so hard to spend all day LARPing an ED in front of actual sufferers

No. 1959196

File: 1706186299558.jpeg (607.91 KB, 1169x2227, IMG_6424.jpeg)

Here is the rest of the caption, love how she’s subtly trying to suggest she is “restricting” still

No. 1959201

File: 1706186873028.png (1.76 MB, 1536x1727, lkjhgfdfghjk.png)

Cute pic miss skinny minnie, kek

No. 1959202

File: 1706187010178.png (486.35 KB, 1536x1956, kjhbvcxdfghjkl.png)

No. 1959205

ffs leave it lol, she's trying to be positive about getting her period back bc she's actually trying to recover

No. 1959210

Yeah I’d say that is a positive. Niamh seemed really sucked into her ED for so long. Not a WK, just like seeing people do better

No. 1959211

I think sometimes people have a hard time letting go of their favorite cows when the milk has gone dry (or expired so to speak). But we should def be celebrating when they do well, isn’t that kind of the point, we want them to recognize their shitty behavior and move on.

No. 1959215

holy shit, no really. i thought that was him on the front of the bike but i think it’s her? unless he also had long hair then? facially they are the same

No. 1959221

sorry for spoonfeed request but what account is this/how many does she have? i follow two of hers but didn’t/don’t see this

No. 1959232

of course she’s dating someone else with an ED. just another way she can hold onto the identity without actually engaging in behaviors

No. 1959234

I totally forgot about Minnie Maud! Damn it took until 2019 for that shit to get debunked? I remember it being super popular on ED tumblr back in 2013, and I could not understand how it was any different than bingeing…because it wasn’t

No. 1959261

Thanks for the update, nonnie. Unfortunately I know that she was put forward for an award for the Minnie Maud stuff by a bunch of the poor souls who later denounced her, and she got a pretty good government job off the back of it IIRC. I think she’s doing just fine, but there are a lot of women I know who had to pay through the nose for help fixing all the health issues they accumulated throughout “realcovery” for years afterwards. At least three women I know saw the deterioration of their marriages when they ballooned up on her advice (that’s on the scrotes but it’s still very sad for the women it happened to). I notice that her website is still standing,