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File: 1700598534509.png (2.11 MB, 1468x826, whatamidoing.png)

No. 1931684

Previous Thread: >>No. 1914617
Pro-Ana Scumbags Index: >>1906589

It is that time of year when we find out who is going to spend the holidays as a frail child in hospital, and who will be brave and stay home.

Quick Recap:

- Ganer : the star of the last thread! Broke her leg and had to get a major surgery. Medfags argued about the placement and procedure, but all we know for sure is that she plans to exponentially improve daily, maybe back in the gym by next week! Has absolutely zero self-awareness as always

- Stef : has left treatment and got kicked out from her family home. Is constantly crying about her homelessness despite appearing not very homeless, bodychecking, and ebegging for help because she can't use her degree when she has such severe anrex- oops I mean arfid- wait I mean anorexia

- Niamh : been quiet but is at least on home leave … how long until the bodychecks start again?

- Fi : being brave and breathing. Can't expect much from our strong little elf when everything is such a blur. Still plodding on and losing weight but DEFINITELY NOT RELAPSING GUYS!

- Rachel : almost died a bunch because she listened to the evil haters who told her to eat something. Took a sketchy genetic test and now refuses to eat any fear foods because of her totally legitimately diagnosed condition. Has luckily stopped the soapboxes for now…

- Bun : usual bullshit, face picking, incoherent and "speedrunning" while ip because she's the best ana of course

- Zara : usual bullshit, more instagram stories

- Sydney : usual bullshit, instant relapse

- Lyss : so much whining. Recovery is great and clearly allows her lots of energy to throw a fit about…literally everything. Poor soul was forced to endure a layover, but luckily still got to enjoy from free wine and a concert

- Jaycie : feeds galore. Someone get this girl on Oprah so she can give some feeds to the rest of the cows. She's luckily able to get some food and rest in in between her constant tiktok lives

- Abby : still keeping up with her strict bodycheck regimen. Only the strongest of anas is able to walk as far away from the camera as she does…make sure to get all those angles! Don't forget some closeups of the scratches!

Quick Mentions:

- Amelie still bodychecking in leggings

- Em.sorge is enjoying her life in recovery with a bmi of minus 3

- May is crying again. Treatment is so helpful when you don't try!

- Lukascout is somehow alive and ruining someone's wedding. Wear white next time, you'll attract less attention

- Daisy is still running from ip. What is the end goal?

- Eugenia is…alive.

- Marie is quiet for now

Links from the last thread:

No. 1931687

Sorry for errors, its my first thread. Can someone please link the last thread? it seems that i'm retarded

No. 1931689

File: 1700599075802.png (2.55 MB, 1080x2119, Screenshot_20231118-233339.png)

Cheers for the thread Nona! Been wanting to post this pic of babybicep/Rachel, back in hospital with the self-pitying "sorry for not responding"

No. 1931702

Good effort, nonnie! Thread pic is a winner.

No. 1931704

Previous Thread: >>1914617

No. 1931706

Thank god we're back in business. Thank you for your effort anon

No. 1931709

File: 1700601327188.jpg (88.07 KB, 640x640, 403917085_n.jpg)

Caption "Thanks to this man I can continue to keep doing what I love."

And that would be, acting like a ignorant idiot with an ED?

No. 1931710

File: 1700601348799.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1179x1737, IMG_6111.jpeg)

New cow? I’ve been waiting for the milk to drop on this one but girl is clearly unwell posting cringey body checks everyday from her dorm. She’s been very quiet about any allegations of ED. Must be GeNeTiCs
Tiktok account is @nat_with_mood

No. 1931718

Kek their faces

No. 1931726

Yayyyyy love the thread pic

No. 1931727

File: 1700604609124.jpeg (734.78 KB, 1125x1655, IMG_0910.jpeg)

Another new cow? Yeah…. this photo is to definitely show off her new pjs and totally not a bodycheck

No. 1931736

File: 1700606499853.jpg (66.13 KB, 1561x1045, 2338273229_bf4c6bde8b_h.jpg)

No. 1931750

She’s old enough to know not to act like this

No. 1931770

Does she live in a dungeon?

No. 1931824

Extra sick points for the strategic pulling of the gown just enough to see the ECG stickers, a cow classic.

No. 1931893

File: 1700624716773.png (458.8 KB, 428x685, Screen Shot 2023-11-19 at 9.41…)

I am fairly certain that Stef is still in North Carolina and not in NYC. As the first piece of evidence, she posted another video of the church she's been attending on Sunday.

No. 1931894

File: 1700624795803.png (338.62 KB, 347x502, Screen Shot 2023-11-20 at 3.04…)

Next, she posted a video with some footage from a walk she was taking. It included some shots of what I believe to be Duke Chapel.

No. 1931897

File: 1700624846252.png (325.56 KB, 467x537, Screen Shot 2023-11-20 at 3.04…)

Notice the distinctive ceiling tiling, which matches this reference picture of Duke Chapel that I found on my admittedly autistic quest to figure this out.

No. 1931918

sigh. i get that she appwrently goes to a "cool" church, but is it common for people to be recording and taking pics during services? like you're still in church, have some respect and calm the fuck down with your performative christianity.

No. 1931925

File: 1700631916473.jpg (560.75 KB, 1080x1834, Screenshot_20231122_134217_Ins…)

We get some vague posts from Fi
A few more to come

No. 1931926

File: 1700631994065.jpg (413.37 KB, 1080x1877, Screenshot_20231122_134253_Ins…)

Mentioning needing a break from the world and her brain

No. 1931927

File: 1700632031633.jpg (281.25 KB, 1080x1885, Screenshot_20231122_134237_Ins…)

Another mention of needing a world and brain break…

No. 1931929

File: 1700632124300.jpg (337.93 KB, 1080x1869, Screenshot_20231122_134314_Ins…)

I'm seeing a vague posting theme here… but the hospital emoji at the end? Had she been ip or is going ip?

No. 1931930

I think that was a picture from around the time she had some injury she never explained that required some appointments

No. 1931931

The picture was on her story recently or do you mean she used the same photo?

No. 1931932

She said she was going to post a big backlog of updates that she hadn't been posting, so I think this particular picture was from that point in time because it's around when she stopped posting regularly

No. 1931941

She's just so … vague (and I despise her for exactly that tbh).
Also, there had to be a major relapse in the past months that she still keeps the inevitable lid on.

No. 1932031

def a relapse, her old woman face has returned

No. 1932040

I mean, what’s a Hollings’ family Christmas if it’s not all about Fiona?!

No. 1932066

It’s like clockwork. So fuckin selfish

No. 1932084

she's dreaming of a white (hospital linen) christmas alright

No. 1932089

File: 1700667159276.jpeg (734.21 KB, 1179x2198, IMG_6122.jpeg)

Stef of course has to do php in fancy Airbnb than treatment center provided housing because she is just super special

No. 1932105

File: 1700669912342.png (4.8 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_7488.png)

i don’t understand how she’s still alive and studying and attending uni (somehow)

No. 1932106

Do we know for sure that the treatment center provides housing? Not trying to wk or blog because obviously airbnb is expensive but when I did PHP I was living at home and went to the hospital 5x a week.

No. 1932120

Breathing space KEK. So where did she jet off to?!

No. 1932121

But do we really care about her special secrets and vaguery? I’m sure she just wants the attention of people wanting to know. She’s really not interesting and if people didn’t keep interacting and posting her then she wouldn’t get any attention.

No. 1932122

Wish I could get a little break from reality at any minor inconvenience and just fucking breathe. Can’t imagine how hard life must be for poor Fi, just…. idk breathing??

No. 1932132

He totally knows she's going to be back within a month having wrecked her post-op recovery with overexercising. He knows.

No. 1932135

Looks like a hotel (and a plane in the first pic, plus she has her I'm Autistic lanyard on). Maybe she took herself off for a few days to Think and Breathe and Exist.

No. 1932136


No. 1932168

File: 1700678440254.jpg (160.08 KB, 1154x1068, Collage_2023-11-22_13_40_54~2.…)

No. 1932177

File: 1700679367948.jpeg (300.18 KB, 1179x1613, IMG_8746.jpeg)

No, the milk is her eyebrows, the total opposite of Fiona’s!

No. 1932180

File: 1700679495327.jpeg (274.01 KB, 1179x1434, IMG_8747.jpeg)

Seriously, what are these eyebrows. They are even worse than the obvious body check.

No. 1932194

Where did she fly to?

No. 1932202

Read the thread, someone answered already. It was Edinburgh.

No. 1932205

Oh god. She will never learn, will she?

No. 1932222

kek at her saying "injury" like it was a little sprained ligament or something not a fucking broken femur

No. 1932227

Fi looks old as hell here, jfc. I genuinely thought this was a photo of Zara at first bc of how wrinkly her face is?

Disappointed but not surprised to see that Ganer has learned absolutely nothing from this experience! At this rate, she's bound to end up with a severe injury that leaves her completely immobilized for a while.

No. 1932241

>> back within a month
I giggl'd

No. 1932243

File: 1700685209942.png (36.12 KB, 372x146, neverlearn.png)

"Guess who's gonna be back in a hospital pretty fucking soon?"

No. 1932253

File: 1700685819393.jpg (37.53 KB, 486x360, black_knight_holy_grail.jpg)

"'Tis but a scratch"

No. 1932257

Looks like some Cold War air-raid shelter to me.

No. 1932274

Yeah she looks like a grandma. The eyebrows do not help.

No. 1932281

I feel like that was joke, because that’s where they all get sent for Ed treatment? (Or is that Glasgow? I don’t even know).

No. 1932285

How long has it been since she BROKE her FEMUR? It feels like yesterday. A week? 2 weeks? She is delusional if she thinks she is ready to do actual training, unless she’s just going to do arms maybe.

No. 1932286

Seriously, what is it?! Some kind of supported living or low income housing thing? Her parents’ basement?

No. 1932298

It was a 2.6 year stay at the Glasgow priory kek

No. 1932322

File: 1700690781090.jpeg (248.43 KB, 1169x952, 2A1D44CA-FA61-4046-BEBA-A30811…)

Lyss’s mom posted this. How she is not humiliated is beyond me. Maybe Stef is the homeless cause her mother is referring to

No. 1932336


No, she was in Edinburgh. She posted a photo of coburn street (famous insta worthy street)

No. 1932343

This girl tried to follow me like 8 fucking times and every single time I rejected her and she is like a coldsore that keeps coming back…

No. 1932352

hate to be like this but this one isn't helping to disprove my theory that a lot of these cows use anorexia to compensate for being ugly

No. 1932365

No matter how often I read your sentence, it just doesn't make sense at all.

No. 1932371

nta but it makes sense to me. guess you're just slow.(learn to reply)

No. 1932375

i only know lyss from what i see posted here, and i can't stand her at all. but you can definitely tell the mother is a lunatic as well. somewhat recently an anon posted a screenshot of the mom bashing the dad on facebook about getting her a flight with a layover. unbelievable. it was already bad enough that Lyss was being such an ungrateful stupid bitch about it, but the mom joining in is just truly unhinged. and literally why would you post that on facebook lmao dude your piece of shit daughter is like mid 30s, get a grip.

No. 1932377

She should get her eyebrows threaded, kek

No. 1932382

It’s a college dorm(learn to sage)

No. 1932389

File: 1700698495707.jpeg (513.72 KB, 1170x2079, 8BF009D9-EC36-4786-84C8-E23E1B…)

God she’s insufferable

No. 1932391

I think it's true for a lot of cows, but not so much the ones ITT, but the ones in the coquette thread or EDtwt types.

No. 1932402

Very unsubtle wrist check too.

No. 1932403

File: 1700701501289.jpeg (575.24 KB, 1170x1322, IMG_7420.jpeg)

I find Tara and the Bunnie girl to be so insufferable and attention seeking holy fuck

And their comments support them too??? “Omg id come up and be friends with you”

No?? Most people would truthfully be terrified of seeing that Halloween monstrosity in the mall

No. 1932404

File: 1700701611105.jpeg (203.32 KB, 1170x740, IMG_7558.jpeg)

Bun and her weekly drug induced attention seeking keyboard smashing

No. 1932408

I've never been a Zara stan, but I can't see anything wrong with her answer here. She's just telling the qr not to worry.

No. 1932420

File: 1700702880010.gif (1.71 MB, 346x258, tumblr_mu1ayhfEyG1qzt48xo1_400…)

I know it's established that this girl is a serial shmegeh skinwalker, but does she ever wear anything that isn't a direct reference to one of shmegeh's styles? or is her shmegeh cosplay a permanent state of being for her?

No. 1932430

I thought her horrid jaw makeup was a Fu Manchu at first

No. 1932437

not to wk but this isn’t milk. or pro-ana scumbaggery. it’s not even bad.

No. 1932450

File: 1700710376142.png (373.34 KB, 1090x339, Screen Shot 2023-11-22 at 9.32…)

Stef would like everyone to know that it's their fault that she's still sick.

No. 1932491

I've never understood why people take pictures with their medical caretakers like this.
Just when I was marveling at ganers eyebrows this one pops up. What is it with cows and awful eyebrows?

No. 1932492

What I would think if I saw her at the mall: attention seeking teenager is seeking attention

No. 1932510

File: 1700721637616.jpeg (525.87 KB, 960x1496, IMG_4015.jpeg)

Looks like Stef would also like everyone to know it’s anorexia, not arfid. But that could change whenever it’s not convenient

No. 1932524

File: 1700724753924.jpg (760.02 KB, 1920x1920, 0231123_153153596.jpg)

I know there's some irony here somewhere

No. 1932527

File: 1700725070600.jpg (647.61 KB, 1920x1920, _153654399.jpg)

How is Sofia even able to stand

No. 1932536

This is nauseating, jfc. I can only imagine how frustrating it is to be family/friends with someone this sick and delusional.

No. 1932542

The legs look pretty shooped

No. 1932543

At least those friendly, nice-looking, well-fed animals won't ruin their mom's christmas.
And above that they don't crave for attention at all, I think.

No. 1932545

maybe there'll be a christmas miracle and fi's parents will get spine-having lessons from stef's parents and cut her off

No. 1932571

Now that's a nice thought indeed, but it will have a Biscoff cookie's chance in hell.

No. 1932578

File: 1700734370289.jpg (83.88 KB, 1024x621, 1000007530.jpg)

REDU / the regional eating disorder unit is in Livingston and covers the NHS areas Borders, Fife, Forth Valley and Lothians if that's what you mean. That's why "everyone" goes there

No. 1932583

File: 1700734907679.jpg (211.12 KB, 1080x1733, Screenshot_2023-11-23-11-22-01…)

I'm sorry but this bun girl is trying to copy the unicorn girl Lucinda, I swear. With the unicorn stuff and the recently bad writing. Some threads ago people posted about bun having a fight with her supposed friend because she thought her friend was "copying". Wow, an anorexic who is also starving, what a copycat!

This bun girl pisses me off

No. 1932591

Kek I'd wonder when we'd come full circle and now 2003 alt fashion was trendy again.

No. 1932609

just let her starve

No. 1932610

imagine thinking that imitating someone with a diagnosed intellectual disability and schizophrenia would make you popular/cool

No. 1932615

A little OT but didn't someone post photos of Lucinda's documentation that basically said her diagnosis is bipolar 1, not schizophrenia?

No. 1932621

Sofia does not shoot. She isn't a normal cow. Not a lot of milk except for being a super Shelly and working in art, fashion and design and her ED is born from severe perfectionism. Search Sofia Hegel and see.

No. 1932622

Samefag *skelly(newfaggotry)

No. 1932623

If Christopher Walken did it, it would be.(no1curr)

No. 1932676

stop behaving like a fucking edgelord, modtard(learn to sage, take it to /meta/)

No. 1932683

File: 1700762981745.jpg (999.41 KB, 1080x2316, 1000007549.jpg)

What the fuck are we praying for though, Zara?
enough of the vagueness. Lolcow Proana Scumbags #106: Who's Got Context?

No. 1932695

Maybe she's trying to finally get cleared for driving lessons.

No. 1932729

Good tinfoil, as she was on about being the "failure sibling" for being the last to drive. If so, congrats on the big one-five Z

No. 1932744

I will never stop loving emo music but even Gerard Way knows the Black Parade is dead.

No. 1932751

Agreed. Not a cow and I really don’t think she shoops anything. She has an actual life, she’s a grown woman with a good career and somehow she’s able to do all this whilst living with AN. She clearly won’t get better but she’s accepted her life as this I guess. I’m amazed she manages to do what she does with her career.
There is a pretty successful photographer who also has severe AN. I forget her name right now but think she’s some kind of Scandinavian. She has some self portraits of herself topless/nude in abandoned buildings that are pretty jarring but she photographs a lot of other stuff too. I somehow came across a video of an interview with her and she’s very open about her Ed, says it lets her get closer to the other people she shoots in war zones and stuff because they can see that she knows suffering.
Sorry if ot.

No. 1932752

Don’t people get sent from all over the uk? Mary went multiple times from N Ireland.

No. 1932754

She does seem to be. Why can she suddenly not type properly? Even what she (kind of) writes is similar to Lucinda now and Lucinda is esl and supposedly schizophrenic and brain damaged/developmentally delayed/god knows what. Why do so few cows have anything original/not copied from someone else about them?

No. 1932763

File: 1700776152200.jpeg (467.98 KB, 1170x2189, IMG_2954.jpeg)

Literally ran here to se if anyone had brought Sydney up then realized she posted it one minute ago, anyways looks bad, are we surprised? Still wonder how her face gets so prominent so quickly, does she refuse all liquids or what

No. 1932765

File: 1700776254386.jpeg (Spoiler Image,202.38 KB, 750x1299, C4119A2D-5213-4F03-B91C-CDB1A2…)

Not a cow (although I can’t help thinking she kind of got away with displaying her self portrait body checks as art because she was actually an established photographer). In case anyone was interested: Norwegian photographer Lene Marie Fossen. She actually died in 2019.

No. 1932766

File: 1700776357178.jpeg (Spoiler Image,176.52 KB, 750x1102, 2AD85976-76C4-4725-A25C-618094…)

Her self portraits are pretty horrific. Is this art?

No. 1932768

File: 1700776443405.jpeg (257.09 KB, 750x1270, 1494023A-D45F-4953-9A17-A7753D…)

No. 1932774

File: 1700776994322.jpeg (335.42 KB, 900x1200, IMG_8009.jpeg)

God fucking damn

No. 1932783

It's uncommon (but not unheard of) to refer outside of your health board but I've heard that unit almost always has beds open, so could just be a case of full beds locally so transferred for that reason. This unit is also located within a general hospital so I wonder if that's another reason (severe medical complications)

No. 1932792

yeah no>>1932695
that would require a bmi of 15, which she’s not, abso no way. it might be something to do with her pancreas she was going on about not getting appointments a while ago for that

No. 1932793


You’re confusing REDU with Glasgow priory. REDU only takes in area patients. It’s for the lothians and the borders. Glasgow is private and takes everyone

No. 1932795


See above
REDU and Glasgow are very very different units

REDU keeps people usually for only brief admissions

No. 1932798

What is Mary’s insta?

No. 1932800

Christ she looks bad. I wish she knew tiktok isn’t a vent account

No. 1932801

absolutely not art. disgusting, poorly disguised body checks

No. 1932841

What is Sofie's career? I'm amazed she can work considering how taxing just moving must be on her body.

No. 1932843

> body as a canvas for grief, pain and longing
Don't give me that bullshit, she was just the same as the regular skelly bodycheckers, with a better camera and an art school education. Sad loss as she obviously had talent, but many anorexics only ever want one thing, to die like saints.

No. 1932852


No. 1932854

I kinda have to agree. The 'art world' see it as art because she's got recognition for other stuff she's done but 'showing her pain' or whatever they said is just the same as everyone else doing body checks is trying to do on some level. No need for so many of them to be topless either, except to 'prove' she achieved her goal of staying a child and never becoming a woman.

No. 1932856

Oh yea there are photos of her lying on a bed with limbs jutting out everywhere, underneath a crucifix, stuff like that.
It's weird what people will accept as 'art' just because of who produced it, not because of what it actually is (like that stupid red square painting or Tracey Enim's messy bed).

No. 1932873

File: 1700791803649.jpeg (155.63 KB, 585x1266, 18379A88-AB7A-4198-AF40-88134D…)

Who exactly is donating to someone in their mid twenties with a degree and just choses not to work? Didn’t Stef just come back from Italy and see Taylor Swift? She’s living in an AirBnB right now which cannot be covered by insurance. That gofundme me money is gonna run out real quick in nyc

No. 1932875

the little duckface teary eyed selfie for the caption about how lonely she is KEK

No. 1932883

File: 1700793815013.jpeg (204.15 KB, 913x1555, 8D0EEB87-9EB4-4F4F-A41C-9404A9…)

Looks like she might have to go back to treatment “maybe after Christmas”

No. 1932888

File: 1700794184708.png (240.12 KB, 406x641, Screen Shot 2023-11-23 at 8.50…)

Did Stef just never emotionally mature beyond 13 because Mommy and Daddy never expected her to act like an adult?

No. 1932891

For someone needing a gofundme bc she’s “homeless” she seems to ride in a lot of Ubers as opposed to taking… idk public transportation?

No. 1932892

I wonder if her insurance is paying for transport to PHP. sometimes non-emergency medical transportation is literally your insurance company booking an Uber for you.

No. 1932897

Honestly I don’t get why people give her shit like this. Maybe I just the biggest momsfav wk but

No. 1932898

Samefag as in giving her shit for relapsing in the community, even though she’s pearly puts the work in to recover but after a bit does relapse. Just like a ducking mental illness, I don’t get the vibe she’s doing it pro Ana scumbag esq because if she was she wouldn’t actually gain back the weight and comply with treatment.

No. 1932899

She's not really that compliant in treatment - she usually has ng tubes and ERC gives her an activity monitor. And she always relapses immediately and then is rude about people pointing out that she needs help. I don't really understand why you think she's just a paragon of engaging with treatment.

No. 1932901

Aww this is disappointing, I really like Sidney I hope she has a long healthy life ahead of her. Sad to see her continuously go down this path

No. 1932911

Crying but still has to suck in her cheeks kek. Every picture is a body check for her

No. 1932947

she cute tho

No. 1932954

She seems to be doing very well now. Good for her

No. 1933038

>why am I so hard to love
This, this is why Stef, shit like this. I’m sure her family loves her but who would want to spend an extended amount of time with a weepy bitch wallowing in self pity and demanding everyone around her validates her suffering, especially around the holidays. Like wake up you self centred child, everyone is suffering to some extent, everyone has shit that makes their life difficult. She really needs to get the fuck over herself

No. 1933065

yeah you might be, i don't get the wk. she pisses me off to no end, she doesn't try at all lol

No. 1933078

you hoes have zero self-awareness lol(retard)

No. 1933173

mods around here are fucking cunts(retardation continues)

No. 1933181

learn how 2 sage then you can be a bitch like us without consequences.

No. 1933218

suck my dick hoe(embarrassing )

No. 1933249

File: 1700872710931.png (588.87 KB, 676x709, Screen Shot 2023-11-24 at 6.38…)

It's amazing that 1) this bitch always manages to look 50 years old and 2) she thinks she even slightly can fool someone into thinking she's in recovery.

No. 1933250

File: 1700872751941.jpeg (354.6 KB, 1170x2082, F069AFEF-EF4F-4D0F-B4A6-DA18CC…)

Clearly not embarrassed if you shared it on your social media

No. 1933264

Yeah Zara is tbh one of the most insufferable and cocky cows on here, I don’t understand her wk’s

No. 1933269

Could we take Elzani out of the list of links ? She isn't a cow anymore.

No. 1933275

File: 1700878741644.png (342.87 KB, 1190x1450, screenshot.png)

possibly related to the influx of unsaged bullshit

No. 1933276

I love when people online get indignant when they realize that stuff they post publicly is … public and people might see it, have thoughts about it, and post those thoughts. How on earth could this be prevented?? Put my dumb shit in a diary instead?? Impossible!

No. 1933279

the use of janny here really outs you as a regular poster, kek

No. 1933289

File: 1700880370276.jpg (425.57 KB, 1080x1871, Screenshot_20231125_104109_Ins…)

Back on her shit

No. 1933291

wait, aren't the raspberries supposed to go in a little line down the middle of the slop? Ganer, what the hell.

No. 1933292

File: 1700880440206.jpg (645.69 KB, 1080x1864, Screenshot_20231125_104118_Ins…)

This can't end well can it

No. 1933293

File: 1700880543308.jpg (484.25 KB, 1080x1800, Screenshot_20231125_104057_Ins…)

At least there's more than just spinach leaves and egg white

No. 1933294

Oh christ. It was either going to be back to the gym the second she could stand on that leg, or halving the amount of slop she allows herself to eat. She needs help because she's arguably just as disordered as she was when her body was shutting down, she's just damaging herself in different ways now.

No. 1933303

Congrats Zara, she actually made the situation genuinely embarrassing for herself

No. 1933304

File: 1700883276505.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x1880, Screenshot_20231125_112433_Ins…)

Fi continuing her story update/dump

No. 1933305

File: 1700883455793.jpg (540.63 KB, 1920x1920, 2673.jpg)

Thank God we got bar reviews back

No. 1933306

that looks like she just broke off the end and held it to her mouth, kek

No. 1933307

Once again, providing zero actual information. Gotta keep 'em guessing/concerned.

No. 1933308

File: 1700883831774.jpg (376.25 KB, 1080x1573, Screenshot_20231125_113222_Ins…)

>you've been so strong… I wish there wasn't a need for you to be so strong
So I'll send you multiple gifts

She really knows how to edge her audience

No. 1933311

I don’t understand why zara is so arrogant about being better than others in her cohort when she’s at dundee uni, sure it’s not a terrible one and at least it’s a uni but she’s acting like she’s at oxbridge or something

No. 1933315

this has the vibe of those people who pretend to be warning others of this site but secretly farm here kek, it’s certainly interesting she can make an exhaustive list of everyone discussed here. i’ve been reading this thread for ages and can’t name half the cows she listed

No. 1933316

I'm sure she's the retard who keeps shitposting in this thread and slipped up, revealing that she's a farmer, by saying "jannies"

No. 1933323

No. 1933324

ayrt. I don't follow edtwt so I just assumed whoever is in the screenshots is one of the usual anas, sorry if that's wrong

No. 1933353

File: 1700896320366.png (447.79 KB, 425x687, Screen Shot 2023-11-25 at 1.12…)

Aidel is now posting her binge food on her stories, I guess

No. 1933354

File: 1700896371120.png (349.74 KB, 428x637, Screen Shot 2023-11-25 at 1.13…)

The follow up makes it pretty clear she was b/ping since she's mentioned struggling a lot with that lately

No. 1933359

kek that explains a lot… I assumed she was at Glasgow uni

No. 1933360

as an ignorant burger, I did some googling to try to understand and it seems like the law school at Dundee has a much better reputation than the overall university and is one of very few where you can qualify to practice law after an undergraduate degree? what am I missing that makes going there a dunk on zara?

No. 1933368

who are this shitty looking band

No. 1933385

No, it will not end well. She doesn't seem to realize that ALL her bones are brittle af, which includes her upper body that she intends to train, meanwhile.
Next time it might be the humerus or radius/ulna in her arms that'll crack.
Her "just carry on, brave ED warrior" will bite her, and it might be soon enough.

No. 1933389

Still completely in denial about her body.

No. 1933392

File: 1700903069461.jpg (580.5 KB, 2400x3196, 20231125_090330-COLLAGE.jpg)

Yeah she's definitely posted here, probably for a while kek

No. 1933393

who the fuck is maddy

No. 1933399

I'm sorry but gaining weight in treatment is not putting work in. It's being forced to gain weight. She loses it as soon as she comes out, that's not what I call "putting the work in". Recovery doesn't happen when inpatient. It happens at home, when you continue to work hard even when you're not being forced to.

No. 1933409

File: 1700907947523.png (4.38 MB, 1170x2532, 973178CB-CF8B-484C-A839-368056…)

How does Sydney always go downhill so fast?

No. 1933413

Aww what a special little clever clogs! I’m sure the entirety of…Dundee (kek) is just dazzled by her academic brilliance. Oxbridge and Harvard must be weeping rn

Didn’t Ganer read law too? Proof you can be an absolute idiot and somehow make it through. How long do we think til the next injury, nonnies? I’ll be conservative and give it until Xmas. She can join Fi on her annual festive admission/attention grab and decorate her full body cast with tinsel

No. 1933414

nobody cares about your tranny faggotry. do you realize what site you’re on

No. 1933421

No. 1933434

For nonnies who can’t be bothered to scroll, for Law it’s rated 126-150th internationally and - from what I can gather, sorry if I get this wrong as I’m not a smartie pants like our Z - 24th in the UK

No. 1933440

>>This can't end well can it
It will probably end bad for her (soon), and there might be lotsa laffs for us. Now that's a fair deal.

No. 1933450

>>mY hApPy pLaCe
A place full of smelly armpits, without daylight, where they seemingly never wipe their mirrors. What a happy gal she must be.

No. 1933459

She really is insane at how fast she loses weight when she gets discharged. Is it just heavy restriction and dehydration? Cause I would imagine that would be hard af while working at Starbucks. Has she got a fucked up GI system that makes her ability to absorb shit bad?

No. 1933465

She’s talking shit isn’t she? They never did that with Niamh’s ip or anyone’s. Or do I need to lurk moar?

No. 1933467

Niamhs ip was exposed by a janny but that stuff got deleted I guess since the janny did it without permission.

No. 1933477

pretty sure the janny who did this was removed as well

No. 1933483

File: 1700921151126.jpeg (591.74 KB, 1290x2376, IMG_1320.jpeg)

Mi is leaving ERC…and headed to another res facility. In the comments on this vid she said alsana.

No. 1933489

KEK can we get her to write the next thread intro

No. 1933496

File: 1700922560560.jpeg (263.4 KB, 749x1190, F3607F06-0518-4A52-9C62-02FF4C…)

Oops: Posted Abby on the wrong thread. Still being a basic pro ana bitch

No. 1933497

File: 1700922589157.jpeg (141.62 KB, 750x1046, 39BF5E25-F3E2-485F-A07F-BA5711…)

Much drama

No. 1933498

File: 1700922628718.jpeg (79.08 KB, 750x1051, B3B8B083-FABF-493F-BDF3-06FFAB…)

Edgy, this one:

No. 1933500

File: 1700922732673.png (55.77 KB, 714x308, 287638472.png)

On the topic of edtwt, this girl is planning to run away from her family and crossing the border because they're making her go IP. Idk if this post is milky by itself but the original post got taken down

No. 1933501

File: 1700922778324.png (124.27 KB, 1052x470, 23865287.png)

(2/2) She's also friends with marie

No. 1933503

How the hell is she walking around and stuff? Wasn’t the last video from her a 15 min walk with crutches that left her completely exhausted and sweat soaked?

No. 1933517

>she cute tho
If deranged drugged out retarded unicorn is cute, sure then

No. 1933526

Maybe she's ignoring the exhaustion and pain, as well as the doctors' advice. But that, of course, doesn't make a healthy body (or a sound mind btw).

No. 1933615

File: 1700942151030.jpg (1022.2 KB, 1080x2107, 1000007640.jpg)

Niamh is currently live on tiktok talking about how she's now on venlafaxine and sitting like a roast chicken

Tiktok link still not successfully embedding


No. 1933619

I'm not laughing at Ganer. I'm horrified.

No. 1933620

Fuck me, that's some skin texture issues.

No. 1933630

It seems to me like 2020 was yesterday so I find it insane that this was Abby in 2020! I don’t recognise her and I kind of assumed she’d had an Ed for a really long time but this was just a few years ago and she looks like someone else entirely. Also showing my age but it’s wild to me that she was born in 2004 and so many people (the twins for one, even EC and I’m sure a bunch of farmers) have had full blown Ed’s for many years longer than Abby or Niamh etc have even been alive. They’re actual noobs at this since it’s only been a few years. With all the treatment being thrown at them in a few short years maybe they will actually recover. It seems like a lot more effort is put into helping them younger and sooner than it used to be back in the day.

Damn I just realised she’s 15 in the pics I’m talking about so I guess I can’t post them. But she’s showing herself doing the splits and gymnastics stuff (fully clothed) in her stories.

No. 1933632

File: 1700943606618.png (3.5 MB, 750x1334, 1BDF3E50-F6CE-4538-B597-DFB08B…)

I assumed she’d been a skinny gremlin like this forever but literally in 2020 she looked healthy and pretty strong with some good muscle tone.

No. 1933633

Ugh the semi-colon and butterfly is so predictable and annoying.

No. 1933636

Oh god it’s not funny that Ganer is back in the gym: it’s insane and kind of scary. A broken femur! Is she bionic woman? Surely she shouldn’t be able to just be walking around and GOING TO THE GYM already?

No. 1933637

She seems to already look better now that her face isnt so hollow, good for her

No. 1933642

Well, why not. There are enough bones in her body left?
But no one ever will wonder if they'll break like candy canes, too.

No. 1933650

The nerve of her to complain about everything when it's a miracle she still has a job looking like that.

No. 1933670

How’s it a miracle? Firing her would be discrimination for sure if she’s capable of working.

No. 1933671

Yeah, this is stupid. It's illegal to fire someone for their medical problems unless it's interfering with their ability to do their job. And working retail does suck ass.

No. 1933672

The obviousness of this photo just to show off her scars. Typical attention seeking cow

No. 1933673

An edtwt mum with a teenager from memory/kate orbitor. Mentioned here onwards: >>1898471

No. 1933707


not trying to wk here, but she does look better, and she posted a few tiktoks that hopefully mean she'll continue to work on recovery… I hope she gets it figured out. She said she's got a job, and enjoys eating again, so that is something. Good for her if she keeps it up.

No. 1933709

File: 1700957212891.jpeg (459.02 KB, 1002x1703, 98D5BAFA-C309-4781-9BB4-C437F0…)

More body checks and attention seeking behavior

No. 1933710

classy public toilet selfie. If Stef so desperately needs money, maybe she should sell some of her expensive designer clothing.

No. 1933732

Well I guess it's all relative depending on one's educational background in comparison, zara has the arrogance of someone from a top uni thinking she's better than everyone else but dundee just isn't known as one of those, even with these rankings for law

No. 1933735

yeah, I guess the context that I'm missing as an American is just what going to that law school means for her future, if that makes sense? Like, in the US it's well known that you have to go to one of the top fourteen law schools to really have a shot at big law firms (and it's actually kinda hard to get jobs when you're coming from a lower ranked school), but I have no idea what the equivalent is in the UK. So, like, is she going to be able to get a high paying or prestigious job coming from Dundee? Or does that already mean she's going to end up doing public defense or something that doesn't pay very well?

No. 1933753

File: 1700966462476.jpg (367.11 KB, 1080x1854, Screenshot_20231126_104005_Ins…)

Scariest few months 'here'. Has Han been IP?

No. 1933814

Ideally that would be the same here (same career at the end) but there's 100% an unspoken hierarchy to unis and Dundee being the junkie (drug death) capital of EUROPE I'd say Dundee carries quite the negative stigma.
I suppose the logic is, how can you be doing well in Uni when there's any drug you want accessible? Why else did you choose to move to Dundee for uni?

No. 1933819

Nta, but she might aim to defend junkies as a lawyer when they're dragged before court. Wouldn't that be nice.

No. 1933821

She wants to work with the special snowflakes like her who need to shout and rave about their medical negligence/mistreatment by the NHS
(The NHS, which is underfunded and understaffed)
Because she was abused (force fed) on the Melville unit which one of the other edinburgh cows (Abby? Niamh? Bethany?) "got shut down"


No. 1933823

> All of the youngsters inspectors spoke to said "meal times in the unit were unpleasant", that there was no choice of meals, and at times they had to eat food they did not like.
No shit, patients being treated for an ED didn't get to choose their meals and found mealtimes unpleasant? Sounds like most eating disorder treatment, kek

No. 1933833

oH tHoSe pOoR lItTlE sNoWfLaKeS, hOw tHeY hAd tO sUfFeR!!!one

No. 1933837

Every skelly should be restrained and force-fed. Way to go, U.K.

No. 1933839

My tin foil is that she went to a less good uni so then she could more easily excel within her cohort. I know someone who did the same, got into Oxford but chose to go to Hull for their ego, may sound counterintuitive but it’s logical

No. 1933843

>>"The young people did not find this supportive and at times it was 'triggering'."
Oh my. They should post it on their Instas.

No. 1933850

1. The melville unit isn't shut down. This was written ages ago

2. There actually is bullying and tormenting patients there.
Certain staff are known to make fun of wheelchair forced patients and men with eds are notoriously mocked by the male staff members

No. 1933853

The doctor
"Kevin brown" is also known to mess with prescriptions leading to very underweight individuals being drugged completely, sleeping all day or overdosing.

He's also investigated for bullying and inappropriate discussion with patients.


No. 1933866

Ana Rexia: "I don't want to eat fudz"
Doctor: "Ana, you must eat it to get hulthy."

No. 1933870

Well one of the units Zara was on got "shut down because one of her amazing friends" or some shit. Zara must have been one of these super spoops who got made comatose then, either that or her entire personality is based around being force fed in camhs

No. 1933882

Noone wants to be healthy loser. How about clinics where we help people become bone thin. I hope the NHS sees this offer and does something with it (:(unsaged shitpost, emoji)

No. 1933949

File: 1701022744102.jpg (Spoiler Image,315.12 KB, 750x755, IMG_6689.jpg)

Miru’s at it again posting bodychecks! We get it, you don’t like your previous (more healthy) self

No. 1933976

she's not even that skinny what are you on about

No. 1933980

I know she isn’t skinny, I spoilered the image because she’s in her underwear.

No. 1933998

Oxford/Cambridge (and I'm guessing the USA Ivys too) are rife with stress and neuroses from people who overachieved in school then got to a prestigious university and found that everyone else was just as smart or even smarter than them. Molly from threads and threads ago was one of the Oxford lot who needed a mental health break.

No. 1934000

the unit zara was on was shut down and replaced by the melville unit that article is nothing to do with her, that’s the abby niamh gang

No. 1934015

her posting bodychecks is so funny to me because she’s had to apologize multiple times in the past for shooping body checks (to remove mirror smudges of course!) and continues to post them and her adoring orbiters keep thinking its all real and unedited

No. 1934017

I fucking hate this thread. She's clearly body checking, you can body check at any weight. she's calling herself fat when, sorry for the rattling im about to cause, she's not fat in either pic.

No. 1934021

The sick kids hosptial was moved to the main city hospital and demolished that's why. It was never shut down

No. 1934075

I was going to say the same thing, she is definitely not fat and maybe at the most “average”, these anons saying she’s not skinny in either truly are rattling

No. 1934100

god this sperging is so annoying. no- the young people’s unit was nothing to do with sick kids, it was at the royal ed, it was notoriously poorly managed, lack of facilities and wholly unsuitable, was meant to shut down in 2019 but big delays. it shut down and the melville unit opened in little france. now can we stop this dumb side story? sincerely, someone who was aware of the ypu well before all these cows.

No. 1934104

A fellow escapee I see.

No. 1934105

is that a fucking fitness watch tanline in the bottom left photo? fucking lmao

No. 1934108


No. 1934115

File: 1701041491767.png (444.25 KB, 853x1416, Screenshots_2023-11-26-18-19-0…)

okay i didn't even think anything into it at first, but now it's been going on for awhile that N2F has been posting quotes about cheating on her instagram stories. i definitely think she either knows her boyfriend did something or she suspects it.

No. 1934122

actually she's calling herself fat in the left pic and calling herself hot in the right pic, captioning it be nice to the fat girl, meaning the fat girl can end up becoming hot.

No. 1934125

i know, i was just saying she's not calling herself fat now, she's calling her older pic fat.

No. 1934126

File: 1701042257494.jpg (Spoiler Image,432.11 KB, 750x1042, IMG_6690.jpg)

She’s clearly seeking attention + trying to trigger her mindless edtwt ‘fans'

No. 1934146

Nta and not involved with what you nonnies are talking about but that anon wasn’t sperging? Some of you clearly don’t know what the words your using even mean kek

No. 1934172

File: 1701054735144.jpeg (540.18 KB, 1170x2164, FBA73CC4-F70A-410C-8DF3-304AC9…)

Credit to niamh she posted this cute tiktok of her wieiad which I mean sure can be seen as problematic but it’s decent and she’s clearly not restricting on that intake and she looks happy and all the comments are positive.
We stan when cows do well. I hope she keeps it up

No. 1934178

Is fi still breathing?

No. 1934211

Late but holy fuck that girl is actually rancid looking. Healthy skin doesn’t look like i can smell her off the screen. Isn’t she on the govbucks and over the age of 26? How do these places keep taking her?

No. 1934232

Anon that's just plain tofu and noodles with a sprinkle of green. Not convinced…

No. 1934245

If he did cheat, N2F deserves better. That mans better be careful…we have all witnessed only a snippet of what she is capable of.

Jokes aside, moids are garbage. N2F is a queen.

No. 1934254

A small bowl of vegetables (takes up 3/4+ of the bowl) in a clear stock, with a tablespoon or two of cubed tofu. It's not brimming to the teeth with calories, fats or protein. But eh, at least it's not flat-out gloating about starvation i guesss, huzzah.

I can't even see the noodles, I'm hoping they're under the veggies but i bet it's minimal.

No. 1934258

That's a bolk

>this is so annoying
contributes to said annoyance
blogs about being an old cunt
No1curr. I agree it's starting to get OT but that's the type of discussion that takes place when the threads are slow. If you hate it, you don't need to be here sweet anon

It definitely involves Zara given the fact she stated that one of her sooper brave fwens got the abusive unit "closed down" or something like that. I don't think it was farmed but I'll look anyway. One of her friends (niamh, abby, bethany, grace, rachel, an anonymous / non-milky friend?) And has mentioned she's gone into law school to become a barrister to support people "like her" battling medical negligence etc
It's not an unlikely tinfoil.

No. 1934260

File: 1701078537231.jpg (95.84 KB, 1080x1099, 1000007701.jpg)

I fully agree with everything you just said. This meal is clearly under 400kcal and feeds into said "diet culture" because it's fine to enjoy eating this but completely delusional to think it's enough for someone who needs to gain weight. Sure, she's said she's not got a goal weight and she's just recovering to get a period back. But again, this is not enough (for her, to gain weight) and choosing to post it as if it is, is delusional

No. 1934262

Porridge 124
Chia seeds 70
Banana 100
Raspberries 10
Almond butter 100
Honey 64

Chai latte w oat milk 160
Russet Apple 51

Minestrone soup 220
Avocado salad 200
Bread roll 87

Chai latte (?) 160

Hot chocolate 190

Yoghurt bowl
Natural yoghurt 100
Frozen blueberries 79
Banana 100
Almonds 70
Pecans 150
Seeds 70
Honey 64

Rice noodles 190
Tofu 83
Pho broth 47
Pickled ginger 27
Mushrooms 21
Pak Choi 11
Spring onion 32

Dark chocolate 220
Hot chocolate 190

Bran flakes 107
Oat milk 42
Banana 100
Raspberries 20
Honey 64

Melon 34

Total 3357

That’s actually really good for someone in recovery and trying to gain weight. Maybe base your opinions on the entire day rather than one meal.

No. 1934264

Now I'm convinced she's purging. No way she is not purging.

No. 1934267

Or maybe she’s actually trying to recover

No. 1934272

I'll believe it when I see it. But last time we saw her she had swollen glands

No. 1934274


You’re assuming she’s having proper portions of chia seeds, nuts, noodles, non diet yogurt, hot chocolates etc

No. 1934276

nonnie we’ve been through this same song and dance a hundred times. it’s not happening, and if she somehow does recover it’d be a miracle

No. 1934277

I'm SO glad I never have to have a mealplan like that again!
No offense

Dropped all the snacks and dessert and now I'm back to my lw(not your personal blog)

No. 1934279

-bmi 13 anon

No. 1934280

The most humiliating part of the day ip was the desserts. Who eats a meal only to go and eat something else completely unnecessary.

No. 1934281


No. 1934284


No. 1934290

she didn’t have swollen glands in those pictures posted a few days ago

No. 1934343

How the fuck do you base anything on her full day of eating when the retard farmer can't post the whole day of eating nona.

No. 1934345

She looks much better at a higher weight unironically, it’s not flattering for her bone structure to be skinny. I actually thought she was a tranny but it’s just an unfortunate bone structure, at least having some weight around her hips balances it out.

No. 1934355

What does this even mean? Learn to construct proper sentences

No. 1934361

>Maybe base your opinions on the entire day
How? How can anyone do that when it's not been posted, how can you form an opinion on the entire day when you've not seen the entire day. We haven't seen the entire day because the tiktok farmer is profoundly lazy when submitting to the board and not everyone has tiktok to be able to go and watch the rest of the video. Thanks for the food diary/ total calorie count but it's entirely retarded to expect people to form an opinion based on "the entire day" when you haven't shown the "entire day" up until that reply.

No. 1934364

so maybe you shouldn't form an opinion on the sole basis of cherry-picked information?

No. 1934374

you are still at bmi 13 while so many cows are in the single digits and you are proud of yourself?

No. 1934375

She's only 18, she has a good chance of recovery if she actually puts work in

No. 1934391

She's a top hourglass, being too skinny throws her off balance and only shows off how broad her shoulders are.

No. 1934394

Fair game. One day I'll be single digit bmi but for now I'm proud of my progress(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1934398

File: 1701104181822.jpg (31.89 KB, 387x480, 1000007716.jpg)

Kek are you lost or just new here? Lolcow is an imageboard where milk is shared and anons laugh. What was shared is not enough food for a recovering anorexic. That's not an opinion either, that's literally just a fact. Rogue white Knight behaviour. You shouldn't get upset at anons on LC observing the thread and forming opinions

No. 1934438

dn rd(sage your shit)

No. 1934439

this is absolutely not her calories at all this is delusional

No. 1934446

prove it retard. post scale pics where we can actually tell you're fully standing on the scale and not faking it. make sure we can tell it's you by writing down the time/date on a piece of paper. until then you're just a larping hambeast/tranny/moid to all of us.(infighting)

No. 1934452

seething fattie(infighting newfag)

No. 1934457

Stop shitting up the thread, why do you give a fuck about this weirdos larp?

No. 1934460

suck a dick(infighting newfag)

No. 1934462

your typing style sounds fat(bone rattling infighting)

No. 1934474

File: 1701112869618.jpeg (387.54 KB, 1040x1941, 8E44E9E0-3336-445F-BFD2-DFDA36…)

With two hacked Facebook accounts and now her bank account maybe she should take her Crumbl money and invest in cyber security. Or buy the groceries she’s begging for. How did she even order cookies with no card? She’s so predictable. I wish she would just say she wasted her money buying food to binge/purge on and will beg for money in the next post

No. 1934480

File: 1701113471559.jpeg (182.59 KB, 1242x1242, 9F002521-4CDA-422C-AB69-F3B63F…)

No. 1934495

niamh reads here chronically, and we know she’s not afraid to post about herself. just ignore her

No. 1934496

File: 1701116065174.jpeg (406.91 KB, 1169x1578, 23FF9D66-F1D5-4980-8E83-4CDE49…)

This is becoming enraging. I think Lyss gets hacked all the time bc she thinks she can scam some random person in her fb messages the way she scams her friends/mom. She’s so fucking entitled

No. 1934500

meds now(infighting)

No. 1934547

File: 1701122745307.jpeg (291.74 KB, 1170x964, IMG_7766.jpeg)


No. 1934549

File: 1701122767987.jpeg (256.87 KB, 1170x902, IMG_7921.jpeg)

No. 1934579

Ok is she trying to be the new Marie? This is disgusting pedo baiting. And the smallest underwear in the world would be premi diapers.

No. 1934585

File: 1701125679036.jpeg (786.02 KB, 873x1094, IMG_1302.jpeg)

god she looks like a bony frog… it’s actually really sad to see all the progress she seemed to make just be totally undone.

No. 1934592

god forbid people actually try to recover or at least eat more than a literal toddler

No. 1934605

sorry for asking to be spoonfed but does anyone know what thread kat first appeared in (the one who was in a medium secure unit due to setting a fire in her previous unit) ?? thank you

No. 1934628

She’s done this on and off for literally years and years, at this point nobody is even shocked anymore. She’s nothing without her anorexic identity which is why once the asspats stop and appointments decrease, so does her weight….again.

No. 1934667

File: 1701136995052.jpeg (632.6 KB, 2048x2048, 24EFDDFD-A4EB-4B95-834B-B491A2…)

Why do anachans like fi get gifts everytime they go into hospital if they’ve done it like 7 times??? I feel as if people in their lives treat them like spoiled children sometimes

No. 1934685

Will she be back in hospital for Christmas? Her poor sisters.

No. 1934686

she absolutely will be; no point in having a vacation home if you don't spend the holidays there

No. 1934740

The only sane comment among this mess of a thread kek

No. 1934749

How are we both hoes and incapable of getting dick? Get better insults, you sound like a 12 year old boy

No. 1934751

hoe is not an insult, it's a term of endearment, cunt(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1934752

Go to bed Timmy

No. 1934753

wanna join me?

No. 1934754

This would be a great meal for someone who is morbidly obese and needs to eat in a calorie deficit. No, I’m not buying this recovery. It’s fake just like all her other ones.

No. 1934776

>wHaT aBoUt tHe WhOl3 d@y!?!
anon? Don't you can't base your opinion on one meal out of the whole day? jesus christ. Veg, RICE noodles and broth are elite and calorie dense foods I'll have you know.
>That’s actually really good for someone in recovery and trying to gain weight

No. 1934785

File: 1701178304895.jpeg (207.88 KB, 1170x971, IMG_5223.jpeg)

since you people are so worried about whether or not niamh is recovering try to get on her new insta and find out

No. 1934786


No. 1934789

wouldn't be the first time, kek

No. 1934798

This is starting to make me wonder if ban evading "BMI13-chan" is some sort of scrote that's been scorned by Niamh, given you always pop up when she's mentioned. Encouraging people to follow her is retarded, she uses the boards and any new adds are obvious red flags as farmers, and added stress if she is actually trying to recover.

No. 1934809

Could bmi 13 be Abby? kek

No. 1934818

sorry for asking to be spoonfed but does anyone knows where is that skelly girl with a very much pedo/fetishist boyfriend, she is called Laura(?) i think

No. 1934820

Still extreme skelly, still with the creepy skelly fetishist as far as anyone knows. She's not active anymore

No. 1934822

And then everyone stood up and clapped

No. 1934824

Inb4 rattle but this one doesn't look as spoopy as she claims it seems like a lot of weird makeup and super baggy clothing.

No. 1934829

Why does she need to go to Wegmans every day for years I see her ask this shit every day

No. 1934831

does she have instagram? i wanted to have a peak at her because she reminds me of em.sorge

No. 1934837

because she's definitely using the money for food she's going to binge/purge and not for actual groceries that she's going to eat in a healthy way

No. 1934838

does anybody have molly’s IG handle? (old cow, she went to oxford)

No. 1934840

I would like to know what she's up to nowadays. I don't know her handle butI think she went by mollyellajones back when she was discussed.

No. 1934841

I'm 99% certain "13" bmi chan is a larping scrote (likely a tranny because they're more likely to starve themselves) who gets off on attempting to trigger anachans who browse this thread. don't know anything about the niamh connection though

No. 1934846

No. 1934852

Molly was great kek the bowl cut. Miss her and Cece but times change

No. 1934854

File: 1701192953830.jpg (4.98 MB, 5184x3888, 20230214221758_IMG_3274.JPG.jp…)

Latest info I could find on Molly was from tattle life in 2022. She was in a play.

No. 1934857

File: 1701193017595.jpeg (156.69 KB, 750x1127, 7345A5FA-3A72-4EDD-9282-ECC39D…)

Unsure if this cow has been posted before. Account is just full of emaciated body checks spanning all the way back, has been like this for years but seemingly went a bit more downhill after graduating in 2016

No. 1934861

is it bad that i get fi and zara confused bc they both look like skeletons

No. 1934879

I miss her kek, even when she stopped the ED related content she was still entertaining to me. Seems she's deleted all public social media, wish someone had archived her old videos though

No. 1934889

fuck off and grow an appreciation for the entertainment value of speculation you imagination-deprived dullard

No. 1935012

File: 1701213361237.jpeg (213.95 KB, 1108x1560, IMG_1313.jpeg)

abby is live talking absolute drivel with hugely swollen glands but this comment made me kek.

No. 1935013

File: 1701213403542.jpeg (226.65 KB, 822x486, IMG_1315.jpeg)

> eyeliner on point

it must be a troll. right?!

No. 1935031

Honestly you’re probably right. The bmi 13 boaster is some fat guy in his mom’s basement.

No. 1935034

Anything interesting? I can’t sit through it. She’s too annoying with how she acts like she’s high all the time.

No. 1935041

File: 1701217202791.jpeg (361.18 KB, 749x1178, D082D138-64BB-47D2-8FD3-006A4E…)

Oops wrong thread. Han with the relapse and usual ‘most traumatic time ever’ (Not Otherwise Specified).

No. 1935043

File: 1701217282419.jpeg (178.44 KB, 749x1040, 5AEB99C9-D3D5-48D9-A959-413104…)

No. 1935079

Why is this image cropped to explicitly show her nipples? Just like the tacky sweater she is wearing also is..?

No. 1935084

it's like she's aged 15 years since she was first posted here, damn

No. 1935085

those dinner plate pupils in >>1935013 tell a different story. i wouldn’t be surprised if she was abusing drugs to stay in her anachan state although she’d have to be on hefty lines of stimulants for eyes like that - any other drugs that give you enlarged pupils don’t seem like something she’d be using just for the fuck of it

No. 1935093

Her live is saved to her insta, I hate to do this cause I’m always the one to tell anons to post vids instead of asking for them but my laptop is fucked and I can’t use any of my usual programs on this shitty tablet I’m using, but if any of you could post maybe the first minute of her live that would be greatly appreciated. The way she talks and moves is so strange and reminiscent of someone on meth, but it seems to only be the first minute or so

No. 1935163

Alcohol can dilate pupils and we here in Scotland have such a horrific drinking culture that I wouldn't be surprised if she was a binge drinker causing the erratic behaviour
It does also happen in mood disorders. Tinfoil, she has bipolar and spends her "ups" out of hospital, drinking, purging, going abroad and her "downs" in REDU for the mollycoddle. Maybe BPD although I swear she has HPD causes that too during their periods of euphoria

No. 1935205

She does have huge pupils but it was also night, even though she had lights on in her room. My pupils always look huge in the evening/night when I look in the mirror.

No. 1935207

I couldn’t fit in all the caption and the whole picture. I could have just cropped the caption and left the image out but…..I didn’t. Wasn’t trying to explicitly show her nipples kek.

No. 1935208

File: 1701264743354.jpeg (158.55 KB, 750x958, DC2447D5-59A9-41CE-9341-17A927…)

No. 1935227

glands looking swollen

No. 1935244

y’all say this about literally everyone

No. 1935271

probably because many people posted itt have an eating disorder

No. 1935315

No. 1935320

Yall will accuse anyone of purging lol some people are good restrictors and not purgers smh(thank you miss skeletal, gold star for you)

No. 1935337


No. 1935348

No. 1935376

Abby has apparently always had dilated pupils and ‘doesn’t have a prescription for anything’. Source: her story with a picture of her at 8 years old.

No. 1935448

Any news on that German girl on edtw that was always about to die ? Her account was I don'treallycare or something like that.

(Presas remind me her actual user name)

No. 1935454

Jesus, this thread may as well be titled 'pro-ana scumbags criticizing other pro-ana scumbags' at this point. Can you guys at least pretend to not have ED brainrot?

No. 1935475

File: 1701312036835.jpg (1011.6 KB, 1079x1886, Screenshot_20231129_170251_Ins…)

Yeah that's a normal stance to take a picture of vegan milk

No. 1935476

File: 1701312122307.jpg (1.02 MB, 1079x1780, Screenshot_20231129_170653_Ins…)

No. 1935477

This honestly isn't milky to me; it's a pretty nice post about missing her friend.

No. 1935480

What's wrong with you ? This is an actual nicely worded, kind post. Nothing milky.

No. 1935481


What's wrong with you ? This is an actual nice, well worded and honestly sad post. Nothing milky.

No. 1935519


No. 1935521

yes but we already know abby purges like there’s no tomorrow.

No. 1935522

File: 1701318718587.jpeg (740.11 KB, 1069x1216, IMG_1312.jpeg)

true tho.

No. 1935559

This was probably posted by Niamh in order to catch people out and block them. Not that it makes a difference, we can all watch her smug TikTok’s that are far more embarrassing than anything on there.

No. 1935606

sorry if i'm being retarded but i'm tinfoiling that bmi 13 anon might be an old, banned cow tilly the typing style and garbage being said really does line up

No. 1935609

Do you have a rough idea what threads I should read through to find out more about said cow?

No. 1935610

try no.18 nonna, go back and forth from there. she was a notorious self poster, directly addressed lolcow, live-streamed a fake hospital od, wrote blog posts about how it was healthy to be underweight, had many public arguments with impowering and korey. I'm not even scratching the surface, I just don't want to get banned for mentioning her / don't want her name to be searchable kek. but it honestly sounds like her to me, anyway.

No. 1935616

I've never been mentioned on the forums and tbh I'm kinda scared to post my socials but I know I'd get attention.

Then again it would be hate and gossip which isn't good for anyone.
Literally just a person who announced they are bmi 13 to the board for attention.
Nothing more but so much less hopefully(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1935657


The red text of this made me cackle

No. 1935668

This is the same song and dance that happens with e-whore threads - Shayna's being notorious for this - where familiarity breeds contempt and other bone rattlers hate on their own kind. Without LC's own dwindling IQ sacks of rotting organs we wouldn't even have these threads, you know?

No. 1935705

Sorry I didn’t mean that you cropped it like that, i worded it badly. In the actual photo, it’s like she is sure to include her nips, especially with her ‘look at me’ pointless quarter of a sweater.

No. 1935708

yeah you'd get attention for being a larping fatass like porgie/enara/etc. no one's buying your schtick here, go away and crypost on myproana about how you've "plateaued" instead of shitting up the thread

No. 1935723

File: 1701362731881.png (9.85 MB, 1170x2532, 67885EC3-5112-4A5C-9EE7-C8FD95…)

Jaycie cracks me up. Compulsive exercise my ass kek

No. 1935744

Didn’t they admit to being a man? There was a screencap in meta about it

No. 1935794

i don’t understand her. does she not see what she looks like in the mirror? isn’t she ashamed to have an ng and be that fat??

No. 1935819

I don’t doubt that she has body dysmorphia, she just has it in the way that she thinks she is a frail waif Ana kween while everyone else sees a hamplanet. Or getting there at least with all the unnecessary feeds on top of the supposed fear foods of burgers and ice cream

No. 1935851

I keep thinking this is Ham before zooming in (which I guess she basically is, only somehow this one did get the ~hospital bed w/ her name~ or whatever). Her round ol’ mush with the NG looks so incongruous

No. 1935897

Come on, she's not even huge. She's overweight, yeah, but she's not larping like Enara or Porgie.

No. 1935924

File: 1701393216539.jpg (973.23 KB, 1079x1640, Screenshot_20231201_090955_Ins…)

Cow crossover

No. 1935952

She's had a shower at least!

No. 1935959

lol what. just because she's not as big as others doesn't mean she's not larping too

No. 1936028

File: 1701415349097.jpg (392.28 KB, 1080x2106, 1000007854.jpg)

Kek that's a new one to me

So she's larping? Do you know what that means? Live action role play. She is roleplaying being anorexic. It's not hard to see that, look at her.

She is claiming anorexia before anyone observes the hashtags as "just EDrecovery"
Anorexia has a weight criteria for a reason. Having most symptoms of it but no weight loss / no loss of period etc puts you in the AFRID category. No matter how much you want to be the skinniest anachan on the planet, you're not.

No. 1936052

She looks Enara size at least right?!

No. 1936053

File: 1701425237238.jpeg (375.73 KB, 1169x2169, 9D20A36A-6593-4000-8104-7B6638…)

Sage because I don’t know how much people care about this person but Darcy the ausfag with anorexia studying paramedicine started posting on her recovery account again and acknowledged she wasn’t recovering or was struggling. There was previous posts on her story that I think she refers to but didn’t screenshot them

No. 1936054

File: 1701425278347.jpeg (750.07 KB, 1170x2174, AB3FF23B-CF08-4DF0-92FA-BF8E3E…)

/2 most of the caption. Let me know if people want the rest that she put in the comments

No. 1936061

That seems like something some anachan would do to throw people off their scent. I mean who’s more invested in them? Scrotes or themselves? How many anachans post here about themselves and other anachans? I’d say the majority of people discussed in this thread have posted in it. Either about themselves or others. Scrotes will say something like “I blew my load to her” and be done with it. They don’t spent ages learning to integrate etc because they don’t have the self control to not mention their dicks every 3rd post.

No. 1936079

File: 1701429859844.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1284x1715, IMG_4943.jpeg)

At the end of the day she needs to get over herself she’s at a normal weight hadraised thousands for you outpatient treatment with her GoFundMe. she needs to leave the only beds in IP for people theta are near death door that what’s it for. She setup her own feeds at home and put in her own ng tube. Stop wasting resources and the hospital time when you don’t get what you want

No. 1936093

she had a go fund me that raised thousands?

No. 1936097

Yeah she raised about 7k like months ago to go to IP because her insurance wouldn’t cover it

No. 1936101

If your insurance doesn't cover it then surely that says something? I'm a Ukfag so don't understand insurance. I guess in the UK she just wouldn't be eligible for IP?

No. 1936105

Even here in the UK we have funding issues too, even if you need the treatment and meet requirements for treatment you won't always get it for free on the NHS. I assume she's eligible for treatment but the company doing he insurance won't cover it all because it's too much or outside of what they cover.

No. 1936106

Not ARFID - “atypical anorexia” which is a joke of a diagnosis anyway (calling it EDNOS or whatever it is now isn’t validating uwu enough for them). Just saying nonna before a triggered heifer starts on you for confusing the two kek

Getting there I’d say but Enara’s fucking massive. On the Kate-Porgie LARPer scale I’d say she’s in the middle

No. 1936126

File: 1701440843443.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1284x1479, IMG_4946.jpeg)

She low key dumb, we all know you lurk here like ever other cow does. Like no way someone sent her the link in under 1hour. Keep livling life as you watch your peers progress and your stuck in your “ Ed for view era” I follow you simply for the milk and your full of it keep lurking

No. 1936145

File: 1701443633682.jpg (254.41 KB, 1372x890, Collage_2023-12-01_10_13_07~2.…)

No. 1936148

i just realized lolcow posters are my lolcows(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1936150

your mom has no control over sending you to a psych ward, idiot.

No. 1936153

damn you’re fucking retarded

No. 1936154

If this is TikTok, are you censoring the username/not sharing it on purpose? Because i thought with that platform it was under the name. Any nonnies wondering it's @ensurehatepage

No. 1936156

AYRT, I only meant that everyone's rattling when they describe her weight. She's absolutely larping, don't get me wrong, but she's not Tess Holliday/JordAllenHall/Porgie size. As we can see, she still has somewhat of a chin.

No. 1936161

Anon literally what is the correlation

No. 1936178

Flourish you beautiful goblin mama, flourish.

No. 1936192

File: 1701454107404.jpeg (345.34 KB, 1159x1577, 3F2984CB-73F7-454A-9C62-7A210F…)

What is it with revolving door Ed patients and believing they are a charity case? Maybe if Lyss stopped showing off the shit she wastes her money on her mother will help. or can she pls just enroll in ebt if she’s soooo poor and then shut up

No. 1936224

LMFAO okay asshole. she can beg her mom not to send her to a psych ward all she wants, her mom has nothing to do with that decision, you fucking dipshit.(infighting)

No. 1936239

In the UK I believe anyone in CAMHS needs parental "permission" for IP treatment to avoid a bunch of paperwork so parents definitely have the "final say" so that anon could be assuming that's the same idea over there too. I can only speak from experience and from what people I know have said.
context "blog"
I didn't know IP had been offered 4 times when I was under camhs care because they said they never tell the child until the parent has agreed it's the best course of action. My parent declined each time but I also know of a few girls who are now revolving door patients who's parents couldn't handle them anymore so agreed (or even begged) to get them admitted. Some of them for the first few years under adult services were so retarded by the end of it from the headbanging and drug seeking that the parents still held some power over the section process. Specifically speaking for Scotland but it could be the same for the whole of the UK,
but the summary is that parents 100% have a role in admissions in certain cases so even if that's not true for this cow, that's probably the anons experience

No. 1936252

that cow lives in the USA.

No. 1936253

this cow is an adult. honestly embarrassing that she thinks her mom can send her to a psych ward.

No. 1936254

it's just an expression omg are you autistic lol(infighting)

No. 1936263

File: 1701464155477.jpeg (775.56 KB, 1030x1673, IMG_1337.jpeg)

the photo editing between her legs is so fucking obvious and shitty, the head banging must have affected her eyesight i swear

No. 1936267

it's interesting that all of the posts about this person a) have her username cropped out and b) have the same level of grammatical incoherence as her writing

No. 1936282

I'm so, so happy for N2F. Truly. I think she's finally got that control and focus over something else in her life. I just hope she doesn't do a 180 when the baby's no longer inside her and neglects herself while caring for it. Hoping she breastfeeds so she continues to have a reason to 'nourish'. I feel the same way about her as I do about Crying Emily. Bless them both, they're doing so well.

No. 1936293

Same. She's really an inspiration and I hope after birth she has a great support system. Post partum can be a bitch. That said, a shocking number of women I've spoken with have said post partum their clinical depression/overall mental health actually improved. I'm hoping that happens for N2F and she keeps up the progress.

No. 1936299

She needs to grow up sooo bad. She's barely an adult BUT she's been doing this for a long time, never been underweight. Also, I'm pretty sure she's BPD too so if that doesn't say it all I don't know what will

No. 1936302

how has she been hospitalized for so long and so many times if she's never been underweight?

No. 1936316

today i learned "begging my mom not to send me to the psych ward" is an expression. you're an unbelievable moron, please stop embarrassing yourself, it's painful. it's also irrelevant considering she clearly wants to be inpatient.(infighting)

No. 1936332

File: 1701473144928.jpeg (325.62 KB, 960x1632, IMG_4079.jpeg)

Oh no. Here we go again…

No. 1936333

lol what a fucking retard. you have some problems with figures of speech i guess, you should really get checked for autism. i’ll make this even more comical and explain the obvious: when someone says something like that, they don't mean it literally. basically she’s saying that her mother has some kind of authority over her, which is normal, in case your neurodivergent ass can’t grasp such a simple notion(infighting)

No. 1936335

As >>1936299 anon said, she probably has BPD (as it's not uncommon among fat ana larping cows), so she might also play along with SH/SI larp to get ip

No. 1936337

>baby #5
wtf is this somehow a baby club?
>should be able to catch on weight gain soon
istg they must if they want baby number 5 to be a thing

No. 1936340

you're the one who is sperging. Anon was making fun of her for a) still thinking about the world like a child who can't make their own decisions and b) the fact that she wants to be there anyway and is just disguising it with "oh noooo someone forced meeeee"

No. 1936358


Her legs look like they’re on backwards..

No. 1936360

Where are her knees???!(learn to sage)

No. 1936368

File: 1701477996412.png (220.8 KB, 424x730, Screen Shot 2023-12-01 at 6.47…)

Aidel grifting

No. 1936369

File: 1701478023802.png (416 KB, 423x706, Screen Shot 2023-12-01 at 6.48…)

No. 1936371

File: 1701478073602.png (395.7 KB, 427x668, Screen Shot 2023-12-01 at 6.48…)

this is right after she posted about buying a lot of clothing

No. 1936420

self post?

No. 1936430

Omg approx 2wks till we get to see our fave girls little one. I know I'm lame but I'm obviously lk excited. (If you've followed her from the beginning you'll understand why)

No. 1936432

File: 1701489429394.jpg (927.46 KB, 1080x1837, Screenshot_20231130_223001_Ins…)

I know neffer_tity_food is a boring cow cause it's just body checks but wtf is she wearing? Hot spicey soup, and calories from spices and ginger? Kek

No. 1936510

Because it’s her. That’s really the only logical reason I see here. When a post specifically about her is posted, she instantly post a response on her TikTok page.

No. 1936562

Oh yay another baby she brings into the world only to not be able to care for it as she gets locked up for the first year of its life. Her husband is an idiot for ever marrying her after the antics she has pulled and even more of a moron for knocking her up again.

No. 1936565

They sell insulated water bottles for a fraction of the price of a Stanley that work just as good. These cows have so much fucking audacity. Talk about failure to launch. Their parents need to kick them out and let nature take its course.

No. 1936566

File: 1701510249920.png (843.6 KB, 593x745, Screen Shot 2023-12-02 at 3.44…)

she can update her collage, I guess

No. 1936567

File: 1701510383573.png (893.88 KB, 738x743, Screen Shot 2023-12-02 at 3.47…)

Also, this can't be a safe way to hold babies, can it?

No. 1936568

File: 1701510494954.png (41.67 KB, 419x184, Screen Shot 2023-12-02 at 3.48…)

so much for her claim in 2022 that one of them was getting sterilized

No. 1936590

Yup. I'm talking about the anon arguing that her mum is involved. Anons mum is probably still involved even though they're now under adult services, it's not uncommon here, and if they're so retarded to need parents and a section to stay alive I'd not be surprised if she also thinks the same rules apply to everyone

No. 1936614

File: 1701522084750.jpeg (368.17 KB, 750x870, 225972A8-E442-4039-AD37-2C9ABA…)

I havent even followed this one for long but there’s already the anachan cliches of making a fundraiser claiming to run away only to not do it and use the money for other things, and why do they all have personality disorders

No. 1936618

File: 1701522583699.jpeg (101.74 KB, 750x507, E1E70395-D7A6-4D37-920A-73324A…)

samefag she seems pretty competitive about being thinner than the other girls kek maybe shes bmi 13 anon

No. 1936628

another fucking retard who can’t even read lmao(another fucking retard who can’t even sage lmao)

No. 1936643

Another retard who can’t fucking sage.

No. 1936651

No nonnie I’m also excited! I’m so happy for her like genuinely! Love N2F

No. 1936720

you really had to delete my post so you could have your gotcha moment huh? sad and pathetic lmao. not saging cause i don't care(ban evading retard)

No. 1936748

i’m assuming she’s holding them like that for a short amount of time (like <10 seconds) because while it is unsafe with one hand it can be safe if she’s supporting the bottom and holding them tht way. the babies seem to be able to hold up their heads on their own. (source: am a mom)

No. 1936751

File: 1701541198397.jpeg (245.98 KB, 828x755, 21E6E3E0-6C9D-4915-A18D-DD93B4…)

Todays “I never ask for anything”

No. 1936776

no karen, it's very dangerous and the baby will die!

No. 1936908

don't be ridiculous, it's not being a "Karen" to ask if someone is holding a baby in a way that makes it a lot more likely they'll drop the baby

No. 1936921

your first born child!? lmao girl bye, nobody's trying to fuck you

No. 1936948

File: 1701564381199.jpeg (612.59 KB, 1169x2166, 7A626F81-AD7C-4668-967F-380F04…)

Does anyone know anything about this girl @caitys.journey? She’s on tiktok and spends endless time in a hospital tubed. I don’t know if she’s in a hospital geared towards medical or mental health but whatever it is she’s never home. She also makes videos about how you can “have anorexia at any weight”. I don’t know much about her other than watching her very repetitive tik toks but her whole vibe is whiney

No. 1936970

File: 1701568089628.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1109x1918, IMG_1354.jpeg)

she can’t be serious. how embarrassing. she posts this sort of shit, including her weird photoshop, head bashing photos and hideous makeup, to her regular account which must have her friends from school on it still? isn’t that just social suicide? i can’t imagine what they all think, no wonder she doesn’t seem to have more than two friends and no love life or socials in sight.

No. 1936974

what mentally ill moid keeps getting this sick girl pregnant? tf?

No. 1936979

You know exactly what kind. He kept her around for this exact purpose. Popping out babies and staying thin. I guarantee you this ED shit never comes up in polite conversations and she's a total normal lady and nobody knows the wiser. Her husband thinks she's in the hospital because she's frail "like a proper woman". Backwoods people talk themselves in circles so they don't have to speak hard truths.

No. 1936982

Quick Q for all you spoops that hang around here but I've always wondered if yall are just walking around with rotten ensure up your nose. The big fat ones that hose at home are definitely not flushing their lines. Even after flushing I swear it seems like there's still gross milk in there. I wash my protein shaker and it's still kinda stinky so no way they can flush then enough to not be stinky.

No. 1936983

She's literally atypical but only posts about muh anorexia nerVoSa. Also munchie trio of pots, eds and gastroparesis.

No. 1936984

she really resembles Ham, so this is like getting a peek at that hospital bed with her name on it

No. 1937046

Not a spoop or med fag or anyone with a toob before either but aren’t they supposed to be flushed with water every few hours or something? I’ve always wondered if you’re supposed to flush them overnight

No. 1937095

Yeah they need flushed but the anon you're replying to did specify she was talking about the fat cows who finesse their way into "taking their emotional support tube home" are using it as an accessory (not a medical device) and are not flushing as they should be

Grim…I can smell it just thinking about it

No. 1937096

File: 1701589251119.jpg (85.14 KB, 1000x1000, 1000007940.jpg)

I was going to leave this alone as nobody else was drawing attention to it and it's quite the derail, but I don't like how flippant these twatwaffle anons have been about it. No that is absolutely not a safe way to hold a baby, not for any length of time.
To put it in layman's terms, baby's limbs are too heavy for them so sitting with gravity pulling them straight down can cause spine, neck and hip problems like hip dysplasia.
This is something most hospitals show during the car-seat test before discharge, and absolutely something she's heard at least once in all her years of having children.
She has definitely been told about this at one point but prioritised her brainrot

No. 1937125

There is a lot more support postpartum now on the NHS. The hardest part will be her finding the time to eat properly especially if she's doing it alone. Fingers crossed though she will be offered a lot of help and will engage with it all.

No. 1937162

Good for her…! If there is one thing the civilized world needs, it's one more fucked up ED childhood.

No. 1937173

guaranteed the girlies are tearing her apart in the group chat she's not in

No. 1937175

grow up

No. 1937190

Supplement drinks are often offered to any young mum struggling with PPD, I'd imagine due to her history they've probably got them lined up in the pharmacy ready to dispense as soon as she needs them.
How old is she? If she's under 21 (I think) she'll still get to go under the family nurse partnership rather than general health visitors and they are incredible and see mum and baby as a team, rather than HV who are only there to support baby
I don't think she's alone, though. Her family will be swooning over the newborn so she'll at least have time to shower and grab a coffee every now and then. I thought she still lived at home to be honest

It's actually quite an important thing, would be an injustice to see the thread locked without having a genuine answer to that question. Not everyone wants their kid to have hips like Ganers, and it just goes to prove how retarded she is being on baby number FIVE and either not knowing or not valuing her children enough to care. All she cares about is digesting her grey matter, the kids are accessories. Similar to "lowcal"kate

No. 1937281

>>to have hips like Ganers
That one made me giggle.

No. 1937315

it's ok to hold babies like this for a short amount of time for a photo, she isn't wearing it in a halo gravity traction head harness swinging it about all day.

No. 1937360

screenshots flying. or maybe they’re so used to her they just don’t care anymore? sounds harsh but i would’ve ditched her so fast if i was her age/ a former friend.

No. 1937362

File: 1701629822636.png (3.25 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_0972.png)

Another cow whose life’s purpose seems to be to get validation from others. Username is @aammbsss

No. 1937368

ensurehatepage has made a whole lot of tiktoks for someone who's clearly only in the er somewhere and not admitted

No. 1937376

This is truly so embarrassing

No. 1937379

File: 1701631645965.jpeg (415.79 KB, 1170x912, 043000E0-1048-41E4-B290-C95AB0…)

‘unfiltered’ as opposed to….?
also hilarious that she’s calling it ‘ice cream’ - its not ice cream, it’s sorbet. which just about everybody knows is fat free, relatively low calorie and - at least when made properly - is essentially just water and fruit puree.

But of course, brave, strong Fi is clearly SO invested in recovery.

It would be laughable if she didn’t have such a HUGE following of vulnerable people (many of whom are ACTUALLY recovering) - but she does. Which just makes it despicable and frankly - for someone who claims to want a career in psychology and who earns money from talking to parents and young people about ~recovering when you have ASD and AN - unethical.

No. 1937417

literally like ayrt is acting like shes holding the baby like that 24/7 and not so she can take a picture. Is it safe? Not necessarily but the kids not gonna get hip dysplasia from her holding it like that for a few seconds

No. 1937428

i had a tube at home for a bit when i was a teenager, and you need to actually change the entire tube every so often. it's a whole ordeal and the tube is really gross, we had to wash it with soap and water and then reinsert it. it's easy to misplace at home though and i ended up in the er under an x ray machine because it ended up somewhere else multiple times. i feel like they're not changing it like they should be, or aren't actually running feeds?

No. 1937431

She's Australian, they help her by shipping her and baby off to mother/baby psych. For how much she apparently loves her kids it's frustrating to see the obvious pattern of relapse every single pregnancy. She should know better by now to leave her body alone for a couple of months

No. 1937435

Damn, she would be really pretty if she weren't fat

No. 1937437

go back to mumsnet, no one gives a shit

No. 1937441

lol no . Mediocre at best.

No. 1937448

ayrt is talking about N2F, not the anorexic baby factory

No. 1937466

There’s nothing on her account for me to post right now - but has anyone else noticed that ham has graduated from the farms? When I see her stories she’s surrounded by friends at college, being a normal young woman having fun and socialising. Most importantly she doesn’t take underwear photos with a distended stomach for the internet anymore. I hope she’s happy, I’m serious! Good on her

No. 1937483

eh. i’m not giving her any credit really. yay she stopped pretending to have anorexia for likes. she didn’t recover from anything drastic, she’s just dropped an act.

No. 1937488

On baby number 5 you'd think she'd value them enough to find a better way to take photos with them… For the baby's health or for the momshaming/judgement, either way, she should know by now that it's not safe if anons in a proana thread are picking up on it
>the anorexic baby factory

No. 1937504

File: 1701648232928.jpeg (263.79 KB, 1170x1560, IMG_8173.jpeg)

What is wrong with this girl

No. 1937509

File: 1701648688020.jpeg (469.44 KB, 1170x838, IMG_8276.jpeg)

Imagine doing makeup to look dead and then asking if you have ana face kek

No. 1937558

Oh right my bad, excuse my retardness. Kek to that though, she really has no personality besides her ed and popping babies out (from what she shows on social media)

No. 1937564

Omg clearly none of you have babies this is a totally normal way to hold a baby for a short period of time y’all are retarded

No. 1937565

Side note what is the northern hemisphere bs snowing background(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1937586

ahhhhh i'm obviously happy N2F keeps her life pretty private online, but i truly and seriously think she and her boyfriend broke up cuz of all the quotes she's been posting lately!(this is an image board. post caps)

No. 1937617

So bizarre seeing Shmegeh still having influence somehow

No. 1937652

Oh shit I hope not. And if so that's fucking devastating considering she's due in like a week. I hope it's just hormones

No. 1937722

File: 1701690803781.jpg (81.9 KB, 638x630, gollum.w1200.jpg)

So very pretty!

No. 1937903

Is Fi back in hospital?

No. 1937906

Let's just keep on breathing and realize that Fi is always gonna be Fi…

No. 1937918

No, I don't think so. On her instagram she is just tasting protein bars and deserts just as it used to be.

No. 1937920

The new butterball best friend ( >>1933495 ) is just wondering how Abby got into her compost bin to make dinner.

No. 1937921

File: 1701718900169.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1170x2101, IMG_8305.jpeg)

I physically recoiled the instant I saw this

No. 1937948

I saw a comment on one of her posts asking if she’s in recovery and she said something vague like “recovery is different for everyone.” Girl please, you look worse than a holocaust victim, there’s no way you’re recovering

No. 1937961

File: 1701725684978.jpeg (671.01 KB, 1169x2005, D8818972-9E83-40E3-97A0-060DB5…)

Having an Ed really stunted Lyss’s development based off this and her post about how great the Trolls Movie was. All the socks and weird shit something’s off. She looks 86 but acts 9 and is like 35

No. 1937965

File: 1701726432381.jpg (485.4 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-12-04-22-45-25…)

I don't know why but this is funny to me

No. 1937967

Today on "ED problems and you": Coughing up your own shiat.

No. 1938022

how is she always in the hospital but always has her phone? she's in america idgi

No. 1938023

it doesn't look like she's in psych. I bet she takes little overdoses or some bpd shit to get short admissions or takes a bunch of pictures in the ER

No. 1938029

she looks to be in some sort of room? she was in a different (er) room in some of her earlier pics, idk if she was moved to a psych er room or what

but even most ers take phones away from psych patients, she seems to have hers during all her admissions

No. 1938064

File: 1701739537601.jpg (614.73 KB, 1079x1576, Screenshot_20231204_203600_Ins…)

I wonder what her page would look like and include? Would you watch? I'm very curious

No. 1938068

File: 1701739799727.jpg (653.16 KB, 1920x1920, 205_092939089.jpg)

Steffi wants to show you her car

No. 1938072

File: 1701740071650.png (223.28 KB, 447x578, Screen Shot 2023-12-04 at 7.34…)

Stef posted a new tiktok of herself moving in, which is a lot funnier when you realize that she had to set up the camera inside the room, leave, and then walk back in while making retarded discovery faces. While whoever that is in the background is watching her. (She did the same thing in the building hallway)

No. 1938074

File: 1701740130969.jpg (689.33 KB, 1080x1954, Screenshot_20231205_093244_Ins…)

Her page

No. 1938075

File: 1701740146427.png (494.43 KB, 443x715, Screen Shot 2023-12-04 at 7.36…)

imagine sitting next to her pretending that her book is shocking

No. 1938079

File: 1701740387801.jpg (507.73 KB, 1920x1920, 0231205_093754888.jpg)

I'm unsure of this is a developmental problem or from her ED but her left breast seems to be wonky or misshapen out she has a problem wearing a bra with small boots. I found it peculiar.

No. 1938081

most women have one breast that's larger than the other. It's just a lot more obvious when you're underweight / have small boobs and the weird clenched pose she's doing there definitely doesn't help

No. 1938096

Any bets on where Momsfav is headed for her treatment trip this time around? Looks like she’s headed out soon kek

No. 1938124

>do i have teh ana face lul
>deliberately scrunches her mouth in to create the ana face lines she doesn't have otherwise.

No. 1938140

I’d watch it- not sure it would have much content!

No. 1938159

why… why are her boobs performing mitosis. what am I looking at.

No. 1938185

she said it would be with her twin

No. 1938244

File: 1701772397306.png (1.42 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_8191.png)

okay Laura’s delusion is over the moon here

No. 1938245

I wanna see her wear this

No. 1938246

sooner or later she's gonna buy something like this and post a leg-lifting photo in some disgraced park and we're gonna enjoy every single bit of it

No. 1938261

File: 1701774317931.png (3.39 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_8195.png)

i really don’t understand how may’s skin can be so bad, it’s really unfortunate for her but like, do something (that’s not crying)

No. 1938267

File: 1701775470588.jpeg (2.11 MB, 1170x1967, AE5E9EF3-306F-4E28-BE61-7E2D95…)

the fuck is this

No. 1938278

Grim, isn’t it. It looks like someone took a cheese grater to her face but unfortunately she’s already too busy trying to get a SEED diagnosis to bother with something as mundane as skincare (good luck, May! “16 years” of anorexia and you haven’t even been IP since you were 11…it’s not gonna happen). She has a big scawy appointment today so expect more bitching and fucking whinging on about how ~misunderstood~ she is

No. 1938284

File: 1701780859630.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x1837, Screenshot_20231205_205346_Ins…)

Update 2 from Fi

No. 1938285

File: 1701780966809.jpg (222.2 KB, 1080x1535, Screenshot_20231205_205611_Ins…)

Update 1

No. 1938287

File: 1701781058089.jpg (855.1 KB, 1080x1869, Screenshot_20231205_205800_Ins…)

Update 3
Sorry for the order

No. 1938290

File: 1701781141696.jpg (879.15 KB, 1080x1863, Screenshot_20231205_205937_Ins…)

I scream

No. 1938292

This is not an "update", but the same perpetual, attention-craving verbal wank that she pulls off for years now.
Just another one of Fi's cycles.

No. 1938293

File: 1701781310647.jpg (621.86 KB, 1020x1730, Screenshot_20231205_210240_Ins…)

No. 1938297

File: 1701781697538.jpg (954.5 KB, 1079x1690, Screenshot_20231205_210459_Ins…)

No. 1938308

"mUh jOuRnEy"
Gorl, you're running in circles all the fucking time…
Also "appointment time": Doctor tells her to eat fucking more food, but she doesn't want to.
Darn, it's always the same shitshow with her.

No. 1938317

I think n2f deleted her account. I really hope she’s doing okay…

No. 1938319

her account isn't deleted nonna

No. 1938322

Same load of bullshit as usual. She’s just a drain at this point idk why she’s still under any service. Usually especially in adult services constant relapse cycles (as in the shit she’s been pulling before she even turned 18) would often result in discharge for non-compliance. Not Fi though. She’s been so used to being coddled and patted on the arse professionals are probably terrified of being slated to the news and Sky media like previously, kek.

No. 1938330

File: 1701789933445.jpeg (524 KB, 1170x2070, IMG_9654.jpeg)

Is it just me or does her weight look…alright?
I don’t know why she’s moaning about not having weekly monitoring like the spoops under her team do when her weight obviously isn’t dangerous and her bloods are fine. IWhen your local service covers 6 boroughs or something ridiculous of course you’re not gonna take priority over the really ill ones

No. 1938339

is this actually possible??? wtf.

No. 1938343

File: 1701791309737.jpg (705.69 KB, 1080x3544, Screenshot_20231205-094754_Chr…)

Bun has quite the moid in her ward apparently and thinks screaming at the nurses will somehow get rid of him.

No. 1938355

no, it's not.


No. 1938357

that's me

No. 1938359

File: 1701793875638.png (25.75 KB, 1171x174, vomittingshit.PNG)

Sorry 'medfag'nonnie but it is completely possible, normally due to severe impaction and requires surgery. However i think they're just trying to scare tara/be edgy, throwing up shit isn't glamourous after all.

No. 1938361

What does her having a child have to do with this?

No. 1938372

It's not that deep. It's a newspaper article, they always toss labels in headlines like it even if it's irrelevant. If it wasn't that she was a mum of x, it'd have been a label about where she's from, in that case it would have been "Kent Woman" or a nickname of the locals there.

No. 1938374

It's how newspapers refer to people when they write articles. 'Mum-of-one' describes the person and garners more sympathy than 'This one lady with a gross medical issue'. They don't call her by name in the heading because she isn't a public figure. This is how all newspapers write articles.

No. 1938396

Acute and then ERC again I bet. She loves the validation of going to the sickest spoopiest hospital and then doing so bad she’s forced to commit to ERC

No. 1938403

I'm calling bullshit. It's Brit tabloid press.

No. 1938409

Not to WK, but she evidently looks underweight. It is perhaps less obvious because she is literally 5 feet tall, but she doesn't look like a healthy person. In what way is this picture milky? It isn't a body check and the caption is about the outfit and nothing else.

No. 1938415

File: 1701801513590.jpeg (192.62 KB, 1170x808, IMG_8346.jpeg)

The attention whore award on edtwt goes to Tara … it wasn’t even about killing herself it was about how to fake her weight

No. 1938430

Why do all these bitches keep posting about how cold they are? Obviously you’re cold, you barely eat anything. You don’t need to keep posting about it and craving the validation

No. 1938431

don’t post this, she lurks here and will love to read that

No. 1938437

Not to wk but the UK is fricking freezing right now. And this isn’t a bc so I don’t really get it?

No. 1938452

As a Britfag I can confirm it’s absolutely fucking freezing rn, a lot colder than usual for this time of year especially over the last few days, imo anyway

No. 1938457

Thank you fellow britfag. It snowed up here too but not sure about the South.

No. 1938459

Either you aren't a medfag or you better go back to training as fecal vomiting is definitely real (and not unusual to see in emergency or pre-hospital medicine)

No. 1938460

she isn’t r underweight or if she is, it’s barely. she’s posted recently about being a healthy bmi and being ‘ignored’ because of her weight, she looks fine.

No. 1938472

File: 1701806544991.png (282.98 KB, 429x697, Screen Shot 2023-12-05 at 2.01…)

Since May is reading this, I just thought I'd point out that she exchanges comments all the time with one of the twins talking about how they have the same consultant. And the twin has posted which service she's under. It's not hard to connect the dots.

No. 1938572


Her mom and dad are definitely brother and sister.

No. 1938577

Then we know what it would entail - filming each other doing their weird body checks in the middle of the road.

No. 1938581

Does she take her own ice cream to restaurants? How does that work? Does she bring a cooler with her? Eat off the menu or eat your safe little calorie counted sorbet cone at home. Watching these cows publicly humiliate themselves is something else.

No. 1938582

I think they're all pictures from one vacation she took where the hotel or resort or whatever had lemon sorbet that she liked

No. 1938583

It’s probably the twins posting her here TBH.

No. 1938585

Well that’s no fun, I much prefer to imagine her lugging around her own personal ice cream truck.

No. 1938593

Telling her cronies "You can do it" and failing miserably at it. Never change, Fi.

No. 1938613

File: 1701819783706.png (Spoiler Image,1.38 MB, 853x1761, Screenshots_2023-12-05-18-06-0…)

No. 1938615

Have the twins been confirmed to post here before? I have noticed they follow basically every cow posted here

No. 1938631

Ew… who is this?

No. 1938632

what does this have to do with pro-ana scumbags?

No. 1938653

Part of it's malnourishment and various deficiencies. The other part of it is unknown to me.
It's definitely a N** style face-check.

No. 1938692

File: 1701831330929.jpeg (845 KB, 1170x1402, IMG_8070.jpeg)

bait for farmers?

No. 1938703

Don’t think any posts have ever been confirmed as them, but for awhile I’ve been tinfoiling that (at least) one of them posts occasionally to ask for updates about ED patients they used to know personally &/or online. Just these little one-off “hey, does anyone remember so-and-so? what happened to her?” requests. Obviously some of those are regular anons reminiscing on cows of the past, but something about the grammar on some of the questions about total nobodies… idk.

No. 1938781

she likes it because it makes her look sick. unfortunately for her she just looks old and decrepit, like a witch about to offer you an apple in the woods

No. 1938789

File: 1701843666304.jpg (732.07 KB, 1079x2004, Screenshot_20231206_141757_Ins…)

Had this cow been mentioned before?

No. 1938790

File: 1701843704523.jpg (512.36 KB, 1079x1442, Screenshot_20231206_142152_Ins…)

Cow cross over

No. 1938793

File: 1701844232482.jpg (580.15 KB, 1079x1721, Screenshot_20231206_141922_Ins…)

No. 1938800

File: 1701844796212.jpg (624.46 KB, 1079x1596, Screenshot_20231206_142958_Ins…)

No. 1938801

File: 1701844930514.jpg (623.09 KB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_20231206_141938_Ins…)

Last one for now

No. 1938846

Oh shit, if I'm not mistaken this is the girl that somewhat casually had an abortion while smoking her horribly rolled blunts 24/7 and dressing up for her skanky pro ana page. Weight wise she has never changed a bit, or mentioned any ed things. Just existing in their community

No. 1938849

I remember this girl back in the day a couple years ago scammed some people on ig saying she was selling xanax or something.

No. 1938850

How is she a cow? Apart from the face scratching she doesn’t post anything particularly problematic, has actually gained weight, keeps most of her shit to herself and just wants to play video games and walk her dog. Maybe this comes across as WKing but idc, being friends with Fi doesn’t make a person milky on their own

No. 1938886

File: 1701871398234.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1170x2405, IMG_5757.jpeg)

Sydney back to treatment (pic is from her tiktok story)

No. 1938900

holy fuck she looks dreadful. what a disappointment

No. 1938930

What the fuck. How does she get so deathly sick so fast. She must completely stop eating as soon as she comes out of treatment.

No. 1938953

Totally agree with this anon. This seems like something of a vendetta

No. 1938954

Y’all are just gassing up her Ed by saying how bad she looks so quick kek, bet she reads this and is super proud

No. 1938955

Also what transport nurse does she mean, is she taking the spoop vacay plane?

No. 1939032

She looks and sounds really bad in her update video.

No. 1939043

Zara's insta is gone and she's gone private. Probably to hide her relapse

No. 1939071

probably her whole life is a fucking relapse.
so it's all about whoring for attention (again).

No. 1939079

Yet her profile is private, it's the opposite of attention whoring surely?

No. 1939081

it is not if you intend to reappear after a short while…

No. 1939090

It's the oldest trick in the book, right?

No. 1939099

I fear this may become a Kennedy-like situation.

No. 1939100

Probs just getting shuffled around the emergency department so a rando pushed her bed to another unit/area

No. 1939101

I bet she's getting medflighted back to ACUTE again

No. 1939103

Everytime she relapses she uses it as an excuse to get people to buy her shit on amazon. Her wishlist is up again

No. 1939107

She sounds like she’s on her last leg. I’m guessing she’s flying back to ACUTE. I

No. 1939109

At least she doesn’t have a $100 scale on there. Speaking of Rachel, did she croak? Haven’t heard anything on her since her rant about how the doctors almost killed her and not her own idiotic refusal to eat despite lying to and insulting anyone who pointed out she wasn’t actually recovering. Guess we were all in fact right, little bean sprout.

No. 1939130

Yeah lol bean sprout really fucked around ajd found out

No. 1939136

Kek but she gained 12 pounds!!!!

No. 1939184

Definitely bait.
Selfpost, perhaps.

No. 1939228

My god momsfav sounds like she’s dying in her TikTok. I almost feel bad but that girl cannot get her shit together at all despite having all the resources at her disposal

No. 1939231

my hot take that anons might not like is that she's an example of someone who is kinda rude and unlikable but also pretty genuinely and undeniably ill. I imagine she gets pressured into going to treatment by her family and goes because she can't be financially independent, but is too far gone mentally to really engage and is kinda destined to turn out like the twins

No. 1939238

the name momsfavedisappointment really kinda sets in how much she’s given up already. I don’t think she’ll last long enough to turn out like the twins, it looks like a kennedy/kelsey situation which is really hard to watch no matter how irritating she is

No. 1939241

If she was smart she would quit tiktok entirely. She gets a lot of validation by people being shocked by how sick she looks

No. 1939253

I can absolutely feel the weakness in her voice

No. 1939259

File: 1701929901931.jpeg (531.04 KB, 1158x992, IMG_1367.jpeg)

> #giveup
she’s actually embarrassing.

No. 1939260

File: 1701929962394.jpeg (890.92 KB, 1199x1592, IMG_1366.jpeg)

accompanied by a suck-my-cheeks-in weird ass selfie too. are we sure she’s 19 because she’s acting like a schoolkid

No. 1939290

File: 1701938976732.png (446.23 KB, 426x491, Screen Shot 2023-12-07 at 2.50…)

Some obvious snarking at Fi

No. 1939303

File: 1701945165762.webm (4.1 MB, 576x1024, 1000008242.webm)

Wasn't she just surrounded by love and support and bestest friends like, two weeks ago?
Did she drop her that quick? Kek, yikes. I wonder what she did to send someone running that early

I won't lie, I thought I had been blocked when I went looking and it wasn't there..

Please, don't be a lazy farmer

No. 1939313

well, she's not wrong.(sage your shit)

No. 1939314

this is sad, but i don't feel sorry for anyone who posts wishlists

No. 1939317

I mean, where’s the lie kek

No. 1939373

Not to be retarded but why is this such a big deal to farmers yes it's obnoxious but IMHO someone like fi is worse whose subtler with the grift for gifts

No. 1939431

File: 1701972214125.jpeg (681.94 KB, 1094x1970, IMG_1368.jpeg)

sentiments echoed by this user as well- who is definitely a farmer, follows all the cows and frequently posts about lolcow on her stories. bit of a pro-ana scumbag herself, ironically.

No. 1939432

File: 1701972312324.jpeg (589.93 KB, 1126x1622, IMG_1159.jpeg)

such a great role model to be criticising others for what they post, kek

No. 1939438

I'm intrigued by this one to be honest.

No. 1939442

File: 1701973882020.jpeg (659.15 KB, 970x1471, IMG_1374.jpeg)

she thinks she’s a muslim convert and claims people are ‘racist’ towards her- a white girl.

No. 1939447

she’s definitely a farmer as she posted a rant about amazon wish lists yesterday

No. 1939469

File: 1701976585408.png (4.32 MB, 828x1792, 25CB4F66-4595-4D14-96F1-E91B2A…)

Did we know Abby was back inpatient? And she’s also only turning 18?? I thought she was 19

No. 1939481

She’s clearly at home?

No. 1939482

does anyone knows what could trigger her ED in the first place?

No. 1939488

She was a high level swimmer iirc. Not uncommon.

No. 1939491

Yeah Fi’s annoying AF, but you can always just stop following her?

No. 1939494

abby was 18 ages ago. she’s been in REDu multiple times. adult unit. also it’s not her birthday, that post is completely bizarre

No. 1939506

File: 1701980109069.png (302.01 KB, 1080x1499, 1000020061.png)

Can confirm that Sydney is at ACUTE - this was the address connected to her wishlist.

Maybe, but at least she isn't e-begging in every other post like Lyss or Rachel would be?

No. 1939507

if people really are asking to send her gifts, i don't think posting a wishlist is that egregious. it makes sense she would want that extra level of privacy through a wishlist vs giving out her exact address to everyone. she says dont send anything if they don't want to. it doesn't seem beg-y to me.

No. 1939509

anon above, okay my bad I didnt realize the wishlists show her address, ok that's weird then

No. 1939512

File: 1701980756033.png (4.44 MB, 828x1792, E19A3E3B-D4B2-4D5F-874C-E82CA4…)

Because home has no smoking signs on the walls

No. 1939514

Oh I assume it’s as a joke (because she vapes constantly) but fair. I see why you’d think that

No. 1939518

what hospital would allow her to have that much crap and would be furnished with a bookshelf with glass shelves?

No. 1939519

Yes. Swimmers can really restrict like crazy. I swear it’s because of their tolerance to denying themself of literal air their entire athletic career.

No. 1939563

that’s her bedroom it’s a gimmick wall sticker. ffs.

No. 1939586

File: 1701991295114.jpeg (244.08 KB, 1235x1263, IMG_1376.jpeg)

wow she must lurk here obsessively, that was a fast name change

No. 1939589

File: 1701991401667.jpeg (171.92 KB, 1230x794, IMG_1377.jpeg)

both accounts changed like THAT, farmer caught in the act and knows how to try and go under the radar. shame, she had a lot of milky, potential.

No. 1939590

why is she posting shit like this if she's a muslim now? kek

No. 1939593


I nearly posted this one a couple of days ago . 100% a farmer. A lot of her story posts tally with things posted here. Ironically she WKs may on her stories / comments on her posts a lot too (… while probably being the source of the milk posted too)

No. 1939594

File: 1701991884618.png (556.71 KB, 476x631, Screen Shot 2023-12-07 at 5.32…)

Did you guys know that Stef had a tube?! If only she posted more pictures of it when she had it, then she wouldn't need these throwbacks to remind you that she HAD A TUBE.

No. 1939598

I don’t know if I agree with this 100%. Swimming a very cardio intense workout and if you don’t eat carbs you’re not going to race fast. Distance runners are thin because they burn a lot of calories- not because they restrict. What gets tricky with swimming as someone who grew up in that world is being in a bathing suit all the time. It’s brutal on your body image to be in an activity that requires you to not wear clothing. If you were to look at the top swimmers they typically aren’t super thin because you need a certain amount of body fat to float on top of the water. I would guess with Sydney that the restriction was never intended to make her swim faster. It’s something deeper that we could probably never figure out without really knowing her

No. 1939609

Kek it’s the tent for me

No. 1939610

there's a lot of research showing that there's a big biological component to AN. Sydney might have innocently had trouble eating enough just because she was burning so much and then had her predisposed neurochemistry take over.

No. 1939611

Can't forget the signature collarbone pop!

No. 1939612

I think it’s more of the personality traits of being a high performing athlete (high achieving, perfectionist) and in a body-focused sport. Not as bad as say gymnastics, but you’re in a swim suit so it’s there. High level athletes have discipline and drive that makes them a perfect candidate to withstand intense restriction.

No. 1939614

Agree with this, too. She seems like she would be the perfect storm of personality and environment meets biology.

No. 1939643

This is the dumbest fucking comment and makes you sound like you were deprived of air at birth

No. 1939664

The farmer becomes the farmed kek

No. 1939665

File: 1702002794655.png (4.84 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_4970.png)

she either is reposting her Ip days, or is actually in IP. the thing I find interesting is that she is complaining about other people’s ed behaviours in treatment. Hope the larping doesn’t continue, don’t want to be thirty years old and still barley lip Singing to a song. Asking your viewers for money.

No. 1939666

farm around and find out

No. 1939667

> still barley lip Singing to a song
Why are all the posts about this person so incoherent?

Making barley sing would be pretty impressive.

No. 1939677

File: 1702004393306.jpeg (978.02 KB, 960x1630, IMG_4157.jpeg)

Kek. Does Stef really have a tripod ring light? Is this what she uses to sit on the floor to perfect the lighting while filming pointless rants on tiiktok with?

No. 1939680

gotta do something with the $3k she begged for online

No. 1939687

Because ITS HER, leave this ‘anon’ alone watch her post a TikTok about this shit.

No. 1939688

these threads got a lot worse when all the bpd retards started posting themselves

No. 1939696

lol why is she pretending to be in a psych hospital? she's clearly in the ER

No. 1939698

What’s smorven doing or not doing now? Is she still alive?

No. 1939714

She spent a lot of money on furniture and decorations for someone who is soooo broke

No. 1939715

File: 1702011498559.png (355 KB, 446x726, Screen Shot 2023-12-07 at 10.5…)

Even with roommates, this apartment can't be cheap. I strongly suspect her parents are helping her financially but just insisted that she move out.

No. 1939716

If you watch through, that is an enormous bedroom for nyc unless she's living super far out.

No. 1939760

that is suck a fucked up thing to say.

No. 1939899

File: 1702026395228.webm (5.17 MB, 368x656, 1000008276.webm)

That's her bedroom and she's probably wearing the same dress she wore at her 18th birthday party, or she's on about going to a friends. Is it a video? Can you convert and post it? I don't have Instagram anymore and miss Becca and Abbys antics just not enough for an account.
The fat one she posted about being her best friend (the one with Christmas lights on her wall who was posing with humpty dumpty in sunglasses with, I think maybe it was put in cluster b(itches)2 by mistake)
The tent was on her Christmas list. I wonder if she's being given an extravagant autistic gift every day until the 25th when she will receive her tickets for her annual inpatient breaks abroad.
The tent will also be to stop her from sleeping in drawers and shelves
The last I heard, a few weeks ago, she had been out of REDU for a few weeks then sent right back into general for fucked electrolytes from purging. Still in the miserable cycle of wanting to die at home without the attention of hospital, so going back into hospital whenever she fancies.

No. 1939923

File: 1702027055440.png (776.24 KB, 1080x1080, 1000008281.png)

Is she wearing this?

No. 1939982

OMFG. jesus christ, that is by far one of the most embarrassing, attention seeking things i've ever seen in these threads. damnit Abby i defended you so many times! i'm so ashamed

No. 1939992

Even more embarrassing, imagine being that desperate for attention and the reaction you get mostly being "huh, it's pretty embarrassing that this idiot keeps self-posting, can't string a sentence together, and thinks that anyone will believe her tiktoks are in a psych ward rather than the ER"

No. 1940037

Attention is what bpd loves.

No. 1940046

I should have specified, *former swimmers

No. 1940047

Damn sounds like someone is triggered

No. 1940091

at this point she belongs in the Cluster B threads… she has a tube but mostly posts BPD stuff and stuff about her new diagnosises (supposedly)

No. 1940177

File: 1702066107899.jpeg (896.21 KB, 1221x1535, IMG_1379.jpeg)

another atrocious photo shop attempt- @ell.gets.well on instagram. it’s like they don’t have eyes

No. 1940179

File: 1702066143672.jpeg (790.7 KB, 1373x1622, IMG_1380.jpeg)

demon hand

No. 1940210

Honestly, this kind of posting is the MOST pro-ana thing I can think of. Especially the shooping, do these people’s family not tell them how embarrassing this is?

No. 1940213

File: 1702073521651.jpeg (225.96 KB, 1125x2038, IMG_7069.jpeg)

Ah colours has moved her tirade of abuse to Kat @katbeatsanorexia now..

No. 1940248

File: 1702078039003.jpeg (389.41 KB, 1170x1882, 79E3EB10-1F49-4254-B645-E2D5D6…)

I feel like just getting a black coffee would’ve been less disordered than this order… also why does she keep begging for people to buy her food when she could just not get a fancy Starbucks coffee with her money? Or get the food at Starbucks since it appears she has money she can spend there. Her brain cells are few and far between

No. 1940289

You're a moron

No. 1940333

File: 1702090386733.png (1.16 MB, 2048x1327, Screenshot 2023-12-09 134352.p…)

Ganer just posted her first heavily filtered body pics, she must really be struggling with bad body image rn with not being able to exessively exercise after her surgery.

In the caption she briefly mentions "water lose, weight lose, low calories", so basically flat out admits to restricting without saying it…

fuck shes a whole new level of deranged.

No. 1940340

looking straight up like if someone typed in "Flat-chested 40yo with a completely average body, posing in her bedroom in underwear" into an AI art image creator.

No. 1940344

you hoes are so annoying. she had surgery of course she lost weight. "basically flat out admits to restricting without saying it…" you gotta be fucking retarded

No. 1940345

surgery is famous for making you eat a low number of calories for weeks

No. 1940351

dont know what surgeries youve had anachan, but on each of mine my recovery consisted of drinking gallons of water, eating bags upon bags of crisps, and inhaling ice cream like air.

sage for blogpost

No. 1940352

ayrt, I think you totally missed that my reply was sarcastic and I was making fun of the anon who said ganer's reaction to having surgery was 100% normal.

No. 1940358

File: 1702096407036.png (62.46 KB, 1332x256, retard.png)

No. 1940359

you're being dense, the point that people are making is that she could eat more to accommodate her increased calorie needs rather than actually reducing the amount of slop she eats because she can't work out the same amount

No. 1940363


No. 1940418

>I don't even post that often anymore unless it's my dog
Yeah because you don't currently have a Tube

No. 1940419

I think she mostly posts on her secret account now

No. 1940446

When ganer says 'low calories' she means she has been eating less than normal, not just that her metabolic rate has gone up - she SHOULD have been eating higher calories to deal with with anyway. And 'glycon loss' means lack of carbs in diets, so she has been restricting

No. 1940464

I don’t think she belongs in these threads at all. I’m no doctor, but if you are
Administrating you own ensure treatment at home,then you don’t actually need it. Sure it could be for pots but claiming it’s for your ed Then well…

No. 1940486

It's always bad advice that you'll get if you ask another fRiEnD with a body dysmorphic disorder, Ganer. Those bodybuilders won't know because they don't wanna know about normal bodies.

No. 1940502

I've had inklings about Colours posting messages to cows via the anonymous platforms before, it does make you wonder. She feins innocents with "Well they're not achually anonymous", but given she knows how to use VPNs, and how she DMs some cows in a rage she's probably not above it.
If she's going to keep self-posting herself she might as well take it to the Cluster B thread.

No. 1940559

File: 1702141061681.jpeg (Spoiler Image,223.89 KB, 1170x1643, IMG_5317.jpeg)

jesus christ Sydney yearly spoop-cation

No. 1940576

File: 1702143296174.png (3.39 MB, 828x1792, C37CF748-37E0-4C7C-B7A7-B7AF38…)

Oh my god???

No. 1940586

She spent almost 10 months in treatment last time and now she's going back even worse. This has to be so frustrating for her parents.

No. 1940599

her parents must be paying out of pocket at some point… insurance is surely not paying for all of her annual relapses. god poor parents she’s gonna bankrupt them soon

No. 1940606

How can someone deteriorate this much in like 2 days? I shouldn’t be shocked but I am every time

No. 1940618

Yeah and if you’re in recovery even more reason to make sure you eat despite it. She has zero respect for her body.

No. 1940653

Fuck this video is horrifying. She can barely catch her breath enough to talk. I don’t get how she got so much worse in 3 days? Hasn’t she been in hospital?

No. 1940667

They can’t force you to eat on a general cardiac unit, and probs didn’t want to deal with refeeding syndrome.

No. 1940685

The annual relapses after becoming weight restored cannot go on forever. The back and forth is worse for her body than maintaining a low weight the entire time

No. 1940707

File: 1702160483364.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1854, Screenshot_20231209-221945.png)

Ganer's coach should be ashamed. No idea why she is making her do 'check-ins' (body checks) 3 weeks after surgery. Watching ganer in these threads over the years has convinced me that competitive body building is a seriously sinister sport

No. 1940713

its so unexplainably frustrating to watch, and i only see her through these threads

No. 1940733

File: 1702166306110.webm (Spoiler Image,3.1 MB, 576x1024, 1000008370.webm)

For those who don't have tiktok and want to see the

No. 1940738

File: 1702166696548.png (4.57 MB, 828x1792, 764B123E-F808-4917-8806-6606B6…)

there is a month between these two pictures. how on earth does she get in that state so fast? truly disgusting

No. 1940765

Her way of talking reminds me of characters on tv/in movies that got suddenly stabbed or something and are monologuing through their dying breathe. Very unsettling and sad.

No. 1940778

The way she’s talking now compared to how she sounded in previous videos is insane

No. 1940779

File: 1702175326611.jpeg (654.36 KB, 1170x1941, IMG_5687.jpeg)

I might be wrong but is this tube tape in Sydney’s treatment wishlist?

No. 1940780

File: 1702175443063.png (31.78 KB, 581x129, Screen Shot 2023-12-09 at 8.31…)

No, that's regular office supply tape. Probably for making crafts or something.

No. 1940869

File: 1702203817468.png (3.56 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5322.png)

is she not embarrassed? id be mortified if anyone saw me crying and filming it in public. Gives ppl with real Ed’s a bad rep, attention whore

No. 1940893

fr. the way shes slurring is really alarming as well - wouldnt be surprised if her blood sugar is in the basement. Hope wherever she goes can actually help her achieve some semblance of stability and quality of life tbh.

No. 1940894

atp a decent quality of life for her is a stretch if she gives up the second she gets home (like every other time). 6moths gaining weight, 6 months losing what she gained. not long left Sydney, it’s sad. At some point u gotta give up hope

No. 1940906

honestly, she's probably someone who could benefit from a SEED treatment track where they don't fully weight restore her at the usual fast pace, but get her to a safer weight and work with her to stay stable there for a while and then see if she can get interested enough in college or a job or a relationship or something to motivate her to do the rest of the weight restoration. I can understand why she freaks out every time she gets home, considering how much weight she has to gain in the usual 3-4 month treatment stints that she does.

No. 1940909

yeah this is what I meant rn aiming for stability and QoL - adopting an approach that pushes for such aggressive weight restoration is clearly just reinforcing a 'eat to get out' type mentality which only serves to fuel the rapid and dangerous acceleration back downhill.

Idk, maybe this time of year is making me soft but I really feel for her, she seems so stuck and like she has so little to live for right now.

No. 1940913

Is this what Niamhs on then? She keeps going on about having no goal/maintenance weight

No. 1940916

ofc it’s sad but at the end of they day no matter how stuck she is, it’s only her own effort that will help her. She needs to get a life and stop living like a 90yr old on palliative care or she will be a 22yr old on palliative care

No. 1940917

anyone have access to her tt account? (it’s private now)

No. 1940919

Surely it wouldn't make sense for her to be labelled as SEED being so young/not being ill for that long?

No. 1940922

agreed. surely gaining to and maintaining a slightly underweight bmi for a while is easier on your body than the current weight rollercoaster she's on, and less mentally distressing, allowing her to actually work on her mental health

No. 1940958

The service Niamh is under as an adult don’t generally push for weight restoration, and REDU (where she was recently IP) definitely dont (they do a lot of short term stabilisation admissions) unless you’re a massively revolving door patient in which case they will put you on a community detention and have you back in hospital as soon as you dip underweight. No one is going to push Niamh to get to a healthy weight unless she actively wants to, which is of course what she needs if she wants the quality of life of a usual 18 year old.

No. 1940960


Not labelled as SEED, just typical for the service she’s in

No. 1940971

Thanks lothian anon

No. 1941051

How is Marie/daintieskinny doing? I dont follow her anywhere but her twitter seems to be gone

No. 1941114

She seems to have changed her username and has seemed to have stopped using the account since end of october:

No. 1941118

>> competitive body building is a seriously sinister sport
It's kinda like the Paralympics for ED freaks, so to speak. At the end of the day BB is just another form of orthorexia in Godzilla format.

No. 1941122

it seems there are multiple lothian anons, though i fear i am the oldest and most baffled by the behaviour of the likes of abby

No. 1941247

She has every opportunity to flourish in life and has access to things many others don’t. I’m not one to complain about other peoples privileges but ffs she’s posting about buying a Versace jacket on her instagram stories kek. She has a family that loves and cares about her, financial freedom to not even think about getting a job and all the time in the world to get her shit together. I know it’s not easy but to see her constantly take her opportunities for granted is so irritating. Wake up you selfish child, she’s just as immature and spoiled as Steph

No. 1941349

File: 1702275637888.jpeg (309.48 KB, 1170x1967, ED07A39B-EB76-4184-A39A-A63CB0…)

Gotta wear the shirt from Denver Acute to remind everyone you went to Denver Acute since you don’t have a tube anymore but still compete

No. 1941350

why on earth did she feel a need to buy a denver health shirt from their gift store? great use of money

No. 1941397

She’s only 18/19 or so? Shit I thought she was like 23 or older

No. 1941438

I think she looks older too.

No. 1941439

Well, everybody's gonna be a fan of something, right?

No. 1941442

A hospital is not a football club, gorl!

No. 1941446

Aye she's the same age as Niamh, they met IP. Imo the boggin' makeup is what ages her. She looks like my geriatric nan who's just found a 50 year old oxidised bottle of foundation in her handbag and slapped it on with a raw potato. The eyeliner as well? Christ. My 18 month old can draw a straighter line.
The ana/purge face doesn't help either, of course.
She also said, when she posted her wishlist, that her birthday and Christmas are close together so the gifts are given at the same time. So she's either just about to turn 19, or just about to turn 20. She's still a teenager, is what I'm saying.

No. 1941458

File: 1702307453106.png (3.15 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_0998.png)

Wow! These cows are so creative in finding a way to turn any given thing into an opportunity to bodycheck!

No. 1941467

This is actually nauseating

No. 1941476

Forgive my lateness and shitty eyesight, but is she using an image of Creepychan (Alison Harvard) as her userpic?

No. 1941484

I'm pleased for her. Her whole life seemed to be mum, Costa Coffee and how she was once half a kilo underweight. Friends was the huge missing piece there, and I'm glad she's got them. Love to see cows move out of the pasture!

No. 1941489

sorry for nitpick but she was def never even anywhere near underweight

No. 1941492

I think the
>half a kilo underweight
Was satirical

No. 1941495

Please tell me that necklace Stef is wearing says "Namaste"! She is the most basic bitch I'm dying here

No. 1941498

No. 1941504

Dehydration will sink your face in like mad on top of already being spoopy. Christ, no one should have cheekbones protruding so much you could use them to pick her up with…

No. 1941505

Competitive Bodybuilding IS a sinister sport, nona. One of my best friends took it up when she lost a lot of weight, and the stories she told about how some of the crazed contestants would go to extremes not just with diet but actively sabotaging each other, it was wild. She eventually got sick of the drama and took up powerlifting.

No. 1941509

Yeah I was being ironic. Her "before recovery" picture was just her looking a bit sad next to a cup of coffee.

No. 1941589

File: 1702332454457.jpg (607.51 KB, 1125x2122, 6ZeYjnK.jpg)

Saged bc I don't actually know if this was posted before (sorry I don't live in Lolcow). I just saw this in Lucinda's thread.

SkinnyFans, everyone!
(So now we know what was all that EC nonsense about).

No. 1941600

>> She eventually got sick of the drama and took up powerlifting.
Which, btw, is also sinister shit.

No. 1941670

lol i used to have an account on skinnyfans. the content is fucking boring(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1941674

File: 1702347119870.png (539.16 KB, 428x675, Screen Shot 2023-12-11 at 8.12…)

Stef is desperately trying to make her parents feel bad for drawing a line, I guess

No. 1941719

Which one is her tiktok account? I hate how recent threads don’t put names with links bc if their name isn’t in their account users then how are we to figure out which of the listed links are for them

No. 1941720


No. 1941737

Sucking in the cheeks too, to really rub in the guilt.

No. 1941767

it's kind of funny how colours always calls Laura fairy, but here we call Laura by her real name and we call Colours by her username lol

No. 1941768

girl come on, this is embarrassing

No. 1941769

you can tell she was going for sickly, but just looks constipated instead

No. 1941810

Zoolander face

No. 1941811

lmao the chapped lips too! she's taking notes from becca and LLL
btw is there anything new about becca? guysss it's 12/12 HER TUBE ANNIVERSARY EXTRA SPESHUL DAY OMG HOW COULD YOU GUYS FORGET !!!

No. 1941830

File: 1702373132486.jpg (772.5 KB, 1080x2107, 1000008476.jpg)

Moving to Aberdeen as soon as a bed is available. Still working with Lynn the dietician to "get to a healthy weight she's comfortable with but don't worry it's suitable for her weight and height". She also started a post as "really positive update" and then spoke about how her mum had multiple strokes in the same post.
She's been moved to the cluster b(itches) threads because she's a deep fried butterball

No. 1941902

it's on the 19th, best believe you'd be hearing from her about it if it were today

No. 1941909

Jfc the state of this userbase kek

No. 1941951

File: 1702397458062.png (6.17 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_8509.png)

headbanging over her absolutely deranged “food combo”?

No. 1941956

What guilt? They’re clearly financially supporting her. She has no job and lives in NYC. The math ain’t mathing.

No. 1941999

The whole gofundme has to be a scam because she has to be getting her health insurance through her parents. She has never had a full time job in her life and certainly doesn’t have one right now to qualify for her own. She needs to get a grip and a career

No. 1942022

AYRT, I mean her followers. And just because she's still being financially supported by them doesn't mean she isn't trying to guilt them for kicking her out and not letting her live as a retarded NEET forever.

No. 1942031

i wouldn't call that an absolutely deranged food combo, that sounds really good tbh

No. 1942039

File: 1702413020759.jpeg (61.89 KB, 296x640, 61BC808F-9849-47CF-A6CE-E4BF89…)

I hope she managed to ‘just breathe’ when she ate this super scary pathetic excuse of a PRoPeR lunch, kek. In all seriousness, this is next level cow behaviour for Fi. She 100% knows what she’s doing at this point.

No. 1942043

I just wonder what her parents think about her ersatz grub when they see it…
Guess it wouldn't be "hey, our gorl is on the way to her rEcOvErY"

No. 1942134

Yeah there have been scrotes outed on the thread before farming milk or requesting pics of skellies. One of them posted his icon when he was in a FB support group for parents of eating disordered children (Ham's mum). Chilling to think what perverts inhabit those spaces. Wonder why her underwear photos kept getting posted here. Vendettachans are a problem here but the biggest to me with this thread is the clear presence of scrote anorexia fetishists. Disgusting. Trying so hard not to a-log but sick girls (be it ana- or bpdchan) online have nothing on porn addicted moids. Lowest of the low.

No. 1942158

that’s seriously the most pathetic excuse of a “proper lunch”. in what world is a single tortilla with a serving of hummus a meal? she knows what’s she doing and is trying to get attention/sympathy

No. 1942169

File: 1702432966565.png (7.5 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4948.png)

Stef is being admitted, in case anyone was wondering

No. 1942171

File: 1702433077027.png (5.15 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4949.png)

sounds like a general hospital admission based on the wait

No. 1942177

do i have to remind you we're on a bullying site? you aren't better than anyone hoe lol(edgelord newfag)

No. 1942178


No. 1942179

the faces she makes causes my blood to boil. how can someone be so unaware of the sheer amount of cringe in their own posts? doesn't us calling her out make her realize she doesn't look sickly, just goofy, with such poses?(calm down)

No. 1942181

furthermore the amount of eyefucking she gives herself(calm down with the triple posting)

No. 1942182

Fags on reddit are excusing it by saying 'she's autisticccc she can't handle different textures' it's such a joke seeing how many people are fooled

No. 1942185

lmao even if that were the case, she could at least eat an adequate quantity of the food. also a lot of people with autism have EDs (namely ARFID), it’s not an excuse for not eating enough.

what subreddit is she being discussed on?

No. 1942186

do you think she knows it looks like she’s doing the blue steel pose all the time? it’s so obvious she’s sucking her cheeks in, it’s almost cartoonish

No. 1942187

What the actual fuck are you talking about? Scrotes aren't allowed to post here, let alone porn addicted ones. I know I'm on the bullying site, retard.

No. 1942188

File: 1702435315415.mp4 (1.68 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000clsdi1nog65kujvor3…)

nothing like making your hospital admission into some positivity inspo bullshit

No. 1942189

Ayrt, it's r/EDRecoverySnark. Warning, they're stupid as over there (obviously)

No. 1942192

The casual pulling down her shirt collar so you can see her collar bones, kek

No. 1942197

Fr and if she hates the texture THAT much, she can always just eat something else surely??

No. 1942200

she could easily just eat a lot more of the expensive protein desserts she buys online - she's shown that she eats some calorie-dense things

No. 1942214

I didn’t even notice that. I was too focused on her making sure the IV was in the picture

No. 1942215

and in this one >>1942171 she's put on a heart monitor in the stupidest way possible so it all comes out of the top of the shirt.

honestly, I bet she fucked up her electrolytes purging. hard to think of anything else that would get her admitted so soon after leaving treatment

No. 1942223

File: 1702439750798.png (538.92 KB, 481x772, Screen Shot 2023-12-12 at 9.56…)

This is the most emo middle school shit. Also, guess the hospital vacay is over?

No. 1942227

Weird, her video has her flashing the mri machine at one point. Not sure what could warrant needing that that is ED related.

No. 1942229

oh, I'm retarded and didn't watch the video. That makes it seem not ED related, then

No. 1942237

I mean she is trying her hardest to make people think it’s related to it. The video had audio that was like “maybe all your struggles are leading you to a beautiful new chapter”
How long has she even been out of treatment?

No. 1942239


No. 1942300

CT not MRI.

No. 1942316

This video doesn’t work for me. What’s her TikTok?

No. 1942318

Her tiktok is private and this video is farmed from months ago. You'll need to open the page on chrome / desktop / faff about to make it work on here because her current tiktok is @abswag_, private and has 79 followers so even if it is still up you can't see it on tiktok

No. 1942321

ah, I always confuse the two. Thanks for clarifying. CT makes more sense for something potentially digestion or major organ related which are the more common ED complications

No. 1942345

It’s fascinating that these people want to live with their parents. If someone’s going to bankroll your life independently, why wouldn’t you want to live independently where your ED can thrive. Love my parents but I couldn’t wait to get the fuck out of their house for that very reason. I cannot even imagine living with them at 27 when most people have careers and kids. It’s pathetic and has nothing to do with her being sooper severely sick. There are plenty of successful anachans.

No. 1942490

You left your profile pic in your screenshot anon

No. 1942566

File: 1702508173924.jpeg (813.59 KB, 828x1481, IMG_1116.jpeg)

So this post from a fashion group got suggested to me. It’s Laura.

No. 1942639

Shoop shoop be do be do be do

No. 1942660

Was wondering if she was alive. She strikes me as one of those skellies that will spoop around til they're thirty then die in their sleep. The ratty hair and bones aren't "kawaii" at all though

No. 1942665

How the fuck could she possibly be medically unstable when she's been in residential and php for months?? Is stef going the munchie route omg

No. 1942674

Shit-eating grin. She's so pleased with herself. Sidenote how is she getting off claiming her parents don't support her when she has a nice apartment downtown in NYC filled with expensive clothes and fully furnished and decorated? My best guess is they're footing her rent bill but want her to work part time or be more independent

No. 1942682

I agree, anon, I think they just told her that they want her to try living my herself and getting a job (but were too chicken to actually cut her off so it's just a vague "we won't pay for you forever" kinda deal). She obviously got a lot of her stuff back when she got to NYC, she's not working so where the hell would she be getting health insurance, and her apartment is really fucking nice even though she's trying to say that it was an amazing deal.

No. 1942683

Wtf is this face she's making she's genuinely pretty when she's not doing whatever this is

No. 1942690

Fiona core with the hat and giant pom pom on top

No. 1942710

She is unbearable

No. 1942711

File: 1702520874436.jpeg (506.05 KB, 828x1344, IMG_0784.jpeg)

Merp, forgot the pic

No. 1942712

File: 1702520948338.jpeg (598.74 KB, 828x1341, IMG_0785.jpeg)

No. 1942713

how much of an emergency can it be if she remembered to pack her santa stuffed bunny, jesus

No. 1942726

IV not hooked up to anything except saline (or electrolytes at maximum), in the bathroom alone, no fall risk bracelet or socks, and in her own clothes? Someone’s fine other than being a complete waste of a bed in a busy hospital. My guess is she claimed chest or abdominal pain plus purging or just basic intentional dehydration. Any eating disorder unit would know what was up and not play into her dramatics but she went to a general ER where they’re ethically compelled to treat her like she isn’t a manipulative adult toddler.

No. 1942727

according to her tiktok story, they are trying to "rule out blood clots in her lungs from her heart"

No. 1942728

they would know if she had a pulmonary embolism as soon as they read the imaging - which she got yesterday, right? it's not a fucking treasure hunt, either they're on the image or not

No. 1942729

you're so right. one of the main symptoms of a blood clot in your lung is chest pain. I doubt they really suspect it's that, she probably just chose the most scary sounding possibility of the ones they told her to share

No. 1942734

File: 1702523122986.png (279.5 KB, 1291x507, Screen Shot 2023-12-13 at 9.06…)

hasn't she been emo posting about getting disowned or whatever for weeks now? yet this post implies she and her mom are tight as ever

No. 1942735

Maybe the parents are divorced?

No. 1942736

If you can take multiple selfies in the ED and on a unit you’re clearly not sick enough to be there.

No. 1942750

she looks like one of those scummy tiktok lesbians

No. 1942751

Exactly. If it's not on the CT it's not there. PE assessment can be done entirely in the ER too, it doesn't require admission. Miss girl is just talking up symptoms to get a sleepover.

No. 1942758

do we have any update on neefers or is she still silent since her proana-gate lmao

No. 1942790

Yeah I remember the FB creep, he was so old too and posting about Hannah who was like 17/18 at the time. What a complete fucking loser, I'd kill myself if I were that pathetic but men never have any self awareness so I'm not surprised.

Can the retard who mods this thread ban these men already? How many times is this moid going to out himself on here as the same scrote who keeps saying hoe before the mod actually does what she's supposed to do. He admits to it almost every time he posts and the retard is still like "mhmmm this is definitely a newfag edgelord, I'll put them out to pasture for a day so he can come back tomorrow and shit up the joint again." It's a moid, you're retarded. Permaban him already.

No. 1942818

They have to be paying for her medical bills and insurance because she will never work full time. otherwise just one of these er trips would make her bankrupt. I wish she would be honest and stop begging for donations

No. 1942823

She’s 27 acting like she’s 16. I don’t get how she’s always admitted to the ER looking superbly healthy. After years of her tube posts I’ve never seen her look anywhere remotely underweight, so cringe to cat like ur at deaths door but look super healthy at the same time

No. 1942825

she is definitely underweight though, just not spoop level

No. 1942826

She doesn’t look underweight now if you can see past her stupid faces. She probably went to the er hoping to get the tube back in

No. 1942827

Ok Steph lmao. She’s the healthiest body I’ve ever seen. Probably by American standards too thin but for the rest of the world, healthy!

No. 1942851

I'm not stef and I'm not American. Ok I dont follow her anywhere beside this thread, and she is obviously trying very hard with those ridicoulus faces and is an attention whore but >>1938068 doesn't seem like healthy sized legs to me. I would guess she is around bmi 15-17.

No. 1942852

I'm not stef and I'm not American. Ok I dont follow her anywhere beside this thread, and she is obviously trying very hard with those ridicoulus faces and is an attention whore but >>1938068 doesn't seem like healthy sized legs to me. I would guess she is around bmi 15-17. well at least she is trying, unlike the fat larpers.

No. 1942855

(sorry for double posting omg, my internet is shit)

No. 1942860

Lmao if u think she’s thin u need to reevaluate ur perceptions lmao. Cringe seeing a 27yr old healthy woman larp all day kek
(rattle rattle)

No. 1942864

File: 1702553983850.png (1.4 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5371.png)

ayrt It’s the posing look at her legs in her TikTok’s where she isn’t posing and they’re just so average. Both in leggings/tights, she’s not thin. Most healthy legs. BMI 19 MIN. Stop acting like she’s dying lmao would take at least 15kg to make her look ill

No. 1942865

File: 1702554020887.png (3.56 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5370.png)

U have to be blind to think this is underweight. Laughable

No. 1942867

Ok sorry, as I said I only see pictures of her that are posted here and I dont even follow her here particularly. On this pictures she really looks healthy and not underweight at all. Was she thinner when she was at ACUTE?

No. 1942868

Must’ve been. But never spoopy

No. 1942869

The pictures in >>1938068 are from Australian Stef (aka steffiirr), not American Stef who I would consider heathy slim but not underweight at this point.

No. 1942889

She was posting vlogs on her tiktok, waffling on while eating her rabbit food pretending to be recovered but she made them private again. She’s got a job in a clothes shop now.

No. 1942903

Those are two completely different stefs

No. 1942906

omg my mistake, thanks for clarifying

No. 1942910

File: 1702566626733.png (1.23 MB, 796x1402, Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 9.58.…)

Not to WK because it is hard to feel bad for a 27 year old NEET with rich parents to sponge off of in NYC, but if you go back far enough in her TikTok she has videos of herself fully WR and she definitely is much thinner right now. Maybe not crazy underweight in absolute numbers, but from what I assume her baseline to be, she is quite under right now.

No. 1942911

the arms don't match the body how'd that happen

No. 1942913

Probably years of weight cycling.

No. 1942915

She looks like she's going to crawl out of my television and haunt me.

No. 1942921

Stef is cringe but it's also pretty cringe to rattle and glorify skellies. Yes she's over the top but you don't have to be like Laura EC or momsfav to have an ed.

Anon you look deranged zooming in on her legs nobody said she's spoopy

No. 1942923

What year is this from? When did she start her erc vacations does anyone know

No. 1942926

ooh so is that like a skinny fat final form

No. 1942928

File: 1702569909569.jpg (306.36 KB, 1080x1966, 1000008544.jpg)

Zara's still kickin'
Not sharing the story as it's a video of her and her sister as children and then a bunch of photos of her sister as a collage. But she's alive kek

No. 1942929

Exactly, a PE is a very easy and obvious thing to identify in an ER. I’m sure Miss Drama School Grad (she went to a performing arts high school iirc) did quite the performance when staff were looking. When they weren’t she was taking selfies looking disgustingly proud of herself. She’s a failed actress, munching her way into a very short hospital admission is nothing.

No. 1942934

Am I crazy or is she actually pretty here? Like her face is nicer than how she looks now, constantly sucking in her cheeks

No. 1942936

You're not crazy delulu chan saying she has "the healthiest body ever" is sending me. I get most of us are anachans but objectively most people look best at a healthy weight that their body naturally settles at. Both superspoops and land whales are unnatural

No. 1942942

File: 1702570735305.png (89.31 KB, 1039x568, Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 17-18…)

I looked her up and this is from one of her writings… how can someone be so much in love with themselves

No. 1942945

File: 1702570862036.png (81.28 KB, 1056x567, Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 17-22…)

No. 1942949

Seven days.

No. 1942958

Anons have dredged this up like five times she wrote it in highschool. I'm sure being skelly all of her adult life has given her brainrot though so surprised her recent stuff is okay.

No. 1942959

It's called being pear-shaped. I think she just carries her weight in her legs.

No. 1942962

File: 1702572347700.jpg (255.94 KB, 1080x1634, Screenshot_20231214_114516_Tik…)

I'm convinced she's teetering toward munchiedom. A scroll through her tiktok shows a lot of random two day hospitalizations she's happy as a pig in shit about.

No. 1942964

Spooky scary skeletons

No. 1942967

File: 1702572650189.jpg (257.13 KB, 1080x1554, Screenshot_20231214_114824_Tik…)

Trying to act sad about not being discharged. She even randomly got hospitalized for two days after months of being weight restored and tubed still at ERC.

No. 1942969

She probably knows exactly what to say to get admitted for observation. Don't think it's anything more than that.

No. 1943007

not trying to wk but as someone who had been very sick for a medical reason, i was able to take and send a selfie to my parents while in the er. Not a posed duck lipped or smiley one of course, but it is possible to take a selfie while in pain. I always hate that argument on here(blog)

No. 1943065

Everyone seems to think stef has anorexia buts claims arfid when it’s convenient but I think it’s the other way around. I’m fully convinced she has arfid and that her “anorexia” is really just a bpd attention grab. She clearly has no issue with tube feeds and treatment stays. She went low enough to just barely meet acute criteria so she could join the super skelly club.

No. 1943088

BMI 26 looking(*bones rattling*)

No. 1943091

File: 1702587816135.jpeg (50.46 KB, 646x579, 13CCE08C-641E-42CF-BDD2-27ECB5…)

fi is absolutely purging her tHrEe mEaLs and tHrEe snAcKs a day

No. 1943092

Rattle rattle
She looks fine there she's just pear shaped and freshly weight restored

No. 1943099

I think we all know that it’s physically possible. The point is she’s posting on social media for attention which means she doesn’t actually feel that bad. And when you’re waiting days in the ED for a bed, a munchie like Stef doesn’t belong there taking up valuable space. The last thing that’s ever been on my mind in hospital is to take a picture and post online, because I’m not a BPD attention whore

No. 1943101

File: 1702589021401.jpg (861.47 KB, 1080x2316, 1000008578.jpg)

Have I stumbled upon a new pro-ana tube-loving cow, or just one that's gone under the radar for the last few threads?


No. 1943128

If you think this is what BMI 26 looks like, you are seriously out of touch with reality

No. 1943155

File: 1702596214964.png (389.37 KB, 763x1354, Screenshot 2023-12-15 101931.p…)

and so it begins. taking advice from her trainer, not a qualified physio. this can only lead to a bad end.

No. 1943156

Bmi sperging is cancer I s2g

No. 1943188

Can she grow TF up and get a job already…

No. 1943193

Having to stay another day doesn’t mean she’s sick, it’s more likely that since she chose a large and busy hospital and close to the holidays it was paperwork holding her back. Especially if she has good insurance, which is highly likely given all her treatment and hospital vacations. Once someone’s admitted, getting them out the door takes time even if there’s no more medical reason for them to be there. And if it’s past about 4 or 5 in the afternoon and they’re not in the process of discharging, the patient is very often there until the next day since case management and others who have to sign off on the paperwork have gone home for the day.

She’s absolutely loving this, and it’s obvious this was not a necessary hospitalization. I agree that she knew exactly what to say to get admitted, and I also wouldn’t be surprised if she’s now blatantly restricting food and fluids in order to stay. Wonder if she’s aiming for an ACUTE Christmas for maximum parent guilt and internet asspats re “poor brave ana warrior stuck in treatment over the holidays, send me free shit and fawn over me and my delicate self.”

No. 1943194

she is 100% going to do her best to lose as much weight as she can and go back to treatment so her parents feel guilty and she can reeee "see it didn't work!! I told you so!!"

No. 1943200

I hope she will look back at her acct someday and be embarrassed as fuck

No. 1943201

can you please sage

No. 1943202

you comment is as dry as her content(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1943231

File: 1702605953583.png (430.24 KB, 483x723, Screen Shot 2023-12-14 at 8.06…)

Lyss' starbucks "challenge" posts are so goddamn transparent

No. 1943233

Stef just posted a several minute long tiktok in which she explains why it’s not triggering or attention seeking for her to post with the tube because “existing with an illness doesn’t mean you’re promoting it”. Sure, that’s true, but Stef, the reason people are asking you to stop posting it is because you don’t have a tube anymore and haven’t in months. Seems pretty attention seeking to constantly post throw backs to when you did

No. 1943236

Lmao, almond milk and sugar free syrup in a caffeinated drink so it’ll suppress appetite. Such a “challenge” for the ED

No. 1943242

Anyone else fall asleep during that video… or..

No. 1943245

It's like she's stuffed golf balls into the hinge of her jaw, good fucking God.

No. 1943248

I had to put it on 2x speed to get through it all. She was saying the same thing over and over again.

No. 1943252

If you're going to post a bunch of contentless one-liners about Stef, maybe you should at least sage so it's not obvious that you're the same anon

No. 1943256

honestly, my theory is that you don't know how to sage. I post plenty of the actual Stef screenshots.

No. 1943257

HI Stef(sage your shit/hi cow)

No. 1943262

you’re giving yourself away using that emoji on here again, a very uncommon one.

in case you really don’t know: all you have to do is type “sage” in the email field. that way you don’t bump the forum up when you aren’t actually sharing new content

No. 1943263

why are you so aggressive? >>1943201 was extremely polite for lolcow

No. 1943264

Nta but you are wasting posts retard, and you clearly don't even know how to use the thread if you're hi cowing, not saging, triple posting, and posting emojis. If you're going to criticize actual farmers for using the thread properly at least learn how to post here you dunce

No. 1943267

Jfc what a waste of thread space(sage your shit)

No. 1943286

2 different anons telling you you're retarded for not knowing how to post is not wasting thread space, you posting 10 different useless one liners and arguing with other users trying to reign in your retardation is though.

No. 1943372

Well, why would she listen to the facts as long she's got her ever-same delusions..?
And yes, it will end bad.
And no, she will not learn.

No. 1943390

Let's all hope that the mods will sort it out…

No. 1943392

A gluteus muscle "firing". Now that's a nice little concept. Surely she's got the right advice from that stubby housewife she calls a "trainer".
Things will get really interesting once she's in cOmPeTiShUn mOdE again.

No. 1943456

File: 1702659401058.png (6.15 MB, 1170x2532, 5FBDD3C2-A145-49E6-96CA-22AD34…)

No. 1943458

The slice of pizza in her hand will certainly help, hard to believe an actual md told her that

No. 1943459

That’s just plain embarrassing Jesus Christ. The pizza is really convincing

No. 1943564

A deadline doesn't mean you have to pig out babes…the pizza AND tube combo is certainly a look

No. 1943570

She belongs more in the Cluster B thread and she's being posted there as well.

No. 1943573

Gonna press X on her doctor actually saying that, she’s visibly overweight and her red face suggests more than adequate blood flow (not a low HR). Whatever doc prescribed her a tube needs their license revoked or at least their eyes and sanity checked.

No. 1943579

File: 1702676374098.png (3.29 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5449.png)

kek the only abnormal thing about her blood is her high cholesterol and hypothyroidism. If she was really as sick as she’s claiming you’d think she’d at least be not overweight.

No. 1943586

If you go through Jaycies account, you won’t find a single picture of her underweight yet she has made claims that she’s finally “weight restored.” Weight restored from what, her weight really hasn’t changed much in the pics she’s posted. Loves her tube, hospitals, and attention, that certainly hasn’t changed either(lack of screenshots & lack of sage)

No. 1943614

Does Marie have a private account or is she off the internet?

No. 1943617

File: 1702682146454.jpeg (157.52 KB, 828x693, IMG_1148.jpeg)

I found her private account. Does anyone have access to it?

No. 1943637

reddit has no idea of what underweight really is… bitches calling people who are perfectly fine too thin. Probably just fat themselves and projecting(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1943642

File: 1702686015483.jpg (262.61 KB, 1905x1561, 0231215_211304453.jpg)

Ash is looking worse than normal. Her face looks way more gaunt

No. 1943661

File: 1702690108930.png (3.12 MB, 750x1334, Abbymilkingit.png)

Abby pretending she hates all the treatment and attention she's had whilst getting in as many pics as possible.

No. 1943663

File: 1702690298359.png (4.33 MB, 750x1334, Abbymilkimg2.png)

Posts this soon after saying 'we don't do that here,' to someone who asked for a picture of her'abs'.

No. 1943664

She's lying on her side.

No. 1943674

No. 1943680

File: 1702692531728.jpeg (790.41 KB, 828x1505, IMG_0794.jpeg)

does anyone else follow this cow? can’t stand her.

No. 1943681

That forehead vag is beyond fucking grim. These chronic and habitual head bangers are going to be in for a world of hurt when they need to live with those scars long after their social media bpd queen glory days are gone.*

It's one thing to be covered in marks from cutting and another for your actual face to be disfigured. There is no other word for this and I'm sure she'd take validation in being described in such a way but she has ruined her appearance and looks dreadful, and not in a "omg sickest of them all" way either.

*That's if CTE doesn't melt their last few brain cells first, of course

No. 1943683

this girl actually makes me so irrationally angry. It’s not just that she’s ugly, she has a punchable face. Like she’s tryna convince us so bad that she’s sick. She’s going back to sleep away camp for girls who aren’t underweight but want to be so badly(alogging)

No. 1943686

The posing kek. Could she push her hips back any further ?(do not post uninvolved family)

No. 1943687

File: 1702693734391.png (2.87 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5454.png)

No. 1943698

she reminds me of Kate. gross.

No. 1943699


No. 1943701

Ew…. ewwwwwwwww

No. 1943708

>>1943683 what the fuck is wrong with you? you clearly have issues you need to work through if this girls existence bothers you this much. you have NO right to assume the status of her health. you are truly an asshole(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1943710

Do you know where you are ?

No. 1943725

File: 1702701464881.jpeg (716.85 KB, 1170x1987, 74F4B709-A55B-4DA3-9B18-1279BE…)

I have access. She hasnt posted since april

No. 1943730

File: 1702704023531.jpeg (263.96 KB, 828x1472, 88969AB5-B935-4A76-98B8-44FE43…)

this is just stuff i remember about the shmegeh wannabe that ive seen no one else talk about cus ive followed her since she made an edtwt account about a year ago

she used to go by heather for anonymity bc she still had a decent ig following but i instantly recognized her bedroom… she had 2 or 3 twitter accounts at once with different names / bmis and eventually got called out for that and editing her body checks and deactivated over it. she would also lie about being bmi 8 on her first account

the pictures are just more examples of her copying shmegehs clothes like she even went out of her way to make the cat ear hoodie with hot glue and felt. theres also these cat face mary jane shoes shmegeh had that she bought, you can see them in her older ig posts with the big ass hair

about the bottom 3 earlier this year tara got herself sponsored by a contact brand and got brown and blue just to make a post like shmegeh .. she posts pictures almost every time she bleaches her eyebrows like that and she made the paris / avril hoodie the same way she made the cat one. i just dont have comparisons for these because she deleted most of her old posts and her old twitter got susd but its what i remember

No. 1943731

So much effort just to look like a random meth head you could find outside a gas station in Kentucky

No. 1943737

She looks like Shoeonhead, maybe they have the same condition kek

No. 1943738

You're a man, you things fuck anything, no one is going to a man to set a standard of who's fuckable and who isn't because you'd fuck an old chicken sandwich that's been sitting on the floor of a brothel for 2 months or a corpse of an animal you just hit with your car because men can't drive. Sit down.

No. 1943741

that is true

No. 1943744

no one talks about it because tara is only 15. if she was an adult cow it'd be different

No. 1943752

Jesus christ, you anachans on here need to go outside and look at a real person instead of staring at other anachans online all day, it's skewing your perception of reality. That is not a BMI 19 individual. She is underweight. This thread never fails to be a bunch of fucking bone rattlers in clear one-sided competition with the people they're supposed to be judging for having anorexia. Pot, kettle, black. etc.

No. 1943772

She's got a forehead like my math prof.

No. 1943777

looking dessicated

No. 1943793

Lmao look where ur posting. Lurking here makes u no better than posting stop tryna wk tard. it’s not judgement it’s calling out pathetic behavior, if u don’t see how this behavior warrants being called out ur just as much of a cow as the ppl on this thread.

No. 1943799

Go back to Reddit if u think that’s underweight kek it’s not bone rattling when there r no bones to rattle

No. 1943800

kek that you were so upset that you waited 30min to come back and post a sick burn with your minimal grammatical skills

No. 1943804

At least I don’t think bmi 19 is so sooper ill and dangerous kek. Get off ur high horse, ur just as bad as the rest of us, don’t try to make urself feel better. At least the rest of us are honest with ourselves, u should try that too.

No. 1943805

are you retarded? there are lots of people who post here and I'm not the anon you were arguing with

No. 1943808

no I'm not ana and I have a similar body shape at bmi 19-20.

No. 1943824

Like in the Lucinda threads people would always say this shit "she's not that thin" Now she looks like a corpse. Idk why they have to be literal skeletons with these people or else they are larping wannarexics. People die doing extreme things to lose weight even if they aren't super thin yet.

No. 1943836

you sound fat, nonna

No. 1943848

No. 1943851

i miss georgia…(sage your shit)

No. 1943885

not the anon anyone replied to, sometimes these threads make me wonder if the first thing the human body starts cannibalizing when you starve yourself is the brain.

No. 1943895

permaban all BMI sperging anons, both sides, please.

No. 1943914

File: 1702751224629.png (2.84 MB, 1080x2059, Screenshot_20231216-182520.png)

Such a birthday treat

No. 1943917

Im just trying to say that b/p and weight cycling can fuck up your heart faster than just eating very little.

No. 1943918

no period for you…

No. 1943958

Are you anas so braindead that you're purposefully missing my point, or are you that malnourished? The point is this thread used to be calling out pro-ana scumbaggery, and now it's majority of people competing with the cows they're meant to be mocking. "She's not that thin", "I know her exact BMI". This thread has become the pro-ana scumbags it used to mock. You guys needs to at least learn to LARP being a normal person, not being the very anachan you're supposed to be judging for being an anachan. If not being an anachan and calling out this thread for devolving into a thinly veiled pro-ana competition forum is all it takes for me to be on a "high horse", then the bar is low, and my horse is very tall indeed

No. 1943999

File: 1702762561665.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1139x1897, IMG_1400.jpeg)

dare i say niamh looks really well, much more like a normal pretty teenager. only selling clothes on her story, and sadly i’m not holding my breath that she’s actually getting better, just fresh out of redu. i give it a few months before she’s back on the spiral again.

No. 1944022

File: 1702765549155.webm (1.16 MB, 576x1024, 937c05ef-ffdd-4776-829e-7c7553…)

Stef really likes filming herself crying in public places huh, it must be so awkward for the people sitting across from her kek

No. 1944063

She looks so much better now that her cheeks have filled out a little, she seems so much more alive. One of the few cows I actually am cheering on.
Speaking of cows to cheer on, anybody know how n2f is doing?

No. 1944073

I really hope she’s able to actually live a life. She’s really young

No. 1944074

yup i do, but the retarded ass mods banned me last time i posted her, so fuck y'all

No. 1944077

What is with the mods lately? Is it secret Hell Week?

No. 1944078

i think its more all the kids are homeon holiday break so mods are a bit more up in arms to keep control over some of the bullshit

No. 1944089


kek, shes celebrating as if she is drinking a normal sugar/calorie-filled energy drink.
this is a Ultra Monster containing 0% sugar, its basically anachan water…

HBD Ganer, you basic bitch.

No. 1944200

What’s her tiktok user??

No. 1944209

Some zero-cal energy drink, just wow… Her brittle bones will thank her for that, I guess.

No. 1944212

I hate asking but anyone know how May’s doing? I didn’t request to follow her new acc because I can’t stand the incessant whining and her face grosses me out but just wondering if she has her coveted SEED dx yet or….?

No. 1944215

I suspect that any farmers in her new account probably aren't going to share things from it since she reads here and would probably immediately have a tantrum or start witch hunting

No. 1944216

Actually it’s 10 cals so you can tell she’s really splurging for her birthday

No. 1944236

Retarded ban, sorry for that nonna. n2f is our ray of sunshine in this thread let us post our goblin queen.

No. 1944251

File: 1702827033696.jpg (198.2 KB, 1440x692, Collage_2023-12-17_10_30_26~2.…)


No. 1944252

whoa, that outfit is so much more sedate than the n2f style that we've come to know and love

No. 1944254

ayrt you're most welcome and thank you nonnarita for the pic
When you're pregnant a lot of clothes just don't work/fit. Maternity clothes aren't designed with wild style at the forefront kek. I will say this is a super comfy and cute outfit for her and a decent color palette. She also looks phenomenal for nearly 37 weeks. Get it my goblin mama queen!

No. 1944261

Fair, oh well. It’s probably all the same anyway (constant pity parties, munching, zero weight loss)

She looks great! Really heartening to see

No. 1944290

She looks beautiful.

No. 1944296

She looks so happy and glowing, excited for her!!

No. 1944298

Literally warming tf out of my heart.. and that mauve looks so nice on her

No. 1944307

Much appreciated, nona!!! I've been wondering how she's doing lately, I know she's so close to giving birth. She's looking so radiant.

No. 1944315

Do we know if stef’s parents cut her off? I thought she and her mom were pretty enmeshed. I don’t think she’s ever mentioned her dad other than some thinly veiled abuse accusations

No. 1944321

File: 1702839027797.jpg (1.39 MB, 4096x2607, 1000020367.jpg)

You're not missing anything, tbh. May has been more or less posting the same kind of shit that she used to on her old account

No. 1944323

that kid's gonna be in deep shit once it comes out

No. 1944377

File: 1702845796209.jpeg (Spoiler Image,884.95 KB, 828x1520, IMG_5591.jpeg)

I found a new cow. She’s just recently turned 16 (called iris walker on tiktok). Used to be a good recovery account but just recently came out of hospital and hasn’t stopped blessing us all the nose hose pics. Despite accounts telling her it’s triggering, she just couldn’t wait to validate herself !(newfaggotry)

No. 1944381

Not to wk but at least N2F has actually put in the effort and hard work regarding recovery and seems to be moving on and actually living life. The same can’t be said for most of the cows on this thread who don’t even really need to ‘choose’ to recover, because they know they’ll constantly be supported and/or coddled by parents/professionals/services either way, and therefore don’t need to bother being responsible or find anything to hold themselves accountable for…

No. 1944394

where’s the milk? boring average white girl

No. 1944395

You fucked up the email field, Iris

No. 1944399

Nourish is finally flourishing!!!!!

No. 1944518

scumbags are like dog breeds. each one has a little this, a little that. sprinkle some bpd, purging, attention sniffing, larger bone frame, and boom. its a mutt-chan.

No. 1944528

At least sage your Stef vendettaposting namefag.

No. 1944543

File: 1702875904082.png (53.28 KB, 502x341, Screen Shot 2023-12-17 at 11.0…)

Confirmation that Stef is claiming to have both ARFID and anorexia.

No. 1944555

File: 1702880836472.png (37.57 KB, 681x161, Screen Shot 2023-12-18 at 12.2…)

Why on earth does Lyss constantly need food delivered to her from Wegmans when she has a goddamn car and drives all over the place. Did she get banned from the store or something?

No. 1944562

i'm guessing because she wants someone to pay for the items she wants, and maybe she thinks asking for someone to buy and deliver her items is less scummy than just asking someone for money? why is she asking to have stuff drlivered to her at the mall though? that's weird..

No. 1944563

Her second job is in a store at that mall, I think, so she wants it delivered to her at work

No. 1944572

wait seriously she has another job? does anyone know what it is?

No. 1944573

File: 1702886879504.png (442.27 KB, 675x647, Screen Shot 2023-12-18 at 2.08…)

Yeah, she works at Pro Image Sports

No. 1944587

kate is so much fatter now kek knew she wouldnt be able to keep the weight off, her entire life is gaining 20lbs back, losing about 8 and then regaining 20 back

No. 1944588

image. board.

No. 1944595

wtf. usually i'm impressed when the cows actually have jobs, because most of them don't, but i really can't bring myself to give this bitch any credit for anything lol she's so horrific, i can't imagine having to work with her.

No. 1944596

to be fair, one of her jobs seems to be 90% driving clients to starbucks and the movies and I kinda wonder if her agency covers the cost for her to participate

No. 1944610

oh i'm 100% sure she would be ranting about it if she was having to pay for herself when she takes the clients places

No. 1944622

Cool post pics otherwise we have no reason to believe what you say.

No. 1944636

This is NOT going to end well.

No. 1944769

She's so adorable i wish her only happiness from now on! Stupid question but can you dye your her while preggo or was my moid ob too extreme? He wouldn't let me and my roots reached my neck lmao.

No. 1944836

They're relaxing on that now, saying it's cool after the first trimester. I'm so excited for n2f I hope she's in a great place and blissful.

No. 1944911

File: 1702959982834.png (546.39 KB, 454x725, Screen Shot 2023-12-18 at 10.2…)

I could not help but laugh at seeing that Stef also goes to a warehouse music church in nyc as well

No. 1944913

File: 1702960131002.png (371.1 KB, 450x732, Screen Shot 2023-12-18 at 10.2…)

her apartment has in-unit laundry, kek, yet she still thinks we believe it's super cheap

No. 1944915

File: 1702960310106.png (412.27 KB, 446x726, Screen Shot 2023-12-18 at 10.3…)

she also showed herself unboxing a new set of bedding and mattress topper. What money is she buying this with, if she needed GFM donations for rent and doesn't have a job. (For the record, there's nothing wrong with buying bedding - it just doesn't make sense with her narrative that she'd have money to spend on new stuff when she was sleeping with something before)

No. 1944916

File: 1702960472325.png (366.95 KB, 442x663, Screen Shot 2023-12-18 at 10.3…)

How is she not embarrassed to record this shit?

No. 1944936

Those pajamas are beyond embarrassing

No. 1944957

How is she not embarrassed to have a public fundraiser for herself when she comes from money? Like girl just call your dad. Or get a job like the rest of us and stop begging for donations

No. 1944981

I see the "you can't have ARFID and anorexia" thing the same way I see the "you can't have autism and ADHD" bit that used to be true. There's literally no reason, other than "the DSM said so", why someone can't have both.

No. 1944992

This is the 3rd set of bedding I’ve seen on her bed since she moved. Grifters gon’ grift I guess.

No. 1944993

Because the diagnostic criteria says so? lol that’s how diagnoses work. If/when/until criteria changes you can’t have both. It’s fairly simple. Diagnoses change all the time as EDs morph. It’s much more likely what started as ARFID turned to anorexia if fear of fatness became present. Someone who went from AN to BED doesn’t have both diagnoses simultaneously, but they can certainly go from one to the other. Same with AN-R morphing to AN-BP overtime. This isn’t rocket science, Stef. Stop trying to make yourself seem sooper sick and rare with your multiple ED diagnoses.(hi cow)

No. 1945001

it's because one of the diagnostic criteria for ARFID is that the restrictive behavior isn't motivated by concern about weight and shape. People can absolutely have anorexia that is complicated by issues that you see in ARFID (or was originally ARFID and then developed into a concern about weight and shape as well, which is maybe what happened to Stef) but there's no reason to want to "catch them all" and give both diagnoses.

No. 1945048

I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with her, like this ultrasound tech. You’re supposed to stay still during it so they can get a clear picture, and this bish is filming herself. Doesn’t get more narcissistic and attention whoring than that.

No. 1945074

OMFG i didn't even notice that person's hand til i read your post. WHY do they allow it though!? tell the immature ass cunt to put her fucking phone down. i KNOW hospital employees have no issue being straight up bitches to patients, so wtf!?

No. 1945124

File: 1703007299957.png (134.07 KB, 685x449, Screen Shot 2023-12-19 at 11.3…)

This bitch

No. 1945149

File: 1703011279829.jpg (634.32 KB, 1290x2248, babybicep.jpg)

Comments on Rachel's last Instagram post implying her family can't reach her and have been posting on her Facebook trying to find her. I'm not on Facebook, can anyone see those posts?