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File: 1689346734554.jpeg (339.25 KB, 1776x1047, EE0D304C-9A8C-4B80-95AB-0F81D1…)

No. 1864205

The previous thread was absolutely infested with bating moids, BPD pickmes and infighting farmers. If you want to debate about how horrible being a mother and giving birth is, take it to a different thread or go on the off topic board. This thread is to discuss trad thots and make fun of them, not to interject with you unsaged opinion that no one asked for. You will not change anyones mind by sperging about your opinions, no matter how correct you think they are. Stop ruining it for everyone else who wants to actually interact with the thread contents. If you see bait, just report it and move on.
Previous four threads:

A 'trad' in this context is a woman with pronounced "traditionalist" values especially around gender which usually shows up as "anti-feminist" attitudes emphasizing how women should be subservient to men and essentially embrace being "barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen." We all know what a 'thot' is and most of these girls in fact show up on social media with photos not-at-all subtly focusing on their looks. Our "tradthots" mostly try to have the best of both worlds, consciously or not. While claiming traditional values they embrace modernity and many of the gains of feminism in their pursuit of grift and clout.

Most have pickme tendencies and are addicted to the dopamine hits off male attention in social media despite the fact that some are (supposedly happily) married and claim to believe that a woman should reserve her sexuality for her husband. They tend to be from well-off backgrounds and have lived very sheltered lives of privelege although many come off as possibly having some trauma problems. Their attention to the female role and the female body often comes off as performative and even fetishistic, to appeal to their audience of MGTOW red pilled incels, neckbeards, and wignats.

Many of our tradthots are quite preoccupied with the outer trapings of religion, usually identifying with reactionary trends within Roman Catholicism or sometimes Eastern Orthodoxy. Some are quite fond of parading around in conservative dress or a chapel veil, but almost invariably this comes off as weirld sexualized too. Meanwhile all the religious talk on social media falls flat and seems performative. Reached for comment, Jesus Christ had this to say: "they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen … they have their reward." (Matthew 6:5)

A few examples are:

Estee Williams
>stay at home gf queen of trads
>Tried to make a reality tv show of family, model and be an influence to get as much attention as possible but all else failed because of her stupidity and lack of talent so she became a trad and shows off her ridiculously large tits
>dresses like a 1950s housewife and does cooking videos and explanations on why trade are better
>Tries to have an aesthetic 1950s love story like the Notebook or something pathetic along those lines, aesthetic posts and moids eat it up
>actually can’t cook and pretends to, moids eat it up anyway
>Constantly sperges about trad living and tries to one up everyone

Sarah Doe
>Extremely stupid
>publicly tweets her husband is abusive
>husband beat up cat to near death and threatened to beat up the baby
>Doesn’t leave, thinks Bible can fix him and says he’s his #1 fan in her bio

Lauren Southern
>Former costhot
>Failed journalist, pissed off both the left and right.
>Got famous for her anti-feminist MRA content
>Was in multiple anti slutwalk videos
>Promoted traditional values and white nationalism
>Dated an ethnic man
>4chan nazis found out and got big mad
>Made multiple shitty documentaries where she misrepresents facts and pushes the far right narrative.
>Recently married, husband is allegedly Asian, she hides his identity
>Whitewashes her poor baby, insists he has green eyes and a ginger gene
>Released a pro-cop documentary

Hannah Pearl Davis (JustPearlyThings)
>Below average unfortunately shaped woman in her late 20s who constantly larps on the internet as a trad who shits on modern working women despite contradicting her many statements to her scrote orbiters
>Comes from a rich family, mother is a modern working woman who literally owns the family company
>Pearl used to date a black man (imagine what the scrotes would say) who is also a content creator, he left her because of her high body count apparently
>Pearl claims outrageous things like women shouldn’t be able to vote because they don’t have to sign up for the draft, women are unhappy when working and are all medicated despite men being the gender that is more likely to commit suicide, just selective research and bias (etc.)
>sperges about statistics even though she’s selective about the data and flat out lies while making overarching generalizations that feed her stupid shock value statements
>humiliated on the H3 podcast somehow, see more below:
Ethan brings up Pearl stating America was built on good relationships between slaves and their owners, when asked for a source cites “a book I read by Thomas Sowell” and doesn’t follow up
Brings up Pearl’s rich family and mother who owns the family business and is a career woman, despite Pearl claiming to hate career women… this throws Pearly off
Ethan brings up her multiple claims but she gets fussy and starts throwing statistics that aren’t cited and when Ethan actually brings up credible information she looks to the side of her monitor while sighing and stalling, clearly flustered and embarrassed and says “they’re saying the numbers are inflated”
admits to having information spoon fed to her by a group chat on discord during the interview
it’s painfully awkward and Pearl calls the interview “not in good faith” and runs away, abruptly ending the call
>Dwindling views on yt despite spamming algorithm, more views on TikTok

Rebecca Barrett
>She's gained over 10k subs in the last month or so alone
>Decided to become traditional after doing some marriage group with her husband and allegedly realizing that she was apparently the one creating all the problems in her marriage
>Claims she was a "porn addicted feminist" before marriage
>It seems like she was already doing a variety of other trendy types of videos before but her channel was small, now she almost exclusively posts advice content
>Makes advice/reaction videos from the perspective of a married woman talking to single women where she criticizes women for things like leaving their husbands for cheating on them, and is always making comments that are obviously meant for a male audience
>Gets hilariously visibly mad whenever talking about other women even if the women in question are just some women she made up to be mad at or some low hanging cosmo writer fruit

Robyn Riley
>Ex yoga teacher and libfem hippie.
>Supports rapist Roosh V
>Used to have pink hair and a nose ring and spent her 20s traveling and dating abusive bums.
>Born again Christian housewife
>Had a baby at 31 married to some Slovakian meat head.
>Writes for Evie magazine aka Tradthot daily

Lisa Britton
>Ana chan pick me who wrote an MRA children's book.
>Did some shitty acting gigs.
>Is engaged to some old fat, frumpy bum with greasy hair.
>Posts about cooking like it makes her special.
>Tweets daily about how oppressed scrotes are.

>PhD but preaches traditional values
>Spergs about how amazing eastern European men are
>Eats raw ground meat with shit bacteria mixed in
>Wants to live in a hut in Sibera
>got called out for being a Gold Digger >>1340549
Twitter: https://twitter.com/margaritaevna95?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

Mrs. Midwest:
>Married an ugly abusive cop
>Youtube channel where she teaches her tradthot ways
>Follows rapist Roosh V gospel
>Said women are genetically predisposed to cleaning
>Weird posts about her own pregnancy
>Caught following WN accounts on instagram
>Tries to emulate WN promo material aesthetic
>Knocked up again >>1322420

No. 1864246

I'll be amazed if ComfySarah and her kid don't become victims of her moid going family annihilator.

No. 1864284

Pearl looks like a tranny ngl

No. 1864285

The warning is fair but honest question: do you really think this thread can go any other way now? Noneof the problem children you mentioned are going to see that and go Oh, ok …

No. 1864290

We just need to report and ignore them don't even bring them up.

No. 1864294

Just don’t interact with them, report it and move on

No. 1864353

File: 1689362338847.jpg (173.66 KB, 640x1385, nn40wvrd2vbb1.jpg)

No. 1864384

>Swedish viking nationalist
>only posts in the foreign language of english
What a failure.
Btw your screenshot is tiny.

No. 1864388

File: 1689364206983.jpg (101.46 KB, 946x1488, 360050116_1245406709453950_855…)

Julia Follin
>Swedish nationalist
>Sperges on instagram on muh pure white viking blood
>Is a natural brunette with hazel eyes (not what swedish neo nazis consider pure white) kek
>Self proclaimed 'author' and 'health expert'
>wrote a couple of shitty cook books
>Cringey fetishized posts about her home birth
>Spreads harmful misinformation about how pregnancy checks at hospitals are useless and how you just need your husband to fuck you while you're in labor to get the baby out (not even joking)
>Thinks women who are happy about being single or without kids are "Evil at heart" and should be "left alone"
>Won't leave them alone has a vendetta against them
>Got called out by insta users and went on a full blown meltdown calling them "anti-family freaks" and responding with multiple agressive stories (not very feminine of her kek)
>A wannabe Marie Cachet

Social media:

No. 1864391

Thanks anon i reposted it.

No. 1864404

Why do women have to know how to do everything and men are allowed to be lazy and not wash their ass.

No. 1864473

>debate with a feminist
Any feminist who stoops to debating with these retards desperately needs a hobby. They don’t have any ideas worth debating. Just laugh at the cows like nature intended.

No. 1864480

She’s The Golden One’s wife.

No. 1864498

>women should be multi-faceted and men should do fucking nothing and have no empathy
huh. explain to me how this line of thinking isn't just trying to convince other women to stoop to their level of misery?(sage your shit)

No. 1864502

>do everything!
>but uhhh you still have to defer to your husband because penis
the life of a tradthot is miserable. imagine being the breadwinner, doing all the childcare, having to be on-call for sex you never orgasm from and still having to let your manchild husburden call the shots because its gawdly

No. 1864507

File: 1689372318536.jpg (315.58 KB, 1960x1000, 6g914fsb8br61.jpg)

So this is her man KEK
the anon who said tradthots get with gay looking men knows what's up LMAO

No. 1864511

Makes sense. A conservative closeted gay man needs an extremely insecure tradthot to prove his hetrosexual masculinity. The tradthot needs a hyper masculine masker to further cement how feminine and submissive she is. The average woman isn't going to let some beefed up twink in denial treat her like a second class citizen because she doesn't loathe herself and her femininity. The average scrote would get bored and grow to resent the tradthot because she'd not be capable of independent thought and expect him to do everything outside of being a mommy bangmaid.

No. 1864514

File: 1689373130624.jpeg (131.67 KB, 768x1024, 2EC7660B-FD74-46C2-AE07-690FC9…)

Imagine this ladies you're heavily pregnant and this One Piece anime character shaped mf is looking at photos of himself to get a hard on so he can 'assist' you give birth with his magnificent swedish noodle penis kek

No. 1864515

Look the guy is in fantastic shape but it’s a little suspect with the skimpy fantasy costumes and 99% of his followers and supporters are other men. The double standard these guys have for their wives while posting soft core fantasy lewds is hilarious.

No. 1864519

if it's a fantastic shape then why the fuck don't i find it erotic. failed male.

No. 1864521

You don’t have to be attracted to him to be objective. He’s definitely a gear user though. I think men desire a much more muscles physique than what women find attractive. There is a sweet spot for aesthetics and this is beyond that. Regardless getting fit like that is serious dedication. Saged for sperging sorry nonnas

No. 1864525

I bursted out laughing when i saw his pics lol his youtube channel bio is "This is a channel dedicated to how glorious and magnificent I am" he refers to himself as "the golden one" while flexing his weirdly proportioned body with nothing but a cloth coverig his ass cheeks kek how is this bitch not embarrassed of having a man like this ?

No. 1864526

Is it really worth noting he's in good shape if it's fake? His balls must be tiny and his body fucked up on the inside, and he will eventually die from being on the juice. He's also ugly.

No. 1864527

He has strange proportions because he’s a tall Swede. Nordic people aren’t typically so bulky so it looks strange on his physique for sure. Also yes, he has a -2 in the face department. If you’re that ugly I guess you gotta get in shape. He is even more insufferable than Varg.

No. 1864528

File: 1689374543402.jpeg (964.51 KB, 1620x1121, BF82136F-4ABE-44FB-BE02-B65FD6…)

Another pickme and her twink lapdog arguing as so why passport bros are totally justified and that women who call out predatory men are racist.


No. 1864531


Asian tradthots are wild kek.(embed, retard)

No. 1864534

Doesnt Philippines have a massive single mother epidemic due to Filipina women getting pump and dumped and left with the kid by Japanese, Korean and American sex tourists?

And their GDP per capita is 3600 dollars which is lower than Namibia lol. Dictatorship shithole where people are so poor they have to make food called pagpag out of garbage they found on the street. Yeah, totally trad society that the west can learn from and that everyone would die to live in lmao, what a great society that Filipina women have helped build. Dumb cunt.

No. 1864535

They're just after their cash in order to secure a better life and telling them what they wanna hear kek moids are retarded

No. 1864536

Twink? Both are women…also nonna..learn to embed

No. 1864538

‘Akshually we are educated stronk independent women’
Girl…you’re from one of the poorest countries in Asia and nearly 1/3 of Filipinas didn’t even go to high school. Passport bros arent looking for educated strong independent mail order brides. They want a bangmaid who shuts up and cooks them pad thai.

But then again she’s from a country where thousands of women rape toddlers on webcam for western pedophiles, and one a two Filipinas were the torturers in one of the most infamously sadistic and disgusting CP videos ever uploaded to the internet, so it’s no surprise they throw women let alone children under the bus to secure that sleazy white pedo dick.

No. 1864539

No. 1864541

His face is grotesquely hideous. Looks like a pig-human hybrid experiment.

No. 1864542

Women from there sell their kids to brothels at age 9 kek why is this bitch talking as if they're some divine mothers ? but then again let them have the scrotes as long as they leave us tf alone

No. 1864543

>Misha Petrov
Isn't this a male name? Not a Slav but I'm pretty sure "Misha" is a diminutive of Mikhail and "Petrov" would be "Petrova" for a woman since they use patronyms. LARPing as a trad Slav waifu and failing right off the bat, classic.

Also, am I insane or does she look like Reviewbrah in drag?

No. 1864545

File: 1689376270220.png (28.16 KB, 1011x185, 360630905_593712932849725_2012…)

One of the top comments on that video.
I wish moids left women alone as much as they threatened to do online kek

No. 1864546

Reminds me of how Richard Spencer (raging closeted queen who now thinks trannies doing drag shows for kids is perfectly acceptable kek) married a Russian woman with huge tits as his beard and she said he was extremely violent and neurotic and his abusive messages to her are 100% gay bitching, they had a dead bedroom except when he wanted to use her as a fag rent a womb.

No woman is attracted to this because it’s grotesque and deformed. They do it to impress and get validation from other men (not gay at all of course) Scrotes who bodybuild are always absolute headcases who were usually bullied in school or had abusive dads and use looking like a mutated cockroach as adults to compensate for how small and vulnerable they still feel inside. I don’t know any bodybuilder who isnt either gay or has severe childhood and psychological issues.

No. 1864547

If they’re so happy, loved and respected why do we evil western harpies still live in their heads and mouths rent free kek. Fuck off to SEA m8, no one gives a damn.

No. 1864550

File: 1689376580942.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1148x1350, 7B80697A-0DA8-4C81-8030-DA8BE1…)

Their kid has brown hair even though she took this picture in sunlight to try and lighten her kids hair and make it look as blonde as possible lol. And that’s actually pretty unusual for Scandinavians because most of us are very light blonde in childhood (and our hair darkens to dark blonde or light brown as adults)

No. 1864551

They still have hope that threatening to 'go their own way' will scare us into 'changing our ways' and not telling them to go fuck themselves in real life and on dating apps…as if kek
Hurry up and go get yourselves women from third world countries boys

No. 1864554

File: 1689376955969.jpeg (758.11 KB, 1129x1715, 6F4CFE03-D858-49BE-93DE-1D5FA8…)

Julia is so mentally ill kek. Of all the things to brag about your children, having a square blocky head is definitely the weirdest. I’m guessing because most of their subs and paypigs are chinless wonders and mewing is another grift she can cash in on?

No. 1864556

It’s weird that her grift revolves around paleo cookbooks based on ‘European ancestral diet and dishes that western genetics evolved to digest’ then shows stuff like fried potatoes and ketchup, potatoes and tomatoes aren’t native to Europe and didn’t come to Europe until the 1600s and also are known to cause inflammation in the body because they belong to the nightshade family.

No. 1864557

This post is so bizarre kek Julia is probably autistic

No. 1864558

Sorry, meant to write 16th century.

No. 1864559

Whats funny is there was a study a while ago that found women (and men) with wide square jaws tend to have higher testosterone levels in their bodies, and high testosterone in women is associated with promiscuity and cheating. Very trad lol.

No. 1864560

Yeah this. When you take their ideas seriously and stoop low enough to debate them, you validate them. They are lolcows and meant to be mocked, not engaged in discussion with.

No. 1864564

Cue him whining about how he was "blindsided" when his respectful, submissive mail order Filipina bails as soon as her green card is assured kek

No. 1864565

File: 1689378011534.jpeg (47.84 KB, 294x610, B91C6C2E-4C98-443E-A3DB-959EF0…)

This is true. Tall people tend to be naturally quite lanky and ectomorphic and ectomorphs have really skinny wrists and ankles and generally quite narrow frames. Look how tiny his wrists are.

You can’t build muscle very easily on wrists even if you are using wrist trainers 24/7. My ex was an ectomorph and so self conscious about his thin girly wrists and ankles he would constantly try to train them but it didn’t help much kek. Most of these taller bodybuilder guys are also very self conscious about it.

Ectomorphs usually look super weird and disproportionate when they bulk up too much because large round muscles don’t sit right on their narrow ass pointy bones and clash with their natural silhouette and tiny heads.

It’s part of why Andrew Tate looks so weird because he’s a lanky pinhead ectomorph by nature but roids have deformed him (and he also now has sagging roid tits and a bloated roid gut too (palumboism) despite insistent he’s 100% natty)

No. 1864567

There are natty bodybuilders who aren’t total headcases but those guys are incredibly rare. I think guys who are into the old Greco-Roman idea (Eugene Sandow fans) are a lot more mentally stable but this is a very cherry picked example, I can admit. Any man who uses gear has serious issues in one form or another. Also men who do it purely for aesthetics are real weird. But there is a small group of health minded guys into fitness who don’t make it their identity, it’s just become less and less common. The Golden One and Andrew Tate strike me as homosexual and daddy issue types respectively.

No. 1864568

File: 1689378385400.jpeg (8.15 MB, 3840x5760, 2C7B4C8E-19F7-4863-9637-723F12…)

Also look how he’s literally trying to push his wrist tissue to make it look wider in that pic kek.
Marcus also has bird bones.
Sorry for autism but I know quite a lot about this bodybuilding movement and enjoy making fun of all the things I know these narcissistic moids are deeply insecure about. If you tell them their wrists are tiny they’ll probably go home and cry kek.

No. 1864569

File: 1689378572166.jpeg (249.14 KB, 1200x1200, 3634BDE2-FB56-493B-9AF3-3FDF7E…)

Bear in mind all these pictures are photoshopped by him too. He tries to fraud or hide his small bones more in pics now kek.

No. 1864571

>A woman should know how to read yaoi doujins, while also being incredibly comfy and petting a large cat.

No. 1864572

God Tate has just an aborrent physique lol. I hate that wide waisted look, it’s so not aesthetic. Frankly, body builders should not be tall. 6’ is really the appropriate tallest they should be because then they run into the exact issue you’re talking about. This is why shorter guys look better when they are built up. I genuinely have no idea what appeal Tate has he has one of the least attractive faces and bodies I’ve ever seen.

No. 1864573

File: 1689378888172.jpeg (142.82 KB, 864x1371, 4B51FB64-D311-47E9-89B9-07F19B…)

I love how pre-gear Tate looks like one of those Moroccan love rats who scammed some 68 year old 300lb British woman out of her pension lol.

No. 1864575

File: 1689379257799.jpeg (17.21 KB, 296x223, D89F9496-3E10-4447-8C14-F3EBD6…)

The wide waist and hips is again usually gear induced thickening and palumboism. It’s generally very unappealing because it’s the opposite of a v line taper which is the universally desirable shape in men.

And yes shorter guys build muscle faster because of their lower body surface area. The most aesthetic bodybuilders are usually around 5ft9 to 6 foot. Occasionally you’ll get a taller one like Arnie who is 6ft2 and looks really good but that’s because he was a rare non lanklet with a huge skull and nice thick wide bones. Above that and you’re definitely going into ayy lmao territory and it just looks off. Andrew Tate is a peanut skulled alien.

No. 1864576

Arnold is an anomaly and there is a reason he was Mr Universe. Also hello fellow physique appreciator lmao.

There is just something uncanny about gear use even when it’s not to the picrel extreme that is noticeable to the naked eye. It’s like all those “natural muscle mommies” like LeanBeefPatty who are clearly using SOMETHING. It’s off. Something’s not right. The skin looks weird.

No. 1864577

He straight-up looks like a monkey.

No. 1864578

Let's deport them all to Antarctica

No. 1864583

File: 1689380127083.jpg (99.57 KB, 640x640, 2799927c93f52231d6abc309b90958…)

you bitches are everywhere

No. 1864588

>there are millions of us who can please your incels sweetie, this is why men don’t want you and you’re just mad!
Kek it’s funny because most Filipino men are desperate to marry white women. If Philippines women are so great then how come most Flip and non white dudes in general would step over their own mom to marry a westernized American white woman. Mmhmm.

No. 1864592

Thing is this woman isn’t considered attractive at all in the Phillipines. She’s quite dark skinned (Filipinos worship pale skin), has pretty ugly apelike features, seems to be around late thirties to early 40s and is also a mouthy white worshipper. Filipino men don’t want women like this and even in Asian womens eyes she isn’t considered attractive at all either, so it makes sense she tries to sink her hooks into Asian fetish loser white moids who are desperate and faceblind when it comes to Asians. Basically she’s trying to capitalize on a foreign market because she has zero appeal in her domestic one. Not unlike white men who become sex tourists.

No. 1864595

Is it just me or are WMAF relationships particularly milky? It seems to produce some of the toxic, dysfunctional and copey relationships in existence.

I swear so many of these couples seem to operate purely out of spite too (white incels who hate their white mommies trying to get back at white women) and unattractive or mentally ill Asian women who are mad they can’t get a handsome rich husband in their own country and have to throw themselves at ugly western losers instead. If you’re truly not settling for scraps, you don’t have to constantly scream that you’re not and try so hard to make a point that you’re sooo happy and content while berating white women kek.

No. 1864597

WMAF produced Elliot Roger so…no you’re not wrong. When it’s Asian dad and white mom it’s more of a “chad” move that an Asian man landed a white woman so the kids don’t have nearly the amount of complexes. When its WMAF sons usually see their asian moms not interested in Asian men and they seriously internalize it.

No. 1864598

When you ask women to describe their ideal man, they never say muscular. Women like tall, fit guys. Guys who look like 1950's movie stars. Gay men are the one who like big muscles

No. 1864599

despite ‘loving’ each other they still obsess over white women. i remember there was a meme being spread on /pol/ of a wmaf couple on a train and the asian woman took a picture of a white woman sitting alone minding her own business and her and the yellow fever fags were posting it and trying to use it as this gotcha to prove all white women are miserable single spinsters while wmaf couples are all happy and overjoyed together. we live rent free in their heads even when they date each other kek, but it’s totally not out of spite!

No. 1864600

It’s because the vast majority of WMAF (not all, but most) are unattractive low value individuals who got together out of convenience. The desperate ‘U MAD BRO?’ stuff is them just trying to get attention and convince themselves that everyone is just jealous of them.

No. 1864601

Yeah this. A man who is muscular shows he is a narcissistic faggot. Why would I want a man who stares in the mirror at the gym all day pouring and stareing at his own reflection?

No. 1864602

File: 1689382079137.jpeg (342.6 KB, 1075x1600, IMG_1567.jpeg)

For is muscular though. Women love Ryan Gosling in La La Land or Chris Pratt in GOTG. Women just don’t want bodybuilders, yes that’s correct. OG bodybuilding was the Greco-Roman aesthetic, which is fit, not hulking and massive. Picrel is the ideal for a lot of those guys. For sure women don’t want Ronnie Coleman or any modern physiques but this is ideal.

No. 1864603

that physique is clearly not natural. And not because it's too impressive, it's not impressive at all, something about it just looks so obviously non natty.
Unlike every other manosphere grifter, Tate at least has charimsa. But his insecurity is every bit as bad as the others.(Bait, thank you for not replying)

No. 1864605

I noticed that Blasian kids seem to be much more normal and well adjusted too as both adults and children. I worked in a kindergarten a few years ago and there were two white hapa kids and one Blasian kid. The two hapas were destructive little monsters who were out of control to be honest. They were just really badly behaved, violent and hard to reign in. The Blasian little girl was so sweet and calm and well behaved. Obviously that’s just anecdotal but I’ve also met some adult hapas and they always seem very weird and mentally maladjusted. I’ve also seen news articles mention that half white half Asian kids tend to suffer from mental illness more than fully asian kids. Weirdo parents is probably the main culprit. Obviously not all WMAF couples are freaks or produce freak children but I think a lot more people are noticing this pattern.(blog)

No. 1864606

I personally like Sandow's physique but I feel like most other women I know would like a guy who is taller, smaller and less toned (and with MUCH better hair). Whereas gay men I think would describe Sandow as perfection

No. 1864607

Men who build muscle through labor and sport are sexy, scrotes who inject themselves with IV drugs and spend hours stareing at their own ass are not.(learn2sage)

No. 1864609

I think mixed race people in general suffer seriously from the feeling of not belonging, not just Hapas. Also all the Blasians I’ve ever been around have been dumb and violent and the Hapas I’ve been around have been way more Asian than anything else. Not to sound like a /pol/tard but I think race mixing has a lot of negative unintended consequences, mostly for the products of race mixing. Not that it’s morally wrong because it’s not but culturally it’s hard.

T. I am mixed(Unsaged blog)

No. 1864610

lol pointing out his turn of the century hair (leave his Jew fro alone!) I think Sandow has peak physique. I think most women nowadays are happy with a Leo DiCaprio body tbh, it’s a low bar for a lot of moids.

This goes without saying. But athletes do spend time in the gym, not just building muscle playing sports. I think we all agree working out/being fit is sexy, being a roid freak and a body builder is absolutely not.

No. 1864612

I’ve been to the Philippines and it’s an absolute shithole to be honest. Outside of the very central part of the city it’s basically a massive favela tier slum in the middle of a jungle and the whole place smells like car exhaust fumes and rotting vegetation all the time. Not even the food is good (except the mangos which are yummy) and everything is just so cheap and run down and rusted and busted from the humidity. And yes there are endless stray dogs and naked kids running around and men and women sitting on the ground with the most miserable faces cooking outside their shacks.

If I was an impoverished woman from there with no prospects earning 20 pesos an hour hell I’d probably also tell some dumb beluga whale paypig scrote whatever he wants to hear to get out of that hellhole too.

No. 1864613

No one gives a fuck, stop blog posting and sage
He’s definitely gay, social norms that enforce masculinity onto men who feel insecure about it, this is the outcome
Well said

No. 1864616

WMAF couples comprised of loser white man + Asian woman trying to fit into mainstream white culture are the main culprits of this, though they're not as bad as the mail order bride or Vietnam/Korean warbride situations. I know stable WMAF couples who met in college and got together because they like each other; with moids you never know but from what I can tell there's no creepy Asian fetishization. The lolbert/conservative men who go for Asians after striking out with white women are without exception skeevy and those are definitely gonna be the couples producing the future Elliot Rogers of the world. It's hard to imagine how fucked up it would be to grow up as the mixed race son of a dweeby (probably closeted, but still obvious)white supremacist and a white worshipping non-white mother. But this dynamic isn't unique to WMAF, I suspect Lauren Southern's son will have a similar complex in the future

Anecdotal, but the only adult WMAF product I know was extremely offended when people would talk about "white people"(i.e. haha white people are always doing [X] amiright) and were obviously not including her as one. She was accomplished and well adjusted otherwise, but she got so heated about this that her outburst stayed with me years later kek

No. 1864618

Interesting how all these places with ‘trad women’ are almost always complete shitholes, isn’t it?

Le fall of western society is all womens fault apparently for being too opinionated and feminist.

Well, if having ‘obedient, perfectly behaved, anti feminist, submissive, feminine wives’ motivates men and makes men build a greater society, how come all these trad societies are absolute shitheaps lmao.

If anything women being pickmes seems to have the opposite effect on society and the men become lazy bastards who sit around in cafes drinking tea all day while the women slave over a hot stove all day and take on pretty much the entire workload.

No. 1864621

I'm legit starting to think the more conservative the man, the less straight he is to be honest. A lot of them give me, "Formally bisexual/gay man" vibes. This dude has definitely slurped a dick or two or got his dick sucked by a bro/troon in his past. So many men are willing to play with dicks nowadays, and a lot of them are those gay/troon obsessed conservatives or dudes with ultra-high and misogynistic views on women. Check their likes, I bet more than a few of them are thirsting after troons or liking pictures of barely dressed men.
I know men can be straight and hate women, but a lot of them come off as women who hate women because they aren't 100% straight and want to "Max" out on having a super feminine wife and traditional life to fix their gayness.

No. 1864622

The passport pigs even have to literally import women back into the western society instead of moving to the impoverished country because despite "muh evil western women" the passport pigs still need their McDonald's, Starbucks, car brands, and nice healthcare.

(That they're able to get BECAUSE of those "meanie careerwomen" who studied hard to save lives in the medical field, or the single mom working her ass off at McDonald's so she can send her kids to college one day)

No. 1864623

*Men who hate women, my bad not women

No. 1864624

And funnily the most feminist countries (like Iceland, Norway and Finland) are the countries with the highest standards of living, happiest populations and some of the highest GDPs per capita. Interesting.

No. 1864627

Lmao right? Us nasty feminist western witches have SO MUCH to learn from these wonderful traditional societies where trad gender roles are enforced, people earn 10 cents an hour, and child rape is a national industry. Except oh wait, absolutely nobody wants to live in these trad shitholes, even the natives, which is why they are all desperately clamouring to get to the evil liberated feminist west. Kek.

No. 1864628

Norway and Finland both have very low divorce rates and average households have 2 kids. There’s a lot to say for what happens in Scandinavia but the majority of it is ethnic cultures. Families do everything together, everyone is close and respected, they don’t have the rates of DV that other western nations do. Historically Scandinavia has given women more rights than any other nations. Even back to the Bronze Age women were able to own land, control finances, initiate divorce. Overall the smartest, most balanced group of people on the planet. This does not include the Swedes though they are the misfits of Scandinavia.

No. 1864634

File: 1689384322285.jpeg (214.16 KB, 1242x1724, 11CAA52A-09A0-4B53-A76E-131E84…)

Says it all really. Feminist standards of living vs trad standards of living.
I know where I’d rather live.(get back on topic)

No. 1864635

There is a reason some of the best thinkers have come out of Scandinavia and the only thing the Philippines has contributed is America creating the .45ACP round to shoot them because they were such a nuisance lmao.(racebait)

No. 1864642

Yeah it's cause they are white.(racebait)

No. 1864654

To be fair Scandinavia was also generally a primitive uncivilized shithole up until the last few hundred years. They had to learn a lot about how build civilizations from other societies like the Greeks and Romans.

However they caught up very fast and their societies are generally success stories (except Sweden in the last few years which has gone a bit mad with letting in so many foreigners when they have a really tiny population, but apart from that it was always a really good country to live in for the past century)

No. 1864655

Report and move on don’t make it worse by responding retard.

No. 1864659

Going to another part of the world? Love that for you, when does your flight leave?

No. 1864666

It was never an uncivilized shithole. More primitive, for sure, but so many words come from old Norse including the word “law”. Just because they were not industrialized doesn’t mean it was a shithole. Once Christianity arrived in Middle Ages it really transformed but even prior to that they had a very complex and civilized society. They traded with the Middle East, Asia and other parts of Europe.

No. 1864667

Why does this thread always revolve to racebait and scrote spamming?

No. 1864671

Not responding to anyone but can the race baiting idiots FUCK OFF? This thread was just getting back on track discussing actual tradthots. No one wants to hear your boring dissertations on race mixing or which ethnicity of scrotes suck more or whatever. Your personal identity issues aren’t milky or interesting, stop derailing and get a fucking therapist.

No. 1864672

>once Christianity arrived it wasn't a shit hole

No. 1864673

I think it is the pakistani idiot who rees that Christianity made countries less shit and wants to fuck varg.

No. 1864675

I think it’s a combination of pakichan, the triggered troon and possibly some other scrotes. They’ve been targeting this thread for weeks, it’s pathetic.

No. 1864678

Anon Scandinavia was a wasteland, they literally lived in mudhuts until the 13th century and even Hitler was reputedly ashamed when Himmler was sending people to dig around Northern Europe for evidence of civilisation and all they could find was some battle axes and very primitive art even for the 12th century or whatever(get back on topic)

No. 1864680

File: 1689390116248.jpeg (196.22 KB, 1300x472, 98765.jpeg)

No. 1864695

>stop nonna, you’re gonna trigger the “we wuz Vikangz” snowtep brigade

No. 1864702

I have no idea if this was already posted here but Pearl just posted something shocking that even had some asking if she was serious.

She basically posted about medieval torture device called scold's bridle and that men should start doing those things to women again. For anyone wondering those were torture devices in medieval Europe or Anglo times where women who spoke badly to their husband or gossiped would have that put around their mouth to make them shut up and the women would lose teeth from that and end up in agonizing pain.(this is an imageboard. post caps)

No. 1864719

she's making it too obvious. Her whole shtick was being a female Andrew Tate, where you couldn't tell where she was trolling and where she was being serious. She's gonna lose her grift

No. 1864732

It’s been posted hon, this is an image board

No. 1864759

No. 1864762

some dude liked the term "husburden" rofl. how did they even find this thread? if anyone from /fit/ is reading this, fuck off, we're full.

No. 1864768

Stop deleting a reposting the same comment retard. Report then ignore them.
Don’t even mention them just report the retards don’t derail the thread.

No. 1864777

This isn’t a femcel image board it’s a feminist image board kek we don’t even think femcels exist cause any woman can get laid and rape apes proved times and times again that they would fuck anything with a hole in it. Truth is this thread is just for mocking low self esteem pick me’s and scrotes most of us think men are violent sex obsessed degenerates and want nothing to do with them.
>Oooga booga women hate me so they must be really want me secretly
pretending that we’re all fat and old in order to cope it’s not a surprise from the retard rapist gender kek

No. 1864780

It's a common scrote coping mechanism. Men need to cope that they haven't been rejected and therefore have less one opportunity to coom and die (their whole purpose), resulting in this 'Well I bet you're ugly anyway ree' triggered behaviour. Essentially, sour grapes behaviour is integral to male psychology.

No. 1864782

File: 1689416317114.jpg (148.86 KB, 958x409, Screenshot_20230715_122015_Sam…)

he needs to pretend we're all fat old and unattractive because he physically can't cope with otherwise normal women saying the stuff that is said here

No. 1864783

This bitch fancies herself a Scandinavian witch doctor and it’s hilarious kek

No. 1864784

File: 1689416503932.png (943.59 KB, 1334x750, 57BFD04A-4896-4C5B-B0ED-F5775E…)

>I don’t give a damn about the opinions of some femcel on a feminist image board they are probably all fat and above 30

No. 1864786

They say this then come here and post cry-typed novels whining about male superiority and the need for men to be leaders kek.

No. 1864789

Men cannot perceive women as human so they must frame womens behaviour to be similar to theirs to understand it. Since men's hate towards women is fueled by their lack of sexual success, they must believe it is the same for women because they cannot comprehend their own degeneracy since it means potentially losing another coom opportunity.

No. 1864790

Perfectly explained anon. They’re masters of projecting.

No. 1864800

File: 1689422130268.jpg (81.3 KB, 640x1137, mewjqt42c1cb1.jpg)

I can think of many reasons, Lori

No. 1864802

>not posting the actual board name
OP is a deranged but relatively responsible farmer

No. 1864803

1-Can kill you
2-Can tear your clit
3-Can tear you from vagina to anus
4-Can cause loss of bladder control
5-Take all your nutrients from your body
6-Make you more prone to moid rage and getting killed and abused by them
7-Take over your whole personality
8-Trap you in toxic marriages
9-Make your life span shorter
10-Make sure you only get 2 hours of sleep
11-Are a tool to keep you humbled and anchored down
12-Shit themselves every half an hour
13-Are annoying af
14-Cause postpatrum depression
I can go on forever KEK

No. 1864804

Most women have both.

No. 1864807

Her rage is directed towards those WHITE childfree women who "get away with not sacrificing their lives" for moids and their worthless genetic trash KEK

No. 1864810

File: 1689423120457.png (387.54 KB, 887x652, 2023-07-15 (2).png)

This shit is scary ngl

No. 1864811

And some woman don't want anything of that, just freedom, safety and health.

But you can avoid all that if you believe in a God and work on yourself, so it's your own fault if you get ripped up, an aggressive moid or postpartum depression. If I try to get into the mindset of women like her I have to roll my eyes back into my head and I want to puke.

No. 1864813

Enough reposting/minimodding, it doesn't help.

No. 1864816

File: 1689423742684.png (383.52 KB, 798x744, 2023-07-15 (3).png)

Hmmm it's a great mystery indeed.
As if pregnancy and giving birth are some kind of traumatic experience on the body scientifically and being a mom is just thankless harship.
Hmmm their loss i guess those careerist childfree bitches will just be lonely while moms will have all company in the world, amirite ladies??

No. 1864818

Bitch the only life that coward little manlet man of yours can take are the ones of defense less babies and animals KEK

No. 1864819

File: 1689424353704.png (52.4 KB, 888x240, 2023-07-15 (1).png)

>My goal is to make motherhood look easy
>Is telling people how awful it is
How can you be this retarded?

No. 1864822

Ever heard of Rod Dreher?

No. 1864823

File: 1689424723526.jpg (337.47 KB, 1200x811, vomiting-feat-1-1.jpg)

No. 1864825

File: 1689424985953.jpg (63.34 KB, 654x768, christmas.jpg)

No. 1864826

File: 1689425061877.jpeg (541.13 KB, 1071x1065, F8F6D771-FD6C-4CE1-A2D8-1439AB…)

The same rancid bitch who fantasizes about hurting children who play too close to her baby, yet is the “biggest fan” of the unhinged manlet who actually threatened to kill her baby. You can stop larping retard, we all know you don’t have any “mama bear instincts” or that ugly moid would be dead in a ditch.

No. 1864827

including Lori’s actual daughters

No. 1864830

>Have children so you beat the crap out of them and kick them out during winter to think about what they did

No. 1864831

>Had to dig my nails into my husband to stop myself from attacking an 8 year old child for playing too close to me
This bitch is as mentally unstable as her manlet.They deserve each other.

No. 1864835

True,it's usually white blonde hair at this kid's age but his uwu pure scandinavian mum is a brunette so that's why kek varg would not be pleased

No. 1864836

These women can’t seem to attract the traditional masculine men they worship. Sad!

No. 1864837

These bitches all make me want to a-log. All the vitriol for childfree women, yet they can’t stop abusing & neglecting their “little gifts from God” and bragging about it to their fellow sick fuck fundies. This is why tradtards like Matt Walsh seethe about kids going no-contact with their parents, because they all know that’s their ultimate fate. But hey, once their kids grow up and realize what hateful pieces of shit they are, the trads will finally get to experience the childfree lifestyle! Kek

No. 1864847

File: 1689429632607.jpg (187.09 KB, 1080x1080, 03c1nhbm3sbb1.jpg)

It looks like Megha is pregnant and lives with her parents in Canada away from her husband who for some reason missed the baby shower…

No. 1864848

Are we just gonna ignore the harsh climate? you really think that has no bearing on what could be accomplished with the technology(or lack thereof) of the time? Come on nona

No. 1864849

Enough with this sad snowtep shit. No one cares.

No. 1864851

Just look up videos of mothers with 4 autistic kids with violent behavioral issues.I wonder why…hmmm….

It's very bizarre why Lori and Ally Drummond who weirdly fetishizes "squishy baby toes" keep only bringing up the baby phase repeatedly as a reason for motherhood when it lasts literally only a year.

Hell, babies are adorable but that should NEVER be anyone's reason for being a mother is "cute babies". The toddler years are difficult, the preteen and teenage years are a NIGHTMARE. If you have a giant 13 year old son who's larger than you with behavioral issues who regularly destroys your house, hits you, and curses at you how does him being a "cute widdle baby" for a single year of his life make it somehow worth it you're stuck with that?

No. 1864854

Nah babies are ugly and smell like sour milk and cry 24/7. Even a another reason why the whole thing just sucks.

No. 1864855

That cake looks like actual vomit

No. 1864857

where is her husbear rofl

No. 1864859

File: 1689431235627.jpg (298.45 KB, 886x728, Screenshot_20230715_162820_Sam…)

Another gem. Penis envy is a weird term to use here considering half the men on /fit/ are closeted gays.

No. 1864860

I feel so bad for Megha.
Imagine pandering to men online for years and being the most annoying and unsufferable, self-hating pick me, finally being picked before you hit 30 because you're so desperate to get married and have children, imagine carrying a moid's child and he's already an absent husband and father before the baby is even born, and follows 18 year olds on tiktok and probably cheats with onlyfans models looking for a rich guy in Dubai. It really looks like pick mes never prosper.(Sage goes in the email field )

No. 1864861

>Penis envy
Nah we don’t wish we were sex obsessed violent degenerates who get urges to rape women they see in the street and kill other males. Cope harder expandable meat log. Kek

No. 1864865

>Any woman that thinks men are the violent rapist zero self control gender they are is just ugly fat and old OBVIOUSLY
Kek the idea of thin attractive young women knowing them who what they really are sends shivers down their spine

No. 1864867

No serious question, ofcourse its more feasible to build great kingdoms when you have tons of resources and food readily available everywhere year round, this is like comparing Greenland with France, its retarded and dishonest even more so given the technology at the time.

Moids and their projection kek

No. 1864868

>the girl 4chan
Kek right comparing the farmers to users of a site responsible for many mass shootings and murders committed by the retard deficient female gender

No. 1864869

We don’t fucking care. Post tradthots or gtfo

No. 1864871

>if you were to ask them to show you a picture of a good looking man, they would not be able to show you one
there are like 4 different men you're attracted to threads, this is just slander lol. this dumbass spent like two minutes on lc and got so triggered that he had to vent about it to his fellow subhumans.

No. 1864873

He is too scared to go to /g/

No. 1864902

File: 1689435838809.jpg (40.24 KB, 480x480, LoriAbuse3.jpg)

Lori teaching her fucked up audience how to abuse their kids.

No. 1864903

File: 1689435865271.jpg (44.66 KB, 576x480, LoriAbuse2.jpg)

No. 1864908

File: 1689436118572.png (353.18 KB, 789x889, 2023-07-15 (5).png)

The transformed wife defending a convicted pedo that downloaded the worst CP viceo cause his family are 'godly' kek

No. 1864917

Telling to watch out for the state's child abuse laws like a predator that watches out for the age of consent in every state kek
Kill yourself Lori.

No. 1864919

i hate her but i heard she went nutz-o after developing a brain tumor.

No. 1864921

what the fuck? this woman is literally insane

No. 1864923

This is quite stupid. Most women don't choose careers over children, they simply don't want children, the rest are women who want to be mothers, but they also want to be devoted to their job and know a child would thwart their plans so they have to choose. Then we have average women who work, have careers, and raise children.

No. 1864928

Most women work shitty minimum wage jobs while also caring for multiple kids cause their scrotes are fucking useless and can't afford to live on one income kek that is reality

No. 1864936

Dude, you are proudly Swedish, why are you larping as Spartan? What next, ancient Roman? Ancient Russian? Zulu? I get that he just wants to show as much of his naked body as possible and that Spartans are are "cool", masculine Europeans, but it's embarrassing, he is essentially a cosplayer except he is making it all about his roided body rather than portraying a character the best they can. Not to mention, Spartans looked more natural.

No. 1864942

i don't get where you're coming from? i'm sure your 3 figure daddy that diddled you is somehow a better father than average joe that makes 2 figures? why does this thread attract so much grandstanding? the whole point is, most families have two working parents because neither parent wants to be fucking useless and actually contribute. not because you are clearly an ex-tradlarper and still have it in your head that men should be breadwinners and are somehow failures because their wives continue to work.(get back on topic)

No. 1864945

File: 1689441002366.jpg (34.11 KB, 600x600, téléchargement (2).jpg)

No. 1864947

your post is bait if anything. i won't engage with you further because the mods don't like it but just know, you're a retard.

No. 1864951

File: 1689441416560.jpg (94.34 KB, 1364x864, 361568131_302920752100180_8818…)


No. 1864953

This is a roided up man who habitually gets nearly naked for attention from other men online. He clearly doesn't have a whole lot to be "proud" of, it's all just a sad LARP.

No. 1864963

To be fair to him, he's 1-2 steps above the Nick Fuentes type because he at least says you're supposed to love your wife and that hating and only being critical is gay.

No. 1864966

They also do fuck all to help them with the kids, so the women work shitty jobs all day come home to take care of screaming cum pets, house chores and the fat useless scrote too. Moids are useless on every level can't even 'provide' or do any of the shit they build their masculinity on. kek

No. 1864976

Mouth breather sid looking ass

He also bleaches his hair lmao, he is 100% closet gay

No. 1864983

File: 1689444175324.jpg (48.25 KB, 716x403, 361353635_947189899701064_5657…)

Lauren Elise Chen

>Formerly known as 'Roaming Millennial', is a mixed race white worshipping YouTube blogger and BlazeTV host who fancies herself as an Asian Lauren Southern

>Has claimed 'The Bell Curve' is factual, a book that addresses a difference in IQ between ethnic groups kek
>Claims that Charles Murray, the author of this book, is not racist. She herself believes that IQ is mostly genetic and other scientific racism claims
>Interviewed and defended several white supremacist, neo nazi moids such as Richard Spencer ,Nick Fuentes and Stefan Molyneux
>Promoted "Borderless", a documentary on the "European Border Crisis" created by Canadian white nationalist Lauren Southern
>Is against feminism (obviously) writes articles for Evie Magazin aka tradthot daily
>Her content recently is mostly just red-pilled incels and MGTOW pandering made several videos calling women with a body count "sluts" but mois are alpha for sleeping round kek
>Focuses her rage on women who chose not to have kids mostly made more than 6 or 7 videos seething over them
>Defended mass shooter incels like the UK virgin killer and Rodgers blaming the existence of incels on women and feminism
>Is an Andrew tate stan
>Has a patreon where she coaches incels by repeating Jordan Peterson's advices to them
>Got multiple plastic surgeries and botox while claiming to be a 'traditional woman' kek
>Married to an ugly fuck 'producer' and has a daughter but is terminally online
>Sperges about how masculin men are under attack from feminists
>Is the bread winner in her marriage by selling her soaps and posting videos caked in makeup on her patreon for lonely incels to jerk off to (they admitted they only watch her to jerk off on 4chan) kek
>Appeared on several red pill podcasts and the ben shapiro show
>Has a useless shit degree in politics and middle eastern studies so she turned to incel and white supremacist pandering to earn a living
>Wrote an article about how calling covid "the chinese virus" isn't racist kek

Social media links:

No. 1864988

the child abuse is the only thing in these threads that has legit triggered me

No. 1864989

er, you do know that Meg's husband is gay, right?

No. 1864994

okay seriously what is with this psychotic anon that's obsessed with lauren ? that's the second time in like a month that she posted this exact writeup plus multiple fanarts.
do we have another amanda seyfried situation or is this like a rival tradthot trying to sabotage her

No. 1865001

NTA but how is it sabotage or vendetta posting when all the above things about her are true and public knowledge ? Doesn’t she fit the tradthot description ?
Some tradthots who get posted here are even less unhinged than her.

No. 1865005

File: 1689447700278.png (325.93 KB, 1079x1118, Screenshot_20230715-140144.png)

It's so sad how jaded she is that she thinks a relationship is some kind of business transaction instead of a partnership based on mutual love for each other. She really is just a coping femcel.

No. 1865006

>She herself believes that IQ is mostly genetic and other scientific racism claims
Tradthots don’t seem to understand that they don’t have to be a disgusting racist to be traditional or right wing. Being against immigration/multiculturalism doesn’t mean you have to obsess over skull sizes and IQ

No. 1865007

File: 1689447819264.png (378.59 KB, 1080x1178, Screenshot_20230715-140456.png)

Men will never forgive her for being blacked, no matter how much she grovels. lol

No. 1865009

>saying that women who forgive their scrotes for cheating have low self esteem is stupid mean girl games
>calls women every name under the sun to impress her incel fans

No. 1865010

this description post has already been posted verbatim and you copy-paste spam it again, will you post it in threads 13 14 and 15 as well ? at least dig through her social media and find something new and funny or whatever to spark discussion. this is really bizarre

No. 1865013

File: 1689448124129.png (460.02 KB, 1080x1542, Screenshot_20230715-141006.png)

Looks like shes having some sort of mental breakdown kek

No. 1865014

She's so desperate kek she knows that we all know she ain't no virgin right ? lol

No. 1865015

File: 1689448678993.png (66.66 KB, 872x378, 2023-07-15 (6).png)

Tradthot on Tradthot crime kek

No. 1865019

File: 1689449445392.png (390.3 KB, 878x819, nbhhdkeytdbyenzuzzsgvc16677778…)

Why is she always getting offended on behalf of white people but thinks using covid as an excuse to be hateful towards chinese people isn't racist ? kek
She will never be considered white by the racist far-right and conservatives this is just pathetic

No. 1865022

File: 1689449959742.png (817.47 KB, 911x813, image.png)

I love how she thinks she's better than Pearl while she also calls women names in order to get views and money from red-pilled incels online kek she has zero self awareness

No. 1865023

she really does crumble faced with anything other than her salivating simps. yelling on twitter is so pathetic, she has the option of walking away yelling into a pillow and letting no one know she's fuming assmad but prefers to make a huge fool out of herself and i love it

No. 1865024

So virgin women have to put up with shitty, cheating, abusive rape apes because we "like the drama"??? What sparked this meltdown kek

No. 1865028

File: 1689450768978.png (833.31 KB, 884x824, 167793740088463437289464648.pn…)

The AI was given photos of blonde blue eyed white women to compare to some fat ugly troons and she somehow thinks this is a compliment towards her
>Dark skinned
>Brown eyed
>Asian looking woman
Kek this bitch is so delusional

No. 1865031

File: 1689451430827.jpg (133.15 KB, 634x951, 26B5602000000578-3011969-image…)

So she's admits that C.H a liberal woman is more attractive than her kek
Freudian slip at it's finest

No. 1865035

>>1865028 ring-wing media companies hire beautiful women promote their agenda while most of breadtube is trans

No. 1865040

It's because they are just mindlessly regurgitating views they found on 4chan/YT, they have no knowledge or insights on their own. She could be against multiculturalism because she wants to keep her country homogenous culturally, ethnically (like non-racist conservatives do in Europe), but she is Asian in fucking Canada

No. 1865044

She is a hapa right? I can't blame her for identifying more with her white side tbh. Asians are ridiculously racist and cruel to hapas. Thats probably how she turned out like this.

No. 1865045

Her videos are so hard to watch she just comes off as incredibly smug and condescending especially when she's talking down at random women .She makes me fucking sick.

No. 1865046

She looks perfectly asian to me the chinese wouldn't even notice that she's half white actually they would bully her for being too dark for them since they idolize pale skin there kek

No. 1865047

This is a huge petpeeve of mine. Why the hell are so many conservatives, tardcons, varg fans etc. dye their hair?? Not only can white people have brown hair, but also… it's so visible when their dark roots show. He's kind of okay at hiding it but so many larp being blond when it's obvious they're not. It looks unnatural, why aren't they calling each other out on it?

No. 1865049

Your forgot to mention that she thinks being against sexual harrasement in the work place is "too woke" and that women just need to stop being such snowflakes and let scrotes grope them kek

No. 1865050

Lol no she doesn't look Chinese at all, come on now.

No. 1865051

Republicans too hate non white people and will never consider her white no matter how much pandering she does to racist alt right moids they will always pick blonde blue eyed women over her hence why she never got as popular as Sounthern lol

No. 1865054

since they are all pretenders striving to have fair hair, they understand each other and that they would expose themselves by pointing it out in others. Only someone with natural gold hair/someone confident about their hair colour would be brave enough to make fun of them

No. 1865055

File: 1689453892712.jpg (5.78 KB, 277x182, ew.jpg)

She does.

No. 1865059

She looks like Blaire White

No. 1865063

She looks like a latina tbh. Not Chinese at all.

No. 1865065

Most alt right moids end up with asian or latino women ironically lol. I can see why she would pander to them.

No. 1865066

NTA but this is a cope. She looks like her Chinese parent, and this is because she is half Chinese, kek.

No. 1865067

She doesn't have a single asian feature other than coloring. I showed this picture to a couple of friends just now and they guessed she was Tunisian/Moroccan/Brazilian.

No. 1865068

All women who identify as "mama bears" could not give less of a shit about their kids. Never seen an exception to this. Fundies, tradcaths, pickmes and the like go on and on about how their keeedz are the most important things in the world to them, they'd do anything for them, they'd gladly die in childbirth to bring another into the world…but then go on to beat their kids for trying to get their attention, let their fathers try to kill them and refuse to remove them from his presence, or let them develop STIs from unchanged diapers.

No. 1865070

File: 1689455098076.jpg (347 KB, 2048x1536, E04d-zlWUAEhTaU.jpg)

She couldn't get picked by a rich white alt right moid despite all her pandering so she married an equally ugly mixed race scrote kek

No. 1865071

Sure, kek. Next up, Lauren Southern is Arab.

No. 1865072

File: 1689455181150.jpeg (254.98 KB, 1200x800, 51797982_1602291115155102_r.jp…)

You're blind anon. She looks asian.

No. 1865076

Why does her face look so frozen kek

No. 1865077

File: 1689455616657.gif (514.31 KB, 320x132, 668C6467-D722-4DD0-AEE6-F26DEF…)

No. 1865078

KEK anon you're savage

No. 1865080

File: 1689456018371.jpg (6.13 KB, 250x187, meme.jpg)

He looks gay too kek why do all tradthots end up with faggots ?

No. 1865081

>red pilled incels
no such thing. Incels are blackpilled. You're thinking of MGTOWs (AKA "incels in denial")

No. 1865082

All are ugly bottom of the barrel scrotes who hate women

No. 1865083

She is against immigration and believes in "the great replacement" theory and "globalization" while being a non white-passing mixed person married to another mixed man KEK

No. 1865085

true. But at least incels admit that they are worthless trash.

We all laugh at Pearl, but she shows how dangerous the Manosphere can potentially be for women. An awkward woman could start reading them and slowly over time start internalizing the shit they say. If it has happened to Pearl, it probably is happening to other women as well.

No. 1865089

File: 1689456947069.jpg (6.84 KB, 251x201, Howdoyoudofellowkids.jpg)

>How do you do fellow white nationalists
>Is an ethnic minority

No. 1865090

Hold up…you cannot develop an STI from an unchanged diaper….a yeast infection is not an STI…

No. 1865091

Pearl doesn't believe in what she says online kek it's all for attention

No. 1865096

Same anon, meant to type UTI

No. 1865098

that's what I thought but I think she is starting to believe it over time

No. 1865100

Could be a lot worse tbh, most tradthots end up with real uggos. This guy is tall and has a full head of hair.

No. 1865102

File: 1689458342199.jpg (479.12 KB, 1536x2048, EYQmw2kWAAEeC06.jpg)

He is a real uggo. Lift your standards anon

No. 1865108

nta but he's still tall and has good hair. Looks like he might even actually be straight, which is nearly unheard of for a tradthot husband

No. 1865111

The beard is ugly and his nose is really big, but most men look way worse than this and have way less hair.

No. 1865113

He looks like an Edward Cullin from wish kek

No. 1865119

File: 1689459903633.jpg (337.56 KB, 2048x1905, E0p-2ROWYAASspy.jpg)

They are looksmatched tbh.

No. 1865123

If this guy was some twitch streamer or youtuber I feel like lots of nonnies here would be simping for him.

No. 1865124

preggory lookin ass mf

No. 1865126

also he's secure enough to be with a woman who is older than him, more famous than him, more successful than him and who makes a lot more money then he does. He doesn't even appear to be abusive.
Lauren is trash, but she did pretty well here

No. 1865141

The most ironic part is she'll freak out over a few fringe troons wanting to troon out their kids (which is just as bad) but then she wants to push young girls to get dangerous plastic surgeries so they're not an "ugly feminist"

While yeah not everyone is beautiful, am I missing the memo where somehow someone's appearance makes them automatically a better person?

No. 1865142

Their baby is really cute also. Tbh I think it's very funny how pressed the nonna ITT who really really hates Lauren is.

No. 1865145

Well if you think their baby is cute, how would you feel if someone called the poor little girl ugly when she eventually went to school?
Just exactly why we don't like Lauren. She calls people ugly like a schoolyard bully.

She isn't even just wanting attention like Pearl. She seems like she's genuinely jaded, unhinged, and psychotic. I can only imagine her blood pressure and heart rate at even the mention of the word "feminist"

No. 1865146

It's really sus that there's always that anon white knighting this racist bitch and attacking other anons for mentioning her in the tradthot threads as if she doesn't belong in them and we're all just jealous of her ugly ass preggory looking scrote and botched filler kek
She's a raging misogynistic racist bitch and makes money off of shitting on women's appearances, some people will hate her for it. How shocking.Get over it.

No. 1865147

This whole site is full of women calling other women ugly, lol. Stones from a glass house much?

No. 1865148

You just sound super personally invested in her and get way over the top angry at some bitch on the internet. Calm down. You are making people want to whiteknight her just because you sperg out this hard over it.

No. 1865151

You do realize she doesn't have one single hater posting her, right? A bitch this unhinged will cross here often cause of her cunty smug videos and tweets.Save the same enegry for anons who kept posting Estee cause she isn't even half as bad or psychotic as Lauren kek

No. 1865152

File: 1689462747125.jpg (144.03 KB, 1080x2400, nivahcm7ltbb1.jpg)

Not gay imo, just your average creepy moid who lusts over teenage girls

No. 1865153

She believes in everything she sperges about.She's ten times more worst than Pearl.

No. 1865154

Lauren tells "cute" stories about how he mistreats her. Nothing Comfysarah-tier, but he absolutely does not respect her despite being totally financially dependent on her. Molyneux was calling for women to submit to a life of unpaid bangmaidery while being a househusband. Roosh was dependent on his mother and sister. It's very common for men to think women should be dependent and subservient while being dependent on women themselves, the "incel living in his mother's basement" stereotype exists for a reason

No. 1865156

There isn't even really an issue with tradwives if they didn't believe so hard in forcing it upon other women and bullying women who don't follow that lifestyle. If that's what makes them happy, more power to them. But when it goes into them wanting laws to force women into being trad, or full on bully the crap out of women for being childfree to the point where a childfree woman on the last thread mentioned she felt like she had to lie that she had fertility issues just to avoid the trad bullying for not having kids.

No. 1865157

File: 1689463500936.jpg (7.87 KB, 300x168, im.jpg)

>also he's secure enough to be with a woman who is older than him, more famous than him, more successful than him and who makes a lot more money then he does.
The dude is a useless scrote and he's ok with her having pay pigs and orbiters cause she's supporting him and their kid.
Lauren keeps talking about muh masculin provider men but is married to a younger gay looking moid who she pays for kek

No. 1865160

Lauren makes sure to shit on woman who don't want kids and bully them at least once a month go check her youtube and you'll see the crazy amount of videos she made seething over them "getting away with being selfish" they are like the most repeated topic she sperges about even her fans got sick of it.
It's actually hilarious how interested she is in them even Map walsh and shapiro don't sperge on them as much as she does kek

No. 1865161

It hurts their ego, it bothers them that women are able to control them so they promote the ideal world in which women are subservient, non-threatening

No. 1865162

>It's very common for men to think women should be dependent and subservient while being dependent on women themselves
Masculinity cope on their part, like they don't want to feel emasculated by their own inability to provide for themselves, so they promote subservience as ideal and the correct way, which is interesting because it means subconsciously, as dependent males, they see themselves as female. Otherwise they would be ashamed of their situation as the male in the dynamic and become self supporting.
Gonna be some overlapping venn diagrams between trad men and trannies since both of them have prehistoric ideas about gender roles while actually larping the female side of those roles

No. 1865164

The funniest part is in the end, even if women who didn't have kids WERE allegedly the "bitter regretful" stereotype and were super sad and miserable and blah blah blah….how exactly is that Lauren Chen's problem? Wouldn't it be their problem? Why does she care so badly? If it was out of wanting to help them, then she'd be way nicer and the videos would be more like an older sister giving (incorrect) advice. So you gotta wonder…what is her motivation behind this? Maybe she really hates a person in her real life who's childfree?

No. 1865166

>virgins with no social media
Her bait posts for male attention are so revealing, like she is an alien pretending to be a retarded male, in her analysis these men are seriously threatened by their potential partners simply having social media (you know the thing she is using) to learn about the world, communicate and presumably post pictures of themselves. Men are the most insecure creatures, this is so funny

No. 1865167

I think she has a really strong vendetta against them and is only looking to insult them as much as possible she just comes off as really bitter and angry towards them from her thumbnails too "Feminists COPE" "childless SAD feminists" not "Having children is great this is why choosing not to is bad"

No. 1865169

People who genuinely think children add meaning to their lives feel sorry for such people (childless ones who are bitter), but compassion doesn't generate enough views and engagement from the weirdos she caters to. They want to feel sadistic pleasure because the group they hate is in pain

No. 1865172

The twink is ugly and can't even grow a proper mustache and has a huge bulb nose the reason why he has a head full of hair cause he's in his 20 give it time kek

No. 1865173

>people thinking Taylor's obvious lesbian harems she has publicly paraded for like a decade are her "friends"
These "high value" elite men are known for being sick fetishists (being insanely rich with endless freedom to do any activity and no real challenges or goals in life kinda dulls normal enjoyment of things, plus high pressure jobs do a number on their psychology and ability to relax) so it's no wonder their wives encourage mistresses and enjoy the money, that's different from your $10 scrote cheating on you as a powertrip

No. 1865174

The childfree women that live rent free in her head dgaf about her or even watch her videos if anything she's as bitter and sad as she claims they are. The comments don't even go as planned for her on half of them and a lot of her subs end up not agreeing with her it's mostly incels going on about "muh modern women don't take muh acountability" echo chamber

No. 1865175

Shes sperging at Pearl becauae she offended her personally since she says trad bang maids are less valuble than men, you are only allowed to critize “modern women”.
Shes a pick me not like other girls basically.

No. 1865176

She just looks asian to any white person

No. 1865178

>keep violence until he stops
This is how you fucking kill someone, Jesus
>Hit your child as hard as possible, make sure it hurts to checks notes stop him crying
idk crazy idea but if your child can't stop crying there may be a serious problem, like idk living with hateful abusive parents who give out "childcare tips" that could easily end in death or serious injury

No. 1865179

I feel like when pearl is calling women names it comes off as performative and not genuine but when filler face does it just feels like she genuinely means it and is really angry but trying to seem smug and calm instead really hard like she’s about to explode with rage Lol

No. 1865181

Totally agree, she is very threatened by other women, like, to a disturbing degree

No. 1865182

most moids prefer feeling emasculated to actually having to work. I don't think women are even capable of understanding just how lazy the average moid is.

No. 1865183

prehistoric peoples had egalitarian attitudes towards gender. Misogyny only exists in settled societies

No. 1865185

That kind of shit has lead to kids being killed www.bbc.com/news/magazine-25268343.amp

Fundies fucking hate their kids

No. 1865195

I wish the two nonnas who circlejerk all day in this thread would just go on discord to talk to each other all day instead of filling this thread up with milkless shitposts making it totally unreadable. Get a room and kiss already.

No. 1865203

this just makes me feel really bad for Chen

No. 1865210

File: 1689468419370.jpeg (237.62 KB, 1492x773, CCE11A2C-0820-4229-896B-9FDB4A…)

If you compare Pearls facial expression when bullying other women she has a not so serious look on her face and almost a smile like she knows what she’s saying makes no sense but she’s just trolling on the other hand L.C has this arrogant gaze and smug raised eyebrow facial expression which make her come off as extremely bitter and hateful towards the person she’s talking down on. She needs therapy kek

No. 1865213

File: 1689469095503.jpeg (81.36 KB, 750x650, 8032AE3F-09C7-41DD-A01F-FC11E6…)

If the anons think these tradthots are unhinged wait till you read some of the comments their simps leave under their content.
This one just caught my attention cause of how moids are so fucking comfortable talking about beating us into submission like they would a toddler kek

No. 1865214

File: 1689469121322.jpeg (78.27 KB, 750x495, AA999BFD-AC41-40B0-8DAB-9687A3…)

No. 1865216

I think you nailed it. Pearl is trolling and acting a fool for traffic, while Lauren is genuinely bitter & hateful. They’re both retarded though.

No. 1865217

Pearl is funny and I like that she makes the tradthots seethe. Good for her

No. 1865218

Cope, seethe, inject more Botox

No. 1865225

What responsibilities do men have that women don't? The one they bring up constantly is the draft, but that hasn't been in effect for 50 years and was instituted by moids in the first place.

No. 1865232

File: 1689471224215.png (28.76 KB, 640x688, cil2mf0la6cb1.png)

Because he doesn't have to do shit and can molest them whenever he wants

No. 1865238

Tradthots want the salary of a careerwoman, and the angry competitiveness of a man, but tell other women to have neither

No. 1865245

And want the lack of children that childfree women enjoy, at least if the nonstop unhinged seething jealousy of botox face is any indication.

No. 1865246

This is probably a vaguepost direct response to a viral Twitter thread from a few days ago where they used the same words, except to say that every single aspect of their life got considerably worse after becoming parents, except for the "having a kid" part. Love life, finances, social life, health, every factor got worse and hundreds of parents agreed and repeated the same. Not resentfully but just facts.

No. 1865252

Of course it wouldn't get worse if you don't actually care for the kids and make your wife or older daughters do all the work. Especially if you also enjoy having a dependant person to lord power over and abuse.

If you actually do your job as a parent yeah, your quality of life will decrease. Shit isn't easy.

No. 1865258

Is the trad on the right trans? I see so much of her on YouTube reels and I literally can’t tell she just looks trans because of the gross plastic surgery

No. 1865263

you're getting her confused with blair white who is literally a tranny. honest mistake they look similar

No. 1865264

File: 1689474296351.jpeg (339.76 KB, 1170x1175, 4D020916-8811-4699-ACA2-6BD402…)

I didn’t see anyone post this but it made me laugh. “I can excuse my husband threatening to kill our child but CURSING is where I draw the line”

No. 1865274

and if there was ever another war, we all know that moids would refuse en masse to be drafted anyway. Also, like you said it was moids who made that rule, women wanted to be drafted but moids wouldn't let them fight

No. 1865276

>gets a raise, pats on the back, told he's the foundational block of civilization
>faces zero physical, emotional, or mental effects of pregnancy or birth
>kid gets his name, not the one of the mother who did all the fucking work
>does next to no parenting, knows fuck all about his kids, but is still credited as the reason for all their successes
>any and all things they do wrong will be attributing to their mother
Obviously moids are big on having kids, it costs them next to nothing and they get treated like the second coming of Christ for paying attention to their kid for a minute. No wonder they're fuming that it's harder to trap a woman with pregnancy and have her be his bangmaid-incubator for life, it's nothing but a boon to them

No. 1865282

And now that they can join the army and be drafted they complain it makes the army look like a joke and woman just aren't as good soldiers. They can't make up their mind because they just want to excuse their dehumanization of us.

No. 1865285

History has never been kind to free women. But in my opinion and experience, normie mothers tend to be more sympathetic towards women who chose to be childfree. I've seen/heard comments all the time from moms saying "i have kids.. and I completely understand and support why some women don't want to be.. it's hard, etc". They're honestly self-aware about their situation whether its good or absolute shit, and they're stuck.
But I think there's certain types of women, online types like Lauren Chen or offline tradtoths, who subconsciously hate being a mom and housewife and so are bitter towards free women. And their marriage sucks, their kid(s) has issues or problems, and other issues they're in denial and trying to hide it. Hence the "selfish" line. "I 'sacrificed' (I'm stuck in this situation) but hell to women who live a life of leisure". Lauren Southern and Crowder pretended everything was perfect for years and looked what happened. They're the canary in the coal mines. Lauren Chen is just lucky nothing has been revealed yet if there is any problems.

No. 1865290

many of them think women shouldn't vote because women aren't a part of the draft. But by that logic, once a man ages out of the draft… at 35 years(?).. shouldn't he also lose his privilege to vote too? Since he no longer has the "responsibility" of a youngerish man kek

No. 1865291

some cultures are matrilineal (not matriarchal, though) and children take the mother's last name

No. 1865305

File: 1689479657229.jpeg (20.06 KB, 225x225, 22EA686A-FF85-4E69-9054-7A653E…)

It’s fucking hilarious how people are genuinely mistaking Lauren for Blaire White in this thread

No. 1865306

Oh no it’s retarded Kek

No. 1865309

Of course Map Walsh likes having children.
Is he supposed to fuck your dogs ? Kek

No. 1865320

It is, lady doth protest too much me thinks. Her kid isn’t even that cute too i’ve seen way cuter babies, she’s gonna get called ugly when she’s older for inheriting her faggy dad’s gigantic nose her mum had a big nose too but got it shopped off by surgeons Kek

No. 1865321

Matt Walsh's kids got his name. His tradthot is a nameless fuck-vessel quiets breeding, feeding and birthing for his enjoyment. And he's very open about starting to resent now that she reached the ancient age of 35, since her breeding utility is going to end in a decade or so. Given how interested he is in fertile teenagers, I bet he's hoping she'll die for his cum trying to bring a difficult pregnancy to term so he can start cruising his local middle schools.
both are botched beyond hell, makes sense kek

No. 1865324

>Refers to women as toddlers
>Well a toddler still has to be disciplined women call that ‘abuse’
If this is how open they are about wanting to beat us into obeying them on a heavily moderated platform then i don’t want to know what they have to say on unmoderated ones. Moids are fucking psychotic lol

No. 1865327

File: 1689481638836.jpeg (22.1 KB, 275x153, 1F078F55-B0F7-4293-9CBA-A6A59D…)

Someone shared this screenshot of one of her streams in a previous thread and she looks like Blair white here especially kek

No. 1865331

File: 1689482135014.png (264.04 KB, 485x480, 46F180B6-97A6-45B1-85BE-AFBA0D…)

No. 1865332

>And he's very open about starting to resent now that she reached the ancient age of 35, since her breeding utility is going to end in a decade or so
I hate Walsh but when has he said this?
As bad as tradthots are it is the guys in the trad community who really creep me out. Check out Senator Josh Hawley, just something about him gives me the creeps

No. 1865336

>His tradthot is a nameless fuck-vessel quiets breeding, feeding and birthing for his enjoyment
You mean he never talked about her or posted a pic with her ? Not even on mother’s day to sperge on how good of a doormat she is and how we should all follow her lead ? Kek that’s fucking sad

No. 1865349

File: 1689484750212.jpeg (75.78 KB, 460x708, 27050F42-0EB5-4303-BDB3-72EE90…)

Says the guy who put his wife and kids on blast on Twitter for not being happy to see him with a smile on their face every single day and his bangmaid not being ‘grateful’ enough to him (probably doesn’t kiss his feet for more than 5 minutes a day) like a an unhappy spoiled man child kek the perks of being a bangmaid

No. 1865352

File: 1689485021809.jpeg (107.81 KB, 750x546, 1F874711-FF5A-478F-B086-4EA9ED…)

No. 1865355

Hope his wife divorces his nasty ass like Crowders

No. 1865356

I wonder if Matt had to yell “daddy!” every time his father came home when he was a kid or get grouched at and now he expects to collect his due

No. 1865365

I think I stopped being grateful to see my parents when they got home around age 5. This guy is a tool

No. 1865368

>Men are simple
If by simple you mean retarded then you’re not wrong

No. 1865370

Hundreds of millions of men around the world already have that and they are still angry cantankerous scrotes who beat their wives and abuse their kids.

No. 1865371

File: 1689488650754.jpeg (484.69 KB, 1214x1692, 1B46F4E1-6254-4E00-AAB2-820935…)

Seeing more normie women on tiktok getting blackpilled on men which is hopeful

No. 1865372

File: 1689488687010.jpeg (494.15 KB, 1120x1753, 9C0614E2-B117-4D77-8E20-E81458…)

No. 1865373

thank you and i hope one of them is exposed ala kiki and turns out to be milo or laura loomer or the gun girl who shits her pants lmao

No. 1865378

Right. Growing up two of my best girl friends were Pakistani from trad Muslim backgrounds. When I went to their houses both their mums would be doing housework and cooking pretty much every single time. It was all they did really.

The dads would come in during the late afternoon or evening for dinner and their wives would greet them and they would just grunt, sometimes not even respond. One of the mums would send her younger daughters to their rooms because she knew they ‘annoyed their dad with their voices and noise’ and with the other girl her and her siblings would sometimes go up to hug their dad when he came home but he would usually just brush the kids off or hug them very loosely then storm off to his room. It’s a complete myth that men like chilling with their families imo. Most of them are so grumpy after work too that nothing can make them cheer up. Most scrotes are antisocial bastards by nature and they hate even doing anything with their kids that requires talking, patience or effort.

No. 1865379

You forgot that it’s incredibly easy for men to just walk out of their kids lives at any given moment too. Its so much harder and rarer for women to do it but it’s incredibly common for men to do it. Over 1/4 of kids in the US are raised by single moms.

No. 1865381

Oh my god, he literally just follows young instathots. That’s so disgusting KEK.

No. 1865383

Why should his wife and kids be "grateful" for him doing what he believes is his God-given duty? He's certainly not grateful to his wife for birthing and caring for their kids, so why should he get special treatment for having a fucking podcast

No. 1865384

>acting like white guys are a prize that’s hard to get and that everyone wants them
>calling mixed people ugly
Please fuck off back to /pol/, scrote. Desperate hapa fetishist white poltards are ten a penny and would queue up in droves to sniff this dumb bitch’s farts. Lauren is a cunt but you are clearly a spurned orbiter who got rejected by her and now takes it out on Asian women.

No. 1865385

That vendetta poster anon is clearly a spurned orbiter who is angry he didn’t get picked by an Asian woman for being white kek

No. 1865387

Her and her family are so ugly and she looks so much darker than the way she filters all her pictures to look pale and white kek. Also she looks so bad with weight gain and fluid retention, no wonder she was ana for years kek she’s one of those people who instantly look terrible with an extra 5-10lbs.

No. 1865388

Map has delusions of grandeur and thinks he should be worshipped for blessing his wife with his sperm and his godly masculinity kek ever notice how he only talks about his sons and the activities they do together ? Not a single word about his daughters.

No. 1865390

>I feel so bad for Megha
Don’t. She’s a literal cluster B psycho who wants lesbians and feminists burned at the stake and thinks society should be ruled by violent mass murdering scrote warlords.

No. 1865392

Germany does not have a harsh climate kek
Southern Sweden is warm enough to grow grain year round

No. 1865398

>most of the women are ethnic girls
Eww he’s 100% one of those poltards with ‘bleaching’ fantasies about ethnic women (but only the ones who are lighter skinned and caked in makeup ofc)

No. 1865406

File: 1689492193457.jpeg (38.31 KB, 743x156, E0D42123-9A09-4E19-A73F-A5B1C9…)

Learn what a vendetta post is retard.

No. 1865407

Sorry you didn’t get picked, scrote.

No. 1865408

The fact mods keep banning the derailing racist scrote who doesn’t sage yet he keeps continuing to post and seethe just proves it’s all one person on a vpn kek.

No. 1865411

File: 1689492909652.jpeg (48.9 KB, 736x396, AFCBC7E0-757C-4C4C-B6BC-FE5612…)

I guess the ‘talking about Chen is vendetta’ fag doesn’t consider having multiple content creators and thousands of people calling you out on your misogynistic pick me bullshit as drama kek

No. 1865413

Responding will only make it worse just report the scrote and move on.

No. 1865417

he said that he wanted them to be grateful to see him, not grateful for working. I actually know where Walsh is coming from on this one, you want your family to be happy to see you but that just isn't how things work. Like, if they aren't happy to see you after you've been gone for a week or something, than yeah, that's a problem. But if you want someone to be happy to see you every time you get home from work you need either a toddler or a dog.
Also, if Walsh seriously believes that would make most men happy he is seriously deluded. I have an unhealthy hatred for this man

No. 1865419

he has daughters? I didn't know that

No. 1865420

how did you guys know this was a scrote? I thought that you were being paranoid until I read this post. Please teach me your ways

No. 1865421

Blaire white and Lauren Chen have many things in common they both started off as somewhat humble youtubers who built their brand off of anti SJW crap at first then descended to spewing hateful racist shit in order to get picked by the right wing brigade they are both incredibly smug now and are all about ‘owning the libs’ , both were kinda cute at first then became botched looking from the fillers and surgeries.

No. 1865424

I don't get why tradthots get so pressed about childfree women, statistically most of them will have children (something like 80% iirc), who cares about those who don't?

No. 1865430

They see it if they’re cheating them out of something by choosing to have an easier life while they sacrifice their selves to save muh pure white race kek what’s really weird is how she keeps making videos on them only to repeat the same shit over and over like some therapy session it’s bizarre

No. 1865434

They get caught in a web of scrotiness because the right wing is such a sausage party and no sane woman wants to join unless she enjoys being bullied and harassed and brainwashed by men. Because of the movement being scrote dominated, it makes it an incredibly open market to exploit, but it also means you have to give up all your loyalty and sisterhood to the female gender to milk simps.

Even if you start out as a relatively sane conservative person who thinks kids and family are nice to have and the family unit is important as a building block for a society, they quickly get radicalized by crazies who screech ‘WOMEN ARE BARREN BY 35 AND CAN ONLY GIVE BIRTH TO POTATOES BY 30!!!!11!!!!’ and they end up getting forced to agree with these scrotey opinions to keep up their paypigs.

No. 1865437

Also to add to this, right wingers are extremely paranoid and love cancelling people even more than lefties do.

Again, dealing these crazies you’re constantly faced with accusations of being a Jew, a fed, a shill, a traitor, a whore etc. All right wingers are innately misogynistic so if you’re a woman it’s even easier to get hated and cancelled by them for making a wrong move. So right wing and trad women (and all grifters in general who want to keep their sweet paypig bux) end up having to spout more and more extreme opinions to ‘prove’ their polfag loyalty and keep up with the Nazi Joneses in a sense. Otherwise all their scrote target market will just deride them as stupid Jewish BBC loving whore shills who slept their way to the top (and they’ve already done that with Lauren Southern for years, luckily she’s highly manipulative and always knows how to milk simps in spite of her making wrong moves, Pearl is currently being bashed by conservative moids for dating black men too which is probably why she’s spouting even more extreme opinions now to claw back their favor)

No. 1865438

And basically they end up having to die on this hill and spout more and more extreme nonsense because they crave the money and male attention more than just being a rational level headed empathetic person.

No. 1865442

You have to go back, Blaine.

No. 1865446

There are of course others who just enjoy negative attention and channeling all their rage and dissatisfaction and jealousy and insecurity in life at other women. Because none of them have really achieved anything of worth the only they can do is bash others to try and make themselves look better.

Contrary to incel mentality, the reality is most women are not whores, most women do end up having husbands and kids, most women do not cheat, and most women are not onlyfans girls with a bodycount in the thousands. But to appeal to a terminally online group of scrotes who genuinely believe all these things, you have to make hating women a core of your grift and reaffirm their deluded worldview.

No. 1865449

File: 1689496394110.jpeg (216.19 KB, 1300x1300, 5D537E8E-E940-4588-9378-FDD047…)


>im totally not Blaine btw!

No. 1865450

The tranny also spergs about race. The rule of incels transitioning continue to holds true kek.

No. 1865451

It's absolutely about him working, he wants his family to lavish praise on him for being le Protector and Provider like set pieces in the stage play that is his life. RWmoids like him don't consider their family members to be people; his wife and children are extensions of himself/his property and they exist to soothe his ego and make him feel important, nothing else. To him, they're more like appliances than people–the wife a fuck-breed appliance, the children a muh bloodline-continuing appliance. This is why RWmoids seethe so hard over childfree/single women, kids who cut contact with their parents, or even working women with aspirations outside of bangmaidery. Their ideal world revolves around kneecapping anyone who isn't like them so they can succeed without actually having to be competent–every man who's even semi-functional gets a prize(wife and kids to lord over), and now that they aren't given those prizes just for showing up, they're melting down. Anything that makes a wife-possession and thus child-possessions harder to acquire is a violation of their entitlement to them.

No. 1865456

Hey Lauren, your back!
Did you forget most of these men are literal nazis?

No. 1865458

I agree you are right about Walsh and trad moids in general but I'm certain he means that he just wants his wife and kids to be visibly happy to see him when he gets home. Ever seen how a dog reacts when it's owner comes home? Walsh was saying he wants his wife and kids to act like that. He wants to be greeted when he gets home in evening the same way that they (presumably) greet after having been gone for 2 weeks. Although it is also possible that his wife and kids just don't like him very much and that he can pick up on them being unhappy to see him

No. 1865460

kek the female awakening is rough, but it happens to us all

No. 1865462

He's desperate for female attention because he has nuked any chance of relationship by transitioning. Lesbians won't date him because he's a man, and now even naïve women who haven't seen his racist rants won't date him because he is an obvious pornsick freak.

No. 1865470

He should take some of that personal responsibility RWmoids are constantly extolling the virtues of and start treating them better if he wants them to like him. Though I think he already sees the writing on the wall, hence the seething about adult kids going no contact with their conservatard parents kek

No. 1865481

Damn, this is sad and makes me angry. He is working for them, they are the reason he goes to work in the morning, and he can't even be glad to see them, to be in this warm home created by his wife. People like that had children only because it was expected of them and they never experienced love in their household or they are so depressed because of their job and status that nothing helps

No. 1865482

Are you familiar at all with who Matt Walsh is? He is biologically incapable of being pleasant. Living with him must be unbearable

No. 1865491

Makes sense. I hope someone would appear in that sphere and let them know. Can't imagine the levels of coping, it would be delicious.

No. 1865498

lol, do you know that Marie Cachet (Varg's wife) had naturally fair hair, but after multiple pregnancies or due to age, they became a bit darker and since she based her identity on her being blond, she decided to dye them a bit and it didn't look that natural, she had awful roots. I don't know if people were pointing it out, but she stopped posting and in the meantime, Varg created this theory that dark blonde/light brown hair is a great camouflage in forests and a mark of white Europeans

No. 1865504

Unironically agreed. It's always the whitest countries that are the most accepting and the swarth zones are generally against it.(racebaiting, replying to male)

No. 1865509

aren’t white men the ones who to go asia to do whatever with the women there? don’t they import asian wives? did they not create a new group of people in latin america? every african american is 20% european. it’s funny how everyone is so obsessed with white women in interracial relationships when white men are in far more interracial relationships

No. 1865514

What is the point of this abuse? How retarded and ignorant of child/human psychology do you have to be to believe that the only way to have a well-behaved human is to beat them with a rod. This is a method taken from a Victorian workhouse/factory where resentful staff had to beat children into submission. Children's feelings need to be validated and they need to be taught how to cope in a constructive manner, all this beating to is create trauma, anxiety, and future depression.

No. 1865518


No. 1865521

Only losers and incels do that becauae they know those women are poor and desperate, and all men are in more interacial couples compared to the women, except for asian women lmao they reeeeeeally like white men!

No. 1865523

It still baffles me how Pearl managed to fuck things up with her life so much. White women from her level of generational family wealth and status are usually married to some equivalently wealthy white business heir or at least professional by mid 20s.

How did she fumble things up this badly? The other tradthots are LARPy but they never ended up with homeless black guys with baby mamas. It just baffles me you can come from a position of such extreme privilege and manage to screw it up.

No. 1865524

YWNBAW and I have never once in my life witnessed the fantasyland strawman of the "man who works tirelessly to the bone to support his family" 100% of men work to support their hobbies, interests and social life whether a family exists or not.
The person working, unpaid and tirelessly and thankless is usually the woman raising the children singlehandedly while the man considers caring for his children for 5 minutes to be "babysitting"

No. 1865525

Women almost always worked in genuinely traditional societies. Tradtards just myopically focus on 1950s America for some reason, which has dubious "trad" credentials for anyone who understands wider history.

No. 1865526

KEK assblasted into infinity, guess I hit a little too close to home with that one

Your job you tirelessly work yourself to the bone for? The bare minimum, neither important nor worthy of praise. Your wife? You don't have one, but if you did, she would despise you. Your kids? Will never exist, muh legacy forever beyond your grasp. Your gun? Barrel in your mouth in 5 years time, tears streaming down your face as you bemoan the fucking bitch Stacies who wouldn't just give up their lives to be your bangmaid. They have not thought about you in years, if they ever did at all. When your mother gets the call, she's glad it's finally all over.

No. 1865528

All the loser white men here trying to racebait and derail this thread are very obvious.

Let's not forget that only 7 generations ago, in Europe and Anglo countries there were barbaric torture practices against women such as cutting off their noses, cutting of the breasts, Scots birdle, stoning to death, burning etc etc.

And only 2 generations ago women were the main victims of lobotomies.

There are white countries where women didn't get the right to vote until the 70's and 80's.

White men make up majority of sex tourists and buyers of trafficked people, criminal statistics also confirm that white men make up the majority of cases of c,p use.

And I could go on and on so to all the hideous male roaches why don't you leave this thread and get a job so you won't have to depend on mommy or the government to pay your pills while you spend your time doing absolutely nothing with your life except for wasting oxygen.

No. 1865529

Samefag as >>1865524
Just realised this is the same moid reeing about 6ft chads and wanting to suck their dicks in the last thread, notice how he ends each paragraph by calling the reader delusional, retarded etc. May as well have usernames in this thread since it's the same ten people replying to each other (I see cum pets anon upthread again)

No. 1865533

File: 1689510728405.jpg (45.41 KB, 555x553, dej8mhvwonq81.jpg)

Never expected to see a Hindutvadi on LC of all places. Don't you have some minorities to lynch for eating beef?(continuing this stupid derail into the new thread)

No. 1865534

Who are you talking to?

No. 1865536

it's a /fit/fag, the gear is probably melting his mind

No. 1865537

File: 1689512104624.jpeg (13.13 KB, 225x225, C5718AE2-C04A-4F42-A09A-A0214E…)

If we ignore him enough he might wisen up and finally hang himself in his mom’s basement.

No. 1865539

None of us said women couldn't be stay at home mothers, anon. There's plenty of normal stay at home housewives who don't need to do a weird submission LARP and then make it into an online grift while they tell women not to have careers in a display of hypocrisy.

What does us being single or taken or anything have to do with that? Ad hominem. Also while yes some women like staying at home, statistically and from personal experience knowing lots of stay-at-home mothers, a lot women dislike it and feel trapped. More power to anyone who can do it. But there is no shame in not wanting to do it.

Also everyone "dies alone", friend. Even if you have kids you'll end up in a home. People have a weird existential fear of their own death. When you are dead, whether you had kids or not will not matter. You will rot into the earth. Childfree or trad. What you can do, is make the best of this life. And for some woman with asperger's who's more into math and science than kids, than kids would not be making the best of her life.

No. 1865541

God damn it can you all stop arguing about household responsibilities? I just want to speculate on how Pearl came to be so deranged in her views and dysfunctional in her dating choices.

No. 1865548

Childfree women want to have a comfy stress free life without the actual shit show kids are it’s that simple. What’s fucking hilarious tho is how personally offended trad faggots and thots get over them they make them seethe and go on defensive rants every single time they’re extremely rage at the thought of a woman living her life carefree and unbothered by scrotes and their genetic trash.
I get a sadistic pleasure watching them break down about how they’re selfish when in reality both made selfish decisions only the trads are angry their decision made life harder while theirs made it easier Lmao

No. 1865552

File: 1689514164692.png (35.32 KB, 394x491, idiot.png)

You should feel like the mentally challenged doormat you are kek

No. 1865559

Girl get off social media and twitter and actually interact with your baby without a screen in your face

No. 1865564

There should be a whole list of alternative ways these tradthots can actually help society’s mothers and children instead of letting childfree women live rent free in their head.

Since when has anyone seen a tradthot try and foster/adopt an unwanted child? Donate to charities to help children in need? Help out local mothers? Any form of volunteering?

They don’t give a flying fuck about the kids. All their reasons to even have them start with “I” or “Me”

No. 1865568

I don't necessarily think being against adoption as a family is a bad thing. Part of having a child is that it's a reflection of you and your husband.

No. 1865570

Only if you’re a narcissistic sociopath and believe kids are an extension of yourself. Some people even create a whole ass human just to see what their genetics combined would look like kek breeders are pathetic

No. 1865572

I genuinely fear that dead eyed ted bundy looking ass man of hers would act out his threats and hurt that unfortunate baby one day when it gets too annoying for him to handle

No. 1865573

Breeders are the people who created those unwanted children. Often from low IQ, drug addicted people more often than not. Genes play a role in determining ones proclivities and innate abilities so no, I wouldn't want to adopt. I wouldn't be able to relate to a child that looked nothing like me either.

Adoption outside of extended families and small communities always smelled like virtue signalling to me.

No. 1865575

I’ve never seen him act pleasant online either he’s always hating and bitching over people not conforming to his opinions and views he seems really angry and constantly on edge probably is horrible in bed too and thinks sex is 3 min missionary reserved for procreation only lmao he’s so miserable

No. 1865578

Go get your crotch torn open for some moid’s cum then. I assure you nobody here gaf about your blog post.

No. 1865579

File: 1689517161196.jpeg (267.84 KB, 713x894, 91F97BBA-FEE4-4EF2-A69A-7D817E…)

Estee is glorifying being a bangmaid for cheap….like really cheap lmao

No. 1865581

File: 1689517297519.png (416.81 KB, 640x686, blue hair vs tradwife.png)

What happened to "natural makeup free face" and "hair bleached by the sun"

No. 1865582

I can understand if the husband is a blue collar worker but this moid gets payed millions to sit on his ass and complain about trannies

No. 1865583

I thought being a tradwife was to attract some high value white collar masculine man that can afford giving you and your kids a good life unlike those feminists who actually pay for their own fancy vacations kek

No. 1865584

No. 1865587

Kek it’s funny cause tradthots like Lauren Chen and Estee are all caked in makeup 24/7

No. 1865588

Blue collar guys can earn a lot in the US, depending on trade and location. I think Estee mentioned her husband bought her their home at 25. That's light years ahead of most other people their age.

No. 1865589

Her hair looks fried and extremely unhealthy

No. 1865591

Their house looks outdated and poor af tho it will look like a barn once kids come along since they like trashing and coloring the walls kek

No. 1865593

I haven't looked into it in much detail but from the outside it looked nicer than the crappy little apartments us europoors need to spend half a million on at least. US standard of living is just way higher.

No. 1865597

Kek you’re retarded if you think houses in the usa are better and less expensive than the ones in Europe a million dollar would get you a mansion here in a relatively urban area but in the usa it would get you a two bedroom hut in the city

No. 1865598

>US standard of living is just way higher than Europe
Take your meds.

No. 1865599

No. 1865601

It's fairly indisputable that salary levels in the US, especially for white collar professions, are much, much higher than where I'm from, and I'm from Western Europe.

My country has an equivalent median wage to the state of Mississippi, albeit with Bay Area property prices. I'll let you do the maths.

No. 1865604

Depends on location. Bay Area and Metropolitan New York? Yes, just as expensive. The thing is, you don't have to live in those places as an American. Meanwhile in the UK you more or less need to live in London as a professional. It's the only economic center of gravity in the country.

No. 1865606

Meanwhile the ‘tradwives’ posted here like Chen had multiple surgeries and botched filler to the point that people mistook a tranny for her, Estee has breast implants, fired bleached hair and both wear insta baddie makeup lol the moids are delusional

No. 1865611

There is a childfree thread in /g/

Idk why the angry NEETs LARPing as childfree career stacies always have to turn this thread into a debate over having kids every single day. You literally look like totally out of touch crazy people for thinking everyone who has a normal family is a "tradthot" lmao. Leave your fujoshi dungeon sometime and get over your mommy issues.

No. 1865613

I mean, first of all the childfree thread is being invaded by anti-childfree trolls, which does fit the theme of this thread pretty well when you think about it.
Second of all, I think a lot of it is our pent up frustration because a lot of us can't express these views in real life due to stigma from our families, friends, and coworkers. And in a thread where EVERY single content creator is ripping into childfree women every second of their day, it finally becomes an anonymous outlet where we can share our dissenting opinion and find similar voices.

No. 1865616

Go to reddit then. That's where you belong anyways.

No. 1865617


Most of the talk about the childfree women came up cause out trad scrotes and thots get visibly mad over them and post about it too much kek
You got told to go get your crotch torn up if you want biological kids that bad by one anon after your sad blog post and you’re now triggered af lol
Again go mutilate your body with a moids cum we don’t give a fuck about your blogging.

No. 1865619

I just opened the thread the first time today to see you totally derailed it once again. You look like the one being mad the way you attack other women and talk like an unhinged incel scrote.

No. 1865621

Speak for yourself i assert the fact that i find motherhood a crappy existence every time someone tries to come at me with their tear soaked little opinions or get too nosy kek

No. 1865622

Change poopy diaper/sleep for 2 hours, /cope/seethe

No. 1865623

You'd be real popular on /r9k with your unhinged misogynistic ranting. I'd like to see you say this kind of shit to any woman with kids in real life lmao. Ofc you would never, you just see a happy family and seethe like Elliot Rodger and babble to yourself about how her vagina must be sooper gross and mutilated. You will never fit into normal society anyways but its not something you chose. all this anger is just cope for knowing you will never have anything resembling normlcy.

No. 1865628

>knowing you will never have anything resembling normlcy
Childfree couples who travel the world and are together cause they love each other and not cause the moid wants a vessel for his genetic trash are extremely abnormal.
Sure,Jan. Go make sure those cum pets don’t put a fork in the electric socked instead of spending your time dissing people who have way more time and disposable income than you’ll ever have kek

No. 1865631

Have you been hiding under a rock nonnie? Tradmoids are mostly computer job white collar faggots, who antagonize other white collar people (libs) by fetishing and LARPing as blue collar workers

No. 1865634

This is far more small, concentrated, and fringe than the widespread attacks on women's autonomy and choice that tradthots on this thread are creating. Chelsea Handler receiving tons of psychotic bullying and backlash for simply an opinion, and Pearl encouraging spousal abuse to her gullible fans is far more dangerous to our society that's already trying to ban birth control than a few people saying "cum pet".

No. 1865636

> I bet you would never say this to a woman in real life
I make sure to let them know that I find their life miserable as fuck whenever they try to pul that trad freedom shaming on me don’t you worry about that kek
Your so called normal life could be turned upside down if your scrote gets sick of your boring soccer mom ass and your post baby body is not hot enough for him so he decides to run off with the first younger pick me with no kids that gives him the light of the day to leave you care for his spawn on your own lmao

No. 1865637

File: 1689521896742.jpg (310.66 KB, 797x625, anon.jpg)

(male baiting you, and you took the bait.)

No. 1865640

Sounds like you personally experienced this, did your dad do this to your mom?

No. 1865641

You're focusing on the polaroid moments. Someone who's already depressed and unhappy is not going to be happier with kids. It's a lot of hard work and can't just be simplified to a cute staged picture of a family in a fancy fall foliage neighborhood. If motherhood was so appealing in this awful economy and state of the world, everyone would do it.

No. 1865642

>calls children "cum pets"
Yeah your mind if absolutely fucking rotten. Go post on incels.is maybe, sounds like you'd fit right in there with the other unhinged pedophiles.

No. 1865644

Yeah keep acting as moids aren’t thirsting over instathots while having pics of their wives and kids on their accounts, shamelessly complaining about how they lost attraction to their wives post pregnancy body and cheat on them cause they give their kids more attention than the moids kek

No. 1865646

>If motherhood was so appealing in this awful economy and state of the world, everyone would do it.
The vast majority of women still want children and are actively having them. You'd probably see a lot of them if you ever left your house.

No. 1865647

No. 1865650

File: 1689522922707.jpeg (710.34 KB, 1024x683, 35CAC630-403E-4B54-B5AF-2074E6…)

No. 1865652

kekk yea not many women or families beat the odds of a hallmark picture perfect family
its pretty fucking rare

No. 1865654

Eeeeww is that a moid? And you turn your back to him? Watch out he might cheat on you with a younger woman right then and there! I can't believe your dream life is being a man's cocksleeve cumdumpster bangmaid whore! How worn out is your vagina from letting him use it every day? Grosssssss

No. 1865655

File: 1689523440741.jpeg (97.85 KB, 650x433, 75C07924-34A4-45F8-B458-73BFEF…)

When i go outside i mostly see shit like this where the mom is overwhelmed by the kids acting out in public and looking absolutely miserable cause strangers are giving her judgy looks and the scrote is nowhere to be seen lol

No. 1865656

Imagine letting a dude use you to split the bill on trips around the world while you act as his free prostitute cumrag and probably carry his bags for him while he cheats on you with ladyboys while you are in the giftshop and gives you AIDS. Then he dumps you for some local stacy and takes off with your passport leaving you stranded to get your organs harvested in an alley. Thats exaclty 100% guaranteed what will happen to you.

No. 1865657

She looks pretty unbothered and content while she makes you mop up the juice her crotch spawns spilled.

No. 1865658

Perhaps your prefer the term crotch goblins or sexual transmitted dependents better kek

No. 1865660

Hahaha have some reddit gold fellow enlightened childfree redditorino! The narwhal barks at midnight hah!

No. 1865662

Okay. Are you done derailing yet?

No. 1865663

You just outted yourself as a broke ass salty parent that never left the country or went on a cruise let alone knowing how they work. Your wild rant just makes you come off as a paranoid schizophrenic fag kek

No. 1865664

Both are living nightmare scenarios. On the go vs stationary male's personal prostitute

No. 1865665

The childfree sperging on here is a bit much, im never having kids but goddamn it’s so easy to just ignore all the trad propaganda that we aren’t fulfilled. We have our freedom, no point putting down mothers and children as a whole. Most moms I know say it’s fucking awful to deal with, it’s not an us vs them problem.

No. 1865666

This threads always attract furious moids who can’t lurk without snapping at the things said here and derailing the thread. Can the mods please ban the scrotes

No. 1865668

And not only that, but even when you do become a mother the goalpost goes up a ton. Like the trads on this thread insulting women for not breastfeeding. Or the unrealistic expectations from trads for mothers to homeschool kids and not get even a second to themselves. Or Lazy Lori insulting working moms by saying that they "Feed their kids fast food and microwave meals and have daycare raise them" despite the fact these women are just supporting their family. You can't win, even if you do have kids. The whole thing is a trap for both childfree women and mothers. Both groups need far more respect.

No. 1865673

Nah i make sure i look at her and her shitshow of a life from the tip of my nose then say ‘ew’ under by breath until she breaks down crying along with her cum pets kek

No. 1865675

Calm down Aydin, you got that testosterone moidrage again. LARPing as an incel on a female imageboard will never make you a man.

No. 1865676

nayrt but cum pets is even more reddit than crotch goblin

No. 1865677

The unhinged scrote that hates women who won’t sacrifice their lives to spread his worthless genes is getting really annoying and he needs to kill him self.

No. 1865678

You sound utterly insufferable

No. 1865679

Right the scrote is totally not the one calling children cum pets. lmao thats totally something a woman would say right

No. 1865680

This is lolcow ffs if you find the term ‘cum pets’ extremely offensive then you’re in for a rough ride kek the term is used on meta too a very moderated platform and some parents refer to their kids as crotch goblins for laughs. Chill out

No. 1865681

it's not offensive it's cringe

No. 1865686

File: 1689526162743.jpeg (47.79 KB, 484x601, 1E6FEA0D-9811-4847-B54D-BC301A…)

Map Walsh keeps posting hateful toxic shit and is surprised a lot of people reply to drag him for it

No. 1865688

You can tell by the way this internet edgelord types that she absolutely never interacts with normies so I wouldn't worry about it. She's probably too afraid of a "cum pet" asking her mommy "Why is that woman dressed like a man, mommy?"

No. 1865689

He’s referring to that tweet he made right before this one shitting on parents who said they struggled with being happy and how their lives got worse, he was dragged into the mud as he should be. Trad scrotes want women to not speak at all and pretend everything is rainbows and roses to not scare other women

No. 1865690

It's probably whiteglove trolling this thread, she is super misogynistic and loves to pretend to be an incel, but she still posts on female only sites and gets triggered by women having kids, kek. I guess she gets bullied too hard when she hangs out with real incels.

No. 1865694

This is definitely a scrote with hairy gorilla hands that likes posting perfect family wheat fields photos with a thin model in them and advertise it as desirable kek

No. 1865703

File: 1689527175294.jpeg (142.7 KB, 750x662, 97B3185D-D670-4BAC-AF07-C38D33…)

Most people have this mindset and that’s why people vent on anonymous pages about their dissatisfactions with parenthood cause trad retards would straight up call them heartless monsters and that they’re a horrible person for being human

No. 1865705

File: 1689527336456.jpg (452.93 KB, 1115x1975, Tumblr_l_119566574587824.jpg)

This guy slaps your wife's ass and calls your child a cum-pet, wat do you do?(male baiting you, and you took the bait. AGAIN. PLEASE STOP.)

No. 1865707

I know you don't find being thin desirable, that's cause you have a fat fetish, Rita.

No. 1865708

File: 1689527457115.jpeg (176.4 KB, 1290x1588, IMG_0398.jpeg)

Pearl being just the complete worst, even alt-righttards are appalled

No. 1865710

Map Walsh is arguing in this video that going to the grocery store with your kids is much more adventurous and exciting than sipping cocktails on the Maldives kek
The comment section completely turned on him tho

No. 1865713

The incel scrote pretending to be a triggered mum while seething at how not all women want kids or even like them has finally exposed himself by taking the wheat field bait lmao
Moids are so retarded

No. 1865714

I would misgender her kek

No. 1865716

File: 1689528327588.jpeg (80.58 KB, 600x600, 5AFBB239-1AAA-47C8-A9E4-0DFBA8…)

Kill yourself scrote. Some women want nothing to with you or your worthless autism semen.

No. 1865720

It didn’t take you long to slip out and show your true form scrote kek

No. 1865722

https://www.youtube.com/shorts/XsaX2YV73Rc she is radfem now(learn2embed)

No. 1865729

File: 1689528906084.jpeg (258.24 KB, 1000x1502, F0BA1FC3-A8B6-4504-B868-DCFEAD…)

>Reee there are women who don’t like kids and don’t even want them therefore I can’t use them as bangmaids to carry my garbage inferior genes Reeeeeee

No. 1865734

Your American dream is a pipe dream and you have to live somewhere with a high as fuck cost of living in order to work most professional jobs in the US as well. Also no workers rights and if you get super sick you’re fucked there are no safety nets in place better have a solid social support system instead, which if you move away from your hometown you’ll also be moving away from your social support that’s absolutely vital here.

No. 1865735

>gets called out for using disgusting pedo moid language to refer to children
>Tardrages all over the thread calling everyone else a scrote
>Posting cringe reddit memes

It must be hard to be a fat autistic Aydin who gets triggered every time she sees a child, kek.

No. 1865739

I love how anons used the term cum pets or simply cum to describe moid’s spawn in several threads but only in this one it sparked a particular anon’s outrage who’s fixated on having their own biological children cause ‘they are a reflection of your husb… YOU and your husband ‘ very convenient kek

No. 1865740

I don't go on incel sites so I have never heard anyone use the term "cum pet" to refer to a child. You should have your hard drives checked by the police.

No. 1865741

They rage storm started after someone shut down their blog posting about how they want to spread their genes and don’t believe in adoption and told them that nobody cared kek

No. 1865744

You've been shitting up this thread with your samefagging for weeks.

No. 1865751

>disgusting pedo moid language
The term was definitely used here before and it’s also used by a mostly female community on r/childfree most people think it’s cringy or funny and kept using it cause it pissed you off so much the fact that it made you lose your shit is hilarious tho I know scrotes have an extremely hard time accepting that a big part of women doesn’t like children or want them cause that means you have less women to trap into being your personal chef, pocket pussy and maid kek

No. 1865753

Map Walsh and the raging anti-childfree scrote need to go on a date together kek

No. 1865755

Exactly. If you say in real life you want to be a tradwife or you want kids, nobody is gonna tell you otherwise. Nobody told Lauren, Estee, or Pearl that they couldn't be housewives. But if you say you don't want kids you get torn a new one both online and offline. A woman who even says she's unsure gets bombarded with her relatives at the dinner table asking invasive questions, coworkers asking her when the baby's happening right after she got married, and anti childfree videos like Babylon Bee's "day in the life of a childfree woman" sent to her.

No. 1865756

Imagine exposing yourself as a moid by posting this shit
Then acting shocked when people are telling to go hang yourself.

No. 1865757

This YouTuber posted a video essay addressing the extreme bullying women face by conservatives over not being interested in motherhood. One commenter said that the conservatives didn’t even show half of this rage against Josh Duggar after being convicted as a pedo and downloading cp and it’s accurate kek

No. 1865759

File: 1689531305366.jpg (98.08 KB, 728x728, 1632649922968.jpg)

>outing yourself as a redditor
>thinking /r/childfree is mostly women, when in reality it's mostly autistic coomer scrotes who collect funkopops
>repeating the coomer scrote lingo outside of redditorino hugbox

Wow I am having so much second hand embarrassment for you right now.

No. 1865764

>This guy
Scrotes won't see you as one of them if you act like a trad incel. You're just a hole to them and you are expected to bear their children no matter how "masc" you are

No. 1865768

I fucking hate “cum pets” and cringe every time that anon types it. Very creepy term, plus a scrote cumming is literally the least important part of pregnancy & childbirth anyway.

No. 1865769

File: 1689532128327.jpeg (116.08 KB, 750x452, AB8F38EF-A05C-4DE7-B7D4-109D2B…)

You’re retarded if you think it’s mostly women who want kids and not men, studies show that more women are opting out of motherhood. Procreating is mostly a moid desire to spread their genes and have a ‘legacy’ it also doesn’t affect their bodies, career growth or isolates them. Plenty of moms complain about losing their hobbies and being isolated and scrotes use kids as a tool to humble and anchore women down or else why would women be facing the backlash while childfree men like Seth Rogan and John cena are completely ignored kek keep proving that you’re a scrote even further the mods will ban you soon enough wheat field scrote

No. 1865771

It's funny how moids see staged "laughing with salad" stock photos of models and think it's their dream life or represents reality in any way.

No. 1865778

File: 1689532862705.jpeg (15.34 KB, 307x164, 98EB80BE-86D9-485F-98C3-F23D6D…)

> the majority of the childfree are men there’s no way that amount of women doesn’t want to dedicate their life to raising moid’s retarded spawn and focus on their own aspirations instead there’s just no way

No. 1865780

Can we go back to discussing the trad thots and moids now ???

No. 1865783

File: 1689533167335.jpeg (44.56 KB, 512x817, 85014570-B0A4-487F-A81E-08BB62…)

Perl has either gone mad or is just shitposting whatever at this point

No. 1865787

I don't have any "American pipe dream". People in my profession simply earn a lot more money on average, even if they're working in a second tier city like Seattle. Not sure why this enrages you so much. It's just a simple median/average salary level calculation.

No. 1865793

it's just easier for a man to say "oh, I want a cute little baby, a baby girl would be nice, I can protect her and insult her first boyfriend, because I'm the only man in her life that matters". The woman has to get pregnant, go through pregnancy, has to feed that child with her breasts and then, she has to fucking raise it, on her own mostly and the man can disappear whenever he wants, he doesn't even need to pay money for the child if he is poor. And you can't even say as a woman that you don't want children, even today they will tell you that you will change your mind and that it's wrong to feel that way or that you would have been a horrible mother anyway. That's also another reason I think women don't want children, their mothers. They either were loving and amazing, but the daughter saw her struggle and doesn't want to recreate it or the mother was horrible, letting the daughter know that the father/society is the reason she is there and those daughters are afraid that they would be as bad as a mother as their own was. It's something men will never understand, because they can opt out of it whenever they like and everyone is just used to shitty fathers.

No. 1865797

> women who don’t want to tear their crotch to give me muh legacy have penis envy
Haven’t you baited and derailed here enough rape ape? Why don’t you go get those microwaved taquitos back to the basement then use your cum stained towel to hang yourself.

No. 1865799

You retards are gonna get this thread locked with your child sperging.

No. 1865800

not everyone is poor like you anon

No. 1865806

>it's just easier for a man to say "oh, I want a cute little baby, a baby girl would be nice, I can protect her and insult her first boyfriend,

Lmao literally my fiance in a nutshell. He really really wants us to have girls because "they're sweeter, better behaved, easier to manage and help out more." He loves women in general tbh.

No. 1865816

File: 1689535857790.png (1.06 MB, 904x518, juliawellnesstips.png)

Julia's gay gym bro loves eye fucking himself in the mirror kek

No. 1865821

Nobody cares blog-post fag.

No. 1865824

File: 1689536565148.png (1.01 MB, 1521x799, tradthot.png)

No. 1865825

Stop posting your gross pregnancy fetish fanfics and jilling your flaps ITT.

No. 1865827

Damn, that pic and caption is the most cringe thing I've seen in a while.

No. 1865835

9 in 10 women experience vaginal tearing it's not a fanfic it's a medical fact. Scrotes can't blend in and keep their calm reading the things posted here.

No. 1865847

File: 1689538367609.png (139.26 KB, 1080x578, Screenshot_20230716-151426.png)

Your fantasy of ruined destroyed vaginas is juvenile and scrotebrained.

No. 1865849

This is honestly the most misogynistic thread on the entire site and it's not because of the threadthots. I think its a mix of schizo tranny Blaine shitting it up because he knows he will never experience being a wife and mother, traumatized Aidens with mommy issues and teenage girls going through an edgy phase trying to LARP as rich businesswomen while still living with their mom that they call a dumb bangmaid breeder with exploded crotch.

No. 1865851

Kinda horrifying to think some of the women ITT call themselves "radfems". This is why I only hang out on ovarit and mumsnet. Female nerds are just as viscerally unpleasant as male ones, by and large.(no1curr, get back on topic)

No. 1865857

File: 1689539104714.png (57.83 KB, 985x240, tearing.png)

You're not gonna convince anyone to put their body through trauma and dedicate their lives to scrotes and their spawn with your sperging. Just get off of your dusty keyboard and go kill yourself already moid.

No. 1865868

Yes, that 9 in 10 number includes very minor cuts and brazes. It doesn't mean 9 in 10 women tear vagina to anus like you imagine it. That is VERY RARE. Stop spreading horror stories .

No. 1865869

Every time the tradthots and trad fags are called out here for their obsession with childfree women th thread gets infested with seething moids who derail tf out of it. The thread started out good until the rage against childless by choice women was brought up then the scrotes couldn't stop themselves from responding.
I promise you that women who would rather drink bleach than carry your disgusting sperm exist and obssessing over them will not change their minds it will only make them more confident in their choice. Let it go.

No. 1865871

While I disagree with calling people breeders or kids cum pets, I can understand this kind of frustration with a lot of the constant, nonstop, needling hatred towards women. If you look at the comment section on Lauren Chen's videos, all of the stuff the men are saying on that thread is a million times worse and more unhinged than this thread besides like a few people who are probably trolling.

No. 1865872

>Female nerds are just as viscerally unpleasant as male ones, by and large.
Agreed. You could easily mistake some of the stuff said here with something written on incel forums.

No. 1865873

Something about motherhood really triggers the most insane women on here into a seething rage. See >>1865857 spamming "KILL YOURSELF!!!" over and over and calling children "cum pets". It's just absolutely unhinged. But the r/childfree subreddit is similar tbh, those people are all lolcows who have a mental breakdown if a kid sits at a table next to them in a restaurant. It's internalized misogyny combined with "not like other girls" internalized misogyny where they think that not having kids is some kind of super radical thing, when it's actually becoming totally normal and accepted and is in no way some kind of unpopular opinion or edgy personality trait. The childfree subreddit is one of the most popular ones for a reason.

It's fine to not want kids, it's not fine to throw horrific insults towards women who do.

No. 1865874

tradthots and scrotes not exactly proving the aren't seething and malding over childfree women by trying to derail this thread every time

No. 1865876

Found the tradthot

No. 1865880

Nobody here is seething, except you. Just look at how you respond to people, you are literally in a blind rage posting 10 posts a minute of the same insults foaming at the mouth and somehow thinking accusing everyone here of being a scrote makes you come across less of a psychotic incel. You are raging like a moid.

No. 1865881

>not having kids is some kind of super radical thing, when it's actually becoming totally normal and accepted
How is it accepted when the trads are dragging childfree women and parents who would speak even a hint of not liking parenthood into the mud at least twice a month ? did you read the threads at all? kek

No. 1865882

Agreed, agreed. Unfortunately lc types have been infecting GC feminist spaces with normal, married or normal single women for the past year. They're fairly easy to spot though, I saw a post on ovarit last week from a poster who was claiming if you want to meet good men you should try dating Japanese and Korean guys as she had a Korean boyfriend and I just cringed internally because I knew she probably came from here or some other female nerd space.

No. 1865883

I know you're unhinged enough to believe that multiple people can't disagree with your retarded takes but that anon who posted the unrealistic family pic and said that if you don't want to be a mum then you have penis was envy was 100% a man

No. 1865884

I just find it funny that the women sperging hardest about vaginal tearing and how badly pregnancy “destroys” your body are women who have NOT experienced labor, childbirth or the postpartum period. Yeah your body is different but aging changes your body as well? Also not every woman experiences traumatic birth?? Tearing is common but not 3rd and 4th degree tears.

Blogpost but I have 2 daughters and both pregnancies were easy and so was birth and getting back to my pre pregnancy weight. I never ever mmm bought maternity clothes. You’re not supposed to gain more than 35lbs and you lose more than half of that immediately when you give birth. A huge portion of the weight is baby and fluids, including more blood.

Pregnancy is a normal biological function, regardless of its societal impact on women. All mammals do it, it’s not some horrible event forced on human women by men. It’s just the reality of nature.(blogging, this is the trad thot thread)

No. 1865886

Tradthots have absolutely zero power in society and if you were not terminally online on twitter and tiktok you'd never hear about them.

No. 1865888

are you actually mentally ill and you think that these threads got derailed by people with children stomping in and talking about how shit childfree women are? It was the other way, where childfree women couldn't stop themselves from ranting about torn vaginas and getting ugly after pregnancy and how if you have children with a man you're degrading yourself and calling babies cumpets or whatever.(infighting/derail)

No. 1865891

Tradthots love downplaying the trauma of childbirth and pregnancy to women and ignoring the thousands upon thousands of women who had awful labors they barely survived from they also love gaslighting women who had those experiences by telling them that it was their fault for not doing X and Y to minimize the damage kek

No. 1865892

Their ideology is starting to invade right wing influential figures with rich billionares like Elon Musk being misogynist and politicians such as Lauren Boebert advocating for teen pregnancy to raise the birthrate. This is going from a fringe online 4chan movement to invading mainstream politics. Even a lot of teachers are saying how middle school boys are idolizing Andrew Tate. It wouldn’t be as big of a deal if it was just some little thing but misognyny became far more mainstream post-pandemic.

No. 1865893

Agreed, my vagina actually looks better now after having a kid and is tighter probably from actively doing pelvic floor exercises now, which I never bothered with before getting pregnant, kek. But get ready to be called all names under the sun for admitting you have had sex with a man and produced a "crotch goblin". I used to enjoy this thread because it was actually making fun of tradthots, which are funny because they are just e-girls who pretend to be trad while posting a million selfies for male attentions, but it has devolved into calling any woman who dares to get married and have kids a "tradthot" when it's the most normal thing in the world. You can tell that a lot of nonnies never leave the house and got some kind of LCF psychosis going on.(no1curr)

No. 1865894

How do you know she's a tradthot because she had two children? What if she's just a woman with two children

No. 1865895

Trads ITT are surprised that they aren't getting special treatment, but you don't realize that you're not very different that the tradthots posted here.

No. 1865896

And Elon Musk is a tradthot? You are getting to the actual issue now and it's men trying to tell women what to do. Direct your hatred at them instead of attacking other women.

No. 1865897

That’s not what’s being discussed though. That’s equally as harmful as the women who hate other women for having kids. I don’t think motherhood is for every woman and NO woman should be forced into motherhood. There are way too many people on earth as it is. But to shit on normal women for having a functional marriage to a normal human or having kids is just as unhinged as the women who believe ALL women should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

Safe, healthy pregnancy should be advocated to ALL who want to have babies and it’s not any woman’s fault if they experience traumatic pregnancy or birth (as long as she’s trying to be healthy and not drinking/using drugs/is massively overweight). Pregnancy should be viewed as neutral. Good for those who want it and neutral for those who don’t. Obviously tradwives are a very vocal minority who mostly make content for dad men anyway. I don’t know any married men who watch that content.

No. 1865898


That’s amazing that you had a good experience. However there’s a lot women on the flip side who have a really awful traumatic birth. It’s a roll of the dice. A lot of factors such as mental illness can make pregnancy/childbirth hell for women. Like for example autistic/ADHD women have extremely high rates of postpartum depression.
It’s why it’s understandable that a neurodivergent nonnas on this thread would be disgusted by the thought and be more detached from it.

No. 1865899

>they aren't actually trad, unlike me, a real trad woman

No. 1865900

You know that liberal feminists have children right? Most famous feminists have children? Having children does not make one a tradthot. This is why nobody takes you serious, because you are blind with hatred for women doing normal things like have a family.

No. 1865901

I never claimed to be a trad woman. Again, having children =/= tradthot you schizo.

No. 1865902

This is what I mean I posted I have two kids and now I’m a tradthot? Any woman with children automatically believes in being a 50s housewife? This thread has become so retarded. I genuinely dislike women like Estee because she DOESNT have kids and yet is giving advice about how men shouldn’t lift a finger. Right now I’m relaxing while my husband has both my daughters out at the park because it’s my time to myself. Most married people share the burden of parenthood. Even if it’s not 50/50 all the time it’s not like being in a trad prison marriage.(blogging, get back on topic)

No. 1865903

You are right. We need to stop this infighting, and us childfree women and mothers need to band together to stop the real threat, the reason behind all tradthots. Shitty men trying to control women’s autonomy, and tradthots are just the “if you can’t beat em, join em”

No. 1865905

Yes some women have a terrible time with childbirth and some even die. You can also get hit by a drunk driver on your way to Walmart. Millions of people die in car accidents every year, does that mean everyone who choses to drive a car is an moron? Life is dangerous, you can either deal with it and take some risks or I guess just shut yourself in your room all day long and post on LCF.

In the end life is about challenging yourself and making new experiences. Do you call people who want to run a marathon idiots? Oh but it's difficult and you will be in pain and you might tear a tendon and twist your ankle! Well yeah, people do shit that is difficult all the time because they gain life experience and accomplishment from it. Having children is difficult, but so is almost everything in life that is worth doing.

No. 1865907

I have Asperger’s lmao. I agree that we need to VASTLY overhaul the way pregnancy is treated in the west. Women need a MUCH larger support system from maternity leave to their “village” of support. All my family lives on the other side of the country and I have little support outside of my husband and I understand the struggle. But everyone has struggles in life, children or not. And I think most people struggle with atomization in this day and age. I had a tough time finding community BEFORE babies and marriage so nothing has really changed. Regardless, saying motherhood and pregnancy is hard has nothing to do with the trad movement. It would be difficult even if those retards weren’t scumming about. They are two different arguments.(get back on topic)

No. 1865908

Why are the tight vagina normal uwu mums mad that some anons here think child birth is disgusting and revolting ? You being butthurt cause some trolls called kids cum pets is nothing compared to the crucade trads are organizing against childless by choice women on social media. Touch some grass.

No. 1865912

Do you lack reading comprehension? It's misogynistic as fuck and you sound like an incel when you talk about childbirth "ruining" a woman and her vagina being a blown out crime scene. That's literally incel rethoric you are repeating due to your internalized misogyny.

No. 1865913

It honestly feels like I've met this anon in two dozen different threads over the years. Something about his/her tone, constant accusations of his/her opponents being make in this sort of neurotically charged voice.

No. 1865916

being male

No. 1865917

I came across a /pol/ thread many years ago with them casually referring to The Golden One as a 'narcissist'. I'm unsure of thier reasoning, but it may be a useful diagnosis on the basis of why he is why he is.(not milk, please sage)

No. 1865918

Calling each other scrote is lcf tradition and happens in every thread where anons infight, newfag

No. 1865927

Walsh is so obnoxious that he's even widely hated on the right. He's basically a Puritan who has been transported to modern times

No. 1865930

both men and women were dragging him for that. Men hate being parents even more than women do. Men hate being parents so much that they abandon their kids, women always stay even if they don't like it

No. 1865931

There is no "deep and profound joy" in parenthood available to people who aren't wired to enjoy raising children. I would seriously rather be dead than raise a child. Walsh is just a retard.

No. 1865933

>The woman has to get pregnant, go through pregnancy
There are women like Robyn who get off on being pregnant. In fact, she seems to enjoy being pregnant substantially more than actually raising the babies

No. 1865934

>debating Wikipedia screenshots of vaginal tear statistics
>almost no discussion of actual tradthots
Wow like 95% of the commenters itt are cows themselves, I can’t believe I found a thread even more deranged than Shayna’s kek

No. 1865943

Coming to sperg here to downplay womens health not being advanced or managed because it doesn’t benefit scrotes like you tried to in the last thread (while also claiming that women who don’t want children are just coping) fools no one. >>>/snow/1864766

No. 1865944

Not to mention the scrote who posted women shitting on tradthots forced birth insanity were just coping >>1865513 the exact same time a totally different anon not samefagging itself appeared to have a break down about women not wanting kids.(this is the trad thot thread, please get back on topic)

No. 1865945

Move to the US and live your dreams and stop complaining about how much it sucks to live in a fully developed European country with workers rights and a social safety net, then.

No. 1865947

I wonder if she got paid by musk like tate did to drive up engagement because twitter is dying fast and i doubt that she’ll be allowed on threads

I remember a vid he made a long time ago where he talked about how moids are worse now and since he had a daughter, how they would treat her when she’s older. Every moid in the comments were angry at him and calling him a simp and how his daughter wasnt special. These redpill scrotes with daughters will learn how their audience of incels will never be on their side, just on the side of the guy who says what they want to hear

No. 1865970

>women always stay
No they don't. What are you on about.

No. 1865976

I meant women never abandon their kids. Sorry. I didn't mean they always stay with their worthless, abusive scrotes

No. 1866001

errr sure. some women love their heroin more than their baby

No. 1866027

>r/childfree subreddit is similar t
why everyone bring up /childfree, you should browse /regretfulparents instead if you want a slap of reality from those who actually have kids, hate their lives and regret it, but can't do anything about it because it's too taboo to admit it. Those people are trapped with lives they can't escape.

No. 1866063

What does a day in the life of him being a parent look like, I wonder? Seeing his passel of brats in his peripheral vision as he grabs coffee and breakfast his wife made while wrangling them and heading off to his studio to drool over fertile teenagers, probably. By his own admission he doesn't know how to do laundry, and doesn't do other household chore either. He doesn't think fathers have a lot they can do with babies or young kids. He's just a hairy terror that lives in their house who grunts when they aren't performatively happy to see him.

No. 1866071

Pregnancy is a normal biological function in the same way cancer is. A fetus is a parasite that fills your body with immune system suppressants so it won't get aborted and sucks the minerals out of your bones to grow. Men can inflict pregnancies upon women and girls without our consent, and it's the paternal genes in the fetus are the ones that prevent your body from expelling it even when things go bad. You know how dead and deformed fetuses keep on truckin' until their mother goes septic?

Do you have any actual accomplishments, or were you just bred? No, Brynlee and Caydynce Who Are Your World are not accomplishments. Getting a moid to cum in you is not an accomplishment. A slightly torn vag is not an accomplishment. Have you ever done anything with your brain? Created art, made a discovery, wrote a poem or short story? Or are you just a tubby dependa with only a scrote's muh legacy to show for your time here?

No. 1866077

>Women need a MUCH larger support system from maternity leave to their “village” of support.
Sorry, some women want to actually accomplish things. We have better things to do than dote on some mawmee and her gross distended stomach. Have your moid do that shit for you, you're the one who let him cum in you in the first place.(bait / derail)

No. 1866084

>does that mean everyone who choses to drive a car is an moron?
unironically yes lol

No. 1866087

Why do all the spergouts about mothers have the same typing style? Why aren’t the jannies banning the chronic derailer(s)? It’s very clearly just one or two people responsible for most of these insane posts. The state of this thread is pathetic.

No. 1866128

It's just one tranny or aydin who is super misogynistic towards mothers and loves to sperg out in here. she also samefags like crazy. Mods are useless as usual.

No. 1866200

File: 1689560102863.jpeg (5.87 KB, 300x168, walsh.jpeg)

He seriously said he doesn't know how to do laundry? How did he clean his clothes before he was married then?
Also, where is this meme that Walsh is obsessed with teenage girls coming from? Is it just cause he comes off as a creep or has he said something about liking em' young?

No. 1866233

You don't have to be a moid or misogynist to be able to point out the scam that is "motherhood." If you knew anything about actually RADICAL feminism you would know that this is a common and long-held belief among those of us who take the ideology seriously.

No. 1866236

Radical feminists dont hate mothers you psycho

No. 1866244

you're not a radfem kys

No. 1866246

It isn't hatred, but a mixture of pity and criticism. Sorry you're so sensitive.

No. 1866248

cope harder, tranny

No. 1866249

File: 1689563025241.png (298.87 KB, 445x450, 1475392869975.png)

I'm not a tranny, but this shitty blackpill feminist LARP is tiresome. You retards do really sound like incels when you talk about women.

No. 1866250

You don't sound very "radical" to me, LARPer.

No. 1866251

One of his old podcasts was unearthed not long ago where he expressed an encyclopedic knowledge of age of consent laws that the peak years for teen pregnancy in the US, as well as stated that teen pregnancy isn't a problem, unwed teen pregnancy is. He's not only pro-child breeding, but pro-child marriage as well. He defended the statements, and made not so subtle allusions to it being better to get pregnant young instead of old like his 35 year old wife(then pregnant with two scrotelings).

That and the fantasy he had of forcing 12 year olds raped by their fathers to give birth, along with his support for Josh Duggar, make it pretty obvious he's a pedo. It's just a matter of time before the CP arrest happens tbh

No. 1866265

he said 12 year old incest victims should be forced to give birth? I'm sure he believes that, but I figured he'd be too smart to say that.
Supporting Duggar is just completely indefensible. I don't know if maybe they are friends or something, if that is the case I can see him not bashing Josh publicly but defending him shows that Walsh is probably a pedo himself.
This guy's kids are definitely never talking to him after they leave the house

No. 1866272

>Josh Duggar
ugh the Duggars. At least the daughters wake up as they leave the family. As each daughter enters the real secular world, they've admitted their lifestyle was a joke, left the quiverfull denomination, and wrote books about their experiences.
Tradcons love the idea of marriage where the parents "help" choose a husband for their daughter, but then the Kellys basically gave their daughter Anna to a fucking pedophile. Anna is now a young lost single mother in denial.

Walsh said Josh "repented" and admitted his mistakes so everything is ok. But then after Josh got caught on Ashley Madison, he retracted a bit. But basically say it's not fair that the left and woke media is using Josh as an example failure of traditional conservative Christians kek

No. 1866292


No. 1866328

>But basically say it's not fair that the left and woke media is using Josh as an example failure of traditional conservative Christians kek
How is it not fair? Trads are the ones who held them up in the first place as an example to be emulated.
>Walsh said Josh "repented" and admitted his mistakes so everything is ok
This bullshit. Charles Manson once said he wasn't sorry about anything he had done, because he would never do something that he'd be sorry about. A guy like Duggar isn't capable of feeling remorse. Walsh is trash

This thread is really making me hate trads. I used to just think they were a bunch of lolcows. Now I think they're dangerous

No. 1866331

>men want to ruin womens bodies, health and lives with kids
>bUt iTs tHe rAdFeMs wHo aRe sExIsT

No. 1866332

Asian guys do make really good bfs though, especially if you are a white woman. Mine treats me like a princess.

No. 1866335

Because he proves they're full of shit. Most tradfags who try to push the lifestyle as the only way to live are trainwrecks looking to trap women in a marriage so men can stop feeling reproductive anxiety now that women aren't forced into the relationship protection racket like they used to (women couldn't open their own bank accounts in the past ffs).

No. 1866339

After hearing about the crazy shit south korean moids do I doubt it.

No. 1866340

And apparently in Japan it’s normalized for husbands to not just watch porn but also to seek out prostitutes.

No. 1866354

anon meant other than the porn addiction, constant cheating and generally bizarre behavior

No. 1866357

Wait a few years after you get married. There's a surprisingly large number of white female divorcees in Japan and Korea and they all say the same thing pretty much. Started out great but after marriage/kids the dead bedroom kicked in and he barely wanted to see his wife.

No. 1866362

NTA but in Japan it seems to be fairly normalized. There are just so many butt ugly male celebs, like the comedian scandals, who cheat on their wives constantly and the wives never, ever leave. I'm not as extreme as the sperg ITT, but I do admit I have high degree of contempt for women who just let themselves be ritualistically humiliated by their husbands over and over again and never leave, as so many Japanese women seem to.

You don't grow a prostitution industry as large and varied as the ones in Japan and South Korea unless it's a non insignificant portion of the male population doing it, in any event.

No. 1866363

What fucking planet are you on. Tbh I gave up on dating Asian guys, both I dated ended up being big misogynists, weirdly condescending, and hugely porn brained. Maybe I got unlucky but Asian guys are def not superior ime

No. 1866367

>If you don't think Asian men are perfect angels you're a /pol/tard

I thought you hated moids, spergchan? Why this sudden switch?

No. 1866371

Delusional. Reminds me of all the anons cheering when Venus left he mom to be with Manaki because they thought it was some fairytale ending lel.

No. 1866374

I think you might be an Asian guy trying to shill or something, there's no way… how many amwf people do you even know? Especially your claim is so opposite to my experience

No. 1866377

So if you don't believe there's some perfect group of men (or women apparently) of another race, then you're a man?

No. 1866379

God, mods are totally useless. It's pretty obvious it's one person constantly derailing this and other threads: cum puppet children, pregnant women all being physically "ruined", Asian men being Prince Charmings etc.

Can we get back to actually discussing tradthots?

You might be right.

No. 1866392


I'm not a radfem you moron lmao

No. 1866393

File: 1689574614821.jpg (449.73 KB, 1080x1681, Screenshot_2023-07-17-07-17-15…)

Pearl is now claiming, or consigning,the idea that women going on dates with men is equivalent to human trafficking because sometimes men pay for dates.

Is it just me or is she becoming more unhinged?


Yeah. Seems pretty obvious the derailer is an Asian guy. Just report and ignore and hope the mods actually do something this time.

No. 1866394

ntayrt but the last one isn't true. Have you heard about the Room 9 incident in SK? and japan had legal cp until 2014 and generally doesn't take crimes against women seriously (although neither do other countries tbf), it's often underreported. but even today borderline/softcore cp is still allowed there.

No. 1866395

Not to mention virtually nobody in the Burning Sun Scandal was actually brought to justice. Not claiming the West is any better but countries that had legal concubinage until the mid 20th century are hardly paradises.

No. 1866396

File: 1689575172485.jpg (261.25 KB, 1080x1019, Screenshot_2023-07-17-07-24-12…)

What the… How are these two situations even comparable? Is Pearl just really stupid or a troll at this point? I can't tell.

No. 1866400

she's an ugly horseface that is clearly trying to be as provocative and reactionary as possible, too bad she's a disgusting immoral cunt because no matter how much she's "just trolling", not even a troll should be saying some of the shit she is.

No. 1866402

I'm not trying to excuse her behavior but I do wonder if she was abused when she was younger and this is some weird and elaborate coping mechanism. Wasn't her coach a groomer?

No. 1866403

Pearl simultaneously begging men to marry her bc she'll let you cheat on her and finding her footing with unhinged takes bc she pissed off a chunk of her fanbase kek

No. 1866404

sometimes there isn't a redemption arc for women and that's ok. she grew up a very privileged life and she still decided to date bottom barrel black men with baby mamas and then turn into… whatever she is now

No. 1866408

can you please not reply to me ever again rofl i'm sick of CUNTS accusing everyone of being male. this thread is such trash.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1866413

enjoy your ban

No. 1866416

you're actually crazy. are you the same schizo from upthread that puts kek at the end of every post? you clock as a tranny more than i ever could

No. 1866418

Cry harder scrote. You will never blend in.

No. 1866419

It's an Asian guy. I didn't want to say anything earlier because I know these things have a tendency of snowballing and derailing threads, but they flipped out when some anon said she cringed at Asian fetishists on another forum and he then started ranting about how Asian men were the best and how they made the best boyfriends. I've seen this exact same topic, tone of voice and syntax in a few other threads too. He pretends to be a radfem who hates all men, but specifically white ones. If you say you had a bad experience with Asian guys he goes berserk and starts shitting up the thread. It reminds me of that subreddit with incel Asian American guys that I can't remember the name of right now.

No. 1866422

I could tell it was a man defendiing his own race, too. This thread keeps attracting men like flies to shit, it's tragic.

No. 1866423

And yeah, few things I've noticed about his posting style:
>Puts a kek at the end of most posts
>Is fixated on the Blaine troon and will accuse you of being him
>Specifically dislikes white men, attempts to use radfem language to obscure his real motivation for this (race warring)
>Often pretends to be a white woman in a relationship with an Asian man
>Gets angry if anyone says they dated an Asian man and had a bad experience, usually accuses them of being a tranny because Asian men make perfect boyfriends

Reminds me heavily of EurasianTiger.

No. 1866424

>Reminds me heavily of EurasianTiger.
The hapa guy with the BBC fetish? That'd make sense, pretty sure he spammed here once and his ex-gf posted a YouTube video exposing him.

No. 1866426

Oh and
>Is fixated on child molestation, will usually accuse white men specifically of being pedos. Not like Southeast Asia doesn't attract just as many Korean and Japanese sex tourists.

No. 1866427

what was she coached in

No. 1866428

r/hapas and r/asianmasculinity

No. 1866429

Yes. ET used to post here. He admitted as much when he was active on Reddit. He's since scrubbed the internet clean of his activity so I'm not sure if it's him. There's plenty of these other Asian race warrior types around, so it may just be some random from one of those subreddits (aznidentity was the one I remembered). They're obsessed with the whole amwf thing and simp for those YouTube couples like Texan in Tokyo.

No. 1866430

Pearl was active in a few sports if I remember correctly. Volleyball was one. She accused her HS coach of grooming girls and was apparently worried about her younger sister since he was still coaching when she graduated. It also led to a backlash from her black male fanbase because the coach was black.

No. 1866433

Tradcons absolutely blame the woman for not being joyfully available enough. Anna Duggar got blamed for Josh's Ashley Madison exposure despite dedicating her whole life to bangmaidery and having 4-5 kids by him at the time

No. 1866434

Because there are way fewer of them, also the kids are always ugly, not worth it.

No. 1866445

this looks like some 80s gay porn mag shit

No. 1866470

Stop with the race sperging and derailing pls. All men are trash even the asian ones. ‘Welcome to video’ was the biggest cp dark web site and it was ran by a South Korean scrote until it was locked on 2019 he was given only 6 months in jail.

No. 1866475

If someone tries to downplay the shit deal that is motherhood in hetero relationships then be certain that it’s either a moid or a trad pick me bitch that wants to drag you with her. Real average women might talk about how much they love their kids and how they’re happy they exist but they will always follow it up with how hard it is and how their scrotes didn’t help out as much as they said they would how mums are expected to sacrifice everything and judged by society and even other mums. A scrote doesn’t want you to know this info and will always try to silence those women and tell them how they’re just weak or that they have a defective character like Walsh

No. 1866478

She stood by him even when he was caught watching hardcore violent CP just tells you how unforgivable tradthots are and how much they care about having male validation they’re willing to not only throw other women under the bus but also children kek absolutely pathetic

No. 1866485

>Right now I’m relaxing while my husband has both my daughters out at the park because it’s my time to myself.

And you're choosing to spend the few minutes you get for yourself sperging on a gossip site trying to convince a bunch people that made it clear that they want nothing to do with your lifestyle how most scrotes help their wives with child care as if we don't have mom relatives and friends and can see the exact opposite.Fuck off with that shit.

No. 1866486

>Akchually i do get time for myself my scrote took the brats to the park for a few minutes he's such a great dad see ladies being a mum is relaxing amiright ??
Crabs in a bucket.

No. 1866491

File: 1689592705227.png (967.92 KB, 1775x762, faggot.png)

Imagine having a moid like this posting thirst traps of himself for other gay moids and licking his own ass in the captions kek

No. 1866492

File: 1689593045143.jpg (10.56 KB, 232x217, kek.jpg)

>>‘Thou hast a perfect body, thou art resplendent, well born, of noble aspect, thou hast a golden colour and white teeth, thou art strong. All the signs that thou art of noble birth are in thy form, all the marks of a superior man.’

No. 1866493

he was caught being a pedo even before they were married so where's their retarded explanation for that?

No. 1866504

Oh my god shut the fuck up nobody cares about your race wars and literal who internet celebs, scrote. Go back to /pol/.

No. 1866505

Asian men do make perfect bfs though. Not if you’re a Jewish tranny. Also I’m not a moid lol, cope.

No. 1866506

Then why are there 4x as many white guys in jail for child molestation and rape even when the demographics are adjusted for? Sorry m8, Asians aren’t a race of rapists and pedos like Jews and whites are. And ET isn’t Asian he’s a white passing Jewish hapa lol.(racebaiting)

No. 1866507

East Asian.. right.. not brown Muslim moids. Which are the WORST kind of scrotes(racebait)

No. 1866508

>bringing up aznidentity and ET
Painfully obvious now you’re a white scrote who is on 4chan too much. Take your meds.

No. 1866510

Right…kek it’s just Blaine. He’s a notorious racist and racebait spammer who posts gore, racebait and child porn on here, cc and 4chan. Really exposed his ass now. Disgustan.

No. 1866511

I always wondered if it comes from upbringing. Like if you see your dad cheating on your mom constantly you take that as your expectation.

Oh God he woke up and is at it again.

No. 1866513

File: 1689596743214.jpeg (797.05 KB, 1010x1830, 904CEE47-A393-456D-8CD0-47C8FB…)

BLAINE? The one who posts racist wojaks? Ewwww.

No. 1866514

File: 1689596820723.jpeg (902.77 KB, 1567x1717, EAA44754-86FA-4169-945F-45CC80…)

Completely obsessed and was spamming that thread with stuff calling Kuz a chink nonstop. Omg #justrejectedtrannythings

No. 1866516

Also. Pearl's family seem relatively normal so I have always wondered what her parents and siblings make of her… career choice, to use the term loosely.

No. 1866517

Omg Blaine you are pathetic. LOL. So it’s you derailing the thread and spamming racebait 24/7. Please end your life.

No. 1866519

>all those deleted posts
Holy shit he’s so unhinged kek.

No. 1866520

Explains him and Blaines mental illness.(racebait)

No. 1866522

If there’s racebaiting or scrotiness in a thread it’s always Blaine.

No. 1866523

>still racebaiting
Shut the fuck up dude.

No. 1866524


No. 1866525

File: 1689597292068.png (442.54 KB, 840x854, Three times a day.png)

>replying to yourself
>arguing with yourself in your replies to yourself

Reminder to report this guy and stay on topic. Eventually the mods will ban him… Right?

No. 1866526

It’s just one tranny (Blaine) samefagging and arguing back and forth with himself pretending to be a bunch of different people.

He already raided the board two days ago and is back to his old racebaiting and CP/gore posting tricks again.

No. 1866527

>Blaine is Jewish
Oh so that’s why he got so butthurt in another thread where I pointed out a bunch of lefty pedos are Jews. Makes sense if he’s a Jewish pedo himself.

No. 1866528

Buddha would cringe at this shallow narcissistic self absorbed faggot.

No. 1866529

Please stop bringing up the Duggars they are irrelevant and nobody except oldfags care about them.

No. 1866530

I wonder why women don’t raid scrote threads but it’s always scrotes trying to raid ours and ruin them. Men are such fucking parasites. They would rather die than fuck off and leave us alone both in real life and online.

No. 1866531

Pearl is just obviously baiting at this point and doesn’t even believe anything she says. It’s dumb to screenshot her shit when she’s just saying anything for attention. Tomorrow she’ll be saying it should be legal for men to kill their wives.

No. 1866532

Buddha was a misogynist tbh.

No. 1866533

>still calling me a scrote
You’re so pathetic. I have a vagina ovaries womb and XX chromosomes. Something you will never have, troon.

No. 1866534

File: 1689598114231.jpeg (686.57 KB, 1606x1382, 53C8906E-BE0D-4EA6-A438-2E72D6…)

No. 1866535

I’ll bet Buddha didn’t call women cunts like the ‘women’ in this thread.

No. 1866536

File: 1689598180962.jpeg (37.7 KB, 625x626, A14CB67E-46BF-4B47-994F-4FEA35…)

If we ignore him enough he will get bored and go jerk off in his basement or something. Stay strong anons.

No. 1866538

File: 1689598358942.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x1283, 0A6F662F-955B-4407-9C19-FC8542…)

Reminder this is who is behind all the derailing, racebait, CP, gore, raids and soijacks.

No. 1866539

No. 1866541

These threads should just be locked tbh. Just endless bait, derailing, same stale old milk of tradwives being retards and their husbands treating them like shit. By far the stalest and shittiest new thread on the board.

No. 1866543

File: 1689598926513.jpg (241.27 KB, 599x993, schizo.troon.jpg)

lol stop posting your AI generated "selfies" Blaine. Picrel is what he actually looks like, a screenshot from one of his unhinged videos.

No. 1866544

Spoiler that shit ffs

No. 1866547

She reminds me of Shayna a lot, ugly ass bitch with no brains or personality, trying to find success by being as extreme as possible.

No. 1866548

Honestly I think pearl will become extra milky, she will probably have her own thread in a year or two

No. 1866552

File: 1689599851881.jpeg (269.24 KB, 1150x1776, 91B54545-8C26-40BF-B016-C684A5…)

Back to the topic.

Jesus, I would almost feel sorry for these women if they weren’t so vile and insistent on throwing the rest of us under the bus for a crumb of stinky tradscrote dick.

No. 1866555

Don't think it's fair to be mean about looks. There's plenty of conventionally attractive tradwives who are just as, if not more cruel about other women than the ugly ones.

No. 1866556

>Botched looking: check
>White worshipping: check
>anti women’s rights: check
>Desperate for scrote validation: check
>Self esteem on the floor : check
>Bitterness towards intelligent accomplished women: check
The traits of all trad whores.

No. 1866557

File: 1689600097996.jpeg (508.38 KB, 1150x1286, D45D2CA8-F6F1-47B0-87C5-3295C4…)

I wonder how between cooking cleaning and taking care of kids and husband, these women manage to be terminally online and posting their shitty memes 30 times a day?

I swear this lifestyle is just BDSM/dom and sub kink with a wholesome farmgirl cosplay on top.

No. 1866558

How is it not fair to talk about how botched this bitch, Sarah doe and Blaire white looking ass Lauren Chen when they make money off of calling women ugly feminist sluts ?

No. 1866559

I think that's the case for a lot of tradthots. They do some weird mental gymnastics to explain that they're not 100% submissive or that they can have power too or whatever.

No. 1866560

>plenty of conventionally attractive trad thots
Where ? The only one who’s attractive is Lauren Southern and even she looks botched now from all the fillers.

No. 1866561

i saw this on the front page and thought it was a troon

No. 1866562

All the talk of submissiveness makes my skin crawl. It’s blatantly some sexual fetish.

No. 1866563

You feel that way because being inferior and submissive to a scrote is not natural to women it was pushed on us by scrotes through religion and constant violence. If it came natural to us we wouldn’t have ran away screaming from it the second we got a crumb of human rights.

No. 1866566

was about to post the same thing verbatim, how does this even happen?

also why are there so many scrotes in this thread, is it because of lavarock-poster in the shay threads?

No. 1866567

I blame Christianity to be honest. It’s the only religion with a totally submissive boring one dimensional meek feminine figure (Mary). Other religions and old European paganism always had multi faceted women, war, battle, death, sex goddesses etc. They weren’t autistically fixated on holding women to some ridiculous degree of purity and submissiveness.

Also the fact Abrahamic religions incorporate circucision. Makes the scrotes extra mentally ill and woman hating. Gotta oppress women so she won’t steal the rest of his foreskin like mommy did.

No. 1866569


No. 1866571

Scrotes lurk lolcow often but when they stumble across threads like this and read about how many women think they’re trash and would rather die alone than have their disgusting genes or do their laundry they break down and start derailing. They can’t stop themselves cause they’re extremely triggered it’s hilarious kek

No. 1866575

File: 1689601220805.jpeg (280.51 KB, 1126x1318, 46D6D54F-E9D9-451E-A4E7-4A7DC5…)

This is genuinely so tragic. Imagine being on your deathbed and the only memories you have are wiping baby’s diarrhea covered asses, mopping up puke and washing dishes.

No. 1866576

Ooof that’s fucking bleak lmao

No. 1866578

I think it's one or two guys, he can be spotted easily (posting racial crime stats, "encouraging" women to get Asian boyfriends, accusing everyone of being that Blaine guy and using the cringe term kek in his posts constantly).

It's just that he/they are really, really active for their numbers and seemingly never banned by the mods. Does lc even have any mods left or is it just jans now? Can't imagine anyone would want the position.

No. 1866581

I think it's two things. They aren't mutually exclusive and can often be intertwined.

1. A fetish, a derivation of consuming too much pornography in their formative years.
2. A desire to remain a NEET forever and never have to grow up. Never have to make decisions for oneself, never have to make a living etc.

You'll notice both are common in nerd social groups and geek centric online spaces. I don't think it's surprising a lot of tradwives originally spent a lot of time on imageboards or were self professed nerdy girls. Honestly I've noticed a similar line of thinking from people on /g/ and /ot/. They hate their lives, they love fetish sex and they just want to be able to sit at home and not do anything.

The ones like Estee are admittedly slightly different and come from a different space (former abuse). She annoys me a bit less as a result.

No. 1866586

LOL at tagging her pic #white
Also what’s wrong with her fucking face ? It’s looks extremely deformed

No. 1866590

Your act is incredibly transparent. Do you seriously expect us to believe a woman would come on here to defend the honor of Asian men, posting crime stat charts and talking about how they make "perfect boyfriends"?

You are an Asian male living in a western country who has low self esteem and wants validation.

No. 1866592

Catholicism was heavily criticized for centering Mary so much, Mary's fine, it's the abrahamic heritage that's cursed. Having goddesses doesn't have a strong correlation with not oppressing women either, hinduism is filled with goddesses and they're still some of the most misogynistic moids on the planet

Yeah this is definitely a fetish

No. 1866593

He’s acting like Eliot Rodgers trying to advertise himself in mostly female sites probably as ugly and short too

No. 1866596

also no woman is saying "I have roast beef curtains haha gottem!" this is so palpably maleposting I need a spitoon

No. 1866599

Bitch you got no titts the closest thing you got is two painfully fake silicone implants far apart on your hairy chest. Kill yourself.

No. 1866601

>Pointing out that Asian men have the lowest incarceration rate
My God you sexless freak. Don't you get it? We. Don't. Care. It has nothing to do with the thread at hand.

No. 1866605

>"Haha no Asian man would want you ugly bitches anyway"

Yep. Definitely a man. As I said, incredibly transparent and not subtle at all.

No. 1866607

>Christianity is the only bad religion
Uuhhh Muhammed married a 6 year old and had sex with her when she first bled at 9. Child marriage is still common and accepted in Islam.

No. 1866609

>Da joooz!

Are jooz also the reason you can't find a girlfriend?

No. 1866611

let's ignore the smegma in the room ladies, we know better.

I will say I do have a specific tinfoil about Pearl and her being in the closet. her old friend's recounting of their decade plus long friendship and how radically different she was then and now makes me think she's closested, sad and really desperate. I genuinely feel quite bad for her. hypothetically if she was like a scared lesbian it doesn't mean she isn't larping as the female andrew tate. she'd have to do a long hard apology tour to get any sympathy for those antics at this point. what do you think nonas? straight and desperate or closeted and desperate? either way she's actively being the worst for the money when she doesn't even need it. makes me think it's all desperation. she isn't even bad looking? she looks like a cute netballer I would crush on if she was confident and idk looked showered.

No. 1866615

You think dating that black homeless man turned her into a lesbian?

No. 1866618

Idk about Japan but not even Korean women want to date or marry Korean men. The country has the lowest crude birth rate in the world and highest reported rate of women who want to remain single and unmarried for life in the world. You really think you know better than them?

No. 1866620

Asian population in the US is only 7.2%, White population is 75.5%, so that seems about right for kiddie diddlers, Black americans seem to be overrepresented, guess all of these pedo freaks are moids.

No. 1866622

the saddest part of this whole ordeal is that the tranny lacks so much self awareness he doesn't even realize that all of his posts scream "man". he doesn't even know why they do, and he never will; but they do. it's the same reason he sperged on the nonna for calling pearl a cunt, he literally just doesn't get why he obviously reads like a male when he calls women here trannies and why a woman reads as a woman when she calls another woman a cunt. male brain moment.

No. 1866623

Ok yeah, you're definitely a man. Do you really think a normal woman would find it flattering that an ethnicity would treat their own women like shit but treat foreign women better? It isn't even true. Korean men treat foreign brides from SEA and Slavic countries like shit too.

No. 1866629

yeah that's definitely him
he's with us in the room right now

No. 1866632

You're a man. And you don't 'worship' white women, you just view them as sexual objects of higher sexual value. It's objectification all the same. Get lost.

No. 1866633

This if some 10/10 rich husbando suddenly came into their lives and offered to take care of them for the rest of their life and all they had to do was keep up the larp, you know most of not all these women would be leaving their husbands kek.

No. 1866636

Exactly, never even heard of a non-trad moid or mom trying to shill motherhood as the absolute idealized perfect no big deal while also being the biggest deal ever type thing. Every mother most of us have met won’t have been trad therefore most will give you an honest perspective of what their life as a mom is like, that is, rewarding - if you want children - but insanely difficult. And how having kids only made them more pro choice. That’s your average good mother’s perspective on motherhood. Most trads are shit moms who think beating their children and cooking them shitty standard American diet fare = raising children.

No. 1866638

Upon second thoughts, maybe this is inaccurate to say nerd circles. These characteristics on second thought always seemed to be more common among weeb girls. Can't speak for anyone else's experiences but most of the other women I know who play D&D and liked the hard sciences weren't like this. It's a weeb girl thing.

No. 1866648

File: 1689604968803.png (3.3 KB, 244x206, t.png)

Stop responding to bait you fucking retards.Post milk.

No. 1866656

this may sound mean but i genuinely hope megha miscarries(alogging)

No. 1866657

Somebody should keep sending this image to her every day

No. 1866661

File: 1689606120555.jpeg (322.79 KB, 1387x784, 255C9933-37E3-4E8F-8E4F-D1C8A3…)

Men really wish women hated each other.

No. 1866663

I hope it’s born as a retarded potato (not unrealistic since her scrotes sperm is rotten) and she has to parade it and take care of it 24/7 while screeching about what a gift from god children are and how abortion is evil

No. 1866664

File: 1689606599948.jpeg (863.6 KB, 1620x1229, C6C3FF3E-2D3E-42FA-82F7-58D39E…)

>completely ignoring the fact divorce rates skyrocket for age gap couples
Tradthots try not to be disingenuous challenge.

No. 1866666

Muscles look like they are about to burst because he is stressing them so much for the photo, face indicating constipation, standard gym in the background because he does nothing in life besides lifting weights. Was the caption meant to be about him…?

No. 1866668

is her hubby bubby 40? why is she coping so hard?

No. 1866672

File: 1689607570400.png (33.43 KB, 720x405, D01CC134-13CB-4271-BD28-6F7A93…)

Yes her instathot following coomer absentee hubby is 40 that’s why she’s doomed to shit out retarded aloo (potatoes)

No. 1866673

Do you have link to this account? I can’t find his profile even with that username

No. 1866674

>scrote detected
I don't blame you for thinking that considering the state of these boards lately. sorry my argument wasn't more nuanced, I meant tinfoil in the literal sense like I have an inkling but if the opinion is this opposed I'll consider I'm wrong.
I don't have a hateboner for her, she has a hateboner for herself and I'm curious as to why.
so the consensus is she's just a desperate and mean straight woman? if so, why? she seemed to have pretty solid feminist views and a lifelong female friend she threw away for this life. why? her friend said she would obsessively research how to find a husband, did she just break one day and decide being the ultimate doormat handmaiden would snag her a husband? let alone a high value man as she puts it. she makes me sad. if my best friend was doing this idk what I would do.
vidrel is her newest and she's so mean for no reason. maybe I'm soft but why treat other women this way to get a man?

No. 1866675

At 20+ years older they could be the same age as your parents. A bit weird. Makes me wonder what goes in these women's heads haha

No. 1866677

File: 1689607967500.jpeg (220.41 KB, 1620x659, CC5FD4AA-341F-4C9F-8965-11EDA7…)

Seeing replyguys outchudding her is really funny

No. 1866681

File: 1689608246192.jpeg (361.51 KB, 1402x997, A5BD4AA7-8174-4877-BE32-8FE144…)

Malignant narcissists ranting about the goodness of their heart reminds me of bpd chans ranting about how they’re empaths kek.

No. 1866682

It’s always the worst kind of people who try to talk about what good people they are

No. 1866686

nicely said. reminds me of kiki preaching kindness while sperg-chan was inundating is with literal gore. protesting too much dothing and whatnot

No. 1866692

Thank god this dumb bitch got knocked up, maybe she’ll finally stop being terminally online talking and looking like diarrhea every second of the day (sadly probably not since everyone knows tradthots are internet addicts who plop their newborns in front of veggie tales while they continue to attention whore and get into Twitter spats with strangers every waking moment online)

No. 1866693

For real I genuinely think internet and social media addiction is a serious affliction tradthots suffer from but absolutely refuse to admit or confront.

Strange that people who are so hyperfocused on holistic living and screaming about the ills of modernity are constantly in front of a screen and engaged in flamewars online.

No. 1866694

File: 1689610210042.png (67.98 KB, 417x605, dumb.png)

Oof her dead eyed chimp must be really on edge

No. 1866696


No argument that she’s racially pure. She looks inbred.

No. 1866698

She really wants people to believe women are after her scrote and jealous of her, doesn't she. He lives in the middle east and never sees her, didn't even show up to the baby shower. Did she even get knocked up the "trad" way, or was this a turkey baster situation? He doesn't seem to want to be around her at all.
OT but am I being unfair by finding her baby talk annoying as fuck? To the kid herself I understand, but "babie" is so grating especially considering what an incompetent mother she is

No. 1866699

Why is this fat bitch tweeting 10 times a day ? you'd think having a kid and a moid to serve would keep them busy but nah never

No. 1866700

hapsbergian if you will

No. 1866702

Yep it’s always the people jerking themselves off about what a kind, honorable, good hearted person they are who turn out to be the most toxic and evil. Genuinely good people don’t need to vent to online strangers about how good they are and how much inner work they’re doing on themselves (but thats also totally sekrit guise because I’m so humble too!)

Funny that Megha calls a gossip the lowest form of woman when twitter shit talker is her only hobby. Why am I not surprised in the slightest a narc has zero self awareness???

No. 1866703

I think she's using 'Babie' as a nickname for her child. Posting her daughter's face on her twitter is fine, but saying her name is a big no-no.

No. 1866705

>‘Thou hast a perfect body, thou art resplendent, well born, of noble aspect, thou hast a golden colour and white teeth, thou art strong. All the signs that thou art of noble birth are in thy form, all the marks of a superior man.’

Yes that caption was about him lmao

No. 1866709

Natural consequence of having a physically absent husband who doesn’t pay attention to them, too much time on their hands from being unemployed, naturally attention craving personalities, ignoring their children + only getting the kids out as props for the occasional photo op.

Seeing as Megha already got kicked out of her PHD course and first fiancé dumped her on her wedding day and it STILL hasn’t humbled her, it’s going to be funny to see what surprises motherhood and a marriage to a one-foot-out-the-door scrote 10 years her senior who still masturbates to teenage instathots has in store for her.
What do you see on the cards for Meg, nonnies?

No. 1866712

File: 1689610923256.png (619.02 KB, 1568x741, narc faggot.png)

Who tf talks about themselves like that in every single caption lol he's a bigger lolcow than his self proclaimed 'health expert' tradthot

No. 1866714

It’s so ironic that somebody would use a Buddhist quote to only try to praise physical attributes about themselves (which they don’t even have, he’s a horse faced roidtranny white trash Swedish bogtrotter kek) literal soulless NPC behavior.

No. 1866715

>And tell me about your relationship with your father, Marcus

No. 1866717

It’s funny that he’s such an insufferable fag that not even the Nazis on /fit/ or /pol/ can stand him

No. 1866718

File: 1689611422147.png (799.79 KB, 1557x654, ew.png)

His captions are so fucking cringey

No. 1866720

He reminds me of one of those butterface girls who have a hideous face but try and compensate by injecting as much fat into their ass as possible and end up looking like freakshows

No. 1866722

File: 1689611647287.png (922.3 KB, 833x802, tinywrist.png)

lol at the tiny wrist just like the anon with gym knowledge said earlier in the thread

No. 1866724

He genuinely has one of the worst midfaces I’ve seen. Piggy upturned snub nose and 20 centimetre long FAS philtrum then that metre long witch Jay Leno chin. He’s repulsively ugly. I would genuinely rather shoot myself in the head than have to wake up to this monster.

No. 1866726

I could break his wrist with one karate chop kek.

No. 1866728

A little girl could break his breadstick wrists and ankles. If he just falls over he’ll probably snap both wrists from being so deformedly top heavy.

No. 1866731

File: 1689612143112.png (457.21 KB, 579x669, no.png)

another thirstrap for the boys kek

No. 1866733

>Megs hubby still unashamedly follows girls young enough to be his daughter on social media despite being married and having a baby on the way
Ahhhhh now nonnies do you get it? She takes all her anger out on other women, reees about thots and onlyfans girls, and projects jealousy onto other women constantly because she is frustrated and jealous at her trad hubby being a gross coomer who cucks her with e-thots (and probably fucks other women while he’s in Dubai and London, yuck)

The political is always personal. Look at what makes someone the most irrationally angry and then follow the clues. Never forget that nonas.

No. 1866734

So would Meg be okay with her aarp scrote leaving her for a younger model? She’ll never stay young forever and there will always be a younger girl after her

No. 1866735

She’s angry at sexy, liberal women because that’s who her hubby prefers when he isn’t dumping a kid on her and then bouncing. Jesus this bitch has really made some terrible choices in life but expects people to take her living manual seriously lmaoooo.

Even the tradscrotes in her replies are almost always just making fun of her or disagreeing with her and calling her retarded LOL.

No. 1866737

Her husband is already making steps in that direction but she’s too busy reeing about Chelsea Handler and fascism to see what’s happening right under her nose. What a dense cunt lmao.

No. 1866738

She is retarded why tf would an indian girl pander to racist trad moids ? they will always consider her a sand n word same thing with Lauren Chen she defended and interviewed literal nazis who would never consider her white and would boot her out of the country if they could it's just pathetic

No. 1866741

Truly a high level scrote-cow.
All I can focus on is how painful those titty straps cutting into his moobs look.

No. 1866747

Is Meg a femcuck?

Her relationship with her husband doesn’t seem ‘trad’ or wholesome at all imo. He’s away in another country most of the time dickriding Saudi bastards and masturbating to e-whore thirst traps.

I’m assuming she’s just with him for money and because she wanted a kid who doesn’t look as brown as her + her family does. Other than that she seems to ignore the fact he’s following other women and likely seeing them on the side (Dubai is notorious for its prostitutes and most of them are far more attractive than Meg, if her husband is shameless enough to openly coom to sluts then god knows what else he gets up to while he’s away, then again I genuinely thought he was a homosexual so who knows)

No. 1866752

Ever notice how the non white passing tradthots are always angry af and on edge ? seeing the moids they pander to post about how their ideal trad bangmaid are blonde and blue eyed must really get to them

No. 1866755

Like other anons have pointed out Indians are generally delusional about everything in life and believe themselves to be white/Aryan even though they are very obviously considered brown in every western country.

Some of them even believe themselves to be superior to whites because of their ‘I am pure Brahmin sar’ autism that nobody else on earth gives a shit about kek. The other thing is that westerners (especially in super liberal multi culti places like the wealthier parts of Canada where Megha is from) generally aren’t openly racist at all and also tend to kowtow a lot to minorities, so the minorities don’t get challenged and are essentially coddled by everyone around them because everyone is too afraid to even criticize them, result is they become quite arrogant and uppity because they have never actually encountered racism irl at any point in life.

Many of the Indians in my country are exactly like this because of similar circumstances. Nobody has ever said a racist or prejudiced word to them in their lives, then they have a heart attack when someone says something like India is shit lol.

I guess they see themselves as the other white meat, same as delusional East Asian women who surround themselves with liberal yes men, think they can fuck their way to whiteness and gain brownie points by looking down on other ethnic people (then cry and have a mental breakdown when some random dude in the street calls them a Chink or Gook because it finally reminds them they will never be white)

Honestly, irl racism is practically non existent in most liberal western countries. Then you wonder why minorities are so delusional.

No. 1866756

Conservatives moids are super racist the heat must get to them

No. 1866763

Speaking as a mixed woman myself, I think there’s always a shit ton of racial tension bubbling away under the surface in these kinds of relationships to be honest. I’ve seen other ethnic women crying online about how white girls have it so easy in dating and life in general, and there’s not an ethnic woman on earth who hasn’t had a ‘I wish I was a blonde blue eyed white girl’ phase (myself included) I’ve had these painful kind of discussions with poc girlfriends of mine. It’s not something we like to admit openly because its horribly embarrassing and pathetic. But yeah if we’re dating a white guy there’s always gonna be a feeling of ‘did he just settle for me?’ or ‘does he wish he had a white girl instead?’ or ‘will he be angry if his kids look more like me than him?’ I actually broke up with my white ex boyfriend because we were talking about having kids. I remarked on how we both had thick hair, and how both our genes would be good for our kids. And he said something like ‘Yeah, but our kids would also be shitskins.’ Then laughed about it. That comment crushed me so badly.

Notice how most of Meghas anger and resentment isn’t directed at Indian women or whatever but at ‘democrat, childless, sexually liberal feminist women’ who are by default mostly white. Her hubby follows white and other races of tradthots so yeah it’s not like he is exclusively attracted to Indian women or anything, and she is probably seething deep down. The nona who said the political views someone holds is always a reflection of their own personal issues is probably right.

No. 1866765

File: 1689614309290.png (388.65 KB, 965x853, gross.png)

Imagin being gone so far into your misogyny you think women only criticise men cause they won't fuck them.
This bitch is so insufferable

No. 1866766

Meg will probably be even angrier and pissier these days because she’s panicking about her kid coming out brown like her.

No. 1866771

It’s also funny how Meg gets so butthurt when someone shittalks Indians or quickly tries to shut down any discussion of a whites-only society or ideology. It’s clear she’s incredibly insecure about not being white.
That tweet from that other racist white tradthot talking about how whites have an ‘Aryan soul’ which only Europeans can possess and browns can never attain seemed to really, REALLY get under Meg’s skin. She even brought out the butthurt Pajeet laughing emojis kek.
What’s even cringier is Meg obviously believes this too (hence why she whitewashes herself so much, latched onto the first white guy she could find, obsesses over white culture history Christianity and art, and wants to erase every Indian part of her identity except the bindis and colourful sarees) but she refuses to admit that Indians are inferior because that would hurt her ego and standing too much.

No. 1866773

Nobody wants Muskrats crusty old dick except you, Lauren. Stop projecting. Moids are not and have never been the prize. Women are. Which is why moidmonkeys kill each other and wage wars over us.

No. 1866778

Oh and it also doesn’t help that even the most liberal white guys constantly say racially insensitive stuff without even realizing. So I imagine dating right wing white dudes is an even bigger minefield.

No. 1866779

Because tradthots know even the most extreme ‘white supremacist’ moids have absolutely zero real principles or scruples about fucking ethnic women lmao. They’ll have sex with any woman they can get. Racemixing is only bad when white females do it. White guys are free to fuck whatever they find.

No. 1866780

File: 1689615092454.png (337.85 KB, 662x736, unhingedtradthotfreakout.png)

Proof they're always on edge lmao

No. 1866786

Hahahahah what the fuck. I can just imagine Lauren wanting to say all this to her husband but being too afraid he might go out and stay at Motel 6 with a 17 year old he met up with from his discord server, so she has to vent all her anger at random dudes on twitter instead. LMAO. Such is the life of a ragie tradthot.

No. 1866787

File: 1689615340719.png (272.55 KB, 848x692, racistbitchgetscalledout.png)

I love how she posted an arrogant rant on how people of color aren't opressed along to many racist tweets but when people called her out and were racist back she goes WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH STOP ASIAN HATE kek

No. 1866788

She’s psychotic lmao. Also rofl at the fact Vadim looks like her husband. Freudian moment.

No. 1866791

Sorry your boyfriend said that to you. My partner had an Indian ex and he said the thought of mixed children was ultimately why he broke it off. He's not even that political, I get the feeling it matters to a lot of white people on some level.

No. 1866792

What’s with tardthots using terms like ‘stop Asian hate’ or ‘white savior complex’ whenever it suits them? Nah bitch, you don’t get to have it both ways, you surround yourself with racist right wing pieces of shit then cry when they don’t stand up for you lmao. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

No. 1866796

Oh my god looool see this is exactly what I was talking about in this long ass post
Ethnic people in super liberal upper middle class Canadian provinces like Lauren and Meg grew up in never actually have to experience real racism in life because they are surrounded by ultra polite nice white democrat yesmen who pander to minorities and are absolutely terrified to criticize non whites for fear of being called racist.

Then when someone online calls them a ‘cat eating chink’ or a ‘dirty brown currymucher’ they sperg out and nearly have a stroke because it’s the first time someones ever been mean to them about their race. It pops their nice white delusion bubble and makes them seethe and become more and more insecure.

No. 1866797

File: 1689615915100.png (283.3 KB, 485x723, racistwhore.png)

No. 1866799

Lauren is way too aggressive and masculine, most of these tradthots.
Hannah can have a full mental breakdown yelling at women online all day, and Meg can attack women for living their lives all day, etc. They’re all so masculine. While their boyfriends and husbands are feminine and stay at home/away from them. No wonder they’re so bitter kek

No. 1866800

And yeah what’s ironic is that Megha and Lauren will have directly benefited from living in such nice liberal white communities. If they actually lived in a white supremacist nazi utopia they would have already been carted off to the sterilization/euthanization office.

No. 1866801

Having sex is different from having children together. Even a lot of liberal men want children who look like them, aka are of their own race. Men reproduce to "continue their lineage" so they want their own genes to be dominant. Thats why white men especially look down on men with mixed kids cause they let their wifes dominant genes decide the kids appearance.

No. 1866807

Glad you dropped the honkey. What an ass.

No. 1866808

misha is a unisex name

No. 1866814

File: 1689616908592.jpg (8.11 KB, 168x300, incelshit.jpg)

I can swear i saw this exact saying on some incel forum being mocked online before she even said it

No. 1866825

Why does she look like Quagmire from FG here kek

No. 1866827

File: 1689618179191.jpg (16.23 KB, 735x525, e4655e5720a3c7999a3f2cf7b2d373…)


No. 1866831

File: 1689618347818.jpg (35.16 KB, 550x649, family guy.jpg)

I kinda see it anon lol

No. 1866832

File: 1689618556851.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x2057, 9C3A529E-FBB5-4C83-B15D-672212…)

God she’s has so much filler and botox she looks like a reanimated corpse. Tradthots are delusional they actually think they can override men’s insatiable programming to cheat and seek novelty by injecting botulism into their nerves and looking like bogged ladyboys lmao.

Also just looked at Lauren’s husband’s public following list and he also follows some thirstrapping tittywhores like Cammila Hasselgaard.
No wonder Lauren is so angry all the time, all that effort into being a tradwife and your husband still shamelessly splooges to big titted e-bimbos.

No. 1866834

File: 1689618605700.png (483.8 KB, 1614x778, eviemagazine.png)

You mean this article ? lol
She gets totally bitter and unhinged when talking about other women

No. 1866842

File: 1689619093731.jpeg (194.4 KB, 951x634, C5262C14-2F26-4947-9B00-677162…)

He also follows 21 year old chess thots (because of course young women playing titty chess at 2100 ELO is much more important than grandmasters playing at 2800 ELO, and chess is a sure sign of genius tier intelligence to midwits)

No. 1866844

Du hast
Du hast einen Perfect Body

No. 1866845

File: 1689619221935.png (375.9 KB, 918x648, JH.png)

LMAO this is rich considering how she defended that neckbeard Jhona Hill and said he was right not wanting his girlfriend posting thirst traps on insta while her man follows women who post only that

No. 1866847

I can't imagine her husband following way better looking thots who happen to be white help her with her hilariously obvious rage when talking about other women kek

No. 1866848

Gay as shit. This was not posed for women! Vile.

No. 1866851

Omg ewwwww she can hardly even smile

No. 1866853

Her coomer useless husband following all these ethots makes Lauren’s insecurity and online reeeeing at every other woman so much sense now. Bet her husband made some comment on how aoc is attractive and she’s been seething

No. 1866857

What’s funny is the chess girl (Anna Cramling) has actually spoken out publicly about how sexual harassment by men at chess games is a huge problem, how she’s been sexually harassed (sometimes even when she was underage) and how the chess world is full of sexism and condescension towards female players, how she felt lonely being a female chess player, how she got scolded for wearing shorts at a game and was embarrassed by an official who told her she was distracting the male players etc. Even tradscrotes like Liam simp for outspoken feminist women like Anna over their doormat, woman hating tradthot wives like Lauren lmao. Bleak.

No. 1866860

It's hilarious how she posted a whole ass ego trip video bragging about how conservative women are hotter than the liberal ones cause some AI compared pics of blonde women like the thots her husband simps for and of an obese troon lmfao

No. 1866862

Agreed. It all makes perfect sense now. Male coomers stirring up female insecurity and competitiveness. Tale as old as time and these dumb bitches still fall for these same old moid tricks every damn time. Jesus Christ.

No. 1866867

Well you see how it turned out for Elliot Rodger. He forever hated his dad for making him half Asian instead of a tall white chad like his dad.

No. 1866871

File: 1689621034920.jpg (35.32 KB, 500x500, handsomesquidward.jpg)

Handsome Squidward looking ass

No. 1866879

File: 1689621827816.png (901.56 KB, 1136x785, yikes.png)

She's just mad AOC is better looking than her with huge milkers while she looks like a botched tranny

No. 1866880

File: 1689621871143.gif (16.93 KB, 206x270, assurancetourix.gif)

he really makes me think of this Astérix character everytime I see his unfortunate goofy face

No. 1866885

File: 1689622322816.png (425.06 KB, 878x658, uglyscrote.png)

He's butt ugly no wonder he got on steroid to bulk up

No. 1866889

File: 1689622650667.png (236.98 KB, 443x531, Screenshot 2023-07-17 213948.p…)

scout looking mofo

No. 1866890

File: 1689622656486.png (174.63 KB, 1133x748, retarded trad.png)

>Too old to learn another language
>Is in late 20s
She's so fucking dumb

No. 1866894

it's funny how this racist bitch didn't add the british colonies to the 'Anglospere'

No. 1866899

Pearl's face mechanics give me a headache. I cannot stare at her face for long because something about freaks me out. It doesn't seem right.

No. 1866902

When he leaves her, do you think we’ll see her break down online blaming women for everything that’s wrong with the world like pearl is doing or just go silent

No. 1866911

File: 1689623870376.png (383.32 KB, 1012x411, pic.png)

Asian blaire white could also be angry that her sibling is more white passing than her tbh maybe that's why she tries too hard to blend in with the white supremacist scrotes

No. 1866915

Eyeball straight up meltin off her face

No. 1866916

Gotta keep one eye on the stove and one eye on her husband’s following list.

No. 1866918

wtf why did she used to dye her hair and eyebrows blonde ? is it a poor attempt at white washing herself ? she looks weird here

No. 1866921

LMFAO you're mean anon

No. 1866926

KEK AOC is way out of that 50 year old rat faced edgelord's league she would actually pay to not date him The Lauren Chen is projecting real hard with this reply and s the one all musky for him

No. 1866931

Wow lol she's obsessed with Alexadria.
She's richer,hotter,smarter and above all more secure that you'll ever be Lauren it's not her fault your ugly pinochio nose moid follows thots online

No. 1866939

Lol she even tagged Elon Musk. I hope he sees it.

No. 1866956

The opposite is true for men, men only criticise women because we don't fuck them. Because scrotes lack both critical thinking and empathy, they can only view our actions through that lens as it is the only one they can comprehend. Like incel scrotes calling women femcels, even though the word is for 'involuntary' and they ignore that the moids are the ones seething women won't fuck them. It's why men are well known for always projecting, they literally cannot comprehend others motivations as long as they are of the opposite sex.

No. 1866970

Meg is seething that she threw her life away from some scrote too unbothered to see her baby shower while he fucks escorts in Dubai and follows these ig girls completely opposite of her. Same with Lauren. I bet money that her husband said something nice about Chelsea handler too so she had a meltdown over it

No. 1866975

All the men Lauren panders to would totally pick 27 year old C.H over her even Elon who's first wife looks like young Chelsea lol

No. 1866979

I wonder how she would react when she finds out that her husband thirsts over white teenage girls online lmao full blown onision style meltdown

No. 1866985

That’s why they hate CH not having kids so much, it triggers their rejection cope. One more lost coom opportunity.

No. 1866989

lol, another one, dressed up like a Spartan soldier from the movie 300 while posing in front of the Swedish flag. He clearly has some identity issues and can't decide if he wants to roleplay a Greek or a Swede

No. 1866991

His pics are more cringe and hilarious than sexy lol it’s probably the painful narcissistic captions and his unfortunate face

No. 1867007

oh my god nonnie lmao

I think their disgusting moids not having a chance with the thots they orbit makes it worse, not better. These moids should absolutely be thanking their stars they can be with any woman at all, even a deranged tradthot, and the fact that they still have the gall to seek something else can make even onlookers mad. Too bad they reach the wrong conclusion - that it's the women's, and not their moids' fault.

No. 1867011

File: 1689633891327.jpeg (91.94 KB, 750x1045, 1171EE43-0E32-45D0-8AFF-E6ECBD…)

So megha writes on Evie magazine aka tradthot burn book too ? She’s also using it to cope with her rage against the women her moid lusts after lol

No. 1867013

File: 1689634157199.jpeg (129.72 KB, 640x1028, 37556898-ED9A-4096-9729-CEB986…)

This bitch is so unhinged with her race inferiority complex she tagged their pic #colonized lmao

No. 1867017

He’s gazing white teens in their shorts chilling in the park from under the sun glasses

No. 1867027

I love this cope nonna. It must be why 70% of homeless are men. Women are better at not burning their last bridges and doing the work to maintain stronger social ties, deal with it moids

Even the male relatives I liked did very little to maintain social ties. They were very quick to move away after retirement and hardly communicate with the rest of the family. It was and is always women maintaining the social fabric, with no respect from "trad" men

No. 1867037

Once again reaffirming trad couples are just kink/fetish lifestyle weirdos cosplaying as wholesome.

No. 1867038

Are you serious? Asians are the most neotenous race because of Asian male sexual selection. They absolutely have that preference and have had it so long that the men are neotenous too(racebait)

No. 1867040

There something so tragically hilarious about her spending hours compiling essays on ‘How to love a man’ and the ‘sanctity of marriage’ and ‘how to be sexy without showing skin’ while her husband is splooging big loads all over his stomach to teenage girls dancing in hotpants and bouncing their breasts on TikTok. It’s like the quintessential female delusion, romanticism + idealism vs male reality and sordidness summed up, and it’s the oldest and saddest story in existence.

No. 1867043

Go back to /fit/, butthurt wignat scrote.

No. 1867044

Those replies cracked me up LMFAO

No. 1867045

Scrote projection. Yet again.(learn to sage)

No. 1867049

What’s funny is that an anon or two on Reddit was saying they know Meg and her family from Brampton were they used to live. Basically her dad is a beta but apparently he’s really nice, just a bit of a pushover. Her mum apparently is a psycho and narcissist (like many Indian mothers unfortunately, and you see that reflected in some of Meghas tweets about her mother). And apparently Megha is so quiet and shy and comes across aspie irl, people who knew her said they had absolutely no idea she has this twitter alter ego where she spouts all this vitriolic controversial stuff because she’s so mousey and unassuming irl kek.

I wonder how their future daughter/son is going to feel knowing that their father was a white hebephile creep who brags about colonizing non-white women and their mother was a self hating brown bangmaid with a breeding kink. I’ve never seen any kid from this kind of dynamic turn out mentally healthy.

No. 1867052

Waxing lyrical about the life of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and telling women how to be a good colonized brown wife, while her husband empties his balls on his laptop to another 16 year old blonde girl gyrating in a bikini. The tragicomedy of life.(samefagging, ban evasion)

No. 1867062

Why are tradthots so bluepilled on moid nature? Its honestly embarrassing. In Smeg’s case I’m guessing she might genuinely be aspie. If its true she has a beta for a dad and no brothers on top of this it’s possible she’s just retarded and naive as fuck about the reality of how men operate and is trying to find something that doesn’t exist because of some retarded fairytales and myths she autistically fixated on.

No. 1867064

>why are narcissists delusional and try to deny reality?
Hmm. I don’t know.

No. 1867067

Women always attribute depth to men who don’t deserve it. It’s sad that Smeg loves her husband for what she projects onto him and wants him to be, not what he is (which is a skeezy greasy haired eyebrowless coomer who looks like a raw chicken breast and has a creepy high pitched discord groomer voice)(constant samefagging)

No. 1867080

At this point I think that tradthots are just ordinary women who became extremely trad as a coping mechanism to their husbands' infidelity. The women they masturbate to are childless, dressed in revealing clothes/provocatively, liberal

No. 1867084

we all know her parents are going to be raising it

No. 1867089

There are a handful of racebaiting, samefagging retards who are constantly shitting up this thread. Bans have been issued.

Any further samefagging, racebaiting, spam etc. will be met with increasingly harsh bans. Those who are clearly doing it maliciously will be permanently banned and their posts will be deleted to discourage this behaviour.

Please do not respond to bait, report and ignore.

No. 1867091

most white girls aren't blonde

No. 1867092

File: 1689641690824.png (49.22 KB, 629x532, tim gordon pearl crossover.png)

I'd wager all these people are far more isolated than anyone here. They've purity-spiraled their way into complete IRL isolation, which is why they need the social media dopamine hits and charity bux.

A perfect example is Stephanie Gordon, the wife of tradcath grifter Timothy Gordon, who cut off his children from their entire extended family because he's an insane control freak. She "wrote" a book called Ask Your Husband that just happens to have the exact same writing style as Timothy's self-published garbage. The book argues, contrary to Catholic tradition and social teaching, that housewives shouldn't turn to extended family for help with childcare or anything. Women are the weaker vessel who nevertheless should be able to raise and homeschool seven children all alone. Pure, undiluted cope.

I'd post her own combative comments but she deleted her Twitter account. She and Tim are on YouTube, though, arguing for Christian libertarianism while rattling the tin cup for themselves.

No. 1867095

looks like a busted Brad Pitt

No. 1867096

She already said something weird like women who ask their bf to change their kids shit filled diaper as she is busy trying to do something else simply lack ‘female support network’ basically implying her mother and sisters will be doing the raising instead of her scrote.

No. 1867097

The dumbass troon has been trying to derail the thread and shut it down lately unfortunately.

No. 1867103

You really gotta wonder how many of these tradthots who have kids like Lauren, Sarah, Ally, Abby, etc secretly have some sort of daycare or nanny they use. Any actual full time homemaker wouldn't have all this time to make tons of online content

No. 1867114

>Bitch your house probably smell like cat stew and bats

No. 1867121

>#colonized #blessed
I screamed! So unhinged.

No. 1867122

>contrary to Catholic tradition and social teaching, that housewives shouldn't turn to extended family for help with childcare or anything
Even l trad pagans think this is too much and believe in the “it takes a village to raise a child”. Tim is just an abusive scrote who wants to isolate women in relationships from friends and family using Christianity to justify it. And he thinks the religion is too feminist now. These scrotes like him won’t be satisfied until every woman lives like they’re in afghanistan

No. 1867132

File: 1689647432614.gif (512.62 KB, 275x151, 1D927EE6-5C8A-40AE-B47D-D868A8…)

I wonder how many of these families have enough money to support so many children. It doesn’t look possible, to rise multiple kids on one salary. I just feel sorry for their children.
Also are they homeschooling the kids? That’s so evil, setting their own children for failure like that. Must be horrible to have such narcissistic pieces of shit as parents

No. 1867146

No. 1867149

They almost never have enough money, I grew up with people like this and there's a culture of shitting on social benefits while using food banks and getting regular help from the church. The kids wear used clothes from church donations, which is fine, except these are people in the same town, I've seen kids get made fun of for wearing old sneakers or clothes that classmates outgrew.

The homeschooling is such a fucking joke too, it's usually old religious workbooks already used by older siblings. The older girls have to look after the younger kids and their schoolwork, not to mention the chores.

We had a group that only took the kids out late at night to avoid us sinful normies, and once a big van of them showed up to use the roller rink at like 11pm, from toddlers to teens, and the girls were so fascinated by us bc we were coming out of roller derby practice, so there were a lot of tattoos, sports bras, and BARE LEGS OMG. They were sweet, but the boys were standing looking to the ground like autists lol

Women who do this are broken

No. 1867179

no homemaker without help has time to be posting shit on social media all the time without the kids being around 24/7. tradthots seem to forget being a homemaker is a 24/7 job and most women aren't granted funds by their tradhusband to get help because it's literally "their job".

No. 1867237

if a woman doesn't work but her scrote pays for maids and nannies to raise the children and take care of the home, does she still count as a tradwife?

No. 1867249

another future family annihilator. what is it with tradcaths that make them so unhinged?

No. 1867250

i dont doubt what youre saying at all lol but is there any chance u could find the source? It would be helpful against reddit moids that infiltrate any discussion relating to age gap relationships to lecture on about how theyre the most perfect and normal relationship dynamics in existence.

No. 1867253

very few women like older men, maybe 1 in a 1000. But that 0.1% is very sensitive when other women criticize age gap relationships. I've never heard moids say much about age gap relationships but the grandpa fuckers are always very vocal.
If any moid tells you that age gap relationships work, tell them that studies show that it is height gap that predicts women's marital satisfaction better than any other metric. It's completely true and it will trigger the shit out of any scrotes you encounter

No. 1867254

sage for slight blog but why do these exceedingly pro age gap relationship obsessed tards desperately try to paint out any woman that dares disagree with those dynamics as a ebiill post wall 40 year old roastie. Im 19 and ive always felt grossed tf out by them, the vast majority of other girls my age that ive seen express their opinions on them have felt the same way, i work and go to school with almost entirely women in their late teens/early twenties and all of them are dating men their own age, 5 years older at most. Ive seen women in their early twenties express disgust towards 30 year old men hitting on them, let alone 40+ year old moids. Sorry for slight blog post but as much as i see men repeat this "young women looovvveeee older established men sooo much" mantra, it really just isnt real outside of hollywood. not to mention, anyone that leaves their house on a regular basis sees that most people in general age shitty, but irl ive seen much more good looking older women than men. they act like nearly all middle aged men are these sexy, rich, wise silver foxes. Also, male fertility past their 30s is severely overestimated and society as a whole is borderline psyoped into genuinely believing mens fertility doesnt go down until theyre practically senile. Fathers pass on four times as many new genetic mutations as mothers ( https://www.theguardian.com/science/2017/sep/20/fathers-pass-on-four-times-as-many-new-genetic-mutations-as-mothers-study) , researchers have shown that the best time biologically for a man to have a baby is late twenties early thirties, and old fathers cause a shit ton of problems that are massively swept under the rug.

No. 1867256

>Sorry for slight blog post but as much as i see men repeat this "young women looovvveeee older established men sooo much" mantra
I know it is a meme that men say this, but other than MGTOW vids I'm not sure moids really do feel this way. Most moids in the 30-40 range that I know pursue women their own age and laugh about how they are too old to attract younger women.
I've never seen a young woman crush on an old guy, now that I think about it. I knew one 24 year old who was dating a 36 year old if that counts, I guess. And some young guys now like to date older women but even that is far from the norm. Most relationships are age matched

No. 1867261

idk maybe ive just been spending too much time on reddit (full of pedo moids) and youtube molesting my fyp with unwanted redpill content is making me think theres a lot more of these tards than there are cuz youre right, i almost never see these types of relationships irl, rarely even see them discussed. its not so much that i think theyre a majority or even just a common occurence, its more so peoples attitudes towards these types of dynamics significantly changing to where men that prey on extremely young women are given significantly more benefit-of-a-doubt than they should and pulling the "two consenting adults!!1!" high-iq response against anyone who voices any concern at all for the women in these relationships.

No. 1867264

yea a decade age gap is pretty rare, the average age gap is 2.5 years for a reason. Most people want to grow old together, have a relatable partner, physically keep up with each other, etc and plus most young women probably don't want a moid with penile erectile dysfunction kek
Tradthots romanticize the idea of a masculine man leading his young fertile wife in marriage and redpillers just like young women because they're hot and believe a "peaking" 35+ moid deserves one.
They see exceptions like celebrities and crypto millionaires with sugarbabies and OF girlfriends and think it's normal.
Tradthot RealFemsapien is like 30 and married to a 55ish guy kek. He probably has a good 15~20 years left, so she may or may not be a single mother of a teen

I swear tradthots are just pissy that they married an old scrote with a limp dick and too old to do anything or decline in physical health; while seeing age appropriate couples traveling, having fun, etc so they're trying to sell how amazing it is to marry an old moid

No. 1867265

can't find this picture on her insta anymore. is megha lurking here?

No. 1867268

>its not so much that i think theyre a majority or even just a common occurence, its more so peoples attitudes towards these types of dynamics significantly changing to where men that prey on extremely young women are given significantly more benefit-of-a-doubt than they should and pulling the "two consenting adults!!1!" high-iq response against anyone who voices any concern at all for the women in these relationships.
people give it leeway cause everyone assumes it is either the woman playing the older guy or is just an outright sugar daddy relationship.
I know that guys who go after younger women exist, but the only times I've seen it myself it was laughed at even by the other moids.
Even when Hollywood does it, it is usually to show that it's a mistake and it can't work. In The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the heroin only pursues the old guy because she is a complete basket case herself and the old guy doesn't take her seriously, ultimately seeking out a relationship with a woman his own age. Even moids know that age gap relationships don't work, just look how much of a laughing stock Leonardo DiCapprio has become. Most moids want a wife their own age who they silently cheat on with 25 year old prostitutes

No. 1867270

>I swear tradthots are just pissy that they married an old scrote with a limp dick and too old to do anything or decline in physical health; while seeing age appropriate couples traveling, having fun, etc so they're trying to sell how amazing it is to marry an old moid
I don't think that's it. I think the tiny minority of women who prefer a big age gap are usually happy in their relationship, but they also instinctively know it's wrong so they lash out at anyone, especially other women, who point it out. If you are really secure with your lifestyle, you don't get defensive about it
>Most people want to grow old together, have a relatable partner
exactly. At the end of the day, liking old guys is a kink. And whatever, you like what you like but a lifelong relationship isn't about sex and marrying an old dude just means that the sex part of the relationship ends even earlier. And even if you think he looks okay at 40, I promise you you won't feel the same way when he's 60

No. 1867281

>Most moids want a wife their own age who they silently cheat on with 25 year old prostitutes
nice twisted fantasy. i wish these freaks would stop injecting their fetishes into unassuming looking posts.

No. 1867283

i just meant that moids are trash

No. 1867287

They say it's only ebil post wall 40 year old roasties who don't like age gaps for many reasons, and not a single one of them is "because it's true" kek. It's because they want to scare young women away from holding that view (you'll sound like an old hag!), because they want to incentivize young women to join them in roasting older women instead of befriending them, because they hope young women will hear that and date older men to spite older women, because they hope real hard that young women are stupid enough to believe they will be young forever and will only take their roasting older women as an attack on those other women and not on their very own future selves.

It backfires horribly because every woman has already heard by age 18 that she is "too old", and it takes a lot of delusion and mental illness to repress the knowledge that you are going to be the "hag" pretty soon.

Can we get back on topic?

I think that "#colonized" is her attempt at humor but she's so clearly desperate to be white it just comes across as sad

No. 1867289

It’s so funny how every tardthot thinks they’re going to be the first mom in the last 70 years to raise a BASED AND REDPILLED family meanwhile they barely pay attention to the kid after it’s born except for photo ops, their husbands fuck off and take nothing to do with the family to the point they might as well be single mothers (or they actually just do become single mothers), and they just remain increasingly angry and resentful twitter addicted lolcows(sage your shit)

No. 1867291

Her husband looks like a chi-mo kek, Smeg just looks like a wicked witch. Both their faces look like they’re melting off.

No. 1867292

File: 1689676199616.jpeg (188.62 KB, 1600x1067, D0EAA8AD-3946-483A-87F5-8451A4…)

No. 1867295

He found a desperate trad pickme 10 years his junior willing to raise his kid by herself while he’s 10,000km away sexting teenage girls and doordashing Latina Russian and Chinese escorts to his room in the UAE. What a creep.

No. 1867296

Must sting for Meg that all those girls are way hotter than her kek.

No. 1867297

File: 1689677073147.jpeg (360.13 KB, 1242x917, 5F040F79-7917-4DBA-9140-9D83F7…)

No. 1867298

I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of programs in 15-20 years featuring people who grew up in tradthot marriages and the trauma they endured. That, or a whole lot of family annihilation events unfortunately

No. 1867301

I love how tradthots try to shame and control guys even more than those meanie feminists, while repackaging it as some kind of soul saving gawdly advice (while also saying that men shouldn’t listen to women or seek womens approval kek)
Anyone who still genuinely believes in an afterlife in 2023 must be in the top percentile of mentally ill folk. There is nothing after death and even most Christian moids know this deep down which is why almost all of them eventually cheat or engage in other sinful ungawdly behavior.
Tradthots are desperate to control their scrotes and think they can prevent a man straying by using religion to shame him into behaving and acting as a literal doormat, but all their hubbies are still perving on e-whores and watching porn and sexting other women just like normal shitty non religious non trad scrotes anyway. All that effort and for what, lmao.

No. 1867302

That’s implying you’ll ever get tardthots to admit they were wrong. Even after their husband has run off with a 17 year old and their children have dumped them in a nursing home they’ll probably still be neck deep in denial screeching WELL AT LEAST I DIDNT END UP LIKE THOSE BITTER FEMINIST CAT LADIES!!1!!!!

No. 1867303

Not to mention Christianity has a ~Jesus loves all and forgives all sinners~ doctrine. Like no matter what you do all you have to do is say sorry Jesus and bam automatically saved and let back into heaven. No wonder Christian moids feel so comfortable cheating and being coomers.

No. 1867304

A moids guide in life will always be his dick, not god, and no book or religion can override it.

No. 1867306

Kek if fathers are so vital for a child then why do tradthots let their childrens father spend about as much time with the kids as a dad with weekend only visitation rights (if even that much)?

No. 1867318

As an artist, this is very unfortunately a fantastic reference photo kek(sage your shit)

No. 1867320

Having a husband or even just a bf feels like an L in 2023, honestly. It’s no longer something to gloat and gush about, it’s equivalent wearing a femcuck tattoo on your forehead. No wonder so many women are dropping out of the dating game altogether and focusing on healing themselves and finding fulfilment in other things like work, hobbies, travelling, spirituality, friends or kids. Men have repeatedly and timelessly shown themselves to be selfish degenerate coom chimps completely incapable of loyalty or controlling their dicks, and there are still pickmes out there dumb enough to think ‘He won’t be like that for me.’ All men are like that and sadly some of you won’t realize until it’s too late and you’ve wasted most of your life on one.

No. 1867322

It’s because it’s yaoi hands, bara hentai levels of ridiculous looking. Also sage your shit.

No. 1867324

File: 1689681193219.jpeg (92.42 KB, 700x495, 83581F0A-41C5-4B78-9F77-5BC4C8…)

How did OP forget that the guy who dumped Pearl due to her bodycount was in fact homeless?

Imagine being rejected by a literal vagrant when you’re a woman swimming in family money

No. 1867325

She looks like how the Recess animators would draw an ugly female bully lol

No. 1867326

Sorry for out of topic retardation but the page's writing all looks backwards and i can't read anything on lolcow how can fix this please nonnies

No. 1867328

You're on farmcow.lol, I think you automatically get redirected here if you are permabanned. I think it's probably something with cookies, but I just implemented this lazy solution: If you have uBlock Origin, which you should have, go to setting, my filters, and then paste this line:

farmcow.lol##*:style(transform: rotateY(360deg) !important;)(unsaged ban evader)

No. 1867334

>And even if you think he looks okay at 40, I promise you you won't feel the same way when he's 60
That’s why I’m convinced most people prefer similar-age relationships. They get to enjoy their youth together and then have a companion in their old age. As much as they fetishize younger women, I think even the dumbest moids realize marrying one is a risky proposition since she won’t want to spend her middle age caring for an old decrepit man and will likely run off on him.

No. 1867337

File: 1689684775637.png (319.95 KB, 899x876, anothertradthot.png)

Anotha one

No. 1867339

>why do these exceedingly pro age gap relationship obsessed tards desperately try to paint out any woman that dares disagree with those dynamics as a ebiill post wall 40 year old roastie. Im 19 and ive always felt grossed tf out by them

It’s male projection. They spend their lives in brutal sexual competition with other men and believe women are similar. They can’t grasp the reality that moids are no prize, and even old ugly women don’t have to compete for them. They’d rope if they ever had to admit neither old nor young women find them attractive or particularly care about getting their attention kek

No. 1867341

File: 1689685005312.png (514.89 KB, 832x743, retardedfuckery.png)

retarded views

No. 1867342

File: 1689685044553.png (573.59 KB, 952x775, tradthotthirsttrap.png)

Posting thirst traps and attention whoring

No. 1867347

File: 1689686057571.jpeg (69.82 KB, 640x511, 37498DD6-ACC4-4AD9-847F-E07624…)

No. 1867348

File: 1689686111220.jpeg (126.47 KB, 640x1070, 1D7A6902-65AC-46A4-9120-737EC1…)

“Stand with him”

No. 1867349

File: 1689686153139.png (67.48 KB, 953x423, rubbish.png)

The feminist turned dirt poor doormat sure has a lot to say
She's mad af other tradthots got with rich moids and live better than her kek

No. 1867352

tradthots one second will say women shouldn’t have jobs and men should be “providurrrrs” and then turn around and get mad if a woman doesn’t wanna get this a man that’s poor who can’t “provide”

No. 1867360

Imagine hating yourself and other women that fucking much

No. 1867361

She's also getting roasted for saying sex is a duty in marriage while also thinking there are no exceptions for abortion, kek. An unpaid, orgasmless in-house bangmaid who gets to live in squalor for all her efforts. What a wonderful life tradthots live.

No. 1867367

I'm 100% sure she's mentally ill

No. 1867373

one of the Duggar girls has a book out now on how terrible her childhood was and it’s selling really well

No. 1867374


No. 1867380

This is what cracks me up about tradthots & red pill moids, they do NOTHING to make their lifestyle look attractive to normies. Imagine you're a young, liberated 20-something western woman (i.e. the ones they scream at to become tradwives) and you're on Twitter reading this shit. On one hand you have career, independence, fun etc. On the other hand you have…being chained for life to a broke abusive fundie moid, birthing child after child with no appreciation or support. How is that supposed to be aspirational?! Lauren Chen, Megha and their ilk spit bile on the internet all day and rant about other women. They seem utterly bitter & miserable. They keep using "dying alone with wine and cats" as a threat because they're too stupid to realize women are CONSCIOUSLY AND ACTIVELY CHOOSING wine & cats over ending up like them.

No. 1867387

can you not bring your depressive, projecting, mentally ill shit into the thread? mods should just lock this thread forever, it's getting out of hand and it attracts the worst types of farmers and trolls.

No. 1867388

And those women will STILL die alone, since they're married to (often older)moids who are all but guaranteed to die before them. Both my grandmas outlived both my grandpas by 15+ years, and that's not an uncommon occurrence. Old women have their old lady friends to keep them company, not husbands or their kids/grandkids, but these miserable tradthots will never develop female friendships beyond surface level associations with fellow tradthots so they can seethe at "feminist cat ladies" together.

No. 1867393

And that’s if “til death do us part” even happens. A lot of tradthots seem to end up going through traumatic divorces like Lauren Southern or the young granola girl upthread, because the moids who pick them aren’t any better than normie men (and often worse.) Or stuck with a creepy abusive moid no other women want, like Comfy Sarah or Mrs. Midwest. Living alone in peace looks like heaven compared to the situations most tradthots end up in. They fail to even meet their own metrics of success (a happy marriage to a man who supports them) yet still feel entitled to lecture other women.

No. 1867405

I agree. Women who date moids in 2023 are failed women. Love yourself and be single

No. 1867462

I think in general most trads and fundies are just really inexperienced with men. They might have decent brothers/dad or a few harmless nice guy beta orbiters or whatever and have a good impression of men from that but they don’t realize that most men are scum (yes including most xtian moids) and they bank their entire future on a scrote which is like building a house on sand. They accuse older women of being bitter well that’s because most older women HAVE a lot of experience with men so of course will leave them with a bad taste in their mouth because most men are lying cheating scumbags and you can be the most wonderful attractive feminine gawdly woman in the world and still get fucked over by men.

No. 1867464

Oh please nona. Jfl if you think any of their marriages are gonna last longer than a couple years max. Many of them are newlyweds and already their marriages are starting to show cracks.

Trust me tradthots, I wish men were loyal, I wish marriage was still a sacred covenant with vows that husbands respect and abide by, I wish all women could live out a fairytale tier marriage, but unfortunately men are men, so it’s just not realistic.

No. 1867467

Women will literally set up support pages for moids while those moids couldn’t care less about women at all. And it’s always women too creating these spaces thinking it’ll make them one of the good ones with a saved seat at the table. Yet it never does. But every tradthot must have main character syndrome because they never learn from past trad women

No. 1867473

This. Even normal women defend their sons and husbands for being rapists and murderers so imagine the shieldmaidenry tradwhores are prepared to engage in. Yikes.

Again even with this female MRA shit there’s always a selfish motive. They want to groom moids into behaving the way they think men should be. Unfortunately men don’t care about trying to become good husbands or how to please women, they just want a living fleshlight who cooks and cleans for him while he does the absolute least.

No. 1867479

This is why I refuse to go to het weddings. I didn’t even go to my sister’s wedding because weddings are celebrating something fucked up against women.

No. 1867480

It’s so weird how Smeg is always sperging about how men are supposed to protect women, she seems to emphasise this point to an unnatural degree. First off
>Protection from what? What is she so afraid of? Has she had some weird traumatic experience before and this is why she keeps sperging about the need to feel protected?
And second
>How is your husband gonna protect you when he’s 10K miles away sexting thots?
There are tradscrotes who literally believe women who walk around on there own deserve to be raped. I’ve seen men commenting shit like ‘where was her husband/boyfriend’ when a woman gets attacked by a stranger. Smeg is probably the same type of disgusting bitch who holds these views yet her husband is nowhere to be seen most of the time. So much for a protective man.

No. 1867488

Maybe in the past marriage vows actually meant something but somehow I doubt it. The entire population of Europe in 1500 was around 60 million. In 1492 a bunch of Spanish scrotes jumped on a ship and raped a bunch of Native women and likely brought back syphilis, then spread it to Europe. Syphilis ended up killing about 5 million in Europe which was 1 in 12 people. There are medieval records of men would go to brothels and sleep with syphilitic prostitutes then come home and give syphilis to their wives who hadn’t had any sex partners before their husbands. There were prostitutes working in brothels whose noses had rotted off and they had to wear fake silver or lead noses, and scrotes would still stick their dicks in these women and catch syphilis for a coom. According to medical records in England in the 17th century, 1 in 5 people between 15 and 39 had syphilis. Victorian England had a massive problem with child prostitution and adult men raping kids. This is why the idea of people (especially men) being trad in the past is always so laughable to me when I think about this stuff. Moids have always been filthy fucking dogs.

No. 1867513

JustBurlyThings kek

No. 1867524

age gaps happen more in lower socio economic groups because of you guessed it, economics.

No. 1867529

That’s why men hate the idea of women becoming wealthy and independent because it diminishes the cum peddling opportunities for all sub 7/10 men. Gotta hoard all the wealth to blackmail young poor women into sleeping with you.

No. 1867533

Agree. Or if you just, ship yourself with a husbando. 3D men are dogshit.

No. 1867535

Must* lol

No. 1867538

Nonas I’m booooored I need fresh milk. I feel like there’s some tradthots out there who are super milky but we haven’t discovered them yet.

No. 1867559

Is Abigail Shapiro milky? Besides her husband being possibly gay

No. 1867578

File: 1689718970155.jpeg (6.25 KB, 170x222, nancy.jpeg)

no he's not gay. I was sure he was but he got busted for paying like 300 bucks for a hand job. Also, Abby isn't really trad, she is more of a conservathot than a true tradthot
The only really milky things with are her husband getting the handjob and the Nancy Reagan self own

No. 1867613

based polilez nonny??

No. 1867710

This, if I was in a happy trad relationship with a man who loves me and I loved homemaking and such, I would be spending as little time online as possible and tending to all my real life tradwhore matters that are oh so fulfilling. The fact Lauren and Smegma are terminally online and have time to engage in twitter arguments all day shows they are bored and miserable with the tradthot life. I have a feeling Lauren hires a sitter/nanny all day and that Smegma is gonna let her mom raise the kid all the time while her husband has fucked off and she remains on twitter 24/7.

No. 1867711

Even e-whores like Hannah Minx basically disappeared, deleted all social media and went off the grid when she decided to get married and have kids. It’s so funny that even an attention whore like her is more genuinely traditional and conservative than these spread your legs for Jesus uwu twitter tradwhores.

No. 1867712

>conservative scrotes cry that the white race is dying and how important racial purity is
>decide to taint their bloodline with stinky Jeet blood
>cry about how important low divorce rates and healthy young parents are
>decide to have kids when they are in their 40s and get into relationships with one of the highest age gap divorce rates
Kek.(global rule #7)

No. 1867713

Her hubby looks like a dyke.

No. 1867730

you sort of answered your own question, nonna. she is afraid and wishes her man would protect her, but he is absent and doesn't care and it bothers her, so she keeps writing about the ideal

No. 1867767

Meg is… not the most mentally stable individual. There are some girls who have a Disney like fantasy when they are young of a man who will protect them. Most of these girls outgrow it just like they outgrow the fantasy of being a princess. But Meg has some kind of arrested development and has been unable to outgrow either the princess fantasy or the damsel in distress fantasy. Poor thing. She is the only tradthot that I like.

No. 1867797

Their son will be a self hating skinny fat incel like most WMAF children. Racially insecure women should not reproduce

No. 1867810

You have to wonder how Lauren would feel if these insults she directs at women were directed to her own daughter. Would she go far enough to say her daughter deserves to get called a fat ugly pig?

No. 1867815

I don't think she or any other tradthot care about their children, especially not their daughters. Children are fucktrophies there to show they're submissive breed-on-command tradwaifus, they're not people in their own right, in their minds. I expect any and all tradthot kids to be treated viciously the second they aren't mommy's little dolly anymore.

No. 1867823

Ew nona why the fuck do you like Smeg she’s even more toxic and insufferable than Lauren

No. 1867838

do you think most tradthots have a breeding kink?

No. 1867874

File: 1689785930261.jpeg (379.38 KB, 1169x2215, IMG_1048.jpeg)

I’m this close to tracking down all of the mothers of disabled children and killing them. You are fucking braindead and a horrible, selfish human if you’re gonna keep reproducing retarded kids just to fit in with your stay at home mommy stepford wife trad girl aesthetic. I’m going to fucking have a hernia over this(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1867875

Being heterosexual and having kids to please your husband is not a breeding kink

No. 1867878

File: 1689786091456.jpg (13.41 KB, 216x285, hq2ifswnmtcb1.jpg)

No. 1867880

File: 1689786200815.jpg (74.57 KB, 640x522, om44c4jbcxcb1.jpg)

Lori once again offering bad medical takes

No. 1867883

File: 1689786308808.png (218.99 KB, 1080x831, patriarchist.png)

No. 1867885

This woman has one child with down syndrome who she chose not to terminate because it's against her belief system. That's her choice. Her second daughter is completely normal so it's weird you chose this innocuous stay at home mum for this bait.

No. 1867887

One child with down syndrome is too many and taking the risk of reproducing another one when you know you carry defective genes is pathetic on its face. If you think it’s “bait” to say that people who make the conscious decision to reproduce retards don’t deserve to live, then ok. Either way, she’s still full of retard genetics and we only know that the other baby is “normal” based off her face. She could really easily be retarded in a different way and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was and they just weren’t sharing it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1867889

Then maybe she should tell the men to stop leaving mothers to live childfree party lives while the mom is stuck working long hours to support the kid.

No. 1867890

She really makes the women's rights movement sound cool with that book title!

No. 1867893

File: 1689787055153.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1170x2107, IMG_1049.jpeg)

Don’t even get me fucking started on them

No. 1867898

>Birthed a homie with an extra chromie
I want to a-log

No. 1867900

samefag but tl;dr this young woman found out she was a carrier of extra chromosomal copies in her eggs (I don’t remember what it’s called terminology wise so sorry for the idiot explanation) when she was pregnant with her oldest child who came out with down syndrome. Despite knowing that she was a carrier of extra chromosomes, she still reproduced another retarded child with Stickler syndrome, and claims to have desires to reproduce more. Despite knowing that they will all, definitely, be retarded.(ban evasion)

No. 1867910

You're right, it's a doormat kink.

No. 1867917

>Let's debate the merits of feminism
Her IQ is too low for having a debate and she needs to kill herself.(a-logging)

No. 1867919

Her biggest flex is getting with a short botched looking Richard Ramirez that does the bare minimum at 19 and reproducing retards lmao what a sad fucking life

No. 1867921

File: 1689789190317.jpeg (122.62 KB, 1170x478, IMG_1052.jpeg)

Is this website run by enbies now? “You shouldn’t have kids if you know you carry extra chromosomes” is not eugenics talk.(complaints go in /meta/)

No. 1867926

NTA but i disagree Lauren Chen is the most insufferable vile person that was ever posted on this thread. She's extremely smug in her racism and misogyny you can't even listen to her speak without wanting to hold her head under water lol

No. 1867939

File: 1689791906729.png (45.64 KB, 716x473, whogaf.png)

Why does she share every single thing her vagina turd does? who gives a fuck ? lol i think she has autism along to some other serious mental illness. Her raging moid doesn't give her a crumb of attention either(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1867951

Meg is definitely the least toxic tradthot by far. She's almost not even a tradthot. She is very childlike and that explains a lot of her issues

No. 1867954

I know a selfpoast when I see one sarah go take care of your goddamn baby and stop trying to drum up press about yourself

No. 1867965

Do not a-log the cows or their children. You will receive a two week ban and this thread will be locked if it continues.

No. 1867968

I'm not sarah you fucking retard.

No. 1867974

>debate me!!!
Why would a woman who believes her opinion is inherently worth less than a man's view herself as worthy of setting up a debate with? She should let her husband do the talking while she does the laundry and changes diapers.
This tub of lard has nothing to do aside from liveblogging about her spawn and avoiding her moidchimp's wrath. She should just get a fucking job already

No. 1867982

Not true at all she said she wants to see lesbians burned at the stake and thinks violent warlords should rule over everyone, stop the weird whiteknighting.

No. 1867983

Downies are 10000x easier to raise than autists.

No. 1867986

It’s normal to love your child even if it’s born disabled, anon. If you can’t understand that you are probably a low empathy scrote.

No. 1867987

Oh my god stop being a scrote Blaine you weird troon.

No. 1867989

Shut up Blaine you sperg out about disabled children in near every thread despite being a retarded ugly severely mentally deranged troon yourself.

No. 1867990

Lauren makes Estee and Pearl look super chill and harmless. Even most people's boomer republican grandparents who don't think people can be happy or fulfilled without kids would think Lauren's nasty language/bullying is too far. At this point it goes beyond just bad opinions and she is just pure negativity, hate, and evil regardless of what "side" you're on.

No. 1867991

It’s literally just Blaine samefagging on a vpn. Please try and spot this before he continues.