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File: 1661653498400.png (3.32 MB, 1920x987, kiwifarms#3.png)

No. 1627717

Discuss kiwifarms cows and other friends here, the latest:
>keffals has grifted around 100k after falseflagging death threats and a swatting attempt from kiwifarms
>tras demand cloudfare deplatform kiwifarms for good
>majorie taylor green publicly denounces kiwifarms after claiming an individual using a voice changer is verifiable proof that kiwifarms was responsible for her swatting
>kiwifarms continues to experience downtime as their ISP blacklists them
Previous thread here >>>/snow/998558

No. 1627729

One place where updates may be posted
Rikieta and Josh Moon livestream today

No. 1627737

how was this insta-pinned to the top of snow and… why?

No. 1627739

maybe something to do with the fact that it's probable that kf will be booted off the internet and we'll get an influx of newfags to the site, maybe it's like a warning message to all of us from the mods or something lmao

No. 1627747

Oh pls god no

No. 1627780

File: 1661658248752.png (349.48 KB, 1000x646, unknown-52.png)

Josh (known lurker/self poster on this site) gets shamed into changing his language.

No. 1627781

File: 1661658262479.jpg (62.43 KB, 658x401, brennan.jpg)

Hotwheels formerly of 8chan decides to make a representative flag.

No. 1627782

File: 1661658341393.jpg (110.36 KB, 659x818, telegram.jpg)

No. 1627783

File: 1661658349020.jpeg (467.86 KB, 828x897, 652F3D2D-FCCB-4DB6-B84C-1CCD1A…)

Some insightful views on women by Keffals https://archive.ph/jZcjY

No. 1627784

just wait til monday and we all be sure if all KF lurkers will start posting there or they get back their website

No. 1627786

He is such a clear example of incel to tranny pipeline it's ridiculous. The fact he acts like some kind of tranny jesus is even worse.

No. 1627787

File: 1661658517766.jpg (75.97 KB, 659x655, reiketa2.jpg)

trans-activists report Reiketa law for interviewing Null

No. 1627788

File: 1661658601510.jpg (39.5 KB, 661x319, lolcowfarms.jpg)

No. 1627789

File: 1661658657124.jpg (33.58 KB, 661x132, ovarit.jpg)

No. 1627790

File: 1661658705631.jpg (27.87 KB, 659x155, drop.jpg)

No. 1627791

A few notes on the swatting:
> the swatting of MTG was probably not tranny-related; the mod that was named mods the Ethan Ralph board, the Ethan Ralph adjacent sphere has seen a lot of back-and-forth swatting for months and also features people who seethingly hate Kiwi Farms
> the swatting of Keffals is debatable or not much evidence given for it other than there was contact with law enforcement, which was potentially much more polite than swatting

No. 1627792

he claimed he woke up with assault rifles pointed at him

No. 1627794

it's embarrassing to see how much he's caping for a complete grifter like keffals as well as shittalking josh as much as possible.

No. 1627796

File: 1661658855070.jpeg (168.4 KB, 828x357, 00C5E2FB-F545-477C-A9F5-5591F6…)

No. 1627797

Hotwheels has become an absolute little spite-goblin in the past few years, very petty, very sad. He's been inserting himself into any little drama he can where he can score a win on his "enemies" in the rest of his pathetic short life, not caring who he has to cozy up to in order to do it.

No. 1627799

File: 1661659208018.jpg (93.78 KB, 659x690, wiki.jpg)

Twitter users posting on the hashtag post wikipedia as proof kiwifarms has killed people.

No. 1627800

File: 1661659232992.jpg (73.48 KB, 662x488, trans1.jpg)

except the wikipedia article on Kiwifarms was written by this person.

No. 1627801

File: 1661659284588.jpg (82.97 KB, 1284x906, FakFaA2WQAYVC4B.jpg)

No. 1627802

File: 1661659357861.jpg (321.53 KB, 1399x856, news.jpg)

News articles so far

No. 1627803

that's like saying 'i sexually abuse kids. cope and seethe anti-pedos!!'

No. 1627804

File: 1661659416023.jpg (61.55 KB, 533x465, servers.jpg)

No. 1627805

All of this is just so gay. But that’d be a compliment to that’s people so I’ll go for retarded. Keffal is the epitome of agp woman hating degenerate. Just read the op and that could peak anyone, including making a kf account.

No. 1627806

Why are scrotes like this. Violent chimps that must destroy everything that stops them from being predators.

No. 1627807

they're fucking gestapo

No. 1627808

You know why

No. 1627812

File: 1661659830458.jpg (64.97 KB, 661x581, fiberhub2.jpg)

No. 1627816

File: 1661659934563.jpg (73.25 KB, 457x482, keffals2.jpg)

No. 1627817

It was nice for a while but if keffals doesn't take down lolcow, KF refugee moids will fucking ruin it once and for all.

No. 1627820

File: 1661660073909.jpg (45.47 KB, 660x288, xenforo.jpg)

No. 1627821

What I don't get is how someone like Keffals has such a massive following. He is just utterly repugnant and insufferable in his behavior and I can't imagine any normal person liking him at all. Guess it just goes to show how awful troons are if this is one of their most outspoken activists.

No. 1627824

wait… is this really hotwheels? maybe it's just me but i had no idea he was a commie furfag, unless this is what he devolved to after denouncing 8chan. what a fag
>lolcow farms next please
on the error page even null was eluding to them coming after us next.

No. 1627826

File: 1661660193788.jpg (63.19 KB, 658x332, scurry.jpg)

No. 1627830

his followers are all agp teenagers and terminally online scrotes who clap like monkeys when someone says ratio. his tweets get a ton of exposure on the algorithm but he has shit takes, jokes and looks like a fat melting eunuch so none of his growth was 'organic', just twitter feeding easy content

No. 1627831

File: 1661660434384.jpg (93.98 KB, 654x776, ips.jpg)

No. 1627833

>do your thing
yes, war torn country, be sure to report this mean gossip website!! should be your highest priority right now!!

No. 1627835

he sucks so much. he must be a pedophile to support troons

No. 1627836

File: 1661660628199.jpg (77.96 KB, 602x448, hrt.jpg)

No. 1627838

if he doesn't give a shit what people think, why is he responding?

No. 1627840

File: 1661660799182.png (86.45 KB, 530x530, Fred_Brennan_fursona_animation…)

Yes that is HW. Within the past few years he went from sort of ironic furry to mess with people who made fun of him to completely unironic enthusiast. His furlong is a fat green raccoon. He's not the thread topic but his trajectory over the past few years has been insane. Trooning our seems a natural next step

No. 1627841

"b-but no one under the age of 18 is getting hormones!!! that's a right wing lie you're being hysterical!"

No. 1627842

I used to think that kiwifarms would naturally go down after chris-chan death, but know keffals just made sure that it would stay forever. If null is autistic enough (he is) and has enough money (maybe?) He might revolutionize the internet as a whole. When this inevitably happens, watch kefalls kill himself to become martyr I'm not gonna lie, maybe it would take years to make kf again but it will happen.

No. 1627847

Josh 100% lives for this shit and will make the site stay up running on pennies, sticks, and spite if he thinks people are trying to stop him. If the ride was not bumpy he might move on or off himself but keffals is feeding him reasons to keep going.

No. 1627849

You know what sucks? I designed a less coomerish Kiwi-chan and I can’t even post it.

No. 1627850

File: 1661661108191.jpg (42.22 KB, 660x138, mar.jpg)

People with threads chime in

No. 1627851

File: 1661661151918.jpg (39.14 KB, 663x159, wu.jpg)

No. 1627854


No. 1627856

File: 1661661313887.jpg (48.39 KB, 661x312, lorenz.jpg)

No. 1627857

Counting down the moment some zoomie decides to poorly cover this garbage and virtue signal to the world about how gossip forums are ~tOxIc~ and eeEEvvIlll and should be SILENCED AT ALL COSTS!!1!

No. 1627858

this is inciting violence

No. 1627860

it's because you're an obnoxious terminally online pedophile, keffals. well i guess that's all trannies so maybe you're right.

No. 1627861

File: 1661661543814.jpg (55.27 KB, 659x265, jennyn.jpg)

No. 1627864

Lowkey i want null to become an even more autistic version of Edward Snowden just for spite. C'mon Moon, become a full internet privacy & freeze peach nutjob. Make kiwifarm 2.0 be to regular social media what ProtonMail is for regular e-mail. You're in this shit for life after all.

No. 1627865

File: 1661661708762.jpg (29.33 KB, 659x157, ralph.jpg)

No. 1627866

it's so funny how people are using twitter to cry about how bad another website is because bad people use it. you really think they weren't ALSO on twitter?

No. 1627869

People need to start calling Ralph King of Trannies.

No. 1627871

>troon says something degenerate online
>kiwifarms users capture and archive it
>people use the farms as a source when troon is inevitably 'canceled' for saying degen shit

of course the farms is austistic and full of racist, sexist scrotes. but it's a cow observatory and if you say dumb shit, expect it to be captured and threaded. if you dont want to be there, dont say dumb shit online.

No. 1627872

Hahaha Ethan Ralph totally disgraced himself associating with Keffals. His right wing credentials have always been suspect (voted twice for Obama, got some clout off Gamergate, was suddenly a right wing figure) but he's really showing now that he only cares about being thin skinned. He tripled down the other night two avowing keffals just to try to score a W on Josh.

Spotted on KF telegram:

As likewise they hated Josh Moon
The Gunt joined up with a troon
They'd best have the farms burned
Before Ethan has turned
To a tranny, he's already a goon.

No. 1627874

File: 1661662098305.jpg (55.12 KB, 659x353, doctored.jpg)

It doesn't matter to them. They believe it's all doctored.

No. 1627875

It never fails to amuse me that these terminally online morons are the ones who put their own information up willingly. Nobody forced them to do anything. Don't want to be caught doing something then don't post it online anywhere.

No. 1627877

Well these people are removed from reality. Remember, it's okay for them to threaten you because they're in the right.

No. 1627878

Heh I noticed this too. What a stupid faggot

No. 1627882

They can't even be called morons, they literally are fascists who let the dogs out on those who dislike them, these people are highly dangerous, disturbed and violent, they literally want to put a "trans muzzle" on the internet

No. 1627884

kek no matter what he does he’ll get called a faggot so I’m glad he at least listened

No. 1627887

File: 1661662967895.jpg (193.96 KB, 660x1220, nicholas.jpg)

No. 1627889

> her
DeOrio isn't even anti-troon. Just shows if you step out of line at all then these people will come for you.

No. 1627892

Samefagg, Ralpha Male lover of the She Male kek.

No. 1627896

No. 1627901

File: 1661663575584.jpg (79.58 KB, 661x482, jew.jpg)

No. 1627905

oh i guess only troons can make edgy jokes. rape is ok but the holocaust is CLEARLY too far.

No. 1627907

sorry but that’s funny as shit. It must be awful being upset and dead serious all the time.

No. 1627908

File: 1661663949020.png (419.37 KB, 600x437, fae.png)

No. 1627910

die Null, die

No. 1627916

File: 1661664271754.jpg (84.27 KB, 659x527, koopa.jpg)

No. 1627919

No. 1627920

Lol ok now let's see the tranny try to do anything with that extremely generic username.

No. 1627924

Isn’t this the site that hosted a /zoo/ board full of videos of men fucking animals??

No. 1627925

File: 1661665139110.jpg (137.53 KB, 661x724, makefun.jpg)

No. 1627927

That site also had "shota" and "Loli" boards, it was the second most disgusting place to browse.

No. 1627929

File: 1661665493957.jpeg (6.96 KB, 165x306, images (6).jpeg)

And several pedo boards (I believe one was just called /pedo/) with no restrictions other than they couldn't post actual CP of actual children. And Brennan would defend this, even after he disavowed the right wing and their political speech. Because it was helpful to his grift and vendetta to do so at this point (see, FredBren's swing to the left and disavowal of his former user base had little to do with politics or mass shootings and everything to do with Jim the Pig Farmer doing him dirty in their business dealings.) It took him much longer to disavow child abuse. And he still has a shit attitude towards women and now mixes with the likes of keffals. He is a sickening little creature

No. 1627930

File: 1661665611351.jpg (332.78 KB, 1021x769, 1571321382292.jpg)


No. 1627933

>And he still has a shit attitude towards women
What are some examples? I don't doubt it at all, but just curious about discrepancies between his post-8chan persona and his actual behavior

No. 1627934

prayer circle that keffals slashes his fat tranny wrists sooner than later, so many women have had worse things said about them on the internet and this soyboy hollers like a hit dog over being exposed for pushing diy hrt on failed teenage boys(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1627940

File: 1661666356355.jpg (67 KB, 659x742, block.jpg)

No. 1627944

File: 1661666553504.jpg (77.73 KB, 660x686, anotherone.jpg)

No. 1627949

File: 1661666787098.jpg (13.84 KB, 599x194, hate2.jpg)

No. 1627953

File: 1661667142246.jpg (50.28 KB, 587x297, better.jpg)

No. 1627954

if these retarded males' giant shitfest gains enough nuclear mass to wipe out even our half abandoned sperg sanctuary, i will be so mad. To complete our destined plot arc, this site is supposed to combust due to admin's negligence, and I will accept no other ending.

No. 1627959

you were banned but you were right. thank you for your sacrifice queen

No. 1627964

>admin's negligence
i worry we're sitting ducks because of this

No. 1627970

File: 1661668763606.jpg (234.65 KB, 736x943, anon.jpg)

I don't know how haram the farms are here, but is anyone else missing it? I want to shitpost about foodie beauty and nader again

No. 1627972

Honestly, if the site actually goes down, we need to resurrect a Sammie Violet Bushart thread here. I mainly go on KF just for her antics.

No. 1627973

We were sitting ducks before this even. Our whole survival is based on being relatively unknown, which is why I don't think we should name our likely backup in this thread or any other thread until this shit dies down. If that hulking linebacker retard really does nuke KF then comes here we should just make a slow retreat to CC

No. 1627977

File: 1661669088186.jpg (173.45 KB, 659x690, cry.jpg)

No. 1627981

Good on him for not whittling down at the troons.

No. 1627987

He never will. He's a very frustrating person who I don't personally care for at all, but the same things that make him frustrating will frustrate the troons. Josh lives for this stuff: not in the sense that he loves to do it, but it is literally what keeps him going in life and gives him a sense of purpose. Without it, he'd be a nobody, mom-found-the-piss-bottle tier incel, have jumped off a bridge, or turned troon himself. But he is as stubborn as anyone and smarter than some ratioing Twitter tranny. His only problem is optical, and that's not only because of the troons: the Christchurch shooting footage business still haunts the site's reputation, as does his links to 8chan which complicate him getting access to services versus if he were otherwise-unknown. But maybe all those things stem from the very same qualities that make him the one who is taking on the troons right now.

No. 1627988

Josh literally calls out that he thinks lolcow.farm will be next if kf is gone for good. Start at 40:22

No. 1627990

By name? Well if we weren't, now we sure fucking are. Fuck's sake, Josh …

No. 1627991

File: 1661670094806.jpg (131 KB, 904x623, sect.jpg)

try to stop troons

No. 1627993

They're acting like this is going to have genuine long lasting impact on KF. It wont. Once the troons have something else to chimp about they'll stop DDOSing KF and move on. At most Josh will impose new rules or he'll do what he said in his recent MATI stream and just move to a different server. Keffals is going to lose this no matter what way he tries to paint the situation to his retarded fans

No. 1627994

File: 1661670256506.jpg (88.33 KB, 1022x428, gender.jpg)

No. 1627995

Soo all of us are on here now?

No. 1627996

I hope the troons misinterpret that as lolcow.org, the place where moids banned from KF congregate

No. 1627997

If we do end up over here Kiwis; can we start another SRS Horrors thread?(gtfo)

No. 1628000

Exactly (and reminder that it is just turning morning where he is, should we suddenly come upon a rash of Josh simpery) this is really overblown. 8chan (such as it is) and the Daily Stormer still exist. In diminished and changed form for sure, but nothing ever stays the same and the current direction of the site is unsustainable, he will basically say as much himself in a less guarded moment. But KF is not going anywhere, and what the troons have done now is to ensure that the troon-centric portions of KF will get more and more attention and activity. KF will be fine, Josh's grift will be fine. Absolute worst case scenario it gets spottier and/or slightly more of a pain in the ass to use. A higher barrier-to-entry and smaller userbase would benefit the site to be honest.

No. 1628001

lolcow.org has been down for months

No. 1628004

Sorry Keffals, but you’re just one of the many fat eunuchs who groom children. Cope seethe dilate tranny, you’ll never be a woman.

The mental illness that is “trans” should have never been normalized. Troons need to be told to knock that shit off immediately when it surfaces and given psychological treatment. Not given more and more power to bend the rest of society to their entitled wills.

KF and LC are far from perfect and many farmers on both sites are absolute lunatics. But unlike most of the internet and meatspace (western world at least), free speech still exists without tranny censorship.

No. 1628007

lolcow.org has been down for months, and down because either one of the jannies made a "joke" threat against the President, or the other jannie made a threat against the President in the first jannie's name as a joke. Rumor has it that the underage Australian boy who ran the site was forced to by his parents after being contacted by the Secret Service. In other words there are worse places than KF on the internet and most of those people are banned for a reason. Speaking of this just makes me think of how the troons manage to make this about them when worse goes on in those communities and a dozen pages of the news discussion where Jews, Black people, feminism, rape, etc. come up is more offensive than a hundred pages on the tranny of your choice. But it's interesting to see who's landed it on the front page.

No. 1628008

integrate, retards.

No. 1628014

>Josh literally calls out that he thinks lolcow.farm will be next if kf is gone for good. Start at 40:22
>By name? Well if we weren't, now we sure fucking are. Fuck's sake, Josh …
I'm not saying he's necessarily consciously doing this (yet), but he's been repeatedly trying to take over lolcow from the beginning. It's in his interest for the mob to turn on lolcow, because admin is AWOL/incompetent and the site will collapse under pressure very quickly, in which case there's almost a 100% chance he'll immediately create the successor to lolcow and funnel all the refugees there. He's already tried to do it in the past when it seemed like the site was close to shutting down. He's incentivized to kind of try to tie KF's and LC's fates, because it'll make it easier for him to collapse them into one thing he has sole control over.

No. 1628016

People online have already mentioned Ovarit and Mumsnet as potential future targets. I think you are giving Null way too much "Bond Mastermind" energy.

No. 1628018

iirc he’s mentioned not wanting to be involved with imageboards ever again

No. 1628020

I’m not gonna lie, this sucks and has really been bumming me out. Everyone should be prepared for a mass autist migration. it’s funny that trannies think shutting these websites down will silence dissent. it has peaked me even more than I already had been. Nice job tims, now if I think you’re a big hulking ugly creep I will just tell you to your face, and if you punch me, then you’re just proving the fucking point.

No. 1628021

Ngl nonnie a mass migration might come with an upside. KF has a more competent mod team than we do (unfortunately) and some of them are bound to be women. We might end up having more applicants for janny/admin who are actually seasoned veterans of tranny spamming bullshit

No. 1628023

>I'm not saying he's necessarily consciously doing this (yet)
Then you're more charitable than I am.
She is right, though. He has coveted this site since 2014. Bond mastermind energy would be to claim that Josh orchestrated this whole scenario which is nonsense. But obviously he would be thinking about possible strategies should KF go down, and everyone knows he wants this site, so it's pretty natural both would go together. I can't imagine what kind of hellscape that would be, and I'm not saying it'd succeed, but he'd try. But it wouldn't be the option and I think a lot of the userbase here would stay away. Anyway I think if this site were seriously threatened there would be other people who would step up too, Josh's delusions of grandeur aside.
Most of us who would be interested and suited are probably already here, anon. An influx of KFers here turns this place into KF for women without usernames which is what Josh thinks it is. Which is part of the problem.

No. 1628024

wtf? there is no upside to bringing ANY male mods onto lolcow. i would rather the site go down permanently than be infected by the Y chromosome from the inside. males are too butthurt to fairly mod a site full of man-hate

No. 1628025

I think she meant mods who are women, but even then. It's a different mindset to mod KF than to mod an imageboard, not to mention a different site history and culture.

No. 1628027

>bringing kf mods here = good!
go back

No. 1628028

i miss the brittany venti and anisa threads that were on there

No. 1628029

it's what caused josh to disavow 8chan and get it banned in europe if I recall, that's why hotwheels has a chip on his shoulder about kiwifarms

No. 1628030

He has made it pretty clear after 9chan failed that he never wants to run an imageboard again because the same problems as with 9chan would happen again (it being spammed with cp). I am sure he wanted to take over this place in the past but I think he'd say no now which honestly means we are fucked if the troons come for us.

No. 1628031

>he'd say no
>it means we are fucked
Implying anyone would ask and that without our male savior we're doomed.

No. 1628032

i recall him saying he no longer has any interest in owning the board in the lolcow thread on kf

No. 1628033

I have no faith in our current admin since we don't even know who she is and doesn't talk to us. I don't want Null to take over this place, ideally we would have a female admin who is as dedicated to this place as Null is to KF but it's not going to happy. I'm just being realistic that we don't have many defenses against troon tactics.

No. 1628035

keffals cannot handle the stress and pressure of being a woman as clearly evidenced by his piss baby antics. we put up with so much worse being actual women online.

the internet will never let this fart fetish-ist, underage discord running, porn-sick troon forget this yet kiwifarms will be business as usual by Monday.

No. 1628040

File: 1661673104041.jpg (81.78 KB, 662x579, cbc.jpg)

No. 1628042

he makes it sound like the forum is only about trannies, jfc

No. 1628043

honest opinion, i thought the tranny hate was like 20% of the site before all this went down. but after listening to josh ramble away on the podcast yesterday, its clearly he's mentally unstable and has a deep, deep personal hate against troons. troons are annoying as fuck and people like keffals are getting way too big of a head and need to be brought down a peg, but I never realized how much josh openly hates trannies until the podcast.

No. 1628044

Journos are such fucking scum.

No. 1628046

File: 1661673333234.jpg (82.34 KB, 659x459, transafety.jpg)

No. 1628047

Cope seethe and dilate. Hating trannies is based as fuck.

No. 1628048

im not a troon supporter, just pointing out i thought josh was way more of a fence rider just trying to fight for "freedom of speech" before all this, the dude just really…really hates trannies lol

No. 1628051

>the internet will never let this fart fetish-ist, underage discord running, porn-sick troon forget this yet kiwifarms
Are you kidding? The internet isn't the same place it used to be, and as soon as some surface level internet user comes across the headline "RACIST, SEXIST, TRANSPHOBE WEBSITE RESPONBILE FOR SUICIDE IS UNDER FIRE" they'll gladly join in and cheer on the hypocritical doxxing, threats, etc.

No. 1628053

Wow I wonder why he hates them so much? Could it be that this is already the second time his site is getting relentlessly DDOSed because trannies are crying about it?

No. 1628056

kef-farts is gonna be harrassed for making herself such a giant target for the rest of the life, while kiwifarms will just continue on doing its thing like business as usual. enjoy your new life in hiding keffals. i predict keffals will go into actual hiding with a name change/new identify in one years time. Maybe he a transition back to being a man for "safety reasons".

No. 1628057

Did Wolfetone make this thread?(Learn to sage)

No. 1628058

He used to be live and let live but the trannies have been on his case for a long time now, including one who showed up to his house wielding a crossbow. Apparently (I didn't listen to either) he was much more measured in his rhetoric on Nick Rekeita's show which has a much more mainstream audience, though.

No. 1628059

If they don’t want hate they need to stop forcing everyone to pretend reality isn’t real, harassing women and homosexuals, and stop being typical aggressive predatory men. As another has said, wouldn’t be too much focus if Lucas wasn’t a pedo cow and trying to dox KF, of course Null hates him.

No. 1628060

i'm sure HE'LL get harassed (well-deserved) but these people will just call themselves a victim, paint themselves like some sort of martyr, and all the journos and twitterfags will eat it up because no one wants to dare call a tranny out on being wrong and insane. happens time and time again.

No. 1628061

File: 1661674164398.jpg (148.12 KB, 659x786, groom.jpg)

No. 1628062

i had no idea that the fart fetish content, catboy ranch details and lucas' deadname weren't public knowledge until keffals specifically dared kiwifarms to see if they could "find any dirt" on him because he was claiming he a squeaky clean history being a trans activist. keffales brought everything on himself and is now using the t-card to play victim. i'd be so fucking embarrassed to have this fat bitch be my mascot if i were a tranny. the tides have already turned against his favour. i give it a week before people openly are embarrassed to associate with the coom-trooner.

No. 1628063

based. bet the tranny will just ignore it though.

No. 1628065

He was probably holding back on Nick's show cause he didn't want to be the reason he lost his 500k subscriber channel, the trannies were organizing to mass report the stream on twitter.

No. 1628066

Here is Null's stream about Keffals btw, feel like it should be in this thread

No. 1628068

keffals was fuming he couldn't wield his power like usual to get the podcast taken down. he was trying his fucking hardest to attempt at every angle to rally the troons but the fucking podcast went on like 3-4 hours it seemed. hilarious to see lucas lose support as he goes more unhinged by the day. lucas is really the troon-awakening for a lot of normies, as in he's making normies see troons can be as fucking crazy and perverted as anyone else. if not more so.

No. 1628069

i'm honestly just so sick of trannies
so god damn sick of them

No. 1628071

it's definitely on purpose and he gives himself away, in that very same stream he admits trannies will come for us because of sexual domination, as if he is any different. Make no mistake anons, your nigels, moons, and keffals are still the same moids at the end. He first alluded to us and then he name dropped us multiple times as if he doesn't post here himself.

No. 1628072

same. i really hope this tranny shit will just be an unfortunate, passing blip in history

No. 1628073

You got a tranny-tier persecution complex going on, nonna.

No. 1628074

he says it word for word in stream, and you can go back and see multiple posts he's made here trying to garner attention
fuck off newfag

No. 1628076

How much does Keffals smell like vinegar?

Do you think there is a form of smegma that accumulates in his amhole and makes his stinky flesh hole excrete an odor of cheesy sweet and sour vinegary poo poo with a little bit of metallic blood that has been excreting infectious fluids with tear inducing sharp wretched stink emanating from the decaying flesh? Do you think Keffals moans in pain every day he touches his little has been pee-pee? What wold it feel like to sit down on the toilet, as a man, and let go of a bunch of fluids that isn't pee and practically micro-poop from your fake vagina hole? Do you think Keffals feels pain when he pees? What if Keffals went swimming in the pool? Will there be traces of flesh trailing behind him? What kind of smell would Keffal's stinky pee-poo hole produce while it's being burned by chlorine?(Unsaged sperg)

No. 1628078

He said the trannies will come for this place next because they have been openly stating that they will do so on twitter. The screencaps are literally in this thread, retard.

No. 1628079

Same nonnie. This hasn't given me any sympathy for them. At all. It's made it worse.

I hate troons. Imagine being so disconnected from reality you think you can control the entire narrative and everyone's perception. Everything on KF posted by deranged TMI'S was posted by themselves. It's not doctored or altered It's their own retarded gross words and they can't stand someone is holding them accountable. No one who isn't an awful fucking person has a KF thread. Those who changed or grew up or even stopped just being a lolcow get their shit archived and the thread stopped.

Lucas put all his stupid shit online for people to see and now he's ass mad people see him for the grifting incel he is. And we're all going to laugh at this fat ugly dude who is so pathetic he hates women because he'll never get one or be one. Who's superior now Lucas? None of us had to pay 20k for a stinkditch 'pussy'.

No. 1628083

honestly shocked keffals hasn't turned his rage to lolcow considering how much he hates and is jealous of cis women. this site is basically entirely made up of troon hating women born female at birth.

bring it on lucas, do your worst.(go back to telegram)

No. 1628085

urge to a-log intensifies

No. 1628087

File: 1661675615344.jpg (68.85 KB, 656x441, azure.jpg)

No. 1628088

So he should make it worse by telling every tranny the next target and it's OK because some trannies are malding about us on Twitter? Think, nonnie, think. He's done us no favors, his ownership would do us no favors, and his simps do us no favors.

No. 1628089

>Gaetz mysteriously gets swatted
>lolcow.farm gets blamed

Wtf bros, I don't feel so good…(Lrn2sage)

No. 1628093

Me too, nona. 41% isn’t enough, it should be 100%

No. 1628094

we can sleep peacefully tonight knowing lucas is reminded he is man every single time he sits down on the throne. no wonder he's so god damn angry.

No. 1628095

We've been over this already, he said he doesn't want to host an imageboard ever again after the trashfire that was 9chan and I believe that because it was a horrible trashfire. Idk why you want to keep discussing this when there is no evidence for your theory whatsoever. The fact that trannies will come for us next is not a threat, but a fact.

No. 1628096

>women born female at birth

No. 1628097

What part of "some of them are bound to be women" do you not understand? It's not difficult to filter out people who apply for any kind of moderation role. The moids can gtfo but I don't see why we should turn women away

And yet we remain understaffed and the one admin who stepped up is either extremely incompetent or has abandoned the site. Fresh faces aren't always a bad thing

No. 1628100

What are you talking about?

No. 1628101

i dont know shit about lolcow but i thought this site got infiltrated by troon mods a while ago and there was a big stink (stinky as lucas neo-vag) about it.

No. 1628103

File: 1661676219770.jpg (88.17 KB, 661x689, antifasatan.jpg)

No. 1628106

Anon, we don't pander to delusional men here.

No. 1628111

These people are legitimately retarded. Joshua is an insufferable autist but still not as insufferable as these misogynistic degenerates larping as women. How I long for a world without trannies.

No. 1628113

Incoming kiwifags, sage unless you have milk.

No. 1628117

The thread is pinned to the top anyways, does it really matter?

No. 1628119

I doubt this'll be the only thread they linger in though

No. 1628120

you're probably right. i wish we could have another hellweek on this site. we're in desperate need of it at this point

No. 1628122

Yeah it does for hiding unsaged posts to comb for milk or to make a new OP if god forbid this continues much longer

No. 1628126

File: 1661677443004.jpg (66.75 KB, 658x448, mattk.jpg)

No. 1628129

File: 1661677736814.png (859.36 KB, 1172x638, lol.png)

No. 1628130

File: 1661677812767.jpg (59.43 KB, 657x368, pickme.jpg)

No. 1628131

he could have just said autistic without listing all that shit.

No. 1628132

id love to see lucas try to rally his uh-oh stinky fanbase in real life just so we could get a couple good photos of about 10 of these fat sonichu looking fucks sweating profusely trying to raise their arms in support. the smell would be worse than a make-shift pussy.

No. 1628136

File: 1661678480723.jpg (59.78 KB, 659x478, azure1.jpg)

No. 1628139

most people that have threads there are male and white so I don't get what he is talking about

No. 1628140

Is KF really that bad. I know it’s a bunch of annoying autists but the only threads I’ve ever really seen were for extremely histrionic cows that share every waking moment on socials… like are they that incapable of handling free speech?

No. 1628141

That Tim Burton-ass looking thing in the clip is about as bright as he is pretty, he means "1776 Hosting" which is Josh's web hosting company that basically just hosts his own stuff (it can't even do more than that: he stopped even trying to sell hosting he got DDoSed that bad.)
Someone will find out who this guy in the first few hours KF is up again. Furries tend to be are stupidly easy to dox, especially for other furries. I look forward to a catelog of what kind of degeneracy this guy is into.

No. 1628145

Did these people all fail history class or why do they not understand the 1776 reference?

No. 1628146

“Because I’m trans”—isn’t that what the other one said? The one who literally constantly talked about raping and torturing women?

No. 1628147

File: 1661679409084.png (7.24 KB, 190x266, fuchi.png)

had no idea salad fingers and fuchi had a son, wild.

No. 1628149


Thought the same thing. These people always go for the worst interpretation whenever possible. All they know is dilate, grift, and send tweet.

No. 1628153

Twitter debate tactic 101

No. 1628154

Ew, he looks like he smells. I can't even browse this thread peacefully while eating anymore.

No. 1628156

Thought this was a rendition of a Lurchified Luna, kek.

No. 1628160

File: 1661681664623.png (66.02 KB, 275x267, 1603384716577.png)

I am slurping up this drama, Null vs Keffals is like a boss battle, spiteful retard egotist vs. malicious idiot narcissist, what an explosive combination
And the whole herd of cows coming out of the woodwork kek

No. 1628161

Oh I missed this, this is trannies digging up ANCIENT and now irrelevant dox and milk that was sour from the get go due to it being pissed in by Vordrak, who I am 100% sure is doing his best to help the trannies at this point as are various other enemies of Josh's. Trannies really not sending their best.

No. 1628162

Me too. It's been great to watch on Twitter. Null knows he's not going to lose, you can tell by his demeanor on Rekeita Law last night that everything Keffals is saying about Josh shaking in his boots is complete bullshit

No. 1628163

As long as we're safe from this I don't mind it, it's entertaining, but at the same time kiwifarms has some good threads that I would like to read right now. Just out of principle, I want Null to "win" because at this stage the internet is already a dystopian shithole where you can't even tell trannies that they're still men while videos of women and girls getting raped on camera or even just very violent porn is readily available online and nobody gives a shit.

No. 1628164

File: 1661681970794.jpg (302.26 KB, 1391x809, twitter.jpg)

The top people under #dropkiwifarms according to twitter.

No. 1628165

Not a single one who sounds like he belongs around kids and not a single woman.

No. 1628166

File: 1661682254441.jpg (48.39 KB, 655x410, nyt.jpg)

hold on

No. 1628167

I think that is someone who has a KF thread the name rings a bell.

No. 1628168

I can't believe a senior editor for New York times has a profile like that

No. 1628169

I'm going to block them all.

No. 1628171

Journalists are literally the lowest people in our society, the sooner people realize this the better. They are literally everything that they say Kiwifarms are. Remember what Paparazzi did to Britney and many others. They actually go out and harass people in real life like Taylor Lorenz did to LibsofTiktok. Kiwifarms just documents and watches from afar.

No. 1628172

Yeah someone is sending Keffals all of the super old shit about Null, supposedly they have their own Telegram group where they try to dig up dirt from the past. A lot of it is taken directly from Vordraks site and Encyclopedia Dramatica. Funny how they will use those sources while demonizing Kiwifarms, ED literally just makes shit up and doesn't provide archives for anything.

No. 1628177

Not hating troons is mental illness

No. 1628182

You know it’s hilarious to me to watch all of these raging angry men trying to shut down every space we have to talk about them and their utter hatred of women. Please remember nonas there is absolutely nothing that they can do to us that is worse than what they’ve done to themselves. While you read the hatred these men hold for us, keep in mind what their life is going to be like in 10 years. The weird social contagion element of this will have passed, the young guys who call themselves anime girls will have long deleted their social media and will be back to normal. Not older men like Keffals though. He has to live with what he’s done to himself, his name will forever be attached to the abuse of children, and those he has fucked up will come for him as adults. He will have nothing and will forever have to live the life of a child abusing man with an inside out dick. Everywhere he goes people will know what he is. People will sneak pictures of him to laugh at with their friends. The only place he will have any friends will be with the other cross dressing old men, hiring hotels so they can parade around in heels pretending to be hookers. While he’s doing that we will all have relationships, kids for some of us, wonderful careers, fulfilling friendships and we will still be women, the one thing he will never be.

No. 1628184

Yaniv had a lot of clout at one point, too, and look where that went. And like Yaniv Keffals enjoys escalating things continually and is even picking fights with others like Rekeita and Metokur in order to do so, it won't work or that long. The next set of troons will try to silence dissent, I'm not naive about that, but Keffles has already flown too close.

No. 1628185

journalists get people killed all the time. usually it's child killers and pedos so people don't care, but they get them killed all the same.
If people didn't using swatting, nobody would give a shit about doxing/harassment. Oh boo hoo someone sent you pizzas.

No. 1628189

Can you blame him? Look at what they’ve done to him just because he allows their shit to be recorded and discussed. They literally went to his house with a fucking crossbow because he allows their own posts to be reposted. If you are a woman and you don’t also hate them at this point you need your head tested.

No. 1628190

This is true but sadly men always take their misery out on everyone else instead of just dealing with it quietly. Keffals has so much hatred and anger in him that I feel like he is definitely the kind of person to commit a real act of violence if he feels desperate enough. He is right now having the best time of his life because he can only feel sexual gratification through overpowering and bullying others and if he falls into irrelevancy he will find new ways to regain it. If his twitter career ever ends he will find another avenue to terrorize society to cope with what he has done to himself.

He will never leave women alone ever. I'm scared for all his female relatives especially if he ever has a proper meltdown in real life. He will eventually start blaming his mother for letting him mutilate himself. Chris raped his mother, Keffals might kill his.

No. 1628197

Yaniv is still going around terrorizing people even after all the illegal and sketchy shit he has already done. Canada just lets these freaks run around instead of putting them away. Yaniv has probably already molested several children they just haven't caught him yet.

No. 1628205

even on this website the spam of gore and csem and vile porn is because of trannies. are you fucking stupid?

No. 1628211

I can definitely see him killing a woman for sure. If he does his life will just be more miserable inside a male prison. As much as I blame handmaidens for enabling this shit, I’m also deeply concerned for them when these men give in to their urge to physically punish a woman because they can never be one. The amount of serial killers who had history of cross dressing tells you everything you need to know.

No. 1628215

Moid newfag alert. Kys.

No. 1628218

mods why did yall banned her ffs

No. 1628220

They typed like a KF moid, especially with the soyboy sperg. Deserved imo.

No. 1628223

A-logging is against the rules

No. 1628225

And nothing of value was lost.(Sage, retard)

No. 1628231

Good for him i guess?

No. 1628234

Remember to integrate you faggots. I swear your filthy y chromosomes always manages to make you retarded in any situation.

No. 1628238

Same, alot of these kiwi threads just lead to be more moids here which leads to more spamming and raiding.
Remember that tranny that came here because of that kiwi-adjacent thread and spams here everyday. That's the shit that worries me, attracting more scrote/tranny spammers from KF.

No. 1628241

no one's gonna miss that smelly armpit of the internet once it's gone for good.

No. 1628245

He's in Canada, he would go to female prison.

No. 1628249

File: 1661690821384.png (366.47 KB, 666x631, 1625849767934.png)

No. 1628250

No he moved to Ireland this week, he’s staying with Ellen Murray (another troon)

No. 1628255

I thought that was just a vacation? Is he really fleeing Canada because the police is going through his harddrives as we speak? Or maybe the police is going to pursue a lawsuit against him because he lied about the "swatting" and said they pointed guns at him as he slept?

No. 1628259

This thread is like one big daycare for speds. God bless whoever pinned it.

No. 1628261

The 'farms are a pest, that's for sure.

No. 1628263

Sage your sperging, retard.

No. 1628264

I was about to post this yesterday. This would only accelerate the kf takedown of this site. Josh's dream is to have a monopoly of the iternet autism after all. We're fucked, not kiwis. We're a future subforum of Beauty Parlor.

No. 1628269

Wonder if they will do something about the DDoS attacks on KF too. I don't live in America or Tranada (thank God), but afaik isn't DDoSing a crime in both countries? And keffarts posted about and encouraged it in public tweets.

No. 1628270

Dont know about the vacation, I know for sure that he doesnt want to come back to Canada after all his family was doxxed n shit

No. 1628271

He doesn't want to own this site, he wants to take us down and make us move to his site, the Beauty Parlor subforum in particular. If you noticed, BP is structured after lolcow. The 3 cow boards, /g/ & /ot/.

No. 1628273

relative obscurity is the only thing saving this site. same with ED. If normies got reminded of that site it wouldn't last a fraction of the time KF has.

No. 1628274

Kek, I am a retard, I meant to answer >>1628255

No. 1628275

File: 1661693063091.png (42.4 KB, 700x348, wat.png)

>BP is structured after lolcow
TF are you talking about? Where is the deathfat board on this site? You know that lolcow didn't invent having an off-topic discussion board right?

You really are a fucking schizo if you think this entire thing is some 4D chess move from Null to steal all the users from here.(infighting)

No. 1628290

And it's all troons fault. Slightly blogpost but I knew kf before this trannie apocalypse (An horrible decision i know, but i was underage). A few years ago Josh and his userbase were the typical scumbags, more eager to "laugh at the feminazis" than laugh at troons. there was more Tumblr/feminism threads than tranny threads. The troons that were targeted were an specific group (rat king) and of anything they were transmed ("hurr durr those retards make real trannies look bad") Just like with JKR, who started as a libfem with the most lukewarm gc lean, "trannies are totes valid but please don't call us bleeders" they were radicalized BY trannies not the other way.

No. 1628292

You should see very early posts. Introman was the first user on the CWCki Forums talking about the rat king (since back in 2014 trans shit wasn't even a trend yet and few people outside of Tumblr cared at all). Introman was from /cow/ and was basically a biblical doomersayer trying to warn people of some upcoming tranny apocalypse. Everyone liked his threads but thought he was too interested in transvestites. Fast forward 8 years later and their feelings run all big tech.

No. 1628299

Instagram deathfats is a thread here but it's inactive because all the posters left to post in kf. Off-topic are the non-cow boards, lolcows are the cow boards. Of course is not a 1 to 1, but the intention is here. Is not schizophrenia, he always had interest in this site until he made his own mini version in kf. He only need the users now. Obviously it's not their priority right now, but a nice side effect that i'm sure they won't mind. All the nonnies who are sad or worried about kf (and don't say they don't exist, there it was a nonnie talking about donate to kf in the mtf thread even) please remember that if this was happening to us they wouldn't care, in fact they would laugh and celebrate. Their users always talk about how this site is outdated and messy, and we all should move to kf.

No. 1628301

Yeah, everyone thought that trannies were harmless and just want to pee at first. They have only shown their real face within the past few years and most people are still not peaked on troonism.

No. 1628303

You literally sound like a tranny with a victim complex right now who complains that women want to genocide them cause we don't want them in our bathrooms. Nobody wants this place taken down other than troons and maybe some of the cows like Elaine. There is no grand conspiracy to merge lolcow and KF and in fact a lot of us post on both sides with no issues, this rivalry is so fucking dumb. There are a lot of threads on KF that lolcow doesn't have (like the fat women) and vice versa. It's not a competition.(infighting)

No. 1628315

I don’t know, that’s taking a huge gamble on the mainstream media continuing to ignore the rapes, impregnations and violent attacks on women in these prisons by tranny men. The U.K. government is already looking into it, that will spread to other governments just like the horror of putting kids on puberty blockers is spreading across the medical fields of western counties after Sweden first rang alarm bells. I think by then the best he could hope for would be a tranny only prison with men like Chris chan and Johnathan yaniv for company.

No. 1628318

t. Buttmad kiwi moid

No. 1628323

Oh nonnie yes please. I was somewhere around page 350 of her thread when the site went down and I’m very sad I didn’t get to finish it lol. She’s so fascinating

No. 1628325

File: 1661696396318.jpg (160.44 KB, 370x762, 20220828_153757.jpg)

Don't let Null see whatever the fuck this is in the thread pic

No. 1628335

Joshy boy is getting what he deserves. The yap about "they will come for female spaces next, so we cannot surrender.." on the text page loaded from the kiwifarms link is pathetic. He doesn't give a fuck about women and he sure as fuck won't get our support; idiot, we've seen your forum. You and your flock are as bad as the rest.

No. 1628340

You sound exactly like a freak on Twitter. There's literally nothing anyone can say to appease your perpetual outrage.

No. 1628342

File: 1661697597502.png (37.27 KB, 1200x1000, 54020292-5F1A-4D31-AB7A-70D642…)

Does Keffals know that kiwis are an endangered species??

No. 1628346

it seems like alot of anons here dont know (or they forgot) that kiwifarms has a thread about us where the scrotes and trannys there seethe that this site exists and talk about coming here to make bait posts and post their misogynistic crap.

Also its funny that now kiwifarms is going through this situation they are now pretending like they are a site that hate trannies and coming here when in reality there are threads on kiwifarms that are filled with users who are trannys and everyone seems okay with that for some reason.

No. 1628347

he's the biggest faggot of them all

No. 1628353

not to defend the shitty user base but i don't recall them actually being upset over this site's existence. it's mostly just gawking and retarded moid comments. i just remember josh being a bit salty though that he couldn't get the lolcow.farm url.

No. 1628358

>reddit for gay people

artist didnt not understand what KF is. also keffals isnt enough fat on this pic. 2/10

No. 1628360

Oh, you mean the reason in /g/ or /ot/ people can't post a stupid pic of their body and not get blasted over on kf for it? Moid gawking is no small deal, kek.

No. 1628363

This containment thread for the obese unemployed is such a shit show. Kiwifags saving face about their dogshit site is a sight to behold. If it goes down nothing of value was lost, most threads were filled with blog posting and posters on the same level of cowdom as the people they were digitally stalking. My only irritation are the speds coming here to whine about losing their autism daycare.

No. 1628365

I hope the site stays up. If for nothing else, it spites degenerates like Lucas by archiving what they volunteered themselves. Zoosadists, groomers, sex-pest trannies and the like deserve a repository where they're exposed for who they are.

Keffals would have never started these histrionics of martyrdom if there wasn't a site where people could say what they wanted about him without his brigade compelling their speech. Trannies have terrible egos.

No. 1628366

it's definitely a completely asshole thing for anyone to do that but unfortunately that's just the consequence of posting personal stuff online. i'm just someone who's super paranoid over my privacy and what i post though. if it's not kf, it might be mocked on /r9k/ or used by someone to catfish or whatever. to me, nowhere online is really a safe place for women to post personal pics. guess i got desensitized due to that idea and forgot those posts.

No. 1628370

the problem isn't kf. it's the cows that continuously post milk. keffals is a legit psychopath, and they fled the country as soon as their computer was seized? honestly makes them looks so guilty and won't be surprised if they get nailed for cp soon. the farms will be back, and make no mistake that lolcow and similar sites will be the next target, guys, it's all the same shittalking type of site, you admit it or not. and it has nothing to do with free speech, everything to do with personal agendas. keffals literally is swatting and doxxing and doing all the things they claim kf to do, when the first major rule of all these sites has always been NO COWTIPPING. sage for semi rant but it's just the truth as someone who lurks all of them.

No. 1628372

he cannot flee his country if one of his propriety has been seized, its obvious that the police gave him back his stuffs because they have verified that theres no CP there

No. 1628374

Anon it's satire. But personally i think kf is kinda how it was envisioned reddit by his actual founder, the one who was killed by feds

No. 1628376

That thread barely moves too

No. 1628378

You're right but he's right too. Remember tervers are worse than nazis now. Troon hysteria is not about right wing chud behavior they're right wing chuds themselves, it's about control the narratives and this site is defiant at best to troons.

No. 1628383

Wrong. They gave it back to him due to the outcry but they took copies of his harddrive to scan. They had not completed digital forensics yet.

No. 1628387

>reaction stickers = upvotes
>focus on free speech
one good thing about kf is the overall lack of porn (and jailbait/cp) that was popular on reddit and always trives in foruns/imageboards that boast free speech

No. 1628393

Do you think that lolcow is any better? They're both gossip sites. Most cow threads are full of blogposting too.(Tranny spammer)

No. 1628397

yes it is infinitely better due to the fact that pedo rapeape y chromosoids are banned here
hopefully their shitty containment site is back up soon so jobless autismo incel kiwiscrotes can fuck off back there instead of crying about their garbage site here

No. 1628399

>pedo rapeape y chromosoids
I'm really sorry about your childhood but you need help.(Infighting)

No. 1628400

Meh they have thinly veiled fetish threads in animal control, off-topic, ect. At the very least is not 3d porn i give them that.
Also we know for a fact he keeps photos of his "catboys". The explicit nature of those pics is being defined. Maybe is just a creepy collection of fully dressed kids but nothing illegal, but i don't think so. He was sending animal collars, DIY hormones and lingerie to those kids.

No. 1628401

Why is he so muscular, isn't he a fatass irl

No. 1628402

he falsely said it was a hate crime, said he was misgendered and tons of stuff that the ontario police have denied and have proof never happened. he lied about being swatted by them, too, it's all on bodycam footage. he's going to be fucked eventually, the real evil isn't the gossip sites, people will forever talk shit about degeneracy, online or offline.

No. 1628406

where are all the based websites calling out this keffals dude for the freak he is?

& it's been said a zillion times before i'm certain, but his fucking username makes my skin crawl. thought it was some furry uwu shit, but no, short for "cock waffles". how feminine. can't figure out which is worse.

No. 1628407

Why are they even going after other sites? I thought this was between Lucas and josh. Did lucas just decide to go full tranny gestapo and silence everyone who doesn't like him?

No. 1628408

File: 1661701173936.jpg (76.9 KB, 680x673, bb5.jpg)

I'm pretty certain it IS furry shit too especially since he was groomed by furries. Pic related.

No. 1628414

He fucked a dog thanks to furries too. I don't know if this is archived somewhere

No. 1628415

Kek the only difference is that kf has men and lc has… men who larp as women. They're both shittalking sites really.(Tranny spammer)

No. 1628418

Think it was his former friend who talked about it on KF. There were rumors around town that he had attempted to fuck one of the family chihuahuas.

No. 1628420

I think their hate for places like here and kf isn’t only down to them getting posted, out of the whole of troondom only a few are posted about. It’s because they know these are places where people are free to speak honestly. It shatters the illusion they’ve created that the world accepts them as women and terfs are the weirdos. They know deep down normal people are repulsed by them and that terf is just code for normal, but they have so much social and financial power that they can make sure they never have to be confronted by that knowledge. As long as places like this exist they will always feel the compulsion to come here and see what people really think.
Twitter allows pedos to talk happily about their fantasies. Reddit allows violent rape videos. Tiktok allows actual surgeons to make ads targeted at teenage girls about how great it is to cut off your tits. Show me somewhere that doesn’t have communities of women haters. At least on kf evidence is gathered in an easy to digest way on the worst of these creatures. The women locked in prisons or sharing dv shelters with them can’t afford to be picky on the overall culture of places documenting what they’re going through, they just want the information to be out there and kf is the best source there is right now.

No. 1628421

Can obvious kiwifags stop try hard sperging over keffals nobody gives a damn about beef between two faggots. Hopefully kiwi gets taken down and keffals get his twitter banned from angry former kiwis wanting revenge.

No. 1628422

Just shrug off the posts and threads you don’t like like a normal person, this kind of turbo autism is annoying as fuck

No. 1628424

Love how scrotes start whining immediately whenever it comes to criticism about their only social outlet kek

No. 1628426

Swag and then when troons realise they can just take down KF is they do enough shit flinging then they'll come straight for lolcow farm to do the exact same thing

No. 1628427

for the same reason /r/gendercritical and subs making fun of trans were banned from reddit

No. 1628429

(samefag) yeah but i wish keffals was more fatter on this pic

No. 1628431

The ever sophisticated "there are no women on the internet" argument.. nice one. Fuck off shriveldick.

No. 1628432

i dont want kiwi to go down as much as i dislike them. imagine the loss of receipts against actual zoophiles, peds and other degenerates. i dont think kiwifarms is some vigilante board for justice but they are literally the only site on the internet that has information on some of these creeps

No. 1628435

Then let them take it down lc has gone to shit anyways, we barely have moderation here. This weird tinfoiling is retarded and just an excuse to get us to care about some moid playpen. Face your shitty site going down and get a hobby

No. 1628436

Fuck off moid

No. 1628438

Proof he larps as a TERF just to steal our based arguments and goes back to being a faggot incel with all its privileges. Any woman who thinks she's caping for a moid is only sewing a cape so the scrote can wear.

No. 1628439

>He doesn't give a fuck about women
Yes, but it's not in the interest of lf for kf to be gone because 1. a bunch of kiwi would come here and filth the place up with their kiwiness; 2. it's true that twitter trannies would come for us after; but thank god some weirdos with too much disposable income are supporting it to return safely.
Who cares if they have a thread about us? Let the scrotes and their pet trannies talk, it's not like they are planning to deplatform us, unlike the unhiged twitter troons that are attacking them.

No. 1628444

NTA but anyone who unironically writes shit like ‘pedo rapeape y chromosoids jobless autismo incel kiwiscrotes’ is retarded and needs to touch grass desperately, some of us just want dumb threads about fatties to scroll through and anons completely falling apart over it is pathetic

No. 1628445

like clockwork
I just wish these failedmales went to onionfarms or 8kun to shit up in the meantime instead of here

No. 1628446

Who is "falling apart" ?

No. 1628447

That autistic screed didn’t come off as a meltdown to you?

No. 1628451

Angry scrote mad at being called a degenerate waste of DNA and won't stop bitching about it, how pathetic kek(Infighting)

No. 1628453

I don’t think I’m the only longtime poster who thinks this shit is cringe, but whatever.(Infighting)

No. 1628455

>its better

moid has been spamming the same fucking thread (the black problem) with pics of gore/kkk/vile racist shit for 2 weeks straight, jannies are lazies as shit, admin hasnt any sign of life lately, trannies a polluting the boards as always with their presence + CP posts

yeah but sure its better

No. 1628459

You know you don't have to be here, right? Some of us still like reading lolcow for different reasons. If you hate it then why donyoubhother coming here to tell anons that you hate it? Kek autism

No. 1628461

>caping for a moid is only sewing a cape so the scrote can wear
>tfw no moid to sew a cape for

No. 1628467

File: 1661703416306.jpg (98.27 KB, 716x403, 20220828_173344.jpg)

This skinny fat tard has been retweeting people who post a location in Ukraine and dirty deleting tweets asking his Ukraine followers to do something. Inb4 actual terrorist attack

No. 1628470

it's not that jannies are lazy, it's that this site is running on a skeleton crew due to an absentee admin who won't open mod apps and train new mods - we literally do not have enough mods
of course troons and moids are going to take advantage of that and spam
yes even with the spam it's better than using a site mainly populated by misogynistic /pol/tards, I'm holding out hope admin will be more active after the townhall or supposed site update being worked on
anyways sorry for the mini-rant, I'll stop now

No. 1628471

What's the ukraine address meant to be exactly?

No. 1628473

The host of the error page that's currently up on the domain.

No. 1628477

Trannies are crazy enough to commit an act of terrorism, these are the same people who brag on Twitter about making homemade bombs.

No. 1628478

You're missing a lot of backstory and history. Josh wasn't just bitter over not being able to nab the domain. He's always wanted to have control over the community, too. He seems to have kind of laid low about it within the past couple of years but he absolutely had previously been trying to take ownership of this place over and over again Pinky & The Brain style for years, through various different schemes, beginning not long after the site was made like 8 years ago. Anyone who's been here long enough can vouch.

No. 1628479

I hope and I am sure that no one will do anything, but the idea of one of his minions bombing the place or something and kefafals trying to frame it as a pro ukraine act because Josh sucks off Putin is kinda funny.

No. 1628482

nobody wants to go in your shitcoded rdrama website you fat fucktard + seeing how your website works, im 100% sure you didnt hacked Josh. you are just spending your days on your laptop full of semen dreaming that a woman will give a shit about your irrevelant website

No. 1628483

police in canada do not use those, we do not have "SWAT" teams. they are called ERT or ETF, and if he woke up to the police or mountie response, trained govt LEO workers do not use assault rifles at close range, and even if they did, would not use a group of them because that risks too much injury to the unit instead of the suspect.

No. 1628485

samefag; any canadian who claims they opened a door or woke up to an LEO with a drawn gun that was pointed at them (the suspect) is lying. i have been arrested and charged several times, as have many of my former friends (druggies, pimps, indentured women working for pimps, gang douchebags. some of us got out of it) and keffals is talking total fucking shit

No. 1628486

i think it's probably true. there's something seriously objectively wrong with jersh.

No. 1628488

kek yes I'm sure ukrainians who are in the middle of fighting off invaders during a war really care about some terminally online trannies getting offended at a website
these losers really think every minor thing that occurs on the internet is just as important as real world problems

No. 1628490

kek who are these diaper babies? it's just a forum where people talk to each other with no censorship. it's got sections with actual rapists and anti-black-people (but no other races for some reason - anyone who knows about what those people are thinking pls respond and explain to me), but you don't have to look at those and they can't harass you for no reason. i just stick to the tranny, crazy religion, and fat girl boards and only see the same 15 posters all the time. it's just like…normal social groups irl except the posts are up for anyone to see at any time. people really think kiwi farms is anything more than all the shit normal people say irl, but typed out?

No. 1628491

Offtopic, but I am not american or canadian and have always been confused by "random internet idiot has been swatted because of haters", like your government are just wasting resources on any random claim?

No. 1628492

did anyone ever look at the site and see that it's just a bunch of retards making fun of lowtax and tess holliday and arguing about makeup

No. 1628496

Hey, they also compiled quite a few zoosadists but I guess there was enough overlap to still call that "trans hate".

No. 1628498

Every degen fetishist that gets caught by the farms for rape, animal rape, or pedo shit, is without fail either a troon or troons out eventually. Even Chris, the golden cow, managed to troon out before he did the most evil thing in the world

No. 1628499

Journalists don’t care to really research and just try to capitalize on public outrage.

No. 1628500


Keffat absolutely will, because he is a sexual predator and aligns with the abuser in that persons story.

No. 1628503

kek slavs fucking love kiwifarms. if anything ukrainians are going to be pissed that troons fucked it

No. 1628506

Any possible ukrainian subject of his probably fled the country months ago, not like they'd be old enough to be conscripted.

No. 1628515

>We launch the next phase of the campaign soon
Jesus Christ the unwarranted self-importance

No. 1628523

I really don't want KF to go down forever, for a variety of reasons. First off, I don't want kiwi refugees to come here, like other anons have said. There's also a lot of information archived there (although there's always the wayback machine for that.) Lastly, Keffals is extremely obnoxious and I don't want him to win. I've never seen someone as obsessed with deplatforming critics as he is.

No. 1628528

this is the most important thing. i only care about this situation because i don't want to see a tranny on a twitter tirade have his ego inflated beyond repair. if he manages to shut down KF he'll absolutely try and shut down any anti-troon space he can find. he's terminally online as evidenced by just the absolute insane amounts of tweets he's sent out these past few days which means he has nothing else to do besides this.

No. 1628534

If kiwifarms dies we're never getting another website so dedicated to archiving inconvenient truths that we're not supposed to talk about.

Yes lolcow talks about trains, but most of the cow threads here are to shit talk female cows, and this format sucks for archiving anyway

No. 1628539

The two reasons there are to keep KF, IMO, are the amount of users from there who know how to track down actual pieces of shit like the zoosadists, and to preserve internet history. I get the sense that there are a lot of predators of all backgrounds that hate the site, because it's so much harder to get what they want when their track records are easily available. Literal rapists, animal torturers, child abusers, etc actually get exposed (something that doesn't tend to happen on other sites, for some reason), and that alone makes it worth saving.
I still think the braindead /pol/tards, misogynists, trannies, etc from the site need to rope, and I find Josh slimy, but for the greater good, it should stay.

No. 1628550

Yeah the Baby Monkey Torture/Million Pity thread for example was probably the most serious, coordinated effort that publicly exists on the internet to expose those sick fucks. Some of whom absolutely seem like the types who will move onto harming humans (if they haven't already).

If nothing else shit like that is why KF needs to stick around.

No. 1628552

i'm in the same boat. i wouldn't care if they took out kiwi and just stopped, but i don't want what happened to reddit. it isn't even just the gender stuff. it's the constant power trips, narcissism and general mental instability.

society is no longer telling them to stop it and get help so there has to be a barrier somewhere

No. 1628553

i also just think that websites shouldn't be taken down unless they're posting CP or other illegal things of the like. also the fact that so many of these troons are saying that KF is pedo-enabling/full of pedos is clearly projection since the website has a huge archive of proof of people being pedos.

No. 1628554

This is the main reason I want Kiwifarms to stick around forever. They are very efficient at rooting out predators and document severe internet fuckery. This is a good thing even if the people involved are absolute fucktards.

No. 1628559

don't forget null's mom who would honestly sleep with a russian server farm owner for her son's website to stay up. not even judging, just keffals doesn't seem to understand that he's mad at something that is not illegal and has major support in the autist h4XX0r community

No. 1628562

everyone on it made fun of that christchurch guy though
i think one guy even talked to him about not being so serious and wanting to murder people

No. 1628565

fuck josh made me laugh. i lost the game i guess.

No. 1628570

>don't forget null's mom who would honestly sleep with a russian server farm owner for her son's website to stay up.
lmao, wtf?

No. 1628573

>null's mom who would honestly sleep with a russian server farm owner for her son's website to stay up
Ah, the twitter trannies have found this thread, I was wondering why there were so many new replies. You're really bad at pretending to be a woman btw. Don't you have to clean our Keffals festering crotchwound?

No. 1628575

Ah, yeah, they were talking about targetting his mother, weren't they?

No. 1628577

File: 1661709851053.png (149.93 KB, 598x1024, Untitled.png)

How are the Ukrainians going to see this "Russian war propaganda" when you have been DDOSing the site offline for days, you fucking genius? Holy shit trannies are so retarded. All they will see on Kiwifarms.net is a bunch of ugly men pretending to be women. Transgenderism is considered a mental illness in Ukraine btw, yeah I'm sure they will be on your side.

No. 1628579

this guy and the idiot saying to "crack some profiles" don't seem to understand that people use vpns, a separate email for each account, and don't post selfies, pics with metadata, or their education and work history online, and CERTAINLY don't do so with their legal name.

No. 1628580

Trannies always have to find the nearest woman to shit on because going up against their own kind just reminds them what failures they are at being men. Null's mother has never had an online presence and has never been involved with the site in any way, she has never made a single statement or talked to a single journalist. All you can find about his mother is dox from Vordrak (the same guy who threatened to shoot up a children's hospital in Nulls name btw). She's done nothing, but the trannies still want her head on a stick just because she's a woman.

No. 1628584

wow, such action. much revolutionary. save me from the scary fat jersh, daddy dorsey

No. 1628588

This entire thing has made me hate trannies more than I could have even imagined. I hope it peaks a whole lot of people to see how tyrannical, violent and criminal these people are.

No. 1628589

Deathfats is honestly the best forum in the world.

No. 1628591

is rachel levine a will ferrell character

No. 1628592

>you are terminally online and don't understand how the real world works
I can't stop laughing, best example of pot calling kettle black I've ever seen

No. 1628599


it's kind of incredible. like ukraine banned all of its left wing parties. it had nazis running fucking torture dungeons. i know they want to sell it as a liberal outpost but come the fuck on how stupid does someone have to be to buy it

No. 1628603

you can tell that keffals has internalized all the insults of him being terminally online and is projecting hard.

No. 1628604

File: 1661710891051.png (400.99 KB, 738x870, threatening_mom.png)

Only a tranny can threaten someone's mother so publically on twitter and not get banned for it. How does anyone believe that trannies are oppressed??? They are the oppressors.


No. 1628608

stop calling the obvious psycho male a they, dork

No. 1628611

File: 1661711259337.png (76.84 KB, 760x694, threatening_mom2.png)

No. 1628613

Kek tranny misgendered Josh’s mom, where’s the pitchforks?

No. 1628614

troons are such consoomers. just design a logo for whatever hashtag's hot this week and start selling badges. you could make a full time living ffs

No. 1628616

He still has a family?

No. 1628618

good thing no one here is a "queer" person then.

No. 1628619

I unironically think of that sometimes, make some shit with bad colour schemes, upload to redbubble, profit.

No. 1628620

File: 1661711506045.png (67.2 KB, 744x440, threatening_mom3.png)


No he didn't. Some user on the site did, if Null had done it then you would have a screenshot of it on your twitter right now. You don't get to play victim of Kiwifarms if you use all of their same tactics, Lucas.

No. 1628622

how is null connected to the holocaust if it happened before his mom was born

No. 1628624


>Never forget the time that one of Joshua Moon’s stalking victims showed up at his house and he hid in his bedroom and let his mom talk to her instead.

could've sworn the "school shooting threats linked to KF" mentioned in a lot of the hashtag activism spam during keffals weeks-long temper tantrum were that same tranny "stalking victim" calling threats to schools in null's area and trying to get him arrested for them, but the place to check is being DDoSed by trannies right now.


>Anything that happens to you is your own fault.

>look what you made me do

No. 1628626

File: 1661711737444.jpeg (272.47 KB, 1170x1413, 43041A28-7C74-445B-88DA-618D20…)

No. 1628627

File: 1661711740486.png (619.71 KB, 2038x971, gross.png)

Reminder that Keffals has extreme mommy issues, that's probably where the obsession with Null's mom comes from. He really is the next Chris Chan.

No. 1628628

wow, keffals. totally not psycho behavior.

No. 1628629

Trannies were busy diddling themselves in history class and are confusing the American Declaration of Independence (1776) with the Holocaust.

No. 1628632

Null in a peter pan outfit would be kinda cute ngl

No. 1628633

Why was she banned for this

No. 1628635

His terminally online narc need to write all of this out of twitter where it can be archived will come back to bite him in the ass and it's gonna be funny as fuck when it does

No. 1628638

A-logging is against the rules

No. 1628639

He's such a liar the amount of lies and whining he does. Also wasn't his mother doxxed months ago? He's just now whining about it. He's literally only calling more attention to his mother's dox and it's so on brand for a Troon to want his.mother to suffer because of what a member of Nulls site did. Isn't this against the TOS?

No. 1628640

Missing the braindead babies thread and reading medfags powerleveling about special needs child care. There is a knitting/crafting thread somewhere I wanted to join in on. Also Deathfat forum.

No. 1628641

Global Rule 1, probably

No. 1628644

Oh yes, I'm missing the death fats so much. Why don't we have a fat positive general thread? They're soo milky.

No. 1628646

Everything is a fucking ‘movement’ with these people

No. 1628650

What are you waiting for, make a new one here on /snow/

No. 1628653

Nta, I don’t have anything against kf but I’m not fully prepared to just remake snow into the beauty parlor thread by thread, you know?

No. 1628658

I'm to pathetic and lazy it's not going to happen

No. 1628659

100% chance that Vordrak is in Keffals DMs feeding him info about Null, that is why he toting about all this old stuff from Vordraks vlog without proof, cause Vordrak doesn't have any proof for his claims either. He is bringing up his own mom just to he has an excuse to post all this 10 year old gossip about Null that everyone already heard years ago.

The funny thing is that everything said about Keffals stems from his own words. Everything in his thread is based on his tweets, which are all archived to proof that it's not photoshopped. Meanwhile Keffals is just posting lies and fanfiction out his ass.

No. 1628660

So mamy farmers whine about missing deathfat gossip in particular. Making a deathfat general like the pro-ana general would make sense.
Or just keep bawwwing idc

No. 1628664

You are no better than the lazy fatties you laugh at

No. 1628666

Also kek every time I see that Ashley Isaacs thread is placed in deathfats

No. 1628669

Oh ok they can refer to those they don’t like as “people”, implying those people aren’t even human. But god forbid anyone do that to them or it is genocide. Rules for thee but not for me, as always.

Are they just stupid? First off, talking about people online and the things they publicly post is not stalking. People are going to talk about public figures that make an ass out of themselves. If they want to see it another way, they do the same thing with people like JKR. Secondly, women have a right to discuss things that directly affect us. Not every part of this site or ovarit is dedicated to shitting on these people, a lot of more positive stories are shared, as well as other things that affect women.

No. 1628670

File: 1661713322554.png (274.84 KB, 597x643, FbRO2IdakAEAShw.png)

He deleted this one. If anyone cares for the story: Vordrak made an account called "Candice Lynn Potter" on Kiwifarms so he could take a screenshot of it and say that Null's mother has an account there. As if she would ever sign up an account under her full legal name. The article is also from Vordraks website. Vordrak them harassed her employer by threatening his family and saying he would photoshop all of his children and family members into porn and smear them as pedophiles online unless he fires Null's mom, which he did. Yeah, these are the good guys for sure.

No. 1628671

File: 1661713352303.png (35.84 KB, 740x286, dumbass2.png)

>why are rules I expect other people to abide by applied to me??? I don't get it???


No. 1628675

Ngl I hope you kiwi moids find a way to wreck his ass (or keep making him seethe at least). But then you're also woman-hating poltards so yeah

No. 1628677

Technically it’s a twitter offense now to misgender so the report button for that is fair game.

No. 1628678

This is inciting harassment which isn’t allowed in the terms of service of social media sites. Eventually he’ll get banned.

No. 1628679

What was Null's mother arrested for?

No. 1628680

holy shit, troons are the ones who lose their mind if anyone misgenders rapists/pedophiles/murderers, so why is it ok to purposely 'misgender' someone who has a son you dislike lmao

No. 1628683

Resisting arrest lmao

No. 1628684

Her boyfriend beat her in a domestic incident and in the US they usually arrest both parties for that.

No. 1628685

Because they think normal people also have a suicidal breakdown when they get "misgendered" kek

No. 1628686

The rules don't apply to trannies, the twitter support staff is all troons.

No. 1628687

there’s already a fatty thread somewhere in the catalog.

No. 1628693

He probably thinks the people freaking out over it find the misgendering highly offensive when in actuality they’re trying to point out the hypocrisy with the rules. Like you said, this is not something most people even think or care about. If someone gets called the wrong gender it usually gets corrected and laughed off and isn’t a huge deal.

No. 1628694

File: 1661714071988.jpeg (281.35 KB, 1170x1379, 67CF3660-5FA2-49FF-976B-11B22E…)

No. 1628695

This fat faggot thinks he's some kind of James Bond villain or what?

No. 1628696

>who passes
idk about that one chief

No. 1628700

Right? How fucking embarrassing for a grown man to think he’s 1. A woman and 2. An anime villain.

No. 1628701

No. 1628702

File: 1661714416551.jpg (263.57 KB, 2048x1536, media_FbI04qXaAAIsJkw.jpg)

This is him lol

No. 1628703

Archive for that one too

No. 1628704

Keffals is 6ft (according to kiwifarms), has 5 o clock shadow and legit looks like a soggy hippy. He gets a pass because his bots and yes he's white, but not because he passes.

No. 1628709

I've been lurking cause I got freetime and wanna see what's been thrown into my favorite dumpster fire.

But I do have to ask

Why is this the sentiment you guys have towards the farms? I get that the ranch is home to a bunch of retards, but why would you assume it's mostly "women-hating poltards" on there?

That is hardly the sentiment I get when I scroll through the tranny threads on the farms, and in fact, appears to be mostly women interacting there.

I think the users of this site need to lighten the fuck up lmfao.

I digress, enjoy your hole while it lasts, God knows I took mine for granted, and good luck if the farms goes down lmao.(Same wk moid namefag Jason Shaw from the Shayna thread.)

No. 1628710

I was joking about the terror attack but I am genuinely curious what he planned for whatever phase 2 is. He seems giddy so it's something

No. 1628716

nice reddit spacing, moid.

No. 1628718

>reddit spacing

No. 1628719

Derailing but I hate this comic artist so much. Furry chaser faggot.

No. 1628720

I assume some sort of lawsuit, maybe even with multiple cows involved.

No. 1628727

File: 1661715600984.jpg (40.05 KB, 747x367, 345345323.jpg)

Will this be the tweet that brings keffals reign of terror to an end?

No. 1628731

Already posted less than an hour ago.

No. 1628735

Journalists are demons, do you have any specific questions about that or something?

No. 1628737

I realize autism makes it difficult to understand jokes and sarcasm but come on

No. 1628738

It really depends on which part of the forums you go to. The news and deep thoughts subforums have a ton of incel-tier talk going on there.

No. 1628739

File: 1661716279558.jpg (35.22 KB, 446x431, gfdi.JPG)

great, it's fucking trending on normie twitter

No. 1628742

He's just mad that he can't lead any lost boys anywhere, only ugly 30yo moids in maid costumes

No. 1628743

Would normies even be able to make sense of this all? I feel like this entire situation is such high-tier overly online autism that outsiders would be mostly confused by.

No. 1628744

i almost wish admin would preemptively take us offline until this all blows over, because it's really not looking good for us right now. But doing that would require us to trust she'd be arsed to put it back up, and, well…

No. 1628745

File: 1661716508432.gif (728.14 KB, 500x208, 3Bmt.gif)

He needs to stop the Disney villain monolguing. Lucas, you're not important and never will be. All you are doing is just screaming loudly. Cope, seethe, and fuck off you deranged psycho.

No. 1628746

all they'll see is
>evil site harasses trans women
and that is more than enough to create an angry mob, they won't need any of the autistic details.

No. 1628747

Nonnie its literally been trending on and off for days now

No. 1628749


which is probably why the first thing lucas did when he got swatted was release a press kit.

No. 1628750

So far in his shit flinging tranny tantrum, Lucas has:
>targeted a black troon
>doxxed someone
>encouraged violence
>used other peoples suicide threats as ammo
>manipulated the story of Chris raping his mum into a boohoo tranny victim tale
>misgendered someone
>tried to get Ukrainian troons to sabotage a server location
>used an old womans domestic abuse issues as a weapon
>embarrassing himself
Lucas is actually such a retard

No. 1628751

>reddit spacing
I disagree, I used to browse the tranny sideshows thread every now and then and though they were some gc/radfem members, mostly of it was 4chan /pol/ autismo. That being said, I don't want you moids to lose your playpen, as much as spastic KF incels are, they do a great job documenting degeneracy. Besides, I don't want moids polluting here.

No. 1628752

Almost all the journos who picked up this story are fellow troons as well. They protect their own. One journo scum writes a hit piece full of misinformation and then the rest of them copy it and just change a couple of words.

No. 1628755

I keep seeing a black mtf named "Jai" frequently mentioned when this topic is mentioned. Does anyone know who I'm talking about? Apparently he called out keffals' catboy ranch shenanigans and faced backlash from his followers. That's as far as I know though.
Go find another "hole" to fill yourself in faggot

No. 1628761

the twitter “infosec professional” people getting behind keffart’s campaign is so embarrassing. DDoSing is illegal and they are supporting it under their full legal names while calling for cloudflare to silence opinions they don’t like. Imagine damaging your career and public reputation all for the bathtub estrogen fart porn groomer.

No. 1628771

A few threads discussing mtf individuals are great. But almost everywhere you go on kf, especially in articles & news, there are nothing but comments hating on women for everything to do with transgender and gay/queer degenerate behaviour. They all hard agree women are solely to blame for current society and it's problems.

No. 1628772

But how else Lucas would get that sweet, sweet attention, nonny? (not to mention the lucrative grifting)
Damn, I hope when this ends his reputation will go down the drain. Though I don't know if fart porn/grooming teen boys should be called a good reputation kek

No. 1628776

Which is exactly why kf should stay up, so those idiots stay there, not here.

No. 1628777

Thanks for the replies
No need to be angry, I don't want to be on this website to begin with. You lot are almost as bad as our boy Luke here, but at the very least you're natal women.

Also lmao @ banning me, no need I'm fucking gone.(Ban evading XY)

No. 1628780

Only other trannies will care. The average person doesn’t have trans friends or family. Maybe they know a neighborhood freak or are forced to work with one, but no one with common sense wants to touch trannies with a 10 foot pole

No. 1628781

Good for you anon but you didnt answer the question.

He really is the biggest self shooting clown going, he cant blame anyone else for his exposed hypocrisy now.

No. 1628785

I think the benefits of kiwifarms ending outlays the negatives. The user base is full of spazzes so I'm sure they'll get revenge on the troons and then just make another site anyways

No. 1628786

Yes, I do. Do you actually believe "cuponudes69" or w/e is really a senior editor for the NY Times? If so, you might want to see a neurologist

No. 1628791

>you didnt answer the question
Nta, but no, I don't think anything he does will, if anyone cared about the stupid or dangerous shit he does, things wouldn't be in this state to start with. I think it'll end pretty anticlimactic, kf gets back up and everyone eventually grows tired and finds something else to be angry at.

No. 1628792

I’m envious of you, in my life normies virtue signal about trannies all the time

No. 1628794

File: 1661718702554.jpg (79.82 KB, 662x351, dox1.jpg)

No. 1628798

Appreciate the answer, I guess my question is why though? Given if anyone had said half the shit he has they would have been cancelled to hell and back now. Is this really the power of troonery?

No. 1628799

does he really believe he can access all the account data of KF lmao elite hacker keffals

No. 1628800

this dumb troon really thinks he can dox every single user on kiwifarms? kek i wonder if he believes it or is just trying to look tough

No. 1628801

Lol what, how is he going to do that? This is the spammer tranny levels of delusion

No. 1628808

Kek not everyone is a dumbass or an exhibitionism when it comes to privacy like you, keffart

No. 1628809

Is this keffals trying to be intimidating? Lmao

No. 1628810

>performative as hell
as opposed to you, keffals?

No. 1628811

File: 1661719412738.jpg (43.63 KB, 1080x792, Screenshot_20220828-154019_Twi…)

When you search keffals on Twitter, the two trending topics are he's racist and he's a groomer. Nothing about getting doxxed and harassed, or anything that will gain hom sympathetic traction. This dude is an idiot.

No. 1628812

Doxing has always been "OK when we do it" for these people. Elsewhere this psycho troon said something to the effect of he will dox people's names but doxing their addresses/etc is a step too far b/c swatting or something, but phonebooking someone is trivial so it's either performative or he's dumb. I am 100% against swatting but some of the people swatted lately really, well, it couldn't happen to more deserving individuals.

No. 1628813

I'm noticing a trend that it's ok when he's performative and when he virtue signals and when he's bigoted and when he misgenders and

No. 1628816

He might mean the data breach from 2019 (still doesn't include full names except a few morons who signed up on normie email addresses, even a few .edu and .gov which is pretty funny) but more likely he is just blustering around. Very few of these cancel culture idiots have any talent at doxing and meanwhile Keffals new location has been narrowed down within a couple miles, something that he is going to be dealing with for the rest of his putrid life. Fuck that guy.

No. 1628820

File: 1661719722145.jpg (67.34 KB, 663x327, defense.jpg)

No. 1628821

I hope the farms is back soon. One of the bigger Keffals supporters, who started the KiwiFarmsLPosting Twitter is a named Zoosadist.

I fear that with losing the farms, we lose the proof of people like ZrCalo being Zoosadists.

And their funny image thread. They had a good funny image thread.

No. 1628822

is this the "am hole" tranny?

No. 1628823

IF anyone doesn't know who Gibes/the Tranch is that'll be a fun read when KF comes up again. So many of the people tweeting stupid shit here are not just "the usual suspects" but prominent rat king-ers. The Tranch in fact is a good canddiate for it's own subforum.

No. 1628825

No. 1628826

samefag as >>1628823, yep, am hole. >>1628821
nobody is losing either farms, chill out chicken little-chan, this sky has looked like it's falling before, a few years ago KF was down for a few weeks d/t Vordrak fuckery. everything is gonna be fine. Josh is also probably raking in the NEETbux.

No. 1628827

File: 1661719930556.jpg (82.28 KB, 657x507, cult.jpg)

No. 1628828

this is not entirely wrong tbh, Josh simps are intolerable

No. 1628831

Good luck dickhead a couple of thousand British facebook mums signed up months before his testerical meltdown. If he tried to dox them he’ll triple the mumsnet terf army numbers.

No. 1628834

File: 1661720120679.jpg (81.62 KB, 660x508, lgbtedu.jpg)

No. 1628838

if using a website that contains bad things makes you a bad person, better doxx everyone who uses twitter. or better yet doxx everyone who has a discord. him acting like everyone who has a KF account is some sort of criminal is absolutely retarded.

No. 1628840

Kek last I remember kiwifarms has at least 58 THOUSAND active accounts you cant even keep your tweets straight keffals you aint doxxing anyone dipshit kek

No. 1628842

>Sooper haker
I think all the bathtub HRT fried his brain cells or what was left of his brain cells. Stay mad and keep doxxing yourself.

No. 1628843

it's amazing how they can say things like this and not realize how bad it sounds. adults should not be interacting with kids online, especially not in regards to something like sexuality. these pedophiles should be deterred from talking to children. no child should be calling an internet stranger 'mom'. that's not quirky, that's fucking weird.

No. 1628848

The Tranch is my favourite thread to lurk in. That whole cinematic universe is like a soap opera, only none of them have ever touched any soap.

No. 1628851

File: 1661720884604.jpg (121.19 KB, 605x761, completely nuts.jpg)

>Using "fwends" = you must be fascist or alt right

kek his defenders are every bit as nutty as he is

The replies are full of cope seethe but not enough dialation


No. 1628852

Good riddance. The takedown post was so cringe, crying about free speech with Null pretending like he's not responsible for his userbase. Rest in pieces you won't be missed.

No. 1628854

File: 1661720982410.jpg (98.42 KB, 656x574, legal.jpg)

If Keffals already took down Kiwi Farms, whats the legal fund for?

No. 1628855


No. 1628856

Lawsuit. Hes trying to sue the police and kiwifarms users for the swatting.

No. 1628857


black MTF keffals hates: https://twitter.com/DreadedJai(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1628858

so if he wins the lawsuit, it'll just be a huge net positive for him lmao

No. 1628859

>so if he wins the lawsuit
The sun will explode before that happens, you dont seem to be getting to grips with how insane that is anon.

No. 1628861

Kevin Gibes is a national treasure. May he cope, seethe, post and not dilate forever.

No. 1628867

buy more collars for his catboys obv

No. 1628869

File: 1661721523892.jpg (125.33 KB, 656x681, aug28.jpg)

No. 1628873

it was a joke. obviously he would never win, because if he had any chance of winning he would be able to get a lawyer to take him on contingency. he's clearly just scamming people.

No. 1628875

Lol what, isn’t ”fwend” a common thing among ueu smol beans who are 99% leftists

No. 1628876

What could he sue Kiwifarms of? Like seriously is there any verifable proof of harm they have done to Keffals? Does he think he's gonna just go, "this site has killed.people" and they won't look into it? Also he's basically saying he will publicly dox and harass the employers of people on Kiwifarms. Wouldn't that be looked at? Why hasn't he been banned off Twitter for saying he's going to dox people and misgendering Mx.Moon and saying she doesn't care?

No. 1628878

File: 1661721866271.jpg (5.16 KB, 474x131, dopamine levels dropping.jpg)


uh-oh spaghetti-ohs!

No. 1628880

i hate kf moids so i dont care about the site but i don't want keffal to have the satisfaction of being the reason it shuts down forever

No. 1628883

Wasn't sure because there are a few of his wk lurking around but yeah its clearly a scam he aint suing anyone hes using what he can to play on peoples sympathies and milk them for money. Typical troon behaviour so he'll get away with it.

No. 1628886

Does keffals not have a life? He luvea tweets about kiwifarms 12 hours a day. Seriously and he's talking to the wall. Josh doesn't interact with him. Kiwifarms isn't up right now. No matter what these people will just over somewhere else.

No. 1628887

"I just don’t want to get mass reported for being real as fuck"(imageboard)

No. 1628889

File: 1661722147790.gif (276.8 KB, 220x195, yes-eating.gif)


You have to understand he is off his rocker, but yes legally the only person he may have a chance of suing is whoever swatted him, but as he doesnt know who it is so is going after everyone on the forum, hes in for a rude awakening.

Im so glad hes this nutty we are gonna get some entertaining milk farmers!

No. 1628890

He's a troon on the internet, of course he doesnt.

No. 1628891

Send money to this "resourceful" persons crypto wallet with no facts given

What a fucking joke

No. 1628892

he has no way to release sexually so this is the way he spends his energy and frustrations, legit..

No. 1628894

He also eats a metric shit ton

No. 1628902


>I don't want everyone to know I'm telling nick fuentes and his catboys who's calling them gay and retarded on the internet

No. 1628904

File: 1661722692058.jpeg (91.4 KB, 825x750, D8B589B8-7A61-407C-9E67-EC7E09…)


how nice of Lucas to provide us a KF update, I can’t even load the website. And it’s especially kind of him to promote the cryptowallet of someone helping Josh.

No. 1628907

There is literally no reason to post images of your body on an anonymous imageboard for women.

No. 1628920

This is so pathetic. What a desperate bid for feeling powerful. If you get all of your confidence from being a terminally online sped that attempts to threaten and force people to feel unsafe because you’re throwing a tantrum you really are in the lowest dregs of society here lol.

No. 1628938

What a fucking disgrace to "LGBTQ education" if this is your shining example.

No. 1628955

they gave lucas 100k for his fake sobbing story, people donate money to anyone nowadays kek

No. 1628956

Karma for Keffals can't come soon enough. The funniest turn of events would be if they find CP on his hard drives and that is why he fled the country.

No. 1628960

do you think there's any way for them to check his discord logs?

No. 1628964

File: 1661725631503.jpg (41.33 KB, 589x511, concern trolling.jpg)

>concern trolling is when you tell a manic troon to knock it off.

No. 1628972

>wants people in a country which is dealing with an invasion to assuage his male feefees and attack a place because someone said something bad about him on internet
Lucas, there's people that are dying

No. 1628974

why do people keep acting like something will be found on his hard drives when there’s absolutely no indication they even looked at it? if they were actively investigating him he would not have gotten his shit back regardless of whether or not they copied the drives.

as for the discord shit, I feel like angry parents of a kid in his servers going after him legally is the only way anything would happen.

No. 1628976

At this point I feel like he even believes his own lies about how everyone on Kiwifarms is an actual murderer. I guess he has to to justify his actions to himself.

No. 1628979

i can honestly see this ending with Keffals killing himself to try to be a martyr to "prove kiwi kills" once the attention he's getting dies down/he loses his supporters when they actually read his history/or when he realizes he spend all his grifted money and time for nothing when kiwifarms continues on.

No. 1628980

He is too much of a narcissist to kill himself. He wouldnt even be succesful at faking it like Byuu cause he is such an attention whore.

No. 1628987

Thank god Keffals lives in Canada and not in the US, he'd probably shoot up Cloudflare headquaters if he had the ability to.

No. 1628989

This exactly. Kf is crawling with racist and sexist bullshit that they refuse to moderate, of course normies are going to immediately side with the tranny. Don't cry now kiwifags you made your bed so lie in it. You aren't some csa watch dogs either moreso just fags in the closet seething about open trannies. I hope keffals and kf take themselves out in this retard stand off it's shitting up lc

No. 1628992

That didn’t stop the van incel from running people over in Ontario lol.

No. 1628994

Don't give 'em ideas, nonna. He might not live in America, but maybe one of his deranged followers does and is psycho enough to do it

No. 1628995

Can't he understand that some people practice basic internet hygiene? I don't have an account on KF, don't have an extensive digital footprint, nor am I an e-celeb with a career to lose. I'd love to see them go on a massive witch hunt for the drawfags here. Please, cross reference new and old art to see which people may have drawn for the evil forum.

No. 1628996

File: 1661726681353.jpg (18.78 KB, 592x255, don't do it jeffrey.jpg)


this tweet twisted the tinfoil, but yeah, probably too much of a narcissist.

No. 1628999

Kek he really is dramatic, you would have thought he is MLK or something. Calm down, keffart, mean words won't kill you

No. 1629000

Seriously. The retards will just make a forced new site to replace kf because they miss the site culture if it goes down. Knowing how the internet is, the trannies will find something else to focus on and eventually spend their energy on that thing. This whole faux drama is peak moid unimportant fuckery and the virtue signaling from salty kiwifags speaks for itself. It's a non issue.

No. 1629001

He thinks he's a martyr. Wow. Kek

No. 1629017

Both him and Null do, they're martyrs for free speech/trans rights, they're both overdramatic and grandiose and permanently online, and they're both raking in cash from donations.

No. 1629021

File: 1661728285320.png (51.81 KB, 577x345, humanity.png)

No. 1629022

true words, nonna, and both of them are driven by ego, too. it so happens that Josh fighting the troons is a Good Thing(tm), but people should not forget where it comes from primarily which is a place of narcissism equal to the tranny's narcissism. we do not have the luxury of finding perfect allies, though

No. 1629023

File: 1661728426780.jpg (30 KB, 368x472, FbR9WK0XEAE4rhu.jpg)


picrel is the "if she looked like that" gayfash or whatever his name is was talking about.

No. 1629027

Question has anyone posted the TRUE stories of the "people Kiwifarms" killed, or just someone unbiased? I've yet to see anyone simply make a thread where they post the straight up facts about how these people died.
The only one whose truly blaming Kiwifarms and not mentioning Kiwifarms is the one dude whose 70% chance isn't dead.

No. 1629032

I'm only here for teh lulz.

No. 1629033

It must suck that when he logs off he realizes that nobody gives a shit about Kiwifarms existing or him. That he's only "important" online and only until he gets cancelled himself. Also I find it funny, how it took keffals. Kevin Gibes and others have just dealt with their threads, they only want Keffals gone because THEY are on it. If Kiwi farms was just as site to pick at actual women I doubt it'd even make it that far in this drama.

No. 1629034

File: 1661728684416.jpeg (61.56 KB, 479x533, 9834B27B-766D-494A-B20F-5641A3…)

>that last tweet

No. 1629039

Damn I wish Kiwifarms was still up. There's a picture of Keffals, all 6ft of him. With five o clock shadow, no shape to speak of and you barely notice his tits. He legit looks like a chubby dork.

No. 1629041

This is clown world though. So instead Keffals is going to end up a hero talked about in text books because Troons are the sacred cow of society

No. 1629046

How many times is this same image getting posted today holy shit

No. 1629051

File: 1661729636425.png (67.12 KB, 600x407, MadTranniesBitchingAboutKFandE…)

No. 1629057

Shocking, men don’t like when you tell people what they say and do because then someone might stop them/not give them what they want.

No. 1629058

File: 1661730107901.jpg (40.37 KB, 662x181, dying.jpg)

No. 1629060

I'm mostly a Russell Greer trainwreck observer. There must be somewhere else out there keeping record of his antics and court appearances? Help a gal out?

No. 1629062


Next we should delete all social media. Throw all computers into a lake. Only have dear trooner kefarts and chairman jizz Fong Jones tell us how to pee and fart.

No. 1629067

File: 1661730449395.jpg (67.23 KB, 661x493, norareed.jpg)

No. 1629074

The way he says shit with no proof or reason is so odd, it's like he feels every moment he has to fill the air. This is all about attention.Irl he's just a mood nobody cares about, but on Twitter he's a hero.
Meanwhile he has a while fiance. I bet all he talks about is Kiwifarms he doesn't talk about having friends or anything. It's a obsession at this point. He's not going about this in a way that seems normal. You can tell this makes his ghost dick hard. Him and Josh are alike, except despite all Josh's flaws he comes across a lot more likeable and lucid. That says a lot about keffals.

No. 1629075

There's the archive, nonnie.


No. 1629077

Because he is a groomer

No. 1629080

I wish adblock worked on Kevin Gibes face.

No. 1629099

Yeah does Keffals even realise that there are so many members who only go on to talk about one thing, from laughing at fat activists to the munchausens thread. I guess doxxing women isn't a good look though.

No. 1629105

Monday is a work day but I guess his army are all NEETs who have nothing better to do like him

No. 1629111

File: 1661732516892.jpg (123.29 KB, 2057x1200, jessica-yaniv.jpg)

He's Canadian. Troons from Canada can literally rape an infant in public and broadcast it and no one will bat an eye.

However, if Keffals has groomed kids from other countries, then international court can get him. Which might be a possibility if he's trying to flee the country lol.

No. 1629113

They're fellow pedos. Programming nerds with too much income and no family to spend it on.

No. 1629114

I'm noticing a trend of rabid twitterfags referring to any internet space with very little to no censorship as "fascist" … and it gives me a headache.

No. 1629125

To be fair, the Yaniv ogre was arrested after showing off his taser on a live broadcast.

No. 1629126

This seems like preemptive damage control like he knows more info will drop about him and his grooming in the near future. A new hacked account perhaps?

No. 1629127

The irony of calling KF "facist" when it is literally one of the last bastions of free speech on the internet.

No. 1629129

isnt ED dead since like ..years? its barely relevant

No. 1629141

Fuck Nora Reed so much. I can't believe she is still around. KF had a thread on her naturally.

No. 1629145

My girlfriend is peaking over this Keffals drama, I'm so glad. I hope the cops get something from his groomer discord.

No. 1629147

File: 1661734286627.png (57.27 KB, 376x184, Screenshot 2022-08-28 20.52.26…)

No. 1629148

How anyone ever had the patience to sit there and wait for ED pages to timeout over and over always mystified me

No. 1629151

>Near/byuu isnt confirmed dead

no statement from japanese police has been made about his suicide, even the official list of americans who died in japan/worldwide didnt inclued his name, so he might have faked his suicide. also worth mentionning that his thread had 13 pages when he killed himself, who the fuck would commit suicide over 13 fucking pages ? most people on his thread didnt harrassed him or wtv, his content wasnt milky at all so everyone didnt gave a fuck. the OP of the thread was also a tranny, so it was tranny on tranny violence. by the way Near’s latest posts on KF were just him trying to extort Null with 120k $, Null said he didnt wanted to be involved with this and declined the money, Near was shaking and crying and did the rope challenge

> julie terryberry died because of her bf

her bf is an abuser who made her participate into porn, iirc she was an orphan/or only lived with her grandma, she didnt had any supports, and her bf is the cause of her death because he was forcing her into vile shit. her bf lately hopped on KF and accused them because there was a thread on her

>chloe sagal didnt died because of KF

infact this tranny was a mentally ill scammer, and pathological liar. brianna wu was harrassing him, and his roommate didnt wanted to see him anymore, which caused a deep psychological crisis for chloe and went to a park to self immolate himself infront of the public.
there was a thread on him but the farms didnt reached out to him nor anything, he didnt even mentionned KF as one of the thing that drove him into suicide

No. 1629153

his mods purged the server when the cops seized his computer lmfao

No. 1629155

that Discord stuff never goes away, though, with a warrant (or maybe even just by asking nicely) the cops will be able to get it all

No. 1629156

That response has a very autistic tone to it. I don't know how to describe it.

No. 1629157

nothing to hide though, of course.

No. 1629158

maybe a tranny mass-cis shooter would finally bring some balance to the world' opinion and make them go back to hiding in their closets and discords.

No. 1629164

File: 1661735468401.jpg (84.74 KB, 586x889, non-notable person.jpg)

>twitter told a tranny "no".

everyone in Belfast is probably wearing noise cancelling headphones right now

No. 1629167

But not for sending explicit messages to minors or getting all those women fired for not touching his literal scrotum. It's still depressing that some irrelevant stupid shit was what got him behind bars instead of the former.
I hate society™.

But better than nothing I suppose.

No. 1629168

He'd reee about how it's a joke but it's so true, he started skinwalking his precious mommy and he's probably glad his dead dad's money went to installing his stinkditch

No. 1629170

Liberal ass twitter
>you are a nobody
Twitter would be cancelled if it was a woman

No. 1629172

What a megalomaniac, jesus

No. 1629177

This gives me hope more elaine milk will flow.

No. 1629189

I don't understand why they rally behind this twat. He's insufferable.

No. 1629195

It's absolutely hilarious that Null still hasn't realised that some of the DDOS attacks early last year were being organised by Japanese 2ch anons, who were indeed not jewish DDLG troons or whoever he's blaming this week.

No. 1629198

Please spoon-feed me, I'm a little baby who needs their milky wilky(unsaged shitposting)

No. 1629201

why do 2ch anons not like Null/kiwifarms?

No. 1629202

ED has been up and running regularly for over a year. https://encyclopediadramatica.online/Main_Page

No. 1629206

sage non milk. don't ask to be spoon fed. no woman says gal. Read the site rules.

No. 1629207

ITT: Keffals doesn't realise that being verified needs someone to be famous, not just "been in lots of news articles".

No. 1629208

ok well don't post your headless underwear pictures on the internet then. you can get help with fashion and fitness other ways. sorry if getting out of bed and walking to school or a coffee shop or a local $7 concert to ask someone for advice is too much work for you.

No. 1629209

He was ordered to pay damages to the women whose careers he targeted (some of whom quit trading altogether) but took his sweet time doing so. I believe only when he was blocked from making other BCHRT claims because of the outstanding restitution did he actually bother.

No. 1629210

yeah they often do this stuff when chasing pedos. look at the josh duggar case - it's a classic. they don't want him to freak out and leave the country because if you get one pedo, you can get the rest of his pedo ring. they also know (outside of super pozzed TO, vancouver, and montreal), that pedo stashes&number of crimes are like icebergs and they don't want to charge/book him until they get as much evidence/charges ready as possible.

No. 1629211

wait who was killed by feds? some sort of pre-null founder, or a reddit founder?

No. 1629222

i think she means "they" as in, the tranny community

No. 1629223

someone put this publically online and then reeee'd about "doxing"?

No. 1629226

what is keffals real birth name? i can't find it anywhere

No. 1629227


No. 1629228

File: 1661740174052.png (676.76 KB, 1239x467, doxed by a fucking door handle…)


>they don't want him to freak out and leave the country

he's in Belfast with this troon: https://twitter.com/EllenFromNowOn

No. 1629233

ayrt and i am canadian - idk why it happens in america, agree with you there. in canada, you can't really do it. we don't have the same kind of response team and also because drugs are mostly legal/cops don't really care, and only farmers or serious gang members have guns, we just don't have the probability of some random person being the type of threat that would justify "swatting".

No. 1629236

yeah tbh that's a huge part of why i'm on josh's side. actual pedos and dog rapers are documented and archived there. as well as deleted self-posted stuff from predators' socials.

No. 1629237

i hate this shit so much. when a woman is scared and afraid for her life, she doesn't fucking stream to the world. im new to this whole situation and god damn does it have me redpilled

No. 1629239

samefag: munchies and cancer fakers also get doxed and that's hugely important. but notice that the munchies who try to get attention to have kf taken down never got as much momentum and support as the troons? wonder why.

No. 1629240

this is milk, dont sage milk.

tranny's are truly braindead if keffals is their leader.

No. 1629243

ayrt i'm not a tranny. i was just making fun of null and his mom. she had a kf account for while, it was funny.

No. 1629245

>reputable media outlet runs a negative story
I want to believe, but what possible incentive would a reputable media outlet have to do this?

No. 1629246

KEK they think the office manager in middle of nowhere iowa or some shit cares what some minimum wage lady's fat kid does?

No. 1629248

funny how lucas waited until he was out of Canada before he started doxing people "because they did it first!" considering it is illegal in Canada. does he plan on never going back?

No. 1629253

they WHAT

No. 1629257

kys autistic penis haver

No. 1629263

reddit co-founder aaron swartz committed suicide because the feds were prosecuting him for downloading a boat load of articles from academic journals. if he convicted, he would have spent a decade or three in jail. he was 26.

No. 1629264

It’s been 7 hours and he was banned what is the point

No. 1629266

just checking if i got this right- there is no actual evidence that Keffals got (literally) SWATted , right? in that case I totally don't believe it's true, and all journalists/publications reporting it as true are bein unethical as helllll

No. 1629268

maybe veterinarians will help this time

No. 1629270

it's not a cult, he's just one of the few people on earth who knows how to modulate his voice for presentations. have you heard how fucking nasal the average idiot if? that god dam lawyer at the abortion hearing, i couldn't believe she goes around letting her voice sound like that IN MICROPHONES

No. 1629273

it's true though. if you don't immediately feel freaked out when someone in the chat reveals themselves to be 17 there's something wrong with you. it should feel not good to find out a minor is talking to you unsupervised. you should feel worried for them right away. that's the normal, natural human response and if you don't have it you're either medically retarded or a predator.

No. 1629277

also south park fans kek

No. 1629278

that's null's post, asking for crypto. agree there's no proof but people who like jersh will believe and send him money for his engineer. i think that's sketchy but if they're happy with it then go ahead

No. 1629283

that has nothing to do with being an incel. if you live in the GTA you get run over, it's pretty wild. people turn left and squish little old ladies all the time at crosswalks that are known to not give enough time. "the light changed dat mean i drive now ITS GREEN SO I STEP ON THE PEDAL" like even if they see someone old or sick or a child still finishing their crossing NOPE IT'S DRIVE TIME
the 401 doesn't even have a shoulder, the first time i went to america i was shocked at how safe the highways are.

No. 1629284

No, it has to do with a reddit about newfriends that was connected to 4chan, the joke being acting innocent while not being.

No. 1629285

i'd say josh is more a ragey asperger than a narcissist. he doesn't hate women in the "legalize rape" way that a lot of his site's posters do, just seems to have no ability to imagine that other people have brains inside their heads too.

No. 1629291

yep. i live in toronto and do a lot of drugs and generally retarded illegal shit but we fear nothing except a firearms charge.

No. 1629292

articles covering him on 3 canadian channels are the opposite of proof that he is notable
source: i'm canadian and we aren't a real country. our tv channels aren't real tv channels.

No. 1629294

that's so retarded. so he took a serious risk and took the consequences for an actual radical act - free knowledge/reasearch papers? i now respect him more than any troon
also, wife beaters, rapists, and child murderers get out of jail all the time but some baby nerd trying to give people free math textbooks gets 30 years in the rape dungeon? what a joke.

No. 1629295

keffals looks like a fat wil wheaton in a dirty wig

No. 1629296

>that have killed people
What is this crazy bitch talking about lol

No. 1629297

the terryberry thing is so fucked. a MAN killed her. not some website for making fun of fat people.

No. 1629298

keffail's build-a-clit looks like a hangnail

No. 1629299

Jesus fucking Christ this unchartered narcissism.

No. 1629300

Lucas Roberts

No. 1629302

Oh my god LOG OFF lol

No. 1629303

File: 1661744331141.png (337.55 KB, 500x532, 34C188B7-ACD5-47EE-B7F0-9696D1…)

this literal nothingburger thread gets pinned and right away the tranny schizo pedophile starts flooding it, wtf is going on

No. 1629304

Is this the Ellen who is famous online because of their cat? Does this mean they're a member of Keffal's online furry group? I fear for their cat now.

No. 1629316

It has over 600 replies in a day. And like kiwifarms or not, it's relevant as as a symbol of whether free speech can be undermined by a terminally online idiot and his hoard of cat boys. It's not exactly a "nothingburger" thread.

No. 1629329

File: 1661746256441.jpg (39.55 KB, 659x276, ofs.jpg)

No. 1629331

my god you kiwifags are clockable just through the autistic way you post. The reason this thread has "over 600 replies in one day" is because you worthless faggots are used to shitting out 300 variations of the same basic sentiment for le epic reddit medals, and are doing that here now too. Go suck yourselves off somewhere else, please.

No. 1629332

File: 1661746476495.jpg (86.07 KB, 660x453, verified.jpg)

No. 1629337

Wondering who's more egotistic, troons or kiwifags?

No. 1629339

creator of what

No. 1629342

Pfft, the supposed free speech haven wouldn't be at risk if it was actually just exercising free speech and you spergs could keep your unwashed hands to yourselves. You can deny the swatting allegations all you want and maybe even they're not true this time, but who the fuck is going to believe that given KF's track record? You mob don't a strategic self-preserving brain cell in those enormous box skulls at all.

Even KF's hatred of troons isn't as based as it should be. You can't tell me a bunch of scrotes who love invading lolcow and failing to integrate actually give a fuck about men poorly imitating women. If keffals is the after pic, literally any randomly selected kiwifag is the before.

The main reason to save kiwifarms is to sequester the retardation away like nuclear waste, and to make sure the twitter troon army doesn't become so powerful it can censor the rest of us. That doesn't mean that recapping every keffals tweet and null stream is thrilling and important grassroots journalism.

No. 1629343

Both are chronically online and male, so probably a tie

No. 1629355

ED still exists?

No. 1629357

>months of national media coverage

Months? I am sure I had not heard of Keffals before August.

No. 1629363

Sorry to shatter your fantasy here but he uses a voice changer.

No. 1629367

grooming victims

No. 1629371

File: 1661750451833.jpg (76.66 KB, 601x459, ukraine.jpg)

No. 1629377

Their appeals to ukranians are so tone deaf, i dont know if i should laugh or cry.

fart porn

No. 1629384

DIY bathtub HRT

No. 1629388

no!!!! i'm so disappointed. how lazy

No. 1629390

That's just insulting. As if they have time for this bullshit

No. 1629392

File: 1661751918217.jpg (94.9 KB, 599x559, domain.jpg)

No. 1629397

File: 1661752488398.jpg (100.13 KB, 598x458, detrans.jpg)

No. 1629398

>written permission

Is this still not illegal?

No. 1629399

File: 1661752567126.png (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 3224x2052, sorewhat.png)

No. 1629401

>I have a poosey
Now that you mention it you do have a shit filled stench hole as opposed to a real "pussy".

No. 1629408

This one really made me laugh. The absolute lack of self awareness as he says this while he has been posting Vordraks blogposts all week.

No. 1629409

File: 1661754578422.jpg (244.59 KB, 1080x938, IMG_20220829_081606.jpg)

Dropped pic somehow

No. 1629410

File: 1661754617618.jpg (200.15 KB, 1080x823, IMG_20220829_081453.jpg)

Also lmao at this

No. 1629411

File: 1661754995578.jpg (63.15 KB, 791x262, commie.jpg)

I wonder if the people on Twitter are protecting Keffals because they were a former member of the Canada Communist party

No. 1629412

God you are so fucking annoying. A lot of us use both Kiwifarms and lolcow. There are a shit ton of women on KF and if an incel gets lost in the tranny sideshow thread they are relentlessly shit on. This whole "girls clubhouse vs boys clubhouse" Drama is so childish, I have to assume you are like 13 years old if you think using a website is a gender exclusive thing.

No. 1629413

Obviously. Keffals has been breaking their rules on doxing and harassment all week long. Twitter staff are all commie trannies just like him.

No. 1629414

always wanted to ratio keffals

No. 1629418

So when will the dumbfuck suicide bait when this shit blows back up in his face?

No. 1629419

Seriously. There are some good threads on there amongst the retardation, just like there is here. I’ll take Jersh’s autism over a troon any fucking day. Especially someone as putrid as Lucas. A-logging should be permitted for him alone.

No. 1629420

small underground rings of whistleblowers have been busting and getting actual consequences for all of those degen groups for years before kf even came about. if anything their silence allowed them to do the job more effectively, infiltrating groups otherwise on high alert. kf isn’t the only way to bust zoos and pedos lol

No. 1629421

File: 1661757928762.jpg (274.44 KB, 1080x1020, IMG_20220829_092440.jpg)

When the site is back up someone should make an account named Clara Sorrenti to proof that Keffals has an account on the site. Apparently thats all the evidence needed to make someone a monster who deserves harassment.

No. 1629423

I’ve had so many death threats from leftist men on Twitter over the years and reporting them never did anything. Troons and men who seethe over women with opposing viewpoints always win on Twitter.(learn2sage)

No. 1629424

Same on reddit. Actual incels calling for women to be murdered don't get banned but I got banned from a pregnancy subreddit for saying "the word birthing people is dehumanizing". Men control everything and they fend for each other always.

No. 1629428

Like how a generation of disaffected, lonely men have been recruited into mutilating their genitals?

No. 1629432

They are the same people. If you ever go to 4chans /lgbt/ there are a ton of people simping for Keffals on there, as well as a ton more unironic nazi trannies who are way worse than anyone on Kiwifarms. They simp for Keffals in one thread and then go over to /pol/ to talk about the jews.

No. 1629439

lmao is he really suggesting KF is the only place that uses that pejorative? as an ex SA person i learned about it almost a decade ago and then when i peaked a couple years ago i only ever saw it used via terfy facebook groups

No. 1629440

at least the kiwifags wont make a crusade to shut down everything they dont like

No. 1629443

"I don't like it, kill it" always works out so well for the one saying it.

No. 1629449

I learned this the hard way. A lefty friend of mine and I went drinking and I let it slip about an assault I had from a troon that left me quite shaken about the gym. I trusted him in this moment and this dude who pays lip service to every lefty socialist shit in the book dead ass looked me in the face and did not empathise with me nor even offer just a 'I'm sorry this happened to you' - he straight up defended the troon and said maybe they were just socially awkward. Socially awkward.

My faith which was always shaky to begin with towards men dropped out. They will defend perverts over women. Every. Single. Time.

No. 1629450

Same.. Just shut up already, we get it. If you can't see the value of dozens of pedophiles tracked and archived, or the zoophiles, or the other fucking degenerates. Where its easier and easier for some to scrap their degeneracy. Or don't understand the bigger picture issue happening here and as if lolcow or other places could even hope to withstand the same.. And its not freedom of speech that's being attacked here, criminally? You're deluded. Just the damming collection that is the srs/grs thread. Take your turf war/ kf is full of moids bs and shove it. Its the fucking point of free speech. You get to spout your bullshit, they get to say theirs too even if you don't like it.

No. 1629455

>Him and Josh are alike, except despite all Josh's flaws he comes across a lot more likeable and lucid
When will the cap end

No. 1629456

>They are the same people. If you ever go to 4chans /lgbt/ there are a ton of people simping for Keffals on there, as well as a ton more unironic nazi trannies who are way worse than anyone on Kiwifarms. They simp for Keffals in one thread and then go over to /pol/ to talk about the jews.
I know I'll probably get banned for this, but this isn't the case. You're right that unfortunately /lgbt/ and every other 4chan board has a ton of Nazis, and /lgbt/ does have many trans Nazis. Those people are obviously completely sick in the head. However, the Nazis on that board are either exclusively on the pro-KF/anti-Keffals side or otherwise just hate both. Some of the people attacking Keffals and/or defending KF on /lgbt/ are trans, and most of them give off strong far-right vibes, while the ones defending her all give off pretty obvious left-wing, progressive vibes. So, yeah, there are a disgusting number of far-right trans people there, but they all hate Keffals for political and other reasons, and those people are deeply detested by the rest of the board that thankfully isn't poisoned by /pol/. The people who talk about Jews there are much more similar to the people who talk about Jews on KF, and in some cases they use KF themselves while thinking of themselves as "one of the good trannies". (Not saying most KF posters are Nazis, but there are a lot of openly self-identifying "National Socialists" on KF who talk about Jews and ZOG all the time, and many others who aren't exactly Nazis but who won't ever hesitate to bring up the fact that some cow is Jewish and that they wield special power or whatever.)

No. 1629458

No. 1629463

Count the amount of moids coping about freezer peaches and then getting mad there's a website for women to gossip. The Y chromosome in a nutshell

No. 1629465

Nonnie I'm not being funny but I fully expect one of the troons do something insane like that if this goes on long enough. Mentally unstable men are capable of anything when they want to use violence to get their way. I don't think Keffals himself would do it but one of his fans might. He keeps throwing words like "murder" and "genocide" around so it's not entirely outside the realm of possibility for one of these retards to delude themselves into taking drastic measures

No. 1629468

Did you just make up a guy to get mad at?

No. 1629469

The "left-wing" people on 4chan can't be that left-wing if they are entirely comfortable sharing a space with nazis. You're honestly full of shit. All those 4chan moids don't give a fuck about any left-wing politics other than they should be allowed to give hormones to children and taxpayers should be funding their fetish. They are still racist and misogynistic.

No. 1629470

The only ones mad at this site are the trannies, you're honestly a schizo if you think that there is some secret war being waged between KF and lolcow.

No. 1629471

How the fuck can you be famous for your cat? Her cat looks like shit as well, id not even pet it.

No. 1629472

Honestly starting to think this whole "nooo.. don't get mad at trannies, KF is actually much worse! THEY are the ones who want to overtake and destroy you!" is coming from the fucking troons lurking here. They already outed themselves on twitter when tweeting at Keffals that this place should be next. Now they are trying to start infighting between their "enemies".

No. 1629473

This fucker is in Belfast? Right strap in he's going to start claiming the IRA were paid by kiwifarms to get him when he starts losing victim points

Ayrt. I can't wrap my head around how he hasn't been cannibalized by his own ilk. Usually all it takes is one step out of line for his crowd to start using someone as an example of the dangerous white queerness that they claim is plaguing the LGBT. Let alone a whole list. Whoever Taj is (the black troon in question) is defending KF and tbh he could just weaponize his oppression points to overpower Keffals in an argument like this

No. 1629474

>if this goes on long enough
It's in Keffals' interest to prolong this as much as possible as it's giving him donation cash and promotes his name

No. 1629477

Take your sga meds there's no tyranny posting conspiracy, lc users just legitimately don't care about drama between two gay men and are more concerned about kiwis migrating here to shit up the boards

No. 1629479


No. 1629484

Yeah but it's the nature of the internet for people to lose interest and move on. Hell, even people who went nuts for the Ukraine invasion only cared for about 5 days. Keffals is already pushing the envelope at almost a week at this. I give it another 2 weeks before people get bored and move on to some other tranny terror. All it takes is a big news story or something and Keffals will be left with about 1/3 of his active support

No. 1629486

That's not what anon was referring to, there were people claiming Null wants to steal lolocows userbase etc, and how they're this big enemy which seems obvious trannies.
But yeah hope kiwis fuck off soon.

No. 1629487

Trannys are here to offer us a tampon and some womanly advice.

No. 1629496

we had multiple raids multiple times from tranny discords posting gore and cp. They hate this place's existence. Women can never be left alone

No. 1629500

It’s so retarded and disgusting that they’re trying to radicalize Ukrainians as their personal army. The deluuusion.

No. 1629501

>uses the suffering and trauma of little children and disrespects bodies of dead people to own the TERFs
>think they are the good people
Right side of story my ass

No. 1629502

Except this website is gender exclusive. That is what makes it lolcow. We would not be here if we were forced to interact with these useless tards anymore than we have to—they love to spam gore and cp here btw

No. 1629505

It is them. They want to get rid of all proof. See how Lucas immediately started lying about everything he did as soon as KF went down.

No. 1629507

It’s the XY entitlement, troons like all men identify as right and good therefore all the evil they commit to achieve a selfish desire should be forgiven and isn’t bad.

No. 1629508

Only males tell females to take meds. It’s some weird impulse and it’s weird, because don’t you trannies eventually need progesterone to even get hard?

No. 1629509

Go dilate you fucking xy faggot

No. 1629519

IDK, there are a lot of people who have been wanting to see KF go down for years. He may be able to maintain interest for a while longer. We’ll see.

No. 1629521

File: 1661772061335.jpg (43.58 KB, 607x312, sick1.JPG)

No. 1629522

File: 1661772084942.jpg (31.11 KB, 631x272, sick2.JPG)

No. 1629523

The 100kb splash page they have now will never go down, though. Inherent design of the internet means keffels is fucked.

No. 1629526

lol he is such a wimp
keffals interrail arc incoming. will he go to ukraine to destroy the servers himself? will he and null have their final battle in the serbian wilderness?

No. 1629527

Can you imagine what this guy's life must be like. Constantly online every second of the day. If the internet went down for a long period of time, what would he even do? Does he have interests/hobbies outside of grooming children? Would he just stare at a wall? It sounds like such a depressing existence, I'd almost feel sorry for him if he weren't such a nonce.

No. 1629529

I didn’t even see that until now, I kept getting an error while trying to access KF. He must be seething.

No. 1629530

So the new big part of the masterplan is to be interviewed by vice? lmfao. Who gives a shit?

No. 1629536

So much illiteracy. Yes yes censorship bad, keffals bad, free speech under threat. These things can be true at the same time as pointing out all the things about KF's board culture that went beyond protected speech, that have played right into the hands of the twitter mob, and which then will be a liability for lolcow if it ends up as a kiwifarms refugee camp.

No. 1629538

>therefore all the evil they commit to achieve a selfish desire should be forgiven and isn’t bad.
Applicable to several gay men I know thank you for wording it the way I couldn’t quite

No. 1629541

Don't forget the splash page also links to an almost complete archive of the entire Keffals thread!

No. 1629542

>all the things about KF's board culture that went beyond protected speech
Like what? Messing with cows irl is against the rules and users get banned for it. Sorry, deadnaming your friends still falls under protected speech.

No. 1629545

Can't wait for Shawn to do a 2 hour 5 word-a-minute scouse monologue on the problematic ideology of keffals.

No. 1629546

Do they had a thread about you then? :^)(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1629547

You can't expect unemployed high school drop outs to have basic reading comprehension my friend

No. 1629548

>Messing with cows irl is against the rules
Oh against the rules you say? Well then my mistake then, good sir.

No. 1629549

Before KF went down there was speculation he (keffals) would be going to Blaenau Gwent in Wales after Ireland, to stay with one of his troon discord mods his mods lives.

No. 1629550

Yes, obviously this is the only and most likely explanation for not wanting to uncritically ride null's dick and worship KF as a "shining symbol of free speech".

No. 1629551

Seething schizo kiwifags kek

No. 1629552

File: 1661775050378.png (149.18 KB, 284x541, Screenshot 2022-08-29 at 08-11…)

The fat fuck on the left isn't Keffals. It's @letsgetbritt.

No. 1629553

So glad there aren't any cowtippers on lolcow then… Only over on kf, right?

No. 1629554

Ayrt, I know. I meant to tag >>1628694

No. 1629555

Yeah sure, that's definitely what I'm saying. You cracked the case.

No. 1629557

Ayrt, forgot the /s, this thread is missing some humor apparently

No. 1629558

Almost? What’s missing?

No. 1629561


I am so fucking sorry you had to go through something like that Nonnie, and then had to sit through someone to defend it. I hope this lefty friend isn't a friend anymore after bullshit like that.

No. 1629562

So you don't have an example then? Yeah that's what I thought.

No. 1629564

File: 1661776223628.jpg (377.92 KB, 1080x1722, Screenshot_20220829.jpg)

The average KF user

No. 1629566

File: 1661776797884.jpg (93.96 KB, 614x960, FHNKuBnUcAIy4hx.jpg)

No. 1629569

Did you read the post? Op is a loser who admitted he needs therapy.

No. 1629571

File: 1661777545718.png (2.16 MB, 1000x1571, the_recipe.png)

No. 1629584

So true. Women are held to completely different standards. A moid can have and post cp, can talk nonstop about how much he wants to rape someone (and actually do it), ditto for killing, yet god fucking forbid a woman even MENTION being uncomfortable with something a male does or she deserves to be burned at the stake. The double standards for this shit are beyond fucked.

No. 1629586

Julie Terryberry's abusive boyfriend was/is a tranny/autogynephile, right ?
His nickname was "Mistress Something" and there were pics of him wearing women clothes floating around, if my memory serves me well.

No. 1629599

I am honestly reporting every tranny account on Twitter, who supports taking KiwiFarms down. Twitter takes tweets down, when a lot of people report them, so please report it (from your non-main account too). Especially Keffals. Also, do we have a back up plan for when/if the trannies will attack Lolcow? We don't have an autistic owner like Null, so it would be hard to communicate during a possible attack

No. 1629606

The absolute fucking state of communism.

No. 1629609

they're not gonna attack this site, if they aren't gonna attack ovarit.

No. 1629610

>"average KF user"
>screenshot from…reddit
>reddit user account created yesterday just to post that
keffals simp detected

No. 1629611

Your memory is not wrong.

No. 1629618

Don’t forget the implication that KF is a hate site instead of an overwhelmingly moid gossip forum.

No. 1629625

wtf?? so all of these 3 suicides were caused by trannies again??

No. 1629628

nonny get a hobby. you can't contain their screeching with reporting jesus

No. 1629634

NTA but that would be nice if all the farmers reported keffals tweets for harassement and sharing private informations, maybe he can get sussed definetly and loose some support(nypa)

No. 1629635

I think my biggest gripe with this issue is the fact that Kiwifarms is treated like a hivemind as if there arent vastly different populations of posters on the site. Like you got vtubers and tradcath larpers, hapa nazis and TERFs and 40 year old Karens that just want to talk about Chantal being fat. Everyone is allowed their space and most of these groups dont intersect much. If one user of the site doxes someone why is it blamed on the entire site? Nobody says Facebook users are all terrorists cause Brandon Terrent streamed his mass shooting there. Nobody says all twitter users are pedophiles because there is a huge community of loli and real cp posters on there. Nobody says all youtube users are monkey sadists because there are monkey torture videos on there. Why should KF not be afforded the same protection from consequences of the actions of one or several single users as the rest of the internet? It's so stupid.

No. 1629638

To answer my own question, I know it's because trannies need to spin this narrative in order to censor people who make fun of them, but still it seems a very prevalent thought even on here.

No. 1629646

I had a bizarre idea. IF the troons do turn their sites on lolcow, and IF they manage to sink us, would it be a bad idea to migrate to Mumsnet?

No. 1629651

You're right on point with this, there's plenty of these exact same ppl and much worse on twatter too, but kiwifarms (most likely us soon) are just easy targets and because the chans/farms are the last place on the internet you can call troons for what they are. Idk why they (troons) even pretend to care about muh far right booge>>1629635
yman and nahzeees!! Because i've seen much more far right crap on twatter and fagbook than I have on kiwifarms. I just want to laugh at fatties and trannies in peace kek

No. 1629654

users like you are cancer, if you think you could fit in on mumsnet you're only here for radfem and tranny sperging vs the actual point of this board which is gossiping about cows, i wish you would go to mumsnet

No. 1629657

its kinda transphobic that the ukranians are focusing on fighting a "invasion" taking place on their soil rather than assisting poor trans people like keffals who are facing real oppression online

No. 1629658

is it over kiwis?

No. 1629661

I'd resign to facebook at that point kek

No. 1629663

I tried going on mumsnet once but everyone on there is british. Gross.

No. 1629666

Do they talk about their 2D husbandos there?

No. 1629669

They call sex "babydancing".

No. 1629672

File: 1661788464284.jpg (59.79 KB, 460x1011, 9tzOVcsjNF2oUn2TWID8PaemRGwqa7…)

No. 1629673

File: 1661788490268.jpg (119.73 KB, 720x515, 20220829_171245.jpg)

Metokur's monthly round up stream is going to be interesting

No. 1629676

Ayrt. I've never been on Mumsnet and I've only used cow threads here. I'm suggesting Mumsnet because the Twitter troons are suggesting lolcow and crystal cafe as their next targets rather than Mumsnet, you fag

No. 1629680

so you want to shit up a board about motherhood with COW THREADS? or MOID MOID MOID SCROTE TRANNY REEEEEEEE shit because it's probably gonna be the latter

No. 1629682

Why are they talking about targeting cc? It’s slow as hell and I thought it had a reputation for being used by them too.

No. 1629683

No. Again they have threads about entertainment and celebrity gossip on mumsnet occasionally. Some of us know how to behave like a normie and gossip without bein retards kek. We just make our own "internet celeb" threads to cover cows

No. 1629685

Because it allows radfem and troon threads + anons here on lolcow always say it's a possibly migration option if lolcow sinks so they're trying to take it out and take our options

No. 1629687

a better site for that would be tattlelife

No. 1629688

>Some of us know how to behave like a normie
If I wanted to act like a normie, I'd go interact with people irl

No. 1629689

if all you want to do is post about radfem stuff I think Ovarit is probably a better choice than mumsmet.

No. 1629703

Not trying to agree with troons here but yeah they are obsessed with Jews (even just Jewish last names) and they do the same to black people as well. KF has a ton of unironic racists/anti-semites and if you want to be blackpilled about the users on there I suggest looking at their replies to the Buffalo shooting thread. I didn't watch the video but their lighthearted and mocking [racist] comments about the people being killed were enough to make me disgusted.
Personally I don't like KF but I don't want their polfaggotry here so I'd rather them have their shitty site to leave ours alone. Every time their site gets targeted or moids get banned from there, they immediately come here and start shitting up threads like the autists that they are.

No. 1629707

Just don't go into the Articles and Happenings board. It's like a containment zone for supreme autism. The rest of the site is not like that.

No. 1629711

File: 1661791675273.jpg (209.13 KB, 1080x1056, IMG_20220829_184849.jpg)

He finally got his mark of the beast. Now he never has to fear being banned ever again since twitter just completely ignores reports of blue checkmarks.

No. 1629715

File: 1661791851205.jpeg (136.05 KB, 720x626, BB0A88DA-34F7-409F-8107-246A83…)

No. 1629716

Men get everything they want, especially if they put on a dress and tantrum hard enough.

No. 1629717

He finally gets his check mark when he's proudly displaying a targeted harassment campaign. Never change Twitter.

No. 1629718

The only way to safe Kiwifarms is for Null to put on a dress as well.

No. 1629720

File: 1661792349909.jpg (35.76 KB, 600x450, livejournal.jpg)

honestly not even joking, but maybe LiveJournal as a temporary solution if both LC and KF go down?

It's probably sizable enough to withstand attacks and I don't think troons will have the kind of sway like they have on twitter, reddit, facebook, tumblr, literally everywhere else. The platform is Russian owned now.
A bit of a clunky interface by today's standards, but it's does have community options and wouldn't involve infiltrating another forum like mumsnet.

Haven't used LJ since like 2005 so I have no idea if this is truly a viable option, might be worth exploring at least though.

No. 1629726

File: 1661792817165.png (44.99 KB, 1200x407, Wattpad_logo.png)

Alright Nonnies, if LC and KF go down we can regroup in the Harry x Reader fanfic comment sections. If the aidens ambush us near the Johnlock fics the surviving nonnies are to get to the Larry shipper fics by any means necessary. God bless you all

No. 1629728


NGL I've been wishing for an Efagz revival for 10 years

No. 1629729

maybe that's what is doing tonight, anouncing is transition


No. 1629730

Isn't dreamwidth better though? I'm like you, it's been a very long time ago since I used both so I'm not sure if that's a good or bad idea.

No. 1629731

The Keffals/Kiwi Farms internet slap fight milk is delicious. I love watching 2 retarded grown men fight.

No. 1629732

File: 1661793076660.jpeg (510.86 KB, 828x1426, 7508D21D-CEA6-46DF-B3C2-EA95A4…)

Josh has announced something for tonight

No. 1629733

Lol this is a good idea actually. TiMs hate going anywhere near things women actually like, like yaoi fanfics. Need the fujos here to get on coming up with a code we can use to communicate to one another through fics and husbando images.

No. 1629740

Not true, i remember there was this dude who had a big platform on tiktok for making shitty cryptic videos & he’s a huge TRA. couple months ago he sent his crew to doxx a girl who was making fun of Dylan Mulvaney and everyone reported his tweet and got suspended, he had the blue checkmark tho. So yeah i don’t think he can’t be suspended anymore

No. 1629742

Ethan Ralph is a literal white supremacist who streams on Nick Fuentes website for Nazis and he regularly doxes and harasses people (mostly women) with his blue checkmark account. He has had it for years. They legit treat reports of blue checkmarks different.

No. 1629745

Josh's mom is kinda hot and also a shotgun toting Floridian redneck. Might become his stepdad later.(male)

No. 1629747

If you want our help, you're going to have to stop screeching about how we're all pornsick TIFs.

No. 1629749

"Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them"

If you ever need proof that TIMs are still men just look at how they always compare being called out for their embarrassing behavior to violence.

Keffals has declared war because he's been humiliated by his own archived words and actions and his lot has convinced almost an entire political spectrum that denying them anything they desire from women is akin to murder.

All this to say, Troons; It really doesn't matter how many forums you close, how many lies you tell, how often you belittle the actual violence and SA women face by comparing it to your feelings when someone reminds you of the name and gender you were born with or how tightly you control the online narrative; every single time a real woman sees you she's laughing at you, and if she's nice to you it's only because she's under threat (of actual physical from you, or some kind of retaliation that may get her fired from her job which seems to be a favourite of yours) to do so.
We all know you're men in dresses and we're all laughing at you, if we're not gagging at the stench of your eternally festering crotch wound.

No. 1629752

File: 1661794393138.png (578.58 KB, 1080x750, keffals.png)

Its just getting started tbh

No. 1629757

Famous enough to get a book about the fucking cat published

No. 1629765

What a smart idea, have a film crew record the DDOSing and attempted doxxing of KF users
Actually illegal things. Unlike anything posted on KF.

No. 1629775

File: 1661795766271.png (30.51 KB, 418x235, physically unperson.png)

Assuming this is not someone pretending to be him (and spending $100 on gayopping) this is, uh, not a good look.

No. 1629782

File: 1661795927926.jpg (65 KB, 748x655, 745556099a4c10a4eb89b088eb343f…)

Speaking of Ethan Ralph, he's tried repeatedly to reach out to Keffals to take down their shared enemy Joshua Connor Moon, so he is getting even more mercilessly memed on that usual. You love to see it.

No. 1629787

Kicking and screaming and launching a melodramatic campaign against a wayward gossip forum for closeted males using lies because you’re shaking with rage over not getting your way is like megaminds life story

No. 1629789

ayrt, couldn't find any data on how many active users are on either, but traffic stat sites (if they're reliable) suggests LJ gets significantly more monthly traffic.
I like the idea of using DW more since it's mostly run by women, but equally dislike that it means troons would be so much more vicious to them if DW were to refuse to take down content.

No. 1629797

Ayrt. Initially this was a joke but after I posted it I realised it would be easy to mask a thread as a fanfic. The OP would be the fic part and the comment section would be the actual thread kek. I know it's stupid but I can dream

No. 1629798

Why would Null give Jim $100? I only know one person with a lot of money to spare who has an interest in making Null look bad.

No. 1629802

Regardless be prepared for Keffals to tweet this, if he already hasn't. He's obessed with josh.

No. 1629803

Already posted
But true, he hates real women hes probably got even more fucked up fetishes about them

No. 1629805

Is MM streaming right now? If so where? Where is this post made? is it youtube? Sorry i'm retarded"

No. 1629807

This is a good idea, as funny or ironic as it may sound now. We'd just do OP thread text as usual and the rest just in comments (not sure if you can upload pics in comments however). how do we find each other though? heck i hope nothing happens to LC cause we're not organized/decided enough on destination we'd move to yet

oldschool Livejournal would be good except it got pretty annoying every since Russians bought it, all russian ads and text & whatnot.

No. 1629808

Thats if he does it all, previously he hasnt but I hope he does, theres a lot of ground to cover.

No. 1629810

File: 1661797273950.png (287.88 KB, 873x653, inceffels.png)

Incel to troon pipeline is pretty embodied in him

No. 1629814

come on, there’s ridiculous levels of doxxing on KF
somebody was on a wild dox campaign against everyone in Nader Elshamy’s chat last week
always Team KF in KF vs Keffals, but to pretend KF doesn’t dox relentlessly is absurd

No. 1629815

As a long time kiwi farmer, this is all accurate. People originally started joking about the "body count" because it was so ludicrous no one expected anybody to really believe it except Twitter retards. Now the mainstream media are unironically reporting about "kiwi farms suicides" despite the fact one wasn't even a suicide or death at all. Shit's fucked. I already hated the media, but it's still appalling to see it happening.

No. 1629820

i'll miss the rods' thread and its resident down-home folksy LARPer idiot if the site gets fucked more permanently. watching keffals try to claim that a grubhub order was proof of him being hunted down by the KF illuminati was pretty fucking funny.

No. 1629825

Do you think this will peak anyone or will people consider him an outlier/not the typical troon (even though he is)?

No. 1629826

looks like youtube iirc

No. 1629829

This. And how many of them still hold onto "muh alt right views" just under the guise of "twans rights" or "tee hee I was a nazi till I transitioned". I hope this shit dies down like near's suicide bullshit, and keffal's grift hits a nosedive. All people want is a place to laugh at internet weirdos but noooo. 1 fucking swatter had to ruin it for everyone.

No. 1629830

Idk if it's even fair to call it doxing when it's just terminally online people oversharing their personal lives with identifiable information

Josh wouldn't have $100 to superchat anyone, gayop

No. 1629836

KF is important for this site the same way Jupiter is important for the survival of Earth.

No. 1629837

The beauty parlor was nice, I hope we don't lose it. Was the LARPer someone with a cowboy avatar? Because they were funny.

No. 1629839

yes, that's the one! i'm glad someone else enjoyed the obvious larp. i liked the BP threads that didn't have discussions here.

No. 1629841

if aliens blew up jupiter i'd be a little concerned about earth

No. 1629844

thank you lol. I have no idea if pictures can be added to comments. It'd definitely be a different dynamic than here as far as discussions go, but at least it would be someplace to congregate.
As far as finding one another, I imagine a lolcow tag (if they have tags) or whatever else can be searched would suffice for finding it. Otherwise agreed, I hope nothing happens to LC. Just on principle I want it to survive, I'm so so so tired of troons ruining every space.

ironically, oldschool LJ might have had the same problems as every other platform if it wasn't Russian owned now. It was as much if not more a troon haven than somethingawful was. SA was where most of this crap spawned from in the first place

No. 1629845

Keffals: They started saying wild shit like that I owned a Catboy ranch and made fart porn and it was so outrageous we turned into into a joke and said "yep, we do those things!"
God, the alt right/TERFS/Nazis can't take a joke.

Kiwi Farms: They started saying wild shit like that we had a body count and were all nazis and it was so outrageous we turned into into a joke and said "yep, we do those things!"
God, the pedo troons can't take a joke.

No. 1629846

I only started reading the Keffals thread because of all this. Like, on paper he's just your normal scrote. A slob, failure to thrive, sex pest, allegedly raped a dog, etc. Not that interesting because that describes a lot of scotes and pretty much every single troon thread.

But the grubhub order and the "Fake…Farts" review on his nasty porn were top kek

"Someone hacked my grubhub and maliciously ordered all this food!!! Donate to my paypal!" Moving on from fake farts to fake feederism?

No. 1629849

His name isn't Josh on YT and Jim is streaming on Wednesday.

No. 1629850

Obvious gay op. Null said in the stream with Rekieta that he didn't have anything against Metokur.
I'm sure someone did the reverse a few months ago, and pretended to be Keffals while donating to someone's stream with a fucked up message. I might be thinking of a different cow though.

No. 1629851

Except for the things about Keffals there is a detailed write up with archives of all of his tweets that proof every single claim, while there is no proof for anything he is saying about Kiwifarms.

No. 1629852

I agree. I had never heard of him until maybe last month when people started joking about his “ratio” thing. He could have just stopped and faded into obscurity but as we’ve seen he appears to be incredibly narcissistic. Like many cows, he thrives on attention, even if it’s negative. I wonder what his next goal would be if KF did get taken down for good. This has all caused a huge circus but what would get him so much infamy after that? His five minutes can’t last forever. They never do.

No. 1629854

Sorry Jupiter is like a cosmic bodyguard and absorbs much of the dangerous bullshit flying around our solar system.. some say life wouldn't have gotten the chance to evolve here without Jupiter. heh okay need to turn off the science videos now

No. 1629856

no that was just a stupid metaphor

part of what led to all this was lucas going "come at me" and "i have nothing to hide" at first. like thats not something you should say if you have bad findom rp posted?!

No. 1629860

File: 1661799046108.jpeg (531.67 KB, 2048x1781, 06A64025-BCD5-4C96-A7CE-A8E5F4…)

A lot of Keffals followers are degenerate pedos. I encourage anons/kiwis to make infographics of other followers.

No. 1629861

File: 1661799068748.jpeg (111.11 KB, 1878x684, 84DA3DB7-5BEE-4EBB-B286-B27B05…)

Samefag (pt 2)

No. 1629862

I'm missing the tard baby, stephanie cianfriglia, jill Rodrigues and fatgirl general threads so much..

No. 1629863

no, what will really peak most people is how kids are being targeted. This is why reddit and twitter banned the word groomer, because stuff about troons giving out hrt and all that was starting to get out

there are a lot of idiotic but well meaning parents who think they are doing the right thing for their kids because it's medical professionals who are telling them that their kids will kill themselves if they don't get "gender affirming" care.
no parent who loves their child, even the dumb ones, are cool with absolute strangers giving drugs to their kids or getting them involved with fetishes, both of which keffals is doing.

No. 1629865

Also kf: post the christchurch mosque shooting because le epic freeze peach. But it's just a joke, bruh. Why don't people get that boo hoo.
Why are kiwis so autistic.

(Also 'free speech' is purely an American concept. The rest of the world is civilised enough to have basic rules around what should and should not be protected. For the turbo autists bleating about muh bastion, it's just a hugbox.)

No. 1629866

Oh fuck just watching this and josh is reviewing keffals "domme" streams, one where that cap comes from (he brandishes it saying hes gonna kill you) then his "fart throne" video where apparently hes filming from the inside of the toilet his asshole and farts (thankfully not shown on screen but the audio is enough). Never knew this troon had this much cringy shit going on hes on par with chris chan in amount of milk and his findom shit makes Katherine McMahon look like dita von teese. My sides are in orbit ty anon!

No. 1629877

oops lol no i didn't get it, my bad
going to be absolutely crushed if i lose the tard baby and staph threads

No. 1629878

The laws in the rest of the world don't matter for an american wenbsite. It's illegal to be a faggot in Brunei and yet here you are.

No. 1629882

The videos of "Queen Clara" Are in his thread and the OP has written some detailed funny reviews of them that are worth reading. If the site ever comes back up..

No. 1629884

Kelly Lenza
Jude (Mermaid Queen)
and my guilty pleasure, the Munchies thread

No. 1629885

The thread is archived from the KF holder page

No. 1629886


if you see no issue with american freeze peach being de-pitted because a canadian troon who peddles bathtub hrt to children cried about it a lot, then you are terminally short sighted

No. 1629891

For me it’s the Chantal thread. It’s a shame that she never really caught an audience here

No. 1629899

Yes but you can't open the privacy tags on the archive page.

No. 1629904

File: 1661800879993.png (146.74 KB, 598x520, keffals attacking detransition…)

I'm getting unreasonably frustrated seeing Keffals blatantly lie to his followers. It's really impressive how some ween hasn't gone in and just kept reposting the Queen Clara fart porn video over and over again. I guess nobody wanted it downloaded to their hard drive. Keffals followers just blatantly accept "alternative facts" and are completely fine with him lying about multiple things at once.

No. 1629916

Nothing here is a lie and yeah, thats why I hate Keffals the most. He LIES so much, like it's crazy. Go agaisnt Kiwifarms for being troonsphobic TRUE, whatever. But everything in that tweet IS fucking true and has proof in it. Thats why he's never going to sue anyone unless something really crazy happens. He doesn't want to, he knows he can say what he wants and have the bots/troons/people with threads eat it up. Nobody cares about YOU Keffals. He isn't the person they like, they like that something they don't like may not be able to exist in the way it's once was.
Keffals is just the retarded spokesperson. I legit feel like Kiwi's care more about Josh as a person, then these random troons care about Keffals as a person. Josh's fat ass ass has more legit fans then Keffals does.

No. 1629920

Fuck trannies they deserve all the transphobia they get.

No. 1629927

Beg to differ. Most of the boards are like that, it's the site culture. Calling people edgy slurs and defending it as free speech attracts the worst crowd don't be surprised when people try to take you down as a consequence.

No. 1629929

I miss the consoomer thread so much.

No. 1629931

This is the only valid opinion in this entire cope thread

No. 1629936

File: 1661802222094.jpg (9.23 KB, 263x191, 2 retards.jpg)

A summary.

No. 1629938

we need to expose more of these losers

No. 1629943

File: 1661802427518.jpeg (212.96 KB, 876x862, 00B1C3E8-F1C5-45F5-9B53-2E03C5…)

People need to spread proof like this or >>1629399 just compile screenshots from the KF thread which has most things https://archive.ph/bT5sH

No. 1629963

>petite tgirl
isn't he 6ft tall? lmao

No. 1629971

My favorite threads were Shirtbusters/Enrique Toro (I love art cows), Alyssa Frauens/kindness, and Chibi. And Chibi had just started being milky again…

No. 1629972

File: 1661803170833.jpg (36.76 KB, 680x459, freak keffals moment.jpg)

I'm considering it when I have free time. I just have to gather the archives in case the retards claim that every image is doctored, just like they did with img related. https://archive.ph/KVXSq
Unfortunately, his bot-brained followers are dumber than rocks and will do anything to protect their parasocial relationship with the pedo.

No. 1629973

what a thrill…

No. 1629986

Those weird tiktok videos of pink shit and disney adults was like a window into another world.

No. 1629988

OMG I would kill for a Kate Farms Shill writeup to read about now.

Everyone is right that the regular Farms brought out the worst, "I was only pretending to be retarded!" posters, but the Beauty Parlor was more pleasant. I was always an Animal Control poster, but the BP was a second favorite.

No. 1629995

his stream is at 5 EST I believe. that Josh thing if it's not fake I'm not sure where it was made (maybe in the pre-stream?)

No. 1630000

>Unfortunately, his bot-brained followers are dumber than rocks and will do anything to protect their parasocial relationship with the pedo.
They are hopeless and probably just as bad as him, but anyone lurking these convos could still see the light, so it's worth trying

No. 1630001

File: 1661804084401.jpg (26.12 KB, 315x466, JoshMoonVsThisMonthsVendettaTr…)

Has KF ever triggered a TIF into going full retard like this or is it always TIMs?

No. 1630002

especially with all the infighting amongst 42k\weeb moids kek

No. 1630003

I only ventured into AC for the munchie crossover lolcow who faked her own death. I can't remember details. Furries freak me out so much I can't even read posts making fun of them without feeling unwell.

No. 1630009

It led to a few meltdowns but none that had this much traction, no. Josh himself is surprisingly "considerate" of TIFs saying that they're mostly sad women who hate being female and he finds that too sad to cover and follow. The TIMs are the loonies and get the most traction.

No. 1630010

interesting how the troon in belfast that people suspect keffals is staying with has also been saying he has a "tummy flu" ever since around when Keffals would arrive.

No. 1630015

nah, some cunt in the Chantal and Nader threads is using skip tracing databases for the channel members, not just the publicly available sites like whitepages or whatever
to me, that would be crossing a line even for a cow, but doing it for random paypigs is just nuts
but as always every site has bizarre hyper aggressive assholes

No. 1630018

Eh, kiwis are no saints, but if they were pro-trans, they'd be allowed to be racist and antisemitic and everything else to their hearts' content.

No. 1630025

there's still active communities on livejournal. i still go on the "oh no they didn't!" LJ every once in a while (https://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com) for my celebrity gossip. if they post big enough news the comment sections can go to 300+ comments. you could easily make a community like them for e-celeb gossip. i personally don't really find LJ clunky to navigate and it is better than nothing.

No. 1630029

if only underage or impoverished troons who are suffering bullying could just move to europe and take a tour of various countries to run away from their problems.

keffals is privledged as fuck.

No. 1630031

File: 1661805330976.gif (230.92 KB, 1000x1000, burgers-keffals-3.gif)

Lmao he put an updated version of that stupid little icon in his banner picture

No. 1630035

that bird thing is so cutr

No. 1630041

I don't think Kiwifarms is coming back. There is no alternative to Cloudflare in the United States and Cloudflare itself is basically the internet equivalent of a mafia racket where they offer "protection" in exchange for regular payment and then don't actually do anything. Null's only real option is something decentralized but that's going to collapse as well the moment people realize A) you need to cache those sorts of P2P "darknet" sites and B) troons have a personal stash of CP anyway, so all they have to do is dump it and they'll scare away every Kiwi trying to use Null's latest service. I don't know what he was thinking pissing off both halves of the partisan political lawlsphere. He probably wasn't thinking at all because Null is historically a stupid nigger.(moid bait)

No. 1630045

Man, the kiwispeak in this thread, it was to be expected but still.

No. 1630051

Null was pinkpilled by this website, I listen to the Livestreams and it was pretty obvious he lurked but didn't
mentioned LC.
That might be too far but I feel no emapthy for idiots giving money tho that stabber bitch.

No. 1630052

The migration has started leaking into other threads and it’s making me nauseous.

No. 1630054

>Null was pinkpilled by this website
Null hates the troons for his own reasons (they have been fucking with him for years) and because he knows it will get him clout in certain sectors. Thinking he is some kind of feminist is absolutely deluded. He still is a woman-hating incel.

No. 1630055

They arent kicked off Cloudflare retard

No. 1630062

Null has some regressive opinions about women but he doesn't actually hate them, at all.

No. 1630063

File: 1661806672129.jpg (9.99 KB, 297x169, 1658653953208.jpg)

>Null was pinkpilled by this website

No. 1630065

Yeah, their problem is not Cloudflare. The problem is that various trannys at various lower-level infrastructure providers are blocking the traffic between Josh's datacenter and Cloudflare, not to get too technical. It is not an insurmountable problem, but it will be a pain in the ass. The result may be a slower and more difficult-to-use site. There are Cloudflare alternatives less well-known and prominent. Pirate Bay, Daily Stormer, and 8chan are still running even if in diminished form. Higher barriers to entry might actually benefit KF. Things will be fine. Josh is raking in plenty of donos, this whole thing is probably very lucrative for him. Too many Chicken littles about this.

No. 1630066

I admit I listen to his podcast weekly, he doesn't seem to hate women at all. He regularly gets shit on by the incels in his audience for defending women too much however. Do you have any examples that aren't 10 years old?

No. 1630067

Who is “null” and why is he getting pinkpilled

No. 1630070

The issue is literally explained on the error page, are you all unable to read? He is getting DDOSed which caused his upstream provider to blackhole the site as to not affect other customers.

No. 1630074

you have written some of the funniest words here

No. 1630076

How are you in a KF threads, but don't know who Null is? Are you new to the internet?

No. 1630079

> I admit I listen to his podcast weekly, he doesn't seem to hate women at all.
Your problem is that you, like many of his simps, are judging him from his podcast where he puts his best foot forward. On the forum he can be quite different depending on what kind of day he is having, lol. He knows that he has a female audience and does try to cater to us. But even in doing so he shows his attitude towards women and it is shitty.
> He is getting DDOSed which caused his upstream provider to blackhole the site as to not affect other customers.
There's more to it than that. The site has been DDoSed before and is DDoSed at some low level fairly constantly. The decision to blackhole the site isn't just about DDoS and the upstream providers have been bad about communicating with Josh. There's some other fuckery going on. That said, I'm still not too worried about the site going down forever.

No. 1630083

>I admit I listen to his podcast weekly, he doesn't seem to hate women at all. He regularly gets shit on by the incels in his audience for defending women too much however. Do you have any examples that aren't 10 years old?
Just wait til the site comes back up and I'll show you examples within recent years. (Unless he ends up scrubbing/editing some of his post history after reading this thread.)

No. 1630085

>He knows that he has a female audience and does try to cater to us. But even in doing so he shows his attitude towards women and it is shitty.
he is a moody hotheaded sped who buys into fads and ends up treating all of his user like shit
this isnt a gender thing, swap your pad "dude"

No. 1630087

I guess you can't go on Kiwifarms to proof that he is really a woman hating incel in his posts right now, very convenient I guess.

No. 1630089

You're right that he hates lots of different people, but that's at least in part due to the fact he's a misogynistic racist incel-minded loser.

No. 1630090

> he is a moody hotheaded sped who buys into fads and ends up treating all of his user like shit
Very, very true
> this isnt a gender thing
I beg to differ, obviously examples aren't forthcoming with the site down, but come on. Anyone who knows the guy for a length of time knows that at best his attitudes towards women are regressive and it's really more of classic incel mentalities superimposed on his desire to still please his female userbase.

No. 1630092

Very convenient that you can do the exact reverse.

No. 1630095

This doesnt make any sense

No. 1630097

File: 1661807484117.jpg (39.97 KB, 750x402, FAk2S2BXMAMVCRK.jpg)

somebody(s) wasnt around to watch him try and purge the happenings sub-board numerous times because it was sounding a little too much like /pol/ and /r9k/ rolled into one
>Anyone who knows the guy for a length of time knows that at best his attitudes towards women are regressive and it's really more of classic incel mentalities superimposed on his desire to
if null is anything he is a neurotic faggot who cant along with anybody, his terrible views on women are on-par with his terrible views on literally everybody else in existence
tl;dr it's not muh sexism muh incel

No. 1630099

Yeah I mean if you look back at Blockland stuff obviously I would call him a woman hating incel then. But people do grow up, I haven't seen him say anything incel-like in the last 3-4 years which is how long the podcast has been running. I do think people can change and become more mellow and wise with age.

No. 1630100

You're allowed to make these claims openly without anyone having any opportunity to refute you.

No. 1630101

You're very much allowed to provide evidence for the contrary. How can I provide evidence for something I don't think is true? It's like saying "So you think God isn't real? Prove it then!" Like.. You can't lol

No. 1630103

>him try and purge the happenings sub-board numerous times because it was sounding a little too much like /pol/ and /r9k/ rolled into one
That's lovely but the bar here isn't that low and him hating everybody else along with women isn't of any comfort.

No. 1630105

>him hating everybody else along with women isn't of any comfort.
not the point is it? null should be criticized for shit he actually does wrong (and there's plenty)
the moment you attach platitude shit like "incel" to it everybody's eyes glaze over

No. 1630106

I'm not saying you need to provide preemptive counter-evidence, but just that none of us are able to provide evidence yet so obviously you can easily keep being like "so where's the evidence???" My advice would be to reserve judgment either way until the site comes back up so you can see for yourself.

No. 1630107

Ok, he's fat and looks like he needs a shower. I don't have any expectations that he'd improve ideologically.

No. 1630108

Alrighty then, good luck with the search. Last I remembered he was shitting really hard on a guy in the MATI thread who was an actual incel and said something like "Null you got a vagina stuck to your brain like a brainslug" because Null said something about men who watch anime being cringe for masturbating to fantasy women who don't exist.

No. 1630111

For a bunch of women that hate incels, a lot of you sure do sound like incels lmfao.

Like it seems to me you hate null, and most dudes by extension, because he is a dude.

I said it before, you fuckers need to lighten the fuck up, also,
Idk who Jason Shaw is and I have no clue in fucking hell who Shayna is. The fact that you pinned this on me is really fucking funny, and shows that if the farms goes down this site is F U C K E D.

lern to jannie, jannies. VPN's exist.(ban evading scrotum)

No. 1630113

Fuck you aint kidding, at the 50 minute mark on the MATI video and its all about his misogynistic tweets, surprised he hasnt tried a mass shooting yet he claims to be better than real women but all his tweets are cope and seethe. I think hes become my new fav lolcow, I get why people say leftists are huge misogynists for propping up this guy as a victim.

No. 1630114

#Okay! Okay! I didn't meant to start a debate over the pink pill shit. What I meant to say is that a lot of the Tif takes he gives are very obviously taken from here, which is fine I guess, they are not wrong.#

No. 1630127

this thread is like watching babies repeatedly slam square blocks onto round holes

No. 1630128

I miss the fedsmoker thread tbh :((:()

No. 1630132

He's some fat dude.

No. 1630135

I thought pinkpilled means trooning out and taking HRT? Thats how Keffals and his groomer friends use it when they brag about grooming kids on discord.

No. 1630137

Smegma and the moids natural adversity to basic hygiene is hard to miss. I make sure to refer to any man as a moid/scrote when posting. They post on this forum (that they're clearly banned from), but they'll never have its soul.

No. 1630138

oddly enough I've heard it used by troons and radfems to mean exactly the opposite thing p much

No. 1630139

I know it’s hard for you to understand that the world exists outside if tranny discords, but please try to imagine

No. 1630140

File: 1661809989294.png (38.96 KB, 742x257, FbXCKgZX0A0pMug.png)

No. 1630142

Are you new here…?

No. 1630146

Imagine how not liking a single person could be the litmus test for politics.

No. 1630148

what is it with e-celebs acting like they've ascended to become "concepts" or "litmus tests" or whatever melodramatic flavor of the week? your shit didn't stop stinking because you became twitter's beloved kiwifarms victim. i can't imagine having such an overblown opinion of yourself (i know he didn't write it, but he certainly retweeted it).

No. 1630149

>the moment you attach platitude shit like "incel" to it everybody's eyes glaze over
only yours moid

No. 1630150

Why are these moids allowed to post here? Are our admins overwhelmed? For god sakes, scrotes, don't outright say you're a man. Integrate you entitled fucks.

No. 1630151

Ah so not being a woman hating racist incel makes you a fascist now. I'm so looking forward to keffals and his braindead followers fall.

No. 1630153

that bird thing comes from keffals, KF just made their own version of his stupid drawing

No. 1630154

If disliking pedophiles makes me a fascist then I'm a fascist

No. 1630155

It's a delusion, even other trannies have expressed opinions against him but this kind still thinks of him as some prophet.

No. 1630157

looks like josh won

No. 1630159

File: 1661810731970.jpg (838.54 KB, 2000x1337, North-Island-Brown-Kiwi-shutte…)

Kiwi Farms looks to be up again at least for now. Troons BTFO and seething.

No. 1630162

Honestly the main difference between Josh and Lucas is that one still has his sausage and spuds. So yeah, Josh could troon out at any moment.

No. 1630163

keffatty BTFO, null is a chubby squeaky voiced scrote who normally i would pray on the downfall of, but goddamn you love to see it, he deserves this W

No. 1630164

your site's back now

No. 1630166

If Josh was an SA jannie or something instead of having fallen in with the 8ch/KF or if Cwcki Forums had gone in a different direction, he would've 100% turned troon already. He has major AGP energy, some of his issues with women (and this site) feel like they stem a bit from that.

No. 1630167

time to go back to your faggoty scroid den. go on now.

No. 1630169

I forget how cute ACTUAL Kiwis are. I'd glad I bet money on Josh's autism. He thinks Kiwi is his cash cow. He's like a fat, smelly terminator. He'll never stop until he achieves his goal. I'm not saying he'll be successful just that he'll never stop. God speed, sped.

Noticed how quickly this thread slowed down. Moids leave and take the smell of unwashed ass with you.

No. 1630170

lol i was thinking the same thing nonnie. actual kiwis are adorable

No. 1630172


>keffals thread immediately gains 50 pages

>every single post is just the n-word or tranny

No. 1630175

hallelujah, now the kiwiscrotes can scatter.

No. 1630177

File: 1661811505877.gif (3.27 MB, 480x270, 00mO6mL.gif)

They are so cute I love them. I actually didn't know 'till recently they are chicken-sized, huge, I had pictured them as little birds for some reason. I wish I had one.

No. 1630178

So where’s phase two? Wasn’t he unveiling his masterplan today or something

No. 1630182

wow i can't believe a farm full of these little guys has murdered so many trannies… wild stuff

No. 1630183

I think it's funny that KF of all places chooses to have an updoot system in the form of medals or whatever they're called

No. 1630188

File: 1661811809626.gif (953.16 KB, 300x169, KBS.gif)

Look at this terf icon

No. 1630189

it's funniest when some deranged poster throws a tantrum by giving people 'dumb' or 'autistic' ratings for petty/unrelated reasons. i like the little powerlevel sticker that doesn't prevent their blogging at all.

No. 1630190

>PECKED TO DEATH: a true story

probably the exact reason they do, tbh

No. 1630192


Ugh, so cute! Dino legs, fluffy fat round body and whiskers. Let's steal it.

They need validation, anon. Just like another group of autists.

No. 1630193

They're related to cassowaries and ostriches so it makes sense to me.

They cry about their stickers too if you neg-rate them. The forum software that revoked their license advertises the sticker feature iirc.

No. 1630194

I can see it in a weird way, but simply because trannies seem so incapable

No. 1630196

i heard the kiwis lined up to spell out YWNBAW and troons considered that a terrorist threat

No. 1630209

well if there's one important thing we learned from this debacle it's that moids visiting here get massively triggered being called rape apes. so nonas, let's please continue to pepper that into our posts so they know for sure they aren't welcome here

No. 1630212

They are very cute and make troons seethe. So based

No. 1630230

>it's not girls vs boys!!
>insulting men is childish!
Honestly, it was ironic how they felt entitled to post here while complaining about trannies pretending to be women. More proof that just because a scrote hates trannies doesn't mean they're our allies. Let's continue to watch two retards fight.

Triggering troons for existing. Just like women. TERF birds.

No. 1630244

He worded it like it's 100% him being raped on camera, let's see how long it takes before he either deletes that tweet or gets backlash, maybe even from his own side

No. 1630245

He's definitely wording it so his audience believes that he's a victim instead some gross sex worker.

No. 1630246

File: 1661814794199.jpg (50.8 KB, 480x640, 1593938207469.jpg)

hahahha but when it's time to punch a TERF and kill us it's all fine and dandy. go fuck yourself

No. 1630247

I’m failing to see the graphic detail. It’s no worse than the stuff they say to women on the daily on twitter.

No. 1630248

does this troon regret the porn he put out now

No. 1630249

God they’re both so fucking ugly

No. 1630250

File: 1661814914832.jpg (27.65 KB, 373x235, 1659468744467.jpg)

looks like bitching and whining got you your blue check mark awwwwww

No. 1630252

don't talk shit about moot

No. 1630254

Only because it revealed to the world his crotch is housing Cthulhu.

No. 1630263

File: 1661815764038.jpeg (167.76 KB, 750x1025, 6A304141-59ED-43EC-991B-C0075F…)

yo nonnies I can‘t do it anymore

No. 1630267

File: 1661816132909.png (12.04 KB, 350x119, A35A4E70-2F20-4BA0-940C-B9D695…)

Yeah, this troon made some fart fetish porn and this is the comment he received on his Onlyfans kek

No. 1630268

Kek, this is a great way of putting it. Also works because Jupiter is bigger and incapable of supporting intelligent life.

No. 1630287

File: 1661817203392.png (357.16 KB, 1487x816, kh0.png)

Now that KF is back, this has happened lol

No. 1630288

This is why I am forced to be convinced that every director and mid- to high-level manager and director is literally into fucking and transing kids. All of the London Police Service people saw that KF thread. The CTV had to see at least “why people got so angry at a ugly faggot with no dick”. Twitter is definitely aware of it. Are all directors just some type of tranny? Everyone is suddenly totally okay with the fact their kid might buy underground estrogen with crypto and maybe give themselves an embolism? Sorry for the sperging but there are so many levels of “failure” here that it has to be intentional.

No. 1630290

File: 1661817282219.jpg (37.38 KB, 320x693, vi3t7hxbvck91.jpg)

complete retard

No. 1630293

Lmfaoooooooooooo this dude fagged himself out. Honestly this is great because the kids don’t really deserve good things. Seven year countdown activated

No. 1630295

cringe bait

No. 1630299

Wtf is that moot???

No. 1630302

Big surprise yet another scrote's misogyny is actually rooted in a distorted jealousy of women. Hope this moid has fun on his fruitless journey of shittily done eyeliner and casually wearing anime girl cosplay lmaoookkk

No. 1630305

I miss this autism

No. 1630306

Is this ironic? Not familiar with whoever this is, sorry.

No. 1630307

Look at the letters of every paragraph. Also I saw someone pro keffals going, "KEFFALS YOU GOT SOMEONE TO LEAVE!" When the last paragraph is basically saying, "Women are inferior to men". So I guess thats cool. If this was real a man who thinks women are inferior and is a now TRA is a win for Keffals I guess. They don't give a fuck what these people are saying or believe (they believe it to) as long as they are anti Kiwifarms.

No. 1630309


Nonnie's I just clocked the first word in every line of this spells you'll never be a woman


I think they're trying to get Keffals to feature it or something so they can all giggle they slipped it in.

No. 1630310

Lmaooo okay, thank you for explaining.

No. 1630314

Kekkkk, didn't even notice

No. 1630319

yup just goes to show you what happens after hosting one of these awful sites

No. 1630322

File: 1661818390066.png (60.2 KB, 775x441, keffals2.png)

So in danger, yet literally telling the dangerous people "You are correct". Imagine claiming you are in danger and have to MOVE, yet everytime the people who you claim are putting you in danger you go on twitter like, "Oh my god, they found me! Oh my god-" what the fuck? Also why even do a stream or anything? Why not film on a blank wall or something? He literally was doxxed from bedsheets before. He clearly doesn't care for his safety and enjoys the attention. Someone whose scared doesn't do this. He knows he's safe. I can't help but wonder as well if this was a woman how dumb people would be screaming she was.
"You claim you are fleeing for saftey yet you are live tweeting and streaming your current movements and telling people, "You got it right"."

No. 1630324

proof or I don't believe it lucas

No. 1630327

File: 1661818706116.jpeg (291.1 KB, 828x1030, DEB568D4-FC24-4640-8757-08C155…)

It's funny how a Kiwifarms user did this, and he said he'd dox any and everyone on Kiwi, but he doesn't show a screenshot nor share a name or anything.

No. 1630334

Clearly his angle is playing the victim but with things like these you only have people's attention for a short time before they move on. Also, he's a groomer and the proof is in the thread he's drawn everyone's attention to, lol

No. 1630335

>willing to dox and post pics of someone's mother
>doesn't post ANY info about the person that sent him a threat

No. 1630336

Gee, no third party could ever claim to just be from somewhere else. That would be against Internet Ethics.

No. 1630337

>identified themselves
sounds like the same guy that swatted that american politician

No. 1630340

Knowing the ways discord trannies operate I wouldn't be surprised if most of the calls are coming from inside the house/server

No. 1630342

Check out on doxbin, they even pinned it

No. 1630343

File: 1661819579679.jpg (87.86 KB, 720x401, h.jpg)

I don't know, if I thought people were trying to kill me and almost DID by swatting me and "I had a gun pointed in my face in my bed". I don't think i'd talk about ANY of my location, NOR would I stream showing my location at all. I mean, if a website I claim "Killed" mulitple people could dox me from a bedsheet and send pizzas to taunt me.

No. 1630347

I also notice he's all big and bad when Kiwi's down, but when he's up he's going, "OMG, Twitter look what Josh Moon and/or his childern are doing, i'm in so much danger!"

No. 1630349

does keffals have a passing voice? I can't bring myself to watch tranny vids to hear them him included. I wonder how they sound. I guess like gay men?

No. 1630353

look at that bulging manly vein on top of his fivehead kek

No. 1630354

It's okay it's very shaky and nasally. He doesn't sound like a gay man. I'll admit his voice isn't that bad, just generic "Could be a man, could be a woman" type of ugly voice.

No. 1630356

he wants the pizzas. fat fuck

No. 1630378

What a hypocrite, he said he allowed stuff that bordered on CP- but just enough to be legal- on 8chan bc he just believed in free speech so much. Now we can see hotwheels really just liked hosting borderline CP

No. 1630379

lol this is somewhat true. the threat was in the comments of the doxbin which links to this very legit video

No. 1630411

Yes they truly can't handle free speech bc they handle being called what they are- MEN

No. 1630413

As someone on KF has pointed out, Keffals has outed himself as having a KR account.
I have no account, so I don't have those "like" or "reply" buttons. He does in those screenshots, so he must have an account!

No excuse about needing to read his thread for safety either, this is grade A milk so it's totally public.

No. 1630414

Maybe one of his friends has created one and screenshots/send him every KF posts on him

No. 1630418

Like he's not self obsessed enough to read his own thread come on, he definitely wanks to it

No. 1630444

i never could understand this from some of you. how is null pink pilled or feminist? Just because he isn’t a neurotic incel doesn’t mean he is a good guy. stop acting like he’s a nigel. keffals is insane but null is still a self righteous prick

No. 1630447

>Joshua Connor Moon isn't a neurotic incel

No. 1630448

keffals previously previously posted bait post that said something like "I'm so scared kiwifarms is going to go down. I have nothing left in my life" or something like that. The whole thread was filled with people trying to bait keffals again for like 100 pages.

No. 1630466

File: 1661826583433.jpg (142.2 KB, 1080x953, Screenshot_20220829-192925_Chr…)

Moon 1
Keffals 0

No. 1630488

Thank god. Now the kiwimoids can run back to to their playpen and let us ladies enjoy our basket weaving forum in peace.

No. 1630499

I think it's down again

No. 1630502

no its not, F5 nona

No. 1630522

File: 1661829449950.jpeg (130.09 KB, 500x624, 23792D1F-46D9-448F-B319-FD8D37…)

The bar is very low especially with the shit we see here on the regular. Anyway I'm nothing but smug about keffals getting verified, even he knows it's cringe

No. 1630526

It's just busy!

No. 1630532

>basket weaving forum

Im dead kekkkk

No. 1630544

I hate you kiwitards this has been called a basket weaving forum for years

No. 1630549

Not a kiwitard just a newfag who’d never heard that before, sorry!

No. 1630552

They are allowed to call women roasties, thots, whores, dependas, etc but when they’re referred to as something very on the nose for their gender they flip shit

No. 1630553

You are a kiwitard why lie

No. 1630558

I lied about being a girl just to impress you anon chan~

just kidding, shut the fuck up(infighting )

No. 1630561

I can’t wait until you all die of heart disease(a-logging )

No. 1630574

Is that anime quote real? Did he post that somewhere on KF?

No. 1630575

I’ve been Googling the person Keffals was staying with in Belfast and they’re not just another Twitter MTF, they’re actively involved in LGBT young outreach. I have a bad feeling about this considering what Lucas does when ‘supporting’ trans kids …


No. 1630577

i was rooting for keffals i wamt wikimoids gone

No. 1630590

Extremely common Lucas L

No. 1630595

>rooting for a tranny
What are you, retarded? And you know we were literally next, right?

No. 1630596

lol you’re so buttmad about nothing

No. 1630608

No it's not.. Are you autistic?

No. 1630612

Trannies are currently fedposting very obviously on KF in attempts to make them look bad. I don't think they realize how section 230 works and that they alone are responsible for whats said in their posts. Also that Null does give out information if he receives a subpoena for a user, which has happened several times. Hope you are behind 7 VPNs trannies.

No. 1630628

The "Null is a feminist" ass kissing posts are obviously made by scrotes but it flew over some nonnies' heads for some reason.

No. 1630630

Pretending to be morally righteous and some sort of vigilante all while spending all your free time autistically trying to tear down people you’re angry at with gore, cp, and obscene fabrications is just asylum levels of pathetic

No. 1630645

File: 1661841480685.png (45.31 KB, 585x260, not a human being.png)

No. 1630648

two retards fighting.jpg

No. 1630649

Meanwhile Keffals is pissing people off left and right and tilting and mindwills. This is really going to be a Yaniv-like downfall only sped up where he goes from having loads of clout and the goodwill of every troon to being someone that even the most hardcore of TRAs look at as an embarrassment.

No. 1630653

its already happening, he’s on his downslide

the whole “im going to dox every member of kiwifarms and send their post history to their employers” tweet was the final nail in the casket. people are finally seeing this is just an angry man with a personal vendetta cause his fucky history all detailed in a pretty little package.

No. 1630660

File: 1661845101307.png (492.4 KB, 720x536, C6954DF8-D11A-4F09-AAE1-42A0C4…)

kiwifarms is BACK! yay! have to say the temp outage was worth being able to see this hilarious image of lucas in the OP of his thread.

next thread image?

No. 1630662

I'm struggling to understand how things got this way for him. He seemed like a very milquetoast cow, the kind you only pay attention to if you're deep into the troon twittersphere. What possessed him to fixate on KF? Did he honestly think he was untouchable?

No. 1630663

yep. to be devil’s advocate.. trans youth are the most privileged generation of trooms to exist. they have it a million times better than the troons of yesteryear. lucas and his crew are hyperfocused on pink pilling kids when the 30-60 year old trannies probably need the most support and community considering they were openly considered freaks and jokes by society. lucas is gonna keep getting older why his catboys will always be young. once his catboys start aging out we’ll really see how much lucas will be there for them as a “role model”

No. 1630664

basically. after getting 30k retweets on his “ratios” against the Harry Potter author and some popular Twitch guy - yes he basically thought he was untouchable. He knows and uses the fact that everyone is hyper sensitive about being “cancelled” to his advantage, popular media and most people with their real identity tied to their socials are terrified to speak against him because he will attack anyone and call them transphobic if you question or oppose him. nobody wants to get involved and he’s slowly built a tranny following from it. he’s deep in the twitter echo chamber and challenged KF to try to find any dirt on him.

No. 1630666

so hes just using his supporters for a place to stay for free then abandoning them to deal with the doxers knowing their address? must be nice to have all that dono money to burn

No. 1630674

and that is exactly why Twitter caters to them because the troons are the only ones actually doing something, which makes Twitter notice them. I am not going out of my way to search for every tweet but when I see it, I report it or else it will never stop

No. 1630677

not gonna lie, this (maybe also on Ao3 because they take like nothing down and are a big platform) or doing Youtube videos like the tea/drama channels would probably reach more people (and could maybe finance Lolcow? I know it will never happen, but I can dream kek) and are overall harder to take down by attacks (especially if you are half-way careful about how you write about guys like Keffals) and the comments are easier to see. But maybe it could really be a backup idea to just make a like 1 second blanc video with the Lolcows name or name it mtf thread and just interact in the Youtube comment section, if Lolcow ever goes down. Only certain terms would not be useable anymore and whoever does the 1 secondvideo can filter out words and delete scrote comments

No. 1630679

Segal's thread was inactive for 8 months before he matchsticked himself. Love to see Keffals desperately flailing at everything and just repeating the same lies over and over. He's seething.

No. 1630683

File: 1661849465065.jpg (357.61 KB, 1080x1392, IMG_20220830_105053.jpg)

Null treating journos like the cockroaches they are is what he is known for, lol. How new are you, Lucas? Imagine respecting journalists.

No. 1630689

It becomes cleared and clearer that Keffals really doesn't know anything about KF, and he has learned some of his Josh lore from the likes of Vordrak if rumor is to be believed and other Josh enemies.

No. 1630691

I have to admit I laughed out loud when Keffals seriously tweeted out the jew finger necklace stuff.

No. 1630692

Did he ever get those fingers though? Sounds like a cool necklace

No. 1630693

Sadly it was confiscated at the Serbian border and now some Serb is walking around wearing it.

No. 1630709

I am sorry but jesus christ you can just make a new image board instead of this shit

No. 1630715

Honestly, asking for severed someone's fingers and threatening to rape their grandmother are equally abhorrent things to "jokingly" a-log post. Josh and Lucas have more in common than they realize.

No. 1630724

File: 1661858248818.png (28.62 KB, 586x370, MoonJewishFingers.png)

He asked very politely

No. 1630728

as an outsider trying to figure what the hell is going on i agree that this seems like some weird incel mating ritual between null and the keffals dude

No. 1630730

Journalists are demons so it's okay to collect their fingers and toes.

No. 1630733

ok, moid

No. 1630736

You don't have to be a moid to know this. Look at Taylor Lorenz and how she showed up personally at the family home of relatives of LibsOfTikTok for being transphobic. Look at the hit pieces she writes for Keffals. Look at all these articles being written by journos right now that have not a lick of truth in them. Journalism in the current day is an absolute joke if not straight up evil.

No. 1630743

ntart, but I was the one who mentioned LJ
If troons are initiating DDOS attacks and swarming to get this place shut down, they'll do the same on any new image board that pops up. A preexisting larger site (and especially one where everything is hosted/run in another country) would at least be a significant buffer to help prevent troons from being able to shut down the whole site.
That said, Ao3 would be a terrible idea. Ao3 will take down content is if obviously not creative works if enough people report it (troons love their brigades so it's bound to happen there). It is sad though when suggestions like that are resorted to, just goes to show how many spaces troons have ruined and how utterly relentless they are in doing so.

Anyway, LJ has options to create communities that can be set up in a way so that only approved members can join or post. For all I know, they may very well have an invite only option too, not sure on that though. In any case, that would help reduce the capacity in which troons could harass, spam gore/CP, and whatnot.
It's not a perfect alternative to here, but at least it's a potential back-up if shit really goes down here. Hell, even if all someone needs is a personal place to post or document this sort of stuff, they might find LJ useful for that purpose alone.

No. 1630746

Lol I’d ok with lj in an emergency but youtube/wattpad is where I draw the line.

No. 1630748

this is just a scrote way of speaking, scrote.

No. 1630749

File: 1661863151809.gif (1.36 MB, 220x220, 1659028845664.gif)

Is this bitch really comparing people being physically injured or killed or having their homes and possessions completely destroyed to Russian bots spamming social media?

No. 1630754

ntayrt, but if all you have to say in rebuttal is "scrote", then why bother replying?

No. 1630758

He already permanently mutilated his body (likely because of the online grooming he now participates in; vicious cycle). He'd probably just inflict more damage and eat himself to death if he lost internet access.

No. 1630763

File: 1661866430752.jpeg (33.02 KB, 500x406, 1651403729354.jpeg)