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File: 1664493132017.png (971.83 KB, 768x1438, 1664489850510.png)

No. 1662298

Alice Glass is a 34-year-old singer/songwriter formerly of Crystal Castles, now tries to have a solo career with her own unsuccessful tumblr-esque uwu traumacore Nicole Dollanganger aesthetic music. She is constantly picking fights with other artists online and accuses everyone of copying her.

>gained notoriety as the frontwoman of the band Crystal Castles, which was pretty popular among the underground alternative/electronic/emo scene around 2006-2013

>in 2014, she left CC after accusing her former bandmate Ethan Kath of sexual abuse. since then, she has tried to launch her own career, but has almost nothing to show for it
>releases very little music and is mostly known for her internet presence and aesthetics
>her debut album came out in 2022 after 8 years of no music, featuring 3edgy5me badly produced traumacore songs and tumblr tier photoshoots, "creepy" guro bloody doll aesthetics with fake guts and cockroaches
>openly inspired by tumblr traumacore, called her tour "trauma bond" and talks about wanting her abuse to be reclaimed into an aesthetic in interviews
>started hanging out with the hyperpop crowd: Dorian Electra, Lulo from heav3n, sophie, various drag queens and promptly abandoned her original punky style and adopted her hyperpop friends aesthetics/sound
>horribly shoops pictures >>1469523
>sperged on twitter about MGK copying underground artists and got media attention to promote her album
>picked one-sided fight with grimes in 2015 and accused grimes of stealing Kill v Maim from an idea alice came up with then brought up same copying allegations in 2022 >>1661735 >>1661442
>posted an email of grimes telling her off for saying she copied her and then on the very next story went like "grimes didn't copy me and i apologize". thinks she is going to be suicided by elon musk >>1661543
>tried to cancel mark jacobs for not giving 25,000 dollars to her friend Lulo because Lulo's dad has cancer and tried to guilt trip her teenage fans into donating
>poverty larps, says she gets no royalty money from CC but lives in a multimillion dollar mansion in LA, wears designer outfits worth thousands of dollars
>claims Grimes is picking on Alice because she's younger (they are both born in 88 and Grimes is 5 months older than Alice) >>1662018
>has been sperging for years about Sadie Pin of crim3s copying her, Alice and Sadie have had beef since Alice's old bandmate Ethan from CC stole some equipment from a show they were playing with crim3s and sadie got pissed and said Ethan shit his pants at the show >>1661615 >>1661751 >>1661705

Associated people:

Jupiter Keyes / Jupiter Io
>Alice's boyfriend of 10 years
>used to be in the band HEALTH but dropped out to manage Alice's career full-time, now stringing along
>weird controlling tard wrangler who proofreads most of Alice's posts and manages her socials
>posts either coomer shit or edgy #deep tumblr quotes on twitter
>namesearches Alice all day
>alice is currently on tour without him hence the recent sperging from her

Ethan Kath
>alice's former bandmate/ex-boyfriend/abuser
>his tardery is thought to be the reason Alice is so maladjusted now
>has numerous grooming allegations from Alice & other girls who were former fans, he sued Alice for defamation and lost
>attention-seeking weirdo
>disavows his past and claims to be 100% into whatever new trend he hops on
>when alice left CC he chose a new singer, Margo Hamman (Edith Frances) because she looks like Alice, essentially hiring a replacement
>married a 15-year-old alice glass cosplayer (Au Vyst) he met on Tumblr, she left him and wrote a post about how he is obsessed with girls that look like Alice
>Au Vyst also claimed that Ethan used to be a mod on the CC fan subreddit under the name u/brackets_html, that he posted obsessively about Alice and Jupiter while pretending to be a fan of himself, relevant accounts are deleted now but there are posts on r/crystalcastles talking about it
>now faded into obscurity and hiding out in Canada somewhere to escape his past


No. 1662302

File: 1664493253031.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, 8D2DF479-90E8-4672-832D-6B9B9D…)

Alice’s recent posts about grimes

No. 1662304

File: 1664493276669.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, C7BF2EFB-0EF2-4464-A10D-242F2C…)

No. 1662305

File: 1664493298798.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, FB9AF059-1FE5-421C-977B-C7A389…)

No. 1662306

File: 1664493324210.png (755.44 KB, 750x1334, 0730175B-2E8F-4B74-B1C6-6A80A3…)

No. 1662308

File: 1664493349735.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, 8DD0DF84-F061-459A-AE4A-ADA5DE…)

No. 1662309

File: 1664493373190.png (1.97 MB, 750x1334, 23F50766-AD38-495C-BCE8-9718D8…)

No. 1662310

File: 1664493411921.jpeg (72.57 KB, 750x747, CAB08F25-FD15-43A0-AFC4-F0DBA4…)

No. 1662312

File: 1664493441421.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, 3015A267-80D6-4D97-81B3-966C8D…)

No. 1662315

File: 1664493550603.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, 0FB30705-65A1-4CD8-9759-9B0CF2…)

No. 1662316

File: 1664493614797.png (2.6 MB, 750x1334, 94BDB0D9-F3D9-45F5-8B15-237EEA…)

No. 1662318

File: 1664493671223.jpg (228.1 KB, 1125x2000, 1664460633371.jpg)

No. 1662322

File: 1664493961766.jpg (177.02 KB, 1284x2778, 5867cqiyokv81.jpg)

i forgot to mention the Alice Gas saga in the OP lol
>fan of Alice Glass makes a bad parody hyperpop music project, calls himself Alice Gas
>Alice hypes him up at first and even greenlit and released a remix Alice Gas did of Alice Glass's song "Legend" last year
>last month suddenly she gets mad at her name being copied and spergs out and posts this on ig as well as numerous subtweets

No. 1662328

Sounds like she's not doing well mentally. All the screenshots are kind of… off to me in that way.

No. 1662340

I need to see those Reddit posts of Ethan larping as a fan lmao

No. 1662343

i have screenshots from like 2 years ago from when i was way too invested in this stuff i’ll dig them up for u nona lmao

No. 1662344

She's pretty obviously deeply mentally ill. She was groomed/abused by a man 10 years her senior beginning around the time she was only 15. Same guy went on to marry another 15yo skinwalking her. She has cow behaviors obviously, but knowing the history kind of sours it for me tbh. Ethan is by far, the bigger cow here.

No. 1662345

Well maybe miss Alice Glass chose the wrong career?

No. 1662350

File: 1664495038883.png (54.11 KB, 811x511, 77C6E99F-A87E-41A6-A714-71BBB5…)

okay, i found my caps of the alt!

i agree, i made alice the focus of the thread because she was primarily being discussed in the grimes thread and multiple anons requested a thread on her. it is sad and i don’t fully blame her bc i feel like she never developed much emotional maturity, but it doesn’t seem unfair to talk about her drama as she is still a public figure

No. 1662351

I should clarify, he didn't marry an actual 15yo, rather groomed another 15yo Alice cosplayer into marriage once she was legal.

No. 1662352

File: 1664495084829.png (61.79 KB, 798x475, CE577572-38F3-4B3E-BB72-601EE1…)

ethan’s reddit sperging in his own defense

No. 1662354

File: 1664495121990.png (61.38 KB, 947x520, 8D4A7E43-E2A4-4974-9301-D6113F…)

No. 1662356

File: 1664495143810.png (44.4 KB, 811x361, CE43E6E9-368A-43F5-B278-937D56…)

No. 1662357

File: 1664495173239.png (33.43 KB, 836x257, 2170E58F-AA91-43F5-9D3F-D05A2B…)

No. 1662358

File: 1664495211220.png (40.33 KB, 809x298, 000E6E02-46C8-4936-A956-FE079C…)

No. 1662359

File: 1664495269993.png (119.92 KB, 901x716, 417E22E6-3C6A-4AAA-80A9-E141D5…)

i wish i had more screenshots bc the account literally had hundreds of posts and was basically a meme in the cc fandom once it got exposed, it got nuked pretty fast

No. 1662360

File: 1664495327059.jpeg (682.98 KB, 750x966, 48CA6B74-876E-4885-9F40-D10133…)

upon the account getting outed Ethan was deleting a large portion of the posts in his own subreddit and then deleted his account

No. 1662361

File: 1664495358354.jpeg (352.15 KB, 1125x2436, EA9A2541-4EFE-4B50-92EC-5CBA07…)

here is Au Vyst’s post (1/3)

No. 1662362

File: 1664495379629.jpeg (432.46 KB, 1125x2436, 625DE8FD-A99C-4632-83D2-8912C2…)


No. 1662363

Isn't there some drama between Keyes and HEALTH? Kinda seems like he got kicked out of the band. Doesn't seem like he's still friends with them and I remember a comment or two from the band suggesting bad blood. Dude seems like a giant creep

No. 1662364

File: 1664495477275.jpeg (407.19 KB, 1125x2436, D2A3482D-3208-420C-9D9F-49DDBD…)


No. 1662367

File: 1664495909659.jpeg (180.87 KB, 714x565, BB84BAAE-13F6-4A53-8B3D-CF4E83…)

another post from Au

No. 1662369

File: 1664495936512.png (23.34 KB, 796x191, DD357B44-EC9A-49A3-84C3-6FE501…)

ethan posted Alice’s new songs on reddit too like a creep

No. 1662370

File: 1664495968212.png (30.51 KB, 641x390, 8A5F3BF0-A449-4F59-9D31-E849DE…)

and kek

No. 1662372

Ethan's behavior reminds me of onion. So evil.

No. 1662376

I was the anon bitching about Ethan in the Grimes thread & I think he still lives in Toronto - an acquaintance complained about his boring stories recently so he's either living here or playing shows here a lot.

No. 1662379

why tf are they arguing about this on instagram or some shit instead of in their label's/manager's/lawyer's office? how does this in any way help either of them? why are all canadian celebrities such cows? these two, drake, jim carrey, all super crazy.

No. 1662381

every picture of him looks like he smells like a penis

No. 1662388

File: 1664496604906.jpeg (199.88 KB, 709x728, BF03E236-1B34-41BF-B881-8353D9…)

he literally doesn’t shower according to Au

No. 1662389

that squiggly makeup photo >>1662308 is pretty obvious "bipolar girl who got raped" sorry idk how else to describe it. she's scribbling on her face and raving and it's sad that no one around her seems to care enough to help. in canada if you want help, your friends can easily get you into camh, or refer you to a pay what you can therapist, or even the walk in clinic can put you on a list for psych meds. you might have to wait a few weeks on that last option, but it's there and not super expensive if you have her income. if you're homeless and unemployed it's different obviously.

No. 1662391

i don't care about this cow but i'm from canada and that just isn't true. people wait years for referrals to therapists or psychiatrists through public health. even if you're an 'extreme' case you're looking at a 6+ month wait. you can book with a private practitioner quicker, but medicare doesn't cover it (at least in my province) and even jobs with 'good' insurance only cover short term visits. again i know fuck all about this person. if she's rich enough to afford $200 or so a week for therapy then it shouldn't be hard for her to get it.

No. 1662393

i didn't mean like what you're asking for, i meant like quick triage camh or pay what you can therapists. i live in downtown toronto and we recently had to get one of my friends help with some kind of manic disorder, and she isn't broke but has less money than alice.
alice has the money for a real ass therpaist like you're talking about, but if she lived in a big city in ontario she could 100% walk into camh emergency triage, go to one of the pwyc therapies, or get a definitely less than 6 month wait from her GP. I have done all this stuff and recently had to help another girl get help too. it's not super easy, but it's not as hard as you make it sound, if you have decent income and a place to live already.

No. 1662398

File: 1664497469534.jpeg (27.06 KB, 660x465, C7A9846B-D9B3-4174-B2D3-7C5022…)


Ahahaha! I can see it! He’s obviously got hair but his hairline is severely receding, you can see he brushes forward his greasy fringe from the top of his head.

I haven’t seen a photo of this motherfucker since about 2008 so was pretty floored by how gross he looks now. You really do age externally to be the person you are deep down.

No. 1662399

yeah she's really obviously experiencing some kind of mania. i've seen people speculating stim abuse as well, she did an ig live with dorian electra last year where she was pretty twitchy

No. 1662414

The baby voice she does now is gross and weird

No. 1662417

As weird as Ethan's?

No. 1662420

File: 1664499630559.png (636.48 KB, 640x641, e9tebm8k5ht41.png)

You can really tell that Ethan wrote all the lyrics when you see that 85 IQ grammar.

No. 1662430

he has those porn addict eyes


No. 1662456

File: 1664502903575.png (232.51 KB, 422x764, lucas david.png)

This summary is perfect and but one thing that's off is the part about the horrible shoops like this one here >>1469523
That's actually an "art piece" by this guy on instagram called Lucas David. He's photoshops and draws artists into looking weirdly skinny and strung out, he was really popular in the early 2010's and drew a lot of artists like Lana Del Rey, Sky Ferreira, Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, Nicole Dollanganger, David Bowie, Taylor Momsen, Lorde, Marilyn Manson, etc. Funnily enough though Alice is now starting shit with him too even though his drawings and shoops of her helped her gain popularity on sites likes tumblr around 2012 but I guess she's just lashing out at everyone now lol.

No. 1662462

just googled him and he completely sucks. he's just doing copypaste into his generic style, just adding the colours/signature outfits of celebs onto the same character body. it's low effort and also kind of shitty to the women whose bodies and faces aren't actually like that generic mannequin look

No. 1662478

Yeah it's a pretty basic art style, in the beginning of his popularity it was especially creepy because he would draw mostly female artists to look emaciated and dead with blood dripping from their noses. But he was big within the "edgy" alt side of tumblr so artists that were drawn by him started hiring him for other stuff so he got his mediocre popularity doing that. Tumblr is filled with his weird shoops that he passes off as art. Side note but the fact multiple artists have worked with him and had no issues makes it even more suspicious about Alice claiming he's hard to work with. Like people who claim everyone around them is a problem are usually the one's causing the problems lol.

No. 1662519

Probably got kicked out because he tried bringing Alice into HEALTH and the rest of the band weren't having it

No. 1662529

File: 1664509731983.jpeg (159.53 KB, 630x500, 591DBEF5-6158-4056-B74B-CAE01F…)

It’s such a shame what Alice is now. She used to be so cool and didn’t really try. Her style was literally just thrifted stuff or her deceased grandmothers leftovers. She was mysterious and effortless. Now, she overshares and her style is just Amazon tier leather babydoll cringe shit. I feel her regression to a baby voice is due to the abuse she endured, but possibly everything else since she wasn’t really allowed to express herself or have a chance to enjoy her adolescence. That being said, she should have stopped making music and try to process all her trauma first and then maybe go back into creating. Her music now sounds so derivative and unoriginal. Aesthetic now is so bad and dated circa 2012.

I feel for her but she needs to stop going manic on social media. She needs to put her phone down and focus on herself and heal. It’s like she’s a caricature of herself now.

No. 1662539

great job on the summary OP, thank you for making this thread. I wonder if this is mania or drugs or something triggered her during the tour? like less people than cc in the crowd?

No. 1662545

she had a look and identity carefully crafted for a specific time and place. she went full trender and now can't catch up with the new culture - just like grimes, except grimes fucked a living meme and got some relevancy with young people through that (her overall style is still out of touch and uncool though).

No. 1662551

All the substance abuse broke her brain I feel kind of bad.

No. 1662554

kek maybe it just varies a lot by province. i think emergency care like you're talking about would definitely be faster, but i've also known people who went to the hospital for being suicidal and were put on waitlists instead of being triaged. looking through the thread more i agree, she could easily afford a private psychiatrist or kick up enough of a fuss to get public health to take her immediately.

No. 1662559

> it just varies a lot by province
it does. remember how few people live in the territories and maritimes, medical stuff is very different there from ontario.

No. 1662589

File: 1664519571480.png (4.07 MB, 2716x6024, 43253453425.png)

No. 1662601

the way Alice posts makes me feel uncomfortable since she posts like a out of touch wannabe zoomer, minus the self awareness and online savviness, yet she is like almost mid 30s. She could have left the music scene with dignity and could have attained icon status, but no she chooses to act the ways she does and ruin it?

No. 1662612

Probably not an act if you get what I mean

No. 1662613

Bumping to hide CSA spam

No. 1662661

>pretty gentile girl got raped and exploited by a pedo ugly Jew
Tale as old as time. Anyway, Alice mogs Crimes and she’s allowed to be mental because she’s a legend who defined the late 2000s and early 2010s. I will always love her for that. I hope she is safe and well and can get her mental health back on track. Protect goth Britney.(racebait)

No. 1662664

I remember Trevor Brown calling out Lucas Bavid for copying him (which is funny because CC also used Trevor Brown's art for their EP, Alice Practice, without asking permission). I don't support Brown, but it's interesting watching these people eat each other

No. 1662670

Every alternative artist these days shoops their pictures as part of their edgy aesthetic lol. Alice just happened to do it badly. But it’s hardly milky. Warped and distorted faces and bodies has been a theme in the underground music and soundcloud aesthetic for ages. Trevor is a pedo so who cares if his content got stolen.

No. 1662673

>Alice mogs Crimes
Lol she wishes, Crystal Castles music is legendary but Alice on her own musically is nothing compared to the generational legend that is Crim3s. You can't even compare a masterpiece like Lost or Still Goin to one of Alice's generic played out baby voiced bubblegum goth pop songs, sorry they just don't compare.

No. 1662688

Lucas Bavid is just very played out and derivative, it's weird how he complained about people copying him when he does the same

No. 1662689

I think the funniest part is that this is all shit produced by Jupiter Keyes. He should have experience from being in HEALTH for so many years, but it's like he was only there to actually press keys, he couldn't produce or come with anything.

No. 1662709

This. Alice is a fucking mess but she was publicly groomed & abused since childhood, of course she has issues now and doesn’t trust anyone in the music industry. Ethan is by far the bigger attention-whoring pedo cow and I hate how his victims always get scrutinized more than he does.

No. 1662716

Trevor Brown is a huge cow himself, that whole art/music scene was one big rat king of cows

No. 1662717

Now that i read everything here i feel kinda bad for being one of the anons who said make a thread for her. It's not cow-sourced behaviour, she's clearly mentally ill & going through some srt of mania rn. Her trauma dollanganger aesthetic and screaming everybody copied me is cringe, but it's not like it came out of nowhere i guess… Not sure if she even qualified as a true cow at all. maybe we can treat this thread just as info on her & the scrotes involved only. because honestly, there's nothing to even laugh about

No. 1662719

Trevor Brown is definitely weirdo with odd pedo groomer vibes around his. drawing little girls in sexualized situations and such, as well as following and drawing random internet famous insta chicks

No. 1662733

alice has a gigantic victim complex & seems kind of annoying, but where is the thread about ethan lol

No. 1662735

File: 1664547769159.jpeg (472.69 KB, 750x999, 24F96B49-2360-41AB-B232-CCC76B…)

yeah OP here and I regret making alice the thread focus, i figured people were more interested in her and i don’t think having a thread to discuss alice (so it doesn’t clog up grimes/other threads) is unfair, but it’s true she’s clearly just mentally ill and not malicious/not quite a cow, at least not on the level of the associated scrotes. yeah i think it’d be better if we treat this thread as Ethan & Jupiter general and also a place to discuss alice/CC/that former scene as well.

i’ll dump more stuff from the CC drama so this isn’t a pointless post. here’s the text of a post from Au (ethan’s ex) talking about Margo, “Edith Frances” - the girl Ethan hired to replace Alice in CC (1/3)

No. 1662736

File: 1664547811265.jpeg (721.03 KB, 750x1116, 9378F687-1991-46BF-B595-EE3F5C…)


No. 1662739

File: 1664547927002.jpeg (414.54 KB, 750x688, A4783617-3FEC-47CF-A619-596B74…)


No. 1662740

File: 1664548015515.jpeg (48.77 KB, 400x277, 9D04954F-CCAE-45F4-B2F6-821009…)

Alice vs Margo - Ethan literally hired her to skinwalk her
like Titanic Sinclair but more disgusting

No. 1662746

I used to love Alice and CC. I just hope she is happy. She needs to leave Jupiter though, something about him seems really off.

This thread should mostly be about how awful Ethan is and what a pathetic creep he really is. He is the actual cow here, not Alice. I can’t imagine being 15 or 16 and being groomed by an actual disgusting loser. Poor Alice.

No. 1662749

I think Alice is still milky, most of her unhinged posts come up when she has too much time alone, such as >>1662322 sucking up to this troon and taking it back because he's getting a little more popular than she is.

No. 1662760

File: 1664549926264.jpeg (743.49 KB, 1125x1579, 6EA44A67-8D07-4476-ADFC-60A4CE…)

Trevor is a major cow. The dude is in his 50s and claims that his art isn’t pedophilic yet contradicts himself in interviews and says that his art is about sex. He is a weirdo that has capitalized on the whole uwu Japanese creepy kawaii aesthetic to continue creating art of sexualizing little children. Even in an interview he states that he is attracted to adults that look like young children? Aka: you find kids attractive. Overall gross person.

No. 1662761

File: 1664550062849.png (368.63 KB, 494x723, Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 10.2…)

Alice is milky too, these were photoshopped by a fan she hired and Alice liked the posts knowing they were fake.

No. 1662764

Maybe I'm missing the point but what's wrong with liking a post where someone changed your hair color? Seems pretty innocent to me

No. 1662770

File: 1664550418340.webm (636.05 KB, 640x1008, VID_56720604_070515_732.webm)

Imagine being with this scrote for 10 years and he dresses you up like the ultimate handmaiden in threadpic

No. 1662776

she liked the post specifically implying that edith copied alice despite the photo of alice being fake, which is pretty disingenuous on both sides

No. 1662777

File: 1664550670279.png (546.2 KB, 414x704, Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 9.14…)

Cow crossover

No. 1662779

File: 1664550744296.png (Spoiler Image,1.73 MB, 1612x786, allscrotesmustdie.png)

Trevor Brown is more than a cow, he is a depraved pedophilic monster who draws little girls and babies in sexual positions, in bondage gear, mutilated and cut open. Some of his "art" features drawings of little girls completely nude from the waist down. He is a sick man who has probably committed sex offenses and if not I'm sure he will someday. His fetishes are Dahmer-esque and it saddens me to no end that he has a devoted following of like minded scrotes who take pleasure in the same sadistic fetishes. This image of his "art" isn't even close to the worst of it, spoilered because it's sad and disturbing.

No. 1662781

i think this too like being cringe does not make someone a cow and it's kind of depressing to see her being focused on when the scrotes she's been involved with are 100x worse. i just feel bad for her at this point and her recent stories where she's accusing people of copying her and shit strike me as mental breakdown/drugs. it's sad

No. 1662783

Yeah agreed, Alice’s mental health breakdown isn’t fun or milky in itself, but I think there are more than enough cows in this scene (especially the scrotes) to deliver milk itt. And if anything, it’s a good idea to document Ethan’s psychopathy somewhere he can’t get deleted. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he or one of his brainwashed child brides shows up to talk shit and muddy the narrative if this thread gains any traction.

No. 1662784

Jfc i remember this guy. His pics of CLove, Taylor Momsen and whatnot were all over the tumblr back in a day but now nobody cares about his pics anymore. He really just drew all of those celebs into typical malnourished drugged out heroin chic zombie sort of thing. Last year he made an awful music video for Taylor Momsen's equally awful single and it's terrible. I mean if it were just drawings, it would be alright, but they digitally manipulated drawing's faces and mouths as to make them move/sing. You know, where the software makes lips move/fold in a really contrived, deepfake way. And it's just horrible, it makes the video look unintentionally cheap af and creepy, i hate it. anyone should see this as a lesson of how not to do animated music videos. mouth moving starts around 1:00 minute

No. 1662785

I know, she was so young and talented, and he just drained her dry and left her struggling to find her place in the world. I fucking hate moids.

No. 1662809

Eww. The top row right pic is GG/Plaaastic. he drew her like that already after she died.
As far as i know he drew a lot of those insta cows back in a day, including Holli Heroingranola. which shows how deeply into following this scene he was bc Holli was an orbiter of Lilith/soundclout cows, not a famous person herself.

No. 1662812

Anon, she has the resources to go to therapy. She refuses to because she craves the attention. Jupiter isn't free from this either, being Alice's spell checker as she's manic instead of going "Maybe we should do something else."

No. 1662821

It really made me think how HEALTH's music not only didn't drop in quality, but even became better once they kicked Jupiter out. The fuck was he doing there, really?

No. 1662827

File: 1664553696119.png (224.05 KB, 288x528, Screen Shot 2022-09-30 at 11.5…)

she admits here that jupiter proofreads her rants usually (cough censors her)

No. 1662831

i think making a new thread and letting this one die might be a good move, this is just sad and there’s no real milk, i dont think she deserves to be made fun of even though it is embarrassing to act like this, make it about ethan/CC orbiters generally or something

why do people say stuff like this lol? you dont just go to therapy one time and all of a sudden be like “oh im fixed now ill stop wilding out on instagram”, its a child’s understanding of mental health, shit can take months or years to have any effect and it just might never work depending on the situ

No. 1662832

File: 1664553893718.png (162.04 KB, 381x578, Screen Shot 2022-09-30 at 11.5…)

someone mentioned she just went on tour without jupiter so that's why we are just now seeing her rant. picrel from when she was on tour with zola jesus and he restricted her access to fans. there is something deeper here

No. 1662839

I think Alice and friends is all encompassing enough, after all she is the main character of this group of cows in the same way she was the main character in the band

No. 1662855

i have always gotten such rancid vibes from jupiter. there’s definitely something more to him. wtf does he even do for alice? the same thing he did for HEALTH - hovering, not adding anything to quality of music? alice’s career would probably be better without him

No. 1662857

what's up with the racebaiter who doesn't know ethan's italian

No. 1662862

putting a trendy twist on it. in the hipster scene alice came from, accurately fitting in was more important than musical quality. many bands got better-sounding once the fake-glasses-mustache-workboots-and-sundress era was over. there were guys who had the right clothes/connections/persona who did something the band needed to get popular during a certain time, but who actually didn't help the music.
kek i'm bitter that i used to be laughed at for this opinion, but also happy to see bands i respected get better.

No. 1662864

maybe the new thread could be called "ethan kath cancer" or something like that

No. 1662877

agreed, alice is the reason all of these people are associated and on the same radar. i think a thread specifically just for ethan would die off pretty quick

No. 1662883

Why is everyone acting like Alice is somehow above critique because she's been through significant trauma? So have half the cows that get talked about, no one is saying she's worse than Ethan or that her SA is invalid because she's cowish. If anyone finds milk on Ethan post it here as well, same with Edith and Jupiter. But Alice shoves herself into the spotlight and starts drama with everyone around her, she's a cow plain and simple. If you find it too sad, don't lurk.

No. 1662885

good post thank u

No. 1662902

she's not above critique, her whole group just needs to be included in the thread

No. 1662904

claudio and his calves

No. 1662916

nobody said she’s above critique, just that she’s more of a cow magnet than a cow in and of herself, that even most traumatised cows usually didnt have that trauma play out so publicly and famously, and it doesn’t feel right to participate in that by publicly pillorying her further

No. 1662935

"sexually ripe" yeah just because your pedo handmaiden wife agreed doesn't mean this is the voice of the people. Men get away with such levels of personal revulsion and it's nbd

For lolcow she's getting an easy time, all the related milk that spirals out from her makes her being the thread subject logical.

No. 1662942

File: 1664561771419.png (45.73 KB, 449x261, stop the cycle.png)

It looks like Lucas David was right to call Alice a hypocrite because I always see her writing on her twitter to "make sure your friends aren't rapists" and she has been hanging out with known rapists for the entire time she's been saying that. I guess she doesn't care about her friends rape victims huh

No. 1662952

this is exactly why Alice has cow tendencies. I’m not doubting she’s a victim herself but at some point she needs to take accountability. her victimhood is something she makes into a brand and tweets about to look woke. she’s not wrong that you should check your friends and make sure there aren’t bad people or abusers in your social circle, but she can’t say that while being completely hypocritical in her personal life, selectively choosing to support people with abuse allegations. besides lillotus, she toured with marilyn manson, collabed wirh ghostemane who defended his rapist bestie pouya, she follows nicole dollanganger and ethel cain. she would condemn anyone else for the same thing but it’s different for her friends?

No. 1663008

>most of her unhinged posts come up when she has too much time alone
i don't know if there's a name for this, but i have met several bipolar girls who throw the words "toxic" and "abusive" around towards other women a lot who start creating drama when they've been alone too long. they excuse it by saying "it was a mixed episode" or something and idgi. i think it's like using mental illness as a crutch instead of working on strategies to make yourself feel better

No. 1663010

he has that dopey porn addict stare too. he looks exactly like the kind of guy who's the one way older person in the friend group and always dating a 25 year old

No. 1663013

has she had fillers? her face doesn't look like she got older - it looks worse, not older. like too tight and kind of lumpy

No. 1663015

what if new thread is called cow magnet crystal castles or cow magnet alice glass

No. 1663020

Why are these WKs deflecting from the fact that the only teet producing milk right now is Alice

No. 1663027

fuck it, let's just write about them. thread is already made anyway.

No. 1663030

if you don’t think Alice is milky post other milk? you can still post Ethan or whoever else here, why not just use the already made thread until it fills up? then the next thread can be CC orbiter cows general

No. 1663038

File: 1664567635110.jpg (144.39 KB, 634x1280, IMG_3835.jpg)

What happened to Luna and TND is sad too, but two truths can exist simultaneously, that and Alice went overboard with the filler. She's had five more years of work done, picrel is her now, I think she got her nose done too.

No. 1663055

ayrt i mean after this thread is done, the new thread's name. i like this gossip so i don't want the thread to get deleted!

No. 1663057

ohmigod why??? she was such a beauty icon to me

No. 1663068

File: 1664569641021.png (66.68 KB, 698x584, 7amd0ezkh8561.png)

Exactly that. Alice pretty much came forward about her experience of being in CC when she started promoting her solo work. I get the fact it takes time to realize what you've been through, but this seems more like using her victim status as part of her promo shit, not her venting about how much of a piece of shit Claudio is.
Claudio's attempts to try to dig at Alice while she came forward about the abuse she endured were hilarious in itself as well. I need to find the source, but I remember him trying to say none of the CC fans liked her, they only liked the instrumentals.

No. 1663095

Is she talking about Sadie Pinn of Crim3s? LOL

No. 1663148

I haven't seen or heard from that guy since he left Health but whoa. This clip radiates mental illness.

No. 1663164

File: 1664578095449.png (609.99 KB, 788x788, bruised madonna.png)

gross. serving alternative Charles Manson realness

ohh yeah i remember that. Trevor Brown's drawing of a bruised Madonna (very creepy considering his gore fetish) CC stole and used as their album cover without permission. I remember back when it happened Trevor was pretty mad and called them assholes on his art website and CC apologized but didn't change the cover?
weirdly Alice recreated the bruised madonna picture for the cover of her new traumacore Nicole dollanganger ripoff album, even tweeted the original drawing and her album cover side by side. probably without the artist's permission again. she probably sees it as reclaiming her trauma from CC, but imo it's beyond tacky to use a known gore fetishist paraphiliac's drawing of a battered woman as aesthetic inspiration for your album cover two times (without permission, so basically art theft again)

No. 1663283

I don’t think I ever ever seen a photo so Trevor brown. Do they even exist? He seems to never show himself ever. I’m curious to what he looks like

No. 1663285

Why would Alice get her nose done when it’s already naturally small? Tbh I think it’s mostly filler and Alice also gained some weight too. Not a bad thing but I think the extra weight has been showing on her face.

No. 1663377

He’s a really old man with rimmed glasses and wild balding grey hair. Very reminiscent of riff raff only creepier and fatter

No. 1663395

Nta but I'm very glad to hear he's old and I'm hoping he dies soon

Alice should take her own advice and talk about what a disgusting piece of shit the artist of the original image is, instead of continuously aligning herself with pedophiles and rapists.

No. 1663529

any milk on this Edith girl? What is she up to? I tried researching her, but I don't really find anything.
I came across CC only last year and the 2 albums with edith are really bad imo. there didn't seem to be too much band activity for a while now.

No. 1663570

Nothing too milky, she was a model before joining the band. Before joining, she looked pretty normie, it wasn’t until after that Ethan influenced her looks and tried to make her skin walk Alice by being all alt and dying her hair etc. there’s actually a photo of her leaving a bar in the background while Alice in in frame, years before joining the band.
The whole couch surfing story that both Ethan and Edith claim to be true, is not. He was actively looking for a new vocalist while Alice was still in the band.

No. 1663604

There are 2 albums? I thought only AMNESTY (I) came out? That album felt like 60% filler

No. 1663685

File: 1664638363237.png (109.4 KB, 781x721, kjdslkjshdkjf.png)

Alice fans are noticing that her new song Lips Apart sounds like a total ripoff of a Tatu song
I listened to both and I hear it, especially at the opening they sound really similar. Wtf, obviously CC was mostly alice, ethan struggled to recreate her originality and the album he made without her was ass. so how did alice go from clearly being the creative driving force in CC to her entire career rn being derivative with stolen artwork, copying the hyperpop aesthetic, copying tatu… its sad, where did the talent go?

No. 1663687

or maybe it's Jupiter who is responsible for all the recent copying?

No. 1663750

i agree, i think it's mostly jupiter, while i'm not above believing alice is capable of this, she seems caught in a cycle of basing her personality on her partner's tastes. she probably just writes lyrics over a premade beat & it meshed well with claudio's style, & she's trying to transfer the same creative process onto a producer with a different (frankly worse) style than the one she's been excelling in. vice versa with claudio & edith.

No. 1663757

i will assume anyone that knowledgeable about tatu is a troon until i receive proof indicating otherwise.

No. 1663800

Why take the easy way out and blame the scrote when it says here that alice is the one that loves tatu. Mediocre scrote Jupiter with his mediocre scrote beats is probably too stupid to know she copied it

No. 1663879

File: 1664650021751.png (814.17 KB, 1270x830, tags.png)

i went through her tags and i think the comments about her wearing rich shit while begging for her troon friend's gofundme got to her because i saw this comment she made recently + some other comment of her being insecure about a pic. she's striking me as someone who looks up her name constantly to see what people are saying
kek wtf they sound so alike. honestly i'm getting tired of her trying to profit off of her trauma and the wking in this thread. its been 10 years of healing at what point is she supposed to take responsibility for her actions? never?

No. 1663881

you're right, I'm retarded.

I only stumbled over CC because of the grimes talk on lolcow, got interested because people claimed that grimes ripped off alice. didn't take long and I learned what a monster ethan is and mostly cared about people exposing him online.

I couldn't find out what that asshole is currently doing, Crystal Castles seems to be M.I.A for a long time by now. no news or gossip whatsoever, wtf? Disappointed he doesn't seem to be facing any charges.

No. 1663891

File: 1664650791522.png (104.01 KB, 679x450, tatu.png)

Well then she loves tatu and her scrote is her lapdog that she forced to rip off tatu on her behalf kek

No. 1663901

File: 1664651201510.jpg (81.21 KB, 480x722, 3oxn1i0dbu361.jpg)

according to his ex, he's living in a $1mil house in canada with edith. i've also heard that he owns? bambi's in toronto.

No. 1663902

File: 1664651281543.png (1.36 MB, 1748x612, tags2.png)

and here's for the nonnie that was talking about plastic surgery. alice isn't some young adult anymore so obviously she's going to look different and age but she looks so off now. I think she did something to her cheekbones and definitely lips of course. I feel like the anon here >>1663038 is right about her nose as well because it looks weird, like definitely smaller but that could be because of the filler in the rest of her face puffing her up

No. 1663903

File: 1664651319350.png (49.81 KB, 546x464, edith.png)

oops, meant to post the full version of this.

No. 1663904

File: 1664651357894.jpg (82.34 KB, 773x767, 24enk8pb98481.jpg)

more statements from au vyst while i'm at it. sorry if i post anything that's already in the thread.

No. 1663905

File: 1664651400846.png (25.12 KB, 538x260, amnesty.png)

No. 1663909

File: 1664651504083.jpg (1.34 MB, 2488x1792, 6se6bzbf07x71.jpg)

No. 1663919

>honestly i'm getting tired of her trying to profit off of her trauma and the wking in this thread
This. It might seem cold of me to say but there's a fine line between using music as a coping mechanism for her trauma and straight up glamorizing/romanticising it. I can't even listen to some of her stuff despite quite liking a lot of her music because the themes of sexual violence disturb me and leave me with an icky feeling afterward. I know she's probably using the lyrics to vent but she sings it with the same gross satisfaction as a sadist. Her new song especially "lips apart, is this the way it hurts" it's like very graphic description of SA, she's not talking about lips on a mouth. She's literally singing about a rape with this soft voice and it's just too gross for me to listen too, not sure who's she catering too with this stuff but it seems like most SA victims would just be too disturbed by this. I don't know maybe I'm way out of line here that's just my take as an old fan.

No. 1663929

Sorry to ask for a spoonfeed but who's this tumblr belong too? And who's Margo? Also I thought he was married to some woman named Autumn.

No. 1663932

>singing about a rape with this soft voice
this is the thing that has always made alice's music so gross and unlistenable to me. the nicole comparison has been made a lot upthread and she even follows nicole too. there's a line between using music to cope with the pain sa causes and romanticizing it while singing graphically about it in a cutesy tone. also how gross to use a melody stolen from tatu (tatu's producer, ivan shapalov abused the 14-year-old singers) for her glamorized uwu cute rapey song


thank you for all of the caps nonnie! this is horrific, i'm glad auvyst is away from ethan now. and it makes sense that the drummer is just as bad, he toured with cc for years must have witnessed so much of ethan's abusive behavior behind the scenes. chris has to have no morals to have stuck by ethan for so long. it seems like all of the scrotes in this scene attract damaged women and wreak havoc in their lives.

i do wonder about edith. how is she doing? how old is she? auvyst said edith lies about her age (edith said she was 21 when she joined cc) so would that mean she is actually younger? given ethan's obsession with picking up and moving in young highschool girls that is extremely concerning. i know edith is a bad person too for willingly skinwalking alice, but living with ethan must be an absolute mindfuck and i hope she can get out of that situation one day.

No. 1663933

margo is edith frances's real name. autumn is the real name of au vyst, ethan's ex-wife and the tumblr posts are hers.

No. 1663935

I know not all victims are the same but that is one of the reasons i'm not a fan anymore. I feel like it's inconsiderate to keep triggering her fans, I suffered from a similar relationship and my therapy taught me to make peace with it and move forward, talking about "get the fuck off of me" and reliving violent rapes in multiple songs and writing from the antagonists perspective just seems inauthentic to me and I'm sorry that's insensitive but it's just my opinion, i removed all her songs from my playlists because they would send me into ptsd episodes.

No. 1663944

Oh ty that makes sense, it's hard to keep up with everything when a lot of them have 2 different names lol

No. 1663987

>beard smells like mildew
Yeah not surprised. He looks like exactly the kind of guy to have a mildew-smelling beard and he always has.

No. 1664042

File: 1664659019482.jpg (130.09 KB, 320x874, rnnf3dp3p1461.jpg)

reposting this. deleted it to reword myself and kinda forgot

No. 1664059

Her song 'mine' blatantly rips off the same chorus as this lady gaga song @1:33 1/2

No. 1664061

0:37 2/2

No. 1664068

did anyone else notice that Alice has an Edith lookalike (green-haired girl) get murdered by an Ethan stand-in in her Love Is Violence MV

No. 1664075

File: 1664660802264.jpeg (186.38 KB, 1034x1334, ED03707C-CCD8-49F9-8079-5F0D96…)

samefagging picrel is edith

No. 1664103

File: 1664662906746.jpg (127.24 KB, 803x603, bigass-leslieville-house.jpg)

nta but a $1mil house in canada looks like picrel if you're an hour and a half away from downtown core toronto. this place is a ripoff for reasons i won't get into atm
bambie's is owned by jackie vezeau as of 2022 but he could be an investor or co owner? i don't want to give him any "mean internet hater lie" ammo so will try to find tha facts.

No. 1664104

why must men abusively imprison women for their bodies if they think they're soOoOooo ugly? i fucking hate scrotes i wish they'd shut the fuck up

No. 1664106

she fucked up the width of her nose. she was gorgeous and stylish before. i miss her

No. 1664109

i agree anon. she's clinging to a shit past that she'd be happier letting go of. it sucks ass that ethan messed up her mind and maybe she can't think of another way to exist, but that's why you contact a doctor or someone who can help you to learn. it's not good for her or anyone she's trying to perform/be a role model to if her whole identity is "rape victim".

No. 1664111

File: 1664663207729.jpg (98.93 KB, 540x488, 1BVobbJUzs8.jpg)

i think she gained some weight after ethan stopped controlling her eating and tried to compensate for losing some definition in her face. the alexander wang pics from ~2015 look like buccal fat removal to me, more recently it seems like maybe cheekbone implants too or just tons of filler. sucks bc i think she could have aged really well naturally. her nose looks the same to me though tbh
haven't even tried to listen to the new song bc the title is just too fucking creepy

No. 1664112

that line made me feel like that bleeding eyes chris emoji they have on kiwifarms

No. 1664124

I think it's just the lip injections, they look like that on everyone, kinda like a gurning caveman from the side but nice from the front (and the front only) if she got them dissolved she'd look roughly the same sans the youthful cheek fat

No. 1664168


anon, what? Ethan is an absolutely piece of shit, a rapist, deserves everything he got but it's obviously CC was 90% or more his production and direction with Alice basically being a stand-in for his sexual fantasies. Alice has never produced anything of value since leaving CC while even the very mediocre late Edith era stuff has a few good songs that have the "classic" CC sound that made them so popular at their peak. Left to her own creative direction Alice immediately sunk to very most abysmal level of early 2010s yungelita tumblr goth trash and has never really seemed to grow as an artist at all, it's sad but I think she never had it really to be a solo musical artist, the talent is just not there.

No. 1664256

Hate to say it but accurate as fuck, Alice was just a voice to present the lyrics. Maybe she helped right some of them but he literally could have found any other singer to take her place and it probably wouldn't have made that much difference. The reason CC's music sucks a bit now isn't because Alice is gone it's because Ethan has exhausted the initial talent he had, he's run his course, expired. And CC's best will always be those earlier albums.

No. 1664406

yeah it's true that ethan is probably responsible for the sounds that made cc stand out. i guess the biggest thing for me is that alice has always said she wrote all of the lyrics (claudio claims he wrote them too and honestly who knows). alice's cc-era lyrics with the weird metaphors and interesting concepts were part of what made cc so mysterious, and her lyrics totally lack depth now. the writing in her new songs is dumbed down, too vulgar and too on the nose. when i was a big cc fan i genuinely thought the majority of the creativity was alice's since she was such a great frontwoman who added a lot to the band's energy and image, but as much as i hate to admit it seems like she truly didn't have that much to do with the actual songs.

No. 1664426

>alice has always said she wrote all of the lyrics
Lmao and you believed that. I think she only did Alice Practice and that was it. I don't actually think the album from Crystal Castles after she left was "trash", but I think it had such a negative image due to the abuse allegations.

No. 1664438

Nta but yeah I've always wondered if Alice wrote most of the songs how come she was only given rights to Alice Practice, the most dumbed down, simple and plagiarized song of CC's lol

No. 1664442

File: 1664682359087.jpg (140.27 KB, 900x600, 534456546.jpg)

No. 1664443

Hahahaha they look like schoolchildren that were forced to sit together during lunch by the teachers to help the weird new kid fit in omg I'm wheezing

No. 1664474

File: 1664685130922.png (176.87 KB, 601x874, 56435645363456.png)

i've always thought she wrote alice practice, xxzxcuzx me, love & caring, through the hosiery, & black panther at the very least. courtship dating & tell me what to swallow seem to be more of a collaboration. probably just autistic speculation on my part.

anyway, i remember way back in the days of the CC forum, ethan actually posted some of the lyrics alice had written in her personal journal. can't remember which songs specifically, but i feel like most of the songs i mentioned were genuinely written by her. its also worth mentioning that ethan included some of these journal entries in his litigation against her. the scan is shit quality, but i'll include the context in picrel. i wish i had archives of him posting alice's journal entries under his andy account on the cc forum, it was genuinely creepy even then.

imo its easy to see where alice's participation in lyrics drops off. look at the songs i mentioned on CCI vs what she's released now; they all have a similar style. the lyrics for II/III/amnesty also have a similar pattern. i'm sure she contributed, but the difference between writing styles is pretty obvious. whether it's due to alice's lack of participation because of abuse/depression/drugs, or ethan's overwhelmingly controlling behavior? i can't say one way or another, personally. it's always been very messy.

No. 1664484

if you want to explain why you think each person wrote what, i'm interested! even if it is just tinfoiling i find it interesting lol
the journal thing is incredibly creepy. what a freak snooping through her stuff, holding onto it for years to use it against her. i wish ethan's old forum posts were still up, sounds very milky and enlightening to his weird behavior.

No. 1664501

isn't alice practice the one song that help create cc? like ethan lent an instrumental of it to her and she just screamed random shit, called it a day?

No. 1664626

Alice has spoken about how naming the song 'Alice Practice' was his was of undermining her role in creating it, saying he just randomly recorded her singing and made it into a track. She says she actually worked very hard on it.

No. 1664641

>the drag queen makeup
>the plastic Spirit Halloween skull
>le edgy lyrics about cutting herself

I pray for this woman to do ONE project that isn’t a tacky Tumblr teen cringefest. I can’t tell if she just lacks talent or is so consumed by her uwu trauma that it’s holding her back from developing artistically.

No. 1664645

she should've just stopped making music after CC. this just goes to prove that she stayed in the abusive relationship because she profited from it. she was most likely afraid of people realizing she isn't capable of doing what CC did alone, which is totally ok. no one expected her to be except herself i guess. but her music and aesthetics suck so bad and that alone probably gratified claudio a lot

No. 1664716

she needs jesus at this point, fucking log off or some shit. yeah she was abused, yada yada yada, but needs to own up to her concerning behavior

No. 1664759

File: 1664726395455.jpeg (403.25 KB, 750x1102, EC67B6B3-4BBC-4BD5-83ED-F64697…)

alice and her scrote look like they’re trying to recreate CC vibes with the poses or something. he grosses me out so much

No. 1664766

File: 1664727038491.jpeg (851.04 KB, 1125x1290, 2FF6FB6F-FE6F-444C-9820-9F35ED…)

Why does this creep always make that cringe le epik darkn3ss face? It’s so try hard and embarrassing. Reeks of troubled teen girl steals mom’s digital camera and takes emo pics to post on MySpace later, but like you’re a grown ass man well into your 30s.

No. 1664840

all three of them look like they have no idea who the other two are. i like it!

No. 1664848

Imagine dropping out of a bomb-ass band like HEALTH to do this

No. 1664852

this is the area where i have no sympathy for either of them (not that i had any for gross-ass claudio in the first place). it's an established fact since the fucking jazz age that a band is more that the sum of its parts. it doesn't matter who wrote what and whose singing made it great. the point is that the two of them combining what they each had/could do is what made CC good. if you leave that type of creative collaboration, you need to understand that you may never, ever, be able to replicate that success or quality of music ever again. it's art, not a chemistry set.

No. 1664854

> so consumed by her uwu trauma that it’s holding her back from developing artistically
it's this. the internet did not help her.

No. 1664856

he's like britney's new creepy husband

No. 1664894

uwu aesthetics are cancer

No. 1664902

i think trauamacore and tumblr-type women constantly talking about their "dark pasts" are actually stopping women who need help, from getting help.
i know that when i heard stories from girls like this, or saw how they center it in their art like it's their whole identity, it made me feel like i had been through nothing and didn't need to go to rehab or talk to someone about issues with men. they talk up their experience a lot and i think it's making a lot of women feel guilty, like their own problems aren't "bad enough".
especially because women like alice will silence you or get defensive and need to have the worst problems in the room, and because women don't like to argue with each other your friend group will reinforce that. then you feel like you're faking because this woman has already taken the spot of "most drunk, drug addicted, most raped trauma princess" in the group.
sorry if sperg, but i think this fetishization creates competition between cluster b girls who then silence other women they should be supporting.

No. 1664904

samefag - especially when it comes to substance abuse, it is not a contest! i really wish i could tell younger women that if you want to quit drinking and heroin, if you feel like it's making you unhappy, go ahead and seek rehab. you shouldn't feel like you're a pussy because some other girl is "more damaged" what kind of bullshit is that?

No. 1664915

File: 1664737615075.png (48.65 KB, 582x360, frail blurb.png)

You're probably thinking of pic related, which was his statement upon the release of "Frail".
However, two years after that, Alice claimed: "He berated me and yelled at me, telling me that I was a joke, that all the people that came to our shows were only interested in his instrumentals and that I was ruining the band." Which was in her official statement here:

No. 1664921

all his statements sound like die antwoord's fake as hell "he kept steeealing our money to buy uh… DRUGS" (and never specifying what drugs) statements about the kid they abused. so bereft of detail and proof that it only works against him.

No. 1664937

Links to the relevant court documents I could find atm, that is Palmieri v Osborn.

I could not find a copy of CLAUDIO PALMIERI VS STEPHEN BERNARD, ET AL. , which I believe to be Ethan's defamation case.

No. 1664942

No. 1664943

File: 1664739662914.jpeg (230.41 KB, 750x507, 5BB24757-BF35-49B1-877D-C14E64…)

damn, i didn’t realize the entire lawsuit was public. it’s so disgusting how ethan tried to use alice’s drug addiction as proof that she isn’t credible, when it’s obvious why she would have been depending on drugs.

No. 1664945

File: 1664739823808.jpeg (220.82 KB, 750x571, 8D7B1D4A-6B91-485A-90DB-F77FE9…)

>ethan using flirty emails from alice as proof that he didn’t mistreat her
imagine the lawyer walking up to the judge and being like "ok sir here's exhibit C, a screenshot of margaret saying 'hey baby i miss your cock like crazy'"

No. 1664968

File: 1664741193971.jpeg (336.51 KB, 750x654, 0D5641B9-0DBD-42FC-83D7-5EE22C…)

>ethan alleges that alice hired a fan to post about ethan and jupiter sperged at the fan for not doing it
is there any proof of this?
>>1662761 mentions alice hiring fans to photoshop pictures of edith too
if she is actually paying or influencing stans that’s really sketchy honestly. but ethan is a piece of shit and he could have just made this up, i wouldn’t put it past him. though i won’t take anything ethan says seriously without proof, i have a strange feeling about the entire situation. i don’t doubt alice told the truth about ethan, but the way it almost seems like she uses her trauma to craft a narrative or sell an image to her stans is so weird and shady.
you nailed it, alice clearly loves being the most victimized girl, treats it like a contest she won or a badge of honor. i mean, there are shirts in her merch store that say “trauma queen” in a cute font with a drawing of a little girl on them lol what

No. 1664974

File: 1664741669657.jpg (656.29 KB, 1344x4344, ari drama.jpg)

>ethan alleges that alice hired a fan to post about ethan and jupiter sperged at the fan for not doing it
i'm fairly certain they're talking about ari here? she's posted a lot of crazy shit about the whole situation. i'll drop what i have.

No. 1664978

that sounds made up. i doubt alice can afford to hire anyone rn. i think she makes herself look richer than she really is (like the rest of us in toronto kek).
i could believe that she asked a friend to change the hair colour pic (like she's shit at photoshop and asked a sympathetic fan-friend to make the pic to prove here point)
but there's no way she has the money to hire trolls.

No. 1664979

File: 1664741717496.jpg (91.21 KB, 612x1048, ari drama 2.jpg)

No. 1664980

File: 1664741728114.png (897.64 KB, 1280x1773, ari drama ip log.png)

No. 1664981

File: 1664741742754.png (1.08 MB, 1032x5112, ari drama 2020.png)

No. 1664985

File: 1664741930279.png (197.23 KB, 769x829, magicspe11s.png)

I believe this is in reference to Ari:
Pg. 108, last paragraph.
in >>1664942

No. 1664990

i fully believe this. this is exactly what i would expect from jupiter

No. 1665006

File: 1664743065171.jpg (43.62 KB, 500x500, old jup.jpg)

Alice went straight from the arms of one weirdo into another. That is a tragic fact, regardless of who you believe.
As far as personal speculation goes, based on my knowledge of both bands and statements by all concerned parties, Jupiter and Ethan had 'bad-blood' for many years due to Jupiter's jealousy of CC's success, and Ethan's Jealousy of Alice's long term preferential interest and eventual elopement with Jupiter, which she began several years before ending her professional relationship with Ethan.
Jupiter is 1/2 of the founding members of HEALTH, and I will post it when I find it, but in an interview where Crystal Castles is mentioned (iirc it was in 2009), he appears far more annoyed than in the rest of the video, although he is characteristically taciturn in the whole thing. Also, during the DEATH MAGIC tour, he mysteriously disappeared, and fans noted the bands' deflated mood for the rest of the tour and lack of statements on the matter, ever.

To use a crude analogy, I would guess Alice being as much into the DDLG degeneracy as Jupiter and Ethan are, all to varying degrees throughout their relationships. They all strike me as incredibly traumatized people, Jupiter being the most vindictive, however.

No. 1665008

>>1663879 >>1664978
This page seems like proof that she has money. Her entire closet is this brand Grimes is obsessed with called Demobaza and they aren't cheap. Calling Grimes out for being a thief and a "musk fucker" while wearing the exact same high cost clothes as her is iconic.

No. 1665020

damn guess i was wrong. how did she earn it all? no way fucking claudio gave her proper pay. unless she has some sweet writing credit/residual i'm forgetting?

No. 1665021

jupiter's got some revenge-y "now i'm hot they all want me" vibes imo. like he's trying to make up for lost time like some guys who used be fat in high school? idk

No. 1665039

File: 1664744569979.webm (1.06 MB, 640x800, 4535345345435.webm)

the DDLG shit is so weird. occasionally she'll post a video like this to her live and it just makes my fucking skin crawl.

No. 1665041

samefagging but seriously how did her voice go from this, to whatever the fuck is in that video?

No. 1665048

File: 1664744826619.png (105.49 KB, 815x313, money.png)

This says she audited him multiple times and everything was fair. She must be getting paid fairly even though she says otherwise. Once bands split up that doesn't mean the money runs dry.

No. 1665071

ayrt, ty v. informative
but also:
nooo what the hell why would she like about how much she got paid if there's proof like this of her compensation
wtf she's making herself look so crazy and if she's not broke now she's really risking it with this behaviour

No. 1665075

ketamine damn

No. 1665090

i'm sure she's betting her diehard fans don't do any research
if i'm wrong please correct me but didn't alice "win" the defamation case because ethan's lawyer forgot to process some papers so the judge threw the case out?? i remember reading through the documents and i feel confident that happened. and then alice acted like she won it when it was just ethan's incompetent lawyer?

No. 1665107

She does bet on people taking her word at face value. This is exactly what happened, and when people called her out on instagram she deleted their comments.

No. 1665113

File: 1664750082310.png (415.43 KB, 906x2646, court.png)

ntayrt but I did some digging and you're completely right

I found the motion of dismissal https://www.docdroid.net/oGryQql/1729694704-pdf https://archive.ph/ecFuR
and Ethan's appeal after the case was dismissed: https://www.docdroid.net/uwTQKb5/1733872354-pdf https://archive.ph/j4XDe

I'm not a lawyer or anything so take this with a grain of salt just autistic and interested in legal stuff and my understanding of the situation is that
>Ethan sued Alice and Jupiter both for defamation and causing harm to his career with Alice's statement. he said Alice lied about being abused, which would need to be determined in court that she lied for Ethan to be able to win the lawsuit. Alternatively if the judge/jury found Alice told the truth about being abused, then Ethan would have lost the lawsuit and Alice would win (which Alice later implied that this happened, implying the court verified that she told the truth)
>Ethan's lawyer tried to submit Ethan's case, but the lawyer fucked up and didn't file something in time, and also formatted exhibits wrong (an exhibit is an image/thing used as proof in a court case), so the case got partially thrown out
>the motion of dismissal explains basically the burden of proof falls on the plaintiff (Ethan), but his lawyer didn't add an index for the exhibits and he also didn't separate the exhibits with a tab between each page. and the poor formatting meant the evidence was not legally admissible. that doesnt mean the evidence proved or didnt prove anything, just that its formatting couldn't work in court
>the motion to dismiss the case was granted in regards to Alice specifically, due to this error
>Jupiter's appeal was denied, so Ethan's charges against Jupiter for conspiracy to slander him or w/e were still allowed to be pursued in court. idk if Ethan followed through on that but he could have kept suing jupiter if he wanted to
>Alice's lawyer fees were ordered to be paid by Ethan, but not Jupiter's

the case was dismissed before it actually went to trial. so "dismissal" in this context just means that the case was prevented from going any further, it doesn't mean that the court found anyone guilty or innocent

so yes, very disingenuous of Alice to claim that she "won", implying the court found she was telling the truth, when they made no judgements on such a thing. i think she expected people to just take her word and assume the court verified she told the truth, when if ethan was found guilty in court, he'd be in jail probably. though to be fair this doesn't mean ethan was confirmed innocent either, and i don't think he is. Neither Ethan or Alice "won" or "lost", this case hit a wall before it could determine that either of them told the truth or didn't

No. 1665118

the physical/personal/relationship abuse sounds true. claudio fucked with her mind and life.
but it's clear to me now that anything regarding finances or contract was (somehow, idk how any of these people manage to tie their shoes tbh) handled fairly while the band was together.

No. 1665120

Do any other nonnies feel like Ethan and his flying monkeys found this thread?

No. 1665123

samefag, also the way ethan's insanely stupid lawyer chose to pursue the charges meant that if the court found him in the wrong wrt abuse, then he'd automatically also be found guilty of wrongdoing wrt the contract and money. so they had to abandon the case because no way would they have won trying to say he didn't abuse her

No. 1665125

She seems totally wasted

No. 1665126

yeah exactly. Ethan was so obviously an abusive partner, there is way too much proof and so many allegations against him for me to believe he didn't do anything at all, but i feel like Alice exaggerated the financial stuff to be 'vindictive' (which she deserves to be after what she went through). i get why she would want to go scorched-earth and say everything with Ethan and CC was as bad as possible but the exaggeration kinda sucks because then Ethan and his goons can point it out like "see, she's not being honest! Alice is a liaaaar justice for Ethan!"

No. 1665135

i really want to know why ethan and his lawyer thought that bundling those two things together was a good idea though

No. 1665141

not really, we're all shitting on Ethan because he is a disgusting rapist pedo but it's also fine to call out alice on her stupid shit too and her creepy ass bf. sorry we are not kissing your waifus ass. I wanna know wtf happened with health so bad. do his ex bandmates even talk to him anymore?

No. 1665162

Makes herself look richer yet says she's broke? Which is it?
Alice trying to act like she's not mainstream or ever was is funny. While Alice was in the band, CC performed with extremely huge bands such as Depeche Mode, Deadmau5, M.I.A., Nine Inch Nails, Metric, and Chemical Brothers. They even performed with HEALTH multiple times in three different years.
God, her and Jupiter are really made for each other.

No. 1665168

anon i meant that with her clothing and videos she LOOKS like she's doing better than she is financially.
but, i have since been proven wrong by anons posting proof that she gets paid.

No. 1665394

OK I'm only here now for weird shit on jupiter. I used to follow health when I was in high school. jupiter always stood out to me because he just like never talked or did anything when I'd see them play. he didn't socialize at all like the rest of the band did. It was like he was their mute chaperone or something. I got friendly dad vibes from him though because I was young

Anyway I was in one of their music videos when I was 17. after filming jupiter came up and invite me to smoke Salvia at the band's house with their beautiful American apparel model girlfriends. I remember fan girling at the time but also being kinda unnerved because why would adults want to smoke salvia with someone that graduated high school a month ago?

As I got older though I would notice all the shots of my boobs in that music video, and reflect on the borderline human trafficking that would go on between "musicians" who also worked at American Apparel and would promise young doped up girls jobs as models in exchange for living with them. The "all ages venues" I idolized dissolved into the realization that there was a predatory environment being normalized.

Having someone like Alice playing at these venues was cool at the time because it made it like feel you could be young and still belong in what would otherwise be adult spaces. However if you were 15 going to a show in skid row on a Monday night, you didn't belong as much as you had a target on your forehead whether you knew it or not. Kind of nauseating that at 30-something Alice Glass is basically still in the same place. Same headspace, and same crowd (jupiter), and hasn't moved on at all. Literally stunted in what at least I consider a really gross era. Her lyrics basically being stunted at trauma shit makes so much more sense now, and even though it's tinfoil, it makes me question the fuck out of jupiter

No. 1665396

i believe you nonnie. that's so fucked up, i'm sorry you were in that situation. i'm glad that nothing worse happened to you. if you feel comfortable posting proof or more details, it would be good to document this stuff, but obviously no pressure, not worth potentially doxxing yourself over these people. all-ages spaces like that are more often than not pretty sketchy, there's no reason that's not sinister that 30 year olds would want to seek out common spaces with high schoolers.

No. 1665402

For better or worse I had an older boyfriend so that acted as a buffer between me and a lot of the people with worse intentions. My mom was already on her way to pick me up so I never got to smoke salvia with health and I regretted that for the next few years lol

I feel like I could be identified bc of the music video, so I don't want to go beyond that. Anyone who was around for 2005-2011-ish the smell would recognize enough to know what I'm talking about. I also know a lot of those same people still so I don't want to cast shade on anyone undeserving. There were plenty of people who were positive and not creepy, but scummy fucks take advantage. I think it was common with diy's around the country especially during the popularity of myspace making it easier than ever to "connect". I'm just super curious now because I didn't know the health/alice connection was that big or long lasting.

No. 1665403

I'm so sorry nonnie and I believe you. I hope you are doing well now.

Jupiter is exactly what he claims to hate

No. 1665424


see these both side by side is heartbreaking, so such a waste of beauty and charisma, to be a DDLG trash goth zoomer skinwalker with a touch of old moldy past-their due-date tumblr trends of the early 2010s. I feel like all of this is some attempt to live out the "normal" teens/early 20s she didn't get to have because of being thrust into the spotlight at such a young age and Ethan related trauma but at the same time its been ten years, and why the fuck did she choose to literally be the cheesy ddlg american mcgee's alice plastic skull bitch. She walked Marc Jacobs and did all those high profile modeling jobs as herself, not whatever the fuck this is

No. 1665427


also sameanon I feel some kind of desire from her to compensate for not being able to present or dress in an outwardly sexual way during CC and some kind complex that she prob developed from that, but by now doing it in the most grotesque caricatured way possible

No. 1665488

it was fucking retarded of Alice claiming that she won the court case when it was only thrown out. I wish this case went to court an alice indeed winning the case, that ethan scumbag belongs in jail. apart from paying the fees he slipped through unscathed, having only a dent in his reputation is not enough.

is it true that Alice doesn't earn any royalties for her work in CC? Is only ethan still getting money from streams/sales/whatever? Alice should have counter-sued him for royalties.

No. 1665538

I cannot stand that baby voice she puts on it literally makes my skin crawl. It's somehow even more uncomfortable than listening to Nicole Dollanganger say stuff like "suck your cock like a whore" while putting on the voice of a 5 year old. Why is she talking like that? Why does she sing like that? It's gross

No. 1665582

OT, but who was the other founding member? Would appreciate the interview link if you find it!

No. 1665596

It’s a regressive thing that most that have survived abuse do. Because prior to that she had a raspy deep voice in interviews, but that was also exaggerated because she was trying to sound more mature for her young age and also maintain that “one of the guys” badass punk thing.
This baby voice didn’t start until like 2014/2015.

No. 1665598

So are HEALTH creepers or just Jupiter? Shame if the whole band is fucked up though I have low expectations of coomer scrotes. I love their music so much though

No. 1665615

Oh shit now I feel bad. Damn that's really sad, I hope she gets the help she needs to recover and leave all this trauma core shit behind. It can't be helping to constantly rehash the abuse she went through song after song.

No. 1665616

idk but they used to have a channel for fans to share nudes on their discord

No. 1665620

Not surprised, they are coomers (or at least Johnny is). I just hope it isn't worse than that

No. 1665642

For real, I hope some of the band is at least sane. I know they have a Discord, but which of the band members actually browse it and if >>1665616 is true, how long was that in place and who prompted that? An immature mod or one of the band members?

No. 1665645

File: 1664809106631.png (162.59 KB, 792x682, jupiter.png)

not really milky but given the recent posts on jupiter's weird behavior i think its weirder they both follow his tags, he doesn't even follow alice's tag. he seems controlling? especially over his image.
does anyone have any proof of sadie saying shit about alice too? i couldn't find anything beyond word of mouth like alice went to rou to ask him to produce songs for her and apparently he declined, sadie was also upset about that and said its both of them or none of them.

No. 1665648

File: 1664809596601.jpeg (268.01 KB, 1080x2210, 5021A4DC-6744-42C2-A01C-BEC9E5…)

>>1665645 i know sadie has posted other things about alice and shaded her in various insta posts but a lot of it has been lost to time. picrel is more recent- sadie has always been bitter that crystal castles became the face of witch house back then despite their music not being “witch house”. i also remember sadie saying a while ago that crystal castles III used crim3s demos as a blueprint and that sadie felt ripped off by alice. i wish i had a screenshot. basically they’ve been accusing each other of copying each other and being posers for 10 years…

No. 1665675

do any of you guys know why the crystal castles song "kept"? i feel like it keeps popping up and getting removed, i wonder if alice has to do with it because she sang it?

No. 1665680

alice did not sing on kept. it's a remix of a beach house song.

No. 1665685

p sure it got removed due to copyright issues with the sample

No. 1665688

I think all of them are present more or less… Maybe not all the time?
I remember there being a rule that everyone who posts porn gets banned forever, unless it's Johnny (who gets kicked for 24h). Honestly, I'm keeping fingers crossed none of them ends up being a rapist/groomer/pedo. I find scrotes being close to their fans suspicious.
Anybody tried calling The HEALTH hotline? They are offering mental health (kek) support/venting opportunity to fans

No. 1665717

her music is insufferable. Somehow she sings even MORE babydoll uwu bullshit way than in er stuff from 4 years ago. Scratch what i said that she shouldn't have a thread, she's a 100% cow with her Dollanganger DD/LG traumacore bullshit and glamourizing her bad experiences.

No. 1665740

no wonder she glamourizes her 15 minutes of fame considering she is nothing but a dime a dozen bpd traumacore gal without her abuser

No. 1665855

File: 1664825239423.png (111.91 KB, 500x510, paige.png)

Few years ago I stumbled upon an image of a woman in google images and she looked similar to Alice and a reverse img search showed me alice's mom's facebook which I will not post for very obvious reasons. She seems like a very normal mom, was super supportive of alice but when I recently checked her fb it was wiped clean. probably being harassed by crazy cc fans. Everything about alice was removed (she used to follow alice fan pages). Her sister's page was also very normal, she isn't active either. her husband is an ugly scrote though, whats with these gorgeous canadian women getting with the ugliest crustiest scrotes??
picrel is a fan that dm'd her sister. I remember this fan trying to message paige again and obv she didn't want shit to do with the drama and the fan got super butthurt. i think it was palesadist? can't remember. he's another cow in the cc fandom who feels entitled to as much attention as alice got because he thought being lied to by ethan was such horrible abuse. dude was annoying as fuck, if you were in the cc discord you'd remember.
alice also follows 30+ fanpages of herself which I find weird as hell too
enjoy my infodumping, i feel retarded as hell but atleast i can actually give you some info if you weren't there to watch it go down

No. 1665868

File: 1664825966486.png (719.31 KB, 495x706, your average linecook who does…)

picrel is the img that got me banned from the cc subreddit because i said this is proof ethan is balding due to the skin coloured part showing from the hole on his beanie. someone tried to argue it was a durag or some shit but all he wears is those smelly bandanas

No. 1665888

I remember palesadist and the dms he posted with Paige. didn’t know about the mother though, interesting. cute that she’s supportive of Alice’s career lol
found this old post discrediting Alice and pointing out Jupiter’s weirdness, also that Alice’s sister called out Jupiter https://www.reddit.com/r/crystalcastles/comments/78n6np/understanding_the_context_to_alices_statement/
here’s the archive link to the dms for posterity: https://web.archive.org/web/20180215032830/http://castlegrayskull.tumblr.com/post/153673930657/aliceglassexposed-alice-glass-exposed-as-a-huge
I know the Paige situation is old milk but it’s still so strange to me. I remember Ethan fanboys used them as a massive excuse to say Alice lied about the whole situation, but idk because her sister probably wouldn’t have witnessed the worst of the abuse. it’s possible she just didn’t know it was going on. it certainly is interesting that Paige says with such confidence that A and J are liars though idk what to make of it. I hate to say it but I could see Jupiter maybe coercing Alice to exaggerate or something?
don’t worry about infodumping, that’s what this thread is for. if you have any more milk or relevant information please share it!
KEK LMAOOO he’s so clearly balding

No. 1665895

samefagging but I feel like it’s a “both things are true at once” type deal
Jupiter and Ethan are both manipulative abusive creepy retards who have long lasting beef and keep trying to make each other look bad. there’s so much dirt on both of them that they’re both flinging shit at each other until both of them are completely visibly covered in shit. wrongdoings on both sides are obvious. I almost feel like Alice is just caught in the middle. like she’s impressionable and just goes along with whatever her boyfriend says

No. 1665904

Damn that's a fucking shiner. Why the fuck would Claudio consciously wear a beanie with a hole at the top? Does he have an antenna to transmit telepathic signals to Alice?

No. 1665913

i kind of sympathize with paige because my older sister is a bpd asshole too. i see it as what this anon says >>1665895
also thank you nonnie for the nice words! finally my tism is put to use. trying to think of other shit that happened at the time.
>that time someone broke into their neighbor's house and alice/jup swears it was meant for them
>finding au's vimeo(?) and posting it in the discord only for it to be swiftly deleted implying that even long after the cc drama ethan still lurks
>vimeo had au's auditioning practices with ethan helping her, shots of her, ethan and friends at what looked like a carnival
its hard finding anything now because i feel the entire group lurks really hard and will delete anything we stumble onto
small info
>alice's mother never stopped trying to reach her during peak cc days and constantly emailed ethan asking how her daughter is
>overall a very sweet and supportive woman, nothing bad on her twitter or socials in general
>alice's grandpa was mayor
>mom is still active on twitter; follows people alice is involved with; grimes, alice longyu, marilyn etc (probably forgot to unfollow some). follows alice fanpages as well
LMAO might've been an accident. wasn't he obsessed with those robber masks or whatever too?

No. 1665914

File: 1664829760882.png (27.96 KB, 821x205, comment.png)

dropped pic sorry

No. 1665926

File: 1664830723074.png (941.11 KB, 864x898, weird scar.png)

kek what the fuck are these scars on his head

No. 1665928

omg the neighbor’s house thing! I remember when Alice was talking about that and implying Ethan sent someone to break in somehow? lol
wow, I thought Alice had no relationship with her parents. I swear she has tweeted about having no relationship with her family, implied they were abusive/toxic and talked about cutting them off. her mother being this sweet lady who supports her daughter’s career and follows Alice’s fan accounts to see what she’s up to is kind of sad idk
>i feel the entire group lurks really hard and will delete anything we stumble onto
same here, I’m surprised they haven’t found this thread yet tbh. Ethan, Edith and Au are confirmed to lurk heavily on at least the reddit and discord. Alice strikes me as someone who constantly looks up her own name as well

No. 1665930

You're joking right?

No. 1665939


Sorry if this is a weird comparison but it reminds me of the Opheliac era Emilie Autumn fandom. Everyone had to have the most tragic incurable mental illness and horrific backstory. But it fueled their "creativity" just like their queen EA so recovery wasn't an option. It was a competition over alleged suffering. They wanted to be miserable.

No. 1665943

File: 1664831705043.png (19.62 KB, 743x130, alicemom.png)

yeah ethan is psychotic but i don't think he would do that, sounds like maybe jupiter planting paranoia and fear into her.
That's true but her mom could be abusive behind closed doors, ya know narcissism and whatever, i don't think we'll ever know and it's hard to trust alice as well. picrel the only thing she's tweeted about her mom
alice goes through her tags religiously so it's only a matter of time, she's been silent on her socials since the meltdown.

No. 1665944

File: 1664831740486.png (120.8 KB, 890x201, no family.png)

It seems weird that she would almost brag about not having a relationship with her family after saying that ethan kept her from them (if ethan was restricting her access to them you think they would reunite by now) paige also said that jupiter is isolating her from them. IIRC paige would go on tour so she may have seen more than other siblings of abuse victims

No. 1665945

File: 1664831755332.png (37.51 KB, 743x337, mom1.png)

more about moms

No. 1665952

yeah now that you mention it this robbery story sounds like cocaine paranoia

No. 1665959

Wasn't there a time Jupiter got a friend to pretend he was a troon to try to "catch" Claudio being a transphobe lmao Jupiter is really something

No. 1665961

yeah, it seems weird to me too. also that Paige said she spent more time with Alice and Claudio- you’re right she toured with them, I completely missed that part - and then when Alice got with Jupiter Alice basically cut her off. ofc this is just tinfoil but I would bet Jupiter is putting ideas into her head.
>isn’t your family kind of toxic? babe i think you should cut off your sister
>omg the neighbors got burglarized… what if it was meant for us… i bet Ethan arranged it, he has it out for us anyway
and this is exactly the same thing she accused Ethan of doing. Jupiter does the same stuff and he seems like a control freak.

No. 1665989

Jupiter is nearly as big of a cow as Claudio. Alice may want to try being single next, she just jumped from cow to cow

No. 1666004

wait what LMAO
i don't remember this, are there caps or something..im not shocked. jupiter is so obsessed with ethan its so creepy
its weird how jupiter completely changed his image too, he used to look decent and now he looks like emo will ferrell
sounds spot on
i think she's codependent on her partners i remember ethan on an alt saying she dated a pedo before ethan, than ethan (pedo #2) came and then she goes straight to jupiter right after ethan

No. 1666030

File: 1664837220753.jpg (65.02 KB, 800x533, 1662317188808476.jpg)

Interview was an episode of "Noisemakers on Noisevox"hosted by John Norris.

The other founding member is Jacob Duszik, they were college roommates and Jupiter heard Jacob listening to "Frankly Mr. shankly" (jupiter still wears morissey shirts to this day) and they became friends. Then Jacob met john working at guitar center in Hollywood, and the band had begun. they went through a few drummers before meeting BJ Miller.

*I archived it years ago and it appears to be gone. I will re-upload when I'm not working, as it was uploaded in like 7 fucking parts on youtube that I need to splice together. Just scrolling thru these, in the beginning of part 4 of 7 Jupiter gets annoyed about CC. they explain the band's origins in part 6 of 7.

No. 1666046

File: 1664838581768.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1986, Screenshot_20221003-180050~2.p…)

Found some caps, full conversation is here: https://imgur.io/YKHwpuX
Jupiter personally knows this guy named David, calls himself FuneralBoy and Spookyfag, who put on a female persona as Lydia. He tried to claim this random person named Mono from the CC forums is actually Ethan and starts assuming Mono of being transphobic for figuring out Lydia is just a drag queen name David came up with.
David's Facebook with the nickname Lydia attached to it as well: https://imgur.io/4VTzuZN
Pic of David's Spookyfag Instagram calling himself FuneralBoy in the bio: https://imgur.io/884aRjd
Pic of Jupiter leaving a comment claiming David, Spookyfag, is his friend: https://imgur.io/aBD7Oti

No. 1666057

holy shit the milk is FLOWING. jupiter is fucking nuts. really funny that he tried to call ethan transphobic, like the pedophilia wasn’t bad enough on its own

No. 1666087

that guy on the far left looks like a ragemonster
second from right has the pornsick stare

No. 1666094

that's cc's drummer, chris

No. 1666303

File: 1664855713418.jpeg (215.71 KB, 750x454, A6813D7D-867A-4356-B31D-2E7DC0…)

So weird that Jupiter, emotionally unstable creepy ddlg trauma fetish cow, used to work with traumatized girls. And I guess he’s trying to do DIY therapy for Alice since he’s “qualified” like this? Their dynamic is so strange

No. 1666350

Love you for dropping ancient HEALTH lore, would love to watch this whole thing

No. 1666353

Oh God no, Alice says it like Jupiter is a good person but it just sounds to me like he is another abuser. Already expecting DDLG Trauma Narrative #2

No. 1666354

So if the 17 year old won't go to this jupiter coomers house to smoke salvia i guess he'll volunteer at the orphanage to try and find a little girl to fuck. I'm beginning to think alice is a willing participant in his sick fetish, explains the baby voice finally

No. 1666441

File: 1664872651290.png (373.45 KB, 1080x993, Screenshot_20221004-032114.png)

If she's being truthful, she got a stimulus check because she made under $75k a year. Also, I thought she was only a Canadian citizen?

No. 1666569

File: 1664885933529.png (376.38 KB, 1080x1868, Screenshot_20221004-071248~2.p…)

Jupiter's Twitter is really pathetic tbh
Also he's a terrible producer. I think one thing that turns me off about Alice's solo stuff is her lyrics being pronounced so precisely and the lyrics themselves sounding like some edgy teenager wrote them. It doesn't mix well with the instrumentals.

No. 1666575

she lives in LA though

No. 1666607

man this makes me feel so sad in the end. I looked up to alice glass when I was younger so much. she seemed so fierce and badass, aggressive and full of rage for her fellow woman. and then I look at her now and she's just some ddlg dumbass who goes on bpd spergs in her stories, going against everything she previously spoke against. like modeling, trannies, etc plus getting filler. acting uwu soft romanticizing her trauma. this is so dumb and depressing, do any nonnies feel the same? sorry for blog its just so disappointing how she acts now

No. 1666627

you and me both. i used to be the biggest fan back in 2008. i idolized her style and would listen to cc on my bus ride to school every morning. she had the “it” factor and was just so cool in every way. crazy how more than a decade later, she completely changed in all the worst ways.

No. 1666646

the only problem is that Ethan is smart enough to not post every detail about his life online, that's ultimately the deicing factor on what makes a lolcow, public availability to their personal lives

No. 1666847

It is upsetting he's not as milky as Jupiter. Now I can tinfoil Alice is with Jupiter because he's so milky and likes any and all attention, even the negative criticism

No. 1666915

that's why we're here nonna, i had pictures of her printed out and collaged on my school binder in middle school. she and grimes fell off hard.

No. 1667297

>Sorry if this is a weird comparison but it reminds me of the Opheliac era Emilie Autumn fandom
This, I wanted to say the same thing. Alice Glass reminds me of Emilie Autumn so much now.
They both glamorize their trauma and base whole careers on it, except Emilie's life story is 99% a madeup bullshit. Alice is milking her abuse story for 10 years or so, Emilie is glamorizing her bipolar disorder for even more than that, talking how she loves this wonderful "gift" (while also much suffering ofc too) and shoving said NLOG gift in everybody's faces for years.

Even down to ripping off American McGee's Alice game. Alice Glass recently made a video which is just a copy of Alice Madness Returns with her as a character, and Emilie… well, she just completely based her trauma uwu life story on the first game. "REAL" life story, not even album concept or whatever. that and bitch 100% seriously claims she's an offspring of Alice Liddel, lol.

No. 1667335

File: 1664940619629.png (464.34 KB, 389x941, emilie autumn alice.png)

I saw this tweet when her album dropped and knew nonnies would love this

No. 1667341

lmao. Maybe it is EA inspired, considering Alice has a penchant for ripping off her fave artists. The do have similar eye makeup in other pics too

No. 1667342

milky. who else does she rip off?

No. 1667343

File: 1664941200993.jpg (237.27 KB, 999x661, 3f16179650fe_jpg-1.jpg)

No. 1667346

File: 1664941352422.jpg (83.85 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 1667347

File: 1664941402426.jpg (44.53 KB, 406x612, gettyimages-167651298-612x612.…)

This side eye pose reminds me of EA too. they both do it a TON in their photoshoots.

No. 1667348

File: 1664941548560.jpg (49.62 KB, 540x635, tumblr_2a3767d1acfd0f33cd80cfd…)

No. 1667359

all these women just sit around in a circle accusing each other of copying and crying about it instead of actually making anything, huh

No. 1667363

true, steampunk gothic lolita has been a thing since the 90's, you don't have to make something new or groundbreaking but you shouldn't pretend you personally made it up

No. 1667370

She also probably copies a shit ton of hyperpop "artists" rn, cybergoths etc. with a mix of lolita and sadbbydoll shit. I know nothing about hyperpop but they all seem to wear those disgustingly ugly plastic and latex fetish shit

No. 1667383

i suspect alice's high pitched baby voice singing style was possibly ripped off from grimes, even though alice swears it's the other way around. in 2010-12, when grimes was inspired by crystal castles, alice had a much deeper voice.

No. 1667404

she was really inspiring to me too. i hate to think what she was going through during that time when i went to all her shows and had her on my headphones all the time. and now she's doing it to herself. it sucks

No. 1667751

File: 1664983137236.jpeg (269.11 KB, 946x2048, 6D17FA33-30B8-4656-B28F-E62DD4…)

alice’s “grimes copied me” thing went viral on tiktok and the comments are filled with people talking about how original and innovative alice is kek. i’m not a grimes stan at all but alice’s entire aesthetic for the past decade has been a derivative mishmash of nicole dollanganger, dorian electra, and various stolen melodies, and her most recent song was literally a tatu ripoff. her copying is even more obvious than grimes’s imo? maybe the tiktok kids don’t pay attention to her solo career and just know her for cc

No. 1667756

sage for OT but what is this recent obsession people have gotten about being the one who originated trends or genres, like no has anyone obligation to be original or making something new but you shouldn't pretend you alone made your entire genre of music

No. 1667784

File: 1664985449187.jpg (274.78 KB, 720x1059, Screenshot_20221005-105531_Ins…)

anon you just reminded me of the Marc Jacob drama she was posting about
something about him ripping off the heav3n name and aesthetic? i tried watching the video she linked in her stories but it was boring and unconvincing. these retards in that circle think they came up with y2k/heaven aesthetic as if it isn't the most overdone trend at the moment lmao

No. 1667785

these tiktokers are obsessed with sperging about capitalism in the most retarded way.
We can go a step further and say Alice Glass copied Kap Bambino's image for Crystal Castles.

No. 1667786

File: 1664985668287.jpg (147.72 KB, 720x711, Screenshot_20221005-110020_Ins…)

>w-wait except the trannies! they didn't do anything wrong! anyways here's a list of women I'm throwing under the bus (petras not included)

No. 1667796

>taking diy culture out of the hands of the people
That is so fucking dumb, what even is "diy culture" and how would it even be possible for Marc Jacobs to take that "out of the hands of the people." Like wtf, tiktok dummies just make shit up now to try to make stuff sound worse than it is, as if Marc Jacobs can prevent people from doing diy stuff jfc.

No. 1667806

Alice and her pals keep giving too much power to these corporations. "we can't do this because it's someone popular did it" that's like saying you can make cakes anymore because Walmart sells mass produced cakes now lmfao. The only thing stopping them is themselves. As much as I hate them, corporations can't stop you from expressing yourself and being happy. Also, you don't need to suck up to a corporation to express yourself or be happy. If Alice can't come to that conclusion, she's lost.

No. 1667807

I remember the itslulo troon person's "Heav3n" webstore. they were selling hot topic tier hot garbage for designer prices.
Marc and Itslutroon literally just talking inspiration from 90s gay rave/club scene. How male of them. But adding a weeb orientalism finish because gen z are all Koreaboos and weebs now.

Itslutroon even cried to Marc Jacob's team demanding they change it from @heaven to @heavn or something retarded because they "have been trying to get the Instagram name for so long " and Marc actually did it because he didn't want problems like getting called transphobic by his new free money source of faux woke gen z buyers

As for similarities between the brands itslutroon was acting like they created the concept of alternative gay rave shit. Before Marc Jacob's heaven project was even launched itslutroon store was already down and not doing well so it seemed like they fucked off from fashion and focused on party events only to try to gatekeep Marc later

No. 1667813

File: 1664987119823.png (320.36 KB, 1098x385, Screenshot 5.png)

I think I somewhat get what their coming from, a lot of big name brands often do copy underground styles and aesthetic and sell them for the general population but at higher prices

No. 1667820

File: 1664987375364.jpeg (150.5 KB, 750x750, 92DF8C0A-3131-4CD3-9CE6-E02440…)

I'm not sure when this pic was taken but it seems 2010s ish. The itslulo / itslutroon moid literally cosplays as an alt Harajuku girl. They are just tsking styles from Asian women bloggers and alt Tumblr style it's not original. They strike me as a z list celebrity just because they stole an Asian girl's likeness (they look Mexican or something)

No. 1667823

Well then they should name the specific brand that's stealing designs and where they're stealing them from. But just a general statement of "taking diy culture out of the hands of the people" is such a broad generalizing statement it doesn't even mean anything lol

No. 1667830

This isn't even Y2K-like at all. I do think it's funny though rave culture back in the day was mostly designer shit like Tommy Hilfiger, Buffalo, and Ralph Lauren. You have a great example with the troon who has the Y2K aesthetics blogs filled with advertising from big name brands such as Apple and featuring magazine scans from 1998 Japanese fashion magazines where a shirt starts off at $150, equate for inflation it's nearing $300 at this day and age.

No. 1667833

It's 2010s
I'm just clarifying that this troon hasn't ever been original

No. 1667843

>I just realized how lonely it would be not to be buried beside you
I feel that, sorry
>I'm done with me. You should be too
Don't worry I am lmfao

No. 1667856

lutroon is delusional if he thinks he invented y2k/hot topic asiaboo style
>poc trans woman icon
does he think being mexican gives him ownership over 00s inspired j-fashion?

No. 1667994

not really milky but this is edith’s old flickr from before she met ethan/started skinwalking alice https://www.flickr.com/photos/francesantigua/albums/

No. 1668030

File: 1665002144193.png (886.23 KB, 1079x1205, Screenshot_20221005-153158.png)

Tbh, I miss this era of indie. She definitely has gone down one of the expected paths of what happens to girls like her at this time. Also, pic attached, I found this anti-abortion photo in her likes.

No. 1668042

File: 1665003388839.png (24.46 KB, 307x102, text .png)

btw I clicked on it and there is a pro-choice paragraph underneath the photo

No. 1668483

bro health are/were terrible, this isn't even a downgrade for him

No. 1668485

File: 1665046961112.jpg (110.36 KB, 617x405, health_band-683612842.jpg)

Just look at them.

No. 1668568

sage in all fields cause this one is just a mindfuck for me. i hung amongst this crowd from 2011-2015 and i defended ethan til the cows came home (literally) and i honestly just feel like the whole situation is shit, the fans got left in a pigsty, its definitly comparable to mars argo and titanic sinclair. i still have contact with ethan if anyone wants me to ask or say anything. he pretty much groomed me to defend his honor online and i look back with cringe, i know, im dumb. but the fans got fucked over. the music and shows were genuinely some of the best times of my life. just was waiting for a thread like this because it's too much… /rant

No. 1668570

such a cursed pic! chris (far left) cheated on his gf. there's a video somewhere of her telling the whole story.
and alex zelenka (next to ethan) lies about his age online and is a creep.

No. 1668619

The fact that Alice accuses Sadie of copying her even though both of them aren’t really musicians in the first place is hilarious, at least Crim3s knew when to call it quits

No. 1668622

powerleveling also no we don't want to ask the balding crusty moid anything

No. 1668630

ask him why he’s a pedophile kek
i’m interested - how did he convince you to defend him? what made you come to your senses?

No. 1668717

im not trying to powerlevel at all, just mentioning my lukewarm experience, i was fucked up back then, not proud, i was no way close friends with anyone or anything and im not claiming that at all. sage for all that and potential rant but you asked.

and i don't really know why, i think just loved the music so much and couldnt believe he would do such a thing, since he has been so nice to me in the past, i know people he helped get sober etc etc. like a really great manipulator clearly now. being a little pickme prob has something to do with it, mostly sober now and done loads of mental work to get where i am and i shudder reading this thread.

i was young and dumb and struggled to grasp how deeply shitty the whole thing was and i think that's how they wanted it tbh, they used anyone online as ammo to create a huge muddy divide. it's still a big mindfuck divide for alot of fans especially in the local home scene, most of us scattered like cockroaches lol. i should fucking ask him that.

No. 1668719

same person but just now finding/figuring out ethan ran the reddit makes so much sense, what a creep. fuck man.

No. 1668735

nta but you weren’t powerleveling imo. your post is completely relevant to the thread topic and informative about ethan’s pattern of behavior. sorry you were involved in all this, it’s not your fault for being manipulated by him. getting young women to do his bidding and go to battle for him (or muddy the waters online so it’s harder to figure out what really happened) is his strategy. i was a fan of cc for a long time too though not as directly involved as you were, and ethan always came across as cool and nice, which i imagine is how he wins people over. i thought he was so down-to-earth and kind bc i knew he was talking to fans directly. but his involvement with fan communities just seems deeply creepy now bc of how preoccupied he is with engineering his image, defending himself on alts and everything.

No. 1668778

Clean your ears nona.
Do you know any bands in roughly the same genre that you consider good? I would give them a shot if I hadn't already

No. 1668845

alice glass lives in a mansion in la? huh? there's no way crystal castles made her that much. she probably lives with rich friends

No. 1668859

she is the rich friend

No. 1669257

Just because you don’t like the member’s (it’s literally 1 member too) associations, doesn’t mean the band sucks.

just because a band looks goofy, doesn’t mean it sucks lol. look at thom yorke, neutral mill hotel, etc. they all look goofy and weird.(sage your shit)

No. 1669263

ok but they look like gross coomers because they are gross coomers

No. 1669448

Even if they are gross coomers, it doesn't change the fact that their band is much more successful than Alice. And them cooming doesn't affect the quality of their music

No. 1669566

damn i was really into cc and health in myspace times

No. 1669801

no because i don't listen to overhyped hipster post-blogosphere bands
just listen to jon hassell or something

No. 1669943

Ok opinion discarded but thanks

No. 1699461

File: 1668406544108.png (260.64 KB, 730x927, ethan1.png)

I have full access to westlaw and lexis and found CLAUDIO PALMIERI VS STEPHEN BERNARD, ET AL. it's 8 pages long and it's a complaint ethan filed against his prior counsel alleging legal malpractice lol. going to include screenshots of it

No. 1699866

post caps pls?

No. 1700842

File: 1668560077576.png (285.93 KB, 731x917, ethan2.png)

glad to see some interest, i'll poast the rest!

No. 1700852

File: 1668560976572.png (271.27 KB, 744x883, ethan3.png)

No. 1700859

File: 1668561282923.png (233.48 KB, 658x851, ethan4.png)


and i learned to sage. sry

No. 1700860

File: 1668561344392.png (202.14 KB, 656x847, ethan5.png)

No. 1700877

thanks for posting! i like that this thread has become a catalogue of all claudio's shit, it's good to have a record of his tardery that he can't delete.
if this is accurate claudio's lawyer sounds quite sloppy and honestly negligent. it's pretty funny that claudio got stuck with the worst lawyer imaginable, though. karma's a bitch. i wonder if the lawyer threw the case intentionally because he knew claudio's sketchy story and complete lack of evidence wouldn't hold up in a court of law against alice's proof and the word of the other girls to back her up

No. 1700891

File: 1668563552843.png (230.63 KB, 654x848, ethan6.png)

No. 1700941

File: 1668567998140.png (241.72 KB, 658x846, ethan7.png)

No. 1700942

File: 1668568063149.png (173.04 KB, 655x849, ethan8.png)


that's all i've got. i can find more funny court cases/dockets if anyone needs. bored studying for law school finals and used to be a huge crystal castles fan. seems like a shite situation all around

No. 1701018

So he basically did marry a 15 year old. An 18 year old isn't much different from a 15 year old. No need to cape for pedos, nonna.

No. 1701396

She’s not she probably wrote the post she were replying to and wanted to clarify that she didn’t mean he married a 15yo since that’s illegal and it could’ve been read like that

No. 1711145

File: 1669518825646.png (69.5 KB, 676x472, aliceg.png)

Look who's thirsting in Nicole Dollanganger's comment section.

No. 1720965

Uhhh first time using this site idk how. Im new to CC listened to Leni in sep when going through a hard time and after that in october I went through all their work and all of Alice's. shit got me addicted about reading about the behind the scenes a lot.

I wanted to mention after reading people speculate here about why Alice's lyrics became less good and I think the reason is jupiter helping her write. There is an interview where ethan said all of the lyrics are written by Alice and she picked which instrumentals sounded the best. There's also a reddit thread mentioning she basically wrote all the punk-ey song they had (MOB, INSECTICA etc) plus helped with 28 of the 38 album songs. Makes sense considering in the last album she did with ethan it really felt like she was talking about herself a lot. I remember her mentioning jupiter writes with her now and if you check his twitter that makes so much sense.

Personally I think the remixes she had other artists do for her are good and probs shows that jupiter is the problem. It's hard to call her a talentless hack when the album without her was so forgettable.

IK she seems irrational a lot rn when on social media or when she does that voice of hers but I really do think we cant blame her for that she really did go through an insane amount of shit.

She's a wonderful artist and her stuff got me through a hard few months I just wish she gets actual help.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1722595

Alice is so embarrassing. I cant believe I looked up to her in 2012.

No. 1723017

it's really hard for me to remember that Nicole is almost same age as Alice Glass. in my mind it's an older established musician licking some internet kid's ass, but Nicole is also in her 30s. So, established musician licking ass of an internet nobody AND doing it after very visibly ripping that nobody off. sad.

No. 1755201

File: 1674951213082.png (266.72 KB, 584x1186, 36546546456.png)

alice returns to twitter to start shit with grimes again kek

No. 1755210

Came here for this lmfao. Alice is so sensitive

No. 1755226

you know she was just thrilled to get an opportunity to shit on her. she’s right though, should stick to this instead of the manic marc jacobs spergs

No. 1755243

>Grimes 899.5k views 2,838 likes
>Alice 51.4k views 1,598 likes

I have many thoughts, getting ratio'd this hard, getting ratio'd by a crazy girl like Alice, getting ratio'd on the father of your children's own website with the "upgrade" he implemented, still posting while being this unpopular, not considering workshopping your public opinions when they are this unpopular, so many layers to this

No. 1755652

I feel this so bad.

No. 1813080

File: 1682140947220.png (510.46 KB, 2060x870, 1000gecgas.png)

alice coming after 1000 gecs & alice gas. sage b/c its not really that milky imo

No. 1813100

Came here for this, Team Alice all the way. Hulking skinwalker creep

No. 1813290

i wish her stupid ugly bf would get her into whatever kind of recovery she needs instead of ruining her music

No. 1815475

File: 1682503292958.png (4.37 MB, 2000x2068, alice.png)

Saged for no milk. Today I decided to listen to alice's last year album (PREY//IV) and tbh is okay. It has 4 very solid songs and only 1 is beyond repair but besides that it was a nice listen. I think the wavering between this album and her EP (which was gut-wrenching yet fairly well made) is the identity crisis she is going through. Her first appearances after CC were, in my opinion, very strong. She looked her best in the years 2018 - 2019, it was still her old stile during CC but gave it her own edge by going white blond and wearing these big hoodies/jackets with the insane lipstick. Then after falling into the DDLG slippery slop she began to deteriorate fast. Getting unnecessary plastic surgery and dressing like alt-faties. Maybe in the future she would go back to reusing outfits for gigs, like a normal person and ease her mental stress wearing more comfortable clothes and let her art speak for itself.

No. 1819319

File: 1683061146366.png (1.49 MB, 1047x1193, alice.png)

nonnies and I were gawking over Alice's new face in celebricows so might as well post it here. I hope it's okay I didn't sage because these are recent posts and photoshoots from this week. I really want to know why she butchered her face this hard to a point where she has pillow face now. Here's a pic comp, left is most recent and right pics are ones I tried to find also from modeling shoots or a candid. Didn't want to go too far either because she's older now.
She definitely shaved her jaw because it's a lot more narrow now, and her nostrils are smaller as well. Obvious lip filler she admitted too which looks to be fucking up already and migrating.
this is heartbreaking, man she looks like fucking Pete Burns in those photoshoots. She used to be stunning and after going into that egirl h34v3n circle or whatever its been downhill

No. 1819335

this is genuinely sad. she probably hates herself and developed dysmorphia about her face because of her trauma or something. i can't believe she shaved down her jaw and shrunk her nose, her face was literally perfect and she was so beautiful before, now her features just look too small and off. the people around her should have told her to stop with the work and that she looked fine to begin with but they probably encouraged her because what else would sycophants and wannabe egirl trannies do.

No. 1819349

Good god. The widespread availability of plastic surgery & fillers has been HELL for the BDD girlies.

No. 1819351

I’m not convinced she shaved her jaw.. it still looks the same to me if you can look past the very dramatic contouring. She definitely got chin filler though which adds to the illusion

No. 1819405

I won't say anything about the fillers because at least those are reversible, but her nose is forever gone, she fucked up good.
Also have you noticed she been trying to skinwalk chibi from the birthday massacre and trying to sound like pussy riot's panic attack?

No. 1819547

she was literally gorgeous and had an ideal face before all of this. personally, I think it went downhill during her Marc jacobs campaign and when she walked for him. before that her face was stunning. She lost some weight and her cheekbones were so hollow and then she gained a bit of weight (which fits her anyway) but got some surgery with it. she had no reason to do anything to her nose, she already had a petite and symmetrical nose. the majority of people would covet a nose like hers, so I don’t know why she would want to make it smaller? at this point it will just be the nostrils left? I just don’t get it. Does she really hate the way she looks, when every girl in her cc days wanted to look like her.
This is just so sad.

No. 1819708

File: 1683121174845.png (518.85 KB, 583x681, Screenshot 2023-05-03 at 08-35…)

i feel like she also would do it anyways her online presence is really showing her mania in the worst ways like when she blows up at random people and keeps burning bridges and starting fights
pic from her twitter it seems like such a weird tweet. i wish she would go offline and focus hard on recovery but its been 9 yrs since she left cc and she's only gotten worse. i definitely blame jupiter
idk nonnie it looks a lot thinner than before, she used to have a strong square jaw and now its diamond shaped and lumpy. another anon up the thread mentioned it looked like she had buccal fat removal during some show as well and i can see it.
I can't see the chibi comparison, do you have examples? I can see the pussy riot thing though.

No. 1819709

Wtf she looks like a tranny now. She’s got those too much filler tiny eyes now (or she got the fox eye lift…ugh). If she stops the filler I think she could look somewhat normal. Too bad about the hideous nose job though

No. 1819712

Oh fuck, what has she done to herself. The second row left pic is just Grimes tier botched, not sure if it's not even WORSE than Grimes. Why. just why.

No. 1819737

sara (chibi) has a very different style. maybe alice leaning into the early 00s style (likely for comfort/nostalgia, i'm her age and i've been doing it too kek) is just reminding you of birthday massacre in 2008
i used to get wasted with those guys every night, i miss them. the two mikes got wayyyy too moidy in the past 10 years, and owie turned into a mean girl. sara and nate are still perfect tho

No. 1819740

File: 1683126015567.png (261.96 KB, 462x829, queen.png)

no i know. she was actually born beautiful and perfect. picrel is from 2008, she's just being herself and not even styled or made up yet. she was a really smart and compassionate person and now she's become this traumacore shell of a woman. it's so disappointing, even more so than grimes because i never got bullshitter vibes off her. she actually did have skills and innovative ideas.

No. 1819812

Agree. When I was a teen and into CC, I was in love with her and also wished I could look like her. Her face had a rare balance and loveliness that you only see once in a blue moon. I’m gutted she felt like she needed to do all this to herself, but we all know she hasn’t been mentally well in a long long time. Very sad.

No. 1820589

lol who the fuck hurt you. How is an abused woman a lolcow?

No. 1820590

Lurk more faggot

No. 1821068

Read the fucking thread. We all feel sorry for her and want her to get better (and dump the fucker she's currently with who i don't think has any good influence on her), but i'm not surprised this thread was made because she's going down the lolcow way now. Attention-seekining, petty drama catfights through IG stories, "I Made It All I'm OG" attitude all aside, she's romanticizing and milking her trauma with shit like Nicole Dollanganger tier photoshoots, shit like Trauma Core Tour and let's not forget her awful sissy/ABDL/DDLG inclinations. anons talked about her ripping Emilie Autumn, well i see an ironic correlation between the two - both making a yearlong career out of their trauma - which is ok if you translate your pain into art to feel better, but they're both doing it in a way that fetishizes and glorifies that pain, to the point they make it look so cool and awesome. EA cannot shut up about her bipolar disorder and what a "miracle" it is to her, Alice Glass builds her image on "traumacore" of all things, a fake bullshit that crawled out of tumblr.
Besides, anons wanted to talk about Crystal Castles adjacent scrotes and shit that happened overall, hence "Alice Glass and Friends" thread name. And honestly fucking hyperpop scene should have its own thread bc its full of cows

No. 1822458

File: 1683477419810.png (17.39 KB, 778x251, chastity.png)


alright nonnies alice is featured on a collab with boys noize and pussy riot. pic rel made me cringe I would've liked the song but
>put it in a dick cage
ruins it, its so fucking cringe. I don't know how encouraging degenerate fetishes is empowering.

No. 1822469

Speaking of which, where's the anon who promised us a thread about Nadia from Pussy Riot? If what was said bout her in Indie Cows thread is any indication, she's a total cow, i'd say she's a fit for /snow.

No. 1822548

>sissy hypno core
disgusting. i hate how alice went from calling out misogyny in the music industry to supporting troons/coomers and acting like it's empowering to pander to their degenerate fetishes.
if nadia anon is still around, she def needs a thread

No. 1825023

not every single disgusting porn thing needs to be made into an aesthetic. this is literally just repulsive. honestly i can see her getting her ass beat by troons for "appropriating" their "culture" with this. its so blatant that these retards are just trying to be shocking

No. 1830806

no one has pointed out that shes releasing a shitty cover of a misogynistic song that sexualises dolls
the meaning behind barbie girl is disturbing

No. 1830809

Oh my fucking God shut UP its barbie girl

No. 1830820

sage your dumbassery newfag

No. 1844351

File: 1686439391850.webm (2.1 MB, 720x1280, 34565437547.webm)

i want to put a bullet in my brain everytime she uses the baby voice

No. 1844353

File: 1686439512195.png (295.61 KB, 723x895, 23454325435.png)

samefagging to post this photo as well, but here's another great addition to your collage. what the hell even is this

No. 1844796

File: 1686516976585.jpeg (60.21 KB, 750x989, 5DDB7741-33E4-47AF-B66B-643EF8…)

Alice is planning to remake CC songs with different production. I get it may be difficult for her to perform the original CC songs but she should honestly just let it go, imagine Alice Practice with that baby voice and Jupiter’s horrible production kek

No. 1844801

wtf she sounds retarded or on something
have no idea why her shtick is healing from trauma but she just keeps picking at old trauma. she's just so fucking lame and money hungry now its insane

No. 1844822

good lord is she talking like that because of the fillers??
This is 100% jupiter's idea, he wants the CC shekels kek

No. 1844891

Serving heroingranola

No. 1847279

jesus fucking christ. she was gorgeous, she absolutely fit our beauty standards to a T. And somehow manages to mangle her face. She deep down hates herself and hung out with too many trannies who have a very distorted view of femininity and obsession with plastic surgery. To think getting too involved in e-girl tumblr influencer shit and playing the victim all night regressed her so badly lmao

No. 1847364

File: 1686891521147.jpg (22.25 KB, 474x413, sahartabar.jpg)

LOL(unsaged shitpost )

No. 1847399

She was beautiful before and now she looks beautiful in an alien kind of way. I think some of you are overreacting. She’s getting older and her face was going to change anyway, so she might as well have changed it in a way that makes her happier and feel more comfortable.

No. 1847405

Problem is anon that this "change" is a result of poor to no healthy coping mechanisms. She thinks she needs these destructive surgeries and modifications because she is running away from her trauma and wrinkles I guess. No amount of ageing will fuck your face up like this. This is irremediable and she'll have to live with this "new cute in an alien grimes uwu baby way" the rest of her life because she is surrounded by enablers and degenerate trannies.

No. 1847477

I would agree with this, but her changes and fillers just don’t suit her and unfortunately she doesn’t have anyone around her that will tell her it’s just too much. If she allowed herself to age, I’d still think she would still be a knockout. Beautiful people become beautiful older people. She really didn’t need all the filler or whatever she’s doing to her cheekbones. She already had them. There’s nothing wrong with subtle work, but it’s going way too far.

No. 1847538

Well it’s done now, so no point lamenting over her old face, it’s history.

No. 1847581

File: 1686930262578.jpg (Spoiler Image,38.36 KB, 600x883, amanda-bynes-getting-ready-vid…)

She looks like Amanda Bynes in that weird crackheaded video she posted a few years back. Spoilered for OT

No. 1848070

what the fuck is this. why is she talking like that..I can't stop watching it. I remember watching vidrel and being surprised at her voice being somewhat deep.

No. 1848279

It feels like the reason she changed her face is because she associates her features with this time in her life when she was still being raped and abused by Ethan. Maybe she just wants to feel like a different person or like she is the one in control of her body. It’s sad and she wouldn’t be the first woman to have extensive plastic surgery because of past trauma at the hands of men. It’s so fucked up what scrotes do to women.

No. 1848612

I never considered this but I think you're right, I think she wants to change her appearance but also wants to be recognisable as Alice Glass for career reasons so we get Catwoman Alice Glass as some sort of happy medium. Even people in non abusive relationships typically do an image change (most commonly a major haircut) when breaking up.

No. 1848615

Also samefag watching her facial movements here she has nearly the same expressions as an autistic influencer I follow, idk if that plays a part in how everything has gone but I know neurodivergent people are typically easier "victims" for narcs which is probably why she took so long to escape from him.

No. 1848666

I thought the facial movements were just her on drugs trying to be sexy but you could be right, some kind of neurodivergence would explain a lot of her behavior

No. 1848668

Samefagging nvm I thought you were talking about the expressions in the baby voice video not the old one

No. 1848679

>i follow some autist on instagram so i bave the credentials to diagnose Alice as such

No. 1848877

lmao she is not retarded, she was physically, mentally and sexually abused by a moid almost twice her age. That alone would fuck anyone up and make them *~neurodivergent~*

No. 1850170

File: 1687285797008.png (260.73 KB, 720x894, 56346534633.png)

i wonder if alice is salty over her name not being one of the main events at this festival in miami while grimes is kek

No. 1851894

Oh for sure she is kek

No. 1856313

File: 1688182021094.png (133.65 KB, 320x426, 432454353452345.png)

i really hate posting this, but wtf? i despise ethan so much for corrupting this beautiful woman.. however at this point im not even sure if its entirely ethan to blame. the amount of cosmetic surgery shes had on her face over the last 5-10 years is actually insane.

No. 1856314

File: 1688182060037.png (553.3 KB, 960x720, rgd3j21ew79b1.png)

No. 1856317

samefagging to add that i blame LA culture for a lot of this honestly. wasnt trying to absolve ethan of his crimes.

No. 1856370

i think a lot of it is LA culture and specifically the circle of plastic surgery addicted troons alice is surrounded by. it was the worst social circle she could have ended up in after what she went through. ethan broke her self esteem and gave her body dysmorphia, and she probably wanted to change herself as a way of moving on from her past. then she meets these trannies who act like getting their jaws shaved down and all these things is no big deal, and moreover, that womanhood is an aesthetic performance and that there is a right and wrong way to be performing it. alice's style used to be more tomboy-ish but now she's performing sexualized bimbocore ddlg hyperfemininity in those weird leather outfits and dresses like an actually female clone of lulo. it feels quite inauthentic to her but i think she has no real sense of self atp and she is terrified of being irrelevant among this new generation of musicians so she will hop on whatever cheap trend. it's so sad that this is where someone who used to be so effortlessly beautiful and unique has ended up

No. 1858141

holy shit nona, couldn't have said it better. you're spot on

No. 1898753

File: 1694797811120.png (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 670x868, whatthefuck.png)

spoilered for the absolute jumpscare that is that makeup, good lord

No. 1961768

Jupiter Keyed was being sexual with my friend who was only 14 at the time. He’s almost 50. Alice knows and called her an attention seeker.(needs screenshots)

No. 1984308

File: 1712756792188.jpeg (50.61 KB, 720x925, IMG_0208.jpeg)

necroing because there is new milk

alice was either cheating on jupiter (or they are open or something?) and really cringe screenshots are going around of alice sending sexts to a hardcore stan, who runs an alice fan account. some people are saying the fan is underage too, but they said they’re an adult so it’s unclear
this thread has really cringe videos and audio of like alice moaning that she sent to the fan

No. 1984311

Hyperpop sucks and every female alt musician is a Sophie plastic sugary abomination now. Troons viral moidery infects everything, it hits critical mass, and triggers a huge die off in anything interesting resulting in stagnation in art and culture. Her, grimes, Caroline polachek, doss, plus all the actual futchy artists becoming theys it is so bleak that there are no arts and culture for women by women, everything caters to either straight or gay moids. Thanks fags.

No. 1984321

That page doesn't exist, plus this isn't milk.

No. 1984439

Non-milk and OT I find it fascinating Doss is also Talk To Animals from the indie days. Man, what a shift.

No. 1984441

imagine being so dead inside you read anon's picrel and say "no milk" like did we read the same screenshot, that is so unhinged and inappropriate to send to a fan/interact with a fan that way, especially as someone who has been abused herself

No. 1984448

File: 1712798005613.jpeg (34.28 KB, 680x450, massimo-dalema-69740c3a-5c1b-4…)

jail. jail for both

No. 1984473

File: 1712807137602.png (216.88 KB, 747x632, lllz.png)

did anyone archive this? seems the OP deleted it because someone on reddit insisted it was fake and others on twitter notified her, but they didn't post an explanation or proof, just claims that any videos are edited and "the victim isn't a victim".

No. 1984475

File: 1712807254917.png (71.69 KB, 888x830, zl.png)

No. 1984483

Dude, you couldn’t have uploaded the stuff on twitter before it got deleted… fucking dumbass newfags I stg

No. 1985514

i saw the videos before they got deleted and they were very clearly alice’s voice. i was going to archive when i got home but i’m retarded and they got nuked fast. the only thing that got posted was the audio and not the visuals but the person who posted it said the audios were from nsfw videos of alice masturbating and talking about abusing and manipulating the other person that were very clearly identifiably her

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