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File: 1469481984412.png (239.32 KB, 645x320, Capture.PNG)

No. 159476

Marina Joyce -

She is scared out of her mind in her most recently posted videos. There's obviously some drugs involved, forced or otherwise, but she seems to be extremely scared of whoever is behind the camera.

A few months back she posted a picture on Facebook of her and this sneaky looking dude. She does not look comfortable in the photo.

A video titled "Date Outfit Ideas" (advertising a lolita clothing store) has a scene at the end where she spins. You can visibly sees bruises/handmarks on the backs of her arms in this video and she is absolutely petrified of whomever is behind that camera.

No. 159477


"Date Outfit Ideas"

Acts strange throughout the video, the pure fear start at the 1:00 mark.

No. 159478


"Question and Answer"

At the start of the video she addresses claims that people have told her she's "changed".

At 2:58 she's talking about eating healthy and she says "and rubbish foods aren't even tasting of good", she's having trouble talking.

3:54 she's talking about her favourite band "Safety Suit". She glances to the left, audibly gasps, her face drops and she never picks up the sentence again. She ends the video abruptly while staring wide-eyed at whatever has come into her view.

No. 159479


"Every Day Make Up Tutorial"

4:30 mark onwards it sounds like a car and she appears to look out the window. She looks quickly back at the camera and starts talking much faster. She seems nervous.

No. 159480



This is the first video I saw. At the 00:20 mark she states that she will be reading quotes, looks to the right, raises her voice and repeats exactly what she just said, as if someone told her to do it again. She does this a few times throughout the video. At 2:45 she's talking about how her lifes storms have been so brutal and she wonders why people have to hurt each other and the ones who love them and she bursts into tears.

No. 159481

I honestly can't tell if everybody is just blowing this up or there's seriously something wrong with her.

You sure she isn't just taking drugs? The abuser theory is fucking scary.

No. 159482

File: 1469482922798.png (44.28 KB, 620x342, Capture.PNG)

As far as I know several people have called the police who will not do much in terms of investigating beyond saying "yeah we'll look into it".

If you look at Marinas videos a few years back you can see she is much difference. I don't know if she started taking drugs and then got mixed in with the wrong people and one of those people is abusing her but it is looking likely. She is at the very least being told exactly what to do. There are some more strange videos on her youtube channel


Her friend (AlishaCat, seen in the Date Outfit Ideas video) has apparently also declined steadily over the last few months. Somebody commented on one of her videos on concern for Marina. Her response was slightly telling.

No. 159483

start in /snow/

No. 159484

Someone posted a comment on one of her videos asking her to draw a heart on herself and post a picture if she needs help. Two days later she posted this picture to her insta


No. 159485

File: 1469483082277.png (782.74 KB, 601x571, Capture.PNG)

Forgot to attach picture because dumbshit

No. 159486

In the date outfit ideas vid she whispers help me around the 13 sec mark

No. 159487


Rundown of all the weird shit, one handy article, not link heavy

No. 159488

Amphetamines can make people bruise more easily and severely

No. 159489

Amphetamines also make people scared of things that don't exist. I'm not saying she isn't in trouble but she is either on meth or she's gonna be the next Rachel Bruno.

No. 159490


her eyes look like she's either fucked up on some next shit or scared of something

No. 159491

Holy shit, 3:36 you hear a slam or a door closing and she seems shaken up by it.

This is really quite creepy.

No. 159492

People have been wondering if she's been abused and forcibly put on drugs

shes definitely on something though. her arms and hands are far too animated & she makes random heart signs with her hands constantly.

No. 159493


1:27 she has her hands up throwing the V sign at the camera, she's smiling. Then suddenly she gets nervous and moves to the left, as if whoever is behind the camera is telling her to move. Watch carefully how the people in the background react when this happens.

1:49 whoever is behind the camera says "turn around right here" and she twirls immediately.

2:14 she is posing in front of a Marilyn Monroe statue. I'm pretty sure she thinks he's taking a picture. She still doesn't look comfortable. The man behind the camera says "Can we" and then that part of the video ends.

No. 159494

Oooooooor she does those videos with her boyfriend to afford the drugs ?

No. 159495

Who is this person?

No. 159496

This is really creepy, is there anything we could do?

No. 159497


Please god post youtube links in the youtube section so that it appears as a video instead of just a link.

If she really is being abused don't support her abuser by making us click and give views.

No. 159498


Embedding for convenience~

No. 159499


Also this one too…

No. 159500


Video number 3!

No. 159501


Here's the 4th one.

No. 159502


And finally number 5. Now we won't have to give them views, at least.

No. 159503

literally who

No. 159504


I looked at her videos and while the case is creepy and haunting she isn't necessarily a lolcow. Something fishy is happening with her but it isn't milk nor funny or entertaining.

No. 159505

It's pretty clear that whoever this bitch is she is just on speed. She has a festival wrist band on in her latest video. She has just been doing drugs pretty heavily for sure

No. 159506

Wasn't she assaulted by Sam Pepper while she was drunk? She talked about in a video and made it seem like it didn't affect her, but that just doesn't seem right.

No. 159507

This whole thing vaguely reminds me of chip-chan in some weird way.

Honestly, I'm not getting the whole kidnapping vibe. Has her shooting location changed at all? Like it seems she has her own room with loads of things and is in a house somewhere.

But in >>159487
It says she wasn't at her last specified location and had moved 3 months ago?

I think she may just be struggling with some drug abuse and possible mental illness, possibly in an abusive relationship as well.

I read that in her latest video people were giving her the advice to draw a heart on her hand if she's in danger, but if her boyfriend/abuser/whatever has control of the channel I can see him reading the comments and making the responses for her.

No. 159508

I agree that she's on speed, talking at the speed of light, repeating herself constantly, super skinny, etc. Even when amphetimine users aren't high, they're still jittery, have weird tics, jumpy, etc. (I know someone who abuses adderall and they're jumpy as fuck and do this weird whistling tic between words.) The only thing that's off are the huge bruises, but if she goes to raves and shit, that's probably why.

No. 159509

At 0:18, just after the finger points her back into frame, she shakes her head 'no'.

She does look like she's using meth, and she does look like she's being controlled - both.

No. 159510

I think it's both drug abuse and domestic abuse. Since Venus' story came out I don't doubt there will be more situations come to light.

No. 159511

Holy shit, gun laws are really tight in the UK. That rifle is not normal and although I only know Aus laws, I cannot believe it is allowed to just lay around like that.

That may be an in, for reporting concerns to the police by a UK-based anon.

No. 159512

it's not normal to have a gun lying around in the UK. for sure she's on drugs but it's not an either / or thing.

No. 159513

In the pull thread someone posted a screenshot of someone asking Marina's mom on FB if she was ok. Her mom replied that she was fine and that she was the one recording the date outfit video. I'd post the cap but I'm on shit mobile atm.

Mom could be covering up for the drug abuse which is clearly stringing out her daughter and the pointing/prompting could be her trying to help Marina stay focused in the video (since it seemed like she was super out of it and barely knew what was going on). The shitty editing of these videos could be Marina being too fucked up to do it properly anymore, or her mom or boyfriend trying and just sucking at doing it.

The bruises are really sketchy though. She could be feasibly getting them from raves/festivals. If she's going into mosh pits she's going to get the fuck beat out of her from being so tiny. The ones around her elbows looks like she was grabbed roughly, don't know about the ones on her back.

Hopefully it is NOT an abuse situation. Drugs suck but it's better than her being abused by her bf. Surely her mom wouldn't cover up something like that.

No. 159514

Sure, but she does whisper "help me", and after the finger touch (which yes, could be anyone) she shakes her head "no". Also the framing is so weird; she's having to put her body into the frame awkwardly, even on her knees, rather than the person following her with the camera. Of course a mum could just stuff up the framing - but then Marina could get her to change it. She looks more relaxed when she's with the other girls but most abusers will behave themselves / behave differently in company. If her mum's involved she's just reinforcing whatever Marina's bf is up to.

No. 159515

UK anon here, where's the vid with the gun in it? I could send a tip to police, if y'all think it's a good idea.

Also have you considered the possibility that she could be acting strange just for attention? The mother saying she filmed the videos sets off alarm bells in my head. She could be faking it for more views? Just a thought.

No. 159516

am i missing something or are people getting really imaginative with this? i've been watching the videos but all i see is a girl on speed repeating herself and stuttering a bit. she's probably dealing with some kind of mental illness. at least, that seems like the most reasonable explanation for this kind of behavior. do people really believe she's been kidnapped? on what grounds?

whole situation is spooky regardless, gives me chip-chan vibes

No. 159517

Well, she does have some heavy hand-shaped bruising and look like she's being held at gun point most of the time.

No. 159518

Mosh pit bruises would be on legs and exterior of arms. Her bruises are clearly hand shaped and indicative of someone pulling her roughly. I honestly don't how you could bruise yourself on the back like this short of a really nasty tumble in the stair (and she would be bruised elsewhere too if that was the case).

No. 159519

File: 1469520630509.jpg (61.25 KB, 1200x667, shotgun.jpg)

it's from the link posted at >>159487

"in her "every day makeup tutorial" video, you can visibly see some type of shotgun or rifle near her dresser starting from 1:43"

No. 159520

I can't speak for other anons but having used drugs myself, I have no doubt she's on them. But this appears to me to be a domestic violence issue as well. Her bruises are not normal. Being on drugs doesn't exclude something bad also happening to her.

If I have to guess, I'd say she and her bf are deep into drugs and he may be dealing or similar (the gun). I think he's taking the proceeds of the channel, and is making her work on vids bc she wouldn't otherwise due to being fucked up on drugs. Whether from the drugs or the violent bf, she doesn't have much of a future unless she gets out.

No. 159521

>She could be faking it for more views? Just a thought.
She is definitely on hard drugs, I recognise it. And she's on them all the time which is why her skin and pallor are fucked.

No. 159522

Woah this girl? I remember watching this video of her's back when and being sick at how much mascara she put on + how sloppy it is.
She dated VeeOneEye from what I remember, too. Lol

No. 159523

at this point the whole venus situation isn't funny anymore either but we still talk about it

No. 159524

when i was a drug addict, i had pretty bad bruises a lot of the time because i wouldn't be walking completely normally and would bump into walls/objects and not remember it later. the one on her arm looks awfully like a hand though…

someone on PULL posted not too long ago that they have met her several times and that she was high every time. they believe she does hallucinogens and MDMA weekly

No. 159525

There are definitely drugs involved, not sure if its meth since meth is super uncommon in the UK. Its possible the drugs and some sort of domestic abuse has also triggered a mental illness from manifesting very visibly.

Either way there is something up with her and it seems like her friends and family are enabling her or just don't care. Its also suspicious her mother filmed some of these videos. She must have noticed the strange behavior.

No. 159526

her parents most likely know she's having drug problems but what parent wants to admit that to thousands of strangers. it's a given they'd deny it when it's still in the early stages (early stage of being too heavily into it. i'm sure she's done drugs before this but it's getting out of control now)

No. 159527

Then why not get her some help instead of recording her tweaking out for thousands to see? Its suspect

No. 159528


That's true but difference to this is that Margo is a lolcow. She is a milk fountain and therefore provides some kind of twisted entertainment.

I don't know about you but for me these videos have something haunting in them. She doesn't provide milk and even though she and her mom says she's alright her behaviour and bruises tell completely other story.

Worst case scenario is that her channels are monitored by someone who's abusing her and her mother is in it and covering it up.

No. 159529

In her video with her boyfriend, they say a 1:12 they had their first date the night before. An annotation then pops up saying they had been dating for months prior. Then at 13:10, when asked where they met, they say a "secret place". Something is very off.

No. 159530

This was 5 months ago and you can tell she's strung the fuck out in this. The first half of the video is her rambling on about how something terrible happened to her, and she can't even express it to people. Then she starts bawing her eyes out about how she's such a good person and how lots of terrible things have happened to her.

She's been on heavy drugs for awhile imo

No. 159531

The way she goes on in this makes me think what she experienced were some bad highs.

No. 159532

File: 1469530222485.jpg (604.42 KB, 908x2316, marj.JPG)

In her most recent Twitter pic uploads (even the screenshot from her lolita dress video) she's focusing behind the camera.
I can understand some selfies being taken with the pop-out displays so you can see if it's a decent shot but even in the pic with the supposed ex-boyfriend, she's still looking at someone/something else.

It wouldn't make sense to upload so much stuff with bruises showing, her clearly whispering "help me" without editing it out or clearly acting shaky/fearful so often if it was at gunpoint because that's simply a pure give-away (unless her bf is completely unaware/special needs of some sort).
I can't explain the bruises otherwise though, one looks distinctly like a handmark bruise from being grabbed too hard.
Yet at the same time with the rifle and pills, I can't explain why they would be left out of the open so blatantly.
Is it a new bf perhaps?
Surely they would be internet savvy to at least search her name, thus leading this individual to the results asking if she's alright?
And even while recording you can see she's completely "off" so why bother uploading such footage in the first place?
Are they not checking the view-finder/even looking at her?
Surely if so, then she would be editing in which case this apparent abuser would also see her uploads and call her out to fix the footage and re-upload or delete the content flat out.
This is extremely weird.

No. 159533

In 'date outfit ideas' isn't her mom the woman whose walking into the house at the start of the video? im sure ive seen a pic of her mom before and that woman matches? so how could she be filming the vid?

No. 159534

It looked like a guy's finger to me pointing from the side of that video honestly.
You can spot it near the beginning of the video

No. 159535

i think alishacats response is really suspect.

she didnt say marina is 'fine' like everyone else seems to. she just says "if anything was ever going on with marina, know that she's got good friends and a mom who really cares about her"

marina also hasnt mentioned her boyfriend at ALL lately. the first and only video he's purposely put into is the boyfriend tag and she's gushing about him. not one mention of him again.

No. 159536

If you go back 7+ months and watch some of her videos you can tell she's sober. She can form complete sentences, looks a lot more relaxed and laughs/giggles a lot less.

It makes my stomach turn watching her newer videos. She's high as fuck and just rattles on about nothing and looks so relieved a few seconds before the video ends. I really hope she gets some help. It's shocking she can't even realize how obvious it is to everyone else.

Also my heart hurts when I see people in the comments innocently asking if she drank too many energy drinks, or had too much coffee.. They have no idea that she's strung out on amphetamines.

No. 159537

they probably still think they can control this themselves somehow. not uncommon for parents to be in denial when it comes to their children having drug problems especially when they're overly concerned with their public image.

No. 159538

People in the comments were speculating it was her rape, which makes a ton of sense tbh

No. 159539

File: 1469531624019.png (230.86 KB, 799x947, ,9e9e.png)

if you look up "hakuna matata rave" on UK google all of this shows up

No. 159540

Bulimia cheeks as hell.

No. 159541

She walks away with her arms crossed too, like she's upset about something.

I doubt she's being held at gunpoint tbh, that seems a little ott. However I do think drug and domestic abuse is happening which is heightening her fear and just general being high as fuck on something. I also do think there is some mental illness surfacing, most likely from whatever traumatic experiences she's been talking about

No. 159542

The shaking her head 'no' thing looks more like she's just flipping her hair to the side. I used to have a fringe like hers and that hair flip motion becomes a habit after a while, to keep it out your eyes.

I'm torn between thinking she's making it up for the views, and believing that she is in an abusive junkie relationship.
It kind of makes sense that the shoddy editing with the bruises etc could slip out - assuming the abuser is tweaking out of their mind too. I had a friend who was on hardcore drugs, and people REALLY lose their grip on reality. The abuser probably wouldn't even realize how bad the shots of the gun, bruises, her deer-in-headlights expression look to the world.

Whatever's going on, I hope she'll be alright. It's extremely weird that her Mom and friends are downplaying all this.

No. 159543

samefagging but the forest hakuna matata rave took place in a secret location in london in august 2015. if she says they met months before the december bf tag video this could fit. the rave being held at a secret location would also explain why she says it's a secret place or whatever (or she just doesn't wanna say it was at a rave lol)

No. 159544

File: 1469532465501.png (231.71 KB, 1366x768, mj1.png)

Posted on the PULL thread linked in >>159487

No. 159545

File: 1469532502080.png (45.58 KB, 874x542, mj2.PNG)

No. 159546

I just found out about this girl and I'm so concerned. I would have initially just thought it was drug use but all of the bruises on her arms and back? I hope she's okay.

No. 159547


did this person make any comment on all of the bruises she has?

No. 159548


not a one. some form of domestic abuse going on here. either from a partner or a family member. the ones on her arms look too much like hand-marks.

No. 159549


She has the one finger nail painted in these two vids. I mean it's probably nothing but hopefully if she is in an abusive relationship she uses a signal like this

No. 159550

this child seems to know nothing about lsd. you don't get addicted to it, and you don't turn into a haggard mess with fucked skin and afraid of everything.

it's speed that does that, or industrial quantities of real mdma, or other drugs that smash you.

No. 159551

If she takes drugs she interacts with dangerous people. So the bruises aren't a surprise. Doesn't have to be an abusive relationship. Who knows where she is getting enough money from to buy so many drugs.
Whatever is going on, she needs help.

No. 159552

yeah, exactly. I don't think it's a kidnapping, possibly abusive relationship + drugs but not necessarily.

No. 159553

Lol i think you guys are all exaggerating she is just on speed lol

No. 159564

honestly people who think she was kidnapped are embarrassing especially all those losers on youtube going "DRAW A HEART IF YOU'RE DYING MARINA"

No. 159578

File: 1469543324893.jpeg (157.74 KB, 750x820, image.jpeg)

Here is the screenshot of one of Marina's friends talking to her mom.

Her mom says there are "issues" but that she's "got it under control." It really sounds like Marina has an addiction problem and her mom is trying to cover it up.

No. 159584


Having a bad case of drug addiction is as serious as domestic violence. Who knows if there's both. We don't obviously know what's going on but that kind of behaviour isn't normal and she should seek help. Be it rehab or safe house.

No. 159616

It's difficult to watch her recent videos. But I honestly think people are trying to find anything that would fit the description of abuse after noticing the bruise when abuse may not be reason at all.

I don't think she's being abused. Mostly likely she was handled roughly one time at a rave recently and it left the bruises you see in the latest video. Noticing one instance of a strange bruise doesn't mean she's been abused on a regular basis, guys… And inb4 "oh she posted that Insta heart pic to indicate she's in trouble" - that doesn't necessarily mean her fears match with reality i.e. she could be hallucinating (drug induced mental illness) that there's a troll trying to hunt her down and kill her, and ya'll are taking the heart post as an admission of being domestically abused. And with this, >>159493 it's probably a case of her boyfriend knowing she has issues and needs help filming when she's high off her tits: and I honestly don't know what I'm supposed to be looking out for at 1:27 with the people in the background - they're reacting how anyone would if they knew they'd be in some randomer's video ho is flailing their arms about.

After seeing it happen to a family remember of mine when I was a kid, I would be inclined to believe that heavy drug use is frying her brain and possibly inducing symptoms of schizophrenia and/or psychosis - if it hasn't gotten that far yet, she's not far off it. It certainly would explain the paranoid stares and the rapidly changing behaviour as would it explain her mother's response in >>159578 especially if it's still relatively early on and if she hasn't had Marina psychologically assessed yet - probably believes Marina's behaviour will go back to normal if they just get her off the drugs. Regardless of what's going on, Marina shouldn't be making videos right now and her mother should damn well know better than to push that on her (even by assisting with videos) while admitting she has issues.

No. 159632

all of these clothes are 100% horrible milanoo-tier shit, the lace and fabric look awful.
even as skinny as she is, those floaty empire-waist tops make her look huuuge.
it does make me feel–I guess–optimistic that she has friends with her in this video, though. you'd think that if she was being abused, one of the first things an abusive/controlling boyfriend would do would be to cut her off from her peers.

No. 159635

File: 1469553944766.png (53.61 KB, 684x377, marinachosen.png)


That stuff about having spiritual delusions would explain the bizarre tweet she made a couple of weeks ago.

No. 159644


If you look at videos from alishacat(the girl with the harry potter tat), she seems to act similarly? She's not as nervous/jumpy but is very spacey with a everyone-love-each-other-world-peace sort of attitude. She is also very open about pot use, so who knows what else she does.

While I don't think Marina is being abused, they're definitely into drugs of some sort.

No. 159650

Not that anon, but Alishacat acts very calm and spacey while Marina is very highly-strung and has quick behaviour changes while eyeballing things around her. I don't know how you think they act similarly at all…aside from the random hand gestures. They're clearly both drug-users, but are on different drugs altogether.

No. 159655

The thing that gets me is the video where this girl is in London walking around and you see her being told to move by whoever is behind the camera and her looking upset while people stare and near the end hearing a male saying "can we"

No. 159658

I don't think it's anything, but her two most recent tweets are just recycled from months / over a year ago. You can find the same tweets if you scroll down her twitter long enough.

No. 159663

i agree with you on the bruises. it's actually not so uncommon to end up with bruises in weird places if you party a lot and take lots of drugs. hers look like somebody just grabbed her really hard, maybe she fell over. similar stuff has definitely happened to me when i was still going out a lot. and this instagram comment some random person left even mentions her being at some rave and being totally out of it to a point people were looking after her. not saying domestic abuse is impossible, but definitely less likely.

this would also explain why she's showing her bruises so freely. she's too fucked up to really think about this and it's also not a big deal to her because they're party bruises.

this story actually makes a lot of sense to me and reminds me of people i know or knew. london has a huge party scene and drugs like speed, mdma or even crystal are fairly available and affordable, even if you're not hanging out with "dangerous" people. and a lot of people are fine doing this recreationally on weekends. but some just get stuck on this "partying lifestyle" and then start using daily and on their own and become a mess. especially those who have some issues and don't have "normal" jobs. like, from what i understand, she's doing youtube for a living, meaning she can stay at home all day and record videos. and she gets paid for this. these are the perfect conditions for someone like this.

yeah, watching her is scary, but tbh, it's pretty clear that she's on drugs and her perception of herself and her videos is skewed by that. i assume the people who started those "omg she's being kidnapped and held at gunpoint!" rumors were likely her teenage fans who might not be so aware of what a person strung out on shitty amphetamines looks like.

also, i'd believe that her mum actually did help her film some of her videos like she claims. i mean, let's be realistic, her mum probably doesn't quite "get" youtube and might have been trying to help her strung out daughter with her videos, by giving her random directions from behind the camera and telling her what to do. or if it wasn't her mum, it could have been her bf or a friend. she only looks so "scared" because she's high and super irritable because she's mostly been awake for ages and is hearing and seeing things.

No. 159675

At the 1:30 mark she answers the question "Where do you see yourself in the future?" with saying Peru because she wants to go on an iowaska retreat. So that at least comfirms she knows about/wants to take hallucinogenic drugs. Her behaviour strongly suggests she's already taking them, so my moneys on she's just a high-strung, out of controll hallucinogen junkie who gets banged up when she trips balls.

No. 159678

tbh,she's deffo taking drugs but i dont think shes being abused. i mean yes, she could be, technically, but the 'hints' in the videos arent rly convincing to me. it makes sense that her mother or a friend are helping her film videos, and her weird behaviour comes from the drugs. the only thing i cant explain to myself is the gun riffle just randomly lying around in a video. maybe its a toy gun, but, why would she have a toy like that tbh? idk thats the only thing i cant get behind, especially bc in the uk gun laws are rly strict. other than that i only thing shes abusing drugs and tbh theres not much we as viewers can do(speak english. don't fill the name.)

No. 159702

The gun seems too intentional. Honestly everything seems way too intentional. I hate to assume this but it feels kind of like she knows what shes doing. Like us blowing up over this and giving her attention is exactly what she planned? Maybe I'm wrong.

No. 159710

Philly D talked about this whole situation in his newest video

No. 159713

Was about to post this.

I'm in the camp that she's high in most if not all of her recent videos and the person filming (her bf or friend) is probably also high and they're just fucking around. Plus if she does have a drug problem she probably doesn't see her actions on videos as strange and hasn't noticed the quality of her videos dropping.

The bruises I'm not sure what to say about but tbh, if she was being abused and her abuser was the one filming/controlling everything, don't you think they'd edit that out? Like if they're that smart at controlling her channel and social media they wouldn't let something that obvious slip.

No. 159716

thanks for the imput there, nick

No. 159719

I might just be looking at this through nerd tinted glasses but I honestly think she's schizophrenic. The speech difficulties, awkward stiff movements and paranoia are all total red flags to me. Her bruises look as if she's been restrained. Poor girl. :/

No. 159720

File: 1469571360488.jpg (275.89 KB, 508x950, 123412.jpg)

Starting to see this in my twitter feed now. Some creepy shit going on, that's for sure.

No. 159722

i think most already clarified she already had the cat emoji before that. but now people are tweeting at her to 'like' their tweets if something is wrong and she can't talk; https://twitter.com/chaeyeonly/status/758046860640653312 she liked this one

No. 159731

This is getting ridiculous, next it's gonna be; Marina follow me on twitter if you need help, Marina donate to my patreon if your in trouble…

No. 159732

You can get addicted to the feeling of any high, including marijuana. I know people who take way too much LSD, MDMA, and Robo, and act like her even when 'sober'. It's like how if you take LSD or MDMA regularly you have to keep upping your dose to escape a dopamine crash and doing serious damage to yourself. Considering she was raped, it wouldn't surprise me if she was taking cocktails to escape reality and that she's fallen in with a brutal crowd. Bruises come with drugs.

No. 159733

scarce uploaded smth too

No. 159735

I'd like to put forward that the bruise on her arm could just be someone grabbing her arm when she was about to fall over. I had a massive bruise on my wrist from helping a friend up once, it looked like someone had held me in place by my wrist. Not sure about the ones on her back.

No. 159737

She's trending on Twitter right now…hope she gets help if she needs it.

No. 159746

But she has bruises on her both arms, back and chest

No. 159751

File: 1469576074134.png (123.05 KB, 519x559, marina1.png)


Apparently some girl got in contact with an old ex of Marina's and, according to the convo, he said she has (undiagnosed) schizophrenia, but won't get help for it.

I'm personally taking it with a grain of salt as 1) he isn't named 2)he admits he hasn't spoken to her in 4 years and 3) twitter convos can be easily faked. But thought I'd upload the screencaps to let you decide for yourselves.

No. 159752

File: 1469576116426.png (140.02 KB, 522x560, marina2.png)

No. 159754

I refuse to believe any grown male would use 3 crying emojis

No. 159755

File: 1469576488407.png (36.48 KB, 584x265, oops.png)

Here's another drugs and raves claim from twitter kek

No. 159756

If he's into the UK club/rave scene, it's not that odd to use the three crying emojis. Chav and black twitter are basically the same thing, you just have to pick the most bearable slang.

No. 159757

If he's her age, then he's about 19 too. Not too far-fetched imo esp if he used to hang around with her and her crowd way back when.

A good few people are coming forward saying the same thing.

No. 159759

File: 1469576844998.jpg (8.73 KB, 329x131, twitter.jpg)

yeah, she totally doesn't do drugs…

No. 159760

File: 1469576863452.png (102.04 KB, 600x613, morningrave.png)

Samefag to say now she's inviting her Twitter followers to some morning rave (6:30am) next week in London.

No. 159767

Twitter is wild with this. People are speculating that its some sort of trap set up by whoever is abusing her to hurt people who want to help her.

Also not sure if this is recrnt, but jfc she is on some shit

No. 159768

That's this video >>159675

No. 159771

They've updated. Apparently they're may be a shooting around they area she was telling people to meet her?

No. 159773

This girl has just done too much acid and molly. She's not scared in these videos, she's twacked out. Idk how many people here are in the edm scene or know people who are but I've seen this kind of thing happen a lot. When you're going to edm events like every weekend lots of people fall in this cycle of just progressively taking more drugs, and for people with latent mental health issues it can get really bad before it even reaches a level of obscene drug use.

i think her ex boyfriend is right, tbh. she looks really geeked up and paranoid in these videos.

No. 159776

People on twitter are saying that, but I don't know if they have evidence or it's just an assumption based on the rise of attacks in Europe. Luckily, regardless of whether it's something dangerous or just a girl on drugs, most people seem to be planning to stay away.

No. 159777


keep in mind East London is also the "rougher part" of London

No. 159778

In that write up they updated with pics of Marina showing off her bruises from 2014 and crying about needing urgent help, then tweeting she's fine and don't worry after people called the police.

I really think it's mental illness/drug abuse/wrong crowd, not an abusive boyfriend.

No. 159781

Stuff I'm taking from twitter:

People are bringing up the fact that apparently there's a gun in one of her videos?

Marina has apprently added a cat face, hearts, a drawn on heart etc into photos and bios on request to show that she's in trouble.

People are uploading videos where she repeats the same sentences again and again.

I can't view her likes (i think because I don't have twitter) but some people have tweeted that they don't correspond with what she's tweeting.

No. 159782

Read the thread, every single point that you listed has been mentioned already. It's not even a long thread, lord.

No. 159783

hey "person who knows" why did you delete your post?

No. 159784

I think that's because London was said to be targeted next after the murder of the priest in Normandy.

>I really think it's mental illness/drug abuse/wrong crowd, not an abusive boyfriend.
Whatever it is, it's all going to come out soon. Now that people are linking it to all sorts of crimes, the police are probably going to show up and start asking more questions than they did before.

No. 159785

There is some people saying she is a conceptual channel / conceptual art channel, only intended to creep. Something like Poppy and DHIS.

No. 159786

now would be a great time for her to come out and say it if it is because people in the UK are calling the cops on this meetup

No. 159787

I feel like if that were the case, her channel would've started off that way instead of suddenly segueing into weird shit after all this time.

No. 159788

Reminds me of that channel that started off in the early years of youtube where they hired an actress to pretend to be a normal girl in her videos then slip into a spooky cult thing. Lonelygirl or something?

No. 159789


Lonelygirl13, wouldn't surprise me if this was a similar thing

No. 159790

this is too creepy. i don't think it's like lonelygirl, she was genuine up until this point with fan meet ups and stuff. The theory of a drug addict boyfriend abusing her and her also being on drugs seems likely. Both out of it and thats why the hints are slipping through

No. 159793

Just because I felt it's wrong to name and shame. I have reported him to the Cambridge police for investigation but I doubt they will do anything.

No. 159794

I wonder if anybody would even want to do that again though because didn't the actress get backlash for getting everyone worried? People would be pissed as hell if this was a stunt or something. I'm leaning towards drugs or mental illness. If it was an attack, I would have thought they'd just do it instead of being sketch about it and potentially warning people off. I don't know though, it's just a weird situation all round.

No. 159795


Not sure tbh, btw she was actually called lonelygirl15. My bad.

No. 159796

File: 1469581880971.png (39.49 KB, 579x325, update.png)

Take this with a grain of salt because people all over twitter are using this shit for likes and idk what's true here tbh

No. 159797

Don't mention the "P" word

No. 159799

this is so fucking invasive ugh

No. 159800

File: 1469582766776.png (69.46 KB, 549x611, john scarce.png)

It's about to get even more invasive because some youtube channel says he has info and hes gonna do a video about it. I thought it was strange. If you have info about something getting this much attention, would you really wait? Or even tell youtube at all? He looks like he's chasing views

No. 159801

Bitch is on MDMA. It's the most accessible drug you can get here in the UK, that and weed.. you know… as far as illegal drugs go, they're the easiest to get

No. 159802

samefagging but he just said she was okay

No. 159803

shit's made its way to tumblr now.

No. 159804

The funniest part are the accounts tweeting breathing techniques for panic attacks over this

No. 159805

The rambling, the wide vacant eyes…. Guys she's speeding. There is no one behind the camera, it's obviously on a tripod, she's just strung out as fuck. Everyone's trying to make it so much deeper than it really is. In her q&a video she also goes on about rubbish food not tasting good anymore, a side effect of speeding

No. 159806

Scarce did a video a few hours ago about the situation and was going to release his normal video tonight. He's just going to update. So he's actually already done a video haphazardly, now he's saying more information will come with his scheduled release. Nothing weird there, he gets plenty of views. My favourite guy for drama coverage because he seems like less of a dick than the others.

No. 159807

idk about backlash, but the series is actually continuing sometime soon with the same actress

No. 159808

What is the difference? Twitter feminists already defined it is abuse and the gun in her room is to abuse her

No. 159809

I saw another tweet claim the police had been to her house 5 times already, just today. idk how true that it is but i believe it with how psycho people are.

i feel like this started out as general concern within her fans/ viewers, and just escalated to people using it to get attention

No. 159810

Oh god, they always have to do their own fucking thinkpieces about news and the inevitable REBLOG TO SHOW YOU SUPPORT HER

People are having panic attacks over this? I'd understand if you actually went to the meetup and then heard the theories but damn, just from reading about it?

No. 159811

>just escalated to people using it to get attention
There were people on twitter claiming they were at the meetup and telling stories about it even though their locations were on and it's not even 3am in the UK yet. Embarrassing.

No. 159812

They're having 'panic attacks' not panic attacks.

No. 159813

From what I've gathered looking at messages from her friends/boyfriend, she's not being abused or kidnapped. She's just a raver with underlying schizophrenia that took waaaaay too much LSD, triggering psychosis. It's entirely possible that her boyfriend was trying to help her film her latest video as she's deteriorated to a point where she's unable to film it alone. It's also dumb how people are freaking out over the 6:30am meetup thing - she's quite clearly talking about the morning rave that she posted about before. Morning raves are a new trend. The fact it's called 'Morning Glory' also indicates that she's been at least interested in psychedelics, as this is the name of a psychedelic substance.

No. 159814

apparently the ip address she posted the party meet up tweet under was based in california not the uk

No. 159815

>indicates that she's been at least interested in psychedelics
Yes, she wants to go to Peru and take psychedelics. Please read the thread.

Is /snow/ usually filled with so many morons, or is it just that this is gaining an unusual amount of traction because it's trending?

No. 159816


eh, bullshit. That's happened with me, despite living in the UK myself

No. 159817

File: 1469583480565.jpeg (106.9 KB, 1125x871, image.jpeg)

Just incase you need it anon

No. 159819

Oh god how I hate those attention seeking kids, the whole twitter feed is infested with such utter aids

No. 159820

Thanks fam, Marina is a word that triggers me ever since I saw a sailor misgender a boat.

No. 159824

No. 159825

Wwwwwwww i rate it

No. 159826

Wow ok someone broke my quick reply dayum my bad guys

No. 159832

Just look at her fucking facebook statuses.


The bitch is just fucking crazy

mental illness + drugs = Marina

No. 159833

It seems a bit tasteless to me to use the crying emojis when talking about an ex-girlfriend's possible schizophrenia. Even if I had a bad breakup with someone, I wouldn't treat it as a joke.

No. 159837

File: 1469584605580.gif (9.61 MB, 600x246, wtfih.gif)

>oh right yeah she has genuine schizophrenia
>she will never get help ahahah

No. 159838


The laugh/cry emojis are probably more toward the situation than the fact that she's mentally ill. this guy probably can't believe people think she's been kidnapped.

No. 159839

her instagram bio now has a link to "h.e.lp.com"

No. 159840

thats just how the current gen communicates

No. 159841

File: 1469585076713.png (14.01 KB, 401x157, uh.png)

Isn't this her instagram?

No. 159842


Don't trust the comment, it was apparently changed on her 'back up' account.
screenshot here:

No. 159843

Soooo a fake account.

No. 159844

File: 1469585306047.jpg (49.91 KB, 675x1200, CoVg_TOUsAA-EEm.jpg)

This is an image board, you know. Post pictures, don't link to them.

No. 159845

File: 1469585323956.jpg (30 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1469585230833.jpg)

From a friend who knows one of Marinas best friends.

No. 159846

File: 1469585344307.png (518.32 KB, 807x469, chillguys.png)

Jesus christ her fans are extreme.

No. 159848

>right marinas alright right
This interrogation technique is A+

No. 159849


Isn't that her brother on the left?

Man, the internet is WILD tonight

No. 159850

I'm pretty positive this is just a case of cute girl parties too hard and gets addicted. Like, for all we know she's just strung out and acting weird as a result.

No. 159851

File: 1469585618598.jpg (28.55 KB, 552x799, FB_IMG_1469585571743.jpg)

Continuation of the convo w her friend.

No. 159852

File: 1469585657004.jpg (12.07 KB, 546x350, FB_IMG_1469585575089.jpg)

These are all from a girl I'm friends w on Facebook btw

No. 159855

So the one thing I do find odd (that isn't just "might be drugs") is the fact there's obviously at least one person helping her out with her videos.

1. It's indeed her mom, who's trying to delude herself into thinking she's still fine.

on one hand plausible, on the other, it's odd that even people close to her would just be a-okay with really sketchy videos like that uploading to youtube, when it's so glaringly obvious she's off her rockers.

2. Abuse boyfriend

Possible I guess, but most signs to that can be explained by the drugs she's probably addicted to.

3. Kidnapping

Nah fuck that one, no way.

Basically my point is that even if she's just a girl who's gone into the abyss of drug addiction and can't function anymore, how the hell is she still running a youtube channel with nobody getting her to just stop.

It's not like she makes decent videos anymore, it's more like an anti-drug PSA at this point.

No. 159856

Even her older photos have dramatic comments about her being held hostage or something on them. No wonder this blew up, the conspiracy theories are insane.

No. 159857


First, learn to censor your friend's name from your picture.
Second, learn to reply to your previous posts to make it seem more coherent
Third, go and be a filthy casual someplace else, you aren't contributing anything groundbreaking.

No. 159859

File: 1469586245623.jpeg (105.5 KB, 1125x763, image.jpeg)

Yup the internet is crazy with the conspiracy theories tonight- twitter is really getting out of control with this shit…
A ski mask reflected in her eye, supposedly being worn by her kidnapper/ camera guy. The same mask was in the background of another video.

No. 159861


It's actually a teddy bear in the background but everyone keeps saying its a mask.

No. 159862

While amusing to see happening, some of the 'evidence' is really stupid.

At the same time I disagree with people who just brush this off as 'meh no big deal" because that girl needs help.

No. 159863

File: 1469586430952.jpg (55.44 KB, 600x337, CXBubt-WEAAQJ1i.jpg)

Her boyfriend has that meth user kind of look to him

No. 159865

>casually wearing a ski mask in case people see you in the reflection of your victim's eyes

I know people are worried about her but so far I've seen theories about her boyfriend being a serial killer struggling with love and a kidnapper taking over her youtube channel. Can we not have less serious theories?

No. 159866

File: 1469586482181.png (266.05 KB, 491x927, sfdsafs.png)

Maybe she has schizophrenia and still wants to make videos because she enjoys doing it, and a family member/friend is helping her with them?

Her FB statuses are seriously nutty…

No. 159867

The "bars" on her bedroom window looked like vertical blinds to me but everybody is using them as proof of abuse

The police are supposedly telling callers that they're already looking into it. I hope people chill a bit because they're tying up the lines.

No. 159868

soooo what's going to happen at the bethnal green "meetup" in about 3 hrs?

No. 159870

Was her Facebook just deleted or am I the only one getting an error page..?

No. 159871

Not sure why ppl think lonely girl got blacklash. It made the series very popular, it used to be the most watched YouTuber back in the day before pewdiepie.

I doubt this is as legit as a web series using YouTube as a platform. Just a girl who is on drugs and people now notice.

No. 159872

Goddamn that's some crazy shit.

And I heard the schizophrenia theory a lot, though the internet loves it's armchair diagnoses so I'm taking it with a grain of salt.

Regardless. even if a family member is helping her out, why? Like okay it makes her happy but without any context her videos are creepy.
Like I don't think it's not possible, but something just feels very off about the situation that isn't her just having a bad trip and/or mental illness.

No. 159873


It seems the area is going to be filled with police, or so says some twitter users.

I'm chalking this down to Marina is just a 19 year old kid with depression and maybe schizophrenia who is just going too hard on the uppers to cope with her depression.

No. 159874

I feel so sorry for her. Imagine being so vulnerable and already confused about the world and now you have thousands of people globally hounding you. Must be unimaginably hard to take.

No. 159875

Many men would like to have such manly jaw like hers.

No. 159877

Ah yes I almost forgot I was indeed on lolcow

No. 159878

>if a family member is helping her out, why?
& they must have seen the various comments. Why would you continue making vids that just make everyone think Marina is being abused?

It's pretty early in the UK. She might not even be awake rn. Imagine waking up to this.

No. 159879

Not just you, looks like it's gone.

No. 159882


Farmer from the UK here.
It's 3:35am

No. 159883

I don't even care about this chick. Why am I staying up until 4am to read about her?

I laughed

No. 159884

Exactly, it's impossible for them not to have noticed all the comments etc. that have been happening for a while now.

Why still help her make these videos? Why not issue any sort of statement other then a vague "she's fine".
Why not in her recent QA video just have her say "oh yeah I'm doing fine btw I'm just having fun!" or I don't fucking know, but at least something.

No. 159885

File: 1469587101452.png (599.93 KB, 1124x645, still up.png)


Nope, her FB page is still up

No. 159886

>Why am I staying up until 4am to read about her?
Are you me, anon? I never followed this girl on anything, but I'm so intrigued by this.

No. 159887

The comments and tweets are cringy af

It's drugs. It's clear she's big into the rave scene. I don't doubt she's in a constant state of high and coming down. (You're dumb for like two days.)

No. 159888

I know those feels anons I am just staying up to see what happens at 6:30am I feel like something could happen

No. 159889

Or like make a seperate video addressing the rumors? All she would have to do is say "I'm fine, I'm just tired, thank you all so much for caring about me"
No true youtuber would miss a chance to make that juicy clickbait

No. 159890

I have no clue why I'm reading all about this either, I just figured out about it like an hour ago

I don't even know who this lady is tbh

No. 159892

That mascara is horrifying.
I know the discussion is on something far more serious, but this girl's makeup, hair and clothing choices hurt my soul.

No. 159893

File: 1469587363408.png (342.14 KB, 850x372, 231523.png)

Guess she has multiple accounts…this one seems to be gone:


No. 159894

Even all the post from her real life friends are so vague "yeah she's fine".
You'd think at least one person would just go "she's abusing drugs but we're all there for her" or something?

And like you said, just one video or even a tiny bit of it, addressing the concern, would have been more believable.

No. 159895

I heard something about possible bars on her windows, but I'm not sure what that would prove.

I have bars on all of my windows, and I can assure you I'm not being held captive and forced to make youtube videos.

Of course, I just found out that this lady existed today so maybe there's some reason that bars on her windows would mean something?

No. 159896

File: 1469587561114.png (434.12 KB, 520x385, blindmag.png)

Got that blind mag mascara going on…

No. 159897

File: 1469587577143.jpg (17.28 KB, 480x240, Vertical_127_light_filter_blin…)

I thought they were blinds

No. 159898

They probably are, idk

Either way, it still wouldn't prove much of anything

No. 159899

https://twitter.com/MPSEnfield/status/758128513841004545 local police have visited her and say shes fine

No. 159901

I've spent so long in this thread that I'm starting to believe everything. I'm down the rabbit hole.

No. 159902

File: 1469587700306.jpg (54.08 KB, 750x422, marinajoyce3.jpg)

Look like bars to me, and they're only on window which is strange

No. 159903

That is weird

(sorry for not replying directly, I don't know how)

No. 159904

Kind of wish she was below 18 at this point, at least then she could have gotten help outside from her family that's obviously just ignoring some shit.

No. 159905

If she's mentally ill like her ex believed, they could be to stop her falling out.

Click the number of the post you want to reply to.

No. 159906


Thank you so much

No. 159908

They're absolutely blinds. It's pretty normal to have blinds in some windows and not others.

No. 159911

No. 159912


Joke. But the police aren't gonna do shit. A controlling relationship would be very easy to hide, although I'm surprised they didn't book her for obvious drug influence.

No. 159913

they could. personally I'm of the opinion that she got into drugs further and fell in with the wrong crowd, but that's just me. My thinking is, if they were for her protection, why wouldn't they also be on the other second story windows? idk, that's just me, but I feel like there could def be some serious abuse

No. 159914

True, but why only one window?

I mean it probably has nothing to do with her current situation but I'm just questioning their blind placement choices

No. 159915

If you look through the replies of that tweet, people are saying it isn't the real Anonymous.

No. 159916

She could get sectioned under the Uk mental health act due to all of this media attention. Theres a celeb journalist from The Sun (the uks main tabloid) tweeting about this cause he lives in Bethnal Green. Its going to amplify over the next few days and could fuck her up forever tbh.

No. 159917

No true Anonymous account would be feeling sympathy for left-wing Bernie Sanders.

No. 159918

Me neither but a youtuber getting kidnapped, drugged up, and forced to make promo videos for sleazy chinese companies would be fucking amazing to see unfold.

No. 159919

Unless they actually see abuse, there's not a lot they can do if the victim says nothing happened.

No. 159920


Even if they did track her down, must be a rude awakening to have your door bashed down by police at 3:30 am

No. 159921

the blinds on the left windows are closed, and please learn to fucking reply.

No. 159922

And all because you went with blinds instead of a nice curtain

No. 159923

Yeah I'm kind of worried about the aftermath of this for her.

However it's not like there hasn't been any chances before this to have somebody say SOMETHING to clear this mess of a girl up.

No. 159925

Y'all are dense af. They're in ALL of the Windows. That one window is just open blinds. If you look in all of them they're vertical blinds.

No. 159926

>>159903 last part was meant for >>159921
but I was slow.

No. 159927

Oh ok

Sorry I'm tired XD

No. 159929

Believe the local PD >>159899 over 'anonymous' >>159911

No. 159930

Im annoyed with her supposed friends like this could further fuck her into psychosis but they are claiming "its not their place to tell" well they clearly do not give a fuck about this going mega internationally viral and permanently fucking her up forever.

No. 159931

File: 1469588385787.png (71.25 KB, 619x313, 2395ew.png)

Definitely bullshit, that account is full of crap.

No. 159932

I love you.

No. 159934

I"m amazed that nobody from any direct source has just cleared things up at least a bit.

I mean after all that police stuff, there has to be at least someone going "maybe we should post a statement" to calm things down?

No. 159935

Right? This is just gaining more and more attention. People are already all over her instagram accusing her and her family of all sorts

No. 159937

Her mother's view has been posted upthread

No. 159938

It's 4 AM there, I doubt her friends/family/boyfriend are awake to realize what's happening

No. 159939

File: 1469588663337.png (305.93 KB, 837x448, pancakes.png)

It's 4am and I don't know whether people are being serious or not anymore

No. 159941

The one where she mentions helping her out with videos? Because that's still a shitty fucking statement.

I know but I mean the police has visited already. Obviously she and whoever else is with her, is awake. They have to be noticing the worldwide trending hashtags and probably thousands of notifications right?

No. 159942

Please keep posting updates about all this… I have no idea what's going on at this moment

No. 159943

So when did all of this speculation start anyway

No. 159944

This seems like it could be legit, but on the other hand everything seems like a reach at the same time.

No. 159945

she's going to a 6:30AM rave and her favourite food is pancakes. She's probably buying some to bring.

No. 159946

File: 1469588852031.png (129.09 KB, 527x528, shitstafon.png)

Everything is real and nothing is

No. 159947

samefagging to point out I'm joking and I don't believe she's been held by a serial killer struggling to balance the power of love and his desire to kill

No. 159948

Would make a great story though

No. 159950

Ok, so I think the "meetup at 6:30 AM" thing is related to this: https://www.facebook.com/events/171163923298116/

She tweeted about it and linked it right before the other one.

It's just a weird morning rave. She didn't mean, "let's meet up at 6:30 tomorrow morning", she meant, "let's meet up the morning of this rave so we can all go together". Makes more sense.

No. 159951

I don't believe for a second that that's a cry for help, but it's creepy regardless.

No. 159953

Everyone knew that, but she said she was planning to meet people beforehand which is pretty much a meetup.

No. 159954

where was this posted? I can't find it

No. 159957

have none of these detectives on twitter considered she might be taking the piss, now? to be honest i think she just really likes stimulants.

No. 159958

I think she is really fucking fried.. I don't think she is being held captive by anyone. Her sense of reality is completely altered. People making it seem like she's being abused is probably fucking her up. They're probably making her think that she is in actual danger when she really isn't. This type of shit has happened before.

No. 159961

Let's be real anon, this is waaaaaaaaay more fun.

No. 159965

I screenshotted somebody tweeting about it in #savemarinajoyce but I don't know if she actually tweeted and deleted. I'm just seeing the theories unfold fam

No. 159966

File: 1469589200550.jpg (63.18 KB, 768x960, CoVpcO9WYAAWnA_.jpg)

No. 159967

As she lives at home i imagine her mother is now well aware of what is going on and probably has been contacted by friends/family, but from her statement about Marina she seems to in a slight denial over her daughter's mental health and probably thinks sweeping this under the rug while bringing Marina to her twice monthly psych appointments is going to fix everything.

It wouldnt surprise me if it was on mainstream brit tv news tomorrow because its fucking snowballing so much. Now I work in mental health services but this whole situation is annoying me so much because it is most likely going to fuck her up permanently.

No. 159968

Who was the original tweet by? Cause people are making up some wild shit.

No. 159969

Didn't the local police literally just visit her…? I'm more inclined to trust their twitter than this girl's.

No. 159970

I hope all of this is being blown way out of proportion

Also, I'm so interested in this that I can't stop reading about it, but it's also seriously stressing me out so I probably should

No. 159973

There are no recent reports of a body being found in the Thames. Next.

No. 159974

lol what. So in the span of an hour since the police visited her, she was killed, her body was dumped, and then discovered? okay.

No. 159975

Ugh a psychologist I'm friends with would tell me about how parents will just drop off their kid thinking that they don't have to do shit to make sure their little Jonathan will function well.

But I agree this shit is going to mess her up even more. I feel kinda bad but at the same time this is really interesting to see happening.

No. 159976

People are just starting to make up rumors for attention… This isn't even funny and people aren't taking it seriously. Even if there is no abuser, you can tell this girl needs help

No. 159977

the fuck is this girl's damage? Marina just wanted to meet her subs and prove she's 'okay' and that she 'hasn't changed'. It's not like it's an exclusive meet, it's at a rave.

No. 159978

File: 1469589561488.png (58.5 KB, 584x255, marina.PNG)

Can anyone confirm this?

No. 159979

Well here's what went down. 7 months ago she met her boyfriend at a rave. Fast forward 4 months. She left her parents home to go live with that boyfriend. The boyfriend is a drug addicted scumbag. They frequently took drugs and it turns out Marina had schizophrenia. So now her brain got fucked. Her disgusting scumbag boyfriend couldn't handle the way she was behaving so he started abusing her. She was making subtle cries for help because he was on her case 24/7. Now the police have located her. Her boyfriend will be arrested. He will serve jail time.


No. 159981

Yeah, I'm They. We definitely did it.

No. 159985

who is 'they'? The local police have already said she's fine. And what's someone in Cali going to do about a London meetup anyway? These people are insane.

No. 159986

This is unfortunately an incredibly common thing, but the longer her mother stays quiet about this and pretends her lovely daughter doesnt have a problems the worse this is going to get. My prediction? She is going to end up sectioned under the UK mental health act by the end of this week.

No. 159987

Source for that?

No. 159988

Thanks, They. We really appreciate your dedication.

No. 159989

How stupid are these people the event even says August 3rd

No. 159990

wasnt this IP address actually just twitters IP address?

No. 159992

Honestly I think it'll be for the best. Even if it's 100% just drugs and possible mental issues, people are most definitely enabling her which is just as bad as abuse.

No. 159994

I pieced all the evidence together. This is the only logical conclusion. She does have access to her twitter and youtube. Her boyfriend was probably fucked up on drugs too but not fucked enough to take control of her social media accounts. He knows what he was doing. Probably felt a little guilty but could not control his outburts.

No. 159996

No. 159997

Stuff like this has me so salty because this has gone pretty south since it hit social media this hard. Twitter, Tumblr, and Youtube ran with this and are dumb as hell. Even inferring the dead body is related is so attention-seeking.

No. 160001


You know it's like a week away, right?

No. 160002

Don't enter your name and email, dumbass.

No. 160003

This could have been prevented if one of her supposed friends of her mother just fucking admitted that Marina has a serious mental illness instead of this speel of £um its not my place". Theres a bloody Sun journalist on about this.

No. 160004

People are so fucking weird on social media. It's all about who cares the most or who gets the news first.

She's meant to be meeting people in two hours

No. 160006

Scratch that, my mistake. The people are showing up in two hours lmao

No. 160007

She said she's doing a meetup before the event. The event isn't until next week. Idk how people got that it's happening tomorrow in their heads

No. 160008

By not trying to make it worse, they made it a whole lot worse

No. 160009

The problem is her mum wasn't aware of what happened to her. Her boyfriend was hiding what happened to her or was just so fucked up himself he didn't even know how bad she had gotten. Remember they were taking the same drugs.

No. 160010


No she isn't…she's referring to an event on august 3rd at that time. People just can't read.

No. 160011

If I were one of her friends at the beginning of this whole ordeal, I could see myself not wanting to air my friend's dirty laundry to the internet.

At this point it's pointless to remain silent though

No. 160012

The 6:30 meetup is on August 3rd before a rave it's been said a bunch of times now

No. 160014

Which is why I corrected myself

No. 160015

File: 1469590330556.png (42.85 KB, 476x547, marina.PNG)

No. 160016

'I will put details soon FOR THE DAY' by beforehand, she means she will meet up at 6AM rather than 6:30 etc.

No. 160018

This girl was interesting initially, but I'm honestly getting so much entertainment from how stupid social media is being about this. Post anymore claims like this or theories these people make up.

No. 160019

Because good friends dont tell your personal shit to strangers? I'm not trying to whiteknight but shit you guys aren't entitled to every aspect of someone's life, whether they're a private or public individual.

No. 160020

i'm sure the local police are going to love dealing with a bunch of idiots wandering around by a tube station at dawn

No. 160022

god damn idiot i hope they have pokemon go or something because they've just wasted a trip at ass o'clock for nothing.

No. 160024

I honestly don't think we'll ever top serial killer/dedicated lover

but these ridiculous people believe she's being raped by her family and held hostage by her boyf so spilling a few beans is probably the lesser of two evils

No. 160026

>>If my friend is having a fucking freakout, then I'm going to protect their privacy. If they become a fairly widely-trending hashtag, maybe it's time to sacrifice that to diffuse the situation.

No. 160027

File: 1469590526175.png (37.45 KB, 584x236, Capture.PNG)

No. 160028

I mean it in the sense of protecting her against herself.
At least one of her friends must have noticed the amount comments (before today) asking if she's fine.

I'm not saying they should spill the beans, but maybe get in contact with her, tell even something as trying to get her mom to post a statement. Fuck if I know. It's better then people saying she's fucking dead and lying in the thames river.

No. 160029

bethnal green is always busy early morning. if anything people are gonna be pissed that they're a bunch of weirdos hanging around while they are on their way to work

No. 160031

Everything is fine. As in she was taken away from her abuser I hope.

No. 160033

File: 1469590665466.jpeg (106.75 KB, 1125x920, image.jpeg)

For anyone who is unable to sleep tonight - the internet is here for you. Let's all get through this together #savemarinajoyce

No. 160035

I don't trust sydnaenae. She doesn't have a twibbon to show she truly cares.

No. 160036

If you were holding someone captive against their will you would have to be pretty fucking stupid to show the house they're being held in, even if it's for a split second. Video was uploaded 4 days ago; concerned friends and family would be all over that shit immediately unless they were compliant to whoever was keeping her hostage. Though I agree that it almost looks like she's taking cues in her latest videos, that just might be her looking into her viewfinder instead of her camera.
I'm for the "drugs exacerbating mental illness" theory.

No. 160039

Well, if by 'abuser' you mean her drug stash…

No. 160040

No. 160043

You know, for a second.. I thought… No. the internet would never say something like this… But they did… and that is completely fucking ridiculous.. this is getting out of hand

No. 160045

There are fools declaring that they dont believe the Enfield police twitter account because it is not verified. Basically none of the UK police twitter accounts are verified though?

No. 160048


Oh jesus christ, it's ISIS now!?

No. 160049

surely putting apes in front of computers is illegal…

No. 160051

So far we have
>ski mask
>serial killer
>love troubles
I smell a romcom

No. 160052

apparently ISIS has been controlling a youtuber, DRUGGING her, and posting for her on social media… great.. what's next? the government will be behind all this?

No. 160053

I don't know, I remember a experience that I passed by who looked a bit like this. One of my friends from a day to another begin to look strange, everyone(friends, parents) thinked that he was passing through a phase, but I doubt it and I called the social service to him, in the end we discovered that he was forced to go every day to his uncle house where he abused him.

No. 160054

I'm laughing so hard right now. This situation has gotten so out of hand for a speed addicted tweaker scene kid. She just wanted to meet her fans and now it's a fucking ISIS led attack.

No. 160056

So this is kind of derailing the direction his thread is going now, and i apologize, but i just needed to ask.

I'm pretty ignorant about psychedelics/mdma/pretty much any drug except pot and opiates. If her problem is drug induced psychosis (but not underlying mental illness), will her brain ever go back to normal?

I've heard stories about people ~never being the same~ but I'm assuming that they are embellished?

No. 160057

Fucking THANKS, Obama

No. 160058

Fuck man the internet is really moving fast with this one tonight hahahaha

No. 160059

I have no doubt she wanted to meet people, try to convince them that she's okay.. But people love fucking drama and they're making it seem like it's the worst thing ever. She is just on some fucked up speed, she has no idea what reality is anymore

No. 160062

I'm guessing not.. once someone is addicted to a drug like speed, it basically kills you slowly. Your mind becomes completely fucked and you have no perception of reality. My guess is she is just super high and believes that she's in trouble..although she isn't…

And those are the effects of drugs. Stay in school kids

No. 160063

Her problem will be a psychosis brought on by drugs (rather than one caused only by drugs). Aka, if she is not medicated, she will be forever unstable, even if she quits. You can have drug-induced psychosis (like when people go crazy on PCP or cocaine), but hers will last imo. The damage has been done, she needs to get clean and get medicated.

She wanted to meet people next week.

No. 160065

Thanks for the answer anon.
Man that just makes it all the more sad to me.

No. 160067

She's just into BDSM and drugs. Seriously. Twitter is making so much shit up.

No. 160069

Her mental issues have been around ages according to her ex boyfriend, why are people still willing to take drugs with her? It's sad that either nobdy was around to stop her or they enabled it

No. 160071

You know…. I think you might be right about the BSDM part.. Never thought about it LOL

No. 160072

I had a friend suffer through a drug induced psycosis when they were around 18-19 from doing tons of psychedelics for a few years prior.
They ended up on the psych ward of the hospital for months before they were stable enough to be released again.
Now almost 5 years later they have a home nurse visit daily to ensure they take their meds, can't get a job or do much of anything because they have hallucinations daily. Basically they live scared shitless or completely doped up most of the time. Very grim stuff.
However, there was a high chance this person was already predisposed to developing mental illness later in life but the drugs sped the process along and intensified it quite a bit.
I'm pretty sure that's what's happening with this girl.. she's losing touch with reality does need help- not from the internet though.

Sorry it this is too long but hopefully you find my experience interesting anon.

No. 160073

No worries. A friend of mine suffered a break after smoking too much weed when she was 12 and now has schizophrenia. Unfortunately, it's something she will have forever.

Drugs can cause physical and mental problems if they are abused, like the Australian guy who took too much MDMA and developed a full-body tremor. Some party drugs can be fun, but you shouldn't dose LSD or MDMA more than once a month or else, well…

You see this poor girl.

She probably takes drugs with other druggies. They don't care about your come-downs, just how you are when you're high. You usually don't get this fucked up doing drugs on your own, since they require a bit of a network.

No. 160075

That was one of the first thing I thought when I saw the bruises / rope mark picture lol.

No. 160077

I see where you're coming come. I guess it would be possible for her parents & friends to know where she is, that she's alive, just not know what she's going through so there would be no real cause for alarm. Or if her mother and friends are in denial of her lifestyle, just using the old "it's a phase" justification to help them sleep.

This shit is getting outrageous. Will someone just come out with a definition of Fine so the internet can calm its tits already?

No. 160079


>smokes weed


No. 160081


It can trigger underlying psychological issues.

No. 160083

All I asked for were some more theories and we somehow managed to get ISIS. My fucking sides. The Daily Star provides.

No. 160085

Google it, anon. She would have probably developed it as an adult, but this happened when she was 12

No. 160086

at this point i think that this girl could provide any sort of proof she's ok and the idiots having "panic attacks" over this shit would still twist that she is being held captive and ISIS is planning their next big attack through her social media

No. 160089

so wait, what if a person has no underlying mental illness. could this kind of thing happen and just be temporary?

No. 160091

File: 1469592544009.jpeg (133.02 KB, 750x1046, image.jpeg)

Holy shit the fucking reach

No. 160094


No. 160096

Like I said, cocaine, heroin, pcp, ard drugs can all trigger an outburst, but those are usually fast and hard. this girl has been fucked up for months now. It's permanent. Drugs damage chemical receptors in your brain and prolonged abuse of any substance (or even one time) can destroy something necessary to normality.

No. 160097

this YMCA realness

No. 160098

File: 1469592651712.png (14.98 KB, 580x103, Capture.PNG)

Why is this the first time i'm seeing this.. wtf. What is going on then?

No. 160100

exactly nothing. she's probably asleep.

No. 160102

fucking reach for the stars

No. 160103

>What is going on then?
Just pick your favourite theory and run with it.

No. 160106

I'm going with ISIS, then

No. 160107

At this point, no sources will confirm anything. Maybe she's not the one on drugs.. and we all are…


No. 160109

Good choice. That's my favorite too.

No. 160112

It could- depending on the drug, the individual and their own experience. For example, some people feel depressed or anxious weeks after coming down from a high off pure MDMA. But they eventually get on with life and return to normal without regular use.
Other anons were mostly refering to drugs speeding up the onset of a mental illness a person was going to develop, with or without the drug use.

No. 160113

topkek. this is my favorite

No. 160114

Okay, so people say they hear 'help me' in one of her videos, but to me it just sounds like a shuddering breath

This could mean any number of things.

Second, the "bars" on her windows are actually blinds

Third, she is probably just looking at the viewfinder on her camera, not at anyone in the background

Fourth, when she jumps as someone slams a door or whatever in that one video, maybe she just wasn't expecting it? I'm pretty jumpy sometimes myself, and a sudden noise would startle most people

I happen to agree it's probably just a case of a poor girl on drugs, there's likely no abuse (and certainly no kidnapping) going on here

No. 160115

I'm torn between ISIS and ghostface in the reflection of her eyes

No. 160116

suddenly we are she

No. 160117

File: 1469593110693.jpg (31.04 KB, 419x261, when-people-ask-me-if-we-shoul…)

an ISIS member wearing a mask tbh

No. 160118


LOLwhat? Weed won't make you schizophrenic. Stop it.

No. 160119

who is also a ghost

No. 160120

we're going deep in the rabbit hole. ISIS ghosts controlling an emo youtuber on acid

No. 160122

Suicide bomber II: back for more

No. 160123

No it can't "make you" but it can trigger and speed up the onset for those who are already predisposed to the illness (genetics, etc).

No. 160124

My moneys on the babadook keeping her hostage

No. 160125

No. 160126

If you're a carrier, then yes it is possible. Rare, but possible. that's why no one talks about it

No. 160127

they're really reaching the stars

No. 160128

We can go deeper


It's the ghosts of the people that died on the tube accident 73 years ago. They converted to ISIS and now they're controlling a scene kid by giving her and her boyfriend excessive amounts of MDMA

No. 160130

Seems like the only logical explanation at this point

No. 160131

Somebody tell twitter we've solved the mystery

No. 160133

File: 1469593630478.jpg (61.9 KB, 639x938, CoWA218WEAA1E1B.jpg)

I'm pretty sure this hasn't been posted yet. I saw it on twitter and thought it was interesting. not sure if it's real.

IF it is real, i kind of think she might be taking this outrage and running with it? Or maybe it's all making her feel like she is in danger, like someone mentioned earlier in the thread.

No. 160134

Apparently it's real? She posted the tweet and deleted it almost instantly

No. 160136

File: 1469593718063.png (6.24 KB, 419x78, Capture.PNG)


No. 160139


Next thing you know they will be sending in a swat team

No. 160140

If she's actually normally so paranoid I'm sure now with this huge blowup that she must think she is really in danger/going to die/a man is going to get her or something. poor thing.

No. 160141

I'm going to feel sorry for all of the brits waking up to this shit in a few hours

No. 160142

I laughed too hard at this

No. 160143

because the "meetup" is in August lmao.
that poor dude

No. 160144

Why the fuck don't we jus call da swat on dis bitch lol aint that a thing nowdays? where those stupid ass pranksters @

No. 160145

he's fucking early
like, one week

No. 160146

Maybe she just wants to help people out by inviting them to a rave to catch a charizard or some shit

No. 160149

File: 1469594055951.png (616.96 KB, 1223x615, Capture.PNG)

Jesus christ i don't know what to believe anymore

No. 160151

File: 1469594155302.gif (1.89 MB, 500x200, tumblr_ner47cozc61saaip8o9_r1_…)


No. 160156

Could be trolling (in her mind maybe this is all a big joke who the fuck knows).. the frowning face doesn't fit well with a life or death situation imo

No. 160159

I wonder if she's actually fine and she's just having fun with this to mess with people

I know people can do things like that

No. 160161


Yeah, I was wondering the same thing

No. 160163

At this point, I think you might be right.. I feel like this is just some sort of way of getting attention. Gives me lonelygirl15 vibes. Anyone else?

No. 160166

i hate to be That Douchebag but i dont think this girl, drugged the fuck up or not, is capable of a scheme as elaborate as this (same for her boyfriend)

No. 160169

File: 1469594564192.png (341.34 KB, 498x858, jkjsbgkjs.png)

Saw this one earlier, satanic cult can now be added to the long list of conspiracies twitters come up with

No. 160171

I'm leaning more towards this now. I think she has a drug problem/mental illness situation going on, but she's seen all of this shit now and is going with it. I know I've never paid any attention to her prior to this.

but now here we are.

No. 160172

I hate to be That Douchebag but.. what if this is the next internet host…


No. 160173

When my friend didn't take her meds she'd take to social media like this, namely Facebook

No. 160174

EDIT; Hoax. not host

No. 160177

>Aliens are often code for demons in some groups

>bitch where

No. 160180

I'm so upset that aliens isn't code for isis

No. 160182

fair point. i'm leaning more towards schizophrenic whose symptoms were made worse by hardcore drug use, though, especially from everyone close to her refusing to divulge information as it's "not their place."

but it does strike me odd that police would go to her house and not do anything about her very blatant drug use, but i don't know anything about police procedure in england.

No. 160184

File: 1469594887406.png (8.36 KB, 372x132, Capture.PNG)

if you see this video don't post about it, ignore it altogether. Can't be spreading misinformation

No. 160186

Maybe it wasn't meant to be a scheme… they film and post like they always do, her brain slowly sizzling from whatever she's on, then they wake up to people asking her if she's being held captive as a pawn for ISIS.. so in a moment of lucidity (enough to quickly delete tweets anyway) she decides to fuck with people…
I do agree that it's unlikely, but it makes more sense than skimask ghost Islamic terrorist cults

No. 160187

No. 160188

Though this whole thing was kinda freaky and stressing me out at first but now it's just really stupid and these theories are dumb

No. 160190

>it makes more sense than skimask ghost Islamic terrorist cults
how fucking dare you

No. 160191

i mean, it could be. she could end up being a horrible person, but then that doesn't really explain the creepiness of her videos.

the thing that really freaked me out, in all honesty, was when she was excitedly talking about her favourite band, called "safety suit," and just stopping abruptly and ending the video. that still has me fucked up.

No. 160192


No. 160193

who wouldn't believe? it's the most legit theory IMO

No. 160194

fucking connor.

No. 160195

Someone please tell Conner he wasted his time

No. 160196


No. 160197

File: 1469595230291.jpg (42.13 KB, 672x265, kjk.JPG)

what the fuck

No. 160198

>>160169 Satanic Cult

This just in Marina Joyce is all apart of an advertisement for the new suicide squad movie in which she will be playing the enchantress kek

No. 160199

File: 1469595264828.jpg (3.88 KB, 124x125, 1465536664847s.jpg)

No. 160200

Signal boost this

No. 160201

regardless of what the true issue is, shit like this is going to suck so bad for her. just ugh

No. 160202

Is this even real anymore?

Is anything real?

No. 160203

I don't think Connor can be saved. Isis ghosts move fast

No. 160204


No. 160205

i cant believe jared leto is a part of isis

No. 160206

It's a fucking publicity stunt.

subscribers and going high as fuck

we've had more complicated/detailed arg in the past. this isn't something new

fucking hilarious this it working "oh shit it's so scary oh my god the aliens kidnapped her & the order of illuminati is controlling her"

No. 160207

I can't believe he knows aliens

No. 160208

BREAKING NEWS: Conner has now been found by the ISIS group known as the Anti-Ghostbusters. Please someone tweet at obama

No. 160209

is this what joe biden's been up to his whole time as vice president? summoning ghost isis from the dead using an unholy ancience egyptian children's card game to kidnap scene youtubers?

No. 160211

Conner is armed

No. 160212

If you changed up some words, put this shit on tumlr and added "if you don't reblog this I'm judging you", you could get 1000s of notes

No. 160213

I knew it

No. 160214


No. 160215

What if Conner is the abusive boyfriend?

No. 160216

File: 1469595577018.jpg (13.82 KB, 256x200, 1234766_623291731044588_209639…)

I know this thread started as a serious inquiry but holy fuck all these replies are killing me

No. 160218

A few hours ago I was pretty concerned about this chick, thought "oh no she might be abused, poor thing." Now I'm rolling my eyes so far back I fear I might be blind. Honestly, really? ISIS? Just another fucking raver druggie lol let it die quickly please (aimed at Twitter likewhores not you guys). If she ever wanted a real Youtube career I can't see it going much further than this.

No. 160219



Spread this like a wildfire

No. 160220

Speed makes your pupils large. Much larger than hers:

No. 160221

Its the illuminati, she's actually a lizard

No. 160222

and also a ghost

No. 160223

At least when she gets sectioned she can write a memoir about the great ISIS rave of 2016

No. 160224

what if the abusive boyfriends were the friends we made along the way

No. 160225

File: 1469595662589.jpeg (85.24 KB, 638x479, image.jpeg)

Sage because I'm a dummy and forgot image

No. 160228

Same, I was getting pretty freaked out, but now that I know what's probably going on and all of this has just gotten ridiculous, I'm just rolling my eyes and laughing at how ridiculous this is getting

No. 160229

Think of the ad revenue!

No. 160232

what if the abusive boyfriend was just a metaphor for our absent fathers

who are ghosts

No. 160233

Dammit that was worded awfully, I'm sorry

No. 160234

leave george washington out of this

No. 160235

frick I replied to the wrong thing

No. 160238

File: 1469595872628.png (15.56 KB, 435x175, Capture.PNG)

BREAKING: when asked "Where were you on the night of marina joyces youtuber career, conner sent me THIS

No. 160239

I meant to reply to >>160228

No. 160240

Damn Connor gone but not forgotten R.I.P hes with Haramabe now

No. 160241

Breaking development, Margo is recruiting a new youtube puppet through satanic rituals

She accidentally brought isis members back to life bc she didn't take into account her kappa powers

Only Conner can save us, using only his arms

No. 160243

I'll leave him out of this when he leaves the cult

No. 160244

The ski mask represents our inability to remember his face

No. 160245

Conner's cute! Just like CL

Who's a ghost

No. 160247


No. 160248

File: 1469596055818.jpg (179.57 KB, 768x768, IQ0Bn2KkjG3oVVjyE7TO8QB2exiyXD…)

>Margo lived in the UK
>Margo is looking for a new YouTube star to leech off of
>The abusive boyfriend is Margo

No. 160252


No. 160253

Nice fake Buzzfeed article.

No. 160256

Margo in a skimask behind a camera like, "WEENOOS, TWIRL!" "My name is Marina" "NO TALK BACK TO MOTHER WEENOOS"

Hell, I'd be whispering "help me" too.

No. 160257

Lets break this down, shall we?

take for account Conners name..
SIX letters.. you know what else has 6 letters? CASPER. CASPER THE FUCKING GHOST. This is all fitting together… holy fuck holy fuck holy fuck


No. 160258


No. 160259

File: 1469596317945.jpg (146.67 KB, 421x435, 1468474729022.jpg)

No. 160260

Apparently anonymous is live streaming from the area? https://www.periscope.tv/w/1vOxwpRvWLmKB

No. 160261

File: 1469596351773.png (18.64 KB, 435x175, saveconnor.png)

the truth is out there

No. 160263


Wow 2016 sure is a wild fucking year

No. 160265

spread this like a fucking wildfire.

No. 160266

but it's next bloody week

No. 160270

File: 1469596484101.png (25.44 KB, 417x227, Capture.PNG)

UPDATE: he's looking for the streamer in an attempt to get rid of him…. we have to stop conner

No. 160271

So what you're saying is Conner has travelled to the future

No. 160273

well obviously

No. 160275

connor is humanity's last hope

No. 160276

Conner is a time traveling ghost that has formed an ISIS group known as the Anti-Ghostbusters.. Marina is in trouble

No. 160279

File: 1469596705650.png (29.12 KB, 584x91, Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 1.17…)

Conner and Marina confirmed for time travelers

No. 160280

No. 160281

>conner the time traveling isis ghost

any fanart yet?

No. 160283

Out of all of the fuckery that this situation has resulted in, the people on location are the funniest to me. IT'S NEXT FUCKING WEEK. AUGUST.

No. 160284

File: 1469596799348.jpg (12.14 KB, 275x206, 1461898687481.jpg)

Holy shit

No. 160285

We're going deep inside the fucking rabbit hole..we cracked the case.. inform keemstar ASAP

No. 160286

Where is my Connor shirt at TULLECERIA?

No. 160288

I found some dude on youtube that's apparently been streaming for six hours just looking at shit about her on twitter, this is wild

No. 160289

I'm fucking dying,y you guys are so wild.

No. 160291

No. 160293

File: 1469596894330.jpg (108.36 KB, 600x800, Ghost-2.jpg)

No. 160294

Conner is the true fucking MVP

No. 160295

File: 1469596965275.png (345.17 KB, 490x528, Capture.PNG)



No. 160296

I won't buy any Connor shirt at TULLECERIA until I see some Harambe merchandise there

No. 160297

If that stands for mothership voluntary pilot then you are correct

No. 160300

does anyone have a twitter or somethin being run by someone going to that meetup in 10 minutes? i know its stupid but im interested

No. 160301

File: 1469597012075.jpg (1.28 MB, 2764x2013, DSCF2118.jpg)


No. 160302

File: 1469597025888.jpg (119.06 KB, 640x491, tumblr_oaydo878yH1u8bunfo4_128…)

No. 160303


i have so much school work to do. i can't look away from this thread

No. 160305

the meetup is next week.

No. 160306

I'm really surprised no one has mentioned the similarity in her behavior to that of Amanda Bynes or Brittany Spears during their melt downs. Particularly that video of Marina talking about 'meeting up' over and over reminded me a ton of some of the old Amanda Bynes audio.

Marina obviously is high AF in a lot of her recent videos. She probably has underlying mental disorders such as bipolar or schizophrenia. It's pretty obvious to me, and frankly it's kind of whack how deeply blown out of proportion this has gotten. Her friends and fam are aware, the authorities are aware. Let them handle it and go find something else to do for a while.

No. 160308

Wait a second…that's the same type of eyeliner Marina wears… SHE'S FUCKING ONE OF THEM

No. 160311

File: 1469597185553.png (212.88 KB, 404x272, Capture.PNG)


No. 160312

File: 1469597214346.jpg (79.4 KB, 670x377, 670px-Create-a-Halloween-Costu…)

You'll never catch her

No. 160313

Another thing is in some of her recent videos, you can see she's got lazy eye going on. This can happen when you've been up for a long time or after taking some kind of speed. Perhaps people are mistaking lazy eye as her looking off camera…

Point being: people are ignorant as shit or her teenage fans are being dumb teenagers.

No. 160315

I looked away from this thread for like 30 minutes and it's just pure, delicious Alex Jones ISIS conspiracies.

No. 160317

File: 1469597296384.png (6.03 KB, 425x65, Capture.PNG)

Conner is still there… ffs conner get your shit together

No. 160318

C'mon guys, it's all pokemon go marketing. Y'all know that.

No. 160320

samefag here. Just thought of another example - Tila Tequila. If anyone remembers her melt down on social media where she was posting about talking with god and spirit realms and yada yada… Obvious parallels here.

No. 160321

File: 1469597352855.jpg (20.34 KB, 241x243, ac2ef857f22ede5a7a9bc4632c3591…)

>you can see she's got lazy eye going on
Symbolism fam

No. 160322

Haha oh wow. No one has told him the meetup isn't today yet? seriously?

No. 160323

someone please let him know. connor deserves to know.

No. 160324


No. 160325

File: 1469597422809.png (87.06 KB, 522x487, okwow.PNG)

are these people fucking serious

No. 160327

Connor is about to get mugged for a meetup that ain't happening

No. 160329

If Connor can fucking survive it, these assholes can.

No. 160330

practice self care <3

No. 160332

And now this is the theme you must listen to as you browse.

No. 160338

So many people on twitter believe Marina is actually being held hostage, forced to make videos and do drugs. LOL.

No. 160339

Conner is in the middle of it all and these FUCKS need a breathing video… I think Conner deserves a little more RESPECT. Let's hear it for conner, the ISIS ghost

No. 160340

File: 1469597658778.gif (3.26 MB, 638x427, ghost-gif.gif)

yasss bitch turn up

No. 160341

File: 1469597661768.gif (661.06 KB, 245x138, tumblr_inline_o8dgegRrMS1srwt8…)

this is a fuckin bop

No. 160345

Too perfect.. there's for sure some creepy supernatural shit going on here.. Conner is the abusive ghost

No. 160347

File: 1469597803507.jpg (55.76 KB, 800x804, 1440555908597.jpg)

The fact that Marina is probably just sound asleep meanwhile millions of people are having panic attacks over her safety and it is now rumored she's been kidnapped by ISIS, luring people to an ambush, or found dead.

No. 160351

File: 1469597907533.png (15.62 KB, 435x182, Capture.PNG)

Mission accomplished


No. 160352


guys, I think Connor killed marina

No. 160353

ISIS loves attention, they'll probably claim they did it

No. 160354

File: 1469597968972.png (210.28 KB, 800x867, isis.png)

Shitty and rushed connor fan art your welcome anons

No. 160355

>Conner, go home
>she meant the day of the event
Took them long enough to tell him.

No. 160356

File: 1469597983920.gif (1013.82 KB, 500x281, tumblr_ndcqi0X3Qx1r3k45xo1_500…)

No. 160357


No. 160358

there he goes…the man…the legend…the recently deceased…

No. 160360

This is amazing

No. 160363

No. 160364

O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done,
The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won,
The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring;
But O heart! heart! heart!
O the bleeding drops of red,
Where on the deck my Captain lies,
Fallen cold and dead.

O Captain! my Captain! rise up and hear the bells;
Rise up—for you the flag is flung—for you the bugle trills,
For you bouquets and ribbon’d wreaths—for you the shores a-crowding,
For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces turning;
Here Captain! dear father!
This arm beneath your head!
It is some dream that on the deck,
You’ve fallen cold and dead.

My Captain does not answer, his lips are pale and still,
My father does not feel my arm, he has no pulse nor will,
The ship is anchor’d safe and sound, its voyage closed and done,
From fearful trip the victor ship comes in with object won;
Exult O shores, and ring O bells!
But I with mournful tread,
Walk the deck my Captain lies,
Fallen cold and dead.

No. 160366


Roses are red
Violets are blue
Connor, you're fucking stupid
And I love you

No. 160367

Conner is the brave soul no one dared to be, he did what no one else had the guts to do… Props, Conner. You fucking idiot

No. 160368


Start a Go-Fund me to reinburse our brave soldier for his bus fare

No. 160370

File: 1469598418369.png (312.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-27-01-46-29…)


can you fuckers post images and not links?

No. 160371

>starts serious thread about possible kidnapped emo
>ends up turning into conner meme


No. 160372


Praise the connor memes

No. 160373

>she is not there
She might be…next week…

No. 160374

Can we?

No. 160375

File: 1469598650888.png (25.49 KB, 443x274, Capture.PNG)

Conner back at it again, either fucking bythbusting all these theories, or he is the actual abuser..


No. 160378


Connors fighting Anonymous what a fucking trooper

No. 160379


Apparently this guy is live on location at Benthal Park.

No. 160380

Why are people going to Bethnal Green today? The facebook event page she linked on twitter says it's on August 3.



No. 160382

Our boy Conner keeping it 1hunny

No. 160383

No one else but conner, our brave trooper, risking his life

No. 160384

File: 1469598768245.jpg (15.63 KB, 281x350, 1466444978767.jpg)

does the 'official' anonymous twitter somehow not know the meetup is not until next week
how is this happening

No. 160385

Well I'm a britfag and it's daylight so he's either keeping the phone in his pocket or he's lying

No. 160386

I live in England (yes in the same timezone as bethnal green) why is the camera dark? Its been light outside for hours

No. 160387

File: 1469598825212.png (153.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-27-01-52-02…)


mr. insanityy was in the car! Connor confirmed for isis ghost who abuses scene kids to further his chinese clothing line?

No. 160388

File: 1469598862758.jpg (13.49 KB, 500x243, mythbusted.jpg)

No. 160389

Its a meet up between Conner and Anonymous

No. 160390


tag yourself im the car

No. 160391


No. 160392

>anonymous is acting weird
>wait…. not actual anonymous account
>we're all fuckin idiots

No. 160393

The real horror here is that people actually watch her totally vapid and boring videos

No. 160394

File: 1469598962711.jpg (29.16 KB, 480x458, ja acabou jesca.jpg)


No. 160395

I'm the distant

No. 160397

they met on grindr

No. 160400

No. 160403

File: 1469599265889.png (151.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-27-01-59-09…)


this person is also claiming to be there.

Oh Connor, why oh why won't you live stream your bravery and prove everyone else wrong?

No. 160405

Literally dead

>ISIS ghost seeking fake anonymous

No. 160406

who the fuck is connor ?

No. 160408

Conner is the selfless trooper. he's the only one not doing it for the drama. Conner cares. Get a Conner today for the low price of 3.45

No. 160409

Marina's drug dealer

No. 160410

Some random guy who went to scooby do all over the place and see what was happening

(also a ghost)

No. 160411

lurk up

No. 160412

Conner stepped up when no one else did

No. 160413

We are all Connor.

No. 160414


Hes the hero Bethnal Green needs but not the one it deserves

No. 160415

We should a strive to be as great as Conner

No. 160416

I swear to god

No. 160417

please rt this on twitter.. let's get this trending.

No. 160419

Conner is armied

No. 160421

Our Conner
Who art in Bethnal
Hallo be the name

No. 160422

File: 1469599725094.png (10.03 KB, 417x91, Capture.PNG)

It's like he's returning from the war… he acts so different.. Ever since the Bethnal Green incident, he hasn't been the same

No. 160424

Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done
In London and in earth
Give us this day by saving marina

No. 160425


Hope he at least caught a Pidgey or something god damn Connor you brave lad

No. 160426

May the British Union of Fascists return in the name of God, but also in the name of Connor. He's clearly a straight man.

No. 160427

File: 1469599834320.gif (772.82 KB, 260x221, 98765432.gif)

No. 160428

Time travel isn't easy on the body

More proof he's in the future
>No car
>Different weather

No. 160429


Damn it Conner you absolute fucking madman I love you

No. 160431

what if conner and marina and harambe are actually the same person

No. 160437

File: 1469600679260.png (213.65 KB, 500x500, shittyconnermeme.png)


No. 160440

File: 1469600969361.png (13.77 KB, 398x135, Capture.PNG)

My hero

No. 160441

File: 1469600994497.jpg (59.51 KB, 750x746, lsl8FzC.jpg)

No. 160443

My Brother, My Captain, My King

No. 160444


Honestly this sounds way more plausible than anything else

On the other hand

No. 160446

plot twist: her whole town is in on it and they're covering up for some weird ritual shit.. spooks

No. 160447


>nice cropping asshole

No. 160449


Its how i found it m8 relax.

Also, dont believe that @theanonnmessage account. fake, trying to get followers, has no idea what the fuck is even happening.

No. 160450

Don't believe that @theanonnmessage account. fake, trying to get followers, has no idea what the fuck is even happening.

Youtuber who is more credible than a fake Anonymous page.

No. 160454

just fucking read this thread and holy shit

praise connor

No. 160456

I made this thread to see if people thought the same as me on Marina.. The Conner meme-haul is cracking me up. Didn't expect this thread to blow up like this tbf.

I think if she gets sectioned its for her own good. Obviously there was gonna be some ridiculous theories, glad ISIS made an appearance here, the Daily Star gave me a decent laugh, but Marina does need to be sectioned.

I can't believe her mother is putting out things like "she's fine" and then allowing Marina to go out to raves etc. She's not even hiding the fact she's going to raves, she's tweeting/Facebooking about going to them, they're full of drugs, she obviously has a drug issue??

Maybe if she's bringing in good money, mommy doesn't care how many drugs she takes?

No. 160457

File: 1469602468951.png (366.58 KB, 1184x1316, Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 2.52…)

a call with the police about her is being uploaded but i think its just the cops saying that they already checked and they are really reluctant to send more cops back out

No. 160469

I've had psychotic episodes/delusions before (it only happens when I smoke weed too often). If I was in an episode and had tons of people asking me what was wrong, to signal if I needed help, I would panic.

When your mind is like that there's no escape and everything feels very intense. The thousands of people freaking out about this, calling the cops on her, it might be scaring the shit out of her. People need to learn boundaries.

No. 160478

Many people think she's part of some kind of cult and I'm actually kinda feeling that one because of her weird behavior and talking about god all the time. People also pointed out how her house is set up bunk style in some videos. Showing that many people living there, which happens in cults. That would explain why her family and friends confirm she's safe and has people supporting her, yet all agree on that there's private issues.

No. 160479

this sounds so scary……

No. 160480

What if she doing this for more Instagram followers remember that one Canadian girl who faked run away for more followers she was a scene kid

No. 160481

No. 160482

I would not be shocked if that were true, most of the people on twitter are using this savemarina hashtag as a way to get more retweets and followers.

No. 160483

Wouldn't put it past her she most likely making all of us think she in danger to get popular and more followers

No. 160485

Honestly I doubt it, she's been acting different for several months and her behaviors seem pretty genuine to me. She might be running with the controversy though since she's probably getting a nice chunk of change from the tin foil hats.

No. 160488

Check out the description of this video (too long to copy paste, huge wall of text about hidden Bible codes, the GOVERNMENT spying and interfering with energies by making your ears ring, all kinds of crazy shit, including this bit:

"Laminin is an atom in our bodies that God put in our bodies at the beginning of time because He knew that people would be able to discover all the atoms in the body and this is part of the periodic table aswell, there are such and so things in the Bible that are relating to the existence of Jesus Christ :3 http://s190.photobucket.com/user/rbwphotos/media/laminin.png.html "

This is one of the videos before the boyfriend tag video and she still sounds "normal" here but is going off about crazy new age horseshit. She mentions new age in a few other videos, kundalini meditation, etc.

I can't find the video but it's a newer, creepy rambling one where she mentions wanting to go on an ayahuasca trip. This has to be some drug induced ego death thing going on with her.

Or schizophrenia, the only schizophrenic I knew rambled endlessly about bible codes and the antichrist, kind of eerie the overlap in interests. But that's anecdotal.

No. 160489

One of the tell-tale signs imo is the makeup, I've found girls apply it heavier in psychosis.

Her mother admitted to giving her directions in the videos, and people say she lives at home.

Sounds like at least she's safe for now.

No. 160491

File: 1469606093143.png (80.68 KB, 565x238, 928955.png)

Yeah, I don't want to armchair diagnose but her rambling nonsensical Facebook statuses/video descriptions/comments really read like schizophrenia.

No. 160494

Also she uses this same meditation song for this video and the "CURLING WITH A STRAIGHTENER" video and maybe more. someone in the comments of the straightener video asked the song and it's a song called "Freedom" which includes lyrics "being forced" feeding into the "abusive boyfriend" conspiracy.

Also the weird ass descriptions, this one's is just "SUBSCRIBE TO ME" instead of a proper description with social media links. the "CURLING WITH A STRAIGHTENER" vid with the same shitty/unsettling music has the description "This video is about LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE".

I'm more concerned about how her mom claims she's fine but she's going out in public acting like a fucking lunatic with this dude filming? is the whole family a bunch of nutcases or what? Who is looking out for her?

No. 160496

She retweeted something a few minutes ago, but kind of weird she hasn't actually said anything about what's been going down.

No. 160497

Has the personality disorder theory already been discussed here? I scrolled down the entire thread but can't recall.

No. 160499

File: 1469607110420.png (86.31 KB, 800x184, Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 1.10…)

tweet in question… why retweet this and not tweet yourself just explaining the situation? Why does she 'like' all these tweets about needing help? who is running her account and why won't anyone close to her just fucking make a statement? Driving me crazier than the actual videos.

No. 160500

File: 1469607260340.png (41.81 KB, 589x158, 8ueghldsf.png)

No. 160501

lol loving the replies to that tweet asking her to get on a livestream, I would love to see her rambling about some kooky shit on periscope or whatever just adding fuel to the fire.

No. 160503

File: 1469607494305.png (47.79 KB, 586x162, Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 4.17…)

She's doing a livestream later…

No. 160505

Oh my god I can't wait hahaha

No. 160506

Can't fucking wait for that

No. 160507

That's some lonelygirl15 shit

No. 160509

File: 1469608020351.png (41.9 KB, 600x353, ffff.png)


No. 160510

File: 1469608217220.png (51.85 KB, 591x198, 8789235.png)

It's really weird that she's liking some of these tweets.

No. 160511

Someone has to remember to hop on and record that shit, it's going to be a strange fucked up explanations for sure

i cant wait for the stupidity

No. 160514


She also liked a comment with a pic of her legs all bruised and marked…

No. 160515

i saw the hashtag appearing in my timeline but I didn't think anything of it. for some reason the name rang some bells but I couldn't put my finger on why, and then I come to lolcow after seeing the hashtag and wow…what a wild ride.

No. 160516

File: 1469608665238.png (19.32 KB, 304x281, 88.png)

No. 160517

File: 1469608684430.png (19.45 KB, 614x126, ffff.png)


No. 160518

File: 1469608771300.png (15.58 KB, 592x115, yjhgf.png)

she also liked this tweet

No. 160519

she isn't, they tracked twitter's IP because they're fuckwits.

No. 160521

She said she would fav. all tweets and that's pretty much what she's doing (tho not anymore).

Maybe we just messed up the entire thing super biased and driven by the whole internet tide…

…or maybe someone will behead her in the livestream. :)

No. 160522

Why is even Scarce being such an autist about the 'meet me' tweet? She never said that it would be happening (today)

No. 160524

She did mention in a tweet that it would be happening today but corrected herself in a later tweet

No. 160527


People are talking bout her. I literally ne ver watched a video of her before reading about this drama and i never knew who she was before finding out about this drama.
I hope she is okay but to me this girl looks like high af weird girl with a yt channel nothing more and nothing less…

No. 160528

there's a hashtag on fucking FB now. she's probably gonna get killed now thanks to all this hype and shit. people don't know how to deal with this.

No. 160529

I just read this whole thing. Jesus fuck.

I know it's pretty much confirmed that it's a drug thing, but in my opinion we can't knock out abuse as a factor as well. From what I've seen, she's always had some sketchy shit happening to her when it comes to dudes– her thing with Veeoneye for example, when we all know his deal. And, y'know, that she's actually been raped in the past, apparently. I don't know, it seems like she falls into a cycle of co-dependency and unhealthy relationships often, due to her past. I mean, she's extremely vulnerable right now, as the schizophrenic drugged up mess that she currently is.

No. 160530

File: 1469610740351.gif (1.19 MB, 300x226, bop.gif)

It's 2:08 AM and I have to do things tomorrow but this is all so much. Who is this girl? When and how will Connor find out that the meet up is next week and will any other idiots show up with him? You know there will be statements made and celebrity reactions. I'm truly at the edge of my seat.

No. 160531

yall this is hilarious

No. 160532

Lol. Connor is the hero nobody asked for.

No. 160535

File: 1469611054461.gif (1.89 MB, 245x245, tumblr_inline_oas9l1oTZt1r01h6…)

Connor deserves a hashtag, where's his younow worry cult?

Is he home yet?

No. 160537

Let's send him breathing gifs

No. 160540

Someone contact him im so worried

No. 160541

No. 160542


No. 160543

she's crazy af.
I'm convinced she's on drugs, and that's the extent of it.

No. 160544

It's a fucking mirror

No. 160545

Asked about bruises
>It's a private story
>But she loves us
>It's a pretty sad story
>But she really really loves us

she is not okay

No. 160546

No, some one was browsing Facebook behind her, when she got up the figure didn't.

No. 160547

It's a mirror, watch it. You could see it just then when she lifted her foot

No. 160548

Yeah, just noticed. Apologies, it looked like another room because of how dark it is behind her.

No. 160550

ok so i have schizophreniform disorder (on the same spectrum as schizophrenia) and lemme tell u substance-induced psychosis is a thing, if you are already predisposed to any form of illness involving psychosis smoking weed can trigger its onset earlier in life. for me smoking weed caused the onset of schizophreniform disorder when i was 15 where was i would have probably gone on to develop it in my 20s if i hadn't anyway. it essentially just speeds up the process i guess but idk im not a doctor i just know (firsthand) that its a thing

No. 160552

Any updates from her live stream? Its not working for me

No. 160553

it seems like it's glitching pretty bad for everyone. I can't understand her

No. 160554

Nothing really. She says she's fine, won't talk about the bruises and said the gun is a bb gun.

No. 160555

She just keeps dodging questions or giving brief answers. It crashed for me, waiting for it to reload..

No. 160556

shes just been reassuring everyone she's ok, she played a song, moved the camera around the room, but someone texted her and she made a weird face at her phone. also she got some calls, picked up and said "who is this?"

No. 160557

The come to Brazil comments on the live stream have me fucking dying.

No. 160558

glitching for me too, i did hear her say she is not on drugs though

No. 160559

she also just said "I'm not on drugs" and "the bruises are "something really sad" that happened to her

No. 160560

The bruises are a personal story she doesn't want to tell
She confirms her mother was the one in the video
People keep calling her phone
She's asking over and over again for Wisdom quotes
She is refusing all drug allegations
She has only answered one question about Sam Pepper
She denies needing help
Gun is fake
"something happened to me that is a really sad story […] and I can't really explain the bruises, because the story is a sad one."

No. 160561

Someone just called her and she answered, but it's actually a friend. They are apparently crying on the other end of the phone.

No. 160562

ive found turning off the comments makes the stream work a lot better, i just used adblock to detect and block it

No. 160563

My whole beef with this fiasco is that if this girl is severely mentally ill and has been experiencing all of this trauma, why have her friends and family been condoning posting these creepy videos of her with no context? She just admitted that her mom is the one in the date video.
This can't be a form of therapy

No. 160564

iraindropsx is her facebook page, she's leaving a post up for people to comment on, same with her IG.

She looks a lot more normal in this stream and isn't talking in circles.

No. 160565

I feel like something is going on just because she keeps saying "I really do love you guys" after she's asked something bad…

No. 160566

She said she's bruise free but she clearly has yellowish bruises on the elbow area over her arm…

No. 160567

It's because she's flattered that they all care. She says this a lot.

No. 160568

Well, when you have 40k+ people calling you a liar and asking invasive questions, calling your phone, scaring your friends, I don't know what else she can say.

No. 160569

Yeah but, for example, she says it whenever someone mentions the bruises.

No. 160570

Yeah, she's actually a lot more normal than I was expecting.

No. 160571

she definitely seems completely different in this stream in comparison to her recent videos

No. 160572

Especially factoring in the police visiting her at 3AM and her friends presumably calling her all night.

No. 160573

Watching that livestream made me realize she's so obviously okay, it's not even funny. Who even started this whole "She's being held captive!!" thing and why? Even in her videos she looks fine, just annoying and wide-eyed. It was probably the drugs or her unfortunate appearance making her seem "off", or both. The gun in her room is probably also a hunting rifle, which are legal in the UK with a permit.
The amount of energy people on the internet will put into solving the non-existent mystery behind some random basic chick's YouTube videos could be used to find actual missing people. Jesus.

No. 160574

shes attributing her weird personality to the fact that she's "growing up"

No. 160575

This is seeming like a big publicity stunt more and more.

No. 160576

i hope someone is recording this

No. 160577

Oi. The internet has gotten so thirsty for drama lately that they're grasping for any sort of entertainment they can get. It doesn't help that YT has been a goldmine lately. Why do you think Fouseytube went full psycho out of nowhere? I don't think marina faked anything, I just think the internet is making something out of nothing.

No. 160578

She said the gun was a bb gun. But yeah, I agree with you…she's probably just on drugs.

No. 160580

Because she takes it as them worrying about her.
Jesus, we've had friends and her own Mum confirm she's not in danger, and she's been reassuring everyone constantly on the stream. At this point if you believe she's being held captive it's just what you want to believe out of milk desperation. She's abusing drugs and definitely needs help, but she clearly has plenty of people in her life looking after her.

No. 160582

Woops. Didn't mean to quote anybody.

No. 160583

Wait what happened with FouseyTube?

No. 160584

I've never believed she's being held captive, I believe she's probably on drugs or it's all for attention.

No. 160585

Whatever the hell is wrong with her she's doing a real shitty job with damage control. Shady, shady, shady.

No. 160586

q. "why do you have bruises"
a. "its a secret"

No. 160587

is it possible that shes just an airhead and thats why she is not answering questions as directly

No. 160588

Her Mom clearly doesn't want everyone knowing about the drug problems, she probably told her to not tell anyone about the raves - the probable bruise cause.

No. 160589

she could have given herself the bruises too. this drugged out mess admitted in some video in 2013 she used to rip out her own hair and give herself bruises

No. 160590

At this point I'm going to crack this up to be one big cry for attention from a mentally ill kid with parents and friends who think its cool to film and post videos of a sick girl. Seriously, why not just go on hiatus? What mom would agree to film and edit such a video?

No. 160591

She would've done it anyways, she probably asked her mom for help or her mom wanted to supervise.

No. 160592

that stream was just eerie

No. 160593

not to mention the stream cut out right when she said 'i'm not as happy as i could be.. there was something…'

No. 160594

she disconnected the moment she was going to say why she hasn't been as happy lately.

No. 160595

the stream was really laggy for me, does anyone know if she wrote the poems?

No. 160596

She obviously did that on purpose, since she spent the whole stream saying otherwise.

No. 160597

I'm starting to think this is some ARG bullshit

No. 160598

holy fuck isis ghosts work fast

No. 160599

i did think of that possibility as well, but i was waiting for something bigger than that to happen during the stream

No. 160600

File: 1469615610703.jpeg (177.27 KB, 1117x1441, image.jpeg)

She's in serious danger you guys.. where the fuck is Connor now??

No. 160601

1) She was playing with her before that.

2) She was also asked to do a heart on Facebook, after she was doing a heart sign.

No. 160602

My hearing isn't 100% perfect, but I was watching the stream and she said ""I've not been feeling down, I've just been - not been feeling as happy, There's something-" and the stream cut off right there.

No. 160603


No. 160604

the stream was so messy it was hard to tell if she was doing anything to signal, but i also think that an abuser or someone was watching the stream, that's why she kept announcing that she wasn't going to do those things.

No. 160605

She wouldn't need to announce, the chat box was moving so fast that she couldn't possibly read them all, and neither could an imaginary abuser.

No. 160606

Not that anon but need to quote this because there's still delusional people in this thread.


>Watching that livestream made me realize she's so obviously okay, it's not even funny. Who even started this whole "She's being held captive!!" thing and why? Even in her videos she looks fine, just annoying and wide-eyed. It was probably the drugs or her unfortunate appearance making her seem "off", or both. The gun in her room is probably also a hunting rifle, which are legal in the UK with a permit.

The amount of energy people on the internet will put into solving the non-existent mystery behind some random basic chick's YouTube videos could be used to find actual missing people. Jesus.

No. 160607


oh i see you are both landwhales so removed from humanity that you can't realize when something shady is going on.

No. 160608

Ur right it's illuminati fer sure

No. 160609

since when does being in need of help make it some conspiracy like that? there are a lot of ways it could be explained but i don't think it's just pure drug abuse.

No. 160610

Could be ISIS

No. 160611


You're not funny. Stop.

No. 160612

File: 1469617108851.jpg (15.38 KB, 400x350, aliens.jpg)

No. 160613

Oh I'm sorry, I thought we were creating fantasy backstories like an abuser able to read faster than the speed of spam

No. 160614

if i could read them i'm pretty sure anyone with a computer could too.

No. 160615

>>assuming everyone reading and contributing to this thread agrees with those bullshit conspiracies

Yeah. No.

No. 160616

File: 1469617303030.jpg (3.16 KB, 125x124, 1465484691008s.jpg)

No. 160617


FUCKING HELL, this is what happens when people are too thirsty and jump onto a bunch of fantasy drama made up by teenagers with no sense of the real world. i guess that's the problem with these adult youtubers who mainly have an audience of young girls. instead of going, "ok, she's obviously on drugs and has some mental issues, let's contact her friends to make sure she takes some time off", they jump to bizarre conclusions.

i'm absolutely baffled by the whole thing. especially that part about the "meetup". in her delusional and possibly euphoric state, she invites her followers to go out CLUBBING with her, to some lame-ass alcohol-free hippie "rave" NEXT WEEK (probably not even realizing that most of her "fans" are literal children). yeah, this was weird, but how on earth do people misunderstand a super obvious "let's meet up and go to a party together" as "OMG ISIS ATTACK BAIT!!!! don't go there or you will die!!!". these people should all get of the internet immediately, fucking hell.

The lack of rational thinking that led to this whole craziness is literally mindblowing.

No. 160618

Morning raves are all-ages events, anon.

No. 160619

gotta love the hamplanets in this thread who are angry they're not being abused

No. 160620

File: 1469617601514.png (17.76 KB, 275x275, 1461254316205.png)

No. 160621

Stop projecting and shut up.

No. 160622

Is there a link to the whole livestream I can watch apart from younow?

No. 160623

you're the one here thinking everything's fine and all right with this girl

No. 160624

File: 1469617866049.jpg (165.23 KB, 960x1280, CoXZSDAW8AAPWI5.jpg large.jpg)

She said she wasn't going to do a peace sign on stream because she's fine…. she recently posted a picture doing a peace sign.

No. 160625


And you're one of the five lonely souls who think it's not.

No. 160626

Her eyes are looking a lot more normal, peace sign aside.

No. 160627

Not a scene kid with a peace sign!!

No. 160628

Honestly kind of waiting for this whole mess to disappear just like it came into public eye

No. 160629

In all honesty, I feel like she's doing it to send mixed signals for attention.

No. 160630

She's obviously fucking with these sensationalists who want her to be abused/kidnapped so bad.
Put this shit back in the box. There is no danger here, just a living, breathing cautionary tale against drugs.

No. 160631

Yeah, I agree. Anyone who believes and is creating the shit conspiracies like she has been kidnapped by ISIS needs to get off the computer and go live a life. Honestly, anyone who has gone to raves, been involved with drugs or is friends with anyone who is recognises her behaviour: it's drug induced mental illness. Friends have come forward and agreed with drug usage being a factor while others have suggested mental illness. Her family, friends and police have come forward to say she's ok (i.e. not kidnapped/being abused) and people still won't accept that??? People are still reaching to find any "evidence" that she's trying to "communicate" that she's being abused even after this. It shows how sheltered her fans and many people chiming in are that they need a "more interesting" theory than staight-forward drug induced mental illness to discuss on social media. It's someone's life they're talking about, not the season finale of some TV drama: one day, she'll look back on this time in her life and see how many people were creating fake shit about her during this time just for likes and follows.

No. 160632

maybe, but the target group is still young adults and these events are typically designed to be a ~healthy~ version of a regular club night, not an event for kids.

what i was trying to say is, most of her fans seem to be very young and not familiar with any type of clubbing culture, drugs and partying (which is cool).

maybe i'm overanalyzing here, but this kinda stuff actually happens a lot with young youtubers and even celebrities who "grow up" and start partying too hard. their fans are usually younger than they are and see them as their older "idols" and "inspiration". this puts the idol in a pretty weird position, because as they get older, they can't or don't want to keep playing the role model and "perfect teenage girl". their interests and activities are totally different from those of their fans while their fans are unable to interpret what's going on. i think this is exactly what happened here.

No. 160634

This thread has been such a wild ride. I honestly love internet conspiracies.

No. 160637

Honestly this was a great first thread for me to read on this site holy shit

No. 160639

File: 1469622385262.jpeg (159.17 KB, 1083x1208, image.jpeg)

That you Connor??

No. 160642

Marinas mom

"she bruises easily! I bruise easily! I think it's because we're pale skinned!"

Um no.. no. Someone grabbed her, left hand shaped bruises, that's not from "falling over in the park".

Hopefully she gets the mental health help she needs. At least a rehab.

No. 160643

i'm super pale too and while we pale people do bruise easier it still takes some amount of force to have such a bruise like that. Considering im vampire white shade I feel like I know that she is clearly bullshiting. There is no way her skin would be like that without force. Falling over seems to be false too due to the busing wrapping around her arm. It really does look like someone grabbed her..

Either way, she needs drug help that i'm almost certain on.

No. 160645

I'm so pale its unreal. My foundation shade is literally called "Cool Bone". I get some serious bruises but yeah only after excessive force. I bash my shin on the side of a chair and get a tiny bruise. Non painful.

Smashed my hip, actually full on smashed it while running past, the edge of a chest of drawers five days ago and the bruise is only just fading, and that killed. It was of similar colour/size to the ones on the back of Marinas right arm. Looked like I'd been kicked in the side.

There's no way she's fallen over and got a hand shaped bruise from the landing. There's no way she's walked into something (backwards?) and got a hand shaped bruise from it. Someone is bullshitting and covering something up.

Sorry, the ISIS/Cult/kidnapped theories are dumb as shit but there is something pretty fishy going on here that Marina and her family are trying to keep a lid on. If she's having a mental break she needs to be in a hospital. If she's struggling with drugs she needs to be in a rehab.

Not behind a camera posting bizarre/creepy videos to Youtube because it's making mommy money.(This is not a personal blog)

No. 160651

i'm ghostly pale as well and i hardly ever bruise and def. not as badly as that. they're full of shit obviously

No. 160652

File: 1469625587076.png (798.64 KB, 632x639, 5792a8a15540392f77b153da85438d…)

No. 160654

The reflection in her eyes is actually her ghost from present day?

No. 160657

No. 160661

File: 1469626089606.jpg (24.9 KB, 460x276, stipe.jpg)

I suppose Michael Stipe was domestically abused too…clearly!

No. 160662

It's the government interfering. Clearly.

No. 160663





No. 160664

What I wanna know is how OP knew this would blow up into something big.

No. 160665

It didn't just start today, the pastebin thing and shit were posted 2 days ago and had like 70k views.

No. 160666

guys, what about our Conner? he got home safe?
so many unanswered questions

No. 160667


Given that she literally overreacts over everything (instant crying when thinking about killing animals) i guess she'd totally call a simple "omfg i accidentally ran into something and fell"-story as a "sad story"

Stop reaching.

No. 160668

Double posting but just wanna add there's a bunch of shit from the stream on Twitter that isn't in this thread if anyone cares. She seems freaked out af, but I've got no horse in this race. Just gonna wait & see.

No. 160669

I'm a brit who posted here in the early hours of today when it was still mostly legit debate and working shit out but since the ISIS reach it's all gone to shit. Y'all are killing me with these replies

No. 160672

Did anyone record the stream?

No. 160676

Someone uploaded it onto youtube.

No. 160678

I still stand by my earlier idea, she's not so much being abused as being enabled by her mom and friends.

I'm glad she seems fine in the livestream and all but those fucking meet-up tweets after she woke up are just stupid.

No. 160683

Kinda weird at 10:20 when she read out loud "If you're not ok, say hi to everyone's who's joining" then said "Hi, everyone who's joining!" literally a second later.

No. 160686

She has schizophrenia. Anyone with schizophrenia that does hard drugs like acid is going to have a hell of a harder time with it.

No. 160687

She could have been reading out different comments judging by the tone: 1) "Why do you whisper? Ehm" 2) "If you're not ok…Ehm"(trails off) 3)"say hi to everyone who's joining" "HI EVERYONE WHO'S JOINING!"

No. 160690

yeah that was kind of bizarre? i guess she could have been just reading off the comments but still wtf why

also at 11:00 a commenter pointed it out her cough sounded like help me - i though bullshit but after another listen it kind of does. the pausing is a bit awkward too.

No. 160696

This shit is so wild. Also did our m8 make it back safe.

No. 160698

Bros thinking she liking certain tweets means anything:

She will like any and all tweets sent to her. Even if they are one-word tweets, or tweets in other languages. It's likely done automatically to create the appearance of interaction.

Go check for yourself. She literally has more likes than she has tweets https://twitter.com/marinajoyce7

No. 160700

If you dig a bit, she even liked a few tweets sent by creepy foot fetishists, so I think her likes should be taken with a grain of salt.

No. 160701

If she is schizophrenic, she may be trying to signal that she's in danger because she believes she is, but in reality isn't. I don't know much about schizophrenia, but paranoia seems like a common part of it. I've seen videos of multiple schizophrenic people (like vid related) talking about how they're targeted by various government agencies, were victims of MKULTRA, being controlled by superior beings, etc.

It's quite sad.

No. 160703


Hey dude did you miss part where less than a minute later she says she's didn't mean to do that and says she's safe? Also is using the heart to signal that she's SAFE. (She probably misread one of the 'draw a heart is you're not safe' commntes)

Guys, she was raving/doing drugs (even in the live stream she's still touching her nose and talking about Buddhism, two signs you're a drug sniffing hippie) She's probably been going through a form of psychosis (which is super obvious to me as I've been through it too) and is hopefully just recovering from all of it now. It's not gonna be an overnight change back to normal.

No. 160704

File: 1469633843380.png (690.74 KB, 637x798, 2ssa43.png)

This…is fucking retarded. But what else can you expect from Buzzfeed I guess.


No. 160705

Swear to god some of you wish she was in danager

No. 160706

It seems like the abuser doesn't care at all if she asks for help in her videos or tweets, anyone who starts abusing someone becomes fucking paranoid. They would make her delete or edit all these stuff to hide any evidence, it looks like she has full control over her accounts and can read all the comments and replies she gets.

She has a lot of traumas, and might have developed some mental illness or just made it worse, I'm not saying that the abuser part is invalid, but she might have these bruises from hurting herself.

No. 160707


I think its more that people are invested in the story and that we are used to a different outcome so people are looking for something to be wrong

No. 160712

shes okay guys we can close this thread now

No. 160718

She's also wearing a heart necklace…

Seriously this girl is just on drugs and has some form of drug induced psychosis or some sort of mental illness like schizophrenia. It also can be explained as her "forgetting" to take her anti-psychotic meds.

No. 160719

Ppl be asking her to play with her hair or clap her hands to signal danger… Wtf, girls normally play with their hair and shes constantly putting her hands together.

Why not tell her to do something more out of the ordinary like take her hat off, stretch, etc.

Wanna-be PIs lmao. Shes fine this is all just blown out of proportion.

No. 160720


No. 160722


I bet it's the cat abusing her.

No. 160727

https://youtu.be/Vxx79plNiVo "don't come here its a setup, they took 3 people"
Can someone explain this to me? As someone who's on drugs even right now I can see and accept it in her, But this video alone has kept me hooked for 6 hrs

No. 160730


It's not her.

No. 160731

File: 1469639937920.png (14.38 KB, 285x177, case closed m8.png)

Okay okay… if you have gotten to the bottom of this thread still thinking she's being controlled, you should take a drug abuse class.. I agree with everyone saying Marina abused acid/speed earlier in her life. I don't believe she's doing it anymore. I think she is one of those cases where she had an underlying mental illness, and abusing drugs just triggered it faster.

I also think it's disgusting her parents/friends are protecting her. I think it's gross that they're letting her make videos. Perhaps it's her way of coping with her situation? But her family and parents should not be supporting her, only because of all the talk that's going on. They should've stopped a long time ago.


No. 160732

No shit Sherlock

No. 160733

Hey, same guy that was sending the Conner messages, i wanted to see if our trooper made it home safe and I can't seem to find him on facebook anymore?


No. 160736

Our hero is resting now.
May he find harambe on the way.

No. 160739


This was all an elaborate plot to take out our lord and saviour connor! Those bastards

No. 160740

She is out of her mind in this video.
She makes no sense at all, blinking rapidly, her arms never stop moving, the random heart signs.
She is drugged out.
The editing is really bad and weird too, especially at 2:04. She looks kind of worried and bugged out, and then he says he's filming. She has a super delayed reaction which could be another sign of drugs, and then instantly snaps into being happy and excited for the camera. I don't think she edited this either, it's just edited so randomly and badly. The video makes no sense as a whole.

No. 160741

Schizophrenia had been mentioned quite a few times, which I could definitely see.

No. 160742

It really makes me upset that people are calling Marina out for ignoring what everyone wants to know. Wouldn't you do the same? I wouldn't share my personal problems with millions of people. Fuck that

She has a mental illness, she should be sectioned, people need to stop freaking her out and getting mad at her for not talking about her damn bruises

>everyone is obsessed with drama ffs

No. 160743

If you're anemic you bruise easier.

No. 160744

God this is exactly how all the kidnapped isis ski mask ghost rumors got started. Stop posting stuff publicly without actually checking first. It gets spread.

No. 160746

In her stream she did state her bruises were because of something "sad" A lot of people think she's being very vague but she has a mental illness.. have you ever been around someone sick? they're pretty fucking vague and they have no idea what's going on..

No. 160749

>searches everywhere for conner
>seems like he deleted his facebook account
>no one seems to know where he is
>this is weird

No. 160750

Okay, while it's fairly obvious kidnapping or extreme abuse is not happening, it also seems obvious that at the least, there is some serious neglect happening on her friends' and family's part. I think it's even worse than just enabling as other anon had proposed– it really seems apparent that her friends and family don't really give a shit about what's happening to her and are trying harder to swipe it under the rug than just DO something about it. If the ones who are actually close enough to her cared, she would have gotten some help by now. And again, abuse is still possible because she is VULNERABLE, she's proven to have been in sketchy relationships and compromising situations with guys before, she probably has some bizarre co-dependency issue or something that's keeping her tied to this drug dealer who is doing nothing but making her problems worse. Seriously, all her friends are druggies too. She's fucked.

No. 160751


No. 160752

Watching about 20 seconds of linked videos for ""the clues"" has resulted in every recommended YouTube video being Marinara on my account.

But yeah, guess it's just another drugged up youtuber who's been noticed by the internet hugbox.

No. 160756

honestly this was such a good fucking read i hope it ends up in /cream someday.

ot but am i the only one who thinks she's kind of.. not.. pretty? meth is gonna make her worse lol

No. 160757

imo she looks like the woman that played Ygritte. Who ain't that special, no. Bit too manly.

No. 160760

File: 1469643119266.jpg (68.78 KB, 734x551, wtfdude.jpg)

>mfw i think we killed conner what is going on

No. 160762

I don't disagree with your preferences, but I think you have been way too exposed to the estrogen-saturated world of scene kids to the point in which you have lost the meaning of "manly."

No. 160763

File: 1469643227317.png (58.63 KB, 1064x620, Capture.PNG)

I didn't believe it


No. 160765

She was pretty when she did her old makeup nice. Now she just looks like a middleaged dude

No. 160766

I hope this isn't the same conner from this thread lol.. Did anyone know his last name? He was at bethnal green which is pretty weird

No. 160767

>911 call
>in england

No. 160768

Oh god please tell me Connor is okay

No. 160769

It's because you fuckwits kept spelling Connor's name wrong and it really pushed him past the edge into suicide. You monsters.

No. 160770

Case closed. Let's get drunk.

No. 160771

I'm sorry what. I can't even begin to fathom how you came up with that. As >>160765 said, dudeface. Her nose and jaw line are just too powerful.

No. 160772

reported stab wounds, mfw i notice 911 call LOL
Maybe author messed up? the article is real, though

No. 160775

Can anyone backtrace this fuckshit. who the fuck is conner and is he actually dead. didn't the OP of conner say he couldn't find his facebook?

No. 160776

almost believed it… damn heck

No. 160777

uh, not having the same facial proportions as your waifu does not = dudeface. i would have thought people would have been more unnerved by how inhumanly huge her eyes are

No. 160779

Link to huffington post article ???

No. 160783

Our lord and savior CONNOR is not dead. He can never die. Some fucking normie named CONNER is very dead

No. 160784

It's not real, Connor isn't dead

No. 160785

His name is Conner
>911 call
they live in England

His facebook is still up too, and nothing indicating he has died. Fake.

No. 160786

Plot twist: Marinas livestream was to distract Conners murder

No. 160788

His name is Connor, fuckin autocorrect

No. 160790

It's not real they spelled his name wrong and that screenshot is from the US huff post, it would've been UK if it were legitimate.

I'm still wondering about marina's deleted 4am tweets, no-one seems to be talking about it on other websites

No. 160791

OUR LORD AND SAVIOR IS SAFE. Someone message him to make sure he's back home safe and sound

No. 160792

guys guys this was just a social experiment to prove how easy it is to manipulate anonymous conspiracy theorists on the internet drama is bad spread positivity XDXDXD

No. 160793

Objectively, she has manly features. Are you really whiteknighting this girl? I'm not saying she's unattractive. She's cute, but not conventionally pretty. I don't know where you're pulling these 'i have only one set attractiveness criteria from' assumptions from. Chill.

Also are people legit musing over that huffpost screenie

No. 160794

I absolutely love how so much of this isn't even about Marina's situation anymore XD(cut this shit out)

No. 160795

I found his facebook


No. 160796

If you are able, message him and make sure he's alive and well!

No. 160797

>estrogen-saturated world of scene kids
Anon it's 2016 what are you smoking

I have no idea what is populating this thread, but it's not regular users.

No. 160798

I messaged him 32 seconds ago asking if he was okay and he hasn't replied. Guys I think this is legit shit shit shit

No. 160801

I think it may be a mix of randos who found this thread and PULL
The Connor humor is very reminiscent to the Aly thread though

No. 160808

the article isnt even real or can you link it?

No. 160810

File: 1469645095637.png (382.64 KB, 1002x820, Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 19.4…)


No. 160811

I'm waiting hopefully for admin to sweep through with the hellweek hammer and purge these xD's

No. 160812

She seems pretty happy in that livestream

I really, honestly think she's just a girl who got into drugs and/or possibly has some kind of mental illness

Case closed

On the other hand, DO WE KNOW IF CONNOR'S OKAY!?

Do we have any proof that this isn't faked?

No. 160814


It's not real. Anon is either baiting super hard or fucking retarded.

No. 160816

no but it's interesting, the twitter handle is correct at the very least.
this video is weird too https://twitter.com/FreakyHills/status/758325515006738434

No. 160817

Why such a shitty screenshot of such a serious situation. Fake as hell.

No. 160819


the tweet character limit is 140 characters

No. 160820

Translated for you, slimes:
That tweet is fake since it goes over the 140 characters, don't believe everything you read on the internet

No. 160822

>serious situation
Dude it's just another druggy edm fan

No. 160825

So I'm guessing no one took the time to read through the thread? We already talked about this.. It's fake… it's completely fake… Come on now. Haven't you been on the internet long enough to know this is fake? Don't be so fucking gullible m8

No. 160826

I was being sarcastic anon.
If it were a serious situation, the screenshot would be better and not obviously fake.

No. 160828

im not sure who's a new user in this thread, but i'm going to take a wild guess and say that one of them is whoever is using 'XD' at the end of their sentences.

anyways, i wonder if this thing will die down as fast as it got popular? or if people will be keeping an eye out until august 3.

the only thing i suspect is her being on drugs which honestly, she should probably get help for. everyone is saying how normal and happy she seems in the stream, which i sort of agree with but she also seems annoying and all over the place. i'm sure she's maybe just a bit overwhelmed and happy to see people care but it's like she can't even finish a proper sentence or talk normally.

idk, maybe it's just me but it's bugging me

No. 160829

File: 1469645946680.jpeg (4.42 KB, 216x122, images.jpeg)

didn't think about that, so riveted by the drama all logic has evaporated.

i did read though the thread but haven't seen that particular image posted nor have i seen a discussion about it

No. 160830

Thethread has been passed enough now, pretty sure half the posters are randos and newfags at this point.

No. 160831

Does anyone remember those old Connor days? Those were the days.

No. 160835

File: 1469646549710.png (76.24 KB, 598x571, 9428e70dd5f3ff68480be61904795d…)

They apparently have confirmation.

No. 160836

We already clarified TheAnonMessage as a fake account spreading false info. Next.

No. 160837

It was nice while it lasted.
The drama, the intrigue, the plot twist!

No. 160838

He's just trying to be apart of YT drama hard. Starting a fake fight with Ricegum, trying to argue with keemstar and defranco. (They didn't take the bait.) He's also calling himself the Tupac and Ghandi of YT. He's a known faker though so I wouldn't take anything he does seriously.

No. 160842

Let's stop sharing this twitter please. Anonymous has already confirmed that it's not theirs. Though the real anonymous has proven to be just as useless…

No. 160843


like anonymoose cares about a psychotic teenage girl

No. 160844

Connor was to good for this world. Rip sweet prince Connor.

No. 160845

Plot Twist: Marina is a living doll held captive by Peter

No. 160848

I meant in general but that's a good point

No. 160849

Why are some in this thread saying that she sounds totally okay in the livestream video? She sounds like a fucking nutcase, squeaky high pitched fake laughing, "I love you" every 5 seconds, refusing to answer where the bruises came from, going off topic constantly, she doesn't act normal for a large part of the video. I wonder if Scarce is still doing that interview where he can ask her more direct questions. Just rambling "I'm okay! I love you so much! teehee!" isn't really reassuring.

No. 160850

Because drugs.

No. 160852

>Famous YouTuber


No. 160859

The squirrel is killing me

No. 160860


Where in the name of christ did you find that? Is the person behind the camera her mother? Doesn't look like it to me.

No. 160861


Stylish mom.

No. 160862

File: 1469649340371.png (11.58 KB, 497x126, Capture.PNG)

No. 160863

What the hell.
Also, any updates on our friend Connor?

No. 160865


Why were you there? Was her mother anywhere around? Her mom said she helped Marina with the outfit video?

No. 160870

okay she's just taking the piss now.

No. 160871


Ok.. pretty weird you just took a picture of some people you don't know. But it turned out surprisingly helpful. Was it a dude behind the camera? Not surprised they're on drugs. AlishaCat looks like she was born smoking weed.

No. 160874


Ah. So he was just directing the video. Fair one!

No. 160875

File: 1469649934802.png (477.09 KB, 587x560, ee448e2d440230305792a48874973f…)

Starting to think she is too. She liked this video tweet Keem made.

No. 160876



No. 160877

This is Keems comeback

No. 160878

Well, she hit 1M subs.

No. 160879

Is this gonna blow up again

No. 160880

watching this now. her mom acts like a weirdo too, how she can't see anything wrong with the dress video? Is she mental too? Going to listen to this while eating lunch kek

No. 160883

If you watch her youtube videos you can actually see the descent into junkie

No. 160884

File: 1469650905884.png (448 KB, 581x607, Capture.PNG)

No. 160886

samefag but forgot to say that she also retweeted it.

No. 160887

File: 1469651343167.png (175.13 KB, 294x292, Capture.PNG)

Welp, nice knowin ya

No. 160888

No. 160891

Who is she always texting?

No. 160893

I wonder if she'll talk about Connor?

No. 160894

File: 1469652177430.png (98.14 KB, 341x241, Capture.PNG)


No. 160895

Is our hero Connor truly deed??? Was he taken to soon from us by ISSI ghost???

No. 160896

The ghost of Connor.

No. 160898

Connor is contacting us from the dead.

No. 160899

That was so fucking weird.. Did anyone see that?

No. 160900

Enough with the shout outs. Damn.

No. 160901


No. 160902

Not sure, too fucking laggy.

No. 160903


What was it?

No. 160904

Not too sure but I think it was the Skype noise freaking out on her computer, she looked fucking terrified.

No. 160905

I keep posting "why did you say "It's a sad story" and "it's a secret" about the bruises until your mom did a stream with you now the story is "I fell over" but she just keeps doing shoutouts, saying "I love you" ignoring questions or being vague. Maybe she's just really fucking dumb, guys. lol

No. 160909

I just wanna wash her face.

No. 160910

she's sweating a lot

No. 160911

>MFW people demand answers

No. 160912

File: 1469653431678.png (746.96 KB, 600x739, Capture.PNG)

She seeks help.

No. 160913

is this supposed to have sound?

No. 160914

I can't find the tweet anymore but I saw someone post that apparantly lolitas and "kawaii people" act this way, so nobody should worry.

Thought it was funny.

No. 160915

it does for me

No. 160916

She just said she's not schizophrenic

No. 160918

I just want to wipe her sweaty face I swear to god

No. 160920

It kicked in!

No. 160921

this is creepy to watch

No. 160923

who just stares into nothingness and reads off names in a chat room with near 50k people in it? Is this how anyone acts? The rave drugs just made her retarded, not schizophrenic

No. 160924

The whole kidnapping drama seems sensationalist, the boring truth is that drugs cause brain damage, they slow your reactions and weaken your immune system. The bruising could be explained by dietry deficiencies, poor physical health or being restrained for a legitimate reason. The person filming her is supposedly her mother, not some kidnapper or abusive boyfriend.

Honestly, her appearence and behaviour exhibits those seen in substance abusers, plus the claims of poor mental health.

No. 160925

she's on drugs, I don't think it's mdma but she's on something.

No. 160927

just watched the DYING MY HAIR PINK video, shes definitely on drugs, her crying at the end and the frantic rambling is not normal

No. 160928

it's way harder than mdma

No. 160929

Over heating is a common issue with substance abuse though.

No. 160930

Have to speculate on this too. Her slow reactions and "spacing out" seem like her brain is being affected severely by her drug usage. Pitiful to watch really, she's so young to have fucked up her body like that.

No. 160934

I'd look fucked up too after a day of all those speculations and the police showing up because people think I'm being abused. She might be hiding drugs at home too.
I wonder if this has consequences for her since she is causing the police so much trouble.

No. 160935

her face is puffy and she's touching her nose a lot in her live stream, two signs of someone who's stuck a substance of their nose. it's a fun game when you're watching any sort of red carpet event: who's got puffy coke face lol

No. 160937

frankly, this draws parallels to Lindsay Lohan, Brittany Spears, Amanda Bynes, etc. We're watching someone melt down due to drugs. There are sooo many hints over the past year… She loves EDM… trance, house, etc… Started getting into new age hippie shit… She's hopped up on drugs. whether it's psychedelics or speed (lets be honest, probably both) London is one of the world's biggest hubs for rave culture. She doesn't have a normal job and also lives at home, meaning she can go to every party and get enough exposure to where she's high 24/7. People are just dumb.

No. 160938


I don't see much of a difference anon.

No. 160940

You actually look better on meth, lmao. Just wash your hair senpai.

No. 160942

Really? I can see a difference, but there's also different lighting.


More makeup, nicer, clean hair, no eye bags, pupils looking average for a photo taken at night


Looks like she hasn't washed her hair in a week and then tried to fry it with a toaster, her makeup has probably been wiped off by sweat, face is pitted, expression is wild. Also there's a noticeable weight loss.

It's only a few weeks, according to OP, so I doubt you're going to see her teeth falling out or anything serious.

b skinni no matter wut!!!1!

No. 160944


I think the meth look suits you better

No. 160947


nice blog

No. 160949


Are you sure you didnt get lost and accidentally click lolcow instead of facebook?

No. 160952

Are you people idiots? If she is in DANGER and ya'll are making this viral by posting hashtags, and shit YOU. ARE. PUTTING. HER. IN. DANGER. Fucking retards.

No. 160953

honestly for once i am with onion

No. 160955

I think the majority of us here aren't joining in with the hashtag sperging to be honest. That's left to the twitter morons and the tumblrinas who are much quicker to get their knickers yanked up their coochies.

No. 160956

Fml you fucking give her views and subs with all this attention i can't believe it… r u actually this dumb

No. 160957


Go tell that to her retarded fans.

No. 160958

I didn't even bother reading this thread until I saw someone post on Tumblr about how she's kidnapped. I basically got all the answers I needed from this thread. I'm with others on saying this looks more like substance abuse and/or something mentally.

Her weird rambling reminds me of Tila Tequila when she would ramble on Facebook about ascending to the 7th dimension and aliens and shit.

No. 160959

Me too. Even though he's a piece of shit.

No. 160963

how fucking could you make me watch this
who told this creature he's funny
why is he still on tumblr
why is my life hell

No. 160974

another video on it from a credible source

No. 160976

Wow a lot of Youtubers are jumping on the bandwagon about making video about Marina. This seems to be getting blown out of proportion

No. 160978

No. 160980

that was posted already

No. 160981

First time ever agreeing fully with Onion on something. I feel unclean.

>>When someone's mental break becomes another video reply bandwagon to jump onto.

I do honestly wonder how many Youtubers made videos because they actually give a shit about her or are just doing it for the views/money.

No. 160989

File: 1469666201322.jpg (104.28 KB, 1272x829, skinpills.JPG)

In regards to the shotgun/pill cap
She has the same pills here much closer (though out of focus) to the camera.
They look like your generic "health shop" bottles.

No. 160990

File: 1469666331521.png (62.15 KB, 336x499, Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 5.38…)


No. 160996

Why has nobody noticed she admitted it was a plublicity stunt?

No. 160997

There's so much flooding the net that anything new is hard to find

No. 160998

She/others are blaming her viewers. But it's really her who did it too, sending cryptic bs to her fans. Liking comments about "IF UR IN DANGER, LIKE THIS" ???

No. 160999


My internet is being crap, it's in her most recent stream?? People keep posting it in her tag #savemarinajoyce … also now #boycottmarinajoyce is trending…

No. 161000

Stream too long. Post pics

No. 161001




No. 161002

How do I download a Twitter video?
https://twitter.com/terrifictucker/status/758460926311923713 vid here. "By my viewers"

No. 161003

She's only saying it's a publicity stunt to keep people off her back. That doesn't explain her change in appearance and how erratic she's become, that's not something you can just act out.

No. 161005

I still personally believe drugs and illness… but it should stop all the abuse/ISIS/kidnap/??? BS from continuing.

She clearly won't admit if it was drugs, so she might as well deal with it away from all this hyped up drama.

No. 161015


She's totally fucked up on something, the amount of times she repeats herself is amazing.

No. 161018

like seriously wtf, her mother needs to get her some help not help her keep this up she sounds insane

also, tripped over something in the forest and it was something sad…. a body…??? CONNER!!!!!???????

No. 161020

Use the youtube link jfc.
It's the lowest input on the reply form.

No. 161021

I don't see this posted. Phill D did a skype with her. She looks a bit more coherent and healthy. She answered a lot of questions, not sure if it was truthfully.

No. 161022


She still seems a bit off, and the way she speaks doesn't really sit well with me.

On an unrelated note, she reminds me of cassie from skins.

No. 161023

she seems like she's on heroine while being abused

No. 161026

She really seems like she's just tweaked out. My best guess is she's been using acid or molly a lot. She's blinking a ton and constantly repeating herself. I think she's more coherent when she's coming down off it? If it isn't drugs, she has to be mentally ill in some way, maybe she's more coherent when she takes her meds?

No. 161027


further into the video and it really doesn't seem any more coherent than her q&a video. She mostly babbles in circles while sort of avoiding what is actually being asked.

No. 161028

Her excuse that she tripped in a forest doesn't seem legit at all. Why not say that when she did her stream earlier today? She just said it was something sad and she didn't want to talk about it. Whats so sad about tripping in a forest? Sounds like she just came up with some sort of excuse.

No. 161029

I know I'm probably late in noticing this but holy shit, she gained like 600k subs in one days and her date night video got 6m views since this thread was posted two days ago.

I imagine she can't be all that upset about what happened, now.

No. 161030

people you can see her she says she will to a forest on August 3 she asked people to come (Bethnal Green on Wednesday on 3rd, i hope you guys know that)

No. 161033

why are you namefagging?

No. 161034

File: 1469673923920.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, 2Xxg5ZsB.jpg)

Not the best idea, Bryce

No. 161035

I know but ive done something like this before

No. 161036

good night 10:49 my time

No. 161038

so… past yr bedtime then, yes?

No. 161041


Scarce's interview was kind of garbage-y. He wouldn't let her answer questions for herself. Sure was 'hard hitting' huh

Meanwhile, Philly D's interview is immediately more down to earth and explains more through simple communication. Letting her demeanor speak for itself.

No. 161042

gts (got to sleep ;3)

No. 161043

Her explanation as to why people say she's changed… chalking it up to religion.. Cmon, girl.

No. 161044

Yooo Philly D is literally the man. Straight up confronting her about the drug accusations, going so far as to mention specifically what drugs are being brought up, and he STILL keeps it polite and classy.

No. 161045


No. 161046


"my bruises are because I fell while in a forest"


No. 161047

So she says she's never taken drugs? Maybe a traumatic experience changed her life and fucked her up? Have any of you seen her "NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE" video? I recommend everyone watches it

No. 161050


The "Near Death Experience" video is obviously describing a wicked hallucinogenic trip. What she described reminded me of a k-hole or dmt trip or something.

No. 161055


lmao how retarded are you

No. 161056

bruh that's a farmhand. Lolcow is a chan-formatted board. You need to calm yourself, they only banned bryce.

No. 161057

Yea, it did sound like that.. I can't help feeling something fucked is going on. In the Skype call she kept doing a heart with her hands for literally no reason

No. 161059


She does that in literally all her videos from the past 6 months. Means nothing. The only fucked up thing going on is she's been twacked on some sort of substances to the point of psychosis. Which, granted, is fucked up.

No. 161060


the redtext was more autistic than the guy who just got banned though. Are you the new mod who keeps fucking up?

No. 161061

was basically just gonna comment this. new mod is cringy as fuck.

No. 161062

File: 1469676557667.png (9.6 KB, 980x139, ripconner.PNG)

Are we just going to ignore the fact that Conner was found dead?

No. 161063

No. 161065

Yes because it was proven wrong, read the fucking thread and stop bringing up old shit.

No. 161068

Probably Gnoemstar's video he made about it being a hoax

No. 161069

She's way more calmed down, but god she makes no sense. She answers a question by ranting for a minute about how she hasn't changed, the way people see her has changed, trails off, and ends the answer with "giggles yeah. I don't know."

No. 161071

I'm not the new mod, it would be laughable if I was. Plus, to me there was zero red text in the farmhand's post so idek what ya'll are on about. I just thought that the ban was justified.

No. 161074

There are a lot of newfag posters ITT who can't seem to stay on-topic. Constantly complaining about mods outside of >>>/meta/ is also considered a form of derailing.

No. 161077

Id expect even more soon. I don't even think it's worth banning considering it'd be like playing whack a mole.

Anyway back OT, the whole fiasco should be named "How to get 1 million subs in a matter of a day". Too many of you watch too many lifetime movies. Yikes. This girl is not abused or captured. If she was, do you seriously think the abuser would go "lolz lets put subtle hints that aren't subtle enough for teh viewers to guess & leave our IP open!!" Drugs? Maybe. Mental illness? Possible. I do think she's okay and I'm not sure what anyone wants her to do because whenever she comes up with an explanation people go "That's what an abuser would want her to say! Please, breathe through your nose for help! We are praying for you!"

No. 161078

/r9k/ was whining about LC last night, I'm guessing they've been IT all day

No. 161082

Why is this happening to her?(didn't stay anon)

No. 161083

For fucks sake.

No. 161085

don't fill in your name dumbass

No. 161094

Man these conspiracy theories are hilarious

No. 161095

I watched one video as the popularity of this thread peaked my interest…
This girl is ugly with shit makeup and a shit persona. I cringed watching one 2 minute video.


It's like watching an awkward drugged up troll prance around in poorly made fairy clothes.

No. 161101

File: 1469688135476.png (329.35 KB, 477x528, -_-.png)


No. 161103

I don't get it either. Her makeup is shit and her tutorials are painful as hell to watch wether you're a professional MUA or an ametur. Put liquid foundation on, followed by powder then put even more liquid on and put white eyeshadow on to the point where it's so much and cakes up, then some eyeliner and 10 layers of mascara!

Who the fuck likes this shit?!

No. 161110

No. 161122

No. 161126


Honestly i don't think she's ugly at all. And i find her personality to be interesting, personally. Sure her videos (especially her make up tutorials) are a mess lately but she used to be better at that. And i think most people are subscribed to her channel because they wanna see what happens next. Like keeping up with the crazy girl. And well after the last two days she doubled her subs because there's way too many drama whores out there. But hating on her seems so unnecessary, because she's so nice and doesn't do anything that should offend someone. Hating her is like hating on a Care Bear.

No. 161129

This guy is a drama channel and did a video about this and it's in two parts, one when he believed the whole thing and has screenshots and video then part two is when he shows the video of Marina Joyce saying it was a publicity stunt around 6:40. Not sure where you can find the video of her admitting it was a publicity stunt but he has it in his video.

No. 161132

She didn't really admit anything. But judge for yourself . I guess that's the video he meant: https://twitter.com/terrifictucker/status/758460926311923713
"by my viewers" she probably just wanted everyone to shut up about it already

No. 161133

she got kidnapped and killed by the er**s.

No. 161134

Chronos for life BTW!

No. 161150

This is honestly the most lucid she's been in any interview I have seen. She mentions that she had a talk with her manager so I'm guessing they'll be monitoring her very close right now and make sure she's off the drugs for good.

The way she kicks off the interview with "I have over 1 million subscribers now and I'm SO happy!!!" really makes me think she has no idea how big the situation is. Does she not understand that the police being called to her residence for a fake kidnapping is a big deal?

Someone mentioned that she reminds them of Cassie from Skins, I say she's more like Luna Lovegood. Kind of loopy/not mentally well, possibly high out of her mind and a new-age hippie.

No. 161152

just found this in my subscriptions

No. 161154

People on twitter now literally tell her to die or to kill herself, call her an attention whore and act as if she is the one to blame how this whole shit blew up. Don't they understand that they were the one blowing it out of proportion and not her? She still doesn't seem to understand what really happened. And all these people who were so "worried" about her now wish her dead.. yea makes sense.
Seriously that's why I hate people, because of all the hypocrisy

No. 161157


It's disappointing but hardly surprising. These are the same kids who were convinced she was being held hostage and forced to make videos despite it being obvious that she's on drugs and likely mentally ill to boot.

I feel bad for her. I still don't buy that it was all a publicity stunt and think any suggestion that it is is probably her/her management trying to get people off her back. She needs help and probably to stay off the internet for a while.

No. 161158

Jfc, the blinking. She's definitely on something or there's something mentally wrong.

No. 161160

Literally nothing new said here. All just things that have been debunked already. I smell self posting

sage for samefagging

No. 161167

File: 1469707768881.jpg (388.52 KB, 640x640, 8daf0fcc0180cf4350083f5a94b501…)

Wow. I just realized who this bitch is. Didn't recognize her because she used to always have her hair in that "scene kid" style and raccoon eyes. She was friends and did videos occasionally with this other guy called veeoneeye. This was only about 3 years ago. I guess they were trying to bring scene back or something. This is actually a good picture of him because you can't tell that his hair is teased to hell and back. Anyway, sage because I'm assuming you guys probably already knew/don't care about all this.

No. 161168

nobody noticing how she's saying it was a publicity stunt by her VIEWERS? she's saying her fans started being concerned as a joke to get her more attention. which is clearly not true.. she's just talking out of her ass to make this all go away

No. 161169

If anyone actually watched any of her videos, they'd see she's been talking out of her ass for months now. So I wonder why people are taking her seriously with the "it was a publicity stunt by my followers" thing as it's clear it's just word salad.

No. 161178

File: 1469710342532.jpg (51.63 KB, 471x694, 1046.jpg)

This is FUCKING cringy

I can't believe there are people 18+ buying into this stupid publicity stunt

This is just a reminder to never overestimate the average human's stupidity

No. 161240

If she's going to this aforementioned 'secret' rave environment which takes place in a forest, then it's a likely story. However since she keeps saying it's a 'secret' her story becomes less and less valid.

No. 161244

where´s the new video?? it´s been 40 minutes

No. 161246


Yeah she didn't admit anything except that her fans are faking her situations

No. 161248


didn´t just say her fans made it up and she got followers from it? i mean it´s true but that doesn´t mean she faked all did this for followers

No. 161256

Seriously, she was silent about it the whole time and didn't say anything until her stream. It was people on the internet making up all the crazy kidnapped forced drug abusive boyfriend isis stories.

No. 161257

File: 1469727053625.jpg (997.65 KB, 2048x1152, b.jpg)

No. 161258

I was responding to those making posts about the original claim that she was the one stating it was a publicity stunt and swapping the facts of what she said.

No. 161259

though it's not right for her to keep benefiting off it.

No. 161261

Her makeup is shit now.
If this is all just some publicity stunt then I must say she's a great actress.
Personally, I don't know what to believe but I am certain it isn't some bullshit "kidnapped" story.

No. 161262


she looks directly in light and her pupils are this big

No. 161263

I mean it is hard doing your make up on drugs, even speed

No. 161264

why does it looks like she has simultaneously gained and lost weight? In her drug-fit, has she just forgotten to contour?

No. 161265

she got them crack addict cheekbones lmao

No. 161267

Her chronic addiction just says she needs to leave it alone and just go with the foundation

No. 161274


I don't think she really 'acted'. Her weird ass normal behafiour just really fit the 'drugged abused chic' theory well so they went through with it.

No. 161279

Aparently Buzzfeed did an article on this stupid Cow, although it is buzzfeed https://www.buzzfeed.com/alanwhite/heres-everything-we-know-about-marina-joyce-the-youtube-star

No. 161283

Also she has said that she used to be a Christian and she now is "Buddhist". And that's why her behavior changed.

It's far reaching but a lot of self proclaimed "buddhists" (that have actual never even bother to study the literature or take in active role in their "faith") tend to go into extremes into this ultra-bubbly, energetic, i-love-everyone type of personality/mania. Ironically, the majority of Buddhists (depending on the sect you follow) believed drugs, and extreme left/right thinking isn't very buddhist.

No. 161291


She says that she believes in aliens and ghosts and magic. Definitely a druggie

No. 161297

I was refrencing the interview with that Phill D guy. But I just saw her video and jesus christ. You think her manager would have told her to wait until making a video or sober up or something.

No. 161309

I wonder how long she's had this "manager". Seems odd for her to have one as all she does is upload a video once a week. Like, what was there to manage before the hashtag shit?

No. 161310

probably her sponsor from addicts anonymous

No. 161314

New video!

No. 161317

she says in this video that her earliest memory is her breaking her arm, which I thought was kind of funny because her mom was saying she did that not that long ago.

obviously it's possible that she may have broken it more than once, but I just found that a bit odd. maybe the drugs fried her brain pretty hard.

No. 161318

>maybe the drugs fried her brain pretty hard.

what was your first clue?

No. 161330

she blinks more in this video than I blink in a whole fucking week

No. 161335

I just came after this dumb tinfoil conspiracies were proven to be wrong.

She has a manly face and this was probably the only way to gain subs as a "kawaii" youtuber.

No. 161345


She says in this she's Buddhist. But in the de franco interview she said she recently converted to Christianity?

No. 161349


I think she is referring to a bad trip in this video. She's just done too many psychedelics and is overwhelmed by how they have changed her life and possibly fried her brain. My guess is DMT or LSD possibly shrooms. She's just a psychonaut and it's bought out some weird sides to her personality

No. 161350

Comment on the youtube vid about her near death exp: "It definitely sounds like she had a really bad acid / shroom / hallucinogenic trip. Everything she is saying about "life changing experience", "experience deep sadness after so much happiness", "near-death experience", "the beauty of life", "feeling of oneness" etc. all fall in line with a strong, overwhelming trip. Ego-death, spirituality, the meaning of life, the beauty of life, etc. all are common thoughts and experience with a strong trip… this is the SIMPLEST and most LOGICAL explanation for all the changes in her recent videos, ESPECIALLY her looping of sentences / thoughts (thought spirals are very common with trips…). I hope she can recover fully from this."

No. 161351

Another comment: This video really helps me understand what made her the way she is now. She's talked in other videos about wanting to do an ayahuasca retreat sort of thing in South America. People don't typically go straight to ayahuasca so my my theory is she likely took some types of psychedelics in the past that triggered some type of psychosis, based on what she's saying as well as her behavior in this video I'm guessing it started as a major dissociative depression, which then developed into schizophrenia. I'm not a doctor but I have very close friends and relatives that deal with mental disorders, and my mom is a psych nurse so I can say with 99% certainty this is most likely psychosis triggered from psychedelic hallucinations. People need to be very careful using psychedelic drugs, they can trigger severe underlying mental disorders. I'm glad she's able to use YouTube and art to find some stability in her life. I hope she's getting whatever help she needs from her family and friends.

No. 161353


Yeah that seems to be a common theory. Brain fried by LSD.

No. 161363

She probably tried some drugs and became a "Buddhist" or vice versa

No. 161384

No. 161386


>>Suffice it to say, Joyce has not been kidnapped — by the Islamic State, the man who recently appeared in her Instagram, the shooter of the “Date Outfit” video, or anybody else. Local police have tweeted that they visited Joyce’s home and found her in good condition. Several of her friends, including one who spoke directly to the Post by phone, have attributed Joyce’s appearance to personal problems.

No. 161387

LOL I had this forgot about untill I ran into the woman who reminds me of Marina.
The town calls her Jesus Lady, because she fried her brain that much with speed/meth/pills. SHe rambles for hours straight (Literally came into work today and went on about her son and jesus for 2 hours non-stop) and has a hard on her jesus and god and talks about him all the time and how his love radiates into her so she can save the world with christian rap and naked religious pow wows

This woman is 54, that is Marina's furture

No. 161389

**for jesus
I spell for shit

No. 161398

So does Leafy lurk? I've been wondering this the last few vid's he uploaded

No. 161399

Leafy is so annoying

No. 161431

Probably not. I'm here and I haven't even heard of this chan board. I found a link to this thread on google lmao.

No. 161432

File: 1469763939205.jpg (67.28 KB, 620x620, marina.jpg)

No. 161434

Fuccboi ISIS confirmed

No. 161463

ok.. but who took this picture?? lol

No. 161464

The squirrel

No. 161465

Ooookay, guys. It's painfully obvious that this chick is just acting 'crazy' for more views and attention. C'mon! I can't believe even lolcow is falling for this terrible act! ffs

No. 161466

So… is Conner still alive?
I care more about that guy than this junkie.

No. 161472

lol no it's just preteen autists looking too deep into things

No. 161474

Started to look into this hashtag,
Immediately recognized the implications of hakuna.matata . Is captivating to watch her dissociate into oblivion . I'm a survivor of abuse, and have tripped hard. I can see how her current state is a bit of denial around it, caused by PTSD and a self medicating regime most likely unsustainable for her feeble Lil brain.
This girls oUT of her depth. I feel awful she ever experienced rape, but I wish she could just articulate.
Near death experience video was definitely a psych OD or bad cocktail compounding her PTSD. No doubt.

No. 161481


This whole thing is fascinating to me… I do hope she gets/is getting proper help, though. It's like when Amanda Bynes lost her shit, but more realistic and relatable.

Can you elaborate on the Near Death Experience video? I'm intrested in your 2 cents if you wanna type it out fwiw…

No. 161497


No. 161504

>I'd say I put on 3 coats (of mascara).
>Takes 20 swipes per "coat"
And now that video has over 22 million views! She seems thrilled at the increase in attention and way too spaced to realize how that shit happened.

No. 161506

You know, you can be in an abusive relationship and take drugs. It's not like they are mutually independent. You can also be forced to take drugs in an abusive relationship. Hypothetically speaking, she could be forced to take drugs by an abusive partner which in turn makes her i) more fucked up ii) manipulated to the extent of not being able to tell the police in fear of repraisal about drugs, iii) fears of being cast off as a liar etc. A lot of people have a mentality of brushing it off - "Oh, she's just on drugs", but really no one can know for sure. I would lean toward the takes too many drugs/psychology issues as given, but these actions can often be produced by abuse - whether she suffered in her younger years (alleged rapes) or even today and the results are born. Also it must be remembered that mentally ill people are easy targets for abusers, can be easily manipulated and also dismissed by people outside the looking glass of being "Just another basket case, nothing to see here" - the amount of abuse that is brushed over with this mentality is common. My point being, it is dangerous to rule out abuse, though it is also dangerous to blame individuals who may be innocent, such as the boyfriend.

No. 161512

This bollocks is so painful to read jfc. No one knows shit about the situation but everyone wants to talk as if they do.
People who probably never took drugs or know someone who did try to analyze her "drug problem" makes me laugh so hard.
>>161432 That photo was discussed everywhere already and it's Karim who took it. He and his friends even made fun on twitter of all the people going wild about this picture.
Nah it's not, she would have to be hell of a great actress to pull that off. Besides, if that was acting , it would take months of work for her because you can see how she slowly changed from video to video.

No. 161589

but who was camera

No. 161614

File: 1469821197317.jpg (390.59 KB, 2056x1536, thedress.jpg)

the whole marina situation right now

No. 161626

This is how I see it based on everything I've seen and read:
>daughter does drugs
>daughter has mental breakdown, thinks she can talk to god
>mother become caretaker, but decides to make the best of it ($) and has mentally ill daughter continue to make YouTube videos and finds sponsorships for her
>ignores worried fans that leave comments for months asking what is wrong
>complains fans speculating is becoming a circus but does nothing to stop it
>continues to have daughter appear in videos and directs her when she is too severely ill to figure out how to make a video showing off dresses by herself
>it actually becomes a media circus and daughter becomes a side show freak for millions of viewers but now we reached one million subscribers so let's keep making money
>daughter seems to have no idea what's going on or she doesn't understand why these things are happening, either she's too severely ill to understand or she's being shielded from most of the Internet comments

No. 161627

Youtube probably gave her one when she hit her first million views on the outfit video. She's probably rolling in money from it now, and youtube wants her to keep that up, so boom manager.

No. 161628

It was proven to fake, read the thread stop with this shit.

No. 161642

just read the goddamn thread

No. 161644

This honestly seems like the most probably answer tbh. Not sure if her mom is legally her caretaker, but chances are doing the vids does make Marina some money, as well as make her happy tbh. So her family tries to support that by helping her. But the mistake is never addressing wtf is going on with Marina and never really talking about it. Literally drove people into a frenzy.

No. 161711

>She's probably rolling in money from it now,
Actually she doesn't because she didn't have ads on the outfit video and on many of the other videos that were clicked million times since the drama. Which seems to me as one more sign that she was really unaware of the whole situation or she would've put on ads to really gain from it.

No. 161754

I thought the video with the ugly dresses was an ad/sponsorship for that website? Not that I would have paid her for it since it didn't exactly do a great job of representing the company.

No. 161758

I think you get paid for a sponsored video in advance, not calculated from the number of views.

No. 161769

Ah that would make sense! Man, I would not be impressed if I were the people running that website.

No. 161777

you get paid a certain amount per million views, you don't need ads. you even get paid a certain amount per thousand but i'n sure you'd need ads to properly make money with that amount.

No. 161778

Yes, but that's the money you get paid by Youtube from ad revenue, that's diffeent from being paid by one company to do a sponsored video for them only.

No. 161813

No. 161824

Not seeing her admit anything was for views from this, Anon
Only that she never put any questions to rest
Which in all honesty, she did the same in the "Near Death Experience" video.
Just said a whole lot of nothing.

No. 161838

File: 1469897360324.png (78.18 KB, 624x295, Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 17.3…)

I'm not a regular in this thread but I was looking at her newest video and that creep who makes the minecraft porn is going full buttmad autist in the comments and I found it so funny I had to share.

No. 161840

FUCK why don't people understand she didn't fake a thing. She's out of it, she doesn't even understand why she got so much attention. Sur she got a few hundred thousand new subs but that's not her planning it. She would've to be a master mind to plan this all out and a girl who repeats the same word 5 times in a sentence really doesn't seem like she could pull anything like that off on purpose

No. 161845

If its not her being kidnapped by ISIS, its her being a super manipulative genius that planned this from the get go to get 2m subs and 30+ millon views to bring in the $$$$. Both are just as ludicrous. Bitch seemed dumb as rocks even before she lost her mind, I can't imagine her planning anything. She can't even plan her own videos.

No. 161846

This is fucking hillarious

No. 161849

He's so mad that he made a video about Marina
(also he disabled ratings on it just now because he was getting more dislikes than likes)

No. 161850

He should complain to the other YouTubers that hit 1M in the few months they've had their channels then, not just her because her fans blew it out of proportion lmao. I can't believe he's mad she got subs in a short amount of time lmfao.

if he really makes Minecraft porn then I see why he doesn't get subs. who honestly watches that?

No. 161852

The only time I ever see this guy mentioned is in cringe threads and he believes he is some big shot because of it.

No. 161856

File: 1469902308335.png (337.38 KB, 580x562, Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 19.1…)

This fucking guy

No. 161863

Is that LifeInATent?

No. 161864

File: 1469908154679.jpg (5.33 KB, 191x226, l_06c6f00e18994dd69c7772709761…)

No. 161866

No it's this guy


No. 161914

This guy has to be autistic. The dude's comment and his channel's content scream it. Funny as hell.

No. 162811

I really like this chick's theory

No. 162835

I agree with this video.

I don't understand why the people around her like her mom thought it would be a good idea to let Marina continue to post videos in the state she's in and to help her record them. I feel like when she gets well again she will be embarrassed by her behavior that's now forever online. I get at first maybe they helped her make videos because it would make her happy and help with the income but viewers have been talking and speculating about her strange behavior for months online.. I would have taken that as a sign that she should take a break until she becomes well again. Too late now I suppose.

No. 162838

I have a schizophrenic friend that had an ice enduced psychosis that would act almost identical to Marina.
The incoherent posts and paragraphs of ramblings, the God "enlightenment" and government paranoia, the twitching sbd talking really fast and incoherently.

I think she has some undiagnosed mental illness, some kind of psychosis seems likely paired with drug abuse. I hope she can get treatment. My friend was put in solitary confinement at a local psych ward for their breakdown. I feel like her mom should at least be getting her to a psych. She seems really unwell.

No. 162844

Marina Joyce interviews prove she's fucking retarded and she's enjoying all this drama. This is a mass paranoia case and the girl is taking advantage of it. She's safe,think about it: she wasn't a big youtuber, how much money can you get from her videos back in those days? and if you kidnap someone the last thing you do is letting her make videos wtf? For what? some cents? She doesn't look scared she looks like she's in drugs. C'mon people she's ok, the police said she's ok, she said shes ok, people who know her say she's in drugs. Why do make complicated theories of something so easy? This is a mass paranoia case.

No. 162847

Bruises in her arms? Ahe looks scared? Really? Dude I have big bruises in my leg right now that look someone kicked me and to be honest I don't fucking know why I have those… bruises prove NOTHING.

No. 162863

Her latest tweets are about how she wants people to call her "Goddess Marina" and how she wants to be a god like Buddha.

Ignoring the fact that Buddha wasn't a god, she's publically talking about her grandiose delusions.

No. 162867

u ok there

No. 163171

It is really hard to point out to someone that they're being paranoid and delusional because they are mentally ill whe we live in an age where paranoia is almost a necessity. In this world, the government DOES spy on us and use directed energy weapons to cause headaches, confusion, ringing in the ears, cardiac arrest etc. Can you image how crazy the first people to blab about MKULTRA would have sounded? The chip in the brain thing is such a common delusion amongst schizophrenics but with the advent on nanotechnology, electrodes in the brain for treating epilepsy and the ability to control people's motor functions with direct electromagnetic stimulation etc. some of the crazy shit people spout during an episode can be disturbingly plausible.

No. 163176

I'm kind of sad that this threas died, but I guess it had to. She's obviously just a very mentally ill person with a lot of problems.
It's just interesting how so many of these cases (her, tila tequila, two friends of mine) just seem to drift to conspiracy theories and god delusions so much. I mean where the hell do they get that shit from?

No. 163180

By this point in time she's either attention-seeking & hamming it up or just being delusional as per. I'd put my money on the former.

No. 163181

Also I honestly would not be surprised if we were all being chipped through vaccinations etc, like its not exactly a crazy idea. I know plenty of people who had the cervical cancer jab & it fucked them up, myself included.

Saged cause I already posted above & this is p. irrelevant.

No. 163184


I agree! There isn't even an excuse to not take her to a shrink or a mental health ward because in the UK it's free and you can just book an appointment with your gp (your family doctor) to get help it's really that simple and they do all the rest of the work

No. 163234

Of all the people who made reaction videos this is the one who actually had anything knowledgeable to contribute. Thanks for posting it!

Btw wasn't she going to do that meetup on August 3rd? I wonder if Connor went…

No. 163243

She's also suppose to upload videos every Thursday, and that didn't happen today.

Maybe her family is finally intervening.

No. 163244

okay i lied, i guess she uploaded a video with a friend on another channel

No. 163462

Everything about this video scares me.

No. 163467

You must be a pussy ass bitch irl, anon.

No. 163470

File: 1470461019250.jpeg (32.33 KB, 375x420, 1461979269638.jpeg)

It started off as typical for Marina Joyce, complete with heart symbol hand motion. Then that awkward dance fashion show happened.

No. 163637

Her modelling reminds me of something out of a David Lynch film. It's unsettling how she never stops moving and remains emotionless until the flared arm dresses (probably thinks she's swimming through air or some shit).

No. 163645

she moves like she has to pee so bad

No. 163650

What the fuck. She's not even looking at the camera(s). And the editing… oh boy. In the beginning she hardly blinks and talks like a robot, while stumbling over her words. I'm not even going to point out the dancing/"modelling."

>1.2 million views

Instead of cashing in on this mentally ill girl, how about actually getting herself some help? I get that the money will stop, but it's better than her hallucinating and possibly hurting herself or others if her delusions and hallucinations get worse.

No. 163663

It honestly kills me she isn't getting the help she needs.

No. 163804

this video is super cringy jfc why does she have to stare like that

also when she talks about the ghosts/spirits thing, that screams schizophrenia to me idk

No. 163830


It's not that easy anymore, because of cuts to the mental health sector. It's extremely easy to get antidepressants and so on, but harder for other stuff.

Even if she did have a diagnosis, it's difficult. I have a schizophrenic friend and there aren't any resources to give him treatment other than anti-psychotics, and seeing a mental health nurse once a week. This is despite the fact that he lives alone and is fixated on killing himself, having attempted suicide several times. He has no family or friends anymore, however, it was expected that they would look after him. It's really sad.

Also, the waiting list to see a psychiatrist something stupid like 6 weeks. She isn't a threat to herself or others, so they probably aren't rushing this.