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No. 1122088

Live, laugh, love

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No. 1122098

I don’t like water or soda so I drink watered down apple juice

No. 1122123

File: 1648995782002.jpeg (60.66 KB, 750x1005, 4BCAAE09-41CE-458A-A077-810A58…)

Having a husbando has helped me a lot with my body image issues, he motivates me to get healthy but he also loves me unconditionally, when I imagine myself with my husbando, I imagine myself as how I am, I don’t need to apply a beauty filter in my daydreams because he will love me regardless of how I look.

No. 1122151

That sounds so cute!! I wish I could be in love with a character like that. I have some that make me happy and can lift my mood but none that motivate me to actually do something

No. 1122165

Me too, I am healthy, and I have no reason to be unhappy with my appearance but I still felt inadequate, and I'd look at my husbando and think, he's so handsome, would he even like me? But I realized men like women's bodies however they are if they love them, bad men will say whatever about the bodies of women they don't care about to torment them, but good men who love their women will love every part of her body because they love her. So I'm sure he would think I'm beautiful, and then I feel beautiful. Yeah you can call it a cope, but isn't every "self-love" ploy a cope in itself. I'd rather call it a… philosophy kek

No. 1122281

File: 1649006071538.jpg (65.38 KB, 960x960, 1648481825653.jpg)

i feel absolutely nothing seeing the gorespam, since i've seen much worse.

No. 1122283

honestly, I feel nothing from the gorespan too. I've never seen gore before, aside from stuff from prev raids. I guess this 3-day-long raid desensitised me

No. 1122285

I planned to post a "actually I can't fully hate moids irl like they do to us, even if I want to, I still have compassion unfortunately" confession sometime today but I changed my mind.

No. 1122289

I don't know why men think gore will trigger women. My periods are bloodier than the images posted. It's good that anons are saying this because it only proves gorespammer is wasting his time. Kek.

No. 1122301

he should post child porn if he wants to actually upset people. but he won't cuz he's a pussy bitch.

No. 1122309

I don't want to say what does upset me because it'll only give these brain dead scrotes ideas

No. 1122332

posting cp = having cp on your computer = being traced by the fbi since they crack down on individual files. always goad moids into posting something extreme that they can then get sent to prison for.

No. 1122439

I would be much sadder if I didn’t have him, but there’s a physicality since I can hold him and be with him so it supplies me with plenty of feel good hormones as well.

No. 1122518

ngl nonners that's rather autistic but it sounds like your autism is helping you thrive, so i support you 100% kek

No. 1122814

Autistic as in "cringe" or as in "actually autistic"?

No. 1123504

File: 1649093680961.jpg (165.56 KB, 1080x1081, 33.jpg)

All that talk about semen texture in the sex advice thread genuinely almost made me throw up jesus christ. I'm definitely staying a virgin forever.

No. 1123733

I want to fuck one of my managers. He’s not even hot- average looking and early 40s. Dresses nice/expensive, he’s tall (at least 6ft) and has a nice smile, fit body type. First time we met there was this weird energy between us and it’s just been building up. I can barely look at him half the time because I feel like he knows. I’m a terrible liar, even my body language gives me away when we talk.

Idk what’s wrong with me. He’s married too so it would never happen and if he ever made a move I’d hate him and myself because I love my job, where I work, and the wife deserves better. I think I just need to get laid but I hate men.

No. 1123751

I hate troons with all my heart but don't really have a problem with transvestites. If a man wants to wear makeup, dresses, whatever the hell at home but KNOWS he will never be a woman and doesn't force others to call him 'her', 'ma'am', or whatever the hell, it does not bother me at all. It's a retarded fetish but if you keep it to yourself, maybe share it with your transvestite friends, good for you. If it's just for fun, whatever. It's too bad most of them are creeps though, the ones who wear it outside freak me out. I will say a lot of this comes from me wanting children, and if I ever have them I would let them wear whatever they wanted. I'd teach them to like whatever they like and not give a shit about what people think of them, or how others see them. I want them to know that liking pink and dresses as a boy does not make you a girl, it just means you like pink and dresses. If my daughter liked her hair short, wore boy's clothes and only played soccer I'd never stop them. But if they ever trooned out, they would never set foot in my house again.

No. 1123759

I don't entirely know why but I guess as a short haired woman I seem to attract men who are closet crossdressers. I don't mean I date them, I mean that married or attached men look at me and think
>ah yes I think I'll tell this gender nc woman about my xdressing secret and ask if she wants to have ongoing secret sex with me, I'll tell her a sob story about how my gf just doesn't understand my fantasies about stockings and pegging, she'll feel so sorry for me that we'll totally fuck and bond over my crossdressing being cool and my gf being a bitch for not getting it
No joke this has happened to me more than once. My short hair is all I can link it to. They see me as being some kind of gender exploring woman who wants to top men? What a vibe to give off.

No. 1123776

There be weird larping in g tonight me thinks.

No. 1123778

I'm into some very kinky stuff but the people that advertise being into it are usually freaks and weirdos. I'll also never bring up my kinks with a partner unless they hint at it or say they're into it first.
I'm so sad and sexually frustrated that I have a fetish I'm probably never going to get to explore the way I want to. Sad

No. 1123802

Ew what the fuck, I'm so sorry nonna.. Men are men, they just see women as objects. Most of them are retarded too, something pops into their brain and they don't give it a second thought.

No. 1123869

I like young boys and sometimes girls. I'm a pedo I guess, but not exclusively. I liked to molest younger kids when I was a kid myself(scrote bait )

No. 1123883

i was repeatedly molested by a classmate (at 10 years old). that, and other sexual trauma (like losing my hymen to an incompetent nurse at age 13) is why i can't truly enjoy sex. i disassociate during it. i never had an orgasm in my life. i am not asexual and i want to be able to enjoy it. i just physically cant. my mind doesnt let me. the closest i came to enjoying it physically was while drunk or otherwise intoxicated, where my mind couldnt put up the defenses.
i hope your victims arent too affected by what you did to them nonnie.(don’t reply to bait)

No. 1123890

pls be bait and/or kys

No. 1123900

obvious bait but either way do the world a favor and end your life, preferably in a very painful and agonizing way.

No. 1123902

my confession is that I had a child when I was 21 and I love the kid but I regret going through with it mostly but not exclusively because of sick fucks like this >>1123869. I'm a fucking idiot for bring life into this world.

No. 1123926

I'm so sorry about what happened nonna, and I don't know why you got the ban. I hope you will be able to enjoy it someday. I wouldn't wish that shit on anyone. I hope you're able to cope okay. ♥

No. 1123947

Sometimes I get so damn scared because of sick shit I hear like that. There is so much evilness in the world and I can’t be there all the time for my kiddo.

No. 1123948


No. 1123952

it's not even like just "hearing it" but actually seeing so much sick shit online, and still thinking my groomer ex-husband would protecc the two of us. turns out he was just a depraved scrote too.

No. 1123979

that's really disheartening. i can only imagine the shock you experienced. ugh… the idea of male chivalry or the idea the man you know is morally upright like you are, deep down, is just not rooted in reality when it comes down to it.

No. 1123991

It happened to me, it happened to my sisters, it happened to my sister's kid. All people we should have been able to trust. I hate living in this fucking world.

No. 1123996

Was never a handmaiden but mtf thread is peaking me in the other direction. Tired of anons saying "women don't have xyz physical trait!" "women don't do xyz thing!"
Maybe if I accept these ugly autistic moids as the standard woman I won't be looked down on anymore as not feminine enough as an ugly autistic woman

No. 1123999

Anon, troons and troon panderers only want an extremely pornified and stereotypical version of women. If you're an actual ugly or masculine woman they're going to think of you as not a real woman and try to convince you that you're nonbinary or something. There is nothing those types hate more than a GNC woman.

No. 1124000

I'm fine if it doesn't happen, but I'd be so pleased to take my nigel/bf's virginity. I want to help him become the man he is meant to be as well as release traumas and feel true, ecstatic love. I know he would have the most amazing experience sharing his first time with me. This might sound arrogant, but I simply know no other girl could top it. I would love to have sex with him. to lose both of our virginities (I am not a virgin but our relationship is so pure and wonderful and filled with love that I know 100% it will be like nothing ever before, especially since it will be 100% consensual on my end) to each other on a picnic in nature on a nice spring day… I really want to make him feel good and like a man. I want him to feel the love and adoration I cherish for him. He's so attractive and wonderful. I am simply excited, regardless of whether it will happen or not

No. 1124001

They want to "expand the definition of womanhood" but only for MTFs. If a tranny has a large body, a strong face, body hair, makes 0 effort to pass for a woman and/or acts like a brutish man it's "trans women don't owe you femininity!" If it's an actual woman being unfeminine it's "are you sure you're not trans?" Contradictory as fuck, just like everything else about trans ideology.

No. 1124013

>be me
>early 2020 right before lockdown
>go to a gay club with friends
>first time going to a club
>wow look at me being a normie
>in the middle of the dance floor an obviously gay guy approaches me looking awestruck and tells me "oh my god you're sooo pretty!!"
>think wow I must really look pretty hehe
>like a retard
>later that night he does it again "really you're so beautiful!!"
>"haha than-"
>he giggles and puts his hand on my boob
>looks at me while giggling and leaves
>keep dancing thinking what the fuck
>nothing else happens
>think about it occasionally as a random weird thing that happened
>summer 2021, over a year later
>randomly remember it
>it suddenly hits me
>I remember I'm 183 cm tall
>maybe 186 with dr martens
>I remember it was a gay club
>I remember how surprised he looked like he'd seen beyonce or something
>mfw he probably thought I was a tranny
>mfw he was so amazed because I actually looked like a woman
>mfw he felt my tits because he thought they were fake
i will be accepting paypal donations to leave this manlet country

No. 1124015

It's probably a troon, anyone who went to that thread would've seen the troonies who called any barefaced woman man therefore making womanness even more about performative femininity than it already is.

No. 1124020

This is exactly the shit I'm talking about, any dissenting opinion and you're "probably a troon" "probably a moid", shit is fucking annoying, fuck off.

No. 1124024

Honestly wouldn’t put it past him just being an asshole, fags are pretty proud misogynists at the best of times but they get away with it by cashing in all their oppression points and hanging on the cultural idea that women and gay men are basically the same thing. Highly doubt you look like a troon nonna

No. 1124030

Can you really blame them for being paranoid though? We've had a lot of confirmed tranny baiters and moids like st*ven

At any rate, some of those anons might be annoying, I can kinda see where you're coming from even though I admit I hardly use the MTF thread. But siding with the troons will not fix anything or make it better.

No. 1124031

I've been told many times fags grope women and think they can get away with it because since they're gay then it's not sexual assault. Maybe you're right, maybe he just did it because you're an actual woman, who knows.

No. 1124032

I want to scam and rip off or rob people that have maliciously manipulated me or ripped me off. I fantasized about stalking them, and gaining huge power and advantage over them by knowing all of their passwords, slangs, friends, places and habits. Then, with the help of my friends, get back at them and get my money back 2x.

No. 1124051

There are literally men who pretend to be gay so they can sexually assault women, anon.

No. 1124567

File: 1649177000273.jpeg (30.84 KB, 596x589, dawg no.jpeg)

a couple of years ago one of my classmates was going to use my mac to show me something but she, a windows user, pressed the wrong combo of keys and somehow managed to open a south park fan fic on ao3 that i had bookmarked

No. 1124600

what ship

No. 1124620

File: 1649180728305.jpeg (84.76 KB, 720x1142, 30989C4D-73DF-4B6A-A1AD-5DC6DF…)

I have such a crush on Brendan Fraser and deep down I think it’s cause he reminds me of my mom. Both him and my mom are Flamboyant Naturals, and she’s tall and she’s got these huge doe eyes. I have mommy issues from hell and she’s a drug addict but she used to really be a knockout with wavey long hair and a nice frame, then she gained weight and got addicted to meth so she looks sullen and flabby, she also always looks scared and she’s always yelling at me and my sisters about random shit she is paranoid about. She was never a great mom, she always made us feel dumb, I remember this one time we decorated our room and she said it looked stupid, it did but cmon, who says that to a kid? She would always tell me I stank but she never even taught me how to wash, I didn’t properly even learn til I was a teenager, she always called my clothes ugly, she would laugh at our selfies on Facebook when we were like 15. Sometimes when I try to fantasize about him I feel wrong or something, he goes beyond a crush I just adore him so much and idek anymore. I need someone who will care for me and hold me and Brendan Fraser is my top pick, but idk if I would actually lump him with my other hot dude husbandos, I see him as a gorgeous man who is so innocent seeming

No. 1124630

File: 1649181066514.jpeg (42.5 KB, 750x750, FF934F63-80C2-478C-9078-4F256E…)

No. 1124631

Also Freud was kinda wrong cause I think I prefer men who remind me of my mom, also I don’t like women who remind me of her. They intimidate me.

No. 1124634

Love the thread pic. Honestly my persuasion is protestant but god how I've imagined running away from society and becoming a minister or some shit. Room and board for believing in the Lord. I'd of course get high as shit every day and deliver the best fucking sermons the flocks ever fucking seen

No. 1124635

File: 1649181323290.jpg (49.33 KB, 400x500, fd311114381f8046b42f70582dd9a9…)

I think young brendan fraser was super hot and while I have no sexual desire for current brendan fraser, I want to fix him, I want to help him get fit, clean up and get out of his rut and maybe set him up with an age appropriate acquaintance

No. 1124636

I have been told my celebrity crush looks like he pass for be my father. They're the same fucking age. I bear more resemblance to my dad. And my birthday is the same day as Carl Jung's. It's all a fucking conspiracy I swear

No. 1124640

*he could pass for my father
good lord shit my typing is in the gutter with my will to live

No. 1124645

I bite my toenails. This one time when I was still a mere child, I was hanging out with my neighbor friend to play with our Bratz. We were heading downstairs and half way down the stairs, I started to bite my toenails. She just stared at me like what are you doing haha? I nonchalantly told her that I felt like I had an ingrown toenail so I was biting it off. She stopped hanging out with me after that.

No. 1124682

ew lmao I'd stop hanging out with you too still love u though

No. 1124730

I used to do it too now I just pick at my nails, which look awful, also I peel the skin off sometimes

No. 1124920

I named my D&D character after the drawthread. She's a dark elf named Nypffae Qun but her friends just call her Nyp. My fellow players don't know about this site but it makes me happy.

No. 1124936

Thanks for sharing that anon, I've never met any other weirdo who would also do the same

No. 1124943

Ntayrt but I also used to bite my toenails, now just my fingers and I too weirded out some friends when I was younger lol.

No. 1124948

I was about to post something similar kek.
When I was a child I used to bite them. I would do it outside in front of everyone. My feet were often muddy and I'd still do it, it was really crunchy cause of the dirt, I fucking loved it. But now, I moved on to picking at them with my fingers or with a toe clipper. I barely have any nail left on most of my toes. Also, wathever manage to grow back is very thick and brittle. I sometimes let it grow a little, because those that grow back like that are the best to pick at. I also pick the skin around. I can't stop. I really enjoy it in a way, even more when it hurts. The satisfaction you get when you rip off a big piece and then the blood.
It sometimes hurts to walk. I don't know, I am really ashamed of it. It really is a compulsion, I don't even notice I do it most of the time. I go crazy if I can't do it. Even when I am wearing socks I have to do it. I am really surprised I've never gotten an infection.
I also used to bite my finger nails but I havn't relapsed in three years (if you don't count picking at the skin). I've been doing it since I was a very young child. One of my oldest memory is me around three years old biting my pinky nail.

No. 1124953

How did you manage to stop biting your fingernails? I've used that "no-bitting" bitter nail polish, I've tried painting them nice colors to discourage myself but it's just gonna always happen. I'm really envious of women with beautiful, long nails, it looks so elegant…

No. 1124960

File: 1649201007131.jpg (39.37 KB, 564x706, 2674a0b4b5f59fac1e8c95a00e3f6d…)

I really want to become a vtuber. If I had the space, time and technology to do it, I'd do it. I don't care about creating a lore or a persona for the avatar, I just want to stream art (maybe some casual games) without showing my face, but still having a "face" to interact with people and whatnot.

No. 1124968

I feel fine or even cute when I look at myself in my mirror at home but when I catch a glimpse of myself in public it fills me with such a rage that I wish I could reach into the mirror and choke out my reflection. I shy away from mirrors in public for this reason.

No. 1124970

I'm not sure it would even count as a Vtuber but I would like to have a 2D avatar of myself if I got more serious about streaming. I suppose technically it would count, but I wouldn't like to call myself a Vtuber as I wouldn't be pretending to be some cutesy and quirky anime girl, it'd just be myself playing games or drawing like usual. But since Vtubers have such a bad reputation I'm afraid of doing it (if I could).

No. 1124979

The trying not to bite them to keep my manicure looking nice actually worked for me. At first I would try to only pick at the polish and just redo it every day and I eventually stopped. For a while there was only my favorite nail (this sounds so dumb to say kek) left and it took me a few months to leave it alone. I broke the habit after maybe a year. I also always carry a nail kit (clipper and filer) for whenever a nail breaks so you are not tempted to tear it off (this is one my biggest trigger). This is the longest I've managed to not do it. I relapsed many times before. Now I can let them grow long and do not need to always wear nail polish.
Don't give up anon, you can do it too!

No. 1124981

I haven't had substantial conversations for so long that it catches me off guard whenever anyone on the internet invites me to argue. I feel awkward and unprepared and I'd rather just go about my day. But I guess the right thing to do is to train my mental agility since arguments are inevitable.

No. 1125034

what was it you were invited to argue about?

No. 1125150

Trivial matters, really. Like I could be talking about star signs and someone will go on about how astrology is pseudo-psychology or I could be sharing some beauty practices that I do and be told that I seem insecure because I do these things. I almost always don't feel like coming up with a rebuttal to anything thrown at me. People on the internet like to argue a lot and react pretty quickly to each reply. I wish I had the wit and energy to be as responsive but my head is empty most of the time

No. 1125220

i hate this shit. like obviously astrology is bullshit, but it's just for good fun. people love to argue about it just because we want to have fun and be little nitpickers though. annoying.

No. 1125801

I'm on holiday with my couple friends and their kids. The dad is nice but kind of strict with the kids. I said goodnight then came back to the living area for my book, and we joked that I'm just like their kids who keep finding excuses not to go to bed. Then the guy jokingly got strict with me and used his dad tone to tell me to really go to bed now.
I am so turned on by it, I haven't got this wet so quickly from anything in years. I'm a broken human being. I'm not a coomer or into that kink shit at all, this is fucking embarrassing. Just kill me and reincarnate me into a dung beetle with no father issues please.

No. 1125809

I can’t stop having fantasies about my ftm friend after they sent me a nude of themselves,I get really huffy and hot thinking about them and it’s killing me…

No. 1125838

File: 1649287786730.jpeg (47.25 KB, 500x595, 854E85F5-79D5-4E62-A532-816432…)

I just lost my anal virginity to my nigel of three years. I am beyond saving.

No. 1125864

RIP your asshole, you've opened a pandora's box of anal microtears, fissures and misery by allowing this.

No. 1125866

No. 1125868

First off, virginity, specially ass virginity is just something made up by men to shame women who dare to even masturbate. Second, you’re retarded for letting the nigel turn into a scrote by letting him fuck you in the ass, now he will expect more degrading stuff from you.

No. 1125871

he was never a nigel if he wanted to fuck her ass. shit is literally so dangerous for us.

No. 1125873

hit the nail on the head there

No. 1125883

If he'd fuck a woman in the ass, he's not a nigel anon

No. 1125914

sounds like you're gay anon

No. 1125939

nta and im disgusted by anal sex (thats where shit comes out what the fuck) but what makes it dangerous?

No. 1125953

>Tears in your ass
>Shit passes over it daily
>Have fun if it's a hard one


>Porn stars who do a lot of anal end up perma-gaping and shitting themselves all the time

>Porn director laugh it off and don't tell the girls that's permanent

No. 1125964

omg thank you, I didn't know any of that! Men who want their girlfriends to do anal only just want to hurt them I think

No. 1125970

Girls really ought to tell guys that if men are interested in anal they are secretly gay. Why do they want to use the poo door when the front door is available? Gay

No. 1125981

I can not stress enough how much it needs to be shamed. A woman gains nothing from having anal intercourse with a man. All men who ask for it need to be belittled.

No. 1125984

back in my libfem days I was the one asked my Nigel to have anal sex with, he was disgusted and found it disgusting but I wanted to try it, eventually with one thrust my ass felt like it was ripped in half, the pain was unbearable, he was apologizing and saying he wanted to take me to a hospital

No. 1125989

ew why? you sound pathetic

No. 1126025

I've already been ticking things off of my bucketlist, because I had a gut feeling that something is wrong (pun intended), without telling anyone.

No. 1126149

I wish anons would stop saying this. It could inspire worse pics to be posted and they may favor the cp if they know anons are unfazed by the gore.

Please don't call their bluff like this nona.

No. 1126151

File: 1649320967621.gif (473.94 KB, 200x150, tumblr_mb03g1ZpRy1qj00xq540.gi…)

No. 1126184

I'm so jealous of people going on holidays with their friends, I have my own friends but I'm not close enough to any of them to go on weekends or long trips with them, I don't even have a well defined friends group. I saw a cow in a thread going on a spa date with her friends and it made me realize I have nobody around me who I could do that with.

No. 1126193


He's not a Nigel and he doesn't like you. Only men who don't like you want anal. speakinf from personal experience. It only gets worse from here, you better dump him before he tries to throat fuck you until you vomit or starts threatening to cheat on you if you don't do anal because you're only going to hate yourself and him, and sex with him more and more now.

No. 1126196

Did you enjoy him getting off to humiliating you?

No. 1126200

You and me both anon. I'm so envious when I go to some touristy places on my vacations and I see people my age hanging out in a group, I really want what they have. I'm going to another country with a person I consider a friend this summer, it's for a specific event but I suggested we book more days so we can visit around and hang out and her reaction was "why?". Really hurts.

No. 1126205

NTA but this is such a cruel response to a woman who's probably already regretful.

No. 1126211

one of my friends is a fashion victim and its making me lose respect for her. she has no style at all, she just follows tiktok trends and wears outfits that make her look like a 14 year old let loose in a charity shop. we're in our twenties. I don't want to be rude to her and discourage her from trying new things and hopefully finding her own style, but I don't want her to keep embarrassing herself either.

No. 1126215

Omg anom you can't gossip behind my back like this!
Seriously though I feel so called out, kek. What does she usually dress like?

No. 1126228

File: 1649326616385.png (1.55 MB, 1456x1388, 1648870581008.png)

don't worry, if you have any self-awareness about it you're probably not as bad. she just wears a random mish-mash of trendy clothes, with no consideration of shape, colour, or whether they go together at all. someone posted this in the fashion thread and she dresses kinda like a slightly less insane version of the girl on the right.

No. 1126234

Wow that's harsh. What's going on with the girls skirt?

No. 1126248

I remember some animu "cosplayer" (ie some thin girl dressing up as Sailor Moon/Pluto and taking pics in macbook photobooth) from years ago (c. 2012/13) from Tumblr that i followed. Out of nowhere she just starts raving about anal, how it's the best thing ever, how every girl should do it, making long posts sperging about it, kinda felt her whole blog was about it at some point. I wonder where she is/how her ass is holding up now kek

No. 1126256

Oh this hurts kek I'm a fashion normie.

No. 1126267

Did her account get hacked? The fact that she's specifically shilling anal and not sex in general is suspicious.

No. 1126284

No it was still her I'm pretty sure. I don't have much info though, she was a tumblr micro celeb from a by-gone era.

No. 1126332

Shouldn't have let her nigel fuck her ass.

No. 1127011

File: 1649370160871.jpeg (318.83 KB, 1242x1540, 22DBA2ED-6E6C-4FB8-912A-7B9A0B…)

How do I know if I still sound robotic? I’m still self-conscious about that one time someone told me in Uni that I didn’t have any emotion in my voice, how do I sound more excited or natural?

No. 1127046

i can't stop watching trisha paytas' asmr videos

No. 1127172

I never learned how to tie my hair into a ponytail until I was in middle school (the home ec teacher showed me) and I still don’t know how to do anything besides that and a manbun

No. 1127290

I watch Sopranos as a comfort show because Tony Soprano reminds me of my dead dad. It makes me feel like I'm still a kid living at home when times were more simple and I didn't have to worry about work or uni or bills.

No. 1127658

File: 1649430156079.jpg (9.4 KB, 236x236, cba9f23b1843cd35336aa06fa3db65…)

>be me, 15
>try a tampon for the first and last time
>put it in the wrong way OW
>my dad starts yelling at me in front of all the family visiting the small bungalow, why am i taking so long?
>have to wait for my eyes to stop watering and take the tampon out
>there's no bin
>decide to throw the tampon out the window out of shame, right into the road, full on strawberry jam coated and everything
>stuff toilet paper into my undies

I still wonder how passers by reacted to that mysterious obstacle. Maybe someone found it. Maybe someone tripped over it. Regardless, that was the last time I tried a tampon. Posting because I only just remembered this particular piece of tomfoolery and had to get it off my chest.

No. 1127673

Anon, your experience kinda reminded me of my first and last time using a tampon too! I was on holiday on my period and wanted to go in the pool. Mum gave me a tampon which she bought just incase. I was in the hotel bathroom and sat on the floor crying as I couldn't do it and I was too scared but wanted to go in the pool so bad. Ended up not using it and not going in the pool. Never used a tampon since and I am 25

No. 1127676

Sorry this is not really too related but once I tied my hair but didn't pull it all through so it was like a loop. And a guy tells me "I think you don't know how to tie a ponytail" and I tell him "I think I don't care what you think" and he was like ouch. I don't care shut up moid as if you would know how to do half the things women do every day if your life depended on it

No. 1127679

I heard from Galko (that anime with the girl with the boob) that when you go in water the vagina closes up anyway. And I think you can bathe on your period…
Anyway I am definitely glad someone mature is also scared of tampons, I feel a lot less babyish now kek

No. 1127718

Whenever I see a stray tampon on the street I will think of u anon kek

No. 1127749

kek same here. Tried it once, didn't work, cried, never tried it again

No. 1127783

That series was made by a scrote.

I’m either a moron or 90% sure a hotel pool closed and tested the water because my tampon came out while I was swimming at a birthday party (also never wore a tampon again after that as well)

No. 1127906

I'm partially deaf with a speech impediment so when I consoom media I read something like subtitles, books, articles,etc but have no idea how to pronounce it and when I'm in rl conversations I pronounce a lot of stuff wrong and people get offended at me not pronouncing things right or treat me like I'm stupid and it's frustrating

No. 1127953

I had a once off conversation with a guy almost a year ago, bumped into him since but basically only really waved and said hi those times. I've been checking out his socials regularly though. I know his full name whereas I only gave him my first name because I do that with scrotes… hello one sided online stalking lol. I liked the guy but never made that known. Just being a weirdo from a distance now.

I'm not a user of tiktok but that's one of his 2 socials I check. His liked vids are visible but he isn't very active on it. The first time we spoke I told him about the area I'm originally from. A town that is rough. I told him I struggle with my nerves and living there didn't help with that. This town is on the far side of the country to where I am now. One of his recently liked tiktoks is a person in my old town kicking off in public. My tard brain wants to read into this too much.

No. 1127978

My boyfriend is a huge fan of a certain niche band whose music I absolutely cannot stand, but I once expressed my lack of interest in it and he was beyond disappointed that I couldn't understand the absolute genious that is their music. Since then I pretended to be 'converted' to love their music, despite never actually having listened to a single song of theirs unless my boyfriend has played it for me while we're spending time together. I even went so far as to allow him to see what my Spotify is currently playing through Discord so I can put on one of their albums, mute Spotify and pretend like I'm listening to them while doing something else. He told me once that he's impressed with how I will listen entire albums through without break, so I started looping the same song here and there and now thinks they're my favourite. He's so happy that he's managed to bring this great band into my life. I've faked loving their music for three years now, kek. I'm fucked.

No. 1127993

That's kinda dumb anon kek but if you want out you can always pretend to stop liking that band or pretend you don't like their new stuff. Music tastes change all the time, it wouldn't be strange at all. I'm surprised he hasn't dragged you to a concert.

No. 1127998

this is one of the funniest things i've read on this site. i can't imagine being around a guy and it being such a big part of his life and you pretending with this much effort for 3 years, totally insincerely. it's great. you can definitely weasel your way out of it but how has he not asked you more in depth about them?

No. 1128019

It's incredibly dumb, kek, but I like your advice, I might have to do something of the sort.

He's sometimes confused with my "poor memory" in regards to their lyrics and which songs are on which albums, but he's more than happy to remind me and if we talk about anything deeper in regards to the band's history, I let him do the talking anyway. He just thinks I'm a bit scatterbrained and finds it charming.

No. 1128023

>tfw no dumb bf that doesn't try to "gotcha" constantly
that's a good trait

No. 1128033

My ex who is a troon (I didn't know that before we started dating ok? And as far as I know he still "presents male") keeps trying to ask me out in "subtle" ways but I'm too much of a coward to outright tell him that I know what he's doing, that I don't want to see him, and that I will never be interested in him anymore. Not just because of the tranny thing but also because I don't find him attractive anymore and we're not compatible in other ways, and I don't want to date real men anyway. I just hate being rude or making people hate me. Why am I such a chicken?

No. 1128037

Listen, not everyone has to be friends, not everyone has to think nice things about everyone else. If you do not like him then even better if he does not like you.

No. 1128051

I wish I had an irl lolcow friendgroup, me and the nonnies could go get brunch.

No. 1128060

we would fight along the way

No. 1128073

I'm too paranoid of people hating me and telling others any secrets they might know about me. That's also part of why I don't want to be rude to him.
I dropped out of the university he's in, so he knows people who know me. I wish I could just cut him out of my life.

No. 1128087

>I just hate being rude or making people hate me. Why am I such a chicken?
because you are a woman who has been conditioned by society to be nice no matter what. Just do it like a band aid. there's zero reason to be polite if you are not interested.

No. 1128091

Unless he's paying your bills, nothing is stopping you but you. You cant force people to like you. I just left a job where i thought i was close to someone but in the end they talked shit about me. It's all good. You move on. Letting a guy dictate your life is pathetic and dangerous.

No. 1128098

Sorry for your hardships anon but this is adorable lol

No. 1128103

I think that'd just be two or three of us while the rest stands by the side lines, either entertained or annoyed by yet another fight.

No. 1128165

this made me smile, bless you anon kek you are so cute and dedicated.

No. 1128183

I want a foot massage right now.

No. 1128319

I think he knows that you don’t care for them but happy that you’re pretending for him and letting him sperg because male. But i’m not gonna go on about this, you should look deeper and figure out why you’re doing this, do you have nothing else in common with him?

No. 1128361

I'm so bad at videogames that when I tried to boot up Shadow of the Colossus again I panicked and had to quit the game right when the first colossus fight started. I hate combat in games, especially boss fights, because I always panic and forget how the controls work when I see stuff coming at me with murderous intent, so I don't know why the fuck I bought a game that's known for being 90% huge boss fights. I should just stick to JRPGs and other things that don't depend on reaction time or motor skills.

No. 1128365

Same dude, same. I could take you all snowboarding and then we could hit the pancake house.

No. 1128367

I get so panicky too! Dying in video games stresses me out even when there's no real penalty. Mainly play turn based and rhythm games for this reason.

No. 1128376

The fucking camera in that game is infuriating. The sluggish controls make it virtually unplayable for me.

No. 1128384

I have the remastered PS3 version, and I'm strongly considering getting the PS4 remake because of the damn camera. The controls are pretty intuitive until the colossus shit happens, then somehow they quantum teleport to either be right around the corner of the field of view or on top of me at all times.

I'm glad I'm not the only one. Games are something I play to relax, not stress myself out further. I much prefer Ico, the other game that came with Shadow of the Colossus.

No. 1128427

File: 1649486038816.png (88.11 KB, 400x400, tumblr_onsvs29QcJ1v24seso1_400…)

i miss homestuck a lot. it's to the point where i'm reading about ships and situations i never once considered while the fandom was at its peak – porrim and gamzee arguing in an abandoned church, anyone? – just to get my fix. and it's wild because the writing is so fucking baller, wherever i look, because homestucks (used) be so talented.

the modern version of the fandom is such a shitfest, it makes me genuinely kind of sad. yeah bucket jokes and tentabulges were bad – now every character is trans and they're crying about how ~pwobamawtic uwu~ their supposed favorite series is. ugh.

wish i hadn't been so shy back in the day, and had made a greater effort to connect with people so i could maybe have some old homestuck boomer friends to speak on it now. then again a LOT of the people i admired back in the day have either

>trooned out

>renounced all the awesome shit they made because it's "problematic"
or, the worse one imo:
>speak and reminisce of the comic in a guilty-minded way like it's a dirty secret or something


No. 1128441

i was into homestuck during its peak and remember following tons of artists as the updates went along. it was a lot of fun having something to look forward to before school. since the site was obscure i could read it on the computers too. personally i never cared past the ending and consider HS 2 a trainwreck fanfiction by some lunatic agp. it doesnt even touch the original.

No. 1128445

hs2 is awful, yeah. it's like the people who enjoyed all the romantic, fandom-shipping-wank tier drama of act 6 and onward (whenever the kids got to the meteor and met up with their alpha selves and started sadposting in real time) are behind that whopping festering pile of shit. same with the meat/candy epilogues. i hate the way people treat the "post-canon" content like it's gospel, despite hussie saying the exact opposite. even if i'm not actively within the modern fandom anymore it's just irritating to see discussion of it or anything lol.

No. 1128447

slight addition: hiveswap. hiveswap was actually great, it was whimsical and fun while also being genuinely sad at parts like the first few acts of hs were. it's disappointing that it was never completed and efforts were instead put forth to uh…focusing on all the shitty troll ocs.

No. 1128456

When I was into creepypasta, everyone was also into homestuck n I remember thinking I was retarded bc I couldnt understand the humor or lore kek

No. 1128459

File: 1649489113175.jpeg (366.2 KB, 828x718, 965B31BF-4EFF-4999-B2E9-B3CC85…)

I feel you anon, I loved seeing all the cosplays people would churn out too.
I recently was reminded of the existence of the DMMD shitposts and it really takes me back especially with how dated some of the jokes are lol
Also reminded me that Tumblr was a fun place at one point and everyone wasn’t fucking insane.

No. 1128472

I feel like this about the My Little Pony fandom. I miss the excitement of being in a big fandom and browsing equestria daily for new art and fanfic every day, plus watching new episodes together with friends and drawing fanart of it right away. It felt like everyone was so creative and having a lot of fun. I love horror and cute things, so it was fun how popular both were in the fandom.

No. 1128477

File: 1649491182603.jpg (30.62 KB, 520x390, FFJROg0UUAImHbN.jpg)

bump porn on front page

No. 1128479

File: 1649491220894.png (1.09 MB, 1000x750, PD.png)

I wish I had her facial proportions

No. 1128480

Oh I miss being into my little ponies, I used to hang out on a forum and have so much fun, a lot of the people were as old as me (15) and some were a bit older but everyone was nice and family friendly.
I used to draw ponies for the people, and sometimes they would draw for me too, there was a kind of a jerk person who would ask everyone for a drawing and would maybe say thank you for it, he had six baby dragon characters so I drew them all together and he was amazed and put them in his forum signature, I was so proud but I don't know why I spent so much time on a gift for a person I don't know and didn't really like

No. 1128487

File: 1649491603639.jpg (105.28 KB, 1600x896, 43503984.jpg)

she reminds me of a strawberry

No. 1128533


this is sweet anon, i'm so sorry for your loss

No. 1128539

Idk who this is but me too.

No. 1128540

Her name is Phoebe Dynevor

No. 1128542

Am not surprised, she looks like a Phoebe. Classical features, classical name.

No. 1128571

she is so cute. here in the uk, her mum is on a famous soap tv show called coronation street

No. 1128572

File: 1649502751909.jpeg (957.81 KB, 1500x1043, image.jpeg)

she also dated pete davidson

No. 1128587

coming from the home page i thought that was bella thorne

No. 1128594

Kek so did I

No. 1128597

Is Coronation St still being made or is it just reruns?

No. 1128607

still being made, since 1960

No. 1128623

I hope it never stops kek

No. 1128670

I hate the thought of anal and everything about it because it's so degrading and dirty and painful and 99% of it is for the man's pleasure and I'd never do it, yet I have some deep fetish for giving blowjobs that I could never explain. It frustrates me

No. 1128928

I also have a big fetish for giving blow jobs but I tell myself that although it may seem like a submissive act I am still very much the one in control, especially because I'm pretty fucking good at it. Men are so easy to manipulate after you give them mind blowing orgasms kek.

No. 1128970

Giving oral sex isn't fetish territory imo. It's a pretty normal desire. I know on here lately there was a whole load of posts about how sucking dick is just the worst and is shameful or whatever but it's a run of the mill sex act and if you're into men it's half expected. Not liking oral is fine too. It's not shameful to like bjs or to dislike them. Both are fine

No. 1128992

how do you ignore the fact that men don't wipe after peeing though..

No. 1128995

They shower before having sex?

No. 1128999

Liking bjs is fine, being facefucked to the point of vomiting is what most would hate I think

No. 1129004

hating anal is based, its unnatural and If a guy's into it, its likely that he's pornsick, that said while I don't have an oral fixation, I kinda like giving handjobs

No. 1129007

NTA but I hate the whole concept itself, especially because of the fluids involved. Those posts in the sex advice thread almost traumatized me lol.

No. 1129009

No. 1129013

I don't go down unless the person has showered quite recently and I don't ask for oral unless I'm freshly showered too.

No. 1129018

I like male validation. A while ago a moid wrote a small 'poem' for me (online, he doesn't know what I look like or anything we just chat from time to time) saying I was smart, had good taste and was really chill. It made me happy. honestly hearing that from a woman would've made me just as happy, so I guess I actually don't care that much about men thinking about it lol

No. 1129022

you can like giving bjs but it’s so delusional to think you’re the one with power and in control when you’ve literally got some dudes dick in your mouth lmfao. not everything has to be a feminist act

No. 1129023

anal = gay

No. 1129026

A woman having sex with a man is never in control either, which is why I don't have sex with men.

No. 1129030

File: 1649522809996.jpeg (61.71 KB, 400x400, EE244AD3-02FE-486F-A2A5-1C5895…)

I sometimes make shitty collages on my phone of guys that I find on Pinterest that I think are cute

No. 1129031

You can literally bite down hard on his dick and give him a severe injury

No. 1129095

But he knows you won't. By that logic circus elephants are in control bc they could crush everyone if they had the nerve

No. 1129161

He can literally thrust and choke/gag you and seriously damage you at any moment. If he does, you won't even have the reflexes and energy to bite down because you'd be busy catching air, blacking out or throwing up. You're in a vulnerable position.

No. 1129162

I think my little sister's ex fiance did the right thing by dumping my sister. It happened at the worst time possible and my sister took a lot of time to get over it but I would have felt bad if he actually married her because of how fucked up our family is. I'm ok but my parents are mentally ill muslims who are obsessed with money and really racist and the ex fiance is Asian. On top of that my parents were abusive towards us and if my sister had kids and let my mother babysit them I'd be worried for the kids' safety because of my father who literally threatened to beat me up again just a few minutes ago because I didn't want to talk about money with him for the 1000000000000th time. And I know it's stupid, but they were dating for like 7 or 8 years and my sister never, ever told him she got plastic surgery to make her nose look less, idk if that's the right word, ethnic? In my opinion if you absolutely don't want your long-time bf and future husband to know something like that you're not ready for marriage. The guy was kinda retarded, lazy and not even good looking but despite that instead of thinking my sister dodged a bullet, I feel like he's the one who dodged a bullet.

No. 1129174

I feel turned off when sex acts have connotations of power automatically attached to them. I've gone through different phases over the years where initially I would only receive oral. Now I'm interested in the opposite. Haven't acted on it because I've turned hermit since covid but my fantasies only surround that right now. I don't attach power on either end but I'm aware plenty do. I just want what I want whenever I happen to want it.

Come to think of it, maybe I'm odd. I go through phases where one specific sex act appeals to me and everything else is off the menu for a while.

No. 1129214

Just say you enjoy doing it because you like giving your partner pleasure, this LARP about actually being in control is so pathetic

No. 1129231

Come on anon, i'm into blowjobs too but it definitely has some inherent power dynamics, and not in your favor.

It's fucking annoying too because once any partners I have find out I like blowjobs it's like a switch flips in their brain and they whine for blowjobs. Doesn't matter if we've fucked for months, them giving me oral always and my mouth nowhere near their dick (because I know what happens). As SOON as it's obvious I enjoy oral and savor it during the act, they think it means bjs on tap, a lot of "come onnnn, why not, you like them cmon". They can be the most gracious, generous and respectful sex partners but soon as they know I like bjs it's fucking monkey brain time.

No. 1129298

The term 'grooming' has been overused to the point I honestly don't even know what genuinely counts as it anymore

No. 1129339

ayrt I just like things in my mouth a lot idk
this is refreshing to read in a way, although I understand anons who are disgusted by blowjobs it's nice to come across a neutral opinion. I think how much I like them is the unusual bit

No. 1129382

File: 1649538333342.jpg (65.28 KB, 564x846, 95d054099d2690a14c12fc319a358c…)

I'm not sure if this is exactly a confession, but alas.
Today I learned that PCOS has other names such as "Hyperandrogenic anovulation" and "Stein-Leventhal syndrome" and I think I might start using it. Usually I just say that I have "metabolic issues" because I've came to the very harsh conclusion that people simply don't take PCOS seriously. When they see a lot of the external symptoms for PCOS they just think the woman is lazy and don't care about her appearance (a lot of body hair, weight gain, acne, thinning hair, etc) and I think that since it's a very under researched female-only disorder, people just brush it off in general.
Maybe I'll come across as a bit of a munchie at first, but I think it's the only way that people won't instantly judge me for my appearance.

No. 1129461

I think umbran’s wig styling works with some anime hair styles, like the ugly demon slayer hair designs because I have a hard time imagining them looking decent with more natural styling. I don’t know much about wig styling though so I’m speaking from an amateur’s standpoint

No. 1129549

Once when I was really drunk and browsing LC, I almost posted my self-insert husbando art. I managed to get a grip though. I'm not THAT unhinged and attention seeking.

No. 1129554

My boyfriend and I had intercourse today for the first time <3 he never had had sex before so it was a very special experience. It was very sensual, intimate and imbued with love. it was magical and I’m so happy

No. 1129555

god i miss confession blogs. pure-hearted crackfests. take me back to 2013

No. 1129569

File: 1649552031112.jpg (33.34 KB, 441x500, 4ba8c114f932d7485e31fc239359e2…)

When i feel tired mentally i put myself into bed and i think about my cool ocs and their cool adventures

No. 1129575

aw nonny, if you ever wanna talk about the intermission, give me a holler. it's been ages. i see what you mean and i miss those days too.

No. 1129576

happy for u anon sounds beautiful ♥

No. 1129581

File: 1649553426553.jpeg (61.85 KB, 400x327, 76B419E9-3653-494F-8254-8CA277…)

i’m going to kill myself next month and i’m quite lost on what to do like do i leave a note or not so i leave instructions on what i want to happen to my body do i clean up my loose end relationships do i have one last big bender before i die. I’m not sure. I’m pretty detached and calm about the whole situation, it wasn’t really an emotional decision at all. it feels weird to be so calm planning my own death.

No. 1129585

I feel terrible for having these thoughts but I am honestly so tired of Asian people moving into my neighborhood. I feel like if people knew me and my family they would say we should be happy that our neighborhood is becoming more “diverse” since we’re black, but all I can think everytime another house goes up for sale is if the new owners are going to be Asian. To give some background, we live in California in a once shitty semi-rural town with really big homes that have become “exclusive”, for lack of a better term, since the houses are on half-acre plots. When my family moved out here way back in the 1960’s, it was nothing but dirt, oil fields, and Walmart, but now everybody and their fucking mother wants to live in this tract. The house right across from us recently went up for sale due to the death of the old owner, and another right on the side of us just got sold as that owner moved to a senior living center, and of course the first house got bought by some Asians and I am already dreading discovering who might be in the next one. I get tired of them because the first thing they all seem to due when they buy homes in our tract, is tear up the fucking yard. I know it is a cultural thing with them, but it’s like they totally desecrate these family homes and turn them into shacks. They cut down all the beautiful trees, tear up the shrubs, and pull up all the grass except for the front because they’re all so fucking materialistic and shallow. Then here they come with the big white gaudy Mercedes Benz and the brand new $50k Beemers for their entitled, spoilt kids to do wheelies in the cul-de-sac, while Grandma waddles around out front for hours with her soup spoon bent ass back picking weeds and staring at you like you’re nuts whenever you go to get the mail. I know I am being prejudiced as fuck but it really irked me watching the new neighbors destroy this old lady’s yard today like it was nothing; now it’s just bare fucking dirt and twigs and I can see the husband watching our home like a hawk since it is the largest out of the 3 biggest houses in the neighborhood. Some of them are nice though and I do genuinely appreciate when they actually take the effort to speak to us, but it often ends up being the same crap we dealt with when the neighborhood was majority white where they end up either ignoring us or treating us badly because we’re black. I am in no way proud of how I feel, but I would rather confess my sins here than carry this shit around in my heart. I accept too I will probably get banned for racebait but whatever.

No. 1129587

I do this, too! Although I wanna put mine in a video game so I just imagine the storylines and diverging paths the player could take with them.

No. 1129590

I'm also from California and I hate to break it to you, but working class Mexicans and rich Persians tear up their yards and pour concrete over it. It's just their way, dude.

No. 1129610

File: 1649556769031.jpg (52.24 KB, 500x463, 1626123288316.jpg)

Even though it fucked my family up in a different way, part of me feels like it was for the best my rageful, slightly abusive father died when I was a teenager. It feels weird to admit that, but

No. 1129611

Nona, please don’t kill yourself.

No. 1129614

You've reminded me, what is with the staring? Whenever I go to my boyfriend's neighborhood they stare when I walk by, stare from their porches, stare at the market. It's only the older ones but surely you've seen enough different people living in a city to not be so nosy.

No. 1129621

The lawn thing is there own business. But the racial stuff is immigrant/old people culture but you've got the same problem as they do with that stuff it seems

No. 1129633

Is your town somewhere around the sacramento delta? just curious

No. 1129641

File: 1649559143508.png (850.8 KB, 640x623, cringemiku.png)

I think I actually like the new MGK album

No. 1129646

Please stay, anon

No. 1129670

nonna noooooo

No. 1129822

File: 1649571564995.jpeg (103.11 KB, 640x623, 58BB322F-1EF0-4A77-A0F9-561250…)

No. 1129826

File: 1649572191954.gif (977.01 KB, 336x336, 3dgifmaker30379.gif)

No. 1129857

No. 1129865

I decided to draw lots of nsfw doodles today and I’m genuinely having fun. I found my calling

No. 1129869

Nonny pls don't kill yourself! Post in the friend finder or vent thread, I promise we will listen to everything. I love my nonnies and I don't want to lose you! I've done the same thing(more than once) and followed through on plan as well and years later, I am much happier that I am still able to make new and good memories. Lots of love nonny.
(Tldr;hahaha you're so pretty don't kill yourself !)

No. 1129907

it's ok, i'm tired of black people moving into my apartment complex. not all of them are bad though- some of them are really lovely (particularly just the single women- all the families/men have been shitty) but there are certain ones who won't stop screaming at each other or playing loud music at 3 AM on a thursday night. i understand it's a cultural thing for them and they can't help being loud and rude.

it's mostly just the black moids that bug me though- i'm kind of sick of being sexually harassed by black guys when men of literally every other ethnicity hasn't given me shit. and in every recent shooting in my area the perpetrator has- of course- been a black guy. i know they're not all like that but i'm seriously sick of it

No. 1129912

Do you not have laws around noise disturbance there?

No. 1129916

almost all municipalities have noise ordinances, so probably. it's usually 10-10:30 pm and is usually around 40-60+ decibels. so it depends, if it's not loud enough and just irksome, it might not actually be unlawful.

No. 1129917

i don't want to start this but i have been catcalled by every ethnicity. i don't know where you people live where white guys NEVER catcall.

No. 1129953

>i understand it's a cultural thing for them and they can't help being loud and rude
uh they definitely can lol, not to be a literal nazi karen but if my neighbors were regularly making noise at 3 am I'd call the police tbh

No. 1129978

From 19 to 27 I worked a job that was heavily about female sexual pleasure. At times I wrote articles about it. I was sent hundreds of sex toys in that time and would review them sometimes. It wasn't sex work in case anyone thinks it was but I want to be somewhat vague. I changed job at 27. How the hell then.. did I end up spending the next 3 years of my life with a man who never gave me an orgasm?

I dont have difficulty getting off, I don't need alot to get there. It takes 5 mins of the right hand or tongue movement. Less with a toy. I just feel dumb given my history. I would look after myself in private. He knew I wasn't orgasming and didn't care or ask. It went unspoken because he wasn't an approachable person. He was so ott hot headed if he thought you were criticising him. At one point I started on an antidepressant and was going nuts with legit anorgasmia. Losing my mind I brought out a vibrator one lazy Saturday morning in bed together and I told him I was feeling desperate. I finally addressed the elephant in the room but I made it about the meds to shield myself. What happened? He played games on his phone and let me do it solo. I got there, I cried from the release and when I went to ask that he hold me he screamed at me not to disturb his game. I went to the bathroom and cried in the shower.

This guy was stroppy whenever he felt I wasn't doing enough to fulfill a fetish he had. Mr 5 orgasms a week.. would tantrum at me. I need my head examined for putting up with that.

No. 1129996

Damn nonnie, what the fuck?

No. 1130013

File: 1649592024480.png (616.78 KB, 644x503, 98476345697.PNG)

I don't know how to tickle and this is legitimately upsetting me.

No. 1130023

How can you not know how to tickle? Have you tried it?

No. 1130029

nonna I hope you love yourself now

No. 1130035

I did, how do you think I found out I can't???

No. 1130049

It's just quickly brushing your fingers over someone's skin (or your cat or dog idk) where exactly are you failing?

No. 1130063

I don't know, that's the problem. I just can't seem to get it to work.

No. 1130074

Maybe the person who you've tried to tickle just isn't ticklish.

No. 1130367

The moment I finally get to date a guy or interact with a male at all, I'm going to start asking questions and advice to anons, I'm extremely retarded and I don't want to get played

No. 1130396

I've learnt alot of this shit the hard way. I'm here for you when the time comes nonnie lol

No. 1130420

Tonight after my dinner I will work on a deadline then masturbate thinking about my autistic and too-edgy-for-comfort ex boyfriend and his warmth. It's ridiculous because he was on girly pills, had tits, didn't understand himself or me and gets called ugly by his friends. My own best friend expected someone at least more feminine when she saw him for the first time by accident. It's ridiculous how much I miss warm human touch.

No. 1130424

There is 1 thing I appreciate about men and it’s the fact that I didn’t know I was fat because I’d ask my girl friends if I looked chubby or big and they’d be like “noo you look great, you just have big boobs and you’re so curvy” and I thought it was the case coupled with my own denial I did not know I was fat until a Scrote (old acquaintance) pointed out that I looked like I was getting chubby. I remember my bf told me that his best friend pointed out he was getting a muffin top. I don’t know if I would ever say that to my friend

No. 1130464

i thought ssris were supposed to lower your sex drive, i have been so painfully horny week after being on them for 2 weeks. is it too soon for them to be effecting me or what?

No. 1130470

I don't give oral until I've showered with him to know that he pulls it back to clean and I don't date people who are nasty and don't shower or change their underwear often enough

No. 1130475

Don't worry, I feel like that too about my narc delusional mother's passing. I honestly wish she died 5 years ago instead of recently

No. 1130498

I am bitter that my sister never had to live with our dad when it was truly off the rails bad, she's quite a bit older than me so she moved out and I was left here to see it all escalate until it was unbearable. People never seem to understand that two kids from the same household may have completely different experiences, did she suffer from our dad's bs, sure but did she suffer way less and is clearly more well adjusted due to it? Also yes.

No. 1130513

I still fuck with my ugly scrote EX despite being out of his league-

No. 1130514

No. 1130516

You have to catch people off guard go for right under the armpit area, works every time unless they're lame and not ticklish. Try doing it on your friends kids but don't tell the kid you're going to, just say "TICKLE TIME!" and start tickling right then.
Source: I'm a daycare nona

No. 1130517

Lowered sex drive is a common side effect but as it is with side effects there's always a possibility of it working the exact opposite on some people; there are cases of people becoming hypersexual on SSRI

No. 1130518

I'm your older sister in this situation. Went through my own bullshit but a lot of the worst went down after I had distanced myself and moved away. I got support from other family members that my younger siblings ever got too. I feel really guilty about it all but I would have killed myself if I stayed.

No. 1130519

I'm OP and I really couldn't tell you why. I have hot men hit on me and I get grossed out, I think I have a thing for scrotes. LMAO

No. 1130533

does he shower atleast

No. 1130546

Please get mental help. Whenever I have a friend who's obsessed with ugly men, she ends up being batshit crazy and most likely values the shitmale more than herself.

No. 1130548

I'm not bitter that she (and you heh) got away, of course she should've moved out as soon as she could, what really kills me is how she genuinely doesn't know how bad it got or she downplays it. She still caped for our dad even when she never saw him at his worst and we aren't close enough for me to just open up to her but she also always talks about how he wasn't that bad, when irl he was an actual monster. I know she has heard about some of the things he did to me which alone should've been enough for her to realize I went through a hell she didn't have to yet she dismissed it and still makes it sound like I was just a pissbaby when I cut all contact until the man died. No way was it her, or yours responsibility to protect anyone's ass but her own but to act like we had the same upbringing and trauma is infuriating.

No. 1130550

I reread my shit and I shouldn't project it all to my sister because none of this would've happened if any man knew how to act but she does love to make him sound like a good dad, so still fuck her (a little)

No. 1130559

She's weak and enslaved to self-harm.

No. 1130898

my bf started making more money recently so he decided to spoil me to a huge clothing haul and now hes gotten addicted to the point where he wants to spend most of his paychecks on buying me clothes
while i get to be a lazy neet and just do nothing but wear my new clothes

i almost feel guilty about it but im also not going to tell him to stop either because he offers without me even asking

No. 1130900

great job for making him in a little b%tch, and keep him very well

No. 1131008

In the few years that I've lived at my current address I've never had anyone knock at the door at any unreasonable hour. In general I've always struggled with my nerves and unexpected knocks even during the day will weirdly make me freeze if I can't see who it is. Its different if I can obviously see a courier van outside or if I'm expecting it. Im a woman living alone in a house, history of pretty intense levels of anxiety that once left me housebound. I'm trying but there's just something about unexpected knocks that sends me back to that agoraphobic panic I had a decade ago. I think it's because I kind of have to psych myself up before I leave the house every day so having to open the door to a person with no time to prepare is uncomfortable.

Lastnight I was already asleep when someone knocked, it was about 11:30 and I leave for work at 6. I sat up in bed with my heart just automatically pounding out of my fucking chest. Now new neighbours moved in days ago so I'm 99 percent sure it was them. I've spoken to them outside but I'm not exactly comfortable opening my door at to this guy at that hour in my pjs.. all while now mid panic attack.

I'm an anxious tard but I don't want to have to tell people I'm an anxious tard. I also don't know if it's even unreasonable to knock close to midnight or if I'm just that stupid sensitive. I really don't want them to get comfortable knocking whenever. I'm in work right now missing the sleep I lost to panic last night. I up and moved half way across my country for a quieter life. Look at me still lol

No. 1131012

My roommate is so annoying. She:
>Makes near minimum wage despite having a college degree
>Works for a homeless organization (read: scrotes)
>Has an ugly boyfriend who wants her to work instead of letting her be a NEET
>Has no female friends
>Is skinnyfat
>Is jealous of how successful and happy and I am in life

I honestly love having a roommate like this. It's nice to know there are some really pathetic people in life

No. 1131021

Why is her boyfriend letting her work a bad thing? Women should habe careers so we won't be left homeless if the supporter husband or boyfriend ends up leaving us for one reason or another. Also how does she not have any female friends if you're her roommate? Aren't you her friend?

No. 1131022

My online LDR is the best relationship I’ve ever been in.

No. 1131027

Men who want neet gfs are the ones we should actually be concerned about. Its incredibly short sighted when women can't see the trap.

No. 1131033

How are any of those annoying other than the last point? She has the potential to sound like she’s deserving of scorn but I just don’t see it.

No. 1131038

roommate anon is that you

No. 1131043

>Is jealous of how successful and happy and I am in life
You have a roommate.. a minimum wage roommate. You can't be too far ahead of her while living with her.

No. 1131049

My roommate's parents prop up her bills
How is working for scrotes not deserving of scorn?
What's the point of working if you're going to be making minimum wage? That's hardly a career. And no we aren't friends.

No. 1131051

So what do you do for a living?

No. 1131053

You still have a roommate. A good marker of success is not having to share your home with people you don't like just to make rent.

No. 1131055

But anon what’s the point In her working for only minimum wage? Or working for scrotes? The only acceptable way for a woman to make a living is to be a kept woman and rely on a bf for everything.

No. 1131056

when i think homeless organization work, i’m just thinking it’s just another job. it’s not like she’s actually whoring herself out to scrotes. plus, there are homeless women out there too.

No. 1131059

Why don't you get a job that allows you to live alone and not obsess over roommates? Seeing as you're so successful

No. 1131060

Is this a copy of Neetlita's posts

No. 1131061

nice bait

No. 1131063

NTA but I think that anon was making fun of OPs logic.

No. 1131075

I forget sometimes a huge proportion of this site are retards with absolutely no reading comprehension kek.

No. 1131091

I clicked on the wrong post nonnie kek

No. 1131098

It's very hard to live alone in NYC without increasing my commute drastically. And it's normal to have roommates here.

Yes but most homeless are scrotes. Work for a different organization if you don't want to serve scrotes

I work in PR

No. 1131103

File: 1649665992424.jpeg (158.63 KB, 640x717, BDDFE379-478A-4B34-9390-13BFDF…)

Oh sorry. That should have been obvious.

No. 1131106

File: 1649666053137.jpeg (58.32 KB, 600x525, 9592F79D-56A7-4D90-A564-66CC46…)

>people who work for charities are worthless!
>works for public relations

No. 1131116

does she leave her doujinshis out on the table???

No. 1131118

this absolutely has to be roommate anon

No. 1131121


anon how do you give good head I feel like I can't

No. 1131156

Same. I just have an oral fixation I guess. I like every sex act involving the mouth, except anything involving the anus, or anything more disgusting than that, of course. Kissing, sucking on fingers (him or me), oral (giving or receiving), licking the neck, licking nipples, etc.
>I tell myself that although it may seem like a submissive act I am still very much the one in control
I agree with this, actually, but it depends on the situation. I believe that most vanilla sex acts could have power dynamics that can go either way, or have no power dynamics at all but it all depends on both partners. They're not acts of dominance by default (unless you believe shit like "deep down women are always being raped in every single heterosexual sex act"). It's very subjective. And no, I'm not claiming that giving bjs is a "feminist act" like some retard assumed, neither is it a LARP like another retard said.

No. 1131224

If there are other women in the bathroom, I piss standing up to make as much noise as possible. I hope this gets the message across not to mess with me.

No. 1131237

We've been here before. Is this still that one person copying and reposting old posts?

No. 1131239

Did this actually fly over your heads?
Anon kek

No. 1131274

File: 1649677967893.png (459.56 KB, 595x423, 29e.png)

>my close best friend gets a bf. they seem fine. things get serious. i met him few times and we talked online sparingly. he seemed fine.
>she breaks up with him after a year
>explains some of her reasoning but not everything. the guy was an abusive jerk who was creepy and controlling and. she didnt tell anyone (including me) cause she was afraid people were going to hate him. its sad, but i get it cuz i was in a similar relationship once.
>last time i saw her she told me everything finally. her ex bf admitted to having cp, masturbating to it, wanting to rape (he made it very clear this was necessary to him in the texts she showed me) and kill her ex gf for dumping him, and the worst of all…
>he raped his sister when she was a child. he is six years older than her, initiated the grooming and sex obviously yet blamed her and said she "also enjoyed it and asked for it at times". then complained that when she was growing up she would sometimes tell him he was going to tell their parents what he had done to her as a kid. he also said that her sister (18 now) has a huge fear of intimacy/men and he assumes its his fault. he willingly texted this.
>the ex bf and his sister were very very very close (even i got to talk to her) and my best friend wanted to die whenever she saw her
>when best friend told me this i didnt know how to react, i tried to comfort her cuz she was really distraught and hated that she stayed with him
>I didnt tell her this, cause only my ex psychiatrist and my ex gf know. But i was raped the exact same way his ex bf raped his sister. My brother who is also a lot older than me groomed me and abused me when since i was 5 years old. It literally ruined my life in so many ways. Everything that the guy did to his sister was shit that my brother did to me. Im having a breakdown just thinking about it. I know my friend really loved this guy and she regrets all of this but i feel so sick.
>i literally interacted and befriended a fucking child rapist.
>I want to tell my best friend, but i also dont want to tell her who my rapist is. She knows i was abused, but if i tell her it was my own brother i think shes gonna understand better why her situation is fucking me up mentally. I dont know. I still dont want to tell her who did it cause its so shameful and i hate it and ive been trying to just move on for years. Plus, she left him months ago now. I feel so sick knowing all of this.

tl;dr my bff gets a bf, tells me hes perfect. they break up. he turned out to be a pedo. i cant believe i talked to and became casual friends with him and that my friend didnt tell me. he has raped before and the shit he did was the same shit that left me traumatized most of my adult life. i hate everything.

Im just gonna keep this forever in my head now, uh? god i hate everyone

No. 1131296

The true number of people who have suffered incestuous abuse will never be even close to reported on. It has to be the most covered up abuse. Victims carry the weight of it their entire lives and don't want to rock the boat because half the time families don't believe them for coming forward. You run a high risk when even thinking about spilling the beans. You walk an emotional tightrope afterwards and then part of you questions if they've gone on to abuse others. All that weighs on the fucking victim and not on the offender.

I cut off contact with my whole family years ago and nobody knows or cares to ask why. Golden son. Damaged daughter. Can only imagine what number of women have the same life story.

No. 1131306

I dislike my bestfriend's religious beliefs. she is borderline retarded for believing the things she does. she suffers immense guilt and shame while preaching about how I should love myself more. also, she's studying psychology and wants to be a psych lady, aka teaching people how to change their ways of thinking while she herself is perfectly happy and fine in a cycle of self hate, shame and guilt! she genuinely dislikes herself since she is not perfect like gawd or jeysus. she tells me i can love myself and still work on myself, which is good advice and i love her for it. when i ask her why she doesn't love herself, she says "it doesn't work like that with my beliefs, you wont get it." She is dating a guy that shows red flags because she is convinced "nobody understands how she feels". honestly, idk the man but she settled down by the looks of it. no dick is good enough to have a guy want to control your movements and actions, gets pissy when u wanna have fun as a 20 year old etc. when i'm drunk i shit on it all and call her a hypocrite (without using the word) about how i work my ass off to improve my self esteem while she simmers in guilt, fear and retardation because "i need to be better like gawd". her beliefs are soooo retarded. also, she is convinced i will go to hell since i "live in sin" but doesn't have the balls to admit it. I just want my friend back, i wish she could leave the rules and realize "gawd" would love her even if she loved herself. she can always improve while loving herself, just like what she tells me. I love her so so so so so much, just hate how retarded her culty beliefs are.

No. 1131307

They probably just think you have a cock

No. 1131308

>Victims carry the weight of it their entire lives and don't want to rock the boat because half the time families don't believe them for coming forward.
NTA but also families often go to great lengths to defend the abuser. I mean what the fuck.

No. 1131309

for the life of me, i can not accept that my friend feels like this. it kills me to hear her talk about how she thinks she will burn in hell, even though she is a light to everyone that has her in their lives. she is an amazing daughter and friend. i just wish she could at least be convinced that god would think like this too, if said god was not morally corrupt. it just doesnt make sense it doesnnttttttttt

No. 1131343

I posted nudes on 4chan a decade ago when I was 16 and I either doxxed myself or someone recognized me and posted my full name. I still think about it all the time and what a fucking idiot I was. It’s one of those shitty memories that plagues me when I’m trying to fall asleep

No. 1131357

I can't stop hatewatching these "a day in my life/my morning routine/how to be that girl" videos on youtube because of the consoomer threads here and on kiwifarms. They're all terrible at best, and give some kind of dystopian vibe at worst.

No. 1131362

Aw nonnie, I'm sorry about this

No. 1131380

Relatable. I also hatewatch influencers who give life advice

No. 1131385

I'm jealous, I can't pee at all when I know there are other people in the room.

No. 1131441

God I did that too at some point, they're so annoying and useless. Even worse when they start talking about work even though they're just paid thousands to just publish videos of them holding some ugly clothes, diarrhea tea, or makeup.

No. 1131449

lol are you my sister? she's still living with our dad and having the worst time while I live in another state and had done before his drinking problem really started

No. 1131453

bait, reported. Honestly why do you nonnies even bother?

No. 1131459

File: 1649692401774.png (17.44 KB, 722x70, scream.png)

how the fuck are we supposed to deal with this. when do I get to sleep? when am I gonna stop worrying about his kid? literal hell world.

No. 1131467

lol no that man rotted away years ago, but good on you

No. 1131505

Sometimes when I'm in the bathtub I have these intrusive mental images of sea monsters, sharks, and even alligators, and I freak out and have to get out of the water. It makes me feel retarded lol but I just can't help it.

No. 1131531

This is just giving them more views, which will result in more shitty videos.

No. 1131564

I'm watching shitty compilations on youtube so I'm not giving views to the original videos on tik tok. I don't even have a tik tok account.

No. 1131580

So what was the one-liner?

No. 1131581

An episode of an ecchi short anime I watched as a teen and a one-liner here on lolcow single-handedly (two-handedly?) did more for my entire self-esteem, -worth and -respect than anything else ever did.

No. 1131587

I did this too but got over it, must be some primal fear instinct kek.

No. 1131591

I can't take the Scott disick slander. I'm a Scott disick fan. I'm glad he's on the new show. Some of his comments are so under the radar and under appreciated. When he said on the 10 year special he was up against an army it floored me. He is the comedic relief the show needs.

No. 1131599

File: 1649701225159.png (5.34 KB, 562x97, body.PNG)

Was a two-liner, I'm apologize for my mistake. Such a simple reply, but it really did lots for me lol.

No. 1131607

he's the only funny one and the only one who is remotely rooted in reality. he absolutely has his flaws but you can tell he's still fucked up over his family and obsession with kourtney and tries to make her jealous with 20 yos when she's obviously unbothered and doesn't want him. i kind of like the fact that she's so willing to reject his constant marriage proposals because she wants a very specific type of husband but still keeps him part of the family. you can tell he's emotionally damaged but at least he's funny

No. 1131820

I've never kissed anyone before and I want to know what it's like very badly but not badly enough to find any random guy to kiss. I make out with my hand a lot while alone and I get so into it sometimes until I remember what exactly is happening. I'm 20

No. 1131826

Why do people think this is roommate anon? I thought roommate anon was a NEET but this person clearly isn't. Am I missing something here?

No. 1131834

File: 1649715594752.png (39.91 KB, 447x475, 372i4623save.png)

When I was 15 or so I was baby sitting my neighbors 4 month old for the whole day by myself. Around noon after I fed her she started falling asleep and I decided to nap next to her. We both fall asleep on the couch like pic rel and sleep for an hour. I didn't learn until a few years later how dangerous co-sleeping is, especially on a couch, especially with such a young infant. I still think back on it and feel so guilty for what could have gone wrong.
It's something I probably wouldn't do with my own future child, definitely not precariously on a couch like that, but especially thinking that I did that with someone elses child feels horrible.

No. 1131865

I’ve started eating like only one proper meal a day. Today it wasn’t even one proper meal, just snacks. It’s not even an eating disorder, i just forget these days. I have little appetite, and i can’t be bothered. People keep saying i look skinny these days but i don’t even feel different, and i don’t feel the need to eat enough or sleep enough or even take care of my appearance, i don’t know why. I just don’t feel like I care at the moment. I feel so detached from my body and life.

No. 1131871

File: 1649718487728.jpeg (64.1 KB, 554x554, E4D57A81-4EC4-4702-900A-60462A…)

>date a guy
>be on and off for like 8 months
>he moves oversees
>we never officially end it but there’s no way we can keep it up so I treat it like it’s over
>keep watching each other’s ig stories
>he has covid
>I message him to see if he’s okay
>we get to chatting
>he wants to video call
I can’t do this again nonnies I really cant

No. 1131880

And this is why people shouldn't let just anyanon baby sit their baby.

No. 1131884

I've co-slept with a baby in my care (niece) but if the child was near the edge like in your pic that's pretty dangerous. Glad nothing happened to it but yeah absolutely wouldn't want to do that with a child of my own.

No. 1131887

Nta but there's more danger to sleeping like that than the baby being on the edge like that. I'm always so worried about babies, these little shits can sometimes just die on their own for no reason and no one knows why, stressful shit.

No. 1131888

Did i have a stroke, i mean the main danger isn't the edge kek

No. 1131941

I want to troon out.

No. 1131949

Do it and post your social media here so we can document it properly.

No. 1131950

No. 1131956

Why do you feel you need to troon out?

No. 1131961

I get the urge to try to instigate an infight if I see one brewing and I have to stop myself from replying every time.

No. 1131990

i was so horny that i made a porn compilation using imovie on my phone

No. 1132002

I once did that with my sims

No. 1132006

File: 1649736317817.jpg (148.49 KB, 900x900, inner-wolf.jpg)

with in me there are two wolves, one is tradfem that wants to live off my husband and have many children so I can assure my genetic legacy gets passed on and the other is a radfem who wants to destroy the current world order with revolution, I am both at the same time

No. 1132018

why do tradfags care about legacy so much

No. 1132023

cause I'm better then 90% of other human beings, why should people soyboys and stan-twitter using fag worshippers be allowed to pass down their genes, while a superior people like me and husband shouldn't

No. 1132027


No. 1132028

Awe I’m glad nothing happened anon but honestly people did shit like this for years and worse in the past before proper guidelines where available so you aren’t to blame at all. I’m sure you where a very good caregiver to her otherwise. Stuff like this is more common knowledge these days and you wouldn’t of done it had you known.

No. 1132029

Also did you draw this pic just for the post? It’s cute kek

No. 1132074

File: 1649742062458.png (1.34 MB, 1084x702, welp.png)

Someone in the bisexual tread was talking about physical attraction and what we find attractive in a partner. So it got me thinking and began wandering through pinterest and came to the realisation that… I find skinheads very attractive, I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe is because they create community through baseless hate and scapegoating but don't do tacky shit like the KKK do. I don't know, I'm from latam so it really has nothing to do with me or my culture but oh well. That is my confession.

No. 1132078

I don't understand skinheads because they're apparently racist, but the original roots of the whole thing included Jamaican fashion and music. Why not make their own shit? Same goes for rock bands that are racist honestly

No. 1132080

yeah, there also seems to be a lot of black skinheads? i don't know how that works tho.

No. 1132095

Skinheads in my country aren't racist towards blacks but gypsies. The country actually banned the group long ago when they savagely beat a gypsy child to death. So racism isn't just about black people, I mean you can listen to reggae while you beat up gypsies without any cognitive dissonance.

No. 1132136

I'm not a skinhead but I used to have that haircut (the pic on the left) as a teenager and now I suddenly miss it. Sorry for ot, it's really not a confession.

No. 1132214

When I was younger I had heard about how internal bleeding can kill you. Then, when I was about ten and I was doing something outside I ended up getting a gash under my nail and it bled and I was like “oh no, this is internal bleeding”. I literally thought that was it for me and I moped around the house for three days like I was on death’s door.

No. 1132240

I stopped caring, whenever I see a troon on twitter saying stupid shit I'll tell them that they don't pass and that they're a danger to women and children. I'll see how long my account will last. I actually made my account last year to see how long I would last but I just started following artists I like instead, but at least my account won't be suspected of being a bot or a troll account. I once posted one tweet about how white gays are often sexist and racist and it gor removed a few minutes later with no warning. It was impossible for me to find that tweet for some reason.

No. 1132270

File: 1649764387649.png (398.87 KB, 1037x670, sh.png)

>I don't understand skinheads because they're apparently racist, but the original roots of the whole thing included Jamaican fashion and music.
Simply put, nazoids tried to appropriate the movement and the term "skinhead" ended up being forever associated with racists to people outside the subculture, more or less like it happened to the black metal scene. Not all skinheads are right-wing or even into politics.

No. 1132273

Oh god it's you again with the Not All Skinheads shit. AcKsHuAlLy they're misunderstood yadda yadda
Nobody cares. Racism is an actual life and death issue, subculture bands are a teenage pastime.

No. 1132300

ntayrt but you sound like a retarded yank. it genuinely is not all skinheads - i'm from northern UK and the only skinheads i've encountered in this day and age have been the anti-racist, working class ones who go out of their way to open up their culture and associated britbong music subcultures to black and asian people and who actively acknowledge and denounce the racist history of skinhead culture. even within that, skinhead culture is different between the south of the UK (i.e. london skinheads) and northern skinheads (i.e. north/north east england, Scotland, Ireland). i know your country is a cultureless racial purist shithole where everyone believes races shouldn't mix, but that doesn't mean everywhere else is too, retard

No. 1132302

I'm from the country where they murdered the gypsy child.
No skinhead apologists like you will ever apologise that away.

No. 1132314

>ackshually pointing out that not all skinheads are the ones murdering children in third world countries is LITERALLY the same as murdering children. APOLOGISE.
back to twitter retard

No. 1132331

So my plan is to just power through this bullshit, go abroad alone, maybe germany or something, have fun for a week or two, then kill myself. No idea how, no way of getting a gun, jumping from somewhere is such a scrote thing to do and pills have failed me before. I'll figure it out eventually, but I feel like this is the only thing that's giving me any comfort in this mess of a life.

No. 1132337

I had a similar plan years ago. Then things got better. Why do you want to kill yourself, anon?

No. 1132339

That's not what anon said at all kek. What is wrong with you

No. 1132340

when i was little i spent ages making a comic about ninjas and i was really proud of it so i showed my mom. but for some reason she was really shocked and angry and pulled me aside to be like 'you can't use those kinds of words, i don't know where you heard that but you should never say or write anything like that ever again'. i can't remember what happened after that, i was pretty young so i just forgot about it until i found the comic the other day and everything suddenly made sense. it was called "naughty ningers" and all the ninja characters were filled in completely black.

No. 1132341


No. 1132342

Just go party and come back. Committing suicide is retarded because you'll most likely fail unless you have a good plan and if the state doesn't cover your medical needs, you'll just end up with a shit ton of bills and possibly disabilities.

No. 1132343

File: 1649772342085.gif (433.51 KB, 160x159, giphy (2).gif)

Anon I'm crying

No. 1132345

I'm sick and even before that, shit was fucked. I'm just incredibly tired by this point.
I got my nifty eu health card, anon. My health is already fucked and won't ever be unfucked, but I do see your point and it's nice of you to make it.

No. 1132348

I hope everything turns out the way you wish whichever root you take.

No. 1132352

Thank you nonnie

No. 1132360


No. 1132361

This is hilarious wow, I wish I could see a panel from it

No. 1132380

File: 1649775906876.gif (332.27 KB, 220x220, 0E0A6B85-17F9-471A-9839-58919D…)

I keep coming back to laugh about this, this was a great story to wake up to

No. 1132386

I must confess that I was a giant bitch in high school and I regularly think back to all the rude shit I'd say and cringe. I was mostly mean because people thought it was funny. One time I made a girl cry. I got really mean towards the end because I was on an antidepressant and it fucked me up so bad, I'd be mean and nasty because I was angry all of the time and it wasn't for laughs anymore. I'll tell people about being a bitch in high school and they'll be like "oh, kids are the worst you know," but I don't think they get it. It's a special type of shame knowing that you were needlessly cruel to your peers and probably caused more hurt feelings than you know.

No. 1132399

One time I pulled a chair out from under my best friend in the school cafeteria. I was so surprised even as it happened and still have absolutely no idea why I did it. It was like a weird reaction or instinct but to nothing.

No. 1132400

i found the fic a nonny here mentioned writing. it was good.

No. 1132407

File: 1649777500729.jpg (33.56 KB, 353x500, SEX.jpg)

I discovered masturbation with the PS2 game Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
>Casting the protego charm made the controller vibrate
>You could perma cast it by maintaining R1 and the right joystick up
I was addicted to it, sometimes I’d boot the game at 1am just to do it. Seeing picrel even makes my brain go SEXSEXSEX. The impact of JKR upon my girlhood and adulthood truly is amazing

No. 1132413

File: 1649777668758.gif (1.15 MB, 220x213, mj-laughing.gif)

OMGGGG NONNIE. I swear kids really do the darnest things.

No. 1132415

JKR out here really helping women everywhere. kek

No. 1132433

Link it

No. 1132478

File: 1649782214289.png (59.24 KB, 696x246, nimbus.PNG)

lmao similar story as far as jkr and exploration but i had the broomstick that they recalled and well, yeah…

No. 1132512

I saw this on the show superstore and I thought it was a joke OMG. I can't believe someone thought this was a good design
LMAO I did this with Halo

No. 1132520

I really think I'm better than everyone around me. My life feels like a skit where I'm just surrounded by idiots, I'm the only sensible girl out here, all my colleagues… don't even get me started.

No. 1132522

Main character syndrome- we love it! Have it too nonna

No. 1132537

They just mad because girls were using it to discover themselves. if this were boys, it wouldnt have been recalled. But yes, i do remember when this caused a 'controversy.'

No. 1132561

Besides the other stuff going on in my life, I feel unmotivated to date because my best friend is very emotionally fulfilling and I feel like others don't measure up. I'm happy with the way we are, I don't want anything more (besides going hiking and travelling together when I'm not ill anymore), but idk how she'd feel if she knew. She also doesn't want to date anyone else either. I feel like a creep, but it's not like she's straight. It's just weird to keep this from her, because I usually trust her with anything. Reality is that I'm probably being dumb and she kinda knows.

No. 1132566

im addicted to porn and to masturbating and I cannot quit. I'm angry all the time and it's the only thing that makes me feel good

No. 1132583

I used to watch porn when i was in my early 20s but seeing how the women are treated make me too sad to enjoy it or be horny

No. 1132660

Hope you read this nonna, qutting porn takes effort but it is doable and you can fix yourself, you have to basically realign your brain, start reading vanilla erotica and vanilla porn(have it pre-downloaded) over the course of some months
go from periods of no porn usage to vanilla porn, eventually your brain rot will be healed, when I tried quitting porn, It never worked long term
by replacing my urges with vanilla porn, I fixed myself

I'd go from periods of not watching porn at all(3 days) then mastrubate to my pre-downloaded vanilla porn once a day for 5 days total, then I'd stop watching for 9 days and repeated the same schedule with 5 days, even when I'd fail, I would still always use the vanilla porn
eventually 9 goes to 12, then to 15, to 20, then to 30, then 40 and finally after 45 I was finally healed

No. 1132672

Neither of those anons, but I've seen you plenty of times already and I really appreciate your efforts trying to wane other anons off of porn lol.

No. 1132700

I will quit by doing a lot of chores and not staying in bed. I basically spend a lot of time staying in bed and that makes me want to jack off. If you do a lot of activities, your brain will forget about hornineess but thanks anon!

No. 1132733

I'll confess I've never actually watched porn (except seeing it in passing on sites by accident, never searched for it) and I feel like it made me a late bloomer. My family is not really religious and never shielded me away from that stuff but I never had an inclination to go and look things up so I wasn't interested in dating/sex stuff either. So I have no experiences and I'm 23. I didn't start having any romantic feelings until like 21
when I was like maybe I don't have to like men, women seem more palatable and enjoyable for relationships to me. Still feel like a loser who missed out on a 'normal' adolescence. Maybe it's more forgiving to be an inexperienced lesbian but I can never tell anyone I'm in my 20's and never had a (consented) romantic kiss or anything past that.

I should be happy I'm not a coomer but maybe never exposing myself to anything made me repress my sexuality and now I'm stuck like this?

No. 1132736

nah you didn't miss out on anything believe me. Being hormonal and hooking up with retarded scrotes is nothing to feel like missing. If anything I think you're rather lucky you haven't been very sexual. All of this being said I do hope that you find romance and someone to love because anyone needs to be loved in their lives. Don't be embarrassed! I hope that you find the love of your life.

No. 1132755

There is so much scrote bait in this thread please please stop replying

No. 1132787

>are the scrotes in the room with us right now?
Some women watch porn, nonnie. I'm sorry you're finding that out on LOLCOR, but it's true

No. 1132846

File: 1649806979665.jpeg (20 KB, 500x281, 39270B95-6200-4869-B484-D6CE78…)

Im trying really hard to quit permanently. I don’t want to believe that I’m permanently broken by porn. But I still get triggered randomly by intrusive thoughts then it’s like I go into a trance and I have no control over myself until I relapsed.

No. 1132925

I have a crush on a moid because he’s somewhat attractive and has a Really Nice Name. like, it’s so simple but makes him more handsome somehow having like a normal average joe name and not being called Keenan or some gay shit. i want my future husband to have his name.

No. 1132967

File: 1649821452825.jpeg (71.88 KB, 500x477, 6AF41A41-53EF-45A5-96F3-2FD844…)

I hate how obsessive I get when I have a crush on someone and I don’t know how to stop.
I’ve found multiple people’s workplaces and even their ex’s accounts from years ago. I’d never be insane enough to show up or to contact them but still.
How do I not be like this

No. 1132990

Never identified with female body. Ever since childhood expected to grow into man despite family pampering me like a little princess.

No. 1132996

Only child or have a sibling?

No. 1133001

When I was in high school, I often considered going to detention despite never receiving one. I hated school and home life was hell. I figured school was better because I didn't get screamed at or emotionally abused like at home. I wasn't bullied or anything, I hated the administration because they actively hated my grade and used us as scapegoats constantly. I wanted to go on the days I had no clubs. I don't think the teacher would've cared and I could have roamed the halls with the other girls. I think it would've been fun.

No. 1133008

Maybe you were just unconciously taught to see the man/male body as the default and that's why you felt/feel as you do? If you think about it the man is still the default everywhere and the woman is treated as a deviation from the man.

No. 1133011

Ok but you will never be a man lol cut your hair short if it makes you feel better and cope

No. 1133013

What does not identifying with your body mean? I've never had to identify with my body, it just is. It takes me places and does work and shit.

No. 1133016

I personally only identify with supermodel bodies. Someone fund me to get my bones rearranged or I’m gonna kms.

No. 1133017

This is so sad. How debilitating. I will donate to your gofundme.

No. 1133023

ywnbam, give up

No. 1133035

I will never understand the disphoworics, how do you even look at your mom and then at your dad and think “ah yes, I’m gonna look just like my dad” are you mentally disabled? were you also homeschooled? Was talking to boys forbidden to you? Because it’s the only way I can mildly understand someone thinking such a retarded thing, imagine thinking you could ever be a man after growing up surrounded by their tard rage prone selves, it’s just idiotic.

No. 1133038

Ew I hate my nephew so much it’s unreal. Why is he like that? A screeching brat with psychotic tendencies. I bet you his parents only made like one second of eye contact with him as a small baby. He is a toddler now. I saw him literally slap his grandma in the face. I kinda hope he dies. Is that bad?

No. 1133059

File: 1649831732692.jpeg (144.15 KB, 660x495, 7CB1AC0F-4E7C-4BD7-BFFA-044299…)

Was stalking people from school on Twitter and I found a guy I had a couple classes with. In his bio he had his second account linked which is his art/posting about being a tranny account and he even posted a screenshot of him shitposting on /tttt/. I wouldn't be surprised if he has been one of the freaks posting gore, etc. here. I no longer feel bad about when I would sometimes silently rip ass when I sat in front of him so I'm glad I can finally let one of my last remaining guilts go.

No. 1133067

I’ve masturbated all day today. I’ve finally realized how badly early porn exposure has fucked me up

No. 1133072

fault of his tard parents.

No. 1133083

I've been using my mother's meds off and on for a while now before bed, or I wake up during like a half-blown anxiety attack with my heart wating to burst out of my chest. I thought I'd be OK and sleep through the night because I was already very sleepy, and yet I woke up at 4 am wanting to die. I don't want to tell anyone because their answer usually biols down to "stop overthinking things". The things I have to worry about are miniscule and yet I still wish I could just kill myself instead of dealing with them.

No. 1133197

I was watching some video of a scrote complaining about TERFs, and in it, he detailed a time three men assaulted him for being gay while laughing. The whole time, I just thought of there being so many innocent animals who've been attacked by random humans, and how they must've felt the same fear or worse. I'm not even a vegan. I think I'm losing my capacity to empathize with men in general, unless I know them personally or something

No. 1133218

Eat beans and fart directly on the creep’s face. Although given he browses /tttt/ he might be into it

No. 1133235

as shamed as I am to admit it, the reason I know so much about Scrote coom brain is because, I used to watch a lot of porn. I know how it feels to get bored with the "Normal" shit and move on to other extreme stuff. The furthest I'd went was piss porn and i didn't think watching troon porn was that "extreme" because it was the same thing as Gay porn to me, just with men breast implants fucking other men without breast implants. Thankfully, I've left that place but i know how easy it is to "slip" into that mindset. Which is why i'm firmly agaisnt coomers and giving "coomers" a chance. It's hard to find a man that doesn't watch porn, but it's very easy for me to spot a coomer in real life. I often wish I was more attracted to women then men, because I don't really like men. I love their bodies, I love the idea of men, but I don't like most men. Yet I know I'd never last in a serious relationship with a lesbian and I would'nt want to waste her time

No. 1133239

Nta I resonate with you, sending you good vibes.

No. 1133252

My first reaction when I found out Lil bo weep was dead was relief I wouldn’t have to see her creepy shoops in the /snow/ catalog anymore. I did feel bad after, but that was my first reaction.

No. 1133262

File: 1649856319499.jpg (36.88 KB, 800x533, literally me.jpg)

I'm finishing up my BA degree at 29 and yet still people usually meet me in the context of me being an undergrad student or or looking for class material they mistakenly think I'm gen Z. I kept correcting people at the start, now I just roll with it. I've got invited to a workshop and the woman who invited me told me how it'll be important to get the perspective of gen Z since she's the youngest one there but she's already 33. Awkward.

No. 1133270

I still giggle like some twelve year old about Gigantic OTN whenever I listen to it.

No. 1133271

I think little babies are cute. They're so chubby and cute haha

No. 1133293

Congrats for the degree nonna!!

No. 1133314

Might be. I am lesbian with short hair, but yarn to be male.

Having breasts and basic female anatomy does not sit well with me. It feels like I am playing house, but I got assigned the role of a dog because it was the only one left.

I kek'd

No. 1133315

I was a toddler, pre-school age waiting to grow a penis in my mind.

No. 1133318

Aw, too bad.

No. 1133320

I stole doxycycline for my hamsters

No. 1133331

I was a he/him-let for a while because I was always a tomboy and at the time I was too depressed to groom myself properly and at the same time constantly looking at beautiful perfect women online (because lesbian) I mistook those idealized images for what an “everyday woman” is and assumed I had to be something else. I also wanted to avoid being sexualized. My interests are moid and fakeboy infested so I had lots of people egging me on and cheering for me “finding my true self” and because I was starved for attention and friendship, that felt pretty good.
Ironically what got me back on the path to womanhood (alongside getting help for my depression) was the fact my best friend at the time, a moid, actually sexualized me more as a fakeboy and infantilized me, calling me a cute boy and the like. I started going by they/them, then quietly left the whole scene, but in hindsight It’s scary to think of what might have happened considering I was already looking up ways of getting T

No. 1133343

did he act and look normal ?

No. 1133347

I was on T for a while. I've always been a tomboy and grew up to be a weirdly butch woman considering I'm straight.. that confused me and I thought I was a deeply closeted gay for a while.. then switched to thinking I must be trans. It's dumb as hell to jump to that conclusion but it's a thought trap that plenty seem to be falling into. I had more friends while trans than I've ever had before or since. Women loved having a token tran friend and leaving the tran part behind cost me friendships.

>a moid, actually sexualized me more as a fakeboy and infantilized me, calling me a cute boy and the like

When you take T and reach the point of passing you'll often look quite a bit younger. I was 25 but at the point where I started to pass I was passing as.. a teen and not an adult. It probably would've only gotten creepier if you had gotten your hands on T.

No. 1133354

Instead of trooning out, get actual help, it’s disgusting how obsessed with the opposite sex a tranny becomes, I guess it makes sense how incels tend to troon out then, I hope you find a way to balance that out and stop thinking of men for once in your life.

No. 1133355

I am in therapy and have been for years. I don't want to date men, but be one.

No. 1133357

Thank you, nonnie!

No. 1133358

just troon out kek, girls like you are super annoying. be your best aiden self.

No. 1133360

That's like encouraging self-harm.

No. 1133367

Girls make better guys anyways

No. 1133369

But why not just keep being a masculine woman? I understand you don't identify with your body, but you'll still have the same body even if you transition. I'm not trying to be judgemental here because I think we all understand the struggle if being a woman, and the feeling of not liking your own body (in general, not necessarily because of gender shit). I just wanna understand.
I've heard of lesbians saying they wanted to be boys when they were younger because they thought that only men could love women, do you think you experienced something similar?

No. 1133370

Noni have you tried a mantra. It helped me with my crippling anxiety. It won’t feel great but it’s helpful.

No. 1133371

Even when you're masculine woman normless will categorize you as a troon, why not go all the way.

No. 1133372

There's nothing to identify with though? You just have a flesh vessel that is a woman's, society will always treat you as one and that's it.

No. 1133376

Can I ask questions nonni? Do you think you mentally want to be a man or physically want to be a man?

No. 1133378

i know but that's the only way some people would get it and if she's satisfied as a troon, then good riddance.

No. 1133380

Not any of those anons, legit question: Why are you so preoccupied with your body/genitals?

NTA but kek, it's true. Women are generally more decent human beings.
"Guys make better girls" only means "I want women to cater to all my fetishes so I'd rather fuck a fake woman that is a porn addicted as me"

No. 1133387

It's the "woman" label that she doesn't want. She doesn't want to be seen as a woman. She knows she will never become a man because T doesn't really change your bone structure and a meat sausage is not the penis she wants so much, but that's better than being a woman. As she said, she got assigned the role of the fucking dog (woman) instead of a person (man) while playing house.

No. 1133390

people like this need to get actual problems kek

No. 1133399

Seconded, imagine having so much free time and lack of responsibilities that all you have in life is the pursuit of becoming the opposite sex.

No. 1133400

I'm objectively ugly as shit but sometimes I think I look really nice in the right clothes and with the right style (kinda butch), but if I dress well and style myself too much people will think I'm a trying too hard and it would be pretty cringy. Also beautiful clothes clash with my ugly face…

No. 1133405

Nonnie, just dress how you want to dress, why care what some random fucker on the street thinks? Fuck those people, I'll beat them up.

No. 1133406

He was quiet and yeah he looked like a regular nerd with glasses and kind of long hair that went to the middle of his neck. I guess that was the beginning.

No. 1133413

Anon it is not that deep. English is not my first language.

I know I will never have functioning penis in my lifetime.

Is there really a difference between man and woman mentally, other than how society expects you to behave. I want a physical male body and live my life as a man. I will never seed my own offspring.

I love the female form but it does not suit my own desires when it comes to my flesh. Second I am not going on T ever. It is not worth it. I won't change my DNA.

No. 1133421

Okay nonnie, when you start your transition, post it all on the internet, maybe self-post a bit, we need more milk at the fakeboi’s thread.

No. 1133422

So the world has to bend over backwards because your stupid child brain didn't know how aging works?

No. 1133423

Ok if you feel like a man or whatever, why would you wanna hang here where we are mere women? I'm sorry but your whinge downright annoys me, like ok? What are you gonna do about it then?

No. 1133424

>Is there really a difference between man and woman mentally
yes because your mentality comes from the body you inhabit

No. 1133425

I am a little thotty.

No. 1133426

I truly hope you find peace with your body anon.

No. 1133427

What desires are you talking about that your female body can't live up to? Do you watch anime perchance?

No. 1133429

I don’t think there is nonni. That’s why I wanted to ask. I wanted to hear your thoughts. Do you relate the male form to strength and non vulnerable?

No. 1133433

in what sense?

No. 1133441

That's the thing though, no matter how many surgeries you have you will never have a male body. No one will see you as a man and you won't be able to see yourself as a man either.
What do you dislike about "being a woman"? The roles we are assigned by males? The physical disagvantage? To you, what is a woman?

No. 1133451

File: 1649869650101.jpeg (22.04 KB, 261x250, 084D6E19-6636-4EDA-817A-933EF8…)

I think this world is turning me into someone I really would not like to be. I want the world to be soft and comfortable especially for women, not fucking rushing and expending your own life force for everyone but giving in. Some anons like that rush but I would nonnies to have a breather a very long break, I keep seeing the vent thread of nonnas being suicidal and their jobs and men consuming their lives. I wish everyone could achieve their ambitions, I’m tired of being called childish for having such lofty dreams. I do hate some of you but I genuinely do want everyone here (except for romanianon and her pet moid rest in piss) to be able to reform back to their greatest selves. Deep down when you sift through my black and bitter soul there is one desire that I have and it is that, I want nonnies to feel better about anything they choose

No. 1133454

Thank you for the kind words! And yes I did draw that just for the post, kek.

No. 1133457

File: 1649869980342.jpeg (47.88 KB, 425x557, AC25C5E8-6B51-4143-B950-EA8EB3…)

I love you, nonnie.

No. 1133458

Anon I completely understand how you feel, I'm bitter at the world for being such a cruel and merciless place and for sucking the soul out of people like you and me, who tried so hard to maintain the optimism but lost in the end. I hope that you are able to achieve everything you want to as well anon. And don't lose that one sliver of whimsy I know you have deep in your heart.

No. 1133459

Awwww nonny. I feel similar. Hope you and other nonnies here achieve your dreams.

No. 1133460

If there were less hinderances, I'd be very promiscious. But even now, sometimes I can't contain it.

No. 1133464

I never said that.

I can't talk about this with my girlfriends, because I don't want to influence them. Everything started as confession and others started asking questions.

Don't watch anime or porn. I've desired male anatomy as long as I can remember. I will never have flat chest or penis. Never will have them male experience of being some girls first crush or support my wife thru a pregnancy to birth of my first child.
I am gonna leave the thread now before farmhands band me.

No. 1133504

i plan to start streaming alongside my studies and the moment that i see i can make a living i’m dropping out of college. i would’ve been the first of my family to graduate

No. 1133511

Don't give up on college. You can stream full time if you want after. Education is important Nonny

No. 1133512

Why wouldn't you at least finish your degree to have something to fall back on? Streaming and social media revenue in general is very fickle and unreliable unless you're like in the top 1%.

No. 1133515

you’re right.. i just hate that i majored in something that’ll make money instead of that i love. i have no motivation anymore

No. 1133517

Save the cash from streaming to get a second degree or courses on something you like. You're never too old to study

No. 1133550

I'm a horrible fucking yellow fever degenerate while living in an area with few to no East Asians.

No. 1133552

kek same

No. 1133561

File: 1649876891528.png (1.05 MB, 1334x750, 9A30D7B2-EABB-46F7-B754-A3DEA8…)

If it makes you feel better I majored in something I love and the job still ended up being boring corporate number punching. I think you should remember that most jobs just aren’t fun, and even if they are, being forced to do them all day every day will often kill any passion you might have had.

No. 1133565

I was waiting to grow a tail and get letter to hogwarts. Your childhood delusions aren’t pathological, get a grip.
>male experience of being some girls first crush or support my wife thru a pregnancy to birth of my first child
Lmao exclusively male things btw

No. 1133594

I live in an area of 70+% asian my whole life and honestly most of them are ugly. by western standards, by eastern standards, by everybody standards except yellow feverists. so don't feel bad about it tbh you guys keep the incel levels lower than they could be.

No. 1133608

File: 1649879598551.jpeg (475.45 KB, 2362x2362, D0C11DE2-BF9C-4462-A377-920789…)

I’ve had sadistic fantasies since I was a little kid. im not saying pornsickness isn’t a big part of it, but I definitely had these weird fantasies about hurting people even before puberty and definitely before I knew what porn was.

I’m moid-tier with it too, it’s not even sexy soft-sadist mostly masochistic that I’m into, I genuinely find men crying extremely hot and make stupid shit like this and laugh at off but the idea of beating a man stupid and treating him in a stereotypically misogynistic way is what gets me off.

Luckily I don’t ever inflict pain or hurt anyone irl or anything like that, I may be a degenerate but I’m not a scrote

No. 1133614

That picture is like what you’d stumble across on deviantart

No. 1133619

Anon did you make this pic? It disturbs and intrigues me

No. 1133653

My confession is I wish more sociopathic bitches would do something (in Minecraft) to men. All we ever see psycho women do is playing sidekicks to psycho scrote and he gets all the glory. Pathetic.

No. 1133661

You shouldn't be proud of that, that means wanting to harm another human being. Maybe you need an outlet that gives you a feeling of power. Gardening, boxing, anything that externalises your internal feelings. At least you recognise that it's degenerate.

No. 1133688

i understand and feel the same way. im also not pornsick or a fujo, but for whatever combination of societal or psychological reasons i hate having a female body, i hate not being the neutral sex, i resent everything about being born a woman, and i wish i could live as a man. but larping wont make it real and it wont satisfy the desire to be something other than what i am. imo its the same rabbithole plastic surgery addicts fall down, viewing your body as the problem, not your mind. the only thing that has helped me is exercise, to help regain a connection to my body and see it for what it is; an everchanging and impermanent vessel that has no objective bearing on my identity. i know that sounds stupid. i hope you make the right choices for yourself.

No. 1133804

I see a lot of myself in that Needy Streamer Overload girl

No. 1133813

Care to explain Nonna

No. 1133821

It's too embarrassing. Not even the veil of anonymity can give me enough courage to explain

No. 1133902

Me too, as controversial as the game was here

No. 1133908

File: 1649894453148.gif (998.2 KB, 252x190, i dont need this IN SPANISH.gi…)

i'm only a terf towards white mtfs

No. 1133920

Why? All mtfs are insufferable shits.

No. 1133926

She’s assuming the hsts are better

No. 1133940

I'm a pedophile. Never felt an urge to do anything about it though. Only stupid people choose to ruin their lives over shit like this(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1133945

Yeah lol, they're so stupid and dumb. Silly pedos ruining their lives, not ruining the kid's lives, nah.

No. 1133947

But for real? Are you sure you don’t just have porn brain rot of the anime type?

No. 1133956

Sadly I can't talk too much about it, last time I tried I was banned under accusation of being a moid kek Just wanted to say it somewhere. Don't worry nonas, perks of being a female pedophile is the low amount of testosterone in my body, makes life so much easier having low libido

No. 1133979

People like you deserve to be on their own planet and away from society. Fuck you and die

No. 1133998

File: 1649902541824.jpeg (875.97 KB, 2534x2644, 7333038E-1BEA-4976-A23D-8FAE11…)

I’m definitely not proud of it. I just wouldn’t do anything in real life, a rl moid would actually enjoy it and that would totally ruin it.
It’s always women assisting men to torture and harm other women, too. I guess any females who wants to brutalize males don’t actually act on it because we’re not rapists.

Do kinda wish i knew why though, like why I’ve been this way for literally as long as I can remember. I was a sadistic degen even before I had the capability to be horny, why? My parents weren’t violent or anything.

No. 1134006

i'm petty and report "trade" and "collection" listings on clothing sales apps as spam. i'm tired of seeing something i want only to click and see that it's not actually for sale kek, take that nonsense to instagram

No. 1134008

kek anon i’ve always kind of been the same way too but i’m losing at the fucking Dennis edit

No. 1134009

Nonnie, please do an edit like this of Adam driver

No. 1134011

developing a kind of proto-sexuality very early is common. i guess some kids daydream about kissing and holding hands with characters/people they like and other kids fantasise about torturing the shit out of them.

also lmao i’m sorry anon, i’m a sadist as well but it’s so fucking funny to see it visually represented in such a turbo autist way, keep it up

No. 1134012

i'd pay money to see this

No. 1134014

None of my friends know my dad died like almost a year ago, they know I had a shit childhood so he doesn’t come up that often but at this point it’s just weird. I’m glad he’s gone, they would be too but I don’t think I can do it nonnies, maybe next year.

No. 1134017

Stealing doxycycline for my hamsters update - she's getting better and has been walking and eating like normal again and PetSmart is none the wiser
Fuck inflation

No. 1134019

see I'm the opposite of you sadists I am extremely masochistic, pitiful and wouldn't mind being tortured and I'm pretty sure it all stems from actual childhood and young adult trauma.

No. 1134020

same, i wish i had it the other way around it seems far less dangerous

No. 1134021

This is what we like to see, give her a kiss for me

No. 1134023

File: 1649904466764.jpg (103.12 KB, 540x527, tumblr_25ac0ead0cd1cefea2b1d48…)

I want friends but I only want to interact with them on my time, it really is a selfish thing to do but it's true. I'm very introverted and need time for myself but feel the loneliness creeping in when I self isolate again. I've tried to make friends on discord but whenever no one was online I'd be sad and do something else. It's my fault I am where i am again

No. 1134024

File: 1649904600336.jpeg (82.28 KB, 749x535, D7DB4A89-65E1-4EAC-B512-663C99…)

eh it opens me up to being predated upon by people who want to take advantage of me because I don't like to be heavy handed. I've become a lot more assertive in my personal life in effort to abandon my poor pitiful baby self. it's still a long and winding road. sometimes I snap in a horrendous way without meaning to and that gives people the misconception I must be some purposeful sadist, no, I'm just insane. get it right

No. 1134025

it's probably just disposition? same for me tbh, and it only amplified when i accumulated resentment for the people who hurt me. anyways it's fine, we can be sadistic spergs together on lc

go on the friend finder thread!!

No. 1134027

I didn't read your other post, but I'm glad your hamster is ok nonna. I hope she has a complete recovery.

No. 1134031

File: 1649905112900.jpeg (23.03 KB, 500x416, images - 2021-09-14T222333.388…)

Told a guy im interested in im straight to hopefully curb his thoughts about trooning out. Dude has a crossdressing fetish. I need to be put down like a dog

No. 1134033

You know how that story ends…

No. 1134035

File: 1649905534755.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 723.74 KB, 3496x2480, 2147897D-5667-4399-9923-CE49E5…)

Yeah Ill admit it’s deviantart tier, especially with such a silly character but the “worse” a male is (not sexy cool villain worse, I mean pathetic and shitty) the more appeal there is to breaking him down.
Sure why not. Spoilered for blood (not gore, just a bit)

No. 1134036

You can’t win against the coom anon

No. 1134037

Do you queen

No. 1134040

Anonina, marry me.

No. 1134043

Usually children with a lot of pent up anger and fear tend to enjoy violence on others or self mutilation when they're older. I think you just need therapy anon, and yesterday.

No. 1134045

Okay but I think I get where you're coming from, I can kind of relate to all of this.

No. 1134092

i think mtf troons should be exterminated like roaches, but i'm actually fine with ftm troons. i think it's because i still see them as women

No. 1134111

Literally one midlife crisis away nonnies…he's almost 30.

No. 1134144

File: 1649914135448.jpeg (5.99 KB, 225x225, 837BFBE3-939B-4AF0-8072-6357F4…)

I don't wanna do the work of makeup… styling my hair… buying clothes… but I do wanna look a certain way so I have to. If only I'd learned young. I hate spending time on getting ready when I know it can be a breeze. Moments like this I wish I was born male but jk not really. JUST

No. 1134162

Ugh sometimes I wish I had large breasts because I feel jealous of women who do. But I know I would just feel awkward and embarrassed by them if I did
So it kind of annoys me both ways

No. 1134169

Anon I don't know if this helps any but try thinking about your small breasts as cute, using that word actively when you look at them, it's helped me embrace mine personally. I'm sorry though it sucks receiving all the messages we do as women about our bodies

No. 1134172

small boobs are very pretty too nona, whenever you feel like this, remind yourself of the good things about having a smaller chest. and you know there are a lot! embrace them girl. just know someone is out there jealous of your small size kek

No. 1134176

I am 24 and I'm broken because I feel like I'm aging poorly even though I get mistaken as below the age of 18. It's insane. I want surgery to correct my lips and cheeks, but it feels dumb as people still clock me as young. But I look withered to myself.

No. 1134180

hate my coworkers singing and wish she would stfu every time she goes off
dont even know how to describe it other than very forced and overly played up on each note

No. 1134181

Is it that you are viewing lolcow threads where they constantly nitpick girls for "looking old" over minutiae? Or shooped pics on social media? If it is something like that then you should cut it out of your time entirely, it can affect your self image (and view of others too)

No. 1134182

You're 24 so I doubt you have many external signs of aging, but still, you need to come to term with the fact that everyone ages, and you either accept it or fight it to often disastrous results. But also people often can't tell where women fall in age between ~18 and ~30, they'll base it on style of clothing and other contextual clues more than looks.

No. 1134212

When I go to the husbando threads sometimes I can FEEL from a post that the poster has the same husbando as me even if she doesn't mention it, and I don't want to comment on it because that's insane but it makes me happy and it makes me want to hug her

No. 1134241

Cute of you and makes me very curious, which one is it?

No. 1134242

Omg I know exactly this feeling. I’m like it’s ~*him~* isn’t it bitch, we’re sister wives.

No. 1134252

File: 1649921982688.jpeg (73.73 KB, 600x742, 14783E0E-797B-4025-AE29-9E5D77…)

I miss Ko-chan. Goodnight nonaedas

No. 1134269

File: 1649923152878.jpg (37.76 KB, 861x488, is time.JPG)

Aileen said she'll be back on june 6, in the summer, with jesus for some reason but that's okay. I made a hole in the backyard, if I fill it with the blood of six different men I bet she'll be reborn right then and there. She needs to come back. her favourite food was KFC and black coffee. what did she mean by the mother ship? I don't believe in aliens but i don't want her to come back as an alien. can I ship the blood hole across the US just to see if one newborn babygirl is Aileen? I need help this is kinda urgent

No. 1134291

I used to think Nick from New Girl was hot but not anymore.

No. 1134302

I always found him ugly and I could never really get into New Girl because of it. It's hard to be invested in a sitcom couple if you're constantly thinking one of them isn't good enough for the other.

No. 1134344

What's with the tiny-ass handprint on his cheek lmao

No. 1134420

I know you don't want to believe it anon, but aliens might play an important part. There's a lot happening right now and it wouldn't be surprising. However, that doesn't necessarily mean she will come back as an alien. It's more likely that they would see her without the biases held by humans, and would preserve her in some way for that reason because they are aware of her value.

No. 1134500

I have made my parents celebrate my favourite husbando's birthday for 3 years in a row and I will do it again this year.

No. 1134501

I've sent nudes to a man I was talking to. It was actually fun, I do not regret it, I got pretty turned on by my own pictures and liked exchanging nudes, and they were easy to take since I was mostly alone at home office. But now he basically asks for nudes almost daily thinking this is some kind of baseline (I stopped sending them because workplace stress made me lose all horniness). So in the end I don't regret sending them in the sense that I'm afraid of it being traced back or being used against me, I regret it because this guy thought it was like a service for him or something and made conversations with him unbearable now.

No. 1134502

Gigastacy behavior

No. 1134506

Please tell me he's at least appropriately clothed

No. 1134511

He just wears his signature outfit which is nowhere near inappropriate.

No. 1134570

I'm at home, I participated in our weekly meeting online at work and didn't do anything else even though I'm super busy. I don't give a fuck anymore. My stomach hurts because of my period too so it doesn't help at all. I feel bad for my manager for trusting me because I'm good at pretending I'm competent now. I still have one more hour to deal with and I'll turn off my company's laptop and sleep.

No. 1134578

4 days now I've been wanting to smash my head to my brick wall, I just wanna cave my fucking head in.

No. 1134597

i desperately need to shower and brush my teeth but i just cant bring myself to
i havent combed my hair in weeks

No. 1134617

Maybe set a timer and brush your stuff for 1 minute, it’s something

No. 1134650

Brush your teeth while you shower. Just don't store your toothbrush in the shower, it grows bacteria there.

No. 1134662

Aaaand done, I turned off the computer and I'm back to doing nothing at all. It's going to bite me in the ass so hard but I'll pretend this is fine just for today.

No. 1134688

I semi related to anon >>1134035 and I wanna confess. Since childhood I've had this pseudo-sexual fantasy of a moid being tortured by other moids where I imagine myself as either of the parties in the situation. I usually pick a scenario from pop culture and just add onto it more shit from my imagination. I thought it was a fetish because it's weirdly specific (i.e. the moid being tortured has to be a criminal of some sort, and preferrably the whole thing should be some kind of over exaggerated punishment for his actions. It doesn't have to be graphic torture, just the moid being made helpless works). But then again, I can't really masturbate to it, it doesn't feel right to me. I usually just imagine these scenarios before going to sleep, and sometimes I wait for bedtime due to wanting to dream up this shit. It stimulates me and feels calming at the same time.

After seeing the right type of movie or reading a book that feeds these fantasies I might temporarily get lost in a scenario even in the middle of the day, but usually only when I'm bored. Since watching the batman a while ago I've imagined in great detail how the prisoners get treated at Arkham, like forcibly medicated and restrained and stuff.

I feel like a fucking deranged sicko because of this.

No. 1134691

Absolutely Based.

No. 1134722

My mom says she supports me in my life choices and she supposedly doesn't care about my celibacy, but I know she looks down on spinsters so I wonder what she genuinely thinks about me…

No. 1134735

I love to read about unhinged women

No. 1134739

Some of us need to write autobiographies just for you.

No. 1134818

Me too, they always have the most interesting lives

Please do

No. 1134832

People talking about porn (tweets, comments, etc) turns me on more than actual porn.

No. 1134848

I'm sort of getting to the point I cannot envision being with someone or living with them. I really enjoy being independent. Sometimes it would be nice to have someone to share the duties with but also I get to set the pace. It's sort of nice to be a free agent too. I don't feel obligated to share my time so when I catch up with people or spend time talking and losing track of time it's cause I'm invested in the moment and it leads to further spontaneous moments. Idk why but when I was with someone I was always prioritising them and never me and now I get to live my life to suit me. I've made a good amount of savings too past few months and no one can judge me for how I've cut back or whatever and it's just nice to think some time in the future I can have my own place, a garden, privacy and room to have animals again. Idk feels cool to be an indepdent woman. A few men have shown interest and attempted to ask me out and I've turned them into group things. I've become a social butterfly out of no where I think I'm building confidence lol

No. 1134855

This is beautiful anon thank you. Hopefully we'll find an Aileen statue made out of agave honey floating in space in the future.

No. 1134974

File: 1649964624926.png (683.71 KB, 767x1280, c1cdc8a597c9ff4939f0b4052bd862…)

I love McDonald's fries more than any other fry.

No. 1135034

I remember years ago burger king had these skinny and really crispy fries with this addictive coating on them. Then they changed them completely.. total downgrade. imo those were the best and I'll never get to have them again. It was such a weird choice to change them for the worse.

Anyone else remember the old fries? Was it an international switchover to them?

No. 1135065

Anons, today is the four year anniversary of the day I got clean and stopped doing heroin. I’m sharing this with you all on the confessions thread because I have no one else to share it with. No one in my life knows I ever struggled with or even did heroin, and I plan on keeping it that way ‘til the day I die. My mental health was the worst it’s ever been over the past four years and I dealt with a lot of medical bullshit and surgeries, but I never once relapsed and for the first time in a while I have something to be proud of. Wishing love to all anons out there in recovery and those who haven’t started their recovery journey yet. I know it’s a cliche, but it really does get easier with time. Rooting for you all!

No. 1135103

File: 1649969135983.jpeg (45.58 KB, 500x555, 040DAF74-3E44-4DB2-B47D-897D87…)

Based and lifepilled. I love you and am proud of you anon!

No. 1135131

Congratulations anon! I hope you treat yourself today. May you continue living on greener pastures.

No. 1135207

File: 1649971514175.jpeg (284.24 KB, 750x737, DBDF54C8-6BDB-4668-A50A-558897…)

That’s amazing, nona. I’m so happy for you!!

No. 1135225

rooting for YOU! I hope you feel very proud of yourself and reflect on how strong you are and never forget it. lots of love

No. 1135375

File: 1649976753904.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 279.48 KB, 2160x2160, A29535BC-A1E6-4BDF-8A06-94155A…)

It’s a backhand from a female hand.

No. 1135379

The only deranged sicko quality to this is that it isn't sexual to you. If it was I'd understand. I'm NTA though.

No. 1135382

being a "late boomer" self-hating lesbian is hell. i had one long term hetero relationship with an autistic and borderline asexual male, which consisted of me lying down and thinking of england about three times a year for three years, and i regret it so fucking much. i wish i would be a 30-year-old "gold star" virgin, that would be easier to explain. i'm too autistic to lie. based on my experience with apps so far, on a lesbian "hierarchy" i'm right there with literal male "transbians". i hate it here. just turn me straight and make me actually tolerate it without contemplating suicide daily. i wasted my life on trying to pretend to be straight, ruining my chances with actual women. now the apps are full of ten year younger zoomers trying to match with me thinking i'm some hot experienced "mature" lady and i'm just so beyond hope. i feel like a loser creep who deserves to belong nowhere. sorry for emo and no capital letters, i'm too drunk to function and i turn to lolcow for solace because this is the only board i can be myself for like 7 years now. i just need to grow up in general i guess but i'm so psychologically stunted

No. 1135393


just from personal experience and that white mtfs are the ones reported to be degenerates and hella ugly (like jessica yaniv as an example). also i was protected by a black mtf from being assaulted so maybe i'm biased lmao

No. 1135428

Whenever i find out my boyfriend had jerked off already and isnt as excited for sex, i have the urge to cheat on him. Like whats the point of a relationship if youre gona jerk off like a single man. Useless.

No. 1135433

File: 1649980928315.jpeg (49.24 KB, 700x700, bzzzzzzzzzzzz.jpeg)

kek this reminds me of when I had these nano bug toys as a kid. It's a little vibrating bug and you can guess how that went…

No. 1135481

we’ve lived the same life nona

No. 1135506

keep seeing symbolism and references to maternity, fertility and babies, as well as real cute kids, kind of thinking about babies, but don't have a man and not ready to have babies. why does the world torment me like this

No. 1135530

oh dude I had crawly ones that I let my cats play with

No. 1135540

what about laverne cox, didn't he side with a rapist once

No. 1135569

I thought he himself was rapey towards his own bf

No. 1135704

I like to chew on the straw in my drinks. I've done it since I was a child. I dislike how people give me shit about it. It's not like we're sharing. I don't know why people care.

No. 1135782

kek I understand why you think that way but hey at least i'm not gonna ask anyone to roleplay it with me. In fact, i'd rather jump off a cliff.

No. 1135893

Me too, and now that they've made plastic straws illegal and replaced them with paper ones, I can't do it and I never realized how much I'll miss it.

No. 1136003

I have a bit of a tisty oral fixation thing going on, so I like it too but lately everything has a paper straw and you'd be lucky to even finish your drink without those falling apart. Chewing would destroy one in seconds.

No. 1136005

Wait I need to know how they reacted and if you ever saw them again.

I've told 2 people about mine, both were long term partners and I almost regret even telling them seeing as relationships end and I hate people having that info on me after they've left my life.

No. 1136023

My confession is that I almost went to an inpatient for an ED but then got on an SSRI and that actually helped to the point that I’m recovered I suppose. But I’m still addicted to drugs. And I’m afraid of when that other shoe will drop

No. 1136048

one of my friends is muslim (her whole family is white but her mother is autistic and was on track to become a nun before she discovered islam and raised all her children muslim) my friend is wanting to quit islam and stop wearing her hijab but she says she’ll feel so naked and exposed without it. i told her she just needs to rip the bandaid off so to speak, it’s the only way she’ll get used to it. she’s moving cities soon so i told her that’s the perfect opportunity to try because no one will know her there. i wish i could throw away all her head scarves so she’ll have no choice but to do it. at the same time she looks kind of funny without her hijab because i’m just not used to seeing her without it and the way she wears hers is so pretty and flattering to her features. i wish it was possible to wear it without connotations to islam which is what she wants to depart from.

No. 1136064

Maybe she can just wear scarfs in very different styles so she had her head covered but it'll just look like a fashion accessorie and not a religious thing. I can't post pics right now but maybe you can think of certain styles yourself. I'm an exmuslim but never wore the hijab and nobody in my family would ever do it so I can't really relate, but I guess in her case it's a case of habit idk. I can't go outside without a handbad so I can always have my wallet, even if I could hold my wallet in a big pocket so maybe it's something similar?

No. 1136093

File: 1650035815042.jpg (82.54 KB, 600x900, Audrey-Hepburn-Head-Scarf.jpg)

No. 1136101

I always wear a beanie and even I feel anxious without anything on my head, can't imagine her anxiety levels. Scarves are pretty in right now, maybe she can switch it up a little without it being a hijab, then slowly rid of it? Idk though, I am pretty fucking autistic.

No. 1136203

I lived in a very hot place where I got used to wearing hats to protect my head and when I moved and started going out without them I felt naked, as if I went out without pants. Very uncomfortable. But it passes with time.

No. 1136207

I'm bi, but I don't know anything about the Kinsey scale. I understand that it's to measure how homosexual someone is, but if someone said "I am a Kinsey 2" or "You're a Kinsey 12" I wouldn't know what the fuck they're talking about. I don't care to learn either.

No. 1136217

me as well nonna i like to stay covered when i am out

No. 1136230

If I had a good relationship with my dad I'd gas him up so we could be venture capitalists together and discuss business and I'd be the ideas woman. Also in this fantasy he doesn't mind that I smoke weed and in fact he understands it fuels me.

No. 1136234

I always understood it as 0=very non-gay 6=very gay, and you'd describe your (non-)gayness level by either 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. Is it anything deeper than that?

No. 1136270

I met a guy a few months back and started crushing on him. I have big walls up from past scrote experiences so I didn't let on that I fancy him. Instead I stalked his socials and thought about my options. I'm not on tiktok or familiar with it but he's on there and his likes are public. I would check it every now and then. Was grand.

Lately he's liking a whole bunch of tiktoks of women with their yoga pants pulled right up their arse crack. Well there's my mind made up.

No. 1136298

Love it when scrotes tell on themselves

No. 1136308

File: 1650045307859.jpg (547.67 KB, 1311x1078, 1591074568857.jpg)

After puberty every choice I make and every interest I have is based on my libido and sexual/romantic fantasies.
My main inspiration for art is a drive to draw people I want to fuck, I mainly pursue friendships if I find the person hot, I follow hot people on social media, when I leave the house to study I pick strategic places so that I can stare at attractive people and get a small endorphin rush during my breaks, and recently I'm considering moving to a new city to increase my chances of finding someone attractive and compatible. Even my career is chosen based on a fantasy I have regarding a future partner (it's a house spouse fantasy).

This is all so retarded. Luckily I have self-control and have avoided sex since very few people are actually compatible and my ideals are to fuck one person forever, but holy fuck.
I'm genuinely afraid that if I actually get sex or lose my libido I'll fall into a depression or something. I'm no one without horniness.

No. 1136330

I'm 4 years into no sex right now and have a crazy libido. But as soon as I start dating again I bet you I'll be back to almost viewing it as a chore. I've learnt that.

No. 1136357

Lolcows hatred of women who date older is really annoying. I mean, I get it, 90% of the time the scrote is gross and wants a young cute girl and the power to manipulate, but it feels like that's correlation and not causation. I've been dating a man 15+ years older than me for over 5 years. I've always felt so much disgust around men my age and repeatedly had so many issues with them that felt directly related to their lack of life experience. Maybe I just grew up too quickly or I'm the weird one but damn, I don't know how you put up with it. They don't know how to cook or clean, they're not making any money, they don't know what they're doing, etc. Not saying every young guy doesn't or that every older guy does, but I'd rather date someone who has already been scolded 100s of times by previous gfs to get his shit together than have to do it myself. The guy I'm dating now had never dated younger before (had actually only dated older) and I pursued him first, set the boundaries first, made the dates. I just can't find anything wrong with our relationship if we're both making money, have equal decision making and can't feel the gap in our interests or socially whatsoever. I found a bigger power imbalance dating a wealthy guy than I've found in dating an older guy. Also my friends who were initially weirded out by the age gap met him and adore him and genuinely root for us.

No. 1136366

Ok cool go live your best life then. no one is stopping you. you’re just being called a retard on a very small portion of the internet

No. 1136367

You can cope however much you want, I'll never stop feeling bad for you.

No. 1136369

It just depends on the age, and farmers trend young. A 40-year-old woman dating a 55-year-old man is no big deal. An 18-year-old woman dating a 33-year-old man is mega creepy.

No. 1136371

I dated someone 12 years my senior and in the end it was like reliving my childhood with an overbearing father who scared the shit out of me and used fear to get what he wanted from me. He met me at a vulnerable time in my life and he was smart in how he played the game during our early days.

Much as I hate young guys and their ways too… I feel comfort in knowing most don't have the life experience to really manipulate someone all that well. They tend to be transparent if they're asses.

No. 1136373

its the difference of who is and who isn't aware

No. 1136375

I mean I wouldn't take it personally if people didn't patronize me and act like I'm too stupid to tell if I'm being abused. I'm definitely treated more like, "ohh poor stupid baby" from women here than my bf ever has in all our years of dating. But thank you for understanding anon. It sucks because it's the best relationship I've ever been in but it's immediately dismissed the moment I bring up his age. I'm very happy though, he treats me wonderfully. Thank you anon.

No. 1136383

I have things about me that I know will attract 'patronising replies' if I reference them in post… you either skip the details if you're feeling sensitive or you accept the predictable replies. I think we all get a bit of that treatment here and there.

No. 1136390

I have over £1000 worth of cast iron cookware. It's all Lodge, Le Creuset, artisan foundry or vintage. I think I need to stop.

No. 1136403

What brand would you recommend? Where does your interest for cookware come from, do you work in culinary?

No. 1136411

I'm more than a little envious, anon…

No. 1136414

I have an ex who was always dismissive of any health problem I had. I feel like an idiot for not being alarmed by that pattern. I'm not a hypochondriac or anything like that where you'd get empathy fatigue. If anything I act brave so if I say I'm sick.. I'm sick.

One day when I was due to meet up with him I was getting ready and felt pressure in my pelvic region. I thought I needed the bathroom, I had pain. I tried to go and the pain increased. My vision went black. I sunk to the floor. I felt like I was being pulled down. I was out cold I think. I came around, I started to panic as my sight was still gone. I felt like something in my pelvic area was twisted and being pulled. It passed after a few moments. I could see again. I stood up shakily.

I told him… we met up and went ahead with our plans as if nothing happened. I worried in the back of my head all day about what had happened. He did not care and I didn't want to be seen as overreacting. I wish I had gone and gotten answers. To this day I dont know what I experienced.

No. 1136432

Sounds like Pelvic vein thrombosis.

No. 1136455

> It's all Lodge, Le Creuset, artisan foundry or vintage.
Anon already told you.

No. 1136480

My mom is a bit doting. She told me yesterday that she wishes I would have a husband who would provide me everything, so I wouldn't have to work and so I could do all the things I love and that I'm good at. And of course I thought, that sounds awful to live like that with a real man but god I wish I could live like that with my husbando.

No. 1136481

My mother had a Le Crueset cookware so I grew up learning to cook with cast iron. When I moved out I bought myself cheaper non-stick pans. Then I found out how toxic teflon is and how it can cause breast cancer so I bought myself my own Lodge cast iron skillet and threw away anything teflon. Now I would never go back to non-stick cookware. Cast iron is better in every way. Once the initial seasoning phase is over it's easier to care for, never needs to be replaced and it makes anything you cook taste better. I'm not a chef I just enjoy cooking.

As for recommendations it depends on what you're looking for. For frying or dry roasting meat then I would recommend a Lodge dutch oven. The lid is designed to be used as a skillet or oven dish independent from the pot. For pot roasting and one pot meals I'd recommend a Le Crueset casserole pot. It's enameled inside and out so you don't have to worry about acidic ingredients like vinegar or tomatoes dissolving the seasoning during cooking.

No. 1136486

That sounds horrifying. People who are dismissive of health problems or don't care when you tell them you're in pain just simply lack empathy. You can still ask your doctor about it, even if it happened long ago. I don't want to scare you but that sounds serious.

No. 1136489

Thanks anon. I don't eat meat so it's not a huge deal for me to have a pot for it, but a Dutch oven still sounds good. I've been wanting to try cast iron for a while but I've been putting it off because it seems intimidating (as silly as it sounds).

No. 1136509

If you don't cook meat then it's probably better to get enameled cast iron or if you just want to move away from toxic cookware coatings Ozeri are a German company that make stoneware and ceramic non-stick coatings that don't contain any toxic ingredients or carcinogens. I use a few of their skillets in addition to cast iron.

>it seems intimidating

It can be at first. Cast iron has certain quirks that you need to know about. You need to use much lower temperatures when cooking with it because it transfers heat much more efficiently than aluminium or steel. A lot of people make this mistake and then assume that cast iron is bad because they've burnt something in the pan and ruined the seasoning. The other major difference is how you clean a cast iron pan. You can't use dish soap or put it in the dishwasher. It needs to be washed by hand with warm water and a scrubbing brush. Cast iron can also suffer thermal shock and crack if you transfer it between temperatures too quickly, such as taking it off a hot stove and then washing it with cold water. The positive side of this is that you learn to care for it, a cast iron pan will last a lifetime.

No. 1136513

it doesn’t matter how much prettier i can get, deep down i still feel like my race automatically puts me in a lower tier. i wish i didn’t feel this way but i think growing up in a predominantly white area as a black girl has done irreparable damage to my brain!

No. 1136516

Thank you nonna, I really appreciate the advice. Enjoy your pans!

No. 1136563

when i'm out of it (tired, scared, upset) i can feel ciara behind me. like shes sitting just in my peripheral but when i turn my head obviously she's not there. once when i was really having a bad night i was lying flat on my bed with my covers over my head and i could feel her floating above me mirroring my actions. i never met ciara. i never talked to her once when she was alive and i wasn't even using the same boards as her. i have no reason to feel haunted by this random dead e girl i have nothing to do with but i really feel her presence. maybe i need to be on meds

No. 1136566

Teehe soo schizowo and quirky

No. 1136606

penis post

No. 1136617

Bullshit, Ciara is too busy haunting buttravaged moids who can't stand seeing her win

No. 1136618

Disregard me, I thought you meant Ciara the singer but I'm not deleting my post because I think it's funnier that way

No. 1136646

File: 1650066002542.jpg (87.29 KB, 500x500, automaticsupersonichypnoticfun…)

What Ciara does she mean if not 1,2step Ciara

No. 1136865

Honestly anon, I always thought the 'gold star' thing was misogynistic in a way. Everyone has a different path in life and most of the time it's not what you expect. You are still young, still worthy and still perfectly capable of having a fulfilling sexual/romantic life. Anyway, 30 years is far from 'mature' and any young women thinking of you like that just don't have any life experience. Keep going, searching for what you want and you'll find it. Think of it this way - in ten years, would you rather have tried and see where it goes, or just spend ten years not trying at all?

No. 1136943

I laugh at my ex-friend’s tweets with my boyfriend. She trooned out a few years ago and I stopped talking to her since she became increasingly insufferable over the course of the pandemic. She’d talk about things like having nightmares about TERFs and JK Rowling and increasingly only complained to me about how hard it is for her to get a boyfriend as a “gay FtM enby.” I know it probably makes me a terrible person that I do this but it’s too amusing to see how her own choices keep causing her suffering. Maybe if she’d just lost weight (she’s obese) and dropped the troon schtick, she’d finally get a boyfriend.

No. 1136958

Last year I started drawing small comic strips with a simplified version of myself dealing with mental health and life in general. I created a tumblr blog exclusively to post those drawings, and I have no plan to expand or advertise it anywhere because absolutely no one knows about it, not even my boyfriend, and no one has ever reblogged or liked any of the posts. Whenever I get upset or feel overwhelmed I will spend an hour or two making a new drawing. The internet is already full of these types of poorly made comic strips, but I find them a nice outlet. I would probably delete them all if people found and started reblogging them at a larger scale, though, but luckily they're so shitty I don't think anyone would bother.

No. 1137046

For years I had agoraphobia and was entirely housebound. I thought I'd never get out of that. When I eventually made progress and started getting out I would still have phases where it got a lil harder or a lil easier. I lived in a rough area and it was frustrating how scummy people could start shit with you and set you back with one interaction. Nowadays I live alone in a new area that I picked specifially because it's quiet. I work outside of the home, I function ok (by my standards) but I still have moments where small interactions are stupidly hard. I almost have dissociative moments when strangers approach me and I'm not ready to interact. It happens mostly in the mornings on my walk to work. I will often just blank strangers if they happen to approach me at a bad moment like that. It's like my body goes into autopilot and I can't override it so I keep on walking. By the time I get to work I'm fine and I'm fine for the rest of the day but those first few mins out of the house are hard.

Today I was approached within a couple mins of leaving the house. Anniversary of my moms death too so that's maybe a factor in my head being elsewhere. A man from across a street wanted to know if I'd seen a dog around. I did not have it in me to shout across the road to answer him. Did he repeat himself and just keep saying "hello? hello? eh helloo!" Yes he did, for a painfully long time. Feels so good when they do that. No woman will ever pursue you halfway up the fucking street to get an answer but scrotes sure take it very personally and need to be acknowledged. Take a hint that there's something wrong with me and leave me be.

I'm at the point now where I'm so used to men following me or not letting it go in incidents like that.. that I only have this issue with men now. It compounded the problem. I noticed lately that a woman can approach me 30 seconds after I leave the house and I'll cope and give directions or point her to the nearest cafe or whatever she asks for.. but scrotes get my back up automatically. I know people aren't mindreaders but if you're following someone as they ignore you… am I really the only tard in that scenario?

No. 1137057

>She’d talk about things like having nightmares about TERFs and JK Rowling
I absolutely would not be able to keep a straight face if someone told me this

No. 1137061

I was mostly talking to her online at that point due to her own paranoia over catching COVID. The nightmares consisted of things like TERFs chasing her and threatening to kill her and JK Rowling laughing at her. At that point, I knew she was starting to lose it.

No. 1137067

I had a whole retarded troon phase myself about 10 years ago but I was a "well not everyone agrees with trans stuff and that's fine" kind of troon. I think the moment when you start to truly feel persecuted is when you're just done for. That's the main shift I've seen in that decade. When you start to put people in boxes of 'good' or 'evil' based on their trans views alone.. that's a hard line to walk back from.

Part of me can imagine detransition rates soaring in the next few years but then people would have to abandon their whole world view in order to do that so maybe not. They've no identity or views outside of that.

No. 1137095

Just what is it about trans issues that makes the people trooning out so hyperfixated on it? Their entire identity gets replaced by being trans. The trans people I knew from 10+ years ago still had a personality besides being transgender, even if I didn't agree with transitioning that wasn't all they were about and I could still be friends with them. Now every last one that I know who has become a tranny in the past 5 years has made it their main purpose to only talk about trans issues, only draw or write about gender dysphoria and being trans. Days on end, everything they ever produce has to be tied back to being trans and self-masturbatory gendershit and whining about gatekeeping doctors, terfs that are out to murder them, having to get illegal hormones and e-begging for surgeries. It's unbelievably exhausting and I've lost multiple friends to the cult.

No. 1137099

Probably autism, it becomes their main interest.

No. 1137105

Even non-trans autists can get really wrapped up it too. They think it's their job to defend the poor underdogs of society.. like why can't you just enjoy sonic or trains? Less trans more trains.

No. 1137122

It became popular being a militant about something as possible, my tinfoil or unpopular opinion is that there are more autists than normies. So, the more “true fan” you are into something, the more accepted you will become by your peers.

No. 1137127

I have never knowingly listened to Mr Brightside.

No. 1137129

We have been living very different live

No. 1137131

The fuck…

No. 1137132

No. 1137140

Oh god no, get this song out of my head

No. 1137149

It's because trans ideologoy functions like a cult/religion. The only difference is there is no defined leader/god and you instead worship transness and your own trans soul. They suck even the most normal people in.

1. you have to submit and fully believe that every person has a mystical spirit(gender) completely separate from your physical body(sex), all without any kind of evidence. All you go by is your faith that this is the One Only Truth. (even when "cis" people say they don't have a gender you must dimiss them as ignorant non-believers)
2. Questioning transness is a Sin, even if you're trans you'll be ostracized and called truscum if you don't accept that "a penis can be female". Always accept and never question.
3. But it's ok if you don't fully understand transness… as long as you believe that it's the One Only Truth. (If a bearded muscle builder says he is female you must believe it even if you don't really get it)
4. Sinners and non-believers are all evil and deserve to be punished. They can only be pardoned if they admit that the One Only Truth is correct.
5. Strong emphasis on the own group VS the non-believers
6. Strong emphasis on gender roles ("i'm a demiboy because i like cars and hate dresses on some days")
7. You can ONLY reach true happiness if you accept the One Only Truth and start a journey to become your True Self
8. You're born "wrong"/as a sinner and must change your body to please your True Self Gender Spirit
9. Lots of symbols paraded around: flags, pronouns, chest scars, slogans
10. Very extreme body modification rituals to please your True Self Gender Spirit
11. A strong distrust of science and therapy (because they disprove transness, which is a Sin)
12. Aims to alienate your from friends and family who are Sinners and Non-believers
13. Is constatnly trying to enforce their believes into the mainstream and laws so that everyone must follow them.
14. Weird sexual deviancy (agp, euphoria boners, fujoshis, furries etc)
15. The belief that children are Small Holy Adults who are capable of understanding the world better than even adults araound them. You must worship the True Gender Spirit of the child or you're a sinner who must have your child taken away from you.

Always believe and you shall reach happiness! Never question the One Only Truth.

No. 1137159

I hate troons like everyone else here but this is one of the most autistic, kiwifarms-esque/facebook boomer posts I've seen in a while.

No. 1137180

She’s not wrong. It has every making of a cult.

No. 1137183

It's maybe a longer post than it needed to be but tbh I nearly posted myself saying troonism is like a weird modern replacement for religion.

Where I live I feel like I'm caught in the middle between old religious people and then young gender obsessed people.

No. 1137184

yes she is.

No. 1137186

She's not wrong, but she worded it in a way a that sounds cringe as hell.

No. 1137189

exactly this. troons are fucking nuts, but all sjw shit is like that, it's all just bullying and herd mentality. calling it a literal cult is cringe and retarded.

No. 1137250

i would agree if there wasn't money and sex involved. trannies use their trans status to get money and coerce sex from other people so that's what i think actually elevates this bullshit to somewhat legit cult status.

No. 1137268

Me either!

No. 1137822

sometimes i lie about stuff here

No. 1137848

Post her pics/screencaps so we can laugh

No. 1137860

People aren't calling it a cult to be dramatic anon, it has literal markers of a cult and the dude who came up with the BITE model, which describes methods to recruit/control cult members, agrees on that

These are good reads

No. 1137864

Im cheating on my bf with my roommate but my currnet bf cheated on me 6 different times (sex, text, makingout, etc) idk why i was so patherotic and stayed.. But like 5-6 years and now im finally over it. Its hard fo leave when we pay rent for the same room. And we all three live together i wanna kms

No. 1137867

I'm terrible + my confession nonnie but I don't think a woman should be monogamous even if agreed upon by a man because by default men will always be poly and terrible towards them unless they believe a woman is dedicated to them so you can see how hard he'll pursue you and also woman shouldn't have to limit her options before marriage with a man. That's my short version of it but don't feel bad nonnie, unless a man can provide for something more than I can myself- then I'll get married but don't let any man own you or trick you into thinking dating should be exclusive.

No. 1137916

Barely a confession but I love being a woman. Imagine waking up everyday a man? lol

No. 1137946

Kinda based

No. 1138031

I used to never think about it but troons have unironically given me things to be grateful about. Despite all the bullshit I am so glad I’m a woman and I got to have relationship with other women like lolcow nonnies.

No. 1138036

I enjoy our anonymous relationship too nona.

No. 1138049

I had a lot of downtime today and was able to read a few of the placement students dissertations and personally I feel like I should have had higher grades because my literacy and comprehension far exceeds the samples I got to read today. I demand a recount and satisfaction for being an optimal communicator. Justice! Justice for me!

No. 1138058

You lie? On the internet? You silver-tongued rebel you.

No. 1138059

This and I don't feel bad about it either.

No. 1138076

Agree. I will forever be grateful to wake up as a woman and not being either a seething male tranny bitter about not having a vagina and instead downing horse piss pills to break his dick or a self-hating woman who e-begs for top surgery and shoots T to become a manlet with a frog voice and vaginal atrophy.

No. 1138086

Had car sex. I never had sex outside the bedroom and doing that was wild.

No. 1138180

>frog voice and vaginal atrophy
Hey this is me and I'm just a woman lol

No. 1138237

I made a friend with another girl (were 21/22) and it's been so long since I've had a friend like this! Like someone I just feel comfortable with and can talk to about all this random BS. Woman friendships are much better than men fr

No. 1138364

i am anti-porn and also religious but every month around ovulation time i get incredibly horny and write a bunch of erotica. yes im ashamed but im not sure i want to stop?

No. 1138367

IMO there's a difference between erotica and porn. it's really arbitrary though. but at least with written erotica no one is being exploited. I wish I could get off to written smut alone because sometimes I still break down and watch porn. keep writing!

No. 1138376

Woohoo! It feels so good to find a sister in crime ♥ well done on your socialism nonni
Dw anon, I used to use the sims 4 when I was in heat. Customise the thiccest sims in the smallest dresses YUMMY
As you can guess I had to uninstall the sims 4 for my own sake

No. 1138408

File: 1650231428439.jpeg (102.43 KB, 576x432, C96B2B91-197D-44C1-9A7E-51C70C…)

As a burger, I’m well aware that the antebellum south was an awful place and definitely the darkest point in our history so far. Yet I find their style of plantation houses to be absolutely beautiful. Almost to the point that I almost forget that a lot of horrible shit went down in these places. I feel like if I ever admit this to anyone, they would probably twist my words around and think I’m racist.

No. 1138415

Agreed, they are so beautifully made. It's like the closest we'll ever get to Burgerland castles.

No. 1138416

Writing porn is not the same as watching it since fanfiction is not the same as exploitation of irl women. You're fine, nonnie!

No. 1138428

I think people should be reasonably able to tell architecture and events that took place apart. It's a pretty style of building indeedl

No. 1138444

I don't user twitter but I have an empty account just to browse and stalk people. but on the trending page today I saw this tweet and was reading the replies and there was a video to this gay onlyfans twitter, and it was a big black guy having sex aggressively with this other skinner black guy. there were so many comments and quote tweets it was weird and for some reason I was so intrigued and shocked so I ended up scrolling through his twitter but why did it turn me on a little bit? I feel ashamed and weird that it did.

No. 1138536

I'm from the south and I've honestly never cared for these houses. They don't feel classic, just tacky for some reason.

No. 1138555

Wish admins would ban the newfag handmaidens that plague the off topic boards, i’m starting to get tired of the occasional moid/handmaiden caping for troons and moids and every cult like ideology most anons are running from

No. 1138641

Tuna made me want to go sober. I'm still not there, but trying. I'm not on heroin but I am addicted to painkillers, benzo's and alcohol. Since I found her threads and saw what a fool she makes out of herself (and I probably have, and/or will) I actually decided to try and improve myself. I feel myself getting dumber by the day, I can't speak English as well as I used to (it's my second language) and I don't speak my native language as well either. Even when I'm sober I mix up words, stumble, all of it. It's a retarded reason to get sober, but all I want is not end up like her.

No. 1138646

You can do it anon, I believe in you. It's not easy, but I promise you won't regret it. Love you

No. 1138654

Thank you nonna ♥ I was pretty much sober for a few weeks from everything except a small daily dose of benzo's (it didn't get me high, just made me sleep 'cause I couldn't without). I felt much happier and more creative during that time but I relapsed a few weeks ago and I felt so much worse during the day but the night was like heaven. I've quit painkillers now, still drink daily and am tapering the benzo's. I should get a different type in a week or so which will make me go sober the easy way (in my experience it's usually a week or two of being sick as a dog, then it's fine. I've only been using daily for a few weeks, so shouldn't be too bad.) I can't wait to feel normal again, and not constantly be sick so I can get more hours at my job (I'm stocking shelves two days a week, it's doable lol). I don't want 'success' or some bullshit, just a regular life like all other people my age. I'm 19 and been a druggie since a tear or something, it's pathetic really. I hope this is just a small part of my life I will laugh at one day, and not the rest of my life. I have enough luck to have parents that let me stay with them (they don't know I use, but they don't throw me out). I tried many times, I hope it works out someday.

No. 1138671

I want to learn physics so I downloaded the textbooks I remember my school system used, but I can't start because being a fully-grown adult using these high schooler books feels too humiliating.

No. 1138712

I feel like I have a crush on my brother in law. It’s crazy how much we have in common and I think he’s kinda cute and he has such a nice voice. It’s boyishly cute. He even has the same sense of humor as elms but alas our love is forbidden and idk of me and my bf break up I might do him or something I dunno I just feel really doubtful of everything and confused

No. 1138731

File: 1650260296821.png (265.12 KB, 747x525, D98CFC0A-D25D-4E24-9E1D-0C9F1A…)

I was given up at birth for a totally closed adoption (no contact with my birth parents/family, 0 information on them) and now, in my mid 20’s,I found them. I can’t believe it honestly. I have wonderful adoptive parents I consider to be my “real” parents 100% and don’t want to contact them at all really, but man the sense of smug satisfaction I have right now is unreal. I don’t think I will ever find an answer to anything like this in my life again that will leave me with such a completed feeling. It feels like something I have to confess because I always wondered if this moment would be touching or somehow emotional and beautiful and for some reason I just feel weirdly self righteous. Like I won or something.

No. 1138733

Did they contact you/have you seen them?

No. 1138734

I think Crohn's disease gave me a light eating disorder and I think I'm in denial about it. I can't physically eat any food I used to enjoy (dairy, fried foods, spicy, heavy garlic) because it makes me feel like I'm dying and just gives me liquid diarrhea. This came with some decent weight loss (150 to 120) and now I look back at my old self in complete disgust. I see anyone who weighs as much as I did or more as disgusting. I weighed 150 before getting sick for the first time only 6 months ago. I want to weigh even less (ideally 100-110) and start gaining muscle after I reach that weight when before I was perfectly fine being flabby and chubby. I like how I look most when I go over 24 hours without eating and I rarely feel hungry anymore. I see eating as a chore and forget to eat sometimes when that NEVER happened to me in the past and would eat just when bored. Food feels uncomfortable inside my body even safe foods. I check my weight multiple times a day and sometimes cry and think it's all over when I "gain" weight on the days I eat more than 500 calories. My last period only lasted 2 days and was insanely light. I FEEL LIKE IM TOO OLD FOR THIS WHY NOW

No. 1138737

Nope, they have 0 clue that I was able to find out their full names, pics, phone numbers, even addresses (the internet makes it too damn easy.) I will do nothing with this information other than be satisfied to have it.

No. 1138740

Another interesting difference I've noticed: I'm a daily weed smoker both before and after getting sick and I no longer get munchies no matter how high I am. It sometimes helps with appetite but I think it's because it numbs pain more than anything. I don't really crave foods I used to like and find most of them repulsive now with the exception of some cheeses and spicy food like curry. Not like it matters because I literally can't eat them or I'll be facing the consequences for days afterwards. The thought of eating fried chicken or pizza actually makes me feel nauseous it's kinda depressing. I'm high now, that's obviously why I'm rambling but I don't have any friends to talk to about this.

No. 1138743

I don’t have any friends either but I’m fat you wanna be my friend? I’m also high

No. 1138772

The instagram vs reality thread reminded me of something. I still find a lot of those photshopping influencers to be really attractive without photoshop. Like with the candid picture of Cindy Kimberly, I just don't even have that "shock" of oh my gosh look at her skin ew! I looked at the picture and didn't even care about the photoshop, I thought she was gorgeous. I have this same feeling about Dakota Rose, Wylona, that Johanna girl, and probably many more cows that I can't think of at the moment.

No. 1138785

Seriously, all I can think is how they're naturally beautiful, and if anything the photoshop feels like it takes away their unique features and makes them all kinda blend together.

No. 1138803

I looked up amouranth's ig and she shoops her face, I guess to look more "kawaii" but she is more gorgeous irl, it actually kind of annoys me.

No. 1138884

For the life of me I will never understand why people want children, I know it's supposed to be natural or whatever but I genuinely don't get it.

No. 1138914

No. 1138925

Oh anons thank you, you're both so kind and I do feel better

No. 1138929

Anon please, just do it and learn all the physics you want
You gotta start somewhere
Make me proud

No. 1138945

File: 1650285969157.jpg (1.57 MB, 2836x4254, 7907a6dcd1e9535e8cca3cd6bded05…)

I have this overwhelming desire to pluck my eyebrows super thin

No. 1138948

Shave them and see how you like the look nonna! I shaved mine a year ago when my country was on lockdown and I was bored, no regrets! If you shave off a bit of the ends and start from the bottom you get an instant facelift. Much more room to play with makeup too, I say go for it but use a razor! If you (over)pluck and don't like it you're fucked.

No. 1139067

Same. Likewise with being upset about infertility. It took me until I was in my very late teens, think 17 or 18, until I realized this is even something people get legitimately depressed over instead of just some "Well, shucks now, doesn't it? colonslashshlash", and while I nowadays know what the appropriate reaction to someone struggling with it is, I can't say I really understand it, still. But I'm chalking this one up to my absolute and complete aversion to change, and my train of thought being no children = no change = good.

No. 1139100

Has anyone actually looked down on you for not being a gold star or do you spend too much time in the lesbian thread? I promise you didn't ruin anything and you belong on the apps just as much as zoomers. They're probably more open than other gens if anything. Maybe I'm just in a good area but I never had anyone judge me for not figuring out I'm gay sooner.

No. 1139182

I'm pretty sure I gained a fetish for small boobs due to my insecurity about my own boob/nipple size. Surgery comes with too many downsides and risks that it's not fucking worth it, I'll probably die a virgin because the thought of someone seeing them bare makes me dizzy.

No. 1139304

i finally cleaned my room and brushed my teeth for the first time in a couple weeks. it feels like im finally out of this slump and becoming a human again.

No. 1139336

Sometimes I fantasize about giving my boyfriend an aphrodisiac secretly so he can finally ravish me in bed the way I always wanted. I wouldn't do that without him knowing though and besides, they're all bunk anyway.

No. 1139414

I went to go get the wart on my hand sprayed with cryofreeze and the doctor left the room for 10 mins, so i kept using it to spray my warts. she didn't do it enough and i am getting my co-pay money's worth.

No. 1139454

I drank some of my bath water while I was still in (no soap/bubbles)

No. 1139457

I despise anyone who claims yelling is part of their personality. No, you have no self control and like to lash out.

No. 1139460

I'm mostly into white men and I'm an exmuslim who will never date a man from my ethnicity unless maybe he's an atheist. I don't care if that makes me look like a race traitor.

No. 1139466

I love looking through ed forums and reading the endless reeeeee posts from fatties who are pissed that nobody cares about their fake anorexia

No. 1139473

I wash my hair only one day per week

No. 1139475

What's wrong with that? I wash every 2-2 1/2 weeks and it's normal for people with my hair type. I don't think it's a problem if your hair isn't the greasy kind.

No. 1139476

I really love music like this. I still follow Joji but damn, I miss when he would put out shit like this. does anyone have any recs?? I just love this sort of sound

No. 1139478

that's normal if you have dry and/or curly hair

No. 1139484

>I don't care if that makes me look like a race traitor
MOC are mostly racists, anyway. Women don't owe them anything. It's stupid how leftist women believe there's some kind of of fraternity going on between POC women and men. Males buy white trophies the second they become rich, they don't give a fuck about their female peers.

No. 1139489

same here. the black guys at my university don’t even look at black girls. if the men of my race don’t want me, why should i bother with them?

No. 1139492

don’t play the same game that men of color play, what are white men gonna do for you?this is so pathetic, sad, and a little racist

No. 1139496

I am exactly like shayna but I’m not white. I have the same ugliness and unrefined body but I do not have the motivation or energy to be laughed at by white women on the internet, godspeed

No. 1139503

i’m >>1139489
i probably should’ve said “i’m into any other race than mine tho” lol. i’m not looking for a white savior

No. 1139504

Say that to the males who would spit on my face if they knew that I'm an exmuslim and that I think dating a guy and having sex with him before marriage is normal, not to me. They're the type who treat their wives/gfs as their second mom. Not saying white guys are perfect but where I live they're more likely to be atheist, to have an education and a stable job and to treat me like a person even if they disagree with me on some topics. Plus I'd be less worried about having an ugly, unfashionable bf id he's not from my ethinicity because these guys love having the worst fashion sense and haircuts known to mankind no matter how hot they are.

No. 1139506

>some kind of of fraternity going on between POC women and men
Can't wait for this stupid psyop to die. It fucks me up when girls in my country thirst for ugly sexpat white moids. But even those women owe chauvinistic asian men nothing. Men just seethe endlessly when other men "steal" their women because we're supposed to be their property.

No. 1139507

people who are atheists have mommy/daddy issues but instead of it being their parents it’s just religion existing

No. 1139511

nta but that's still not as bad as men who'll stone a woman for not being a virgin or not covering up

No. 1139525

not even joking or being edgy but men inventing god seems like one of the biggest manifestations of daddy issues in history to me

No. 1139533

true but atheists are about as equally cringey, it’s almost like they don’t disagree with fundamentalists on the lore of their scripture, it’s just that they disagree with the social conservative aspects. they are unwilling to interpret religion without relying on domineering literalism or realize the small “heretical” religions that were dampened out by big powerful catholic/orthodox churches. it’s almost like atheists have no imagination and just can’t answer their own questions, god allows all of the evil to happen in this world because he IS an evil god.

No. 1139534

Wtf does this have to do with anon being an ex-muslim? She probably quit because of how oppressive the religion is.

No. 1139537

samefag almost forgot the FGM too. but apparently acting cringe is worse..

No. 1139543

religion is shit and no woman benefits from it. Hell, no man does either, but women always suffer from religion, so being atheists makes the most sense.

No. 1139554

Sage 4 blog but this is so true. Nothing wrong with not being religious, but aggressive atheists annoy me to no end. I believe there's something more, big fucking deal.

No. 1139560

I hate, hate, HATE aggressive atheists who didn't even grow up in a religious household. I've known a few and they're so self-righteous and narcissistic. I swear, it's like they deplete your life energy if you spend more than a few minutes around them.

No. 1139563

congrats, nona! i'm genuinely happy for you.

No. 1139565

No. 1139727

Why are you having you're own little monologue when I just said I'm an exmuslim and I don't want to even touch a male from my ethnicity because they're all braindead muslims who would kill me or at least ruin my reputation if I decided to hold hands with a hypothetical bf in public? What does this have to do with thinking ramadan is retarded and muslim males who are total sinners early in life would try to impose it on me in their mid-30s because they turned around and had an existential crisis/mid life crisis so they start fearing god again? Learn how to read between the lines anon

No. 1139730

lmao you guys are deluded if you think atheists are "equally as cringy". the atheist movement online is largely dead now anyways and most of those cringy men are now tradlarpers now anyways.

No. 1139732

Yes, most atheists don't even think about any of this nowadays, they just live their lives and don't practice any religion in particular besides staying at home or going on holidays when everything is closed down because of easter or christmas.

No. 1139734

yes. there was a "skeptic"/"atheist" movement in the early 2010s but it was cringy men who have mostly turned into religious tards anyways because they were never about atheism or any consistent belief, they were just bandwagoning as they are now. which is why they were so annoying and remain so annoying. it's now worse though because they're able to weaponize religion on top of it. i'd rather cringy edgelord guys be atheistic than religious because there's less of a "just because" basis for their horrendous beliefs and demands with atheism

No. 1139737

nose picking is my body focused repetitive behavior. it feels nice i keep doing it for hours while online

No. 1139738

>body focused repetitive behavior
It's called a tic. Unless you're a robot, then I guess you wording is fine.

No. 1139749

everytime I plst something I feel is interesting or I want to discuss and the thread goes dead, I want to cry because it reminds me of those real life moments when this has happened to me. Except I kinda expect nonnies to care a lil more about my dumb ass shit. Sometimes I can forget I posted at all other times I'll remember days later, go back and if I didn't get any responses I feel a little sad. Weird and pathetic I know.

No. 1139756

huh never thought tics and BFRBs are similar. looked it up and no i don't believe BFRBs are same as tics.

No. 1139759

You seem to be idealising anon's responses. Half the time they'll call you retarded or a troon, the other half they'll just go on a tangent about some shit that's on their mind but has nothing to do with your post.

No. 1139762

damn i don't even get boogers anymore

No. 1139778

It's really not the same. I.e. trich isn't a tick. BFRB is a legit medical term and not some tumblrism, so I don't know why argue they are the same.

No. 1139799

Happens to me all the time anon. Just think back on all the posts you read and didn’t have any reaction to. It’s okay.

No. 1139867

I hate it when other people draw my OC’s and I’ve never save the gift art I receive, nor look at it twice.

No. 1139901

File: 1650360419630.png (253.36 KB, 480x480, 1598006595159.png)

Ok call me a cheapskate but here are the things I scrounge off my housemate

>bog roll

>tea bags

I don't even buy these things myself, I just share in her stock of them. It's actually kind of devious. On the other hand, I wash all her dishes and dry them when I get the opportunity.

No. 1139907

Well if she didn't confront you and complain during the Great Toilet Paper Panic of 2020 she never will

No. 1139921

I read a fanfiction about a romance between the reader and my husbando and he notices her "perfectly manicured nails" and I went to paint my nails right away kek and I took extra care shining them first and then painting very carefully… They look beautiful I bet he would compliment me

No. 1139932

this is extremely cute ily anon

No. 1139949

Ads and social media will never pressure me into doing things but for my husbando? Anything. I think I'm gonna buy a bottle of perfume too. Yeah I'm retarted

No. 1140020

I want to be against the death penalty and sometimes say I am in polite conversation because I rationally know politicians and the state are retarded and can not be reliably expected to perform it correctly, but really I want pedophiles and rapists to be executed so badly it's kind of a lie. I actually just wish they were better at killing the right people.

No. 1140090

The only hardcore anti-capital punishment fags I’ve seen are terminally online scrotes. Who believe in restorative justice and rehabilitation for violent repeated criminals because they live in fairy tale fucking male privilege land.

No. 1140105

I think it's more that most women with the best conscience can say they'd never be in a position they'd even be falsely mistaken for a pedophile or sex pest while men either already have something or believe they could be in a situation where they could and would take advantage of a minor if they believed they'd get away with it, so they're utterly terified of any zero tolerance policies.

No. 1140226

I'm against it because it also affects women like Aileen Wuornos, but I'm less bothered about it when it comes to scrotes, but it still costs a shit ton. If we had anarchy though, I think all women should have a gun and men shouldn't be allowed to. Only way to get real justice.

No. 1140349

File: 1650387802481.jpeg (26.87 KB, 275x267, CAB5705F-673C-4871-ACAD-E1465F…)

Death penalty is based. Subhumans who committed sex/power/schizo motivated violence lack the part of the brain that makes one capable of change and remorse. Dispose of them.
The only real argument against it is wrongful conviction. A few broken eggs to me. Chances are if a man close enough to a capital crime that evidence can be sufficiently held against him, then hes probably dirty even if he didn’t do the thing directly.
Women, especially mission killers or spree killers, may be judged on a case to case basis.

No. 1140351

>all women should have a gun and men shouldn't be allowed to
The only sensible gun law

No. 1140398

The amount of men wrongfully convicted vs the amount of men who rape and go free or never even get to trial is staggering. We need to bring the death penalty for all rapists.

No. 1140425

Personally i'm against it, bc it would just encourage rapists to kill their victims since they'd have nothing to lose.

No. 1140485

ayrt and I'm not a scrote, my feelings about it are more in line with >>1140226 because the death penalty is not only for the sick scrotes but can be leveraged against severely traumatized women who ended up criminals due to a lack of social safety nets, who might have even killed men who harmed them. and that's while not even all the ones who would actually be better off dead are actually sentenced to death. But yeah, in general the other anons have made me see that there's probably less point in being against the penalty than just thinking it should be improved upon so it actually does what it should do.

No. 1140504

I hear this argument a lot, but aren't rapists who set out to rape someone at random really rare? I imagine zero tolerance policy would mainly affect men like college boy on a party #342 and whiny longterm bfs who didn't even realize they were raping someone until they got what they deserved.

No. 1140523

I've stopped stanning my kpop biases after they became involved in dating rumors. On SNS I never disagreed with let em dateeeee posts, but stanning somehow never felt the same after such an announcement, so my being a fan always slowly fizzled out afterwards.

No. 1140542

yes, most rapists do it opportunistically often with either or both parties being drunk. most cases of violent rape occur in abusive relationships rather than randomly. most men aren't as crazed and woman hating as incels would make you believe. is it simply because of social repercussions? maybe.

No. 1140559

Athiests can definitely sperg just as much as a religious tard

No. 1140564

I used to be a kpopfag yeaars ago but same thing basically happened to me kek saddest part is my in-head lore still exists and I embedded that dating scandal into it

No. 1140635

I don't believe in astrology and I talk a lot of shit about it but I think it might be real sometimes, I'm a gemini and I fit all the stereotypes

No. 1140651

File: 1650404509395.jpg (62.07 KB, 1000x963, IMG_20200523_143651.jpg)

When I was 18 my bf at the time cheated on me and I found out through his Facebook messages. The entire relationship was emotionally abusive but not physical, I was persuaded and pressured into sex and he was addicted to rape porn etc etc…
I was such a Cool Girl at the time and also like 16/17 that I just went with it and thought it was kinky or that I somehow enjoyed this. Part of it was because I felt that if I was "boring" that he would go and fuck his female friends- he probably did that anyway but I'm not sure.

So I broke up with him once I started my second year of university and around 6 months later everything hit me a bit delayed. I found out that sexual coercion was a thing and that it was sexual assault of course.
I was in a pretty dark place and in a fit of rage, I messaged his mother about everything that was done to me by him. I even typed it in broken swedish for her too because she wasn't great at reading english. I thought, at the time, that she would read it and just take it in because she knew he had cheated on me. They were always nice to me so my judgement was misplaced.
She blocked me after that and none of them ever contacted me about it, not even to ask if we were still together or how I was feeling after he cheated. I immediately felt regret because I knew they were thinking "this girl is a psycho and making up lies about our son" but none of it was lies, not a single one. The porn addiction, the sexual coercion, the calling me a slut because I wore a knee length dress with goth boots for a university party. They probably all think I'm just talking shit or jealous (of what? Kek)

But yeah I wanted to say this because part of me just feels bad for telling his mother this, although part of me thinks she will be one of those mothers who relentlessly defends her son. I do confess that I feel guilty, although I can't pinpoint why.
Maybe I was in the wrong for describing everything…idk, but recently i found out that he is still addicted to porn and still messages his exes (included me but i blocked him) about if they miss having sex with him. I told his current gf all of this and she was very understanding and nice to me but she is trapped. I feel so fucking bad for her but she's in another country and she says she moved across the country to live with him. I wish I could help her or ideally just kill him.

No. 1140667

I disagree. Harsher punishments for sex crimes would be there would be less of them over all.

No. 1140673

They're whores who dance for money and shouldnt be allowed to date. Chen from Exo is the worst, secretly having two kids with his secret now wife and expecting people to accept it. And if you disagree, you're a shit person, but i guess you vote with your money. I gave that shit up a few years ago, but idols opening dating makes it feel like a job violation. kek

I used to work with this crazy bitch obsessed with zodiac signs and would make a friends group based on that. It ended up isolating some people at work because they were 'omg a scorpio' and couldnt talk to her on the floor. It was ridiculous.

No. 1140688

I'm so sorry you went through all this anon. You didn't do anything wrong by messaging his mom, I have known types like her and I have actually known some really great moms too who condemned and even completely cut off sons when they were made aware of the terrible shit they were doing. It really sucks she was not one of those and instead of trying to protect other vulnerable girls she continues to excuse that shithead and close her eyes to the pain he's causing innocent women. At the least, I'm glad you got out and I hope you're in a better place mentally now.

No. 1140689

I hate those types of mothers. I'm so sorry about that.

No. 1140849

idgi do kpopfags actually think these guys would date them? how. i never see fans of western boybands make a big deal over dating

No. 1140949

Kek kpop fans are fucking delusional.

No. 1140952

oh nonna you of all people shouldn't go around calling others crazy kek

No. 1140953

you sound delusional. i really didn’t think people this not self aware used lolcow. even on twitter most people accept idols dating and getting married

No. 1140954

kpop kills your brain
proof? look at kpopfags

No. 1140955

1D fans would get mad, esp over Harry and Louis. But they dgaf and didn't hide their relationships.

Idols in asian countries are a bit different, they actively sell a fantasy and know their fans don't want the illusion broken. They make enough money with so little talent I think it's a fair exchange tbh and once they're old enough fans tend to support their relationships, as long as they aren't shady about it. My fav got married and nobody said a bad word about it.

No. 1140956

No. 1140957

yes. i think when idols are younger there is more room for delusional y/ns and shippers but at a certain point most people grow up. being an idol isn’t even a be all end all for most kpop idols - most want to either be “real” musical artists or use it as a stepping stone to acting/tv show hosting/being a socialite/celebrity.

i think anyone who seriously ships like shinee members or big bang in the year 2022 is beyond help, and the same goes for fans who seriously think they have a chance with their faves.

No. 1140960

There is absolutely no room for any of that. Totally weird to think about that sort of thing with people you've never even met.

No. 1140962

i’m just saying it’s understandable for like 14 year olds but not people old enough to be using lolcow

No. 1140965

>Chen from exo
Fuck you he's a grown ass man, when he's going to have sons at 50 so his old semen makes autistics like you? Also exo was long time over when that happened, isnt like he was having babies in growl era lmao.

No. 1140966

>>1140957 oh yes, i've seen adult woman, i mean +30, being genuinely mad at their idols for getting married and i can confirm they're beyond help both of my male biases are married and both were adults way past of their prime, so i had to watch that delusion unfold twice. I don't wish that to anyone kek

No. 1140972

True. Idolism actively encourages consumers to dehumanize the subjects. No wonder idolfags are fucking deranged and male-brained, female idolfags have the highest chances of being the rare female sex pest. The ones who only like girl groups are a bit better, a bit.

No. 1141013

i think about my waifu more than i think about my irl boyfriend that im actually getting married to this year lol

No. 1141065

You know what that means nonnie, you gotta turn him into your waifu

No. 1141095

>so his old semen makes autistics like you?

No. 1141099

boy group stans have low iq

No. 1141122

I'm not a gerontophile but I'm gonna watch the new fantastic beasts movie just for Jude and Mads being handsome and gay.

No. 1141123

>kpoop guys shouldn't date because it ruins the he fantasy that he's totes in love with mee
>but believing horoscopes makes you more delusional even though it's a hobby most women partake in and men mock up them for
Damn bitch you probably have a shitty horoscope sign and that girl was lucky enough to clock your crazy before you were friends. Imagine thinking celebs shouldn't be allowed to date because you're that delusional.

No. 1141129

Same. I don’t care about the plot, I just want to look at handsome older men

No. 1141141

At least bgshitters sexualize men, instead of ggshitters who think they're so above bgshitters and are soooo radfem while supporting the industry that exploits women for incel korean males, making these unhealthy, starved girls dance at army bases for gross males. Get a grip and eat my ass.

No. 1141153

Bg supporters are mentally ill but I agree gg are so fucking much worse, unless they're truly clueless children or teen girls but whatever. At least in the first one girls don't get hurt, sexually harassed or forced into plastic surgery to fit incel's beauty standards at super young ages.

No. 1141160

Just because bg stans have psychosexual obsession with faggots doesn’t mean they don’t hate women and don’t participate in tearing down female idols for coming in contact with their bias.

No. 1141161

I never said they didn't do all this, just that ggfags have a superiority complex that's unwarranted.

No. 1141167

I did it and it looks so fucking great!! I didn't go as thin as Bella but still, it's a big change

No. 1141177

I still fantasize about this one man an anon interacted with and posted about the interaction here, she antagonized him and didn't enjoy the convo but I thought he was sexy. He just seemed hot… I imagine him as a fairly handsome guy, I'm sure irl he was average-uggo trying one up some autistic woman but the way he acted during their convo was just sexy.

No. 1141181

Based fellow handome old men in stylish suits enjoyer.

No. 1141184

I'm not into old men but they were the best thing about the movie. Mads is perfect for the role.

No. 1141197

What's the post? Why would you think a man arguing with an autist is sexy when it probably looked like two spergs screaming at each other irl?

No. 1141298

God ok I guess this is an update but now I can't stop thinking about Jude Law because I'm about to watch the movie in just a few hours but I'm at the office until then. I want to see him so much. Is this a crush? Am I retarded? He's nearly as old as my mother wtf is wrong with me. He isn't even that hot anymore, and yet.

No. 1141301

File: 1650458534215.jpg (24.58 KB, 282x326, IMG_20200214_180852.jpg)

Use to go to the fictional husbando thread to have a laugh because I swore to myself I'd never turn out crazy like some of the nonnas are.
Well turns out I am just as crazy. I fucked myself crazy with a dildo to wild fantasies of my fictional favorite of right now/also imagining it was him. And maybe the nonnas are on to something because it was great. But also I feel so fucking mad at myself for doing that, its fucking insane and delusional because this dude is fucking fake kek. Again, I feel insane

No. 1141304

Who is he? You can't post that and leave that out, I'll wonder about it all day long

No. 1141309

I know right? It seems crazy until you find the right one. Please I echo what the anon above says, tell us who he is. I don't like to mention him either because I feel like it makes me less anonymous but when you think about it that's not true

No. 1141310

Sorry Nonna, you will just have to go crazy like I am then. I have too much shame right now to share

No. 1141319

Anon I just said I can't stop thinking about Jude Law because of that retarded and gay Harry Potter movie despite his age, I shared embarrassing info so you have to as well now.

No. 1141323

File: 1650459678676.gif (7.99 KB, 300x232, 8ec6b005972f4290bb9788141881b2…)

yes, all kpop stans are retarded, we know this but boy group stans take the retarded cake

No. 1141326

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

No. 1141328

File: 1650460033269.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.2 KB, 1200x628, 1650459691247.jpg)

KEK nonna you're hilarious and I promise your 3D fictional husbando isn't so bad. Live your dreams!

But okay, I'll post him. I'll cope with fanart but as you see there is nothing fuckable about this guy and yet.

No. 1141329

I see, you have nice taste. I won't judge. I think separating him from his brother is a greater sin though but Game Freak did it first so I won't blame you.

No. 1141336

I don't know who this is but I have seen him posted in the /g/ thread. Just enjoy nona, having a husbando is just a fun thing.

No. 1141341

nta it's a guy from Pokemon Black/White, you need to do some optional quest (the battle train) to fight him and his twin brother. And he apparently shows up alone in Legend of Arceus but I don't have that game.

No. 1141343

All retards supporting child slave pop music

No. 1141348

Thank you, and great point. I'm hoping for some sort of closure but knowing Gamefreak..

He is very popular but I guess I carry shame with me because again he's just a silly husbando. I appreciate the encouragement you and the others shared, thank you!

No. 1141351

it's mental illness, nonita

No. 1141356

File: 1650461575681.jpg (138.07 KB, 540x960, 163219be430be164f09e1671d7c81d…)

When I'm feeling down or nervous about something, I stand in front of the mirror and motivate myself. I just look right into my eyes as if I'm another person and firmly tell myself that I can do it, it's what I always wanted and should keep going, stuff like that.
It may appear silly, but it actually works. I feel motivated and full of energy after doing it.

No. 1141368

I think I indoctrinated myself into having a fear of applying makeup, as a teen I would fear that if someone fell in love with me with my makeup on they would be disappointed after seeing me with no make up , even now applying mascara and eyeliner feels like to much. Which sucks cause I see all kinds of different n fun make up looks but ugh

No. 1141371

Me too, I have some makeup I bought because I needed it once but I put it on maybe once a month, I am afraid people would think I look weird when I don't have it. I remember my friend from highschool, I only saw her without makeup once, she is pretty with and without it, but it was shocking to see her look so different

No. 1141389

>pretty with and without it
>but it was shocking to see her look so different
Nta do most people have this reaction because if so that puts me off makeup even more. I’d hate knowing I look “so different”.

No. 1141407

I fail to see the problem

No. 1141620

I used nepotism connections for once in my life and managed to secure a private exhibit but the catch is that all my art is actual dog shit and I'm too far in the lie to go back so I've been trying to up my oil painting game for 5 months now. How are yall today.

No. 1141623

File: 1650477258818.jpg (13.7 KB, 250x250, 1648216840391.jpg)

This post has an energy I liked. Do your best anon.

No. 1141647

I wish I could be like this again. I turned into a 3dfag last year and deeply hate myself for it because all hollywood scrotes are trash even though mine hasn't really done anything evil yet but I feel like I'm gonna jinx it so I have to be on my toes at all times. I feel with a 2d man it's less delusional because there's more leeway with what you can imagine and less limitations.

No. 1141712

File: 1650483822598.jpg (90.33 KB, 750x750, 1649966101619.jpg)

I think I have a para-social saviour complex over a moid. I don't use 4chan that much anymore but I used it this one time and I saw a namefag. He's a below average looking teen who's getting groomed into using HRT to become a femboy and clearly craves online validation from men. He is extremely retarded and does literally anything troons tell him to do even if it goes against what other anons say, and constantly sabotages himself even if people warn him. I know that he's probably a lost cause already but I still think there's hope for him, and I have the urge to 'save' him from his own stupidity or at least keep tabs on him to see if he's okay

No. 1141742

Based and true anon they know what they signed up for. Chen is a bad example though he's an ugly hag

No. 1141745

Try, even if you fail, please try

No. 1141784

I need to control my insecurities, I'm tired of feeling jealousy when my girlfriend has been nothing but perfect to me. It's amazing how much a previous bad relationship can fuck you up and potentially fuck up your future relationships as well.
If I don't stop it it's going to leak and stain things with this woman who I love very much.

No. 1141874

I was so ready to go spit on my dad's grave but I just remembered it's a fucking family urn resting place and I actually liked some of those bitches in there. What the fuck

No. 1141875

>leak and stain
you'll get there nonno, get it off your chest to either her or a diary. what you're feeling is completely normal, just don't let your feelings leak out and stain your relationship, a relationship should actually be smooth and creamy.

No. 1141890

everyday I tell myself, "Nonnie, you are going to stop talking shit online. You are going to treat people how you want to be treated in real life" then some shit happens and I'm online talking shit.
Years ago I didn't even feel comfortable lying, I didn't feel comfortable writing rude comments online. I found out about porn my senior year and I had my first orgasm when I was 19, after having more then 10 partners because I went through a horrible phase. Even then I felt a deep shame watching porn.
Now I feel like so much of that has went away. I still feel shame and disgust but I do it. I'm so afraid of Karma. I'm struggling with my alcoholism and because I'm broke I can't even get any. I hope I could get drunk tonight, I just really have to tell myself, "be the person you want others to be towards you and when they aren't? Just pick it up and move on with life".
Summer is coming and i'm terrified, because I'm fat, my skin is horrible, i'm ugly and I don't want to be seen. Sometimes i just pray for a man that'd take pity on me. I don't want to waste a woman's time, mainly because I prefer men (i'm bi) and I respect women too much to waste their time.
I just..gotta be better. I'm a bad person right now.

No. 1141901

It's dumb and doesn't mean much in the long run but I kind of wish my boyfriend was more aloof sometimes. He's always 100% with affection and dedication but sometimes I feel like I want to work for it a little? I don't even know what that would mean kek. Our relationship has always been a little skewed with him being the more invested/romantic one and I'm definitely not bored in our relationship but I just wanna fight for his affection a little.

No. 1141903

>him being the more invested/romantic one
That's how things should be tbh. Give him to me.

No. 1141923

Some food for thought, Nona.

I used to want the same thing and then when it shifted, I quickly regretted it. I realised after that part of the attraction was that I never felt he was taking me for granted.

No. 1141927

Do you feel your life is not exciting enough? Maybe you are looking for problems where there aren't any if everything is going great, your brain could be searching for a problem to solve. If not, is he too clingy and that's the issue? Never wants to give you alone time to relax or something, or feels like he isn't his own person but an extension of you? Dedication isn't a bad thing, like >>1141923 said, you deserve a dedicated lover if you can return it. Hope things work out and you both are satisfied with the relationship eventually.

No. 1141953

Your situation reminds me of this song. Maybe you could relate?

No. 1141992

that's not a bad thing though, anon. in 9/10 of relationships with men you'll be expected to expend tons of energy trying to earn any affection or care. i don't mean to shit on you but this is not an undesirable situation. i think you should reconsider your priorities because it's absolutely a position of power to be the less invested partner. honestly it doesn't sound like you're mature enough to appreciate a partner that is invested.

No. 1142023

It's not really too deep, maybe it comes with being together for almost 10 years but it's more or less a non-issue. I don't think it's boredom, I'm very content with our relationship and am in it for the long haul. Maybe it's just a little lack of excitement. I get the same treatment whether I'm greasy and unshowered vs dressed up making an effort to be hot. The treatment being he acts like the sun shines out my ass and gives him life. I really shouldn't be complaining at all kek. Thanks for the insight nonas. You made me feel lucky tonight.

No. 1142431

I've been in love with Adrianne Curry since 2003 when I was only 10 kek. I remember crying when she won ANTM because I was so happy. I think she's so awesome, her style, her attitude. She had a hard fucking life and she overcame all of it. I remember being disappointed when she got breast augmentation and fillers but just recently she made a very passionate post on her blog about plastic surgery and how awful it is and her regrets and it was so based. She's very into her faith now, and even though I don't follow any faith, I think it's pretty dope that she has such a positive focus in her life that she uses to self reflect, and that it isn't a tool that she uses to bring others down like some other practitioners of faith do. She seems like she's living a happy life, with a gorgeous husband, and she herself is looking as amazing as she did in 2003. My crush continues.

No. 1142870

i just really hope my ex loses everything he has and dies. every time i talk to this fuck i am reminded why every single "trivial" red flag was right. always trust your gut. those small things mean everything.

No. 1142945

I haven't had sex in months due to not finding anyone worthy of having sex with but I was in a dive bar late last night and got talking to some autistic rich scrote and seriously contemplated going home with him until I last minute came to my senses and called an uber home. He was nearly 40 and lived off his inheritance without a job which is essentially enough of a turn off to make me leave. Still, I nearly lowered myself enough to do it because I desire intimacy so bad.

No. 1142976

I constantly think about the friends that I cut off and wondering if I should reach out to them but the distance gave me some clarity about our relationship roles and I'm afraid that we'd be forced to play the same roles. I was always treated as the 'kid' of the group, the stupid, inexperienced one that had to be mothered. I have social anxiety and avoided dating for a long time but the 'leader' of this group got it in her head that I'm a closeted lesbian and when we spent time together she always chose films with lesbian plotlines for us to watch in hopes that I'd come out. When I switched into avoidance mode and didn't talk to them for a while she accused me of hating them. I didn't but she kept saying that if I loved them I'd just pick up the phone. I explained to her that I feel ambivalent about people in general and sometimes feel the need to avoid people and isolate. But she kept saying that no, I must hate them. Not sure if she didn't want to understand me or genuinely couldn't but I guess it's useless pondering on that now I guess

No. 1142982

File: 1650604113373.jpeg (63.16 KB, 749x484, B4549F33-5D65-445A-943A-B26A37…)

My friend’s college has a very high population of troons and she even has two in her friend group (one MtF and one FtM) along with a NB “femme presenting” male, and whenever I go visit her I purposely dress in a way which i’ve read online gives troons gender envy or whatever the fuck they call it, I just want to trigger them and remind them that they’ll never be a woman or even effortlessly feminine.

No. 1142987

How do you dress?

No. 1142988

How do you do that anon? I want to do it too.

No. 1142992

Kek, based. Give out the style tips nonna, maybe I'll start incorporating it in my everyday outfits

No. 1143013


No. 1143020

File: 1650607160744.gif (843.17 KB, 480x270, tumblr_c8f6a9ddf5b3f80e8b662b3…)

I love you, nona. Living in their heads 24/7 rent free is great.

No. 1143026

Thank you anons, I’ve read a lot of posts posted here and on troon subreddits about how alternative or more gothy looking girls tend to give them high amounts of gender dysphoria and envy, I can’t find it so i’m sorry but there was a post a troon made on reddit crying about how he saw a goth girl at McDonalds and it made him leave and cry. I’ve also read posts by troons who get mad when women dress somewhat masculine because they feel that the women are wasting their femininity by not dressing like their idea of a woman, which is a bimbo plastic barbie looking thing. Basically I dress between the two, I love wearing platform boots and skirts, long ones mostly but sometimes i’ll wear short ones, form fitted and cropped shirts, I also like pairing short dresses with big jackets. It helps that I have dyed hair and a few facial piercings/tattoos. I know troons have a weird obsession with becoming the goth gf because they’re insane so yeah, basically I dress to be what they can never be. I know it’s petty and stupid but i’m petty and stupid so whatever. I also should’ve mentioned the tranny problem at my friends university is so bad where the subreddit for the school is basically filled with trannies just complaining about different stuff or muh transphobia.

No. 1143027

Correction, not facial tattoos but just visible ones.

No. 1143033

I'm sort of friends with an annoying begendered twink who experiments with makeup and sometimes I really want to sit him down and show him how to do an actually flattering look, but never in a million years will I bring it up because I don't support caping for larping moids

No. 1143036

let him make a fool of himself don’t help

No. 1143047

completely unrelated but I love that pic

No. 1143056

Kek, time to make friends who only look like this for troon repellent.

No. 1143064

Thinking about Mads Mikkelsen and Jude Law being a couple in the new HP movie and flirting with each other non-stop is preventing me from focusing on my job at the office right now. I can't stop thinking about it.

No. 1143065

A post here from the "thoughts that changed your life" changed my life. I realized that my passion project was making me miserable. I expended the last 8 years or so orbiting around the thought of writing a story. To the point that it became a part of myself. I used to define myself as the "writer of x" in my lowest points, and the thought of writing was an influence on some life decisions (good decisions, thankfully, if not this would be worse) today i deleted everything i writed so far, im not done because i backed up many things but the "main" archives are gone. You dont have an idea of how much that process delayed me and my growing as a writer, because i wasnt "good enough" to write it, yes i know its retarded on hindsight but this was my belief for almost a decade. Now that im free i realized that it made me more unhappy than happy, almost killed my love for writing and literature a couple times and it was way too ambitious for a novice. I had like 50+ ocs, now i have 9 that i would rewrite in other stories. I didnt "kill my baby" i just got rid of a fucking corpse in the middle of my room that it was making me rot away with it. The "no room for mistakes" was eating me alive. if any creative nonnie is reading me: DON'T BE LIKE ME, no project is worth the horror of felling inadecuate in your own skin. For years i thought i was a shit writer when i was just young and inexperienced and what i was trying to do was very exprimental and unnecessarily complex. Sorry for this long, esl-tard rant, is just that i feel so overwhelmed by everything.

No. 1143069

I've been thinking about writing a story with my OCs for a long time and never got to doing. I will be careful once I start writing it (or rather, if I start writing it) but I feel like if I started doing it before I would have been in a similar situation because I was a perfectionist with a low self-esteem. I reached a point where I stopped giving a fuck so maybe I can avoid your situation now. Not sure how to start and since I'm ESL and will write in my first language I won't look for an audience anyway.

No. 1143076

Sometimes I play with the idea of creating a fake CV and sending it to companies to get interviews that I don't show up for just to waste their time

No. 1143115

same. i feel sick when i think about all the time i wasted on my ex.

No. 1143116

thanks nonnas, i will continue to be a covert perv then. i feel bad about not telling my nigel that i write erotica, it feels like cheating almost, but hed think im such a degenerate based on what i write and im a lot hornier than him

No. 1143171

This reminded me of something that happened at a party with my friend and her troon friend. We go invited to a halloween party and my friend invited her tranny friend who was pre-everything and just had long hair, so when we get to the party there's this gay dude handing out fake flowers and he comes up to us and says something like "Flowers for the pretty ladies" and hands my friend and I a flower and looks at the trannoid and says "None for you, pretty ladies only". My friend had to spend like thirty minutes consoling the troon but I just thought it was hilarious, probably one of the funniest things i've ever witnessed.

No. 1143176

i came to a video of widowmaker getting fucked by a horse and i’m horrified with myself

No. 1143182

There's a grocery store near me that hands out single red roses to their female customers every valentines day.. I'm waiting for the year to come where they stop it because of some gender bullshit. It's such a nice gesture. You don't get alot of of gestures like that from stores here. It has to cost them to do that. But still I would not want to be the guy who has to 'read people' at the door and tell whether they're receptive to a flower or not. I'm butch myself and I think even that stressed him out one year… relax I'm not an ftm lol

No. 1143189

I’m sad I never got to try drugs without worrying about fentanyl. I probably wouldn’t have used them anyway but the option would be nice.

No. 1143209

File: 1650633955653.jpeg (274.58 KB, 1079x1529, B4CF1B30-94A1-41B0-B559-D1970F…)

Had a neighbor who was super creepy, kept trying to get me to go inside his house, and would leave his dog out to entice kids to come over, and I kept thinking to myself “it’s such a shame people like that tend to live a long time, I wish he’d die”
A month later he has heart problems and he croaks. Can’t help but feel like I had something to do with it but now I’m trying the same thing on my rapist.

No. 1143211

Good luck

No. 1143218


No. 1143224

Ugh nonny i’m sorry, I worked as a greeter for a fancy restaurant and on mother’s day and women’s day we’d hand out red roses and they recently stopped exactly because of this

No. 1143228

File: 1650634766963.jpeg (128.43 KB, 413x395, 147CB092-93D9-457C-9EED-E3AEBB…)

I love it when people are based without meaning to be

No. 1143250

Is it possible to learn this power?

No. 1143261

I dreamt of my ex best friend, we were having fun strolling around in a mall and chatting. I still miss her and I thought she was like me even if we appeared to be very different. I'm sure she doesn't remember me though, it's a one sided thing and I know it. I wish I was more important to her.

No. 1143288

Based. Whenever I have to see a friends obnoxious tim friend I really lean into my (for the lack of a better word) ~inconventional femaleness~ too, and at this points he starts to avoid me because whenever he tried to push the "issue" like why as I woman I don't do X and Y, everyone tells him to cut it out and gets visibly annoyed about him trying to corner me like that. Ngl, being a troon repellant is one of my more satisfying achievements in life kek.

No. 1143450

I'm so worried about my sister. She's always given off pickme vibes. But I looked through her phone and 80% of her conversations are with scrotes. Isn't that incredibly worrying? I feel really sorry for her and wish there was a way to help her.

No. 1143459

Looking through someone’s phone is a major violation of privacy. You should be more concerned about yourself and your lack of respect for your sister’s boundaries.

No. 1143464

Shut up, at least she cares about her damn sister, i wish i had a sister who cared enough to investigate what im doing at the lowest point of life

No. 1143466

Nta, but anon is right. Caring about someone doesn't mean it's right to violate their privacy.

No. 1143471

This whole post has a weird contrived feel to it tbh.

No. 1143474

It's the
>Isn't that incredibly worrying?
For me. But assuming it is real, OP should be able to verbally check in with her own sister (leaving out the snooping)

No. 1143476

I don't know how to bring it up to her. She will just probably just get defensive because I looked through her phone. But you wouldn't find it concerning if you saw something like that?

No. 1143489

I mean I would need more context. Does she work in a male-dominated field? Were the messages sexual or mostly platonic? Is she sending nudes or anything like that? If she just has a lot of male friends that’s mildly weird but not something to be seriously concerned about.

No. 1143495

I'm not really sure. I didn't take the time to look through everything. I do know she has a boyfriend but that never stopped a pickme from looking for more attention. But having 80% of your messages be from scrotes is not normal at all.

And no, she doesn't work in a male dominated field. She's unemployed right now.

No. 1143496

That's why I said to leave out the snooping bit. You said she's always given off pickme vibes even before you looked, so I would just start by asking if she's been seeing anyone lately, that you hope she's being safe, let her know she can always come to you. Sadly there's not always a lot you can do to stop a woman from seeing questionable scrotes but her knowing that you have her back and are willing to talk about things might help if she ever runs into issues with these guys. Could be harmless/pointless flirting and dating-related stuff, could be them being manipulative, but you don't have any context right now

No. 1143501

>she has a boyfriend but that never stopped a pickme from looking for more attention
Will you stop with this shit lol

No. 1143504

Please stop

No. 1143512

>Will you stop with this shit lol
wtf are you going on about? Plenty of pickmes need male attention regardless of having a boyfriend. If OP's sister didn't want male attention she would not be talking to so many scrotes, full stop.

No. 1143526

I can't stop buying and comsuming pringles. I'll already have a can of them at home and then I'll go out and buy more because one isn't enough. See pringlemes just can't stop once they pop. Isn't this concerning…. Don't you think it's bad that someone would eat so many pringles? Tell me it's bad. Talk about pringles.

No. 1143529

She has a (long distance) boyfriend but like I said I feel like she might want more attention like a lot of pickmes do. Yeah I should definitely tell her that. I'm really worried about her safety.

No. 1143537

>investigate what im doing at the lowest point of life
i would beat her if she did that tbh it's already bad enough when people try to investigate me at all

No. 1143559

The fact that you would react so violently shows that you have something to hide. It's ok that people might want to investigate because they are concerned by you

No. 1143562

>wanting privacy means you're guilty
the only thing anon is guilty of is not wanting a nosey cunt sister. i bet you're the type who thinks telling someone their SO is cheating on them is noble and not just causing drama.

No. 1143565

Not telling women their scrote is cheating with them is enabling bad behavior. WTF are you on about?

No. 1143566

nta what even determines "what concerns you"? I hate pickmes but going through her texts is invasive as fuck, especially since all of the concern you have is that she "has pickme vibes", invading her privacy isn't going to make her stop hoeing, it just makes you look like a controlling freak and any advice you say will not be taken seriously to her

No. 1143570

I think not having female friends is really concerning. She doesn't say anything pickme related in front of me, but the fact that she chooses to spend so much time and energy on scrotes really bothers me. I'm not going to mention the snopping but I do think I need to say something to her.

No. 1143574

People who feel this entitled to other people's personal items and business are really nasty.

No. 1143577

There's ways to go about handling this outside of snooping, how could you possibly bring up to someone this?

No. 1143585

Like >>1143496 said, I'll just leave out the snooping bit and say that I'm worried for her. I just always got the sense that my sister didn't have a lot of female friends but this really confirms it.

No. 1143586

no it's just super annoying and not a sign of concern at all, quite the opposite otherwise you'd find a less invasive method.

No. 1143589

I don't see the big deal. It kind of happened by accident. I had to borrow her phone for a legitimate reason, and then I saw her get a message from a creepy looking scrote. I just got curious who the fuck she was talking to and took a peek. I just don't know a good reason a woman would be talking to so many moids.

No. 1143602

I don't know if it's tism on here today but people are taking shit literally

No. 1143620

File: 1650656652231.jpg (29.47 KB, 448x500, d87.jpg)

I cry uncontrollably when I have to pee really bad. I also get a runny nose.

No. 1143624

point proven, thanks.

No. 1143639

it's a big deal because it's rude as fuck to go through someone's phone, especially if you were given some access to it and went beyond the access you were given. only immature moids go through people's phones.

No. 1143640

Nta but I've read this convo a few times now and I still don't follow what your point was.

No. 1143692

Go piss girl

No. 1143696

Do you mean, "Go, piss girl" or "Go piss, girl"

No. 1143704

go. piss. girl.

No. 1143750

Like live. laugh. love (?)

No. 1143764

I am only still with my current boyfriend because his mother cooks like a masterchef.

No. 1143772

Dump the bf, date his mom

No. 1143786

File: 1650664558243.png (257.5 KB, 2024x740, Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 4.55…)

Reddit moid teachers are fuming when they're called out for being the pedos they are kek

No. 1143791

Maybe they wouldn’t be accused of being pedos if they stopped being fucking pedos kek

No. 1143797

Shit like this is why I support the Don't Say Gay bills. There are way too many groomers in schools.

No. 1143808

Did you mean to post this itt?

No. 1143816

nta but same here. i’m so relieved that i live in a state where this things will never pass.

No. 1143825

File: 1650666790091.jpg (366.11 KB, 1232x1682, gpg.jpg)

No. 1143827

File: 1650666903806.png (47.43 KB, 275x175, 1650026153044.png)

The only way I could date or marry a woman with a kid was if the dad wasn't around and the child was a girl

No. 1143859

Sounds reasonable tbh.

No. 1143864

I used to be active on Twitter as a he/him lesbian, and I was well-liked in the community. One of my mutuals got inspired to use he/him as well because she wanted to explore being a nb lesbian. Anyway, I quit Twitter due to mental health issues, and after some long-needed therapy, So, a while ago, I use she/her lmao. I rejoined Twitter on a new (and private) account to surf the web. I stumbled onto that former mutual, and now she is a full blown Aiden. She and her gf(lesbian) broke up, and she deleted her account and made a new one as her ftm identity.

I feel horrible encouraging this so long ago. I want to reach out, but maybe I should just ignore it.

No. 1143867

Sorry my fucking phone spazzed. I'm a she/her lesbian now after therapy

No. 1143872

The only time i mentioned this to someone, they just told me I was being naive because that just meant I would have even more responsibilities as a co-parent if there wasn't a dad and like you know what? I'm fine with that, can't have any of my own and I don't see a daughter of a gf as a minus, so sue me

No. 1143894

Anon, you sound like a great and helpful sister. I kinda understand why people are so mad about the snooping but I think it's overblown tbh. I definitely would be concerned if I were you because her situation does not sound normal. I would try to gently nudge her without bring up the snooping ofc. You definitely need to get more details before you make a decision imo.

No. 1143912

I haven't bought clothes since I lost a bunch of weight because even though things objectively look better on me now I've never been more critical of my body. I wanna wear bags pls.

No. 1143928

I lost 40kg since the pandemic hit and couldn't agree with you more, it's just depressing how all my bottoms genuinely sag but I don't have the energy or desire to figure out my size

No. 1143995

I mean, if you were serious about being with your potential partner and being a mother to her child I don't see how that would be a huge negative anyway? They would both be your family then, it's not like spending time with them without the dad in the picture would be a burden. If anything, to me it seems like it would be better for it to be just the three of you so your family isn't constantly having to bend to meet the needs of some man who isn't part of your household

No. 1144067

I'm the anon who called out the TIF larping as a "real gay man" who wouldn't shut up about "women fetishizing gay men" in the 4chan Nu Carnival thread on /y/. I even got her to admit she was a troon too, now everyone can identify her posts and tells her YWNNBAM in the new thread kek

No. 1144098

File: 1650689380676.png (6.18 MB, 2048x1468, 25F6E374-59CD-4CDA-9B62-3E71B0…)

Based I love you anon
I don’t know why trannies on there screech about transphobia when the rules literally says penis/male only. Also actual faggots don’t give a fuck about fujos so you’d think ftms would learn to take a hint lol

No. 1144101

I love using faceapp and shit like that but not for my own face, I use it strictly to morph other people together and create fictional characters and self-inserts out of it. I've made at least 500 so far. I used to just use dollmakers for this sort of thing but I have live action fantasies now.

No. 1144102

>the 4chan Nu Carnival thread on /y/
kek, what the hell is that and what happened there?

No. 1144108

/y/ is the 4chan yaoi board. Nu Carnival is an 18+ uncensored fujo gacha game from Taiwan. The troon was basically chimping out by accusing "fujoshits" for fetishizing gay men and how their feelings matter, and how it was wrong and went on and on about the fetish shit, derailing the thread into oblivion. She's trying again in the new thread but people are calling her troonery out and (generally) ignoring her. There's an asshurt handmaiden there too, but whatever. If it triggers her for me to call out the tranny for the crusty pube-beard that she is, then so be it kek. she shouldn't be on 4chan to begin with

No. 1144132

Can you post the link?

No. 1144136

nta my confession is i don't think snooping is immoral. it is violating, but depends for what reason it is done whether it's bad or not. if it's that she worries about her sister, or someone is trying to catch their bf or spouse cheating, perhaps doing something even worse… it is just a means to an end. i snooped before to check for cheating evidence, or to find christmas presents both of which i don't consider bad.

No. 1144137

No. 1144140

Damn, I thought /y/ was the place where I could go to see male on male porn and nothing else, but it looks like I'm going to have to see twans pseudopenises and vaginas because some stupid tranny can't keep it to herself. Thank you for calling her out nonna.

No. 1144146

If you suspect cheating not only is it not immoral to snoop, it's smart. Cheating means your physical health is at risk (in the case of married couples, financial security too), and that takes priority over being on a high horse about privacy. Implicitly trusting someone because you love them is a nice idea but it's completely impractical and potentially dangerous, we're all capable of misjudging others no matter how trustworthy you think they are.

No. 1144151

File: 1650698832485.jpeg (442.68 KB, 1170x543, 05493F71-6626-47C9-9BB3-6CC81D…)

People who type like this should be executed by firing squad

No. 1144183

ok tranny

No. 1144227

I liked Darling in the FranXX even though it was retarded

No. 1144448

I don't understand how I was ever a student athlete my entire adolescence. I hate working out I hate being sweaty I hate the heart racing feeling. Now I split my exercise time into 15 minute sessions and need a nap after.

No. 1144464

one of the best fics im reading at the moment is a teacher/student au based off two kpop guys. it’s pretty well written and displays the toxicity of the relationship in a pretty realistic way without being overly moralizing. what has my life come to

No. 1144476

Exactly this anon, thank you.

No. 1144503

>kpop fangics
That shit is like soooo 2017.

No. 1144600

There is the archive of the original thread where it was peak fakeboi autism and devolved when they got called out


No. 1144624

I want one of my friends to stop trying to contact me. We've been good friends since middle school but it's like she's a stranger now. She's in a polycule and while she accepted me as a radfem, she's super into the genderspecial shit and it's not enjoyable to talk to her anymore. She likes and replies to everything I post on Instagram and I try to keep my replies short or don't reply at all but she doesn't get the hint.

No. 1144678

probably enjoys bothering you and being obnoxious. stop replying if you must.

No. 1144742

I am pretty sure I got a professor fired. I complained about him making offensive, inappropriate, and invasive comments towards me and other students and being an overall shitty prof. The next year I noticed he was off of the roster. The title IX officer just said I had nothing to worry about when I asked her what came of it. I noticed he had a recent negative rating on ratemyprofessor, and it said how in their class he was shit talking a student that had filed a complaint against him. So for all I know this guy actually went on a rant about me to his students before getting his ass fired. I wanted to be anonymous as possible but I openly hated his ass so he probably did trace it back to me fairly easily.

No. 1144753

Sounds like he got what he had coming for him. Sucks you had to deal with that though.

No. 1144779

Yeah I almost feel sort of bad for him because it wasn't my intention, but he really did have it coming. When I talked to his division leader she said I wasn't the first student to bring up complaints about him. He had been teaching for a long time and just kept getting away with being an obnoxious douchebag because of seniority I guess.

No. 1144801

Based. Fuck that guy.

No. 1144802

I threw up

No. 1145081

File: 1650749938363.jpg (160.71 KB, 585x393, woah.jpg)

I ate pork.
I moved out by myself and was so hungry I bought something with pork in it. I can't stop thinking about that sausage roll. The first bite tasted like panic, ohshit.jpg i'm eating the cursed meat, and then by the last bite i was relishing it. And my I accidentally confessed it to one of my siblings, and I know it was a one time thing, but I don't want it to be this one time thing. That sausage roll was exquisite, but I feel so ashamed too. But when I think about my mother finding out about me eating pork behind her back, I feel sad. Pork, sausage rolls in particular feel like a lover I have to hide from my family because it's forbidden. Like Romeo and Juliet except Romeo is a sausage roll. I mean what have I become since moving out? First it's pork…maybe next time I will eat marijuana…it's a slippery slope…

No. 1145100

kek are you Muslim or Jewish? I relate, whenever I go to a friend's place and there's good quality bacon or ham I eat it but I'm getting paranoid over it, if I get caught by my family I'll get honor killed and be on the news the next day.

No. 1145103

Absolute Stacy behavior

No. 1145113

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the whole "not eating pork" based in science? Don't they carry more disease since they eat everything, especially factory farmed ones where they don't have great hygiene?

No. 1145130

NTA but this video is a good explainer

No. 1145133

Yes, because of the place and time where Abrahamic religions were born it was difficult to preserve meat, especially pork, but it became a tradition that Jews, Muslims and some specific denominations of Christians still follow this meme despite fridge being invented several decades ago now. In another thread unrelated to this topic some anons said not long ago that it's easier to get tenia from pork than from beef iirc.

No. 1145162

Nothing in religion is based on science

No. 1145239

I don't think that's exactly what anon means, pork is forbidden for Muslims and Jewish not specifically because "science said so" but because centuries ago in the middle east if you ate pork that was badly preserved because there were no fridges at the time you were very likely to get physically sick, and since science wasn't advanced enough back then people just attributed this to god punishing sinners and tried to come up with their own explanations for why people would get sick after eating pork. Most religions have retarded explanations on basic shit that we can now explain with science thanks to tests and modern technology like whether the sun revolves around earth or the reverse, the creation of the universe, why women have periods, where rain and lightning come from, all sorts of miracle, etc. so it's not exclusive to pork meat either.

No. 1145247

In this case with the pork a piece of the religion is based on observable traits. They found that eating pig meat was dangerous so it became outlawed. The law and Judaism were intertwined because Judaism is the law.

No. 1145350

Gross but when I was around 8, I was so in need to be control of something that I held my pee in for hours, didn't shit for days. I didn't exactly hide it from my mom and she knew I got some health issues due to it, I am now a grown ass adult and feel terrified of the whole thing. I would also feel the need to, not punish, but toughen myself up by sleeping on the cold floor and I am fucking curious as to why no one ever cared, because that shit was awful.

No. 1145443

it’s pretty good and doesn’t really have anything to do with the actual ppl. just uses their name and likenesses. but it is a bit sad that i’m reading it which is why i can’t admit it to anyone except lc and choachan

No. 1145477

Lots of religions have science in their practices idk what you're talking about. Just because the meaning and context were lost over time doesn't mean they weren't based in reality. Get off your "modern society is so much more advanced and everyone before us were just idiots" horse.

No. 1145522

File: 1650779817635.jpeg (375.3 KB, 1210x1260, 5E6A6240-6BEA-4D17-942E-D83000…)

they put crack in this soap it smells absolutely heavenly to me I just want to sniff it so fucking bad mmm like crystals frack mmmm crack bong dawn I love it I love it I love it best scent idc if it cuts my life in half

No. 1145569

i'm an undisciplined shithead and i lie a lot and am scared of living!

No. 1145576

Ever thought about bathing in it

No. 1145580

No. 1145585

About to participate in my first golf tournament. For a woman's shelter. Like I started this as a fucking joke, but now I'm so far in I'm not sure if I can still laugh. My mom actually believes I'm doing it for fun, not just because it makes her happy.. Anyway, wish me luck nonnas. This can only become a shit show. I'm not actually good, kek.

No. 1145590

There's this guy on YouTube whose covers I've been listening to for like three years, and two weeks or so ago I found his older videos from about eight years ago. I like his current songs, don't get me wrong, otherwise I wouldn't have listened to them for the past three years, but for some reason his older covers are infinitely better. They're so much better that I'm unable to listen to his more current songs because I get strangely pissed(?) at him for singing the way he does now because I know he could sound SO much better if he wanted to lmao. I'm seething at the now-unused potential, even though liked his covers before I found his older ones just fine.

No. 1145593

true but it's all my headass got going for me

No. 1145596

Good luck! Allow yourself some fun!

No. 1145598

kek relatable

No. 1145601

Go nonny!

No. 1145620

Thank you nonnys! I'll definitely enjoy it and make it some fun.

No. 1145673

Have fun nona!

No. 1145691

You sound like a great sister for caring about her. Being a pickme is going to fuck up her life. In comparison, looking at her phone is not such a big deal. Sometimes you need to do that for people you love. I think it's so fucked up people are ragging on you for looking at your sister's phone instead of focusing on the larger issue.

No. 1145803

Once my exams are over I'm going to go on a massive drug fuelled bender. Thinking about it is the only thing getting me through the days.

No. 1145833

my gf and i hooked up with the most beautiful man in the world last night we both really like him in a way that both of us really have never felt about a man but like i guess i’m embarrassed? because like to be in a throuple sounds so retarded and like my gf and i are very much so in love i feel closer to her than ever my feelings for her are unchanging but not it’s like we both also really like this guy just like terrified it’s going to get messy but i don’t even care which is the scary part

No. 1145842

pls give updates on this situation if things progress

No. 1145843

This isn't the place for your lesbian fantasies, scrote. If you're not a scrote, I feel bad for your girlfriend, this is why threesomes are mistakes.

No. 1145851

Kek, wonder what your interpersonal relationships are like…actually no, I don’t.

No. 1145870

I want some romance in my life and I'm tired of being made to feel bad about it. I'm tired of attracting evil men and narcissists. I want a man that will go out of his way to help me and show me he's trustworthy.

No. 1145874

I've had two threesomes in my life, over a decade ago now. Both times I was the third person joining an already established couple and both times they broke up veery soon afterwards. I was in a scene att where people were open to exploring all sorts like that but.. two strikes and I just stopped partaking in it because that weighed on me afterwards. I felt bad.

No. 1145892

I wonder if the anon who bathed in toilet cleaner is ok

No. 1145901

File: 1650810146468.jpg (93.67 KB, 380x253, larger.jpg)

She never came back. Rip

No. 1145921

I am a little afraid for her but I was also very amused by the tomfoolery

No. 1145983

I only really wear masks out in public to hide when I have chin acne. It’s a good excuse lol.

No. 1146076

Nonnys, nonnys….

We fucking won the netto game. I can't believe it. Fucking shit it's so insane. Thank you girls. We had fun and went for "fuck it all" and damn. We won. This is so insane, haha.

No. 1146155

I've come to truly relish the anonymity given with masks. I no longer feel like I'm constantly being stared at. I'm almost pissed we stopped all mandates.. Leave me to grocery shopping without scrote staring at me, thank you, bye.

No. 1146222

I don’t know anything about golf but this made me happy! Congrats anon you’re amazing!

No. 1146244

I don't get why tinfoil anons are so against masks, I like them to hide from the government's facial recognition software, which can be accessed sadly enough by an insane amount of organizations to screw citizens over since legislation changed a couple years ago. Never mind that it also gives you anonymity in general like you say.

No. 1146251

It was all your nice and powerful wishes! Had those super drunk moids in front of us.. "haha, you wish you can still make second after watching us".


No. 1146253

girls who wear niqaabs and burkas think this too

No. 1146263

I will never stop wearing masks and hats. I love being obscured and unnoticed in public places.

No. 1146279

I remember years ago my brother who worked in security was telling me they had facial recognition on the cameras in the shopping centre he worked in. He said that when someone is banned from the centre for stealing or whatever that they don't need to rely on staff to know their face anymore. I had no idea that retail places had all that a decade ago. Cameras alerting them of a face being picked up.

This centre had a family planning clinic in it too that I visited a couple times afterwards and I did not feel great knowing how much the cameras can zoom in on you. Another time I was in a cafe there feeling pretty upset after a row with my partner and I was holding back tears, all I could think was how everything can be watched like a hawk if they happen to want to hone in on you.

No. 1146280

File: 1650825620532.jpg (9.17 KB, 225x225, 1563457.JPG)

My stupid ass had been thinking of the possibility of doing a PhD until I opened PhD proposal templates and funding options and I can barely understand any of it. I'm too dumb for this, I'll just stick to reading about the stuff I like.

No. 1146281

I love my anonymity like that. Super small villages here. Its a fucking pain.. Leave me alone with my sweats, mask and hoodie. Do not interact, thank you, I appreciate it.

>>1146253 I get it. While so damn aware its horrible, I also get it. What do you think?

No. 1146286

chill. you'll be fine. i can only imagine how overwhelming that might be at first. but you've got this. if not, there's older students that have gone through it. else, calm down, take a free day and just look through it. is there an advisor you can call?

we're here for you too.

No. 1146290

Same, I hope masks stay around after covid but I doubt it. No smelling someone's stinky breath or looking at their ugly mug and it keeps your face warm in winter.

No. 1146292

Ntas but I moved from a heavily populated area to a small ass town to get away from crowds and stress and I mostly acheived that but.. I miss feeling anonymous. Part of me misses the days where I had no idea who the people were in the next apartment.

A lil while into living here I had a man try and chat me up and it was one of those situations where it's like
> oh I've seen you around, you always wear this style of clothing and you always carry a coffee cup and you walk this particular street at this particular time, I've seen you alot and I wanted to talk
Meanwhile I'm like.. who the fuck is this? That was so unnerving. I was not ok for months after that. I was looking over my shoulder a bit. He wasn't even from this town but I think he said he drove through the town sometimes.

No. 1146326

I keep wearing my mask outside purely for health reasons: people in public transport are really fucking disgusting and I had some of my family members catching covid despite being vaccinated, and I don't want to get covid a second time because the first time was at the very beginning of the pandemic and I nearly died. I'd rather be a little too paranoid than not enough. But about anonymity, yes, I love it. I can never see myself living in a small town, I'd rather die than have no privacy whatsoever. I already keep bumping into relatives, ex-classmates I can't even remember, coworkers, etc. in my fairly big city sometimes and it's preventing me from doing some stuff safely like having a bf at 28 in fear of having issues with my family like being disinherited or beaten up enough to be hospitalized, and I know it would be even worse in a small town because on top of that, most people in general kind of know each other and will gossip or stop you on your track for pointless, annoying or even insulting small talk.

No. 1146333

>What do you think?
i totally get it too, because sometimes you just don't want people to look at you but like, for girls who wear them, there's not much of a choice of taking them off without risk whereas if i do want to show my dumbass face to the world tomorrow i can with no pressure

No. 1146434

That sounds like so much, i'm sorry. Is there anywhere you can put it down for a bit sometimes? Catch a breath?

I can't talk for all small towns and villages. Here we'd keep them looking while looking out for you. I wish I could invite you for a bit.

No. 1146456

That sounds like a lot to go through and quite unnerving. Im sorry you experienced that. All my advice is shitty. Get a dog. Or call them out right there and tell all the women around you even when strangers. Chances are it wasn't an isolated incident. Also potential friends.

No. 1146543

File: 1650836043657.jpeg (23.61 KB, 215x320, C3DD3A75-29DA-4ED6-B974-D5E786…)

I had a wet dream involving Moses (Prince of Egypt version exclusively) in my teens. In the dream, we were married and he took my virginity in some rural part of the mountains in a cave that he filled with soft blankets and candles. I woke up confused because it felt like I had an orgasm and I really had to pee. Embarrassing to say the least. This is the only wet dream I remember having kek

No. 1146558

I love wearing masks because I’m ugly

No. 1146585

I had a dream like this recently where I was back in my childhood bedroom and there was an attractive dark skinned woman with soft curly hair sitting on my bed in a tank top and denim shorts saying « i used to belong to your mother » and she said come here (i think she was a prozzie?) and i was tracing letters on her hip bones and kissing as ocean waves danced around us except at that moment i woke up humping the duvet. Very embarrassing.
But do women often get dreams like this ? I thought i was just extra (ahem) as for me this happens like once a month

No. 1146591

I honestly wish I had more wet dreams. It seems like some people have them more than others.

No. 1146602

Nta, yes get a dog! I have two big female dogs and it's the best thing for a rural area as a deterrent for men, feeling safe, company, someone to water the plants when you're not home, you know how it goes

No. 1146610

Idk just workout and don’t touch yourself, also sleep with a pillow or something between your legs and you’re good to go !

>t. Extra virgin olive oil

No. 1146780

I think my boyfriend really does love me more than I love him. Don't get me wrong, I feel incredibly lucky but it feels strange to acknowledge I tricked someone into loving a creature like me. I can go days without seeing him with no problem but he can't even bear to go one day without talking to me. I have him wrapped around my finger and I feel like a devil for enjoying this knowledge.

No. 1146832

i was molested by a slightly older girl when i was a kid who i assume was molested by a parent or some adult, but i don't think it fucked me up at all really. i'm not gay but i really don't feel that violated by the whole ordeal. i feel like it's weird of me that i don't feel more about it considering the way most people talk about molestation but it really feels like nothing.

No. 1146835

Something similar happened to me and I feel the same way anon, just weird because she’s related to me and I still see her on occasion.

No. 1146844

I love eating raw pasta for some reason

No. 1146851

How are you eating raw pasta without choking?

No. 1146854

Dried or fresh? Dry spaghetti is pretty fun, but I don't eat it.

No. 1146867

Chew it. It's very crunchy. I must have a throat of steel, it's never bothered me, although I'd have to ask with that why my gag reflex sucks so much

Dried, I think the only fresh raw pasta I've ever had was a little bit of gnocchi. on my bucket list to one day try authentic Italian food from Italy

No. 1146872

there was a girl that would show up maybe once a month at my work, she was cute but i never talked to her. after a while i found out its my manager's daughter and she's younger than me. even though i never did anything it still sucks.

No. 1146875

Shit not again

No. 1146880

File: 1650865989149.jpg (86.02 KB, 1024x817, 1637096901331.jpg)

Deleted my post by mistake, sorry (Bump/Illegal shit/don't scroll)

No. 1146920


No. 1146936

Meowdy govt’nya