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No. 1495016

Arrow De Wilde is a pickme singer of a rock band Starcrawler, most promoted nepotism baby in the indie scene. A daughter of a mainstream photographer Autumn De Wilde and and indie drummer Aaron Sperske, granddaughter of another famous photographer Jerry De Wilde. Her mother staged up her career, with a help of her industry friends. Failed wonder child blogger and teen model who finally got some clout in the rock scene. A delusional attention whore flexing „achievements” that were handed to her by others. Hasn’t worked a single day in her life for anything she’s got, but has an ego of a diva.

1st thread: >>>/snow/1114979

Summary/things discussed in the last thread
>nepotism child with an instant career >>1115476 >>1115373
>an awful case of pickme NLOG who thrives off old males attention while hating other women >>1203067, >>1129394, >>1372745, >>1372801 thinks being called female vocals band is reverse feminism >>1144228
>arrogant edgelord always praising herself >>1116347, >>1226340, >>1199790, >>1199821, >>1117046, >>1117048, >>1117283, >>1310697, >>1310697, >>1339766, >>1339768
>acts bratty towards venue workers >>1227664 and her audience >>1370985 >>1330366 >>1115951
>skinwalked Katie Jane Garside for several long years >>1115031, >>1115032, >>1115033, >>1129050, >>1129075, says she takes inspo from Ozzy, never mentions actual ppl she rips off >>1129080
>steals ideas and rips off other rockstars and celebrities >>1116923, >>1121893, >>1122233, >>1122257, >>1121841, >>1234140, >>1362524
>boasting how her „punk” band completely accidentally gets huge billboards in NY and LA. What a surprise! >>1117046, >>1117581, >>1117750
>lies she grew up struggling. Her mother is on board too, pretending she had it so hard despite growing up in a rich artfag family and being a nepotism baby as well >>1117186, >>1119582, >>1226207, >>1226220, >>1120355, >>1202469,
>admits to watching and taking inspiration from schizophrenic/mentally ill people and faking epilepsy onstage >>1311346 basically entire shows are based on pretending she’s schizophrenic and epileptic >>1311364, >>1408149
>posts pics pretending she needed to be hospitalized >>1117737, >>1346083
>pretended she „died” onstage at a festival, turned out it was a stunt performed for attention and paramedic involved was a family friend who agreed to take part in that nonsense. Only admitted to it in a obscure japanese interview, so in fact nobody knows it was fake >>1140475
>Admits she tried to make people think she hurt herself for real
>Arrow posts several times a selfie with bandaids and fake self harm cuts drawn with a lipstick >>1176304, >>1181310
>and like a total idiot, she recorded a whole ass show dressed as highly sexualized suicidal case with fake cuts on her wrists >>1200820, >>1201978, >>1201982, >>1362599
>a failed model, posed since her childhood, introduced to it by a stage mom >>1115061, >>1115068, >>1115070, >>1115071, >>1184110, Autumn tried to set up her model career, picking wardrobe for her and paying brands for promotion >>1187810
>Arrow lies that she was never a model and blogger prior to Starcrawler >>1187811 Receipts of Arrow’s teen fashion blog >>1187813, receipts of LA fashion websites promoting her blog and shilling Arrow as the next „it girl” of fashion >>1187817, >>1192310
>Arrow was promoted hard by Rookie Magazine when she was 13, despite having basically nothing to show off >>1344084, >>1344091, claims she took the photos but some of them look like taken by her mom >>1344117, >>1405246, >>1405248 Teen Vogue shilled her long before Starcrawler
>The band had a manager and contract only after playing a couple of first shitty shows at their famous friends backyards >>1140325
>both Autumn and Arrow use their industry friends for clout >>1122286, >>1122320, >>1197928, >>1198091, >>1198106
>Autumn De Wilde’s NLOG cringiness >>1117756, >>1117027, >>1117036, >>1148799
>Autumn broadcasts Arrow’s life online: when Arrow was 16/17 she let her underage daughter sleep with her boyfriend in one bed and she snuck in the middle of a night to take creepy photos of them sleeping >>1184011
>dates another nepotism brat, Gilbert Trejo (Danny Trejo’s son). When they started dating, Arrow was 18/19 and Gilbert was 30
>Gilbert had a wife that looked identical to Arrow, but dumped her and started dating Arrow a short while later. Pretty much in less than a couple of weeks time switched his girlfriend for a younger and thinner version >>1118374, >>1118381, >>1142257, >>1144528, >>1142762, >>1142784
>Arrow and Gilbert turn out to be DDLG degenerates >>1116734, >>1129168, >>1361217, >>1361851, >>1361219, >>1361528, >>1464314, >>1361529
>her and her boyfriends crackhead poverty LARP house >>1116322, >>1116467, >>1118075,
>associating with Ryan Adams, an industry abuser >>1115371 who wrote alot of their songs >>1139686
>Arrow got abused by Growlers >>1115226, >>1143143, >>1143144, >>1143384 but learned nothing and does a similar thing to people live >>1276580, >>1276804
>skinwalks Taylor Momsen >>1116730, >>1117781 and Marilyn Manson >>1135764
>examples of being boosted by media >>1117815, >>1122570
>Starcrawler used bots to promote their single I Love LA on reddit >>1119007
>Arrow is a pothead >>1121799
>shows off her protruding bones >>1170446, >>1170448

New milk:
>Shirley Manson lies for her BFF, telling everyone Autumn was so poor prior to „Emma” release, living in a tiny shithole in Echo Park, LA. Anons prove its all lies >>1381257, >>1381274, >>1381313, >>1381912, >>1382031, >>1384033, >>1384320
>Starcrawler provides music to a fashion short shot by Gilbert. Depicting Autumn De Wilde. Photographing Kendal Jenner for Vogue. Nepotism chain at its finest! >>1124300
>Arrow gets excited over Bratz designing a new doll based on her! Except it turns out she just comissioned it, and it wasn’t even a real doll, it was a shooped pic made by some edgy teen supported by Bratz brand. >>1129117, >>1127215
>hangs out with Melvins & Dylan Carlson. Steven McDonald of The Melvins recorded their first demos and singles. >>1136354
>Courtney Love licks Arrow’s ass >>1198082 Arrow’s father licks Courtney’s ass back in hopes for some promo >>1364950
>Arrow models for Gucci, Versace, YSL and other while saying musicians wearing Gucci are cringe >>1149942, >>1149962, >>1176294
>unhealthy obsession with Playboy logo >>1144174, >>1362599
>Starcrawler’s drummer quits cause he’s done with the shitshow >>1326786
>Gilbert and Arrow’s failed plumbing adventures >>1142246
>new bimbofication era >>1117766, >>1117796, >>1120607, >>1120670, >>1121617, >>1170500
>posts her ass on Insta >>1134551
>unhealthy obsession with Playboy logo >>1144174
>cosplays Paris Hilton >>1146031
>Arrow cosplays 00’s pornstar/prostitute for a photoshoot and treats it as a life achievement >>1167700, >>1181321, >>1181319, >>1183979, >>1405451
>Arrow’s famous grandfather posts „wow” and heart eyes emoji under a pic of his granddaughter showing ass online >>1181325, >>1181445
>more of the King Kong shoot pics, some of the photos are styled to look like a cover of a porn tape >>1181681, >>1406539 and a short video clip arranged to look like a VHS porn tape >>1181960, >>1406539
>King Kong Magazine’s fans absolutely hate that entire shoot >>1307135
>Arrow gets even more full of herself, saying people who work at shops are useless, boasting how famous she is and giving advices how to be as „successful” as her >>1310697, >>1339766, >>1339768 (most of those interviews are hosted by Starcrawler’s friends) >>1360945
>disastrous Mac makeup live in which Arrow takes up entire space and won’t make space for her friend, even when asked to >>1228305
>pretends to be interviewed just cause she DJs at a radio station cause ofc that’s so important >>1210866
>recommends being a „baddest bitch” fucking around at parties to middle- and high schoolers cause that’s „power” >>1265125
>uses white trash and „hobo” as an aesthetic >>1219223, >>1393857
>licks Lilith Levisis’ ass and promotes her insta in hopes senpai notices her >>1270915, >>1361866
>new Disney Channel-tier movie video of a song made for DC Comics with Danny Trejo, David Hasselhoff and Josh Homme cause hey, someone needed to be the selling point
>DC hosts a show just for Starcrawler, Arrow uses it as a great opportunity to give people lapdances as well as rub against crotches of industry friends that are her parents or grandparents age >>1276809, >>1276804, >>1276809
>Arrow becomes a face of Rodarte’s new campaign (her mother is an official photographer for Rodarte) >>1340608, >>1336759
>Arrow takes lessons in back-breaking poses from Lilith Levisis >>1339205
>gets salty over farmers saying she looks like Alaska Thunderfuck >>1339248, >>1346686
>and a couple of other stuff anons said >>1344492, >>1349482
>New awful photoshoot >>1343297,
>>1343300, >>1343315, >>1343709
>Starcrawler announces a headlining support with Surfbort. Surfbort has to be openers despite the fact Surfbort is infinitely more successful and famous than Starcrawler >>1340600
>a horrid naked photoshoot with a peer indie cow Dani Miller of Surfbort >>1346630, >>1346632, >>1349179, >>1346635, Dani visibly hates it >>1347841, >>1347841, >>1347894, >>1349180
>to promote the new tour, Arrow and Dani make notoriously digusting TikToks of them eating various food >>1344079, >>1344480
>new disastrous Starcrawler/Surfbort tour >>1353960, >>1353997
>Arrow shows off being into DD/LG >>1361217, >>1361219, >>1361529, >>1361858, >>1361851 anons wonder how the fuck is that even possible >>1361453, >>1361528
>Starcrawler gets into some odd fund case, anons wonder if it’s real or a scam >>1364523, >>1364552, >>1364604, >>1365217, >>1365415
>Industry anon reveals Gilbert doesn’t pay his friends for their work and owes people money >>1365363
>Music industry anon reveals that two of Autumn’s famous friends toured with Starcrawler because Autumn asked them to, says they hated it and cancelled next dates >>1362946, >>1363319, >>1364514, >>1364554
>Starcrawler releases a cowboy shirt line, incidentally after anon says she likes Henri’s shirts >>1369599
>Starcrawler’s guitarist turns out to be a spoiled rich fuck too, owns countless guitars that are fucking pricey >>1374909, >>1374989, >>1375395
>Arrow goes to Kyiv just in time before war >>1363430 and uses regulars/poor neighbourhood as aesthetic >>1391650 takes photos with block parking lots and city dumpsters >>1392250, >>1392380, >>1393058
>a video of Starcrawler behaving like idiots on red carpet while literally nobody cares >>1403719
>just as the news on Hugh Heffner abusing and raping Playboy bunnies come out, Arrow decides to flaunt Playboy logo >>1425700
>trashy bimbo weaboo photoshoot in which Arrow waves plastic swords and skinwalks Grimes >>1461677, >>1461680, >>1461687, >>1461693, >>1461695, >>1461699, >>1461703, >>1461704, >>1461706, >>1463330, >>463323, >>1463335, >>1461687, >>1463444, >>1461689
>again flexes „her” achievements, threatens to release country/desert/disco/Mazzy Star record >>1476685, >>1476693
>A trip to Nashville to get next ripoff inspo; Starcrawler turns country >>1462355, >>1462552
>Rough Trade kicks Starcrawler out because their records didn’t sell. Starcrawler signs with a shitty country label that sings literal nobodies, aside from selling Taylor Swift’s first record once. >>1462350, >>1462446 Arrow shits her pants thinking it’s a major label >>1462482 but turns out it’s shitty indie label distributed by Universal. >>1463131, >>1463178, >>1463988
>Arrow makes a cameo in Florence Welch’s video (Autumn’s bestie), ruins even 5 seconds she’s on the screen >>1465675, >>1465680
>chases that clout hanging out with Maneskin >>1470887
>regularly goes to Gucci parties for more clout >>1477283, >>1477288
>Autumn lands Starcrawler a Jack White tour support slot >>1479704 Henri writes an insufferable purple prose about it
>Starcrawler goes on tour with My Chemical Romance because Gerard has shit taste in everything under the sun >>1483477, >>1483602, >>1484021
>Arrow’s newest show and complete lack of stage presence >>1492722
>Starcrawler uses bots disguised as old men for that punk credit >>1493292, >>1493851
>examples of how Starcrawler handlers shilled them everywhere in the net >>1493601
>Arrow’s obsession with fake cuts/fake slashing her wrists >>1493814

Social media:

No. 1495019

Apologies for reposting it 2 times or so, I completely forgot you need to put comas after post numbers and some posts from the first thread didn't show up properly.

No. 1495903

This is a great thread, well done nonnie! Hope people start filling it soon.

No. 1497511

File: 1649558319046.png (1.68 MB, 1682x738, l1.png)

Her poor attempts at "being original" and "having clothes that nobody else has" like she boasts in interviews are hilarious to me, because she may have stopped ripping off Katie Jane and started wearing same 2 custom pants she's got from a designer or random bikini (very original), but it's still so obvious where she gets inspo from.
If that was somebody else, i'd say it's a reach (esp since bandaid top fit is unoriginal idea in itself.) But since Arrow follows Lilith so religiously, i don't think that's a coincidence.

No. 1497515

File: 1649558789189.png (931.94 KB, 594x774, l22.png)

(Peek the pink stains on the left.)
How much anyone would bet she sits in Lilith's private messages sending her random praise shit?
Interestingly, a couple months back Lilith left her like 3 lazy comments that felt so forced, as if to be gracious. and seeing today seems like she deleted it. (sorry, no screen)

No. 1497584

What the hell is on her leg and why does it only go to above her knee and only on one leg?

No. 1497614

um, some sort of ~super cool leather sexy pants or tight piece~ made to look exactly like diamond mesh thing stitched precisely onto "cool punk white trash throne". they had that motive alot in the video, just a theme thing. one leg for the "edge". except that video seriously looks like Disney Channel production. no idea why THIS is called "punk".

No. 1497949

i wanna slap the SHIT out of this kid's parents

No. 1498031

Regardless of what anyone says, Arrow is hot.(thirstposting)

No. 1498155

many of us agree with you but being cute does not absolve a person of sucking ass at their job, which is what this thread is about.

No. 1498175

File: 1649632582851.png (2.85 MB, 1724x1216, the least interesting man in t…)

kek henri is going to blimp up so bad after age 25

No. 1498219

Posts you make when you're a 45 year old man who was linked this thread by your would-be grooming victim's mom lol

No. 1498990


Talking from experience obvs (or in-experience) as you probably still live with your mom & couldn't groom a dog. . .(go away)

No. 1499041

>came back to defend himself
>still doesn't know how to post
Guess that one struck a nerve. All incels should be castrated, pass it on

No. 1499046

Ladies, that's probably moid shitposting. nobody cares if she's hot or ugly, if anyone wants to foam over her "astounding beauty", go to "crawlies" fansites or her comment section.
not saying her parents don't deserve major fucking slapping (they do), but she's turning 23 in 2 weeks time. the cringe bimbo phase seems to be her choice. Treating her like a child whose actions are only to blame on her parents make her no favours either. Pitying her is weird to me, bc that bitch grew up rich and absolutely problemless as opposed to alot of other ppl her age. it's like pitying kid for growing in a family of very rich doctors. she'd kick her stage mother's ass long ago if she was smart but she isn't. just one more unoriginal, empty ""star"" from LA.
I'm not saying you said anything wrong nonnie, just my overall feeling lately. That this band rides AF on the wave of "being just young kids who make rock! Kids!". that's how 99% of her friends and interview hosts treat entire Starcrawler, marvelling at their "top comedic" m.vids about farting or opening their jaws in awe when they hear Arrow likes Ozzy Osbourne "instead of sitting in smarphone like other kids, can you imagine?". Arrow's treated like a wonderchild (except in pornstar clothes) and Starcrawler is always being talked to like a group of charming scouts. like the only "kids" to play rock music in this age, which is astoundingly stupid.

No. 1499053

File: 1649719188378.png (872.95 KB, 494x664, vv.png)

One question, why is this guy buying newer and newer guitars and equipment DAY BY DAY? that's all what he does, flexing new equipment. i find it kind of funny how Henri buys all that new shit in chase of any semblance of originality or creativity. good guitarist shine even with shitty guitars. this looks like making up with new gadgets for something he severly lacks.

No. 1499091

yah i'ma slap them for everything, not the bimbo shit. that shit's new. i'm going to slap them for whatever they did for the first 15 years of her life

No. 1499102

I suppose Aaron did nothing at all as a parent, while Autumn tagged her along everywhere like a chihuahua doggie, and then posing her with whoever famous she knew or met. that AND she tried hard to make her famous as a model and blogger. anything just to make her girl famous!

No. 1499142

autumn seriously should have just left her on the curb in front of jim eno's house

No. 1500016

File: 1649811538190.png (148.25 KB, 884x1180, surejan.png)

Bringing a new interview. Lies, lies, lies, Henri boy is just tangling in his own net of bullshit.
Not only are they lying that they "knew nobody" at Rough Trade, but also they tell "Arrow didn't know anybody" now. kek


No. 1500023

File: 1649811920068.png (1.67 MB, 960x1195, st113.png)

No. 1500073

How can they lie so blatantly?

No. 1500136

Aaron Sperske was in different bands that were on Rough Trade. I even remember reading an article in which Rough Trade people openly said they were friends with Autumn or Aaron in the 90's or something. same about Ryan Adams and a few more. It's always Arrow saying "No no I didn't ask my mom to ask them, how could i! they just found Starcrawler on my mom's Instagram! they were close in the 90's and they follow her on Insta!"… this is ridiculous, they have no room lie here cause their connections are impossible to hide. and yet they tell lies like that.

No. 1500152

File: 1649824043685.png (157.56 KB, 896x860, high school essay.png)

this has me giggling, this is journalism? that's written exactly like high school essay. Write an essay and prepare 3 arguments proving that Starcrawler is not just an ordinary rockband!

"Their dream of feeling less alone" – yeah cause they felt SO ALONE and misunderstood, surrounded by fellow LA grand arts bums and mom's friends that happened to be top rock stars, exactly from the genre they listened to. going to schools where 100% nobody bothered them as that was a school for other boring artsy hipsters and rich kids that are too lazy and likely to just stay nepo actors and singers anyway. btw not even finishing that school cause you were too busy touring with Dave Grohl or Beck or what. Starcrawler kids were never alone. "they use music as a therapy" - therapy for what? these idiots know NOTHING about pain, loneliness or life in general.

No. 1500749

This pink setup is very cute but doesn't seem to align with their image, that retro figurine is associated with big eyes/ddlg/dollanganger etc style and art
>music can be fun and emotional at the same time

High school essay is generous, surely anyone over the age of ten knows this about music. The rest of the essay (sorry, article) definitely reads like someone trying to fill up their wordcount. I like how there is absolutely no analysis of the music itself, this tells me nothing about the sound, genre, lyrics, comparison to other artists, how the music fits into the world in 2022, how it has progressed since x prior work of theirs (basically anything you expect to find in "authentic" music reviews)

No. 1500786

this is so fucking weird because it's like the third time they've been pitched as "new". it's their third "coming out" profile but all the record of their past attempts is still online. they've tried to reboot like this at least three times in the past 5 years and it never works and everyone can find out in 30 seconds that it's all lies.

No. 1500790

File: 1649892599498.png (1.27 MB, 662x838, 23423.png)

Honestly i enjoy reading new Starcrawler articles because they're ALWAYS awful elementary school essays (this one takes the cake tho!), you can always tell that it's paid promotion and written by incompetent ppl.
Everything's pink cause Arrow has a "pink and white" phase. Very original, isn't it. she tries so hard to change her style and make it ""original"", maybe comments on plagiarism got to her. (I wish she got exposed tho, would be unfair if it was just let go after everybody pretended nothing happened.)

No. 1500807

THIS! this is what i meant when they're always treated like children. they're in their 20's and playing since 2016 but they;re always pitched as new hot band made of such young people. as if they were the only young ppl in a rock band in entire US.
>everyone can find out in 30 seconds that it's all lies.
And yet people don't even take those 30s to do this! people who like them believe Starcrawlers lies at face value, which is annoying. i think zoomers don't listen bc they know instinctively they suck, but it's mindblowing that ppl from actual punk scenes swallow the bait.

No. 1500810

arrow looks nice here. hope people will stop talking about her weight (it's just genetics, outliers exist) and focus on what's important - that her music is shitty and you shouldn't buy it.

No. 1500850

yo these kids got a lot of expensive shit. nice gear but what are they doing with it. their songs could be played on cigar boxes and an upside down bucket

No. 1500857

File: 1649894973359.png (872.57 KB, 796x768, 00w.png)

she looks like she gained weight lately tbh. her face area never looked like that before, even when she smiled. agreed though, she just has unusual genes. i mean, her weight sometimes drops and gets up slightly and that's noticeable sometimes, but she's crazy thin genetically overall. people giving her credit or withdrawing from any critique whatsoever because they think Arrow is anorexic or has Marfans are annoying af cause what one thing has to do wth the other? if Arrow turns 40 and gets fat like her mother did, will they buy her tickets out of pity too? lol

No. 1500859

File: 1649895097630.png (759.09 KB, 808x644, 00ww.png)

No. 1500872

They should plug Henri to a 10 watt aplifier, or a fucking transistor radio, would make no difference. shitty top 40 rock, they're only SLIGHTLY more rock'n'roll than Imagine Dragons or whatever wins Grammies in rock category these days. Henri's instagram is honeslty too annoying to look at, he gets all that new shit every day for nothing. it won't help him, his sound is still shit. takes a lot of "talent" to fuck up just guitar + distortion + amplifier formula like he does.

No. 1500997

She looks just like Sweet Dee but from the episode where she smokes crack kek

No. 1501085

File: 1649910579180.jpg (26.47 KB, 500x372, MV5BMTdiYTQyZGMtNTQxYS00YmFiLT…)

lmao the accuracy anon

No. 1501451

kek it's like a reverse insult though. kaitlin olson is funny and kind of cool imo

No. 1501653

is is wrong that i feel bad for arrow because the most attention and engagement her band gets is this site? she must feel sad when she goes to bed that no one likes her work.

No. 1502057

yes, it is wrong. she's doing better in life than a lot of the people posting here. personally, i don't give a fuck if she goes to sleep crying that her band is not as popular and that she doesn't sell in platinum, not even in gold, she already cries about this enough in interviews. there are bigger life tragedies than Arrow not bein popular, and this thread is not Arrow's hugbox.

No. 1502396

i meant i feel bad that someone has such a empty life where they've done nothing. you think she doesn't feel bad about that at all or can't see it though?

No. 1503043

Hmm tough to say. tbh i feel like it's yet another way: she knows her band is shit that goes nowhere, but she thinks SHE'S a god and the fucking hot shit or whatever. she's surrounded by people that tell her she's better than all that plebs around her and she's 100% best and most successful ever, so even if she knows her band flops, she'll flip it around even if that sounds like epic delusions. which is exactly what they're doing rn. all those paid articles comprising of a writer praising the band, Arrow saying she's the best and giving pro tips how to be as successful and awesome as her, and article writer desperately trying to fill the rest of space with asslicking. look at how this bitch is treated 24/7. not sure what is going on in such person's head, but what stuck to my memory reading recent articles is how often she says "Fake it til you make it." And that's it. faking her life to the top, except there's no top in the sight. i think she knows her band is flopping with all the "omg we won't be remembered, better convulse on the floor and pretend i'm dead!" shit she pulls, but she lacks any self awareness and seems to be thinking of herself as the hottest, bestest, most talented, beautiful, interesting and most original bitch in rock rn. the shit she says in interviews sometimes astounds me

No. 1503045

File: 1650122411520.png (849.89 KB, 1920x1700, wtfff.png)

I mean, let's look at a piece from this interview, look at how much she sucks her own dick here. this is by far the worst, she talks like a spoiled, nasty bitch. No actual shy, humble person talks like that. no actual artist talks like that. no sensitive and creative people talk like that: even when they're aware of their talents or strengths, they don't spend hours listing every detail, telling how fucking hot and awesome and godlike they are, and yeah don't worry if your classmates are ugly! that's all cool, they're gonna lick your ass anyway bc they don't matter. Who are you Arrow, and what have you done in your life to judge actual hardworking people who can't have everything immediately bc they're not from rich families? everything you have was handed to you by yr parents. Fuck it, if she KNOWS that she's leading empty shell of a life and it's eating her away at night, fine. tbf though, she prob thinks she's the best shit and can't comprehend why her band flops all the time. i think she's too vain and clueless to have any deeper introspection. cows usually lack self awareness.

No. 1503054

wtf she's not even a psycho or narcissist. there's no psychological compulsion here, it's just her personality. she's a huge dick. honestly i agree with slap-chan. i would do a flip if my kid turned out like this. who raises someone to be like that???

No. 1503081

File: 1650125143335.png (710.05 KB, 662x820, 00ww0.png)

1 more recent weight gain pic

No. 1503086

File: 1650125525701.png (327.94 KB, 1288x328, 555.png)

why… is she posting something like that under her own pics? a bone? wtf is she trying to say
she's 100% mentally healthy, she's just a self-obsessed asshole. lots of ppl like that walking on this earth. people need to open their eyes and see what they are looking at and how they're only fueling her gigantic ego

No. 1503150

i'm happy for her in this respect. if you grow up as unusually skinny as her it is NON STOP comments and harassment about your "weeeeird" body. even if she only gets up to "model skinny", she's going to feel a LOT more normal. the difference between her teenage weight and "model size" will feel like being curvy/feminine to her.
sorry to sperg im just glad when any woman gets a break from people screeching about their body.

No. 1503741

>its like, you know like, in my opinion. its like okay but i was like, i mean its like

No. 1505832

god i was such a fan of autumn and finding these threads makes me so disappointed about her

No. 1506016

File: 1650411324286.png (1.35 MB, 832x966, boots.png)

yep, 1st thread was such a wild ride with all their secrets spilled, new thread summary too.

Btw this is a person i believe they take vintage clothes from & prob where she got those 70s platform boots she wears nonstop.
Look at how she talks "I WANT Arrow to have those boots", not "Arrow would look good in those boots" or "these are so Arrow" or whatever, no. I want my dolly to wear this! ofc this is such a minor detail and if someone else said this, this would totally sound normal but when you know their backstory (Autumn trying hard to make her a model and doing sponsorship deals w clothes brands and pretty much dressing Arrow all her early "career") this sounds so possesive and cringe. mommy living out her wild days through her daughter indeed.

No. 1506094

File: 1650415785634.png (1.32 MB, 670x841, 1111111111.png)

what a fucking NLOG, always screeching how she hates models and how rockstars modelling high fashion are lame yet here she is wearing most overdone it-girl MiuMiu set of the last months.
Marc Jacobs liked one of these photos, wonder if Arrow jumps out of her skin tryin to slide into his DMs for a collab now.

No. 1506763

it's really odd to me that autumn is acting so childish. some of her closer friends have ditched her in the past few years but i haven't heard anything that would explain a midlife crisis. she hasn't broken up with anyone or had a death in the family etc.

No. 1506766

every man in this photo looks like a rapist. like every one of them has definitely raped someone, whether violently, taking advantage of a drunk girl, or that weird boner sneak when you're both crashing on the same floor.
except for henri, weirdly. i get the feeling he loves himself too much to ever want sex with someone else that badly.

No. 1506915

File: 1650477517310.png (299.98 KB, 514x758, 1str2.png)

Who ditched Autumn? curious
probably just artsy fartsy art gallery people and/or sound people working for the venue. can't guarantee they haven't raped anyone ofc but tbh i think they're too irrelevant to be industry rapists.
cause the whole Foundry On White thing in Canada where these pics are taken from is apparently an art gallery/institute whatever that hosts literal nobodies and the show was fucking tiny, looks like they played for 10-15 ppl max.

No. 1506919

File: 1650477700797.png (1.22 MB, 828x1140, 1str1.png)

this is who they are, this is the band that is scheduled to play Milton Keynes with Gerard Way soon! when they play headline shows, they gather 10-40 ppl a show in the middle of nowhere.

No. 1506977

Not my impression at all. It look like a meetup for weak Beta males with shriveled wieners.

No. 1507246

>weak Beta males
and as we all know, THOSE never rape.

No. 1507250

foundry on whyte is a small rentable event space in edmonton. it's not a booked concert of any sort. it's the kind of space a group of private school parents rent for their kids' graduation dinner.

No. 1507626

funny sortof off topic update on this dumb photoshopt, the photographer got her page nuked so now arrow cant get attention from this shoot at all because its not on vice yet and now off the photographers

No. 1507750

i'm… at loss of words. this is what Arrow calls "successful"? this is what she waves around trying to prove she's better than others while trying to put down people working at Guitar Center? (kek sorry, it amuses me sm that for some reason she thinks GC is bottom of the barrel. working around instruments sounds like cool job to me.) Honestly, maybe we should run through her 2022 dates to figure out where else she played, next stop 7-11 parking lot
It's already up on Vice/I-d site for a while, though admittedly they posted the article way after Arrow claimed it's up, and it had minimal feedback.

No. 1508024

eta, also this means tickets likely were not sold for this event.

No. 1508261

File: 1650586805956.png (571.93 KB, 492x790, 000d2.png)

Sucking out that clout from Donita again i see. ofc she's inviting every celeb/rockstar she played before or talked to for 5 mins and asslickers hired by her her mom to her bday party instead of, you know, friends her age…

No. 1508264

File: 1650586982555.png (480.01 KB, 468x777, 000d1.png)

I thought her birthday is April 24th?

No. 1508266

File: 1650587099941.png (451.79 KB, 498x773, 000d3.png)

No. 1508268

File: 1650587208130.png (562.16 KB, 484x868, 2ssss2.png)

No. 1508270

File: 1650587572710.png (595.96 KB, 500x768, 000d4.png)

Oof wth is with that odd face bloat lately. she looks tacky af, no matter what she wears she always looks like tryhard

No. 1508291

Alcoholic face bloat. Funny you said "try hard" because those were the exact words that came to mind while I was scrolling. Looks like an outsider's approximation of a boomer rockstar. Like those 80s themed parties where everyone shows up wearing sweatbands and scrunchies because they know nothing about the 80s, but with early nineties kinderwhore style.

No. 1508337

Hmm… iirc in one interview this year and she claimed she doesn't drink much at all. and said something like she doesn't like having drinks (as in, for a taste/as a regular beverage) and if she drinks at all, then she drinks to get drunk.
I still refuse to believe she's alcoholic. she doesn't party, she's never seen drugs aside from looking perpetually stoned from all that "LA sober" weed diet. but who knows maybe she drinks more often now

No. 1508338

Here comes the Amy skinwalking shes gonna wear some vintage Fred perry next
Or purge bloat probably alcohol/drugs she seems more like she lives off nothing and has for a long time vs purging

No. 1508339

File: 1650593591248.png (513 KB, 492x763, 07.png)

>Looks like an outsider's approximation of a boomer rockstar.
This exactly, her band looks boomer and gets boomer fans exclusively. now she tries to dress like prostitute but when her band started it was more visible, she dressed awful, in all the ugly costumes and getting a back-combed hairmetal cut. seems Arrow still loves to be that one "child" hanging around with "cool adults" like she always says. speaks a lot about her inviting all that boomer clique, waiting for them to shower her with complements.
Linda Ramone follows her everywhere, must be elder NLOG as well if they vibe so much so often.

No. 1508361

File: 1650595512968.jpg (732.07 KB, 1926x1420, avril.jpg)

Amy was better and more famous for rocking this hairstyle, but i think this is actually what Arrow tried hard to go for. (because that's soo original if you throw on kitschy fake fur and snakeskin boots, sure nobody notices who you try to rip off now, Arrow)

No. 1508381

File: 1650596346081.jpg (78.93 KB, 655x300, 0,,17128862,00.jpg)

one more pic. lol this actually makes me crazy nostalgic, remember when Avril was in the news for copying Amy Winehouse…

No. 1508389

Who would even get out of bed for such a small number of people, like why bother

No. 1508392

File: 1650596743575.png (719.43 KB, 1440x1398, bemused and bored.png)

When your audience is tiny and they hate you

No. 1508404

File: 1650597629204.png (1.54 MB, 832x1124, 22.png)

when all your fans are older than your parents and they came bc they're welcomed to feel up your butt

No. 1508425

File: 1650599248791.png (1.38 MB, 1394x836, nt.png)

Because of course Dani was here too.
i really wonder what Donita means by "super fun birthday party", especially when you're partying with someone who just says "like, and just like, idk" and nothing else. it was so fun that they went out to a show next door

No. 1508597

File: 1650615610255.png (564.73 KB, 1596x702, Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 1.19…)

Re: the anon who talked about them being a plant/being shilled in random forums, it's so weird that they're always talked about being "under 21" and 'wow they're soooooo young' it creeps me out

>So I have been listening to this new very young band for the last month, not one of them is 22, the singer just turned 18, and the guitarist is 17..

Who the fuck would care about a random pop band being "VERY YOUNG" unless it were a creep or the band themselves trying to shill their youth and longevity

No. 1508600

I remember being in a band when I was 20 and people calling you 'young' was the worst thing ever because it felt like you had no credibility in the scene.

No. 1508710

Because LA is full of rich pedos

No. 1508806

Caitlin Olsen is a cow herself. I had a friend who worked at a large restaurant and the cast came in and she said that caitlin was extremely rude, refused to speak to the server and had others order for her, and it was so bad that after they left her husband came back and apologized on her behalf. Mean to servers = POS

No. 1508822

Yeah, even starcrawler's drummer that quit last year said that they got all the hype mostly because they were young. that's so stupid "they're so young and play in a band!" bitch shut up, as if there were no other bands made of teenagers. random examples, Kyuss made their first record when Josh Homme was 17, Green Day started when they were 14. nobody foamed at their mouth because "they were so young". fuck, even when Taylor Momsen recorded her first album at fucking 15 or 16 nobody babied her, they criticized tf out of her, called slut etc. and besides, all of Starcrawler members are at least 22+. That's really nothing out of ordinary for a band. most of famous bands played music in their 20s.

No. 1509053

File: 1650669305135.png (986 KB, 494x884, ok.png)

You're not sassy, don't flatter yourself pretending that you have any sort of personality. you're just spoiled narc bitch that's arrogant bc your mom told you you're better than everyone else way too many times.
Anyways i guess they're REALLY on that train still trying to promote that boring fucking shoot for some reason, cause other ppl working on it keep reposting whole loads of pics since Monibelle disappeared lol. Wtf they're reposting them every few days. As if anything of value was lost lol.

No. 1509251

kek I'm 27 and my band still gets called "kids," "young ladies," etc it's weird and infantilizing

No. 1510381

arrow's starting to look and act like she got molested tbh

No. 1510382

haha you guys that's not what drinking looks like. props to gen z for not wasting cash on beer every night though.
i think she just got the starter injections everyone else her age gets for some reason. she had her lips done for a bit the other year but it looks like she's now filling them anymore.

No. 1510417

how exactly? she behaves like slut because she wants attention but has no other idea how to make people looking. same reason why she fakes being schizo. i know that you like to write about record label guys being creeps and pedos, but lets be fucking honest, if someone molested her, she'd out them online already just like she did with Growlers. especially since she'snot on Rough Trade anymore and owns them nothign.
i swear you guys come up with strangest tinfoils just to fucking justify her shitty behaviour. this thread is slowly turning to pity party and anons mourning the fact that she's an asshole just cause they think she's "cute".

No. 1510442

i don't know her life, she's just ACTING like a 12 year old girl whose groomer mother let her stepdad molest her. i didn't say it HAPPENED

No. 1510444

forgot to sage plz don't ban me tranny jannies

No. 1510449

i think she's attention chasing, she's not the first person to act like this. now i might actually add that whatever damage done to her comes from dating a manlet with a liking for DD/LG imo. that doesn't explain her hypersexual man-pleaser bullshit though (if that's what you're pointing at), cause she did it way before she met Gilbert.
Now if we're talking about people being molested, i don't think that's the case. she likes forcefully grabbing and kissing people during shows, because she thinks they aren't "enthusiastic" enough to like her music. i don't care if that's a "show attraction", remember there was a time when nobody knew them and women coming to her show didn't expect they'd get spat at, get beer poured over, get their items stolen and destroyed or forcefully kissed on the mouth or choked by the neck. that's not rock'n'roll, that's fucking irritating. I just think a person who went through actual molesting wouldn't recklessly do shit she does onstage "for the sake of rock'n'roll".
>she had her lips done for a bit the other year
any pics? botox/fillers is a bit too crazy tinfoil for me but who tf knows, her face looks like shit lately

No. 1510650

File: 1650838632058.png (619.93 KB, 494x874, okkkk.png)

of course she had to flaunt

No. 1510654

File: 1650838898661.png (476.98 KB, 488x766, 2ssss7.png)

"my ride or die" ok Dani. you love each other so much that you didn't take Starcrawler for your newest tour again, and Arrow would never stomach opening FOR YOU either.
how much would you bet that she just jumped on that bull only because Katie Jane Garside did it in a music video for Jolene

No. 1512657

File: 1651023890030.png (938.69 KB, 1551x833, fffffffff.png)

Lol this account Starcrawlerarchive is definitely their PR plant/perhaps they're themselves. a guy is reselling show tickets and Starcrawlerarchive is raging that he allegedly did same thing 15 times already… hmm i wonder how does he know? who normal searches comment sections, notices ticket offers and remembers exactly how many times same account did what?

unrelated but just noticed she doesn't eveh wear a real corset, she just awkwardly wears a fake stretch material thing that just oddly props against her bones

No. 1513238

yes her "corsets" are zipup stage props,nothing wrong with that in general, but it doesn't help the whole image/ethos she's going for. she gets her outfits by pitching fashion drawings to big deal designers that she knows through mom. not really the same as picking up whatever spooky thing is available at your local store and constructing your own clothing style with materials you searched for youreslf.

No. 1513586

File: 1651100471044.png (731.95 KB, 740x962, jw.png)

More like
>Jack White had the great pleasure of posting obligatory sponsorship post promoting Starcrawler that his dear friend Autumn De Wilde asked for
he just posted lukewarm thank you to 2 other bands that were his supports.

No. 1513589

File: 1651100720533.png (617.47 KB, 836x1018, jwwww.png)

Is this idiot not understanding that she's just showing off clear nepotism? the NEED to flex was stronger, right. no need to act like what happened was a miracle, Autumn and Jack White are friends, she travelled around the world with them on tour, shot a shitload of pics and released a fucking White Stripes book in the 00's. And YET this band of idiots acts like it's a total coincidence that Jack White invited Starcrawler on tour. why is Arrow behaving like she never met JW before? why is Henri producing his embarassing fanboy posts saying he always knew "working hard" will get him anywhere and how his dream came true? Bitch Arrow 100% was hanging out with JThe White Stripes and Alison Mosshart as a kid/teen. Henri is also lying. hard to believe Jack White would invite him onstage when he was a kid for no reason - Henri is a son of some blues musician. and btw he doesn't have to act so surprised, his side band had a record out on Jack White's label last year. wtf

No. 1513592

File: 1651101039129.png (360.22 KB, 506x764, jwww.png)

she reposted the same pic twice both from Starcrawler account AND Jack White lol. keep boasting a nonexistent achievement, like you haven't just called him prior asking for a favour

No. 1513594

The skin stretched over her elbow is wider than her shoulder, oh man.

No. 1513782

ok how tall is this person because i heard she was huge but shes 6ft at the most in this pic

No. 1514109

File: 1651156142963.jpg (446.86 KB, 1365x2048, gettyimages-1324155102-2048x20…)

6'3 officially but sometimes i'm doubting it, because at times shortboy Henri looks not that much shorter than her.
not sure how to describe it but she has "tall" head and used to have back-combed hair that i'm sure gave additional centimeters.

No. 1514120

File: 1651157239562.jpg (332.73 KB, 2048x1365, gettyimages-1324155095-2048x20…)

No. 1514222

He is wearing heels though

No. 1514536

i'm guessing 6'-6'1" because i'm 5'10" and henri looks to be my height at MOST (without his heels).

No. 1514549

i'll give her 6'2 at most. she seems taller than Autumn but shorter than ex drummer.

No. 1514569

File: 1651192535329.png (52.29 KB, 756x466, jjjcomment.png)

If she did this during pandemic or right post lockdown, if that was any other person she'd get much more outrage over this. tbh it's stupid overall, why ppl are supposed to be all blissful when a stranger spits at them
OT but is covid and restrictions still a thing in US? cause in Europe no one cares anymore. our government said "covid is officially no more in this country" awhile ago, even though a week before they announced that 5th wave is comming and hospitals are full (kek, shows perfectly how the gov. and TV just faked stuff to create more panic). covid is canceled here cause we now worry about Putin

No. 1514636

simple solution, get arrow to spit on putin.

No. 1514639

they're annoying but they look cute together. she could date him instead of her gollum-y failson with the face of a hairy testicle (gilberto)

No. 1514652

What post is this on? I didn't see it on the two most recent posts about Jack White, was it deleted?

No. 1514723

Qon't do, you know that if she went to Russia she'd just go straight to poverty district to get selfies or take pics of russian porn magazines instead
was on Jack White photo but don't remember whose account, probably got deleted

No. 1515165


Ohh damn. I didn't realize Jack White was having a Vanilla Ice phase.. What da hell happened man.

No. 1515208

The pink aesthetic is really unflattering. It makes her look like a forty year old pretending to be a teenager. She looks so haggard, and not in a punk rock way. She reminds me of homeless meth heads I've seen wandering around in Walmart parking lots.

I feel like the anons defending her appearance are ana-chans or altfags who think skelly women are ~aesthetic~. I'm glad she's starting to put on a little bit of weight, I think it will make her face look healthier and less sunken.

I like Jack White as a musician and this is honestly making me lose respect for him. You're plugging a garbage act just because you know the lead singer's dad, seriously? Are there no upcoming acts he wants to tour with because their music is actually good?

No. 1515299

he looks more like a fat vince clarke

No. 1515301

i think it works. like it actually is working in the fake/aesthetic way. idk i just don't like shitting on kids for their looks. if she could fucking behave she'd be just as adorable to me as any young person starting their career. too bad her creepy family made her dumb and sexualized her.

No. 1515365

i'm amazed at the amount of utopian thinking in this thread. her aesthetic is entirely stolen, so she looks like an idiot either way.
it's fine if older ppl don't want to talk shit, personally i see no problem criticizing her look and especially her behaviour, but i'm a person close to her age/slightly older. especially since it's fucking lolcow, nobody cares here. but i don't get people feeling bad for her or speculating she's the victim or making imaginary scenarios that "she'd be totally fine IF". other people her age are never held to the same standards, and when they behave the wrong way, they don't have other people making excuses for them saying it's all because their parents raised them the wrong way.
>I feel like the anons defending her appearance are ana-chans or altfags who think skelly women are ~aesthetic
a lot are. i'm against hating skinny chicks just bc they're skinny, not her fault that she's got weird genetics but aesthetic definitely is shit, and she def likes to highlight her weight and use it to shock ppl. i gotta say though thinking of her thinness as ~aesthetic~ and enjoying it is weird, especially since there were anons repeatedly saying they look like Arrow or literally wishing to have Marfans. not sure if all of thse anons were in fact glamorizing it but alot of her fans are.
>too bad her creepy family made her dumb and sexualized her.
she sexualizes her own self more than whatever her family did. and honestly people are dumb independtly from their parents. but true, her parents are shit.

No. 1515370

File: 1651259051662.png (1.58 MB, 826x838, arrowanddani.png)

>She looks so haggard, and not in a punk rock way
Have to agree, she does look haggard. Compared to her earlier years, she looks worse and worse. this photo she looks like an old lady. it's pretty telling when you stand next to someone like Dani Miller and Dani looks better than you. not that it matters but i was just kinda shocked.

No. 1515424

i was >>1515301 and i'm just kind of old for this website (38). i don't really read cow threads, i come here for MTF or shitpost threads, because a lot of the cows are 21 year old girls who make me legitimately sad and i want to like…career counsel them. sorry for autism.

No. 1515428

they both look like shit, but arrow is from LA and i thought they had skincare there. they both look fucking australian here

No. 1515481

that's alright because i've seen people past 30 posting on LC too. i understand. that's why i said it's fine that you don't want to talk shit and besides this thread focuses more on compiling her unfair behaviours even though there are occasional comments she looks bad. personally i can't help disliking her because she speaks exactly like spoiled rich child or like a doctor kid i used to know.
it actually speaks well of you that you don't want to talk shit on other people's appearances. anyways i get mean cause i'm unhappy idiot in general, don't mind me.

i just meant, i think that she'd be stupid either way because she's from that side of LA. idk call me LA-phobic but i only see her being a decent person if she grew up somewhere else (i'm leaving out growing with other parents, that's obvious)

No. 1515489

File: 1651266806069.png (2.54 MB, 1372x826, qqqqqqq.png)

tbh i thought she's caked in some white foundation but it's not this, she's been looking weird for a good while.

No. 1515496

File: 1651267321562.png (1.22 MB, 682x842, lramone.png)

ah, explains a) why she played at Ramones tribute b) probably why she played cover for new Pet Sematary remake c) why Linda Ramone licks her ass. one more old friend. here's when she was 14
(i actually like her hair color here)

No. 1515567

she's using some kind of mineral or powder that can make you look 10 years older if you have the wrong skin type for it. i don't understand how this works, but my sister is a makeup artist and she says arrow is wearing really badly done foundation. because in >>1515496 she's a completely different colour with eyebags but still looks better.

No. 1515711

File: 1651281467374.png (1.93 MB, 1176x810, 55555555.png)

that's really odd, because usually mineral foundations are used by people who want only cruelty free and vegan cosmetics. when she did that idiotic live for Mac, she used very basic popular cosmetics. also it's weird to see she started to use foundation all of the sudden bc she often walked around with absolutely no makeup on (unless i'm wrong and it was always fluid on?) i'm usually against fluid/foundation on young people unless they have very bad acne and they're too insecure about it, but she didn't even seem to need it. looking at her old pics, she had zero zits, like all these Hollywood kids who always had crystal clear skin. maybe Autumn invested in top skin care when she was a child because they thought she'd get somewhere early on lol.
i mean, all of the pics from 2020 onwards she's got face caked in white and whiter than the rest of her body

No. 1515718

File: 1651282426700.png (986.45 KB, 1188x1070, 5555555r434.png)

Wow why. change your powder Arrow that's not very babygirl of you.(nitpick)

No. 1515868

i think she doesn't like her natural tan skin tone. probably thinks it's too "basic" and not alt enough so has been using foundation to look paler.

No. 1516444

File: 1651353828817.png (618.56 KB, 488x764, wtrashh.png)

Ah yes, nothing like taking pics in some "rural gas station" in the middle of nowhere. much trailer trash, very poverty.
that's pretty stupid and self-hating, whitewashing yourself with awful too bright foundation. just like Emilie Autumn who doesn't move without an umbrella bc she's afraid to lose that "gothic white pallor" lol.

No. 1517869

on one hand, i respect hilbillies/rural poor people and don't like to call a woman's appearance "trashy" if i'm an outsider to that culture.
on the other hand, arrow is not a person from this culture so it seems kind of mean to poor people to dress up as one and act like supporting your family on gas station money in a hurricane is a fun game.
so i think SHE looks trashy to wear a costume of "hilbilly slut" that she made up like a character, when maybe some redneck pretty girls dress like that because that's what's fashionable in her town and her mother isn't a famous photographer to teach her what's "hot" in 2022.

No. 1518072

does this person know the only people who follow her antics and "career" are in this thread

No. 1518727

kek no exaggeration here, people posting in these threads actually know about her more than her fans. that feeling when your fans care about you less than your haters.
if you're asking if she knows about this thread, i believe she does she gave reasons to think so.

No. 1518771

tbh even the "trashiest" of "trashy" redneck/hillibillies girls look better than her in this costume. not even a fan of that "culture" but actual white trash or even just province ppl would kicker ass. whatever imaginary concept she has of what trashy people look or behave like is wrong, this girl has never left her clean rich artsy neighbourhood. makes me angry whenever she or Autumn try to play up poverty princesses because they have no idea what that word means. actual poor people don't intentionally walk around with a week long grease in their hair as an #look and don't treat "hobo" as aesthetic. i mean this is a fucking pic of a gas station. wow. you're so cool Arrow, because people never seen a gas station.

No. 1518939

File: 1651623992608.png (1.01 MB, 836x836, screen1.png)

I hate this, the clothes she's wearing are almost exactly the same as in that bimbofication meme where a girl drops the book. perhaps it's what it's modeled on cause she has identical white heels with laces/ribbons wrapped up her legs.
Is that sweat or did they fucking oil her body up for the shoot?… if that's true this is disgusting, i thought they oiled up porn inspired misogynistic photos like that are a thing of the past, but ofc LA's dusting off and repackaging the worst elements of the 00's. that's actually upsetting that this photoshoot was entirely styled and done by women. not pervy old men who created and promoted that trend.

No. 1518943

File: 1651624132121.png (773.51 KB, 840x840, screen2.png)

No. 1518951

File: 1651624630766.png (1.47 MB, 840x826, screen4.png)

I-D mag is still trying to hard to shill that awful article and photoshoot, that's sus cause they don't seem to constantly repost other articles featured.
incredible how all of her oldfag industry buddies and her mother's famous friends she knew since her childhood are liking pics like that. like bitch you've seen Arrow when she was 13 or even way younger and now you're cheering on her slutty pic, wtf

No. 1518984

feels like this bitch changed her entire aesthetic and wardrobe at least 3 times in the past couple years

No. 1518993

She looks like if someone dressed up a plastic Halloween skeleton as that bimbo meme

No. 1519044

File: 1651631317085.png (1.42 MB, 1586x836, screen5.png)

Ewww her perverted grandfather is leaving disgusting comments again. interesting how he never leaves comments on her normal pics, but he's always there under photos where his granddaughter poses with her ass naked…

No. 1519138

File: 1651643925561.jpeg (9.28 KB, 280x180, images (13).jpeg)

No. 1522133

i don't like this one because it looks like she's pretending to be a dead body, like a murdered prostitute in the hollywood hills. with the trash in the grass and the family guy fallen down pose.

No. 1523283

File: 1652046651058.png (190.6 KB, 504x718, 1.png)

Their song is used in a Nissan commercial and they're shitting their pants. who called who this time? nothing in their out of touch with reality universe is accidental.
Henri and other schoolboys are making music for Gucci and other fashion related short movies. ofc shorts shot by Gilbert. i feel like Gucci's just throwing them a bone time to time cause honestly no one needs those shorts, must be a genture of grace for Danny Trejo lol

No. 1523285

File: 1652046986373.png (1.03 MB, 839x892, 2344444r33r23r.png)

Some announcement is coming, a music video? they look awful, it's funny how even now they can't decide on their aesthetic. Henri wants so hard to make it a country band and Arrow wants to look like 2001 anorexic bimbo. they look boring af
wouldn't be surprised if that was the intention, she already cosplayed porn, "trashy" dead hooker is the next step

No. 1524456

as an untalented person myself, there's nothing wrong with just admitting you like to dress up and becoming a model or influencer or some dumb shit like that. i don't think anyone would mock these people if they were just honest with themselves.

No. 1524542

File: 1652136315883.png (1.1 MB, 842x962, roadkill.png)

Arrow's still indirectly copying Katie Jane Garside again i see.
they released a new song Roadkill, also went live on Zane Lowe today.

No. 1524549

File: 1652136680701.png (471.4 KB, 496x822, ttk.png)

"Go stream that shit", "Make a tiktok pls" kek the desperaion to sell this shit to zoomers. you won't go viral on Tiktok Arrow, not with 500 follower count (and they've got only 100+ followers for months prior).
(sorry for shit editing, it was covering the words she posted)

No. 1524555

File: 1652137150970.png (1.02 MB, 1038x902, tiktok.png)

jfc i can't explain why but even 10 seconds long tiktok she posted literally scream "basic girl". funny she thinks of herself as so fucking original interesting.
Anyone's got Apple account and would like to grace us with interview recap? i wanna bet if Zane tried to plug them as the "new" band for the third or fourth time

No. 1524579

this is kind of an out of date aesthetic? it's like what 25 year olds who just started rehab were into in 2017

No. 1524581

the tie reminds me that the younger people i know are doing things like learning beadwork and quillwork to connect with their ancestors, and that not all kids are this lazy.

No. 1524583

wow these pictures are exactly how i looked in 2013 as an alcoholic 20 year old groupie bitch. are shorts and chunky heels back yet?? i still have mine

No. 1524609

exactly. They dream of pandering to zoomers but they use boomer aesthetics. all their "career" moves are making them guaranteed boomer favourite instead. this band is a favourite only to mom and dads

No. 1524616

File: 1652142879047.png (2.13 MB, 1288x850, lkkkkkkkkkk.png)

well this his how i can look like in the height of my opiate addiction or too depressed to even move and brush my hair. her "i've NEVER washed my hair my shampoo is dusty uwu" bullshit is annoying tf out of me sometimes because for her it's ~cool aesthetic~.

No. 1524627

File: 1652144174532.png (7.02 MB, 1688x2352, starcrawler-36.png)

not saying everyone must have mandatory shiny smooth hairstyle and don't wanna sound like gatekeeping tangled hair (lmao) but if someone goes out in public like this and stops caring for their hair at all they usually have some problems. she's just an LA brat thinking looking like an addict is "being original"

No. 1524639

File: 1652145955051.png (989.13 KB, 560x844, 3.png)

(pic dump incoming)
Her hair thing is something i wanted to talk about anyway, because she not only tries to behave like mentallt ill people but she also definitely tries to look like a heroin addict, a prostitute, a porn star, white trash chick, whatever she feels like atm. for no reason. she had various photoshoot recreating that shit. She even tries to make it more "trash" by adding year long roots and singular black streaks on the blonde etc. That in combination with her stolen style and cosplaying in a white trash LARP house, look at how oddly stylized and intentional are these photos.
and she reaally is playing with how her thinness looks like with the Heroin chic cliches she puts on, despite whatever she claims. idk how to describe it but i think she intentionally makes herself appear way more "malnourished" than she is, like a drug addict or a sick person. and then goes onstage to fake epilepsy. she said she "loves when people think something happened to her and call medics". and after than she talks to press and marvels how can ppl make assumption about her, lol.
You can't act morally superior and be fake upset with people thinking you're a drug addict, when you intentionally choose to skinwalk drug addicts

No. 1524645

File: 1652146538408.png (880.81 KB, 896x726, 33.png)

No. 1524652

yeah that hairstyle only exists in 2 situations
1) carefully affected/done by a stylist for an intentional "look"
2) so deep into meth/coke/heroin addiction that you can only manage energy to put a shirt on and go to the corner for a pint of ice cream to eat propped up in bed while you recover from the past 3 days bender

No. 1524654

the red hair dye and "girl who likes pink floyd" clothings suit her a lot more than the bimbo stuff, she also looks more natural and less pose in these styles.

No. 1524665

the orange hair and plain black band shirt does look better on her, but the "grungy" style she had on in that year was overall equally fake as that was her peak KJ Garside skinwalker era.
honestly i'm amused how "hypersexual" she's trying to be with those bimbo clothes, acting like she's some sex goddess. cause you check out and see she's dating… Gilbert. not very "hot girl" of her.

No. 1524673

she seems very child like, mentally. i think that's why she has to date someone so extremely dumb. it's too bad she can't be with another stupid person her same age and learn to be adults together.

No. 1524749

File: 1652159740947.jpg (21.64 KB, 330x500, new-photo-from-audrey-audrey-k…)

Seems like she's going for a Audrey kitchng type look.lol. Why not copy the og cow

No. 1524838

On the topic of Arrow's horrible tangled blonde hair, she reverse-inspired me not to have blonde hair in case it looks like that when it's messy. so ratchet and not in the edgy way she thinks

No. 1525159

that fucked up blond hair is ok if you don't have it in the long style she does; if it's like a shag shape or only on half your head (with the other half shaved) it can be fashionable/current. but she's doing a weird thing where you can only be appropriating the appearance of a down and out person, OR actually be a down and out person. like there's no way for her to have that style and be like "noooo i'm not trying to look like a homeless junkie because i think that's cool"

No. 1525385

File: 1652234266878.jpg (59.85 KB, 426x676, 2wrr333t.jpg)

yeah that hair is not a hairstyle of a rebel or a cool kid. nobody in the streets accepts that, you're glared at if you look like that. but of course in LA it's peak style taste lol. i also want to notice that junkies hair looks bad not only because of lack of proper care, the hair just goes to shit after a time of constant drug use, so it looks destroyed if you brush it and add conditioner etc. It's kinda crazy to thnk some people fight to revive their dead hair after quitting drugs while Arrow tries hard to make her hair look destroyed. carefully planting black "roots" and patches or choosing most fucking ratty extentions possible, what a dedication!

No. 1525393

File: 1652235467847.png (634.88 KB, 566x501, hkids.png)

>there's no way for her to have that style and be like "noooo i'm not trying to look like a homeless junkie because i think that's cool"
Yeah, out of all people associated with the look, she's the one flogging the whole "heroin chic" thing the most. her bitching about about people saying she's a methhead and all is so fake and hypocritical, cause she clearly copies drug addicts. i mean what can you expect from someone who thinks homeless people are aesthetic and "bloody" wrist bandages are fashionable.

This topic and some of her stylizations reminded me of awfully bad taste clothing brand Heroin Kids, it was started by 30+ yo rich cows who already released a photobook depicting teen prostitution and were on the train of glamorizing heroin use for a decade or more. As you can expect, these idiots have never been heroin addicts. that brand was shilled hard by all the instagram cows a couple years ago, posted awful photoshoots like that. when someone called them out, they were fighting in comments like 13 year olds, when some ex addict IG girl called it out they went through her insta and found a pic of the girl wearing an "opiate" t-shirt and were waving it around in her face like a winner card, even though the girl wore it before she got clean. i re-found a couple of receipts, they were such cows on their own, glad they seemingly fell out of fashion. Arrow ofc doesn't promote heroin like them and is nowhere close that level but she does stylize herself like a junkie, hair nest, eyebags highlighted with makeup, white trash clothes, stoned faces and all.

No. 1525401

File: 1652236142383.png (652.57 KB, 566x501, hhkids2.png)

oof this is actually way worse than i remembered.

No. 1528034

File: 1652483005047.png (734.47 KB, 996x550, 333333.png)

Starcrawler just posted new music video and oh boy, they have zero chances to get zoomer attention no matter how hard they try. this is a song and video that will only be loved by boomers. from those boring ass costumes, to Steve-o cameo, to completely lame "funny scenario" schtik that Gilbert pulls in all of his music videos

No. 1528040

File: 1652483412824.jpg (312.2 KB, 1791x1188, starcrawler-siteheader01.jpg)

That all pink setting looks something way more suitable to pop productions, reminds me of Poppy and Tit's bubblegum cringe shorts. looks like Arrow wanted to go bimbo as usual but not full on bimbo & backed out last minute, leaving pink theme but calling mommy Autumn last minute to bring out her tacky costumes and make it typical cringe Starcrawler vibe as usual. all members of this band look idiotic and kindergarten tier in a bad way. everything about them screams Disney Channel-rock

No. 1528043

Why would she romanticize this? lol it doesn't even look cool just depressing. I can understand people who glamourize 'heroin chic' that doesn't show the true faces of heroin, it's just skinny chicks in grunge clothing and looking into the void with massive eyebags and pounds of make up. But this? lol

No. 1528044

Oh god I remember that time but haven't thought of it in forever. All the Berlin cool kids were totally in love with that stuff and I never understood why. They had a website full of disgusting photos and I bet 90% were high but not on heroin

No. 1528049

File: 1652483919236.png (1.24 MB, 826x832, stevo.png)

of course their advertizing tactic is to put some famous friend in their vids. they're also kind of ripping off Dani, right after Surfbort released a music video with Tony Hawk as a guest, they got Steve-o in a sort of dynamic wild driver role. she also got a custom all pink microphone right after Dani bought orange and green mic

No. 1528074

File: 1652484965576.jpg (70.74 KB, 555x500, a048b98f7166ac192913af032813a7…)

i think they got their IG nuked bc of that cause i can't find it. of course none of the models or anyone involved did heroin for real, that's not how heroin addicts look but they tried to recreate their surroundings, messy rooms etc. it's just kids dressed as addicts. Peek the "ANA" and "SEX TOY" strategically written on the the wall of this pic >>1525401 They also had "fine art" with slogans picrel they were even shilled on tumblr ads
its a thing for kids with rich parents and attention whore complex like Arrow, they glamorize something they nver experienced. ironic she's into heroin chic though considering Gilbert always does moral talks on IG how he used to be on heroin and dying and blah blah (it sucks but he had it better than loads of heroin addicts as a millionaire kid with more recovery opportunities)

No. 1528092

File: 1652485529830.png (261.48 KB, 800x300, milk.png)

Lol in the video the car is destroying a stash of bottles of milk, and the lyrics are apparently about her haters. considering how meticulously they show the milk, i'd almost hazard an ironic tinfoil that she's referencing lolcow, but it's probably just Gilbert's unfunny comedic gags

No. 1528128

Didn't they copy some anon's idea of a shirt to sell or something in the last thread?
Wouldn't be the first time cows made a milk/cow reference in their content to show how unbothered they are

They look genuinely seething here

No. 1528163

File: 1652489637941.png (90.23 KB, 178x275, 1634165734554.png)

They did, i mean ofc we don't know how long they had this collab planned, but shirts did happen not a long time after shirt anon posted. from the back of my memory, she posted burgers "to ppl who think i don't eat" after someone said she's not eating, and a pic of her in a corset when i said i hate seeing her in corsets.
I was most suspicious when she posted this after anons said she makes faces like Alaska

No. 1528170

File: 1652489977608.png (1.51 MB, 670x830, bb.png)

adding that she started randomly surrounding herself with girls from other bands just for a show, maybe anons saying she hates other band chicks got to her. on a lesser scale, anons correctly predicted starcrawler going country and Arrow going full bimbo next year, to the point for her cosplaying bimbofication meme. (honestly, i think she didn't even get her bimbo phase idea alone either, she started it after this shoot with Parker Day)

No. 1528176

Just watched the new video. Jesus christ all their music is so boring. I love rock and alternative but the 2 minutes 50 second felt like hours. Also the classic starcrawler technique of adding some random celebrity/storyline to pad out their music videos.
Anyone else find it weird how their trying to make that plastic precious moment lamb their thing? Like they want to have fans buy it on their merch so bad. Weird to think that this thread is the closest thing to a legitimate fanbase they have.

No. 1528188

yeah the lamb this is weird. Starcrawler is a weird cross of "goofy" nerdy and completely boring guys trying to have that lame comedic effect like say, Foo Fighters had as their vibe in videos and whatnot (that lamb seems like some unfunny internal joke, they probably think it's so mysterious and creepy) and a bimbo junkie cosplayer and skinwalker who on the other hand takes it very seriously and clashes terribly with her backing guys.
>Weird to think that this thread is the closest thing to a legitimate fanbase they have.
they should be flattered lol. they only have like 2 unactive Starcrawler fan instagrams at most. not even anachan forums care enough to post on Arrow more than throwing a few photos and forgetting she existed

No. 1528200

File: 1652491881062.png (479.7 KB, 882x1156, qwrqwqw.png)

Jfc that "Want your mommy to hold your hand?" lyric is such a fucking irony bc it's sang by a person who's holding onto her mommy's hand tightly her entire life

No. 1528204

It's boring. There's no build up and their voices don't mesh well. This comes off as teenagers in a garage band thinking they're deep.
>Anyone else find it weird how their trying to make that plastic precious moment lamb their thing? Like they want to have fans buy it on their merch so bad.
They're forcing it so it's annoying. I don't get the reference even, if there even is one besides a money grab. Is it suppose to be the sacrificial lamb or something along those lines.
>Moving more into punk territory

No. 1528376

Kek I had the exact same thought.

No. 1528849

kek this is literally what was cool to 23 year old hipsters in 2010. it's too recent to be retro-cool and too old to be actual cool. this is like what my friends' bands looked like when i was their age 12 years ago.

No. 1528853

wait hang on i was maybe shirt anon? i posted asking about where to get cobwoy shirts because i love america stuff
i'm scared now, does someone have caps. i hope i didn not accidentally design starcrawler merch. i am sorry ,america

No. 1528857

File: 1652564373807.png (258.15 KB, 1126x1572, eyyyy.png)

lol it seems even their fanboys are hating this song. Starcrawler is getting more and more "disappointed" comments since 2021 overall

No. 1528862

hahah yeah seems it was you. receipts are in the previous thread if you scroll a bit up lol, even OP text mentions
>Starcrawler releases a cowboy shirt line, incidentally after anon says she likes Henri’s shirts >>1369599

No. 1528891

File: 1652567768632.png (1.81 MB, 1152x658, zl1.png)

Wtf has she done to herself, looks like she had fillers or something. she doesn't look like herself anymore.
Zane Lowe interview:

No. 1528894

File: 1652567921272.png (1.81 MB, 1152x658, zl2.png)

No. 1528907

That's so funny that even their boomer fans are unimpressed.

The video reminds me of something you could've maybe got away with in 2006, doing this in 2022 is questionable.

No. 1528948

File: 1652572373461.png (163.19 KB, 1094x1576, 55555555555555.png)

Yeah, seen comments like that on their YT though it's just a few that stand out to me bc aside normally i don't read what fans write on their YT. Ironic how their fans mention they're losing the "charm" they had in the beginning, bc they were just as fake, childish and awkward before. what changed now aside from Arrow showing ass? their most "passable" era was their 2nd album, but they only made any impression bc Arrow skinwalked KatieJane and Courtney.
the only standable music video they had was Hollywood Ending, but perhaps its bc the song was a mashup of different songs like Hole and Tom Petty, and vid was very much stylized as MTV 90's video and Gilbert put some minimally bigger effort. he cannot make music videos for shit overall.

No. 1528949


No. 1528964

File: 1652573709898.png (37.29 KB, 725x349, screenn.png)

No. 1528966

Lol Starcrawler plays before MCR right before Gayle and other industry plants. good taste, Gerard.
interestingly there's another new plant band called Crawlers and they're playing with MCR and Starcrawler next month, i wonder what they're thinking about that

No. 1529057

ot but i have been saying in way too many threads that gerard is going to troon out. if lindsey leaves him, it'll come out weeks later that it's because of trooning

No. 1529080

Kek i love how persistent you are with this tinfoil, Gerard bullynon

No. 1529193

i just want to go down in history as the person who saw it coming first.

No. 1529320

He admitted to cross dressing in public and struggling with his identity and masculinity so not that much of a stretch.

No. 1533013

File: 1652920816292.webm (2.65 MB, 1920x1080, starcrawlertiktok.webm)

>strategically touching hair to show how (intentionally) greasy and tangled they are
>putting on "grunge" flannel last min just for a tiktok video to show how totally "grunge" and "dirty" and "wild" she is
>~so random!!1!!1~
>"takin a shit. go stream our song pls"
Yes Arrow, you're so cool for trying to be so obnoxious with toilet selfies as doing your usual "trash hobo aesthetic" dressups. the world is in awe. everyone's dying to stream your 2-chord only shit song rn.
Even Dani isn't such cringe on her tiktok.

No. 1533014

File: 1652921045502.png (1.62 MB, 1036x896, tt.png)

No. 1533070


Wtf is that hand

No. 1533208

uhh did she get fillers? wtf is wrong with people, stop getting those

No. 1533224

living proof that being skinny isnt the same as being hot.

No. 1533538

i'm starting to believe she did tbh because her face looks swollen in that middle part right under her eyes and her chin becomes fake prominent. she's skinny af but her face looks like full moon and unmoving in that upper cheeks area almost in every pic since the beginning of this thread especially >>1503081, >>1528894 Ironic since always she tried to flog this "i'm always MYSELF!!! it's been MY idea!!!" thing as fake as it was, and tried to look like junkie, not a hollywood bitch
she's unfortunate af

No. 1533735

File: 1652996932284.png (1.2 MB, 668x838, zxzxzxz.png)

I know he's only in his 30's but damn this looks like hello fellow kids meme

No. 1534111

File: 1653049859587.jpg (284.74 KB, 703x701, starcrawler mcdonalds.jpg)


I'll just leave this here…>>1533735

No. 1534131

File: 1653051865532.png (2.23 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220517-005934.png)

tfw you want to be Killjoy era Gerard Way but you end up as Ronald McDonald
Now they fit each other in terms of awful hair. guess that bunny emoji is there for a reason, her hair really does look like a dead rabbit (anyways you just can tell that she sat there for a while pulling down her top and striking a pose asking someone to take a pic of her. totally not posed "candid" pic right)

No. 1534140

File: 1653053695022.jpeg (61.44 KB, 500x375, 9E2254F2-2870-4D31-9A2D-A7DF65…)

Arrow looks identical to her father, Aaron Sperske. sad

No. 1534206

Aha, so that's where the ugly came from

No. 1534360


What's up with her stomach. Bad photoshop?(sage your shit)

No. 1534413

That’s just her skin

No. 1534432

File: 1653080640456.jpeg (613.6 KB, 750x862, 1652840283416 (2).jpeg)

Kek, guess she finally met Lilith. saw this posted in Lilith's thread, at first i didn't recognize her. i mean looked familiar to me, but bc of her clothes and pubes peeking out of the trousers i thought it's some anemic guy. but it's her. Weird that she didn't repost this at all to flex that she met her #1 idol, kek. maybe Lilith asked her not to. or maybe she knew we'd laught at her.
This is hilarious bc she always behaves not like equal peer, she behaves like Lilith's no. 1 stan. she must have been in Clare's DMs begging for her attention for a long time, lol.

No. 1534481

That's not her. Her proportions are completely different, she tends to always looks female but like an alien cryptid, not a man

No. 1534496

ppl from Lilith thread who follow her on SM told it's her.
zoom and check out, she has "Ozzy Osbourne" (engraved?) temp tattooed/written with marker on her right side. kinda seals the deal for me, she's obsessed with Ozzy.
i wish i could check myself if she's tagged on this photo, but don't follow Lilith and she's on private
>she tends to always looks female but like an alien cryptid, not a man
quite the opposite. we're used to seeing her, but her face at times look very manly and alot of ppl confuse her for a man.

No. 1534568

She seriously needs to have normal eyebrows again. She looks atrocious

No. 1534617

File: 1653094179944.png (921.96 KB, 498x880, ergsrg.png)

well… agreed.

No. 1534637

File: 1653094959594.png (85.08 KB, 832x890, roadkillyrics.png)

i feel like it's her seething "anthem" response to lolcow. she didn't have a need to write a song like that for her previous album.
Her lyrics suck. the starcrawler songs that i heard all had 2 bad verses and then it kind of cuts and ends in nowhere. idk how to explain this but if that was a story, it would be cut in half. juvenile lyrics written last minute just fill up that space before chorus. and that song is literally made of 2 chords, most basic ones at that.

No. 1534709


Something doesn't look right with her bottom half. Distorted

No. 1534725

Nayrt but she's shifting her weight onto her left arm and upper part of the body leans onto the side while her bottom stays in same place, and she's doing this WHILE sucking in her stomach hard, so her left rib is sticking out in the air. what you see below the rib is a roll of skin peeking from the jeans. prob just weird angle, however after zooming in skin roll/shadow lines above her belly button look weird/smoothed out and belly button looks oddly stretched. but idk maybe some other anon better at seeking photoshop fails can tell us more

btw next time you're posting anon, you need to write "sage" in the Email field above Comment section. you don't have to do this if you post milk or news or new pics, but if you post normal replies like that you need to bc otherwise you might get a temp ban

No. 1534897

File: 1653122244045.jpg (33.9 KB, 736x552, 40e448bd9cb1c5a3dd9436d7d07925…)

No. 1535060


ok thanks for the tip. Odd that "sage" is not once mentioned in the rules section.

Testing sage now.

No. 1535067

>>1535060 you did it bb! (like seriously, from a longtime lurker, congrats on getting it right)

No. 1535100

samefag, i'm thinking now it might be someone else. i've seen other angle on some fansite and that person had small tattoos on the other hand, so unless she got a bunch of temporary lately, it's someone else. also forgot she's got frayed bangs now.

No. 1535107

Tyler Bates is fighting sooo hard to make them marketable. Henri posted they recorded a cover of If You're Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough for the next Jackass movie.
What's puzzling me is that they are friends with the people at Third Man Records, heck even Henri has a solo project at Third Man Records, but Starcrawler isn't at TMR which is much more clouty, they're on a nobody christian country label for ppl that play at hillibilly country conventions for a couple of people. i'll be laughing so hard if they'll try to spin it as their biggest success

No. 1535263

Being on a label like that is purely for that "authentic, started from the bottom" feel that they lack so very much. Also it's got that layer of hipster irony. They are unique as far as being uniquely insufferable, even in business moves. Tinfoil but that's just the impression it gives.

No. 1535412

File: 1653165236530.png (698.76 KB, 474x750, tmr.png)

…clearly not famous enough to be put on their releases list besides one live single?
yeah, this is such a bullshit on their part, especially the way Arrow worded it "we're on the major label guys wtfff" I mean. wow. you just have major distribution, that means shit. PLENTY of bands started out like that and often didn't up end that far. fuck there's pages upon pages of lies and dirt on this band

No. 1535590

File: 1653179029384.png (2.68 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220521-232148.png)

Embarassing family pics part 1.
Gilbert looks like their 5th grade son. or a garden dwarf. legit thought he's wearing a red cap at first.

No. 1535592

File: 1653179123340.png (1.84 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220521-232134.png)

Embarrassing family pics part 2

No. 1535598

File: 1653179485050.png (2.1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220521-232313.png)

Butt pic with no context i guess? looks like Autumn's taking a shot of her daughter undressing from her shirt to change clothes in her dressing room. bc it's totally worth documenting. classy

No. 1535601

File: 1653179716926.png (2.62 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220521-232203.png)

She added the ribbon around the legs from that cringey bimbofication meme-styled photoshoot. tiny detail but she still cannot come up with any idea on her own

No. 1535901

this gives me shmegeh vibes

No. 1535937

Why are they the theme to the new jackass. Why are they doing a country theme now. They are just trying anything.

No. 1535947

File: 1653209248102.png (450.26 KB, 379x702, sickysab3.png)

Pics with another irritating indie cow living off her rich CEO daddy, Sickysab.

No. 1535949

File: 1653209509008.png (641.86 KB, 492x888, sickysab2.png)

No. 1535950

File: 1653209637995.png (994.33 KB, 712x784, qqqqq.png)

I'm sorry but she looks worse and worse on her face these days.

No. 1535952

File: 1653209959234.png (1.17 MB, 704x812, zoom.png)

No. 1535954

Nitpick but why does autumn call arrow her "baby bat"? Arrow isnt goth, and as far as I can tell, neither is autumn?

No. 1535956

tinfoil says that she calls her "baby bat"… because she's anorexic-looking and spindly. look at her limbs, her hands and fingers. looks like bat's wings.
i get it's their affectionate way of calling her, but it gets awkward and uncomfortable bc she uses it all the time. they're NLOGs so they highlight what sets them apart from others, every chance they got.

No. 1536180

Rickety Cricket and Sweet Dee's son started HRT? That's great good for her

No. 1536190

Holy shit anon my sides

No. 1536218

File: 1653240611438.png (516.26 KB, 478x760, tour.png)

Kids got a whole ass tourbus? damn they think they're about to get successful this time, before that i think they had regular van with a couple of seats

No. 1536221

File: 1653240745189.png (538.82 KB, 494x860, tourr.png)

Who's regular My Chemical Romance audience these days? new wave zoomers or ex emos from back in the days? guess they're thinking they're about to catch a big fish making new fans tonight, but no way emo millenials will be impressed.

No. 1536257

yeah doors open at 4pm for the mcr gig so i really doubt 50% of the audience will even be there to see them play. also as n ex emo that's going to their gig, i'm already not impressed.

No. 1536436

File: 1653252160375.webm (9.72 MB, 960x540, live-clip.webm)

Damn, that's worse than i expected. the crowd is DEAD, nobody moves along to the music or cared. "this is crazy", yes, it is crazy how little anyone cares. i'd be too ashamed to repost something like that.
sorry about shit quality

No. 1536457

This is cracking me up. Not a single person is even slightly swaying, let alone actually enjoying the music. I went to a concert recently and even for the opening act there were still people jumping up and down, singing along, looking like they were having fun. I've never seen a crowd look so unimpressed. KEK.

No. 1536464

same, at shows i went to people enjoyed even shitty support bands like All Time Low and jumped like crazy. this is so telling. How is that a "cult" band? nobody's having fun at their shows, even their fans stand still. this was probably their biggest crowd ever (Milton Keynes) but only bc people waited for Placebo and MCR

No. 1536470

As a scene kid back in the day, I know a LOT of 30 year olds seeing MCR this tour. No one's mentioned being impressed by Starcrawler.

No. 1536601

called it. it's like 5pm and half the stadium isn't there lmao this is so cringe.

No. 1536629

it's a typical starcrawler tactic. the crowd hated them? played in the noon? they'll spin it the way that it shows they're "successful"! they do it just for that shiny credit on their starfucker list. a reason to put "Starcrawler toured with MCR" in next narcissistic press article.
But that thing aside, i think they legit thought they'd get new fans this way. they behave like it's their most mainstream rock winner era, but in reality it looks like last paralytic dance before the band crashes.

No. 1536956

File: 1653307779583.jpg (121.5 KB, 640x337, Starcrawler-Dave-Grohl-What-Dr…)


A tour bus now? That would be fucking ironic.
Yes you're correct. Starcrawler was featured in a documentary about the struggles of van life musicians. lmao

No. 1536965

did you see the film? i'd like to bc it had actual bands like L7 and so on, but also because i'm curious what kind of woe is me we're poor uwu bullshit Starcrawler was trying to sell

No. 1536968

File: 1653309491671.png (1.12 MB, 842x844, van.png)

No. 1536971


Arrow and the band should have stuck with the denim Aesthetic. Arrow with two simultaneous patches is derp derp though.

No. 1536973

File: 1653309829655.png (1.17 MB, 806x826, hotel.png)

Adding to "van life struggles", gotta love that time she whined if they catched covid on tour, they'd have to quarantine in a cheapest motel bc that's what they can afford. as if they can't afford 5 star hotels

No. 1536974

File: 1653309991700.png (1.42 MB, 1404x462, v1.png)

wouldn't be surprised if the only time they choose cheap one hotels is when she wants "aesthetic" pics

No. 1537191

nah she called her "my alien baby" because of her looks. baby bat is probably just standard "goth imagery when i feel like it cause it looks cool" that everyone does lately. and it does look cool, i just think it's weird that internet kids who nail the appearance will tell you to stfu about your grandpa shit if you start talking to them about david j or republica or mother of london

No. 1537196

idk i think she always looks great. i hate her and her band but just find her so cute, ugh. she has prominent mouth lines but they're her only flaw so i dont think they ruin the look. they're definitely what's stopping her from being a model though i used to be a model, the skinny body ugly face kind, and with arrow tl;dr is she could have either the floppy cheeks OR the way too short legs, not both.

No. 1537198

youngest people there will be 30, so odds are the older fans/people the same age as the band are in the "fell for the marketing" catchment of starcrawler listeners.

No. 1537202

everything starcrawler tries is a miss, and it's because nothing they do seems like they want to do it/are invested in it/care about it. you could have a shitty 70s psych roky eriksonxcourtney love ripoff even though it's completely out of fashion and uncool right now, and be successful or at least make a living, if that's actually what you are&want to be doing. starcrawler just come across like a picture of a person instead of the person idk

No. 1537348

not really. she called her baby bat even in her childhood pics, back when was just a kid in normie clothes (and i'd argue Arrow still wears absolutely normie clothes). i think both nicknames relate to her unusual looks/genetics, not clothes
she never looks great. she's a butterface, but something happened, idk aging or wht and her looks turn worse overall, and she made it worse too with brow shave and possible fillers or whatever that make her swollen. i know there's 1 or 2 anons here who like her looks so its a matter o opinions and all but cute is a huge overstatement imo. the only time i might say she looked fine was a couple years ago when she still had eyebrows

No. 1537358

i think it's bc they're fake, unoriginal people. i guess whatever Arrow did so far was honestly based on her obsessions, and she for the love of god cannot do anything on her own, just copy-paste. it's a shallow self-promotion project. Her guitar guys on the other hand seemingly want to play more varied music, even though Henri is insufferable brat who thinks he's the greatest shit on earth. i noticed they all had their own music projects in the recent years, they toured with some zoomer boy with a huge following (prob a tiktok star), record music for fashion films. however they're spoiled brats too bc they're used to ppl going too far into their asses with compliments, and no one in this band has any real life experience, never had any problems and so on. they're all in denial about their fame going down too

No. 1537385

nonna she literally looks like Abraham Lincoln.

No. 1537405

File: 1653341325446.webm (16.3 MB, 1280x720, live-mcr2.webm)

This video shows it even worse. she's waves her hands and tries to hype up the crowd and the crowd is just like meh
can't say i feel bad for them remembering how arrogant and self praising they are

No. 1537648

you all need to spend less time on your phones. there's nothing wrong with her looks, she's just a giant bitch. some nonas seem so intent on making the idea of "bad person = bad looking" a reality with cows. i thought we could shit on shitty women without automatically using "you're ugly" as an insult. go outside and see some people who don't follow instagram/tiktok/shein style. this reminds me of the late 90s when anyone not doing the exact most popular mainstream style was called ugly. or people freaking out over how uggo kamala harris' kid is. you people see one face all day long so can't conceive that a different one or one with no makeup or a dumb hipster haircut looks okay.

No. 1537674

File: 1653362688449.png (1.7 MB, 706x1398, averagewoman.png)

>"if you don't think this looks attractive you need to go outside"

No. 1537858

ayrt - yeah, that's a person dressed like an idiot with a stupid hairtstyle. her face and body are fine

No. 1538071

I'm not going to keep arguing about this because it doesn't matter, it's fine if you think she's attractive, but let's not pretend she's a classic beauty. She is objectively weird looking, even by 'average' standards. Lots of people like people who look out of the ordinary, but don't act shocked when others don't agree.

No. 1538276

i said she's fine, not a "classic beauty"

No. 1538508

File: 1653400630594.png (894.04 KB, 624x694, noname.png)

jfc are you the same bitch that was throwing shit in the previous thread too? i thought we had this conversation already. no, not everybody here is going to think she's "cute" just because you do. countless of people in both threads said she's just not an attractive person, including anons who know who she is AND anons who have no idea. yes, we know you have "crush" on her, you told us at least 5 times already if not more.
>some nonas seem so intent on making the idea of "bad person = bad looking" a reality with cows.
No, you are hellbent on imposing your point of view on everyone, and you use bullshit arguments. I thought she's ugly before i even knew anything about her.

No. 1538519

Samefag, i wouldn't care much bc you're entitled to your opinion. but so are we and screeching about tiktok beauty standards is stupid af.
>thought we could shit on shitty women without automatically using "you're ugly"
lurk more. women aren't forbidden to think of other women as ugly or to voice their opinions. certainly not on lolcow.
>go outside and see some people who don't follow instagram/tiktok/shein style.
I don't use tiktok, shein or instagram.
>you all need to spend less time on your phones.
I barely spend time on my phone, but thats not the point. Maybe YOU need to spend less time thirsting for her and policing other people's opinions on her looks. Arrow's not gonna fuck you.

No. 1539287

tbh i had impression something is wrong with her ever since i've seen rock sites and celebs promoting her fake tryhard act and her narcissistic bs on instagram, but even with that the amount of shit found on her in the first thread is impressive.
she's about as punk as Willow Smith is, or Miley Cyrus is, or even less.

No. 1539288

File: 1653482039117.png (1.55 MB, 1358x816, 4a8e755f048939e.png)

this shit looks like pyjamas

No. 1541269

File: 1653606965492.png (1.1 MB, 852x798, 6a00e5518.png)

>soldout show
I see the bar is incredibly low if they praise them for selling out Third Man Records. that venue is 20 people capacity.

No. 1542777

surprised she hasn't skinwalked Lisa Suckdog or Dame Darcy yet.

No. 1542811

These are pretty underground examples, but as for the former guess she already tried the "poor" LARP rolling around in her fake crackden house and whining about her mother "crying about paying the bills".
i lowkey wonder if her new shitty attire wasn't chosen because she feared if she worse stripper bikini she'd get kicked out of MCR supports just like she was after playing with Spoon or whatever the fuck band that's friends with her mother, idr

No. 1542828

God her veneers creep me out

No. 1542868

File: 1653772232652.png (978.64 KB, 1424x838, jerrydewilde.png)

Jerry pretty much confirmed that Starcrawlerarchive is an account made by her family member or a friend.
Gilbert tries hard to show here that he's not a garden gnome (or Arrow's "little" as they're into that kind of shit kek)

No. 1542938

so i saw starcrawler opening for mcr and well they were embarrasingly bad that is obvious but i was shocked to see how everyone was cringing the whole time they were playing trying not to laugh. the crowd was basically made of some of the most autistic ppl ive ever seen (literally) and still this trash nepoband couldnt fool them lol

No. 1542943

which show was it? milton keynes? bc everybody fucking hated them at this show, even their fans noticed it kek

No. 1542953

warrington. everyone around me hated them even the boomers looked confused at what arrow was trying to do kek

No. 1542958

OT but I fucking hate Henri, what a stupid ugly scrote

No. 1542959

File: 1653776116370.png (1.55 MB, 1030x908, 5454545.png)

Kek, as if someone's gonna care about your little "promotions" and your bullshit single

No. 1542960

dang really? I wonder if they’ll finally get bad reviews now that they’re not in the indie LA bubble. MCR is actually above that

No. 1542966

File: 1653776510978.png (1.05 MB, 1052x910, 54545454.png)

Bitch is trying so, so hard to sell that single. guess she's trying to pull Dani and trend on TikTok through shit makeup tutorials. jfc they're so desperate to sell anything.
that makeup tutorial is atrocious, not as much as Mac tutorial she did but still wtf is she doing. maybe it's their record label telling them to speed it up and make tiktoks

No. 1542971

i doubt they'll get bad reviews officially. but people saw what they saw and they think what they think.
i genuinely think if this band doesn't make actual coin for their label this time, this will be the slow end. she already has some sort of identity crisis and changes sound/approach/costumes every few days. they can scream about their "success" and show huge ass tourbus as much as they want, but everybody hates them.

No. 1542973

i doubt anyone cares enough to write anything abt them unless its promo and momma dewilde pays them

mcr stans are crazy and will worship anything and considering gerard and frank were at starcrawlers first show opening for them watching them from the side of the stage you'd think the fans would at least pretend to like them. i can imagine autumn telling the mcr guys to check her daughters band out lol

No. 1542975

Smaller publications and local press tend to not be bought off in the same way. There are actually talented and critically acclaimed artists I’ve seen get shredded in local papers

No. 1542981

>considering gerard and frank were at starcrawlers first show opening for them watching them from the side
what really? wtf
yeah, unfortunately i;ve seen only one paper dissing Starcrawler though. everybody fell for all that blood spitting crazy straightjacket blah blah blah shit.

No. 1542985

God she's so fugly. She looks like if Iggy Pop had a botched sex change, but with about 1% of his talent.

She doesn't have Marfans, she's just a tall ana-chan. Tall girls don't normally look this emaciated. Her showbiz mommy taking pedo-pandering photos of her "modelling" as a kid probably gave her an eating disorder. She needs to stop LARPing as a rock star and get some therapy.

No. 1542988

Back in the 70s, musicians like her would get beaned in the head with beer bottles. People back then were not forgiving of shitty opening acts.

No. 1542990

This is the 2021 show. First song shows it well but you can click any song at random and her voice will sound like shit. she can't sing for shit, sounds horrible (and saying this as someone who usually has no problem with shitty vocalists such as Courtney Love).
They also play a couple new songs here, they honestly sound so generic. True sounds like a Green Day sond down to riff ripped from Paper Lanterns, Stranded has a chorus i heard in 1000 other songs. They're not gonna go far with this shit.
[00:09:59] True
[00:18:27] Stranded
[00:36:51] She Said
[00:49:18] Better Place

No. 1542993

Did we hurt your feewings, Arrow?(hi cow )

No. 1542994

Ofc she doesn't have Marfans. i'm on the fence about ED, she eats burgers and fastfood and shit, which anachans of her weight would never touch. she always looked like this, even in childhood. but who knows maybe she tries to be even thinner than that for Gilbert, her boyfriend has a taste for anachan girls.

No. 1543000

File: 1653778876793.png (118.05 KB, 1574x428, 111111x.png)

sfg. even actual anachans online noticed there's something wrong with Gilbert.

No. 1543025

rewatched it full with sound, she admitted she screwed up so me saying it's atrocious was kinda unnecessary. girl, let go digging in your waterlines with the crayon and go for pink or the bright blue eyeshadow thing you did some time ago. the black coal smudging looks rather bad without eyebrows.

No. 1543040

Her mom looked like this >>1493949 as a child so her thinness probably has a genetic component

No. 1543086

File: 1653791405055.png (5.17 MB, 1874x1756, Screen Shot 2022-05-28 at 10.2…)

Starcrawler? more like Skinwalker https://www.instagram.com/taylertreadwell/

No. 1543134

This has to be a selfpost kek

No. 1543325

No one is copying this literal nobody

No. 1543346

Wow she is awful. Like way worse than I expected. It’s pretty grim when the most interesting thing about your band is that the lead singer is tall and skinny

No. 1543358

>literal nobody
it’s Arrow’s boyfriend’s ex-wife, retard

No. 1543479

yes you cracked me, anon! i'm that capybara typing on the keyboard.

No. 1543522

File: 1653846962641.png (2 MB, 1220x818, ttredwell.png)

>No one's copying that literal nobody
>implying Arrow is not a nobody
kek i guess you anons just hurt Arrow's feelings lol
as in OP summary
>Gilbert had a wife that looked identical to Arrow, but dumped her and started dating Arrow a short while later. Pretty much in less than a couple of weeks time switched his girlfriend for a younger and thinner version >>1118374, >>1118381, >>1142257, >>1144528, >>1142762, >>1142784
It matters cause Gilbert in 2 weeks time met a chick whose face is eerily similar to Tayler and he mentioned he fell in love at first sight. so he split with his wife just so he could date a chick who looked the same. post dates show it all, they stated dating couple weeks or earlier and 1-2 months after dumping Tayler he was already living with Arrow. i guess Gilbert was still in the process of divorcing his wife while sleeping with her younger copy, and he's repeating same pattern as in relationship with Tayler (the whole "baby" bullshit)
i mean who knows maybe Tayler dumped him because she noticed her husband is running around some 19 yo chick instead but there def was a weird crossing and Gilbert just switched models. not sure if Arrow copies Tayler but yeah.

No. 1543536

They look quite similar but I don't think arrow is skinwalking her, I think Gilbert is just a creep with a very specific type.

No. 1543545

I think so too, Tayler has better sense of style.

No. 1543612

File: 1653852660399.png (1.51 MB, 1170x672, 1611864774588.png)

Arrow and Gilbert are both so hideous. good for Tayler no matter what she’s doing now tbh

No. 1544470

everything about them is so contrived
weird fake diy graffiti with logo/font that looks like a focus group spent months designing it

No. 1544471

she is pretty mithout makeup, wearing it makes her look bad somehow

No. 1544474

taylor's a healthy weight/size. fatties of the 21st century calm down.

No. 1544517

thirtposting anon back at it again
you're missing the point. Tayler's not malnourished emaciated level of Arrow, so maybe you think it's average weight, and she may not have anorexia. but she's still on the model/skinny side. again, Gilbert found two very similar chicks facially. he forgot about his wife after seeing Arrow. he chose skinnier and younger chick. you really think he chose her because of Arrow's incredibly interesting personality? lmao

No. 1544519

idc bout arrow, taylor's just not ana looking, sorry

No. 1544534

>he divorced his ex wife and that woman was really skinny
>he seems to seek out underweight chicks
>she may not have anorexia. but she's still on the model/skinny side.
Can you fucking read? Both forum post and in my post it is nowhere mentioned that she's anorexic.
The point made is that he STILL dates underweight girls, and chose a skinnier model. no one said they're both anorexics, it has nothing to do. Arrow ain't anorexic either.
You can shut up now and be happy that you're skinnier than Tayler, anachan.

No. 1545286


I imagine they both smell like cat pee and old beer. Though Arrow was a downgrade.

No. 1545310

From what little info found on Tayler online, i had rather positive impression. she doesn't chase clout and she posts on her insta maybe once a year. definitely not a public person. ofc i have no idea how she really is but it felt refreshing after seeing Arrow's attention whoring. poor girl has a bad taste though, i mean, she married Gilbert.

No. 1545315

Stacrawler's playing with Nick Cave next… i wanted to say i'm disappointed with Nick, but on the other hand, he just lost his son. i doubt he's in the mood to hang on the phone answerign Autumn's calls just to offer Starcrawler lucrative tour contract. i mean, they play as lowest of low supports before like 10 bands before Nick even comes out…

No. 1545704

I fuckin hope he doesn't get her onstage to sing Where The Wild Roses Grow.

No. 1545948

Ugh, don't give me that mental scare. worst nightmare. Unfortunately, seems like Nick's wife is a fashion buddy of Autumn. Their son Earl was lately photographed by Autumn for some fashion shit.
i choose to hold onto a thought that Nick probably doesn't give a fuck about Starcrawler, but if he comes out to praise Arrow, i'll probabl lose a bit of respect for him

No. 1546172

dang they’re opening for Nick cave? I’d be nervous in front of that crowd.

No. 1546229

File: 1654117267873.jpg (16.55 KB, 201x251, nickcave.jpg)

yeah his crowd is made of people that wouldn't give Starcrawler even a second of chance. even with boomers, these are usually boomers with good taste.
Apparently the whole thing is a festival, Nick is just the main attraction. so perhaps it was the festival's organizers choice to slap Starcrawler instead of Nick's. I believe they already opened for him in the past, in a similar configutation. Nick Cave as main star + 100s of irrelevant bands in the daylight.

No. 1546443

File: 1654129337111.jpg (132.32 KB, 1138x950, Screenshot_1.jpg)

Girl must be desperate to make ANY sort of impression as the tour's ending. Resorting to "scandal" taping your tits and pulling a britneyed-up Taylor Momsen won't help you get remembered, Arrow. it's as unimpressive and forgettable as shows from a week ago, undressing won't change the quality of these shows.

No. 1546450

File: 1654129647417.jpg (147.6 KB, 1092x1206, Screenshot_2.jpg)

No. 1547144


That outfit and hair is a big change from their original garage band goth look. It's so cheap and tacky yuck!

No. 1547148

I found the Warrington show that anon went to and wow, pls watch this embarassment. Everybody's talking, she sounds horrible, and when the boysband plays the coda for several minutes, you can just feel people's impatience. can't believe she still went for that stupid "Oh look i'm such a psycho, i'm so crazy" shit throwing herself and running back and forth while maybe a few considerate people react.

No. 1547150

This vid shows how bad a song Roadkill actually is and how much they had to make up for with production. the vocal melody is just alternating between 2 sounds or just repeating same tone

No. 1547533

File: 1654217747255.png (911.55 KB, 1242x652, shitcrawler.png)

Kek look how unexcited the front row is when she runs past.
Also at the weird jerky hip shake she does at 2:31. No idea how to be sexy.

No. 1547563

calling it now this is their last album. maybe one more after this.

No. 1547587

Any theories what are they going to do next?
i think they try to keep pushing it no matter what now. but when they fail, their current label will drop them, maybe after one album.
I'm noticing that they're ALREADY using up all of Autumn's phonebook, touring exclusively with mommy's friends. This is a way of fake pumping their audience stats. i bet in their next interview Arrow's gonna boast about playing for a soldout stadiums. guess our comments of 15 people per starcrawler show really hurt their egos.

No. 1547597

File: 1654223151868.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1920, umm what.png)

wtf is that and why? this is a shirt pattern i'd expect from Nicole Dollanganger or Melanie Martinez or another ddlg/ageplay bitches using virgin suicides gowns and creepy toys as aesthetic. i don't get what they're even trying to do anymore.

No. 1547696

Literally just shit flinging til something sticks… Some retard will always eat that shit up too

No. 1548058

i unironically wish these britney/xtina crop top and flare outfits would come back in style. i just wanna walk around in sparkly club pants and never put on a shirt, i'm lazy ok

No. 1548958

She's playing rn at mcr's concert in Italy
She's so fucking bad my bff and I couldn't understand if she was an ugly guy or an ugly girl
She's twitchy and screeches instead of singing
Big oof

No. 1549455

File: 1654388622444.jpg (504.11 KB, 1900x1537, Screenshot_20220604-1806011.jp…)

Bitch please.
and stop fishing for compliments in your band's name indirects on twitter, that's kinda sad.

No. 1549458

File: 1654388772843.jpg (266.07 KB, 1080x1064, Screenshot_604.jpg)

She can try hard to pretend she has any style of her own with the Y2K rhinestoned rags she ordered, but it's still fucking obvious who she's copying, that's just another bad take at Taylor Momsen's old image

No. 1549460

God she has a troon upper body. And searching her bands own name…she must have a lot of time on her hands kek

No. 1549463

File: 1654388926509.jpeg (38.46 KB, 620x381, images_Theprettyreckless217-62…)

No. 1549466

File: 1654389160526.jpg (52.02 KB, 470x319, the_pretty_reckless_01.jpg)

sorry for shit quality, but it's pretty much same vibe, black clothes, fleshy stockings, even extensions now and Arrow wears stacks of christian crosses like her all the time.

No. 1549467

File: 1654389237208.jpg (47.24 KB, 679x470, starcrawler6.jpg)

No. 1549475

The otherworldly skinny blonde girl in the band full of men really gives off a "hates other women" vibe too.

No. 1549481

Ah yes, but she's "pretty" clearly. I've had deflated birthday balloons more attractive than her. She looks wrecked

No. 1549493

Arrow or Taylor? Taylor at least had girl friends at the time, as for Arrow i completely agree bc she's a pickme and acted like a bitch to other women.
she really needs to stop trying to be "sexy" in every photo or live show, she ends up looking funny in a bad way. >>1549458 this photo cracks me up, her surrounded by a circle of "men" trying to be all catty crawling on all fours and biting her lip. and then there's Henri with his stupid pose trying to be… idk what is he even trying to do kek

No. 1549500

File: 1654391445664.jpg (143.86 KB, 830x775, 13411.jpg)

>The otherworldly skinny blonde girl in the band full of men really gives off a "hates other women" vibe too.
i want to say it would be rather wrong to assume it's always the case, cause not every female singers are like these. but i have hard time imagining she could ever invite another woman to her band. she would never.

No. 1549726

why is she skinwalking shmegeh

No. 1549728

her torso long as hell lol

No. 1549734

File: 1654411470594.jpg (42.84 KB, 540x360, shmegs.jpg)

genuinely didn't see ur post before i demanded to know why she is skinwalking shmegeh, solidarity, surely our claims cannot be unfounded if we both noticed??? its kind of uncanny. ot but i miss this crazy bitch like you wouldn't believe

No. 1549757

The only thing they have in common is hair color and being skinny. Their aesthetics are very different. Undead ana weeb scene queen vs rock star trailer trash. I doubt Arrow knows who shmegeh is.

No. 1549846

File: 1654426360184.jpg (381.22 KB, 1080x1189, Screenshot_20220604-180657.jpg)

she skinwalks Taylor. to skinwalk shmegeh she'd have to buy animu scene queen emo clothes
Anons… you do know that Arrow lurks this thread 24/7 and takes inspiration? she might not have known Shmegeh before, but… now that you posted her, she definitely knows now.
If we accuse Arrow of skinwalking Shmegeh then i guess Henri skinwalks her too kek. zoom in at his white powdered face and painted eyes, lol.

No. 1549922

She'll probably start copying her now and doing weeb shit. Annoying and gross

No. 1549933

She lowkey already does, at least doing we weeb thing. she did the very Y2K styled Grimes-ripoff shoot with manga eyes and had custom nails with anime characters. she sometimes posts mochi cakes and basic nymph/anime pics. won't be surprised if she tries emo/scene queen style next.

No. 1550121

this woman doesn't seem to care about or even enjoy writing music. why does she do it?

No. 1550125

yah but taylor momsen looked like that the whole time. i mean, mall goth/manufactured alt model appearance is cringey, sure, but that was her thing from the start. at least it was what she actually wanted to do. arrow just switchess looks and ethos every two weeks and is like "this is my LIFE now"

No. 1550127

holy fuck she better not. did everyone just forget that shmegeh is 100% a pedophile

No. 1550151

Can you elaborate at least in a few words? i don't know entire history of hers beyond just posting her scene ana pics & then running from the law somehow.

No. 1550155

she texted with an 11 year old and posted caps, she comments "aw yiss child porn" on a post that mentions cp in passing as a joke. she likes little girls.

No. 1550156

i cringed at 2011 era Taylor at the time, but now i like how she looked then. that wasn't most original but she found her niche of sex shop clothes and reworked dresses, and was consistent about it. and at the time, her style was genuinely shocking to ppl. now zoomers are wearing that shit (chokers, stripper heels) all the time with poor results and it doesn't have the same effect. also, now i think Taylor's first mall punk album was so much better than her newer mediocre modern rock shit. idk i laughed at her before but now i think she wasn't that bad. at least 100% better and truer rocker than Arrow.

No. 1550161

eeeww. these toxic tumblr "personalities" are always fucked in the head or doing awful things for the edge…

No. 1551811

I think I got really iffy feels about The Pretty Reckless/2012 Taylor Momsen because the people i knew who were the most into her and the band were grownass men who were at least 15 years older than her. I liked to imagine that the burly men in her band would protect her from the scrotes.

Arrow however doesn't give me a vulnerable feeling. She's too entitled.

No. 1552126

warrington anon and mcrfag here doing my report. last night crowd was dead, some people in barricade actually sitting during the whole thing. some laughs. the band is like a high school project and mayyyybe except for the bass player who looks uncomfortable and embarrassed to be playing for these fools they all seem so pretentious. the emo teenagers that have half a braincell agreed that the music is not that bad but the attitude is off for a band that has no fans. arrow also came to shake hands and ppl couldnt care less. another thing i noticed not a single photographer bothered showing up for them which is v unusual at big events like that no matter who the support is they always get their photos taken

No. 1552132

File: 1654617794262.png (1.13 MB, 1826x892, tiktok2.png)

This is what happens when you need to flex "your" biggest audience to date but also your music is shit. lol
this is amazing what a flop of a tour that has been, i mean for Starcrawler. everybody hated them, except for maybe Italy? they posted a video where the crowd is a little more responsive. watch them spin the narrative "oh this has been our stadium tour, we played sold out stadiums shows!" except literally nobody came for starcrawler. i would've even felt bad for them, but they're priviledged, spoiled assholes who think they're better than everyone, so i really can't so.

No. 1552156

Yeah, i posted 2 clips from Warrington above and what you said can definitely be seen even in those two short vids! you can see her running to the crowd and how nobody gives af.
>not a single photographer bothered showing up for them which is v unusual
i've only seen Gilbert crawling under the scene and taking pics during one show, recognized the ketchup colored hair. aside from that only considerate venue's photogs took like 2 or 3 photos.
>mayyyybe except for the bass player who looks uncomfortable and embarrassed to be playing for these fools
that is interesting. i know that their first drummer already left cause he hated it and allegedly decreased or even cut contact with them. ironic bc he was the founding member along with Arrow. The bassist is staying with them and probably will stay nonetheless, but he clearly has very different tastes, he mentioned liking soul/funk and rather mature music. can't decide if he's already bored with those fools, or if he's just quiet person who doesn't need spotlight like Henri and Arrow.

No. 1552190

another funny lil thing their crew guy took the setlist to give it to the audience and nobody wanted it on my side kek

No. 1552316

i mean momsen and her band are plants too, but she played the role of "mall goth singer" as seriously as any other acting job. she committed to the character and kept it consistent. the session men chosen because they would fit the look also put the effort in. they're a competent bunch of plants assembled by a competent prodcution team. arrow and her friends are just a mess that change characters so much there's nothing for anyone to connect to.

No. 1552320

hi, esl anon here. what does this mean:
>some people in barricade actually sitting
what is "in barricade"? i'm sorry.

No. 1552326

i live in toronto and instead of starcrawler our mcr opener is dilly dally, a fake alcoholic/fake working class band with rich doctor parents/put 110% effort into dressing like a 90s hobo/2010s hipster group that use to make good music but now are so concerned with pretending to be uneducated that they sound. their bassist trooned out HARD recently, super low effort AGP piece of shit. they're sucking up to mcr in all their recent socials and promos when 10 years ago they were all anti-rock, white people who constantly blast hiphop and sucking grimes' dirty dick.
still not as bad as starcrawler though.

No. 1552415

Nayrt. she was also cringe because in 2009 she ripped off Courtney Love. thankfully she quickly dropped the act. i think she found her own style with the clothes she worn later, it was recognizable. I think she was cringe at the time because she was a teenager, and she came from a candy teen series, so we saw her as starlet. and ofc she was a plant too. but she didn't try to pretend she wasn;t a plant, unlike Arrow. didn't try to claim she didn't get the record deal only bc of her fame, "i worked so hard on my own" bullshit that Arrow pushes. when she released her next albums, ppl started to get her more seriously because she wanted to do music and stopped showing to red carpets/celebrity places. i mean, i'd label 2010 Taylor Momsen as celebrity but not a 2016-onwards one. she's also way more sympathetic than Arrow. shame that their music sucks now, ironically i like her mall goth stuff more. Make Me Wanna Die, Under The Water, Going Down, etc.

No. 1552432

File: 1654630055481.png (3.41 MB, 1404x1072, cl2.png)

here. sigh everybody now goes through their cringy Courtney Love phase, i'm sure Arrow went too. maybe we can even find the photos

No. 1552436

Sorry, but is there anywhere I can read more about this or see caps? I checked her thread and it doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere

No. 1552448

NTA but it means behind the metal barrier (barricade) for the standing room section

No. 1552497

File: 1654633505350.png (752.13 KB, 1594x2484, shmegeh.png)

only found some mentions on myproana forums and these tumblr asks for her ex girlfriend.
But basically Shemegeh outed herself iirc, posted convos with minors and others just confirmed. Also, she knew her girlfriend Mena since she was minor, Mena was like 16 and Shmegeh was in her 20's. She beat up her girlfriend so bad that she had to be restrained, later Mena took the case to court. she said Shmegeh was beating her up and forcing to have sex. Shmegeh missed some court meetings, either for this or another case, and subsequently went into hiding as she was searched by the law.

No. 1552509

Yup she groomed and physically and emotionally abused Mena and had many close relationships with other underagers.
She kinda apologized for it on her Tumblr without actually outright saying what she did at one point dunno if that's still up as this is all from memory.
(I am the one that originally brought her up sorry)

No. 1552510

File: 1654634191986.png (2.3 MB, 2552x2266, shmegeh2.png)

Nevermind, i found it. Anon you need to search better/read the whole thread for context, receipts are in the thread. not sure if that's exactly what that anon mentioned, but this "lighthearted joking" at pedophilia is pretty enough for me.

No. 1552620

so i just stumbled upon this site while trying to look up the band starcrawler, so please excuse me if i post incorrectly. i saw them open for mcr and happened to overhear the singer talk to one of her bandmates before the show when i was waiting in line to buy some food. they talked about when they should snort more lines (i guess cocaine?) in the open with quite some people around them

No. 1552662

Hi, you post just fine. if you're new i suggest checking out the first thread about starcrawler here >>>/snow/1114979 as there's a lot info that we discovered on who they really are behind their public image. (industry plants and fakest band ever made of spoiled, pretentious fools who use nepotism above all else. Arrow is an attention whore who owes career to her stage mom, and she skinwalks much more talented singers).

>they talked about when they should snort more lines (i guess cocaine?) in the open with quite some people around them

How did you exactly overhear them? they were in line for food? If that's true then big fat LMAO. Starcrawler members have always pushed this "Drugs? We? Never!" narrative whenever they're asked. Arrow is a pothead, some band guy playing before Starcrawler said their drummer smoked with them backstage and Arrow was smoking a huge amount of weed. >>1121799 idk i always though Starcrawler are naive pussies when it comes to drugs but oh well, it's music industry. not impossible to get a plug. maybe Arrow decided to take her "junkie chic" style to another level.

No. 1552790

they must be pretty secure/rich to be comfortable saying that if venue staff were around. only extremely famous people get away with talking like that i was a disgusting massive cokehead for ten years and talking like that really freaks out the other druggies and then they and the dealers all stay away from you because you're bait

No. 1552849

honestly, i think they're NAIVE AF and this doesn't surprise me in the least. they're probably only doing coke for a short time and showing it around like biggest idiots ever. because, you know, actual addicts with longer stage of using NEVER boast about being addicts and ruining their lives. beginner druggies also are careful. but maybe it's just my experience and i'm talking about opiate addicts. industry cokeheads are probably different, plus Arrow and Henri are idiots. or maybe, they said it for attention? wonder if mama Autumn knows, kek.

No. 1552854

saying that is risky bc well, someone could catch them. they always try to maintain squeaky-clean drug free image when they're talking to journalists and boomers, but Arrow also wears around the druggie chic look. endlessly curious if they carry it throughout Europe OR did they just manage to find occasional plug on tour. perhaps it explains the swollen-melting look on her face(?). maybe that's why their bassist looks like he's done with their shit

No. 1552906

so while i was waiting i saw her walking around, really creepy since she looks like a living skeleton, and then she sat down at some tables with one of her bandmates (it was an open bistro kind of, tables outside and the line to get food was on the left side of that) and yeah then they just started to talk about if they should do some lines before or after the show

the show was also really shit i have to say, the crowd was dead and her crazy behaviour on stage was really uncomfortable to watch

No. 1552936

This is embarrassing lol, they should own the uwu smol band thing rather than unsuccessfully larping as a famous one

No. 1552993

File: 1654695809737.png (946.54 KB, 894x796, babycrackheads.png)


honestly, they should never leave LA and play locally. that's the only audience that's genuinely interested in their shit shows. Starcrawler signing to shitty country label and then buying a huge ass tourbus like they're some succesful band is fucking hilarious.

No. 1553013

File: 1654697153287.jpg (108.93 KB, 600x420, starcrawl.jpg)

which one of them was with the singer?
their shows are a total mess, and they take "crazy" way too far. girl admitted to watching schizophrenics online for inspo and then pretends to be epileptic live. last year she paraded around with bandaids and fake "slashed wrists" made with lipstick smudge. she's doing alot of inappropriate shit just to get attention (and yet nobody cares). seems like it's true she gets fucked up on something for a show, a few years ago she'd do shots of vodka and weed. now i guess they decided they're "famous" and it's time for rock'n'roll life.

No. 1553069

No offense but I'm not sure if I believe you. But there's no way to know for sure either way so I'll assume what you're saying is true lmao. I can imagine Arrow being the type to try drugs for the first time then have to shout it from the rooftops to prove how hardcore she is. Also, if you've been raised in a household where you can do no wrong, maybe you'd lose your sense of "this really isn't an appropriate thing to brag about in public."

No. 1553138

not that anon but i can see them doing that for the first time/doing it irregularly a couple of times when there's occasion. i don't think they're addicts, but maybe it's just because as an addict myself i kind of dread to think so, lol. i'd be personally offended bc she tries to look like addict intentionally, cause it's all just aesthetics to her like crazy people and homeless. they literally have no problems, no reason to do drugs other than ~to be cool~ and try it out for fun like annoying teens. i'm sure they were flaunting alcohol use as underagers, now they boast they do drugs ad make sure to speak loudly.

No. 1553182

if this was at the munich show i 100% believe it. my friend also saw arrow in the food court a few hours before doors opened.
i fully believe she is not an anachan just genes and malnourished because of the cocaineso why its not believable?

No. 1553185

also coke is barely a drug in rich people circles. its as common as alcohol…
how is that surprising from someone who thinks is cool to have self harm scars?
that would also explain the lack of shame acting like that on stage cokeheads are the most obnoxious bunch and lack self awareness

No. 1553189

hmm. maybe we should find any video footage from the Munich show and see how she behaves? i mean, idk if she'd even behave much different on coke or not, but it's possible she'd be more "hyped" so to speak. i'm sure the ex cocaine addict anon could recognize behaviour
She's not anachan or Marfan Syndrome patient, it's 100% genes. her mother looked the same, maybe a couple pounds more. she tends to lose/gain weight a little bit, maybe bc of drugs/food habits/moving around on stage so much.

No. 1553192

well its not really about the behavior, you can look normal on coke. is the lack of awareness, overconfidence and thinking you're cool while on it. most cokeheads have a superiority complex lol
you dont have to be an addict to understand literally everyone that goes out does it

No. 1553193

honestly, i think she onl started doing coke very recently. i very much doubt she did coke in 2016-2018. when they started touring, Arrow was 16/17 and Henri was barely 15, and they had a guy guiding them on tour (they 100% drunk underage though). i think later they smoked pot, but as for coke it's recent. she doesn't look like a year long cokehead.
i'm very curious if Gilbert is on board too. he used to be heroin addict and he prides himself in being 7 years sober or so. (that probably doesn't include alcohol and weed though.)

No. 1553200

hmm… to be frank imo it's a matter of her shitty personality. she was growing up with everybody pandering to her ass and praising her for every littlest thing, and she's always been awful bitch who believed her own hype. i'm sure she thinks she's cool even without coke.
coke if anything only enhances that nd makes her even more insufferable, but i think she had it in her either way.

No. 1553201

sorry when i say cokehead i dont mean full on addiction. i agree with you, she must do it when 'going out/performing' but thats basically her lifestyle so its pretty often. actual cokeheads dont brag about it like that anyway.
didnt know that about gilbert. that explain the ugly ass frog eyes and rough face. well, lot of recovering opiate addicts are in some kind of stimulant drugs too…

No. 1553209

well she doesn't even perform THAT MUCH this year, and she only toured for about a week in 2021. we don't know when she started, but if she does it at home too, then it would be hard to hide it from Gilbert. it's all a matter of whether they do it on tour or not
i had an impression they're both on some drugs in some of the pics i've seen, though it def looked more stoned/downers. maybe they just looked like that, hard to say.

No. 1553223

LA kids ahave the personality of a shoe so at every gatering of 5+ people there is cocaine involved kek how else would they stand each other? its probably the only way self absorbed ppl can interract cause they have no real friends
anyways derrail but as an eurofag is so funny to meet these la band people i never really met arrow in a personal level but they are all the same

No. 1553243

File: 1654710037524.jpg (10 KB, 176x275, r1609211480417.jpg)

Well that post from the first thread, it didn't age well kek

>"What or who inspired you to follow this path?"

>"My dad, definitely. He didn’t encourage me or talk to me about it or anything, but once I showed an interest he gave me a lot of advice along the way. He [said] one thing that still makes sense to me: ‘Don’t believe the hype.’ Once people believe everything that everyone else believes about them – that they’re this amazing godsend or whatever – it’s over. I’ve grown up in LA, I’ve seen a lot of bands rise up and fall down, and it always kind of happens around the time they think they’re the shit and they can do whatever they want and do drugs and stop writing."

No. 1553257

fellow eurofag, priviledged LA people and their antics seem like some parallel, farse like universe to me.
i remember one anon from here said she met her, she was a photographer and Arrow barked at her the get tf out or something because apparently to Arrow, she was too lowly a commoner unworthy of sharing backstage with her. and not the only photographer they were assholes to.

No. 1553289

theyre only cool out there because they lick each other asses but reality is the average person can see through their bullshit.
i am glad they were not well received on the mcr tour. i think they would only have "made it" maybe if they were a thing during the burger records craze. people worshipped anything california rock related for awhile but even then it became a cringefest quick. i wish there was a thread for that but they are so irrelevant now (good!)

No. 1553330

We discussed Burger Records fiasco a bit in Indie Band Cows thread, but not in depth besides a few bands and posting a link of all allegations. as for Starcrawler, they toured with the Growlers, another burger related band and they apparently locked Arrow in a room, hired a male stripper who rubbed his dick against her face and they filmed the whole thing. Arrow spoke and Growlers disbanded.
(pretty ironic that after all that Arrow kissed/rubbed her crotch/lapdanced against ppl in her audience. that's not the same thing but she… lacks any sort of imagination how this can be received by some people.)

No. 1553356

i only saw the two others from behind but their hair was about to their shoulders and dark, but yeah it was in munich. didn't know if i should write that in here so i didn't mention it in my first post

No. 1553362

this seems like the probable truth tbh

No. 1553363

i'm the cokeanon and can confidently say she's not an addict.

No. 1553368

yeah there are schizochans on the site and we all found it odd that she would use those episides as "performance art." actual crazy people are pretty ashamed of stuff like that and put a lot of work into hiding it, even taking medications that make them quite sick physically. because we were taught that making a scene and being dirty and violent is bad behaviour.

No. 1553372

File: 1654716129420.png (1.37 MB, 886x772, band.png)

hair about to their shoulders and dark… so i think it might be their drummer (guy on the bottom right, curly hair). eventually Henri (2nd row, right).
opiateanon here and yeah i thought so too. they don't behave like experienced addicts. they're just beginning to do coke or they do it very occasionally.

No. 1553376


I witnessed that with my own eyes. Atlanta Show a few months before the Growlers news.

Both instances didn't settle well with me. I like live music but not being touched. yuck.

Not only did Arrow rub her crotch on some unsuspecting audience member. She took some older nerds glasses and toss them into the crowd.

The poor guy in front of me was blind. Luckily the crowd was tame and soon returned his glasses.

It was just stupid. The audience was only 25 people……

No. 1553378

it's just shitty af to be a healthy person who copies schizophrenic ppl's behaviour as a "stage persona". it's like some kind of awful circus

No. 1553390

File: 1654716591057.png (1023.76 KB, 660x824, 6NXSa1.png)

i read she choked one guy once at one of their earlier shows (pic related) cringe af.

No. 1553479

Every article posted here is like this:
>completely mundane description of a sad tryhard band
>they will save music! they are so young!

No. 1553494

gotta love how Henri says basic rock bitch bullshit like "We are loud". because they're not. the guy uses a FUCKTON of amps and effects, they've got a 2nd guitarist now and yet they STILL sound like quiet, poprock mash.

No. 1553528

wow what kind of fucking shitbag takes people's glasses. that's not punk, if anything it's completely punching down because of how people with glasses used to be shit on. wow you made a guy who can't see even less able to see, and also possibly cost him hundreds of dollars.

No. 1553574

just caught up with this thread and the previous one. god the music is so boringgg. i actually wanted it to sound good. this is what happens when you spend too much time on the image than honing your craft. it's the definition of style without substance, they're going to burn out and fade into obscurity once the "so young and dumb uwu" novelty wears off.

i can only assume she gets really cool and talented old rockstars to get on board with the band because she sounds just like the bands of their time (nepotism argument aside). i'm literally a year older than arrow and have never heard of them, i wonder if their fanbase consists of mainly boomers and gen xers which is quite sad.

No. 1553578

yeah, same as spilling drinks on people and their food because they're not enamored with your shitty music. or ripping out and smashing people's telephones and photographer's cameras on the floor. it costed no small money you know. imagine going to show to have fun and the artist you came to see steals your shit and destroys it, and then laughs it off "Guess people don't have the same sense of humour as me lulz". that's not punk, that's asshole move and irritating af.

No. 1553603

i think getting older musicians just like Taylor Momsen did wouldn't help her, she has awfully bland voice, no stage presence, and no charisma, so even good music wouldn't make any change. plus she already wrote songs with older guy, from bits and pieces they revealed we can guess that Ryan Adams helped them write some songs. you can check how Arrow does when singing actual good musician's repertoire, they covered Beck, Iggy Pop, Ramones, Tom Petty and i'd say it's pretty fucking unimpressive

No. 1553618

Pet Sematary makes impression as if it sounded good, but then you realize it sounds good because the SONG is good, not because it's sang by Starcrawler. you could put hundreds of other bands in their place.

No. 1553624

wtf is she saying in the beginning here? why is she blabbering about her pussy

No. 1553650

feel like they're taking creative direction by people who are a little out of touch, regardless of how rich and famous or revered they are. the stuff just sounds really been there done that…yawn. listen i hate phoebe bridgers more than the next person, but at least her sound is a little up to date and somewhat fresh sounding. they could use a millennial producer. but they give me the impression that they think modern production and computer bad. also touting steve albini as an inspiration is just like lol this isn't the 90s. reading the indie band cow thread and i just baffles me how many young artists think they're being subversive by skinwalking artists from 35 years ago.

No. 1553656

tbh getting a millenial producer idn't necessary for them because their audience is made of boomers only anyway. also i really can't see them breaking down and working with someone who's not a) older than them b) famous c) friends with mommy Autumn. Idk i mean their next album is produced by Tyler Bates. I think i read they work/worked using analog tape (like ~troo moosicians~ they are), but surprise, surprise. their albums don't sound like analog tape AT ALL. they sound like polished, overproduced pro tools band. i cannot see how tf Steve Albini influenced their sound, cause these are such opposite polars that you couldn't be farther. if Steve produced teir record (which i'm sure he wouldn't. he wouldn't give a single fuck, i'm sure he'd tell them no), that would sound like disaster too. especially since Albini likes to put vocals low in thr mix, and Arrow alreadt sings way too quiet and boring, and she's mixed low on tracks like I Love LA. saying they get inspired by Albini is like saying they'r inspired by GG Allin lol.

No. 1553669

samefag, adding that… modern music and rock especially IS based on repetition of old bands and trends. i mean there's absolutely nothing else rn. the difference is, everybody is copying 00's pop punk or 90's and Starcrawler copies 70's glam and country which is rather out of style

No. 1553682

i wouldnt have thought much about it if they looked like just your average LA indie rock band, but they really sold a false promise with the katie jane garside meets taylor momsen meets emilie autumn look. it's just kind of humorous to see them on stage and then they play like generic garage rock. so anticlimactic it's funny.

maybe arrow can use her connections and get some advice from her middle aged fans on how to capture the audience, because at least stage presence can make the music seem less basic than it is.

No. 1554346


Poor Drummer guy. 'I quit' is written all over his face…and he eventually did.
New drummer looks like a pedo

No. 1554358

One question… was that video playable here on lolcow before? cause it says you can only watch it on youtube. i'm the anon who posted this and i wonder, was that blocked before… or did they block it now so it can't be played on lolcow? if so, Starcrawler's reading with us guys lel

No. 1554363

all of this. with the way she dressed you expected some sort of punk/grunge music and it's just country pop/disney channel rock. it gives the comedic effect

No. 1554640

File: 1654795011774.png (170.56 KB, 1938x258, creepy..png)

Despite strongly disliking Arrow I do feel bad for her wrt the comments she gets on her body from scrotes.

No. 1554823

this seems creepy, but at least it's not "eat a sandwich" or "why is she anorexic" sort of comments she gets on tiktok.
idk about pervy creeps, but she 100% could at least hush the anorexia rumors. she could record a tiktok video, or make one post and tell "I'm not anorexic or marfan s. patient, i'm just genetically thin like my mother". Done. She's extremely vague about this, the only time i've seen her mention was denying Marfan syndrome. but she's always oddly ~mysterious~ about that, and it's always Henri talking for her telling interviewers that she's not anorexic. i don't understand this, it's almost like she wants to keep the gossip around. if she doesn't suffer any disorder, then it shouldn't be painful for her to talk about having odd family genetics? i know i'd want to tell this to ppl just so they fuck off, if i was in her situation. i don't want to start weight discussion again, but i think it's just weird. shrug

No. 1555300

File: 1654825376420.jpg (421.65 KB, 1800x908, xtour.jpg)

…And as expected, they pretend their MCR tour wasn't a disaster. i know it's just pics and basic thank you line, but "you were so sick" seems so ironically exaggerated in this case. love it how they threw a pic of a big crowd, a fucking tweet as a review and carefully selected, cut out of context, quick 10-second montage of moments where the audience tried to have some fun. lol, she had to literally comb through twitter to cherrypick any sort of compliment for them. it looks like a way of making up something that wasn't really there, fake it til you make it as they always do.

I'd feel sorry for them if that was any other band, but they're assholes, who behave like fucking divas who sell out superbowl, are on the level of Rolling Stones at the very least, or something. you would think all these failures would only make them HUMBLE, but no, they only get worse.

No. 1555771

I actually like this stage outfit on her, but including a three word long tweet with three likes in the slides seems sad (also bolded because namesearch)
Most smaller bands namesearch and will like/rt a Tweet mentioning them, but yeah seems unnecessary to include

No. 1555884

it gives nostalgic vibes, even tho looks a bit halfassed. it's ironic though how she wore dirty grunge chic clothes in her katie jane 3edgy5you phase, and now she wears girlband/popstar a'la Britney and Xtina, and dresses her band all pink. most bands would do it ironically/as a statement, but i see no such thing here.
popstar clothes are more fitting for obvs reasons, but ppl should stop fucking calling them punk band. unironic Britney/Paris clothes, big tourbus, country music and famous mom calling friends to wriggle in daughter's band as support doesn't scream punk lol

No. 1555944


Gross. Boney camel-toe is not fashion forward.

No. 1555961

File: 1654876960616.png (23.88 KB, 786x396, instruction.png)

nothing they do is fashion-forward, it's looking backwards and imitating. very much hopping on a 2000's resurgence trend.
Anyways anon, please sage your posts when posting opinions. you don't have to when you post news, photos, overall new ridiculous milk to laugh at but when its just normal post, please write sage in email field when posting. bc if you forget too many times you might get a ban

No. 1556090

File: 1654881056924.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1920, shmegz.png)

I know she doesn't copy Shmegeh (and hopefully she doesn't start to! considering what kinda person she was) but i can see the resemblance now. it's only because of deleted eyebrows but yeah

No. 1556228

I came across this thread by chance, had never heard of her or her band before the MCR tour. I have to say she definitely has that glam rock star energy on stage while the rest of the band is giving "playing at a fundraiser in an old people home"

No. 1556249

She could have made a promise to herself to never talk about or “address” her own body like that, tbh people don’t need or deserve answers about anyone’s bodies, especially women, so I think it’s cool that she doesn’t. No one demands that from men or blames men for their eating disorders, it’s a really invasive and controlling double standard. Good for her for not giving in.

No. 1556251

She has no energy. she's a copycat and a fake person, and that comes off in their shows too. cosplaying mentally ill people and pretending to have disorders onstage sucks, and the "lunatic" spastic moves she does onstage are reaaally unimpressive and contrived. but you're right in that she definitely goes for glam rock direction, she likes bands like Kiss or Slade or Runaways and bad hair metal.

No. 1556258

i don't think any woman is obligated to go on tiktok and explain why she looks a certain way.

No. 1556269

i feel like i didn't state my point clearly. don't think that she owes any answer to anyone. i meant just, the comments she gets are quite awful, so if she wanted to stop that shit she could go for it, but ofc she doesn't have to. it's just weird that she always has Henri or her bandmates speaking for herself.

No. 1556340

File: 1654892323741.png (896.96 KB, 898x644, fjm.png)

Is Arrow's father still playing in Father John Misty? she's playing in a video (unreleased yet), Buddy's Rendezvous.
i think that's really ironic, because some of the lyrics 100% could be written about someone like her.

No. 1557321

damn i thought i was a pretty untalented person but they have been trying HARD to make this girl happen for YEARS and she can. not. deliver.

No. 1557705

File: 1654988063266.png (581.27 KB, 744x772, 31da6306.png)

Girl, you SURE about that? these crowds you played for came for MCR, and even zoomers on tiktok think you're a plant. a lot could be said but "having a time of your life" really ain't fitting here, unless you describe your impressions on cocaine kek

No. 1557715

everything they're doing this year is playing with mom's friends or with bands who expressed approval for starcrawler. and having cameo roles in friend's videos. really sitting on that phone calling everyone they know, eh. who's next?

No. 1557898

ayrt, at her core she just doesn't actually like anything that strongly. she doesn't seem to care about anything enough to get a job doing it. like she doesn't even care about shoes enough to get a job at a shoe store, if that makes sense?

No. 1558032

She went to art school, maybe she shouldve stayed doing art. Especially since she says she didnt want to play music as a teen at all. But that wouln't get her clout right? All shes interested in is being famous.

No. 1558113


I believe Arrow designed the Logo and much of the drawn band art we see.

Actually I like some of the art and the bands name.

Maybe you're right. She should stick with art vs music and vocals.(sage your shit)

No. 1558127

she doesn't owe anyone an explanation or post a disclaimer about her body, that's fucking weird. and if she's not addressing it it means that she doesn't care that much. it's not that deep anon.

No. 1558207

jfc, i never said she owes it to anyone. i basically admitted you're right and stopped talking about it, you are dragging it out and making it more important than it is.

No. 1558575

File: 1655071808343.png (2.03 MB, 1580x906, milk2.png)

Just spoiled assholes being spoiled assholes. so quirky much 3dg3l0rd!
their manager will be next to quit kek

No. 1558808

seems kind of fake. he sees them holding basins of milk, he could either tell what was gonna happen OR it was staged.
it doesn't come off as funny at all though. this is the first time we've seen this guy, he doesn't seem close with them. it would have worked better if they'd done it to henri or if the rest of the band had done it to arrow. this way just looks like annoying kids.

No. 1559161

the guy is their manager and he managed them pretty much since the beginning, after they barely played a couple of shows.
yeah, that sounds stupid. they either tell bs just to be funny or quirky, or they literally approached the guy with milk telling him nothing, so he he knew what they wanted to do but they didn't ask him if they can. so they pretty much came up and poured that shit on him without a single word like creeps. either way that seems like annoying, spoiled 10 year olds who were allowed to do everything and so they now acknowledge no boundaries of other adults. on "brand" with what Arrow does to her audience.

No. 1559359


If 'Sage' is important place that rule in the Rules section of the website.

Why is this required and how is it helpful?

Ain't nobody got time for dat.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1559371

it prevents unnecessarily bumping the thread to the front of the page. Thread should be bumped to the front of catalog only when news/milk is posted. I don't remember if saging instruction is in the rules but sure is here: https://lolcow.farm/info
>By writing "sage" in the email field, you keep your comment from bumping a thread to the top. Do this when your comment doesn't contribute any new information.
it shouldn't be even a problem, my browser usually remembers and puts sage automatically

No. 1559374

Sc trying to be appeal to Gen z Tik tokkers really doesn’t work because no 19 year old has heard of them

No. 1559381

literally… most of the comments they've got on their site was because they tagged MCR and all they get is "she's anorexic", "these looks like industry plants with rich parents" or "Wtf is this"

No. 1559389

haven’t watched any videos yet but it seems like touring with MCR was a huge mistake

No. 1559395

File: 1655143596079.jpg (370.69 KB, 1080x1573, Screenshot_20220.jpg)

>that pose
Ofc she reposted a scrote prasing her for being sexual
oh, definitely. Arrow's trying to save her face, but nobody's having their shit now

No. 1559397

If I was them I would open for a 90’s or before band on tour, Gen Z kids seeing MCR have no chill

No. 1559402

i mean their tiktok not their site. on youtube it's 99% old fucks saying "I'm 60 but i love starcrawler arrow is sexy i'm relieved about future of rock"

No. 1559416

weirdest support combo they got was Morrisey and MC5, it was cringe af
(Fuck, there was a video where she just jumped tf at him from behind and she just crushed him to the ground but i can't find it. i'm sure she had it on her instagram)

No. 1559425

sticking to poor guy like hell, idk if she was trying to make it sexual or "we're besties" or what, lmao.
here's one more vid.

No. 1559827

This is pretty bad. She looks sick and moves like a tweaker, and it's extra uncomfortable to watch because she's surrounded by a bunch of old men who are just playing the song and aren't matching her annoying energy.

No. 1559858

she makes idiotic faces and moves "frantic", or like a hollywood idea what being on speed looks like, though i think the first one >>1559416 looks even worse. because she first sings kinda crouched with her head on the height of his crotch, and then she clings to him cheek to cheek in some bossy flirty sort of way, as he oddly hugs and pushes her away. I mean… she's 19 here, how old is that guy? 50+? 60? 70? is this how you sing with old scrote that you don't even know that much? gives me the gross vibes, like that time Taylor Momsen slithered around Marilyn Manson while in her teens. but ah well, i forgot it's on brand for Arrow considering she gave Dylan Carlson a fucking lapdance.

That odd lineup, beyond original Wayne Kramer, features Brenan Canty of Fugazi, and both Wayne Kramer and Ian MacKaye are guilty of shilling Arrow and crop up in her comment section sometimes.

No. 1559975

wow oh no. her movements are so contrived. she doesn't look like she's moving cause she's into the song the way a person who sucks at dancing/has weird singer habits would naturally. she looks like an actor in a nickelodeon show in an episode where her character tries to start a punk band or something.

No. 1560450


If Arrow was signing and dancing to MC5 in her bedroom privately I would consider that normal. I've acted like that with good tunes (privately or with friends)

Though not on a stage damn. The fact that Arrow is on an actually stage intended for viewing pleasure is ridiculous. There is no talent or contribution to the actual music.

She's like Yoko Ono but with less talent.


No. 1560509

I SERIOUSLY doubt that a) Arrow was dancing to MC5 specifically besides that one hit song b) Her moves and faces are very clearly contrived and forced "crazy", which she admitted to copying from real schizophrenia patients and mental hospital recordings. her moves were calculated as to get as much attention she can, i'd say it was even more tryhard then cause she tried to prove she's soo "punk".
i'm done with it, actual indie bands play all their livrs and get nowhere, but she just shakes her ass onstage or pretend to be "psycho" and all famous ppl fall to her feet. at least it doesn't translate to actual fame, actual rock listeners don't give a fuck.

No. 1560750

After reading these threads I’m starting to like arrow. It’s actually nice seeing a woman get so much while putting so little on the table. It’s a rare sight & she seems to be having fun. I’m sure mommy can get her an actual job when she’s bored of her gimmick so no real harm done. Rock listeners don’t deserve anything better than this, either. It’s a win win.

No. 1560775

>It’s actually nice seeing a woman get so much while putting so little on the table.
"it's nice seeing a nepotist brat who only got where she is because her parents" lol ok
>It’s a rare sight
Lol are you ok anon? nepotism is prevalent in music industry, rock/punk scene included. 99% of bands that are famous now are known because of nepotism. Arrow is an empty husk who has no talent at all and she's taking away someone's place. somebody else should be where she is now, you know, actual hard working, talented and original women performers, not a spoiled bitch who's only there because she's got a stage mother.
>After reading these threads I’m starting to like arrow
She's a narcissistic bitch and a skinwalker with no original bone in her body. there's literally nothing to like about her, because she has no personality and she doesn't make anything. I'll assume you're a scrote, or an anachan who like her because she is skinny, cause there is nothing anyone could like her for.

No. 1560780

"Rock listeners don’t deserve anything better than this"
Rock listeners deserve honest performers who aren't liars, copycats and shitty people who fake self harm for glamour and put on mental illness like a costume, because they have nothing interesting to showcase.

No. 1560902

if you put it that way….yeah. nepotism is whatever, look at this lazy, unattractive, chick who barely tries. name a nepotism industry plant who tries less. It's rare. especially since she is ugly with unconventional body. usually only scrotes get away with that

No. 1560936

nah. this isn't like courtney love just doing what male artists do (arguably a lot less, since she's only had one kid and male musicians leave a baby in every city that they then have nothing to do with, as well as rape constantly and have nondescript unmemorable singing voices), it's an even less talented version of jaden smith getting everything for nothing without ever having to step outside the bubbleboy suit.

No. 1560937

it's pretty sad that 50 year old britt daniel is still the person saving rock and roll, maybe rock fans do deserve arrow so that other young people will step up

No. 1560938

>I'll assume you're a scrote, or an anachan who like her because she is skinny
thirsty-chan here, checking in to remind you that some of us are un-ashamed lesbians.

No. 1560939

you're so mean. yoko ono is wonderful

No. 1560953

"saving rock" is bullshit and you know it. every new band is "saving rock" every few months according to press, and nothing comes out of this, cause it's a catchphrase that means nothing. young people are stepping up and will step up without Arrow, they really don't need her for anything. if they're passionate about music, they'll just do it. they don't need to look up to someone who doesn't give a fuck about music. it's idiotic to think Arrow she'll be the reason that other young people will play rock.

No. 1560970

nta but i think she was trying to make a joke, nona

No. 1560974

damn can you go to some starcrawler fan site or start Arrow thirstposter reddit, just for you and about 2 other people? alright, i'm sorry i forgot about lesbians here, and i'm sorry for your taste in women. funny how you anons are ignoring that she's a shitty person and even starting to praise her for nepotism and lack of talent, just cause she's attractive to you, but really, nobody cares how much you wanna fuck her. this thread is not a fansite and no one here cares that you like her.

No. 1560976

File: 1655257340692.jpg (28.47 KB, 275x271, saviours of rock.jpg)

oops, sorry then

No. 1560983

fuck, my eyes. please burn this

No. 1560986

i can't believe we found someone with less self-respect than the anons who are attracted to shayna

No. 1560987

lol i still have time to delete this if this will make you feel better dear nona
Arrow's face in this photo portray well what i feel when i look at this whole photo

No. 1560997

yeah idk why this thread is periodically filled with confessions a'la "i'm so attracted to her" like it's page of their private diary.
i was fine with more realistic comments like "she's pretty to me but has awful character", but i just can't believe there are people who admitted to liking her exactly for the shit people dislike her for (nepotism, talentless, conceited, lying, poverty larping, etc.)

No. 1561011

don't, i want to touch him

No. 1561321

File: 1655291993041.jpg (46.1 KB, 895x617, ahahahah.JPG)


I am. Though Arrows stage presence with MC5 reminded me of the famous Yoko, Lennon, Chuck Berry stage disaster.

Yoko was surrounded by talent and still managed to sucked on stage.

Look it up. It's worth a watch.

No. 1561326

0:54 - kek. Henri needs to shut up. they both sound like every hipster band made of pompous LA teens with pretentious voices, especially in the beginning, but that's extra annoying. i can't tell who sounds worse.
that's… bland. like every mediocre band in the world, playing at their school for teacher's day academy or christmas talent contest. if Jackass ppl needed a soundtrack, they could just grab a few randoms from the street, record basic ""punk"" guitars and tell them to sing, and the effect would prob be better.

No. 1561579


There's nothing I dislike more than fakeass country accents. Yes I'm from the south and they sound like stupid hipster yankees.


No. 1561829

FUCK NO are they ripping off creepshow?? the most legendary vignette of creepshow with evil leslie nielsen? i hate them.
sort of related but i fucking hate all the people saying "y'all" online. you can't say that unless you were born south of the mason-dixon line. the people saying it actually are being racist, doing "digital blackface". they sure as hell arne't trying to soud like the maga-redneck-strawmen who say y'all - they're copying the sassy black women they see in their reaction gifs. it's fucked, don't do it. only born and bred murican southerners are allowed to say y'all. (i'm french so tell me if this is not correct though)

No. 1561854

i'm pretty sure it's a still from the movie, they recorded the cover for new Jackass

No. 1561999

>Dylan Carlson
I'm still heartbroken over this, kek. I'm a longtime Earth fan and have always respected him but this just leaves a sour taste in my mouth…
Can someone explain this though because I know he has friends in high places but how is he advocating her

No. 1562009

I'm curious about it too… they are definitely friends, and it cracks me up. you know, a musician from a niche band and the same guy from was friends with Kurt Cobain, now is besties with these fake people.

Also, Earth-chan, can you tell me if Dylan has any kids? i'm pretty sure i've seen a chick with the same last name who hangs out with Arrow and works with Gilbert (probably for free kek)

No. 1562027

File: 1655335358167.png (1021.82 KB, 1208x828, earth.png)

Dylan is friends with Gilbert, he makes/made soundtrack for his movie for whatever stupid reason. (As you would expect, Gilbert's first feature will be about him and his father. i mean, i guess fine if they have a story to tell [both went trough addiction etc.] but it is kinda meh to use your dad's fame to start big. if i was him, i'd at least make a short about something else first, but what do i know. it's all nepo anyway. i mean his "director" ventures must be 100% funded by his father anyway. Danny probably gave him a pro camera for his 29th birthday or something to delicately suggest to do anything with his life & that's how he started his "pro director" larp, kek.)
Also back when Gilbert made that short video for Gucci, Dylan provided soundtrack https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7zj46e

No. 1562033

same thing with Buzz Osborne who generally seems pretty grounded and anti-hollywood. i'm baffled…must be the LA effect. either way i'm blaming Dave Grohl and his incessant shilling of nepo babies who are "bringing back rock and roll, maaan \m/"

i'm pretty sure Dylan hasn't got kids. he's posted his ex wife and mom on ig but zilch about offspring so i highly doubt it. i did read an interview once where he's mentioned wanting to tour with musicians who don't have kids so that could be another clue to him being child free, plus he does seem to always be on the road. with that in mind, the chick sharing his last name is probably a coincidence but would explain a lot.

No. 1562036

File: 1655335616160.jpg (75.41 KB, 884x489, starcrawler-hoff-trejo-jh-dc-4…)

And i guess Dylan turned an actor, lmao. he makes appearences whenever Gilbert shoots something (Sadgirl MV). He was in Goodtime Girl video too (next to Danny Trejo, David Hasselhoff and Josh Homme) though i never noticed him before.

No. 1562068

Yeah, absolutely. I'm so disappointed with Buzz, he talks like a guy who hates bullshit bands and celebs. i mean ffs, he even roasted his friend Kurt Cobain and spoke of him like he was some primadonna, weird vibes.

Buzz obviously knows her bc Steve MacDonald of the Melvins recorded Starcrawler's first fucking demos. they pretty much started their "career" at Steve's studio. (i guess, how did that happen, Arrow? he accidentally saw you on instagram? KEK). what's more disappointing is that Buzz worked with Arrow at least one song for a side project called Harshmellow. i'll link if i find it.

No. 1562103

File: 1655338759764.jpg (327.5 KB, 1280x853, xxtumblr_dd8bb90325e0f08558dfc…)

backstage pic with both of them, well at least their legs lol. What are these old rockers even talking about with someone like Arrow before they run out of stuff to talk about? she's empty like a shell
>It's like you know, i like Ozzy
>Amazing! i like Ozzy too!
>I like Ramones
>Wow, that's incredible!
>Yes Buzz, i'm so happy kids these days are still listening to music that's so rare
>yeah yeah Arrow will save rock'n'roll
kek sorry

No. 1562129

i guess everyone from the west coast becomes a hollywood girl-half-your-age-chaser eventually.

No. 1562186

Dylan Carlson was even in that idiotic shoot, i don't know for what reason honestly bc that was a shoot arranged only to give these three clout and stroke their massive egos. Or at least Arrow and Dani, since Aussie-chan anon claimed Amy is different from them.

Posting also because that video and interview is a whole other massive catalog of cringe.

No. 1562200

File: 1655345279532.gif (1.11 MB, 250x250, cringing so hard.gif)

"I used to complain about little things on the road, like getting no sleep and having to eat Mcdonalds for every meal of the day, or being stuck in the middle of nowhere at some scary white trash truck stop. But lately I’ve been missing those terrible things. I never thought iId say it, but I would give almost anything right now to be in buttfuck who knows where, at a motel 6 eating snacks out of a vending machine for dinner"
yeah, we know you're sheltered

"Playing music is nearly impossible without friends and people that you look up to by your side. I’m not sure how I’d be able to get through it without girls like Amy and Dani," commented Arrow Dewilde. "They really make me feel like I belong, like we’re a team of little trash babies tearing up stages and breaking hearts."
>"i'll be your little darling, wait and see" lyric
>fuck shit up like the little warriors we all are
>little trash babies
Arrow, you're a 6'3 tall adult woman, not a little babygirl. no need to infantilize yourself, nor everyone around you.

No. 1562264

jeez she sounds like an actual 12 year old. i'm glad she's connected otherwise she'd have been murdered while trying to hitchhike by now

No. 1562353

well, she got that covered too, lol. "aesthetically"
>>1519044 >>1522133

No. 1562487

Buzz is a fucking loser and always has been

No. 1562563

true. i liked his band, but he's a mean asshole. never thought he'd be hollywood nepo supporter though.

No. 1562599


Buzz always struck me as a bitter jealous man because the received less recognition during the Grunge years.

Reality Sux sometimes. Buzz was the ugly one when comparing Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Nirvana. Nobody wanted a poster of Buzz in there bedroom…

No. 1562848

yeah don't get me wrong i do get mean old bitter curmudgeon vibes from buzz, i feel like dylan would be way more chill to hang out with. but he still doesn't seem the type to be down with the LA rockstar scene hence why i was confused.

No. 1562973

File: 1655411999752.jpg (393.23 KB, 1080x1463, instagram1.jpg)

Whoops. She definitely reads here.
she posted this rant and pics of her family members.

No. 1562975

File: 1655412082041.jpg (416.45 KB, 1080x1566, instagram2.jpg)

No. 1562976

File: 1655412210414.jpg (390.46 KB, 1080x1550, instagram3.jpg)

this or she's been fed up with TikTok comments without seeing our posts. because i've seen them and yeah, there was a lot on TT.

No. 1562983


For once I totally agree with Arrows mindset. She shouldn't have to explain herself to anyone. Though she did a fair job doing so. She made some good points too.

Credit where credit is due.

I judge the way she acts not her genetics.

No. 1563011

i think it's good that she posted this. ofc that doesn't guarantee that people will understand, since tiktok comments at large came from people who never heard of starcrawler before, but maybe it will decrease the amount of them.
also good, because i'm personally fed up with people screeching "b-but you can't call her out, she has marfan syndrome, let her be she's sick!" both this and "eat a burger" are annoying in their own right.

No. 1563024

LMAO you’re fucking welcome for writing the meat of this for you.

I’m actually glad she’s exposing these dinosaur musicians being creepy as fuck with her. That’s also their friend’s kid.

No. 1563046

what do you mean "you’re fucking welcome for writing the meat of this for you"
and who did she expose besides Growlers? it's just one case

No. 1563110

she's right and she should say it

No. 1563145

Video dropped.
It's a yes and no from me. Honestly, the only things that i liked were colored shots. there are a few where she fits the reflective, sad subject, but others are clashing. black and white scenes especially. The old guy is playing a father who just came out of prison and she's supposed to play a daughter he hadn't seen in years. but all i see when Arrow and Gilbert are walking in, are Arrow De Wilde and Gilbert Trejo with all their pretentiousness that's always surrounding them. instead of, well, characters they're playing. meh.

doesn't help that her parents ask all their friends with new albums out to give Arrow cameos, it looks like yet another promo considering Starcrawler has an album to go.

No. 1563163

File: 1655425611417.gif (1.08 MB, 498x278, 31A81C2D-BF54-4F67-BCED-FBBCDA…)

No. 1563260

lol what? I was the one who wrote the few comments here recently about her weight
This person wrote this >>1554823, I responded with >>1556249. All she wrote is essentially copy and pasted from some examples that poster brought up, then conveniently exactly what I wrote, down to the “promise” that I suggested. She never cared before, and magically she writes Al no at word for word the interaction that happened here? She would have cleared that up before a tour as even people here eat it up.

Wasn’t talking about those men, meant the creepy old dudes who claim to be so “anti LA” she grinds up against and gives lap dances to. Do you think she does that to respected woman musicians? No. Just old blowhards who would lose it if that girl wasn’t the daughter of someone whose ass their kissing. If “respecting” a friend means letting her daughter simulate sexual acts on you, forget it, that shit is weird and she probably grew up with them. Nothing rebellious about it and how perverted the industry has been is always a subject woman musicians make great artistic content about. Arrow isn’t and has never been in a place where she has to simulate anything sexual to be noticed to get money for her craft, she literally has to pretend to be mentally I’ll very badly for people to at least look at her twice before writing her off.

No. 1563277

Also by other people simulating sexual acts for visibility I meant in a stage performance way where there is a deeper commentary, if even ironic and a “fuck you” to point out that you’re either included because of nepotism or essentially trafficked for sexual expression, but never equal or have that sexual expression understood beyond anything but face value or novelty. For a black and white example, like when female punk singers do that because they were actually forced into sex work at points in their life, or during working with a label, and they want to make people uncomfortable.

No. 1563304

I love this thread, you can't tell if it's all completely being ghostwritten by a PR team trying to stir controversy, or if it's just 1 mega fan psychopath basically writing this band a free biography.
If it's the second option, someone really should let the skeleton woman know her obsessed stalker is about two seconds away from digging through her garbage can

No. 1563348

Ayrt, sorry i didn't get you first. but you know what? i thought the same damn thing. Arrow copy pasted your comment, word for word, and anons just praise her for it lol. i mean yeah, she's right & your comment was right. it'd be better if she used different words, so she wouldn't make it obvious she was just triggered by lolcow though.
>She never cared before, and magically she writes Al no at word for word the interaction that happened here? She would have cleared that up before a tour as even people here eat it up.
who knows. well, idk, she could've explained it years earlier, if she wanted (but didn't have to). but brace yourself anon, people here are gonna attack you for saying that, lol.

No. 1563353

>Wasn’t talking about those men, meant the creepy old dudes who claim to be so “anti LA” she grinds up against and gives lap dances to
Ohh, you mean in that sense, i get it. i agree. yeah that's pathetic. that's normal for her, she grew up in LA which is pedo paradise. they do everything as long as it gives them attention, and these famous old fucks only praise her for being so "punk" (read: acting like a stripper). aside from that i think she just gets off on hearing compliments from those famous old scrotes, and she thinks behaving like that is "empowerment". or escape from being shy and boring, you've seen what she said about Good Time Girl song. she cosplays stripper/dominatrix to pretend she has any sort of personality and confidence, and her parents and washout rocker friends just gladly encourage that.
>she literally has to pretend to be mentally I’ll very badly for people to at least look at her twice
True. that's asshole move and should be called out, not encouraged and praised by punk rock veterans and audiences. ""pretty"" face or being sympathetic (lol) is not a reason to ignore what she does.

No. 1563366

LMAO, you still here? you're the same one who periodically made appearance in this thread just to say that it's all written by 2 anons, right? thank you for your helpful input. you've said your annual part, congratulations. you can go back to digging through shayna or lucinda's garbage can.

No. 1563537

Nona, WHO is attracted to shayna? I think the nicest comments I've seen in her thread are anons saying "hey I think this filtered pic makes her look slightly less nauseating than usual"

No. 1563539

ayrt and literally never commented in this thread before today holy shit lol
Thanks for justifying my theory

No. 1563738

ok. whatever makes you feel better. lol

No. 1564273

I’m the person you originally replied to, and no I only made a couple responses literally just to point out that she doesn’t need to make a pr statement about her own body. I’m just skimming like anyone else that wants to read about odd things, just don’t like when anyone demands that kind of stuff from women so it’s not like I went to bat for her as her pr on purpose. Her needing to read somewhere else for creativity and statements about her rights as a woman is mother fucking telling though. Same as when people here ate it up, didn’t know arrows mom read here and probably copied a comment for arrows caption. The lamest shit, since she’s the one experiencing this and should have her own words and reflections.

Honestly it’s not even about arrow, it’s about those men making entire giant careers off of being so anti and they pull the same nasty patriarchal misogynist pervert shit like women and specifically other woman performers don’t matter, when they have far more to actually be angry and write about authentically.

Can’t tell me there isn’t some woman on the street right now with actual charisma and talent, wouldn’t be hard to find one but even Amy winehouse couldn’t be equally respected because drug addictions are only for men. If buzz is so anti la what the fuck is this overflowing vat of shit

No. 1564275

New lame song is out.
So… who did they steal riffs from now?

No. 1564278

File: 1655504978059.jpg (268.96 KB, 1500x1500, Starcrawler-She-Said-album-cov…)

New album cover

No. 1564341

A middling singer named Arrow,
Had an ass that was really quite narrow,
And when she leaves the band,
It's to OnlyFans,
Her ultimate place, es muy claro.

No. 1564354


No. 1564364

File: 1655510040372.png (556.55 KB, 388x672, sc2.png)

well… she already made a sample of porn, she can pitch. /s
considering how proud she was of that ugly shoot… it's LA, i'm sure Arrow thinks porn is "beautiful" and "empowering". eyeroll.

No. 1564370

True. All that "anti" attitude mysteriously vanishes when it's friend of a friend, or family band, a new young girl to live through. unfortunately no one's going to call it out, and all the sexual behaviour between young singers and old fucks is accepted and has been going since forever, remember The Runaways and dressing a 16 year old specific way to pander to old fucks? idk why they all suddenly drop the "anti LA" pose, i guess at some point all musicians thought she'd be their channel to get promo for them along the way. or it's their Dave Grohl tier dadrock mentality, maybe as they get old they all start to think "OMGzz she plays rock??? no way! never seen a zoomer play rock before!"

No. 1564380

>Can’t tell me there isn’t some woman on the street right now with actual charisma and talent,
there are, but actual talented ppl are never promoted. that's why all these new "rock'n'roll saviours" all suck. the ones that they make famous have exactly NOTHING to say, bc they're rich kids who spent all their lives in a warm bubble without any problems or experiences. Speaking of Amy - classic example. Kate Moss in "heroin chic" apparel is cool, but Amy nodding out with blood on her clothes is suddenly gross. actual troubled artists are never treated seriously because their mental illnesses and addictions are real. and then there's idiot like Arrow, who gets compliments for faking shit onstage and "wearing" mental illnesses like it's freakshow. you'd expect that indie scene, where people genuinely go through things, would go against that shit, but no.

No. 1564440

What about her ~edgy~ hospital pics and fake paramedic stunts? she posts these staged pics, gets medic onstage pretending to revive her, and says she spits blood cause she wants people to think something happened to her for real. if she never tried that, I'd say assumptions were baseless. but chick pretended she's in fatal state, and showed off all hospital pics like a badge, which blew in her face IMO.

Don't get me wrong, it's very inappropriate for people to leave invasive comments, they shouldn't. but she's contradicting herself.
don't be surprised that people think something bad is going on with you, if you admit you want people to think something happened to you.

No. 1564443

File: 1655515322550.png (878.97 KB, 894x892, 546666.png)

No. 1564644

Damn she wearing that dead lady’s dress as a legging now??

No. 1564656

What? No. Runaways dressed that way because they wanted to show that “girl style” didn’t mean you could beat on them, and dressing or acting more masculine to fit in with nasty dudes with nothing real to rebel against is unnecessary. All female style is cool, and just because men are perverts doesn’t mean that when women embrace “younger” aesthetics means they are doing it for men, tf. They are making commentary by doing that, dressing like a more vulnerable version while expressing their adult protector selves is powerful, from potential victim (a lot of them were actual sexual abuse victims) to deciding they are fucking safe and are going to keep telling men no. Same with Debbie Harry wearing the playboy shirt as a fuck you to Hefner, none of it is at face value and it scams/humiliates men who do take it at face value. So arrow being a mess is one thing, these men who have been held up as the most anti and moralistic or whatever the fuck, specifically Buzz, suddenly have no problem not telling her they don’t want a lap dance from a teenager that they watched growing up. Those men were so loud about restraint, where is it now. This has nothing to do with arrows expression, it’s about these old men who created long term platforms off of their blowhard opinions deciding they can be bought off and let a friend’s child rub up on them. Hate them.

No. 1564668

We all know Nancy Spungeon was the #1 most abused and thereforth most talented and special punk rocker of all time. She wrote all the sex pistols songs and they were the most authentic band to exist and invented punk rock on their own. While Nancy was getting abused and taken advantage of because that's what happens to punk women, she was also building all the guitars for that band and sewing their outfits. It's a smear to say she ever did any drugs.

No. 1564672

It's all real who would fake that. You would have to be just as insane as the actual thing to want to act fake insane on purpose. Starcrawler is the greatest truest performance art of all time, look how much they e got you all talking! The hard work they do in captivating the audience really pays off. More famous people on this board don't get as many daily posts. And the passion! Look at how absolutely passionate everyone is arguing in here. Arrow should be fucking proud of herself for provoking so much conversation and thought in so many people.

No. 1564762

i'm not saying the way she dressed was bad, i like Cherrie's look. i said that because i thought their manager told her to? sorry, i misremembered or i'm mistaking the Runaways with another girl band i've read about. Either way, Runaways had a shitty manager who slept with 16 year old, raped one of the Runaways and basically was an asshole to each of them. i remembered from the Runaways film that he basically encouraged them to be as sexual as they can but overall my memory is bleak. i'm not talking about what Runaways wanted to wear, i'm talking more about a manager or theirs and men in industry alike.

No. 1564764

the most passion i see here is you writing all that stuff and getting hurt that people are writing in this board.
>More famous people on this board don't get as many daily posts.
kek this thread is one of the slowest, but go on about it, you'll bumping the post count lol

No. 1565097


I don't understand the esthetic or what they're trying to express..

Are they a Prom band? Why the recent obsession with Pink? I preferred the blood compared to this eye sore.

No. 1565115

the one time i agree with her. leave women alone

No. 1565117

she said they were staged performances, not real throwing up or paramedics being called.

No. 1565216

File: 1655589642527.png (795.1 KB, 1050x1432, kerrang.png)

idk but i even cringed at something as normal as that.

No. 1565217

Who is hurt? It's cool seeing a female musician strike up this kind of conversation and make so many people have so many feelings they need to post about. Me included!! It's very rare. People don't even talk about Emilie Autumn this much

No. 1565218

File: 1655589742024.png (541.1 KB, 978x990, long_cd.png)

Very tempting merch, i wonder who's going to buy that.

No. 1565229

let's be honest, there's nothing to talk about Emilie Autumn anymore. i know i would, but she just does nothing and "musical 2014" is nowhere to be seen lol. if lolcow was around in 2010, it'd be popping everyday.
funny thing reasons why we talk about them are similar (appropriating/glamourizing mental illnesses/coming from rich background), except EA at least has bipolar/BDP for real.

No. 1565480

No problem I think there was a completely unintentional misunderstanding, I agree with everything you’re saying and loathe that that happened to the Runaways. My only point was that misogyny isn’t only for women to bleed from and express, those men in music have these huge reputations by being against shit like that, and where the fuck are they? Getting lapdances from their friend’s kid and putting on a “woman fronted group” not because they’re talented but because of an “inclusion” quota and nepotism. Idk it’s just so fucking dumb seeing aged punk men be literally so goddamn loud and violent, and pull the same shit. Arrow can express herself however and they don’t need to accept anything sexual. Those same “open minded” and forward dudes would rip some random woman apart for expressing sexuality instead of confronting how implicit rejection makes them monsters. I’m really just fucking made sick by weak men violating girls.

No. 1565482

Dumbest shit ever but Nancy was a child schizophrenic, and Vivian Westwood made the Sex Pistols by using them as fashion plant boy toys. Like lil peep but with instruments and accents. Get over it they sucked and were never talented, they just represented a time period. Also Nancy was fucking 19 when she was murdered, leave the kid alone you fucking creepy whining idiot man.

No. 1565694

kek this, idk what this whiney idiot thinks it has to do with the whole conversation. Nobody said Nancy wrote songs or whatever the fuck. is that trolling or a low attempt to use her as a counterpoint to show that it's "punk" to be untalented, to prove that commonly associated "punk icon" like Nancy isn't much better than Arrow, and therefore Arrow = punk? bad choice. as far as i know, Nancy didn't have rich industry parents who put certain clothes on her and told her how to pose, trying to make her worldwide famous since she was fucking 13 or so, hiring producers to write songs for her and industry friends to promote her to the top. she also didn't pose as some talented songwriter who miraculously made career.

No. 1565697

File: 1655647905249.jpg (244.65 KB, 1364x896, 08834026.jpg)

and btw
"It's a smear to say she did drugs" - no, it isn't. but it's ironic how she's called "junkie whore" for doing drugs, but men on drugs are ~beautiful tormented souls~. And mocking Nancy's abuse? very cool, man.
Some people have to deal with shit like abuse, self-harm and mental illnesses (like schizophrenia in Nancy's case). And then there are vain LA idiots who literally draw self harm cuts with lipsticks and putting on "schizophrenic alter egos" to have any semblance of identity, or to copy paste every thing about their idols (like Arrow did with Katie Jane). yeah, THAT's so punk, THAT's real talent kek

No. 1565947

All I see is two awesome talented punk women and a bunch of jealous, ugly fat haters. I thought this was a feminist board? I love women with cool unique fuck-you style. Even better when they can really thrash out on the frets. And I'd they can move like Arrow? Queen.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1565965

>first laughs at Nancy, then calls her talented suddenly
>I thought this was a feminist board?
this doesn't mean women can't call out other women on shitty behaviour, loser. this is a site dedicating to laughing at idiots and calling out people for shitty actions. And Arrow's behaviour is nowhere near feministic, she hates other women herself.
>I love women with cool unique fuck-you style.
LMAO, Arrow and unique? 2 threads worth of pics of Arrow skinwalking other women to a t, but you call her unique. alright.

Okay, it's a farmer shitposting or a stranger who got lost in the internets. doesn't matter who you are - her fan, deranged scrote, Autumn De Wilde (?). nobody's forbidding you to think she's "talented" or marvelling at her "moves", if you like that kinda thing >>1492722 but no one gives a fuck about your whiteknighting, bye.

No. 1566405

File: 1655692949941.jpg (327.21 KB, 1080x1775, a_dylanscr1.jpg)

Nonas, what were we really expecting from Dylan Carlson? he's just an old creep, like anyone else. it's not just that he supports her, he spends time foaming in her comment section. pics like these especially.

No. 1566413

File: 1655693377580.jpg (312.89 KB, 1080x1730, a_dylanscrr2.jpg)

And tbh she's fucking stupid too. she browses these comments and sees what he posts. guess she feels flattered, since she later goes on to lap dance and rub against that 50yo "family friend", with Autumn clapping and Gilbert photographing, probably. eww.
classic LA.

No. 1566414

File: 1655693504422.jpg (397.9 KB, 1072x1597, dylan2.jpg)

he comments the drawing here, but it incidentally includes her with a diaper on. curious that he left most comments on photos of her naked or in some sort of underwear.

No. 1566416

File: 1655693713218.jpg (333.17 KB, 1080x1487, dylanq.jpg)

No. 1566419

Kek tell me you’re a poser without telling me you’re a poser.

No. 1566441

File: 1655696051269.png (112.5 KB, 449x364, 4E943CA3-6412-4F05-B903-1EA466…)

LMAO Nancy was a piece of shit junkie scumbag who was hated by literally everyone who knew her because she was an awful person. She was a groupie with no talent for anything, if you knew anything about punk or even music in general you’d know this, as it is comprehensively documented in the annals of history
>thrash out on the frets
I just cringed so hard I’m now wearing my lungs as a waistcoat, no one who knows anything about music actually talks like this
>I thought this was a feminist board
>proceeds to call farmers fat and ugly
The cognitive dissonance, holy fuck my sides

No. 1566467

Nayrt, and i personally feel kinda sorry for Nancy (i mean yes, she was a groupie, talentless etc. but she had mental illness and drug addiction since very young age, she was kind of doomed to being fuckedup, not even mentioning dying so young).
BUT i wanted to tell something different, and that is you are so spot on about "trash out on frets" and other shit from that anon. i mean fuck, this must be some boomer from Arrow's team or even her mommy Autumn herself, kek. maybe even grandpa de Wild.e lmao.

No. 1566474

I dunno nona, I mean I get what you’re saying but mental illness isn’t an excuse for being a garbage person. As for Autumn posting here, I doubt it. Even though she is a whole ass carnival float of cringe I feel like she has spent enough of her life in close proximity to musicians to not sound like a tard when talking about music. But I could be wrong. That post definitely sounds boomer-ish.

No. 1566483

This looks like a shirt I could get at a mall kiosk that would be beside a FBI (federal boob inspector) t shirt.

No. 1566535

>mental illness isn’t an excuse for being a garbage person
Very true. i feel bad for her to a degree, but also acknowledge she behaved garbage, like there are things caused by illness and things that stem just from shitty personality or attitude (Emilie Autumn is probably best example).
I said it's Autumn for the keks but i do think possible that it's some boomer from Arrow's pr team. but it might as well be one of her boomer fans, cause honestly this comment sounds like one of those generic "i'm 70yo but i love starcrawler! arrow is rock queen, they will save rock" Youtube comments. (half of which look suspiciously fake and similar to one another)
maybe they finally going with what their audience needs, this looks like something that some grandpa clown would wear for the next fun fair.

No. 1566950

personally, when it comes to "trainwreck" women nancy's age or older, i kind of give them the benefit of the doubt because the shit women go through gets so much worse the further back you go. even look at the 90s compared to now. like, how many famous "crazy" women were gang raped or sexually abused by a family member? so many. and before the late 90s you just couldn't talk about it and there was no help.

No. 1566978

So…. Can we get back on topic?
Reminder it's Arrow.

No one cares about the Sex pistols or Nancy.

No. 1566987

christ are people raised by discord now or something?
conversations have examples, comparisons, and tangents.

No. 1567064

yes we can.
i think Arrow is copying Gwen Stefani now.

No. 1567124

File: 1655758640342.jpg (176.7 KB, 1136x684, nodoubt.jpg)

No. 1567135

File: 1655759001080.jpg (239.15 KB, 1192x790, nodoubt2.jpg)

No. 1567161

File: 1655760241039.jpg (91.76 KB, 500x750, gwen4.jpg)

No. 1567249

Don’t feed the troll, nonettes

No. 1567260


retarded momposting, hi autumn

No. 1567312

"It's all real who would fake that. You would have to be just as insane as the actual thing to want to act fake insane on purpose."

No, not at all. Mentally ill people don't act insane on purpose. unless they have BPD and pretend to have a differnt disorder, but even then its a symptom of their illness. The only people who act fake insane on purpose are always completely healthy, boring bitches who want attention. instagram & tiktok kids are prime example. but at least they don't make money on faking schizophrenia like Arrow. which by the way, Arrow admitted to faking it for a show so idk how fucking dumb one's gotta be to insist it's real
(but if its mom posting then congrats on implying that your daughter is insane kek)

No. 1567342

all the schizo-chans know how much you hate yourself when you look back on how you acted before medication. it's horrible, moreso for women than men, and you live like a circus freak or get treated like a special needs child by other people your age who just hate you

No. 1568416

The self hating incel lives here now

No. 1570100

this person is SO RUDE to anyone who isn't a nepo connection. she comes off as super isolated and sheltered. she was at an event/afterparty i went to and is so sweet to all the old people, then acts like she's full of herself or is high above anyone else around her.

No. 1570178

Please tell us more! what did she say? i expected she's like that for a long time.
and you're not the first one saying that, another anon experienced her being an asshole just cause she wasn't famous

No. 1570223

File: 1656024565616.jpg (256.43 KB, 1024x792, 00.jpg)

Wtf is writing these stupid descriptions for them?
>We wanted to make songs for everyone, for people who weren't just into punk rock
It's cute that you think people who are into punk rock are listening to you. or that whatever you were playing was "punk" lol

No. 1570390

i don't want to dox myself because it would be pretty easy to guess where i was!! i don't want to be mean but she really is rude. maybe i'm a prude but i don't think people our age should be acting like that still. and yes i don't have a record deal or any magazine editorials but i'm not jealous of someone so dumb.

No. 1570426

oh come on. we don't know who you are and can never judge by the place or event where you were, we are just simple anons. Please tell. And by the way, if that was party/afterparty, you could be anyone, could've heard from other people attending or could be literally anyone, even just venue worker? don't panic. and if Arrow recognizes, screw her. It's not like she's going to come here and tell us who you are.
Please bless us, anon. she's a two-faced hypocrite bitch who deserves to be exposed

No. 1570553

im the anon that told a story about when she got mad that i was backstage. she was strictly mean because I’m not an old scrote. She is jealous of any other young woman that has worked harder than her. I think she knew she should have been nice to me and was a diva as a power play. Spoiled little rich girl who has no work ethic or respect for people who do. I had a day off, I was there to see my friends band, not working as a photographer or working for her. There were 20 people watching her. I hope the unlimited supply of payola runs out soon. I can’t believe another label fell for this charade.

No. 1570658

But did she tell you to fuck off or what? I hope you didn't go away and just ignored her? What a bitch, ffs.
There were other photographers calling them assholes too. & my fav story is back when she told a gay dude, who came early to take front row place, to go stand somewhere else. what tf.

No. 1570788

someone introduced us and she gave me a stink face and walked away and i did not leave because i was allowed to be there and continued having fun. it was diaper era

No. 1570830

what a stupid bitch. i've had situation similar to this happen to me, but never as rude as that. only biggest shitbags would make stink faces at others and walk away WITHOUT A WORD while being introduced to someone! and next to other people? not only that's fucking rude, she's just plain airhead. Intelligent people don't act like that.

And i don't want to listen about her "boohoo i made this song about how i was bullied in elementary by some Lizzie, i wonder wHeRe sHe iS nOw~" story never again, cause she behaves like a textbook elementary bully, lmao. making disgusted faces at people you consider "lower" than her is just pure kindergarten level, if not below.

No. 1571013

to clarify i was >>1570390 and >>1570553 >>1570788 is a different person who has been in this thread longer than me!

No. 1571024

ohhh, so its two anons and two stories of her being rude? come on anon, tell us. without names, without people present on the party, just tell what she did/said

No. 1571037

yes >>1570658
post is confusing, there are two gossip chans

No. 1571047

Yeah i wrongly thought these happenings related to only one anon, after Anon no.1 responded.
Anon 1 - Arrow made disgusted face at her and treated her like air
Anon 2 - ??? she said what?

No. 1571075

i think the second girl got scared off

No. 1571094

well damn, i was hoping for some fresh milk. hopefully she comes back.
Anon 2, if that bitch was rude to you, you could tell, if only for shits and giggles. nobody online is able to guess anons identity, if you leave out place or whatever we're not that knowledgable lol. SHE should be ashamed for being asshole, not a girl who retells the story. unless you are Arrow's chambermaid and fear you lose yr job or something lol

No. 1571121

File: 1656112321916.jpg (382.23 KB, 974x1558, purpl.jpg)

Arrow only likes those photogs who have a name in LA or at least can get her places, others she treats like shit. Pretty ironic for someone who claims her mother tirelessly climbed to the top from nothing just taking pics (if "nothing" means instant start as a daughter of another rich & respected artist, lol). picrel is her 19th birthday posted on Purple, second scrote seems to be one of her photo cronies. I've rarely seen someone looking as… smug as Arrow when camera is pointed at her.

No. 1571128

File: 1656112934680.jpg (407.79 KB, 994x1974, 2p.jpg)

Adding she seems to run around plenty LA "artsy" parties by ppl like Nadia Cohen or Alexa Chung. checked her tag on Purple site and there's like a couple of event articles posted by her friends and plenty of her candid pics in each. She's like "indie" equivalent of Halsey calling up paparazzis on herself, except what's the use, better call mom's artfag friends and get posted in fashion mags.
It's funny how this relates to all these art washouts too. There's plenty of cows who want attention and pap pics, but won't admit, so they make up their own versions of red carpet, to meet and marvel at how NLOartist they are kek

No. 1571153

I’d love to know what Nadia thinks of Arrow as a person. I know she’s shot her before, Arrow’s white trash bimbo LARP is very on brand for Nadia but I feel like Nadia wouldn’t be terribly impressed by the diva behaviour, she’s a fantastic artist and has worked really hard
I’m a gobby bitch, if anyone, famous or otherwise, was rude to me like this you can bet I’d be taking off my earrings. She’s still young, I’d hazard a guess that she’s going to find out fairly quickly that this diva behaviour isn’t going to do her any favours. Regardless of her connections, people in the industry will quietly blacklist her

No. 1571157

olivier zahm is a gross predator who loves young girls, so, no surprises there

No. 1571172

Nadia is fine with her. she recently opened a gallery of her works and dedicated a whole wall to that mediocre pic of Arrow with tits out and trying to be Gwen Stefani.
idk if Nadia's fantastic, she seems kinda cookie cutter to me. Most of he art looks typical LA mix of weird/kitsch/bimbofication stuff, the problem is everyone in LA does the same thing now. unless Nadia was first, idk.

As for Arrow, i think it's more like that's the same social circle rahter than Nadia thinking she fits the theme (they did only one photo). they all know Gilbert, all know Autumn ofc, same with Dani. And the problem is, Nadia (and others artists) probably don't ever experience Arrow's diva behaviour, ofc she's nice to them. And if she does, maybe she doesn't care. There were 20 people who saw Arrow being a nasty brat (famous people included, i suppose) and nobody cared. As one of you gossip-chans said, she's cutesy nice to old men and famous ppl, they probably think she's nicest kid in the world.

No. 1571180

File: 1656120249695.jpg (76.42 KB, 458x724, 777s.jpg)

screenshotted it for thread months ago but probably forgot.
He did an interview with her, it's in the tag. back in 2017 when she was basically a nobody. scrolled their socials once and anons are right, only their families posted comments on their photos back then. but they already posed for Vogue and Purple lol where's logic.

No. 1571200

Never heard of Nadia before but she's one of those people who over-purchased fake followers, the likes on her photos are 5k-50k average 20k but she apparently has 540k followers. Seems like another male-gaze pandering narcissist like Arrow, birds of a feather

No. 1571215

I remember some anon in first thread said they want some milk on Nadia but she erases traces of her past pre-Hollywood fame.
Idk if there's a way to check if she's a snowflake or a genuine person, but tbh her being friends with Arrow, Gilbert, Dani and other LA idiots is some sort of indicator…

No. 1571226

She’s a well established artist, originally from the UK. She grew up in rural area and her parents had a large hand in helping her pursue her creative endeavours but I don’t know if they’re involved in the art world themselves (ie I don’t know if she’s a nepo kid or not). She models as well, and she’s made videos for a few well known hip hop artists. I would’ve be surprised if there’s nepotism involved. Some of her art is really interesting, some is just cookie cutter kitsch Americana as per dear nona above said

No. 1571384

Nadia definitely seems nepo, but I like her work. I feel like she could have relied on being an influencer but instead went the art hoe route.

No. 1571432

Samefag, I meant to say “wouldn’t”, not “would’ve”, I’m a tard. But yes, I agree re: being an influencer. She’s got the right look for high fashion modelling as well, I remember reading somewhere that she doesn’t like her face but loves her very skinny body and finds it impossible to put on weight (sound like anyone else we know? kek)

No. 1571775

i know her work is shit tier cindy sherman ripoff, but she's so beautiful and friendly i can't help but have a crush on her. nadia gives off very nice vibes, i don't see her as similar to arrow in personality at all.

No. 1571782

Sorry but where do you get these nice vibes and friendliness from? Unless you meet her personally on events ofc, all she does is posting pics of herself on instagram. It's easy to spot a mean person on insta way easier than nice ppl. not saying its not true as idk, but i'm just confused cause she just posts pics and her IG doesn't present thereal her very much, just her art

No. 1571809

kek, my lesbian ass has a crush on her too
I think it’s hearsay, I feel like the “but she’s so sweet!” narrative is forced by her mother and her mothers friends

No. 1571994

File: 1656192924223.jpg (189.35 KB, 1232x826, 5f048939e.jpg)

Seems about right the gossip that she's pothead. Isn't she holding up a joint or one of those readymade weed cigs here? lmao typical starter druggie showing around what they bought, i believe flexing about coke snorting rumours kek

No. 1572100

i'm not a buddhist but it's the main "religion" in my country (cantonese type, not the one white girls get wet for) and idk this pic pisses me off kind of? i went to france when i was in secondary school and took a picture pretending to pick the nose of a greek statue in the louvre, but i think this is more like if i put my cigarette in the virgin mary's face at a cathedral? i don't believe in any religions but this kind of thing is too childish to be funny? i saw the jackass movie recently and that was funny to me though, so maybe i'm just being weird about this for no reason.

No. 1572128

kek so dylan is officially a confirmed scrote (guess that was kind of obvious by the fact all his girlfriends are like 20 years younger than him). still love earth though and i'm still a fan. but yeah this is why i never usually delve into the personal lives of my fav male musicians cause i just get the ick….

No. 1572133

File: 1656202783333.jpg (49.63 KB, 500x502, tumblr_o783zfAxr51s6mjk8o1_500…)

well this is typical 5edgy3me immature pic, i don't find it particularly offensive BUT i understand why people might. i'm from a country where a lot of ppl are christian one way or another, in a way like great majority of ppl is at least baptized. Picrel might be viewed very different by different people. So yeah pics like these can be perceived as offensive or bad taste at the very least. i'm not offended but more like rolling my eyes at that. It's just childish

No. 1572211

its weed anon

No. 1572212

i know she has weed, but i don't. so if it was me, i would be holding a cigarette to the statue

No. 1572213

ayrt yes i think you phrased it better. do you remember when jennifer lawrence got in trouble for rubbing her butt on a rock in hawaii? i don't believe in magical hawaiian spirits or whatever, but that story still pissed me off because why not just mind your own business? you're the one who specifically travelled there, sorry that hawaii has religious hawaiians

No. 1572232

ayrt, >>1572212 is not me. my point is posing with drugs for the press pic is still cringe, even if smoking weed is equivalent of bringing tea to the party in LA right now. as for druggie i was joking. it was a comment on how they think weed addictions aren't real bc "it's not drugs anymore". the great offence LA ppl take when someone calls weed a drug is funny to me.
i know weed's lite and weak shit, don't worry. it's just my personal thing, i can't help joking at people who glorify weed, especially those who call themselves BETTER, because ~weed is not a drug, it's not like SOME JUNKIE shooting up heroin~. They always use this rhetoric, making themselves seem better while putting down opiate users, cause that's worst of worst, and they are Not Like Other Drug Users cause they smoke ~poetic, mind-opening weed~. not saying Arrow's necessarily like that, just it reminded me of someone i know kek, sorry. but i think anons must've met at least one person like that too

No. 1572246

lmao, i forgot about it, poor rock in Hawaii. Jennifer Lawrence is stupid as fuck and i hated hearing about her antics back in the day. everybody licked her ass for being ~relatable genuine tomboy girl~ while saying some annoying shit. glad that they moved on from her and her Totally Not Intentional slipping on the red carpet and Positive Thinking movies.

No. 1572432

sorry for being confusing, anon 2, i jumped in because someone brought up my story upthread but misremembered me as a photographer

No. 1572433

I dont know what else you want me to say about arrow or the story, ask away.

No. 1572491

wasn't it the buddha who said attachment is the root to suffering.

No. 1572588

I want to ask what happened, or what she told to you, bc you didn't tell
sorry i'm still confusing gossipchan anons

No. 1572974

was it attachment or desire? i feel like i've heard both. maybe it's a translation thing

No. 1572977

i think it's attatchment

No. 1573084

File: 1656285390540.png (104.4 KB, 786x778, lulz.png)

I find this post really amusing for some reason, thought some of you might too. maybe because it came out in a starcrawler context. why are they like this

No. 1573283

this reads like an encyclopedia dramatica impression of feminists
"i was eating a box of poptarts on the subway and a man raped up to me and raped 'hello' "

No. 1573697

I shouldn't laugh at that but I am.

No. 1573903

File: 1656362550250.jpg (196.45 KB, 1048x900, eatingiguess.jpg)

Yawn. Now it just looks desperate, not sassy or whatever. As if she cared for the last years, until now.
she doesn't even care what is being said, she's just annoyed cause nobody panders to her ass on TikTok like she thought they would. well tough luck, it's not all old males there.

No. 1574318

everyone involved in that argument is a massive rere. arrow's a dick but people freaking out about her very obviously genetic skelly body are just insecure. the fact that she's responding like this made me lose the only respect i had for her though. i guess nothing's sacred when it comes to mommy's hunger for likes

No. 1574320

oh this was me and i typed it poorly. i was only >>1570390
the other two posts are someone else. i never spoke to arrow. i saw her and she looked flashy like in this thread. the people i was drinking with told me how she acted.

No. 1574441

ok but we still don't know how exactly she acted and that's what we're interested in

No. 1574443

NTA but I agree, there are good reasons to criticise her (ie by all accounts she’s a piece of shit, who fucking cares about her weight? She’s a retard for responding, especially with shit like this >>1573903 I’m sure the fact that she inherited her father’s unfortunate face has affected her self esteem regardless of how many Hollywood scrotes kiss her ass, that probably fuels her 3edgy5u NLOG fuckery too

No. 1574444

Yeah, that's what i was trying to say. People yelling "Eat a burger" are stupid as fuck. The way she responded though is so eyeroll inducing though, because she responds like a typical cow who got pressed but tried to play it out like she's so "unbothered". maybe i'd react differently if she posted this video a couple years earlier, now it seems like some sort of ploy.

No. 1577061

File: 1656625817363.jpg (138.56 KB, 876x994, momscashdoeswonders.jpg)

Biiitch, no way she's in new American Horror Story season. Guess mommy Autumn decided to take it to the next level and make her daughter an ~actress~ now, lmao.
lowkey laughing at this, cause anons in the previous thread predicted everything, music's not enough for Autumn now

No. 1577065

File: 1656625992675.png (930.29 KB, 880x506, ahs.png)


They're also on MTV Gonzo today, for the first time iirc. To show "backstage & behind the scenes of their Milton Keynes show with MCR" good luck trying to convince us it was your biggest success to date, everybody hated you and there are vids to prove.

No. 1577449

hahahaaaa look at the face she's making. she never gave a shit about music or anything you can choose to do, just wanted to be faaaymous.
however, i notice she's done up in a monster suit to be some kind of living/possessed doll. if she pivots to becoming the female Doug Jones, i will actually not have a problem with her.

No. 1577456

>i notice she's done up in a monster suit to be some kind of living/possessed doll
She's done it because everybody's done these awful ugly looking suits, this AHS season is apparently all dollhouse and shitty gummy looking dolls.
I'm very curious if she's been given an actual "role" here (hahaha), or she just was smuggled by connected fashion mommy just to sway for a few minutes in the promo trailer. i can't find the new season cast online yet. I love it how she captioned it, like "OMG I'M IN THE TRAILER WHAAAT OMG LITERALLY MY DREAMZ COME TRUEE" bitch your mother is mainstream fucking photographer, i mean maybe she's not famous in the way that regular John will know who she is, but she's fucking huge in the industry, if she tries to play it out ONCE AGAIN saying that "oh she just came from grocery one day and found an e-mail from Ryan Murphy", i will scream

No. 1578172

real talk. what the fuck is she eating…

No. 1578188

some oily, greasy chicken?
She follows thinspo blogs though.

No. 1578189

any pics of her following thinspo blogs please

No. 1578191

just a sec, i'm getting screenshots ready (cropping out my icon)

No. 1578202

File: 1656724108485.png (1.05 MB, 779x900, 1614257088552.png)

i can see her hairy labia

No. 1578216

File: 1656725181635.jpg (160.74 KB, 1482x1176, cn.jpg)

So… she follows and reposts sometimes from this blog @classicnymph, and lately i've seen her congratulating her on AHS vid. That chick mostly posts weaboo anime shit, the kind of stuff Grimes would follow. But, she also posts some weird videos of her dancing… And damn, that chick has the same bodytype like Arrow (but she's defo anorexic). Now, i don't care much about vids or selfies - because NOT every selfie/pic is bodychecking, it's just a pic. But looking further, some of them look like bodychecking, she also posts collarbones and spine pics (reminds you of someone we know?)

Her first account is more anime-centered admittedly, idk if Arrow follows her priv/2ndary accoutn, but that girl posts her pics on both. obviously Arrow probably follows for anime shit primarily. i don't think her followign classicnymph means Arrow has ED or seeks thinspo specifically… but i think maybe Arrow seeks out anorexic/thin women for style inspo (KJG, Emilie Autumn) just like she seeks mentally ill people for stage inspiration
(@classicnymph/ diary__tonight + she has a couple more & some of these quite popular)

No. 1578218

File: 1656725270878.jpg (553.11 KB, 2180x1440, cn3.jpg)

anachan pics i mentioned

No. 1578223

Chicken wings or a chicken like product.

No. 1578225

kek just to see if anyone's using her as thinspo. which is actually much more embarassing than if she was anorexic.

No. 1578228

File: 1656726392333.jpg (139.05 KB, 1080x1558, Screenshotf.jpg)

#50 on Top50 list, wow.
One question… Are places on those Spotify Top New Rock/Hot Alt Tracks/blah playlists also mom bucks sponsored? they flexed being on various lists and i thought, who the fuck would even cares about spotify lists…

No. 1578231

>if she tries to play it out ONCE AGAIN saying that "oh she just came from grocery one day and found an e-mail from Ryan Murphy", i will scream
ayrt and AGREED. if she actually stopped leeching off others and became a professional man-in-suit monster actor i would be like "good job!" but she'd also have to stop making that cat who got the cream ego face.

No. 1578233

wow starcrawler is one place above a band whose entire fanbase including the members themselves is ironic.

No. 1578248

samefag WAIT i can't count, they're two places BELOW palaye royale kek

No. 1578440

Artist here and most official spotify lists are either nepotism or new faces made by old names or spotifys in house artists.

I have 11 albums out and still haven't made official playlist yet. I know other artists that have more out there than me that don't either. You have to be very well known or international artists
that put out their narrative. There's a complex formula to getting in there.

But it's 70% nepotism at the very least.

No. 1578464

my friend was in trailers and ads because she was a model, and had nothing to do with the show. They usually hire models and put them in sfx to tease the theme. I think she was just hired off her reel for modeling.

No. 1578563

>You have to be very well known or international artists

But they aren't well known and certainly not internationally known artists… Fuck these playlists, who listens to spotify playlists anyway? that's nothing to brag about Arrow, lmao

Autumn is at her last straw i see, shilling more and more money on promotion. MTV show? MTV is not even about music anymore, and they suddenly get a show where they air behind the scenes of their MCR gig? hello? it's not the 90's. it's so obviously a well paid gig, i can't.

No. 1578564

Ah, this explains everything. Arrow has nothing significant to put on her modelling list though, i think it was just that, Autumn sending her to model casting AND perhaps making a few calls. i'm sure AHS gladly took in a nepo kid.

Really fucking kekworthy that Arrow laughs and hates on models, when she's the one doing nepo modelling but pretending she was taken bc of "her fame", not her name

No. 1578966

it's weird too because models are actually quite respectable and chill - real models, i mean. the skilled ones who can pose and walk and be the character that the client wants in the show/ad/billboard are still very self-aware that you become a model in the first place because of genetics. they also tend to be interesting and have hobbies, studies, shit even the cringe nerd shit a lot of them do still counts as a passion. arrow has the actress meanness and chip on her shoulder like a bitter 130lb extra with a beautiful face and no personality. thousands of years of civilization and still people haven't figured out that the best thing you can be is YOURSELF.

No. 1578968

i don't watch this show and i am surprised to learn that a tv show does trailers with no one from the main cast? just randoms in a fashion film that matches the look of upcoming season?

No. 1579000

File: 1656797380627.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1920, Screens2333.png)

I thought it's Paris Hilton pic at first…
>extra with a beautiful face
not that it matters but not even that one, she always ends up the worst/most plain looking when she's placed with other girls.
She just hates all girls who are prettier/more interesting/more famous than her

No. 1579005

nayrt but yeah, seems like they always do some artsy videoclip like trailers (similarly to show beginnings). funny how they always try to make it scary when the show is far from being scary, it's cringey endgelord show whose main audience were teens on tumblr.

No. 1579024

oh kek yeah i meant she has the attitude of one of those women. the very beautiful LA types who are bitter once they find out that if you're untalented enough, being hot as hell still isn't enough to guarantee a career. especially with 5 generations of nepobabies running around nowadays.

No. 1579025

nta but i tried to watch it a couple times and found it very sexist and disgusting in the general atmosphere of how women look, are treated, and are written in that director's work.
also 100% of the dialogue is hot steaming bot larva infested horse shit.

No. 1579030

Late but kek. Im a heroin addict clean and on suboxone though and no, stoners are right. Theyre not like us. No one is going to break into your car looking for weed or steal your shit to pawn for weed money.

I do believe arrow does coke. But coke is so common and most people who do it dont get addicted. And i agree, flaunting drugs or alcohol is super childish and cringe.

No. 1579032

File: 1656801453769.gif (625.12 KB, 498x278, americanhorrorstory-taissa-far…)

Oh yeah. Especially the 3rd season which basically started with a witch who has a power of killing males with her magic vagina. who the fuck makes that shit lmao. I'm sure you all must know this show at least vaguely bc of this gif, it's been everywhere on tumblr. yeah, it's that show with Violet who dates sadboy ghost Tate, who was a Columbiner-copycat school shooter. tumblr's wet dream
My favourite moment was when they made her stroll through the school hall smoking a cig, and popular bitchy girls started to bully and slap her BECAUSE OF SMOKING. like they bullied her because it sucks to smoke or something. i remember i roared with laughter.

No. 1579035

A fucking nausea shirt? Yeah, arrow, you dont like crust. I can tell youre a poser because you picked the tamest crust band out there.

No. 1579037

Ayrt, i know they're not like us (morphine/opiate addict here). i just don't like how they're putting down us when they have no idea what they're talking about.
Bad addict cases exist though. they're nowhere near junkie level and what junkies do, but i lowkey knew 2 ppl smoking after trauma and they they did therapies and stuff trying to quit for years. everything can go wrong.

I honestly don't think she does coke all the time, but she's probably one of those idiots who shit their pants every time they manage to score some. that or that was just some ploy to get attention.

No. 1579039

i mean bad weed addict cases.
i guess i don't like "i'm intellectual bc i smoke weed" and "i'm untouchable" attitude regular stoners have

No. 1579058

Ayrt, oh i get you now. Sorry, i'm a retard. Yeah theres no denying people like shayna are/were addicted to weed. my parents are alcoholics who put me down for being a junkie all the time despite my dad having several DUIs and ive never had a drug charge in my life. Kinda similar to holier-than-thou stoners.

Tbh arrow doesnt strike me as someone who actually likes to do drugs. More so she just does them for her punk LARP/to look cool. So of course she's going to be obnoxious like the anon said who overheard her talking about doing lines.

No. 1579071

cokechan here and HARD agree on fucking stoners. the worst is when there's one at your 12 step meeting, like literally you can see all the cokewhores and street shooters thinking "you ain't never sucked a dick for weed"
i think arrow is for sure that type of stoner, and will do a line when offered but is defintely not any kind of addict. which is a good thing that she should not be sanctimonious about, her looking down on everyone is very offputting. why is it so hard for her to just live her life as herself and behave normally? that would be a totally acceptable non-addict role model. she doesn't need to be a bith about it

No. 1579073

ayrt i know the show from the plotline where the guy cuts off the blonde woman's legs. the camera work on her suffering is so fetishistic it made me want to puke. AND THEN THEY DID IT AGAIN with jessica lange getting unnecessary surgery in the circus series. in the season with the ghost in the house, the women are treated like truman capote wrote them, all stupid children etc. the whole show is really disgusting undisguised gay moid woman-hate. sorry for ot pls no ban jannies

No. 1579076

>she just does them for her punk LARP/to look cool
Yeah. The only reason why she'd take drugs that i could see is to pretend she's so "punk". from what we heard it seems like she drinks/smokes before or after shows when there are stranger people sitting with them or looking. i can imagine her and Henri doing lines alone in their tourbus, with dead serious faces, because ofc they must do drugs because this is what ultrafamous rockstars do, right??? kek

No. 1579082

>that she should not be sanctimonious about
But she is. i find it kinda lame that she poses as drug-free we don't do drugs! sort of rightous anger in interviews and in front of people older than her, but has no problems shouting about snorting lines among other young people.

Or cries that people think she's on heroin but she meticulously styles hair into "hobo aesthetic", highlights eyebags with red powder and dresses as heroin addict. All the while gettin high with a boyfriend who claims to be on his 7th year of sobriety. bitch is a walking contradiction

No. 1579090

File: 1656807683171.jpg (237.64 KB, 467x700, Starcrawler-79.jpg)


No. 1579129

ayrt yah so basically she's lording it over people that she has a stable life and family where if a friend at a concert has cocaine she will do a line then go home to her apartment where she has her own room, supportive family, job, and is not at risk of becoming broke or indentured to a pimp if she develops a drug addiction.

No. 1579133

oh my god this is just fucking rude. yes i know heroin addicts make a choice in a way people with paranoid disorders do not, but it's pretty shit of her to use real struggles that people overcome via CHANNELING it into their art, as the imagery of her "Art" itself. like…didn't she go to some quality schools? this is very extremely dumb behaviour.

No. 1579237

if i ever see her again im going to give her a real nice scold and lecture on some harder crust bands and how not to LARP as disadvantaged. its so hard not to sperg

No. 1579254

TBH her mom is keeping her small like Eugenia Cooney so she can control her thru drugs and being frail. Drugs can make you thinner too, so double deal for mommy autumn.

No. 1579341

So far these are the stable elements of her shows:
>overall acting out schizophrenic, according to her words
>"manic alter ego"
>frantic "crazy" faces like rolling eyes/head throwing movements (epilepsy?)
>shaking in "epileptic shocks" on the floor
>junkie skits with cable as tourniquet and smashing mic into her forarm
>pretending to slice her wrists open with a mic while smudging fake blood
>prancing around onstage with bandadged wrists splattered with fake blood, and self harm cuts drawn with lipstick

That's a lot. the latter was for 1 show only iirc, but the fact she tried this shit is enough for me)
Usually i dislike full time SJW-ing and zoomers who scream problematic at everything, but if anything she's the one who really deserves to be slammed like hell.

No. 1579389

nah, they're drinking together, Autumn likes whisky. her mommy's oblivious to her shit, unless she's reading here and choosing to ignore it.

No. 1579454

her mom kinda weirds me out, it's like she's trying super hard to have sex with the musicians she partied with in the 90s like she can't tell the whole friend group is in their 50s with college aged kids and don't care about scene party shit anymore.

No. 1579455

it's not problematic, it's arrow taking advantage of people who she really thinks of as inferior, gross, and losers. she's being like stanley the suburban gangster. she wants to have the image of homeless schizos while hating them, same with fulltime drug addicts. she wants to listen to her biggie in her SUV in the hollywood hills. it's very nasty to be so hateful and disingenuous.

No. 1579548

it is problematic when you're never experienced any of these, but you play this onstage. it tells nothinh, it's not a statement, it's literally her way to "look cool". it is shitty in a way she performs this freakshow and treats someone's illness as her aesthetic. would you like to have Arrow watch a real footage of your mental breakdown, analyze each frame and perform it onstage? i know i wouldn't, actual schizochans posting here wouldn't either. i don't go to concerts to watch musicians show me epilepsy as entertainment. taking advantage is good word, but even if she didn't think of those people as losers and she liked them, it would be 100% as much disgusting.

EA or Alice Cooper did some of these, but they went through mental illnesses and problems o their own. they have a reason to tell/show these stories.

No. 1579549

i want to add that playing psycho for a movie or even theatre production is a very different thing, bc you're telling a story (and then the point is, are you presenting the illness correctly, or if you're weaving a play out of bullshit). i think we all agree Arrow's shit isn't any of these

No. 1579555

File: 1656870753108.png (121.9 KB, 1072x1166, 977063.png)

OT and not really milk, but lmao, these whiny little bitches. Of course Arrow and Henri aren't willing to help anybody, because it makes no sense if their comfort isn't #1 concern. not saying they were obliged to do it, but lol they sound so bitchy "me and Arrow weren't gonna help heheh" Why would you boast about it?

No. 1579734

i was
and am agreeing with you! i'm one of the schizo-chans who's complained in this thread before. i was trying to say that you don't even have to use the word problematic because she's just straight up regular wrong.

No. 1579736

samefag sorry if you're new to english - my original post says that arrow is hatefull and disingenuous, not you.

No. 1579743

Oh i get it now! not even new to english, but for some reason i misunderstood that things she did are not bad in itself, but it's bad because she does that even though she hates/disregards people she copies. sorry i'm slow lol
I'm just awestruck that people don't call her out for that stuff, they praise her for it. But maybe they haven't seen her claim she watches schizophrenics? we're the ""haters"" and yet we know about her more than her actual fans do, lol.

No. 1579789

kek english is my second so i assume when anyone is mad at me they're just confused because that's what i would do i think arrow's "haters" know so much about her because as women, we really really WANT to like her, and feel bad about the kneejerk hate we have of her because we know that what it looks like, is we're jealous of her looks/clothes/connections, and we really try to find proof that she's a nice kid and we're just being irrational. but then you see more and more bad shit and think "no, someone CAN'T be this shitty and still be getting work" and then go even deeper, but it turns out it's shitty person all the way down

No. 1579827

i don't feel bad about disliking her at all, but there's nothinh to like either. i first heard of her in 2018 & looked for info cause i had unexplainable feeling Arrow is lame woman-hater snowflake who acts likea bitch, and i'm lowkey satisfied to see i was right. i tried giving her band a chance but everything about them is so shitty and fake, and I instantly hated her for cosplaying Katiejane Garside

No. 1579829

the reason ppl here know more is because we thought she's fake & looked for proofs, while her fans take all at face value. ironic part is fans prob don't care enough to read those sponsored articles etc., Starcrawler is nobody's fav band. it's entertaining to watch someone beign so self-obsessed and delusional about their "artistry" though.

No. 1580695

This thread rules. So glad I found it because I have some info on this girl.

I worked with her mother on a project about a decade ago. She was cool and her daughter was around nearly 24/7. Super clingy, like I don't think she went to school.
Anyway, not sure on Arrow's exact age, but when I was around both of them, she looked to be maybe 12-13 or so. I don't know. The mother was around 40 I would guess.
So the weird thing is that the mother would excuse herself to take the daughter to the bathroom. They would go together into the single stall bathroom. No fucking idea what they were doing. At the time I just brushed it off as a shy or autistic kid, seeing how the mother was so attentive to her. I vividly remember this happening at least 4 or 5 times in my presence, and I was only around for maybe a week with them.
Looking back, it is really fucking odd. Like was she wiping her teenage daughter's ass or something? So fucking weird. Now I see this thread and it all clicks lol.
Wish I had more to share, but that's the only major thing I can recall.

No. 1580753

Sounds a bit to me that Arrow's mom is aware of how many pedos are in the industry and was protecting her?

No. 1580843

Uh… wtf? Wouldn't surprise me really, seems like Autumn would always take her everywhere inmcluding tours and photoshoots and she pampered her to the point her daughter can't even THINK on her own now. Read summary/ the first thread especially, alot of major reveal how fucked up her family is there. Autumn is a pickme 1.0 and a stage mom who pimps out her lazy daughter, and Arrow grewup to be unsufferable narc who hates other women, unless they're famous enough to give her some clout.

One question though, did Autumn live in "struggling in poverty" like she claims? was the project realized in her "tiny kitchen studio"? kek

No. 1580856

totally contradicts what she does now though? Autumn introduces Arrow to industry pedos like Oliver Zahm, creeps like Ryan Adams AND she was 100% fine with her 18yo daughter dating 32yo who's quite visibly into babygirl/daddy kink. Not even mentioning that Autumn is all cool with Arrow lapdancing on Dylan Carlson & others. she's always haning out with old men, and has her own damn grandfather sexualizing her & commenting or her semi-naked pics. nah Autumn doesn't have a problem with industry pedos, quite opposite seems like she's pushing her daughter into their arms, consciously or not. i don't have much of belief in this woman.

No. 1580881

I don't think any pedos are hiding in the stall where Autumn would have to go in with her daughter. Standing by the sink would have been more than sufficient.

No. 1581283

File: 1657059660570.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220705-125014.png)

This seems to be Henri's house wtf.
Such a nerve to moan about struggles of "punk rock life" in a van when you live in that house, and buy ultra expensive vintage guitars every few days/weeks to ur already gigantic pricey collection. Like… Henri CA$H indeed. and i'll never believe they make that money on their music nor tours, not even 1/4

No. 1581413

maybe anon meant autumn was standing outside the stall? like it was a public toilet but with only one stall, like in a men's room.
and tinfoil but, i had a friend at that age with a tube/medical situation, and sometimes if you're supposed to be doing tests and shit at home before an appointment, they just tell the parent to do it.

No. 1581416

what a weird house. it looks like in one of those suburbs from a sitcom. is it safe to have all those lights on at night with no privacy hedge or window bars? what's downtown LA like??

No. 1581431

Nta but from the post i understood that Autumn went inside the single one of public stalls with Arrow, instead of waiting outside, or one-room toilet. i don't think they spent a week going into men's room when they probably had other options. even if, she could just stand by and guard the door. anyway, most toilet doors are locked from the outside…? whatever.
Medical situation sounds like possible reason, though at that point i wouldn't rule out wiping her teen's ass either, i mean who knows this family's fucked in th head in some ways. kind of awkward.

No. 1581492

no i meant it LOOKED like a men's room, not that it was one.

No. 1581608

this is not downtown it looks like the valley (suburb)

No. 1581648

iirc he's from Pasadena, but idk if that is

No. 1582082

ohh man that pool looks like crack to me. it's 39C where i live rn and this boarding house does not have AC. i would pretend to like starcrawler just to splash around in henri's giant saltwater swimming pool today

No. 1582099

kekkk but you'd have to disguise yourself as some "famous" nepo baby, otherwise they would make crumpled faces and say you're not accepted to the cool kid club

No. 1582416

i'm the lindbergh baby…'s baby. that's right, DOUBLE nepo baby.

No. 1586399

File: 1657634159719.jpg (45.69 KB, 820x462, Starcrawler.jpg)


"famous nepo baby" Not only does this sum up the band it sums up the album art.

Ever wonder who that girl is on the album? It's BECKs daughter.

Yes a struggling rock band surrounded by famous people and their children. The struggle is real all they have is a pool and multi million dollar homes.

They're just like Black Sabbath (sarcasm)

No. 1586827

damn she really does look like beck

No. 1586836

Beck's daughter is still a kid and i don't think they were trying to make her famous tht way (yet). but who knows? Arrow was already "guest starring" in music videos when her age and having Rookie & teen sites praising her as "It Girl" lmao. i can see Beck kid coming out with her own shitty band or "model work" when she grows up a little. don't they all

No. 1587059

that or troon out. she really does look like her father though.

so does Arrow, sadly

No. 1587079

ur telling me beck has a daughter? he parties on tuesdays.

No. 1587174

Autumn's Beck book from 2010 mentions they've been working together for 15 years. maybe she didn't have enough of HER money to live as lavish as she does NOW, but she needs to shut up about "struggling", she had rich daddy to help, and in 00's Autumn was already famous.

It's all living in shitty houses for "aesthetic", cause they think it's "artsy" or interesting to live like uwu struggling artist. same as Arrow does now. same as other rich LA fucks do. all these trashy "artists" intentionally pick moldy, ugly places. Sabrina of Pretty Sick sits in a trashy flat trying to be ~cool London lad~, but she has super rich CEO daddy funding her "punk rock life". Arrow's fave Lilith Levisis used to pretend she's a poor hoodrat, even though her junkie life is funded by rightwing politics dad. (remember her clothes/gofundme scams?) Seems like a nepo baby pattern here.

No. 1587178

File: 1657717949703.jpg (37.92 KB, 407x612, goodtime girls.jpg)

thb looking like Autumn isn't any better either…

No. 1587183

is autumn an alcoholic? how did she look so different in the past ten years? it's not from having a kid, between arrow's ages of 10 and 20 autumn went full dicaprio and looks like a different person now. i also never see her name pop up with the usual people i saw her work with before, and some of her friends never speak of her anymore. i don't know shit duh but, is she a drunk? it would explain both changes.

No. 1587191


Maybe but the mid to late 40s can be challenging for your figure and overall looks.

Interesting idea though.

No. 1587281

menopause can be a bear, but maybe she also has to take steroids for some ailment
she has the barrel body and twig legs of someone taking steroids

No. 1587314

yeah her body type is now the opposite of what it was in older photos. you are probably right

No. 1587354

Possibly? I remember her boasting that she has a stylized crutch that always carries a vial of whiskey inside, and her disappointment at the vial not being bigger or something. might as well be menopause/older age metabolism tho.
I find it interesting that some of her old friends don't want to deal with her anymore

No. 1587429

ot but your metabolism only slows down after 60 and even then it's for about 100 calories. Most people simply become sedentary and eat more.

No. 1587435

menopause changes how your body distributes fat, though
you really have to fight to keep fat off your waist

No. 1587440

she's only 50, anon. unless she was kinda fat already the huge change in her appearance recently is a bit odd. if she drinks a lot and eats crappy food that would make her look like this.
courtney love is 58 and kim gordon, chrissie hynde are 69.

No. 1587443

ah maybe she takes steroids for whatever injury makes her need the cane? (i remember reading about the liquor cane in an interview about her movie Emma)

No. 1587462

File: 1657746837579.png (699.49 KB, 686x804, 5555.png)

damn milk is dry lately if we're discussing Autumn's excessive fat. grab instead a lame AHS pic of Arrow, who hates all models & rock singers who do model, well, modelling. lol

No. 1587469

It's a cool pic

No. 1587473

it's better than whatever she did in the teaser, but still awkward. i like the bloomers & top though.

No. 1587477

it makes me kinda snort at how she goes with that "booh i'm a creepy bitch spitting blood and AcTiNgg in AHS" and then… you look at their new album cover or their new pink video with lame highschooler boys in those childish suits. 100% must be mommy Autumn's idea.

No. 1587522

it's weird that with all her photog mom's grooming/prep, she's such a shitty model. she seems to have the tess holliday problem of not understanding that she's showing the product, and thinks instead that she IS the product

No. 1587543

i think she's trying to pose as successful/famous enough to do this. while other models from AHS teaser just do their job & have fun, she came for clout. she probably though everybody's gonna think it's huge thing, on the level of Lady Gaga playing in season 5, lol. all just for that shiny credit. "Arrow de wilde plays in new AHS" (even if that's not true).

Bitch has no talent in literally any field, cannot dress herself for shit, and she hates models because she's jealous. starcrawler team is graspin at straws trying to give her cameos and shoutouts. that blatant shitshow of lies is being pushed down people's throats way too long imo, i'd gladly watch them go down.

No. 1587556

>hates models because she's jealous
she doesn't have to be. she could be a low-paid/not famous model if she wanted. you can pay your bills with shit tier model and acting stuff, and if she paid attention to what the client wants her looks could be really marketable. it seems the problem is her, her mom's, and her bandmates' attitude.

No. 1587590

>her looks could be really marketable
nah, definitely not really marketable. for the reasons anons mentioned way before (not fiting sample size, too tall, her face mostly). skeletal body sometimes isn't enough, she can't pose either. acting: only as an extra or in mom's friends videos. not even sure about catalog, unless they run out of applicants. i mean, why would they choose Arrow when there's plenty of offers from more conventionally looking models?
however, i think she'd have a chance as one of those alt instagram models who do private shoots and if they get enough following, they can be asked to advertize brands/clothes, as an influencer. she could do "creepy" shoots a'la AHS. but as you say, her problem is her attitude and how she just wants to be famous, not to put in work.

No. 1587619

>one of those alt instagram models who do private shoots and if they get enough following, they can be asked to advertize brands/clothes, as an influencer. she could do "creepy" shoots a'la AHS
yah thats what i meant! you said it better

No. 1587626

File: 1657763665835.png (703.22 KB, 668x499, 2323.png)

and she could be attention whoring that way too! just without the whole Starcrawler shitshow. she'll probably go for it when the band splits up, they're already taking our ideas, lol
The only good modeling shots she did i found here:

These (picrelated) i found while googling "ADW model" and they're really bad though. wtf are these poses…

No. 1587641

anons have said before that if she was up front about only wanting pics + attention no one would have a problem with her

No. 1589009

File: 1657926748563.png (2.02 MB, 1030x966, screen.png)

Eek, what the fuck is she doing to herself lately that she looks like she aged good 10 years?
why is this giving off major NLOG/ "i'm a ~grrrl hanging with muh boizz~" vibe that Avril Lavigne used to have in her teen years? i know it's just a random caption but still

No. 1589018

File: 1657927226430.png (23.78 KB, 788x270, 2x.png)

lol, and of course another nepo baby stanning in comments. Violet's also embarassing, cause she has following for… what for, exactly? making bored faces on tiktok? betting already on her inevitable future a) rock'n'roll saviour punk rAwK band b) going nonbinary c) tour with Machine Gun Kelly or another mumble rap creep

No. 1589030

She has that Jenna Marbles kind of face which doesn't suit the crackwhore styling she attempts, not sure what would suit her, but that's why she looks older than her years.

No. 1589311

She looks like a piggly wiggly cashier that gives head to the deli manager for meth and comes home to her 3 kids, screams at em, and drinks till the youngest finds her outside on the back porch straddling a bush.

No. 1589688

i have this type of masculine face with the mouth lines too, and you just have to stick to either a no makeup kind of look with a lot of browns/neutrals, or a vintage 30s/40s kind of look with minimal eye makeup. goth or paris hilton type makeup makes you look more masculine with this bone structure.

No. 1592236


This is an insult to Piggly Wiggly meth addicts. They still look better than that.

No. 1592271

>did Autumn live in "struggling in poverty" like she claims?
I'm almost certain they were pretty well off at the time. The mother was working with celebs.

No. 1592276

heck, what awful liars. i read she worked with Beck since 1995, in 2000 she took pics of Elliot Smith, and in 2005/2006 she already worked with plenty of hot indie & top trendy music and actor stars, and for various mainstream mags like Vogue etc. All of this AND she had a famous daddy who did photos for big corp/actors/hollywood directors.
i mean it's so blatant. bitches are asking for getting exposed, if one cared enough to take a deep dive into this.

No. 1592290

Here's the thing, LA rich people, especially those who rub elbows with celebs ALWAYS claim to be poor. Only owning 1 home is poor. Not being able to eat at a steakhouse every day is poor. They compare themselves to the richest of the rich as they step over homeless people on the sidewalk. $17 for cold pressed juice is reasonable for to them, but they say they are poor because they can't shop at Neiman Marcus every day.

No. 1592292

kek I fucken bought her Elliott Smith book when I was a depressed teenager too. It came across like she was desparate to appear like they'd been close friends before his death.

No. 1592298

they claim they "actually lived" with Elliot Smith (there's a pic of Elliot with toddler Arrow in the book iirc). but i wouldn't be surprised if they spent a few days or weeks at his house max, for "artistic" not housing reasons. like fuck, Autumn had a rich ass daddy & mommy to help, as if she had to squash on some 5 metres square in the wardrobe of a gracious indie musician. or something dramatic like that. that's just next "cool story" to tell, next to Tom Petty & Mullevay sisters babysitting Arrow.

No. 1592346

File: 1658330931826.png (3.13 MB, 1528x894, hobocore.png)

>They compare themselves to the richest of the rich as they step over homeless people on the sidewalk.
Homeless people are "aesthetic" to them. a cool "look" to pull for insta or cool sighting to pose next to. i'm sure i've seen a post of hers about how "she was born in a dumpster" or something, but i think it's deleted now.

No. 1592363

Homeless people aren't human in their eyes. They're animals and free fashion inspo. They dress like homeless people but they shield their eyes from the real thing

No. 1592580

File: 1658349789466.jpg (664.85 KB, 1800x1591, qwqwq.jpg)

Cringetards are in Australia now. Arrow's shilling some Voiid band that's their support. advertizing another zoomer girl band out of kindness of heart is not Arrow's thing, so she's either trying to show us she's not a jealous bitch, or it's another nepo band.
anyways, she needs to take these circle earrings off, and i can't even tell who looks the worst in second pic

No. 1592656

God this nepo bitch irks the shit out of me. Went to the bookstore the other day to buy a i-D magazine and took a look before purchase only to see her ugly trailer trash photoshoot in it. I’m sure there have been many nepo kids in fashion magazines for years now but now it’s just more prominent and annoying.

No. 1592666

same here. i can't stand that bitch, she's somehow more annoying than other industry nepo babies. in every way and detail. and it's just stupid that people seriously buy all that shit De Wildes say. and believe she's true pUnK rAwK "original". honestly though her larping as mentally ill/cutter onstage is the worst, idk why in year 2022 people let it pass.

No. 1592671

I'm actually wondering what kind of big (PAID) promo they are preparing for september. it feels like it's their last chance, but they must play it like it's "natural road to success they worked hard for". They're planning Starcrawler's ~*mainstream label*~~ record and will come out of their skins to prove they're successful. instead of, you know, playing for 25 ppl a venue, being hated everywhere they play as support, and being on a shitty pop country label for nobodies that just happens to be slightest bit tied to Universal.

No. 1593190

Just looked it up, the Oxford Art Factory is a tiny venue although here there's not a lot for music between arena size and small venue. Still, 500 capacity. Burn.

No. 1593766

File: 1658444953922.jpg (336.36 KB, 1598x752, 21144221.jpg)

If these photos are enough to make me cringe to hell and back, then i fear to think how cringey she must've been live

No. 1593772

File: 1658445283340.jpg (428.41 KB, 1254x770, 4a8e7.jpg)

also what's with taping up that gaze in the middle of her torso just to push everything out, did she make a hole to hand her boob out. or a material meant to imitate boobs hanging out. wtf.

No. 1593874

if i had tiny boobs i'd do shit like this too ngl. i'd tape all kinds of dumb crap to my body if i didn't have to wear a fucking cantilevered ironworks contraption just to go to the grocery store. we all would.

No. 1593876

her moids are looking bloated. remember to wash your hungover faces in the morning, boys.

No. 1593878

autumn was better off than many of the artists she pohtographed. this is why her friends will not abandon her or arrow. they are trying to be good or 'give back' to someone who helped them on their way up.

No. 1593911

my point is it would look better if she tied it a little bit higher, it highlights how long her torso is. but it's details, doesn't really matter. though it looks like tit hanging out but there's bra strap centimeters above, is it me or something's visually wrong here
>cantilevered ironworks contraption just to go to the grocery store
True, i hate it. sadly chicks with large and with tiny breasts have to wear contraptions for two different reasons. bc either way you go, it's considered "sloppy". i lost a lot of weight, so kind of experienced both size tits problem, and wish actual usable 100% cotton bras were possible.

No. 1593919

That's interesting take… and true, essentially. some of them are also either genuinely on good terms with Autumn, or they suddenly 15yrs later get a phonecall from someone who did an important album cover or video for them, asking for a favor, and they can't say no. gotta admit though, most of them lack taste and the balls to say no. not very punk of them kek

No. 1593949

File: 1658457388443.jpg (318.27 KB, 1080x1305, starcraweer.jpg)

Some new video will be later today.
Jfc, from the looks of it, it'll be another "we're oh so bored working oh SO HARD in a ~trashy~ little groceries store, so we play a concert inside and Arrow goes ~schizo~ and then grinds and wallows in grapes and watermelons" type shit.

No. 1593986

yes. they have always been on good terms with their friend, and don't know or dgaf what their friend's kid does. especially once you get to my age in your head the 23 year old kid is still a baby - time moves fast. someone you like and who helped your career comes to talk to you, why would anything about that be weird and if you trust your friend who has time to research her kid's band when you have work all day? it's not too hard to understand how they get ahead. "free to those who can afford", and honestly her mom's very nice and popular.

No. 1594070

Someone here said she changed alot in the last 10+ years and her old friends dropped her though. maybe she got more pretentious with time. also Autumn's really got a LOT of fucking nerve, cause half of these people she contacted apparently haven't been in touch with her since 15 or 20 years or more. imagine meeting only for work, not talking to someone for years and then one day someone calls you and based on that one or two days spent on the shoot years ago, they demand you to promote their lazy, untalented daughter, for free.

as for those artists, if they're SOO about helping young bands, they'd look around beyond what's in their elitist circles and help actual nobody bands. Dave Grohl can shut the fuck up, he's only promoting nepotist brats, famous daughters and blatant fucking industry plants/insta baddies like Kelsey Karter STRICTLY. fuck him and the "new r'n'r saver finder" bullshit

No. 1594285

dave grohl's music sucks and he has botox because he's a pussy

No. 1594305

>he has botox
oof. all my life i thought it's fat. but that somehow explains masses of his massive neck underneath the beard.

No. 1594781

New video if anyone cares. They act out "working hard" in a tiny store, clogging the toilets and taking out trash. ah the predictability.
ofc it wouldn't be a starcrawler video if they didn't stuff in Staz Lindes +a couple of other models and "personalities".

No. 1594784

File: 1658528914221.jpg (377.73 KB, 1178x1366, interview1.jpg)

a new article where she speaks total bs, as usual. picrel, some of the cringiest stuff.

she really needs to shut up and stop LARPing as one of working class in her videos, and then presenting her band as a miraculous ~saviour~ to people in "shitty situations". that's someone's job Arrow. it is shitty, but you have no room to talk, bitch. you know NOTHING about shitty situations. talk to us back when your shitty music can fix our budget and debt problems.

No. 1594827

Very bland and her vocals put me to sleep.
>They act out "working hard" in a tiny store, clogging the toilets and taking out trash.
Best way to describe it. Children can act better. Magical door is funny though.

No. 1594833

File: 1658532880712.jpg (187.11 KB, 1134x586, interview2.jpg)

hahaha of course she's trying to pretend tour with MCR was not a total tragedy, lying that it was "lifechanging" & how many fans they gathered. what fucking person, sees something is black but will come out of her skin telling everyone it's white.

No. 1594836

these songs are some of the worst shit i've heard, fucking imagine dragons can write a better song. and i would usually set imagine dragons as the lowest of low in new "rock" (pop, really.)
whatever that pink hotel/white suits aesthetic they try to push is even worse than whatever they did a couple years back, idk how can anyone watch this disney channel rock and think "Omg punk is not dead!1!1!"

No. 1594842

No. 1596078

File: 1658665609770.png (84.29 KB, 1114x294, interview3.png)

Lol. Like Phoebe Bridgers even gives a single fuck about you. I hate Phoebe like anybody else, but Starcrawler trying hard to ride on Phoebe's coattails is one of the cringiest things i've seen.

No. 1596188

seems like old people from old bands like her because it's cute to see their friend's baby playing Iggy Pop with her school friends, and as people secure/outside of the active pop culture stream don't see any harm in promoting it. At 35 there's so much stuff that no longer bothers you, art-wise, i can only imagine how few shits people 50 and over give about aUtHenTiCiTy and PUNX, even if they used to do all that for a living.
Also, if I was a genuine super successful musician, i don't think i'd be threatened or offended by how crappy she is. "I got mine" sort of thing?
guys i really want us to solve why the fuck they keep trying to make starcrawler happen so rate my theory plz

No. 1596190

rock and roll car crash? a guy with no ideas got run over by a guy who can't play his guitar. it's a white trash car crash if anything.

No. 1596192

>that pink hotel/white suits aesthetic
would have killed in 2009-2012. this age group doesn't seem aware of that era though. their retro line cuts off at about 2005 so i guess whatever comes after gen z will be rebooting bleach+glitter+blazers

No. 1596194

what changed, what was different before the mcr tour and how is their life different now. they've been equally touring and hanging with these celebrities all their lives because they grew up with them. it's meaningless. if she wanted to pull this crap she would have to live not in LA.

No. 1596195

is she 14
if she is this interview is fine.

No. 1596291

File: 1658686792295.jpg (104.6 KB, 1023x683, pouring-40.jpg)


this makes a lot of sense to me, half "favor for old friend" and half "hey, seeing a kid play this stuff is fun and nostalgic for me because I'm in my 50s and don't give a shit."

as a punk oldfag it still gets under my skin because I used to believe in all that authenticity stuff too, but at the end of the day arrow will never be a star because rock is dead. no actual teenagers in 2022 give a damn about "rock and roll" music unless they're self-consciously into like underground metal or something, the days of hard-partying rock bands selling out arenas like rappers and EDM DJs do are as gone as the big band era.

No. 1596298

Doesn't explain why they promote her so hard though? this explains why they don't care about what she does (copycating) and they're NOT aware of her being a rude, spoiled bitch, as well as they're NOT aware that Autumn is a stage mom who tried make her happen long time ago. but why making her famous? are these older musicians that clueless or the bar is so low?

my theory is that they pity her for being skeletal and looking sick (even if she's not). it gets into people's subconscious, and they try to make it easier for her. i've seen several people who read callout posts saying "Uuh, give them a chance? Poor girl looks has Marfans/i think she's zebra, she won't live long, lEt hEr bE~". which is jus wTF she's normal

No. 1596318

the bands still sell out arenas, but these bands are OLD BANDS. musicians in their 40's up at the very least. Zoomers like old bands, but they won't seriously flip shit and start riots at new bands made by 19 year olds, because that's just shitty music and that's a fact. zoomers who insist on liking those shitty nepo bands are just lying to themselves, cause they want to "have their own Beatles or Elvis" you know? they think bands like Starcrawler will get big. these are usually happy, problemless kids who hang around LA and don't have to worry about anything. and they're not that numerous either.
she's 23 going 24 next year.

No. 1596339

File: 1658688790145.png (533.65 KB, 1092x738, s2ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…)

Am i the only one cringing tf at this pic. trying sooooo hard to be sexy and slutty, so so hard that we can all see how much you try to be Taylor Momsen, Arrow.
saying this as someone who enjoys wearing short minis and knee socks/stockings but… yeah.

No. 1596340

File: 1658688834920.jpg (78.53 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 1596438

kek i think it's not "clueless" or pity for how she looks. think of it like this - if you or i help our friend's band, "everything in my power" is just "tell my friend who owns the club". if you're a famous rock guy from the 80s or 90s and you don't get her a show at a huge venue, promotion on elton john's show, then you haven't actually done what's available to you.
they're just secure rich old people and i'm starting to think you just stop caring at that point

No. 1596442

henri is in love with her and until he stops being in love with her will treat any girlfriend like a second class citizen. ive seen guys like this before same thing, same personality with the girl singer

No. 1596460

as in, to show off how many "reaches" and "links" you have? hm. maybe.
then again… look at that. do you know any other musicians they promote? and i'm not even talking about unrelated, poor, struggling musicians! i'm talking about other famous nepo daughters. there's Staz, right? there's Sabrina. there are others. AND YET they don't get even HALF the promotion and shilling Arrow gets! it's ALWAYS Arrow who gets shoved the most. why? and it's not just "hey Elton, put this and that song on heavy rotation". some of them behave like they genuinely fall all over themselves praising Arrow and even meet up with her… what for?

No. 1596470

her look is what is attractive and marketable to them. if she had a personality or talent, she would be the perfect person for malcolm mclaren or tony wilson type guy to groom for stardom. i know itt everyone agrees she is 100% ugly and has no good aspects to her appearance, but in the entertainment world, especially music, freaky skeleton with weird face and silly hair is considered hot and "aesthetic"

No. 1596472

it's not to show off. their links/reaches are just everyday things that they have. like if an NBA guy took you out to benihana in a honda civic, it would come off as rude. so if autumn's really famous bros got arrow a 100-person venue and an interview in carrie brownstein's blog, it would send a really mean message, even if unintentional

No. 1596473

pretty much. in rock, people want to look at junkies and fuckups, and anorexics. that's whatpeople glorify (sid and nancy? kurt and courtney? etc). And IN LA dressing up as a junkie, mentally ill person and homeless person is biggest trend ever, a guaranteed ticket to fame. a circlejerk of healthy, happy, rich fucks who want to stare at the gallery of mentally ill and junkies, but not "actually actually" m.ill junkiess.

No. 1596474

aight at this point some of you are just seething that skinny bitches get a pass even if they have ugly faces. arrow sucks, yes, but it's really not her fault that society (aka men) is retarded.

No. 1596476

i am a skinny bitch too. i'm not seething. i asked a valid question? and yes it's men's fault. what is your point?

No. 1596477

yes in the past, punks and whatnot had that look because they started as gross broke junkies, had some hit songs, THEN became rich and famous. They didn't intentionally set out to become popstars with their street person appearance and insane thrift store pyjamas (in captain sensible's case). that's just what they literally looked like when they worked on their music

No. 1596478

skinny women don't call themselves skinny bitches and you sincerely used the word valid so i'ma just lol at you and not answer anything

No. 1596479

ok, maybe i shouldn't have put "skinny, sexy dressed" in here first. actually i wanted to ask, why are people thinking throwing yourself onstage, in an obviously planned out manner, is honest/punk? that's what i'm talking about.

i said "throw your bones" more casually, not to point out she's skinny. like throw your body. sorry if i didn't state myself clearly?

No. 1596481

hahahah alright. get salty over nothing i guess.

No. 1596490

deleted, so you don't have more tantrums over words and shit. lmao.
How do you recognize he's in love with her? i think he dates a girl from his side project and she looks very different from arrow

No. 1596583

File: 1658703583049.png (37.99 KB, 1358x400, jodihead.png)

Relevant for this thread i guess, came cross that Henri's father is blues musician Buddy Zapata (?) and his aunt owns company making guitar straps.

No. 1596737

yeah they date girls with a wide variety of appearances while obsessed with the one they actually like. possibly his exes may come out and all say they tried to kms after he broke up with them because of the way this type of men treats any gf they don't want to marry as worse than a chew toy.

No. 1596768

kek anon, are you joking or what cause
>possibly his exes may come out and all say they tried to kms after he broke up with them
lol Henri has no exes, maybe one ex, not plural. he's a fucking kid, he was a 14 yo when the band started and he's still a kid, looking like a kid for the most part until this year, when he suddenly turned into unruly, swollen faced, typical Starcrawler guy whose hair looks like damp golden retriever ears, but in a bad way. I simply refuse he had any exes, and certainly none of them would kill themselves over someone looking and behaving like that. girls wanting to die over Henri, that's too desperate to be true.

i don't thikn he's in love with Arrow, they're just "soulmates" or like twins, because they're equally dumb, fake and sheltered, and their only drive is being "coooL" and famous

No. 1596774

that being said, i wish Gilbert's ex wife came out and revealed how the fuck it happened how Gilbert left her in 2-3 weeks time for a younger girl that looks identical to a t. like, if she ever met Arrow and how this idiot justified suddenly wanting divorce.

No. 1597604

File: 1658793943596.jpg (213.76 KB, 1080x1616, instagram.jpg)

"Distressed" eyes lol, why are hollywood people like that? and she's in her "poor, depressed shop cashier" costume here. they hired celebrity makeup/hair artists to transform them into… ppl with a dayjob. i mean i know it's a makeup woman using stupid descriptions, but it's kind of surreal seein them like that, i can imagine her asking "Make us like idk distressed white trash, y'know, struggling people"

No. 1597610

The universe begged for someone to style Arrow in a flattering way and this person delivered, she looks miles better here

No. 1597619

i almost wondered if it's a wig for a second, it looks so much better and different from whatever she did to her hair in the recent years. funny that they styled and brushed out her hair for once in her life, for a shop assistant role. Arrow probably thinks ~only normies brush their hair~

No. 1597636

>Distressed eyes

Aka heroin larping

No. 1597691

yep, that's what i thought.
she said on her tiktok she highlights/paints on eyebags because "she thinks eyebags are very sexy". normally i'd just roll my eyes at that at best, but knowing her heroin kid/hobo larping, i guess i'll always look at her antics and looks with suspicion.

No. 1597734

Opinion discarded

No. 1597759

lmao. well judging by profile pic, looks like some drag queen just styled Arrow (hair) as himself, minus bangs.

No. 1597779

> ~only normies brush their hair~
i think its more like the messy fried hair is what sheltered kids think "poor" people look like, because they don't realize that poor people actually put a lot of effort into not appearing poor or messy/dirty
how donald trump is a poor persons image of what a rich person does

No. 1598068

yes that, and also junkies. there are times where you just simply don't care/don't have energy. stupid, but it kind of makes me irritated because sometimes her hair looked like mine. except it's not destroyed with drugs, she destroys it on purpose, for the ~l00k~

No. 1598092

i've never been interested in drugs, but my last roommate was into the all-night club scene and used ketamine, cocaine, and mdma heavily (guess why i moved out). she and her friends had a lot of goth/crazy colour hairstyles, short hairstyles, mohawks, and TWA or weaves on the black girls, i think because arrow's faux-stereotypical junkie look is "too obvious" and one they make sure not to wear?

No. 1598096

it's not about hairstyle, it's about texture. And i mean, heroin hair. opiate hair. After long, long drug use, your hair go to shit. They get frizzy, super dry and they're falling out. i'm not sure if i can find a good pic of that. (that's also the reason they can do drug test from your hair months after you stop using drugs… toxins stay in your hair for a long time). Arrow's hair not exactly frizzy, it's normal. But sometimes she doesn't wash her hair, and almost makes it EVEN MORE greasy, with color dye or something else, and she doesn't brush it out at all, almost makes it more tangled. that reminds me of my hair at my drug binges, when i wouldn't clean/brush them for weeks.

No. 1598116

File: 1658855725884.png (972.06 KB, 994x1098, Starcrawler-14.png)

and not only drugs, i mean some depressed people also at times don't feel like doing their hair. imo she very much went for the ""heroin style"" a few years back, you can take any pic from 2019 and it'll be her larping as dirty grungy chick. this hair here almost look exaggerated, like she stuck something in her hair

No. 1598414

She doesn't actually not wash it, guys. it's an intentional look. she's not ACTUALLY dirty, or smoking cigarettes, or risking the life of mommy's precious dolly by buying street drugs from a pimp. look at the evenly separated (not even permanent!! so double-) -fake chemical dreads in >>1598116 it's fully imaginary calvin klein heroin chic. she doesn't for real dirty her hair lol as if she'd be uncomfortable for even 1 second in life. maybe then she'd have some material for songs tho

No. 1598426

that's why i said it looks like she stuck some sticky product into her hair here, to look it that way. it looks rolled into strands/sticky.
OF COURSE she washes it, it's not like she goes without washing half a year. i mean she skips a few days of shampoo and never brushes it out. 2019 pics look it looks very greasy, like as if she didn't wash all the sweat from her hair after the show/didn't wash in a couple of days. but maybe you're right?
i remember Kim Deal said she would paste grease oil into her hair to make it greasy/grungey (which was cringey too, but not as much as rich girl Arrow.)

No. 1598428

File: 1658874152925.jpg (25.67 KB, 480x360, clove.jpg)

Now that i think of it, i remembered this look of Courtney Love from 1994 show. it looks intentionally fucked up, and people in comments said you can achieve tht same effect rubbing salt water into hair. (don't even try it now Arrow, we'll be able to tell you did.)

No. 1598666

File: 1658891125612.png (887.61 KB, 1080x1920, igstory.png)

Haha, thank you Arrow for proving my point. what the fuck is that well calculated, "stoned" pic? why would she choose some derpy, unflattering, ""dozing off"" photo?
And that hair? She intentionally does that thing, instead of using even half decent extentions she used to do, she just made a point to choose the most ratty clipons. she just slapped two singular reedy strands, so it fits the rest of her chicken clumps. i would almost say she's passive aggresively responding to the thread yet again, but maybe it's coincidental, seems she's thanking another random brand for payola promotion. why that pic. uncanny, she's so dumb.

No. 1598668

These are purposeful. This is what they did to Angelina Jolies hair in that one movie. They’re just twists.

No. 1598681

File: 1658892300326.png (496.3 KB, 908x1380, 1starcralwer.png)

good. cause now we can tell she's heroin/hobo larping and show a proof, not just speculating/having unexplained suspicion. i'm sure if someone mentioned it without showing pics, her fans all say "Nah she's not!!! that's rock'n'roll!" …like fuck it is, it's carefully twisted/dirtied, she's not "wild" rock chick who "just looks like that".
Comparing, Angelina's still looked better, as in that was done as a hairstyle that's still passable, while Arrow clearly does it to pretend.

anyways found more shots/angles can be found on this site:

No. 1598725

kek i like those velour, probbaly flared sweatpants she's wearing. i love unironically all the early 00s xtina clothes

No. 1598729

warning to other anons–link is to starcrawler pictures, not angelina's hair

No. 1598732

File: 1658895685841.jpg (22.05 KB, 282x400, s-l400 (1).jpg)

hah, i can post Angelina if you want too, we can have something nice for a change. i don't remember if she plays junkie in that movie, but her hair on the other hand looks way way nicer. like just a hairstyle.

No. 1598736

If I am remembering correctly it’s done by sectioning off hair, twisting it, covering it with a towel soaked in cold water and flat ironing over it? source: my sister used to do this to her synthetics when we were teenagers and I can only vaguely remember

No. 1598738

i know this and velour Juicy were all the rage, but i remember thinking it's funny while at school, everyone's like "oh, celebrity sweatpants". and i thought "It's just P.E. lessons clothes"
(brandless ofc, noone had juicy at school)

No. 1598782

File: 1658901173252.png (984.62 KB, 1924x1080, Screenshot_20220727-015227.png)

OMG Kathy's big break at 2:55!! No way!

No. 1598797

File: 1658903123398.jpg (358.99 KB, 1080x1724, ttttttttttttttt.jpg)

who is that? Looks like another Marilyn Monroe larper, except she's not similar to her at all

No. 1598804

I despise his AIDS-denying ass and his shit music so much. Kelsey Karter is an actual retard who knows nothing about rock/punk, she’s basically on the same level as Tramp Stamps. She’s a walking cringe factory, when she’s not sperging about how she’s saving rock n roll she’s telling everyone about someone once told her she looks like Angelina Jolie and has now made it her whole personality.

But back to these losers, they played in my city on the weekend. They played at one of the worst venues in one of the least “rock n roll” parts of town (ie a suburb that’s inhabited almost exclusively by backpackers), I was hoping I’d spot Arrow’s ugly ass in the wild (expecting them to show up at my local which is a revered establishment and known hang out for both local and touring musicians) but no dice, however one of my mates photographed them and she said their performance gave her second hand embarrassment and the crowd was mostly old cunts who seemed very unenthused

No. 1599016

Shit's back now apparently. Velour trackies with diamante logos on the butt. Hello again, worst of the 00s.

No. 1599020

AIDS denying? Can I get some details?

No. 1599028

yeah, how is he AIDS denying. i thought he even had AIDs related video (i'll stick around)?
yeah fuck this shit, it looks bad. people romanticize biggest shit, like Paris Hilton and other boring bimbos. those werefun times, but the "comeback" is surface level, only taking most shallow stuff and misogyny. people try to bring back 00's but honestly, they look like shit in those clothes now.

No. 1599052

i hate her too but she's really not ugly at all. idgi it's just some skinny person, sometimes people have "kid face" forever

No. 1599053

THIS woman is ugly. terrible body and charles grayXpark avenue pinup face. who tf is she, she looks like a confused old lady who's had 5 kids

No. 1599073

>she's really not ugly at all.
damn it, here we go again. she's a butterface at the very, very least. that's not a "kid face" lol, that's a man face of her father. but i don't even think she's that terribly ugly, just plain unattractive, but some of you guys come out of your skin to prove she's some beauty, and you make it as if it's all about our dislike for her, or her being skinny, which is wrong. being skinny has nothing to do with it and nobody called her ugly for being skinny.
both of them are unfortunate af, burlesque one even worse. but if you think this >>1515370
>>1589009 especially on the right pic is pretty, or a kid face, then idk what to tell you.

No. 1599075

lel i didn't call her "some beauty" i just mean there's nothing wrong with her

No. 1599076

in the 90s his whole band all believed AIDS wasn't real or something. they've changed their minds since but i personally suspect that's just a public-facing thing and privately he don't like gay men and think AIDS is still some other illness being misdiagnosed.

No. 1599086

i'm curious who the parkavenue pinup-like burlesque woman is. Aside from her, Arrow invited a ton of shitty LA models like Ruby Bryantt, xx0amiii0xx etc. and they're all those round-faced blondes with shitty makeup, shaved brows and collabs with Internetgirl.

No. 1599093

being ugly doesn't mean there's something wrong with her, or anybody (what's wrong with her is her behaviour). but all in all, it doesn't really matters. anyway.
what. that is news to me! as for gay men, i remember he made some video parody of Hot Cross Buns with them all flailing in the showers. that and another 00's vid where he and Jack Black dressed as stereotypical gay men who go to motel and dress as women and make drunken porn tape. yeah.
i fell out of FF listening long ago, i was really fucking done with his "we're so funny" schtik after awhile, as well as "the nicest guy in the world". he acts like one of the business celebrities now imo, and supporting shitty bands is a bonus.

No. 1599116

YES dumbass, i mean there is nothing wrong with her appearance.
i am agreeing she's a dick but we can shit on her assholery without resorting to "u ugly" because seriously she's fine, no problems with her face to me.

No. 1599117

is…is she inviting fat chicks only to make herself look even thinner?? that's one of the weirdest things i've ever seen, if true, because she doesn't need to do that. she could invite gwen stefani and still look tiny.

No. 1599121

ayrt about foo fighters - yes i agree he acts really fake. it's just the good guy version of the asshole celebrities who make their brand "oh i'm an asshole but i'm so aware of it".
"oh haha i'm dave grohl and i'm sooo nice and innocent" it's tiresome. his music is very shit and boring. he's nickelback with a less shity voice. so pointless music. but we can't be mean to him because he's SO NICE!!!
i don't care if you're nelson mandela, if your album sucks i still hate it, nelson.

No. 1599157

Oh, yeah I agree I'm sick of the "Dave Grohl is the nicest man in rock" like haha what? He's rich, and smiles a lot.

Andrew WK should take his crown.

No. 1599292

It's lolcow. if someone doesn't like their appearance and wants to tell, they probably will. Arrow is no exception here and you don't have to throw pityparties just cause you think she looks fine. ignore and stop with the stupid moralistic comments, or instructions what to write/what not, cause that's way more irritating than whatever people say about Arrow being ugly.

No. 1599302

i posted >>1589688 and i don't wanna be considered ugly kek but i will throw my two cents in and say that since i have this face too, it just looks kind of masculine and you have to be careful with more extreme or theatrical makeup looks, because it can just emphasize the more masculine features. think of women like laura dern who are not ugly but look super bad in traditionally soft feminine styles and colourss
i agree arrow has bad style but not everyone can have a perfect face like jennie kim

No. 1599306

aight but her looks aren't the reason she sucks, don't be like an 5 year old kid about it. bad ppl can be prettty and good people can be ugly

No. 1599326

omg, drop this "it's not the reason she sucks" already. I know this isn't the reason, and mentioned it before, so did other people, but you're here trying to tell everyone the only reason someone said she's unattractive is because she sucks! and you've been going on and on about this. no, she's not that i think she's ugly because i think she's a bad person. don't bring up "she's not ugly" all the time then if you don't want appearances talk. imo people can think about her whatever they want, you can just ignore it.
I don't even care how she looks, it's your reasoning that's weird.

No. 1599335

having said that, i don't want to have fights with any of you and i hope my post doesn't come across aggressive or what. but the point is people think that she's ugly, or ppl think she's pretty just bc they do, not because she does good or bad things. we don't have to analyze why or instruct people to stop saying this or that, cause that's really weird in a place like this.
let's just finish that talk and refer to other posts now.

No. 1599340

> people think that she's ugly, or ppl think she's pretty just bc they do, not because she does good or bad things
this is the only post about her appearance that makes sense so far so maybe we should just give this anon the argument winning trophy and stop talking about it
personally i really hate henri for some reason, i tried to read interviews and watch them onstage and he seems very idk, low IQ dumb? i've never really seen a guy that empty before. is it normal in LA and i'm just too suburban to understand? where i live we try to get good grades and seem smart in public

No. 1599342

agree about Henri. idk what made him what he is, rich upbringing? interviews are obvious thing, but even his fucking stage movements or faces she makes make me cringe to the 2nd dimention. if i'm seeing right, he now paints his face white and his eyes red, which mkes him look terrifically dumb.

No. 1599346

File: 1658953441163.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1920, arrow4.png)

Maybe? i hope she's not a bitch enough to do this but… i wouldn't be surprised. that photoshoot with Dani was clearly suspicious, it looked like she treated her like a fatgirl friend prop, to bring out how hot SHE is.
pic related, her pretending she's excited about meeting some nobody band girl.

No. 1599361

ayrt and idk because i grew up quite rich and had a boyfriend with a trust fund who'd literally never had a job. He had a shit band and actually dressed and wore similar makeup to henri??? but this was in 2010 - his band are much older than us and starcrawler. maybe at a certain level of wealth you can only convincingly be a popstar or solo artist shirtless singer type? and the dumb rich boyfriend i had still wasn't as awkward as henri &co. but maybe that's because they're from a fully online culture, and someone born in 1987 is not, so dumb guys that age went out and touched grass more.

No. 1599364

maybe it's to look taller, not thinner. i don't think she's over 6 foot, maybe 6'1" with good posture. but everyone says she's 6'3".

No. 1599374

that would be weird though, cause even if she was 6'1 or smaller, she's still bigger than anyone and towering over. who knows.

No. 1599377

yah but every page of press ever written on them says she's 6'3" since age 18 so she could want to keep up that illusion
i don't know poeple are intense about their own height all the time

No. 1599400

i'm kind of digging that fat girl. she seems like she'd be fun to drink with.

No. 1599436

File: 1658959642946.jpeg (66.57 KB, 828x303, 1996BE1E-8C2F-46D7-851F-AECA8F…)

I thought this was common knowledge unless you live under a rock, but here you go https://medium.com/the-monthly/the-foo-fighters-aids-denialism-should-be-on-the-record-6e33666fdc3c

No. 1599442

Obviously beauty is subjective but she has her dad’s busted face, not “kid face”. Plus she makes herself even uglier with atrocious styling. Not that it matters, she gets dunked on because she’s garbage, not because she’s genetically unfortunate

No. 1599444

thanks anon. wtf, fucking idiots.

No. 1599454