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No. 1653688

Arrow De Wilde is a pickme singer of a rock band Starcrawler, most promoted nepotism baby in the indie scene. A daughter of a mainstream photographer Autumn De Wilde and and indie drummer Aaron Sperske, granddaughter of another famous photographer Jerry De Wilde. Her mother staged up her career, with a help of her industry friends. Failed wonder child blogger and teen model who finally got some clout in the rock scene. A delusional attention whore flexing „achievements” that were handed to her by others. Hasn’t worked a single day in her life for anything she’s got, but has an ego of a diva.

1st thread: >>>/snow/1114979
2nd thread: >>>/snow/1495016

Most notoriously shitty stuff she’s „known” for:
>nepotism child with an instant career >>1115476 >>1115373
>an awful case of pickme NLOG who thrives off old males attention while hating other women >>1203067, >>1129394, >>1372745, >>1372801 thinks being called female vocals band is reverse feminism >>1144228
>arrogant edgelord always praising herself >>1116347, >>1226340, >>1199790, >>1199821, >>1117046, >>1117048, >>1117283, >>1310697, >>1310697, >>1339766, >>1339768
>acts bratty towards venue workers >>1227664 and her audience >>1370985 >>1330366 >>1115951
>skinwalked Katie Jane Garside for several long years >>1115031, >>1115032, >>1115033, >>1129050, >>1129075, says she takes inspo from Ozzy, never mentions actual ppl she rips off >>1129080
>steals ideas and rips off other rockstars and celebrities >>1116923, >>1121893, >>1122233, >>1122257, >>1121841, >>1234140, >>1362524
>boasting how her „punk” band completely accidentally gets huge billboards in NY and LA. What a surprise! >>1117046, >>1117581, >>1117750
>lies she grew up struggling. Her mother is on board too, pretending she had it so hard despite growing up in a rich artfag family and being a nepotism baby as well >>1117186, >>1119582, >>1226207, >>1226220, >>1120355, >>1202469,
>admits to watching and taking inspiration from schizophrenic/mentally ill people and faking epilepsy onstage >>1311346 basically entire shows are based on pretending she’s schizophrenic and epileptic >>1311364, >>1408149
>posts pics pretending she needed to be hospitalized >>1117737, >>1346083
>pretended she „died” onstage at a festival, turned out it was a stunt performed for attention and paramedic involved was a family friend who agreed to take part in that nonsense. Only admitted to it in a obscure japanese interview, so in fact nobody knows it was fake >>1140475
>Admits she tried to make people think she hurt herself for real
>Arrow posts several times a selfie with bandaids and fake self harm cuts drawn with a lipstick >>1176304, >>1181310
>and like a total idiot, she recorded a whole ass show dressed as highly sexualized suicidal case with fake cuts on her wrists >>1200820, >>1201978, >>1201982, >>1362599
>Arrow lies that she was never a model and blogger prior to Starcrawler >>1187811 Receipts of Arrow’s teen fashion blog >>1187813, receipts of LA fashion websites promoting her blog and shilling Arrow as the next „it girl” of fashion >>1187817, >>1192310
>Arrow was promoted hard by Rookie Magazine when she was 13, despite having basically nothing to show off >>1344084, >>1344091, claims she took the photos but some of them look like taken by her mom >>1344117, >>1405246, >>1405248 Teen Vogue shilled her long before Starcrawler
>The band had a manager and contract only after playing a couple of first shitty shows at their famous friends backyards >>1140325
>both Autumn and Arrow use their industry friends for clout >>1122286, >>1122320, >>1197928, >>1198091, >>1198106
>dates another nepotism brat, Gilbert Trejo (Danny Trejo’s son). When they started dating, Arrow was 18/19 and Gilbert was 30. Both are DDLG degenerates >>1116734, >>1129168, >>1361217, >>1361851, >>1361219, >>1361528, >>1464314, >>1361529

In recent thread:

>Arrow copies her idol, Lilith Levisis >>1497511, >>1497515

>in another sponsored & ASTOUNDINGLY terribly written article (>>1500152) Starcrawler keeps bullshitting that Arrow knew nobody in the industry and nobody on Rough Trade while starting the band (both blatant lies) >>1500016 Starcrawler’s managers, producers etc. have all admitted they are friends of Arrow’s parents
>Starcrawler plays a „soldout show” for about 10 unenthusiastic people at „a space a group of private school parents rent for their kids’ graduation dinner” >>1506915, >>1506919, >>1507250
>Donita Sparks and a convent of washout boomers come to celebrate Arrow’s birthday party >>1508261, >>1508339, >>1508425, >>1515370
>Arrow spotted with a strange face bloat, anons speculate fillers >>1508270
>Mommy Autumn lands Starcrawler a sweet Jack White support deal, thanks to their longtime friendship. Autumn and Arrow flaunt it nonetheless, as if it wasn’t a nepotism deal >>1510650, >>1513586, >>1513589, >>1513592
>Arrow LARPs as trailer trash chick and fetishizes poverty places again >>1516444
>Arrow aimlessly promotes her latest white trash pornified photoshoot, in which she’s dressed as a bimbo from bimbofication meme >>1518939, >>1518943, >>1518951
>Arrow gets photographed as a dead, naked prostitute lying among trash in the row. Her pervy grandfather ofc comes again to thirst on her naked ass pics >>1519044
>Starcrawler’s song gets used in Nissan commercial >>1523283
>Starcrawler does an incredibly dated, 2010 hipster tier lame music video for their awful new single. >>1523285, >>1524542, >>1528034, >>1528176
>Arrow begs her fans to make a tiktok to promote her new song, nobody gives a single fuck >>1524549, >>1524555
>Starcrawler uses Steve-O this time as their „guest celebrity” to exploit >>1528049
> Starcrawler is so kind to do a shoutout to farmers, in a form of a car shattering bottles of milk >>1528092
>the song is so fucking bad that even starcrawler boomer fanboys hate it >>1528857, >>1528948
>Arrow and Henri get about 5 min long lazy promotion on Zane Lowe. Arrow looks bloated from fillers >>1528891, >>1528894
>Gilbert transforms himself into Ronald Mc Donald >>1533735, >>1534897
>Autumn and Arrow’s embarassing asses in the wild >>1535590, >>1535592
>Starcrawler buys a huge tour bus, even though just a year ago they bitched to Dave Grohl about their tough, tough life and LARPed as „punks” who have to cramp and „struggle” in a tiny van >>1536218, >>1536956
>Starcrawler goes on tour with My Chemical Romance, because Gerard has a shit taste and shilled them since their first single >>1536221
>Absolutely nobody likes Starcrawler’s shows on MCR tour. Some of the anons who went to these shows report how awful it was, and how people reacted. Other anons post live videos showing the crowd is dead >>1536436, >>1536457, >>1537405, >>1542938, >>1542943, >>1542953, >>1552126, >>1552190, >>1548958, >>1547148,>>1547150, >>1547533
>Starcrawler crop out a few seconds of their show, pretending the crowd is loving them. Tik Tok zoomers have none of it and leave hate comments >>1552132
>Out of lack of ideas, Starcrawler releases dd/lg sadbbydoll toy themed merch >>1547597
>In thirst of ANY sort of compliments after a disastrously bad tour, Arrow spends hours googling her own name and searching her band’s indirects >>1549455,
>new photoshoot, Arrow cosplays Taylor Momsen this time >>1549458, >>1549463, >>1549466, >>1549467
>Some anon who attended Munich show reports they overheard Arrow and the band boasting loudly about „snorting some more lines” in a crowded food court before the show >>1552620, >>1552906 another anon confirms to have seen Arrow in the restaurant in Munich too >>1553182
>Arrow does the damage control and tries to pretend the tour was „actually a success” >>1594833, >>1555300, >>1557705
>Arrow „stars” in a music video of Father John Misty, which happens to be a band her father used to play in >>1556340
>Starcrawler does a cover of „If You’re Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough” for a new Jackass movie. Like total idiots, they sing with shitty fake southern country accents >>1561326
>sheltered ass rich little girl quotes >>1562200
>Because of Tiktok comments hating on her body, Arrow finally speaks on the matter. Explains she doesn’t have anorexia or health condition, claims it’s genes and metabolism. Except incidentally, she copied arguments from farmers on lolcow… >>1562973,>>1562975, >>1562976, >>1563260
>Arrow does tiktok video of her feasting on chicken, as a snarky reaction to „she should eat” commenters. Anons think that now it’s just cringey attention stunt, because she never cared to deny anorexia gossips before >>1573903
>a new boring album cover is revealed >>1564278
>a new uninspired single is out >>1564275, >>1565216
>new tempting merch for boomer fans >>1565218
>Arrow copies Gwen Stefani >>1567124, >>1567135
>Dylan Carlson of Earth, who’s friends with Gilbert and Arrow, is exposed as an old pervert foaming at Arrow in her comment section >>1566405, >>1566413, >>1566414, >>1566416
>old pics of Arrow running from celeb party to party just to show up, Arrow’s pics with industry predator Oliver Zahm >>1571121, >>1571128
>Arrow dies from excitement boasting that she is in new American Horror Story season… trailer. Which is just short TV promo they always pick models unrelated to series for >>1577061, >>1577065, >>1587462
>Starcrawler’s song gets on the Top 50 list! On… whooping #50. >>1578228
>A pic of Henri’s house gets posted, turns out that „poor boy” actually lives in a huge house with a swimming pool. >>1581283
>new video in which Starcrawler LARP as struggling, hard working kids with broken dreams >>1594781, >>1594784
>this Phoebe Bridgers related cringiness >>1596078
>turns out Henri’s aunt owns a guitar strap company >>1596583
>Arrow rips off Taylor Momsen again >>1596339, >>1596340
>Arrow orders „distressed eyes makeup” for her working class struggle larp music video >>1597604
>Examples of Arrow cosplaying heroin kid. She twists her hair and stylizes it in a way to look like a greasy heroin addict >>1598116, >>1598666, >>1598681
>Arrow makes a video about a dress she went in to prom, calls herself a „motherfucking pretty in pink” >>1599545
>Arrow does another heroin/poverty cosplay in a „shady” place, down to strategically ripped and stained jeans >>1600905, >>1600908
>Nadia Lee slaps Arrow’s tits on a huge wall in her new art gallery, because you gotta support a narc >>1603970 The shoot is just Arrow skinwalking Gwen Stefani in her music video >>1621157, >>1621148
>Arrow lands on the cover of a fanzine made by a photographer scrote that always takes her pics, zine turns out to be another lukewarm project just so all the related LA alt bumfucks get their narcissist gratification >>1621127, >>1621134, >>1621137, >>1621144
>LA narcs throw a party to celebrate this very important and incredible happening that is shitting out a fanzine >>1621965
>Starcrawler organizes meet & greet, only boomers come >>1621591, >>1621601
>Autumn shills dollars just so Starcrawler gets about 1 minute of screen time on MTV >>1622045
>a live video of Starcrawler in which Henri stops the show to lecture a bunch of old men that are at least 30 years older than him >>1622773
>fear and embarassment in Las Vegas >>1622786, >>1622793, >>1622834
>Starcrawler opens for Nick Cave, thanks to Autumn being friends with his wife Suzie Cave, so Autumn and Arrow lick Suzie’s ass and thank her profusely >>1629213, >>1629218
>Arrow freaks out about going to Suzie Cave’s „The Vampire’s Wife” fashion brand party full of Hollywood party >>1629231, >>1629232, >>1630483, >>1630489
>Aaron Sperske’s old twitter account is found, turns out to be in 99% dedicating to promoting Starcrawler >>1629308, >>1629348
>Arrow gets photographed SEETHING MAD next to the band who opened for their show, because she hates all the other women her age that are in music industry >>1637995
>new unflattering white trash/bimbo larp photoshoot which turns out to be ripped off from Aweng Chuol and a guy who took bimbo photos of Arrow in the past >>1638163, >>1638167, >>1638172, >>1638170
>new interview in which the band boasts and sucks their own dicks as usual, claims their music was in a long list of movies and do delusional spergout on how there weren’t much of rock bands back when they started, but it changed thanks to them >>1639652
>Arrow bitches to Dave Grohl how fucking „hard” they struggle living in a van, and how much she wishes she could have a tourbus! Impossible dreams! Dave Grohl tells her to write a hit single to get a bus. She doesn’t, but she gets tourbus anyway >>1639675
>Henri lies that they didn’t have enough money to afford more studio time >>1639688
>Arrow goes to Billy Idol show and buys meet & greet ticket just to make Billy Idol promote her shitty band >>1646614
>Arrow claims she’s been begged by advertizing campaigns and agents all her life and calls modelling „oppressive”. Omg, poor Arrow >>1647365
>Arrow quotes farmers again, pretty much confirms that she hated music but her mother wanted her so hard to be a star >>1647366
>annoying cope boasting >>1647431
>Arrow confirms that she keeps the books on the shelf for the aesthetic only, but doesn’t actually read at all >>1647469
>Henri gets salty that 3 year olds on Tiktok are better guitarists than him >>1647772
>Arrow posts thinly veiled bodychecks >>1648320, >>1648322
>admits to fetishizing other people’s tragedies, poverty, addictions and suicides >>1648483
>Starcrawler releases their new country pop era album, promotes it in outdated, cringey hipster garage rock suits a’la 2009
>in a newest interview Arrow makes herself a victim in all the ways possible, most probably lies that she got an „influx of I hope you die” comments >>1651213
>paints herself as a victim living in „unorthodox family” just cause her parents are in showbizness, gets shocked when her friends family says prayers and eats together around a table >>1651215
>”I was a little bit like a Tumblr girl, but that did help me find that there were like other ~not-as-basic of bitches~ out there”, says the basic bitch coping >>1651219
>lies that she isn’t an industry plant and that nepotism „in LA doesn’t matter”, just because no label besides Rough Trade wanted them (RT was a label her father was on) >>1651221

Social media:

No. 1653693

Let me know if anything needs to be fix, got 30minutes yet to do it/change thread pic/whatever.

No. 1653711

Nonita I love you but there’s still over 100 posts left on the old thread, a new thread should be posted when the old one hits 1200 posts

No. 1653717

File: 1663801497712.png (685.61 KB, 694x814, 1112233.png)

who opressed her again by making her wear Gucci? i mean, it's so ~oppressive~ and "not rock'n'roll"!

No. 1653722

File: 1663801668931.png (800.26 KB, 714x814, 444556.png)

No. 1653749

File: 1663802748624.jpeg (791.55 KB, 2000x2500, 507CF487-09DF-4440-89BA-B7E0B2…)

I fucking hate this Gucci x Adidas collab so much, and this styling just does not work, fuck me. It’s giving me flashbacks to this Off-White (RIP Virgil) monstrosity Kylie Jenner wore to the MET gala, but with more corpse paint

No. 1653753

Yup, it's so ugly. And pointless. very much Too Poor/soundclout tier.
oh, and of course she only got those photos taken because @richgreens got her the gig.

No. 1653763

File: 1663803634912.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 68.08 KB, 1280x720, 0FFAB53D-E60B-4A9D-9874-9FFD20…)

Yes! I was going to say that too, this woman does not have a single original or creative bone in her body (spoilered for blood, just in case)

No. 1653766

File: 1663803674620.png (341.25 KB, 1034x654, tp.png)

LOL, Gilbert even made a video for Too Poor in which she had a very, very similar dress to what Arrow wears, just more "traditional" ofc… no creative bone in her body indeed

No. 1653767

File: 1663803837746.png (423.38 KB, 924x588, tp2.png)

i think you can post without spoiler, it's not very bloody

No. 1653769

This >>1653763 is from that video, I wonder if Layla and Arrow are friends (though I feel like we’d know about it if they were, maybe they’re not because Arrow is friends with recently turned neo-nazi Lilith Levisis)

No. 1653772

100% sure they aren't. Arrow just had a phase of following ppl like Lilith and Lil Bo Weep. they have connections as rich kids, but i'm sure Layla & co. wouldn't give a fuck about Arrow.

No. 1653779

as that we talk about it, i'm curious if she still follows/ obsesses over Lilith. now that she's racist, nazi sympathizing (troon critical as well iirc?) "blakk metal b1tch" kek

No. 1654197

File: 1663848923910.jpeg (523.64 KB, 873x964, 651CAFA5-76A4-449A-814E-A43AFC…)

She should go for hair like this if she wants to have messy bleach blonde hair. But it would take actual money and effort.

No. 1654608

File: 1663875527130.jpeg (378.02 KB, 929x1400, 01AE2B09-10E1-4322-93A9-59A566…)

Or go as avant garde as possible because this middle ground isn’t working.

No. 1654666

File: 1663878367280.png (138.46 KB, 1030x1094, review1.png)

i'm surprised to see that journos are waking up and seeing how shitty their music is. they got a lot of bad reviews, which is new. even positive ones mention that their album is mediocre
don't get her free ideas, she's already taking everything from lolcow

No. 1654667

File: 1663878436648.png (457.08 KB, 1132x1094, review2.png)

No. 1654668

File: 1663878557603.png (144.84 KB, 1092x786, review4.png)

even more accepting ones generally agree they're boring. refreshing to see.

No. 1654669

Oh what I'd do to read a scathing Piero Scaruffi review of Starcrawler…

No. 1654673

File: 1663879037007.jpg (363.36 KB, 2048x1358, 00260002-1-2048x1358.jpg)

Eww, that pic. also
>a lolcow spilling the milk
someone's a bit too obsessed with the "unbothered" references

No. 1654679

I don't understand why Arrow's mom/the media/everyone around her accepts and even supports her being so dangerously underweight. She probably has a BMI around 14 which puts you in the category of "extreme anorexia." Being "naturally" underweight only really applies to children/teens who are still developing and haven't grown into their bodies and learned how to properly eat yet. Arrow is an adult and there is no way she isn't restricting her food intake unless she has a fucking tapeworm or something. Like it's simply thermodynamically impossible.

No. 1654681

Anon, read previous threads. She's not anorexic or ill in any other way, it's genetics. Her mother was the same height and weight her age (look at this post >>1493949 ) she also has other extrememly tall and bony members in her family. It's been said 1000 times before. the only issue is she has only commented on this case now, for the last couple of years she had no problem with ppl gossiping.
>Because of Tiktok comments hating on her body, Arrow finally speaks on the matter. Explains she doesn’t have anorexia or health condition, claims it’s genes and metabolism. >>1562973,>>1562975, >>1562976, >>1563260

No. 1654690

samefag, here are pics of her as a child. she looked the same. >>1115064, >>1115069, >>1187813, >>1344084, >>1405246
from what i've seen, most of her family members are deathly thin in their younger years, but eventually a lot of them got fat. she'll probably get fat, just in her 40s.

I'm just kinda done with the anorexia speculation, when it's been explained long time ago. There are other actually troublesome things about her & her behaviour to talk about, and that is cosplaying self-harm, mental illness & hospitalizations.

No. 1654691

Yeah I don’t buy that. No woman is this skinny naturally and healthily, I’m sure she lost the generic lottery, but she definitely also has an ED.

No. 1654694

whatever, you don't have to. I personally don't, because she lookes the same way she looked when she was when 10 and before. it's impossible she's had ED since she was born.

No. 1654697

People develop EDs at surprisingly young ages, and "high metabolisms" that you get from genetics only make about 100 or so calories of a difference. I've seen the photos of her when she was younger and she looked normal until she entered adolescence (the time most people develop EDs). I've also known lots of "genetically" skinny people as a kid and they all grew into normal BMIs by the time they reached adulthood. I legitimately thought Arrow was in her mid-30s until someone said in an earlier thread that she was in her early 20s. No one ages that poorly unless their health is in bad shape.

No. 1654703

And I know analyzing this is autistic but it frustrates me that she treats this like its a healthy/safe weight for people to maintain while trying to appeal to underage and zoomers. It's like the eugenia shit all over again.

No. 1654709

File: 1663881782956.jpg (480.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_1.jpg)

who are those idiots, lmao
They're going to be on an MTV talkshow today, whew. Arrow's ego must be in a state of perpetual self fellating

No. 1654717

>she treats this like its a healthy/safe weight for people to maintain while trying to appeal to underage and zoomers.
i hate this bitch, but what is she supposed to do? sure, she doesn't look healthy in the least, and i agree she's aging incredibly fast (so is her mother), but so what? should she hide at home and never show up, lest zoomers see her and get triggered? she isn't saying "hey kids, get thin like me!" that's stupid.
(i mean, perhaps she should, but for another reason. at least we wouldn't get our ears hurt from her shitty music lol)

No. 1654718

yeah personally i would like it if she hid at home and never emerged

No. 1654720

the world of music would be better off for sure

No. 1654722

Anyway I don't give a shit about zoomers developing EDs from a retard like this, I'm more just trying to paint it as another way she is fake and disingenuous.

No. 1654743

she is, with this i agree. even if she doesn't have ED, she followed thinspo accounts(?). Plus i find her crying boohoo people think i'm anorexic kind of weird as well, she says "i don't wanna talk about it" but now she talks about it in each new interview to seem so strong etc. The problem is, she didn't give them a reason to think otherwise. I mean, people who leave those comments are fucking stupid, but her rightous anger behaving like "haven't you seen my parent's pics?", i mean… no, most people didn't. that's why most of people thought your anorexic. ppl get mistaken. maybe it's good she made that IG post after all.

No. 1654749

File: 1663883127411.png (588.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2.png)

caption this
imagine this uuum like, and, um like california sheltered girl talking to an actual artist

No. 1654796

OT but god kylie is so botched for such a young age. her mom fucking sucks. how can you let your daughters think they need to do this to themselves? that's not fucking love

No. 1654799

i'd punch my best friend if it meant i could model for that big of a brand
what's her problem with it??

No. 1654806

>I like fashion I guess, but I kind of find the whole high-fashion thing to be wierd. Like, all these bands wear Gucci, but then they still profess to be called a rock'n'roll band. It's kind of contradicting themselves in my eyes.
>boohoo i find modelling oppressive
>i refuse to allow fashion world put me on platter
>models are stupid they don't listen to rock blah
says Arrow, while dying to get new modelling gigs, trying hardest to get noticed at Gucci galas and overall jealous of Dani being a Gucci ambassador. like damn, no fucking brand wants you to be their model, Arrow, shut up.

(imo Gucci sucks & clothes are ugly af, and ppl behind it are idiots, but who wouldn't model for them, when you actually do modelling?)

No. 1654813

do those men really need to be quite that ugly

No. 1654814

no1curr can we ban the weight sperging cause it shits up the thread? percentiles exist, there are a small number of people born fucking super weird looking, everyone in her family looked like that, even autumn. low body fat is not what makes someone a cow

No. 1654817

i'd model for a brand called like "WORLDS UGLIEST CLOTHES" if it was paying me enough

No. 1654828

true, that's what i was trying to say. i honestly don't give a fuck about her weight, i care for her insulting mentally ill people and behaving like an asshole.
imo Gucci's "normie prizes level" stuff is the ugliest ever. you know. those Gucci shirts, Gucci caps, Gucci bags with green and gold & bee pattern

No. 1654830

File: 1663888062287.png (66.58 KB, 622x776, zxxccc.png)

JFC not her trying to say fucking Echo Park was "not safe and fun place for little girls" now. sure, children can get kidnapped everywhere, but saying Echo Park is such a dangerous neighbourhood, just to keep up your "we were poor" bullshit, fucking sure jan.
Yes Arrow, you're so tough, you had to live in a literal hood~

No. 1654873

Sorry for the useless commentary and sage for blogpost but Jesus Christ almighty that poster of Starcrawler that’s the thread image is so painfully ugly. Who made them think it was a good idea to dress like that? What is the concept for this shoot even supposed to be? Genuine retardation

No. 1654906

Euro anon here and i'm just gonna say… for all that talk about "major label", all that "omg we're on Universal"… their album literally cannot be bought anywhere outside the States & UK.

US/Amazon only in my country, so big music chain stores don't even have them in online offer. could be wrong, but i imagine in other countries it's all client-demand import. maybe could be a few in broadly equipped stores where they hoard weirdest label shit, that is if only the owner bothers to place a few vinyl orders. but overall you won't just walk into a shop and buy Starcrawler.
(as predicted)

No. 1654952

when she was a child it wasnt gentrified yet. young girls in LA suburbs are sexually harassed a lot, went to elementary and middle school nearby & we grew up thinking it was normal. this is a bad take

No. 1654968

I know right, it’s disgusting. She has looked 40 since she was 17. Not that there’s anything wrong with 40, but it’s an absolute disgrace that she felt it mandatory to get surgery that’s aged her so prematurely. Bella Hadid isn’t far behind I actually feel sad for Bella because she seems like such a sweet person, Kylie is a vacuous, repugnant, exploitative, parasitic piece of shit, no sympathy for her
>Gucci sucks & clothes are ugly af, and ppl behind it are idiots
Don’t get me started, the disdain I have for Alessandro Michele is astronomical. The brand is so incongruous with Arrow’s aesthetic, I don’t know why she’d want to be “in” with them beyond being jealous of Dani and Amy for getting campaign deals (Gucci doesn’t gel with their image either, I get why they were chosen to represent the brand but it just screams forced and awkward to me)
Echo Park in the 90s was a very different place to what it is now, but she’s too young to have been exposed to it pre-gentrification, she’s probably just parroting her mother, who would have been around when it was all gangbanger cholos with their firme hinas and low riders

No. 1654972

NTA but I think that’s applicable to literally every place on earth, as females we’re always unsafe

No. 1655033

i already told she could've been kidnapped/harassed eveywhere, that's not the whole point. Back when Arrow was running away from home, it weren't the 90's but solidly 2009+, probably. my point is what this anon said
>Echo Park in the 90s was a very different place to what it is now, but she’s too young to have been exposed to it pre-gentrification, she’s probably just parroting her mother
I agree women are unsafe everywhere, but i read her claim as yet another attempt at exaggerating the financial "struggle". i could've possibly misunderstood her intention, though.

No. 1655145

>If we’d run away from my neighborhood we’d probably have been kidnapped or something. We lived in Echo Park at the time, which wasn’t exactly a safe and fun place for little girls

No. 1655291

File: 1663928203388.png (842.39 KB, 712x802, xyz.png)

It looks like they watched too many The Hives/The Strokes/The Jet/The Whatever videos from early 00's and thought slapping ugly suits on is "innovative", and everything in pink is an "art concept"

No. 1655298

File: 1663928621940.png (135.46 KB, 612x1082, scr.png)

Where is this "aggressive punk voice" that she's talking about? where is the "improvement"? the only change is that they're mixing her flat, monotone, emotionless, quiet vocals and occasional sheep bleating a little louder than usual

No. 1655384

Her “aggressive punk voice” is the shrieking she does on stage during her schizo mimicking fits

No. 1655390

She should start eating normally. Simple as.

No. 1655531

lots of people on this site grew up in places like NYC, mexico city, hong kong, any large urban area, even in wealthy areas, hs predators and sketchy guys running around. it's not the same thing as growing up in a high-risk impoverished area.

No. 1655748

Yeah what these people defending the "naturally skinny" shit don't get is that it doesn't really exist. It's just that "naturally skinny" people have habits that result in them maintaining a lower body weight. Weight is like 95% habit and 5% genetics, if that. When you see a skinny person with skinny parents it's more indicative of their parents passing on their eating/exercise habits than their genes.

No. 1655751

File: 1663968590446.png (29.52 KB, 614x266, 1111111111.png)

"I have a weird thing where certain words and numbers I associate with colors" = i'm a plain bitch who tries to be an NLOG trying to pretend you have synesthesia (except i don't know that tough word, but it's still very ~weird~)

No. 1655758

File: 1663968967876.png (63.72 KB, 630x484, qqqqq.png)

> I think it would be cool to play with rap artists and stuff.
Yes? Really? Is this the same Arrow who likes to shit on rap music and call it rap more like crap (or whatever)?
it's paperthin obvious how desperate they are, with all the "our new album is not very rock, it's not just for punk and rock fans wink wink" and "we'd like to open for everyone, and be listened by everyone, hey uh, rap musicians, can you take us on tour?" fuck me, this is so funny from the perspective of time

No. 1655763

File: 1663969347788.jpg (39 KB, 300x450, 888272_1.3.jpg)

i'm really done with this weightsperging but
>When you see a skinny person with skinny parents it's more indicative of their parents passing on their eating/exercise habits
>parents eating habits
dude they're both fucking LOADING fast foods. if anything, they're eating much too fatty food. that thing about ppl thinking Arrow eats 2 pieces of pea a month is a myth

No. 1655781

If you look at photos of her mom and dad when they were younger (and probably actually living with Arrow) they are very thin. What you're saying would only make sense if Arrow was living with her mom now. And even if she is eating SO MUCH FOOD omg she should eat MORE because being underweight for extended periods of time is really unhealthy and ages the fuck out of you. No doctor is going to tell you to maintain an underweight BMI unless you have some severe chronic illness that prevents you from gaining.

No. 1655796

>If you look at photos of her mom and dad when they were younger (and probably actually living with Arrow) they are very thin.
I know, i know. i've seen her old pics. i'm the anon who said her parents were same as her & who said it's genetic thiness.
I said Arrow eats a lot of fast food, because that's what i take from what she posts online. idk what she eats at home, probably more varied food, but her online pics show that she eats a lot of fast food. Aka something that anorexic chick would never do.

No. 1655807

Anorexics love to broadcast the occasions when they actually do eat because it helps them maintain their facade of normalcy. Sorry this debate is retarded imma stop.

No. 1655815

For the rest of what you said:
>And even if she is eating SO MUCH FOOD omg she should eat MORE
So if some people are thin, they should omgz totez barf food in bulimic quantities/more than they like just cause you don't like that they're underweight? There are underweight ppl in the world, and no, not everyone's underweight bc of anorexia, or because they ~don't eat enough to get fat~. That's just how it is. Ppl shouldn't eat more than they want/can just because oh, they're not some acceptable size. Are you one of those people telling her to eat in comments? it's not anyone's business how much one eats, and certainly her weight is not the milk. underweight people exist, move tf on

No. 1655817

I am literally underweight and know I should try harder to eat more. That's why I know she's full of shit. You don't have to have a mukbang to gain weight, you just gradually increase your intake until you reach a healthy weight and then maintain it. There is a reason medical science delineated underweight as a separate category from healthy weights, which is that it is fundamentally LESS healthy. I don't give a flying fuck about her food choices, I just like shredding apart her bullshit.

No. 1655824

holy fuck we don't care. i bet there's people on this site who used to be skelly until the age of 25/26. sometimes shit just happens and this isn't a fucking weight thread. it's about her bad attitude, laziness, and blatant plant status.

No. 1655826

ok but bitch you don't know if she has whatever thyroid disorder you have. you don't know anyone else's life. milk or gtfo plz

No. 1655828

well, no1curr, i'm underweight as well, bc of health reasons. (So other people, probably including particular anons on this site as well.) Does it mean i have to eat more, even if it doesn't work? God forbid someone's less than ideal weight, right?
Haven't it came across your mind that maybe she TRIED to eat more, and it didn't work?

No. 1655829

this is a gossip forum for speculating about people's lives

No. 1655835

damn lol the white knights are out in force today

No. 1655837

this is a gossip site about people's lives, not weight. Go to Skinnygossip or fucking My Pro Ana if you want to scream about her weight, i'm sure Arrow has threads here.

No. 1655842

She constantly makes her weight part of the discussion, she brought this on herself. Why are nonnies so defensive of her on this subject. I feel like I'm reliving the whole "eugenia doesn't have an eating disorder thing shes just like that!!!" era

No. 1655844

wow, is it whiteknight to say i don't give a fuck about her weight? maybe go tell her to eat, i'm sure it never occured to her she could!

No. 1655850

So what are you going to do about it? you won't force her to eat and gain weight, i'm not sure where is this discussion going. And
we've had these weight discussions 1000 times before. she does way worse things than… what? looking the way she does?
i personally care more about her being an asshole to others and a nepotist brat who fakes schizophrenia/cutting onstage, idk about other anons.

No. 1655865

because of what >>1655850 says. this thread is pointless if it's just post pics of ugly girl and say "wow, she ugly".

No. 1655878

File: 1663975580320.jpg (287.53 KB, 1080x1760, chart.jpg)

holy shit, or rather who faked that chart. somehow i refuse to believe it.

No. 1656271

well everything else on that chart is literal garbage that gets bought because it's constantly advertised so i believe it kek

No. 1656318

i think it's weirdly counted, bc i don't believe Behemoth would get as high as no. 3
ot but perhaps i should post Behemoth's singer as as a cow in indie thread, he's fucking pathetic and acted like asshole to his ex

No. 1656772

File: 1664059443425.png (1.09 MB, 718x810, 9999999.png)

why does it look like she intentionally went out to choose adequate pink shaded liquor store or another 3dGy~ place to pose against
damn, she reposted this 3 times already or so. no actual talented bands & musicians get obsessed over their faces being printed on the front page of magazines, no talented musicians loudly boast about it. narcs
(and that magazine looks like toilet paper)

No. 1657043

It's the oh-so-carefully ratted and teased hair that does it for me.

No. 1657315

File: 1664107153099.png (250.17 KB, 870x720, chartt.png)

yeah, told you there's something wrong with this chart. i understand no. 1 (Pink Floyd) sold only 7000 albums this week, so imagine how few thousands sold starcrawler on no 6.
what's the fucking point of a chart like that nowadays? 10 years ago not even Pink Floyd would chart with as shitty count as 7k

No. 1657698

he's a big baby, total cow. post him!

No. 1658268

Crackhead Dee Reynolds looking ass.

No. 1658848

File: 1664228607556.jpg (236.67 KB, 1080x1783, oooo.jpg)

Any perpetually online zoomer here with Bereal application? (first time hearing of this) wonder if there'll be anything milky

No. 1659686

i hate myself for being so attracted to literally any courtney love/vini reilly-looking feminine girl. is there an ashamed lesbianon thread please i need help.

No. 1659768

>feminine girl
kek but anyways, yes you do need help. i don't think anyone cares to hear about your obsession with Arrow, but you could make a good use of it at least and make account on that app to report back some milk

No. 1659783

File: 1664306142295.png (1.79 MB, 1028x906, 122222222222.png)

annoying ass bitch, no matter what she does

No. 1659831

kek i wish i was only obsessed with her. but no, if any girls wear this style i'm like "oohhh she looks cOoL". hopeless.

No. 1659832

like she even knows one elvis song jfc

No. 1659859

i approve courtney love, arrow - ew
it's the "oh we met our idol Nick Cave" for me, like she even knows anything besides Where The Wild Roses grow

No. 1659973

you're so mean!! i'm going to look at "blonde hair ideas" on pinterest and never come to lolcow AGAIN!!1

No. 1659999

No. 1660004

File: 1664316530258.jpg (151.25 KB, 800x450, me.jpg)

No. 1660761

plus showing she is very dumb and/or has no values. she made a big deal about "feminism"(she's not a fucking feminist come on) in her post about the growlers stripper assault, but clearly has zero knowledge of elvis' abusive/pedo-ish/incestuous obsessions.
heartbreak hotel, his version of blue moon, and milkcow blues are kickass songs but he was a fucked up dude and isn't just a cool fashion icon - he represents some fucked up male shit that her supposed punk image should be against or at the vety least be AWARE of. she comes off like she's literally never read a book?

No. 1660851

True. Priscilla was 14 when he met her/started dating, and later when they married he treated her badly (her sole existence was catering to his needs, and he felt disgust for her when she got pregnant.)

I personally don't like Elvis at all, but still there are millions of people who do and completely ignore it. That shows how forgiving is societyof those things. I usually try to separate artists from music, sometimes there are cases when you just can't (Marilyn Manson, Davie Vanity, that other pedophile musician). not sure where to place Elvis.

i'm not surprised in the least she doesn't care though, because again, she only cares about herself. I think she 100% mentioned what Growlers did to her not out of concern for other women, but because it touched her directly, and she was affected. which is fine since what happened to her was not ok, but no need to pretend she cared for others. After her experience, she was still out there kissing and rubbing her crotch against other people (women included). Because when it's affects her, it's abuse but when she does it to people, they should be grateful, right.

she's no feminist for sure. it's very telling that when asked about feminism & her views, all she has to say is how "calling Starcrawler female singer band is reverse feminism".

No. 1660855

>she comes off like she's literally never read a book?
no, she doesn't, she even said so. she keeps books for aeshtetic. she told on her onw self.

No. 1660916

>I think she 100% mentioned what Growlers did to her not out of concern for other women, but because it touched her directly, and she was affected. which is fine since what happened to her was not ok, but no need to pretend she cared for others. After her experience, she was still out there kissing and rubbing her crotch against other people (women included). Because when it's affects her, it's abuse but when she does it to people, they should be grateful, right.
this exactly. this is why the pretending to like elvis and her sucking up to iggy pop bothers me. she doesn't like being harassed but has no regard for the underage girls those men raped?

No. 1661034

she also used to hang out with Ryan Adams and that predator from Nylon magazine or something idr. it's not like she cared about what Elvis did, maybe she approves it since she's a DD/LG degenerate who has no problem with teens dating much older fucks. every show she exploits women with mental illnesses and self harming (before she got one bad comment) so it's not like she cares for any other woman's wellbeing. Really nothing shocking about that, she's just a yucky bitch with no morals and sooner or later she'll get her comeuppance for stuff she does.
i'll be just laughing hard if Autumn tries to sell her as master feminist next. they already do, what she said about Growlers thing in this interview sounds incredibly insincere

No. 1661049

File: 1664400332758.png (177.26 KB, 1132x1282, bus.png)

I see they're back to larping as uwu poor band travelling in a bad bad van

No. 1661241

File: 1664410415047.jpg (323.76 KB, 1080x1672, abcd.jpg)

Recommendations of what? can't you google and read anything on your own?
They're going to Korea tomorrow, which i don't understand at all. they're shitty band that can't even get moderately famous in their own country, so who tf would go to watch literal nobodies in Korea or Dominican Republic

No. 1661243

White monkey is funny.

No. 1661248

It’s okay lesbianon I get it.. I am in the same dire situation with sexes reversed. Cringe horny women unite!

No. 1661252

Yep. She looks scary so she should eat more.

No. 1661265

File: 1664411590997.png (1.18 MB, 994x530, wtf man.png)

Damn, scrotes from her band are just getting fatter and fatter.
And this is just the dumbest 1 braincell type of stare i've seen

No. 1661270

Poor arrow, her band mates are eating all of her food before she can put down her phone and waddle to the dining table! She should’ve trained them properly when they were smaller. The only solution is to put them in shock collars now. Zap them when they pig out.
She must be seething, the pleasure she’s denying herself by starvation must be downright painful, and this scrote is allowed to stuff his mouth like a butterball pork chop. Sad!

No. 1661271

File: 1664411943386.png (2.3 MB, 1002x1080, wwww.png)

wtf did i just watch. Arrow is constantly picking her nose, scratching herself on her armpits in this interview

No. 1661273

No. 1661276

part 2 of this cringe

No. 1661277

If she switched this talentless fat prick with a talentless hot prick her band could become almost popular among midwestern mothers. Why does she insist on being the only skinny person in the band?

No. 1661278

what is she on, or rather what is she PRETENDING to be on in those videos lol

No. 1661281

Hmm, just a vague mixture of meth addict & schizophrenic hobo?

No. 1661282

that and a little bit of Taylor Momsen skinwalking in the mixture.

No. 1661284

File: 1664412313369.png (991.94 KB, 716x690, xxxsdefdsd.png)

well, there's still this useless scrote copy of her who does idk what in this band, just in glasses. But he's Henri's younger brother, so there's a high probability he's gonna get fat as well.

No. 1661291

I meant if she kicked out ALL of those fat retards out and replaced them with half-naked male models who wear even less than she does now. If she’s really lucky they might even invite her along with them to the shows! Imagine all of the highschool reunions and protestant youth group gatherings she would get to star in!

No. 1661295

I got this in recommended after watching the videos and just… yeah, they're trying hard to make their shitty music more varied, they do. and i see why boomers like them, with this country bullshit they play.
But ngl i burst out laughing when she started singing those idiotic childish lyrics with that painful, emotional, sad voice and making sorrowful faces kek

No. 1661409

>Iggy Pop is a rapist

No. 1661478

He slept with Sable Starr when she was 13

No. 1661670

File: 1664451755875.jpg (45.94 KB, 770x1139, Sable-Starr-and-Iggy-Pop-770x1…)

Here, a lesson of history. (i didn't know about it either and just… ew)

>Iggy Pop was one of baby groupie Sable Starr's many celebrity lovers. There's no ambiguity here — besides the many pictures of the two together, Iggy wrote a song, "Look Away," from the 1996 album Naughty Little Doggy, about their relationship. "I slept with Sable when she was 13 / Her parents were too rich to do anything / She walked her way around L.A. / Till a New York Doll carried her away." (Pop is about 10 years Sable's elder.)

>(Starr moved to New York City to live with New York Dolls member Johnny Thunders at age 16, and their relationship ended in a torrent of abuse. "After I was with him, I just wasn't Sable Starr anymore. He really destroyed the Sable Starr thing. Se made me throw away all my diaries and all my phone numbers down the incinerator, and he ripped up my scrapbook," she says in Please Kill Me: the Uncensored Oral History of Punk.)

>"Look Away" is a mournful song, a blurry reminiscence through a hazy lens. Pop seems to carry a little shame at how he treated Sable, and how when he saw a nasty situation developing between the teenager and the New York Doll, he simply ignored it — looked away.

>"I found her in a back street with her looks half gone / she was sellin something that I was on," he sings. He later concludes the story, "So a few years later Thunder died broke / Sable had a baby back at her folks / Me, I went straight and serious too / There wasn't much else that I could do."

>Around the same time as her younger sister, Sable Starr was also in contact with Iggy Pop. Ron Asheton, co-songwriter and musician with Iggy in the Stooges recalls in the book Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk:

>“We had a gig at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go when we first moved out there and that’s when we met Sable Starr, who was a really nice girl. First, she was Iggy’s groupie, then with me, then went back to Iggy, then back to me, and then went to my brother, and back to me.”

>“We would do two sets at the Whiskey, and in between sets, Sable would say, ‘Can I suck your manhood?’ She was real open about stuff, that’s what I always liked about her. So in between our sets Sable would suck my manhood in the upstairs men’s bathroom.”

No. 1661673

File: 1664452058512.png (646.78 KB, 868x834, iggy pop arrow.png)

Here. This is a cool, awesome male who endorses you in press. This is the cool man who you pushed elbows in people's faces just to crowdsurf to. this is the man who held your hand and said "Hey baby" to you, Arrow.

Yes, perhaps you shouldn't have boasted to the press about this thing, Arrow, because there's nothing to boast about.

No. 1661676

File: 1664452249318.jpg (98.7 KB, 800x825, sable-starr-1.jpg)

This is Sable Starr with a scrote from Slade, you've all probably seen this photo bc it's popular.

As for Arrow, i've seen that she posted this exact pic onto her instagram stories once, with generic heart emoji or something. If you like her so much, Arrow, perhaps you should've read more about her and scrotes & cowards who fucked and abused when she was a child.

No. 1661679

He looks like he would rape the prophet’s camel. One look at him and you can see the pedo rapist inside.

No. 1661682

File: 1664452900280.jpg (344.72 KB, 1080x1439, bust.jpg)

arrow also did a photoshoot in which she dresses as a groupie, or at least she says so.

ironically, it's the one where she sperges about her retarded idea of what feminism is



No. 1661687

The second pose looks like a CSA themed stock photo which is awfully on theme with her playing dress up as the 13 year old rape victim of her icon.

No. 1662041

jfc a woman would get destroyed by critics for having that gut

No. 1662174

Adding that it wasn't just one off thing either, Iggy Pop fucked Sable Starr's sister as well.
>Sable also had a younger sister called Corel Shields, born in 1959, who followed in the same footsteps. Apparently, in autumn of 1973, Corel was involved with Iggy Pop at just 14-years-old.

No. 1662250

he regularly fucked underage girls. it was his thing - lust for life has a song about a 16 year old, and another song about an underage prostitute.

No. 1662253

it's true. if she committed 100% to the image thing and got thin, stylish moids to play the parts of her band members, and then didn't pretend to be more than a boy band/nepo plant project, they'd actually be successful.

No. 1662255

that dude has a fat ass
what does he do all day? sit on it?

No. 1662274

I didn't care about his music at all before, so it's new stuff to me. What bothers me is how everybody seems fine with a famous scrote fucking 13 year olds and boasting about this shamelessly. i thought this "punk" crowd cares, or likes to act like they care about feminism & criticize sexist fucks scene
Notice he wrote that song about baby groupies in… 1996. so he didn't regret or realize his wrongdoings. no, he bragged about it decades later. How is he any different from Polanski or whoever people like to rage at? why is Iggy Pop excluded and not considered a pedophile? last time mentioning this but… yeah wtf.

No. 1662281

It's not as easy as that. i don't think it would help in the least, not all bands made of attractive people get famous. Problem is that their music suck and no matter what they do, they look like kids in boomer clothes, sound like boomers and behave like zoomers but all their "vibe" or whatever appeals to clueless boomers only.

No. 1662288

adding to my thought, moid-unrelated but still. Arrow THEORETICALLY should be loved by zoomers, bc she's anorexic thin, now has clothes liked by zoomers or has pics in bimbofied y2k woman-degrading style that they like. Amd yet nobody cares.
i don't get why boomers like her though. it feels like they're always projecting something onto her & refuse to see she's mean fake idiot, not adorable kid, except in prostitute clothes. bt maybe its bc their fans don't take time to do research.

No. 1662371

men just don't care about anything until it happens to them or their property(i.e. their wife or daughter)

No. 1662506

People decry historic pedophilia until it's someone they admire. Jerry Lee Lewis? Pedo. But Iggy? Bowie? Hell, even John Peel but he's such an idol in the UK it's basically a crime to criticise him years after his death.


No. 1662507

Zoomers see right through her act.

No. 1662542

i'm canadian and even i've heard of john peel's constant "she totally said she was 18" shit

No. 1662600

this one made me so fucking angry bc i like his music. Some people think these chicks are unreliable about Bowie bc they changed the story how and when they met/fucked significantly each time they told it. But idk, honestly it's not that hard to believe it considering all these menchildren in the 70's thought it alright to fuck teens, as long as they looked like adults.

to not to stray too offtopic i'll say that Arrow's retarded af for posting/taking inspo from 13 year old groupies without caring about their history. but then again she prob approves of teens fucking old men bc it's so "babygirl and daddy uwu"

No. 1662868

some people try to excuse it with "he was 23/24/25" like "oh it was only a ten year difference" but it's not the number of years. ten years is most of a 13 yera old's life. it's not 30 year old accountant dating her 40 year old neighbour, it's a TWENTY FIVE YEAR OLD MAN fucking a CHILD.

No. 1664093

LMAO from the looks of it, they just went to Korea to play at a local hillybilly fest. Random town festival, wasn't even rock oriented if i'm right. you cna see in their stories, they're still up. Everybody's dancing but it's just bc everybody's drunk on the weekend, it's just your usual fest with drunk elder men and 5 year old kids dancing in circle lol congrats Starcrawler on your ways to build your career credibility. ofc you're gonna montage it accordingly on your tiktok huh

No. 1664142

kek wow so they willingly volunteered to be the korean county fair version of "look at our one black guy"?

No. 1664163

yep, from the looks of it. There's a festival schedule with other bands and pics/vids on her and starcrawler's insta stories still showing how it all looked like, i can't screen and post rn unfortunately. But you can clearly see it's an equivalent of local summer fest, and they def weren't specially invited. more like they sent in demo to audition? idk how to call it

No. 1664238

File: 1664669289418.png (720.91 KB, 654x862, korea.png)

And like clockwork. They cut out a few damn seconds where the audience is jumping/looking enthusiastic. except nobody even knew who they were, the vids show it was full of random drunk people who honestly had fun at all the concerts because they wanted to dance and have fun. meaning they didn't even know this band.
it cracks me up a little, all these tactics to make it seem like they're so successful and play for big crowds. maybe saying they get 20 ppl per show got under their skin, lol.

No. 1666225

There are what, 100 people in that crowd? Jesus it’s over for them

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