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File: 1663800529361.png (2.61 MB, 1128x1290, thread pic.png)

No. 1653688

Arrow De Wilde is a pickme singer of a rock band Starcrawler, most promoted nepotism baby in the indie scene. A daughter of a mainstream photographer Autumn De Wilde and and indie drummer Aaron Sperske, granddaughter of another famous photographer Jerry De Wilde. Her mother staged up her career, with a help of her industry friends. Failed wonder child blogger and teen model who finally got some clout in the rock scene. A delusional attention whore flexing „achievements” that were handed to her by others. Hasn’t worked a single day in her life for anything she’s got, but has an ego of a diva.

1st thread: >>>/snow/1114979
2nd thread: >>>/snow/1495016

Most notoriously shitty stuff she’s „known” for:
>nepotism child with an instant career >>1115476 >>1115373
>an awful case of pickme NLOG who thrives off old males attention while hating other women >>1203067, >>1129394, >>1372745, >>1372801 thinks being called female vocals band is reverse feminism >>1144228
>arrogant edgelord always praising herself >>1116347, >>1226340, >>1199790, >>1199821, >>1117046, >>1117048, >>1117283, >>1310697, >>1310697, >>1339766, >>1339768
>acts bratty towards venue workers >>1227664 and her audience >>1370985 >>1330366 >>1115951
>skinwalked Katie Jane Garside for several long years >>1115031, >>1115032, >>1115033, >>1129050, >>1129075, says she takes inspo from Ozzy, never mentions actual ppl she rips off >>1129080
>steals ideas and rips off other rockstars and celebrities >>1116923, >>1121893, >>1122233, >>1122257, >>1121841, >>1234140, >>1362524
>boasting how her „punk” band completely accidentally gets huge billboards in NY and LA. What a surprise! >>1117046, >>1117581, >>1117750
>lies she grew up struggling. Her mother is on board too, pretending she had it so hard despite growing up in a rich artfag family and being a nepotism baby as well >>1117186, >>1119582, >>1226207, >>1226220, >>1120355, >>1202469,
>admits to watching and taking inspiration from schizophrenic/mentally ill people and faking epilepsy onstage >>1311346 basically entire shows are based on pretending she’s schizophrenic and epileptic >>1311364, >>1408149
>posts pics pretending she needed to be hospitalized >>1117737, >>1346083
>pretended she „died” onstage at a festival, turned out it was a stunt performed for attention and paramedic involved was a family friend who agreed to take part in that nonsense. Only admitted to it in a obscure japanese interview, so in fact nobody knows it was fake >>1140475
>Admits she tried to make people think she hurt herself for real
>Arrow posts several times a selfie with bandaids and fake self harm cuts drawn with a lipstick >>1176304, >>1181310
>and like a total idiot, she recorded a whole ass show dressed as highly sexualized suicidal case with fake cuts on her wrists >>1200820, >>1201978, >>1201982, >>1362599
>Arrow lies that she was never a model and blogger prior to Starcrawler >>1187811 Receipts of Arrow’s teen fashion blog >>1187813, receipts of LA fashion websites promoting her blog and shilling Arrow as the next „it girl” of fashion >>1187817, >>1192310
>Arrow was promoted hard by Rookie Magazine when she was 13, despite having basically nothing to show off >>1344084, >>1344091, claims she took the photos but some of them look like taken by her mom >>1344117, >>1405246, >>1405248 Teen Vogue shilled her long before Starcrawler
>The band had a manager and contract only after playing a couple of first shitty shows at their famous friends backyards >>1140325
>both Autumn and Arrow use their industry friends for clout >>1122286, >>1122320, >>1197928, >>1198091, >>1198106
>dates another nepotism brat, Gilbert Trejo (Danny Trejo’s son). When they started dating, Arrow was 18/19 and Gilbert was 30. Both are DDLG degenerates >>1116734, >>1129168, >>1361217, >>1361851, >>1361219, >>1361528, >>1464314, >>1361529

In recent thread:

>Arrow copies her idol, Lilith Levisis >>1497511, >>1497515

>in another sponsored & ASTOUNDINGLY terribly written article (>>1500152) Starcrawler keeps bullshitting that Arrow knew nobody in the industry and nobody on Rough Trade while starting the band (both blatant lies) >>1500016 Starcrawler’s managers, producers etc. have all admitted they are friends of Arrow’s parents
>Starcrawler plays a „soldout show” for about 10 unenthusiastic people at „a space a group of private school parents rent for their kids’ graduation dinner” >>1506915, >>1506919, >>1507250
>Donita Sparks and a convent of washout boomers come to celebrate Arrow’s birthday party >>1508261, >>1508339, >>1508425, >>1515370
>Arrow spotted with a strange face bloat, anons speculate fillers >>1508270
>Mommy Autumn lands Starcrawler a sweet Jack White support deal, thanks to their longtime friendship. Autumn and Arrow flaunt it nonetheless, as if it wasn’t a nepotism deal >>1510650, >>1513586, >>1513589, >>1513592
>Arrow LARPs as trailer trash chick and fetishizes poverty places again >>1516444
>Arrow aimlessly promotes her latest white trash pornified photoshoot, in which she’s dressed as a bimbo from bimbofication meme >>1518939, >>1518943, >>1518951
>Arrow gets photographed as a dead, naked prostitute lying among trash in the row. Her pervy grandfather ofc comes again to thirst on her naked ass pics >>1519044
>Starcrawler’s song gets used in Nissan commercial >>1523283
>Starcrawler does an incredibly dated, 2010 hipster tier lame music video for their awful new single. >>1523285, >>1524542, >>1528034, >>1528176
>Arrow begs her fans to make a tiktok to promote her new song, nobody gives a single fuck >>1524549, >>1524555
>Starcrawler uses Steve-O this time as their „guest celebrity” to exploit >>1528049
> Starcrawler is so kind to do a shoutout to farmers, in a form of a car shattering bottles of milk >>1528092
>the song is so fucking bad that even starcrawler boomer fanboys hate it >>1528857, >>1528948
>Arrow and Henri get about 5 min long lazy promotion on Zane Lowe. Arrow looks bloated from fillers >>1528891, >>1528894
>Gilbert transforms himself into Ronald Mc Donald >>1533735, >>1534897
>Autumn and Arrow’s embarassing asses in the wild >>1535590, >>1535592
>Starcrawler buys a huge tour bus, even though just a year ago they bitched to Dave Grohl about their tough, tough life and LARPed as „punks” who have to cramp and „struggle” in a tiny van >>1536218, >>1536956
>Starcrawler goes on tour with My Chemical Romance, because Gerard has a shit taste and shilled them since their first single >>1536221
>Absolutely nobody likes Starcrawler’s shows on MCR tour. Some of the anons who went to these shows report how awful it was, and how people reacted. Other anons post live videos showing the crowd is dead >>1536436, >>1536457, >>1537405, >>1542938, >>1542943, >>1542953, >>1552126, >>1552190, >>1548958, >>1547148,>>1547150, >>1547533
>Starcrawler crop out a few seconds of their show, pretending the crowd is loving them. Tik Tok zoomers have none of it and leave hate comments >>1552132
>Out of lack of ideas, Starcrawler releases dd/lg sadbbydoll toy themed merch >>1547597
>In thirst of ANY sort of compliments after a disastrously bad tour, Arrow spends hours googling her own name and searching her band’s indirects >>1549455,
>new photoshoot, Arrow cosplays Taylor Momsen this time >>1549458, >>1549463, >>1549466, >>1549467
>Some anon who attended Munich show reports they overheard Arrow and the band boasting loudly about „snorting some more lines” in a crowded food court before the show >>1552620, >>1552906 another anon confirms to have seen Arrow in the restaurant in Munich too >>1553182
>Arrow does the damage control and tries to pretend the tour was „actually a success” >>1594833, >>1555300, >>1557705
>Arrow „stars” in a music video of Father John Misty, which happens to be a band her father used to play in >>1556340
>Starcrawler does a cover of „If You’re Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough” for a new Jackass movie. Like total idiots, they sing with shitty fake southern country accents >>1561326
>sheltered ass rich little girl quotes >>1562200
>Because of Tiktok comments hating on her body, Arrow finally speaks on the matter. Explains she doesn’t have anorexia or health condition, claims it’s genes and metabolism. Except incidentally, she copied arguments from farmers on lolcow… >>1562973,>>1562975, >>1562976, >>1563260
>Arrow does tiktok video of her feasting on chicken, as a snarky reaction to „she should eat” commenters. Anons think that now it’s just cringey attention stunt, because she never cared to deny anorexia gossips before >>1573903
>a new boring album cover is revealed >>1564278
>a new uninspired single is out >>1564275, >>1565216
>new tempting merch for boomer fans >>1565218
>Arrow copies Gwen Stefani >>1567124, >>1567135
>Dylan Carlson of Earth, who’s friends with Gilbert and Arrow, is exposed as an old pervert foaming at Arrow in her comment section >>1566405, >>1566413, >>1566414, >>1566416
>old pics of Arrow running from celeb party to party just to show up, Arrow’s pics with industry predator Oliver Zahm >>1571121, >>1571128
>Arrow dies from excitement boasting that she is in new American Horror Story season… trailer. Which is just short TV promo they always pick models unrelated to series for >>1577061, >>1577065, >>1587462
>Starcrawler’s song gets on the Top 50 list! On… whooping #50. >>1578228
>A pic of Henri’s house gets posted, turns out that „poor boy” actually lives in a huge house with a swimming pool. >>1581283
>new video in which Starcrawler LARP as struggling, hard working kids with broken dreams >>1594781, >>1594784
>this Phoebe Bridgers related cringiness >>1596078
>turns out Henri’s aunt owns a guitar strap company >>1596583
>Arrow rips off Taylor Momsen again >>1596339, >>1596340
>Arrow orders „distressed eyes makeup” for her working class struggle larp music video >>1597604
>Examples of Arrow cosplaying heroin kid. She twists her hair and stylizes it in a way to look like a greasy heroin addict >>1598116, >>1598666, >>1598681
>Arrow makes a video about a dress she went in to prom, calls herself a „motherfucking pretty in pink” >>1599545
>Arrow does another heroin/poverty cosplay in a „shady” place, down to strategically ripped and stained jeans >>1600905, >>1600908
>Nadia Lee slaps Arrow’s tits on a huge wall in her new art gallery, because you gotta support a narc >>1603970 The shoot is just Arrow skinwalking Gwen Stefani in her music video >>1621157, >>1621148
>Arrow lands on the cover of a fanzine made by a photographer scrote that always takes her pics, zine turns out to be another lukewarm project just so all the related LA alt bumfucks get their narcissist gratification >>1621127, >>1621134, >>1621137, >>1621144
>LA narcs throw a party to celebrate this very important and incredible happening that is shitting out a fanzine >>1621965
>Starcrawler organizes meet & greet, only boomers come >>1621591, >>1621601
>Autumn shills dollars just so Starcrawler gets about 1 minute of screen time on MTV >>1622045
>a live video of Starcrawler in which Henri stops the show to lecture a bunch of old men that are at least 30 years older than him >>1622773
>fear and embarassment in Las Vegas >>1622786, >>1622793, >>1622834
>Starcrawler opens for Nick Cave, thanks to Autumn being friends with his wife Suzie Cave, so Autumn and Arrow lick Suzie’s ass and thank her profusely >>1629213, >>1629218
>Arrow freaks out about going to Suzie Cave’s „The Vampire’s Wife” fashion brand party full of Hollywood party >>1629231, >>1629232, >>1630483, >>1630489
>Aaron Sperske’s old twitter account is found, turns out to be in 99% dedicating to promoting Starcrawler >>1629308, >>1629348
>Arrow gets photographed SEETHING MAD next to the band who opened for their show, because she hates all the other women her age that are in music industry >>1637995
>new unflattering white trash/bimbo larp photoshoot which turns out to be ripped off from Aweng Chuol and a guy who took bimbo photos of Arrow in the past >>1638163, >>1638167, >>1638172, >>1638170
>new interview in which the band boasts and sucks their own dicks as usual, claims their music was in a long list of movies and do delusional spergout on how there weren’t much of rock bands back when they started, but it changed thanks to them >>1639652
>Arrow bitches to Dave Grohl how fucking „hard” they struggle living in a van, and how much she wishes she could have a tourbus! Impossible dreams! Dave Grohl tells her to write a hit single to get a bus. She doesn’t, but she gets tourbus anyway >>1639675
>Henri lies that they didn’t have enough money to afford more studio time >>1639688
>Arrow goes to Billy Idol show and buys meet & greet ticket just to make Billy Idol promote her shitty band >>1646614
>Arrow claims she’s been begged by advertizing campaigns and agents all her life and calls modelling „oppressive”. Omg, poor Arrow >>1647365
>Arrow quotes farmers again, pretty much confirms that she hated music but her mother wanted her so hard to be a star >>1647366
>annoying cope boasting >>1647431
>Arrow confirms that she keeps the books on the shelf for the aesthetic only, but doesn’t actually read at all >>1647469
>Henri gets salty that 3 year olds on Tiktok are better guitarists than him >>1647772
>Arrow posts thinly veiled bodychecks >>1648320, >>1648322
>admits to fetishizing other people’s tragedies, poverty, addictions and suicides >>1648483
>Starcrawler releases their new country pop era album, promotes it in outdated, cringey hipster garage rock suits a’la 2009
>in a newest interview Arrow makes herself a victim in all the ways possible, most probably lies that she got an „influx of I hope you die” comments >>1651213
>paints herself as a victim living in „unorthodox family” just cause her parents are in showbizness, gets shocked when her friends family says prayers and eats together around a table >>1651215
>”I was a little bit like a Tumblr girl, but that did help me find that there were like other ~not-as-basic of bitches~ out there”, says the basic bitch coping >>1651219
>lies that she isn’t an industry plant and that nepotism „in LA doesn’t matter”, just because no label besides Rough Trade wanted them (RT was a label her father was on) >>1651221

Social media:

No. 1653693

Let me know if anything needs to be fix, got 30minutes yet to do it/change thread pic/whatever.

No. 1653711

Nonita I love you but there’s still over 100 posts left on the old thread, a new thread should be posted when the old one hits 1200 posts

No. 1653717

File: 1663801497712.png (685.61 KB, 694x814, 1112233.png)

who opressed her again by making her wear Gucci? i mean, it's so ~oppressive~ and "not rock'n'roll"!

No. 1653722

File: 1663801668931.png (800.26 KB, 714x814, 444556.png)

No. 1653749

File: 1663802748624.jpeg (791.55 KB, 2000x2500, 507CF487-09DF-4440-89BA-B7E0B2…)

I fucking hate this Gucci x Adidas collab so much, and this styling just does not work, fuck me. It’s giving me flashbacks to this Off-White (RIP Virgil) monstrosity Kylie Jenner wore to the MET gala, but with more corpse paint

No. 1653753

Yup, it's so ugly. And pointless. very much Too Poor/soundclout tier.
oh, and of course she only got those photos taken because @richgreens got her the gig.

No. 1653763

File: 1663803634912.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 68.08 KB, 1280x720, 0FFAB53D-E60B-4A9D-9874-9FFD20…)

Yes! I was going to say that too, this woman does not have a single original or creative bone in her body (spoilered for blood, just in case)

No. 1653766

File: 1663803674620.png (341.25 KB, 1034x654, tp.png)

LOL, Gilbert even made a video for Too Poor in which she had a very, very similar dress to what Arrow wears, just more "traditional" ofc… no creative bone in her body indeed

No. 1653767

File: 1663803837746.png (423.38 KB, 924x588, tp2.png)

i think you can post without spoiler, it's not very bloody

No. 1653769

This >>1653763 is from that video, I wonder if Layla and Arrow are friends (though I feel like we’d know about it if they were, maybe they’re not because Arrow is friends with recently turned neo-nazi Lilith Levisis)

No. 1653772

100% sure they aren't. Arrow just had a phase of following ppl like Lilith and Lil Bo Weep. they have connections as rich kids, but i'm sure Layla & co. wouldn't give a fuck about Arrow.

No. 1653779

as that we talk about it, i'm curious if she still follows/ obsesses over Lilith. now that she's racist, nazi sympathizing (troon critical as well iirc?) "blakk metal b1tch" kek

No. 1654197

File: 1663848923910.jpeg (523.64 KB, 873x964, 651CAFA5-76A4-449A-814E-A43AFC…)

She should go for hair like this if she wants to have messy bleach blonde hair. But it would take actual money and effort.

No. 1654608

File: 1663875527130.jpeg (378.02 KB, 929x1400, 01AE2B09-10E1-4322-93A9-59A566…)

Or go as avant garde as possible because this middle ground isn’t working.

No. 1654666

File: 1663878367280.png (138.46 KB, 1030x1094, review1.png)

i'm surprised to see that journos are waking up and seeing how shitty their music is. they got a lot of bad reviews, which is new. even positive ones mention that their album is mediocre
don't get her free ideas, she's already taking everything from lolcow

No. 1654667

File: 1663878436648.png (457.08 KB, 1132x1094, review2.png)

No. 1654668

File: 1663878557603.png (144.84 KB, 1092x786, review4.png)

even more accepting ones generally agree they're boring. refreshing to see.

No. 1654669

Oh what I'd do to read a scathing Piero Scaruffi review of Starcrawler…

No. 1654673

File: 1663879037007.jpg (363.36 KB, 2048x1358, 00260002-1-2048x1358.jpg)

Eww, that pic. also
>a lolcow spilling the milk
someone's a bit too obsessed with the "unbothered" references

No. 1654679

I don't understand why Arrow's mom/the media/everyone around her accepts and even supports her being so dangerously underweight. She probably has a BMI around 14 which puts you in the category of "extreme anorexia." Being "naturally" underweight only really applies to children/teens who are still developing and haven't grown into their bodies and learned how to properly eat yet. Arrow is an adult and there is no way she isn't restricting her food intake unless she has a fucking tapeworm or something. Like it's simply thermodynamically impossible.

No. 1654681

Anon, read previous threads. She's not anorexic or ill in any other way, it's genetics. Her mother was the same height and weight her age (look at this post >>1493949 ) she also has other extrememly tall and bony members in her family. It's been said 1000 times before. the only issue is she has only commented on this case now, for the last couple of years she had no problem with ppl gossiping.
>Because of Tiktok comments hating on her body, Arrow finally speaks on the matter. Explains she doesn’t have anorexia or health condition, claims it’s genes and metabolism. >>1562973,>>1562975, >>1562976, >>1563260

No. 1654690

samefag, here are pics of her as a child. she looked the same. >>1115064, >>1115069, >>1187813, >>1344084, >>1405246
from what i've seen, most of her family members are deathly thin in their younger years, but eventually a lot of them got fat. she'll probably get fat, just in her 40s.

I'm just kinda done with the anorexia speculation, when it's been explained long time ago. There are other actually troublesome things about her & her behaviour to talk about, and that is cosplaying self-harm, mental illness & hospitalizations.

No. 1654691

Yeah I don’t buy that. No woman is this skinny naturally and healthily, I’m sure she lost the generic lottery, but she definitely also has an ED.

No. 1654694

whatever, you don't have to. I personally don't, because she lookes the same way she looked when she was when 10 and before. it's impossible she's had ED since she was born.

No. 1654697

People develop EDs at surprisingly young ages, and "high metabolisms" that you get from genetics only make about 100 or so calories of a difference. I've seen the photos of her when she was younger and she looked normal until she entered adolescence (the time most people develop EDs). I've also known lots of "genetically" skinny people as a kid and they all grew into normal BMIs by the time they reached adulthood. I legitimately thought Arrow was in her mid-30s until someone said in an earlier thread that she was in her early 20s. No one ages that poorly unless their health is in bad shape.

No. 1654703

And I know analyzing this is autistic but it frustrates me that she treats this like its a healthy/safe weight for people to maintain while trying to appeal to underage and zoomers. It's like the eugenia shit all over again.

No. 1654709

File: 1663881782956.jpg (480.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_1.jpg)

who are those idiots, lmao
They're going to be on an MTV talkshow today, whew. Arrow's ego must be in a state of perpetual self fellating

No. 1654717

>she treats this like its a healthy/safe weight for people to maintain while trying to appeal to underage and zoomers.
i hate this bitch, but what is she supposed to do? sure, she doesn't look healthy in the least, and i agree she's aging incredibly fast (so is her mother), but so what? should she hide at home and never show up, lest zoomers see her and get triggered? she isn't saying "hey kids, get thin like me!" that's stupid.
(i mean, perhaps she should, but for another reason. at least we wouldn't get our ears hurt from her shitty music lol)

No. 1654718

yeah personally i would like it if she hid at home and never emerged

No. 1654720

the world of music would be better off for sure

No. 1654722

Anyway I don't give a shit about zoomers developing EDs from a retard like this, I'm more just trying to paint it as another way she is fake and disingenuous.

No. 1654743

she is, with this i agree. even if she doesn't have ED, she followed thinspo accounts(?). Plus i find her crying boohoo people think i'm anorexic kind of weird as well, she says "i don't wanna talk about it" but now she talks about it in each new interview to seem so strong etc. The problem is, she didn't give them a reason to think otherwise. I mean, people who leave those comments are fucking stupid, but her rightous anger behaving like "haven't you seen my parent's pics?", i mean… no, most people didn't. that's why most of people thought your anorexic. ppl get mistaken. maybe it's good she made that IG post after all.

No. 1654749

File: 1663883127411.png (588.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2.png)

caption this
imagine this uuum like, and, um like california sheltered girl talking to an actual artist

No. 1654796

OT but god kylie is so botched for such a young age. her mom fucking sucks. how can you let your daughters think they need to do this to themselves? that's not fucking love

No. 1654799

i'd punch my best friend if it meant i could model for that big of a brand
what's her problem with it??

No. 1654806

>I like fashion I guess, but I kind of find the whole high-fashion thing to be wierd. Like, all these bands wear Gucci, but then they still profess to be called a rock'n'roll band. It's kind of contradicting themselves in my eyes.
>boohoo i find modelling oppressive
>i refuse to allow fashion world put me on platter
>models are stupid they don't listen to rock blah
says Arrow, while dying to get new modelling gigs, trying hardest to get noticed at Gucci galas and overall jealous of Dani being a Gucci ambassador. like damn, no fucking brand wants you to be their model, Arrow, shut up.

(imo Gucci sucks & clothes are ugly af, and ppl behind it are idiots, but who wouldn't model for them, when you actually do modelling?)

No. 1654813

do those men really need to be quite that ugly

No. 1654814

no1curr can we ban the weight sperging cause it shits up the thread? percentiles exist, there are a small number of people born fucking super weird looking, everyone in her family looked like that, even autumn. low body fat is not what makes someone a cow

No. 1654817

i'd model for a brand called like "WORLDS UGLIEST CLOTHES" if it was paying me enough

No. 1654828

true, that's what i was trying to say. i honestly don't give a fuck about her weight, i care for her insulting mentally ill people and behaving like an asshole.
imo Gucci's "normie prizes level" stuff is the ugliest ever. you know. those Gucci shirts, Gucci caps, Gucci bags with green and gold & bee pattern

No. 1654830

File: 1663888062287.png (66.58 KB, 622x776, zxxccc.png)

JFC not her trying to say fucking Echo Park was "not safe and fun place for little girls" now. sure, children can get kidnapped everywhere, but saying Echo Park is such a dangerous neighbourhood, just to keep up your "we were poor" bullshit, fucking sure jan.
Yes Arrow, you're so tough, you had to live in a literal hood~

No. 1654873

Sorry for the useless commentary and sage for blogpost but Jesus Christ almighty that poster of Starcrawler that’s the thread image is so painfully ugly. Who made them think it was a good idea to dress like that? What is the concept for this shoot even supposed to be? Genuine retardation

No. 1654906

Euro anon here and i'm just gonna say… for all that talk about "major label", all that "omg we're on Universal"… their album literally cannot be bought anywhere outside the States & UK.

US/Amazon only in my country, so big music chain stores don't even have them in online offer. could be wrong, but i imagine in other countries it's all client-demand import. maybe could be a few in broadly equipped stores where they hoard weirdest label shit, that is if only the owner bothers to place a few vinyl orders. but overall you won't just walk into a shop and buy Starcrawler.
(as predicted)

No. 1654952

when she was a child it wasnt gentrified yet. young girls in LA suburbs are sexually harassed a lot, went to elementary and middle school nearby & we grew up thinking it was normal. this is a bad take

No. 1654968

I know right, it’s disgusting. She has looked 40 since she was 17. Not that there’s anything wrong with 40, but it’s an absolute disgrace that she felt it mandatory to get surgery that’s aged her so prematurely. Bella Hadid isn’t far behind I actually feel sad for Bella because she seems like such a sweet person, Kylie is a vacuous, repugnant, exploitative, parasitic piece of shit, no sympathy for her
>Gucci sucks & clothes are ugly af, and ppl behind it are idiots
Don’t get me started, the disdain I have for Alessandro Michele is astronomical. The brand is so incongruous with Arrow’s aesthetic, I don’t know why she’d want to be “in” with them beyond being jealous of Dani and Amy for getting campaign deals (Gucci doesn’t gel with their image either, I get why they were chosen to represent the brand but it just screams forced and awkward to me)
Echo Park in the 90s was a very different place to what it is now, but she’s too young to have been exposed to it pre-gentrification, she’s probably just parroting her mother, who would have been around when it was all gangbanger cholos with their firme hinas and low riders

No. 1654972

NTA but I think that’s applicable to literally every place on earth, as females we’re always unsafe

No. 1655033

i already told she could've been kidnapped/harassed eveywhere, that's not the whole point. Back when Arrow was running away from home, it weren't the 90's but solidly 2009+, probably. my point is what this anon said
>Echo Park in the 90s was a very different place to what it is now, but she’s too young to have been exposed to it pre-gentrification, she’s probably just parroting her mother
I agree women are unsafe everywhere, but i read her claim as yet another attempt at exaggerating the financial "struggle". i could've possibly misunderstood her intention, though.

No. 1655145

>If we’d run away from my neighborhood we’d probably have been kidnapped or something. We lived in Echo Park at the time, which wasn’t exactly a safe and fun place for little girls

No. 1655291

File: 1663928203388.png (842.39 KB, 712x802, xyz.png)

It looks like they watched too many The Hives/The Strokes/The Jet/The Whatever videos from early 00's and thought slapping ugly suits on is "innovative", and everything in pink is an "art concept"

No. 1655298

File: 1663928621940.png (135.46 KB, 612x1082, scr.png)

Where is this "aggressive punk voice" that she's talking about? where is the "improvement"? the only change is that they're mixing her flat, monotone, emotionless, quiet vocals and occasional sheep bleating a little louder than usual

No. 1655384

Her “aggressive punk voice” is the shrieking she does on stage during her schizo mimicking fits

No. 1655390

She should start eating normally. Simple as.

No. 1655531

lots of people on this site grew up in places like NYC, mexico city, hong kong, any large urban area, even in wealthy areas, hs predators and sketchy guys running around. it's not the same thing as growing up in a high-risk impoverished area.

No. 1655748

Yeah what these people defending the "naturally skinny" shit don't get is that it doesn't really exist. It's just that "naturally skinny" people have habits that result in them maintaining a lower body weight. Weight is like 95% habit and 5% genetics, if that. When you see a skinny person with skinny parents it's more indicative of their parents passing on their eating/exercise habits than their genes.

No. 1655751

File: 1663968590446.png (29.52 KB, 614x266, 1111111111.png)

"I have a weird thing where certain words and numbers I associate with colors" = i'm a plain bitch who tries to be an NLOG trying to pretend you have synesthesia (except i don't know that tough word, but it's still very ~weird~)

No. 1655758

File: 1663968967876.png (63.72 KB, 630x484, qqqqq.png)

> I think it would be cool to play with rap artists and stuff.
Yes? Really? Is this the same Arrow who likes to shit on rap music and call it rap more like crap (or whatever)?
it's paperthin obvious how desperate they are, with all the "our new album is not very rock, it's not just for punk and rock fans wink wink" and "we'd like to open for everyone, and be listened by everyone, hey uh, rap musicians, can you take us on tour?" fuck me, this is so funny from the perspective of time

No. 1655763

File: 1663969347788.jpg (39 KB, 300x450, 888272_1.3.jpg)

i'm really done with this weightsperging but
>When you see a skinny person with skinny parents it's more indicative of their parents passing on their eating/exercise habits
>parents eating habits
dude they're both fucking LOADING fast foods. if anything, they're eating much too fatty food. that thing about ppl thinking Arrow eats 2 pieces of pea a month is a myth

No. 1655781

If you look at photos of her mom and dad when they were younger (and probably actually living with Arrow) they are very thin. What you're saying would only make sense if Arrow was living with her mom now. And even if she is eating SO MUCH FOOD omg she should eat MORE because being underweight for extended periods of time is really unhealthy and ages the fuck out of you. No doctor is going to tell you to maintain an underweight BMI unless you have some severe chronic illness that prevents you from gaining.

No. 1655796

>If you look at photos of her mom and dad when they were younger (and probably actually living with Arrow) they are very thin.
I know, i know. i've seen her old pics. i'm the anon who said her parents were same as her & who said it's genetic thiness.
I said Arrow eats a lot of fast food, because that's what i take from what she posts online. idk what she eats at home, probably more varied food, but her online pics show that she eats a lot of fast food. Aka something that anorexic chick would never do.

No. 1655807

Anorexics love to broadcast the occasions when they actually do eat because it helps them maintain their facade of normalcy. Sorry this debate is retarded imma stop.

No. 1655815

For the rest of what you said:
>And even if she is eating SO MUCH FOOD omg she should eat MORE
So if some people are thin, they should omgz totez barf food in bulimic quantities/more than they like just cause you don't like that they're underweight? There are underweight ppl in the world, and no, not everyone's underweight bc of anorexia, or because they ~don't eat enough to get fat~. That's just how it is. Ppl shouldn't eat more than they want/can just because oh, they're not some acceptable size. Are you one of those people telling her to eat in comments? it's not anyone's business how much one eats, and certainly her weight is not the milk. underweight people exist, move tf on

No. 1655817

I am literally underweight and know I should try harder to eat more. That's why I know she's full of shit. You don't have to have a mukbang to gain weight, you just gradually increase your intake until you reach a healthy weight and then maintain it. There is a reason medical science delineated underweight as a separate category from healthy weights, which is that it is fundamentally LESS healthy. I don't give a flying fuck about her food choices, I just like shredding apart her bullshit.

No. 1655824

holy fuck we don't care. i bet there's people on this site who used to be skelly until the age of 25/26. sometimes shit just happens and this isn't a fucking weight thread. it's about her bad attitude, laziness, and blatant plant status.

No. 1655826

ok but bitch you don't know if she has whatever thyroid disorder you have. you don't know anyone else's life. milk or gtfo plz

No. 1655828

well, no1curr, i'm underweight as well, bc of health reasons. (So other people, probably including particular anons on this site as well.) Does it mean i have to eat more, even if it doesn't work? God forbid someone's less than ideal weight, right?
Haven't it came across your mind that maybe she TRIED to eat more, and it didn't work?

No. 1655829

this is a gossip forum for speculating about people's lives

No. 1655835

damn lol the white knights are out in force today

No. 1655837

this is a gossip site about people's lives, not weight. Go to Skinnygossip or fucking My Pro Ana if you want to scream about her weight, i'm sure Arrow has threads here.

No. 1655842

She constantly makes her weight part of the discussion, she brought this on herself. Why are nonnies so defensive of her on this subject. I feel like I'm reliving the whole "eugenia doesn't have an eating disorder thing shes just like that!!!" era

No. 1655844

wow, is it whiteknight to say i don't give a fuck about her weight? maybe go tell her to eat, i'm sure it never occured to her she could!

No. 1655850

So what are you going to do about it? you won't force her to eat and gain weight, i'm not sure where is this discussion going. And
we've had these weight discussions 1000 times before. she does way worse things than… what? looking the way she does?
i personally care more about her being an asshole to others and a nepotist brat who fakes schizophrenia/cutting onstage, idk about other anons.

No. 1655865

because of what >>1655850 says. this thread is pointless if it's just post pics of ugly girl and say "wow, she ugly".

No. 1655878

File: 1663975580320.jpg (287.53 KB, 1080x1760, chart.jpg)

holy shit, or rather who faked that chart. somehow i refuse to believe it.

No. 1656271

well everything else on that chart is literal garbage that gets bought because it's constantly advertised so i believe it kek

No. 1656318

i think it's weirdly counted, bc i don't believe Behemoth would get as high as no. 3
ot but perhaps i should post Behemoth's singer as as a cow in indie thread, he's fucking pathetic and acted like asshole to his ex

No. 1656772

File: 1664059443425.png (1.09 MB, 718x810, 9999999.png)

why does it look like she intentionally went out to choose adequate pink shaded liquor store or another 3dGy~ place to pose against
damn, she reposted this 3 times already or so. no actual talented bands & musicians get obsessed over their faces being printed on the front page of magazines, no talented musicians loudly boast about it. narcs
(and that magazine looks like toilet paper)

No. 1657043

It's the oh-so-carefully ratted and teased hair that does it for me.

No. 1657315

File: 1664107153099.png (250.17 KB, 870x720, chartt.png)

yeah, told you there's something wrong with this chart. i understand no. 1 (Pink Floyd) sold only 7000 albums this week, so imagine how few thousands sold starcrawler on no 6.
what's the fucking point of a chart like that nowadays? 10 years ago not even Pink Floyd would chart with as shitty count as 7k

No. 1657698

he's a big baby, total cow. post him!

No. 1658268

Crackhead Dee Reynolds looking ass.

No. 1658848

File: 1664228607556.jpg (236.67 KB, 1080x1783, oooo.jpg)

Any perpetually online zoomer here with Bereal application? (first time hearing of this) wonder if there'll be anything milky

No. 1659686

i hate myself for being so attracted to literally any courtney love/vini reilly-looking feminine girl. is there an ashamed lesbianon thread please i need help.

No. 1659768

>feminine girl
kek but anyways, yes you do need help. i don't think anyone cares to hear about your obsession with Arrow, but you could make a good use of it at least and make account on that app to report back some milk

No. 1659783

File: 1664306142295.png (1.79 MB, 1028x906, 122222222222.png)

annoying ass bitch, no matter what she does

No. 1659831

kek i wish i was only obsessed with her. but no, if any girls wear this style i'm like "oohhh she looks cOoL". hopeless.

No. 1659832

like she even knows one elvis song jfc

No. 1659859

i approve courtney love, arrow - ew
it's the "oh we met our idol Nick Cave" for me, like she even knows anything besides Where The Wild Roses grow

No. 1659973

you're so mean!! i'm going to look at "blonde hair ideas" on pinterest and never come to lolcow AGAIN!!1

No. 1659999

No. 1660004

File: 1664316530258.jpg (151.25 KB, 800x450, me.jpg)

No. 1660761

plus showing she is very dumb and/or has no values. she made a big deal about "feminism"(she's not a fucking feminist come on) in her post about the growlers stripper assault, but clearly has zero knowledge of elvis' abusive/pedo-ish/incestuous obsessions.
heartbreak hotel, his version of blue moon, and milkcow blues are kickass songs but he was a fucked up dude and isn't just a cool fashion icon - he represents some fucked up male shit that her supposed punk image should be against or at the vety least be AWARE of. she comes off like she's literally never read a book?

No. 1660851

True. Priscilla was 14 when he met her/started dating, and later when they married he treated her badly (her sole existence was catering to his needs, and he felt disgust for her when she got pregnant.)

I personally don't like Elvis at all, but still there are millions of people who do and completely ignore it. That shows how forgiving is societyof those things. I usually try to separate artists from music, sometimes there are cases when you just can't (Marilyn Manson, Davie Vanity, that other pedophile musician). not sure where to place Elvis.

i'm not surprised in the least she doesn't care though, because again, she only cares about herself. I think she 100% mentioned what Growlers did to her not out of concern for other women, but because it touched her directly, and she was affected. which is fine since what happened to her was not ok, but no need to pretend she cared for others. After her experience, she was still out there kissing and rubbing her crotch against other people (women included). Because when it's affects her, it's abuse but when she does it to people, they should be grateful, right.

she's no feminist for sure. it's very telling that when asked about feminism & her views, all she has to say is how "calling Starcrawler female singer band is reverse feminism".

No. 1660855

>she comes off like she's literally never read a book?
no, she doesn't, she even said so. she keeps books for aeshtetic. she told on her onw self.

No. 1660916

>I think she 100% mentioned what Growlers did to her not out of concern for other women, but because it touched her directly, and she was affected. which is fine since what happened to her was not ok, but no need to pretend she cared for others. After her experience, she was still out there kissing and rubbing her crotch against other people (women included). Because when it's affects her, it's abuse but when she does it to people, they should be grateful, right.
this exactly. this is why the pretending to like elvis and her sucking up to iggy pop bothers me. she doesn't like being harassed but has no regard for the underage girls those men raped?

No. 1661034

she also used to hang out with Ryan Adams and that predator from Nylon magazine or something idr. it's not like she cared about what Elvis did, maybe she approves it since she's a DD/LG degenerate who has no problem with teens dating much older fucks. every show she exploits women with mental illnesses and self harming (before she got one bad comment) so it's not like she cares for any other woman's wellbeing. Really nothing shocking about that, she's just a yucky bitch with no morals and sooner or later she'll get her comeuppance for stuff she does.
i'll be just laughing hard if Autumn tries to sell her as master feminist next. they already do, what she said about Growlers thing in this interview sounds incredibly insincere

No. 1661049

File: 1664400332758.png (177.26 KB, 1132x1282, bus.png)

I see they're back to larping as uwu poor band travelling in a bad bad van

No. 1661241

File: 1664410415047.jpg (323.76 KB, 1080x1672, abcd.jpg)

Recommendations of what? can't you google and read anything on your own?
They're going to Korea tomorrow, which i don't understand at all. they're shitty band that can't even get moderately famous in their own country, so who tf would go to watch literal nobodies in Korea or Dominican Republic

No. 1661243

White monkey is funny.

No. 1661248

It’s okay lesbianon I get it.. I am in the same dire situation with sexes reversed. Cringe horny women unite!

No. 1661252

Yep. She looks scary so she should eat more.

No. 1661265

File: 1664411590997.png (1.18 MB, 994x530, wtf man.png)

Damn, scrotes from her band are just getting fatter and fatter.
And this is just the dumbest 1 braincell type of stare i've seen

No. 1661270

Poor arrow, her band mates are eating all of her food before she can put down her phone and waddle to the dining table! She should’ve trained them properly when they were smaller. The only solution is to put them in shock collars now. Zap them when they pig out.
She must be seething, the pleasure she’s denying herself by starvation must be downright painful, and this scrote is allowed to stuff his mouth like a butterball pork chop. Sad!

No. 1661271

File: 1664411943386.png (2.3 MB, 1002x1080, wwww.png)

wtf did i just watch. Arrow is constantly picking her nose, scratching herself on her armpits in this interview

No. 1661273

No. 1661276

part 2 of this cringe

No. 1661277

If she switched this talentless fat prick with a talentless hot prick her band could become almost popular among midwestern mothers. Why does she insist on being the only skinny person in the band?

No. 1661278

what is she on, or rather what is she PRETENDING to be on in those videos lol

No. 1661281

Hmm, just a vague mixture of meth addict & schizophrenic hobo?

No. 1661282

that and a little bit of Taylor Momsen skinwalking in the mixture.

No. 1661284

File: 1664412313369.png (991.94 KB, 716x690, xxxsdefdsd.png)

well, there's still this useless scrote copy of her who does idk what in this band, just in glasses. But he's Henri's younger brother, so there's a high probability he's gonna get fat as well.

No. 1661291

I meant if she kicked out ALL of those fat retards out and replaced them with half-naked male models who wear even less than she does now. If she’s really lucky they might even invite her along with them to the shows! Imagine all of the highschool reunions and protestant youth group gatherings she would get to star in!

No. 1661295

I got this in recommended after watching the videos and just… yeah, they're trying hard to make their shitty music more varied, they do. and i see why boomers like them, with this country bullshit they play.
But ngl i burst out laughing when she started singing those idiotic childish lyrics with that painful, emotional, sad voice and making sorrowful faces kek

No. 1661409

>Iggy Pop is a rapist

No. 1661478

He slept with Sable Starr when she was 13

No. 1661670

File: 1664451755875.jpg (45.94 KB, 770x1139, Sable-Starr-and-Iggy-Pop-770x1…)

Here, a lesson of history. (i didn't know about it either and just… ew)

>Iggy Pop was one of baby groupie Sable Starr's many celebrity lovers. There's no ambiguity here — besides the many pictures of the two together, Iggy wrote a song, "Look Away," from the 1996 album Naughty Little Doggy, about their relationship. "I slept with Sable when she was 13 / Her parents were too rich to do anything / She walked her way around L.A. / Till a New York Doll carried her away." (Pop is about 10 years Sable's elder.)

>(Starr moved to New York City to live with New York Dolls member Johnny Thunders at age 16, and their relationship ended in a torrent of abuse. "After I was with him, I just wasn't Sable Starr anymore. He really destroyed the Sable Starr thing. Se made me throw away all my diaries and all my phone numbers down the incinerator, and he ripped up my scrapbook," she says in Please Kill Me: the Uncensored Oral History of Punk.)

>"Look Away" is a mournful song, a blurry reminiscence through a hazy lens. Pop seems to carry a little shame at how he treated Sable, and how when he saw a nasty situation developing between the teenager and the New York Doll, he simply ignored it — looked away.

>"I found her in a back street with her looks half gone / she was sellin something that I was on," he sings. He later concludes the story, "So a few years later Thunder died broke / Sable had a baby back at her folks / Me, I went straight and serious too / There wasn't much else that I could do."

>Around the same time as her younger sister, Sable Starr was also in contact with Iggy Pop. Ron Asheton, co-songwriter and musician with Iggy in the Stooges recalls in the book Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk:

>“We had a gig at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go when we first moved out there and that’s when we met Sable Starr, who was a really nice girl. First, she was Iggy’s groupie, then with me, then went back to Iggy, then back to me, and then went to my brother, and back to me.”

>“We would do two sets at the Whiskey, and in between sets, Sable would say, ‘Can I suck your manhood?’ She was real open about stuff, that’s what I always liked about her. So in between our sets Sable would suck my manhood in the upstairs men’s bathroom.”

No. 1661673

File: 1664452058512.png (646.78 KB, 868x834, iggy pop arrow.png)

Here. This is a cool, awesome male who endorses you in press. This is the cool man who you pushed elbows in people's faces just to crowdsurf to. this is the man who held your hand and said "Hey baby" to you, Arrow.

Yes, perhaps you shouldn't have boasted to the press about this thing, Arrow, because there's nothing to boast about.

No. 1661676

File: 1664452249318.jpg (98.7 KB, 800x825, sable-starr-1.jpg)

This is Sable Starr with a scrote from Slade, you've all probably seen this photo bc it's popular.

As for Arrow, i've seen that she posted this exact pic onto her instagram stories once, with generic heart emoji or something. If you like her so much, Arrow, perhaps you should've read more about her and scrotes & cowards who fucked and abused when she was a child.

No. 1661679

He looks like he would rape the prophet’s camel. One look at him and you can see the pedo rapist inside.

No. 1661682

File: 1664452900280.jpg (344.72 KB, 1080x1439, bust.jpg)

arrow also did a photoshoot in which she dresses as a groupie, or at least she says so.

ironically, it's the one where she sperges about her retarded idea of what feminism is



No. 1661687

The second pose looks like a CSA themed stock photo which is awfully on theme with her playing dress up as the 13 year old rape victim of her icon.

No. 1662041

jfc a woman would get destroyed by critics for having that gut

No. 1662174

Adding that it wasn't just one off thing either, Iggy Pop fucked Sable Starr's sister as well.
>Sable also had a younger sister called Corel Shields, born in 1959, who followed in the same footsteps. Apparently, in autumn of 1973, Corel was involved with Iggy Pop at just 14-years-old.

No. 1662250

he regularly fucked underage girls. it was his thing - lust for life has a song about a 16 year old, and another song about an underage prostitute.

No. 1662253

it's true. if she committed 100% to the image thing and got thin, stylish moids to play the parts of her band members, and then didn't pretend to be more than a boy band/nepo plant project, they'd actually be successful.

No. 1662255

that dude has a fat ass
what does he do all day? sit on it?

No. 1662274

I didn't care about his music at all before, so it's new stuff to me. What bothers me is how everybody seems fine with a famous scrote fucking 13 year olds and boasting about this shamelessly. i thought this "punk" crowd cares, or likes to act like they care about feminism & criticize sexist fucks scene
Notice he wrote that song about baby groupies in… 1996. so he didn't regret or realize his wrongdoings. no, he bragged about it decades later. How is he any different from Polanski or whoever people like to rage at? why is Iggy Pop excluded and not considered a pedophile? last time mentioning this but… yeah wtf.

No. 1662281

It's not as easy as that. i don't think it would help in the least, not all bands made of attractive people get famous. Problem is that their music suck and no matter what they do, they look like kids in boomer clothes, sound like boomers and behave like zoomers but all their "vibe" or whatever appeals to clueless boomers only.

No. 1662288

adding to my thought, moid-unrelated but still. Arrow THEORETICALLY should be loved by zoomers, bc she's anorexic thin, now has clothes liked by zoomers or has pics in bimbofied y2k woman-degrading style that they like. Amd yet nobody cares.
i don't get why boomers like her though. it feels like they're always projecting something onto her & refuse to see she's mean fake idiot, not adorable kid, except in prostitute clothes. bt maybe its bc their fans don't take time to do research.

No. 1662371

men just don't care about anything until it happens to them or their property(i.e. their wife or daughter)

No. 1662506

People decry historic pedophilia until it's someone they admire. Jerry Lee Lewis? Pedo. But Iggy? Bowie? Hell, even John Peel but he's such an idol in the UK it's basically a crime to criticise him years after his death.


No. 1662507

Zoomers see right through her act.

No. 1662542

i'm canadian and even i've heard of john peel's constant "she totally said she was 18" shit

No. 1662600

this one made me so fucking angry bc i like his music. Some people think these chicks are unreliable about Bowie bc they changed the story how and when they met/fucked significantly each time they told it. But idk, honestly it's not that hard to believe it considering all these menchildren in the 70's thought it alright to fuck teens, as long as they looked like adults.

to not to stray too offtopic i'll say that Arrow's retarded af for posting/taking inspo from 13 year old groupies without caring about their history. but then again she prob approves of teens fucking old men bc it's so "babygirl and daddy uwu"

No. 1662868

some people try to excuse it with "he was 23/24/25" like "oh it was only a ten year difference" but it's not the number of years. ten years is most of a 13 yera old's life. it's not 30 year old accountant dating her 40 year old neighbour, it's a TWENTY FIVE YEAR OLD MAN fucking a CHILD.

No. 1664093

LMAO from the looks of it, they just went to Korea to play at a local hillybilly fest. Random town festival, wasn't even rock oriented if i'm right. you cna see in their stories, they're still up. Everybody's dancing but it's just bc everybody's drunk on the weekend, it's just your usual fest with drunk elder men and 5 year old kids dancing in circle lol congrats Starcrawler on your ways to build your career credibility. ofc you're gonna montage it accordingly on your tiktok huh

No. 1664142

kek wow so they willingly volunteered to be the korean county fair version of "look at our one black guy"?

No. 1664163

yep, from the looks of it. There's a festival schedule with other bands and pics/vids on her and starcrawler's insta stories still showing how it all looked like, i can't screen and post rn unfortunately. But you can clearly see it's an equivalent of local summer fest, and they def weren't specially invited. more like they sent in demo to audition? idk how to call it

No. 1664238

File: 1664669289418.png (720.91 KB, 654x862, korea.png)

And like clockwork. They cut out a few damn seconds where the audience is jumping/looking enthusiastic. except nobody even knew who they were, the vids show it was full of random drunk people who honestly had fun at all the concerts because they wanted to dance and have fun. meaning they didn't even know this band.
it cracks me up a little, all these tactics to make it seem like they're so successful and play for big crowds. maybe saying they get 20 ppl per show got under their skin, lol.

No. 1666225

There are what, 100 people in that crowd? Jesus it’s over for them

No. 1667042

File: 1664922334187.png (109.61 KB, 1340x698, starcrawer.png)

Lol what is irony?
>It's about being sincere. I believe that the work must come from a real place. I think the reason why there are so many people who don't feel connected to rock is because it feels fake, like the costumes.
>I don't think that kind of attitude will work anymore. Because it's too far from normal people. I think it's important to be sincere.
I'm fucking cackling, this all said by the most fucking fake person in rock right now, the one who fakes everything throughout her nonexistent "career", with most insincere attitudes, lyrics, image, promotion tactins EVER. Costumes are fake? Yes? said a talentless nepo brat dressed by her mommy, skinwalking a little known artists to a T and ordering replicas but pretending it's "all herself". It's about being sincere. why aren't you taking your own fucking advice, Arrow?

No. 1667043

File: 1664922411086.png (46.99 KB, 648x608, lmao.png)

Jesus, these self important, delusional, narcissistic morons. Will Henri shut up with this "Back when we started there were no rock bands on the earth except us but now thanks to us young ppl are starting bands and rock is trendyyy" bullshit, this is just laughable.
>Because we don't claim to be bigger than we are, I guess
KEK my fucking sides. Yes you do. Yes you do, you and Arrow both claim you're bigger than you are all the fucking time, every single interview you sperg about how fucking succesful and influencial you are,when in reality nobody knows or cares about your shitty nepotist band. Zoomers see right through your shit & boomers like you because they don't care to research you. nobody knows you in Europe. you're just a bunch of narcissistic losers seethng about lack of success, so you just say deny deny deny and keep lying through your teeth in all the interviews, because Arrow's mom told you "fake it til you make it"

No. 1667048

it's because it's local fest, nobody in that crowd knew who tf is this burger exchange band. starcrawler even put out a video of themdrinking and dancing along ppl in the crowd to headliners, unbothered by anyone.

No. 1667111

word salad
feel stuff


No. 1669131

>like the first show i played i had a hospital gown, like i had my ass showing at the flap and like barefoot, you know what i meaaan
>i wanted to make a statement

lmao, and what the statement was? that you're talking out of your ass just like now?

No. 1669133

File: 1665106759173.png (605.44 KB, 690x584, mtv.png)

imagine how much time she spends on meticulously sticking and greasing and back combing those spaghetti strings to make them visually as dirty and destroyed and junkie as possible. and 3/4 of it are just extentions. pathetic

No. 1669167

is that not just a wig?

No. 1669179

no, it's extentions attatched to her real hair. She has real hair length about down to her arms now. she used to have ok looking but she always carefully fucked it up to make it look like shit

No. 1669270

Sounds like she had shitty parents who probably also abused her. Running around offering to blow strangers just because they're famous isn't the behavior of a normal teenager.

Men are so fucking evil. A little girl runs up to them and asks to be assaulted and they just oblige her despite that being an extremely obvious indicator of mental illness. They clearly knew she was on drugs and mentally ill, but instead of taking pity on her, they used it as an excuse to rape her like the opportunists they are.

I've seen scrotes try to excuse this by saying that rock stars don't run around checking groupies' IDs, but in this case Sable Starr and Lori Mattix were famous for being underage, calling themselves "baby groupies." These guys went after them because they were kids, not in spite of it, and these girls leaned into it because these men gave them attention when their parents didn't.

The one good thing about social media and all the surveillance going on is that it makes it a little more difficult for men to get away with this shit (though still not impossible unfortunately.)

No. 1669290

While I don't doubt he slept with underage groupies, I think that the story about Lori Mattix is specifically a crock of shit. She says that she and Bowie had dinner with John Lennon the night they had sex, but the date she gave was years before Bowie and Lennon met. She also said his eyebrows were shaved that night, but there are literally photographs of him with his eyebrows around and after the tour date she gave.

Plus Lori always took pictures with the guys she saw; there are plenty of her with Jimmy Page, who she is fully confirmed to have slept with. There are zero of her with Bowie. She also constantly lies about who she had her first time with. Typically she says it was Jimmy Page, but she gives several different answers. She's a lying, bpd attention-seeker. If you're gonna try to cancel Bowie, at least pick something that's actually verifiably true, like the Nazi phase.

No. 1669561

Her speaking voice is so nasally and grating. Every time I hear it I'm surprised. Based on how she looks, I would expect it to be much lower and more gruff sounding

No. 1671632

Yeah, i have the same opinion. There's too much of inconsistencies in this story, changing versions, lack of pics and whatnot. they probably haven't met Bowie.
As for nazi phase, it was stupid af of him but once he quit coke he quit his stupid black magic/nazi obsessions. Idk how much of "muh hailing photo was just paps staging, i was just waving" is true, but at least it was over after Station to Station era. still very cringey for sure.

No. 1671643

Yes, and note that they were 100% fine with her going out and fucking around at 13 with rockstars as long as she came back in the morning and was going to school! jfc Yeah alot of rock stars didn't know the groupies age and assumed to be older than they truly were. But in this case, their age was publicaly known, they were famous for being 13 and fucking rock stars.
Ok last words on this subject but I'll never understand people's attitude "B-b-but she said she liked it! She said she never regretted anything!" like shut up you fucking moron. That doesn't change the fact it was a stupid teen who was used and abused by in fact pedophiles. And Iggy Pop never regretted it
Btw we know you're reading here, Arrow, you're supporting a pedophile.

No. 1672277

I bet starcrawler doesn’t go on tour again after the next few months. Their only fanbase left is shitty Eastern European countries they can’t go to anymore. Tons of bands are canceling tours because of the price of travel right now.

No. 1672440

>Their only fanbase left is shitty Eastern European countries
Anon, which "shitty eastern european countries"? Which? Poland? Lithuania? Chech Republic? Bulgaria, Hungary? As an eastern eurofag i can assure you Starcrawler has ZERO fans here. And they've never toured Eastern Europe. unless by east Europe you mean Germany, Norway and Holland for some miraculous reason.

No. 1672441

File: 1665496597646.jpg (297.13 KB, 1080x1920, scr.jpg)

samefag, i see they're going to tour shitty USA clubs for the rest of the year. perhaps you're right they can't tour Europe. not that i doubt Autumn can afford Euro trip money but their christian label probably wouldn't give a green light anyway.

No. 1672445

File: 1665497085111.png (3.01 MB, 1080x1920, vv.png)

Ah yes Arrow, it's some white trash ruin in Utah. fascinating. you would think as a poorfag born and raised in such a poverty with mother "struggling to put food on your plate", you would hate such places

No. 1675420

this person is so odd. what does she do all day? she has like a rotating set of ten sentences she says all the time

No. 1677023

File: 1665955021404.png (1.02 MB, 1120x528, pumpkins.png)

Whoa, somebody help this sad dying band, the bar is on the ground. how good that some thoughtful some boomer mom gardening & craft TV invited them to carve pumpkins, to help pick their career off the ground!

Weight updates: boys do be pigging out still

No. 1677028

File: 1665955158001.png (649.4 KB, 716x470, a2.png)

…while others, on the other hand…

No. 1677029

File: 1665955242368.png (457.77 KB, 704x472, a3.png)

i'm usually team she doesn't have ED but she's getting even thinner now for some reason

No. 1677031

File: 1665955333681.png (354.63 KB, 714x468, a1.png)

No. 1677174

It’s almost like she’s on drugs or something

No. 1677233

she's on weed and she probably only does coke very occasionally, when someone smarter than her scores some and when she goes to meet other terrible LA nepo "friends". No way sheltered moma's girl could go out and buy coke on her own, she's too fucking dumb

even her screaming aloud about snorting lines with ppl witnessing & how that info leaked to the internet shows she's a drug noob

No. 1677235

that is, unless her "Mr. i'm clean since years instagram, i no longer on the bottom in my expensive apt. spending my daddy's paycheck on heroin, praise me praise me" boyfriend Gilbert orders for them both. or, she's thin genetically but likes to be even skinnier.

No. 1677261

HAH oh my god henri is a genius to be able to play guitar and shovel pasta in his face at the same time.
his brother must be done growing because he's gaining now too
if this band was an average looking male with two greasy fat women and two boring looking women they'd be laughed out of every bar in the world. i'm so sick of moids, you guys

No. 1677263

it's not drugs. i think what happened is she's now overcompensating after getting her first glimpse of the metabolism slowing down.
some people who are naturally skinny take it really hard/get really freaked out the first time they start to put on weight, even if it's just going from a bmi of 16 to a bmi of 18. if you're a fatless skelly for 25 years, the first time your waist goes above 24" can be really shocking and lead to overcorrecting/disordered eating because you don't know how to deal with it

No. 1677544

that one i kind of could believe, because her skelliness is clearly 1) admired 2) desired 3) supported by photographers that surround & document her. All these people chase after her because she can be dressed as y2k bimbo anachan - she's an awful model but enough for friendly LA "artsy" clique that licks her ass.
I've also noticed that her mother in her later 20's-30's was just very tall but normal slim, but not ana skinny like Arrow, or in childhood pics. obvsly Autumn's fat now, but even those of her crazy tall relatives she posted seem to be fat/normal now.

No. 1677545

File: 1666012935658.jpg (54.98 KB, 500x333, 2173045591_d6ff44c528.jpg)

No. 1677622

ayrt - my theory is based on my and other models' own experiences after age 23 or so - forgot to mention that arrow is also not small-framed, her skeleton is tall and wide (look at autumn in >>1677545 - not a tiny person in terms of frame, just not a lot of meat on her bones)
, she just has no fat or muscle and no boobs. she's never been muscular or athletic, so the size increase she started to show in the past few years is probably all fat and the difference in her arms could have really freaked her out at first. she has good support systems though so i don't think there's a risk of her going full ED. she's just gonna put more effort into retaining her early 20s body than her mom did at this age.
sorry for the sperg, but when i read this thread it seems it's mostly normal sized women from the USA who aren't super familiar with the life of someone who is born very small. all the stupid details i've written should make arrow's appearance make more sense and hopefully we can all go back to making fun of her shitty band and ugly clothes instead of explaining metabolisms to each other.

No. 1677672

>but when i read this thread it seems it's mostly normal sized women from the USA who aren't super familiar with the life of someone who is born very small.
who, we? Thread is full of euro anons as well & if i remember even asian one, we're not all fat americans or whatever you think. quite the opposite, i have a feeling this thread baits that sort of annoying anons who boast they're ~just as skinny~ as arrow, or ones who admit to liking skeletal chicks, like that one moron from indie thread.

I posted her pics cause she's never been as drastically bony as she is now, and there's lack of milk anyway. i won't weightsperg longer from now on, but i find it weird that it's fine for us to talk about Henri getting fat, or Dani Miller getting fat, but if someone mentions Arrow losing it's all no-no.

No. 1677699

>fine for us to talk about Henri getting fat
he is getting fat SO fast like how lazy is he kek

No. 1677715

File: 1666027722593.png (966.65 KB, 560x690, henri.png)

no way this yesterdays pic isn't an old photo lol

No. 1677722

File: 1666028097487.png (2.23 MB, 1376x900, famous celebrities at the part…)

I'm sorry but this makes me wanna giggle, they look fucking idiotic


ot but is Nick Cave's son & his stranger thing trying to be next Robert Pattinson & Kristen Steward, their hair and styling is unfortunate

No. 1677843

coolest outfits of 2010, wow

No. 1677899

So when are autumn n Henry gonna officially get together

No. 1677930

File: 1666045281175.jpg (49.1 KB, 612x406, gettyimages-818522136-612x612.…)

no, no, you got it wrong. Autumn is his mentor. here, grab a couple of pics of Henri cosplaying Autumn.

No. 1677932

File: 1666045339588.jpg (52.99 KB, 612x406, gettyimages-818522060-612x612.…)

No. 1677934

File: 1666045376920.jpg (47.98 KB, 525x656, c3cac99d56a190fc000591aed22299…)

No. 1678031

it's way too obvious that he is professionally styled. which is fine if you're just being a regular pop music plant, but these guys try so hard for this "authentic" "DIY" thing that they need to make it less obvious that fashion professionals dress them.
always happy to see a picture of "i hate being here" drummer! he's like the official mascot of this thread kek

No. 1678071

>always happy to see a picture of "i hate being here" drummer! he's like the official mascot of this thread kek
lmao so true. i think i'm gonna look for more starcrawler pics where he hates being there bc it's just hilarious

No. 1678074

File: 1666056691294.png (1.16 MB, 594x1196, milk.png)

oh the sheer regret of not putting this on the thread pic. they even made a themed lolcow album art just for us, how considerate!

No. 1678504

0/10, needs more depressed drummer

No. 1678661

can't pay him enough to come back lol

No. 1678772

File: 1666126826486.jpg (567.6 KB, 800x567, copy-of-starcrawler-devour-you…)

"I hate my life"

No. 1678773

File: 1666126867132.png (359.64 KB, 798x448, Screen-Shot-2019-05-10-at-9.45…)

"Send help"

No. 1678938

File: 1666140285147.jpg (548.14 KB, 1080x2021, 19102022.jpg)

Lol a month passed and the world didn't change. Label bought them all the Spotify lists spaces, mommy called and sent them on tour with remaining friends, stuffed a couple of famous ppl in music videos as marketing strategy again. flexed getting #40 on Billboard alt Top 40. they sent them on stadium tour with MCR and bought MTV time for Arrow, and literally gave them a tourbus just to take it back few weeks later. Starcrawler got shit reviews for the first time ever. they're on a "mainstream label" now, but looks like now's the time in their "career" that they're the least talked about/cared about ever. trouble in paradise already?

No. 1678941

File: 1666140519232.jpg (272.05 KB, 1080x1423, 19102022_2.jpg)

who is this shit addressed to? who is supposed to be playing this? starcrawler's devoted boomer fanbase?

No. 1679076

Watching how bands with no actual fans get all these placements sure is interesting

No. 1679103

That's hysterical. No one asked for this which makes it obvious how irrelevant starcrawler is. These idiots think by just throwing money at companies/people and getting shout outs from other bands/musicians will automatically get them a following. How embarrassing considering the amount of connections and money sunk into this "band". I guess the music and lyrics are last on their list of priorities. Clout must be number one with stupid forced aesthetic as number two.

No. 1679106

Someone paid for them to be in the new saints row game.

No. 1679117

Of course that butch named her child some faggy genderspecial shit like Arrow

No. 1679211

Is appearing in RB now a flex? The five-button-guitar genre is nowhere near as big as it was ten years ago.

No. 1679217

they're on Saints Row soundtrack? I haven't seen them flexing that one yet
Someone's trying hard to place them on as many games and films as possible. too bad zoomers won't care! Jesus, that's just patheticly desperate

No. 1679219

full name is Arrow Plume Sperske De Wilde. lol
she also goes along with De Wilde instead of Sperske for maximum clout. i support kids getting their mother's last names but this was a pure clout move

No. 1679285

i'm out of tune with what's trend but my bet is, absolutely not. Are zoomers even playing these games? i remember that Guitar Hero was a big thing in 2010, not now.
this is so fucking blatant, I will not stop laughing at them and pointing out every evidence they're industry plants until even boomers notice. they're so fucking full of themselves, they already are claiming "Young people are now starting their own bands because of Starcrawler" (LMAO). i'm sure they're gonna pretend after "years of hardships & pain" they turned to international superstars and some sort of "veteran" true punk band lol

No. 1679311

why did she take this picture that you do when you're 19 and have your first apartment
she looks like a sheltered kid from one of those gated communities making "badass" photos in 2003

No. 1679313

tbf i think dad bailed quite soon after she was born and she didn't live with or see him much, so her mom's name wold make more sense anyway

No. 1679385

The newest saints row is basically cyberpunk2077; buggy, boring, outdated mechanics for a modern game. Starcrawler forever immortalized in a game no one asked for or cares about kek

No. 1679418

kekk so i'm not the only one amused by those pics. this honestly looks like "quick take a pic of me i'm doing my best Paris Hilton out & about secret drunk pics at the club impression"! this honestly looks like she tries to act such a scandalous party girl and it looks so fucking staged & posed that i just can't

No. 1679462

File: 1666207484568.jpg (302.72 KB, 1080x1352, cake.jpg)

>those teeth
>that fingernail on the bottom
stuff of the nightmares

No. 1679713

Which teeth? What’s wrong with them?

No. 1679739

Henri's. i mean they're ok but it's unflattering pic if you zoom a little

No. 1679752

they are from LA where his teeth is considered too dark because everyone get the white outside thing

No. 1679753

KEK austin has major "if you only knew how bad things really are" face in this one. i love him now

No. 1679827

File: 1666234509361.png (1.36 MB, 740x780, austin smith.png)

Anon, this is not Austin (aka depressed drummer). This is their new garden gnome drummer Seth. Austin (picrel) quit Starcrawler in 2020 and clearly alluded to not having fun in this band. Appears they split in peace and wished him good luck, but it doesn't seem like Austin hangs out with them anymore. None of Starcrawler kids post birthday wishes for him and he doesn't wish back, don't leave likes on IG etc.

No. 1679836

oh damn i can see the difference now
n e way i nominate this >>1679827 for next threadpic
anxd henri is a shitty model because this post with the skintoned shirt is making it look like he's peeing on arrow

No. 1679837

samefag i mean pose, not post

No. 1679849

File: 1666236906988.png (929.83 KB, 976x712, austin.png)

I found his original post where he announced
>I’ve decided to take time off to focus on finding the joy of life with friends and family and take a much needed break during these difficult times to rediscover my love for music.

notice he quit in october 2020, when they didn't play shows anyway. Nobody quits a band with connections enough to take the everywhere and literally talks about wanting to be happy, find back lost passion for music and spend time with anybody else unless there's been an argument, or he's majorly done. i've seen a youtube interview with them all in 2018, and back then i disliked him like everyone else from this band, but still noticed Austin was the only one able to form any coherent sentences. And seemed pretty chill, while Arrow and Henri tried hardest to look "cool" and gloom and gave shit instead of answers. he also seemed to be the only one genuinely enthusiastic about music, so implying he kind of lost passion for it just 2 years later says a lot.

No. 1679850

File: 1666236965628.png (1.66 MB, 1102x840, before.png)

i mean even just looking at his face on starcrawler pics from early days and comparing with later years tells a lot lmao. good for him that he left.

year 2018

No. 1679851

File: 1666236990327.jpg (474 KB, 1280x1912, before2.jpg)

(wtf is even this pic lol)

No. 1679852

File: 1666237028842.png (697.75 KB, 736x465, after1.png)

and after

No. 1679856

File: 1666237111077.jpg (285.33 KB, 712x841, after2.jpg)

No. 1679885

seeing these pics in order really shows how manufactured and "handled" this band is. they look so focus-grouped and each image is carefully calculated to match the tumblr trend of 5 years earlier (im' guessing their stylist/management is baby bust generation or early gen x, like old enough to be 5-10 years late to a trend).
wrt austin, it looks like he signed up to play his instrument that he loves, and got drained by the soulless image/looks focused job that was not what he thought being in a band would be

No. 1679886

WOW. This image looks EXACTLY like this band of kids from my high school who were all super rich, never had jobs, and played the same 5 songs for 10 years before finally quitting at age 26 and now all any of them do is work at their parents' companies as administrative assistants. Also - we were 25 in 2012, so the band i went to school with were dressed like your picrel in 2007-9. Maybe I don't understand LA, but why are starcrawler in 2018 dressed like hipsters from ten years earlier? that's not long enough for someting to be retro-cool again, it's just…out of touch.

No. 1679887

samefag. the people i knew even had a singer with pink hair like that.

No. 1680015

File: 1666265800268.jpg (172.93 KB, 682x858, shsht4.jpg)

That's because that's exactly what it is. This band is ANYTHING but "real" and non-calculated. It's funny to see their pics in order cause it shows perfectly. Arrow used to have very poor sense of style and worse hippie hipster sort of clothes often clashing with each other, and her mom was dressing her in starcrawler early days. she has all the "thank you to brands" on her IG n Arrow wearing these clothes, and literally how which peace of costumes she was keeping for Arrow in the future.

No. 1680016

File: 1666265982428.png (1.68 MB, 1172x794, photo-of-the-band-members.png)

This band literally went from ugly styled boring idiots who can't dress who hair metal morons who thought they'd charm anyone with the throwback, sudden jump to these grunge kids and then Katie Jane Garside finally to full time 00's pop bimbo, to country phase, to The Hives sort of all in suits garage band cringiness.

No. 1680017

File: 1666266004911.jpg (36.53 KB, 640x427, 51759.jpg)

No. 1680019

File: 1666266148942.png (952.95 KB, 606x826, tv.png)

they are modelling for Teen Vogue here, because ofc Teen Vogue cares about literal whos playing for 20 ppl per show and who only have their 1st shitty single out and nothing else

No. 1680020

File: 1666266218737.jpg (838.82 KB, 1000x635, STARCRAWLER_9578_JF-1.jpg)

No. 1680022

File: 1666266404004.jpg (94.15 KB, 770x470, Starcrawler-121819-SH-33-770x4…)

No. 1680024

File: 1666266526544.jpg (6.91 KB, 273x185, p.jpg)

No. 1680025

File: 1666266724724.jpg (390.26 KB, 1200x800, 7b74d260-686b-43f1-86d6-628261…)

No. 1680026

File: 1666266757678.jpg (179.82 KB, 1000x750, P1130288-Starcrawler.jpg)

And this, out of the sudden. LMAO.

No. 1680175

those pants look really expensive. arrow has some other very high-end pants i've been jealous of in the past. normally people wouldn't have that much nice shit at that age (when she was 19-21) unless they're jaden smith or something. it's rare someone that young can score a good enough job to buy clothes like that these days

No. 1680518

What's with the Crowley books? Is she a poseur magician as well?

No. 1680734

Yeah her clothes are very clearly expensive. Very obvious Autumn bought her anything she wanted, and probably also bought even if Arrow didn't want it. Very apparent how she tried to make Arrow some sort of fashionista guru in her early teens & when that failed, music was the next best thing and invested in lots of costumes and payola.

No. 1680737

It's just for show. With how much she obsessed over Ozzy Osbourne and Marilyn Manson, not surprised. she always had this "i'm this creepy occult high priestess! I also wear crosses uwu i wear rosary how cute and scary" bullshit and in that welcome to my white trash house video she had voodoo dolls and Jesus figures. i think in first thread there was a screenshot from back when she just bought all the candles, tarot and crystal ball gear and dumped it all aesthetically for instagram. a typical "normie basic bitch trying to be cool" collection.

I also think it's funny how hard she tries to make "i love horrors" her whole personality

No. 1680744

File: 1666363233685.png (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 744x830, martyrs.png)

Adding to horrors, i'm quite surprised that she based "Chicken Woman" video on "Martyrs". haven't seen this personally and definitely don't plan to, but after searching online it turns out it's a very violent and disturbing horror that's full of excessive torture and trauma. One of the characters was growing up with sadists and was an object of torture & experiments, and was raped as a child. she comes back to her house for revenge (and idk, probably gets tortured again?). first off, it's full of shit like ripping skin of the victims bodies, and the main character has a lot of flashbacks of her being raped.

looking at he video this part def looks like Martyrs scene. idk it's kind of disturbing they based the thing on a child who was tortured and raped. like ew chill out edgelords, you're still boring.

No. 1680935

ayrt it kind of illogically pisses me off that she has such nice clothes and doesn't really idk…"use" them? if she was just some photo-taking look-at-my-nice-pants/platform shoes influencer, even if her mom was behind that, at least the clothes would be getting to live their best life. as it is now she dresses up for a show every 6 months that 20 people see and then spends the rest of her days indoors smoking pot with her ugly boyfriend while the clothes have to stay in the closet

No. 1680936

there actually isn't much rape in the movie. she thinks about it like..once. what happens is the first character, who goes back to the house, dies and then her friend is imprisoned and takes her place as the person getting chopped up by sadists. it's a good movie, it's just stereotypical ultraviolent french horror.
i agree it's weird that she copied the 5-second shot from the beginning that features a little kid. the rest of the movie has tons of spoopy/gory shit that isn't bleeding children, why not copy that. especially because one of the leads is really skinny and dresses in stuff that arrow would wear, it would be so easy to do that instead

No. 1680947

File: 1666384613486.jpg (348.29 KB, 826x1148, ArrowHeartDress.jpg)

Eh her clothes aren't even that great, especially not from her stage shows. the clothes i liked were a few of everyday clothes (vintage 70s boots, or shorts, or whatever). Her stage clothes currently are just shitty suit/bell bottoms with idiotic arrow points or laced bikini + really shitty boxer shoes. early Starcrawler fringey clothes from her mother were cringe af too.
Corset + knickers and white gauze dresses were thread after thread ripped from Katie Jane Garside so it doesn't count as "Arrow's clothes"

No. 1680952

It honestly amuses me that they even "repeatedly had to watch Martyrs for a reference" because the whole music video is just typical Texas Chainsaw Massacre rip with truly comical effects. Henri & the rest of the boys successfully ruin whatever atmosphere of "horror" there was. the only "scary" thing about that video is Arrow's appearance, if you weren't familiar with her before.

No. 1680964

nta but i woud have more respect for a straightup texas chainsaw massacre ripoff tbh. martyrs is not a usa-styled, sort of funny "slasher" movie. it's more about the mental freakout like a catherine breillat film. it is meant to be genuinely disturbing, not just bloody and aesthetic. so it is a weird choice for a music video set, and the more obvious or "stereotypical" film to imitate actually would be the better choice in this case.

No. 1680965

>a few of everyday clothes (vintage 70s boots, or shorts, or whatever)
yeah that's what i was talking about. the ones in photoshoots or fake candids. she has some nice vintage stuff that you know never leaves the house.

No. 1680996

the only genuine thing about her style seems to be those moonboots that she loves, which, actually kind of an original&fun choice. i wonder what she would dress like if she'd been allowed to grow on her own.

No. 1681011

they're original because they seem to be pretty rare. looks like it's old Granny Takes a Trip. All these clothes she has bc she's surrounded by people who give them to her, she's incredibly priviledged.

No. 1681016

actually now that i've looked up more pictures of her, i think i have to say that the moonboots are a great choice to make your feet look smaller if that's something you care about. the shape makes your foot look shorter if you have large feet for a woman.

No. 1681023

File: 1666391638098.jpg (431.86 KB, 1080x1568, trash.jpg)

Eew wtf? this is just a pic of a rich trust fund standing among some wood and scrap of metal. alright we know it Arrow, you're obsessed with cosplaying poor people. But why "unhealthy trash person"? why unhealthy, Gilbert?
damn LARPing as "unhealthy poverty person" something these millionaire trustfund fuckups so obsessed with. congrats Arrow, you scored a guy who likes you because you look "unhealthy :3 eks dee"

No. 1681027

this isn't funny. i wonder how she feels about the many women in her city sleeping in places like this picture? does she do anything to reach out to them, drop off food at a tent city or donate concert profits to homeless shelters? or do you think she makes fun of them like they're just silly looking ezra miller in a hobo costume and not real fucking people stuck in that life?

No. 1681054

late ass off-topic reply but vini reilly is an uglycute god and i'm glad someone else is into his look, not to mention he makes the music of angels help where are you finding vini reilly-looking girls

No. 1681058

It really isn't. if anyone thought she, or they all are not poverty larping and treating poor people like objects, here's (yet another!) proof they are. I don't know what shes doing in her everyday life, but i don't think she's helping anyone. and it's really obvious she only considers homeless people/drug addicts/mental patients "picteresque" and a nice "style inspo", but if she somehow encounters them in real life, she's likely disgusted. i mean just look how much random ppl who met her said she treated them like shit or made disgusted face just cause they were "lesser" to her or something.

No. 1681066

i always get reminded of that article she sperged how she's so above her audience, but it shows perfectly how sheltered and obnoxious she is. She said how everybody from her school always grow up and end up having kids and working in Guitar Center or something while she's ~somewhere else~ ya know. basically working in a guitar store is a life lost, bottom of the barrel! lmao. idk about you guys but working in a guitar shop would be an awesome job for me. And there's never a lot of job offers like that where i live, cause these shops are rare and have small staff.
if she despises store workers then i don't want to think what she thinks of less fortunate people

No. 1681087

jeez wow arrow, yeah sorry some people have a parent with MS and shit insurance and maybe don't want to move to a city with better jobs than "guitar center" until they're sure their mom is set up ok. she sounds mean tbh

No. 1681095

also how old was she when she said that? 21-22? young people QUITE OFTEN have a random or crappy day job that has nothing to do with their long term plans. it's part of your life journey, or perhaps what you do to earn money while studying your career trade, or maybe you ahve to start at the bottom of a company and move up (like if you're in finance or the legal profession). you have to be either a literal boomer born in 1945-50, or jaden smith levels of out of touch to think that way about having a crappy retail job.

No. 1681096

you monster! i'm ayrt and he is not ugly cute! he is a pretty pretty goth princess with the pointiest face bones in the UNIVERSE. and there are tons of girls and boys in toronto who moved here from port dover or some other methy shithole and look like him. they have floppy hair.

No. 1681180

Because they didn't watch the rest of the movie. There is no way you could watch Martyrs, be super into it, and chose that as an iconic or even memorable scene. She just wanted an edgier reference than Texas Chainsaw for the same shot.

No. 1681185

File: 1666405622840.jpg (78.89 KB, 484x718, f8ddd185e6caa27164c84303f27f47…)

ok i said that but also your description is spot-on lol, to the great white north i go i guess. i am such a massive sucker for floppy hair, it's almost a problem. and when they're also a musician i lose my fokken mind

No. 1681663

File: 1666470961184.png (725.51 KB, 508x908, z8z.png)

22-23. true if she & her mother were "struggling so fucking much", she'd have a VERY different attitude towards shop workers. knowing all that it makes even uglier how they dress up as "hard working liquor store kids from tough situations" in Stranded video and how everyone get "saved" and "invited" to party with Starcrawler (cringe). like fuck off

just realized how ironic to bring up Arrow hating guitar center workers because pampered kids apparently visited Ernie Ball factories today

No. 1681835

why is she wearing my first day of 11th grade outfit from 2004
is this shit actually back in style? can i go to work with my stomach showing and my sparkly lip gloss again?
i miss those times.

No. 1682929

Is that a Michael Jackson doll!?

No. 1682931

LOL did she used to be sXe/straightedge? That's what the kids did back in the day in like 2004. Easy to say you're committed to a drug and alcohol free life when you're too young to drink lol

No. 1682933

samefag, I meant the Xs on the hands

No. 1683342

I don't think so. I don't think it's practiced in Europe but in Burgerland the underage bands/audience members when they go to a venue with alcohol they got Xs written on their hands as a sign "underage" to alcohol sellers. she was 19 or20 att. i see Henri who is younger doesn't have Xs on his hands though so maybe it was some other nonsense like they're obsessed with band X.
unfun fact: Gilbert made a video for X in which Henri played John Doe. Exene was played, but of course, by skinwalker from Skating Polly. i think his friend blondie nerdy brother & drummer were there as well.

No. 1683399


Great picture of the dweeb team. Yuck, I didn't realize men could have camel toes..

No. 1683637

yeah she's just got the Xs for aesthetic or something. i doubt she even knew they meant straight edge, based on how crazily sheltered people describe her as. i honestly think it's just some shit she drew on herself because she saw it in another picture of someone who looked cool to her

No. 1683654

i forgot to mention it, but it's pretty ironic to see Gilbert thinking being "unhealthy trash person" is something glorious and positive. His father probably met quite a bit of unhealthy trash persons in his life, and from what i've read he gives out food and clothes to homeless npw. i don't give a fuck if gilbert ever bothered to help him, if he did then it's even worse cause then he plays generous but thinks its funny and cool to dress as them on the side. Arrow is on ever lower level they can honestly go fuck themselves with their "uwu no we're not rich" bs

No. 1683736

File: 1666654020691.png (1.84 MB, 1080x1920, saved.png)

Aw look what i found btw while deleting useless screens from my phone. she met Jack Saunders (the MTV guy) at a party for "I made it just to fuel my narc friends egos" zine. met at the party, got him invited specifically for the party, whatever. can someone explain why entire LA just closely collaborates to make and sell this idiot, why entire music industry circles "work hard" just to make her every egocentric dream come true? (even though she never even had to "dream about it" so bad, cause she's used to just getting everything she wants like that) i swear MTV is gonna make a whole documentary about Starcrawler one day just cause Arrow wants (and Autumn pays) lol

No. 1684820

File: 1666741855929.png (2.19 MB, 1080x1920, starcrawl1.png)

Fresh Henri looks degradation updates just for you anons

No. 1684821

File: 1666741974866.png (1.6 MB, 1080x1920, starcrawler3.png)

lol is this what she meant by "i was not like other basic bitches tumblr girl"

No. 1684828

File: 1666742201544.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1920, starcrawler4.png)

btw you were right anons all these early "Arrow is the most dangerous woman in music right now!1!" articles were written by friends that Autumn mail ordered for her

No. 1684829

File: 1666742281382.png (2.15 MB, 1080x1920, starcrawler2.png)

No. 1684968

Oh yeah I forgot you poor bastards can't even drink when you turn 18.

No. 1685007

seattlenona here. High Dive on a Tuesday night is a grim, grim prospect. It’s hard enough to get people there on a good night but on a Tuesday is gonna be dead af. What a sad prospect.

No. 1685025

File: 1666760114232.png (3.13 MB, 1768x1378, john connolly in black mass.pn…)

ok so he's stopped looking fat and has now started looking old? he looks 32 in this and i predict he'll be picrel by 45

No. 1685027

do people on the west coast even stay out past 9pm on weeknights

No. 1685063

starcrawler is coming to my city next month.
i kinda wanna go just to see how freaky she looks in person.
plus i have a thing for men with camel toes.

No. 1685067


wait, seth isn't in the band anymore? i obviously don't keep up with this shit 'cos that's how boring and non-milkworthy it is to me but he was literally the only fuckable one so nevermind :/

No. 1685153

dude was still fat like a week ago, so rationally thinking he's still fat now. it's just the angle. (and he puts shitty makeup on)

No. 1685160

i'm bored with explaining who is who and it's not even important, so you're gonna have to figure out this on your own. Seth IS still in the band, but he's likely not the one that you're thinking of.

my fav cows are these sort of alternative/music adjacent idiots, but ever since soundclout fell out, LBW died and nobody made new trashley thread it's slow here lately. Arrow's on her shithole tour rn. if anybody has milk, bring to indie bands pls.

No. 1685172

File: 1666781781491.png (1.12 MB, 718x718, tour.png)

if USnons want to take a look and tell us something about the venues they play here's the tour flyer (lmao). it won't be surprise if a lot of that will be very shitty clubs with like 20 devoted boomers per show.

No. 1685197

“The starlet room” is a shitty club called Harlows that books white dude blues acts and singer songwriters. It’s basically the smaller venue for non punk bands you can play in midtown/downtown.

No. 1685211


Well the fact they couldn’t book NYC speaks volumes. Not even in Brooklyn. There’s nothing in Syracuse NY but a small music business program where everyone is snooty… that’ll probably be their audience actually- kids gathering firsthand experience on how not to manage a band.

No. 1685234

File: 1666792820352.jpg (393.31 KB, 1080x1254, 21412.jpg)

also wasn't the Foundry a tiny room that's hired for private family parties or something? the only place they manage to gather any sort of audience is LA outside of that, they seem to play weird nobody pubs in weird periphery towns. i noticed then they're in town they usually play acoustic sets in music stores during the day as well (and offer "meet & greet" lol) are they trying to make more money this way or what? it's so pathetic, the only people who come to these (and main) shows are self-described "devoted huge fans" who are always old fucks starting at 50+ at least. imagine your parents & their friends travelling across the states to see their fav band Starcrawler lmao

No. 1685276

Tucson instead of Phoenix? Thats fucking sad considering they aren't good enough for any interested parties in Phoenix to make that drive for a shitty dive bar
Also a garbage venue for Madison kek none of these venues are places bands with "notoriety" like Starcrawler claims to have would ever touch

No. 1685307

the venue they're playing in vancouver is a small spot where has-beens or never-wases play. in canada we have these vaguely burlesque/steampunk/red couch looking tiny clubs that bands who are out of phase with what's cool always seem to play at and where alcoholic 90s goths brag about the time they smoked a joint with severin. cherry cola's in toronto is an example

No. 1685326


The Austin and Houston venues are hole in the walls. Think bars that will host any band for drinking entertainment

No. 1685622

Chicago venue isn't known for punk shows at all, more old man indie rock a la Wilco

No. 1685623

geez hearing all what you say guys about the venues they play it seems like they're flopping BIG time. so much for "mainstream label". but now that we said this, Arrow's hurt ego will make her go straight to mommy again and ask her to make a few more phone calls and possibly land them a stadium tour with Beck or something

No. 1685627

samefag, speaking of their label Big Time Machine or whatever. this label is most famous, or rather infamous for signing Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift's father actually bought a fucking percentage of actions/ownership of this label just Taylor had her first record out at 14 and have her single at Top 40 immediately. that however was a standalone case as most of their clientele nowadays are ofc country nobodies with maybe 1000k followers on socials. idk what starcrawler thought they'd gain by this but maybe nobody else wanted them

No. 1685690

Doug Fir in Portland is a lounge, and from stage to back wall is about twenty persons deep, max. I've never lost anyone in there because it's impossible.

No. 1685705

Only in Vancouver, and even then just on special occasions.

No. 1685707

Shit, when did LBW die? And was it an OD?

No. 1685708

Sorry for self reply, the Biltmore in Vancouver has a 350 person capacity. ouch.

No. 1685712

The Foundry in Edmonton AB is like, an intimate wedding venue for people who don't want a religious wedding. It seats like, under 100 people. This is hilarious.

No. 1685738

She died in march this year, yes it was accidental OD. apparently her scumbag "friends" and boyfriend she was hanging out & doing drugs with that night left her alone to die in the park. there's some info in her last LC thread but that's pretty much it.

No. 1685743

this is just incredible. i find it pretty interesting because it in no way lines up with Starcrawler's "we're so successful" cope and really does shine the light on how much of a bullshit lie their whole career is.
i'll try to find fliers from a few years back, i'm kind of curious how it was then vs now.

No. 1685770

thankfully my city is too good for them to be playing in it

No. 1685827

capacity also = max capacity, like when you can't even get in the door to buy a drink because they literally aren't allowed more than that number inside.

No. 1685933

File: 1666857188467.png (190.47 KB, 864x1064, Screenshot_20221027-035057.png)

There's this website that has a loooot of info on their past concerts. This has me really intrigued as well lol

No. 1686072

Right. Wasn't her Cagethe elephant/Beck/Spoon tour cancelled besides 1 date? the archive shows a couple of dates incorrectly. tour with Red Fang was all cancelled. in 2017 they mostly scored daytime festivals, as one of 100s of bands on the schedule. Reading, Leeds, Donwload, Rock am Ring? incredible how they had these spots when starting but they don't now. Then Billy Idol & Foo Fighters support. a handful of dates and they go on tour with Distillers. immediately after MC5 tour. then Morrisey. Distillers again. in 2018 all they did was playing with these huge bands only and they just played with them out of nowhere. i mean yes, it's bc they were all friends with Autumn (besides Morrisey?)but nothing excuses that, they have no natural history or experience that would make them so prestigious to tour with such bands. the new "headline" tour seems to be in genuinely worst places

No. 1686075

and the site doesn't even mention 2016. that's bc they played in friends backyards then but all of the sudden had mainstream articles and they literally debuted their music through Elton John lol. first thread's OP had a point.

No. 1686439

File: 1666913019310.png (1.2 MB, 628x802, danim.png)

Funny sort of update involving Dani of Surfbort. remember that awful tour promo shoot she did with Arrow in which Arrow looked like some orgasming narcissist and Dani was uncomfortable? some anon commented it seemed like she used Dani as a fat friend prop and Dani should make a revenge photoshoot, and i can't help thinking she did exactly that. it's still boring porny shot and she's still in sub position but it still looks so mch better in comparison. even if she's "all cool" with Arrow i believe she's doing a "fuck you" reference shoot a little bit because this pic was shot by the same photographer, Dani uses same cow boots and even location is the same ugly porn motel room that Arrow had her trashy dominanarexic porn photo shoot.

No. 1686441

File: 1666913119061.png (625.45 KB, 698x900, lol3.png)

No. 1687085

i can't believe someone found two women uglier than arrow to photograph

No. 1687471

No way. blonde chick looks above Arrow and Dani's league, but shitty hairstyle and tooth gap which she overexposes just same way as Dani does ruin the effect. the point is Arrow looks like a stretched out frog in this pose and sorely lacks any modeling or sex appeal, because she acts like a sheltered retard who can't contain her bliss at the prospect of playing a "hot girl" from porny magazine. they all look like shit

No. 1687505

idk anon, blond girl has that jack russell/lil debbie (the rapper) body and her face is real pancaked up to still look so bad. she's got some british style inbreeding going on in the teeth and jaw

No. 1688270

File: 1667081724671.png (674.88 KB, 624x788, henri2.png)

Lmao but WHY

No. 1688271

File: 1667081758500.png (949.13 KB, 634x790, henri.png)

why doing elvira dirty like that

No. 1688273

File: 1667081826142.png (427.86 KB, 492x886, new 1.png)

no idea… default bimbo nurse sex shop set?

No. 1688274

File: 1667081868023.png (343.68 KB, 494x888, new 2.png)

No. 1688276

File: 1667081963405.png (299.23 KB, 450x796, new3.png)

No. 1688278

File: 1667082222645.png (653.28 KB, 494x870, anfjf.png)

Apparently yesterday and again today they're playing at Foundry Endmonton, it's the shit venue for private graduate/wedding/baptized party. i really want to see the pics from the show to see if they played next to maybe 10 half-hearted non enthusiastic ppl

No. 1688281

File: 1667082341757.png (683.14 KB, 496x882, 26354.png)

are these two gays their roadie crew? everybody here looks ridiculously awful whew

No. 1688374

File: 1667089588867.jpeg (34.71 KB, 320x500, 72A791A0-E51D-4611-BE9C-E3F4FC…)

She’s Elle Driver’s character from Kill Bill.

No. 1688384

ah right. the "sexy nurse" costume is so common that i couldn't even think of anyone

No. 1688451

these costumes are super cheap and lazy-looking for such supposed punk/rock/art people. like i;ve been to edmonton and they are well below average for costumes there, and it's not even considered a very "cultured" city. i'm saying the average newfie oil company transplant who had 12 beers for breakfast makes better costumes than this.

No. 1688452

i thought she was the blink-182 nurse

No. 1688467

File: 1667098347923.png (483.49 KB, 446x796, lol.png)

Lol bitch ofc is flexing tickets are sold out on both accounts. really looking forward to concert pics, last time Starcrawler was in Foundry there were literally 10 to 15 people in the shot.
i wasn't even expecting anything better tbh, it's just another occasion for her to dress in trashy porn clothes

No. 1688469

i at first thought she's doing a cosplay of a piece from an edgy scrote artist who's known for being a weird pedo guy who thinks children are sexual things. I won't name him, cause you just know that Arrow would immediately get "inspired" and start copying his pedo art then.

No. 1688609

this looks like a Terry Richardson photo in all the worst ways

No. 1688612

>sold out gig
> venue holds 80 people

yeah not the flex you think it is, Arrow

No. 1689374

File: 1667170497061.png (1.16 MB, 848x700, zxcv.png)

the cringe and uncomfortable vibe this whole show must've been lol

No. 1689376

File: 1667170577441.png (505.21 KB, 498x782, qwert2.png)

i very much doubt they sold 80 tickets lol
40 at the very most

No. 1689382

File: 1667170912622.png (549.58 KB, 504x738, qwert11.png)

>class of 22
does it mean the show was just some sort of reserved ball for graduates? Why the fuck is Starcrawler willing to play shitty hirable venues for ppl uninterested in the band? i thought they're so "big" and "successful"

No. 1690351

File: 1667257532198.png (608.08 KB, 612x778, esh3.png)

Lmao. she fits those horror/monster shit thanks to her old looks, but this makes we laugh because of fucking Gilbert. i'm sorry but how can they practice their pedo DD/LG degenerate garbage? imagine saying "daddy" to this fucking manlet kek

No. 1690352

File: 1667257614668.png (1020.19 KB, 608x778, esh1.png)

wonder if these ""feminist"" idiots are both Johnny Depp apologist as well

No. 1690353

File: 1667257657286.png (544.8 KB, 622x778, esh4.png)

No. 1690354

File: 1667257719830.png (760.33 KB, 614x764, esh2.png)

eww imagine showing him around and thinking he's "hot" >>1690353

No. 1690358

She needs to drop the music and be a creature actor like that giant scrawny guy that actually has Marfans kek

No. 1690387

File: 1667260478883.png (67.16 KB, 543x581, foundrypastconcerts.png)

I feel like the past events held at the Foundry Room confirms they were the band at ball/dance/party for a group or association rather than a concert. Starcrawler has no fans.


No. 1690394

This is giving AGP

No. 1690396

File: 1667260900138.png (698.1 KB, 821x913, asdfdfffsfdfsaa.png)

Damn i somehow expected it is onlyy the matter of time before she releases article like this and tries to pass herself as some sort of creative costume inventor. Love it how she admitted she ripped New York Dolls but ofc no word on how half of her shit was ripped from Katie Jane Garside. Quite fucking telling that she didn't mention that gauze dress with sacred heart bc it's an obvious rip off


No. 1690397

File: 1667260946049.png (573.23 KB, 956x908, asdfdfffs.png)

this gauze shirt is obvious KJ rip, pink paint added

No. 1690402

File: 1667261060382.png (680.11 KB, 982x530, asdfdf.png)

this white bat thing was already worn by Freddie Mercury, so idk what the fuck is that she thinks she designed. fake crystals placement? the pic on the left reminds me of Daisy Chainsaw shoots for some reason too

No. 1690408

File: 1667261374032.png (521.42 KB, 782x898, asdfdfffsfdff.png)

this one always looked like some failed Emilie Autumn x KJG mashup for some reason

No. 1690542

it's like a saturday night sketch, it's crazy she's visually interesting but she sucks all that out with this generic shit, with the generic ugly scrotes. It's honestly so odd to me, she has the looks of someone who should be naturally cool/odd and demand attention, but i just want to laugh at this shit.It's so fucking cringe. Even Willow smith has swag and somewhat of a presence and coolness about her. She's such a poser and the these stone faced scrotes just make it worse.

No. 1690623

his dress doesn't even fit its fucking falling the fuck down in the back and isn't lined up with his ass at all
i hate these people

No. 1690625

good edward costume. anyone know where she got it? was there credit in the insta post?

No. 1690635

i honestly don't get why boomers love her so much. The projection is wild, they think she's some honest rock'n'roll saviour and creative person just because they want her to. I suspect if she was exposed, half the ppl with logical thinking would agree, but the part who loves to feed her ego would produce wild excuses "because she's so nice" or something. I guess it's enough to do "controlled junkie" look, or heroin chic, and pretend all's your idea to be considered honest or punk.

No. 1690640

> she's visually interesting
>she has the looks of someone who should be naturally cool/odd
Why? she looks unusual because of her skeleton weight, but scary thin doesn't equal interesting person. her look can make herseem like someone who's odd only cause haggard and grungey = not a norm. she only looks like that because she tries very, very hard to look this way, as opposed to some genuinely odd artistic people. without the right clothes she's nothing.
i guess maybe people just like to see starved trashy chicks, so they think a poser is a 100% true revelation. she slaps on copycated costumes, people think it's cool bc they associate old musicians, but delude themselves thinking it's "fresh" and "new". I paid attention to Starcrawler because of her costume, then i realized it's cause i liked the costume on someone else

No. 1690645

File: 1667278238139.jpg (255.26 KB, 880x686, clothes.jpg)

i'd love to see how it would look if she played onstage looking like that, but it's obvious. she had zero fans then and not much more even now

No. 1690647

costumes by @orchidsatellite & @eliasblisters ⁣⁣

No. 1690648

i think you are right. with zero makeup and in just some $10 pant and t shirt from the charity shop, even though she is tall and thin, she isn't very magnetic. some people are like richard hell and patti smith, who can't help but stand out even in their old age and richard hell actually got fat. but the visually interesting that >>1690542 says is not there. she's tall and thin but has less charisma than the ESL farm girls like her who are on runways every month

No. 1690651

I think to boomers, she's like if you or I saw a 5 year old dressed up as Lucy from FFC's Dracula.

No. 1692129

File: 1667432112020.png (2.16 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot103-001.png)

Hahah the fuck is this. these guys are so lame, everything is so ingenuine and revolving around some fake aesthetic, to the point they stuck around porn cutouts all over their van. with obligatory hot pink tape, of course.
Failed achievement again, Schubas in Chicago is only 200 capacity, and smaller of two rooms at the venue.

No. 1692153


this filthy creature. if i had marfan's syndrome man hands i surely wouldn't be taking pictures of me holding things smaller than said giant male hands

No. 1692177

uh… what? anyways she doesn't have marfan syndrome.

No. 1692180

>Hahah the fuck is this. these guys are so lame, everything is so ingenuine and revolving around some fake aesthetic, to the point they stuck around porn cutouts all over their van. with obligatory hot pink tape, of course.
She thinks this is a flex, how sad. The taped cutouts are pathetic and she can't be like the other girls, she's a cool girl. The funny part is her holding her basic bitch starbucks drink smugly in the picture. So unique.

No. 1692188

This, lmao. proclaiming herself as such an NLOG but doing exactly the most normie things >>1684821 like wow you're 10 years late on this basic girl trend, Arrow. reminds me of when she whined about hot topic sluts wearing crosses upside down, and she is ~different~ bc she wears them the way literal billions of christians wear.

No. 1693005

File: 1667520636791.png (929.54 KB, 490x798, 4.png)

oy vey, 2edgy4us Arrow you're so quirky.

No. 1693813

wow you can really tell her mom was famous in 2005. ok good parent and child get along but fr it looks like a 50 year old woman took her ball jointed doll out for a picnic and photoshoot

No. 1694265

Tsk, no writing on her converse. What a missed opportunity. Middle schoolers are more edgy than her and that makes me laugh.

No. 1696291

File: 1667871151760.webm (12.85 MB, 1920x1080, project7.webm)

Eh, so her way of preparing for a show is just to mess up and tease her clipon hair, then half bakedly straighten it out, then fuck it up again? ok lol. wow, what a meticulously controlled cringe. also why is she recently constantly tagging herself as #fakebody? i mean sure, not saying it's not fitting, she is fake lol. but wtf

No. 1696296

File: 1667871308478.png (577.87 KB, 467x826, dc.png)

Wow, a Daisy Chainsaw t-shirt. Trying to tell us something? it's just so ridiculous how she skinwalked Katie of Daisy Chainsaw for 3 years to a single detail and not even once she mentioned her as inspiration at that time (besides posting KJ pic on IG once and deleting shortly after iirc). but now that she changed her style to bimbo and ordered a few lame 00's suit band costumes, she feels safe enough to wear this around. or trying to show she doesn't care for a callout? i'd be ashamed forever in her place, she's still a skinwalker but picked another source now

No. 1696301

File: 1667871755808.png (426.98 KB, 472x942, dc2.png)

is that some zoomer trend #fakebody or she's flowing out meaningless word vomit as usual?

anyways Jack White is periodically graciously picking up that dying nobody band. they're playing before TWS and Wet Leg soon. wonder if they're seething about not being most praised industry plants anymore

No. 1696302

I don’t think arrow ever got undeniably obvious plastic surgery before which is very surprising to me. I wonder when she will begin her botched saga

No. 1696307

why do you think she got a plastic surgery? she def got fillers at some point this year but not ps i think

No. 1696314

The pink tape on the pinup cutouts, so you know it's not a misogyny but in fact an edgy act of bisexuality!1

No. 1696324

File: 1667873139576.png (536.45 KB, 578x764, chloe cherry.png)

nah she just wants to be oneof the ~cool porn girls~ remember her porn motel shoot? I clicked on her follow list by accident and i noticed she most recently followed the blobfish lipped haggard bimbo "actress" from Euphoria. she used to do porn (and still lowkey does, considering Euphoria is just misogynistic director's excuse to do legal tv-tier porn just using normal actresses lol). made me laugh a little, newest point of reference/inspiration i guess. so you see who Arrow looks up to~

she's lame as fuck, praises industry pedophiles fucking teens and does DDLG so no surprise there

No. 1696743

File: 1668047587498.png (2.42 MB, 1350x1516, sshow.png)

Lol why is she always lowkey seething in all the photos with their support bands. always feels threatened, haha.

No. 1696745

File: 1668047877826.png (51.12 KB, 625x558, comments.png)

in the same pics comment section though. that's how interchangeable are these scrotes, even their fans don't care enough to knpw who plays in this band lol

No. 1696758

wtf? there's nothing cute about this. If I were a fan and this happened, I'd be so mad.

No. 1696766

imagine all these unsuspecting boomers came to her show just to get a sign from two stoned nobodies! (why would you need their autographs at all tho)

No. 1696773

File: 1668050693220.png (1.09 MB, 836x902, pic1.png)

Oh but of course. Starcrawler used to have a female bass player but it didn't even last for 2 shows, cause that brainded pickme couldn't stand having another female taking attention away from her. she first got kicked from another band for being insufferable brat, and when Starcrawler was out of "better options" and took a girl player with any kind of actual talent, this retard obviously had to make a fucking scene. pathetic

No. 1696870

Apparently the TikTok algorithm bans posts for nudity and violence when there isn’t any nudity or violence so people put “fake body” and “fake blood” and even “fake everything” in their captions, I don’t know how effective it is because I don’t use TikTok
What a miserable cow, being in a band with her must be excruciating. I imagine her and Henri must be fucking insufferable together, they always look so inconvenienced by other people
These cheap polyester extensions are so nasty, I get that looking like a lot lizard is part of her “bimbo” mcbling aesthetic but this is just tragic

No. 1696930

File: 1668077262755.png (897.76 KB, 832x588, part5 2.png)

another angle

No. 1696938

File: 1668077911608.png (1.1 MB, 734x780, part5 3.png)

versus this
exaggeration? sure nobody's widely smiling all the time, but there's something about how Arrow looks seething/irritated in all the photos with their female-based support bands.

Arrow being a bitch to club workers and people backstage is a fact though, so her being nice or honest probably depends on how famous you are/how much you're willing to lick her ass.

No. 1696985

Jesus Christ she looks terrifying here

No. 1697150


This pic reminds me of photos of Marilyn Manson with whatever tiny actress he was abusing at the time

No. 1697319

Ma'am, If I looked like Shaye Saint John I'd be pissed too. Those girls are 10s compared to her.

No. 1697386

File: 1668125245892.png (1.19 MB, 626x778, p1.png)

>Sex & (de la rosa) Candy . missing LA.⁣

no wonder. guess people in nowhere towns have no business praising her ass like they do in LA.

No. 1697395

File: 1668125849739.png (842.79 KB, 628x780, p2.png)

it's like looking at a vapid empty shell

Tinfoils on what she's going to do next year/for next album cycle? she's jumping from "identity" to identity with a speed of light ngl

No. 1697478

Javier Botet! He's not that scrawny, but his limbs are mad long.

No. 1697554

I dont get how someone who is terminally online and from the ultra sjw generation cant see shes turning people away with this mockery of poor ppl stuff. Working class americans or ghetto/shitty village people are full humans and its one thing to use that image proudly, like punks or rappers, but her band acts like its a costume amd not a whole life of those who are poor.

No. 1699398

File: 1668396482481.webm (10.25 MB, 1920x1080, arrow vid1.webm)

I know there's not much going on with her lately but fuck, this is one of the worst example performance/stage presence i've seen ever. Idk how but her show somehow got even worse than before, it looks like she doesn't fucking know what she is doing anymore. it's all laughable, pathetic jerky hips humping that she thinks is "sexy", flapping arms around, "crackhead" faces and weird figures, wtf. The formula is rapidly running out i see? lol.

No. 1699399

File: 1668396555803.webm (8.1 MB, 1920x1080, arrow vid2.webm)

part 2

No. 1699409

File: 1668397859198.webm (8.02 MB, 1920x1080, arroww 2.webm)

No. 1699411

File: 1668398079156.webm (9.32 MB, 1920x1080, arrow 4.webm)

No. 1699528

Jesus Christ, she’s skinnier than ever. Like Eugenia Cooney levels of skinny, I find it very hard to believe that there isn’t some sort of medical issue afoot, whether it be an eating disorder or Marfan’s or fuck knows what, this is somewhat alarming and I say this as a tall, naturally very thin woman. That aside, her live performances give me massive second hand embarrassment, everything about her is so awkward and forced

No. 1699836

File: 1668467518134.png (1.13 MB, 816x654, 29292.png)

>Eugenia Cooney levels of skinny
yep, i had same comparison in mind. (now she's gonna follow Eugenia like that another random internet anachan probably lol). that being said, if it was ana wouldn't she get cold all the time and be prone to fainting/no energy etc at that extreme of a weight? same if she had Marfan syndrome, she would never be able to do the shit she does live. she looks fine. don't wanna devolve into next weightsperging but yeah she looks more skeletal than before lately for sure.

No. 1699869

being underweight is always taxing on the body regardless of whether it was caused naturally or purposefully, you can tell she is aging prematurely, i thought she was late 20s-early 30s when i first came across this thread and was shocked to learn how young she actually was

No. 1699870

why is there a penis bulge in her pants?

No. 1699873

its her pelciv bone protruding, you see it in more severe anachans

No. 1699909

File: 1668469803208.png (1.68 MB, 1920x1080, sc.png.b097409e842413c4d5ce18d…)

what this anon said, but she's been "known" for wearing fake penis bulge in the past (and thinking no woman ever did this before her lmao)

No. 1699913

>you can tell she is aging prematurely
True. she's very underweight genetically for sure. maybe it's all coincidental, but recent weight loss thats unusual even for her makes me wonder if she just wants to be even more trashy as in "unhealthy white trash" for her scrote or whatever. Idk i'd never make such a ridiculous tinfoil for other girls but she's 100% aesthetic oriented, wouldn't be surprised.

No. 1699918

personally i think she's going for the downtrodden/haggard look because it probably feels like it gives her more "grit" and depth. it looks like she gets her inspiration from mental health PSAs that ridiculously misrepresent depression and psychotic disorders. making it look like she has more problems than she does is a really easy way to market her music as more interesting and poignant than it actually is

No. 1699968

>she gets her inspiration from mental health PSAs
This is most fucked up and i really want her to get her comeuppance for that shit. And it's not tumblr sjw bullshit bitching on my part. that's wearing mental illness as cute uwu quirky stage personality this is actual thing ppl like her should get real shit for.
My pet has epileptic shocks, that means praying he survives each time, cleaning fluids he can't hold up and watching disorting body strangely not being able to help much. seeing this ugly bitch doing "cute" stage epilepsy ad mental illness makes it hard not to a-log tbh
sage for blogpost

No. 1700133

File: 1668483628928.png (1.12 MB, 672x1198, girl who doesnt lift.png)

idk why anons are saying she looks skinnier than ever. she looks the biggest she's ever been, like almost just regular runway skinny, in
and in picrel there's a shadow in the exact right spot to make you look skinnier but she just looks like runway levels of below average weight same in
i mean she's going to make sure she never gets fatter than model size, why would you want to get rid of your only strong visual quality when your music is so bad. but she can look as bad as she wants, it's a free country and she doesn't appear to be sick or tired and her hair would look much more disgusting at th roots if anorexic.
the fake dick diaper thing is confusing to me though because she doesn't do anything, no lyrics or even interiew answers, that sound like she's some kind of feminist activist or GNC or wants to examine gender roles in any way. she seems pretty accepting of them imo. so what, she's just trying do a joke maybe? it's not really landing.
i hope this makes sense. i am esl and somked a blunt tonight.

No. 1700135

File: 1668483753966.png (1.06 MB, 776x1192, still no lift.png)


No. 1700143

File: 1668484677541.png (848.51 KB, 552x712, 171717.png)

the shopping mall pic youre pointing is a months old pic. this >>1699836 js most recent and look at top of her arms, bones protruding never looked as prominent before. Idk it doesn't seem shadow only imo. these recent pics show it well >>1672441, >>1677028, >>1677029, >>1677031 comparing to this older (summertime?) pic. i know it's day pic but still. her arms seem thinner now. but honestly its misleading, i may be wrong about it

No. 1700161

adding to the rest of what you said. She did fake dick thing for attention, as anything else. she thinks she's "shocking" and "original". there's no message.
>For a while I’ve been really into freaking people out. In the ‘Bet My Brains’ video, I wear a codpiece. I was thinking about what could be shocking in an atypical way and I’d never seen a chick wear a dick onstage before. That was one of the first things that came into my head when I was trying to think of stage costumes.

It's really cute she thinks she's the only one girl to wear a fake dick or a diaper, cause it's so untrue. Just a quick google shows Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga wore fake dicks onstage. In the fucking 90's Rammstein had chicks walking onstage with fake dicks on. you're not original, Arrow.

No. 1700170

File: 1668486752057.png (43.8 KB, 712x438, cccc.png)

From the same interview. hahah she's just talking random shit words without any meaning, and uses very general description but never clarifies. So what is feminism, Arrow? And what are you trying to do? how are you redefining feminism? Cause in another interview when journo asked her what is feminism to her, she said it's about how calling Starcrawler "girl band" is sexist and that's reverse feminism bc there's more of men in her band. genius. mind blown

No. 1700204

she used to look so much worse that this
look up the fake paramedic photo, or the one where she's eating at some diner with gilberto. her arms and legs used to be like sick kid skinny

No. 1700206

samefag reply, just look at her actual arm. the collarbone sticking out on top of her shoulder is a thing non skinny women have too. i'm sayimg she finally looks runway bony instead of a growing kid who cant keep weightt on

No. 1700210

>when i was trying to think of stage costumes
why does she think you have to have costumes ready right away
as if it's on the same level as like, having enough songs to fill a set
even the most image-heavy costume-wearing bands did the music making first, and wound up having a set aesthetic after starting playing shows. depeche mode didn't have anton corbijn until AFTER they had made some music
bands make music, arrow
just go be an actress

No. 1700248

anon, i know about shoulder thing. i never said normal skinny women don't have it, just that she lost weight NOW and its more pronounced. i posted bikini pic because in bikini pic she looked "more weight on" or more just runway skinny as you call it. i see it in black clothes fit she looks way skinnier than in that pic. but ultimately it doesn't really matter.

No. 1700252

because she knows she's boring af and thinks being interesting = putting on a costume and pretending to be everybody else.
I think it's kind of telling how much of a gimmick this band is because they didn't even start playing live yet but got their song played straight on BBC by Elton John and other famous buddies. because sure that's what punk bands do right

No. 1700771

File: 1668554684995.jpg (129.72 KB, 800x1000, STARCRAWLER-RESERVED-COVER-ARR…)

Christian country rock nepo plants managed to score a new print magazine interview, which is lucky for them i guess since all the press basically stopped caring about them

No. 1700772

File: 1668554763996.jpg (168.19 KB, 800x1000, STARCRAWLER-RESERVED-COVER-1-A…)

gonna post this trashy photoshoot cause oh boy, dedicating shots to each scrote was a bad idea

No. 1700773

File: 1668554808116.jpg (121.21 KB, 1200x800, Starcrawler-RESERVED-MAGAZINE-…)

still getting fat

No. 1700774

File: 1668554841113.jpg (123.63 KB, 1200x800, Starcrawler-RESERVED-MAGAZINE-…)

No. 1700775

File: 1668554971107.jpg (106.45 KB, 1200x800, Starcrawler-RESERVED-MAGAZINE-…)

No. 1700776

File: 1668555078322.jpg (135.9 KB, 1200x800, Starcrawler-RESERVED-MAGAZINE-…)

No. 1700779

File: 1668555459660.png (87.39 KB, 788x878, aaaa.png)

> I saw a video of you at Austin City Limits where you put your finger in a lady’s mouth. She looked like a mom but seemed to love the gesture
Arrow putting fingers in boomer moms mouths and making older ladies enjoy this. that's it, i don't need anything more. the essence of their fake career lol
also why does it feel like she doesn't understand at all what the interviewer is asking her about when they start to talk about higher consciousness

No. 1700780

why bother getting extensions if they don't even match your hair in color or texture?

No. 1700787

damn that was so pathetic how she boasts that their families are 2rd and 3rd generation LA citizens, and talking about how Patti Smith gassed them up awkwardly

No. 1700796

It's rock n roll

No. 1700805

File: 1668556710625.png (110.37 KB, 682x730, bbbb.png)

Henri is STILL having a meltdown over 3 year olds on tiktok being better guitarists than him. i'm seeing him whining like a baby 2 or 3 time. like chill boy, you're raging jealous over literal 3yo's

No. 1700837

Resisting the urge to sperg, but liberal feminism is fucking cancer. I’m so sick of the false empowerment narrative. Any woman who has “bimbofied” herself and identifies as a feminist is brainwashed.

No. 1700910

True. what's so feminist about cosplaying a stereotype, a porn star or whatever? working in porn/prostitution is not fun stuff, most of them lead pretty miserable life being a subject of constant sexual abuse and social contempt. but that's not something "feminists" like Arrow care about huh. not very "yass girl slay" as they think it is. And bimbofication is pushed by and for males who don't consider women an equal in any sense, they see objects. intellect, personality or creativity doesn't matter cuz all those men see in a woman are tits and two holes. so you're choosing to turn into a nobody. so yeaah women are so strong when they willingly stunt themselves, always basing their self worth on how males rate their looks, and trying to be the way sexists view women in their minds, yay feminism! come tf on.

No. 1700914

the kid with the 2007 bangs is blimping the fastest. henri doesn't have a gut anymore so good for him i guess

No. 1700915

File: 1668566136737.png (254.4 KB, 400x390, uhhhhhhh.png)

the bar is on the floor for men

No. 1700917

in the early 2000s when extensions you could just grab at any store were still new, there were fewer colours so they didn't always match your hair exactly, but this was considered ok.
there were also these really shitty fake buns with extensions hanging off them that we used to call "head hamsters"
anyway, i think arrows literally googling "2001 hair style" and getting pics where the extensions don't match and not realizing that was accidental because we didn't have all the colours yet

No. 1700919

isn't la a very old american city though? aren't there 9th or 10th generation la citizens? i don't think i understand what she is saying or your post, sorry for my bad english.

No. 1700921

File: 1668566410980.png (1.04 MB, 510x898, 25235w.png)

this guy has the same sort of empty brained dumb open mouthed stare that Arrow, lmao. he looks more like Arrow than like his own brother

No. 1700922

idk i think he's saying more don't be discouraged by viral videos like if you name an activity there is video of a toddler doing it at hyperspeed but thats no reason not to still learn the violin

No. 1700934

yes and he's right, but i still find it funny he's always bitching about those 3 year olds. yes, tiktok is atrocious, and vids of your 3year olds online are not normal either. but you can always just. not watch these 3 year olds? I get what he's talking about i do. i'm it's just funny they both seem to always talk same shit all the time

No. 1700937

>Laila Alamiri: I know you live in LA now…did you grow up here?
>Arrow de Wilde: Yeah, we all did. Except our drummer is from Boone, NC.(…)
>Laila Alamiri: I can’t imagine it would be as easy to do what you’re doing if you were from North Carolina.
>Henri Cash: Definitely not.
>Arrow de Wilde: Our families are 2nd or 3rd generation LA people. We grew up knowing the history and stories of our families. That was inspiring.

They keep talking about LA influence because of their stupid song, and Arrow talks her parents and grandparents lived in LA. i find it stupid cause she's often sort of boasting that she's "native LA" and not just a person from buttfuck nowhere who travelled to live in LA, like others. I've seen other article and stupid bitch was going on and on how she's better cause she and her family are real LA people and not just tourists.

No. 1700954

File: 1668569198059.png (578.11 KB, 838x385, bill239.png)

he looks like if you put napoleon dynamite in a garth costume.

No. 1700959

File: 1668569437513.gif (851.56 KB, 336x252, AdeptUnpleasantCalf-size_restr…)

So glad Kelly got back into music!

No. 1700969

oh dear. why insisting on this Arrow tier bleached blonde? he'd probably look better with natural colored hair, and clothes that aren't too small.

No. 1700992

i would be more impressed by someone who WASNT born in la and moved there and made a business for themselves though. isn't the whole rags to riches story a huge part of rock music authenticness? its weird to me to brag that's she's 3rd generation of artists because thats sort of like admitting you didn't make up your own art ideas. that your grand parent and parent put you into it.

No. 1700993

If that coke tshirt is real original from the 70s it is a very expensive item
im jealous ngl but yes really showing nepobaby cred here

No. 1700994

jon heder was hot irl so >>1700969 is probably right

No. 1700997

eh who the fuck would like to have 70s version of some shitty fuckign cola shirt? Coca cola is shit, idc about its status, it's just that, a drink. i'm sorry i'd understand some old ass band merch or what but spending fortunes on plain red coke shirt just old is retarded to me

No. 1700998

that Max Kansas city shirt she's wearing is also vintage and prob expensive af, iirc she got it as a gift for some occasion. it's old and costs a lot, and music related so better than coca cola. but still kind of makes no sense for her to have a venue logo when she never been there, idk. some of their clothes are like having it just for the sake of showing they can afford it

No. 1701004

yeah, liars will always tell on themselves eventually. she just accidentally admitted she's a rich fuck, which is funny cause it argues with her previous poverty larp and "we're not industry plants!" thing. What's ironic though is that her mother bullshits about "being poor" more often and more hardcore. Autumn likes to make up fake poverty sob stories (but actually reminiscing about them with oddly contradicting fondness) for instagram and Arrow does it aesthetically. but then she starts to talk like spoiled brat again and illusion shatters

No. 1701289

Is he trooning out or already a Troon? Am o the only one who gets more annoyed by the fucking personality devoid scrotes in this "band"? I hate looking at them

No. 1701336

more than what, more than Arrow? starcrawler scrotes are fucking boring and devoid of personality, but i prefer that that arrow's lack of personality, and making up for it with skinwalker schizofaker attention seeking bullshit. Henri's brother might look dumb or boring or whatever, but at least he knows how to shut the fuck up and do his job, unlike henri and arrow. same for the fat emo bassist, except maybe for 40yo looking drummer who always flaps his legs around awkwardly, perhaps trying to level himself to the mentality of the rest of them.

No. 1701345

Yes, I'd rather look at a try hard woman and laugh. Then multiple unattractive odd looking scrotes who could literally be paper cut outs. I don't know why they bother me so much kek. Their whole "band" is just a mixture of generic shit and none of it they are good at

No. 1701444

>Yes, I'd rather look at a try hard woman and laugh
i mean yeah if you put it that way, i agree

No. 1701603

File: 1668638844238.png (606.89 KB, 634x780, candies.png)

>not so ordinary candies
Lol not again. doesn't matter if this story is true if they found drugs in dressing room, or brought these drugs or made it all up, they ofc needed to tell everyone around about it. same energy as standing in a food court and boasting about snorting coke in front of random ppl like a few months back. they're the kinda lost causes who'd post a snap of their drug dealer.

No. 1701651

That’s exactly my point, the desire for cosmetic enhancements is the product of the patriarchy, any woman who claims she’s doing it for herself is in denial. If you want to get surgery that’s fine but don’t try to rationalise it as some act of empowerment.

No. 1701721

Yep nd not only cosmetic enhancements, i mean sudden drastic change like sluttifying urself and pretending to be dumber than you are as well. you sure you want to do it for yourself, not to be seen hot by men? like yeaah strength and confidence is aall entirely reliant on how much fuckable your are to men, nothing but! i'll always laugh at articles like "bimbo is feminism!" or chicks screaming how bimbo is "bettering yourself", because they don't get that they don't make themselves powerful lol. they make plastic surgeons powerful.

No. 1701733

File: 1668647608480.png (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 860x638, empowerment.png)

This all reminded me of this super ugly shoot and wow, haven't seen all of these before.
Arrow doesn't look like a ~kinky domina~ at all, she looks like awkward malnourished traffiking victim. whose brilliant idea was that? WHY did they pair her with this random girl? it looks like weird lesbian baiting or maybe even asian fetish reference, idk. it's not kinky, it's degrading and plain weird

No. 1702430

File: 1668726631113.png (1.59 MB, 1080x1920, 215940.png)

lol guess Arrow's catching up with the thread with her basic girl drinks rageposting

No. 1702431

File: 1668726846767.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1920, 215945.png)

No. 1702434

Something is different with her face. She had something done. Can someone do a side by side? I swear something’s different. Her mouth and jaw area specifically.

No. 1702475

what the fuck is going on with her face in this? Why is it so swollen? she doesn't look like herself. it's from 2020 cringey interview with Cumgirl8 and Dani. She looks fucking stoned, with odd swell and blinking eyes in slow motion and moving oddly. or having some sort of allergy or fillers, idk. what a mess

starts at 11:52

No. 1702480

File: 1668730389331.png (1.48 MB, 1070x822, 55226688.png)

>I wanna triple platinum1! I wanna be on the radio! (why?) Because it's where the moneys at!
God she's just so fucking dumb, like… genuinely low IQ. funny how she just has NOTHING to say, just goes hehehe or says yeah all the time

No. 1702482

she used to have pretty prominent nasolabial folds, something is definitely going on around that area she looks both more sculpted yet more filled up

No. 1702501

File: 1668732154780.png (757.5 KB, 776x528, part1.png)

her face normally

No. 1702503

File: 1668732184635.png (650.47 KB, 786x613, part2.png)

vs now

No. 1702530

True something's going on. she sometimes get unnatural filled out face, so maybe it's swelling after she gets fresh fillers? It's so weird cause i'd never tell Arrow would get fillers/ps tbh. she and her mother seem like those people who go for ~the uglier you are the better uwu~ and "unedited pics are the best" vibes. BUT either we're all going crazy or she's doin something to her face

No. 1702569

Every time I see a pic of her I just think of like an absolutely cracked out Sweet Dee from It’s Always Sunny. Am genuinely curious what’s going on w her face re the fillers/something else debate tho it’s clear there’s SOMEthing afoot.

No. 1702594

2021 would be the first time she started messing with her face >>1702480 this cringey interview is lockdown timed, her face was so swollen round that she had a second chin when smiling or angling head down slightly which she deosn't normally have. She acts fucked up on something, or tries to look as such but would she really get bee stung swollen from weed? weird

No. 1703262

File: 1668818495802.png (846.24 KB, 497x873, 234234.png)

>club dad

No. 1703267

File: 1668819069511.png (29.73 KB, 589x361, www.png)

Uh, so it's true she picks and rejects people to stand in the front? And no, it's not "girls to the front!" thing to be like Bikini Kill or something, cause bitch always has first rows full of pervy old men lined at her shows. Very weird behaviour

No. 1703268

File: 1668819098864.png (252.84 KB, 736x652, 1637243751776.png)

No. 1703555

This is fucking hilarious, I wonder how/if they’ll respond

No. 1703665

I might be wrong and ill check again, but i think they deleted that comment.

No. 1704006

File: 1668895355884.png (1.08 MB, 584x784, henri1.png)

samefag, the comment is deleted. pussies lol

new Henri fat evolution pic

No. 1704142

File: 1668904880823.png (752.08 KB, 740x682, actress style cheekbones.png)

wrt filler i think she sometimes gets the ones that are supposed to give you apple cheeks/flesh that sits exactly on top of the cheekbone like in picrel, that's why it makes her eyes look weird and pushes her real face fat down where it has no room to go, giving her the temp double chin thing

No. 1704143

good for henri that he stopped gaining but he could moisturize too. men really fuck up their faces with neglect

No. 1704144

jesus that hairline

No. 1704147

that;s pretty stupid if true cause she looks 100 times worse with fillers than without… swollen. never thought this idiot would take the first steps to go the botched route, wow. LA effect

No. 1704186

She has an extremely unfortunate face to begin with, botching it just makes it more reflective of how rancid she is a person

No. 1704995

her moids are so crappy wow
ugly unstylish AND awkward
how did they get hired

No. 1705089

File: 1668989872117.png (828.34 KB, 502x612, dfdfg.png)

Wash your hair, Henri.

No. 1705191

File: 1668993737465.png (606.78 KB, 698x702, gb.png)

Lol Gilbert is leading some filming workshops for whatever reason and being pushed as "latino professional". Remind me again, what has this guy ever done besides music videos for friend of a friend bands? He has not made a single feature film, and whatever film he was editing a year ago was about his famous father. The guy probably doesn't work and gets all the filming and life money from his daddy. how is he a professional?

Also professionals usually do pay their friends and give out salaries, even if the project gets shelved.

No. 1705243

looks more like he is stupidly using the wrong sort of product for his hair texture

No. 1705244

it's sad that danny trejo has to have such a loser of a son. poor man dragged himself out of hell and has been sober for 40 years just to have…this

No. 1705354

Arrow couldn’t risk having anyone in the band who would take attention away from her, so that rules out everyone who is remotely attractive

No. 1706986

did she even pick her band members tho? new to this thread and actually can't tell if any of this was real or if they're complete plants

No. 1706995

File: 1669159972792.png (396.56 KB, 574x1062, tt1.png)

Someone's been catching up with the thread! No worries Arrow, nobody thinks you're a party girl, or that you're actually on drugs. that being said, if you wanna pose as clean straightedge kids, i'd advice you to NOT go to the bar before a show and boast aloud to everyone around whether you should "snort some lines before or after the show" lol


No. 1706998

File: 1669160112016.png (732.71 KB, 1042x884, tt3.png)

oh oh wow, how 3dGyyy she SO told everyone off!

No. 1707003

she knew some of these guys through her famous mom i believe, as for Henri she always says she saw him at Cal Arts school carrying tuba or what and she approached him cause she thought "he looks cool" or whatever tf. So she was prob looking for deadbeats from her own artfuck echo park community. That being said they are complete plants, just not in "industry opened up castings" way, it's more nepotism and both punk scene AND high hollywood connections. her mother is a famous photographer with alot of links and she's 3rd generation rich kid (alot of that info is in the first thread and thread summaries.)

No. 1707019

jeez how insecure do you have to be to flip off an imageboard with 100 users that's basically a complaints box for university students who hate trannies.

No. 1707031

wasn't it 200 users? Either way, it's funny how random anons laughing at idiots online have more talent than she ever will (just look at anon art threads here for example). anons literally have more fun together on a single /ot board than she has in her miserable fake life

No. 1707035

File: 1669162817313.png (680.36 KB, 490x793, 867.png)

>from the 1800s
Bitch of all the cool stuff from the 1800s you could have they picked this? she does NOTHING in her life, all hobby she has is just… collecting ugly shit?

No. 1707079

is her image clean straightedge kids? i thought they mean to be hard partying la rockers and taling about the lines sounds like noobs

No. 1707104

Both i guess. i said straightedge ironically, but yes they say in interviews whenever asked that nooo they don't do any drugs. which is pretty fucking ironic when you know what they were screaming about before at MCR show, which was confirmed by 2 anons. (Or "finding weird candies backstage wink wink".) Arrow smokes weed but she never admits she does. that being said they're not on any sort of drugs besides weed, and who knows maybe they got some coke once maybe not at all. but overall they're just posers who say random shit depeding on who they're talking to, and want to kill two birds with one stone.

No. 1707116

she looks pretty stoned in this interview, unless it's just next "performance" shit where she tries to act fucked up.
(Didn't she say she wrote Goodtime Girl because she wished she was like that? everywhere else she tried to cosplay such a girlboss party girl bitch fucking around and stuff. I know she does none of these things, it's just funny how she does 180 & goes uwu my pyjamas i don't party~) flipping a website off like it's revelation. bitch we been knew.

No. 1707199

Honestly really doubt this is actually from the 1800's. It looks much more modern than that.

No. 1707208

Do you really think she lurks? I feel like she’s too much of a normie. Most if not all cows who find their threads are terminally online retards who have nothing better to do than Google themselves all day. Even though her band is garbage and all the other shit she does is cringeworthy she at least seems to be occupied

No. 1707210

I think we need to draw the distinction between nepo endeavours and plants. Plants aren’t nepo babies, they’re performers whose entire artistic output, style and lore has been created by labels and management. There’s no way starcrawler would get any attention if they weren’t obscenely connected but they’re not plants

No. 1707277

She does, because she responds to exact shit said in the thread. she regularly passive agressively responds to something, just not listing LC out directly cause otherwise she'd expose her own dirt to her fans.

>Posted salty/cope story about being Alaska Thunderfuck twin within minutes or hours after anons said she looks like Alaska >>1339248, >>1346686

>whenever anons speculated she doesn't eat, she'd lazily post burgers >>1344492
> got a ton of weight shaming comments on tiktok, and incindentally right after we discussed she could make a post explanation with family photos, or if she shouldn't, she DID. And she basically copied the exact words and reasoning from lolcow posts. >>1562973, >>1563260
>posted corset right after anons said they hate seeing her low quality ripoff corsets >>1344492
>now in articles she says her mother never made her do anything, and sounds like an answer to a lot of stuff anons said >>1647366
>Does strange fuck you "milk" references in her album art and music video but could be incidental >>1528092, >>1654673,>>1678074

She googles her own name nonstop, to the point of combing search for 2 comment twitter accounts who said something about her without even using , just so she finds some compliments >>1555300. no wonder she came across lolcow, it's quite easy to find through google graphics or even regular search.

No. 1707283

I get what you mean, but i guess we used it interchangeably because these two are lowkey interconnected in this case. Yes they weren't made in a music corporation's office, but Starcrawler IS a band whose artistic output and style is being created by labels and management. their music was written by a producer, their style is guided and changed by someone, not to a 100% extent but still. The thing is Arrow's mother, label, manager and famous people worked together from the start on this "project". But yeah if we're being 100% precise then you are right obviously.

No. 1707291

File: 1669197460230.png (537.39 KB, 506x816, bornxraised.png)

Ah well, what is our poorfag punk princess flexing now? Bornxraised a clothing brand and that event is invite only. Imagine the desperation to flex your truffle soup and being invited to some lame ass "celebrity invite party only". yes Arrow we're so impressed. yawn

No. 1707332

I don’t think anyone is styling Arrow, it’s just her ripping off people like KatieJane Garside and whatever ugly ass mcbling or other trashy trend is popular with edgelord zoomers, maybe with some input from Autumn and Gilbert. I bet Autumn was responsible for the nudie suit/country looks. There’s so much about the band that just makes no sense to me. The moids are probably only sticking around because no one would give them the time of day without the contacts they have through Arrow

No. 1707782

Yeah I thought more about moids being styled than her. That being said she was styled by her mother in the beginning of Starcrawler for sure cause even Autumns instagram shows so. It's really stupid to see her giving interviews on how she "created her iconic costumes" when half of them are ripped from Katiejane but normie just don't know that woman.

No. 1707890

File: 1669246421571.png (440.79 KB, 502x795, 11111.png)

Tragic. "Moid darling" really did style her like himself, probably (ugly drag queen). This is how she went to a formal celeb party? Fried face makeup makes her look 40+yo, and she's wearing shitty party city wig. WHAT sort of "hair styling" was even there?

No. 1707893

File: 1669246575168.jpg (104.24 KB, 667x1000, wl_37469_5208246.jpg)

and lol she whitened that photo, here's original

No. 1707922

File: 1669248284191.jpeg (35.57 KB, 300x200, 9C635634-84C9-4D7B-AAD9-1F3E1F…)

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD this is so fucking unfortunate, how is this a 21 year old?! She genuinely looks like a man, this has to be the worst she has ever looked

No. 1707938

she must be 22 or 23 at the moment, but you are right. Her face is unfortunate but this makeup made her look horrid, and the wig? bear in mind it's all styled by "professionals", not herself. i want to see more photos lol

No. 1707946

File: 1669248861721.png (66.44 KB, 900x498, fruit.png)

"Bruised fruit Biba realness" if i didn't know it's her "makeup artist" i would think somebody's roasting her kek

No. 1707959

File: 1669249655560.png (618.42 KB, 572x770, hamsterhair.png)

Moid has already given her an ugly makeup before.

No. 1707970

My fucking sides, in what world is this “Biba realness”? Topkek at the stylist’s name being moid too, this is fucking hilarious. He doesn’t even know how to reference fashion, I’m cackling

No. 1707981

not a wk but why is she genuinely cuter here? what changed?

No. 1707989

smiles/ has eyebrows/ face filler or giant allergy. Idk in what world is that cute, and her makeup here makes her looks genuinely unwashed dirty, but everyone looks better wih eyebrows intact.

No. 1708007

i find it funny how after that their shithole nowhere fastfood truck venue tour is over, she's immediately running to huge celeb parties in LA just to make up for her "luxury" starvation and bruised ego lol

No. 1708062

File: 1669252733426.jpeg (220.38 KB, 500x333, 4A69803B-3772-4E40-B3DF-94331F…)

very hedwig of her

No. 1708217

it looks like it's from the 1970s and some idiot repainted it in the 90s

No. 1708218

i think the milk thing is just from courtney love. like shes trying to use "milk" to reference love or sex or something but the old misogynists that listen to the band wouldn't know hole lyrics so idk

No. 1708219

this looks like theatre or opera makeup that makes your head look bigger and people can see you from the back of the auditorium?? this is literally makeup you only wear if youre literally in a play

No. 1708221

smiling/showing genuine feelings. also seems to have minimal makeup and yes like >>1707989
she has eyebrows

No. 1708242

i think it's not even that, if she doesn't shoot blank "unbothered" hints (which true i overestimated her, she prob doesn't understand board lingo etc.) then i say it's 100% just visual. In the video milk splatters at a guy as lazy comedic element, in the pic she spills milk is bc she often uses pinks and whites now.

No. 1708249

Yep. she seems like that kind of person who goes to a sidewalk flea market and believes every shit salesguy says about how old and valuable it is, and buys cheap ugly 99cent store crap made in 2005 for 200$. i'm skeptical about 17th century Jesus with real hair as well lol.

No. 1708260

confused ppl on tiktok make the same coments as anons do here. shes probably responding to that

No. 1708283

Yeah I don’t think she’s responding to us either. As much as it would be amusing if she were I think it’s just coincidental. It’s not like our observations are unique, anyone with functioning retinas can see what we see and post about it on social media

No. 1708466

Except… NOBODY on tiktok gives her comments on her videos? all the industry plant and weight-shaming comments were on 1 or 2 videos that got viral bc of MCR tag. for the rest, she gets 1-2 positive comments and occasional eat a burger. you can see for yourself. are you guys new to these threads?I mean yeah, milk's unrelated and weight/drug/party thing can as well be a general response to whoever else, not the farms i can agree. How do you explain Alaska Thunderfuck comment though? I remember that time and nobody else mentioned her looking like Alaska but the farms. The weight response post has arguments word for word like some of the farmers said. a few other minor stuff as well. Remember the gay guy who said Arrow told him to fuck off elsewhere? this comment hung freely online up until it was posted here. I know you guys think she's too normie to post here, but it's really nothing out of ordinary for cows, or even normie people, to find their threads. they're not hidden darknet places, they show up in google for a reason. as i said, her lolcow threads are extremely easy to find if you google Arrow De Wilde, even Arrow De Wilde 2021 or other popular combinations.

No. 1708467

Anon who said this: >>1707208
…um what? Arrow is exactly one of those not-occupied terminally online zoomers glued to phone all day. she likes obscure tweets, pictures, even googles her own BFA/getty images HD pics (and literally flexed being famous enough to be on getty) relating to her. she really doesn't get comments like that on her social media. This is frankly the only place online where she is discussed in ANY way. Tiktok & twitter are dead zones, youtube are all 70yo men sperging about saving rock, instagram goes predictably. if you check her comments on any kind of pics then all the negative voices are "eat a burger", never "our observations" or anything like that.
i'm not trying to argue with you guys and i disbelieved it at first, but she 100% found LC by now. sage for long post

No. 1708483

File: 1669294766242.png (986.54 KB, 1028x3374, lolcow.png)

not the anon who said she copied her responses, but i agree. tiktok hate was what directly was set her off, but still she went through the thread and used paraphrases. she isn't really well spoken. clearly her promise didn't stick around long either, she later made a nice promo trending story all about "bodyshaming trolls" with Yahoo and how she was getting a-logs (she didn't).

No. 1708487

File: 1669294948028.png (146.26 KB, 1242x982, yahoo.png)

which to clarify, would be alright imo if that interview didn't come across as total fucking bullshit. her SJW arc is just so ingenuine. Sorry but i really don't believe Arrow de wilde cares about anybody else but herself.


No. 1710111

it was better when she just didn't say shit. she doesn't care she's skinny, she's always been able to get custom clothing, she grew up in LA where probably no one complained about her look. it's weird to try and create drama from something that's never bothered her or anyone in her life. i think she's latching on to anything she can spin as "adversity" to be less boring

No. 1710112

wtf this sounds so fake. also isn't it a dick move to proclaim yourself the defender of people with eating disorders? like did anyone ask her to do this? does she have friends with ED? does she have friends?

No. 1710313

It is a dick move. I was fine with her instagram post, even despite the fact she ripped her arguments from lolcow and how fake it sounds. But then, instead of shutting up, she just made it a new way of promotion i guess. Why lying, Arrow? She only made this post because of herself, she never cared about "girls with eating disorders" before. she doesn't "protest online contempt for anyone else, it always comes back to her anyway. That's just one more way to promote and put herself in a good light. I can't stress how much fake the beginning sounds: "de Wilde stresses she didn't make the post to refute rumours she's anorexic, no, she's more noble than that!"

No. 1710317

and i'm just floored with how she thinks of herself as a spokesperson and defender of girls with anorexia and bulimia, all the while exploiting mentally ill people (often same ones who suffer from ED disorders). sure Arrow is so depressed for all the eating disordered people in the world, but she's totally fine making money mocking schizos and other kinds of patients or drawing fake self harm to post bloody bandage selfies uwu

No. 1710320

File: 1669472041188.webm (5.3 MB, 1920x1080, vdeo.webm)

I thought she stopped her epileptic/ face grimace bullshit, but oh well guess i was wrong. she just made it shorter or less effort.

No. 1710322

File: 1669472143925.webm (2.37 MB, 1920x1080, video2.webm)

No. 1710487

as a literal schizo who takes my pills every day i find her really upsetting and she makes me mad sometimes. i know this band isn't well known but it's really shitty to get praise and money for the things some of us hate ourselves for and would do anything to forget. i should log off because making the crying wojak face over some california bitch is lame but she's just so rude and mean.

No. 1710699

I feel the same anon, i'm not a schizophrnic but i have another form of mental illness, and i know person who genuinely suffers from epilepsy. seeing her doing that shit makes me upset, she's an airhead attention whore with no morals but it's upsetting that there are people enabling that shit. I don't know of any other person in music business who resorts to faking illnesses as a show attraction, because nobody else is such asshole. you just DON'T do it. If she was actually famous, she'd get cancelled hard for that shit. and i still hope she gets blasted for that one day. the videos posted are the mildest trick she pulled, 2019 videos have plenty of moments where she makes faces/head throwing/body twitching for literal long minutes at the time

No. 1710715

ayrt epilepsy is also not uncommon so idk why she thinks it's so cool to act out. lots of people make seizure jokes/do impressions until they meet someone who has some form of epilepsy in university or at the bar or whatever, and then learn that it's not SJW bullshit to say "hey i think your fake seizures are really offensive". people crack their skulls open and can't get drivers licenses and have to take medication that makes you lose so much weight you're at risk of heart attacks. it's a massively inconvenient disorder to have unless you only get those really minor deja-vu seizures (i'm not a doctor or epileptic so don't remember what they're called)
i hate to sound like a "omg NEVER make cancer jokes" sperg but some "disease" are more like lifelong disabilities and they seriously suck ass and most people who have them can't make money off of it (unless you write a book i guess? which is not easy.). but she makes money from acting it out.

No. 1710779

Yes and the thing is the only people who center their shows around mental illness ARE mentally people. Because it's a part of their lives and they want to comment on that part of their life. And STILL those people only sing about their illness in songs, they don't mark symptoms of their illness onstage. Arrow is a normal person who doesn't suffer from anything. she has no reason to lurk it online and fake onstage, her show isn't a commentary on anything. it's entirely used to get attention. It's not annoying SJW thing to point out she's exploiting/mocking mental patients. In normal life, people get shit for faking illnesses. in social media, people get shit for faking illnesses. But Arrow doing that stuff is suddenly all right?

No. 1710846

> those people only sing about their illness in songs, they don't mark symptoms of their illness onstage
this is a good explanation ty nona. even actual crazy people don't act out a little play of what illness they have because that would be cringe, even if you are actually sick. but arrow literally gets money for doing the things that COST actual mentally ill people money. a severely mentally ill person gets fired and treated with disgust all the time, we work so hard to NOT act crazy just so we can make average money and have to be grateful for sympathetic bosses who don't mind a little weird behaviour.

No. 1710904

Her behaviour would be perfect subject for some sort of callout article on faking mental illness for money. I really believe she lurks here, so she's likely seen what is being said, but she doesn't care.

No. 1710921

File: 1669505801722.jpeg (43.92 KB, 400x400, rilo-kiley1.jpeg)

Hell this bitch just CANNOT come up with anything on her own huh

No. 1710922

File: 1669505842559.jpg (138.12 KB, 1200x880, rilo-kiley-2.jpg)

No. 1710928

File: 1669505992695.png (1.12 MB, 770x882, rilo-kiley-3.png)

No. 1710933

File: 1669506193355.png (1.57 MB, 1018x814, clothes.png)

No. 1710966

i used to hate jenny lewis for being a classic 2000s straight girl libfem (she's what i call a "terry richardson feminist" if that makes sense? those girls who were so outspoken about being "alt" but who always had to do a "sexy" photoshoot every time they were in a magazine.) idk sorry for sperg i just hated how as a young lesbian, every supposed "strong female" was just STILL CONSTANTLY catering to men.
anyway, arrow's so annoying and untalented she's made me sympathize with jenny lewis. sad.

No. 1710967

well i hope some one writes it.

No. 1710984

Idk, yes and no? Idk Jenny Lewis well enough to know which photos you're talking about,or to assess if she wore these clothes bc she liked them, or bc she wanted to be typical "i'll dress sexy for attention". i personally like very short minis for example, and i like Katie Jane or Courtney Love and their close-to-naked clothes. but in case of Katie Jane, you could tell she just liked these clothes. even if she was kind of erotic/flirty too. but she didn't do it to get famous/media noticed. When you look at Arrow though, i don't see a person who likes that fashion, i see a desperate who screams LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME and always wears specific stuff at magazine cover pics to get maximum attention and its cringey & tryhard

No. 1710998

i want to add that the press can have a say in how the photos looked as well. not trying to WK her, but Jenny Lewis was an actress too, so maybe someone else stylized her. photographers dressed popstars like Britney in sexiest skimpiest clothes, but even rock stars were asked to pose in a certain way, or the shoot had sexual concepts. I recently read an interesting article on how journalists in the 90s portrayed women, how they pit women against each other and treat them patronising, like a joke rather than true musicians. it's centered around L7 but other girls are mentioned as well. theres alot of good observations:


No. 1711006

AYRT - yah i know some of it is me being generally annoyed with women prostrating themselves to males. i don't mean "oh she should date me instead" but i wish straight women would respect themselves more. "yes and no" is probably the best assessment of my earlier post.

No. 1711016

oh yeah she definitely doesn't have an eating disorder, she's just somehow naturally looking older and more haggard than my 58 year old mom lmao

No. 1711017

no, i get it. Some of these girls just have this desperate genuine thirst to be desired by all men in the world, it's annoying and boring

No. 1711023

File: 1669510782706.png (521.56 KB, 964x2696, articlescreen1.png)

I hope so too. So far there's this one article about Starcrawler that has a lot of observations we had aswell. Pretty much this person writes they're ingenuine nepo band and how fake it is. He/she also notices that Arrow fakes schizoph. and seizures onstage and you can tell the writer is uncomfortable about it. i like it because it summarizes everything nicely

honestly i'm gonna post screenshots for this bc this article already disappeared from the net before, idk why.

No. 1711024

File: 1669510837615.png (687.05 KB, 978x2186, articlescreen2.png)

No. 1711025

her moids even mog arrow's moids

No. 1711026

File: 1669510958676.png (1.37 MB, 1064x2388, articlescreen3.png)

No. 1711034

that article is so old though. it's from 2018 (even the youngest member is older than austin was when the journalist wrote this) hipefully arrow's rude antics are just forgotten though, and not being ignored because people like their bad music enough to ignore it

No. 1711047

i think people who like her are religiously believing her everything is her invention, aren't aware of 99% of shit about her and they're convinced she'd never ever behave like a bitch to someone. everybody want her to be legit and just ignore the bad things. i'm honestly curious if they got calleoud if all her mother's buddies would come to the rescue, lmao. (which would literally confirm they're involved in nepo shill). there's so much dirt on them, if someone wanted to write and article or a video it'd be hours long

No. 1711981

i still think they lie about her height. i saw her in LA once and she looks more like 6'1" to me. not milk at all i know just she wasn't that much taller than me and my brother idk

No. 1711995

lol have any stories attatched or you just passed her on the street? She definitely looks way shorter sometimes.

No. 1711999

File: 1669592052675.png (1.21 MB, 754x694, 666666.png)

i guess weight tinfoil makes sense? look at this pic

No. 1712099

what tinfoil? she looks basically normal skinny here. >>1711995 i went to one of their shows in LA and now i think all famous people add 1-2 inches to their official height. i was also on set of a show my brother's friend is in and everyone was not as tall as i thought IRL.

No. 1712178

i would like to formally request an alog exemption please
nta but deja vu seizures are a type of focal-aware seizure. the epilepsy grimace is a type of impaired-awareness focal seizure. Epileptics don’t know they’re doing it because they’re briefly unconscious when it happens, but don’t fall down. So you don’t know you’re scowling, and the person you’re scowling at doesn’t know you’re having a seizure. This can have absolutely ruinous effects on your relationships with literally everybody, your job, etc. tonic-clonic seizures are worse but at least onlookers can tell you’re not doing it on purpose.
Sorry for the spergy epilepsy longpost, it’s just a really misunderstood condition and it’s lonely and scary and fucking shit. She’s a dick for using neurological disabilities for edgelord pantomime

No. 1712240

>what tinfoil? she looks basically normal skinny here
Whoops, i meant HEIGHT tinfoil instead of weight. i agree it looks like she adds 2 inches, or these 2 inches are just her hair that she used to back comb.

No. 1712262

File: 1669610160846.webm (4.8 MB, 1920x1080, stupid cunt.webm)

No, you don't have to be sorry, let's talk. i think it's important to talk about her forging epilepsy and mental illness. that is what's makes her a disgusting person and that matters more than other shit. why is everybody fine with this? What is next? making "stage persona" based on deep autism?
idc, at this point i hope this bitch's career tanks completely

No. 1713007

if arrow and grimes ever met they'd repel each other hard enough for each of them to reach escape velocity and never bother any of us again

No. 1713103

File: 1669684565813.png (773.2 KB, 926x922, fff.png)

but Arrow follows Grimes. she skinwalked her in this shoot. if she met Grimes, she'd lick her legs just to have one tiny instagram shoutout. if GRIMES met Arrow however, she'd be angered that Arrow is thinner her and there would be blood.

No. 1713112

File: 1669685000904.png (572.68 KB, 624x950, 7dd1.png)

wtf is that milk bottle emoji shit.

No. 1713127

File: 1669686157757.png (115.14 KB, 774x896, zcvbn.png)

yo she really tries to push this "i was a ~tumblr girl~ angle, lmao. she really thinks it's something cool or unusual. not that it matters, but she was never a tumblr girl. i found her old tumblr, it's very underwhelming to say the least, and her other fashion blog, for all the promotion Rookie mag did for her, was a failure and now she lies it never happened.

No. 1713914

what is a tumblr girl even

No. 1713977

i thought it's typical ~2014 tumblr AHS skins effy stonem the 1975 lana sky ferreira halsey marina melanie martinez black & white clothes normie jeans, normie shirt, normie girl hairbuns but thinking they're most original and saddest coolest shit ever~. the girls who got popular on tumblr for doing exactly that. she was too young and awkward at the time to be one.

No. 1713997

ayrt i think i might be old because this description made me more confused

No. 1714035

alright, scratch what i said. Picture this: typical girl sitting on tumblr, soaking current tumblr trends, dressing in most trending fashion trending on tumblr, and usually pretty popular on tumblr. idk what Arrow means, but that's commonly associated with tumblr girl: a skinwalker of current tumblr trends, who thinks she's not like other girls.

No. 1714093

kek ok thanks. so sort of like the popular emo/scene camden girls in 2008 who thought they were sooooo out there

No. 1714145

File: 1669769057602.png (2.69 MB, 1008x1376, tumblr shit.png)

Yeah you could compare to Myspace scene queens, except scene queens were more original and truly more fun, tumblr are normie girls thinking they're alt. pretty much it's just skinny to anachan girls with chokers and tennis skirts and obsessing over american apparel and sperging about smoking cigarettes. that's like the most basic bitch ever. alot of the cows here started out on tumblr.

No. 1714157

>alot of the cows here started out on tumblr.
implying we don't have the original scene queen's zombie-like thread still getting bumped kek

No. 1714188

Oh this was me. Kinda miss this aesthetic honestly

No. 1714231

i never said ALL of them came from tumblr.

No. 1714261

it's getting trendy again among zoomers, but it gets pretty weird bc they glorify tf out of it, way more than millenial girls did. it's also weird to think all these girls who sigh "i miss 2014 tumblr" were in fact only 4-11 at that time depending on birth year.

No. 1715038

File: 1669853581198.png (625.68 KB, 524x894, ttt2.png)

Oof, it looks so bad. sad drag queen vibes.

No. 1715040

File: 1669853611778.png (912.23 KB, 514x912, ttt1.png)

No. 1715047

File: 1669853721102.png (556.54 KB, 520x898, ttt4.png)

or even next aiden vibe

No. 1715095

It's really obvious that she's skinwalking Sable Starr. Why someone would want to LARP as a deeply mentally ill tween who basically prostituted herself, I'll never know. No doubt Arrow views what happened to her as ~edgy and revolutionary~ instead of a neglected kid forming parasocial relationships with celebrity men who raped her.

No. 1715107

I thought she had been severely beaten across the face, that makeup looks like bruising kek

No. 1715146

I'm sure Arrow would be delighted with this comparison, guess that's what she was going for. She loves to draw fake self harm, after all. ~*Bruised fruit Biba realness!1!*~
a definition of desperate attention whore, who faked everything from cutting wrists, to seizures and schizophrenia to fake dying at a festival. wouldn't be surprised if she gets the idea to apply fake domestic violence bruises onstage.

No. 1715153

File: 1669857236744.png (876.08 KB, 704x776, mm.png)

i'd love if there was a way to prove this, but i'm not sure how to point out her skinwalking besides Arrow posting a photo of Sable with Sweet and doing " groupie styled" photoshoot where she didn't mention her by name. tell this (and about Iggy) and everybody would be screaming it's a reach and praising her for glorifying both Iggy and a 13yo he statutory raped. Arrow sure is interested in groupies, she and Gilbert werefriends with Miss Mercy.

No. 1715282

Anton Ego from ratatouille looking ass

No. 1715438

Tumblr was for terminally online girls who wanted to be “alt” or thought they were but in reality were just basic white girls with no sense of real style and shit taste in music
This is so fucking hideous. Not only does she look like a tranny she looks old and haggard as fuck

No. 1715661

File: 1669883288236.jpg (249.15 KB, 2048x1470, Medusa.jpg)

Does she think this looks avant-garde? The makeup kinda reminds me of Madame Medusa, a more bastardized version obviously.

No. 1715733

It's not okay, it's fucking annoying.

Sage for blogpost, my mom has epilepsy and during grand mals, she screams for her mom in Spanish, scratches her own face, death grips anything and everyone within arm range. Yeah, totally cool and entertaining & not worrying at all. She also has a 50/50 chance of pissing herself in public since obvi has no control of her body.

Arrow, if your gonna borrow a condition for funsies, steal the whole thing, not just the "cool" parts. Piss on stage like the spoiled baby you are, the middle age men would totes be into it

No. 1715779

yeah, she scratches her face a fairly lot as well. she very obviously watched that shit on youtube closely (as she herself admits).

i just wanna say that she WAS called out on faking schizophrenia and she has seen what others think of it. back when she posted that awful pic with fake slashed wrists, someone called her out in the comments, very clearly laying out what is wrong with that >>1181310 and she ignored it. not a long time after that comment appeared, she disabled comments and nuked the post completely. guess she chickened out and ditched the slashed wrists look after that, but not schizo/seizures. she has seen what people think, she just doesn't care. awful human being through and through.

No. 1715791

AYRT & being a performer with real epilepsy is really difficult and scary. You have to run lighting tests with your crew (if you’re photosensitive), have lots of awkward conversations with venues, cancel dates last minute, explain epilepsy over and over… Lots of people tell you you should just quit your job.
This is before you even get into the fear of having grand mal seizures in front of a crowd and humiliating, injuring or killing yourself. It’s bad enough having a focal seizure on stage. People think you’re on drugs. You don’t even know what happened because your memory gets wiped.
Arrow gets to choose. She can just turn it off. She doesn’t have to sleep for three days after her “seizures.” She hasn’t been through the shame of trying to explain to security that she doesn’t drink and she’s not on drugs while slurring and unable to balance or string a sentence together. Her memory isn’t affected. She has no idea how lonely or frightening epilepsy is. She’s at no risk of dying from it. She’s at no risk at all.
And worst of all, as with all munchies and fakers, she makes people who really have it look like attention seekers.

No. 1716007

Reading your post makes me wanna alog on Arrow so fucking bad holy shit.

No. 1716111

With short hair it would be kind of cool like a 1930s flapper goth look. But she just looks like a trailer trash abused wife.

No. 1717687

i kind of feel bad for this person who is only famous on lolcow
if that happened to me i would DFE and happily go be a receptionist at a yoga studio until i died

No. 1717764

eh what? she's also "famous" in "Hollywood" nepo circle by virtue of having famous mother (but true, not anywhere else lol). i'd feel you if you said you feel bad in another thread, there are literally cows more deserving of fame than her tbh. but she's one of the most talentless and morally devoid assholes on /snow, so it's her karma i guess.

No. 1717804

she has zero actual fans/consumers who buy her product, and zero awareness of that fact. i would never want to live like that

No. 1717851

yep nobody wants to live like her. it's like all she has is this small semblance of fake "fame" and zero actual recognision and audience to give a fuck. she literally runs around faded celebrity red carpet parties to feel "famous" enough after playing for 25 people a venue on shitty tour in Albuquerque or whatever and thinking they're ~doing it right~ because Autumn's friends told them a lazy compliment through their teeth lol. give it up Arrow, you're not gonna happen. it's 7th year of this band and Starcrawler still going nowhere, wonder why.

No. 1717855

File: 1670117558313.png (816.85 KB, 808x552, shitty band, shitty meme.png)

No. 1717860

File: 1670117795991.png (498.58 KB, 826x532, shitty band, shitty meme2.png)

No. 1718022

that kid's having trouble handling his weed. poor little fella

No. 1718023

can the next threadpic be depressed former drummer collage?

No. 1718102

yup, we'll include some depressed drummer

No. 1718488

i love him and want to support whatever his next musical project is

No. 1718534

@seeyahhh on IG
i don't think he's got any musical project rn, at least not publically. from what i see he got into photography and some sort of minimalistic art. heh would be sad if Starcrawler spoiled drums for him forever.

No. 1720548

Losers are going on tour today, Jack White is charitable enough again and they're playing with Wet Leg as leg.

Anybody knows if Arrow still follows Lilith Levisis? i would think after Lilith's racist "n-word are flooding the earth" spergout and general 180 flip she'd unfollow her.

No. 1721583

File: 1670456955077.png (724.17 KB, 617x1052, nw.png)

why does it always look like she's wearing someone else's skin

No. 1721603

>literally in my backyard
I was wondering why I kept smelling sewer rot on the breeze this evening.

No. 1721665

hah then you can go for a walk and report to us back if you spot them & they do stupid shit. How's your backyard chair capacity nonnie?

No. 1721893

Nah no walk for me, for reasons. But I will keep an eye out and see if they're up to any stupid shit. I asked around my friend group to see if anyone was hitting the show, to which I received nos and a couple "wtf is that?"

No. 1723415

File: 1670625961717.png (576.15 KB, 854x574, enthusiasm levels are through …)

Lmao it's over for them. Even Jack White is fucking fed up with them, that face says it all. Compare with his pic with Wet Leg just seconds away and you can see clear as day

No. 1723418

File: 1670626122549.png (336.34 KB, 581x562, wet leg.png)

Starcrawler was the opener btw, Wet Leg got higher support rank.

No. 1723423

Hnnng I want to molest the long hair guy in the background. Also yeah arrows ugly

No. 1723471

I never realized how tall Jack White is until now.

No. 1724401

agreed on both counts

No. 1724418

He’s not that tall I’ve stood next to him several times and he’s not much taller than me, I’m guessing he’s about 6ft and I think Arrow frequently has her height overestimated. I really don’t think she’s 6’4 or whatever gets reported
LMAO me too nona, we can share him
Arrow is such a cringeworthy edgelord, my god

No. 1724426

HAHAHAAA i love the thirst for that drummer every single time his picture is posted.

No. 1725177

File: 1670800850446.png (899.48 KB, 584x790, new1.png)

No. 1725178

File: 1670801024750.png (282.02 KB, 448x382, nw3.png)

Wtf, she's turning bald.

No. 1725180

File: 1670801209109.png (1.02 MB, 638x808, adw.png)

No. 1725198

does she just empty a can of chicken broth over her head every time she goes out?

No. 1725208

i guess, the white trash junkie poverty princess cosplay is so demanding you guys~

No. 1725231

Are we sure it's still just cosplay? She looks legitimately methed out here

No. 1725241

no way pampered moma's girl has access to dirty street drugs. coke from another rich hollywood washout is most she could have. Girlie doesn't know how to look for drugs, she would throw off every dealer in a country with her "LOOK AT ME IM SNORTING SUM LINEZ CAN YOU HEAR ME" shit

No. 1725883

Jesus Christ, she looks absolutely horrendous

No. 1725920

File: 1670886048970.png (18.85 KB, 670x216, 00.png)


No. 1725923

Honestly it weirds me out whenever i see that pro ana account chick commenting on Arrow's pics as if they're good friends (she follows back).

No. 1726640

you know she could get anything she wants online or at least she has to know someone that knows you can do that

No. 1726669

>you know she could get anything she wants online
she's a moron, she'd buy a pack of tissues or an empty blister if she ordered drugs online. i keep it up, most she can get is coke through people who know some other ppl. you can never tell what's up with her because she LOVES to look like she's on drugs and she tries hard to look fucked. that being said her face is clear and her teeth are healthy, not a meth and def not a heroin user.

No. 1726692

i think if she was actually on hella drugs she'd get insecure about it and try to have a cleaner look, but i dunno

No. 1726702

People on hella drugs don't boast about doing hella drugs bc they're ashamed and scared of getting caught. and being known as a junkie is nothing cool either. It's always the ones who do drugs once in a blue moon that scream about doing drugs the most. i'm sure she would jump at the occasion if she had one but she's too naive in all fields of life tbh.

No. 1726748

File: 1670974861064.png (1.05 MB, 624x894, sss.png)

Geez it's so fucking pathetic, she thinks she told everyone off so much, and proved herself omg you're so famous! yeah enjoy that 100k default thing, cause that's the only "award" you're ever gonna get. i'm really curious how much of that 100k are ppl who randomly gave a follow 5 yrs ago and forgot about it, or bots.

No. 1726749

File: 1670974900679.png (704.18 KB, 602x778, ssst.png)

No. 1726763

Don’t they give those to people like smosh?? This is low even for sc

No. 1726765

idk but this is prob an easiest most basic level views prize given to every moderately popular youtuber. it gave 7 years for starvrawler to reach 100k, that screams sad.

No. 1726770

i suppose YT has better stats because I Love La is super heavily pushed by algorhitm. Watch Hole, Nirvana, Garbage or any sort of rock band video and you get Starcrawler recommended. their social media are super low tho, 3000 followers on Tiktok, 80k on Instagram (nd in the "height of their career" meaning 2018/2019 they had only lke 40k follows…) twitter is even worse, 7700. wow.

No. 1726807

This isn't something you "win". They give this to literally anyone who has 100k subs? kek

No. 1726813

Hahah yes, these idiots really think they "won" some sort of award for their music or fame or whatever. this thing is given to thousands if not millions of people and they usually don't even make a fuss, just say thank you.

No. 1726816

File: 1670982811663.png (410.34 KB, 506x574, z.png)

i think it's kind of funny how she wears around this Daisy Chainsaw shirt every single fucking day on tour now (considering fan photos & whatnot). back in the day when she skinwalked KJG she never ever mentioned her even once. she really thinks people won't ever discover that she's a copycat?

No. 1726820

agreed 100%
omg i took acid now im basicallyyy a shamen..?

No. 1726821

fucking gothic king cobra would be eligible for this if he wasn't demonetized

No. 1728306

File: 1671151827984.png (1008.7 KB, 594x922, scr1.png)

No. 1728313

File: 1671152686933.png (614.1 KB, 594x956, scr3.png)

girlie's bald at the front.
isn't this some Viviene Westwood tier design? or she just bought a randum!xD shirt with a scrote fisting another one; anyway
>Fuck your mother and don't run away
oh nonono Arrow! don't wear such ~offensive~ shirts! you should be grateful to your mommy, she bought you a "career" after all. kek

No. 1732420

File: 1672097698712.png (2.99 MB, 1032x1668, wtf.png)

Damn is this bitch thriving on intentionally making herself look more and more like a crackhead or what. she's almost 24 and still pulling a shit like that. this is literally one of the most childish spoiled rotten airhead people i can think of. i know it's just a tiktok with popular trending sound track but i'm talking about how she's pulling an anorexic Luna Slater.

No. 1732421

File: 1672097928203.png (888.85 KB, 1040x886, nasty girl..png)

>nasty girl manicure
ok Arrow. this is such a forced, unfunny childish shit its just painful to look at. a tutorial to make your nails look intentionally dirt soaked. wow. fake hair grease and lipstick drawn SH cuts tutorial when?

No. 1732422

File: 1672098031594.png (726.07 KB, 520x900, nasty girl.png)

No. 1732463

imagine being such a pussy poser you have to paint your nails to look dirty.

No. 1732483

Yup, and it's not even ironic video, it screams rich hollywood neet. You know, we the real world people just do any sort of manual job, and cleaning your nails afterwards is the norm. Rich nepo kids have to paint their nails "nasty" to look "cool like trash" because they get no opportunities to get their hands dirty. poor little rich babies!

She's so fucking sheltered my god, disconnected from the real world altogether. she's lucky that she's a total nobody on the internet, if people paid attention to her online, they would roast her ass and mock the shit out of this video. And not only this video.

No. 1732507

File: 1672109557508.jpg (50.47 KB, 600x338, ae269395196cf0ce-600x338.jpg)

i'm sure someones made the comparison before but literally identical to dee when she and dennis got addicted to crack

No. 1732568

File: 1672119869985.png (1.23 MB, 764x774, arrow.png)

new pic of a ~nAsTy gIrL~ on a "dirty matress". kek these cringelords just carried a mattress to some slightly decayed building (properly hired from the owner) because they wanted a "dirty squat life" themed shoot. its so dumb considering that Arrow and her mother were pushing this fake "we were living in poverty" narrative

No. 1732574

lmaoo true. seriously wtf happened to her, why would you post yourself while looking that bad. Isn't she naked in this video and just covering herself with the blanket? this almost looks like post-sex pic or waking up too early after a drug binge…

No. 1732577

I’ve seen this woman off and on but I’ve always been under the impression she was mid 30s or early 40s you’re kidding that she’s that young talk about 24 going on 80

No. 1732592

All Arrow's attempts to very obviously market herself as - well, see above, are stuck in the past where there was this idea of being a prim and proper perfect housewife, and the more brash but still manicured personalities like Blondie or Siouxsie Soux was something refreshing. Now there is really no cultural pressure for western women to be prim and proper, it is more common to get your hands dirty, be messy, tough, whatever, and actually the trend now - the way to get the attention Arrow craves - is to be unhumanly perfect via wigs, makeup, and generous use of facechanging filters and editing.
Arrow fails at getting attention since she tries too hard to prove she is grungy and tough, when that is essentially the norm for irl women due to the general expectations and financial pressures we face today.
So she will literally never get attention for her escapades because the actual tough women can see she's faking it, and the trendhoppers can she she's about 40 years off trend, so all she has left are the pro anas

In summary she should follow Grimes' lead and lean into being a weird arty perfect alien robot girl rather than a faux tough woman, which is the least controversial or novel image in 2022

No. 1732674

>I’ve seen this woman off and on but
Please elaborate, any milk?
even worse she was only 21 when her first thread were made but she already looked old at 19. She's 23 now but she still acts like a 10 year old.

No. 1732678

Guys, she's reading the thread.
she deleted the "Nasty girls manicure DIY tutorial muh black plague nails eks dee" video.

Great, can you stop wearing other people's skin and roleplaying as a schizophrenic now, Arrow? You look like a total moron and frankly, you proved through and through you're a disgusting human being.

No. 1732711

Her parents should have sent her to military school when she was younger. She's so insufferable

No. 1732831

It feels like she’s trying to skinwalk shmegeh

No. 1732836

No no, don't give her free ideas! Anyways, weird arty perfect alien robot girl has been already done to death by Poppy and Grimes, and in both instances it was fake and got boring fast. Arrow has already been called out even by her fans on skinwalking Grimes for that one stupid photoshoot, i think it would be just another iteration of fakery. she had one opportunity to be original while doing the weird lanky alien i-D photoshoot and she just fully copied weaboo Grimes & bimbofication meme instead. she just doesn't know how to be honest/herself, because she has no personality. "Being herself" is for her copying others

that being said, maybe she tries to larp as otherwordly alien nymph next, considering she's friends with that weird pro ana chick who's into that ~aldeeran alien nymph being~ bullshit.

No. 1733627

jfc those shoes are literally 15 years out of style.

No. 1734582

No one has done a perfect robot girl who is grunge. Perfect cyber punk robot girl. Pretend your skinny arms and legs are cybernetic. Base it around the arrow pants, put more arrows over the costume, make them LED. L7 but steampunk

No. 1734866

>perfect robot girl who is grunge
That's the whole point. Perfect =/= grunge. One excludes another. Arrow isn't grunge, and she isn't perfect unreal beauty that would work the theme. All the robot girl larps fail over time, become obsolete sooner than later, and those who tried it always ditch it in the end. It becomes boring super fast. Bubblepop music worked with robot Poppy (mainstream wise. Poppy was a huge cow skinwalker who stole entire image/personality from Titanic's ex gf Mars Argo so i have no respect for her) before it got boring. Electro and industrial music works with robot the best. but Arrow plays mediocre LA indie rock and if she tried to work it with robot dressup, everybody would laugh. A robot girl throwing herself around the scene? That's not how robots work. she's cringey and fake at everything she does anyway and would fuck up the job. what you said could be an interesting idea, but not on someone like Arrow. and not with the flabby boyband she puts behind.

No. 1734868

File: 1672497924018.jpg (261.71 KB, 666x944, rammstein.jpg)

>Electro and industrial
which i meant it was obviously robotic in its sound primarily. It's a little harder to find robotic image-wise, but an example would be Rammstein. They had a vaguely robotic theme. Their first 3 albums were meant to have robotic machine-like sound, and they had silver metallic costumes. in 2001 they had a few variants of these Tron like shining stuff.
i think the robot girl concept would work but for metal/industrial bands only, and Arrow is not someone that would know what to do with that shit. she'd have to remodel her look, live behaviour and music completely.

that is, unless she ditches music and becomes dime a dozen Instagram thot with robot pics, then yes.

No. 1735543

File: 1672616069343.png (641.47 KB, 684x448, starcrawler2.png)

Something for you anons since you love to shit on him for his weight gain.

No. 1735544

File: 1672616110166.png (762.67 KB, 682x446, starcrawler1.png)

No. 1735638

File: 1672624425700.png (334.33 KB, 450x714, pic.png)

Imagine hating yourself so much that you decide to spend a New Years Eve watching Starcrawler.
Idk, maybe i'm a nitpicker but this whole thing looks laughable. Every move of hers is so contived and boring. That outfit is entirely ripped from Jenny Lewis. Literal confetti looks more interesting and fun that this chick and her band.

fuck it can't upload videos and imgur doesn't work either, i'll leave a link to a video then:


No. 1735639

File: 1672624504089.png (788.08 KB, 526x774, pic2.png)

Whatever she's doing onstage is just horrid level cringe and somehow even dumber than before, ideas running out. If her mediocre band doesn't get fed up with her narcissism finally and split up, i can imagine she'll be still flaining and flapping her limbs around onstage at 30 and then 40 year old lol:


No. 1735644

>can't upload videos
you'll have to convert them to webms to upload them

No. 1735649

Yep i know, i converted to webm and remembered to do proper size but i still got errors. i uploaded some vids before just fine, idk what's going on today.

No. 1735725

Skinwalking Taylor Momsen again I see

No. 1735727

imagine how shriveled up she'd be then if she already looks mid-30s in her early 20s, would be legitimately terrifying to see that creature flouncing the way she does now lmao

No. 1735736

It's because she's so gaunt and can't dress for shit. Being an ana-chan (or potentially just looking like one in her case) prematurely ages you. She could probably counteract this with better fashion choices, but instead she makes it worse with the shaved eyebrows and Avril Lavigne raccoon eyes. She probably thinks it makes her look like a spooky heroin addict or some shit, but in reality it just makes her look like Gollum.

She looked her age a couple years ago when she made better fashion choices: >>1680020 >>1680019

No. 1735799

File: 1672656547873.png (1.31 MB, 1104x804, a.clothes.png)

Both skinwalking Taylor Momsen and Jenny Lewis in one >>1710921, >>1549463 can't believe there are still people who think she's "sooo original and herself" like it's so blatant and she just walks someone's skin every new year.

No. 1735800

File: 1672656595939.jpg (120.99 KB, 400x398, the-pretty-reckless-light-me-u…)

No. 1736297

why does she almost look a normal weight here

No. 1736393

Looks normal because it isn't Arrow, nona it's Taylor Momsen kek

No. 1737448

the rammstein dude is a degen pedo

No. 1737449

the bassist is blowing up too
i want to know what's with the henri rapid aging

No. 1737450

her clothes fit but are once again literally 15 years out of date

No. 1737451

coke, microplastics, poor diet and lack of exercise

No. 1737453

I am retarded but at least my retardation proved the above nonnie's point lmao

No. 1737457

which one? I know vocalist and one of guitarists are huge whores fucking around, but never heard of them being pedo.

No. 1737459

File: 1672882626689.png (669.15 KB, 808x572, arrowdw3.png)

New beautiful posts by Arrow

No. 1737462

File: 1672882717231.png (830.34 KB, 826x542, arrowdw1.png)

i'm amazed how she picked the worst, most derpy shots strictly

No. 1737463

File: 1672882755785.png (640.26 KB, 830x580, arrowdw2.png)

No. 1737464

File: 1672882785809.png (740.36 KB, 812x566, arrowdw4.png)

No. 1737470

File: 1672883440648.png (755.83 KB, 500x781, arrw.png)

i would say almost all of the band members are aging prematurely and getting fat (the latter except for Arrow). Not very cute for a band that makes their entire career on being "so yooungg can you believe"
Anyways seems that Henri made his own tiktok in december and nobody noticed, kek.

No. 1737482

oh man she is wayyyy past the point where being extra skinny makes you look youthful and starts making you look haggish. tinfoil but sometimes i feel like her mom never encouraged her to eat more so she always looked more "unique" and marketable.

No. 1737513

Her mother looked the same once upon a time, they have family members who used to look like walking skeletons, and Arrow was a tall noodle as a baby already. it's been said 100 times but her state in her childhood & teens was genetic. I have no idea if Arrow tries to stay skinny NOW, and i think she'll maybe get fat past her 30's, but she's just freaky, that's not the matter of "mommy discouraged her from eating". The problem is her mother encouraged her to be an attention whore that thinks she deserves everything for no reason, and probably to be awful skinwalker and trash larper that she is

No. 1737515

File: 1672887614143.png (1.16 MB, 1112x758, aa.png)

No. 1737519

File: 1672888094623.png (56.67 KB, 748x446, autumn.png)

Anyways here's Autumn's newest post about her father Jerry De Wilde, who's also a famous and wealthy photographer. "Thanks for helping to raise Arrow"- alright, Autumn was maybe living at her papa's home or getting comfy papa trust fund whilst raising her child at the very least, up until she turned famous indie/celebrity photographer in like 2006-2011. She was getting help of RICH PARENTS, up until getting rich herself. That's alright. Why are you lying then, Autumn? why this whole pathetic "i was sooo struggling we've been through hell" LARP? You could always fall back on your famous wealthy dad, after running around with hottest new music stars, sorry but that's not poverty. not even close

No. 1737558

Locking it in
>gender fuckery despite always presenting feminine
>random terf arc
She's thirsty for attention so I assume she'll go by they/them or some shit

No. 1737569

also similarly, taking photos of Garbage for Vanity Fair at your home is not poverty, she had enough money to rent dozens of art studios in the area. that's perhaps the most kekworthy of the poverty stunts they tried to pull
i'm sorry but everything around this band, from Arrow's history to her family to fake career and reception is one of the most bizzare nonsense things, and since first threads OP Arrow turned into a full blown cow

she tries to be too ~sexy but messy whory feminine but also so nasty dirty girl but desired by old scrotes, can you tell~ now, but in a few years? possible

No. 1737920

Okay we get it bitch you're weird. Being this much of a try hard in your 50s is beyond pathetic

No. 1737947

i think in keeping with her "style" being trapped in the year 2009 she's trying to do the whole megan amram pfp/look fake ugly on purpose in pics thing, not understanding that it went out of fashion/stopped being funny over ten years ago

No. 1737949

arrow look stupid but autumn has one of those cluster b faces that freaks me out for no reason. like ever time you see a pic of her face you just feel weird some how

No. 1737952

til is a horrifying marilyn manson style tour degen who fucks teenages

No. 1737986

True, i forgot about this. All stories are 100% believable. Ahem, well anyways, it was just gave a fashion related example without praising Till guy. (He has way more cow stuff if you think about it, i remember we once had mainstream rock celebcows thread but it was kind of forgotten)

No. 1738043

It kind of reminds me of a less severe version of the Eugenia Cooney situation, in both a fucked up mom aggressively markets and enables emaciated stupid daughter to be an attention whore while wearing clothes trapped in the late 2000s. Really weird shit all around honestly

No. 1738047

File: 1672952056518.png (4.83 MB, 1508x2236, mtv.png)

And WHAT is that statement? i pretend to be mad cause i'm attention whore? kek
look at the faces she makes, she just melts getting her ass kissed by the program host lol. i'm bringing it up because she's reminding everyone she was on MTV for 100th time

No. 1738057

Statement in showbusiness means nothing. It's more "statement necklace" than "political statement" she's not using the word correctly because none of these types do

No. 1738061

Bruh she looks like she's creaming her pants here describing herself, it's kind of creepy

No. 1738062

It's just funny how she has no idea what she's talking about, everyhing she says is just mashed potato of nonsense. That's kinda terrifying how in love she is with herself and how all these people around fuel her ego so much that she thinks she's this elaborate, compelling, amazing artist and person

No. 1738063

Yep, and these are just screenshots, seeing this in motion is even more second hand embarassing

No. 1738071

I think it's unfair, but if people want to believe she's this troo pahnk who just a "star" thanks to hard work and not mommy's credentials,whatever guess you can't help it. it's just more directly annoying that everybody enables this bitch in skinwalking, aping mentally ill people (REAL! whole ass real people with names and all) and fake cutting and seisurring.
Thinking now, she probably thinks her lolcow thread is gone, lel. Is LC available in LA now?

No. 1738080

It really weirds me out and i know it's cliche to say at this point but its starting to feel like a black mirror/twilight zone type psychological horror episode unfolding

No. 1738088

It is in a way, all the people around her are feeding her delusions and saying she's the bestest and all. It is almost similar to Eugenia Cooney situation, but not even in ana/bodyimage sense. Her mother already raised her to be an attention whore, but her LA goons, fans and media people are adding up to her becoming an insufferable self-asskissing narcissist. she just thinks cosplaying other stars and putting on "crazy" as a costume (and being rude to people not "famous enough" for her) is totally alright and safe way, because no one's gonna call her out. I kind of wonder, if it ever happened (a more public callout than lolcow), what would be her cringe line of defense.

No. 1738090

like, i can't even tell if there were any other rock adjacent normies who faked mental illness/cutting for attention, she might be the only one moral-less enough to do that. the only examples i can think of are strictly internet culture lolcows - and these are usually slammed for it eventually.

No. 1738095

When I think of her stupid fake antics I think about how much of a genius Brian Wilson is and how much schizophrenia took from him, what depression took from all of the musicians who have committed suicide, and it just shocks me that someone in an industry where mental illness has caused so many deaths and suffering could be so selfish and tone-death. Like she even GREW UP surrounded by musicians! She has no excuse!

No. 1738097

she looks AIDS infected…fix it jesus

No. 1738103

I agree… i wonder if schizophrenia was something she took from her Katie Jane Garside obsession, KJ mentioned being diagnosed in this direction while in Daisy Chainsaw. she also mentioned old victorian asylums so it almost sounds like someone's came across Emilie Autumn lel

No. 1738105

File: 1672956323160.png (818 KB, 522x870, photo.png)

the bondage pants on her are amusing, idek why

No. 1738136

it looks like special gear thats in place because she has a tendency to shit her pants lol

No. 1738175

File: 1672960848142.png (944.27 KB, 524x825, om.png)

Why… did she get a shitload of (free?) Omighty shit? She also got stuff from Midnight studios and Carola Monteleone brands. why do you thank/flex, if you just ordered online? still trying hard to be model or get noticed by popular 3dGy brands?

No. 1738178

File: 1672960982528.png (516.38 KB, 602x746, picture2.png)

Anyways the chick she bought from is very on brand, same anachan/heroin larping style kek. honestly this account is blatant

No. 1738183

File: 1672961155960.png (1.3 MB, 1022x804, e.png)

No. 1738295

that is the worst facial structure i've ever seen on a man or woman that doesn't have an overt genetic deformity, no wonder she's a proana bitch with that mug

No. 1738296

i agree tbh. it's annoying to watch starcrawler do stuff but i 100% blame the parents. autumn is so disappointing to me now and i'm embarassed i simped for her when i was a photography student

No. 1738297

yes, basically all the "uwu cRaZy" artists she copies were dealing with actual mental illness, and their stage behaviour was edgy or whatever because it was taboo at the time to even try to normalize mental illness

No. 1738379

>but i 100% blame the parents.
That's not what i meant. Parents set her up as a teen and failed in ways that they'll never acknowledge, but that doesn't mean Arrow is not to blame for her antics. No matter how much she's babying herself, she's a 23 year old adult woman who makes her choices, and still she's the one who chooses to cosplay mental patients, drug addicts, and so on. she could have gone any other way, but nah. There are countless people with narc stage parents who then grow up to be humble, nice persons who find their own hobbies instead of being mommy's toddlers & tiaras kid onstage, Arrow really has no justification for her crap. Eugenia Cooney at least seems to be genuinely mentally disturbed, Arrow is not. i meant more it's creepy and completely unresponsible on their part (parents etc) how they're enabling all that shit and nobody ever tells her off. It creates a super weird situation, like has anyone ever told her no? has anyone close to her criticized her once? she's like Grimes, but even worse

No. 1738380

it looks like her cheeks got stung by a bee

No. 1738383

Arrow might ramble on how she's skinny genetically (which i believe), but this all shows Arrow clearly likes anachan spaces. It's more one more obvious she's seeking for anachan, skele-tall kinda types with "nasty"/heroin LARP ongoing and pumping all the "inspirations" from them. This Carola bitch is a literal whatsername, makes you wonder how exactly she found and sucked up to her.

No. 1738386

That anachan is signed with Anti-Agency. Arrow just randomly got shit from Omighty, and i've seen W.I.A. in the passing liking one of her posts. that makes me think Arrow is trying hard to get picked by Anti Agency or some other "alternative" (read: unequipped, short or too ugly) model company. ngl pretty funny after all that bitching how she hates modelling and how its oppressive kek.

No. 1738406

also read: models that would be considered distastefully thin in better regarded agencies, plus illegal in the entire country of france

No. 1738426

File: 1672979435983.png (27.11 KB, 738x268, kek.png)

Most retarded post ever, girl power has been doing well and a plenty without Arrow, lol. they're flexing now because Starcrawler was mentioned in some sort of "5 Trends That Ruled Rock in 2023" shitty article by Grammy. she's literally been given one unenthusiastic sentence

No. 1738445

>"5 Trends That Ruled Rock in 2023
willing to bet that absolutely no one under the age of 50 has read of or even been recommended this article lol

No. 1741570

File: 1673398372260.png (560.11 KB, 518x900, arrowdew.png)

No. 1741580

File: 1673399329599.png (785.27 KB, 1016x890, arrowdeww.png)

Gotta love their "promotional campaigns" they use to push their singles, witty aren't they. begging and zoomer baiting woo woo use this song or i'll come haunt your family with my fake beaten eyes and contact lens~ Lol and to think they used to be on "indie" label as nobodies but played night live sort of programs like Jools Holland, Canal+ and some more, and now just… this.
And in case you wonder, the song she's promoting here is the one they meant to be "like Nick Cave but sexier" kek

No. 1742328

10/10 on her circa-2004 married-at-18 USA gaiaonline user cosplay

No. 1742343

File: 1673491074350.png (931.16 KB, 748x1038, st.png)

Kek boomer boys are shocked that Starcrawler is at the bottom of the bill.
most perculiar "mainstream" career i've ever seen. i wonder if Arrow's seething, this whole thing overall probably isn't what she expected last year.

No. 1748464

File: 1674169399452.png (1.24 MB, 746x826, bush.png)

who did they fuck to go on tour with Bush? mommy's best friends with Gavin Rossdale? quite fitting, two shitty bands on one bill. a musical torture

No. 1749273

File: 1674268239585.png (1004.52 KB, 607x761, arrowdw1.png)

Lmao what is this carefully staged up new crackden LARP. she looks horrible. i would say she's on some drugs, but then again that's probably exactly what she wants others to think…

No. 1749275

File: 1674268539074.png (623.29 KB, 605x758, arrowdw2.png)

that #dottiedanger tag, it's so lame in a way that she and Gilbert always flex buying these original vintage punk clothes and memorabilia. desperately trying to get all that unavailable,
"legit" stuff to fill up something there isn't. Gilbert literally has a GG Allin tattoo, lol.

No. 1749292

File: 1674270961518.png (597.9 KB, 607x762, arrowdw3.png)

No. 1749356

Ngl it’s fascinating watching these washed up LA nepo babies scrounge around for a single original idea or aesthetic choice

No. 1752374

well at least she looks her age in these ones. like someone her age wearing a costume for a movie, but baby steps i guess. maybe her mom will go on tour with someone and arrow will start making her own identity and fashion choices.

No. 1752426

Lol girl, she's wearing basic jeans & a t-shirt to feel comfy at home like she prob always did. that's not baby steps, that's what everybody does. I don't see how Arrow wearing jeans is a sign indicating she's going to start developing her own identity or fashion lets be real

No. 1752437

Arrow's mother is not touring or living with her, they're separate for most of the time now (excluding photoshoots or family visits ofc). I don't think Autumn is choosing clothes for her anymore and hasn't for a good while. she buys her own, the problem is Arrow is a skinwalker. bitch thinks "having a personality" is cherrypicking from idols & youtube films, and fashion choices for her is just ordering replica costumes and eventually changing an object of her skin wearing a year later. it's not about her mom anymore, she's just 23yo adult that's a mindless blank page and lives through hardcore copypasting, she lacks creativity or self awareness so this won't magically change. it happens, but when you're like that you just make an instagram and post selfies for attention like other airheads, instead starting aband, using all your famous contacts to get "famous" and pretending you're so original/hard working/independent and basically always sucking your own dick like you have anything deep to say.

No. 1752867

i meant the movie makeup and fakeass hair look more natural in those pics than in her other "candid" photos
i didn't say her self-chosen outfit was a big sign of something just that she looks more chill here

No. 1753817

I live in LA, east hollywood specifically. On my Nextdoor app there was a post about this one house next door in my neighborhood that constantly makes fucking loud ass noise late into the night. The post was about how the guy that lives there runs some weird satanic sex cult. I lol’ed bc wtf obvs that’s ridiculous. Sent the post to a friend of mine to lol at with me. She immediately texts back about how no, that post is real, a dude who runs an underage sex cult does actually live there.

I was like wtf tell me more. So my friend is in a bunch of bands one of which plays with starcrawler occasionally and anyways long story short turns out my weird sex cult neighbor guy is arrow de wilde’s dad….the one she doesn’t really talk to and apparently this is why. Also it’s supposedly some open secret in the music / art community here that he’s a huge sex perv. I don’t work in entertainment or music but as I said a lot of my friends do and my bf is in a fairly popular band that does that fuck you like an animal song. I asked him about it and he had also heard the rumors but didn’t know enough confirm.

So nonnas I apparently live next door to arrow’s weird sex creep father lol. Will keep you posted. A few nights ago some young young girl was outside screaming and having a breakdown at 4am and I had to call the cops bc it was so intense and she wouldn’t stop making noise and I couldn’t sleep. That’s the latest update. LAPD never showed up and eventually she left. But it’s been a wild ride living next door with the weird music and noises and Constant foot traffic late into the night… also I am not joking this is a serious post!!

No. 1753949

please keep up updated nonna, that sounds crazy.

No. 1754011

You're dating Trent Reznor?

No. 1754087

can't be, Trent has a wife. I'm as confused as you but NIN since 90's/00's has had a wide variety of ever changing musicians so maybe anon dates someone who plays with/used to play with Trent…? hmm

No. 1754089

Kek wtf is that post, please write more! Idk if that's a shitpost i'm sorry idk what to think. But if it's true then its major, honestly i'd believe bc Arrow's parents seem to be major retards especially mother.

do you have any sort of proofs/screens you could post? Also my second question is, do you have any info on Arrow from that starcrawler-related friend of yours? insiders say Arrow has a horrible narc richgirl attitude and treats "less famous than her" people like shit, especially venue workers, photographers and women playing in support bands, i wonder if there's more gossip.

No. 1754249

File: 1674865393536.png (802.32 KB, 1430x742, sex cult guru.png)

I checked her insta and it doesn't seem like she's totally estranged from her father. she has a couple father's day posts and he leaves comments. they sure were on good enough terms that Aaron plugged her to Rough Trade. But then again, it doesn't seem like they meet at all maybe once a year for obligatory deadbeat father meetup, maybe LA anon is was right.

Arrow didn't stray far from daddy influence though, she's been dating a 30+ yo manlet since in her teen years and clearly having a DDLG kink. (possibly a homewrecker as well since just a few weeks before they dated Gilbert was married to another Arrow lookalike.)

No. 1754301

It has to be a cover band, Trent Reznor is married with 5 kids and lives in Brentwood. Also if her boyfriend played with NIN, how would she not know the name of his band? Kek

No. 1754317

Yeah, that part raises my doubt bc it's weirdly formulated. This is sus, i wanna say, who tf would care enough to post fake gossip about losers like De Wildes? But NIN bf nonsense and "Arrow doesn't really talk to" stuff (when she does at least on insta) sounds like a bait. unless anon comes back with receipts, nextdoor screenshots or anything.

No. 1754323

File: 1674872038134.png (784.06 KB, 524x934, newv.png)

Dude wtf… she looks terrible. doesn't even look like herself, reminds me of Toopoor or all these egirl chicks with Ashley/Maddie tier shitty bangs and bad mullet cuts.

No. 1754392

No not the singer. There are other people that play in that band lol even if they aren’t technically “band members”

Will def keep everyone posted lol shits wild

No. 1754401

>my bf is in a fairly popular band that does that fuck you like an animal song
NTA but I think this is what’s raising eyebrows anon, like people in an indie rock thread probably know who NIN are lmao

No. 1754403

Nta but that's just what you do online if you want to drop information about someone well known and you're somehow connected. It would be kind of retarded for her to just say it outright.

No. 1754406

Alright, anon dates some other member ffrom whichever version of NIN lineup. lets leave NIN bf talk though its not the milk we want.
can you pls post screenshots from that app or whatever? like anything showing its Aaron. am i getting this right, did he self-post on some dating app?

No. 1754414

This isn’t Lipstick Alley, she identified the band and gave a shit ton of other identifying info so it’s pretty silly not to just name it. Anyway like the other anon said it’s OT unless she brings receipts.

No. 1754418

File: 1674881848795.jpeg (206.36 KB, 750x708, 8950C75B-5071-4292-BA5A-B2206A…)

So this was the original message I got about weirdo cult dude…interestingly, had more confirmation about this creep (starcrawler dad) from another friend. Will post that next.

No. 1754419

Ok this is interesting anon, thanks and plz keep sharing!

No. 1754420

File: 1674882039690.jpeg (172.7 KB, 750x966, CB1345E0-B695-4B04-9E02-FA27A0…)

Second person now to confirm he’s a weirdo creep….I wish I could post more than one image at a time….forgive me nonnas I’m a lurker I don’t do this like “posting shit” too often!

No. 1754421

File: 1674882330061.jpeg (28.28 KB, 750x313, 7E017494-24E1-4F08-8E67-04FB69…)

And just to make sure she wasn’t joking.

I mean look everyone in LA is fucking weird but lemme tell you as this dudes fucking neighbor he’s next level weird. Like playing bongos naked at 6am weird. That also happens. My bf has def gotten into screaming matches with him about it…hilarious watching two older men call each other faggots as the sun rises.

Anyways that’s all I got for now. For all the Trent Reznor fans, I don’t have much gossip on him other than that he’s a natural redhead and his assistant shaves his back cuz he’s afraid people will see his red body hair. Enjoy lol

No. 1754557

>he’s a natural redhead and his assistant shaves his back cuz he’s afraid people will see his red body hair
KEK nona I really want this to be legit

No. 1754576

File: 1674893805733.png (576.62 KB, 904x682, cult1.png)

LMAO thanks guys, this is so fucked up hope you update us if you hear more of this hilarous shit n Aaron freaks out again (or if you have milk about Arrow). scrotes gonna scrote i guess. Well, Autumn always sperges on about being "weird/proud weirdo like everyone in this family" yeah we see lol.

I'm just gonna say that's so ironic considering Arrow is always tryign to act like this satanic, candle/voodoo/creepy-christrian collector "weirdo" poser onstage and offstage (remember her Aleister Crowley books and "witch/magic" gear she bought? she legit had "high sorceress" in her bio and whatnot barf) also i this reminded me of this article, i know they're joking but ths took on a whole new meaning, kek.

No. 1754578

File: 1674893933233.png (135.36 KB, 904x837, cult2.png)

also poor Trent, ngl redhead gossip is hilarious lel

No. 1754939

they sound like very spoiled children

No. 1756137

File: 1675036914802.png (1.23 MB, 1050x808, bush.png)

Holy, this old lady styling.
it's first day of her Bush tour, i see she thought it would be flattering and cool to start off their first meeting the right way, which is flashing her nipples at Bush and Jerry Cantrell.

No. 1756242

File: 1675048230932.png (1.03 MB, 746x998, scr1.png)

Lmao, whiteknights discovered the site. Idk if it's someone close to Arrow, could be a random stan though.

Whoever's lurking: This is a place where internet personalities get exposed for shitty things they do. A lot of things mentioned here is legit criticism. everything included here was willingly posted online by Arrow and others. some of the site is shitposting and dumb shit, but there are important issues raised, which seemigly ppl ignore.
>exploiting/mocking REAL, DOCUMENTED people with mental illness (which she herself boasts about)
>acting like a bitch to people working and hanging out backstage, for no reason, confirmed on a few independent occasions by different people. just because she was nice to you doesn't mean she wasn't a bitch to others.
>stealing art and skinwalking other artists
>nepotism issue & lying about it.

No. 1756243

File: 1675048416432.png (528.38 KB, 502x882, scr2.png)

Henri's video that's being referenced, transcript here.
>Arrow… exposed. Now we know all your secrets!
A: There's nothing to expose!
Someone else: Eyebrows aren't really blonde?
H: She's a fucking liar!

lol, someone's pressed. they obviously lurk.

No. 1756261

based Bush hater
interesting nonnie, please keep us posted
this person can't be older than 13

No. 1756269

Yep, seein now seems to be very young, i thought it's someone older.hopefully she grows out of this naivety one day.
Bush fucking sucks, idk who'd willingly go watch Bush in the 90's, let alone fucking 2023. Gavin Rossadale is a serial cheater also, Gwen wasted her years on that shitty marriage.

No. 1756417

Bush fucking suck great big hairy bollocks and Gavin Rosedale is a piece of shit but so is Gwen Stefani, she’s a vapid tradwife so no sympathy from me
I fucking hate it when normies find our beloved lolcor. Pointing out her shitty behaviour is not bullying, jfc these people need to get off social media

No. 1756418

This is actually fucking hilarious, I hope your friends have more anecdotes to share

No. 1756463

Isn't Gavin also troon chaser??

No. 1756542

File: 1675095104335.png (286.26 KB, 404x774, 1f.png)

A stoned eyed guitarist guy from Maneskin came onstage yesterday to play guitar with Henri Cash, and Victoria chick reposted. damn they must be jacking tf off about it, can you imagine that much of clout?? (and completely in vain, bc Maneskin's million followers couldn't care less about some nobody band from LA lol.)

they're gonna try to leech Maneskin so hard now that they're vaguely "acquaintances", waiting til their inevitably post about it like 100 times hoping to ride the coattails.

No. 1756651

she's got bulimia cheeks, or is it just me? she's so puffy in the face

No. 1756937

File: 1675125087314.png (669.25 KB, 516x916, 66161.png)

Lmao, as if she fucking cares. so funny she pretends now to care about this guy's camera, when she used to straightup steal ppl's phones & cameras and smash them tf on the floor, and then laugh it off in interviews acting like the people who were upset about it were fucked in the head bc apparently they should be thankful, i guess.

No. 1756939

File: 1675125187964.png (558.59 KB, 530x916, 622.png)

No. 1756943

File: 1675125335052.png (564.02 KB, 540x814, vczzcz.png)

"i'm so cool and wild guys look"
guess that's a step forward since she ditched posting hospital pics (and fake hospitalization/reanimation pics) but cringey nonetheless

No. 1756945

prob not bulimia, but she absolutely gets a weird swollen face look sometimes, we speculated fillers but that'd be kinda weird when she's trying hardest to look messy and ugly n be so TROO

No. 1757461

her tiny face doesn't have room for the lip fillers she gets, let alone the additional cheek ones.
i get it, i have this type of sunken corpse/horse face too, but the only way to cope is to go for natural looks, use a lot of moisturizer, nude makeup at most. you can even have straight hair, just don't make it a harsh colour or dry it the fuck out with bleach when you're already really dry and gaunt looking. you can't dress up as britney spears when you have a skeleton body, it just makes you look like an old prostitute.

No. 1757462

lolol manufactured corporate band maneskin who don't even try to lie about being an idol factory product? how tf is arrow gonna spin this as aUtHeNtIc

No. 1757537

you think she gets lip fillers? I'd like to see a good past/present comparison pic tbh idk about that but then again Dani Miller is also this fake punk/i luv being uglee type of bitch, but she gets a shitton of lip fillers so who knows.

i mean yeah, shes just not gifted when it comes to genes/appearance, happens. i think it's kinda shocking sometimes bc she looks like she aged good 10 years in a really short time as well, she doesn't help her case with the crackhead prostitute styling she so insistently goes for. i meant more extreme swollen/bloated face like >>1702480 she almost looks like she has some allergy sometimes.

No. 1757547

no idea, but it's clear they must've called them and invited them for this show ~just for that sweet sweet promotion~ which failed spectacularly. Maneskin has no interest in playing/hanging out with Starcrawler, it's like Metallica or AC/DC hanging out with a local pub band from buttfuck nowhere. i mean popularity levels are so so distant. both Maneskin and Starcrawler are about as "genuine" or "authentic" as you can expect lol, but ManeskinxStarcrawler crossover is something i'd never expect, it's so so clear Arrow's existence would NEVER be known to them if not for Arrow's mother cred & getting invited to the same VIP celebrity Gucci/hollywood kinda parties n photographers introducing each other. Btw is Maneskin milky, i wonder what thread would be fitting for them. there was a Rock cows thread but it's never active because it's on /ot/.

No. 1757820

I was at the Bush show, front row. Wow, Starcrawler are truly bad and pathetic. It was PURE COMEDY.
For one, Arrow only performed for the cameras in front of her trying to be as sexual as possible. It was hilarious. She can't work a stage to save her life.
Nor can she sing, dance or even move. Hell, she can't even dress decent.
No one cared. Literally. No one cheered, no one clapped. If they weren't so arrogant and would have actually tried, I would have felt pity.
They became frustrated. Arrow started talking shit. No one cared. No one said anything. It was amazing.
When Maneskin guy came up, no one cared…

No. 1757865

>They became frustrated. Arrow started talking shit. No one cared.
Lmao, what was she saying? That must've been hilarious lol. first show, in fuckign LA mind you (the only place where they have some fans) and they already screwed up so bad. it sounds to me like they wanted to start with a bang and throw Maneskin guy as a show stopper bonus, but it went how it went lol. I wish there were some vids showing the audience's reaction ha. i found ths one showing her super awkward moves though. will post more if there's any

No. 1757876

i can see what anon said about dead front row. there's a couple live vids on youtube, not posting to force you all to sit through this shit obviously, but you can watch a couple of seconds to give you idea how laughable it all is. she gets worse and worse, their good moment is long gone.

if this was any other band failing so fuckin hard, maybe i'd feel pity but not gonna lie it feels satisfying to watch them get ignored especially when you remember she's recklessly making a circus out of mental illness, or that smug ass narcissistic faces she makes whenever someone tells her she's oh so great

No. 1757880

that time they try to make people jump and maybe 3 ppl do, kek.

No. 1757883


No. 1757884

yeah, that's fresh filler in her face.

No. 1757885

>I was at the Bush show, front row.
it's recommended that you don't admit to being a 50 year old man on this website

No. 1757894

anon's choice of concert is worst of the worst, but to be fair there's a couple of young women visible in the front row.

No. 1757899

As a young lady, I went to the show with my dad. But yeah. It wasn't good.
Arrow was calling people 'millennials', 'lazy fucks', 'dogs', 'losers not from L.A.' and so on.

No. 1757901

That's absurd, she cares enough to get filler shots in her face, but can't be bothered to brush her hair, get decent extentions, etc. i mean that's a person who said she likes fleshing out her eye bags w. makeup, and suddenly… face fillers. LA is a horrible place

No. 1757902

WTF that's pathetic. no fucking wonder she considers "millenials" a bad thing, i mean they're not her beloved pervy male boomers.
Do you remember maybe the songs during or after she was saying that shit? it was the show at Holywood Palladium right?

No. 1757907

>losers not from LA
of fucking course. She thinks being from LA is some sort of nobility. there was an interview in which she was sucking her own self over being "a 3rd generation angeleno" and talking down all the people who "just came to LA".
considering she cares so much, funny how she did a whole tour so far in shithole nowhere towns, since 2022 she played in LA maybe 3 times max, and when she does, it's always at Lodge Room. which makes perfect sense, i remember reading that Henri Cash's father is a tech/sound engineer at Lodge Room.

No. 1757955

haha "millenials" oh noes, 30 year olds who are tired all the time because they work too much at low paying jobs. what a harmful and dangerous demographic.

No. 1757956

yah i was >>1757461 and that's what i meant. she's using makeup and hair that is the opposite of what you need with her body type

No. 1757957

i thought being from LA was something people are ashamed of because it sucks there? the only people born there who stay there are gang members or children of celebrities. it's s shithole

No. 1757989

She sounds completely out of breath. Her mic is always so low, or she just can't sing, you can never hear her. There's one starcrawler fan that sings along and funny enough she's louder than Arrow. her voice is not just boring, it's shit.

After they played I Love LA, there's literally one person that can be heard clapping at the end. Same >>1757883 only one guy claps when she tries to guide the crowd.

If they thought Maneskin would be a cherry on top, a legendary show or what, then they just embarassed themselves, even Maneskin members must've been questoning what are tjey doing here.

this is it, this band is over. if that's not a hard reality check then what is?

No. 1757998

I've never heard of anyone decent being proud to be from LA, it's just always rich artfag people like Arrow who obsess over "LA culture". I mean even naming song "I Love LA"? even boomers who like them cringe at that. it's one of the ugliest, most boring places, but she'll tell you it's incredible because of a mixture there's high success buuuut theres also a ~seedy underbelly~ full of junkies and hobos who "came here and failed"!
imagine using millenial or "not from LA" as an insult,this girl is te saddest she's seething and coping hard at this point. Arrow, if so many people can't enjoy your show, then maybe YOU are the problem, not them.

No. 1758001

idgi why she has to be mean to everyone at the concert. if you like being a musician you play happily even if only 3 people come to your show. many bands in my city play at 9:00PM before the main band and they try very hard. it's still practice time even if no one comes to watch you. she doesn't seem happy in her job.

No. 1758007

that's because she's only in it for fame and attention, and when nobody's willing to kiss her ass she gets angry. Remember she's used to getting overblown compliments for no effort at all her whole life. There are stories like her spitting at people, spitting in people's food, spilling drinks at, smashing cameras and so on just cause they didn't seem sufficiently enthusiastic about her. It's a 6th month new album promotion cycle and all they try is failure, the media and Autumn's friends seemingly stopped flogging her as much. this seems to be a downhill. i have 0 sympathy for her, the way she acts out is of a 6 year old spoiled brat, not a 24yo adult.

No. 1758020

File: 1675222519500.png (161.79 KB, 942x920, clip.png)

after playing so many failed shows and reading callouts you would expect her to humble herself, but no. what stands out to me to this day is how in some article she outwardly said she considers herself above everyone, and repeats like 10 times that she thinks of herself as better than her audience and compares herself to god constantly. Speaks volumes.

All the punk/truly good musicians always speak a total opposite, that they aren't better than their audience, they're the same humans beings, and if you think you're better then you're an asshole with awful personality who will inevitably fail at what you do.

No. 1758599

jfc there is not one word in that essay about MAKING MUSIC

No. 1758665

in further part of the interview she talks "Music is of course most important BUT" etc etc but it's like one sentence compared to a spergout of "ya need to feel better than/i'm a god/i'm above" bullshit.
i'm very curious how the last night's show on Feb 1st went, because they didn't say anything/post any pics or videos at all (like they usually did). feels like LA show was a mild shock to them.

No. 1758919

wtf >>1758001 is right; she just sounds mean

No. 1759481

File: 1675370061220.png (822.34 KB, 488x778, 11x.png)

tfw your the audience doesn't want to think of you as a higher god


No. 1759483

File: 1675370112686.png (631.36 KB, 494x778, 11x2.png)

jfc their faces just tell everything.

No. 1759486

File: 1675370180654.png (603.92 KB, 486x784, 11x3.png)

No. 1759506

she's wearing a passable stage outfit for 2006 that was unoriginal even then, but has 100% gen z hairstyle. it's a fashion fail sorry arrow
dressed as 2008 for no reason, zero cool points but at least his clothes fit unlike henri
looks like he was grown in a lab by a label that signs your rock band if you agree to pivot to dance-pop and use their sessions guys instead of your own backing band & make you take dance lessons

No. 1759531

that outfit is 100% ripped off from Jenny Lewis, but since we called her out, she took off the pink bow and changed heels for these dirty boxing shoes (how original). you're right about the year, i think it was 2005/2006 era JL.
The box dye blonde guy in a pyjama is Henri's younger brother.

No. 1759538

File: 1675374718121.png (820.09 KB, 914x1376, bowie.png)

Arrow calls this her "Bowie era", if you didn't know. there's nothing Bowie about her besides very loosely relation in a form of suits and shirts i guess. other than that i have no idea what she means… maybe that she could skinwalk Thin White Duke with this weight, lol.
no but seriously, i get it, she says she makes up fake personas for the stage, but that falls flat. I see no change in her persona, she's the same "i'm a schizo bitch with seizures teehee" except she stopped spitting blood and started skinwalking Jenny Lewis. wow, the evolution is real.

No. 1759811

??? wtf is she saying
why do i read this thread

No. 1765401

File: 1676078208865.png (597.27 KB, 534x908, screenshot1.png)

>~Hollywood Princess is in NYC~

KEK wtf is wrong with her. talking of herself in 3rd person and announcing herself as princess of her shitty city, typical cow. That wouldn't normally be milky at all if she joked once, but it's like 100th time she calls herself "Queen of LA" or some variation. this honestly reminds me of Kathy Parkavenuepinup with her "Your findom mistress is gracing 7-11 with her godly presence this afternoon at 5pm! Indulge and send your tips!" type of tweeting lol

No. 1765403

File: 1676078335281.png (1.09 MB, 526x914, screenshot2.png)

she went to Rodarte gala ofc

No. 1765459

I wish just once arrow would try performing instead of performing performers performing.
Whenever she talks about her process or influences I am reminded of something I read once about how when normal people see a terrible accident they’re sad, shocked, horrified etc. A psychopath in the same crowd will study those faces with dispassionate curiosity and then try them out in the mirror when they get home.
I’m not saying she’s a psychopath. I am saying that it’s fascinating and very sad to see someone devote their life to doing a poor performance of performing, for no other reason than to be perceived as a performer. There is no soul to what she does, and no amount of her obsessive studying, copying or reflecting can ever recreate that.

No. 1765479

File: 1676087619525.png (433.09 KB, 524x774, tiktokq.png)

Lol, their label orders them to make more Tiktoks, Henri had to make account of his own. that's pointless, zoomers just don't care for them. idk maybe they think it's the last resort way to make them happen, but it doesn't work.

No. 1765486

>A psychopath in the same crowd will study those faces with dispassionate curiosity and then try them out in the mirror when they get home.
Yeah, i agree. Ofc she's not a psychopath, but still she's a person devoid of empathy and morals. she studies mentally ill people like objects, treats them like a private gallery of curiosities. she literally said mentally ill make fascinating subject to photograph or something. She doesn't care that it's immoral, degrading and hurtful to these people (and loved ones who care for them) to parrot their involuntary moves, mirror them etc. for attention. all doesn't matter, fame & attention is the only one she cares about. it's insane that people look over that

No. 1765528

File: 1676093353206.png (833.34 KB, 526x912, xxxx.png)

I kind of wonder if they let her walk the runway for Rodarte. After years of Arrows public seething about runway, maybe they figured out she's dying to do it.

No. 1765529

File: 1676093433728.png (447.81 KB, 520x912, xxxx21wzxcc.png)

but then again, this dress is too plain and shitty for Rodarte so idk.

No. 1765599

She's been looking sickly skinny lately, in the past it looked liked she was just lanky but this is concerning.

No. 1766067

it's a last ditch effort to reap some sweet, sweet attention because this whole "band" thing she's doing isn't working out

No. 1766081

uuuuggghhhhh no more weightsperging plz. i want more posts like >>1765459

No. 1766101

The tour with Bush is over and i guess it's safe to say it was their biggest failure… they only got a couple professional photos taken and the account who posted them said Arrow was saying shit like “Minneapolis, this is the coolest retirement home we’ve ever played!!” kek i mean Arrow, i thought you like boomers.

When will they understand that when nobody is having fun at their shows, that means their band sucks, not anybody else.

No. 1766104

Wow the few fans she'd managed to accumulate are going to be so put off by that sort of behavior, it's amazing seeing them overtly self-destructing like this

No. 1766241

>Arrow was calling people 'millennials', 'lazy fucks', 'dogs', 'losers not from L.A.' and so on.
Holy shit this is the opposite of what a small band should be doing.

No. 1766246

This is so far and beyond what any music fan thinks or wants. Good musicians can show up in sweatpants and nobody cares because they love the music. The tl;dr is literally
>I think I am higher than you and a god because I wear old thrifted clothes unlike you, person who buys new clothes
quite the assumption, thrifting is very normie
>and this means you should worship me
Idk what job she should be doing but being a musician is not it

No. 1766351

that was straight up one of the most narcissistic things i've ever read outside of mass killer manifestos, girl is actually fucked in the head and narcissistic to the point of delusion if that's what she thinks people want out of musicians. Makes sense if her dad actually is a cult leader because narcissism tends to run in familes. Los Angeles can't burn to the ground fast enough.

No. 1766774

it's easy to shrug it off as "aww she's just sassy teen save rocknroool" behaviour if you're a) 50+ b) don't research this person besides seeing a few live videos. she's lucky that little amount of fans she has don't care enough to read her interviews or search for any info about her.

No. 1766784

Nobody coming to shows, even less rock shows, wants to see performers as gods. Attitudes like hers are openly resented and laughed at by both audience AND people in the industry. She just admits she thinks of herself as better than everyone, in another paragraph she talks about expecting people to kiss her ass and mocking people who aren't "stars" like her. i will add it wasn't an "official" sort of article that matters, it was interview for a nobody fanzine made by a student or whatever. Instead of playing nice for benefits as usual, she basically flexed and boasted to a random girl bc she knew she could.

as one of the contributors to this thread, will say she surpassed all my suspicions about her from couple years ago. Girl is a narcissist. not in a medical way, but one of those fucked up insufferable people who are convinced everything they do is godlike.

No. 1766786

File: 1676244355278.png (776.38 KB, 602x760, chelsea.png)

>Morning babes, @gilberttrejo38 and my baby bat @arrowdewilde 🖤 @hotelchelsea

They're at Chelsea Hotel, surprised that she isn't taking time to skinwalk Nancy Spungen or Taylor Momsen yet. Autumn posted this, not that it's inappropriate or whatever but makes me sort of cringe when i remember she liked to sneak at night and photograph Arrow & her ex boyfriend sleeping together. weird vibes.

No. 1766801

i think it's kind of weird to take pictures of your daughter in her underwear with her boyfriend. especially romantic photos of that.

No. 1766817

Yeah, same here but i thought maybe i'm exaggerating. it's weird to have your mother do your "just crawled out of bedroom in my underwear" intimate sort of pics with boyfriend… but then Autumn was taking "hot" pics of Arrow topless when she was freshly 18, and her grandpa liked her ass pics 2yrs ago. This family likes to think they're super weird and artsy, but the only weird thing beyond their collective narcissism is that they're oddly vouyeristic

No. 1767605

File: 1676338155557.png (1.04 MB, 622x744, g.png)

But of course she spends days looking for her own gettyimages…

No. 1767606

File: 1676338289708.png (857.12 KB, 542x814, 33.png)

…and tells her boyfriend to photograph photographers photographing her like she's surrounded by some paparazzi. and then you realize she literally had to go to her mother's WORKPLACE to get celebrity treatment. crazy

No. 1767609

File: 1676338411087.png (1.02 MB, 630x798, adw2.png)

that's not even subtle. she had a similar white + black lingerie old pics as well

No. 1767612

File: 1676338459715.png (724.79 KB, 499x786, tmomsen.png)

No. 1767622

i have nothing against it on a rational level but for some reason guys being shorter than their GFs makes my lizard brain really annoyed

No. 1767624

hideous spoiled goblina

No. 1767632

Right?! I’m from a family of art/musicfags who are all varying degrees of eccentric (read: unhinged), my dad is a photographer and my parents used to be nudists but there is no way in hell they’d ever want to see raunchy photos of me, much less be involved in taking said photos. This family seems fucking degenerate on all sides, what with the De Wilde generational pervy voyeurism and Sperske hosting satanic orgies or whatever.

No. 1767633

i have nothing against this pic, but her mother is kind of a creep, she was walking in and photographing Arrow and her bf sleeping in the bed as teens and posting it online. i mean they prob were fine with it later, but the thought she was sneaking in when they slept because she has to document ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING about her daughter, ew. Gives off too-involved mommy vibes which we know Autumn in fact is.

No. 1767648

Like imagine "mom can you take pic of my tits for the gram?" or her grandparents thirstposting at her ass in a pseudo BDSM dominatrix and aligned porn-themed shoot. wtf acts like that. that's not even case of being prudish/being artsy wEiRDD family, it's just… parents don't take pimp porny photos of their kids, nor do they encourage them in doing so. (unless your name is Kardashian lol) they don't look at your nudes. Aaron at least has his own perv cult, De Wildes are sexualizing their own grand/daughter.

No. 1767661

we need to learn more about her dad's alleged sex-cult practices because all of this bizarre shit would make sense if thats the sort of ethical paradigm they're all operating under

No. 1767668

anon said he gets young and underage girls and has loud orgies at night that involve some ritual satanic reciting or somethign

No. 1767673

I don't get how her fans/acquaintances don't notice how narcissistic or arrogant she is, even her social media mirrors a very self-obsessed owner. not mentioning how she behaves in the videos or interviews. i'm honestly weirded out by industry people perceiving Arrow as a child and caping for her shitty attitudes. even recently Suzie Cave sends her stuff and comments somr shit, that comes off so stupid. ~cute baby bat uwuu~ She cannot be rude because she's nice to us~
At least good thing is less and less of these people promote her, all of these celebs/musicians and journalists who pushed her in 2018 never speak of starcrawler anymore

No. 1767675

yeah the babying of her is extra uncanny and weird because she looks like she's in her late 30s and acts like a butthurt jaded boomer

No. 1767812

I have to say the cheek fillers are making her look way less uncanny. Being so thin with a thin face at her age, looking much older while acting and talking like a teenager, it was very strange. >>1767612
This is too similar to be a coincidence, such a "god" with superior fashion, yet makes 1:1 copies of other artists

No. 1767926

it sounds like he mass-invites young models/new actresses/wannabe influencers - that's the most common way that kind of guy gets large groups of non-kidnapped teenagers to his house. in LA also there are tons of runaway/stripper types who have fake IDs. he sounds like a piece of shit but he could technically not be committing any crimes and just get away with this unless he rapes one of them.

No. 1768072

This person is so ugly. I don't know or care why there's some persistent anon(s) fuming whenever it's said.

No. 1768179

i feel so jealous of her long torso though. this is the desired shape rn and anything else gets you gondola spurdo or peter griffin memed. idk

No. 1768207

>this is the desired shape rn
anon, no. she wears clothes that make her look fine, but her torso is almost longer than her legs, optically. what weird places on the net you been visiting? that's definitely not something desired.

No. 1768211

File: 1676414951756.png (742.25 KB, 608x758, tttt.png)

kek i guess her new way of grabbin attention is taking these "slutty" pics in underpants, garters and same old stockings. btw i said "weird she isn't skinwalking Taylor Momsen at Chelsea" way too soon, that's exactly what she went for.

No. 1768222

idk i just only see long torso shape. even if you have a flat stomach long legs are not "in" right now. long body is tho

No. 1768247

File: 1676418029116.jpg (22.53 KB, 203x275, 1616721687923.jpg)

not that it matters at all, but here, examples from early threads. look beyond the way-pulled-up thong string and where her hips start. this pic especially >>1176641, >>1346630, >>1346635, >>1127215, >>1234130, >>1339205
First time hearing about this "trend", which will prob flip around in a couple of months, and which literally nobody beyond perpetually online model-obsessed coquettes knows or cares about. buy low cut jeans. or grow up and stop worrying about idiotic zoomer trends.

No. 1768255

>nobody beyond perpetually online model-obsessed coquettes knows or cares about
kek nta but model/fashion-adjacent anons are all over this site. i could see them feeling bad compared to this girl who has the "in" shape even though she's too tall to get runway work or non-shitty editorial work.

No. 1768260

i wanna clarify i'm not trying to shit on the way she looks, i'm shitting on people who dictate nonsensical trends. i'm sorry but i feel skeptical at least about these retarded online "aesthetics" glorifying extreme/unattainable shapes and having influence on zoomers online, nobody should care for that. enjoy your torso and legs, anon. this trend has no existence in people's lives besides mayyybe pro runway modelling (but still they absolutely require long ass legs). And yet, her bodyshape is so "trendy" that she still cannot land any fashion/catalog/runway deal.

No. 1768264

yep a lot of farmers noticed… interestingly though, Arrow is not even goals for audience i mentioned. back when i searched for any marfan syndrome rumour info i've noticed she has either Skinny gossip or My pro ana thread but even there they said it's too extreme for them.

No. 1768318

File: 1676423189049.png (1.87 MB, 1032x894, tiktok1.png)

Her new tiktok shows the contrast she looks embarassingly out of place. not original, just kinda stupid. Everybody watching is dressed plain and even runway models wear long dresses covering body, and she's the only one walking around in kitch lingerie. just the amount of photos, videos and takes show that she came here expecting to be a well-documented celebrity.

Taylor did that style amazingly way, way better.

No. 1768321

File: 1676423339432.png (454.53 KB, 512x904, tiktokk.png)

always that same smug ass face.

No. 1768361

what event is this? i was thinking "oh they gave her a really nice outfit for this show" thinking it was a runway show or rodarte party, and that everyone was dressed like her/that was the theme. but you're saying it was a normal party and other people just wore regular dresses?

No. 1768386

File: 1676431135891.png (1.36 MB, 1038x858, 123v.png)

No, it WAS Rodarte runway show, but people sitting on chairs look rather normally dressed. Idk if ALL of them, but judging from the videoclip. Models ofc wear goblin/fairy witchy costumes but these were elegant long ish dresses, not trashy prostitute Taylor Momsen ripoff stuff. dress was probably Rodarte but she obviously ripped overall look from Taylor & not even her first time.

No. 1768387

you can check Rodarte's instagram for pics of guests, they wore normal evening dresses. Arrows stolen look is looks tryhard and clashing with both guests and runway theme. i mean she does look like a goblin in those pics, but not thanks to dress.

No. 1768507

Anon your body is fine. A long torso usually means long hips and long hips can create this weird apple shape in the lower stomach that makes you look weirdly round and chubby even at a low weight (since the widest point of the hip is higher than normal). Plus the longer the torso/hips the bigger the hip dips.

No. 1768604

i like the "trashy prostitute" dress she has, but it's wtf to be a guest - not walking in the show - and wear a statement piece from the designer that's from a different year/line. you're not in the show, don't do that.

No. 1768670

This is so fucking bad my god. I don’t like Taylor Momsen’s music at all (though she is indisputably talented) and while I’m not keen on her style either at least she seems authentic, this is so contrived it’s embarrassing

No. 1769050

>long hips can create this weird apple shape in the lower stomach that makes you look weirdly round and chubby even at a low weight (since the widest point of the hip is higher than normal).
no no, this is what happens when you DON'T have a long torso. that's why it makes me jealous kek

No. 1769051

ot but i actually really like the stuff that was in this show. it seemed a modern internet/hype-influenced version of 70s caftan style?

No. 1769131

File: 1676511158614.png (968.04 KB, 606x756, 2.png)

>THANK YOU @bush for having us on tour & to those who came to see us, we had the best time!!!!

you guys pissed her off with your comments how everybody hated them at Bush shows, in fact she had ~the best time~

No. 1769134

File: 1676511496932.png (824.68 KB, 514x896, qwrrrrtyeyue.png)

is that her way to tell us she's fine with her father's satanic orgy cult? jk but just, lol at all this whole situation, LA sucks.

No. 1769882

She looks like Taylor Momsen from Wish.

No. 1769964

File: 1676599308486.png (999.2 KB, 640x827, 7166cxx66.png)

I really don't get anon's psycho obsession with her torso.

No. 1776119

File: 1677286322698.png (78.67 KB, 976x734, xx2.png)

A miracle, she publically said she's inspired by Katie Jane Garside for the first time ever. or second, at the very least.
Funny how she puts Sable Starr on the first place, a 13 year old statutory raped by Iggy Pop, and broken by the very next person she mentions as influence, Johnny Thunders. Sable was in a harmful relationship with him, as underager, and he was abusive to her to the point she felt her whole self was devastated after that time.

Since you're lurking here Arrow, congrats on glamorizing abusive relationships. nice to see you suddenly feel safe enough to admit you rip from Katie Jane, but it doesn't change you're a skinwalker. same habits, she just changed objects of her copycating.


No. 1776120

File: 1677286415943.png (88.69 KB, 974x638, xx113232.png)

didn't she brag about being babysitted by Tom Petty and his friends just a year ago? and now suddenly it's "my boyfriend did a video for him", okay.

No. 1776130

File: 1677286693373.jpg (198.01 KB, 1430x953, star-crawler.jpg)

pic from said interview. I know it was not her intention, but wow, those old tumblr proana vibes.

No. 1776157

lol it definitely WAS her intention, you're giving her way too much credit here

No. 1776163

hah idk about that one but i remember the pics where she pulled her shirt up and posed in ways to show off her whole skeleton peeking on her back, but everyone who pointed out its a sketchy move got yelled at.

No. 1776167