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File: 1631457418497.jpg (173.4 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 908623

Previous: >>>/ot/892366

>>906872 Mulaney cheated on his wife with Olivia Munn, who's pregnant with their kid
>>906698 Billie Eilish's stylist needs to be fired
>>905938 Chloe drops a music video for Have Mercy
>>905360 Ariana Grande has pumped her face with one too many fillers (yet again)
>>905200 Themi Lovato encourages her fans to be sluts and make porn
>>905061 Azaelia Banks threatens(?) Slavoj Zizek in an Insta post
>>904798 Lardy del Rey releases a new song to fall asleep to
>>904784 JLaw is preggo
>>902100 Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud died from breast cancer. Rest in Peace.
>>900610 Mark Ronson marries Meryl Streep's daughter
>>900564 Kanye West works on a homeware line
>>893528 Azealia Banks has a trashy photoshoot
>>893451 Kanye and Kim recreated their wedding to close the last listening party for Donda
>>892631 The baby on Nirvana's famous album cover is suing Nirvana over child sexual exploitation

No. 908624

Reposted because there were typos. Please no weight sperging

No. 908638

File: 1631458745814.jpg (118.31 KB, 771x742, Screenshot_6.jpg)

No one asked for this, Marge

No. 908646

File: 1631459290695.jpg (102.77 KB, 1280x720, ew.jpg)

It is great that she is staying fit, but her faaaace. It looks scary, almost like a latex face mask. Plastic surgery/fillers can be pretty good in 2021, I wonder why she (as a rich person) looks so botched? She should be able to afford the best surgeons, no? I think she and Demi had the same procedure done, but to be fair Demi looks better in more recent pictures, I think she got rid of some fillers. Madonna on the other hand…

No. 908657

it's sad that she tries so hard to pretend she's 20, doesn't she realise that most people make fun of her? and i'm not saying that because i want to gatekeep "being sexy", but because i think it's truly sad that an old lady still wants to be seen as a sex symbol living up to the standards of scrotes who think women are in their peak when they're 18. i don't wish that kind of mindset on any woman, they deserve to feel comfortable about aging. she should try to cater more to women and gay men who take up the bigger part of her fanbase, cus i can't see anyone but porn sick scrotes with a granny fetish liking this. also
>the awards winning pop star also added a few water drop emojis to her saturday night uploads.
kek. peak journalism

No. 908682

Crazy hag

No. 908683

Lana Del Rey deactivating social media is the best idea. She barely promotes projects on hers anyway, has zero social graces, this also aligns with her numerous statements of "I just want it to be ab the music". Probably a career saver and like another anon said, her shit will sell regardless as her fans are rabid and Americans are actually the only people who seen to hate her. She's well respected in other places such as UK and much if South America Tbh I feel that many popular female artists hate her for just that reason - she doesn't have to do things they need to for promotion. Also tinfoiling that she gets super hot and fit out of the spotlight and people will wanna see more of her, she seems to be trolling a lot lately. The Lana cult will follow, they always do

No. 908685

americans as a whole don’t even hate her, there are just a few rabid anons here that make it seem that way

No. 908702

Some of her fans think she's leaving the country soon because she posted pics of her passports yesterday. Possibly for a while

No. 908712

The funny thing is, I think Madonna is the rare woman who isn't doing the insane plastic surgery stuff to appeal to straight men. She was definitely seen as a style icon in the 80's, but I don't think she was ever that popular among straight males. Her fanbase was mostly women and gay men, and I actually think that her fixation with looking young has more to do with her inner circle of aesthetic-obsessed gays and faghags. She's like Pete Burns or Dolly Parton, somehow who'll get any procedure, no matter how fake looking or jarring, to try to maintain their "iconic" look.

No. 908713

If true, leaving LA would probably be good for her too, she's always seemed like she hopelessly wanted to fit in with the LA life but couldn't get anyone in the industry to like her. She seems to be respected in the industry but not liked. I never understood the ever increasing whole California this, Venice that, Los Angeles this, Cali as a backdrop for every music video, etc. Los Angeles sucks the artistic life out of everyone. I'd love see her move to Berlin and let her musical self go wild I think that would be amazing and fun if you've ever heard her unreleased, her range is actually huge

No. 908721

She is so severely mentally ill at this point

No. 908734

so true, los angeles is a big smoggy shithole and i dont get why so many people still act like it’s amazing and beautiful. it’s literally covered in shit, piss, and hobos

No. 908771

i'm the original anon and this pic shows what i meant. neither hadid is runway size. when they do get to "skinny" it's hollywood skinny and takes so much work&is so unnatural they only ever stay like that for like a week.
there are different kinds of models and these two are not and never were runway or high fashion material. they're hot nudie mag lookin' girls but i feel like i'm taking crazy pills when people act like they're actual fashion types

No. 908776

File: 1631469131147.png (2.28 MB, 2012x1180, 85D08965-FEA3-40E7-A02B-688717…)

This was posted on the last thread but I have to post it again to serve as a reminder:

This is how crazy you look whenever you sperg, anachans.

No. 908779

you are fucking crazy period. not "crazy pills" crazy but legitimately crazy. you have a disorder and you need help.

No. 908783

>visible abs
>belly pooch

damn, i wish i could have a belly pooch like that

No. 908784

heroin chic has been dead for 20 years, anon

No. 908786

Kind of OT, but her body looks so good in those photos. Yes, I know there's PS, but still.

No. 908794

Lana would be a lot happier if she just let go of this desperate sophisticated LA girl image and accepted that she's a former trailer park resident from Lake Placid in the middle of nowhere and be satisfied with that. Why she surrounds herself with pretentious LA socialites and then is surprised when they all shit on her actual personality I'll never know. She's so caught up in proving that she's not what she actually is–a cute but awkward white lady who's not politically minded and has her head in the clouds–and it comes off as very insecure. There's nothing wrong with who she really is, it's her trying so hard to fit in with her woke LA crowd and her Cali image that people find so repulsive. People would be less annoyed if she was just like "yeah, I said what I said and I am what I am" rather than all this BLM lyrics and "I have dates rappers" shit. Sage for lana sperg even tho it is ot

No. 908795

that's how the dumb bitches in the pro ana-chan thread sound

No. 908803


Grandma doesn't know when to retire (years ago) and it's beyond embarrassing.

No. 908813

I think this is what she actually wants though, to attract the granny fetish people while looking the way that she wants to. That’s what I’m telling myself lmao. She has access to stylists who could work with her to give her a very interesting expression on sexuality that’s more sophisticated and dignified though. I don’t think that she necessarily needs to be less sexual, but her immaturity about it is such a disappointment. I love that she’s still very fit and it’s very inclusive, but it’s obvious she’s trying to chase straight male money and although it’s easy she can do way fucking better. If she was doing this for herself and loved every second of it and owned it I think that would be cool, but it’s hollow.

No. 908848

What pedo-pandering has Lana done recently? I struggle to see it maybe bc she's so huge and unlolita that she can't pedo-pander even if she really tried

No. 908870

I feel like a lot of anons forget that lolcow is riddled with anachans to begin with. We're never going to be free of the fucking spergs, an anon probably typed that shit out lmao

No. 908881

Lana, afaik, hasn't pedo pandered since Born to Die like 10 years ago. There was a bunch of Lolita references in the songs but tbh Lana never dressed like a child to sexualise herself. At most, she romanticized the whole "I'm 16 and I'm heroin addicted and my boyfriend is an older man who beats me but its romantic because I'm a ride or die also it's the 60s and I write poetry" concept

No. 908912

I'm so tired of anons dragging out BTD any time she's mentioned, like she hasn't dropped that concept forever ago or experienced some growth when it comes to POV on men in her lyrics. I have no fucking idea what recent pedo pandering OP has been babbling about. Criticize her all you want, but at least focus on recent stuff and not something that happened years ago. 'Lana fat' is boring as fuck, but at least it's current

No. 908963

File: 1631474862049.jpg (204.75 KB, 1200x1240, lana-del-rey-2018-1.jpg)

I'm the op, and I was being a little imprecise when I said pedo-shit. What I meant was more teen larping, which she almost completely stopped doing for a couple of albums and then seemed to pick up again sometime during the chemtrails period. The way that she's dressed in her newest music video seems noticeably younger to me than picrel, which is from the nfr cycle. The weird part of the video where she writhes around on the ground to a trap beat is also pretty immature.

I don't think her current style is very flattering, and it reads a little young to me in a distracting way. I like lana generally, and just want her to keep making increasingly sophisticated and mature music, and not stuff like white dress where she reminisces on being barely legal.

No. 909035

Omg this hair looked good on her now i wanna cut my hair this lenght

No. 909076

Go for it Nonnie, i literally cut my hair that length bc of that exact picture and I love it

No. 909139

>trailer park

I’m pretty sure either her dad or both of parents are rich

No. 909141

yeah they were both like nyc 5th avenue executives

No. 909172

Both things are true. Her family is wealthy, but she stopped living at home pretty young and did spend her early adult years living in a trailer park.

No. 909180

living off her dad's credit card, confirmed by the media with all the 'debt' she said she racked up

No. 909185

what forum is this?

No. 909246

skinnygossip I think

No. 909247

It's skinnygossip. It's a locked forum that you can only be a part of if you send an anachan photo to a creepy fat old man with an ED fetish.

No. 909299

kek lana stans are hilarious, glad they're back. like whoever you like but she's not anything more than a manufactured popstar with substanceless music. which isn't a crime but come on, you guys are attributing a lot of qualitites to her "work" that aren't there, because nothing's there. just listen to your fun thing you like and dont embarass yourselves pretending she isn't completely empty like literally everyone else in her genre

No. 909300

samefag–by genre i dont all mean pop music, i mean the types of artists of lana's style and ability

No. 909319

I really hope she goes through with deleting everything. I enjoy her music but I don't care about hearing her talk to be honest. Yes, her lyrics can be extremely cringy but I liked the production and sound of her music pre NFR so it really didn't bother me much. Most pop music is cringy and chliché anyway.

No. 909336

that sounds fucking awful but i guess it explains the huge amount of coping going on in the screencap. i can't even imagine my life being so fucking depressing that i'd spend my time posting that stuff but then again the pro ana thread exists on here so. don't tell me the fat guy is an admin too?

No. 909350

Yeah, she's cringy and it'd be for the best.

No. 909379

this makes me laugh every time i click it
>those arms!
>those thighs!
>that belly pooch!
can you imagine how fucking scary a woman would need to look in order for this person to think they aren't "doughy" lmao

No. 909389

File: 1631491799907.jpeg (81.13 KB, 683x1024, EB1E5EF8-A5C2-4BD8-A6C2-5CE5B4…)

what the fuck is she wearing…..
tonight at the vmas. you can just tell her weight gain has zapped all confidence outta her…..she looks so uncomfortable but she refuses to lose the weight to be able to wear cute clothes & wtf is wrong with her stylist

No. 909392

what are you saying this is the nicest outfit she's worn recently

No. 909393

File: 1631491911554.jpeg (107.15 KB, 1037x1278, 44C73187-466C-4923-8D52-511E74…)

olivia looked stunning …..billie’s image change is extremely baffling does her team not know what marketing is? its so embarrassingly bad….who are they even trying to appeal to? even her stans are dragging that look real hard

No. 909395

she needs to fire her stylist like yesterday. fuck just go back to the bellyache blonde hair and yellow overalls at this point.

No. 909397

Watch how this will get spun in a fake deep way later. "They complained when I showed my body. They complained even more when I covered up".
It's so obvious.

No. 909399

Agree, she looks great but looking at this I'd never believe that she's only 18

No. 909401


it's weird how an outfit can be try hard and didn't try hard enough at the same time.

No. 909403

to be honest, I thought this was olivia munn at first kek

No. 909406

too bad she changed into something atrocious afterward

No. 909418

The VMAs are ok so far. I didn't even know 21 pilots were still making music. Cyndi Lauper is making some kind of feminist speech.

No. 909421

anyone have a link to the VMAs

No. 909422

I'm watching it here

No. 909426

bless you

No. 909429

why is rita ora presenting? she's irrelevant as fuck

No. 909431

They must have ran out of choices for hosts.

No. 909432

ed sheeran warning

No. 909433

i was just about to ask how is she still getting invited

No. 909435

File: 1631493974103.jpg (1.48 MB, 2353x3529, E_H-pnAXMAM47Nc.jpg)

Ed Sheeran looks a lot different than what I remember. His eyes are still fucked, but did he lose weight or something?

No. 909436

probably her hollywood connections, she's fucking taika waititi isn't she?

No. 909439

his face looks less fucked than usual

No. 909441

why is billy porter pushed everywhere? who the fuck is he? and why is he in everything?

also lol lil nas……..

No. 909443

They muted queer

No. 909445

this looks cute but i get why people are roasting her about wearing it to the vmas. ntm its more of a winter/late fall type of fit

No. 909446

he's in that awful new cinderella movie as the faggy godmother

No. 909448

>faggy godmother
hearty kek

No. 909449

i honestly could do without watching him rub his dick in sequined boxers but here we are

No. 909451

Oh Jesus, I did not expect him to get in his underwear
He's an actor, he's been in a couple of popular shows and movie (Like Pose and AHS).

No. 909452

yeah jail shower sex… rly phoning it in now

No. 909461

OT but holy shit why are american tv commercials so weird? they're so fake uplifting i feel my intelligence getting insulted every second

No. 909464

File: 1631494787464.gif (2.04 MB, 276x270, 2130859244_NORMANID.thumb.gif.…)

Ngl, I'm really excited for Normani's performance! I would like to see her do the Wild Side choreography

No. 909465

21 pilots are still together? rofl i'm honestly surprised, but good for them. That drummer bald yet?

No. 909468

billie eilish is starting to really look like scarlett johansson in the face tbh

No. 909472

imagine being subjected to it 24/7. it's mind-numbing.

No. 909473

I thought Shawn Mendes quit music? Anyway, I do not want to hear Camilla's singing

No. 909476


No. 909483

Samefag, Camilla's singing still sucks, but the performance is really fun. I like the backup dancers' masks.

No. 909485

I don’t see how people thought she was the best singer of FH

No. 909486

thats just what being american is like anon

No. 909488

I think that's just how she was marketed since XFactor.

No. 909491

This Shawn Mendes song is boring. It sounds like every other song he's released.

No. 909492

They need to fire everyone who thought that, she cant even harmonize with HERSELF

No. 909494

this song is so fucking boring what am i listening to right now? gonna blow my brains out

No. 909495

i'd like this outfit on a ginger and brigitte fitzgerald type girl, but it looks like shit on billie. her hair is shit no matter what, but this just makes it even more clear cus it does NOT fit the vibe of her outfit. it would have worked with her old hair though

No. 909514

WHY are so many celebrities getting Mcdonald's meals

No. 909520

D’Amelio has talked about receiving mean messages whenever she posts anything. She even once said, “It’s extremely difficult to continue posting a platform where people that are watching your videos don’t actually, like, want to see you and a lot of the feed back is negative."

Maybe because you contribute nothing.

No. 909521

File: 1631496195413.jpeg (45.95 KB, 480x718, 216F3364-DDEA-48F1-9619-BA5622…)

it’s so bad

No. 909524

File: 1631496293379.jpg (63.13 KB, 455x960, 81d0b400b6bd3464a66213c6e23b7b…)

It reminds me of Strega, I kinda like it. Better than the aunt-is-having-a-midlife-crisis tits out outfit

No. 909525

God, that yellow hair is so ugly

No. 909526

she's weaing at least 3 different blacks in one outift this is truly an out of closet look

No. 909527

justin bieber: "this covid thing that's happening" kek

No. 909529

I honestly think it's kinda cute. Definitely not the worst thing she's worn

No. 909531


Still pissed she didn't win DWTS.

No. 909543

I'm a little confused by the "scary" theme in Chloe's performance? Anyway, the performance isn't bad. This is my first time listening to the full song and it actually kinda sounds like a Beyonce track.

No. 909558

Outfit good, hair bad

No. 909573

all of these performances are really bad. not trying to race bait but especially the performances by the black women. all of them except normani look the same, it's like they all went to the same surgeon and stylist.

No. 909589

File: 1631498047635.png (3.6 MB, 2880x1800, 1C2D2DD4-D687-429F-A17C-3D7A74…)

Disappointed in the animation in Billie’s Disney special, I’m only listening to Ringo Starr from now on.

No. 909592

File: 1631498118304.png (3.81 MB, 2880x1800, AE0242DC-5A4B-4113-BBBA-26CD3A…)

This three second scene at the end was undeniably the highlight of the whole mess

No. 909594

because they did.

No. 909598

File: 1631498292359.png (2.53 MB, 2880x1800, C049DB94-3784-4730-9F5D-148380…)

I liked the lighting in some scenes, but the choreography was mostly her shifting positions or jumping. Watch it for the children’s choir and the fleeting moments where they properly light the 3D model.

No. 909602

This would have been better in colder months. It's still pretty much summer and I can't imagine how much she is sweating in this. Would have been better as a winter outfit.

No. 909610

File: 1631498532572.png (1.87 MB, 1786x1166, 7F08544B-C790-466D-A4B3-0382D7…)

I hope she can stop looking like she just smelled dog shit most of the time.

No. 909620

File: 1631498694787.jpeg (22.03 KB, 301x400, 77E2836A-63D4-48BB-B350-2373D0…)

It was a warning

No. 909636

File: 1631499095364.jpg (254.04 KB, 1920x1080, 20210913_050736.jpg)

Doja Cat presenting as the psychedelic michelin man at the VMAs

No. 909637

This backstreet boys bit is really embarrassing. Just tuned in, was the whole show like this?

No. 909644


No. 909648

it wasn’t that funny

No. 909651

i feel like she's just doing that cus she wants to be a meme like back in the bitch im a cow days

No. 909652

No. 909672

The outfit is cute but the problem with those tent dresses is that they don’t look good on women with big boobs. Makes you look like you’re trying to hide a pregnancy.

The weeb inside me really likes the loose socks and platforms.

No. 909675

ew why did mgk and megan fox just touch tongues

No. 909677

they're so gross and annoying.

No. 909678

File: 1631500550719.jpeg (188.53 KB, 828x1027, 634A35E6-469A-4AA6-A5C1-5EA06A…)

It looks like a prosthetic…

No. 909679

anon it literally is, this is hunger games villain type shit

No. 909680

File: 1631500708352.gif (490.05 KB, 499x291, 1E05ED2B-4F6D-48E5-9EAC-037545…)

>all the current young hip celebs bought army pants and a huge plastic ass
>so i bought army pants and a huge plastic ass

No. 909681

File: 1631500882215.png (4.93 MB, 1402x2048, E_H1WAwX0AMo9PR.png)

megan and mgk

No. 909683

I don't hate them as a couple. It feels like he got with his "dream girl" that he jacked off to when he was younger when Transformers came out lmao

No. 909685

It amazes me how much celebrities will spend on a certain body part, only to neglect another. If you're going to try to larp as a 20 year old Instathot, at least tone up your old lady joints. Her legs look they belong to a 63 year old woman…oh wait…
I feel so bad for her that she's that insecure about aging.
Megan looks horrible. That outfit is so trashy. I'm glad she's embracing the thickness, but how can she be comfortable in this?

No. 909686

isn’t he a rapist or something?

No. 909687

her face looked really weird when they showed a closeup when he accepted his award. of all people to wreck their face with bad fillers smh.

No. 909693

Yep that’s the whole point it’s something for fans to post on Twitter and make video edits because omg it’s so random and funny that she’s dressed in a weird balloon puff outfit with her face in the center!! I feel like all her fans eat that shit up because I see her reactions as a meme on social media all the time and I don’t even follow her

No. 909700

File: 1631501905814.jpg (62.64 KB, 849x1075, kylie-sonique-love-werk-room-e…)

she looked like famous troon Kylie Sonique Love

No. 909708

mgk is really out here doing his best lil peep impersonation these days huh

No. 909709

not to defend madonna's crazy ass, but I think kylie sonique might technically be the one who looks like madonna lol

No. 909732

File: 1631504301430.jpeg (134.43 KB, 800x1219, 9CF83FF5-39AA-454C-9364-9E77F1…)

I was looking through vintage Madonna pics and found the look I think billy needs to go for. Suit jacket shows top of tacky bra or corset and hides the midsection.

No. 909734

File: 1631504406727.jpeg (55.16 KB, 573x782, 7114A825-D6A4-43FF-8A64-1272E1…)

No. 909737

for what? a hillary clinton cosplay?

No. 909744

she looks like pnp

No. 909750

holly conrad vibes
why does she even have a disney special, her songs aren't really family-friendly

No. 909754

File: 1631506453761.jpg (299.29 KB, 611x1568, rose.jpg)

I don't know if this is deliberate Rose McGowan and Marilyn Manson cosplay but it's fucked up either way

No. 909758

Megan has said some really important things about being sexually exploited, especially when she was underage, and resenting men for it. So I don't really understand why she continues to sexually objectify herself when she clearly sees the problem with it. It disgusts me yet she also looks great admittedly

No. 909764

File: 1631507112947.jpeg (367.74 KB, 1170x1449, 44EF3752-C544-4CC1-873F-F0D4C9…)

Kim gimp outfit

No. 909765

Megan’s is executed better though. The front of Rose’s dress looks horrible tbh.

No. 909780

honestly i feel like she was trying to give a nod to kim kardashian's wet mugler look back at the met gala in 2019

No. 909782

It’s Disney plus. They own Marvel, Fox, and whatnot. Disney isn’t concerned with a PG appearance anymore; as long as it isn’t
“politically incorrect,” they stream it. (You can curse, but watch those slurs)

No. 909785

Agreed, it makes it feel pretty genuine. He's the age where she was biggest fantasy for boys when he was a teenager. So he gets the it girl, she gets a younger/hotter/hopefully not abusive upgrade from her POS ex.

No. 909790

i think this is ALL the hair's doing. this outfit's fine compared to some of her recent stuff, but that colour and cut just look bad on her. she's a pretty girl but for some reason this specific style looks bad

No. 909793

he's the designated "suck up to the straights" clown. he minces about in his ballgowns and shit so the establishment can pretend they're accepting of gay people while also having their view of them as weirdo drag queens validated

No. 909794

the trippiest thing is all the ads for pills

No. 909796

i click every time there's a picture of mgk and hate myself for it. he's as stupid as he is hot.

No. 909798

i got more amanda palmer golden globes vibes from it

No. 909801

his mouth/lower half of his face gives off inbred vibes tbh, it's more obvious in other photos

No. 909803

I feel like the difference is a matter of choice. In one case, she’s a young girl being forced to wear skimpy clothes by men 3 times her age. Now, she’s an adult who’s sexuality has matured and she’s making her own choices in how she expresses that

the homo in me thinks she looks hot as all fuck

No. 909811

File: 1631509348176.jpeg (73.6 KB, 600x900, 9F17B39A-F608-4FE0-8E49-92848C…)

She looks like Kim. honestly, she should copy her hair color at this point. Would be way cuter and probably bring newer fans.

No. 909813

File: 1631509457067.jpeg (33.76 KB, 615x409, 0_Olivia-Rodrigo-won-her-first…)

>he's as stupid as he is hot.
Never admit to finding a moid hot here nonneet
I thought it was cute, kinda cringe how it looks like her bra is showing.

No. 909815

Yeah, mgk made a lot of comments about wanting to molest 16 year old girls, he’s a nonce

No. 909816

I think I read somewhere that he used to keep a poster of her up somewhere that he'd look at every day, and he said "I'm gonna marry her [one day]", so that checks out.

No. 909817

File: 1631509886735.jpeg (60.54 KB, 610x1329, 77E8BB8A-840B-427D-9B1D-A89780…)

Imagining liking a emaciated prematurely-graying MAN. Learn to love yourself.

No. 909823

everything about this dude's existence makes me want to a-log, i don't think i've ever hated a celebrity as much as him

No. 909832

She desperately needs to tone it bus honestly I think she looks terrible with light hair. Dark brown/black suits her better I don’t understand why she’s too stubborn to realize that.

No. 909836

I don't want to shit up the thread with this OT so I posted it here >>>/snow/1322804

No. 909838

File: 1631512769230.jpeg (429.02 KB, 1366x2048, 1910572B-3025-41D6-AD8A-469385…)

>I'm glad she's embracing the thickness
Are we really doing this anachan bullshit again? Her body is insane.

No. 909839

so you’re shitting up a thread in /snow/ instead…?

No. 909842

Christ, she fucked her face up badly. She looks so much older than she is. Shouldn't have messed with perfection

No. 909844

her body looks amazing but she’s starting to look like noah cyrus in the face

No. 909847

Maybe they go to the same plastic surgeon

No. 909852

i would honestly believe it

No. 909859

That's the best description of that eyesore of a costume, I'm dead, KEK

No. 909861

File: 1631515236618.jpeg (381.08 KB, 1365x2048, E_H3pjiWYAA8kp4.jpeg)

It definitely is beginning to look like that weird plastic face.

No. 909862

I'm going to be fucking sick.(post a screencap )

No. 909863

TBH, out of all the hideous baggy outfits she's worn, I like this one the best

No. 909866

No. 909867

File: 1631515467677.jpg (151.12 KB, 535x800, megan-fox-young.jpg)

god she used to be so cute. she doesn't even look like the same person anymore. body dysmorphia?

No. 909871

Why does her nose look BIGGER?!

Not gunna lie, her body is gorgeous,but that outfit is trash. As for her face, it could be worse.

No. 909874

Gross, he also said something about Eminem's daughter being hot when Hailey was a minor

No. 909875

Sadly, Hollywood is filled with body dysmorphia. Nobody is perfect enough when you're in Hollywood

Her face is taking on that plastic look though, it just gets worse from here too. It's sad, she had a perfect face. I don't know why people do that, aging naturally looks better than those scary plastic caricature-like faces

No. 909876

I think because of fat loss due to aging, her nose looks sort of witchier and longer. Either that or a botched nosejob

No. 909880

Wow, she was adorable, I had no idea she used to look like that.
Can horrific plastic surgery be reversed?

No. 909882

No, your natural face can never come back. Plastic surgery is a permanent body modification.

No. 909883

I feel like so many young actresses looked like this when I was younger? She was so cute.

No. 909885

Imo she clearly looks like a teen in her face. Like that's unmistakeable teen youth you can't fake with ps or fillers.

No. 909890

this, I think the fit is cute and weird but the hair makes her look like a very mature lady trying to fit into her teen daughters alt friend group kek

No. 909904

Did they animate this in Miku Miku Dance

No. 909911

File: 1631521651449.png (1.13 MB, 1222x898, slurp.png)

I think they are a hot couple because they are attractive (well, Megan more than MGK), constantly are all over each other and often wear matching, risky outfits, so seeing their appearances is always an event. Their whole relationship seems very perfomative which is so 2000s. I am here for it. However, I think Travis & Kourtney are the even more interesting couple because them being together is so odd and they publicly make out even more. And Travis really is into Kourtney, I love that for her.

On the daddy topic: I wish she wouldn’t embarrass herself like this, why can’t she just be his "queen" like she says? She also introduced him and Travis Barker as her and Kourtney’s future baby daddys before their performance, kek.

No. 909939

File: 1631524808370.png (413.73 KB, 484x731, 2490328047235.png)

Not that Hollywood wasn't rife with exploitation and degeneracy before the modern era, but boy do I wish celebs still dressed like picrel rather than just wearing their Pornhub casting couch costumes. Then again, the entire definition of a celebrity has shifted. Neither of these people have ever had talent and Kim K, also skilled at nothing, pretty much solidified the blowup doll persona.

No. 909940

God her face is soo fucked up, wax figure look ass. She's acting like such a pick me in this vid too. Calling other women hoes, dressing naked cause 'daddy' said so. gross

No. 909945

You sound batshit insane.

No. 909946

would be cute if she had long dark hair imo

No. 909947

just ignore the fucking anachan bait

No. 909951

you see nonnies that is why we don'y discount manifestation. marry me Quentin

No. 909959

They're definitely a couple that makes you go WHAT when you hear they're dating but idk I also don't hate it and I kinda hope it works out for them.

Megan however could do a lot better. Apparently she has a general distrust and dislike of men but then she's head over heels for someone like MGK? To me he has the mentality of a cringy teenager. He's more a boy than a man.

No. 909967

Honestly sounds like you just don't like her music, Lana is not at all a true pop artist, in what universe? No one here is saying she's not manufactured, as anyone with a label is obviously manufactured. She's had longevity for 10 years without heavy promotion or TV appearances, and it's solely because of her music sales and reception. People shit on her without realizing how much her work is actually valued by people. Some of her music sales are even record breaking and she's not even in the Pop category, I think alternative. Pop stars NEVER release 7+ minute songs as singles, something she does at least once an album cycle. No one who wants to hear a mainstream pop bop will put up with a song that long.

No. 909969

When I see teenage boys irl or online I have no thoughts other than "small moid". What tf is wrong with men..

No. 909971

OT and always an unpopular opinion but I just need to say it. I hate this vapid bitch so much and I also hate how she's always painted as the only woman in Hollywood who's ever experienced sexism. Also wish people would stop ignoring her obvious mental illness. Like, you think you're thriving now? Look at you…you're with MGK acting 18 again I'm sure your life is just peachy

No. 909973

She needs to fade away, go back to her neckbeard chat

No. 909975

Getting with the scrote who jerked off to you ten years ago. Such an "upgrade" kek. Are you on crack

No. 909977

You're jealous

No. 909978

Beginning to? She's looked like plastic crap for at least 5 years just no one mentions it

No. 909979

Oh kek please elaborate

No. 909980

Not to be pedantic, but when did she release 7 minute singles aside from Venice Bitch?

No. 909981

They both look high as fuck.

No. 909982

she looks really cute imo and i don't hate the outfit. the shitty bleach job is killing me though, dark hair is so much better on her

No. 909984

File: 1631529865885.jpeg (56.98 KB, 210x246, 21CF33EE-160C-46AB-BDE3-7F8BAB…)

The fillers are making her braindead. Someone hold her down and somebody else come in squeeze it all out of her face. STAT!

No. 909987

Promo single honeymoon is 6 mins, for one

No. 909988

Guess I should have said six minutes. Shades of Cool is almost 6 mins as well, an ultraviolence release.

No. 909991

He looks attacked

No. 909994

Jesus, and everyone who met her IRL keeps telling that she is naturally stunning and everything. Tragic, she looked so good before all the plastic.

No. 909995

looks like it

No. 909998

Why are there so many Megan Fox-chans ITT

No. 910002

This site shocks me sometimes re: the women who are largely idolized here. One if them being Megan fox who has done absolutely nothing for women but I digress

No. 910004

billary clinton

No. 910006

File: 1631534299830.jpg (94.76 KB, 793x744, dkfs.jpg)

How she calling him daddy when he's younger than her? Girl, cringe. Dom/sub culture is cringe.

No. 910009

Money can't chabnge genetics, and sometimes patients don't take proper care of their new features while they're still healing and after years that damage will start to show more and more. Also, people who already were aging poorly tend to go harder for PS than those who age well, so add that to the fact that PS ages like shit for anyone and has to be kept up with as you age. Honestly, it's best to just never get it done if you want to avoid the melting plastic face look in your old age.

No. 910010

It's so pathetic

No. 910013

Nobody cares but that’s literally how I look when I wank my dog and i want to give a shit

No. 910014

are you having a stroke

No. 910017

File: 1631535407900.gif (3.45 MB, 640x628, 044C70DD-E346-485A-9435-14B670…)

wtf are you even saying

No. 910019

my mind eviscerated this is the cringiest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life

No. 910021

Shit I meant „walk“

No. 910024

Give a shit to who, though?

No. 910027

gable had false teeth and had breath that smelled like death

No. 910030

Funny you called him a boy, because she did in anons vid
The reporter asks “isn’t he so talented?” And Megan says “he’s the most talented boy in the world.” That’s odd to me.

No. 910035

Can she just stop this is so lame. What happened to the cool shock couples of yesteryears who did actually shocking things? Why does it have to be so cringe now??

No. 910041

There's no point trying to shock people when the internet desensitized everyone.
Anything they do will seem dated and/or cringe.

No. 910043

True, it's like..what is next? Now that everyone is really desensitized to everything … I have a feeling Trad is gonna come back in style lol

No. 910044

Instead of these neverending, basic, brainless Megan Fox kink edgelords, imaging having starlets one-upping each other to be the most pure and trad

No. 910051

Shut up, nobody brought up if she's manufactured or tr00. The point was that the lyrics she sings are different than the ones in BTD era. It's irrelevant if she writes them or not. Even if it's all fake, her image as a musician/popstar has changed and it's idiotic to keep sperging about BTD. But I guess you cannot help yourself, it's either 'btd is pedo pandering' or 'reeee she's fake'.

No. 910055

It can't work, the tabloids will show them whoring around and the whole façade will fall apart lmao
It would be funny seeing the party animals and junkies trying to be trad though.

No. 910083

Idk why anons are shocked at Megan fox's botched face. When she was guest appearing on New Girl she looked uncanny next to the actors that didn't render their faces immobile. I'll never understand when actors freeze their faces with plastic surgery. They always end up getting less roles because being expressionless kind of goes against the concept of acting. MGK is ugly also idk what is wrong with some of you anons.

No. 910084

No. 910105

File: 1631544359230.jpg (326.21 KB, 2000x2987, 05-dusty-beauty.jpg)

everyone's talking about her botched face, but can i just say how tired i am of this thick, perfectly shaped brow-trend? everyone's making fun of the thin brows of the 90-00's now, but imo it looked good on many people. drew barrymore did that look really well. i really hate brow trends in general, brows have a huge impact on your face and it's retarded to just do what's in fashion instead of trying to figure out what works for YOU. and for megan fox, i don't think these brows suit her very well. they look too harsh and boxy. i don't think she neccessarily needs to go super thin, just a little more soft and natural would suit her.
but i think that's an unpopular opinion. i saw people shitting on this picture of rachel weisz in the mummy because of her brows but i think it looks fucking amazing.

No. 910113

I thought she was gonna faint

No. 910114

These brows look horrible on the majority of people. We're gonna laugh in a few years. Everyone draws these thick brows too close together too. I don't get the whole thick dark brown, shiny greasy face, overlined lips look. Takes away natural beauty

No. 910115

She got fewer roles because she can't act for SHITE tbh. Even in her "hottest" stage she didn't get good work

No. 910120

About how I look since the outfit Billie wore looks like a hobo

No. 910122

Those brows were fitting, the setting of that film was the 1920s.
But yeah, I'm sick of the thick brow trend too… everyone ends up looking like a caricature.
(This post was endorsed by the thin brow gang)

No. 910123

I really think she's an atrocious singer. But what can we expect from someone who's idol is T swift

No. 910125

its because hes tall and looks like hes on the verge of death obviously

No. 910128

My brows have never looked good thick or spaced closely because I have close-set eyes. This is not a good look for everyone but that never stops people from telling me I should change mine. Annoying

No. 910129

So is armie hammer, and he'll eat ya. Tall isn't always best

No. 910132

you can't have it all, anon

No. 910133

So, the Pete Davidson complex. Got it

No. 910139

Kek at all her fans in the comments acting like she the best job ever. She could barely keep time.
Fuck it just gets worse and worse how embarrassing

No. 910148

There's something seriously depressing about our newest hit music acts being heavily influenced by swift of all people. Yes t swift is successful and no real disrespect but no one asked for this shit legacy

No. 910154

Wonder how Ariana feels about this chick straight up taking her spot lol

No. 910158

Is MGK tall? Megan Fox is short. Kourtney Kardashian is only 5ft and Travis Barker is barely taller than her when they're both wearing flats lmao. I swear these Hollywood men date short woman to appear taller. Everything is a farce

No. 910159

I don't wanna live in a world where Travis and MGK are considered hot, the majority of men considered hot are so gross. So gross.

No. 910160

No. 910166

megan is 5'4 which is average. MGK is 6'3 which i'd consider tall, not freakishly tall but tall regardless

No. 910167

I don't like the super thick instagram brow trend either, as you said everyone's face is different so different eyebrows suit them, imo the one thing that's universally flattering is a more natural-looking shape. The woman in your picrel is beautiful regardless, I don't like her brow shape though because it's very unnatural and stands out too much instead of being in harmony with the rest of the face. That's personal preference though

No. 910170

Yeah this was similar to my thoughts. It looks good on Rachel because stunningly beautiful to the point that stupid eyebrows like that will still look good on her.

No. 910172

Doha cat had the best performance last night

No. 910179

Regarding MGK and Megan - always remember the more in-your-face, Relationship Goals! all over each other, gushy, "kinky" couples are ALWAYS the most boring in actuality, and always have the biggest issues as well. This type of relationship is another huge farce

No. 910180

Megan fox strikes me as a huge idiot, I laugh when I hear people mention her "high intelligence". She's not intelligent, she just likes to talk about crystals and horoscopes lol. I don't know many intelligent women who'd reduce herself the way Megan has. Her life choices lately are also sad bit I guess "goals!"

No. 910184

I feel like that's a lie. Zoey deschanel is super and in new girl her and Megan were around the same height and MGK doesn't look that much taller than her.

No. 910186

*short not super, altho she is super.

No. 910191

File: 1631549233678.jpg (10.71 KB, 250x188, 250.jpg)

No. 910199

she also released those 3 meandering, long tracks at once from blue banisters, all of which were at least 5 mins each. She does interesting music-release things that pop artists wouldn't do because it would kill their pop career, and she does things that pop fans don't want (rock instruments, orchestras, long songs, weird time signatures, passion projects like Honeymoon) it's almost like she wants to reject pop in her music. Not to mention the double video and song release for fuck it I love you & the greatest.. it's not pop to me, I can't explain it

No. 910205

File: 1631550086398.jpg (35.07 KB, 728x520, Rachel-Weisz.jpg)

her brows have nothing to do with her attractiveness

No. 910207

nta but I think she's a lot more striking with the thin brows. It just complements the slight roundedness of her features better.

No. 910210

Does it?

No. 910211

God she's gorgeous
I like the thicker brows on her but they're not over the top. I think thicker brows always make the face sharper though

No. 910213

File: 1631551110504.jpeg (11.71 KB, 180x281, download.jpeg)

Also Tropico

No. 910216

No. 910221

File: 1631551638572.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 358.75 KB, 828x803, F7526CF2-9D75-44EE-BE5D-F86697…)

apparently chloe’s tampon string was visible last night

No. 910223

File: 1631551670089.png (Spoiler Image, 230.31 KB, 291x444, 7F81DE91-6D02-4CEF-ADF6-2B803D…)

or pad idk

No. 910226

women have periods. water is wet

No. 910230

ayrt, i didn't say that. she's very beautiful and both suits her, but the point is that i don't see why people in those comments went so hard on her brows just because they aren't trendy, when she could carry them well, especially combined with the long curly hair, it was a good look imo

No. 910235

Quentin who? Tarantino? Anon…

No. 910251

I think they usually make performers wear industrial-grade dance underwear to make sure nothing shows if their costume slips, which presumably would make it impossible for a tampon string to get out. It's probably just an unfortunate-looking part of the costume imo

No. 910256

that's her clitoris

No. 910257

oooh so her tampon string showed, so what? ffs

No. 910259

File: 1631553882863.jpg (147.15 KB, 1125x1419, RDT_20210913_10230038608124231…)

These two got in an "altercation" last night apparently bc McAsshole wanted to take a pic with Fox but MGK wouldn't let him ? Idk his team is saying that's not true but in one if the video he throws a drink at them.

No. 910260

Yeah sry to be ageist or whatever but behaving like this when you're in your 30's is embarassing. He's not even hot.

No. 910262

File: 1631554063068.jpg (551.44 KB, 985x1018, Screenshot_20210913-102710_Duc…)


Here's a better pic

No. 910264

Lmao!!! He threw a punch?? McGregor is such an angry little man

No. 910269

I kinda feel like this was staged lol. Megan Fox and MGK have been trying to push this edgy, trashy, we're-so-scandalous thing for a while, so this feels fully in keeping with their desired image. McGregor will do anything for attention, so he'd jump for the opportunity to be part of something like this.

No. 910271

Only one of those singles reached the 5 minute mark (although it sure felt like they were all seven minutes!). I do agree with you though, she hasn't really been a typical pop star doing typical pop star things since her debut.

No. 910273

I think something in between would suit her best, not as thin as 1999 and not as thick as 2020. In the end I don't like this horrible bold stencil eyebrows, it looks strange on most women and I will be happy when this trend is over and we can go back to more natural eyebrows that fit the face. I don't want to see these too dark bold caterpillars on women anymore.

No. 910274

File: 1631554717518.jpeg (95.66 KB, 631x1000, F02B5BDA-A4DC-48BA-8F79-DCA9A7…)

i think it should be obvious after thousands of years at this point that women put down legit attractive things on other women because they don't want them looking a certain way. not even saying this in an "i defend onlyfans whores and egirls" or "women can't have differing opinions" type of way or something. it's just obvious that women in general want other women to uniformly follow certain trends even if said trends don't suit everyone or aren't even attractive at all. imo A LOT of women look better with thinner brows. they can just pull them off, simple as. not everyone can though. but for some reason EVERYONE has to have thick brows now…

No. 910277

Out of all the celebs that are shilled a lot these days, he seems one of the more tolerable ones.

No. 910279

File: 1631555131113.jpeg (568.85 KB, 1600x1600, Claudia%20Odey%20brow%20lamina…)

ayrt and yeah, you're absolutely right. fortunately i hope more natural brows will become trendy soon, this thick brow trend has reached it extreme like picrel, at this point it can only go back (i hope). when it happens though, people will probably look back at this and cringe, but also be convinced that whatever new trend will be the only right way. no one ever learns.

No. 910283

It does

No. 910285

I don’t get it either. I don’t dislike her or anything but I’ve always associate her with 2009 and she’s way past her relevance. Plus her plastic surgery is horrible. But good for her for getting away from Brian Austin Greene. He seems awful.

No. 910290

> baby no, listen to me, you're not like this! plese, look at me, look into my eyes, don't do this!

No. 910293

what's that called? lamination? it looks so stupid

No. 910295

Laminated brows are so fucking nasty. The worst eyebrow trend ever. Can’t wait until the super thin sperm eyebrow pluckers realize how retarded they looked jumping on this trend. Even Instagram brows are better

No. 910311

They look so stupid together I can't get over it. She ends up looking like a dumb helpless little girl with him even though she's old and irrelevant now kek

No. 910312

I dunno about any of you ladies but I killed my brows when over-tweezing was cool and now they won't even grow in

No. 910315

File: 1631557353979.jpg (220.02 KB, 1200x1200, EMTTTnUU4AETlZ3.jpg)

I used to have super bushy brows that I plucked into oblivion, but honestly thin brows just suit me better. My brows right now are a bit like pic related but people still think it's too thin.

No. 910318

This is like a white boy cosplaying his Kanye/Kim fantasy and took on Megan Fox because of her name and reputation, but isn’t adding anything to her image at all. This looks like a trashy rip off of Kim’s Met gala 2019 outfit, and she doesn’t have the attitude to wear it anymore. I think she looks great but she needs a bolder and darker look, and not let mgk lead her so much it’s embarrassing and stifling.

No. 910321

She's supposed to be this confident bad bitch but her body language, the way she hesitates when answering and says all this overused, dated, out of place talk about "daddy" and "other hoes" makes her look very insecure and weird. They're such try-hards and if it's true she went dressed like that because he told her "she was going to be naked" that's just depressing and sad. Doubt he sees her as a person and not a trophy

No. 910324

Some women just seethe whenever they see someone living their life without being told what to do because they secretly want to do so as well. Thing is, they're pussies who are too scared of what the village will say, so they continue to let their parents, friends and aunts dictate their life and seethe when they see a woman dressing how she wants and having her own look.

No. 910327

Ayrt, I'm literally a fan of Lana and my post was in her defence. She literally hasn't pedo pandered in a decade, and she only has done so at all if you consider a handful of Lolita references to be pedo pandering. I literally said she has never tried to pass herself off as a child

No. 910328

I was agreeing with you, sorry if it wasn't clear

No. 910332

Ntayrt but it’s steamrolling back with the 90’s revival (much to the chagrin of my fatass)

No. 910333

Same, I always felt that she was a hypocrite tbh. That quote where she talks about how she got along more with boys than girls at school and how all the other girls hated her always rubbed me the wrong way, kund of gave off a pickme vibe so I'm not surprised she ended up acting like one during the awards.

No. 910334

I was high as fuck when watching last night and she peeked out from offstage in that and I lost my damn mind laughing

No. 910336

No. 910340

mine were always overkill straight sausagey brows, I wish they had a better arch to them than they do. not even plucking or tweezing has really stopped them from growing in, it just takes longer

No. 910341

It's funny because if he went for her due to her reputation kek (as far as I can see the only reason she has a reputation is because shes conventionally attractive) he's about ten years too late. Can someone tell me what Megan Fox even does anymore? I remain confused about what she's even at events anymore and I don't even want that to sound mean. Has she acted in a while?. We need more interesting women in the spotlight already, I'm done with these dumb thots ugh

No. 910348

File: 1631560196771.jpg (114.06 KB, 1000x1250, 38956856682956983.jpg)

She still acts, but she hasn't really been in anything noteworthy in forever. Picrel came out this year.

No. 910350

Megan Fox truly believes she's not like other women. She's the kinda chick who intentionally sets herself apart from other women because she sees them as competition, then complains when they don't want to be around her and "all women hate me I get along better with boys hehe" . A similar thing she's said is that she feels like feminists want "nothing to do with" her. Rubbed me the wrong way and didn't make me feel bad for her, she dug her hole. Obviously said it because of her perceived hotness, I can see right through women like her and they're so toxic. Yes Megan, you're the ONLY hot brunette with blue eyes to ever exist so in turn feminism is not for you. Stfu

No. 910352

I don't hate Olivia and I wanted to like this performance, but she's got nothing on Hayley. She needs to build her endurance and eat a burger.

No. 910358

they really shooped her 2009 face on her

No. 910360

LOL ty because my first thought was. ..did they take her face from Jennifer's Body??

No. 910363

File: 1631561068785.jpeg (171.76 KB, 1200x800, 30DFD049-2974-4639-99EF-8E0B72…)

she was so hot back then. even in my 13 year old "hate everyone prettier than you" (so everyone, lol) mindset i could never hate her

No. 910370

She was beautiful and I can't get over the horrible ways they had her contort her body for the angles in this movie. Looks actually painful and Michael bay is a douche

No. 910379

McGregor has the most fragile ego ever. There are countless videos of him on Youtube getting into fights over bullshit arguments

No. 910390

Who spooged on MGK's face?

No. 910392

Women who "just don't get along with all these bitchy women" are always the worst

No. 910397

I just ignore that thick eyebrows trend, my eyebrows are naturally not very visible so I would look like a clown with the actual trend. Also, I know that the generation of my mother is looking back at those completely plucked eyebrows and they think that they were very stupid back then, because guess what, at one point your eyebrows won't grow back and you will have years of your life ahead when you will have to draw them back into your face.

No. 910400

I had the biggest crush on her in the mummy. Those brows look great on her

No. 910426

File: 1631565609472.jpeg (56.57 KB, 600x395, 1302118F-8DE5-43C3-B9D6-BF04FC…)

It reminds me of the “Escher girls” blog where they point out ridiculous comic book art where a superhero will have her boobs and butt both somehow facing towards the camera while also turning sideways

No. 910449

Before she hooked up with this trailer trash looking drugstore lil peep she was looking like she was getting her act together as far as her attitudes toward being an exploited libfem but here we are with the zADDy wAnTs mE nAkeD cringe. Why do women want to date men who get off to telling them to expose their own bodies for sexual entertainment? It's literally cucked

No. 910454

File: 1631568038056.gif (1.57 MB, 500x708, catwoman.gif)

I loved that tumblr.

No. 910468

kek her career was bought&paid for and the proof is when she only had 2 songs existing but somehow got magazine covers across north america and an SNL performance. she's daddy's little plant

No. 910470

she's a dumb lady but she did definitely grow up with no one nurturing or giving a fuck about her as a person beyond what they could do to get her attention so she might touch their dick. that stuff messes hot girls up&it's why you see them never saying no to or questioning their own objectification because it was positively reinforced by everyone around them since they were a kid

No. 910471

kek this is weird, i mentioned how she ruined her face in the last thread and everyone just accused me of being a scrote/ridiculous

No. 910481

File: 1631569816120.jpeg (141.64 KB, 960x1440, 312D4997-BA8E-4D3E-A914-A45EED…)

Madison Beer is the upgraded Megan Fox

No. 910484

accurate. see also: woman at work who fucking hates the woman who shows up happy every morning because she WANTS to work at the bakery and doesn't hate her life

No. 910487

aw fuck, claudia dey's still around? stunt was good but literally everything else she's ever written is totally useless. she has zero self-awareness

No. 910488

maybe if she can get some mass on those twig arms damn

No. 910489

Yes yes yes. Not everyone is suited to every eyebrow trend, and this one is getting pretty overdone and boring.

No. 910495

File: 1631570505245.jpeg (117.27 KB, 750x742, 88625C69-EAC7-45FA-8F4B-325D90…)

Do you think she had her face worked on? Something about her face seems like it has, but not overtly so. Plus I don’t think she should be taken seriously at all, her music is bland as hell and really is a Megan Fox clone

No. 910499

File: 1631570662969.jpeg (159.17 KB, 1280x720, 6C6F96E3-2C48-44D6-A24B-6EF808…)

she's been sighted at a plastic surgery clinic like a dozen times. she was even hiding behind bushes from the paps. the work to her lips is more than obvious, didn't she admit to it at one point?

No. 910500

Madison Beer is an Ariana stan and you can tell, she does that same mouth thing. Also some of her music is directly ripped off from Ari and she says "yuh" in her songs too lol

No. 910503

I think she is naturally gorgeous, but she has utilised injectables. Those are filled lips and lifted brows.

No. 910504

File: 1631570883986.jpeg (446.16 KB, 750x933, 61C0B02F-7C76-4D22-855C-C7F75D…)

I remember seeing those pictures awhile ago, didn’t Kylie go there as well around 2017?

No. 910509

Her music is pretty different from Arianas who does rap/trap pop music about 69ing and being a good wife. Not to be a popfag but Madison has made a really good debut album and I really didn’t expect it to be good at all because she was originally a flop plant.

No. 910514

I agree with this except for her being/was a libfem…she has zero feminist intentions. unless I am missing something. And I don't count speaking at a women's rally as libfem bc the majority of celebs do it for press and to align with their liberal images. Honestly she should be trashed for acting the way she did yesterday…she has to know people are laughing at her

No. 910518

Is she YouTube famous?

No. 910521

Is it not obvious that her nose is worked on
Also she's one of those singers who doesn't move her face so I assume she has a lot of surgery

No. 910524

I like it too, and life support is also great. I think she's known for having a really crappy personality

No. 910532

I can’t stand this generic looking industry plant those plastic balls on her chest

No. 910535

True but that has nothing to do with the point I was making

No. 910539

Right there with you but I feel like most people ITT like her and I didn't feel strongly enough to post it but yes I'm already sick of her, and to me she's an obvious plant too cuz where the hell did she come from? I see her going majorly downhill within 5 years it's just written all over her. There's something about her presence in general that freaks me out it's this insane fame hungry energy that makes me uneasy

No. 910540

She's could be used in OP's template. >>908623
She's one of those girls that looks good with their natural, small lips. Why do they always do this..

No. 910543

no, at least megan mastered doing the face that madison is attempting here. she looks retarded

No. 910551

So she experienced what all young women in Hollywood do. This isn't specific to Megan Fox in any way. I agree that being a teen girl in the industry can fuck a person up but my original point wasn't that she HASN'T been exploited, my point is that her experience is in no way different than any other young starlet in history but for some reason people think Megan had it the hardest. Why is her experience different? Because she's the most beautiful? Scrote logic. People tend to speak of her situation as if it's very different than other Hollywood teens and that's what I don't like. She's vapid and uninspired which is what happens when being hot is the only personality trait someone tries to form. That was a bit of a sperg but I guess I feel strongly.

No. 910554

File: 1631573093334.jpeg (281.66 KB, 1558x2048, 2B761610-9374-4E2A-854B-695D35…)

It’s gonna be posted eventually

No. 910555

File: 1631573119285.jpeg (442.81 KB, 2048x1365, E7A320B6-20F3-4464-B45D-CC4F01…)

No. 910557

It's because she was infamously blacklisted by Michael Bay, that's what makes her different to other female celebs.

No. 910558

her hair looks like a bad 90s wig. the dress /maybe/ could’ve worked if it wasn’t the exact same color as her skin.

No. 910559

tbh it's pretty but I still struggle to believe she's not in her late 20s

No. 910560

I think this is a good pic but her dress is giving her that quad-boob look because that line of material is going across her boobs

No. 910564

No effing way Megan fox is the only actress to be blacklisted you must be shitting me

No. 910565

I thought she actually looked really nice actually. The train of this dress is stunning and her face looks striking.

No. 910566

she's going for princess diana vibes i'm guessing? she looks good

No. 910569

No. 910570

I said she was INFAMOUSLY blacklisted. The purpose of it is usually that the person disappears and is forgotten, but she somehow wasn't and that's why she's known for her mistreatment more than others.

No. 910571

I think her makeup actually looks quite nice on her but the hair is terrible and the dress is a very unflattering color. I can't tell if it's her dress, her posture, or a combination of the two that's making her looks extremely squat, hunchbacked, and larger than she is.

If the dress was strapless and a jewel tone and she had darker hair she'd look good - who is styling her like this?

No. 910573

Rose McGowan
Ashley Judd
Mira Sorvino
Victoria Justice was blacklisted because she wouldn't fuck Dan Schneider
I could go on

No. 910574

Anon you beat me too it. It looks like a Princess Di cosplay which is weird to me because the theme of the met gala this year is American Independence.

No. 910575

would look nice if the dress was dark and her hair was dark and not styled like that

No. 910576

she should’ve just let the titties free honestly. i know she’s been getting flack for her recent sexualization, but the material at the “sleeves” just gives me matronly mother of the bride vibes. the whole ensemble ages her, which continues to be the trend with her shitty ass stylists.

No. 910577

File: 1631573604677.jpg (612.38 KB, 2048x2911, Emma-Chamberlain-2021-Louis-Vu…)

I didn't realize the Met Gala was happening today. She beautiful aside from the hair. The dress isn't really her "brand", but it's not bad. I do feel like it makes her look a little older though.
For some reason Emma Chamberlain is there. The theme for this year is "American indenpedence" and "In America: A Lexicon of Fashion", but no one in any of the pictures I've seen so far matches that theme (except for a marching band, and that's only because they wore red, white and blue). Apparently the red carpet will be in two parts so hopefully someone will eventually have an interesting look.

No. 910578

Who is this dead-eyed ho

No. 910579

tiktok/youtube literal who

No. 910580

who even is this? I've seen her name a bunch of times but I still don't get why she's supposed to be relevant

No. 910582

why does she look like millie bobby brown here? like if mbb had been ran over

No. 910583

imo celebrities rarely know how to match the theme at met gala. makes me fucking seethe. imagine being rich and able to go to a very exclusive, themed event, and look boring as shit. i want them to go ALL IN ala hunger games capitol but better

No. 910584

File: 1631573787553.jpg (60.15 KB, 480x720, james-charles-attends-the-2019…)

She's a youtuber. They've been inviting youtubers since last year (or 2019?) with James Charles and Liza Koshy

No. 910585

She belongs at the Streamy awards and I guess she's super famous now since she built her career on filming herself doing nothing and making a lame coffee brand

No. 910587

No. 910588

She has Megan’s face at 40 at age 20

No. 910589

File: 1631573872008.jpg (6.71 MB, 3600x2471, UMRILBWELYI6XCNEW6XCFKQZHY.jpg)

>the theme of the met gala this year is American Independence
huh. no clue then. i was gonna say jackie kennedy but i can't find any reference of her wearing a huge dress like that, and this really reminds me of diana's wedding look lmao

No. 910592

I'm one of those weirdos who thinks she's cute but not drop dead beautiful. She doesn't have any expressions, and varied facial expressions make pretty people more beautiful

No. 910594

Princess Diana is British?

No. 910595

Jesus the plastic surgery fad in Hollywood is out of control. That girl is young and was pretty without any plastic surgery or fillers

No. 910596

i know anon

No. 910597

she also kind of looks like nikita dragun to me in that pic kek

No. 910600

mbb if they pulled her out of the hospital mid ED-recovery

No. 910601

I thought this was that timothee chalet boy

No. 910602

No expressions cuz her face is a plastic doll face from the surgeon

No. 910603

I think this dress would look beautiful on someone graceful with dark skin with golden undertones. Too bad it's on the exact opposite.

No. 910605

I feel like in the recent years the Met Gala has become a joke.

No. 910607

Especially the theme of America. How BORING.

No. 910610

Guess she wanted her nose to disappear

No. 910611

if absolutely is. very few people even follow the themes to the point that i don’t even understand why they try to set a theme anymore.

No. 910613

File: 1631574432046.jpeg (1.51 MB, 2731x4096, E_MskTSWQAEVqSy.jpeg)


No. 910614

Are photographers telling these women to open their mouths during shoots? Why is this a trend now shut your goddamn mouths

No. 910615

what the fuck

No. 910616

File: 1631574480433.jpg (106.46 KB, 798x806, cd22c8173248d2e16ebd643452f260…)

Like WTF? People almost ALWAYS look better before the plastic caricature doll up

No. 910617

how else will they show off their fresh veneers and lip fillers?

No. 910618

lol what is this

No. 910619

No. 910620

Why's he pouting like that. His shoes are cool I guess, and he matched the theme so I can't complain.

No. 910621

they turn themselves into tranny lookalikes for no reason

No. 910623

Why would she even let someone touch her face before? The only thing she should have done with her face is moisturize everyday and put on sunscreen. Damn girl

No. 910624

File: 1631574603644.jpeg (221.72 KB, 1102x1340, E_M3Z8mXoAIVL0B.jpeg)

No. 910628

she looks halfway decent when the nose and terrible lips are covered

lil nas x looks like a cheesy retard

No. 910629

Yeah the color palettes she's been styled in have been tragic. It's nice to see Billie didn't push her boobs up to her chin today though. She looks classier that way.

He looks like an internal organ that was oxygen deprived.

I feel like it could have worked well but these celebrities are cowards who are scared to take risks.
But then again America doesn't have that much history, and the little it does it kind of shit. Who knows.

No. 910631

nta but as an american, the theme of america really is tragically boring. we’re already so inundated with cheesy stars and stripes shit.

No. 910632

That actually looks pretty cool

No. 910634

File: 1631574979148.jpg (1.93 MB, 2729x4094, E_M5UFsWEAMZ4df.jpg)

Why did they dress her like this. It's not ugly but…

No. 910636

I actually do like this look. The sword and little book are autistic though.
I don't know if any of you nonitas are watching the live stream but asked Joe Biden directly for a green card, kek.
Wonder where her baby daddy is. Chances are he's probably smoking meth somewhere.

No. 910639

File: 1631575085658.jpeg (2.6 MB, 2724x4086, E_MoKM_XIAY6arp.jpeg)

a bit on the nose but points for following the theme, I guess

she would have looked good in billie's dress

No. 910642

He was the only person to take a risk huh

No. 910643

File: 1631575222994.jpeg (254.77 KB, 1366x2048, E_M5j6qXsAMHVKz.jpeg)

No. 910644

File: 1631575250580.jpg (2.72 MB, 3841x2560, E_MzgUvWYAEQTW6.jpg)

The only interesting looks I've seen so far has been from Iman and Lil Nas X. Ngl, I started laughing when I saw his armor lol

No. 910645

No. 910646

they almost got her makeup right. the dress looks like a direct from china prom dress though.

No. 910647

It just gets better every time I see her

No. 910648


No. 910649

File: 1631575278446.jpg (3.05 MB, 4055x2704, E_MzgzvXEAA3zSG.jpg)

No. 910650

Turned herself into a super young Beiber. Goals!!!!!

No. 910651

looking more anorexic than ever

No. 910652

Onision in his court day suit

No. 910653

And try to follow the theme. I kinda fuck with it.

No. 910654

File: 1631575323562.jpeg (259.79 KB, 1169x1454, E_M53qHXMAUdh-5.jpeg)

so did kim k get a super botched facelift or is she back with kanye? or both

No. 910655

Looks like a little high school boy headed to prom

No. 910656

billie's look is marilyn monroe inspired

No. 910658

God I feel like Megan's stylist and make up team have it out for her.
She's so naturally pretty without the 10 lbs of drag makeup. Idk why her stylist finds the cheapest looking shit for her.

No. 910659

File: 1631575389940.jpg (2.17 MB, 2731x4096, E_MzxZrWEAcM1Ji.jpg)

Sorry for spamming. I actually like his outfits.

No. 910661

Of course this dress was designed by Coach

No. 910662

this is terrible compared to c-3p0 outfit he had on

No. 910663

File: 1631575571692.jpg (309.4 KB, 1259x1600, 93186c2fed8183bdd3cef9ce95509b…)

if the dress had a darker pink blended in like the marilyn dress it was inspired by it would of been a lot cuter tbh

No. 910664

File: 1631575604316.gif (905.52 KB, 340x317, CryingCece.gif)

No one has had a bald eagle swoop in and land on their arm while wearing the most ridiculous USA looking thing ever?

No. 910665

Ms Page proving she’s a real man by making absolutely no effort whatsoever.

No. 910666

File: 1631575684496.jpeg (98.26 KB, 720x1024, E_M7mPgVgAIHe5_.jpeg)

I feel like shes about to reach through the screen and grab me with those long ass arms

No. 910668

The real question is, does she even know it looks bad? You'd think she'd fire the stylist if so

No. 910670

File: 1631575715931.jpg (62.58 KB, 500x648, marilyn-monroe-white-lace-dres…)

Just barely, Marylin Monroe is known more for her form fitting looks which Billie knows she can't pull off because her top half is double the size her bottom half.

No. 910672

File: 1631575741904.jpg (1.6 MB, 2731x4096, E_MzNJuWUAAN4U8.jpg)

Naomi Osaka. I like Naomi so I really can't hate on anything she wears.

No. 910673

File: 1631575743907.jpeg (146.35 KB, 708x1062, B4ADC910-D844-4277-88C5-0235E2…)

No. 910675

She's beautiful! Who is this?

No. 910676

Also if it was just a tiny bit longer

No. 910677

File: 1631575792433.jpeg (676.22 KB, 828x965, FCED865E-8B4B-4E8D-AEA4-7401F4…)

I’m happy she brought the weeb sword

No. 910678

why is she posed like an autistic child

No. 910679

File: 1631575818878.jpeg (352.22 KB, 1241x1825, D7FA199B-194C-4D30-9FB1-01038F…)

So far Kim Petras has my favorite on theme outfit.

No. 910680

broad shoulders really help with dress silhouettes like this

No. 910681

Wtf is that Channing Tatum in the back? He looks like a skinhead.

No. 910682

she needs a sword for self defense in case azealia shows up

No. 910683

he’s been looking like that lol

No. 910685

File: 1631575971438.jpeg (131.39 KB, 682x1024, 604F5F77-C3DF-426F-B8DB-C7A248…)

Anok Yai

No. 910686

no idea who she is, the dress is pretty but she's gorgeous

No. 910687

What a great pic though

No. 910688

The inspiration behind her look is good too. Her stylist did a great job, it hits a spot just between grounded and risky enough to not look like a joke but also not look like she didn't try.

No. 910691

wow she is beautiful

No. 910693

The first time I saw the look it was a bit jarring but as I look at it more I can appreciate it. The horse is hand made too which makes the look even better imo.

No. 910695

Lmao she looks like a child that borrowed her dad's suit to go to a bar mitzvah

No. 910696

File: 1631576242716.jpg (218.23 KB, 1080x720, 1210535.jpg)

No. 910697

See now this is how you do an open-mouth pose correctly. You don't just let your mouth hang open you need to have some control

No. 910699

She looks so musty all the time but I can't put my finger on it.

No. 910700

File: 1631576431336.jpg (1.85 MB, 2608x3911, E_M9V9sWEAY0NVB.jpg)

A tiktoker (Addison Rae) is there. Why.

No. 910701

she’s friends with the kardashians and got a shitty netflix movie

No. 910703

addison rae is there and not charli d'amelio? interesting how addison became the actual "celebrity" despite charli being the most followed person on tiktok

No. 910704

Maybe it's just the musk of self-hate

No. 910705

File: 1631576529524.jpeg (367.54 KB, 1365x2048, E57F8502-A9F4-43D7-BDB3-8F7B8A…)

Butthole eyes

No. 910706

She either has a show or a movie on Netflix that's new

No. 910707

she looks pretty cute. there are always nobodies at the met gala tbh

No. 910708

Isn't he good friends with MGK you can totally tell

No. 910709

actually that bids the question, where are mgk and megan fox at the gala? were they even inviteD?

No. 910710

File: 1631576717879.jpg (454.64 KB, 639x1129, SmartSelect_20210913-164435_Ch…)

No. 910711

barbara walters core

No. 910713

people are still coming in i think

No. 910714

File: 1631576821145.jpeg (852.07 KB, 828x1241, 7E6B8BE2-97A5-4231-A5B1-574401…)

Dear Evan Hansen star actually following the theme. Idk what’s so difficult about “America.”

This is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen wtf

No. 910715

File: 1631576841511.jpg (351.79 KB, 1600x1067, E_NAMQWWEAEbCRY.jpg)

Yara Shahidi. It's Josephine Baker inspired so I guess it fits the theme, but it's so boring. I don't expect anyone to come dressed in a banana skirt but come on. These celebrities always do the bare minimum.

No. 910718

I would've never guessed the theme if you guys didn't write it here.
This is the only one I really like so far

No. 910719

she looks cool, but whats the theme?

No. 910720

is this really "america"? it's just 70s. i dont think america invented 70s style

No. 910722

for grimes the default theme is always AI now

No. 910723

is that a jellyfish behind him

No. 910724

this looks like a cheap halloween costume

No. 910725

She looks great too me, I love it

No. 910726

He looks like David dobrik

No. 910727

i love this outfit too kek great minds think alike

No. 910728

File: 1631577155162.jpg (66.04 KB, 851x664, AOC.jpg)

AOC arrived with a Tax the Rich dress

No. 910729

File: 1631577157858.jpg (1.37 MB, 2731x4096, E_M_W9tWEAcJioj.jpg)

Lorde looks really different, she kinda resembles Tilda Swinton

No. 910730

Shinji's suit is actually fitted though

No. 910733

I appreciate the minimal makeup but she's got them brows

No. 910734

she needs to stop doing drugs or smoking cigarettes, she looks 55 years old

No. 910735

oh wow she's gorgeous

No. 910736

File: 1631577282137.jpeg (124.86 KB, 756x676, messageImage_1631576173765.jpe…)

of course

No. 910737

It’s more about the denim which is an American thing.

No. 910738

she has no visible signs of aging at all. are you one of those nasolabial folds spergs

No. 910740

wears a dress like this to rub shoulders with a bunch of rich people, amazing.

No. 910741

based tbh

No. 910743

File: 1631577433726.jpg (310.28 KB, 1600x1067, E_NAluaWUAA7j0N.jpg)

Frank Ocean and his gremlin baby

No. 910745

Samefag, but I'm pretty sure Frank's brother died last year, so I really didn't expect him to show up anywhere this year

No. 910746

he hasn't been relevant since 2016 and he's still got the same hair since then.

No. 910749

File: 1631577554145.jpg (1.54 MB, 2731x4096, E_NCsUwWYAIw7jI.jpg)

Megan Fox. Her bangs are a completely different color from her hair

No. 910750

Based as fuck sentiment, ugly dress and hypocritical way to go about announcing the idea. Aoc is a tryhard embarrassing ass bitch you can't change my mind

No. 910751

File: 1631577574193.jpeg (178.22 KB, 828x804, 9F17A322-7D0B-4E10-A6BE-A03E8A…)

megan is there haven’t seen mgk tho

No. 910752

File: 1631577578696.jpg (1.04 MB, 4096x2731, E_NCr1eWYAADEGa.jpg)

No. 910753

What a pathetic reach Grimes

No. 910754

File: 1631577614784.jpeg (101.1 KB, 718x1024, EA4A3639-8664-43AE-9A1B-3BE1F1…)


No. 910756

maybe they broke up after his aLtErCaTiOn last night

No. 910757

Her face looks like shit wtf

No. 910758

Who is this egg shaped heifer?

No. 910759

File: 1631577746943.jpeg (38.73 KB, 261x1024, 24ACFD20-FC0D-404F-8254-9E0BE4…)


No. 910760

File: 1631577750022.jpeg (264.19 KB, 1119x1379, E_M_NE6XEAIiB1o.jpeg)

Apparently she has been dressing like this for some time. Seriously what's happening kek I hope she's just trying to start a new trend and her face is fine

No. 910763

We can hope

No. 910764

File: 1631577823540.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 71.25 KB, 828x1169, 61B8B93B-FCEA-42B5-B503-672A3C…)

not sure who this is but i got a mighty kek out of it

No. 910766

File: 1631577853488.png (454.42 KB, 400x600, 1631577454622.png)

amazing, I don't know if this was posted

No. 910767

Why didn't she wear this last night when MGK was also wearing red. The couple thing is their whole schtick now so they could have at least done a matching outfit

No. 910768

this was from just the other day

No. 910769

I know she's a model, but Iman always look so gorgeous.

No. 910770

File: 1631578077791.jpeg (236.13 KB, 828x982, CB539A49-67AB-490F-BBBB-94589D…)

What if anna tendler’s crush on “the boy” actually bothered mulaney? kek he looks cozy in his chef outfit

No. 910771

first time i've ever been attracted to chalamet. nice

No. 910772

Right like lmfao everyone there is rich…wearing a dress or tweeting isn’t going to do anything

No. 910773

File: 1631578228594.jpg (1.16 MB, 2131x2664, E_NFm9uXsAcWaqY.jpg)

I didn't expect Halle to wear this. I feel like their outfits should be switched

No. 910775

Likely, it’s gastly

No. 910778

Their faces look beautiful, I actually like the blonde on C with her hair up like this, but I like Halle's outfit, it's so cute and flirty, I wasn't expecting it but she looks so pretty

No. 910779

File: 1631578399578.jpeg (80.07 KB, 1242x1728, 66D8D987-9E3B-4F47-92AC-E01F4E…)

No. 910780

Late but a couple things. I wanted to puke when I heard her talk, she has the most annoying voice and inflections I've ever heard in this video, what is going on with her? Especially when she called herself the queen and that no other hoes can be in his videos, why is she acting 16? Why is she acting like a cucked handmaiden? I don't understand why there's no one else speculating that she's on something? Maybe I'm weird and she's normal, I don't even know any more with these crackhead celebs. Anyway, when you see her plastic face in motion it's actually horrifying.

No. 910783

idk the "no other hoes in his music videos" thing was obviously a joke to me? she looked at him before she said that like she didn't know what to say so she just opted for a joke. i do agree her face is scary now though, i wonder if whatever procedures she's had done are reversible

No. 910784

File: 1631578710541.jpg (99.17 KB, 827x1219, E_NBneFWQAE5WbJ.jpg)

Also, if anyone didn't already know, Vogue is livestreaming the MET on their twitter if you're interested in watching that.
Kendall's dress looked really nice.

No. 910786

Sure it was a joke but it was a horrible one and that's my point. What is going on with her

No. 910787

ikr i feel like her behavior is kinda embarrasing for her kids, but at least they're still too young to understand their mom is acting like a cringe 16yo egirl

No. 910788

> i wonder if whatever procedures she's had done are reversible
for the second time, no

No. 910791

maybe she feels the need to act "younger" since she's the older one in their relationship

No. 910793

Tbh if that joke is her first instinct or response to the normal question "are you doing more music videos with him?" Then it says a lot about her. She's acting like an 8th grader at the homecoming dance

No. 910796

she probably isn't gonna be in future music videos and felt a bit awkwy lmao. idk celebs have this weird thing where they just refuse to talk about future projects, even something as simple and stupid as saying if she's gonna be in another music video

No. 910797

They'll see it

No. 910799

File: 1631579215715.jpeg (407.75 KB, 1365x2048, ACC14535-DC15-4D80-82DE-2548AF…)

olivia rodrigo looks awful

No. 910801

File: 1631579276540.jpeg (434.98 KB, 2048x2048, BFD58B66-BDBF-4557-B5F1-490E87…)

I thought she looked decent until I saw her face

No. 910802

File: 1631579356432.jpg (609.13 KB, 2048x1638, E_NJ33PWUAE9iCQ.jpg)

This dress is actually cool

No. 910803

She seems like she's mentally regressing and it's alarming..she used to be able to string together sentences and mature, meaningful thoughts but now she can't speak until she looks at her crusty immature bf for approval, a bf who just sexualizes her and nothing else.

No. 910804

I’m starting to believe the late-20s tinfoil anons. That or she’s just got unlucky genes.

No. 910805

i forgot simone was going to be there. she looks cool and it’s nice to see athletes taking fashion risks like that.

No. 910806

Why do all of them (except >>910784 and>>910685
) look so god damn awful? I sometimes struggle to understand americans
And this is literal fetish attire

No. 910809

File: 1631579631182.jpeg (102.78 KB, 1080x1350, 06D3F369-2C70-41A8-8B7A-1AE93D…)

them arms

No. 910811

Based actually, I don't get the anons who glamorize their gross relationship when she is obviously being treated like a piece of meat by her own boyfriend

No. 910812

omg the guy in front of her is just staring at her chest

No. 910814

She looks like she was jealous she missed the catholic met gala

No. 910816

File: 1631579761448.jpg (416.09 KB, 1578x2048, 20210913_203548.jpg)

jlo, at least on theme

No. 910817

its a bad angle kek, he was running around trying to fix her dress bc its so long

No. 910818

she's a total monet

No. 910819

File: 1631579941338.jpg (31.26 KB, 408x612, 20210913_203908.jpg)

No. 910821

Denim in the 70s represented the American Dream and freedom for a lot of people in developing countries. In South America for example Wrangler and other American brands were like gold for young adults and teenagers.

No. 910822

he and ellen should switch jackets

No. 910823

File: 1631580077035.jpeg (689.34 KB, 828x809, 6E6E29B2-3DCF-4AA4-965D-11BE50…)

I hate this wig but what’s more murica than football and representing your husband I guess kek

No. 910825

Bless you for that reference

No. 910827

Okay I’m feeling this. It is very America to wear a suit with baggy pants that drag on the ground.

No. 910828

She’s bleached the fuck out of her skin, I didn’t even know who she was.

No. 910829

this actually looks hot. i love baggy jeans

No. 910830

would’ve actually been cool if she wore some kind of bedazzled football helmet tbh

No. 910831

She looks like a pimp, but tbh I think she looks hot

No. 910832

god I just want one person to show up in a gaudy-ass stars and stripes number.


No. 910833

File: 1631580447056.jpg (1.74 MB, 2731x4096, E_NM-9FXsAI4m0M.jpg)

I'm so tired of these two

No. 910835

No. 910836

he’s gonna push the twitter gays to their limit with this one

No. 910837

His beard should have picked a dress that matches.

No. 910838

she always looks chunti

No. 910840

File: 1631580671579.jpeg (258.37 KB, 828x471, 2FE555A0-0E4B-46E2-94C8-CFBEB9…)

No. 910841

no words

No. 910842

why is a lesbian wearing a shirt about pegging a man

No. 910843

Why didn’t anyone think to show up in a gun or school shooter outfit?

No. 910845

she's bi

No. 910846

File: 1631580866604.jpeg (786.55 KB, 757x939, A2BAB535-FBB7-4DC5-824A-F23F1B…)

Seriously why are so many making “statements”?

No. 910847

grimes’ sword is made from an ar-15 so close enough

No. 910848

Because that would actually be hot and cool instead of boring as fuck

No. 910849

wasnt that elliot page?

No. 910851

File: 1631580928374.jpeg (278.98 KB, 1169x1607, BE76FDD3-AD9A-4A4D-9532-34B0CF…)


No. 910853

File: 1631580997414.jpg (265.63 KB, 1000x1500, E_NQEvXWUAEjn4W.jpg)

I never pay much attention to Teyana Taylor, but her abs are nice

No. 910854

File: 1631581031985.jpg (353.08 KB, 1365x2048, E_NQFC6WUAIYhCz.jpg)

Emily Blunt's outfit was beautiful
I like it for some reason

No. 910855

File: 1631581066081.png (647 KB, 600x900, E_NQfKTWUAAQ_Zn.png)

hailee steinfeld

No. 910856

Wasn’t that her ass from earlier?

No. 910857

I think it is!

No. 910858

La Roux cosplay

No. 910859

Everything about this look is trashy but the crotch lace is really sending me

No. 910860

Kek anon

No. 910862

This looks like a completely different person I had to look closely because I thought you misnamed her wow

No. 910863

File: 1631581353156.jpg (327.51 KB, 1366x2048, E_NPz2dXIAIQgbp.jpg)

Are they fucking divorced or not

No. 910864

Kek, horrible clip ons

No. 910865

File: 1631581435153.jpeg (144.02 KB, 840x1200, 674F0E45-7E88-4A19-81F4-7E3C28…)

It is a different person

No. 910866

why do people itt keep mentioning their age difference, they're only like 4 years apart

No. 910867

does anyone want to do a caption for this video for me, my deaf ass is curious now

No. 910868

is this kim and kanye?

No. 910869

Because celebs literally have no personalities anymore

No. 910870

No. 910871

Probably because she aged herself up 10 years with ps. Can we be done with these Megan stans now

No. 910872

mental illness is going hard in this picture

No. 910873

is it just me or is her face so bland that i have to look for an extra second each time i see her to recognise her? not saying she is ugly, she's actually really pretty. but in a really boring way

No. 910874

4 years isn't a lot but it's still rarer to see the woman be older by 4 years than vice versa

No. 910876

File: 1631581660524.jpeg (364.4 KB, 1365x2048, 0EB10403-2AA7-4382-BBDC-8F20A4…)

lily rose deep. i like this

No. 910877

File: 1631581679869.jpg (479.47 KB, 1366x2048, E_NQOs4WYAUIPqb.jpg)

No. 910878

File: 1631581686104.jpg (1.15 MB, 2731x4096, E_NSUeXWQAIoEMh.jpg)

This feels like a knockoff Grimes.

No. 910879

Is anyone else hoping they get back together? Don't get me wrong their marriage is an absolute mess. Kanye is crazy, a cheater, and a general manchild. And yet there is no couple on this planet more suited for each other, I literally can't imagine them with other people

No. 910880

nonnie he covered his buttholes just for you and yet you still bully him

No. 910882

>that tranny waist
if any woman ever feels like she has a fridge waist, look at this actual man fridge waist

No. 910883

File: 1631581768248.jpg (220.89 KB, 869x1545, rihanna-met-ball-2020.jpg)

I'm disappointed Rihanna didn't show up. This is what she was supposed to wear last year.

No. 910884

File: 1631581773330.jpg (359.86 KB, 1241x1926, E_NSXkYWUAQA2Vs.jpg)

No. 910885

Because anyone who looks at them together sees a scrawny young dude next to an aging mom. It's because she looks significantly older than him

No. 910886

I fucking love her and how she can't be bothered

No. 910888

Ew they really had her underboob showing like that, she's barely 18 ffs

No. 910889

She looks great and all but her feet look like they're literally broken and they're painful to look at

No. 910890

it’s kind of cool. did she get her appendix removed or something?

No. 910891

Hunter Chaffer looking like he's cosplaying the Predator

No. 910892

File: 1631582213408.jpg (795.19 KB, 2912x1638, bennifer.jpg)

No. 910895

I tried just for you anon.

>M: "he was like, you're gonna be naked tonight and I was like whatever you say. Daddy, whatever daddy says"

>Interviewer: "Are you proud of him?"

>M: "I'm very proud, he's the most talented boy in the world"

>Interviewer: "you're pretty talented to, seeing you in bloody valentine, are you two gonna collaborate more when it comes to your music videos in the future"

>Stares awkwardly at each other

>M: "he's not allowed to have other hoes in his music video, it's the queen or no one"

No. 910896

Ngl I kinda like the whole 'in mourning' look she's going for with the covered face lately, it's interesting. I feel like it's directed at Kanye for saying those nasty things during the split.

No. 910897

i guess it was meant to be in the end? kinda weird when exes go back to each other after so many years. idk how they can remove the thought of the ex fucking so many people after them (and in this case also having children)

No. 910898

Wait and this is a serious question, is Kim k a performance artist in any way? Like has she done something like that before

No. 910899

File: 1631582503226.jpeg (951.1 KB, 828x1031, BED89D06-1AFC-4A74-8E65-856905…)

I thought so too, but it might be the lighting in the picture.

No. 910901

Glam Van Hellsing.

No. 910902

Did some of the nails break kek

No. 910903

No. 910904

File: 1631582781515.jpeg (163.51 KB, 683x1024, CE4035BE-48D0-4DBF-92E3-980C03…)

No. 910906

File: 1631582814426.jpg (65.8 KB, 579x343, syphilis.jpg)

i can't stop laughing holy shit

No. 910907

Someone showed up and wore American themed dress just no photos yet.

No. 910908

File: 1631582832965.jpeg (239.23 KB, 828x886, D9E0AA65-B1CB-44A3-A909-D970A3…)

I don’t hate saweetie but it’s very AVN awards…kek so somewhat on theme.

No. 910909

Looks like it's falling off and she's holding it together

No. 910910

is nicki severely retarded?

No. 910911

there's supposedly rumors that she's at a nearby hotel getting ready still

No. 910912

File: 1631582941975.jpeg (184.75 KB, 980x784, 6DBA10C8-930F-4F0D-8BF1-E226C8…)

No. 910913

No. 910914

this bitch is genuinely insane. i can’t wait until her felon bae gets locked up again (10 years if we’re lucky)

No. 910915

File: 1631583091907.jpeg (97.31 KB, 692x1024, 74A1FE80-034E-46FB-8618-B18864…)

donatella versace

No. 910916

To tie in with the met gala theme each year although most of them sound like pseudointellectual nonsense. This years was "In America: A Lexicon of Fashion" whatever that means.

No. 910917

looks like a ghetto prom dress so , on theme i guess?

No. 910918

She looks like the little kid being forced to church, tragic, imagine spending all that money and not looking even decent.

No. 910919

i wish there was a soundbite of her saying "his testicles became swollen."

No. 910920

Good for her whoever this is

No. 910921

I love this

No. 910922

thank you anon, ily. that's pathetic though, wtf is she doing

No. 910923

No. 910925

File: 1631583411093.png (13.63 KB, 128x116, 56682B35-7D5C-4540-ADA5-ADA0C1…)

By wearing this dress and showing it off to your other fellow rich friends at a very expensive gathering, my family has food and water for an entire week. Thank you for your hard work, AOC. 'Murica.

No. 910930

File: 1631583581428.jpeg (47.92 KB, 474x328, 8A9B6596-AF9C-49E1-84B0-9A8CA8…)

No. 910931

the blantantly american outfit I've been waiting for.

No. 910933

Really? I thought her face looks terrible in this. She looks a bit inbred/retarded not sure why, maybe the eye makeup.

No. 910934

>no rihanna
>no doja cat
>no zendaya
what’s even the point

No. 910935

File: 1631583727194.jpeg (665.09 KB, 750x921, B802F572-6171-4570-B883-E0D3C0…)

i got déjà vu from her last outfit

No. 910936

Would that sentiment include taxing herself? I hope she walked in front of grimes lmao

No. 910937

Lol there she is I was wondering when her next appearance was. She looks cute.

No. 910938


Nonnies here are insane, she looks stunning in these photos. Bille Eilish has a beautiful natural face imo, I hope she doesn't go anachan or ps crazy just because her look is different from the mold.

No. 910939

rihanna is hosting the after party

No. 910940

This ugly ass fuck Transformer is shaped like a table.

No. 910941

File: 1631583893716.jpeg (521.41 KB, 828x1028, BBA27B08-F934-42D2-A465-9E9405…)

Idk but he’s pretty

No. 910942

kekkkk he actually looks good in a dress. better than tranny schafer

No. 910944

why is his body so feminine looking

No. 910946

This is the kinda GNC male fashion I can get behind. Stylish, flattering, made for male body, not a porny bimbofied caricature.

No. 910947

Who tf is this?

No. 910948

She's looking Mary Kate thin, drug saga spiral when? Is this because he album sucks lol

No. 910949

the troons don't give a shit about fashion, they always wear shitty clothing

No. 910950

troye sivan
he was a popular youtuber/ musician (?) now he’s washed up

No. 910951

File: 1631584152907.jpeg (566.63 KB, 1920x1920, 5EC4487E-D40F-4595-AFD3-DC6500…)

Yeah I just saw this comparison posted. She clearly loves a hi-low skirt kek.

No. 910953

Jesus they really are kek

No. 910954

my thoughts exactly, anon.

No. 910955

File: 1631584251424.jpg (140.48 KB, 683x1024, 20210913_215020.jpg)

I love this look but she has put on a ton of weight.

No. 910957

rihanna is there with asap and she's wearing a big ass puffer coat

No. 910958

you can wear a dress being a men, learn from him, trannies

No. 910959

Huh…wait, this actually works. I never thought I'd see a man pull off a dress, especially after the media kept trying to push that ugly bitch, Harry Styles, as a GNC king.
The arm belt seals it. He looks good.

No. 910960

I'm here for shawn mendes taking his shirt off now. Camilla needs to leave

No. 910961

File: 1631584504456.png (537.83 KB, 1080x2600, 13213396-64B6-4C1F-A726-23FB14…)

He looks good.

No. 910963

File: 1631584626936.jpeg (260.04 KB, 1198x1343, 762AA902-07E1-45A9-8E03-11A1BF…)

No. 910964

boring but it's elegant tbh

No. 910965

she needs to go back to her fauxpunk/new metal thing from 2020, ASAP

No. 910966

Oh this is ebic.

No. 910967

agreed, i still think she looks better in darker colors and cooler tones but this is a nice look for her

No. 910968

ngl i'm kind of disappointed but maybe she's gonna take it off and show something cool

No. 910969

looks like a bacon skirt, which is very murica

No. 910970

I think she will, if you look closely there’s diamonds on her forehead. I doubt she would go that extra on the accessories only to turn up in a bin bag.

No. 910971

Queen riri making a statement.

No. 910973

She looks 10 years older than she is

No. 910975


No. 910976

she's beautiful but what the fuck did they do to her brows

No. 910977

File: 1631585082416.jpg (123.93 KB, 1170x776, kimk.jpg)

Kim K.

No. 910978

Still think she looks gorgeous. Everyone will get creases in their face when smiling or making expressions regardless of age. Yes the styling is older but she looks good in a classic sort of way

No. 910979

Different from the mold? She has a genuinely beautiful face, stunning even at a higher weight. I also hope she doesn't go anachan. In fact, I think she'd be less pretty skinny (just like Adele).

No. 910980

File: 1631585169811.jpg (145.66 KB, 655x983, 257398.jpg)

No. 910981

Honestly I love the full covered look but she looks like a fucking Peter Pan shadow just standing there

No. 910982

Her and asap rocky are dressed like homeless people in warm clothing and blankets?. I wonder if it’s a statement?

No. 910983

she looks like the unlocked character meme

No. 910984

File: 1631585361349.jpeg (136.74 KB, 1024x683, 20A1C733-0EBA-468B-9F95-341F28…)

If theres no big reveal I’m going to be so fucking pissed.

No. 910987

File: 1631585418819.jpeg (380.71 KB, 750x801, 97DE3B56-DE2B-44D7-87DD-E8B92F…)

better pic. definitely seems like she’s hiding something underneath.

No. 910988

the couple behind her is huge or she's too small

No. 910989

Genuinely didn't see her there in the pic at first kek

No. 910990

that's kit harington and rose leslie so… not huge, kek

No. 910991

She looks absolutely ridiculous, larping as a man just makes her look even more like a diminutive little elf. At least wear clothes that fit if you're so proud of your new totally male body.

No. 910992

>diminutive little elf
most accurate description so far

No. 910995

her face looks cute tbh she looks completely different with that hair and thin brows

No. 910996

Who is this?

No. 910998

nta but even before she had any work done she was still pretty
god i know it's an old joke but this literally looks like if shinji got lost on his way to church

No. 911000

She looks like a Dachshund

No. 911001

Whyyyy is emrata there

No. 911002

Idk if it’s the weight loss or ps but she looks so much like that creepy actor who played in pacific rim and expanse. He’s like 50 though.

No. 911003

File: 1631586180643.jpeg (70.58 KB, 640x960, 90e521fbcb222d5881ea9ff9a14e57…)

No. 911005

barbie farreira

No. 911006

File: 1631586281957.jpg (149.97 KB, 720x1078, 20210913_232336.jpg)

No. 911008

nta but wtf? i would’ve never guessed.

No. 911009

I could see kanye with azealia. it would be absolute chaos but at least it would be funny.

No. 911011

she looks like someone's little nerd brother

No. 911012

File: 1631586422016.jpg (111.71 KB, 776x1254, rs_634x1024-210913171623-634--…)

No. 911014

File: 1631586464437.jpg (143.79 KB, 713x877, 20210913_232359.jpg)

No. 911015

the creases in his jacket kek did they just pull it out of the shipping package?

No. 911017

i didn't recognize her at all, i hope it's just a weird shot and that she didn't get any work done because she's gorgeous naturally

No. 911018

File: 1631586528185.jpeg (91.33 KB, 776x1254, 16592030-2FA5-4342-9286-8BB7B6…)

i love amandla stenberg’s look

No. 911019

Kanye would only ever get with the opposite of opinionated black women. Azelia would crush his balls and he'd fall into the textbook definition of narcissistic collapse.

No. 911020

kind of disappointed that doja cat or lady gaga didn’t show up painted green like the statue of liberty or some shit

No. 911021

Why did they invite Myra Hindley?

No. 911022

Jesus she’s fucking botched and her face looks sickly thin since I last saw her

No. 911023

I cant stand this uneducated ho

No. 911024

She looks so gorgeous and her face is way cuter than Madison beer’s/Megan fox. I said what I said.

No. 911025

Anybody know which celebs were invited but declined?

No. 911026

The statue of liberty would have been literally perfect for this theme, a wasted opportunity.

No. 911027

File: 1631586744247.jpg (95.8 KB, 683x1024, 683x1024-565090412189.jpg)

No. 911028

She's the hottest woman in all these pics for me. But Grimes has the best outfit of all.

No. 911029

yeah amber rose was about as close as he was gonna get and he still acted like a pissbaby over her for years after they broke up

No. 911030

kylie jenner and ariana grande at least

No. 911031

I wonder if she’s hiding a pregnancy or something

No. 911033

that’s the vibe i’m getting but i’ll wait for the after party pics to tinfoil for sure

No. 911034

I do prefer her classically beautiful look over the sultry open mouth boobs pushed up thing but they’re all still attractive in their own ways

No. 911035

Her body looks great compared to her weird ana shops on insta
Whoopi’s dress looks so so bad

No. 911038

Dude, imagine Rihanna as your mom. Born to a badass billionaire woman

No. 911039

i thought for sure someone ballsy would do it

No. 911040

File: 1631587066506.jpeg (41.44 KB, 324x599, FB8732E4-1E6A-4ABE-AD06-A684FB…)

It's so tacky I love it.
Agreed. What a shame. Still cute though.

No. 911041

yeah not to mention hitting the genetic lottery looks-wise (imo of course)

No. 911042

kek you sound so embarrassing

No. 911043

No. 911044

This. I have zero issues with older women being sexy, but it's sad she's chosen to stay stuck in such an immature pornsick version of "sexy" rather than evolving into a more classy and dignified image. This shit looks tacky on an 18-year-old, but at least they have youth on their side. On a 60-year-old it just looks desperate.

No. 911046

File: 1631587264661.jpeg (395.46 KB, 1366x2048, 80ED0BE9-EB6F-43C4-8078-14E1E1…)

Wish she’d dress in something crazy and tacky not just a generic pretty dress

No. 911048

she couldn’t find a clean forever21 cami to throw on i guess

No. 911050

She has that weird Billie eilish jutting jaw going on. Is jaw work a common procedure I have no clue

No. 911051

chin implant is

No. 911052

I think lots of celebs get jawline surgery or fillers to have it be really sharp and pronounced

No. 911053

File: 1631587435450.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 760.05 KB, 1946x3000, A5DD1A01-BC8F-4E02-A178-ADD50E…)

Her meat dress would've fit the theme, too, imo.

No. 911054

Your visceral reaction is kinda embarrassing too

No. 911055

anons in a previous celebricow thread predicted Olivia Munn’s pregnancy, it’d be funny if it happened a second time

No. 911058

I think it’s safe to say Kanye isn’t taking his medication

No. 911061

the real lottery would be if the father was the saudi billionaire she was with

No. 911062

I love how people actually pay to get sharper features. Do they not understand that sharp features will never look good if not natural?

No. 911063

File: 1631588100487.jpg (298.25 KB, 1600x2066, 1312776.jpg)

idk how recent this dazed and confused photoshoot is but I doubt it plus I really don't think she wants kids

No. 911068

File: 1631588436663.jpeg (183.36 KB, 851x1135, E_NkrLgX0AIprWS.jpeg)

No. 911071

File: 1631588765514.jpeg (122.62 KB, 300x300, 370EB418-4FDD-4899-8435-FDE3E3…)

troye sivan he’s an Australian singer who started as a youtuber.

>>910946 Agreed. He does GNC in a really appealing way even down to the shoes and necklace.

No. 911072

At first I thought grimes's costume was a reimagining of the statue of liberty because of her retarded little props and long flowing gown, until she mentioned dune. Anybody else get the feeling that the designers and stylists should have engaged with the theme and experimented more? Most of these people are just referencing golden era hollywood, but instead of creating a glamourous effect I feel like it actually accentuates how washed up and embarassing this industry is

No. 911073

Her. Fucking. Legs. She’s also literally 52.
Then there’s Billie eillish on the other end of the spectrum lmao

No. 911074

File: 1631589014584.jpeg (349.06 KB, 659x366, B5E9FA3E-E07B-4ACD-BA92-64D092…)


No. 911075

they were afraid to engage the theme because of the political climate and such, even the national anthem is controversial at this point. Wearing stars and stripes is heading to be as faux pas as wearing a confederate flag.

No. 911076

Was Doja not invited or something? She went all out for the VMAs yesterday, I imagine the Met Gala would be right up her alley.

No. 911077

I generally dislike Gigi but I adore her hair and makeup here. The dress? It kinda sucks.
>inb4 anon from last thread starts sperging about how obese she looks

No. 911078

File: 1631589148477.jpeg (54.49 KB, 238x217, 6658430F-2DFA-4EF6-9DAD-33DAF0…)

them lemon peppa steppas, looks like they came right out of the playground

No. 911080

I’m not surprised that the ones who hate celebrities are also very jealous of them and want to be these ego-tripping power-cows who wear ridiculous hunger games clothing. There are status quo reinforcers in this thread just ridicule them as much as possible

No. 911081

Are we sure Grimes had a stylist? She just threw a Van Herpen dress on and picked up a toy sword and a book on the way out.

No. 911083

she might only be doing after party or something or just chose not to go. i can’t imagine she wouldn’t be invited since she’s kind of having a moment right now.

No. 911088

Why does she always have the same vacant, open mouth facial expression in every pic I see her in?

No. 911090

File: 1631590009046.jpeg (31.71 KB, 407x450, 0B9814EA-B312-44EB-AEBD-1C1937…)

Serving boobah realness

No. 911094

Grimes’ dress was designed by Iris Van Herpen, a Dutch designer, and she’s obnoxiously talented.

The book Grimes has throws off the color palette, if it had a chrome cover or embellishment it could make more sense and the weeb sword is fucking stupid as hell. So many other weapons would have made sense and she could have had a gun that would contrast how feminine the dress is, and you know America.

No. 911095

whoever photoshops her ig pics works overtime

No. 911096

Don't look at the feet!

No. 911097

Whatever, I love it just the way it is now

No. 911098

the most fuckable male there for me all the little boys can eff off

No. 911099

File: 1631590530820.jpeg (212.72 KB, 683x1024, F188ABA2-EB76-4A36-984A-F9DAB4…)

There were several IVH dresses all with minimal styling. The dresses speak for themselves I guess. Tessa Thompson did it best imo because her one accessory is at least on-theme.

No. 911100

Loving this Met cow thread so far. (esp compared to cringe infighting last time around)

Kek anon.

No. 911102

That's exactly why I thought people would take it as an invitation to be a bit controversial. I guess the the theme was chosen for the opposite reason to basically say "let's celebrate our vision of america in the 20th century and act like everything is normal again"
Fair enough, I was speaking generally because I assume that most celebs play a very minimal role in their own styling decisions. I can't stand grimes or her weeb sword, kind of gives me Vicky Shingles vibes, she might be one of the best dressed at this event though

No. 911104

File: 1631590592271.jpeg (452.27 KB, 640x942, 72A4CFCB-6618-4EB8-A6F0-4846C5…)

Hammer toe anon is that you????

No. 911107

File: 1631591041936.jpg (359.74 KB, 1200x1500, 4412bc4c-031e-4fa8-8dff-e91aae…)

Yeah, there were at least 4 IVH pieces. Tessa's was the best styled, I agree, but Gabrielle Union looked stunning as well.

No. 911109

No. 911112

this might be my favorite but the little hat or whatever that is on top of her head looks stupid and throws it off

No. 911114

She said it's supposed to be the Filipino flag and the black American heritage flag but I don't see it. It's just a red dress?

No. 911115

you can kind of see some flag looking coloring on the cape behind her

No. 911116

File: 1631592059383.jpeg (196.89 KB, 1080x1505, DE5BE760-209A-471D-8B90-E85E15…)

We forgot about maisie

No. 911117

File: 1631592083898.jpeg (479.55 KB, 1365x2048, E_MymMdXsAkL0GL.jpeg)

No. 911118

anya taylor joy really changed huh, howd she go from an american accent looking busted in vid related to…

No. 911120

No. 911123

Oooh, I see. That's actually pretty cool, but the dress is still tacky though.

No. 911124

File: 1631592446940.jpeg (312.76 KB, 1366x2048, E_NH678WYAAuoXZ.jpeg)

kacey musgraves looks awful. I feel like americana is like, her whole brand? and this is the best she could do?

No. 911125

File: 1631592797683.jpeg (562.59 KB, 750x1087, 1A4E741F-1836-4F9E-B0D6-FD6F3F…)

why the fuck did she put more effort into her vma red carpet look last night than the actual met gala?

No. 911127

Took me a minute to even recognized her. This is such a good look. Rarely does anyone look better without eyebrows than they do with them. Never grow them back girl

No. 911130

File: 1631593059270.jpeg (61.34 KB, 800x534, 77786BB4-586E-4B1E-BA97-48B4C2…)

No. 911131

Yeah the weird makeup suits her, she looks like a harlequin doll

No. 911132

IVH said it was "inspired by distant futures", not Dune. Stop throwing out random details to try to get nerd cred, Claire. You get them wrong and it just makes you sound like The Big Bang Theory.

No. 911135

File: 1631593680578.jpeg (377.83 KB, 797x804, FAEFA406-A52D-4E46-A351-40F853…)

No. 911142

Shinji trying on Gendos clothes

No. 911143

this is from 2018, this >>910855 is in fact hailee steinfeld from this year

No. 911144

Fox has such a nice body but her face looks so botched, like..it makes me uncomfortable to look at.

No. 911146

I'm not even trying to be funny when i say I thought this was Rupaul or a Drag queen or something, something about the hair and make up makes this look so un-natural.

No. 911151

Billie Eillish is momokun's Hannah Montana.
This hits the theme in the worst possible way lmfao JNCO nation
That wrap twist is doing the absolute most. What is that unlined sports bra top? Even her posture. She's standing there like she's gonna square up and try to push me down the stairs.
Oh my god I kind of love it. Who is she?
Supposedly he unfollowed her on IG, so I guess that means it's real

No. 911152

she looks like a Final Fantasy boss or something kek. Don't know what the dress has to do with America but it looks sort of cool

No. 911154

I'm sort of surprised no one came dressed in the American flag or something

No. 911156

They look like they just hopped out of the shower and their dad dressed them for church

No. 911157

File: 1631594686590.jpg (337.85 KB, 1616x2424, 3kdLnoH.jpg)

CL is formerly of kpop group 2NE1, she and Rose from BLACKPINK (picrel) were apparently the first female kpop stars at the Met Gala

No. 911158

CL is a kpop artist, ex-member of 2N1, a big group
She went to america to work there after it was disbanded
also she was a meme here in lolcow when some dumbass selfposted multiple times saying she looked like CL

No. 911159

Is it based when she's paid 40k for a ticket and thousands of dollars for a dress in the name of "woke activism" nonnie?

No. 911163

lmao girl if you can't call her what she actually is, at least commit to calling her a man like she wants

No. 911164

Ayrt, I looked up 2021 because I just couldn’t believe it. I stand corrected. Fucking insane. She doesn’t look remotely like herself, it’s mind boggling. Her recent social media pics don’t look like that.

No. 911166

It's gotta be the makeup imo. Her eyebrows have been slanted upwards like crazy, lots of contouring etc, it's really changed the shape of her features.

No. 911169

Is it based when she's paid 40k for a ticket and thousands of dollars for a dress in the name of "woke activism" nonnie?

No. 911173

these two faggots would be canceled already if they weren't dating well respected women who have crazy stans. the only reason i knew who mgk was before megan got with him was because of that cringe catfish episode he was on

No. 911174

lmao I couldn't figure out what the whole vibe reminded me of, but you put it perfectly, it's stiff churchgoing vibes

No. 911175

File: 1631595811365.jpeg (765.54 KB, 1170x1407, 7AC84BF6-CABD-46D7-A97F-2BD22C…)

Tbh I just can’t believe it

No. 911176

Those shoes look like they were bought in a charity shop

No. 911177

she doesn't look bad at all, this new look just isn't working because the simple fact is her core fans feel betrayed.
no one thought of her as a little kid or child star who has to prove she's "all grown up now". she was supposed to be a super relatable, cool but not threatening singer for girls.

No. 911178

This is absolutely stunning. The colour looks beautiful on her skin

Idk why people like this, his outfit looks like something you wear on a walk of shame back from a bender.

No. 911179

JFC, she looks like a stage mom in her 40s. Wait, maybe this was intentional? Maybe she's poking fun at the overdone, bleached blonde 'American' look?

No. 911180

>autism sneakers

No. 911182

This would explain why on her social media pics she still looks like herself

No. 911184

absolutely understandable nonnie, she looks like white taraji p. henson

No. 911185

no it wouldn’t. What is with so many anons having these boring autistically literal interpretations like “DAE think it’s so weird no one dressed as Ronald McDonald???”

No. 911186

i think my favorite thing about it is the makeup, it's not elaborate but she has lovely eyes and should accentuate them more often

No. 911187

considering how loosely the theme was interpreted it’s not really that wild

No. 911188

It’s too bad a lot of tiktok stars got invited but my girl Jojo Siwa isn’t.

No. 911189

File: 1631597219338.jpeg (120.24 KB, 683x1024, E44CFED3-9B5E-4202-8934-7C3A6E…)

Quanna Chasinghorse. Her dress is modern meets traditional native.

No. 911191

I think it’s meant to be, it really reminds me of the kind of things a lot of the R&B girls would wear on red carpets back in the early 2000s. And also ghetto prom dresses like someone else said earlier. Weirdly I actually feel like her dress is the most impactful to me, it makes me feel really nostalgic.

No. 911192

Rosé looks like a child dying from leukemia
I don't understand how some anons are praising this. I like CL but this looks like she is wearing a shitty diaper and her whole pussy is out. Isn't Korea supossed to be a conservative country?

No. 911194

File: 1631598200362.jpeg (1.05 MB, 3464x3464, 60834941-A19A-47A4-8FF6-39A271…)

yas king slay

No. 911196

Looks like your ten year old cousin at a wedding whose mom paid him 20 bucks not to dab in the wedding photo.

No. 911198

Her career is basically dead in korea, so no one cares. And even so, she is more dressed than the likes of hyuna or hwasa, it’s not shocking.

No. 911200

Denis Villeneuve is not even american. Claire you used to live in Quebec, you should know better.

No. 911202

this is kind of ugly. nonnies really like this huh

No. 911207

It's ugly af. I like the silhouette but the granny panties look nasty and I can't say the denim is cute either.

No. 911211

I actually hate it, but obviously anons here will have different tastes, there's not just like two identical clones posting itt

No. 911233

she can't seriously be happy about transitioning into a pre-puberty justin bieber. she probably insisted on wearing a mens small or something, even though it's not made for her petite female body and is swalling her like a tent god bless

No. 911234

File: 1631607448429.jpg (451.22 KB, 1440x1567, Skqqzg.jpg)

I cringed. >>911094 I agree, if the book had a chrome cover it might have looked less tacky. It was definitely 100% her idea to have the sword and illuminated book. I can perfectly envision her on Amazon ordering this a day or two before thinking it would look sooo cool. Kek.

No. 911235

does anyone else think making a "tax the rich" statement at the met gala (full of people who are rich and famous for basically nothing except looking pretty and sometimes not even that) is a bit ironic

No. 911238

she/they/whoever made the mistake probably meant the american author frank herbert who wrote the original book and not the director of the recent movie

No. 911239

Much more than a bit.
On the other hand, politicians giving lip service to the people with empty slogans while continuing to work for the elite is very on theme. You could say she nailed it.

No. 911240

Yeah and the dress is ugly as shit

No. 911241

do you not think that’s the whole point? She obviously knows it will generate a lot of press and negative conversation and debate on the topic.

No. 911242

*negative press

No. 911243

Can she go to the bookstore and read another book for a change

No. 911244

I think this won't accomplish anything. It's just for show and people will like her more for her opinion on the matter.

No. 911246

That makeup makes her look like she has Down's. The color's pretty, but why did they make her eyes look downturned?

No. 911247

That’s not what I’m saying, other than maybe briefly generating more discussion on the topic, I don’t think it will accomplish anything at all either. But someone would have to have some kind of genuine mental disability to think this is meant as a totally sincere statement made with zero self awareness that she’s wearing in an attempt to like, convince the other rich met gala attendees.

No. 911253

This is really embarrassing. how can society claim this is a man when this is the most sad, pathetic women to anyone with eyes? she looks dead inside. Everything about ellen page now is beyond laughable

I dont like the fabric, but her hair, makeup and jewelry are stunning

No. 911257

File: 1631611065142.jpeg (41.64 KB, 500x500, 6DBD690A-3B56-4435-B101-4B058C…)

Giving me childhood flashbacks to this specific crafting paper

No. 911263

>implying she actually has read it

No. 911265

They laugh in our faces out in the open tbh

No. 911271

Anons actually think this looks good? She looks absolutely fucking crazy

No. 911273

I'm 25 and I don't even look that old, she legit looks like a wine aunt who got too many fillers.
Billie has a lifetime to dress like a stereotypical lonely woman who wants to land a man at a party, this is not that moment.

No. 911274

File: 1631613283781.jpeg (87.09 KB, 827x701, CA1DA1D8-C7BA-4494-96A6-8C8B40…)

Lmao I hate this bitch so I gladly get on any opportunity to drag her

No. 911275

His testicles became swollen

No. 911277

File: 1631613729413.jpeg (100.56 KB, 1056x1056, AA655144-4DF7-45E7-8289-A613E7…)

Should've never tweeted. I wonder what excuses her delulu stans have been spouting to defend her, lol.

No. 911280

File: 1631614422229.png (579.57 KB, 720x1119, Screenshot_2021-09-14-11-07-23…)

That torso fat visible through a fucking corset i wonder what would be her wakeup call, she's young and healthy she has no excuse to be this size. I hope she would stop YASQUEEN-ing herself into the fridge asap before the damage is irreversible

No. 911284

re: this

i think her calling him "boy" in the interview might be a subtle fuck you to brian austin green or something. he was a lot older than her and this might be like a "see, i can get a hot younger boy toy" (even tho he's not that much younger)

No. 911285

File: 1631614829203.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 756.72 KB, 750x929, 18ED99F9-B9B8-4111-81A4-86FECD…)

nikkietutorials was there which surprised me bc beauty gurus aren’t at all as relevant as they were in 2016

No. 911286

What’s with his flabby arms ew

No. 911289

He's very clearly fat lol, why are you surprised

No. 911293

Of course they invite trannies and alphabet people there because they need to be inclusive and woke.

No. 911297

I was wondering why he's still looking masculine under all that makeup and PS then I noticed his neck

No. 911299

It wouldn't be the U.S. without the troonacy kek

No. 911306

Legit looks like a drag queen. And i thought he passed well before? I guess he uses a shit ton of filters on his videos.

No. 911314

No. 911321

Looks like an ice skating outfit

No. 911322

File: 1631619282308.jpeg (73.16 KB, 1280x720, 12F333E4-2E80-435D-ABCD-49B0F4…)

Wow.. the last time I saw her was when she was in the movie Unpregnant, but I haven't been keeping up with her.
Oh, this is interesting!

No. 911325

who is this. looking at them I can almost tell who it is but can't name them and its pissing me off

No. 911327

oh hell yes. love thisone.

>Rosé looks like a child dying from leukemia
Kek KPop stans on twitter were going on and on about how good she looked but like… I don't see it. She does look sickly. That hair color isnt doing her any favors.

No. 911329

File: 1631619995555.jpeg (527.71 KB, 767x785, 9626130B-F079-4F51-B6AE-F4F36F…)

This is actually super sad to see. I’ve been following her for a long time, after Euphoria she has completely let herself go. Her and @mynamesdiana too.

No. 911330

the color of this dress looks like new born baby poop

No. 911331

Same! Her Tumblr/Snapchat era. I have no idea why I was so into her life when I was younger kek I just remember she would ramble on in her bathtub.

No. 911332

Carey Mulligan

No. 911336

Why is his head so big??

No. 911337

File: 1631621474995.jpeg (429.76 KB, 2048x2048, CB0F7D0C-6942-4BE2-8C6D-8BF7CC…)

she was so gorgeous, she’s still overweight in these pics but her face was beautiful. pretty soon the weight gain effects will be irreversible

No. 911340

File: 1631621659663.jpeg (279.3 KB, 1365x2048, 3049D4E3-C723-4AB2-AB43-F12606…)

i don’t think anyone posted phinus yet? at least he didn’t wear a black suit but i didn’t like his outfit. luckily he left his youtuber girlfriend behind this time

No. 911345

File: 1631622258302.png (816.13 KB, 720x1111, Screenshot_2021-09-14-13-21-40…)

I took a look at her getty images and my conclusion is this girl loves to humiliate herself

No. 911346

The look is gorgeous, and her face is very pretty, This would be a moment if she wasn't so obviously overweight.

No. 911350

the met should be for the girls and the gays only
men just embarrass themselves and take up space

No. 911352

File: 1631622807876.jpg (419.1 KB, 1759x2560, MTS.jpg)

Hmmm I would've liked something like this on her, idk. I guess you can't repeat outfits for stuff like this.

No. 911354

File: 1631623101516.jpg (90 KB, 961x1171, Orville Peck.jpg)

Reminds me of picrel a little. Btw, was he not invited? He would've fit right in.

No. 911355

Agreed, she would've looked really nice in something like this The way her jumpsuit is going over her shoe makes her foot look like a horse hoof though lol. I don't know what possessed her stylists to make her wear whatever she wore last night.

No. 911356

She looks fucking awful, I don't understand anyone who says this looks good.
This style does not suit her at all and ages her so much. The Marilyn Monroe hairstyle does not work on most people. She's very top heavy and yet her stylists keep shoving her into corsets that just push everything up even further, it looks so unflattering.
She's obviously gained weight but it wouldn't look so bad if she was styled properly. She doesn't look comfortable in this shit either.

No. 911357

File: 1631623639050.jpeg (65.41 KB, 400x500, 294F032C-360D-4B0F-B647-277613…)

Love this new met gala look, one of a kind! Love my met gala hoes

No. 911358

File: 1631623864307.jpeg (133.23 KB, 960x806, 101987D7-0A10-4E37-82F6-F439F9…)

Exclusive pics of the afterparty zomgz!! th0se fat wh0res how dare they show their face?? anyways so unflattering and bad, nitpicknitpicknitpicknitpicknitpick my family abandoned me in the back of a denny’s no one loves me that’s why I talk about the met gala :((:()

No. 911360

lmao anon, you just reminded me of this video.

No. 911365

Yall are trippin, I love his look.

Also why do some anons grill people for fillers and then turn around and roast weight gain?? Do you want natural people or not?

No. 911367

you must be a millennial if you find that clip funny anon, I’m sorry

No. 911368

Shut the fuck up obsessive PULLfag, no one cares.

No. 911377

File: 1631624630213.png (136.46 KB, 1480x858, dldl.png)

Saw this on Datalounge. They had me cracking up (picrel). I'm thinking of making a DL thread btw. Does anyone want one?

No. 911379

Let but Nona you’re delusional if you think Frank is irrelevant. Anytime he does literally anything people go nuts.

No. 911380

No, I'm younger and it brings me back to times where I was not aware of anything at all.

No. 911381

She might be the first public case of autoandropedophilia kek

No. 911383

The dress is ugly as fuck but that's what we want! Be on theme, you stupid rich people! Better ugly and on brand than plain and boring.

This is the outfit you would have though everybody had in their heads for "American" but somehow ended up completely original and unlike any of the other bodycon embellished mermaid dresses with train.

Not inviting Doja Cat to a themed event is a crime. I know that bitch would have come as a bald eagle.

How can someone that purchased a new face not be able to commit to a fun look? You didn't even need invasive surgery for this.

Her whole aesthetic is barbie cowboy, how did she fuck this up?

No. 911385

hy waste a post with this? Not everything posted will gel with your oh so unique sense of humor (or lack of, more likely).
Can the edgelord anon(s) giving pathetic takes like: "you're jealous!!!"/"you sound sooooo embarrassing KEK!!" just fuck off now? You add nothing, no one thinks your a badass and your responses are excruciatingly worse than any OP you're targeting itt.

No. 911387

Anon this isn’t the drunk thread

No. 911398

because both look bad…?

No. 911401

File: 1631627112815.gif (577.11 KB, 583x882, dc.gif)

Picture uploaded to news outlet vs pic uploaded to Dove's instagram.
She looks cute in the original too. Girly is delusional.

No. 911403

I don't get the anons saying she looks great, that dress looks horrible for her shape and makes her torso and waist look worse.

No. 911406

So she is Kendall’s shadow, yeah? The irony kek

Somebody please escort his little boy back to the playroom

No. 911408

I always forget how petite and small Kim is. Since the focus is always on her curves, bust and bum I think it's easy to forget how tiny she is. I want to put her in my pocket.

No. 911412

they probably give her gender euphoria kek

No. 911415


>She meant to be stupid

No. 911417

File: 1631628851147.jpg (188.6 KB, 900x1399, Timothee-Chalamet-Met-Gala-202…)

No. 911419

oh but that katniss dress was a banger 13 yo me was so excited

No. 911421

I don't understand either, it doesn't suit her. Wig is obvious too, I've seen better looking wigs off Wish

No. 911425

i want him to dm annamarie tendler

No. 911426

So much of what we see is fake

No. 911427

File: 1631629491959.jpg (215.11 KB, 1200x1800, siblings.jpg)

Her brother.

No. 911428

No. 911430

I thought that was ed sheeran

No. 911435

The Dove Cameron photo is not from Met Gala

No. 911441

I love that headpiece

No. 911448

File: 1631630865231.jpg (30.84 KB, 480x720, anya-taylor-joy-attends-the-re…)

i wonder why anya taylor joy wasn't there. she's one of the only current celebrities i care about and leagues more relevant than many of the people who went so i doubt she wasn't invited. maybe she was busy or just didn't feel like it, if so, good for her. i would have loved to see what she would have done though, she's becoming more and more of a fashion icon to me and she looked amazing at venice earlier this month.

No. 911449

No. 911451

File: 1631630950773.png (1014.43 KB, 1242x2208, 6D006106-C600-4F7B-AAC7-259925…)

Lmao she has such thin skin (with that said, she’s right about Joy Reid being a homophobe though)

No. 911460

I don’t get it

No. 911462

Yeah this is my main issue with AOC. Everything she does is so performative with little to no actual progress.

No. 911471

Joy Reid is a huge racist, as well. There's nothing redeeming about her, even Nicki Minaj is more virtuous than her. And that's saying something.

No. 911475

Do you have trouble reading? Lol

No. 911477

Maybe she swapped outfits

No. 911478

Phenis wishes he was half as cool as Orville.

No. 911479

She's fucking illiterate

No. 911480

This is funny and wholesome. Thank you anon.

No. 911481

He looks like the berries and cream guy

No. 911484

File: 1631633367737.jpg (87.38 KB, 700x842, Billie-Eilish-Met-Gala-2021-Be…)

Billie eilish back it again always trying to make the conversation about her boobs

Fr though, the extreme corset and obvious layered bras if not padding/chicken cutlets. Anytime I see girls do this shit all I can think of is how disappointing their bodies must be if they have to jump through hoops to disguise it

No. 911488

I agree with you. These styling choices seem lazy and amateurish, it doesn't help that her posture is so slouchy either. Imo the helmet hair, neckline of the dress and bad posture made her neck look short and wide. I guess the idea is to make her seem more authentic and relatble by putting her in less than flattering clothes

No. 911490

She is insufferable.

No. 911496

File: 1631634058969.jpeg (854.49 KB, 1080x1774, 30C99BE1-2F8D-4DE2-9FE7-5279F7…)

Posted in grimes thread, her second look. I really like it besides the purse

No. 911499

Looking like 2012-era Adele

No. 911501

Hair color is bad as well she should’ve stayed blonde and went icier(bluer?) I think it would’ve gone better with her first dress too
same anon I didn’t wanna delete

No. 911502

It's pretty, I like the grandma's couch looking fabric. I like it a lot more than her red carpet outfit. Does Grimes need to be cross-posted in both threads though? Not being rude, but I thought the whole point of her having a containment thread was so she and Elon wouldn't be posted here.

No. 911505

This. The hair itself is just…
She has a manly face, the hair just seems to being attention to that. She ruined such a good looking dress by shoving her disgusting body in it and stuffing her bra. At least her 90s rapper named Kyle outfits didn't give anyone secondhand embarrassment from how much she has to disguise her natural body

No. 911509

She was posted with her first look and talked about extensively. The thread is and Elon and grimes containment. I just wanted to talk about the dress.

No. 911514

This dress actually makes her boobs look worse from the pics I've seen

No. 911515

File: 1631635468818.jpg (184.9 KB, 1440x1439, angela-merkel-oslo.jpg)

reminds me of picrel for whatever reason …

No. 911517

Idk I like the purple/orange/silver palette

No. 911520

Gays no longer men. Gay is its own gender.

No. 911523

Her skin looks A+ for her age, I hope I could age like that.

No. 911525

No. 911528

File: 1631636791465.jpeg (576.5 KB, 828x1012, 4EA4BEFF-620A-4DFC-9B67-01BB06…)

Kinda looks like John Mulaney in this Instagram pic. Really squaring that jaw kek

No. 911530

File: 1631637138033.jpeg (850.92 KB, 659x1025, D12B3D32-A8AE-41A5-B4E9-70ACF4…)

This is so cute to me and was perfect for the VMAs

No. 911533

I actually like this look. If she just lost weight she'd look better and most importantly be happier with herself, you can tell she's very insecure about her body. She has all the money and time to invest in it idg why she won't do it

No. 911535

File: 1631637451653.png (403 KB, 400x700, 400px-Giorno_Giovanna_Infobox_…)

No. 911536

The giant creampuff dress is really unflattering cause it makes her look fat and everyone knows big boobs don't count when you're fat.

No. 911537

>Billie eilish back it again always trying to make the conversation about her boobs
literally so many celebs and everyday people make the conversation about their boobs and this is the hill you choose to die on…? i agree sometimes she goes way too far and cringe (hello tiktoks of her slapping her boobs) but this is just a fucking dress with cleavage. do nonnies want her to chop them off or something?

No. 911539

My personal favorite thing about this event is that nobody is wearing masks, yet we are forced to wear masks to go to the grocery store. The rules only apply to the cattle.

No. 911540

You just had to ruin it kek

No. 911542

>Anytime I see girls do this shit all I can think of is how disappointing their bodies must be
I'm not a fan of this look but still.. what the hell is this sentence?

No. 911543

File: 1631637892523.png (464.68 KB, 569x442, Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 11.4…)

not to nitpick but since i'm 25 and starting to get fine lines i've been obsessed with celebs and their eyes and saw Billie who is supposed to be 19 with already deep fine lines? i can't add it up

No. 911544

She probably does drugs and drinks. It ages you prematurely.

No. 911546

Looks like the farmer's fuckboy son who spells "you're" as "your"

No. 911547

Eh I’ve known 20 year olds who have pretty pronounced eye creases and makeup usually makes it look much worse

No. 911550

i liked it too. she has nice abs.

No. 911553

>nobody is wearing masks, yet we are forced to wear masks to go to the grocery store
no you're not, i just saw a video the other day of a woman purposefully coughing on people in a grocery store in the US kek. also wouldn't surprise me if the majority of celebrities were vaxxed extremely early so they could get back to work.

No. 911554

That half-eye look just makes her seem mentally damaged

No. 911555

Yeah, she definitely doesn't read as a teen IMO.

No. 911556

Yes I am, lol. Idk where you live, but where I live you get thrown out and fined if you don't wear a mask. To get into any restaurant or public space you need to show a vaccine card or a test that is less than 24 hours old.

Getting the vaccine also doesn't prevent you from catching and spreading covid, which is why they still make people wear masks. Just admit that the rules don't apply to the rich and powerful.

No. 911557

do we need to pull up the maneskin guy again that's 22 going on 40

No. 911560

this is the united states, baby. there are actually several states that are motioning to ban "vaccine passports" all together, but that's for the covid thread not here.

No. 911562

And yet. Normal people are CURRENTLY STILL forced to wear masks. Celebrities are not. They didn't have them at the Oscars either. And you are making excuses for this double standard like the sheeple you are.

No. 911565

I literally had to zoom in all the way to see those nona wtf… Everyone's skin ages differently and there are plenty of 19 year olds who look worse than that. She looks fine. Also it literally doesn't matter, do you want there to be more and more 20 year old women getting filler because of insane beauty standards? some of yall have issues

No. 911566

i just don't really give a fuck if a bunch of celebrities give covid to one another and die

No. 911567

Why even believe he's not lying about his age? Lol

No. 911568

No. 911570

She looks like shit. I get why people think she's lying about her age. However, I've known people that look older than their age and I think it's mostly bad genetics

No. 911573

File: 1631638795438.jpeg (545.59 KB, 828x1030, 27F32E83-8AE8-46A2-86F6-1795C4…)

The after party look is alright. She’s a wee bit chubby to me and I say she sticks with it and just dresses for it.

No. 911575

NTA, I just think she/her PR people have been lying about her age. The excessive focus on it from the start of her career was weird, and now her skin's suddenly aging fast and they're dressing her up like a mom/sexy grandma. It's just suspicious.

No. 911577

Nobody's gonna get covid and die. Except maybe lil Nas and James Charles, since they have compromised immune systems.

It's more about the fact that rich people are literally throwing parties and living their lives normally, while tellin you that YOU need to get vaxed and YOU need to protect others. Hypocrisy, ever heard of it?

No. 911578

it's very 2006 kelly osbourne

No. 911579

i could not care less, take the sperging to the covid thread

No. 911582

You’re so obsessed with aging that you can’t help but zoom in on celebrities’ fine lines and compare them to yours. You need to put your phone down.

No. 911590

File: 1631639415305.jpeg (101.37 KB, 591x643, 1631579276540.jpeg)

Ntayrt but she does have a lot of fine lines for a 19 year old

No. 911591

This explains why she always looks blank and dead in the eyes. Any expression brings out the lines.

No. 911592

File: 1631639506070.jpg (158.43 KB, 720x855, 20210914_141024.jpg)

No. 911594

>fine lines
she's SMILING… hello????

No. 911595

She’s also mostly irish heritage and they age very fast

No. 911596

I'd generally agree with you but fuck everything about the way they styled her ages her 20 years

No. 911597

File: 1631639770548.jpeg (1.01 MB, 2046x2910, 12564CD2-D51B-44D3-BF45-B52F07…)

this french rat is starting to grow on me… he seems really innocent. those pics of him making out with lily rose depp give off "overwhelmed" vibes lmao and same with the pictures of him kissing that random no name mexican actress

No. 911598

I can cope with whatever I want lol so I know by zooming in that, that's not a normal 19 y/o skin, she doesn't smoke ?

No. 911599

Ntayrt, but no, women shouldn't get fillers. Fillers and both make everything look much much worse than naturally aging. I'm actually pointing it out moreso to point out that it's human. 99% of photos we see of celebs are professionally taken and touched up making them look beyond perfection when really, they're just like us. And we should all accept that. Them included.

That's a lot of lines under her eyes though for 19. It's ok, she's human and doesn't look like her shopped photos

No. 911600

What a creepy and predatory thing to say, lovely.

No. 911601

I wonder what the three chalamat exes that went to the met chatted about

No. 911603

how is that creepy and predatory, he's older than me? and he does look overwhelmed in the photos? take your meds

No. 911604

Nta either but exactly this Nonita. Other anons on here are missing the big picture–it's not just the over exaggerated wrinkles on a supposed 19 year old, but it's also the constant reminders of how young she is and how she wrote and performed Ocean Eyes at only 13, etc. Billie Eilish wouldn't be half as interesting if they didn't peddle her as a child prodigy and her team knew that.

No. 911606

Yeah, they styled her like a Real Housewives cast member, but anon’s behaviour isn’t uncommon in women. It begins early/mid-twenties: you start looking at yourself in the mirror, and then going on Google to look at how actresses age. How Julianne Moore or Charlotte Rampling looked when they were young, and how they look now. And then you look at other older women irl and freak out. I’ve seen this happen before to other women and it’s always dehumanising. They’re setting themselves up for a lot of pain. Days pass, time goes by, skin withers, you’ll lose your youth. Why put so much value on something that you’re going to lose anyway? Put that energy into something that’ll actually pay off in the future.

No. 911607

LRD and who else? was saoirise or however you spell it also there? (don't recal if they were ever actually together)

No. 911611

Lourdes and Eiza González and idk if somebody else there f*cked that ugly skinny boy

No. 911612

I'm 20 with similar eyes to hers and even having taken care of my skin all my life my eyes have slight fine lines that become much more pronounced with make up… I think it's just this type of eye that can cause that.

No. 911613

Meh she has very pale and thin skin while living in la so it’s not surprising

No. 911614

that's what you get when you avoid sunbathing or when you never leave the house, kek

No. 911615

File: 1631640647436.jpeg (1.54 MB, 4096x2731, 508016B4-E628-4D34-B5EB-B660FE…)

pick your fighter

No. 911617

I want to see them be friends and laugh at timotheeeeee

No. 911619

File: 1631640851021.png (450.49 KB, 499x625, Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 12.3…)

This is when she was 18 or 17 probably and seeing it last night at the Met I don't think this pic is edited

No. 911623

Or she lied about her age like all the other Tumblr/TikTok thots who were exposed for lying about their age? It's extremely common for adult women who are fame thirsty and try to use a fake age as a "shock" factor. Because you know a fat white girl making music isn't as impressive as a ~teenage~ white girl making music + it also shields them from criticism since everyone will just put the "STOP SHAMING TEENAGE GIRLS!!!" Card anytime someone calls her fat or says her music is bad and low effort

It's extremely common, don't know why anons think it's wayy out of line to say

No. 911624

Please spoiler she looks like a drag queen trying to imitate dolly parton

No. 911625

File: 1631641135571.jpeg (955.06 KB, 1172x1554, 5F3EC494-9B85-4315-860D-E6A31C…)

speaking of lourdes - this was her at the met gala last night. i wonder if she has any gypsy in her from her fathers side…? or even madonna's side? this isn't the first time i've seen her sport pretty much gypsy style clothing. and madonna got into some controversy years ago for supporting gypsies when she was touring in romania

No. 911627

kek may this tinfoil be real

No. 911631

Wym? From what I've seen they're extremely saggy and tubular while enormous. The dress does her a favor by holding them up and not making them look repulsively saggy and disgusting

No. 911634

Yeah but most celebrities at least don't stuff their bra to high heavens while making their entire personality to revolve around their boobs. We've blasted cows who make everything about their boobs while using lots of padding, why not Billie? She's not immune to criticism

No. 911635

She's still with the hairy armpits I see. She must smell just incredible.

No. 911637

Hair really doesn't have anything to do with how you smell.

No. 911638

you sound mentally ill

No. 911639

the worst part about having hairy armpits is the smell and keeping the area fresh. i know she's trying to make some "statement" with the hairy pits but jesus how is she bothered to go through all that funkyness instead of just shaving

No. 911641

hair locks in the smell and makes it worse

No. 911642

This. Anons like her should avoid this site tbh, fuels the obsession.

You can tell from the still picture alone, he's a terrible kisser. Prob slobbers over your chin.

No. 911645

not if you shower and don't sweat a lot already

No. 911647

How come people always say this about women with hairy armpits, but not men? I only ever see/hear the reminder about locked in smells when it's women too, kek

No. 911649

it goes for men too. it's armpit hair. nobody specified WOMEN'S armpit hair SMELLS as opposed to the ROSY FRESHNESS of MEN'S armpit hair

No. 911650

Please tell me she did some cool jojo poses too.

No. 911651

Don't wanna get too OT, but as someone who gets smelly very easily, it really doesn't. If you stink you're going to stink regardless of whether or not you have hair, it honestly doesn't make it any worse.

No. 911655

So when's the last time we had odor discourse on a man with hairy armpits?

No. 911657

she's so cute and i like the dress, hair is normal and natural, nothing to be ashamed

No. 911667

Ntayrt, but men wear a lot of cologne fragrance scented stuff that helps hide the smell (I personally can't wear fragrances) & generally don't wear as tight of shirts as we do, they usually wear more baggy shirts. I've always smelled bad from sweat if I don't shave, and I shower daily and am not overweight so IDK. It really should come down to everyone's personal choice

No. 911668

idk where you've been it's discussed all the time how smelly and gross men are and don't know how to keep themselves hygienic

No. 911670

why are the hairy armpit spergs acting like deodorant and perfume cease to exist if your pits aren't shaved

No. 911671

No. 911675

Because we have accepted that men are stinky

No. 911681

She's so stunning. The armpits aren't even important. Shaving or not is your decision.

No. 911683

File: 1631642400259.jpg (314.38 KB, 1958x1306, lourdes-leon-met-gala-2021.jpg)

Why does everyone stick their tongue out now? It was quirky when Jenny McCarthy did it in the 90s but it's overdone at this point

No. 911685

NTA but I'm comparing Billie to my 18 year old sister, and even she can't believe Billie is her age. The make up and clothes do her an extreme disservice.

No. 911690

nta but holy shit you sound retarded and you obviously don't know what 19 year olds look like. you should go to google dot com and write "19 year old girl" and the results will show girls who have some fine lines. it's normal. these are also high resolution photographs, so if you're used to see 19 year olds in instagram selfies, you can't compare. you can't compare with how people look irl either, cus photographs tend to make flaws more obvious to the eye but i have no doubt that if any of us saw billie irl, we would not question her age.

No. 911696

are you retarded? everyone has been 19 y/o they know what a 19 y/o skin looks like

No. 911698

She is so hot I want to eat her pussy for days

No. 911699

$0.60 has been deposited in your account.

No. 911701

"guys can you BELIEVE that she is only a TEENAGER?? Can you believe that Billie wrote ocean eyes at 13??? When I was 13 I couldn't tie my shoes!! WoWzA!! also don't shame her after she's only a TEENAGER she doesn't know any better"
>shows picture of the lovechild of dolly parton and angela merkel

No. 911703

Someone said the celebricows thread stinks of zoomers seething that their boyfriends think Billie Eilish is hot and that someone was absolutely right

No. 911704

File: 1631642999510.jpg (148.28 KB, 720x887, 20210914_150844.jpg)

No. 911705

Scrote mind

No. 911707

File: 1631643047400.jpg (178.37 KB, 720x869, 20210914_150827.jpg)

No. 911708

it's not about her, it's an example

No. 911711

wb the lesbian and boyfriendless anons who have been discriminating Billie? and the men publicly discriminating her? when will this stupid cope just end? this isn't middle school

No. 911713

It’s not even her weight it’s that she has never worked out in her life and looks like she suffers a muscle weakening illness. She’s supposed to be 18 but her legs look deteriorated and geriatric. She is not ugly it’s just alarming and it’s normal for people to notice something like that. I don’t know how she did that to herself or if she has the worst genetics ever, but I’m going to assume she has a horrible diet and has never gone to the gym. Never working out causes so many physical and mental issues, i don’t understand how it’s ok to call out eating disorders when they result in being too thin but not when it’s such shit diet and behavior that you look geriatric at 18.

No. 911714

why is she standing so awkwardly? it would have been a good look if she had some poise

No. 911715

What's with all the extreme mental illness in this thread today?

No. 911717

Kek nonnie, the whiteknights for Ariana/Lana/Billie are the real zoomers here because only somebody very young would idolize such pop stars.

No. 911718

bitch have you seen /snow/? if healthy looking pairs of tits get nitpicked by women you can't just call people scrotes for nitpicking billies nasty udders as well, why are you here?

No. 911720

Purge mask looking giant

No. 911725

this. obviously people know what they're getting into by coming here, it's literally a celebrity gossip thread, I don't see why people are shocked when it's their perfect Billie/lana/ariana angel getting nitpicked, I'm assuming newfags

No. 911727

there are more botched tits per capita in /snow/ than anywhere kek bad example

No. 911733

does "celebrity gossip" mean nitpicking (as you said yourself) pretty much NONEXISTENT things on these celebs? fucking fines lines LMAO give me a break. this thread should be locked. not even a fan of any of the celebs commonly discussed here btw

No. 911734

there's worse of everything, that doesn't mean you can't call out shit tits when you see them!

No. 911736

then leave you fucking retard, lolcow has been known for being petty nitpickers since this site started, what exactly did you expect? there's plenty of other sites for celerity gossip that don't make fun of your mommy billies saggers

No. 911737

thinking extreme nitpicks are annoying and retarded = idolizing. lmao ok. you might as well start posting photos of women who aren't famous and pick them apart because there is no difference. there is nothing milky about using a microscope to find lines in billie's face or analyzing the shape of her tits like it was some kind of rocking science

No. 911741

File: 1631643801926.jpg (1.03 MB, 4096x2730, kstew.jpg)

>shits all over this boring mentally ill thread
Nothing personnel

No. 911742

Ignore the whiteknight ladies, eventually their braincells will rub together and they'll leave

No. 911748

ignore the bdd's ladies, eventually their tits will start to sag half an inch and gain a few fine lines and just kill themselves from self hate

No. 911761

File: 1631644427860.jpg (29.55 KB, 681x383, 1631643985598.jpg)


So weird because I'm pretty sure I saw some anons talking about him in another thread today arguing about his attractiveness…

No. 911763

>trying to diagnose people because they made fun of celebrities
your psych class has failed you

No. 911767

>I feel like americana is like, her whole brand? and this is the best she could do?
This is something I was thinking every Met gala about some celebrities and then I found out they have minimal influence on what they will wear. In the invitation they're paired with a specific designer they cant change even if their aesthetic ideas dont necessarily align well and then they have to wear what's done for them. So often bland outfits are not because someone didnt understand the assignment but because this is just best their designer could do.

No. 911769

>lmao ok
You definitely don't sound underage.

No. 911772

stfu hag i can't believe you're this insecure over some fat singer. your boyfriend really does jack off to her huh?

No. 911774

>taking a bdd comment personal on lc where words like autism, retard and borderline are seen in every thread
maybe you are the one who should find another forum to gossip

No. 911775

Oh fuck I've been watching Norm for years. This sucks

No. 911777

>whiteknights trashy celebs
>calls other women hags
>thinks all anons are straight and their life revolves around their boyfriend
How progressive.

No. 911778

bitch i'm 27 and that's why i'm way too mature to discuss a 19 year olds tits to such an autistic degree but nice try

No. 911781

half this thread is very very progressive calling a 19 year old a matronly woman mmm yes yes

No. 911786

In a thread about celebs why in the fuck do we have to be woke and progressive. These cunts don't pay proportional taxes and can do shit we can only dream of. Sorry you're projecting on to Billie eyelash because you must be a fat autist and it upsets you that others call her a fat autist as then you have a confirmation bias that you're a fat autist. God

No. 911787

Why does it personally upset you that Billie is in a bad shape and badly styled? The defending is really obvious from your shit typing style and insults thrown at everyone who disagrees.

No. 911791

i honestly think billie looks her age. Some people just have natural fine lines. I hate her makeup and hair the makeup is what aged her it looks ashy and incomplete. Her hair just reminds me of hillary clinton.

No. 911793

Samefag, I shouldn't have targeted your post I think I've got caught in the cross hairs or whatever lol.

To whoever is offended by a celeb getting called fat, go away! You will be upset frequently on this site

No. 911797

there is more than one anon in this thread that types in lowercase and doesn't punctuate. normal people don't seethe this much over someone like billie because… why would they? she's fat and she sings. who cares? unless she's doing some stupid shit like being embarrassing on tiktok then she's boring as hell. her brother is more milky than she is at this point. it's like the people going mental on her and nitpicking nonexistent lines on her face and hammering at the state of her breasts are the obese anons because you hate seeing in others what you see in yourself kek

No. 911805

i would post the twitter link but i dont wanna get banned but rihanna explained why she wore what she wore:

"I wanted a look that seemed very powerful yet feminine, yet a black hoodie which is the thing that we’re usually incriminated by as Black people. I wanted to empower that & take that and make it mine & make it fashion.”

i kinda knew from the hat that she was paying homage to black america in some way. I think its a cool concept. And I honestly love the jacket even if its not her best look. i Have no idea wtf asap rocky was going for aside from chewed up m&ms LMAO.

No. 911811

lol Lana fit the laid back LA lifestyle just fine, there is more to LA than "the industry." She sings about venice, malibu and topanga, etc. which all have more of a beachy, relaxed vibe. LA is a big city, not all of it a smoggy shit hole. Can't speak to how it affects artists' work, and I do contend there are places in the world that would be more suited to pure, artistic pursuits. It honestly just seems like California is too liberal for Lana now and she's getting more conservative as she gets older (hence why she spent so long in the midwest with that cop boyfriend).

No. 911812

Tbh obsessing over people who make fun of celebrities in a catty gossip board seems more unstable than what any of the other anons are saying. If you don't like it then I don't see why you continue to subject yourself to something you claim to hate so much

No. 911815

>Akshully it's the anons bashing her who are obese with saggy tits
Please please please never put yourself in a position where you have to defend people because this is just the most retarded comeback I've ever heard

No. 911817

i bet all that lanugo on her face gives her gender euphoria

No. 911819

File: 1631646574370.png (164.65 KB, 500x891, do-mou-really-think-you-can-pu…)

I'm a single lesbian and I think Billie is gross and shitty at singing, I guess I'm just jealous my boyfriend is jerking off to her?

Also, did you get your retarded insult from 2012 fat girl Tumblr?

No. 911820

actually people always pick apart what they don't like in themselves. please please please make your way off the nearest balcony

No. 911821

>I promise I'm a lesbian
>please believe me

No. 911824

anon just think it's impossible for women to dislike other womens physical features without their boyfriends wandering eye being the issue

No. 911828

$1.08 has been deposited in your account.

No. 911829

i LOVED what asap wore, ERL, which the latest collection is an homage to 70's american fashion, that's why the quilt, which quilt is a very white thing or am i wrong? i'm from another country so idk grandma fashion

No. 911830

>>911824 This is stupid. Anon acts as if women aren't intelligent enough to develop their own opinions on aesthetics without their world revolving around their boyfriend. Not only is it childish and just blantantly false but also more misogynistic than another woman simply not liking another woman's body or clothes

No. 911831

No. 911832

slaves used quilts as almost like a form of communication during the underground railroad days. no idea if that’s what he was referencing but it’s possible.

No. 911837

you are unintelligent and stupid because what you're "disliking" isn't even real. get a grip. tubular breasts and fine lines lol holy shit. this wouldn't even be talked about if you retards just stuck to talking about her weight and her being a lazy piece of shit and having all that money and time to lose weight. but give a finger and you take the whole hand. just accept that to stable people it's really weird seeing you nitpick things that aren't there. it screams of vendetta, that's why you get made fun of for being a jealous girlfriend (regardless of your status).

No. 911841

File: 1631647308384.jpg (93.75 KB, 601x508, 2f7.jpg)

Nta but jesus just shut up lol

No. 911842

why did you post a pic of every BPD on lc?

No. 911844

thats actually dope too if that was his reasoning for it. He couldve wore a cuter quilt though.

No. 911845

Billie used to do dancing and scarf dancing before her career took off.

No. 911846

No. 911850

>reading comprehension

No. 911855

She looks about 12 she can't coast on that performance for the rest of her life

No. 911856

because he's a young, skinny, twink. not hating btw, I think he looks great. one of my fave looks from the night.

No. 911857

I like this

No. 911865

Do you think all those Hollywood celebs are actually liberal? No, they want you to believe that though. Everyone who has money in America is conservative.

No. 911869

I think that is actually how they used to make quilts, so I think it is intentional? when I first saw ASAP it triggered an old memory from like 5th grade when we learned about colonial America. We made "quilts" exactly that same way but the class just sewed a bunch of those squares. saged for extreme autism kek.

No. 911870

Oh I remember those quilts!

No. 911871

There’s this one from her silver hair era. Apparently she got “injured”?

No. 911876

A friend of a friend had a fling with Norm Macdonald once. Imagine banging a celebrity and they died.

No. 911878

File: 1631649206052.jpg (55.29 KB, 454x680, E_Ool1aXMAMIwlo.jpg)

Laura Harrier

No. 911880

Does anyone else get the feeling that Billie just hates what she does and is sick of it? I get those vibes off her, she just seems so lazy and uninvested. At this point we know she's a plant so it would make sense that she hates it now

No. 911882

File: 1631649291117.jpg (111.7 KB, 800x1193, f1ae4a2cb66fb6bffb06c922cb05f7…)

oh wow that is sad. I always really liked him. he was a cutie

No. 911885

oh definitely not all, but I used to work in the industry (nothing major just an assistant at a lowbie no-name agency) and most Hollywood types are definitely liberal, at least in the neoliberal "socially liberal, fiscally conservative" sort of way. Plus, many are queer~* and they tend to be on the left. But I would agree that anyone in Hollywood with serious money is very likely to be more conservative than they let on. But WRT to Lana, I think California might be getting too socially liberal for her, esp after her comments about cancel culture.

No. 911888

I grew up with norm macdonald on tv. damn, that's really sad. RIP to him and peaceful vibes to his friends and family

No. 911892

Anyone else here believe Lana was a liberal until all the shit went down with her during COVID, and dating the cop? I'm pretty liberal and cringed when she started to show her true conservative colors, but damn did she fool me and I'm speaking as a fan. I suppose she is actually a good actress because she really had people fooled with that persona. Although I'm sure she was showing her true colors the whole time and I just didn't pick up on it

No. 911900

Yeah her face always gives me “I’m ready to retire..”
I feel like the pop punk revival route should have been Billy’s direction instead of Olivia Rodrigo’s.

No. 911905

> I used to work in the industry (nothing major just an assistant at a lowbie no-name agency)

rita ora is that you?

No. 911907

rita ora would probably claim to be the CEO

No. 911909

I always thought she carried the same beliefs as a stepford wife. Everything about her screams live laugh lawsuit.

No. 911923

Anon idk where do you live but i want to move where men don't smell like balls and dirty socks.

You can google to make sure but men naturally smell stronger than women. You don't have to die on this hill.

Anyways a woman not shaving isn't a statement. If you don't wanna shave no one cares do you, but showing off your armpit hair on purpose on a red carpet event is fucking cringe.