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File: 1630755999109.jpeg (335.02 KB, 1194x2208, A7D4C330-C189-4771-A540-6A8894…)

No. 1315540

New sorcha blossoms thread as last one was created by Sorcha so mods banned her. THIS ONE IS NOT FOR SELF POSTING SORCHA. for anyone who dosent know sorcha she’s an anorexia Bpd 20 year old who lives of government support and hospital admissions. She’s dropped out of school twice and has no contact with family as she claims her mother is abusive but no one believes it as she’ll make up anything for attention.

Sorcha dropped her bestie Kirsty for being the sicker anorexic and sorchas dietician Has been bitching about sorcha. Sorcha is also using resources and refusing to get better.

https://tellonym.me/sorchaxxdunne?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=pmd_0zGGPaVu3E.eoO_lnJ6SRGdBZhUY9enAlEFw4C0dgGA-1630755571-0-gqNtZGzNAdCjcnBszQe9(absolutely not)

No. 1315543


No. 1315545

Sorcha u can’t make a new thread every time you want attention.

No. 1315556

Are you out of your fucking mind, girl..?

People around here are not that stupid.

No. 1315576

Please just stop we're all bored of this bullshito

No. 1315641

Hey, idiot girl.

You are a 3.5/10 but think you are 10/10.

Absolutely no one around here is interested in your fake diseases.

Attention whore.

No. 1315681

File: 1630772593520.jpeg (921.58 KB, 1170x1525, 4D1C1D3C-DAF0-46D6-9A00-F93991…)

New milk here guys. Even sorchas family know about her larping

No. 1315687

Just keep reporting her

No. 1315696

Has she gained weight?

No. 1315698

Sage anon. But honestly yeah and good on her for gaining the weight now stop posting and giving her the attention she wants

No. 1315703


No. 1315704


No. 1315773

Report every post with her photo or links to her SM.
Maybe some day they will register it.

No. 1315778

Anon who is SM?

No. 1315784

No. 1315789

Stop selfposting idiot.

No. 1315846

Sorcha literally no one gives a fuck you are not interesting at all.

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