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File: 1619807583650.jpg (2.12 MB, 2048x1534, 1613608305366.jpg)

No. 1220516

SUMMARY: Effina Hyatt is a silver spooned, 22-year-old self-hating Kuwaiti and plastic surgery/filter addict who rose to z list notoriety after she married washed up has-been/former MDE member, 38 year old Charls Caroll after a whirlwind courtship of less than year.


>Effina marries her senpai Charls Carroll after years of stalking MDE despite Charls being 14 years her senior and openly fetishizing virginity, she flies out to live with him in his squalid rented apartment

>Effina is caught editing her own baby photos

>Effina’s online fashion “boutique” which she claimed included clothes designed by herself is exposed for being cheap Aliexpress sweatshop dresses which she was inflating the price of tenfold

>Screencaps found incriminating Charls for being involved with underage fans in previous years.

>Candid pictures of Effina are uncovered showing the extent of her plastic surgery/video editing and photo editing which she still denies

>Effina claims to be an uwu trad virgin waifu despite flying out to Sweden when she was 18 for dick whilst lying to her parents and Charls to this day by claiming she was staying with friends.

>Archived 4chan threads are found in which Effina posts about her hate for “immigrants”, “n*ggers” and “subhuman spics”. Effina also brags about her arab billions and details the beautiful story of her and her Swedish lover that she was seeing in secret. These threads are proven to be posted by her due to timestamps and links to her previous Instagram handle which she posted herself

>Charls continues to be schizophrenic on-stream attempts to clearpill his audience with shitty takes and then threatens his own fans on stream whilst Effina draws fan art of him in the background

>Effina features in online streams full of twitter scrotes where she’s largely ignored by moids whilst she tries to virtue signal about how knowledgeable she is concerning history and politics (she reads Jung, duh!)

>Effina posts in the previous thread proving she’s been lurking and admits to heinously editing photos, getting plastic surgery, selling Aliexpress clothes, getting fillers, lightening skin and wearing contacts. She tries to deny ever having a posting on 4chan and having a Swedish boyfriend due to Charls having a moid meltdown if he finds out she’s not a virgin.


INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/effinna

EFFINA: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdKPwMlSb49ASJ9AxCTdSuA




No. 1220522

Thank you OP! Effina’s self posting in the Sam Hyde thread proved how much of a cow she is if it wasn’t already obvious

No. 1220527

File: 1619808541593.jpg (1001.95 KB, 2688x2284, 1234567890298.jpg)


This thread popped up at the best time, she's made a post on Instagram exposing all her old pre surgery pics, which are funnily enough post surgery/filler and her pic depicting her at 10 years old she's edited her nose and lightened her skin.

Even in coming "clean" she truly is unable to expose her real face and she's claiming she's being financially blackmailed using these pics. Little do those blackmailers know that she's broke and living with an old man who's closer to collecting retirement than he is to anything else.

No. 1220530

wow.. shes claiming the "puberty" excuse just like every other thot hahaha you look like whole different bitch wtf

No. 1220536

Finally they have their own thread! Thanks OP. Is anyone ITT able to translate her youtube videos that don't have english auto subs?

No. 1220597

File: 1619817103636.png (3.69 MB, 2568x2072, 13456715761516.png)

it's puberty you guyzzzz!!! it changed my ethnicity too!!

No. 1220601

She looks a lot better before all her fillers and filters.

No. 1220604

In those pics she has facial fillers, started getting her lips done at 16 so it's hard to even say

No. 1220605

op you forgot the link to the previous thread where she self posted incessantly: >>1119974

No. 1220707

File: 1619830207017.jpg (230.58 KB, 1215x1519, Ez03YHBXEAA_sZ2.jpg)

She understands that novel is absurdist fiction and can be enjoyed regardless of philosophical implications?

Or did she watch a 3 min yt vid on Kafka, find out he's the supposed father of 'existential nihilism' which caused her to go "UWU this doesn't fit my new epic spiritual trad persona that definitely isn't influenced by the fact that all fringe internet groups have embraced theism, I'm a unique based Kuwaiti supermodel who sounds like a minor, has never been on 4chan, is a virgin and loves god! retweet my thirst pics scrotes!"

No. 1220733

Been trying to get on the milk on this girl for a while. Don’t mean to be spoon fed but is there screenshots of the self posts? Want to catch up

No. 1220746

What was this post in response to?

No. 1220837

File: 1619851512718.jpg (43.88 KB, 648x253, whatthefuckeffina.JPG)

No. 1220924

File: 1619871519682.jpeg (440.64 KB, 750x701, CEFBC681-62F9-40E0-B431-FEB5C1…)

Her book reviews are so try-hard. I can’t imagine posturing on Goodreads of all places with a shooped selfie to talk “ideology”

No. 1221169


>>1119974 This is the previous thread, the derailing begins once her name is mentioned. I believe she lurked the thread previously and once her name was mentioned would post non stop causing infighting and post excuses for herself under the guise of an anon.


These are all the archived 4chan threads she made where she talks about her hate for "n*ggers", how she feels unsafe around black people, how she dislikes islam, how "spics" are subhuman, she also brags about keeping indian "slaves", virtue signals about how much she loves euro culture, how she doesn't LOOK brown at all and details her love story with her swedish ex boyfriend admitting to sharing hotel rooms with him and sucking him off. Also these threads began in 2017 and she went to sweden for the first time in 2018, so her story claiming it was her swedish stalker making all these threads is basically debunked.

She's a pretty disgusting human with no aim other than to appeal to degen scrotes. This is why she's married to Charls fucking Carroll of all people lmao and sits in livestreams with moids who speak over her and use her to virtue signal about their world knowledge, no self respecting woman would ever.

No. 1221210

Lol interesting one

No. 1221221

its the ultimate irony that despite charls' professed spiritual enlightenment he fullfilled the new age cliche of 'you get back from the universe what your put out' He spent years spewing pseudo-spiritual superficial bulshit and as a result attacted the ultimate superficial pseudo spiritual partner

No. 1221274


the hilarious thing is Charls was never like that, during world peace days he was a MAGA supporter anti immigration mini nazi conspiracy theorist and similarly Effina during 2017 was the same anti islam, anti immigration, pro europe, pro western idealogy fucktard that Charls was.

They have both now completely transformed their stance to fit the new fringe internet groups which are heavily in favour of theism these days.

Not a shred of originality found in either, they're both just symptoms of twitter. Effina is particularly laughable as she preaches higher morality and loving herself but will spend hours facetuning her nostrils and whitening her skin so scrotes wont notice her brown Arab semitic features.

No. 1221277

tell me more abt explicitly racist/ conspiratorial things charls has said done in the past. other than just being friends with sam hyde etc as far as I can tell he's always been pretty apolitical

No. 1221281

was she born into a muslim family or? i thought arabs were super strict, did her family let her move to the US?

No. 1221284

So is this what she actually looks like? Does Charles send her the pictures they take together and let her facetune before he uploads? kek she is deranged. Another case of the plain girl playing hot online because she can't do it irl. She should follow Ash Coffin on twitter.

No. 1221285

not doing the work for you kid, if you just watch the hydewars (both 40 mins long) he did with Sam in 2016 (which are difficult to find in full admittedly) he drones on with Sam and sympathises/expresses support regarding right wing politics/conspiracy theories. In the ending credits of one world peace episode where they're with john maus he repeatedly mouths 'vote trump' at the screen kek. Of course in his recent streams he will do everything he can to pretend he was always been a-political and just so 'above it', but no, he really bought into all of that shit. Hence why he's so salty about it now.

No. 1221292

her family are shia but she's incredibly spoilt financially and allowed to do as she please. they also seem to have a loose term of what being a muslim is. she apparently considers herself a muslim yet she's married to a non muslim man who drinks alcohol, eats haram meat and consumes pork. idk how her family isn't ashamed or being gossiped about in the local community but it seems that she can do what she wants if she bats her eyelashes enough.

No. 1221353

why does she persistently appear on these streams when everyone there treats her like the token brown person?
in the few i've seen she literally exclusively talks and gets asked about Kuwait and islam, very funny for someone shoops herself to look anything but brown

also lol at how all the other females in this stream look like real women but she genuinely looks like a Michael Jackson hologram kek

she appears at 2:33:35

No. 1221391

her face is so weird & long. she posted on twitter ages ago about her husband running all of her social media accounts when some guys called her out (asking her how could she be “trad” yet post “revealing” pics) & that everything posted was approved by him. wonder if he tells her what to say on podcasts lol. she was selfposting on the leftcows thread too kek

No. 1221417

when she first got married she really hammed up the whole modest fasion thing wearing long dresses skirts and turtlenecks, she even centered her online shop around it and tried to make herself sound better cause she isn't revealing like those other girrrrrls. but now she's posting thirst pics in tight strapless tops with her bra visible, not very modest nor islamic but she was never true to begin with

No. 1221418

lmao what is going on with her top lip? is she using a filter or something?

No. 1221736

File: 1619973376808.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1085x1140, 1BBEFA4E-0ADD-4920-8844-E28D05…)

No. 1221737

File: 1619973418877.png (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 920x954, ED0B1286-3DB6-41FC-8C64-E5B0ED…)

No. 1221785

Spoiler this shit.

No. 1221809

File: 1619982167306.png (635.43 KB, 2792x766, 1615250726166.png)

Reposting Effina's response from the previous thread, and here's the archives that show she was selfposting a year before her story with the swede. https://desuarchive.org/int/thread/79608161
https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/141935295 (only Effina's posts linked due to gore posting in original thread) http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/uid/UwoH%2BQt2/page/1/

No. 1221879

File: 1619991862368.jpg (74.31 KB, 451x523, 1612737801078.jpg)

I'm pretty sure all pics of them are strictly taken on HER phone, which she then edits and sends to Charls to post. The times when her real face has been exposed in candid pics, it wasn't through Charls, it was through other people. I'm certain Charls plays into her BDD and allows her to edit her face and wear contacts without having the courtesy to tell her she looks like a freak.

No. 1221941

File: 1619999395859.jpg (487.17 KB, 1080x1314, SmartSelect_20210404-162654_In…)

She quickly deleted this. Lol she wants to be a white girl so badly

No. 1221945

File: 1619999661324.jpg (649.45 KB, 1076x1298, SmartSelect_20210502-195347_In…)

Effina's unedited childhood pics. The girl next to her is her older? Sister

No. 1221946

File: 1619999690225.jpg (364.42 KB, 1076x1078, SmartSelect_20210502-195202_In…)

Another unedited pic of effina as a kid.

No. 1221947

File: 1619999905300.jpg (610.68 KB, 1076x1078, SmartSelect_20210502-195822_In…)

Effina and her sister

No. 1221952

File: 1620000424703.jpg (454.24 KB, 1080x1089, SmartSelect_20210502-200642_Tw…)

The baby pics she's posted

No. 1221956


It's actually sad that she's so deep in this editing shit that she can't even accept how she looked as a child. Who makes her nose smaller in their CHILDHOOD pics, it's so fucked, you're meant to look back on those pics with fondness not noticing flaws like she does. I feel she's really mentally unwell.

No. 1221957

where did you find these?

No. 1221970

She looks like an Oblivion NPC in that third one.

No. 1221985

They were on her mom's instagram. She has already seen these because I'm now removed as a follower.

No. 1221986

File: 1620004709022.jpg (120.63 KB, 1036x909, SmartSelect_20210502-211828_In…)

Her mom's account

No. 1221987

File: 1620004753078.jpg (63.31 KB, 424x438, SmartSelect_20210502-201227_In…)

Her sister also has a botched face so I think it's a family thing

No. 1221988

File: 1620004774985.jpg (353.31 KB, 1080x1089, SmartSelect_20210502-195150_In…)

No. 1221990

Lol she made her Twitter private too

No. 1221994

Maybe don’t doxx her family?

No. 1221996

How is that doxxing

No. 1221997

Unsaged… looks like effina is back

No. 1222031

omg the MJ nose. she's prettier than Effina at least

No. 1222032

File: 1620008673149.jpg (211.64 KB, 1080x1425, SmartSelect_20210502-212912_Tw…)


No. 1222041

The Jackson 5 are making a come back!!!

No. 1222045

LMAO anon she has no fucking clue how shit works, she can throw her dirty arab money at the best lawyer in the world and they can't do shit about someone reposting your instagram pics even if it's on a "private" account. she has no grip on reality, enjoy wasting the e-bucks you got from begging on instagram on lawyers Effina

No. 1222048

Stop, you're not funny and the unsaged posts are already annoying.

She clearly doesn't know much about law. Especially since any lawyer she spoke to would advise against her notifying the other party. I highly doubt she even has a lawyer on retainer because someone reposted her tweets. Such a weird bitch

No. 1222059

She's just resorting to scare tactics, i have no doubt her mum/sister told her to use the word lawyer cause it makes them sound big and scary especially in Kuwait only "hotshots" have lawyers and she really wants to push this image of coming from a wealthy powerful Arab family. When in reality she left that life and is now powerless, living in a rented apartment in the middle of bumfuck America

No. 1222062

she posted on her story that her landlord wouldn't let her use nails to hang paintings so she bought $3 command strips… such a hotshot. Her family probs isn't powerful anyway, just pretty wealthy. Either way, she is hilarious for going karen mode.
Her blackmail story seems like a lie. So she can prove people are harassing her.
Just post your old pics and go, effie.

No. 1222091

can't believe her husband is 39 this year yet doesn't have enough money to put a down payment on a house, that must sting, really tells you how much he squandered on booze and being a general retard

No. 1222094

yeah her family is rich not powerful… if they were powerful and had respect within their community there's no way she'd be able to marry an old white man who has no real job and also be allowed to embarrass herself on the internet like she does. my guess is her family already has a certain reputation and therefore aren't embarrassed by the actions of their daughter nor feel any need to stop her from destroying her life

No. 1222104

Based on what her mom posted on instagram, they are comparable to an average wealthy family in the U.S. Not really exciting or powerful. Just a normal family that happened into money. The mom doex seem superficial af and only posted edited pictures of her own daughters so… just basic wealthy trash ya know

No. 1222105

File: 1620016397346.jpg (763 KB, 1078x1738, SmartSelect_20210405-190729_In…)


No. 1222106

This chick is crazy, she addresses people asking her in the comments why all her friends are old and she says it's because her and her family have known these friends for many years and because all people her own age do in America is drink alcohol and go to clubs???

Can she not be honest about anything? The reason why her friends are old is cause their Charls' friends, how would her family know the Haydens if Effina only met them properly in the US after getting married.
Also there are young muslims in RI and not all young people strictly hang out at clubs, Starbucks is full of people in their mid 20s for a reason, that's where they socialise. She perpetuates the idea that westerners just go partying and have sex cause she knows middle easterners they already have that bias against the west, that it's full of degens, even though most 20 year olds just go out to eat and hang out with no drink/drugs involved. I have no idea why someone like her bare faced lies to her audience so damn much, bitch just say you're married to an old man and only hang out with his friends cause you've got none of your own. Is honesty really SUCH a foreign concept to you that you lie about everything just cause you know your fans won't ask further? damn.

No. 1222107

Her dad also kind of looks black which is looked down upon greatly in the Middle East so I'm assuming that's where her rampant dislike for black people comes from. Lots of insecurities

No. 1222111

oh wow yeah her father defo has some African or Southern Indian genetics, probably why she's so obsessed with looking white and constantly 'seething' that she inherited his nose

No. 1222112

He for sure is not kuwaiti lol

No. 1222113

Mom and brother(Cowtipping)

No. 1222115

It makes sense that this man fathered this girl. >>1221879
Her editing is unhinged

No. 1222116

Her dad does not look middle eastern at all(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1222119


Kek. The audacity of this bitch to put down other groups of people when her family is fugly

No. 1222120

Her dad is really wearing skinny jeans and carrying around a leather purse/clutch… I–

No. 1222121

File: 1620017486747.jpg (281.85 KB, 1124x1232, Photo 30-04-8819 35 41.jpg)

Her brother and dad look like the Indian people i work with, without the editing she looks just like them even after her surgeries. And the audacity for her to have SUMERIAN PRINCESS in her bio i'm cackling

No. 1222129

File: 1620019112328.jpg (272.33 KB, 971x903, SmartSelect_20210503-011716_Ga…)

This might be a nitpick but her makeup is always so trashy. The uneven liner, overlined lips and red/brown contour on her nose… just stop lol.
If she was as high class as she pretends to be then she would know she looks incredibly stupid.

No. 1222130

Do you have screencaps of her lying in her responses? You should post those if so

No. 1222132

just watch the first 3 mins of that vid with subtitles on, she makes weird excuses for having old ass friends and doesn't mention Charls once

No. 1222137

so she photoshops her eyes 2x normal size, but the uploader of this shopped his eyes 1/2 normal size.. why?

No. 1222140

anon i think her father just has incredibly small eyes you can see that in the other pics too

No. 1222143

File: 1620019956862.jpg (2.82 MB, 2560x2560, 21-05-03-01-32-27-905_deco.jpg)


No. 1222146

File: 1620020094516.jpg (2.8 MB, 2560x2560, 21-05-03-01-32-00-113_deco.jpg)

The rest of her rant

No. 1222149

I messed up on the order of these but you get the point

No. 1222151

File: 1620020538696.jpg (303 KB, 1080x1633, Screenshot_20210503-014215_Tik…)

Apparently she's on estrogen. Trap status confirmed

No. 1222155

either she wants to grow silvia saint titties so charls will find her attractive or her & chuck can't conceive and instead of taking accountability for his rotting alcoholic smokers delight non existent sperm count, he's blamed it on her and she's taking estrogen like a little lab rat

No. 1222168

You're onto something there. It's strange for a 22 year old to be taking estrogen supplements unless she has some kind of deficiency.

No. 1222170

File: 1620023682300.jpg (254.29 KB, 1080x842, SmartSelect_20210503-015621_Ch…)

Samefag but she read this article

No. 1222171

o no anon you've gone and done it now
Maybe she's intersex or something kek

No. 1222177

File: 1620024683131.png (4.47 MB, 1242x2208, Photo 03-05-2021, 07 35 58.png)

she lurks this thread so hard, she just posted this on her story now claiming she was in Sweden in 2017. the first 4chan thread was posted in september 2017 and she first visited Sweden right at the end of 2017 beginning of 2018 hence why she kept mixing the dates up, the fact of the matter is this stalker story is fake, those threads were all her. she posted minute details down to the revlon eyeliner she used. but i'm sure now she's gonna flip the script and say she visited in 2017 (even though it was december when she landed and therefore practically 2018, if she visited earlier like she will now claim there's no way you'd mix the years up) she'll continue to claim those threads were some random guy, how embarrassing for her, more lies for this sad racist bitch

No. 1222181

If you showed me these pics out of context, I'd think those are 3 completely different kids. Also, the editing makes them look very creepy.

No. 1222301

She made a joke TikTok about being trans with a FaceApp male edit and said 1 year on estrogen. She deleted it because she didn’t want to get cancelled

No. 1222395

Whoa, she’s a totally different person

No. 1222441

Thanks for explaining, effie. Now, sage your random posts

No. 1222455

wow truly comedian of the year so unlike other girls am i right

No. 1222473

File: 1620064121487.jpg (1.2 MB, 2560x1920, 21-05-03-13-48-37-388_deco.jpg)

These are from the same video lol

No. 1222480

She in dire need of braces.

No. 1222546

she changes contacts like it's nothing, that limbal ring fucking disappeared and her followers seriously think she's natural? yikes

No. 1222597

This is excessive

No. 1222615

God, i hate this girls aura and presence so much. She lacks charisma and seems like such a boring, fake, empty shell of a person. With her children of the corn looking ass.

No. 1222624

File: 1620070230433.jpg (269.11 KB, 1086x1056, 1613437187033.jpg)

no one cares, if she can talk shit about how other people are filthy n*ggers then her family is also fair game, don't throw stones in glass houses Effina this shit was always gonna bite you in the ass

No. 1222625

File: 1620070295190.png (431.91 KB, 1312x1208, 1614331014801.png)

No. 1222626

talks shit about mexicans whilst her dad looks like Gonzalez who makes my burrito bowl>>1222112 crazy hoe she wants to be white so bad

No. 1222717

Ew, what an ugly and delusional bitch. How do we know this is her, though?

No. 1222724

>if she can talk shit about how other people are filthy n*ggers then her family is also fair game
You’re stupid. Sorry.

No. 1222729

Effina, please eat a sandwich and ditch that awful Dakota Rose 'living doll' makeup. You look like 2012.

No. 1222732

>talks shit about mexicans whilst her dad looks like Gonzalez who makes my burrito bowl
What exactly is your angle here? You two would probably get along.

No. 1222735

There's no doubt it's her. If you read through the threads she talks about mundane shit and tries to look edgy infront of scrotes, she posted time stamps and linked her instagram. She even changed her instagram caption to "Hello /int/". People in the previous thread also corroborated that she used to lurk /fa/ aswell and join skype chats to speak to channers. There's 0 doubt all those threads were her, she made up the stalker story to escape blame but the story makes virtually no sense. Lets not ignore the fact that she was an MDE fan which also signfies some chan awareness. All in all she's just a racist self hating cow.

No. 1222738

i think anon is just stating the ludicrousness of her calling Mexicans subhuman spics and rats whilst her father would almost certainly get mistaken for on in the US

No. 1222872

Didn't she brag about her family having Indian slaves? Even if she was lying she painted her family in that light and slave owners are fine to mock imo

No. 1222903

she said slaves but meant maids, she was raised by a Filipino maid/nanny when she was younger but still threw that to the wayside and chose to disrespect her by calling her a slave, she's the definition of a spoilt brat

No. 1223024

How do you know she was raised by a filipino maid?

No. 1223026


She should be euthanized. I said what I said.

No. 1223083

I mean - this chick is pretty milky, but the whole thrust of posting her seems to be one person with a vendetta and shit like this is just confirming that.

No. 1223121

you're really not helping so stop, stick to posting milk this shit just devalues the entire thread and allows Effina to play victim

No. 1223147

LMAO those teeth, with all her vast riches and fixation on altering her appearance one would think getting them fixed would be higher up on her list of priorities.

No. 1223150

ME anon here, her mother and brother don’t look Middle Eastern either. Even if they’re Saudi I would put money on them having a strong Yemeni and/or subcontinental ethnic background. Tinfoil that she’s lying about her background and her parents are ex-pat Muslim Indian or Pakistani residing in Kuwait.

No. 1223152

>im persian and i dont look brown
kek you fucking wish you were persian. imagine hating your ethnicity and skin color this much. time to log off and stop seeking validation from racist basement dwelling obese incels, effina

No. 1223160

She is not even persian, her mom is from Sudan and her dad is from Jordan, she made up her whole life to collect followers from Saudi and Iran

No. 1223170

Fucking kek and Sudan isn’t in the Middle East, she is so full of shit. Her fetishization of our culture is gigacringe, she wants to claim Middle Eastern ethnicity but is simultaneously altering her features to look white. And her tirades against “niggers”, bitch your mom is from Sudan, get help for your internalized racism.

No. 1223171

Interesting. Where did you find this out? Is it posted publicly or do you have inside info? If it’s the latter, please tell us more anon!

No. 1223179

Nothing in her life is true,she hates her father that's why she created fake name for herself using her mother's last name. She trolled charls and catfished him and then they got married quickly so she can stay in America, their marriage is fake fake as well.And I don't think she is planning on coming back to Kuwait, she has no real identity no one knows her real self not even her (and soon she will become an American woman, the thing that she hates the most) .

No. 1223183

How did you get your information?

No. 1223186

Wait, so you know her from Kuwait? In person? Please go on.

No. 1223189

She said her family isn’t religious but her father’s Facebook is full of Ramadan posts lmao she is one of the biggest self hating cows on this board

No. 1223195

File: 1620128698802.jpeg (440.73 KB, 828x831, 0CC385BD-A1D0-4231-A3CD-339939…)

Who actually believes this what she looks like? Dear god

No. 1223197

Interesting that her surname Hayat is much more common in Urdu and Dari (ie languages not native to the Middle East) than it is in Arabic speaking countries so I would not be surprised if the lies about her family run even deeper

No. 1223200

She lied to her followers and said that she had fillers and they are gone and that's why she looks completely different now. Lying about using meitu to edit your whole face is not a good idea especially when you make a YouTube channel to supposedly get closer to the fans, and if they know all the lies they wouldn't stay anyway. I wonder if she is happy rl after all of that.

No. 1223220

File: 1620132652296.jpeg (692 KB, 828x1680, 53826941-CA3C-414E-AB47-F6C804…)

>Islam is cancer
>posts Ramadan content and uses it as her YT header aesthetic

No. 1223223

her chin looks so bizarre with her smooth pale insta baddie filter fantasy…

No. 1223224

File: 1620133012415.jpeg (99.9 KB, 785x761, 726A2029-B9CC-4105-9477-5F4C67…)

The make up that is fifty shades lighter than her skin I cannot -

No. 1223245

File: 1620135394176.jpeg (1010.94 KB, 1242x1303, 2817F124-DC10-41BF-B2B9-72D8E1…)

She’s Kuwaiti

No. 1223246

Her mom does not look Sudanese

No. 1223255

i think her mom is kuwaiti but her dad definitely isn’t. i think he’s biracial. there are kuwaiti men who have children with their african maids/slaves. because it’s near impossible for an african guy to have been allowed to marry a kuwaiti woman

No. 1223258

>has a picture of a cow’s passport
>passport photo is shooped to hell and back
I’m not even going to ask about this, all I’ll say is that nationality is not the same as ethnicity. Just because she is a citizen of Kuwait it doesn’t mean she is ethnically Kuwaiti. Her father is Jordanian by ethnicity according to his Facebook, but I’m inclined to agree with >>1223255 wrt him being mixed
Agreed, her mother absolutely does not look ethnically Sudanese. She might be mixed too. Regardless, none of that changes the fact that Effina’s racism, both internalized and externalized, is off the charts

No. 1223262

LMFAO you cannot be serious

No. 1223286

File: 1620141522582.jpg (158.82 KB, 1080x1310, 4e0e0600d4a2684de0bb76680a8622…)

she's giving very much gangnam unnie

No. 1223289

Does she work? Or just live for free with her scrote husband?

No. 1223374

I’m surprised that when she meets Charls friends irl or even people like eggy that they don’t care she has an entirely fake persona and looks so different irl. I guess people don’t want to be harsh

No. 1223375

Sage for ot but wtf is this makeup style lmao. She looks like a stoned fish

No. 1223385

She’s enjoying the internet fame and following that she gets from being married to charls but 100% will try to get with some different e celeb that’s similar to charls in future

No. 1223463

Her father is Jordanian? lmao what I remember on one of those cringe podcasts she mentioned her father was Iranian and fled during the Iran/Iraq war to Kuwait and that her mum is ethnic Arab, wow she's pathological with the lying at this point . I'll try to find the bit of the stream if i can where she explains it.

No. 1223465

that's some fucking fame lol

No. 1223466

Oh shit she's the middle child lol

She's using Remini to edit these photos

No. 1223468

sage for blogpost, but i'm Afghan and there's no way her parents are Pakistani or Indian. Pakistani's are indo aryan and have narrower features somewhat similar to afghans. Both of her parents have VERY semitic features and her father has surprisingly African features too so does her brother, there's no doubt they're north african but they're almost certainly from places which Effina is ashamed of. Also if she was Pakistani she would have been honour killed by now and her family is weirdly open to her doing whatever the fuck she wants.

No. 1223471

shut the fuck up phrenologyfag, nobody cares

No. 1223474

We're figuring out a mystery you aggressive ape

No. 1223475

you forgot all the posts above going on about it cunty, anon was merely replying to a tinfoil

No. 1223478

I love you

No. 1223504

I’m Indian and have blonde hair pale skin naturally. That doesn’t mean paki, Indians or afghans are indonaryan retard. Majority of them are brown especially the ones who have to justify being indo aryan. If she was naturally white looking she wouldn’t have to justify it in any form or way

No. 1223540

File: 1620162382763.jpg (23.77 KB, 634x424, indian.jpg)

>I’m Indian and have blonde hair pale skin naturally. That doesn’t mean paki, Indians or afghans are indonaryan retard.

No. 1223547

First off Indo aryan is a language categorisation, secondly there are ethnic differences between Afghans, Pakistanis and Indians. If you actually think Afghans and Indians are ethnically homogenous i have no idea what crack you're smoking for a supposed "indian" you sure are ignorant in terms of the ethnic diversity. Indians are not NATURALLY blonde however ethnic Afghans such as tajiks and even Pakistani's like Khalash people are. You're likely a troll.

No. 1223549

thats an albino for fucks sake

No. 1223551

anon's point is you're ugly

No. 1223553

learn how to sage retard

No. 1223556

ohh it's you, the retard "le troll" anon who loved derailing the last thread and who loves the taste of Effina's shit. you're weird lol

No. 1223557


>>1221941 you can see it in this photo better, she smoothes and warps the ever loving shit out of her face which obviously causes it to be blurry so she runs the pic through Remini in order to get the realistic look back (if you've used remini you know what i mean)

she thinks she's so slick but any fag with a basic knowledge of photo editing/instagram can see what she's done

No. 1223560

If you want to post in this thread, learn how to sage your posts and read the rules otherwise you'll get banned, that's all.

No. 1223562

Just add 'sage' to the email section. That's really all that it takes. If it's too much effort for you, fuck off lazy anon.

No. 1223567

delete we don't want Effina to find out.

No. 1223621

File: 1620170175422.jpeg (421.9 KB, 743x563, 80476CC0-3F4D-41C0-9A9A-0BEE78…)

You forgot to include the most damning photo in that slide. Looks like a spitting image of her father in this one

No. 1223646

I think some of these have got to be a joke given how much this looks like Charls

No. 1223710

File: 1620178678710.jpg (553.99 KB, 1616x1536, 1613074788120.jpg)

I genuinely this she's mentally ill and becomes fixated on other peoples facial features and proceeds to emulate them. Before she used to shoop a small narrow round jaw shape on herself that resembled her natural jawline. After meeting Charls she descended into editing on this defined Kronk square jaw that Charls is known for and she's even got filler to resemble like his. Seriously unnerving.

No. 1223713

this girl desperately needs to love herself, jfc

No. 1223714

You realize that people from India and Pakistan are not a monolith, don’t you? Not all of them are Indo-Aryan, and Afghani people are Iranic (I’m assuming you already know that if you’re Afghani). Anyway, irrespective of what her real ethnicity is she clearly hates it so much that she psychotically edits herself a new face in every picture and video including her fucking baby and childhood photos. She is actually insane.

No. 1223719

File: 1620179227755.png (533.15 KB, 794x462, 2345678987w2.png)

she's really transformed herself into a female version of Charls, she needs help

No. 1223738

No. 1223754

That explains a lot, for those unaware of MENA politics Sudanese are well known to be massive racists Against black people despite being balck

>Racism in Sudan is a complex matter due to the racial mixture of various populations. Sudanese Arabs are among the 600 ethnic groups who live there, and there are elements within Arab Sudanese society that view black people and blackness with disfavor.[1][2] Sudan is dominated by a light-skinned, Arabic-speaking elite, while black Africans often face oppression and marginalization.[3] Sudan has been in the Arab League since 1956. Skin whitening is relatively common among some Sudanese.[4] The preference for light skin in Sudanese society is rooted in the legacies of slavery and colonialism. Skin color is not the sole determining factor in distinction between Sudanese Arabs and Sudanese Africans. The extent that a person has Arab ancestry, speaking the Arabic language, and practicing Islam can be associated with being "Arab" and "non-black" and can determine social status. Sudanese conceptions of race differ from conceptions of race in the Western world. Many dark-skinned Sudanese, such as former president Omar Al Bashir, would be considered "black" in a country such as the United States but are considered "non-black" within Sudan.[5]

No. 1223792

File: 1620191354954.jpg (682.51 KB, 1076x1134, 2021-05-05-01-08-15-411.jpg)

No. 1223806

File: 1620193700949.jpg (346.07 KB, 1024x978, 21-05-05-01-22-08-447_deco.jpg)

Wedding pics

No. 1223816

i feel like theres a lot of forced religious subtext and like, phillip k dick esoteric/gnostic ranting in mde sketches, it's just not the point of it until around about ideas man era

No. 1223819

Charls is better looking than Effina. He just doesn’t take care of himself and it shows. He has a fake wife who deceives everyone around her, it’s all bad karma. If he had found himself a decent women he wouldn’t look or act this way

No. 1223936

the indo aryans went west dumbass and the rest intermixed go cope and seethe to ur kaliacc trans cult

No. 1223951

No one cares. If you have European ancestry and are white looking, you’re white. Anyone else isn’t white.

No. 1224005

She keeps lying and wont come clean just digging herself deeper , on the podcasts she keeps saying she is persian but here she says she is Kuwaiti, come on futouh (lol I mean effina) do you remember who you are lol stop lying about it, say the truth about your parents .

No. 1224009

Eh about 50% of Kuwatis have Persian ancestry, most came to Kuwait fleeing the Sunni Persecution of the Shia Iranian state
So she can be a Persian and Kuwati

No. 1224014

File: 1620232204585.jpg (83.99 KB, 364x835, IMG_20210505_084806.jpg)

She has afro ancestors definitely, I remember her wide nose it was never broken like she claimed and she should stop saying that her whole face changed because of the nose Job. Also It was a bad idea from her to be racist

No. 1224016

She should stop the Photoshop and the filters on YouTube and see therapist for BDD and stop giving it to other girls, and Charls needs to stop feeding it to her and help her get better, that's all I'm gonna say.

No. 1224030

She mentioned that her mom has persian ancestry and her dad has saudi ancestry, lots of saudis have some african dna and big noses

No. 1224034

That's also possible as well, slavery of Africans was legal in Kuwait up until 1963 and many Arabs in the Gulf states have certain degrees of African ancestry cause of the obvious reasons

I don't wanna defend her in anyway but race is incredibly complicated and Intermixed with in the middle east

No. 1224037

How come she said she's Caucasian?

No. 1224038

internalised racism probably

No. 1224040

File: 1620235735660.jpg (53.43 KB, 720x456, Screenshot_20210505_000005.jpg)


No. 1224043

She technically is, she's caucasian but not white. Caucasian is race (bone structure) and white is ethnicity

No. 1224057

Her bone structure is African

No. 1224058

That’s what average Persian girl looks like. Sad but true

No. 1224059

NTA, there are caucasian Africans so.

No. 1224061

She is not persian to begin with

No. 1224064

She should have done her nose by a doctor who had done surgery on African noses, not a doctor from the middle east, that's why it didn't work for her

No. 1224068

File: 1620237951916.png (702.71 KB, 1024x529, 93ED5D7B-CCC4-41DF-8CD4-589367…)

No. 1224072

She should have kept her original nose and face and love herself : )))))(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1224074


No. 1224091

Did she deactivate her twitter 5 days into her own lolcow thread? After selfposting and passive-aggressive twitter posting for months in the Same Hyde thread.

No. 1224093

It’s still there? It’s on private

No. 1224098

She has so many bad statements on there by her, it's the best thing to do

No. 1224101

File: 1620241208887.jpeg (134.3 KB, 1242x1150, 04712D83-1524-4EF7-B853-9DD944…)

Ntayrt but it’s down for me

No. 1224105

All of this proves that she was the one on 4chan

No. 1224106

File: 1620241477683.jpeg (171.53 KB, 828x1218, 3BAD46E0-9733-42D2-9729-555E7C…)

No. 1224107

Her real first name must’ve been the final straw

No. 1224133

I mean, it's textbook body dysmorphic disorder.

No. 1224167

b-b-but she's a sumerian princess anon!

No. 1224180

File: 1620247655043.jpg (983.18 KB, 2304x3273, Photo 05-05-009k.jpg)

I decided to put this through Remini seen as she loves abusing it and holy shit, this chick is in too deep

No. 1224196

File: 1620248727199.jpg (90.3 KB, 780x1240, Remini20210505170505736.jpg)

No. 1224199

File: 1620248939160.jpg (232.85 KB, 784x1156, Remini20210505170837063.jpg)

From her ig

No. 1224201

File: 1620249060963.jpg (55.84 KB, 512x1024, Remini20210505171047354.jpg)

No. 1224206

File: 1620249464478.jpg (1.55 MB, 1920x2560, 21-05-05-17-17-17-707_deco.jpg)

Yeah, I'd say she's in deep

No. 1224248

Yea, her problematic behaviour aside, she clearly has severe BDD and confidence issues/self hate.
I'm ashamed to say I relate to her because when I was 16 I though I was edgy and would claim to be a 'red pilled brown girl' because I was so insecure.(No1curr)

No. 1224265

She migrated her twitter account

No. 1224266

>Charls is better looking than Effina. He just doesn’t take care of himself and it shows.
> If he had found himself a decent women he wouldn’t look or act this way
What's wrong with you anon ? He is ugly as sin, and he was already retarded before meeting her

No. 1224274

she looks just like her dad in these

No. 1224275

sorry effina this thread still comes up when you google your name kek

No. 1224277

I mean, there’s a strong difference between red pill thot looking for attention and what Efffina did. Using the n word aggressively multiple times unprovoked, alongside calling other races subhuman, rats and slaves goes further than the quirky ‘based’ girl shit you would see on twitter. I do genuinely believe she’s a garbage human being with an ego almost as big as her lies and someone who could not cope with the fact that they were born unattractive, therefore preceded to change every facet of their life/appearance/belief system to larp as the white passing high IQ supermodel kuwaiti she always wanted to be. She re-wrote her own identity, her name and even her parents ethnicities. There’s really no need to give medical terms for her psycho behaviour, she’s just sick in the head and has been living a fantasy for too long. I know you’re reading this Effina, give it up now because your past has pretty much been uncovered. Stop editing your baby pics and any other pics from here on in and get off the internet to find who you were before you spiralled into the hole of self hate and subjected yourself to this permanent larp. Your behaviour and actions are baffling.

No. 1224307

why is this brainlet trying to read

No. 1224354

Did she paint her family tree? Looking at the bottom row of people looks like; mother, sister, father, brother, then finally effie at the end.

No. 1224437

Honestly its hard to tell what's real and what's not, cause she is most likely lying about a lot of shit but there's some truth somewhere cause the issue of race in the middle east is very complex

It is possible for her to have Persian ancestry, African ancestry and be Kuwati at same time cause of the specific history of the region but she's likely lying to verying degrees

No. 1224461

if she gets another thread, this should be the pic. That comparison between her as a baby and her edited as a baby has such dark, sad, freakish energy. For all Charls (and her by extension) proselytizing on purity and goodness, I can't find much wholesome at all in someone making their baby picture more "attractive". Like, you're a baby there. It doesn't matter what you looked like, kids are just kids and who would judge you for being an ugly kid if you are now a pretty adult? It's just a funny thing to share, really. Why make your childhood pictures look SO different?

No. 1224490

File: 1620294204944.jpg (142.31 KB, 1080x743, SmartSelect_20210506-054230_In…)

Proof her real name is Fotouh Al Salameen. Her friend replied to her as her old @ on an old instagram post

No. 1224493

File: 1620295293795.jpeg (69.43 KB, 828x228, 1A72B932-CABF-46B0-9FAD-5606B4…)

She used the same @ on twitter too (picrel her birthday is July 2nd so it checks out)

No. 1224500

File: 1620295998261.jpeg (72.3 KB, 828x332, 3E2EB1B3-7D80-47CD-A394-6EAFCB…)

And here’s a tweet of someone addressing her by her real name, it’s the only one I could find

No. 1224507

File: 1620297075971.jpeg (168.14 KB, 809x885, 0AC5B4AB-3CEF-4179-8355-A0382D…)

So either someone nicked her account name or she’s using holding on to it

No. 1224544

File: 1620303424794.jpeg (192.77 KB, 828x1358, 5D15A1BA-D58A-47F0-9F10-19B964…)

No. 1224556

File: 1620305201110.jpg (45.12 KB, 681x412, charlfinaa.jpg)

lol you anons all fell for it. You just forgot Charls is a comic actor? He does characters? Including female characters?

No. 1224561

She actually mentioned this in a YouTube vid (Arab anon here). She said she changed her birth name because it is hard for non Arabic speakers to pronounce and that her legal name has been Effina since 2018

No. 1224562

I understand that because my name is hard for most foreigners to pronounce and it would be frustrating if I was living abroad. I would change mine too if I could or at least have some kind of English nickname

No. 1224590

ME anon here too, that’s a rubbish excuse, she clearly just hates it. It would have made more sense for her to use the generally accepted nickname convention of a repeated consonant and one or two vowels i.e. Fifi or Foufou

No. 1224686

I find it suspicious that whenever anons have questions about Effina, another anon swoops in to perfectly explain it away with 0 evidence as to how they know that. It's been happening since the Sam Hyde thread.
Tinfoil but Effina is the one answering all of these questions in order for us to correct our gossip

No. 1224696


You have screencaps?

No. 1224697

Okay fair, but we all know she didn't change it simply because it's hard to pronounce. She changed her name because it's an ugly sounding Arab name. Futouh/Fotouh is generally not hard to pronounce, especially if she just tells people how to say it. Maybe it's a challenge but I believe 1000% she changed her name based on personal preference. She chose a non-existant greek inspired name.

No. 1224699

She never used her name in her real life, always went with Farah as her name besides school

No. 1224702

How do you know that

No. 1224763


You're really taking her for her word? These are the same vids where she said only got a nose job cause it broke and that she's only persian and part arab & that her friends are all older than her cause there's no likeminded Americans her age and cause they're family friends, all things which are now confirmed lies lmao
The real reason she changed her name was to erase all memory of her previous self, she picked an ethnically ambiguous first name so she could live out her white washed dreams. Many people have weirdly spelt/pronounced names, they just go by nicknames. She chose the name Effina and dropped her dads second name for her mothers around the time she began getting into heavy plastic surgery, fillers & editing. It was all an attempt to rebrand.

No. 1224787

File: 1620324504088.png (42.88 KB, 1339x258, 121356567879.png)

Yeah in the last thread the same anon swooped in and proposed the stalker story to excuse the 4chan threads and claimed they got the info from a 'twitch stream' she did which actually didn't exist. I'm sure it's Futouh excusing her own behaviour again she's just learnt how to sage in this thread

No. 1224846

File: 1620328038866.jpeg (16.15 KB, 400x400, 4320A29C-1092-4DA3-A4F6-BAEDDE…)

Farah Layri/Sarah. Black bra and alcohol pictures parents would loveeee to see that

No. 1224885

is this even her? she looks insanely different in every phase its so mindfucky

No. 1224887

Nope that’s not her, it’s a girl called Farah Layri

No. 1224888

It’s not her it’s a girl called Farah Layri, I don’t have pictures of Effina drinking

No. 1224900

then what does this have to do with an Effina thread?

No. 1224901

Who is this and how does it relate to Effina?

No. 1224903

I’ll let you know soon

No. 1224907

she has no Bantu/sub-Saharan characteristic what so ever y'all are reaching

No. 1224923

File: 1620332938397.jpeg (524.92 KB, 976x1034, 42F91372-67CE-4C59-8039-0EDD9A…)

This is Farah Layri I’ll let you know how this has to do with This soon I just need to find something(no one cares about your vendetta)

No. 1224939

if you carry on cryptic posting like this you'll catch a ban and won't be able to post, so i'd suggest only posting when you have actual milk to share

No. 1225817

Hmm tinfoil but Effina thinks Farah is linked to this thread so she's coming here as a means to "expose" her … perhaps. Kinda weird how all the unsaged posts seem like self posts by effina. Maybe it's just me

No. 1225892

I was thinking the same thing. If that's what this is, she is irredeemable. She and Charls deserve each other

No. 1226017

I think you're onto something. That its possibly Effina leaking pics of the same girl that's been posting pictures of her family in this thread. Go suck a lemon Fotouh lmao

No. 1226102

The biggest clue that it might be Effina is that the unsaged anon is threatening to post pics of some random girl wearing a bra and drinking. Which would only be unacceptable to islamic people.

it's like Effina is trying really hard to figure out who posted about her family by threatening this girl and seeing if she reacts. Classic crazy e-obsessed girl shit

No. 1226106

Also arandom girl who may or may not have posted here isn't milk. Neither is her drinking or wearing bras in pics. Try again, effie. You're the piece of shit here

No. 1226177

>by threatening this girl
well it seems like it worked. all milk-posting stopped instantly. which kind of confirms its all just one person posting and cheering themselves on. Are we endorsing this person's clear vendetta/doxing because the subject is milky?

No. 1226191

Yeah. Effina deserves to be exposed because she deceives her followers and her entire existence is a lie. Also, if the anon doesn't tell us what this girl has to do with Effina we should have anything about her deleted/reported. I don't know if that can be done. You must be Effina.

No. 1226193

clear vendetta how? This person clearly knew Effina or Fotouh personally and was just as freaked out by her psycho behaviour. This anon provided us with evidence showing that she not only lied about her ethnicity but also literal name. Regardless of their intent they provided large amounts of info that no one would have otherwise known.

No. 1226210

>her followers
i guess my angle is that since she doesn't actually have any english speaking followers, what is her relevance.. I'm not saying don't have a thread but like.. this site is for fun not your personal army
>clear vendetta how? This person clearly knew Effina or Fotouh personally and was just as freaked out by her psycho behaviour
do you think you are not being obvious? haha. in any case no, uh, that's what a vendetta IS

No. 1226212

what exactly do you expect anons to do when someone posts damning info in a dedicated thread? Ignore it? Vendetta or otherwise most anons such as myself don't care, it's going to gain traction and is milky as fuck especially when it exposes what a sad life Effina actually leads.

No. 1226213

lol so followers don't count unless they speak english? yikes

No. 1226229

Uhhh pretty sure most of her followers speak English even if it's not their first language. I don't get what you mean by "for fun", any eceleb acting like a lolcow can be posted on here. And I do think she's an eceleb.

No. 1226231

I take everything said in this thread with a grain of salt because it’s the same 2 people going back and forth, and clearly have a personal vendetta against this girl

No. 1226236

Why are you in this thread if you've convinced yourself it's "two people going back and forth"? Despite the fact that this crazy cow literally took over the Sam Hyde thread because the topic was that popular and milk being was continually found about her. This chick lies about EVERYTHING and people are clearly amused by her dumpster fire persona, if it hurts your feewings just leave.

No. 1226237

I don't know how you're still doubtful about it when everything makes sense and you can see Effina obviously lied about so many things. The actions she has taken thus far in response to this thread proves she's a deceitful piece of shit too dumb to cover up her shit.

No. 1226239

>someone posts milk on about a cow on lolcow.farm
>dO wE eNDoRSE THis bEhaVIOur??

are you retarded

No. 1226242

Yeah I’m sorry, I don’t care about some random Arab influencer who said racial slurs 4 years ago and edits her photos. That’s like every influencer out there

No. 1226243

ummm no sweetie of course some ppl are enjoying the milk on her

No. 1226244

do you want a gold star or something? just piss off then, you're clearly as braindead as her followers if you think shes JUST editing and said racial slurs once upon a time. she's a literal living fraud. but like you said, you don't care, so leave. unless you're actually effina/fotouh herself and so are pathetically attempting to whiteknight yourself. sad.

No. 1226245

then gtfo? I do care & a lot of others do. Especially since she's married to Charls Carroll and she's in the same twitter circle as a lot of people (who def post on this thread)

No. 1226246

Your language is very indicative of how you personally hate this girl. Posting pictures and information about family that have nothing to do with the subject is against the rules, yet you posted pictures of her family and their address. That doesn’t strike me as “exposing someone for how shitty they are” which is why everything in this thread is has no credit to me

No. 1226248

stop shitting on this thread if it has no credit for you. No one cares. Go away or post something relevant.

No. 1226253

>Especially since she's married to Charls Carroll and she's in the same twitter circle as a lot of people (who def post on this thread)
So you're saying that some offsite clique is using the site to infight… and that's a good thing

No. 1226254

And lucky for Effina and Charls, no one gives a shit about them. I wish mods would clean up these shit threads. Make lolcow great again(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1226259


I seriously think you're on the wrong site. Take a look at other threads and get a fucking clue, holy shit

No. 1226265

You dumb fag the person who posted her personal info has been banned, why are you replying to other anons who are merely justifying the existence of this thread because smooth brains like you think anyone who has criticism has a "vendetta". Also do you not see the criticism of Charls and the doxing of his info, or do you only care about dickriding Effina?

No. 1226271

You've stated that "only two people" are posting on this thread, she's just a random influencer blah blah blah when this thread proves she's involved in incel twitter and is much more sinister than that. She's charls wife ffs who's sam hyde's friend. And charls is suspected of being a child groomer. But I guess she's just an innocent uwu girl who just happened to marry him! of course a lot of her 22k followers on twitter would be interested in this thread.

No. 1226276

if you don't like this thread then don't browse it. Why should it be deleted? wtf lmao

No. 1226286

the irony of this person saying make lolcow great again when other threads are far worse and operate on far less milk. clearly just here to whiteknight smeggina

No. 1226294

LMAO "smeggina", it's prob smeggina herself too. Like her mental illnesses are off the charts, she deserves a thread of her own.

No. 1226351

File: 1620536264108.jpeg (150.04 KB, 828x980, D4807C93-3C8E-4E9D-847D-B30117…)

Please tell us more about how much you care for human rights after calling other ethnicities “subhuman”, Fotou

No. 1226396

File: 1620542952010.png (405.36 KB, 431x545, 1577398175525.png)

No. 1226397

Where is this from? Is it old? Her nose looks nothing like her shoops here lmao

No. 1226401

File: 1620543695586.png (1.04 MB, 846x1134, 1603186184934.png)

Digging through the pol archives

>her ex had a break down in their twitter mentions after she started publicly posting with Charls

he made threats at him and exposed photos of her surgery, smoking, and other stuff then deleted his account

No. 1226408

Don't know if this thread was posted yet but here's another ama she did while she was in Sweden. http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/161964724

No. 1226410

File: 1620544845984.jpeg (85.85 KB, 828x183, F00386D5-903B-4376-9605-8BADB5…)

No. 1226418

Lol unsaged anon aka effina keeps coming back here and typing the exact same way and posting "real" (overly edited) pics of her pretending to expose her and hate her just as much as everyone else.

This thread makes her look so embarrassing, it's hilarious

No. 1226512

File: 1620572855481.jpeg (34.51 KB, 338x600, 5829EAE9-CEE0-45E3-AABE-3D9423…)

I bet she regrets posting proof of her nose job right hurr. Or maybe she sent this to the Swedish guy that she “never had sex with”.
Still think it’s funny she was claiming to never had sex with that guy just to lie to crazy charls and pretend she was a virgin

No. 1226933

File: 1620615378866.png (398.87 KB, 640x360, 15946734048.png)

Pic of her with the swedish 'stalker' ex from this archived thread


No. 1226935

File: 1620615589480.png (428.67 KB, 640x360, 15678327304.png)


theres another too

No. 1227434

File: 1620686934081.gif (97.58 KB, 237x344, 591bzj.gif)

Just remember anons you can be anyone if you hate yourself enough

No. 1227438

watching how she erased and distorted every single feature is trippy as fuck, is this what heavy narcissism does to the soul?

No. 1227460

File: 1620690492737.jpg (616.23 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210510-163939_Sam…)


"Caucasians" are from the Caucasus region, never originally meant "white" or European until an old white anthropologist in the 1800s re-branded the term because he liked their skulls so much. Sadly this whole theory that 'race' is based off of bones structure is still being spread around even though it isn't accurate and is pretty outdated.

Back to the topic of Effina, there's this photo of her with that famous incel Eggman. I always wondered what this seemingly normie average IG attention seeker was doing with a guy like him… Now seeing this thread, I can see it coming together.

No. 1227463

anon I think your profile pic is showing

No. 1227483

She looks dark af in this picture

No. 1227526

File: 1620696714333.jpg (58.78 KB, 1080x343, Screenshot_20210510-174255_Ins…)

Ik Effinna prolly seething at this comment left on her husband's post(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1227764

what the fuck lmao

No. 1228226

File: 1620778599261.jpeg (361.49 KB, 828x1005, 04FBFBA6-9DA5-497D-8381-E53A09…)

The filter is working overtime like never before in this latest Instagram video, the foundation ten times lighter than her skin is topkek

No. 1228273

File: 1620784595722.jpg (293.85 KB, 1182x1671, Photo 1-221, 2399 25.jpg)

she hates being brown so much

No. 1228275

She should kill herself, she's never going to be a qt white girl with 4channer simps(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1228291

she used to be pretty, too bad she couldn't see it.

No. 1228294

the north african ancestors are jumping out in this pic, shame she could never embraced and instead changed herself into a botched filter obsessed MJ impersonator

No. 1228313

File: 1620788775881.jpeg (424.87 KB, 884x828, FEACD162-0DB5-404F-B644-4201FF…)

I doubt she has any North African ancestors, if anything she looks Indian.
also I dont know if anyone posted this but everytime she gets something next to her nose in videos it changes shape and looks distorted kek

No. 1228337

could someone catch the glitching with a gif

No. 1228345

File: 1620791980203.gif (269.01 KB, 510x510, 20210512_065723-1.gif)

No. 1228347


You know Egypt is in North Africa, right? Just because it’s in Africa doesn’t mean everyone is black there. Lots of people in that area are light skinned.

No. 1228348

I know that North Africans are not black, I am just saying she doesn’t look like them. Been there.
She looks Indian and brown. She wishes she looked North African lmao.

No. 1228350

I agree, North Africans generally have more refined features (source: actual North African.) Her dad looks full Indian/Pakistani, even though he was born in Jordan it’s a safe bet that he is of south Asian descent. Fotouh probably knows this, hence the the seething and sperging about ethnicities. She is so mad about not being an ~exotic lightskin princess~, it must be exhausting hating yourself that much

No. 1228359

She needs to get a foundation shade that matches her skin or put the white/ashy one on her neck too so it looks normal like every other girl on Instagram and not so trashy

No. 1228363

If her dad is Jordanian, how’d she get Kuwaiti citizenship? It’s impossible to be Kuwaiti unless your father is

No. 1228373

Not true, you can be granted citizenship if you’re a national of another country in the Arab league and have lived in Kuwait for 15 years and are Muslim

No. 1228403

File: 1620801059478.jpeg (116.98 KB, 976x725, 26BA176F-2CBD-4A68-B9F3-A8E120…)


You do know brown skin and a large nose doesn’t automatically make you south asian? Her original features are incredibly semitic and so are her dads. Not to mention her father is from Jordan too (where you will find only 15,000 south asians out of a population of 10 million) there’s no doubt she took after her dad who looks like a native jordanian. After her surgeries she looks more pashtun if anything, but that’s exactly the type of exotic look she was going for, especially with the pale skin, light eyes and sculpted jaw

No. 1228408

File: 1620802397448.jpeg (242.52 KB, 1692x1002, 84FFEAD0-0CE4-461D-B296-093015…)

lol so i went back and looked at this post to see the replies to this comment and spotted a commenter calling out the photoshop on her face and one person had liked it. and funnily enough it was Charls himself, it’s not like he was going round liking every comment either because that’s the only comment under that post he liked. Is he lowkey publicly shitting on her? or just so embarrassed of the fakery/narcissism his wife emits daily

No. 1228411

This should all be translated into Arabic so her followers know how much of a shit person is.. like if anyone deserves to be canceled, it's definitely her. Most of them don't even know that she's married to a white non-muslim guy.

No. 1228412


This bleached donkey doesn't look pashtun lmao. .

No. 1228413

Thats her pure "white" Aryan ex-bf, god he looks middle eastern, I've seen Kurds whiter then him

No. 1228414

I don't think Charls would agree with her behavior, he sounds like a wise man and he is just too nice to her and sympathetic with her that's why he doesn't stop her from doing what she want. Don't färget that she makes money out of her Photoshopd face

No. 1228416

File: 1620803990308.jpg (901.05 KB, 2400x1522, od4nn9bz62p21.jpg)

So I already posted this, but its Impossible to tell what's real and what's not with her, race and ethnicity in the middle east is Incredibly complex
She could have Persian and Sudanese ancestry and be a Kuwaiti citizen at the same time, cause around 40% of Kuwatis do have Persian ancesty

No. 1228418

I mean she wishes she did, they have all the features she photoshops onto herself. Even iranians look nothing like what she presents herself as. I don’t think even SHE knows what her look is anymore, other than trying to resemble Charls as much as she can whilst also looking ““eastern””

No. 1228419

The fact that she is persian is merely speculation whereas her dads facebook was confirmed to be listed as Jordan. She’s a try hard thot regardless who gets off on putting “Sumerian Princess” in her bio and claiming to be muslim whilst also committing and living in major sin. Have absolutely no clue how you can consider yourself a muslim woman and marry and regularly fornicate with a non muslim who drinks/eats pork when this is strictly forbidden in every sect of islam. She lives in her own clown world.

No. 1228421

Can we stop this debate? Point is, she's still brown. Definitely not white passing so it doesn't matter whether she's persian or not. >>1228419 She calls herself muslim for her fanbase obviously. But I could bet, if the majority of her followers were white she wouldn't hesitate to say she's ex-muslim or agnostic.

No. 1228425

When will you learn to sage? You post constantly

No. 1228429

That’s such a sick thing to exploit though, she purposely hides Charls from her fans and refers to him as a “friend” in her vlogs despite planning on having children with him. The children will obviously be raised non muslim, another huge no no in islam. I don’t get her angle, if she’s a true muslim i don’t understand how she’s not riddled with shame for lying and if she’s not a muslim then she is truly spiritually/mentally devoid of all morality and deserves to be stripped of her platform.

No. 1228430

Charls married a muslim chick who will want to circumcise their son (in Islam it’s literally a must) despite openly saying he finds circumcision to be the worst form of child abuse. Neither of them have consistent opinions, they change like the weather

No. 1228444

I have known one case IRL where a Muslim woman(one of my friend's cousin) married a non-Muslim man, he's still agnostic and she's still a Muslim(In the woke Identity politics way) and their kids identify as Muslims
So maybe they'll end up in that sort of situation

No. 1228570

And I'm willing to bet those kids are gonna grow up to be about as Muslim as the Hadid sisters are. Considering what Effina's wrote about Islam on 4chan, I doubt she's going to raise her kids on Islam. She herself seems lost so her kids will be confused to say the least.. Nothing about her says 'religious' to me.


Maybe I'm reaching but Charls follows "stateofisrael" on Instagram and hasn't posted anything about Sheikh Jarrah while Effinna's been doing her performative woketivism for Palestine these past few days.

No. 1228625

All her recent YouTube videos (she’s fucking TERRIBLE at YouTube, I don’t know who the fuck watches her trash content unless they’re just laughing at her like we are) are about Ramadan, she’s a huge hypocrite after sperging about Islam being cancer on 4chan. I don’t know anything about Charls, is he a Yid or just a typical Ameriburger who has been brainwashed into supporting Israel?

No. 1228667

File: 1620840323017.jpg (209.47 KB, 1080x1408, 20210512_101918.jpg)

Not entirely sure. The fact that he follows that account might not mean anything. I skimmed through a bit of his posts and posts about him and I can't quiet tell if he's left or right wing.. Sam Hyde his buddy though is looked up to by a lot of the alt right crowd.

This video of them talking about Jews and circumcision: https://youtu.be/KiGRHb117Zk

No. 1228674

File: 1620840912095.jpg (307.01 KB, 2048x1538, Ey1Vy7mW8AIrwCI.jpeg.jpg)

Can we also just talk about how she's friends with 4chan famous incel Egg man? He deserves a thread of his own lol.

Listen to this song: https://youtu.be/edCIt-wGnmM

Her fans really know nothing about what side of the internet she associates herself with.

No. 1228713

>wise man
stfu scrote

No. 1228970

File: 1620868183440.png (193.85 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0517.PNG)

heres what charls' beliefs are/were like a while ago

No. 1228988

this is a good lesson its called karma . funny how he got what he deserves , after all the years of being a racist man he ended up with his nightmares lol .

No. 1228998

The moron just liked the comment because he thought they were kidding. Unless he actually is lowkey ripping on Effina. Which would make sense. He is a total asshole so he probably makes fun of her plenty.
Charls def doesn't want her exposed for editing pics though. No more money and also all of his fans will laugh at his for being the old dumbass who got catfished because he doesn't understand modern technology.
I can guarantee you that Charls didn't know how much she edited her pics until right before he met her.

No. 1229000

File: 1620872465011.png (3.55 MB, 2544x2388, 18374605.png)

some more old instagram. it was a running joke among some mde fans that he was interacting with some weird foreign photoshopped girls, but now its obvious he has been really trying to bag some kind of instagram model for a while

No. 1229002

this sounds so fake and performative for her to post

No. 1229004

this chick is just so two faced and inconsistent its funny. isnt muslim, now is, acts pure and above western women. marrying a non muslim man is strictly forbidden in islam

No. 1229006

after her surgeries look pashtun ? she looks like a porcelain doll from a horror movie

No. 1229008

can you tell us more about egg man?

No. 1229040

File: 1620880060155.jpg (305.16 KB, 1080x792, Screenshot_20210512-212008_You…)


4chan user (real name Toby Reynolds) who went viral after other people on /r9k framed him for being a mass shooter. Well known for being an 'incel' aka involuntary celibate (in case people here don't know) meaning he's one of those e-fags who complains all day about how ugly they are and how women are shallow bitches for wanting an Alpha Male.
He's become a rapper/musician now with one of his famous songs titled "Alek Minnasian" named after the guy who did the Toronto Van Attack that ran over and killed several women. Unironically still better than Effina though because at least he doesn't pretend to not be a loser.

No. 1229052

>Unironically still better than Effina though because at least he doesn't pretend to not be a loser.
l o l this fucking thread. didn't think it could get much worse than the anisafags, but here i am looking at hundreds of posts nitpicking this girl's shoops instead of paying her husband, a balding, mentally ill ex-member of an incel comedy troupe who is twice her age and regularly broadcasts his schizophrenic ramblings, i. e. an actual cow, much mind. oh lolcow…

No. 1229056

Its cause most of the anons likely Stan Million Dollar Extreme and think Charls is too good for her

No. 1229060


I legit didn't even know who her husband was til I saw this thread. I know her through the Arab side of IG. It's also clear a lot of the people here are either Arab or Muslim so they just don't like this bitch because she's fake and says nasty things about Somalis/Islam/Brown people etc. all while getting clout from Arab community.

And yeah her husband is shit too. They deserve each other.

No. 1229061

lmao fotouh is a massive cow in her own right. she’s an openly racist femcel who hates both herself and other women and she’s a delusional liar who catfishes incels by pretending to be different ethnicities. the fact that she catfished charls is just a bonus

No. 1229066

How dare you call lightskin Sumerian princess an Arab anon, she’s a pure and delicate exotic flower, nothing like those filthy darkskin Arabs who clean her toilet this is sarcasm btw

No. 1229069

What the fuck is a sumerian

No. 1229072

She called herself a “Sumerian princess” and if you’re seriously asking who the Sumerians are you need to log off and read a book

No. 1229076

they truly are putting the anisafags to shame

No. 1229080

well i had no idea but holy shit dude he's an unironic incel and made a song glorifying someone who committed hate crime against women ?? and effinas friends with him? can she sink any lower??

No. 1229100

I'd love to talk about Charls but I can't stand to sit through his boring garbage streams. it is far easier to digest effina's bad shoops and vapid Instagram stories than it is to talk about how retarded and fauxlosophical Charls is. His fans are extremely stupid unfuckable Lord Byrons who post poetry on his subreddit. He has some website where I think content was supposed to be hosted but like, none of it ever came out. He just streams on Twitch, and says nonsense to an audience of numbskulls who've never read a book until some daddy figure on Twitter gave them a reading list. If anyone can sift through Charl's twitch streams to find funny milk, I'd love it.

No. 1229102

samefag, but here for example is some vague Charls thing he posted on Youtube. MDE really should be a case study in how formerly fairly funny people can spin out into wildly different, mostly unsuccessful paths when their future in comedy is destroyed. Sam is full redpill retard, Charls is attempting some kind of artistic blackpill statement whenever he can be bothered to do anything, and Nick is just probably a normal guy collecting a check from either one of them every once in awhile. If anybody can parse out the meaning of this video, be my guest.

No. 1229105

There's no meaning. Just Andrew Ruse' mediocre videography and a poem about a dog as the narration. Truly shit

No. 1229133

Yeah that's hardly unique for her. Kuwatis and Iraqis frequently say that about themselves
honestly Arab language social media discussions is a completely different world

No. 1229140

guys that leave this vague slightly mean sounding comments under girls pictures in hopes of making them self-conscience enough to reply and ask what they mean are another level pathetic. They always think they're the only guy doing this shit lmao
imagine being so much of a pick-me you believe a man celebrating the murders of women is better than some dumb girl that shoops her pics. Get a grip.
it's obvious there's a few anons that are here because they're jealous she's fucking that crusty old man.

No. 1229143

it's like you purposely ignored all the charls posts in this thread, alongside the fact that other than him repeating the literal same pseudo shit again and again there's little to no milk on this guy that hasn't already been covered.

his wife has over 120 thousand more followers than him and amps up the lies every time she posts, no fucking surprise she's getting more attention.

No. 1229146

someone show this to the anon that was claiming Charls was always a-political lol, this dude literally killed so much time buying into republican political ideology like subservient little dog and he really tries to convince his rabid fans he was ALWAYS above it, such a small guy

No. 1229147

kek Effina posting anti israel pro palestine on her insta and she sleeps with a man who was pro trump and pro israel for most of his adult life, what are you doing sweetie

No. 1229151

She isn't the one that's originally friends with him it's charls. she latches onto charls friends as means to get into the scrote side of twitter (which worked) and now she has coomers comment "arab gf when" under her posts, she loves being fetishised and made to feel important by incel white men so it's quite honestly her dream come true. No more posting on 4chan, 4chan comes to her now!

No. 1229153

the only people here defending Charls are his fans (male) every other poster here including OP of this thread has outlined their disgust at their age gap relationship and Charls predatory behaviour. You're reaching so hard to make out everyone here jerks off Charls and gives Futuoh a hard time over nothing, delusional.

No. 1229181

>pro israel for most of his adult life
you might want to uhhh

No. 1229191

yeah despite being hugely pro trump they seemingly forgot the dude was a huge supporter of Israel, they're too based for that am i rite. it definitley can't be the fact that they were hamming up the jew jokes to appeal to pol tards but behind closed doors had other opinions, no way!

No. 1229231

I went to school with her and that app f’ed up her face, she didn’t look like that. I have school group pictures with her in them

No. 1229233

File: 1620915455018.jpeg (693.71 KB, 1242x982, 87021B88-D7C5-4058-96F8-B40D09…)

She looked different but I don’t think she was ever ugly and she looked better in school than now IMO. She was considered one of the pretty girls

No. 1229235

File: 1620916134101.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1242x1518, 10425C13-AA32-4989-ABDC-69BB3F…)

Found this too from nutrition class in school

No. 1229260

pills, you forgot to take them

No. 1229275

Some of you seem to be forgetting that Effina earned her thread by shamelessly self posting in the Sam Hyde thread. There’s already a thread for the MDE losers, but Effina exhibited cow behavior on the farms. Anons aren’t “pick mes” for wanting to talk about Effina, Effina is the pickme cow for being friends with the incels in the first place

No. 1229283

Non existent jawline, flat cheekbones. large nose, brown skin, brown eyes and this thread is always gonna be a reminder of it. For all those impressionable arab girls that see her pics and feel like crap, just know she really ain't shit but a walking plastic surgery, eye contact and meitu addict

No. 1229286

Honestly, if you want some milk on charls just look at how much he simps for logo daedalus on twitter, which pretty much makes him a cow by proxy if you know anything about logos awful takes/writing.

No. 1229289

if charls thinks his own shit smells good it's no surprise he likes the smell of others, i think he just loves smelling shit at this point, hence the schizo talks and marrying a figurative kid who hates her own face

No. 1229295

she looks exactly like the app showed? dunno what you mean by one of the 'pretty girls' either, she's average looking naturally hence why she cut up her face and abuses facetune. cause she couldn't hack looking like a regular brown chick

No. 1229361

File: 1620926776619.png (887.1 KB, 1054x638, 123456789009876543.png)

puberty erased my nosebridge you guys

No. 1229363

Her natural nose looked SO much better

No. 1229368

Also not defending her but she never said puberty changed her nose, she’s pretty open about her nose job

No. 1229375

yet she claims that's the work of one nose job when everyone can see it's editing

No. 1229399

File: 1620930271629.png (1014.74 KB, 840x657, kamala.png)

she looks like kamala harris

No. 1229432

But she lied about the truth and said it was broken. Also her nose after 2 nose job is still not good and she lies about that too and promotes for a doctor that didn't even do a good job anyway. Pretty shady ya know

No. 1229435

All of the other girls were prettier than her ngl. She looks like a weird Indian

No. 1229438

she deleted the video lol

No. 1229439

I think these Pic were actually posted by effina, she probably edited them too and thinks they look better

No. 1229450

I think so too. Who’d have a picture of someone this close in nutrition class if it wasn’t your friend or a picture of you?

No. 1229498

They’re all from the school’s Instagram account

No. 1229609

Eggy doesn't pretend to be a likeable normie like Effy tho, that is the difference. She still says horrible shit behind closed doors , people discuss her lies n the disgusting racist shit she's wrote on 4chan just as much they do her face editing. What are u bitching about? Nobody here is jealous of this skin bleached MJ look alike midget who's screwing some lame ass schizoid .

No. 1229617

prove it because she looks 100x better in these than in other pics posted

No. 1229626

she looks fine in those old school pictures, just like the average conventionally attractive brown girl. she just didnt want that and wanted colored eyes and porcelain doll face to have 4chan dudes coom to her

No. 1229627

They can't prove it, it's just effina trying to troll us more. That's enough effy we are not that stupid anymore

No. 1229629

That's sad because now she has scars on her nose to always remind her of who she really is

No. 1229636

random thought but if theyre married how come they never posted wedding photos and stuff? and theres barely pics of them together? is she really trying to hide him from her arab muslim audience lol

No. 1229637

They probably just friends. Not a husband and a wife material because if they were actually invested in each other they would announce it to make it clear that they are taken so no other people try to talk to them.they wanna stay available so if they find better chances they gonna jump into it

No. 1229704

File: 1620956474717.jpg (152.86 KB, 1080x1080, 1577397900849.jpg)


There's tons of photos of them.. She has more photos with him more than any guy.
Also he hasn't denied that she's his wife.

No. 1229708

They are not close to each other in the Picture the same way she was touching with her ex swede bf. And all of her pictures with Charls are with her Photoshopd face and fake looking. But if you look at the picture with the Swedish guy they were more natural kinda of. That shows us what kind of relationship they have and she has alot of pressure on her to look a certain way in the Pictures with Charls kinda ruin the mood tbh if she had to edit all the pictures like that and not be chill

No. 1229713

40 year olds don't ''befriend'' 22 year olds kek

No. 1229714

File: 1620958326721.jpg (444.42 KB, 1022x1471, 1df70148b7332f7eca572edb2904f5…)

No. 1229722

File: 1620959218280.png (2.74 MB, 2012x2164, 1928374.png)

here's some more pics her ex posted during his rampage

No. 1229724

She surely has non-existent self-esteem.
If she wants to be "famous" on instagram, she will have to adapt to beauty standards.
It's a shame people criticizes a brown black woman who bleaches more than a white woman who tans and puts on fake black lips.

No. 1229796

She has more pictures with her ex boyfriend than with Charls, lol

No. 1229797

White women are not trying to be brown or black by tanning or getting lip fillers and they are not ashamed of their ethnicity they would be saying that they are from Russia or whatever they are from etc. But what effina did is really different she made up a whole life story and changed her face and hid everything, said racist things and clamid she was white by saying she was persian . And by that she was stating that white women are better

No. 1229800

i bet you have a very… entertaining post history

No. 1229806

Maybe her ex tryna cope lol

No. 1229808

LMAO this pic of her kissing him is so damning did her parents not see this??? or Charls?? It completely debunks her stalker story wtf

No. 1229810

Why do you repeatedly come here to simp for this thot. She isn't more criticised than white women, lurk this fucking forum and you'll see that for yourself. White women who look just as ridiculous as her as also laughed at for hating themselves too. Try again.

No. 1229818

Yep. No more lies now effina

No. 1229893

The only thing funnier than the gossip in here is all the preening against racism that goes hand-in-hand with racial classification disputes.

No. 1229904

Commenting on the fact that someone is lying about their ethnicity while pointing out the reasons why it’s either hypothesised or obvious they’re lying is not the act of irony, cognitive dissonance or hypocrisy you think it is. A good chunk of us itt are Middle Eastern/North African and this cow’s antics are a reflection of widely held racist/classist beliefs in our community. Why shouldn’t we call her out?

No. 1230051

Where is the proof that she’s lying about her ethnicity? No one has posted proof

No. 1230100

All of the 4chan stuffs and her tweets and calling herself sumerian princess. Also edited her baby picture is so wrong and sad

No. 1230103

charls looks fucking hilarous in the bottom right pic

No. 1230266

He looks like the kinda dude with a hefty cp stash tbh. Yikes.

No. 1230275

so what is her ethnicity and why is it somehow considered lesser than being iraqi?

No. 1230295

her old nose tells everything about her ancestors

No. 1230341

he literally looks like a guy who has a discord of teen girls and talks about how the age of consent is a social construct

No. 1230343

also that hairline whew. effina sure bagged a catch. for someone whose so self concious couldnt she have picked a better looking partner lmao

No. 1230350

File: 1621033502649.png (2.34 MB, 3500x3500, charlsohno.png)

Yep he's a pedo, heres this from the previous Sam Hyde thread

No. 1230351

File: 1621033597650.jpeg (647.61 KB, 1888x3140, 1610165426448.jpeg)

the second one with some additional info that he was exchanging nudes

No. 1230386

File: 1621037059373.png (939.8 KB, 809x1705, kek.png)

No. 1230387

>charls here
that is not him of course. it's fucking tradition to larp as whoever is the subject in a thread and all the people replying know that and play along

they didn't even make the slightest attempt to do his typing style

No. 1230391

File: 1621037594025.jpeg (6.9 KB, 230x219, saint.jpeg)

This is true cope. 'Typing style' lol

No. 1230419

as if there's something like typing style in the internet lols
people would type in such a different way when they are talking to underage girls and I know that, especially old men they will try to sound cool and nice and sweet but when you start being annoying to them they will leave you because they don't want a headache lols

No. 1230430

i wasn't saying that the screen caps are fake - i don't have a take on those. just that the poster in the thread saying
>its me charls fuck that bitch ima pm dat ho ain shit foreal
is obviously not him. you would have to have never been on 4 to think it was.

No. 1230491


>Sumerian princess

>I'm not muslim and I doubt I'm inbred since my mom is Persian and my dad is Saudi

>I am a Kuwaiti citizen but my parents are Persian.

>Female Arab, AMA
>My mother is Persian, my dad is half Saudi half Persian.
>I consider Iranians Arab

No. 1230514

So her surname is Hayat but she decided to spell it "Hyatt" like the Hyatt hotel to appear more western lulz..

No. 1230553

No. 1230569

If not for his balding Charls isn't a bad looking guy. He should shave it off or get a hair transplant.

No. 1230594

that's impossible, someone lying in a 4chan thread?
the hair, glasses and beard need to go and he'll look like a human again

No. 1230618

Yeah not like he was caught doing the exact same thing with a 16 year old fan off twitch a few years back.
I wish Charls twitter simps like you would just fuck off, you make this thread unbearable

No. 1230658

>twitter simps like you
quite the schizo, aren't you? idgaf about charls, he's nuts

No. 1230677

Yet you lurk this thread, attempt to discredit past screen caps that incriminate him and offer advice on how he can improve his looks… hows his ass taste?

No. 1230697

What 16 y/o?

No. 1230878

File: 1621111112404.png (1.83 MB, 2960x1892, charlsped.png)

I think they are referring to Alexz who was mentioned in the previous Sam Hyde threads.

No. 1230904

File: 1621112742524.jpg (32.64 KB, 850x479, 479.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1230930

File: 1621116641540.png (1023.87 KB, 1174x782, Screen Shot 2021-05-15 at 6.08…)

Here's all the relevant streamable clips from the Hyde thread.

Effina admitting Charls is not at all supportive:

Charls getting hammered and attacking his fans. Cabster went back to him like an abused puppy afterwards so I am assuming Effina apologized for him.

No. 1230941


Effina… This is so fucking sad.

No. 1230978

yet i lurk this thread about effina indeed. your point, schizo?

No. 1231009

LOL what a cow, does he actually have aspergers? his facial expressions and mannerisms when angry are very telling

No. 1231067

it's a performance

No. 1231136

Yeah he references schizo behavior in a lot of his "jokes" and tweets. It seems glaringly obvious that he is larping as some esoteric philosophical "schizo" type who fell down the rabbit hole of "conspiracy" theories and calls it blackpilled. He used to just be a conservative comedian whose body of work always came with a wink and a nod towards "getting it" more than normalfolk. Always kinda cringe but it's so much worse as time goes along

No. 1231153

you girls really need to get boyfriends LOL

No. 1231158

exactly, it's some retarded "I'm so TwiSteD…" sub Joker shit. I can't imagine pretending to agree with the Unabomber or revolting in anyway against the modern world on fucking Twitch of all places kek.

No. 1231175


You all need help but this is all probably the same retarded poster trying to cope. I hope the anon that complained about not enough emphasis on Charls is now happy because you've invoked the wrath of these scrotes. Even the best method actor in the world in not able to espouse the bullshit he does for 6 hours non stop, let alone the fact that he married a girl who also espouses the same faggotry "Real eyes Realise Real Lies" type bullshit lmao. This is genuine and he's spiralled since MDE died off. He's no more than an embarrassing man heading toward his 40's trying to cope with the fact that he wasted his life. You wish he was faking but he's done this for multiple years now with zero comedic element and zero end in sight. It's him, he's not as meta and self aware as you desperately wish he was, deal with it.

No. 1231176

I feel like there its men posting much of the charls hate actually - it seems unlikely that many women would know that much about MDE's intended ethos etc. MDE is one of those things that attracted fully dedicated acolytes and when those type of people decide their eceleb doesn't give them what they were looking for they turn their whole purpose to 'getting them back' for that.

No. 1231177

I'm not sure how you've just skipped the glaring (and more likely) outcome that these same scrote acolytes are the ones in this thread screaming "muh method acting" because they seriously can't cope with the fact that Charls isn't the meta irony god they think he is and is just a talentles hack who drunk the kool aid once MDE died and hasn't looked back

No. 1231179

MDE had a substantial female following lol alot of the posters in this thread are familiar enough with MDE to criticise Charls, you don't have to be a dedicated fan

No. 1231180

You can think he’s faking being that specific brand of retarded without thinking he’s a great actor and its all “meta” who tf is here saying Charls is a based god for ‘acting’ lol, he’s playing up the schizo conspiracy shit for his dumb audience. He probably believes it too but he’s undeniably hamming it up. And of course women on an image board know MDE? They’re not underground they had a show on cartoon network?!

No. 1231181

He immerses himself in esotericism to the point of tweeting about it, streaming about it and marrying someone who reflects the same principles. But yeah anon he's "hamming it up". For sure.

No. 1231183

>Cartoon Network
take your meds anon

No. 1231188

No. 1231193

I think anon is just being pendantic because it was the hacks at adult swim that gave them a tiny slot of 11 minutes for a meagre 6 nights. No big wig at Cartoon Network knows of their existence to this day.

No. 1231449

right?! Natural brown noses are literally so beautiful. It reminds me of Mia Khalifa's nose. She deffo has BDD.

No. 1231450

Why do you use indian like its an insult?

No. 1231456

File: 1621198054370.jpg (397.87 KB, 1875x1250, blackfish-00.jpg)

…….excuse me. Many white women larp as black/brown.

No. 1231462

Both of these women don’t look white to begin with though.

It’s really not that common for white women to larp as black

No. 1231465

This is an example of a white woman larping as black. I wouldn’t say “many” white women do though

No. 1231466

I love long noses

No. 1231472

File: 1621199010047.png (2.13 MB, 2976x2008, effex.png)

More of Effina's ex's meltdown. Doesn't come off as someone who was 'rejected by her' at all. And i guess Charls cheated for her too lol

No. 1231474

This has fucking nothing to do with this thread. Sage your shit, newfags like you are purposely shitting this thread up as to make it worse than it already is. Stop responding to derailing posts you absolute retard.

No. 1231481

It's very common. Google blackfishing. Also loads of videos on it on Youtube.

Sage for irrelevant

No. 1231483

She really does attract the same brand of mentally ill white moid, she definitely loves every minute of the attention she gets off of freaks like this. She saw the chance to upgrade in terms of white scrote status with Charls and she took it, yeah it’s bad for the sap who became collateral damage but he should have known better than to mess around with a girl who can’t accept her own face paying thousands of dollars to change it, lies about her ethnicity, scams her own followers and posts 4chan AMA’s. She’s a walking red flag. Why chase a woman who is so deeply self absorbed, dude should have counted his blessings.

No. 1231499

>she might die due to you

No. 1231504

File: 1621200372646.png (50.15 KB, 670x278, Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 5.24…)

I have no idea what he was implying. Definitely also mentally ill.

No. 1231510

I'm not saying that being Indian is bad. There are so many beautiful people from there. I'm saying that she doesn't look like what she claims to be and I said weird Indian not even a normal one too. she embarrassed of her real ethnicity then she will take it as insult

No. 1231514

Looks like they both are fucked up and definitely deserve each other hehe

No. 1231516

Effina and Charls two damaged people I can imagine how they are living every day

No. 1231539

Oh wow there are youtube videos on it, that means it must be incredibly common. Have you considered people are just stupid and they like to accuse any tan white girl of blackfishing? Duh

No. 1231547

Tanning to be 10x darker and changing your facial features to look black/ethnic is not "just tanning". It's trying to look like another race. Some of these IG models even claim to be mixed when they are fully white.
Like Rachel Dolezal levels of changing their appearance.


No. 1231552

Why are both of you derailing this thread, holy shit shut the fuck up and stick to the topic. Also you’re not saged stupid fag

No. 1231559

There’s more to being black than just having a tan. Hysterical retard confirmed

No. 1231567

If you google blackfishing it’s like the same 3-5 pics over and over. It’s not common. Get over it

No. 1231571

File: 1621204977834.png (1009.34 KB, 1334x990, wat.png)

Found another, let's keep the thread on track.

No. 1231575

File: 1621205289731.png (261.71 KB, 1192x1168, wat2.png)

Last one I think, this was about Charls going to Kuwait. The hell was he talking about

No. 1231580

Looks like some trolling. Maybe it's effina trying to make up the stalker story by posting this lol

No. 1231584

Her ex bf was simply trolling him out of spite it seems either that or he knew that potentially Charls’ ex was suicidal? Who knows.

No. 1231594

File: 1621206522350.png (114.99 KB, 1046x792, 1827345.png)

If you're talking about me, no lol. But I hadn't thought about maybe one of those accounts being her trying to make him look crazier. Given the pics posted by them though i dunno

No. 1231614

Can y'all stop saying "brown" when u mean arab? Brown can mean anything from Mexican, Cambodian, Indian or Hawaiin

No. 1231627

File: 1621208309322.png (62.53 KB, 1002x288, nice.png)

No. 1231656

She is Brown lol

No. 1231657

yes I think they belong to her, immature young girls like her would only do that crazy gf act not her stalker ex boyfriend if there is even a one i doubt that. she only made it to make Charls jealous or to cover up some shit she did

No. 1231661

what's wrong about saying brown though?
dont be naive, she is a brown girl and doesn't look like the majority of Arab people

No. 1231662

have you ever even talked to another girl her age? how can you say it

No. 1231664

i'm almost her age and I have some life experience (I also have American boyfriend 😂)

No. 1231689

File: 1621217677813.jpg (774.51 KB, 1080x1748, SmartSelect_20210516-221043_Tw…)

Effina/Fotouh's sister posted a super edited pic of them on twitter

No. 1231690

File: 1621217703241.jpg (374 KB, 1008x1103, SmartSelect_20210516-221053_Tw…)

No. 1231692

File: 1621217909310.jpg (71.72 KB, 512x1024, Remini20210516221843346.jpg)

No. 1231693

Looks like different kids

No. 1231696

Lmao you are back here with the remini. You were blocked for a while?

No. 1231701

File: 1621218572707.jpg (442.28 KB, 1080x2002, SmartSelect_20210516-221117_Tw…)

No. 1231714

that is just really sad

No. 1231970

She looks like a basic khalijee. Wdym "majority of arabs"? Sham, Sudanese, Yemeni all have different looks. Blonde haired and blue eyed Ahed Tamimi is Arab

No. 1231971

A lot of Saudis dont wanna hear this but in America, theyre mistaken a lot for Indian.

No. 1231993

Why do arabs not like being mistaken for indian? Like what do they have against indians? Many North Indians literally look arab.

No. 1232003

File: 1621271234077.png (1.09 MB, 719x1343, Screenshot_20210517-220718.png)

Most Gulf Arabs have like 40% African ancestry cause of the slave trade, probably the only pure non heavily mixed Arab group would be the Druze
Well there is no such thing as a single Indian look, Northern India is ridiculously diverse in terms of appearance

No. 1232055

Who cares about this.
We are not discussing this in here, we are talking about how effina hid and lied about where she is from to her followers.and claimed to be something else so stay on track with that. She even know that she is lying that's why she removed the sumerian princess from her Twitter because it made her look dumb tbh, we all know that there is some exceptions for everything but she wasn't that she only lied

No. 1232088

these aren't white women ameritard

No. 1232176

How did Charls and Effina meet?

No. 1232228

I don’t understand what you mean when you say she lied, Sumeria was where Kuwait is. Iirc she said her families descend from Iran and Saudi which seems to be the case. I think if she were to lie she’d say she’s half European or something

No. 1232249

Her dad is not Saudi, and her mom God's only knows where she is from

No. 1232251

You need to read the previous comments they will tell you where they are from

No. 1232264

Okay and where’s your proof that her dad is not from Saudi? I’d like to see

No. 1232265

I don’t believe someone’s comment without them showing proof, I’m not retarded

No. 1232269

Lurk harder newfag, her dads facebook was uncovered and screencaps showed he was from Jordan. Seethe for Effina some more.

No. 1232285

I don’t see any screen caps of her dad’s Facebook?

No. 1232292

Damn you missed them. They got deleted

No. 1232296

File: 1621295137615.png (2.78 MB, 3554x2844, 13948746.png)

On Instagram. Something happened between Charls and his ex when they were in LA and he immediately started chatting up Effina on there. Trying to get more info, it appears someone (probably effina) posted pics of his ex itt she's the redhead, 'Scottish ex' checks out >>1221736 >>1221737

No. 1232299

I can't post her dad's name because it's family members. But it's a 100 percent true that he is not from Saudi so you need to stop believing the lies. Unless you are effina then whatever

No. 1232303

No Pic of Charls and his ex?
Sounds sus

No. 1232305

File: 1621295934028.png (947.55 KB, 572x904, charlsandj.png)

aight i got u, god he looks old

No. 1232313

oh no.he did a huge mistake leaving her

No. 1232315

I think effina paid Charls to become her boyfriend to get the green card

No. 1232316

There is no other explanation for him to be with her. Many normal white women would wanna be with him, there must be something wrong with him (yeah I forgot everything is wrong with him)

No. 1232333

This guy is almost 40 and balding with a penchant for impressionable barely female fans, that have no self esteem and are fuelled by attention seeking tendencies. Effina truly fits the bill and she’s such a huge fan of his that she draws fan art and lives in his decrepit apartment with no complaints. Its win win for Charls, Effina just doesn’t know that she kissed her life goodbye.

No. 1232335

Where are you getting these screenshots? The one showing Charls following Effina/Fotouh is screencapped 5 mins after he did it, so you must have been screenshotting all the way back then. Why? Are you his ex?

No. 1232336

All the pics exposing her familys info got deleted for “doxing” and the poster was banned

No. 1232337

Or he like Effina more?
What makes your insinuate it would be better if he were with a white woman

No. 1232338

File: 1621301581485.jpg (234.24 KB, 720x1138, Screenshot_20210518_043054.jpg)

This is kind of harsh of him to post this, even her sister thinks it's weird

No. 1232340

Because if he looks around at other normal couples in the United States or at his friends he will see that he is wrong for his choice he should got himself a woman his age, always think about the future. When he gets older and cant do his normal activities or dies from a stroke she will be alone so it's pretty risky to be in age påg relationship

No. 1232342

Cuz they see Indians as beneath them.

No. 1232350

I think Charls makes fun of her alot and its insensitive and doesn't care of her feelings, even if he thinks it's funny to post that, it's not funny to do that to insecure girl even if she acted like it was okay

No. 1232353

this is just a running joke he has of him posting photoshopped beetlejuice pics? there’s nothing milky about this? this thread used to be promising but the influx of newfags posting literal crap and nitpicking about ‘blackfishing’ and other shit which has nothing to do with this cow is just annoying at this point

No. 1232358

Then why her sister is wondering why he isn't posting normal pictures, don't think she got the joke either

No. 1232362

Then don't come to this thread. Easy

No. 1232363

she’s using laughing emojis and obviously being satirical and in on the joke? i hate to defend charls of all people but i genuinely think you might be braindead if you don’t get the joke. unless you’re here to purposely make this thread worse, which actually seems like what’s happening here

No. 1232364

or maybe stick to posting milk and don’t derail? thats the entire point of this place, retard

No. 1232369

How do you know what her sister thinks?

No. 1232374

she uses emojis in her comment holy fucking shit you dense fag

No. 1232375

Nah if she thought it was funny she wouldn't say why you don't post normal Pic of you and her and why eefina is not laughing either. Ya know

No. 1232377

you're dense

No. 1232379

And why you are trying so hard to convince me lol. I don't care it's not me who was made fun of anyway. My point was its not cool to post it even as a joke of your insecure partner normal logic and I didn't see other Pic like that it was only these where it supposed to be effina in them

No. 1232396

I agree with you it’s so mean poor effina

No. 1232429

Yeah, pretty weird. Who would’ve cared to screenshot that within 5 mins except maybe a mad girlfriend or Effina herself, feeling proud that she got charls’s attention

No. 1232453

I image reverse searched that nude picture of her and it led me to her tumblr page, she posts nudes on tumblr which isn’t charls’s style considering he’d “only marry a virgin”. I lurked her tumblr and she seems unhinged so it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s self posting here and took all those screenshots

No. 1232454

This is what I reverse searched. She has tattoos too and I recall charls saying in an old mde sketch how “tattoos are for whores”

No. 1232459

reverse search is giving me nothing

No. 1232471

No. 1232477

lol those filters and awful shoops. i highly doubt charls would date a girl with an only fans, they either weren’t dating or he left because she posts her own nudes. she also says she’s bi and dates girls im pretty sure charls is very anti-gay

No. 1232514

Yeah I don't think they were dating at all

No. 1232529

No idea but Charls would hardly be the first moid to say things without meaning them. Aren't the guys in MDE specifically really hypocritical? Sam Hyde fucked a troon and definitely went after underage girls, Charls very well could've dated this "alt" girl if he was attracted to her, and Nick, I don't know, said that gross shit about daughters and dads and probably feels weird about it now that he has a daughter? Anyway they were a comedy group and they said things to be funny, not because they necessarily meant them.

No. 1232565

>fucked a troon
those facebook messages were shops btw, the hours were all wrong

No. 1232571

That is his ex. The premise of his “Mr Pregnant” video was based on his ex girlfriend who had turned to webcam sex shows and the voice in the vid is meant to depict her. It’s definitely this chick, his obsession with virgins was defo heightened after this girl turned to Onlyfans and he broke up with her. He wanted a pure virgin nothing like the “whore” he had before. Jokes on him for repeatedly picking absolute howlers for women even to this day.

The reason why Effina tries so hard to hide evidence of her ex is because if Charls found out she flew out for some dick when she was 18, he’d assume she was the same “whore” as his last one, hence her whole emphasis on never having been with anyone and not having a clue about who her ex is.

No. 1232594

No she is only hiding it because her family are Muslims and they would be mad if they find out what she did that's the only reason she deny it. Charls doesn't give a fuck about it and if he still thinks she didn't do it after all the evidence he is too dumb lol

No. 1232596

Her family don't give a shit, she's literally married to a non muslim. I don't think you understand how much of a big deal that is, if they don't care about that and are comfortable with their daughter travelling with random white men alone (she travelled with Charls and his friend before marriage) then they don't care about anything. They let her do what she wants. She lies to Charls about it because she has this pure conservative islamic trad wife persona to uphold and feed his fantasy that she's only ever been with him.

No. 1232598

She said he converted even though he is not practicing he converted to Islam to get married since you can't actually be married to non muslim

No. 1232600

And her family doesn't know about her travels with Charls before marriage she was on a scholarship in the United States and that's what they only know

No. 1232602

You literally so naive if you think she will tell her Muslim family about having a boyfriend or that she travels with him. She lied to them before when she told them she was visiting her friend in Sweden when she was with going to be with her ex boyfriend so you should already know her behavior

No. 1232605

How did he convert if he trash talks organised religion and the various holy books on stream? Converting means accepting a religion and God completely. He espouses esoteric/pagan beliefs which are a form of Shirk in Islam (the worst kind of sin). He's not a muslim and never was.
You're dumb, her mother and sister follow her on Instagram. She posted pics of herself with Charls and his friend in two different countries before they got married. Her family saw and knew she was alone with two random guys. They don't care. How can you not see this lmao, their daughter literally lives in a shitty rented apartment with a 40 year old man who chainsmokes in her face and livestreams himself playing pictionary. They're not the strict parents you think they are, hence why their daughter is in the situation she is.

No. 1232606

There are many men who will convert just to get married to a Muslim woman and they won't mind it and you can see that alot in Britain or Korea too. They don't really believe in God but they just do it because they have to if they wanna marry the girl. Her mom is not strict but her dad is and he doesn't know anything about what she did or do

No. 1232607

You forgot that chalrs acts and its easy for him to pretend to be something else

No. 1232612

She’s said herself multiple times that she’s closer to her dad and her mum is the stricter one. Yet her mum follows her on insta and sees everything and doesn’t care. Why do you lie and just go against everything posted here for the sake of it?

No. 1232624

Mr Pregnant was made before he met that girl

No. 1232629

Check the release date for Mr Pregnant and the date they supposedly met (June 2019). So it doesn’t make sense that it was based off her, and if I’m not mistaken Andrew comes up with the plot lines for Bomstrap and the voice actress was Andrew’s ex who was on the walking dead

No. 1232630

She posted a picture of her dad and Charls once so he definitely knows

No. 1232654

He was with her before that date. The date of June 2019 was when he started romancing Effina for the first time and when he was well into having broken up with his ex. Also Bombstrap is the lovechild of Ruse and Charls, Ruse does his regular ~edgy~ cinematography/visuals and charls does the script/acting

No. 1232655

no it's made straight after he broke up with her and right before he began speaking to Effina

No. 1232661

Mr Pregnant came out April 2019, they met up in California in June 2019. Doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t think it was based off her, but most likely based off another cam girl that either he or Andrew dated

No. 1232663

How are you not making sense of this? He was dating this girl for a while before he began to talk to Effina. He began talking to Effina in June 2019, it's entirely plausible that he broke up with the girl before April, made Mr Pregnant and then turned his sights toward Effina. Him and his ex being in Cali in June isn't much of a lead at all.

No. 1232666

weird coincidence that the vid is heavily centred around a guy being uncomfortable with his gf prostituting herself online knowing now thats what his ex does

No. 1232669

LOL where she said that, and how you even believe her after her continuing lies. She even said it in one of her videos that her dads family side is strict because they were Saudi and her dad is more like them and that's why she don't like her dad's family . I don't know where you got your facts from but apparently you didn't watch videos of her. It's hard to tell what is true and what is lie but from her dad's Facebook he posts all Islamic stuff

No. 1232680

Literally i said her mom is not the strict one that's why she follows her and don't care about what she is doing. But her dad is the strict one and doesn't know many things

No. 1232683

It sounds like she says different things on her Arabic videos and different things on the podcasts. I watched some of the podcasts and she said that Charls did convert to Islam and that non muslim man can't marry a Muslim woman so I dunno

No. 1232685


You're genuinely so annoying and clearly new to this thread and spreading misinformation and posting multiple times.
I specifically recall her saying her dad is her "best friend" and far nicer to her than her mum. In the linked vid at 26:20 she literally says her dad has never yelled at her or been strict with her yet her mum does all the yelling. She has made similar remarks about her mum being strict in other vids but I have better things to do than to find every instance, but you'll keep believing your own version of events.
And you say her dad is strict yet he took a picture with Charls before she even married him.

No. 1232690

But how do you even believe what she says. This whole thread showed that she said lies. She said it on some of livestream. You conflict yourself by believing what she said

No. 1232691

Her dad is strict yet he his happy posing in pics with a kafir that wants to corrupt his daughter lol okay

No. 1232698

File: 1621346835333.jpeg (575.47 KB, 1242x1897, C8529A64-D7E0-4DBF-B321-9584A4…)

sorry i don’t mean to derail or go OT but i looked up this thot’s name and can’t stop laughing at her reddit posts. charls is a massive hypocrite but i highly doubt he would date a prostitute. mr pregnant wasn’t written by andrew, it was based off of a guy they knew in atlanta who found out his gf was a camgirl

No. 1232720

He doesn't know that Charls is a bad guy effina is manipulating her family and everyone

No. 1232762

Why do you keep derailing topics with your retardation?

No. 1232768

File: 1621352488210.jpg (56.56 KB, 720x1109, Screenshot_20210518_183905.jpg)

See how she just made the video where she said that her dad and his family is strict private and you thought I was saying misleading things lols
Some people here just knows nothing and it was probably effina trying to lie here about her dad again

No. 1232770

Like I said her dad is the strict one, doesn't know anything about her or what she does

No. 1232772

No. 1232777

Are you schizophrenic?

No. 1232778

She is manipulating everything and lied and hid them, her dad is active on Facebook and Twitter that's why she migrated her Twitter and removed her pictures from her Facebook account. She is hiding from her dad and he only thinks she is a good girl married to Muslim American

No. 1232780

She will keep deleting the videos and hide them, she edits her pictures so her dad doesnt recognize her that's why she threatened the girl who posted her normal rl Pic which her father can recognize

No. 1232785

she deleted more than 5 videos so far in her youtube that's really sus

No. 1233032


Well done you have single handedly killed this thread with your constant spam, shit takes and general retardation. Pat yourself on the back, I bet Effina is glad retards like you exist because you bring the only thread calling her out into disrepute. I hope you get banned.

No. 1233035

It seems like Charls has SOME sort of relationship to the onlyfans girl hence this pic>>1232305 , there's no doubt in my mind he had atleast a sexual relationship with her. Dude literally admitted to Sylvia Saint being his favourite porn star, he isn't above sticking his dick in desperate thots.

No. 1233048

He should get an std test if he had sexual contact with that prostitute freak

No. 1233092

How is she glad if she deleted the video?
I pointed out a lie of hers

No. 1233093

It's really shady. And you don't seem to get it yet

No. 1233094

Yes he is definitely desperate

No. 1233120

Effina is probably riddled with all sorts as a result of sleeping with Charls, he’s the type of guy to fuck anything which gives him a morsel of attention, just like Sam.

No. 1233148

Nice grainy ass image, that's defo solid proof lol also whether you know her irl or not, it doesn't change the fact that you're annoying as fuck and spam this thread with nonsense replies

No. 1233152

Then you can believe her lies as much as you want. You are unbelievable and naive

No. 1233193

If you truly know her irl then actually post milk that you know about her, instead you go on about deleted livestreams and say charls is mean for posting photoshopped pics >>1232338 like here lmao

No. 1233206

Deleting livestream which included some of her lies is not milk? Lols

No. 1233230

No it’s not milk, it’s literally just your word. The other interview linked contradicts what you’re saying.

No. 1233241

i watched the livestream and it doesn't match the interview
which one should we believe the sus one that got deleted or the random video that has less than 1 k view?

No. 1233242

She deleted it for a reason

No. 1233659

Leave them be! Disgusting rumours made by low people who are jealous and bring nothing of value to this world - reflecting their own insecurities on people not deserving. Why don't you make a real significant change to the world instead of spewing lies and hate on some fringe gossip board(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1233818

Why would us be jealous of lies,cheating, racism,manipulating, BDDand pedophilia? That's not a real life accomplishment to be jealous of hun

No. 1233899

I don't understand what in this thread has been a lie, besides what Effina herself posted >>1221809. All "rumors" have been verified like pictures of her with her "swedish stalker" here >>1229722 , >>1226933 .

No. 1233923

But why bully a person you believe has mentally ill problems? Sure if she's a liar, who isnt a liar these days.I just dont approve anons spewing shit. Charls and Effina are happy together.This thread seems to have maybe three or four people regurgitating gossip to seed reputation destruction for some pathological vendetta and I dont like that. Whatever faults she has made she's not evil or nefarious like some women here want to inform she is. Thats my stance. Grow up and accept that life is very complicated and cannot be explained through gossip and rumours.(ban evasion)

No. 1233986

That's really stupid of you to say they are happy together. You can't just say they are happy you know nothing about their real life and based on her social media and her continuous self hate and wanna be a different person and not living her own life. She has been living in a fantasy for so long and there's no excuse to lie to her followers or family and be fake as hell and she seems like she doesn't care about them. And if you put yourself out for the public and do what she did you will have to be ready for the judgment

No. 1233989

Also since when telling the truth became bullying!!!

No. 1233993

she is probably at the point where she believes fotouh was a different person now, she even edited her baby pictures that's so….

No. 1234008

If what you're saying is true. It's mean and debased and what good will come of it?! Nothing! That says more about you than her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1234030

This whole thread is about her and will always be a reminder of her true self and if she has no intentions on changing herself and become a better person that's up to her not for me to decide though.my nice advice would be start working on self love and accepting yourself and then everyone else will accept her too

No. 1234112

File: 1621470414165.png (393.66 KB, 748x709, twitcringe2.PNG)

" effina isnt a bad person " she follows and hangs out with literal incels who post shit like this

No. 1234206

girls like her make me laugh. You can hate women too, you can position yourself as above or better than the other girls, but "your boys" still very much see you as a girl and will treat you like one. That's why they shit talk you openly on Charls page, Effina. Even his fans that don't know his life make fun of you. You're "just Charls' girl" to them and that is all you can ever be.

Effina is out here thinking she's one of the bros when the truth is, the moment Charls drops her ass she's done. And he WILL drop her ass because if it's one thing I've seen time and time again on the internet it's that there's always a stupider, younger, more desperate girl out there willing to take these loser incel's shit when their current gf mommy ages out. And you are aging out according to incel rules Effina, and you know it.

I don't blame Effina for photoshopping. Unlike us, she has an expiration date fast approaching that she inflicted on herself. And she moved countries for this shit. There's no family to just move back in with when he leaves her with fuck all. What a horror show level life.

No. 1234315

I agree, once she get older he will stop caring for her or if she gain weight. That's why she starve her self to stay small and look young and that will come to end some day

No. 1234531

Lmao just know if you've got dark skin she won't like you, and here you are defending her like a sad little minion. I hope you're white or white passing anon! Otherwise Effina thinks you're filth

No. 1234572

Spot on lol. Pick me girls are always like this , they distance themselves from other women and think to be above them then hit 27 or go through a divorce/break up and start crying about why alll the scrotes they spent years appeasing are bullying and degrading her suddenly. Anyways to whoever saying Effina is a good person if your a woman she probably hates you and think of you as stupid or an uncultured thot by default and thinks herself better

No. 1234574

She also would joke about having Indian and philipino “slaves” in her old 4chan boards , referring to the practice of having domestic workers from overseas. What more fucked about this is that a lot of rich arab countries routinely enslave workers and abuse them or even kill them . So yeah she’s also a classist pig that thinks it’s ok to enslave and mistreat poor south / East Asian workers.

No. 1234710


Who posted that?

BTW can she be exposed on twitter/IG already .

No. 1234713

>BTW can she be exposed on twitter/IG already

I'm surprised no one has posted about her psychotic shooping. Someone called her out for her scammy clothing line last year, think it was @custardloaf? Guess no one cares

No. 1234719

her goodreads reviews and her twitter following list just go to show what a posturing twat she is

No. 1234721

kek racist pickme on racist pickme crime

No. 1234750

i dont remember i was going through her following list and some guy she followed rt'd that , idk why my screenshot didnt catch the handle

No. 1234769

lol the irony of this is charls has a higher body count that the thot depicted, he truly is a scrote masquerading as a sage and effina fell for it, giving her youth to a lifeless alcoholic who's got more stds than he has hairs on his head

No. 1234870

I dunno why but Charls is giving me virgin vibes since he can't tell if his waifu is a virgin or not lol, probably never got laid in his life or the last time was in 1999

No. 1235036

Sage for sperg but I like how they post stuff like this as if they think women in their 20’s are not whores too, they just think any adult woman who isn’t a virgin is a “whore and will divorce rape you”. Not like any of them will get married anyway. Also the egg thing is funny because you still have plenty of eggs in your 30’s and the man’s sperm health matters equally but of course they’re too stupid to thoroughly research that. Sometimes couples will have trouble conceiving and they find it’s because of the men’s crappy sperm, so he needs to do things to increase his sperm count then the couple finally conceives

No. 1235379

File: 1621632008741.jpeg (133.01 KB, 827x735, 857F55D1-2498-4EBC-BE1D-27D6E1…)

Thinking about the person who originally took this picture and then sees this super edited uncanny version of it posted on Instagram

No. 1235480

File: 1621641739386.jpeg (368.88 KB, 827x735, A30F3F0F-25AD-4D03-90E3-3F75CF…)

No. 1235784

This is giving me huge trust issues lol

No. 1235813

OmG mY eGgS ArE nEaRLy GoNe aNd IncELs DoN’T fInD mE FucKaBLe, WhAtEvEr ShALL I dO?

…said no woman ever.

No. 1235824

She posts about how much she wants to have kids and how she’s on YouTube and twitch because she wants to be a stay at home mom in several videos, she’s already been with Charls long enough to make the decision if she wants to have kids with him or not. Clearly, it’s all just show for the internet people to make herself look feminine/traditional but it’s pretty clear she’s going to end up childless

No. 1235849

I wonder if her orbiters are gonna hit her with the "get off online and start making babies then"

No. 1235877

Shes barely mentally stable lmao she wouldn’t make a good mother. Calling it now , she’s gonna photoshop her baby kids pics and feel angry and disappointed if they end up looking more brown than white

No. 1235917

No. 1241253

File: 1622294061141.jpeg (216.08 KB, 827x1445, 3394F26B-7990-425D-9F00-A38FDD…)

Is she ok

No. 1241443

File: 1622318266320.gif (4.8 MB, 352x200, 964A3058-AD1D-4D28-B91D-628582…)

Doesn’t look like it

No. 1241597

She did it to herself

No. 1241962

I mean jeez if I had a spoiled rich life with parents who let me do whatever the hell I want and left it all to marry a 45 yo balding American man for scrote attention online shit id be depressed too

No. 1244178

File: 1622630102591.jpg (1.06 MB, 1076x1929, SmartSelect_20210602-022308_In…)

Not milk and not that interesting, but they recently got their backyard redone. That and Effina posted to her story a while ago talking about redecorating. Looks like the lolcow critiques of their way too humble abode are getting to them

No. 1244925

this tiling is just the work that charls and his friends do when not doing comedy.
> Looks like the lolcow critiques of their way too humble abode are getting to them
this is cringe. you are the only person who cares about her. don't try to pretend she's actually a thing on this site. and don't reply to me with fake-ass samefagging

No. 1246297

This thread is starting to read like it's written by ugly girls who need to go on r/femaledatingstrategy using terms like scrote is so cringe.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1246332

How's your first day on lolcow going, anon?

No. 1246679

The only girl that we can apply that term for is effina lols.
Even after tons of editing and tons of work done she is still way far away from looking like any normal girl

No. 1246682

go take a look at another girl's insta .Effina looks like a freak.too bad she thinks that the editing looks good and she replies to the compliments ,its sad tbh and no girl on this thread have done that trust me. I don't even know what scrotebor cope means but that's what effina usually would use and she follows many people who post these words lol

No. 1249156

At least buy him a hair transplant.

No. 1249163

Religion is all made up anon why would you actually care? Any muslim girl who doesn't get that the "forbidden to marry non-muslim men rule" is in place solely to keep muslim women as backup options while muslim men do not have the same restrictions is boderline retarded(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1249198

i dont care at all ofc lol islam is a scrote worshipping cult i know that its just that effina is obviously a pick me who puts on a pure muslim waifu persona and trashes on western women and feminism and says women in her home country act better or whatever the hell meanwhile she picks and chooses whichever western behaviours she'd like for herself. im just calling out the pickme hypocrisy

No. 1250119

I never thought Sam and the other guy were that serious about their right wing politics but Charls literally leaves in fear of satanic trans communists

No. 1250322

TBH she does look cute in her edits. That's the issue though right, if the edits were bad it would just be funny.

No. 1250390

She doesn't look cute in her edits??? Lol she looks like a bloated corpse. Her entire face is serving uncanny valley vibes and it's never been in a good way. The only people who buy it are the sheltered middle eastern "fans" of her tacky aesthetic. Cheap clothing, bad editing and weirdly composed photo sets. Yeah sooo cute.
Unsaged anon is back and vaguely defending Effina

No. 1250411

what happened to her stupid mediocre shop? the only thing that seemed to keep her from the absolut abyss. I dont find it anywhere

No. 1250460

File: 1623224252351.jpg (512.91 KB, 1080x1206, Screenshot_20210609-002135_Sam…)

Anyone seen those pics of effina in those churches with Bible captions and all those arabs asking her if she's Christian? She seems like she likes the whole "trad" aspect of Abrahamic faiths but doesnt wanna fully be a practicing muslim for God knows whatever reason ( my theory is she doesn't wanna seem too eastern ?)

Maybe if she could get away with it, she'd convert to Orthodox Christian like what the recent wave of 4chan trad larpers have done

Ty so insightful, Mrs. Neckbeard.

No. 1250593

Man it's jarring to look at those pretty pictures then see his dehydrated mug stuck in the center of the one on the bottom left

No. 1250656

She put down her website and Instagram pages related to her shop. Obviously she found out that people are onto her (through these forums). She took down the photos on her Instagram page as soon as someone posted that she’s selling clothes from alliexpress on the previous thread where she was mentioned

No. 1250997

Sam said pretty explicitly that he doesn't believe in God in an old Q&A from shortly before WP aired, any pseudo spiritual undertones in MDE could just be chalked up to ironic millennial memery which took on a mind of its own once Charls realized it could help him sell his schtick.

No. 1251061

Funny they can't afford going to the hospital to give birth. That's probably why she is looking for natural home birth coach shit. Lol they are soo poor can't afford health insurance probably should get a real job and have money cuz life gonna be expensive and just advice don't bring kids to this world to make them suffer with your alcoholic schizophrenic husband effina

No. 1251065

File: 1623271037200.jpg (159.4 KB, 720x1073, Screenshot_20210609_233655.jpg)

No. 1251070

>Charls is attempting some kind of artistic blackpill statement whenever he can be bothered to do anything
lol I wish. Charls just picks the most inoffensive, toothless aspects of "redpill" and "blackpill" culture (for example, vaguely alluding to "elites" but getting angry if you draw a conclusion, and having a depressive cynical view of humanity but accusing you of "dividing" people if you lay the blame on someone). It's all carefully crafted to superficially resemble the ideas fans of MDE might have been attracted to but completely neutered so as not be bannable on twitch, just your typical grifter shit. Of course if the climate was different he'd be balls deep in the trump stuff, but since that bet didn't pay off he's stuck holding the bag from his actions in 2016 and has to take out his embitterment on unsuspecting fans in the chat.

No. 1251196

Women usually have home births for the natural and unmedicated experience and not due to cost anon. Considering Charls rants about how doctors and nurses are demons, he probably talked her into having a home birth instead of a hospital birth. I don’t agree with him in that regard but many women do have traumatizing experiences in hospitals due to nurses and doctors rushing or medically intervening against the mother’s wishes. You should look into it more because a home birth is better if the pregnancy is low risk, I’d have one if I ever got pregnant xD even if I were a millionaire I’d still opt for a home birth

No. 1251198

Damn I still can't get over how she posted her supposedly unedited old photos and said there was people blackmailing her. Yet they are edited to an extreme point and also they look extremely weird in her profile and it's very disturbing to look at the other pictures and look at them and how she say she changed just because of her nose job and braces. What a delusional person just stop it's not healthy to be a pathological liar. too pathetic that Charls has to put up with that kinda feeling sorry for him she manipulated him

No. 1251200

But if she had 2 nose job do you think she is scared of hospitals lol
She just can't afford paying for it if she was able she would get braces again and fix her nose more

No. 1251202

Looking for natural things yet she is from head to toes unnatural and fake lmao

No. 1251203

How can she afford getting work done if she’s poor?

No. 1251204

She had it before when her parents were paying for her things but they stopped

No. 1251205

How do you know they stopped?

No. 1251206

Since she got married they stopped giving her money to travel and so on

No. 1251208

She can't afford anything now if she was able to she would have had braces to fix her teeth but still can't afford it

No. 1251214

But how do you know this? xD we don’t know that(xD)

No. 1251221

Lmao she said she hates her teeth the most. If she hated them the most she would have gotten braces if she had the money for it. Before she hated her nose the most and got 2 nose job her parents paid for. Now they won't pay for it so she can't afford it and you can see in YouTube she still have crooked teeth . Basic logic

No. 1251325

What is this Breaktherules podcast she takes part in sometimes by levpolyakov or whatever ive tried to watch like a little bit of one of them out of curiosity and their so boring nothing of value or interest is said over the course of like half an hour or more and all the stream comments are always full of incel scrotes who say weird shit about women and tradwife this that or womens rights was a mistake ree and the guys on the stream unironically use words like trad and act like their so intellectual.

No. 1251385

They just talk nonsense and only fat lonely men who hates women watch their shows and they used effina to increase their views even though they don't care about her and they probably know all the shit about the editing and laugh about her and Charls behind their back

No. 1251655

she caused herself problems when she made up the blackmail thing
that's a good lesson that lying won't get you any where in life

No. 1255681

Her almond eyes, small nose and neotenous facial features are pretty much ideal. She has done some edits but the the underlying structure is what the feminine ideal is based on. She is a poser when it comes to her beliefs but I think you are being ridiculous when it comes to critiquing her beauty.

No. 1256102

File: 1623668215672.jpg (471.71 KB, 2000x3000, gennaward.jpg)

This has got to be Effina, right?! Calling your photoshopped and plastic surgeried facial features neotenous and ideal is a bit much kek. I think you look like a creepy little boy playing with his sisters makeup during halloween. Pic related is a truly neotenous face.

No. 1256316

Effina is ugly af. This has to be her. Unsaged, ridiculous and consistently defending herself while also trying to seem like she isnt by throwing the word poser in there

No. 1256570

File: 1623703217787.jpg (150.42 KB, 1005x542, Screenshot_20210614-133721_Mes…)


To me, she isn't ugly nor is she stunning/gorgeous either. Btw, her eyes are not "almond shaped" if she has to photoshop them to look more slanted lol. She's quiet average or slightly above that at best.

No. 1256572

You are very delusional.all the people here share the same opinion about her that means it's true, she is the only one defending herself, small nose who even after 2 nose jobs still edit it lmao she doesn't look young in rl either she actually look like a 35 yo woman with a very bad taste in fashion. Not feminine at all all of her clothes are black and baggy ugly man shoes as well, I saw that in her Charls vlog her shoes was more manly than Charls shoes, she looked like a guide not feminine what so ever

No. 1256577

Just drop it effina and stop living in your lies

No. 1256582

Don't call yourself feminine when your style screams masculine energy lol

No. 1256617

Everything about her screams masculine energy imo. No femininity, no sensuality, nothing. And she tries so very hard to be the picture of ideal womanhood. Sad.

No. 1256741

File: 1623710037265.jpg (395.18 KB, 1070x1412, Screenshot_20210614-153204_Sam…)

This is who Effinna thinks/wishes she looked like. Effy looks like a botched sh0pped version of @nyldiss and @tsunderesi

No. 1256760

File: 1623710880076.jpg (216.22 KB, 1152x1485, 20210614_154841.jpg)


She's opting for that fair skinned mediterranean / Northern syrian look but she can't pull it off cuz shes looks like a short brown Yemeni or Indian

No. 1256767

File: 1623711203165.jpeg (220.27 KB, 828x1277, BA17BA9E-C0D4-4735-B5B1-FAB994…)

she copied her shooping style

No. 1256791


OT but really wanna see what nyldiss looks like without the photoshopped. I tried finding her old pictures but nothing pops up since she doesn't post her full name…(lrn2sage)

No. 1256819

I wonder what Charls feels about this.
He got himself some strange girl that he didn't know anything about from across the world makes him look so desperate

No. 1256821

She is actually cute,natural and her face doesn't look squished and the Photoshop is not extreme or like effina's alien look

No. 1257377

She did have a christian ceremony for marriage with charls though. She posted about it on a groupchat on twitter.

No. 1257428

uhh its like exactly as bad

No. 1257516

All e-girls photoshop, some do it in extremes like effina but even then she gets away with it all the time which shows that people are too brainwashed to even care what kind of manipulation she inflicts on society as a whole. I briefly remember some woman obsessing over effina a year ago and complaining how she could never look like effina, post her baby pics saying how she’s just born pretty which are clearly shopped to death. These people are clueless lol(sage non-contributions)

No. 1257953

Textbook bandwagon fallacy. If she looked ugly after her edits no one would care. This next part doesn't relate to you specifically but many white girls are jealous of Arab girls looks and that Arab women are seen as less slutty and wife material but Arab guys view white women as cheap and easy before marriage to an Arab women. There is definately jealousy at play in this effina hate.

No. 1257962

>many white girls are jealous of Arab girls
jealous of their photoshop skills?

No. 1258023

she deleted the "puberty" pictures off her instagram. how PATHETIC is that? she clearly reads this thread. effina, we all know how disgusting you actually look and it's actually quite funny. We all know.(sage your autism)

No. 1258127


Delusional cope. Arabs never cross most white people's mind unless it's Osama Bin Laden or Mia Khalifa lmao. It's the other way around, Arab girls wish they had the freedom that white girls did. Why else did Effinna marry a white after all? Many Arab men from the gulf would be too jealous to even let their wives post pictures online.(racebait)

No. 1258139


No. 1258501

lmao effina is this you or another simp of hers ? whose to say everyone here is white?? many people in these threads are middle eastern themselves

No. 1258504

how and where are white girls jealous of arab girls? its not like white men are going after arab girls and most arab girls cant even choose who to marry or marry out of their race bc of strict cultural rules. what is there to be jealous of in that?

No. 1258630

Delusional effina. The same one who tweets about white women being concerned with her life. Literally no white woman even thinks of you effina nor they care about you marrying Charls, in case you didn't know no white woman would want to marry Charls to begin with and no American woman would put up with his bullshit, he is considered to be a trash effina that's why he married you lol. Get over yourself no one likes ignorant bitches

No. 1258746


Why that midget effinna bleached her brown/yellowish skin and got a nose job and browses 4chan (a website full of white supremacists)? Whos really jealous of who here?

No. 1258783

File: 1623954959521.jpeg (133.73 KB, 1125x1406, 00BDF050-1782-4CAD-85F6-041D1B…)

Why do you retards throw around the term skin bleaching as if it’s easy and anyone can do it? She obviously hasn’t bleached her skin when you can see how brown she is in pic related. It’s like when retards say simply Kenna bleached her skin when all she does is use white washed filters and light foundation

No. 1258832

Skin bleaching exists retard. Obviously it's not going to change your skin 10 shades lighter within a day but compare that picture to her older ones, she was definitely darker and presents herself as fair skinned ghostly pale. Effy, is this you? You will never be European, sweetheart. Accept it.

No. 1258840

gaga googoo owwwww gagagaggaa(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1261232

Missing the obvious point that Arab men view white women as cheap whores while Arab women are high value marriage material. The point is you are viewed as lesser in worth than Arab women hence the seething jealousy manifesting in hatred of Effina.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1261237

viewed as lesser by arab men, the horror. weak bait.

No. 1261249

How is telling the truth became hatred??!
Come on you want us to sugar coat shit so effina keep doing bullshit online.
I never came across anyone on YouTube who was using filters to alter their facial features literally I was sooo shocked when I saw her. She is like Chinese people using extreme filters and no one really likes them

No. 1261253

Also effina is not marriage material. She is so immature doing immature things not like any normal adult classy woman. She probably offered him marriage and no 40s American man would say no to get married that's like the American dream for free literally. American women won't just jump into marriage they will think it very well before jumping into it. She also married Charls fast cuz you have 90 days to get married so she can stay in here.

No. 1261327

This is an anonymous board, people of all different races post here. And most white women aren’t remotely interested in marrying Arab men, so who cares what they think? Plus Effina wouldn’t be seen as “high value marriage material” by Arab men anyway, not with the way she dresses and presents herself online. This is the dumbest cope yet kek

No. 1261586

File: 1624308325387.png (274.25 KB, 862x848, 3456789876543.png)

She hacked off the singular most identifying ethnic feature she was born with but tweets about moralism and metaphysical acceptance yet can't cope with the simple fact that she wasn't born a QT white girl prime for channer simps. So she turned herself into one and married mega moid charls carroll, sits in livestreams with the same guys that would ignore her if she kept her original face and tries to act like she's enlightened. She's a literal joke.

No. 1261631

bro she literally loooks black.. holy shit. the skin and nose. she is so self-hating

effina's ex is definitely unhinged but its clear effina is also insane and screwed him over, and at least he recognizes how fucked up charls is. "stalker" not so much, more like a scrote mad his relationship ended and that the girl left him to live a life based on lies. theyre all fucked up but effina's ex at least sees shes being preyed on by charls

No. 1261740

Effina is actually a proud black woman from Zimbabwe who takes pride in her BLACK heritage her real name is actually Ooglo Booglo

No. 1261743

No. 1261746

obvious derailer is obvious, cute attempts though

No. 1261748

stop lying… shes nigerian and her name is unga muganga

No. 1261752

goto bed Effina, trolling this thread makes you seem all the more pathetic, you did it in the sam hyde thread too, give it up girl. you're a joke now.

No. 1261763

I agree with you lol . Everytime this thread goes silent she comes back defending herself and bringing this thread back to life. She is soo dumb lol

No. 1261766

The only person who posts usaged is effina herself she probably posted her own old Pic as well she is insane.
This Twitter looks like effina's backup account she probably made it for Charls to stalk him on it and she probably terrorized him by threatening on crazy shit

No. 1261770

KEK The anon saying she looks black must have set her off

No. 1261780

File: 1624329684344.png (30.81 KB, 596x436, twittercringe.png)

Same shtick Effina, it's time to stop lol

No. 1261784

Omg lol. Now I am 100 percent sure that she had the other Twitter accounts

No. 1261886

i am literally of middle eastern descent myself you retarded pick me thot. if this is effina i mean tell yourself whatever helps you go to sleep at night , go wake up and make breakfast for your balding 45 yo and clean his manchild mess of a room. have fun

No. 1261913

Nah it’s probably her ex considering how he lashed out and posted pictures of her

No. 1261915

>bro she literally loooks black
She looks like some weird smelly South Asian chick who's just now learning to read and write after a 57 year old white man bought her from her home village, where people communally shit in a circle and are afraid of toilets.
I know you're just saying she looks black to make her feel bad because she's obsessed with looking white, but it's still retarded. This is a dalit. Let her curry and/or goatfuck in peace.(racebait)

No. 1261972

Or maybe effina to make Charls jealous by showing the ex Pic. who knows

No. 1262140

This thread is getting so stupid the last one was better. Why is everyone making weird 4chsn tier comments about race and obsessed with how she looks? She’s a cow bc of her actions and words. her original appearance just looks like the average, perhaps slightly above average arab Muslim girl she doesn’t look horrendous or anything

No. 1262152

Are you genuinely retarded? The emphasis on her original appearance is to draw more attention to the fact that she looks nothing like that now. She has only ever publicly claimed she’s had a nosejob that she got for MEDICAL not cosmetic reasons, and poses as a natural “persian” beauty when in actuality she is nothing of the sort and her father is Jordanian. Her being a disgusting vile racist chan lover is the cherry on top to being a pathetic bpd fag who can’t cope with the fact that she’ll never be considered beautiful in her home country because she never possessed it in the first place.

No. 1262196

File: 1624391089915.jpg (537.22 KB, 1080x924, Screenshot_20210622-123631_Sam…)

Tbf, lots of Persians get nosejobs like why put them on a pedestal when many of them look brown too. Not every iranian is fair skinned with green eyes lol.

>>1262140 "above average" sorry, but no one would look twice at Effina in an arab country. Westerners forget that Salma Hayek and Shakira are Arab beauties.. the only reason why no one thinks of Arabs as beautiful is bc most are Muslims with hijab and aren't trying to impress strange scrotes who wanna sexualize every single type of women there is.

No. 1262247

Shakira is fucking Colombian lmfao

No. 1262274

Salma Hayek is fucking Mexican lmfao

No. 1262285

Salma and Shakira are also both of Lebanese descent, troglodyte.

No. 1262358

its just ironic that everyone is saying she looks disgusting bc she's brown and how ugly she looked pre surgery and calling her racial slurs for it and whatever like comments like these are the reason she got plastic surgery obsessed lol

No. 1262360

salma and shakira are both half lebanese lol some of yall be quick af to call anyone a retard without taking a second to do a quick google search istg. projection

No. 1262364

ok, id call her average looking. but she's just not as hideous like some of the ppl in here are claiming. also when it comes to celebrities , you gotta realize every picture of them that exists is heavily airbrushed , photoshopped and hours and hours of makeup and prep by a whole team went into their appearance so the way theyd look on an average day is not the same as their pictures

No. 1262368

NO EFFINA that's just how it seems in your head because of the BDD. It's the grift that is disgusting. Not your appearance pre surgery, there have been anons who even complemented it and I also agree that it's a shame that you couldn't embrace your natural beauty and skin tone and instead LIE to your audience with filters and skin lightening.

No. 1262369

Someone being part lebanese and not looking lebanese at all, actually looking fullly South American/Latin now constitutes them being an ‘Arab beauty’ amazing logic

It’s ironic how she was the one calling brown people ‘ugly’ ‘subhuman’ ‘fitlhy n*ggers’ first before anyone else yet here you are whiteknighting her because anons are ripping on the fact that she originally looks very ethnic and not the lightskin sumerian princess she has botched/edited herself into

No. 1262372

She even edited her dad's photo and lightened him and changed his nose as well so he doesn't look too brown lmao

No. 1262382

File: 1624408410803.png (410.15 KB, 999x440, tumblr_mwupufXjkm1t3gwkuo1_128…)


"Fully South American/Latin" You realize that Latino/a is not a race right? Every country in the Americas is colonized and is mostly a mix of indigenous + European.

Cardi B is Latina but so is Pitbull, Canelo Alvarez and Amara La Negra.. There are even Brazilians of Japanese descent lol, so wym "fully South American" looking? Unless you're talking about indigenous Amazonians, Salma Hayek and Shakira both pass off as 100% ARAB.

No. 1262387

File: 1624408881552.jpg (53.32 KB, 736x726, v.jpg)

American women are so jealous of MENA women it's unreal. You even got Kylie wishing she had the Arab phenotype. Everyone likes Italian men cuz they look Arab.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1262389

Who likes Italian men? You are delusional kek EVERYONE hates arabs, don't give a fuck if I get banned for saying it

No. 1262393

>Why is everyone making weird 4chsn tier comments about race
I think because they are one or more people who have some irl vendetta against her and are trying to get under her skin.
Which hilariously triggered anons who are black or whatever to counter-sperg about how 'wh-why would someone not want to look like a black qween??' Lol keep the fucking vendettas and personal insecurities in check hey

No. 1262395

Shakira is half Lebanese and looks it. You’re just conditioned to the retarded American “fiery Latina baddie” trope. You obviously didn’t know her or Salma were middle eastern because of this diluted ignorance

No. 1262396

What kind of pathetic cope is this? Stop projecting no one cares about your racebaiting tism

No. 1262428

Effina is trying change the focus from her and how she was hating other colored people even though she is a one lmao. She will never be white lmao and no black shit hair superiority lols.She tries to make herself feel better by tweeting telling herself that black hair superior lol, In case effina didn't know that American men love Blonde hot women with skinny body

No. 1262501

File: 1624425896130.jpg (189.57 KB, 750x1047, Iman-Pantene-ad-1987-1-750x104…)

It's hilarious to me that this sharmuta talks shit about Somalis when she looks like a donkey compared to the average Somali girl and wishes she had their features (small nose, full lips, upturned eyes.)

There's a reason why every Muslim model you see is Somali and not the ugly hairy midget yellow skinned hooked nose Effina. Girl, I know you reading this thread.. you too cocky for someone who looks like Osama Bin Laden's niece lmfao. Wait til Somali twitter sees your shit.

No. 1262510

>Which hilariously triggered anons who are black or whatever to counter-sperg about how 'wh-why would someone not want to look like a black qween??' Lol keep the fucking vendettas and personal insecurities in check hey
Who did this? Are you an Indian femcel mad that people pointed out that she looks like an untouchable? Lmao, pathetic. Sorry people can tell the difference between South Asians and blacks, Aakaanksha.(racebaiting)

No. 1262517

Stop dragging South Asians into this.(unsaged)

No. 1262521

File: 1624431505343.jpeg (41.9 KB, 612x612, istockphoto-669938064-612x612.…)

This right here
Looks like this, and not like this >>1262501 or literally any SSA black person. That’s just the truth of things.

No. 1262524


Sorry to dredge up some old shit, but I'm a Kuwaitfag and that picture does not prove she's Kuwaiti at all. All it says is that her birthplace is Kuwait, and it's fucking weird that she didn't expand the picture to show the rest of the info on the side of the picture, especially since they include some basic/nonsensitive info there that would prove her right. FYI Under some laws you can get a Kuwaiti passport as a non-Kuwaiti, so who the fuck knows what she is.

Don't bother figuring out her ethnicity from her appearance though. Like a lot of people said, Kuwait is such a melting pot that the only people you can immediately recognize as Arab would be the bedouins, and that's only because they like to keep it in the family lmao. The rest of us could look like anything. My Syrian heritage is immediately clockable.

Hyatt isn't a Kuwaiti last name, I can tell you that one for sure.(unsaged derailing)

No. 1262547

Unrelated but this is the worst abuse of Meitu I've seen in a long as time. She looks like a pyramid

No. 1262603

File: 1624447080744.png (2.2 MB, 1183x1479, 1610683424287.png)

>Doesn't look horrendous

No. 1262624

File: 1624452770069.jpeg (343.29 KB, 1143x928, A7431EA8-39DE-4547-A34F-D78395…)

No. 1262629

File: 1624454173054.jpeg (106.97 KB, 828x489, C5B1E2F9-3D1E-4995-97DC-227DE9…)

her smile shoops are her most unsettling selfies

No. 1262635

She even flips her face as well look at that tooth. Lols if you flip the Pic and then make the all of her facial features normal you will see her true face in these lmao

No. 1262644

It's so obvious in that right one she used the face app smiling filter, if not, it looks so creepy and uncanny and too perfect.

No. 1262646

lmao couldnt be more wrong but go off

No. 1262647

She also has lots of cheek fillers because her cheeks are droppy and heavy when she smiles lol

No. 1262697

this bitch look like mf annoying orange omg

No. 1262707

Looks like ugly tranny though. With bad plastic surgeries

No. 1262715

This got posted on an r9k board heh, wonder if it'll gain any sort of traction. Would be funny.(sage your shit)

No. 1262740

File: 1624471823426.png (1.26 MB, 640x1136, 73A4BCFA-F9EB-4E92-814A-3426D4…)

This looks so weird and uncanny valley I- her lips? Her pointy ass jaw? The eyes?

No. 1262806

Her mouth looks super weird what the hell

No. 1262808

Did she also gain weight?? she looks huge compared to the other Pic on her Instagram

No. 1263149

Anyone got any examples of natural beauty Arab women (no cosmetic surgery)?

No. 1263163

I’ve met many Arab girls irl (Yemen , Egyptian , Palestinian ) that are pretty

No. 1263193

Does she not realized the 100x eye enlargement and harsh jaw line give away that a photo is edited?

No. 1263340

Most of the Syrian women I met are naturally very beautiful with very pleasant features and fair skin and colored eyes . I think that most women from the middle east are naturally beautiful. But people from the khalij like Kuwait I think most of them has African roots and they hate it and that's why they abuse plastic surgeries which is not common in the other sham countries which is not very common for them to do nose jobs and has nice small noses

No. 1263344

The other girls from effina's school were looking very nice with light hair and tall. Effina was short with wide shoulders and man hands she wasn't the hot girl like she said she was lmao

No. 1263361

Right lol like I know all ig influencers photoshop and touch up but hers look so extremelet ridiculous you can’t stop looking at it

No. 1263505

File: 1624573560977.jpeg (378.61 KB, 1817x2048, DBBDAA79-A22D-4AFC-81BB-C1A4AF…)

I’m terrified of how small she photoshopped her head to be in this

No. 1263512

File: 1624573767078.jpeg (879.56 KB, 1812x2042, 62303BC3-1A31-4CCF-B240-08149E…)

No. 1263521

wait do yall think she actually photoshops her head? isnt she really short so it would be normal for all of her to be small.
although i wouldnt put it past her lol

No. 1263529

No she is not that shot rl. She just squished her head and made it small her forehead in the Pic is short and her jaw is short too which is not what her actual face looks like . Her recent pictures shows that her face is long and big. But still she probably edited them as well

No. 1263532

File: 1624575206114.jpg (158.11 KB, 720x879, IMG_20210625_015156.jpg)

This is what her face length is like rl. Not tiny or whatever she is editing

No. 1263542

That is a selfie that is much closer to her face, ofcourse her head/face is smaller from a farther distance…

No. 1263547

But not as small as that Pic look at the forehead and the chin she made them in that Pic like a square. But in the recent Pic is long. If someone had a long face even from a distance it will still long look at Andy's face its still big and long from a distance as well

No. 1263738

Why do you people keep dragging South Asians and Africans in this thread? You all are just as bad as Effina thinking fair skin = beautiful. There are good looking khalijees, obviously you won't see many of them because they tend to wear niqab or not show their face on social media because of Islamic values.

And lmao @ Kuwaitis getting nose jobs cuz they're African? How many Africans do you see with hooked noses or noses with big bumps on the side ? That's clearly an ARAB trait, not African.. Even habeshis have smaller more "european" looking noses than Arabs do.

No. 1263764

Just don’t reply to tryhard race bait anon

No. 1263894

You missed the point. They get nose jobs cuz they hate their noses and you won't see that amount of nose jobs in other Middle Eastern countries

No. 1263955

No you missed the point, nose jobs are common throughout the Arab world (and hell, anywhere in the world people can afford it) and your initial comment was racist af so sit down.

No. 1263970

she looks like a bad cgi character next to a real person lol

No. 1264089

No they are not common, but most only do them for social media purposes . Me and my friends no one of us had nose jobs and no one in our families either and we don't hate our noses they are not big and never heard anyone hating their nose or wanna get nose jobs

No. 1264091

Even effina's(fotouh) friends no one of them had a nose job and they all live in Kuwait as well. So it's not really common

No. 1264094

Her nose before was so much better and natural and she could smile without her nose making weird lines after the nose job. Her nostrils were cute as well but now she gives off mj vibes with bleaching her skin as well

No. 1264130

Iran is #1 in nose jobs and Mia Khalifa is Lebanese and got a nose job lol. Why do you act like Sham people are the most beautiful Nordic Aryan race or something? Many Syrians still have huge noses and are hairy asf like most Arabs.

Kuwaitis and Saudis are way less likely to get a nose job cuz wanting to be a model, social media famous or be a celebrity really isn't as common in those countries.

No. 1264174

Oh ok so you and your friends are the entire Middle East now, why don't you sit your white worshipping ass down. Light skinned women in Lebanon had the most nose jobs I've seen in any country on earth, not everyone with "nice" (your words, not mine) caucasoid features is happy with themselves and not everyone with African features isn't. Plus actual white people don't understand all the intertribal sperging and tend to dismiss all Arabs as ugly and hairy, so maybe stop idolizing the features of people who don't even claim you kek

No. 1264330

Then why did effina get a nose job? Her nose was the exact same as her dad's nose lol without the eye contacts she will look like a copy of her dad
>>1223621 this Pic is after the first nose job look at her what does she look like?

No. 1264333

No I'm speaking of my friends from Syria, Jordan and Palestine that's why I said sham people

No. 1264334

Not in Kuwait lmao. Most people in Kuwait are on social media and most people on snapchat are from there too and they get nose jobs daily lol

No. 1264336

File: 1624663089057.jpg (79.34 KB, 555x416, Screenshot_20210626_021557.jpg)

With no contacts she looks completely different. She is very fake

No. 1264382

Using outdated ass pseudo-science anthropology terms like 'Caucasoid' makes you sound like a sperg tbh.

Can you guys stop derailing this thread into a discussion about phenotypes and go back to talking about actual milk on Effy over here..

No. 1264404

NTA but who cares? The conversation is already based in outdated race science with the “nice small noses vs. African noses” bullshit. And not to be all “hi cow” but Effie herself is probably writing half these comments, she’s constantly sperging about race.

No. 1264450

I’m not sure why they’re pushing this ugly creatures phenotype onto South Asians and Africans, they must have a warped perception of Arabs if they think she doesn’t fit the mold. Effina and Mia Khalifa look very similar, bushy eyebrows and have a huge nose, those are common Arab features.

No. 1264459

Not that common trust me. That's why she got a nose job in first place because she hated being different

No. 1264493

Exactly. People who start talking about race issues, history bullshit and Asian issues is not related to any of this. This thread is not for you to talk about your own personal struggles lol

No. 1264725

Shahd Batal, she’s Sudanese and Daniela Biah, she’s Mexican/Palestinian.
Considering how much Effina hates black people and Mexicans it must hurt to know these two women look better than she’ll ever will even with all that plastic surgery.

No. 1264973


I think you need to accept that most Gulf Arabs have dark hair and dark eyes, and look like they all came from the same family.

No. 1264975

File: 1624740595156.jpg (334.03 KB, 1080x852, Screenshot_20210626-134224_Sam…)

No. 1264979

the absolute state of this thread

No. 1265021

That's the whole point of this thread and that's what effina was trying to hide, catfish people and change by plastic surgery and Photoshop

No. 1265022

This girl didn't edit herself to look white. Didn't make racist comments on other people. So it's not even a thing to compare

No. 1265087

File: 1624749474208.png (Spoiler Image, 391.63 KB, 586x733, sub-buzz-15592-1546893316-1.pn…)

Showing her as an example of what Khalijees look like since the other anon wants to act like Effina's look is so rare and uncommon in the Gulf.

Also "that girl didn't edit herself to look white".. kek

No. 1265151

Effina is just a catfish from head to toes . Period.
I wonder how does she feel about all of the catfish and ongoing catfish. Being insecure is not an excuse and if you are then maybe social media is not for lol.

No. 1265168

I'm not from khalij that's why I said sham people

No. 1265177

I said that because her dad is not Saudi as she is lying about it that's why I was saying she looks weird her dad actually from Jordan or God knows where he is from tbh at this point she is full of bullshit. Probably Charls knows nothing about her history kind of scary to live with someone with no actual facts about them or know nothing of how they really think

No. 1265600

No. 1266016

File: 1624855128533.jpg (198.81 KB, 720x1118, IMG_20210627_233722.jpg)

More proof of her shocking disgusting face.

No. 1266022

well.. not really. its so small all i can see is that her skin is white not dark like you would expect in someone else's photo if it's really dark

No. 1266023

Effy you're not disgusting, just fake lol

No. 1266050

She’s so damn masculine, why doesn’t she get her brows threaded? Looks like a tranny , far removed from the Sumerian princess imagery she propagates

No. 1266075

>shocking disgusting face
>3 pixels
don't "hi cow" don't "hi cow" don't "hi cow"…

No. 1266076

she looks fine and normal there but yeah drastically different from her cartoonishly photoshopped online pictures

No. 1266085

three pixels are just enough to see what an absolute racketeer she is, top kek thinking on the first time charls saw her for the first time in person

No. 1266125

she looks so awkward and out of place being a 22 yo surrounded by 30-40 year olds… she really destroyed her youth lmfao L . no wonder she says she feels so lonely.

No. 1266160

Damn. LOL

No. 1266161

These people are treating her like a dumb fuck. Imagine taking Pic with effina and then seeing her edited as hell lmao

No. 1266162

Exactly. Her eyebrows makes her look very manly looking. I think she will look so much more feminine if she fix them and wear some nice dress and have some colorful natural make up instead of the goth look. Goth look doesn't look nice on brown people so just drop it effy

No. 1266164

File: 1624885344955.jpg (82.55 KB, 294x439, Screenshot_20210628_160004.jpg)

She probably wants these Pic to be deleted now lol

No. 1266166

Looks exactly like her pictures from school. Even her nose is not that small now

No. 1266184

But what the fuck would you even say to someone like that? It's like meeting an anorexic person, you know they're disordered, they know they're disordered, they lie, you shrug.

No. 1266275

Just do your eyebrows effina. You will look much smoother and more relaxed and you will look feminine. You don't need a man's mustache above your eyes it makes your eyes tiny and look sleepy

No. 1266420

File: 1624906568885.jpeg (153.11 KB, 750x984, 20221495-A8CE-4EDA-8633-661CB0…)

so miserable. and rat-like. subhuman, even

No. 1266446

She looks so sick in this Pic and old. Damn

No. 1266452

But everyone else looks very healthy and vibrant and natural.she covered her face with sunglasses and hat because she is too insecure and fake and doesn't want people to see her real face. And yet posts edited pictures on her ig from the same place. People will find these pictures effina because you are tagged in them and they will realize how fake bullshit you are. Good thing you tagged Chelsea lol, How does it feel to be the awkward kid between the 40 yo people. Feels very off the same way how it looks in the pictures

No. 1266487

Are they the only two at the table that didn't order anything to eat? God how awkward it must be to dine with these two.

No. 1266502

I was thinking the same. They ate nothing so weird

No. 1266652

If Charls actually cares about her, he should get her some help because she doesn't look healthy

No. 1266678

Uhh wtf why are you lying? As a Saudi woman, the avg Levantine Arab women at all the different schools I went to had a hooked nose, really thick and coarse hair and looked mostly Jewish. Fridge bodies and ya’ll have this weird hump on your backs, is that a genetic thing? They had fair skin and few had colored eyes but their facial features and bodies are meh. Most Levantine women in the music industry had a nosejob. You Levantine Arabs wish you were white so bad and take every chance to asskiss white people LMFAO.

No. 1266687

Also there is Saudi who look like what you described too

No. 1266691

she deleted her instagram looooooooooooooooool

No. 1266693

Lmao what a pussy she couldnt handle having her real face pictures tagged in like all the other normal people. Feels sorry for her

No. 1266698

that's because her entire life is a lie. she deleted her twitter account, as well. we want you to delete your youtube one as well, Effina. just fucking go.

No. 1266709

Yep. Just a lie after a lie after a lie. Effina is a huge red flag don't know how someone can actually get involved with her in marriage

No. 1266765

File: 1624933383069.jpg (209.21 KB, 1236x942, D6613BCC-5049-4CE0-8CB9-835D0B…)

I didn’t lie and say there aren’t like you do. Also, that picture of Rahaf Alqanun you posted proves she has a small nose with no bump. She’s never had plastic surgery plus she’s actually really good looking. Here’s a nice picture of her. She’s literally married to an African American man how tf do you think she tries to be white LMFAO. you’re a Levantine thinking all ppl wish they were white like you do.

No. 1266770

Lmao. No body even is talking about this person. This is effina thread stick to milk on her. And I said that about rahaf too I said she didn't try to look white and said she didn't say racist things like effina did lol. Effina is not even Saudi so why you even try to bring Saudi into this lmao

No. 1266771

You probably new to this. You don't know what effina said about brown people and all her racist shit. And calling people subhuman. Go read the previous comments from the start anon.

No. 1266789

Considering the crazy shit they believe in, I doubt they'd reach a psychiatrist or psychologist.

No. 1266797

This is what I said about rahaf. My point about Syrian people was from the people I met in rl and so far they were all nice looking. So I don't know why you are mad
Clearly I don't think all khalij are bad looking. But the ones like effina are especially after they botch the nose lol

No. 1266802

My bad, I thought the person who replied to me is the same person who posted this

No. 1266805

Literally how much editing for her face on her youtube she have done and how she looks like an alien with buggy eyes and weird proportions. Don't know why she did that to herself and the thing is from the comments there are huge number of people who actually think she looks like that

No. 1266807

I’m not “mad” I’m simply calling out your plain dishonesty, because the average Syrian doesn’t have a small nose and almost all their celebrities had a nosejob

No. 1266810

Also bold of you to say when Effina has a Jordanian father and she’s not even gulf lol you’re so low iq

No. 1266814

But most has a nose that suit their faces

No. 1266831

It doesn't matter. What matters is that she lied about everything

No. 1266846

File: 1624935917278.jpg (70.61 KB, 269x477, IMG_20210628_195114.jpg)

Used remini

No. 1266851

Well, most self hating Arabs who wish they were white like Effina are usually from the Levantine region (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine…etc.)

No. 1266859

Yes. Also she claimed to be half Saudi Kuwaiti bullshit to collect followers from Saudi and Kuwait lol with her exotic look.
For me I don't wanna look white I look the way I look and I like it and I own it. Life is too short to live it in a lie

No. 1266868

Also you have some natural good looking people in Syria even though they are bullshit and very cringe like Bessan Ismail.
But effina definitely has afro ancestors. She should do a DNA test to get connected with her real self lol

No. 1266897

File: 1624938581860.png (157.53 KB, 449x339, 16357891018394738162.png)

Imagine spending your entire adult life editing pics and getting plastic surgery/fillers to catfish some 40 year old and create a fake Instagram following only to end up being exposed as looking exactly the same as you did when you were 15. At this point it's hard to even laugh at her, it's genuinely pathetic.

No. 1266912

Sad tbh. That's the fact that you can't really change the bone structure to the extreme point where she claimed it to be puberty.

No. 1266987

Yes, her bushy brows, hooked nose and straight hair are obvious African features. Nah, she looks like an ugly Arab girl, not sure why some of you can’t accept it and keep spouting nonsense about her being south Asian or African. Not every Arab girl is a 10, clearly there are unattractive ones as well.

No. 1267000

can you stop? do you not understand the first thing about apps like this? it just makes it up. you're not revealing what's there. it's just filling in a hypothetical. i.e. for our purposes it's a waste of time

No. 1267002

i’m pretty sure anon just used it to increase the quality, which it did

No. 1267003

she looks incredibly emaciated, especially next to a healthy looking woman

No. 1267005

It’s so funny she lied to her Arab followers that the reason why she doesn’t hang around with Americans her own age is because all they do is drink alcohol and party but in that insta post she’s literally surrounded by people hanging out and drinking booze the only difference being they’re all over 30. She should own up to the fact that she’s a loner who only has relevance due to Charls and editing her face, both things that are sad low point to stoop to

No. 1267170

>only has relevance due to Charls and editing her face
She doesn't have relevance though. the only reason she has a thread is someone from her real life has made it to piss her off and they keeping bumping it

No. 1267175

this is the misunderstanding that I just explained. You cannot in real life just 'enhance' an image and suddenly see details that weren't there. we're not a movie. the added details by that app are fictional.
there are lots of different faces that if you blurred and resized them to a few pixels could match the small pic. an ai just generates a random one that does.

No. 1267272

Don't agree with you. If the app didn't work then she wouldn't look exactly the same as her old Pic from school just with a botched nose and probably lost weight too. Sooooo she looks exactly like the photos. If you have real Pic of her not edited you are free to post them lols

No. 1267276

I only used it for the quality nothing else too. Just accept the truth effina it's your face lols

No. 1267281

She is full of bullshit. She just can't fit in with people her age and even with old people she looks weird hanging out with them. I wonder if she even say anything when she is hanging out with them, literally 23 yo has no common things with 35+ yo people it's just off. And they probably make her feel dumb alot. Sad

No. 1267285

The app works that's why Charls looks the same and she does look like that too, it didn't change her facial features or color

No. 1267289

i have a problem believing those people are even able to make a retarded beggar feel dumb. they all are so bloody retarded.

No. 1267299

They all are super annoying.fucking lying bitch say she is too good and wise and doesn't hang out with people who drinking alcohol what a fucking pathological liar she is, disassociated with the reality thinks all people are dumb and that she can scam everyone lol. You can't lie to us effina not anymore and that must be hard on you now

No. 1267301

Not everyone is as dumb as Charls to believe your lies hunny effy

No. 1267776

You're the same delusional anon who thinks this entire thread consists of one person with a vendetta. Aside from the insane amount of cope emanating from your comment, mods would pick up if one person was bumping this thread/replying to themselves and would lock this thread. This girl is a lolcow plain & simple, her online life/appearance is a fabricated shitshow and she married a 40 year old alcoholic for the clout, her life is a joke. Hence this thread existing, but go ahead and cope harder.

No. 1267839

Why you guys are racist whites? So what she wants to change her eye color for fun then you take it seriously and try to ruin her life. You really think white people are more attractive than other race? You are all going extinct lol.

No. 1267843

Exactly. Literally all the people from her rl before didn't even know that she was the same person online lmao. That anon forgot that she even changed her rl name and hid it.and they only found out about her after she posted the school pictures on her Instagram. But the sus thing is that this thread was at the same time she posted the pictures which makes me think she made this thread for herself considering how she edited the pictures.
Effina deserved this thread she is bullshit and because of her posting on the other threads, it's called karma

No. 1267844

Lmao. Effina you still trying to convince yourself that what you did was okay lmao. Sick fuck

No. 1267845

you are fucking stupid, aren't you? her entire identity is a fabrication: her face, her story, her "successful business", not to mention her all so mighty renewed spitituality, while at the same time being an absolute narcicist and a racist. go cope somwhere else, effina. we all know what a fucking joke you are, and charls is already chatting some other girls while you cry in the bathroom. he is so done with you.

No. 1267846

That's why she couldn't handle being tagged in with her real face pictures and even deleted the Instagram. Doesn't sound any fun to me. She is just a fun killer and I see from how she took the pictures with the other people trying to cover her face with hat and sunglasses. Super fun kek

No. 1267849

i feel so lonely at my little part time job where all my coworkers are grown adults in their 40s , imagine your entire friend circle and acquaintances being people decades older than you. really sad that she did this to herself. the whole i dont hang with ppl my own age bc im sooo good and not a le american party animal is such a cope lol

No. 1267851

you guys.. i didn't say that she isn't fucked up. i said that she is not relevant. nobody outside people that enjoy photoshopper threads and arab speakers knows who she is or has ever heard of her

No. 1267852

She is a bad person and enjoys scamming people all the time from Instagram to twitch to YouTube to Twitter to her shop.
She also ruined Charls YouTube it's no fun now even his whole vibes are no fun now. What good did she do? Nothing

No. 1267853

Exactly lol

No. 1267859

And I bet all the people she is hanging out with know about this thread too and they know what a scam shit she is lol. They also probably commented on here as well

No. 1267861

Watch they will break up soon

No. 1267865

File: 1625023519626.jpg (151.19 KB, 720x1055, 20210629_202217.jpg)

Why does everyone think Charls is incapable of sin? Sounds like he ruined this girl.

No. 1267873

ruined? wtf are you talking about? did he make her shop her face and catfish his own self? the girl is a bloody joke on her own, and all her misery is an entire result of each and every one of her actions.

No. 1267879

Lmao. Won't ever believe that she took only one picture with him lmao. Just a bullshit who even wrote this probably effina just made this to backfire on Charls lol

No. 1267882

She said she just has one picture not that they only took one picture. You’ve never rage deleted pictures of your ex?

No. 1267883

"He made me bad". And" stalkers". Umm effina wrote that bullshit. It's the same way she wrote that post where she was saying I'm insecure and I use filters and I wasn't the girl on 4chan it was her ex stalker lol. Effina. She just can't take responsibilities so immature

No. 1267885

File: 1625024660703.jpg (278.19 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20210518_135948_083_mr1621…)

Damn she's cute and look her nose hasn't been chopped off with plastic surgery. I wonder if Charls has regrets.

No. 1267886

i know for a fact he has from what i heard.

No. 1267887

If she deleted them all doesn't make sense to have one left only. I would delete everything no bullshit.
Also, If she was really his gf they would have had more pictures on the internet didn't she say famous lol, just like how he has Pic with effina. She probably took it on the way when she met him or something and they created that whole story of that she was his ex gf

No. 1267888

Charls has no chance with her lol she is so much better than him. That's why he ended up with effy catfish cuz too desperate

No. 1267889


who walks that way to avoid being spotted at all costs in an unedited stream LOL

No. 1267890

I have no idea what the motivation would be to lie about being massively fucked over and played by Charls of all people. Adjust your tinfoil anon.

No. 1267891

I dunno but I wish there was more proof of them. She looks too good to be with him, a woman like that wouldn't wanna be with a man like him trust me. Unless he was her sissy fag then I would believe it

No. 1267895

Literally effy would never show her real face even in a spontaneous way lmao. Not fun

No. 1267896

I just don't see why a girl would make that up or be proud of it. Charls is a loser. Who would brag about that let alone tell the world he made you have an abortion? My guess you found that on one of her personal pages and honestly I feel bad for her if that's true. To be fucked over by such a loser and to be cheated on with such a loser. That is sad.

No. 1267899

Effina had so many faces it's scary by now. Also humiliating that Charls ended up with her. He is just as fake as her tbh they are both sick fucks they deserve each other

No. 1267925

She looks extremely young. I just feel disgusted by Charls now.

"And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming."

No. 1267970

This whole thread is only like 5 people (her stalker ex, a stupid Arab, the paki who pretends to be multiple people, a person whos here just to race bait and Effina herself), yet you all managed to make 800+ posts about this irrelevant cowshit lol.

No. 1267977

damn. she is so ugly she should be euthanized. for real

No. 1267987

seriously, she has no relevance. feels like the same handful of people posting about a non-event. how does heavily shopping her face make her any different from any other e-girl other than a personal grievance? where's the milk?

not relevant, not important

No. 1267990

Why does Charles look like he is wearing those novelty chink glasses. Why are his eyes so small when he wears glasses?

No. 1268033

she looks demented

No. 1268050

File: 1625046130370.png (13.95 MB, 2732x2048, 6B02B293-DFDA-4DB6-AB31-4824AC…)

It was easy to find her facebook and this girl had another boyfriend in 2018 so her story doesn’t check out. It’s either a troll or this girl is severely demented

No. 1268056

yes charls fucking carroll totally regrets not dating a prostitute, stop self posting

No. 1268186

But he doesn't regret marrying a catfish scamming pathological liar with BDD. Lol

No. 1268190

Yeah effina try and convince yourself that no one knows about this thread LOL. Literally if you type effina in Google this will come up in the search that's how I found it lmao so it's not just 5 people here it's probably more than 30 and there are people who don't type and just read also. So everybody knows

No. 1268203

yeah, what we need to do, effy, is post this thread in every youtube video you have uploaded so we can also ad your arab base. what a delight will be for them to see your real ugly face, ha!

Effy's Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdKPwMlSb49ASJ9AxCTdSuA

No. 1268214


this thread is pointless, just this anon getting too heavily invested in an egirl's relationship.

No. 1268217

it must be really hard for you, to see your whole life falling apart. go on, effy.

No. 1268230

File: 1625066791525.png (30.73 KB, 748x252, boohoo.png)

nervous breakdown coming, dont miss it on twitch.com

No. 1268253

wonder if the schizo is afraid of vaccines, maybe he got 'rona

No. 1268255

She posted pictures of ultrasounds to her facebook back in April 2020. I think maybe Charls fucked her over and she can't cope. Maybe she left that nice looking guy for Charls. You literally never know.

No. 1268271

umm you gonna post screenshots of that or what? lol. sage your shit

No. 1268272

I'm friends with Jessie Kristin even if I don't understand why the hell she has and onlyfans now. But I save this from her Facebook a long time ago when I found out she was dating Charls on discord. I think she used to be Christian and not have tattoos. Maybe Charls did fuck with her mind. I feel guilty for posting this but honestly fuck Charls and Effina both. Abortion is a sin and it sounds like she wanted her baby.

No. 1268274

File: 1625070862840.jpg (137.52 KB, 720x1126, 20210630_092749.jpg)

No. 1268284

This is so sad..Honestly she was at least 3 months along based on those pictures. Disgusting. She should feel lucky she didn't with Charls.

No. 1268290

So lemme get this straight here. Charls is supposedly Christian but left this girl with red hair when she was pregnant for Effina and she was forced to kill her own baby? Do you guys think Effina knew about it?

No. 1268292

hi jessica, could you explain why you’re posting your sister’s ultrasounds and claiming them as yours?

No. 1268296

No because the timelines don’t add up. This only fans girl is not a good liar

No. 1268297

Mom and sis are seen commenting on the pregnancy post. I think it is very real and Charls is very afraid.

No. 1268298

Hey guys what if one of us messaged Jessica and asked what happened?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1268309

What if Charls made her cheat on her boyfriend with him or something. Why would someone make any of this up? They are from her personal accounts, doesn't sound like she wanted schwag like Effina, these posts were hidden away. Some part of it is real.

No. 1268312

Oh now you’re gonna ignore the fact that you said you were together for 4 years? Your lies don’t add up Jessica. Stop speaking about yourself in third person

No. 1268314

this is an imageboard. censor names if you have to but post screenshots

No. 1268319

Everytime someone posts milk people think it's not real, what's the point in exposing Charls if no one cares? Jessica looks really young and shouldn't be a prostitute if she is but Charls probabaly did hurt her in some way. No doubt.

No. 1268330

She’s 29 and has an onlyfans so she is technically a prostitute

No. 1268340

She didn't start OnylFans until like a month ago. Check her tumblr. I don't think Charls would go for an actual prostitute. I think she was normal at one point and Charls probabaly broke her heart of some shit.

No. 1268346

so every girl who gets her heart broken by a disgusting scrote turns to onlyfans? and fuck out of here if you're not going to sage your shit, retard

No. 1268349

Anon the person posting is the Onlyfans girl herself

No. 1268350

That facebook post is from two years ago and I had to go into my old phone to find the screenshot sorry I don't have all that you need to connect your dots. Tin foil wearing ass mf.

No. 1268351

pathetic, her best chance at gaining more customers are the 4chan scrotes lurking and posting here LMAO

No. 1268352

You literally just said her family commented on the post and you were looking at it. Go back to onlyfans Jessica, you are unhinged

No. 1268353

how long til i can see effina loosing her shit on only fans too?

No. 1268358

This is sad. If this girl had an abortion and everyone is making fun of her too just becasue. I'm out.

No. 1268362

funny how you type exactly like how she types on her tumblr posts. gtfo with your fake posts and learn how to sage your shit. no one here wants to subscribe to your onlyfans

No. 1268363

No I said I saw the comments not that I had the comments. The post is deleted now! I try to help and everyone thinks I'm Effina or Jessica. Fuck you.

No. 1268365

Ok bye Jessica

No. 1268404

File: 1625078896152.jpg (109.39 KB, 720x775, 20210630_114359.jpg)

What's her onlyfans? I found her insta but not her onlyfans.(derailing)

No. 1268414

What's her insta? Did she get a nosejob too?(derailing)

No. 1268417

Lmao serious family illness lol

No. 1268420

Effina is having mental breakdowns and Charls lost his online career. Damn. Just because she couldn't accept her real face and ethnicity. Internalized hate

No. 1268423

File: 1625080323364.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1025x1286, 6B5A2F97-5F41-47CF-8A22-CA7246…)

Found this on the other thread so I don’t think so. Just heavy editing and filters(derailing)

No. 1268425

No body cares about this shit. Stop ruining this thread and stick to effina and Charles and post Pic of them

No. 1268426

And why are you still self posting? Girl no one cares about your onlyfans, most of us are women

No. 1268430

Effina is holding Charls hostage he is sick of her bullshit crazy mental breakdowns and he can't even hang out with his friends or have normal twitch streams because she doesn't want him to be in there . She threats him of killing herself and he can't leave her because he is too dumb to move on from her bullshit lies. bro you are an adult stop wasting your time with her and get yourself a real woman and get her in a hospital asap(integrate)

No. 1268530

She scammed people stole their money and lied about doing it for fund raising and God knows what she did with the money . I hope they know that she is just a liar catfish

No. 1268547

File: 1625092572750.jpg (136.19 KB, 720x1185, IMG_20210630_173420.jpg)

Back at it guys, the shitshow goes on haha

No. 1268560

Because her real life sucks too much and she can't Photoshop her face there. She is nothing without her pathological Catfishing

No. 1268564

She should have taken a long break from social media and got some work on her mental health and became a normal feminine woman .
Also do your eyebrows i fucking hate how masculine they look. Charls is a fag who doesn't care how she look like a tranny because he doesn't want her.
Looks like just a show for the public to brag about having a wife so Charls doesn't feel weird around the other couples lol

No. 1268576

You can tell she’s brown no matter how much she cyber skin bleaches with Meitu kek.

No. 1268649

another one that looks like a shop of charls in a wig

No. 1268672

No. 1268675

Effina needs to go live with no filters and be normal and accept her real face . That's the best thing she can do to start getting healthy and also apologize for all the scamming she did

No. 1268760

Damn. I listened to the whole schizo's twitch video, expecting some good milk about this drama, but it was just so sad… only about 30 people watching him ramble about disconected things, at some point about mind control through oxigen in the air…
Among the people watching was effina, by the way, who not only donated money but also talked with him through the chat about domestic things.

Maybe the only good milk was at 1h:32min, when he blatanly admited that the money he was e-begging for was for a ticket to Kuwait that he absolutely was not ok with.


Devastating shit. What have you done with your life, Effina? You are not only ugly but also completely alone.

No. 1268909

Provide time stamps retard

No. 1268974

all of these posted by jesse or jessica herself trying to orchestrate drama to promote her onlyfans. id be so embarrassed

No. 1268977

No. 1269075

Stop doing this you are also prompting her

No. 1269078

File: 1625163620637.jpg (98.99 KB, 271x635, Screenshot_20210701_211854.jpg)

Does effina's family know she is anorexic now. I mean even if they don't care about what she is doing at least they want her to be healthy. She looks like a corpse

No. 1269114

Unhinged prostitute kek

No. 1269370

what in the People of Walmart hell is this photo?

No. 1269405

It's from this
Very shocking

No. 1269560

You guys should make a Kiwifarms and Twitter thread about her too.

If any Arabs can translate this shit to her followers, that would be great. They need to see her true colors. I've spoke to a few of her followers and none of them even know she's married to Charls.. They just think he's a friend she constantly hangs out with.

No. 1269564

>iTs nOt a VenDeTta tHrEaD

No. 1269574

Hey why dont u eat my ass pussy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1269576

She's not milky enough for a kiwi farms thread but a twitter thread exposing her editing and e-begging to her mindless followers would be interesting. I remember her insta story post ebegging for donations so she could "save" her online boutique (more like sweatshop) and she raised a large amount in donations. Her shop is obviously now defunct and she pocketed all the cash and has never mentioned it since, let alone the fact that she was cheating her followers in broad daylight charging $100 for $10 dresses, absolutely no shame. Fake and a fraud.

oh go fucking cry somewhere else

No. 1269577

by this logic every thread on this site is a vendetta thread no? retards like you don't come around often but when you do you sure like to make a big stink about things existing that you don't like

No. 1269579


Twitter is on a witchhunt to cancel anyone racist. If more people saw those 4chan posts of hers, it's over.

No. 1269582


Effina is like the Arab version of that one skank Lilymaymac. Both short, brown and have an obsession with being white. Lily got dragged for some old tweets about wanting to be euro and some corny but not out of the norm for that time racist "jokes" on Twitter. Some girls on her PULL thread really hated her that much to send them out to internet blogs/"news" outlets like NextShark so she was forced to make a public apology lmao.

What Effina has done and said is worse in my opinion, but has had 0 backlash..

No. 1269601

Not really the same. Incel Asian boys are constantly seething about Asian girls fucked by white dick, multiple safe space forums are dedicated to Asian boys whining about it. That's how that lily thing got traction.

Won't happen with effina.

No. 1269606

Brown girl: lovable pretty and minding her own business
Retarded fat women on this site: ANOREXIC WANTS TO BE WHITE SKANK

No. 1269608

>has had 0 backlash..
I don't know why you can't get it through your head: Nobody has ever heard of her

No. 1269616

lol scared already, effy? what a shame would it be for your family; is not like they already don't know what a waste you turned out to be, the scandal is just too much though

No. 1269628

File: 1625216977643.png (355.52 KB, 802x880, effy.png)

Back at Twitter, guyz! And in no other day than her birthday…! A good day to do some tagging

No. 1269668

File: 1625224514936.jpg (195.88 KB, 1080x1080, March-9_4.jpg)

Effina wishes she looked like this

No. 1269738

File: 1625232189996.jpeg (43.86 KB, 400x400, 7A11197F-4B42-4D2C-90AF-87C436…)

>If more people saw those 4chan posts of hers, it's over.
surprised her shoops haven’t been mentioned at all there. twitter made a big stink over sashavldr.

No. 1269756

Too bad she can't even she her loveable pretty real face lol
At least we agree she is brown, high five effina

No. 1269760

Most normal people will use their real face Pic on their social media and real name too
She uses effina instead of fotouh
She use fully edited pictures instead of normal pictures and replies to people who call her edited face pretty lmao
Fucking sad and pathetic

No. 1269766

It's fucking creepy to create a fantasy to live in ( her whole family probably calls her by real name that's why her mom said totah it's nickname for fotouh not effina bullshit lol
Probably Charls doesn't even know her real name and how it's fucking ugly name and stupid and says everything about her life lols

No. 1269778

I don’t like Effina, but what’s ugly or stupid about her real name?

No. 1269781

It's very very old and ugly no one has her name . And I don't even think it's a girls name that's why she even from high school used Farah as her name because she is pathologically fake

No. 1269787

She changed her Arabic name to a white name lol

No. 1269794

Anorexic people would say that too. They don't wanna admit that they are sick

No. 1269828

File: 1625240226323.jpg (36.14 KB, 610x392, 61b4c4ced17ccf9be0b9747e10dd06…)


Lmao, i dont like effina but lily is fake asf too, pretty sure she got her nose done.


Maybe, but considering PULL consists of mostly female users like this website.. it was other women that really hated her.

No. 1269842

What’s wrong with changing your name?

No. 1269844

It's wrong when you are racist cunt and try to be white Photoshop yourself and get nose jobs to hide your real ethnicity.
Lmao karma

No. 1269848

Effina is just like Asians she got nose jobs cuz she hates her ethnicity trying be white nose lmao. White noses don't suit Asian /Arabs. Fotouh

No. 1269851

No one like fake people or money scammers
That's why we are all here on this thread

No. 1269868

Are you on suicide watch

No. 1269911


You are a sperg. Prolly samefag who keeps bugging out about South Asians and Africans.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1270008

No. 1270024

Effina is

No. 1270130

File: 1625257498044.png (569.98 KB, 511x882, eff.png)

macdonalds for my birthday, yay! charls even let me use his half price coupon for it; he most certainly loves me #tradlife

No. 1270153


I deadass dgaf bout this bootleg/harpy version of 4chan, im here to talk my shit and the mods who got a stick up their ass can go choke on a cactus(then follow the rules)

No. 1270198

Looks like an empty meal that Charls ate.
Damn she never had food not even on birthday. Chill girl go eat and stop making it a big deal lmao

No. 1270499

What is wrong with wanting to look white?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1270506

Because aspiring to look like a half assed, uncanny valley version of someone else instead of a decent version of yourself is lolcow tier shit, anon.

No. 1270637

Nothing wrong with wanting to be white effina.
But you will never be white lols and you will only look like a freak the more you try to

No. 1272260

this thread is necessary despite many of the comments being just effina defending herself, a mentally ill prostitute self promoting, racially charged debates comparing levant women to gulf women (personally never met an ugly woman from the gulf, most of them are drop dead gorgeous and i say that as a jordanian)

fact of the matter is, effina is a delusional catfish who managed to fool people into thinking she is this stunning trad kuwaiti with a greek name and a rich family when really she is a below average, slightly masculine, super racist white worshipper and probably upper middle class with a botched nose who also scammed her fans.

No. 1272331

>who managed to fool people
what people? bot followers?

No. 1272416

Woah, I snooped her instagram and can confirm. From every 5 followers, 4 are bots… what exactly is she up to? No shop, no streams, no youtube videos, not even a comment about her by her schizofrenic husband who pretty much rambles about everything and not a single photo of them together in the states.

No. 1272468

her engagement rate is normal, don’t think she’s using bots

No. 1272469

File: 1625594164905.jpeg (652.55 KB, 2347x1917, 688DC9F3-2790-4439-B469-6ECD44…)

forgot to add

No. 1272472

and why is this prostitute still posting here? fuck off no one cares about your onlyfans you ugly deranged freak

No. 1272482

Stop giving her attention anon, it’s what she wants kek

No. 1272483

kek, i am not that thot, anon. But I can tell from what you wrote that you are one little and ugly fatty from the midwest. Good luck rising your obese children and surviving your mediocre little life. No one cares.

No. 1272504

ugly fatties from the midwest.. you mean like Effina's (charls) friendship circle? >>1269078

No. 1272508

Exactly, the very ones that come here and try to defend her, even if they all know what an absolute fiasco she is.

No. 1272520

File: 1625597928437.png (675.71 KB, 1190x776, ugly dress.png)

this shit really made me laugh; does she really think this retard drawing looks somehow professional…? also, you don't need to make some ugly sketches of the dresses you are about to order on ali express, effy, ha! cringe AF


No. 1272525

then would you get triggered if you’re not her? get a job whore none of us are interested in giving you money

No. 1272531

File: 1625599398944.png (190.98 KB, 317x751, bone.png)

This shit cannot hold any longer. You can see in one of her instagram reels not only her real skin color but also her bone facial structure, much closer to a chimpanzee than to a pErSiAn pRiNcEsS leeeeel

No. 1272593


stop spamming and learn how to sage

No. 1272621

File: 1625610783148.gif (305.74 KB, 480x640, GIF-210705_001741.gif)

This is how she edits her pictures.
Trying to look white and exotic but ends up looking like an alien with huge hands
Her hands in all of the pictures look super huge because she forget to edit them
Not proportional lols

No. 1272624

Literally her hands look super huge and manly
She can't take care of them to look feminine lols

No. 1272640

Lmao wtf is this? You editing her pictures doesn’t mean anything. We’re milking a dry cow at this point it makes me wish she posted more

No. 1272642

I only reversed what she did because her legs in the picture looked very weird and long and that's not effina effina is short rl. Still probably not close to her real face with huge nose and brown skin but gives an idea

No. 1272644

File: 1625612725200.jpg (151.65 KB, 720x876, Screenshot_20210707_020244.jpg)

Her hand holding the phone looks huge compared to the rest of her. She makes her self look smaller in pictures that's why she doesn't look proportional
To whomever said 'she edited her eyes for fun'
I feel sorry for you for saying that because she edits everything and every detail is just fake and it's pathological at this point

No. 1272659

Why do you say brown skin as if it’s bad? I have brown skin and I you make me feel bad. You seem like the white worshipper here talking about brown skin as if it’s bad! most white people tan to get brown anyway stop saying it as if it’s a bad thing

No. 1272684

We only say that because you digitally bleach your entire internet persona while at the same time being a racist viper and -ironically- having the sking color of a drunk's vomit, effina.

No. 1272686

This thread seems to have a rampant racist in it, driveby comment since idk who these people are, but there is clear racist language in recent posts ITT.
Usually racebait gets banned here but it may have been overlooked.

No. 1272693

Why do you think I said brown skin as bad lmao
It's her true skin color what do you want me to call it,blue or green lol?
She bleaches her skin and edited it to look white you should probably think about that
You are dumb how is saying she is brown is fucking racist.
You are brown just accept that effina. It's not racist
Effina is the racist one since she is the one who Photoshop and say I'm not brown lols. Internalized racism

No. 1272699


Effina probably wanna be called white so bad lol. She gets triggered every time someone said the truth
Go effy look at your skin color and Charls skin and see the difference. You are brown accept that. that's why your make up looks ashy because you choose white colors and they don't work on brown skin makes you look like rat

No. 1272724

Yeah this thread is ass

No. 1272777

File: 1625629062901.png (19.15 KB, 1332x792, effy youtube.png)

LOL she deleted the video; confirmed she reads the thread. In case you are reading right now: everybody knows, Effina. Just wait until you arab base catch up. tik tok tik tok

No. 1272826

She deleted so many videos so far last time I checked they were 19 videos now there are 9 videos lols
Just save yourself the effort and delete your whole YouTube channel and get over the filters for your videos because they re ugly
Normal people: use some light filters
Effina:small nose huge eyes small chin light skin upturned eyes. Alien look achieved. Oh I look like this rl too and thanks for compliments

No. 1272924

I always thought Arab girls were really racist and only married/dated Arab guys.

No. 1272937

i think chuck does pills or dope or something
hes always got those evil looking pinpoint-pupil junkie eyes, even in videos shot at night or in the dark
hes also probably stupid or something if he thinks this thot had her v-card when they met

that is all

No. 1272942

i bet thats mostly because of their parents
if theyre really traditional they might disown their daughter for stepping out
islam has always been rather barbaric towards women imo

though i guess this particular kind of stuff just goes for most highly religious parents in general, regardless of which one
for ex, i know some orthodox jewish families wont let their daughters get married to non-jews unless they convert

No. 1272952

that in itself is not racist lol. westoid thinking. it just depends on ones family

No. 1272990

that's because he's schizophrenic.

No. 1272991

yeah he talks an awful lot about nothing thats for sure

No. 1272998<