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File: 1621487648835.jpg (932.72 KB, 1000x888, twitch.jpg)

No. 1234270

Thread for all twitch drama
Last Thread: >>>/snow/1091552

Recent drama:
>Sinatraa is banned by riot for 6 months after allegations from his ex. Streamed after announcement to 30k supporters
>After 6 months, Cinnpie addresses pedo allegations with threat of lawsuits
>Boogie2988 arrested for aggravated assault after firing a weapon
>Everyone cheats on OTK game and get barred from participating in future events
>Kaceytron igniting war with 12yo minecraft fangirls
>Amouranth has ads demonetized on twitch
>idubbbz gf evolves into idubbbz fiancé. She also released nudes(no one cared)

No. 1234388

File: 1621510379845.png (436.5 KB, 533x601, breasturant health and safety …)

apparently the breastaurant is unclean, shocker.

No. 1234400

Everything about mr beast is so sketch, I thought the restaurant thing was a temporary meme?

No. 1234652

>although content may not ostensibly break community guidelines or Terms of service, Twitch has complete discretion to target individual channels & partially or wholly demonetized them for

lmao no shit retard, they've been doing that forever

>I don't like it when they do it to me, waaaa waaaa

And sex-addict Hasan is throwing a fit. It's their platform, you want to see that shit, go to onlyfans. This help women on Twitch so they aren't forced to go big by showing their body, they actually have to be funny for once, which I'm ok with!

Also advertisers don't want this, stop crying coomers.

The galaxy brain takes these porn-sick morons and their pickmes are trying to make is sad.

No. 1234664

File: 1621538269101.png (35.67 KB, 736x341, whore.png)

Can't even sell pornography to kids, I thought this was a free country!

Very sad, poor whore. Now she has to do her whoring on an appropriate platform where kids aren't even forced to see it. Big loss.

And lets not pretend Twitch did this for any reason other than that advertisers have told them they don't want their products associated with softcore pornograpgy. They lost one cashcow to keep the advertisers who run adds on every other cashcow.

No. 1234694

I hate coomers and their enablers like Hasan so fucking much

No. 1234708

His whole shtick is pushing his brand under the guise of philanthropic efforts. The restaurants were spun as a way to keep workers employed in ghost kitchens during the pandemic, now they serve to push the MrBeast brand. By all accounts, he's just a dumb rich kid trying to make his money work for him in a novel manner. He broke down in an interview after openly asking them to just do a puff piece on him and complained that he's being criticized for how he runs a business and not just getting mindless praise.

No. 1235673

File: 1621678210907.png (307.58 KB, 1312x1360, twitch.png)

>And lets not pretend Twitch did this for any reason other than that advertisers have told them they don't want their products associated with softcore pornograpgy. They lost one cashcow to keep the advertisers who run adds on every other cashcow.
Glad to be right, sad that Twitch decided to continue being a cam-site regardless.


Twitch has decided to make a new category for hot-tub streamers so they can keep showing kids softcore pornography while also giving their advertisers the option to exclude that category.

No. 1235680

let's see how it develops, i don't think those streamers lose much on it as ads aren't a significant portion of their profits

No. 1235703

Well their logic is "it's ok for these thots to wear bathing suits on our platform because they are in a pool!" so the next step will probably be to let them be naked streaming from bathtubs and showers, cause you bathe naked, duh! Then they will probably create some kind of twitch-adjecent Onlyfans service or adult subscriptions where you can actually see them cam and shove things up their holes.

Calling this now and will get back to this when it happens.

No. 1235803

Idc about hot tob streamers in general but amouranth should have been banned off twitch a long time ago. She's been porn baiting for years

No. 1235922

File: 1621715587122.png (423.15 KB, 585x580, amouranth.png)

Being a professional whore is probably going to be the most lucrative "profession" women will have in the future.

We live in a society. Fucking sad.

No. 1235934

This makes me want to end it lol just wipe us all off the planet I’m sick

No. 1235937

You guys sound like scrotes

No. 1235944

If scrotes think it’s depressing that this is the type of person young girls and women are constantly force fed as goals and successful on social media then ok cool I have that in common with them. God forbid women be paid that money for content that doesn’t show off their bodies to crusty gamers watching tits bounce around in a kiddie pool sitting in some apartment. There’s even a wheel like the camgirls use and this is allowed on a site frequented by children, literally a carbon copy of a camgirl stream. It’s abhorrent and I feel like it’s setting a dreadful precedent that our bodies should be used to full male gaze potential because of the money in it.

No. 1235967

Thinking that “to essentially be whored out makes for the most profitable modern career choice for an average woman” is terrible and dystopian, is not a scrote mentality.

No. 1235970

already is

No. 1235986


money is a bad way to measure yourself. this "lucrative" career is an illusion by media and pandemic isolation. Most women are itching to work in the real world

No. 1236096

Why would a woman want this to be what we're paid the most for, outside of celebrity jobs, while men get medicine, engineering, law, things that change the world as their most valued roles?

No. 1236146


OP keeping it real with different topics instead of Anissa circlejerk

No. 1236151

What? Women also get to be doctors, lawyers and so on. We get paid a lot for that too, certainly more than being a mediocre whore. What world are you living in?

No. 1236178

Did anyone say we WANT this to be what we're paid for the most? It's just that it is pushed onto young women that see this shit and think "wow, why should I go to college and work 9 to 5 when I can just be paid to sit around in a bikini and earn $1.000 a day?"

If you ask high school kids what their dream jobs are they already say "Youtuber, Streamer, Influencer" as the top answers. Wait a couple of years and "OnlyFans creator" will be up there.

Pointing this out as a sad truth and a prediction of how our society is going in the wrong direction doesn't mean that's what we WANT to happen, you mong.

How many women lawyers and doctors make this amount of money? Those are also both fields where women have to compete with men, who generally get paid more than us still. Whoring is where women get paid more than men (except of course the owners of the platforms, who are still men).

I am telling you guys, if we don't squash the fucking "sexwork is work" libfem bullshit and stop normalizing this shit we are heading down a path where women's worth will entirely be determined by how fuckable we are, once again.

No. 1236181

I work in medicine and women are paid really well? Certainly not as much as top 1% of celebrity egirls but a lot more than your average only fans or instagram thot. But male top 1% e-celebrities also get paid more than average male lawyers for example.
Plus more and more women are going for high paid careers and getting university diplomas.
I don't get where you get the dystopia shit.

No. 1236182

Most women will not be lawyers and doctors.

No. 1236244

The world where you can scroll up and see the context of this conversation. Anon lamented that the social and economic forces making onlyfans so lucrative to women are also the same that make women less likely to be able to invest in the expensive educations it takes to make into these industries, let make it to the top salaries competing against men who are too ugly to make bank in the sex industry but have a lot of other advantages in these better industries.

If anything, the anons who sound like scrotes in here are the ones who don't see the problem with this or don't think this is where it's headed, if not already at.

No. 1236332

Thanks for putting it into words better than I could.

Also you have to remember that doing sexwork (especially publically while showing your face) will permanently prevent you from ever being successful in any "serious" field like law or medicine. So if a dumb 18 year old girl decides to open an OnlyFans account on her birthday to be just like her idol Belle Delphine and then realizes her mistake once her brain is fully matured, she can't take that back. That is out there forever. That way young women will be forced to stay in the sex-work industry.

I think a lot of them do not realize the long term consequences of selling yourself and how small the window is in which you can actually make money from it. None of them think about what they are going to do once they are in their 30s and their simps move on to the new 18 year old girl. Unless you make millions to live out the rest of your live, you will be forced to retire before you are even 40 and not find another job. In the future we will see many women like this and they will probably cost the taxpayers millions.

Plus the consequences of not being able to find a partner who is not a degenerate coomer scrote, because a normal man does not want to date a prostitute. It is just all around a horrific thing that ruins women's lifes forever being promoted as cool, trendy and easy money. It makes me sick.

No. 1236505


Are you kidding me…

I hope this bites them back and advertisers start to think Twitch = new PornHub

Fuck this stupid earth

No. 1237081

>Being a professional whore is probably going to be the most lucrative "profession" women will have in the future.
Pessimist much. Women are already outnumbering men in some university majors. This only an option if people choose to be satisfied with mediocrity.

No. 1237158

My prediction: twitch is bought by OnlyFans. Gamers and other streamers rage and quit to join YouTube streaming while twitch dies with its remaining coomer base.

That anon also forgets that the main bulk of those in sex work are trafficked and abused. They didnt want to do that in first place. The upper middle class, well off onlyfans girls on twitch are that tip of the iceberg. And nobody listens to them anyway since they're tone deaf to real trafficked women sold into sex slavery.

No. 1237170

I mean the fact that twitch added a hottub tag doesn't surprise me.

Twitch has been trying to outdo YouTube by recruiting non-gamers to the platform. I remember James Charles or Bretman Rock saying that Twitch wouldn't give them partner unless they agreed to stream non-gaming content(like makeup shit but live). They're hoping to expand their audience to a broader group of people. Stupid or smart idea, I can't really say.

No. 1237261

>How many women lawyers and doctors make this amount of money? Those are also both fields where women have to compete with men, who generally get paid more than us still.

Idk about doctors but as far as lawyers go, all the large firms (so not your two-person operation at the strip mall) pay their associates on a widely published scale. Same scale at pretty much every firm in a major market. No negotiating and no way for a woman to get paid less than her same-year male counterpart until they get to the partner level like a decade down the line (where their pay is based on how much business they bring in).

No. 1237287

If Hasan had any balls, he would actually talk to real leftists that are hypercritical of the sex industry like Chris Hedges. Unlike Hasan, Hedges has actually done investigations to that shit is appalled by it.

No. 1237448

File: 1621934036997.png (316.87 KB, 738x706, poki.png)

The incel simps must be the biggest moneymaker for Twitch. I am sure they got tons of whales who donate thousands a month to these whores. And they want more.

No. 1237449

No. 1237459


this isn't milk though? Poki's made millions for twitch almost exclusively off of just using the platform fairly normally. She's a bit cringey and her simps are irritating af but twitch is probably doing this to distract from the hot tub bullshit and also net a profit off more Pokimane subs tbh

No. 1237461

>calling pokimane a whore
So i dont watch a lot of stream but from what i've seen she isnt a tiddy streamer and seems normal? Sure she has a lot of males watching her but thats just because she is a cute girl.

No. 1237466

I never really classed Pokimane as a twitch ‘whore’/titty streamer. Her simps just sexualise her. She just streams playing games, that doesn’t make her a whore. Not a wk or simp, before anyone uses that as a response.

No. 1237467


No. 1237468

Agreed, I don't watch her but I've always gotten the impression that men seethe at her just because she's an attractive woman. Actually she dresses relatively modest from what I've seen

No. 1237470

Maybe after the pedo streamer purge from last year, this shit actually seems wholesome(still cringe though) poki has to kill or groom someone for me to consider her a flake anymore lol

No. 1237476

They also made these for Ninja and TimTTM if not more people. If you're going to be mad about anything be upset at the shitty quality and the fact that they can make Pokimane thicc but won't give her her actual skin, hair, or eye color.

No. 1237480

File: 1621939364852.png (6.61 MB, 1125x2436, FC8E56F0-F5E8-491D-A715-0C9D86…)

Got to love Anisa’s consistency. She recognizes mess but always comments “please ignore it”. anisa just move to another location to take a picture.

She is the laziest thot to ever thot

No. 1237496

They're upset that they can't blame the reason of her success from coom baiting. That's why scrotes are so eager to insult her since they can't slutshame her like your typical e-whore.

God forbid she has simps as if their manchildren gods doesnt have their own legion of whiteknights

No. 1237551

File: 1621948111231.jpg (118.92 KB, 1280x720, pokimane.jpg)

Lmao are you retarded? Do you really think people watch Pokiman for her personality? Just cause she doesn't wear a bikini in a hot tub doesn't mean she's not a thot streamer who only makes money cause she has a big ass that she "accidentally" presents to the camera all the time.

No. 1237552

File: 1621948223249.jpeg (65.57 KB, 471x787, thot.jpeg)

>not coom baiting

No. 1237570

are you lost? 4chins is that way, sir.

No. 1237588

Right, I'm the scrote and not you whiteknighting simps. Project much?

No. 1237602

Can i make a legitimate comparison for soft uwu shy e-boy sykkuno since he amassed a higher simp count than poki as of late?

Pandering works both ways tards, ngmi.

No. 1237653

File: 1621957738234.png (29.38 KB, 736x252, capitalism.png)

Pokimane is an absolute braindead, hypocritical thot, cope and seethe simps.

No. 1237688

How's this coom batting. It's a selfie. Are all women banned from taking partial full body selfies now

No. 1237793

A selfie with half the face covered? Are you retarded or just playing stupid because you're a fucking simp?

No. 1237817

nta but a selfie is just a pic of yourself…yes she's taking a pic of her body but it's still a selfie…yeah of course her simps are gonna jerk off to that but I'm sure her replies would also be filled with girls YAS KWEEN-ing her. She's an influencer. Selfies are good for engagement. This does not make her a whore.

No. 1237836

you need to chill your incelness if you think wearing sweats or yoga pants is whore behavior LMAO

We have hoes literally spreading their asshole on twitch, those are the ones you should focus your energy on.

No. 1237838

She's a complete airhead, let's not pretend that she is popular for her personality or her abilities as a "gamer girl".

The product is her body and fake emotional connection to the simps whose messages she reads out like a low-effort girlfriend experience. That's definitely prostitution light.

No. 1237909

no anon this is prostitution lite >>1235922 or should I say, cam girl lite.
Poki's selfie looks like a fitness pic.

No. 1238087

Lol what is it with most platforms going from child-friendly to softporn sites? TikTok and Twitch are just another porn site now.

No. 1238300


Her airhead persona is very much that; a persona. She's bent over in front of a camera a few times, but apart from the occasional semi-thirst trap selfie her streams are always very normal. She manages her brand extremely well. Your incel rage over the idea of a successful attractive woman is way too transparent. Go outside and stop being mad about a woman posting a selfie.

No. 1238386

Poki simps think they are so smart calling the people who call her out "scrotes" when nobody but a scrote would whiteknight this hard for their favorite e-girl.

Her whole job is to give NEET incel scrotes the e-girlfriend experience and make them each feel appreciated and like she truly cares about them, so they keep giving her money. Sorry but your e-mommy-gf doesn't actually give a shit about you, she is actually disgusted by all the sick coomers who simp for her. She is only in it cause you make her rich.

She isn't showing her butthole, but the emotional labor she does to give these sick freaks some kind of validation in turn for money is still a form of prostitution and the skimpy selfies and bending over "on accident" during her streams are to string along the coomers.

You're truly pathetic if you think she is your wholesome UwU Madonna just cause she wears a little more clothing than the rest of them.

No. 1238450

You know there's a happy medium between virgin and whore right?

No. 1238464


holy fucking shit dude it's not simping to point out that she's not a whore/camgirl when she literally isn't. Her streams are all just her playing games, occasionally interacting with chat, but mostly just actually using Twitch the way it's meant to be used. Her big scandal moments have all come from non-Twitch related drama. No one here is putting her on a pedestal or calling her "mommy", just pointing out that she's probably the least scandalous big name on Twitch and you've got some kind of ridiculous vendetta.

No. 1238549

Nice, that reminds me to get more crushed tomatoes

No. 1239177

Skimpy outfits?? She fully clothed in one and another has midriff

By your definition are all YouTuber and streamers (males included) thot and white because they all pretend to care about their viewers? But why do you care so much. Just stop consuming poki media if you hate her guts that much

No. 1239417

Are you a PULL refugee? You're just spewing the same shit that they kept going for hundreds of pages. Poki is successful because she has a bubbly personality and makes a conscious effort to engage with her chat and make them feel seen and appreciated. There are camwhores showing their entire pussy and asshole on Twitch but Pokimane is the streamer that you choose to call a prostitute? Seethe harder kek.

No. 1239669

Because they are scrotes. There are women who love the attention and they love whoring around. That's in contrast to women who have no other choice bc nobody want to hire them. You people shouldn't complain about privileged rich whores like Amoranth but men and society who force women into prostitution. And don't come with 'what about the little girls watching her??'. Amoranth's content is for 18+ and if a kid watches her stream and dreams about being a whore and making lots of money, it's the parents' fault. No 12 year old kiddie should have a smartphone and teenagers should generally have restricted online-time.

No. 1243254

Does Sykkuno's constant purposeful mispronunciations annoy the hell out of anyone else? He'll pretend to not know how to pronounce a word he said properly 5 minutes ago, and his chat fawns over their uwu anime boi being so dumb and innocent. It's my fault for watching him, but I like GTA rp.

No. 1243319


It's just kinda cringe, IMHO. Sykkuno's one of the least talented on his own when it comes to comedy, or content in general. Then again, I think his fans watch him for the "Sykkuno makes friends" arc than his actual talent.

There are a bunch of other people streaming GTA. You don't have to watch Sykkuno.

No. 1245761


You're either an unbelievably pathetic man or an unbelievably pathetic woman. Jesus christ.

No. 1246092

File: 1622840667564.jpg (98.15 KB, 682x370, ss (2021-06-04 at 02.04.23).jp…)

Absolute chad Hasan canceling minecraft loser Dream is the absolute best thing thats come out of twitch recently lmao

Even dream's hardcore stans are saying hasan is right


No. 1246200

File: 1622848323274.png (3.21 MB, 2032x2764, slides.png)

everything about this is retarded. I'm enjoying it
btw I don't think it was posted here but a couple months ago dream was proven to be a (former?) trump supporter (and a r/the_donald poster kek). Someone on reddit make a google slides presentation with proof and some of his post history (picrel) https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1H-xIZbZmvd5x7MLcyTiGVujiuMxtmDC7VAWoAhj5u8Y/edit#slide=id.gcee0fb81c2_0_39

No. 1246342


lmao this and the whole him cheating on his ex with a fan whist constantly telling fans on twitter he was single is pretty funny

I wonder how conflicted his 14yr old twitterfag Stans would feel about this, since they always immediately defend his actions as soon as the slightist thing happens

No. 1246350

Hasan isn't canceling Dream you fucking simp nigger. Dream cancelled himself. Hasan is literally just saying what everyone already said 5 days ago. Don't ever gas up this fat coomer here again.

No. 1246361

Super huge chad energy saying what everyone else said so its acceptable, inbetween crying about being stream sniped by ip2 and a fucking meth addict.

No. 1246638

White boy living in Florida is a hardcore republican trumper?? No way!!

Lmao really though dream is so fucking stupid it’s a miracle he stayed under the radar for so long

No. 1246699

>Don't ever gas up this fat coomer here agai
I mean I agree with you but calm down kek

No. 1246758

im sorry but this comment made me lol irl. just the sheer anger radiating from it

>Don't ever gas up this fat coomer here again.

god i wish i could use this phrase somewhere, its so fucking funny

No. 1246973

Hey don’t call him fat, call him what he is. A tiny headed bimbo

No. 1247011

How in the world can you say he cancelled dream when he invited him on stream immediately after and spent the entire time telling him that he’s a good cool guy with nothing to apologize for and hyping his community? Hasan went for him for collabing with Notch a year ago, started talking to the guy, and rolled over immediately.

No. 1247072

File: 1622928555764.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 3840x5760, bidnus481i371.jpg)

Anisa tried doing a bondage shoot and lmao it looks like diaper rash.

No. 1247074

File: 1622928633032.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 3840x5760, j7bl82w71i371.jpg)

also the obvious tit shooping to make the right one less wonky lol

why bother going through a breast augmentation if you're just going to photoshop your tits anisa

No. 1248268

lmfao I bet deep down she wanted anime studios like Trigger to draw her as a kawaii anime girl then some Steven Universe OC

No. 1248272

Fuck off this website and kill yourself

No. 1248278

Late but Neekolul is getting some heat due to her being hypocritical: https://twitter.com/neekolul/status/1399827369511120896

No. 1248279

File: 1623041338094.jpg (113.46 KB, 671x1178, Neekolul.jpg)

No. 1248282

If only these retards are this passionate with the horde of multimillionaire breadtube champagne socialist scrotes. Keep this shit on LSF.

No. 1248315

File: 1623045910244.png (552.55 KB, 612x890, Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 2.04…)

is it milky to say she's definitely putting on some weight? That's the sloped, hunched posture of somebody really sucking in hard. No shame in that game, but could also explain why the scrotes will be comfortable turning on her for her 'hypocrisy'.

No. 1248320

All that simpbux is helping her eat good.

No. 1248326

Seems like normal Covid/streamer weight

No. 1248335

File: 1623048475430.jpg (81.47 KB, 722x682, 20210607_084424.jpg)

Tbh this hypocrisy is nothing compared to the fact that she was abusive towards her ex and beat him up, while still getting away with it. She got convicted of abuse in court even. Imo shes below average so I am confused why she got any fans in a first place, and her only content are crappy tiktoks "guys I'm NLOG" types.

> Chad Hasan
Pls leave

No. 1248338

Oh yeah, I saw that in the other thread: >>1186877
Pretty crazy stuff.

No. 1248346

I’m in awe of how she can make a nude body look so uninteresting and clinical. She looks like a cow being lead to the slaughterhouse

No. 1248370

I think it’s been obvious she shoops, if you check out the 100T photoshoots they don’t touch up her photos. She’s not hambeast but she isn’t the uwu like her photos

I don’t see the issue with this, where’s the proof she hasn’t paid taxes? Like can people not fathom you can be rich and also want the government to tax the rich? Lmao Her physically abusing her ex should be the bigger issue and the mainstream didn’t really give a shit about that

No. 1248374

Scrotes LOVE the tax audit fantasy. They don't give a fuck about male abuse unless it's to own feminists.

No. 1248389

she looks drastically different from the tik toks/selfies i've seen of her, goddamn catfishing paid for that apartment

No. 1248398

>Like can people not fathom you can be rich and also want the government to tax the rich?

She advocates for redistribution of wealth. Why doesn't she give away her money to the poor and disadvantaged instead of spending it on a luxury apartment? Because she's not a socialist, she's a larper like all other politithots. How the fuck do you not get that?

No. 1248415

File: 1623058619753.jpg (52.46 KB, 520x271, peeking.jpg)

It's always interesting finding out a Twitch streamer lives in my state, but I think Neeko is the only one that lives in my area.

No. 1248490

Yeah, just skimmed the video and can't believe how different she looks when she isn't showing you her face from an overhead angle and sans filters. Not like she looks that bad even, just like a normal young person, it's just a stark difference

No. 1248753

That stomach tattoo makes me so fucking sad - who puts that on their body willingly?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1248763

Omg the blur on the ass cheek

No. 1248765

But why singling her out? Because she’s an e-thot? All those Berniebros/leftoid grifters are richer than she is but you faggots never keep that same energy for men. Her mistake is flexing her wealth.

No. 1248767

Agree, I scrolled a bit through her Twitter and she was also posting photos in some fancy luxury car (maybe a sponsorship idk) but it’s funny how people fall so easily into the typical influencer lifestyle like it becomes part of their norm. I just see her like any other dumbass uwu I’m cutesy and young and know current politics girl who gets some blast of fame after going viral. If only people cared about their beliefs and morals more than being a thot online.

No. 1248785

Who gives a fuck? She deserves to be called out. People going "but what about this other person who is way worse?!" Are really just whiteknights. Call the other people out too then.

No. 1248788

>calling out
>muh white knight
Lolcow isn’t a SJW army dumbass. You’re only posting about the neeko thing because redditfags are “canceling” her or some shit. I’d post about any of scrotes if they had misogynistic commie larpers on their back too but they don’t and that’s my point.

No. 1248877

File: 1623096892611.jpg (29.97 KB, 450x543, ytho.JPG)

her make-up looks terrible. she looks like a mom dressing cool and slutty when her son's friends come over. she has that fridge body so there's no waist to accentuate with this outfit. and her lack of neck is…something.

bizarre bc she's a cute girl. put a large shirt on with some thigh socks and call it a day, damn.

some of these ethots dress like shit. no wonder they can only do thottery online where they can control camera angles.

No. 1248907

besides her shitty brows and make up, she's cute with a cute shape average shape.

No. 1248918

Such strng PULL redditor energy in a single post. Having shit taste isn't milk.
>thottery online where they can control camera angles
You mean literally all social media normans?

No. 1248924

Calm down, fridge-chan. Thots exist irl too. They're called whores.

No. 1249068

imo anyone who values the opinions of online meme political "commentators" deserves this. People who consider the fucking ok boomer tiktok girl a serious representative of the left are retards and I'm glad she grifted all that money from them

No. 1249087

Back to PULL faggot. Oh no your queen doesn’t look like her ig pics, what great betrayal. Coom ruined! Bet you’re a pokisperg too.

No. 1249260

idk if anyone remembers the albert sarah cheating saga?
tl;dr video

Anyway's albert came back to release music and rebranded as "albie"(the pet name his more famous ex gave him)

And sarah has come back to stream and release music

anyone else think it's extremely fucked these rats think they can come back by dropping a fucking album?

No. 1249338

Anyone who supports them are idiots.

No. 1249433


Meh, Albert hasn't broken 1K since his first few streams. Sarah is lucky if she breaks 300; I don't even think her first stream back broke 1K. Their streaming careers are basically dead in the water.

No. 1249516

They're both half-way decent at what they do, and a lot of people don't care about an entertainer's personal life. That and Albert's vídeo was good marketing. Obviously manipulative AF, but good marketing.

No. 1249753

lmao why does she look like shoeonhead's downsy daughter here

No. 1250396

File: 1623217122685.png (492.48 KB, 750x1334, A780A2DF-1725-4E98-8197-FE4B07…)

found pear in the wild

No. 1250446

Anisa: cancel culture is bad!
also anisa: creepshow deserves to be cancelled

Anisa stop being a hypocrite in public lmao. I'm also laughing at the OP of that tiktok acknowledging Anisa by mentioning idubbbz. Then in that same tiktok admonish creepshow for being friends with problematic people like gabbie hannah. Idubbbz and Anisa are linked to much more problematic people than gabbie fucking hannah, what is this crackhead on?


No. 1250911

Anisa being a hypocrite while also being too stupid to realize is the #1 reason she's my #1 cow. I love when she weighs in on things like this because they always directly contradict her own behavior.

No. 1251155

File: 1623276750388.jpeg (920.44 KB, 1125x1425, 881BD461-850B-42A8-A172-340F24…)

I’m so confused how Anisa even found this schizo nobody with only 3000 followers on TikTok. Is anisa stalking the creepshow tag and watching creepshows fall? If so, that doesn’t fall in line with her posi “I don’t follow the internet drama anymore, I’m above that” front Anisa’s been trying to push lately.

Also lol at Anisa conversing with the rando with no problems but unable to talk to other thots because of her insecurity. Always have to be on a high horse of some kind

No. 1252003

File: 1623355445788.jpeg (440.4 KB, 750x811, Dream Face Reveal.jpeg)

Dream Face Reveal, this is the guy with the massive 12yo stan fanbase lol

No. 1252013

Old news. Lurk more, faggot.

No. 1252019

wasn't posted in thread before, chil

besides that, the more we post it the more fucked the google algorithm will be for dream so that his face will be the first thing that pops up

No. 1252434

No wonder he chose his persona to be similar to Cryaotic’s coz they’re both big boys lol

No. 1252991


Holy shit Hasan is so based

No. 1253344

>reddit spacing hasan apologist
you disgust me

No. 1256732


No. 1256773

looks more like Pokimane here to me. Coomers have a type.

Poki and Neeko is probably what Anisa really wants to be but she looks too much like a human squash

No. 1257103

If it's farmers defending Pokimane here, then that's sad. It's like a certain person thinking Anisa isn't milky. If it's pokimane's whiteknights defending her, then screw off lol

No. 1257125

Fucking kek.

No. 1257496

you are all obsessed with anisa jeez(newfag)

No. 1257649

I don't like Poki, but its not wking to point out that she's not milky anymore. I'm convinced that half the nonnies constantly bringing her up in this thread are PULLfags missing their 200+ page thread on her that was full of nitpicks and blogging.

No. 1257650


No. 1257877

Anon that's not Anisa

No. 1257920

NTA, I think she was just talking about Anisa in general.

No. 1258241

File: 1623877309114.jpg (2.58 MB, 2024x3035, irrelevant.jpg)

Anisa is so desperate to remain relevant she's published a DM from ricegum pretending he's a nobody. If he's truly irrelevant why even give him attention? Funny fact is Anisa follows him, but he doesn't follow her.

If that wasn't stupid enough, Idubbbz chimed in and tried to act tough, like he wouldn't fight ricegum because it's not worth it, when literally a week ago idubbbz let a hobo attack Anisa in portland.

No. 1258243

> PULLtard detected
Ah, the days where 40+ pages of her thread were nothing but nitpicks over Photoshop over and over again with blogposting. No one cares about her or any of your OTV twitch weebs here, because they all are equally boring. I only remember that only after when she left this shithouse she started being more likeable and open, since she started living with her girl friends instead of this immature circlejerk. Of course that doesn't make her any less immature, but she still got better.

No. 1258247

My favorite part of those pullthreads were girls bragging they were better than poki because they had higher ELO than her lol(literally who cares) or the weekly I showed my dad/brother/boyfriend pokimane and they would not fuck her stories.

No. 1258272

Pickme PULLtards are almost as bad as seething scrotes who think Poki is literally Twitch mafia robbing men and murdering dissidents.

No. 1258336

File: 1623889787198.jpg (177.61 KB, 828x1792, E4Cg4mGVcAIIudL.jpg)

anisa got botox AND fillers and somehow made herself look worse than before wtf is going on with her face

No. 1258345

Why does this have camera roll I don’t see that on Instagram or Twitter??

No. 1258357

No. 1258363

She looks like she just got her wisdom teeth removed and it didn't go well.

No. 1258387

File: 1623895189500.png (217.45 KB, 500x393, greezy.png)


kek she always reminds me of the "damn bitch you live like this?" meme it would take her less than five minutes to clean the background

also wtf changed other than her lips? if anything she looks more haggard but I don't see any real change in her faceshape still as flat as ever, did she only get fillers in her lips?

No. 1258401

After getting fillers in her lips she went back for botox for her forehead/eye wrinkles. She may have gotten more but she didn't state where in her stream. she was bpd posting and obsessing over her "hooded eyelids" on tiktok, so she might be getting a procedure for that soon along with her full back tattoo.

tinfoil but what if Anisa is getting all these tatts to hide her moles AND make herself so unappealing to men that they leave her alone?

No. 1258405

She looks 50

No. 1258419

She looks so sweaty and disheveled like she’s a meth addict going cold turkey. it’s not that hard to make a pleasant looking face instead of looking like you’re laboring

No. 1258468

File: 1623903456735.jpeg (736.46 KB, 1125x1853, 61A557D7-4E7F-4245-B8B9-30D8CD…)

Remember when idubbbz begged jinx to fight him? I don’t care about either of these creators, but they need to duke it out lmao.

Also h3h3 is always there to stir shit up lol

No. 1258478

Her lip fillers have definitely migrated
She must look super bloated irl

No. 1258540

proof ian is a horrible boyfriend lol
>is called a faggot
>doesnt fight back????
anisa is more relevant than ian at this point. good riddance faggot.

No. 1258541

look at these 2015 has beens boomerposting

No. 1258912

File: 1623962740299.png (5.67 MB, 2994x1416, indiefox.png)

Wholesome family content only on TWITCH DOT COM!

No. 1258918

at first I thought she was sticking a PS4 controller up her ass.

No. 1258920

Is an ASMR microphone worse? Cause that's what it is. Children can donate their parents money to this prostitute to fart in high def.

No. 1258928

I love how twitch caved in and allowed a hottub section, but that wasn't enough and they're seeing how much they can push the company.

No matter what decision twitch makes, the thots win. Ban= huge publicity, no ban= more coomer bucks. Honestly pokifags should invest their energy on these thots if they're so worried about the "integrity of twitch and sexuality"

No. 1258931

I was thinking she had a set-up, that every time she got paid the PS4 controller would vibrate.

No. 1259026

What a stupid take. If someone calls your partner a slur you expect them to just risk being arrested or getting hurt?

No. 1259028

its retarded enough how much of a normie ian has become when he was popular back in 2015-2016 for constantly saying "niggerfaggot". just looks like to me anisa decimated any masculinity left in that lil porkchop.

im gonna puke, do coomers really??

No. 1259044

I agree it's disgusting but
>waaah they're not competing on the same field as men!
does this retard think that if ethots didn't exist their viewers would start watching normal streamers instead? No they'd be watching regular porn. They're "not competing on the same field" because they're literally not your competition at all, the demographics are completely different

No. 1259068

Some hobo literally spat on anisa and he didn’t do anything. What kind of husband lets that shit happen?

No. 1259111

So empowering uwu shoving a mic up your ass to fart on for twitch coomers

Ian's always been socially awkward irl even back in his niggerfaggot days. Its easier to act tough online with content cop but he's never struck me as someone who would fight for anyone like a gf. Good luck to anisa if she still wants to move to Portland or seattle since both cities have a bad homelessness problem

No. 1259169


his audience will always be edgy teenagers boys and young college students who don't care.

imagine a literal adult watching this for entertainment. ew

No. 1259179

File: 1623983113164.png (396.07 KB, 514x508, wtf.png)

>im gonna puke, do coomers really??
I hate how I can't even scroll through the Just Chatting section without feeling like I'm on some camwhore site.

No. 1259180

File: 1623983186978.jpg (1.67 MB, 1338x236, wtff.jpg)

Like come on, really?

No. 1259183

There's also another streamer that shows her ass to the camera with the title "STEPSIS 18+" every time. I don't remember her username.

No. 1259186

File: 1623983679716.png (614.86 KB, 1354x395, misskengotti.png)

>mods allowing underage boys in your chat
How can you be proud of this?

No. 1259191

It's one thing to milk adult coomers for their money but to allow minors in your chat like, Twitch needs to do something

No. 1259198

Jesus christ, Twitch used to ban people for 1cm cleavage and now we have this shit?

No. 1259206

Why do they do this on twitch of all places? Why not set up an onlyfans?

No. 1259216

>Twitch needs to do something
Just a bunch of cucks and coomers that run it. They really showed they don't actually gaf when they added the pool/hot tub/beach section.
I'm assuming some of them do have OF and this is just another way of advertising themselves.

No. 1259234

File: 1623988909211.png (27.26 KB, 865x202, twitch age requirement.PNG)

Welp, I know who I'm contacting this weekend

No. 1259237

The fact is that they aren’t even subtle about it. I’ve seen shit like “changing my outfit for every sub I get.” Asses out in doggy position…I hate how everything is now sexualized these days. These women make us look bad…

No. 1259259

I'm gonna assume doing this on twitch puts them into a much wider audience than just onlyfans would

No. 1259278

>>1259028 You… do understand the concept of a "persona", right? It's super, super well known that off camera Ian has always been a squirrelly awkward cuck.

No. 1259282


A+ on taking Anisa's version of events as the objective truth lmao but also no one on earth should fight a "hobo" that is already willing to spit on people in broad daylight, least of all for someone like Anisa. That's how you get stabbed. Ian ain't going to die for his thot's honor and it's probably the only respectable thing about him.

No. 1259350

File: 1624002396304.png (954.56 KB, 1180x693, ok.png)

Found her kek

No. 1259371

dream was like 16 when he made these accounts and posted. Who would listen to his white cracker takes on politics. Besides he probably doesn't support trump anymore because he probably had no clue what even a liberal was as a child.(sage)

No. 1259374

These women are literally camming for an audience of children. Twitch allows it, they profit off it and see no issue with it. They know 13 year olds could be watching and they don't give less of a shit. It's like mass-grooming an audience of children into coomers with a fucked up view of women.

Really don't envy young girls growing up nowadays who 1. think this stuff is normal and they aspire to be nothing but a prostitute and 2. have to find a partner when every man is a coomer and they grow up watching porn and thinking the stuff they see in porn is normal and if you don't spit in your partners face and slap them you're a boring vanilly normie. Shit is so fucking bleak.

No. 1259378

the reddit account? acktchyually it was made in 2017 when he would have turned 18. In one of the screencaps he even says "I'm an 18 year old programmer" or something like that

No. 1259409

i mean its obvious now and has been for years. anisas presence has always ruined his career. ever since she was in the picture (2017? i think) he went downhill and stopped making videos. all for some dumpy dumb fat impulsive piggy lol

No. 1259579

Anon why on earth would Ian fight a homeless crackhead…that's so fucking stupid lmao there's nothing in Anisa's version of events that suggests he didn't remove them from the situation and comfort her, which is all someone can really do? I live in the area and if I saw a normal couple fighting one of the many crackheads instead of just walking away I would have thought they'd lost their fucking minds kek. Plus Anisa is a liar, I'm sure what actually happened is a hobo spit in her general direction as she walked past and called Ian a faggot and they hurried away and then she exaggerated it for social media.

No. 1259600

The most disgusting part of it all is the men actually throwing money at this. Tragic

No. 1259868

File: 1624067337743.png (294.64 KB, 1204x930, Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 9.38…)

Indiefoxx just got banned.

No. 1259869

File: 1624067384023.png (318.84 KB, 1196x934, Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 9.38…)

So did Amouranth as well.

No. 1259922

Amouranth always bounces back somehow, we'll see if Farts4Subs has the same luck.

No. 1260000

Unfortunately it won't be permanent..

No. 1260108

File: 1624114028278.jpg (81.91 KB, 640x800, ayHAym9.jpg)


No. 1260145

You have internet in your Amish community?

No. 1260148

I really want to like Maya Higa but watching her at her "animal sanctuary" has really showed that she doesn't know what she's doing. She lets her goats run around loose in the house where her parrots and reptiles are, her snake doesn't even have a basking light or tub big enough for it to curl up in, her overall husbandry just seems like shit. She might know what she's doing with some animals but she's definitely bitten off more than she can chew. The only ones who will suffer for it are the animals because everyone loves her because she's bird girl/Miz's girlfriend.

No. 1260149

You're retarded if you think wearing pants means she isn't coombaiting
Pokimane brand is literally pretending to be attractive to trick simps to giving her money(derailing)

No. 1260183

That's a perfectly normal fully clothed selfie, what's she supposed to do wear a burqa all the time? If men are retarded enough to give money to a cute girl just because she's cute that's their problem

No. 1260293


No. 1260332


Women can't wear pants unless it's for men? are you genuinly retarded? I think you need to go outside(derailing)

No. 1260347

I think she tried to add a variety of animals to her sanctuary to make it more appealing for visitors, but it also makes things difficult to manage. She has one person helping her with the sanctuary, but she should probably consider hiring someone else who has more experience with reptiles.
I’m sort of torn because she definitely seems like a nice person, but I find her random baby voice and singing annoying. And sometimes when she walks into Mizkif’s stream you can feel the vibe change.

No. 1260353

>How many women lawyers and doctors make this amount of money?
Idk bitch, how many camwhores make that amount of money?(derailing)

No. 1260369

I'm just saying, if she was a pet tuber instead of on Twitch she'd be torn to shreds. She's someone who thinks her experience with some types of animals somehow translates into care for other species.

No. 1260428

I don’t think she has an active audience outside of twitch so pettubers haven’t come for her yet. Just a matter of time

No. 1260848


…there is literally nothing coombaiting about this? She's making a goofy tongue-out face in literally normal everyday wear for a human not living under Sharia Law, sitting in a pose that is not in any way provocative. Seek therapy, nonny.

No. 1261211

You didn't think enough people already pointed that out? Idgaf about her but can you not sperg out the whole thread when there is obvious bait posted.

No. 1261408

File: 1624293477084.png (17.65 KB, 598x230, Screenshot 2021-06-21 at 10-31…)

I'm surprised no ones posted about this. Apparently back in April Vinny from Vinesauce had a bunch of sexual harassment claims come out about him from the Twitter account VS_Experiences. A lot of his fans are saying it's fake or a /v/ psyop, or ex-Vinesauce streamer GeePM was behind it. It's a big mess, but interesting considering rumors of Vinny's sexual escapades have been floating around for years.

No. 1261410

Samefag, forgot to add, Vinny has been taking a hiatus from streaming because of this

No. 1261433

I think this was posted in the Youtuber thread awhile back. Personally, I believe the allegations simply because you can hear him admit a lot of damning things in the recording. Plus, we all know he's kind of a fuckboy and has been for years.

I'm just hoping this never happens with Joel or Jerma.

No. 1261454

oops I'm retarded, I only ctrl+f the current thread

No. 1261492

damn he's still on hiatus? that sucks. I think the overall consensus from the last thread is everyone doesn't care if its true because none of them were minors.

The bigger issue was him apparently giving someone HPV but who knows

No. 1261843

File: 1624339221421.jpeg (535.7 KB, 2048x1536, D223E9ED-F045-415C-AE06-9B706C…)

Anisa has flipped the script and now idubbbz is conforming to be anything she wants

He got at least 3 off the wall tattoos with no meaning lol 2015 would clown the fuck out of what he’s become

No. 1261847

Ngl, I have a hearty kek every time I see her white supremacy elbow tattoo.

No. 1261851

vibe change how? tbh i had totally forgotten about her for a couple years so i was excited to see her name pop up in this thread

No. 1261988

iddubzz was always submissive deep down, i mean just look at the dude.
His lame schtick back in the day where he pretended to be ''alpha'' by slapping anisa for his audience of 13 year old boys was lame.
Finally idubbzz is truly himself, the sub he always was.

No. 1262147

File: 1624385247907.png (116.84 KB, 301x302, $RNFK35C.png)

Of course the ban wasn't for long

No. 1262154

HPV is a massive nothingbuger and so many people have it so I highly doubt that person's infection can be reliably traced to vinny.

No. 1262176

File: 1624389244835.png (296.74 KB, 786x708, Dreamthinskin.png)

wasn't sure If I should post this here or in the youtube thread becase he's a streamer and youtuber but he's thowing a shitfit, locked all his accounts down and apparently is directly communicating with his fans on his locked account so his fans who don't have access to that are flipping out

No. 1262183

File: 1624389702333.jpg (450.8 KB, 1536x1920, ok.jpg)


Samefag but I also saw this list apparently compiled by Ex-Dream Stans who got sick of his shit

most of this is just petty stuff but the Phone call thing was something I hadn't seen posted about here, really has some scam artist vibes he told his young dumb fans they could call a number to directly speak to him allegedly without saying how much the phonecall would charge also the message was just prerecorded

No. 1262291

Is she still going to shave her head? Lol. I listened to her practically beg and whine to her followers to "allow" her to shave all her hair off just because

Bans mean nothing. She'll go back to squawking, acting like a bird and shoving mics up her ass to fart on like it's any other Tuesday. Wtf is twitch anymore

No. 1262362

pewdiepie: tattoos are homages to his pets or favorite artist

idubbbz: my bpd wife told me to lol

No. 1262363

Thanks for the update, his fanbase trends the most random stupid shit so it's hard to keep track of drama.

Hope he disappears forever

No. 1262419

his favorite artist? you mean Hitler lol?

No. 1262442

Apparently Fedmyster is making a comeback stream tomorrow.

No. 1262498

excuse me?

No. 1262504

I’m expecting 10k in the beginning at least, and then becoming a 100 viewer Andy. He really fucked himself over by trying to cancel poki with that shitty doc lol

No. 1262505

Is it possible for any of these scrotes to move on and trying to live a regular offline life? Is being a live streaming freakshow the only thing they ever have in mind? He’s been milking this shit fucking forever too.
anon didn’t stutter.

No. 1262512

are you the same retard who keeps saying the same "w-wa he will come back" every thread?

No. 1262576

Tattoos do not suit him, lol.

No. 1262775

nta but he said he's coming back on his twitter account
I hope so but I feel like he'll have a lot of supporters. There are already people wondering if he will be able to ~redeem~ himself like Albert did

No. 1262798

I did a light skim after searching up his name and it looks like there's definitely people who are gonna eat his shit up (but they might just be a small, vocal minority). Albert has music, what does Fed have besides piggybacking off bigger names than him?

No. 1262839

Watched his comeback "stream", nothing special. I was only half paying attention but the first 30 minutes were nothing besides a timer and chat going nuts. Then he showed a roughly 10 min video with a monologue about his growth and journey (like albert's, sans aesthetic), and ends it with saying streams will start up again on 6/25/21.

No. 1262858

I wonder if people will eat that shit up.

The video he showed was just self pity + i metidated + i read the book "the art of not giving a fuck" + travelling + look, im buff now.

He didnt do therapy, he didnt show remorse from his actions other than say oops sorry for 3 seconds at the start before going for minutes about how hard it was for him.

He clearly is a narcissistic POS and hasnt changed at all. I wonder how long itll be before he gets exposed again.(sage your shit)

No. 1262871

His comeback is tl;do poor me and thanks to all the real ones who stayed lmao

Fuck fed all my homies hate fed

No. 1262891

iDubbbz is the just the nerdy guy from HS who happened to gain popularity on YT and started acting like hot shit because of it. It never lasted bc it's not his real personality.

No. 1262896

Can someone please tell all these pasty, skinny guys to stop getting tattoos? Everyone wants to be ~alternative and edgy~ nowadays and it looks horrible.

No. 1262939

They all look exactly the same too

No. 1262950

> The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck
This part made me lmao

Like dude, the problem definitely wasn't that you didn't give enough of a fuck. He hasn’t learned shit

No. 1262998

You know, not all people that get tattoos wanna be alt? Some people just like them

No. 1263083


People who hate Pokimane. Fed's hardcore fans are among the biggest simps around. There are enough kids and man-children who buy his "I has depression. I go to mountain. I meditate. I get pupper. I jacked now. All better" line where he has a chance for a comeback.

Content-wise, I doubt he'll game that much. Maybe some IRL stuff, Marbles, cooking streams, and e-girls. The last one is going to be even more uncomfortable now.

No. 1263106

Christ, they look terrible with tattoos


No. 1263610

File: 1624581730414.jpeg (260.53 KB, 864x828, LOLO.jpeg)

This was one of the most cringest shit I have watched this month. Of course he went hiking with Albert, lol.
>what does Fed have besides piggybacking off bigger names than him?
Kek that's what Mizkif (king of piggybacking) was wondering himself.

No. 1263705

I didn’t realize that Asian kid was Albert I thought it was some rando LOL

Wow fuck fed what scum. He was the biggest asshole during the cheating arc and talked about wanted to fuck Albert up. Albert isn’t any better, he said fed deserved to be cancelled for being a dick.

No. 1263823

Wow.. So the two fakes are hanging out with each other because they realized no one else really wants to be with them. Pathetic.

No. 1265162

There’s a clip right now from Albert saying it would be hypocritical of him to not give FED a chance, but what I found funny was right below that clip recommended this clip:

Him offering to hug Sarah before they started fucking LOL

No. 1265376

God so he's one of those…

No. 1265857

File: 1624837876161.jpg (973.71 KB, 500x2257, idubbbz girlfriend.jpg)

never change anisa

No. 1266252

this is fucking weak sauce where is the milk?

No. 1266348

File: 1624903249580.jpeg (951.65 KB, 1125x1474, DC3EED66-1329-406E-ABAE-799162…)

Vegas elope arc starts now

No. 1266382

The tattoos look so bad on them.

No. 1266396

Albert cheated, Fed sexually harassed his colleagues
How the fuck is it the same, Albert.
I guess they bond over the fact that they both can't keep their pants on.

No. 1266475

God those tattoos look so cringe on their dorky asses. Also would it kill her to wear some heels? She looks autistic af in those boots and socks

No. 1266500

It’s one of those pictures where the longer you look, the more interesting it gets. I’m assuming they’re going to get married while anisa is cradling a red bull while taking multiple selfies, not caring whether or not idubbbz wants to be captured lol

No. 1266535

Apparently XQC has been raided over the past year but kept it on the DL, him freaking out in the background of adepts stream is a lot

No. 1266566

what do u mean by raided? like hacked or some shit?

No. 1266587

NTA but swatted. He also said that "worse" things have happened so I wonder if some raging autist from his chat actually turned up at his house once. I feel like this has highlighted the tension between him and Adept - their relationship has seemed strong on stream before, I wonder if she'll stay in America while he moves back to Canada.

No. 1266642


Honestly I’m glad when these things happen to streamers. The product they put out creates a legion of insane parasociopsths and they make millions of dollars from it. QTCinderella said that she spends 30k a month trying to remove sexual posts of herself from the internet. And my thoughts were 1) it’s a crime against humanity that you have so much money and 2) you are making money from cultivating all of these obsessive retards in the first place.

Like when QTCinderella says

No. 1266661

Sucks but that's what happens when you cater exclusively to deranged spergs

No. 1267020

this whole ~edgy~ persona is cringe especially on her. a few years ago she was wearing those basic tight ass shorts that gave her major cameltoe and with jacked eyebrows and major pear face but at least she was being true to herself. my guess is ian let it slip that he’s into alt-type girls and her insecurities pushed her to buy all the flash tattoos that were on the wall of the shop

No. 1267345

you were right

No. 1267347

>QTCinderella said that she spends 30k a month
a year

she doesn't make that kind of money

No. 1267364

File: 1624984166602.png (320.93 KB, 540x650, 20210629_182819.png)

You forgot to post the screenshot

No. 1267367

She really couldn’t make an effort? At the very least? she looks like dog shit

No. 1267370

you're surprised?

No. 1267420


pregnancy arc when

No. 1267423

Imagine wanting to “not be like the other girls” so bad that you actually want a Vegas wedding lmao

No. 1267475

They probably got married in Vegas because it’s hard to plan a big wedding if you’re both from different countries. Especially since Canada isn’t entirely open yet and not everyone has their second shot etc.
I would have personally waited but I’m glad they actually got married instead of waiting forever. Polyamorous saga when?

No. 1267506

File: 1624991546371.jpeg (Spoiler Image,799.84 KB, 1125x1668, F748D1A1-0534-40BE-A122-417DD0…)


imagine your boyfriend tattooing this on his arm

No. 1267517

To me it looks like Ian is a huge fan of Suicide Girls, and like you said it made her insecure so she's trying to emulate chicks he faps to

No. 1267538

There's more to it than that

1) Anisa rushed the wedding because she wants to shave her head, but idubbbz won't let her until the ceremony. Anisa and idubbbz are still in talks with a lawyer to get some type of dual citizenship.

2) For months Anisa has been making off comments about jontron's and her own sister's wedding. Most pickme comments like: weddings are so awkward, i dont even want a ring, i dont like big parties. This is before idubbbz proposed so it seemed extremely bitter.

3) Neither of these dumbasses are willing to concede of living with eachother permanently in another country. Anisa is adamant about living in vancouver, idubbbz still probably wants to remain close enough to visit his family.

No. 1267568

File: 1624995738898.jpeg (815.74 KB, 1242x1513, 3290F5D0-36BD-419D-ACC0-96B11B…)

This is fucking ugly as sin

No. 1267582

>3) Neither of these dumbasses are willing to concede of living with eachother permanently in another country. Anisa is adamant about living in vancouver, idubbbz still probably wants to remain close enough to visit his family.

What the fuck, why even marry if you haven't solved a big problem like that? Maybe it's not even a real marriage.

No. 1267590

Because with COVID border closures, if they don’t legally wed, they can’t meet for 6 months. Even if Anisa didn’t do OF, COVID sped up their train wreck relationship.

Anisa and idubbbz could travel more if they got vaccinated, but they only just got their COVID vaccine last week. Extremely late considering San Diego and LA had a surplus for the last couple of months.

Anisa put more effort into getting shitty tattoos and making idubbbz drive 3 hours to the parlor, instead of getting the vaccine(which would allow her to cross borders and see her dad, that she loves so so much)

No. 1267604

File: 1624999421994.jpg (577.98 KB, 1536x2048, bpd.jpg)

The BPD wedding nightmares are made of.

No. 1267607

File: 1624999617141.jpeg (105.9 KB, 667x1000, 97B2D0AF-BB01-4B80-A77E-35827E…)

Haha we’re so cool and don’t care, we wore boots and nikes to the wedding. So quirky

No. 1267609

File: 1624999699776.png (547.66 KB, 1125x1463, image_2021-06-29_22-47-00.png)

No. 1267612

Eh, whatever, if that's their style. But Ian should have at least ironed his shirt for the wedding and photo shoot, this is just terribly sloppy >>1267604

No. 1267614

File: 1625000121102.png (515.41 KB, 667x1000, BAD-ENDING.png)

No. 1267621

yeah, I don't even think they look bad, just corny and try hard.

No. 1267628

File: 1625001501445.jpeg (553.99 KB, 1125x1047, 3B803C6D-4AE4-4816-AD98-F6E17A…)

Imagine another timeline where Idubbbz pursued one of the 18yo fangirls he was sexting before anisa

Like bro you literally could’ve had a normal life, you chose the craziest cunt of the bunch LMAO picrel is one of the girls he was trying to get with

No. 1267630

omg it's obvious that's not the intention in the photo. Her pose is not 'spontaneous ok we're doing this teehee'

idgaf about this ok race gesture shit but she's married to idubbbz, it's obvious they're doing racial trolling kek. trying to revive the career with some cancel culture drama

No. 1267631

File: 1625001619414.jpg (93.55 KB, 1280x720, S5exV7BoRKlHVpoH8T3F2KpUa_fOqf…)

These are probably the worst youtuber wedding photos I've seen, fake freckles for bridal make up is a choice.

At least Ethan and Hila the most autistic pair looked glamourous compared to them

No. 1267632

Wow I’m surprised hila is capable of not looking like a dead horse, if hila can do it, why can’t anisa

No. 1267637

The good ending:
Anisa walks into the bedroom and tells you she wants to start an OnlyFans. You break up with her then and there realizing this bitch is a mess. You shave off your pedo mustache and move on to find a normal woman without mental health problems and you live happily ever after.

The neutral ending:
Anisa walks into the bedroom and tells you she wants to start an OnlyFans. You tell her "No. I am leaving you if you go through with this. Bitch you need therapy." Anisa realises that you will not enable her becoming a whore, she loves you so she decides to better herself. You marry her and have a daughter who will still start an OnlyFans, but at least you are not getting cucked.

The bad ending:
Anisa walks into the bedroom and tells you she wants to start an OnlyFans. You allow it because she is your first girlfriend and you are terrified of being alone. You watch her show her every hole to thousands of men. You watch her get covered in trashy tattoos. You get married to her in Las Vegas. 3 months into your marriage she cheats on you with a guy who looks just like Chris Ray Gun. She becomes pregnant and you decide to raise his child as your own. Your daughter starts an OnlyFans on her 18th birthday. You walk into the cuckshed and hang yourself.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1267640

Oh my god this is so autistic

No. 1267650

Who do you think gets to have sex with Anisa on their wedding night? We know it's not Ian.

No. 1267660

File: 1625002989658.jpeg (189.88 KB, 1245x1256, FF0B3768-31E7-4A2E-8F98-45E32B…)

I would bet money that Anisa is secretly seething that she didn’t get to feel and look like a princess on her wedding day. But since she’s an eternal edgy 14-year-old, it’s more important to play the role of The Cool Girl™️

No. 1267662

File: 1625003473244.jpeg (988.21 KB, 1125x1113, 3A793854-27F2-4EE6-8F88-D53EA8…)

It’s so sad because she and idubbbz were shitting on her younger sister’s ceremony for being “too much” and “awkward” lol it honestly looks like a small shindig but Anisa still couldn’t keep it to herself

No. 1267664


Eloping in Vegas, groom's "ironic" bad hairstyle, autism necktie, bride's makeup that looks like a teenager did it in 2013, fashion nova dress with boots, tattoos that look like myspace stickers, nike sneakers.

Imagine this being a memory of your wedding because you tried to be cool on the internet.

No. 1267665

It looks like a normal small ceremony but I guess it wasn't as cool as content cop's epic meme wedding!!!

No. 1267666

File: 1625003793812.jpeg (234.86 KB, 1125x999, 6A25E056-C1E8-4D2E-A110-5F441D…)

Anisa just followed her ex(elevator sex guy) on Insta, is cuck arc actually happening???

No. 1267668

I guess that answers my question >>1267650

No. 1267673

more on this? never heard of it.
he also flirted with cyrs ex mina once upon a time but stopped rather quickly

No. 1267676

It’s in the past threads but this is the girl that sent anisa into a insecure rage which led to the infamous lord farquaad haircut.

For the fan girls, earlier this year a fangirl uploaded sneak pics of her date with idubbbz when she was 18. Anisa got upset and unloaded on stream that she’s disappointed in the women ian “dated” for disrespecting his trust. She confirmed he had seriously sexted at least 4 girls. 2 of the girls have been found and the texts/pics were legit. Anisa made it sound like he only went after fans who approached him online first.

No. 1267693

sorry for absolute finger sperg but whenever i have done the ok sign with my fingers, i properly curl my index finger, this shit just looks off kek

No. 1267694

File: 1625006918112.jpeg (88.45 KB, 500x670, 9B3C5184-C09A-48B3-BFE2-73F9AE…)

No. 1267697

>Anisa made it sound like he only went after fans who approached him online first.

I mean, technically she's one of them and probably the worst of the lot

No. 1267700

That just goes to show how deluded she is. She thought she was on his level even though she only had 5k followers on insta/Twitter before the idubbbz plug lol. Anisa only succeeded with idubbbz because she was more persistent than the other girls

No. 1267702

File: 1625007589135.jpg (107.37 KB, 439x810, tumblr_np0zq73iPV1rgyhcpo1_540…)

almost making them look classy

No. 1267706

Their wedding actually had family members attend in the backyard. it’s honestly surprising given how Greg is.

No. 1267707

It’s a huge missed opportunity if anisa doesn’t collab with onision for an onlyfans shoot. They moved to Seattle for change !!!

No. 1267767

Meh, at least it’s in character for them. Was anyone really expecting a classy wedding out of these two?

No. 1267823

It's always a good sign when someone's covered with tats that all look 3 weeks old

No. 1267832

KEK. They even have the same sunflower bouquet.

No. 1267926

File: 1625028974857.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1903x1125, 3C283892-9BF7-4C98-AEB1-8932D4…)

I can’t believe there’s video evidence, thank you pink sparkles you’re doing gods work

No. 1267964

she looks cute in this low-res image!

No. 1267973

looks like a drunk mom dancing with her sped son

No. 1268223

File: 1625065679144.jpg (24.09 KB, 452x255, Capture.JPG)

kek anon, he really looks like an autismo who doesn't know what to do and is uncomfortable in the situation he's in

No. 1268224

File: 1625066075242.png (1.15 MB, 1747x607, onlycucks.png)

Making your cuck soon-to-be-husband take pictures of your ass for your onlyfans on your wedding day.


No. 1268320

File: 1625073694935.jpeg (92.41 KB, 1417x763, E7A666F7-6BE3-4676-8351-0118BB…)

I didn’t think icuckz could sink any lower but he’s taking Anisa’s last name HOLY SHIT

No. 1268331

(still shoulda ironed the shirt, the wrinkly slob)

No. 1268334

>he also flirted with cyrs ex mina
trying to imagine a timeline where ian has to deal with dasha's crazy ass.

No. 1268342

File: 1625075259307.jpeg (138.71 KB, 998x489, 1053D97B-0188-4551-A1C8-A62E2C…)

I mean dasha is constantly looking for anisa’s validation so we’re seeing some sort of crossover

No. 1268355

No. 1268373

mightiest of keks. Why do idubbbz simps blame his faggotry on anisa anyway? he's clearly just like this on his own

No. 1268401

ian is a literal retard holy shit. and KF faggots still want to pretend he's "dealing" with anisa's retarded ass when they're just two peas in a pod.

No. 1268408


he had a dumb fucking name 'washburn' LMAO id take jomha any day over fucking washburn

No. 1268418

it’s another way for them to be THAT couple: tacky vegas wedding, ugly tattoos, combat boots and a COOL tie to your ceremony, porno gf/wife and edgy retard cuck bf/husband, and finally the guy changes his last name instead of the girl

No. 1268431

aw i like this. i mean ian and anissa are unbearable but otherwise this is cute to take your wife's surname

No. 1268535

I love Ian. Any man who dedicates himself to his woman is a-okay in my book. We're here to be worshipped, ladies, get with the program

No. 1268559

A man taking a woman’s last name is great but let’s not forget this same man treated women as disposable nude machines and was ready to shit on them to impress his incel fan base. That’s why people are clowning on him.

No. 1268562

Come back when your man takes your last name.

No. 1268580

Gay but thanks

No. 1268621

Throw in some white claws and it's a bizarre TLC show called "millennial white trash wedding"

No. 1268623

File: 1625101258623.jpeg (137.2 KB, 640x342, 9B1F9715-291C-46E6-929B-82E805…)

Sorry for Reddit screenshot but for any anons wondering why Dream is trending on Twitter without having to go into the hashtag and dig through his stans autism

To sum it up after he sperged out and locked most of his account, he said he’d donate anything he made on his main channel during pride month to LGBT charities but deliberately streamed on his second channel instead of his main so he didn’t have to donate anything

No. 1268626

Kek, kinda based.

No. 1268629

He’s such a cunt but it’s still funny.

No. 1268641

the irony of dream being fucking cancelled by his own tween fanbase is so enjoyable

No. 1268701

This is so them. Everything is unconventional and modern. Getting married in Vegas by an Elvis impersonator is peak white trash. There is nothing romantic or cute about these two. And if you think so just remember idubbbz eats rotten food out of dumpsters. Imagine the smell.

No. 1268837

Keking at the fact that fucking Anisa got her scrote to commit whilst eternal pickme sh0eonhead failed.

No. 1269122

if this was intentional then fucking kek

No. 1269209

File: 1625172305959.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1125x1926, 2CAE0460-34CC-4F67-9BD3-B7145D…)

Shaved head soon

No. 1269228

File: 1625173020980.jpeg (171.55 KB, 750x1155, E7109DEB-F686-4FA0-9AA1-9D7EA2…)

Here’s the update. 90K from just two streams is pure insanity, anyone have any idea what his income is at this point?

No. 1269265

It’s commendable he donated that much, even though he’s still a huge asshole.

I think most top 1% twitch streamers are millionaires. This is just from twitch so you can imagine how much more it is with YouTube income as well

No. 1269314

File: 1625176617179.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.47 MB, 2316x3088, DC22CBFF-A13E-4C9A-9CD5-29C000…)

Anisa’s wedding set dropped on only fans and her shop is so obvious it’s sad. What I don’t get is she’s warping her tits bigger, bitch what was the point of the boob job lmao

No. 1269316

File: 1625176666086.jpeg (Spoiler Image,762.89 KB, 2316x3088, 580C585E-1A1F-4AFD-8DF7-F192DD…)

Also typical anisa and idubbbz fashion, messy area with nude bra and trash in the background

No. 1269327

File: 1625177515257.jpeg (Spoiler Image,412.4 KB, 1536x2048, 68F546BE-1AD5-451F-8925-CECCB6…)

She also shopped and wrapped the couch in the background

I don’t get why though it didn’t improve anything for her??

No. 1269342

File: 1625180304440.jpg (34.39 KB, 542x394, milcoup.jpg)

No. 1269348

wow lol she couldn't have been a bit more subtle with the photoshopping? I think she was trying to give herself an ass or something

No. 1269368

File: 1625183709399.jpeg (1.55 MB, 2880x3840, A6B76BDF-6E5E-4537-AFA1-73085E…)

Wow it’s a 10/10 match

No. 1269403

Jesus,check out the door in the background

No. 1269632


but why

No. 1269656

Didn't know Dream was so fucking based. Hilarious.

No. 1269674

No because the cuck saga made people realize his content is actually dogshit

No. 1269754

the warped door and suitcase is killing me anisa couldn't you have at least tried to push it back after you were done touching up your tiddies lol

No. 1269951

Is she gonna come out as non binary soon?

No. 1270474

He donated 140k apparently >>1269228

No. 1270633

File: 1625317527391.png (1.12 MB, 1042x562, yikesbitch.png)

Is it just me or is Pokimane overly flirty and touchy with Mizkit? He has a girlfriend and she makes a point of bragging about how good a friend he is and how he doesn't flirt with her ~because he has a gf~ and then she spends nearly their entire Podcast continuously giving him hoe eyes and touching him

He even keeps saying at her to stop touching his hair and seems uncomfortable in places


around 26 minutes in you can see her debating ways to get close to him again and around 27:19 she has to point out his shorts and crotch, she seems like the kind of cow to hit on another woman's man because she wants to be the alpha female but his gf is way hotter and smarter.

No. 1270638

she's like that with most of the famous twitch streamers/youtubers, nothing new

No. 1270664

File: 1625321743194.jpeg (710.61 KB, 973x1300, 2FD1FA68-F95F-42F6-80E7-1EB27F…)

Bro I can’t get over this preview image on tiktok, Elvis’ fucking face is having me rolling, even he can’t believe this shit

No. 1270679

Her and her moronic otv friends act like that towards everyone because they never leave the house. Wake up anon, you are not on PULL.

No. 1271122

File: 1625378756170.jpeg (976.26 KB, 1125x1289, 774D1634-1C18-4E20-9C09-840DF3…)

Anisa “shaved” her head but she fucked that up. This isn’t bald Anisa!!! Give us egghead!

No. 1271144

the fact that literally all of her tattoos are flash… lmfao
why tf would you get this across your chest kek it looks tacky as hell

No. 1271209

God I hope she lives her life out online forever, I can't wait for her inevitable crash and burn. She's been on such a long downhill slide, just like her implants. Keep it up Pear.

No. 1271225

>constantly getting random flash tattoos that make no sense all over her body
>eloped in vegas in the most cheapest way possible
>shaved her head

She really is going through a mental breakdown hmm

No. 1271241


Devil farting tattoo kek

No. 1271250

File: 1625405621587.jpeg (249.58 KB, 505x505, 00380BAD-EE4D-491B-A76E-DF7E51…)

This makes no sense as a chest piece. Everything just looks like a pack of rub on tattoos.

No. 1271286

Holy shit that flash design was not meant to be a chest piece. The way it just goes straight across…

She looks like a clown kek

No. 1271455

File: 1625430225746.jpeg (665.29 KB, 1125x1725, 50AC9778-CECF-4D69-B86E-25CFA9…)

Anisa is coping with shaving her head by going on a shopping spree to feel feminine again. Even though most of her fan base told her not to but she shamed them for not being supportive(???)

Also hilarious she’s being nice to boze after calling her an lying abuser earlier this year

No. 1272479

We are not on PULL? Are you sure?
This place looks like an Anisa version of Pokimanes PULL thread.

No. 1272585

you're just butt mad we won't blindly hate poki for shit reasons lol, stop being a sheep

No. 1273182

I firmly believe the Anisa spam is just 3 mentally ill anons on rotation from her old threads who can't let it go

No. 1273698

File: 1625782366754.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1125x1873, 196BF289-0692-420B-A3A6-78F41E…)

Good to know even though Anisa deeply regrets her shaved head, she hasn’t learned anything and is still getting shitty tattoos lol

BPD and ecstasy wins again

No. 1274276

She’s going through a very obvious manic episode. If Ian gave a shit about her he would get her help.

No. 1274866


She's a grown woman, she doesn't need Ian to get her committed just because she shaved her head and is being manic. Most manic episodes are harmless in all ways but financial, and they've got enough money. Marrying someone doesn't make you their babysitter.

No. 1275595

nta but I dated a guy while he was going through a 2 week long kanye-style manic episode. being married to someone definitely makes you their babysitter if they're going through something like that.. that's why I dumped him when he recovered.

and it's obvious Anisa isn't going through that type of mania. being unstable =/= mania

No. 1275616

What is the correct term when Anisa goes through her constant ups/downs?

The Anisa cycle:
posts idubbbz -> high engagement numbers -> anisa gets smug and high -> reaffirms on social media she's happy -> her following posts w/o idubbbz don't do well -> Anisa gets depressed

No. 1275890

Normal attention whore behavior.

No. 1276830

File: 1626314173202.jpeg (208.68 KB, 1366x2048, 258F02E9-624E-4118-86CE-DF06D5…)

She’s so Romona Flowers

No. 1276872

File: 1626318435196.jpeg (1.35 MB, 3840x3840, 241F0F8F-0FD0-4904-B26B-434C82…)

Anisa has always been compared to demi lovato but I didn’t see it, I’m was fucking wrong they look so much alike

No. 1276987

We really need a containment thread to keep all the Anisa autism at bay. It really ruins the place.

No. 1277127

File: 1626363051643.webm (4.01 MB, 576x1024, anisa.webm)

Really? You didn't bump this thread for Anisa shaving her fucking head? This is fucking great milk. She's completely lost it

No. 1277135

Are you stupid, Anisa, or Kailey? The crazy bpd bitch rushed through her wedding so she could shave her head. The thread wasn’t even bumped for it, though it should’ve been. Anytime there’s an anisa post you come out the woodworks.

No. 1277173

>these anisa posts are ruining this dead thread

damn true

I like that she has to brace herself against the wall

No. 1277177

They had a containment thread, but were banished here because people whined there was too much nitpicking and a lack of milk. Though, I'd argue getting hitched in vegas then, shaving your head as a way to be different, before going on a shopping spree to cope woth shitty life choices is pretty milky.

No. 1277204

I am surprised she actually pulls off the look. Also kek at someone coming in here at least once a month to complain about Anisa being in this thread.

No. 1277230

I mean Hila and Ethan genuinely seem in love with each other and it's easy to see them as a match.

Anisa and Ian, not so much.. they're a trainwreck

No. 1277320

yeah, anisa thread should be unlocked imo

No. 1277376

You could always post twitch news you care about if anisa content annoys you. That is the miracle of general threads you see

No. 1277596

The shaved head really compliments her skinhead elbow tattoo. kek

No. 1277715

I'm crying.

No. 1277822

Anisa general at this point.
Anyway, xqc is back in Canada. Where's adept?

No. 1281062

File: 1626811299239.jpeg (658.38 KB, 1046x1184, A0220E2F-10C0-46E0-9593-0350B1…)

Anisa back to pick me antics with “how come other girls are so effortlessly sexy and majestic!! Why wasn’t I born that way!”

As if those girls also didn’t work hard to put on makeup and practice dancing lol

No. 1283106

File: 1627081117123.jpeg (Spoiler Image,233.62 KB, 1134x1080, 78D95DDF-D3EA-4C14-959E-FDD6CB…)

saging autism

No. 1283826

yeah, she's a massive whore with zero morals when it comes to relationships, big surprise. good to know she's getting worse tho

No. 1283889

yeah his shirt looks like shit.

No. 1283935

She’s still with him. They talk on camera

The way she made the eyeliner wing straight instead of tilted up really makes things worse

No. 1283948

Sage, but why is Kiwifarms so obsessed with her? There's so many posts for a cow that's not THAT interesting to warrant that many of them. Is it just them butthurt about iDubbbz being a cuck soyboy all along?

I see her as a sad cow, naturally being born so cringe has punished her more than any anon's words ever will.

No. 1283958

I think it's a spicy combination of idubbbz not being as edgy and based as they thought he was plus being able to judge an ethot and talk about how they totally wouldn't bang her.

No. 1283964

Cause she is a funny cow. People here like to talk about her too, I mean she literally covered herself in tattoos and shaved her head in a very short period of time. She is having a mental breakdown. The Beauty Parlor on KF is mostly used by women and a lot of the posters are the same people who post here.

No. 1283977

>Is it just them butthurt about iDubbbz being a cuck soyboy all along?

No. 1284005

for the men in the KF thread, yes. for the women, i think they genuinely just find anissa entertaining (i know i do)
so many of them are confused though. they'll say that idubbz was a cuck retard all along then in the same breath claim he could do sooo much better than anissa. they're still mourning their n word god kek

No. 1284057

they're perfect for eachother tbh. You read about idubbz's past and he was just some dweeb who worked at his parents' comic shop just a little before doing content cop (those videos did not age well anyway, why does an edgy dude go around pestering other youtubers for not being saints)

No. 1284119

>those videos did not age well anyway, why does an edgy dude go around pestering other youtubers for not being saints
This, last year when the "idubbz is a simp" meme started i watched alizees video on it and she pointed out that when the tana mongeau stuff happened Ian was in his late 20s and drove hours just to epicly pwn an 18 year old for being retarded

No. 1284130

Anisa commented yesterday she still doesn’t feel bad she and idubbbz did that to Tana and she “probably enjoyed” the attention it got her

They’re both fucked

No. 1284179

the attention-whore cycle of life.
"i'm not looking for attention, you are!"

No. 1287639

File: 1627682840271.jpg (290.09 KB, 1080x1959, Screenshot_20210730-230537_Chr…)

kek cyr ignoring dasha in the replies

No. 1288956

Do any of the other Austin streamers / LSF know about his past with Onision and Dasha? He’s been involved in so much crazy shit in the past that I’m surprised it’s never come up. But I don’t really keep up with it so maybe he has addressed it

No. 1288966

File: 1627842181509.png (192.71 KB, 407x507, ice_screenshot_20210801-202249…)

Confirmed Anisa reads threads about her.


No. 1288989

As if anisa hasnt attacked others for their bodies as well kek but of course she will just pretend none of that ever happened or say she was just in a "dark place" at the time.

No. 1289026

Can’t believe when you get put in the public eye for dating a moderately well known edgelord YouTuber that people will have shit to say about you wowwwww so special

No. 1289111

>stands there awkwardly
>fucks up the one word she tries to lip sync
>dressed like a juggalo
>desperately clawing for attention

that's my cow

No. 1289213

Tana Mongoose doesn’t deserve to be defended and she attacked itardz first. I am not a fan girl of Ian but that content cop needed to be made.

No. 1289214

those tattoos are so damn fugly why is she trying so hard to be an e-girl looking like a damn pear

No. 1289261

Tana doesn’t deserve to be defended as she is now

But at 19 Tana hadn’t done anything to warrant harassment. She did what, lie a little about story time? Anisa does that all the time, even now. If anything idubbbz opened the door to tana to become even worse than she is now

No. 1289305

when do you think she'll start getting laser tattoo removal? I'm gonna guess a year from now.

No. 1289330

she started the whole thing by provoking him. she was streaming, saying he should kill himself bc he says the n word and faggot as sort of pet names for his fans. he went digging and found out she’s a hypocrite and is racist and homophobic herself. she poked the hornet’s nest. she went after the dude when he was at his prime and she got what she deserved.

No. 1289345

>content cop needed to be made

No. 1289463

I'm 20 rn and if an 18 year old (or anyone) told me to kms for being edgy I'd just laugh it off. Tana is indefensible in general but a grown man driving however many hours he did just to epicly troll her is still pathetic and cringe
>is racist and homophobic herself
wow thank god we have mr "what's up niggerfaggots" to tell us who is racist and homophobic, thank you Ian for keeping the interent safe from these bigots uwu
>the content cop needed to he made
i think you greatly overestimate icuckz impact on the world

No. 1289504

Imagine thinking some 25 year old getting his feefees hurt online justifies him spending $300+ to harass some girl his girlfriend of 3 months doesn’t like

No. 1289554

Didn’t he himself admit it was kinda stupid/pathetic of him in his response video to her response? I remember vaguely that he says something about how she could have discredited him just on that basis alone so idk why anons are trying to defend him when he agrees it was stupid

No. 1289597

He did say that, but in his twitch stream side channel he said he doesn’t regret doing any of the content cops, and everyone deserved it. He also said he hates cancel culture unless it happens to someone he dislikes.

So he’s a cuck hypocrite basically.

No. 1290317

File: 1628024438762.jpeg (848.19 KB, 1125x1490, 254F02EB-8760-4263-994E-46BF5F…)

This bitch really thought she was going to be the next pokimane hahahaha

No. 1290361

you can tell she loves her hair bc of how often she's showing it off

No. 1290573

>content cop needed to be made

And what exactly did that do? Tana has her own show and makes an ass load of money. Mean while Ian has moved twice because Anisa keeps doxing him and they basically live in a trailer park getting spit on by bums in the streets. They both admitted that content cop was irrelevant because nothing really happened to the people they made videos on. Keemstar and Jake Paul are still around. Leafy was able to come back take a shit on Ian and Ethan all while making his retirement money before getting banned.

No. 1292046

File: 1628236063502.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.7 MB, 3840x3840, 183A18D7-823B-4EE0-9441-E2CB49…)

I remember thinking the shit on the left was bad but oh boy Anisa keeps outdoing herself.

She looks like a dying cancer patient being forced to strip. Also it hasn’t even been a full year yet but her tats look faded as fuck lol

No. 1293077

File: 1628338128567.jpeg (196.52 KB, 750x429, 14ECEA67-3973-4204-AECD-30657F…)

XQC and Adept broke up.

I’ve seen some of you thirsty anons post him in the Unconventional Male Attraction thread, nows your chance.

No. 1293199

Fuck I thought they’d last, I guess the whole
Olympics sueing him was the last straw…

No. 1293431

I came here to post this too. Anons upthread called it with the breakup theories after xQc moved back home without her.

No. 1293564

File: 1628378206570.jpeg (41.67 KB, 750x637, 0.jpeg)

I think she briefly lived with him at his new place in Canada, but ended up leaving after their argument. Now his brother and his dad are with him, which might actually turn out for the better if he really wants to improve his health like he's mentioned.
She's also been liking and unliking a lot of passive aggressive Tweets. I don't really fault her because dating him was probably really hard, but I also remember the leaked DMs from 2018 when she said dating him would be good for her career.

Honestly, healthy relationships and live streaming probably don't mix well in general

No. 1293737

File: 1628392730892.jpeg (871.84 KB, 1125x1660, 2340381E-8FA0-4AB4-BFB8-ADB422…)

It’s already been clarified she wasn’t calling XQC abusive, but the tweet really does sound like she’s blaming someone

Anyways no hate to adept, can’t wait to see which girl will deal with his extreme autism next lol new content poggers

No. 1293958

He literally made more off that video than what he spent. And Tana literally proved his point: she fucking lied. She’s a narcissistic chronic liar. You don’t have to like icukks, I could care less about that retard but that video was funny. Especially because she lied about how he was aggressive. Kek. The BlackLivesMatter qween who didn’t know what the n word meant uwu”. What’s up with all the Tuna Whiteknighting? Nineteen is old enough to know what’s right and wrong….We all know Ian is a 4chan coomer basement dweller who acts edgy online to be quirky and funny to edgy 14 year olds, but is a scrawny bitch in real life. As long as the scrote doesn’t harm poc or harass them, then it’s nothing to be triggered about.
>Tana has her own show.
Lmaoo the YouTube MTV series?? That’s a flop she didn’t even make it onto cable, no one outside of YouTube knows Tana. Tana is an just another escort, like Chantel Jefferies and all these other Instagram “models”. All of these youtubers are washed up has beens including Ian and h3

No. 1295011

File: 1628461982200.jpeg (243.99 KB, 1440x1080, B94E19B7-8C8C-4994-BCD1-286CEC…)

Idubbbz is a twitch streamer now so it’s fair game, why the fuck does he look like a groomer LMAO

No. 1296438


Wiry narrow head.

To be fair, this is the happiest he and Anisa have looked in… any picture, ever. Might not actually be happier, but at least they're getting better at faking it.

No. 1296626

File: 1628567155621.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1125x1863, 350489E4-E81A-441D-8AE9-4D0A51…)

Help, these censor edits are so bad lol

No. 1297526

I'm sure she intended to make licking your weird dry finger a sexy thing, but all I see is her about to shove it down her throat and puke lmao

No. 1299763

File: 1628927424429.jpg (1.1 MB, 3171x2215, Hasan Piker.jpg)

Make him shave his beard on the first date, nonas.

No. 1299767

It’s the stache

No. 1299769

Bumping thread with this shadow simp shit. Fuck off. A man being ugly is not milk.

No. 1299772

File: 1628928194420.png (96.13 KB, 254x206, dc.png)

No. 1299936

Tiny pp head

Anyways, anyone else really surprised he IRL streamed with pokimane? They seemed to have really bad blood pre-pandemic. Maybe it was all fed induced or something, who knows lol. It’s so interesting to watch two vastly different content creators interact

No. 1299939

File: 1628955069045.jpeg (876.27 KB, 1702x862, 01C31B67-BEB4-4158-9CEA-F9947C…)

After not being seen for almost a year, callmecarson shows up randomly on mizkifs stream like a fucking cryptid


No. 1299972

A man being ugly is milky. Shaynas thread is just anons making fun of her looks anyways so scrotes deserve it too

No. 1299990

i mean…if you use your brain for 2 seconds to imagine him without his facial hair this isn't surprising at all lol

No. 1300011

he has money, right? he can afford a decent razor? like christ, he looks like he just went on a bender for 10 hours straight. men just never look clean.

No. 1300035

I didn't get to watch all of it so I didn't see everything, but I did see them when they were at the restaurant and it felt awkward between them, lol. He wasn't even really talking to her and if he did there was zero eye contact.

No. 1300110

File: 1628975421700.jpeg (602.84 KB, 982x1305, 32254704-63EE-4F2C-B28E-0B38C8…)

Anisa is starting to look like momokun wtf lol

No. 1300121

i guess i get that the devil is like jumping? and creating the puff of air but it really just looks like its farting

No. 1300167

i fucking wish we could have an anisa thread again. she clearly hates her haircut, she still has no identity whatsoever, she's still clinging onto her barely relevant boyfriend for any attention. idk why she's not milky enough.

No. 1300287

It’s not that she’s not milky, it’s that she’s a nobody despite trying to be a “content creator” for almost a decade. It’s more fitting that she doesn’t get a thread, she is only a side note

No. 1300655

File: 1629048163703.jpeg (176.43 KB, 1916x930, 0C626BB7-88E5-445D-AE68-7FCB3F…)

Some British mad lad is streaming on twitch during the taliban invasion of Afghanistan


No. 1300693

Whenever someone gets a playboy tattoo I die. That company has so many scandals including cp. who doesn’t love having a company logo who use to produce child porn - nude children magazines

No. 1300785

He seems genuinely retarded.

No. 1301249

File: 1629126376855.png (2.41 MB, 1894x1236, ammo up close.png)

No. 1301250

File: 1629126448056.png (2.74 MB, 1538x1607, horse girl.png)

No. 1301260

File: 1629126805224.png (2.34 MB, 1345x1589, Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 1.04…)

No. 1301381

this isn't milk, anon.

No. 1301537

her skin looks pretty nice for her age

No. 1301702

she kinda reminds of emma roberts but if she was mtf

No. 1301783

>candid shots of a woman working on a ranch in the texas heat

man you fuckin got her

No. 1301848

Anyone taking a casual vacation to Kabul in the midst of political turmoil is an idiot. He’ll probably make it out because he’s viral and people are looking for him, but he’s just risking the lives of rescuers and taking the place of someone else. Reminds me of the people who vacation to North Korea for attention

Didn’t someone try to burn down her house recently?

No. 1302105

File: 1629226129203.png (224.46 KB, 498x397, B01CD204-8799-4B41-BF5E-89941A…)

The dumbass streamer made it out of kabul

Hope the government charges him for wasting resources, what a cock

No. 1302142

this is so irritating to me. Why was he there? Just for a holiday? I went to his twitch to see but it's been removed. Something genuinely irritating about this retard holding his cross up and sperging about God while the city literally falls around him and women just lost all their rights, only for him to casually stroll out thanks to the British army. They should have fucking left him there. His God will save him.

No. 1302153

he was live blogging it on 4chan so he literally went to Afghanistan for the memes. Somebody made a video compilation of his stupid shit and posts if you wanted to mald some more

No. 1302157

They could at least have taken his phone and beaten him up like they almost certainly wanted to. This explains why we lost this war.

No. 1302169

i thought he was some religious nut, but he's literally just a retard.

No. 1302181

retard luck is the only reason he's alive. The army probably thought he was a lord in all the confusion.

No. 1302203

Hope they at least make him pay for his ticket out (factoring in how few and important those tickets were) and the waste of time and resources. Stupidity on this level should be a crime

No. 1302287

she's under 30 anon

No. 1302310

wtf. he should have been left there to die

No. 1302311

Both are the same, anon.

No. 1302325

This gave me a heart attack, legit thought that was the horses schlong she was holding

No. 1302365

have you seen the state of an average mid 20's white woman's skin? It's good

No. 1302561

You really wanted him to die because he was in afghanistan days before everything went to shit, laughed at his situation and is religious??? You act like he had some secret intel no one knew about. Not much different from those you criticize.

No. 1302575

>before everything went to shit
I wasn't aware he has been living there for atleast 20 years, wow.

No. 1302581

well he does live in the UK

No. 1302589

The same idiot went to Chernobyl and paid a guard to let him take shit home, its not worth it to defend this idiot

No. 1302601

>want him to die
A well deserved beating isn't the same as death

No. 1302855

File: 1629307119618.jpeg (Spoiler Image,928.53 KB, 2316x3088, uglybald.jpeg)

anisa's new OF set just dropped, and her editing is hilarious. check out the door frame

No. 1302862

also the microwave

No. 1302875

I like how shes in the kitchen as if she has ever made a meal for Ian that wasn't hotpockets or chicken nuggies. Probably not even that.

No. 1302888

This… has to be a joke right??

No. 1302956

I can see Ian's tendies tray

No. 1302985

the warping is a joke right LMAO

No. 1302992

Holy shit lmao, this is by far the most obvious shoop I've seen. Do dumb coomers really fall for this shit on OF?

No. 1303008

no way. i thought the microwave wasn't that bad and then i noticed the entire hallway and animal cage warping lmao

No. 1303024

do i want a useless religious scrote to die? Is this a trick question?

No. 1303035

what the fuck
what was she even shooping that the top of the door frame is that warped? how does giving herself an ass do THAT?

No. 1303084

File: 1629325396395.jpg (Spoiler Image,401.53 KB, 1536x2048, E5J0n29UUAIPP5Y.jpg)

Here's another similar fail, she warped the couch and table on the left.

She keeps fucking up whatever editing app she's using. I think the issue is Anisa doesn't have the brain capacity to see the whole picture(literally). Her IQ is so low, all she focuses in on are her: tits, ass, nipple scars. That's why we constantly see unattractive faces, dirty mirrors, and garbage in the background. Anisa thinks her body is the only thing that matters and that's so far from the truth.

No. 1303127

File: 1629327639767.jpeg (Spoiler Image,119.76 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210818_173842.jpeg)

stolen from the farms, but yeah, she is desperately trying to lift her ass up kek

No. 1303162

Yes, all the time with alt e-girls and just e-girls in general. They're braindead monkeys.

No. 1303176

Holy fuck literally everything in this is warped, including the stove and microwave KEK

No. 1303357

Calling it now, she'll get a BBL.

No. 1303415

the kennel cage and the doorframe tho

No. 1303485

didn't she make cinnamon rolls for all her bfs

No. 1303697

File: 1629398327667.jpg (209.1 KB, 1080x520, Depressionannie.jpg)

How can you post ass pics where the entire room is warped and then go on twitter saying this? You gotta be dead inside.

No. 1304064

File: 1629416151745.png (41.47 KB, 592x288, Hasan.png)

Everything he does makes my eyes roll.

No. 1304072

Lol good, idk why girls never thought of this possibility. Sorry that a respectable platform doesn’t want to be associated solely with random girls who show their nudes and masturbate for 3 dollars a month. Smart people would be versatile and sell their own content.

No. 1304082


No. 1304091

Not to mention onlyfans wanst ever meant to be a porn site, just another competitor for places like patreon. Scrotes and SWs ruined it

No. 1304495

the biggest onlyscam was not realising this might happen. now all their porn is probably leaked out there for free forever and they won't get their 5 bucks.

No. 1305006

File: 1629500040906.jpeg (649.19 KB, 1125x1357, A0922A3C-4866-456E-BCB4-27099E…)

Twitterfags mad that Hasan bought a 3M house lmao

What is he supposed to do as a private citizen? Buy everyone a house? Fucking weirdchamp brain gymnastics from Twitter

No. 1305029

You mean the guy who months ago was reacting to rich people houses and making fun of them for content?

The guy who complained about the housing bubble and the difficulty of buying a house a couple months ago and couldn't even wait a month until the bubble bursts?

I could go on, but this guy is a massive fucking hypocrite.

No. 1305051

I don't see the big deal, he needs the room for his ego and speech impediment.

No. 1305058

File: 1629503921524.jpg (91.49 KB, 1168x894, EnuugKlWEAEUQe1.jpg)

Good fucking god, I hate the online left.
I'm pretty sure most of the conservatives I know irl would say "yeah, if you strike it rich then you should give back a bit"

No. 1305061

>couldn't even wait a month until the bubble bursts?

lmao that shits not gonna happen nonnie, people have been saying the bubble was gonna burst for years

No. 1305070

a 3 mil house in Hollywood is far from the mansions he's been reacting to. its a one family house, allegedly 3800 sq ft. It's definitely not small, and it isn't the poverty larp of the two bedroom apartment he had previously for him and his mom, but if the guy wants to live in that area that bad and has the money to spare, he might as well get it. He also defended neekolol buying that 2 mil apartment in Texas so it's pretty consistent for him. it's easy to dunk on Hasan, you'd get better mileage picking on his coomerism or something.

No. 1305083

Hahahaha, I mean this dude is such a fuckin fake. At least with people like shroud or ninja, you can just be like yeah these people are fuckin rich, they like money, and they don't hide that fact. Hassan has to put on a fake image of being relatable by telling people he drives a Toyota Camry, eats chicken tendies, and preaches "Marxism" but under the veneer, he's just a narcicist fraud.

Well considering there's no answer to the moratorium other then to try and extend it indefinitely, the reverse repos for banks are in the trillions of dollars, and the treasury is running out of money, yeah I'll gladly take waiting it out over needing to buy a house at a massively inflated price. At best, you're just a renter, and at worst is you get to be the person who bought at the peak.

He reacted to shitty penthouses before outside of "The One" where he started doing it more for content. The guy really has to live in So Cal when all he does is goes to the gym and sits in a room all day to stream? And yeah it's pretty consistent for him to defend his fellow twitch streamers even if they're fucking awful people.

No. 1305135

File: 1629509894292.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1125x1963, 9A1E487A-C3A9-48B7-B59F-9296A8…)

Bpd and ecstasy

No. 1305203

>Twitterfags mad that Hasan bought a 3M house lmao

It's just ironic that he bought a multi million dollar house after getting rich by saying "eat the rich" and making fun of wealthy people's houses for content. Hasan is a champagne brocialist.

No. 1305222

He’s buying the house to live in it himself though? I thought eat the rich applied to those that buy up multiple properties and rent them out at high prices, which prevents normal people from buying starter homes

Anyways it doesn’t matter now, his new address has been doxxed and he’s received a wave of death threats from both the left and right.

No. 1305348

Just goes to show you shouldnt support anyone who says this and does nothing. These idiots giving him money and making him rich deserve nothing more

No. 1305380

He has way more money than the average landlord though? By his logic someone like my landlord who is renting out his in law apartment out is evil but it’s ok for him to keep his property to himself. And buying a luxury home is not really helping with the housing crisis in LA because it is stimulating demand for luxury housing and taking away room for housing.

No. 1305418

Eat the rich means comes from the phrase "when the poor are hungry they will eat the rich" it has nothing to do whether or not you rent out your property. It means exactly what it says.

It's also in poor taste because when he is taking dunks on landlords he is just punching down because 9 times out of 10 he is going to be significantly richer than them.

No. 1305482

I mean LA properties be starting at 1 million, would it have made a difference if he bought a lower priced one? What does someone do in his situation without getting his ass eaten by the internet lol

No. 1305524

> What does someone do in his situation without getting his ass eaten by the internet lol

Donate money to leftist causes, redistribute the majority of his wealth through charity or mutual aid. Live a modest/humble lifestyle. Houses in LA start at about 830k. He could also move out of LA to a less expensive part of the country.

No. 1305713

come on guys, how can you criticize the guy that doesn't pay his mods and editors, steals artwork for his merch and constantly promotes eating the rich unironically.

He's just living in a society.

No. 1305782

He doesn't pay his mods or editors? Jeez

No. 1305791

>stimulating demand for luxury housing and taking away room for housing
That's not how it works

No. 1305825

MODs get paid???

No. 1305899

File: 1629611794527.png (61.6 KB, 912x362, Hasan Response.png)

No. 1305907

Why do retards work for free lmao

No. 1306162

I always wondered about her age. I think at one point she had her age in her twitch bio but not anymore since people started questioning. There are allegedly old classmates and friends who are saying that she's lying. At the end of the day she can claim to be 18 years old and delete all criticism when in reality she's 38. It's not that she has to disclose her birth certificate to others, plus those incels believe everything their queen tolds them.

No. 1306471

The editing is so tragic

No. 1306940

File: 1629739661545.jpeg (1.79 MB, 3840x3840, 3D78D1AB-7BAF-42B9-BF32-C832B8…)

She hasn’t streamed on twitch in a hot minute and she’s getting real comfortable with these filters

No. 1308050

File: 1629876769519.jpeg (284.13 KB, 1280x800, F028F3BB-E3D6-4524-ACD2-16E5EE…)

Former(?) costhot and current streamer Tsikyo got caught by the petplay community for lying about getting her shit stolen earlier this year so that she can beg for more donations. Dawnnyan is her petplay account.

No. 1308149

how do we know she just didn't buy a new pair of ears

No. 1308169

They're not sold by the maker anymore and there's less than 5 of them floating around with different owners at the moment.

No. 1308424

This was the weirdest combination of words I’ve ever read

No. 1310025

File: 1630115309189.jpeg (439.15 KB, 724x719, D734C300-FE33-47AD-A21E-2C6877…)

You look eyes with this across the room, WYD

No. 1310965

Sprinting away.

No. 1311590

File: 1630299367406.jpg (140.47 KB, 750x417, tracing.jpg)

Has anyone kept up with the Horrorfae art theft/gofundme scamming drama? She's kind of a nobody but was roommates with a couple of bigger streamers (susu and SonjaShio) and recently got kicked out. If anyone else is interested I'll post a summary of the milk

No. 1311649

please do, I can't find any mention of their apology on their page.

Good to know susu isn't a hypocrite and would even cancel her friends lol, I've seen them lead cancelpartys too often

No. 1311675

File: 1630318472700.png (4.62 MB, 2611x2000, horrorfaeart.png)

sorry for the convoluted picture, graphic design is not my passion

twitter thread discussing the art theft https://twitter.com/mintfizzles/status/1431407301441855492

General milk
>started out as a "horror" streamer and vtuber
>nobody until she befriended Susu and got a small crumb of her following
>Susu lets her move in after she claims she's about to be homeless, donates $1000 to her gofundme
>later Fae will go on to claim Susu was a bad roommate and didn't do enough to help her while she was almost hOmElEsS
>shipped out to Florida to live with a different streamer, Sonjashio
>Sonja claims she was a difficult roommate from the very beginning
>apparently doesn't shower, constantly smells like unwashed ass, entire room is still dirty/musty even after she's moved out
>attempts to steal her roommate's underwear in front of her claiming they're hers until she's confronted
>orders takeout 3 times a day every day, lets it pile up in the fridge and garbage
>refuses to do dishes/clean up after herself in any way
>when confronted about her unhygienic behavior, claims she has autism and can't handle confrontation
>Sonja claims she discovered another twitter account by Fae where she shit talks her and complains about how mean she is
>also talks about how she can't sleep because of the noise (after claiming she has insomnia) and how she's so malnourished and there's no food in the house (kek)
>allegedly has munchausen's syndrome, claiming to have epilepsy and insomnia after meeting Sonja (she has both of these)
>has made several other claims such as having lupus, when asked if she was actually diagnosed responded "no, i grew up poor"
>will take on the health ailments of whoever she's friends with, claims to be chronically ill and unable to work
>according to former roommates, spends 24/7 in discord group calls with male orbiters while claiming she's unable to stream

Art scamming
>early August switched to IRL art streams and trying to sell commissions/merch
>recently caught tracing art and selling it as her own
>accidentally shows layer on stream where she's shamelessly tracing someone else's illustration for a commission
>people started lining up her work with photos to discover everything decent she had done was in fact traced
>actual original artwork looks like shit, cannot draw
>sold "emergency commissions" where she claimed to be desperate for money
>ignored buyers, took new orders without fulfilling previous ones
>most buyers received nothing, traced images, or her god forsaken original art
>makes half-assed apology to "art ethics" and not the people she scammed out of money/artists she stole from
>doesn't refund money, deleted apology, and is currently pretending like nothing happened, still taking commissions

Gofundme scamming
>frequently creates gofundmes (alongside commission sales) for "emergencies"
>starts donation goal on her stream for a chair, desk, dresser, and mattress, despite those things being listed in another gofundme description
>given a desk by Sonja and purchases air mattress and walmart dresser, spending way less than her gofundme total
>after moving out abandons her all her gofundme furniture she needed so desperately, telling Sonja to just "throw it away"

No. 1311683

File: 1630322489693.png (18.92 KB, 592x142, panderinghard.png)

I don't know but all these posts literally sound like they were posted by Susu whiteknigts because Susu was posted here for faking lesbianism and being hypocritical. There have been Susu whiteknights and probably her friends posting on here since Momo drama from 3 years ago. A lot of posts calling out Susu are getting banned hence my suspicion of her having some connection to the farms. Susu was called out for being a hypocrite and now these posts accusing someone else of just that. This girl is no special, most ethots are like this, super unstable and liars. Susu also rips off smaller content creators or gets inspired by them and refuses to help them out. But she's too big and well managed to be called out.

No. 1311687

File: 1630323146646.jpg (344.33 KB, 1044x1200, 1629871829298 (1).jpg)

Susu just played her cards right and made this huge shit fest and drama out of Momo groping her and her fake gf. Momo is a tard and pretty inoffensive and Susu knew that. Faking being a lesbian just so you get more scrotes to fetishize your relationship and give you more money is way way worse than what any of the girls she calls out have done.

No. 1311722

susu is 30 so how the hell old is horrofae doing this shit?

No. 1312039

File: 1630356573065.png (11.8 KB, 597x122, topkek.png)

More susu cringe. Isn't it funny how in on Tweet she says something like "ahhh noo I hate coomers that want to fuck me" then she posts something like this. No consistency whatsoever.

No. 1312098

I only know susu for her cancelling Mike Z, didn’t know she was a full blown cow, thanks for the info

No. 1312211

File: 1630370561490.png (Spoiler Image,1.48 MB, 1587x810, k9sM2qks34.png)


she's been shown to be a mini cow if you look at the photoshop threads, but honestly she doesn't really have a part in recent milk besides confirming the other girl's story.

the way she acts towards scrotes on twitch is fucking hilarious though, she chimps and bans people for saying "booba" and pretends she doesn't sexualize herself. let's get up on the counter and arch your ass just because she's super smol and needs something off the top shelf, it's not like there's a 6 foot tall woman there to help. even her friend knows what she's doing and stopped her from getting back up there a second time later in the stream, kek.

No. 1312259

wtf this is susu without the filters??? i thought her waist was so much tinier but she's just regular shaped. she was so adamant on twitter all these years about being ~all natural~ and no shoop, that whenever anyone called her out for shooping her rabid fans would accuse you of bodyshaming her kek

No. 1312263

File: 1630374360676.png (2.45 MB, 2000x1000, 17392878601224.png)

in candids it's obvious she has padding on her hips/ass/chest as well, it's how she keeps the illusion in videos. her fans are legitimately retarded for thinking she's real

No. 1312292

i hate how she makes herself into a hourglass when in reality she's an apple shape. Also, her real face is prettier than the shooped version. Her boobs are also changing size like 3 cups. She wears major padding. Simps will buy anything lmao.

Anyway, the worst thing about her isn't the PS. It's the hypocrisy she's constantly displaying. Lying about being a lesbian for simp clout and bux. Posting that cliche grifter shit "oh noo onlyfans pr0nz". She literally Tweeted about how female streamers need to tell their audience they are in a relationship to stop the simps when she is literally too afraid to reveal the gender of her s/o. She's so dependent on coomer/simp/sjw clout. I wonder what she will do at 40 lmao but I guess as long as Meitu exists simps will buy anything

No. 1312411

Susu lurks and has a habit of spamming threads with someone else completely unrelated when she’s brought up, happens all the time in the photoshop thread. Wonder if it’ll suddenly happen here.

No. 1312464

someone needs to show these to her simps kek

No. 1312465

Susu is kinda a shame for me, considering i used to follow her WAY BACK when she was an artist on tumblr and deviantart before she started doing lewd cosplays photos. She used to go by ShugarSkull, later changed to ShugarSketch. https://www.deviantart.com/shugarsketch/gallery/all https://www.furaffinity.net/user/shugarskull/

I can't recall where i found her but i did take fondness of her art style. Once she started doing cosplay e-girl crap, i kinda lost interest in her. It sucked cause she was competent, albeit it was just typical anime/furry/hentai art. It was confusing why she completely stopped drawing in favor of cosplay lewds but i guess that paid the bills more than anything. She did have an art Patreon years ago but shut it down after she got into lewd cosplay. You can still view her art of you search her. Her DeviantArt and FurAffinity is still around though someone took ShugarSkull on Twitter and some bot account took the name on Tumblr.

No. 1312934

File: 1630452403958.jpg (Spoiler Image,342.96 KB, 1080x2160, 1080x2160_ffd47960b53b4a19099f…)

Anisa has run out of content and has resorted to posting nudes from presurgery

I don't know why because it exposes another of her lies. Her areolas are fine, there wasn't a need for a crescent lift

No. 1312937

File: 1630452623690.png (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB, 1080x1920, vlcsnap-2021-08-29-21h57m50s79…)

Anisa showing her butthole for the first time too

Reminds me of that tweet where she made fun of Zoie and some cringetuber

"I dont know whos ass I've seen more of lately,
[anisa jomhas] or [james charles]"

No. 1312938

File: 1630452905118.jpeg (683.23 KB, 1125x1653, 2D6B1EA4-3124-44C3-8838-25C226…)

if anyone was curious how much Anisa’s procedure cost, a cosplayer with a similar implant cc uploaded her review. 10k is on the lower end for augmentations, so idubbbz really cheaped out (again)

No. 1313153

This is ridiculous. Just meet a girl with large boobs already. Why spend so much for hard breasts.

No. 1313657

>when she gives u that cluster b stare(learn2sage)

No. 1313740

The wonky phone and picture behind her head LOL

No. 1313751

Oh good lord, I remember this twat. I watched her stream once while she was drawing and she speaks in the most obvious fake uwu voice imaginable and claimed it was real. Glad to know my vibes about her were right.

No. 1315478

Anyone here keep up with the OTV and friends circle? Last thread mentioned KristoferYee seeming creepy and he recently didn't stream for over a month, then came back with the related video explaining his disappearance.

TL;DW he basically says he stopped because he "overstepped some boundaries" which caused someone he was "decent friends" with to ghost him but also tell a lot of people about whatever it is he did. He tries to minimize whatever it is he did (Arcadum vibes) and also says it's impossible to guess and that people shouldn't try, which of course means people are curious and want to know. A few people in the YT comments also said they thought he was creepy.

Feels like this whole "I hurt this person and I felt so bad I took time off streaming but they hurt me too by ghosting and telling everyone and now no one wants to play with me poor me uwu" shit is extremely manipulative.

No. 1315488

It's basically preemptive strike - whoever talks about it first gets to control the narrative, after all you can make the first impression twice. He tries to appear remorseful and act like he "punished" himself by… taking a break? Yeah justice served lol
To me it just screams admission of guilt(learn2sage)

No. 1315646

A girl like you? They deserve each other. Don't wish Ian's ugly has-been ass on other women, simp.

No. 1315755

I knew something wasn’t right with him, some people just give off creepy vibes

No. 1316133

dude always gave me creep orbiter vibes, wonder when the twitlongers will come out(sage)

No. 1316738

Oh yikes, he must have done something real creepy to be pushing that narrative so hard. Sucks. I used to use his streams as background noise all the time when he was just a tech streamer and even won a giveaway from him before. But he did always seem a little intense with all his female streamer friends. Trust no scrote.

No. 1316775


Oh look, another content creator who's a social retard and potential creep. Not to mention dogshit at PR.

1) If someone ghosts you and doesn't respond the first, or maybe second time around, drop it. Nobody has to explain to you why they cut you off.

2) The fact he uses the "nothing illegal" defense is a huge red flag in terms of creep shit.

3) Him making this public isn't getting ahead of the story; it's him being selfish and a PR moron. If the issue is being talked about behind closed doors, he should focus on clearing things up with his his friends, behind closed doors. Dude should know his chat/discord will likely figure out who he's talking about and potentially harass them. That's assuming he hasn't considered that. Either lay the details out completely, or STFU.

No. 1316956

Youtubers and streamers groom kids to be their audience at best. It's the same as some creepy 19 year old hanging around with tweens in the park.

No. 1316979

imma speculate here

he mentions that he went into GTA RP to escape this issue and be around people that didnt know anything about this, there is a comment that says he mentioned this happened before he got into the GTA scene

he swapped to full time GTA RP streaming around the same time the hafu lobby vegas meeting ended mid april

the last time he was invited to an among us hafu lobby was a couple days before they all met IRL mid april in vegas, he was never invited to their morning game lobbies, among us or other games after that meetup ever again, which is kind of weird considering he was a semi-regular in their group

the girls from the lobby that were in the meeting were Hafu (was with husband), xChocobars (was with bf), AriaSaki, Plushys and TinaKitten

i think he tried to take advantage of one of the girls while they were drunk but he got rejected and called out on it, word got out within the group and he was kicked out and never invited again

i dont think its TinaKitten or Ariasaki, KristoferYee seems to still be in good terms with DisguisedToast and he is quite protective of those two, i dont think that would be the case if one of those two were the victims

my money would be on Plushys, she was seen quite drunk in a stream that happened the day of the party and there is a clip floating around that has her saying "Who?" when her chat spams "Kris" a monthish after that meeting and out of all the girls was the most regular player in the morning Hafu lobbies

not that it really matters, but if its her he lucked out, she doesnt seem the type to make a tweetlonger and make drama public
which is a shame, since the POS admits overstepping someones boundaries and ad the same time flames the victim for shittalking him among her friends because of it, dude deserves to be exposed

No. 1317001


Where are you getting the timeline info from? I didn't catch anything in the vid.

The fact he's so vague about what happened is suspicious. He could easily provide info without giving away their identity. Just don't mention where or when it happened, etc. Any identifying info is irrelevant to whatever happened.

No. 1317016

there you can see his last Among Us gameplay and interaction with the Hafu morning lobby stream was april 9th, that same day he played Apex with xChocobars and Plushys

he played some Valorant and tried out GTA between the 9th and 18th and pure GTA after that

everyone travelled to vegas to party on april 17th to celebrate Hafus birthday at midnight that was on the 18th

he was never invited back to a morning lobby after that, despite the fact that he was a semi-regular prior to that

in this video that has the full clip you can see him saying that he went full deep into GTA to play with people that didnt know him or what he had done

also in one of AnthonyZ podcasts he mentions this happened before he got into GTA

-he was almost a regular at the morning group
-everyone meets IRL
-he stops getting invited for games with the morning group
-he starts spamming GTA at the same time he stops getting invited
-he says he went deep into GTA to escape what he had done
-he says it happened before he got into GTA

it has to be related to one of the people in the hafu lobbies, the timings are just too perfect

he is an incel beta male and says he "overstepped some boundaries" so its 100% related to a female

he mentions this person is a streamer and since Hafu and xChocobars are in a relationship it has to be either Plushys, AriaSaki, TinaKitten or Becca

he mentions he was somewhat friends with this person, and out of all those 4 Plushys had the most interactions with him, she was also seen quite drunk in a stream AriaSaki did the day of the party at Hafus house and out of the four she is the one with more direct influence over the morning group and after her experience with Fedmyster she probably has a no bullshit policy with creeps

its just speculation obviously, but him trying to take advantage of a drunk Plushys, got rejected and called out on it and expelled from the group because of it seems to fit quite well

No. 1317053


He lives in Vegas now, right? I just combed through all of the vlogs from the big Vegas trip OTV and friends did and he wasn't present for it despite a large majority of the friend group being there. Not sure if he went to the casinos/clubs but he wasn't at the proposal. It took place at Ryan Higa's house and I definitely remember Kris being there with some of the friend group a few weeks before. Maybe it's one of the girls present at the proposal, then?

Noticeably, Tina wasn't there when she also lives in Vegas. But Jummy was there, so that's probably why. Plushys wasn't there but Janet and Aria were.

I'm not as familiar as who he is playing with these days, but Ash seems to be a popular guess in the YouTube comments. My only other guess would be codemiko, he's been creepy to her on-stream and has been to her house before. There's a clip floating somewhere of him looking at her search history.

No. 1317063

The only issue with that theory is that Plushys was the one victimized by Fed.

No. 1317108

Kris has currently played Valo with Toast, Ryan, etc. I doubt that if it were some Fed-level shit, they would. Especially with the Mr. 17.8% shit just coming out.

My theory is that Kris made a pass at some girl, but didn't cross the line into predator land. The girl told their friends that Kris is a dishonest creep who uses friendship with girls as a side door. Kris doesn't want to go into specifics because the situation confirms him as your typical creepy male content creator who uses friendship and simping to try to get into girls pants. He also knows that chat would shit on him mercilessly.

Again, this is only a theory. The "nothing illegal" bit could mean it was something worse, or it could just be Kris being an idiot when expressing it. I mean, he's an idiot for talking about it in the first place.(tinfoil)

No. 1318868

isn't there a story about Kris bringing flowers the first time he met a girl?

I know the Sykkuno bringing Lily flowers thing but I remember hearing from Kris that he had done it with a woman too but I can't remember who now.

No. 1319916

Hasanabi had Krotchy on his stream yesterday, the fake bitch with the fake heterochromia.
1h56mins in

She's still pretending to have 2 dif color eyes. Seeing her in video shows she edits the shit out of her face in pictures. Still pretending that art made by other people was actually made by her.

Wonder how these two became friends, but it is one strange combination. Bet he saw her tiddy pics and theyre prob fucking.

No. 1319932

File: 1631211610208.jpg (75.44 KB, 508x771, uft0e5dwzko01.jpg)

Went down a rabbit hole yesterday about "Krotchy." Her real name is Sarah McDaniel, and it seems that she's rebranded herself as "Krotchy" because the first thing you get when you search her real name is videos/articles about her faking heterochromia.


>relatively attractive but basic white girl
>wants to stand out
>convinces everyone she's actually unique by wearing a single blue contact
>ends up as the first non-nude Playboy cover model
>fabricates stories about how she was bullied for her eyes
>dad and sister expose her lies
>unable to keep up the charade (it's really obvious she was wearing contacts), she books a flight to India
>gets extremely dangerous and illegal surgery in which a contact is implanted in her eye
>surgery has high risk of complications down the line, like blindness and glaucoma
>it's still obvious her blue eye isn't natural
>no longer models
>rebrands herself as "Krotchy" and now "directs" animation

No. 1319941

My fave era of krotchy was when everyone was calling her a “smart AND pretty” girl because she was basically doing a reading off a teleprompter of weird science facts. It was so stiff and awkward

No. 1319943


She also got massive silicone implants that are legit bigger than her face. Adds to her "cool girl" persona: different color eyes/does art/massive tits.

From the twitch vod its painfully obvious that she is trying to come across as "cool".

No. 1319974

File: 1631213408517.jpg (Spoiler Image,55.13 KB, 621x1104, muhbackpain.jpg)

Oh god apparently she was in a video with Spencer Pratt from The Hills too. They went to see a white witch for Krotchy's anxiety and backpain. Id have anxiety too if I was pretending this hard to be something im not. Backpain though, bitch you got like F size implants no wonder your back hurts. Like look at this shit

No. 1319997

>unable to keep up the charade (it's really obvious she was wearing contacts), she books a flight to India
>gets extremely dangerous and illegal surgery in which a contact is implanted in her eye
>surgery has high risk of complications down the line, like blindness and glaucoma
Holy shit, the things people do to seem special and unique on teh interwebz

No. 1320000

She has a thread here! >>>/snow/131195 Though it's been dead for almost a year

No. 1320078

PULL had a thread on her before the site nuked. I don't know if she is a cow, but her existence is very cringe and tryhard.

No. 1320088

File: 1631220454459.png (1.64 MB, 1186x673, Screenshot_3.png)

i accidentally just opened twitch and saw this, it's the cringiest fucking thing ASMR I endured. how is she still allowed on twitch?

No. 1320115

>>1319932 >>1319916

Krotchy/Sarah McDaniel actually acknowledges the eye shit later in stream because people ask about it here and there and therefor "chat hates her" apparently.
But she said something like "the fake eye stuff, thats all you have on me?" and basically shrugged it off.

Imo if your whole personality is based on being a giant pick me and you fake having a condition for attention, that says alot about you. Then theres the blatant photoshopping and art theft. She even reuploaded a video of a girl sensually dancing on her own youtube channel and PRETENDED THAT IT WAS HER DANCING. She then deleted the video when people were linking the original channel in the comments.

No. 1320126

Fuck, you know I almost fell for the Hasan charade, but he really is just like every clout chasing-coomer in LA. Sometimes the way he addressed women irked me, and everyone knows how he grifts for trannies. Final straw was the sex-worker shit

No. 1320173

>pokemon toys on bed
>random dude's names scrawled on arm
>tits out
>inhaling mic to get sad dribbling creeps off

I don't know who is worse here, the sad viewers, the camgirl-sorry, streamer, or the platform for allowing this shit.

No. 1320205

>accidentally just opened twitch and saw this
This is not milk, coomer. There are 100 other thots doing the exact same thing on twitch. Twitch doesn't give a fuck. Not sure how you haven't gotten that thru your skulls yet.

No. 1320455

I guess you missed the one who farts into the ASMR mike ITT >>1258912

No. 1320480

With Spencer?? KEK.

No. 1320520

Absolutely pathetic

No. 1320760

creepy fucking stickam tier moid staff. I once saw an admin come into some bpd girls stream to perv and that was less than 18 months ago.

No. 1320772

Ew what.. Do you happen to have any caps or remember what the girl's username is?

No. 1320783

Kek I literally have those same blue contacts she's wearing in the second from left pic. Freshlook Colorblends in Brilliant Blue.

No. 1320784

all i remember was it was the start of covid and she was streaming as a supervisor in a vegas walgreens (yes she got fired)

No. 1320796

LOL thanks anyway, anon.

No. 1320886

God she looks like a slightly less ugly Anisa but just as annoying

No. 1321113

She’s 27 how bad is her skin supposed to look? LOL

No. 1321114

File: 1631343707757.jpeg (598.74 KB, 2880x1800, ED483E3E-8E23-4E33-B039-82EC72…)

She’s admitted on stream to only washing her hair once a month when she goes to get it dyed at the salon. The poor hairdresser that has to wash her hair. Pretty crusty up close.

No. 1321115

Also does anyone remember when Amouranth and Indiefoxx and Faith were all competing? Amouranth kept saying that the other hot tub girls just wanted money and she was trying to raise money for a good cause, ie her animal shelter. But now she’s doing interviews where she’s bragging about making a million plus dollars a month. When asked about her animal ranch she says she doesn’t have time for it now because she’s too busy. Nice narrative change.

No. 1321120

Idk if Hollywood warped your sense of average skin but one look through a midwest America tells you caucasian people age really fucking bad

No. 1321188

You must be 16 to think that your skin gets bad at 27

No. 1321270

Okay retard

No. 1321599

Didn’t realize there’d be hard amouranth stans in here

No. 1321600

You don’t age on your chin retard. That’s just crust.

No. 1321733

You can simultaneously dislike someone and not nitpick their skin texture nonnie, not that deep.

No. 1321741

File: 1631426156326.png (816.95 KB, 1056x590, wtf.png)

Train's place just got hit with a laser. He has all of his blinds closed now. What could this have been, anons?

No. 1321749

That’s hilarious.

No. 1321752

I read a comment that said his providers are after him, kek.

No. 1322220

seems fake af

No. 1322327

Was relative to the comments she’s made about going days without showering and weeks without washing her hair

No. 1322373


You forgot the fact that Krotchy admitted on a stream with Hasan that she got a fake Covid vaccine card in order to travel to Costa Rica. Check out Ostonox's channel, the clip is there. That's straight-up fraud, and I'm pretty sure the statue of limitations hasn't expired. Some bored DA or a DA who wanted to make a name for themself could easily charge her and secure an easy conviction. DAs in the US are political positions, mostly elected, so the idea of some spoiled basic White girl getting done for thinking the rules don't apply to her would probably play well with the voters.>>1319932

No. 1322577

You know I went looking for this video expecting her to have been a lot less blatant about it but this is wild

No. 1322648


Part of me wants to believe she was trolling because I find it hard to believe that someone could be that stupid to a) Publically admit to fraud like that b) Think that Hasan's chat, or people in general, would applaud her for it.

What makes it even dumber is, according to the US State Dept, you don't need to be vaccinated to travel to Costa Rica. Maybe things were different when she traveled, but I doubt it.(sage)

No. 1322681

Oh no. Sorry for not reading the thread to see if you guys are talking about this but this girls tits are down around her belly button like a 60 year old woman.

No. 1322686

See >>1319974
it's to be expected

No. 1322730

>that thumbnail
>fat bottom lip
>patchy beard
I thought that was pjw for a second lol what a collab that would be

No. 1322794

I think she might actually just be that dumb tbh. She was the one who suggested they watch this Joe Rogan video featuring some guy that his chat started immediately pulling up links showing he was apparently some conservative conspiracy theorist, and while I didn’t check for myself and his chat isn’t filled with the brightest bulbs kek she has always been a conspiritard herself. It really looks like she can’t read a room.
As for whether or not she would have needed proof of vaccination, I have no clue. Maybe the Costa Rican gov or the airline she was using asked for proof of vaccination? She could also just have made it up to look edgy I guess.

No. 1323471

what is wrong with her skin holy fuck. also not wanting to tinfoil but im starting to think the mtf conspiracy about her is true.

No. 1323482

File: 1631587839526.jpeg (367.18 KB, 828x667, D591407A-5ABD-4B42-8026-D381FB…)

No. 1324598

File: 1631702364483.png (130.49 KB, 1444x588, Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 5.34…)

Another LSF couple bites the dust.

But XQC and Adept are back together, so I guess it balances out

Don't know about her skin, but it's always odd to see her on other people's streams with lighting and cameras she can't control

No. 1324614

File: 1631703766916.jpeg (121.63 KB, 1000x1000, D13AD238-60A9-42EC-ABA4-AC713C…)

I know this is pathetic but I'm actually really sad about this.

No. 1324649

Is he FTM? Those brows look taped on kek

No. 1324672

File: 1631709855269.jpg (94.71 KB, 900x1200, Mizzy.jpg)

kek no, just his genes.

No. 1324676

Selfish miz is a bathtub pisser and got pissy for her telling his viewers then when on to say he should double down and poop in there.

She moved back for two weeks and probably realised how much better it was without him

No. 1324681

Also this
Good thing about this is that this is a huge wake up call for his audience if they ever want to stop being virgins and for miz too

No. 1324694

That's what you get for dating an adult man who still plays pokemon. Clearly he is a child who isn't even potty trained.

No. 1324733

a man child, who thinks misogyny is funny

No. 1324744

This was like a month ago tops

People go on about how he's changed since his ice poseidon days but he hasn't changed enough, jesus men seriously get so much leeway

No. 1324745

What an annoying prick. I think this behavior is not only because he is a manchild, it's insecurity. He realizes that this girl is way out of his league and it makes him super scared of losing her and insecure of how he looks next to her. I have known men like this and they think if they don't act like an ass then the woman will not "respect" him because she realizes that she has all the power in the relationship cause he could never get anyone like her again. It's his manbaby way of trying to get some control back in his own mind. Glad she dumped him.

No. 1324758

I can’t find the clip, but I remember there was a time during the girl’s podcast when he randomly burst into her room and threw a bunch of bags in her face and walked out. It was super awkward because it looked like it actually hurt and she was clearly embarrassed. Everyone else on the stream got really uncomfortable. That’s just one instance, but they were clearly not on the same page.
I think he would also try to embarrass her in public, like when they went to New York.

Yeah, that’s probably part of it. He started calling her a boy and making fun of her hair when she shaved it, even though she was still out of his league in terms of looks

No. 1324763

I agree his behavior is disgusting, but I'll never understand why one doesn't leave when you learn about your partner's disgusting habits, or they call you a bitch, is a dick to your family, etc. Just reminds me of women who talk so casually about red flags that popped into their relationship yet they did nothing about it like when their bf doesn't shower, doesn't take her out on dates anymore, etc. I want better for Maya and I really hope she learned from this relationship.
This especially pisses me off. I wish she would've just ignored him and left anyway. :(

No. 1324836

If it gives yall any solace, he's stated that he cannot sleep without someone in his bed so he can seriously use that time not sleeping to reflect and try to change himself because him being 26 and acting like this, bagging maya and self sabotaging is insane

No. 1324866

File: 1631727651219.jpg (129.85 KB, 1280x720, rip.jpg)

He also hates being alone in general. Like you said, I really hope this is his wake up call, but he's a male so who knows if he'll actually learn from this.

No. 1325195

I've met Miz and Maya a few times at cons and parties and such, and he's fucking unbearable. I'm surprised Maya put up with it for this long, because she has genuine drive and passions in life that aren't just sperging out in front of a webcam all day and spending ridiculous amounts of money on Pokemon cards. I know someone already posted a clip, but hes an unapologetic misogynist. The first time I met him, he told my friend that she's "absolutely unfuckable" just because she's a slightly bigger girl, all when we were just exchanging pleasantries.

I agree with other anons, I really hope Maya learns from this relationship and stays away from spoilt manchildren in the future. She's pretty and talented, and deserves better.

No. 1325290

Why’s everyone now saying miz is annoying and unbearable? Bro has had adhd since forever, not to excuse his behavior, but isn’t it obvious he’s a bit special? And that’s why people watch him?

No. 1325318

He's not your bro. He's just some ugly clout-chaser who finally got his wish.

No. 1325330

File: 1631760901201.jpg (31.72 KB, 750x733, maya.jpg)

I can't believe you expect us to be somewhat partisan for a 26 year manchild

Go back to the previous threads and CTRL + F for Miz hate, tard.

We know and it's apparent as ever now since Maya left and now we know for certain she wasn't having it and it was genuinely mask off.

Maya was one to just play it off but there was lots of speculation about them being passive aggressive on stream and about how he didn't actually give two shits about her feelings on stream and farm content.

I mean, who goes to their gf that's expressed she's cried over 5 times in the span of 48 hours on stream bc of stress then cries again expressing mutiple times she doesn't like his jokes to which he then jokes about to his viewers then wants to make a joke again after she leaves crying for the 6th time?

Also Miz and his chat just gaslit everyone who saw redflags.
>"If Maya doesn't treat him right, she's going to lose him"
>"Maya simp DansGame"

>Calling Miz a bro
Fuck off, scrote simp

No. 1325343

Also sage for complete ot and no contribution but I'm really glad that Clint seems to not like miz at all when miz seems so into Clint.

No. 1325365

File: 1631766126715.jpeg (75.09 KB, 685x450, E8DB9DE2-741E-4F57-9A54-DD0152…)

It’s always been said. Notice the thread picture

Everyone in the OTK org seems kind of scummy.
Asmon lives with his mom in filth (but he’s “taking care of her”) and has a generally horrible attitude and hot takes about women.
Esfand has no content aside from football and continually says ignorant things that get swept under the rug. He also clearly resents XQC and makes passive aggressive comments while everyone else on stream awkwardly tries to ignore it.
Nick is only more tolerable because Malena is there to tell him to shut up. But he always capes for any streamer that’s accused of racism and backpedals when there’s too much proof.
I don’t even know if the random small streamers in his house are in the org, but it was confirmed they were spreading COVID during the storm, one got kicked out for racism, and another is a sex pest at parties.

It’s kind of insane that any of these people are functional, but I guess that speaks to their appeal

No. 1325389

im not saying we should be partisan im just confused why anyone is shocked he's a scrote only NOW that he and maya broke up. everyone loves to forget he was a cx camera man, and that shit isnt wholesome at all

No. 1325392

Speaking of Clint, I saw people posting his leaked nudes in LSF before it was removed. Apparently he got catfished rip. I wish there were more details about how but no one is forthcoming

No. 1325397

I don't think anyone IS surprised about his character, I think we're just happy that it's just more open now than ever especially with Maya breaking up with him, like I said, it's so much more mask off without the balancing act of having Maya because without Maya, everyone can now see him without her image in the picture.

I think that could seriously dictate how people actually see him now, since it obviously didn't click for people before, also it's new milk for us and with new milk I think comes a vibe check of how much he has changed. And, yeah, he REALLY hasn't changed, we're agreeing here but it's just absurd how little he's has changed which in itself is the most self absorbed thing he's done. That's the part that I think is the most concerning and surprising part, if he doesn't change now, then there's no hope for him.

No. 1325399

(new milk being the breakup, not the misogyny and stuff)

No. 1325585

File: 1631802316089.jpeg (Spoiler Image,28.5 KB, 600x315, EDCEA3ED-9DBB-4DB7-BF84-ADDE73…)

I feel like he is the golden boy of lsf, clint is an og, has never had any drama, doesn't like drama, keeps to himself, extremely chill so i would think if lsf were to ever steer clear of drama for anyone if would be for Clint "2nd place" Stevens

No. 1325825

It was quickly removed but I’m surprised it went past LSF mods. I thought whoever posted the link was posting a Clint meme or something, like him as an ant. Unfortunately it was clint pumping his dick

No. 1326099


> referring to any of these fucking losers as “talented”

No. 1326345

>I'll never understand why one doesn't leave when you learn about your partner's disgusting habits
Because in the beginning of a relationship you are wearing rose-colored glasses and are so in love that you are blind to a lot of red flags. You might be hoping that he will change and get better over time and that your love can fix all the problems etc. I am sure there was something about him that she liked, maybe she has a savior complex or thought with enough love and mothering she could fix him. Maybe he just made her laugh. I mean it seems that she did come to her senses afterall since she left him, but love makes a lot of people do stupid things.

No. 1326400

File: 1631873344175.jpeg (240.05 KB, 946x2048, bro.jpeg)

Anybody else get weird vibes from this guy? Don't know if there's actually much milk on him TBH. I just know he's done a lot of League vid prod work and used to hang out a lot with Ovilee May. Currently seems to orbit around Lilypichu and other OTV and friends girls. Does shitty theater-club-level improv on stream and talks like he's on Xanax. Definitely gives off smug fuckboy vibes. My gut tells me he's going to be the next creep of the week.

No. 1326413

He directs and films all of OTVs videos and lives in their house.

No. 1326430


I know he does. He's not a bad video producer. Not a giant leap up from the previous one, but not horrible. He just gives me massive creep vibes. His DM on behalf of Poki kinda confirms the smug asshole vibes I get from him. Just the way he talks and the way he acts is fucking weird. Guy makes up shit-tier improv and talks like he thinks he's hot shit. Probably just another LA clout goblin creep. I'd definitely bet a few bucks he ends up in somebody's Twitlonger or there's drama around him. Definitely getting major leech vibes off him.

No. 1326510

He used to live with OTV when he had a shitty landlord but he lives with Leslie, Peter, Miyoung, and Danny now IIRC.

I don't think he's a creep but I think he's your average LA film school product. They're a dime a dozen.

No. 1326813

Why did you decide to use the screenshot where Brodin is fucking based though?

Stupid American steals Japanese doujin artist song and tries to sell it for huge profits and a record deal. Another stupid American, steals from the first stupid American, and tries to extort money from poki by rallying a Twitter hate mob.

No. 1326975

File: 1631912546994.jpg (52.21 KB, 600x800, amoranth possibly trans.jpg)

That's her before plastic surgery and being famous

No. 1326976

File: 1631912589402.jpg (351.36 KB, 1200x1600, amoranth possibly trans2.jpg)

No. 1327031

Gotta say that looks a lot like a dude, but the hands in this >>1326975 scream female to me.

No. 1327035

Holy fuck, is this real? I've never exactly found Amouranth beautiful, and always thought she looked pretty manly, but this another level. No wonder she got PS when she made it big on Twitch.

I agree. Also, in candids taken with other people, she looks very petite. I don't buy into the MTF tinfoil.

No. 1327057

Wow actually cute af regardless if it’s amo or not lol, damn she could’ve had an army of fem simps

No. 1327172


It's pretty common for Peter Pan to be played by a girl. Hands definitely look feminine. Besides, I don't believe that if Amouranth were mtf her doc would keep their mouth shut; think of the publicity they could get.

No. 1327400

File: 1631968802272.webm (13.28 MB, 3840x2160, awkward.webm)

Looks like she needs a better moisturizer or it could be her foundation that makes her skin look flaky.. maybe she should stop using it for a while for her skin's health.
I sadly would've been one of them.

No. 1327454

File: 1631976378232.jpeg (143.65 KB, 640x716, EEA475B5-83D8-44B1-81D2-84C1D1…)

stumbled across this, I seriously couldn't stop thinking about these exact videos…
> What are the manipulative techniques/tricks of manipulative people in each MBTI type?
(I know it's pseudosciencey but it wow)

No. 1327459

File: 1631976550048.jpeg (148.22 KB, 1242x1241, AE93C33A-DEE9-4448-9129-8E9D76…)

Again, i know no one cares, just posting for the off chance someone finds this as fucked

No. 1327469

Yes he's probably an ENTP but no one gives a fuck, stop. Go post on personality-database

No. 1327505

File: 1631979215565.jpeg (11.48 KB, 128x128, B33B32ED-6D26-4B1B-A700-959947…)

Stop trying to incite infighting, i already saged and i think some people would give a fuck if they knew how fucked up miz was to use manipulation tactics on his gf since it was kind of subtle and somewhat confusing to follow through his line of reasoning, its gaslighting 101 and it's seriously hard to tell for some people, like maya, even if shes smart, chill out, empathy is a thing

No. 1327532

Your pic hehe

No. 1327815

It's kind of crazy how the most left leaning twitch streamer still can't give to shits about women and their problems, at least some top comments called him out, he only larps for it when its in it for him under the guise that sex work is empowering

No. 1328162


There used to be a term among hard-core leftist circles- 'socialist from the waist up'. Plenty of women in communes, leftist groups, etc complained about the men expecting them to do the dishes, 'keep them happy' etc. The 'I'm an ally. Down with the patriarchy and imperialist norms. Now please let me fuck you.' has been around for a long, long time.

Hasan's audience are also primarily young boys, i.e. most of Twitch, who live through his supposed chadness. Any hypocrisy on his part won't be met with that much pushback from his own chat.

No. 1328446

File: 1632078359919.jpeg (260.38 KB, 1125x1018, 260209EA-6830-47DD-A71A-529D64…)

Why is Anisa following the missing vlogger lol

No. 1330649

File: 1632265799274.jpg (61.02 KB, 1024x576, JinnyTwitch-1024x576.jpg)

A bit late but Jinny being a public menace again

I don't get it. The same people who say women are ruining streaming are the same ones who simp and defend jinny to death, what's the deal

No. 1330721

File: 1632269056241.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x1860, Korean-woman-san.jpeg)

Because they'll do anything for their Asian waifu.

No. 1330723

I think jinny is baste. Male irl streamers act disruptive and disobedient all the time and people think it’s funny. Fuck it let the bitch girlboss.

No. 1330741

I hate any public menace regardless of gender, those poor min-wage workers dont deserve that lmao

No. 1330805

fuck off scrote

No. 1330869

Lol, are the OTV and Friends crowd masters at subtweeting or something? https://twitter.com/annoyingaria/status/1440155691377782792

If you feel like calling people out, call them out. This whole vague commenting about people is just pure cringe.(post screenshots)

No. 1330881

I think she might be talking about an ex or something? Or maybe kris up thread?

Anyways, I used to think Aria was one of the “good ones” cus I never see her involved with drama. but after seeing her throw up on stream, I took a deep dive and she’s actually a fucking hot mess. How the fuck does a grown adult forget to cancel a subscription and end up paying hundreds for years without noticing? The same girl also forgets to invoice companies for payment(working for free) then complains about not affording rent or a purebred cat. Some streamers are so detached from reality it’s infuriating.

I think she even moved from LA to Vegas to be closer to Ryan Higa, and when that didn’t work out she moved back to LA in 2 months.
Clip related about their awk chemistry

No. 1330894

Doubt she is talking about Ryan Higa or KritoferYee, since she mentions that person "losing their power" and they are both doing quite well.
Its likely her ex Altec, who failed as a pro League of Legends player or Fedmyster, who failed to return to streaming successfully.
Maybe she had some sort of bad experience with him when she was working for OTV.>>1330881

No. 1330902


Fed's actually doing surprisingly well. He's not pulling in 10K+ viewers per stream like before, but he's doing better than Magician Boy by a considerable margin. I also get the feeling he made the girls in the group feel creeped out/violated, not worthless.

That's why subtweeting is so fucking cringe, though. I'm sure there are people speculating as who it could be and maybe even sending out shitty messages to defend their queen, probably to the wrong people in a lot of cases. Best thing would be to keep your mouth shut, but at least name people so people don't caught in the crossfire and the people being attacked know they're a target so they can respond.

Was she always this unbalanced? I started watching her a bit around the time she broke up with Altec and she just comes across as this needy, bitter, single female friend. Half her tweets etc. are emoji filled 'Oh girl, I love you!!!' 'OMG, you're the best!!' She airs people's dirty laundry on stream, and acts like a manic mess in general. She also talked shit about her ex, saying she's never really loved anyone. I get that a filterless nutjob is entertaining for some, but it must get really annoying for those around her who don't want every aspect of their lives to be possibly exposed.

No. 1330933

I think she’s always been this way but her private Twitter amplified it. Like I know depression is a thing, but I feel so bad for her best friend when aria tweets shit out like “I wish I had a real girlfriend that hypes me up” “I want to die” “no one believes in me”, what a social vampire, please continue going to therapy tf

No. 1330934

I'd hardly call forcing 2 year+ old content like, going back to marbles, girl interactions and playing Secret Hitler (that no one cares about since the other people arent CCs) and averages less than 800 viewers doing "surprisingly well".

And he didnt just creep out or have sexual misconduct, he also was a shithead when it came to social interactiosn. It wouldnt surprise me if he shit-talked AriaSaki the same way she did with Yvonne and word got out.

Yes, she was always like that. Most of these streamers never had to face reality and society like a normal person. So they are stuck functionally, mentally and emotionally in high school.
That's why they don't know how to handle basic stuff even though most of them are nearing 30 years old.

No. 1330943


I'm assuming her best friend is Lily, which makes comments like those even more fucked up because Aria has to know they'll have an impact. I mean, most normies would tell someone like that to go get help and then would tell them to fuck off if they didn't take the proper steps to get their shit in order.

It makes it more fucked up that she's doing this all in public, for engagement. It's one thing to be like that in private, that's bad enough. But when you have thousands of randoms looking at shit like that, and drawing their own conclusions and sending people hate etc, that's just fucked up.

Girl is definitely a bitter, unstable, leech. Acting all emotional because you didn't get verified or whateve? GTFO with that bullshit.

It's relative. He averages like 1K-2K per stream now. Definitely doing better than Sleightlymusical, who is lucky if he gets 500 a stream.

True, Fed was also just a plain old asshole. I think it's hilarious he was the so eager to shit-talk Albert, but as soon as he ends up getting booted he suddenly goes on hikes with him.

No. 1330972

What was Albert's average viewercount like before shit hit the fan? You're making it sound like he also used to pull 10K+ per stream, which I find hard to believe with his content.

No. 1330978

Albert used to hit 700 to 1200 at best, and he only did 1K+ when he was with Lily or someone else.

Fedmyster on the other hand is bleeding 1k+ followers every time he streams and loses around 300 to 500 average viewers. Checking his Twitch Tracker you can see he averaged around 600 to 800 in the past 3/4 streams in both his channels, he hasnt reached bottom yet, things will still get worse for him.
Compared to the average 15k he was pulling before getting cancelled is mediocre. And there is no way that kind of viewership is enough to sustain the life he leads considering he is a moron when it comes to handling money, saving and investing.

No. 1330987


That's a good point about comparing past numbers.



Honestly not suprised. The dude is talented, but he has like an anti-personality. I watched a few clips of Lily and him when the drama blew up out of curiousity about their vibe together and he was a dead fish. Even with her constantly plugging him and collabing with him and him constantly using her for clout, he still couldn't break high numbers.

Good to hear about Fed's trajectory. I'm just waiting for the shitstorm if and when he has 'consent experts' on his stream, as promised.

No. 1331006

I love popping in on Aria's side account to see what level of hot-messness she's currently at. I think most of these social media personalities have enabling therapists who don't push them to do better.

No. 1331028


I get the feeling it's more the fans and their 'friends' who enable them. There are bunch of people in the OTV and friends fandom who either seem to take pride in being unstable losers or who seem to want their favorite streamer to be an emotional wreck so they can 'help' them. Lots of kids watch streams, they should learn that if you act like a burden and don't show signs of improvement, people will get sick of your shit and ditch you.

No. 1331442

Speaking of aria, she has huge clout chasing tendencies. She did a q/a about how she became friends with miyoung and lily, and she literally stalked them so she could say everything to make them like her. Like she went as far as to remember their favorite colors, foods, shows, and said everything agreeable. Creepy af

No. 1331475


That goes beyond clout-chasing. Clout-chasing is just networking when you don't like the person doing it. 95% of content creators need to do it in order to go anywhere careerwise. You need to put up at least a friendly façade when you collab with people. I don't fault streamers for doing that. The issue is when people don't know the difference between a business contact/collab partner they're friendly with and an actual friend. My guess is that a lot of 'friendships' in the streaming sphere are transactional.

Trying to create this perfect image of yourself so people become your friend is just sad. I honestly kinda feel sorry for her. It's also a pretty shitty thing to be telling your young audience. Anybody with half a brain will think you're a borderline stalker/stan and the braindead teens in chat will think it's a good approach for making friends. 'Derr, just make sure I say I like the same things and have the same opinions as people I want to be friends with…Derrr.Yep.'

No. 1331516

i'm late but i found the video

No. 1331593

>I should try to be more myself, but it's really hard for me to..
>I want to be liked.. at all times
Holy shit, lol. That's pretty pathetic. If I was in their circle, or any streamer circle at all, I would not trust anyone with anything.

No. 1331820

Where's you find this ENTP stuff? Link for fellow mbtisperg?

No. 1331836

i see why im retarded pls dont bully me guise it wont let me delete

No. 1331902

all good you saged, most of the mbti stuff i try to seek out is on quora as much as people like to shit on quora its a guilty pleasure, pseudoscience heaven deep dive

also posts cant be deleted after 30 minutes after posting

No. 1332033

File: 1632382859181.jpeg (256.42 KB, 1125x839, A2E21C01-055A-4C9E-8EF2-362D00…)

Can any fitness fags explain if anisa is actually working at 4 hours a day or is she full of shit as usual

No. 1332037

what hurts is that she thinks she's subtle with the queerbaiting/pandering/both

No. 1332141


OTV girls in general do queerbaiting on the reg. Poki does it, Aria does it, Lily does it, etc. It's like the streamer equivalent of two straight girls kissing in the club for attention. Also kind of weird how a group of streamers who are supposedly woke about LGBTQ+ shit would use such a tired trope which doesn't take girl-girl love seriously. You think they would meme about Lily and Toast/Scarra or Poki and Michael? Shit was already tired when Friends did it.

No. 1332209


friends very clearly joking about being gay for eachother is in no way whatsoever queerbaiting and absolutely none of this shit is milk take the hateboner for OTV to KF with the scrotes mad about girls on the internet or find actual dirt

No. 1332226


Shit's still cliched and overdone as fuck. Not really milk, but it is shit-tier, tired, and unoriginal 'comedy'. Also, criticizing a bit that's already been done to death, and which does pander to a segment of the audience, isn't a hateboner.

No. 1332649

why did you only say OTV girls and not mention Peter, John, Scarra, etc?????

No. 1332662

You can't do HIIT for 4 hours. The whole point of HIIT is that it's very short term intervals of max effort. All-out sprint for a minute, 15-30 sec rest, repeat. Most people who don't run much already would struggle to complete 20 minutes straight.

No. 1332723

´That's a fair point. Definitely a thing with the guys too.

No. 1332806


Not at all to give any credit to Anisa, but it is possible she meant taking breaks and repeating the sprints after she got winded; still an extremely bad way to go about doing it, but it was something I was forced to do in track by a shitty coach a couple decades ago.

No. 1335059

No. 1335160


This guy is pointless - if you spend your time fostering a parasocial relationship with this fat retard or his retarded talentless ex girlfriend you should jump off a bridge(sage)

No. 1335333

Don’t really understand the bit about accepting questions for a Q&A. They already made a joint statement, there’s no point in prolonging the breakup unless it’s for content.
The only consolation is that he’s probably seething that he’s not at the LA Twitch streamer meetup.

This alt stream he did a month ago probably reveals what he’s actually like. TLDR because it’s 3 hours of whining:
>He and his friends did an IRL stream where they acted like a public nuisance and accused a restaurant server of being racist
>Brings up Reckful’s suicide when talking about LSF hate comments in response to the IRL stream. Immediately backtracks when confronted about it
>Takes no responsibility and instead thanks Greek for taking most of the heat and blames Alinity for the comment, forgetting all of the other shit they did during the stream and the nasty comment Maya made
>Says that big streamers who just sit and play games are lowering the bar for everyone
>Moans about how it’s his dream to travel and stream but he can’t do it because of his chat
>Humble brags about making $300k per month, but definitely doesn’t care about money anymore

The guy is completely out of touch

No. 1335342


These people are a true curse. They make scandalous fortunes mining the pathetic isolated insanity of their idiot viewer base, by producing the objectively shittiest most low-effort entertainment product (in terms of the reward they receive) that has ever been sold in human history. I’m happy whenever one of them kills themselves, it’s good when the antisocial mass they stoke out in the world rebounds and infects them.(a-logging)

No. 1335941

Maya's moving out.

No. 1335947

File: 1632780362441.jpeg (191.87 KB, 828x720, 0F0272B8-7CE2-45FB-B3DC-33506A…)

No. 1335962

maybe nitpick but I don’t like how he’s pointing out that he is paying for Maya moving, just feel like his audience is the kind to twist that into something against Maya/women in general

No. 1336009

Yeah, the way he said it was kind of douchey.

No. 1336041

Wonder what sort of lease she signed with him. Probably a month-to-month contract since she's seemingly moving out by the end of September. I thought it was kind of odd that he made her pay rent while bragging about how much money he makes, but I guess it protected her as well.

Imagine moving out of an ex's house while the in-laws are visiting and he buys a car to compensate

No. 1336312

Mizkif is, in fact, a douche, and he, his friends, and fans do not, in fact, respect women. It's obvious if you've seen them interact at all. He treated Maya like shit especially. I hope she's making him pay to move all her animals at the sanctuary back to wherever she came from. I don't like Maya, but Miz was Ice Poseidon's camera man and he's still a piece of shit. He pisses in the tub.

No. 1336391

File: 1632835859253.png (168.81 KB, 338x286, jinny .png)

so jinny is into blackface now huh

No. 1336573

lmao that's a fur hood, not an afro.

No. 1337163


Are you actually retarded?

No. 1337508

Maya's gone and he's going to LA to visit.

No. 1337517

> there’s no point in prolonging the breakup unless it’s for content.

Probably this, or Mizkif is such a socialy stunted manchild that twitch is his only way to cope with the loss.(sage)

No. 1337545

I don't really understand this logic. He says that he misses streaming and obviously isn't taking a break from social media since he's been milking the breakup in 3 YouTube videos so far. May as well just start streaming again.
And of course he couldn't stand everyone being in LA without him right now. I wonder if he's salty that H3 chose Hasan as a cohost after Mizkif has been dutifully leaking Twitch drama to him for the past year and got nothing but burned bridges out of it

No. 1337589

What the fuck are those eyebrows?

No. 1338032

File: 1632991893931.jpg (16.75 KB, 421x478, 7cc9a6ae5b6483abfd8804090b5866…)

Any Antony Chen milk? He used to be a more Americanized Asian who would thirst trap on a fitness tiktok account which flopped then he rebranded as a anime tiktok which obviously brought him a lot of attention because he would cosplay as Levi. Now he's on Twitch playing genshin impact and only having azn friends with more viewers than him to expand his SEAmonkey fanbase. It's the fakest shit and would get called out for if he were a girl.(racebait)

No. 1338041

This isn't milk.

No. 1338158

He's cute, thank you for posting him and giving him another fan.

No. 1338814

Post the thirst traps or gtfo(sage your thirst)

No. 1339473

File: 1633161808538.jpeg (813.82 KB, 1125x1433, 3E9021BD-9582-43D4-A138-E53580…)

I am hoping and praying nothing romantic happens between these two because that is the most cursed fucking imagery I’ve had

No. 1339534

I'll fucking hate this, everyone used to call Maya scuffed Pokimane. I hate all of them but moids are just absolute trash.

No. 1339609

Maya should just start streaming again. Whatever mutual agreement they had to take a break from streaming and not participate in ShitCamp is kind of null since he went out to LA and met with everyone anyway.
Even if there’s no possibility of a relationship with Pokimane, he’ll milk it for all of the content he can. Now he can relationship bate since he’s single

No. 1339626

considering how fast she broke up with Hasan, its unlikely she would tolerate a guy who can barely function as an adult

No. 1339781

i thought she was dating bjergsen?

No. 1339804

File: 1633203965420.jpeg (99.46 KB, 611x1075, 24A666FF-9F69-4FD4-8ECD-52D2E8…)

Really cursed kek

No. 1339812


She also wouldn't take the shit he put Maya through for a fucking second once the honeymoon phase was over. Poki blows through streamer bros because she gets horny and then gets bored and it's always hilarious.

No. 1339823

They went on dates not actually dating. Besides I thought Myth and her were going out since he kept showing up at OTV. I think those two are a better match than miz

No. 1339860

Myth seems hilarious and awesome. I'm glad to see him getting some success.
Does anyone else think Soda is gay? Idk if he always was but I think he's become such a degenerate he's a breath away from trooning out.

No. 1340656

Miz has been thirsting after Poki since forever, even when he was with Maya, but he tries to pass it off as "totally ironic bro". His chat always give him asspats whenever he interacts with her in any way, so he's probably lapping it up. Poki will also just latch onto anyone that she can milk for attention or content. They're both such attention whores that they're a good match, imo.

No. 1340783

File: 1633319353223.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1125x1992, C298AB77-89C3-465E-921B-3CCC26…)

I’m losing my mind, poki can do so much better

No. 1340837


No shit. It's a zero risk fling just like anything else Imane gets into. Short of an actual A list celebrity, Pokimane can maintain the power in literally any relationship she chooses to pursue. Young, rich, and basically unstoppable means she can(and should) cause psychic damage to all of these dudebros as often as possible.

No. 1341282

He's back.
He mentioned this, lol.

No. 1341309

Please no. I don’t even like her but this would be so fucking tragic, like literal fat ugly bastard hentai. How can you be stacy and let that inside you?

No. 1341321

Shitcamp made me realise what a degenerate coomer Hasan really is. One of the other streamer talked on their stream about walking in on him telling all the other men there about all the women he's had sex with. He also wore pornhub jogging bottoms to the gun range, he does news so I assume he knows about all the rape and revenge porn they have on there. He also just seems so fucking fake to me with the over the top "thank you so much" to waiters rather than just a normal thank you, it all seems so forced.

No. 1341363

She has to be stringing him along or something for some benefit I imagine? Though we've seen cuter girls go for worse I guess. Will never understand hetero women.

No. 1341392

Nick joked that Miz was driving around LA trying to pick up girls in his Mclaren. Seems like he’s trying to rebound as fast as possible.

I used to think his degenerate comments were ironic or for shock value, but he’s definitely laying it on thick. His relationship with Lea was pretty pathetic by the end and it’s hard to picture him dating a normal person

Also, Cyr and Dasha were hanging out together in LA. Her thread dried up a while back, but it’s still surreal to see a lolcow orbiter and ex friend of Onion now hanging out with successful streamers

No. 1341405

>Shitcamp made me realise what a degenerate coomer Hasan really is
I'm sorry nonnie but you're only realizing this now??? he's picked up and fucked multiple porn stars on stream it wasn't a hidden secret lol

No. 1341497

He dated Janice Griffith, nonny is retarded.

No. 1341663

He is literally proud coombrain. Always letting everyone know how hot he thinks any given young woman is. He had dating hot takes that were incel tier, he just learned to side step and pander better now. He ghosts female content creators who manage to not want to fuck him. About time the Hontra crowd makes him prove that he'd fuck trannies lol
Can't fucking imagine dating a scrote who'd gaslight and debate you into the fucking sun while boasting about how easy pussy is for him.

No. 1341667

Why does he still keep Dasha around. Bitch must has some Gone Girl grip on him kek

No. 1341703

I never watched him consistently and I knew he was a sex work posi scrote but I guess I always thought he at least pretended to be above all the other degen coomers, it was made very clear he's as bad as the rest.

No. 1341913

File: 1633480060871.jpeg (910.08 KB, 1125x1565, 4D54D6DC-3E55-45EE-B2D7-B1B6AD…)

>streamer complains about not making enough money
>same streamer does stupid shit like this constantly
Streaming was a mistake

No. 1342064

File: 1633495967714.jpeg (83.55 KB, 483x680, D7DB61F4-024C-47A7-AC0A-E8388A…)

Rae with Lil Nas X

No. 1342066

File: 1633496003610.jpeg (297.13 KB, 1440x1553, 0A2254A5-6CAF-4559-8DB4-A5A022…)

No. 1342068

File: 1633496100494.jpeg (309.64 KB, 1440x1547, 80930DC9-B6EB-4A32-BA0B-6C07FE…)

No. 1342142

File: 1633501747130.jpg (36.55 KB, 1024x576, 1580298199202.jpg)

I can't even judge her because i've done this before numerous times.

No. 1342162

Cute, Rae has no drama besides that one time with her ex, but he’s the bigger dramaqueen since his vegan steroid saga

No. 1342208

File: 1633513929634.png (225.07 KB, 1888x564, TWITCH_LEAK.png)

Twitch has been hacked including information about streamer payouts over 3 years.

Some streamer payouts from this September:
$43,177 on September

No. 1342209

>Hat Films

No. 1342210

No. 1342218

File: 1633514671307.jpg (42.86 KB, 600x400, xqc.jpg)

Idk who this ugly moidling is but he makes $752,467 a month. Who the fuck is giving money to these people? If you know anyone who regularly donates money to twitchthots like this ugly asshole you need to cut them out of your life.

No. 1342219

File: 1633514703354.jpeg (147.6 KB, 860x608, 4BAE1A37-5EA3-4453-B1B3-9025E4…)

I'm not surprised that they're all rich, but seeing the actual numbers makes me suicidal.

No. 1342223

File: 1633515307822.png (544.38 KB, 1042x418, meme.png)

No. 1342224

File: 1633515824083.png (164.7 KB, 1074x1146, payout.png)

No. 1342228

Yeah, I'm kms.

No. 1342232

fucking epic. the salt must flow!

OT but is this somehow related to the fb/insta/wa downtime? If twitch/amazon got pwnd then maybe they all did?

No. 1342241

I'm surprised you didn't know who he was, but I guess the LSF sphere is only a small corner of Twitch. I think he's been in the top 5-10 viewed streamers for the past few years, so his number is the least surprising.
I think it was calculated he makes $17k from donations in a month, so I don't know what the other $735k is coming from aside from subs and ad revenue.
Amouranth claimed she made more than him, but she doesn't even break the top 20. Unless she means her OF

The most surprising is Destiny, since he was unpartnered, but can still make $10k. I wonder how all of this compares to YouTube

No. 1342242

#348 Kiwo 37771090 1353396.35

$1,353,396 earned since 2018.

No. 1342245

These numbers don't include streamlabs I think. It's just subscribers and bits.

No. 1342255

What did she mean by this?

No. 1342265


wait what

No. 1342273

Amazing clintstevens makes that much. That bitch streams once a month. >>1342224
As always the overlord gazillionaires are all scrotes. But it’s women who are taking advantage of men’s hard earned money right?

No. 1342290

since Aug 2019 you mean.
You'd think she'd be able to afford a cleaner once a week on that kind of cheese.

No. 1342296

Those numbers don't include donations.

No. 1342304

the numbers are wrong anyway, apparently. The pastebin anon is a tard and fucked it up.

No. 1342325

Despite the numbers being incorrect, is any of this really surprising? Big streamers usually make $3-4 per sub + ad revenue. If anyone was that invested, you could probably have calculated a ballpark figure before.
A lot of mediocre entertainment figures are grossly overpaid. But I guess the people donating are reaping what they sow

No. 1342331

Ayrt Your point is?

No. 1342352

>28th in the total payout list
>"I can't pay my water bill guys"

These fucking multi-millionaires.

No. 1342361

Nothing I hate more than 6 figure streamers still LARPing as working class and guilt tripping retard 15 years olds into making subbing. Millionaires doing this should straight up die.

No. 1342370


No wonder destiny is malding

Even before streaming you could see in his family’s ig they’re loaded Silicon Valley folk. Literally LARPing since day 1

No. 1342433

Excuse my ignorance but how do streamers make money off twitch? Is it all donations (aka subs)?

No. 1342456

subs, donations, and sponsors. donations are different from subs in that twitch doesn't take any portion of money from donations. also, there are different tiers of partnerships streamers can negotiate with twitch that decide how much money they will get from subs 50%, 75%, etc. someone can correct me if im wrong.

No. 1342474

The leaks only account for subs and bits(on site donation currency), donations are done through streamlabs and not included. So these numbers are probably way lower than what they actually got.

No. 1342478

Emiru used to be kind of cowish right? Idk much about her now, as far as I know she just streams and cosplays and hasn't done anything milky since her cringe tumblr days.

No. 1342480

File: 1633546820495.png (702.76 KB, 4879x4913, responses.png)

No. 1342493

These people are truly insufferable scum, pokimane is the exception here

No. 1342496

Yeah she’s actually redeemable for capping donos from the mentally ill twitch community, props to her for that

No. 1342526

Alinity making jokes about her abusing her animals.. very endearing. I mean, in the end nothing will happen to these people. Nobody will stop giving them money just because they are already rich.


No. 1342536

Careful, you already woke up an otvfaggy PULLtard >>1342526

No. 1342546

God imagine being such a fucking loser that you not only give money to a dumb thot cause you have a parasocial relationship with her, but you also whiteknight her on the internet. I can't even imagine being so pathetic, I'd probably kill myself.

No. 1342549

Poki spergs go back to your containment discord stat

No. 1342580

Seeth harder, copium, meds now etc

No. 1342613

No. 1342628

>vegan steroid saga

No. 1342634

Poor KnowNothingTV, kek

No. 1342671

Sonii went vegan but is also very obviously taking roids because of his acne and temper tantrums.

No. 1342735


who the fuck cares this isn't milk

No. 1342777

One of the craziest ways to get publicity though, I’m betting a lot of people went to check them out

No. 1342905

Mizkif is already "joking" that Maya was dating him only for his money

No. 1342931

she was 100% the one who decided to break it off and he's so mad about it

No. 1342938

I'm sad i missed this. Any among y know a way to still find it?

No. 1342944

from aug 2019 to sep 2021 - total


No. 1342945

Thank you anon.
Now i go check for my personal favs and see how they are doing

No. 1342946

No. 1342950

Thank you anon this was much faster and hella fun

No. 1342961

Yeah I was shocked and pretty jealous at how much even smaller streamers I follow have made. And this is just ad revenue and subs, it doesn’t take donations into account. Makes me want to stop donating knowing how much they make

No. 1342968

I didn't mind so much since i mostly just use the free prime sub. The only time i donated was during charity streams. And a handful of times during a hour train bc i really wanted the emote. I had a few streamers that didn't even make it to the list but tbh not surprised
Makes me wish i started stream when i first got on top twitch which was about a year or two after it launched.

No. 1342988

I'm not even going to use my free prime sub anymore. They can all get a fucking job.

No. 1343010

Same. I use my free prime for the communities I want to chat in most.
I don't even care that people donate at this point. Donating to small streamers is for support, donating to large streamers is for attention. People know they're rich, they just want to have some sort of interaction. It's sad, but so is most of the unnecessary spending people do with other wealthy celebrities and athletes.

Her punishment for dating him will be his constant jokes for the next 5 years. Imagine sitting down at a restaurant next to this sideshow

No. 1343017

File: 1633606191822.jpg (119.22 KB, 716x983, 20211007_132955.jpg)


Emiru is still the funniest pickme LoL cow to me, her thread is still here and you are free to check it out. I am sure she will find this thread too (if she haven't already), because she loves to egocheck herself. I haven't checked on her in years but all I would see is her venting on Twitter or making up "I'm breaking up with my bf" stuff multiple times a year. Last time she ragetweeted that he broke up with her, just to delete it later. Few months passed, they called it quits.

Honestly the entire relationship was meant to be horrible from the moment they "met". Dуrus went from a healthy proplayer into a disgusting, miserable slime that quit LoL and have dead-air depressive streams while Emiru would buy AliExpress outfits and use SNOW filters, accusing every girl of copying her for playing ADC, eloboost herself while trying to convince she did it all alone and keep putting two bras on stream because she is that insecure about being a flatchest.

He broke up with her and actively uses tmblr, focuses on getting a healthy weight again and seems much happier now. He still doesn't look great atm, but not as horrible as he looked during the years of their relationship…win-win I guess? They both are idiots. It was his fault for deciding to e-date a horny immature fan that ended up causing shitfest around her and his friends.

No. 1343037

I will never understand donating to streamers. Unless they average like 2 viewers per stream, they DO NOT need your money you made working a minimum wage job. You get nothing out of it besides a pat on the back, at least if youre buying merch, you get a physical object you can use

No. 1343047

Why is it assumed that people who donate are broke? A lot of them just seem like nerds who have disposable income and don’t know what to do with it. All of the “I worked really hard for you this week” TTS is ironic in most streams.
One of the people randomly donating hundreds of dollars to Miz every week was found and he’s a 20-something who plays with stocks. They’re all just as rich and emotionally stunted as the streamers. The rest are mainly primes

No. 1343050

its a job nonny

No. 1343061

you'd think with all the money he'd be able to buy a hair transplant

No. 1343069

File: 1633618298547.jpg (25.79 KB, 500x281, e477651ba68af77caf5f44f214d146…)

Thanks for the answer I'm still struggling to believe that people pretty much throw money at this people to that degree.

No. 1343088

sure. but not paid for by me unless you count the shit ads.

No. 1343101

twitch isn't even destiny's main source of income so i'm not surprised

No. 1343585

Isn't pokimane kinda milky tho? The few snippets of her I've seen she seems like a huge hypocrite and attention seeking just as the rest of the ethots on twitch which fine make your money but pokimane seems to act or pretend she's better than them while still pandering in vaguely sexual ways to her underage fans.

No. 1343692

> Isn't pokimane kinda milky tho?
Old and overblown, drama exacerbated by jealous PULLfags or angry gamer dudes needing a scapegoat

No. 1343955

she is, but every time someone tries to point it out, you get people like >>1343692 rushing in here calling you a scrote or a pullfag. She may not be the milkiest, but she has done some seedy shit.

No. 1344026

then post the milk lmao

No. 1344298

Seconding >>1344026, I have honestly never watched any of pokimanes content, or any of her friend group for that matter, but whenever I hear about her "drama" it's something like "Poki dumped some loser and he wrote a whole dissertation defending himself" or something like that.

No. 1344346

Honestly she used to be until she left cancerous OTV house. Most of the milk was literally just her playing and flirting with men, but mainly people on Pull were obsessed with her "being abusive to fedmyster" and the whole foki thing.

When OTV finally spoke about it only because #metoo started being in trends in Twitter, she finally left this house that doesn't give a shit about women's safety. She's living with other fem streamers afaik and seems just much more open and chill now. Haven't checked in awhile though, but she seemed ten times better as a person once she left. Started admitting she fucked up a lot etc and wants to connect to her fanbase.

During that time PULLtards poki thread turned into kenna-tier threads, they'd just build tinfoils and nitpicks. She ended up having at least ten pages of nothing. Then Pull closed.

No. 1344373

File: 1633784514943.png (70.58 KB, 697x535, lsf miz.png)

No. 1344409

I remember her, she was that underaged sugar baby cow who had a older pro lol player as a sugar daddy. She has since deleted all evidence of her milk. Nice to see that she’s still an attention whore kek

No. 1344429

link to thread?

No. 1344434

No. 1344440

File: 1633795436892.jpeg (210.42 KB, 774x1667, FBRJ-jgXEAQXjjB.jpeg)

No. 1344445

No. 1344446

I think I remember XQC and Nick or Malena also hinted that someone in their group had cheated. Everyone started making guesses on LSF but nothing ever came of it.
Unsurprising if true. The guy has the impulse control and emotional maturity of a toddler. And of course his dick is small

No. 1344447

nice, i didn't know any alternatives besides removeddit and unreddit and they're both dead asf

No. 1344448

oh yeah lmao i remember that, but i seriously doubt they'd drop shade like that while stil being close friends with both miz and maya

No. 1344460

Fatty attention whore gets read like a book by unhinged nicki minaj stans, he looks so broken down at the end kek

No. 1344531

File: 1633808504109.jpeg (154.75 KB, 933x933, 5281E95E-4CAB-40A5-A3E4-1A5CDC…)

Don't like either of them but her fans are funny. Sometimes.

No. 1344584

Haven’t read this yet but isn’t Emmia a huge cow and Sushia is her sister? Most of the girls in Destiny’s circle are fucking insane to be honest.

No. 1344590

Samefag, Sushia was just a roommate apparently. I remember them living together earlier this year though during the Bob7 drama because Sushia was covering it and Emmia would go into her room and joke about it with her. Then I realized they were both massive Destiny orbiters and didn’t watch or follow any of them after that.

>Okay uhhh i have 1 thing to say stealthybannedfish said emmia is hotter than me and like maybe her tits but definitely not face lmao. she only posts heavily edited pictures lul … Not like it’s a competition but i don’t want people saying i look uglier than an inbred bitch with Fucked up teeth and skin lmao
>Eywyw emmia eats once a week trust me her elbow are pointy
wew lad

No. 1344741

Wait, so are Emmmia and Emiokok the same person?

No. 1344764

Miz also said a few years ago that Sushia was into him but did some weird shit so they never really interacted after the fact. I don’t want to defend Miz because he’s an obnoxious scrote but Sushia genuinely seems mentally ill and doesn’t have proof except that Emmia, who is equally as mentally ill, said so to her and her friends. https://livestreamfails.com/post/66097


No. 1344875

No one mentioned it here yet so I will do: Amouranth was banned a few days ago and she didn't get a reason from Twitch yet. She also got banned on Instagram and TikTok. Mizkif thinks that she's done for real now.

https://www.dexerto.com/entertainment/mizkif-claims-amouranths-fifth-twitch-ban-could-be-her-last-1671727/?amp(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1344876

For anyone who doesn't want to click the link:

“Did you guys see Amouranth got banned? That’s kinda weird,” the streamer said. “Well, not weird, it was pretty f*king obvious that sht was going to happen. But you know what’s crazy about it? I think that’s her last ban. I talked to her about it, and I remember when we streamed a few months ago, she told me her partner manager said that it’s one more strike and she’s done.”

No. 1344898

"twins licking a mic" can't be a good look. At least try and keep the thin ASMR veil as a veil and not noncery.

No. 1344913

mizkif's friends still hanging out with the clout chaser that swindled him for 2 years is the ultimate humiliation

they had zero in common:she's into nature, he's into videogames. She called herself a "nympho" on stream, he's open about having killed his sex drive with adhd pills. She's a diehard liberal who cries at the slightest exposure to any view that isn't aligned with her Instagram feed, he got famous by pointing the camera at random women's asses and bullying trannies.

they deserve all this drama for both being massive hypocritical faggots about covid restrictions, throwing people under the bus and all

I wonder if his next gold digger is going to be asian as well(sage)

No. 1344928

Good. Nothing of value lost. The only people who actually cared or enjoyed watching twitch thots like that stream are degenerate coomers. I despise women like that who hide behind "body positivity" and "sex work is a valid empowering career" to shield themselves from the criticism that they are directly marketing porn to minors via twitch. They know exactly what they're doing and it's vile and evil. I'm so tired of this era in internet culture where moid coomers can talk openly about their degenerate porn addiction and objective women but it's cool because sex work is empowering right guys? It's totally not degrading yourself to fart into a microphone for your legion of twitch fans (most of which are probably minors or young adults with developing brains) and if you say it's not you're a prude harpy pick me who hates women making bank. Fuck her and her group of equally as vile twitch slime. Just make a fucking only fans for fucks sake or become a professional porn star/sex worker if you want to make money degrading yourself and your body for moid money.

No. 1344939

Don't forget that she's doing all of that for her animal sanctuary. Glorius Saint Amouranth who prostitutes for the wellbeing of animals. She's not like the other girls, so she's getting a pass. I hope she's done for real. It's interesting though that she's banned on three different social media accounts. Isn't there a second wave coming according to this hacker?

No. 1345192

Simpleflip's ex Leah is a nutjob if I ever saw one

No. 1345284

>gold digger
>paying rent for your boyfriend to live in the same house
not likely

No. 1345303

he had her on a month-to-month lease so he could kick her out when they inevitably broke up

No. 1345374

Poki is def a downgrade from maya.

No. 1345396

that's because maya is genuinely attractive, poki is just plain. guess her being an e-celeb bumps her up

No. 1345397

File: 1633972869453.jpg (Spoiler Image,80.66 KB, 851x639, Screenshot.jpg)

Aria keeps escalating

No. 1345420


A couple of months ago I posted some caps from one of their streams about her thirsty Poki was being despite the whole just friends shtick, like other people are saying she's a downgrade from Maya but it's looking more and more like she did end up with him. Cursed indeed

No. 1345421

God I fear for poki. Aria is psychopathic with how she views friendships and probably read up on everything poki likes/dislikes/life story etc to get close to her, I hope poki fucking runs. Thankfully I think aria is moving onto tiktok kids? Which is equally scary

No. 1345432

they are already friends anon

No. 1345434

Right but how parasitic is it going to go >>1345397

No. 1345440

>god I fear for poki
what type of simp shit is this.

No. 1345441

File: 1633977066360.jpeg (210.81 KB, 753x753, 0B247881-72AF-432E-B3E6-9C507F…)

✓ long hiatus
✓ shit content
✓ constant trauma dumping

“What am I doing wrong”

No. 1345444

The farting devil tattoo lol

No. 1345445

File: 1633977237507.jpeg (409.02 KB, 1125x1267, 112A00F3-37E3-4A74-964E-5936F1…)

If I have to choose between poki or aria, at least poki doesn’t hang around tiktok kids that are 10 years younger than her

No. 1345458

according to google aria is 27 and larri is 23 is that really so weird?

No. 1345465

My bad she said she was a decade older than the people she was hanging out with on stream, exaggeration on her part I assume

No. 1345478

Ária was totally okay and a nice streamer until her bf broke up with her, she went full attention whore mode. From drunk puking on her livestream to posting tweets like this. This woman really needs to learn that being single is not so bad. I still find the tweet disgusting, surprised how a 23yo reacted better than her to that situation. What kind of creep behaviour is that? I guess she follows her 29yo besties steps, dating people in early 20s.

No. 1345557

previous onision-orbiter and smalltime cow cyr has signed on with the org otk. otk is owned by esfand, asmond, miz, and other people i don't remember because i don't care.

No. 1345563

File: 1633995367676.jpeg (484.25 KB, 750x603, 97D3652D-7B67-4F0E-8AC9-C5FDBD…)

It’s strange how easily he was able to weasel into that circle and none of them know about his past with Onision or Dasha. Some people have tried to bring it up on LSF but it always gets downvoted.
To be fair, maybe he’s changed. But his annoying humor, punchable face and leach behavior is Onion-esque. And the weird circle jerk about how handsome he is crazy

No. 1345573

It is weird. The average 23 year old is just getting out of college. The average 27 year old is likely years into their career/independent life and has different priorities. The 27 y/o's I fucked at 23 were emotionally stunted. Now at 27, I'd never date someone more than 2 years younger.

No. 1345594

I want him and Dasha to reconcile and bring the drama to OTK.

No. 1345600

I think they already have. They hung out together in LA during ShitCon and she congratulated him about joining OTK on Instagram

No. 1345634

That's funny cause he and his roomie and streamer spaceboy would always make lowkey jabs at Dasha on stream. I guess he got over it or decided she knew too much and needed to keep playing nice?

No. 1345685

Ok that's true but it depends on context. When I was 23 I had 27-year-old friends but we were all college dropouts in similar jobs so we weren't too different. I don't know anything about those two but they're both influencers to some degree so they're probably both retarded attention whores.

No. 1345704

I cannot stand that pos.
If it was him that said, "I have my pp out btw" she'd have his TwitLonger posted within the week or month. Really odd behavior, Aria.

No. 1345718


The whole "Aria invaded their spaces" tinfoil is really tedious at this point; Aria and Lily went to school together and all of their friendgroups started intermingling heavily after OTV formed. Aria is really fucking weird about Poki in particular(almost explicitly to ride the meme), but she's pretty normal with the rest of her friends. A bit manic and a stream of consciousness tweeter, but that's not really milk of any sort.

No. 1345744

>Aria and Lily went to school together
isnt aria canadian? you're telling me she studied abroad to some random new jersey community college, for funsies? if true, that makes aria even more fucking deranged lol

No. 1345796

They didn't go to school together. Arias college was by lilys apartment and she would constantly pop over until they became friends.

Arias weird about alot of people, all of them more clouted then her.(emoji)

No. 1345977

Why does she sound like that

No. 1346613

File: 1634160963805.jpeg (1.81 MB, 3840x3840, 41CD1BFE-1216-4187-AD36-140901…)

Anisa is streaming for the first time in months and damn is it refreshing to see her normal mannish faced compared to the filtered as fuck tiktoks

No. 1347069

Does she not have a single tattoo that doesn't look like it came out of a gumball machine? fuck.

Also kek at her looking straight up like poot lovato.

No. 1347087

Men are allowed to be sociopaths. If Alinity was laughing during one of his lame sob stories about how he didn't get the girl he wanted or whatever whiny first-world male problem he had, his grimey-ballsack-lickers would've called her an ugly whore and probably wished for her death. I don't like her, but this clip made me feel really bad for her.

No. 1347092

File: 1634194261394.jpeg (371.05 KB, 857x478, AF0D1D28-259A-4AD4-9BDB-EAD2EC…)

Was about to watch Anisa’s stream and holy fuck she’s such a mongoloid. I can’t believe she had the balls to call other girls FAS troglodytes

I have a feeling emiru and miz are going to get together

No. 1347105

File: 1634196673410.jpeg (110.4 KB, 1280x720, FEF60B3E-881B-4FA9-B938-F7595A…)

Edison and Fuslie announce their split.

Apparently they were planning a normal life and quitting twitch prepandemic, but among us streams made fuslie suddenly popular. Damn, can’t believe among us ruined a marriage

No. 1347114

The proposal was obviously staged and all the OTVs are nothing but attention whores anyway. Good thing they split on good terms instead of making it a big drama like other people. Don't think neither of them will turn into Aria after breakup. Even when they announced their engagement it was obvious they never seen Twitch as a long-term career, especially for her bf. He wanted to keep uni studies and work a normal job to provide.

No. 1347121

She looks like a stereotypical dyke character that a man would design in a videogame. Like a trannies dreamgirl. All this bad ending needs is Ian trooning out. I could see it happening.

No. 1347123

>I have a feeling emiru and miz are going to get together
I sure hope not. If she didn't learn anything after being with Dyrus then I won't have any sympathy for her if shit goes South.

No. 1347126

lmao based. Fuck Alinity. Animal abusers don't deserve pity.

No. 1347137

>animal abusers
cmon now

No. 1347147

Go spit vodka in your cats mouth.

No. 1347163

I unfortunately kinda saw this coming for awhile now. Almost 6 year long relationship and they never once lived together - not really a good prognosis. I know it was supposedly because of their strict parents but c'mon… he's 32 and she's 28. Old enough to make decisions without parents.

No. 1347168

That's an insult to Poot tbh.

Kek, I could totally see her as a romance option in some tranny made game. Please don't speak Ian trooning out into existence though. That'd be an OnlyFans account straight from hell.

No. 1347180

libtard, muh animal.

No. 1347201

So animals are worth more than human beings? Her story was scary and sad. They were fearing for their lives. But nah fuck that, because Alinity gave her cat vodka.

Anon, you're a horrible human being. Pls get help.

No. 1347225

>I have a feeling emiru and miz are going to get together

Hooking up with another streamer after a 2-year relationship would be fitting for Miz. But I guess he and Maya don't owe each other anything anymore.

The only consolation is that the OTK Anniversary / Cyr Announcement was a $60k shit show. It's insane how much money they throw around without having a manager or lawyer to vet things. $5k for fireworks that turned out to be sparklers and having random people show up to your venue to eat your food is on brand

No. 1347227

sure, considering the amount she gave it was completely harmless i might just do it

No. 1347237

aka leslie loses her financial advisor/manager

No. 1347272


Fuslie's close enough with the OTV circle and its orbiters that she'll be fine.

No. 1347301

Animal abusers are not humans. Sorry but a person with a heart and soul does not toss around a cat and spit Vodka in it's mouth and sexually abuses their dog. That is something only a soulless being like Alinity would do. I would say even your average housespider is worth more than her because at least they protect us from Mosquitos, while Alinity is an actual detriment to our society.

No. 1347303

lol I forgot how many asian people use this site, of course you don't give a shit about dogs and cats being abused.(racebait)

No. 1347308

My favorite part was Miz saying "We paid them and they didn't do what they were supposed to, what are we supposed to do?" Children playing business.

No. 1347352

Did he ever heard of suing? Get your money back dude. They throw out money like it's nothing. Now he's a top earning streamer but sooner or later he will be replaced by some new streamers. Being e-famous has a short expiry date.

No. 1347566

Emiru looks cute here but how does she look SO much different, is she just that much better at makeup than she used to be?

No. 1347583

Alinity has come around for a lot of people tbh, even in the comments of that vid people are acknowledging for the most part that the laughter is inappropriate and some people are saying they feel bad for her.

No. 1347586

for sure, and good, because her drama was pointless

No. 1347821

File: 1634253155308.png (248.27 KB, 260x431, 9F43B37A-5E1D-41F8-8879-C64E14…)

Ye, she switched it up and stopped using those god awful contacts that look silly irl.

No. 1347842

She also debuted on twitch when she just turned 18, so she’s probably lost baby fat since then.

On a side note, isn’t it fucked dyrus dated her just when she turned legal? Why the fuck were PULLtards attacking her when the 6 year older scrote was clearly the problem.

No. 1347899

Because she took their Daddy Dyroid away. Her thread was pretty pathetic. I think one of her nitpickers had to have been Lily back then kek

No. 1348207

Alinity is an ugly whore who fucks her dogs, why the fuck are people whiteknighting her here? Honestly surprised people are even still associating with her and having her on streams. She should stick to spreading her asscheeks for scrotes on OnlyFans and her dogs.

No. 1348228

Please read the last thread we already cycled through this argument

No. 1348247

File: 1634310461701.webm (840.71 KB, 480x270, xw2XptRExd_DIi0L.webm)

Hasan had sex with workers from a brothel that was raided for human trafficking in 2016

>Nine hundred police officers have taken part in a raid on one of Germany's biggest brothels in Berlin, making six arrests over alleged human trafficking and tax fraud.

>Those detained in the raid were accused of tax fraud and withholding social security contributions, said police, who added that they were also investigating possible human trafficking by the club.
>Most of the women were from eastern Europe, Russia and several countries in the Middle East.
>Police charge that while Artemis had officially engaged the women as “self-employed” sex workers, they were in fact regular employees with set work hours, price rates and instructions to perform specific sexual acts.
>By withholding social security payments for them, the club had cheated the state out of at least €17.5m (£13.9m/US$17m), on top of its alleged tax evasion, said Michael Kulus from the Berlin customs office.

No. 1348252

This cumbrain scrote is puke inducing, I can't believe he has so many pickmes orbiting around him.

No. 1348254

I hate him so much

No. 1348289

why would anyone not associate with her lol, take your pills

No. 1348302

This is why I hate pro-SW with passion. There will never be ethical SW and making shit legal only allows for legal exploitation. Disgusting.

No. 1348319

Cause she is a piece of shit who abuses her pets by spitting vodka into their mouths? And a literal prostitute? Fuck off chinky scrote. Don't you have some live squid to munch on?

No. 1348320

absolutely revolting, what a scumbag. I can't believe this fat coomer has thousands of braindead simps hanging on his lips because he's such a chad!!1! absolute scum of the earth pathetic excuse for a man. I hope he and every other john get aids

No. 1348321

Reminder for Alinity simps: Alinity is a talentless whore who fucks her dogs. She is only relevant because scrotes want to bang her stinky coochie. She earns more money than you ever will despite being an animal abuser who throws cats and teaches her dogs to lick her stinky crack. Keep sending superchats to a prostitute who would rather fuck a dog than you.

No. 1348323

not invested in this drama at all but you sound like a scrote tbh

No. 1348331

outta here scrote

No. 1348341


No. 1348356

File: 1634324937201.jpg (82.9 KB, 1080x476, IMG_20211015_210631.jpg)

This is making me wanna alog so bad anons, he's is literally the embodiment of everything that's wrong with leftist men.
Millionaire asshole who goes to other countries to rape victims of sex trafficking but he's the good one here because swerfs have incel energy. The fact that he has so many idiots defending him drives me insane.

No. 1348373

10 years ago these men would just call you a frigid bitch and go. now they're on twitter posting this bullshit and explaining why buying impoverished immigrant women for sex actually makes them better feminists than you

No. 1348397

nobody is simping her, we already discussed this thoroughly in the last thread. Alinity talk just circles around animal abuse, her cooter, "mUh EthIcS".

You sound like a buttmad scrote, did she not notice your dono and you're on a roidrage? take your meds and shut the fuck up

No. 1348656

nta, but I was also taken aback by all the posts supporting Alinity itt

No. 1348702

i dont read it as support, but more like exhaustion? It's the same LSF points that get rehashed for the past 2 years. She did scummy shit but the cops didn't do anything about it, now what?

i'd be more open to discussion if we talked about recent stuff like how alinity and the OTK group treated a shakeshack employee like shit. that was an asshole move.

No. 1348716

I always found him attractive if braindead and absolutely unbearable to hear speak, but I think this has completely cured me. There's no way he couldn't find a consenting tinder hookup, even in 2016 when he wasn't as well known, the fact that they're being pimped out had to be part of the appeal.

No. 1348749

>Millionaire asshole who goes to other countries
a country whose legal age of consent is 14

No. 1348772

He better hope none of them were under 18, Prince Andrew style:

Section 2423(c) of Title 18, United States Code, prohibits United States citizens or legal permanent residents from traveling from the United States to a foreign country, and while there, raping or sexually molesting a child or paying a child for sex. Citizens can be punished under this law even if the conduct they engaged in was legal in the country where it occurred. For example, if an individual traveled to a country that had legalized prostitution, and while they were there they paid a child for sex, that individual could still be convicted under this statute. The penalty for this provision is up to 30 years in prison.

No. 1348781

no reasons not to, the "animal abuse" is obviously bullshit, don't really care about the rest

No. 1348819

the legal age for prostitution is 18

No. 1348842


The legal age for any given thing has absolutely no historical impact on the age at which said thing is performed en masse.

No. 1349040

That doesn't make ok you tard(sage)

No. 1349049

I'm pretty sure that's exactly their point retard

No. 1349201

I wonder why you would want to fuck a woman who clearly abused her cat on camera for everyone to see but um, okay?

No. 1349406

File: 1634464862099.jpg (196.78 KB, 872x599, hasanabi in berlin.jpg)

he was in Berlin for EU TwitchCon 2019, so well into his success and well after that place had been exposed for trafficking

No. 1349418

The follow up article to the one posted here said that there was no evidence of sex trafficking.
Although brothels seem like a last resort for people who have to pay to have sex. Surprised he couldn’t find anyone at TwitchCon to hookup with since everyone talked about how wild the parties are and how many women were trying to grift. I guess he couldn’t even put in the effort for no-strings sex and would rather go with a prostitute

No. 1349427

Links or screenshots please, because I don’t see any corrections or follow ups listed on the articles that were posted above. These places are notorious for trafficking and the government rarely takes action against it, I find it hard to believe so many arrests were made for nothing.

No. 1349429

that's a literal pedobear avatar asking when he's coming out

No. 1349448

I checked in German, so that may be why. It seems like after the raid there wasn't enough evidence to charge anyone and the brothel ended up countersuing for damages


Still pretty scummy. People who go to brothels don't really care about the welfare of the people working in them anyway

No. 1349457

That article is behind a paywall.

Are you German? Is the police corrupt in Germany? Could the brothel have paid off the officers or investigators?

No. 1349479

Here are other articles that aren't paywalled.



It seems as though the prosecutors were mainly interested in tax evasion and creating a connection to the Hell's Angels criminal activities, which couldn't be proved. The brothel operators are saying that the prosecutors lied to the media for their own self-interests.
Corruption is possible, but it's probably police incompetence and it seems like they cared more about the finances of the brothel.

Don't want to derail too much about the specific case since the point still stands that the dude seeks out prostitutes and porn stars

No. 1349542

>I guess he couldn’t even put in the effort for no-strings sex and would rather go with a prostitute

tiny dick confirmed

No. 1349977

File: 1634525248770.png (42.73 KB, 641x349, Why.PNG)

Why does she talk like shes 4? Its so annoying

No. 1350019


No. 1350157

His head looks incredibly small here.

No. 1350197

Some twitch girls are turning 30 soon. It's the childhood that never ends.

No. 1350288

Twitch streamers have stunted maturity, surprise surprise. I remember watching a live stream where this tiny ass twitch streamer was hopping around like a literal toddler and it was embarrassing like grow tf up

No. 1350340

most popular streamers have literally 0 life skills, hafu doesn't even know how to boil water lol

No. 1350687

Emiru said in a mizkif clip that she had to go to court because she got pulled over for driving with tags that had been expired for two years. I remember Valkyrae tweeting the same thing not too long ago and she's almost thirty.

No. 1350696

looks like emiru is considering moving to texas to be with the other popular austin streamers

No. 1350711

File: 1634598041014.jpeg (767.27 KB, 1995x1125, A85E7E17-7C41-4013-990B-379395…)

There’s a new ad campaign going around on twitch where streamers get a nosebleed and the stream glitches. It’s probably for an appletv or stranger things ad.

I think it’s fucked they didn’t disclose it as an ad and many of their viewers were legitimately concerned for these streamers well being. I’m surprised this isn’t causing outrage

No. 1350938

I think that'd be the smart thing to do since her numbers really blew up after doing activities with OTK. I just can't believe so many people didn't know who she was in most of the comments. She's been around for a while.

No. 1351037

I wonder how long Miz was cheating on Maya with her, must be a while if she's already moving in - I mean "to Austin"

No. 1351417

she's lucky that she won that otk show after kaceytron's cheating scandal, which i think helped cement her popularity with otk crew and fans. i wonder if they'd feel the same knowing she kind of embodied the "im not like other girls." stereotype. granted, i dont watch her and people can change.

No. 1351539

File: 1634688063426.png (93.13 KB, 437x686, 1.png)

>Valkyrae launches a skincare line that allegedly protects your skin from blue light from computers and phones despite many studies proving blue light does not harm your skin
>Twitter praises their kween while she receives some backlash on Reddit


No. 1351543

Hassan with his usual wking
>lol people came out with these studies just to say fuck you patheeetic
Uh those tests existed before she came out with her skin care line..
And Valkryrae claimed her skin care line took 2 years to make, sounds like she's copying Fenty Beauty and Nimya with the "we took this long to create this, to make sure we got good products!" line. Let's be real, she did not spend 2 years making her skincare line, she's just hopping on the band wagon like everyone else.

No. 1351549

Why can’t Hasan just learn to keep his mouth shut? He arrogantly defends his garbage buddies whenever they get themselves into pr trouble. I can’t stand him. He even defended his uncle body shaming Britney Spears, he’s a repulsive coomer and I hope all the women with self esteem low enough to sleep with him get a grip

No. 1351551

What even is this? Does she have a large female following? it just seems so bizarre considering the vast majority of watchers on twitch/simps are male. She could have easily focused this on some sort of workout protein or something geared towards her actual audience. Granted idk what she streams so dunno

No. 1351555

>They broke up
For real? They always broke up then got back together cause Emiru can't live without the e-attention from being a wash up ex pro player's gf and Dyrus couldn’t leave her cause was a weird loser afraid of being alone. It makes sense that she's trying to net her next sugar daddy now that they're done, considering how she's appearing on more streams. I wonder if Dyrus will ever expose her getting eloboosted

No. 1351567

I think she does have a much larger female audience than most gaming streamers. It helps that she’s primarily on youtube instead of twitch, and from the few clips I’ve seen she doesn’t really bait coomers. The skincare thing is still probably a cash grab but I don’t think it was a massive mistake to go for something aimed at a female audience. Would be nice if this was all it took to get moids to wash their faces and moisturize, though.

No. 1351568

Also one of the main collaborators on this skincare line that she specifically thanked is Claudia Poccia, the president of Avon. Avon as in the MLM. Yikes.

The majority of her viewers are teenage girls that she encourages a parasocial relationship with.

No. 1351569

>ur not gonna buy that cream, that cream isn’t for gamers dawg
Then who is it for? Valkyrae’s content caters to gamers and her followers are gamers and they spend a lot of fucking time on the computer, did Valk make that shit for office workers??
Hassan is really desperate for some pussy and it shows with his braindead wking. He’s convinced he’s spitting straight facts when he’s completely missed the point. He’s just a retard sperg.

No. 1351571

I expected the quality to be bad but NOT that bad kek. I doubt she even uses her own products

No. 1351574

Oh wow that's actually refreshing, if not still shitty about what she's actually selling. That's dogshit, she could have easily paired with some well known, established skincare brands that actually know what the fuck they're doing instead of this. pretty depressing

No. 1351602

File: 1634693267438.jpeg (327.76 KB, 1125x1368, 9F8AB439-4410-4C9E-8EAB-2B72AF…)

He’s just trying to throw off the heat from himself right now

This is such a stupid thing for him to comment on