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File: 1616404879424.jpg (96.88 KB, 773x652, ch.JPG)

No. 1190167

23 year-old ‘mysterious’ edgelord musician/rapper and YouTube horror narrator whose only characteristics are being an emo fuckboy and having a deep voice. Has a retarded fanbase of horny teenage girls and a growing hate-base.

>Super shy emo uwu guy with social anxiety that never shows his face
>Began on YouTube in 2015 narrating horror stories on his channel, had his music debut in 2016
>Got recognised outside of his music/ horror audience in 2020 after playing Among Us with the likes of Pewdiepie and Pokimane >>1059619
>Friends with the likes of Boyinaband, Jacksepticeye, Loeybug, Glam&Gore, Sykkuno and Pewdipie
>Constantly sadposts on his socials and gets thousands to millions of likes for posting singular emojis

>Makes horrible music with shitty lyrics that only appeal to horny/edgy teenagers, with creative titles like ‘E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE’ and ‘Cat Girls are Ruining My Life!’ >>1059724 >>1059933 >>1078775 >>1135034 >>1135035 >>1182561
>Posts pictures of his veiny hands/arms to appease begging fans and to quell rumours of having 6 fingers >>1056622 >>1058464 >>1076069
>Flip-flops between hating his e-fame and stan culture loving it, constantly whining about it and then perpetuating toxic stan culture by applauding fans for clapping back, gloating “if they shove me, you shove back ten times harder” >>1159287 >>1078699
>”Chronically ill”, claiming fibromyalgia, thoracic outlet syndrome, GERD and depression. Searches for pity points often, says his illness has been “so bad that I couldn’t lift a spoon to my mouth” >>1135930
>Claims his GERD has made his voice deeper >>1159287
>Is such an edgelord he wears an eyepatch because screens hurt his eyes >>1159287
>Releases song and puts a random tik-tok e-thot that reacted positively at its release on the album cover without her consent >>1059200
>Has a drinking problem, saying he’s “ruined every drink for himself” and that he’s “never felt more like doing drugs in my entire life” gets sad and plays VR drunk >>1135287 >>1135311 >>1159287
>Has claimed to be of several different ethnicities, claiming Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, then decides he’s Mexican, Native and Irish >>1134888
>Incorporates fragments of Spanish in his raps to try and keep up the Spanish heritage lie, is learning Spanish in VR >>1135636
>Posts autistic violent outbursts where he smashes glass, screams and stabs tinfoil, laughs manically to questions about his mental health, loves “inciting chaos”, tells BrookeAB to “shut the fuck up” in AmongUs to the discomfort of everyone >>1056626 >>1134060 >>1134088 >>1159287 >>1134102
>Peaks his creepy factor by posting a soundbite of himself breathing, fans go wild and it trends on Twitter under #onlybreath >>1128060
>Close friendship forms with Loeybug - posts cringe screencaps with her and Corpse calling each other “baby”, visit each other in ACNH to sit on a bench and “boot feets”, says he texts her more than anyone else >>1133215 >>1133245 >>1136002 >>1159287
>Claims to be in debt on his mom’s side and his own, says he grew up extremely poor and that he dropped out at the age of 12 and proposed if he wasn’t big by age 21 he’d kill himself >>1187999 >>1187436 >>1159287
>Glorifies self harm, cut his face with razorblades 10 minutes before Among Us streams >>1159039 >>1186404 >>1186460
>Is confirmed as fat >>1138161 >>1138186 >>1138202
>Shoves Valkyrae in last-minute for the Daywalker music video because he doesn’t want to be filmed, said costume & manicure staff were on-hand, she does a “making of” vlog for it and shows no staff were present has to do it all herself, visibly annoyed & uncomfortable

YouTube (main): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFNTq9XKHDNy_1-2lL0kqCg
YouTube (gaming): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ0uJ8rlpTU0HwDTVBJdizA
YouTube (music): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuZPtWDsczOuztPMUr0mmpw/featured
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/corpse_games
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Corpse_Husband
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/corpse_husband/?hl=en
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/corpse_husband

No. 1190170

Thread anon here. Making this to appease the tens of people asking for a CH thread. I know most don’t think he needs/deserves one, but at least the CH fags that shit up the YT thread can have somewhere to pour their autism. Tried to condense it down to thinks that could actually qualify as milk, despite fucktonnes of tinfoil and discussion there are very scarce screencaps/video evidence in the YT threads so a lot has been left out. Thanks.

No. 1190178

Actually a good OP, anon! Seeing his “milk” condensed into a summary really hammers home his cringe factor. At the very least this can serve as a containment thread for corpsefaggot spergery.

No. 1190202

Thank you for making this thread OP thank you thank you thank you.

No. 1190204

Good OP! Thanks for making this thread. I’ve always got weird vibes from Corpse and I’m just waiting for something to come out about him. I don’t know what I’m expecting, but he creeps me out

No. 1190215

I still don't get why girls think he's hot just because his voice is deep. Just remember the chocolate rain kid. No thirsting over him.

No. 1190225

It's a mix of the age of the girls and the image he's cultivated for himself, that's all.

No. 1190239

I've been waiting for this thread for a while now. Good job OP.

No. 1190249

I still find it funny that he uses an image of himself that is essentially a gym-going emo guy rather than a fat loner

If he really thinks his face is going to be leaked, he may as well create an image that can't disappoint

No. 1190258

>gym going
That in itself is incongruous as fuck, just like everything else about him
My personal lolcow is obsessed with him and she’s in her mid twenties with a long term boyfriend who she ignores to terminally thirst over this fat faggot, his fanbase is a special breed of retard

No. 1190260

Sincerely appreciate this anon. The people shitting up the YouTube thread with CH bullshit was so immense. This was definitely required and I’m glad you did the deed!

No. 1190309

This is going to sound mega tinfoily but I was listening to this >>1056626 and immediately thought he talks like a man in his 30s when he isn’t trying to sound “sexy”. Everything about his enunciation and everything is suspiciously… old.

No. 1190324

I don't doubt his voice is somewhat deep and yeah, sure, GERD or whatever but it's fucking clear as day he deepens his voice. Check his videos from less than two years ago and his voice is considerably higher pitched and you have the comments section filled with dumbasses talking about how he went through puberty twice.
Yeaaaaaah no.

No. 1190347

i’ve never linked a video before, sorry if it’s not embedded properly. this old collab popped up while i was browsing graveyardgirl’s channel and his voice is completely normal here

his stans already found the video and are in the comment section talking about how he was apparently only 19 and how gerd gets worse with age as if his voice would change that significantly in three or so years lmao

his commentary starts around 3:20

No. 1190348

GERD is meant to make your voice hoarser/weaker not deep as shit anyway, so the whole thing doesn't make sense

I'm surprised his fans haven't googled about it since it's one of the first things that comes up

No. 1190361

File: 1616426988160.jpeg (129.92 KB, 750x338, 74C7A343-2742-49B5-BA5B-481AB6…)


exactly! ethan klein apparently has gerd and his voice hasn’t changed at all throughout his years on youtube. it’s basically just severe acid reflux that causes damage to the throat because stomach acid is coming up so often, from what i can see on google your voice becomes hoarse and strained rather than bassy and deep. dude is full of shit and i’m more inclined to believe he’s an alcoholic or he’s made his gerd symptoms ten times worse from long term heavy drinking

No. 1190367

He's stated multiple times he's an alcoholic, wouldn't be surprised if he gets acid reflux from drinking too much and WebMD'd himself GERD, then furthered the lie by saying it affects his voice.

No. 1190374

For the thread's enjoyment - my fav thing I came across whilst researching for the thread kek.

No. 1190393

His hands also look older than 23 imho but it's all tinfoiling

No. 1190397

I saw this post in the thread preview and I'm not normally into the youtube threads.

I have GERD to the point where I had a blessing ulcer in my esophagus and have to sleep with a cheese wedge pillow to keep bile out of my throat.

I sound totally normal, slightly high pitched female voice and you could not tell I have severe GERD from talking to me. My dad and a few men in my family also have GERD and they sound pretty normal, my dad has a weaker voice (kinda like puberty squeaks) but that's because he eats like shit- he sounds nothing like Corpse husband GERD voice is basically the opposite of this..
This deep voice is some prime time bullshit

Sorry for the blog post just wanted to back up the wiki anons

No. 1190470

File: 1616434865466.jpeg (106.09 KB, 1080x991, 7D9D2876-4042-4F97-B790-65F1DB…)

No. 1190478

This weirdly reminds me of Yan Dev's behaviour

No. 1190496

Reminder: His actual voice is at 0:21.

No. 1190532

FUCKING FINALLY! seriously this guy is such a huge cow. I don't know how people find this fatty attractive, I kinda feel bad for Rae for putting up with this shit, I bet she only did to meet MGK and interact with him.

No. 1190579

I remember seeing this clip of him and Eret (another Minecraft streamer), and he was so awkward. You could hear him go quiet after meeting someone with the exact same voice as him without having to fake it.

No. 1190604

anon you are so right

No. 1190618

Happens around 0:53 in case anyone wants to skip the conversation.
Super gross how he sounded weirdly excited about girls not knowing men can pee without their hands, he sounded like a weird 12 year old that gets erections in class

No. 1190650

I could barely differentiate between the two of them. Corpses' reaction is hilarious.

No. 1190658

it’s so obvious corpse is faking. the vocal fry is the biggest giveaway.

No. 1190694

his voice is deep but the vocal fry gives it away. its so purposeful

No. 1190733

No. 1190735

neither of these dudes have anything on javier

No. 1190835

some people are born with veiny weird hands though. the weirdest thing about them is that they are veiny while he seems not to be underweight.

No. 1190858

File: 1616468329176.jpg (728.44 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20210322-215545_Sam…)

I'm not sure how credible this YouTube wiki is, but it states that CH once had a live in girlfriend. Does anyone know anything about her? Or is she made up to?

Source: https://youtube.fandom.com/wiki/Corpse_Husband

No. 1190984

I know, I use the cheese wedge pillow, and your voice do get weaker like a elderly person? Corpse is just bullshitting everyone

No. 1191019

I remember him saying something in a relatively old livestream, so yes, he did say that. Now that I think about it, he used to reference his girlfriends (and ex girlfriends) on stream now and then.
I'll try to send a link when I get home.

No. 1191020

I was more inclined to believe it because my mother and I both have GERD and we also have deeper voices, but if the irritation really has no effect on pitch, he’s lying.

No. 1191042

Dumb question, but does the combination of GERD and alcohol really deepen your voice that much? Maybe not as (fake) deep as CH but does it really have that much of an effect to make your voice noticeably deeper? Everyone around me drinks like a horse but they all sound just fine. Raspy, sure, but fine.

No. 1191052

File: 1616499484506.png (19.72 KB, 842x143, corpse.png)

The only reason for a voice to deepen unnaturally that I can think of is smoking/weed

Weirdly this comes up if you google it also

No. 1191084

Nah. I know alchos with gerd and their voice does not sound like a constant burp. It's such bullshit

No. 1191118

Interesting. I just find it odd that none if his exes have come forward to anything about him, either good or bad. Does he really hide his online presence from his real life relationships? He would have to be faking it so hard for nobody to notice.

No. 1191125

If he actually has that voice there's NO way nobody recognizes him by now, unless he's lying about a lot of other stuff like location, age, etc. How did nobody from his past upload a photo of him already? I'm sure he's a big edgelord in real life too so I doubt people didn't make the connection even if he's older or something.

My god is his music shit, how can someone take it seriously kek

No. 1191130

I don't think he's lying about his location but age is definitely a possibility. Think he definitely changes his voice, he said in that Anthony interview that he doesn't speak when he's outside which is clearly bs

No. 1191149

No. 1191151

Kind of reminds me of the cat with the deep voice. I guess it has or had laryngeal paralysis which made it's meows sound like a 60 year old.

No. 1191170

he's so nasally he sounds congested lmao

No. 1191175

Unlike CH, I would stan this cat

No. 1191249

Without his fake voice in the way, he definitely sounds like he could be in his 30's. Can't wait to find out he's been grooming underage fans all this time.

No. 1191254

Alright I knew this guy was probably cringe but holy shit. This thread is opening my eyes right now-he's FAT?? I guess I should have known. That's so embarrassing. That girl didnt even want to take his place in the video?? But he's been famous for over a year now hasnt he? I would think he'd just hit the gym and maybe get some plastic surgery so when he gets found out it isnt so bad. Surely he hasnt just been wanking off to his own fame this whole time, right anons? If a current day picture leaks of him and he's just a fat ugly pimple-ridden piggie I think the internet would actually explode. Both in horror and fake-defense over "b-but b-body positivity.."

No. 1191321


He sounds like Kevin Sorbo

No. 1191327

My man Javier over here is based af

No. 1191555

Isn’t his voice similar to Ice Poseidon, especially when they laugh, or is it just me? And the curly hair..

No. 1191560

Another tinfoil I have is that he talks about in school being a star soccer player and after dropping out, resorting to weight training and fitness. Not to discredit that, but the fat body outline would imply if that was true, he gained a shit ton of weight and lost all of his gains. That takes some time to happen even with chronic alcoholism, so I would also peg him for late-20s to early 30's.

I can't wait till the truth comes out about him because nothing he says adds up.

No. 1191562

for some reason i suspect he is canadian, no idea why. i just feel like he's a canadian cow

No. 1191681

Wouldn't that be a twist. Ice is very skinny so doesn't quite match kek.

No. 1191685

His hands definitely look much older to me but maybe it's just his shitty lifestyle, that wouldn't surprise me.

No. 1191698

to be fair anon, he would pull how he couldn't exercise due to his "illnesses" and GERD or some bullshit and all the fangirls would agree and still accept him

No. 1191790

maybe he is a future /r/illnessfakers subject

No. 1191878

He doesn’t even actually have curly hair, it’s just another lie piled on all the lies.

No. 1191899

Ice Poseidon is actually cute and back when he was fit he use to be hot. kek as far as we know corpse is just a fatty with a fake voice and a possible fake illness

No. 1192089

File: 1616614951093.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 147.24 KB, 640x905, 96759FA5-3F0F-4175-95A2-428558…)

>used to be hot

Different strokes for different folks…

No. 1192108

Bless this thread. Always happy to see a male cow on this fucking site. When he gets outed for being an ugly fat manlet groomer, lolcow called it first.

No. 1192111

File: 1616616369436.jpg (54.92 KB, 500x500, KSsVxj2.jpg)

If he is fat like everyone thinks does it mean this picture is someone else then?

No. 1192135

It could be an old picture, remember, men can use photoshop too. That horse candid is more damning than blurry posed tumblrcore pic.

No. 1192167

His "deep" is just severe vocal fry turned to 11, it sounds so disgusting and grating. I feel like I'm fucking crazy when people call it sexy while I lose my mind 30 seconds into any of his videos.

No. 1192223

His voice makes me cringe so much, it just sounds like someone trying to burp out every word. It sounds the opposite of sexy to me, reminds me of the toilet "burping-out-the-alphabet" humor in movies lol
And do they realize him having GERD means he micro-vomits into his esophagus? (No hate to GERDanons but) how is that sexy?

No. 1192235

I have GERD and no, it doesn't get THAT bad unless in very specific, advanced cases, but at that point you might as well be having throat cancer if the acid burnt your throat and vocal chords so badly they go down to his level.
You'll mostly sound raspy and the voice might be a bit deeper in the morning if the acid happened to trigger while you were asleep and it burn your throat. Also it CAN keep sounding raspy throughout the day if the acid reflux happened often enough to irritate your throat/vocal chords to the point they might've started to swell or burn / feel itchy.

He's faking the voice though, 100%. When your voice is fucked just a little bit from what I mentioned, you can further try to deepen it, play around with how it sounds, idk, if any of you tried doing voice impressions before, it's somewhat similar. So if your normal voice is generally not deep and harsh, but then you happen to wake up one day with it being fucked from the regurgitated acid, you CAN achieve a different type of voice that you normally couldn't when your throat wasn't irritated.

If anything, his constant consumption of alcohol is just further creating that shit I just mentioned, because alcohol is one of the things that heavily triggers acid reflux, so I don't even have to guess, I KNOW that's what ends up keeping his throat all fucked enough for him to be able to keep his fake voice up for hours on end.

No. 1192246

I don’t know how to paste a link so I will try it like this, please just listen to Ice Poseidons voice in this video and let me know what you think about it

No. 1192248

If Corpse ends up being Ice Poseidon the entire time I would laugh so fucking hard.

No. 1192255

Hahaha me to, but some people say oh he is fat and then he comes on the Antony Paddila show and he is slim there, nothing from this guy makes any sense so the best way to even get close to who he is is by his voice…

No. 1192258

Oh my god, you're not crazy for thinking that because I've definitely thought the same. I've been watching him for years and I can definitely hear it, but nowadays Ice is doing desperate gambling streams and other weird content. I don't think he'd bother doing those if he were Corpse, especially because of how lazy he is. But that would've been so funny if true.

No. 1192259

I mean, yeah it is a bit of a stretch if you follow what they both do at the same time, but he is the closest to the description to Corpse, voice, hair (cuz Corpse says he has curly black hair), and plus if Corpse is scared of his background-Ice poseidon doesn’t have a good one so yeah makes me think…

No. 1192261

He is wearing baggy clothing in that interview, but you can tell by the legs he's not skinny skinny

Anyone want to start comparing Ice's legs to Corpse's or?

No. 1192263

Yes I know they are not physically the exact same shape, but the rest fits it all that’s why I am not 100% sure, am only giving away a thought to it…

No. 1192265

Comparing the body alone it's not Ice. Ice barely eats and looks like a methhead. He's much better now, but him going far enough to disguise his body would be mind blowing lmao. Also Corpse is friends with boyinaband, which IMO sounds like an odd friendship based on years of following Ice.

No. 1192285

he isn't slim on Paddila either, his legs are thinner than the horse photo but you can still see his chunky glory, he is just positioned in a way that hides it better. i'd think he gained a lot more weight since than since the last time he was on paddila, they just used an anime avatar. if this is really ice, then he is doing some andy kaufman shit by hiring a chunky dude to show his body so no one would suspect ice but this seems too high effort for ice tbh. i wish corpse would just be a social experiment but truth is he is probably just a sad hypochondriac who rips off dumb girls online

No. 1192332

This little fucktard has a knack for pissing me off beyond belief. Like many people here, I also have GERD, and have had so for about 15 years. Severe enough that I'm not far off a Barrett's oesophagus diagnosis. The wedge pillow was torture for -guess what-, fibromyalgia that stuck around after I was treated for sepsis. You can't fucking drink when you're suffering from conditions like this. Even so, once you're aware of having reflux issues it's easy to be medicated to control it, the real problem is getting to a specialist to diagnose it properly. I'm willing to bet he has some mild shit going on causing a vocal fry, but if anything GERD has caused me to quit my vocalist career because the vibration in my voice is shit, it will NOT go lower and you lose the ability to resonate lower because the tissue is scarred as shit and if anything, is stuck at a higher gravelly pitch. He should have done his research before trying trade in his pity points for clout.

Sage for blog post but this kind of lying gets to me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1192344

>my GERD is wayyy worse than his
>sooper speshul Barrett's snowflake
>condishuns made me quit performer career
>use of "blogging"
spoonie alert lol

No. 1192383

big PULL energy

No. 1192385


Good op anon! You left out some things tho:

>He was revealed to be talking to some of his fans on his snap and once this was revealed, he deleted it and used the excuse of wanting to be anonymous.

>Reposts his fans on his ig stories, mainly skinny white teenaged egirls. Only reposts poc fans if he gets flack for only posting white ones.

>Insinuates that anyone who doesn't like him basically hates anyone and anything thats popular.

Theres more but this was stuff i came across in the youtuber thread and in a youtuber discord.

No. 1192391

If anything, I'm making a point of the fact that what he's complaining of isn't rare or special, people just get their answers and treatment, and make life changes. It's not something I bring up all the time, because once you're on top of it, it's fine. Making it the baseline for your whole persona is spoonie af, but also a smack in the face to anyone that has taken the steps to better themselves and be…I dunno, better? Obviously the only way to debunk this shit is with factual information so…I don't see your issue here?

No. 1192411

Nah sorry just re-read og comment and it does sound snowflakey af. My bad anons, just dumbfounded in regards to CH. I guess it's another reason to never hold an actual grudge against big internet nobodies.

No. 1192442


Girl, you literally started sperging about miscellaneous crap that no one gives a fuck about.


The fact that you actually held a grudge against this guy reeks of pull faggotry. Kek

No. 1192487

>smack in the face
HE's faking MYYY fibomyrolga is REEEAL

No. 1192516

Given the gradual growth between the "white tee" photo, the first interview with Padilla, and the recent horse pic, I'm pretty certain he's just put on a good amount of weight over the past couple of years.

No. 1192521

Dude, would you not be salty about some guy reeling in money or sympathy for something that had affected your job and hobbies? I don't wanna derail, but I can't see why it'd be so astounding to feel shitty about something like that. It was a shit way to point any of the obvious out, but yeah obviously there's things within the statements that apply to CH. Eg. Specifically his drinking habits, with his claimed illness and reports struggling so much, like okay but who's worsening the problem here? Just wanted to point out how physiologically his claims don't make sense, and why things don't work the way he describes in explaining why his
voice is ~so deep~ despite sounding like a 14 year old faking a flu to get out of school.
Haha calm down there bait-chan.

No. 1192599

It's OK anon I though your post was informative and CH is a lying cow.

No. 1192601


LOL he sounds quite faggy without his burpsona turned on. There's a distinct lisp at the beginning.

My tinfoil is he does this especially to attract teen girls because adults have been around enough post-pubescent males to know what a real deep voice sounds like. But horny young girls are fooled. It's like why Nigerian scammers include typos in their emails to weed out smarter people who won't fall for the scam.

Blog post but I'm a medium-deep voiced woman (contralto) and I can easily copy his fake voice if I do this same mix of extreme lowering and vocal fry. Try it, I bet half of us can sound like him without fibro and GERD and anxiety lmao

No. 1192638


>Would you not be salty about some guy reeling in money and sympathy for something that effected your jobs and hobbies

No because theres no definitive proof that he's faking it, its mostly tinfoil and people comparing it to their own experiences. His drinking habits are a result of cognitive dissonance, kinda like people who smoke cigarettes whilst having asthma.

Also plenty of people exaggerate their physical and mental health online for sympathy anon. Its been a thing for years and is one of the most common traits of a cow. The fact that you take it so personally that you start sperging about it is kekworthy.

Anyways, lets get back on topic.

No. 1192648

Watched twomad play AMOGUS with corpse, knew he would lightly bully him and holy shit, the absolute silence on his part was so awkward
timestamp for those who don't wanna loose too much braincells

No. 1192652

He sounds like a frog

No. 1192655

I honestly thought that the horse pic was old

No. 1192770


A skinny guy wouldn’t be using a large, Sykkuno accidentally exposing Corpse as fat is hilarious

No. 1192777

he sounds so uncomfortable and forced kek

No. 1192832

Wait why isnt he deleting all his snapchat messages added in milk?
I personally think thats the milkiest thing he has done and the thing that alludes to him being a weirdo/creep the most.

No. 1192835

"corpse's backstory" kek

No. 1192839

One of my coworkers thirsts after this dude and it makes me cringe every time I think about it. It's amazing how truly terrible people's taste can be.

No. 1192850

>Try it, I bet half of us can sound like him without fibro and GERD and anxiety
Someone already did >>1189074

No. 1192898

i'm so glad i'm not the only one who thought this guy was cringe to the max upon first glance. he's basically a wannabe cryaotic, and we all know how THAT turned out lmao

No. 1192900

Didn't MGK sing the part about Capital Hill?

No. 1192903

sounds like fujo pandering. this guy is so cringe.
but you don't get it anon!!!! corpse wears a size large because he's so tall and muscular!!1!!

No. 1192911

File: 1616693444867.png (1.03 MB, 602x947, image.png)

Waiting for the day his face is revealed and his scars from "cutting" his face are just acne scars

No. 1192912

If he's smart he would work on getting the hot body he pretends to have before the inevitable reveal happens.

No. 1192920

i have a friend who apparently went to HS with him and said he's butt ugly. i wonder if i can get a yearbook photo or something out of it

No. 1192924


Where is the horse head photo from?

No. 1192928

So no one finds it weird that he deleted all his old snapchat messages?
Like what is he hiding for him to do that….hmmm

No. 1192929

omg please do anon

No. 1192930

Yes anon I am begging.

Also the Snapchat shit is definitely peculiar. I’m on board with other anons who suggest he is probably grooming teens. Don’t really need much proof for that anymore because like every popular e celeb does it.

No. 1192931

Don't play with my heart

No. 1192933

How has no one leaked who this guy is yet????

Also, how does your friend know it's him?

No. 1192934

Why be ugly and fat when you can be just ugly.
I can easily see girls saying shit like "I love him for his personality" if he actually had a muscular body paired with the cringelord voice but most, to not say all, would draw the line at him being both fat AND ugly

No. 1192937

yeah, how does she know?

No. 1192938

didn't he say he dropped out at 12? US anons need to remind me but I thought high school is later

No. 1192943

high school is 14/15 and up
so either anon is lying or corpse is lying about dropping out
i’m going with the latter

No. 1192948

It's the most obvious lie but it also shows how gullible the internet is. Barely anyone questions it.

No. 1192959

pretty sad for an adult woman wow

No. 1192965

12 is middle school age, im pretty sure he would be in middle school.
I think some here seem very nervous that all your illusions about brainlessly simping over this guy will be shattered one day when he gets exposed for being super ugly just like how cryaotic was.

But i think corpse is more smart than cry considering corpse deleted ALL his snapchat messages, probably to hide some nasty shit.

No. 1192972

corpse husband fans are even worse and more autistic and lonely than kpop fans.
With kpop atleast they get attractive people who cater to them.
But with corpse these sad lonely miserable excuses of life worship a male with a anime profile picture who is potentially ugly in real life and barely has any interaction with them and openly thirsts after hot e-girls all the time which are the opposite of his mostly fugly fans.

No. 1192982

I don't even see the appeal to his voice

there's plenty of guys with naturally deep voices that actually sound nice, as >>1192652
said he sounds like a frog

No. 1192987

He did, but he also said he went to HS off and on, and that he'd show up for lunch without the teachers caring.

No. 1193015

literally got famous and a horde of obsessive insane fans just for having deep voice…..
The bar is so low for men.

No. 1193017

In some districts, highschool is grade 8+. My old highschool changed from 10+ to 9+ and then eventually 8+. If I had started highschool under the new system, I would be 12 upon entry.

No. 1193018

to be honest it's not that surprising that no one in real life knows that he's corpse when he's lying about his background, using a fake voice and pretending he has scars to name a few

No. 1193022

Sage for no milk but this guy's voice is so annoying. The way he becomes all animated and over the top combined with his vocal fry which increases the more animated he becomes. I cannot listen to his horror videos without wanting to bang my head against the wall.

No. 1193036

Can confirm. He was so ugly as a child that he got bullied out of his first kindergarten. Source: my uncle who worked there.

No. 1193038

He's probably a friendless aspire outside of his internet fame so no risk on anyone knowing about his online persona

No. 1193270


How do you guys know what he looks like without proof? Calling bullshit here

No. 1193283

These two anons are liars. I know who CH is. His name is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way and he has long ebony black hair (that's how he got his name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches his mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears

No. 1193289

he hates preps like logan paul and jake paul and his best friend He is basically a sex god but he had to turn in to a human because the world couldn't handle his sex god like status!

No. 1193290

I’ve been trying to look for the accurate fanart but theres just sm trash and I’ve been specifically looking for his realism fanart.

No. 1193401

Didn't CH mention in the latest interview with Anthony that a van sent him a photo she made of him and they both agreed it looked like him? Are you trying to find that one?

No. 1193411

Since we know he's a fat bitch, maybe try looking for drawings of him that don't look like twinks, but bulky men, maybe even neckbeards.

No. 1193418

Learn to sage and make it less obvious you're stan, newfaggot

No. 1193425

I always think about that disgusting rooster teeth guy when this is brought up. Most if not all the girls he slept with were gross af. But then again who else would be a fan of a bunch of nerds/gamers

No. 1193474

I watched that interview and I also heard that as well and since I know there isn’t much realistic fanarts of him I thought if maybe it was mine artwork, but just maybe, because I did a realistic fanart of him.. I don’t want to brag here I just want to share if anyone is interested..

No. 1193483

Do you know where you are? Kek.

No. 1193485

I simply asked if it would help because I am not a big artist so it might be also difficult to find mine artwork in the mass… But thank you for asking, I am not here for clout or something, I have the same interest as you all here.

No. 1193489

First of all, *my, secondly, sage your shit, also what might that interest be?

No. 1193490

Excuse me for my typo. Enjoy finding it. You speak for yourself and that’s your opinion. Whoever hurt you I feel sorry for you man.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1193496

What the fuck, newfag? Sage your shit or go read the rules

No. 1193498

Spoiler alert: sage goes in the email field

No. 1193500

Are you aware that there were two anons searching for a realistic fanart that Anthony and CH agreed looks like CH, can you explain what I did wrong here? I myself have searched for them and couldn’t find them so I suggested to send it here because by searching you cannot find it. Anyways, now I don’t even want to share even though it can be the said one and I don’t need this kind of energy for a reply I did on that question where I had something to say. I am out, have a nice day.

No. 1193503

fuck off newfag. "that kind of energy" is the whole board. if you don't know where you're posting just leave and stop shitting up /snow/ with your non-saged bullshit
you really said "not to brag" about fanart made of this cringelord KEK

No. 1193519

>literally says in the above comment how to sage
>continues not to sage, bumping the thread again with butthurt reply
It could not be any more obvious you have no idea what this site is for kek

No. 1193527

I am neither of those anons, retard. Go read the rules and stop calling anons men kek.

No. 1193530

Are you just googling corpse husbands name to try to give your fanart exposure? Fuck off weirdo this thread and site is very obviously not for you.

No. 1193546

File: 1616746748362.jpeg (269.06 KB, 828x940, 36AD6B4C-BA61-44FF-8CBD-762AB2…)

I don’t know what the big deal is, the “scarily accurate” fan art is clearly this masterpiece

No. 1193549

i think just mutuals in a high school you end up knowing what everyones up to post graduation. idk him, im just asking a friend who claims she knows him. its up to her if she wants to dox or not LOL sorry to blueball

No. 1193554

anon you missed some incredibly on the nose sarcasm

No. 1193558

No. 1193562

That would be glorious if true lmao

No. 1193566

oh shit. we finally know what corpse looks like. ugly #confirmed

No. 1193612

I hope this dude is just scamming, and saving money before just straight up peacing out. Could be checking out plastic surgeons if he ever plans to face reveal.

Since he’s addicted to the attention he’s a lost cause but he might pretend to an hero at 27 if he’s able keep it going that long.

He most likely speaks using his chest voice, there’s a lot of How-To vocal training youtube videos on how to speak in a deeper tone

He should have had a better excuse like surgery on his vocal chords, or at least researched shit. He really is telling the truth when he says he’s an idiot, isn’t he?

No. 1193620

File: 1616757464200.webm (1.24 MB, 576x1024, 14637091896.webm)

another anon posted it in the youtube general,but yeah corpse showed a tiktok where he gave sykkuno his hoodie.just posting for the cringe

No. 1193624

I wonder which of his followers made him that bracelet.

No. 1193648

Those hands looks like they smell like cottage cheese

No. 1193666

Why the fuck does he grab the hoodie like that

No. 1193720

Thanks! I only added confirmed milk that had screenshots from the YT threads to prove, but I may have missed some stuff. Do you have screenshots or links from the YT thread for the first two things? Would be super good to have them here for reference.

No. 1193736

File: 1616769248640.png (60.09 KB, 1236x574, Corpse SC 1.PNG)

I did some digging and found a subreddit where fans asked what happened plus a super creepy recollection from a fan. I smell sexual predator in his future.

No. 1193744

File: 1616769584262.png (117.54 KB, 1255x826, Corpse SC 2.PNG)

here's the pic detailing encounters with CH from an old snapchat fan. She says he "always made you feel like you weren't just a fan" when someone asked if he gave off pedo/predator vibes. Hmm

No. 1193765

flex his hand tendons

No. 1193815

Why would he delete his snap at peak popularity if he wasn't trying to hide what he had? Totally reads as sus. Why would anyone engage with tweens and teens on snapchat when they could very easily have the same SFW "fan" conversations in a discord or other public social media? Give it 1-2 years and we'll be hearing all about this again but from millions of dramatubers.

No. 1193831

mentions predators, ignores what may as well be the beginning steps to grooming

No. 1193862

the way he grabs the hoodie to make his hands look "sexy" and sykkuno's fake softboy act. i can't take this shit

No. 1193871

I found and old tumblr account on the wayback machine from like 2013. I think it might be his but i'm not sure based on how much he seems to lie.

No. 1193873

…either post it or don't say anything, retard. also sage if you don't have milk.

No. 1193891

UGH. How is this not queerbaiting?

No. 1193940

CH would have been like 17/18/19 back then though, talking to people within his own age range. Imo he probably just deleted snap to avoid potential controversy that could stem just from having an account at all.

No. 1193952

Tbh I've listened to "E-girls" a lot but I didn't realize it wasn't meant to be funny until this thread lmao. Very cringey.

No. 1194022

File: 1616788564380.jpg (12.4 KB, 388x64, ohno.JPG)

I went to ao3 to look into the abyss, and god did it look right back at me…

No. 1194023

Thoughts on his "music career"?
Sounds like a Kamaara rip off. Though, Kamaara did produce most of the songs he has out. Just the rapping style/aesthetics and all. Can't stand Corpse's burp-like voice.

No. 1194033

File: 1616789315203.jpg (41.27 KB, 1002x210, Screenshot_20210326_210815.jpg)

generic late 2010s post-emo sadboy rap. the anime references are cringe as fuck

No. 1194035

The absolute cringe of all his lyrics. Creepshow Shannon said that the line “killed her cat like I’m Luka Magnotta” is the best shes ever heard and that his music is “fire”, the fact that she’s pushing 30 makes that even sadder.

It’s the fat thigh for me

No. 1194043


Jesus, sykkuno covering his face with his hand like an anime girl, how do people not see through this fake uwu shit? Get the fuck out of here

No. 1194044

this is fucking cringe, this is def cancer material. lol this fucking guy swears he is the hotest man when he is just a cringe fatty with a fanbase of desperate fat girls or teeny girls who are fans of billy eyelash

No. 1194046

Even his hand looks thick

No. 1194052

File: 1616790720397.png (533.11 KB, 459x612, 88a.png)

LOL fatty daddy corpse wants to know your location anon. what is wrong with people? is this the new markaplier and jacksepticeye?

No. 1194072

This will never get old LMAO and the most normalfag animes. Likening himself to Gaara is unforgivable though you ugly fat piece of shit, get my husband name out of your faggot mouth.

No. 1194094

File: 1616793592334.png (171.81 KB, 225x373, corpsehusband.png)

saw this floating around a while ago for what its worth

No. 1194097

any explanation for this like where did the pic come from?

No. 1194101

it was sent to me by a friend for shits and giggles, but it was originally on tiktok
not sure if its entirely credible due to the 3000 fucking screenshots from snap but thought it was worth posting

No. 1194138

Kek he looks so boring and suburban. I doubt it’s CH but oh how I would rejoice if it was

No. 1194147

This made me laugh more than it should have and its probably not even real

Anyway >>1193871 spill

No. 1194152

When Cry's first fugly image leaked ages ago I also didn't believe it was him so I wouldn't totally count it out kek

No. 1194178

I’m gonna need some context for this before laughing hysterically but Imagine this mug but fat omggg

No. 1194193

File: 1616803220275.jpg (44.41 KB, 545x438, lil xan.jpg)

Corpse has said he's been mistaken for Lil Xan so that's probably not him

No. 1194200

File: 1616804349390.jpeg (46.78 KB, 467x600, 435c1936cab9727670fee3cdd0f692…)

No. 1194219

You discerned so much from such a shallow 10 second attention grab that I'm going to take a wild guess and say you're too young to post here

No. 1194269

KEK oh how I will laugh if this is him or looks anything like him, that receding hairline and busted nose and bad skin
>uwu cute emo soft boi kill my cat senpai uwu

No. 1194288

File: 1616816722892.png (1.43 MB, 2855x1390, Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 11.4…)

not the same anon but i did find this

No. 1194294

oh god i'm wheezing. that's him isn't it LMAO

No. 1194296

File: 1616817432356.jpeg (75.64 KB, 480x530, 8C6F9885-A91D-462E-95B1-EA5564…)

Oh my god I hope this is real.

No. 1194297

Joshua Grant

No. 1194298

What do we think, farmers? Is >>1194288 the same person as >>1194094 ? The beady rat eyes match up.

No. 1194299

Are you saying this is his real name? The f so, learn2imageboard and post caps, sage your shut, etc.

No. 1194300

Bruh the chance of this being him is pretty high ngl, emo hair and ugly face can't hide bad phenotypes
The fingers to palm ratio looks accurate
The ear isn't the same as >>1194094 so I'm putting less stock in it

No. 1194302

kinda looks like anthony

No. 1194307

It's not, emo Anthony had a bulbous nose tip with a big cleft in it

No. 1194309

It says Joshua Grant at the bottom of the tumblr page lol

No. 1194311

lmao I’m an actual retard

No. 1194312

what are the chances that someone just happened to be using his exact username almost a decade ago to post the exact kind of emo ass black nail polish selfies he would post now if he got over the whole ‘mysterious won’t show my face’ shit? this has got to be him, holy shit. is there a thread for him on the other farms? i’m sure they’d be able to find out relatively quickly if it is him

No. 1194313

the ears kind of look the same on the side, like how the top isnt visible but the side of the ear protrudes? just my 2 cents, plus the weird shaped nose looks a little like the one above and if the snapchat pic is recent then its like a 7 year age up from the tumblr blog…. idk seems possible

No. 1194318

File: 1616818816537.jpeg (487.28 KB, 828x1600, 6B16E1F6-2A24-404D-87BC-8B7E6A…)


No. 1194319

Def need ppl who know how to dig for shit. Holy shit if that’s him I wonder what he looks like know.

No. 1194322

He hadn’t got a thread on kf, he’s mentioned in some other threads though. He’d have to have slipped up somewhere along the way regarding scrubbing all trace of his true identity from the internet, it’s just a matter of time before someone finds it

No. 1194329

File: 1616819607110.jpeg (329.38 KB, 828x932, 217D18DC-94EB-4490-BD7D-B00B41…)

Samefag, he is mentioned the Dream thread regarding being outed as a fatty and whatnot (kek picrel)

No. 1194334

Does he live in LA curently?

No. 1194335

thank you anon! i didn’t think he had one but i wasn’t sure if i’d just managed to miss one. i followed the dream one for a little while and even he got a full doxx despite paying dozens of people tons of money to wipe everything, so i 100% believe corpse hasn’t managed to if some rich idiot couldn’t either despite literally hiring people to do it for him. let’s see if anything comes of this i guess!

No. 1194337

well i was not prepared for him to look like a knock-off version of paul walker if he were fat kek

No. 1194338

Lurking kf-kuns, here's your chance to impress the girls.

No. 1194349

For someone who is that hellbent on their anonimity i would expect him to throw some misleading bait like his appearance.
The photo might be him but the tumblr is too damning to be a coincidence

No. 1194351

I think this is too much of a stretch. It's just a hyper-generic male emo Tumblr and back then Corpse Bride was extremely popular, so I doubt only one person came up with the idea of being Corpse Husband. Especially basic bitch emos.

No. 1194355

>back then Corpse Bride was extremely popular
It was popular in 2013? The movie came out in like 2005 didn't it?

No. 1194358

I want to be conservatively optimistic as well but that combination of words seems basically nonexistent before the youtube channel started in July 2015.

No. 1194362

Thread hasn’t even reached a week and we potentially have his face lmao. How the fuck did no one out him by now? Nice job guys

No. 1194364

File: 1616823584676.gif (1.71 MB, 368x200, 200.gif)

As you were

No. 1194368

Please lordt don't let c*rpsetwt catch wind of it before we get something creamy. I'm not manic enough to newfag control by yelling slurs at children all day on here.

No. 1194370

File: 1616824719033.jpg (890.26 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20210327-005730_Sam…)

It's still extremely popular. Emo kids always loved it. I went to SD comic con 3 years ago where there was a pop up exhibit downtown and the line was over 6 hours long to enter.

On topic, I read on one of those wiki pages that his ex came up with the name CH. Pic related on what it says, so maybe she was into it at the time. Not sure if this is the same ex he bought an apartment with. I wish we knew more about her.
Or he edited the whole article himself to further lies, wouldn't be surprised tbh.

No. 1194386

Lips are different, the tumblr one could actually be him but the other one is a troll imho

No. 1194387

Janky bent fingers, it's him. Here's your anime babe everyone.

No. 1194392

Was that really the header to this blog? 20-something yo Josh Grant who lives in southern California? Allegedly born in SD.

No. 1194401

There’s public listings for a few people with that name in CA but none of the ones I’ve come across yet are his (alleged) age. His bullshit already doesn’t add up so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a few years older than 23.

No. 1194412

I've tried using both images to search for him on pimeyes, a website that reverse searches for same face you upload but no luck unfortunately

No. 1194417

File: 1616836607785.gif (4.25 MB, 480x382, giphy.gif)

As you wish

No. 1194427

Unless im retarded it seems the name of this tumblr owner is “Joshua Grant” . Apparently corpse said his real name is Randall, though that doesn’t prove nor disprove anything

No. 1194428

Do you have source for that?

No. 1194429

Somehow I doubt his name is Randall but anyway, I don't understand how anons came to the conclusion that this old tumblr might be his?

No. 1194430

different anon but here is the video. it seems to me like he was being sarcastic

No. 1194434


People have, and often go by, middle names you precious, sweet summer children

No. 1194442

It's called speculation. No one is betting their life savings on it so don't worry. Sage ur shit.

No. 1194444

Sage for sperg but after going through that tumblr archive I am totally prepared to believe it’s his. The style matches, the hands and nail polish, the cringey emo lyrics, if you scroll down you can even see where he reblogged BDSM porn of a dom guy whipping a girl which of course is on brand for him and his music. All the posts are super lovesick and talk about music. Totally on brand for this dude, especially since he created his channel in 2015 when he claimed to make his name… the tumblr posts are from 2013 so he either could have changed his tumblr name, or he thought it up 2 years earlier than he said he did. I wouldn’t bet my rent money on it or anything, but the “fuck school” and fuck authority feel of his tumblr matches up with him supposedly dropping out of school. It seems like the tumblr went down around the time corpse started gaining traction on YouTube as well.

Of course, this is all assuming the small bits he has offered up about his life are true, which is questionable. But I so badly want the little emo kid in that picture to be the guy all these 14 year olds are thirsting over.

No. 1194445

Lmao, wtf, what are you even getting your panties in a bunch about?

No. 1194446

Simmer down anon, don’t take the internet personally.

No. 1194448

Checked. Quad on quad can only be right kek

No. 1194450

Amazing find anons! I can totally see that being him. Also didn’t he say he kinda looks like Joji too?

No. 1194451

I’m wearing this tinfoil too. As much as I think a good chunk of what he claims (his voice being the result of GERD, though he kind of backtracked on the most recent Padilla cringefest by saying that it wasn’t ALL because of GERD, like we’re supposed to believe that it’s natural? Nigga please, it’s obviously an affectation) is utter shite, there has to be some element of truth to it. He also told Padilla that the shit he raps about like those embarrassing lyrics to the egirl song (i.e. being a degenerate edgelord) is not a persona but is actually a representation of his what he’s into. Though I think it’s more what he wishes he was into if he was a cute eboy that girls did want to fuck after seeing his true form rather than a fat shut in

No. 1194454

But then, wouldn't the genderbend be "Corpse Groom" instead of "Corpse Husband"?
I mean, I can see why the modern day Corpse Husband wouldn't go with that name, lmao.

No. 1194457

File: 1616841998315.jpeg (414.66 KB, 1242x1991, 7A0F5145-C1E9-4900-8A30-BA420E…)

>corpse groom

No. 1194468

File: 1616843778310.jpeg (52.6 KB, 1505x381, 4BD3657D-3605-4DAB-8E7D-C4D6A0…)

For the randall thing its just what you get when you google for corpse’s name. For Joshua Grant, this is the header on that tumblr. I googled the name and the only “public” figure by that name is an obscure scottish musician, so I don’t think it’s a reference to anything.

No. 1194469

Big fuckin brain

No. 1194472

Of course his sekrit government name wouldn't be plastered all over google under public figure anon

No. 1194476

DOn't post unrelated ppl, you're gonna catch a ban

No. 1194478

By that I meant that I just wanted to rule out that “Joshua Grant” was just some famous personality he was quoting instead of his alleged name. I’m not versed in 2012 emo culture and I did preface that I might be retarded.

No. 1194483

I think Joshua Grant may just be the person who made the theme he is using for tumblr.

No. 1194484

That wouldn't be smack dab in the middle right under the title and above the links…

No. 1194486

File: 1616845360358.jpeg (47.1 KB, 588x410, F66511C9-9965-4C66-A4DA-1A1A64…)

Turned brightness up and sharpened it. Tbh I believe it.

No. 1194487

ok sorry anon, I was just theorising lol

No. 1194490

Lol what ur sorry for, we're just shooting the shits and laughing at this faggot

No. 1194492

File: 1616845732821.jpeg (171.89 KB, 1620x374, 155F2CB3-6129-4C17-AF3F-72435F…)

It’s also in the 2012 cap with a different layout, so I doubt it. It might just be a random dude, so I don’t really want to dig too deeply for now. I imagine we will have confirmation on that when corpse stans will hear of this and start sperging out.

No. 1194493

This seems plausible, the blog really does seem like it's his just from the content. And there's no reason he would have some grainy ass webcam selfie of someone who wasn't him

No. 1194498

Faint connection but corpse also seems to be somewhat of a tyler the creator fan, so the “kill people etc etc” lyrics also would check out.

No. 1194504

The creator is someone else, if you scroll to the bottom on wayback machine it says who made the theme and it's someone else, not Joshua Grant

No. 1194506

Interesting, good catch anon

No. 1194534

File: 1616850287906.png (291.52 KB, 470x356, corpsegroom.png)

No. 1194536

Did he have the elf tips surgery?

No. 1194537

Has anyone had a go at trying to find his business license he would need to sell merch? I’ve been watching old videos with him and boyinaband looking for reflections but haven’t got anything yet.

No. 1194542

I dunno about you ladies but I reckon this is definitely plausible
You mean like a LLC? I’m not a burger nor am I even remotely knowledgeable when it comes to the particulars of business shit, is this something that should be easy to find by the public?

No. 1194545


I doubt it, it looks like his hair is partly covering his ear but you can see the ear in the first pic is pointed at the end too.

No. 1194546

File: 1616851587901.jpeg (38.81 KB, 640x480, 2F920CA5-C398-4353-90A5-960750…)

Recovered another photo from the tumblr archive (titled “my gf”, of course…), no one has posted it yet, so if any forensic anon wants to take a shot at it, enjoy

No. 1194547

Can that anon who apparently has a friend who knows him at least confirm if Joshua Grant is his name? Preferably with proof obviously

On another note, I'd love to find that Facebook he has linked in his tumblr

No. 1194564

I’m pretty sure the snapchat picture was a joke to make fun of his stans. It doesnt look like the same guy from the tumblr pic.

No. 1194577

Idk I can see it being the same guy. It's hard to tell because of the dumb face he's pulling in the tumblr pic, but the nose, eyes, and ear don't look completely off. Keep in mind too that it would be around 7 years difference

No. 1194581

>>1194564 that snapshot is from 2013 so it could make sense given that it's almost been 10 years. Both have a similar bulbous nose, beady eyes and pointy ear. It would be funny if he still pretends to look like he did in 2013 and that would also mean he is a lot older

No. 1194584

Don’t think it’s the same. Left has bigger wider nose and bigger lips. Right has no lips.

No. 1194602

yeah but hes pursing his lips and sucking his nose in- the pointy ears seem to be the same despite the fringe in the way

No. 1194606


he looks like a manlet desu

No. 1194609

Also there's a difference of angle so completely possible the nose is very similar, the bottom part certainly looks it

No. 1194615

Corpses fingers are way stubbier imo and he has those weird club fingers so honestly I don't think it's him.

No. 1194624

File: 1616856997333.png (105.16 KB, 305x233, corpsehusband.png)

they literally look different races stop reaching

No. 1194648

Can anyone confirm how long he's allegedly had GERD for?

No. 1194658

That bent right pinky is really characteristic. Is there a pic of his hands that show his pinky?

No. 1194662

File: 1616859151118.jpeg (61.44 KB, 1280x720, 14A13F37-2601-43FB-A8BC-6A51B3…)

It appears to be the same hand just from the finger shapes and length

No. 1194670

File: 1616859563545.jpeg (200.92 KB, 675x1200, C75261AB-B3CF-4E5B-892E-9910D1…)

No. 1194683

The more I look the more I see differences. I know you’re excited, don’t let confirmation bias make u see things.

No. 1194701

Both have the distinct broken ring and pinky fingers look of people with early onset arthritis. The condition makes your fingers more stubby over the years and also he got fat. Doesn’t he claim to have munchie syndrome fibromyalgia that apparently gets “misdiagnosed” as arthritis a lot?

No. 1194723

File: 1616861633372.jpeg (259.55 KB, 1242x1242, B0A43C35-A8B6-4DB5-B3A4-45407E…)

I think anon is into something. I think Joshua Grant just may be our boy or just uncomfortably coincidental.

No. 1194729

File: 1616862201187.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x1048, FAF4D40B-96FE-4FD7-A918-7C848C…)

Samefag but I’m fully convinced now. Pinky appears to be same length as well.

No. 1194734

Hold on guys, isnt the picture of the hand called "my gf", as in, "this is a picture of my gf('s hand)?"
I mean, we shouldn't be using that picture, right? I know yall are excited but -

No. 1194738

How oblivious are you lol
Many men call their hands their gf or other dumb names because they use it to masturbate instead of having actual sec with a woman

No. 1194740

It’s a fucking joke his gf is his hand because the only action he can get it jerking it. You’ve really never heard that before?

No. 1194741

>Can’t tell a man’s hand from a woman’s
The state of zoomers. He’s saying his hand is his gf lmaooo

No. 1194745

How embarassing lol.

No. 1194747

sweetie, you have to be 18+ to post here.

No. 1194751

I can’t believe Frog Husband’s unwarranted pride in his hands will be his undoing

No. 1194754

I’m dying this is so fucking funny, I want to send this to my friend who’s a fan so bad lmao

No. 1194755

Holy shit I am fucking retarded.
Thanks anons I got it lmao

No. 1194760

Guys i don't know about this… the ebony black hair is there but where are the purple streaks and red tips?…something doesn't feel right

No. 1194766

Maybe you’re joking but don’t be a fucking retard. She won’t keep it to herself and suddenly it’s stan central.
Sage your shitposting please.

No. 1194769

Bent pinky and forefinger checked.

No. 1194775

You do realize somebody’s going to end up spilling the beans anyway right? Let her do what she wants.

No. 1194777

Lol no. I’m gonna shame it. Imagine advocating for newfaggotry to ruin the thread when the milk hasn’t reached full potential. You clearly already blabbed to your Twitter friends so fuck off.

No. 1194782

All I’m saying is it’s inevitable.
Jokes on you, I don’t have friends.
Stay mad.

No. 1194786

File: 1616866021385.jpg (153.7 KB, 1080x419, fb.jpg)

No. 1194798

He can't drink lemon or eat honey for his throat, but he sure can get shitfaced with alcohol. Makes sense.

No. 1194799

File: 1616866762426.jpg (24.17 KB, 236x272, ff5662b8e635699a64ec811b12530f…)

I can't believe lolcow found his face in 5 days I'm crying

No. 1194802

It’s not even difficult lol
It’s the first thing that pops up when you search corpse husband on wayback machine

No. 1194807

I think he’s lying about his age too. As little as 25 or as much as 27. It’s more common for e-celebs to lie about age than discussed.

No. 1194810

I mean, if he's the guy from the corpse-husband tumblr blog he'd be around 14 at the time of posting which checks out to me.

No. 1194812

Thought the same kek.If people here are correct,it would be hilarious.I think someone mentioned in the youtube thread that they had seen his face in a now deleted reddit post.It would be cool if these people confirmed it's the same guy

No. 1194819

kek you are so adorable anon..

I can totally see this being him.. he said he looks a mix between Joji (and someone else I can’t remember) and the eyes in this pic are kinda Asian-y looking, like Jojis (and yes I know CH isn’t Asian) but you know what I mean?

No. 1194827

Looks anywhere between 14 and 18 tbh. Just saying if we were looking for a 23 yo Josh Grant in California and the results return with slightly different age, it’s more likely that Josh lied on the internet than it is that he doesn’t exist. Whether it’s Frog or not is a separate matter.

No. 1194828

Diff nose and lips

No. 1194829

go back to twitter

No. 1194832

Stop bullying hand-gf anon already, it was funny now it’s clogging up the thread.

No. 1194833

File: 1616868739388.jpg (53.15 KB, 588x604, a4573007e2c20bc70e51c6d9d0bedb…)

did you really expect anything less from the ladies

No. 1194835

are you stupid

No. 1194853

this. this guy is a known liar so it wouldn't be surprising that he already lied ~10 years ago. that includes his name age whatever

No. 1194855

I don't think that's it honestly. CH has fingertips that are wider than the rest of his fingers, while the tumblr guy's fingers have a tappered shape. It's especially apparent when you compared the index and ring fingers

No. 1194865

I don’t see the difference in ring fingers but you can see >>1194662 the index is tapered on thumb side at the tip like the tumblr pic. Remember his joints now look clearly swollen and inflamed from arthritis or fibro or whatever.

No. 1194866

No, as someone who used Tumblr 7 years ago "themes" were layouts on your page which you chose from, and credit would be at the bottom of the page.

No. 1194871

File: 1616871614105.jpeg (80.12 KB, 750x345, F3DD6502-848C-4440-8C84-08E9D4…)

Man when the reveal comes and he doesn’t have Victor Zsasz-esque scars kekkk. Imagine sitting in an Among Us lobby with your 13 year old fans knowing this fat emo manchild currently has blood running down his face from pre-stream ritual.

No. 1194879

No corporation or LLC registered in the state of CA containing the word "Corpse" that seems related to the names in this thread. If anyone has purchased any of his merch, it might show a different registered company name to look into.

No. 1194893

This was popular on Tik Tok a couple months ago and Corpse said that it wasn't him and the response only made him not want to show his face even more

No. 1194895

i'm sorry i couldn't care less about CH but the thing were he said he created the name 20min after… HE CREATED THAT NAME FOR THE CHANNEL he hasn't been using it before the channel so the tumblr its not his……….. just some emo who liked the corpse bride movie

No. 1194899

>I couldn’t care less but here’s obscure self-reported lore, also idk how to sage and I talk like a retard
Kys stan

No. 1194900

Quad confirmed

No. 1194901

Cope harder kiddo. Corpse is a notorious liar. This is a just a small white lie that anyone who wants to hide their cringy tumblr blog from their followers would come up with. Corpse has lied about worse

No. 1194902

How do we know he didn't just make that up? Are there any other accounts/usernames he's claimed are/were his before making the channel?

No. 1194903

Is corpse in here trying to muddy the water with the most dumb possible comments or nah? Obviously a man's hand even taking the caption out of it.

No. 1194905

I feel like history was made here today

No. 1194907

Lol, guys I think this thread was leaked cause the 14 year old stans are here

No. 1194914

Idk I don't think that hand is his…

No. 1194924

File: 1616874955201.png (34.12 KB, 492x355, Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 8.55…)

The legal section of his merch store website names Revolt Enterprises, LLC, which is registered in Los Angeles, California. Pic rel

No. 1194926

Stans will do anything to deny what they know to be true kek

Hey CH stans in this thread: The problem with people like Dream, CH, etc is that it’s one thing to be private and shit, but if you’re even somewhat popular in the steaming sphere, the harder you try to hide even things as small as your face, the more people will dig to uncover your secrets just because you told them not to. That’s the fatal flaw with this “anonymous” logic. Uploading “hand reveals” like they’ve done have just fanned them flames, not satiated some curiosity like they think. The more you tease your rabid fans the more they are going to want. No one cares about a private socially inept hermit, tons of ugly dudes stream without face cams but go to public meet ups. People who want to keep private and hate attention don’t do “hand reveals” and shit

No. 1194930

samefag to add that the company handles generic merch and clothing, and the agent named isn't Corpse, in case it wasn't obvious

No. 1194933

this guy is 100% a groomer behind the scenes no doubt lol. probably 30 years old too. don't really care if he's skinny or fat or ugly but definitely a groomer. some of those lyrics, big yikes

No. 1194934

Tbh if you find his agent on Facebook, or any of his “friends” it’s totally possible they’re mutuals on there.

Obviously based on the assumption that corpse even uses facebook but may be worth looking into

On the hand stuff. Keep in mind the picture from Tumblr is old and his hands would have changed with weight gain or whatever medical thing he has.

No. 1194937

Would be kinda weird to add your agent on fb u less they were irl friends

No. 1194939

I remember I was looking for something on Twitter # related to him and a lot of people were talking about the possibility that Corpse has an alternative account that acts as a fan account and interacts with his fans. I don’t know where the idea came from but the amount of people talking about it honestly made me feel odd.

There was also some discussion on how they hope he isn’t faking their age on the alternative account which was like… why is that even a point of discussion? Straight up weird.

No. 1194940

damn he is for sure a groomer if he had so many teenaged girls on his snapchat. man has definitely has seen underaged nudes

No. 1194946

are you telling me that he was 13 here? IT'S NOT HIM

No. 1194948

The stans are here.

No. 1194950

We hit a nerve

No. 1194951

kek just wanna doxx his face properly i want him to be ugly

No. 1194954

Learn to sage newfag, don’t bump the thread with your shitposting.

No. 1194960


Yeah we'd have to know the name of how he licenses himself, like as a contractor or personal business for his streaming. Do we know if he has a music label or anything?


This would be kinda weird, but who knows

No. 1194961

Personally I'm halfway convinced that no one here is a CH stan and all the bullshit spamming is coming from anons trying to troll or whatever.
Either way, can we please focus on the topic at hand (pun intended) and figure out if this guy is really corpse or nah? All we have is an edgy tumblr blog with an edgy name and hand pics.

No. 1194962

Ot but there were literally self-admitted CH stans in confession threads and PULL wks in threads

No. 1194963

Be patient sweet anon, it takes time. And sleuth anons have to be careful because site rules are strict. They may have to post non-public info on the other farms.

No. 1194964

then I guess some people have abysmally bad taste then.

ngl the wait is killing me. Last I checked though kf didn't have a ch thread

No. 1194965

Send feet pics to some doxxlord over there for a favor kek

No. 1194966

Why the fuck is everyone on this thread so autistic.

No. 1194967

Self-releases with no incorporated company as a label to note.

He only gets mentioned briefly in the Dream thread, doesn't get much attention. Could be worth posting in the thread request/resource thread

No. 1194969

>Is literally on autism.net

No. 1194970

Looks like the same guy to me just 10 years later. Same thing happened to a guy I followed on tumblr back in 2010, now he's a balding wrinkly boomer looking dude. Does this mean corpse husband is closer to 30 than he is to 20? That makes his predilection to talking to teenaged girls on snapchat very fucking creepy lol

No. 1194972

I'll try and get a corpse thread made on KF. There might be a YouTube general thread on there idk.

No. 1194973

omg that totally sounds like a lie he would tell holy shit LOL

No. 1194975

There isnt much interest in CH on KF, they have a Dream thread tho

No. 1194977

Not convinced it's him on the right, but if it is, he either grew his hair out since then or has some balls meeting up with Sykkuno/Mykie/Anthony etc while portraying that curly long haired edgy boy persona kek

No. 1194979

Yeah but that's what prospering grounds is for. It's for making threads on new subjects that need some extra research.

No. 1194983

Organize his stans to raid over there, they’ll become interested lul

No. 1194991

i agree the facial features on both pictures are similiar.

No. 1195004

If he looked like his Profile pic and had a voice like that irl too many people would have recognized him by now, especially if he is in la. So the fact that he looks like the polar opposite as to what he portrays himself as might has been the reason he managed to stay anonymous for this long. People irl would probably laugh if they found out he is pretending to be some 23 yo edge Lord online while looking like a british father of two

No. 1195005

What even is the origin of that picture on the right? Who originally posted it, and how did they conclude it was him?

No. 1195013

I'd like to know if the guy in the picture knows that people think he's some shitty youtube rapper who makes his voice deeper to impress young girls

No. 1195016

I'm typing up a thread right now it's going to take me some time as I want it to be good.

No. 1195020

I love both of you anons. Good luck!

No. 1195025

Yeah I wanna know the origin of the right picture too. I can’t convince myself that it’s not bunk until I know where it came from and how it got passed around.

No. 1195028

You all need to open the picture on a bigger screen than a phone and it's clear as day they're not the same person. Nose and lips are completely different, eyes as well if you look close enough, ears are bigger on the left. You can blame the webcam saturation and years of being a shut in but skin color is clearly different(and looking at the horse pic his current skintone clearly still resembles the tumblr one more). There's also the fact that he depicts himself to still having hair and it'd be such an embarassing lie to keep up especially if he plans to keep meeting Sykkuno and others twitch streamers he interacts with online, so i don't think he's actually balding. The one in the tiktok is clearly not him and i don't understand why you're all believing a random tiktok clearly meant to troll. It's dumb as fuck

No. 1195033

File: 1616881752465.png (20.6 KB, 128x128, avatar_119ba94fb13d_128.png)

Also, his avatar from older cache of the blog.

No. 1195037

Fuckin thank you

No. 1195040

same anon, i think we all are dying to see

No. 1195049

I appreciate you ♥

No. 1195051

Yes because making a drastic facial expression doesn't change the nose, lips, eyes. And angles and hairstyle doesn't change the head or ear shape. And of course people don't grow or cut hair or get lighter/darker.
It's probably not but it could be. Who the hell knows.

I'm not sure if that's him but it was the icon so I shared. Looking for more now.

No. 1195056

I can already imagine this faggot slinging his mile long bangs and writing sad face emo poetry on his school desk…ugh.

No. 1195057

i was looking for stan accounts that corpse could be using and found this guy w the @ emptysigh, he makes cringe nsfw audios and sounds like corpse. he also follows many corpse stans

No. 1195059

Genuinely wondering, could someone with lips that thin push out their lips enough to make them look like the left photo?

No. 1195061

wait, anons actually think those two are the same person? lmao what. they have different lips, noses, the one on the right's eyes and ears are visibly smaller. take your meds

No. 1195073

He was definitely one of those Mexican kids who say they look asian for having narrow eyes.

No. 1195077

Thank you anons that’s what I’m thinking aswell. Even if you pull a face… your lips don’t become so voluminous.

No. 1195084

The bridge of their nose looks similar (they both have like a broken nose bump thing), the eye shape looks similar, I'm not convinced about the ears but their stubble pattern looks the same (you can see a rounded shadow on the chin on the left picture that matches the right).
I'm ready to believe.

No. 1195085

File: 1616884398384.png (723.69 KB, 635x637, 164646848.png)

Clarified this a lil

No. 1195086

Wym was? He literally says he looks like Joji lmao closer to Dahvie Vanity to me

No. 1195089

What the fuck did I just listen to omg

No. 1195090

blind anons look at this 13yo mexican kid and balding vladimir and see no difference? ultimate kek

No. 1195092

Man clearly doesn't have Joji's nose if that's indeed him, yikes

No. 1195097

It doesn't sound like him and I highly doubt it has anything to do with him. Just another groomer faggot looking to pach some teens from his fanbase.

No. 1195098

is this not a young Vietnamese gay figuring out the trials and tribulations of american high school

No. 1195100

tbf i look totally different from when i was 15 but i think this isn't him unless we get more concrete evidence. i think there's good potential in digging up info with the name on the blog (joshua grant?) and also with the company that does his merch

i did a little bit of digging and it turns out revolt enterprises llc not only does his merch, but also fitz' (another well known youtuber) and fitz' manager works for revolt enterprises.

No. 1195101

File: 1616885358346.jpg (30.45 KB, 640x480, tumblr_mh6mc0IOz01qlb5mto1_128…)

Found something new

No. 1195104

i really want this to be him lmao

No. 1195105

LMAO anon what if it's just a random cringy kid from 2012

No. 1195106


No. 1195107


No. 1195108

I want this to be him so bad lmfaooo

No. 1195111

He'll never hear of it, no harms done kek

No. 1195113

These are all from the same blog so if one of them is him.


No. 1195114

show me your ways anon i checked all the dates of the wayback and couldn't find shit

No. 1195115

It's definitely him, something about the dark, murky photos and thinking anyone wants to see his weird looking hands screams corpse husband to me.

No. 1195117

Samefag, Also that kinda rounded body lines up with the image in thread op

No. 1195118

So like does anyone have an age estimate based on this alone?

Because those theories about him being older seem to have substance to them now

No. 1195120

asdfscfhikjhnkjsadfjldfh(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1195122

Fuck off back to twitter

No. 1195123

a 15 year old in 2012 would put him as 23 today so the pics take away substance to the theory

No. 1195126

Could just as easily be 16-19. He's a manchild afterall. Anthony Padilla wore the stupid emo looks well into adulthood.

No. 1195127

File: 1616886323520.png (9.95 KB, 529x113, 1.PNG)

What are the chances a kid who had the same cringy emo persona, who looks about the same age corpse had in 2012 and same ethnicity as him is actually not him? I want to believe

No. 1195128

Between the pinky matching, and the persona, and race I genuinely believe it’s Corpse.

No. 1195129


anon pls this is not a grown ass adult

No. 1195130

i'm the anon who posted the tumblr and holy shit. i was just posting because someone asked for it and i wasn't convinced it was him but the pinky being bent the exact same way is insane. don't know how i missed this.

No. 1195136


I'd say the first picture looks a lot younger than the latter picture personally

Would be good to know the years for the pictures though

No. 1195138

Being a doughy shut in can absolutely make you look soy and underage

No. 1195140

i fucking love you autists

No. 1195143

Anon, you're a fucking goddess, holy fuck. Also, what >>1195114 said.

No. 1195147

File: 1616887042874.jpg (17.44 KB, 462x430, joji.jpg)

>>1195101 >>1195073 >>1195086
I kind of see it with the eyes

No. 1195148

Longish hair with bangs, lack of substantial muscle and a partially hidden (or contorted) face can make anyone look pretty young. It's especially easy for someone in their early 20s to pass for being in their teens, depending on their lifestyle.

No. 1195152

File: 1616887307847.jpg (144.4 KB, 715x957, four.jpg)

Sageing bc tinfoil/it isn't really milky, but I think this cooking account with only ~1000 followers is really just corpse himself lmao

>Corpse follows

>almost exclusively posts Japanese recipes (he's a weeb)
>mentions Corpse coming over to help cook
>has a tan skintone with black nailpolish (obv his fans look like this too, but along with everything else it's worth considering lol)

No. 1195153

File: 1616887339480.jpg (137.36 KB, 717x1289, three.jpg)

samefag 1/2

No. 1195154

agreed, also the La Dispute quote in the first tumblr post makes sense. I've never seen corpse mention liking La Dispute but it does fit the whole dark and depressing music aesthetic.

I think if there was something easily available for this "Joshua grant" like an active facebook page that would prove to me it's not him. I briefly looked on facebook and Instagram and nothing came up. The tumblr being deleted around the time Corpse made his youtube is also suspicious to me.

No. 1195155

File: 1616887395376.jpg (150.25 KB, 719x923, two.jpg)

samefag 2/2

Otherwise why would he follow some random cooking account that mentions his name?

No. 1195156

File: 1616887499866.jpg (49.33 KB, 640x1040, 936269923196b4f7eb986bbf68af79…)

Anything is a hint.

What do you think about the keyboards? >>1195155

No. 1195158

Those look like two different keyboards

No. 1195159

Instagram icon strangely reminds me of Lil Xanax… which Corpse has said to look like

No. 1195172

File: 1616888671342.png (337.95 KB, 1080x2140, Screenshot_20210327-193605~2.p…)

If the oldest followers for the account are at the bottom of the followers list then Corpse was the third person to follow this account. Thinking it might be
himself or someone he knows irl.

No. 1195173

A few of the people with lower followings (so I assume that whoever owns the account knows them personally) seem to be British which is odd

Other than that, massive thing for Asians

No. 1195179

Sage for sperg but they have the same flared, square finger tips as well.

No. 1195188

Had a quick look through the account. Pretty much everyone they are following lives in the UK, and if corpse is one of the first ones that followed it it’s either him or someone he knows. Some of the pics say that the food was made by their girlfriend. Tinfoil but maybe it’s a shared account of his and his gf who lives in the UK

No. 1195196

Proportions check out imo as well, it's most likely him. I don't understand why he used the same handle as his old blog for his anon project, what a retard.

No. 1195197

File: 1616890321584.png (142.06 KB, 1471x715, i try lol.PNG)

My very rough draft of the KF corpse thread kek. No content is inserted until I'm done kek

No. 1195199

He’s not that bright. He probably never expected to be where he is now when he started his channel all those years ago and didn’t realize that deleting his tumblr wouldn’t stop people from finding it.

No. 1195201

Nah. One is a mechanic with backlighting and the other is not.

No. 1195203

No but anons, it doesn't need to be HIS keyboard per se. Or maybe he just got a new one, because people do that.

No. 1195206

If anybody can help me find other usernames "corpse-husband" on Tumblr used, that would be helpful. His profile did not deactivate as that username in 2014 or after.

This guy was definitely hrny though. Lots of prn gifs.

It was in the source. Didn't show up on the cache preview.

No. 1195210

sage for ot but how do you see the source? i have other cows i want to do this for.

No. 1195211

No. 1195212

right-click, view source
idk for safari/mac

No. 1195213

I can’t believe I just had to look at this. Kill me

Ok but he does easily look like he could’ve been 16-19 in that picture. When I was In high school there were tons of baby faced seniors who looked like the could be in middle school.

No. 1195215

File: 1616891651093.jpeg (19.73 KB, 627x360, DDACE5AC-7E07-4C44-AFED-CB0452…)

Kek how do people find his hands attractive when his fingers literally look like deflated balloons

No. 1195217

even if nothing comes of this, and this is just a poor random edgy kid from 2012, the journey has been incredible my fellow farmers

No. 1195219

True but those hands convince me it might really be him

No. 1195221

File: 1616893070506.png (360.39 KB, 1184x592, Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 8.56…)

i looked at the html of the tumblr capture with joshua grant on the bottom and found this theme credit. after looking at the wayback captures for the ponyboy tumblr, it seems like it's a female and not someone named joshua grant.

No. 1195222

Are you retarded? It's literally telling you that -ponyboy- is the user who made the theme that the Joshua Grant/Corpse-Husband page is/was using.

No. 1195223

Please please please let this be the one the tears would be delicious!

Nothing like hating on someone to bring people closer. I love you bitches.

No. 1195224

are you retarded? anons were saying that the "joshua grant" on the bottom of corpse-husbands tumblr could be the theme creator name

No. 1195225

File: 1616893473506.png (4.99 MB, 2048x1630, 996020B7-5A02-4E41-93B7-CA2FF9…)

Please don’t contribute

No. 1195226

Jfc, stop posting. Just because you’re retarded doesn’t mean we all are. That name is on the other theme as well.

No. 1195227

oh my god guys shut up about the theme thing. his real name would not have been displayed at the bottom of the page of his fucking tumblr blog, its a link to the theme maker. i made themes as a rarted 14 year old and everyone did that. someone who coded for a living would have used their full name.

No. 1195230

ngl i kind of believe it now, the pinky finger comparison convinced me i think

No. 1195231

Isn't that what anon is saying?
>after looking at the wayback captures for the ponyboy tumblr, it seems like it's a female and not someone named joshua grant.

No. 1195232

File: 1616894151700.gif (2 MB, 400x300, 1410446171887.gif)

If those photos are him, there is a 1000% chance he had a Gaia account. Trust me.

No. 1195233

joshua grant shows up in both themes retard

No. 1195235

File: 1616894296207.jpeg (38.41 KB, 657x527, F3FB8373-292B-4B9B-80B2-A52E75…)

No. 1195239

This thread is turning into autism central really fast. Dear aspies, read before posting ffs.

No. 1195245

not to continue the theme sperging but the theme in the 2014 capture was made by ponyboy, the 2013 one by some guy named "breefield" on twitter. neither of them is joshua grant (though i also think that's unlikely to be his real name).
btw the youtube account youtube.com/user/corpsehusband exists if anyone wants to take a look, it's empty besides a subscribtion list full of coomer shit. I wasn't gonna bring it up until >>1195206 mentioned that he was horny all the time lol. oh also we know that the real corpse seems to like fatties based on the loey lane stuff and this yt account is subscribed to a couple feeder fetish channels

No. 1195246

File: 1616895295337.png (293.63 KB, 1280x600, tfwyouragentishotterthanyou.pn…)

>>1194924 Corpse's agent is hotter thsn Corpse. Absolute kek.

>>1194934 He's not on Facebook or Twitter. (Pre sure, but I tried finding him and couldn't.)

Dead end :////(:////)

No. 1195247

He apparently had a gaming channel before his current channel

No. 1195249

I tried finding him on Facebook also using the cooking account someone posted to see if he might be friends with some of the people, also came up with nothing

No. 1195252

I’m the anon that suggested searching the LLC. This is how people ended up finding out who howtobasic was back a few years ago. I’m trying to find old information on exactly what they did and will post if I can find it.

Do we have confirmation Corpse lives in California?

No. 1195256

p sure he lives there cause of his p.o. box address and him meeting up with streamers who live in socal regularly

No. 1195257

He had a PO Box in Murrieta back in 2015 so must have lived in California then

No. 1195260

Can you read the rules and integrate??? Also don’t post people that are obviously uninvolved. This guy just works for a company that runs merch stores for people online. He’s not his talent agent.

No. 1195266

>>1195260 Fuck off with that integrate bullshit, fag. Never said talent agent either. It's just a resource compilation of easy to find results so people know not to go down that lane. As said, "Dead end"

No. 1195267

tfw SithLordAli was corpse all along

No. 1195270

nta but you still shouldn't post information about people unrelated to whoever is being discussed. it's literally in the rules.

No. 1195271

praise be the nonny who found the tumblr on wayback machine for this milk. also the caption for this pic was "my mom says i'm cute". oof.

No. 1195272


Why are there suddenly a shit load of Twitter stans here shitting up this thread? Like it’s not painfully obvious who is not integrating? Do corpse’s fans hate him this much?

No. 1195276

>doesn't sage

No. 1195281

Fair point. I'll concede and save it for the KF thread if it ever happens. (Though I do think he could have relevancy cos he's worked with AwesomenessTV and isn't affiliated with just a rando merch company.)

No. 1195290

I trust you will bring delicious tidings to the farm.

No. 1195292

Logged into my Gaia for old time's sake.
There's a corpse husband that's been there since 2012 but no idea if that's their orig name or if they changed it because they're a stan

No. 1195295

File: 1616898300613.png (20.58 KB, 298x289, CH-Gaia.PNG)

No. 1195296

>friends: 1
Checks out.

No. 1195297

IIRC Corpse said in an Anthony Padilla interview that he went faceless in 2015 and that’s when he picked the name “Corpse Husband”

No. 1195299

File: 1616898552377.jpeg (398.92 KB, 828x1046, 991E5D1E-1F04-4BA1-B818-A3070F…)

Different birthday to what he now claims is his birthday (8/8) but I’m working on the assumption that he lies about his age so lying about his birthday isn’t a stretch

No. 1195305

File: 1616898900269.png (384.97 KB, 2866x980, Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 10.3…)

nah it's not him

No. 1195306

My gut instinct doesn’t think so. He would have edgy Kaneki avatar not a basic boring cat.

No. 1195307

File: 1616898951214.jpeg (829.58 KB, 1242x1852, CB2920C0-0B77-4E1A-9C27-8C8C2F…)

I’m unsure of this really is anything but posting in case it has any credibility.

No. 1195311

I'm tired of looking at it. Here's your Corpse Thread

No. 1195312

Thank you for your hard work! I hope it takes off

No. 1195315

you can change your gaia display name really easily. that person is probably someone that acquired the name after corpse became trendy.

No. 1195316

No. 1195317

OH no no no

No. 1195318

File: 1616899892447.png (2 MB, 1080x2245, Screenshot_20210327-224946.png)

Cringe lyrics but social media shows some other dude.

No. 1195324

Corpse follows him on Instagram

No. 1195326

does he have blue eyes or brown eyes i geniunely cant tell

No. 1195327

File: 1616901072480.jpeg (152.93 KB, 1241x1437, 21A7F4C3-F887-457B-8BFD-1C84B0…)

Any chance of Corpse being younger than what we think?
I don’t believe he’s 23. I think he’s far too smart to reveal his real age/name (Randall).
This could be nothing but a 21 year old being a homeowner seems strange.

No. 1195330

seems to be a hazel/green

No. 1195335


pretty sure there were at least 5 different Josh Grant (age 21) in that website.


probably just a guy who co-wrote his lyrics. as cringe as his songs are, i wouldn't put it past CH to not be able to write a song on his own kek

No. 1195336

might be wrong but it kinda looks like he has heterochromia with one green and one brownish w/ a green spot

No. 1195339

File: 1616902095359.png (483.6 KB, 1080x1293, Screenshot_20210327-232701.png)

Joshua Grant is some anime character so might not even be his name. Might be coincidence but he's a fucking weeb.

No. 1195341

Now you’re reaching… so stop

No. 1195346

File: 1616902469286.jpg (27.54 KB, 400x400, Algumas-curiosidades-sobre-o-S…)

No. 1195443

File: 1616919057587.jpeg (18.31 KB, 251x201, 77CD40FA-A13A-4567-B81E-CDDDAB…)

he looks like dahvie vanity when he was fat and had no make up on

No. 1195444

Oh no, anon >>1192911 called it

No. 1195459

File: 1616922745927.png (1.14 MB, 800x1138, 9B1621ED-7839-4523-AB30-37E6C2…)

i have as well, most of the art i see is shit and the closets to “realistic” i found was this edit, it’s like a deep fried fakeboi selfie with heavy photoshop accessories.

def deliberate. he is the opposite of his gaming persona irl and was absolutely shoehorning this on purpose. obvious to anyone with half a brain.

not him but he would be flattered since he has a massively receded chin btw, he said so himself. also the guy in the tiktok was proven to be some random guy and not corpse.

No. 1195467

File: 1616924420863.png (92.45 KB, 505x444, Screenshot 2021-03-28 11.36.14…)

Maybe this is a slight reach, but I don't think he moved since taking this selfie. Check out the wall in >>1190374
I'll post two screenshots of it.

This confirms to me that the tumblr was his.

No. 1195469

File: 1616925250848.png (537.77 KB, 1200x900, download.png)

No. 1195472

File: 1616925560191.png (716.73 KB, 1200x900, 1616925250848(1).png)

the angle is quite different but I think that you are right anon !

No. 1195473

holy shit it's really fucking him lmao

No. 1195478

Christ anons. I think we have him. Seriously though, you guys need to help with crime solving or help with exposing pedos using photos of whatever. But these skills to a more beneficial and positive use lmao

No. 1195479

If that's him…kek I have to scream

No. 1195480

lmao just wait till the twitterfags get wind of this
>inb4 CreepshowShart makes a gigacringe video whiteknighting him

No. 1195481

don't worry, some of us dabble with that too
or at least try to catch vile zoophiles

No. 1195485

Warning for mention of CP (no images)

https://www.europol.europa.eu/stopchildabuse you can identify objects in CP videos to help determine where they were filmed. Everything except the object has been removed.

FBI is seeking these people or want to confirm their identity bc they were in CP.

No. 1195486

File: 1616926915340.jpeg (47.89 KB, 640x480, 0E55CA44-EA73-4DC9-91FF-A32320…)

The wall from the YouTube video has a ledge. The wall in the selfie has an opening. It’s not the same place.

No. 1195490

I deleted my message because I though it was too out of topic, but thank you very much anon I will look into it, I had no idea this kind of things existed

No. 1195492

np, it's difficult because some of the items look really old. Maybe there are other initiatives in addition to that one. I haven't been able to help yet, but I think some people actually could identify a few things.

No. 1195536

and they say pink imageboard sucks but look at this master class autistic research, good job anon, you've ascended

No. 1195540

The link you posted requires log in to kiwifarms, also can’t get it to show up when trying to search the thread.

No. 1195551

File: 1616934408405.png (309.94 KB, 640x480, 1616885358346.png)

oh I see what you mean, to be honest I really can't tell what's going on in the red zone, the perspctive seems fucked either ways

No. 1195562

File: 1616936341557.jpg (1.12 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210328_155806911.j…)

This looks like the same man to me. A latin american man and they are all associated with CH in some way? I think it's him.

No. 1195564

If you look you can see they both have the exact same nose.

No. 1195565

Those lips on the left are non-existent, though.

No. 1195567

Where did you find the other pic anon?

No. 1195568

File: 1616936650342.jpg (843.48 KB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210328_160420407.j…)

No. 1195569

who is that?

No. 1195570

Someone posted a pic on the thread it was from a gaia online account named 'corpse_husband'.

No. 1195571

They don't he's just grinning making them look thinner plus the resolution is low.

No. 1195574

No. 1195577

Does anyone recognize the cat?

No. 1195578

File: 1616937240092.png (57.79 KB, 912x277, Screenshot (56).png)

the corpse-husband from gaia online says he was a college student in 2012 though. I can believe that he's lying about his age but i doubt he was ever an engineering student kek

No. 1195580

He's puckering his lips in one picture and grinning in the second. Of course his lips are going to look bigger when he's puckering.

No. 1195581

Anon…I'm pretty sure that was a reaction gif, chosen because of the cat.

No. 1195582

I think it's him, personally. He started his channel in 2015. I remember coming across his horror vids in early 2016. Apparently be was only 18 then, 17 when he started his youtube career. Best way to groom young girls is to lie about your own age and hide your old ass face. Truth is we don't know about his history.

No. 1195583

File: 1616937530619.png (451.43 KB, 1728x1332, bkkjnj.png)

Samefagging. Definitely a reaction gif.

No. 1195584

exactly kek

No. 1195585

No. 1195586

Some of you are so retarded it makes me angry. I think about the girl who posted the baby’s feet in a thread saying they were fat and bloated every time.

No. 1195587

Corpse Husand fans ITT derailing and misleading the thread

No. 1195591

Some of the anons itt must be legit aspies kek

No. 1195593

I did a quick shitpost last night and wake up to this.

No. 1195596

anons are gonna be going out hate criming the first vaguely mexican looking 20-something guy they see bc he had the same nose bridge as corpse lmfao

No. 1195597

Anyone wanna update us non-Kiwis on how the thread there is going?

No. 1195598

I step away for two days and come back to so much. There’s no way anons won’t find his identity at this point, whether it still needs more looking into or not. Amazing. Thanks CH fags for getting the ball rolling kek.

No. 1195601

i think it's a cat
they've determined based on the notes from reblogged posts that the corpse-husband tumblr was deactivted rather that the url being changed, that's it

No. 1195606

im convinced its corpse cause the emofag said he was mexican lol, the guy in photo looks like hes mexican maybe

No. 1195631

File: 1616941098677.jpeg (56.97 KB, 640x480, 0E55CA44-EA73-4DC9-91FF-A32320…)

No. 1195646

Anons post your corpse fandom cringe. Has to be super cringe as I'm adding it to the KF thread.

No. 1195648

Can someone link the video that shows corpse’s room? I think it’s hard to compare with one shitty youtube screenshot

No. 1195652

No. 1195665

the gaia account isnt him, do you guys even read the thread before posting? >>1195305

No. 1195667

Didn’t realize it was from that video, I thought it was a different one for some reason. Thank you, though!

No. 1195668

Eh, I don't know about all of this. Probably not the same apartment, someone in the kiwi thread said
>From what we know Corpse lives in California, the location on the blog's bio is Melbourne which makes you think Australia but it's a community in California
CH said he was from San Diego, therefore the Melbourne location doesn't add up, unless he lied about living in San Diego

No. 1195670

he could be from san diego and it could still be him if his family moved when he was younger. does he say when he moved to california?

No. 1195673

Doubt this mexican looking faggy bottom is our guy but I like the spirit itt. Keep up with the autism anons!

No. 1195676

Yeah I'm pretty sure this isn't him. His PO box was opened in 2015 and it was in Murrieta which is near San Diego and not Melbourne (northern california).

No. 1195678

he confirmed south california in his stream. lmao at the fake reactions.

No. 1195679

Well, shit. Sounded too good to be true

No. 1195681

Although the backgrounds look similar, I don’t think it’s the same place. Corpse is standing in a kitchen in the vid and the picture looks like a webcam shot. I think it’s in a bedroom because if you look towards the dark area on his left, you can see a faint line towards the top that makes me think it’s a door. And I think it should be noted that he looks like he’s sitting kind of low but not quite on the ground. So I’m thinking at a computer desk, but I suppose a kitchen table is possible. Even if he had a laptop he could move around, putting it in a kitchen just seems weird. Also, I’m not sure how recent that photo is, but if that’s his computer we see up against the wall, then it’s on the opposite side of where it should’ve been to get that picture. All things said, it’s entirely possible he moved around his furniture. Also since it looks like he’s in a bedroom in that picture, I feel like this is an older pic of corpse. Most people who live alone keep their computer set up in their living room (save streamers who use cams), this looking like a bedroom makes me think he was living with family here.

Obv I don’t know what his kitchen looks like since I’m only going off this video, but I doubt this is the same place. Not sure if any of this is tinfoil-y but if so I apologize

No. 1195683

He has probably moved since then too.

No. 1195684

can you learn how to sage dumbass?

No. 1195702

Imagine if we're just dunking on a random mexican-looking emo guy instead of corpse.

No. 1195729

Didn't he move in with a gf or something at one point? Does anyone have any clue what year that would have been around?

It's totally possible that this is still his account because moves happen

How does he sound European lmao?

No. 1195733

I want to say 2014-2015 because the blog was deleted in 2014.

No. 1195746

try brightening the tumblr pic. It's obviously the same background. The television or whatever is in the same place too.

No. 1195749

so now we believe everything he says? I thought he was a liar. Don't you understand that you can open a PO box in another county and even give someone else the right to collect things from it?

"he's probably moved since then" kek ok, Investigation closed then!

No. 1195760

The kiwi-anon did a pretty good job so their pack of autists should be able to dox him within a week now.

No. 1195776

File: 1616950170322.jpg (508.62 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210328-103120_Chr…)

I looked up a Joshua Grant on MySpace and came back with this. Doesn't really look like the other photos, but any wayback savvy anons want to comb dead social platforms for clues? Like MySpace or LJ. If he's older than his claimed age he might have some content floating around. Deviantart and Xanga might be good to comb, too.

No. 1195796

I'm kiwi anon and I'd give it a while tbh. Don't expect anything so soon because it could take a while for the thread to get picked up. I'm still collecting information for the claims he's made and crazy antics from the fandumb.

No. 1195798

KEK I'm enjoying this wild-autistic ride anons, keep it up.

No. 1195806

el ogro sombrío de amogus…… that fucking pig nose tho, kek.

No. 1195848

I wonder if CH had a vampire freaks account. It seems to fit his style, and I remember a lot of the emo/ scene kids used the website back in the late 2000s/early 2010s. Not sure how to check the way back machine for it, but it could be worth looking in to

No. 1195851

It's in prospering grounds which requires you to sign up. When it's complete and picks up it'll be open for viewing by the public.

No. 1195863

I mean the problem is that we're looking at accounts that are from 2013-14 and we're in 2021

Yes it may not be him, but also you have to close the other possibilities that it could be him
I also think he's a lying pos but I don't think he's lying about absolutely everything because that's impossible to keep up with in the public sphere and he seems to mostly lie for sympathy points

No. 1195869

if you look further back in their posts, you can see them RP'ing and when people quote things pertaining to Gaia!CH, their original name was "Dr SlapStick"… so probably not him.

No. 1195877

OT but I'm surprised he hasn't received a C&D for copying the likeness of Frank from Donnie Darko for his avatar/merch. It's literally an exact rip off aside from the missing eye (which is also a part of that character if you know the film) how is he working around this?

No. 1195883

Good question, I'm pretty sure he also name drops the movie directly in the first Anthony Padilla interview. I think he's gotten around it by making only half of face the Frank mask, he also changed the color to purple and the teeth seem to be shaper on the Corpse version.

No. 1195889

Joshua Grant sounds like a super common name. I feel like we're gonna have a reddit moment like when the thought they found the Boston bomber.

No. 1195899

File: 1616962658932.jpeg (49.39 KB, 679x498, ExhzOrYWgAACi4b.jpeg)

after seeing #lilcorpsex trending..

i'm dying rn didn't rly expect nas x collabing with corpse even tho both give pretty cringe vibes.

i was neutral abt nas x before this, now idk kek

No. 1195920

it makes sense. lil nas x is all about the meme effect, so collabing with corpse is on brand.

No. 1195922

I mean that’s basically what’s going on here lol. Better than nothing tho

No. 1195935

didnt corpse post a pic of his hair strand and it was curly? maybe that tumblr kid really is just some random little emo kek

No. 1195938

Yeah and some girl got it tattooed kek. Emos were famous for straightening their hair though. I was one of them lol.

No. 1195942

Are you retarded? These pictures are decade old. That hair is obviously straightened with an iron, literally first rule of being an emo kid. Also in recent years it’s an e-boy thing to get a perm.

Ngl feels like a bunch of stans in here FUDding

No. 1195944

>she thinks he’s a real anime boy with same hair his entire life

No. 1195949

>Ngl feels like a bunch of stans in here FUDding
I got that vibe from posts like this >>1195120 and the cat reaction image thing. Almost all their posts are unsaged, too. I don't even know where they're coming from. Do they just frantically search "Corpse Husband" on all platforms/gossip sites and check on whatever's new?

No. 1195953

If anyone asks a retarded question just ignore it for now on lol.

No. 1195955

>>1195848 No vampire freaks account in the wayback machine.

>>1195776 There's a deactivated deviantart for it. Not sure if it's in the wayback machine.

Also worth mentioning, there's a closed blogspot. Unfortunately, it has no archives.

No. 1195962

>Ngl feels like a bunch of stans in here FUDding
Literally. Contributing anons just be throwin out ideas brainstorming, some weak some strong. They'd latch on to the weak ones and go "Oh nooo this whole thing clearly has no substance!!!"

No. 1195964

The fuck is this anon?

No. 1195965

Yeah yall need to start reporting this shit in this thread.
A fucking newfag.

No. 1195968

PULL got a sniff of the thread. That server is full of twitterfag shadow stans.

No. 1195970

The thread is going to be on sage soon, I can feel it, it's attracting too many newfags

No. 1195974

Not sure if anyone else has thought about this but what are the chances that “Grant” is his middle name and not last name? Not sure if that potential info can alter any searches or not tho

No. 1195975

50/50 it's a yes or it's a no. It's better to stick to searches we DO have some evidence about. Hypothesizing can easily send you down the wrong track.

No. 1195977

Before ch went faceless. he used to go live on youtube. so his early "fandom" does know what he looks like.

No. 1195979

How do you know this? Is this a twitter rumour? It's not mentioned in his wikis. And would this be under the CH moniker or something else? Since he claims the faceless thing and the CH thing happens at the same time.

No. 1195981


This was claimed on tt by a guy. let me see if i can find the video again

No. 1195987

I vaguely remember him streaming but I only remember faceless streams but he didn't really push the fact that he was faceless back then so maybe I forget. Most horror narrators are faceless but not sperg about it like ch.

No. 1195994

He's 100% uggo. If he looked decent he'd get too full of himself to be able to resist the attentionwhoring, aka Cr1tikal

No. 1195996

I've watched some of his old livestreams and he never showed his face…unless you're referring to livestreams that weren't uploaded to his channel afterwards.

No. 1195997

No. 1196002

Hm interesting

The fact that it's a grown ass man rather than some egirl gives it some substance

No. 1196003

>trust me bro
Any hot e-girl wanna seduce the fat neckbeard into spilling more for science?

No. 1196004

Orrrr he knows little girls are flock to his inbox. Look how much interaction it has.

No. 1196009

preferably someone that can do suspect sketches

No. 1196015

File: 1616972355354.jpg (198.49 KB, 676x340, 9xpb03156465230vp31.jpg)

No. 1196016

I saw another tiktok of a similar aged guy saying the same so I’m leaning towards true. People also say he used to have Snapchat and would chat with fans and post dangerous parkour snaps

No. 1196019

Hey retard anons, he said he went faceless in 2015 and that’s when he decided on “Corpse Husband” as a name. Any account dated pre-2015 is unlikely to be him unless there’s solid evidence suggesting otherwise.
Please use your brains.

No. 1196027

>he says so it must be true
Kys stan, also don't say slurs desu, it's not very uwu poggers

No. 1196029

just so you know, it shows your name and profile picture when you share directly from tiktok.

No. 1196031

No. 1196032

>I decided on the name in 2015
>no, don't look up any past instances of the name that could possibly expose my identity
checks out

No. 1196034

>Believing everything someone on Youtube says

If anything that's proof it is him in those embarrassing emo pics since it implies he did used to post his face. Of course he isn't gonna draw attention to the fact he has used the username before, he probably thought deleting the account was enough to wipe all evidence.

No. 1196038

File: 1616974166449.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x2520, C02A7ADF-83ED-48B1-8386-F75EE0…)

I’m one of the anons that has been searching via the wayback machine so unsure where you’re getting stan from.
I’m pro- find out who Corpse is, I just think it’s a moot point to be suggesting random ass people from Gaia when it’s abundantly clear it’s not him and an RP account.

He’s mentioned this in his interview with Anthony, it’s on wiki, and checks out with fans who had seen him prior to going faceless.
It’s not hard to use your brain.

No. 1196041

no substance but I remembered someone mentioned a post on a subreddit of corpse husbands face and a bunch of corpse stans were disappointed in the comments before the post was deleted. it might have been in one of the past few youtuber general threads (possibly a kiwifarms thread about dream) where it was mentioned but I've been spending free time trying to find the post. If I find out which subreddit it came from there's a small chance I could try to find the post before it was deleted through the way back machine. If I don't find it, I'll fucking kill myself.
Saged for autism.

No. 1196043

Yeah lol. He's already showing his hands and strands of his hair knowing people will obsess over it. That is so weird to me. Like he really seems to believe that his one strand of hair is God's gift to humanity. If he was just paranoid he wouldn't be showing things like that, and if he knew he looked good he'd be showing it off because he really seems to like people thirsting over him.

No. 1196048

The gaia thing has been debunked dumb cunt. Once again, self-report is not a source.

No. 1196050

but why do you believe everything he says? it's on wikipedia so it must be true? come on anon

No. 1196055

dumb question but where is the horse mask video from?

No. 1196058

Corpse is basically just an unreliable narrator

While we shouldn't be taking things for the sake of confirmation bias, we should also be questioning how true his own info is tbh

No. 1196059

An interview with Anthony Padilla

No. 1196120

Calm down with the "kys" "I'll fucking kill myself" it's ok anons it's just some internet dweeb with teenage followers, like every idiot on Youtube. The fact even someone as unlikeable as Jake Munro has stans is proof incredibly obvious jackasses can still get needy teenage fans. Outside of those girls, does anyone like him or care? No.

No. 1196124

I'm the anon who posted the wall screenshot vs the tumblr pic. For me, that absolutely confirmed the tumblr is his. I don't buy whatever his fans are saying about the wall, the angle is a bit different but the rest is too coincidental to not be the same room. (No, I didn't make those red circles, I think that light switch/thermostat/whatever may not be a good clue - I'm looking at the set-up of the whole room and that wall).

Now what does that have to do with Joshua Grant? Well, I'm considering the suggestion made earlier in the thread that Joshua Grant might have been responsible for the template. This seems somehow more plausible to me. It wasn't common on tumblr to put your full name in the bio unless you were famous or something. I'm not inclined to believe this is his name. If so, bro, sorry, your parents gave you a shitty boring name.

No. 1196130

I think I can speak for a few of us when I say that the main reason why we’re entertained by this thread is because we enjoy seeing male cows get dragged. So many of these moids acquire a rabid fanbase of girls/young women for doing next to nothing, seeing them outed as gross creeps and flayed accordingly is satisfying as all hell.

No. 1196135

As already pointed out, there’s two different snapshots of his tumblr from different times with two different themes/layouts and the name is on both.

Plus, as someone who was a tumblr idiot years ago, that space on tumblr pages is the “blog title” and has to be filled in by the tumblr owner. Whether it’s corpse’s page or not (but it is) that was the name they put.

No. 1196155

File: 1616987316180.png (28.11 KB, 182x132, CC7CF560-EB9E-46D2-9D41-9DB6BA…)

sage and blogpost but >>1195120 was me and I contributed >>1195033 >>1195101 Forgive me.
Doesn't change the fact that there are obvious CH fans or fans misleading info like the cat gif

Anyway, here's another awfully pixelated photo of the guy in the blog. Can't find the bigger picture.

Tinfoiling but his Twitter (Corpse_Husband) was created on August 08, the same day as his birthday. Could be him just being quirky but it makes me wonder what he meant by his "birthday"

No. 1196169

Ok, I'm finally done with the corpse thread until someone complains again.

No. 1196183

My input is that I used to really enjoy him but his entire personality has gone so cringe. I realize it’s probably entirely overwhelming to go from a few hundred thousand people to millions of people watching you so suddenly - but posting pictures of your hands, hair, and breathing for a tweet is cringe as hell.
I’m really just into internet sleuthing and finding who he is would be very entertaining and satisfactory.
I want to agree with the “no one cares about him” thing but it’s simply not true. He was one of the fastest growing artist in 2020 and is only going up.
It will eventually plateau but he’s big now.

No. 1196196

Honestly he gives me major degenerate coomer vibes so this >>1195206 makes sense to me lmao.

No. 1196199

i agree- he used to be a great narrator, his voice definitely fit with the horror narration community but now that hes gotten popular hes abandoned his previous fanbase and tbh gives off creepy ass vibes with all the sexually charged content he puts out esp. with so many young female fans, hes def going to be outed as a predator in the next year or two.

No. 1196203

this is a really good catch. it would make a lot of sense for him to say his twitter birthday is his birthday since he relies so much on this anonymous internet persona.

No. 1196237

why are you censoring the words "porn" and "horny". this isn't twitter

No. 1196247

>Use your brain
>Has no brain

No. 1196251

>>1195596 >>1196015
I haven't laughed this hard in so long. I love you ladies.

I'm not going to tip obviously but when the Twitter bloodhounds get ahold of these pictures I think we'll end up knowing for sure. Either he'll confirm these pics were him and talk about how different he looks now as an excuse, or his vanity will get the best of him and he'll face reveal

No. 1196255

I honestly feel like he's gonna do a face reveal, remaining anonymous while your popularity is skyrocketing and crossing into mainstream territory seems disadvantaging and kinda retarded

No. 1196259

think we can get any luck by putting all his social media accounts into wayback machine? there must be a slip up somewhere

No. 1196260

File: 1617000310463.png (16.69 MB, 6204x3616, genderbent reviewbrah.png)

Just a little compilation of the average Corpse fan.

No. 1196261

kek anon the filename

No. 1196262

It's the grandma panties with the aliexpress garter tights paired with the fake the uggs for me

No. 1196265

File: 1617000907597.jpg (223.56 KB, 1128x684, socially distanced eyes.jpg)

Am I wrong, nonnie?

No. 1196266

Don't insult my boy like that

No. 1196267

I know. He doesn't deserve it. Still true though.

No. 1196271

File: 1617001471346.png (43.75 KB, 725x268, joshua-husband.png)

he was in a car accident back in 2015. he used to talk with his younger fans on snapchat… wouldn't he be 18 back in 2015.

No. 1196277

File: 1617002223494.jpg (85.68 KB, 1200x675, copium.jpg)

Burgers can drive at 16, since he was born on August 08 1997, he would have indeed been 16.

so wait, here are the fors so far regarding mystery-mexican being CH:

>The Tumblr has the same edgelord x coomer vibes

>Looks Mexican, one of CH claimed ethnicity
>CH would have been 15 in 2012, mystery-mexican looks 15
>From Melbourne, California
>The room in the pictures kinda lines up with current CH one

The againsts:

>Allegedly born and raised in San Diego, California

>Messy room line up

No. 1196281

File: 1617002797244.jpeg (14.81 KB, 380x380, 9C5C08DF-6763-425A-BE6E-B97C65…)

>he’s two years younger than me

No. 1196284

This is an infinite vortex of cringe, his fans can’t even be called calves because they are bigger cows than he is. The delusional of this psychopath thinking she’s anywhere near “egirl” levels of attractiveness (but then we know CH is almost certainly nowhere near the “eboy” levels of attractiveness he wants people to think he is, so it checks out, kek)

No. 1196293

Agreed, I forsee there being a thread that is separate just for the fans (that are above the age of 18). Though you can't really blame these girls as they are teenagers. Remember that the Creepypasta fandom used to be a thing.

No. 1196295

>they are teenagers

Not really. >>1196260 is 25-26 years old (she states she's two years older than him, so do the math). There are plenty of pathetic full grown women desperately in love with this man who will never know they even exist.

No. 1196299

It was probably a pubic hair, that’s why it was curly

No. 1196302


>mentally ill

>ethot lace choker
>"muh chronic illness"
>thinks she's hot shit because she took psychology 101
>homestuck fan
>ships JSE and CH
>overweight cats which she neglects in favor of thirsttweeting some random coomer who'll never acknowledge her
>"listening in to the grief of others is so healing"

Fucking kill me now.

No. 1196311

My personal lolcow is the same age as him and the same tier of insane gigacringe as this Jupiter Marz autist, it never ceases to amaze me that he has adult fans.

I was just thinking that too, or at the least this will become a “corpse and his calves” thread, because there’s so much potential milk to be had from a big herd of mentally ill exhibitionists.

No. 1196314

no only does his voice sound different it sound like he is either wearing braces or used to have a speech impediment. the sss sound is veery different.. almost sounds like a different person

No. 1196316

File: 1617006520601.png (560.22 KB, 1200x1000, sympathywhoring.png)

Not all his tweets, but a skim

This faggot is such an Munchausenwhore.
>Muh PT, muh GERD, muh mom's medical bills, I swear I got a gun pulled on me,,, police dogs at my schoolz, Ize poor boy no monies

No. 1196325

Dat pathological lying

No. 1196326

>I can't play vidya guyzz :((

damn, good thing you don't have an actual job

No. 1196330

File: 1617008130390.png (293.95 KB, 497x478, twitfags.png)

its on twitter now

No. 1196331

oh no.

No. 1196332

ok who did that

No. 1196333

prepare yourselves, corpses calves are coming.

No. 1196334

>>1196330 fuck WHO

No. 1196335

Look at the @ it's a fucking school shooter stan too

No. 1196336

File: 1617008508790.jpg (39.88 KB, 800x450, isleep.jpg)

>1 day ago
No one seems to give a shit

No. 1196339

This tweet is from 2 days ago and has 1 like, how did you even find this? Anyway
>Dylan Klebold

No. 1196340

account is obvious shitpost

No. 1196341

Explains someone of the stans coming here. Tbh should have tagged it as corpses face leak and it would have probably had them run off of Twitter

Also, anyone seen the people who fake DID/multiple personality disorder and pretend that one of their personalities is corpse lool?

No. 1196343

If you say so, anon.

No. 1196345

>>1196339 It's the nonny, maybe?

>>1196340 Doesn't make the faggot less ew, does it?

No. 1196346

you mean like… three tards?

No. 1196347

i have been trying to find his oldest tweets to see if he slipped up with info about himself

No. 1196348


His friend Boyinaband is British and as far as I know he visited him a couple of times, but I have no idea if that guy lives in the UK.

No. 1196356

hasn't gained any traction so I think we're safe

No. 1196373

Yes, it was posted a while ago in the yt general thread iirc.

No. 1196382

he used to straighten his hair back when he was a teen.

all his tweets before dec-14 are deleted.

in a tweet he send to MGK he said he was 15 when the song alone came out. if he was born in 97 august this would make him 15 so he might not be lying about his age.

still wondering why he deleted his old tweets? maybe to many convo's with minors

No. 1196385

File: 1617011583548.png (52.75 KB, 739x455, JGfag.png)

No. 1196390

Boyinaband lives in the UK, he collabs with pewdiepie a lot. I have a theory that corpse is dating/close friends with tallasianis/yukoexereal on instagram (I think they both run the food account that was posted a while back) who also lives in the UK but it’s probably a huge reach.

No. 1196392

Yeah, I'm actually surprised no one has spammed this shit to Twitter yet, there's so many obvious stans here.

No. 1196393

I looked at her Facebook account and I don't think that's the case

She mentions in some comment replies from 2020 (around the time COVID started) that she just got back from Norway (I assume she was on holiday), so it seems like she has little/no interest in the US.

The cats on her IG and the baking's IG don't match either, and even with the long distance thing she seems to be UK based so that wouldn't work because covid

The only slightly odd thing is that she seems to have deleted her Twitch despite saying she streams there, and it being linked in her link tree thing

No. 1196402

It's weird how none of his psychotic fans nor anyone else thought of just typing "corpse-husband" before in the wayback machine

No. 1196405

anon are you retarded that's not how tumblr works at all, joshua grant was not the responsible of the template it was the name of the blog, can you lot just shut the fuck up about it if you don't understand how that website functions

No. 1196407

File: 1617015297856.jpg (25.16 KB, 540x720, doriansparks.jpg)

Dorian Sparks? Is that you?

Who knew Corpse was Raven Sparks long lost kid.

No. 1196415

File: 1617015663646.png (126.6 KB, 846x640, name.png)

this might be a stretch but if i use his old email this is the info it gives me.

the Alias is a 2 word name that start with a C.
Now we have G as first name and D as last name.

Pretty sure Joshua grans is someone else.

No. 1196416

His real name is Gorpse Dusband, mystery solved

No. 1196421

File: 1617015996771.png (40.48 KB, 1228x198, cap.PNG)

Gregory, huh?

No. 1196422

>>1196415 Damn, that makes me wish somebody had a Snusbase account to run it through. (Shows passwords, etc)

But also, it might be the censorship thingy on those kinda sites where it doesn't show the accurate amount of characters in a name.

No. 1196424

is that it… did we do it

No. 1196429

>>1196424 Ballbuster, but I don't think so. Don't get hope yet nonny. It's also the name of a "famous" hacker.

No. 1196436

File: 1617016770029.jpg (17.68 KB, 324x499, 41AHJBDV9BL._SX322_BO1,204,203…)

No. 1196440

if anyone can find info by use the emails. there are 3:




No. 1196457

File: 1617019206426.jpeg (423.33 KB, 1242x739, 5A91A1EE-3F2D-4262-86E2-4BA58A…)

Something odd came up searching one of his emails.. “G D


No. 1196458

No. 1196462

>>1196457 That's the only G.D.E in Cali who isn't over 60. So if he's G.D.E, then that's him.

Also, don't know if it's worth anything, but he has a still up disqus? Nothing there but one post, but
https://disqus.com/by/corpsehusband/comments/ https://archive.ph/ZSajW

No. 1196464

File: 1617019813696.png (178.11 KB, 956x473, Untitled.png)

The corpsehusbandstories@gmail.com one was in the db8151dd data breach, this might be a good place to look

No. 1196466

does it say i played with my gf lacy as in the game lacy or is his gf's name lacy..

No. 1196467

>this might be a good place to look
the actual data is almost impossible to get a hold of now and the file size is over 90gb

No. 1196469

File: 1617020271770.jpg (50.27 KB, 1145x281, 1.jpg)

found this in cali state records, the age matches, seems to be the only gregory evans who's age fits. He had a car accident when he was right?

No. 1196470

Lacy is the character that his girlfriend is voicing in the video.

No. 1196472

Interesting… Where do we go from here?

No. 1196474

he was 18 when he had the accident.

No. 1196475

This absolutely could be, but ease with caution as according to him he’s 23

No. 1196477

I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if his birthday is at least slightly off, since he's trying to protect his identity. I'd still say we should not get our hopes up yet.

No. 1196478

File: 1617020710066.jpeg (101.69 KB, 572x865, F48E6871-75E1-4354-954C-B3B1C1…)


No. 1196479

Oh shit you're right, I can't fucking count

No. 1196480

if he is born in 1997 and his actual birthday is in august he will turn 24 this year so that fits

No. 1196481

File: 1617020874007.jpeg (69.29 KB, 750x470, 3A2C0959-3D8F-4E1B-87AB-81737D…)

email 2

No. 1196482

File: 1617020908963.jpeg (100.69 KB, 717x755, 30154923-90B7-43DC-B0DF-E89D12…)

No. 1196483

File: 1617020929768.jpeg (875.06 KB, 1242x1940, 0349579D-ACD4-4680-B115-5CCF7E…)

Also in a data breach from River City Media.

No. 1196484

my fucking sides

No. 1196485

this isn't milk ffs no one is gonna get a hold of those databases here

No. 1196489

Don't get your hopes up. But also, https://www.spytox.com/Gregory-D-Evans has the address for the 24 year old GDE. I'm not gonna be the nonny to do it though.

According to Dehashed though:

Corpsehusband@gmail.com was in the dailymotion leak.

The username Corpsehusband was involved in four data thingies from MyFitnessPal, Webkinz data, BlankMediaGames, and Desteria.

If anyone has a Snubase or a Dehashed subscription, I'm begging y'all use it on his email yo.

No. 1196490

One data breach was from 2020 you dumb cunt. Regardless they were saged. Your contribution is even less-so milk. >>1196482
Anon, is there any way to see associated usernames for these accounts?

No. 1196491

you clearly haven't doxed in your life nonny so take the stick out your arse and stop posting useless contributions. who gives a fuck if it was from 2020? you are certainly not going to get your hands on a 90gb file that is almost erased from the internet

No. 1196492

File: 1617021459897.jpg (90.25 KB, 1080x1032, summonus.jpg)

aspie nonny summoning COME OON

No. 1196497

This Gregory appears to have the middle name "Deshawn" according to other websites via listed family members.

No. 1196501

I think Gregory D. Evans is a red herring. Like anons pointed out, it's the name of a former hacker.

No. 1196502

Hey newfag, there’s a reason nonny is in redtext. Learn to integrate or go back to Twitter. It’s painfully obvious this thread was taken over by teenagers on Twitter

No. 1196503

File: 1617022738938.jpeg (34.19 KB, 1111x183, 40A10D5C-A6CD-4984-B187-D44A88…)

Where did the “E” even come from? The censored name literally says “G D” with no e.

No. 1196506

>>1196502 Ur pointing out different anons you retard

Gregory D. Evans the hacker's middlename is Dante. Still might be a red herring though

No. 1196507

just combed through the anthony padilla interview and two things
1. he isn't faking his voice, it sounds the exact same in the video. he for sure doesn't use a voice modifier but maybe he forces it to be lower manually
2. he's a fake cunt for other reasons. imagine saying
>i feel i would be happier in a world where i could be myself openly, and not worry about hiding from everybody
in response to getting asked about hiding your face. corpse you are allegedly a 24 year old man come august. it is painfully obvious that he's milking this uwu persona in regards to his face it's so bizarre to see it from a grown man.

No. 1196512


if u look at the interview where he is actually in the room, in the first one his voice is less grainy. the latest video his voice is more grainy and lower. He wasnt in the room. the chair is empty

No. 1196520

>created on August 08, the same day as his birthday. Could be him just being quirky but it makes me wonder what he meant by his "birthday"
This is actually very good observation. Symbolic birthdays are popular with self-hating LARPers who want to be someone else. We should keep that in the back of our minds.

No. 1196522

>different anons
NTA but and? She's right. You bitches (plural) stick out like hemorrhoids.

No. 1196526

>>1196522 The point is that it isn't one anon??? Still not a newfag like she says. Saying nonny is pretty common on anon boards, so untwist your panties and contribute or fuck off

No. 1196534

Are we going to keep being retarded and point out how his voice is fake and that what he says isn't true another 100 fucking times?

Do you know that you can fake your voice without a voice changer anon? That's what we mean.

No. 1196539

The reason it's in italics because it's a newfag who TRIED to censor but doesn't know that using asterisks do that.
What boards bitch? Each space has different culture, if you get shit on it's your fault.

No. 1196541

>pornhub account
well, seems like >>1196196 was right kek

No. 1196557

Can anons stop derailing to argue with each other and just take any information we actually do get given? Even if it may be useless -.-(-.-)

No. 1196566

File: 1617027680410.jpeg (59.26 KB, 828x285, 00CEB746-596C-40BA-B482-EEFBDD…)

August 8th is international cat day (picrel). He’s also obsessed with cat girls so it makes sense that he chose that date as his “birthday”. His real birthday could’ve already passed, making him 24 rn so we shouldn’t automatically rule out anyone who’s 24.

No. 1196570

The autism is strong in this thread, both good and bad

No. 1196574

Went on the reddit with the corpsehusband username (the account is 5 years old) and it's some fakeboi, wonder if that's him. It would make sense to hide his identity and use a voice changer microphone…

No. 1196575

Stop PULL tinfoiling pls. You are crazy.

No. 1196577

It isn’t common in this board newfag, way to out yourself kek. Integrate a little better and stop stanning corpsehusband and you’ll fit in a little better

Take this one with you

This is why no one is taking this thread seriously. The tumblr is probably him, but the rest of this shit that’s been dug up is just reaching at this point.

No. 1196579

Jesus can the children go to class and pay attention to your lessons in critical thinking already.

No. 1196580

Getting mad that people aren’t taking a Corpse Husband thread seriously is autistic, mini modding and screeching about fucking “nonny” of all things kek

No. 1196587

Called it. His name definitely isn't fucking Randall either.

No. 1196593

Idk, considering >>1196469 and >>1196405 I don't think the Tumblr is his anymore

No. 1196596

Fuck it he's both Greg and Josh and I'm changing my KF op to that.

No. 1196602

we cant let it go yet. people just need to put more effort try harder and newfags fuck off back to twitter

No. 1196616

We gotta find his real date of birth to confirm Gregory D Evans.

No. 1196617

What happened to the anons who said they knew people who went to school with him?

No. 1196618

I'm sure there are many ways to skin a corpse and people are creative. Just remember kf exists and cater too information not publicly available.
They're LARPers anon…

No. 1196626

>newfags fuck off back to twitter
take some of your own advice and sage your shit, newfag.

No. 1196630



>doesn’t know how to sage their non contribution

No. 1196631

Did it give you an age or birthday?
Also did the anon's download the report tied to the car accident? It might include some information.

No. 1196633


No. 1196634

No. 1196636

sage for nothing to add but damn, i think she's really adorable and cute but her entire persona is so off putting :((:()

No. 1196644

File: 1617033429660.jpg (93.27 KB, 1080x593, Screenshot_20210329-175609_Chr…)

This ofc is bs

No. 1196660

File: 1617035458630.jpg (52.05 KB, 432x600, bloatedcorpse.jpg)

kek he definitely looked chonky here.

No. 1196662

File: 1617035612669.png (80.15 KB, 1348x324, Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 12.3…)

i believe it's actually "Gregory Dashaw Evans"

No. 1196665

File: 1617035920425.png (172.86 KB, 1754x1290, Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 12.3…)

samefag but area code 276 is in virginia and 510 is in california

No. 1196670

>Austin, TX

No. 1196674

hmm I don't think we know all of corpse's history of where he has lived so I'm not sure about the Texas part. But I guess the female part could be a mistake because what girl is named Gregory lol.

No. 1196676

Could Greg be an editor or email guy for the channel? Or a name one makes up for email account? I say all types of bullshit when making emails. These results are rather muddling the water than clearing it.

No. 1196679

this dude feels like an unfortunate mashup of yandev and social repose

No. 1196680

coincidence because the myspace of a "joshua grant" that anon found >>1195776 also has Austin TX as location. I don't think that's him though

No. 1196688

I'm skeptical because Oakley is in Northern California and is around 6 hours away from Murrieta. why would he have a po box set up in murrieta if he lived in oakley?

No. 1196698

>i feel i would be happier in a world where i could be myself openly, and not worry about hiding from everybody

literally the phantom of the opera, lmao


No. 1196711

Please fucking sage! Write "Sage" in the email section of the reply box! This will stop the thread from being bumped over dumbass questions and responses! However, you don't have to sage when you actually have new info that hasn't been posted already!
Learn how to fucking do it and when to do it so this thread doesn't end up on autosage

No. 1196723

this is probably unrelated but isn't graveyardgirl >>1190347 from austin? i have no clue if she ever mentioned being friends with him or if they have any relationship outside of that one collab, but i also haven't seen a lot of her videos so maybe someone else will know if there's something there

No. 1196725

Seems weird to put VA alongside mid-east

No. 1196728

It's also common for YouTubers to move states for their career either.

No. 1196730

I think he has said before that he doesn't pick up his own PO box stuff in fear of being seen? It was mentioned on the YT thread but if an anon could confirm/deny that would be great

I feel like the whole Greg thing may be a red herring, that being said I also wouldn't be surprised if he thought Greg is a boring name (sorry all the Gregs out there) and decided to go by Josh instead on the likes of Tumblr but that's a huuuuge stretch. The names related to this Greg guy also seem to have some Spanish/Mexican origin to them so it would explain Corpse's connection to Mexico(?) or whatever he claimed.

I feel like some fan anons would do wonders here for giving info on what he said or hasn't said in his livestreams because I don't think enough of us 'hate' watch him

No. 1196735

>>1196730 I mean, honestly, it could just be a random name this guy decided to go by. Teens do that kind of stuff.

But definitely. From what I know scrolling his comment section and skimming his twitter though, is that he has huge mommy issues. But it's impossible to hate watch him; his voice is so fucking grating.

No. 1196736

File: 1617039692495.png (51.17 KB, 561x524, stalker.PNG)

I'm actually curious about his "stalking incidents" from his wiki.
Could any fans enlighten me?

No. 1196754

I had a look at the people showing as relatives and most of them are black apart from the one Hispanic woman. Don't think Gregory is his name, probably something he used as a cover, someone mentioned it's a name of a hacker

No. 1196760

Do you think he has his real name cencored from this live chats? just incase someone finds it?

No. 1196769

hmm that's a good point, maybe next time he streams one of us can test it out

No. 1196770

tinfoil, but it sounds extremely made up kek.
Wasn't his fanbase really small before 2016?

The hacker's name is Gregory Dante Evans

No. 1196779

Yeah it is made up I just want the video where it's from.

No. 1196781

is there some other website that archives youtube videos specifically? going through his twitter on wayback and found a few links but they haven't been archived and are private.


No. 1196792


there is a tool that takes snapshots from private videos. let me see if i can find it

No. 1196800


the Thumbnail method doesn't work.

No. 1196818

Cryaotic's supposed secret identity was also because of stalkers & doxxing, sure brings back memories

No. 1196844

I searched the first url on Twitter for it's name, it was a livestream in 2017 and searched the name up and found this one from 2019 with the exact same title.

No. 1196881

i will never understand why people feel like venting like this on twitter of all places. like, i understand if you do it somewhere else anonymously, but like this… it's just cringy. nobody asked, nobody cares. or at least i think that should be your mindset for the most part. lots of other people out there have problems far worse than yours yet you don't see them complaining as much, they just pull through.

No. 1196883

File: 1617048925219.jpg (113.12 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210329-221545_Gal…)

I remembered that he donated a total of 10k to 3 charities. Dont they put it on the website or something. Doesn't there have to be a official record of it with his details?

No. 1196935

why can't he sit properly on the chair?
he just looks like he's about to fall off any moment with the way he sits right on the edge lol

No. 1196936

found this livestream from 2017 and had a quick flick through:
24 minutes in he says he has a younger sister
51:00 and 55:50 says his relationship just ended. he is supposedly 19 yo here and said this relationship was 2.5 years long and the previous one 4 years long. that'd basically mean he began his first serious relationship when he was 12-13 lol

No. 1196943

>>1196935 he keeps his thighs off the seat to hide the fat, he is working that angle so hard

No. 1196959

Trying his damnest to not look like the manlet he is. If he had his back to the seat his short legs would barely hang over the edge kek

No. 1196971

Thanks, anon. I've been searching for the video for my thread.

No. 1196994

File: 1617054213430.jpeg (382.36 KB, 1242x1603, 09D8D378-AB14-4D5F-A171-89D205…)

It literally says in that article that it was a joke.
Again! Have you anons pulled the “E” out of thin air? There’s no e.

No. 1196996

the D is spaced from the next line of asterisks, unlike the G at the beginning of the first name. it's clearly G* D **. D is the middle name

No. 1197005

Idk if its been covered but corpsehusband.com was reg'd in 2015 by Hector Sanchez, however it says they also have a bunch of weird spam domains and idk if he'd have bothered with a domain name then. sage for no clue

No. 1197012

What are you even talking about?

No. 1197016

Yeah idk, what would an allegedly broke kid in his moms basement with a fresh nobody channel gonna do with a domain.

No. 1197021

Saged for obvious purposes, but… To all, who fucking cares what the middle name or last name or blah blah? Follow the trail, and if it doesn't pan out, you go to the next. We'll find him eventually, so stop sperging, bitching, infighting, and derailing and be patient. Like seriously, this thread is only a week old.

Back on topic, if he's in that MyFitnessPal leak, it'd probably have his name or something. Don't know what it's worth, but he's friends with Glamandgore? Like, a 4 year friendship at the least because as of Jan. 2020 they had a 1000 day Snap streak. (Snapchatted everyday.)

>>1196994 They got it from >>1196421

No. 1197064


Looks like he never even acknowledged her? I'm so curious about what makes ppl act like this online but she's irrelevant to the story I guess.

No. 1197068

File: 1617060302177.png (888.2 KB, 1131x1024, image_2021-03-30_002537.png)

He used to snap shirtless pics to his fans at the very least. Here's a fangirl sperging out on twitter about not being able to screenshot it back in 2015.

No. 1197078

Looks like trouble for our boy. Kek

No. 1197082

File: 1617062562449.jpeg (266.56 KB, 828x996, A361869E-038E-44A4-91C9-D31DA8…)

Saw this on Reddit, the chin on the tumblr guy looked kinda normal so idk if it’s him? He’s definitely making up a tone of medical conditions to cover for the fact he’s ugly af lol

No. 1197086

>has andy biersack as a lookalike
>nobody has seen his face
Seems to me like he is hardcore baiting underage girls aka Biersack's only fans kek

No. 1197100

File: 1617064360680.png (1.44 MB, 2880x1800, Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 8.16…)

Heartful produced some of the CH songs on Spotify. Interesting connection because Heartful is working or has worked with FNTM Sage. Sage has an incredibly deep speaking voice but has perfect pitch. Also Sage follows @bakedgoodscooking on instagram.

Link to producer's tiktok:

FNTMSage Instagram:

FNTMSage TikTok

No. 1197104

Andy biersack has an of?

No. 1197113

This sounds NOTHING like Corpse.
I believe that charities can be made anonymous and/or used with an alias. This is applicable to standard donations and misc like GoFundMe’s.

No. 1197130

Major tinfoil, but could it possibly be he doesn't show his face to avoid being exposed? I wonder if someone who drinks as much as he does and fits the 'Im damaged" profile wouldn't most definitely have dirty things to hide.

No. 1197131

Didn’t mean to imply that FNTM is CH. I have been following FNTM for a while and he posted this tiktok last may:

My dig by looking into CH music connections just led me back to that bakedgoodscooking instagram. Found it interesting how FNTM and CH both follow the bakedgoodscooking instagram and it follows back. Perhaps it is a CH personal account or the producer. I couldn’t find an instagram under the Heartful name.

No. 1197135

I feel like if he didn't have nothing to hide he would of at least revealed his name already.

No. 1197138

File: 1617068247408.png (76.62 KB, 1598x490, sfasdfds.png)

Didn't he say he grew up in VA? Here's a Joshua Grant that lived in VA and California

No. 1197145

bakedgoodscooking IG belongs to FNTM. The cat in the first post on that page is kalahira_cat (followed by bakedgoodscooking). Purple chair in the newest two photos on kalahira_cat matches chair in videos on yukoexereal's YT from a month ago where her boyfriend does her makeup. Her boyfriend is that FNTM dude.

No. 1197158

File: 1617070051411.jpeg (379.21 KB, 1242x761, 77E7E644-DC2C-47C2-9D80-309CA8…)

Absolutely no offense to you, as I realize you’re probably slow but other anons have suggested this many times.

No. 1197171

NTA but how tf is this alogging? Janny is a newfag.

No. 1197176

Yes, I am slow. My bad, sorry.

No. 1197211

File: 1617076154144.jpg (54.3 KB, 720x458, _20210330_124743.JPG)

When will this old ass divorcee admit to being in love with him?

No. 1197226

I thought this thot was a lesbian, or is/was it just some narc queerbaiting bullshit?

No. 1197227

Probably told so many lies that if he showed his face they'll laugh at how pathetic he is irl.

No. 1197228

I know, what the fuck, the amount of redtext bans that make no sense are at the highest level I’ve witnessed in all my years of being a farmer, don’t let jannies moderate if they don’t have an understanding of elementary board culture

No. 1197231

If you're talking about emma langevin (who isn't actually the person in that tweet), then she's ace. If you're talking about loeybug who actually did tweet that (looks like just some rando fattie influencer), a quick google search says she's bisexual. So not sure what you're referring to anon.

No. 1197234

That whole "Omg why didn't I save his shirtless pic" reaction implies that either he was at least sort of attractive, or that she had very low standards.
Probably wasn't as fat as he is here >>1196660. Alternatively, he catfished that girl (and probably others) and deleted his account to get rid of any evidence and avoid being called out.

No. 1197241

nta but isnt emma langevin gay? i dont know anything about that loeybug woman beyond her being a fat fuck, which might explain why corpse hamplanet simps for her, regardless of her orientation he is probably punching way above his weight with emma

No. 1197243

File: 1617082817277.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 52.33 KB, 480x640, 325CD225-DF22-4894-88D7-DC6CE3…)

Fucking DISGUSTING (spoilered because not safe for life)

No. 1197245

The fact that he only fucks with fat girls confirms to me that there's no chance he's attractive

No. 1197246

File: 1617083780570.png (541 KB, 843x476, 23091001.png)

from his new interview with Anthony kek

No. 1197251

Yeah, women who will look hypocritical if they don't like his appearance.
But I guess that's good news for some of his bigger fans, though maybe not the kind they'd want.

No. 1197258

This nerd really draws "himself" a foot taller and 50lbs skinnier than he is irl

No. 1197296

he's probably just ugly, no need to be an alcoholic wife beater to want to not be found. i'd say it's quite logical to not even give your real name, look at us trying to get his face out of googling the living shit out of a random mexican emo teen, people are weird.
not saying that he's not a liar or an attention whore, but we can't really blame him for wanting that kind of anonymity, even more after seeing what his crazy stans do.

No. 1197308

Putting here so people know it's a dead end:

There's a most recent tenant (63) named S. Bradley associated with P.O. Box 902 Murrieta, CA, 92564. (Corpse's PO box.) While she has no relatives on the site that line up with Corpse's age, she has lived in both Virginia and San Diego and resides in (obviously) Murrieta. She has a relative named Joshua, but he's a 30 year old married man with a prospective future. So that's a dead end. (Thought maybe the whole register under another name thing, but probably not.)

Also, to people searching, fastpeoplesearch.com is incredibly useful and giving. (Up-to-date, concise, and free name, address, and phone searches.)

No. 1197316

nta but you seem pretty pressed about tumblr kek. do you still have one?
respect the anon who decided to look at the wall

No. 1197321

>alcoholic wife beater
Well we've heard many times from the cow himself of his alcoholic escapades. From this pic of his gf >>1194546 I think we can assume beating is a pretty regular occurrence.

No. 1197322

fucking gross.

>believing corpse's random comment about virginia
>believing he would reveal exactly where he lived or grew up if he wanted to stay anonymous

No. 1197323

File: 1617094278536.png (427.92 KB, 749x865, e7164a5f6f24632d7ee9c764aa4eef…)

the spergs in this thread keep going back and forth with nonsense like the tumblr name or the random cat gif, acting like it's the ultimate proof. i'm just tired of seeing 14yos who don't understand the internet shitting up every space i go to, nothing to do with tumblorr

No. 1197329


thanks for the useless insight

No. 1197358

Thanks for bumping the thread with your unfunny shit

No. 1197361

Anime vs Netflix adaptation

No. 1197384

Are you the same anon continuously bitching and shitting up the thread with your criticisms? Get to work on google and contribute to the conversation rather than your “but but but carousel husband lies!! Reee!!!!”
There’s just as much evidence that he did grow up in California than not.
You anons complaining about the thread every three seconds are more annoying than the ones who are not.

Unrelated, have any anons had a look through his Facebook?

No. 1197392

>>1197384 I don't think any have yet, but maybe look into who shares his posts a lot? There's one guy who consistently did.

No. 1197393


Thanks for saying this. Absolutely annoying. i am looking forward to some insight or some real evidence or some contribution. not bullshit all the time.

i am planning to look trough his social media and his live streams to see any clue's if i find anything is will share.

No. 1197397

File: 1617104193193.jpeg (491.27 KB, 1125x1885, 44B635BC-B95C-4840-AC44-83DEA3…)

I had a look through and there’s nothing. It’s pretty much wiped clean beyond his YT videos.

Also, his old merch store used to be: corpsey (seems to still be up as well)
His steam (as linked earlier) is Corpse Cat.
We might find a few things. Nothing really in waybackmachine yet though.

Also, we know his PO Box was in Murietta and he was in the Riverside Leak.
I wonder if he’s still in that area? It seems to be pretty upscale but I’m not a Californian expert.

No. 1197403

Im pretty sure that living in South California is not fake.
Besides of vidrel there was also another one where Sykkuno was talking about the possibility of meeting with Corpse and he said something along those lines
>he lives near me [los angeles at that time], oh wait? did he say where he lives on stream? oh god, i hope i didnt leak anything
I dont think they would plan shit like that and Sykkuno would act it out on stream just to avoid doxxing in the future. Seems like he just forgot about that vidrel conversation (it happened like a month or so earlier so yeah, he mightve forgotten).
Sykkuno moved out of LA sometime ago and now lives in Las Vegas, and they met recently. I believe that emo loser would be too scared to go far away from his home (also he claimed in one of those long ass Q&A videos that he has never travelled out of his state or something like that), so South California is most definitely a match.
Im too fucking lazy to find those 2 videos so you have to trust me without them lol, also Ive seen them like back in October/November so there is no way I will find them in my history

No. 1197424

File: 1617107396688.jpg (154.97 KB, 683x690, tumblr_m7zccxPuPX1qlb5mto1_128…)

i went digging a litle more on the tumblr and this is what i found… not good Corpse, not good

No. 1197428

>>1197424 So are you gonna tell us or be a fucking idiot?

No. 1197429

they already met.

No. 1197430

Thats what I said fag

No. 1197433

is there anyway we can find out what facebook was connected to that old tumblr?

No. 1197434

Nta but i took a wild guess and picrel is from the blog

No. 1197438

yes sorry i'm not used to posting on imageboards. he posted this pic on july 31, 2012

No. 1197444

Sage your nonmilk, write sage in the email field.

No. 1197451

Can we get a thread on these crazy corpsehusband fans? It’s weird how you can be a grown woman and simp over a faceless incel with an ugly voice

No. 1197469

I don't follow her thread, but isn't the grown ass uggo creepshowart a fan of his?

No. 1197478

Can't they be discussed in this thread for now? If no, I'm all for a separate thread. I love insane fans like >>1196260, she's such a cow and I'm looking forward to more of her insane musings on corpse

No. 1197487

It’s funny because that isn’t even him

No. 1197491

then enlighten us, genius

No. 1197510

ok corpse(hi cow)

No. 1197522

it might not be connected to any facebook account, i know it was an option but most people didn't use it, with the old tumblr culture of 'oh no i'm afraid of people irl finding out about my quirky fandom posts'

No. 1197524

has anyone looked into Eden (@studioeden2)? She made the one of the early fan arts in Nov 2015 for him and he called her good friend. Not sure if that's just platitudes though

No. 1197527

corpse himself as literally explained that he has an airway deformity and that his airway and pallet are so small that he has problems breathing. there is no way to have this without also having an extremely recessed chin—that’s what the small pallet and airway deformity is—a super incel chin.

No. 1197530

Thanks Dr. Lolcow

No. 1197531

Why does he spend so much time flirting with this fatty when he's got thousands of attractive fans? It's strange.

No. 1197533

fat/chub fetish isn't really rare especially nowadays where it interlops with thicc fetish

No. 1197540

The funniest thing is the fact that they are not even "romantically" flirting, they have stated that they are just friends multiple times already.

No. 1197542

It’s true though kek those things are mutually exclusive

No. 1197543

It’s obvious it’s just for attention. He’s got major sketch vibes so he def flirts with barely legal e girls behind the scenes and just uses this to garner more loser fans.

No. 1197545

That's assuming what he said is true though

I know we keep coming back to this, but I'm of the opinion that his lies/exaggerations are very much there for sympathy points and the easiest way to get there is by using medical issues. Hence stuff such as location and age may genuinely be true

Also yikes >>1197068
I'm sure his fans have researched or heard some shady stuff but choose to just ignore it, I do wonder how much they are to 'blame' when it ultimately turns out that the dude is a freak and they've spend their hard hours defending him and attacking anyone who says anything remotely negative about him

No. 1197550

not really, my chin is incel like too and i don't have problems breathing and when i went to a plastic surgeon they basically said there was nothing wrong with it (wtf). blogpost but it doesn't have to be connected

No. 1197552

File: 1617116922335.jpg (19.49 KB, 222x293, bjdvgjhsjhsjhl.jpg)

Not the incel chin lmao i feel bad for him

No. 1197556

File: 1617117036409.jpg (355.82 KB, 2420x1870, Severe-Chin-and-Jaw-Deficiency…)

>extremely recessed chin
So, CH stans can look forward to something like this, but brown.

>Andy Biersack
>Lil Xan

No. 1197562

File: 1617117337634.jpg (60.84 KB, 400x354, ind3x.jpg)

Samefagging with a milder version (left is before chin surgery, right is after). We know he's on the chubbier side from >>1196660, so you can expect some layering.
Thoughts and prayers to the girls who were thirsting over him, getting tattoos of the sound wave of him breathing and shit.

No. 1197566

It's called a feeder fetish, anon.

No. 1197569

they're saying underage girls are the only people who are fans of biersack

No. 1197571

thinking that his receding chin might be why he's not showing his face. maybe he remembers how idubbbz made internet history for making fun of leafy's chin for 30 minutes. that shit would give you anxiety to show your none-existent chin on the internet.


btw. if this is him, he's hiding his chin in leafy style in all these pics, either with his hair, by jutting out his jaw by making a kiss-face or straight up with his hand… so that checks out

No. 1197573

This is bullshit it is absolutely possible to go to physical therapy even now, there are special safety measurements in place for it.
What does he think actually chronically ill people are doing during this time? He really needs to get a grip on reality.

No. 1197576

They’re not saying having an incel chin is totally exclusive to having a super small airway you dolt, they’re saying you can’t specifically have a tiny palette and airway without literally having incel face. It’s a whole thing anon.

No. 1197577

He isn’t even brown, his hands were so white that the tips of his fingers were pink during his interview with Anthony

No. 1197578


that's a good point. i also think he had the corpse husband name for a long time. he would say otherwise to hide his identity also the tumblr page got deleted or changed names a year before he started youtube.

he has had the name for a while. why else would he make literally everything he owns with that name.

No. 1197585

> are mutually exclusive

No. 1197588

He used to have a speech impediment. the s sounds were very noticeable, u can hear it in his older videos. Dont know if a incel chin can do that.

Any luck with the name corpsey. He used to use it as well.

No. 1197590

File: 1617119758224.jpeg (92.77 KB, 842x706, E6904392-57E8-419E-A0A7-A313AA…)

No. 1197591

File: 1617119763946.jpeg (111.71 KB, 828x430, 90920060-C46B-470D-ABC5-1BD7EA…)

he’s white, said himself he doesn’t look Mexican

No. 1197592

Corpse Husband is ProJared confirmed

No. 1197593

he posted those in march 2020

No. 1197599

What's the fastest record for thread autosage since creation?

No. 1197600

File: 1617121095011.jpeg (2.02 MB, 3072x3072, D103F565-A856-4CD4-A9C9-82B585…)

No. 1197604

you should make the mask fit the chin better

No. 1197605

what's the purpose of spamming with discussing the origin of no-chins. are you going to accuse anyone with set back chins of being corpse or are we actually working on the real tangible information we have on this guy?

No. 1197608

Emma has repeatedly said she's ace, which I don't have much of a reason to doubt since I can't imagine it's a particularly marketable sexuality to have as an e-girl with simps.

No. 1197609

All chinless incels have been Corpse Husband as a collective all along

No. 1197610

any doxxfags know how to see the email associated with an instagram? found a couple accounts to look into (not the cooking one)

No. 1197614

This is real, tangible info we have on him. He talked about it in one of his lives.

No. 1197637

kek ace isn’t real, it’s a quirky tumblr sexuality that gives her a safety net to avoid getting attacked from rabid corpse stans who think she’d actually be interested in him despite the flirting.

Read the thread. You don’t need to be spoon fed.

No. 1197662

any headway from kf anons?

No. 1197667

Nothing that hasn't been said here really. Give it some time or do some digging with the name if you can go any further with it.

No. 1197671

hi, your english is really good and it's great that you're learning a new language! just FYI, in english there are 2 words–"pallet" and "palate". the first one means a wooden rack for shipping or loading things, and the second one means the body part you're talking about (e.g. cleft palate, hard palate, soft palate).

No. 1197675

File: 1617128991375.png (27.36 KB, 1255x198, fb id.png)

Idk if this is anything but can we look up the fb connect to the tumblr witht he fb id?

48119224995 is the id.

No. 1197684

Not to WK but I've know alcoholics that were diagnosed with gerd unrelated to the alcoholism, alcoholics will drink when they're shitting blood I don't think gerd is going to hinder them.

No. 1197692

File: 1617129709387.jpg (110.84 KB, 1168x506, Ya6mQAG.jpg)

the fb icon on wayback machine takes you to posts tagged as facebook. i don't know much about coding but it seems like it's the code of the app and not the code for his account. screenshot to show that other blogs used that id

No. 1197696

>>1197662 a KF-kun friend ran Corpse's email's in Snusbase, and we got nothing. No headway there, mon amie.

No. 1197699


too bad…

No. 1197700

all 3 of them?

No. 1197706

>>1197700 All 3 of them.

No. 1197718

yes sorry thank you! i realized when another anon posted the correct word and i was trying to find it on google

yeah he’s a liar but he’s obviously not that stupid, im sure some e girl will come out with screenshots. just give it time.

No. 1197734

I think it may be possible that if corpse has made up practically everything about himself, he may be cocky enough to believe that some old pictures on a tumblr ( which he can just say doesn’t belong to him) won’t lead back to him. If he jumped straight from a tiny fan base (and a small amount of snoopers) to a huge fanbase and a growing ego, I think it would make sense for him to overlook a few things. Plus his fans are hellbent on him so he probably feels like his army could help squash anything from coming up

No. 1197835

Corpse is like a character to me. I don't believe anything he says.

No. 1197838

File: 1617139858149.jpg (31.24 KB, 308x550, 1c5aca656c2161ca82b79dea6d536b…)

Why is bottom right actually just a photo of Projared tho?

>lil Xan lookalike
inb4 Corpse looks exactly like Leafy.

No. 1197859

I have a sneaking suspicion that he looks worse than leafy. He’s def going to Korea for a new face.

No. 1197923

How is this milk. Not offensive either because it's actually supporting the fact that Black people are marginalized. It's quite SJW.

No. 1197930

File: 1617144729913.png (1.79 KB, 520x20, Untitled.png)

It wasn't connected to anything. From the css, it was left with a dead end/non existing link. As >>1197522 puts it.

48119224995 is the Tumblr app ID on Facebook. It's not his personal entered link.

No. 1197939

File: 1617145372523.png (19.42 KB, 1168x475, 76561198213157669.png)

If it serves anybody look up keywords. Some of his previous display names on Steam.

No. 1197948

Does anyone have a link to Corpse's profile on Steam? I tried searching but a lot of profiles of randos and his stans came up.

No. 1197963

it's literally been in the thread wtf

No. 1197965

It's gonna be hard to catch a leak in his streams. I have a feeling that the guy lies about everything. It will be hard to tell what's a lie and what's true.

No. 1197967

as someone who has been following this thread from afar, holy kek this is the funniest outcome.

No. 1197972

If you're talking about Corpse Cat, it's level 0, highly likely only made for the group.
Sorry I deleted to add don't streamers usually use alt to stream with friends? Even if you manage to catch a leak, it won't have library or friendlist available.

No. 1197973

No. 1197974

I knew this was a troon with zero context so I scrolled up seeing this was Corspe's thread because I thought it was MTF's thread.
Now i'm just confused.

No. 1197975

File: 1617148860627.jpg (93.01 KB, 1080x430, Screenshot_20210331-015713_Chr…)

It says corpse husband but if u click on it in shows an account named jordan. Idk if this is anything


No. 1197976

Nigger what the fuck are you talking about. Keep your useless shitpost to yourself.

No. 1197978

That is literally the level 0 account I was talking about you stupid bitch

No. 1197980

it's not level 0 you dumb fucking cunt, you do realize private accounts just show as level 0 because they're privated?

No. 1197981

All private steam accounts show as level 0

No. 1197982

No it's nothing

No. 1197988

WELL I never noticed that, r-retards

No. 1197997

It’s okay anon, autism speaks for all of us eventually

No. 1198011

Ignore anything having to do with Melborne CA and what the one KF thought was Josh's "new url". I looked into it and it's a chick. The corpse-husband tumblr and Josh Grant could still be him.

No. 1198052

File: 1617157380898.png (58.58 KB, 1016x352, 4A4291E6-BEFC-4581-BAA7-D8AD8C…)

sorry if this has already been mentioned but i think joshua grant is definitely CH


assuming this is him, i put the name into a search ppl website and i found a joshua grant in san diego california (which is where CH has stated that he lives). the guy i found is also 33, so if this is him he’s probably lying abt his age online?

no idea if this is the right guy + blocked out info to be safe, anyone who’s better at this kind of thing please do more digging if u want to

No. 1198063

While I think there’s absolutely a possibility that he’s lying about his age, I had a watch through his old videos from about 4-5 years ago and he does mention his face reveal and birthday.
I think if there were to be such a massive age gap from 23 to 30+ knowing he was going to reveal his identity in the future, speaking so candidly about it, it would be a large hole to try and dig out of.
Whilst he could pull the whole “I wanted to remain anonymous!” It would backfire.
Also, in his earlier videos his voice does seem to be a little more ~barely hit puberty~ type.

Again, not saying to take everything that he says with a grain of salt, but I don’t know if he’s 30.
He would’ve had to keep his lies straight since 2015 or so, with no slip ups.

I think he’s at least in his twenties still.

No. 1198065

File: 1617158463320.jpeg (4.69 KB, 225x225, download (1).jpeg)

Okay, I looked up Joshua Grant, and there's a guy named Joshua Grant who goes by Joshua Adams. I googled his email (thewebrockstar@gmail.com) and… this came up. It kinda looks like the guy upthread. Not sure though, y'all tell me please.

So now I'm confused. Josh Grant was on the tumblr, but the tumblr had the Mexican Guy.

No. 1198069

Crazy that so many people can be named Joshua Grant and also be a white man.

No. 1198083

>a search ppl website
sage for pointless reply but i found this turn of phrase endearing. good post anon

No. 1198095

Yeah, but consider that this blurry low quality picture of a generic white man looks vaguely similar to that other blurry low quality picture of a generic white man, anon. Clearly Corpse.

No. 1198096

Ok but this guy >>1198065 actually looks like >>1194094

No. 1198100

Their eyebrows are different though.

No. 1198101

and ears

No. 1198109

File: 1617164268886.jpg (314.8 KB, 1050x630, New Project.jpg)

For comparison.

No. 1198112

They do look kind of similar but lmao the fucking ears. Maybe they're edited in the 2nd pic?

No. 1198117

it's not the same side so maybe only one ear is pointy and eyebrows can also be different ? I'm insisting because damn their face structure is so similar, it has to be the same person ( with a few years of difference between the two images )

However why do we keep looking ito someone with such straight hair ?

No. 1198118

Because corpse admitted to having Brazilian blowouts when he was younger

No. 1198119

that is true, i've seen babies born with a wonky ear that some parents put a little cast type thing on the shape it n form it into a normal looking one

No. 1198121

could be he just cut off the ends of them so it wouldn't really be out of character

No. 1198126

File: 1617166006932.jpg (11.9 KB, 394x796, dfdb4439b609bff3cd5b67f58478cc…)

Can we please stop with this retarded ass tinfoil? The guy on the right is so obviously just some random fag from Facebook. We've seen that strand of Corpse's hair, it clearly doesn't belong to this balding Russian motherfucker

No. 1198128

File: 1617166046104.png (88.89 KB, 661x735, trcrps.png)

people on twt managed to get twitter to take a jab at corpse by randomly mentioning some old song lyrics of his.

if you're curious, the song is "my very real collab with 50 cent" and the lyrics in question
>Can't fuck with all you bitches, you deluded like a Trisha stan

ofc you'll have corpse stans in trisha's responses getting mad about it. but also, i'm curious if this'll lead to a bit of drama that may end on frenemies sooner or later. sometimes, once trisha is in a beefing mood, she won't let it go so fast.

No. 1198130

File: 1617166441130.png (107.37 KB, 307x324, vivircontigo.png)

Reverse image searched in Yandex, and this came up. Kinda looks like him, but I'm not sure? It was on secure.meetupstatic.com, but it's down I think? I tried finding other sources for the rounded ear photo, but the only source was some kinda scam site.

>>1198126 Contribute or fuck off. Also, that could literally be ANYONE's hair. Corpse has proved he's untrustworthy.

>>1198128 I HOPE people fan the flames. This thread needs more milk.

No. 1198131

We know his hair is dark. You can literally see the back of his head in the first Anthony Padilla interview .

No. 1198134

>that could literally be ANYONE's hair. Corpse has proved he's untrustworthy
Take your meds anon

No. 1198137

>>1198131 Yeah it's dark, but people have varying hair lengths. Not saying it isn't dark?

>>1198134 Contribute first.

No. 1198144

I don't think that's him. Different voice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6FMy7yRuJk
Coincidence that the snapchat photo looks like him.

No. 1198149

You are fucking stupid.
How has Corpse proven to be untrustworthy?
I am all about taking things with a grain of salt but you seem hellbent on insisting it’s this blonde white dude without curly hair. Since the dawn of fucking time with his channel, he has had dark brown curly hair.
Anthony Padilla, Mykie, Guyinaband have all seen him and would be able to call him out for lying.

Please for the love of god. There’s no proof this is him or even the slightest indication it’s him.
Please take your meds and log off for a minute.
Stop shitting up the thread with your baseless tinfoils.
Nice self post, faggot.

No. 1198151

Tbh that hair pic could be a barbie doll hair strand. Can we get a forensic anon in here to shut down all tinfoil disputes before it starts

No. 1198163

I actually like Trisha's response, lmao. She's way funnier than him.

No. 1198231

File: 1617179538094.jpg (49.43 KB, 750x748, En16y4QWMAAoLsq.jpg)

corpse claimed to look like
>andy biersack
>lil xan

This combined with the possible mouth breather jaw and chin, you know this bitch looks like leafy for sure kek

No. 1198232

>>1198149 I said it before and I'll say it again. Saying this and that and the other about whatever doesn't fucking help. STOP DERAILING TO ARGUE. STOP and post evidence, contribute, or leave. And there is nothing to shit up. This thread is already shit because of infightbaiting fags like you.

Additionally, Corpse has literally LIED about his GERD, lied in interviews, so I don't take anything this guy says seriously. Look, if it's not this guy, it's some other faggot. It doesn't MATTER if it's tinfoiling since it's one of the best ways we've got. Blonde? Have you ever heard of men losing curls, getting perms, hairline surgery, dyeing their hair etc? Curly hair is in with young girls. Men are trying to have it nowadays, instead of opposite.

Stop derailing and trying to start shit anon and go post some evidence. Otherwise, leave the thread because YOU are taking this way too personal. It's just finding some internet faggot. These aren't meaningless tinfoils if you've read the damn thread.

>>1198151 Damn, can somebody tell from the photo?

No. 1198233

inb4 she'll shit on him on the podcast and Ethan will point that he has GERD and doesn't sound like that

No. 1198241

You can't reason with closet Corpse stans anon, but I love you for trying. The thing is we don't know how much of what he has given away is misdirection so tinfoiling is the best process of elimination currently. There's no point in ruling out candidates based on confirmation from such a fictional and curated internet persona. Either anons don't understand this concept or they're intentionally trying to derail because they have some sort of personal investment in Corpses' perceived identity. If they think it's pointless, there's no reason to engage in thread discussion they've deemed beneath them either (which makes me suspect the former).

No. 1198249

File: 1617181485989.jpeg (380.98 KB, 1024x1280, 45675015-0A60-4345-8E32-91B8CF…)

LMAO as if this fat fuck wouldn’t have revealed his face if he looked like Andy Biersack (picrel) he is either delusional or actively trolling

No. 1198252

I'm starting to feel bad for whoever this random dude is at this point.

His shitty try hard lyrics would be a thousand times funnier coming from a more busted looking Leafy face ngl.

No. 1198261

File: 1617182164952.png (1.45 MB, 1580x1596, a9azchyalji61.png)

Kek, people with low self-esteem tend to cling to "flattering" comparaison like crazy
Kinda tinfoil but Andy and lil Nas both have a slight androgynous kind of face because of non-prominent jaw line and chin, would fit with the recessive chin thing in a way. So yeah, wouldn't surprise me if he actually turned out to look like Leafy

Pic related is the work of some redditfag fan and it's hilarious. Highly doubt a guy who never shows his face looks like an even better version of timothée chalamet, copium.png

No. 1198263

Doesn’t straight hair also go sort of wavy depending on how much you pull? Plus I even if it is wavy it can still look straight, this is hardly a curl that you would need to get straightened.

Anyway, the only interesting thing about his strand of hair is that it’s long-ish

No. 1198265

Gee, idk about you guys but if I wanted to stay anonymous I would most definitely NOT describe myself accurately or give out my real name because that would actually make people find me.

Anything Corpse says about himself should be taken as a lie unless proven true by other people or photos.

No. 1198268

Ah yes, truly realistic expectations for a grown adult man who hides his face and has said one of his look alikes is lil xan.

Gee, idk about you guys but sage goes in the email field.

No. 1198269

I don't think he lied about his birthday year, pretty sure he lied about the day and month to go with his bisho cat luv personality
Lying about the year would be a hard lie to keep up with, and like >>1198063 mentioned, it would backfire (unlike lying about the month and day). His birth date being 1997 can also fit with the car accident tweet he posted in 2015 as 16 yo drive like retards

No. 1198273

This is top fucking kek. Did said redditfag say what this is based on? Like is it a composite or is it just what they think he looks like?

No. 1198275

I agree with this take, his “birthday” is either his cringelord catfaggotry or the day he joined twitter. Or both. I don’t think it applies to anyone itt (except the closet stans) but I can’t believe people are retarded enough to think his name is really Randall and that he’s a mechanic from Virginia, he might be a retard but he’s not that much of a retard that he’d deliberately reveal anything to compromise his anonymity. I think he is trolling when he says people tell him he looks like whichever celebrity. The thing with Padilla about the “scarily accurate” fan art is probably bullshit too, they knew exactly what they were doing with that nonsense

No. 1198284

Tinfoil but the whole fakeboi theory makes sense.

No. 1198287

>they knew exactly what they were doing with that nonsense
This I don't doubt

No. 1198290

File: 1617185849591.png (467.86 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210331-131711.png)

This is the corpsehusband account on reddit. I think we can rule it out.

No. 1198305

I’m now reminded of the stans uptthread discussing realistic fanart fucking kek

No. 1198311

i agree, i had a quick look yesterday if you could find someone by their date of birth and alleged location and think it might be somewhat possible if you had the right access. my guess is that his birthday is probably sometime in august 1997 as it's easier to keep up the lie if it's not too different from the truth.

No. 1198313

File: 1617188658243.jpg (125.38 KB, 890x456, BUryWuI.jpg)

possibly lied about his mother's cancer - from being diagnosed to being cancer free in less than 2 months

No. 1198314

File: 1617188682272.jpg (72.72 KB, 910x276, Ua3qCrS.jpg)

part 2

No. 1198315

File: 1617188740095.jpg (134.67 KB, 1178x476, 4y6nl8n.jpg)

exact date of his car accident in 2015

No. 1198322

Anon you are so fucking stupid. This is probably some random slav jfc

No. 1198325

He claimed that his whole family despises him (and its mutual?) and he doesnt keep in touch with anyone in real life so its fucking weird that he cares about his mother or even knows that she was diagnosed with cancer, kinda sketchy

No. 1198327

>>1198322 Cool, another faggy Corpse stan. Why don't you scroll up and see what other people said? Reasoning with children doesn't work, so here's a word:


>>1198325 Also apparently his mother took him out of school and made him work jobs at 16? And he pays her bills because she's on disability? (I think on this one. Not sure.)

>>1198313 How does she get cured in 2 months??? They'd at least wait a few weeks to test to make sure, right?

This makes me hope Trisha calls him out on this.

The only consistent thing with his Munchausen whoring is the nerve damage/carpal tunnel schtick.

No. 1198331


He was 18 in 2015


Calling another anon dumb but where is the sage?

No. 1198332

Also another thing that bothers me is that during the first Anthony interview, he said that people (often?) come over to his house, so that implies he has friends irl. It doesnt make sense at all, he keeps shoving in everyone's faces that he is a total loser with 0 social skills, 0 friends, "im too anxious to go shopping on my own" AND on top of that he admitted that he used to live with his girlfriend? Also he said that his songs are about himself and a lot of those lyrics are about fucking bitches. Make it make sense, everything he says is total bullshit

No. 1198334

File: 1617192073830.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1814, inbred king.png)

Young vladimir poutine looking ass

>they knew exactly what they were doing with that nonsense
Honestly I think he will do a face reveal soon and him dropping physical appearances hints like receded chin and looking like lilnas is a way to do damage control for when he'll reveal his incel profile

No. 1198335

God this is so funny. At this rate he'll never face reveal because he's nowhere near this attractive

No. 1198338

Again, you are so fucking stupid kek

No. 1198339

I sage when i want

No. 1198344


This just looks like if Leafy was attractive (eyes bigger + further apart, nicer lips).

New theory: Corpse husband is Leafy re-inventing himself and for obvious reasons has to hide his face and voice since he got cancelled

No. 1198349

File: 1617193954504.jpeg (351.69 KB, 1242x923, 12B77505-2957-4EB4-8E19-43740E…)

You think lilxan had so much foresight on his career that he started rebranding before his career started?
Calling everyone you disagree with a Corpse Stan is accomplishing nothing. You’re calling people stupid, but you don’t even know how to use google? Kys

No. 1198350

>>1198349 …Corpse Stan. And also, I'm literally half the evidence in this thread? And do you lack reading comprehension? I said "I think" so rope faggot. He's mentioned nerve damage a lot on Twitter, so I was like "Oh, that's one of the only consistent things."

>>1198344 Amusing tinfoil tbh, but I don't think he could do a deep voice. His voice is all crackly, not deep.

>>1198339 >>1198338 …not how the site works. Rope faggot.

No. 1198351

File: 1617194735697.jpg (80.42 KB, 630x630, cope husband.jpg)

No. 1198352

>How does she get cured in 2 months???
Easy, she got rid of Corpse from her life. Cancer-free in an instant!

No. 1198364

The most charitable explanation I can come up with is that she had a false positive for cancer, then received accurate test results two months later, and he decided to further sympathy bait his mother’s cancer scare by pretending she was cured instead of admitting she never had it. Probably just as likely that he lied about the whole thing. Nothing about this freak adds up right.

No. 1198379

Corpse also claimed his mom caught covid. What's real?

No. 1198388

He said in a recent among us stream (I forget which it was like 3-4 weeks ago) that he’s paying his moms rent with his new found massive income. He stated he was a month away from homelessness too during it. He’s inconsistent with his stories

No. 1198390

File: 1617200107264.jpg (533.43 KB, 1513x1198, same day.jpg)

I'm anon that said about the reddit, for what it's worth I checked the date it was created and coincidentally it's the same day as Corpse's facebook that was shared here. >>1197384

No. 1198397

>>1198390 Scrolled through their profile and — Oh my god she has a furraffinity. And a telegram: KawaiiNoir.

It's probably a coincidence but it would be a fucking GIFT if it wasn't. CH being an overweight TiF littlespace furry.

No. 1198407

File: 1617202248393.jpeg (195.7 KB, 1284x1092, A4AD6658-F973-4987-B5AD-6C1F9D…)

I found this hilarious. He claims he doesn’t know how to use Instagram and currently has 7 posts. But wayback machine shows in 2019 he had at least 111 posts. They don’t load for me but when you click on them the captions show up. He was pretty active on Instagram promoting his narration channel. Deleting for rebranding I could maybe understand but this is just another lie.

No. 1198409

He was most likely saying "I don't know how to use insta" in the meaning "I don't know what should I post there", do you have autism?

No. 1198414

you mean lil xan lol

No. 1198415

No. Considering that all the replies are “tutorials” from his fans and him liking replies that he’s clueless to how to use the app he’s furthering a lie.

No. 1198420

How could he even try to pretend that he doesnt know how to use instagram while he has stuff posted there? You must be really retarded or just fucking dumb, stop tinfoiling. Also, check his liked posts on twitter, that guy lurks 24/7 there and likes his fans' shit all the time just so they can feel appreciated.

No. 1198449

May be worth looking through it
The one picture of them you can tell the jaw is a bit shit, and there's a picture of their 'little haul' where there seems to be an alcohol bottle nearby

Anyway, it's not that different from us chasing after a random Tumblr

No. 1198484

the same day is absolutely odd but the reddit account is so obvious and easy to find, why would he not delete it if it's truly his? the reddit account also mentions a stalker and ghost stories, this would be too beautiful if true

No. 1198491


Interestingly enough, no big influencer ever said anything negative about Corpse so far. It's almost like he is untouchable atm because no one wants to say anything bad about him because CH stans are said to act like kpop stans and will come after them.

On that note, I feel like Trisha is about the only person gutsy enough to start shit with corpse lol. IIRC Ethan almost said something negative about Corpse on an H3 podcast before but the staff kind of deescalated so he won't start shit with his giant fanbase. But if Trisha is on board, I can see both of them starting to dunk on CH.

No. 1198496

the trisha stanning itt is embarrassing

No. 1198503

I think the small height and chubbiness matches >>1196660 with the reddit claims >>1198290 idk…

No. 1198506

If Corpse is trans it would surely explain the almost fake sounding voice? And the fact that he sounded like a teenage boy in 2015, though does anyone know how deep hormones can make someone's voice?

The Reddit account has a couple of posts on having mental health difficulties which they refer to as disabilities or something

No. 1198534

I read somewhere on twitter that CH was a sponsored parkour athlete once, but I can't find any good source for it, nothing from the man himself.

Anyway might start digging into San Diego parkour vids from the early 2010s.

No. 1198539

File: 1617212978881.jpeg (1.28 MB, 3464x3464, AA4032C2-E84E-4DF8-B6A3-F221DB…)

This person isn’t chubby. They are straight up obese. Hair is very light brown rather than dark and curly.
They live in Tennessee, and are FtM. No way a FtM could sound like that even with hormones or have hands like Corpse.
Age does not match either.

No. 1198548

the crazy tinfoiling in this thread is absolutely embarrassing you're all gonna get out on autosage because of this shit

No. 1198551

Throwing shit at a wall and hopping something sticks lol

No. 1198559

I’m going to agree but people here seem to forget the most basic concepts ever
You can lose and gain weight, and you can also move around

The whole “curly” hair thing is also bs since his hair looks wavy rather than curly, so it can easily look straight in pictures

No. 1198563

People here think everyone who used the alias "Corpse Husband" is gonna be him now. Please. The username isn't that creative. Every edgy scene or emo kid could think about that.

No. 1198567

File: 1617214965353.jpg (32.48 KB, 664x271, Xqzdctc.jpg)

TBH if we want the info we should be looking at his former circle the scary story story narrators. They're mostly friends and would know so much more.

No. 1198569

File: 1617215069453.jpg (191.28 KB, 720x1001, ch.jpg)

One of their last post was about moving states. They also talked about having agoraphobia (and Corpse has a song about it).

Perhaps the page wasn't deleted because he can just say it's not him and his stans will believe it.

No. 1198585

File: 1617215977193.png (152.57 KB, 255x377, emma.png)

Corpse posted a "recap" of March on his instagram and it appears that he met with Emma. We don't have any exact date but it might be during that billboard on Times Square? If so, then
In this video she is walking with a guy that would match Corpse's apperance? It might be a random guy, but he's wearing some edgy outfit and has some shit on his head hiding his hair? Is it a hood? It doesnt look like one, no idea what's this.
There are probably tons of pictures from that event online and Emma is pretty recognizable so it should be easy to find a photo with that guy's face and it could confirm or deny if it's Corpse

No. 1198586

This is another thing I don't get. He seems to have met a few people now that would be recognised in public by some random fan, and Corpse would stand out if he was near these streamers because no one would know who tf he is

No. 1198587

No. 1198590

The key word is public, with Sykkuno they probably didnt leave his house together, but with Emma there is a possibility that they went to the billboard. Where is Emma from? Is she from New York?

No. 1198591

corpse is a huge fatty, so i wouldnt be surprised thats him

No. 1198593

Samefag there's also an archive of sponsored parkour people.

No. 1198594

the fuck is he wearing on his head? looks like a mini shield kek

No. 1198595

Sage for ot and sperging but I love urmaker! I love the horror channels. CH also collabed with big ones like Mr Nightmare & Lazy Masquerade IIRC. I wonder if all of them know what he looks like?

No. 1198606

No. 1198616

File: 1617217208549.png (756.41 KB, 555x1015, corspeandemma.png)

No. 1198618

>No way a FtM could sound like that even with hormones
This isn't necessarily true, especially if a voice changer is involved.
I know it's unlikely, but the thought of Corpse being a boxy FtM (not that one) is just so fucking funny to me.

No. 1198620

File: 1617217317268.jpg (337.7 KB, 509x859, EuobBbe.jpg)

Emma just posted this. Apparently it was a thing on her twitter where she'd ask him to choke her when they'd meet. I really must be getting old cause this is just the cringiest shit ever. Her dead eye stare with his limp dick hand barely around her neck.

No. 1198625

who is this? girlfriend?

No. 1198630

She’s an e girl that he’s friends with. I think she’s just riding the clout wave tho

No. 1198631

>>1198625 she's the one on the cover of the single. He didn't get permission to use her image.

No. 1198633

The ethot he used on the cover of his single for the e-girls song. They are clearly fucking but don't admit it in order to not bring the wrath of Corpse fans

No. 1198646

Can you imagine how cringe a fuck with him would be? Knowing full well he's gonna try and fake the deep voice through every sound?