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File: 1611608584708.jpg (459.18 KB, 533x800, travisandkourtney.jpg)

No. 1141996

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1128792

Any further mention of celebrity weight gain without providing actual milk will warrant a 3 day ban. Nitpicking song lyrics because you have no milk will also warrant a ban. Unless someone is actually botched, save the comments for yourself.

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No. 1141997

File: 1611608805170.jpg (100.12 KB, 540x810, kourtneyandtravis.jpg)

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are confirmed dating. Not sure if it's a PR stunt to distract from Kimye divorce or if it's legit, but I kinda like them together.


No. 1141999

I made a new thread because nobody else would. Not all of the links work, but I tried. You get the point.

No. 1142008

I believe it’s called taking one for the team. Appreciated, anon. I sure as hell couldn’t be fucked.

No. 1142025


Thanks anon

Travis Barker and a Kardashian. Oh 2021

No. 1142030

a quick rundown of this travis baker character pls?

No. 1142041

Are you kidding me child? Blink 182

No. 1142048

File: 1611613849700.png (149.57 KB, 857x380, good riddance.png)

I know this isn't really the place for Korean celebs, but this dude was discussed a little in the kpop threads and I wanted to share some good news.


>South Korean rapper Iron, disgraced by a string of assault and other scandals, was found dead at an apartment in Seoul on Monday, police said.

>Iron, whose real name is Chung Heon-chul, was found bleeding and lying on the grass by an apartment guard around 10:25 a.m. before being transported to hospital and pronounced dead, police said.

>Police opened an investigation into the exact cause of his death.

>The 28-year-old Iron gained fame after becoming a semifinalist in the third season of cable music channel Mnet's hip-hop audition program "Show Me the Money" in 2014.

>Iron was briefly detained last month for allegedly assaulting his 18-year-old roommate with a baseball bat at his home in the central Seoul ward of Yongsan. The roommate was reported to be Iron's student, who was living at his home to learn about music.

>In 2018, Iron was sentenced by a court to eight months in prison, suspended for two years, for punching his girlfriend in the head at his home in September 2016.

>In 2016, he was found guilty of smoking marijuana between 2014 and 2015 and was sentenced to eight months in prison, also suspended for two years. Last September, he was fined 5 million won (US$4,535) for spreading false rumors about his former girlfriend through media. (Yonhap)

No. 1142057

before i opened the pic i thought it was seungri and got way too excited, kek. also his death sounds super odd. bleeding and lying on the grass outside his apartment at 10am? i wonder what happened to him. probably suicide but what a weird way to do it

No. 1142059

Wasn't he an ex-bts member? I'm glad he's gone atleast, curious how he died, all we need next is for bighit to kick out supreme boi

No. 1142064

i think he was one of the first bh trainees when BTS was being formed

No. 1142080

Drummer from Blink182 anon

No. 1142089

File: 1611616640668.gif (4.86 MB, 500x272, 1EA73997-7E25-412A-B837-4554E5…)

No. 1142092

And nothing of value was lost, was funny to see netizens whinge about his ex gf's nicole kidman post. She posted that photo of nicole leaving the lawyers office after nuking her marriage to tom scientologist cruise.

No. 1142097

Ah so American band, got it thx

No. 1142101

He was almost a member of BTS.

No. 1142120

Good riddance. Disgusted by posts on other websites who're trying to "He was a damaged individual and comes from a bad background uwu"-ing and seperate him from his music though. He raped his girlfriend and wrote about rape, what's there to seperate?

No. 1142125

Anon they're talking abou travis barker

No. 1142130

Nta but i'm pretty sure he was almost in BTS

No. 1142152

yeah he was supposed to be in the original lineup but was dropped very early on in the training process. if you search around the internet you can still find some demo songs he did with rm (rap monster/ namjoon)
if bighit kept him and supreme boi in the group bts would have imploded years ago lol

No. 1142154

File: 1611621316663.png (100.17 KB, 167x208, Screenshot_8.png)

>>1139031 Grimes looks cute, but Elon looks fucking high. Wtf is going on with his face of him? The richest men in the world looks like homeless old dealer. He has a lot of money but an ugly face and body, he looks like a cheap sex doll. With all that money he can afford some surgeries to look better…

No. 1142159

so…. travis barker, an american pop-rock band drummer from blink-182 was almost in BTS? that's what you guys are saying?

No. 1142165

Nta but learn your music history

No. 1142168

drummer, pretty good at it. pretty boring guy in all honesty. never smiles, never stirs up shit. had a pain pill addiction around 2007 and then was involved in a horrible place crash in 2008. he’s the only survivor since the other survivor OD’d. had a bunch of surgery and nowadays he drums for almost anybody. He’s collabed with everyone from Korn to Lil Wayne. Also has kids from a previous marriage that ended kinda badly.

No. 1142188

Why doesn't this asshole get called out for what he allows his preteen daughter post on Instagram?

No. 1142190

File: 1611623900780.png (107.37 KB, 1196x636, proof.PNG)

literally second result on Google anon

No. 1142200

travis barker is fucking weird. i seen blink 182 live in like 2014 or something and he had his kid sitting on the stage in noise cancelling headphones most of the show. kid looked bored and grumpy +it was past 10pm. maybe it's an american thing idk but it was super odd.

No. 1142227

i literally do not understand what you guys are talking about . we were talking about this korean rapper not whoever this travis barker guy is

No. 1142229

The hilarious thing his, this is him after surgeries

No. 1142233

the way he raises his kids is… weird. his daughter was 13 in 2019 when apparently a band member from Echosmith was DMing her. on Instagram. An Instagram she’s had since she was 10.

and then his daughter went back on IG claiming she forgives the 20 year old grown man for inviting her to a party at his house and calling a 13 year old beautiful. everyone was calling out the dude but where the fuck was Travis and his ex wife during this? the man was DMing her for 3 years and they didn’t know anything until she called him out publicly.

No. 1142236

someone said “Ah, American rock band. Got it thx.” in regards to who Barker is. and someone replied that he actually too was almost in BTS. This whole conversation is unrelated to the korean singer who just died.

No. 1142238

wait wtf what i thought you guys were just trolling that anon like that one sharks are actually smooth to the touch guy on twitter

No. 1142243

does he have fucking cheek implants, what are those miniature breast implants in his face. they're perfect circles all wonky, not even. richest man in the world looks like 2020 john travolta and a keebler elf.

No. 1142250

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker is kinda surprising but then again those 00's pop punk guys have a thing for celebs and actors, Paris Hilton dated sum 41 singer and Cameron Diaz is with Good Charlotte guy. Kourtney's late for the party lol

No. 1142252

Idk why people are finding this surprising, I guess no one else remembers his flop reality show with his ex wife (fair enough since it -was- entirely forgettable). Makes sense he’d want to try to get an in back into that world I think.

No. 1142269

It’s 2021 and I still think about the episode where she asks if they both had tails, would he hold her tail.

No. 1142288

I step into this thread for one second and end up getting bombarded by the fact Travis Barker was almost in BTS and that is not what I needed to think about before going to bed.

What in the actual fuck did I just read

No. 1142357

He’s a drummer, not a singer. And yea I think they’re trolling. Dude is covered head to toe in tattoos and is like 45 years old. Doesn’t exactly fit the Korean boy band image.

No. 1142385

yeah i’m confused too. that korean rapper iron was part of the original bts lineup . this trolling is shitting up the thread

No. 1142398

You've inspired me to use google, dude is 50 years old, the fuck. IDK how old I thought he is before but knowing this makes all of his twitter postings this much more cringy.

No. 1142437

8 months for just smoking weed? Korea has no chill.

No. 1142441

File: 1611662543193.jpg (3.3 MB, 2006x3000, shanna-moakler-and-travis-bark…)

Holy shit I remember, Shanna Moakler!

No. 1142452

But not even a year for punching his ex girlfriend. Glad he's dead. Hopefully seungri is next

No. 1142455

The intro from their show, where we got to see a clip of Shanna acting on Pacific Blue or wtf.
>My brother… is deaf. hand jive

No. 1142465

This picture is so early 2000s i love it

No. 1142520

File: 1611673424391.jpg (131.24 KB, 750x1204, EUxdX21.jpg)

Does she think she's an anime character

'I've got to keep living uwu! for my nakama uwu! its my duty! my burden uwu'

No. 1142521

Remember when she brawled with Paris Hilton?

No. 1142522

i'm laughing so hard at this comment anon he really looks like such a scrub

No. 1142524

Anon I kek'd so hard, because this is the only thing I remember from that show.
Anyways, here is an episode for everybody to remember what a mess this show was. Can't believe that used to watch it as a kid.

No. 1142537

He was kinda cute back then

No. 1142538

god she's so insufferable like i appreciate her giving us the armie hammer is a cannibal milk but she should just leave now

No. 1142541

>I am forced to remain alive for all these women uwu!! Protect women from him!
She needs to shut the fuck up. She openly admitted to getting off on the idea of Armie raping her. She ignored the CP he was saving and didn't even care except to mention it offhandedly in an IG story.
She's not a victim, she's just mad she stopped being harem queen. That's also probably why she's basically appointed herself the CEO of all victims. I wouldn't even be surprised if she scared some of his actual victims into staying silent unless it's through her (thereby adding weight to her name), or only if she tells them to speak out.
>Everyone is counting on me to do all the work to stop him while some of them are off to the spa
Lmao, this is definitely a dig at one of the other women. This isn't a rape victim protecting others. This is buttblasted Regina George on her revenge scheme shit.
Sorry if this is veering on a-logging, I just cannot stand this kind of thing. It's good that someone is exposing him, it just disgusts me the reasons this person is doing it.

No. 1142542

She’s mad that no one cares anymore kek

No. 1142545

File: 1611677907135.jpg (571.1 KB, 1242x1521, imh2aFo.jpg)

An older woman (37-40) came out as a victim and this bitch lost her shit over it. Now she can't claim Armie is only lusting after young women kek

Believe all women, except those old bitches bc ew?? men don't wanna fuck cryptkeepers?? uwu kittens forever uwu

No. 1142548

>advised against because I'm scared for them after the brutal harassment
Jesus Christ, so I was right on the money with the "scared victims into staying quiet" thing. She really can't stand all the attention not being on her.
This isn't a fucking rape victim (or at least not of the person she's accusing right now).

No. 1142552

Long-term victims of narcissists are usually narcissists themselves kek

No. 1142567

kek does anyone have any pre surgery elon photos

No. 1142573

File: 1611681312576.jpg (131.1 KB, 1100x825, 5db36222dee019314343a5b6.jpg)

No. 1142574

File: 1611681339366.jpg (93.39 KB, 970x828, ART14_1989-Elons-18th-Waldeck-…)

No. 1142581


She’s so fucking stupid, you cannot “retraumatize” yourself. You can relive the pain and trauma you went through, but she literally has no idea what the words she’s using means.

No. 1142589

File: 1611682037911.jpeg (612.87 KB, 828x1078, 3111F861-D29E-4C49-BC68-D9DC63…)

kek divorcing after 3 years of marriage, two months after coming out as trans

No. 1142593

He is weird. And a creep. And a pervert. A long long long time ago when the transplants were just forming (Travis barker and Tim Armstrong project) and touring with the distillers before their second album release, I went and saw them play at a tiny venue and was hanging out backstage because I knew the openers

Long story short he was just a creep. Never said a word but was creeping on all the underage girls. Lars fredrickson from rancid was there as a photographer and kept taking my picture and trying to get me on the bus with him and Travis.

I was fourteen.

No. 1142598

fucking hell, If she comes out as a gay transman and starts dating men I will be done with this earth

No. 1142601

all the lesbians on lchat predicted this would happen lol
elles stupid narc retard ass deserves it, her ass came out as a tranny literally on the day the UK put restrictions and bans on clinics transitioning underage children lol fuck her

plus her exwife was like 10 years younger than her anyways, hope she lives her best life away from the creepy bitch

No. 1142602

saw it coming miles away lmao

No. 1142603

Her wife probably refused to pretend she’s straight now.

No. 1142616

I remember an anon said she posted about trying to deal with her partner changing and "doing them". Not surprised to see it was too much for her, can't be easy having your partner troon out.

No. 1142617

We are all so happy for her soon to be ex-wife! Gald to see this!

No. 1142628


why we hate her? what did i miss

No. 1142631

Do you know where you are? She’s a tranny now

No. 1142636

Pop punk men and underage girls is a pretty true stereotype. I'm sorry, anon. Glad you were smart enough to not go on the bus with them.

No. 1142639

you forget Nicole Richie is still with the second guy from Good Charlotte. the same band that made a song called Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous where they bag on rich famous people for 3 minutes.

pop punk/punk rock band guys always act like they’re hardcore and authentic but they all jump at the chance to fuck any famous influencer that looks their way. Pete Wentz was married to Ashlee Simpson for gods sake.

No. 1142647

This. I remember feeling super betrayed when I found out that the dudes from all my favorite bands were dating dopey heiresses and pop stars. (I was like 12 at the time, don't judge me kek)

No. 1142650

It’s not so much a American thing as much as it’s a weird celebrity thing, imo

No. 1142663


Good for the ex wife. Don't entertain this shit

No. 1142665

fyi, Tim Armstrong is a paedo creep and a controlling asshole too. He was in his mid 30s when he met Brody Dalle (from the Distillers) at a concert in Australia when she was 17. He saw her playing a show with her teenage high school band, Sourpuss. She got settlement money from the Australian government for a lawsuit (she sued the government because she was sexually molested as a minor and they did nothing to help her), so she used the money to fly to America to live with Tim in L.A. Tim wouldn't let her go out or meet anybody else, so she was stuck around Tim and his bandmates all day and he micromanaged her career and helped her start the Distillers. She decided to leave him and divorce him in her early 20s as she was starting to find success, and due to the divorce, he made sure to blackball the Distillers, which is why the band broke up so soon after 1 wildly popular album. It's so sad, I am a huge fan of Brody Dalle and I think she could have become a huge punk icon, but Tim Armstrong made sure to destroy her career. Fuck him and fuck all these other creepy ass punk guys. (source: Guardian articles and interviews)

No. 1142667

she didn't file divorce, though, Elliot did. The wife actually supported Elliot's transition, you know. but I think it's possible Elliot decided they wanted to date trans men, so they divorced the wife…

No. 1142669

That'd be glorious milk. Gay men don't take kindly to tranny shit, she'd be roasted if she tried it. But she doesn't seem to be interested in men. Probably will just go through a fuckboy phase with random clout chasing women. Gotta live up to that masculinity

00s pop punk guys are kinda like today's rappers. Accessories for rich women lel

No. 1142671

I knew Brody personally for a period of my life, and how she described Tim was beyond anything I could have imagined. She's been through a lot and I have a lot of respect for her. She is a very lovely woman who imo deserves everything. Was kinda glad when she and josh split because he's a bit weird and I think he is punching above his weight by going out with her. But yeah, tim armstrong is a dick. A massive one.

No. 1142673


I went to a Rancid show when I was 13 and got the band to sign my shirt afterwards and Lars totally groped me

No. 1142674

wow that's cool you knew her! I'm such a huge fangirl of her and I'd totally die from happiness if I met her irl lol. yeah she had a rough childhood and I was sad to ear that Josh was also abusive, he beat her while he was drunk. I'm glad she divorced him oo, she's always been a no bullshit kind of girl. I hope she finds true happiness and maybe she doesn't mind being that famous, but I really hope she gets recognized for her brilliant music someday.

No. 1142678

eww sorry that happened to you. I googled Lars a while ago cos I was curious where he is now, and he's not in a band anymore but he produces music, and he's in his 40s, never married, no kids. Guess we now know why.

No. 1142679

Fuck, that's why they divorced? I haven't spoken to her for about 5 years now (still in touch via social media but more just in passing asking how she's doing etc) and always wondered what had gone on. I thought maybe it was because he was still doing a lot of drugs, but that is awful. Where did you find that out? Honestly, from all my interactions with her, she didn't seem bothered about being that famous. She just wanted to provide for her kids and give them what she didn't have, which is all any mum wants. Also, she is as nice as you can imagine. Even when we initially met, she was never like a celebrity. She spoke to me like another human and that's where we hit it off. An amazing talent and person. Sorry for gushing.

No. 1142680

Brody IS a punkrock idol imo

No. 1142683

This is something that punk/alt girls have known about since forever. Even back in HS all the punk/alt guys were chasing the girls who would never give them the time of day, and ignored the punk/alt girls so eventually they started hating the guys and also wouldn't give them the time of day. So many self-made incels who thought they could get the supermodels like the famous guys in crappy pop-punk bands in the 90s/00s.

No. 1142719

File: 1611690554109.png (269.41 KB, 750x1334, 376C9C72-3792-4484-AC78-258C25…)

hate me if you want this effie kek just seems to be alittle butt hurt he didn’t want to be serious with her….yea there’s multiple victims(i don’t know if they’ve actually came forward publicly avoid it besides effie and the other chick who made a whole video about it) but there is a kink fetish for almost anything…..i’m kinda off track bare with me tho please
so belle delphine a grown adult can post a photo set on twitter a sneak peek to her getting “kidnapped/raped” video 62% of women have that fantasy kink (she also got “hate” for that but she shut down everyone who was trying to “cancel” her
AH has this have this american psycho hannibal kink and it’s the end of the world??? girls love to take bruises after they’ve been domed?? and now she’s posting about her “abuse” yes she might have been mentally abused but where it went wrong between them isn’t the fact he abused her it’s the facts that there wasn’t a line drawn or a safe word she looks the “lana del rey daddy fuck me vibes i put crystals in my snatch” and doesn’t know anything about the bdsm community she should have been vocal about not feeling comfortable even the other victims it’s not hard to ask for a safe word if you’re into bdsm it’s actually encouraged to use a safe word

No. 1142725

Wow anons that's interesting. I remember Brody and Josh were in separation 2-3 years ago, so they're finally divorced now, hm. I thought he cheated or something, how do you know he actually hit her? Asking cause despite being a fan i fell out of the loop and don't follow Brody. I remember there were drug issues, Brody was on crystal meth in Distillers and later on until she got pregnant and then had post partum depression but she got it all together later while Josh seemed drunk/on drugs and before 2013 he almost died during operation. She got pisseed off at him back when he kicked some (female?) photographer at the show in 2017 i think, that was a big deal people were telling he's a dick etc. Plus in 00's he was forced to go to anger management classes cause he hit some other band guy and the guy took it to court. Hope he didn't hit her regularly or something. They always looked fine together while Tim Armstrong was a total creep.
Anyway that's really fucking ironic that he hit his wife when you think that Josh kicked Nick Oliveri out of QOTSA for the way Nick treated his girlfriend back then

No. 1142727

I'm sorry anon but what sex dolls are you looking at? Elon just looks like an alcoholic with mid stage fatty liver disease.

No. 1142735

this is why incel scrotes always go off on women. Women say shit like 'rape and abuse me, daddy uwu' then when the relationship turns sour, they scream 'he raped and abused me!!11'

Any sane human being wouldn't want to be with someone who has no trouble 'play raping' them and beating the shit out of them but bc so many women get off on victimhood thanks to libtards, women now go after these men bc it lets them insert themselves where they don't belong just by saying 'as an ABUSE AND RAPE SURVIVOR-'
like no, you went after that experience yourself, quite literally. Say it's 'brainwashing and grooming' but this infantilization of women has to stop, we're not fucking babies who can't think.

imagine being a victim of horrific abuse you never consented to and some bdsm bitch comes along thinking she can talk over you.
moids were a mistake and women made that mistake.

sorry for the sperg. anyway, its clear she wanted to be the Star Victim and with so many victims coming out and even getting news articles posted about them, she's become a huge salty cow. She's a bigger cow than Armie at this point bc he couldn't give a shit

No. 1142739

This. Those pop "punk" bands always happily jumped at every occasion of getting hottest hollywood type chicks, not really alt ones. In 00's it was a norm, then in 10's pop punk and nu metal turned cringe, now people are nostalgic for pop punk again. Maybe we'll have another surge of celebs and influencers dating pop punk-ish losers but actually in the post soundclout rap skin. For example Machine Gun Kelly, he imitates pop punk now and look, he got Megan Fox

Anyway pop punk always makes me think of Beverly Hills, Hollywood, villas and swimming pools, there's something ironic in that those punk-loving guys were basically jumping straight from family house to Sherman Oaks mansions in the matter of 1 year and 1 album at Interscope or Atlantic records. 00's were surreal

No. 1142740

Learn to form coherent sentences, learn to sage and move on. We have been over this 1000 times already and besides, no one wants to read your degenerate BDSM shit. Go away.

No. 1142751

Why are you defending incels

No. 1142764

yeah he apparently smashed a bottle at her in a drunken fit of rage (I believe this was in 2019?) so she filed divorce sometime in the fall of 2019. I saw the news of his abuse online, I believe it was published online in some few rock n roll news publications like Kerrang!

No. 1142772

damn i'm out of the loop
that's disappointing
good for her and her children, she was always a strong woman

No. 1142776

Can you imagine the backlash she'd face if "the wife" (whose name is Emma Portner, btw) didn't support Page's transition? Don't be so callous anon, your misogyny is showing. Transitioning three years into marriage and then dumping your spouse five minutes later when she doesn't kowtow and call herself straight is disgusting. Speculating that the divorce happened so Page could go date trans men doesn't make it any better. The absolute state of liberals these days, my god.

This is all so messy and unnecessary. Why on earth is this being handled in the court of public opinion and being argued about on instagram of all things? Go to the fucking police and have done with it, or shut up. There's enough for an actual case here, why is she bleating on instagram for asspats?

No. 1142782

Kek didn’t the ex wife go off when someone asked if she was still a lesbian? I guess not anymore! The sad thing is that she will get zero support now.

No. 1142790

That makes me so angry. I knew josh was still using a lot of drugs on the road, and Brody was clean, so I thought it would be that. I can't believe it. Incredibly sad if it's true. The few times I met him he was okay, friendly but there was a weirdness to him. I am just glad she is out of there now if that kind of abuse did happen.

No. 1142792

Does anyone remember when Shauna went on a rant on myspace about how Travis got herpes from Paris Hilton?

No. 1142799

File: 1611694770127.png (135.02 KB, 734x646, Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 3.58…)

No. 1142806

File: 1611695319241.jpeg (80.32 KB, 639x445, 157374D5-68ED-4A38-B7E5-B26C29…)


No. 1142808

lmao anon your misogyny is showing. multiple women even here have confirmed he would just get the best lawyers to destroy her, it happens literally all the time. only 2% of rapists ever face jail. since there are multiple victims they all should pursue something, but again it's an extremely traumatizing process. most women don't report rape for so many fucked up reasons. in the same way her sexuality is being used against her here with women, far worse will happen in court. if the other women she's in contact with are "at the spa" and not caring, and that's her only support system, she's fucked. there are women groups that exist for this and will help you advocate, i don't think she knows they exist or knows how serious this is. stop acting like going to the cops about this is in any way easy, or that everyone handles this in the same way. she's also clearly still trauma bonded to him, they had sex multiple times and women get chemically connected to their partners, that's how these men continuously psychologically abuse these women. she's not acting the best right now but it's obvious she's in over her head and trying to appeal to the bdsm community in an immature way, that doesn't mean she and multiple other women weren't raped and abused. this is also during a pandemic so she's not even able to co-regulate with a therapist in person, though i wish she was in a program now and put this in someone else's hands, but we don't know anything about her mentality or beliefs. with so much victim blaming and hatred of women exploring their sexuality, no one is going to act right under that pressure. maybe just wait to have such a hateful opinion of her, honestly her personality doesn't matter and i hope she gets help. love how you guys sweep armie hammer breaking her ribs under the rug and blame her for incels.

No. 1142827

I didn't mean to upset you or imply that I'm victim blaming anyone anon, but the woman literally posted that she was getting off on people calling her a stupid slut who deserved it. My frustration is that her focus keeps shifting back and forth from getting justice and warning women, to claiming she gets wet from negative messages. This kind of behavior is all over the previous thread, as well as anons speculating that she's covering her up her own incriminating responses. That's what I'm criticizing, and I agree it was naive to jump to the 'go to the cops' response.

No. 1142851

are you unironically saying you’re confused as to why someone who was obviously abused doesn’t have an easily understandable pattern of logic? damn anon that’s fucking crazy you should become a detective

No. 1142855

haha yessss!!! she was hopping mad that Travis was dating Paris, and Paris was pretty popular at that time, although everyone online hated her. do you guys remember when TMZ went uo to Paris and read out loud some hateful comments people wrote online and she looked so upset and hurt? yikes. I also had both Travis and Shanna added as my friends on myspace… lmfao

No. 1142858

sorry, meant to reply to you (saged for being a retard)

No. 1142878

Ugh can a containment thread be made for whoever the fuck this girl is and armie's drama? It was interesting at first but now I'm tired of seeing screenshots of her whining and screeching for more attention

No. 1142888

File: 1611700131793.png (570.62 KB, 750x886, 1611695508695.png)

I bet she tried to convince her wife to troon out too.

No. 1142894

I agree with you and admire your patience, but I think there is no point in discussing this further. It was already discussed a lot in the last thread and some anons just have a weird obsession with Effie and doubt her because of the strangest reasons ("She wants attention? MUST BE A LIAR!") instead of focusing on the Armie milk and realizing that the abuse he inflicted is way worse than Effie’s desire for attention. They will keep arguing that her being hurt about "not being the only one" is the real issue and ignore the actual crimes, like AH casually discussing (and with that admitting to) him being a rapist in the DMs. Even worse, the need to blame her now attracts scrotes/BDSM apologists like >>1142719 that shit up the thread with their degeneracy and seriously want to tell us that rape is OK in this case because she consented to some hardcore practices before and besides "doesn’t know anything about the bdsm community" kek.

No. 1142900

Based lesbian. Hope she cleans up in the divorce

No. 1142903

Nowhere did I say I was confused. Should I include a tone indicator for you next time anon? I don't think she's lying but I don't think she's telling us everything.

No. 1142904

>instead of focusing on the Armie milk and realizing that the abuse he inflicted is way worse than Effie’s desire for attention
Both are bad and Effie is not a person who deserves respect or whiteknighting. Cope.

No. 1142905

She’s gonna end up dating someone more femme. Probably felt insecure and wanted to upgrade now that they are a “man”. I see this often.

No. 1142908

ugh I hate that I had a fetish for skinny white dudes rocker dudes covered in tattoos. the jackass crew, viva la bam chucklefucks, simple plan, blink 182 guys were my jam back then(no1curr)

No. 1142914

thank you so much for being kind enough to say you didn't mean to upset me or victim blame, and that the cops part may have been naive. i understand this is just a silly forum, i'm not in any way trying to hold it against you and again i really appreciate you being mature enough to say that. i had to go to women's groups myself with my own story about cops sexually harassing me when i went to report something, and it's unreal how many other women had similar stories. the world fails you constantly with this, especially the system that men designed, please don't fall for internet rhetoric just because a victim's personality isn't what you like. most women are just trying to protect themselves and push people away at that point with behavior. everyone's different and we're in a pandemic.

i really think her responses, that she deleted quickly, about "it only turning her on" was a super childish way of trying to "not let the haters/abusers win". i don't agree with it, and she's allowed to make mistakes, and it's cool she realized that and deleted it. from what she posted, it was other older women coming after her that she was referring to, and it reads as a defense mechanism to say "this is only turning me on" because she's actually probably in overdrive having trauma responses right now. it's a process and it's so early on for her. when you feel like no where is safe, a lot of people break down and hide in ego. please don't underestimate how stressful this is, and don't let insignificant instagram stories get in the way of the real crimes. you can't read that and sincerely think she's actually getting turned on, but she probably thought it would "deter trolls" or some shit. no one is ever prepared for the misogynistic climate online, and i agree with a previous anon that said she was likely trying to warn other girls. if it's overwhelming for her, and another girl who attempted suicide over this, to just post on social media, you can't really begin to imagine them holding up to commit to the full length of an excruciating legal trial. i'm not exaggerating, they are going to end up dead unless they take full advantage of resources including inpatient, which might not even be an option anymore because of the pandemic.(no1curr)

No. 1142916

File: 1611702514032.png (209.83 KB, 815x402, Wtf.png)

Not sure if she fits in to celeb but I sure as hell wouldn't consider her a "politician" Kellyanne Conway posted a full frontal topless nude of her daughter Claudia on her twitter account

the same daughter who was making tiktoks about her mother abusing her and threating to release her nudes because Claudia was telling people about the abuse according to Claudia Cps/Police told her there was nothing they could do to remove her from her mothers care (complete bullshit but I'm not at all surprised with the American child services)

No. 1142920

That just proves the poor girl's point, I hope she gets the fuck out of there, that woman is repulsive.

No. 1142921

Jesus. Didn’t know Travis Barker was a cow. Is Mark the only semi normal person from Blink 182? Unless he has some secret milk that I don’t know of.

No. 1142923

Thank you, and I won't discuss it further. they're not weirdly obsessed with hating effie for the strangest reasons, there is one reason and it's misogyny. the "perfect victim" does not exist, and that's what lawyers rely on to ensure the freedom of a rapist who will only do it again because he watched every institution and people online literally defend him. i agree with everything you're saying, and yeah i wish rape apologists would just fuck off but i guess they want to defend violence against women instead of getting a single personality trait.

No. 1142924

Uh this is super illegal right? The hell..

No. 1142925

Was it at least deleted? That's literal CP.

No. 1142927

the perception of gender among people who transition is so strange. you would think it would make them more empathetic, but regardless if they're ftm or ftm the gender roles become even more rigid and impossible. it's always about chasing impossible female beauty standards, whether it's being them or dating them. there's no humanity, just performance.

No. 1142929

Sometimes being the boring one has its perks.
I remember when he used to do that proto-incel "who me you think I'm ugly right" hitting on MTV personalities way back when but he was ghosted every single time.

No. 1142930


I believe Twitter mods Nuked it, But Kellyanne often takes Claudias phone and copies images off of it "for her protection" and I vaguely remember Claudia sating in a video she made that her mother makes her pose for possibly nude photos to "prove" that she's not abusing her daughter but don't quote me on that

No. 1142932

>Claudia sating in a video she made that her mother makes her pose for possibly nude photos to "prove" that she's not abusing her daughter
What kind of backwards ass logic is that. I hope she's able to get away, wtf

No. 1142936

Just looking this up:

>According to screenshots captured by users, Kellyanne’s Twitter account shared the nude image using Twitter Fleets, which deletes posts after 24 hours. The post was deleted earlier than that, but not before fans alerted Claudia over on TikTok (and creeps reposted it). Claudia posted videos confirming that the photo was real. “I’m assuming my mom took a picture of it to use against me one day and then somebody hacked her or something,” she said. “I’m literally at a loss for words. If you see it, report it.”

>Update, 12:15 p.m.: Claudia Conway posted four new TikToks on Tuesday morning, updating her followers. “This isn’t forced,” she began. “This is coming completely from me, Claudia.” The 16-year-old said she believes that her mother did not intentionally post the photo and that the accusation “hurts me more than it helps.” “I will be taking a break from social media because we are really tired of being headlines,” she announced. “We fight like mothers and daughters, but being in the public eye exacerbates that greatly, and it adds a lot of stress to both of our lives, and I don’t want that.”

>Update, 2 p.m.: The police have launched an official investigation into the topless photo of Claudia Conway posted on her mother Kellyanne’s Twitter account, Vulture has confirmed. Cops paid a visit to the Conway home in Alpine, New Jersey, on Tuesday, “just before noon,” spending about an hour there, the New York Post reports. “An investigation is being conducted by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office,” Alpine chief of police Christopher Belcolle told Vulture, noting that case details regarding juveniles are not made public. “No additional information can be released.”

From vulture.com

No. 1142937

i think it's to show she has no physical bruises, as if that insane and invasive abuse isn't even worse in some senses.
she actually found out about it in real time on tiktok too. someone asked her a question and she responded saying she didn't believe it, another person confirmed, then she looked it up for herself and made another video where she's obviously traumatized. it's really fucked up. boomers failed everyone.

No. 1142940


I think her logic was it proved her daughter had no injuries
or something whatever Kellyannes logic was I hope she goes down for this she literally has nude photos of her 16 year old daughter straight up Illegal

No. 1142943

>We fight like mothers and daughters
This line hurts, honestly. It's stuff victims of abusive parents say. I hope her mother did not intentionally post those, but she sounds like she's in denial honestly. KellyAnne took those photos to use against her, so I wouldn't be surprised if she posted them to "get back" at Claudia for whatever reason.

No. 1142945


I still feel like she's not saying that herself, her mother has forced her to make videos saying things were fine and she was safe before no doubt that's what's happening now

No. 1142947

Samefag, I just found this video. Idk exactly what's happening because I'm not gonna watch the whole thing, but KellyAnne sounds crazy. She starts yelling at some point. Idk the context.

No. 1142948

Agree, this doesn't sound like it was written by a teen whose mother posted her topless pics on Twitter, this reads like a victim doing damage control to hopefully prevent more backlash from the abuser by trying to avoid them being recognized as an abuser.

No. 1142952

Another one. Tiktok starts at @0:35. I think Kelly is telling her to make the video in the background. The video shows a comment Claudia made @0:52. KellyAnne knew she had COVID and spread it to her daughter.

No. 1142954


Christ classic narcissistic abuse right there, I haven't seen many of the videos but this basically sums it up

also I don't know why the fuck the guy commenting on the video has the beat for WAP playing in the background what a weirdo

No. 1142960

Oh she's going to come out as bi next like Miles McKenna. Would actually put money on it.

No. 1142968

this whole situation is a mess, but Claudia really comes off as a spoiled teen.

No. 1142975

>Speculating that the divorce happened so Page could go date trans men doesn't make it any better
Nta but you’re literally speculating yourself about how Emma must’ve been pressured into supporting Elliot because she doesn’t wanna get cancelled by Twitter. We don’t even know if the divorce has anything to do with the transition. I know this is terf central but everyone’s confirmation bias is working overtime tonight kek

No. 1142980

well yeah she was raised by kellyanne conway

No. 1142994

Kellyanne is fucking insane

yeah anon, just a crazy coincidence! kek wish i could be this naive

No. 1142995

Yes please.

No. 1142998

both of her parents spoil her, her mother uses money/gifts to lovebomb her after abuse and her father buys her things to spite kellyanne. absolute shitshow

No. 1143070

sage for OT, I mean there called "pop punk" bands for a reason, the hypocrisy is in the very name, you know where you'll find the real Hardcore punk rock band members, working on a pizza shop or a shop station, like the one's who kept true to their ideal ended up broke(shocker)

that said I'd rather have pop-punk or rock be popular in the mainstream then rap, I have gotten sick of rap this past decade and I think people would agree with me that they have gotten sick of rap

No. 1143086

yeah I'm in my 30s and I've noticed how punk, rock n roll and alt rock have sharply fallen out of favor since the early to mid 2010s, while pop, hip hop and rap have been the most popular genres. However I'm starting to see a trend of myspace/mid 2000s scene making a comeback now that Gen Z and Gen Alpha are getting older. There's been a trend of a certain decade becoming popular 20, 30 years later. I remember in the 90s, 60s and 70s were popular trends (in the 80s, people were obsessed with the 50s and 60s). I think pop punk and punk rock will probably become popular again soon now that we're in the 2020s.

No. 1143088

i really worry for her but she's such a drama queen just like her mom and unless she gets therapy soon (she's still young), she runs the risk of becoming a wrecked drama queen with mommy issues and will end up having shitty relationships for the rest of her life, potentially a lolcow in the making. That poor girl doesn't really stand a chance.

No. 1143110

File: 1611721903323.webm (476.85 KB, 540x960, tSnrUCs9sL.webm)

Tbh she seems less like a drama queen and more like someone who's trying to make a call for help and making oversharing/jokes out of her situation like a lot of zoomers do. Maybe I'm just overthinking it though. Her father, George Conway, isn't in the picture either btw, vid rel. I also want to add that those videos of her mom screaming at her and the covid shit were posted only a few days before Kellyanne leaked her nudes. Makes me believe even more that this was some revenge shit.

No. 1143114

I also think anti-capitalism element on punk will play a part in it, Gen-Z kids are aware of the shit capitalism causes and rap is unironically the most pro-capitalist music genre in history, sure there's a message of racial equality and black liberation but hyper consumerism is tied to it's very foundation, "get rich or die trying" or "flexing your money" there's real authenticity on rap, no DIY/Self reliance message

No. 1143116

I thought this too. Why would her mom even have photos like that? “It’s to prove you’re not being physically abused” sounds like such bullshit. Feels like it was posted to get her offline, which worked. Where the hell is her dad?

No. 1143127

fucking 100%. this is why i don't trust supposed "alternative" or hipster art men. they still only want a popular blonde cheerleader type to be their sidekick

No. 1143149


honestly so disappointing. that's men, though.

No. 1143152

File: 1611726915568.png (78.55 KB, 720x625, Screenshot_20210126-235503.png)

There's a blind item saying Claudia posted the picture from her mom's phone.

No. 1143157

File: 1611727686726.jpg (62.62 KB, 500x679, 1ae0cf54b65fb4f6a8b3ecb4a40c67…)

can we at least find them hot, I just find buff alt guys really fucking hot alright, they're my weakness

No. 1143167

Is she an A list social media star?

No. 1143170

Sounds way too obvious tbh, I don't trust it. There's video evidence of her mother hitting and threatening to blackmail her, I don't think it's that unbelievable that her mom posted it as revenge.

No. 1143181

then why did you post a picture of a guy whose face looks like his parents were siblings

No. 1143185

File: 1611734307621.jpg (62.1 KB, 539x800, fa29diy66g011.jpg)

Here's a better pic of him(derailing)

No. 1143201

Based and terfpilled

No. 1143300

File: 1611750470633.jpeg (257.39 KB, 1284x788, 2B6548DE-B74B-4181-9A0D-56D8D0…)

Apparently they’ve been separated since summer

No. 1143318


My narc af mother would've done something like that if it was possible.

Claudia probably just doesn't want to see her go to jail although lol 'catholic law and order' mom should confess.

No. 1143328


I seriously doubt this as she isn't an "A list social media star" not to mention that sounds like something a boomer would write

there are literally videos of Kellyanne hitting and berating her daughter, Threating to ruin her life and the classic "no one will believe you" when Claudia seeks help

Kellyanne will do absolutely anything to try and paint her 16 year old daughter as the villain I wouldn't be surprised if this was her posting this or one of her weirdo crony/politicsimps that defend her on twitter every breathing moment of their day and claim "this is how I was disciplined and I grew up fine!111!!!"

No. 1143334

He’s a Q-tard of course he’d go with this theory, it’s what they all have concocted to defend Kellyanne.

No. 1143382

I doubt what Claudia has showed on TikTok is considered “abuse” as far as the state is concerned. Minors aren’t treated as people, they're treated as property, like a dog. You have to do some real fucked up shit to a dog in order to have it taken away, and it seems the same for children.

Claudia is snarky and spoiled, and obviously enjoys antagonizing her mother, but to me it’s clear she’s in an abusive home and her lashing out is warranted. Maybe she DID post the pic from her mother’s phone, I would too if I were that desperate. Also, can someone explain where her dad is?? Or stepfather? What males are involved that are complicit in all this? I haven’t really heard shit about them.

No. 1143400

Her parents are still married. Dad moved out a while back.

No. 1143415


The dad is a lawyer he's notoriously antitrump and for a weird fact he previously dated Laura Ingraham before his marriage to Kellyanne, he's still married but they live separately so the vibe I get is "married for the kids sake" and Claudia made a tiktok awhile back when her mother lied to her about testing positive for covid

(Kellyanne later forced her to change the story)

basically saying indirectly to her mother it's not her (Claudias) fault that Kellyanne's marriage failed and asking her to stop taking it out on her

from what I remember she's tried to moved to her father but Kellyannes threatened her with the classic "I'll ruin your life" and said she'd report her as a runaway + get her sent to a mental hospital which is A threat she's consistently made to Claudia

No. 1143457

File: 1611767845567.jpg (114.23 KB, 1058x1058, EswTCu5XYAUURtR.jpg)

No. 1143462

Is she pregnant?

No. 1143465

but who is the father? Elliot Page?

No. 1143466

File: 1611768328235.jpg (98.85 KB, 750x925, 20210127_182537.jpg)

From Halsey's IG.

I already feel sorry for the kid.

No. 1143472

Good now she can focus on the baby and have a nice long hiatus from music. Best news I've heard all day cause Halsey is a cunt.

No. 1143486

Okay but who's the daddy

No. 1143498

File: 1611770499705.jpg (51.77 KB, 636x382, 34922602-0-image-a-32_16038348…)


Alev Aydin A director

also does anyone remember Halsey claiming she had a miscarriage and had to do a performance with a nappy on because she was "bleeding so heavily" what was that about?

No. 1143499

tryna to be Demi Moore over here

No. 1143502

Just imagine the pretentious baby name she's gonna give her kid, even the seemingly normal one's give their kid's awful names but someone like Halsey she's gonna name her kid Asheron or Blue Iron or some other stupid name

No. 1143503

File: 1611770790817.jpg (248.42 KB, 941x1070, Screenshot_20210127_180642.jpg)



No. 1143516

File: 1611771662061.jpg (26.12 KB, 579x410, Spencer-e1611754566637.jpg)

KStew as Lady Di

No. 1143523

Huh. Better than I thought. I guess Kstew’s resting bitch face really works for Diana.

No. 1143537

God I hate it when celebrities get pregnant, their narcissism goes through the roof

No. 1143539

Either a simp for right politicians or some one she's paid to cover her ass.

oh no, I already feel bad for this kid since Halsey can't even manage to stay in a stable relationship for a year.

No. 1143550

speaking of Which I remember she was dating that guy from Kickass and that he was the father of her baby, is this a Mandela effect

No. 1143563

Halsey seems like the kind of people who would name their kid Gaia or something

No. 1143580

This is so trashy lmao. Looks like a trailer park photo shoot setup from the 90s.

No. 1143622

lmaoo thats Henry Rollins of black flag

No. 1143624

knowing how badly halsey wants to pretend she's a humble, street smart crackhead still in touch with her "roots", this is absolutely intentional
i think she said she only just found out she was pregnant or didn't even know until she had the miscarriage, which was due to "working too hard" and "stress' and endometriosis despite having surgeries for it. definitely not all the nose candy
vid related, it's supposedly the performance in which she's wearing a diaper while miscarrying. i remember reading an article where she said she gave the most 'raw' and 'intense' performance of her career. which is apparently this?

No. 1143628

hahaha it does. I think she's trying to look artsy/"DIY"

No. 1143636

I thought the whole miscarrying on stage thing was actually proven to probably be false?

I'm pretty sure it was discussed on PULL at one point and they noticed some inconsistencies with the story or something

No. 1143650

his ex wife looks like a foot.

No. 1143676

File: 1611783192631.gif (971.63 KB, 203x203, 05CA41E3-68CE-41A9-A5BC-733D6E…)

No. 1143702

Imagine having a baby with someone you’ve been with like six months. I hope my daughter is never this dumb.

No. 1143758

OT but can someone explain to me what 'looks like a foot' even means because she certainly doesn't look like that there

No. 1143765

It means that she looks like a foot

No. 1143777

No. 1143858

File: 1611794041194.jpg (441.92 KB, 1920x3157, InShot_20210127_193245097.jpg)

Effie deleted or deactivated her account, if anyone even cares anymore. She was really going off the deep end towards the end

No. 1143906

>if anyone even cares anymore
Does anyone? When you google Armie’s name this story of him quitting Gossip Girl and promo for his movie pop up. Think he’ll get away with it?

No. 1143916

File: 1611799195949.jpeg (19.35 KB, 421x267, C60B0C9D-C89D-457E-A982-28B83D…)

No. 1143919

It looks like she visited Madonna's filler hookup.

No. 1143935

I don’t know if they do. Just a bunch of women on Reddit. Effie was doxed recently, then @house.of.regret came along and the whole thing has turned into a shit show. I imagine it will be swept under the carpet, filed “consensual, prove otherwise”.

No. 1143941

His silence made his accusers appear crazy. Even though I'm sure the silence was prompted by his publicist, he's a professional gaslighter and this tactic works, sadly. Unless a bunch of other big name people get revealed and go down along with him, it's likely he will get away with this. Sad because he has a ton of victims, no denying that

No. 1143942

Sad. I always thought she was a beautiful older woman. Now she looks scary.

No. 1143946

File: 1611802316613.jpeg (27.45 KB, 433x268, 61783934-64A0-4837-9CD2-C0547C…)

it’s even worse from the front

No. 1143953

She looks like a Shar Pei. Sad.

No. 1143965

I suspect it’s mostly the bad makeup.

No. 1143966

Can a ps anon explain what's happening here? Are those cheeks implants? Fillers that migrated?
I'm getting strong Caitlin Jenner of this one

No. 1143970


No. 1143977

I read a blind item that Armie will do an interview with Oprah

No. 1143996

The fact that her lips appear augmented and her cheek lines seem to have migrated indicate very botched fillers

No. 1143997

Yes. As I said, filler.

No. 1144072


Wonder if that's why she trooned out

No. 1144076

Elon's tweets saying stupid and non sense shit already are trending. #Elon #Dogecoin #GameStop #WallStreet and others are everywhere.

No. 1144146

I’m late to the party on punk derail but Brody and josh are divorcing because of joshs late nights ‘in the studio’ with that dude jesse in their other band together. Jesse deals meth. Brody deserves so much better and it sucks to see these douchebags try to pull this shit over and over

No. 1144147

He's doing it in solidarity of wsb autist

No. 1144154

i’ve always wondered why Rumer never really looked like her mom. I guess it’s bc her mom doesn’t even look like herself.

No. 1144183

nitpick but the way she moves her jaw while singing is so fucking annoying

No. 1144238


Elon acting like he’s not one of the billionaires people are enjoying fucking with is hilarious he has next to no self awareness, /biz fags were posting his tweets hardcore mocking him also to add he’s been investigated before for manipulating the stock market out of anyone tweeting about it he’s probably got the most likely chance of being looked into for it especially as he’s personally salty

No. 1144261


What is your source anon?

No. 1144265

Why? And who’s daddy?

No. 1144271

From where?
If he does that I’m guessing that’ll be the end of it.

No. 1144337

File: 1611848358816.jpg (56.22 KB, 720x1009, 20210128_123226.jpg)

New Lana's merch…i can't believe this…

No. 1144342

even red scare merch looks better in comparison

No. 1144349

File: 1611849542146.png (35.25 KB, 590x435, 1.PNG)

>this is a nearly 33-year-old woman with a child

No. 1144353

>i'm told that i'm on the spectrum
>i catch crypto like ash ketchum

No. 1144367

What the hell happened to make adult celebrities regress into edgy preteen weeblet tryhards like this?? Was it just Covid lockdown??

No. 1144369

grimes has pretty much always been a cringey edgelord weeb

No. 1144370


grimes has always been like this anon she's ~*Quirky*~

No. 1144372

>deals meth
Fucking hilarious considering how right-wing he is. Not very republican of you, Jesse. If he got into it to cope after Bataclan I feel bad for him though.

No. 1144373

True, but she used to seem somewhat sincere about it whereas now, she's becoming like an ironic femcel parody of herself.

No. 1144374

how could she be anything else? she's had a baby with fucking elon

No. 1144376

File: 1611851278379.jpeg (171.38 KB, 1080x1691, ACF72F15-1F3E-463E-A54E-038D82…)

No. 1144378

File: 1611851400958.jpeg (204.74 KB, 1080x1662, EFDEBD91-1FA6-490C-A9DF-9F0791…)

No. 1144380

You have a point, I just weep for her and every woman like her who ends up emotionally lobotomozed by a man. It's like the longer they're together the more she reverts into a gross pickme whose target audience is no longer female at all.

No. 1144384

So celebs can only function by constantly emulating or referencing media now? Fucking lame, this is what's making mensick of everything, every post feels like a shill for some damn show or franchise.

No. 1144393

Idk what's more cringy Grimes and Muskrat or anons in this thread acting like Grimes hasn't always been an obnoxious pickme not like other girls sped

No. 1144397

Low effort merch to match the low effort album cover

No. 1144398

Nobody is pretending she wasn't, theyre saying her new brand of pickme is uglier and cringier than ever before, and it's sad bc it's so obviously Muskrat's influence causing it. I guess all the comments about him preparing to dump her after the baby are causing her to absorb his shit personality.

No. 1144399

Those arms

No. 1144407

What the fuck are you on? Grimes was not a pickme before.

No. 1144413

Speaking of Grimes and her baby, what's the deal with his name as of now ?
like wasn't the kid's name code for Micheal Ash Musk or something or was it later changed

No. 1144417

No. 1144436

she look like she’s gonna snip his lil ear off

No. 1144451

Her arms are skinnier than the baby's

No. 1144463

if you're gonna make dumb observations at least be intelligent enough to know that 'pick mes' and being 'not like other girls' are usually two different things. her being anorexic doesn't mean she was trying to please men. she's always been unapologetically weird looking, didn't shave, gave herself bad haircuts, because it was about her, not pleasing others. elon doesn't want a wife that's already broken. he took this aggressively free spirit specifically because he wanted to relish in tearing her down and degrading her for her values until she didnt have the energy to stand up for herself anymore. she has to be a pick me to him now because that's the only way she could hope to relate to him beyond having given birth to his 8th fucking son

yes shes been 'cringe' and autistic but you have got to be kidding me if you think this is remotely the same

No. 1144474

>>1144463 Elon is a fucking ugly nasty asshole. She was so beautiful. Idk what's going on with her but she seems different. Also so stressed and he doesn't take care of his kid. Stop tweeting shit about Reddit and memes and look after your new son, you left her alone. He's all the day doing that. A whole adult and still acting like that. He's crazy, botched because all the surgeries and most of them failed and shit done looking, and not helping her with anything.

No. 1144475

Good post but the LC plebs are not going to get it.

No. 1144476

NTAYRT but everyone called that shit when she announced she was pregnant. She thought she was kwerky, speshul and younique enough to make him truly love her and change, now she's the one changing and becoming uglier and shittier to be just like him.

No. 1144477

File: 1611860407440.jpg (54.43 KB, 640x960, EZUrXCZXQAEwvVu.jpg)

I just can't believe this individual fucked in his life. I'd not fuck him not even for money.

No. 1144478

>Also so stressed and he doesn't take care of his kid.
If I'm not mistaken, Musk now has six children, and he doesn't personally take care of any of them. He dumps the responsibilities of parenting onto his family members, and for their entire lives his previous five children have been taken care of mostly by Musk's mother. I'd be surprised if any of his children see him more than once a year.

That being said, Grimes knows what she started this relationship (and chose to have Musk's child) for. It was money, never anything other than money. She was willing to give up her values and principles as a person and an artist to secure a paycheck with a billionaire by means of having a baby. She made the conscious decision to do, and can reap what she sows.

No. 1144483

All of his kids are male too

No. 1144490


weren't all five of his sons IVF too? why go out of you way to have that many kids if you aren't going to interact with them in the slightest

No. 1144492

File: 1611861764099.png (92.97 KB, 628x389, 1.PNG)

>why go out of you way to have that many kids if you aren't going to interact with them in the slightest
Well, given Musk's views on women and "men's rights activism", the fact that he's not only had six children but paid to make sure all of his children would be male is very much related.

No. 1144498

Remember when she made a necklace that doubled as a coke spoon for merch? Those were the times…

No. 1144509

File: 1611863306626.jpg (1.44 MB, 3024x4032, 164195a0b25896036d3bf8dba48936…)

Lmao I thought you were joking. It is a pretty necklace, though.

No. 1144511

Yes, and they did gender selection on all of them to guarantee they were all male. That's a massive, blinking warning light to any woman with an actual brain, but alas.

The self interest is so blatantly obvious and shameless, wow. I never had much respect for Grimes to begin with, but now I have less than none.

No. 1144516

saged for older milk but


>he asked me how many kids I wanted to have. "One or two," I said immediately, "although if I could afford nannies, I'd like to have four." He laughed. "That's the difference between you and me," he said. "I just assume that there will be nannies."

>Still, there were warning signs. As we danced at our wedding reception, Elon told me, "I am the alpha in this relationship."

>a certain dynamic began to take hold. Elon's judgment overruled mine, and he was constantly remarking on the ways he found me lacking. "I am your wife," I told him repeatedly, "not your employee."

>we had a domestic staff of five

>Although I am estranged from Elon — when it comes to the children, I deal with his assistant

why are male billionaires so fucking weird with "continuing their bloodline" but not giving a fuck about the children they're making?

I hope for grimes sake the current relationship is nothing like his last 2 but by the looks of it: Him meeting up with Amber heard, Grimes getting a bunch of filler, Elon literally saying he doesn't give a shit about the kid until its old enough and barley spending time with his older kids it would suck to be stuck in that situation Grimes is going to live an incredibly unhappy life if she stays he doesn't want a partner he just wants something he can parade around and show off like it's his newest car

No. 1144517

uh i might be wrong but it kinda looks like he's playing with the scissors wtf

No. 1144518

of course he’d be one of those dads who refuse to change diapers. why tf wouldn’t he be? he probably thinks it’s beneath him.

No. 1144520

>emotionally lobotomozed by a man

wow anon very visceral imagery. Going to remember this for future use lol.

I thought grimes was covid positive? Does it mean her baby also has covid since she's handling him?

No. 1144532

Fortunately not, he’s holding some kind of card with a strap attached to it. You can see it in the first picture.

No. 1144533

That would make sense, but I don't think Grimes has been telling the truth for a while now. Her COVID tweet was basically "look how metahuman I am this is no real illness, plus I can mention the over the counter stuff I overconsumed just don't mention the meth."

No. 1144534

You read my mind, I was thinking about the rapid decline of quality. It seems as though she’s doing it on purpose.

No. 1144541

File: 1611866105498.png (28.38 KB, 593x247, E7C4C471-E62A-4393-9647-D6D15C…)

she used to larp as poor for aesthetic while she was dating james, and then did a complete 180, changing all her opinions and interests and personality as soon as she met musk. seems like everyone is starting to realize everything she says and does is just her literally parroting her current boyfriend. anytime she tweets or talks about stuff like AI, space and technology related stuff, cryptocurrency etc, it's so fucking obvious she doesn't know wtf she's talking about. like when she made that tweet about "her favorite aircraft" lmao. she probably has bpd, not asd though.

anyway. allegedly there'll be new music soon. and apparently she thinks she doesn't spend enough time on social media now that she has a child.

No. 1144554

whenever a child of a famous person like this freak dies i cant help but think they murdered it. he looks like a freak.

No. 1144559

My first thought was that it had downs syndrome and that’s why they killed it kek

No. 1144562


grimes studied astronomy at McGill though. doubt she retained much if the substance abuse stories are to be believed but at the very least her interest in space is genuine and predates muskrat by a decade

No. 1144576

Why fuck him when there's better looking, not botched older celebs who make six figures. Trade out the ten figure billionaire for a six figure salary, at least you don't have to fuck and have children with a frog

No. 1144583

not everyone gets that choice. Grimes has never had the opportunity to fuck, let alone date, anyone who has a six figure salary. Musk is probably the closest thing she'll ever get which is just sad. Most women who get that choice obviously make it (look at amber for example who's been friend zoning him/using him for money for years while she dates/fucks/marries people who are actually attractive but making only 6 figures)

No. 1144603

So they just call the baby X?

No. 1144630

Also Grimes mother blamed him for not helping her. He has no time for all her sons but has time for tweeting? I feel bad for them. They have no support or someone to talk like a dad. That's so sad.

No. 1144639


> when the kid gets older, there will be more of a role for me

> Hang w but I guess I should return to the digital world

This kid is going to end up so fucked in the head

"sorry son you aren't old enough to spend time with me"

"X leave me alone!" I'm tweeting cringey song lyrics

No. 1144646

Twisted fire startah

I thought the thing between Musk and Amber Heard was relatively recent. If it's been going on for longer, how did Musk get roped into it? He seems like too much of a stingy asshole

No. 1144661

He started seeing Amber around 2016 IIRC. It was during that period when he was marrying, divorcing, remarrying and divorcing another blonde actress.
As his fortune grew, it seems like he really settled on a type.

No. 1144748

one of his sons is named Xavier and I can't help but wonder if his nickname used to be X until the baby was born

No. 1144891

God I hope that boy grows up to be a nice stable person who hates technology and stays the fuck away from his parents

No. 1144898

wait, did he really pay for gender selection in the womb? Aren't the kids like.. in their teens now? I thought that kind of procedure wasn't even possible until very recently. sorry for being a retard, but i had no idea he did this. I was wowed that he had all boys, because i notice more girls are popped out. my cousin gave birth to 4 boys, and kept hoping for a girl, but alas.

No. 1144912

IVF tends to overwhelmingly produce sons due to the speed/weight differences between the X and Y chromosome sperm. Y sperm is lighter and faster, so a more of a byproduct of IVF rather a specific gender selection

No. 1144922

To continue the cycle of abuse/have heirs to manipulate via family money and connections, take over busiesses. Ultra weathy families are alao ultra controlling, considering the only true way to collect such wealth is by doing something illegal, stealing or cheating to begin with. Families also tend to keep secrets better because of involvement.

No. 1144942

just a coincidence the man loathes women and treats them like disposable baby machines and just so happened to get 6 male children.
After all, billions of dollars have never been used to bypass the laws against this type of thing.

No. 1144962

Anon the IVF alone already assured that he would have male children, he didn't need to bypass any laws or pay extra

No. 1144989

it's so fucking funny that he calls her grimes instead of her actual name

No. 1144990

justine musk says that he said he wanted to have ten sons
they had ivf for sons 2-6 (not son 1, who sadly died as a baby)
it is easy to choose embryos of either sex for implantation

No. 1145001

The fact that I just bust out laughing made me feel really sad for her

No. 1145014

Gender selection for boys should be illegal

No. 1145030

You can tell from his tuberous breasts and girthy paunch that this man has never worked an honest day in his entire life. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a really strong hunch that he’s actually in MRA discords and talks about how useless Clare is on xbox live

No. 1145032

again IVF already assures more likelihood for male children, you have pay extra to assure X sperm get a chance and even then you can end up with a male child

No. 1145038

>toddlers are dumb, ignore them till theyre older
Literally Onision logic.

No. 1145042

Elon is pretty creepy

No. 1145043

File: 1611907457770.jpg (782 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2021-01-29-09-02-42…)

I-is this a joke?

No. 1145044

Source: I have his phone number blocked.

No. 1145047

Lol unfortunate timing considering their connection to Armie but the film concept isn't that weird, especially considering it's probably allegorical (think Julia Ducourna's Raw/Grave).

No. 1145048

Sorry is meth left wing? In so cal a lot of racists do it. I don’t know if this topic belongs in rockstar thread but I really dont think you need to feel sorry for him and no he was always into it, heard stories from his friends before Paris

No. 1145054

Potential plot twist nr.1: Armie got the idea of his edgy cannibal antics from Luca when they were shooting CMBYN together and got a little bit carried away with it
plot twist nr.2: Armie's cannibal shit was just a PR move to promote Luca's movie and it's going to be revealed last minute that he plays a main role
either way, kekk

No. 1145067

File: 1611913826891.jpg (138.56 KB, 652x934, ritaora.JPG)

>only seven guests were expected to arrive but by 9 p.m. local time almost 20 people showed up, including model Cara Delevingne and her sister Poppy.

The restaurant manager was fired and the party busted by the police. I don't feel bad for the ownersof this swanky place but bribing a business thats no doubt been struggling due to forced closure? Keeping it classy.

No. 1145070

It was a shitty deal since the maximum fine is 10k for restaurants and venues, the money she offered should have covered the potential fine at least.

No. 1145077

If this idea has only recently existed, it's definitely them conspiring to bury all the search results pertaining to his interest in rape, BDSM, and eating the ribs of his mistresses.

No. 1145103

This is probably true, it's becoming more and more apparent just how powerful useless AH actually is. Check out the AH receipt reddit for more info. He has control over a huge chunk of men in Hollywood, he's basically GQ magazine's sweetheart ffs. People have identified a core fucked up friends group surrounding AH who are likely into the same shit and they have all been trolling victims through social media recently. It's sad that everyone is ignoring this just because the main victim is unstable

No. 1145119

nta but no it does not. Stop being retarded.

No. 1145121

why do some of you keep parroting this like it absolves him?

>In their study, the likelihood of an IVF birth resulting in a boy was between 53% and 56%, depending on how soon the fertilised egg was put back into the woman.

A normal conception gives you 51 boys out of 100, IVF gives you 53-56. In what realm does that give you 6 boys "without needing sex selection" over 2 women.


No. 1145123

(replied to wrong post, sorry anon.)

No. 1145142

two different things, but not mutually exclusive. God Grimes stans are pretentious, yawn.

No. 1145155


his first ex-wife must be dying of laughter watching this trainwreck

i just hope her side of the family has good male role models + some stability. Elon is South African right? His family (or at least the older gens) must be high-key racist as well.

I feel like one of them will be gay ,go super anti-elon and write a tell-all ala Mommie Dearest

No. 1145223

>Twisted fire startah

KEK spot on anon
I don't think I've ever laughed so much at a post on here

No. 1145225

File: 1611937309568.jpg (1.61 MB, 3264x3030, 1534208650686.jpg)

Always remember.

No. 1145229

how can one woman be so based?

No. 1145230

I swear to god she must lurk this website

No. 1145232

My favorite AB moment.

No. 1145236

That whole moment still feels like a dream. Azealia casually sitting in Musk Manor for hours, waiting for Grimes who was off clawing at a wall somewhere else.

No. 1145246

Pork Skin.

No. 1145256

He's on the Down syndrome spectrum


No. 1145288

who tf would break lockdown rules and risk a fine to go to rita ora’s birthday party??

No. 1145298

movie sounds fucking dumb. guarantee the ending is her eating her father or her love interest.

No. 1145299

Cara and Poppy Delevingne! At least Rita knew who was carrying that night.

No. 1145306

She's now saying she can't stop. I think she needs her own thread in snow. Did some digging and she worked at the "elite sex club" Snctm. She follows their IG too.

No. 1145321

I was mainly thinking of the time he said he wanted to be a republican politician when he was younger lol. But fair enough, it has different connotations where I'm from I guess and if he was always into it I definitely don't feel bad for him.

No. 1145342

File: 1611946636986.png (211.53 KB, 500x667, tpp5bum9tqh01.png)


Anytime I see her mentioned I always think of this kek

No. 1145363

Maybe he's having boys so he can put AI of himself in their brains and take over their bodies.

No. 1145369

They're his potential future replacement bodies for when spaceboy hacks brainswapping.

No. 1145398

lmao of course rita ora hangs with cara. they’re both fake bisexuals.

No. 1145401

I’m assuming he’s gonna try to form an autistic Jackson 5

No. 1145426

That explains his interest in Cyberpunk 2077

No. 1145444

That would require actual guidance and involvement tho, all Elon wants is to piss as much of his genes in to the pool as possible to spite women.

No. 1145447

he will definitely try the relic personality construct thing

No. 1145544

File: 1611961623977.png (63.39 KB, 1066x506, Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 6.06…)

Kek I'm shocked that Rita Ora even had 7k to give away when she's such a nobody, but isn't she known for fucking w recently single celebrity men in hopes of getting some exposure? She probably also does yachting as her main gig anyways.

No. 1145552

…? Why the stupid random screenshot of an ask to that fetid pillhead tranny?

No. 1145562

i unironically believe she posts here based on how quickly the thread derails any time she's brought up negatively (or when anons do anything other than shit on lana or grimes)

No. 1145565

NTA but I never understood why everyone always thinks the cows couldn't or wouldn't ever post here? Why, because they're so well-rounded and confident with themselves and the things they put online? The idea that anyone dumb enough to end up posted here would be too "good" to come here and see what is being posted about them is just stupid.

No. 1145578

File: 1611965655326.jpeg (63.62 KB, 750x938, B34B958D-0140-4EC6-9FEA-D4E68D…)

kamala harris's stepdaughter is now signed to img models
I guess being an anachan really will get you everywhere in life, either that or being a plastic surgerized thot

No. 1145579

I think you mean nepotism

No. 1145583

she looks more like harry potter than harry potter does

No. 1145588

Ok fatty

She looks fine, of course shes going to be successful when her mother is the VP. Not really milk.

No. 1145590

Curious what kind of campaigns she might get. I’m guessing some kind of super trendy faux artsy rich-girl brand like Susan Alexandra or some bullshit.

No. 1145592

That's no where near an ana-chan body but she looks like John Lennon. Maybe if she goes the fake boy route she can get hired for his biopic film.

No. 1145593

oh i thought she was studying to be a neurosurgeon?

No. 1145594

File: 1611967551684.png (2.62 MB, 1845x929, img.PNG)

She is skinny but healthy looking, not anachan at all. Also it's worth noting that IMG Models represents celebrities, actors and influencers too, it's pretty obvious they took her as one of these, not a regular model that will go for a contract to walk on the runways.

No. 1145595

Nta, I think it's the assumption that lcf is nicher than it is.

Will you please calm down kek, she looks perfectly healthy. I'm not surprised, she got a lot of attention for wearing that suit. Makes sense to sign people who are getting a lot of exposure, I think it's naive to believe models are hired solely based on how beautiful they are.

No. 1145596

yo this is why the world is so fucked; can we please have some normal-ass movies for once. in 2030, teens are gonna fetishize cannibalism ffs.

No. 1145600

why did they sign a bratz doll tho

No. 1145604

File: 1611968245674.jpg (353.01 KB, 900x1239, 5_elle_romania_207x285f03a6121…)

what do you mean, she's just a regular girl

No. 1145614

What the actual fuck

No. 1145617

this is some scary shit…

No. 1145618

What's sad is that the Bratz dolls have actually caused issues with little girls crying over their
own heads and eyes being too small.

No. 1145620

what a fucking cast of characters this is

No. 1145621

It’s not an actual bratz doll just a“digital celebrity” like the gorillaz or Cherry from studio killers

No. 1145629

God I hate that this exists

No. 1145630

>Parker Kit Hill
Gail-from-Letterkenny-lookin ass

No. 1145638

Isn't that literally any doll ever
Is it just me or does Priyanka's photo look photoshopped as hell? I didn't even recognize her.

No. 1145647

Kota must be shaking

No. 1145651

The Bratz dolls weren't real little girls, but real little girls still cries over their real heads and eyes being small because of them. The point is that allowing this type of "digital model" is a cheat, like what's even the point? Anyone, literally, could pull a Dakota Rose and be a model then, and with this they can shoop up whatever warped image they think looks good that more impressionable girls will see and internalize, and then feel insecure because they can never look like that and neither can anyone else.

No. 1145652

No. 1145659

so they basically sign kids of celebs? you got Kamala Harris' stepkid, paris jackson, a schwarznegger son, peter brant jr is apparently a model and businessman's socialite son, and ruby stewart is rod stewart's kid.

No. 1145663

Virtual celebs just like the Noonoouri thing if you think about it.

No. 1145670

This shit makes me so mad

No. 1145755

I guess I understand the novelty of virtual models like this for gimmicks but using them to actually model clothes is confusing as hell when models already suck at showing off how clothes fit and look on an average person.

No. 1145783

that's not sad, it's fucking dumb

No. 1145787

File: 1612002002877.png (466.42 KB, 646x649, sophie ded.PNG)

troon producer sophie is dead at 34. did he 41% or what?

No. 1145788

What is wrong with you?

No. 1145789

lol. back to twitter.

I just saw this. He was a botched troon wannabe woman faggot but some of his songs we're okay. Sad.

No. 1145792

this is the guy grimes called out for using a womans name as a man when there are so few female producers in the music industry. She basically said its not cool to pretend to be female producer when you're actually not. Was she ever dragged by the retards on twitter for that?

No. 1145793

File: 1612003518478.png (262.03 KB, 1080x1060, Screenshot_2021-01-30-04-44-39…)

Remember when Grimes called his larping out and then had to rapidly backpedal?

No. 1145794

Yes, predictably the twitter troons and their defenders were calling for her head and she grovelled before them. Some still call her transphobic to this day.

No. 1145795

idk why but this grimes response got me laughing so hard. Doesn't sound like she meant it all. Kek.

No. 1145798

Wow wtf is this true? I've never been this early for a celeb death. It seems so early I've only found one article about it

No. 1145801

Think it was suicide?

No. 1145807

Being reported as a "sudden accident" that happened at around 4am. I'm guessing it was an accidental overdose.

No. 1145814

"An accident in rome" yup, OD

No. 1145815

Is she a 12-year-old that just discovered british comedy?

No. 1145825

he had a lot of issues prior to the poor man's amanda lepore cosplay so not surprised and the trans movement fucked with his head even more. sad.

No. 1145828

his music fucking sucked and vroom vroom almost killed charlie xcx's career.

No. 1145829

File: 1612009338033.jpeg (158.97 KB, 828x761, 5B54E55C-6CB2-4D12-876E-5C34CE…)


SOPHIE's labels came out with a statement mentioning cause of death

No. 1145831


No. 1145837

Remember when PDP’s Spotify was leaked and Twitter tried to cancel him kek, wasn’t this one of the artists that showed up because he listened to like one song or something?

No. 1145839

Sorry for being insensitive but this is the most over dramatic and poetic cause of death I have ever heard wtf

No. 1145840

Sad, he was cute for a troon. Never bothered to listen to his music tho

No. 1145841

File: 1612010952728.jpeg (203.88 KB, 2048x1145, 380C5798-29F6-4EB3-8417-19FF7E…)

No. 1145843


this reason sounds so made up, it's written like a fanfic.

lmao anon plz

No. 1145844

She’s not anachan, she is very healthy and fit looking

No. 1145845

Wait, why did Twitter try to cancel him over that? Wouldn't they be glad that he listened to a trannie artist?

No. 1145848

Her body looks perfectly fine and healthy but THAT face? Looks like your closeted jewish neighbor

No. 1145850

>>1145837 I recall he had to answer to that, saying all he cares about is the music itself, not whatever the artist is doing because he is not too invested in artists as twitter stan culture. They also tried to cancel him for listening Rina because she is a lesbian. Weird stuff.

No. 1145855


So absolutely anything he listens to they have a problem with just cuz it's Pewdiepie? Lmao what fucking retards, not that you can expect anything else from Twitter.

No. 1145863

It was a big thing as there was that guy gupi (lmao) who tweeted how he didn’t want Pewdiepie to listen to his music? Pewdiepie did a video about it and responded something like I don’t even know who the fuck you are and to stop gatekeeping music. Twitter is so retarded.

No. 1145864

lmao what

No. 1145872

File: 1612013866517.webm (501.37 KB, 592x1280, 1355416880433963008.webm)

I thought it was fake or a cover up for 41% too but the death rumor started because stans saw her gay club kid friends franticly asking people to donate blood in the middle of the night when she would have fallen before posting rip posts so likely it was a freak accident

No. 1145880

nta but this screenshot is hilarious

No. 1145885

based grimes go back to your terf roots

i legitimately have no clue who sophie is nor do i give a shit for any reason other than people being really annoying and pretending to give a shit and calling him 'the most influential pop/electronic artist of the decade' when, again, literally never heard of him, because he's a troon. articles only cite him working with madonna and charli xcx as 'proof' of his 'influence'. who HASN'T fucking worked with madonna? charli peaked with boom clap. not good examples

also this >>1145829 is 100% bullshit. if it wasnt an od, drugs were still involved

No. 1145893

One less larper.

No. 1145924

There's no way billionaires like Musk aren't already trying, tbh

No. 1145941

world lost an above average twink, f

No. 1145976

I cannot imagine pdp listening to slayyyter

No. 1145982

>peaked with Boom Clap
lmao fuck no

No. 1146032

This says Athens and the other screenshot said Rome.

No. 1146084

File: 1612033135293.jpg (108.09 KB, 940x528, sophie-xeon-anfang-september.j…)

let me guess, dude was mostly known because trans.

No. 1146098

nah he was anonymous for years, he'd written for Charli and Madonna before ever showing his face.

No. 1146108

is it edgy now to not recognize a trans woman? ya'll sound retarded

No. 1146109


seconded, he came out as trans & a public figure in 2017 or even 2018

did everyone forget that we're in a pandemic and he was just partying in athens with his friends?

No. 1146185

I fucking hate twitter virtue signaling
It’s fucking disrespectful to PRETEND that you knew who someone was just because she’s dead
Who cares about music producers, really?

Also the nerve of the news sources when they site how influential she was blah blah blah when her death was the first thing they have written about her

No. 1146196

Straight out of Twitter. "Y'all" know where you are?

No. 1146201

it's "ya'll" anon, they've been wking troons before

No. 1146212


Jfc she types like Shayna

No. 1146220

way too overblown, not worth it in any way or form musically. sophie was to the twitter crowd what billie eilish or ariana grande are to teens rn

No. 1146224

this is what he gets for making vroom vroom

No. 1146227

The first few things he put out were good, and it was nice thinking maybe a woman produced it. There are so few women in electronica. Should have stayed a faceless mystery instead of a reminder that the scene is a sausage party.

No. 1146231

ntayrt but yeah there's a regular snow poster who uses y'all all the fucking time and constantly argues with people, I just avoid engaging with them at this point

No. 1146246

The irony of this is that if he needed blood it would have been taken from another man because they don't do cross gender transfers usually because of the risk to men. At least in my county.

Remember, Mother nature and biology don't give a shit if you put make up on and a wig. You a dude.

No. 1146252

That's a hopeful read. Occam's suggests she is a Twitterfag, thus she types like one

No. 1146374


this is REALLY OT but what? i don't know what country you live in but you just go by blood type (or give o) and any antibodies that the person may have if known and if those units are available?

maybe if plasma was needed you need it from a male but not if you give red cells lol what a wacky theory

No. 1146387

sorry ahead of time that i'll come off as 'cringe' bc don't think and operate exactly like every terf on here (and no i'm not the y'all anon lol I've been here on and off since like 2016) but just because 99% of farmers hate trans people and have the anonymous freedom to sperg about it doesn't mean u guys have to delude yourselves into denying the huge impact Sophie had on the modern hyperpop music wave. maybe not your cup of tea personally, but she was super fucking unique and talented at production. also the nerve to say that boom clap was charli xcx's peak, vroom vroom/ pop 2 era charli was her best moment to date and literally revitalized her career, or at least pushed it in a way better direction musically

i do think the cause of death is super fucking weird and sus though. You'd like to believe that moon-watching thing as a poetic way to go out cuz it's more comforting but idk it's hard for me to fully believe. late last night when when nothing was confirmed yet some crackheads on twitter thought Arca had something to do with it which also sounds fake (personally dislike Arca but why would she have anything to do with it?), but suicide attempt or drugs being a reason behind falling kinda just seems more realistic unfortunately

No. 1146389

not the y'all anon either and yeah i gotta say the constant ot terf sperging is always annoying but it's peaking right now. rejoicing in a person's death because they were a "troon" is pretty pathetic.

No. 1146394

please go back to twitter

a lot on here arent terfs, you're not a speshul free thinker for referring to a man as 'she', not to mention we have male farmhands. sophie is on par with every other male producer out there. he's being rewarded in death for being average in life. the only reason people care and are posting about it is because he's trans. there have been multiple other producers that have died over the past year with half the amount of fanfare despite equally sudden and tragic deaths. no one knew or cared about who he was until he came out, and even then it wasn't enough for him to garner the same amount of fame as the women he produced for, that he desperately emulated.
boohoo. its celebricows. we got moved to snow for a reason

No. 1146425

sophie was shit idc

No. 1146428

> delude yourselves into denying the huge impact Sophie had on the modern hyperpop music wave

ya and my band with 2 monthly spotify listeners had a massive impact on the postmodern midwest twinkle emo-pop scene, who cares anon

No. 1146429

Put this in the history books, this is pure literary genius

No. 1146433

based emo revival anon
wish I could listen to your band uwu

No. 1146435

absolutely braindead take. i know i’m going to sound like a sperg but hyperpop is literally influencing mainstream sound nowadays. pretending it isn’t a thing just because you’re out of touch and don’t know what it is is genuinely embarrassing. like the entire genre is shit and half the big names involved with it are drugged up freaks but it’s objectively popular

No. 1146445

File: 1612058234438.png (864.51 KB, 1479x861, flirt.png)

how do you think grimes feels when she sees elon flirting with younger, hotter blondes on twitter?

the ss doesn't show it but the pic he attached is of the tesla S3XY shorts

i'm so embarrassed for her

No. 1146448

> shuwu and preg ptsds

No. 1146450

lmao i never said i was "special" for bare minimum respecting someone i was a fan of who did nothing that calls for being mocked for DYING, idgaf about anons having different opinions (and idk why you think i'm a twitterfag, I hate twitter's extreme phony cancel culture bs too) i've just never had the urge to be an edgelord on here just because i can unless someone's actually done fucked up shit and i have milk or receipts or something. sophie's never done anything to my knowledge that warrants more than a brief death mention on here, if you wanna shit on actual controversial queer/ trans artists ur better off talking about arca, kim petras, slayyyter, the car seat headrest furry, whichever twink azealia hates this week, literally anyone else lol.

also sophie has been relevant long before the face reveal and was anonymous for years, ie the whole grimes controversy
also i'm aware of other talented producer deaths like wtf are you on about with that point? a lot of musician/ producer deaths in the last few years were people i was a HUGE fan of, it almost always generates this level of coverage depending on how known they were.

anyway i hate infighting that goes nowhere and my intention was just to provide a diff perspective, it's not that deep

sophie had an impact whether you think she did or not, pc music has been at the forefront of that type of music since like 2014? however, if you're making twinkly emo music i'd probably love your band so…. bad take but good taste

i didnt mean to like whiteknight sophie i just think her influence is more objective than opinion, but at the end of the day we're all posting on lolcow in 2021 so can we all agree to disagree and make fun of elon musk again

No. 1146452

he is so fucking cringe jesus christ i can't stand this mf

No. 1146454

This woman is painfully average

No. 1146455

imagine being dumped
with a baby
named X Æ A-Xii

No. 1146463

literal who. never fucking heard of them so sorry sophie sperg, even if this person was as influential as you claim you can’t get some of us to really care because to the general population they are a nobody

No. 1146464

I agree with you anon but spergs gunna sperg.
Any more details on the carseat headrest drama anyone?

No. 1146467

that's fine i'm used to chan culture, just felt like some dumbass shit to sperg over. i'm not sure i know most of the drama other than will toledo being a weird perv furry freak, he's also associated with 4lung who has a thread on /snow/ so that can't be good lol

No. 1146468

>bad take
Please you're triggering my tumblr discourse related PTSD

Is he actually flirting? Seems like a typical male reaction of aggressively sexualizing the woman who basically told him to fuck off.

No. 1146471

imagine sperging like this over an ugly dead tranny that made shit music. Get over yourself.

No. 1146475

>postmodern midwest twinkle emo-pop scene
ngl, I need some of this shit

No. 1146476

samefag but forgot to sage, sorry frens
Anyway, your band really sounds tight if it's real

No. 1146477

i promise u it's not that deep to me lol i just be talking

i'm so behind on grimes musk drama other than grimes giving her 1337 speak kid a viking haircut, are they still together?? i never know the deal with them. i love grimes's crazy ass and want her to just take the check and leave him already but i assume the baby and them not being married complicates things

No. 1146483

Can we not have another thread devolve into tranny sperg back and forth for the next 20+ posts again every fucking thread


god he's so cringey he's got that dad trying to be cool/funny on facebook, I wonder if there'll be a cheating scandal with him if he's this stupid to publicly flirt with people who knows what he has going on in his dms

No. 1146488

this sounds like a larp or a minor, what fucking country keeps the sex of who has donated blood? Usually the bags are anonymous with a code number that links back to the information incase there was an issue or to tell you how many lives you saved.

I have a feeling her death was probably due to drinking/doing drugs. Of course the company she's signed to is going to make it as poetic as possible so they don't have to disclose that one of their "stars" was out parting in Greece ignoring social distancing and dying because her drug fueled brain told her to chase the moon.

I thought he dropped 4lung, but I'm still apprehensive finding out he's a ABDL furfag though. only deranged people are in to that shit, ironic or not.

No. 1146490

Literally, Shoe0nHead type beat. I hate this song.

No. 1146505

honestly i feel like grimes is one of those desperate low self esteem bitches when it comes to him so she's probably aware of his wandering eyes

No. 1146513

> did everyone forget that we're in a pandemic

God who the fuck even cares. Stop regurgitating this annoying sentence

No. 1146515

File: 1612065327620.jpg (172.32 KB, 946x2048, 1610261305886.jpg)

Alright, I guess we can't talk about the tranny anymore, thanks farmhands.

I couldn't care less about whatever dumb meme Elon is posting as a means of pretending we have something better to talk about, but for the record since we're talking about Elon theoretically cheating, this (pic) was posted a few threads back. There's a 100% chance he's fucking someone else, probably multiple someones. Grimes and Elon don't live together. He barely sees her. She couldn't, and wouldn't do anything about it if she knew.

No. 1146519

File: 1612066152523.jpeg (32.17 KB, 640x480, images (1).jpeg)

You're probably right but it's annoying that the amber heard picture from that very dubious source keeps being used as an example, because it's obviously from way before November 2020. The give away is how different her face started looking last year.

He's not going to be caught out that easy. I fucking hope Grimes cleans him out when she does realise.

No. 1146521

why is sophie getting credited as pc music who is mostly ag cook

No. 1146529

Same. I don’t even think it needs to be dramatic like an OD. People get too drunk and fall literally all the time. Whatever fag made up the “chase the moon” bullshit is just unnecessarily fanning rumors when it might be and probably is as mundane as accidentally going over the railing at a skybar or something. And I’d think that sort of airy-fairy sentiment would be in poor taste if it were suicide.

No. 1146539

Grimes seems very much the poly/open-relationship type.

So somehow wasn't that scandalous to me.

No. 1146561

ag cook is SUPER underrated as it is compared to sophie, they both worked with charli on her newer hyperpop stuff. reminds me of clarence clarity who is responsible for rina sawayama's sound but rarely gets attention for it, i hope that ag continues on with pc music or at least keeps producing similar stuff!

how the FUCK did amber heard win her court case lol god she's such a phony. the two most infuriating celebricows dining together over success they don't deserve

No. 1146579

File: 1612070279208.png (437.22 KB, 1440x2276, 20210131_001726.png)

As much as you want this dumb ass story by this shady gossip page to be true, they posted a retraction at the bottom saying it's an old picture and it didn't happen.

No. 1146596

File: 1612070714963.jpg (995.51 KB, 1420x2454, Screenshot_20210131-002347.jpg)

And in English this time so you can stop reposting this over and over

No. 1146611

Genuinely struggling to tell which is the before and which is after. Her lips are bigger,but her eyes are like half the size?

No. 1146625

the romanticization of dead troons never cease to amaze me. he was just high as a kite and tripped lmao. they looove the dramatization and victimhood. if that shit happened to let's say dua lipa i would read tons of critics about why her ass was partying during a pandemic. talk about a stupid ass death.

No. 1146647

the size of her eyes is just her facial expression. the right pic is probably more recent because the brow styling seems more in style

No. 1146679

This happens to every artist after they die. Their death actually turns them into a god of sorts. People pretend they were a "visionary" and their music was so much better then it really was. Can you imagine what its gonna be like if Azealia dies? ooh boy. People are really gonna show out.

No. 1146809

I mean look at after the death xxxtentacion, you can't say anything bad about that abusive POS manlet

No. 1146844

really? maybe we're on diff parts of the internet but i feel like he's the one dead person you're allowed to mock because of how much he sucked

No. 1146863

You want to talk about untouchable abusive celebrity, Kobe is my personal go-to. After he died it was good night to accusations or "hey what about the rape" shit, hello to statues and ticker tape parades. Hell, any sporto jock who rapes a woman/women gets a free pass. Mike Tyson is considered a goofy pop culture icon right now, not a violent rapist.

No. 1146910

Oh God. Now I’m reminded how hard Twitter sperged when Gayle King brought it up while interviewing Lisa Leslie.

Like I do feel bad for his family and the daughter that died with him but SM making him into this saint like figure ever since his death really makes me uncomfortable. There are plenty of other recently deceased celebrities that are much more deserving.

No. 1147081

oh yeah Kobe Bryant is much better example of dead celebrity worship, they even made the issue about race

No. 1147169

Kobe worship is so goddamn obnoxious. Even before he died, he had so many diehard fans who talked about him like he could do no wrong. His fans were absolutely disgusting during the rape case and doxxed/threatened the accuser until she finally decided not to testify against him. They found her blood on his clothes and she still faced more scrutiny than he did. Just disgusting.

No. 1147174

Yep, and he admitted that strangling women during sex was "his thing" - and this woman that he had sex with, even if it was consensual, guess it didn't matter whether it was "her thing" or not. In the best case scenario a professional athlete choked a woman to the point of bruising. As if that's not fucked up enough.

No. 1147266

The genuinely very happy and free looking expressions on the faces of his surviving family in the photos they posted one month after his death tells you all you need to know.

It's likely he was far worse than we think, the details of the rape case make him sound like a real bastard, and mistresses and violent sex were both a regular thing for him, which he referred to himself.

No. 1147277

hm, but didn't Kobe's daughter die as well? I find it weird to think they were truly happy in a month… I mean maybe they were, but IDK if those photos should be considered an evidence of anything.

No. 1147312

She did. She was only 13. I only felt bad for her while all my sports obsessed coworkers went on about Kobe. glad he's dead. Only the daughter's death is sad

No. 1147319

Don't forget the pilot and her daughter's friends and family that came with her as well, they all seemed like good people, yet only the rapist will be remembered

No. 1147339

Snctmn is a literal cult, yikes. This whole thing was a weird ass mess.

No. 1147358

Christ I just looked it up
>Snctm is an American nightclub and sex club founded in 2013 in Beverly Hills, California.[1][2] It was founded by Damon Lawner and modeled after the film Eyes Wide Shut.[3][4][5][6] It has been called the world's most exclusive sex club. To join or attend an event a guest must complete an application and submit photos for approval.

>In August 2019 the club was sold to an anonymous investment group that refers to itself as the Circle.[11] In March 2020 Snctm closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but subsequently reopened at more limited capacity and with increased safety measures.[citation needed] The club hosted a Black Death-themed Halloween party in New York amidst the pandemic

No. 1147365

what's this got to do with Sophie?

No. 1147379

wait what drama? i tried looking into it but regrettably i am incompetent and couldn’t find shit
did he finally come out as a furry lol

No. 1147415

> in the photos they posted one month after his death
ma'am this is an image board

No. 1147431

Yea I was pissed how no one seemed to really talk about the others who died. There were 2 children who died and no one really cared. Literally it was “Kobe, his daughter and 7 other people”. They didn’t even talk about the other deaths until like maybe a week later and even then it was glossed over. Pretty sad. Even Gianna’s death was barely talked about cause uwu poor Kobe.

The anniversary just came up and it was the same shit. Didn’t even mention the names of the other victims.

No. 1147432

first pic is from 2007 and the second is from 2019. her implants deforms her face when she smiles, that's why her eyes looks smaller.

No. 1147480

I remember people changing their twitter names to xxxpired and xxxtinct on the day of his death lmao

Sex does plays a part in blood donation in some countries. Male blood tends to be safer to give to people with severe burns, immune system issues or cancer.

No. 1147507


was sophie at one of these parties? no one cares about shit that vague anon lmao

No. 1147508

Still a shitty human tho, seethe.

No. 1147529

File: 1612124609977.jpeg (189.85 KB, 1125x1282, 0674FB2E-09D3-46AA-B5D1-839FF5…)

I know we haven’t talked about the Armie Hammer thing in awhile but this fuckin bitch…

No. 1147541

File: 1612126138490.jpg (132.56 KB, 720x1294, Houseofregret.jpg)

Caught this yesterday before houseofregret deleted everything. She's now apologizing to Effie.

No. 1147668

File: 1612139161621.jpg (44.98 KB, 349x642, rtard.jpg)

No. 1147669

Who the fuck was crying about not having a head bigger than your torso because you wanted to look like a Bratz doll.

No. 1147670

Some of you have this weird delusion that grimes is totez just like you and you read into the things she does as some sort of complex satire. You wish.

No. 1147708

File: 1612143313147.jpg (88.94 KB, 1500x965, 71Va2YxPImL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

This, I'm willing to be proven wrong but when I was a kid I used to pretend that my bratz were all witches in a coven where they would regularly sacrifice and resurrect one another in an attempt to trick the Queen Bratz (picrel) into accepting blood sacrifices without needless killing. Not saying every child had this specific fantasy but I know most young girls treated dolls as OCs/characters, not role models??? When I was even younger I remember naming Barbies after characters in shows my mom was watching lol.(blogpost)

No. 1147720

I wish every blogpost was as hilarious as this one.

No. 1147727

I had tons of Barbies and never wanted to be a Barbie either lol. Never had as much fun as you did though so fuck you, anon.

I think this 'kids wanna be barbie/bratz' is just projection bc most adults these days are dumb as fuck and get brainwashed by social media into wanting to look like sex dolls. Kids are a lot smarter than these freaks bc even they can understand fantasy from reality lmao

Google shows adults trying to look like barbies and bratz dolls, not children. Kylie is also a big inspo and she looks like a creature. We're doomed

No. 1147765


have you caught anymore recent screenshots regarding this debacle anon? I've been hooked on it, and seriously wish we had a thread here b/c the retards on reddit, while posting many caps, are too pussy to post or discuss anything too ~harsh~.. and frankly there has been plentiful milk not directly related to the cannibal himself.

supposedly a minor has come forward, and a new long-term "kitten"??? but I am not on the pulse of this b/c its all on instagram lives

No. 1147785

File: 1612151795260.png (268.34 KB, 419x536, Screenshot_3.png)

No. 1147814

finally a use for men

No. 1147822

>Not saying every child had this specific fantasy but I know most young girls treated dolls as OCs/characters, not role models
>I think this 'kids wanna be barbie/bratz' is just projection bc most adults these days are dumb as fuck and get brainwashed by social media into wanting to look like sex dolls. Kids are a lot smarter than these freaks bc even they can understand fantasy from reality lmao
This. Growing up and looking at the dolls figures made me think “oh I’ll worry about boobs when I’m older” and that was the extent of it kek. No kids are out here stressing over having a Disney princess waistline and D-cups, they don’t even know what cup sizes are.

This is getting incredibly OT from Noonoouri thing though, which I think the issue at hand is that nobody is trying to look at a doll as a fucking clothes model in the first place..

No. 1147830

Well, Musk IS one of the biggest wankers on the planet so I'm totally not surprised by this.

No. 1147840

One of those insecure girls who goes 'unicorn hunting' with her boyfriend and acts poly to prove that she's the 'cool girlfriend' even though they're not really into it

No. 1147861

File: 1612161487462.jpeg (277.32 KB, 500x884, messy.jpeg)

Well supposedly Erika Jayne (from RHOBH fame) is living next to where Armie is staying and she's trying to hook up with him. Doesn't surprise me cause she's a golddigger POS. Cant understand why she's still in the RH.

No. 1147867

She is boring and gets too offended over drama which is the point of the show, declares herself as not a girls girl, and has her imaginary pop career funded by her 70 year old husband.

No. 1147876


but have you read about the lawsuits though? Its so much juicier and worse since old balls was STEALING said pop-career funds from clients.

also I saw a different screenshot which implied EJ and guests overhear his loud gross sexcapades, and told him to keep it down in the future so who knows

No. 1147895

Yes its juicy shit but this bish NEVER talks about her private shit on the RH that's why I think she's boring as fuck and shouldn't be in the show.

The screenshots about guests and children listening to AH having sex are supposed to be referencing to the previous neighbours, not to her.

No. 1147897


oh i am with you on that 100% she has sucked from the get go IMO. would any of the ladies dare to air her laundry on camera? im dreamin, but it would be delicious.

No. 1148026

Azealia is that you

No. 1148157

Who is this Effie character anyway? Some spoilt little rich girl? Has a place in one of the most affluent areas in London, another with a rooftop pool, talks about finding a new team of interior designers for one her houses… Just being curious.

No. 1148195


interesting point anon - i guess one of the other girls actually doxxed effie, but again, this was only mentioned on reddit bc it would be too radical to post caps or discuss further lol im wondering if armie was the first/only rich n famous person she was ever involved with?

No. 1148349

>still believing any of this shit
She had me in the first half tho, not gonna lie

No. 1148634

Signed solely for being the daughter of VP. She is ugly and her fashion sense is shit. It reeks of nepotism, nothing new in the white house.

No. 1148689

File: 1612227390627.png (772.85 KB, 1080x1110, Screenshot_20210201-195432~2.p…)

This autist doesn't know that you can also do manual labour on earth

No. 1148696

The juxtaposition of those pics with the headline, as if she's seeing another 20 years of life.

No. 1148715

Not bait, but why wouldn’t she be seeing another twenty years?

No. 1148741

NTA, but a combination of disordered eating (to the point of riding along the underweight BMI line for years on end) and heavy drug use since she was in her late teens. She's almost 33 now.

No. 1148797

Wrong post…? Either way, that's fucking insane…

No. 1148800

File: 1612233868874.png (431.88 KB, 613x654, the face of anorectal violence…)

The rapper that had his prolapsed booty hole pictures leaked (Pics for anyone that missed it >>>/ot/626777 ), and beat up his girlfriend, murdered his cousin.

Sorry, linked it wrong lol

No. 1148806

File: 1612234122889.jpg (70.86 KB, 750x981, EtLyjZyW8AMoMjw.jpg)

Samefag, he also did this a while ago so dude is just crazy

No. 1148814

Anyone have the latest tea on the cannibal? I can't view any of the shit on lipstickalley bc no account and they've got all the new caps. fuck them

No. 1148879

File: 1612237460690.jpeg (573.39 KB, 750x1188, F5009F38-46E2-4735-A957-BDB104…)

His ex just posted this and the house of Effie chick is acting like a cow with a massive q&a saying she doesn’t want to answer anything AH related but she ofc ends up talking about him (1/3)

No. 1148881

File: 1612237508261.png (807.93 KB, 750x1334, C1C71C15-B28F-49A5-9AFA-35C548…)


No. 1148889

File: 1612237646653.png (437.08 KB, 750x1334, FE9612DA-AF24-4BAA-951F-522112…)

She also posted some screenshots of texts that are saying stuff about sex addiction and “how would you feel if your son saw a hooker?” That I assumed are AH but they’re boring and she knows people are only interested in her for more cannibalism details kek

No. 1148917

is she implying that she got an abortion in the Cayman Islands at his request? if so, wouldn't that mean that she committed the crime and not him?

No. 1148987

I doubt he wouldn’t fall under any charges too if he forced her to get an illegal abortion.

No. 1149186

pfffff ahaha based
grimes is a mess, why do you think she let elon crust pump his weak seed up in her and name it something retarded. was gonna say pump & dump but the dump is pending, for when the bimbofication is complete and he's destroyed her and moved onto the next.

No. 1149236

Lmao I'm pretty sure she'd give up within less than 10 minutes of hard manual labour, even more so in 20 years when she's 53 lol.

I wish these dumb media outlets wouldn't feel compelled to make an entire article every time some idiot opens their mouth. I like some aspects of social media but I miss those times where celebs weren't shoved in our faces 24/7.

No. 1149308

File: 1612287251237.jpg (34.68 KB, 360x640, 1Y35xGAl.jpg)

thanks, anon. did you get any caps of her photos being found on an escort website? People are saying 'of course she's a hooker, she lives the high class hooker lifestyle' but Effie claims she comes from money and had a melt down kek

and I caught this. oh boy. someone is going to jail with Armie for being compliant in whatever pedo shit they're accusing him of.

No. 1149314

File: 1612287486297.jpg (192.41 KB, 828x1792, 8krvlqqe0ye61.jpg)

samefag but this is all I could get. I wanted to see the actual screens of the website. also, she's a bad liar

No. 1149580

So she’ll press charges over that but she won’t press charges over what Armie did? That’s sus

No. 1149609

Breaking news, wonky eye Jeff Bezos steps down from being Amazon‘s CEO. Prolly needs more time for his silicone barbie gf.

No. 1149637

Kek. If Elon Musk didn’t exist I feel like Bezos would be the milkiest billionaire out there.

No. 1149639

File: 1612303352395.jpeg (153.78 KB, 634x959, E70AF931-E2BE-44E5-B718-3C4116…)

No. 1149651

Both have trashy taste in women and both like to pick milky fights in public over stupid things of their own doing. If it was me with a billion dollars you would never see me anywhere close to those bimbos, calling other people pedos without evidence or sharing nudes while home wreaking. God it‘s like they are teenage girls with too much influence on their hands.

No. 1149658

are you are dude lmao some of you guys have so much internalized misogyny. you sound like you're salivating at that narrative and want to see her destroyed.

No. 1149691

ugh pesk narc grimes is destroying herself, no need for anyone else to wish it upon her. she looks like one of those coked out ahegao faces belledelphine likes to make, and she thinks she is winning with a gold digger baby.

No. 1149739

she said something about being a "distraction" from the other women, so maybe she is involved in some way and just saying she isn't for whatever reason. these things take so much time honestly, i think she's just trying to get the warning out to other women so he's less protected, then more will come out. her sharing the screenshots during a case is also something you can't do i believe, but they needed to come out for other's safety. i think something is happening but she's acknowledging she's not mentally stable enough to handle it, so she's a messenger. i'd just be patient, it took rachel evan wood years and years to even publicly out marilyn manson, who has far worse of an image than armie.

she knows armies lawyers would destroy her even with everything she has, reality is that fucked up. this woman selling her nude photos without her consent is far more of a clear cut thing unfortunately. she didn't have to out her being a sex worker, dox her real name, degrade her by calling her a "hooker", out her green card marriage, and threaten the green card marriage as retaliation. the woman selling her nudes is disgusting and she didn't consent to that, or the people probably trolling her with them. she did show her true colors by throwing this woman under the bus like "she's the real 'hooker'! hate her!" like if you were really sex positive you wouldn't say that, there's enough to actually call out.

No. 1149755

I will give Bezos some credit in that he at least doesn’t act like a jackass on Twitter on a regular basis, unlike Elon.

No. 1149833

>gay man
Is this true kek

No. 1149895

I saw a yt video discussing Casey Hammers (Armies aunt) book (Surviving my birthright) where she wrote about all of the family secrets and abuse she suffered from them and now I am so scared that I can't sleep.

No. 1149917

details anon? spill the milk i don't want to read a book

No. 1149952

I haven't read it but there's something about Armie's father sexually assaulting the author, his sister, repeatedly as they were growing up. Meanwhile the sister, Casey (author), is afraid to let their father know for fear she'll be blamed for the situation and disinherited.
If it's remotely true, the Hammer clan has more skeletons than the average rich family.

No. 1150132

is this the video?

No. 1150234

File: 1612324786220.jpg (290.93 KB, 1125x2436, l620b5ee34f61.jpg)


No. 1150256

what in the wattpad is this?

No. 1150263

I'm actually wincing irl reading this.
So embarrassing. Lady, just stop, omg.

No. 1150274


incredible, just as nostradamus predicted

No. 1150289

File: 1612327731779.png (275.68 KB, 1200x675, Untitled-design-20.png)

Adam Driver is a physically abusive, controlling asshole. Driver anons on suicide watch.

>Portuguese actress Lídia Franco exposed Adam Driver's violent behavior on set of the 2018 movie "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote", directed by Terry Gilliam and starring the actor. During a podcast that is making headlines in Portuguese media today, the 76-year-old actress accused her American colleague of “behaving very badly” and having bad attitudes. “Good actor but terrible person”, she guarantees.

>"I had a terrible experience making that movie because of Adam Driver. He might be great as an actor, but he is a terrible person and does not deserve for us to be here now talking about him", the actress began by stressing. "He behaved very badly with me. Physically. He attacked me. […] And it had nothing to do with the scene. It's very serious. […] Their hands were tied [the members of the production] and could not do anything […] It was an attack camouflaged with a chair”, she says in an uncomfortable tone.

>Lídia Franco also revealed the requirements that Adam Driver imposed on the production of the film.

>"One of the things he started doing in Spain was to demand that, in rehearsals, all technicians leave the stage. He demanded this and continued to do so in Portugal, but some Portuguese technicians refused. He said 'turn around', I saw at least one leaving the studio," she recalls, realizing that this was a requirement indicated in the actor's contract.

>"He demanded, I think by contract, that no one could look at him. If they looked, the extras were immediately fired. And it happened," reveals the Portuguese artist.

>Even with the distressing situations, Lídia Franco did not want to give up on the international project, despite having discussed it with the film's crew. The actress explains that she was given permission to abandon the film by production as they lamented being legally unable to take action.

>"They came to me and said, 'Lídia, what he's doing is awful, but by contract we cannot do anything. You are free, if you want, to leave.' And I said I will not abandon this film. So I stayed there, putting up with him," added the actress.

>This is not the first time the Portuguese has criticized Driver's behavior. Last year, Franco confessed that she had “hated” working with the American, in an interview with Portuguese magazine TV7 Dias, “I hated working with Adam Driver, truly hated. Terrible colleague! He treated everyone badly." "He was disrespectful towards the extras… More than just being disrespectful… But it's best to be silent about what he did, otherwise I might even be called a liar," she said at the time.

No. 1150296

File: 1612328249637.gif (3.35 MB, 480x270, angrykylo.gif)


>"He demanded, I think by contract, that no one could look at him. If they looked, the extras were immediately fired. And it happened," reveals the Portuguese artist.

lol I can picture it perfectly

No. 1150298

We were actually discussing it at the Driver thread
I speak portuguese and the podcast is kinda weird because she says "he assaulted me", and the hosts get (reasonably) uncomfortable and ask her if she took legal measures and she goes silent for a while and says "it was a camouflaged aggression/assault, with a chair". When the hosts try to ask more about it she kinda brushes it off and says "I don't want to talk about that asshole anymore". It's kinda weird and cloudy,but what I think happened by the way she explained is that he hit/push/kicked a chair near her and she felt unsafe and uncomfortable, which is completely justified especially because she's a senior citizen. It's beyond unprofessional on his part.
Some brazilian news outlets are completely blowing this up though and saying he actually threw a chair at her lol I hope the american press don't copy the brazilian one just because Brazil is way bigger than Portugal in presence and size, because that's just completely fabricated.
Waiting for his statement though, if he ever makes one.
Or even Terry Gilliam's statement for that matter

No. 1150301

Bezos is a different type of monster from Musk, Bezos only cares for profits and nothing else, he is not ideologically driven nor he does he even justify his actions with ideology, He is nothing more then a Robber Baron in the 21st Century, Musk on the other hand is a man who believes his own hype, he may actually believe that he is the real life Tony Stark and that his companies invitations will change the course of all of human history, it's debatable who is worse

No. 1150369

idk why anyone would be shocked monkey man acts like a monkey

No. 1150404

File: 1612335372222.jpg (46.94 KB, 630x1200, ladies.jpg)

idk but he really looks like Ryan Seacrest with a fabulous walk-in closet.

No. 1150409

Yes, this is the video.

No. 1150410

I agree with what you're saying ( I heard the podcast too), and I also think he probably kicked/pushed a chair near her but didn't really mean to hurt her. She's just being a drama queen, probably for the attention.
Although I won't deny lil Adam has a bad temper.

Ye the guy is gay as hell.

No. 1150411

ewww why our children? don't associate them with that monster, shes giving armpit leverage

No. 1150460

I got weird vibes from this guy ever since I heard about him walking out on an NPR interview because they played a clip from one of his movies. If you can't handle people watching you act, why the fuck would you become an actor?

No. 1150463

i forgot elon called some random diver who helped save those kids from that cave, a pedo. "thanks but we don't really need your hel-", "YOU'RE A PEDOPHILE!". What the fuck was up with that?! Like imagine being that un-hinged and triggered over nothing.

No. 1150465

I'd believe driver is an weird asshole, but this woman sounds like a cow trying to stir up drama herself.

No. 1150469

>If you can't handle people watching you act, why the fuck would you become an actor?
Actually he doesn't like to see himself acting, especially his own singing

Although the podcast was really odd, why does she have to gain with that though? She is already famous in Portugal

No. 1150473

Adam Driver fangirls wk'ing ITT

No. 1150480

Samefag, meant to say
>what does she have to gain with that though?

Anyway, it's not as if people would be like "oh yeah, let's hire that portuguese old lady cause she cancelled Driver", so she wouldn't get any more famous than she already is in her own country.
Maybe she's exaggerating the whole ordeal a bit, but I don't think she'd lie for attention.

No. 1150492

No. 1150522

I thought the Driver is being praised so highly because he’s an uwu smol bean but he’s just an eccentric asshole actor like all the others. Can’t believe we have a fangirl thread for him

No. 1150531

Terry Gilliam’s a huge douche and apparently hard to work with himself, so I’d be surprised if he comes out against Driver.

No. 1150559

Where tf do we have a thread for that man and why hasn’t it been deleted?

No. 1150601

>famous in Portuga
Exactly. All actors/actresses are fame-whores, if they weren't they wouldn't be famous, period. Old bish here saw that if she bitches about a huge international star like Driver, she would get some mentions on newspapers etc abroad so that's exactly what she did.

No. 1150632

You’re defending him like you know anything about his behavior or treatment of other people. Why?

No. 1150651

Just wanted to say I used to work near AH’s ex’s bakery and he would come in semi regularly. I would charge him double and pocket the excess every single time. It’s an old money area so I did it all the time for different folks.

No. 1150655

Because he can’t do anything else?

No. 1150657

he called the dude a “pedo guy” bc the diver said that elon’s weird ass idea to create a robotic submarine to go into the cave was stupid and rightfully called him out on trying to drum up good publicity.

and then elon claimed that “pedo guy” is just a generic insult from south africa and it doesn’t actually mean pedophile. but he did tweet about how the dude likes children and hired a private investigator to try and confirm the dude was a pedophile. which he obviously wasn’t.

No. 1150658

If you can’t monitor yourself you shouldn’t become an actor. I get it’s cringe but being so strongly averse to seeing/listening to himself is something he should be working out with a therapist, not being something people just accept and coddle him about.

No. 1150661

Elon Musk is what happens when you give a 14-year-old Reddit troll billions of dollars to fuck around with.
>you are too a stinky poo-poo head and I’ll prove it!!1

Isn’t watching footage of yourself for feedback an important part of improving your acting ability, even for stage actors? I’d say it’s impressive he got where he is without doing that but I have no idea if he’s even a good actor.

No. 1150669

>I have no idea if he’s even a good actor
Just watch Marriage Story and you will know

No. 1150673

Driver gives off serious “he always plays himself” vibes. It’s only appealing because he looks kinda weird. If he looked like Armie Hammer or whatever no one would care about him.

No. 1150737

i agree anon. also if he was short nobody would care about him either. he’s ugly and comes off as an asshole

No. 1150739

>don't associate them with that monster
They literally came from his sperm lmao

No. 1150749

>Driver gives off serious “he always plays himself” vibes
In which movie though
Because most of them have completely different characters

I still see no reason for a 76 year old lady to lie.
Just read a portuguese article that the movie is going to be released in Portugal this year (it wasn't released when it premiered for the rest of the world), so that's probably why the topic came up. I think she has more to lose than win by lying.

They also say in the same article that either she or other crew members will talk more about it today to clear things up (since her statement is very ambiguous even in portuguese).

However the producing company is already saying that they didn't fire any extras and that technicians were not even there for the rehearsals so the story that he asked then to turn their backs were false. The company also said that what was really asked was not to film or bother performers, Driver included.
I don't if she got confused, if she's remembering wrong, if it was a rumour that caught up on set, but I don't think she fabricated things for fun or attention.

Here's the thing in portuguese if any other portuguese speaking bobby wants to check it out

No. 1150755

He's too ugly to be an asshole, kek. I hate driverfags for spamming that weirdo's face everywhere.

No. 1150759

Narc behavior

No. 1150821

Imagine hearing about an A-list actor being abusive and immediately resorting to assuming that someone is making it up for attention despite how frequently it occurs. Glad I can't relate to being that much of a fan. Pretty pathetic tbqh.

No. 1150828

>I have no idea if he’s even a good actor.
Honestly he’s alright.

> Isn’t watching footage of yourself for feedback an important part of improving your acting ability
Yes. And if he was a woman no one would have the patience for this. I’m not saying you have to sit and watch all your movies, most actors don’t. But if you can’t even watch yourself on a monitor while on set or watch a short clip while you’re promoting the film, trying to convince others to pay their hard earned money to see you, then you’re just a big baby.

No. 1150836

Of course this happens in Dekalb county… I'm so tired of male rappers' horrendous crimes being water under the bridge bc their songs are by always profane by default.
Beating a dead horse here but she's actually disgusting to prioritize her own attention seeking over any consideration as to how such claims with zero proof so far would make the mother of these children feel.
> She's just being a drama queen, probably for the attention.
Although I won't deny lil Adam has a bad temper.
Are you kidding, he freaked out multiple times at an elderly lady and got physically violent in front of her as a means of intimidation.

No. 1150853

File: 1612374302134.jpeg (228.44 KB, 828x1174, 962A2514-F2DD-4CB7-98D2-FD2AE4…)

Azealia posted this photo of her and the visual artist / graphic designer Grimes collaborated with for Miss Anthropocene, all the while wearing wearing a Grimes t-shirt.

Also included is a Sky Ferreira like because that woman is a fraud.

No. 1150855

No. 1150857

And Sky's second album will never see the light of day…

No. 1150860

Lmao of course she would

No. 1150861

Patron Saint of Lolcow.Farm

No. 1150870

To be fair, if I looked like Adam Driver I'd have issues looking at myself too

No. 1150898

sky seems like a grifter

No. 1150918

he knows he's butt-fugly. Remember that interview he stormed out of bc they showed clips of him and he gets severely triggered looking at himself

the man is a freak and I believe her

No. 1150923

yeah it makes sense to me. he's a big dumb jock so he probably yells and punches walls cause he can't explain his feelings with his 2-digit IQ. actors are fucking dumb yo

No. 1150944

before all this I heard stories about him being weird in Texas, I'm assuming the same area.

No. 1150947

serious question: is Tom Hardy autistic?
or just kinda weird.
Either way I think he's an alright guy.

No. 1150979

Dude…. saged for no contribution but why are so many men in Hollywood abusive? Is it a male gender thing or is it a men in positions of power thing, like it’s super common. I’m so disgusted and I see Hollywood from a different light. I thought my dad was one the few abusive scrotes out there with power and I was a sad exception…

No. 1150980

File: 1612379464940.jpeg (63.22 KB, 980x551, CEF05653-1280-4177-9297-555E8D…)

No way.

No. 1150981

>And if he was a woman no one would have the patience for this.
Not saying this to cape for Adam "I joined the Marines to get even with terrorists" Driver so much as to condemn celebrities, but there are dozens of stories about actresses being horrible to work with, being absolute divas, and still getting work afterwards. Even if you look up lists of actors and actresses that "nobody wants to work with", then check their imdb pages, they are indeed all still getting steady work. People were talking about Ellen Degeneres being a piece of shit to work with behind the scenes for years and years and only recently did it get much attention. Rich and famous people imo only get bitten in the ass by their shitty behavior if they piss of someone with even more power than they have.

No. 1150985

People are shitheads when they get their hands on power, but men more than women.

No. 1150999

AB is so weird. I’m assuming she thinks is just such an amazing dunk on grimes, all those yaas problematic queen slay dms she gets are going to her head.

Every single person you do not know that shows even the slightest bit of quirk is autistic, apparently.

No. 1151025

probably both autistic and just kinda weird

No. 1151026

does anyone remember when adam driver was given a carved sculpture of his dog by a fan and then went on to claim the fan was a stalker and was harassing his wife bc the fan gave huge amounts of money to a veteran charity and happened to bump into his wife at the benefit so she politely asked her to give a gift to her husband.

he straight up accused an innocent woman of being creepy and mean bc she wanted to give him something. she was harassed off of social media.

No. 1151031

In case the anon who wanted to know about Till Lindemann lurks here:

He's an edgy moid, why are you even asking if he's ~problematic~? He's gone on record to say that he doesn't befriend women because of the "sexual tension" and the only way for him to be friends with a woman is if he's already fucked her, so at the very least he's a cumbrain misogynist. Add to that his preference for vastly younger women and his rape-fetishizing poems and lyrics and you probably have your answer.

Also to the anon who said
>Yeah wtf, besides European acts aren’t as toxic or milky as American acts.
oh you sweet summer anon, I hope you never come to Europe.

No. 1151035

Please don't shatter anon's idealistic delusions.

No. 1151036

I read an article about that the other day (I think it was a post on ONTD?) and the stan was creepy as fuck, she had stalked his wife for something like 2 years and he had already given staff at the theatre this happened a photo of her to make sure she wouldn't get anywhere.
I'm sick of seeing AD's disfigured face and watching mentally ill anons pretend that he's charming or cute but this seems to be true. He just attracts the crazies.

No. 1151043

There's an Adam Driver thread?

No. 1151045

File: 1612381384502.jpg (77.42 KB, 455x572, 1612380244071.jpg)

supposed to be Sophie's suicide note

No. 1151048

File: 1612381459291.jpg (87.02 KB, 373x767, 1612378592148.jpg)

sage for old milk, Sophie's ex(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1151049

Have never seen a faker suicide note
Whoever wrote this didn't even bother to familiarize themselves with LGBT lingo and the dos and don'ts
This reads like fanfiction kek

No. 1151052

No. 1151053

Is this saying he was faking being trans? Is there any other confirmation of this?

No. 1151058

>Was from the U.K
>Says “mommy”

Sounds like bullshit

No. 1151067

This woman is a fucking freak and honestly I'm living for it. She's obsessed, I wonder if Elon Ratface might tweet some shit

No. 1151070

I would like to be remembered as a transgender pansexual teenage girl named Hope



so not as a girl but as a troon specifically?
>teenage girl
he was 34
>named Hope
then why didn't you just adopt Hope as your new name? troons change their names all the time when they find something they like more.

>please play these songs and serve these drinks

not what a scottish person would say
>jumping off the top of YOUR building
but he died on vacation in Athens? Did his mom own a 12 story building in Athens? I think not

Aside from the fanfic and weird wrong details, this was clearly not written by someone who knows how the LGBT discourse and self-identification works. It's either utterly fake or he will be posthumously canceled for being a fake troon.

No. 1151090

No. 1151116

He seems like a weird bi dude,I can't look it up right now but he used to write a blog/myspace/something ages ago. He could barely write but had lots to say about some vampire (?) Movie he was filming in romania or something with hugh dancy, he rescued a kitten and kept in the hotel room and all that. Seems like a weird, harmless dude as far as I know but deeply in the closet again because kids and family.

No. 1151118

Ok so his behaviour isn't excusable at all, but let's not pretend this is just being a dickhead, not being able to look at yourself to that degree sounds like BDD, not trying to simp because I'm not familiar with him one bit, but it sounds more like he needs to be in a mental facility than just a case of your typical Hollywood abusive A-lister manbaby, again i'm not really familiar with him or the situation but this honestly just screams actual mental illness.

No. 1151120

What? So let me get this right:
-Fan made sculpture of adams dog
-Fan "just happens to" run into his wife at a charity thing
-Fan also "just happens to" have said sculpture in her car?
I don't care how nice the fan was or how much money she donated, the fact that she coincidentally ran into his wife AND had the sculpture ready to give to her is weird as fuck. Sounds sus.

No. 1151121

File: 1612384731330.jpg (62.59 KB, 570x681, o-SKY-FERREIRA-ARRESTED-570.jp…)


sky fucking ferreira… junkie extraordinaire is a damn AB stan. i dont even know what to say. i love sky, i think her music is really good and i wish she had released more, im still obsessed with youre not the one to this day. but drugs and stupidity got in her way.

kinda, makes sense though. AB is known to push back music and shit all the time and so is Sky. they deserve each other for being sort of popular on tumblr for a year or so then blowing it all completely on stupid shit… i still dream for more sky though… wish she would get her shit together, but if shes an AB stan of all people, i doubt she will or cares.

No. 1151125

I've always had a weird crush on her idk.

No. 1151128

yeah he seems interesting because he easily could be some shitty marvel hollywood bro but has carved this idiosyncratic lane for himself… yeah whenever anyone pulls up some old shit on him its always something relatively weird and atypical of someone trying to "make it". I don't know if he's a decent person or not tho so I'm not caping.

No. 1151129

File: 1612385290997.jpg (226.54 KB, 720x1039, IMG_20210203_174358.jpg)

Here's the full story of the radio thing:

Apparently he has ptsd from his military service time and has a lot of audio triggers (I think deuxmoi posted about it too), so I don't know if it's related.

She gave the dog woodcarving at the end of one of his plays, and the charity thing with his wife was actually at their charity organization, so it's no surprise that his wife would be there. It's all in his thread of you are curious about it >>1151052

No. 1151131

Military PTSD.
Adam got what he fucking deserves lmao

No. 1151134

He didn’t even see any action

No. 1151135

i am so fucking hyped for this arc. i thought ryder was gay for years because of his NLOGing.

No. 1151143

why was this banned?

No. 1151151

I LOVED Bratz as a kid. I played with those dolls with my neighbor on the daily. My neighbor was pretty stupid, but even she wasn't dumb enough to cry over not looking like them??? what even

No. 1151154

File: 1612387422788.jpeg (217.28 KB, 721x1200, 2221F486-1A79-435C-8B7E-8F2FF4…)

I am sure you can search it kitten story tom hardy or something, something wholesome for the thread!

No. 1151158


trying not to cry, this is so sweet, thank you anon

No. 1151159

Is he what the kids nowadays are calling a himbo?

No. 1151161

This is what I think of when I hear Himbo, yes. Not saying he may not be an asshole in other ways but what a fucking cute story, wish I could find all of it right now!

No. 1151164

Lídia Franco made a new statement about the whole Adam Driver thing.
The article in portuguese: https://www.nit.pt/cultura/cinema/nao-foi-uma-agressao-lidia-franco-diz-que-historia-sobre-adam-driver-foi-mal-entendido

"It wasn't aggression, it was a misunderstanding.
Our characters, in TMWKDQ, had to be very physically close for this scene.
I considered his actions not to be delicate at all for the preparation of this scene, he didn't have the care that I feel he should have had. Our characters were very close, and everytime he suddenly got up to do the next scene in character, his chair would always hit me (with strength), which annoyed me."

She also says that despite her visible annoyance, he didn't do anything about it. She said she was just venting, and she knew that he didn't mean to hurt her, but was still inconsiderate.

Way to blow things out of proportion.

No. 1151174

File: 1612389307574.jpg (37.26 KB, 807x404, Lindemann.jpg)

I remember coming across some talk that during his solo tour inbetween the main act and encore he'd have people pick a girl for him for a quick fuck / fellatio; honestly everything about him latest years screams mid-life crisis so it appears plausible. Rammstein is my favorite band since always but it really leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. Rammstein itself had a lot of controversial lyrics, but not as disgusting as what some Lindemann songs are like in his solo project. Even comparing the pornographic Pussy video, ultimately it was made with professionals, few band members said they felt uncomfortable filming it; and Till the End made recently by Lindemann himself featured women that are not actually sex workers and got doxxed and bullied after; idk I'm not delusional about musicians but somehow Lindemann chase to appear like this edgy fuckboy is a little too cringey.
sorry for spergig I guess

No. 1151178

he's ugly as fuck, something about aging flabby punk men thinking they're hot shit makes me seethe more than normal, I think it's the terrible makeup application.

No. 1151188

He’s a former crackhead who might be gay or bi but seems alright other than that.
>Named the cat after CJ from GTA San Andreas

Too cute

No. 1151194

I read something about it too on the hobbydrama subreddit. There's so many male celebrities that attract fans that think the wife is a reincarnation of the devil

No. 1151199

He looks absolutely ridiculous, like a lot of aging rock/metal/punk men. Most men never learn how to mature their style as they age, which is why so many of them can't dress themselves or end up looking like this 16-going-on-60 abomination.

No. 1151201

File: 1612391270237.png (137.65 KB, 532x1492, hogssy teigen.png)

meltdown alarm

No. 1151218

It’s not true, and it’s also a year old. You don’t have to like Sophie but their ex was way worse and Tzef was caught making a fake burner to send himself messages to make Sophie look bad. Really no milk, seems like that was only posted to try to incite terfsperg.

No. 1151227

>using footage from a short film as evidence

No. 1151237

So he’s not abusive, just a huge jerk who scares old ladies. Thanks for clarifying.

No. 1151240

apparently she was sitting behind him and didn't say anything. he's not a mind rider

No. 1151243

Those are indeed two very different things

No. 1151247

I mean the majority of old white men who go to Thailand are pedos. So that’s probably a here the accusation came from. He did apologize and called himself an idiot when he found out the guy’s wife was an adult, so there’s that

No. 1151266

Get off lolcow, Elon

No. 1151267

Not Chrissy using her dead baby to shield herself from criticism on a tasteless tweet, I hope she gets called out for that.

No. 1151276

I love it when celebrities use relatability as their brand and the mask slips

No. 1151279

sage for no contribution to the thread…but i actually see no issue with this? did somehow people think she wasn't rich/rich people experiences simply because she was relatable on some degrees not all? why do so many people care what a celebrity tweets?

No. 1151286

I don’t see issue with it necessarily, I’m glad she shared the story of humiliation and I applaud the waiter who conned her. That said she’s annoying and deserves to be bullied into silence.

No. 1151300

People with real BDD can barely leave their house in fear of being seen let alone become actors who have their images broadcast to millions. I know people who actually have it and they never go out, ever. It's a common thing. Self-diagnosing netfags have watered down what mental disorders actually mean and do.

It's only a disorder if it actively prevents you from living a normie life. Adam seems capable of doing stuff even normies can't so he's just a freak

No. 1151301

No. 1151302

It's her attitude. Why would you start a "haha let's share our stories" thread if you weren't trying to relate to people? And she reacted very badly when she was called out.

No. 1151322

They’re actually really easy to find if you’d like to do that in your own time, just search their names on twitter or reddit perhaps but I’m not derailing this thread with milkless tranny drama personally

No. 1151348

File: 1612399069792.jpeg (504.54 KB, 1242x1196, D4FB69FB-43EA-40E3-873B-CD6248…)

dislocated my eyeballs from rolling them so hard

No. 1151356

Milking her miscarriage for sympathy so shamelessly

No. 1151397

fucking lol what a tantrum over one non-fart-sucking comment. try being an ugly chick chrissy, do you know how many times a day people "go in on" us?

No. 1151419

No anon, the majority of white men in Thailand are backpackers, divers, hospitality workers, businessmen and remote working start up staff. Don‘t spread shit lathered with prejudices if you don‘t know what you are talking about. The cave dude probably knew from his diving buddies that Musk‘s submarine idea is bullshit, because anyone with a bit diving experience knows how fucking dangerous narrow parts underwater are. You get stuck in no time and suffocate to death.

No. 1151427

all I've learned is that Tom Hardy is a chill ass dude. nice

No. 1151436

any sympathy I had for her having a miscarriage is out the window. She's scummy for using that as an excuse when she easily could've not posted anything and just took the week of to mourn.

No. 1151447

Till Lindemann is ugly as fuck. In one of the Rammstein music video from years ago he already had man tits, they were flapping around as he ran and I wished I could unsee this atrocity. Why anyone is still stanning him is beyond my comprehension.

No. 1151464

Holly Conrad energy.

No. 1151467

if they don't start out narcissistic they become narcissistic by means of power and fame and many enablers corrupting them, a lot of them are abused by higher ups in the industry as well, so it reflects back on how they treat others, namely women. there's many male actors who started off as or were escorts or casting couched during their early days

No. 1151492

Chrissy is a cow no doubt but is Twitter really sperging out that a rich celebrity indirectly mentions that…..they’re rich? Sometimes I feel that people on there look for reasons to be outraged, no matter how stupid they are.

No. 1151496

right? why are people mad that rich celebrities are sharing their rich lives on social media? she literally asked people what was the most expensive shit they ate that they didn't like! Christ people always look for something to get mad over. I can't stand her, but this is BS

No. 1151519

azealia looks really pretty here tbh.

No. 1151525

unsaged simping for the abomination known as adam driver. pathetic kek, raise your standards retardchan

No. 1151584

>confused why people who are struggling in a pandemic would be up in arms about her literally pissing away $13k
>Mention would-be-birthday to her miscarried baby
>Am I relatable yet?

I love him even more now.

No. 1151627

File: 1612418390709.png (526.5 KB, 487x866, tinyqtfairygirl.png)

No. 1151636

This is how mother of newborn babies should look like: busy doing shitty make up on instagram… grimes is really stupid. Her last braincell already departed for mars.

No. 1151638

yeah ok grimes we’ve all seen your nose in candids.

No. 1151647

What is that nose. She made herself look like a dwarf.

No. 1151660

Keep lying Chrissy kek. A “waiter” wouldn’t be allowed to touch a $500 bottle, nevermind a $13k one. If you’re in the kind of joint that sells $13k bottle wines, the sommelier would be handling that and there would be a big fuss over it. John owns a winery, yet has no idea what wine costs? Sure Jan.

No. 1151663

damn anon coming in with a new perspective!

No. 1151674

Yep, they would be like opening it for a tasting with a grand gesture, then you have to approve the wine and shit like that, it‘s usually some royal ceremony level thing going on because the wine is extra special.

No. 1151699

I mean it’s obviously filtered doesn’t look like she’s trying to hide that

No. 1151730

File: 1612426577625.png (558.69 KB, 638x848, Screenshot 2021-02-04 021640.p…)

Lil Uzi got a 24million diamond stoned on his forehead and it immediately bled out. He made a tweet afterward saying that it's fine. How long do you think it'll take for him to get shot and robbed like XXX or have the diamond kill him.

No. 1151732

Frankenberrie looking ass

No. 1151816

Pink was an interesting choice, thought this was a photoshopped vagina on his forehead when I scrolled past…

No. 1151818

I’m still not over those staged photos of her in the hospital praying and crying with the black and white filters. Who has a fucking miscarriage and immediately thinks “let’s milk this for Instagram likes”? The fact that she’s also now just casually throwing it out there on Twitter to deflect any criticism just shows what a pathetic narcissistic cunt she is. Christ I hate her.

No. 1151829

>This is how mother of newborn babies should look like: busy doing shitty make up on instagram… grimes is really stupid.
This is how internalized misogyny looks like… why do you think mothers have no right to live a normal life outside of their offspring's existence?

No. 1151838

me too!

No. 1151839

Literally, a free bleeding vag on his forehead KEK

No. 1151841

What a retarded, woman hating take. If the baby mama of a fucking gazillionaire can't take a break from childcare, who tf can?

No. 1151851

What new mom is spending her precious free time on this shit? That and writing stupid GameStop poetry memes, it seems like she’s just online all day

No. 1151853

I feel the same, playin "dollarstore-insta baddie" with filters is so pathetic of her, but expected.

No. 1151855

Lol, she rarely posts, few tweets last full week, did some quick trashy make up look, doesn't seem like "online all day" to me. Idk why would she have to sit and stare at her toddler all day to prove herself as a mother.

No. 1151870

took me too long to realise this wasn't a gaping wound

No. 1151871

this is fucking adorable haha

No. 1151872

wait, so it wasn't an accident?

No. 1151891

it's not Sophie's note

No. 1151922

ok grimes fans. here she is being totz relatable and quirky. idk much about her bc i don't listen to her baby trash music, but geezus is she unfortunate looking and cringey. never knew she had a lisp either(old milk)

No. 1151925

I watched a minute of this but had to stop because I didn’t give a fuck.

Anon, everyone is ugly and weird, especially so if you spend an inordinate amount of time obsessed with finding out what makes someone ugly and weird. Please stop giving a fuck, it’s embarrassing.

No. 1151926


grimes being a cringe autistic retard doesn't mean moms are not allowed to have a life outside of their children, so what point did you think you were making there?

No. 1151927


it isn't about her being rich it's about her trying so hard to be relatable and being a total cow in the process
also she literally just milked her miscarriage for sympathy

No. 1151938

bothering fan girls is funny

No. 1151949

> What new mom is spending her precious free time on this shit?
Umm… a lot of them actually. Moms aren’t slaves, you know that right Elon?

No. 1151952

I can’t stand grimes but weird disses about motherhood and what you expect of women on a female-oriented imageboard isn’t the epic pwn on grimes stans you must have thought it would be?

No. 1151954


No. 1151963

i never knew anything about grimes before this board. just surprised she was this cringey and ugly. every pic i’ve seen is editorial where they take 10 lbs off her nose
and add definition to her potato face

No. 1151964

Okay? That has nothing to do with my reply which only refers to the childish, naive criticisms of motherhood

Do you know where you are?

No. 1151980

Holy shit it's not about her not being 24/7 with the child, nobody would comment twice on her reading/producing/spinning in circles in the garden/ rolling on the carpet, it's this instabaddie larp she's trying to put up after the Elon bimbobrainwash

No. 1151991

i'm one of the people that was defending grimes not being with the baby but yeah that i can get on board with, this is why grimes is like the ultimate lolcow. she's the face of pickmes everywhere.

No. 1151992

Yes, but you obviously don't.

No. 1152012

Can you sage your shit and not bump with your pointless commentary, thanks

No. 1152036

She’s not ugly to me, she’s just gross.

I didn’t know who she was until she started dating Elon the pedo.

No. 1152051

how is he a pedo?

No. 1152054

He is a lot of things but how is he a pedo, newfag?

No. 1152060

Think anon is just flipping it on him kek

>elon claimed that “pedo guy” is just a generic insult from south africa and it doesn’t actually mean pedophile. >>1150657

No. 1152063

Is "internalized misogyny" going to be your automatic response every time someone says anything even slightly negative about Grimes?
Do you know where you are?

No. 1152146

$5 says he saw someone with a transdermal implant and misunderstood how that worked and just kept throwing money at doctors until he found one that agreed to do it. Of course your body isn't going to heal around that, idiot.

No. 1152165

anon, do you know newborn mothers are also still women who have hobbies and things they enjoy doing outside of taking care of their baby

like wtf does her baby have to do with literally everything she does. her baby is irrelevant to the fucking bizarre nose she has facetuned onto herself, what is that nose. her real nose is nowhere near that cute

No. 1152171

Idk if you guys care or seen this, it's MGK being pure white trash.

No. 1152173

No. 1152175

It’s machine gun Kelly, of course he’s white trash.

No. 1152185

File: 1612466132191.png (333.98 KB, 467x436, Sakura_Boruto.png)

No. 1152196

That one dude currently dating Megan Fox or something

No. 1152209

apparently the savior of modern rock music

No. 1152218

I hope to god Megan Fox dumps him soon. i love her and i hate how she thinks so low of herself and keeps dating losers, jumping from relationship to relationship the entire time during her teen years and now she's in her 30s. She jumped to MGK from BAG who reportedly abused her and controlled her for years. She needs to learn how to be single for a while. MGK seems like a good time but he's hardly marriage material. yuck. I think Megan needs to fin a wealthy businessman or venture capitalist who can treat her good and give her a good life, like Salma Hayek married one of the richest men in the world.

No. 1152227

Fuck this shit. I hope she finds herself without any capitalist fuckboy or paypig. She can do all by herself. She needs no man to do this

No. 1152239

i didn't know BAG abused her.

i do think that despite how bitter and angry she is over being typecast as the pretty whore in movies, she doesn't see any value in herself beyond her looks. it's really sad.

No. 1152242

I don't hear a lisp when grimes talks, what am I missing?

No. 1152258

yeah there were always blind items and rumors on celeb blogs for years, everyone always thought BAG was creepy and predatory, he was in his 30s when he met Megan who was barely 17 or 18 and they started dating and she was engaged and married to him. Megan has never been alone or single. She said in an article years ago that as a child, all the boys fought over who could sit next to her at lunch but she was really shy and kept to herself and had no friends. I don't think she knows what it's like to be alone and single for 1 day. she's always been a real beauty for her whole life, even as a child so it's obvious she is used to male attention…

yeah actually you're right. I hope she dumps MGK and learns to be happy being alone and single.

No. 1152273

anon, you're missing her lisp
>a profound schilensch

No. 1152289

So, Megan Thee Stallion was having a pre party for her new music video last night, and had a little interview with dumbass DaBaby, who I guess didn't realize he was still on and called her a bitch @ 7:33

People are saying they heard "that bitch ugly" but I hear "aye" instead of "ugly". Regardless he still called her a bitch.
She laughed it off, but it made me feel so bad. She seems really sweet

Imagine giving him basically your entire song and you only having 40 seconds in it, and then having this idiot calling you names behind your back

No. 1152295

But she brings up her wealth/celebrity status a lot. Sure, she tries to be relatable, but I don’t think she has ever tried to deny that she has money or downplay it.

The miscarriage thing was tacky though, I’ll give you that.

No. 1152302

File: 1612476121610.png (376.59 KB, 418x616, mk9.png)

This is the man calling her ugly?
Anyway, Meghan has a beautiful face/bone structure and is tall like a model, but she kind of downplays herself by being overweight and dressing/having her makeup done like an early Nicki Minaj understudy. It's disappointing and a waste. They really don't want her (or a lot of other women) to be great. I'm tired of this BBW porn scrote era, lmao.

No. 1152303

>Megan Thee Stallion
U ok anon?

No. 1152306

File: 1612476627091.jpeg (266.84 KB, 2000x1333, imaSVge.jpeg)

I mean…she is. This is an overweight person, by any metric. There's a difference between overweight and obese for a reason.

No. 1152307

this woman is a gorilla(racebaiting)

No. 1152309

File: 1612476866937.jpg (49.04 KB, 638x320, 5252a91397b31bd5addc6ad31a3249…)

NTA, but either you're blind as a bat, or gorillas are fucking hot. Why do racebaiters even try?

No. 1152310

Tbh anyone who thinks somehow some celebrity is being genuine and relatable and follows/interacts with them is a gullible retard

No. 1152311

I like Meg but her boobs look so painfully squashed here, ouch.

No. 1152312

the anachans love to stalk these threads to pick at other people’s weight, especially considering megan is tall she isn’t medically fat because of the distribution of her own weight

No. 1152313

File: 1612477167963.jpg (144.56 KB, 683x1024, megan-thee-stallion-at-the-201…)

>she isn't medically fat
Anon…please. I don't know her exact weight, I just have functioning eyes. I'm not even an ana-chan.
This is a woman with excess fat on her body. It doesn't mean she's not beautiful, let's just call a spade a spade. Next I'll be hearing that Lizzo is only slightly overweight, enough of this.(derail)

No. 1152314

srs. Is just her thing to wear make up also cause she likes to do it herself.

And she has a great bod. Posted pics when she was slimmer as well in uni years (so not long ago). Looked great. Said she wanted to get more bodacious so she ate more and lift weights. I think she fluctuates a bit like most.

No. 1152319


Not this shit again

No. 1152322

this thread is really something else. someone pointed out what dababy said and you all just jump straight into nitpicking

why cant we all just trash dababy for being a cunt instead

No. 1152325

yeah full figured. she's tall, confident and toned so looks goodt in clothes as well

I know carrying more bodyfat than a standard size 6 is still a hot topic in 2021, not milky thou what about Meg going for lousy and ugly partners…………

No. 1152327

forgettable artist too

No. 1152328

File: 1612477784490.jpg (211.64 KB, 1642x924, dababy-press_photo_1_photo_cre…)

I don't think it's milky either, I don't get why some people lost their shit at that part of my post when I posted DaBaby's hideous face for all to see.
Once more: This man thinks he has the right to call women ugly.
Reposting because I found one where he's not pulling a face, but somehow looks even worse. One can only hope his kids don't inherit his features or personality.

No. 1152344

hate to ask bc it‘s probably been discussed but did grimes get a nosejob or what is anon talking about

No. 1152355

Honestly, he’s been featured on a few of Megan’s songs and I never knew what he looked like until the MV today, and immediately I thought, “this is who’s heavily featured in a few of her songs?” kek. The fact that he might have called her ugly, whew where is he storing all the audacity.

No. 1152363

still barely hearing it, she just sounds like every canadian skater kid to me. didn't know that mumbly sound was notable in any way

No. 1152364

lol he literally looks like a baby with a mustache drawn on

No. 1152384

Really? Sounds like she's literally saying "thilench" instead of silence, to me

No. 1152439

Off topik but her hair is so pretty here!

No. 1152450

File: 1612485973348.jpg (30.05 KB, 320x658, edy5n5kjjjf61.jpg)

Hot women who used to be ugly or average before their surgeries all have this complex. Lana Del Rey, Megan Fox, Bella Hadid, they can't help but go after men their old faces would be forced to date.

If you upgrade your face, upgrade your dating pool.

Anyway, Armie talks about wanting to torture people in Saudia Arabia where he was invited. People lose their shit, forgetting these royals pay influencers to be punching bags and toilets.

No. 1152461

File: 1612486916502.jpeg (780.05 KB, 968x1239, B0642E18-DB27-4CAA-B12A-DBBB1E…)

Megan was super pretty before the surgeries though

No. 1152462

Imagine being 5’10 and still managing to be so pudgy

No. 1152463

celebs rarely debut pre-surgery. By the time you see them, they've had something done already.

No. 1152470

File: 1612487622936.png (755.67 KB, 828x1792, 58265A1D-7835-4481-B1E8-C8626B…)

This is some wattpad-tier fanfiction shit

No. 1152479

She posted like 3 screenshots from this convo and he sounds drunk or high af.

No. 1152498

File: 1612488672131.png (549.69 KB, 404x806, Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 5.25…)

she already had a nose job in that picture, picrel is actually her before surgery. Not that she isn't naturally beautiful, but she's had a significant amount of work.

Every single attractive female celebrity has had work done, even back to marilyn Monroe.

No. 1152501

I thought this was Miley Cyrus at first lol. Still she's pretty. The brows are hateful though…

No. 1152502

You sure this is 100% before surgery? She's beautiful. No where near as fugly as Lana and Bella were. Bella looked like a turtle and Lana looked like a horse girl mixed with white trash.

She be looking like this pre-surgery and yet dates uggos. Girl…why….

No. 1152503

He sounds so pissy kek

No. 1152507

I don’t think so, you can find old photos of her and see she always had a cute nose, nice skin, pretty eyes. Just a naturally good face

No. 1152508

Not sure if it's 100% pre-surgery, but before she ever was ever in any movies. She was naturally gorgeous, always.

While grimes is horribly unattractive, I do give her props for being the only woman in Hollywood without a nose job.

No. 1152509

>telling a woman casually defending the rights of other women she doesn’t know where she is on a gossip board where women actually regularly defend the autonomy of other women
kek some of you are far too new to even make any sense

This man is a pussy and he doesn’t deserve Megan Fox in any capacity

No. 1152515

ok ratfem

No. 1152569


the medical term is stacked

No. 1152616

File: 1612496681418.png (1.05 MB, 566x1022, ldr.png)

> horse girl mixed with white trash
accurate af

No. 1152660

low qual b8 m8

this still looks better than whatever she has going on now unfortunately

No. 1152661

File: 1612500756660.jpg (142.44 KB, 1400x1050, 0AGProp.jpg)


Megan Fox was bullied pretty ruthlessly when she was younger. That'll fuck with someone in all sorts of ways

But yea, she was always really gorgeous! This was her in Holiday in the Sun, an Olsen Twins movie lol. She'd have been 14 or 15 when it was filmed, definitely pre-surgery (you can see how the bump that used to be on the bridge of her nose was contoured).

No. 1152732

Imagine even listening to a male rapper. "Hoes bitches money ass xanax kill a nigga". They all have same lyrics and all have the same name. I never heard one song from lil baby and that other baby called "dababy". Why don't male rappers have any originality? I can't listen to any modern male rapper because they are so god damn boring except for maybe Kendrick Lamar. Megan is also a mediocre rapper and she's being pushed down our throats hard. Is anyone else tired of the literal pornography being normalized in the mainstream by rappers like megan and cardi?

No. 1152741

ok tipper gore

No. 1152742

Was always envious of her nose job. Took her from an 8 to a 10.

No. 1152753

well, i mean… BAG isn’t an uggo. he’s actually pretty attractive. MGK is definitely ugly as hell and the only reason he gets any thirst is bc he’s a young skinny white rapper with tattoos. eminem was considered a catch when he was at his prime and he literally looks like any weirdo you’d see hanging around a convenience store.

No. 1152758

DaBaby’s big hit is Rockstar. which has lines such as

PTSD, I'm always waking up in cold sweats like I got the flu
My daughter a G, she saw me kill a nigga in front of her before the age of two

so he’s a real catch. everyone wants a baby daddy that kills men in front of your infant daughter.

No. 1152784

File: 1612506285696.jpg (458.43 KB, 874x992, Screenshot_20210204-222251_Chr…)

Indya Moore is an underrated cow IMO. He's like Cox where he constantly blames black women for being rejected by straight men.
laverne cox was nominated for multiple awards many times at the NAACP awards btw

No. 1152791

File: 1612506668122.jpg (44.22 KB, 750x724, 322db7d6ff372f6c712ff7af2280aa…)

"Hot women who used to be ugly"

Just. Fucking. Stop.

Also, this entire board needs to realize there are more celeb woman than Lana (who has never been ugly, obviously). Grimes isn't ugly, Megan Fox was never ugly, nor was Bella Hadid..she is ug now because of the plastic surgery. Now for some reason we're talking about Megan Fox like she used to be ugly. Please expand your worlds

No. 1152792

I was waiting for this to happen or for his skull to erode or something. Clearly this dumbass never learned how hard diamonds are

No. 1152796

File: 1612506961863.jpg (179.85 KB, 1081x800, 984-C7493-7121-4346-8-AA9-103-…)

He's dating a man with a history of SA

No. 1152797

File: 1612506989670.jpg (136.88 KB, 774x800, B22250-F4-B4-B8-4327-8-FD3-F17…)

No. 1152798

File: 1612507020274.jpg (105.69 KB, 542x800, 457897-B6-F223-4-DC3-85-B1-C36…)

No. 1152799

File: 1612507040800.jpg (118.14 KB, 600x800, 80474-B97-FC90-40-D8-8-FD0-ACC…)

No. 1152800

whats the tea on saudi royals and influencers? they’re used as toilets for real?

No. 1152806

File: 1612507572833.png (318.67 KB, 616x679, 6C0589F0-EFDB-4314-9E7C-318A16…)

nta but you are sperging about calling women ugly, yet justifying its use against BH while stating lana was “never” ugly. Both of you think you’re right, but the point is anons itt will always be subjective and it’s not worth getting irritated over.

He’s a cow by definition. I’d guess he isn’t as discussed itt because on a normie scale he’s still practically a nobody. But he constantly broadcasts his own identity crises online and has publicly boasted the most retarded takes.

No. 1152807

>Imagine even listening to a male rapper. "Hoes bitches money ass xanax kill a nigga". They all have same lyrics and all have the same name.

Like I know you’re trying to be cool but broaden your horizons, there’s so much good rap being put out. Freddie Gibbs, JID, slowthai, etc.
“Le wrong generation” or whatever but let’s not be willfully dumb

No. 1152808

Lmao she does sound like every Canadian skater kid. We're even from the same province. Kek

No. 1152809

Is the bullying crap just a bunch of bullshit? Why was she bullied? These narratives crack me up. Genuine curiosity but also, I can't stand this woman. All I can find is that she was bullied in school for "wanting to be an actress" fucking KEK

No. 1152810

he’s bitching bc his show Pose didn’t get any nominations….

they didn’t even have a season in 2020. why tf would they be nominated? also the show has won fucking EMMYS and pretty much every award a TV show can win. what else do they need ffs?

No. 1152812

we mush up our s's and r's like that over in toronto too, i think this might actually be an accent and not a speech impediment

No. 1152813

File: 1612508023658.png (365.13 KB, 440x480, F90F3C76-7272-4F49-BA96-4A1225…)

honestly, I wish him the best with this venture. I know in my heart it will never work but I’m in full support of a sailor scout uzi

No. 1152814

he has such a derpy face and yes it's gay, you are a gay man dating a abusive alleged rapist. Him, Angelica Ross and Laverne have peaked so many people with their bullshit. They hate women so much.

No. 1152816

File: 1612508364039.jpeg (308.72 KB, 750x1103, 3C30543C-D6A2-49B2-AEA4-B14CD0…)

nah it’s a lisp and she’s acknowledged it

No. 1152819

Chance the Rapper called, he wants you to know that he loves his wife

No. 1152821

and jesus

No. 1152822

90% of the actors suck tho

No. 1152828

well yeah it’s a ryan murphy show. of course they all suck.

No. 1152829

lol men are so gross, i'm just hoping this is before he actually had a kid that's half black because whew that's disgusting. what the fuck is megan fox thinking.

No. 1152842

Nitpick but I never got the obsession with Megan she just looks like every other pretty brunette to me

No. 1152844

this, both Eminem and MGK look like basic trailer trash heavy drug users before their addiction fucks with their face.

One thing I hate is since MGK has simps they think he's a good catch for Megan and that they're on an equal plane. As if he's not a huge misogynistic closet racist. I feel bad for his daughter having a dad like him.

In the first 30 seconds he says "my child is black" then proceeds to go off on his fucking rant. Absolute scum.

No. 1152873

yeah. Google "tag your sponsor" and you'll find webpage(s) where these rich arabs "catfish" these insta hoes and expose them. pretty hilarious too, stuff like "I'll pay you extra if you give a bj to my camel", at the beginning they all say no but after a bit they are like hmm ok sure.

Oh I have some hot gossip for y'all. I can confirm that Bella Hadid is a prostitute and she slept with the CEO of Bulgari…many times (one of the times was in 2019 in his yatch )

No. 1152903

I s this real? I'm not familiar with pinknews but were they trolling with this? Surely it can't be rea, kek.

No. 1152905

> Can confirm
You're on an image board anon, show the goods.

No. 1152920

It’s real.

No. 1152928

File: 1612525036792.png (787.64 KB, 1200x1166, AOC-Assault.png)

Can we talk about AOC? Especially the one where she repeated how people and other politicians were using "the language of an abuser" when describing what when down at the Capitol?
She's also selling shirts that say Eat The Rich, assuming this is supposed to be for non-wealthy citizens, but selling the merch at wealthy citizen prices.(political derailing)

No. 1152930

she’s such a fucking cow

No. 1152937

A cow is not a person whose politics you disagree with.

No. 1152940

idc about her politics she just does cowish things. why are you aoc simps so fucking adamant that she can do no wrong?

No. 1152942

>selling the merch at wealthy citizen prices.
is $65 for a hoodie really that much, especially considering it's made in USA supporting local manufacturers, not using cheap chinese labor?

No. 1152951

$65 is a lot for a simple screen printed hooded sweatshirt, yes. Even if it's not being made bt Chinese sweatshop labor, how much could it possibly cost to stick some acrylic letters on a cotton garment? America's economy rlly so fucked you have to ask that question??

No. 1152956

you not understanding how production works isn't milk anon

No. 1152957

>is $65 for a hoodie really that much
if you make minimum wage it sure tf is

No. 1152958

its really not. clothing is only cheap because of the child/underpayed labour. you just dont understand the true price of clothing outside of sweatshop prices.

No. 1152961

you really don't need to buy merch of any kind when you're making minimum wage

No. 1152965

>$65 is too much for a person making minimum wage!
>AOC wants to raise the min wage
Pick a lane. Anons obv hate her for her politics not a damn sweatshirt. $65 really isn’t that much if you’re a functioning adult lol

No. 1152968

lmao being American sounds so fucking depressing damn. they got you guys bating against yourselves

No. 1152969

how do you even end up on a /cgl/ offshoot with a taobao-level slave labor take

No. 1152982

exactly, but for someone, a government employee no less, to try to specifically market to minimum wage workers, they should at least get the merchandise down to less expensive prices.
she's seriously an internet celebrity especially since she now regularly streams on twitch, kek.

No. 1152988

Again, why would a min. Wage worker even aspire to buy something that's clearly made for campaign funds when they have cheaper options if what they need is utility? And yes you can be in favour of a better min wage and still sell "expensive" stuff
??? But its true, if your going to buy clothes that are conscious with the environment and support fair pay then you are going to pay more, clothes are expensive were just genuinely used to pay shit for it

No. 1152990

It's cheaper than some sweatshop-produced musician merch.

No. 1152997

I just watched her in naomi campbell’s latest video. She def got work done but does not look that different. https://youtu.be/dm6PLvsPWls

No. 1153017

lmao this is just straight up false. she isn’t selling anything that says Eat The Rich?? it’s Tax The Rich.


No. 1153044

it’s true simp mentality.
aoc is a mega cow has nothing to do with her politics but simps will never understand, they watch her cringe twitch and lap it up

No. 1153055

Where's the milk then? She seems pretty normal to me. And no the sweatshirt thing is not milk.

No. 1153057

What cowish shit does she do? I'm from the UK so don't really know much about her beyond her doing twitch streams. She seems okay for a politician, would take her over boris any day.

No. 1153065

she's not a cow she's just an annoying person

No. 1153066

Ah yes, the classic passive-aggressive old Lady that expect everyone to read their mind.
Just tell people what's on your mind and don't expect everyone to ask you.
I still believe he behaves like an A+ asshole on set. He should rather try to work on his problems instead of making everyone suffer for him.

No. 1153069

Lurk better, they said "old white men", not "all white men".
White men in their middle age travelling to Thailand doing it mostly for the sex tourism (incl. all froms and ages of it).

No. 1153088

she's just present for her constituents which only maybe 20% of American politicians seem capable of, decently cute, and a charismatic, smart woman which makes her the perfect conservative boogeyman, there's just something in her and people's reactions to her that makes conservatives seethe. it's pretty funny.

No. 1153090

I don't care about her politics but to me she always strikes as an annoying attention seeker. Her stans are even worse because they are delusional. They are so ~ amazed ~ that she plays LoL when her tier is Silver V on NA, which equals co-op vs AI mode player at best.

Shes always been screaming quirky shit and tried to relate to tumblr crowd, especially poor people when this bitch is wealthy as fuck. She also used to pay money for stream collabs last year.

No. 1153097

So trying to reach young people on the platforms they use, such as twitch, is cowish? She's a politician, she doesn't need to be good at video games.

And she might be wealthy now that she's a congresswoman but she used to be a bartender so it makes sense that she is able to relate to people who are not wealthy. Her voterbase is poor and working class people so of course that's who she's speaking to and trying to relate to. None of this is milk.

No. 1153112

Someone is jealous

No. 1153197


lmao maybe you don't know this but their simps/stans were on suicide watch cause they couldn't stand being classified lower than her with hundreds of games and not being a congress woman for work. "sV is like coop vs ai" maybe for you or me, not for the average male/coomer

No. 1153205

I came here for celebrity gossip. Not politics. Quit derailing.

No. 1153207

Wasn’t he bitching because of colorism when awarding transgender actors? Colorism is a rising problem right now, trannies aside, and I only saw him discussing that America has a problem with giving darkskin women any praise which is true, the lightbrytes are notoriously used as tokens now.

No. 1153218

Classic case of being bullied bc you're hotter than everyone else + an introvert. That's usually the only reason people like Megan and Angelina were bullied as kids.

>uses a pic of Lana post-surgery
kek don't care. I used those women as examples bc it's my post, fuck off sperg. you ignored the rest of the discussion revealing Megan was hot all along.

Idc about american politics bc not american but she is a huge cow for sure. But she's the typical internet cow crying about muh trauma at any criticism. and not to be That asshole, but the first time I heard her voice in a video, I knew she was a cow. she just has that Cow aura.

No. 1153227

She went through legitimate trauma pretty recently, to be fair. For someone who doesn't care about American politics because it doesn't affect your Balkan village, you sure keep bringing her up.

No. 1153249

Damn, y'all making this thread look like Youtube comments section.

No. 1153269

It won't take much longer I think, she's already started with fillers

No. 1153293

no, he was clearly bitching about no trans people being nominated. https://www.google.com/amp/s/thegrio.com/2021/02/05/indya-moore-slams-image-awards-transphobic/amp/

there are plenty of dark skin men and women nominated this year. Viola Davis, Angela Bassett, even Lebron James.

he even knew he was dumb for this bc he disabled his IG after his rant.

No. 1153343

File: 1612559459265.jpeg (125.68 KB, 814x1189, 506F20FE-B9FD-46B7-A6DE-92F113…)

Sophie was not faking be trans. This is an email I received from her months before “It’s Okay To Cry” came out and it became public, where she gently informed me she was no longer going by her birth name and referenced a procedure I always presumed to be relevant to her transition. She was consistently a very humble and kind person. Interest in her music is subjective of course, but she had a good heart. Her death / identity doesn’t deserve to be mocked.

No. 1153349

this is so vague it could've literally been anything

No. 1153350

Her telling me she doesn’t want to be called her male birth name is a very clear indicator to me but maybe you don’t see it that way.

No. 1153352

Have fun, anon.

No. 1153358

File: 1612560420546.jpg (301.71 KB, 1240x697, 5d14f9e1fc7e93e4238b4607.jpg)

>stages photoshoot of her crying along a chainlink fence pretending its a dentention camp
>lied about hearing rioters and terroists storming the capital and looking for her in the building
>at the time she was across the street away from the scene
>not even in her own office like she initally claimed
>uses sexual assault trwama to silence anyone calling her out

No. 1153359

Red scare fan detected

No. 1153362

seems more like a lost q acolyte

No. 1153363

>Classic case of being bullied bc you're hotter than everyone else + an introvert
OT but is that a cope or is that something that really happens?

No. 1153365

Nah I'm just disappointed in her especially because she claimed being working class, etc. Her cowish tendencies have been showing and politics aside, she isn't really sticking to her promises either.

No. 1153370

File: 1612561201479.jpg (149.39 KB, 711x363, Screenshot_20210205-133757_You…)

Wanna explain why AoC claimed hearing doors breaking when she was in Cannon and Longworth building hiding in Katie Porter's office?

No. 1153399


i dunno, my friends with toddlers can barely catch up sleep and do household chores, grimes is doing jack shit besides shitposting and paint her fucking face in her free time. Newborns are freaking annoying you don’t really have any free time, unless you neglect the kid, and my friends aren’t single moms like grimes. Just don‘t get kids if you don‘t wanna spend attention/time on the crotch fruit.

No. 1153405

She was a bartender in a wealthy area. She grew up in a neighborhood that had a median income level $70k above the state average since she was a toddler.

No. 1153436

>crotch fruit
i agree but people will shit on you for using retarded terms like this

No. 1153441

i'm talking about the surgery part

No. 1153447

Grimes is dating a billionaire. Don't compare her to your middle class peasant friends

No. 1153448

there's more than one person talking about her, schizo-chan

No. 1153452

I'm sure she can afford childcare, anon. Sorry you're poor.

No. 1153453

File: 1612565439015.jpg (27.61 KB, 496x369, a45.jpg)

She used to look like a foot.

No. 1153457

She still has to spend time with her kid.

No. 1153459

Yeah, mothers should totally choose to be self sacrificing martyrs who get no sleep or free time for… what reason exactly? Taking the moral highground because women who don't give 100% of themselves to their kids are shitty people? Who cares if she's miserable and sleep deprived right?

If a new mother has help, she should take it. Whether she's rich and has nannies, or she's got a supportive family who are willing to help. Having a break isn't neglecting your child.

No. 1153460

if the billionaire doesn‘t love her he ain‘t doing shit for her. musk allegedly paid amber heard‘s expenses all the time, grimes isn‘t seeing any of it. you have no idea what men, especially rich narc men are capable of if they are tired of the prize. they aren‘t paying alimony and they are rich enough to keep you at bay with lawyers, with threats to destroy your life by tying you up with legal expense. really, grimes is in for a rude awakening.

No. 1153461

that first photo looks more like a no-makeup situation. uneven skin tone can make you look like shiiiit even if you're super cute. she's had a whole lot of surgery but her face was never what i'd call ugly

No. 1153464

Soul vs soulless

No. 1153467

…you know not all anons here are the same person, right? It was my first time ever mentioning her. Fuck off, newfag

Yes. Angie and Megan were objectively hot and known for being introverts. I've seen it irl too, if a chick is hot but has the whole 'introvert shy' bullshit, women fucking hate her. especially bc they'll be popular with guys. The whole 'shy but mysterious' thing bc men love that dumb dark ingenue shit. Marilyn Monroe kinda fits in here as well. This is actually what I think Lana's character was built upon. Quick sperg, but if you compare Lana's 2012 interviews and Megan's 2011 interviews, they act similar enough for people to mention it. and ofc, Lana also tried hard to act like Marilyn.

You know you can spend time with your kid and still have so many hours in the day to spaz off on social media, right? Do you know what time management is

No. 1153473

Do you think that Grimes gives a shit about that kid?

No. 1153475

She's a cow but this isn't true.
In her story, she says what terrified her was a man barging into her office, while she was hiding in her bathroom, screaming 'where is she?' but he never identified himself as Capitol police so she thought it was a rioter and nearly shat herself. That's what traumatized her. And lbr, if you thought a bunch of alt-right men were coming for you, probably to rape and murder you like men usually do, you'd be spooked

She's definitely milking the fuck out of it though.

No. 1153490

Yeah she's probably spent the entirety of three days with the damn thing. She's said she hated kids/babies before, kek

No. 1153491

>assume grimes is rich because elon would pay the nanny
>assume a mother can form a secure bound with the bb when she has him passed around like the ball during super bowl
no offense anon but you made yourself sound like a femcel with delusional ideas about children. parenthood is essentially bleeding yourself and all your resources to feed your young. you don’t choose to be a martyr, you are by design of nature. animals literally die after the deed is done. ppl better think about the amount of work that goes into raising kids before committing to the pregnancy. instead it’s autistic screaming aka no one told me babies need to be breastfed every other hour and they demand to be cooed to sleep otherwise there will be crying fits every night and no more sexy time with hubby because you both are so fukkin tired all the time. i just don’t get how anyone can be so blissful ignorant about how vulnerable babies are and therefore need your attention 24/7. babies literally can’t even lift their own head and will suffocate in their sleep or on any other small trinket laying around if you don’t take care. how dare you anons be like “but you can give it away to someone else like a pet rite?” with the expectation boom you’d be like the same person before you became a mother. it’s not the case, because you’d be worrying about the bb alll the fucking time when they aren’t with you, for they are your own flesh and blood. i feel rly old now because y’all seem to be so freaking naive about child rearing, like you have only read about it in books and weren’t toddlers at one time yourselves.

No. 1153496

Why are ya'll acting like you give a shit about the kid as a way to shit on Grimes

There's so much to shit on her for but you wanna virtue signal, on lolcow of all places

Yes,sperg-chan, you Can form a bond with the baby while sharing domestic baby duties. Humans did it for centuries before nuclear family became a thing.
Do you really think since the dawn of time, only the mother ever took care of the baby kek. it's more like all the women around help raise the kids together. bc we're social animals and our young take years to mature.

also, animals don't die, the males die bc they're useless after they pump.

take your mother sperging elsewhere, this is not the time nor place to air your regrets at popping out babies

No. 1153515

the virtue signalling in this thread started when a bunch of wannabe feminists came out to whiteknight grimes’ obvious lack of care towards the infant as BUT A GIRL ISN’T SLAVE TO THE WOMB. Let’s put neglect on a pedestal like it’s the sign of free femmes, it just rubs me the wrong way.
>regrets at popping out babies
funny thing is, that it’s your interpretation, not how i feel.
If you don’t realize you sound just as callous as the cow in question when you talk like that, jokes on you. some anons here send off too much vibes that they hate scrotes and children, for whatever reasons. it’s pretty unfounded and unnecessarily bitter given most of you are still young. sacrifices can be rewarding, because things that are worth it are always hard.

let’s go back to shit talk about grimes and aoc before the mods hand out bans for derailing, lol.

No. 1153516

I'm sure grimes has enough money herself to hire a nanny. (ie not relying on elons money)

No. 1153517

File: 1612572207624.jpg (210.51 KB, 750x1334, 7hswhfb91rf61.jpg)

Hilaria Baldwin returned

No. 1153538

Hey I wonder if she grew up with, not one, but two cultures. Has she ever mentioned that, I don't think she has mentioned two different cultures, two whole different ones.

No. 1153555

>raised me with two cultures
>could have been better explained

She’s still not acknowledging that she LIED lmao she’s such a cow. And of course she’s posting a pic with her kids for goodwill, right out of the playbook

No. 1153559

Stunning and brave for coming out about being raised to two extremely different cultures. She hid it so well, it must've been painful for her to hide her real self this whole time.

That time when she 'forgot' what the English word for cucumber was so people would think she was Super Spanish and didn't belong to Two Whole Different Cultures…so brave, queen.

No. 1153563

She's so dedicated to this lie I actually admire it lol

No. 1153618

Yes i am tired. But the internet exists, plenty of good hip-hop with substance to be found these days if you look for it. Though I do wish conscious hip-hop didn't die out in the mainstream after the 90s. It only gives the general public a low opinion of the genre. Sorry for the derail

No. 1153637


> $70k above NY STATE income

> state
> implying that the average doesn't include podunk, middle of nowhere areas close to the Canadian border

yikes friend

No. 1153659

she is hilarious. i cannot believe that she truly thinks the problem was that she “wasn’t more clear” about her upbringing. god, those kids are fucked.

No. 1153687

OT but what the fuck anon? You sound like a mental patient. Anons who want kids, the truth is somewhere in between Grimes shuttling the kid off to a nanny every time it cries and this anon saying they'll suck every ounce of life out of you and leave you a husk of your former self. There are millions of people in the world and millions of different ways to raise kids, I recommend NEVER posting about it on social media because you will get reamed like Grimes regardless of how you do it.

No. 1153688

>you don't choose to be a martyr, you are by design of nature

anon, this is the femcel idea

No. 1153690

yes sperg-chan I'm pretty sure she also thinks it's fucked up that the difference between her being able to get a good education was moving about 20 minutes from where she lives now to where an absurd amount of wealth is hoarded you might know that if you didn't just get your info from whichever blonde lady is on fox news in a given day

No. 1153697

This story was so hilarious and refreshingly harmless. She's just a dumbass, not a cannibal or a rapist or a secret meth addict. Just your classic liar. I did think it was funny when it first came out the occasional mutterings about how she was like, faking being a PoC from people who obviously never went to Spain. Just heard that she pretended to be Spanish and assumed Mexican or something.

No. 1153699

she's said many times she has nannies

No. 1153725

Sophie does not talk like this and has never talked like this

No. 1153726

Oh no, the full time politician can't play at a competitive level of some chinese coomer game. Yeah, she's annoying but come one anon. Use that little dusty brain rattling in your head for just one second.

No. 1153765

File: 1612592339161.png (1.3 MB, 1125x2436, C4216447-DC15-4A2D-BC80-4C9910…)

From deuxmoi. I’m assuming daily mail

No. 1153767

I seriously wonder if he killed people

No. 1153768

I think if he killed people we'd be hearing about it like, now. They wouldn't wait to publish that and the police wouldn't wait to act on it…right? Personally I think he said some sick shit about his own kids, didn't one of his insta-kittens hint at that?

No. 1153769

You’re probably right, that’s some evil shit but it wouldn’t necessarily have police involved.

No. 1153773

but wouldn't Elizabeth know by now if he did something really bad to the kids? the way she kept referring to them as "our" children in her statement as opposed to "my" children seems to suggest that she still views Armie as a parental figure who deserves some acknowledgement as a father despite everything that has come out recently

No. 1153781

She'd probably know if he did something, but if he was just talking nasty with one of the kittens, maybe not? I mean it could also just as easily be CP, which effie also mentioned. Or saying creepy shit about kids. I'm just thinking maybe something not arrest-worthy but definitely career ending. CP would probably mean he was getting raided soon though.

No. 1153789

Why does anyone ever believe bullshit that didn't come from a first hand account

This reads like those trumptards on parler who are were always like "my deeepstate/undercover operative told me this!!"

No. 1153815

Isn't deuxmoi known for posting a lot of bullshit?

No. 1153820

I'll let you in on a secret: most politicians are born into wealth, and most of them are hypocrites. If being a rich hypocrite made you a cow, every politician on Earth would be in this thread.

No. 1153824

This is not a political thread. Further derailing will receive lengthy bans.

No. 1153918

Check your reading comprehension, I was saying it's ridiculous calling Bella Hadid or Lana ugly before their surgeries. Lana looked fine before and after her surgeries, Bella Hadid looked fine before butt then made her whole face blow up like a balloon thru surgery and looks ridiculous now. Hence, she's ugly after her surgery. Point is, stop coping by saying pretty women are ugly before they get plastic surgery, you sound dumb.

No. 1153958

Yes I send her fake shit for fun, most of the time she posts it.(read the rules)

No. 1153981

File: 1612622139241.jpeg (411.93 KB, 750x1124, 80B520E0-CCD1-48D3-9E76-11F090…)

Not necessarily, even when massive amounts of money aren’t involved it can take years to build a murder or sexual assault case. If accusations were ignored or there was a lack of evidence, it’s possible charges were never filed to begin with.

No. 1154015

i love that everyone was clowning on this but it seems to be coming true kek

No. 1154054

A vague description of what'll happen to a famous actor after getting exposed for sexual deviancy? I guess astrology is real after all.

No. 1154063

I think he's going to kill himself.

No. 1154069

nope just laughing at the ridiculousness of it. gotta admit it'd be hilarious if this dumbass insta story prophecy came true

No. 1154119

I really don't think so. He's used to everything going his way so I'm sure there's going to be another push back against "cancel culture" or whatever.
Hillsong would probably love to have him.

No. 1154132

Nah, a narcissist would never.

No. 1154231

this blind item is obviously about Armie and it suggests that criminal charges against him are looming

No. 1154255

nah he'll try the "uwu i need help" bullshit and end up in rehab like all the others

No. 1154257

File: 1612644716342.png (322.56 KB, 732x1292, MAPrkHM.png)

our fav cannibal, ladies and gentleman. and again, Effie's replies are nowhere to be seen but we can assume she got off on it too.


No. 1154259

File: 1612644742110.png (321.32 KB, 744x1312, uYkHNKm.png)


No. 1154264

File: 1612644901924.png (336.96 KB, 732x1316, QYqFpGs.png)


No. 1154267

File: 1612645128958.jpg (125.06 KB, 1242x984, iLPyftQ.jpg)

Samefag. This is why men say don't stick your dick in crazy. They'll air out all your murderous pedophiliac shit kek

No. 1154268

I didn't want to put that out in the universe and I hope he doesn't do it, but I do hope he seeks help for his deviant sexual behavior/paraphilia.
I also wish Effie would stop, her replies are always cropped or hidden because she engaged in the discussions and liked it.

No. 1154294

She's going to be one of the reasons he comes out of this untarnished.

No. 1154298

Armie's trending on twitter and his publicist and agent both dropped him. People are speculating whatever's coming out is too bad to come back from so the crew jumped ship.

My coffee is ready for the milk.

No. 1154304

sorry if i'm too thick to grasp this concept but why would you pick acting of all careers/jobs if you hated seeing yourself in things?????

No. 1154309

It's kinda common for actors to not like watching themselves in things or hearing their own voices.

No. 1154321

…who else spazzes out like Adam does? This sounds like bullshit. Most celebs are narcissists.

No. 1154325

He’s going to be tried for the underage girls he was with. A criminal case with a lot of angry dads.

No. 1154333

The spazzing out is different, most of them don't go that far. The lazy narcissist tag doesn't mean people necessarily want to see themselves, just that they want to be seen generally.

No. 1154367

he's really just not hot at all. guess that's why he compensates with the edginess.

No. 1154408

I think it’s mostly because of his voice and because he’s 6’5. I think he was really hot in The Social Network, sorta had a Disney prince thing going for him back then but he aged poorly.

No. 1154422

He is gonna either actually od, be intentionally or not or he will claim he did for pity points before he goes into “rehab”

No. 1154446

I'm so over this bitch. I find it hilarious she won't show any of her own disgusting responses.

No. 1154497

File: 1612663512143.jpeg (Spoiler Image,439.07 KB, 750x930, 47EE963D-2E27-4EEF-9D15-CF784D…)

this, effie is a cow and she’s trying to act like she wasn’t going along with this and come out as some sort of feminist savior. My bet is on him going to some intensive psychiatric rehab and then dropping off the grid and move back with his family permanently.

Also, this thread has made me more critical of Bella, she looks just like PNP in the video that was just put on her Instagram

No. 1154507

Late, so OT, but since this was mentioned, I also never understood this odd… habit? And it's not just Travis, I've seen a whole bunch of these rock musicians / performers of the same era drag their kids onto the side stage. And the kids always look out of place and bored, some even fall asleep. I just don't get it, what's the point? Somebody please explain, I'm genuinely curious.

Not only it's an odd parenting choice, but also, it's actually their workplace with other people also working backstage and front, making the show happen, and then there's just a bunch of zoned out little kids messing about bored out of their arses… isn't it disrespectful to the staff? Like, if they go to the bank or something, they don't see the teller's kids sitting on top of their desk doodling on their paperwork, why do they think it's acceptable / a good idea to drag your unimpressed child to the side stage?

No. 1154512

No, the narc wants to uphold their 'idealized self' and when they're forced to confront reality, they have a narc melt down, like when Adam is forced to look at his ugly ass. It breaks the illusion he has of himself as a handsome movie star or w/e.

Go watch some videos on narcs by actual experts, not youtube grifters looking for some coin.

No. 1154517

lana had already had a nose job in this pic

No. 1154536

She just looks like a normal human woman

No. 1154548

File: 1612667247799.jpg (21.14 KB, 340x340, 8uni8.jpg)

>she looks like a normal human woman
sure kek

No. 1154564

>normal *50-year old human woman with a facelift
at best

No. 1154606

how would you cope if you were armie hammers kid reading this or any other texts.

No. 1154611

How would you cope knowing your dad talked to his side-hoe about murdering you

No. 1154640

Wait, I didn’t read that and can’t find it by searching- was it one line or did Effie allude to it or what?

No. 1154676

It's implied in >>1154267 when she says Armie said he wants to "Chris Watts" his children – murder case from 2018 where a man murdered his wife, drove her out to a hiding place with his kids in the backseat, then smothered them (his children) one by one while the others had to watch. Killed his whole family in one night. Google "watts family murders" for more info.

No. 1154792

Dropping in to say her "astrologer" is some random dude on Twitter with he/him pronouns in his bio. She makes it seems like it's this grand thing. His acc @childofuranus.

No. 1154826

she looks like dollarstore carla bruni bitch

No. 1154840

Thanks anon, I totally didn’t catch that. I hope he burns.

No. 1154847

They're bad parents and narcissists who think that getting to be on stage will compensate for lack of emotional love and support they've given their children.

No. 1154860

this bitch really deletes all her replies so nobody sees how fucked up she is. "uwu trauma" my ass. degenerate, both of them

No. 1154884

christ you can't make this shit up. "my witch doctor, professor buttbaby, says i'm traumatized"

No. 1154946

File: 1612717850979.jpg (116.31 KB, 799x789, 145358275_407610070303937_8290…)

Effie with Armie in August 2018.

No. 1154963

Huh. She’s really not that pretty.

No. 1154964

She is very pretty. Just conventional.

No. 1154966

Most “really pretty” women have more going on in their lives than being punching bags for cheap degenerate scrotes. And said scrotes are usually happy to sacrifice beauty for a pickmeisha with no boundaries or self-esteem who’ll cater to their pornsick fetishes.

No. 1154968

Sage your shit, Effie.

No. 1155001

I swear this is like the pick me mascot. Face like Ariana grande and a surfboard chest. Maybe because they’re not that hot so they have to do “extra” to keep a guy around

No. 1155003

Where did you get this?

No. 1155006

fattychan detected

No. 1155009

I never found him attractive, but basic white men with big square heads get gassed up nonstop in Hollywood. I’m almost impressed with his level of derangement actually. He always struck me as a very boring milquetoast actor even after he made his BDSM fetishes public. I couldn’t pick him out of a lineup with all those Chris guys.

No. 1155010

Flatchested brownie detected

No. 1155013

She’s a strong 6 at best.

No. 1155020

those tiny little forearms

No. 1155022

File: 1612722189200.jpg (99.53 KB, 762x960, NINTCHDBPICT000630662700.jpg)

She still mogs him, though.

No. 1155024

Is it bad to have an Ariana Grande face? I mean I never thought she was anything special but I’ve noticed that zoomer guys simp for her like millennials simped for Megan Fox.

No. 1155030

File: 1612722688825.jpg (28.15 KB, 476x611, ef.jpg)

Very true.

Men wanna be 'seen' with the beautiful high maintenance woman but their side-hoes are average pick-mes who'd eat their ass even if it was a swamp

Sorry it's blurry but here's another pic

No. 1155038

Are we really gonna pretend Armie Hammer isn’t hot now that we know he’s crazy? Sure, he wanted to stick his dick into a girls brain but he was still extremely fuckable in CMBYN. Like, imagine being a hollywood actor with a wife and kids and secretly being a cannibal, when choosing a side chick to take it out on THATS the girl you’re gonna put it all out on the line for? It’s not like he’s a complete goblin who needs to rely on being rich and famous to get girls to participate in his degeneracy, even if this picture doesn’t show it he’s a gigachad and she looks like a Halloween decoration. But like >>1154966 said, a better looking girl wouldn’t put up with it. Not that anyone should but whatever, she was obviously into it when it was going on.

No. 1155041

He peaked in CMBYN.

And Effie had money, she says he put her in thousands of debt so he was with her probably bc she's dumb enough to be a pick-me and a becky bux. A girl who's okay looking, pays for everything and does whatever sexual shit you want is a man's dream

No. 1155043

File: 1612723677205.jpeg (313.99 KB, 1002x1138, 9FF4FFBC-904A-4177-A9BC-B4CE64…)

What about Paige? She’s really pretty. She had a lot more going for her and yet for some reason stuck around and considered getting some non existent Marilyn Manson rib removal surgery when he asked her to.

No. 1155044

we don't have to pretend

No. 1155047


No. 1155056

Yup, and we know he was prolific at sliding into random women’s DMs looking for new kittens. I’m sure plenty of 9s and 10s left him on read because he was a creepy married B-lister with no money or clout to offer. The ones who replied would mostly be plain Janes (and yes, this girl would be considered very plain in LA) who knew they had no chance of keeping a movie star’s attention without appearing eager and willing to participate in degenerate activities.

No. 1155059

I wonder who took this

No. 1155060

I mean, with all the screenshots it seems like Effie let him get away with the most shit, truly was the runt of Armie’s litter, also the least beautiful of any of these women. Sad

No. 1155064

File: 1612724381624.jpeg (478.09 KB, 1242x1852, LQnQBqw.jpeg)

No. 1155069

File: 1612724610499.jpeg (448.59 KB, 1242x1705, IuXPtcL.jpeg)

Terrible. But maybe don't tell a man you're into rapeplay. Because now he can use it to discredit accusations of rape.

Y'know, like most moids try to do when they say 'b-b-but women fantasize about rape!!'

Same with BDSM, he can literally just say she's a masochist and it was consensual. She brags about her masochism when people ask her about her trauma so she's pretty fucked. And reporters need to verify shit, retard.

No. 1155070

Is this the big bombshell that was supposed to be dropping today?

No. 1155073

Isn’t she a sugar baby or escort? With how unstable she is, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she lied to him about her family being rich

No. 1155074

>he's much stronger than me(physically only)

samefag who posted these, but I just noticed this. Of course it's physically? This chick is really bizarre. Why would you imply you're emotionally stronger like this so randomly. Cope?

No. 1155081

Sage for no contribution but I think she’s pretty, but maybe it was a bad hair day and she didn’t put on much makeup. I have a hard time understanding the beauty standards on lolcow kek

No. 1155085

>Nothing is ever enough because reporters are fucking vultures
Interesting. Wasn’t there a screenshot going around that Effie posted where Armie was talking shit about Call Me By Your Name stans saying “I’m not doing a sequel simply to stay away from those fucking vultures”. I think Effie probably exaggerates and has fakes screenshots. She’s not right in the head.

No. 1155094

Paige was a naive young “model” with a nonexistent career who had no BDSM experience (literally didn’t know the difference between a sadomasochist and a Scientologist), got blindsided by his fetishes and peaced out much faster than Effie did. Also, he was publicly dating her - holding hands on the street, meeting his mom etc. I don’t see her situation as the same as these all uwu kinky pickmeisha groupie “kittens” he was meeting in hotels to “consensually” beat the shit out of while he was married.

No. 1155102

She’s wearing false eyelashes and lipstick

No. 1155104

Not to ViCtIm bLaMe, but I can think of few dumber choices than telling a scrote you barely know from Adam that you’re into rape roleplay. US court systems barely even convict violent stranger rapes, let alone victims who left paper trails saying they were “into it.” These girls need to get off Instagram and get to a therapist’s office before they end up trafficked or dead.

No. 1155114

Pure cope. Someone needs to tell these female coomers that they can never compete with the degeneracy of scrotes. An entire porn industry was created to satisfy them and they still fill sex offender registries all over the world, and commit the most debased crimes imaginable. All these girls who loudly advertise themselves as uwu kinky poly BDSM kweens will eventually meet a man who wants to take things further than they ever wanted - and will be free to do so, due to his physical strength. And he will likely receive no justice from our court systems even if her murders her because (in the eyes of the public) she was a slut who “wanted it.” This is why it makes my jaw drop how DUMB these girls are moving out here. Did they have no older female role models who taught them to be wary of scrotes and their intentions?

No. 1155119

I have a hard time feeling bad for those women, because they kept fucking w him. She only came forward to come back at him for leaving.

No. 1155122

Young women don't listen to older women bc they think they're 'jealous old hags uwu'

Make an enemy of women and women make an enemy of you, which is what happens to pick-mes. You can only get away with hating women if you have a dick.

No. 1155151

This shit all sounds very scrote-like, this victim blaming. Their crime is being too trusting of men, his crime is being a rapist. This is why they pick young women too, because when they get older they'll probably figure it out, but he'll always be a rapist.

No. 1155159

remember 2 women were choked to death in the UK during sex a few years back and both men were cleared because the women had sent texts prior saying they were into BDSM. This isn't victim blaming, it's pointing out nothing good comes from putting this stuff out there.

No. 1155165

File: 1612730526767.jpg (111.87 KB, 1125x1553, QDLuj9A.jpg)

Class act.

What the hell are you talking about? Too trusting of men? Effie knew about all the shit this man did and kept quiet(threatening his kids, the CP, the alleged dead hooker) and from the screens, it's obvious even with her deleting her side that she's into all the same weird shit. She even admitted she did all this bc he stopped talking to her and she would've continued to protect him if he'd stayed with her

Hell, she tried to out him as a racist while reddit had a meltdown over her own racist behavior kek. Birds of a feather. She's an accomplice turned sour

fyi, victim-blaming is claiming the victim is to blame and deserves it. That's not happening here. Women are not fucking amoebas and should be held responsible to some extent for their participation in degeneracy. It's not victim-blaming to point out common sense regarding men. A man with excessive violent fantasies behaving violently? Color me shocked. /end sperg

No. 1155166

>waaaah waaahh stop being mean to girls they’re all innocent stupid angels who can’t think for themselves and shouldn’t be held accountable for the things they say and do wasaaaaahhhh
Fuck off, radfem

No. 1155169

Fwiw the BDSM defense doesn’t hold up in court even if there is a written contract of consent. With the right evidence, he could get in trouble. It does not matter if she said she was sexually aroused by it.

Just like if someone I knew asked me to punch them in the face in a non sexual environment, I could still be on the hook for assault and battery.

Most “masochists” are actually mentally ill people who need a therapist, not a psychopath who will take pleasure in beating and abusing them.

No. 1155170

I’m pretty sure she’s a stripper

No. 1155173

Men have killed women with brutal sex and got away with it. Anything is possible if you're a scrote, lbr.

He comes from money so I suspect he won't suffer as much even if he is found guilty.

No. 1155177

not everyone that hates men is a radfem, hon.

men get away with murdering women due to the women "liking bdsm" all the time.

No. 1155182

>please if I’ve fucked your husband or you’re friends with someone whose husband I’ve fucked refrain from watching my pole videos for your own mental health
That’s… a really horrible thing to say. What a fucking awful person.

No. 1155184

File: 1612732127625.png (506.73 KB, 952x1198, Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-07 um 2…)

her she is talking to hammers wife. such a feminist.

No. 1155191

But everyone who claims women are perpetual and eternal victims are usually always radfems kek. They never hold women accountable for anything. derail, but I remember when bunches of lesbians and woc ditched radical feminism bc most of the women were homophobes or racists and refused to acknowledge it and take responsibility.

Men love women with victim complexes. They're the easiest to fuck over because not only do they subconsciously seek out men to victimize them, they make an identity out of it and always stay in such relationships. Addicted to victim-hood makes you an eternal victim.
I have