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File: 1604181580450.jpeg (Spoiler Image,164.81 KB, 1038x1244, F608F037-F0F2-4ABA-AFAA-300391…)

No. 1071952

The latest alt cows thread, for all the attention seekers, grifters, and other assorted idiots in the alternative community.

Most recent cows:

Adora Batbrat
Orlee Stewart & J.D. Temple
The Niggers of Wessex (Psychara, Felvae, Feigsfar)
The Witchy Goths
Of Herbs and Altars (Dorian)
Avelina de Moray (Megan Blume)
Jake & Kaya (Toxic Tears)

…and other cows who are discussed but not necessarily producing significant or frequent milk

>avelina (real name megan) confirms that she and her husband von officially broke up around christmas 2019, so now she is having bipolar manic episodes on insta and was “not goth” for about five minutes until she realized she missed getting free clothes

>orlee and jd also broke up; subsequently have a retarded public meltdown with jd sperging and acting like the trashy meth head he is, snorting “sacred snuff” in livestreams, crying and raging like a bitch, and being trolled by orlee’s new nonbinary partner

>dorian randomly mentions that she has begun therapy, no word on whether or not she told the therapist about her love sessions with her ghost friend, but anons hope she finally gets help

>ruadhan continues to beg relentlessly on reddit and spend his welfare money on shit he doesn’t need, will sing to you at some random hour if you donate money, got banned from r/goth discord for being an autistic fuckhead

>mara is still friends with the nignogs of wessex, but the dogwhistling and racebaiting has significantly calmed down once evidence of their shitty behavior was brought to light; lauren still cannot close her mouth

>mai and annika continue to accuse randos in the witchy goth circle of copying their redundant, unoriginal jewelry while they lick each other’s boots on social media, so of course mara and nina must do the same

>adora’s extreme attention seeking hits a new low when she posts herself in a skimpy cheerleader pedo bait “costume” for “halloween”, gets mad when her “it was just a joke bro” “she was asking for it” reasoning backfires massively, but thank you for understanding whatever it was she was trying to say about rape victims as only god can judge her

>jake and kaya change their mind about moving to spain, so instead kaya gets a new studio to dump all her shit she never wears or uses; they continue to whine about being starving artists whilst receiving THOUSANDS of pounds in simp bucks from their stupid as fuck fans

>freyja continues to do nothing interesting but be a whiny fat bitch online, getting money and asspats from fools; she is still talking about moving to europe once corona is over, using mr owl as a crutch to make people think she is more responsible and ready to settle down, her mother still has rabies, and sadly moon moon passed, so she pretended to care

>reeree quietly comes back out of the blue, then disappears again just as quickly, so another suicide attempt probably occured


>beware of racebait from lost nazis and derailing, overly zealous whiteknights looking to score points with their sacred cow(s)

>no1curr about what is or isn’t goth or who is or isn’t goth, we have this fucking discussion every goddamn thread and it is getting annoying

>farmers are free to use the TT thread at their discretion as it was created to stop the sperging/infighting in the main altcows discussion from the TT spammers.

last thread: >>>/snow/981354

No. 1072061

Ok I don't wish to body shame but IBF's decision to go braless for her Elvira transformation was really not a good idea.

Either that or she wants some creepy attention

No. 1072069

Thanks for making the thread Anon.

Elvira had fat in some very specific places, rather than allover.

No. 1072106

File: 1604195438139.jpg (463.14 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20201101-024721_You…)

She doesn't even look like Elvira. She looks like Froyo with her tits out.

Giving Adora a run for her money in the desperately reaching for attention department.

No. 1072126

She is one titty jiggle away from a full on nip slip.

No. 1072166

Wow, a goth girl dressing as Elvira for halloween. What were her other ideas? Morticia? The girl from The Craft? She's so boring, I don't understand how anyone (myself included) ever found her interesting.

And you're right,she doesn't even look like she tried to look like Elvira. How hard is it to get a wig and contour some cheek bones?

No. 1072208

File: 1604207713836.jpeg (142.9 KB, 823x1067, 11F01A55-DC05-4C51-A645-8AB814…)

She is already getting some great comments if you sort by newest.

No. 1072394

File: 1604241713031.jpg (21.7 KB, 242x214, 20201101_154057.jpg)

>someone with true beauty…

No. 1072401

I didn't realize how fat IBF really is, but then again I don't follow her much. Maybe get a corset with that dress so it looks better? And why do I always think of IBS when I hear of IBF? Is it just the name or is ot because she puts out more shit than those unfortunately to have IBS?

No. 1072402

Was the rape costume tacky? Sure but why the fuck is it her responsiblity to manage everyones triggers? You don't like it, unfollow her it's not even shocking at this point.

No. 1072430

She wore it to upset people and get attention. She just didn't consider how much attention she got. Make no mistake. Adora did this explicitly to stir the pot. It just backfired on her.

The thing is, it's not just about triggers. She has a lot of teenage girls following her. And it's shitty to tell them that rape is a joke, or that bad stuff that might happen to them is no big deal, just something to make a "silly" costume out of. Teenage boys too for that matter, since rape of men is dismissed and laughed off even more often.

I honestly think that just unfollowing Adora is the best option too. I don't think messaging her about this is useful, because it's not like she'll have some sudden revelation about her behavior and attitude, and turn into a considerate human being who thinks carefully about what she posts. I also think that for the few people sending her hatemail, the vast majority of people who choose to unfollow her will just quietly decide that they've had enough of her shit, she's a sad desperate old hag, and they'll block her.

You don't have to be personally triggered or even offended to recognize shitty behaviour, and decide you don't want to support it with views or engagement. It's called empathy.

No. 1072486

iirc viewers had previously requested her to do an Elvira transformation so she did (or rather: an attempt was made)

No. 1072526

I would bet you anything she's going to seriously consider OnlyFans now.

No. 1072532

Yes. She'll claim it'll be classy dark erotica.

It won't be.

No. 1072661

It's not about triggers, why are you so thick? You don't have to be or know a rape victim to know that costume is just wrong. Is dressing up like hitler okay because you're not responsible for everyone else getting triggered by it?
Rape is not a light subject. If she wanted to bring awareness to the subject she should have done it in a tactful manner. She could have also done it in a shocking manner withut literally pissing on everybody else and their feelings. At the end of the day she just wanted to wear something skimpy that would also bring attention to her since if she wore that outfit without the imprint and description people would just have said 'meh' and moved on.

No. 1072686


Some people like to accuse others of being "triggered." It's an easy way of not actually having to engage with their discomfort, and instead dismiss it. If everyone is "triggered" it means they're just overly sensitive snowflake led by their feelings and gut reactions. Rather than people who have thought about something and decided it is bad.

No. 1072715

Further up is correct though, what the hell will bitching to her do? She's not going to change, calling her out online isn't going to make someone a saint of noble justice. Unfollow and don't engage. If anything I have more respect for the people who have just cut her from their lives and not mentioned her at all.

No. 1072716

she won't, she's massively insecure about her body, hence the super high angle she always place her camera. When she's filmed straight from the front she looks like a barrel, she has a really unfortunate body shame. In this video you can see she's really feeling herself with the tits out in the high angle

No. 1072738

Your method is how Adora became the idiot she is today. Flatter her, tell her she's clever, look the other way when it's so obviously bad you can't pretend this time.

No. 1072746

Yeah for real. I mean I will be honest in saying that I do like the makeup but it looks nothing like Elvria at all. I feel like Froyo has a habit of doing all these makeup looks that just imitate how she already does her usual makeup so it really doesn't look different at all when you really look at it.

No. 1072976

>>1072394 TBH her boobs look great in that one shot but in general in this video I'm just terrified they're going to swing loose

No. 1073016

No I mean she clearly thrives off the attention. I don't think she's cleaver at all for it. She should be completely ignored.

No. 1073074

File: 1604328419126.png (791.27 KB, 1392x889, ree ree.png)

does anyone know if this is true. It's not new but still

No. 1073097

If true, it would explain a lot of her behavior.

No. 1073308

Not buying it, honestly. Just looking how this person replies to every comment on that photo it just feels like some weirdo trying to spread shit without evidence. I really hope she’s okay and didn’t hurt herself again. On Twitter she implied coming back to all her socials, changing her last name, and then just deactivated again without warning.

No. 1073342

Yeah accusations like that are not really worth taking seriously unless there is proof which this person didn't provide any.

No. 1073467

File: 1604357425292.png (557.75 KB, 960x742, 265cc224ec5139f0cdc28fc19ee2c1…)

Just watched Kaya's video about her studio, I don't understand why she is spending so much time and money on DIY decorating, getting tradesmen in etc on something she is RENTING, and doesn't even own? It's just throwing her money away!

No. 1073475

Dorian needs to go back to the asylum

No. 1073493

> spectral hellhound
thats literally a cane corso…

No. 1073654

File: 1604368825539.jpg (158.98 KB, 698x608, Screenshot_20201103-015951_Chr…)

Why is Kaya wearing a mask when she is the only person in the studio?

No. 1073663

I've said this for ages. Dorian is a writer. She creates almost every "friend" in her waffles. She will randomly stop a story, say hii hii to the person it's about as if they're watching the video, and you know full well they don't exist at all. She was not even part of the UK goth scene, she had a small circle of druggy raver friends from trampy Birmingham and that's apparently her whole view of the goth scene, even though it was greatly different in London. It's not even aspergers at this point, she is delusional from having no life and creating a fake one in her head.

No. 1073696

File: 1604371708663.jpeg (934.88 KB, 828x1345, E0AE35D6-A826-4004-90D4-657C7C…)

Fred Flintstone and Wilma in their backyard pretending to be ~spiritual~.

No. 1073717

Why is he dressed like a turkey?

And he isn't "taking care of you" Lauren. This "strong, courageous man" is living off his tradwhench so he can devote himself to serving the masterrace fulltime.

No. 1073737

Lol anon don’t you know, that is the tradishunol shoulder piece of all the Aryan warriors who fight the stinky Normans on their mighty iPhones! Those faux polyester thingies are imbued with the spirit of every fat fuck ancestor in his family.

No. 1073742

It's amazing how little she fets done. That vlog spanned weeks, and she plastered and sanded one wall, painted another, painted a table and a door, and dragged in more old furniture to hoard.

It's kind of impressive how slow she is.

No. 1073833

Oh really? I thought she lived in London back when she was younger but I'm probably remembering wrong. I think it's true though what you said that maybe because she doesn't get out much if at all anymore and hasn't for sometime, she started creating this fantasy world and is trying to live it out instead of continue to live in the real world and since her mother enables her, she really doesn't have to snap back to reality anytime soon.

The only thing I can say is that I hope she's not as delusional as that Chris Chan guy with his "Dimensional Merge" crap.

I have to echo what >>1073467 said being confused why she's sinking so much money into this studio that she doesn't even own

No. 1073908


jfc they look like al and peg bundy dressed up as vikings for halloween

No. 1074033

File: 1604419373706.jpg (57.2 KB, 500x350, 9-Addams-family-thanksgiving-p…)

No. 1074066

for the ~aesthetic~, that's what her and jake care about most is how they look on their posts. she's been faffing about with the studio, blaming her adhd and feeding the swan and whatever else for not getting things done. i'd like to know how she's affording all this b/c she doesn't put up many videos or get views.

No. 1074109

File: 1604425040318.jpeg (198.88 KB, 828x835, A87F54C8-A7EE-47A7-BD2B-81E449…)


Hopefully the link works.

Adam nasally singing in the woods.

No. 1074244

Oh god, he's so bad! I mean, not just some average guy trying to sing, but genuinly awful. He sounds like Tiny Tim with throat cancer.

Now I understand why every single one of his other songs involves white supremacy. It's a crutch. He is a terrible musician, and I guess it isn't a selective crowd as long as you get the cryptofascism in there.

Did he think that would make him look go9d? It's such a confusing choice to post this.

No. 1074262

File: 1604437948042.png (5.46 MB, 1242x2208, FEA5E8BC-BE00-4BAE-94DD-A8CB65…)

Killstar being scummy again

No. 1074273

there are a few anons here who seem to have a hateboner for reeree, tinfoil but I wonder if this is one of them? not saying this isn't true though, I have no idea. but I still wouldn't take it seriously.

in the last thread somebody asked if reeree was gone again. I didn't know she ever came back?

No. 1074277


No. 1074281

She came back for a quick minute on twitter at first, but then vanished again, not sure when exactly but all her socials except for youtube so far are disabled again.

No. 1074407

File: 1604451403984.jpg (558.59 KB, 1080x1776, Screenshot_20201104-005312_Ins…)

Looks like emily is going to become a piercer or something? Maybe an apprenticeship

No. 1074419

That's a terrible fucking idea, unless she's just doing it for fun. Piercers make next to nothing.

Also, I feel like Emily is really boring and it smells like Raven when anons start posting about her again.

No. 1074448

Emily isn't that lulzy to begin with. Yeah Raven hates her and all but it seems Emily has moved on since then and focuses on delivering content/working/being a mom.

No. 1074507

she's not exactly brimming with creativity. god she's such a fucking loser.

No. 1074510

Geez Freya, your mom must be really proud of you. Those finishing school classes have gone to hell. She needs to be cancelled - hard.

No. 1074512

If someone really wanted to cancel this dipshit, all they'd have to do is mass report all the false metatags that she puts in her videos. Google would do the rest. That said I highly doubt that anyone is gonna organize a raid like that these days, it's not 2007 anymore

No. 1074514

Since when has her life been about good ideas?

No. 1074524

I’m the anon who posted that and no, I don’t have a hateboner for her. I was just curious about it. I don’t buy it but I still wanted to spark some commentary on it. I do hope she’s ok though. She came back on Twitter and then disappeared again, which is strange. Seems like she’s going through a lot. Hopefully she’ll make it out ok.

No. 1074538

I have often wondered if her ex is bullying her.

No. 1074557

She got some attention, and craves some more…

No. 1074566

Victoria makes a post about this aswell, about time.
It't will affect her brand if she doesn't drop her as a friend…

No. 1074585

Every time Adora shoots herself in the foot with something like this she uses the 'oh, people just didn't get it, I'm so smart you are dumb' shtick. But good on her for having the likes and dislikes as well as the comments turned off. Shows exactly that she is a spineless twat. She should probably focus on baking or on herself, no wonder her husband left her

No. 1074586

Not trying to be too mean but why is this Victoria chick on youtube? She should be in speech classes

No. 1074615

I really don't get the hype for Emily. I feel like her claim to fame was being on that Snog, Marry, Avoid episode and that's about it. Ever since she became a YouTuber, I just don't see the hype. She's any other run of the mill fake Goff channel doing haul after haul. Does she actually do anything worth looking into?

Eh IBF may be a loon but I don't think she's worth the effort to do a takedown. She's not as active as she used to be and as annoying as she can be, she's not really all that problematic like say Adora Batbrat is. I just think that it's not the right time to call for her cancellation since she hasn't really done anything yet, at least that I'm aware of.

No. 1074618

Adora really needs to STFU, sit down, and stop digging any more into this hole she is already in.

No. 1074629

Considering the fact that emily got a tattoo while sick during covid, i would not trust her as a piercer when it comes to following safety and hygiene protocols.

No. 1074631

She sounds just as bad speaking swedish…

No. 1074634

File: 1604479934956.jpg (775.86 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201104-054432_Ins…)

Seems she got a hard time sleeping this night…

No. 1074682

Agreed about both. Emily is not interesting, IBF is dumb.

Like, we quit discussing cows like Sebastian. Although her art is pretty bad and it's funny she's suddenly going to art school at 25.
I'm friends with Victoria's husband on FB. He seems pretty normal. I feel bad that he gets lumped in with these attention whores.

No. 1074683

Is he a huge Dead or Alive fan? I'm just trying to understand that relationship.

No. 1074684

File: 1604490136638.jpg (1.42 MB, 1920x1646, 20-11-04-12-37-53-575_deco.jpg)

We are talking about this girl?
Standing joke.

No. 1074690

File: 1604491517459.jpg (88.08 KB, 800x533, kekekekekee.jpg)


No. 1074802

What the hell! Dorian made some sense. Next she'll be coherent.

No. 1074813

Geez it's not even the same person at that point…

Eh give her some time, the old her will come back in due time lol.

No. 1074936

File: 1604522025731.jpeg (509.37 KB, 1230x2003, 5694E7C1-4B76-4D18-8605-C0C16A…)

Erin finally spilled on Joe. Apparently after Cambodia last year she filed for divorce, and he fought her until it was final in August. She stated he treated her REALLY portly but gave no details. I kinda feel bad for her for once.

No. 1074939

I watched it! What a self-preservation b*tch. I (almost) felt sorry for Adora even. Almost.

No. 1075165

File: 1604541707316.jpg (74.98 KB, 513x719, hi76i6wpmgih6q7crunp.jpg)

(altcows 18)
I knew I saved this picture years ago for a reason. Whiny Cantersmamina/Mixi cropped something out.

No. 1075179

what am I missing, am I dumb?

felt bad for her but it's good she got out of the bad situation.
I gotta say that she looks to be a completely different person from the one she looks, you know what I mean? In this video you see an adult woman talking about a serious subject directly, well spoken, no fakeness… But in all of
her photos she styles and poses herself like she's a retarded bimbo who barely realizes what goes on around her. It doesn't help that she dresses in the most weird pseudo punk way, like she is a punk character on Hannah Montanapr something. Even though she's always half naked she looks always so pg13, there isn't anything sexy or dangerous or weird about Erin Micklow even though she tries so hard. I am fascinated.

What's the deal with her? Where did she come from? Does anyone knows anything about her besides this weird persona online?

but she is loving it! that's exactly what she did it for! she must be excited as fuck with all the attention, it has been some time…

Yes! And I feel this behaviour is exactly because she's below average intelligence. She always spoke in such a dumb manner, seems to take some time to understand what she herself is trying to say… that or she is 100% stoned all the time. Maybe that's it

No. 1075241

Mixi girl been whining Adora taking this picture to get sympathy. Saying how bad Adora is.
Mixi took the picture back then but I guess she could not play victim being part of the making of it.
She cropped her own name out. that is what's different with original post.
Still silly picture and Adora's sort of "thing", Mixi was in on it and probably made a joke.
For all we know she could have told Adora to sit down and it was a common joke at the time. Not funny joke in my book. But will someone tell this Mixi chick to lay off already? She belongs in a padded room.

No. 1075296

kek I have no idea. He just pops up in my feed, occasionally posting Victoria's shoops. And of course all her followers tell him how lucky he is.
I'm sure Joe treated her like shit. Punks (especially oi/pogo/street punks) don't have the best relationship track records. But good for her for getting out of it.

No. 1075451

File: 1604588717269.jpg (765.11 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201105-160324_Ins…)

Simon's finally speaking up about the Adora situation.

No. 1075456


Oh, how interesting. Yet canters can be seen across Instagram writing in support of Adora's "haters"


I completely agree with what Simon said (ho ho) here. People are choosing to see this the worst possible way. If you follow Adora for a long time you'd know her intentions aren't bad. All these cows taking the opportunity to promo themselves look far worse to me.

No. 1075458

>Punks (especially oi/pogo/street punks) don't have the best relationship track records.

Sage for sperg and blog post but I think that's a bit unfair to say about a whole subculture of people that exist all around the world.

I have known plenty of people in that scene over the years that are great partners, and a fair few who are happily married with kids.

No. 1075569

Speaking of dorian, I read this post from someone who thinks they are kinda lying about not being anoexic anymore, at least mentally.
Not this is from a year ago and I only remembered it after seeing her recent video talking about her post ana days. I mean, dorian is known to be a bit of an arrogant cunt, but I cant comment on if shes using pro-ana terms etc.

No. 1075575

Wait, you are actually naive enough to believe Adora posted this with good, pure intentions? Rather than her wanting to create edgy controvercy for attwntion and it backfired on her…

Oh honey…

No. 1075600

>not bad
>good, pure

Means two different things. If you are sensitive enough to get upset about a costume worn by a mid-40s goth on the internet I don't know what to tell you. She's been the same person this whole time. Just people chose now to be faux-offended for the attention. Search Adora batbrat on Youtube or look at the instagram tags for evidence of this.

No. 1075612

What part of dressing up as a rape victim for halloween is "not bad?" Even if you don't take it as seriously as some other people, it's still a shitty thing to do. It just means you're okay with her doing shitty things, which is your call to make of course. Or maybe I'm confused because you said yoy agree with everything simon said, and he seems to think her intentions are good.

>She's been the same person this whole time.

I absolutely agree with you here. Adora has always been like this. The halloween costume cunnundrum is maybe a bit more on the n9se than some other stuff she's done. But I never understood why people were fawning over her. She lost me after her "how to look anorexic" video years ago.

No. 1075635


What is it with Anons thinking the only reason somebody would object to Adora's costume is because of being personally triggered or offended. I'm not offended. I can just understand why what she did was mean and shitty, and I think going mean, shitty things is bad.

No. 1075978

We all know Adora posted it out of edge points, not as some statement about some country she doesn't give a shit about. C'mon, anon.
Yeah, sure. I'm just saying the scene attracts a lot of people who abuse drugs and alcohol. And idk if you're part of the d-beat or crust scenes, but a few months ago, a shitload of them were outted as pedophiles and rapists.

No. 1075996

Dorian being called an arrogant cunt (if anything they're a bit mental but arrogant??) + people tryna make up excuses for the biggest cunt Adora. Lolcow makes 0 sense anymore.

No. 1076090

>And idk if you're part of the d-beat or crust scenes, but a few months ago, a shitload of them were outted as pedophiles and rapists
Band members or just people in the scene?

No. 1076244

File: 1604662899275.jpg (254.03 KB, 1080x802, Screenshot_20201106-113938_Chr…)

I almost feel bad for her that her own partner doesn't seem to be helping her at all with this. Must be too "busy" making TikTok reaction videos.

No. 1076299

Adora's Instagram account is deactivated. Now what attention will the triggered nobodies get for their son stories about how the world needs to tiptoe around them. Way to cow tip.

No. 1076305

It's still up for me?

No. 1076306

Stop blaming "triggers." Are you unable to read.

And it's only cowtipping if an Anon does it. Rather than thousands of her followers commenting, and even people outside the gothscene making response videos.

But sure. Blame the twelve people on lolcow who disagree with you.

No. 1076328

She probably blocked you. Have any idea why?

No. 1076381

Who are you talking to?! Most people here are calling adora out, if you dont like this site then piss off.

No. 1076450

She's shadowbanned due to the mass reporting all the goth cows have been doing. Account is still up, just on private, but you need to scroll past a few other accounts before it shows up on search.

No. 1076462

Can confirm, if you search for her the account is still there, its just been privated.

No. 1076467

At least she has a sense of humour, I guess…

No. 1076480

No. 1076493

Apparently you don't.

No. 1076499

Lol yeah I totally wasn't even thinking that. Where is the Love stump? Why isn't he helping her with the studio assuming he'd be using it too?

No. 1076583

I didn't think of it either. Guess I just automatically consider the lovestump a non-factor. But you'd think he'd pitch in. Especially since Kaya is the one actually doing the work for his tictoc react videos.

No. 1076655

I'd feel bad for Kaya if she wasn't such a tragic trainwreck. I mean even if he was helping, they'd probably not get much done but still.

No. 1076656

He will do exactly what he did when she did the attic- let her do all the work and then use it when it's done

No. 1076703

I actually do feel bad for kaya in this regard, I mean they are partners he should help her.

Doesnt he already have his own studio? I thought I heard her say in the video he does but I could be mistaken.

No. 1076709

He does now but I'm pretty sure he used it for a photoshoot a while ago

No. 1076720

Adora goes her own way. Isn't that why people were intrigued by her to begin with? She's bbeen a weirdo from the start. I always thought wiyh a wink.
Coalcandy would know better than anyone of us. He seems like a stand up guy, so I trust his words over mental druggie Cantersmanima any day.

Speaking of Mixi, why has her own sister and parents removed her from their lives?

No. 1076861

File: 1604720734573.jpg (330.97 KB, 1080x1048, Screenshot_20201107_034114.jpg)

Extremely tepid but Kai Decadence, who isn't exactly an angel himself, has commented on the Adora saga.

No. 1077062

>she's not even goth

Way to pick your priorities.

No. 1077070


Because she is the unbearable BPD type person who slams her head off walls when people do not tolerate her attention seeking bullshit.

No. 1077123

Coalcandy got most of his initial exposure by being seen to hang around with Adora. So I really don't think he's just a great guy impartially standing up for truth and justice.

As for Mixi, she seems fucking insane. But it's not like she's the only proof of Adora being a bitch.

And she doesn't "go her own way." She goes the way that will get her the most attention.

No. 1077252

He really is a great guy, down to earth and super friendly.
To nice for his own good. (His roommate on th other hand…. batshit bitch..)

No. 1077256

In Kaya's new video she says she threatened to punch a kid in the throat.

She says it was justified because the kid said if the swan she was feeding but him he would punch it, and Kaya said if you punch it I would punch you.

That kid sounds like a little shit. But still. Yikes.

No. 1077264

Please stop posting shit nitpicks like this.

No. 1077282

>>implying this thread doesn't entirely consist of nitpicks

Idk, at least its closer to milk than sperging out because someone used runes on their Instagram and calling them a nazi

No. 1077334

so now people care about adora's asshole antics? the situation with her kids (favoritism, the dick party for the 15-year old)..her comments about how blm is unnecessary or smthng bc she, a white swede, doesn't see the point..or what about promoting her anachan diet.. that was all fine to let slide? don't get me wrong, i'm glad people are finally dropping her but fuck me the asskissing in cantersmanima's comments is killing me. canters herself has always been manipulative and full of shit but to see all these semi-relevant swedish alt instagrammers pat themselves on the back for finally dropping adora (one even not so subtly mentioning this thread, way to go!) is crazy. if you knew she was so bad, why didn't any of you fucktards drop her before? oh yeah, that's right. it hasn't been convenient for you until now.

saging for blogpost

No. 1077379

In other words he's desperate to cling onto his only claim to fame. It's pathetic.


He's a good guy? As if, he's a fame-hungry douche and a few steps away from cow status

No. 1077385

We've b3en over this. It wasn't the runes that made him a nazi. It was the nazi quotes and supporting of people who have been convicted of inciting genocide. Can you see the escalation here.

Exactly this.

No. 1077398

I'm not talking about fagsfar or whatever, I'm talking about when people would routinely call mai nazi/white power enthusiast because of her "viking" aesthetic

No. 1077499


I thought it was because of her close friendship with Lauren and the other instagram rune/witch/norse friend who constantly made references to Varg and how they would play Varg's racist role playing game together whilst being tradwives etc etc etc. Mai either turned a blind eye to her pals dogwhistling to each other constantly or is extreeeeeemely dumb.

No. 1077509

No. Mara is who you're thinking of. She's the one who pals around with Lauren and Adam, aka the racist dicks who follow varg. Nymphcreature too, until she started to be too open about it and thry had to drop her to save face. Please know they only dropped her after Anons on this board posted screens of racist shit she'd done years ago. Mara started hanging out with them after she stopped being friends with mai. And mara knows. Somebody cowtipped and called her out. She said she'd handle it privately, but hasn't done shit.

Mai doesn't hang out with them. There seems to be some kind of fued there. Though it doesn't seem to be based on their racist bullshit, but on mai thinking Lauren is "copying her."

There were allegations towards Mai. But I don't think anyone called her a nazi. It was her talking about her "viking blood" which rubbed people the wrong way. Also hanging out with Annika, who has also been accused of racist shit. Some people interpreted one of her halloween costumes as blackface. And she Karened her way into solving a dispute she had with a family of color whom she didn't pay for goods they manufactured to her. She's also complained about punkrave, who sponsored her, being hard to work with because they don't speak a lot of English.

Hope that summary was helpful.

No. 1077524

I actually wonder where Nymphcreature went after Bucktoof and Failfar bullied her off social media.

No. 1077530

File: 1604793244868.jpg (118.41 KB, 750x636, kek.jpg)



>Bucktoof and Failfar

No. 1077545

Did they bully her? I thought they just quietly dropped her after the screenshots surfaced.

No. 1077579

For real. I've known Adora is a clown forever. And the SJWs in my circle are acting like they never saw any of her shitty behavior before.

One of them also kisses Drac Maken's ass for "embracing" her Mexican heritage by drawing tortillas on her face and speaking Spanish like Dora kek

No. 1077604

>Dorian being called an arrogant cunt
I mean, where's the lie though?
>people tryna make up excuses for the biggest cunt Adora
Nah, they are both terrible.

Being 3edgy5me is not having a sense of humour

>Adora goes her own way. Isn't that why people were intrigued by her to begin with? She's bbeen a weirdo from the start.
There's being a wierdo and then there's being an asshole. Shes firmly the latter now. Maybe some time ago she was seen as just being quirky but shes revealed her true colors. And given her privating her insta I think its safe to assume quite a few people have lost their fondness for her too.

No. 1077673

In Kaya's assumption videos she said she went to a Steiner school, her dad was a plumber and they weren't rich. I looked up the fees of the Steiner school in Belfast and it's over £15,000 per year (nearly $20,000)… Can you imagine spending that for multiple years and your kid turns out to be an ebegger, saying you are poor on the internet?

No. 1077680

File: 1604804262543.jpeg (150.89 KB, 750x893, DFDA0726-7A5B-463A-8370-48066D…)

where on earth are you getting £15000 a year from? it says right here on their website it’s not even 2k per year

No. 1077732

File: 1604808766090.jpeg (30.05 KB, 500x408, A7E6FF2A-B69D-4287-A212-2E4AAE…)

No. 1077803

Plus, if her family were poor, she could probably get some form of subsidy.

Steiner schools are pretty nutty. But not unattainable to people in the UK.

Seriously, look up what Rudolph Steiner actually wrote about. How much of that they apply per school variex. But it is probably not helping Kaya gain adult life skills.

No. 1077907

I really think that Ruadhan is the smartest person on youtube. And probably the only real goth.

No. 1077914

File: 1604846465686.jpg (145.62 KB, 1600x900, 1421583174.jpg)

Elvira, mistress of the large.

No. 1077970

Well said anon. Adora has been problematic for a long time and while it's cool that people are finally calling her out because the latest event is pretty horrible, it's still a little annoying how these people let all the other shit slide.

>One of them also kisses Drac Maken's ass for "embracing" her Mexican heritage by drawing tortillas on her face and speaking Spanish like Dora kek

Holy crap haven't heard Drac Maken's name in a while, did she really do that? Cringe.

No. 1077973

Another embarrassing moment for the Goth community. Maybe IBF, Adora and Avelina should make a porno and just get it out there so they can satisfy their need to whore themselves in epic proportions. Get some self respect!

No. 1077979

Simon, grow some balls. The woman is not some artistic activist. She's an attention whore.

No. 1077980

Thank you. Adora Batbrat isn't some misunderstood artist, just an attention whore.

No. 1078001

Mistress of the lard

No. 1078008

Canters has a very beautiful face imo but if you read any of her posts you will find out quickly what the problem is. Daily mental breakdowns, her arms are covered with thick scarring, I don't think she is a bad person at all, but whatever treatment she has tried for her problems hasn't worked so it's the same huge drama every day.

No. 1078010

He really seems like a genuinely good guy. I have no idea about the roommate, that's his best friend iirc.

No. 1078012

Agreed entirely, they just felt like a pile-on. It's not like Adora has been a nun until now.

No. 1078019

Totally agree anon.

Please lets not give them any ideas lol.

No. 1078026

File: 1604860739202.png (261.56 KB, 1429x379, mai.png)

I'm not confusing her with mara

No. 1078031

don't know how long you've been following her but as someone who's seen canters pull the same shit ever since she was a teenager, i can safely say it's not just that she hasn't been given help. she has a long, long history with the swedish psychiatric care services and her online posts have always been the same: she is suffering so deeply, she is so fragile, everything is so painful, etc etc ad nauseam. she's a manipulative person whose life consists of leeching on others to have them take care of her, always having an excuse for herself because she's just so sick and frail and anxious and can't help herself. she's the same self-obsessed narcissist as adora, only a different flavor. she's burned a lot of bridges, but she isn't milky the same way adora is.

speaking of which, she's still privated on insta. any anons know if she's active anywhere else right now? if she's hiding, i wonder how long it'll last.

No. 1078039

So Leahmouse continues to not give a fuck about social distancing. At 7:15 she starts complaining about how the halloween party she had with a bunch of drunk people piled into her kitchen wasn't a REAL halloween party. Also I think her boyfriend may be an alcoholic.

No. 1078045

I stopped watching her a while ago because I just got kind of bored of her vlogs, but I was watching her a lot back when covid was first spreading really bad in the US and she had a bunch of videos complaining about people not staying home. it's weird honestly how she's done a 180 and is not taking it seriously at all now.

also this is petty as fuck but I have always thought her makeup and eyebrows look really unflattering.

No. 1078049

It might be that new dude she's with.

I used to watch her years ago. But I just got bored. She goes through this cycle where she dates a guy, moves in with him super quickly, and quits ger dayjob to just make candles. Then the guy turns out to be a jerk. But she can't move out because she's broke. So she stays with him, and as that relationship ends she starts a new one with another guy, and the cycle continues.

I feel kind of sorry for her. Because the guys really do seem like dicks. But jesus girl, learn. Just keep a job you can live off, and don't become dependent on some guy you just met.

No. 1078053

I've watched her on and off for a few years and yeah she is definitely a serial monogamous and you're probably right. she seems really happy with this guy, but she also seemed really happy with mike, her last bf, and that relationship turned out to be really toxic.

also, I just started watching the video and I'm confused. first she's saying it didn't really feel like a party, and she's sad not many people showed up etc. then she starts talking about how she's an introvert and doesn't like being around drunk people because they're talkative, and it's hard because she has "very little energy for people in the first place" and that being around people is draining. how is that not a huge contradiction like lol wut

No. 1078054

Adora, being a socially concious artist. Expressing herself and drawing att erntion to rape.

The T shirt she wore in her imfamous post is for sale for a ridiculous price.

You know, because she's not doing this for attention or personal gain.

No. 1078081

I've been on/off with her for many years but yeah I've noticed that she seems to not be able to keep a guy and has a tendency to choose some jerkish guys. I dunno if she just has bad taste or can't seem to pick up on the red flags but it seems like she's one of those people who wants to be financially supported by her partner while she gets to work on her personal hobbies and there's nothing wrong with that per say but in the position she's in, it's better to wait and keep working until you know you're with the right person and they are okay with you not working a regular job.

What was the situation with her ex-husband? That one guy named Kevin from back in 2012? Was he not a good guy? I don't think she ever really talked about why that relationship didn't last.

But yeah I also agree with how you pointed out her contradiction. How can she be disappointed that it wasn't a real party with lots of people if she admitted that she doesn't like being around a ton of people. As an introvert myself, I'd certainly prefer a small get together over a large one. I can understand her not wanting to be around a bunch of drunk people since I'm the same way myself but yeah, she totally contradicted herself towards the end.

No. 1078082

Who in their right mind would even buy it?

No. 1078087

I dunno. She's charging $100 000. So maybe a bunch of people with a granny rape fetish can pool their pennies. They'll each get a 5 min wank with the shirt.

No. 1078088

File: 1604868685924.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201108-214950.png)

The chipmunk is playing with guns now… Oh the stereotype

No. 1078091

Rare pic of her mouth closed. 2020 never lets up.

No. 1078098

She looks like a hillbilly trying to nab a squirrel for supper because there wasn't any roadkill out.

Also thanks Adam for pointing out it's a pelletgun. Because we all definitely assumed you had the connections to get a big boy gun.

They really love to LARP as proud protectors of the aryan race. But it's just aad.

No. 1078161

File: 1604876146311.jpg (459.19 KB, 1080x1517, 20201108_235520.jpg)

No. 1078184

All they’re missing are:
>one mangy mutt they throw beer bottles at
>a kid in a soggy nappy playing in the dirt and crying
>a mobile home or the trashiest UK equivalent
>a Chavmobile

No. 1078188

>a kid in a soggy nappy playing in the dirt and crying

Pretty sure they'll be getting started on that once lord ragnar the bloated and shovelface get married. Gotta get your mileage out of your tradwifu and expand those pure bloodlines.

No. 1078212

Her expression here reminds me of CWC.

No. 1078224

I think what she means is that she was expecting for people to come dressed up and actually participate in the halloween atmosphere. She was hoping that it would be something where people would dress up, play games and just participate in the spooky, halloweeny festivities. I think her "introvert" and "quiet" excuse was bascially code for she doesn't really fit in with the people her boyfriend seems to hang with. I think at first it was exciting and fun for her because he was taking her to bars and she was meeting new people, but it kind of wore off and now she's beginning to see it's not all what she thought it would be.

Also, I feel like her new boyfriend might be an alcoholic lowkey.

No. 1078321

Oh she's still active… posting lots about cancelling cancelculture, and sharing stuff her brownnosed followers send her.

No. 1078348

ever since I first started watching her she has always worked customer service jobs like food service and movie theatres.. I guess maybe that's another reason she becomes financially dependent because you don't make much money at those jobs.

and I have no idea what happened with kevin, but they are apparently still friends since she did a video with him recently.

No. 1078371

>They'll get a 5 min wank with the shirt.

Kek gross but funny.

Oh right, yeah I remember she used to work delivering Pizzas and a movie theatre. Yeah she works minimum wage jobs and you can't really live on that unless you already had lots of money saved up.

It's nice to hear that she's on good terms with her ex-husband and I do hope that this relationship she's in works out. I'm not a Leah Mouse fan and she sometimes says dumb stuff but I don't think she's an awful person like Adora or a scummbag like Jake.

No. 1078395

File: 1604903659132.png (774.69 KB, 596x582, drac.png)

Here it is. she also posted a spergy rant about how she's not goth anymore, because her ex-boyfriend was abusive and the local scene doesn't like her or something.

No. 1078421

lol at first glance I thought she was doing some kind of puppy makeup and I was like ah shit, not another one of these bitches getting into bdsm pupply play type shit.

honestly I think drac is pretty, despite that mustache

No. 1078506

I agree, she is actually pretty. She looks SO much better without the clown white foundation and with eyebrows. The darkening of her mustache though… idk what she's doing. Her entire personality went from goth to Kat to I'm Mexican. It's fine to be proud of your heritage, but that's her whole personality. Abby Brown might change her look and get a regrettable tattoo every other week, but she has an actual personality.

No. 1078593

File: 1604937599682.jpg (534.42 KB, 1080x1595, 20201109_165911.jpg)

Dorian is dabbling in harddrugs again.

No. 1078615

Holy crap anon you weren't joking. That is so cringe… I remember seeing her post about how she's not Goth anymore but I didn't know it was because of her ex-boyfriend.

She really needs to see a psychologist and get help if she's not already doing that now.

No. 1078835

File: 1604953372971.jpeg (42.54 KB, 320x240, 343FBD46-5E4D-412A-A016-AB279E…)

That absolute word salad, she must have been blasted when she wrote this.

I know she randomly mentioned going a month ago. Maybe she quit…

No. 1078993

Didnt this happen a while ago though? At least shes not trying to pretend shes goth which is more can be said for some here.


No. 1079166

>I know she randomly mentioned going a month ago. Maybe she quit…

I really hope she didn't, I feel a psychologist is the only person who can really help her sort through her problems and mental state.

>Didnt this happen a while ago though? At least shes not trying to pretend shes goth which is more can be said for some here.

Yeah I'll give her credit for being honest and not calling herself something she's not anymore which does give her some points compared to the others.

No. 1079169

File: 1604997459610.jpg (203.46 KB, 922x860, victoria.jpg)

from TT's twitter. like it's sad I guess but also thank god. who the fuck adopts a wild swan?

No. 1079211

Maybe if you'd paid attention to the many "don't feed the swan" signs throughout the park the swan wouldn@t spend all its time on land expecting to be fed.

No. 1079262

I was thinking this too. I wonder what happened

No. 1079273

I don’t know what it is, but nothing about this self-indulgent post seems sincere to me.

No. 1079381

I wonder what her patreon pledgers think. Do they even know their money is going towards fueling drugs?

No. 1079395

Well, she posts about it openly on insta. So probably.

I'm not saying her doing drugs is good in any way. But at least she's not lying about spending her patreon money on medical bills or charity or some shit. Which is better than some cows.

She also said she plans to just use a few timed, and she does this every couple of months to maintain sobriety. But that sounds like classic junkie "I can stop whenever I want to" logic to me. I'm not buying it until I see it.

I hope she does though, and continues therapy.

No. 1079414

Talking from experience: this is bullshit. You're just making excuses for yourself to use drugs. Then it's going to be more and more frequently because the drugs will stop hitting that hard. This is the textbook cycle of addiction.
The thing is: if you were ever adicted to something and you gotta stop, you have to stay away. There's no way you'll stop using if you keep using you know?
It doesn't matter if she says it's just a few times spaced out. If you're still thinking about dope, waiting till the day you'll use, planning etc… Dope is still on your mind, dictating what you do. No one in the history of the world got to ditch addiction by waiting anxiously for the day they'll be high. You're still depositing your happiness on drugs.

From one dope lover to the other, Dorian: if you gotta be high and productive enough to get your shit together, you gotta ditch the hard drugs and be a full time pot head. Like, be stoned all day everyday, it's still much more manageable, healthier and cheaper than doing heroin that comes from god knows where.

No. 1079581

>I'm not saying her doing drugs is good in any way. But at least she's not lying about spending her patreon money on medical bills or charity or some shit. Which is better than some cows.

Yeah no, shes still a trash fire and her patreons are idiots for fueling this. Lets not make excuses for her because some other cows do shitty things too.

No. 1079649

Would anyone who signs up for Dorian's patreon be surprised they spend the money on drugs?

No. 1079998

File: 1605101304462.jpg (309.86 KB, 1080x1973, 20201111_142657.jpg)

Of course she uses bodypos hashtags….

No. 1080010

Body positivity and #slender. Lets not forget how skinny she is. It is very important to constantly remind us.

No. 1080053

File: 1605107181160.jpg (532.46 KB, 1080x1559, 20201111_160535.jpg)

Guess Dorian is still in therapy.

No. 1080204

Leahmouse is also still friends with her last ex, that mike guy. She still catsits for him.

He started out as one of her subscribers, and they met in her comment section. Which may help explain why he was a creepy possessive controller. A bit of a red flag if you ask me.

No. 1080213

Ah I didn't know that he was a subscriber of hers. Yeah that does make a little sense really. Sometimes why it's best to not date a subscriber if you're a YouTuber.

No. 1080262

Genuine question: Is she mentally deficient? Holy fuck.

No. 1080274

Maybe. Adora was always a dumb cunt, noted more for her looks than her abillity to string a coherent thought together. But she does seem to have gotten more flagrantly retarded since her husband got sick of her shitvand left.

No. 1080516

She's trying to make her relationship look healthy. But she just makes it look more fucked up. So many red flags.

No. 1080583

She’s insecure.

No. 1080605

I have been wondering the same for years. And not, it's not "the aspergers" she pretends to have, no one with asperger's sounds like her, she sounds legit mentally retarded, always has. She always made very little sense, talks in a very weird pause manner… Honestly, it wouldn't me surprise me in the slightest of we found out she has problems with drugs, because one thing adora isn't is normal, let's be honest.

Does anyone knows if she has any history of drug use? it would explain A LOT

No. 1080629

I watched this video too.. I don't remember everything she said but it seemed like she was basically saying her bf likes to drink with his friends and she doesn't like it.

No. 1080798

I feel bad for her it probably was the only good thing in her life that gave her hope and happiness unlike jake
Least she gave the swan some comfort in it last few weeks

No. 1080892

Kinda awkward she called the swan Victoria when Victoria Lovelace is a known alt-goth influencer that she obviously is aware of, since she posted about Adora recently.

No. 1080916

File: 1605196539712.jpg (672.05 KB, 1080x1473, 20201112_165311.jpg)

Not allergic to racists though. Do your tradwife friend and her alphachud know how you feel?

I doubt it was any deeper than "I like victorian things, so Victoria."

No. 1081046

Waitaminute hold on, how does this prove shes on drugs? I read this as her saying being off them is hard. Clearly I am missing something?

No. 1081047

The video has been deleted can you describe it?

No. 1081079

Dabbling is a phrase she uses when she's back on the smack for a few days.

No. 1081080

She must have taken it down and then re-uploaded it. Or youtube took it down and she put it back up.

No. 1081169

With friends like Victoria Adora doesn't need enemies! Video was a car crash and a pain for my ears.

Is Victoria aiming for the throne and took the chance to trash Adora?
It she even smart enough for that?

I get the same vibe.

No. 1081218

What a reach

No. 1081269

Thank you anon!

No. 1081510

Naw. I think it really is as simple as her making adora the face of her makeup line. Now it's backfiring and she needs to distance herself.

No. 1081571

File: 1605287428881.jpeg (540.97 KB, 1125x2017, 1C2DA82F-9CE9-4A98-B4E5-C69116…)

Kat von D has gone full conspiracist with the pandemic. According to her and Rafael’s IG stories, they are currently looking at properties in Indiana to escape the “tyrannical” CA government. They flew by private jet. Doesn’t that go against their save the planet lifestyle?

No. 1081574

File: 1605287640104.jpeg (316.55 KB, 1125x2151, 102B8A40-3963-4734-8A0C-311C13…)


She also follows “turning point USA” and “the healthy American.” They post right wing talking points/conspiracies about the pandemic.

No. 1081624

That completely tracks. Antivax Kat feels oppressed because she has to wear a facemask in public and can't go to the paterpark or some shit. Such oppression.

Turning points is also extremely right wing and quite racist. Is anyone shocked? Considering her babydaddy has a swastika tattoo.

It would be hilarious though if she ended up in a compound in Indiana in a standoff with the FDA.

No. 1081644

I just had a hearty laugh at this organization’s website. KVD buys into the stupidest conspiracies

No. 1081652

They act like we are being whipped and shot at here. What a bunch of snowflakes.

No. 1081657

File: 1605296250755.jpg (346.77 KB, 1080x1850, 20201113_203605.jpg)

Adora is an ARTIST you guys!

No. 1081661

File: 1605296615452.jpg (416.18 KB, 1080x1842, 20201113_204126.jpg)


The healthy American.
Good to see that Kat isn't some fringe weirdo or anything. She listens to a lady who posts her research on facebook!

I don't think that's what "peer reviewed" means.

No. 1081685

File: 1605299546022.jpeg (Spoiler Image,85.05 KB, 1083x597, E0F49DF2-9F08-45B3-A8BA-E04610…)

Oh great! Another historical mansion for her to ruin with her 3edgy5me designs. Hope the ghosts haunt the shit out of them.

No. 1081720

Would anyone be super kind and give me a run down off all the reeree drama I just found out about her existence and really cba to read old forms
Please(lurk more)

No. 1081733

>really cba to read old forms

How is that our responsebillity?

But there is actually very little concrete milk there. She and her babydaddy broke up. They both dated other people. Reeree hooked up with some tattoo artist and that went south pretty quickly. She's single now. And she has a history of depression and suicide attempts. But very little is actually known about it.

No. 1081766

Probably smart of them to move somewhere with cheaper cost of living given the trajectory of their careers. But who is gonna buy that huge stupid, gaudy house in CA they spent so much time and money renovating?

No. 1081778

Other white trash? But it will certainly fit in with her becoming increasingly less relevant.

No. 1083032

She's a pig faced metalhead chick who is a famous youtube "goth", she had a husband, they fought and broke up like 100 times, they both drop hints at being suicidal, get new partners, are on an off instagram. That's all, not very milky

No. 1083845

File: 1605545974337.jpg (164.75 KB, 1080x754, 20201116_165851.jpg)

She will have spent hundreds on this.Wonder if people will remember when she inevitably starts begging for money again.

No. 1084100

OIC Ty anon!

No. 1084403

File: 1605589866930.png (488.41 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2020-11-16-20-10-31…)

No. 1084449

No. 1084494


Stop gatekeeping the lovestump with your facts people.

No. 1084501

Iirc she said years ago on her youtube channel she is diagnosed with borderline disorder and it makes sense she keeps changing her "persona" because that's something very bpd to do.

No. 1084536

Okay but aren't the white and yellow bits thread wax? Does she really want exposed wax against black clothing?

No. 1084651

It’s probably glass or a gem stone you retard

No. 1084720

File: 1605636178525.jpeg (214.9 KB, 1125x1972, 00C4DF99-3455-4341-8B7D-0146C2…)

I’m glad KVD hasn’t been personally affected by the pandemic but sharing this with her impressionable fans is so irresponsible.

No. 1084722

Good to see Kat is willing to sacrifice a bunch of people so she can have indoor dining.

Let's not drink bleach until nobody ever dies again.

No. 1084732

hope her unvaccinated child doesn't get sick

No. 1084875

File: 1605645676930.jpg (98.37 KB, 1080x439, 20201117_204114.jpg)

No. 1084882

14 hours is like a week worth of playing, why is he being such a pissbaby about it?

No. 1084897

He knows this tweet will earn him seven new game cartridges and a brand new Switch when his lonely Twitch viewers catch on.
No dark cloud hanging over MY lovestump, no.

No. 1084903

What a pussy lmao are we’re supposed to feel sorry for him? The Zelda games have a huge following so I’d be careful to shit on it but I guess that what being ~edgy~ is about

No. 1084915

Fancy throwing a tantrum and destroying something like that over it too.Those cartridges cost a lot of money to some people, especially during these times and with Christmas on the way. Tone deaf much.

No. 1084972

This. Throwing a tantrum like that is just overreacting. He's just trying to get a new game for free or possibly Switch.

No. 1085001

It sounds more like he's a moron who started a new file, played it for 14 hours without saving, which crashed the Switch, then became even more of a moron by destroying the cartridge when the mistake was his own. Also hilarious to chimp out over Zelda of all things, which are all pretty chill games.

No. 1085144

She bought some reproduction costume jewelry. It's one of the least offensive things she's done.

I wonder how many people she feels it is okay to get sick and possibly kill in order for her to not have to stay in. What's the ratio here?

Literal toddler. How can people look at this brat, stunted in so many ways, and shove more money his way?

No. 1085197

Except each individual piece costs around $50 on etsy

No. 1085375

So? She spends hundreds a month on a studio she doesn't need and won't use. You're weirdly hung up on this.

No. 1085464

So Emily has gotten her cheeks pierced in the middle of a pandemic. Any decent piercer wouldnt dare do an oral piercing right now. She must of went to a dodgy piercer since one was pierced at an angle. The bars weren't big enough for swelling. As well as being pierced with low quality jewellery. The piercer wasnt even wearing a mask properly.

It's also confirmed shes training to be a piercer

No. 1085506

First getting a tattoo during covid while sick. And now this.

No way in hell would I trust her to pierce me if this is the kind of behaviour she finds acceptable in other artists.

No. 1086062


Is there a reason she didn't get the piercings in her natural dimples? They look weirdly placed but I cba to watch the whole video

No. 1086115

>>1086062 her dimples are from previous piercings, not natural dimples. She said she couldnt go through them again because they were pierced incorrectly and causes teeth issues.

No. 1086131

So what you're saying is… she went to a shitty piercer when she got her previous set and it backfired.

Sort of like she should have learned from that experience…

No. 1086171

File: 1605795478773.jpeg (687.87 KB, 1242x2126, 16F3996A-2D4D-4457-90BF-167268…)

No. 1086175

File: 1605795642040.jpeg (640.85 KB, 1242x1970, 7C3885B6-EC5B-4698-AB15-18BEDD…)

No. 1086249

Oh god not to be a ass but they are so wonky the left side so much higher then the other side and having to change the bar yourself because they gave you the wrong size yikes
But they really suit her

No. 1086341

What the fuck is going on here? The gold on her hairline looks like severe dandruff. And is she always this horribly shooped? This pictre looks way worse than >>1086175

No. 1086424

File: 1605818355646.jpg (267.84 KB, 1080x720, Screenshot_20201119-203848_Chr…)

So turns out the Swan was actually male and well known in the park.
TT of course isn't as special as she thought she was and is now sulking because of it.

No. 1086444

No. 1086448


"My 82-year-old father would visit it every day during lockdown and developed a lovely relationship with him. During lockdown he has felt very isolated inside the house, and he would walk a three mile round trip just to see and check up on it if I wasn't able to take him,

"The swan had recently split with its breeding partner after their eggs didn't hatch this summer, and you could tell how upset he was about it. You could tell that it just didn't know what to do with itself.

>It's pretty funny she thought it was a female and there was someone else who visited him more regularly than she did.

No. 1086456

File: 1605820726418.png (447.1 KB, 978x842, dd5eb349d8187a7072516869cf8e92…)

She's actually arguing with people on the newspapers FB page

Link: https://www.facebook.com/BelfastLiveOnline/posts/2346988782112772

No. 1086483

File: 1605824008946.jpg (444.92 KB, 1079x1511, Screenshot_20201119-221308_Fac…)

"A friend of her's" > actual park ranger

No. 1086530


As much as Kaya is a doofus for making it all about her narcissistic pain that they aren't using her name for the swan, if she got more active in her local community and animal welfare it seems like it would be good for her - Kaya should go volunteer at a rescue centre and get out of the fucking house. Her life is so boring and I honestly pity her atm, she'd have things to talk about in her videos if she actually did something rather than just bought stuff.

The swan sitting on the dead eggs is a useful allegory for your life Kaya.

No. 1086550

Tinfoil. But does she actually have a friend who does animal rescue?

No. 1086553

That would involve actual work though and we all know how she feels about that. It's all about the ~aesthetic~ for her and if she can't wear cute outfits and take pretty pictures posing with the animals she won't be interested.

She will say that she doesn't have the "time"

No. 1086665

Jake streamed live today playing the ps5 and made at least nearly $2000 someone actually donated $500 but I'm sure soon they will be crying about how broke they are

No. 1086826

Does she feel like the swan cheated on her since she wasn't the only special animal lover visiting it and giving it a name?

No. 1086852

Honestly embarrassing; this is the most engaged she has been with anything in a while and of course she just has to get the last word in. Not even sure why she is so buttblasted about the swan being male.

No. 1086904

File: 1605851722222.png (1.01 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2020-11-19-20-54-50…)

No. 1086960

Imagine you were the elderly pentioner who lovingly interacted with this swan. First it dies, and then this crazy girl tries to claim that ACTUALLY it was a girl and it's real name is victoria and it loved ME!

Well done stumpy. Fleeced some more gullible "snacs."

No. 1086989

File: 1605876799859.jpg (203.95 KB, 1045x511, Screenshot_20201120-125301_Chr…)

And then there's people like this

No. 1087043

Please Lord tell me they are trolling her…lmfao Kaya is the one who is being a jagoff and it was a bird not fucking RuPaul.

I can’t.

No. 1087119

The park is called Victoria park, I think - she just named it after where it was

No. 1087160

>misgendering a swan

I can't with the people online in 2020. If they actually cared about the damn swan they'd be happy to find out there were more people helping and caring for it, and it wasn't alone during times they weren't visiting.

No. 1087353

Misgendering a swan?

Okay Kaya, I know this is hard for you to understand… but…

The Swan Does Not Give a Fuck.

People care. Because they have an understanding of gender. It's linked to their identity and place in society. Therefore misgendering somebody is hurtful.

Swans care about eating, pooping, and making more swans. Not genderconstructs.

In fact, it's not entirely clear if swans can actually identify individual humans. The swan probably did not know who you were, beyond 'one of the blobs that bring food.'

No. 1088186

I feel sad for her that the swan got killed….but jesus I'm sure Victoria/Stephen the swan couldn't be arsed about gender.

Really hope she is able to get some counseling, because this whole thing is probably a manifestation of way deeper issues.

No. 1088201

File: 1605998030499.jpeg (970.86 KB, 828x1363, 709F209B-1D16-4780-A99C-34620D…)

What new crafts do you guys think Lauren is getting into? Is she finally going to come out as a nationalist or is she going to maybe ramp up the nudie shit? Stay tuned…

No. 1088215

Closing your mouth shouldn't be considered a craft.

It's probably bread baking or mead brewing or some seemingly wholesome tradwench shit that will keep her chud in carbs.

Or indeed, nudes.

No. 1088217

I agree with this. Kaya is a narcissistic doofus as you said but this is definitely good for her because it's getting her out of that musty house and into the real world which is what she needs to do more of.

That is so sad to hear.. Like do these people just randomly donate that much money to him or does he have to do something to earn it?

?Imagine you were the elderly pentioner who lovingly interacted with this swan. First it dies, and then this crazy girl tries to claim that ACTUALLY it was a girl and it's real name is victoria and it loved ME!

kek I can't

Pretty much part of this whole "me Me Me" culture we're living in right now…

No. 1088278

He's super inspiring because he plays videos games and tries not to laugh at stupid videos and films it lol I actually don't hate jake sometimes his videos are mildly entertaining but like hell I would give him money I really hope these ppl throwing $500 at him are super rich or something they should spend it on therapy though

No. 1088667

Mara fucks up her hair and asks her subscribers to give her content ideas.

She can't make content with the mean girls of the north anymore. She can't go anywhere because of covid, and a lot of her new friends are too fasci to draw attention to anyway.

For an "artist" she sure is struggling to come up with creative ideas.

No. 1089229

Why doesn’t she talk about her clothing line with Nina? Make some jewelry? Or just talk about her life? It really isn’t that difficult. They can only make content when they are either at a festival drunk or getting on a plane every five minutes.

No. 1090023

I functioned pretty well on darknet H for years, she's being an attention whore like all the idiots at the local clinic bawling for their meds.

No. 1091325

See ole MC stumpy legs has bought himself a brand new motorbike! Wonder if he's had to have it adjusted to fit his stumps

No. 1091365

Imageboard. Got a source on that?

No. 1091964

File: 1606371314799.jpg (724.28 KB, 1080x2157, 20201126_071053.jpg)

From his IG story. Does anyone recall if he has a driving license for that ?

No. 1092026

Yeah he has been doing his mods. Not sure if he has passed his theory test yet.

Bought a new bike and also a tattoo in same day… I might start live streaming to rob vunrable people too

No. 1092088

Watch him treat it like his e-board. Use it intensely for two months and then take an uber everywhere.

No. 1092099

So.. stumpy always complains about the rain where he lives, yet he's gonna ride a motorbike everywhere? I don't know much about riding motorbikes but doing it in the rain is pretty dangerous, isn't it?

No. 1092112

It's also horrible ridding in the rain especially in UK winters.

I bet he poses more with the bike than he actually rides it!

He'll end up trying to show off and wrap himself around a pole

No. 1092132

>He'll end up trying to show off and wrap himself around a pole
Yes. But horizontally. Lenghtwise there isn't enough of him to wrap around a pole.

No. 1092171

Will he be about to stop st traffic lights if he cant reach the floor

No. 1092248

Will he have Kaya on the back or will that disrupt the weight balance?

No. 1092271

Actually since they weigh the same itll balance out the bike lol. That is, if he's really going to ride it and it isnt just for show. Because of how people throw money at him I wouldn't he surprised if this was an impulse purchase

No. 1092294

File: 1606419238856.png (2 MB, 1080x1920, sketch-1606419418227.png)

This is just hilarious! Psychara is getting more ignorant every day

No. 1092329

Someone should directly ask her about Mai and moth. She is the one who will tell the truth of them tbh.

No. 1092360

Kaya begged for an e-board too, fell of it and is now crying for a pair of rollerskates.
Jake will pose on the bike for his thirsty fangirls and then make Kaya drive him everywhere if she ever gets her licence.
My bet she will moan for a vintage car for the 'aesthetic'which will inevitably become a money pit

No. 1092409

Will she though? Given how she pleads ignorance about Lauren's shit?

No. 1092429

Anyone know what happened to Jake and Kayas snakes?

No. 1092476

She will just get mad, either come here and drop a deuce about how we “don’t understand” how social media works, or just go off on a spiel about how it’s a private matter (the irony) despite this shit being visible kek.

No. 1092556

I thought they just died?

No. 1092607

And Tonks the scorpion thing too.

No. 1092644

File: 1606468600036.jpg (158.02 KB, 1079x482, Screenshot_20201126-214636_Chr…)

Seriously…why are companies still sponsoring her ?

No. 1092653

I am surprised unboxings are still a thing…she’s really stuck in that Youtube bubble from 2016 when that shit was relevant.

No. 1092771

Wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't actually give a shit about the fashion anymore and is just locked into it. She'd probably be more into edwardian/victorian style if she could choose.

No. 1094293

File: 1606634595981.png (53.3 KB, 754x454, Untitled.png)

….. as if she doesn't fucking whine all summer long too. I hope she wastes all her money on her studio and has to get a real job. lazy fucking fat bitch.

No. 1094327

I wonder if she realises it's actually illegal to uproot wild plants.

Not that it's the worst crime in the world but why does she feel entitled to do this?

No. 1094431

The song and dance she made about clearing her attic and now the studio. Guaranteed she will get more content out of transforming it than actually using it.

No. 1094467

Toxic Tears mostly does unboxings. She never does any actual real content worth a damn to be honest.

No. 1094549

this is true. as much as I hate froyo, at least she puts some semblance of effort into her content to make it watchable. kaya just whines, begs and unboxes ad nauseum. oh, and killstar hauls.

No. 1094952

No. 1095304

Well, that's depressingly stupid.

No. 1095363

I hate to admit tit because I think Froyo's content is boring as well but I will agree with this because if I had to choose which Altcow I'd rather watch between the two, I'd watch Froyo over Toxic if push came to shove.

No. 1096092

File: 1606835156545.jpg (710.77 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20201201-160511_You…)

Mara's hair keeps getting worse.

Just stop fucking with it for five minutes.

No. 1096537

inb4 she shaves that whole fucking side from the damage.

Someone get this bitch some deep conditioner.

No. 1096634

I'm honestly wondering if there are any decent looking plus size goths

No. 1096719

That came out of nowhere.

And might just be a "you" problem.

No. 1096989

I would say me but I hate myself


No. 1097345

Mara sure isn't really good looking

No. 1097347

No. 1097633

Lisa is trying to update the 40 years of goth video, yet is still trying to include gothic lolita and "gothic metal". She clearly has not tried to apply any criticism from the last video. Why is she so adamant about shoving other subcultures into goth? To make more feel included?

No. 1097740

Wouldn't be surprised if she didn't compensate any of the people that send in videos. Paying in insta fame while she gets all the ad revenue for doing nothing but editing.

No. 1097838

She seems to be a Canadian Jillian Venters, in that every dark subculture is goth somehow. I also don't understand her obsession with getting non-goths to model for her, it always looks terrible and unauthentic, because they aren't in the scene.

She also tends to add people's preferred styles, hence the generic pinup look, that model wears that irl, it's why it looked good. The emo look in the male one? The guy had an emo phase. Also that "I need a model from Japan because they fully understand gothic lolita" is cringe, I guess Rose Nocturnalia doesn't understand it. She'd be a good model because she's goth and into gothic lolita.

No. 1097867

I wonder if there was some sort of contract and that's why she still gets boxes. Can't imagine why else. She doesnt even do them on time, even with the laziest type of content (unboxings) she manages to make it even lazier.

No. 1097897

I don't think gothic lolita should be in there since it's not really related to goth. I don't get the wanting a Japanese model either, if anything they would be more critical. They would laugh at that last example of lolita shown.

I doubt she would cast Rose Nocturnalia. Lisa surrounds herself with poseurs and calls real goths that actually try to explain to her the subculture "haters".

No. 1098090

Probably, I can imagine she has some kind of agreement as unboxings don’t pull views anymore like they used to. Everyone else has moved on but she is still opening these things lol.

No. 1098388

File: 1607032622384.png (223.95 KB, 335x593, Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 12.4…)

Of course they are antivaxxers.

No. 1098393

File: 1607032790070.jpeg (162.69 KB, 535x313, 0182867F-9AF5-46F4-83E0-66DE4C…)

Not surprising coming from this lot. Can’t help the globalist monkeys of doom from spoiling that pure aryan blut.

No. 1098414

File: 1607033754572.jpg (19.02 KB, 530x318, s8_meganav_nosferatu.jpg)


I do not understand why she has her teeth hanging out like that all the time. She looks fucking miserable to boot and her makeup is awful. No milk I just think she's actually not hideous but voluntarily makes herself look like a demented vampire rabbit.

No. 1098443

I don’t get it either, she can look pretty when she wants to. She needs to see this kid’s dentist and get that shit knocked out. Bet she whistles when she breathes.

No. 1098451

Of course they are. Wait until they start bitching about George Soros trying to kill off all the pureblooded white folk wirh his evil vaccines.

Honestly, if it didn't also jeapordise other people, I'd say fuck it. Let them see if their healthy outdoor activities and pure aryan blood are any match for the virus. But it isn't that simple.

No. 1098470

File: 1607037199117.png (708.02 KB, 1280x800, Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 23.1…)


That's the thing though, her teeth don't protrude like that kid (poor guy), looking at her youtube videos her teeth are a bit big but she can close her mouth fine, she just chooses to do this slack jawed pose for every. single. photo. I don't understand.

No. 1098474

Maybe someone told her they have a tooth fetish.

No. 1098503

Maybe fagsfar likes his women not just simple and obedient, but downright special needs.

When he said he was looking for breeding stock, did he mean looking like an actual goat? Is huge toofses some aryan racial feature we just haven't heard of?

No. 1098812

She looks like Onision's wife here

No. 1098820

Does Jillian Venters get on anyone else's nerves or is it just me? Harmless and not milky but annoying?

No. 1099259

Oh God.. The original videos were bad enough on their own with shoving non-Goth stuff in it like Gothic Lolita, Steampunk, Pastel Goth, New Romantic, Emo, and Edwardian. I can only imagine how this one is gonna turn out.

> I also don't understand her obsession with getting non-goths to model for her, it always looks terrible and unauthentic, because they aren't in the scene.

Thank you anon, I agree with this as well. Why can't she just get local Goths in her scene to do the modeling? It'll be more authentic and you'll have someone who knows what the Goth scene is and how to really jibe with the vibe sorta speak.

And I second Rose Nocturnalia. As much as I think Gothic Lolita should not be included in a video called "40 years of GOTH" because Gothic Lolita doesn't come from the scene, Rose would be the best candidate for this since she knows both subcultures fairly well.

Jillian Venters is someone who I don't really follow and I do find her a little annoying and does spread misinformation what with her thinking that being Darkly-Inclined is what makes you Goth, I think she's relatively harmless. At the most she just spreads some misinformation when it comes to Goth but aside from that, she hasn't really done anything heinous or scammed people out of money.

No. 1099282

She's annoying, she's been in the scene for decades, knows her shit musically, but panders and lies instead of educating her audience (MCR iz goff uwu). Not to mention that moronic Sweet Mommy Cupcake Goff persona.

Since we can bring up random people now, does anyone else think Angela Benedict is a fake ass clout chaser? I had a lot of respect for her, but I've just noticed some stuff that's quite off.

Rose is also in the same city as "Liisa". I guess the only good thing about these videos is they show the importance of the music. Fascinating how a goth can style a non-goth in the exact same clothes they wore back then, do their makeup, and hair, and somehow it still looks fake.

No. 1099304

File: 1607113911604.jpeg (Spoiler Image,52.44 KB, 655x492, 8C4852A7-3948-49CB-A002-20BA5F…)

can not unsee

No. 1099317

Das optische Gegenteil arischen Aussehens

She looks weird af

No. 1099449

She looks like the village simpleton in a 1970s British folkhorror film.

No. 1099540

She looks a lot prettier here than in her photoshoot.

No. 1099604

In cemetery confessions, Lisa claimed to be in the goth scene for years. She thinks she's above criticism because she's an "eldergoth" and will only argue with people that "know their stuff". The new video is probably going to turn out just as bad because she still refuses to listen to legitimate criticism from goths in the scene.

At this point, I'm thinking Lisa's including gothic lolita just to make lolitas annoyed, since there were so many comments on the first video. Again, in cemetery confessions Lisa said she would accept criticism from subcultures she didn't know anything about, but adding gothic lolita yet again just shows she doesn't care.

No. 1099743

What did Angela do? I just got back into watching her content after her hiatus.

No. 1099748

RE:Angela Benedict
There's a few things I've caught over the years that just seem off.
It feels like she exaggerated some of her stories and her old IG photos looked really different-no indication of goth at all, no hashtags related to the subculture.
Once, during a livestream someone made a comment along the lines of Angela's taste in music changing. Angela had mentioned that this was someone she knew from her past but seemed to avoid actually responding to the particular comment. It was weird…

No. 1099769

> Rose is also in the same city as "Liisa". I guess the only good thing about these videos is they show the importance of the music. Fascinating how a goth can style a non-goth in the exact same clothes they wore back then, do their makeup, and hair, and somehow it still looks fake.

Oh I didn't know that Rose lived in the same city, even better then and Lisa should definitely reach out to her. But yeah your comment on how the outfits at the end of the day looked "fake" is kinda true. I think the only one that looked somewhat natural was when she styled the male model in Deathrock, that looked pretty legit and someone you'd see at a 45 Grave or Virgin in Veil concert but everything else just looked costumey, especially in the woman version.

I didn't see that episode of Cemetery Confessions but hearing that, yeah she seems to be full of it. It was already bad enough when she included "Emo" in the men's Goth fashion video and yeah Gothic Lolita is not Goth but honestly most of the things she included in those videos were not Goth. She didn't even play Goth music in them. I get that she probably didn't want to deal with licensing issues but she could've commissioned a musician to whip up a simple little post-punk/goth rock sounding instrumental to go along with the video. That is why I have to wonder if she really does care about Goth or only cares about attention whoring with it, especially if she's not taking any critiques from Goths in the scene.

I feel like Angela probably doesn't mean to exaggerate her stories but it just appears that way because she has a way of explaining things. You've got me curious on the old IG photo thing though. Are you thinking that she wasn't actually Goth in the 90s or something? Personally I feel she was and I remember in one of her older videos she explained how one of her ex-boyfriends tried to change her and maybe that would explain why she didn't look the way she does now during that time.

No. 1099793

you keep saying something is "off" about Angela Benedict what is it about Angela that is off, elaborate

No. 1099857

Didn't Angela show some of her photos from her teenage goth years? I feel like ayrt just has a vedetta against Angela Benedict. She's annoying, but she doesn't seem like a posere like Kaya.

No. 1099863

Are you talking about posts on her old ig, anon? When I scroll back on her page, the first post is from 2018 and the caption implies someone else deleted her old account

No. 1099867

Right I think reaching for Angela is a waste. She's not like poser Kaya or scammer Froyo and at the very least, can come off more likeable and she hasn't done anything milky. I dunno anon, I think you're probably reading a bit too much with her.

No. 1100002

Angela did make a video about how her abusive ex hated goth and she went through a "normal" phase to try and appease him.

No. 1100010

I don't like her recent streams for that reason, she was friendlier in her earlier ones, now if someone corrects her on something, or brings up a good point and they clearly aren't dumb or a little kid that she can make fun of, she will ignore them and her followers take note and do the same. It's very cult like and sad, because it used to not be that way.

But what I meant was, she was quite bold when she started making goth videos, saying that hauls are shallow and contribute nothing to the scene, even better, on her interview with Skullgirdle and Count on CC, she said those people weren't goth, they pissed her the fuck off, and were misrepresenting the subculture.

But then you realize she ran and befriended the two most popular shallow posers with zero personality outside of dark clothes, Kaya and Ree Ree. She did this the moment she started making goth-centered videos. And I get it, popular friends even if they are fakes, they grow your channel. But clearly posers don't piss her off as badly as she acts like they do in videos and interviews. It's all very performative.

There is some other things but I think my post will be too long and that would just annoy everyone, so whatever.

No. 1100055

Look. If you have milk, share it. Nobody will care if it's a longer post. If you keep vaguely hinting at stuff it just looks like you have an irrational hate boner for Angela.

No. 1100139

Her recent streams huh? Honestly I haven't watched her recent streams in a while now so I haven't seen the change in attitude you're alluding to. I'll have to tune into her next stream then but also like >>1100055 said, if you have more milk about why you think she's not all that great, then share it. It'd help if you have some screenshots but we understand that is not always possible to get, especially if the person doesn't keep their streams up which Angela doesn't seem to do. But if you have anything you want to mention that we should be more wary of in future stream she does then shoot.


But then you realize she ran and befriended the two most popular shallow posers with zero personality outside of dark clothes, Kaya and Ree Ree.

Didn't Angela mention that she didn't really know Kaya's reputation before shit hit the fan when Jake shat on Goth in a livestream? I didn't know she was friends with Ree Ree though.

No. 1100351

Wait a minute. Kai decadence got frozen out on her livestream because of his terf shit.

And was super butthurt about it.

And posts here.

No. 1100365

seems to me that this is one person who just wants to start shit with a bunch of people because he / she is butt hurt about some childishness on their part, they cant tell us why angela is fake or wrong, and when you confront them about it, it changes to "she is just annoying" or something, but also never tells us why… i have seen no change in her streams, she has hundreds of people who show up, participate in the stream, and are just overall happy to be there…. i would say this person did something wrong in her stream, got chewed, and are now pointing fingers at her for something they did wrong… if you cant tell us why SHE is the problem, then the problem is most likely YOU…

No. 1100376

Kai is literally above you, learn how to tell the difference.

Eh, I don't get the defense, she overexaggerates and is a hypocrite.

Claimed that shit rapper Baby Goth was saying racial slurs in her music, which wasn't even true. It was some other shit "g0FF" rapper named Trippie Redd, said there's pictures of the girl doing drugs and posing with them on google, but outside of bags of weed? Nothing. I don't get lying on people because they're posers who make bad music.

Unfriended Ruadhan for being retarded, understandable, who wants to be friends with someone who makes fun of people dying and doesn't care? Yet she's done the same in her Furby Typewriter video. I guess making fun of others (Lil Peep) dying from an overdose is fine as long as they're a poser. "I guess he's goth now because he's dead."

It's just hypocritical, her outrage at certain things is very performative, she holds people up to a certain standard, but is free to say anything and do as she pleases. And that's why it's sad, she clearly knows better, she has called these types out before. But her audience doesn't care as long as they get 90s goth stories.

No. 1100464

When you say "performative", do you mean that she tries to paint herself as perfect? Like what Jillian Venters does with her "cupcake sweet" persona? I don't remember her making fun of Lil Peep.

No. 1100488

More so "performative outrage". The video is still up, It's called When A Furby Loves on a Typewriter, I don't care about untalented rappers who misuse the term goth, but I was shocked when she said that. I'm no sensitive SJW, but the way she presents herself, never would've thought that would come out of her mouth at all. Her father died from an overdose, too. Just plain weird. The video itself is too long, like 5 hours. Skip around the 1 to 3 hour marks and listen for "Peep, rap, Soundcloud".

No. 1100512

You seem to mostly mention stuff that rubs you specifically the wrong way, rather than actual milk.

Also, if you want us to find something in a 5 hour video, just fucking timestamp it.

I'm with the other anons. Seems like Angela just ignored you and now you're sperging out.

No. 1100535

No, I've been disappointed in her for the past year or so. Nothing milky, but this is where I lost all respect for her: her freaking out on Twitter because someone had the audacity of critiquing the Sophie Lancaster project, and her thinking that said same person called her a racist

She put a direct link to the user's IG account, and all of her sycophants started to harass and threaten this user.

What I find hilariously hypocritical is that her and the owner of Necromancy where up in arms for IBF and Kaya doing the same thing with their followers. Rules for thee not for me.

This person tried to clear things up with Angela, but she just left her on read. As far as I know she ended up deleting all of her IG content.

Here's where Angela brings up this person on Twitter

No. 1100628

File: 1607217836780.jpg (573.05 KB, 1080x1683, 20201206_021851.jpg)

It's an imageboard Anon.


But she's screencapping a post somebody made on a public instagram account, and presumably intended for public viewing.

No. 1100655

Um, no?

I watch her livestreams and she said that Kai gave her the opportunity to unfriend him because of his views. it happened privately between them, according to her.

it was ruadhan who got muted/blocked from her livestreams because he kept sperging about lockdown, and when a girl said he should meditate for his anxiety he told her to go fuck herself.

No. 1100788

I missed that livestream but I did hear that Ruadhan was acting mentally unhinged and went off on a girl who was trying to give him advice which is pretty fucked. I wasn't there though when it happened but I'm assuming it must have been a shit show. I also didn't know that about Angela and Kai's falling out but it doesn't sound like it was as messy as what happened with Ruadhan. It sounds like you saw that livestream, was it really just that? A simple unfollowing because of a difference of views between her and Kai or was it worse than that in the livestream itself when she was explaining it? And with Ruadhan, did he ever bring up the falling out he had with Angela?

No. 1100793

Her other IG. The one that got deleted. The early photos before she started making goth videos. She looked different, wasn't using anything related to goth in her hashtags. It's all gone now, cant find them anywhere. They were your typical "IG model" posts.

No. 1100832

Sorry not the same anon but he hasn’t as far as I can remember.

No. 1100857

Ah okay. I would check out his videos to see but he just rambles on a little too much for my taste.

No. 1100858

I'm watching her stream right now and Ruadhan is there, but he is using a different account. I guess they are still friends, she just temporarily muted him. And yeah their unfriending sounding fairly amicable according to her.

No. 1100933

Yeah I saw that she was livestreaming earlier but missed it, thanks for the heads up on. I wonder if she'll leave the stream up because I know she doesn't keep all of them up.

No. 1100964

I wonder if this lines up with the video where she talked about how when she was with her first(?) husband she basically completely changed her style to please him.

No. 1100977

This is the video where she talks about her abusive ex and normie phase.

No. 1101022

File: 1607258580072.png (102.4 KB, 1208x318, Screen Shot 2020-12-06 at 4.41…)

Reeree's new account for anyone who is interested.

I was unable to find this before for whatever reason as it seems she was tweeting on it for a while.


No. 1101093

The photos were from 2015/16, before she started making goth videos. The old videos on her channel weren't goth related either
Funny that she goes live right when her name gets brought up here…

No. 1101133

File: 1607273497443.jpeg (177.89 KB, 1125x1152, 8229FE68-82FA-4E7B-9F6D-AF4904…)

This fucking privileged bitch! As if she isn’t married to a former gang member who had been arrested and put in jail.

No. 1101210

Wow Kat. Remember when a friend of your husband had sex with your underage daughter. And instead of reporting it to the police he disowned her?

But yes. People who get vaccinated are the REAL criminals.

No. 1101305

File: 1607282676903.png (501.26 KB, 720x833, Screenshot_2020-12-06-10-20-46…)

To all of the anons/anon who is tinfoiling Angela only recently became goth for clout, have you done any lurking? She is always posting old photos of herself and yes she dresses alternatively in them. In fact the thumbnail for her most recent live stream was an old picture.

It's totally fine to not like Angela. Wish people would just be honest instead of making things up.

No. 1101306

File: 1607282717872.png (223.22 KB, 720x453, Screenshot_2020-12-06-10-22-53…)

No. 1101353

File: 1607284257725.png (164.01 KB, 720x1047, Screenshot_2020-12-06-10-50-45…)

Description for this pic. Sorry forgot to include it.

No. 1101359

File: 1607284348718.png (Spoiler Image,597.21 KB, 720x1060, Screenshot_2020-12-06-10-50-08…)

No. 1101367

File: 1607284482398.png (77.3 KB, 720x494, Screenshot_2020-12-06-10-50-16…)

No. 1101500

I can hear her oinking through my computer.

Possible tinfoil but I wonder if it's ruadhan stirring up shit again.

No. 1101580

Thank you anon. As someone who has watched Angela for awhile now, she's always showed old photos of herself including some from her teenage days where she definitely looked Goth and she was already transparent about that brief period in time where she tried to be "normal" to appease her judgmental ex-husband. She obviously reconnected with her old self after she cut ties from that relationship. Agreed, you don't have to like Angela but try to avoid the tinfoiling when it comes to her past as she's mostly been open about that stuff.

What would Ruadhan gain from stirring up shit by trying to throw Angela under the bus? I know he's a bit off his rocker but I'm not sure if he'd try to pull something like that on Angela.

No. 1101592

CC posted a video. I guess they roast IBF (again) and Adora. I haven't watched it, but here's the link if anyone wants it.
When did she say she was friends with kaya? Last I heard she didn't like kaya, because she and her followers harassed one of Angela's friends.

No. 1101604

>What would Ruadhan gain from stirring up shit by trying to throw Angela under the bus?

Attention, clout. You could ask that same question when he was obsessing over Freyja and Kaya a few months ago.

No. 1101641

Good point I suppose. I didn't think about that since Angela has been inactive for quite awhile now. It's sad really because if Ruadhan actually focused on making good content, he wouldn't have to feel the need to try to gain attention & clout from drama.

No. 1101787

And that time Dorian and him got into a spergoff.

Hell, he's got videos on his channel bitching about trisha paytas. He'll do anything for clout. Because clout means attention for whatever ebegging scheme he's running this week.

No. 1101811

Let me sum it up for you: More complaining about Killstar and IBF. The Count throwing unnecessary academic jargon into every conversation because he's a "professional goth". Aytakk being obnoxious. Oh, and there's some drama with the band Sonsombre-no details given tho.

No. 1101830

Finally quit following her when she tried to get patrons to support her channel then proceeded to announce that was going to use the money for injectables. How about using the money to support goth creators and do reviews, or buy equipment, or anything at all related to the goth scene or your channel! Why would you advertise that you are using the goth scene to buy money for your facial fillers?? Tacky. Also, if someone is gonna low-key brag about their skincare regime and looking young, they could at least not edit the shit out of every photo. And those videos when she was all blown out looking like damn Billy Idol eyes without a face?? hella cringe.

No. 1101881

When did Angela say this? Is it on twitter or a livestream? Screencaps would really prove this.

No. 1101904

So, I took a peek at her current Pateron. She mentions some stuff about taking them along for skincare procedures in her about/goals sections. Looks like she removed the part about wanting to use some of the money to do reviews about injectables specifically, but it was there back around 2017/8. I remember because at the time I was a big fan and wanted to support her. Reading that just turned me off from giving her any money.

No. 1101920

Are people really accusing Angela of being a clout chaser? Kek. Shes always been honest and not fake in the slightest.

Thats one thing him and dorian have in common, although they do it in different ways. Maybe thats why they hate each other.

No. 1101939

I didn't even know she had a patreon. wow.

No. 1102064

Does that even work? Do people actually throw money at Ruadhan when he's doing these drama videos only to plug his e-begging avenues? I would hope not but then again you have people who donate money, sometimes a lot, to Fake Munro so why not for Ruadhan as well.

No. 1102068

Lol thank you. I really can't stand them. This once girl I know went on an episode. Her only contribution to the scene is being popular on ig. Kind of like the people they shit on, but she looks like Siouxsie, so they give her a pass.

No. 1102104

They do that a lot. It's like how r/goth hate selfies being posted, but it's fine if the person looks like Siouxsie or Robert Smith.

No. 1102132

Sometimes. It worked when he did his video about IBF to plug his exterminator fundraising. People didn't know him then and that video got a lot of sympathy from people who dislike Froyo. But his patreon is not very effective.

He did recently get someone to buy him a new folding bike though.

No. 1102150

File: 1607342037858.jpg (426.46 KB, 1080x1487, 20201207_125308.jpg)

Sage for no actual milk. I just thought Mai looks special needs here.

No. 1102207

Like a lot of scammers, he is just casting his net widely because he had started getting a little pushback for the constant ebegging and buying retarded shit. The subreddit he frequents for donations had also started questioning his poor spending habits and money management skills, because it was literally every month he would be begging for something.

No. 1102215

File: 1607353513511.jpeg (639.43 KB, 828x1519, 0272B6A6-474C-4A0F-9B95-8D9CF9…)

Samefagging but a recent example.

He had more but some look like they got deleted.

No. 1102227

Yeah I remember his rant against Froyo though I didn't know about the exterminator thing. I do remember hearing about the bike but that's only because I saw it posted in the previous thread. I've tried watching Ruadhan's videos in the past but they're just as disorganized as Dorian's are with how he goes off topic sometimes and rambles. I just don't understand why he doesn't make actually engaging content. Drama videos while entertaining, is not the best way to build an audience in the long run.

No. 1102229

Same anon above.
Oh right, yeah I know he was pretty active on Reddit and I actually did see him e-beg there but I didn't know it was a common thing he did. Does Ruadhan have a job? If I remember correctly from the last thread, people were saying he didn't have one because of his health but just wanted to be sure because Fake Munro and Kaya are unemployed which is why they e-beg so I just figured…

No. 1102243

File: 1607355847472.jpg (90.94 KB, 1080x1045, 20201207_163835.jpg)

His patreon isn't doing great.


Some anon on the previous thread screencapped all of his various gofundmes. For exterminators, dental work, rent, food etc.

An anon who claims to know him in real life also said that he is known to spend his disabillity checks on expensive shit and then begs for money. They also said he had a reputation for sexual assault in their scene, tending to grab guys by the ass, and did so to her husband while screaming he wanted to fuck them.

He's on disabillity. Which is absolutely hard. But this is not the way to deal with it.

No. 1102395

im just gonna say it, to the person or persons who are talking shit here about Angela and these other youtube goths, you are a truly toxic person, i dont know why you are so butt hurt but you have yet to bring up a legitimate reason why they are bad people, nor do i think you even know why YOU are, get a life and find something better to do with your time, these people are trying to add their knowledge and experience to the internet so that others can enjoy it, and you are bitching for no reason at all other then the fact that their ideas dont conform to your small opinion of reality, so if you want to watch the videos done by these people to acquire more knowledge then do it, if you have a problem with them then dont, but ether way, for the love of god, just shut the fuck up! when YOU contribute something to this world that is worth a damn thing THEN you can talk…(k)

No. 1102526

ruadhan is fucking unwatchable, he like you said goes wayyyy off topic while ranting. his IBF video was like, 27 minutes long when it could have been like 5 minutes.

I'm no fan of froyo but I can't fucking get over the fact that he dragged her for e-begging when he does the exact same fucking thing.

No. 1102549

Hell. He was accusing dorian of "starting drama for attention." Which may be true, but is also incredibly hypocritical.

No. 1102703

Skip to around 15:00.

Avelina is expanding her merch to include shirts and a pair of high heels. She is also releasing her music on Spotify now.

Since Von and her split she seems a lot more active.

No. 1102713

Relax. Just because someone contributes to the goth community doesn't mean they are to be put on a pedstal, above reproach. Clearly, the anon/s have an issue with Angela and felt the need to vent here. It doesn't make someone toxic because you happen to think the criticism is unfair.

No. 1102727

this isn't milk, but since other anons are criticizing angela I'm gonna chime in

but one of my issues with angela is that she seems kind of immature, at least in how she deals with people who disagree with her. she gets really fucking political in every single stream I've watched in the past year. granted it's pretty much always her audience who brings up politics first, but she responds with her own opinions and will talk about politics for like an hour and then she turns around and says "we don't talk politics here because it causes fights". like, sorry babe, you do talk politics. a lot.

then the minute anyone disagrees with her on anything, she blocks them from the chat instantly and accuses them of being hateful and close minded (the irony of blocking everyone you disagree with and them calling them close minded).

in her last stream somehow trans issues got brought up and she started shitting on rose mcgowan for being a "terf". this guy in the chat politely disagreed with her on trans issues and her audience went rabid on him and she blocked him in the chat. and to be clear, it's not the fact she has different views from me that bothers me, but the way she acts. and girl, if you're going to get political in every stream you're gonna have to accept the fact that some of your audience is going to disagree with you.

No. 1102768

I don't agree that she's immature, it's more along the lines of the constant adoration and asspats from her followers getting to her head.
She always came off as self-righteous to me, coupled that with her stans never questioning her, and you end up getting a Valentina

No. 1102800

I'll give you Angela anon, she isn't for every but she''s not the worst and her content is actually quite useful and has some sense of substance but Jake and Kaya's content is genuine shit. They add nothing to the scene (because they are fake Goths, posers with a "P") and they are just whiny e-beggers who should appreciate the ride while it lasts because once their patrons wise up and realize just how much of a waste it is to throw money at them, the gravy train will be over.

No. 1102803

Exactly. I've tried watching like 3 other videos aside from his Froyo rant but even for background noise it's just unpleasant because of the incessant rambling off topic points. And exactly right. very hypocritical that he'd call out Froyo for her e-begging when he's no better than she is. In fact I feel like he probably does it more than she does.

This too. It's pretty ironic that the two people he decided to rant on exhibit the same traits that he himself has. They are all so alike that it's entertainingly shocking.

No. 1102804

Yeah I kinda noticed this myself with her. I didn't see the last stream but I've seen a few other ones and she does seem like she's not very good with listening to other people's opinions. The thing about Rose McGowan, since you were there, what exactly did the guy who disagreed with her say? Like did he bring up a fair or thought-provoking thing or was he just being an asshole? Either way I feel like >>1102768 is right that it's not so much that she's immature but it's just that with how all her stans gas her up and don't seem to question some of the things she says, she may not realize that she may have developed a bit of an ego.

No. 1102887

It makes sense that he would start shit with Dorian. They are both trans autists with a drug habit. Sit through one of Ruadhan's "medication haul" videos if you have the stamina.

I remember someone suggested on a previous thread that he might be jealous of Dorian. Then some "anon" showed up to ramble about how Ruadhan wasn't jealous of Dorian! You have no proof! YOU'RE jealous of Ruadhan! Shuttup!

No. 1102898

This was hard to listen to. I think the show has gotten to a point in which he only interviews with people who agree on everything,

No. 1102931

Agreed. All ego.

I caught some of her last livestream. When politics get bought up, she has a snarky comeback and thats it.

Angela doesn't debate or defend her position with any actual facts. Someone in the chat brought up MtF trans in women's sport and how that females who try to fight this get called TERFS when all they want is to be protected and play a fair game. She didnt respond to that comment because that debate would require more than repeating twitter talking points.

I appreciate the great content she contributed to the community, but that doesn't mean she deserves to have her ass kissed by every goth on the internet.

No. 1102938

Kek I'm good, I'll take your word on it anon because I cannot stomach another Ruahdhan video. And yeah I'm sure he is jealous of Dorian. Dorian may be annoying but she has accumulated a bit of a following whereas Ruadhan is struggling to get the same traction and I think that pisses him off.

No. 1102939

File: 1607440829556.jpg (575.64 KB, 1080x1684, 20201208_161545.jpg)

Speaking of Dorian, her family dynamics are healthy as always.

Sometimes it really is hard not to blame her family for at least some of her issues. Her dad should not be talking about her body like that. And her mom should not turn a blind eye to it in her house.

No. 1102942

Oh fuck I forgot that she re-uploaded some of her old storytime videos and that confused me when I saw them pop up in my sub box. It really stinks to see this quality drop with her because she did make genuinely good content which was a breath of fresh air in the ocean of haul videos we were getting at the time from all those GOFF channels. I just hope that she turns this around.

No. 1102943

Ew agreed anon. What kind of father talks like that to or around their offspring, let alone their daughter? That's just creepy.
And also Dorian, you could've just not lived off of Nutella, moderation is a thing lol.

No. 1102947

I don't think he was intentionally being an asshole, he didn't say "all trannies should die!" or any shit like that. he did say that trans people don't exist which I guess could come across as hateful.

but somebody else said that "gender identity" is what you identify as but doesn't change your anatomy. valid point but she read it out loud and didn't respond to it.

No. 1102952


>he did say that trans people don't exist which I guess could come across as hateful

Yeah. That's pretty hateful. Just being polite about it.

No. 1102955

yeah he could have been nicer but even when people politely disagree with her she still calls them hateful and close minded and then bans them.

the stream is still up, but you can't read what that guy said because they banned him so all his comments disappeared.

No. 1102965

Also don’t forget that “anon” who kept randomly sperging about how Frupa was some evil racist who burnt down an entire Maori village and shit.

No. 1102975

Yeah. Ruadhan basically spends his days ebegging and googling himself.

Gee, wonder why his channel where he just incessantly rambles about himself is more popular?

No. 1102979

Holy shit! You weren't kidding Anon. He is in no position to call dorian a junkie, even if what he is doing is technically legal.

I'm not from the US. Is it normal to get this many prescriptions? It can't be.

No. 1102985

Imagine going to the doctor because you can't shit because of your opium use, and getting extra strong laxatives out of it.

Also kids, please don't mix paxol with adderall.

No. 1102990

>>1102985 >>1102979

Actually, what he's doing here is quite clever.
He wants people to know that he's on a lot of pills. That way he can get some sympathy points. But notice how he only very briefly mentions the sleeping pills and painkillers and anxiety meds and stimulants. He sort of quickly mentiones them and then prattles on, so you sort of don't notice, especially if you zone out. But he talks forever about all the herbal supplements and allergy medication he's on.

The impression he is trying to leave you with is "Ruadhan is very sad and sick and deserves charity." Not "Ruadhan is on enougj (pseudo) opiates to knock out a small elephant.

No. 1103014

Oh is that it? Yeah personally to me, simply just questioning transgenderism is not a hateful thing and you did say that he mentioned trans in women's sports and whether people like it or not, it's a discussion that's worth to be had.

Perhaps but this is why discussion is good and if Angela was as open minded as she says she is, she could've easily talked it out and explained why she disagreed. I'm with >>1102947 on this one if it was purely just that and not him calling them "Trannies" or wishing violence on them. The sports discussion is a legit and valid topic worthy for discussion imo.

No. 1103016

Okay I know it's his body and his choice but good god, why did he have to film it like this? Yes, make the most unflattering video possible, that'll get the watchers.

Good observation anon. I cannot watch this video but after hearing the first few minutes, yeah it's pretty clear that it was a ploy to get sympathy (and more Patreon support) because his life is so hard and stressful /s Not saying that he doesn't have a difficult life but if he's really bad at managing his money by spending it on expensive shit and not on his essential finacnes, that's mostly his own fault I'm sorry to say.

No. 1103017

>good god, why did he have to film it like this?

The thumbnail alone is the most cursed thing in /snow/ right now.

No. 1103030

Saying trans people don't exist is very hateful towards trans people. Because it implies that since they believe themselves to be trans, there is something wrong with them.

Try replacing the word trans in that sentence with any other marginalized group. Then repeat it, and see if it feels good to you.

If somebody were to say to you that "gay people don't exist. It's just people who think they're gay" that would sound pretty bad.

As for trans people in sport, I agree it's a very complicated topic, and one a lot of trans people themselves don't agree on. It's worth discussing. You can argue that a youtube goth livestream is maybe not the most informed place to do it. But that's a different matter.

No. 1103054

Is this a cosplay of the Broodmother from Dragon Age? Jesus

No. 1103066

to who ever it was who ban'd me i do hope banning me did not talk to much effort, because it took me all of 10 seconds to unban my self, would you like to try again? ill kick you out of your own party, how would you all like me to permanently ban you from your own board? i can, but im not going to do that because im not a complete asshole, however to the person who said talking shit about someone without a reason is not toxic? wrong! when you talk shit about people who are only trying to share there experiences with the community and yet you are unable to give a reason WHY they are a problem THAT IS toxic… im sorry you are unable to recognize that… and to the one who banned me, if you were really about letting people speak their mind you would not have banned me, which makes YOU a HYPOCRITE!, try banning me again… see what happens…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1103134

>saying trans people don't exist is very hateful
I kinda disagree but I don't wanna get banned. I will say though that saying trans people don't exist is a really poor choice of words.

>You can argue that a youtube goth livestream is maybe not the most informed place to do it. But that's a different matter.

that's why I don't chime in with my opinion, because I believe in picking my battles, and I know I would get blocked in a millisecond and told to go fuck myself 20 times by her stans. I wonder what angela would do though if she found out she had a secret terf watching her livestreams though lmao.

No. 1103140


Whoa, badass, go back to dialect behavioural therapy.

No. 1103159

Right and I get that except for the conflation to homosexuality because that's a sexual orientation, not an ideology but I get what you're trying to say. And I suppose a goth livestream wouldn't be the best place but I only mentioned it because Angela seems to get political at times. Like that one time when I think it was a troll who interviewed her to ask why she was so against Trump or something like that, it happened last year. I just felt like when it came to Angela's streams, she was down to talk about a wide arrange of topics.

Pretty much this. A poor choice of words really but it still could be an interesting discussion but Angela has pretty much demonstrated that she's not gonna have a discerning discussion so it's best not to bother.

No. 1103160

Secret terf? It's not a superpower.

I'm pretty sure she'll assume there's a bunch of "secret terfs" watching her at all time.as well as racists, homophobes, etc. She's a public person on the internet with an audience bigger than 10 people.

No. 1103164

I think that the anon meant people who hold certain views on the concept of transgenderism but just keep it themselves or don't talk about it publicly.

No. 1103188

Oh no, triggered tranny alert. No one said it was a super power lmao.

And yes I'm sure she has lots of homophobes watching her, since most of her audience are trans or trans advocates.

No. 1103199

>Oh no, triggered tranny alert. No one said it was a super power lmao.

I'm neither trans, nor triggered. You can care about trans rights and trans issues without being trans. It's called empathy. And you can think somebody is talking nonsense without being "triggered." People love to accuse other people of being triggerex. It implies they're acting irrationally, so you don't have to seriously engage with them.

>And yes I'm sure she has lots of homophobes watching her, since most of her audience are trans or trans advocates.

Well, good thing you don't believe in coming across as hateful.

Look, obviously lolcow is not the venue to discuss this. If you really have "questions" about trans issues that are not based on a desire to troll, check out answers by people who are qualified to answer them. Contrapoint's "gender critical" video is a good, if somewhat flawed, place to start. If, however, you want to be a dick and every time somebody calls you out you retreat into a butthurt "what, can't I ask QUESTIONS now!" We could play this game for hours.

Either way, lolcow is not the place.(no one cares)

No. 1103204

File: 1607463687170.png (470.13 KB, 812x768, 46F83B18-5CA7-4F48-8366-D18164…)

No. 1103214

>well good thing you don't care about coming across as hateful

Yeah, grown men beating the shit out of women for having different views. But I'm the ome who is hateful. Since you're recommending me videos,why dont you watch Magdalene Berns' video about the Speakers Corner incident.

Also, Contrapoints is a really bad example to represent the trans community. He made light of Sylvia Plath's suicide. When she said she wished she could walk alone at night he said "why would you want to walk alone at night? Id rather be at home sucking dick". Of course, everything is about sexual degradation to MtFs. Like a typical male.

If you want me to have more sympathy for the trans community, Contra aint it.

No. 1103262

It is true, they were called out on it here. I guess its a bigger deal with dorian because she has more followers. At least with rhudhan hes honest about his feelings whereas dorian is two faced according to reciepts in previous threads. They seem alike in some ways.

No. 1103497

(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)…. really? perhaps you have a learning disorder so ill say it slowly for you…. i… cant… be… banned…. lol you silly silly people… keep trying…. i enjoy seeing you fail… but soon i will get board and take down this whole board… and in case you dont understand what that means… im a hacker… you are a sheep… i have the power here… you do not… this is my thread! i can end it when ever i want, but for now im gonna troll you forever… try to ban me again, maybe you will get lucky next time!

No. 1103506


Judging by the time between and the time of posts, you're probably in Europe, or an Aussie desperately trying to cover themselves by purposefully coming across as illiterate in English.
Let's boil this all down to one simple fact: when you, put yourself and your ideas on the internet, you are opening yourself to criticism. Don't like it? Don't post. To say people always have to be ~super nice~ or agree with everything said by someone who is screaming for attention, well that just sounds like censorship, and social manipulation. I hope through all your overwhelming joy and superiority complex you can come to your senses and see how much of an idiot you're making of yourself.
But of course, if it wasn't anonymous, you wouldn't be so brave, would ya darling?
Beware the goff dictatorship, everyone!

No. 1103515

Super late, but I just discovered that RTG made a video about Adora

No. 1103521

nope, still here… you didnt ban shit… hey guess whats gonna happen when you try to ban me again?!?!?!…… Nothing…. duh…

No. 1103548

I like that you think you're an elite hacker because you're ban evading…like every other troll on lolcow.

No. 1103551

what the fuck is this shit ? If youre such a hacker wizard than why haven’t you figured out how to use the damn website. Like sage your “I’m a hacker I’m a god” shit please

No. 1103579

File: 1607508855757.jpg (29.62 KB, 700x398, Balthazar.jpg)

Why does Ruadhan show up semi-naked in so many of his videos? Does he think it will get him fans? Because I don't think it's working.

No. 1103587

1)fuck off retard.
2)fuck off retard.
3)being a faggy edgelord isn't cool anymore, so.. fuck off retard.

No. 1103737

Yeah I finally watched the video after weeks of putting it off because I already knew most of what she covered in it. It was an alright video, good enough for people who don't know or have heard of Adora even though she didn't go as deep as she could've like the penis themed birthday party for her 15 year old daughter.

No. 1103739

Kek isn't that from the show Charmed? Either way yeah, he should just put some clothes on. I'm not trying to be mean but I can honestly say most don't want to see all that.

No. 1103793

Close, Buffy.

It would be weird even if he had the body of a greek god. Just put pants on when meeting company. It's not that hard

He did this one video where he was very obviously naked with the camera viewbending just above his junk. No idea which video, and I sure as hell am not going to go look for it. But it was deeply unpleasant.

No. 1103873

Oh fuck right it was Buffy, my bad lol. You're right, there's just no reason to be shirtless in videos like this man or woman. I hadn't seen the video you're talking about and I will not be looking for it neither however I do remember one video where I kid you not, he was filming it while on the toilet and I think he called the video "Toilet thoughts" or something like that. Who the fuck is gonna watch that shit? He's fucking delusional.

No. 1103989

I think he wants people to see his mangled tits and excessive body hair!

No. 1105995

I can't believe you think ban evasion is something to brag about. Kids these days…

No. 1106390

File: 1607847977951.png (94.39 KB, 756x758, delusional.png)

it's because you have 0 chemistry and it seems like he hates you, kaya.

No. 1106437

Yeah. It's because even when you appear in his vlogs, he treats you like a camerablocking obstruction to work around rather than a person to include.

No. 1106452

The fact she kept going on about this is telling.

No. 1106479

And then appeared in one of his videos afterwards

No. 1106565

>>1106390 It's such an obviously one sided relationship. But they both have failing YouTube careers and ebeg, who else could they date if they broke up? They're probably going to die on this hill and fade into obscurity. Wont be missed tbh

No. 1106653

Kaya's in some serious denial

Theres a reason people keep asking. They have no chemistry, he's a nasty little shit to her when he does appear in videos, in old vlogs on his channel he'd let her lag behind as he addressed the camera. He doesnt seem at all affectionate and he has openly stated he prefers skinny girls. What more proof do you need Kaya?

If he thinks it's acceptable to treat her poorly on camera god knows what he's like when the camera's off. I just imagine them sitting in their own separate rooms not even interacting at all

No. 1106758

Not to mention how he actedvaround Kelly Eden. In an old vlog jake talked about his anger issues. He must be a real delight.

I kind of imagine she is just too lazy to construct a life without him. Breaking up is hard. But if your lives are intertwined on a practical level, it's also a lot of work. And we know how they both feel about that.

I'm pretty sure he will eventually leave her for one of his "snacs."

No. 1107039

They're more like roommates at this point if anything. They've stayed away from each other in their own separate rooms for years.

No. 1107060

Toxic just needs to leave him she worth more then his short ass she could thrive with out him perhaps living in a warmer country with a friend. She’s rotting with him and it’s showing
If you read this Kaya do you really deep down believe he still loves you? Does he look you in your eyes when he speaks? Does he ever say how much he loves you?
I pity her

No. 1107336

You can only pity someone so much who is doing it to themselves.

No. 1107491

Jake is only 11k subscribers behind Kaya now.
He must know her channel is dead, and now she's not his free ticket to Barcelona any more, he'll drop her pretty soon once he surpasses her in subs

No. 1108120

She might still be his ticket to barcelona if he marries her. Kaya has both UK and Irish (EU) citizenship.

No. 1108546

does anyone know which anorexia fetish forum of herbs and altars got the stories she reads in her newest video from?

No. 1108557

No. And why would you want to know?
Anorexia fetishes are fucked up. I don't know if Dorian giving them exposure is a good thing. I doubt it. But I can understand why he wanted to make fun of them and bitch about them after they used his teenage pictures as wank fuel and catfishing bait. I just think he could have handled it better.

But yeah. These people are sick abusive fucks.

No. 1108559

i want to know to make sure none of my old pictures have been posted there. sage for massive cringe and i guess blogposting but i really would like to be able to check.

No. 1108569

Could just try asking dorian

No. 1108584

yeah i will try that if i can't find it by myself. don't know if he will reply, but might be worth a shot.

No. 1108603

Probably he will reply. Good luck Anon.

No. 1108754

Dorian isn’t a he, dipshits.(Nobody cares)

No. 1108960


Jake will never marry Kaya. He wants to be able to drop her whenever he meets someone thin who can provide him with clout.

No. 1109000

Kaya has said in the past she doesn't want to get married but I call bullshit it's probably because she knows he won't marry her. Do you really think she'd turn down the opportunity to be the centre of attention get all kinds of free stuff plus ~aesthetic~

No. 1109043

Exactly. If she can make it into My Big Fat Tacky Goth Wedding she will in a heartbeat. Or at least plan it and then sleep through it.

No. 1109226

File: 1608237408289.jpg (356.07 KB, 1079x1005, Screenshot_20201217-203525_Chr…)

Or maybe , just maybe, it's because it's not 2016 anymore and people are sick of unboxing and get ready with me videos ?

No. 1109230

What, you mean to tell them that nobody wants to see the millionth Witch's Moon unboxing? But they included some super special herbal blends that are supposed to bring you love and happiness, and one chunk of some kind of crystal I can't pronounce!

No. 1109267


No. 1109274

Yes! And they're only a few months out of date.
How else can people enjoy you mispronouncing things and going on long tangents about things that have a smell which reminds you of other things, can't quite place it…

And we love the spooky box club ones too! Look, it's a coaster. But someone stuck a bat sticker on it! This will look great on the hoard.

Honestly. Kaya is a unique talent.

No. 1109338

File: 1608245786073.jpeg (505.17 KB, 1125x1627, B18941F3-8C35-4CE2-99FA-C3D271…)

They are going to get awfully lonely in Vevay seeing how they always have a revolving door of family, friends, and guests at their current home in LA.

No. 1109381

thank you!

No. 1109392

I love watching all these conspiratard snowflakes flee CA.

I wonder if she knows that Indiana doesn't allow 'personal belief' vaccine exemptions. Muh tyranny!!!!

No. 1109403

>>1109338 so shes just gonna leave that mansion she just hella customized and probably put a bunch of money in just to leave it and someones probably gonna tear it apart anyway. nice

No. 1109427

Apparently the building is known as the Schenck Mansion and was a bed and breakfast until a year or so ago? Not sure what her plans are for renovations, but I can't imagine her leaving it as is despite it being a historical building. Information/pics are all readily available all over the internet. Wonder how rural life is going to treat them.

No. 1109570

File: 1608266673320.jpg (1.24 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201217-234243_Ins…)

No. 1109631

Fucking Californian expats ready to shit up another state.

No. 1109636

“Muh tyrannical gubermint” sounds better than “I don’t wanna pay all that state and income tax!”

No. 1109674

Glad to see they left tehrannyccal LA for the Mike Pence state.

Wonder how she'll trash up that lovely old building.

No. 1109732

New meds and procrastination excuse update.

No. 1109761

This spoiled bitch has no idea what living under a tyrannical government actually means.

No. 1109807

she is semi talented with makeup. you'd think she'd at least try to capitalize on that instead of just making unboxings and whiny excuse videos.

No. 1109852

I agree anon. I still don't like Kaya's content as it's a steaming shit pile but her makeup skills are actually passable and she'd probably find some success doing makeup videos instead of these shit unboxings but part of it might be laziness.

No. 1109857

File: 1608314990252.png (749.58 KB, 1002x824, orlee.png)

Orlee's doing a stream tomorrow it appears. Might be amusing to watch.

No. 1109887

Her streams are usually quite boring. It's mostly her plugging her stuff and people telling her they find her tits spiritually uplifting. I xan never sit through a whole one.

No. 1109891

Since she isn’t completely leaving California behind, doesn’t that mean that she still has to suffer the tyrannical government and pay taxes on her home and business?
Why didn’t she just quietly buy this second home without turning up the victim complex?

No. 1109926

I think it depends on if you list the state as your primary residence. As least for income taxes. Property taxes I'm not sure.

No. 1110842

File: 1608419746886.jpeg (255.73 KB, 1174x1615, D59BCF36-DF40-498D-BB7E-5D8A13…)

Holy uncanny valley

No. 1111095

jesus christ she looks so boring now

No. 1111163


I can't say I'm too surprised that this is where she is right now. Like she's one of the few genuine YTbers who actually did go through an actual Goth phase and she dove head first into it at that. Now she's trying to get away from the dark colors and she's been on a pastel preference in recent years.

No. 1111192

Wow she looks so pretty and angelic now

No. 1111264

File: 1608484403201.png (373.36 KB, 478x688, Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 17.0…)

Interesting to see failsofar attending this fash event organised by Craig + Lucy Fraser, who were training national action recruits to be white nationalist jihadists a few years back.


No. 1111268

>white nationalist jihadists

Kek so allahu akbar, but sieg hiel on the side?

No. 1111270


Craig Fraser dabbles in Order of the Nine Angles shit so pretty much. He's got several screws loose, for sure.


No. 1111333

Ugh. Nine angles. That's shit is fucked up. Even by white supremacist standards.

So yes, White pride jihadist actually does make sense. The internal logic there is not consistent. But that has never held a neonazi back before.

No. 1111341

You know, it's just so weird that this harmless history enthausiast keeps finding himself among people who call for genocide. Guess he is just too trusting.

Which is why he and snaggletoof are just so shocked at people calling them racist.

No. 1111346


I think attended this kind of shit is unambiguously dodgy af to be honest, Craig Fraser is a nasty piece of work with extreme far right connections. There are about 10 people there who are all associates of Fraser and his tradwife and Feigsfar just happens to show up? I wonder if Lauren went too.


The O9A has had jihadist connections since Myatt converted to Islam in an attempt to use those groups for his antisemitic aims. National Action types like Craig Fraser were not explicitly islamist but used the Jihadi training videos to show their trainees that they needed to work/train hard to be the great White British resistance. This is essentially what they are still doing at this kind of event, trying to train up white nationalist soldiers in a race war.

No. 1111386

Remember those outdoor courses Fagsfar and the toofster were planning to start teaching?

No. 1111397


Shit, yeah. I wonder if he's known Fraser for a while then, maybe this isn't a recent development that he's hanging around with National Action folks.

No. 1111415

Sort of sounds like these assholes are going from wannabee influencers who just happen to be white supremacists to actively trying to reap souls for the great white cause.

Explains why they're so desperate to keep hanging out with Mara. She has way more clout than they do.

No. 1111527

Wasn't she outed for spreading her own anorexic pictures on forums tho? I feel nowadays shes using this for clickbait especially because of all the new eugenia cooney vids being made.

No. 1111549

I wouldn't say outed. She's talked a lot about posting pics on pro-ana forums as a teenager. But I don't think that was ever denied.

No. 1111671

Sometimes, I do genuinely wonder how much of it is clout chasing or…does Mara agree with them secretly?

No. 1111871

Don't know honestly. I'd like to think not. But then why does she keep them around when they are a liabillity and she has more clout than they do?

No. 1112134


Gutless or she's laughed along with racist shit on their cutesy private chat so she can't publicly disown them.

No. 1112165

That's why I don't think it is just some coincidence they are friends because of what happened with Mai and Annika. There's no way she would continue to associate with people like this unless she agreed with them, and she's already on the defense whenever the bigotry is brought up. She's a hypocrite.

No. 1112199

Also because when she was called out she didn't actually deny it. She just said she didn't know and didn't want to talk about it.

If somebody told me some friends of mine were white supremacists, and I didn't think they were, I'm pretty sure I would say so.

No. 1112352

She also has family who are in "mixed" marriages with children…it just is really yucky all around.

No. 1112363

I mean, shes pro-ana forums and comments on her videos in the past 6 month state she uses pro-ana language so her recent videos could be seen to be hypocritical.

No. 1113244

File: 1608722832495.png (667.58 KB, 812x588, Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 11.2…)

Fairly sure this is Felvae at the white nationalist event too.


No. 1113250

It is, they are easy to recognize.

No. 1113280

File: 1608730290820.png (578.33 KB, 381x724, hourglass.png)

isn't it dark souls fan larp? like crowning of the ivory king.

on another note, is felvae pregnant?
since the engagement she seems to have gained weight. i don't hate fat people. i just think that as a model she should stay in shape tbh
i don't see much mead posting anymore either so with that and the engagement it's suspect

No. 1113302

The "ivy king" is a neopagan thing. According to various neopagan groups the ivy king rules the year after the winter solstice. The oak king rules after the summer solstice. They'll claim it's the "wisdom of the ancient forefathers" etc. But we actually don't have any historical evidence for it. Though most neopagans are harmless crunchy types who just wanna be left alone and do their own thing, a lot of white supremacist groups use pagan and old norse themes.

As for her being pregnant, I would not be surprised. She is his "tradlass" after all. And part of that tradlife is having as many kids as possible.

No. 1113306


No, not sure what Dark Souls is but this a bastardisation of old English folk customs. Think more like mummers plays, paganism as depicted in The Golden Bough, The White Goddess etc. Lots of neo-fash types latch on to traditional customs and neo-paganism.

No. 1113310

Posted on the same youtube channel as that strongman video. Gets really fucked up three minutes in. Befor that it's just sexist.

Glad to see failstar and the bucktoofed wench keep healthy company

No. 1113313

File: 1608733927399.png (145.65 KB, 419x597, Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 12.5…)


Yeah this channel is run by Craig Fraser - the guy who was running training camps for National Action (which is now a banned organisation after various members were convicted of terrorist offences) and put the event on. A year or so ago he was involved in the O9A but seems to have moved on from that.

I do wonder how Lauren and Adam fit in with this bunch being as they are vegan and Frazer seems to loathe vegans - note the pig head as a prize at the event.

No. 1113314

Wow. They're calling for armed resistance.

This is fucked up.

No. 1113315

I guess sticking it to brown people, ehm, I mean, love of history is more important than veganism now.

No maybe about it. They've gone full fash.

No. 1113318



"Fraser has penned a rambling, 374-page guide to physical activity – available on Amazon – that advises followers to “Practice violence then, harm yourself, experience pain, practice the traditions of the day, learn to hunt, to kill, to maim and to dominate in battle.”

Not just fash but paramilitary fash.

No. 1113327

Everything is so dumb dumb dumb.

Must be hard for failstaf to thread the needle between trying to appear nonthreatening and homely, while hanging out with white pride militias.

I have a very hard time believing Mara is oblivious to all of this.

No. 1113335


If Lauren and Adam start advertising any bushcraft courses or anything as suspected I'm just going to spam the fuck out of them with links to this stuff, these are incredibly dodgy associations and I hate to think of them grooming vulnerable/stupid teenagers into far right groups.

No. 1113340

Agreed. I really think grooming is the thing here. I'm pretty sure part of Lauren's appeal for Adam is not just her income but also her young audience.

No. 1113352

Me neither, she knows what they are doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if she showed up at a rural retreat they hosted.

Fits in with Adam’s constant “muh great warrior” sperging.

No. 1113410

File: 1608743438636.jpeg (753.43 KB, 828x1416, 66D3E1B4-0DBE-4CB6-9148-F6AB9B…)

No. 1113602

What was the point of this? Am I missing something?

No. 1113616


Not that anon but think they are pointing out the "gathering of friends paying homage to the earth and partaking in general merriment", which is probably her describing the fun times in fashland with a pig head.

No. 1113624

Yes, sorry if it wasn’t clear. But the only Yuletide gathering they were at was the one mentioned earlier.

No. 1113632


Also worth pointing out that the event was almost certainly illegal under current guidelines, Lauren and Adam were not socially distanced from their Wessex Warrior mates. Bragging about your illegal fash gathering on ista during a pandemic is super classy.

No. 1113695

Yes. But hardly surprising given their antivaxx bullshit. Their understanding of viroligy is on par with their understanding of genetics.

No. 1113886

File: 1608779701792.png (6.84 MB, 1242x2688, 731900D6-8D4B-44B4-83A0-7E3B75…)

Adora is asking for a small donation of 100$ to be able to email her a picture of your dick for christmas. Says “Your gift from me is knowing Ive seen it!”

No. 1113888

sage i love how she calls the haters snowflake yet she is on this board

No. 1113889

She is so desperate and grubby.

No. 1114448

Felvae should see an orthodontist asap. Seriously how can these people consider themselves 'the superior race' when they look like inbred rodents?

No. 1114449

Adora must not be getting child support anymore lol

No. 1114532

Guess selling the "rape victim" shirt for $10 000 didn't work out for her.

No. 1114543

They know they’re ugly degenerates, that’s why they have this major cope about their sacred Wessex warrior blood.

No. 1114768

File: 1608914544464.jpeg (327.19 KB, 1125x2037, DD14FE75-ADAF-4E63-8DE2-BC236F…)

These dumbasses! No empathy for those who lost loved ones to COVID and have to spend the holidays without them?

No. 1114820

white supremacism is the ultimate copium for people whose only possible source of pride is needing extra sunscreen

No. 1114925

Yeah. I'm a bucktoofed idiot about to marry a slowwitted chud who wants to use me as a breeding machine. I have no education, no real job, and the only income I generate is due to me sucking up to other influencers and showing my tits.

But I'm white! So who's the pathetic loser now?

No. 1115049

Cry somewhere else? And probably don’t look at social media where other countries can gather and celebrate

No. 1115232

Anon, are you blind? Her face is fucked.

No. 1115382

File: 1609006107804.jpeg (561.91 KB, 1125x1993, A18EB5F2-EBBE-4940-B364-B42430…)

I’m sorry? I think there’s been a misunderstanding. This is from Kat von D’s Christmas party with a huge gathering in her L.A home. Her husband captioned a photo “super spreading love” making a mockery of the current COVID situation. A report came out saying that a person dies of Covid-19 every 10 minutes in the L.A county. That’s definitely something to cry about.

No. 1115801

She looks like penny wise

No. 1115839

She looks like pennywise's mom.

Or like her chud is beefing her up to use her to haul his Saxon plough.

No. 1115840

File: 1609077875611.png (349.16 KB, 300x450, 675249-crypt_keeper_large.png)

No. 1115853

Damn…what the fuck kinda health problems do people in L.A. county have if one is dying from covid every 10 minutes? That's clearly not average or normal across the board.

No. 1115877

ntayrt but it's just the combination of LA county having a population of 10 million people and them running out of hospital space, even if only 1-2% of the population die from covid that's still like 100,000-200,000 people who will die there if everyone gets infected.
Apparently they've been runnning out of ICU space for like weeks at this point.

No. 1115878

Are you slow? These people are in the united states, which have clear restrictions against huge gatherings. Especially in their city, as explained by
Go be edgy about a worldwide pandemic somewhere else

No. 1116159

Wow. Way to stick it to the hundreds of thousands of deaths. Good job Anon.

No. 1117271

So apparently, Stumpy's new identityvis "bike guy." He's bought two bikes, and doesn't practise propercroad safety on any of them.

Not too mad at him not wearing his helmet properly, since brain damage is not a concern.

No. 1117276

Hahaha. He doesn't actually have his license yet. Hope all the snacks feel good about their donations.

No. 1117296

Holy shit how can anyone listen to him for more than 3 minutes?! He has one of hte most annoying voices/accents I've ever heard.

No. 1117461


Hahah yup! He still has his learner plates on!

No. 1117490

It almost sounds like he is trying to have an American accent? He should just stick to his normal voice.

No. 1117525

With how invested he is in trying to make YouTube blow up, it seems like he thinks having an American accent will help with rElAtAbiLiTy.

No. 1117571

He's from the UK but the pair of them constantly use Americanisms.
In that one video as much as I could stomach he goes on and on about how we drive "on the wrong side of the road" and calls petrol "gas".
Can't be confusing those poor dumb american snaccs now.

No. 1117759

The girl and woman on middle right seem to be reconsidering their life choices, ones on the left look like they lost their grip on sanity a while ago. I bet it was an odd dinner. Nice decor though.

No. 1117760

Samefag, is that a huge lettuce leaf on each plate just to match the green decor since who wants to eat lettuce on Christmas? And then not much else on the plate? Did she stiff them by promising a Christmas feast and then give them salads while incriminating them via group photos during a pandemic on Instagram?

No. 1117911

Usually vegans at least serve you some cashews or coconut.

This dinner absolutely seems worth it. Come for the sparkling wit, stay for the fine dining.

No. 1118161

Not defending her but it could be a starter?

Jake will end up dead on his bike, he's far to much a show off he use to go on the roads with his eBoard in rush hour

No. 1118217

Calling petrol gas and complaining about the wrong side of the road? What a fucking spastic

No. 1118221

Jake is so annoying I know those roads he's driving on and within 5 minutes another biker has to undertake him because he's the type of entitled cunt to hog the right lane, he's going to aggrevate so many other road users.

No. 1118228

Who cares about the veg when she proudly had a big gathering in her home, knowing there’s a ban???? She’s such a fucking cunt like Whore-dora.

No. 1118242

What really grinds my gears is that these privileged assholes will get the best of medical care because of their money while poor people will be turned away.
L.A hospitals have reached maximum capacity and are even running out of oxygen to give to COVID patients.


No. 1118278


Why does almost everyone in this picture look like they were cut and pasted into a pic of a long ass table in photoshop? Zooming in it looks like bad ps but that might be poor quality. Otherwise why would KvD queen of antivaxxers fake a big christmas dinner instead of just hosting a real one, idgi

No. 1118294

File: 1609368405055.jpg (449.18 KB, 1080x1139, Screenshot_20201230-223446_Chr…)

TT's much anticipated studio vlog is up.
She painted some walls green and added a couch.

No. 1118322

Angela Benedict is annoying as fuck. She is completely superficial and has no idea on how subcultures are actually defined and why.

No. 1118330

It's a big-ish change, the real cow behaviour is the fact that she thinks her dwindling YouTube channel requires renting a second fucking living room. There is literally no reason why she couldn't have tidied and transformed their house in this way.

No. 1118343

Actually, the decorator she hired painted some walls green.

No. 1118379

I give it until a month after it's finished for her to lose interest and claim it's too 'cold' to do anything in there.
What does she expect to get done in there that she can't do in her house anyway? I know she thinks the only thing stopping her is having ~space~ but she literally sits on a chair and opens boxes for a living.
It's not like she has any IRL friends to have over to even sit on that couch and hang out.

No. 1118410

Maybe it is her breathing space away from Jake.

No. 1118422

Kind of thought the same. It seems more like an escape from him. Remember when she fixed up the attic and he just started using it?

Though I would argue that while getting away from the lovestump is an understandable impulse, there are better ways to do it. Like break up with him. You can't shop and decorate your way out of a bad relationship.

No. 1118534

Kaya trying to move out to escape her unbearable boyfriend, but make it a room renovation.

No. 1118548

It seems like Kaya is trying to reclaim some of her previous success as Jake is gaining popularity.

It's obvious that your issues are personal. We do follow other groups. You are the same person who was ranting here weeks ago about Angela and when cemetery confessions posted her BLM video you were in the comments saying the exact same things you're saying here. You got called out about it there and ignored the receipts and you are back again. If you have any milk post it but your hate boner is what is annoying.

No. 1118623

Imagine if she put all that effort and money into something productive like school…. But no, it has to be some studio she'll probably barely use.

No. 1118649

What happened?

For fucking real. She doesn't do jack shit where a studio was necessary. All she does is unbox shit and you don't need a fancy studio to do that.

No. 1118657

Agreed. The hateboner is weird. Also cow potential there.

No. 1118669

Imagine being so dense that you think there is only one person who thinks Angela B. has superficial garbage takes about the subculture. You're simping for her so hard that all people who dislike her are the same person in your eyes.

On top of that I have no idea what her stance on BLM is. I support BLM and if she does cool and if she doesn't I can just add that to the list of things she doesn't know about.

No. 1118703

It’s NYE, put down the salt and go get drunk or something.

I still never know if I should feel sorry for her with her shitty relationship or just give up because she contributes nothing to the alt scene. Giving up is currently winning.

No. 1118758

Same. I go back and forth. Lets see if her getting meds and therapy changes anything for her. I do genuinly wish her well. I just don't see why she is so insistent on keeping up the goth charade. It would be better for everyone involved if she just stopped doing youtube and did something with her life beyond opening boxes on camera.

No. 1118814

It's not really that. You're allowed to not like anyone but it's best to have a reason as to why. I'm the anon who asked what she did to understand why this person thinks Angela is "annoying as fuck". Like does it have to do with her recent video on Black people? I haven't watched it yet but I'm just trying to understand why anyone would think she's annoying when we have people like Kaya with her whinging and Jake with his tool behavior.

No. 1118817

+1 as another person who tends to flip back and forth with Kaya as well. It's true that she contributes jack shit to the scene nor is she a Goth at all and just a vapid attention whore. But aside from that she's not a genuinely horrible or malicious person, just very lazy.

>if she just stopped doing YouTube and did something with her life beyond opening boxes on camera.

I feel like she'll be in her mid 30s, early 40s when she realizes that she could've done something more worthwhile than opening boxes on her dying YouTube channel.

No. 1118824

More superficial than Jake, Kaya, IBF, Adora whose content is literally superficial garbage? I stand with my original point that you are the same girl who tried to start a hate thread on cemetery confessions and ran away when you got called out. You repeated the same stories there as you have here. Angela isn't a real goth, she's an elitist, you have been a goth longer, you're older, she bullied your friend, she's a hypocrite. You have no milk and your issues with her are personal.

No. 1118901

File: 1609437463573.png (96.58 KB, 1294x385, Screenshot (271).png)

Aurelio Voltaire followed a smaller goth DIY creator for a few years. (He unfollowed her not long ago.)

He recreated a craft she did 3 years ago and posted it on his YouTube, without crediting her. (Which she proved he did see and interact with the original design on her other platforms.)

She made a video about it without naming him, trying to point out that DIY content creators should credit their sources when applicable. (She admitted it wasn't the most original idea ever, but the way it turned out and knowing he interacted with it prior is hilariously sus.)

He proceeded to leave these comments and was being petty in the comments on his own video when being called out for it.


No. 1118909

You seem to know more about this person. You shared what they think about Angela with her being an elitist and a poser but what about Cemetery Confessions? What were they saying about him? Or was it there where they were giving out with their hateboner for Angela?

No. 1118965

very masque of the red death. how ~gothique
well then drop the name of the other youtuber so we can evaluate if it was coincidental

No. 1118986

>very masque of the red death. how ~gothique

Yes. But it's the Roger Corman version.

No. 1119009

In the episode he filled a clear glass ornament with candy corn.

I don't know who the other person is and now I almost care ~less~ because the "OC DONUT STEAL" is literally just an ornament filled with candy.

I've seen this done about 1k times on pinterest-y sites over the past decade.

There are way too many people who've had their IPs stolen, this… is just sad

No. 1119048

Youtube is her comfort zone. In the “real” world no one is going to pity her, people would tell her how lucky she is to do what she has and get paid to do so. She prob still gets a decent amount off unboxings and whining into a camera even with how retarded youtube is nowadays, so actually having to hustle for once would be hard.

No. 1119077


Not only am I not the person you are referencing I am not even a girl you brain dead moron. Get your head out of Angela Benedicts asshole and stop simp decorating the home you built in there.

I like how you tried to act like I didn't specifically state what my problem with her was. You actually went out of your way to make a quote and leave it out in act of obfuscation. Fucking lol.

As I mentioned earlier, Angela's takes on what it means to be Goth are fucking garbage because she doesn't actually know what the word SUBCULTURE means or how it's measured and why those methodology standards are chosen.

Angela believes and spreads this bullshit notion that to be a Goth all one has to do is like ONE Goth song and that the music is all that really matters in the definition of what makes one a Goth.

Let's logically stress test that in a hypothetical shall we? A ruthless sociopathic money grubbing corporate business man happens to hate Goth music and he absolutely hates Goths and Goth Subculture. To the point where he actively mocks Goths openly upon sight of one and has even beat up a few Goths for being Goth. Not going to jail due to his crack legal team defending him in court. In fact the only thing he loves more than hating Goths is making money.

One day a guy in marketing goes to this business man and says they've come up with a commercial that they think will go viral and sell a ridiculous amount of the companies widgets but in order for this commercial to work they have to attach a specific Goth song to it. The business man approves it because as much as he hates Goths and Goth music he would rather make tons of money. The commercial goes ultra viral making the company hundreds of millions in a few months and eventually billions in a few years.

Now the business man still hates Goths and Goth music but there is technically one Goth song he likes now which is the one he used in the commercial to make money. He doesn't like the song because he likes the instrumentals or the vocals, he doesn't like it because he relates to the lyrics, he doesn't like it because it puts him in a certain "Gothy" state of mind. He only likes the song because it reminds him of the time he made a lot of money…. And that's it. Now technically he still likes one Goth song and under Angelas definition he is now a Goth….because he likes at least one Goth song.

If Angela had taken 5 minutes to read a article on what Subcultures are and how and why they are defined then she wouldn't have fallen into this stupid line of thinking that liking one Goth Song makes one Goth or that the music is the only thing that matters in defining what makes one a Goth. Instead we have her spreading her brain dead ignorant take and making the Goth community stupider for it.

Exhibit A): being you who bends the knee and simps for this moron without thinking about what she says or questioning her. Cooming for your queen of ignorance.(scrote)

No. 1119081

Hey, do you know what nuance is?

No. 1119108

>admitting he is a scrote
>a whole essay with reddit spacing to explain why he is assblasted
Pls go

No. 1119123

NGL You seem so obsessed! I was on her livestream and remember you. You came toward the end acting all elitist trying to get a reaction out of her. You were ranting at people about goth music not being important. Mike Johnson! Reddit style alias to go with your reddit style edgelord post.

No. 1119130

TLDR: Angela doesn't seem to think I'm goth and so I've decided to start a one-person hate campaign.

Jesus. I don't even care about Angela or watch her stuff. But you sound extremely unhinged. I kind of think the other Anons are right. This seems like a you problem.

No. 1119135

I'm the anon that was in Angela's livestream. You can see this guy Mike come in around the 5 hour 40 min mark.

No. 1119153

nta but paragraphs are not reddit spacing



No. 1119157

>one-sentence lines
NTA, but breaking after every one or two sentences is Reddit spacing, and makes posts much longer than they need to be. Weird rebuttal.

No. 1119167

Kek for a moment I thought this was Mr. Powerbars Cameron from Vicky's thread again.

No. 1119176

Nah just a retarded phone poster I don't even know what you two are arguing about

No. 1119178

Take your meds jfc

No. 1119188

Voltaire: "A clear round ornament filled with candy corn, tied with a thin black bow isn't original… even if I did see it 3 years ago in your content."

Voltaire: Tries to spite RM by linking clear bat shaped candy corn filed ornaments as inspiration.

No. 1119219

Voltaire is so uninspired. He’s like an annoying suburban goth dad lmfao. I wonder if he is planning on doing anymore sex tourism once the pandemic is over.

No. 1119478

Sex tourism? What's this now?

No. 1119574

He likes to travel across the world to bone various goth cow hotties. You can observe his courting technique* in those old videos when he met ItsBlackFriday.


No. 1119576

Pretty sure he goes to brothels while on vacation. I used to lurk his fagbook a year or so ago, and he would post pics of himself with random women and bragging about meeting “da beautiful butterflies” of whatever country he was in at the time. I remember the last time I checked around late 2018, he was in Asia slobbering on people as usual and being a pest.

No. 1119581

I remember the pathetic display of him drooling over Adora's decrepid carcass at one point. It was deeply uncomfortable.

No. 1119721

semi-related, in my city he would use a thirsty fan's home as a hotel during his tours. Often this would blow up in such a way that he'd have to find a new thirsty fan to crash with.
I'm assuming he repeated this in as many cities as he could.

No. 1120033

she literally never said liking one goth song makes you goth. she said liking goth music makes you goth. there's a difference.

again, it's fine to not like angela, no need to make shit up.

No. 1120175

Reminds me of this. Skip to around 12:00.

No. 1120350



No. 1120554

File: 1609630811813.jpeg (644.49 KB, 1125x2003, 36496681-C7CF-4EF2-9D7C-05A5D0…)

KVD doubling down on the crazy. She says “endless” but shows only 3 masks in the plastic bag. I’m all for public cleanup and calling out littering but why single out “face diapers”?

No. 1120590

>why single out “face diapers”?
Because she's a psychotic covid-denier and anti-vaxxer

No. 1120798

She's so stupid. Calling masks "face diapers" in a derrogatory sense makes zero sense. Yeah, they pretty much are face diapers, they contain human fluids that can make people sick. Do you let your toddler going around diaperless spray shitting around all your house, your clothes, you face?
I can't believe there isn't some kind of fine for being a celebrity stimulating people to not believe in a virus in the midst of a pandemic

No. 1120813

If she didn't stage the photo and these mask are truly "litter", how does she know they weren't left by people who are homeless? Ya know, the kinds of vulnerable groups who shouldn't stop using hygiene products (tampons,condoms,actual diapers etc.) just because others don't dispose of them properly ?!?

No. 1120860

Wait, so does she routinely go to a hiking trail with equipment to pick up litter? This smells staged.

No. 1120924

This is the first time I’ve seen her do something like this. So yeah, it’s most likely staged.

No. 1120932

Can anyone sit through this 4 hour podcast featuring Rafael/Prayers? When I got in during the live broadcast, he was talking about his mum being put in the hospital during New Years. I don’t know if he elaborated later and said why she’s there but I hope not of COVID cause of his stupid ass.

No. 1121003

If it is Covid, there's a good chance he won't awknowledge it, and claim it's something else.

No. 1121129

I watched 17 mins of it and here’s what I learned.
-His mother has cervical cancer.
-He’s wearing a leather top made of lamb skins.
-He called the BLM protests “riots”

No. 1121167

Isn't him a hardcore vegan like his owner?

No. 1121188

The beauty of KVD and her tone deaf dwarf are that they're just stupid enough to stop paying taxes because they're ~protesting totalitarianism~ or whatever she read on Facebook.

No. 1121224

inb4 they're arrested for tax evasion and sent to prison for 5 years

No. 1121303

File: 1609717995714.jpg (266.46 KB, 1079x624, Screenshot_20210103-235234_You…)

Stumpy has officially surpassed TT's subs

No. 1121307

Jake, smearing shit on your face and calling it an alt/makeup look isn't talent.

No. 1121361


Now that he's attainted the magic number, you can be sure that he's working on a getaway plan for the moment restrictions ease up. I almost feel sorry for Kaya. Almost. Maybe a big life change could be a catalyst to get her shit in order.

No. 1121368


No. 1121530

Idk why but the Ralph’s/Kroger bag kek…it is adding more to the likelihood she staged this because I can’t imagine her shopping in there lmao. Whole Foods or the celeb haunt Bristol Farms more likely.

No. 1122187

Jesus. Considering how fast TT gained fame around tumblr/her old videos, I bet she never saw this happening.

No. 1122201

Here's what I've realised about Kaya and Stumpy recently. I don't think it's been mentioned before but saged for no real milk. Let's be honest, Kaya owes her fame completely to the skinny goth girl Felice Fawn era of tumblr. She fit the aesthetic perfectly, her content was never actually that interesting, but she got by on her looks because it was the very early days of influencer-style content. Jake never had the same privilege, but obviously still had a massive ego. Kaya's content has gotten more niche and far less interesting around the same time she gained weight and lost confidence. Jake on the other hand had tons of unearned confidence and just kept chipping away at videos. Even though his content is unbearable and scraping the barrel, he's actually paid some attention to trends (however annoying they are) and if you throw enough shit at a wall, something's bound to stick. Now he's got the added bonus of the morons who actually find him attractive. They've literally switched places, and given her mental health and laziness, I don't think Kaya will ever step it up to meet him, which is bound to cause hella tension.

No. 1122411

100% agree! I doubt that Jake would support her if she was unemployed like she did for him. But I'm pretty sure she still does because he spends all of his money on stupid shit like 2 motorcycles, her parents must give her an allowance or at least pay her rent. No way they make enough to pay for all of their expenses plus two motorcycles plus a studio for kaya etc etc. Their following is comprised of young mallgoths, it's not like they are actual content creators who make interesting content so that you want to pay their patreon to have access to it.

No. 1122495

You forget the money Jake brings in streaming. He gets a few thousand pounds a night out of his sheep.

No. 1122917

Yeah I agree. But it really does feel like things have turned because it seems like Kaya is losing views while Jake has been gaining them. Like >>1121361 , it's really only a matter of time before Jake moves on from her and goes for one of his "snacks".

No. 1122949

I think that's a perfect explanation of their relationship. I have to admit that I used to be a fan of Kaya's when I was a dumb teenager and thought she fit exactly what you just said. Not so much Felicity Fawn as I didn't know who that was at the time but yes, she did fit the image of what I thought was the stereotypical "Goth" girl at the time and when I think back at her content, it was pretty vapid and not that interesting. Like I'm looking through her videos from 8-10 years ago and I don't understand how I could've watched that shit because she didn't do shit but alas, shallow teenage me was thinking "Goth girl" = Interesting even though she was never Goth in hindsight.

And I've gotta admit, I'm one of the morons who did think Jake was attractive way back in his early days of YouTube but just like Kaya, saw his content for what it really was and wised up to his horrible narcissism.

But looking at their last few videos' views, Jake is easily surpassing her and I can't help but feel like Jake doesn't find Kaya attractive, at least not as much as he used to since we pretty much know his type which is skinny alt girls and if Jake's channel continues to grow, I find it may cause some trouble with their relationship when he starts noticing more of his "snacks" flirting with him.

No. 1122959

So Emily boo is pre-diabetic and has to start changing her diet or face serious health consequences. (10:40)

Wants to quit her job and become a fulltime youtuber in order to improve her mental health. Needs to pay off debt first. (13:30)

Loves Joe Exotic. Admits that he killed a bunch of tigers but "he stood at his husbands funeral and said how he used to drag his balls across his face. How can you not love him?"

Those shitty cheek piercings she had done have become infected and she had to take them out. (25:40)

But, in more interesting milk, they became infected because she took part in another makeover show and the makeup artist airbrushed her face. Apparently trying to recapture some of that Snog Marry Avoid fame.

Has started to train as a bodypiercer, as anons suspected. Got an apprenticeship with a guy she'd never met. But her husband is a postman and delivered a package to him. Is officially working as a piercer in this guy's tattoo studio. Is still a beginner but "doing her best." Describes her husband as her "pincushion" since she practises on him. Shows picture of bridge piercing she did on him. It does not look good. Plans to open her own studio in four years when her daughter is out of primary school.

Oh crap. She's going to be on Barcroft's "hooked on the look." (31:30)

Apparently dolls kill did a cancel the cancellers video, and she was in it. She considers it a complement, and for once I find myself agreeing with her, because that sounds like a fucking stupid idea.

No. 1123007

>Apparently dolls kill did a cancel the cancellers video
Anyone know where this can be found? It sounds cringe as fuck

No. 1123061

The piercing on Emily’s husband actually doesn’t look too bad. It’s a lot better than I expected (extremely crooked or jank)

No. 1123080

I'm kind of torn. On the one hand I'm glad she has ambitions to build a career for herself. She doesn't have much of an education, and I can certainly understand why she'd want out of the baetending business.

But I would not get pierced by her. Considering her terrible piercing care, willingness to go in to get tattood while sick during covid, and regular bragging about her lack of personal hygiene, I wouldn't feel safe.

I agree the piercing she did on the husband looks fine. If she can make a go of this, rather than living off makeover show "exposure" I would be genuinly glad for her.

No. 1123166

It’s chill anon, lots of folk here have admitted to be ex-fans, hence their frustration at ever declining quality content. Honestly, Jake and Kaya are one of those old married couples who’re in far too deep to admit they hate eachother. Besides, from what I can gather, a LOT of the snaccs are underage or…not exactly Jake’s proclaimed type anyway.

No. 1123540

>Old Married couple

Haha yeah that's so true and they're not even that old yet when you get down to it lol And I know that we're all waiting for that day when Jake breaks it off with her and while break ups certainly suck, I think it'll be the best for them both.

No. 1124080

File: 1609968166994.png (554.1 KB, 392x671, solarcross.png)

Felvae jumped on the neo fash trad wife trend of making festive solar crosses to dog whistle to her pals with.


No. 1124166

Honestly surprised that more people haven't caught on to her yet. How can Mara claim to not know?

No. 1124408

just curiosity, does anyone knows dorian's or ofherbsandaltars old username? back in the early 2000's

No. 1125014

File: 1610059892708.jpg (64.97 KB, 1080x900, emilyboo_official-20210107-000…)

What the hell is she doing to her nose? Trying to start a new trend of enhancing the tip of her huge nose to make herself look like she has a cold kek

No. 1125016


Not sure what specific username you mean, but she often went by LittleBabyNothing on forums.

No. 1125042

I know he also used conventions the same way. especially dragoncon. lots of very very drunk girls.

No. 1125321

Also ugly as fuck. If I've seen it randomly in a tree while walling I'd assume the plants grew around the wood thing. Hideous

No. 1125756

>Jake on the other hand had tons of unearned confidence and just kept chipping away at videos. Even though his content is unbearable and scraping the barrel

The accuracy of this paragraph.

No. 1126050

Kaya Lili
Alright I officially need the winter to go away. My sleep is the worst it’s been in goodness knows how long (which is saying something) and it is too cold to do ANYTHING Loudly crying face Going for walks, exercising, working on my studio, NOPE. Only blanket burrito.(this is an imageboard)

No. 1126169

Concerning those who thought Annika and Mai would fall out: only over Annika's dead body lol!
She is the type of leech who latches onto anyone with money, and Mai still has a lot of it. She did this with her boyfriend's family, she and her manlet sustained on that money for years. She tricked the fashion designer from her uni to shell out a couple grands to make a fashion line with her, frequently tricks friends to take photographs for free, or let her stay over for free and so on. Then the very moment these friends leave the room Annika talks shit about them and airs out their dirty laundry like they never helped her.
As long as Mai is somewhat useful to her she will just keep the shit talk in private to friends that Mai don't know well. She did the same thing to Mara before the conflict came into public view.

No. 1126486

Imagine if everyone stayed home from work every time it was too cold to get off the couch/ out of bed.
Girl needs a massive reality check.

No. 1126900

>guys! I know I'm an ambulance driver and this is like, an emergency! But it's super cold outside.

No. 1128637

This video goes into E A Koettings far right/extremist leanings, how can Orlee justify being associated with this guy?

No. 1128744

Somebody on this thread called it WEEKS ago. Sorry for blogposting but I remember showing up to a FREEZING cold college building every day because there was actual consequences if I didn't. This girl's never been held accountable for anything or is so triggered by the ONE job she had when she was like, 19.

No. 1128938

I've seen this too. Orlee is a jewish woman in a relationship with a nonbinary person.

But when cash and clout is involved she will cozy up to chuds.

No. 1128954

He should hang out with fagsfail and snaggletoof. They also like to pall around with order of the nine angles members. Like that pighead raffling strongman guy they went camping with.

No. 1129479

File: 1610471135724.jpg (285.56 KB, 1080x869, 20210112_180102.jpg)

I don't understand Ruadhan. He constantly ebegs about needing to be given stuff and how he can't afford to support himself. Which is fair enough. But then he also constantly brags about getting money and owning boogie shit.

I think it's still best summed up in him needing to ebeg to afford an exterminator. So he made a video accusing IBF and Kaya of ebegging to attract attention to it.

And yes, he's right about it. But it also makes him look like an absolute hypocrite.

Anyway, just a little something to keep in mind next time he starts a gofundme.

No. 1130924

In his mind, it doesn't apply to him. I've seen somewhere, I think his instagram, he saying something like "yaaas poor disabled queer trans comunist people deserve to spend too" like he's being super comunist and against the rich by also having nice things, fuck the status quo!

He sees himself as a cultured person who is unfortunately poor and has to ask people to help him, and they do because he is awesome and they agree with everything he says. He is also trve goth.
He sees other youtube goths like IBF and TT as: rich privileged fake goths who get undeserved money and attention by saying unimportant things online just to shill for pseudo goth brands. They don't need or deserve this money because they are posers.
So to him,the difference is as clear as a bright blue skye!

Before anyone says this is WK, I don't like Rhuadan at all. Before he was being mentioned here he was already picking stupid neverending fights in r/goth and being very obnoxiously irritating and caught my attention. You guys should read all his posts on reddit one day

No. 1131598

Dorian made a video about their sloppy alcoholic phase.

No. 1131646

She says her mother is still contractually obligated to somebody toxic she let into her life while an alcoholic. I'm guessing that would be her ex who tried to poison her. But how would that work? Employment or something?

No. 1131792

i've never posted here so this is probably a mess, but I'm getting so sick and tired of dorian. It's like another wholeass rambly excuse to live this shitty live she does. I can't understand how the hell she can be content with being a complete slob. Keep hoping she'll get her life together but man I guess she'll keep ruining herself huh. I don't wish anything on her mom, I don't know the woman, but I just wish she'd get kicked out or something, so she'll finally figure out how real life works, instead of being this insanely sheltered leechy mofo, my god.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1132126

I mean with her autism and addiction I dont think she'd survive that long and her parents probably know that.

No. 1132264

It's kind of sad that she considers speaking up about being molested and the trauma it caused her to be one of the negatives of drinking, because it causes friction within her family. Telling your family that an older relative sexually abused you shouldn't be something you feel bad about.

No. 1132466

Sage for dumb question, I thought he's getting benefits or something, why would he be filing and getting taxes back?

No. 1132626

Disability is considered income and rent is considered an expense that is deductible.

No. 1132674

Wait, you think people on benefits don't pay taxes?

Disabillity, and the deductables that come with it, vary from country to country. In the US there are even state, and sometimes county variables to consider. But whatever the situation may be, disabillitybenefits usually land you at or below the poverty line, and would qualify you for some kind of refund.

No. 1132902

File: 1610766758422.png (741.95 KB, 694x977, Screenshot_2020-12-23-20-51-48…)

Don't know if she's a cow or not but this woman appeared to me on IG…

No. 1133040

This reeks of a selfpost

No. 1133068

Say three “Hail Sisters of Mercy” and pray it explodes.

No. 1133179

i only know that she is a model that's had a lot of work done.

No. 1133212

I know from second hand gossip that DD used to be high drama and super attention seeking on the London alt scene. My ex met her years ago when she worked at a pub in London and apparently she's not exactly the sharpest tool in the drawer either. Also she now controls her online image super tightly and gets anything negative said about her on forums, websites etc. removed, and accuses all her exes of being crazy.

No. 1133321

I've heard of her, she used to be very popular in the online alternative model scene. I never really looked into her but I know she was another one of those Methalhead chicks who think they're Goth because they like to wear black clothes and dark makeup and how she'd cry elitist in some Facebook Goth groups when she'd be posted there and people called her a poser. But aside from that, that's all I know about this person.

No. 1133612

odd post seeing as she's literally on a pretty good path when it comes to alcohol and drugs. Sounds like you've got some personal vendetta going on.

I'll always wonder why people who live at home and don't have a standard job keep getting attacked on here. None of your business who pays for their lifestyle innit. Unless it's healthy people that are just lazy. But I feel like Dorian would be dead within 2 months of living alone n trying to hold down a normie job

No. 1133708

yeah, I guess it's an american thing, their parents kick them out as soon as they're 18. In Dorian's case it's pretty obvious that she isn't capable of living by herself in absolutely any way. Not that parents HAVE TO accept lazy kids at their home forever but Dorian is legit that fucked up. She tried living by herself and it didn't come out great, so I guess it really beat her down and she spiraled into… this bizarre excuse of a person. She's bizarre and absurd and completely nuts but I feel sorry for her, that's one complicated human being and I honestly don't see her getting better any time soon. When I thought she was acting less crazy she is like "surprise! I've been having a rich social and sexual life with the ghosts in my room the whole time".

So I guess it is pathetic to live with your parents if you're normal, if you're this crazy, maybe it's for the best…

No. 1133931

I usually only have a problem with it if people live with their parents when they have the option to not do so, and they make their parents practically or financially responsible for them.

Dorian doesn't seem like she could manage on her own. Lots of people can't. She also helps her parents with physical tasks around the house.

What usually does bug me is when people are able to live on their own and just find it convenient to leech off mummy and daddy. Especially if they ebeg or scam on top of it and then just blow their money on nonsense. People like Heather Sparkles for instance.

No. 1133971

File: 1610898251162.jpeg (269.04 KB, 828x1088, 01DDD428-215C-4E86-B18C-4700D4…)

Fagsfar will be releasing a new album soon. Prepare for even more dogwhistling white supremacist bullshit if the description is anything to go by.

No. 1133975

File: 1610898384194.jpeg (465.79 KB, 828x1033, FCB14006-1DE8-423D-BC05-AF9B87…)

Photo for the post for those interested.

My eyes are tired from work but it looks like he dyed his beard red brown???? Looks like some of Lauren’s shit ha.

No. 1133977

>>1133612 If you've watched someone for so long it kind of, even if it's unplanned, becomes somewhat parasocial, so yes, I guess that makes it personal.
I'm not gonna feel bad for someone who has done this completely to herself. I won't take 'autism' as an excuse either, that's a terrible excuse to be a failure of a person.
That's just weak and I'm sick and tired of people (*not just dorian, I just see it a lot) using their autism as a shield for them doing downright stupid shit. It also just denegrades anyone with autism who is just living a good life for themselves, actually trying.
She herself and herself alone to thank for her addiction. shrugs
She doesn't take help from outside sources, because she only wants to hear herself blab about everything, so I would not feel bad if she ever does end up out on the street at some point (though ofcourse I'd much rather prefer she'd actually get professional help in an institution), it'd be some nice self reflection. What else would even help at this point.

And yeah, she's good with her words and must be a nice person, sure, but if you've followed her long enough you know she's been making excuses during that sloppy alcohol phase as well, as to why this was okay for her to do in a lot of those videos, just as an example. She's still doing the same thing. Must be nice if you get to choose to be sick, huh?

Right? The misogyny in this family must be absolutely unbearable. One of the reasons I can't take her "transness" seriously. …Not that there's much transness to be taken seriously on the World Wide Web anyways, but that's a whole other topic.

No. 1133981

>>1133977 (the 'transness' here almost coming off as just another form of self harm. It's sad).

No. 1134087

That sounds like a you problem actually. Maybe want to stop hatewatching people?

Well, if I trust anybody to handle history responsibly and thoroughly it's this chud. Remember when he kept going on about his viking heritage, but didn't realize the connection between the vikings and the normans?

This will be equal parts fasci and hilarious.

No. 1134172

>>1134087 And… what are you doing here exactly? Funny how that works huh.

No. 1134183

File: 1610911193831.png (61.84 KB, 500x149, amem.png)

No. 1134200

I don't want to destroy your bubble, but addiction is an illness. Some people are prone to it and get addicted to literally everything whereas others don't.
That's why she went from hard drugs to alcoholism to now having this strange relationship with ghosts. Which is just another coping mechanism/addiction if you will. Just unhealthy behaviour all round.

I couldn't care less whether Dorian lives at home, identifies as he or she. This is a gossip forum but I don't think it's gossip to drag someone for their actual illness or their inability to lead a normal life.

Not to wk Dorian, they've been entertaining and sure have done weird/questionable shit. But your reasons for hating them are bullshit.

No. 1134648

File: 1610946187874.jpg (Spoiler Image,813.92 KB, 2960x1440, Eb.jpg)

Eb pretty much did the same thing she did on Snog marry avoid. Like the other anon said she's struggling to stay relevant. Guess her shitty nose blush and makeup scribbles weren't getting her enough attention. Imo she looks better afterwards, but they could have chosen better clothes. Not that she'll even consider looking descent for a hot min, she has to be the most goff of em all. What happened to the blue mermaid style she branded herself as? Now it's Billie Eyelash green, typical. Bitch doesn't know originality. She just pretends she is kek

No. 1134679

Not saying fagsfail isn't a cow, but why exactly is he in this thread and not the "real vikings" thread? He doesn't really seem alt to me

No. 1134743

You know there is absolutely nothing original anymore everything has been done before and what's wrong with liking "goth" related makeup and tattoos and piercings? Why would you want another bland and boring?person? I smell gravey

No. 1134755

In relation to his girlfriend Lauren and their weird friendship with Mara/Psychara, and the dichotomy between their personas and apparent real beliefs. Esp Mara, who claims she isn’t aware of any racism on their part despite them clearly being involved with white nationalism.

I actually thought about crossposting the couple on either the Tradwhores thread or the Viking thread, but I didn’t want to just hijack a thread with random cows so let it be.

No. 1134782

Yes. Like >>1134755 said. It's the psychara connection. They use her for clout. And she keeps insisting that she has no idea, even after some Anon cowtipped and publicly confronted her with the facts. Which is in stark contrast to her super inclusive persona.

No. 1134795

Not everyone who has green hair is trying to be billie eylish

No. 1134850

>Right? The misogyny in this family must be absolutely unbearable.
Is that why she made that very misogynistic video blaming female rape victims for their own rape and saying women have privilege because they can wear make up?

No. 1134876

File: 1610979538585.jpeg (437.35 KB, 828x1179, 9814B112-E3DD-4B4C-AE17-15E000…)

>begging on reddit for cat food

Also Ruadhan
>drops gubermint money on acid

No. 1134880

lulz emily boo did a video on nicholas barclay, is she trying the true crime angle now since shes such a boring bitch? i'd like to think most people who delve into that topic want to genuinely help and raise awareness but she's sat there looking like an utter freak (not meant as a compliment, em) and the only people who would watch them would be already established fans of hers who probably know the cases. No one is going to take her seriously with the clown make up, stupid looking sore nose and scribbles on her face while she talks about something serious. Move on to another trend emily, this aint it

No. 1134935

Whenever Emily is brought up it smells like gravey in here.

No. 1134941

Yup. Chunky pedo gravey.

There's plenty to hate about Emily, don't get me wrong. But some of the posts have this weird desperate quality to them that just has hagraven written all over it.

No. 1134962

I'm not graven but I can say Emily doing true crime videos is on par with Ready to Glare. Not comfy in the slightest with YouTubers making money off victims and their grieving families. Yeah big studios do it too but they also have the families there to sign up for that.

No. 1135036

The way she does her makeup is fine. Looks good. But i gotta say the warmer foundation colour looks really nice on her. Bit of colour in yohr skin goes along way

No. 1135233

Priorities lol.

No. 1135235

Maybe she's trying to be like ReadyToGlare? Another alternative chick who does these deep dive (not really) videos on certain cases and current events.

No. 1135261


Not Gravey either but I feel like I can't talk about Emily because thats all anyone goes to which takes away from the cow stuff she does on her own. Her makeup is stupid. That stupid nose shit she does now and her baby scribbles rub me the wrong way. She's another poser alt wannabe that calls herself goth when she clearly isn't but just because Gravey has a thing with her she gets immunity? That's fucked up. Emily might not be as bad as some of the others but she has enough shit to talk about. And seeing her in "normal" makeup just emphasizes that her fake goff look doesn't do her any favours. Not that there's anything wrong with trying to be different but she's a tryhard, and a more toned down look actually suits her and makes her look nice. It almost makes you forget what a disgusting oversharing bitch she is.

No. 1136201

I have no high or extremely low opinion of Emily since like you said, she's not as a bad as some of the other cows mentioned here. She's a poser for sure but after reading your comment, you did make me ponder something. So we have the posers like Emily, Kaya, and Jake and then someone like IBF but they all share something in common and that is their OTT looks.

Is it farfetched to think that the reason these people go for these OTT looks is because they try to cover up just how dull and boring they actually are? They all don't seem to have any shred of a personality or interest except for their extreme looks. I mean with Dorian, she's annoying but I have to admit that at least she has these stories to share (even if they are cringe). I dunno, just something I was thinking about with these people.

No. 1136334

You’re reaching. Plenty of people are just into alt stuff and never grow out of it. They know they’re not interesting in a mainstream way so it’s not for popularity (think about when Jake tried to fake a normy vlogger phase).

No. 1136759

No no, I'm not saying that all people who look OTT are boring, dull people who have no personality, there are plenty of people like that who have things going for them. I was just making an observation with these individuals. I mean what can you say about Kaya or Emily for example? Like what are their hobbies? What do they want to achieve in life? More so for Kaya since Emily is trying to be a piercer and Jake does his music. Like what other interests do these people have outside of just looking over the top.

No. 1137164

>>1134200 I don't care.

>>1135233 I gotta admit, I don't know too much about Ruadhan (tried to watch at one point, but meh), so this is purely mostly superficial, but he just gives me the creeps for some reason?

No. 1137181

He gives me the creeps to, there is something off about him

No. 1137185

He seems intense even without being ADHD.

No. 1137294

Again, a reach, and I know I sound like a wk here. Kaya has a million hobbies and interests. She’s very into arts and crafts, nature, kawaii and alt fashion, gaming. She would probably be into these things outside of looking like a psycho toddler. Emily is into Disney, alt shit, body mods and her pets and actually has some goals and aspirations. The problem isn’t that these people don’t have any interests, it’s that they often pursue them in a childish way or they’re outshined by their dumb cow behaviour.
I see your point, but this just isn’t a revelation or milk, sorry.

No. 1137706

File: 1611208776735.jpg (Spoiler Image,758.74 KB, 1439x1605, Whatthefuckisthis.jpg)

You have shit taste if you don't see what's wrong with this

Being interested in shitty piercings while giving others shitty piercings kek
At least Jake trying to do music is more than these other cows try to do. No wk because his music blows but at least he tries to do something different from Kaya moping, bitching and eternally unboxing and Emily hoarding animals and holding on to her childhood (acting like an overgrown fat gross kid) and Freya with her country hopping guy using money grabbing crap. These cows make me physically ill

No. 1137882

File: 1611233692460.jpeg (257.29 KB, 1242x1713, 00BA4F78-23FC-46B6-AB5C-9B1A39…)

Mai’s fashion style has become so boring and lackluster these past few years. Compared to her outfits back in her tumblr era, this is just lazy styling- a frumpy yoga mom holding a cup of tea or a book in every damn photo.

No. 1138043

Like everyone from this bunch of cows. Lauren, psychara, Annika, Catinawitchhat etc. They all look boring by now and what is worse: eventhough preaching about individuality and all, they still manage to look the same. Psychara and Annika at least have different hair colors but that's almost it.

No. 1138348

It’s because they all copy Mara and don’t have a lot else going on. Judging from the outfits the revenues are drying out. I know that people from Annika’s circle are dodging taxes, it just doesn’t help if there isn’t income to fake your declarations with,

No. 1138563

File: 1611276056755.jpg (86.36 KB, 326x499, pig.jpg)

I'm so glad to see this cow on here! I've known about that trainwreck for years. I'm good friends with the lovely girl she had a falling out with a few years ago so I'll give you some tea but I don't have reciepts because this is all irl. We know the same people, go to the same pubs and I've seen her at Horrorcon. Emily is a wanker. She stopped talking to my mate because she didn't like that someone else was getting attention. They were close friends but my friend was just an extention of Emily and a way to make her look better and give her more content [getting matching unicorn tats, sleepovers whatever]. Then my mate shaved her head for charity and got into burlesque modeling and people started to notice her and Emily couldn't handle not being the center of attention so she cut her off and made her out to be some kind of toxic person that used Emily for her "fame". I've seen her at events strutting with her head up expecting people to fawn over her. She had a meltdown about too many people dying their hair blue so she dropped her "Emily tattooed mermaid facade" and yes like another anon said she went green because of Billie Eilish not because she's a fan but because people are fans of Billie's green so she is indeed piggybacking off that while still pretending to be one of a kind. Her main goal in life is to be famous and goth even though she's not goth nor anything special like she thinks she is. Thats why she's doing more outlandish makeup looks trying to start new trends and its a joke between me and my mates how desperate she looks jumping on every bandwagon to be relevant. Around here she's more or less a nobody. I went to the pub she worked at with some of my other mates and she's just a fat minger but she dares talk about other females being slags [but in person where no one can screenshot her true self] when she's the biggest slag of anyone! So glad to see her here and I wish more people knew what a huge arsehole she is. I wish she'd just piss off and become as irrelvent as she deserves to be.

No. 1138921

but shouldn't Mai and Annika have their rich partners and partners parents to support them?
("nooo we are such successfull indepented women" - like someone else wrote a while ago, nothing against letting yourself be supported by others.. but saying it is all your OWN hard work really rubs me the wrong way)

No. 1138947

Seriously? That girl was trash she didn't get any attention. Emily is boring and has shit make up but isn't milky. Move along with your old tea

No. 1138988

What's Cat done? I know Maimagi targeted her before for "copying" once but I don't think they dress similar anymore

No. 1138998

Your mate is a flake too tbh. Is it just me or is the Emily anon same fagging? Like, most of the people in this thread aren't real goffs and they're all attention whores.

No. 1139100

Cat really isn’t as milky as the others, but she also whines about people stealing her art and talks shit out the side of her mouth but can’t just say what the fuck is going on lol.

I have a feeling Mai is toning down her look to appeal to normies who like the goth/fantasy elf witch mage aesthetic to get more business. Or she’s grown out of needing to look like a poor man’s Melisandre, it happens.

No. 1139199

I have to disagree. They all may be cows but objectively speaking, Annika shows creativity and skills in her makeup. Cat also puts together interesting outfits.

No. 1139434

File: 1611349434396.jpg (280.35 KB, 1079x837, Screenshot_20210122-205839_Chr…)

Kaya's latest excuse.

How dare other people use their studio space when she is trying to record!

No. 1139981

File: 1611402408395.jpeg (737.87 KB, 828x1254, F0665303-831E-442F-B292-F9930A…)

>can barely see adam’s face
>trying so hard to be the regal red queen
>instead looking like a big berry with teeth
>”outing” is just code for, “we went to another whyte pryde meeting in the woods”
>inb4 these two eventually just come out of the closet and start with the aryan trad couple/save albion bullshit

No. 1140018

Is that his "country gentleman" look? Kek.

No. 1140145


I actually just started following this girl on Instagram and I didn't know she was considered a "lolcow". Is she really?? She seems relatively normal from what I've seen.

No. 1140223

She's mostly discussed in relation to mai and mara.

No. 1140235

Okay. So Orlee's ex pimped her out to a demon (tm) to help with apartment hunting. And because of her amazing fuckpowers it hung around.

It also seems she is making the kind of "spirit vessel" crap Dorian is such a sucker for.

No. 1140503

Oh my god. Her actual neighbours interupt recording at home. Her studio neighbours interupt her filming in the space she supposedly rents for filming?? As if we needed more proof that this studio was just to gain some control over her life and space away from Fake. This girl needs to get a fucking grip, invest in some kind of noise cancelling software or soundproofing for the walls. So many people succeed on youtube with so much less than this cunt has.
(Sorry for rant/blogpost)

No. 1140510

everything in this video just reminds me of dorian

also why does orlee have a star of david tattoo on her chest lmao

No. 1140524

She's jewish.
As in, of jewish descent.
Also the kind of demonology she practises incorporates elements of jewish cultural practises.

Though the fuckdemons are all hers

It really is the same kind of shit Dorian is on about. Except explicitly "demonic". Topkek.

No. 1140911

File: 1611498594713.jpg (20.62 KB, 360x366, 073361a1557bc8145354d5028ccdc7…)


Orlee has a star of Babalon with seven points which is associated with Thelema - rather than a star of David. They do look v similar though.

No. 1141050

File: 1611514008496.jpg (321.16 KB, 1080x1112, Screenshot_20210124-184652_Chr…)

No. 1141082


wtf has the government got to do with any of this

No. 1141108

"Sorry I can't come to work today, it's too cold"

"Sorry I can't work today, it's too loud "

"Sorry I won't be in today, because of the government"

No. 1141128

That's it Kaya! Fight the powers that be by staying in bed and hoarding cheap crap.

No. 1141176

She could literally live in the middle of nowhere, with no one to bother her, and she would find a way to complain.

No. 1141229

My guess is the lockdown they are in I believe they have a curfew and shit idk

No. 1141285

A curfew would be a problem if you don't get out of bed before three in the afternoon.

No. 1141291


kek I just remembered her 3 day attempt working at Lush or some similar smelly soap store and she quit/got fired because her feet hurt after standing for 8 hours and it was all *~just too hard~*


She could just order some foam online and make her own soundproof panelling as a little craft project, but it's more likely that the sheer effort of browsing a few websites might leave her exhausted and uninspired for days.

No. 1141314


How can anyone be a fan of this girl when she gets put off doing basic tasks for insanely miniscule reasons. Isn't she on ADHD meds now? How is she still like this?

No. 1141344

She is. Though ADHD meds are kind of tricky and it can take a while to find the ones that work for you.

Which is why it would be far more beneficial for her if she created some kind of structure to her day and a routine for herself. ADHD is one thing. But Kaya also does nothing to improve her situation.

No. 1141359

Yeah ADHD is just Kaya's golden ticket for validating her laziness.

Girl is almost 30 and has had 2 jobs, both that she couldn't keep for more than a few weeks at the most.

No. 1141528

She should seriously think about making some sort of agenda guide or something. Just plan things out that she needs to get done and stick to it, at least making a few goals to accomplish in a day. The biggest problem with her is she lacks structure. For most of us normal folk who have jobs or go to school, these things help keep us more-or-less on a schedule to get things done whereas Kaya doesn't have this and because she's been out of work and school for such a long time, she is way off balance.

No. 1141547

File: 1611552604322.jpeg (232.68 KB, 1125x1217, E02C2FBE-3B38-4F88-A151-589793…)

Is she really taking them tho?

No. 1141744

I'll go out on a limb here and guess she has no intention of taking medication properly to help herself.

Not putting down ADHD sufferers here but since getting her diagnosis Kaya has used this as a way to define herself and excuse all of her lazy entitled materialistic behaviour.

If medication helps with this what will she have to excuse this in the future?

Plenty of people control their ADHD and live productive and happy lives.

No. 1141920

Nah, you’re 100% right. Also lots of people with ADHD can talk or joke about how sometimes the symptoms (like laziness etc) are obnoxious, without them actually being obnoxious people.
Kaya literally doesn’t have a fucking job. She never films, and even if she did, she has a whole studio with lighting now. Who the fuck cares if her sleeping schedule is temporarily fucked?? You know what else fucks your sleep further: sitting in the house and in front of screens all day and never having a routine or going outside. I get that she has SAD, but I don’t get how a grown adult can stay a blob for so long and not just get sick of it.
You’re right anon, she just uses it as an excuse to complain. I thought she might make some self care changes when she was diagnosed, but I’m not surprised in the slightest she hasn’t.

No. 1141988

+1 anon. Who the fuck cares if her sleep schedule gets fucked? She doesn't fucking do anything anyway. She doesn't work, she doesn't go to school, she hardly uploads worthwhile content, she pretty much never leaves her house unless it's for food runs. I mean she doesn't have a life. She's as you said, a "blob" who dos fuck all and she's in a spot where she can have a temporary fucked up sleep schedule and it wouldn't change her life much at all.

What I find absolutely fucking mind boggling is her fans who enable her. How the hell can they not see the truth about their role-model? She's a laze about who is taking advantage of their hospitality with their constant donating. I can't believe I'm saying this but even Stumpy is at the very least somewhat more productive. I have to wonder if he is bothered that his girlfriend is such a lazy ass and for all we know, he is probably making more YouTube money than she is these days and whether he feels like he's now wasting time with this sloth of a woman.

No. 1142186

Just set an alarm and take one at the same time every day, it isn't that hard. The idea behind meds is they enable you to do all the things you struggle with - I don't take them but the ADHD people I follow seem to benefit from it. Kaya is just in the mire, struggling intentionally at this point.

No. 1142193

No. 1142328

How does toxic have the money to live and rent a house and a studio? If she got no Job ,barely records videos and just begs for free stuff daily? I thought jake was the toxic one but at least he is doing stuff like streaming doing constant music and videos and heck even passed his motorbike test

No. 1142361

I still think it's gonna be cringe but I'll give her some props that at least this time she's using music that sounds Goth unlike the last video.

It's been speculated that aside from Kaya getting some ad revenue from her videos as well as her Patreon, many believe that her parents help her with her living expenses. I don't think that she would be able to live as comfortably as she does if it was just her YouTube money and Patreon donations alone.

No. 1142412

I wonder if she's on some form of benefits to also help cover some cost.

No. 1142504

I'm sure she probably gets disability allowance (prob why she pushed for ADHD diagnosis?) so about £500 a month?Usually they also pay housing or at least most of it. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if Jake isn't down as her career and he'll get money for looking after her I bet. I'm sure her parents are well off too, she screams I've always been a spoiled bitch.

No. 1142530

Right forgot to mention the the disability income as well. I remember that her and Jake were on the Dole but that was back in like 2018 so I wasn't sure if she was still on it. And yeah I also get the impression that her parents are well off as well. Wasn't her mother like a model back in the day?

No. 1142555

Wouldn't the kind of money the lovestump brings in disqualify her from benefits? I'm not that familliar with the UK system. But Jake brings in a few thousand pounds per stream.

No. 1142700

They aren’t married though. I’m not sure what it’s like over there but here in the US I know multiple people who decided to not get married just so one, usually the woman, could collect benefits while they were in school or working to save for a house etc. so it wouldn’t surprise me if they did something similar except they aren’t saving they’re just living off it and buying junk.

No. 1142749

It depends on household income, not marriage. Having said that, the two of them are very firmly “a household“ in the legal sense. So they’re not declaring his income (if they’re even filling out self-employment tax returns at all) or lying about something else. Obscene amounts of borrowing is also a chance but probably not given how skint Kaya constantly complains she is. How these idiots think they’re gonna buy a house is beyond me.

No. 1142753

samefag, should’ve said it’s not JUST dependant on marriage. But yeah, she “debunked” the “rumour” that her parents have money, but they’re definitely at middle class and have cash to throw at her. She goes on and on about “chavs“ like only a stuck up middle class bitch would, and went to a private school.

No. 1142796

Yes. If they share any kind of formal expenses they qualify as a household. I don't think Kaya is on disabillity though. Her formal diagnosis is pretty recent, and she was living pretty much the same way before that. She could be on unemployment.

No. 1142810

In the UK if you live together you have to support each other. So assuming little stumps is declaring his earnings he fully supports her financially…

No. 1142912


I think it's still going to be cringe-y. Looks like she still included styles not related to the subculture. Some of these people may be goth, but I'm expecting to see some egirls and metalheads. Wonder if she got her Japanese lolita that was supposedly a must.

No. 1142938


I really doubt they declare his earnings as tax so they can still claim full benefits

No. 1142946

I recognized one of the people who was Miss E on YouTube (the Deathrock looking girl) but yeah, it looks like it's gonna be a mess. But her including non-Goth stuff in it wouldn't be any different than when she did the same with her last two "40 years" videos.

No. 1142978

Removing the non-goth stuff would have been an improvement. Considering this is a remake and that was one of the main criticisms of the first video, it would make sense to scrap the unrelated styles. Liisa's never been one to accept the facts though and was really defensive about her first video when the comments rolled in and other YouTubers brought up mistakes. She wants anything "dark" to be included into goth and still doesn't want to budge this even after all these years.

No. 1142986

Wonder what would happen if someone was to report them for tax evasion/benefit fraud(do not encourage cowtipping)

No. 1142988

You mean cowtipping?

You know, the thing one should not do?

No. 1143000

Yeah. Not to mention it could backfire badly if it turns out they weren't dodging taxes, and somebody filed a false report.

No. 1143031

File: 1611712816644.jpg (629.97 KB, 1080x1075, Screenshot_20210126-185700_Ins…)

God, I absolutely hate Madame Absinthe's outfits. They're so tacky, expensive, and are super 2005 deathrock revival.

No. 1143036

You really weren't joking with that description, damn.

No. 1143055

Her outfits are pretty tacky. But I appreciate that she is a very talented seamstress who makes most of her own clothes.

No. 1143174

File: 1611731595436.jpg (135.46 KB, 1080x1080, 115797460_231340057901207_6413…)

Oh I agree. I'm not saying it was a good thing when she included shit like Emo, Psychobilly, Pastel Goth, and Gothic Lolita in those previous videos. All I meant is that I'm not even surprised she hasn't learned anything from the criticism she got with those old videos. Because if she wants to include any and every Dark Alternative style into a video, she shouldn't be calling it "Goth" and should just call it "40 Years of Alternative Fashion".

Yeah her outfits are pretty hit/miss tbh. I do like some of them but others feel a little too costumey or tacked on. I actually don't mind that she has a 2005 Deathrock revival vibe tbh, just not that look in particular lol.

No. 1143224

If it was "40 Years of Alternative Fashion", it would definitely be less criticized. Liisa's go-to defense for this was always "It's Goth STYLE!", completely forgetting that many Goth styles were inspired by Goth musicians and it's not a valid excuse to justify adding "pastel goth".

No. 1143341

File: 1611753612596.png (193.18 KB, 246x512, psychara.PNG)

from psychara's ig story, presumably re: maimagi and manicmoth.

i feel like they would all benefit from either being forthright about whatever happened, or by dropping it entirely. they all seem to not be able to go a few months without these vague jabs at each other or references to each other.

No. 1143356

Is there any type of common law marriage that’s recognized in NI?

No. 1143368

Same. It's not my style, but I don't mind it. And considering that a lot of her commision work seems to be for burlesque performers and dragqueens, dressing like the human incarnation of the word 'festooned' is probably good advertising.

>my friends now are amazing.
Like the person pushing the myth of white genocide? The one using you for clout to mainstream their ideas about pure aryan bloodlines?

I have no doubt that Mai and Annika were shitty friends. But her current situation is not my idea of an upgrade.

No. 1143372

She’s really immature. I get that she was (presumably) hurt about whatever happened, but at some point she needs to grow the fuck up and stop using this as a boo boo sympathy magnet for her ego. All three of them were clout chasers when they were together, and now she’s stuck with Nina and the ugly british nationalists.

No. 1143374

it's not just her either–they all do this, mai moreso than moth but none of them can seemingly resist the opportunity to bring it up every few months. mai and moth both respond to prying comments with things like "we have vowed never to talk about this very obvious friend breakup to protect the privacy of those involved" but wouldn't simply choosing not to respond to those asks or address those comments be more "private" than continuing to draw attention to the situation over and over and over?

No. 1143379


“ Many people wrongly believe that with the passage of time, cohabiting couples enjoy the same rights as married couples. There is an illusion that living together for a number of years earns a couple the titles of ‘common law husband and wife’ which gives them the same legal rights as married couples or those in civil partnerships, although this is not legally the case. This misconception can unfortunately lead to a cohabiting couple being left in a vulnerable position should the relationship break down.”
From Life Law NI website.

No. 1143423

> "It's Goth STYLE"

Oh god she's one of "those" people. I didn't know that she responded that way but it makes sense and she doesn't realize that videos like hers spreads misinformation about Goth.

No. 1143796

File: 1611790124967.jpg (152.09 KB, 1079x401, Screenshot_20210127-232842_Chr…)

4 weeks after her studio makeover and still not one video…

No. 1143875

This is fully her identity now. The asspats are addictive.

No. 1144042

I like the bottom half of this outfit the rest looks like a circus ringleader

No. 1144137

No. 1144217

Jezus christ that was awful. I need a shower.

No. 1144274

This poor dude.

How dare these FEMALES label him an incel and block him just because he keeps graphically describing his sexual fantasies about them on an app made for teenagers.

Bunch of sheeple SJWs.

No. 1144457

File: 1611857932811.jpeg (531.18 KB, 1125x1916, E415D555-4344-4BCF-8EBA-AD8349…)

Who is trusting KVD with guns when she can’t even remember to blow out candles. Is her husband even allowed near guns as a former gangbanger and incarcerated person?

No. 1144506

This person CAN'T be meantally sound. Who stops everything in their life for the most common stuff happening around them?
That's why I say Dorian can't live alobe, because she'd be worse than this, they both are completely incapable of dealing with life and should have supervision. Kaya should be either working and loving normally or living with her parents and getting treatment because this isn't normal at all.

Just take them 12/12 hours of it's 2 times a day. Or put an alarm for every 24h if it's once a day, you completely stupid fuck

I'm pretty sure Kaya and Jake are supported by Kaya's parents and use their youtube/twitch/patreon money only for their personal expenses, hence all their stupid superfluous luxuries

It's called life, the prize for getting through the day without having a meltdown is getting through the day without having a meltdown.

She is insanely rich and never was accused of killing someone, if she can pay for all the documentation they just allow you in some states but I might be wrong. Now, Prayers is a different story… there's no way in hell he's legally getting a gun. She keeps getting more and more Karen Von D every time I hear about her

No. 1144507

She doesn’t care, she will just buy him a bunch of guns and then cry that Gavin Newsom is trying to take them from her so that she can’t shoot the hobos trying to break into her house.

No. 1144510

Pretty sure some banks in Indiana (where she bought a home with her pet dwarf) give you a handgun for opening a new account. That's how easy it is to get them in parts of the US.

No. 1144627

Even there it involves a background check and a mandatory five day waiting period.

This whole "guns with bankaccounts" thing was popularised by Michael Moore in "bowling for columbine." And although he made some pretty accurate points about US gunculture, he also used a lot of creative editing.

If her creepy husband has a felony record, he will not be allowed to own a gun. And it would constitute a felony for her to buy guns for him. But there would be no way to prove that unless he was caught carrying the guns outside the house. And even then it would be mostly on him, because it would be nearly impossible to prove that she gave him permission to carry it, rather than her just leaving it around and him taking it.

But given their moaning about the "tehrannical gov'ment", I doubt they would care.

No. 1144734


> Unfriended Ruadhan for being retarded, understandable, who wants to be friends with someone who makes fun of people dying and doesn't care?

You sure about that? In one of her last streams she bended ovr backwards to get him unmuted but it was stil bein glitch. And when did Ruadh make fun of ppl dying? That sounds weirdly specific but nuthin to back it up with


She and Red had no falling out.

They're still FB friends. He had an anxiety meltdown when all pandemic hell broke loose and got put on mute.

>It's totally fine to not like Angela. Wish people would just be honest instead of making things up.

Yeh, but what would ppl here have to say when there's nuthin else to say? lol

>What would Ruadhan gain from stirring up shit by trying to throw Angela under the bus? I know he's a bit off his rocker but I'm not sure if he'd try to pull something like that on Angela

this here

Crazy ≠ stupid

>Attention, clout. You could ask that same question when he was obsessing over Freyja and Kaya a few months ago.

That was two years ago. Change your calendar anon

And if that was the case it still wouldn't make sense to do that on an anon imageboard

How would making up vague shit on here draw attention to his own shit? He ain't stupid but your ascribing some machivellian genius I doubt hes capable of

>He did recently get someone to buy him a new folding bike though.

I thought he said that was from the stimulus last year

Unless you got deets that says different

Red is actually trans, tho

Sorry for picking nits but its hard to argue w/ his voice, hair and massive scarrs when Dorian has a habit of almost nipslips for fun and profit

>I'm not from the US. Is it normal to get this many prescriptions? It can't be.

Depending on the issues, that isn't uncommon in the States or Europe. But it looks like its mostly lower dosage a few times a day

Plus a couple herbal supplements and vitamins

>The impression he is trying to leave you with is "Ruadhan is very sad and sick and deserves charity." Not "Ruadhan is on enougj (pseudo) opiates to knock out a small elephant.

I didn't know ibrophen was an opiate

>Why does Ruadhan show up semi-naked in so many of his videos? Does he think it will get him fans? Because I don't think it's working

Sounding like a porly sequenced loop, but I thought it was all his trans surgeries (shrug)

Plus his trunk is kinda saggy. I think he mentioned having lost about 80lbs over the last few yrs.

Nothing I'm tgat into looking at but it makes sense, if that's why, I guess

>he was filming it while on the toilet and I think he called the video "Toilet thoughts" or something like that. Who the fuck is gonna watch that shit? He's fucking delusional.

He has a series of those

It started up around the time Aytakk and his friends were trying to make hashtag-toiletgoth a thing on insta — which is kinda clever in that context I guess

> can't believe you think ban evasion is something to brag about. Kids these days…

Ruadhan? Is this you? lol

>Theres a reason people keep asking. They have no chemistry, he's a nasty little shit to her when he does appear in videos, in old vlogs on his channel he'd let her lag behind as he addressed the camera. He doesnt seem at all affectionate and he has openly stated he prefers skinny girls. What more proof do you need Kaya?

I sorta feel sorry for her. He's clearly not that into her anymore and is just stringing her along until he's found another Sure Mark he can mooch from. Meanwhile she's totally clueless and depressed - which makes her more oblivious, so when he finally dumps her it'll hit her extra hard

>They are going to get awfully lonely in Vevay seeing how they always have a revolving door of family, friends, and guests at their current home in LA.

Those two are going to ruin that beautiful old Victorian, I can pretty much smell the rancid patchouli oils and tacky black paint from here

>Since she isn’t completely leaving California behind, doesn’t that mean that she still has to suffer the tyrannical government and pay taxes on her home and business?

Your asking for covidiots to be consistent and make sense. Thar be dragons, I tells ya

>Holy uncanny valley

I did a double take @ that name — isn't she only 26 or so? How the hell did her face age another fifteen yrs? She looks RLLY old

>I wouldn't say outed. She's talked a lot about posting pics on pro-ana forums as a teenager. But I don't think that was ever denied.

Yep. Dorian is pretty upfront about having been on the old pro-ana forums in the early 2000s. Doesn't mean they AREN'T doing all these vids lately about the ana shit because of Eugenia being a current YouTube hot topic.

>Pretty sure he goes to brothels while on vacation.

He's also got a long reputation for leching on underage girls at conventions, and if they protest he has a habit of doing the onstage equiv of vague posting to shame them for being prudes. Real stand-up guy, that Voltaire is!/s The fact that Angela still seems to put on a nice opinion of him is the only thing that bugs me about her

>don't understand Ruadhan. He constantly ebegs about needing to be given stuff and how he can't afford to support himself. Which is fair enough. But then he also constantly brags about getting money and owning boogie shit.

Don't know where you live, but that tax return amount isn't a lot of money, not even in the Midwest. People all over the US were complaining last year about the $1200 stimulus not being enough, and $1125 is clearly less than that

Plus his "boogie shit" is almost always accompanied by a story about scouring eBay and/or hagling down. He claims he used to go with his mom who was a social worker and a antiques buyer for rich people, so if that's true then it would make sense if he's getting a good price on things.

And last time someone here showed he was ebegging to r/Assistance was over a month ago and the timestamped post said it was made on Reddit abt 3month before it was shared here. And that post was just to find someone local to him so that he could scan a birthday check to deposit to his bank — y'all are acting like he was asking for a hundred dollars or whatever. And looks like maybe the last time he asked someone on Reddit to feed his cats was about a year ago —some people get a change in finances, and one of his streams he said he's on a coupe of low-income programs now – so that means he spend less on w/ev bikls and having more of his disability to spend on his interests?

I know time is relative and the pandemic is making this even more apparent but this is like that tard making up shit about Angela. It's either vague shit or taking something kinda stupid that the Ockham razor can make sense of

>Disability is considered income and rent is considered an expense that is deductible.

Yep. Social Security isn't taxable income, but if he's filling his Patreon, KDP (for his books), and Bandcamp/Distrokid papers like he's supposed to, all that plus the rent means he files taxes like everyone else. Even w/o the patreon, etc, collecting disability and paying rent means that you should (but aren't rly obligated to) file your taxes

>That sounds like a you problem actually. Maybe want to stop hatewatching people

Wouldn't taking that advice kill this whole board? Lol

>Not saying fagsfail isn't a cow, but why exactly is he in this thread and not the "real vikings" thread? He doesn't really seem alt to me

I been wondering that too. My guess is his connection to Psychara's crowd so that makes him altcow adjacent?

I'm not gonna spend the 17+ hours looking for whatever recent stream he mentioned that was leftover tabs from his 2019 birthday, but this was easier to find and supports y vague recollection


I guess this outs me as one of his "strange ppl" lol but this is that Ockham razor thing I said. Y'all being mad about shit you invented yrself lol

>You have shit taste if you don't see what's wrong with this

I see that, and I think of this:


>dressing like the human incarnation of the word 'festooned' is probably good advertising.

IHNI why but this is probably the best way to summarise Miss E's look. She seems to have a great sense of humour about things, and I'm tempted to recommend she use a version of this for when she needs to reprints business cards! llol

No. 1144744

Holy shit sperg. If you are a follower of Ruadhan, rather than the guy himself, you clearly bonded over your mutual autism.

No. 1144909

Kek I almost want to believe this is him poorly integrating.

No. 1146580

File: 1612070290258.jpg (265.76 KB, 1836x994, a67c30e33e398aae5f138375c13739…)

made her first video a month after she finished the studio and she's doing it in her attic, wtf?

No. 1147295

And when she does make a video she just talks about everything she's been tweeting about just to crank out a video with a sponsor.

Also is proud of waking up at 6 ot 7am as she thinks it is being "awake before the rest of the world".
What planet is she on seriously.

No. 1147464

Clearly someone who's never had to work a morning shift lol

No. 1148292

Or just do something, anything, other than lay in bed till noon and maybe waddle over to the convenience store to get her sugar fix. Does she know some people go grocery shopping at 6 am?

No. 1148314

I'm sure if someone told her that some people indeed go grocery shopping at 6 am, she'd have her mind blown lol.

No. 1148430

Look, she has to deal with other people existing, thus making it impossible for her to put out more than one video a month. She can't be expected to think too deeply beyond that.

No. 1148525

Not just any video mind you, but more unboxing videos!

No. 1149162

Great. A “doing my makeup and whinging” video. At this point she should almost market her channel around that concept. YouTube is no longer remotely healthy for this girl.

No. 1149167

samefag but peep Fake’s black paint on the neck technique to hide her double chin. Ironically her body didn’t look bad at all in that onesie pic she posted. It’s been what, 4 years since the weight gain and its shown absolutely no sign of shifting??
Imagine if she’d worked on her mental health at all in that time. I genuinely think she might get at least a little more clout as a body positive influencer, people eat Dre Ronayne up. But she’s so desperate to look anorexic after all this time, it’s embarrassing.

No. 1149381

Whatever happened to Dre Ronanye? I haven't heard that name in a while since her posedom of being a fake goth.

No. 1149423

Check the fellowship of the rainbow thread.

No. 1149582

Did you guys know that Kiwi pumpkins aren’t as good as Scottish pumpkins? Everything is better in Scotland…according to Freyja.

No. 1149960

She’s literally just a fat whiney cunt. She’s sat complaining because she wants to go shopping for funsies during a fucking pandemic. She’s so fixated on anything but doing any kind of actual job. Also confirmed in the comments that she binge eats so not all the healthy salads and shit she used to lie about. She has a whole house to create, film, exercise and work in and she just refuses to. This girl is fully autistic and retarded and needs to be deplatformed.

No. 1150258

Froyo makes a video every 3 months now but still has her "videos every week" banner kek. She hasn't even given an excuse for being inactive this time afaik

No. 1150819

IBF still does her live streams once in a while, she did one last night. Which was not left up on YouTube, which was also boring and surface level talk hellos back and forth from adoring young fans and other…older fans. She I guess has been down in the dumps because of the pandemic and depression.

No. 1150995

Oh yeah, she can't do her travel vlogs and goff festivals. All those people losing their jobs and dying but Froyo can't get drunk at M'era Luna. Poor thing

No. 1151180

but even then she was depressed while living in Germany and Scotland (after the divorce). It seems like she's never gonna be happy. Freya needs to learn to be happy or maybe she's legit depressed and needs to see a therapist… I like her but I think she needs to get a grip (or get help). She seemed so much happier many years ago when her channel was much smaller while she was in NZ with her boyfriend.

No. 1151196

No, I totally agree with this. She's never happy, which is kind of sad and I empathize with her to an extent, but like Kaya, they don't actively pursue trying to either work on themselves in their own time or reaching out for help. So, my empathy only goes so far. Then it just becomes self-indulgent, and they start identifying with their depression, and it becomes an excuse to not do anything and get asspats from their fans.

No. 1151264

File: 1612395461803.png (60.12 KB, 1182x220, b55f295394b7840b339526e4c957b9…)

The studio neighbours partying, the government, THE RAIN!!!!

Why is everyone trying to stop Kaya making amazing content??

No. 1151326

File: 1612398407826.jpg (376.9 KB, 1079x1090, Screenshot_20210204-002644_Chr…)

Instead she, a 28 year old woman, is spending time making Spacehey profiles

No. 1151346

It's embarrassing how proud she is of her profile.

No. 1151491

Using a banner where she's a good fourty pounds lighter.

Can't be bothered, right?

No. 1151731

File: 1612426873324.png (522.57 KB, 1440x908, 5475431.png)

Kaya: I will not list goth artists I like when people question my credibility as Goth influencer
Also Kaya, when a nostalgic Myspace clone has appeared so she can relive her heyday:

The fact Jack Off Jill is first suggests she really hasn't listened to any new music since 2005.

No. 1151847


40? More like 100!

No. 1152219

I find it funny that she lists all of these gothic styled bands (not actual goth music besides Sisters, but you get the vibe) even though in multiple videos she talks about how much she loves kpop and pop music…why is she trying to make it seem like she's more goth than she is? It's just so odd to me. Still clinging so hard to being the edgy spooky girl. Just lose weight and give up the gun, Kaya.

No. 1153266

Yeah no, this bitch isn't a Goth. Aside from SOM, it's pretty clear that she doesn't actually listen to the Goth genre and it's not surprising why she's so insecure about her "G0FF iMaGe" because she knows deep down she isn't one.

I don't understand why people like her can't just be content with being considered "Alternative" because that's literally what they are. I don't understand why she cares so much about G0FF cred when the actual Goth scene is so niche and it'll never get you A-List celebrity status like these posers think it will.

>still cling so hard to being the spooky edgy girl

I mean if she wants to still be considered that, I suppose that's fine but I don't understand why she can't just be a spooky girl who likes pop music. Nothing wrong with liking pop music and you don't need to be Goth to be spooky or edgy.

No. 1153268

I'm a little out of the loop. What is SpaceHey? Is it the next MySpace? lol

No. 1153270

Observing Kaya makes me feel like shit because she just truly pisses me off with how much of a whiny lazy ass she is. I feel bad because I know you shouldn't judge people. I know that people have their own struggles that they have to work themselves through but Kaya just truly gets under my skin and I don't even know her. I just can't with her. She has the most easiest position in life right now where she doesn't have to do fuck all and can actually be pursuing personal aspirations and dreams but she's too shiftless to get off her ever-so growing ass to actually get things done.

You don't need to go out in public to go shopping (especially in a pandemic), just fucking shop online. You have a whole house to do simple workouts. You have the internet at your fingertips to look up healthy recipes for weight loss help. And finally she doesn't film actual noteworthy videos, she doesn't need a fancy new space to do her fucking unboxing or whining about her life videos.

I honestly feel like she really is on her last legs and she doesn't know it. What's gonna happen when she gets to her mid 30s, early 40s? Will she still be living on easy street? Will her fans still continue to financially support her slothful ass?

Anyway rant over. Sorry, she just pisses me off and I wish she didn't but here we are.

No. 1153273

I was about to ask. What are her livestreams like? I have a feeling that they are boring and dull but hey, maybe I could be wrong. Does she actually talk about anything interesting or worth listening to?

I really think she should just get a therapist because you're right. Even before the pandemic, she was having depression. Part of me think her problem is just like Kaya where they have no direction in life. They don't work nor go to school and they don't have a side business to focus on. In short, they have way too much time on their hands and aren't doing anything with it which is only worsening their depression.

No. 1153322

I think most people go thought a lazy phase but then we wake up when we release if we want a nice life and nice things/ experiences we have to work for it. Until her fans stop enabling her and whoever is funding her lifestyle has enough i think she will be like this unfortunately.

No. 1153462

They're not that interesting. She just babbles, pretends to be shy and awkward like always, tells people thank you and sometimes talks about whatever boring shit her and Barnaby are doing. Or whines about moving to Scotland. They're also 2+ hours long usually, which is just excessive but I assume she does it to get as much money in tips as she can. She gets mad sometimes if someone asks her a question she doesn't like, such as what happened to her pets, is she going to marry Barnaby, etc.

No. 1153630

This is how I feel pretty much, like not only is she lazy as shit and has fans who enable that, but then she has to constantly whine like her life is terrible. Like, girl. Get a grip.

No. 1153648

You’re right Anon and a lot of us feel that way. Nevermind the house, she has a GIANT studio now. Any normal person would be SO GRATEFUL to bundle up, walk there, stick on a space heater and work out in front of that massive TV with gyms being shut, mental illness or not. Every single time she “achieves” (ie. BUYS) something she just whinges about the next thing. The car is case in point. Why on EARTH can’t she go for “adventures” with Jake on his bike? Her channel literally can’t be considered a job. It’s painful.

No. 1153965

File: 1612620452582.jpeg (213.46 KB, 1280x850, Eti2hzCXUAUAANE.jpeg)

both completely unrecognisable. she must have gained 150 pounds at least, remember she is tall

No. 1153968

File: 1612620582818.jpg (448.33 KB, 1080x818, Screenshot_20210206-140842_Chr…)

So brand new…these bikes are eight thousand pounds.
Yet they've begged and raised kickstarters that never came to fruition in the past.
It shocks me they have this income yet still insist on renting,honestly.

No. 1154006

Yeah. I keep forgetting she's tall. She's stumpy in my mind. But all that fat is spread out over a gangly frame. Which should make it easier for her to lose weight.

Clearly more passionate about the bike than he is about Kaya. Wonder if he'll drive off into the sunset and leave her ass.

No. 1154010

Crazy that this is the same girl.

No. 1154190

File: 1612640228886.jpg (131.63 KB, 807x596, tt.jpg)

You really think its that much? She doesnt look +150 in her recent pic here. I know shes tall but still, 150 would be a lot.

No. 1154234

Anon obviously just wants to be a dick its maybe 80 lbs which is quite a bit still really wish ppl on here would talk about something else Kaya's weight is super boring

No. 1154261


Motofag here, most brand new bikes are financed just like cars, but since they're much less, the payments are also much less. This would be maybe $150usd/mo. Not defending Fake, but it's unlikely he went to a dealer and plunked down 9k.

Ugly bike, btw.

Saged for no milk but had to jump in.

No. 1154287

File: 1612646763793.jpg (21.53 KB, 275x228, 1488636196768.jpg)

She's 5'11, it is WAY more than 80 pounds, minimum 100 she's gained. She used to be very skinny, now… I'd say she was originally 120-130 lbs and now, close to 250.

No. 1154288

File: 1612646790202.jpeg (11.16 KB, 209x242, images.jpeg)

Just to show how huge she is especially in the shoulders

No. 1154311

Agreed. But then again, think about it this way – whining about having it sOo0 hard and shoving sponsored shit is the only things she's got. She's incredibly boring, cringeworthy, and the looks that she eventually summons out of her arse are subpar at best. If you take away the whining, there's nothing left basically. Whining is her entire "content". It's sad, really. With all the opportunities she's got.

>Wonder if he'll drive off into the sunset and leave her ass.
Not gonna champion Fake, but if he did do that, well, can't really judge him, tbh. There's only so much whining and watching paint dry a person can take. Plus, now that he has more subs, what is really the point anymore…

No. 1154313

Thanks for clarifying anon. I was debating whether I should watch her stream one day but what you just shared sounds pretty boring. And 2 hours long of it? No thanks. You say that she most likely does it to get donations, do a lot of people actually donate to her??
And of course she wouldn't like the true interesting questions such as the status of her pets or plans of matrimony. Though part of me thinks that she's trying to scope out a Scottish hubby so she can move via visa again…

No. 1154323

Thanks anon, I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way about someone who I don't know personally. I agree with everything you said as well. Again it comes down to her having so many opportunities to live her life but she chooses to not do shit and then complain, complain, complain about it when it was totally in her power to change.

It's very true that to call her YT channel a "job" would be an outright lie. Bitching and moaning about your life while doing half-ass, tediously dull unboxing videos is not a job. I hate to say it but Stumpy is actually treating his YT channel more like a job.

No. 1154331

> Whining is her entire "content"

I suppose you're right but it's such a depressing realization lol. I mean with all the free time she has, she could easily try to develop some new interests and hobbies that she could share with others and/or in her videos so she wouldn't have to be the "whiner" but eh, too lazy. All I can say is she better live it up (or uh, lounge it up) while she can because this lifestyle won't be a thing forever for her.

No. 1154340

You're welcome. Yes, people do donate to her, I can't remember exactly how much she gets per stream, but it's a couple hundred or so. There's always that one person who gives a good hand out.

I've actually thought the same thing on the waifu visa, I know other anons have brought it up, too. She's desparate to move and I can totally see her dumping Barnaby again to try to get into the UK.

Seriously, both of them looked so much better when they were younger. It should be the other way around lol.

No. 1154345


I thought she was 5'9?

No. 1154458

>I hate to say it but Stumpy is actually treating his YT channel more like a job.

Sometimes I wonder if the stump's YouTube thing taking off contributed to Kaia's state but she was already lazy as shit by then. It just seems to get worse by the month.

No. 1154477

how many pictures has she taken at this same spot in the mall?

she dresses up to go to the mall like a 13 year old, but shes 30?

No. 1154481

SO much weight. That can’t have happened over night either. Any doctor who wouldn’t notice this happen on antidepressants should be fire. She’s so full of shit, she started binge eating cos she was miserable at her job. Now she simultaneously never ever talks about her current weight but also shares ancient pics of her skinny, as if she can trick herself and new followers into thinking she’s 17.

No. 1154486

Plus, remember stumps specifically said he liked kaya because she was thin. Now hoards of fatties are calling him daddy. Barf. But she should honestly leave and find a man who at LEAST wants to actually spend time with her.

No. 1154500

I'm 6feet and about as chonky and I'd say you're pretty close to your predicted weight. Only difference between her an I is I'm currently losing.(blogging)

No. 1154503

Stick at it Anon. You got this. Thanks for sharing and possibly confirming milk.
I’ve been autistically hatewatching some of Fake and Kaya’s videos, and I hate to say it, but around 2 years ago it seemed like Jake genuinely WAS more happy and comfortable with who he was and his looks. Kaya has just spiralled more and more.

No. 1154575

You mean when he was trying to look more normal and was fatter? He was extremely unhappy then if you mean even longer when they were both practically emaciated they literally had no food and we're living in a basically abandoned house

No. 1154684

File: 1612679803870.jpeg (178.45 KB, 1241x864, 86EE1A6B-98FA-4BE9-9077-13EA0D…)

So now his “snacks” are posting thirst compilations of Jake. It’s a matter of time…

No. 1154745

Gotcha. So she has suckers donating to her too it seems. It's a pity but it's their money at the end of the day. Yeah she seems to hate living in New Zealand since it's not really a fancy place to be in and I can't see her wanting to stay there for too long. If suspicious are true that she may be scoping out a Scottish hubby and she actually succeeds, I really hope Barnaby doesn't take her ass back when it blows up in her face.

Kaya was already exhibiting her lazy behavior much before Stump's channel got traction. She was doing half ass unboxing videos by the butt loads but they were incredibly dul. I'm actually starting to believe that even back in her earlier years her channel really didn't offer anything worthwhile. But yeah you may be right that as Stump's channel was seeing more success, it probably further enabled Kaya to be even more unproductive than she already had been because Stump would be the breadwinner of their relationship.

28 actually but yeah.

No. 1154747

Her posting pictures when she was a teenager in the modern day is just sad. There's nostalgic remembering and there's delusion. It's not like she can't have a body similar to how she looked back then. Maybe not as skinny but still lean and healthy. A little self-control around sweets, physical activity like dancing, swimming, power walking, or a treadmill and making sure she gets the nutrients she needs is all it takes. I still remember when Jake was actually trying to help her lose some weight years ago but she'd be posting pictures of things she was eating/drinking like Chocolate sundaes and cakes which would be quite frequent So it's not surprising that she was struggling with weight.

No. 1154942

And when she ate healthy, the portion sizes were huge which defeated the point

No. 1154944

Another hair transformation video.

I never realised exactly how boring Mara is on her own. No wonder she'll cling to any friends, even if they're white supremacists. She needs somebody to bounce off cause there's just nothing to her.

No. 1154991

File: 1612720618108.jpg (302.61 KB, 1079x991, Screenshot_20210207-175720_Chr…)

He sounds like a spoilt, bratty child

No. 1155213

The juxtaposition with this post about his obviously shitty bike-riding ability
>nearly took my arms off
>complaining about R plates signifying he's a newbie

No. 1155258

>She was doing half ass unboxing videos by the butt loads but they were incredibly dul. I'm actually starting to believe that even back in her earlier years her channel really didn't offer anything worthwhile.

That's what I'm thinking too… If you go way back to her old videos, it's the same boring, awkward, random babbling and complaining, just overall non-substance… can't even bare to watch a video till the end, even through they're pretty short by today's 'standards'.

I'm starting to think it's not really the lazy, it's just that she's got this dull whiny personality. At this point, I don't really understand why she's so clingy onto her YTer status, she's so boring and annoying, it's sad. Can't she just go back and have some picture blog? Become a full-time goff insta influencer or some shit? You don't have to display your entire body if you're insecure. Yet it'll spare everyone and herself from the constant complaints over not 'being able to' do videos… Like, it's such a simple solution – can't be arsed to film videos – don't, earn money / e-goff cred elsewhere. The world will only thank you.

No. 1155279

Right that too. You can eat healthy but if the portion sizes are too big, you're over consuming and like you said, it defeats the purpose of weight loss.

>That's what I'm thinking too… If you go way back to her old videos, it's the same boring, awkward, random babbling and complaining, just overall non-substance… can't even bare to watch a video till the end, even through they're pretty short by today's 'standards'.

I actually went back through her channel to see some of the videos I did watch back when I was a fan. The first video of hers I watched that made me intrigued was her "Disney tag" video because I was a Disney fan and being naive teenage me, I thought it was cool to see another "Goth" talk about Disney. And then there was the "what not to say to Goths" video (ironic looking back since she's the biggest poser of 'em all) but aside from those, her channel was always about unboxing some sort of product and I started remembering that I actually didn't watch a ton of her videos at all because I was not really into haul or unboxing videos. But you're absolutely right, 99% of the videos she had are the same she does now, she was just skinnier back then.

> I'm starting to think it's not really the lazy, it's just that she's got this dull whiny personality. At this point, I don't really understand why she's so clingy onto her YTer status, she's so boring and annoying, it's sad. Can't she just go back and have some picture blog? Become a full-time goff insta influencer or some shit? You don't have to display your entire body if you're insecure. Yet it'll spare everyone and herself from the constant complaints over not 'being able to' do videos… Like, it's such a simple solution – can't be arsed to film videos – don't, earn money / e-goff cred elsewhere. The world will only thank you.

I think you may be right about the personality that is what's aggravating. IBF annoys me but I will give her this. Even when she was doing her unboxing videos, she at the very least could fake an engaging personality. I don't know why but there was just something about the way she was when showcasing stuff that kept me watching even though I didn't care for haul videos. And then she did way too many of them and I got bored but that's neither here nor there lol. Point is Kaya is just an whiny, boring, dull as rocks oersonality that is not engaging. I think the only reason why I subbed to her all those years ago was because I was being shallow. I thought she looked pretty and fit what I thought was a "Goth look" at the time and it was enough for teen me to want to watch what I can but just like everyone else here, finally saw her for the true person she is.

>constant complaints over not 'being able to' do videos

Complains about not being able to make videos while she's making a video… lol

>Become a full-time goff insta influencer or some shit? You don't have to display your entire body if you're insecure. Yet it'll spare everyone and herself from the constant complaints over not 'being able to' do videos… Like, it's such a simple solution – can't be arsed to film videos – don't, earn money / e-goff cred elsewhere.

I agree. It's obvious she's too assed to make videos because of her laziness so just became Insta-G0ff and post pictures since she seems to be able to do that no problem.

No. 1155392

How has her hair not fallen out yet?

No. 1155399

Damn, this is more cringe than I thought. The "vampire goth" looks like a Halloween costume.

No surprise, Liisa didn't get the Japanese gothic lolita she wanted. Japanese lolitas created their own subculture and wouldn't be stupid enough to join this mess. Liisa picked a Canadian lolita instead, but why not Rose Nocturnalia whose also from Canada? Probably because Rose would educate her ass on the difference.

That last outfit is ugly af, "gothic grunge"? Looks like it was ripped from tik-tok. Also, what is playing at 4:25 during "Nu Goth"? It sounds like rap to me.

No. 1155414

No. Your body has different hormonal responses to different foods so even if you eat more healthy foods its still better than eating a small amount of sugary foods.

That's because he is.

No. 1155457

The song is spells by backxwash. She's in the trap metal scene like ghostemane and xxxtentacion. Still a goth subgenre whether we like it or not.

No. 1155502

yep, healthy food, like spinach and green veggies, are very low in calorie density so you can eat a huge bowl of green veggies and it's fine because it's lower in calories than eating a smaller bowl of ice cream or something fatty.

No. 1155540

No, around 2018 was when he started dressing like a “freak” again, or whatever he calls it, and stopped looking like a normie chav. I think he had lost just a bit of weight too, compared to really old videos where he’s got a moonface. His channel has only grown since then and he at least SEEMS more positive and confident (arrogant) in his videos, even if its obnoxious as fuck. Get your facts right Anon.

No. 1155544

I'm sorry anon but hell no. That shit is not Goth music, not in the slightest and it's not because the singer is rapping but because the sound is not Goth at all, it's just Hip-Hop music. It's dark yes but it's still Hip-Hop, just Hip-Hop with a darker tone. Here's a tip, just because a song has a dark feel to it, it doesn't automatically make it Goth.

This is true. Eating fairly big quantities of leafy greens is not fattening at all however if you put salad dressing on it… Yeah. I can't remember if Kaya actually ate her veggies and salads plain with no fixings but something tells me that she would.

No. 1155557

You're an idiot if you think any of those "artists" are goth. Not even close. "Trap metal", "soundcloud rap", whatever you want to call it, isn't goth or even some goth subgenre. The goth community has been over this a thousand times. Here's a video if you need more explanation.

No. 1155848

ugh I watched that too yesterday, expecting A LOT better. I thought that this time she would've actually educated herself- instead of chucking in as many darkly inclined/incredibly niche subgenres that she could.

No. 1155898

File: 1612798402383.jpg (184.67 KB, 1125x2000, kayamanson.jpg)

>Only blocked the name so they don't gain any followers from me

>ONLY blocked… so they DON'T GAIN FOLLOWERS… from ME

Damn, how do you fit through the doorframe with all that self-inflated ego?

So, you're saying you concealed the name of fan of yours not because they were a wackjob defending a piece of trash, thus potentially spreading potentially dangerous misinformation (in which case her following would actually benefit from knowing the username, so that they can further avoid their sperging),

but you did that SOLELY so that a small noname page of 17 posts (probably just a personal page, not anyone aspiring to be internet-fam0us like some people) wouldn't, god forbid, gain ANY of the millions upon millions of your followers? REALLY?

Who do you think you are, Kim Kardashian? You ought to leave the house more often to shed all of that delusion

No. 1155911

She pretends to be a gentle, goofy oaf but then her old nasty personality will pop out randomly, exposing the bitch within.

If she was still slim and pretty she would be unbearably monstrous.

No. 1155971

For real. Perhaps the reason she isn't considered pretty anymore isn't because of the weight, but her ugly personality seeping through her pores to the outside and cementing itself in place.

No. 1155977

>but you did that SOLELY so that a small noname page of 17 posts (probably just a personal page, not anyone aspiring to be internet-fam0us like some people) wouldn't, god forbid, gain ANY of the millions upon millions of your followers? REALLY
Huge reach. I took it to mean, she doesn't want any of her followers to be exposed to the bullshit this person is spewing

No. 1156045

Not the same anon but I read it the same as you. I wouldn’t have acknowledged the person but she just had to make that comment lol.

No. 1156132

She literally said 'only blocked the name so they don't GAIN any followers from me'.

No. 1156230

>>1156045 >>1156132
Exactly. If it was the 'safety' of her followers she cared about, she could've just blocked it out and posted the rest of the ss as it is, no comments. The wtf on top is enough input.

But no, she couldn't contain herself not to add that little comment in that specific wording to expose her true colours.

No. 1156270

I'm scared to watch anon lol Should we really? I really loathed the original 2 videos and especially with how the creator was reacting to the criticisms of the old videos what with how some things shouldn't have been included. Either she's really ignorant or she's just a panderer but either way, still contemplating if I should watch this knowing I might get frustrated lol.

No. 1156334

You'll probably get frustrated. There's more non-goth than goth in there. It's laughable, but really cringey at some parts. Liisa's definitely a panderer. She even added in soundcloud rap, the thing real goths tried to fight off and still are. I don't see anywhere where she labels her music as "goth", so there was no reason to include it other than pandering to the misinformed and possibly Jake fans.

The last one @itsroxyvail really stood out in a bad way and looking at their instagram, doesn't participate in the goth community. She's an egirl that takes pictures with ahegao faces. Why include people that are not in the scene if this is supposedly a 40 years of "goth" video?

I would say this version is worse. At least it doesn't look like it's going to be viral like the original video.

No. 1156348

Oh no… I got as far as "1980s: trad goth" and had to stop. nobody was calling it trad goth in the 80s, and it certainly didn't look like that. (the strange cvlt boots…no)

No. 1156624

File: 1612845542820.jpg (421.42 KB, 1080x1716, Screenshot_20210208-213711_Ins…)

Are Froyo and Mr. Doormat still together? He's been posting about this goth streaming thing and it's all women submitting. Knowing what a jealous bitch she is, I don't see her being okay with that. Also does anyone know what the "competition" even is?
No, it's not, retard. When ghostmane sounds like she past away, then maybe.
> deathrocker looks like when hype brands try to copy disrocker jackets
> vampire goth
> still including gothic lolita
> Victorian goth is 2010s???
> gothic grunge
> everything looks super modern expect for cybergoth which looks dated and tacky as always
Dis bitch.

No. 1156731

>You'll probably get frustrated. There's more non-goth than goth in there. It's laughable, but really cringey at some parts. Liisa's definitely a panderer. She even added in soundcloud rap, the thing real goths tried to fight off and still are. I don't see anywhere where she labels her music as "goth", so there was no reason to include it other than pandering to the misinformed and possibly Jake fans.

Thanks for the heads up anon. I think I'm gonna hold off on watching it for now because from what you described, it sounds just as shitty as her old ones were. What you said about the Soundcloud Rap and E-Girl Ahegao face person, I'm in utter disbelief that she would perpetuate these asinine stereotypes that so many of us Goths have been trying to stave off for years. Absolutely appalling and it's shit like that that really confuses newcomers to the scene, I hope she's proud of herself. Like FFS, just title the video "40 years of Alternative fashion". Why does it have to be Goth? Especially when most of the shit in it is not even Goth anyway? It will forever perplex me why people like this are so desperate to slap label "Goth" onto any and everything they can.

No. 1156854

I've ridden bikes for most of my life. Jake's attitude is why do meany people end up wrapped round lamppost!

He's gonna end up a vegetable with Kaya his carer haha

No. 1157201

Way back in 2016 I unironically watched TT. And I watched their gaming channel metal ass gaming they did with their friend John. Jake seemed different back then. It was entertaining honestly, but after John left the show went to shit. I think once Jake started getting underaged fans he let the pseudofame go to his head.

No. 1157513

I use to enjoy metal ass gaming aswell that's what introduced me to TT and Fake. John was always the best the show didn't survive without him.

I'm sure he briefly started his own channel but I don't know what happened to him.

He was a top guy.

No. 1157701

This is trash. I find it odd that there are barely any comments criticizing this when it is so blatantly incorrect. All the comments are poseurs and metalheads that think they're "goth" now because they see their style or hear non-goth music in the video. The original video had so many comments with criticism, yet this one barely has any at all. Is she deleting any negative comment that comes along or do people not want to get attacked by Liisa since she always spergs out if anyone disagrees with "her vision"?

No. 1157872

File: 1612957946152.png (276.05 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210210-125717.png)

No. 1157875

File: 1612958174196.png (404.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210210-125748.png)

Why does she even bother to ask?
She excludes kind of everything beforehand and last time she wanted suggestions the aftermath were several stories in which she complained how uninspired the suggestions were and how she already had outfits on a lot of themes and that she could not be bother with kind of every suggested options because she is jot into this and that.

No. 1157910

I dunno. It's kind of nice to see one of these cows not want to repeat themselves over and over again.

No. 1157955

File: 1612966712270.jpeg (348.74 KB, 827x1386, 153942B7-5F09-44F7-88EB-D64150…)

Also preserving your grandad’s wardrobe, I see. You really can’t make this cringe up.

No. 1158041

Why does he want to look old so bad? There's a way to do old country gent, this is not it…

No. 1158086

I think he meant to spell "folk" with a V. Is it still a dogwhistle if you just say it?

No. 1158296

File: 1612986131864.jpeg (539.22 KB, 750x1027, 0F9096BF-9FBD-4338-9457-6AB11D…)

What is this lmao

No. 1158326

Hail grandma of dragons!

No. 1158391

Mara: Dragons! Do my bidding! Go forth and rain fiery death down on Mai and Annika!

Snake: I like to sleep on a warm rock.

No. 1159945

File: 1613145408259.jpg (100.61 KB, 1080x527, 20210212_155620.jpg)

Poor Kaya claiming oppression for opening some boxes a few times a year

No. 1160028

File: 1613153570876.jpg (Spoiler Image,870.16 KB, 1080x1889, Screenshot_20210212-110326_Ins…)

This is skim milk at best, but Razor Candi deleted all of her photos from before July 2020 on ig. Why? Does she want people to pay for all her old stuff now?
Those poor snakes though, they're 100% just props to her. Really surprised she doesn't have some $5,000, super special morph.

No. 1160080

Doesn't she always delete old photos after a while?

No. 1160083

File: 1613158554564.jpg (780.27 KB, 1079x1761, Screenshot_20210212-213542_Ins…)

I think all women of the area can rest assured, no one wants adora's dusty dry old cooch

No. 1160285

Oh god. Imagine this rickety hag showing up for a valentines surprise like some STI-riddled grim reaper.

No. 1160425

Calling homegirl a youtuber is pretty generous tbh

No. 1160588

Sometimes I forget that Orlee exists. And then I catch a snippet like this and I am reminded of what a cow she is.

No. 1160619

File: 1613219890047.jpg (672.63 KB, 1080x1884, Screenshot_20210212-192839.jpg)

are these bitches coming out of the bitch factory or what

No. 1160730

File: 1613236546982.jpeg (71.54 KB, 752x500, EuHzR_GXAAMQ8Ie.jpeg)

To those that say Kaya hasn't gained over 100 pounds, look at this! She's unrecognisable in the face especially

No. 1160731

File: 1613236591475.jpeg (102.3 KB, 752x500, EuH0EnFXAAMX2Ze.jpeg)

Part 2 Kaya and jake skinny

No. 1160746

File: 1613238430443.jpg (180.17 KB, 1080x432, Screenshot_20210213-174735_Chr…)

No. 1160787

File: 1613241406598.jpeg (140.37 KB, 592x740, FD8489C0-A5A1-4E70-A0A4-4DC895…)

You're missing the wrong photo; Certainly doubt she can do this now kek

No. 1160902

File: 1613250945077.jpg (561.39 KB, 720x1023, Screenshot_20210213-151008_Goo…)

Not milk but on the topic of vintage and think Toxic Tears [who i now call Toxic Tons], this popped up while looking for old Vampire Freaks cringe. The poser filled arm pit of the internet. Imagine being assiciated with that as a model. Yeah, a gig is a gig but I doubt she made much off this.

No. 1161036

Just saw her advertise the fact that she’d posted these on her yt story and CRINGED. I get that people can just be nostalgia posting, especially rn, but they just SCREAM “give me clout for being skinny!!” or weight gain denial. They remind me of how Felice Fawn used to post constantly (“look at me acting fun and being tiny and people picking me up!”)
As for missing times like these, her and Jake could have gone on a fun picnic alone at ANY point during summer lockdown with drinks and snacks and they just…didn’t.
It’s miserable and cringe how much she tries to rope people in with content from almost a decade ago into of putting effort into her content now. I’ll bet it’s another panic move because of Jake’s success, trying to recreate when she used to be popular when she could just be positive about her size now.
Sorry for rant posting.

No. 1161041

samefag, but a. who’s surprised she’s whining about not creating content for the millionth post in a row, and b. I’m so tired of this bitch constantly talking about she’s sick, coughing or has a cold but insisting its not covid. It’s been at least 3 times since March. How could you possibly know that when cases or so high? If she left her house literally ever I’d be autistic raging that she wasn’t going for a test.

No. 1161322

How exactly is she supposed to be positive about her weight now when it's just about the only thing people talk about on here and call her a land whale and shit?she's probably depressed she's bigger and looking back at how thin she was I would be doing the same thing

No. 1161362

Bohoo so she's gained weight… like many people do especially after antidepressants. And of course people are going to talk about it, she lives off her so-called 'aesthetic'. Instead of just moping and whining abou