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File: 1612804074341.jpg (115.75 KB, 225x298, imageonline-co-emojiadded.jpg)

No. 1155983

A thread to discuss Effie and the Armie Hammer drama

>Effie/Efrosina/House of Effie is a 24 years old chick from Bulgaria. Her interests include BDSM, crystals, astrology, Timothée Chalamet, ballet and pole dancing.

>She came to the attention of the public in January 2021 when she started her smear campaign against Armie Hammer on social media.
>She posted screenshots, photos and voice notes allegedly sent to her by AH. The majority of said screenshots have her replies cropped or deleted, in order to hide that she was engaging with his degenerate conversations, leading one to believe it was roleplay.
>She sent screenshots to Armie's wife at the time, Elizabeth, which lead to their divorce in the summer of 2020.
>Armie ghosts her and dates other women.
>She had Twitter account called "TwistedEfKitten" where she was a Call Me by Your Name stan.
>Gatekeeping for other women that had contact with Armie, calls some of them fake.


Previous threads:

No. 1156028

Great job, OP anon. Hopefully all of her ridiculous drama stays in this thread from now on. I stand by my opinion that she's a starfucker deep into twisted roleplay who is only speaking out because he dropped her. Really wish we could see her responses in those texts.

No. 1156030

Thanks anon, I appreciate it.

No. 1156034

She knew he had CP but did nothing about it. These narcs attract each other like flies to shit. How annoying.

No. 1156046


No. 1156047

She stalks social media like Reddit, twitter, IG, Lipstick Alley for ANYTHING negative said about her.

She even managed to link up Lipstick Alley accounts to their IG profiles to block them if they say something nasty about her. She's a massive defensive cow lmao

No. 1156056

File: 1612809242579.webm (298.53 KB, 720x1280, houseofeffie_88371959_14033551…)

Posted today.

No. 1156075

File: 1612810269073.jpeg (218.46 KB, 750x749, 005634E3-6279-4427-824F-F25A8E…)

>10 companies want my story
Girl have you even commented in a real article, or are they just quoting your Instagram?

No. 1156081

Hmmm this really shows how obsessed she was with him, he sounds extremely annoyed kek

She was crying about journalists being vultures bc she won't verify her story. She's just trying to seem more popular. An unverified story can kill a journalist's career

No. 1156088

Ok but is he actually a sick cannibal or is it literally just her vandetta? Sorry but it’s tough to keep up with everything. I guess the truth is in between

No. 1156091

I think he's a sicko for sure with twisted fantasies/roleplay that she probably happily participated in and now she has a vendetta against him for ghosting her. Time will tell if we get the whole story/more women come out with their experiences.

No. 1156098

File: 1612811482093.jpg (58.71 KB, 461x800, 876420ba8832.jpg)

super fucking weird how she liked EC's pictures

No. 1156099

File: 1612811519361.jpg (63.68 KB, 489x800, 8b5a50d56ca7.jpg)

No. 1156100

File: 1612811556043.jpg (94.9 KB, 464x800, c2cb1ea1d82d.jpg)

No. 1156102

That's really disturbing.

No. 1156107

I’m glad somebody brought this up cause I really don’t think so. Obviously he’s into BDSM and shit but this whole “I’m 100% a cannibal” and “I want to rip your heart out and shove my dick in it” thing seems incredibly fake as with the dog choking and the dead hooker accusations. I don’t doubt he’s raped someone and who knows? Maybe he’s been involved with a minor but that other shit is obviously Effie trying to make the story more and more crazy so she can get more attention and make him seem even more horrible as some kind of revenge against him because he didn’t want to be with her anymore.

No. 1156109

where did the celebrity lolcow thread go? I was talking about the rumors regarding the upcoming LA Times expose on Armie and it's apparently really bad…

No. 1156115

File: 1612812490195.jpeg (117.68 KB, 750x779, AB22366D-5BB9-4181-A477-64ED34…)

It’s like she can’t possibly attention whore any harder

No. 1156116

File: 1612812538738.jpeg (139.71 KB, 750x805, CCC25584-2871-4A8F-A800-118B3A…)

No. 1156118

File: 1612812576088.jpeg (140.46 KB, 750x688, 19119723-6C21-4CC7-A343-FF1A92…)

No. 1156120

File: 1612812705477.jpg (5.32 KB, 243x207, download.jpg)

Didn't she say he didn't rape her?

No. 1156129

Men barely notice when you get your hair done drastically different, where the fuck will he notice or give a shit you wore your trauma dress

No. 1156140

What the fuck is this about?

No. 1156143

Lmao right? What a delusional weirdo. Men can’t remember anything they don’t have directly in front of their face and they don’t give a shit about your clothes

No. 1156151

Also did she ever post the audio clips of him saying dirty things during their sexting or does she just allude to it in her screenshots?

No. 1156152

learn how to sage or go back to reddit, newfags

No. 1156155

Effie didn’t but I think Paige leaked one to dailymail, nothing cannibalistic though

No. 1156166

Alright so this has pretty much tipped the balance into unhinged.

It’s one of her main claims, the main claim in fact…

No. 1156173

liking his wife's pics is seriously unhinged. Liking the pics of his kids is deranged. He deserves this because there's no way she didn't come across as crazy in DMs.

No. 1156189

Does she think they're sisters in arms together or something? It's so odd to like the pictures of the kids. Especially when she's made all these claims about AH wanting to kill his kids or that he's possibly a pedophile. Her only link to those kids is him, and she was protecting him up until now. A man who could have potentially hurt them or their mother. Fucked up.

No. 1156252

wait i thought it was a group of girls coming out against him? is she the only one in this whole show?

No. 1156261

apparently he carved an "A" into her leg but idk if it's shooped or not

No. 1156263

>Especially when she's made all these claims about AH wanting to kill his kids
More specifically she claimed that he wanted to Chris Watts his kids, sounding like she wanted to be the mistress he killed his kids for

No. 1156302

File: 1612822579276.jpeg (301.44 KB, 750x999, 61A93FF0-6603-496F-A41F-FA5BBD…)

OT but these comments on Elizabeth’s feature on Harper’s Bazaar sure are something in retrospect

No. 1156315

File: 1612823485052.jpeg (48.35 KB, 603x492, 6F6985D4-DB75-455C-BAB6-BEFE86…)

It literally looks like red pen

No. 1156425

Yep this is exactly what I meant. This is why I'm so tired of Effie's claims (except for keks) because she doesn't seem like an actual victim when she's talking about how wet comments are making her, bringing up the CP etc but not reporting it. She really is in Fatal Attraction mode. Especially liking all those family photos. She's very unhinged. Now, any legitimate abuse and/or rape is highly horrifying and inexcusable but with Effie I just don't see it as real. She's made her self too much of a clown. Ugh.

No. 1156429

This cunt is batshit crazy. He carved an A? She probably did it herself.

Gurl, nobody believes you to be an uwu victim. You loved all the same shit he said and did to you , you were more than fine with him having CP ( you didn't even report it ) and all the erasing your messages thing? People are not stupid that's why they didn't want your dumb ass on that expose that is coming . You fucked a married man and "nurtured" his sick shit and when he was done with you and had other "kittens", that's when you went crazy and exposed it. It was all because of you not because of his "other victims".

Man, fake bitches like this one piss me off. Not defending AH either but this bitch is as bad as him IMO

No. 1156435


He carved it into Paige, not Effie. Paige 'dated' him while he was single

No. 1156453

Why “dated”? Do you think they weren’t really dating or something?

No. 1156458


Idk if I would call getting carved up and pushed to do things dating. He was more like a creepy uncaring fuck buddy is all I meant

No. 1156465

can everyone stop using the word “carve” about three scratches the size of a pinky nail

No. 1156466

She really acts so weird. I also can’t take the fluttershy pfp and “Time’s Up Armie!” juxtaposition seriously

No. 1156467

File: 1612834314562.png (393.72 KB, 750x1334, 232D121F-7E01-41BF-B523-361685…)

Neither can I. I’m also really put off by her Instagram stories about his involvement with minors. Obviously she’s not a mandated reporter, but you’d think if you truly felt that a man you knew was serially raping teenagers, you’d file a complaint with the police on their behalf. It really seems like she’s teasing these alleged experiences for attention.

No. 1156468

I wonder what she censored out here

No. 1156472

His kid's name

No. 1156474

Wait, what? Is she saying that he said she reminded him of his kid? Or-

No. 1156495

How do you know?

No. 1156533

This feels so off. Hammer Minors? Girl number 1 with some graphic description? She could have been a little more respectful. Is she getting off to this?

No. 1156538

File: 1612839998223.jpeg (122.96 KB, 750x793, 84F910B8-653C-4163-B2FF-27CAF3…)

She’s got three highlights with different receipts. The other two are for cannibalism and sexual abuse. Most of the caps she has in there have already been posted in the celebricows thread.

No. 1156541

Samefag, sorry
I agree, it seems very bizarre that she’s airing the details of supposed minors getting assaulted. I try to be understanding of not wanting legal involvement in an alleged rape, but what she’s doing would seriously damage the chances of any of these minors that she supposedly cares for of being able to press charges. At best, it’s disgustingly irresponsible.

No. 1156542

I feel like in some twisted way she is enjoying this..

-she’s completely obsessed and integrating herself in his life by liking his ex-wife’s photos
-she spends hours..seemingly every waking minute posting about him specifically instead of trying to get justice for herself or the other victims
-she likes to drop bread crumb “evidence” so her audience keeps coming back for more instead of giving facts as facts

All that to say that people do grieve differently but so many things about her demeanor are particularly suspicious in my opinion

No. 1156584

There's no need to downplay, he still cut his initial into a woman's skin. I think people can refer to that as carving if they want.

No. 1156824

File: 1612869689569.jpg (149.24 KB, 579x800, HoE.jpg)

Her with red hair.

No. 1156826

File: 1612869718737.png (273.68 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8822.PNG)

So Effie's privated her instagram.

No. 1156827

File: 1612869912320.png (326.73 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8823.PNG)

Another cap. Not even sure what this is supposed to mean? She gets off on the idea of having to face him in court?

No. 1156867

File: 1612874118628.png (2.56 MB, 1242x2688, 1a34dd533b02.png)

She was a fangirl, mentioned working with children with disabilities.

No. 1156868

File: 1612874182282.jpg (241.48 KB, 707x1229, fb.jpg)

And here's why she was in LA.

No. 1156872

File: 1612874441674.jpg (74.43 KB, 800x600, 195a5b7b7d7c.jpg)

High school prom in 2015.

No. 1156874

File: 1612874505204.jpg (32.42 KB, 679x678, acaed4083605.jpg)

No. 1156881

File: 1612876064060.jpeg (163.7 KB, 623x1200, EtvRiY9XMAwQ3Lz.jpeg)

Apparently she has a reddit sockpuppet account https://m.imgur.com/gallery/0VavGIT

No. 1156883

didn't she say recently she didn't even know who he was when they met? lmao

No. 1156935

i think armie is definitely a creep (the interest in marquis de sade alone should be a felony lol), but i don't feel bad for a grown woman (clearly a trustfund kid who lives a luxurious lifestyle all over the place) who willingly got into a relationship with a married man. neither effie nor armie have a moral backbone and i feel bad for other victims of abuse, not a rich "spiritual healer" who chose to become a mistress.

No. 1156948

So… the “haha keep sending me victim-blaming DMs, I get off on it” schtick was real, huh? She really loves attention so much she’s fetishized the idea of being a rape victim testifying in court? Sick nasty. She’s on a fast track for cow of the year 2021.

No. 1156954

Yup. So, now where is the anon who scolded everyone for "victim blaming" in the celebricows thread, saying that all Effie's "When you DM me talking about Armie's actions, I just get horny you vanillas haha" posts were just her trying to defend herself against people harassing her?
She's just a vile, narcissistic person, on top of treating Armie's actual victims like shit.

No. 1156974

Are these posts real? The courtroom fetish thing is so wtf and off the wall. Does she masturbate to old episodes of Law & Order?? This girl is wired different.

No. 1156996

sliding in the DMs to talk about a charity for disabled kids… interesting way to shoot your shot

No. 1157009

not to armchair, but my guess is it’s a fetish for revictimization - she likes the idea of being “forced” to relive these “horrible things”

No. 1157057

File: 1612887681453.jpg (197.36 KB, 986x2728, IMG_20210209_182044.jpg)

> brings up armie's hands in multiple posts herself
> blames her supporters for her triggers

No. 1157072

She was 17 here? Looks rough

No. 1157083

Listing her own email for "victims who need help" as if she's doing anything but vagueposting for her own gain

No. 1157085

Remember, this is a rapist who wants to strangle his own children and has CP on his device(s) that she's uwuposting about.

No. 1157094

I caught this too, for a sub she switches into a dominant position very easily. Wants to be mother hen to all other victims, and buddies up to EC and others. She also doxxed ‘Miss Cayman’ (aka Woman on the Bed and not actual Miss Cayman).

No. 1157097

She messaged houseofregret saying he didn't rape anybody, I believe?? This is her erratic behavior she told H.o.R.

No. 1157117

What the fuck, how? Was she trying to get back on his good side?

No. 1157122

File: 1612892654296.jpg (80.1 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210209-144325_Ins…)


No. 1157129

She’s going to have the biggest coom if he ever talks to her again

No. 1157130

Her sun sign is Gemini so she goes by presenting one face to the world and another one in private… (I'm making just a guess).(autism)

No. 1157142

This bitch is beyond retarded and could potentially ruin the credibility of other victims should they decide they want to press charges.
Why do I feel like she asked herself this?

No. 1157143

File: 1612893525728.jpeg (496.59 KB, 750x1179, C3933A32-1B00-4199-8BED-2A1275…)

I don’t think we’ve mentioned Effie’s biggest antagonist yet.

No. 1157148

File: 1612893656121.jpeg (71.81 KB, 1125x639, EpuDtSNXMAAnDt8.jpeg)

Calling back to >>1155223 from the Celebricows thread, milkandhoneyroses posted this meme on her IG before she deactivated (sorry I didn't manage to cap the full post with the caption/comments). I didn't realize it was about how Effie behaved toward her until I read that summary, then it all made sense. She also vaguely said in her story that things "should have been handled better".
Pretty sure Effie targeted Milk because she was mad AH actually talked to her again (even though it was just to harass her), if >>1157122 is true.
Considering she apparently already claimed he "didn't rape anybody" once to HOR, she'll probably pull out and start saying all the victims are fake/gold-digging liars who "manipulated" or "blackmailed" her if Armie agrees to take her back or something.

No. 1157168

Where’s she from? Looks Bulgarian, Romanian or Turkish to me

No. 1157175

Effie's British.

No. 1157188

File: 1612895743896.jpeg (523.52 KB, 750x1046, E8103AC2-7604-4726-ADC3-F4606A…)

Oh yikes I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole with this one. Picrel.

Is she though? I thought she’s Bulgarian, moved to the UK (Mayfair, London) from LA.

No. 1157193

if you're going to be an astrofag, at least know how it works kek

This cow has reached outer space. She really was just a cumrag. Hell, he probably confided in her because he thinks so little of her. You know how you tell shit to people whose opinion you don't give a shit about but you tell'em just because you want someone to know?(he mentioned he wants people to know about his kinks, it's a turn on)

No. 1157203

check the language on the sign in >>1156872

No. 1157206

File: 1612897252585.jpg (305.55 KB, 1072x796, reddit.jpg)

So they suspect the cow is raising hell on reddit, pretending to be other people and other victims.

There's also 2 imgur galleries of screenshots of her reddit sockpuppets.


No. 1157208

File: 1612897306080.jpeg (258.85 KB, 1080x1628, HfmZGTq.jpeg)

Samefag but this is clearly Effie

No. 1157213

File: 1612897575885.jpeg (190.18 KB, 1170x1357, CgbDR0s.jpeg)

samefag, forgot one.


Cows always give themselves away with their inability to not exhibit intricate knowledge of the person they're pretending they're not

No. 1157216

I simply cannot with this bitch

No. 1157221


The bit about her saying it would be too arousing to testify against him made me never went to read anything about her again.

No. 1157225

can't believe a grown ass woman is spending all of her time on the internet making fake accounts. she really needs to get help

No. 1157228

While I feel bad for all those he manipulated I cant feel any thing for someone who does this with a married man and then tries to get sympathy points.

No. 1157246

What the actual fuck

No. 1157249

She's now saying 'allegedly' in front of her accusations and shit lmao

I think she put him on blast to get his attention in hopes he'd apologized and come back immediately, like when she sent his wife messages. Instead a bunch of other women came out about him as well, that's why she's so pissed. She didn't want this at all.

It all backfired, no daddy attention uwu

No. 1157255

Topkek I think you’re right tbh, she’s been fetishizing the hate messages she gets, thinking fondly of his haaaaaannnddss, and said she’d stop if he asked her to. The caveat is that is has to be AH himself, but I doubt he can/will. If he did, he probably murder her whether the had those tendencies already or not.

No. 1157278

Imagine having such low self-esteem that you throw your entire life and reputation under the bus because you want to be butt-fucked by a married B-list actor who was too embarrassed to be seen with you publicly

No. 1157291

Cow makes herself look like she's blackmailing him. He'll never go back to her tho.

No. 1157351

File: 1612908592213.jpeg (89.42 KB, 750x483, D56D25A3-7A33-40C0-BD0C-3689AB…)

Her Twitter and her Instagram feel like they have two entirely different purposes. It’s like the former is how she pumps out gossip, and the latter is how she maintains perpetual victimhood.

No. 1157354

File: 1612908825163.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, BF2A372C-47E6-4519-BA4D-82AEFC…)

Same poster as >>1156467
It’s like she refuses to acknowledge the amount of damage she’s doing to anyone who might want to press charges. A social media campaign like this can completely fucking destroy a sexual abuse case in the US. Once you publicly air allegations, you risk the accused destroying evidence. I refuse to believe she’s so ignorant that she doesn’t realize that.

No. 1157357


She said she doesn't want him to face charges.

No. 1157361

An affair between Armie Hammer and Amber Heard? This bitch is batshit, I’m so fucking done taking anything she says seriously

No. 1157375

Lol what the fuck

No. 1157381

What a surprise, this was never about the victims. It’s just some woman with a vendetta because her crush/fuck buddy ghosted her.

No. 1157423

This bitch is fucking psycho. She is more deranged than Glen Close in Fatal Attraction, obsessing over some guy who dropped her ass. She needs to stay far away from Elizabeth and her kids, AND the other victims. Who wants to bet she's the one with the cannibal/rape fetish and he got too into it?

No. 1157470

File: 1612916120417.jpg (51.28 KB, 750x747, EtQHPxSXUAAF9nS.jpg)

She was into it

No. 1157471

File: 1612916177171.jpg (137.58 KB, 1200x1141, EtQHQQ5XUAA-bRP.jpg)

samefag, but these were all(I think) that someone managed to get before she privated

No. 1157510

>fluttershy avatar
>watches Peppa Pig
>gore/blood fetishist
This is all so fucking ghetto. Let me find out she has/had a BDSM Tumblr blog with cringy captioned porn gifs, grainy "aesthetic" BDSM coomer art covered with JPEG artifacts, and "yandere" Melanie Martinez lyrics, lmao. She's like a less intriguing, bargain bin version of Jodi Arias.

No. 1158113

File: 1612974783180.png (626.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210210-133208.png)

Ugh. I'm so tired of her

No. 1158125


oh my god what a disgusting bitch. she's fucking dumb to post that publicly.

No. 1158153

At this point I believe she’s trying to torpedo any potential court cases against him or at least disqualify herself as a witness. She already stated she doesn’t want him to face any charges. Her main goals were to 1) get his attention and 2) get revenge on him for not choosing her when he left his wife. Now that all these other women have come forward and there are rumors swirling about criminal charges, she’s panicking and going into sabotage mode. She ultimately wants him to come back to her and that will be impossible if he’s in jail. What a strange, delusional woman.

No. 1158160

I think you're right, anon. Goddamn what a trainwreck. She's fucking insane

No. 1158165

I’m hollering, imagine this bitch rolling into a rape trial as the victim in her uwu kinky bondage gear. prolly show up in one of those “hi daddy” shirts and pleasers. Shayna wishes she were this nasty

No. 1158184

File: 1612979963478.jpeg (62.19 KB, 640x1138, rkSJ1P2.jpeg)


So she's posting how he's neglectful bc apparently a friend was touching his daughter and he believed his friend over her? That explains why redditors were claiming his daughter was possibly sexually abused bc she likes drawing dicks and dicks on male figures

No. 1158186

Please keep it civil. There's talk on reddit that she might have BPD, how her behavior is like the title of a book for it "I Hate You– Don't Leave Me".(no1curr)

No. 1158190

So where's the line drawn? if she's an accomplice, do we feel bad bc she has BPD uwu? Or do we acknowledge she's too lazy to get help despite being so ~wealthy~?

Should we just overlook everyone who claims and is suspect to be mentally ill? kek

accountability? only for neurotypicals

No. 1158192

Oh fuck off, this isn’t tungle and “muh bpd” isn’t an excuse for her to act like a psychotic whore

No. 1158193

>Please keep it civil
Where do you think you are?

No. 1158199

Have fun, I won't post anymore if I'm told to fuck off.(no1curr)

No. 1158201

why would her supposedly having bpd be an excuse for her behavior? reluctant blog but ~as a bpdfag~ you shouldn't be armcharing and least of all trying to act like that's some excuse, even if it is true

No. 1158202

sorry meant to reply to this anon

No. 1158247

File: 1612984075406.png (547.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210210-160257.png)

Pretty sure no one did anything illegal to get those pictures. Does she not realize they're not private if you posted them publicly on social media?

No. 1158255

File: 1612984471617.jpg (56.46 KB, 1080x1037, 20210210_211440.jpg)

The list in question I imagine

No. 1158269

What the fuck?
>sex on the street while she's sleeping in the stroller
is seriously deranged. Of course there's no proofs beyond a screenshot of a text mentioning it, but even to make that up is sick.

No. 1158284

File: 1612985754518.jpeg (424.47 KB, 750x1030, D24CD309-55CB-4745-8868-E262F9…)

Did I miss something? How is gal gadot involved in any of this shit lol I feel like she’s just name dropping random women that AH has worked or been seen in public with

No. 1158292

I'm not sure why you're excusing degeneracy, even if it's just roleplay. Unless I've made it to the "no kink-shaming" side of lolcow

No. 1158315

>as soon as I'm done with A, it's your turn
What, is she going to call them "daddy" and tell everyone what her astrologer supposedly said about them, too?

No. 1158343


She missed the part where he was having sex with her on the street. Last time she posted it, it had the full context, but now she's leaving herself out of it

No. 1158362

Wait, am I reading this exchange correctly? AH let his friend bathe his daughter and take her to the bathroom (weird af to begin with, who lets their adult male friends bathe their kids?) and she accused the man of molesting her? And AH believed his friend over his own daughter because he “sounded genuine”? That is absolutely vile. And it’s doubly vile that Effie had sex with him in front of this same child, knew about the alleged molestation and did nothing, and then decided to leak this exchange to the public to further destroy the child’s dignity and privacy rather than turning it over to the authorities.

I’ve been able to follow this gross case without losing my lunch so far because I (perhaps naively) hoped he at least kept his children out of his disgusting endeavors. Now it’s clear they’re potentially victims as well and are being re-victimized by Effie’s leaks. I’m officially appalled and disgusted.

No. 1158381

Effie is Ghislaine Maxwell, Andrew Cunanaan, Misery and Alex Forrest in one.
She is his accomplice. She recruited the women for him and groomed them for him and with him.
AH felt safe because he thought she wouldn't ever go against him with everything she, herself, was involved in. Well, he fucked around and found out.
He has too much money for her to let go. It's not just love and hands and whatelse not. I cannot imagine any of this without his family fortune.(namefag)

No. 1158402

File: 1612992362287.png (368.65 KB, 1638x1026, kjbhj.png)

Unverified, but pic related as well.
None of this is surprising, if true, considering the pedophilia and rape in the Hammer family.
Effie is an accomplice, and she still wants to be one. It shows in everything she does. From her aggression toward actual victims to her disgusting posts to her lack of concern for his literal children (she's probably jealous of them on some level, let's be real).

No. 1158426

Effie reminds me of teenage serial killer groupies infatuated with vile murderous scrotes. Except she’s a grown ass woman with no excuse for behaving this way. She can crop her texts as creatively as she wants to, I don’t believe for a second she cares about those children’s wellbeing. She wouldn’t be making this horrifying information public if she did, let alone having sex with him in front of them. If there is a criminal investigation, she needs to be included as a potential accomplice. Victims can also be perpetrators, and it’s clear from her blood/gore fetish and her aggressively cruel behavior toward other victims that she also has sadistic impulses - not just masochistic ones.

No. 1158688

File: 1613013451157.jpeg (76.18 KB, 1080x597, 61EAF9BD-363B-4102-9795-069762…)

i searched and found the drawing in question. there's another drawing of a full-fledged penis that was apparently supposed to be the eiffel tower

No. 1158689

File: 1613013475782.jpeg (50.17 KB, 1080x591, 0643ABDD-6638-4F5E-88E7-099D89…)

No. 1158704

is her instagram gone?

No. 1158723

Looks like it. Either it was taken down or she deleted. Probably the latter.

No. 1158746

I don’t believe this was really drawn by his kid. Especially when you look at this one
Toddlers aren’t detail oriented enough to draw a head, shaft and two balls.

No. 1158752

this one looks legit

this one is very questionable

No. 1158757

File: 1613022652695.jpg (81.67 KB, 740x534, 20210211_094438.jpg)

I was disturbed by this picture until I realized how strange it was that the left figure seems to be the only one who wears "articulated" (not the right word but whatever) pants. All other figures' legs are simple sticks, and none of them wear identifiable clothing let alone show clothing folds of any kind. The pants on the left figure on the other hand even seem to have folds at the knees! That's a level of detail that'd really surprise me coming from a toddler, although tbf I don't know anything about toddler art.
And then it hit me. I'm pretty sure this is an optical illusion. I have outlined what I think the figure on the left is supposed to read as: just a figure with part of it obscured by the addition of a box with another figure.

No. 1158763

If it's this, I'm even more concerned, now it looks like a small figure with its head on the crotch of a larger figure
I don't know what the strange head on the smaller figure would indicate, but it's drawn entirely differently than the heads of the other figures

No. 1158765

File: 1613024516035.png (775.88 KB, 1080x597, dont like that.png)

looks like this to me

No. 1158771

Anyone see the claim on /armiehammerreceipts that someone in the Cayman Islands right now saw Armie there, laughing and high-fiving people in town and then hearing him yell "BULLSHIT" into his phone? Milky if true

No. 1158824

Armie's aunt (his father's sister) wrote a book about her childhood where she states that his father raped her multiple times (taking her virginity the first time) and their father (Armie's grandfather) molested her and their half-sister. The only reason any of them got away with it was to do with money. Plus there was a lot of other fucked up shit in there to do with drugs and guns - in hindsight, you have to wonder what Armie grew up with as 'normal' and if this is a result. No excuses though, he's had money for therapy even if he got cut off from the family fortune for getting into acting.

No. 1159046

at least the small figure was added after the other 4, it absolutely looks like an adults interpretation of the childs drawing.

No. 1160598

File: 1613217368312.jpg (50.58 KB, 731x650, ribs.JPG)

I mean, we knew she was in on it

No. 1162439

File: 1613425635730.jpeg (219.68 KB, 750x871, C5B28586-9FB0-4855-A9BE-56AC5D…)

Catch it before she archives the remaining post of her ‘dancing’ in the back seat of a car in Crema. Context is these are the clips that AH was cooming to. There were two up earlier, the one where she grabs her neck also. Cba to screen record so here’s a cap and heads up if you want to see what her latest texts from Armie were about.

No. 1187802

File: 1616111062263.jpeg (188.92 KB, 750x1015, 6C74019A-08B0-413C-B22D-1937CF…)

No. 1187982

File: 1616140290106.jpg (85.29 KB, 429x767, ljrhzgjblvn61.jpg)

so would you send this to your rapist after he brutally raped you

No. 1188042

She looks like Blaire White

No. 1188243

fucking liar, this cunt is the reason that many people don't take MeToo or rape victims seriously, she's a lying attention whore and she never got raped. She is a delusional liar. When Armie's lawyers get receipts to prove that she wanted him to fuck her, everyone will go back to denying actual rape victims again. Fuck her to the fiery pits of Hell.

No. 1188365

The uncensored version is hilarious. The phrase "prime fuckmeat" is used.

No. 1188396

Why did they censor “one man gangbang me”? That’s the funniest part!

No. 1188640

rough looking 24 y/o

No. 1188887

It’s well documented that Effie stalked and harassed Armie and his family both online and irl. Just waiting for that to come out as well

No. 1189001

she looks late 30s. Def didn't expect her to look like that

No. 1202024

File: 1617597741277.jpeg (165.5 KB, 1210x1298, ExIUYtYWUAE65Og.jpeg)


No. 1213067

File: 1618947785473.jpg (201.69 KB, 720x1288, Efish.jpg)

With 107k followers, what better time to start her insta thot career than now?

No. 1213272

Does anyone have the vid of her poledancing with Armies voice over? I can't find if it existed or was alleged or what

No. 1213307

jfc she is so ugly, no wonder she is so mad at the world

No. 1213365

File: 1618985763241.webm (4.45 MB, 1152x648, 134673164_148478510176089_8298…)

"There's nothing more that I love than the idea of you lying beside me." It starts at 0:42.

No. 1214743

can someone explain to me wtf does this exist? Is this voiceover taken from some movie he was in or what? I'm confused. When did she publish this? Kinda weird if after those uwu abuse allegations

No. 1214803

she posted it way back, not post abuse allegations. someone picked up on it and that's why people started taking interest. she had like 8k followers before this story blew up.

No. 1214806

I read there was this Armie hate account that picked it up (switch_ga) and then the fans and others rolled in from there.

No. 1215074

Samefag because I didn't felt like saying it previously, but that switch_ga account makes me think it's Effie behind it. She was stalking what girls he gave likes to and seemed somewhat defensive towards him like Effie was in those dms about him confessing of having a hooker or whatever. Also switch is a BDSM term. Worth a read https://amp.reddit.com/r/armiehammerreceipts/comments/lk0qmr/who_is_behind_switch_ga/

No. 1224601

No. 1229892

Armie has a new girlfriend, a dental hygienist called Lisa, and Effie has temporarily moved on to dragging Josh Duhamel.

No. 1243751

File: 1622570734034.jpg (222.26 KB, 1125x2000, houseofeffie_194904245_4656977…)

She looks like a mannequin wtf

No. 1243771

Idk if it’s the work she’s had done on her face, but she looks extra masculine here somehow

No. 1243906

What the fuck is this sweater

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