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File: 1426188760329.jpg (115.12 KB, 640x640, 11055751_1559726710953493_1662…)

No. 61069

Old one is on sage >>41167

No. 61075

She changed her IG's description to living in Tokyo, Japan.

No. 61076

I reckon she made the "ultimate hater comment" IG pic completely up. Because it's not like she hasn't bullshitted for sympathy before. Not at all…

No. 61090

She looks like she's about to receive a cumshot

No. 61092

That's on purpose.

No. 61223

the only people manaki is following on instagram is venus and margaret. ew.

No. 61273


Manaki is a strange character…

No. 61280

File: 1426207893708.jpg (92.32 KB, 640x640, no_nose.jpg)

her nose is missing

and she already deleted the picture with the hate comment

No. 61284

She got hate for this photo?

No. 61285


She's so predictable with her bullshit, just like every other IG hateeeeerz pic she has had up recently. Manaki must not be giving her enough attention.

No. 61346

>Can't it be the weekend already?
Venus, you do fuck all anyway, every day is a weekend for you.

No. 61349

I'm loving how people are calling her out on her past and present bullshit in the comments and other people are listening up

No. 61358

Most likely because of Manaki.
Lots of her pedo fans got pissed that their kawaii aidoru is dating, so they're more eager to listen to people.

This whole thing backfired on her.

No. 61366

I think it was mostly girls who were commenting about that stuff, IIRC.

But yeah, the Manaki thing is screwing her over. People can see how fake their relationship is, and that draws attention to other aspects of her fakeness

You know, I used to feel bad for her because of what Margo has done to her life, but I really can't anymore now that she's an adult and I've seen how shitty and manipulative she can be.

No. 61393

Venus has been a nasty piece of work since day one, mostly due to her mother, but she's 18 now and can think for herself. The girl isn't stupid and clearly knows how to be a bitch. Her fans are noticing more than usual which is a good sign.

No. 61396

Margaret is making all those accounts for him.

No. 61399

Is she though? Or is it Venus because it helps her show off her ~kawaii~ boyfriend? Margo is a piece of shit, but Venus isn't innocent either, and Venus (I assume) has more of an influence over him than Margo.

I hope shit goes down soon. I wonder what would happen if they broke up.

Also how the fuck are they still in Japan?

No. 61400

Margo also got the access over all of Venus's accounts, she is only the puppeter.

No. 61401

Another reason could be subscribers.
More money for them if they have Manaki making videos.

Aren't they on a tourist visa? Seems odd to me since they should be out by now.

No. 61403

Yeah, they are there starting from december and Venus still didn't finish school at all.

No. 61405

I don't see what other type of visa they could have got. The problem is, tourist visas are awarded for 90 days and Venus has been in Japan since at least the 4th of December (going back in her instagram), so they should have left by now.

Speaking of her instagram, she posts a lot of food from restaurants and shit. How often do they eat out and how in the world do they afford to eat out so often?

No. 61418

Could eat be that they have a working visa but the jobs are non-existant? Like that Manaki's parents did sign them to their company (I am pretty sure they own one considering how much he spends on his hobby while not working) so they can stay.

No. 61419

*it not eat

No. 61421

What's his hobby?

>A university degree or considerable professional experience in the applicable field is required to qualify for a working visa. Most types of working visas also require you to have a prospective employer as a sponsor.
From www.japan-guide.com/e/e2221.html
Venus isn't even high school educated.

There's also a working holiday visa but
>A working holiday visa is a special visa for young people between the age of 18 and 25 (30 in some cases), to stay in Japan for up to one year. Working holiday visa holders are allowed to work part time while staying in Japan.
Margo isn't in that age range and Venus was only 17 at the time they entered Japan.

I'm beginning to think that they're illegal overstayers.

No. 61423

He collects BJD.

No. 61425

File: 1426224705741.png (1.02 MB, 1022x574, B_4YfFFVAAAMzTJ.png large.png)

Those figures are hers btw, they are all in her room.

No. 61428


If so then I hope the dumb fucks get reported.

No. 61430

Dude this adds so much more creepy to this 'love story'. Not that I think collecting BJD's is creepy, but him having that hobby and stalking a 'human doll' makes this shit really weird.

I just picture him being a complete shut-in who is obsessed with dolls to the point of loving him. He stumbled upon Venus and instantly grow obsessed with her, stalked her so much he went to a public place he knew she'd be at just to see her in reality. She met him and was friendly which only made his obsession worse. Draw pictures of her, sent her tweets in hopes she would reply ect… It's amazes me that she would even date him knowing he stalked her. Like she actually jokes about it, I'd be soooo creeped out knowing he stalked me at a public place.

What the fuck is wrong with those people?

No. 61434


They're still on a tourist visa
But they got it extended legally to 6 months in total (which is allowed by citizens of certain countries)

They would both need at least a BA for a normal working visa.

If Venus gets married, Magro can't stay
But if magro get married, Venus can stay since she's the child

No. 61436

What country are they citizens of?

No. 61437


No. 61440

That makes a bit more sense.

Still, it looks like they've moved all their stuff over, why bother with that if they're going to have to move back in three months?

No. 61471

I'm sure Margo has some illegal tricks up her sleeve to allow them stay, she's a sneaky old bitch.

No. 61494


But Manaki is a kawaii Japanese boy and he looooooooooooves her and what better way to gain access to living it up in Pockyland than hooking up with the creep?

There's something wrong with them all. This has the potential to become a thriller manga.

NEET shut in with wealthy parents collects dolls, finally meets the 'living doll' of his dreams…who he shall one day…collect.

No. 61497

>NEET shut in with wealthy parents collects dolls, finally meets the 'living doll' of his dreams…who he shall one day…collect.

Ooh, I have an alt:

>NEET shut in with wealthy parents collects dolls, finally meets the 'living doll' of his dreams, only to find that she is not the perfect living doll he thought she was. but he has a plan…

Please tell me we have some creative writefags on this board. I would read the shit out of a Venaki horror fanfic.

No. 61506


This needs to be a thing. Please someone make this a thing.

No. 61529

honestly the Japanese guys I know who collects dolls are all creepy as fuck

No. 61569


All them cheap price figures what you can get with 200-600 yen in secondhand market.

No. 61575

Plot twist is when he realizes that not he is controlling Venus but Magro is controlling him

No. 61585

File: 1426261547558.png (518.63 KB, 583x583, penus.png)

>but he has a plan…

Looks like he's already started.

No. 61619

That photo if from when they were just moving to the Netherlands, old as fuck.

No. 61624


How do you know he collects BJDs?

No. 61632

His Twitter.

No. 61656

I love those amusing Japanese emoticons so her new video I'll admit…is really cute, without sound that is.

No. 61762



No. 61800

File: 1426291312840.gif (818.1 KB, 1917x1007, 1426289704134.gif)

Okay I laffed.

I like her new vid.

No. 61810


Damn her teeth are really yellow…

No. 61813

S'all those sweets and coffee she consumes.

No. 61818

i was straight faced throughout

No. 61829

>>61076 Explain the hater pic? Any pics of it?

No. 61834

File: 1426292761703.jpg (325.01 KB, 1008x633, ultimatehaaaterz.jpg)


She removed it from her fanpage too lol.

No. 61835

If that's not her natural teeth color, how could she think that looked ok? I thought she liked to stare at herself in videos to see what to correct.

No. 61837

Why do I feel like either Margaret or Venus wrote this? It sounds like their writing style when they're going into "random yolo swag" mode.

No. 61859


After re-reading what went down with Kimonotime a few years back, the writing style does seem similar.

No. 61877

Yup, this is definitely either Margaret or Venus (I'm leaning on Margaret). What the fuck is she doing?

No. 61884

File: 1426296263787.png (225.27 KB, 500x418, crazymargo.png)

Won't be long before we see another victim card selfie with the way things are going.

No. 61907

We need someone to write this right.now
I am so excited for this

No. 61915

Probably for attention just like that pic of Venus's head photoshopped onto a gravure model's body that they also deleted. I also suspect that pic was not made by a Japanese fan but by either Venus or Margaret in the first place.

No. 61917

The writing style has the feel of Margaret's. You can tell by the awkward English writing. There is a chance someone else with awkward English wrote it but I doubt it at this point.

No. 62032

I was pretty down about how yellow my teeth are this morning. I'm not going to lie, this had made me feel a lot better.

No. 62033

What in the world is that about?

No. 62078

Look at the VA ED.

No. 62092

File: 1426334456520.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-03-14-04-46-34…)

No. 62093

No. 62094

Manaki with a wig?

No. 62095

No. 62096

Can't wait for her "I turned by bf into a kawaii girl! ^3^" make up tutorial.

No. 62098

she reads too much shojo hahahaha

No. 62112


>that comment

my sides lol. but i wouldn't be surprised at all if weenus turned out to be a carpetmuncher.

No. 62132

Poor Manaki and his blue balls..

No. 62140

File: 1426348537651.png (1.83 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-03-14-16-51-31…)

>So if I dress-up as a girl, you'll finally let me kiss you on the lips?

No. 62146

Ew.. his nose is like a pig's nose

No. 62148

No. 62151

I can't see that. What's your rationale for it?

No. 62155

what a weird couple

No. 62156

is Venus going to be the man? Well, she has a makeup tutorial hahahaha man, they're weird

No. 62189

The fact that he'd let Venus dress him up as a girl makes him even creepier

What the fuck is wrong with these people? Venus, Margo, Manaki, they're all fucking nuts

No. 62199

Is Venus in the closet or something?

No. 62203

No, he is just her toy, see >>54154

No. 62207

>be internet famous
>get a bf
>dress him up like a girl and put a wig and makeup on him, take photos of you almost kissing him, then show all your online fans
This is sounding more and more like some sort of doujinshi.

No. 62209

I think it is their solution to avoid losing her male fanbase, a lot of people who are into loli are also into traps.

No. 62225

This is going to come back and bite Manaki in the ass when he and Venus break up

No. 62248

Not if he's into it.

No. 62268

Yep. Future employers won't look too fondly at this shit. From what I've heard, Japan is very conservative about this kind of thing, censoring their faces behind masks and such in videos. Or not showing them at all.

No. 62277


Stop talking out of your ass. There's a stigma against crossdressing all over the world, not just in Japan.

As for everyone else being surprised that Venus dressed her guy up, wut? Gulls are always going on about how they'd love to dress a boy up in their clothes and do his makeup. I'm surprised this is new to you.

No. 62452

He's even uglier as a girl

No. 62461


She's going to win over more fans by making him crossdress even if it makes him look bad. The whole kawaii anime boy secretly dressing as a pretty girl thing is fangirled over.

No. 62467

this is…really fucking weird.
I can't shake it off, too. What the fuck.

No. 62470

I wasn't even talking about the cross dressing specifically, you idiot. I'm talking about generally making an ass of himself on the Internet.

No. 62472

There's something especially weird about this, over and above everything else, and I can't seem to put my finger on what it is.

No. 62473

If he's a rich noy it might not matter. Plus Japanese 20somethings are just the same as 20somethings everywhere else these days, not giving a shit about the onsequences of their actionS as lOng asvthey get recognition online.

No. 62474


I wonder how many of the fans think Venus is bi or straight up lesbien, or if Manaki is bi…or trans…mindfuck moment!

No. 62477


Guys I'm scared. I thought it was a great horror story with him being obsessed with dolls, finding Venus and wanted to collect her.

Plot twist: What if we've looked at this all wrong. What he isn't just obsessed with dolls/Venus, but actually wants to be one? He doesn't love Venus, he loves the idea of being her and this is a way of getting the attention he craves as a ~kawaii human doll~

No. 62480


Shit he reminds me of this guy from the anime Chobits. Like the obsession and general creep factor.


Shit's weird man. Real weird. Venus what the fuck are you doing…

No. 62481


I'm telling you, he's going to make her put the lotion on its skin.

No. 62483

sometimes i put makeup on my bf to make him look like a girl and put a wig on him
it's not that weird, it's just having fun

No. 62484

>I do it so it's not that weird

No. 62488

The putting make-up/wigs on boyfriends/male friends thing is pretty normal, it's the almost kiss picture that I find odd. Did my friends make up and put kawaii bows in his hair last night, all just a bit of fun and games (guys cannot keep their eyes still for shit when you're trying to apply eye make up)

No. 62495

File: 1426404494154.jpg (14.03 KB, 296x203, tumblr_me2x9mYJw71qdic9l.jpg)

No. 62512

His entire mouth area is creepy as fuck

No. 62520

same, it's just having fun

I love giving guys makeovers lol, they often end up looking more attractive as females than some of the lolcows we have

No. 62563

Does someone have the vid in which Yukapon and her dances to Glad you're a lolicon ? How did they got in contact ?

No. 62571

No but it was Yuka who contacted her for making a dance video together.

No. 62573

Maybe her yaoi hand and how small her face is in comparison

No. 62609

File: 1426438622675.jpg (68.94 KB, 640x640, 11032922_505858129552536_16430…)

"Thrilled to be meeting the amazing @finebros! 💫 #youtubespacetokyo #youtube #finebros #japan #tokyo"

She spends way too much time in YouTube Space.

No. 62612

Ew the guy on the left looks like a Sloth.

No. 62635

I've been looking for this video for a while now myself. Unless someone happened to save it, chances are we'll never see it again.

No. 62649

She literally has nothing else going on in her life but YouTube, why are you surprised?

No. 62676

wtf was that about?

No. 62679

Literally just a few posts below >>62078

No. 62828

I wonder if Manaki has real life friends. And if so, if he has introduced Penus to them

No. 62911


I have a feeling he doesn't have many friends at all…maybe even none. The fact he did stalk Venus for a number of years including bumping into her at Disneyland in Japan while she was on her Bodyline trip kind of shows he's not quite right in the head.

No. 62932

Speaking of, that page needs an update with this lulzy boyfriend shit.

No. 63072

Dying laughing. That forehead bridge is intense too.

No. 63075

It really does.

No. 63514

Dead. Lmao

No. 63569

File: 1426523456942.png (511.33 KB, 532x530, penus.PNG)

She looks exactly like Magro lol

She has a vine account now btw https://vine.co/u/970175523244433408

No. 63575

That is incredibly unfortunate. She isn't even 20 and has a granny face.

No. 63622

She just looks so… Fake. Her face has no dimension to it, its all one solid color and the inside of her mouth is too pink

I see why she needs to use all those filters and photoshop

No. 63625

Its that tiny mouth with the thin lips. It was arguably cute when she was younger, but as she's getting older, her face just looks prematurely old

No. 63640

File: 1426531485525.jpg (90.49 KB, 640x640, 10903699_625130824283559_10913…)

No, she's a kawaii noseless animu angel!

No. 63641

File: 1426531520971.jpg (138.68 KB, 300x517, Venusangelic.jpg)

If you think it's bad there lol look at this one.

No. 63647


I literally had nightmares of this picture

No. 63654

is so ugly

No. 63664

she got bad genetic

No. 63667

No. 63668

I am always amazed that in the past years where all she did was taking selfies and yt videos never learned how to pose, take flattering pictures or some better editing skills. Like, all she does all day is taking pictures of herself, how is she still that bad at it?

No. 63669

>posts link to an image
>on an imageboard


No. 63675

i don't want to save trash

No. 63704

You can always right click -> copy URL, then paste that into the 'choose file' prompt.

No. 63710

This is one of the worst attempts I've seen at trying to cover up the fact you're a noob.

No. 63719

seems like i am a big noob

No. 63723

Btw, she is going to be on a React video.

No. 63871

Because everybody that tells her otherwise is a jelly hater in her ~natural doll~ world.

No. 63874

Why do I get preteen vibes from this comment

No. 63894

File: 1426552679804.png (1.98 MB, 900x1381, weenus.png)

good ol' weenus

No. 63908

Best part of that whole episode were her morning face exercises.

No. 63911

I feel like it's a straight up preteen comment from tumblr.

No. 63912

She has hands that rival Kristen Amanda's. Whoa.

No. 63913

I have said it before.
I will say it again.
Looks like a fat, old leprechaun.

No. 63925

File: 1426553897283.jpg (21.77 KB, 846x461, milkyangelic.jpg)


Then Deerstalkerpictures mocked that very scene in The Secret Life of the Lolita. Fucking gold.

No. 63930

I don't care for Deerstalkers, but that shit was hilarious.

No. 63977

File: 1426559028547.png (503.26 KB, 976x956, link.png)

this photo would be alright if it wasn't for the Link brows.

No. 64003

hdu bring link into this. nah im kidding but at least they're like that and not penciled in . i think that'd be slightly worse

No. 64097

File: 1426568344861.jpg (61.15 KB, 858x478, Capture2.JPG)

No. 64099

File: 1426568466814.jpg (123.79 KB, 1304x641, Capture.JPG)

I know they're old but..ugh..weebs really eat this shit up huh?

No. 64101

I don't see how these vids keep being made. It's an eye makeup tutorial, right? So even if it does work for Venus, doesn't that mean the girls watching it would need to have the same eye shape as hervto make it work? I'm a hippie makeup noob but I'm always reading about 'finding the right style for your eye shape' so this doesn't make sense to me.

No. 64111

The target audience of these videos are weebs/koreaboos, not people who are actually interested in improving their makeup skills.

No. 64180

That's pretty offensive. Why has no one called her out on her racism?

No. 64181

>how to look half Japanese
Be half Japanese. Christ, this bitch is milking this garbage and no one says anything. If she made a tutorial on how to look black, I bet you she would get ripped apart.

No. 64182

Yea but when Japanese do the "halfu" make to try and look half white it's OK right? Lmao.

No. 64184

Haven't seen that, so I can't really say. I think it's fucking retarded no matter who's doing it. Attempting yo change your race or ethnicity with make up is a form of racism.

No. 64190

Lots of people half, but especially on tumblr, so no one takes it seriously

No. 64206

Toddler logic at its finest. This "trend" is retarded either way, but this is where we discuss Wenus and her fail of a mother, so japanese people trying to look half-white are about as relevant as toothpaste-chan's dietary habits.

No. 64216

To be fair, she showed a Japanese magazine showing Japanese people how to look haafu. The reason she executed it so terribly is because she should have done the tutorial in reverse. With the Korean girl tutorial, Most won't bat an eye if she named it ulzzang makeup and deleted her other terrible video.

On the other hand, she knows what she is doing, because she reads the comments (I know either she or her mom does because they delete comment still.), and I know people point it out. Venus is still an ignorant shit, but sometimes I feel most of the stuff She shouldn't be ripped on for. On that note, the haafu tread is fucking retarded, ans most ulzzang have surgery or Photoshop at hand usually.

No. 64218

Exactly hah.
And I agree with the other anons.
The trend seems to be a very Japan/East Asian thing– And it's fucking stupid. I've heard of a few Chinese Actresses try to say they are "A Quarter French" or some shit.

Bullshit needs to stop.

No. 64225

File: 1426606283749.jpg (102.6 KB, 640x640, 1515704_957650664269291_125339…)

She really tries hard to shoop herself asian.

No. 64277


She's been a Weeaboo since her preteen days and doesn't look like she's going to stop any time. In fact it just becomes more and more obvious she wants to be Japanese the older she gets. If I didn't know her nationality or who she even was, I'd assume she was just some random Asian girl on a fun trip.

No. 64291

At this point, she doesn't have anything going for her except making it in Japan. Sure, she could move back to London or whatever, finish school and move on with her life only being a few years behind her peers, but by the time she grows put of her weeb phase (if she ever does, which I doubt because of her enabling mother) she'll be old and won't even have a high school education. Look at PT, her family discouraged her weeb tendencies and she's still got no future.

No. 64341

>If I didn't know her nationality or who she even was, I'd assume she was just some random Asian girl on a fun trip

I don't see it, Venus doesn't look Asian to me. Is it just because she had dark hair, a round face and weeb mannerisms?

No. 64352

Yes, but also because Asians shoop themselves to the point of sort of looking like Venus.

No. 64357

She probably will do the same as her mother, giving birth to a new future weeb that should archive her failed dreams.

No. 64416


That sounds more creepy then it should.

No. 64452

File: 1426630869693.jpg (82.68 KB, 640x640, 924740_1577327892524300_793636…)

The knit sweater makes the filter abuse even more noticable.

No. 64491

i thought it was some asian girl in the pic before enlarging it she really is trying to be azn hard

No. 64553

>making a reference to link
Ily anon

No. 64578

File: 1426641914869.png (2.17 MB, 1600x1160, celeb_power_by_eana_drawings-d…)

No amount of filters and makeup to look more Azn will hide the fact she's just an average looking & pasty white European girl.

No. 64582

This. Idk how some people say she looks azn. Have you ever seen an asian before?

No. 64584

Everytime I see hoop earrings, I remember the phrase "The bigger the hoop, the bigger the ho"

No. 64589


In her Instagram photos that are filtered beyond and back, I'd say she looks half Asian IMO, for others it's 100% and the rest not at all. I guess since being in Japan and with Manaki she has to 'blend in' more with her surroundings.

No. 64594

I hated this notion back in early/mid 2000s. The trend in nyc was to wear HUGE ones, but my mom wouldn't allow me to due to being 14 at the time. She would say "you're not going out like that, you want people thinking you're some cheap slut?!!"

Anyway the thought made me wonder about how much discipline Margo actually applies or does Venus actually feel like she has the freedom to do what she wants at home? If its the latter its nice considering she can't be a plain human in front of the camera

No. 64604

She doesn't even look like the living doll she's supposed to be, let alone Asian.

What the fuck is so good about being Asian anyway? What the fuck is so appealing to weebs?

No. 64622

Seeing her in motion/video it's pretty obvious she's white looking. Her pics are filtered to oblivion and back, so I can see the illusion she gives off of looking "anz"
She probably has it bad now being in Japan and having a Japanese boyfriend. She should just embrace her, what would be, "foreign" looks. She has a rather nice, round/youth face shape and blue eye color (both of which Japan find nice). Wish she'd just accept it already.

No. 64624

Her foreign looks are an asset in Japan, they love white girls. Look at Kota. I don't know why she doesn't play them up while she's there.

No. 64639

File: 1426651300993.jpg (103.68 KB, 640x640, 10534980_792675107453473_16346…)

Seems like she is still with her mom 24h because her mom posts photos taken at the same day at the same place, I didn't even notice the texture of the HK because of all the filters on Venus's photo.

No. 64640

margaret is so.. tragic..

No. 64641

Her feet are HUGE.

No. 64643

File: 1426651769654.jpg (110.44 KB, 640x640, 10611213_382250525294390_11532…)

That's because of the angle. Venus is the one who took those btw.

No. 64646

File: 1426651946405.jpg (125.07 KB, 640x640, 11007955_799932503415957_17751…)

No. 64648

Of course Venus took those photos, Margo and Venus have no other friends

No. 64650

They do have a couple of tripods tho.

No. 64655

She has fucking Orange Citrus hair. Is this the official haircut of the unsalvageable?

No. 64783

File: 1426680926518.png (1.72 MB, 2168x736, Screen Shot.png)

This just in. They broke up.

"BEAN BOOZLED with my EX Boyfriend!"
"My EX Boyfriend Does My Makeup"
"♥ EX Boyfriend Q&A ♥"

No. 64784

File: 1426680951973.png (57.79 KB, 1704x182, 2.png)

No. 64785

File: 1426680978684.png (45.37 KB, 954x186, 1.png)

Did she finally realize what a fake creep he is?

No. 64786

File: 1426680999306.png (50.43 KB, 1248x166, 4.png)

And one more..

No. 64787

File: 1426681055563.png (54.6 KB, 1072x208, 3.png)

And here, before they broke up. This post was made just 22 hours ago. I wonder what happened.

(Found all these in the comments of the videos she changed the titles on)

No. 64788

It hasn't even been 24 hours since they supposedly broke up and Venus is already bitching about them on social media? Classy.

No. 64789

him, not them. Sorry.

No. 64791

So did he finally try to get some and get cock blocked by Margo?

No. 64794

He was probably cockblocked by Venus….

But no, I get the vibe from the comments that he tried to have sex with her and she wasn't into it. That or he cheated on her but lol let's be real.

No. 64796

What did she expect from a 23 year old vrigin stalker otaku? To be a perfect nihon no boifurendo?

No. 64797

Manaki tweeted that he is very busy, 15h ago

No. 64798

We're going to find out what happened soon enough, I'm sure. Margaret rants about everyone who ever wronged her precious little princess and Manaki probably won't be an exception. The dramu needs to be exploited.

No. 64799

And 12 hours ago he favorited a tweet someone tweeted (a video of Venus). So this happened less than 12 hours ago.

No. 64801

So how long dis they last? Like two months?

No. 64805

About 2 months.
This first pic of them on her IG was from 2 months ago https://instagram.com/p/x9YN1DPB0P/

No. 64806

Well, that's true at least.

No. 64809

Does anyone have a way to contact him? He might have lulz and nudes to drop

No. 64810

If she's 18 that is (i think she is?)

No. 64812

File: 1426685207962.png (187.15 KB, 346x406, sipping.png)

LOL they broke up earlier than I expected, and I was expecting a really early breakup!
Ahhh the upcoming dramu will be delightful.

No. 64813

Does that mean she won't be in Japan anymore?

No. 64814

Seriously? She won't even kiss him. You're too hopeful.

Her visa expires around June so probably leaving then for good

No. 64827

Well shit, I wanna know what happened apart from the obvious no chemistry between them.

No. 64832

You know how Venus is, she even would shittalk about Margos former bfs only because they didn't have 24h time for her anymore, he probably had to study and Venus being the spoiled brat she is sure thinks she is more important than that.

No. 64835

maybe he wanted to have sex and she didnt?

No. 64836

but maybe she'd send him pics
she is an attention whore afterall

No. 64838


Looks like he'll move on to the next 'living doll' to stalk and hopefully get laid with.

No. 64840

Well fuck, Venus, you didn't even try.
They were both awkward but at least Manaki seemed to try a little more with fucking interaction. In her videos Venus would just sit there staring at him blankly and hardly speak or fake act 'cute and overly shy teehee~'. Pretty sure she just wanted him so she could say she has a Jap boyfriend.
With her comments I definitely get the impression he did something trivial like, as speculated, didn't give her attention non-stop and Venus being the greedy, self-absorbed, pouty little princess she is decided it wasn't good enough for her.
I find it weird though how she says she "changed the title" because of reasons that she doesn't want to be with him, instead of saying she "broke up with him" because of those reasons. It almost implies as if she broke up with him without telling him? It's odd.

No. 64841

Doubt it because she was outside with her mom like 24h past few days.

No. 64845

maybe she was like that with videos because she didn't know how to act around him

when I film with my friends I act waaay more shy than I normally do because I'm to conscious of the camera

but they shouldn't have been a couple in the first place if he was just after her because of the whole "living doll" bs. I throw more blame his way because hes 23, and even though this may have been the first relationshit for both of them, you don't get a pass if your intentions are shitty. That being said, Venus doesn't either because we know she went after him because he's Japanese and obsessed with her.

No. 64846

June? Still plenty of time for her to find another sucker then.

No. 64848

But they are living at his family's house…

No. 64851

Oh dear, I had no clue.
Kinda awkward, hopefully they ended it on better terms.

No. 64856


Time for Venus and her desperate mother to head back home, nobody is going to support them now unless another sucker as mentioned gets pulled in to support their dreams.

No. 64858


The video she mentions sounds like the IG pic she took of Manaki dressed as a girl. Maybe this was a step too far?

No. 64860

Their last selfie's caption:
>Ex #venaki #venusangelicsboyfriend His instagram is

And Manaki's FB page has disappeared.

No. 64865

She was the one who did his makeup at the girl photos.

No. 64869


She was so quick to change everything to EX and brush it off to the side. The fans are slowly going mad it seems.

No. 64874

Damn, shots fired.

No. 64879

Lol nah. I don't think that she'd do that. She looks like the kind of girl who would do sexual shit with candy, for example, but not full nudes.

No. 64883


Or those oopsie-type panty shots like the one from a NicoNico video she did when trying to adjust her position on her desk chair lol.

No. 64888

I don't like this whole "he is my EX boyfriend now". Just delete the videos with him

No. 64891

She'd never do that. They're still making her money.

No. 64898

Same, it's pathetic and rude of her to do it.
Like the previous anon said, she wouldn't DL because it's making money off Japanese boyfran desu

I don't know what happened, but I kinda feel bad for him because she labels the video with EX.
Poor dude didn't know what he put himself into

No. 64899

And? Maybe he felt forced into it, or his parents found out and didn't like it.

No. 64900


It's very petty and pathetic, not to mention immature. Venus with her past antics and history of being manipulative, I wouldn't be surprised this played a role in why the relationship didn't last. She rarely has skills to maintain friendships let alone a relationship. The girl doesn't have a clue.

No. 64904

She may have broken up with him because he didn't want to participate in another one of her retarded video ideas.

Or maybe he really did try to make her have sex with him, and she didn't want to.

No. 64908

>or his parents found out and didn't like it
…you know they live with his parents, right?

No. 64921


her mom too? so where are they gonna live now?

No. 64922


Hopefully he realised she was just using his ass to live in Japan.

No. 64929

Maybe she thought of using him to gain more popularity but instead she lost fans so she decided to ditch him.

No. 64930

She didn't lose fans at all, her amount of weeb subs increased.

No. 64938

It's another insight into how shitty Venus is.

So much for him being perfect, huh?

No. 64950

How long were they even dating? Two months?

No. 64953

They first met with him in early december.

No. 64958

The way Margo dresses holy shit.
Top kek you win comment of the year, anon.

No. 64978


It's her way or no way, anyone entering her life doesn't stand a chance except for her mom.

No. 64987

So do you think this means we can expect to see Venus in an episode of Youtubers React sometime in the near future?

No. 64996

I was going to say something about how ridiculous it is that they broke up so soon but then i remembered how ridiculous my first catfights with my first boyfriend were.. everything seemed so much more dramatic when you're a kid.

The difference is my angry myspace posts weren't seen by as many people and thank god for that.

No. 64997

Why do people watch those ( ) react videos? They're so shitty.

No. 64998

Most likely.

No. 65001

This sounds most likely.
I know everyone wants to assume he tried to bang her and she didn't let him or some dramatic shit like that

No. 65015

>my EX boyfriend
>leaving the "venaki" tag


No. 65020

This actually seems the most plausible.

But they looked so cute together, I always found myself giggling like an idiot when I watched their videos. You know, the first love, and all that awkardness that comes with it (at least the first weeks/months) lol

No. 65026

Well I mean, as much as her intentions toward him were pretty obvious, let's not forget he stalked her online for like a year. He also probably has some guilt in this. I mean a 23 year old dude stalking someone for a year; dude probably fetishized her.

No. 65032

File: 1426716364962.png (8.01 KB, 578x95, 21313.png)

They are back together.

No. 65033

Not until Venus says so.

No. 65034

She is already deleting her youtube comments regarding it.

No. 65036

Apparently he didn't even know they broke up and Venus and Margo already try to cover the whole thing up, kek.

No. 65041

aww we witnessed their first fight how cute,
When i was 15 me and my first bf broke up every time we had an argument
which was like every month at least once

No. 65045

And checking out her Twitter hashtag, YouTube did gratulate her on december 8 for reaching 600.000 subs, in february 21 for reaching 700.000 subs which means she got 100.000 new subs ever since she started "living in Japan" videos.

No. 65051

File: 1426718449803.png (33.59 KB, 341x335, 2421.png)

Seems like they need money again, huh?

No. 65052

File: 1426718550755.png (6.09 KB, 253x80, Ex.png)

He deleted it.

No. 65054

No. 65055

Translation: My parents split and I was too young to understand what was going on, so my mom took advantage of that by manipulating my sorry chubbers ass into thinking everyone in the world is scary except for her. And, now here I am; A spoiled bitch who thinks that she's entitled to the world and enough pocky to reformat my DNA.

No. 65081

Was hoping he'd reject her for what she did but that's not very realistic..

No. 65093

Margo is retweeting comments that sound like if Venus is dying.

No. 65095

File: 1426723927318.jpg (118.69 KB, 1024x1024, CAM2qZlUYAAqNXa.jpg large.jpg)

It's like if she was living in there already, lol.

No. 65097

File: 1426724073061.jpg (10.13 KB, 362x199, manaki_01.jpg)


He still loves her too apparently.

No. 65100

She added his channel to her youtube again.

No. 65101


Because she's so idiotic and thinks the world revolves around her, they probably had a dumbass petty argument like most young couples do and she went into full blown BAAAAAW UR NOT MY BOYFRIEND ANYMORE mode. Whatever is going on between them two, it's pathetic.

No. 65103

she never removed the link to his YT in the first place. She forgot to do so.

No. 65148

File: 1426731381147.jpg (136.87 KB, 640x640, 10956750_363414607190224_52355…)

Her whole everything is pity party right now.

No. 65149

File: 1426731495989.png (299.26 KB, 566x404, 5325.png)

Meanwhile Margo.

No. 65163

Looks like one boring ass party to me

No. 65168

Yeah, it is just them getting drunk.

No. 65174

I always cringe when I imagine how awkward it is for other people to hang out with Venus and have her mom hovering around her all the time.

Seeing stuff like this makes me sad for Venus – everything she says, she seems to wholeheartedly believe. Never grew out of the beauty pageant baby phase. Margo goes on full defensive mode over an innocent question (do you ever wear jeans?) at 3:12. She always seems to be so personally attacked whenever someone criticizes or is just curious about Venus's "doll-like appearance".

No. 65178

Venus is literally Margo's world, and vice versa. They have no one else but each other.

No. 65179

No. 65180

>I always cringe when I imagine how awkward it is for other people to hang out with Venus and have her mom hovering around her all the time.
I wonder if people are reluctant to invite Venus places or even deliberately don't invite her places because of her mother.

No. 65182

Now Margo is posting about visiting sakura.

No. 65190

That's a plum tree, not sakura. lol

No. 65193

Margaret's instagram is so fucking weird. It's basically the same stuff as Venus' but featuring Margo. You could shoop Venus in Margo's place and it would be totally believable that it's Venus' account.

No. 65196

If you're in your 40s and still hanging out with your daughter every single day like they're your best friend, you really need to sit and think how pathetic your life truly is.

No. 65200

Is she in her 40s? I thought she was in her late 30s. Venus is 18, how old was Margo when she had her?

Either way, Margo is truly pathetic. Venus too, for that matter

No. 65202

Ew, so beta.

No. 65205

Poor beta loser. I kind of feel bad for him. He's def a pawn in their game.

No. 65206

Venus is a giant next to Sasaki Asahi. (I love her btw. Her make up is great. She's very classy looking as well.)

No. 65207

Idk why people are surprised at this, he DID stalk her for years

No. 65230

they're not even drinking lol

No. 65299

She is 40 right now, she got Venus with 21.

No. 65302

File: 1426777270488.png (24.76 KB, 388x185, 3532.png)

Not as beta as all those arab dudes that flood her posts again in the hopes to become her next bf, pic somewhat related.

No. 65316

he tweeted to her i love you
i dont think he knows whats going on lmao

No. 65321

Aw that would be sad if that's true.

No. 65324

Considering his english isn't the best, I doubt he would even know what Venus's YouTube comments mean.

No. 65327

lmao, eeew

Someone tweeted him a gif of Venus

What does his reply say?

No. 65330


I don't know what's going on either but damn he falls in love fast

No. 65331


Manaki: I'm too busy
Idiot: Venus power!
Manaki: I feel better now

No. 65354

That account his his sisters.

No. 65356

shit is getting creppier

No. 65357

Why creepy? They were living with his whole family.

No. 65360

Because they broke up? What's the point of tweeting him a pic of his exgirlfriend?

No. 65361

Neither him nor his family knows about her having broke up with him, they are still at his place.

No. 65379

HOW does he not know yet? It's been at least 24 hours since they 'broke up'.

No. 65383

I wonder if she's staging this whole "break up" for sympathy but hasn't told him the plan yet or something like that.

No. 65385

I wonder that as well. Even if she didn't say anything to him he has access to her social media. He would see all that ex shit and her comments about breaking up.

No. 65388


She's nothing but a fucking twat if this is staged. Her attention seeking just gets worse. I actually feel sorry for Manaki.

No. 65390

He is bad at english, guess why they speak japanese in her videos.

No. 65393

File: 1426789788950.jpg (82.7 KB, 600x1000, CAJBzUSUIAE_SWW.jpg)

Meanwhile Venus.

No. 65394

i think she's faking so that she can get all those creepy male fans back, idk if she has told her boyfriend but if she has hes not doing a good job pretending they broke up

No. 65395

Oh my gosh, this is the very definition of a "nice guy." How disgusting and pathetic!

No. 65396

Oh fuck - the guy on the bottom left is seriously nightmare fuel.

No. 65400

Why, though? She gained more fans when she started making vids with him.

No. 65405

oh i didn't know that

No. 65424


Oh yeah. She did start losing some before she made that first video with Manaki, but after that and the other vids with him she gained like 100,000 subs since being in Japan.

No. 65513

Maybe she was hacked?

No. 65517

No because Margo reblogs Tweets about Venus's breakup.

No. 65523


And Venus has gone into sulky '…' mood with most of her recent comments and pics of Japan instead of her usual bubbly selfies.

No. 65601

File: 1426813611362.jpg (97.17 KB, 640x640, 11018562_1059765187370886_1590…)

Back to the usual old stuff again.

No. 65602

File: 1426813673907.jpg (44.31 KB, 640x640, 1598549_909561009066136_573186…)

"Whats even better than sugar? 💕 YOUR EDITS! 😂"

No. 65603

File: 1426813847844.jpg (98.46 KB, 640x640, 10607906_946926848650723_16589…)

And Margo:
"At Square Enix in #tokyo #japan
#SquareEnix 🏢"

No. 65610


Looks like Manaki has been completely erased like a bad memory already.

No. 65623

File: 1426817776869.png (899.97 KB, 615x626, sadness.png)

wtf I thought this was a picture of a man shooped on to her body at first

No. 65626


Also I'm so confused. Is she or is she not back together with Manaki? This literally is babby's first relationship drama.

No. 65627

maybe she looks so haggard because of the break up? I don't think they're back together because she posts on twitter and tumblr but never went back to fix the ex bf title even though she is clearly spending time on line

No. 65628

I wonder if Margo made her break up with Manaki?

No. 65629

That's why I'm confused; she was so quick to change it to EX boyfriend on everything that I would have thought she'd change it back to just boyfriend fairly quickly too, but she hasn't.

If she does get back together with him, I don't know how she's going to save face after saying things like they have no chemistry and shit like >>64784 and >>64785. That's basically saying he's a scumbag, it would be totally contradictory for her to go back on that stuff within a few days. People are bound to call her out on that stuff

Also is the ED going to be updated with these developments?

No. 65632

Did Margo ever comment on their relationship?

No. 65633


She's always had this Mother Gothel vibe going on, it'd be creepy to know if that's what happened. Nobody is or will ever be good enough for her precious living doll…I mean the poor girl doesn't even have IRL friends because of her mother's presence. I was shocked to see she was even allowed a boyfriend and there was someone other than her mother in the IG photos.

No. 65636

She only let Venus have a boyfriend because a) he was their ticket to free accommodation and b) they could milk having a Japanese boyfriend for money on YT

No. 65647

They could also milk a japanese boy for his milk and make a hafu baby.

No. 65651

As true as that is, I don't think that's a very realistic thing for Venus and Margo to do. They're manipulative, but they know they have a public image to maintain.

No. 65653

This. For them to have a baby would definitely make Venus lose her fanbase.

No. 65655

She was the one who made him her bf in the first place, that's how they got to stay with his family (I am too lazy to find their first contact tweet, he met with Margo in early december before she took Venus to Japan too). Worst thing is that he is the one who paid all the brand lucky packs she got!

No. 65656

They were in Japan already in early December. I know this because I was going back through Venus' instagram to see how long they'd been there when we had the visa discussion, and there was a picture in Japan from the 4th of December.

No. 65657

Considering how many japanese people have an obsession with haffu, doubt it, it rather would get her view with videos about kawaii style parenthood.

No. 65658

File: 1426821786976.png (303.32 KB, 998x719, 1411532651982.png)

>They could also milk a japanese boy for his milk


No. 65659

Venus' target audience is weeby teenage girls though. She also has this pure and innocent image, the (EX) Boyfriend Q&A video is a prime example of how she milks that for what its worth. A baby would fuck that up.

No. 65662

File: 1426822314125.jpg (12.98 KB, 587x117, tumblr_ni75ngXeLd1rylc8bo1_128…)

They moved into his parent's home in january tho.

No. 65663


Sadly it all backfired, on to the next Japanese boy to milk for fame and glory in the wonderful Nippon before their Visa runs out. Damn that sounds wrong…

No. 65666

Considering how much they talk about their sexlife and how Venus wouldn't be a slut if she was into "free sex", nope. Most weebs these days are sluts who have sex in cosplay at cons anyways.

No. 65667

>Sleepy and stressed but sweetly dressed…or something like that? 😅 #lol #nomakeup
Yeah, no makeup, that eyeliner must have used itself on her face.

No. 65673

Margo made her blog private and Venus's website looks odd now.

No. 65674


Anything to win more sympathy from her obnoxious weeb fanbase. They've already started attacking Manaki on his Instagram.

No. 65678

No they're not? Did you not see the comments on Venus' videos with Manaki? They're the sort of girls who fantasise about the perfect shojo relationship because in reality they're awkward and socially inept.

No. 65679

You haven't looked at her IG lately it seems, kek.

No. 65680

What's his instagram? Venus deleted the links from her page

No. 65681

All the insult comments are from neckbeards tho.

No. 65682

That would be very sweet and nice if it weren't for the fact that they are both terrible people.

No. 65683

And they are like only 3 people.

No. 65685

No. 65686

Did she unlink her Tumblr from her other accounts or was it posted on IG but she deleted it? Because the photo is only on Tumblr and putting hashtags in the description seems odd.

No. 65688

What the FUCK does she have to be stressed about? The fact that she only seems to have four outfits?

No. 65689

Maybe his family kicked them out or gave them a deadline to leave.

No. 65690

Which is fair enough on their part.

No. 65694


Someone should link her to this.

No. 65698

Out of curiosity, I did it for Venus, making up some variables where I didn't know the answer.
>Your privilege level is SHITLORD with a score of 105
>You may qualify for membership at ThePatriarchy

No. 65796

for someone supposedly so smart, penus can't spell for shit

No. 65797

yeah I feel really bad for venus sometimes, she really needs to get away from her mother and get a taste of freedom

No. 65798

nah, venus is way too young for a baby. Maybe one day, sure, but not yet.

No. 65799

Venus didn't make this herself, it's a fan edit and since most of her fans are dumb little kids, they can't spell for shit.

No. 65804

I don't think getting away from Margo is going to change anything now. Venus has been told how pretty and perfect she is for at least 9 years and is a spoilt little shit, she wouldn't last very long without Margo to reinforce her ego. She doesn't realise that people won't kiss her ass and bend over backwards for her in the real world.

No. 65810

Venus is an overprotected child. Even if she got away from Margo what does she truly have? Money? Probably Margo controls the money she makes from YouTube. A home? They have been migrating to different countries for god knows how long under the idea she'll get big in Japan. The clock is ticking and it's ticking fast. 3 more years at most and the little fame she has will be gone.
She's a girl with no friends, no family, no school, and no home. Margo is her whole world and they have absolutely no plan B or no backup in case shit doesn't work out to their advantage.

The only option they have to stay in grorious nippon is by getting Venus married to some poor idiot and even then Margo would have to go.

No. 65825

I wonder what venus would do if margo died

No. 65834

Margo had Venus when she was just barely an adult, 18 is probably too young but I could see Venus following the trend sometime soon.

No. 65863

Trying to find her relatives and make a pity party, Margo has a bunch of siblings.

No. 65864

She reuploaded the photo everywhere, now it says White Cat.

No. 65880

ah ok

No. 65881

yeah, she must be fucked up because of the whole 'I'm beautiful like a dolly' thing

what happened to humility?

No. 65882

she looks bad here

long nose, bags under her eyes, thin lips

why does she like this pic so much?

No. 65903

Because her fans claim he looks so bad because of their breakup, more reasons to attack him while she is the one who did it, lol.

No. 65905

No. 65906

File: 1426870270732.jpg (80.55 KB, 600x1000, CAI--D8U8AEXuB-.jpg)

No. 65907

File: 1426870372992.jpg (56.09 KB, 600x720, CAI--D6VAAAK1FL.jpg)

Ant the reason why Venus wears the same outfit at the most photos she posts lately, they are made the same day but posted way later, nothing uncommon for her.

No. 65908

File: 1426870576583.png (219.97 KB, 233x380, sup.PNG)

No. 65909

File: 1426870635985.png (35.25 KB, 608x209, 324.png)

Seems like they got a new target for becoming Venus's future bf.

No. 65910

I should add that he is an model and VK artist, I doubt he would ever date Venus but maybe meeting him was the reason why she thinks she deserves someone better aka more animu looking?

No. 65920

Isn't he dating that trashy whore La Carmina?

No. 65922

That was like 4 years ago, not anymore.

No. 65929

Her lips are so thin, yuck

No. 66024

A few weeks ago when her ep of MSA was on, my mom watched it with me and was like shocked people think she's attractive. She also cringed every time Margo talked. Good times.
Also, she looks more and more like her gross mom each year. Let's face it she's not cute at all anymore.

No. 66026

File: 1426888355164.png (186.34 KB, 301x259, tru luv.png)

you guys I took a screenshot of the venaki fanart and holy shit this is some nyan neko sugar girls shit send help

No. 66040

File: 1426890607363.png (153.32 KB, 300x333, help.png)


No. 66042

Looks more like a sloth than usual.

No. 66054

I'm having nightmares tonight

No. 66059

I noticed she wears this sweater a lot. Kinda bothers me, cause this girl owns a shit ton of fucking clothes.

No. 66067

>hides file
Holy shit

No. 66075

Looking forward to seeing her finally leave Japan, which better happen soon. She has no reason to be there with her free loading mother.

No. 66091

She doesn't wear it a lot, she is pulling a Kiki and posting photos, that are from the same day, with delays.

No. 66093

File: 1426907944679.png (5.4 KB, 574x91, 3242.png)

Seems like it will happen very soon. Too bad that they can't go back to the Netherlands anymore. They were talking about being bankrupt a lot before suddenly moving to Japan due to the dept they got with ruining that one houseboat, I am pretty sure they were evading that with moving too.

No. 66094


A distant relative of mine does the exact same thing. Runs up debts, evades taxes, gets in trouble with the law and literally moves every year from place to place with her kids who also change schools frequently as well. They'll end up like train wrecks eventually. That's all Venus and her mother do is constantly move, it's not healthy.

No. 66104

I've been hearing this houseboat story but how exactly did they ruin it?

No. 66106

Besides smearing ketchup all over it for "shootings", they didn't do the basic maintenance a houseboat needs.

No. 66130

They need Jesus-San.

No. 66170

I don't think she has all her clothes with her, she seems to wear the same few pieces that you see in her Japan haul video over and over again in every video and photo.

Weren't they in London last?

No. 66173

No, after they ruined the boat, moved into a house in the Netherlands.

Tbh their best bet is back to Switzerland, England, or America if they don't fuck shit up at least.
But Margo already badmouthed both England, Switzerland, Tenerife, England, etc. that idk where they're gonna go without bothering local fans.

No. 66179

Tbh, best bet is England again if she wants to stick with the doll thing, as she is popular there and there is plenty of big conventions to go to.

No. 66180

no, fuck off, we don't want her here thanx

No. 66189

Plz then we can see her fat face at cons and laugh at her.

No. 66193

not switzerland please, we don't want her here

she should go to america

No. 66205

They stole from so many companies there, made a modeling agency go bankrupt due to the slander and were searched for due to tax evasion, I don't think they can go back to England unless they want to face jail.

No. 66210

File: 1426940970556.jpg (75.48 KB, 640x640, 11055621_1592662544306617_2194…)

"If it's sexy, black and white makes it look artistic."
looks like some thinspo photo btw due to how thin she made her arms look with squishing the image.

No. 66211

File: 1426941073547.jpg (90.54 KB, 640x640, 11005067_1556514194598682_1055…)

Another photo where she shooped her forehead into eternity.

No. 66269

What makes you think we want them?

No. 66292

Shame we all know she's a skinny fat pudding rather than an elegant lithe waif.

No. 66293

Those big earings are for prostitutes, not for kawaii little girls, why is she always wearing them?

No. 66298

I don't see why they'd be for prostitutes. Now you're taking it too far

No. 66305

its annoying when people want to hate on every single little thing someone does, acting as though their fav celebrities or they themselves don't do it

>omfg she wears hoop earings that prostitute!

before you know it it'll become:

>omfg she brushes her teeth that try hard bitch!!

No. 66307

>skinny fat pudding

No. 66337

You made my day, anon. I'm on my way to the gym too. lol

No. 66354

She wears the same shit over and over again because she doesn't have anything else. I'm willing to bet they spent a shitload on a new wardrobe for her when they got to Japan and they haven't been able to afford anything much since. They're eating out for every meal it seems, this is no cheap holiday.

No. 66375

No. 66376

I think its a combination of both.

No. 66383

:D so true

No. 66394

Good for you, anon! That makes one of us tbh.

But I feel like eventually Weenus will have no choice but to move. I hear it's difficult money wise to live in Japan. And it must be especially hard if you just live off money from youtube.

No. 66435

File: 1426974239799.png (373.93 KB, 1265x246, byemanaki.png)

Derp, thread isn't auto sagin'

Anyways, check what I just noticed on the youtubes

No. 66442

Slowpoke, did you even read the thread?

No. 66447

File: 1426974534712.gif (255.37 KB, 500x313, padsae.gif)

lel now i did

No. 66650

She seems really desperate with reposting memes that others made of her 24h.

No. 66670

Of course they will, their visas aren't indefinite. They have to be out of Japan by early June at the latest.

No. 66672


Gotta keep that kawaii living doll image alive afterall now that her flawless future in Japan is looking more unlikely by the minute.

No. 66683

I don't think someone else made the latest one she posted, she normally tags the maker when she posts something that someone else made. She made that unicorn one herself.

No. 66689


Definitely made by someone on Tumblr a while back, you can find it by searching for VenusAngelic in the search bar.

No. 66841

Lol they can't go back to England due to tax evasion (and possibly benefits fraud but let's be honest, that's common as fuck there). There would be jail time involved and we know that's not part of the kawaii dolly life.

No. 66858

And Margo insulted a lot of people in worldwide tv shows for being "sluts" due to wearing skimpy clothes which is funny considering Venus wears exactly the same these days.

No. 66874


Thank fuck for that. We don't want her here and certainly not in our Lolita comm. It's because of her milking the British media for attention that the living doll bullshit is still alive in this country.

No. 66902

>slut shaming ANY girl
ha ha ha.

No. 66909

File: 1427061573246.jpg (33.65 KB, 500x266, margowuuuuut.jpg)

Can't forget the time in one of their foreign TV documentaries Margaret blamed children for 'provoking' paedophiles.

No. 66920

I want to punch this bitch in her ugly potato nose so bad. How dare she say that. How dare she insist a child is provoking anyone sexually! oh, that simmers my broccoli.

No. 66921


Hey Anon, have you ever seen a movie called Irreversible? It's with Monica Belluci (goddess level). It's known as a film with one of the worst rape scenes in movie history. That part isn't important - the important part is the movie starts off with a guy going through a gay club, finding an individual he was looking for and using a fire extinguisher to bash his face in repeatedly. It's pretty graphic. And right now I'm fantasizing doing that to Margaret. Children provoking pedophilia? Fuck. I'm so angry.

No. 66928


I can't find the full video that was subbed in English, but I think it's from this documentary.


No. 66932


This isn't the only time she got defensive on the subject in regards to perverts admiring her daughter and this interview is around 3 years old, so Venus was only 15. She even blatantly lies about her stats being only 'teen girls'. That is bullshit and she knows it, adult men have been watching her videos since she hit Youtube AND Nico.


But hey what can you expect from a mother that allows her daughter to hook up with a stalker fan boy in order to get cozy in Japan.

No. 66935

That's the wrong one, this one was from RTLII, their logo is even in the pic.

No. 66936

Idk if I'd necessarily consider Venus' clothes skimpy, no would one say anything about them if they were on a Japanese girl

No. 66945

According to what Margo defines as slut aka everything showing leg, they are.

No. 66961

Margo's a fucking retard

No. 66964

she was cute,the new gyaru-Venus is like a big NO

No. 66965


My bad, thanks for linking the right one, wondered where it went.

No. 66966

she had some charm, now is like the other girls and has nothing special

No. 66987

File: 1427079278895.jpg (446.26 KB, 1600x1280, venus_expo.JPG)


I rather miss her Sweet Lolita days. It suited her even if her coords were a little out of place sometimes.

No. 67080

Kek, I remember this. Maggro later tried to shift the blame for her retarded statement to RTL, claiming that it had been edited.
Good times.

No. 67088

Here's a screencap, and a translation for everyone who doesn't speak german. The fail logic and broken ass sentence structure are part of the original text btw:

>I just logged in and realized >there seems to be a >misunderstanding about the >delicate subject of pedophilia. >Since you explain quite a lot in >interviews, but they only end up >using 2-3 arbitrary sentences, >it's a thing that happens.

>Well, I think I said: "Pedophiles >are attracted to children that do >provocative things." I stand by >that, because it's not the poor >child that does anything wrong, >especially not on purpose; it's >the sick person who sees >something in a child's behaviour.

>Whoever does something bad to >another person feels like they're >allowed to do it because…(they >often justify it by saying they >were 'provoked'). There's the >problem. They think they're in >the right. There is a pattern of >children concerned… It's not >the child's fault, though, but >the result of education, lack of >being looked after, and sometimes >just genetic traits. Parents, >please watch out.

>For example, as a woman you can >find yourself in a difficult >situation, be helpless, without >being to blame. However, it can >trigger in a man the sick >instinct that is already present >in him. If he has one, most don't >have it after all!

>In that case, the woman didn't >deliberately provoke this sick >man, but in his mind he feels >like the woman somewhat deserves >or even demands being abused. A >healthy man would help her in the >same situation.

>A child doesn't deliberately >provoke a sick man, either, it's >all about the wishes and >perception of the bad/evil >person.

Old drama is old, but judging by the reactions of some anons, this little gem is not that well-known. I think it deserves to be shared.

No. 67090

File: 1427096886359.png (32.58 KB, 585x351, MargaretFacebook.png)

Never mind, I forgot to attach the image…

No. 67163

>coords were a little out of place

I don't even lolita and even I know she was a full blown ita. Not denying that she was cute though, but that was mainly due to her age. It's easier to forgive weebiness if its just a kid, if she acted the way she did back then she'd be a lot bigger lolcow then she is now.

No. 67176

She still acts the same tho.

No. 67190

wtf her head looks like its floating

No. 67257

This was honestly my favourite photo set, along with my favourite hairstyle. Unfortunatly I don't know if these were shooped.
Also, as ita as people may call this, I honestly like it!

No. 67276

I'm too entranced by that awful lolipop prop where the paint job is JNig bad.

No. 67278

Thanks for the cap and translation, anon.

No. 67411

Her chin melts into her sweater…

No. 67440

To be honest both Japanese and western girls pulling the kind of style Venus is going for nowadays is skimpy, but cute skimpy idk how to explain it.

Either way I don't see why Margo would shame women for wearing skimpy clothing when her tumblr has pictures of her posting for the camera in a bikini and other slutty outfits.

No. 67453

every weeb that follows this trend seems to refer to it as ero-kawaii, not sure how accurate that is though

No. 67457

File: 1427163867251.jpg (207.86 KB, 941x523, venus.jpg)

I hope Venus also thinks her mother looks like a kawaii dolly, or else she's going to be thoroughly disappointed.

No. 67458

Even her fans think that her mom looks like a doll too, I read it too often as comments on her FB site.

No. 67461

Oh the irony. hahaha

No. 67483

No wonder she needs to shoop herself thin, all she does it eating and posting food 24h.

No. 67486

So is Venus back with Manaki or not? Have they broken up for good?

No. 67489

They got thrown out of his family's house so I think so?

No. 67496

Thank you! Its a makeup trend in Japan and it still is a popular style who gives a flying fuck. Its mostly white people that feel they need to be offended about stupid shit for other people and "save and inform" them or some shit.

No. 67504


Got a link?

No. 67627

What link? They never would write about it anywhere but guess why they never make photos there anymore.

No. 67655

Plus Manaki changed his Twitter description and unfollowed them.

No. 67901


About time. Won't be long before Venus finds another Japanese guy to use for boosting her views on Youtube.

No. 67917

Why is she suddenly all about france and posting in google translate french?

No. 67920

She's probably going to go to france now.

No. 67926

File: 1427247658513.png (837.13 KB, 726x618, lol.png)


No. 67928

Pretty sure breaking up with your bf because you can no longer mooch off of him doesn't make you "smart" but okay.

No. 67933

File: 1427248098341.png (29.69 KB, 408x239, GIVE_ME_ATTENTION.png)

She couldn't attention whore less obvious.

No. 67934

I hope this isn't another candy eating video…

No. 67937


I've noticed her and her mom really do love milking the 'I FEEL SO FAT' line for attention. Like Margo posted a pic of herself with a frappuccino at Starbucks last week and ended it with "gonna be fat for sure".

No. 67942

File: 1427250063248.png (28.13 KB, 579x277, 3523.png)

With all the junk that Venus eats I am surprised that she isn't on the fat level of some of the other lolcows posted here.

No. 67945

She is so fucking conceited. It's going to be the end of her.

She's constantly posting sweets on her instagram too. I think that may be all she eats, i.e. she eats shit, but little of it, so she doesn't get fat. She's probably lacking in nutrition somewhere.

No. 67947

Give it time. Her metabolism will probably slow down in a couple of years and if she doesn't change her eating habits, she'll gain weight. Happened to like, 50% of girls I graduated from HS with. They hit university and gained 10 lbs SO fast.

No. 67949

It already has gotten to her, does anyone remember that one music video thing she posted with the red wig on? It was taken down because she looked really fat in it and everyone was pointing it out due to her "lol there are no fat dolls" thing.
She went on a health kick straight after it and I guess she thinks it's fine to eat whatever she wants now.

No. 67951


With no Manaki in the picture any longer she's gone back to seeking out the desperate attention she craves from her blinded young fans who idolise her image and will shower her with compliments on how she's not overweight. She's a terrible role model for them…

No. 67958

File: 1427252523735.jpg (118.07 KB, 751x567, lulz.jpg)


Venus doesn't eat sweets, she just tastes them. Duh. lol

No. 67966

Venus, we all know you're fucking dumb. Those grades on her report card weren't even from a normal Dutch school.

No. 67970

She eats a donut in one of hair tutorial videos…lol, as for all the sweets makes sense why her teeth are awfully yellow.

No. 67971

Eh, schakelklas is a prepearation class for foreigners in normal dutch schools, just saying.

No. 67972

So she's a wasteful cunt? Makes sense.

No. 67973

People with bulimia just taste their food too, Venus.

No. 67991

Starbucks barista here, fraps are fat in a cup. The calories in those things are fucking insane.

No. 67999

I thought that was common knowledge? I mean, getting a frap is like getting McDonalds or other shitty fast food.

No. 68004

I thought it was common knowledge too. It's literally sugary garbage. Even with the 'low cal' options.

No. 68010

You'd be surprised. Stupid ass people will order a ~venti nonfat milk sugar free vanilla bean frap with extra whip~ because nonfat milk and no sugar cancel out he whip. You know what the vanilla bean powder is made of? Sugar. The frap base? Mostly sugar. Know how we make the whip? Fuckloads of vanilla syrup plus heavy whipping cream. Even without the whip, fraps are diabetes in a cup and people act like they're not "bcuz they're mostly ice!!!". No, they're mostly sugar and milk with some ice. It's sickening. IMHO it's worse than fast food McShit just because of the sheer amount of sugar.

No. 68011

please calm down its just a frap

No. 68019

That sucks. I mean, no one orders a frap thinking it's healthy. I just stick to plain black coffee. I don't get the super sugary fancy coffee drinks anyway.

No. 68026

I mean if we're gonna talk health here, caffeine isn't healthy for you either, at least the doses Americans like to binge on. It's been studied as being a contributing factor in delaying frontal lobe development, which is responsible for allowing you to make rational decisions.

No. 68029

My favourite part is when the barista asks me if I want whipped cream on it on the rare occasion I get one. What a dumb question. Fuck yes I want whipped cream, I'm not under a delusion it's healthy. If I'm going to treat myself, I'm going to do it properly

No. 68039

There are also a thousand other studies that say it helps you focus, encourages digestion and other things. so i really dont care. still better than cigarettes and alcohol. I dont do either of those, so I'm going to have my black coffee twice a day and be content with it all.

No. 68047

>at least the doses Americans like to binge on

also, age plays a role. HS students drinking a large cup of coffee from Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts in the morning may as well just drink

No. 68053

who are you replying to?

No. 68060

Literally everyone by now knows Starbucks is nothing but sugar and milk. I am, believe me, well aware of it yet I'll still go and ask for a green tea frappe every so often because sugar tastes fucking good.

>inb4 u sound fat xDDDD

Cheat days moafucka.

No. 68064

A lady in front of me at a Starbucks once ordered a trenta starbucks double shot, with 6 extra shots, 12 extra pumps of classic syrup, and with heavy cream and no ice. Then she asked for a trenta cup of ice on the side. The poor girl's face at the register omfg, I died butI was grossed out too.

No. 68074

How the fuck does that even fit in the cup? Aren't they allowed to say no if it's physically impossible to make it?

No. 68081

A trenta iced cup is like 24oz. If you get the ice on the side, it could fit, but… fuck, a venti double shot has 5 espresso shots already, that's the size below trenta so I think it would get at least one or two more, and then 7 pumps of classic syrup standard. Soo that's like 11-12 espresso shots, about 20 pumps of classic syrup (which is basically just liquid sugar) and heavy cream…Ew.

No. 68083

Nope, because the customer is always right!

If they have their own cups, bottles or mugs to put it in and they ask, we have to put it in there for them too. But only if it has a lid.

No. 68085

Actually iced trenta cups are 31oz.

No. 68089

Nah, just give them a second cup. Starbucks was the worst barista job I had for that reason lol.

I hope Venus gets back with Manaki it'd be hilarious or at least mention why they separated

No. 68104

I'm half and half on the reason for the breakup. I feel like either Manaki wanted sex and Venus didn't, or Venus wanted it and he didn't. I lean more toward him wanting it and Venus rejecting him, what with him being the creepy dolly stalker. Then again, Venus does seem kind of starved for the D so who knows. Maybe he was too creepy for Venus despite being Japanese and giving her and her mom a place to live and buying them shit.

No. 68110

Makes ya really wonder what the fuck happened off camera doesn't it? Lol

No. 68116

I feel like it was something else. Venus is WAY more sexual than she lets on (even with her 'subtle' hints), and Manaki is presumably a 23 year old virgin who was obsessed with Venus for years. They would have jumped at the chance to fuck.

It could have been something to do with Margo? Possibly being a third wheel all the time, or maybe she offended Manaki and/or his family?

No. 68125


Maybe Margo told him he couldn't touch Venus until they were married and had a written agreement that she could stay with them in Japan as well. Manaki's family (he still lives at home, right?) could have pitched a fit over some foreigner bitch trying to use him for a visa and a meal ticket and booted them.

No. 68135

Imo it's kinda strange that they've never even kissed each other after like a month of dating, but I don't think they broke up because of sex.

Judging by how Manaki still tweeted "I love you" after Venus publically dumped him, it seems as if Venus was the one who ended the relationship. Probably even without talking things over with him.
The Palermos only ever "befriend" people if they're useful to them. The moment they can no longer exploit them, they immediately stop caring. The last "friend" Venus paraded around on social media was this australian Lily chick who was tolerated because she bought dresses for Venus, but as soon as she became mentally ill they ditched her in a heartbeat.
My guess is that Manaki probably dared objecting to our princess of kawaii and she subsequently broke up with him. Maybe he refused to film any more videos with her or wanted their relationship to be a little less public.
She gained a shit ton of subscribers ever since she started milking their PR-stunt of a relationship so if she would have been able to continue exploiting her nihonese boyfurendo, I feel like she definitely would have.

No. 68141

I don't really think it's that strange, y'know.
Every relationship is different; not all of them are very physical, if at all.

So no to it being a sex/relationship problem, while a big YES to it being that Manaki was no longer of use to her video empire (ha ha ha).

No. 68142

why would you think she's that sexual? you sleep with her or what?

No. 68143

I dont think venus ever liked or wanted this guy in the first place

No. 68144

No shit.

No. 68145

True that, but if it's your first relationship one would think you'd at least give it a try to see if it's something you're comfortable with. Maybe it's just me who's strange, but I wouldn't want to date someone if I was that reluctant to even touch him.

Of course she didn't. The only things she said she likes about him are his eyes and the fact that he's "cool". When interacting with him, all she ever did was ask him if she's pretty. She supposedly dumped him without even talking things over with him, and after 2 months of dating she suddenly realizes they have no chemistry.

Usually people get to know each other at least a little bit before they decide to go steady, but it looks like these two did the reverse. They randomly decided they're dating now but don't know fuck all about what that even means.

No. 68147

Maybe his parents didn't like Margo.

No. 68149

If they're reasonable people they probably didn't, but it was still Venus who ended the relationship, so I don't think his parents are the reason why they broke up. In one of her passive agressive Youtube comments she mentioned wanting a guy who knows how to behave toward a girl, so something Manaki did probably made her go bawwww.

No. 68157

It's not strange at all if you take into account the fact that Venus was using him as an accessory for her videos, to feed her ego and for whatever material goods he could offer her. She had no genuine affection for him whatsoever.

No. 68166

Honestly if your son suddenly brought two foreigners to live with you and one of said foreigners is someone you stalked online because you're obessed with her, I'd be fucking weirded out, at best, with the idea.

I mean seriously bringing this girl with her mom to live with him and his family is fucking stupid, even if the dude is a 23 year old with no previous relationships.

What's the fucking logic there? Even if his parents agreed out of desperation to get him a wife, it's retarded, plus it's very fucking obvious that these two bitches were expecting to get a visa out of him. Margo is so fucking deluded into thinking Venus has any chance in Japan, especially because she's aging really fucking fast, so I think they should just leave and try to lead a normal life because once Venus ages her weeaboo fanbase is going to leave and she's going to have absolutely nothing to fall back on.

I was actually starting to like Venus when she toned down her weeabooness, and I thought that she had potential, but after this? Fuck no, especially with her little number of making it as obvious as possible that he's her ex now. She's exploiting him even after their relationship, which makes it even more sad.

No. 68192

> the dude is a 23 year old with no previous relationships
alarm bells ringing

there's a reason why no japanese girl wanted him, I'm sure

No. 68195

Isn't this a big problem in Japan, actually?
grass eaters, etc.

No. 68197

i'd think it's pretty normal these days if a japanese guy has never had a gf though he's in his 20's

No. 68210

File: 1427290596399.jpg (478.24 KB, 470x806, v1.jpg)

No. 68263

Margo really wants him to look bad, huh? It's not like if one couldn't ask himself abióut his job and it is not like if Japan was China where everyone hasn't go to school for long.

No. 68267

And a factory worker wouldn't have so much spare time to collect BJD and stalk Venus.

No. 68279

File: 1427297225374.png (406.08 KB, 680x509, English.PNG)

If her precious little princess publically breaks up with her ex, implying that he was behaving inappropriately towards her, that's perfectly fine.
If a fan asks a question about the subject matter, it's super offensive.

This woman.

Him being a factory worker does not even disprove anything, it's not like they are incapable of improving their education. Pic related.

No. 68280

I thought that was a vibrator, but I'm assuming it's an umbrella?

No. 68284

It is pretty normal. A guy may have had a girlfriend in school or something but young Japan is just less focused on long-term relationships as a whole for the past decade or so.

I really don't think he made a move on her. I think that even if he did, Venus probably wouldn't reject his advances. If Margo found out it would be a problem probably. But I really to believe that he just didn't devote all his time to her and she couldn't stand it.

If he was working in a factory he didn't have much free time anyway but he still made dumb videos with her. I feel pretty bad for him, he's probably going to continue to be made to look bad. But I guess he should have done some research.

No. 68298

No. 68299

Maybe Margo tried to flirt with him or she dumped him because he doesn't make/have alot of money?

No. 68302

What the fuck,
The things you guys come up with

No. 68314

nah, as sexual as Venus may presumably be, and as much of a stalker as Manaki is, I doubt they would have jumped in bed so soon. It's both of their first relationship, I think that in and of it self created boundaries for them, adding the fact that their relationship was being displayed throughout social media added more.

Even though Venus and her mother were the ones doing the showcasing of said relationship, it says a lot about what they thought of the relationship, at least to me. I know that there are people who loooove putting their personal information on blast and spamming everyone with deets of their bf or gf, but you can usually tell who is doing it out of absolute joy (people who just got engaged, people who happily got back together and got support, people who have waited a long time to be together etc). This relationship did not come off as that. It's why everyone was suspicious of it after a while and wondered if Venus was using it to gain more fame because of her weeb subscibers.

I mean, it would make sense for Manaki to spam pictures, he stalked her for years, but Venus and Margo were in control of everything. That leads me to believe that she also had a say in their break up. Good moms give advice to their kids, and if she thought Manaki was bad for Venus she either wouldn't have let her get into the relationship, wouldn't have let them have sex so soon, or would have advised Venus to break it off with him if she didn't like him.

If Margo didn't have any say (which I doubt, I think the least she did was allow Venus to date him under certain conditions), then Venus probably got fed up with him and broke it off. I don't think Manaki broke up with her mainly because he seemed to not know she broke up with him once she started changing everything from bf to ex bf.

tl;dr, I don't think Venus and Manaki had sex because it came off as a controlled/coerced relationship, kind of like a publicity stunt.

No. 68359


Who was this Lily friend of hers? Never knew and reading that they ditched her saddens me. But I'm not surprised at all.

No. 68370

Some older woman with psychotic disorder that flooded Venus with gifts and would always delete her accounts quite often due to the sooner.
They dumped her after she wouldn't send gifts anymore due to being treatment for her mental problems.

No. 68372

+ her husband didn't like Venus due to that at all.

No. 68384

I think she went by Lily London on the internet, but she has since deleted all of her accounts. Not much is known about her, but apparently she's an australian woman with a history of mental illness who is about 5 years older than Venus.
Despite the fact that Lily never had much of an online presence, the two of them once hosted a Dolly Style contest together. She also bought a lot of crap for Venus (for example, the dress she wore during her Lip Plumping tutorial is a gift from Lily), and she was also the one who called Venus/woke her up when she accidentally uploaded that raw video of hers where she was flashing her panties.
After a while she started having mental issues again, which is also why she was never able to ship all of the contest prizes. Pretty sure the last time the Palermos ever interacted with her in public was Margaret tweeting her something along the lines of "stop telling Venus how you are going to kill yourself". Trying to find the screencap right now, I'll post it once I got it.
Lily attempted suicide, but nobody really knows what ultimately happened to her since she doesn't seem to have a real internet presence anymore.

No. 68398

Her husband came to PULL and posted the whole story about what happend in the thread about her.

No. 68400

I know. I also remember that the "Who is Lilly London?" thread had a screencap of the tweet I was talking about, but it doesn't seem to be working anymore.
I'll have to go check if I still have it.

No. 68410

File: 1427305725675.png (12.14 KB, 441x57, LilyTweet.PNG)

Found it.

No. 68476

>Margo is so fucking deluded into thinking Venus has any chance in Japan, especially because she's aging really fucking fast, so I think they should just leave and try to lead a normal life because once Venus ages her weeaboo fanbase is going to leave and she's going to have absolutely nothing to fall back on.
Even if Venus was the mast kawaii person alive, her and Margaret wouldn't have any chance in Japan. They're both neets, they're both not humble in any way whatsoever, they both have shit personalities, and they both can't keep their mouths shut. It's ridiculous how this describes just about all these lolcow snowflakes, and most of them think Japan will adore them/fix all their problems.

No. 68593


Venus needs to go back into full time education and better yet, find a small job on the side now that she's 18. She's incredibly delusional and besides Venus clearly hasn't grabbed Japan's attention well enough. The Japanese have seen enough wannabe kawaii idol dolly girls from the West to last them a lifetime. Without anything to fall back on she's just screwed.

No. 68597

Venus needs to do a lot of things, but her ego will never let her. She's a precious delicate living doll, and living dolls don't study or work

No. 68602

tbh, i'm still kind of sad they broke up. not bcuz i'd be her fan or something, i just like when people are together in love. lolol, i sound so sentimental, but manaki looked like he really liked her. his 1st relationship and it ended up in a complete disaster, he's so unfortunate

No. 68605

they were never "together in love" bcause venus only dated him because she wanted a kawaii nihonjin bf

No. 68607

I honestly have zero sympathy for him. First off because he kept stalking someone online, second of all because he didn't do his research.

I mean yeah Venus is a bitch but he's no white dove either.

No. 68610

This. She wanted a Japanese boyfriendo and he wanted a white girlfriend idoru living doll. They were both using each other.

No. 68623


They both came across as hugely anti social and withdrawn from the real world, living only in their imaginary otaku-like world. They must lack in so many basic people skills. An online stalker with someone who hangs out with her mother 24/7 together and has no actual real friends…doomed to fail from the start.

No. 68637

No. 68654

What was the picture where she was heavier? lil bitch deleted it.

No. 68656

A Bodyline cosplay modeling one.

No. 68668

Thanks! Wow, peenus.

No. 68683


Can't get too hopeful lol, Facebook have done a wipe of inactive accounts leading to attention whores worldwide who have thousands of Likes to question why they've suddenly lost some.

No. 68686

They don't wipe inactive accounts but they do delete accounts, that don't change their fake name to their real one, after few weeks and of course a person won't change the name of an inactive account.

No. 68696

I start to think they are homeless ever since that with Manaki happend because all they post are always either from restaurants, YouTube Space Tokyo or shops when they aren't reposting screenshots of Venus's videos.

No. 68698

*all the photos they post

No. 68789

Thats all they posted before they broke up anyway

No. 68952

File: 1427371756262.jpg (44.72 KB, 640x640, 10809822_1420888628212965_6474…)

She posted some older photo again from she was in YouTube Space with The Fine Bros.

Everytime a photo of her looks blurry as fuck it is usually to hide that she did shoop her body too.

No. 68953

No, most pictures were made in his home, like the OP one for example and all the videos she made.

No. 69044

Sorry if this is a silly question, but are any threads about her still up? I tried searching both PULL and Google, but I couldn't find so much as a mention of her.

No. 69072

No. 69700

it was really shitty what she did to lily. even though lily was a doormat she didn't deserve being backstabbed like that. didn't margaret say something like don't bring us down with you?

No. 69722

File: 1427452790809.png (11.21 KB, 473x67, MargaretTwitter.PNG)

Apparently she did. Dunno if the tweet was aimed at Lily, but considering when it was posted it's a possibility.

Tbh I can understand why you wouldn't want your 15 year-old daughter hanging out with a mentally unstable adult woman, but none of them had any qualms about exploiting her generosity. As long as she kissed their butts she was tolerated, just like Manaki. Everyone was cool with him as long as he was able to provide free housing and video material, but now suddenly he's a 23 year-old lowlife factory worker who creeped on Venus and does not know how to behave appropriately.

No. 69819

Ok, I don't like Venus but there's one thing I don't understand. Why do people think she has a fake accent? Her native language is NOT English. And her accent sounds nothing like Japanese. Are people really this ignorant?

No. 69830

Because the one that she uses in her own videos is different to the one in interviews.

No. 69887


This is true. I spoke to her very briefly at a convention a few years back when she still lived in the UK and she didn't sound anything like she does in her usual videos. She sounded just like a mixture of Swedish & German, which she's mentioned about before, with a decent grasp of the English language. Her voice is pretty bubbly and friendly, though quite shy IRL.

She sounds nothing like a Japanese person, but I must say her Japanese is really good.

No. 69941

She's not Swedish at all, her native language is swiss-german and that's what her accent sounds like to me.

No. 69961

I don't understand why people think she DOESN'T have a fake accent. There are videos of interviews all over YouTube of her speaking in a more normal voice, and she's pretty fake in general anyway

No. 69968

This. Her accent sounds really german to me, I don't think she's faking it. She does fake the high pitch though, but that's not very uncommon among weeaboos.

No. 70077

I think they are about to leave Japan considering their lack of activity since Venus left Manaki.

No. 70105

Uhh yeah, that's already been established.

No. 70106


No. 70149

In this thread. There's no way Venus or her mother can get more than tourist visas since neither of them will do any real work, and their hopes of snaring Manaki and getting Venus a spouse visa is now gone. So they have no choice but to leave Japan.

No. 70152

The last thing was about them getting kicked out of the house and a tourist visa for Japan can last up to 6 months, just saying.

No. 70154

And it's not like Margaret didn't work before, until Venus got her fame she was working in a hotel as receptionist.

No. 70201

>a tourist visa for Japan can last up to 6 months, just saying

I've never heard that before, nor seen it anywhere when I was researching to travel there for an extended vacation. Everything I read said a max of 3 months for a tourist visa.

There's no way she would go back to work now though. Not until she's sure she hs milked Venus for every cent she can get from her YT channel.

No. 70202

>Temporary Visitor visas for tourism purposes are normally valid for a stay of up to 3 months (extensions for another 3 months granted at the discretion of Immigration Department in Japan)

No. 70223

>granted at the discretion of Immigration Department in Japan

You act like that's so easy to get. Venus & Margo aren't going to be granted an exta 3 months on their visas just because they put all their eggs in Manaki's basket and have nowhere else to go. There has to be a legitimate reason for them to need to stay in Japan without jobs or income for another 3 months, and I doubt JP immigration is gonna take a look at them and go "yes, they xan stay, they look like they will work and study hard to be productive while they stay in Japan". They gettin' booted.

No. 70225

It's going to be great. Where will they go next?

No. 70232

Do you know how visas work in Japan? Have you ever actually been to Japan? They're citizens of Switzerland, one of the few countries that can apply for the extension. Japan have strong visa requirements, but it's not too difficult to take advantage of tourist visas. The visa extension is not difficult to get either.

Immigration Department is just a building you go to with your application. They don't look for reasons to deny your application, they will grant it unless they have obvious reasons to deny it (such as you being in legal trouble in Japan or other visa problems, like overstaying etc). They have no reasons to deny them their extension, so stop acting like it's impossible. It's just a tourist visa for 3 more months, not a working visa.

No. 70235

Have they tried America or Canada yet? Maybe Germany?

No. 70237

Yeah, but they might get flagged for the tax evasion.

No. 70260

Their visa has already been extended, I presume. They've been in Japan since early December and it's now late March.

Also it's a tourist visa, you don't have to show you're productive to get one.

No. 70265

Uh, Japan customs doesn't do background checks like that unless they feel the need to. The first time they visit, is when they are registered to the country.

If you live in a country where it's eligible to get an extension, they mostly just submit an application and say why they wanna stay. As long as you don't mention work/money it should be completely fine.

No. 70267

I wonder if people could actually get Margo charged even if she's no longer in the UK? I mean she's not precisely hiding because of Venus so is it even possible?

No. 70274

I don't know if they could, but I don't think the authorities would bother much, they have people who owe more to chase after.

No. 70304

i don't know if the US would allow her to stay. the irs is pretty greedy when it comes to their money.

No. 70317

I doubt they would go to anything outside of Europe (besides Japan) anyways, with a swiss citizenship they can get into every EU member country and get everything served on a golden plate.

No. 70328

File: 1427548855886.jpeg (9.31 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpeg)

i could see her moving to france. she's said that she was trying to learn french a lot in the past especially when she did the lotte contest video.

No. 70463

Putting makeup on her EX boyfriend http://youtu.be/Tii9TH8bX1c

No. 70467

fuck I've never cringed so hard

No. 70470

>hide stronger discoloration such as red spots and pimples with light pink concealer

Okay isn't it supposed to be green concealer meant to be used to counteract any redness? She used it for his dark circles, and if you have bluish dark circles, you're supposed to use a yellow based concealer, right?

btw I can't believe any of you were fawning for this guy earlier, I hate how he holds his mouth closed

No. 70474

Oh God no. I need my social assistance for my studies and we got enough parasites trying to milk the system by pretending to go to the university and pocketing ~400€/month.

Though I'd like to see them try to cheat taxes cause that wouldn't be pretty.

No. 70501

Anyone knows why the video isn't set to "public for everyone"?

No. 70503

That dude looks so done with the world while Venus cakes on maakeup on his face.

No. 70515

Yeah he's not that… not that cute.

No. 70520

There's something really creepy about the way he turns to the camera at 3:23. It's so robotic.

No. 70529

File: 1427582502227.png (24.46 KB, 655x188, Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 6.36…)

huh. what I miss?

No. 70530

are you serious

No. 70531

was she kidding?

No. 70532

The girl in the comment? A lot people want to know what happend because she hyped her fans a lot with that ship.

No. 70533

no. I think she pretends to be sexual for her pedo viewers because she knows that's what they like.

No. 70535

soooo… they aren't together?

No. 70537

…did you even read the thread at all?

No. 70541


No. 70553

I had a major facepalm, when she said to use pink on red and green on blue? Fuuuuuu… you're correct anon, bluish dark circles need yellow concealer

No. 70557

Wouldn't yellow concealer on blue dark circles make green? I feel like you'd need more orange-toned concealer for blue to even it out?

In any case, Venus basically just does the same makeup in every tutorial. I'm not sure how this tutorial is supposed to really feminize strong features or something, seems more like just putting regular makeup on a dude.

No. 70571

File: 1427586521356.png (6.76 KB, 456x92, 424.png)

Seems like Margo got dumped by some dude again.

No. 70634

What the FUCK is up with her accent?

No. 70635

He doesn't even look like a girl, he looks like a guy wearing makeup

This is literally stuff you learn when you're like, 10. Venus is losing credibility as a 'makeup guru' by the minute

No. 70636

Is a screencap/vid Venus's pantsu flash on ED?

No. 70642

I feel like there is a way to make him appear more feminine, but Venus doesn't know how to. It looked like she just applied the makeup she puts on herself onto him.

No. 70665

It amazes me how some people can apply makeup daily for years and still not have any idea what they're doing and be so bad at it.

No. 70778

Why doesn't this show up under her uploads?

No. 70837

It's unlisted, meaning without the link you can't watch it. Best bet is to save the link before you lose it.

No. 70846

I never saw the Azure Wings video. I wanted to see what it was like, what music was used that's all.

No. 70847

File: 1427619432545.png (588.82 KB, 753x472, Igetyourfeelzbro.png)

No. 70849

He looks like he's made of plastic too. They were perfect for each other.

No. 70900

Maybe Venus dumped him because he didn't want her to upload the video? He looks uncomfortable af throughout the entire thing and both of them deleted their pics of Manaki in drag.

No. 70901

File: 1427631260232.png (26.07 KB, 830x100, lolno.png)

Are her fans blind?

No. 70905

They unironically watch her makeup tutorials so your answer is yes.

No. 70914

Am I the only one who got scared by Manaki's teeth?

No. 70915

Venus sounds so snotty and proud to have released this footage at the end of that video.

Like she's done this just to add insult to injury, you can tell in the smug way she laughs and says "Now you're a girl".

what a bitter little toddler.

No. 70917

Serafina's a cocksucker anyway. She just compliments everyone so people can look at her channel and subscribe to her.

No. 70926

File: 1427637537755.jpeg (20.44 KB, 616x462, color.jpeg)

>color wheel

You use the color on the opposite side (complementary color) to balance things out. Most people have dark circles that are blueish purple, so an orangey yellow is recommended. You cover red spots with green.

No. 70975

They creep me the fuck out.

No. 71053


It's a good sign to see her fans are pointing out how uploading the video is wrong. I feel for the ex right now.

No. 71285

She's getting called out on her shit a lot these days. I'm glad, I used to feel bad for her but she is really quite a selfish, unsensitive and overall shit person

No. 71288

She completely seems to ignore her fans ever since she is in Japan tho.

No. 71290

Not a good move on her part, once she leaves Japan they're all she has.

No. 71346


and I don't blame them for it

No. 72158

File: 1427769440824.png (17.56 KB, 573x160, food-is-SO-important.png)

No. 72177

green neutralizes red, yellow neutralizes blue, orange neutralizes purple (the color wheel isn't that great tbh, I'm talking in terms of perception here and how these colors are paired to react against each other, kind of like how color blind people who can't see red, can't see green and so forth)

No. 72182

no way, idk why people keep suggesting this. He was stalking Venus for years, the girl who makes youtube vids for a living. There is no way he wouldn't have imagined he wouldn't appear in her vids or at least her other social media accounts if he got with her. There is also no way that a guy who stalked her for that long would get upset over some petty shit like that. If he really cared about what others would think of him in terms of the threat it posed to his image, he would have never even sat down on that chair to get the make up done.

No. 72183

nope, right there with you anon

No. 72189

Looks like they're living the good life with the increase of visits to Starbucks. Must have fount a new otaku to prey on.

No. 72192

File: 1427772153153.jpg (293.66 KB, 1336x1210, wtf.jpg)

No. 72193

Haha… Wow. The magic of phone editing apps is fucking scary sometimes.

No. 72194

He is a really unattractive man. ouch

No. 72204

yuck, go weenus for dumping that

No. 72212

File: 1427774952256.png (1.15 MB, 741x754, sdc.png)

lol at the old comments:
>I think he's really cute but I thought he was her age
>Aww he's cute
>he is super cute!
>not who you're responding to, but i can see how he's cute in like, a goofy little kid way. he's not cute in an attractive way, though. if that makes sense.

I'm just posting these because very few people pointed out how shooped he was but were all over venus and every blurring image she posted. C'mon lets be fair here. This dude is wearing a face packed with make up on and still looks like this. I'm not saying Venus was out of his league, but it's not like she missed out on much either

No. 72213

That'd be…her fake image? Every second picture on her instagram is of her photoshopped ass

No. 72215

I feel like it was a vocal minority that said he was cute, as soon as a few people said they didn't find him attractive, those people kind of piped down.

No. 72261

This. I remember some people thought he was kind of cute, but the majority thought he was gross looking or below average - excluding the creepy age factor and stalking aside. He is def no prize horse.

No. 72264

It's not like Venus is much better looking tho. She's all make up.

No. 72265

Venus will look like Margo in another 7-10 years. He dodged a bullet if anything. Also, all that crazy.

No. 72286

Even her makeup is shit. She's all shoop and filters

No. 72302


She's already starting to look like a granny trying to stay youthful.

No. 72393

I think he looks better on the right

No. 72400

that thick layer of foundation makes him look creepy, but i also look creepy when i have only foundation caked on my face (especially the high coverage one). other than that i think he looks fine; he's not unattractive or what, some of you guys seem to have pretty high standards

No. 72425

Nah, they always did that and they are mainly in restaurants and such so they don't need to get an apartment.

No. 72449

iono he looks really girly

No. 72512

I'm not sure if this has been posted already, but I was trying to look for the YouTubers React video that Venus was in, I saw the screenshot where Marg was covering Venus' ears and I got curious.

This interview is ABSOLUTELY headache inducing! ANd I can't stop laughing at Marg saying "I'm a logical and practical" person. Are you, are you REALLY!? And then it starts getting heated because the guy asks a simple question and they were offended!?
I don't know. I've never been interviewed outside of jobs, so I don't understand it at all. But it's just frustrating trying to talk to these two. Good lord.

"I talk too much." Yes Margaret….you do.

No. 72521

That reporter is a fuckhead. He keeps asking loaded questions and retarded shit you just don't ask performers like "Do you have a normal life outside of this?".
They should've just walked out. Margaret is a cunt, but she wasn't wrong to get irritated with that guy.

No. 72651

Idk if anybody mentioned it yet, but the dress Venus is wearing in this Interview is fucking hideous.

No. 72772

"I always looked like a living doll, even without make-up… the funny thing is make-up actually makes me look more human!"

Dis bitch.

No. 72928

lmao good ol' Weenus.

No. 72930

I don't think it's high standards, at least on my part, I just don't find him attractive, caked face or not

No. 72942


^ This.

I find his features unflattering.

No. 72944

im into asian guys but i just dont think he's cute. his eyes and lips are so wide and narrow it scares me

No. 72970

this. He looks like a frog.

No. 72971

There are some naturally handsome and cute Japanese boys. He's not one of them. He's ok looking though.

No. 72972

He looks like he belongs in the Zelda games. He looks a bit like the Happy Mask Salesman.

No. 72975

Or some other character I can't put my finger on.

No. 72980

A goron, perhaps? Lol

No. 72985

Yes that. He could be a mix between a Goron and the Happy Mask Salesman. "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you, Weenus?"

No. 73011

rofl I just spit my coffee.

No. 73013

File: 1427861716134.png (61.5 KB, 581x515, Manakichan.png)

No. 73034

Oh god. I just looked at this picture >>72212 after reading what you said and instantly had the Happy Mask Salesman's "fufufufun…" echoing laugh play in my head.

No. 73161

This thing is actually cute tho.

No. 73625

No. 73914

IS that the guy who does those cute dance videos.

No. 73916

File: 1427944209057.jpg (19.93 KB, 500x333, Melochin.jpg)

That's Melochin I believe

No. 73959

His name always slips my mind. thanks.

No. 74239

Her shoop gets worse again.

No. 74240

File: 1428004849692.jpg (83.03 KB, 640x640, 11078881_801476509937866_85542…)

Dropped my pic, her face is so pink compared to the rest.

No. 74242

Tbh I just think there was more light on her face and whatever filter she used made it worse.

No. 74258

No. 74271

She looks like a younger Margo clone.

No. 74303

Can someone please tell me what makes her look so old?
She looks like Frodo's and Gizmo's lovechild.

No. 74313

The witch nose that she got from her mom in combination with the laugh lines, I think?

No. 74315

that's how genetics work.

No. 74317

I have laugh lines too and I'm always worried I look like a granny because of her and Kooters.
Venus really look like one of those grannies with detailed hairdoes and weird ''youthful'' outfits.

No. 74320

File: 1428010826127.png (807.08 KB, 1115x522, plzstop.png)

She licked the plate, fucking heifer. Why is she speaking in Japanese and using weeby bowing to the Fine Bros? They are American ffs.

No. 74324

Most people don't look like an exact clone of their parents tho.

No. 74327

Not everyone is an exact copy like >>74324 said. You have to take into account eating habits, smoking, drinking alcohol, etc.

My mother was a heavy drinker/alcoholic and i dont drink alcohol or smoke, so that's taken into account.

No. 74328

Licking the plate? That's real classy, Wenus.

No. 74436

Holy shit the chewing sounds in that video made me want to shoot myself.

No. 74473

Compared to the other Youtubers shown in the video, Venus is like a plastic bead amongst real pearls. They have far better content on their channels than she does.

No. 74484

And she is also the only one that always talks about herself, what she would do, about her channel, it is like "MEMEMEMEME!!!".

No. 74715


The world only revolves around Venus remember!

No. 74725

I wonder if she knew just how little video time she was going to get because she really was in it so little. They mustn't have liked her content.

No. 74729

File: 1428073460583.png (2.28 MB, 2344x1300, wtf.png)

No. 74741

Culd also be that she didn't want much contet because of having no controll over the editing.

No. 74751

Ew, god. I'll never understand people who casually wear circle lenses. It looks terrifying like 99% of the time.

No. 74809


She or her mother probably begged Fine Bros. to be in their latest video. Considering how many interviews they've had and appearances had in those women's shock-type magazines, they're desperate for the spotlight.

No. 74818

Depends on the circle lens, most aren't noticeable at all but of course Venus needed to go for giant ones.

No. 74823

Yeah, circle lenses almost never look good. I've seen them look okay on Gyaru girls in Japan, but on white girls, they're terrifying.

No. 74828

I think they look alright on people who know how to wear them; doesn't matter what nationality/race you are.

No. 74844

Why the fuck was she acting Japanese in some parts of the video? Bitch you're European, even the legit Japanese Youtubers there were just acting themselves while she had the put on the total Weeb front.

No. 74849

Don't forget that weebs have that magical ability to suddenly turn japanese and forget their own native language when being in glorious nippon.

No. 74867


It's just embarrassing.

No. 74877

Margo posted they are living in a shared house with some others now.

No. 74880

lol they are scabs of the Earth, they won't shell out for any permanent place to call a home.

No. 74891

sooooo are they together or broken up?

No. 74892

No, they are leeching of some old couple now.

No. 74895

Nope Venaki the Teriyakis are through, done, deleted from half of her fan's small innocent minds. Like the drama queen Venus is, she backpedaled hard on the relationship, said they had had no chemistry, said she could find someone better, and put EX in front of all of their vids.

Now? Those two leeches are living with another couple, can't wait until they get out of Japan

No. 74897


House or hostel sharing Japan is getting more common with "tourists". Some even let you do chores around the home for several hours a day in exchange for a bed.

Marg and Venus though are just fucking desperate freeloaders.

No. 74937

That's actually pretty depressing to think about, imo. It's no wonder Venus has such a distorted, naive, narcissistic view of the world, what with her mother raising her in such an unstable environment where Venus can't even make friends for herself because they're constantly on the run and otherwise completely focused on her efame.

And what happens when Venus gets older and can no longer pull off the kawaii act? At this rate they'll probably never be able to retire with a pension plan or anything because they've never settled in one place or paid their taxes.

No. 74939

Margo made a video about exactly that before but she deleted it for unknown reasons.

No. 74955


Venus is a lost cause. She's already 18, legally a young adult, yet she and her mother have been doing this shit since she was a pre-teen. The kawaii living doll act needs to be drop, it doesn't suit her any longer and she's literally just clinging on to tiny bits of thread.

No. 74959

File: 1428095072725.jpg (27.38 KB, 480x480, 11079624_743396212442409_80090…)

No. 74967

Who actually believes these masks work? Sad, desparate people.

No. 74971

Gross, she's ageing almost as badly as PT and turning into Margo right before our eyes. There's no way she can continue the "living doll" schtick for much longer, she already needs a ton of filters and lighting to erase most of her features.

No. 74973


Now she doesn't want to be hit on by guys, neither of them will snag a new Japanese boyfriend to leech off of. I thought Marg was clever…

No. 74976

That's actually from the couple they are living with.

No. 74988

What's the mask even for?

I thought it was a cheap wrestling mask.

No. 74997


anti-cannibalism mask

No. 75012

I think it's a face lifting mask or something?

No. 75024

I thought it was a kawaii mask version of the kind they put on crazy people in asylums in the movies

No. 75105

Never realised how much Venus edits her face in general until seeing unedited pics & video clips like her appearance in TheFineBros video or the recent pic where she's posing with her mother on Marg's Instagram. She looks much older.

No. 75116

It's suppose to be a mask that helps lift sagging skin or whatever overnight. I doubt it works.

No. 75182

I feel like you guys have probably watched this, but I feel like Willam vocalizes what most of us think of Venus's videos.

No. 75183

shit. the time stamp didn't work. skip to 5:40ish.

No. 75260


ah, that was summed up quite nicely

No. 75730


How have I not seen this before…it's pretty spot on lol.

No. 76170

Her eyebrows are fucking rank. My 70 year old Grandfather has better kept brows.

No. 76187


Well it does look like she's just come out of the shower, so she's all messy looking with the hair and brows.

No. 76204

lol she and I suffer from the same thing: looking like a 12 year-old boy when we don't wear make up.

No. 76206

She was implying she had ~naturally perfect~ brows not too long ago

No. 76229

that feel when i'm blonde and my eyebrows are blonde and i've never done anything to them and get really confused when people are talking about eyebrows. should i catch up or something? damn. brows seem to be a big thing w/ girls

No. 76231

File: 1428269526260.jpg (148.89 KB, 640x640, 11116767_911362592261056_12895…)


No. 76245

It's funny that Margo looks semi decent for her age and Venus looks awful for someone so young.

No. 76246

Aw, haha. nothing wrong with that, anon

No. 76248

I like thick brows, but hers are a mess. Just look so bad.

No. 76273

Thanks, bruh ^_^ I know there's not really anything wrong with that because hey: at least we look like young boys and not like full on men :P
but really: she kind of looks like Daniel Radcliffe during his HP days.

No. 76277

This was me up until I started dying my hair dark. I didn't understand eyebrows and even now I vaguely do. Just get bangs so you don't have to worry. They solve all your problems: eyebrows, large forehead… everything.

No. 76306

Wow, those brows need to be groomed. Brush them with a mascara wand, trim them, wax or SOMETHING.

No. 76319

File: 1428283930451.jpg (80.74 KB, 640x640, 353.jpg)

Seems like she is going back to those fugly pointy arched eyebrows.

No. 76321

Thick brows look awful on her. This makes her look older and like someone who doesn't care. How can she call herself a makeup person online when she looks like this?

No. 76337

Release them into the wild so they can turn into butterflies.

No. 76354

>call herself a makeup person online

kek nice choice of words

No. 76450

lol her swiss german sounds like a polish person trying to talk german because she fucks up the grammar all the time. wouldn't have thought german is her native language if they didn't say she's swiss beforehand.

No. 76452

She's still wearing the same few outfits over and over

No. 76453

wow I even looked up if she's from the french-speaking part of switzerland because her grammar is so bad but nope, she doesn't speak any french. I wonder how good her japanese and english skills are then…

No. 76454

He gives me that sorta vibe too. He reminds me of a creepy guy I was friends with who was famous on tumblr who wouldn't stop asking me to dress him up like a girl obviously for fetish reasons.

No. 76455

She's a big hag

No. 76456

accent =/= voice

No. 76466

I hope Manaki actually didn't give her permission to upload the boy to girl transformation video and Youtube see some sense in taking down Venus. It's incredibly immature of keeping the previous videos of them two up for nothing but views just because he's Japanese and the fangelics still love obsessing over a ship that's not even sailing. Awaiting the day we see her crash and burn.

No. 76476


Silence of the Lambs anyone?

No. 76478

She only does in pics that were taken the same day and she didn't wear this sweater with the huge collar before.

No. 76483

He didn't give her the permission but he and his family want nothing to do with her anymore, taking down the videos whould bring them Margo's great butthurt so it is better waiting to do that when they are outside the country.

No. 76489

How do you know this? is he posting this somewhere?

No. 76490

It's not like if he wasn't a person that you can't pm.

No. 76497


Wonder if multiple people reporting it would get something done. A butthurt Margo is hilarious because she's just a cunt and I doubt they'll leave Japan any time soon, she'll make sure of that.

No. 76500

Won't do shit, otherwise the videos of snowflakes that steal other's contents for videos (like Kiki) would be taken down already.

No. 76573

>Oh, you think the darkness is your ally, but you merely adopted the dark.

No. 76612

The amount of followers she has on Instagram has jumped up in the past few days, same with Youtube. Looks like being in the FineBros video paid off for more attention.

No. 76615

I was looking up videos on altering the neckline of a t-shirt and this popped up in the list

No. 77001

New video: Japanese candy drinks

No. 77008

They're definitely living somewhere new now. The room is so plain and bare, like they're only temporarily staying there

No. 77011

Slowpoke, we already know that they are living with a older couple since a while, in the description of the photo with the mask she even says it is owner by the woman.

No. 77028

Oh duh, I must have missed those comments.

Still, it seems like they're not going to be there for long. She had those alpaca toys and stuff in the background of her older Japan videos, like she had made herself at home in that room. Here, it just seems like she's just unpacked a little.

No. 77191


Yep she's definitely running out of ideas.

No. 77579

No. 77594


No. 77596

File: 1428461810720.jpg (90.62 KB, 640x640, 11138016_299481070176355_40110…)

She couldn't use more blurr on her face, huh?

No. 77629

Those masks are for wearing in the hot bath to make your face sweat more so your face will be smaller.

No. 77657

That isn't how your face works …

No. 77743

yeah but in Japan they are obsessed with small faces so anything that is said to give a small face will sell.

No. 78420

I stumbled across this on /r9k/ and I don't know what to believe.

No. 78421

File: 1428579600056.jpg (96.77 KB, 1024x565, scu5s0lh.jpg)


Fuck my pic.

No. 78426

What's the context for this? Link to the thread?

No. 78429


It's just a Pretty Princess Points illustration. There is no context.

No. 78432

Unicorn makeup tutorial

No. 78574

Top kek
I'm glad people still use my image

No. 78576


On to explain, it was from a draw thread on /cgl/ originally. Another anon was posti images like this of tripfags and how messy, shitty their rooms must be, and I made this one of Venus to contribute. that's pretty much it…

No. 79062

This is hilarious

No. 79729

File: 1428766427376.jpg (87.95 KB, 640x640, 10632026_1593355377579153_6015…)

Dat nose shoop.

No. 79739

That desk looks so messy. Not kawaii at all.

No. 79745

Don't forget they are living with some old couple, grandmas aren't known for non-messy makeup desks.

No. 79748

she looks kind of cute here.

No. 79749

??? All my grandmas and other elderly women I know actually have pretty clean and tidy vanities or desk areas. A lot don't really wear make up either past lipstick.

No. 80871

File: 1428890565022.jpg (56.08 KB, 640x640, 11008107_810466908990292_14028…)

Oh god this shoop.

No. 80874

File: 1428890642702.png (11.88 KB, 582x133, 34534.png)

So Margo wants them both to stay single forever, huh?

No. 80886

She looks almost as old as her mother.

No. 81079

It looks like Down Syndrome.

No. 81080

Christ, why can't she just take some make-up courses or something? I feel like I've never really seen her wear make-up that suits her.

No. 81082

What is she trying to accomplish with those thick-ass bushy eyebrows?

No. 81085

There's a Mac keyboard on that desk, and the room doesn't look all that Japanese. Does this mean that she's back home?

Thick eyebrows are ~in~ right now, that's why she's got them so thick. I don't think they look bad on her, they just need to be neater and she needs better eye makeup to go with them

No. 81086

File: 1428918129158.jpg (69.33 KB, 520x342, japaneseKeyboard.jpg)

You know you can write Japanese with any keyboard, righ?

No. 81087

What does that have to do with anything?

No. 81121

Venus' mother made a Wiki article about herself as the user Maggie.7537 with help from Venus (username: Kissa3b), so we reported it for deletion. Venus kept removing the report so it's been a Wiki war for 2 days.


Got tired of Venus trying to keep the article up, so I involved some actual Wiki editors who refused Venus to undo some changes while they review the article. She tried to blame it all on hatersgonnahate on the deletion discussion page and they told her she can be banned if she tries to force pro on the article (like trying to make her mother look more famous than she is). I checked the page requirements too, and the whole Margo page doesn't meet Wiki criteria in many ways.

So now Venus can't touch the article until the editors decide to keep it. Which they probably won't because of the lack of notability, sources and relevance. The whole article is basically about venus herself, and ALL the sources at the bottom point to Venus' stuff, nothing about Margo.

Like someone said on PULL, her mother can have a paragraph on Venus' page, but that's all she'll be eligible for.

Venus' IP was auto-reported by Wiki for doing many edits in short time (it happened to me too) and she actually thinks PULL reported her while calling it a "personal attack against Margaret Palermo". Anyway, you can read her anger in my link above if you want.

No. 81131

Not all rooms in Japan are traditional, and you can't really tell much from that photo.

No. 81146

File: 1428935525113.jpg (88.05 KB, 640x640, 11085020_372782906246716_87209…)

No, they are not and Margo is still trying to make Sebestian Serafino venus's bf.

No. 81147

Sebastiano Serafini

No. 81167

this dude is giving off massive gay vibes to me. how is she gonna hook up a gay boy with her tiny self?

No. 81176

He isn't gay, just your average visual kei artist.

No. 81180

She'd make a good beard, now that I think about it.

No. 82571

File: 1429137420360.jpg (55.19 KB, 640x640, 11085153_1431144013866356_3552…)

I can't even the shoop.

No. 82587

She's looking more and more like a doll. A Realdoll

No. 82821

Seems like the more people complain about her shooping, the harder she shoops.

No. 82833

I love how she doesn't even have a nose anymore. Reminds me of myspace days when people didn't have photoshop/weren't good at editing so everyone would just crank up the brightness on their photos until their nose dissappeared.

No. 83193

File: 1429216447136.jpg (58.5 KB, 640x640, 11117190_820719217981437_18990…)

If her face ever starts to get thinner she will look 1:1 like Margo.

No. 83247

This reminds me we need a Michelle Phan thread.

No. 83264

File: 1429218529121.jpg (28.51 KB, 243x284, Untitled-1.jpg)

I did a little shoop, nothing special, of how I think Venus would look with margo's makeup and a thinner face

No. 83274

How tall is Venus? It seems like she towers over other girls in photos.

No. 83286

170cm, if not, almost 170cm

No. 83289

please. I can post some laughable pages from her book. Glad I downloaded it from a torrent website, it doesn't worth it. if someone wants to learn about makeup, buy Bobbi Brown's book (with a brush with pink powder) it's awesome. Michelle's is like 'me me me me smoky eyes with your fingers, brushes, skin care me me me me internet internet me me me shitty dress code me me me'.

No. 83290

looks like a witch

No. 83292

Phan could stab with her chin

No. 83293

Venus looks like she's 30 and has used filters and blurring to make herself look younger. That outfit isn't helping.

I thought she was shorter, about 5'5"? I always forget how tall Venus is, I think it's because of her age.

Feel free to make one

No. 83304

No. 83309

We already had one but people were like wah but she's not a lolcow xD and it died.

No. 83318

Really? I don't see one in the catalog. And if Michelle Phan isn't a lolcow, half the people posted here aren't lolcows either.

No. 83338

No. 83357

For somebody from a german-language country that's actually short, average for woman is usually around 5'7" there.

No. 83757

More like 5'5

No. 83796

Where did you get that from? Her height IS average for people from german speaking countries, NOT short. 5'7 might be average in the Netherlands, but that's not even a german speaking country.

No. 84243

And she was in another react video.

No. 84246

I am from germany and it is the average size for SHORT people and it is the same for Switzerland.

No. 84247

Why is Jenna marbles still relevant?

No. 84252

The average height for German females is 164 or 165 cm; this is even stated by several German sources. And there's nothing like "average height for short people".

No. 84304

She looks so dumb, idk what is worde, that video or her style.

No. 84320

thats what i'm wondering

No. 84323

She wore that fucking kigurumi…

No. 84324

I am 170 cm and most females here are the same height as me, if not taller.

No. 84326

Not the first time, she wore it in the first one too.

No. 84333

It does not mean it's average. Learn what the frigging words "statistics" and "average" mean and what they're used for.

No. 84344

Doesn't change the fact she would be considered short over here.

No. 84369

Won't you ever stop? Venus might be short for you (though only 4 cm between her height and yours isn't a big deal) but it doesn't mean it's gonna be a general consensus of over 100 millions of German-speaking people.

No. 84397

Doesn't change the fact that she still towers over all those Asians she likes to hang out with like the weeb she is, which is how this discussion started.

No. 84402

File: 1429388101597.jpg (53.19 KB, 640x640, 11092997_1578338579100736_8527…)

Not hard with the high shoes she wears. Whatever, she announced yet another makeup video.

No. 84408

Idk, the other girls she's with always seem to be wearing heels too, I know Phan likes to.

Also her tiny mouth looks ridiculous and she looks so much like Margaret its not funny there

No. 84506

File: 1429401064841.jpg (407.91 KB, 420x611, -.jpg)

No. 84515

…how old is this? With her poor level of proper education thanks to Margaret, there's no way in hell she can get into a university easily.

No. 84516

Maybe not a proper university.

No. 84525

No. 84530

It wasn't about uni anyways.

No. 84558

Video's up

No. 84565

File: 1429411713935.png (12.24 KB, 432x161, Top kek.PNG)

God, those lashes.

Also top kek at pic related

No. 84571

File: 1429412045044.jpg (18.01 KB, 428x469, 1357183143946.jpg)

>that obvious michelle phan influence

Also those scalene triangle brows goddamn.

No. 84573

So basically she's re-doing her old videos with new names? Lol, face it Venus, running out of ideas? Find another niche with something more to deliver.
Btw speaking of deliver, I really want to see Venus in university. Away from Momma Margo, giving 'kawaii college advice', and just living life. Doubt it may happen sadly.

No. 84576

She has a really fat face.

No. 84591

Those motherfucking eyebrows.

No. 84598

Did anyone else notice the eyeliner smudge on her chin in the entire second half of the video?

No. 84663

holy shit the eyeshadow technique
she is so fucking bad at makeup

No. 84683

Like University of Phoenix or Devry lol…

No. 84717

I would love to see Venus in the real world where she's just as much of a nobody as everyone else and doesn't get treated like a princess. It would be so much of a wakeup call for her

No. 84735


Most likely, I feel that Venus is going to try to get into a well known college in Tokyo or Japan. Like Tokyo U. lol. Just to get a student visa. Idk how easy it is to get into Japanese colleges.

No. 84785

You must be kidding lol. Kids wanting to go into Tokyo U literally work their asses off, my family member would be up at 6 and go to sleep at 2 am just studying, and she's a smart girl already.

No. 84821

Tokyo U is the hardest university to get into in Japan what are you talking about

No. 84831

I never said that she would actually get in, I just said she may try or at least claim she will try to get in. sorry if it seemed I meant she'll get into TU. Its just that I see weeaboos near me spout willy nilly shit about going there to be manga artists and different shit, so I made a scenario that she'll claim she wants to attend there.

No. 85041

I wouldn't be surprised if she applied, but she doesn't seem to have much of an educational foundation for any university

No. 85226


This type of moisty looking makeup is so gross. Also it looks very messy with the eyebrows. Girl needs a new persona ASAP

No. 85364


Unless there's a degree she could take in being the ultimate Weeb Youtube persona that'll be the only reason she'd ever make it in. She has no fall back plan at all and her future is just fucked.

No. 85705

In Japan they don't care as much about past degree as they do for entrance exams. So sadly for her, she can't hide behind her mom's homeschool ''my daughter is a successful doll''.
Tokyo U is no game.

No. 85722

File: 1429549085978.jpg (41.36 KB, 576x1024, CDBatQyUEAAH5fL.jpg large.jpg)

"Riding the train home from school (´・ω・`) "
So she is going to school in Japan, meaning they sure got something else than a tourist visa.

No. 85724

Probably language school, I want to know if she's going to school or not though.
And if so, what level of education is she even at?

No. 85725

I highly doubt it's a regular high school. Maybe she's learning a language?

No. 85726

Especially with YT making more changes in the near by future. A lot of YT users ( at least the ones I follow) have turned to Patreon and Twitch for money instead of YT.

No. 85743


Sounds like she's going to an international school. Quite a few of those in Japan.

No. 85754

I doubt this. International schools are hella expensive. But then again, so are language schools. My best guess is that she's studying at a language school.

No. 85765

AU where Yuka and Venus go to the same language school.

No. 85773


Imagine someone seeing Venus at University and trying to have a conversation with her. Her Japanese is decent enough but I don't think she could hold much of a decent conversation if it has nothing to do with sweets or dolly stuff

No. 85796


Like in that FineBros reaction video, I imagine a huge portion of the convo would just be about herself as nothing else really matters in her world.

No. 85861

If she's actually studying there then a student visa or whatever is plausible, but how would Margo be staying there?

Also I doubt this is 'real' school, since that would take up far too much time for her to make her videos and shit, perhaps some sort of remedial school? Given her age, that seems more plausible

No. 85867

She hardly does videos anymore and when she does they all are made the same day but posted in a later period. You can visit uni at any age so Margo could visit the same one as venus, she is the one that made the photo of her "sleeping" in the train after all.

No. 85914

That Sailor Moon compact is huge. What is it called specificaly and where can I buy it?

No. 85918

This. She also uploaded it at 6 pm. Most cheap language schools are in the evening.

No. 85931

File: 1429567758824.jpg (80.56 KB, 659x589, QQ_E6_88_AA_E5_9C_962015041423…)

Because it is a purse, it is wierd that she got that one because its release is in the end May.

No. 85936

i seen some replicas out already so its prolly a fake.

No. 85937

Doubt they sell replicas of those outside of China and japanese customs trash anime bootleg merch usually.

No. 85952

she fucked it up when she started to use the wet black eyeshadow and the mascara….

No. 85953

I wouldn't even feel bad getting a fake. that shit is so cute.

No. 85957

I actually like the orange gold color with the pink, but her lower lash line is a mess with the wet eyeshadow or whatever she used.

No. 85958

I thought she was using a lime crime lipstick and I almost lost it. Also, yeah, she should do something about those brows. They do nothing for her look.

No. 85993

The original isn't even 20 bucks.

No. 86066

Just because she uploaded something late it doesn't mean anything, you maybe should consider looking at the windows because this doesn't look like evening to me.

No. 86144

Wait- so did her mom go to school with her? Who the hell is taking the picture?

No. 86151


Her mother has mentioned a couple of times of "studying", especially in one particular Instagram picture, so you could be right actually. They're probably both attending language school.

No. 86154

There is clearly sunlight on the train seats though.

No. 86165

Not that poster, but it could be lights from a subway station.

No. 86183

….It's bright and daytime in the windows though.

No. 86203

If she's wearing this to school, lol. Also it's not rush hour for to/from school, that's a pretty empty train.

No. 86497

File: 1429648423137.jpg (99.44 KB, 640x640, 11142755_356724141190982_15180…)

"Me every morning on the subway ~ 🚉🗻🌞 I took this photo yesterday. Selfie would have been difficult but can try if you wish 😂"

No. 86499

That photo was made by Margo when they drove home from Venus's school, not the morning, it's not like you go to school and never back.

No. 86502

File: 1429648554416.jpg (92.73 KB, 640x640, 1922135_858827804211719_210399…)

Margo got a really strange obsession with Sebastino.

No. 86504

Who is that?

No. 86507

I could never ride in this kind of Hell. holy crap.

No. 86508

VK artist Margo and Venus hang out with once a while like in >>65909 >>81146

No. 86511

No. 86555

File: 1429652859238.jpg (276.39 KB, 1024x1024, 20140603-120536-43536621.jpg)

Thought he was cute until I Googled him and noticed how tiny and weird his chin and general head is in comparison to his neck. He looks good in photos that don't emphasize it, though.
Either he's unfortunate or whoever shoops his photos needs to consider a new career

No. 86562

I'll never understand how people can find this attractive. He might look good with a normal haircut, no lenses and no make up but I honestly can't tell what hides beneath all that. And with it he just looks weird. Googled him and couldn't find one photograph I would deem attractive.

No. 86564

How can he be vk if he's white? I mean, I know it's a music genre, but mainly only Japanese guys can pull this off.

Yeah, he's….really average. I don't get the appeal at all.

No. 86565

I know lolcow hates when anons bring up noses, but his nose is HUGE and really ruins his face. Also, that hair looks so dry, but greasy at the same time?? How?

No. 86605

You know, there are tons of non-japanese VK bands out there that have success in Japan and most VK artists try to look caucasian anyways.

No. 86653

>most VK artists try to look caucasian anyway

really? Lol I thought they were just going from some fantasy, non human, anime look

No. 86659

He looks like this Italian I know, thin, tiny head.
Fuck, I hate Italy for some salty reason.

No. 86662

Visual Kei was first created inspired by western Glam Rock artists, go figure.

No. 86676

He looks pretty try hard, but he honestly could look really good underneath all that make up. Let's face it, he's an improvement from Manaki

No. 86684

He isn't her boyfriend tho, too busy always fucking some of his thousands of female fans backstage.

No. 86685

File: 1429665896312.jpg (859.92 KB, 2048x2921, 1339742190537.jpg)

So is margo trying to hook penus up with him?

No. 86687

Rather herself considering how she suddenly started to wear bondage leather chokers trying to look like the typical VK fangirl. Venus never even mentioned him while Margo spams about him.

No. 86716

She is the creepiest woman.

No. 86758

but venus is dumb as fuck

No. 86763

I'm still laughing at how hard Margaret is trying to pimp her annoying daughter out in order to try to get them to live in Japan. Say if Venus does manage to find a guy that isn't a gaijin hunter or a man that doesn't find her annoying that happens to have residency there, what makes Margaret think she'll be allowed to stay as well?

No. 86765

…aaaaaand that's creepy and won't work. No matter how hard she tries.

No. 86820

big noses can look good on men but not if they're trying to look kawai.

No. 86987

that FUCKING choker. jesus margo, you're like 40! and it looks like one of those cheap ones from ebay, too. margo PLEASE

No. 87016

Her weeb persona is dumb, Venus herself isn't.

No. 87037

Clearly not, because she's still playing up this weeb 'persona' (spoiler: it's her real self) in favour of sorting out her life.

No. 87055

No it isn't because you can see if the tv interviews and tv shows from last year that she isn't like her persona in private.

No. 87056

Nor would she have managed to graduate schakelklas in the Netherlands if she was dumb.

No. 87060

>what is acting

No. 87063

She said in an interview she wanted to be an astronaut. Because that's totally realistic.

Her other fall-back is psychology. Speaking from experience, a degree in psychology is useless.

Not familiar with what that is, but being book smart doesn't necessarily mean you're not dumb.

At the very least, she has no future, she and Margo have fucked her over.

No. 87073

That interview was from when she was like 14, everyone says dumb shit at this age and Schakelklas is the immigration class before being allowed to visit the regular school, if you can't speak dutch fluently by the end of the year you won't be abel to pass it.

No. 87075

>implying her weeb persona isn't an act

No. 87111


Margo is trying to bag herself a Japanese man as well. She moaned sarcastically about her newly found #singlelife on Twitter. Looks like it's not working out too well for her in the relationship boat. Hopefully these Japanese guys can see right through them and avoid them like the plague.

They're so fucking desperate.

No. 87289

Being able to speak another language doesn't show anything other than the fact that you can speak another language. It doesn't necessarily show intelligence, or at least the type of intelligence that is needed for higher education

No. 87399

So then why isn't everyone speaking like 5 languages like her when you don't need to be intelligent for it? Doesn't make sense.

No. 87401

Yeah, that's sure why so many people struggle already with learning one single language because you totally don't need to be intelligent for it.

No. 87402

because it requires a ton of effort, time and money in most instances and most people's brains can't cope with learning a second language as an adult. It's nothing to do with intelligence, it's to do with brain plasticity.

No. 87403


I'm sure it's easier if you're learning at a young age, but that doesn't mean it's not impressive either way. Even then, I'm sure people who are more intelligent and/or work hard at it are better at learning a language.

Not to jump to conclusions, anon, but you're sounding like those tumblr ~omg good grades don't mean intelligence, you're just learning to repeat stuff other people tell you!!!~ kids.

No. 88857

File: 1430055460704.jpg (110.81 KB, 640x640, 11078465_1572729022999692_7536…)

She finally got her brows done.

No. 88859

She looks so different, it hurts. I swear to christ, I had no clue it was her til I clicked her picture and it redirected to this thread.

No. 88874

All aboard the mini-Margo traaaain! Moo Moo!

No. 88886

File: 1430062358789.jpg (136.72 KB, 640x640, 11176567_664110490400106_19622…)

Her head will never be as long and oval as Margo's tho.

No. 88887

File: 1430062482586.jpg (43.52 KB, 344x477, 1430056749035.jpg)

She looks like Eggman.

No. 88893

looks eastern european to me. she does have that russian doll thing going on, can't deny that…but asian? nope.

No. 88900

Wrong thread?

No. 88907

She def has that Hungarian, Russian or Polish look to her.

No. 88916

add a child abuse backstory to the venus horror story.

No. 88917

Just give it time.

No. 88918

it's obvious she fakes her voice wtf

No. 88919

goron mask <3

No. 88920

she looks so old, her makeup looks so bad.
it's like she's trying to look kawaii innocento desu but it doesn't work because she looks really old and it's fucking awkward

No. 88926

because she has big tits
that's pretty much it

No. 88943

underrated post

No. 88954

She looks like a child

No. 88955

No, I'm saying Venus looks like Eggman. Like if someone said he was related to her in some way I'd believe it

No. 88961

She looks like a young teenager to me, but I see what you mean.

No. 88963

More than likely because she uses frat boy humor and says dick all the time like 'she's one of the boys.' She's obnoxious.

No. 88967

If she got her nose fixed, smaller ears and a more flattering haircut/bangs, she'd be really cute but…

No. 88980

some people have good grades and they're still dumb.
Intelligence isn't only about knowing more languages and being good at school lol some peoeple have bad grades but they're still smart.
most of people who have good grades have good grades because they dont have any mental illness or any serious life problem so it's normal for them.
People with depression mostly have bad grades but it's not because they're less "smart"

No. 88981

yeah she's really annoying

No. 88984


I'm the anon you're replying to and not to blog here, but I only barely passed my standard grades (UK) because anxiety, and believe me, I get what you're saying. It's unbelievably shit.

I know some smart people have bad grades, and I know some really fucking dumb people have good grades if they work hard enough, but no matter how you look at it, it is pretty impressive to know five languages, especially if you didn't grow up learning them. Probably more so if you're stupid, really. It'd be much harder work to retain the information.

No. 88986

Your skull structure doesn't change much anymore as an adult.

No. 88987


Oh, and the whole "if you have good grades you obviously had no REAL problems" is total bullshit. One of my friends got really good exam results, but she had panic attacks regularly over the stress of it. It's not really that black and white.

No. 88989

It's not her skull, it's her hairline.

No. 88990

But schakelklas isn't exactly about grades, it is about immigrants having to get immigrated within a short time which includes being fluent in the basic dutch language before being allowed to go to school/college/uni/whatever.

No. 88991

I wasn't talking about her hairline at all, margo does have a longer head because her skull is longer.

No. 89040

i'm german, 5'3, and that's (a little?) below average.

No. 89044

no, average is 5'4. we aren't aryan giants.

No. 89049

Only if you are from the countryside my dear.

No. 89122

that's ridiculously depressing

No. 89123

at least japanese don't smell. not even being ironic sadly. so jelly

No. 89126

idk but she's hella cute in this one, damn

No. 89127

i'm a bit jealous, not gonna lie

No. 89128

i don't get it?

No. 89153

This. I graduated uni with an honors BS degree in biology with chem minor at 3.9 gpa. I also have clinical depression and panic disorder. The idea you cant do well with diseases or disorders are paraded by lazy people who use their disease or disorder as an excuse to not push themselves.

Do you have to work even harder than "normal" people? Yes. Is it doable? Absolutely.

Can smart people do poorly? Yes but it is usually due to laziness, not something id consider bragging about.

No. 89308


I uh
I didn't exactly mean that only lazy people fail their classes either, honestly.

Health issues (physical or mental) are kinda a legitimate reason to have messed up a little in school, and it depends a lot on what specific kind of illness you have, but at the same time it's really stupid to assume people who pass their classes only do it because they "don't have any real problems". It REALLY depends on the situation.

I think if >>88980 actually spoke to people at school they'd realise a lot of them actually have quite big troubles. I dunno, maybe I just lived in a scummy place where everyone has a hard life or something.

sorry for bumping this thread just to derail shit, I'm pretty sure you can't sage on here. feel free to tell me how retarded I am

No. 89312

works for me

No. 89315


Fuck, sorry then. I guess I can't internet for shit.

No. 89751

I love Jenna, but she comes off as a total bitch here.

No. 89772

I flunked out of school my first yr of college because I was battling with depression and anxiety at the time and wasn't even aware of it (does this even make sense? it's like I was so used to feeling like shit that when it got worse I thought I was just feeling a bit down) on top of my family putting me through utter hell. A yr later the problems still persisted, but I ended up earning between a 3.5 and 4.0 the first semester I re enrolled and every semester since then. The only difference is that then I could treat my mental health properly.

I don't think that mental or physical disabilities/illnesses justify failure, but extreme circumstances certainly do, especially because they can cause you so much stress that school is the last thing on your mind. Sometimes attending to your family or financial needs are more more prudent than trying to write a passing paper or studying for a math exam. That's not being lazy.

Also I know you addressed that you know that failing isn't a quality that only the lazy share, but this is mostly a response to those who think this way.

Btw, I know soooo many lazy people who are able to pass their classes without seemingly any effort, procrastinating till the night before or day of exams or when assignments are do and passing their classes with A's anyway. They're not even that smart, just understand exactly what the professor is asking for.

No. 89839

No one cares about your personal problems.

No. 89959

File: 1430240246092.png (6.85 KB, 336x103, 546.png)

No. 90569

File: 1430312636635.png (527.4 KB, 609x609, WTF MAN.png)

Latest news, Peenus shows us how to eat an ice cream. Is this shit necessary? She looks so retarded!

No. 90570

Holy shit, in the second picture from the top left she looks so much like her mother.

No. 90571

At first glance I thought this was her mom. Dying her hair dark did not do her any favors, lol.

No. 90578

But still better that that dead bleached hair because it made her look haggard.

No. 90585

Looks like peacockfeathers in the last one. Shivers

No. 90606

You obviously do, you replied. Ignore it if you don't care.

No. 92257

File: 1430536879790.png (562.42 KB, 483x645, a.png)

No. 92263

Boy it sure is so hard to tell that she is catering herself to creepy ass old men.

No. 92291

Venus probably has a pretty similar head shape, just masked by her puffy cheeks/weird poses. Just wait five years and that will all go away.

No. 92339

she looks like a retarded pigeon turned into a human that can't really understand how humans work

No. 92346


No. 92362

Her thighs were never that small, some serious shooping is going on here.

No. 92371

No. 92374

File: 1430564113332.jpg (85.02 KB, 446x645, verni is a loser copy.jpg)

No. 92375

Im stoned to pieces so I thought this would be so funny and it is

No. 92378

This photo is from when she was 13, no clue why anon posted it.

No. 92393

If this video was the first time I saw her I'd guess she was about 23, which obviously isn't old at all, but definitley not kawaii 10 year old imouto-chan rorita. She just looks like a younger Margaret now.

No. 92398

You know how her dad is a taboo topic for Venus?
That's because she literally doesn't have one.
Margo got herself her own clone in some top secret Swiss cloning facility. Now she is trying to live her own dreams of being famous through her clone.

No. 92402

shut up

No. 92414

She looks like she hasn't washed her hair in nearly 2 weeks.

No. 92416

I think it's the way she's standing mostly (along with being younger). She's got her butt way back like people do to get a thigh gap in photos.

No. 92420

idk the stones look pretty messed up

No. 92445

she looks cute but her hair looks dirty, at least she's not acting like when she was a living doll.

No. 92446

that picture is from when they were living in Tenerife, right?

No. 92451

She didn't use shoop until like 2 years ago, before that she only used tons of filters on her face and as mentioned before, this photo is 5 years old.
Yes, 0-10 were in Switzerland, 10-13 Spain, 13-16 London, 16-17 Netherlands and 17-18 Japan.

No. 92452

Speaking of old stuff…
I doubt this cover is by her and was in the charts like stated there.

No. 92799

No. 92802

…that's a very old video from when she was 14, she does have a lot of old videos unpublished tho.

No. 92803

Everyone who thought Venus wasn't a cute kid back in the day BTFO

No. 92820

Did you listen to it? It is definitely not by her. I know that peoples voice sounds different singing vs talking sometimes but there's really no way it's Venus.

It's on spotify and so are the rest of her "songs," go look em up.

No. 92825

Because it is stated by the wiki page Margo made for her to be her works that were in the charts, somebody should try to find the original artist so it can be copyright claimed.

No. 92826

No. 92827


>"I Love It" by Susan Mixx ( • • • )

that was easy

No. 92833


Its by Icona Pop and was a pretty big hit in Europe afaik. The Venus version is basically a scam where they sell exactly the same track for a slightly lower price so people by that instead of the official version.

No. 92834

duh. it was a big hit in america too. the point is she's claiming she is the person singing the shitty cover version when that is clearly not the case.

No. 92836


Yes, sorry. I meant its not even a cover version, its just someone lip-syncing to the original song.

No. 92843

But it is a cover version. It's not someone lip-syncing. It's someone covering the song so that they can sell it for cheaper, yeah. But it is clearly not Venus singing.

No. 94468

Corny PULL-style humor that people like Totemokawaii would love. According to the pic name, she is a loser? Only Totemo would A-log this hard.

No. 94994

File: 1431023278738.jpg (131.09 KB, 640x640, 11208324_1427132250928254_1268…)

Somebody should tell her that nose contouring shouldn't be a noticable bright stripe.

No. 94998

But I don't see a noticeable bright stripe?

No. 95021

File: 1431025390665.jpg (309.55 KB, 640x640, 11208324_1427132250928254_1268…)

No. 95096

i don't see what you're pointing out tbh, it just looks like shadows and whatnot to me. i think you're just nitpicking

No. 95107


Yeah, I actually think her nose looks good for once.

No. 95153

Her whole damn nose is the same colour. i only see a small dot that looks different.

No. 95161

the same girl who made the LACE parody did a venus parody last year of the cupcake video. my fucking hero.

No. 95162

oh yeah i remember this.

No. 95172

You guys know how her nose usually looks, right? It's not like the shoop isn't noticeable with her split round nosetip suddenly being thin, pointy and bright af.

No. 95174

There's these thing called 'camera angles'

No. 95178

>implying Venus doesn't shoop

No. 95181

I'm saying she does, which is precisely why her nose looks near invisible in other photos.

No. 95382

Do we have any info on the man who helped create the monster? All I know is that he left when she was 8 and that's when her mom began being the crazy controlling Margo she is today. I feel like if we knew why her dad left, who he is, if he even knows his damn kid is parading around like this- we might have some lose ends tied up.

No. 95572

Huh, where did you did get that info from? They met in a swiss university and he did disappear when he found out Margo was pregnant, that's was they said in a german interview.

No. 95574

*that's what they said
Don't know where you got the 8 from, her father never met Venus in the first place because he left before she was even born. Nobody wants to impregnate some crazy overattached weeb girlfriend, Margo herself stated she started to got obsessed with Japan due to her japanese uni teacher which is why she "raised Venus japanese".

No. 95701

File: 1431109296696.jpg (138.53 KB, 810x810, 11010549_860954863939965_17351…)

Her nose shoops get so much worse lately and what's up with all the Shades of Grey puns?

No. 95785

Oh man… I thought that was her mother for a good minute. :(

No. 95804

this is gonna sound really satanistic but i'd love some drama about venus having been abused by her dad as a kid. sinister drama ist best drama

No. 95809

No. 95815

As mentioned before, he already left Margo before Venus was even born, that was stated in >>66935

No. 95819

there's many things wrong with venus, anon, but her nose ain't one of them

No. 95822

that's a little sad even by lolcow's standards

No. 95832

If you can't see the shoop I have bad news for you, anon.

No. 95881

Is this Totemokawaii? Because only you would think child abuse doesn't matter if it's Venus because she's not being prostituted or put in a cage to be sold.

No. 96758

For some reason I still can't get over the fact that her real name is Venus…

No. 96762

There are many people named Venus though? Like Venus Williams.

…What's wrong with the name exactly?

No. 96805


There is nothing WRONG with it. It just perfectly fits her weebiness somehow. I can't imagine her name being something plain like Sarah or smth…

No. 96899

Don't forget Margo named her after the lyrics of some Björk song.

No. 96907

No. 96966

her middle name is also a bjork song (but spelled the traditional way)

No. 96983

Lol wtf is it with Margaret and Bjork

No. 97006

Because Bjork is the coolest and I mean it. I'm actually pleasantly surprised Margo made that choice when Venus was born.

No. 97014

This post is the kind of shit people would screencap and use to talk shit about the whole site being "bullies" and sadistic monsters.
Don't be that person. Fucking hell.

No. 97017

What the fuck is wrong with you?
Some stuff you should just keep to yourself.

No. 97019

wtf. are you a psychopath?

No. 97023



Has anyone seen her newest videos? It's all shades of creepy self-complimenting poseitivity bs. If Venus gets any less attention and her forehead gets any bigger… We have a new Kiki in the making

No. 97024


Exactly my words.

No. 97030

No. 97032

Venus wasn't much of a weebo in the direction of anime/manga/j-pop, she even called Touhou her favorite anime.

No. 97034

And Justin Bieber one of her favorite music artists.

No. 97039

Actually, I clearly remember way back when she had Formspring she said Angel Beats was her favorite. She's also been cited as saying her favorite anime is Aku No Hana on Tumblr, but apparently she deleted the ask for whatever reason.
Before that, though, she used to dance to Touhou songs and watch IOSYS videos (she also didn't actually play Touhou, her computer was too slow. Again, she said this on Formspring).
There was a time I was into Venus before her "big break" and I feel like such a fucking historian

No. 97048

No one called her out for that?

No. 97049


The hell, why does she look so old here?

No. 97051

she's like 18-19 now and looks her age honestly

No. 97069

She looks like Margo but with a chubby face and that sure isn't a sign of Venus looking like her age.

No. 97082

She has cheeks like that one old PULL dancer. Kitti.rain right? Plus in this one she clearly looks like the typical young European girl with black hair, which makes her look older. On that point, would she still be cutting off blonde parts that were covered in dye? She said she was dying her hair her natural color, and her hair color surely wasn't black.
Anyways, the black hair and striking deep sea eyes makes her look mire harsh sort of. Not appealing imo. Lastly we have to remember that she's not really going for the Kawaii-Anz-Ulzzang look that much anymore, it's a mix of Western mature, and otome kawaii it seems. So she'll seem older to most of us, than to some people who hasn't seem her most childish looks and shoops as yet.
Imo she doesn't look lik a an 18 yr old woman in this video, more like 25 or in her 20's generally.

No. 97096

>Plus in this one she clearly looks like the typical young European girl with black hair, which makes her look older.
This doesn't make any sense at all.

No. 97115

>typical young European girl with black hair
Like if black haired girls are all and only from Europe kek

No. 97117

not that person but I read it as "she looks like the typical young european girl [except] with black hair
either that or they don't know what they're talking about noone can know for sure

No. 97227

Venus tweeted that Margo had been raising her by herself for ~10 years; since she's 18, I figured that there had to be someone there? Whatever, it doesn't matter.

No. 98539

She had a boyfriend for her recent videos and then they broke up unexpectedly…and she decided to put "ex-boyfriend" on all the videos featuring him

No. 98852

You are really slow, aren't you?

No. 98895

she kind of looks like that one gaijin gyaru Lizzie Bee/MysticThorn in the thumbnail.

No. 98951


Wtf it looks nothing like her. Not even a slight resemblance!

Go home mysticthorn!

No. 100934

File: 1431525282470.jpg (69.94 KB, 640x640, 11241710_1429842207333405_4260…)

I still don't get the huge alien baby forehead shoop fad.

No. 100937

she doesnt really explain how to be a living doll she is just going on and on about how dolly she is and how other people think she is dolly

No. 100943

That's because she said billion times before that she was born with the features of a doll, lol.

No. 100970

I haven't watched it with the sound on so I can't say anything about the content of the video, but I think she looks really pretty here and I like her facial expressions/smiling too.

No. 101092

that's the app she used

No. 101093

to take the photo

No. 103394

File: 1431825887469.png (1.02 MB, 1020x610, 3242.png)

That's why she is totally getting flooded with modeling jobs, tv appearances, etc ever since she is in Japan.

No. 103421

Top kek. I wonder how long until reality kicks in and they realise how much they've fucked up their lives and Venus' in particular. I would love to see where they are in five years.

No. 103444

I can't wait to see Venus when she hits 21/22 and realize she's wasted her entire childhood and has zero marketable skills.

No. 103462

I think Venus could be in her mid-20s by the time that happens, tbh. She's been told how pretty and perfect she is for about ten years now, I feel like it's going to be much longer before they get a reality check

No. 103521

You just know Margo has been trying to get her jobs there too, but no one is interested. Does Venus even have a fanbase in Japan? I honestly never see her mentioned.

No. 103523

You might be right. It will be a fun ride to see her crash and burn.

No. 103530

No one gives a shit about Venus in Japan. If they did, she'd be getting all sorts of gigs like Kota does. Sure, she might be stopped in the street by people and told how cute she is, but that doesn't translate to popularity and success where she wants it. She gets stopped because she's an exotic white girl, not because she's Venus Angelic. Margo and Venus are kidding themselves when they think they have a future in Japan and its entertainment industry.

No. 103542

File: 1431856912489.jpg (118.76 KB, 500x701, bd7acafa04e35afc8ca6d0affe2968…)

IMO she should actually apply to modelling agencies. I can see her modelling for Lolita brands like Yukapon did/does. She even reminds me a bit of the Eastern European models from that Emily Temple Cute photoshoot from like 2010. She has a chance.
If she actually got picked up, though, I'm pretty sure she'd be told to delete her YouTube videos, Instagram and blog(s), and she and Margo probably wouldn't approve of that.

No. 103551

She's too fat.

No. 103553

I don't doubt she could do some modelling, she's done some for Bodyline after all. However, she wouldn't be treated like the princess Margaret treats her as, and it's not going to last as a career either. She could do it for a few years, then she's back to where she is now. It would also involve actually doing work, unlike now where all she does is nothing all day.

No. 103560

Sometimes I think it's because her face is small in comparison to her body which gives the appearance of being too fat during the times when she is actually somewhat thin

No. 103562

This. Not that she's fat in general, but too fat to be picked up as a regular model.

No. 103571


Also Bodyline released that massive story on how Venus truly acted on her trip to Japan.


No modelling agency involved with fashion brands such as Emily Temple Cute are going to want her. She has too much baggage attached and past drama. Bodyline does come across as shady, but I wouldn't put it past them that how Venus behaved was true. She's a spoilt self entitled bitch.

No. 103576

She already did model for BTSSB just like Yuka because of the designer's whitefever, just saying.

No. 103577

File: 1431865762131.jpg (111.01 KB, 640x640, 11264165_842292899140876_79204…)

She actually seems to have some kind of eating disorder, it doesn't surprise me that she follows tons of thinspo and proana blogs on Tumblr.

No. 103582


Venus only did a fashion show thing at an anime con didn't she? Her modelling more for BTSSB is a Lolita's idea of hell.

No. 103583

No. 103584

File: 1431867574179.jpg (109.36 KB, 640x640, venusbtssb.jpg)


Not OP, but here's one pic at least.

No. 103586

Yukapon pretty much only did a fashion show too which later got photos into the GLB.

No. 103594

Here's some footage of the fashion show she did. Skip to 1:20.

No. 103677

The autism…I wanted to shoot myself watching this.

No. 103686

I always forget how tall she is

No. 103701

Before I click, is this vid on her channel? I don't want to give her more views.

No. 103848

No. 103986

nah, i think venus is still dumb as fuck.

No. 103987

she seems to be into korean looks.
i mean her hair and makeup look korean inspired imo

No. 103992

tiny Margo

No. 105073

Seems like they got thrown out by their host family.

No. 105076

File: 1432078442812.jpg (104.44 KB, 640x640, 11252467_1561740810715150_4276…)

Just in case somebody asks why I wrote this:
All of Margo's recent photos were made in a high apartment similar to the one where both Kiki and Taylor were if it isn't even the same.

No. 105090

lol i hope it's the same apartment.

No. 105107


Do they actually, actually live in Japan or are they just there for a short while?

No. 105117

probably only for a short while, but i am mainly saying that because they haven't lived anywhere for very long.

No. 105118

They have a student visa.

No. 105177

File: 1432083168210.jpg (103.09 KB, 640x640, 11326067_635907303210849_17797…)

No. 105190

Its like silly putty for a face

No. 105204

Worst thing is comparing her face with her hand.

No. 105251

Noooo she fucking smoothed the shit out of her skin and it looks so abnormal stop

No. 105350

Would Japan have issued them with student visas though? In the link in >>103571, it says
>Venus didn't have regular school so it would be difficult to get a
student visa.
And if Venus isn't eligible, Margo definitely wouldn't be. I think it's an extended tourist visa that they have

No. 105352

That is terrifying

No. 105357

she was a young kid at that point so she couldn't go to school/college. now she can go to language school. you can get a student visa if you're enrolled in language school. margo would be eligible if she went to school but lol.

No. 105364

Have they actually said they're on student visas? Apart from that photo of Venus on the train with the caption about going home from school or whatever

No. 105543

Margo actually talks a lot about Venus going to school and their goal was always to life in Japan and Margo's japanese is shit so if they want to life there she would have to go to language school anyways.

No. 105558

Looks like she is holding a piece of paper with a face printed on it

No. 106078

moisturise me

No. 106155

So I was lurking the new pt thread and someone commented that its a rule to only give pt and other cows asasspats to milk them for lulz. Now im wondering if some of the fangelics are farmers because some of them rabidly defend her most cringey and racist videos and attack commenters that even slightly disagree with a video or give constructive critism
>tl;dr: Are farmers pretending to be fangelics? Cuz that would make alot of sense…

No. 106163

File: 1432217362846.png (12.37 KB, 335x101, 324.png)

Yes Venus, you are totally vegan with all the fish and steaks you always eat.

No. 106164

And she dumped her Venus Angelic name in exchange for her real one, just look at her FB page.

No. 106165


I think she just became vegan.. it's not really difficult to switch overnight.

No. 106166

When she just posted sushi that includes fish, alright.

No. 106170

She doesn't seem to know what vegan means because she suddenly tagged her food posts #veganfood while it is only food including vegetables but isn't vegan at all.

No. 106180

Sad seeing how fast people jump into conclusions based on one vague tweet.

No. 106182

Christ, you guys know Tokyo Tower can be seen from an entire Ward, right? I guess you don't. But it can. You can drive 5 minutes by car in every direction and still see it.

No. 106185


Maybe she doesn't know pescatarians exist

No. 106190


Well the one's on top is pumpkin, not fish. Not sure about the other one, but doesn't really look like fish either.

No. 106192

This isn't a Tweet, it's from her IG where she calls everything #veganfood and all the milk-based sweets she posts all the time are totally vegan.

No. 106193

They aren't with their host family tho, their house wasn't anywhere this high nor would it have a loose balcony if it was.

No. 106198

File: 1432222682268.png (17.71 KB, 405x114, 32432.png)

Margo is no Palermo anymore and Venus may change her name soon too, probably to excape the drama attached to their names.

No. 106226

One can still eat vegan food without being vegan.. but I get what you mean. We don't know until she'll say something more about it anyway.

No. 106227


I think they don't have student visa, because they have many debts ,and for enroll to student visa you should show you have 2.000.000 yen in your bank account. (sponsor's account is also valid)

No. 106242

They don't have any depts at all, when you leave a country you don't need to pay shit anymore.

No. 106348

They sound like drains on society.

No. 106411

That's probably why they left England. To get rid of all their debt so they can move to glorious nippon land

No. 106418

Huh, they were living in the Netherlands as last where they got in debt due to ruining a house boat, they left England due to tax evasion on their YouTube income.

No. 106448

Asian companies do test on animals which isn't exactly vegan. So no more new kawaii Japanese cosmetics.

No. 106461

you really need to lurk more

No. 106484

>skinny fat
At least she's not totally fat like you, nice pudding jelly you got there.
You wishes you were that kawaii and slim yet soft looking and dolly and cute

No. 106486

Hi Margo

No. 106508

File: 1432250230011.jpg (17.86 KB, 233x320, ChubbyBunny.jpg)

I kinda miss old venus just a bit after this, when she had strawberry blonde hair and then white blonde hair. Something about her,her blog posts,videos,… made me so motivated and made my awkward weeb self feel good? I was so curious about her, and wishing hard to have her (terribly fried)platinum blonde hair (that i now have but in good condition,my weeb self can go away in peace now) and stuff… When she dyed her hair in brown her videos and everything went to shit (even though it went to shit a bit before), now her style is awful,she's boring,..everything has changed. She used to be so interesting now she's purely boring and sad to watch…kinda like Kotakoti i used to dig her look and be super intertested about her so bad i would stalk tumblrs,truth blogs,… circa 2011-2012 everyday. Now she's still cute (photoshop or not) but boring af.

No. 106513

Venus isn't fat anon…
As saif previously her round small fvace make it look as if she's bigger but she is not fat at all,at some point she was kinda chub but that's it. She is slim/somewhat thin and not fat at all.
Let's not derail this thread with weight bullshit anyway we are all secret fatty puddings in disguise, there.

No. 106519

I think they meant too fat for modelling

No. 106545

Which isn't hard considering how she almost exploded out of Bodyline's size M dresses when she did model for them.

No. 106583

She's not fat at all.

But I don't thin Venus would suit modelling. Hardly any of these 'kawaii aidorus' suit modelling.

kota can get away with it a little with shoop and lightening at angles but thats as far as it goes..

No. 106613

File: 1432260026708.jpg (62.79 KB, 400x615, 16ae6f0e-s.jpg)

i wonder what her EX-boyfriend is doing with his life now. he seems to only be interested in dolls
like they are his whole life
i cant imagine what he does all day

No. 106616

Still studying besides getting his ears pierced a lot.

No. 106617

And he doesn't post about dolls anymore since ages, maybe Venus ruined it for him? Most of his tweets are reblogs about cats.

No. 106619

File: 1432261008423.png (15.39 KB, 371x106, 234.png)

How often does she change the story regarding Venus's father? First she said at a german tv interview he left her when she found out she was pregnant, when they were trying to sell Venus as musician they were acting as he died in a tragic accident and now she left him because he apparently was abusive? Wtf, make up your mind woman.

No. 106631

Yeahhh, I've always been so sure than the reason the story changes so much is because SHE left HIM and fed Venus a whole story about how terrible he is. Who would put off divorce that long in the other cases? In the first he would probably divorce her to absolve himself from the family, in the second the marriage would be void if he were dead, and if he were abusive, I could see him keeping from divorcing for that long – but you would think he would have popped up along the way rather than just staying silent, and she would have posted about it for attention.

No. 106792

I didn't even know Margo and Mr Palermo were married, I thought Venus was the result of a one night stand.

No. 106798

these comments are so overdone.. especially in response to obvious bait

No. 106799

i like her eye makeup here.
and i love the darker hair.

I know people are missing the old venus but i think she looks less idiotic as she matures

No. 106806

Yasss! This bitch is serving us some stripper realness! look at all that glitter on her titties!

No. 106812

This looks fucking awful.
Venus needs to get her teeth whitened (they look fucking GRAY ffs.) That makeup is terrible and I hate how she doesn't even name her products.

No. 106813

>the way she pronounces 'glitter gel'

No. 106815

I didn't know it was POSSIBLE to overdo literally every element of makeup

No. 106819

Ay ay ay… Something looks off.. even without the make up her face reminds me of a guy somehow..

No. 106822

Oh wow I thought she actually said "glitter girl" which i mistook for maybe being the
brand name! lol

No. 106823

Not her WORSE makeup, but it does set the bar lower than its ever been for her.
flashbacks to Nyan cat penis and Unicorn makeup
On a serious note, how can she think this is okay?
>Hair makes her look like a stereotypical mom
>clown stripper makeup
>Can't use glitter yet
>Dat thumbnail pose

No. 106824

>tfw I was coming to post this

Never ever let me down, farmers.