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No. 483871

Hello everyone,

during the past few months, users have complained about both over-moderation by staff and infighting or backseat modding by users. In order to combat this, we've decided on the following changes:

- from now on, sage is disabled on /pt/. It's a small board with not many active threads, so bumping does not make that much of a difference with the same threads on the front page at any time.

- backseat modding ('sage this, newfag') will be sanctioned with warning bans.

- users are expected to read the rules and posting guide. Users who repeatedly ignore the guide and refuse to blend in will face bans of increasing lengths.

By making these changes, we hope to reduce the constant derailing caused by infighting. Please refrain from attacking users for posts you dislike; instead, use the report feature.

No. 483883

So im assuming it won't be as lax as temp cow where we can talk about how hot shadow the hedgehog is and shitpost into the wee hours in the morning?

No. 483886

God I hope not.

No. 483892

Just because I'm curious, what do you mean by "blending in"? I've seen an influx of users who dont use proper grammar, don't capitalize sentences or nouns, and are using emojis and the like. It's pretty easy to tell who is who on a board just because of small things like that.

No. 483893

Let them type how they want to type. Does it even matter? If someone wants to enter a discussion, don't police how they talk. That's really dumb. If an emoji or no capitalization triggers you or other users, that's a little sad. Its an open board. We don't need any kind of membership and some people google and find them while looking for a lot of the subject's information or photos. I hope people aren't reporting for things like that. If so, I feel for the mods and hope all this new stuff helps.

No. 483896


Usage info:

5. Integration

Express yourself in a way that doesn't make you stand out from other anonymous users. This means avoiding:
emojis or emoticons
a lot of punctuation??????!!!!!
other obnoxiusoius typign sTYLES

No. 483899

The only person I can think that really made themselves stand out is that Momokun thread 'marmar' person. The punctuation thing is hard because so many users will sometimes use extra depending on the type of milk someone gets. Same with caps.

I think that really comes down to the moderator to decide and if you report the user, something might be done? But overall, I think some of that is really subjective as almost everyone does it once in a while. Unless its like in the middle of the night and its banter between a few users and one person inparticular stands out waaaay too much. Even then, if it isn't happening over and over and over and over for several days, I wouldn't really consider that to be going against intergration, right?

No. 483900

Have you ever seen a thread post with read text under it calling out the usage of emojis?Because most posts that do have red text under them. You're not supposed to stand out just because you want to be special.

No. 483901


I see that this policy has been added to the Rules page as 3.6a.

The "Last updated" date at the top of the page is still June 21st 2017.

No. 483904

No. I think that might be why I don't understand where some of you are coming from with the overuse. I don't go to too many other threads besides like 5 of them and usually the 'put out to pasture ' or 'infighting' notices are all I ever see. Ive actually never come across someone using emojis except, like I said before, that 'marmar' dude from like 5 threads ago for Momokun.

No. 483907

It doesn't happen too often because you don't see people using emojis too often. I assumed it was an unspoken "rule" not to use emojis because whenever there was a post that had them, I always saw red text under it. Please not I don't mean emojis like ":)", I mean iPhone-type emojis.

No. 483908

That rule and the "last updated" date have been changed. Thanks.

No. 483911

Sounds good to me. I hope people from temp will stop attacking maincow for having rules. I enjoy temp but I'm saddened by how much they seem to hate main.
I appreciate the rules, the Admin's/mods' work and the changes.
welp, I do see emoji posters here sometimes, and I swiftly report them lol. We are not PULL, we are an imageboard. We have a specific culture. If someone's new, they should refrain from posting and just lurk until they catch up and integrate. It's a fair rule.

No. 483919


If I'm on my phone, it auto caps for me. When I'm on my iPad, it doesn't. I know all phoneposters are fags, but seriously, policing capitalization feels a bit silly to me.

I'd also like to ask that mods take reports of backseat modding or threadcopping just as seriously as infighting, which much of the time appears to be caused by backseat mods. Just some thoughts, I love main and temp both, for different reasons.

No. 483920

That's what I've always thought. There seems to be a ton of new users who are jumping straight into posting rather than lurking and acknowledging the culture.

I also wanted to know if any of these rules (besides the saging rule) apply to snow at all?

No. 483924

I don’t think they’re policing capitalization I THINK THEYRE POLICING POSTS THAT ARE IN ALL CAPS OR HAVE A MAJORITY of caps in the post. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the way your phone or computer autocorrects or using the occasional caps for EMPHASIS on a word.

No. 483929


And this site has codes for acceptable stylization such as bold and italics.


No. 483932

That poster is responding to >>483892 who wrote:

>I've seen an influx of users who […] don't capitalize sentences or nouns

And I agree banning for that would be silly. All-caps is a whole different story and should obviously result in a ban.

No. 483934


Are we allowed to direct newfags to the rules and usage info, or should we simply report them?

Last night I admit I went a little ott on a couple of newfags in >>>/snow/457144 but not until after I had reported them and no mods had responded. The newfag who kept posting ultimately realized the error of their ways and deleted their posts.

No. 483935

I feel like I came across wrong in that post. I'm not trying to say users should be banned for that, obviously there are much larger things one should be banned for doing. I'm mostly saying that there's a certain way that people may type, whether it be the use of bad grammar, or odd quirks in typing, that make them obviously stand out and you can tell who they are in different threads. I apologize for seeming like I was nitpicking, I should have phrased that differently. I didn't mean to cause a stir, but I came across as pretty stupid.

Although, I still stand by my case that emojis shouldn't be used. We aren't PULL.

No. 483966


really depends on the thread. some of the more active (spergy) threads definitely get that, while other threads are under-moderated.

No. 483970

Thank you. That is exactly what I was talking about. It feels bad because this thread is already becoming a bit bitchy. It seems like there's a camp who want absolute uniformity, which I don't see as completely possible.

>obviously stand out and you can tell who they are in different threads

This is completely untrue. If anything, people stylize their writing to copy others and hide more effectively. The idea that you can pick a poster out is silly, imo and it's also derailing when it shows up in threads where someone just keeps on calling out samefag to anyone who doesn't use caps and says kek or lol. I'm over generalizing, but I've seen that more times than I can count.

No. 483979

you still come across as stupid tbh. there's no need to police typing styles. there tends to be a few styles many people use.

>proper caps and puncuation

>caps but no punctuation
>no caps but proper punctuation
>no caps and no punctuation

outside of those, maybe you can see they're samefag, but calling out samefag is fucking stupid anyway.

admin seems to be more concerned with avatar fagging and emojis and talking……like….this…. and shit that actually looks, you know, distinct

No. 483980


See >>483896.

Although "styles of typing" (which refers to the appearance of text) is different from verbiage or diction. For example, an ESL anon may be identifiable due to their level of proficiency.

No. 483986

>It seems like there's a camp who want absolute uniformity

I personally am for this. I don't mean 100% nitpickery, and I agree derailing-calling out of samefagging shouldn't be allowed, but I'm definitely for stronger uniformity.

Maybe I'm just a bitter oldfag, but I'd prefer stricter-adhering to 4chan roots than all-inclusive-'newfag' party or whatever

Honestly not interested in anything that slopes lolcow towards hugbox-tier, but if that's the route the majority want then I understand it'll be me that's out of place, regardless of tradition

No. 483992

People should be able to propose suggestions. Absolute uniform posts are not possible, but there have been posts where anons type like idiots and have been warned.
I'm more worried about infighting, which there seems to have been an increase in without any modding in the threads where it's prevelant. I'd rather be nitpicked and told not to type like an idiot than see people constantly calling out newfag and samefag and having nothing else to contribute to a thread. There's too much infighting over in snow.

No. 483994


>This is completely untrue…. The idea that you can pick a poster out is silly

Different anon butttt that’s not true, sometimes it’s pretty easy to spot a same day or certain posts made by the same poster, that’s how Luna (Lanie) was caught…. and her blatant racism. That’s how people like piercedangel, thejoshvlog, Emily and ember, etc posts are spotted or suspected, even to the point that admin doesn’t need to mark their posts bc they’re so damn obvious. They’re many anons I’ve seen who are amazing at observing typing styles to identify cows posting here. So let’s not pretend it’s untrue, but it is derailing sometimes (if it’s not something important) and false allegations against normal anons do occur, so I can see your point of general derailing.

I second this question. If it’s now against rules to tell a newfag to sage, can we kindly respond with the link to the rules? I understand if you guys are trying to be more newfag friendly, even tho I agree with >>483986 but it gets annoying when the same newfag repeatedly breaks the rules over and over and even if you report mods don’t ever come, so is it just the rudeness that’s against the rules now or is informing newfags of the rules in general that’s against the rules?

Since there is no more sage in pt, how will the threads be organized? Like how will the ranking from first to last thread in the pt pages/catalog be organized if threads are no longer bumping?

No. 483995

>Since there is no more sage in pt, how will the threads be organized? Like how will the ranking from first to last thread in the pt pages/catalog be organized if threads are no longer bumping?

No sage /=/ no bumping, unless I'm missing something here. They'll bump for every post that gets posted, even if it's just a reply. So they'll be organized by whatever thread last was replied to, whether that's milk or just a comment on previous milk.

No. 483998

Ahhhh many thanks anon! I was confused, I wonder how that’ll work with small threads suddenly having lots of posts at once or on the other hand possibly burying smaller threads on pt. But it is usual the same core people on the front page for a while so maybe the change won’t be that noticeable.

No. 484000

I think it'll make it easier to follow with active threads/new comments. Even if a smaller thread gets 'buried', it'll just be a page or so down most likely. Easy to hit the catalog and just see what's been replied to in the last month or so.

I'm sure if it ends up being a negative thing admin will re-implement sageing, but yeah, I think this'll probably work fine for /pt/. I guess you never know, though!

No. 484018

> I hope people from temp will stop attacking maincow for having rules. I enjoy temp but I'm saddened by how much they seem to hate main.
I appreciate the rules, the Admin's/mods' work and the changes.
Agreed. I see way too much anti-mainthread ire. These changes seem promising and will hopefully reduce the extent of backseat modding spam (including, hopefully, samefag accusations - though I do appreciate when anons note they are samefagging incidentally).

I'm definitely pro-integrating. But plenty of people use (proper) capitalization, or no caps, that that shouldn't be a factor. Hell, whether I post in caps or not depends on my mood and I suppose how serious the content of my post is. Sometimes I swap between using capitalization and not using it at all mid-post.
I don't think I've ever seen anyone sperging about people not using capitals at all.
I believe some people are simply better at recognizing patterns in a typing style than others, but those aren't necessarily flaws in how the poster writes. Nonetheless those same posters get accused of being threadcows or selfposting various other things. So definitely should be handled on a case-by-case basis.

No. 484021

Speaking of samefagging, I wish anons would abide by this:

>4. Deleting

>You have 30 minutes to delete a comment you've made. You do not need to enter a password; one is automatically assigned and saved in your browser. If you've made a typo or want to correct any part of your comment, copy the text, delete it, and re-post it. Do not double-post to correct yourself. Do not ask mods to delete your post if you missed the 30 minute window.

How many posts in any given thread are consumed by anons samefagging to correct a spelling error, append to their post, or apologise for forgetting to sage or for accidentally spoilering an image?

No. 484069

can people just be filtered out for a warning or temp ban right away when they subjectfag? it's become something the new anons do and it's an epidemic, no-one has a reason to do it within a thread ever.

No. 484222

>I'd prefer stricter-adhering to 4chan roots than all-inclusive-'newfag' party or whatever

At the end of the day, I would strongly prefer that as well. However, the difference is that 4chan doesn't enforce uniformity; It's something that comes with the culture and the nature of the people that use the site. Unfortunately, due to the lolcow audience being mixed in with PULL and Tumblr, we can't naturally reach that state and I feel pretty uncomfortable with the idea of having rules and bans used in order to force people into "absolute uniformity". There definitely needs to be some order and some moderation, but there's something that feels really gross to me about enforcing a type of culture on a website just because it has roots in a different site. It really isn't like samefags aren't distinguishable on 4chan, or that people don't get called out on /cgl/ (seeing as how small and connected the community is, it's not that much harder to distinguish someone on there either).

It really just feels like the site is trying to force itself to take on the guise of having imageboard culture when it doesn't, and the fakeness rubs me the wrong way. It's trying too hard.

No. 484243

Why do we even have a subject option for replies? It should only be there for starting a new thread

No. 484244

it's a newfag trap

also it's hilarious when people try to stan cows using their real names

No. 484261

Uniformity was enforced by both mods and users on 4chan, actually. It sometimes still is on specific boards (ie /a/). It's only in more recent years when moot gave it a looser leash/gave up the site that it's had a mainstream influx deciding the culture.

Personally I think the only way to cull in massive flocks of outsiders from pull or mpa or where ever is mod strictness. I know a lot of people complain about how that's been done, though, so maybe a new site vote is in order with admin ultimately having the final say, idk.

I don't think it's gross to force culture, if we don't lolcow becomes like any other site (ie pull 2.0). If it's not forced it will be lost completely. AGAIN, I'm not talking about small grammatical errors people are picking up on as samefags - but the bigger, obvious 'newfag didnt even try' redflags. But like I said, if I'm a minority in that I accept that lolcow is a ever growing website and not everything is going to adhere to muh sooper speshuful image board culture.

I also agree with the idea of things being a case by case basis. Ie. If a real life ex friend or lover of a cow drops in to provide milk, verifies their identity and then namefags or fuggs posting norms for a hot 5 seconds (within their respective cows thread), that seems reasonably permissible. If they leave said thread, start blogposting and ending their posts with shit like "?" -"o_o" now they need a good temp ban.

Not to mention if too obvious samefags are allowed to reign free we end up with shit like spoony again (ok extreme case but you get the example).

No. 484275

>backseat modding ('sage this, newfag') will be sanctioned with warning bans.
THANK YOU. This has derailed and ruined so many threads and it's gotten just as worse as newfags shitposting. I'm all for stricter modding for offtopic bullshit. Don't let this site become like PULL.

No. 484297

I also agree. I personally preferred when staff was more strict about hugbox stuff cause this ain't the site for it. That's what PULL and tumblr are for. The temp site feels like a containment of that kind of behavior(Just look at the temp Onision threads), but sometimes they come over to post on main and a lot of the time it's obvious where they came from.

Lolcow used to be different from PULL but day by day it's feeling more like it.

No. 484303

Can we please reinforce the discouragement of replying to obvious incels, robots, and bait? Gender-centric threads are constantly ruined by these moronic as fuck farmers who actually reply to a robot's post and we have to scroll through a bunch of stupid replies to said deleted post to read the thread. I can't believe how stupid a lot of users are.

No. 484304

PULL has been coming here since 2014. So has Tumblr. It has honestly been out of hand for a while.

If people complain then they're likely new. The old admin was pretty strict on obvious PULLfags being extra and for good reason.

Are you referring to the manhating thread and people discussing men of color doing shitty things? Ngl I hope you're not because I don't think it was fair for a certain farmer in there to assume that >ermergrd every1 here is /pol/ we raidchan naoz

No. 484330

Seconding. But all the replying wouldn't happen if manposts were being removed faster. Sometimes I see them up for like 4 hours and no wonder they trigger someone enough to reply. So, a kind ask for mods to patrol /ot more often. Like, we have a manhating thread, of course incels and their kind are gonna spaz there from time to time.

No. 484342


Admin says that replying to robots "is a bannable offense, please report them and put in the reason so we know."


No. 484358

Could the back seat modding also include farmers who come into threads with posts like

>why is this here? This shouldn't be here because I don't personally like it

They derail threads and cause in fighting. It's backseat modding and attempt at policing content.

No. 484378

Admin appears to have stopped replying here, so I think we are shouting into the void now.

No. 484405

Oh my god, PLEASE, this. I see this in many threads in their inception and then milk either develops or doesn't, but posts like that make reading the thread more obnoxious for everyone.

No. 484408

Its on every board honestly. It winds up either derailing the entire thread because it starts in-fighting or the same person, after being told off once, will lay low for a day or so and then shit up the thread when no one is around to respond to them. So by the time anybody gets online their bs is right there with them pretending to be somebody else. At that point the thread either dies or anon keeps coming back and nobody fucking bans them.

And like anons said upthread, I get that its to be taken on a case by case basis but its pretty obvious when someone is deadset on trying to destroy conversation altogether. Why is that allowed? They can dislike threads but why the fuck aren't these people reprimanded more often and told to adhere to board culture by hiding threads they don't care to see?

No. 484410

just as you were posting it i saw it in a thread that only exists because it happened in another thread. people are fucking cunts.

No. 484427

Its going to continue happening until farmhands put a cap in some asses. There is absolutely no reason why people can't hide threads they don't wanna see. There isn't even a reason to come into a thread and announce that you hate it. Wtf is anybody supposed to do with that? They know what they're doing by posting that.

Honestly, I can't think of any reason why a person would be so damn pressed to control whether a thread lives or dies unless they were either:

>A) A stan for that person/concept/whatever

>B) Pissy that someone else made it before they did

No. 484926

People are turning this site into a no fun allowed zone.

No. 485025

Fucking this. It’s okay for an anon ONCE questioning a new thread (ie if it’s sus of vendetta, self post, subject of thread is not a cow or weak summary or receipts trying to justify said person being a cow) and say:

>“why is there a thread about so-and-so? They’re pretty irrelevant and this seems like a reach”

… but when clearly the same person comes in posting MULUTPLE times trying to invalidate the thread, borderline shitposting, questioning the thread when they’re are multiple anons who are interested in the thread, put in through thread requests first, see potential, have milk/predict milk.
Protip: these anons are usually quite vague and ignore explanations from other anons

>ie: “why is there a thread for her? no one fuckin cares, delete this trash, like OP clearly is jealous of this person duh”

Then there’s the third type, that special kind of retarded, when fucking anon come into well established threads (whether they be currently milky or in milk drought, this retardation doesn’t discriminate, even the most popular threads) and post multiple times saying this thread should be scraped, question why the thread still exists, tell other anons to stop keeping the thread alive bc this cow is lame/no milk/who cares.

comes into momokun #357 thread
>“Omg why is this thread still around?! This shits old you guys are just nitpicking. This threads dead prob just filled with sad anons harassing someone. They’re hasn’t been milk in 7 days, delete it and move awn. She’s boring.”

And it’s not just one anon voicing their opinion, it’s over and over usually in a few days of week span, throughout the whole thread. It’s very easy to spot them, and their autism is so advanced that they can’t just shut up and let anons have their fun, due to the disability of not being able to hide a thread bc vague reasons.

No. 485089

File: 1517002521773.png (98.1 KB, 1861x645, 3061825908712_3956752348_87653…)

Its starting to happen in /g/ and /ot/ as well. The relationship advice thread was one anon calling somebody a spoiled brat, a cunt, an idiot, etc. last week when they asked for advice and then acted taken aback when they were called out on their behavior. Right now there is somebody else in an aesthetic thread in /ot/ purposely responding hours apart to old posts and trying to bait others. The whole thing was absurd. One anon got triggered by the color pink and pitched a tantrum until people left the thread to make a new one in /g/. Nothing else has been posted in there but the same person is still going on. Pic related is from cc but many farmers feel this way between the responses pictured and in this thread.

Like >>485025 said its okay to ask a question about why a thread exists but its pretty fucking obvious when someone is trying to invalidate a thread just to be a cunt. Tbh the ones in /ot/ and /g/ sound like incels because who comes to a site that started as an alternative to /cgl/ and complains about girly colours and Jfash? This shits ridic.

No. 485132

Nta, but I was in that thread and OP was being really stupid and escalated the convo to get up there, and then bragged before flouncing. So, not even a good example, if you want uwu sweeties go to c.c.

No. 485135

i doubt it's incels tbh.

No. 485144

File: 1517004572238.gif (882.62 KB, 500x360, y6G6w.gif)

>"no u": the post

So starting shit over pictures is a-okay but if someone reacts to it then they're wrong?


No. 485176

File: 1517006270023.jpg (262.35 KB, 719x773, 18-01-26-17-34-23-610_deco.jpg)

Except what bait anon was doing breaks two rules. Stating your opinion once is fine as >>485025
said but continually returning to a thread in order to get people to leave or stop having a discussion is harassment.

No. 485180

I'd like to add on another type
>"this thread is just one person posting"
Basically. And I've only seen (or at least noted) this in threads that are already at least somewhat substantial/lengthy. It's a ridiculous claim and definitely falls into the category of "this thread shouldn't exist" posting.
This of course doesn't apply to new threads that are clearly self- or vendetta-posts or otherwise obvious samefagging (newfags using subjects/names).
What is this in response to?

No. 485189

>this thread is just one person

Kekked because someone came to the end of wannablaze's thread just to say that long after people had stopped caring.

No. 485246

I actually saw that in quite a few threads. Somebody was posting in threads, not taking part in any conversation, but just constantly calling other anons ugly cunts, bitches, accusing them of being jealous and whatnot. I don't know if the anon doing it just happened to be banned, because I haven't seen it on any of the threads in a few days, but it was fuckibg annoying because they kept on doing it and it went completely unnoticed. Now the Dakota thread has a ton of crap in it because nobody was being warned or banned. I feel like all of the stuff being mentioned is just going unnoticed because none of the mods are patrolling the threads enough.
I hope that admin is at least reading this thread, if they aren't posting in it. Some really valid concerns are being brought up.

No. 485251


Did you report the posts? I report at least a few every day in various threads, and the majority get banned or at least flagged.

No. 485256

Yeah, I was reporting them, but it got to the point where I wasn't sure if the mods saw the reports and didn't give a shit, or if the blatant infighting, derailing, and baiting was somehow not breaking the rules. People were starting to reply to it, me included, yeah it was wrong but I was getting agitated because whoever it was kept on posting with no repercussions. I know we shouldn't have been replying, but it was annoying as hell.

No. 485266

Thing is that even if you or I don't personally respond to them, they know what they're doing and somebody else is eventually going to get tired of their shit. Somebody is going to respond to them eventually because that is the whole point of them baiting and then the thread dies or gets locked due to infighting. People who come to threads with nothing to contribute, backseat mod, or attempt to invalidate a discussion should be banned. Its against the rules. >>485176

No. 485274

It was also non stop for a few days, the Dakota thread was only being bumped with posts that were OT, derailing and infighting. So it's not like all the posts were saged so it wasn't being bumped and the mods somehow couldn't see it, but it became so hostile that honestly I thought the thread was going to be autosaged. There are probably three posts in the past 2 weeks that were not banned, but marked, when nearly all the posts were just anons yelling, crying and derailing. Possibly selfposting as well, but only the mods would know that. But that's what happens when there's no mod presence in a thread. At least things are getting back on track now, not just in the Dakota thread but most of the others as well.

No. 485279

Oh, I'm not referring to the bait or pic. I was referring to the relationship thread. No one was randomly calling that anon a cunt or anything, they gave advice, she went directly against it and then came back at us like she didn't understand what she was doing. She then made it all 'me me me' and gloated about how we were wrong, despite being correct. Then she and another anon called us out like we were in the wrong. It was stupid. They were opinions, and I think she deserved being called out for being ungrateful.

No. 485294

Oh I was referring to the picdump thread in off topic.

No. 485316

I think they sage their posts because they legitimately believe it can get them around the rules.

No. 485414

>There are probably three posts in the past 2 weeks that were not banned, but marked
curious, what do you mean by this?

If it says (anything) in red lettering I'm pretty sure it's a ban or warning, even if it doesn't say 'user has been put out to pasture'. I (shamefully) infought by replying to the baity taylor-is-hotter-than-you poster, and got rightfully banned – but even though my post is only marked as (infighting), it is still a ban.

It's kind of hard for us to tell when a rulebreaker is banned, because mods will only mark one of their posts with the ban notice, where they might have shit up the thread with twenty replies previous to/after that. ie. I may have posted 7 times before the (infighting) ban post in the dakota thread, and three times after it (before mods got to that post and banned me for it). So it's really hard for us to tell for sure if the person(s) responsible for bs are fugg'd off or not…

No. 485473

Sorry, I know what I said was confusing. I meant that nobody was being banned, but repeat offenders were only being warned when many of us thought they should have been banned.
Even though we all should know better than to infight and respond to bait, I feel like many of us have done it in the Dakota thread in the past 2 weeks, if only because it seemed like much of the derailing and bait wasn't being addressed, and many of us were fed up to the point where we were infighting and didn't realize it. I was responding to a lot of it, only realizing afterwards that I was an idiot for taking part in it and that responding was doing nothing to stop it. I know we're supposed to report and move on, but we were reporting and nothing was being done. I took a break from her thread just to wait out all the shit, and even though we seemed to have moved on, I'm still irked that nothing was done.
Thanks for asking me to clarify, I haven't been making much sense lately.

No. 485482

nta but it's okay. I know how you feel. I headed over to c.c because at least when someone gets excessively bitchy they get the boot in their ass.

No. 485494

At risk of sounding like an idiot, what is c.c? Or was that just a spelling error?
I just have to learn to control my posting when I see bait or infighting. I guess a lot of us do.

No. 485497

crystal cafe

No. 485573

Oh, thank you. I'm looking at it now. I didn't know this existed, it's always good to have a board like this on hand, thank you anon

No. 485740

Lmfao its happening AGAIN.

graveyardgirl's old thread was made 2-3 years ago and never went anywhere due to stanning and now there are suddenly anons who feel like invalidating the newer thread to claim that she has no milk despite her 19 fucking threads for the last 6 years over on Guru Gossip.

No. 485741

Here's to another thread on it's way to being ruined.
When they first gave their opinion about liking her, I just said to myself, "Hey, whatever, they're just voicing their opinion. That's fine." All beyond that is derailing, and nobody cares about your opinion. If you like the subject and don't think she's a cow, don't fucking post.
I guess just report any derailing and hope something gets done.

No. 485746

I don't understand what is so fucking difficult for these people to grasp. The first anon even admitted to not knowing jackshit about how Bunny used to be, which had me wondering why they were talking in the first place. Like dude, you admit to not knowing the full story but just felt like coming in to let everybody know that you don't agree with the thread? Fuck out of here with that noise.
And now the milk police are going to start up again.

No. 485758

I think some of these peoples' problem is that they're terrified that being a lolcow is an inherent quality so they're insecure about themselves and their idols. If someone like Luna never posted anything about her life, but had the same exact life choices, she woulnd't be a cow. If some of the posters here (like me) posted constantly about their worst choices and qualities, they might become a cow.

If enough farmers find Bunny's antics milky on here regularly, she's a cow. If they genuinely don't, then she's not. She's equivalent to a huge cow on gg but not here (yet)

I think most farmers grasp this just fine but then we have these lolcow essentialists coming in and trying to change other peoples' perceptions.

No. 485760

Precisely. But the anons who are arguing with the fan are also derailing just as much. None of that is contributing to the thread.

No. 485847

It got people to shut the fuck up which is a contribution imo. Farmhands banned the one faggot who started it all anyway.

It goes both ways.
You're never gonna stop farmers from getting frustrated and stans should realize that lolcow isn't a place for them to try and argue why cows are likable. Its a place for gossip.

No. 485952

>If some of the posters here (like me) posted constantly about their worst choices and qualities, they might become a cow.

I wish more people would realize this.

No. 485955

Thank you so much for this!

No. 486133

>It got people to shut the fuck up which is a contribution
This is the reason farmers “take the bait” & “add on to the derailment”. It’s bc farmers will report the stan/derailer/etc over and over but nothing happens. Multiple anons will report the same person derailing and it takes days or weeks or never for a mod to kick them to the pasture.

It’s not so much enabling derailment of the thread as “mods aren’t doing anything about this annoying anon, it’s been a week, maybe if we tell them to shut up and point out the error of their ways they will stop bc no ones stopping them otherwise and when they do it’ll be too late and the thread will have dissolved into shit and died all bc of this one anon, maybe I can stop this before that happens/ fusteration.”

No. 486190

Posting this here in hopes that it'll be seen and possibly dealt with fast

The hover pic function isn't really working on mobile, it's almost impossible to click the pic "smaller" again. Could the hover pic thing please be an option we can opt in or out of?

No. 486191

Seconding this. It’s actually one of the reasons why I don’t like to use tempcow.

No. 486194

Thirding this. Its pretty annoying. You have to scroll the thread and click on another picture or video once to get the original photo to click out. Or refresh the thread. The previous format was better.

No. 486199

No. 486237

Dunno if you've noticed, but things don't move that fast in meta.

No. 486246


Well, absolutely nothing is moving here.

No. 486286

Is it only causing issues on mobile, or also on non-mobile devices?

No. 486287

It's just on mobile. It works fine on my laptop.

No. 486313

Just mobile. Instead of the picture you’re clicking on expanding to full size within the post itself, it’s popping open (with no “x” in the corner to click out of pic) outside of the comment on top of it and when you scroll it stays there annoyingly covering posts, clicking on another part of the screen doesn’t click out of it. Only refreshing, clicking the box on a post, clicking on another img can remove the pop up.

Works like usual on laptop and PC. Just mobile.

No. 486318

I noticed it only yesterday and I’m on here daily. It was pretty frustrating. Everything works great on my laptop. It’s just mobile for me

No. 486380

Image hover expansion is now disabled for mobile devices. You may need to clear your browser cache or wait 24 hours for the changes to appear. Please tell me if you still experience issues.

No. 487586

File: 1518309436177.png (249.68 KB, 1080x1920, 20180211_002332.png)

Someone explain this? Whiteknighting? Is this a fucking joke? Seriously?
Explain to me in a reasonable manner, how this is whiteknighting? Who the fuck is moderating this shit and what kind of cunt does it take to report this as "whiteknighting"???
This is NOT whiteknighting(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 487595

mods be banning everybody out here, they probably feel like Oprah but instead of a car everyone gets a ban "you get a ban, you get a ban"(and you get a ban too)

No. 487600

can i get a ban? i want to see what it is like(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 487615

same exact thing happened to me. this place is going down the shitter with whoever is doing this.

No. 487620

Just scroll up this fucking thread. This is what farmers requested. Coming to a thread just to say how you don't like it/don't get it/there's no milk/boo hoo will get you a ban and it's a good change for lolcow. Brings nothing but infighting and derailment. If you don't like the discussion, hide the thread and move on. Or enjoy your ban

No. 487630

dey climbing to your boards
banning people up!
so hide yo milk and hide yo cows
cuz the mods be banning everybody out here!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 487637

Stop derailing with unproductive comments.

No. 487658

run and tell that, HOMEBOY

No. 487688

lmao, i remember you. this was in reply to literal art theft.

No. 488169

Holster your hardware and declare your intentions

No. 488255

A fine decision by the admin.

Hopefully this new rule will be a reviving force. Yes in a perfect world, everyone will use saging correctly and rules correctly. We don't live in this world. It can never work perfectly. Therefore I agree with your decision to err on the side of under-moderation rather than over.

This is one of the best female dominated places on the internet.
It is vital we keep it ALIVE. Years of browsing the likes of 4chan male dominated imageboards killed my self esteem.

Lolcow is full of great women who are neither perfect trad waifus or overly sensitive snowflakes. Nothing against either one at all, it's just that most of us don't really fit into either camp.

Please everyone let's stop killing it with backseat over moderation.

No. 488412

File: 1518942512180.gif (2.97 MB, 700x393, 5D2A4911-CCAB-48E6-AB79-94BE26…)

No. 488460

Wondering why phone users are fags. Haha not having a dig, just curious as to if I'm missing an in joke

No. 488690

Ntayrt but from what I've seen phoneposters being fags became a meme on 4chan because
>phone posters posting low quality/small images because it looks normal on tiny mobile screen
>spelling shitty because text talk autocorrect laziness etc
>being fags and ban evading because easier to ban evade from their phones

Though I don't really care for the current state of 4chan so my understanding of said meme could be off. Basically, yes, it's a joke in a way.

Mightve originated with Reddit or something too no idea.

No. 488722

I wonder if its more of a meme because of the OTT autistic reactions to phone posters.

No. 488845

Admin, can we implement a system I'm calling newfag captcha? I wanted to raise this at the town hall but I missed it because timezones.

Basically Re:captcha but instead of the shit google uses it just pulls from a pool of however many questions the community wrote. Shit like;
>select all of the workout lines on pixyteri
the idea being it's all based on board-culture things you should know from lurking, and if it's something you can google that's fine too because once you get the joke, you're less of a newfag. If you can't solve the captcha, you don't get to post.

Particularly in the onision thread, probably because of temp, people are posting as if this is a forum, speculating about shit like why the thread gets deleted at 1200 posts when they don't know. You shouldn't feel comfortable on this kind of website posting shit like that, imo anyway.

It seems petty but even shit like how users format their posts is a dead giveaway they've never spent any time on an imageboard and are completely ignorant of the roots of the site. Idk about other anons but it makes it harder to enjoy the milk when all I'm thinking is about how ignorant the posters delivering it are.

I don't think heavier modding is a solution, but this is something that would maybe discourage those low quality posters. and I don't offer this as an empty suggestion of more work for the mod/admin team, I'm seriously speaking to a dev friend about the feasibility of it.

No. 488864

Some people don't follow all the cows, so if this was to be implemented perhaps it should be things like what is rule 3? Etc etc. Or

No. 488971

Holy fuck yes please god. The questions don't have to be super obscure and you could refresh to another question if they're going to be cow specific to help even the playing field. Simple things like rules or widespread milk like 'whose spergchan?' 'Whose our queen?'

You should repost this in meta, anon. I'm all for it.

No. 488976


A suggestion that was made in the meeting is to require check marking a box stating that you have read the rules before being allowed to post which would bring the rules to the attention of newfags.

No. 488978

>check marking a box stating that you have read the rules before being allowed to post
Oh yeah, that would totally fix things. I always read the 2 paragraph Terms & Agreement on downloads before I click the "yes I agree" I totally never scroll down and disregard them.

No. 489052


At least the rules aren't thick paragraphs of legalese.

In the current layout of the threads, the links to the rules and usage info are buried visually.

Integrating newfags has been a problem on boards since the beginning of the Internet with Usenet and MUDs. The FAQ was invented to integrate newfags, but then getting them to RTFAQ became the problem.

No. 489180

Yeah that was another thing I was thinking. It should be a mix of general knowledge about cows, history, in jokes/memes and having to reiterate the rules. We should have the thing google has where it caches if you solved a certain amount in a certain time, and doesn't ask you again for a while as well.

Bingo bongo anon, exactly.

Everyone is just gonna ignore that though, having to copypaste the rule to pass is a better idea imo. Whether they want to or not, they're forced to read the rule(s). Likewise with the in-jokey content - I don't want to scare posters away but force them to integrate. It's true that not everyone follows every cow, and I don't want the captcha to be unfair, but at the same time if you can't answer
>what does the pt in lolcow general's url stand for?
>who is spergchan?
>What did spookycharms steal?
I don't want to hear your opinions on the cows you do follow, because I know they're gonna be stupid and misinformed. and again, not everyone follows every lolcow, but if you only follow one then you're not a farmer, you're just a vendettachan. Certain cows are just to historically important not to know about, even if they don't pique your personal interest that much.

No. 489208


I don't know who spergchan or spookycharms are, but I have been the OP of nine threads on four different subjects in pt and snow in less than a year. Yet you would describe me as a vendetta chan and not a farmer?

No. 489336

or we could try something less elitist and smug. how about that?

personally, I don't see it solving anything, it will just make the board more of a pain in the ass to use.

No. 489338

I agree, if a captcha thing is done, it should be more rules/image board culture based “ie. what’s a namefag” or something. I’ve been lurking these threads for a year now and participating in multiple threads/subjects, I know who spergchan and pt are obviously but never cared for charms and have never fully gotten around to reading the full in-depth threads of the past cows…..

I’m also confused how a captcha would work? Before each post? That’d be rather annoying

No. 489409

Probably wouldn't call you a vendettachan, as you've stated you have more than one singular interest on the site and I said vendettachans are just obsessed with one person. But I don't think I could call you a farmer yet, but you're on your way. Ty for making OP's btw it's thankless work.

The things I want to put in the captcha wouldn't be unsolvable for everyone but diehard oldfags, at worst you'd need to google and read an ED page, which should be an exiting prospect because it's fresh (to you) milk. the point isn't to discourage posting, but to encourage being read up and informed before posting. The only people I want it to outright exclude are those who refuse to integrate, hence the heavy emphasis on historical content and general imageboard etiquette.

It is totally possible to be an oldfag and have missed out on things, or to just have not cared about them hence being able to refresh and get a new captcha being really important. I don't wanna unfairly penalise people for only being interested in a few cows, which is why they shouldn't be current/up to date either. But equally, not knowing who spergchan is, is like saying you're into metal but not knowing who Metallica are. If you have any real interest in the topic, some things are just unmissable, you need to know them to understand.

This is my logic:
If you don't know the ones I've mentioned or why they're famous, it indicates that lolcow is your first chanboard, which means you're not gonna understand how to behave or the history of farmers as a community. I've seen newfags put their foots in their mouths countless times because they don't know who they're with. Especially those who only stay in one thread, especially when the subject of that thread is a normie. It's like watching a blind person walk into a room full of black people and announce; oh boy, I sure do hate niggers!

Shit like people calling this a forum, asking what sage is, using emojis, using txt spk, asking why threads max out at 1200 posts, posting links to image sharing sites, email in the email field, not saging trashposts should absolutely not be happening unless we were being consistently raided. But I see it every day.

>I’ve been lurking these threads for a year now and participating in multiple threads/subjects
See, this is exactly what I'm talking about. You can't be a lurker and poster. They're mutually exclusive terms. The fact you don't understand the terminology and used it wrong is exactly the shit I'm talking about.

Most imageboards have a crazy split where 90% of people who use the sites never, ever make a post. Most users who do post only do so after silently observing for years. It seems likely that our users probably feel comfortable posting after less than an hour browsing the site.

You already have to solve a captcha to post on most websites. It's not that intrusive. But maybe it would be better to have it as part of the flagging system - users who's posts get flagged are made to solve the captcha, rather than just as standard for everyone.

No. 489413

I totally get that it comes across as elitist and smug, especially because I'm whinging about newfags and basically humblebragging about how much of an oldfag I am. It's pretentious as fuck, I know, especially considering this is an imageboard for laughing at people. It's not that serious.

But we have a massive problem with the quality of the posts on the site right now. Users are constantly complaining. As good as the farmhands are, there's only so much post-posting moderation does for the quality of a site. Yeah, I can flag the post and the user'll get banned, but I still had to see the post. My experience of the site is still made worse because that post was never stopped. And they're just gonna ban evade anyway. There's no way to make these people learn their lesson.

We never pre-moderated posts before anyway though, so why the decline in quality? Well, people used to moderate themselves. When users feel comfortable posting; when there's no self imposed barrier to entry - i.e. you don't post unless you're 100% sure about what you're talking about, because you're going to be absolutely destroyed if you're not - the quality of a site will generally be better. And that partly comes from having a nasty ass userbase invested in the sekrit klub mentality that doesn't suffer fools and punishes people really severely for their mistakes. We're not really that kind of site anymore. We have too many new users to integrate them successfully using this model. Tempcow makes any attempt at this method of newfag integration completely pointless.

Maybe this captcha idea would help though, that's why I suggested it.

No. 489415

durr, this should say
>When users feel comfortable posting; when there's no self imposed barrier to entry - i.e. you don't post unless you're 100% sure about what you're talking about, because you're going to be absolutely destroyed if you're not - the quality of a site will generally be worse.
That is to say when there's no self imposed barrier to entry posts will generally be lower quality. Anyway, I'm probably gonna go copypaste these into /meta/ and not waste any more posts in this thread on the topic

No. 489428

Oh, wow. You sound like ~that farmer who goes around every thread telling people how to behave. Of course you want people to understand board culture but on the other hand, the insistence on backseat modding is what’s really destroying the threads. Calls for people to ‘stop doing x’ always end up in massive derails. It’s acting as though that behavior isn’t part of the problem when it is.

No. 489431

>You sound like that farmer who goes around every thread telling people how to behave.
Oh you got me! Jk I'm not, because as you say, it's annoying as fuck and doesn't do anything to actually help, it just makes things worse. As lame as it is, I hope my sperg also shows that I care about this community and only want to make it better.

>Calls for people to ‘stop doing x’ always end up in massive derails. It’s acting as though that behavior isn’t part of the problem when it is.

This is one of the points I'm actually trying to make in that post, that kind of backseat modding only works when the users actually understand the features of the website they're using. Sage is a really good example;

9/10 people on here still don't actually know what sage is for, and it doesn't even work on here like it does on any other imageboard. Go back and look at the first threads on the site - not a saged post in sight because it doesn't really matter: Post limit is astronomical, all threads are archived, the userbase is tiny and no one uses the front page anyway. People just ran with it because policing people for not saging was an easy way to throw your weight around. They saw other users doing it and wanted to fit in and be cool. No one who understands sage on this site goes about policing the use of it, because they also understand that the sites design makes it a fundamentally pointless thing to do.

We have a userbase who is obsessed with policing adherence the most pointless rule on the site and doesn't even understand why they're doing it in the first place. Pretty much every problem with how people behave on here is linked to ignorance.

No. 489444

I’d argue that backseat modding never works because the first reaction to being told by some rando to ‘stop discussing x’ or ‘this thread is for b, not c’ generally results in even the most seasoned farmer rising to take that bait. I remember a time when most (not all, but most) baitposts were recognized as such and left alone. Not trying to be an asshole, I just think our concerns are different.

No. 489471

Do you realize sage is disabled on PT? You make a really shitty point for someone talking about what others don't understand.

No. 489476

>Not trying to be an asshole, I just think our concerns are different.

It was an example of how users behave, I don't see how sage now being removed on pt because of said behaviour contradicts my point. People on snow are still backseat modding in exactly the way I described. You probably can't go back and retroactively look at how many posts were saged on pt in the past now though.

No. 489581

File: 1519267561312.jpg (74.15 KB, 728x606, Capture.JPG)

I samefagged, sure after posting relevant information (at least to my standard about current happenings regarding the Sonida stream).
But I was actually only concerned where to livepost.
Obviously I know the rules, but it wasn't derailing to ask where to sperg live updates, surely?
The place is policed top to bottom so I expected a simple response.

I posted what I did out of genuine concern.

I know Temp was taken down for "maintenance" but another was to replace it etc. etc.
I'm not expecting a river of cash here by the way by any means either Admin.
I was late to the Townhall chat and didn't know the meta went up because it wasn't clickable last I checked.

>Can we just have a sperg thread?

>I don't want to get banned for making one
>I only clicked the link to a chatroom to chat concerns there
>Don't ban over this post either, please

No. 489587

That's ridiculous. It's not derailing if it's regarding a stream that will be about the Onions right?

No. 489592

Seriously why was this user banned?

No. 489593

It was regarding Sonida's potential milk about the Onions and the issue of liveposting.
That was it.

There's a stupid 8ch board for liveposting anyway but it's currently empty.
If anyone uses it then sure, fine but if not then cool. It's just /livecow/ on there.

>I just don't want to get banned for bullshit

No. 489645

I almost missed most of the town hall chat (sort of a strange time for me) and I’m confused about the distinctions for lolcow. People were complaining so much that milk wasn’t being brought over but sometimes, milk only really happens and is covered properly when we “live blog” streams like today’s. I’ve also seen so much snark and rudeness in the past few days since temp has been down. It’s not typically like that on temp. Sure, sometimes people go off on unrelated tangents and it’s annoying but it’s more annoying to wade through people’s snark and attitude problems here. That’s one thing temp has going for it compared to here.

No. 489646

Also, not almost.
Seems like typing here is …. off. Slower? I don’t know much about the coding aspects though.

No. 489684

>Direct linking to any videos uploaded on channels by Onision, Laineybot or Joy Sparkle BS, including all their side channels. (must be rehosted before linking)
Does this rule still apply? Difficult since vid.me and other sites no longer work.

No. 489685

i believe many people say changing a link to say "hooktube" instead of youtube will automatically redirect a youtube link

No. 489756


Bitchute is another option for rehosting.

No. 493426

Okay this is probably a really dumb question that has been answered before, but I haven't found much info on it: Is Tempcow gone forever, and what are the reasons behind this?

No. 493442

No. 498420

Hey, does anyone know if we have a CDAN thread here and if not, are people interested?

No. 500080

No. 513989

This is a weird question but I didn’t know where to ask it.

How many banners does lolcow have, and which cow is featured on the most banners?

No. 514191

I'm not a mod or anything but afaik >>>/meta/962 is the main thread for this. i think momo, onion and kota/keeks are the main ones featured

No. 514418

prominent banner cows are PT, Kiki and Onision.

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