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File: 1514649691433.jpg (56.4 KB, 620x465, tpn.jpg)

No. 457144

Discuss people who feign or exaggerate chronic illnesses and medical crises for attention and asspats online. Previous topic focused primarily on Instagram accounts, but posts from blogs and other social media sites are admissible.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/439383

Recent Cows:
(yes there are A LOT; IG unless otherwise stated)

bendywarrior (tumblr)
chronically_carmel / queerzebra (tumblr)
chloeschronicles_of_illness (insta) / Chloe's Chronicals of Chronic Illness / ChloesVaccineInjuryJourney (facebook)
diagnose rheuma (facebook)
gorgeous_gatorade_princess / unicorn.spoonie
outrageously_helpful_orion (jaquie's friend)
shelbiepaulley / beepaulley

Active Cows with Their Own Threads:
kelly.ronahan / me_and_the_mr [ >>>/snow/381123 ]
chronically_jaquie [ >>>/snow/439930

What Is A "Spoonie"?

People who identify as 'Spoonies' are referencing 'The Spoon Theory,' written by a woman with lupus to explain the chronic illness experience to a healthy friend who asked her what it really feels like to live with her medical problems.

The Spoonie Community is, in general, a legitimate supportive network for people dealing with chronic illness. In recent years, however, it has become polluted with SJW types and has attracted a new breed of attention-seeking catfish: people who lie about, fake having, and/or exaggerate existing medical problems and crises for no benefit other than to garner attention.

What Is Munchausen By Internet (MBI)?

From Dr. Marc Feldman, an expert in factitious disorders including Munchausen Syndrome, first described Munchausen By Internet in 2000:
>>…the advent of online support groups, combined with access to vast stores of medical information, enabled individuals seeking to gain sympathy by relating a series of harrowing medical or psychological problems that defy comprehension to misuse the groups.[1] Communication forums specializing in medical or psychological recovery were established to give lay users support in navigating often confusing and frustrating medical processes and bureaucracy. Communities often formed on those forums, with the goal of sharing information to help other members. Medical websites also became common, giving lay users access to literature in a way that was accessible to those without specific medical training. As Internet communication grew in popularity, users began to forgo the doctors and hospitals often consulted for medical advice. Frequenting virtual communities that have experience with a medical problem, Feldman notes, is easier than going through the physical pain or illness that would be necessary before visiting a doctor to get the attention sought. By pretending to be gravely ill, Internet users can gain sympathy from a group whose sole reason for existence is support. Health care professionals, with their limited time, greater medical knowledge, and tendency to be more skeptical in their diagnoses, may be less likely to provide that support.

Links to Articles and Info on MBI:
https://www.munchausen.com (Dr. Feldman's website)

No. 457148

Thank you anon, for that wonderfully relevant thread pic!

No. 457149

I made it hot and fresh!

Also kek forgot to update Kelly's thread number.

No. 457150


Kelly's thread has degenerated into a mix of selfposting and shitposting. It's not really worth looking at not anyway.

No. 457152

On the bright side, I updated the list of munchies to include spoonielife_amanda and chronically.amanda

Those were the two most recent additions off the top of my head!

No. 457155


Yes, both very milky and very confusable with each other… spoonielife_amanda appears more in Jaquie's thread because she's copying the Munchie Queen right down to the adjustable bed!

No. 457162

Nicole's username needs updated too - she's unichron_2 nowadays, rather than onemorestep2; and Dani is using danilizm rather than endlessvoices usually.

No. 457164

Is there a way to do this? Or not since its already been posted?

No. 457172

No you would have to delete the whole thing and repost.

No. 457334

File: 1514664633967.jpg (79.85 KB, 960x720, Munchausen by internet.jpg)

For the newfags

No. 457336

File: 1514664652592.jpg (137.39 KB, 728x546, fb1.jpg)

No. 457337


Also, Janiece is included in the Jaquie thread.

No. 457344

File: 1514665613381.png (661.31 KB, 854x551, aub1.png)

you know, its like other people actually be exasperated with their entire life being about your invisible illness. but yea its just a fun silly thing to do to ring in the new year. what is life without self made drama?

No. 457349


what is "partially positive"?

No. 457352

Congratulations Aubrey, you're the only person in the world who's ever needed TPN for C. Diff colitis kek

No. 457372

GOD i wanna strangle them. maybe they think they're rare enough that they won't affect actual sick people, but apparently they're common enough that many doctors will ask legitimately sick people with unknown afflictions if they might be munchies and turn them away before exhausting all the options. yet somehow actual munchies are getting all the treatment they ask for, i guess because they're brats? they're costing people with sometimes FATAL afflictions precious time and resources because there's so many of them that many ER doctors will roll their eyes at any patient that doesn't know their diagnosis front to back. Maybe this is the kind of mental illness that takes over people's willpower, but if it's one of those syndromes that's really just a behavior pattern of fucking assholes then they have blood on their hands as far as I'm concerned.

No. 457414

All these people are commenting on her IG saying they’ve had C-diff like 5+ times…doesn’t that seem a little, I don’t know, farfetched? C-diff is only transferred through contact of infected feces to an open orifice (such as the mouth). How are all these dang munchies getting c-diff so often?

No. 457418

Because they talk so much shit… badum tss

No. 457421

Omfg, and she made such a big deal out of holding all those new babies while puking everywhere - I really hope she hasn't infected those poor kids!

No. 457422


can she give c diff (assuming she even has it) to that newborn she was holding a few days ago?

No. 457425

Depending on where they live then I'd suggest because lots of the USA doesn't have proper sewage systems BUT if they also have good health insurance then they probably live in a neighbourhood that does have decent sewage management.

No. 457436

I'm sure it has nothing to do with her feeding tube station being a foot away from the toilet.

No. 457446


c-diff doesn't necessarily come from direct contact with infected feces. A lot of people have c-diff bacteria in their system but never have any symptoms. If you take antibiotics you are more likely to get a c-diff infection. C-diff is fairly common in medical settings - if Aubrey has been spending a lot of time in the hospital then its likely she has come into contact with it. People with lowered immune systems are more likely to get a c-diff infection.
If munchies are getting c-diff infections often its probably a result of them spending unnecessary amounts of time in the hospital, turning to antibiotics for every little thing, or taking/doing other things that will weaken their immune systems.

No. 457448

Aubrey was on different IV abx recently. And she's been admitted three or four times in about a month time.

No. 457468

She was on vancomycin for “sepsis” that most definitely was not, if anything she had the flu like thousands of other people right now (I think 35 states are experiencing outbreaks currently). But honestly she’s looked totally healthy at least the past week or so, not like someone who was seriously ill or even malnourished at all (if anything she’s gained weight recently).

No. 457472

Now she’s got something people with CF get a lot, wonder if that’s a goal of hers. She’s obviously a fan of Mary Frey as well, she’s even been dressing like her and has a similar look (hair, glasses), complete with feeding tube, the same small bags for it, service dog, and oxygen when they’ll give it to her. She’s trying to be a cf girl but will never be since cf can’t be faked. Instead she’s munching her way into whatever gives her toys and hospital admissions. Let’s not forget she started out witj self-diagnosed Lyme, which got her a picc line and then a port, and things very quickly escalated, which is not how a real chronic illness works. You don’t magically develop symptoms as an adult unless you’re a spoonie (exception: legitimate autoimmune illnesses that can’t be faked because bloodwork).

No. 457484

And now we hear nothing about the Lyme whatsoever. In typical Jaquie/munchie fashion, she's moved on to bigger and better (read: more severe) illnesses. As soon as one gets boring, it's on to the next thing that will get me a week in the hospital

No. 457487

It’s honestly fascinating to me how they can go so quickly from one illness to the next, focusing on something more severe with the intentions of a new medical device or “tool” as they so adore to call them. How do you think they decide what to pursue as their next diagnosis?? I wonder what Aubrey would say if asked about Lyme, or Jaquie about Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome.

No. 457622

At least she finally (found) a team that believes her it's not her (recovered) eating disorder causing all of this


No. 457631

Which cow, anon? Aubrey? Does she have a history of ED?

No. 457706

Not the OP but I think it that’s girl who’s super emaciated and claims it’s because of her eds/GP/chrons, I don’t remember her IG. She admits to a past eating disorder, but claims she’s recovered, but also talks about how she doesn’t want to gain weight. She’s also super demanding about her pain meds for her eds, but wants way more than anyone with eds would need. She puts absolutely no effort into maintaining a healthy weight, and blames her “illnesses” and medical care instead. Mother is a total enabler.

No. 457712

File: 1514695008824.png (939.39 KB, 1268x636, Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 11.3…)

blogging from the hospital so very sick, almost dead you guys but don't worry Aubrey was still feeling well enough to put some fucking mascara on

No. 457716


also are you even supposed to wear jewelry when you're in the hospital on death's door? What if they need to do some emergency scan thing?

No. 457717

File: 1514695197502.jpeg (144.04 KB, 640x1136, 8815F577-D5DC-4EBE-9DAB-FAB771…)

This girl. She’s a fucking train wreck ana chan.

No. 457718

Dying from malnutrition, sure. Her face is looking chunkier and chunkier. Apparently being forced to gain weight is the equivalent of being “sick”.

No. 457723

File: 1514695629925.jpeg (153.45 KB, 640x1136, 67ED6056-9F94-4C69-B1C4-6D17F6…)

Guess who doesn’t want to be left out of having a crisis. Tbh, doesn’t look like an allergic reaction to me. Looks more like she rubbed her skin to make it red. Also, Benadryl doesn’t immediately fix mcas rashes, they stick around for a while.

No. 457724

File: 1514695673802.jpeg (241.12 KB, 640x1136, C2B9D558-50DF-4AB3-9517-9B067D…)

No. 457727

Munchies also don’t seem to know that the mcas associated with eds and pots isn’t the same as normal mcas, you don’t react to every single thing.

No. 457731

She has GP but posts all over her insta eating candies and cookies? She is scary skinny.

No. 457734

So much so that she’s on TPN (or was recently), but she’s that skinny just because of her medical conditions kek. She’s obvs still an ana chan and probably purges too.

No. 457741

Please explain how a medical condition such as MCAS is not the same simply because it’s comorbid to something else?

No. 457768

I don’t know the exact science behind it,but the mcas found in people with the eds/pots/mcas combo is suspected to be more related to autonomic dysfunction than a problem with the immune system like stand alone mcas or mastocytosis. I don’t know all the details (not a doctor), but there’s a slight difference in how the reactions go. And people with eds and mcas don’t have the same lab results as people with stand alone mcas, but have the same symptoms. Like everything related to eds, it’s still being researched apparently.

No. 457772

It also might be that the mcas associated with eds and pots is an entirely separate mast cell disease not yet identified.

No. 457791

File: 1514701185151.png (1.91 MB, 1848x1186, Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 1.17…)

I almost feel sad looking at her now. She is still skinny in this pic, but not skeletal. Hope she gets the help she needs, both mental and physical.

No. 457794

MCAS can be primary, secondary or idiopathic. In the case of comorbid conditions it would likely be considered secondary.
More info:
Frieri M (2015). "Mast Cell Activation Syndrome". Clin Rev Allergy Immunol. doi:10.1007/s12016-015-8487-6. PMID 25944644. Table 1
Classification of diseases associated with mast cell activation from Akin et al. [14]
1. Primary
a. Anaphylaxis with an associated clonal mast cell disorder
b. Monoclonal mast cell activation syndrome (MMAS), see text for explanation
2. Secondary
a. Allergic disorders
b. Mast cell activation associated with chronic inflammatory or neoplastic disorders
c. Physical urticarias (requires a primary stimulation)
d. Chronic autoimmune urticaria
3. Idiopathic (When mast cell degranulation has been documented; may be either primary or secondary. Note also that angioedema may be associated with hereditary or acquired angioedema where it may be mast cell independent and result from kinin generation)
a. Anaphylaxis
b. Angioedema
c. Urticaria
d. Mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS)…
Recurrent idiopathic anaphylaxis presents with allergic signs and symptoms—hives and angioedema which is a distinguishing feature—eliminates identifiable allergic etiologies, considers mastocytosis and carcinoid syndrome, and is treated with H1 and H2 antihistamines, epinephrine, and steroids [21, 22].

No. 457795

She’s been given all the tools to get better, but has chosen not to. She’s also awful to medical professionals, and won’t admit that she’s still stuck in her eating disorder (and will be horrible to anyone who suggests it). I don’t feel bad for her at all, there are lots of people who wish they could have the treatments she gets and refuses to take advantage of/work with at all.

No. 457798

Yes it is sad, she doesn't seem milky. But genuinely ill and documenting her time in hospital and struggles etc; as opposed to showing off her illness and being proana.

No. 457802

Yes, it’s considered secondary. There is a possibility that it’s its own type of mast cell disease connected to eds and autonomic dysfunction that is being looked into. What’s interesting is that munchies always have mcas that has the exact same symptoms as the generic list anyone can find on the internet, very unspecific to them (“I react to everything”), and aren’t on any of the standard treatments except going to the er more than reasonable and the favorite iv Benadryl (that gives you a buzz).

No. 457803

You don't seem to fathom that EDs are extremely hard to overcome and that it affects your mindset. She may know she needs to get better but not feel comfortable changing her routines and habits that are hard to break. The fear of her body changing is probably making things hard for her too. Some anas dont even want to get better because their illness makes them think skinny is the only way to be.

No. 457806

Except all the posing to show off her low weight and general bratiness. There’s no reason for her to be at that low of a weight unless she’s choosing to. She’s definitely sick, but her eating disorder is what’s killing her.

No. 457807

I get that, but there’s no accountability at all, combined with terrible treatment of people around her, and the fact that she clearly loves the attention of being physically ill.

No. 457813

So what makes her any different from Chloe, Aubrey, and Jaquie? Other than her low weight, they’re all pretty similar. She’ had a gofuckme as well, and claims to be “recovered”.

No. 457874

I see a lot of these kind of pictures of people with a flushed face saying they have a "mast cell reaction." Is this a thing for MCAS? I assume it's more than just being flushed, because getting flushed all of a sudden is not uncommon. I could make at least five pictures every week of myself with a very flushed face, that's not related to anything medical. It's just called being tired.

O wow. She was pretty. I agree it's painful to look at her now. I looked at her Instagram and as another anon said. it's a mixture of hospital/sick pictures and of candy and cookies. Yet she is on TPN and can't eat? I don't really follow her and also didn't really read the posts, but it seems like she eats a lot of candy? Does anyone follow her? Does she chew and spit? Or can she somehow eat candy but not soup, bread and crackers? I don't know, but even looking at her makes me sad. She also seems to be very happy that she has found doctors who do not think it is 'just' an eating disorder. Erm.. there is no such thing as 'just' an eating disorder. Eating disorders are more deadly than any mental condition in the book. More people die from eating disorders than from gastroparesis.

In general, it seems to be mostly people who are not that skinny who tend to use GP to cover up their eating disorder. I always assumed it was because a physical condition gains more symphathy than a psychological one, unless you are clearly severely anorexic and starving. But she is. If she would admit she still struggles with an eating disorder (and maybe/probably with GI problems as well, which makes it even more complicated) she would get pretty much the same amounts of ass pats just because of how extremely sick she looks.

Do we have screenshots of her saying she doesn't want to gain weight?

No. 457943


Aubrey still tags Lyme related things in all her posts, it's just not the focus of her medical obsession right now (though she claims it to be the cause of her gastroparresis and "epilepsy").

No. 457944

File: 1514733608260.jpg (265.46 KB, 1128x1044, anna spoony.jpg)

I don't know if this thread would be interested, but remember fitveganginger? She's back online and now her thing is pretending she's dying and having a super special rare form of cystic fibrosis that only affects her gut.

No. 457952

File: 1514734642631.jpeg (706.07 KB, 1242x1945, fullsizeoutput_1a4d.jpeg)

Anyone know much about POTS? Two of her kids had completely normal tilt table tests and she's saying they probably still have POTS because the test is wrong 50% of the time? Isn't that the main test for diagnosing POTS? I thought that test was pretty accurate…

No. 457954

she exists here, someone posted abut her yesterday >>>/snow/163049

No. 457961

According to Aubrey, 2 days of TPN is making her feel better. That’s a quick recovery from malnutrition.

No. 457971


Yeah she's the munchie mom who seems to be more obsessed with her kids health than they are

No. 457991

File: 1514739608475.jpg (411.37 KB, 809x1514, Screenshot_20171231-105810.jpg)

SDP has tacky merch now. The processing on them also feels like a huge scam.

No. 457992

File: 1514739641536.jpg (455.77 KB, 810x1708, Screenshot_20171231-105748.jpg)

Comment on SDP merch post.

No. 457996

OMG. Start spreading positivity? Really? SDP is one of the most cuntish people I have ever seen on YT. But sure, tell people calling her out to be more positive, and keep watching Miss Judge and Jury of All Things "Service Dog."

No. 458008

Kek it’s impossible for a tilt table test to be wrong. It’s not the only test for pots, but it is one of the main ones.

No. 458012

Sage, but I've actually had it about four times in two years just because it's notoriously hard to really get rid of. Not sure if it's something that my city water has to do with like other anons suggested, and I'm kind of glad they did. Might look into that.

No. 458018

I'm >>458012, and same about the antibiotics. I just can't go on them anymore because every time I do, I end up getting c diff again. It sucks ass.

No. 458020

My mum, aunt and grandma all caught C-Diff when visiting my grandfather in hospital, where he was in a bed beside someone infected with it. They all washed their hands with alcohol gel before entering the ward, and upon leaving. They avoided touching anything on the ward, because they knew the patient next to my grandfather had C-Diff symptoms, but all three still got infected. Now, they still get symptoms every time they go on antibiotics, but are symptom free when not on them.

No. 458029

you have to keep options open, scoping out the newest sob story and device/treatments to go with it.

No. 458157

>>457734 except the fact she's doctor shopped this entire year, is "allergic to everything in her TPN including the Saline." She should have an award for most hospitals left AMA! KEK
Total asschan with a gofuckme

No. 458181

It can be negative if the patient is tested at a time when they are in stable condition. There are several papers in the literature about it.
Yeah she is a dumpster fire. EDchans crossing into spoonie territory is scary af and there are so many now, but she is absolutely one of the worst.

No. 458186

Would Aubrey's bathroom storage cause c-diff? Sepsis-like symptoms? I can't get the image of the toilet-side storage of port supplies and bottles of KF formula out of my head.

No. 458191

File: 1514760872909.jpg (96.47 KB, 540x960, ZomboMeme 31122017174645.jpg)

If you're on here. I bow to you.

No. 458193

That was on SDP'S latest thread btw

No. 458200

I don't know how I found these threads (this one and the Jaquie-Janice show). I have learned a lot of you are dealing with chronic illness and pain and all the things.

But holy hell, y'all make me laugh so hard.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU! And happy new year, y'all.


No. 458203


She came back later and said she doesn't have C Diff after all. I don't know what that's about because it's nearly impossible to get a false positive.

No. 458208

I would not leave my son in her hospital room, esp if he's related to any of the new babies. She has something to be spiking those fevers.

It's interesting to me how that after the plan was set for her to stay in the hospital through next week and do her surgery, she seems to feel better and can walk around, paint, etc.

Painting is how Mary Frey passes hospital time, of course.

No. 458243

File: 1514765222646.png (261.1 KB, 2430x848, Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 7.03…)

Sorry if I'm late to the party but anyone else notice this comment on Aubrey's vlog?

"I actually diagnosed myself initially and then got it confirmed by an expert in London."

And I didn't think it was that hard to find a specialist? Don't you just need to see a geneticist first to rule out the other kinds of EDS?

(Sidenote: She is way too happy to have that PICC and is probably hoping for an infection)

No. 458260

There's a lot that goes into the dx. But, the other genetic subtypes should be eliminated as options as well as any other connective tissue disorder. I hate seeing these cows being diagnosed with eds by a pcp when there's so much more then just being hypermobile

No. 458270

Flushing can be a symptom for MCAS, POTS, lupus, and more but by itself means nothing. It's certainly not the MAIN complaint of any MCAS patients

No. 458273

Tilt table will show false negative if the person is in remission, but then they obviously don't need any treatment. Test should only be done when you're experiencing severe symptoms to get an idea of why they're happening. So, even if this is some rare false negative it's dramatic and munchie-esque to even have the test done.

No. 458284

Y'all - no one mentioned that Aubrey has an Amazon wish list. I'm sure you have your wallets out for the Paws loot already…

I am one of the anons who defended Aubrey early on. I believed she was sick until I read her comment about seeking the EDS diagnosis. Sigh…

And I love the comment that says a skin reaction automatically means EDS. And here I thought a person could have a regular ol' allergy to plastics…

eye. roll.

No. 458285

I would not be surprised if she’s putting shit (hopefully not literal shit, but people have done that) in either her port or picc line or her feeding tube. It’s a fairly common behavior among munchies and could account for continual fever spikes. But yeah, she’s one of the last people in the world I would trust with my child.

No. 458290

Seriously? Lots of people have skin reactions to all sorts of things. My cat has skin allergies to certain laundry detergents, I better go get him an EDS/POTS/MCAS diagnosis!

No. 458313

Just be sure to document the cat's journey to diagnosis on Instagram because I'm sure you will have to visit more than one vet because very few will be insightful enough to recognize that your cat would benefit greatly from weekly saline infusions, a port, and a half-trained service dog.

Sage, of course.

No. 458336

Your cat is an inspiration, a true spoonie warrior. You should submit his story to news stations and start a gofundme for the sooper expensive laundry detergents you need to buy for him.

No. 458338

File: 1514773812125.jpg (179.33 KB, 623x904, IMG_2234.jpg)

Complete with a Frey Life shirt. Probably a child's XL because an adult small just isn't as fun!

No. 458346

So Aubrey and I use the same hospital and I'm here tonight in the ER. The hospital is PACKED and patients are being cared for in hallways. It enrages me to no end to think that healthy Aubrey is upstairs with TPN, antibiotics, saline, etc. in her own private room while dozens of sick patients receive their care in the goddamn hallway.

Sage for rage

No. 458356

He’s also going to require tube feeding soon, with special organic formula, but will continue to be able eat his normal treats.

No. 458383

service goldfish, you mean

No. 458386


How exciting! Maybe you'll see her dragging her 6 IV poles down the hall.

No. 458407

Don’t worry, if he eats his service fish, he can “vent” it through his tube

No. 458421

She is delusional. She was hoping for a wheelchair as it was just too much to walk. She also put up a post saying she was anorexic, a month or so ago? No mention of it ever again. I’d love someone to ask her about that.
The 20# weight loss in a WEEK!? No way it wAs a week. Maybe a month?
Girl has issues.

No. 458596

Unless she’s a contestant on biggest loser, then no. It’s impossible to lose 20 pounds in a week unless you’re starting out extremely morbidly obese. Cows seem to not realize that they’re not believable when they make totally unrealistic claims like this.

No. 458620

File: 1514787540713.jpg (62.58 KB, 746x361, 1514739608475.jpg)

No. 458733

File: 1514798705967.jpg (356.3 KB, 810x1408, Screenshot_20180101-025444.jpg)

Always drama with SDP. 1/2

No. 458734

File: 1514798746173.jpg (291.55 KB, 1080x1127, Screenshot_20180101-025637.jpg)


No. 458737

“Dying from POTS” kek. She wishes. (If she actually had POTS to begin with).

No. 458740

I think that's a quote of the person she replies to, though? No matter what, that dude is very funny.

What are the theories anyway as to why this type of munchie-ing is almost exclusive to white girls? There's plenty theories about why it affects mainly women, but what about the ethnic differences? I know FII is by default very difficult to research as there's limited data since so few people will admit to it. That's mainly true for adults though, maybe there's data for children and teens? I wonder if the ethnic difference is unique to the US (and other countries that are predominantly white but also have a large black comminity) and whether that difference is still there when you control for socio-economic status and/or things like whether someone has health insurance or not. I get the impression most munchies that we discuss are either relatively affluent or come from a background that is. I could be wrong though.

No. 458743

File: 1514801663444.jpg (394.97 KB, 2007x1195, rceezI3.jpg)

Mum has a history of hoping her kids will 'fail' a test.

You know.. I get being sick and wanting to know the cause of it. So yeah, sometimes that means you hope the tests will show something. Just because that means you can get treated and can go on. Being sick is no fun, and being sick without knowing what's wrong is even worse.

But there's a difference between hoping a test will show a treatable condition and a) hoping to 'fail' a specific test; b) broadcasting your 'secret hope' on the internet and c) doing that for someone other than yourself.

How about: "whatever the tests show, we hope the results will lead to the right kind of treatment". Or: "we don't care what is says, as long as it'll help the doctors to help her." Or: "we hope ultimately the tests will show a condition that's either self-limiting or easy to treat"? Something like that may mean the same thing, but it doesn't sound as creepy.

She is one scary mum.

No. 458749

File: 1514802942411.png (413.41 KB, 800x996, Screenshot_2018-01-01-02-31-54…)



Her first response is to attack them for being an ignorant "black" rather than recognise obvious troll is obvious.


No. 458757

>>457952 The tests are accurate. If the ttt was negative, that rules out pots or any autonomic dysfunction. Pots can also be diagnosed by poor man's tilt test, so if there's no diagnoses from either test- that would rule out pots.

No. 458760

Kek kek kek that bio had me in tears.

>I’ve only heard blacks say stuff like that

SDP sounds pretty shitty there damnnn

No. 458875


Kek those shirts aren't positivity they're just self promotion! And her YT is 20% education 80% lying on the floor in public and/or shouting at people.

No. 458879


Humor (and sass) is a good coping mechanism. Happy 2018 anons!

No. 458880


So she had one bout of diarrhoea and said it was C Diff. Sounds like a very munchie thing to say.

No. 458885


I have hEDS, and skin reactions to adhesives are one of the mildest of my symptoms. She's a munchie, so if she'd had anything vaguely near a subluxed joint or prolapse she'd have been straight to the ER demanding saline or dilaudid.

No. 458889

Hi, original poster here! She’s my “favorite” munchie in a sense because it seems like she’ll talk about something I’m dealing with/have dealt with and I’m just like…that’s not that serious.
She is pretty heavy, tbh. She’s at least 200 pounds at five foot something so I wasn’t sure if maybe she could have lost the weight in a week because of obesity. I would love to hear what her doctors say about her weight.
It just really pisses me off that there are so many people who are horrifically ill- like actually sick- that can’t get the kind of medical care she wastes. She goes to Mass Gen, one of the best hospitals in the country, because oh my god she threw up a few times?
Honestly, if she’d exercise and eat right, she’d feel a whole hell of a lot better but god forbid that happens.

No. 458900

20% education? You must be a very generous person. To be honest though, I don't see it. The only part that could be considered educating is the fact that she tells and repeats what a service animal is under the ADA. And the difference between an SD and an ESA. That's more like 2%. I don't know if it should be considered educating though if she herself abuses the huge loophole that is the ADA.

O, and you forgot bitching, but you probably meant to cover that in the shouting at people?

I'd propose:
2% educating
30% lying at the floor in public
10% dangerous driving
10% very boring shopping clips
8% "bad parenting caught on tape"
10% complaining about symptoms, doctors or other more general medical talk
30% seeking out or staging conflicts surrounding her SD so she can bitch about it.

I will gladly stand corrected if someone has a better estimate, though.

No. 458902


Don't forget loudly harassing people with ESAs or fake SDs in public.

No. 458905


Well, "slightly delayed gastric emptying" doesn't get that sweet Disability cheque for mom.

No. 458909

File: 1514828496999.jpg (183.22 KB, 615x901, FullSizeRender.jpg)

Unicorn.spoonie's roundup of the year. It sounds like it's Kat writing here but she mentions procedures her friend has had as her own and tags her illness too. It's like she's munchieing vicariously through her less dramatic friend's actual health problems.

No. 458915

I was looking at that reaction and then noticed the kind of bandaid she was using. It looked like a generic beige one. I literally said to myself "have to remember that; if she'll claim EDS in the near future, that will prove her skin isn't as fragile".
Most EDSers I know will use either band aids for sensitive skin (the white ones) OR not use them alltogether and use e.g. self-adherent wrap with some gauze that doesn't stick to the skin or some other special-order or home-made alternative.

Of course there are EDSers who can use band aids, especially if it doesn't stay on the skin for too long. But if she is going to claim fragile skin as a symptom of EDS, her choice of band aids is a bit odd to me.

Who else predicted long ago that Aubrey would try to claim EDS? She stretches almost religiously and - even more odd - does it on camera (and while she is in hospital) so everyone can see she is flexible. (Not EDS-flexible, imo. But I've seen some slight hypermobility in her fingers in some postures when she supports her neck.) I just KNEW this was coming. EDS can be her ticket out of medical obscurity with her controversial 'chronic Lyme' diagnosis. Her story doesn't add up though. She was standing on one leg while stretching her other leg against her IV pole just yesterday (in yesterdays vlog, to be precise). That requires quite a lot of stability and muscle control. If she would have EDS (which she doesn't) she would have to be pretty much asymptomatic. And right now she claims her POTS and GP are caused by her chronic Lyme. IF she gets a diagnosis of EDS, would they then be caused by her lax connective tissue? Or would she do a Chloe and claim that Lyme changed her genetic make-up and caused EDS?

Argh. I wish these munchies would get off the EDS train already. It's getting tiresome. The diagnosis doesn't mean a thing anymore. The more that diagnosis is given to people who just happen to have some hypermobile joints (just like about 10-30% of the female population, depending on ethnic background), the more doctors will think that (h)EDS is "just being hypermobile".

No. 458918

What is "close call to knee surgery"? That she maybe needed surgery? If she thinks it's worth to reminiscence on "maybes" she could just go ahead and mention/tag every possible differential diagnosis a doctor ever mentioned or things she was tested for to rule out as something she "almost" had.

No. 458952

Social security for kids isn’t that much. When I got my first check at 16, it was $180 per month. When my mom died, it went to 800. When my dad died, it went to 1300.

As long as the parents are alive, and you’re disabled before 22, there’s no sweet sweet disability checks.

No. 458980

File: 1514833772239.jpg (249.28 KB, 1133x2015, IMG_0495.JPG)

Munchie in the wild! From a Facebook thread, where a woman was talking about getting into doing full makeup to get color back into her face, after dealing with cancer for years. This chick showed up about halfway down.

'I'm so glad u posted ur comment! I'm 31 but look much older with wrinkles I shouldn't have until I'm waaay older Because of all the things Ive been through health wise wise my MANY autoimmune diseases, mainly right now dealing with mixed connective tissue disease (which is a overlapping of all the hard hitters like lupus, scleroderma,ECT feels like MS) plus I have adrenal insufficiency,and a ton of GI problems that first started with Celiac disease,but after many complicated tests(still ongoing)I've been diagnosed with chronic gastritis, psuedo obstruction, gastroperisis,and more but my point is putting on makeup makes me feel better about myself,like me again,and most people say but u don't look sick! Which is a compliment,both good and bad cuz they don't believe when I say I'm too sick to do things. But anyway you're NEVER too old to put on makeup like this.
I actually was going to be starting my own youtube channel doing makeup tutorials and lifestyle channel but I don't have the equipment or can afford the equipment to start it.
My Drs suggested it to me last year when I was about to turn 30 as a way to keep my mind off my chronic PAIN (I'm also in a wheelchair now from once being a dancer)but I feel weird starting a go fund me page asking for help,so I haven't gotten to do it.but another reason why I was going to start it was because I had a dream of being a cosmetologist/hair stylist my entire life! From kindergarten fashion show I asked my mom if I could go as a nail lady but we couldn't figure out how so I went as a mommy,) another dream I'll never get to full fill,) so since I'm to sick to have my dream job because I can't hold down a real job, youtube was going to be my way to full fill it ?but u have to have all this equipment and a laptop which I also don't have,to do it. ANYWAY you keep being u cuz I know life is short ( ive almost died. 5times septic,honey I could write a book but wouldn't want to rehash it!)and if doing ur makeup like a pro makes u happy, keep it up!

Sorry so long no one's probably even read this! Lol
Xoxo Colie'

Here's her pic. I hope this was the right place for this post!

No. 459052

I'm really surprised that Autumn has been off of insta for this long. She is my fav spoonie kek

No. 459055


Nice find anon!

No. 459056

File: 1514840040828.png (174.08 KB, 1265x636, IMG_3531.PNG)



No. 459059

File: 1514840230031.png (1.57 MB, 1334x750, IMG_5546.PNG)

Aubrey can't eat, but she's been venting (purging) through her G-Tube "a lot". According to her latest vlog. I don't see how her doctors don't see through her shit. I really don't.

No. 459070

After watching several of her old videos, I find her reliance on her non munchie friend disturbing. Like, yeah she’s your friend but she can’t be your whole life. On IG, she’s referred to her as her “princess”. Imagine what would happen if this girl suddenly didn’t want to be friends anymore/moved away? And what about when one of them (obviously the friend) goes to college??

No. 459072

Does anyone else find it odd that none of her four children have a job or do anything outside of the home? Can they all really be that ill? The poor girl who Makes most of the vlogs has a speech issue that should have been taken care of when she was a child.
Am I correct that they were all homeschooled?

No. 459075


they're not allowed to have jobs outside the home. Or go to college. Or move out until they get married. They have nothing else to do other than be sick.

No. 459083

It’s pretty sad. Those girls know nothing other than being sick. Focusing on nothing but every little pain and reaction will just make you sicker!
I know one of them is disabled and someone needs to be there for her. But, come on. You are 22 and your whole life revolves around you having a cold and using a nebulizer. You’ll live sweetie

No. 459127


Her dependance on the friend has always seemed a bit odd. I believe the unicorn.spoonie IG is either almost completely run by Kat. The friend's personal IG doesn't use illness/disability hashtags - and while she refers to Kat as a best friend there is another girl who she also refers to as a best friend and posts pictures of more often especially recently.
I think Kat is pretty jealous of the friend. I believe they met at a camp for the blind/visually impaired. Her friend has a undisputed and uncommon medical issue and also seems to have good family support. Kat doesn't have great family support and I think is envious of the support that her friend gets. She seems to be another one who is hoping that if she was just sicker then her family might pay more attention to her. Unfortunately she seems rather annoying and demanding/entitled which probably doesn't make her easy to be around.
It is as if Kat secretly hopes she could be her friend - the friend likely has to have frequent biopsies/cyst removals. Kat probably convinced one doctor to biopsy a mole and is now declaring she had MOHS surgery. Its just always weird that she hashtags the friends illnesses when the friend doesn't usually do it

No. 459136

File: 1514849211491.jpg (Spoiler Image, 903.66 KB, 809x2078, Screenshot_20180101-172443.jpg)

OTT happy.guts.recovery is making her edema out to be this huge deal and making it seem like they don't know what to do. It's pretty straightforward and happens all the time with refeeding patients with anorexia.

No. 459137

There's no way she doesn't have an ED. Like. She probably has some severe GI issues as well, but they've been caused by anorexia.

No. 459143

Agreed, eating disorders and things like bingeing can actually cause gastroparesis

No. 459151

I second everything you said. I also recall that her old IG mentioned financial problems at home and relying on the friend’s family for food, even. I feel bad for her if this is the case but it doesn’t excuse being a person who talks shit on (likely excellent, being Mass Gen) medical personnel and tries to gain attention by pretending to be ill. The friend probably is a sweet girl who may feel trapped/suffocated by her.

No. 459152

The fact she's on a cortisone AND Lasix just makes it so anyone would have edema just by walking to the bathroom! smh .. good thing she has great doctors now who will keep spooning it into her. She's dying ffs! So so rare! KeK

No. 459154

File: 1514850556765.png (434.51 KB, 750x1334, 19D699B4-6885-41B6-8397-9E8C55…)

There’s also this

No. 459172

If you can't eat or keep anything down, why in the hell would the ER give you laxatives? Kek.

No. 459272

Not only that but it’s like she wants to be in the hospital when truly sick people actually hate it. I bet she’d love it though. Though she probably thinks doctors are tending to you 24/7 when in fact, they aren’t. Had she been admitted she would have gotten more laxatives (as I assume they did a CT and found constipation) and anti emetics. But god forbid you do that at home.

No. 459283

I have had this gastric emptying test and I'm pretty sure she took this from the most dramatic possible angle. It looks like her kid is trapped by a huge machine but if it's the same one I was under, it covers your chest and is very open on all sides. But that's not nearly as pity-grabbing is it?

No. 459285

EDSers with hypermobility symptoms are told to never, ever stretch. She would have dislocations from the kinds of stretches she does, or at least ligament damage which is extremely painful. And most people with very hypermobile joints suffer from vertigo or dyspraxia and couldn't balance like her due to poor spacial awareness.

No. 459288


It was open on all sides that was just the first of a series of three of the kid(? - I have no idea how old this womans kids are) having the test - because all kids want their mom taking a million pictures of them during medical testing and plastering them over the internet

No. 459297

Also, most people with hEDS have very unstable ankles, which makes balancing even more difficult if not impossible

No. 459298

Munchies love the hospital. It’s a pretty big tell if they’re not actually sick.

No. 459302

She needs eating disorder treatment, not to go home. Those are anorexia feet during refeeding, not something to do with her illnesses. No shame with the boldfaced lies with this one.

No. 459336

File: 1514866621123.jpg (138.59 KB, 997x505, pawsr.jpg)

This psycho is really saying that because the person wrote "our white daughters" makes the troll account a black owned one?

No. 459344

Fits that she’s a giant racist as well. She’s just a cunt, through and through.

No. 459379

File: 1514870109848.jpg (108.29 KB, 804x353, ,unchie.jpg)

No. 459391

File: 1514871554095.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180102-003518.png)

Has this munchi been brought up? I couldn't find it on my search. She's ALWAYS in the hospital and if she isn't she brings her child.
Typical anachan with peg tube and ng, gastro ..blah blah

No. 459403

Is she fucking serious? There's nothing glamorous about hospitals. There's nothing glamorous about sleep studies those electrodes and wires fucking suck. She's trying so hard to be "editorial" and "high fashion" but this just looks like a hot mess tbh. Also, why the fuck would you wear makeup to a sleep study?

And is it just me or are there two oxygen tubes in her nose? The pinkish one looks like an oxygen tube but I can't tell what that second white one is for? If someone knows please fill me in.

No. 459407

File: 1514872782140.jpg (149.77 KB, 745x534, munchie.jpg)

There are plenty more pics.

No. 459409

Holy shit that's fucking infuriating. I feel like if she actually had to be there, she wouldn't feel like taking "glamour" shots. What kind of twisted mentality is that? I've never seen anything like this before. If you feel well enough to take pictures like that, you don't have to be there. That's some serious bullshit.

sage for rage

No. 459414

File: 1514873491834.png (1.81 MB, 1870x1204, Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 1.08…)

samefag but I wonder what her doctor would think if they came in and saw her posing like this.

No. 459439

I think for most of the pics she's just at appointments, but there are some when she's going through testing or in the ER and those are the ones that make me mad.

I understand wanting something to pass the time while you wait for the doctor to come see you, but get Animal Crossing or something, stop posing like you're some big time model when you have EDS and probably shouldn't be in some of those positions.

No. 459447

That’s a nearly impossible position for eds.

No. 459449


I believe that tube is for capnography, which measures the concentration of CO2 when you exhale. Med folk correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 459450

This woman has been around for a while, but is absolutely ridiculous and fairly disgusting in her attention-seeking. She gives legitimately ill people a bad name.

No. 459452

She claims pots too? No way she could be upside down like that with pots, unless it’s very, very mild.

No. 459460

That's exactly what I was thinking. There's no way she could be hanging herself upside down like that without getting symptomatic, especially if she had POTS/EDs that's bad enough to be at the doctors as much as she seems to be. There's photos like this >>459414 of her upside down, balancing on one leg, etc. all over her instagram, and it just doesn't make sense with what she claims to have.

No. 459462

How did she get that tube up the top of shirt? Also, that’s pretty attention-whoring. Reminds me of that Bekah girl from the ana chan thread.

No. 459463

We just talked about eds and balancing, too. It’s incredibly difficult, if not impossible.

No. 459470

Karolyn claims EDS, but doesn't say which kind and PTSD. Based on her website, #HospitalGlam appears to be some kind of attempt at a social movement and an attempt to make fun of the fashion industry (always something I can get behind, ha), but she seems a bit misguided.

I don't see any photos that appear to be in an ER. She claims to be an artist, so I'm guessing she has a friend who has access helping her.

She doesn't complain in her posts but writes things that advocate for healthcare, women, etc. She's more of an advocate than any of the usual "advocates" mentioned around here.

I'd much rather see these than yet another photo of a picc line or a video about a near-death heart rate a la Amy Nicole, whose "heart almost killed her" last week.

The rest of this is Karolyn's, not mine. She writes:

karolynprg#HospitalGlam examines the role image plays in our medical treatment. "Glam" references the poses and their similarity to fashion photography, the fact that chronic illness does not fit the traditional visual conception of sickness, and that we live in a place where healthcare is a luxury good. #hospitalglam is political. Enjoy. -

No. 459599

what are your thoughts on docs who specialize in pots, eds, mcas, and gp? does it seem to you they'll diagnose anyone for the money and expensive treatments?

I have a friend on facebook who was diagnosed with the trifecta back in september, immediately started cromolyn, beta blockers, couple other expensive meds. She's gotten a myriad of testing done, most recently an upright mri that showed 4 mm chiari. I asked what her neuro thought about this, only to find out she hasn't seen neuro at all. Her primary (as she calls it) diagnosed her with all this. The doctor is an ND and this girl sees her once a week. This to me seems like a total money grab for the doctor. She's convinced this girl she's disabled (she's applying for a service dog), that she needs crutches to walk (I saw her walk across stage at graduation, she's good), and that she needs expensive meds like cromolyn (she's gotten a rash maybe once, but hey, eds and pots? must have mcas)

did I mention she diagnosed classical EDS without genetic testing? Yep. I'm not gonna post screenshots for privacy reasons (she only posts on her personal fb, no insta) but this enrages me. This girl might actually be sick but she is abusing the system to get the best treatment for something that might not even help.

No. 459610

it seems pretty plausible that this upsurge in pity point begging is enticing clinics to seek out some lucrative business. pain clinics have been doing it for awhile.
while the medical field is about saving lives and making them better and whatnot, at a certain level it absolutely is a business. pharmaceutical reps exist for a reason

No. 459620

File: 1514910749345.jpeg (180.04 KB, 750x1217, 33EA850F-B221-49D9-9B14-778464…)

New cow? I realize this post of hers is a little old but she legit tubes herself. EDS/MCAD/GP-typical bs plethora of speshul snowflake illnesses. Oh and Kate Farms feeds..have to have those!

No. 459626

File: 1514911216134.png (565.47 KB, 798x606, memb.png)

ive followed her for awhile. she seems ott. just another spoop wanting controlled feeds and asspats

No. 459629

You mean she tubes herself without her doctor ordering/prescribing it? Because putting in and changing your own NG tube in and of itself isn't special. One could even argue it's a non-munchie thing to do, because you would expect a munchie to want to have a nurse come by to do it so they can have the attention of a health professional.

No. 459633

File: 1514912442940.jpeg (248.5 KB, 750x1334, 859154EB-CDE0-47F0-BDC8-467245…)

Hmm. From her gofuckme.


No. 459634

File: 1514912472025.jpeg (320.64 KB, 750x1244, 9E9163C3-F66F-4C30-9CCB-2701A2…)


No. 459637

File: 1514912700158.png (730.95 KB, 808x554, memb2.png)

what an ass. all her images are posing in stores and by pools and a leg up on the counter a la tuna. appears pretty mobile..

No. 459652

File: 1514914082168.jpeg (679.22 KB, 750x987, ED9B12F3-1ADD-48EB-B16F-31F979…)

Why do they all have to follow the same rubric? It’s like a 10-step how-to guide to supreme munchiedom and it makes them easy to spot from a mile away.

What’s this? A post about “good body image day” implying an eating disorder? Shocking.

No. 459654

Guess all of us wheelchair users just sit at home and do nothing all day. Ever see the Paralympics?

When you have a mobility issue, and balance issues, you use a wheelchair and a service dog to help adapt. Using a dog to do tasks that are impossible to do in a wheelchair, unless you have some custom $10k hyper mobile one, is pretty much the norm these days for people with physical disabilities.

Stop painting all wheelchair users with the same brush because that’s what it looks like from someone who has used a cane for 30 years of their life so far.

Yes. Quite salty.(no1curr)

No. 459656

File: 1514914381156.jpeg (1.19 MB, 750x1036, 838D4B48-25FC-4B8A-A83E-6EE3DE…)

She’s so cringe, I hate her already.

You’re in the wrong thread, WK.

No. 459660

WK? Shut up NEET. You jealous because you can’t leave the house to even go to a store, right?

Wow. Must suck. At least you have workable legs. Right?


No. 459667

File: 1514914802418.jpeg (203.13 KB, 750x868, 30765AA7-3571-4E76-BE64-113190…)

>muh mobility issues
>muh balance issues
>muh 5-inch Jeffrey Campbell heels

No. 459669

so which spoonie IG is yours? sorry youre salty but maybe go back to your hugbox so your sensibilities dont get affronted again

No. 459672

Chronically Jacque.

No. Seriously. You’ve never heard of the Paralympics?

My boyfriend is a bisexual fag, and he told me I would be interested in this thread.

No. 459675

Paralympic fag here. Yeah. I’ve never been able to do heels.

But just because I sometimes use a wheelchair doesn’t mean I don’t go to store and shit. LOL.

No. 459686

Forgive me for not knowing much because I’d never even heard of MCAD/MCAS before every munchie decided they had it, but wouldn’t tattoos be a terrible idea? My basic understanding is that you can have an anaphylactic reaction to anything, including stimuli, and injecting pigmented ink into your body with a vibrating needle just seems…. like a bad idea.

I mean, cool for you. Enjoy your ban and “going to store,” I guess.

No. 459694

Thanks! Must be nice being an asshole neet! Have a good one, sweetie pie.

Calling out a typo. Gather around everyone. It’s Regina George!(chill)

No. 459697

File: 1514915692991.jpg (25.93 KB, 236x349, BVqyJVU.jpg)

this is not the place for you newfag if your jimmies are easily rustled. we arent your therapist

No. 459702


You know its bad if all the sudden Dom's ridiculous number of patches on her SD is looking good in comparison.
How is anyone supposed to take the dog seriously when you have it decked out in Harry Potter gear and patches. Sometimes less is more.

No. 459704

Not to mention it’s kind of counter-intuitive to say “don’t distract this dog” with a paragraph of text that people would need to stop to read.

No. 459710

makes me want to quit my job to make a killing on obnoxious service animal patches. the more ott the better

No. 459711


Thats my issue with Dom - she seems to think that more patches will mean people won't distract her dog (and she seems to indicate that people looking at the dog is a distraction) but if you cover a dog in patches people will have to spend longer reading them. As a member of the general public a patch that says service/working dog and do not pet/distract is more than enough to get the message across to me.

No. 459762


I think it is. I had a sleep study recently and that's what they told me it was for. Not sure why she appears to have a double tube though.

No. 459764


Mercifully this stuff doesn't really happen in the uk because w e have the NHS so no unnecessary treatments or tests, and no bungs for the doctor who prescribes them.

The downside is that getting a genuine EDS diagnosis can take years thanks to waiting lists or maybe just lack of knowledgable specialists in someone's clinical region.

No. 459770


Maybe some people with severe mast cell problems would react to tattoo ink (like people who react to anything and everything). I get occasional swelling In my tattoos when I'm reacting to another allergen.

No. 459771

File: 1514920586802.jpg (921.41 KB, 1080x3157, Screenshot_20180102-130616.jpg)

Guys, I can't with this bitch. She's gone full Angi Dong. She's nothing like housebound, as evidenced by her post from the very same day wherein she directs people to a Vice article about her and her cross-country travel. There are also multiple recent photos of her at parties. She obviously can't manage money for shit and just says a lot of words to confuse people about her bills. And she has to pay all her doctors before they see her kek.

No. 459772

File: 1514920644087.png (369.72 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180102-130654.png)

No. 459781


Kek she ain't housebound, just attention seeking. Just like hypermobileguy isn't "bedbound", as he called himself when he had to spend a whole one day in bed.

No. 459787

File: 1514921758552.jpeg (311.72 KB, 750x1250, 3D46FF45-9B67-4238-882F-85D73F…)

Nice outfit. Friends. An outing to bring in the new year. Definitely housebound!

No. 459791

Every week is a new fucking tragedy to try to scam people out of money. Hasn't her youcaring already scammed people out of over $50,000 or some of their insane amount?

She is so pathetic with her fake cEDS and fake EVERYTHING. For those unfamiliar with Katie McFarland of Arkansas, she literally posts evidence contradicting what she says she is diagnosed with such as results of genetic testing stating she has no mutations for CEDS and pictures of mostly eaten meals while claiming gastroparesis. She's like Rachel Dolezal with her activism and constantly making herself look like an ass in Washington, where she's obviously well enough to travel to in order to protest.

No. 459793


3 days ago, posts that she’s housebound.
1 day ago, posts photos from a new year party.

No. 459900

Who posted this same thing last month? I thought it was someone in Great Britain?

For one thing, in the U.S., rent is not "combined with benefits (whatever that is). Perhaps "utilities," but it would never be written as "benefits."

No. 459911

File: 1514930460611.jpeg (177.15 KB, 640x914, C04F57FC-86AA-4035-B46B-AC151E…)

Look who’s been admitted again; who remembers so much detail when they are so unwell?!

No. 459920


And she mentions utilities are on autodraft >>459772.

No. 459932

Of course she is. It’s an addiction for her. It’s too bad, because she seemed like she was going to knock that shit off and go to therapy, but that obviously hasn’t happened. More asspats for hospital admissions, of course.

No. 459950

She probably thinks that's actually their profile picture.

No. 459955

A primary doctor can't specialize… by definition? I saw an electrophysiologist who specializes in POTS, a geneticist who specializes in EDS, and an immunologist who specializes in MCAS for my diagnoses. These people specialize in disorders because they conduct and publish research about them. They are less likely to give a false diagnosis in my opinion, but you can always find a doctor who will give you that dx. I wouldn't call that doctor, or a primary physician, a specialist.

No. 459959

Not white-knighting (saged the post anyway) this time she wasn't admitted for her so-called vomiting, it's the asthma which seems legit

No. 460055

File: 1514937756187.png (168.16 KB, 489x415, donation2.PNG)


I figured out where I've seen this request for help before…from Kati herself.

Requests for help:
Current needs (auto-draft snafu/sexual assault): http://katiaches.tumblr.com/tagged/share-and-donate-if-you-can-%3C3

Month before (Auto-draft snafu, heart medication!!): http://katiaches.tumblr.com/post/167925071055/fb-messenger

YouCaring - She's going for a big surgery! -

Amazon Wish List! http://a.co/7SQN6TU (Hope y'all didn't spend all your money on pet dog paw shirts or gifts of watercolor paints…)

She posted Skagra's "court case" on her Tumbler, so I guess she's vested in the outcome: http://katiaches.tumblr.com/post/168876825255/this-court-case-will-make-or-break-the-rest-of-my

Apparently, yelling at your senator improves fundraising: http://www.vocativ.com/405313/donations-woman-yelled-senator-town-hall/index.html

No. 460066

Yeah I was going to say, needle in the wrist is for blood gases which means it's a pretty bad attack.

No. 460077

I think the asthma does exist and the allergies and anaphylaxis too as she does have a nebuliser which is near impossible to get on the NHS in the UK (UK medfag) (I know you can buy them but she's shown prescribed ventolin nebules before which they don't just hand out so I believe the asthma is relatively severe at times) and I also believe the anaphylaxis as she has prescribed epi-pens which again are difficult to get without having anaphylaxis. According to Instagram she got home earlier today so it seems genuinely like asthma and not like the vomiting (who knows maybe she's learned)

No. 460086

File: 1514940083590.png (213.95 KB, 1274x1652, IMG_3537.PNG)

No the full moon does not affect chronic illness.
This is another uk cow, with "chronic Lyme, IC, endo, fibro, PTSD, depression and anxiety". Basically a dupe of MBV but without the cash to be validated at Breakspear. But the moon hurt me, guyz.

No. 460118

Putting new meaning behind the word lunatic.

No. 460155

File: 1514944536289.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180102-204849.png)

Look who's back in and out of the hospital for her daily asspats. kek

No. 460161

I'm surprised some Lupusfag isn't claiming the full moon aggravates her "wolf"…

No. 460168

Kek I see the etymology there

No. 460197

File: 1514947588686.jpeg (733.65 KB, 2078x1386, DF4B89BA-166C-4FA4-92FE-A36A5A…)

Ambulance ride and trip to the ER AGAIN to yet again find that nothing is wrong with her except the desire to be ill. Wowza. That’s something.

No. 460203


An ambulance ride because she NEARLY passed out? Heck, I'd be in the ER daily. Even passing out briefly isn't cause for lots of chronically ill people to go hospital bothering (it's par for the course with POTS for example). She's just hooked on attention.

No. 460235

agreed. It shocks me people will get a diagnosis from the same person for such vastly different conditions.

No. 460244


The only things a PCP has diagnosed me with are simple acute infections, or basic stuff like eczema. Specialists exist for a reason, so diagnosis can be accurate!

No. 460245

in my uneducated opinion, POTS can be diagnosed by a primary. It's not hard to lay a patient down, take pulse, then stand and take pulse over 10 minutes. And the treatment is basically water and salt, so nothing more usually needed.

What I don't understand is having a genetic condition diagnosed by someone no MD would trust.

No. 460249

Did twistedchronicwarrior delete her account?

No. 460253


Yes, but the gold standard of testing for POTS involves 24hr holter monitor, and a tilt table test - possibly more than one to get a proper picture. Not to mention ruling out simpler causes for the symptoms.

No. 460255

Almost (emphasis on the almost) faints, calls 911.
What a fucking joke.

She also gets IV infusions, just infuse your saline and take a nap.

No. 460256

I totally get that, and if a primary thinks POTS then theoretically the heart should be fine. But it also should still be checked.

No. 460258


Yup, and her fb makes it seem like she's moving on from munching. Got a job and everything. She still has "epilepsy warrior" in her about me, but I'll let it slide since she's far better than she was.

No. 460261


I think she's one of the cows who's been hit by the saline shortage because hers isn't totally medically necessary (she can drink water,eat salt). I think I remember a whining post from her? Maybe this is a ploy to prove how much she needs her salt water intravenously.

No. 460292

There’s also tests for breathing (how it affects heart rate I think), sweating, and a few other things that differentiate between PoTS and simply being orthostatic (which can happen for a number of reasons in totally healthy people, including very simple dehydration]. It’s not as simple as the tilt table test or sitting to standing heart rate and blood pressure. Of course that’s probably why there are so many cows claiming pots, because they haven’t had the full testing by an actual specialist.

No. 460294

But yeah, the usual treatment is increased fluid and salt intake, and exercise. Compression stockings and medications are the next step, and saline infusions are literally the last resort. Not that anyone would know that looking at all the ott spoonies and munchies.

No. 460302


I live in Europe and know of no one with POTS over here (irl or on IG) who has a port just for saline treatment. It sounds way over the top!

No. 460303

from my understanding, POTS can be dx through the "poor man's tilt table" by a PCP but insurance won't cover any treatments as necessary unless you get the whole battery of tests ruling out other things and official TTT

No. 460307


Same fag, sorry
Just to add: now I think about it I don't know any European POTS sufferers who get saline infusions for it at all! And I know some people who are pretty disabled by it.

No. 460373

Sounds like you have a vendetta.

No. 460407

Look at her entire post; she was so ill but remembered every detail!

Also she equates a high lactate to Oxygen deprivation when in asthma a raised lactate is often seen from high doses of Salbutamol; same with low potassium which is also assosciated with high doses of Salbutamol!

It’s the way she over dramatises every little thing! Later post she’s home and was probably home when she posted about the (brief) admission!

No. 460413

I wasn’t the anon who posted her here, nor the other three or four anons discussing her. If you haven’t noticed the pattern of just about every munchie ITT starting their OTT attention-seeking behavior with an eating disorder then I can’t help you.

Sage your OT speculation.

No. 460454

File: 1514971578099.png (903.5 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7072.PNG)

This girl has been mentioned here before, but her Instagram is getting milky again. She posted a picture of her "dislocated shoulder" but was doing the thing actors do, it wasn't dislocated at all, that was in a previous thread, since then she's started to fall back down the OTT spoonie/munchies rabbit hole.

Claims to have severe EDS, uses a wheelchair a walker and even uses knee braces when In her wheelchair, often uses the cripplepunk tag.

No. 460473

I have seen a couple of accounts mention their doctors are looking into it but I don't know of anyone who is on it for POTS primarily AND via the nhs.

No. 460502


I've had MCTD from age 14 onwards and was dx'd with MS age 19. I can tell you with absolute confidence the two are nothing fucking alike at all. What the fuck is this lady even talking about…

Also, oxygen is extremely uncommon in any of her diseases save where it causes pulmonary fibrosis… which she would mention in the biggest possible letters as it IS a nasty, nasty illness.

What a fucking munchbag.

No. 460504


Jesus, woman… you're having a fucking polysomnogram, not something hugely invasive sooper cereal testingggg! She's trying to milk it so hard when it's a really common test but ZOMG look at the poetic expression of my hands around the wires which my PSG nurse most definitely told me not to fucking touch!

No. 460547

File: 1514990912897.jpeg (206.48 KB, 750x1231, DDFCE322-620F-4333-A073-E2B27A…)

She’s being extra milky now that she’s warped her doctor into a gastric pacemaker surgery. This cow really pushes my buttons because she’s openly admitted an eating disorder. I called her out on it on a post she made about wanting to lose weight and stop the voices telling her she’s fat, and of course she took the post down.

Definitely looks like she’s sooo nervous for her surgery. What a crock of shit.

No. 460549

File: 1514991059632.png (980.65 KB, 750x1334, A53ECCAB-0236-4516-AA33-BDCC23…)


“Will be admitted after.” Of course you will. And of course you have to include that little detail.

No. 460557

Aubrey’s small bowel barium test was normal, so why can’t she tolerate her feeds? Hmm……

No. 460560

I know nothing about gastric stim surgery (just enough to refuse to call it a pacemaker - next we'll be calling a spinal stimulator for nerve pain a 'pain/nerve pacemaker'). But I assume since it's abdominal surgery that it's not done as an out-patient thing regardless, or am I wrong about that?

I don't understand why doctors do this kind of surgeries on patients with eating disorders. I'm not a doctor, but if I was, I'd have them tested in and out to make VERY sure any delay in gastric transit isn't caused by ED behaviors. Even past behaviors, as they tend to resolve on it's own through refeeding.

Someone needs to find a way to do some sort of blind challenge on this patients. Like have a nasal tube with both jejunal and gastric ports and gradually switch from J to G feeds without them knowing to see if that solves the problem. Or at leat without them knowing how fast it will occur, or maybe by alternating and see if reported symptoms make any sense or not.

Patients should probably be observed 24/7 during a test like that though, so I'm not sure if that would be feasible. But I really think there's a clear need for some sort of procedure like that. If the patient gives consent, it could be done ethically. (And if the doctor makes it clear that no invasive treatment will be done without a challenge like that, patients will probably either stop asking for invasive treatment if they know they will 'fail', or consent.)

Of course, one could just start by having them observed for a week or so in either the hospital or an eating disorder clinic to do some sort of challenge with oral feeding.

I mean, even I learned during my (psych) studies about possible physical effects of eating disorders. So I assume MD's and dieticians to know about this, too.

No. 460565


Has she been mentioned before? Is she the one with a feeding tube also?

No. 460570

Dunno. Aren't they testing her for MALS as well? I assume small bowel motility would be normal in MALS?

She's planning to see some kind of hotshot motility specialist, though. I SO hope he will see through her BS.

I always tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. So I'm willing to suspend my disbelief and say that it is possible for her to have some kind of digestive problem right now. However, we know without a doubt that she didn't need her feeding tube in the first place. Who knows, maybe her current problem is even caused by her tube? The body doesn't like having holes poked into it. And very shocking, but they can even cause complications. Odd, isn't it?

No. 460580

She admits to BDD. Another cow with an eating disorder.

No. 460582

File: 1514994083100.jpg (45.42 KB, 540x960, 26551222_2027634753930447_1980…)

Boomerang of court dancing on a windowsill. Oh - but your EDS triggered by a vaccine is sooper severe!

No. 460584

Ehm.. sitting like that with EDS severe enough to need a wheelchair? O, sure. Next she'll be doing cartwheels.

No. 460614

"Fun Fact"- vomit. I don't understand how people who have all these terrible diseases are perfectly healthy until they are becoming young adults. To me that is a sign of mental illness after puberty.

No. 460618

So do these "spoonies" who were sick as children/infants have more credit in your eyes?

No. 460644

I have a random question for those knowledgeable, just to satiate my own curiosity. I’m “familiar” (via insta following) with an EDS/POTS/sensitive stomach whatever issues white gurl who is simultaneously a masochist. She’s heavily tattooed (like, as in hUGE blackwork and more) and gets beat/does rope suspension stuff. All while simultaneously complaining about her falling apart body and use of a cane etc. I’ve always felt like she’s faking but feel like a huge prick saying it out loud. So… thoughts from those in the know?

Sage cuz not really providing milk but could be whatever

No. 460645

rope suspension and EDS? Sounds like a recipe for disaster. Totally see why you think she's faking. What's her insta handle?

No. 460652

“Kinknit” but it seems she deleted

No. 460657

Agreed! Conversion disorders all round!

No. 460676

File: 1515001676966.png (2.22 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_3543.PNG)

Spoonies fucking LOVE being in children's hospitals. I don't understand why being around seriously sick children and their anxious families doesn't give them a sense of shame.

No. 460682

File: 1515001812302.jpg (859.38 KB, 1080x2570, Screenshot_20180103-114828.jpg)

And in the boomerang she's doing a little shimmy. But in her post she claims she needs the wheelchair for POTS. Fer fuck's sake …

No. 460683


Lying down in the viewhole of the tank is fine, arty even…. but bouncing up and down in a crouch? Bitch doesn't have eds.

No. 460685

File: 1515002193717.jpg (808.1 KB, 1080x2837, Screenshot_20180103-115423.jpg)

More Aubrey. She's not having a total pancreatectomy, is she? Surely she would've mentioned that because I imagine she'd be so psyched about being diabetic like Mary Frey.

Also her dog is basically just an ESA. She's adorable, but she doesn't do any service dog work.

No. 460690

File: 1515002485245.png (186.88 KB, 1515x1102, IMG_3544.PNG)

So, I have a friend who has an NG tube, who showed me this vid from Chronically.Ams. There are lots of problems with it, including her non sterile precautions (sterile water doesn't actually sterilise things). Also drainage bags which use gravity are supposed to hang below the stomach to work and hers is only shoulder height (which is why she uses the syringe to get her stomach contents out, ana much?) and hers is apparently much too thin to be effective at draining. This plus the fact she always shows a tube in a pre opened packet makes me suspect she's bought one to insert/remove at will for videos like this.

And most of all, if someone needs an NG tube, and needs to be able to reinsert it themselves, a medical professional will show them how, not a munchie cow on YouTube. I'm sure the ana chans are taking notes though.

No. 460691


But the dog is a syncope and seizure alert dog. Apparently.

No. 460699

She really is the perfect example of how you can have EDS and also munchausen's. I can't stand to give her views but if she's finally left the UK, I bet her local services were sobbing with relief to see the back of her.

If only Chloe Leanne and Chloe Print Lambert would emigrate! Not that either of them has an actual illness, but the anachan plus munchie toxic combination makes them especially sickening.

No. 460700


She’s excited about her surgery. She’s so munchie and weird.

No. 460703

These people will find ANYTHING to freak out over, holy shit. It’s ADHD.

No. 460709

Just adding another perspective for this:
In my hospital system, a lot of the “PCPs” that work in the clinics are often Emergency Med doctors who also work in the ER. They will often schedule tests and treat conditions that they know about since it takes awhile to get in with specialists, they have wide, but specific knowledge (even about some chronic things), and they have ordering rights within the hospital system. They will however allow the specialists to interpret the tests and give the formal diagnosis, although the patient only hears it from the “PCP” and it appears as if the diagnosis comes from the “PCP” on the medical charts.

Honestly, I feel like it makes everything easier just having to see a single doctor who consults others, but - if done wrong by the doctor / type of doctor or if the patient is manipulative - I can see that it’s problematic.

No. 460729

Actually placing an NG is not a sterile procedure.. your GI tract is not a sterile area. Not WK’ing, just a fyi.
Agree with everything else.

No. 460757


You're right, it isn't a sterile procedure. However, Amy is touting it as though it is and promoting poor hygiene practices.

How many young girls are going to think that sterile water will sterilize equipment etc?

There's a comment on her IG of another girl saying she sent my the NG tube she's touting in videos. Plus, she is blatantly lying about the fact she only gets sent those NG tubes for draining by her feed company - she's said in videos that her feed company only keeps the small size ones. But funny that the one she shows that she allegedly gets from her feed company is the same as the one given to her by a friend.

And as above regarding the drainage. She's posting about her weight loss now, saying she's losing weight (again). No wonder, she's never connected to her feeds.

Sage for rage.

No. 460758

Seriously? "hopped out".. sitting like THAT? and she needs a wheelchair? why does she need one if she can sit like that ?

No. 460780

File: 1515010203415.jpg (Spoiler Image, 524.73 KB, 1071x1554, Screenshot_20180103-140904.jpg)

The KitKnit that was being talked about has a few images in a hashtag.

No. 460783

Kek and she's supposed to have EDS? I wouldn't have any use of my limbs left if I treated my body like that.

No. 460792

I feel a little bad for bringing her up in here, she seems like a nice person and not at all like a piece of shit like a lot of other attention mongers here. After following this thread I just wondered how real her stuff is given what she does and if it’s possible to engage in such activities with a EDS/POTS diagnosis.

No. 460807

People can be nice and not OTT and still be munchies, but there’s also the likelihood that she - or anyone who isn’t OTT - was incorrectly diagnosed. Purely hypothetically speaking, but for most non-munchies if a doctor says “you do/do not have x,” they don’t go above and beyond to prove or disprove that. They just trust that their doctor knows better than they do - something OTT munchies have an incredibly difficult time doing, since they’re all just so much smarter than the doctors.

No. 460816

Even with mild EDS suspension from any limbs would be impossible or extremely dangerous. I don't think anyone with EDS is easily able to hang from their arms (like in a pull-up position or monkey bars) without their shoulders hanging out of their sockets and you would absolutely notice something was wrong.

I have however known numerous people with EDS who were masochists. People who actually have it tend to have a much higher pain threshold than the average population so maybe that's why it's enticing.

No. 460821

File: 1515012552256.png (247.74 KB, 1271x1241, IMG_3545.PNG)


Yup, her NG tube "to drain bile", the one that is too small, was sent to her by her best friend. She's repeatedly using it to drain yet if she was supposed to be doing so, she'd be prescribed an appropriately sized tube.

No. 460823


Suspension in this sense isn't from limbs but via hooks in the skin. Also inadvisable for those with EDS.

No. 460825

Good info. I don’t think she’s like really super intentional munchie necessarily.

Also the masochist thing makes sense. I figured something like that, If she is in fact in constant pain maybe the masochism actually helps?

Anyway thanks for info. Sorry if any derailing. We can focus on the real munchies now!

No. 460855

I would say close to impossible in both situations for eds. Both joints and skin are unstable, even in heds with the skin (you have to have skin fragility in eds, it’s not just the joint hypermobility). And if someone with eds was able to manage that, it’d be incredibly painful, and they wouldn’t want to do it.

No. 460861


She doesn’t belong on here. She has vEDS and is actually a nice person not an attention seeking munchie. Also I believe US hospitals have different cut off ages for their paediatric hospitals/services and I believe some go up to 21 years old (don’t quote me on that but I’m pretty sure it was an anon on here who mentioned this before)

No. 460896

Oh my fucking god. Shut the fuck up about Tina. She’s actually fucking sick. Just because at one point she had an eating disorder doesn’t mean all of her problems are invalid. Her eating disorder was secondary to all of this stomach bullshit. Why can’t you low lifes stop fucking posting about her!?! They wouldn’t give her a gastric pacemaker for nothing!? You can’t just talk a doctor into that kind of shit. Her gastric emptying scan results were actually shit. She vomits everything she eats. Leave her the fuck alone, anons.

Sage for rage

No. 460921


I don’t know Tina (nor do I care) but you can fake and manipulate your way into many things as seen on this thread and previous ones.

No. 460922


Eating disorders slow gastric emptying btw.

No. 460927

Okay but anorexia causes delayed gastric emptying. That is a direct effect of starving yourself and there are several studies showing that. Invasive surgery is only treating the symptom and not the cause.

No. 460937

She had these problems before she had an eating disorder. Even if they did cause it, it doesn’t make it less valid or real.

God you people need to stop acting like you are these peoples doctors. You don’t know shit about their care, or anything in fact. You see the fraction of their lives they choose to share on social media.

No. 460940

Her eating disorder could have caused all her problems, you're right. Doesn't mean they still aren't problems.

No. 460943

Even if she is sick, she’s still an OTT attention whore. People don’t end up on this thread for no reason.

No. 460964

She hardly ever posts health related shit, tell me how that’s being an OTT attention whore(whiteknight)

No. 460969

did you find your way back tina? selfposting again i presume?

No. 460973


kek you obviously never watch her stories on IG. She only takes a break from her munchie bs to show off her wealth.


No. 460974

everytime someone defends someone they're self posting or WKing alright

Give Tina a break, even if she's faking she just had an invasive surgery.

And she's from North chicago, of course she's rich. She doesn't pretend otherwise.

No. 460975

she has a history of self posting and being aware of the thread.

No. 460978

Sounds like a WKnight is a bit butthurt guys. We better be nice to Tina now KEK

No. 460980

EDS presents with slow wound healing in almost all types… really not a great idea. I also don't see why a chronic pain sufferer would ever seek additional, voluntary pain.

No. 460982

Syncope and seizure alert are both "natural" alerts that no trainer can train. They can only shape existing alerts. It is one in a million rare for a dog to either alert, let alone both. So yeah I'm calling bullshit.

No. 460984

Only WKs and self-posters get that offended kek.

No. 460994

It's one in a million for aubrey to have all the illnesses she does so makes sense her dog would be special too.

No. 460995

Fake illnesses require a fake service dog. Also, her syncope is from her supposed pots, which doesn’t require a dog. You know you’re going to pass out.

No. 460996

I'm in Service Dog groups with Aubrey and she has never posted about her dog's tasks or training. She only posts self promotion of her social media and youtube accounts. I wouldn't be surprised if her dog didn't do anything and was just an accessory. Though he seems well behaved so at least there's that. It's sad how low my standards are becoming i.e. "it's a fake service dog but at least it's not attacking people"

No. 461007

Even if it's for POTS you would want more tasks than just alert. Does he fetch emergency medications or water when she needs it? Does he pick up dropped objects so she doesn't change position too fast? Does he do literally anything to help her besides the alleged alert? A service dog can improve life quality for people with severe POTS but these munchies just want another medical device to show around that does nothing.

No. 461008

File: 1515026878127.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1420, IMG_20180104_004540.png)

Wow, this one is super OTT! (Chronically.amy)

No. 461010

she has a youtube channel too. She's the one whose heart hit 250 and she almost died

No. 461012


Oh the one with the nail polish and the pulse oxi? head desk

No. 461019

OMG! I hope someone told her to call an ambulance!

No. 461033

File: 1515028101113.jpg (57.47 KB, 450x800, celiac.jpg)

Fucking Court. Yes, you do need a endoscopy to confirm celiac. Just because the blood test came back positive doesn't mean you have it. You can be a carrier.

No. 461117

OTT spoonie’s “best friend” shows up to WK? Sounds like a munchie to me.

No. 461121

Munchies lie/act/malinger enough fool medical professionals. Don’t think you’re any better than any of them.

No. 461123

Nothing says “I’m a perfect little angel who cares about people” by showing up and calling names. GTFO, cunt. We don’t give a shit if a munchie’s widdle feewings got butthurt. Maybe don’t have public social media for the sake of getting asspats for being “sooper sooper sick”.

No. 461125

Bowie started out a just a pet, and then she was quote-unquote trained as a service dog when Aubrey got lyme or pots or w/e. I scrolled way back through her IG one day when I was bored at work.

No. 461128


please post screenshots

No. 461157

File: 1515036372765.png (704.32 KB, 750x1334, 3F2A5397-4BEC-42F3-B590-314608…)

This was posted a few hours ago

No. 461164

File: 1515036602285.jpg (15.81 KB, 570x513, armstrong.jpg)

these women are fucking awful. you can have lab values that come in a little under or over and still be considered normal or not have any huge lasting effects. but you know, stretch the truth and get more likes because they matter right?

No. 461171

And don't forget, her illnesses are now terminal because her doctor said he's out of ideas to help her.

17 seconds. How the heck could anyone be that specific? Is this another wonder of the amazing apple watch?

No. 461173

Sage for being new and off topic. But why does every munchie have both EDS, Dysautonomia and POTS? If they are linked then why isn't it considered side effects of the same disease and not multiple diseases like everyone claims.

No. 461180

File: 1515037527480.png (1.7 MB, 1606x1086, Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 10.4…)

the nurses are being mean to Amanda again :(

also she's like 30 and has a stuffed animal

No. 461182

hes out of ideas because he probably went through the gambit of treatment ideas but they arent to her liking so of course they didnt work. its not a badge of pride, its an indication that she isnt willing to work with a professional and follow procedure

beccause you can fake symptoms or induce them and pass a diagnostic test. those really are the holy trinity of spoonies

No. 461204

I know it’s probably ill-advised to discuss it here because it attracts hungry anachans, but I just noticed that MPA now has a Chronic Illness subforum. It was an interesting read. I won’t post screenshots unless it’s something anons are actually interested in discussing, but it shocked me how many people there with your typical munchie diseases admitted that they knew their eating disorder made everything worse - including ED behaviors like excessive caffeine consumption, laxative abuse, overexercise, not taking certain meds to treat their conditions because weight gain was a side effect, etc. They admit they’ve tried every treatment (up to and including port infusions) EXCEPT for actually eating properly.

I wasn’t sure whether to mention this here or in the proana general, but I found it pretty entertaining.

No. 461215

link and screenshots anon, that is milk

No. 461225

at least the reticence is because they werent sure of where to place receipts. the eating disorder thread imo seems more appropriate but that comes with the side effect of MPA users spergin out on here. its been an old but consistently annoying issue

No. 461240

I would say I wouldn't post anyone just because they post there, but IF anyone seems OTT/Munchie over there and their health complaints are the primary issue, I don't see why not. If it's just a post or two saying they have other illnesses, then no I'd post them in the Pro-Ana General.
I for one am interested in the OTT/Munch crowd especially seeing as how many of our cows OBVIOUSLY have a hx of ED and/or actively mention ED issues. Who knows, maybe we will find some of our current OTT/Munchiefags' MPA accounts! Post screenies please!

No. 461252

Just having a stuffed animal doesn't bother me so much. A lot of people (even adults) still have a stuffed animal they sleep with for comfort. That being said though, most people keep that to themselves and leave theirs at home. She definitely didn't need to take an overly-dramatic photo with it. Having a teddy bear is one thing, but posting it all over social media (cough hypermobileguy cough) is really odd and ott.

No. 461264

Headache so bad she can’t stand, but can take selfies and post them to IG. Nurses are pretty good at figuring out who’s genuinely sick or not, and will divide their attention according, as expected by their job. People who are sick need that attention and care, people who are faking or exaggerating for attention do not.

No. 461273

None of the illnesses she claims are terminal. She just wishes they were so she could get that sweet, sweet “dying girl” attention and associated “you’re sooo brave” asspats. The funny thing about all chronic illnesses is that they are incurable by definition, eventually your doctor will run out of ideas, but your illness is totally livable even if it’s not fun.

No. 461288

Washout/failure rates for dogs that are specifically chosen to be service dogs are over 75%, so you can imagine how low the chances are of her successfully training a pet for service work

No. 461289

I know someone who trains dogs, and yeah, a lot fail. And she’s not a munchie or spoonie, she’s an official trainer (however that works). It’s also continuous training all day every day, which I know these cows don’t do.

No. 461290

Dysautonomia is a range of disorders and POTS is under that umbrella. POTS and EDS are strongly linked but you can have each one without the other which is why they are separate.

No. 461292

File: 1515043524383.png (1.31 MB, 886x1034, Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.2…)

Aubrey SD group ss, as requested 1/3

gotta get that self promotion in there

No. 461293

File: 1515043567245.png (836.41 KB, 886x858, Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.2…)

Aubrey SD group ss, as requested 2/3

need a smiling hospital pic, because we know who we're dealing with here

No. 461294

File: 1515043601064.png (45.16 KB, 882x180, Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.2…)

Aubrey SD group ss, as requested 3/3

so shy that she's all over social media and TV munching around

No. 461295

POTS and other forms of dysautonomia are more common and not necessarily genetic. EDS is much less common and is always genetic. Like all these heds cows, which one of their parents has it? Because you pretty much have to have at least one parent with it (as multiple genes are suspected and that’s not likely to happen spontaneously), although they may have it much milder and be undiagnosed. The other types can be spontaneous mutations, but can be genetically tested for.

No. 461297

Shy? Top kek.

No. 461300

I can’t stand her shameless self-promoting. No one who’s actually sick has the time or energy for that shit. Also, I’m pretty sure at this point that everything that comes out of her trap is a lie. She’s not sick, and never has been.

No. 461303

That post is in a group just for people with POTS service dogs so she's trying to get asspats from people who are actually sick and struggling. It is so immoral.

No. 461340

POTS services dogs? Sounds like a pretty milky group in general.

No. 461378

It can be, but mostly it's genuinely sick people who see munchies on social media and the news with service dogs and think they need one too. Because munchies are always portraying it as so easy and life saving, really disabled people get in way over their heads trying to get an SD for a condition it barely helps, spending their time money and effort. You do get an attention seeker here and there but most of them want help and to feel as good as people like Aubrey look in the smiling Insta photos.

No. 461406

Anyone have an update on Jonzie? Missing my favorite snowflake.

No. 461415

File: 1515051851746.png (509.26 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7076.PNG)

Found this gem - chronically.ams has been diagnosing her friends.
Another munchie in the making at the hands of another munchie? This is gold.

No. 461418

File: 1515051927125.png (249.08 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7077.PNG)

Her account is pretty milky.

No. 461422

Wtf is #bumholehydration?? And why would you tag your selfie with it? She looks like a self-tuber, too.

No. 461423

File: 1515052078307.png (745.38 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7078.PNG)

Samefag last screenshot I am posting (the last post was me too) I wish there was a way to upload bulk files.


No. 461424

Did twistedchronicwarrior delete her account?

No. 461425

That’s not an NJ tube. NJ tubes are much thicker than that. That’s an ng tube, and she probably put it in herself.

No. 461426

Definitely an ng tube.

No. 461431

File: 1515052379624.png (270.92 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7080.PNG)

She has all out posts dedicated to her "best friend in the universe" @chronically.ams

It's a bit odd, they're like munchie twins.

No. 461434

File: 1515052412267.png (140.3 KB, 640x1136, 5158F9A9-A49A-4DF8-9FBF-55A6CC…)

It’s also way too short. This is an actual nj tube.

No. 461435

File: 1515052454805.png (597.74 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7081.PNG)

Samefag. Another post dedicated to the munchie twin of hers.

No. 461436

She also wouldn’t have the tube in the package if it was an nj tube, those have to be placed in a hospital in IR.

No. 461439

Thanks for that anon, I honestly have no clue about feeding tubes, so that has confirmed my suspicions she's full of shit. I think it's an account to keep an eye on though, some quite old milk, but I'm sure she's just as milky as her best friend in the entire world. It's a bit like Jacque and Janice all over again!

No. 461440

Creepy. And she’s a bit healthy to be starving to death because she throws everything up (but has an ng tube that goes into her stomach, they both do).

No. 461443

File: 1515052736763.jpeg (268.91 KB, 1200x800, 09018264-9B72-4506-A9D0-0B7D3C…)

No. 461445

No, I'm sorry but you're wrong. I have an NJ Tube. It's an 8fr. It's typically drainage NG tubes that are bigger. I've had an NG for draining which was a 12fr connected to a drainage bag. And I currently have an NJ for tube feeds.

Not wk'ing - just correcting as someone who does have an NJ. Most NJ's are 8 or 10fr.

Sage for medfagging

No. 461453

Not necessarily. I’ve had an nj as well, and was told they only use the larger size, as it’s less likely to get clogged and need to be replaced. But this girl had the tube in the packaging, which you don’t get with an nj. And it’s still not long enough to actually get to the right place in her small intestine.

No. 461469


That's because she had an NG first. So I imagine that's just a surplus old tube? May explain why she was giving chronically.ams her NG tubes for draining?

Yes the thinner tubes are more prone to clogs. I only piped in because of the people saying it's too thin to be an NJ when that's absolutely not true. It depends on the consultant. Mine prefers thinner NJ's.

No. 461480

I hate that her dog is so cute. It deserves an owner that isn't batshit.

No. 461513


Just an FYI Sophie is a 15 year old school girl, her association with ams aside, she’s a child and shouldn’t be posted on here

No. 461530


Iirc nail polish pulse ox cow was chronically ams not Amy. The uk cow who moved to Australia.

No. 461531

What ever happened to autumn? She was just beginning her descent into munchiedom, but we haven’t heard anything about her recently.

No. 461544


Nope, it was not chronically.ams (who moved to Aus). The pulse ox girl is chronically.amy and was the one who had a video about terminal illnesses.

No. 461547

File: 1515068020234.png (3.14 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_3547.PNG)

Someone ain't keen on being called out

No. 461553

Seems like Aubrey may be legit in terms of her cancer. She says they removed 2 tumors. I don’t get the feeling she’s lying.

No. 461558

I never thought she was lying about that. Well, I had some doubts for a minute. But nlt after her second post cancer vlog. She's just milking it dry. In a way, she is happy about it. It's completely weirding me out.

No. 461562


Also this girl doesn't belong here. She is a nice girl and I guess she was just trying to help her friend out by giving her the NG tubes she had so her friend could get relief. Only thing she's guilty of is being too kind.

So please stop posting her,making out she's lying because you think NJ's can't be small (when they can) and don't pick on someone who hasn't done anything wrong and isn't OTT or a munchie. Poor girl.

No. 461568


I know of exactly one person getting saline infusions in Europe. And she's definitely OTT.

I have seen a few people with a feeding tube for extra fluids, which makes a lot more sense tbh.

No. 461591


Yes, your question was already answered >>460258. Her Youtube accounts are still up.

I wonder what spurred her to change course. Did a doctor finally confront her about her doctor shopping and her munchiness and her codeine addiction?

No. 461595

Post her, please! We Eurofags need to see this sweet milk.

I think chronically ams used to say she got saline infusions, but I'm not convinced that she did, or that if she did it was for POTS. She just wants to be an American spoonie (munchie).

No. 461596

Top kek. She's one of the more successful UK (originally) munchies since she does have a degree of real illness - but milks and exaggerates and worsens it as much as she can. Can't take getting called out, Ams? STFU and stop exaggerating your fairly minor issues.

No. 461620


I believe she does have the medical issues she claims. I dislike her constant showing off of her body and her ana chan poses. She doesn’t seem to hide how much she likes being thin which is weird if she also wants to vlog about chronic illness.

No. 461648


you can have tumors without having cancer. Her brother had the same kind of tumor and he didn't have cancer. She once said after announcing she had cancer that they were still trying to see if the tumors were malignant. If the tumors aren't malignant then it's not cancer.

No. 461679


They can be cysts which aren't cancer and are pretty common

No. 461686

We need a database for new cows. And a bigger dairy

No. 461700

Speaking of old cows and new…

Can anyone recommend some good, non-munchie or massively OTT accounts to follow? And yes, before anyone kicks off, I get that it's not the point of the thread - not suggesting we go completely off topic, but I would appreciate knowing who is not a nauseating mess.

For example, I follow @strongerthanpots and I like her account because it's not self pitying, she works on staying stable but doesn't pursue endless new doctors and devices, and while she did take some time out of uni, she seems to have gone back pretty normally now and be reintegrating into life. I don't mind accounts where people post about their health, personally, but it's hard to sift out the non irritating.

Saged for OT and the likelihood that no one else gives a fuck

No. 461756

>>461700 I really like this girl. She's obviously disabled, but not in the self pitying munchie way gave me attention uwu way

No. 461803

Exactly. Neoendocrine tumors in general are very unlikely to be malignant, especially in a patient so young and otherwise healthy (Aubrey). She doesn't have cancer, she's just a sad munchie liar

No. 461817


Ehh she is a private cow mostly, I'll see if I can find some public milk

No. 461837

Oh, I've watched her before. She has mentioned that people accuse her of feigning being deaf.

No. 461881

She was OTT back when she was first in the public eye, but she's improved a lot since then and seems to have got her shit together.

No. 461996

File: 1515103561542.jpg (37.34 KB, 322x473, munchie.jpg)

Becoming a munchie.

No. 462110

Wtf is this even from? Sources please.

No. 462121

Dafuq are we looking at? Who is this, where is it from and what is the caption? C'mon anon.

No. 462123

lmfao the earbuds in her nose though, this is hilarious.

No. 462177


No. 462216

File: 1515117230107.jpg (127.18 KB, 940x545, Terrell-2.jpg)


it's a joke people on twitter have been doing

No. 462227

No. 462290

It was an obvious joke, is there no joking in this thread?

No. 462434

guess not. lolcow quickly forgetting how to joke. i thought it was pretty funny

No. 462457

It was. Especially since the only difference in munchies is that they’ve either conned their way into the actual medical equipment, or they’ve bought it themselves.

No. 462491

Jesus. If she has hEDS, all that bracing is just making her joints worse. I understand bracing on bad pain days or after a bad sublux, but if you're in a wheelchair why do you need two hinged knee braces on?

No. 462499

Seeing someone who claims eds and is covered in braces in a wheelchair immediately makes me suspicious, as people who actually have eds are very much warned against that, because that’s the quickest way to worsen eds symptoms and consequently pain. Like the other anon said, using braces occasionally is understandable, same with the wheelchair. But not all the time, and not together. And people who actually have eds do not purposely do things to make themselves worse.

No. 462613

I think she's paralyzed from the waist done, so that might be why she's braced

No. 462615

Top kek. I need more pictures like this. If it's a thing on twitter, is there a hashtag I can search for?

No. 462710

In today’s news Aubrey is vlogging about how much pain she’s in and how she’s breathing through it & bragging about how she gets all the pain medicine she wants without begging for it. While doing this she’s sitting up in her hospital bed (I imagine that wouldn’t be so easy with the severe post op pain around her abdomen that she claims) and is smiling opening up gifts she got from her amazon wish list and letters, she also gives us her hospital info and room number if we want to send some fan mail, kek.

No. 462725

what even is this post

No. 462737

NO friggin' way. I guess it's possible to not be in severe pain after pretty major abdominal surgery and to be able to vlog a day after. But NOT if she is in the amount of pain she says she is. NO way.

No. 462754

Gypsy Blanchard will appear on 20/20 tonight.

Two of her doctors suspected MBP but were unable to prove it despite Dee Dee's charade being so transparent.


No. 462789

Wow, thank you for the heads up!

No. 462909

Thank you thank you thank you anon! Gypsy is from my hometown.

No. 462922

From the looks of the Daily Mail article (not a great source tbh)it just sounds the same as her Dr Phil interview?>>462909

No. 462994


Autumn decided to "take an Instagram break" because it was making her obsess over her health.

Although it might have been because everyone was seeing through her blatant bullshit.

No. 463014

Is it okay to post something from someone who isnt generally a munchie but has posted something really dumb?

No. 463034

File: 1515199344821.png (912.16 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1980.PNG)

MBV is back at Breakspear and posting endless story updates. Riveting.

No. 463035

File: 1515199406022.png (515.28 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1981.PNG)


I thought "chronic lyme" was when you didn't have active infection any more?

No. 463038


Chilliellie on instagram for an EDS munchie. She’s even been told she will be refused treatment from NHS a&e if she comes in because she’s in a&e every other day. Either fakes seizures or ‘attempts’ suicide to get medical attention. She posts about how no doctor believes her and how she has her wheelchair regularly taken away and has to drag herself on the floor on her bum to get around. I feel sorry for her in some ways because she has genuine mental illness, but not the kind she thinks she’s got. She very clearly seeks out medical attention to fulfil a lack of attention in her own life. She used to post about how staff gave her diazepam rectally during a seizure as if she enjoyed it. Really sad.

No. 463043


Post some milk? her account is private.

No. 463044


Nah mate, symptoms that continue after the infection is gone are actually a thing
Chronic lyme is where charlatans claim the existence of lyme antibodies = existing infection that must be treated with long term abx. Despite there being no evidence of chronic lyme infection being a thing or that long term antibiotics benefit lyme patients. Also those lyme antibody tests are pretty much meaningless and, as we've seen with cows before, tests can be negative and still positive according to "lyme literate" docs.

No. 463045

Her behavior is both disgusting and horrifying. She’s another cow who’s quickly running through all the “normal” munchie diseases, and will be out of options soon.

No. 463049

Doesn’t the human body create antibodies after most diseases, to prevent contracting the same thing again?

No. 463052


Ahh so she might still have symptoms lingering from having had lyme, but they're pumping her full of long term abx because $$?

No. 463055

HypermobileGuy started a new blog and it's as boring and badly written as you'd expect it to be.


No. 463057


Yeah, except she's in the UK and lyme isn't endemic here. And post-lyme syndrome occurs after an actual lyme infection that's treated with antibiotics - it doesn't just appear from nowhere.

No. 463059


Apparently we have Lyme over here now due to temperatures increasing, but it's still very rare.

No. 463062

File: 1515200303686.jpeg (92.24 KB, 561x800, 0C451EF7-C92B-4896-8860-2570AF…)

One of the ‘seizure injuries’

looks more like a hard wall punch

No. 463064

File: 1515200426586.jpeg (232.88 KB, 534x800, 171E6540-7E8A-40D8-A83E-9170CC…)

No. 463065

File: 1515200469366.jpg (289.01 KB, 1279x1918, FullSizeRender 18.jpg)

UK Cow. Has Crohns and Fibro, which I know because she posts multiple memes about them every day. And, of course, she's waiting for "testing for EDS" because who wouldn't want to have something that disabling?

She's generally not post-worthy, more dumb than munchie, but this made me kek. That's how bruises work, gurl.

No. 463066

File: 1515200503954.jpeg (219.04 KB, 528x800, 612DCE4B-8C72-4539-A009-5F924F…)

The most sooper serious graphic man hunt that occurred and ‘accidentally’ forgetting wearing a seizure alarm that can track her because hanging herself sets of her sooper rare chiari malformation so everyone finds her and rushes her off to hospital

No. 463067


Unless she fell right onto her hand, then had it trapped below her for minutes (while seizing), then I call bullshit.

No. 463070


Wow. I've been a suicidal mess before, but I've never wanted to describe it to people in such embarrassing detail to explain just how many vital emergency services I held up and for how long…

No. 463074

basically yes

No. 463075

Ugh, who cares people? Bruises from blood draws happen more often than not. Get over yourself!!!


No. 463080

Wait - where in the hell does this person live? In my area, if you are caught trying to kill yourself, you're placed on an involuntary psych hold until they deem you safe to be on your own. Her story makes no freaking sense.

No. 463082


UK I assume, since OP anon said "NHS".

It makes me think her attempts are all quite… half hearted? Or that she's supposed to have been complying with some therapy but hasn't?

No. 463096

File: 1515202187091.jpeg (259.39 KB, 796x800, 9EC484DE-00CA-404A-9576-2C47D1…)

The UK. Why does it always have to be the most severe ever?

No. 463097

>>463082 I fail to believe that she's 'hung' herself multiple times and has had no lasing brain damage

No. 463098


The Daily Fail article wouldn't have info from the 20/20 interview as it has not yet aired.

No. 463105


I think it's more she's tried to hang herself multiple times.

No. 463108

>>463105 but she's talks about having to be cut down

No. 463115


Even if you're failing to kill yourself, someone may have to cut you down. Maybe it's a mix of half-assed attempts and genuine ones? She needs more help than she's getting or she's not telling the whole story. Where the fuck is her family?

No. 463149


Who is Darren, and who was telling her to jump off the carpark? Does she (claim to) have a psychotic/delusional/dissociative identity disorder?

No. 463161

File: 1515206538014.png (118.43 KB, 640x1136, B0F8F93E-4822-473F-95DF-AD15A7…)

Endless voices is at it again lying to doctors to get her own way and be a suuuuuper sick person

No. 463177

She's another anachan, followed mostly by ED accounts. I have a lot of ED followers so I can see who among them follows her.

Pretty clear that she paid for this diagnosis and has fuck all wrong with her apart from being mental.

No. 463183

Scarring doesn’t happen in heds (type 3, it’s not numbered any more, and hasn’t been for a while, which says a lot about the validity of her diagnosis) like it does in other types; extensive scarring is usually a clue it’s not heds. It sounds like she went to either a terrible doctor, or is flat-out lying.

No. 463185

EDS is a favorite of ana chans because it’s invisible and easy to fake on a surface level, and also more “special” and rare than an eating disorder, which is what many of them want. Attention for their “specialness”.

No. 463192

Plus, most ana chans and bulimics are orthostatic, so they go around saying they have POTS, when they’re just dehydrated and malnourished. Mental illness just doesn’t get the asspats that physical illness does, especially a rarer illness. And then they can prance around saying they’re a “rare zebra”, when really they’re just mentally ill.

No. 463197


Sorry, but skin involvement is part of the hEDS criteria (might not be a major one). Obviously not the stretchiness of cEDS skin, but things like "cigarette paper" scarring is pretty common.

No. 463199

File: 1515208671207.jpg (329.43 KB, 1262x1483, FullSizeRender 19.jpg)

In the hospital and fucking loving it. Caption says she got iron and blood, so she's very anaemic (can't tell due to all the fake tan though kek). That'll happen when you don't run your feed, or "drain" it all out, ana chan!

No. 463204

You’re right, it totally is, but it’s more skin stretchiness and stretch marks not related to weight changes, not extensive scarring. Extensive scarring is more ceds.

No. 463205

I didn’t realize being in the hospital called for wearing the same clothes you would to go clubbing. And yeah, she’s pretty damn pleased with herself. Does she have a line, like a picc or a port? Because that sounds suspiciously like our old friend Kelly, who drained blood out her port.

No. 463206


It's quite common for there to be some "crossover" symptoms. Like cEDS patients can have subluxation of joints, hEDS patients can have cEDS-style scarring or minor organ involvement (more serious in vEDS).

I mean, that's how my specialist explained it to me. I haven't read the new guidelines properly.

No. 463208


The IVs appear to be peripheral, so I don't think she has a port (and I'm sure if she did she'd have made a video about how to unhygienically access it).

No. 463214

File: 1515209918096.png (136.51 KB, 1136x640, A130738D-4940-422E-8514-25DAC8…)

Some scarring, yes, but not the same, “cigarette-paper type as ceds, and extensive skin involvement is not heds. It’s in the new criteria. Anyways, this cow is just an ana chan turned munchie. 1/2

No. 463215

File: 1515209960017.png (129.25 KB, 1136x640, 9D9D3B3B-363D-43BA-A0B0-85BD50…)

No. 463239


But it doesn't sound like she is getting her precious tube right now does it?
I don't know much about gastric stimulators but are they completely under the skin? How visible are they? It may get her some spoonie validity points online (but she doesn't even seem to be very successful at that). If it's not super visible then its not going to get her the "I look super sick" points she has been aiming for with a feeding tube.
And sadly I wouldn't be surprised if she has very little support through the surgery - I could see her dad going with her as she will likely need someone to drive her home (is this the kind of surgery that will require an overnight stay?) but I doubt the supposed boyfriend of 14 years will make an appearance. I'm sure she will come up with some excuse like he has to work but if you are in a good relationship and the person you love is having surgery you find a way to be there. She sadly will likely have to recover at home alone.
And seriously how does she not know what the other procedure she is having done is? Can't describe it more than "cuts open the one valve"? I would assume they would give her some sort of paperwork with the names of the procedures being done - but she couldn't be bothered to take the 2 seconds to look it up.
On one hand she drives me crazy because she is obviously someone with mental illness that is spending time and resources chasing imaginary physical problems. On the other hand I feel a little bad for her - I think that her mental illness has driven most people away from her (at least per previous reports here) and since she isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and she is so caught up in the fact that something is wrong with her (I do believe she is actually convinced that she is seriously ill - she sits at home and perseverates on every minor ache and pain thinking it means she is dying) that she isn't really capable of questioning if these procedures are needed. The doctors are going off what she reports which isn't accurate. She will let them cut in to her for any reason when what she really needs is a better therapist and someone to help her find the right mix of meds.

No. 463240


For someone who claims to be embarrassed about making an Amazon wishlist she sure does seem to be mentioning it every chance she gets (although I guess she is being smart about conning people into sending her stuff - why get a po box and have people send you random crap when you can make an amazon wishlist and get other people to buy you the things you want)

No. 463261

All munchie gofuckme’s start with similar sentiments; “I’m so embarrassed to ask but…”, “I wish I didn’t have to ask but…”, “it’s so embarrassing to not be able to pay my bills, so…”.

No. 463371

Well this is bs. Prof Graeme hasn’t seen anyone over 16 in years. Also the mris cost far more which he would know and having g been to the same clinic they will diagnose eds but everything else the suspect until further treatment. So yeah. Total crap

No. 463393

No. 463394

I’m pretty sure he retired from NHS practice years ago but maybe does private practice still?

No. 463395

He does still do private but only under 16s

No. 463417

Does anyone follow Aubrey these days? I was watching her "first day post op" vlog, and the title says she had a pancreatectomy. But before, she said that they were going to remove the tail of her pancreas. Two very different things. Does she go into her surgery somewhere more in-depth?

No. 463443

File: 1515250953942.jpg (486.46 KB, 843x496, drama.jpg)

Swiss cow is back again. She had surgery for her CRPS and for a whole month she had a catheter for painmeds.
Her doctors sent her home even though the nerve pain is beyond tolerable and her breathing could stop any minute thanks to all the meds. What kind of doctor sends you home instead of transfering you elsewhere?
Who is able to write such a long blog entry while taking strong meds AND being in a lot of pain?

No. 463488

>31 days in hospital
As someone recovering from major surgery, that’s kind of nit picky since 31 days post surgery is a fair amount of time to write something. If it were a handwritten note, maybe. It’s also impossible to know how long it took them total to write this post.

No. 463546

She published it at 10 pm on the day she got released and the blog entry is only about her surgeon visiting her before she went home and that she screamed during the car ride.
Somewhere she wrote that she needs over an hour to get home from that hospital and that she takes her meds like candy, but they don't help. So I'm just wondering how can you write such a long and detailed entry while being in pain? She doesn't allow such a question on her page.

No. 463655

File: 1515273423671.jpg (555.24 KB, 1080x1754, Screenshot_20180106-151617.jpg)

SDP made a second YouTube

No. 463658

File: 1515273837213.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, B45E7552-16C8-4804-933B-DCC73C…)

So much pain she can barely pose for a selfie and post it to IG with a long ass comment. Don’t worry though, she’ll still be vlogging today!

No. 463659

File: 1515273870680.png (509.51 KB, 640x1136, 9D965CBF-EB00-4253-9140-E9E8DE…)

No. 463661

File: 1515273990357.png (883.43 KB, 640x1136, 36501ACF-C951-4961-B9DA-7E9C48…)

And just a bit later, she’s fine, although she’s still soooper sick, yoo guyz. (If anything her eyes are puffy from too much sleep and purging).

No. 463662

File: 1515274023644.png (355.5 KB, 640x1136, 79A61FCA-CD8E-4AB1-B04B-CBEC40…)

No. 463675

Her post says she was offered The Cassel (and chose not to go). The Cassel is long term residential personality disorder treatment. Residential treatment is quite rare in the UK, as is getting the funding so her local teams are probably pretty pissed off that they put all the effort into getting her funding and a bed and then she turned it down.
Also yes, I suspect her attempts are very half hearted ligatures. Not that that means she shouldn't be in psych but clearly she has a PD diagnosis to get a Cassel place…

No. 463678

Papery scarring can be part of hEDS. You usually get genetic testing to check it isn't cEDS but hEDS can still have complex skin involvement.
Also whilst I doubt she is actually quoting what Prof Graheme said he is a really really good doctor. Though depending when that post was from I don't get how she got to see him because he has been semi retired for some time and even if you're paying you can no longer get on his waiting list. More common UK profs to see now are Prof. Aziz or a geneticist.

No. 463702

W o w, what a bitch. I know so many who would use that funding and actually be grateful. Can you post some screenshots? What on earth is her justification for turning it down…

I don't believe she ever saw Prof G. Someone who has qualified for ip psych treatment in a specialised unit here in the UK is easily fucked up enough to just be lying.

No. 463730

The post I've tagged below goes to the screenshot where she says she turned down Cassel.

As for her justification I'll have to go follow her on IG. I'm not the anon who was posting original milk about her.

No. 463751

Anyone who turns down medical treatment of any kind shouldn’t be allowed to whine all over social media about how sick they are.

No. 463775


I don't want to be gross or anything, but how does colonoscopy prep work when you're too weak/in pain to even sit up all the way?

No. 463777

I don’t think she’s in as much pain as she says she is, and the hospital knows it.

No. 463809

If she was so sick and in so much pain the Dr would never do the colonoscopy right away and it's completely against hospital standards. The only time this would even be considered is if it were life and death which obv it's not

No. 463829

File: 1515285915351.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180106-194321.png)

Soo tired and sick but make up on point

No. 463830

File: 1515285943647.png (394.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180106-194334.png)

To go with pic

No. 463836


Oh good, many more opportunities to show off their awful parenting.

No. 463839

She forced the hospital to put her on a shit ton of pain meds, no wonder she’s having gi problems. (Not to mention that anas have terrible gi problems). After she doctor-shopped to find somewhere where they “recognized my problems were only because of my physical illnesses” and who would give her those pain meds (which from what she’s said seems to be much more than necessary). Such bullbaiting with this one. She’s still way, way stuck in her eating disorder, and actively was restricting her tube feeding and tpn. She’s pretty much always been at a low low weight for as long as she’s been on IG, but she’s totally in recovery, guyz! The worst is that she’s offering advice to other anas in the role of “recovered person”.

No. 463849

She's the ana-chan-munchie-queen of it all! Omg it took her forever to find a team to giver her what she wanted…I mean "treat" her and how many states did she travel? Cos really you guys, it's totally not ED related! How dare they accuse her it is

No. 463886

The fact that her PET scan was cancelled for a colonoscopy says a lot, too. If this was really cancer, the scan would have already been completed and then some. I can't wait for this lie to get blown up

No. 463890

Has she specifically said it’s a PET scan? All I’ve seen is that she’s getting a scan to look for more tumors. It might just be a ct scan or MRI to look for more benign tumors (if this one was cancerous, they wouldn’t be waiting, they would have done a PET scan a while ago). She manages to at least embellish everything. My guess is that the colonoscopy is to try and find where her “extreme pain” is coming from, since there’s no medical reason for it. Or they also think she’s full of shit, and just want to confirm.

No. 463959

File: 1515303930441.png (646.34 KB, 1242x2208, EB7F5073-7B98-45AA-8C24-E872F2…)

Meet Shayne, aka thehappyspoonie! “They” have all the trendy disorders: EDS, POTS, tachycardia, gastroparesis, allergies, generally compromised immune system now requiring a vog mask prescribed by doctor. Vegan, non-GMO/only organic, anti-vax, also anti-calcium chloride (tf?), and probably fluoride, too. Cuz pOiSoNz.

No. 463989

They've always been cringe to me. Not only with their health related stuff, but white girl with dreads who makes collars and paddles for pet play kinks…yikes.

No. 464018

I'm very confused at how Aubrey claims to have cancer without the pathology final report and PET scan? Also if they did believe it was cancer why has no treatment with chemotherapy or immunotherapy been discussed at all.

No. 464031

whats the point of going to a doctor a lot if you brag about not following medical orders?

No. 464039

I highly doubt a doctor would allow an immunosuppressed patient to skip a flu shot. And even if they were actually told to wear a mask, I doubt a doctor would specify a Vog mask. Paper masks are cheaper and more sanitary.

No. 464044

They are definitely on government assistance and don’t have to pay for their medical care. So who cares if you’re not following the recommendations, it’s not your money. Common in munchies for sure.

No. 464054

She said she was scheduled for a gallium scan, as those kind of tumors don't show up on a normal CT scan.

In the interest of full disclosure: I am partial to the theory that she DOES have cancer, but that she is loving every minute of it.

However, I too find it strange that they canceled her scan in lieu of a colonoscopy. As a lay person, I would've expected them to do a scan before her surgery. Because IF she had other tumors, then maybe they could remove them all during the same surgery?

I don't get the prep though. She's been on TPN and though she had been eating some stuff, I'd expect it to be clear stuff mostly, like broth and jello. She would hardly need a prep after that. I also agree that no hospital would put her through bowel prep if she couldn't sit up and was in so much pain. That would just be torture.

But I also think they are kind of desperate to find anything to explain the fact that she can't tolerate her feeds. They wouldn't just sent her home with TPN when there's no explanation for this, so they are probably trying to find out what's wrong before they discharge her. No doctor likes to discharge a patient whom they know won't be getting any nutrition at home. But there's also no medical reason thus far that would explain why she couldn't just run her feeds (or eat, for that matter) so they are probably grasping at straws here.

No. 464138


Also apparently it was cancer but they didn't do her surgery for like, three weeks "because of the Christmas holiday". Right.

No. 464141


Could she be self-reporting "not tolerating her feed"? In a bid to get hospitalised/attention/TPN?

No. 464146

File: 1515333750569.png (995.06 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1984.PNG)

MyBlondeVoyage has mold poisoning because of course she does. Alternative health clinics LOVE mold poisoning. I'm not sure why they had to send samples to the USA to get analysed though.

No. 464235

File: 1515346554443.jpeg (222.41 KB, 749x826, 14775183-BC6F-4161-9A59-21FC8B…)

For someone who constantly claims to be so malnurished and for so long, she sure does have quite a good bit of muscle mass and fat on her arms. No malnourishment whatsoever……

No. 464241

Are you kidding me!!! Is this a picture from this week?? Has she just been posing for IG pictures? Her pictures from last week I genuinely thought she WAS a bit thinner but she clearly is BUILT!

No. 464249

This picture is from today

No. 464252

File: 1515347992239.jpeg (231.46 KB, 750x944, 321A39E5-C128-4EEE-AC31-497E45…)

As you can see… even December 30th, a few days after PICC placement and TPN, she already had great muscle mass and tone… no malnourished individual here

No. 464254

So malnourished she is gaining muscle mass IN THE HOSPITAL.
Also pretty quick turn around from 'I can't even sit up' to 'I'm on the roof garden posing with my IVs'

No. 464316

File: 1515352842946.png (49.7 KB, 800x171, Screenshot_2018-01-07-11-15-44…)

From the comments on SDP Dom's Instagram post announcing a video entitled, "One Minute Fine, One Minute Not."


After getting called out by a few followers for being racist, she deleted the post.

No. 464329


She zones out at around 16 minutes in while eating at Chili's.

Otherwise the video is the usual snooze content including watching Max pee. Once again, Chase doesn't wear his seatbelt while driving.

No. 464331

File: 1515353666315.png (599.36 KB, 800x645, Screenshot_2018-01-07-11-27-36…)

No. 464333

File: 1515353698071.png (543.1 KB, 800x636, Screenshot_2018-01-07-11-28-26…)

No. 464336

File: 1515353804045.png (807.02 KB, 800x806, Screenshot_2018-01-07-11-16-03…)

Today's vlog, still uploading.

No. 464339

LOST her IUD? What the fuck? Chances are she pulled it out herself.

No. 464352

File: 1515355117209.png (429.93 KB, 800x612, Screenshot_2018-01-07-11-48-05…)

The placement of that aquarium irritates the shit out of me. And get some fucking curtains.

Otherwise this video is 30 minutes of her nearly passing out while shopping, complaining about people talking to Max in the store, and hanging up cheap ugly prefab decor and Motel 6-worthy art prints throughout the house. She didn't have any problem standing for prolonged periods with her hands above her head while she hammered nails into the walls.

No. 464369

The fact that she's stating that her concussion came from someone distracting Max is just outrageous. Watch any of her videos with him, he doesn't pay attention to her like an alert dog should. Ears back and looking around, zero check-ins with his handler. Also she is now using him for mobility? After she was chastised in the service dog community for using him for mobility incorrectly and not doing any research? The dog isn't even 2 years old yet… She claims he's 60% of her body weight and that he weighs 50+lbs which I highly doubt because he's barely taller than her knees kek. River Dog Gear should be ashamed for selling her this harness…

No. 464370


kek, her shirt

"Anything is Possible" - I guess she had than in mind when she wished hard and whined hard for her "lifesaving" TPN.

No. 464372


It's dead suspect that they had the camera filming their meal and that happens to be the one she "zoned out" during.

No. 464404

She talks about her IUD at 6:45 and 14:20. She has neglected to check for the strings in the last 6 months and can't find them. She attempted to call her gyn's office Sunday morning and of course will have to call back tomorrow.

The way she brusquely pushes Apollo off of her laptop at the beginning of the video bothers me. She has similarly tossed him out of the way in other videos, too.

No. 464405

File: 1515360876862.jpeg (685.5 KB, 750x1113, 5145F683-227C-405F-94F2-24EACA…)

Sorry but she’s straight up lying. Cancerous Neuroendocrine tumors ARE treated with radiation and chemo….. they run in my family. Why should hers be any different?
Right after surgery my Aunts Merkle Cell areas were radiated.. it’s called adjuvant therapy. And they didn’t wait to do a PET scan, so why they would wait for her is beyond me as well. As for my other aunt, she had “targeted therapy”, after her surgery, radiation AND chemo, which is a treatment that targets the tumor’s specific genes/proteins/tissue environment helps it growand survive..

So…. case in point… why she is lying about cancer is so low.

Sages for mini rant about family

No. 464408


she's been lying about having cancer this whole time.

No. 464423

Well, look at her. She’s obviously been lying about most of everything. She’s far from malnourished (and that doesn’t resolve in mere days, it takes months to even look decent again), she didn’t have major surgery because she’s up walking and posing on the roof, and isn’t weak, I mean, no one gains muscle in the hospital and she’s ripped. She’s a goddamn fucking liar.

No. 464427

God please someone call her out on all this bullshit. This is too far. To lie about malnutrition is one thing but cancer is a whole other ballgame… that’s just fucked up. We need a real spoonie Knight to call her lying ass out ..
And to be asking for shit from people, good god. Making me sick to my stomach

No. 464432


So, no mask up on the roof or dancing through the fucking corridors with her IV poles, but in bed? Got to look the sickest. This bitch is the worst.

No. 464433

She is less clever than I thought, these images don't even present a consistent facade.

No. 464440

File: 1515362925872.jpeg (110.03 KB, 490x800, 31FD50C1-075A-4DCE-AE33-102816…)


Lol. Even the doctors are blunt.

No. 464452

File: 1515363942381.jpeg (166.35 KB, 611x970, 828378FB-B3E2-40BA-AF1B-CA6398…)

Complaining of low blood sugar despite adequate volumes of NG feed (she has even posted today she has gained some weight from her initial big loss)

Maybe another one who isn’t running feeds as prescribed?!

No. 464467


True in her case. The one small comfort of the American munchies is that they have to pay for their shit. And honestly the same goes for the woo crowd in Britain who use Breakspear.

The very worst are those who abuse the NHS and waste time and resources. I don't care much what people buy for themselves even if it's crazy bullshit, but don't expect the public to fund your factitious illness and also take resources from the truly sick.

Sage for moralfagging

No. 464468

Yep, this is 100% lying. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a few benign lesions and is amping it up. She also just refers to them as “tumors” and “cancer”, without reference to grade or type. Is it pheochromocytoma? Is it merkel cell? Is it neuroendocrine carcinoma? Malignancy requires some form of treatment. She talks about “injections to prevent regrowth” but (a) what “injections” would she be referring to?, (b) neuroendocrine tumours (and cancer in general) isn’t generally a repeated occurrence (recurrances don’t happen for everyone) so why is she predicting that it could return? All of this is way too fishy. It reeks of “I have a few benign lesions and I just have to have some injections but IT IS TOTES CANCER”

No. 464496

File: 1515366360731.png (57.68 KB, 333x326, Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 23.0…)

related comment on Aubrey's instagram post

No. 464498


Her brother has benign lesions, so it seems likely that this is the same for Aubrey,

No. 464514

File: 1515368106132.jpg (296.9 KB, 1080x1520, Screenshot_20180107-233331_01_…)

No. 464521


I think she's bullshitting.

My aunt had a malignant tumor in her breast caught very early, they removed the tumor and still gave her radiotherapy just to be sure. With most cancers you definitely blast the area afterwards.

No. 464526


All she can do is avoid that person calling her she's likely scanning google as I type! Who's the Anon! KEK

No. 464541

File: 1515370265426.png (235.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180107-191006.png)

Someone is butthurt

No. 464558


That comment's been deleted (but more are in its place!)

No. 464560


Still showing for me, you're blocked!

No. 464595

The person who called her out is just as milky as she is, the comment is still up, she's blocked a lot of people and deleted a couple of other comments though

No. 464597

Does anyone follow ninajean? She often seems to engage with cows. Not sure if she's a farmer and subtly prodding them or just sees through their bullshit. I think she's OTT herself a bit.

No. 464600


And how can she claim that it isn't metastatic if they haven't done a full body scan to make sure there aren't any other tumors? Wouldn't they have to first check to see if there were other tumors and then test them to see if they are related to the initial tumor.
It is odd that she doesn't talk about what stage the tumors were. I think it is possible that if the tumor was caught early and hasn't spread that surgery and regular follow up is all that is required. That being said its not super common to find a PNET tumor early - Aubrey undergoes so many unnecessary medical tests that I wouldn't be surprised if they found it early.
I am not sure if it is or isn't cancer - even if it is it think it was caught so early that the likelihood of it being fatal is small. And she is probably thrilled about that - she gets to claim cancer without having to undergo any of the usual associated treatments.
Regardless I think it is very suspicious that she hasn't had a full body scan yet. If they thought they could wait a few weeks to remove the tumor they certainly could have fit her in for a variety of scans prior to the surgery - after all if you find more tumors you might be able to remove them all at once to avoid undergoing anesthesia multiple times. Plus knowing if there are more tumors would help figure out if it was malignant cancer which could alter the course of treatment.
She may have cancer but she is definitely BSing as well.

No. 464602


she's a farmer. she posted a screenshot on here once and didn't crop her profile photo out of it lol

No. 464604

File: 1515373337925.png (457.58 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7132.PNG)

Found this on a pretty milky account that called aubrey out I found it quite funny.

No. 464605


She definitely reads the thread as she has engaged with cows before and often is willing to bring up questions mentioned here. She does seem to often manage to do it in a way that it usually makes it seem like she is a spoonie friend that makes the cows less likely to delete the comments- some cows like Dani (and possibly Autumn) were always more likely to respond to her. I looked into her a while ago - she seems a bit OTT but last time she was brought up on the board it seemed others deemed that she wasn't really worth milking.

No. 464609

That's the milky account I was talking about. Vogmask - check
Wheelchair - check
Super serious oximeter posts - check
Feeding tube and port? - no check but she's in England so.
OTT posts about how self diagnosis is okay - check.
Hospital selfies and medical test pictures - check

She ticks off my list for OTT

I personally think she is a cow that wants to be a farmer & thinks farming will make her exempt from being called out for being OTT

No. 464612


OTT spoonies calling out barefaced liars seems fair tho.

No. 464618

She's into the cripplepunk schtick, which is nauseatingly boring. One of the worst chronic illness tags.

If she was in the US she'd doubtless have a port and tube by now.

No. 464622

Now that it's been brought up… I'm exceedingly curious as to how many farmers are OTT spoonies and/or munchies…

No. 464626

You know, it is sad, right?

We come here to call out the "OTT Spoonies and munchausen sufferers" but… how many of us ARE what we are calling out?… mindblowing right?

I am pretty certain about 75% of us on this thread are OTT to some degree at some point or another, even if we don't mean to be.

Sage for poking fun

No. 464628


Probably. I get the general gist that the people frequently posted are the worst of the worst though. The kind that make even other chronically ill people groan

No. 464632

I feel you there, I've noticed a lot of the whole "I am so much better than these 'munchies' because I handle my super serious illnesses better than they do and I am capable of living 'normal' life and working a full time job"

I mean, I have bets that only a few of the people posted here are faking it. I wonder what would happen if we were all to find each others accounts and pick apart every little inconsistency or OTT post ever made on the internet by us anons.

World war 3 would break out in the thread.
This thread has become a viscious cycle of OTT spoonies talking shit about OTT spoonies. It's really not what it used to be

No. 464641

I think in the thick of it, when you're feeling awful after a dose of chemotherapy or having a particularly bad day with joint pain, etc., everyone is OTT. The difference is I think that for the cows posted here, illness controls every aspect of their lives. Aubrey literally can't function when she's out of the hospital, and now the bitch is faking cancer. You literally can't be scummier than that. Having a bad day every once in awhile and taking the time to rest or mentally deal with the stress and pain that comes with chronic illness is acceptable. Lying about cancer and demanding tube after tube and wasting resources isn't.

No. 464647


There is more to it than that though; not all PNET cases are the same. Aubrey mentioned that her tumors were entirely resectable (removed whole without disturbing margins) and that they were non-metastatic, and in this case, surgical resection can be the only treatment needed.
In the screenshot in >>464514, she states the correct clinical trajectory in her reply comment: "1st line of treatment is to remove it and then further treatment depends on what grade the tumor is / if they were able to get all of it surgically."

I think people need to settle down with the "ZOMG 100% LYING" accusations. None of us know for sure. Speculate away, everyone, but please don't make definitive assertions without adequate knowledge.

That said, is she loving the fuck out of this? Oh hell yes, she is clearly thrilled and getting off on the attention and drama of it all, but does that mean her tumors are not malignant? No. We just don't know without her pathology report.

TL;DR: Her story is feasible from a clinical standpoint.

No. 464650

True maybe, for the cancer part, but not all the other stuff, the malnutrition, “severe” abdominal pain, not being able to tolerate her feeds, having GP and POTS, having chronic Lyme, needing a service dog, the list literally goes on and on. Even if she’s not lying about one thing, her whole life is still a lie.

No. 464654

The major thing is that is all they talk about, and make a point to only portray themselves as sick, all over social media with a million tags and gofuckme’s and begging for attention and more equipment and meds and constantly in search of their next diagnosis. A person can be sick and have it be a huge part of their life without talking about it all the time and constantly reminding everyone around them and on the internet how sick they are. Going above and beyond what's normal for an illness, even when it’s not medically recommended. That’s what makes a munchie or ott spoonie.

No. 464658

It's not because of that but you literally just made a whole post with specifics about you and your illness. That's blogging and it is against board rules. Nobody gives a fuck what your story is and whether you are better or worse than other sick people. This board is anonymous for a reason. Personal shit is only relevant if you are saying that x or y is true or false in your case, for context.

No. 464659


lmao aubrey was saying she had cancer before she knew if the tumors were malignant (has she even said that they are?) so uh yeah she's lying.

No. 464661

its more a matter of anons spergin like OMg I have EDS and shes a lying cunt!

first off, no one actually cares and two you can jumble letters into a sentence to try and make things sound more credible. doesnt mean you are correct.

KF has a nice rule
>Be Civil, Don't get angry over Lolcows. If you need to tell people you're better than someone, you're probably not.

No. 464663

It’s also very odd that they’ve known about her “cancer9 for what, 5 or 6 weeks now? and they’ve yet to do a PET scan. I had a friend with an early stage cancer, and they did a PET scan less than a week after she was diagnosed (to confirm if it was contained or not). Pretty much everyone nowadays knows at least one or two people who have had cancer, and it’s clear her story just doesn’t add up.

No. 464664

She also said it was genetic I think. Her brother’s tumors were benign, if it’s genetic, hers are, too. I don’t think she’s lying about the tumors, but I don’t think she’s got cancer.

No. 464665


But Aubrey is also saying she won't know if it's metastasized until she's had her scan.

No. 464666

I noticed that too. Did she have a biopsy at all? She mentioned she didn’t have a PET scan until after I’m pretty sure, so how would they know it’s malignant? There’s a huge difference between having a malignant (cancerous) tumour and having a benign tumour. Sage for semi blogging but I had one in my nasal cavity and had a biopsy and it proved it was benign before being removed. She essentially had no way of knowing it was cancerous and claimed it was before any PET scan or biopsy. For newfags (and potential munchies here), CT and MRI scans do not determine cancer. A biopsy and PET scan do.

No. 464667

Really, I think she either doesn’t know that all tumors aren’t necessarily cancerous, or she does know but in her typical style is bending the truth for those sweet, sweet asspats.

No. 464669

I'd say the latter. She knows her brother's were benign.

No. 464670

Yup, friend had cancer, it was a little different process, but she got it removed, it was biopsied within a day, PET scan a day or two after that, chemo started the next week. No waiting around for over a month.

No. 464671


when your friend found out she had cancer, did she come to terms with it within 24 hours and smile the whole time and did her family not even visit her? Because that's how cancer diagnoses work in Aubrey land!

how does anyone still think that she actually has cancer lololol

No. 464673


Her IG/YouTube fans. Her positivity is nauseating. She's so delighted she gets to be just like Mary Frey.

No. 464675

You're right it's not

No. 464680

Kek she still hasn’t and she’s been in remission for two and half years. She didn’t tell anyone for over a week and stayed home in the dark and cried and started planning her funeral (she’s fine now, luckily).

No. 464683

And as sick as she gets (as she claims I should say), she never misses an IG post or vlog. If I’m that sick, and in the hospital at all, pretty sure keeping up with my social media would be the last thing I feel l8ke doing.

No. 464708

I am sick of that too.
I have EDS and it pisses me right off when anons post about people saying "I HAVE EDS AND THIS ISNT HOW YOU SIT AND YOU DONT BRACE THAT YOU DONT STAND LIKE THIS" or "SOMEONE WITH EDS WOULD NEVER…" or "THEYRE USING A WHEELCHAIR THEIR EDS IS FAKE" and it's like dude, chill, just because someone doesn't deal with their EDS the same way you do, or just because someone's EDS is less or more severe than your own, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Which brings me back to this site being a cesspool of OTT spoonies calling out OTT spoonies, giving it "MY EDS IS SO SEVERE THAT MEANS THIS PERSON IS LYING"

Again, unless people have definitive proof people are lying, this thread is for speculation only. Take Eli for example, we speculated he lied about cancer, he was proven to be a fraud and charged by police for scamming a charity - we now know for a fact he did lie about having cancer, before then it was just people speculating and picking at inconsistencies. There's no way to know for sure who is and isn't lying until they get caught by authorities, so please everyone - do not speak of people as though it is gospel on the thread, take everything said here as speculation, not facts.

No. 464726


I’ll be honest, I was definitely OTT about my illness. Thank god I found this thread and realized I don’t want to be anything like these cows, and have since stopped posting OTT “pity me pls, gimme attention” spoonie shit on instagram. This site saved me from becoming a full blown cow kek

I mostly lurk here to keep myself in check


No. 464728

Being OTT is one thing, lying to get attention is different.

No. 464729

A few threads ago someone shared lolcow on some POTS Facebook group and it seems to have brought over quite a few OTT spoonies and munchies… There were obviously some here before but suddenly they've gotten very vocal and never post fucking screenshots. Hopefully they're still in the minority.

No. 464731

Um, everyone on lolcow knows that. You don’t have to blog and have a freak out. This is a website for entertainment only, no one knows anything 100% sure. And there was no need to bring your own illness in, that’s just as attention seeking as all the cows.

No. 464732

I agree, the blogging on here is getting out of control again with people screaming about “muh illness!” and not in a way that contributes.

No. 464748

Y'all, this is becoming painful. Can we please stop with the "she's lying" because my friend was diagnosed with cancer and had chemo and a PET scan six minutes later.

Aubrey has had a biopsy. The tumor was malignant.

She is in the Texas Cancer Center (whatever it's called) system, which is a HUGE network, but they follow national protocols, research clinical trials, and if a PET scan or whatever can wait, it waits. If she needed it yesterday, she would have had it yesterday.

She was supposed to have the gallium scan before her surgery, but her feeding tube issue caused her to be hospitalized and when you have cancer (or an oncologist involved in your care who belongs to Texas Cancer Center), they stick you on that floor because NO ONE ELSE will touch a Texas Cancer Center patient while they are in cancer treatment. The oncologist runs the show. Full stop.

Now, this is not totally true (i.e., if you live out of town, you might go to your local hospital for a blood transfusion, react to that, be admitted, etc.), but I guarantee the doc at that hospital is on the phone with your oncologist. Or, if you run into a crappy hospitalist doc, they may arrogantly try to treat you, but your oncologist will be pissed.

I believe Aubey's family (her parents) live states away, so unless she's asked them to get on a plane, I don't think it's that easy. All the locals have new babies, so they should not be visiting her while she has mystery fevers, rumors of c.diff, and all that but some still are, as evidenced by paining with the young nephew. Her mother-in-law and a friend of the MIL have been walking the dog daily in the mornings, so enough with the "no one visits." She had a room-full for the tumor goodbye party.

I guess what I'm saying is that if you want to rail on Aubrey at least watch her videos or get the facts as they are being told straight. (If she is lying, at least get the lies straight.)

No. 464751

The blogging needs to stop. There will be harsher bans on blogging from now on.

No. 464754

Oh look, the white knight has shown up. Aw, I guess we need to stop speculating like this whole website is about someone who is clearly lying, if not about the cancer, multiple things. She didn’t have a problem with her feeding tube, the one one she never needed in the first place, as you have to use something as intended to have it malfunction. So GTFO, cow, and take your Aubrey fan obsession elsewhere b

No. 464757

We get it. You fucking love this bitch. It’s the only way you’d totally overlook all the lies. Too bad for you that you’re being totally fooled. Just a hint, people who are malnourished don’t have huge arm muscles mere days later. And no one is ever that ecstatic to be in the hospital. She’s hooked you in, and unfortunately you’re either too smitten or too stupid to realize you’re just another sheep.

No. 464758

I don't doubt that many of these cows exaggerate or outright fake many of their woes but anons coming in here and declaring they know better than doctors and such because they know someone who has x illness… kek

No. 464764

When has she had a biopsy? To play devil's advocate, the Texas cancer center will treat a wide variety of conditions, not just cancer. Certain blood disorders and benign tumors are among them. I received chemotherapy for SLE and saw an oncologist at TCC, for example, even though I didn't have cancer. I'm not disagreeing with you anon, just saying that the fact that Aubrey is under TCC doesn't necessarily give weight to her claim of malignancy.

No. 464765

Thank gawd!


No. 464769

If you're going to argue with me, stay on point.

If you want to poke at my argument, stay on track. I'm talking about her cancer claims.

I said nothing about her being malnourished or 30 other things she claims, so you can't really say I believe all that since I didn't even mention any of it, can you?

No. 464771

7:51 and 9:51 - biopsy results

No. 464775

She says she has pancreatic cancer here, which we know is a bald-faced lie. Try harder, white knight

No. 464777

Again, do your homework. At 9:51, she says the oncology surgeon came back in and explained it's a neuroendocrine tumor.

I'm pretty sure a lay person would call it "pancreatic cancer" because we can't all be as smart as you when someone says we have a tumor on our pancreas.

Surgical pathology reports show malignancies. See Instagram.

No. 464778

Post them here. This is an image board.

No. 464782

If you’re going to come in here with your creepy-ass Aubrey obsession, maybe you’re the one who needs to get their facts right. And I quote: “hospitalized for problems with her feeding tube.” She was hospitalized because she was malnourished, apparently to a critical point, yet here she is today, looking pretty fucking healthy. It’s medically impossible to recover from severe malnutrition to the point of needing tpn in under two weeks. And that feeding tube? She’s never run it faster than the rate they prescribe to infants. An adult who is feeding tube dependent needs to have a feeding tube running at least 60 ml/hr for 23.5 hours a day, which is impossible even in itself as it takes longer than that to set it up, especially having to fill up that tiny bag she uses multiple times. She is not and has never been dependent on her feeding tube or tpn, in fact while she’s been “starving” she’s been gaining weight, which can easily be seen. So take your white knighting and shove it.

No. 464784

So glad we have someone who was there, in the room, to tell us what the doctor actually said! Oh wait, you’re claiming that Aubrey never lies, which is BULLSHIT.

No. 464786

Not all tumors are cancerous, you moron. And believing everything she says? You either are Aubrey, or you’ve got a really sick devotion to her.

No. 464787

I responded to the questions about whether she had a biopsy/if she said whether her tumor was malignant and y'all are calling me out on not saying she's lying about being malnourished? How do you even know if I think she needs a feeding tube?

Y'all are cute and fun to argue with since none of us can really know anything, but I have to call it a night.

No. 464788

File: 1515390167420.png (492.14 KB, 765x406, aubrey.PNG)

Here you go. Your requested image.

No. 464790

“Y’all”…think we got us a lyin’ Texan here? Certainly had plenty of details but no actual medical backup…

No. 464791

Wow, someone who believes everything they read on IG. We got us a real winner here. Thats already been posted, faggot.

No. 464793

Fucking learn to sage, newfag

No. 464794

Not medical records or anything other what she says. Not exactly evidence there, champ. Better luck next time.

No. 464796

Did she actually post pathology report? I don't see it on her IG. Screenshot please!

No. 464799

She didn't. I just checked. Wk/Aubrey is lying as per usual

No. 464812

Do YOUR homework. There is a huge difference between a MALIGNANT tumour (meaning actual cancer) and a BENIGN one (non-cancerous). Yes, this is included for a lot of tumours, like the one I had in my nose which was non-cancerous. Tumour does not automatically mean cancer. Stop equating them. They are not synonymous.

Educate yourself.

No. 464813

Oh look she even has a fucking beanie now. So Jonzie cancer kid-esque.

No. 464817

For sure. What gets more sympathy and glorious asspats than cancer? Certainly not a benign tumor, the same that her brother already had and then got on with his life. Also, wtf is up with her teeth? I guess all that purging is catching up to her.

No. 464818

She didn’t state that the pathology report said it was malignant. She said it was non-metastatic, which simply means that it hadn’t spread. FYI, having multiple encapsulated, non-infiltrative, easily resectable NETs with zero lymphadenopathy and zero metastasis usually does not indicate malignancy. She’d also likely have chemo anyways to obliterate any remaining malignant cells.

inb4 she starts methotrexate or something.

No. 464822

She’s said surgery was her only treatment, unless that’s changed. So I doubt chemo, but I’m sure we’ll know sooner or later. Although chemo doesn’t automatically mean cancer, either. But also, look at the probability. Her brother had the same thing, and his was benign. Those kinds of tumors are rare, even more so in young people. So her having cancer is just incredibly improbable. Is it possible? Yes, it’s possible, but considering probability and family history and her personal history, it’s very, very unlikely. She had two tumors that they took out, it’s not cancer, and unfortunately for her, she’s going to be totally fine and live a long healthy life unless she whines her way into long term TPN (that shit is bad if you don’t absolutely, no other options need it).

No. 464843

I’m not disagreeing with you or WKing. My post simply said what she’s provided to us on her public instagram suggests that this isn’t malignant, but she likely won’t share more anyway so we’ll always be guessing. Also agree with you on the TPN bit.

No. 464893


Except a bunch of them end up mooching off the government disability programs, and thus aren't really paying for it at all. Other people's tax dollars are paying for it which makes it not much different from NHS in those cases. That's what gets me with these fakers, they waste everyone's time, and other people's money just to play some disgusting game of " I don't wanna grow up".

Sage for being fed up with children who can eat but won't.

No. 464910

I feel like it is almost worse in the US?
In the UK because of the NHS barring some exceptions (i.e. CPL) most people will just get told to get lost. You can't just switch doctors, your medical records follow you everywhere. So whilst it is bad because time= money and time= time a doctor could be with a really ill person. (Especially atm, if a UK munchie is currently in hospital or using ambulances unecessarily they are literally scum we're having a hospital crisis).

In the US because you can doctor shop (seemingly even on government assistance?) and it seems easier (?) to fundraise via gofuckme for literally anything (!) AND because the US health system is the most expensive in the world a) no one seems to tell these patients to get lost so they stay in the system longer b) doctors are used to expensive 'solutions' like saline, ports, tubes that involve expensive management i.e. homecare, surgery etc.

So overall US munchies cost more and get their munchiness fed into more. Mostly in the UK you just can't do that (like I said, excluding exceptions).

Will post screenshots in a bit but CPL is coming off loads of her meds to try and concieve again.

No. 464914

Nah, in order to be a supermunchie in the States you have to be wealthy. Look at the ones misusing the NHS - Paige, Ruby, HypermobileGuy, Chloe Print Lambert, Ams before she moved. There's a range of incomes and backgrounds even when you ignore the Breakspear Squad who are rich (MBV) or crowdfunding.

In the States, while there will be some abusing welfare of course, to succeed at MBI in particular you need far more drama and excitement, and more control over your treatment options (aka doctor shopping) than is possible on a low income. No one can copy Jaq without money.

I'm always sus when I see someone with "EDS" get a new wheelchair and it's top of the line, fancy, IG friendly, all that shit. 98% chance they don't need it and want the spoonie cred.

No. 464915

File: 1515405773171.jpg (267.43 KB, 1080x1920, 1eM12Ii.jpg)

No. 464918

Not strictly cow relevant, but a lady I know retweeted an an interesting article yesterday by this kid who wrote a pretty long-winded but interesting essay about why people are doing this shit. I think it's the best explanation for cows that anyone has so far come up with. You can find it here: http://chrisvoncsefalvay.com/the-cult-of-suffering/ The middle is pretty wordy, so you might wanna skip that part but the end explains muchieing so well.

No. 464947

wordy but really worth a read

>I found virtually nothing, save for a small number of females who have been in treatment for FII for some years and offered a valuable insight into their thought process. One point I remember to this day was that while they initially did seek the attention that came from the sick role, what they really, really craved was the role of the ‘fighter’, the strong and resilient person who faces disease and trauma with courage. They wanted to be called brave. They wanted to be called fighters. And more than anything, they wanted someone to acknowledge their actions, praise them and tell them they could be proud of it.

pretty much.

No. 465001

Points for smiling after her super serious news of it being a tumor *soooper serious!

No. 465002


I thought Aubrey was too sick and in too much pain to spend time on lolcow, yet here she is!

No. 465003

File: 1515422079355.png (118.86 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-01-08-09-28-33…)

So I'm on this spoonie pen pail site. I know lame. Everyone's pretty legit, a couple occasional munchies for the most part alot of them seem believe able guess who Fucking graced us with her presence?

No. 465015

At the risk of having a lot of people say the very same thing to and about me:

I don't think that's fair.

We all believe different things. Some may think that cow X has factitious disorder, others think they have some genuine health issues but are really OTT about it, and yet others think they are either malingering or .. well, whatever they believe.

I happen to believe that Aubrey is a giant munchie and that she doesn't have anything she claims, except the cancer, unless it is proven that she doesn't. I also think she is loving every minute of her 'cancer warrior' status. I find it sickening how happy she is to add that to her hashtags. Yet I don't think she is lying about that one. I can give you my reasons for that, but that doesn't really matter right now.

I do however belief that her cancer diagnosis is more up for debate then most of her other health claims. Chronic Lyme, in the way she is presenting it, isn't even a thing (except a woo diagnosis) and it is very clear that she doesn't need a feeding tube just from looking at the feed rate she is using. Whether she currently has some pain or discomfort during her feeds is also up for debate, but what IS known is that in the days just before her most recent hospitalization she wasn't even trying. There's also clear evidence that she isn't malnourished.

The cancer diagnosis, IMO is more difficult to either proof or disproof. There is clearly something going on for her to be hospitalized for so long. So yeah, some of us think that this is one of the rare cases where the girl who cried wolf is actually sick. So I don't think it is fair to call someone who basically just says "tone it down a bit with the 'OMG she is lying about having cancer' because we simply don't know and there are indicators that can go either way" (and you may notice that they are not the first to say this, including a self-declared medfag) an Aubrey-admirer, lolcow, WK or say that they must be Aubrey. They simply said that some things that were being said here (like that she didn’t had a biopsy and therefore could not know if the tumor was malignant, or that she had no family visit at all, or that it can't be true because they weren't in a rush do operate - just so you know, if a tumor is slow-growing a couple of weeks don't make any difference outcome-wise). NOWHERE do they say that they think Aubrey is legit in any of her other claims, or that they like her.

We make some sort of a hobby out of finding out the truth about people who are lying online. We pick apart entire accounts to see if we can find out the truth. But if someone points out evidence that maybe the truth is a little different then the predominant opinion on lolcow, they basically get tarred and feathered.

Like I said; I don't just think that's fair.

No. 465017

Huh, a mention of surgery is now a trigger? On a site for chronic ill people, no less? That's kind of insane.

No. 465018

There’s a big difference between debating about a cow and coming in and claiming everything we’re saying is wrong. There’s always been a debate on here as to whether a cow is lying or not, and comparing facts and speculations. Yet we’ve been getting WKs in here that claim they know exactly what’s going on by just what a cow says on social media, but without the speculation, just taking what they say as fact. We all know that we’re not necessarily right, but the people who get laughed at here refuse to believe they may be wrong.

No. 465019

Seriously? Their special snowflake feelings are hurt kek

No. 465031

Lmfao yes it's nauseating. There's only a few I write to there. Everything has to have a TW . Because the easily offended might see something that will hurt their feels. It's hysterical.

No. 465032

But don't things like "She is lying about cancer, that's the lowest of the lowest" or "of course she is lying about having cancer", "someone needs to call her out on this, this is going too far" also indicate that people refuse to believe they may be wrong? A lot of people have been very vocal and very convinced about this.

I don't want to make it into a big discussion about how to or how not to speculate about someone's health - I am not the judge of lolcow. I just saw someone attacked who in my eyes just told people that some of the conclusions about Aubrey were based on the wrong facts. Now that conclusion may still be the same, but as Sherlock Holmes said: "it is a capital mistake to theorize before one has enough data".

I don't care if other people are convinced she does not have cancer. However just like I cannot be sure she actually has it, they cannot be sure she doesn't have it. And I think that someone who has another view might not be as inclined to defend someone if we all would word our views a bit more careful. I think a lot of discussion can be avoided by simply adding "I believe that.." or "I am convinced.." to a post instead of stating things as fact.

I know; this is boring. Let's go back to the milk.

No. 465047

You're on a website solely for bitching and gossiping about people, get off your high horse.

No. 465052

lolcow has turned into an ethics board. Get back to the milk

No. 465053

File: 1515428595387.png (538.34 KB, 816x605, wtfamanda.png)

Good fucking god there is a lot of sperging about Aubrey. This is starting to feel like Kelly Ronahan 2.0, where the sooper srs medical mystery was all a fucking lie, and Kelly WKed herself constantly.

Early prediction: Aubrey and/or her flying monkeys are already here trying to firefight our poor opinion of her and her Suffering TM.


Here is a recent post by Amanda, where with her healthy, clear skin and full cheeks, is whining about living off of less than 300 calories a day. Boo hoo hoo.

These ana-chan cows always mystify me, because they don't actually suffer under a physically mediated reduced appetite, and the way that they talk about it is clear. Judging it by calories and portion sizes is strongly reminiscent of intake control for anorexics.

When you actually have reduced appetite due to a disease process, there are different metrics you judge your willingness to engage in food, rather than how many calories. So nothing terribly out of the ordinary for the tube-fed anorexic crowd, but just one in the plethora of girls we've seen bravely parading their "malnourished" state.

No. 465054

File: 1515429000073.png (612.28 KB, 935x601, wtfmolly4.png)

And here we have Molly pathologizing being dehydrated. Getting EMS to respond for being wobbly, especially in this kind of fucking weather? Unreal.

And I like how she's saying her symptoms must match low blood sodium.

But gotta get that sweet, sweet saline bag, ferried by her private limo service, given how often EMS must get called to her location. She's one of the many cows who spent at least a few days in the emergency room during Christmas, which again is a very very telling sign across the board for these bitches.

Everybody's gonna get validated and have a good time? Whoops, gotta put a halt to that, direct all the attention on me, and fake a medical crisis so everything can be about ME ME ME. My god, these women are so selfish and to be honest rather mean spirited. All of this shit is intentional, and they decide to make the people who care about them worry during what should be one of the happiest times of the year.

No. 465058

OTT spoonies keep some of us in the real world, I think (or at least me, anyway). Those who are hypochondriacs and over-analyze all their symptoms would do well to watch these cows, because it's a glimpse of what uncontrolled hypochondria and selfishness can lead to. This is why I read here. It keeps everything in check for me by watching people who are out of control and ridiculous.

No. 465060

I'm confused. So she's a munchie…..except for the cancer part? K marsha.

No. 465062

This is true. Medicaid, Medicare, and the VA don't pay for all of the craziness that these cows do. I work in the EMR side of the industry and while they pay for standard care, they won't go all out on unnecessary items or trials.

No. 465068

I tend to agree with that… kind of. I think her crazy munchiness lead to an abundance of medical tests that possibly revealed that she has the same type of neuro-endocrine tumors that her brother had. I do not think they are malignant. She found out way too early for them to definitively say it is cancer. I just can't imagine things work that quickly, but again, I am more behind the scenes on the financial side and not the clinical side, so I don't know how quickly this stuff gets diagnosed. But I think she is milking this for all it is worth.

True pancreatic cancer is quite terminal, isn't it? I just found out about a friend of the family who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and he has been given 3-6 months to live.

I also know of a coworker who had pancreatitis and it was incredibly painful for him. He was out of work for a long time. I cannot imagine anyone vlogging during pancreatitis, even with drugs.

No. 465080

File: 1515432873638.jpg (315.93 KB, 2736x1600, hTyXeIB.jpg)

Back to the milk, right?

I thought this was funny. Aubrey tells the camera that they will probably be travelling out of state to see a specialist, "because it's a really rare cancer, and.. It's kind of frustrating (and THERE is her grin) because I feel like I always have to seek out these specialists.." (at about the 4.00 minute mark)

As you can see, she thinks it's VERY frustrating to have all these 'rare' things wrong with her.

No. 465118

I wanna SEE the PET scan results. I'm tired of her spitting lies I want proof.

No. 465121

I saw that grin when I watched her video and it sent a chill down my spine. SO creepy.

No. 465122

I want to see ANYTHING! There's been no milk! Just a lot of lies and her shitty smirks. Boring!

No. 465134

Regarding OTT spoonies.

I have two thoughts. One is, does anyone else have major doubts about Lara Bloom? I know she has a different strategy to the anachan brave lil fighters, but I am … not convinced she actually has EDS. She comes off as incredibly narcissistic and not really concerned with the illness, given how she follows many obvious munchies (e.g. actively and vocally supported Carmel with the EDS Society). She seems to me like someone who is potentially using very mild illness, probably benign joint hypermobility, for massive personal gain and self enrichment.

Second, I have also been checking out EDS UK and they seem pretty whack too. Lots of reposting from shite accounts like "chronicloveclub" which are breeding grounds for OTT and full on munchies. Real sick people aren't interested in that crap.

Not doubting they are both legal charities, but they both set my OTT (at minimum) alarms blaring.

No. 465152

Who is Lara Bloom? Screenshots of milk from her please. IMAGEBOARD.

No. 465153

I get what you mean, but then I also saw a documantary about her a few years ago in which I didn't think she was faking. But equally I knew nothing about EDS or the idea of faking physical illnesses in a munchie way back then. She is a super narcissit though

No. 465174

Yeah, she looks real frustrated and upset. Also, that’s an incredibly difficult position for someone with “severe abdominal pain” and muscle loss because of malnutrition. She’s got all her rare diagnoses now, and isn’t even bothering to pretend to be sick any more.

No. 465190

File: 1515442128552.png (773.94 KB, 640x1136, FC9CE890-02F4-4813-BB2F-843058…)

Why is she always in tank tops? Hospitals are always freezing, on purpose, plus being underweight or malnourishmed (kek) makes you freeze even when it’s warm. She’s that desperate to show off her lines and tubes. Also managed to get in all her hospital bands.

No. 465193

Her lines would be hard to access in much else other than a tank top to be fair.
She does always manage to pose so all lines are visible though i.e. her right arm in this shot.

No. 465195

File: 1515442328896.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, B39B68CB-7BD5-42EE-9A0F-197B4A…)

So much pain she couldn’t move, emergency colonoscopy. (Still no pet scan, though). She looks super upset, guys. Not like it’s her favorite thing in the world or anything. ( who lets these cows take all these surgery pics?)

No. 465214

Of course hospitals have specific gowns to make access convenient for them even if you're unconscious..but I can see your point Anon! *Wknight much? Idiot!

No. 465215

Who tf let's these cows bring their pet dogs back into pre-op?! What is he going to "alert" to back there that the machines can't?

No. 465221

There is NO hospital that would allow you to bring your dog into pre-op

No. 465224

Kek well obviously there's at least one, unless she's not actually in pre-op…?

No. 465232

Good thing she's known for her "honesty" kek

No. 465236

File: 1515444930161.png (1.43 MB, 640x1136, 7BBD496F-2328-44B9-AE85-0CBB24…)

I hope we continue posting Tina. Idk why someone here made her out to be innocent lol. Shit ALWAYS goes ‘wrong’ with her procedures/tubes/surgeries, it’s the biggest load of bull.

No. 465358


Oh shit, here we come with the MBP…

No. 465365


OH come on, we've seen her arm muscles.

No. 465391

Exactly. How does anyone believe her lies about nearly dying from malnutrition? I also not understand how a hospital thought she was malnourished, since there is no way she magically gained twenty pounds of muscle in the past two weeks, while she sat on her ass in bed and took selfies.

No. 465412

File: 1515456862752.png (3.13 MB, 1536x2048, CF8B8B4E-275B-479A-B247-FA1FFE…)

Guess who gets to go home on tpn. She’s ecstatic that she won the munchie grand prize. It’s quite horrifying at this point.
(Also, what feeding intolerance? You can’t have an intolerance if you’re fully capable of eating. That’s called an eating disorder).

No. 465414

File: 1515456927822.png (631.87 KB, 1536x2048, CED513E6-C96E-4202-A5F8-068465…)

Already lots of asspats from followers too

No. 465416

I'm not sure about annie elainey, or tyler (crpl-pnk). any dirt on either?

No. 465419

File: 1515457371540.png (1.65 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180108-173736.png)

I'm no service dog expert - my only firsthand experience is with the mother of one of my clients. She's blind & has a seeing eye dog. That dog is a ninja. The first time I met the family, I didn't realize the service pup was there until halfway through our visit. I've sure never seen him play with toys or leave his spot under his owner's feet. Yet here is Aubrey's "service dog" chilling at the window, back to her, surrounded by toys. Seems legit.

No. 465425

“Starting at a slow rate” kek. As opposed to what? She’s never ran her tube at a normal rate.

No. 465427

Hers seems to be just a dog in a vest that she can take everywhere. It doesn’t seem to ever provide any service.

No. 465435

the overwhelming majority of people posting who associate themselves with the idea of cripplepunk in any way are at the absolute minimum OTT, mostly MBI verging on actual munchies.

Whichever anon was bitching about not knowing who Lara is - she's the top person of the EDS Society, constantly travels for them and attends events, is always networking and socialising, and so on. You can google her. The milk is different from regular munchies, it's not the typical ana hospital pics, but egotistical use of "illness" for narc supply and gain.

No. 465445


kek, she calls him a medical alert dog. I guess we can see her claims about him in the upcoming ANIMAL PLANET spot.

No. 465446


Did she even ever run her feed at more than a child's rate?

No. 465448

It's cool for the dog to have some chill time, service dogs need breaks, but bringing a whole toy box full of toys to play with in the hospital? Yeah not necessary. I remember seeing a video of them playing fetch, IN THE ROOM. But yeah I think that's 100% unacceptable for it to be sitting on the furniture at the hospital. If the dog MUST stay with her, bring its own bed so it has a comfy place to chill.

Also her dogs nails are long as fuck and badly need a trim. She's at least cute…

No. 465456

crplpnk is the one who started the whole cripple punk movement.

No. 465467

He's likely looking out the window wondering if he'd make it if he jumped! Kek

No. 465476

I've never really gotten a munchie vibe from Annie, maybe slightly OTT, but not bad.

No. 465481

Also her new puppy is SO cute.

No. 465482

tyler feels munchie af, but arent they dead now?

No. 465483


I'm a bit confused why they let her keep the dog around all her ports/tubes/wires etc. Lots of stuff to yank out. I'm sure he bought her a lot of comfort, but it's a HOSPITAL. A service dog can't do much there except be bored.

No. 465485


Please tell me the puppy isn't a SDIT?

I had quite a lot of respect for Annie but she's started advertising Jaquie as a good person to follow for advice/inspiration. Oh boy.

No. 465486

Please post link(s) and/or screenshot(s) of something they posted that seems milky. Please don't send people on wild goose chases.

No. 465487

If she supposedly has cancer, and they haven't done a PET scan yet/have no treatment plan other than surgery, how is she going home?

I mean, obviously she could be going home because she doesn't actually have cancer, just a benign tumor, and therefore the hospital doesn't want her taking up an Oncology bed.

No. 465494

Nothing I've seen her post says it's a SDIT, rather the pup is just a pup.

No. 465495

Nope. I think the highest we ever saw was 25 ml/hr, which even at 24 hours a day (physically impossible) is only 900 calories. And she for sure wasn’t surviving on that, or she would have lost a shit ton of weight (she really lost little to none, if not gained).

No. 465496

Slow-growing cancers aren't an emergency. My husband had RCC and it took weeks between biopsy/dx and nephrectomy. Her being d/c is not an indicator of whether her tumors were malignant or not.

She is so classically ~*la belle indifference*~ over her whole experience, it's disgusting.

No. 465497


Hooray, dogs are awesome!
(sage for joy)

No. 465500


kek so she decided to go one further and claim she's not tolerating it to get TPN

I can't wait until her digestive system fails and she finds she's stuff on TPN forever even after she realises her mistake.

No. 465502

Its pretty much everything that the both of them post. Its all OTT and pretty munchie tbh

No. 465506

File: 1515461576162.png (1.12 MB, 1536x2048, 25CC374E-8643-400C-926D-C52171…)

Whoops I lied, the fastest she ever was at was 35. A whopping 1,260 calories a day if she was running it 24 hours a day, which is, again, impossible. Even continuous feeds have to be stopped to refill the bag or change sets, to give medication, and to shower. But she’s been everywhere from 35 to 15 ml/hr; most hospitals don’t discharge you after your first tube placement at less than 50 ml/hr. Normal for an adult with a gj tube is 80-120 ml/hour for at least 16-18 hours a day, since continuous feeds aren’t great for your gi system.

No. 465508

File: 1515461608635.png (1.27 MB, 1536x2048, 8B694D5B-EF14-498B-9384-98086E…)

No. 465509

File: 1515461688944.png (3.12 MB, 1536x2048, 9B215C6B-4E3D-498F-9C8A-8A3A95…)

Sorry there’s no dates, if anyone’s curious, her IG’s public.

No. 465511

File: 1515461736188.png (3.19 MB, 1536x2048, 68E52FA4-ACB2-4E40-82C5-684011…)

No. 465512

File: 1515461769282.png (1.08 MB, 1536x2048, 8AE0E86E-CE4B-484D-B352-670DEF…)

No. 465518

File: 1515462119048.png (1.42 MB, 1536x2048, 1C7962EC-6BED-466E-B676-795145…)

As far as her tube goes, she “accidentally” pulled out her nj tube in August (pics 1&2), and was left without one until over a month later (3&4). Those tubes don’t just come out, they’re taped way down, and they’re far enough into the small intestine that it’s lots of pulling to get one out. And no one who really needs a feeding tube is left for more than a day without one, let alone over a month. Also, she’s creepily elated to get a gj tube.

No. 465520

File: 1515462161067.png (429.67 KB, 1536x2048, DC3811C0-8F71-4080-B0DB-1AB78E…)

No. 465521

File: 1515462235754.png (1022.4 KB, 1536x2048, 898DAF71-66D2-4694-B60A-9FBEC9…)

Looking back at her account is wild, just seeing how much of munchie she is.

No. 465523

Ahhh another Mary Frey copycat. Mary's NJ also mysteriously fell out, twice, and that's why she was given a GJ ultimately. Can't these cows be a little more original?

No. 465524

File: 1515462287215.png (360.4 KB, 1536x2048, 65C1438D-9194-4AB8-B292-7A791D…)

Crazy bitch.

No. 465530

File: 1515462835505.png (1.21 MB, 1536x2048, 720A2C48-5792-439A-AED2-1250A3…)

And the most telling pictures of all: first is before she started any of the munchie shit, a few years ago. Second is a few days into her hospitalization for “severe malnutrition”, a week ago. There’s barely any difference.

No. 465531

File: 1515462941723.png (1.1 MB, 1536x2048, E220B26C-65FA-46EB-ACB7-F1C37F…)

She just wants that sweet, sweet tpn. I have a feeling is been her end game all along. Here’s the second pic, just starting tpn, unable to use her feeding tube for weeks. She practically disappearing kek. But really, look at those guns.

No. 465538

File: 1515463205713.png (1.43 MB, 1536x2048, B61DB745-FDE2-41E7-B306-E1F58D…)

And another recent one. She’s maybe got some fluid changes, but so does everyone. (Also drinking a beer, a month before desperately needing tpn, but whatever)

No. 465539

Why do all these munchies claim to be so malnourished that they’re blacking our? If they really were sick, no self respecting doctor would let it get to that point before intervening. That level of malnutrion rarely happens when you’re seeing doctors regularly and updating them on your weight.

No. 465542

File: 1515463403353.jpg (484.77 KB, 1242x1871, IMG_0365.jpg)

Back in 2014, idk when she got Lyme, but why else would she be on all these meds back then?

No. 465547

File: 1515463733135.jpg (355.17 KB, 1242x1852, IMG_0367.jpg)

Doesn't explain why she needed the EEG.

No. 465551

File: 1515463810731.jpg (341.45 KB, 1242x1842, IMG_0366.jpg)

That's a lot of medical records. She hasn't posted anything in a hospital or doctor's office up until this point, only about feeling crappy a few times or having the flu.

No. 465552

Desperately trying to find something wrong for those asspats.

No. 465559


This is not how an imageboard works, anon.

No. 465560

Christ, some pretty serious chartomegaly for no complaints prior! I'd hate to see it now…

No. 465562

File: 1515464454609.jpg (456.39 KB, 1242x1969, IMG_0368.jpg)

Diagnosed with Lyme and starting treatment.

No. 465563

File: 1515464489459.jpg (463.65 KB, 1241x1869, IMG_0369.jpg)

March 29th
Doesn't say what the injection is.

No. 465564

File: 1515464522630.jpg (474.2 KB, 1242x1864, IMG_0370.jpg)

Kek. All the molds. All of them.

No. 465565


So malnourished, just look at her lying languid on her hospital bed, managing a brave smile…. oh wait.

No. 465566

File: 1515464555339.jpg (275.79 KB, 1242x1861, IMG_0371.jpg)

First mention of tachycardia I believe.

No. 465567

File: 1515464589780.jpg (470.01 KB, 1242x1854, IMG_0372.jpg)

That ever present smirk. Kek just wear sunglasses.

No. 465568


She says she has epilepsy "caused by lyme disease".

No. 465569

File: 1515464612717.jpg (529.57 KB, 1242x1861, IMG_0373.jpg)

No. 465571

File: 1515464668720.jpg (544.67 KB, 1242x1832, IMG_0374.jpg)

Pt. 2
First time POTS has been mentioned I believe. Also, idk why the doc would go straight to PICC.

No. 465572


and most of those 30 pills appear to be OTC supplements.

No. 465573

File: 1515464700864.jpg (466.16 KB, 1242x1834, IMG_0375.jpg)

That pose, gotta show off the pic!

No. 465574


"on the path to health" = "the path to monetising my super serious illnesses"

No. 465575

File: 1515464731719.jpg (638.55 KB, 1242x1856, IMG_0376.jpg)

No. 465577

File: 1515464780572.jpg (508.97 KB, 1242x1752, IMG_0377.jpg)

To be fair, she does look like she's in pain in the previous image.

But 6 months of treatment down!

No. 465578


She looks a lot better than most people with POTS do during a TTT, but the smile seems a little more strained at least.

No. 465579

File: 1515464806285.jpg (502.54 KB, 1242x1818, IMG_0378.jpg)

Look at them abs!

No. 465580

File: 1515464830774.jpg (394.63 KB, 1242x1775, IMG_0379.jpg)

First time tagging POTS I believe.

No. 465582


Bullshit. They'd give her Tylenol 3 or something if she had something they could find as a cause of her pain.

No. 465586

File: 1515465561405.jpg (536.38 KB, 1242x2027, IMG_0380.jpg)

Since when is she immunocompromised? Never mentioned it before…

No. 465587

File: 1515465598959.jpg (505.15 KB, 1242x1844, IMG_0381.jpg)

Again, most look OTC supplements.

No. 465588

File: 1515465620980.jpg (438.98 KB, 1242x1838, IMG_0382.jpg)

First mention of port.

No. 465589

File: 1515465659601.jpg (522.26 KB, 1242x1814, IMG_0385.jpg)

Mold free you guys! Lyme should be gone in 6 months!

No. 465590

File: 1515465692800.jpg (438.55 KB, 1242x1837, IMG_0386.jpg)

Since when does she have chemical sensitivities?

No. 465591

File: 1515465731910.jpg (594.93 KB, 1242x1844, IMG_0388.jpg)

There go babesia and bartonella!

No. 465592

File: 1515465776661.jpg (542.54 KB, 1242x1822, IMG_0389.jpg)

Forgot to mention in last one, but first mention of Gastroparesis, though she hasn't really complained about her stomach before this.

No. 465593


Prozac right next to the mass supply of vitamins kek

No. 465594

File: 1515465841036.png (804.33 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_0391.PNG)

Now is tagging her posts with GP, though she never posted about getting a gastric emptying study done or any tests…Hmmm….

No. 465595

File: 1515465905138.png (684.38 KB, 790x593, aubn.png)

i appreciate the anon going through her old stuff. when you see what she was like around her first ig post in 2013, she actually seems normal, with real goals, friends and hobbies.

sorry to get the posts out of order for you

No. 465596

A tilt table test can easily show a false positive for someone who’s dehydrated or has electrolytes off. She’s an ana chan who purges, so that would come fairly easily. A TTT is not the automatic “absolutely it’s pots” test that munchies and spoonies claim it is. It’s merely a part of autonomic testing, there are several other tests that must be done to actually confirm a diagnosis.

No. 465597

She’s lost weight from that picture. But before the munchie stuff happened. Smells like an eating disorder to me.

No. 465598

She started going veggie at one point, and cut a lot of stuff from her diet after Lyme dx. Not being able to eat a lot of stuff could have triggered the ED.

No. 465601

Especially if you add in her gross teeth, exercise and previous veggie obsessions, absolutely demanding Kate’s farms, and the fact that if there’s been actual motility testing (I think I remember something about it), we’ve never seen any proof of the results other than what she says. And even here she claims GP, but isn’t eating things that are good for it (definitely not vegetables). And look how many foods she was already restricting.

No. 465602

File: 1515466308488.png (685.28 KB, 836x515, aubn2.png)

lel compared to her bikini port pictures and pushing her collar bones forward anachan style, yea looks pretty ed related

No. 465604

Gimme a minute, I've got all the GP stuff coming up.

No. 465606

Munchies need to learn what tachycardia is for their age. Tachycardia is when your heart rate for a someone in 20s is over 160bpm. 91bpm? Girl please that is NOT high or dangerous at all.

No. 465607


Wow this reminds me of Robyn and her "super cute" pill organising. Pills aren't meant to be kept out of the bottle/blisterpack long-term like this (a weekly organiser is ok but wow).

No. 465609

File: 1515466809569.jpg (522.06 KB, 1242x2057, IMG_0392.jpg)

Kek. Probably cause he saw right through your BS.
25lbs in 2 months? ED much?

No. 465610

File: 1515466883007.jpg (642.14 KB, 1242x2038, IMG_0395.jpg)

Sure Jan.

No. 465614

File: 1515466958403.jpg (639.06 KB, 1242x1862, IMG_0396.jpg)

Whomp there it is. Ladies, Gentlemen, and those who haven't made up their minds…I present Ana-Chan Aubrey!

No. 465615

File: 1515466992998.jpg (404.99 KB, 1242x1938, IMG_0398.jpg)

Looking very ana compared to her old pics.

No. 465616

File: 1515467093586.jpg (449.86 KB, 1242x1828, IMG_0399.jpg)

Yum. Time to lie about results.

No. 465619

It's very suspicious that she didn't mention stomach problems before her doctor suspected gastroparesis and she decided she definitely had it. She's an over-sharer.

No. 465620

File: 1515467174378.jpg (492.21 KB, 1242x1836, IMG_0402.jpg)

You say the results confirm GP? Funny…Anorexia can cause GP because your stomach forgets how to work when you starve it.

No. 465622

File: 1515467249023.jpg (497.33 KB, 1242x1836, IMG_0404.jpg)

Look, I can breathe out too.

No. 465623

File: 1515467287159.jpg (573.12 KB, 1242x1848, IMG_0405.jpg)

Uh oh guys, the medicine isn't working…Is that a tube I hear in the future?

No. 465624

File: 1515467350295.jpg (552.48 KB, 1242x1818, IMG_0407.jpg)

Her…dad? is going to insist on a feeding tube? Why, because your doctors know you're an anorexic munchie and won't listen to you?

No. 465625

File: 1515467438267.jpg (509.83 KB, 1242x1823, IMG_0408.jpg)

No honey, you started this instagram as a personal account and morphed it into the munchie asspat heaven it is now.

(I'm done with screenshots for now, because we all know what comes next: Liquid diet, Kate Farms, Feeding Tube)

No. 465630

Hope all of you enjoyed this milky blast from Aubrey's past! It was very enlightening to go so far back. Her fault for using the same account that she started as her personal one! All's fair in munchies and lies though! If you have anything to add, feel free!

No. 465634

thank you for the work, the reaching for a specific diagnosis is pretty clear

No. 465636

Most people who are diagnosed with non-ED-related GP have had undiagnosed gi problems for a very long time before getting diagnosed. They don’t just wake up one day and decide to have symptoms kek

No. 465639

I know a lot of medications have a rare side effect of causing cancer. I am starting to think that she basically gave herself cancer from being a munchie and begging for meds. Sage for blogging but I know someone who was diagnosed with cancer caused by a med and it seems very likely in this situation. Not sure though since I am unfamiliar with the type of cancer she thinks she has.

No. 465644

She looks like a mid 40's crackwhore Kate Moss here kek

No. 465645

Except that her brother has the same thing, but his is benign. You’d think if two siblings were diagnosed with the same rare tumor, those tumors would indeed be the same, and not one cancerous and one benign.

No. 465657

An eating disorder will do that too you. I believe the term was “heroin chic”.

No. 465669

I have a general question- are all spoonies who do saline infusions OTT? Because there are a few girls who seem pretty normal who do them for POTS and some who even have central lines for them that aren’t munchie at all otherwise… so like what’s the verdict on that? obvs some of the people are OTT sometimes but everyone is dramatic occasionally so I’m trying to figure out if the ports and piccs are legit and the occasional OTT is just regular drama or if they’re true OTT

No. 465678

I think there can be normal spoonies who benefit from the Saline infusions. I do think the Port/PICC/IV has become a bit of an OTT trend, but there are definitely people who genuinely benefit!

No. 465688

HAHAHA WOW! Another cow sees or saw the same electrophisiologist. You're not even allowed to have anyone in that room or any other autonomic testing room. There are also many signs asking you to refrain from taking pictures or using your phone. I know exacty who that doctor is from the poster on the wall.

She had to have only went to him for her diagnosis and another doc for her precious PICC. There is no way in hell she actually got it from her POTS doctor.

If this is the same doctor who diagnosed her with MALS (very likely) she may not have it. I believe he is seriously over diagnosing it in thin women who aren't actually symptomatic.

No. 465692


I wonder if she'd been referred to a dietician at this point? GP-safe diets are easy to find on the internet.

No. 465694


But MALS is a great excuse not to eat and get your "nutrition" from Kate Farms eh?

No. 465698

It's the only reason she's clinging to MALS. It's an excuse to not eat (or she sees it as one… People with it try to eat!) and a future surgery if she's extra special. Bitch doesn't even present like someone with MALS or mention pain that would be related to it at all.

No. 465700

Well, I’m glad I did my sleuthing tonight and now we have new information! Thank you!

No. 465728


It was good sleuthing anon. I can't believe how quickly the illnesses piled up with her! Then again all cows pile them on quickly, seemingly.

No. 465729

Is she clinging to it, though? None of her other sooper serious diagnoses (POTS, MALS, gastroparesis, LYME) have been mentioned since she got the big C. Because sooper serious debilitating medical conditions are irrelevant when you're diagnosed with a PNET.

No. 465737

Definitely the GP/MALS (both make it so to can’t eat much, but it’s odd to blame her go issues on both, and there’s been no specification which is causing problems), since that’s what she’s used most recently to wrangle a hospital admission. But the Lyme seems to be totally and completely forgotten, even though that was the start of her munchie journey, and that got her the picc line and then the port. It wasn’t originally for saline, it was for the heavy duty antibiotics her Lyme doctor had her on (an unproven treatment for an unproven disease).

No. 465751

Absolutely not. It sucks that the OTT crowd has tarnished the reputation of saline infusion therapy. Some patients do not maintain adequate blood volume and saline infusions are a critical game-changer in their quality of life. Fuck these drama queens for even making people think this way!
TL;DR: It's a legit therapy, but OTT/Munch crowd gives it a bad name.

No. 465755

File: 1515478131199.jpg (433.88 KB, 795x1312, Screenshot_20180109-000654.jpg)

Kek. "I posted about not being able to find my IUD now look how bloated I am!" When do you all think she'll say she's pregnant?

No. 465756


She claims Lyme caused both epilepsy and gastroparesis.

And even though she's not mentioning it, her username is still "Aubrey's Lyme Journey".

No. 465779

Ah, Lyme disease: a munchie’s best friend. Causes whatever symptoms they want.

No. 465812

Kek, sounds like you get them.

There's a reason why they aren't available in the UK, just saying. For POTS/EDS, it's not a necessary treatment for like 99.9% of people, meaning that yes, those getting it are OTT. Especially if they use it for drama. There is a minuscule percentage who may genuinely benefit (sucks to them if they're British, sadly), but we have no way of knowing who that is, and I seriously doubt they even post it on Instagram.

No. 465813

im not familiar with this cow and what shes done, but that definitely looks more like a baby bump than bloating. i dont think bloating can get so bad that it starts pushing out your belly button

No. 465816


Yeah also it's suspiciously low.

No. 465817

File: 1515487544244.png (17.05 KB, 318x79, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 08.4…)


ugh don't give her ideas!

No. 465818

File: 1515487602164.png (23.69 KB, 307x127, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 08.4…)

the first commenter has a good point though, she was having issues with her IUD

No. 465828

File: 1515488943137.png (404.73 KB, 471x792, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 09.0…)


No. 465881

Can someone explain why they gave Aubrey a PICC when she already has a Port? Why both? She isn’t that special surely

No. 465887


Multiple drugs? I don't know but maybe the port has a maximum number of lines it can hold, or TPN has to go through a different site?

No. 465911

Ports do not work well for TPN.

No. 465913

Prozac (antidepressant), lamictal (mood stabiliser), quetiapine (atypical antipsychotic), temazepam (benzo, addictive after one week of use, used for anxiety). So at least 4 of her pills are for mental illness, for pretty heavy problems when all used together. Nothing wrong with having those issues and needing medication for it, but it definitely paints a different picture than what Aubrey usually does.

No. 465936

there is gabapentin too. while it is used to epilepsy and some pain issues, its used for anxiety as well.
and i think i see naltrexone which is used to help treat drug and alcohol issues

No. 465942

File: 1515506311317.png (1.52 MB, 2258x1010, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 8.58…)

got that sympathy money

No. 465944

Naltrexone is also a popular drug in alternative medicine. Seeing as she has chronic Lyme and sees a 'Lyme literate' doctor, that's probably why she takes (took?) it. The theory is that a low dose (LDN, for low dose naltrexone) teaches your opiate receptors to make natural pain relievers. Well, something lke that, anyway.

But seriously who wants te whole world to know which meds they take so they can pick it apart? Even Jaquie doesn't share ALL of her meds.

No. 465945

No. 465970

Lamictal is also an antiepileptic to be fair

No. 465973

Gabapentin is for nerve pain. I know they give it to people after surgery sometimes for long term use instead of narcotics because its not addictive. (In my opinion, its a sugar placebo pain pill)

No. 465976

Gabapentin is an anti-epileptic, not a sugar placebo pill. It works well when utilised as a painkiller because it blocks the pain receptors in the brain.

No. 465979

Sage for blogging again, but when I needed a transplant they sat us down for evaluation and told us "do not use gofundme!" Go fund me takes a percentage of the money for themselves. Also it is unknown if you are bound to use that money for only medical purposes. (Basically it can scam people). For fundraising they always suggest COTA or Caringbridge. The money MUST be used for medical expenses only! I think shes making bank on this.

No. 465985

THIS is exactly why I was so suspicious about her claim that it was cancer right off the bat. How in the world can it be decided that it's cancer when they haven't even done the surgery to remove it or anything else! The OTT behavior just kills me.

No. 466002


Has this GFM been posted before? The milk in the description is so ridiculous. And they raised over 20k. Geez.


No. 466003

Yeah, I'm an idiot. Read the whole thread before posting. My bad.

No. 466005

Did she ever do the treatment this GFM was meant for? Does she mention it on her Instagram somewhere?

No. 466014

File: 1515513882432.jpg (370.75 KB, 1077x1230, Screenshot_20180109-100328.jpg)

Here's other views. 1/2

No. 466015

File: 1515513934635.jpg (399.38 KB, 1072x1207, Screenshot_20180109-100347.jpg)


No. 466025

Oh good lord, she’s having yet another child to ignore.

No. 466026

That definitely looks like a baby bump because it’s lower than where the bloat would be if it was stomach bloating. Considering early pregnancy causes nausea, vomiting, and GI issues…I’m a little suspect.

No. 466027

I agree it looks more like a pregnant belly than bloating. Normally I'd say she could be pushing her belly out and since she was pregnant not too long ago it's easier to do that and have it look like this. But I have to say she looks pretty relaxed for her to push her belly out and hold her breath.

She doesn't have a pregnancy line though, but it could easily be too early for that.

I don't know. Did she react to the pregnancy questions?

No. 466031

The Linea Nigra usually shows up around the 5th month of pregnancy. Darkness of the line also varies from person to person.

No. 466040

File: 1515515563315.jpg (121.77 KB, 1260x829, Capture.JPG)

It appears she was on IV "something" before this GFM, which means she probably couldn't pay for it. The instagram pic of her medical records is from March 2016. Both her and her husband are students, so I can't imagine they actually have any money. If they do have an insurance policy through their university, it won't cover much.

No. 466041

She hasn't responded. Her followers are all suggesting GP.

No. 466043

File: 1515515944663.jpg (126.58 KB, 1407x826, Capture.JPG)

Aubrey's earliest mention of anything to do with illness is on her instagram post on Dec. 22, 2012. She talks about sneaking a therapy dog into a hotel.

No. 466045

Are therapy dogs for mental health? I'm not from the USA; what's the difference between an ESA and a therapy dog?

No. 466047

A therapy dog is supposed to be for hospitals, for sick people. Their handlers are normal people who volunteer their well trained and friendly dogs to visit people who need it.

An ESA is a personal pet that provides comfort.

No. 466064

File: 1515517185727.png (8.77 KB, 396x35, Screenshot_2018-01-09-08-56-11…)


Look again. She posted this reply yesterday.

No. 466072

That's been deleted

No. 466105


No, it hasn't.

No. 466112

File: 1515520816987.jpg (537.69 KB, 1078x1766, Screenshot_20180109-115725.jpg)


No. 466114

File: 1515520864844.jpg (483.34 KB, 1058x1482, Screenshot_20180109-115736.jpg)


No. 466115

Aubrey seemed very out of it today. Anyone else notice?

No. 466117

How tryhard does she have to be to show her completely normal stomach with that caption

No. 466118

File: 1515521755792.png (86.69 KB, 676x298, Screenshot_2018-01-09-10-11-20…)


The timing of her post makes me think that she is reading here.

No money to get tested? She has insurance now, even if she has blown all of her Youtube income on truckfulls of crap from Walmart.

No. 466129

Has she ever even complained of nausea before? Bloating is not the only symptom of gastroparesis. What a brainless twat! Of course if she ever decides to actually get a gastric emptying scan and it turns out to be normal I'm sure she'll still claim GP since she's already decided she has it. What the fuck.

No. 466130

she said she had vomited that day as well.

No. 466133

Ok.. unless I am reading an intonation that isn't there, she basically means to say:
"anyone who thought I could be pregnant is a giant asshole (even though I just posted about how I 'lost' my IUD) because ANYONE should know that because I have a condition (that has NOTHING to do with the GI tract) I am super sick so my sticking out belly can ONLY ever mean that I am even sicker and if you did not magically understand that from my first post you are clearly an ableist son of a bitch."

..something like that?

No. 466205

File: 1515528454920.png (380.15 KB, 830x402, 123222.png)

she was just going to uwu cancer points with a beanie hanging out with her nephew. she may be a big ol manipulator but Aubrey has shown that she does like kids if you sift through her older ig stuff. shes back to being WaCkY Aubrey with her toob feeds! 15ml so painful!

No. 466215

File: 1515528836747.jpg (12.01 KB, 236x236, QrcRYrTl.jpg)

I knew aubrey reminded me of something.

No. 466224


I know GFM take a cut, but most fundraising sites do. It sucks, but I know lots of people who've needed help with rent, medical expenses etc and I trust most of them to have used the money legitimately because they broke down what the costs would be and closed the campaign after the goal was reached. It's a bit suspect that she let hers go on after her goal was reached, to the tune of > $2000.

No. 466226


What is it with high profile munchies wearing The Frey Life shirts? They all want to be her SO BADLY.

No. 466230


Heaven knows why. She’s whiny and annoying. She’s also got a shitty disease that will likely cut her life short.

No. 466233

File: 1515530518604.jpg (822.92 KB, 809x3382, Screenshot_20180109-143423.jpg)

First off who the hell gets insurance that ONLY covers primary visits? Second, all the fucking money she's spent she could have gotten good insurance or paid for the test. She's so full of shit.

No. 466234


But they want to be as ~inspirational~ as her. Shame they can't be, because they don't have actual life threatening illnesses (well, without inducing sepsis in one of their many lines).

No. 466253

Yo, can we scribble out the non-cow names in comments and such? It wouldn't bother me, but there are some people who would rather not have their name on this site.
plus the commenters aren't the focus, the cow is.

No. 466263

They put that shit out on a popular public Instagram?

No. 466266

the point is that they aren't saying any shit, so why post their names here?

No. 466274

File: 1515533222792.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180109-162454.png)

Drama Mama now thinks she broke her ankle but first gotta stop and beg for the all important tube kek

No. 466275

File: 1515533257911.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180109-162459.png)

In relation to last post

No. 466278


Make sure gtube is hanging around necklace so all can see

No. 466279

File: 1515533390246.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180109-162510.png)

Because her gtube and ngtube she never uses weren't working guys

No. 466306

File: 1515534705299.jpeg (146.93 KB, 639x780, E93AA353-F0B8-4867-8BDB-9EA351…)

Sound familiar?!

No. 466324

Amy thinks she's dying again, her doctor wanted to admit her but she said no. What munchie says no to an admission?

No. 466337


she probably knows they would force her through a psych eval.

No. 466339

Woah, I had no clue about this cow. She thinks her POTS and hEDS are terminal???

No. 466345

Nooooo way *kek
Screen name please

No. 466351

File: 1515536705147.png (2.62 MB, 3352x1636, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 5.24…)

No. 466353

File: 1515536726894.png (413.53 KB, 2436x1376, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 5.24…)

Kek at the people in the comments calling her out.

No. 466356

After she got called out she backtracked and said: "What my illnesses are doing to me now can make it terminal. In the video I worded it a little wrong but I was upset. With pots your heart or in my case doesn't pump blood out efficiently to the rest of my body and I also have low blood volume, and with EDS there is no specialist around me so I would have to go out of state to cleveland or chicago to find one which is a 3+ hour drive for me but I'm trying."

No. 466359

omg wait, this is the fucking cow who took her pulse with nail polish on kek. She has a vlog about it called "My Heart Almost Killed Me".

No. 466361

File: 1515536980992.jpeg (178.52 KB, 640x977, E83EB93D-8E1D-42CA-8B26-17E87D…)

Any guesses?!

No. 466367

Do I get TPN if I guessed correctly?

No. 466375


kek, the commenters defending her …. they're just as deluded as Jaq's fans.

No. 466376


She’s one of those who I do believe has actual health problems, she is very bendy and her skin is very stretchy. However, the ana chan posing drives me up the wall. Impressionable young girls follow her IG and her YouTube, it’s so irresponsible.

No. 466377


When you have a painful injury, maybe asking your followers a Y/N question isn't the best thing to do.

Is there a system like 111 in the USA? Here in UK we call that if we don't know which service is most appropriate and they triage us. It's fairly flawed, but it is there….

No. 466379


Oh good, major surgery!

No. 466380


Man does she look like a cancer kid (probably on purpose).

No. 466381


Names appearing in screencaps will not appear in search results, so their names are not "on this site" in that regard.

No. 466384


Kek whut?? Bitch, no. Calling hEDS "terminal" is an insult to those with vEDS who have to live with the fact they're probably going to die young. It's painful, it's incurable and it sucks hard, but it's not terminal.

No. 466385

I think they know that, but rather were saying that some people don't want anything to do with this website. I don't know man.

No. 466386


Yes they're calling her out, but they're also massively powerleveling with their own OTT lists of illnesses. Always with the "I'm sickest".

No. 466389


I'm guessing some doctor said it was not advisable for her to try and get pregnant at the moment so she's taking that as a chance to vlog about how heartbroken she is?

Saged for compete and utter speculation.

No. 466391


Jeez, if your illness is that bad, you'd find a way to get to the specialist 3 hours away. I know people who've come to London from IRELAND to get help from the EDS specialists here.

No. 466394

File: 1515538511150.png (95.93 KB, 540x298, tumblr_p1cyvrMhSU1wiqjwwo1_540…)

Seems legit

No. 466423


>multiple chronic illnesses

>child under the age of 2
>cancels insurance after only 2 or 3 months

Does Chase's employer not provide insurance?

She needs to get her insurance sorted. The GOP is still determined to dismantle the ACA.

No. 466426

File: 1515542455901.png (323.01 KB, 319x566, aub4.png)

Aubrey started feeds at a whopping 15 ml but now this.

No. 466427

File: 1515542456573.png (382 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180109-185715.png)

She's home! But not for long cos so much pain

No. 466443

Sounds like someone’s angling for harder core pain killers. Maybe don’t be an ana chan?

No. 466452

There is literally no point to her even running her tube at that rate. Plus, she’s got her precious precious tpn. Pretty sure she wants to be fully on tpn, and is going to claim she can’t handle any of her feed (despite being able to survive totally tubeless nearly 6 weeks just a couple months ago). >>465942
This is horrifying. There are actually sick people who work full time to make enough money to survive (it’s pretty difficult to live independently on disability here). And here she is raking in the cash for her fake illnesses.

No. 466455

This is the most frustrating shit.
I had a failed fundraising attempt to get myself a wheelchair, but this bitch is getting handed free money?
I hate munchies so much. Toss em in the loony bin until they smarten up.

No. 466460

um. Why were you fundraising for a wheelchair, though? Seems more than a bit similar to what the cows do.

No. 466479

Pretty sure if you really need something medical (outside of dental, insurance in the us is a bitch), most of it is covered.

No. 466487


Low income Canadian with no car, There arent really any local programs for medical equipment unless you're either literally dying or have something "obviously visibly wrong". a super fucked back/hips/knees and arthritis since childhood dosent count.

No. 466490


I don’t get why she can’t tolerate jejunal foods. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with her small intestine. .

No. 466491

Feeds not foods

No. 466492

Yeah, similar in the UK. People fundraise for chairs and shit here and it's an instant signal of OTT/munchie - there have even been anons in these threads bitching about how they had to do it because MUH ILLNESS. But if you actually do need a chair, even a fucking expensive one, even for EDS or similar - wheelchair services will fund it.

And then there's CPL and her movie chair, kek. Don't know how anyone can believe she is ill when she has a literal prop as part of her act.

No. 466502

Idk, I went through a wheelchair service and they gave me the absolute bare minimum garbage Walmart chair, when i needed a motorized one as i could not self propel.(medfagging)

No. 466511

Given that you mention Walmart, sounds like you're not in the UK, which is the example in anon's post.

But a lot of people think they need fancier chairs than they do.

No. 466541

lmao you got free shit and still complain. you sound fucking awful

No. 466547


You called it! Her new vlog is called “talking about TPN”. I can’t be bothered to watch it.

No. 466550

What does “not tolerating feeds” actually mean? Medfags? It seems quite a few state this but they don’t go into detail. The ones who have gastroparesis are J fed but often they don’t have small intestine problems, “only”stomach mobility problems. Can a healthy small intestine not tolerate feeds?

No. 466554

Sorry, but if your insurance only covers primary visits (which, what?) how have multiple doctors told her she has GP? Is she seeing multiple primaries?

No. 466556

File: 1515595516777.jpg (1019.36 KB, 1080x2673, Screenshot_20180109-195347.jpg)

Shockingly, not even 24 hours after this post, Aubrey made a whole post about Lyme for the first time in ages.

No. 466577

Exactly. What are her priorities when she's buying things like a giant fishtank and decorating her house when she has multiple chronic illnesses and she has a baby!

No. 466580

File: 1515598886870.jpg (739.81 KB, 1080x1751, Screenshot_20180109-203940.jpg)

1/6. That dog looks fucking terrified, and his "alerts" look like begging/she called him up.

No. 466582

File: 1515598913578.jpg (675.65 KB, 1074x1764, Screenshot_20180109-203957.jpg)


No. 466584

File: 1515598943773.jpg (799.16 KB, 1080x1755, Screenshot_20180109-204130.jpg)


No. 466586

File: 1515599001837.jpg (785.03 KB, 1080x1770, Screenshot_20180109-204144.jpg)


No. 466587

File: 1515599031684.jpg (660.27 KB, 1080x1779, Screenshot_20180109-204157.jpg)


No. 466590

File: 1515599115284.jpg (476.54 KB, 1056x1762, Screenshot_20180110-083553.jpg)

She says she has an ovarian cyst. Before you know it she's going to escalate it and claim endometriosis.

No. 466596


So she would rather pay for the full costs of an ER visit and follow-up visits to her gynecologist than pay for insurance premiums.

No. 466601


Watch his "alert" described in >>440201.

No. 466611

She may not pay for the ER visit. If her income is below a certain level, many hospitals will waive ER care. I would have went to a PCP versus ER if I were worried about paying out of pocket, but if I knew it were income sensitive the ER would be the better choice.

No. 466642


The 20/20 episode about Gypsy Blanchard is online


She was seen by "at least 150 doctors" but only two were found to have questioned the legitimacy of her diagnoses. In response to one of them CPS visited once and found nothing amiss.

Her mother forged documents several times to alter her birthdate to make her younger and claimed that her medical records were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Did none of her many subsequent providers pursued obtaining her records directly from her previous providers?

The show did not examine whether her ability to get away with it was a fluke or if the case reveals easily exploited weaknesses in the system.

No. 466739

Hooray! TPN for me! (Cause I totally need it)

Honestly, with how ana her body seems right now, it doesn’t surprise me in the least. Kek.

No. 466772

Uh, what shows on a CT scan? The only things I can think of are not serious in the slightest. Also, how fucking drugged is she watching her kid? That just seems unsafe.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 466775

Anon I was hoping somebody would post this in the munchie threads!! I kept up with the story but don't regularly post or read here so I was hoping someone else would first so I could comment.
There is a great doc on YouTube about it. One doctor NOTES that the mom exhibits munchausens and nothing is done about it! Someone else in the hospital even remarks that everyone knows about it and that the two are to be treated with "golden gloves".

No. 466789

We do not have a national system like that here but it's based off of private insurance plans. So each insurance plan has a 111 type service. It, too, is flawed, because the majority of the time they will tell you to go to an urgent care or an emergency room because they don't want to be sued if it is something that will cause death or major problems and they told them to just see their doctor in the morning.

No. 466812

Actually in most cases USA munchies are exploiting the Medicaid system which is free healthcare provided by the govt to ppl who are below a certain income level. Ppl with private insurance usually aren’t munchies because they have to pay out of pocket for a percentage of their BS. Medicaid is 100% free and terribly abused by poor and indigent ppl because, why not? It’s free!! Hospitals and doctors don’t report fishy shit by munchies because they can bill the system out the ass for pointless stuff and make big bucks. Doctors who specialize in Medicaid patients are famous for being shady and recommending pointless unneeded procedures just to make money.

I had a friend in college who had Medicaid, she had some pretty common female problem that could be solved with minor surgery. The doctor pushed her to have a total hysterectomy because he made $10,000 on those procedures but only $1,800 on what she needed. Luckily she knew that was bonkers and wrong, but I bet
lots of women would just do whatever the doctor suggested.

All hospitals accept Medicaid, so that’s why munchies can abuse the ER so much. Private insurance ppl have to pay $100 to $500 co-pay per ER visit plus a % of the hospital bill. Private insurance put in those copay fees to discourage abusing the ERs, Medicaid has no such thing and hospitals make a ton of money billing on pointless ER visits by Medicaid munchies.

I have private insurance and one of my first questions to a provider is if they take Medicaid patients, if they do I stay away. In most fields the good doctors in the USA only take private insurance patients. (Keep in mind Medicaid is for the poor, Medicare is for older people and a different ballgame entirely.)

No. 466834


you're wrong about that last part – plenty of very good doctors take medicare – but ok

No. 466860

File: 1515623401585.png (341.22 KB, 546x1024, out-of-pocket-546x1024.png)


Once the out of pocket maximum is met, services are covered 100% [pic related]. Munchies would reach the out of pocket maximum very quickly.

Medicaid is not available based solely on income in all states. Some states require that enrollees be on SSI (or have an application pending), be pregnant, or have dependent children. The ACA gives states the option to expand Medicaid to cover adults under 65 based solely on income, but not all states opted to expand their programs.


No. 466868

in the UK wheelchair services now only fund part of the cost of a wheelchair, or will provide a standard NHS manual wheelchair, measured to your body by an occupational therapist.

Electric/custom wheelchairs are covered through social services, but it is a very strict criteria, as in if you're mobile and not bedbound, you're not getting your own electric wheelchair off them, and even if you do meet the criteria, it is a 3 year waiting list.

the motability component of personal independence payment (the new DLA) - is specifically for people who score more than X amount on the "moving around and mobility" aspect, that specific chunk of money that you get paid monthly, goes towards hiring an adapted car, a wheelchair, or a mobility scooter.

There is no need for anyone to be fundraising for a powered wheelchair if they live in the UK since the government gives you money to hire them if you genuinely need them.
Sage for NHS wheelchair fagging.

No. 466869

"Family Fun" for SDP Dom entails having breakfast with Liam, watching Max "go potty," rough housing, eating fast food from Arby's, and lying on the couch watching a movie.

She works off-leash with Max at a gas station. In lieu of his harness she wraps his leash around his body.

She filmed the closer of the video the next morning because she got sick. That couldn't possibly be because she ate pizza sliders and curly fries with her GI issues, could it?

No. 466871

File: 1515624067435.png (737.3 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-01-10-13-02-57…)


Carrying Liam on her shoulders with her syncope and neck, back, and joint problems.

No. 466878

There's no way in hell she would willingly do that if she had neck problems. That's a recipe for disaster.

No. 466879

File: 1515624800659.png (740.39 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-01-10-13-04-58…)


After literally shoving the camera in his face, she falls onto Chase after which she says that it hurts and asks him to help get Liam off of her.

Dom: "He's got my neck, my spine…"

Chase: "Break it! Break her, Liam!"

This is not the first interaction between them that has caused me to raise my eyebrow.

No. 466881

File: 1515625007371.jpeg (503.17 KB, 2078x1346, CB7F89FB-224E-4409-8804-C9E0EA…)

she so desperately wants to be ill . Anyone else know of their grandma getting a diagnosis of EDS back in her day? ? because this girl is the first to mention it. Pretty amazing don’t you say?!?

No. 466885

File: 1515625128830.png (681.85 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-01-10-13-09-33…)


After scooting several yards forwards and backwards across the floor on her butt using just her hands, she gives Liam a piggyback ride on all fours and then squats and frog hops several times. She stops suddenly and exclaims that she hurt her hip.

No. 466886

If she passes out even 1/4 the amount she says she does, with no warning like she claims she has, putting a child on her shoulders is risking killing her AND her son.

No. 466887

I was laughing about that earlier. Isn't she the one who livestreamed her mother telling her to stop "self diagnosing"?

No. 466888

You are right that a majority of these young adults are living off disability and medicaid. If you live near a large hospital. (Stanford, Pittsburgh, Boston, etc.) They all accept Medicaid. Mary Frey probably has it and probably also lives off disability (not certain though). But end-stage CF really is a disability. Its also a real terminal disease unlike GP, and POTS, and all those other crazy munchie diseases ugh. I am actually really worried about Mary, she is very winded even when she is in bed and coughing like crazy these days.

No. 466897


How is stating the facts white knighting?

I am the OP of the last thread, btw, so you can fuck right off.

No. 466900

It's white knighting if your "facts" are not "facts." You are basing everything off her words that no one knows as true. Nothing she has said yet has been proven.

No. 466905


Lol wut? I was accused by >>466890 of white knighting in my post >>466860.

How is anything I posted based "off her words that no one knows as true"?

No. 466978

File: 1515630532563.png (40.57 KB, 453x389, amanda.png)

Amanda isn't too please at you all calling her a munchie.

No. 466995

File: 1515631450642.jpg (79.92 KB, 450x800, amandastory.jpg)

She's talking about deleting her account now.

No. 467004

Good, hopefully she follows through and actually deletes.

No. 467013

Damn, that anon had some pretty valid points.

No. 467042

I found a few munchie/OTT I’ve been following and am curious on all of your input. Can I just list?

First is on Facebook and not Instagram: Ella Arden Grace. Claims to have type 1 diabetes for 20 years, along with severe gastroparesis, autism, PTSD and a bunch of other shit I’m sure she’s convinced she has but doesn’t. The T1 and GP are real, but she very clearly manipulated her blood sugar and goes into frequent DKA. She has used glucagon in an insulin pump and an insulin pump at the same time. Ella claims to have “type 1 diabetes, subset type a, subset type brittle” and it is the worst in the world. She is very OTT in videos she posts in hospital and even at home, very fixated on everything medical. She has a port and like everyone else walks with it hanging out of her shirt. She gets herself into DKA, goes to different hospitals because doctors catch on to her shit, demands TPN and then gets caught and discharged. She lived in NY but is now in TN staying with a friend and once again doctor shopping. Ella’s had a feeding tube placed but claimed it caused her “800/10” pain and had it removed within a month. She is extremely OTT…cringingly so. I’d love to hear your opinions.

Next is munchie “mightylittlefighter”. Is from Canada, claims to have neurofibromatosis and has tumors in her digestive tract that have caused her to go on TPN. Except that the girl has never come out and said her diagnosis. She hasn’t tried tubes. Doesn’t answer questions. And very clearly has an eating disorder she’s trying to cover with TPN. There have been bits of information circulating from people who have proof that this Allie girl has manipulated her way into getting a line and TPN and that she has no underlying reason for TPN (no motility disorders or physical reason) other than her complaints of pain when she eats…again for no reason at all. It’s evident by taking one look at her that she’s skipping TPN infusions or clearly purging because she hasn’t gained any weight, and if you’ve been on TPN when you were “malnourished” you know that you pack on the pounds. Her pictures are all of her IV medications and talking about her sooper severe symptoms but again…no diagnosis when asked. Will avoid it.

This I need a line and TPN fad is getting old with the munchies. Not to mention that Allie has extensions on her line that are down to the floor. They are all a case of sepsis waiting to happen.

Happy searching!

No. 467045


Screenshots anon and purging TPN

No. 467058

File: 1515635615260.jpeg (111.78 KB, 750x1100, 9099BE6A-ADD4-440C-8FDF-1287EC…)

Here are some of Ella. She is an avid fan of Facebook video, and her crying in pain picture is a whole video of her trying to make herself cry and screaming.

She also is very fixated on her nurses and seems to cling to them as maternal figures. Definitely juvenile and does not act her age..but speaks medical jargon like it’s no ones business. “At this point in time we’ll be starting an RER which is rapid electrolyte reusucitation and dispatching EMS with D10 on board wide open”. I totally just used a bunch of her bullshit words and that’s how she sounds constantly.

Awaiting screenshots on TPN puringing girl

No. 467059

File: 1515635669247.jpeg (410.16 KB, 750x1017, 802A1B0B-130C-4D9D-8129-0C7AD6…)


More on Ella latching onto her nurses. She has a home care nurse that she calls “mama”

No. 467061

She has a youtube

No. 467062

That’s super weird/borderline creepy, although I somewhat doubt it’s true. Home health nurses do medical things , and that’s it, as far as I know. A home aide maybe would, but nurses have lots of patients and set schedules, and I don’t see one putting up with that kind of shit.

No. 467065


There are many people who chose insurance plans that only cover basic care - but those aren't the people who know they have chronic illness(es).
I find the whole no insurance thing with her kind of fishy. If she is legally married to her husband she should be able to get health insurance through his employer (granted it may be super expensive and not a great plan). She said she got that health insurance plan on December 19th - most (if not all) health insurance plans typically start the first day of the month after you pay the first premium. Which means she cancelled the plan before she even tried to use it. It is difficult to figure out what health insurance plans cover (I have a higher level education and work in healthcare/am familiar with billing and I find it confusing) but most people discover their insurance plan is crap after they go to use it. If she researched it she should have known if it was good/bad and if she didn't she probably wouldn't figure it out until it was too late. Also if she is trying to get insurance through the marketplace she is running out of time because if she doesn't pick a plan by the end of the month she won't be eligible until next November and who knows what will have happened to the ACA by then).

Also how have multiple doctors told her she has GP if she doesn't have insurance. My guess is that she is using the no insurance thing as an excuse to not have tests done.

Agreed - if someone truly has a medical issue that is negatively impacting their life they would try a little harder to obtain the funds to get the necessary tests/treatment - this does not include buying and stocking a large fishtank, buying giant cat trees, and getting your toddler over 30 presents for Christmas (a few weeks before Christmas she counted 27 presents plus 15-20 cars for his stocking and thought she would get more) - you shouldn't have to cancel a kid's Christmas for medical bills but no kid needs 30 presents - much less a toddler who doesn't even really understand whats going on

I haven't heard of hospitals waiving ER fees recently (but I could be wrong). People without insurance used to use and abuse the ER because the ER can't turn you away but I think that hospitals figured out the loophole and worked to close it. Now I think they tend to bill you but they aren't necessarily allowed to aggressively pursue you to pay that bill and it doesn't have the same impact on your credit. Maybe she doesn't have a problem incurring a lot of debt? And I think they would wise up with a frequent flyer to discourage it as going to the ER for minor problems is a huge problem for ERs - it takes up time and resources that are needed for real emergencies. Generally people without insurance try to avoid doctors and ERs but she runs there for every little thing including her "broken EDS finger" - an ER visit with x-rays has got to add up.

No. 467074


Umm I don't know where you get your information about Medicaid but it sounds like you have been drinking some of the kool-aid.
Yes there are some people who abuse the system - both patients and doctors but ultimately those people are in the minority.
Many of my clients (they are all children) have Medicaid - almost all of them have at least 1 working parent. We don't get reimbursed as much for Medicaid patients as private insurance or private pay. What I like about treating clients with Medicaid is that I have never had Medicaid decline treatment for a child as long as I show their is a need (and this often involves more paperwork for me compared to other kids). I have had plenty of families with private insurance have to cut back on services that their child really needs due to insurance not covering it. Of the hundreds of families I have worked with I think I have only encountered 1 that I felt was trying to work the system.
Lots of doctors these days take Medicaid - almost every major hospital network takes it. If you are going to cut out all the doctors that don't take it then you are going to seriously limit yourself and eliminate some good doctors (I wouldn't want to see a doctor who considers themselves above treating low-income individuals)

Yes - private insurances usually have an out of pocket maximum that a munchie would reach quickly. Actually if you have Medicaid then being a munchie probably doesn't work out as great because you are much more limited in your ability to doctor shop and its harder to get non-standard treatments approved. Part of the reason why Dani hasn't gotten her precious feeding tube yet is that she doesn't have the resources to find a doctor who will do it.

No. 467075

File: 1515637329739.jpeg (219.55 KB, 1242x1647, 5AAB996F-29DB-433D-ABEF-E1C422…)

One of first photos.

No. 467076

File: 1515637347256.jpeg (423.09 KB, 1242x1207, 6F673D68-9ED0-42FD-8FFA-0AF662…)


No. 467077

File: 1515637376931.jpeg (411.06 KB, 1242x1884, BE3A2609-C39C-4E9A-9460-CCF582…)

Very ana body type

No. 467079

File: 1515637413655.jpeg (546.85 KB, 1242x1839, BE930552-E3BF-4DAA-9BCD-898C9C…)

Rolling my eyes at this.

No. 467080

File: 1515637466615.jpeg (468.57 KB, 1242x1841, 4264A152-9804-4CBF-BAA0-1FDE42…)

Photo from the 2nd. Not much body change, but she’s wearing more clothes.

No. 467083

According to “IRL” sources she has had an eating disorder in the past. Looks like this is just a cover up of a relapse.

She basically admits that there is no reason for her to be on TPN???? Wtf???? What kind of doctors do they have in Canada???

No. 467084

She is currently live streaming and apparently there is a tumor on her Celiac and she thinks she might have MALS because she learned about it from a friend.

No. 467087

LOL I love how the new diagnostic criteria is hearing about it from a friend. And how can she possibly have a tumor? It’s either there or it’s not…

No. 467089

Misread sorry!!

No. 467093

All of the hospitals in my area have income charts they go by. If your income falls below a certain level, you can apply for assistance. It can be waived, lowered or denied. I had a friend who was a student and didn't make much money. He was able to have his entire fee waived due to the income sensitive program. He worked, but he didn't work enough. It could just be a poor regional hospital thing here. I don't know. If not SDP, will have some pretty serious bills to pay over time.

No. 467101

File: 1515639969453.png (156.04 KB, 800x1125, Screenshot_2018-01-10-18-34-46…)


>she should be able to get health insurance through her husband's employer

What is his employment history? [pic related]

When she started documenting her health journey, she talked about not being able to afford health care and had to scrimp and save to afford to visit an EDS clinic in Texas (iirc) to get diagnosed. If their income was so low, why was she not receiving Medicaid, especially with an infant?


Does Youtube issue 1099s, or are Youtubers responsible for self-reporting their income?

He should delete his old Twitter account out of embarrassment. So many "who's down to fuck?" posts.


His full name is Kenneth Chase Graffeo and her maiden name is Strickland, in case anyone wants to go digging.

No. 467107


This. If you are uninsured, the hospital's finance department or social workers will assist you in applying for Medicaid or Medicare because they want to get paid.

No. 467136

>Takes care of are guests

No. 467138

File: 1515643350073.png (452.47 KB, 922x540, Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 04.0…)

Gotta keep up with the big league cows…

No. 467140

File: 1515643506292.png (815.87 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1994.PNG)

But also this. Anyone know what healthcare is like in Aus? Why would her docs not be prescribing this to her?

No. 467153

He's only a teenager, I though there were rules about posting about underage kids?

No. 467168


One reason people may not want to use the Mobility part of PIP/DLA to hire a powerchair is because due to punitive reassessments, the risk of having it taken away again is too high. You hear about even paralympic athletes having their modified cars taken away after reassessment. It's a screwed up system.

No. 467171


Why is she checking her blood sugar? In the hopes she'll find something wrong? kek

No. 467176


Not to WK, but poorly controlled diabetes and the resulting nerve damage is one of the classic causes of gastroparesis so if she's fucking around with her blood sugar (like some do for weight loss), it's likely true.

No. 467195


kek, if your pain is "beyond 10", you ain't picking up the phone to record the screams.

No. 467200


For neurofibromatosis she doesn't look very…uh…lumpy.

No. 467224

Got a report that this person is under 16, can someone tell me if that is true or not? Sometimes people lie, so I'd rather I get the right information before doing anything.

No. 467231

Hes either 15 or 16.

No. 467265

File: 1515656126297.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, A5E44C34-67B2-4E88-8ED6-912A66…)

15 minutes of blabbering and giggling from Ella who is in the ER with sepsis.

Man she definitely looks septic to me

No. 467272

File: 1515657772187.jpg (341.09 KB, 1680x1120, Phototastic-11_01_2018_6f5f302…)

Dani posted about her upcoming surgery and the fact that her surgeon has only performed the procedure twice and one of those times it went wrong. There are plenty of comments telling her she's an idiot to go through with it but this comment in particular made me laugh.

No. 467307


He turned 15 in October

No. 467324

I’m sorta new at this still and I’m not 100% on how I present a new cow, but I’ve got one that has all of the EDS/POTS/MCAS/Blahhhbiddyblahs. She scored 9/9 on the scale for EDS so she must have it. She’s not a popular cow yet but she’s definitely a diagnosis chaser like some of our favorite cows. She has the POTS and the Lymes and the port for that sooper important hydration and all of the things. She just got a new port because she claims the hospital gave her an infection when they accessed her old one so it had to be replaced.

One thing I noticed about some of the “veelogger” spoonies is a) their energy to film, edit, upload, and post these vlogs and b) how presumptuous they sound when talking to their (19 subscriber) audience. Like maybe half of those subscribers may actually watch the vlogs but they open the vlogs with “HI, GUYS!” All. Two. Of. You.

I didn’t see her on the current cow list, so I hope I did this right.

No. 467328

I don't follow her because I can't stand her, but one of her recent posts came up on my feed with that new feature that shows you stuff you might be interested in (kek no), and all I can say is… uk people, get your vom bowls ready. She's full narc.

Sorry I can't screenshot but my phone is shit.

No. 467330


From her About page:

Hi, I'm Moli
I'm 22 years old and have multiple chronic illnesses! I started vlogging to bring awareness to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, POTS and Chronic Lyme Disease. On my channel you will find videos uploaded daily, that feature my day to day life with my husband Kyle and our dog Ripley! I hope to connect with you through my channel, Facebook and instagram!

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No. 467338

File: 1515669508900.png (1009.8 KB, 800x1023, Screenshot_2018-01-11-03-11-36…)

No. 467339

File: 1515669575244.png (1.02 MB, 800x1045, Screenshot_2018-01-11-03-13-23…)

No. 467341


>When you write down your symptoms and get something incorrect in nearly every category…

No. 467343


about to rant but what gets me is how almost all ott spoonies say they're "spreading awareness." News flash, I think we have enough of that kind of "awareness". What is even the point of awareness anymore? It doesn't accomplish anything at all, and I think it actually has a negative impact on the people who are actually legitimately sick and trying to live a life with these illnesses because they don't want to be seen like the ott types.

No. 467347


same fag but also, there's definitely a proper place for awareness, but it's not obsessively making sure everybody knows about all of your symptoms and calling your pet dog a service dog. That's not merely making people aware of what it means to have an illness. It's hitting them over the head with it and then wondering why you dont have friends anymore.

No. 467350

File: 1515670614441.png (650.84 KB, 800x1052, Screenshot_2018-01-11-03-33-06…)


I have never heard of any of these treatments. Am I correct in assuming that they are all pseudo-medical woo bullshit?

No. 467353

File: 1515671155199.png (244.73 KB, 800x1123, Screenshot_2018-01-11-03-41-43…)

No. 467356

File: 1515671185917.png (184.16 KB, 800x970, Screenshot_2018-01-11-03-42-02…)

No. 467357

File: 1515671214813.png (116.1 KB, 800x561, Screenshot_2018-01-11-03-40-29…)

No. 467362

File: 1515672498445.png (417.93 KB, 766x1098, Screenshot_2018-01-11-04-00-08…)


She and her doctor's office are ignorant of the law. Under the ACA, insurance companies are no longer allowed to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions.

No. 467383

We have removed the posts regarding the underage person posted.

Please remember to not post anyone under the age of 16 on this site.

https://lolcow.farm/rules (See Global Rule 2)

No. 467401


Thats crazy - also I doubt that a doctor would admit that they have only performed the surgery twice and certainly not that one time it wasn't fine. Doctors learn ways to skirt around those kind of questions - they are never supposed to admit fault. Plus it puts the doctor at high risk of being sued if something does go wrong.
The doctor didn't say there is a chance he could cut too deep or too long because he has only performed the procedure twice - he has to explain the possible risks and thats probably why he mentioned the possible complications.
It is sad that she probably wants there to be complications - nothing would make her happier than a medical emergency and a longer hospital stay. If what she is saying is true then it is sad that she would just go along with it without question. Her desire to be seen as super sick is so high she will let any doctor cut into her without question.

No. 467404

>>The doctor didn't say there is a chance he could cut too deep or too long because he has only performed the procedure twice - he has to explain the possible risks and thats probably why he mentioned the possible complications.


As to the "he's only done it twice and one didn't go well" - I imagine the doctor could've said something like "out of every two of these procedures, one does well and for the other it doesn't work" - something like that. Maybe he has said that he doesn't do much of these procedures or that it's relatively new to their hospital. That's not completely outside the realm of possibilities. But he definitely has NOT said to her "I've only done two of them and you have to know I am kind of a hack". Even if a patient would ask a doctor flat-out how many times they did X procedure, most (like 95%) doctors wouldn't tell them if it was only two times. They would say something like "not very many, but I've assisted on them/it's not very complicated/I've done many other procedures that utilize the same technique/other blablah".

And we all know that Dani isn't the person to ask a doctor that question anyway, so we can be 99% certain that didn't happen.

No. 467425

Read the OP. Anon was asking if we have a 111 phone number to call to talk to a nurse and get triaged. Not asking if we have something similar to the NHS.

With that being said, just because you want a doctor who doesn't treat Medicaid patients doesn't mean everyone thinks that way. I'd rather have a competent doctor whose primary reason for treating people is due to the Hippocratic oath, not money.

No. 467433

Thanks for sharing this screenshot! That anon perfectly stated exactly what needed to be said. Amanda's mom also sounds like she's got a good head on her shoulders. Too bad she doesn't listen!

No. 467443

Let's even give her the benefit of the doubt on this one. If (we know he/she didn't say they had only performed the surgery twice and one went well and one didn't) but if they have only performed the surgery twice with a literal success rate of 50%, why would you go, "Yep, that's the doc and surgery for me?" This really shows her disordered thinking. I wouldn't let a doc remove a skin tag from me with a success rate like that, let alone perform something as complicated as what she is getting. She is very mentally ill.

No. 467444

Funny, but not everyone who has neurofibromatosis is "lumpy." There are other symptoms that are visible, however, including freckled armpits, spots in the eye, short stature, and cafe au lait spots. She could easily confirm by showing her armpits or a close up of her eyes.

I don't doubt her having this illness because it would be kind of ballsy to say that someone does without much proof, but she definitely is OTT. I know someone who has the exact same illness (type 1) and she never talks about it, but it affects her life a lot. She has lots of joint pain, is very short, is knock-kneed, and has brown spots on her irises. So this girl should have something to show for her illness, besides being skinny (which is not really a symptom of type 1).

No. 467447

Precisely - she so desperately wants to be ill that she is willing to undergo surgery even if the doctor and success rate of that surgery are in question. I almost expect that she wants there to be complications so she can have a longer hospital stay. Most people would say they were told they could be in the hospital for a day or two to a week but they are hoping they will only have to stay a day or two. She is like the doctor hasn't done this a lot so I could be in the hospital longer depending on if he screws up. While a normal individual would say I hope there arent any complications that would prolong my stay.

Is her 14 year boyfriend going with her for the surgery? Surely if you were in a relationship with someone for 14 years and were planning to move in together (any more news on that?) you would make an effort to be present if one of them was undergoing surgery.

No. 467455

File: 1515687255864.png (113.05 KB, 800x774, Screenshot_2018-01-11-08-08-48…)

Neither Dom nor Chase was wearing their seatbelt.

Will she answer or delete?

No. 467484

I was going to say something like "well, regardless I hope it actually helps her and it also satisfies whatever need she is feeling inside so she won't push for a tube anymore".

Then I googled pyloroplasy. Looking at the risks and side effects, that doesn't look too good for her. One if the risks is increased reflux, including bile reflux. We established a while ago that she probably has quite bad reflux already, so unless they start treating the reflux quite agressively, it doesn't look too good.

Will they do anything else besides those two procedures? Dr. Google just told me that pyloroplasy is rarely done alone, it's usually combined with a vagotomy (which would help reflux) or something else. I'm no doctor, but it sounds like she would benefit more from a vagotomy or a Nissen then pyloroplasy or implanting a Stim.

Weren't her specialists supposed to be actual motility experts?

No. 467526

Yes, she's been going to the motility clinic at Temple which makes this even more baffling. I expected them to see straight through her BS and she should've been turned away from the research study due to her history of ED.

I assumed the big motility clinics had similar standards but I guess not.

No. 467590

File: 1515698465201.png (615.55 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20180111_0003.png)

Latest post. She didn't get the procedure, just the stimulator. She must be devastated.

No. 467594

File: 1515698593338.jpeg (268.13 KB, 750x1253, F8B58544-A846-4774-BBC8-E098DF…)

New cow? Already munchies her way onto TPN. Multiple hospital admissions/ER visits. Pots/EDS/bs bs. Instagram is full of milk.

No. 467598

I've followed her for some time and don't see anything munchie about her. a bit OTT at worst

No. 467624

File: 1515699851203.png (692.35 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20180111_0004.png)

Her dad posted photos on Facebook. No sign of the boyfriend as usual.

No. 467639

So the truth is revealed. He father admits it’s OUTPATIENT and she claims she’s in for several days?! Lol fail

No. 467652

File: 1515701019931.png (231.45 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20180111_0005.png)

Although her Facebook post implies she's staying at least overnight.

No. 467673


Because TPN is a totally normal treatment for EDS. eyeroll

You're either her or an incredibly dumb white knight.

No. 467686

kek i don't think she's on tpn for EDS alone? that wouldn't make any sense

No. 467688

The WK defending her needs to explain why she's not a munchie since literally everything that's been said about her = munchie red flags. None of the diagnoses mentioned indicate TPN, so she likely munched her way into it just like Ams, Chloe Print Lambert and the rest.

No. 467689

She has GP.

No. 467693

Practically no one with GP needs to be on TPN.

Calling bullshit.

No. 467695

I might be wrong then, i thought she had IBD. Think i'm mixing her up with someone else