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File: 1517092309734.png (345.75 KB, 734x436, BM0NcHX.png)

No. 483139

New thread for Rachel (alias grav3yardgirl on Youtube and prefers to be referred to as 'Bunny') seeing as her original one >>>/snow/13218 is considered a necro if its bumped and its full of white knighting and blatant sockpuppetry.

>From Houston, Texas

>Began as a paranormal vlogger but then due to untold bad experiences, shifted focus to product reviews
>Is often cited as a beauty guru despite knowing fuck all about skin care or cosmetics
>Tween fanbase harassed Tarte into doing a palette collab with her despite aforementioned lack of knowledge/skills
>Palette struggles to sell and was still sitting on store shelves for months only to go on clearance after one year

2015 drama includes taking her mom on a shopping trip to get a Prada handbag which ultimately broke and was sent in for repairs. Rachel bitched about how long it was taking and so her fanbase once again descended upon another company and spammed their customer service email and social media accounts demanding the return of said handbag. Prada serviced Rachel's mother's order even though others were ahead of her in the queue and issued a public apology to the great and powerful vlogger while Rachel just threw up victory signs and thanked her fans for "their support".

>But her eyes!!1!1


Rachel has also oddly retconned many things about her life, such as a dead boyfriend she used to speak of and sleeping with her hairdryer on in the bed. This coincides with the drastic change she made when she stopped doing paranormal vlogging and opted for pandering to prepubescents by screaming into the camera for hours about shit nobody cares about.

Another notable and hilarious incident is when Rachel's fans asked her to purchase from Aliexpress. Rachel then made a video saying that her stuff didn't arrive, that she wasn't refunded quickly enough, and accused her fans of being scammers who weren't genuinely part of the swamp family. Again, most of her audience is underage.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/grav3yardgirl

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/grav3yardgirl/

Guru Gossip: http://gurugossiper.com/viewforum.php?cache=1&f=56

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/grav3yardgirl

Twitter: https://twitter.com/grav3yardgirl

Swamp Crap Store: http://www.swampmerch.com/

No. 483157

Seeing that dead, brown tooth of hers makes me shudder every time

No. 483160

Do you have sources for the retconning the hairdryer thing? Links to the Aliexpress thing?

No. 483165

The hairdryer and dead boyfriend thing is mentioned in this thread >>>/snow/482774 and I'm currently still digging for those videos.

No. 483173

Why did she claim to sleep with a blowdryer

No. 483180

She's utterly talentless and dumb as a bag of rocks. I used to hatewatch her for a while and almost started liking her but she's just so fucking annoying. How the fuck does she have so many subscribers? She can't do makeup, she spends money on dumb shit (like that 90s mystery box from eBay which was just a load of shit), her taste is extremely basic and her inability to do anything properly is enraging. I doubt she's putting on an act, she genuinely seems stupid. Also her crying about her mental health is so infuriating. She has the cushiest job on the planet but oh no woe is me, it never stops. (Yes I know anyone can get mental health problems, regardless of job or status, money doesn't mean you can't get sick, people's feelings are always valid, blah blah, I'm just saying she annoys me because everything about her annoys me. So shoot me.)

Also the fact she still only uploads in 720p. It's 2018 for fucks sake.

No. 483187

I'm really over the shit with her.

I haven't watched her in a long ass time and I can see why so many people unsubbed from her the moment she stopped paranormal vlogging, because whatever is here right now isn't the real Rachel.

I personally can't stand how she always looks like a crusty ass, disheveled mess in her videos but at the same time I can understand how that appeals to other people. So they stick around and all.

Then this uglier side started coming out. Yeah, she was annoying and fake most of the time but the real Bunny was still coming out now and then in glimpses so I peeped in here and there. And now, she has completely devolved into this ugly combo of immature child-woman and self-obsessed money-grubber without any redeeming personality to make it worth putting up with. Every video is centered obsessively around how many views she can get and it shows. This isn't fun for her anymore. She's solely doing it for money and the whole time she does it, she thinks she's better than everyone and at the same time overly insecure about what people think about her. Vid related seriously what the fuck is this shit? She's tweaking the fuck out.

Her fans continue to enable her fucking bad behavior and its not even just the 10 year olds, its also grown ass adults on there with sparkle child syndrome who think that Rachel can do no wrong.

Something about her anxiety being bad and shit. She would talk about how she brings it to friend's houses and hotels when she sleeps and nowadays she's suddenly claiming she never slept with the hairdryer on.

No. 483193

Lmao have you seen when she complains about how cluttered her house is and how the dolls she hoards are "nasty and filthy", yet there's an entire room of them? Apparently she and her boyfriend go through hand sanitizer in their home constantly because of all the "antiques" she buys.

No. 483198

Linking the handbag drama.
Its two vids.
Enjoy the comments about how Prada is an evil company who "played" Rachel and then tried to "play" her fans.


No. 483199

God her dumb boyfriend. He's either had a lobotomy or bathes in xanax to put up with her.

No. 483200

No. 483204

as someone who doesn't watch a lot of beauty videos, why is she so popular? Her face is legit unsettling

No. 483216

I'll probably get shit for this, but I honestly do think its because she makes ugly girls feel better about themselves. But she isn't a beauty guru. Her foundation has never matched her face a day in her life, she constantly wears shit that showcases her leathery ass haggard skin or colors that do not flatter her, and impulse buys products that aren't suited for her skin type #fortheviews.

She also never offers any real opinion on any beauty products beyond

>i really like this

And then we never hear about it again.

No. 483219

I'm so damn glad to see a Bunny thread, I didn't even know there was an old one. I thought I was the only one who think she's obnoxious, even not knowing much about her.
I didn't know she did a collab with tarte. I'm also pretty surprised that it didn't sell well, seeing her fan base seems so devoted to her. What was it called? I'm assuming it was full of shitty, nasty colors.

No. 483220

>"I love my brown tooth because its doing its own thang."

No. 483224

Yeah, like I said in OP the old thread for her is not only too old to necro but its a trainwreck. Go have a look. I don't know if her fans used to come here or what happened but its pretty fucking sad that there's all these accusations of jealousy whenever you criticize Rachel and her scammy shit self.

No. 483225

File: 1517096073206.png (951.8 KB, 938x600, 8CE1C0BA-9C0B-4413-8DEB-00D466…)

I’ve always heard you can tell a woman’s true age by her hands…in that case bunny has to be…..about 90

No. 483226

Christ, which one

I understand learning to accept and love small flaws regarding teeth like a gap tooth, but fuck that just seems like really shitty hygiene.

No. 483231

Its all the hand sanitizer she uses. How odd that a ~beauty guru~ doesn't prioritize moisturizing her hands (or her face, clearly) despite doing constant skin care unboxings, huh?

No. 483239

No. 483243

The colors are more tame than I expected, actually. I was expecting greens, yellows, tacky golds. Her makeup always looks like she took inspiration from her septic tank.

No. 483244

Total Sage

I like Bunny. Sometimes she is a bit obnoxious and loud but then other times she has really down to earth real vlog on Banana Peppers and I appreciate that.

Yes her makeup isn't always the best but she's quirky and totally not everyone's cup of tea but I do like her lol

No. 483247

no you're right, she makes me feel better about myself because I know I might not be the prettiest but at least I try to not look like such a goddamn hot mess. well, granted I don't watch her but still. there's some truth in that for sure.

No. 483251

Honestly no one cares. Go hang out with your ~Swamp Family~ if you can't handle people not liking her. Jesus. This is what killed the old thread.

No. 483253


I don't care if you don't like her or talk about her. She's a big girl and doesn't need anyone defending her. However I'm allowed to weigh in and say in the grand scheme of things she's not on my radar.

No. 483254

it was called "swamp queen." the colors weren't as hideous as they were boring.

No. 483255

silica gel isn't dangerous you dumb bitch.

No. 483263

File: 1517097496416.jpeg (561.41 KB, 1536x1536, 47E3BBDF-D6F9-4CC6-BA2C-6967F2…)

I’ve always thought she looks like a slightly less genetically fucked version of these creatures

No. 483264

40 minutes of the same bullshit that all of her "honest" vlogs are

>weh my low view count

>weh my sleep schedule
>weh youtube algorithm
>weh im anxious
>weh im depressed

Its been this way for years and she refuses to get any help. Rachel earnestly believes that a doctor is just going to throw her some pills and kick her out and that isn't what happens. She needs to go to a therapist. She constantly bitches about the same issues and never does a thing to fix them.

Basically, yeah. This even happens on Guru Gossip. Someone always comes in asking why there are 19 threads on Rachel within the last 5-6 years because ~they enjoy watching her uwu it must be u guys with ur opinions~.

Also quirky? Its called being fake because that wasn't how she was years ago. She changed herself and retconned much of her life in order to pander to children and this is why many people unsubbed. Another reason is the constant whining yet lack of change on her part. When Rachel gets told that her plastic persona isn't entertaining at 27 years old she bitches that everyone wants her to be serious all of the time and that isn't what anybody wants. She can be animated without being a total trainwreck, but literally every video is

>screaming at the camera

>ugly facial expressions
>complaining about her life
>complaining about views yet doesn't upload regularly

I don't see why people feel the need to announce that they enjoy her in a thread clearly made for shittalking.

No. 483268


LOL I honestly don't care that much. I'm not an avid watcher. So I don't know what she was when she first started. I've never seen her old stuff or how she was.

Yeah she can be obnoxious. There are a lot of youtubers I think are obnoxious and still watch them sometimes. Matthias is also on the list lol

No. 483272

>LOL I honestly don't care that much. I'm not an avid watcher. So I don't know what she was when she first started. I've never seen her old stuff or how she was.

..Okay, so then why are you here?
Nobody cares.

No. 483275


It's a free country? I was reading about other folks and this was bumped up and I commented.

You must care if you are talking to me about it lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 483280

Because the last thread had potential for milk but instead it was buried for three years no thanks to people such as yourself who feel the need to come in and say they like x cow when *nobody fucking cares about your opinion. At this point it doesn't even matter that you saged because you're causing derailment. Fucking hell its like some of you have a learning disability.

OT just ignore and report obvious stans.

No. 483281

Not trying to come off as a shit stirrer, but if you like her, this just isn't the thread for you. It's not a discussion about whether we like her or not, it's a discussion about her milk. You're free to have your own opinion, and if you like her, cool. But that's not what we're talking about.

No. 483288

No. 483293

yo the mystery ebay box was straight up targeted to her with the dolls and hair dryer that shit was crazy
other than pandering to her 12 year old audience, being self absorbed, and having no morals or sense of ethics, what other milk does she have? the other thread was shit

No. 483295

Stop derailing. If you don't like the thread, don't post here.

Can the mods please step in before another thread gets shit up

No. 483301

>claims to be intense germaphobe
>goes through an entire box of somebody else's garbage
>rubbing shit all over her chest

Report them and ignore. I guess we're dealing with yet another stan parade.

No. 483306


I like how Tarte had to photoshop her face into oblivion to make her look good. That promo pic looks nothing like her on YT.

Also that palette was boring, and had at least on matte shade with chunky glitter in it. Get the fuck out of my face with that garbage. The fact that she, of all fucking people on YT, got a collab honestly pisses me off.

No. 483311

Hey, you could get a collab too if you had a few million of your minions tweet a company into fucking oblivion, threatening them if they didn't do a collab.

No. 483312

And all thanks to a horde of kids, too.
There were legitimate beauty vloggers who deserved it much more than she did.
Bunny uses her audience for sympathy and free shit and its disgusting that people justify her flashing around gifts from actual children. She now apparently has two houses full of her hoarding shit and since her doll shrine is finished she's doing a 90s shrine. What the fuck is next? A Shopkins shrine? You know since now she's suddenly all about Shopkins just like she was all about squishies, as seen on tv, Star Wars, designer handbags, etc?

No. 483315

No. 483325

File: 1517100635593.png (51.99 KB, 618x1024, 3905.png)

No. 483327

File: 1517100670304.png (62.04 KB, 618x1024, 3906.png)

No. 483331

I'm so confused what it this

No. 483339

Someone from GG who used to deal with Bunny and her mother coming in regularly.

No. 483342

I used to like Bunny when I was younger and lonelier but now it's obvious she's either milking this anxiety shit for all it's worth or is genuinely an enormous womanchild. I remember when she released some blog or video about depression some years ago saying basically "lol get over it that's what I did" but for some reason she can't do that for her anxiety, b-but therapists r bad, woe. I don't know if it's a stigma from living in Texas or she's just that dumb.

I did actually like the colours of both her palette and lip paints, but fuck if they weren't impossible to use. the formulas were just so bad for some reason?? was it the colours she picked or did Tarte not give a fuck? The shadows were so chunky and unblendable and the red lip paint bled so fucking much, never dried completely and stained.

The only think I like about her at this point is her hair, but of course she doesn't take care of it.

No. 483346

File: 1517101104255.png (62.16 KB, 576x1024, 6c.png)

No. 483349

She doesn't take care of any part of her body, it seems.
Remember when her lips used to be crusty as fuck and only when enough of her audience said something about it did she decide to care? Shit was gross to look at and I get that she wanted to have this ~natural~ laid back image, but there is a difference between being laid back and just being fucking gross. Her teeth are gross. Her skin is gross. Her hands are gross. Even her hair is gross. Not to mention she's killing herself with constant caffeine, sugar, and she says that she stays up all night and sleeps during the day sometimes even spending days in bed. And that is apparently the reason why she cannot vlog regularly.

She needs help and she refuses to get it.

No. 483351

The infamous 4am Walmart run for candy.

No. 483353

I Think this is what bunny could look like if she fixed her teeth and took better care her skin and hair.They look like they could be sisters IMO

No. 483356

I don't think so. She's a long way off from being pretty with minimal makeup and no photoshop. I don't even think she knows enough about makeup to utilize what she can to make herself look nice.

No. 483364

Clearly, considering she smeared the brightest red lipstick on for several years regardless of whether it flattered her tone and to this day wears colors befitting an infant's diarrhea.

Remember when she was sponsored by Lime Crime? That bright ass blue mess?

No. 483367

File: 1517101941792.png (190.85 KB, 1124x1122, DOToNtMU8AAlY2t.png)

No. 483370

Fucking hell, yes.
I hate how everyone calls her a beauty guru and whatnot, but clearly she doesn't even know what an undertone is, or about warm, cool, and neutral colors. That's just basic color theory.

No. 483376

4 times a day???? why didn't anyone explain to her thats not how the refill policy works lmao

No. 483378

The market is saturated and nowadays everybody is a beauty guru even if they only do Instagram makeup cough nikkitutorials cough or if they simply do product reviews.

Bunny just likes getting free shit to satisfy her hoarding problem and we know its never enough. Just look at where we're at now.

Because Bunny thinks she's the shit due to yt money.

No. 483379

>>483356 Yea I know she is far off from >>483353 but I think they have similar head/face, nose, and mouth shapes.Like if bunny actually did something about those horrible teeth and took care of her skin.got a cute haircut and learned to do her makeup properly, she could be pretty decent looking.

No. 483384

I would be so embarrassed constantly going in there at least switch up locations lmao.

No. 483397

Nikki is genuinely an MUA though. Like, does makeup on people for money. (Although I hate her "style" and even her attempts at natural makeup are terrible.) Bunny can't even color match her own fucking face when it's as simple as picking pink toned foundation.

Also, I don't think Bunny shoops her eye colour so much that she just wears color contacts. Like you can see the contacts in her eyes, she just insists it's still her natural colour and we're supposed to just believe that lol. She has all this money and still uses a shitty camera that overheats and looks like ass instead of investing in her business, I sincerely doubt she can be fucked to use after effects on her eyes.

No. 483404

>because whatever is here right now isn't the real Rachel.

I remember back when I would watch all her videos, I watched a "look books" outtake or something she put up……her voice off camera is SO deep, her attitude and personality in the minute or so you could hear it just felt so different from her online personality. It was years back, i'll see if I can find it…

No. 483405

Does anyone else think that her black-blonde hair look EXTREMELY tacky?

No. 483409

Literally everything about her looks tacky as shit

No. 483410

Did anyone else think Bunny seemed super bitchy or disengenious in her video with SimplyNailogical? Like Cristine flew all the way there to do a Collab and they filmed in her hotel room instead of Bunny's house? I just thought that was fucking weird since Cristine has collabed with serveral other yters (mannymua, Tati) in their own homes/studios. Is Bunny that embarassed of her house?

No. 483414

Afaik she briefly got a new camera, but she couldn't figure out how to use it so she went back to her old. Now, I hate youtubers who are all style and no substance, but the fact she can get away with the same setup and production value as she used, what, 6 years ago baffles me. She doesn't put effort into anything in her life and gets praised for it. It's truly baffling.

No. 483416

You mean just like when Guy Tang flew all the way out to do her hair? She was bitchy then, too.

And her house was probably too dirty and crowded. For real the lighting is constantly shit and her hoarding problem doesn't help things.

No. 483421

>palette is called swamp Queen

>no greens of any shade

>no golds

I don't.. understand this marketing.

No. 483423

Easy: Her name was on it.

No. 483428

IMO there's no excuse for Bunny to not have a studio and a professional set up at this point. She has plenty of money but instead she still films in a dark hoarder room where you cant see shit.

I think her low view count inspite of having 7 million or so subs is really telling. Her kid fanbase is tired of her or moving on to other ~quirky/annoying and relatable~ youtubers, like Nailogical. Except Nailogical actually puts money and effort into her videos and has a pretty professional camera set up - and she doesn't even NEED to, because she already has a well paying dayjob. So what's Bunny's excuse when YouTube is all she has going for her?

No. 483432

That's really hard to watch. Isn't Bunny in her early 30s? Why does she act like this? I legit believe she is either mentally stumped or she needs attention. She probably panders to her 12 year olds and acts like being this way in a public space is 'normal' or 'acceptable.'

No. 483441

I never understood how she claims to have this terrible anxiety, but acts like this in public. I have anxiety and I wouldn't even joke about acting this way.

No. 483445

She's currently 32 and yes, that's what she does. This has been her schtik since she stopped being a paranormal channel.

She has a laundry list of triggers and phobias but yeah she's capable of doing drunk follow mes at 4am in a walmart to buy candy and be rude to employees.

No. 483449

Where's the dead boyfriend mentioned? I've been watching her for years. Used to be a fan but honestly I find her kind of boring now.

No. 483451

No. 483452

Honestly she has a lot of older mommy viewers too, not just kids. At least I tend to see mainly older seeming people in her comments.

No. 483455

Her anxiety centers around dumb things like silica gel packets and germs/doctors and shit Idk. I remember her saying she doesn't have social anxiety, which is very obvious.

No. 483456

Its a mix of both. There are moms who watch her and then there are literal grade schoolers on her yt and ig comments. A grade school teacher once left a comment on her ig about how she thinks that Bunny is a bad influence on children (some of her students wrote in to Bunny and Bunny did write back, but still) and she was quickly blocked, so that teacher came to GG and spilled.


No. 483458

I would feel bad for the child of any mother that watches Grav3yardgirl.

I would have at least expected a few earthy tones, maybe some golds or blues. It's all just shades of pink and purple.

No. 483463

>claims this was someone she dated in 2009
>dogman said in the boyfriendtag that they've been dating since 2004/2005

No. 483479

File: 1517106400437.png (76.15 KB, 1151x587, 5609.png)

When someone said the ebay scamming video was too long.

No. 483480

Her face is much easier to look at from far away or at normal angles. Here, she looks almost normal, or just slightly ugly.

I guess when she's being filmed by someone else, she doesn't get to make herself look purposefully hideous.

No. 483482

didnt her and dogman break up for awhile and then get back together? honestly the timeline of Bunny's life is confusing as fuck. probably because she lies about a lot of it.

No. 483489

Ah, just enough time for her to get a boyfriend and for him to die.
Not that I think it's funny, I really just don't believe that happened to her. If it did, that's awful, but she shouldn't milk it for views. And if it was during her breakup with dogman, I think she would have mentioned it.

No. 483492

>I had a black mass at my new boyfriend's house and my dead ex appeared

I don't know anon, doesn't that sorta thing happen all the time?lol

No. 483505

File: 1517106996535.png (520.78 KB, 1155x740, 6780.png)

It is absolutely sad how edited this is.

No. 483510

File: 1517107187029.png (321.4 KB, 1163x556, f988.png)

Also if you've ever had any doubts of the kind of people who are in the ~swamp family~

No. 483516

Her mannerisms remind me of a more manic Alyssa Edwards except Alyssa seems more genuine

No. 483522

lmao spot on

No. 483535

i mean if it wasn't during her break up then that means she cheated on him lol.I mean, maybe he's just content to let her lie on YouTube for $$$. does the dude even have a job? he seems nice enough but very enabling.

No. 483557

This is exactly how I expected her fanbase to look

>high school

Doesn't she mean, middle school? kek

No. 483574

Yep, definitely swamp family alright. The girl on the left shares some shrek-y features with Rachel.

It's sad that it's edited to hell and back because I personally find this yo be one of her better looks. Sure, the hair is shit and her eyelashes are tacky as hell, but the colors seem to do something for her at least.

No. 483576

>mom has hernia surgery
>rachel makes a blanket for her
>claims mom didn't inform her of the surgery until last minute in order not to stress rachel
>rachel is proud of herself for this

She couldn't have actually been there for her mother because even though it was the mother's surgery, it was still all about Rachel and how she felt. Not a single follower told Rachel to better herself so she could be there for her own mother. Even people who do her goddamned hair and her own friends fly in to see her as opposed to her going to them. Like jesus dude even people who are scared of flying just knock themselves out during the trip or bring a friend along.

No. 483588

she's an emotionally stunted, self centered bitch. people have bad anxiety and other mental health issues and yet manage to be decent members of society and not needing asspats for doing something you'd expect a 14 year old to be mentally mature enough to handle.

No. 483595

I remember she made an old video years ago about being treated badly at F21. Her excuse was the employees didn't let her mom enter the same dressing room to help her change or whatever.

I don't know what F21's policies are, but I've worked at an H&M and we have those one person per dressing room rules set in place to prevent theft. Boyfriends tried to go in with their girlfriends all the time and do nasty shit, so we think about that too.

Bunny sounds like the female version of a manchild. She is 30 something years ago, so even a few years ago, she was at least 28 or 29 to make a fuss.

What 29 year old wants to change their clothing in front of their mom? Sorry, but that's weird af.

No. 483624

Someone who is as spoiled as Bunny was/is.
She was an only child growing up and her parents just let her do whatever she wanted so she expects that from the rest of the world now as a grown adult.

No. 483631

Anybody else remember when she asked viewers if she should turn her tamagatchi off while she sleeps because it gives her anxiety? Or when she filmed herself driving her Tesla past the damage the hurricane caused when her Starbucks finally reopened for business? Around the same time she complained in a vlog about finally having milk for her coffee after no milk for days..

Meanwhile, people lost their homes, loved ones, and entire fucking livelihoods in the same area.

No. 483656

Sorry to be a bit special needs but I can't find this comment anymore or the conversation on it. Does anyone have more info on why the price was fake?

No. 483666

Bunny lied so she could get sympathy and free shit from her mostly underage fanbase. http://gurugossiper.com/viewtopic.php?cache=1&f=56&t=32914&start=975 has screenshots in it of her showing off stuff that her fans sent her after the ~terrible incident~ occurred and even screenies of viewers pledging hugs and items to her.

No. 483735


Except when she wants to go to Disneyland or trot to Louisiana. The last time she got her hair "done" (sorry, but even her hair looking it's best it still looks like a poorly executed merkin) she flew out to Guy. She has the most convenient and least consistent issues. Her Momma was probably grateful to not have to cater to her while she was going through surgery.

No. 483746

Waitttt she's 27??

I was thinking maybe 38-39

No. 483750

I think she can look attractive with makeup on and hair done so it annoys me she rocks up looking like she just escaped from a mental facility. Plus the expressions. Plus the 90s were shit, why the hell are you nostalgic about the 90s?

The videos go on forever and it's just her shouting about nothing but people watch it. Also when eBay sent her an apology package with original 90s things such as a white Furby she took it out of the box and slammed it on the floor. As she did with the other items. It's kinda the point of MIB that's is a rare and special thing, taking it out removes value and novelty but ok

If you collect antique dolls frickin wash them. It's part of being a doll collector, or any vintage collector that you RESTORE the items you purchase.

Ok that was the rant for now

No. 483751

I'm pretty sure she's 32.

No. 483768

File: 1517127313897.png (3.6 MB, 1334x750, E05DF8C5-7C0D-4C19-A668-B77404…)

No. 483775

These sound fake. Especially since Bunny recently talked about how she was pretty much addicted to coffee and stopped having so much tea in 2017. Unless these caps are from years ago. She also barely leaves the house as she is basically a hermit who is nocturnal so I have doubts on her going to get Starbucks for free at a store she considers her only escape from her personal hell and gives her a bit of socialization.

I haven’t seen her retcon her hairdryer addiction, she still has the video up explaining it from a few years ago.

No. 483822

No. 483823

Her hair could be so fucking pretty IF SHE JUST CARED.
Get her split ends trimmed, use a conditioner yada yada, like why does she even get her hair dyed if she will just let it go back to shit in no time anyway?

No. 483836

her facial expressions and lack of eyebrows remind me of that fit vegan ginger girl

No. 483846


She does have older mom viewers. My mom used to watch her back videos around the time she started to branch out into product reviews and makeup. Literally all the people I know who used to watch her stopped watching her though. Middle aged moms do watch her a lot I've noticed. Not as much now as it used to be. I think you can only handle so much of having your YT feed being spammed with obscure toy reviews before you just unsubscribe. Also, her whole shtick gets really annoying after repeated watching and she has been playing it up in recent years and while it's entertaining for young kids with the attention span of a potato, it gets on the nerves of anyone about 10.

No. 483883

Thank you, I knew about the box, just not that it was fake. Just felt anyone who buys a box of used crap for that much deserves what comes to them. She chose to be gullible after all.

No. 483958

I followed her years ago when i was thinking about starting a paranormal channel. I kept watching her out of fascination. She was like a caricature of a person. She reminded me of the dorky girls in high school who wanted to hang out with the goths and punks, but listened to numetal and marilyn manson.
I mean, all my enamel is fucked and i had a brown tooth from years of heroin addiction and alcoholism. I was too fucked up to care about brushing my teeth. However, i got some professional toothpaste that helped.

Maybe there was a point in her life where she couldn't care less about her teeth and she's feeling the repercussions now. I just think she acts WAY too sensitive to act like she's okay with it. She hates her insecurities being pointed out and has to rant and rave about how she's totally okay with them!!!

No. 484006

So the ebay box wasn't actually $900? How much was it actually?

No. 484022

Haven't thought about her in years but why the fuck is that bitch driving a Model X nowadays!? Fuck is she that wealthy from youtube!?

No. 484046

she probably saw the episode of My Strange Addiction and thought it'd give her edge points. sage for speculation.


No. 484057

What really bothers me about this chick is the entire "swamp" thing shes going for.

Shes from HOUSTON texas. As someone who also lives in texas I can guarantee to you she isnt from or even near a swamp or gators. If she was from the bayou of Louisiana or something I could totally get it. Instead shes picked up some stupid aesthetic of a voodoo swamp queen when really shes from one of the bigger and more modern cities in this state lol

Not to mention as a native Texasn who has been to many parts of the state including the deep south, barely anyone speaks like she does. There are accents sure and some people have a thicker ones but its very few and far between these days so its obvious (especially in houston) that shes playing it up.

No. 484066

hang on a second, bitch has a TESLA?
now im super pissed, they're super fucking expensive and she can't be assed to do her hair and makeup in a semi decent way or upgrade her set up?
>why do such shitty people exist in such cushy ass lives

No. 484113

having the video still up doesn't mean anything, how closely have you even followed her? She just straight up says "i never did x or y" in newer videos even though anybody who has been following her can clearly see that that is a lie. Jfc.

No. 484125


Yeah, it looks like a Tesla. Not a Toyota Tundra.

Oh yeah, anon.
Bunny has literally never lied to people.
Also those screenies are from GG and the thread was literally a few months ago, so.. can you not? Thanks.

No. 484126

She's said that the reason for her accent is a childhood friend of hers who had a very deep one. That still doesn't make much sense to me.

No. 484133

The texts are from October..

No. 484137

No. 484162

> looks not like a Toyota

It IS a fucking Tesla Model X. You can see the fucking falcon doors in the yt thumbnail and the Tesla logo on the steering wheel in every other shitty starbucks tea pic. And yeah just the whole damn car in this video. It's a 100D if anyone is wondering about power. Makes me angry that she rapes this beauty with that shitduster

No. 484224

BLESS! Finally a proper Bunny thread!
I used to watch her in her alt-fashion era. I stopped as soon as she quit making fashion related videos. I m opinion her channel is a trainwreck. Just compare any video from 6 years ago to a recent one and you‘ll see how laid back she used to be. Now she is literally screaming into her camera.

Also kek at her audience thinking her eyes were really as blue as in the videos when in reality she was color grading her videos to make them appear that way.
She keeps throwing stuff eg products around in her videos as if they are not of value and the shit with her blow dryer in the bed is just straight up autism material.

And yet she has what 8mill subs and people are fucking praising her like a goddess.

No. 484228

She's an actual hoarder, right? I remember reading something like that ages ago but can't remember if it was verified.

Watching a recent video and it looks like her video setup has changed so maybe they moved in the past couple of years that I've bothered to watch a video. If they're so fucking disgusting and too emotionally retarded to clean up after themselves, why not get a cleaning lady? They're in Texas, it must be cheap as fuck there.

No. 484233

I only know from her videos that she as tons and tons and tons of stuff in storage. I mean just imagine the halloween decor alone…. its insane how much stuff she owns…

No. 484299

She allegedly has two houses now for her shit. The mcmansion she is in has two rooms dedicated to "shrines"; a doll one and a 90s one.

No. 484447

She looks exactly like fit vegan ginger to me!! Which is why everyone saying she should be a fashion model makes me cringe so hard.

No. 484462

Her acting like she's the only person who wears berets for fashion is fucking laughable. Also, is that her house? it looks like a creepy vintage store… so messy.

No. 484504

I don't hate her, but her buying habits absolutely disgust me. I get she has a ton of money, but the way she buys anything and everything with no regard for waste, space, etc just gets to me. And the whole 90s box thing…. She has more than enough money to buy her own 90s memorabilia but yet cries to her underage fans to get them to send her more junk. Her "swamp family mail" videos are awful… A literal mountain of gifts and she is so ungrateful for it, throwing things her fans sent her like garbage, never saying thank you… I could never imagine treating my things that way, especially things people sent me out of kindness.

No. 484552

File: 1517186584581.png (1.11 MB, 720x1039, 20180128_194218.png)

"Cher from clueless"

No. 484573

Aw, damn. I love Clueless and that outfit is cute. Too bad she's wearing it.

No. 484608

She should dress like this more often it's almost night and day

No. 484619

She should've cropped out the balloon seller's hand.

No. 484631

It'd be so cute if she just brushed her hair, styling it is a bit out of her skill range but even just running a flat iron through it would make such a difference.

No. 484673

What the hell is up with that ratty ass hair or extensions? Somebody tell her that having your hair like that is not okay, it just makes you look like you have a rat's nest on your head.

No. 484837

She actually has a fear of brushing her hair(or did last I remember)
They bring it up in Guy's video.

No. 484866

Starting to think her "phobias"are just things she can't be fucked to do because she's a slob. She has a fear of brushing her hair yet uses all sorts of sketchy shit in her "does this thing really work" vids. Mmmhmmm "fear," sure.

No. 484899

I just wish she wasn't so fucking OTT about everything. Fear my ass. She could simply say she doesn't like brushing her hair (I remember she mentioned some childhood "trauma" about hair brushes) but no, she has to exaggerate EVERYTHING because she's a fucking drama queen. An actual phobia is more serious than simply not liking something ffs.

No. 485018

Sleeping with a blow dryer as in having it running all night long…in bed???

No. 485491

No. 486352

Gg is not a source. Anyone can fake screenshots as we have seen before, you need to have better standards for milk. She talks about her coffee habit in >>483264 and without any real proof of this so called person who works in the area it isn’t worth your time.

The idea is that it’s a weird comfort thing, and that she used to do a heater but that’s actually dangerous and commonly leads to accidents. Hair dryer is her safe option. Basically she is autistic and needs simulation.

No. 486396

it's like she has no ability to stand up for her decisions. she can't admit to just disliking something or not wanting do it, it's always that she CAN'T because of some phobia or vague anxiety. Even the things she does want to do, like buy a ton of shit, she's always making some excuse like it vaguely tangentially reminds her of such and such movie so she just HAD to buy it. Not enough of a spine to simply make choices in life, she has to pretend she has no other real choice.

i used to have more sympathy for her but she keeps getting older and her behavior stays exactly the same. it's gotten to the point where it seems like she's intentionally not self reflecting or improving because she feels like her wealth and fame mean she doens't need to, when in reality her neurosis obviously hurts her more than it hurts anyone else.

No. 486461


Alligators are very common in parts of Houston and we do have "bayous". She just doesn't have swamps to rule over. I think I remember her talking about a friend in Louisiana so that might be where fascination comes from.

Her accent reminds me of a character actor playing a Southerner. She would fit right in on "Mama's Family" or something like that.

No. 486564

Native Texan as well, I've got family that have real thick (almost comical tbh) southern accents from the panhandle area. People in little hick towns sound like her, but if she's born and raised Houston that's kinda weird.

Also, does anyone know what area of Houston she's from?

No. 486748

After the My strange addiction incident (where someone and their kids slept with a hair dryer and burned the house down after watching an episode about hair dryers) she claimed she doesn't sleep with them on?

No. 486750

I bought her palette and it is absolutely crap.. i am surprised there isn‘t any drama surrounding it like with other youtubers make up products. The smell is revolting, it is powdery and doesn‘t blend. She claimed it to be a limited edition (i get it, it‘s marketing) but you can still buy it on sale now. For me it‘s something i kinda knew beforehand but was still curious. But thinking, that there‘s her young af target audience buying this on the release date for friggin 50$ because they believe that when it‘s gone - it‘s gone, gives me some scammy vibes to be honest…

No. 486784

Normal people with anxiety would just, you know, use a fan or white noise machine at night for comfort, but Bunny opts for the most dangerous route that could literally kill her and destroy everything she owns, and that…gives her no anxiety whatsoever? Sounds legit.

No. 486801


Friendswood or Pearland area is my understanding.

No. 486828

I agree. She completely refuses to take any responsibility for any choices she makes and is getting more and more neurotic as time goes by. She's completely emotionally stunted. She blames a lot of it on being an only child but that's about the weakest excuse I can think of. Lots of people grow up without siblings and yeah, sure, it can be a bit boring to have no one to play with, but she's in her thirties for God's sake. She's got no sense of any actual reality. I do wonder if YouTube wasn't a thing she'd be more "normal", since she would have to work a normal job and interact with normal people, instead of her echo chamber/hug box which enables all of her shitty behaviour without challenging at all. It's not "quirky" anymore. It's just sad.

No. 486910

Because look at how people are treated when they criticise her. It's almost as if it's sacrilegious to say anything bad about her, even when you say it tactfully. There are few places online that call her out. Even PULL doesn't say anything about her beyond the fact that she screams in her videos.

When a thread was attempted on her three years ago it was derailed into submission and full of claims of jealousy even though Rachel is a shitty, shady person who knows how to work her followers to their utmost usefulness.

No. 486914

She has said her dream job is working at Starbucks, so she would be doing that if not for YouTube.

No. 487007

It'd be her dream job up until the rude/annoying customers (like her) start popping up.


she has too much money for her hands to be looking like this.


I remember when I got yelled at in the old thread for calling her a hoarder, but she even admits she keeps EVERYTHING people send to her. How are you not a hoarder at that point?

No. 487050

Bunny thinks that just because Houston has the Buffalo Bayou running through it that makes it a swamp

No. 487052

Because, again, sacrilegious. She has many stans and even people who aren't hardcore fans enjoy her because if someone with a mug like hers can make it then it gives them hope. So when you insult Rachel, they take it as an insult towards themselves. Just look at the old thread.


Nobody's saying for them to go an hero, but when their trash goddess' only claim to fame is being frequently unkempt, mentally unsound, hoarding things which she claims to not even clean and are growing mold, and demanding free shit from actual children then people cannot rightfully expect everyone to go, "Oh, okay! <3" Its gross. She is gross and she glorifies a disgusting lifestyle of refusing to get help for her issues under the guise of being ~uwu quirkay le innocentu~.

Allegedly, her obsession started with that tv show about swamp people.

No. 487255

I honestly don't think she's ugly tbh. Her jacked up teeth are, her hands are beyond saving and she has tons of wrinkles from contorting her face in the most retarded manner possible 24/7 but when she's styled I think she's quite pretty. Not gorgeous model material but cute.

But MUH ANXIETY so she can't use skincare or brush her hair or wait anything other than 10 year old t shirts, or she'll die.

No. 487372

Technically Houston would be swampland no different from the bayous it sits right next to if it wasn't for good ol' infrastructure.

No. 487585


To be fair, those things aren't necessarily her fault (the smell, pigmentation, etc) but it's still pretty shitty that the company is fine with it being like that because of sales and her name being attached to it

No. 487605

If she did throw the gifts away both her fans and those who critique her would flip their shit and start screaming about how she's a horrible, ungrateful, selfish, greedy monster who is personally stomping on the hearts of children. She could just quietly donate or throw out the things that aren't sentimental or useful and tell her fans she keeps it since she never shows any of it. But of course she's a hoarder so that won't happen. It's a lose lose situation.

No. 488381

Yeah i guess thats true. But than again… this represents her and she is representing the product. Undeniably she is connected to the product and even if she has no impact in the formula or whatever she is the one agreeing to have her name written on it. And also she is the one telling her audience that it is LE and eventhough it is not.

But i personally was really surprised how the shades had nothing to do with her at all. Like the colors were i would have connected to her.
She didn‘t agree to this contract/collab because she wanted her cool swamp fan to have a cool palette. She agreed to this collab because she‘s just another greedy as fuck youtuber like all the other ones on the platform.

No. 488395

>But i personally was really surprised how the shades had nothing to do with her at all.

They're boring just like she is.
And she had to throw glitter in one in order to make it appealing, similar to what she does to her personality.

See? Totally works.

No. 488401

File: 1517427347401.png (874.51 KB, 737x571, a23.png)

It'd be nice if she would drop the obnoxious 90s kid thing already. How many videos has she done that were dedicated to muh 90s by now? She's just another annoying cunt who picked up a graphic tee from f21 that had the All That logo on it.

No. 488588

It was nuts when she was incredulous that the eBay scammer said her fans were sending death threats. Come the fuck on. Don't act like you didn't know your fans would act that way.

No. 489753

New vid.

She's also being called out by some about her $14,000 jacket that she tried to pass off as Dolls Kill.

No. 489943

I found the exact jacket on Dolls Kill, it's 1000$ (priced down from 1375$) so still very expensive.

No. 489945

File: 1517533554510.png (1.16 MB, 1590x1028, zounds.png)

In her defense, it appears to be legitimately from Doll Kill.

To counteract defense, this jacket is still insanely priced. Maybe not $14,000, but a $1,000 price tag? Investment piece my ass.

No. 489955

File: 1517534060823.png (1.15 MB, 1206x1970, eugh.png)

I think they were talking about this one

No. 489958

New to this thread. Watched one 7years old video today, after a really recent one.
I’m shocked. Do they really think she was just being camera shy? She was a totally different person.

No. 489959

File: 1517534181567.png (1.73 MB, 1118x970, goawaya.png)

No. 490027

She says she has "emotional conflict" from looking at a hello Kitty on her makeup bag. How delicate do you have to be to be thrown off balance by the mere image of a tear? She later apologises profusely for a small graze on her finger as she worries it will bother and trigger her viewers. Describes said graze as 'recovering' as if she had surgery or some major injury. She has created such a fragile and fearful group to surround herself with that even the tiniest thing out of the ordinary disturbs her to the point of no return and leads to droves of fans telling her they felt personally victimised and had a panic attack due to said graze. That seems to be protocol whenever she doesn't give a disclaimer and apologise. I kind of feel for her as I would go insane too if I had to apologise for everything including things outwith my control, but she did this to herself. She made this vicious hugbox

No. 490053

..Nobody's talking about that one. They're talking about

which has been featured in videos and photos before.

Damn anon, you got deep with this but you hit the nail on the head.

No. 490255

Would would she try to pass it off as Dolls Kill?

No. 490535

Because bunny has been doing this for years?
She gets free shit by crying at fans and companies so she tries to not ruin the image of le broke white trash?

No. 490642

she has all that money but doesnt fix her mouth….yikes

No. 490649

She won't fix her mouth because she refuses to give up drinks that stain her teeth so she doesn't see the point. There's more to life than iced tea, Rachel.

No. 490752

I heard her say once that she was afraid of the dentist, too.

Still… pop a xanax and get it taken care of. It's nasty.

No. 490776

I seem to remember her saying her aunt (or some relative) was a dentist and she still won't do anything about it. I'm not one of those people who thinks all teeth need to be radioactively white or perfectly straight, but that tooth genuinely looks diseased.

No. 490962

Right? Girlfriend is gonna end up with a blood infection and sepsis.

No. 490978

What isn't she afraid of? Christ what a baby

No. 490995

I mean tbf theres more to life than white teeth too lol

No. 491324

Yes, but it's disgusting and a sign of poor health overall when somebody doesn't take care of something as important yet simple as their teeth. It's not hard to brush twice a day and pull out the floss or listerine. And with the money she must be (or at one point was) making on YouTube, it wouldn't be hard for her to go find a good dentist and fix that shit. Not even get braces, maybe just whiten them and put a few veneers in.

No. 491646

She has more than one dead tooth, anon. Its something that causes bad breath, pus in the mouth, and sometimes gum acne. Its fucking disgusting and she is a 32 year old woman saying in videos that she is "happy her tooth is brown because its just doing its own thing lols~"

Why are people acting like everyone is expecting her to get car salesman teeth just because her piss poor hygiene is made light of

No. 491690

I'm not sure if you understand this, but 100% white teeth doesn't exist naturally unless you bleach them. Everyone got slightly yellow teeth, it means they are healthy. Brushing, flossing and using listerine won't make your teeth paper white. I'm sorry you are so shallow yellow teeth are a sign of poor health. You probably think body hair is disgusting too. lol

No. 491783

Nobody is saying she needs paper white teeth. We are saying having brown teeth is unhealthy. You even say in you post SLIGHTLY yellow teeth are healthy, but teeth that look like an unflushed public toilet are not. I am sorry talking about basic hygiene got you triggered.

To get back on topic, I tried watching her latest video and it is just her getting upset about everything, even the taste of water. There is a lot of irony in the fact that she is a social media influencer who doesn't understand how facebook works.

No. 492037

Nobody said she has to have perfect white teeth. I think you're just searching for an infight, either that or you're the one who's self-conscious of their shitty teeth. Take your bait somewhere else. She has shit teeth and could be doing more to make them not look as disgusting as they are.

No. 492094

I don't know why but it really makes me rage that she describes everything as "deeply disturbing", "terrifying" , "extremely scary" or "disgusting". Anything she has to touch or do with her hands, anything she puts on her face whilst claiming to be a beauty guru; I have heard her describe mascara as 'creepy'. In middle school it was a thing to describe EVERYTHING as 'so scary' even if it was bullshit and she just hasn't gone past that. Every day there is something new that terrifies or disgusts her, yet she was happy to put cheetos in her hair and fucking blow dry them in. Then keep the cheese coated curls for a day. Nothing about her makes sense, she's an extreme woman child.

No. 492101

You're complaining about the cheetos and not the dolls? The mouldy, revolting shit in her fucking dressing room that she hangs out in all day? I think her hoarding trash caked in dirt is a bit more of an issue since she doesn't describe those as disgusting but touching makeup samples is. She's really not consistent.

No. 492115

Her newest youtube video,
i didn't notice until another anon pointed out how she needs to over explain certain things so her fans wont freak out..
she mentions how her bf teases her about something (honestly i wasnt able to pay much attention to it) she then goes on and on for longer than she should have about how "it's friendly teasing, when you live with someone you love you tease eachother sometimes but its out of love and its friendly"

No. 492182

she over explains everything, if she would just go to the point her videos would be at least 2 times shorter.
it's super annoying, aspecially when she's testing something - i get that maybe she wants to make a detailed review and with most of these shit she's testing there's not much to talk about, but like 80% info she provides is completely unnecessary and it's as if she was talking to mentally challenged audience that cannot understand basic things and make simplest conclusions

No. 492309

>it's as if she was talking to mentally challenged audience that cannot understand basic things and make simplest conclusions

This…sounds like it probably describes her fanbase. Honestly if you've ever been in an authoritative position online it becomes very clear you need to over-explain, and I even changed my writing style many years ago as a result of people flipping out at innocent things I posted prior that. And what about Jenna Marbles having some sort of major breakdown because the Youtube community didn't like the fish tank she got from a pet shop. It's better to avoid calamity and step on eggshells with the general public, so I understand.
She just over-explains x10 everytime to the point where most people probably skip through her videos

No. 494007

Much of her audience are still children who are hypersensitive to everything. Like I've said before, go walk through her comment section and even the most tame criticism is met with 5 or 6 people jumping on the person about their 'negativity' and 'oh my god but watching this vid is so like optional like why would you like even be here like????' Even in that 'I saw something creepy' vid, she acts like a total retard because store employees were looking over at her. Bitch, you're in a Tesla of course they're going to look. People just have a natural inclination to look at nice cars and the people driving them, for fucks sake. Not everything is an attack on all you stand for.

She tries so hard to hide the fact that she's been blowing thousands of dollars on shit like jackets and handbags and a car.

Anyway, new vid.
More ZOMG IMA 90S KID GAIS XDDDD bullshit.

No. 494021

It is a source when that is the place the screenshots are posted. And, what the hell are you on about people needing "better standards" for milk? That forum is the only place where there is any legitimate, long term discussion about Rachel's sketchy ass self because even Pull couldn't be counted upon to dig and keep tabs on her for all of these years. No one is allowed to talk badly about Rachel anywhere or else people lose their minds or at the very least low-key defend her because "she seems nice". If you don't personally find her to be entertaining then that's fine but other people want to discuss her.

No. 494311

I tend to try to avoid her comment section for that exact reason. She has this weird dichotomy of a fan base in that she has 6-13 year olds who wish they were her and love how ~relatable~ and exciting her videos are for them with loud noises and bright colours, fashion they'd never be allowed and someone who talks to them as if she too is a child. Then 40,50+ moms and grandmas who I feel may watch her as they see a very misguided, albeit by her own choice, she drove herself off that life path and in to the candy coloured fantasy land she's in now,child because she of course portrays herself that way as others have said. She wants to be helpless and cared for, so these mothers probably have a pang of desire to help her and therefore support her videos. Or they see themselves and wish they could wear 'fun' things like Rachel and be young and frivolous and let things like fashion and friendship be ephemeral, a life where nothing is serious or permanent. Apart from the crippling anxiety, depression, hypochondria and desperate desire to be not only special but the most special human there ever was. That's pretty permanent. It's a bizarre mindset to have and to have a fan base who she encourages to join her in that mindset through her 'tea vlogs' when she tells them all about her phobias and fears, now these kids are in the comments crying over how scabs trigger them or any mention of sadness just sends them over the edge and they become a screaming puddle on the floor. Major sage for fucking essay, sorry about that.

No. 495023

When I became aware of her I thought she was half black or something, Does anyone know her ethnicity?

No. 495647

Are you in the right thread? Rachel is very very white if you did mean to post that here.

No. 495764


You're not a professional? Girl this is your job. You've been doing this for how long now? whenever she does a video like the Ulta one, it's the only time she wears makeup. She has to play the part of beauty guru so she keeps receiving free shit.. You could tell once she started complaining about people not wanting the 90s unboxing she was up to something.. she has been trying to get attention for a long time to bring up her plummeting views, drama usually equals views on youtube.. its like a half assed attempt at drama.. she can't even pull that off right. No one cares about your lime crime swatches, Rachel.

No. 495768

It's incredibly annoying that any time she does something stupid/for attention and gets called on it, she accuses her audience of being jerks. I had to check the comments of the latest video after seeing those tweets, and I really didn't see people being unsavory. She was ploying for attention, people didn't appreciate it, end of story. Anything negative or critical is not automatically "being a jerk" or "having no accountability behind a computer screen", as those who just have to defend her like to cry. Maybe listen to your viewers, not just the ones who blow sunshine up your ass. If you know you're doing something clickbaity for the views and it doesn't sell, maybe not do it next time? Simple.

No. 495769

No. 495773

No. 495790

what is this even about? I don't watch her videos, I can't stand her

No. 495793

quoted the wrong post, meant to quote >>495764

No. 495838

File: 1517972842536.png (10.07 KB, 886x117, 7b.png)

No. 495843

It's mostly how she acts when she's with people that you start to realize how fake she really is. She could not edit out all that self entitlement and eye rolling out of her video of the last time Guy did her hair. I stopped watching her after that. Also she's considered a beauty guru and she also has a palette with Tarte, but her tutorials are complete shit, and there's nothing about how she applies or how cosmetics look on her that I would ever want to emulate.

No. 495888

I thought it was referencing something new that happened. With the other twitter rants being posted it seemed like she was being called out for something atm. My bad.

No. 495945

She is, but you're expected to read the threads and links provided.

No. 496276


She's been doing this for years. I'm sure she could have edited the last part out completely. But she doesn't because why? She always says she wants to be completely open with her fans and all. Why would she bait them like that? Then she whines about the criticism. I don't get it.

No. 496327

I used to be a big fan of hers and watch her religiously, but this was the video that did me in.
Clickbait storytime nonsense. She says she "ALMOST ATE DEADLY FRENCH FRIES OMG YOU GUYS" when the (single) fry she's referring to as "deadly" had one piece of oversized seasoning on it. A weird looking piece of seasoning, and she's claiming she ALMOST DIED.

No. 496358

i dont like her. she's v annoying, but watching the video, and apparently she thought it was oversized seasoning at first but it was actually some kind of metal.

No. 496400

Why does she intentionally pick the ugliest thumbnails? It’s like she wants every video to have a still of her looking demented with her eyes bulging and her tongue sticking out.

No. 496449

I read the tweets, but like I said I can't stand to watch her videos. And in most threads asking for a quick run down on milk/videos is pretty standard, but ok bud.

No. 496633

This is an image board. Post caps of the tweets jfc.

No. 496729

her one super yellow tooth on the bottom is so distracting, yikes.

No. 497427

Her boyfriend seems like he just dated her because no one else would date either of them in high school and now he's just kinda stuck with her. Did she ever finish her degree or whatever college course she was doing when she first started doing youtube? I'm sure she was doing some fashion and textiles thing?
Because if neither if them went in to further education or completed it, that along with his level of eye rolling with her says he's probably in it for the money or he enjoys being the slave to a whiny, petulant womanchild. He doesn't seem too interested otherwise, but he's not completely unattractive so he doesn't need to stay with someone who fears everything and doesn't want or let them have a social life and stays in bed for days complaining.

No. 498222

In her newest video (where she buys her etsy wishlist) she says she really wants to start a "old funky worn paperback book collection"

Made me realise how much of a hoarder she is, she doesn't need more "collections" of anything.

No. 498242

I honestly think she has a severe case of morbid obsession which is a form of OCD. My bf has it and I swear I am just fucking fed up with our living situation. They really do have so many stupid ridiculous irrational fears, its fucking annoying. And it is incredibly hard to get them to get help for it. They are slobbish and never leave the fucking house.

Wish she would just go see a fucking doctor. I honestly live in hell with my significant other.

No. 498288

That must suck. We have a relationship advice thread if you want to post there, maybe someone else has some experience with something similar >>>/g/70439

But yeah, her hoarding is out of hand. Does she have a house tour that shows how bad it is?

No. 498564

…And she wants another collection. How? Why?
I am a doll and book enthusiast and her house makes me want to scream and tear my hair out. I would have understood if she had her collectors items in display cases, clean and restored to their original condition as much as possible. She just hoards JUNK and refuses to get it fixed! Some serious doll collector might have looked for those missing parts for years to restore their holy grail doll.

Also I wonder if she actually gets sick so often because of all the clutter and mold/rot on her PRESHOOS COLLECSHUNS.
It's not that it's only hazardous to her physical health, because most of those items can't be deep-cleaned or cleaned AT ALL, it's that living in dark cluttered spaces can contribute to worsening of your mental health A LOT.
Like, sry for blogposting, but I have OCD and germophobe/paranoid traits in general and they get so so so so so bad if my living space is not open and de-cluttered. Not to mention how much more depressed I become if my room and flat are filthy or have too many things sticking and laying everywhere.
She lives in a PIGSTY. All her mail packaging threwn all around, all the boxes of random crap. It's so dangerous and unhealthy and I think her mental conditions are partly her own fault.

Open the window, Bun, let the clean air in! Stay up with the sun, get some vitamin D, hell, vitamins at all! Clean out your moldy shit!

No. 499608

genuine question, does she have a disorder or illness that causes her weird skin texture and looks and these freaking hands?? This picture very sincerely looks like a grandmother's hands.

No. 499716

its from using way to much hand sanitizer but im not sure what causes the redness just sensitivity i guess

No. 499839

She has said before that she is sensitive to jewelry metals and it causes irritation, so I guess she just has a very sensitive skin. Maybe allergies?
Also not getting enough vitamins makes your skin sensitive.
It could also be that with her being blonde, blue-eyed and pale already it's irritation from the sun? Though I doubt she gets any.

Hands are def dried out from too much sanitizer though, yeah.

No. 499905

Like the other anons said, I think it's just related to her OCD stuff. As a kid, I had a friend who had bad issues with that and washed her hands constantly. Poor kid's hands were always drier than leather.

No. 500475

She got a dog. Poor thing has to live in her hoarder trashed house :(

No. 500486

i've been following her for probably 6 years now and i never knew her name is rachel. wow.

No. 500546

its not her dog i believe shes watching it for someone

No. 500672

No. 500678

It's official she reads GG, we talked about her treatment of baristas and poof she shows us how much they are her "friends" who you trying to convince, lmao.. 32 years old and acting like this over starbucks and chik fil a.

She is also asking people to go vote for Sydney for some beauty award. I looked At Sydney’s instagram it literally looks like a teenager who is playing dress up and trying to take “sexy” pictures but they just come out awkward. Her makeup sucks too which is what the award she’s nominated for is about. I don’t get it.

And, she'll probably win due to Bunny's minions.

No. 500679

No. 501512

No. 501760

it's her parent's dog but she's helping "take care of it" and personally i feel like the dog is just another prop for her. this is a person who consumes large amounts of caffeine and makes rambling videos at random a.m. hours, i wouldn't even let her pet my dog.

it's cute tho and I hope it pees on her horde.

No. 502503

I totally get you, I am the same way. I can not focus on anything if there is clutter around the house. My S.O. doesn't help at all around the house. He just plays videogames all day and lives in his own bubble. I am grateful that after years of nagging he is finally going to therapy. I know OCD affects people differently, I have the germ / parasite / bactira phobias. My S.O has morbid obssesive thoughts that prevent him from throwing stuff out or cleaning. He is almost like a hypochondriac. Everything he reads online he thinks he has.

I swear watching her teavlogs listening to her think she has everything in the book and watching her behavior I am almost positive she has the same thing he does.

Difference is he is getting help and she isn't. Everytime I hear her say she doesn't want to see a doctor or get help for her weird behavior it pisses me off. She has so much influence on younger kids who may hear her say that shit and refuse getting help because of her.(blogging)

No. 521153

So, I stumbled upon this video from about a month ago about Bunny and boy, oh boy

So, bunny did a makeup haul with various makeup brands, and tried them out, the usual shit. Some people though noticed that she had also bought lime crime, but she didn't tried it anywhere in the video (For everyone who is living under a rock, Lime Crime is super controversial and shady). She later on got backlash from people and sperged THE FUCK out and started deleting comments and after a while it got so out of hand that she went on twitter to be passive agressive about it and said that "I decided last minute to cut off the LC part" and "I deleted the comments cuz lime crime has been commented on soo many times already uwu".

The person making this video seems to be on her side ,though, she really is sloppy and entitled.

No. 521165

>she used to speak of and sleeping with her hairdryer on in the bed.

I can usually understand why people do certain things, but this is one of those times where I just cannot understand the appeal or how someone even starts sleeping with a hair dryer. Did they just fall asleep with it on one day, and then decide, hey, I like this?

My old neighbor did this. She wasn't mentally unstable or on drugs or anything, she had a family, a nice house, and a solid career. One day, she accidentally caught her bedroom on fire, and it was later discovered the cause was due to her sleeping with two hair dryers. I seriously just don't get it.

No. 521211

Iirc It stemmed from a childhood memory, her mom used to warm her socks before school with a hairdryer, it was a comfort thing that translated badly into an adult "quirk".

No. 576129

File: 1525729929211.png (692.91 KB, 1730x1362, lc.png)

Shane Dawson just released a video about Bunny and is apparently going to attempt to save her channel…
My guess is she'll receive a spike in views for a little while, but it will quickly die out once people are reminded why they stopped watching in the first place. This video is apparently the first part in the series.

he showed some posts from this thread in his vid around 17:20

No. 576131

forgot to link vid

No. 576134

I saw that too, it made me laugh. I mean I think it's obvious the reason she doesn't have views is because her content is boring and she's just kind of annoying overall.

No. 576168

She's been such a snotty brat lately, complaining even more than she usually does. So unlikeable so no wonder people aren't watching anymore. She's fucking manic 99% of the time and still refuses help because she likes to be a ~fragile little angel~ in the eyes of her die hard fans. The way they pounce on anyone saying anything remotely negative reminds me of Jeffree's fans using "BUT HE'S GAY HOW DARE YOU" to defend his actions.

No. 576172

I stopped watching her after reading this thread tbh. Finding out all the shit she does like hoarding, faking her blue eyes, her make-up collection that disappointed fans, etc

For me she is just too over the top and annoying. She spends 10 minutes of the video talking about random crap before actually getting to the point. She acts like a hyper active 13 year old girl.

No. 576180

Shane needs to stop trying to be captain save-a-youtuber already, he clearly does it for his own self-esteem more than anything else. And that's not me trying to be shady against Shane, I'm not saying he has any bad intentions with what he is doing but it just doesn't work out. People need to save their own channels.
Bunny doesn't get views anymore because unlike other youtubers she havent changed her format of videos for years, eventually people get tired of how you do things, even if it was all the hype at some point.
Shane should know this very well, being as his content has changed completely over the years to keep up with the demand.. the reason Shane is still so popular and other people who tried this isnt, is because he figured out you need to change your content but not your personality to get views.
Bunny is whiny and bratty and has done the same videoes for so long, who the fuck would wanna continue to see the same shit over and over and over AND also having to hear her complain for 10min of every video. She needs to grow up if she wants her audience back.
Ps. i love the good old "its gotta be youtube who isnt advertising me well enough anymore it cant possible be me" attitude lol.

No. 576186

What are her actual eyes like? I did search but they were all that edited blue apart from like one where she's in direct sunlight therefore making them brighter although they're an entirely different undertone to the contacts and editing

No. 576205


As soon as i saw that shit I came running to see if anyone else saw it.


I agreed 100% with what you said until the last part: To be fair, she literally said in one of her videos "it's gotta be something I'm doing".

I think that she also screwed herself over by second guessing everything she does (the least thing that can happen when you refuse to take meds for your ~crippling anxiety~), in those "why don't I get as much views anymore?" rants she herself ended up answering her own question saying stuff like "I didn't make certain as seen on tv videos because some people made them first and i thought people wouldn't want to see a another video on that product". Popular products bring you views, doesn't matter if you are the 1st or 5th person trying the thing, people like to compare opinions and the more the merrier.

But also, I skipped watching many of her videos because I KNEW she wouldn't know how to properly use the goddam thing. Her reviews are pretty much fails because she refuses to read instructions and/or she's kinda slow when it comes to getting how to use them. It's pretty obvios most youtubers would research the product first and then do the demo but she, knowing that she's not good at these kind of thing, film a video without knowing wtf she was doing.

The reason for her channel dying are many and all of them are related to the depression/anxiety she refuses to treat TO THIS DAY. Even after Shane's visit. Like it's been said, thing won't get better unless she changes and she doesn't want to, so… her channel is destined to die.

No. 576215

> I KNEW she wouldn't know how to properly use the goddam thing.

This x10000. Theres only so many times you can watch someone fail to use a children's toy before you have to walk away

No. 576326

For some reason it's not even a little bit surprising to me that Shane browses lolcow

No. 576370

I doubt he browses here, I think he probably just googled graveyardgirl hate/gossip/whatever and lolcow popped up

No. 576563

Bunny was one of the reasons I even started watching Youtube personalities many many years ago, but I don't watch her much lately because she seems pretty unbalanced? I never found her annoying even at her loudest, but in videos now she's all over the place, full of anxiety, she's up and she's down, and you can tell she's second guessing herself constantly. It's made the quality of her videos go way down, because her confidence is just gone and it comes off as pathetic instead of quirky.
She needs to get help.

No. 576896

the hoarding is totally expected from someone who prides themselves on every aspect of being trashy BUT the blue eyes? didn't she always say they were natural?!

No. 576907

File: 1525807436422.png (1.95 MB, 1322x1116, bunneh.png)

here's her in Shane's newest vid… she doesn't appear to be wearing contacts and I don't think she was a part of the editing for the video.

No. 576914

i guess it doesn't really matter but i 'know' her IRL (she comes to my starbucks in pearland frequently) and they are really blue. i never thought it was noteworthy though, a lot of people have bright blue eyes.

No. 576915

She's been in other people's videos before (like Guy Tang) and her eyes have seemed just as blue. I think this whole photoshop/contacts thing is just a conspiracy. Blue eyes aren't that rare. She obviously umps up the contrast in some pictures but that's all. I wear contacts and they have a pretty obvious ring, and colored contacts are thicker than regular (I believe).

No. 576917

american colored contacts aren't any thicker or any bigger looking, so she may just be wearing those. not all contacts are circle lenses.

who cares though, there are many other issues with her that should be addressed.

No. 576922

also, incase anyone is wondering how she affords a tesla/etc when she's not making as much off of youtube:
pearland is really inexpensive to live in. it was literally nothing a few years ago until they started building 'bougie' houses at low prices as an incentive to move here. there's more POC living here than white people, and we also have really high crime rates. a ton of people here have 'big' houses and nice cars (which is really common in houston suburbs anyway). so her having that house and car isn't even comparable to if she lived in actual houston. she lives an hour away without traffic.

No. 576932

They look a lot more natural and regular here as opposed to the glowing royal blue she has in her own videos

No. 576936


It's most likely her lighting or some default filter in her editing program, I have looked t her eyes very closely and she has the same "spots" in her iris when they are light blue and when they are "royal blue", that debunks the contact lens theory. And about the edition theory… the woman is clearly not tech savvy, just look at her videos, would be stupid to know how to so much about edition and just stop at making her eyes a weird color…

No. 576970

Cover her mouth and look at her eyes. She specifically wears that shitty garrish red lipstick because it makes her eyes look more blue. If you cover her mouth they're really not that spectacular.

Also to make blues pop is a simple slider in any editting program.

No. 576973


> Also to make blues pop is a simple slider in any editting program.

Exactly my point

No. 577039

I liked her better in this video than I have ever liked her in her own.

I hope to god she changes shit up and shows us the real her. I want a whole series on her historical items, her crafts, her creepy dolls, etc. Things that make her different than every other person doing "As Seen on TV" reviews. Search "girl scout" on her channel and it comes up with "COOKIE OVEN" not that interesting weird set up she had going on. Its like she ashamed of the things that actually make her interesting and different. Yeah, its weird, but who cares. At least its content with substance. And that gets views while unboxing and challenges and hauls are over-saturated.

No. 577040

So i had no idea bunny had a thread here. My friend used to work for her they dont anymore but they had some good dirt on her for sure

No. 577049

Wow, she looks old in that thumbnail. Like I know she's in her 30s but I thought her skin looked decent. She looks like a tired mom.

If she wants to revive her channel she needs.to suck it up and get some actual recording equipment and good lighting. A studio would be good too. She's been filming on the same tired shitty autofocusing camcorder for the last 10 years that "overheats". I don't watch her anymore because the camera constantly trying to autofocus with every movement she makes gives me a headache.

No. 577088

Of course she looks old, she’s constantly pulling over exaggerated facial expression in all of her videos.

No. 577119

She uploads WAY too many videos. I just had to unsubscribe because of that. Besides I think youtubers in general should change their format. Like Matthias for example; he blames youtube because views are dropping but hey maybe people get tired of the same thing over and over.

No. 577132

Y’all need to chill about her eye color. Not white knighting at all, I unsubbed a while ago. You have to understand that there’s a process in editing called grading and Color correcting. Every person is going to grade it or color correct their video differently, so it is impossible to Ascertain exactly what color her eyes are and less you see that in person or in a completely unedited photo or video babe I’m smoking I don’t want to be around that can you ascertain exactly what color her eyes are and less you see that in person or in a completely unedited photo or video. Shane Colors his videos entirely different especially since he is more involved in editing. Any Color grading preset is going to change all the colors in a video including her eyes. She most likely uses a preset that makes colors seem a little more saturate Color grading preset is going to change all the colors in a video including her eyes.

No. 577153

If I was her, this is what I would do moving forwards:

-develop a work schedule to make sure she is uploading consistently but not incessantly
-come up with core series she wants to do that are actual series, not hauls or unboxing or trying products
-for example, a vintage series on her collections where she goes into the history of the items, where she got them, why she likes them, interviews with other collectors. She needs to make an actual list of the items she wants to cover and commit to it.
-at least one series where she gets out of her house and explores. It doesn’t have to be paranormal. It could just be exploring the city or off the beaten path towns or famous landmarks. People want to see her doing something, not going to Starbucks. Casey Neistat became popular because people liked to watch him explore. She can do the same with her unique perspective and interests.
-research or plan her videos out so she can include interesting information and not just ramble. Her audience is older, and “factual” based videos are in. Even ones that are all bullshit like conspiracy theories are popular because people feel like they’re learning something from them. They want to gain something of substance from videos.
-edit. the. fat. It takes her ten minutes to get into a video. People are going to click away and not come back. Shane’s editing where he starts with a climactic scene and then takes you back in time might seem dramatic or silly, but it works. She needs to come up with a unique editing style and story which will lead her videos.
-she HAS to present her unique style. This doesn’t mean buying shit and hauling it. It means dressing nice for every video, styling her hair, and wearing makeup. This is her job. She is a full time entertainer. There is a certain presentability people expect. She needs to capitalize on how she doesn’t blend in. Her style is a breath of fresh air. She needs to highlight that.
-she needs to brand herself better, no more unattractive goofy thumbnails, they don’t work anymore, no more trying to be relatable by being gross.
-People expect mini tv shows at this point. The days of flipping a grainy camera on and talking shit for ten minutes is gone. Production value is up. She needs a proper camera, proper lighting, proper thumbnails, etc.

When I think “Bunny” or “Grav3yardgirl,” I think unattractive faces, gimmicky cheap products, lazy content. She needs to make it so people think “cute quirky goth girl exploring and educating.”

What would you guys do if you were her?

No. 577156

It feels like they are alluding to some bad stalker shit in that video. I would watch her if there was actually some danger or genuine spookiness in what she talks about

No. 577255

I like how in her google picks my makeup video she says people want more adult friendly videos. She then goes on to say that she doesn't know what that means and she still wants it to be family friend. What they mean, Bunny, is that your adult fans don't want to watch an adult women unbox kid's toys every single video.

Spill the milk or the comment you just made is useless.

No. 577268


I'm honestly eager to see the next video but I don't have my hopes high. She's uploaded a few videos after Shane's visit and she hasn't changed a bit. I actually don't get why people say she's so different in this video, it's the same old Bunny: awkward af, nervous wreck, teary eyed, lost child. What exactly is so different in this video?????

Aside from that I'm enjoying the series because it's like watching a crazy cross over episode special.

The next OMG INSANE CHANGE that's coming up in her channel, as she's announced, it's that the OOTD videos are coming back. (Which I honestly used to really like, but… seriously? That's the INCREDIBLY BIG CHANGE that this whole Shane thing inspired???…. No comments)

No. 577276

File: 1525846577548.jpeg (198.78 KB, 750x647, 2D49D22F-CA2C-4CAD-ACA0-BA91B6…)

She makes it so hard to root for her. She needs to up her game, this is her job. Using 2012 tech in 2018 is a losing move. Bunny, girl, get it together.

No. 577284


I really liked her "Does this thing Really Work?" series before it was just hair products and make up. No one wants to see those things, and she needs to stop pretending she's a beauty influencer. It's okay for that series to be sporadic, to wait for the right product. I think on that - since its what got her popular - I'd still do it, but not make it weekly. Do it when an interesting product rolls around.

She used to be into Ghost Stories and stuff when she first started (I've been watching her for awhile) but that stopped when the other stuff started getting popular. Nowadays, that ghost story/paranormal stuff is pretty popular and I think she should take that up again.

She needs to stop trying to be a beauty guru. She isn't one and THAT'S OKAY. I don't go to Bunny for makeup reviews, I go to other channels, I went to her for her quirky content. She has so much more to offer than trying to be yet another girl who does makeup. Her house is creepy and neat because she decorates it that why, why can't she do a series on her dolls like you said? Why can't she do a series on her looking for those weird items? I just don't understand why she went the make up route at all.

She needs to get her anxiety and depression controlled before any of this stuff, though.

I used to be a pretty big fan of her, and while I'm still subscribed, I don't really watch her videos anymore. I'd like to, but she started trying to blend in too much.

No. 577286

This sheltered moronic cow is too dumb to actually put any sort of effort into her work. I remember she got a new camera briefly a while ago and uploaded two or so videos in 1080 like it's this decade but then stopped and cried about how hard it was to use a new camera. It's almost insulting how little she's willing to do. If she actually got her mental health sorted out she'd be more productive and less of an insufferable, flip floppy womanchild. That's the best word I can think to describe her; womanchild.

No. 577287

Wow. She can go from looking like a jane doe forensic reconstruction to decent-ish looking with make-up. Not to encourage her being a basic bitch "beauty guru" or whatever, but the difference some effort makes.

No. 577295

File: 1525849354623.jpeg (440.56 KB, 2000x1331, 83427C32-8218-4F16-8153-25F37D…)

Yeah not to wk or anything, but I actually think she cleans up really well. If she’d stop pulling stupid faces and start brushing her hair more consistently, two simple changes, Im sure her views would improve. And her self image.

No. 577309

But being ~SuPeR qUiRkY~ is her thing. That's why she can't stop making stupid faces or yelling or collect dumb useless stuff or doing her make-up decently and not like a clown, and definitely not get her
neurotic ass medicated because it would ~change her~

No. 577311

that shitty folding camp chair in the bg. why.

No. 577318

I'm hoping it's anything believable towards that but I feel like she just doesn't want people to know she lives in a huge ass mansion while pretending shes this thrifting struggling person like everyone else

No. 577351

This. It's good that she felt comfortable making her videos with zero appearance effort put in, but as someone who has been in the zero-effort-appearance-boat fora while, it really adds to your depression without you even noticing. Her aesthetic has always been unique, and I like seeing pictures of her dressed up in outfits you can tell she loves, because they're always unique and give me nostalgia of when everyone tried hard to be different and not an insta thot.

Bunny's personality and videos have never been for me and I have never been a subscriber, but I am aware of her from the sidelines and her channel really has become "do the minimum work,maximum caricature, maximum money". I hope it changes.

No. 577353


samefagging to add I think she grates on me so much because her genuine persona is so mismatched with her video style now. Does this really work, shopkins, kids toys, kids presenter creepy acting vibes, no. She needs to talk more about history, creepy shit, not paranormal clouty storytimes like everyone now, but about her dolls and her swamp shit and her unique ass aesthetic that she's losing. it makes me kind of mad.

No. 577753

Shane basically said all of that in the video he did with her. I never particularly liked Bunny and generally always found her moderately annoying (Shane too though tbh), but I kind of almost liked her in his video which really threw me off. She seems like a super socially awkward person who just never really grew up? She has more money than she seems to know what to do with and doesn't know how to socialize outside of the internet to make any real friends and not be lonely. All her more recent videos are her just desperately following the trends to try to keep her channel alive, but she's really just smothering it in bullshit. Her personality and living style is slightly reminiscent of someone like Michael Jackson to me? Like she's just this lonely, rich, weirdo who has no friends and acts like a very strange, awkward, adult child in a way.

No. 577789

I keep seeing people mentioning hand sanitizer, what's that about? Does she have OCD? That would fit the hoarding thing.

No. 577828

She's constantly morbidly disgusted and anxious about shit. Like in her most recent video she was kinda freaking out about metallic powder being in her eyeball.


@12:55 is when she starts talking about the dust

No. 577903


>Every person is going to grade it or color correct their video differently, so it is impossible to Ascertain exactly what color her eyes are and less you see that in person or in a completely unedited photo or video babe I’m smoking I don’t want to be around that can you ascertain exactly what color her eyes are and less you see that in person or in a completely unedited photo or video.

what the actual fuck does any of this even mean

No. 577990

Lmao sounds like text to speech

No. 578220


people got the impression she was a germaphobe b/c of constantly mentioning carrying around hand sanitizer. it was pointed out she had contact with environments and items that seemed contrary to this, like her collections or buying stuff from a thrift shop, so it's like she has to overcompensate by being afraid of certain things.

No. 578236

part of me is super skeptical when people claim stuff like you are without posting any proof but, did you see her mention in the second video how she feels like the people at Starbucks are her only friends? She was saying you and your coworkers are basically the only human interaction she gets, does it come across that way?

I wondered about that too….
If it's about stalking or people finding out how much nice stuff she really has - I feel like it's definitely more about her just being paranoid though. The average viewer on youtube doesn't really care or even know about sites like this or GG, etc. but I think she really lets it get to her. But, I could also see a personality like Bunny attracting truly insane fans who think they're friends with her and overstep boundaries.

No. 578243

I assumed she was being secretive due to extensive flood damage? - What do people think of that.

No. 578278

new video

No. 578281

She makes it sound like her bag is such a big deal. She says she had to pre-order it through someone she knows who works at Dior and had to get it from some special event and they only made a few. You can literally just buy it off the Dior store right now for 3k. I know 3k is a lot of money, but when you're a rich fancy ass youtuber like Bunny its really not.

No. 578288

Shane's part

No. 578307

I wouldn't be surprised if it was stalking but it could be to hide all the stuff she has too. In her earliest videos people used to assume she lived with her parents and filmed in their house. I don't think that was true. It's kind of crazy going to look at her older videos and comparing it to her now.

No. 578309

>it could be to hide all the stuff she has too
it's exactly that.

No. 578319


Things shown in the video

- Walk-in closet (It had been shown many time in her videos, just not all of it)
- Convertible
- Arcade room(with flight simulator, dancing machine, among a few others
- Luxury shoes and clothing items
- Tesla
- Parts of her house that makes it clear that she lives in a mansion

Honestly… what's new? Seriously. Unless you are pretty naive and ignorant about how much youtubers make, it was pretty obvious that she's filthy rich. Her channel, even though it was dying, was massive at some point, getting millions upon millions of views, aside from that she was getting brand deals left and right and was selling tons of merch that she made herself (no middle man).

It was super obvious she was rich af, idk why this is being handled as a huge revelation wtf. Are people seriously that stupid?

No. 578339

She's never shown it. That's why it's a revelation, not that she's rich. She's tried to keep herself relatable and humble for the most part, but obviously buying a $1000 mystery box on eBay is something most people aren't going to do. Keep in mind what happened to people like MIchelle Phan when they started flashing their wealth around. She doesn't want that to happen to her.

No. 578351

They were pretty rude to Dogman the whole video. Talking over him and not even acknowledging him. If you're gonna make a video with someone at least learn their boyfriend/partner's name… Sometimes Shane's crew members are so stuck up.

Shane calling dogman "your uh.. friend" ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jh65HFArNu8&feature=youtu.be&t=655 )

Morgan going "oh my god that guy scared me"
( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jh65HFArNu8&feature=youtu.be&t=1785 ) "That guy"???

No. 578398

she's really well known in the friendswood/pearland area, pretty much everyone has some sort of story about knowing her or meeting her. she visits starbucks a lot and is obviously super nice but it never really came across that we were the only people she was talking to. honestly the job sucked ass so it was really nice to have someone who was nice to us come through often.
when you see her in IRL she doesn't put on that crazy character and she's actually an enjoyable person. i accidentally ran into her at the galleria once and she was talking to some fans and she was really chill. i just think her whole 'loud' schtick on youtube has been overdone.. i really like how she is irl.

No. 578409

File: 1525987195964.jpeg (70.22 KB, 949x534, DC3A8D83-27E4-4EE9-9331-BAED86…)

She looks like she could be Kate McKinnon's busted older sister.

No. 578416


It was Garrett who said "your uh, friend". And Shane corrected him.

I don't see any shade. Garrett is actually my favourite of the group. He's so sweet.

No. 578435

Yeah, I meant to write Garrett.
But seriously they were acting that way towards him the entire video. And the fact that Morgan by the end of the day still said "that guy" is really extremely awkward.

No. 578439

I know people who know her and ive seen her house. She lives in a mansion for sure its HUGE.

No. 578473

no way, Kate is hot

No. 578480

Yeah she lives in a mansion but she lives in a mansion in Pearland…my parents live in the same neighborhood as her (kind of, the only reason I know where she lives is because I've taken my little cousins trick-or-treating in the area before) and they moved to that area because they wanted a bigger house for the same that they paid when they lived in Colorado. To give you an idea, they about doubled the square footage. Of course she's rich but she's not anywhere near what some farmers are making her out to be, and to me I think she doesn't like to talk about price of things because she doesn't want to make it seem like she throws around money. Obviously she throws around money but wouldn't you too if you were rich? I don't see it as much of a big deal that she's got money, though I can't be the only one that finds it ridiculous that she has 4 cars. Also, her closet is kind of overkill. She should do a closet sale because there's no way all of those items are being put to use.

No. 578482

Agreed that they were being super rude to Dogman and just obnoxious in general. I hope they didn't act like that the whole time because it would really change my opinion of Shane's gang.

No. 578488

I think they are obnoxious anyway in all honesty.

No. 578518


I honestly think it's just the result of having a bunch of awkward people in the same place, it seems like Bunny never properly introduced them to Dogman.

Garrett would never have done something like that if he knew his name, same with Morgan, she's awkward, loud and annoying but definitely not stuck up.

No. 578525

Agreed there was something weird about how they ignored his presence for the most part in the videos? Like idk if Dogman was maybe not interested in being part of the video and asked to not be involved or if they just choose to basically act like he's not there and when they acknowledged him it was to 'bring the gucci slides' like he's some sort of staff working for Bunny .. it felt weird.

Oh yeah and about them being obnoxious in general I thought it was uncalled for when they threw around the free ice cream outside..I actually kinda cringed. Like you get food for free and you throw it around. Didn't have to do that. I usually love Garrett but come on.

No. 578678

>I honestly think it's just the result of having a bunch of awkward people in the same place, it seems like Bunny never properly introduced them to Dogman.

Yeah, I agree. Shane specifically associates with super awkward people who have confidence and body image issues.

This is so nitpicky. Morgan accidentally dropped her icecream and Garrett caught it by reflex. Then, once outside, she knocked his out of his hands playfully as payback.

I agreed with most of their advice. The publicity at least is helping her out, her video from two days ago is at 900k, the one from five hours ago is at 670k. Vs what she was getting before around 200k.

I still think she needs to gravitate towards "series." Youtube has moved more towards a tv show set up. Look at Shane's build up to meeting Bunny. It was a whole tv show on its own, both length and concept. She should hire an editor

I know her "Fear and Loathing" video wasn't popular, but she seemed to actually give a shit about it. If she did more videos that were creative like that, without the rambling intro and mood breaking ending, about something that her audience watches (like Riverdale or 13 Reasons Why) then I feel it would be popular.

No. 579288


when i first saw this i was like woah!!!! for like 1 min, then it was like Ok at the point is????? I thought since it was a "look book! that it would include several scenes with more characters from the movie or… i don't know, something else? It got boring pretty quickly becase it's lacking a purpose. Ironically enough this is so Bunny… nonsensical and """"artsy""""m lacking focus, direction and purpose and therefore boring AF after 1 min. And she didn't make the edition herself which was disappointing.

I used to be a fan long ago and I really want to like he but holy shit does she make it very hard to do.

No. 579399

I thought they were pretty rude. It's clear they aren't really fans of her like they implied at the start if they don't even know of her boyfriend's existence? It did seem like there were multiple people in the house at the time also. In the background while they're sitting at the kitchen table you can see someone sitting at the sofa and someone else in the living room. It's pretty weird that they're never acknowledged?

No. 579417


I'll admit that showing someone in the back like that without any kind of mention is a bit odd and maybe sloppy editing but I think saying they're rude for not acknowledging the other people in the house on camera is nitpicking.
It's obvious that Bunny is hesitant to share her whole life on camera so they could have just been friends or family who didn't want to be in the video.

No. 579481

All that money and she can’t fix her teeth

No. 579486

Tbh I feel she´s the kind of person who doesn´t want to in order ´not to comply to beauty standards´ or something like that

No. 579501


Lmao none of them claimed to be "fans" of her. Shane said she liked the content he's seen of her but that was all. This nitpicking saying over and over "how rude/stuck up" these dorks were is becoming pretty boring

No. 579511

We saw like fifteen minutes of an entire day. We didn’t see their introduction to her bf or if he had asked not to be shown. Why are you getting offended on Bunny/Dogman’s behalf? They seemed fine with it.

No. 581189

I feel like she isn't fixing them for the same reason she doesn't want to show her house. She is so obsessed with people thinking shes spending money that she will avoid doing anything she wants and that turns me off more than her just spending her money on whatever she wants and being open about it

No. 582183

How old is she? She looks busted and wrinkly.

I really took to the personality she showed in these videos with Shane. She seemed way more chill and different to the person she is in her videos. I wish she’d stop forcing this HEY!@# ITS .. BUUUUHNY bs and concentrate on making actual content.

Also saw no change from when she met with Shane to the content she’s posted afterwards.

No. 582197


She's 32

No. 582243

She says she doesn't want to, she says she was bullied for them horribly (people called them rabbit teeth and such) and she just learned to own it (hence "Bunny"). I think it makes sense if your teeth and overcoming that pain is part of your identity.

No. 582256

she's REALLY beating around the bush. she said something to the effect of "i don't even want to mention the price because it doesn't matter!" but i think that's almost the entire issue. She's very conflicted about her money and she gets so close to addressing it but never does. She's always tried to hide the fucking obvious fact that she has money. She probably feels really guilty about it, maybe she feels like she doens't deserve it, maybe she thinks it doesn't go with her edgy sentiments and it's not punk rock, maybe she genuinely feels bad that other people don't have what she does, maybe something else entirely, but she's clearly very very uncomfortable with it. She's done hauls of thousands of dollars worth of items and people see what car she drives and can add up her spending, and she knows this, but she can't just admit it so she tries to explain it away or hide it, and she's complained that it's "mean" when people accuse her of being rich, because she sees being rich as an immoral thing. In this new video she got sooooo close to addressing the issue, saying that she used to indulge in fashion and dolling herself up with no inhibitions, but got more and more depressed and abandoned it. She addressed it with the title of the video. She addressed it by repeatedly saying things like "i don't want you to think i'm showing off!" "i don't want you to think you have to buy designer items!" but then she backtracked and changed the subject and tried to act like money isn't the issue when it clearly fucking is.
Bunny, ffs, if you want to keep your sanity, you really need to make a definitive decision about how you feel about money and stop stalling at the crossroads. If you really think having money is such a terrible embarrassing thing then end your channel and give everything away, but if you think that seems ridiculous, posture up and just go for it and stop apologizing and hiding because it's just making you more and more neurotic and avoidant.

She's clearly very guilty about having things others don't so maybe she should try to have the best of both worlds and allow herself to enjoy nice things while also donating to charity or something. She just stalls and lives in denial about her situation.

No. 582385

Do you think it has anything to with her religion? She's Lutheran right? I don't know anything about it as we don't have that particular sect here.

No. 582397

Honestly it's not unusual for people who grow up poor to be somewhat bewildered and lost when they gain sudden wealth.

Poor people do tend to philosophize being humble, gracious, getting by with little frills and being thankful, religion can definitely also play into that. If you come from a poor socio-economic background, people around you openly criticize rich families for being show-offs, being generally greedy and hoarding riches. It's natural to internalize this idea that wealth is immoral and goes against every value.

I can understand how she hasn't come to terms with her success. That being said, buying extremely expensive cars does seem to be an odd way of coping. I definitely think it's something she needs to find peace with for her to go any further in her career otherwise she'll lose everything before she's even had a chance to appreciate it fully.

No. 582546

File: 1526313397277.jpg (60.66 KB, 661x544, dfh5.jpg)

here's a a couple quick screen grabs of this thread on Shane Dawson's video about her.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Rf0iXdZ1To&feature=youtu.be&t=46s (46 second mark)

Part 2

No. 582565

I doubt it has anything to do with being Lutheran. Lutheran is basically Catholic-lite. I've never known of any fundie Lutherans for example. It probably has to do with her upbringing.

No. 582607

Oh damn anon. >>582546

No. 582609

>doesn't go with her edgy sentiments and it's not punk rock

in the same realm, she shit on Forever 21 in one of her recent videos. Her fans are mostly young, and probably shop there. It's not smart to bitch about a shop being preppy and like "Urban Outfitters" when your audience shops there. Unless she doesn't want fans who are young or shop at cheap mall stores or not alternative enough for her. How can she bitch about views while also catering to a niche group?

No. 582772

Is Sydney bunnys assistant? It said something about her assistant and Sydney is there unless its someone else

No. 582808

Lutheran is the most basic-ass watered down Protestant church there is. Idk if it's any different in the US, but it's the majority religion in most of the Nordic countries and here it's extremely basic. If someone says they're a Lutheran here you know they're most likely going to be pretty lax about religion. Sorry if irrelevant, but I don't think it's anything to do with her religion.

No. 582847


Yes they called Sydney her Assistant.I thought it wasn't out of the ordinary, if your business takes off you would want to hire a friend to help you.

No. 582881

Ah! It's not really a thing in my country and I was >>582385 so thank you for confirming it's just her being a snowflake

No. 582990

After the prank at 34:15, I was really put off by Bunny's attitude. Like wow, she was being overly dramatic and making it seem like Garret had personally attacked her or something. I felt so bad for him. What a bitch. Even before that she was like shooting down a lot of Shane and his crew's jokes and being very rude. Idk. Plus apparently she was going to prank them as well so she's just a hypocrite! That just blew me away.

No. 583013

Damn. I remember watching her when I was much younger and didn't see any of the obvious signs of things going on. How long until she snaps and goes completely insane considering she's not taking care of her mental issues that she CLEARLY needs to be?

No. 583015

Honestly, I don't really see the big deal everyone is making out of that moment. And why everyone gets mad at Bunny for being immature, yet babies and coddles Garrett like crazy.

I don't even think his prank was that bad, but he really should've been able to read the room. He can be kinda bad at that and take a lot of jokes too far. They could all tell that she takes those things very seriously by how adament she was about being respectful towards the paranormal.

I don't think she was being a bitch so much as genuinely being scared by the moment. Then, after finding out it was a prank, feeling flustered and embarrassed. So that's why she left the room to collect herself, cause I can see how it'd be embarrassing to be both the oldest in the room and the most scared by a silly prank.

They were totally cool by the end, so I think people are making a way bigger deal out of it than either Garrett or Bunny. Ngl I was disappointed they didn't do more creepy shit, but I think that's kinda more on Shane and his crew because they really should've known that going in. She's talked numerous times about stopping ghost hunts because she had scary experiences and how she doesn't wanna invite anything dark into her life, so idk why they thought she'd be down for provoking things and inviting creepy shit to happen.

I'm not trying to wk her or anything. I feel bad for her cause she's so sensitive, but I acknowledge that that's probably her biggest flaw. If she wants to ever be successful on the internet again, she's really gotta toughen up and learn to brush things off.

No. 583025

What is Dogman's real name? I know everyone figured out Bunny's but I've always been curious what his is

No. 583027

Bunny seems to be extremely high strung and anxious about almost everything. I think that's why she struggles so much with socializing and connecting with people both on and off the internet? Therapy would probably do this girl wonders. I definitely find her kind of annoying, but it's difficult for me to straight up dislike her. She doesn't seem like she's a mean or awful person, just really socially awkward, incredibly insecure, and obnoxiously anxious.

Garret is kind of a big manchild. He's kind of endearing though, so I get why people always try to give him a pass.

No. 583032

I think there's a limit. Like yes, it's not her fault she's mentally ill and I wish her all the best with it but she refuses any kind of recovery even outside of the therapy she demonises and she's in her 30's so for the last 15 years she's just been pulling the "Oh but I'm so anxious and ill uwu you can't be mad at me or you're a meanie!" shit and it's just beyond getting old.

No. 583034

I completely agree with you. I didn't understand why he wouldn't have immediately taken ownership of the prank when she started crying. I actually thought it was cool of her to be so nice about it afterwards because if someone put me in that situation knowing how serious I felt about a topic I'd be pissed lol

No. 583053

Yeah you're right. That is something incredibly frustrating about her. I feel bad cause I can definitely relate to being resistant to psychological help and not wanting to face that vulnerable side of yourself. Though I realized, and I think she's starting to realize, that you don't really have any other choice if you want to be happy and fulfilled in life.

She talks about YouTube like it brought her out of that mindset, and maybe it did very briefly…but tbh I think it and the welath that came from it has just made it worse. It makes it so easy for her to isolate herself and refuse treatment because she has a big enough safety blanket to not really need to go out and challenge herself.

I really hope this series has inspired her to change that. It brought the attention of a lot of critical eyes to her channel so maybe it'll put pressure on her to stick it out.

No. 583063

It became a chore and a negative thing to film after a while I think, so she filmed less, was less enthusiastic and tried to make up for it with fake excitement. Gets like that for a lot of people when their inspiration runs out. She's doing the right thing by getting help from Shane as he's kinda a chameleon of youtube. You're right in that she's waited so long to get help that maybe it's finally set in that it's not so awful afterall. Everyone has had bad experiences with mental health services but sometimes they help if you find the right person. She's made herself the eccentric old lady who lives a secluded life but she's the kind of person who absolutely craves attention and company so she's conflicted and it shows.

No. 583142

File: 1526349545016.jpg (34.98 KB, 448x528, 1516159680947.jpg)


i've hated bunny for ages and ages. i like her style (as tacky as it is) but her youtube persona has always been obnoxious and 100% fake.

but god damn, the bunny from this videos was so fucking enterteining. i like shane's crew but i actually ended up wishing that some of them had stay home. they're funny and all but shane and bunny talking were the highlights. hopefully in the future bunny's videos can be more quiet and real like this ones were, she was so engaging here. like that doll story, the whole "no funerals" thing, the background info she was giving in the toy store etc were legit interesting.


new time viewer? bunny has always been like this. even when her channel was at her peak, and before that. she loves getting attention, faking mental issues, faking phobias, fakng random things about herself anything that makes her "quirky". i think now that she's older she doesn't do it as much, but she's actually a super normal person with friends and her family is rich as fuck. girl has never struggled. she was just struggling because she was making a series on her dying channel next to 5 (?) strangers she had never met. she doesn't have social anxiety (she has even said it herself), she's just going through a rough patch. not everything is "zomg she's depressed anxious bipolar and bpd". you're falling for her quirky personality tbh.

No. 583166

OK, but honestly that video would have been so boring without the "prank". It still was pretty boring. I've been to Uncommon Objects many times and it's just like…a store. This videos remind me of how high school kids run around shops in big groups and generally draw as much attention to themselves as possible.

No. 583191

what happened to michelle phan/what should I search to find it
sorry for off topic but im curious

Also, I dont get what the big deal is. She really believes in stuff like that so obviously it affects her more/she has a stronger opinion on it. She jokes she had were small and probably had more of a "friendly ghost" vibe to her where as garrets was more demonesque. For people who don't believe in that stuff, Garrets joke is pretty harmless and funny in a sense.

No. 583287

she seems like she's on the spectrum to me. i'm not saying this to be rude, i do really feel this way

No. 583399

No. 583417

I came straight from Shane's final video and was so excited to see Bunny2.0 and was instantly disappointed
I had to skip through most of the video, it was so manic, long and she kept repeating herself but then contradicting herself like by saying she listened to haters and that it held her back and she wouldn't do that again, but then asking people to just say if they hate something so that she can gage feedback. Right at the end she mentions how people probably don't want 30-40 min videos. Girl why are you making one then?
She's going to get too in her head and not take this anywhere

No. 583457

I’m only at the first vid and just tell by her body language and mannerisms that somethings off. Like everyone’s said in this thread she should get some help, I mean not even meds and shit just talking to a therapist can do wonders. I find just writing your feelings/anxiety/whatever down helps you be more objective and get a sense of clarity (can’t afford a therapist atm)
She’s been doing this for 7(?) years now and getting older is never fun but this hoarding shit and being stubborn about every aspect of her life not wanting change ain’t helping.

Also it’s easy to see Shane’s crew is too much for her, like she wants to talk about her stuff and tell her story but these guys keeps interrupting her with their faggot giggles.

No. 583471

File: 1526386497251.png (4.24 MB, 1334x750, C5C22617-0DF4-4B9E-BD98-758B25…)

Double post but I’m salty about her mansion cause it’s fucking amazing. To see her taking about her interior design, like the stories about where she got her furniture etc. I’d watch her house tour like 50 times

No. 583514

these ethings are cheaply made and mass produced lol
they are not impressive in person

she lives in a mcmansion, size wise its impressive but taste wise not something really grand.

No. 583559

I feel this whole series with Shane will come back to bite Bunny in the but honestly. She thought she has pressure before, now she really has pressure. All these new subs and returning subs will expect something from her, and she is going to stress out trying to give them all that they want. I feel bad for her and what she's been going through, but I don't think this whole series was a good step for her. I guess only time will tell.

No. 583567

i agree. I think the series in itself was a good idea, and shane had good intentions. however bunny is thinking it's going to SAVE her channel, when really she should be taking what shane says and just create shit she is passionate about. shit she takes a long time and thought into while making it. she needs to be making things that SHE loves enough that she doesn't care how it gets reccieved. she's still so focused on the numbers. on instagram her story showed she was number 1 on trending and she was freaking out.
although it's good to be exccited, i still think she has the wrong mindset.
she needs to take a break for a week or two, think of what SHE wants to do, where she wants to go. and then stick to that plan.
Shane puts out videos that he loves and he said himself if people don't like it he's fine with them just not watching, because he is proud of himself and that video and thats all that matters. You can tell the quality difference in the videos.
A therapist or a counsellor would also be a great idea for her lol

No. 583611

Honestly Shane needs to stop trying to help youtubers by making videos about them and putting tons of stress on them, he does it out of good heart but so far all he does is giving people anxiety and stress and make them breakdown!
He needs to mind his own bussiness, youtubers are so fucking mentally fragile, its like an anxiety club over there, and being "pushed" by a bigger youtuber isn't helping any of them

No. 584062

This is exactly how I feel. She is way too redundant, just repeating herself in multiple ways. And then she'll say the opposite, it's very all over the place. No wonder people can't watch, it's so difficult to follow. And, honestly, I love long videos, 20-30 minute videos are great - but not when the person is rambling and talking in circles. She needs to learn how to edit her videos, do jump cuts if she needs to after the fact. It's just a mess.

No. 584484

I don't think there's a lot to search for. Most of the blogs and things that documented her cringy behavior aren't up anymore. Part of it had to do with the way she bragged and showed off her wealth a lot and it alienated her from her viewers to the point that they turned on her. Her makeup line failed and she disappeared for a year, turned back up with a video about why she left that was full of flowery nonsense, and hasn't uploaded a video since and isn't as personal on social media. It's probably for the best.

I really liked that about these videos too, how happy she seemed to talk about where she got things. I thought the part about the flooring being from the crayola factory was neat. It's not for me, but her interest in the things she has and the history would make some interesting videos. She was actually passionate about it.

No. 585491

Yeah! I would absolutely love some quirky history videos about her house, or her dolls. She does seem very passionate about those things. But Doesn’t seem to talk about it ever!

No. 585530

I'd personally start watching her again if she did videos about all her old stuff and weird shit because it's much more interesting, even if she put it on Banana peppers where her kiddie viewers can't find it and their parents can't freak out. She is in to some interesting stuff and her personality seems much better when she's not trying to hard. I know this has been said a thousand times but I really do hope she starts talking more about her oddities and doesn't just have a giant public breakdown

No. 585570


she has a nice house and cars but the whole "uwu im sorry i made money with my hard work" was absolute bs. back in the day bunny got a lot of the criticism that you see in jill's threads (not on lc, other gossip sites waaaaaay back when). her family is rich as fuck. bunny was the type to read every criticism and take it to heart. a lot of people found out her family was rich as fuck and complained that she spent her money recklessly. i remember people circlejerked about how rich she was, that she was a brat and she spent all her parents money on dumb expensive tacky shit. again, fucking jill of 2012.

that's why she's insecure about it. that's it. because her "haters" complained that she was spoiled. and she was. she twist this fact to make it into a fucking humble brag like… "i work so hard for this…people are so mean when i brag about the expensive shit that i own and my sheltered wealthy life but like… it was all by myself with my youtube hard work, you know". again, bunny loves lies and twisting shit to seem like a victim. this is just as if jill made some youtube bucks, bought a fancy apartment and started bragging about how she's a self made babe and that she worked hard for her lazy oaf hauls. no wonder they're fans of each other. they love the sounds of their own voices.


>youtubers are so fucking mentally fragile, its like an anxiety club over there

tumblr calm down, you're not their therapist. shane has an ED, came from an abusive family and attempted suicide he knows mental illness is real they're just exaggerating shit for views he's not pushing them into something that's actually triggering, its all show.

No. 585981

File: 1526555406124.png (2.16 MB, 1662x1146, bunny.png)

Lmao, yeah. This whole exchange ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jh65HFArNu8&feature=youtu.be&t=393 [DL][Archived Copy] ) is bizzare for anyone who knows these things about her.
Specificaly at 8:00 I found it odd when Shane said "you probably help your family" and she said "yeah" and laughs awkwardly (pic). Excuse me, whaaaat???
She just went along with Shane forging this narrative of her being from a simple background and was LIVING for it.

No. 586225

God damn you think with all that money she would get those fucking teeth fixed.

No. 586405

No but Anon, they're the only thing that makes her ~Quirky~ and ~relatable~

No. 586561

She's got a mouth like a damn crocodile. No wonder she pushes the swamp thing so hard.

No. 586643

Wow I didn't know anything about her past and assumed she came from low income based on what was said in Shane's videos. Ya know, all about humble beginnings and working hard to get up - that's what it sounded like they were trying to push as Bunny's story. What bs.

Her teeth are so distracting but I also tend to be looking at her lack of a jaw line. She seems to be a thin girl, why is her jaw line like that?

No. 587965

some people just gain weight under their chin, even if they are skinny. she looks like she has a bit of a receded jawline too, which is common. an easy fix is lipo, she probably doesn't want her fans to know she can afford cosmetic procedures.

No. 588920

File: 1526779690532.jpg (13.62 KB, 602x634, Clipboard01xcvvbxf.jpg)

i can kind of understand her reaction though. i found it kinda rude to prank her like that.
she is known to have anxiety and panic attack issues. She was probably shaking. she believes in this fucking stuff. which is hella weird to me because who the hell actually believes in demon and ghost, but okay. but to someone who actually believes those things are real AND has anxiety issues?

her face though top kek what the fuck
freaking funny top kek

but i can understand that she was pissed off.

No. 588949

File: 1526781366084.jpg (184.15 KB, 972x807, Clipboard01fsdfs.jpg)

seems to work though, for now..

No. 589085

We all know it's just Shane's fanbase heading over to her channel, though, and will drop once his fanbase forgets about her. It's kind of depressing, I wish she would just actually implement some positive changes to her channel.

No. 590471

I hated this so much…. all the like must be pity likes for her to feel better.

People are worried about her/feel for her and want to be positive and give her love but that doesn't magically make her content better… even with all the fancy recording and editing… I wasn't expecting much but I wanted to be wrong so bad…

No. 590474

I saw people liked the new video, but personally I found it very, very boring and awkward. The music was too loud and out of place and Dogman (bless his soul) looked like didnt want to be there

No. 590482


I honestly think it's just people feeling bad for her and want to like her because of Shane's video.

The video is long, boring and uneventful, even lazy, like the part where she doesn't know what a word means and she's like "well they will figure it out, they know everything!"… why the hell not just freaking put it on the screen?

The goddam camera was too shakey, the audio is practically cut in the middle of saying THE TITLE OF THE SERIES by the camera guy pointing the mic away from her, she sucks at figuring how things work (as always), the video is 80% shots of her not knowing what she's doing. Seeing her being so unprofessional and lazy in a carefully edited video is painfully cringey, it's trying hard and failing pretty bad.

I'm feeling pretty bad second hand embarrassment rn

No. 590541

Idk, I don't want to wk or anything but I do think she's improving. She mentioned the price plenty of times, seemed more open and candid, didn't do the fucking voice she always does, etc. Is it a Shane-quality video? No, but it's closer on the scale to that than her other recent videos.

I watched her occasionally back in the day and watched the Shane series, but then again I'm def not her target audience (before or after this "re-invention"), so maybe I'm missing something. I was pleasantly surprised it wasn't worse basically.

No. 590913

I can't agree. She has been on youtube for 8 years. She should know better by now. If she really invested in a cameraman they should also be able to edit better and not just slap some too loud music on.
However, I doubt she actually hired someone. She probably told one of her friends to hold the camera and then she edited it.
Also, the beginning of the video honestly made me cringe.
Btw I'm saying this as someone who used to watch all of her DTTRW in the past.
And what do you mean by "Shane quality"? I find his videos entertaining but lets be real, they're just long vlogs of him hanging out with his loud friends. The editing isn't high quality at all.

No. 590924

Ok that was a marked improvement.

But why why why why doesn’t she ever do it properly? Why can’t she be a little informative? Why does she think people want to watch her struggle instead of seeing how the product actually works? I don’t understand this “layman view” she tries. Even when it’s an item that costs 1600 she still is like “didn’t bother to read the instructions.” It’s not endearing, it’s frustrating

No. 590994

so she's trying to take the old idubbbz kickstarter crap to life?

anyway it's somewhat of an improvement but she just needs to stop talking so goddamn much

No. 591016

It's a small improvement over her other videos. Better quality and editing and she wasn't screaming the whole time but her personality was still on display. That can be a lot to take for a 20 minute video though so she needs to learn to cut things out and do some montages or something.

No. 591017

I just feel like she's being praised for doing the bare minimum.. not screaming and going outside for once.

No. 591128

ouch she's aging at warp speed.

No. 591140

Thats how internet depression works, people are acting like everyone are wittly babies and need to be constantly "protected" and praised for doing the smallest shit.. dont get me wrong, when youre depressed doing even the bare minimum is really fucking difficult, even going outside or getting normal shit done can feel like a hard chore. But I also think the way the internet is babying people who are depressed or have anxiety is really bad for them and not helping them at all.
People like Bunny get nowhere because people act like her going outside once is enough for the next couple of weeks, and shes "so strong and brave" for doing things normal people do everyday. Meanwhile she is bathing in money and her job really isnt that demanding.
I'm not saying you can't be depressed because you're a youtuber and/or you have alot of money, but im so tired of youtubers acting like their life is the hardest in the world and they have no purpose. Grow up.

No. 591144

Totally agree.There is some kind of responsibility on her for her own life, she can't just pass the blame to others forever. She's in her 30's and yet it's still always someone elses fault when things don't work out or she's sad

No. 591273

File: 1527017427716.jpg (2.58 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20180522_121917837.j…)

Sorry for deleting + reposting. Formatting.

As a passing observer of Bunny for the latter half of her yt career, she was noticeably desperate and self-conscious in her new dttrw. She expected the wackiness of the bike to carry that video but it only served to highlight her awkwardness (not the endearing kind of awk, the cringe kind).

She's fuckin' 30 and has been on youtube for nearly a DECADE. If she can't figure out how to run her channel she should hire a pr team or a manager or whatever. I don't understand why she didn't just do that discreetly when she noticed something lacking w her channel.

I know it's deeply personal blah blah blah, but pursuing therapy and mindfullness might be a good series to appeal to her aging fanbase. Or take a youtube break, work on the crippling anxiety, and come back with a vlog series or a more professionally-driven fashion series where she could interview & hang out with cool designers or other content creators. She's in a decent area for finding independent artists and designers as far as I understand. Or something similar but with her local paranormal community.
I'm bouncing ideas around here (pay me bunny.. kek) but… Get a cool pet like a reptile or an aquarium with exotic marine life and include it in some videos- it's growth, environment, etc– like a mascot. Just something to add as a recurring, fun little aside in the vids.

The thing is is she already has made a name and a brand for herself, so she probably could bounce for a few months or half a year and rebrand. Reach out to companies that may want to use her in their videos or whatever and go that route.

Her most loyal viewers are older now and not necessarily interested in toys. Why isn't she catering to them? She could still continue her popular videos for kids, but phase some new and engaging content ffs

She appears to be successful & financially stable; I don't understand why she hasn't hired professionals if she's too old or uncreative to keep up with the content demands of doing youtube videos for a living.

I'm sure she makes most of her revenue from videos aimed at a young audience. If she's concerned about her critics disliking her screaming and disingenuous demeanor, she needs to upgrade her content to match a more mature, believable, down-to-earth style. She's stuck in between the two and she should go one way or another, or figure out how to sprinkle more universally interesting content into her regular content. Jesus Bunny you're not an actress so stop acting


No. 591307

Samefag but that bike wasn't even a good idea to feature on her first (idk if it was the actual first and I'm too dick to check) video after the Shane Dawson one. I think she felt it was okay to feature even though it's not super accessible (it was over a grand in cost) because she "revealed" her wealth but like.. if I'm a kid watching this video knowing I'll never be able to afford that bike, the rest of the content better be delivered in an entertaining as fuck way. What kid wants to watch an adult struggle to figure something out for 20 minutes. She's doing a crappy job at segueing her real lifestyle into her content.

I skimmed through the video but other farmers said the editing and music were shit too. She can hire someone to do all that shit for her, hell if she wanted to be an ass about it I'm sure one of her minions would do it for free. If she's not passionate about it anymore but wants to continue to use yt as a meal ticket she should just outsource everything and do as little as possible.

Why did she have Shane come in on a charity type basis instead of collabing with him on an actually interesting topic? Since she was showing parts of her house anyway why didn't she just have him do a toned-down MTV Cribs type tour? 'Cribs' has an instantly recognizable format and editing that she could've just piggybacked for views.
I know she said she was worried about showing her lifestyle because it would make her less relatable, but she did it anyways… why not own it and make it entertaining? There's absolutely nothing wrong with success, anyway.

Honestly the "vlogging car" was insulting. I didn't realize how much money she made before this so I guess it worked for her purpose, but that really rubbed me the wrong way

Idk how this ended up being an actual novel with chapters and all but there you have it- my two cents. This is the creamiest milk that's been a long time coming

No. 591315

Either that or she should just quit and live within her means to get by without the yt money. I know what anxiety can be like and if she's not gonna grab the bull by the horns so to speak, she shouldn't exacerbate her stress and anxiety anymore with being a youtube celebrity/creator. Mostly because she CAN. Not many people have that option financially or obligationally. Life is too short for unnecessary stressing

No. 591632

How can you live within your means when your taste runs to convertible porsches, too-big houses and arcade rooms. Some of the Yters have spent themselves into a corner.

No. 591708

Yeah I agree I think she has some growing up to do in general. Part of that would have to be downgrading if she were to go that route. Why does she need an excessive amount of bullshit–cars, clothes, shoes, dolls, collections, and a bigass house? And she is still miserable. What a shame.

No. 591727

It's weird how she wants the flashiest things but can't deal with having them.

Please no more pettubers.

No. 591736

>Get a cool pet like a reptile or an aquarium with exotic marine life and include it in some videos- it's growth, environment, etc– like a mascot. Just something to add as a recurring, fun little aside in the vids.

Pls no.

No. 591862

She's always been extremely coddled and pretty open about it, went from being her parents to Dogman so I don't think she's ever really gonna grow up

No. 591865

she got her parents that dog, mentioned it a few times and that was it. doesn't she have a cat or two?

this is also the girl who had to set the time on her tamagotchi so it would be awake when she was, i really don't think she should have any other pets.

No. 591880

Oh yeah! I'd totally forgotten about Boris she mentions him so infrequently, and Mancat ran away.

No. 591921

Oh god of course there are "pettubers"…
She's undoubtedly too lazy and self-centered to care for a lizard or fish anyway

No. 592856

Wasn't she gonna do some kind of paranormal experience interview type video? I thought I saw that at the end of Shane's vid with them filming ryland and Morgan and everybody in a chair talking about that. Or is that gonna be on Shane's channel? He made it seem like she was directing them, so I thought that'd be her first vid out the gate… I was actually kind of excited for it lol.

I really wish she'd explore more paranormal/history oriented videos. She doesn't have to ghost hunts or anything if she really is scared of that (though it'd probably get more views), but she could tell her stories or interview people about theirs or go to interesting places. Idk just anything other than the kid oriented product videos. I used to watch her like way back in 2012/2013 and stopped because of the catering to the kids

No. 592931

Yeah I really want to see the paranormal experiences interview. Surprised it hadn't surfaced on either of their channels yet

No. 593957

Can anyone give a TL;DR summary of the videos with Shane? Way too long for me to watch.

No. 594290

For the videos specifically about bunny:
I’m sad my channel is dying because everyone is sick of the same old content I’m doing- it’s not 2014/15 (forgot the actual year) anymore I don’t know what to do.
Shane basically telling her to “flex” a little cause that’s what teens want to see now.
them going to that uncommon objects store walking around in the dark (nothing happened it’s “not” haunted - Shane also tried summoning a ghost) Garret played a prank. Bunny got butthurt
The end

No. 595353


Lol thank you anon.

Is her channel really dying that badly?? She still has enough money to buy Teslas and a $5k purse so I can't imagine things are that bad.

No. 595503

no, it isn't. she just gets a lot more criticism, and takes note that it exists without trying to actually address it.

No. 601603

File: 1528102836562.png (42.55 KB, 906x363, Unbenannt.png)

it's going downhill for around 2 years now. but her drama over it is a little overboard. she definitely has enough money to last a lifetime. what did she thought? that she will always be popular?

No. 603473

I'm cringing so hard… why does it seem like she's pretty much copying shane's style?

No. 603671

I enjoyed this video.(no1curr)

No. 604130

the idea of befriending one of your "fans" sounds PRETTY desperate to me. Also the entire topic of "I have no friends" makes me feel so sorry for Leigh Ann, Kat and so on. I mean those ARE her friends??

No. 604280

I think its kinda weird befriending a FAN instead of a normal person… it's like befriending somebody who already likes you so youre sure they like you, which sounds like something Bunny would do. I don't really think its brave and "meeting a new person" when its your online fan you've talked a bunch with… but oh well I guess she needs babysteps.
She really just need to talk to a therapist more than anything.

No. 606422

Facepalming hard af

No. 606515

this is old news but I think Garret expected the video to be more like the videos that him, Shane and Drew used to make (where they goof off the entire time). Not making excuses, he should know better or have asked, I don't think some of the crew knew that Bunnie takes paranormal stuff very seriously.

No. 621414


She finally uploaded the Shane interviews but the video is unwatchable due to WAY too loud background music and weird audio/video sync issues. She doesn't take a breath for 30 minutes

No. 621418


Seth Green having his worst day ever.

No. 628591

oops wrong thread….

No. 630734

Bunny is so obnoxious. Millions of subscribers, and she still has the nerve to complain about her 'dying' channel. Who expects to be on top forever? Greed is disgusting.

No. 631247

File: 1531012608002.png (78.14 KB, 951x187, sewing.png)

Does anyone have any idea what this means? She can't sew anymore because of a car accident? I guess I'm just confused because she seems perfectly capable of doing other things that require that same amount of dexterity.

No. 631737

iirc, she had to stop for a while to recover from an injury, and started her youtube as a hobby. then she went BACK to clothing design (but i think it was just screenprinting or something) when she recovered, but by then her youtube had gained enough following that she could monetize.

No. 632148

Dogman, or whatever his name, seems like a smart and nice guy. How does he tolerate this woman child? She plays with kids toys all day, acts immature in public, has freak outs over absolutely everything. I feel like he just babysits her.

No. 632296

I always figured she was rich. thats why she did all those reviews. my question to her long term viewers. did she buy views at the start? I don't understand how she got so big yet you rarely hear about her. I only saw her on youtube. everyone else eventually is shown on tv/magazines.

she has money. he doesn't seem to care about anything.

No. 632557

She was shown on some tv segments and went viral with the trying out products videos. She was very popular a few years ago from that. She also used to do more makeup focused stuff and was a “guru” while she admitted she doesn’t know actually how to do makeup and that anti guru idea got big.

No. 633091


She has been on some small segments on TV and was very big in her hometown area and local stations had her on a bit I believe.

Also, she started in the hay day of YouTube where not as many people were flooding the site and people watched more for their personality and it wasn't so much about video quality or what they were actually doing in the videos. People liked watching more average, "relatable" people, where as now it's more about the attractive, rich, instagram type lifestyle.

No. 640540

God her vlog just shows how much of a mess her life is.

She buys the most impractical and inappropriate dress for a wedding, doesn't even do her hair or makeup, wears boots with the outfit??

And also it shows that she's basically a hermit that puts off her work to just shop and laze around at home
>complains she is so busy with videos
>in same video says she is months behind on editing videos
>spends 3 days doing seemingly nothing but going to 2 stores to buy buttons and eat at a restaurant

He himself comes off as a manchild in videos. He just stays private so it isn't as obvious. Does he even have a job?

No. 640979

His job now is babysitting a rich helpless womanchild.

No. 645423

File: 1532379827225.png (712.96 KB, 1041x537, Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 4.00…)

>I've just been driving around like all day just kinda like crying in the Tesla with these gigantic rhinestone glasses on. You guys….I'm a mess.

The Shane series is the first time I've actually liked her or found her relatable. Let's see how this goes!

No. 645424

No. 645471


TL;DR: Still trying to milk Shane's vids for all she can, ~Graveyardgirl 2.0~, she is proud of herself for getting out of bed and putting on deodorant.

Honestly, get your shit together. She seems exhausting to be around. I hate people who whine about their depression and how they aren't functional due to it. The rest of us don't have Youtube $$$ and don't have the luxury to wallow in self-pity all day. We have actual jobs and responsibilities we have to suck it up for.

No. 645836

Who puts ads in their crying videos? Oh yeah, greedy cunts

No. 645840

Life's pretty hard when you have to act sad but really you have an arcade room at home.

No. 645892

thb this video made me actually feel sorry for her. Before that I was just annoyed.
I mean all the shit she has at home, the arcade, the antiques, the fashion and make up is just there to cheer her up and give her instant gratification.
It´s just that youtube is not the right place for her right now. In my view she should just get off yt and actually start working on her depression.
there is this saying "you can only be loved when you love yourself" which has some truth so it and fits quite well to all this mess.

No. 646356

Thanks, I couldn't get past about 1 minute of it. Yeah, the combo of the "crying in my tesla all day!!" and those glasses just really make it seem like she's disconnecting further and further from reality. I wonder what Shane must think of this shit.

It does make me feel sad for her though. I do really relate to her level of anxiety/depression, but seeing her repeatedly not get help or try to make healthier choices is just dumb. I don't know how she can post this kind of stuff though, if someone recorded me during a panic attack/downward spiral like this I would be MORTIFIED at my actions when my head cleared up. Maybe she's just too far gone at this point? YouTube almost seems like the worst/most unhealthy thing that could have happened to her. She doesn't know how to cope or socialize at all at this point.

No. 647098

I mean… some of the comments are pretty unfair. I personally grew up with a healthy family that never really struggled, but still ended up being a depressed, phobic, socially awkward mess. I could live in a mansion myself but at the end of the day none of that can make my issues go away. So, yeah. Money can for sure give you a lot of opportunities, but you can still struggle a lot.

What upsets me about this kind of video is that it's getting redundant and therefore feels a lot less authentic. Like, she'll always end up talking about how depressed and unhappy she is, yet not change a single thing. And eventually film another video talking about how depressed she is again.

I feel like she's merged with her community and is just as delusional as her following. Those videos isn't some kind of therapy and she's not really gonna get anything out of it. Sure, venting helps for the moment, but in her place maybe not making it subject of a video would be the way to go.
She needs serious help and maybe even medication. And she really should stop putting herself out there so much, for the sake of her own mental health.

No. 648088

File: 1532622101352.png (1.08 MB, 884x691, js.png)

Not sure what exactly you're responding to, but that's exactly what I said in my post?? (>>646356) I don't think there's any dispute over wether or not she actually has depression/mental health issues, but she's in a youtube echo chamber and refusing to get help, and she's clearly disconnected from what reality is anymore. Also she obviously didn't grow up with money, so I'm just not really sure what point you're trying to argue here. It's just harder to have sympathy for someone "crying in their Tesla". One of my biggest stressors is making sure I can pay my psychiatrist and therapist bills. She has no excuse.

Also I saw this pic on J*'s twitter. Does it seem really shady of him to post this pic of her (double chin, eyes closed, CLEAR foundation line) or am I reading too much into it? If it was anyone other than Jefree I wouldn't give it a second thought. It's like he's showing everyone how bad she is at makeup.

No. 648126

No, she always has mismatched foundation and despite all this make up and high-end clothes she prefers to look like a mess, because she is 'so quirky' - and it gets worse, check out her older ootd videos she had a nice style, now she prefers shorts, t-shirts with holes and gucci bag on top of it.

What irritates me about her is that she is uneven with her content - in one she will be manic and over the top, playing with toys or screaming in walmart and another one is her crying about depression, like wtf take care of your mood swings.
She is using her fans in echo chamber like a support group to get instant gratification of asspats and worship. Try write even small criticism or advice and this kids would shout at you for making their swamp queen sad. It's unhealthy and make her even more separated from world.

No. 648186

Yeah, but he could have picked any other shot of her to post, and he's known for being shady/starting drama. I can't imagine their….personas? being compatible for a fun youtube video. I guess we'll see how it goes when the video comes out!

No. 648247


I think he used to drive trucks or something.

No. 648701

she’s jumped in subs but every single video now is this self deprecating “omg you guys my content I’m so depressed I don’t know what I’m doing- my channel” sob sob dabbing eyes with beauty blender.

She’s doesnt get that the Shane video was the watershed moment for that, then you move on.

Yes it may be bumpy ahead and there may be fails and some video ideas might not work, but you can’t keep crying and saying the same thing every other video and self doubting your every move because you are going to lose subs rapidly again at a drastic rate if this self loathing continues.

People didn’t subscribe for this shit fest. Shane must be baffled by what she’s doing.

No. 656314

I finally got around to watching Shane's video with Bunny and she seems a lot more down to earth and less intense in his videos than in her own but god is it obvious that she has problems. Her anxiety and low self esteem are palpable and she seems lonely and friendless. She really needs to make some real friends that can support her (not Starbucks employees) and get some treatment for her anxiety.
I think her problem is she tries so damn hard in her videos to seem a certain way and at this point it's completely fake. She really needs to take Shane's advice and just be herself, but she needs to work on herself so she's in a better place first.
Really sad to see that she doesn't really seem to be taking Shane's advice at all. Things aren't getting any better. It's sad, because she clearly has issues and WANTS things to be better, she's just not doing anything she needs to do for that to happen.

No. 656470

So she just came out with this starbucks video on her Banana Peppers channel and i distinctly remember an anon that posted a while ago some texts from a friend of theirs that works at the starbucks bunny frequents about how annoying she is wanting her tea filled up for free. Tbh i couldn't make it half way through. her mannerisms are pretty annoying.

No. 656477

but did she mention she does that in the vid? time stamp?

No. 656478


Start at 15:55 and she talks about people "abusing the system".

No. 656480


Tbh i think im just annoyed because this video just continues to show how out of touch she is.

Sage cos no1curr.

No. 657317


im a lurker on bunny threads as i was always secretly rooting for her (which is why i kept to myself) despite all this bullshit she pulls. i had stopped watching all of her videos for a few years. i somehow ended up watching the shane series and was sucked back in. i was still rooting for her, maybe even more so after that. i understood shes depressed and making bad choices, and wanted her to get better.

but that starbucks video. bye bitch. how is she so fucking entitled? i can't believe she ranted for 20 minutes about this. its like a 5 year old who stopped getting there way. how is her routine even fucked now? we see you driving in with your tesla. you can clearly follow policy and afford 4 drinks a day. WHY are you complaining. holy shit i am disgusted.

sage cause i know ya'll don't give a shit, but damn, she had me. i feel like a right fool. what a cunt.(no one cares)

No. 657663

File: 1533527056881.png (1.76 MB, 1046x1066, gyg.png)

I've never been a fan of her content per se, but I love a spooky bitch and I always admire people who have the courage to be super extra with their goth/alternate wardrobe. (Same with Suzy Berhow. I think she's annoying but at least wardrobe wise she takes more risks than I do) It wasn't UNTIL Shane's series that I felt she was relatable and started paying more attention to her vids. I know Bunny's brand has always been "goth quirky gurl!!!" but she's clearly slipping further and further away from that and just completely away from reality.

On top of sounding like an absolute brat she's also just…..completely wrong?
>"I don't see the problem with having some kind of loyalty program where they can just give you the drink through the drive-thru"
From the Starbucks website:
>"You will earn Stars based on the value of your purchase at the rate of two (2) Stars for each One Dollar ($1.00) you spend at participating Starbucks stores using your registered Starbucks Card. "
>125 Stars ($63) = Any sized free drink (plus it's not uncommon for them to have deals to get extra or double stars)
If she's literally going to Starbucks every day multiple times a day like she says, she should easily have free drinks on deck. I go maybe once a week and I still get them all the time. Also iirc a lot of times there's a coupon on the receipt for half-off a drink after 3pm. So she could easily get either half priced "refills" or totally free drinks all the time. She's just….stupid? Also kek to her thinking she's ~not like other girls~ for going to Starbucks everyday or getting multiple drinks, as if the majority of the adult workforce wasn't reliant on coffee or buying coffee for their office/multiple coworkers when they make a coffee run. It's like she's mad because Starbucks wants her to go through the actual rewards program to get free shit, instead of getting free shit from her BFF Starbucks baristas because they like me and we're friends!!! I thought what we had was special!!!

>"It feels like the Sephora loyalty points program! You have a card, you have a piece of plastic but what does that mean?? There's nothing you can ever do with those points! There are no CONCEIVABLE rewards!

Bitch…..there's literally a giant stand by every Sephora register that has items you can exchange for your points. I'd rather have money off like at Ulta, but don't act like the checkout person doesn't tell you "You have XX points! Do you want to exchange them for any of these items today?" every time. There is absolutely no way to miss it if you've been to Sephora more than one time, they ask you every. single. time.

Haven't looked through the yt comments, but I hope at least her fans realize her how dumb she is and correct her. She could have so easily not sounded like an idiot.

No. 657670

File: 1533528099624.png (26.95 KB, 926x91, screenshot.png)

Sage for samefagging and blog post, but this comment also makes a good point I didn't think about. As someone with very serious anxiety I can't drink more than a grande anything without feeling extra jittery and anxious. How the fuck is she drinking THAT much caffeine an sugar every day and not seeing a correlation? If she went to a therapist or psychiatrist literally the first thing they would tell her to do to help her anxiety would be to cut that shit out. But obviously she just relies on her follows to validate her fee fees instead of an actual professional.

The other top comments seem to be Starbucks baristas telling her she's an idiot, that was never their policy in the first place so nothing "changed". Makes me wonder if the employee who told her that just had the unfortunate task of delivering the news that they weren't going to put up with her shit anymore. They obviously know who she is and her Starbucks habits, it wouldn't surprise me.

I do think it was shitty that Starbucks did a "promotion" or whatever using her gifs and catchphrase without contacting her though. Aren't there laws about using peoples' likenesses or IP or stealing without crediting the creator though? Why wouldn't she pursue something there?

No. 657724

Wow she sounds so self-absorbed and neurotic. Since she doesn’t get any real treatment for her mental illness, I think there’s a self medicating aspect of her obsession with Starbucks. It’s really pretty depressing how bent out of shape she is about something that in the grand scheme of things is so ultimately insignificant, like one tiny change to her routine and suddenly she has to stop and reframe everything she does based on not being able to get refills anymore.

No. 658771

I'm not surprised by the fact that she has zero friends

No. 658845

Aaaand it's gone. I'm not surprised, she got backlash and comments were critical of her I wonder If she would post another crying video about hate and how she want to change her channel and herself.
But maybe that would be a wake up call and reason to seek help?

No. 658956


oh shit i'm super late to the drama, did anyone save that video by any chance? I'd love to see it. Must be juicy judging from the fact that SHE DELETED IT and a few people posted video answers to it

No. 658957


Was the dislike to like ratio too bad? She getting criticism is not rare really, and after Shane's series she started to get an overwhelming amount of enablers kissing her ass

No. 658979

where does she mention starbucks using her likeness?
couldn't make it through

someone reuploaded
tbh it's really boring. just a spoiled girl ranting about not getting free coffee.

No. 659010


Thank you for the link! And to answer your question: Here's the time stamp link.


TL;DR Back in 2013 or so Starbucks organized a "show us your best sip face" contest and they used a viral tumblr gif of her as part of their online campaign without asking. After many people tagged her on these post they knew about her and did reach to her but just to ask her if she wanted to enter the contest.

Honestly I just think they had no idea who the hell she was and thought she would be happy for the exposure lol back then no one took youtubers seriously… specially brands as huge as starbucks

No. 659936

>Entitled Browntooth and the Case of the Lost SippySippy
holy shit, brutal

No. 659941

File: 1533769817546.png (35.82 KB, 291x285, gg.png)

Uh oh, I think she made the internet mad. Seems like grav3yardgirl 2.0 is going great so far!

No. 659948

File: 1533770216575.png (33.58 KB, 579x99, Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 6.11…)

(Sorry for the samefagging)
I love that her idea of "in the heat of the moment" is making a 30+ minute rant video. The baristas at her local Starbux MUST have seen or heard about this right? I'd love to hear how they're taking it.

No. 660879

How rich is her family? I know the whole rags to riches thing is utter bullshit, but I’m curious. Are they more stereotypically upper middle class rich, or fullblown one percenter trust fund rich?

No. 660890

I still don’t get why she even made the video. Like on her initial tweet about Starbucks “changing” their policy almost ALL of the replies were “that’s always been the policy your store just must have started to enforce it”. I just don’t understand what she was expecting from this video when none of the replies to her tweet were in her favor.

No. 660922

Never really paid much attention to Bunny, but she seemed like a nice girl. I think the fame must have gone to her head. I don't think I or anyone I know has ever gotten four times a day.

No. 661069

seems to happen to almost everyone that gets a little taste of fame unfortunately

No. 661589

File: 1533933200980.jpeg (43.75 KB, 737x640, 8FD78908-91AA-462D-9690-760C99…)

she’s so embarassed lmao. I’m glad people are giving her shit about this though, the entire video was just pathetic.

No. 661863

Glad people are actually pushing back and letting her know how idiotic she is.

It might help if she actually apologized or something.

No. 661890

I dont like this trend of random nobodys making video reactions to drama surrounding popular youtubers. Its so weird to me,

No. 661947

It's not a new trend, people were doing this right back when YouTube started. Maybe a resurgence. There used to be a bar where you could see the video replies as well as the text replies.

No. 661961

Sure but I feel like the people doing it now are so much more pathetic and obsessive. Entire channels dedicated to pickybacking off of other youtubers and their personal lives.

No. 662180

anyone found a mirror of the starbucks video?

No. 662450


has everything including some critiques

No. 662462


this is better than all the nobodys commenting on it, just the video but not the whole one

No. 662466

The Starbucks video is really just kind of sad. I honestly think her feelings are hurt because she doesn't have any friends and she got too attached to the baristas & sees this as a personal attack. She has a ridiculous amount of money, so I don't think she's just being cheap.

She used to be so down to earth and sociable and now she just sits in her house all day. It can't be good for her mental health. Dogman needs to intervene here, it seems like he's the only one she talks to.

No. 662536

Yeah, her entire life is really sad. And I honestly don't mean that in a mean way. Seems like her only human interaction is her family, reading her comment section, and these baristas that she has convinced herself are her friends.

To some extent, I do blame Starbucks for letting her get away with this for so long. She probably feels like a fool now that she made an entire video bitching about a "policy change" only to find out this was something they were only ever doing for her (most likely out of pity). I think the money she would spend on 4 cups of tea/coffee a day would be better spent maybe talking with a therapist.

No. 662540

I can't really feel sorry for her since weirdo overbearing customer who expects special treatment is every sales assistant or server's nightmare.

People trying to get free therapy from assistants and random people is also hella shitty, and obviously it's the same people doing it. In her case she can certainly afford therapy and has no excuse putting the burden on people earning $5 an hour

No. 662542

Same anon. Definitely agreed, and the weird thing is these channels seem to think they're morally superior to the people they're criticising, when they're literally trying to get famous off the back of others.

There are a few people who deserve criticism (like onion, social repose, and Shane to some extent) but generally they go for only-slightly-problematic youtuber's because they're an easy target. Nothing wrong with Bunny, she's just a needy woman but she isn't a bad person by any stretch of the imagination

No. 662545

Why are you here? To asspat Bunny?

She's a grown ass woman who had a meltdown because Starbucks wouldn't give her free drinks any more. lol There's a lot wrong with her.

No. 662565

Oh no, I don't feel bad for her in the slightest. She has gotten herself into this totally unhealthy situation and she has literally everything she needs to remedy it. Instead she isolates herself, surroundeds herself with 1 or 2 good enablers, and pours 4 cups of caffeine a day into her anxiety addled, sleep deprived body. She refuses to see anything is wrong and refuses to admit she needs to change. The healthiest thing she could do is quit YouTube for a while, but that will never happen.

No. 662693

File: 1534071658161.png (107.25 KB, 1061x723, chrome_2018-08-12_05-59-12.png)

Another Starbucks employee confirming Bunny's an entitled bitch. Nothing we haven't heard before, but still interesting.

Full thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/starbucks/comments/94tg7p/found_this_thread_about_youtuber_grav3yardgirl/

No. 662695

Samefag but here's another post about it. Someone did that math and 4 free refills a day comes out to over $5k a year, and she's been doing this for about six years. That's a lot of money she's taken from Starbucks.


No. 662755

Why does anyone watch her shit anymore? I get that she used to be awkward and quirky before, but her videos are 20 minutes of nothing whatsoever and she's so fucking loud and obnoxious it hurts

No. 662808

No, can’t get past her mannerisms now. I did enter her back to school giveaway tho bc why not. Plus, you can just skip to the end of the vid for the watch the giveaway vid daily thing.

No. 662908

It’s all going to come back on her in the end. YouTube money is fleeting, and she’s dumb enough not to have invested hers. She’ll be struggling to pay property taxes on that house of hers in a few years when her numbers tank even more than they already have. That’s why she’s so worried about everything. She knows her current life isn’t sustainable.

No. 662967

how the hell does someone have time to drop by starbucks 4 times a day like….

No. 663490

Her Starbucks video is the first of hers I ever watched because I always found her face too irritating to click on a video of hers, glad to know that her personality is as irritating as her ugly mug. Really shocked me that she was so insufferable when she has so many fans though.

No. 663965

> I'm so behind video editing you guys :(

No. 664044

did i read it wrong? she gets 4 refills a day?
what does that have to do with video editing?

No. 664064

Not that anon but the point is she has the time to go to Starbucks at least 4 times a day yet claims she has no time to edit videos
If she had no time to work then she would have no time for going out for coffee

No. 664108

She's a shit person because she has taken advantage of the employees at that starbucks for YEARS. She is rich and can afford her shitty tea, but she'd rather get someone in trouble or possibly fired over a free refill?? She's a leech

No. 664404

No. 664623

Something cringy for your enjoyment.

No. 664625

And he already has a update.

This one extra cringy bc this dude fucking called Starbucks apparently.

No. 664672

To me the Starbucks video speaks for itself about her mental illness. She was attached to Starbucks and the baristas, using it as a coping mechanism. They finally cut down and she's flipped because she had that taken from her. I feel bad for her for that only but she has the money and resources to pay for help so that's about as far as my sympathy goes. She definitely made herself seem like a whacko entitled brat who mistook SOP kindness as genuine. She's like the guy who thinks the waitress is into him just because she smiles and is friendly. After all that she couldn't have slipped a fiver in their tip jar once in a while? Or even a fifty around the holidays? Get the fuck out of here.

Future serial killer in the making. Look at this creepy fuck.

No. 666261

Maybe it's because I'm not American but why would you even get a cup of anything from anywhere 4+ times a day to begin with?
Like, wouldn't one at some point think like 'hm… I'm really liking this tea, maybe I should stock up on it at home'? Like, even if it's free (as other people already pointed out), the amount of time and money spent on gas for it is beyond ridiculous.
I like Starbucks coffee better than the one I make at home as well, but I still wouldn't even think of driving there 4 fucking times a day just for a cup of coffee? That's just not worth it. I just can't wrap my head around it.

I unfortunately only lurk every now and then so I'm too late and couldn't watch the whole video but boy, that 2-something minute long version is already painful enough. Is she acting like a five year old on purpose, like, to make it seem more quirky or anything or is she actually that out if it?

The ~heat of the moment lasted throughout an Instagram post (with comments telling her she's in the wrong already), the entire editing and uploading process?
Like, if she uploaded it instantly right after it happened I would maybe even buy that. But girl, you had plenty of time to realize how stupid you are but actively decided to ignore all the critical comments.

Honestly waiting for the moment something really, really big/bad happens. I don't know what it would look like, but I feel like she's getting close to a breaking point.

No. 666273

She said she uses Starbucks as her source of human interaction, since she doesn't have any local friends except for her partner.

She doesn't seem mentally well at ALL, I agree that she seems she's really close to breaking point.

No. 666316

god thats legitimately sad

No. 666320

She’s hideous

No. 666388

Summary:admits the video was wrong and cringy but she was just venting and it is a grey area policy,it's not like several people on Twitter warned her of that :)

Imo this could've been way shorter. Also lol @ "Starbucks follows me on Twitter I could've just DM-ed them"

No. 666395

How does she always manage to turn the simplest of videos into 30+ minutes of rambling?

No. 666528

I'm guessing cause she never talks to anyone except her husband and herself. If you ever monologue in your head her rambling is basically that. Just a series of events randomly spliced together surrounding a basic theme. If you regularly talk to others you know what to keep or leave out of monologues designed for other people but she clearly doesn't.
I'll give her that those with anxiety and other issues tend to ramble and can have shit social skills despite talking with others but she clearly goes beyond that. She needs to take the silver spoon out of her ass, get some friends, and get some therapy and she might be tolerable to be around (especially without the silver spoon while she's acting ~relateable~

No. 666741

So…The DL link for the entitled brown tooth and no more sippy sippy thing doesn't work, I was wondering if ANYONE had a mirror for it so I can actually download the video in its 30 minute glory. Bunny's been quick to copy right strike every mirror on youtube and I can't find one still up todl it.

No. 666789

someone mirrored to non-yt on gurugossip if you look

No. 666827

File: 1534481620347.png (45.74 KB, 440x180, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 11.5…)

Cows colliding.

No. 666857

Well… on one hand that's obviously the shittiest action to take in response to criticism. Like, 'boo-hoo everyone is so mean so I'll just not read the comments so I can stay in my delusional bubble forever'.
On the other hand she won't also see all the 10 year olds that don't know shit about how life works either pat her ass and tell her how amazing she is and how all of the other people are just mean haters.

I don't doubt that there's probably also a vast amount of unnecessary hate at this point, but… jesus, she really needs to take a step back to reflect on her behaviour. People don't start randomly attacking you for being different, quirky or having issues. Your behaviour and way to deal with those problems is what triggered all of this.

No. 666875

It's not an American thing. Especially not for someone who doesn't have a full time away-from-home job and isn't out and about all day. It's just a depression ritual bunny's made for herself. It's about as normal as onision's 4 showers a day. She probably knows she could save gas and make stuff at home but she's compelled to go out and do this very controlled safe version of socializing.

No. 666891

Can you link it anon? I want it too, I haven't been caught up so I didn't get to watch it

No. 666914

File: 1534496370242.jpg (29.8 KB, 698x404, petty.jpg)

Offocially over her after the latest video where she blatantly lies. She claims it's allowed to get refills through the Drive-Thru. Any person can google the truth.

No. 666935

Literally no establishment in the history of mankind has ever allowed a refill after leaving the building. Otherwise they might as well just build a public fountain to be taken advantage of and contaminated. I don't why her feigning ignorance of this pisses me off the most.

No. 666938

She's just one of the first big YouTubers and person who made money off of YouTube doing non-skits so she feels very entitled to everything. She was among the first getting sponsors for videos too which likely added to that. Mix in her general chosing to remain ignorant or ignore things she doesn't want the answers to plus her unwillingness to change and get better and we've got an entitled new-money bitch. It pisses me off so much as well because she wants and expects special treatment with no qualifications for having it

No. 667671

God the whiteknighting and ass-pats on this video comments are insufferable, talking about "grownups" "bullying" Rachel as if she wasn't an adult herself.

It also rubs me off in the wrong way that she took the video down. I mean,let it up and then upload the apology. Let people know the context and take their own conclusions.

No. 667945

File: 1534640938235.jpg (20.88 KB, 469x605, 39442643_1119509378215393_8500…)

mfw the starbucks barista doesn’t give me my free drinks and i have to pay like some common customer

No. 668006

File: 1534646307099.jpg (51.6 KB, 660x400, 500box-660x400.jpg)

was browsing the net looking for articles about ebay mystery boxes and this just happens to be the picture at the top of an article

my eyes literally went right to the tooth

No. 668287

She looks like JoJo Siwa's LSD addicted aunt

No. 668303

My favorite part of that video was when she was like
>ughh I mean I guess maybe I'll have to try and find like a local coffee shop or something now??
As if a small business coffee shop with no precious drive through would let her have her 5 free drinks a day instead. Also, yeah, you should have been supporting that small business instead of big Starbucks anyways? Acting like she's making a hard sacrifice to go to a local business for her precious leaf juice.

No. 668317

File: 1534700123203.png (115.18 KB, 708x171, Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 12.0…)

Ick. She made that one video 2 years ago about her teeth, I'm kinda skipping around to remember, but it's basically saying:
>I love my fucked up teeth and I never want to change them! They're part of my personality!
>my parents offered me braces when I was young and I said no!!!
>if I had gotten braces it would feel WRONG. It's not about money it's a personal choice!
She also addresses why her teeth are so yellow by saying every moment she's awake she's drinking coffee or tea or soda. Says she won't whiten her teeth because whitening toothpaste hurts so bad!! I think my fav quote though is
>another reason why is pain! I'm a big baby! Causing myself pain…I deal with enough enough! Ok like I don't need to do other stuff to make my life more difficult! You know like in my own head…
She also says her wisdom teeth are fully grown in and she refuses to take them out.
>sometimes they hurt and flare up but that's an elective surgery and I'm a big baby!
>sometimes they hurt for 4,5,6,7 days in a row…and I'm still too afraid to have them taken out
>that's what anxiety is!!!!
>needs to use a prescription strength mouth wash for her wisdom teeth pain
Blogpost but my wisdom teeth growing in was one of the most painful things I endured, and I couldn't wait to get them out to stop the pain. How is that ok with her if they're still painful? She also makes it sound like her parents just let her do whatever she wanted, which is probably why muh anxiety!! They never made her do anything she didn't want to do. She needs an adult to just make her fucking do it.

But like….that one tooth has got to be fucked up right? Like dead or something? You can fix your one tooth without ruining your ~precious personality~
This was all only 10 mins of the video, I'm sure there's more batshit crazy stuff, but I don't think I can make it the full 26 mins…

No. 668330

Not going to defend her, but tbh lots of people still have their wisdom teeth. I still do. They grew in fine and caused me no issues. Most issues are caused after they've grown in, by folks not brushing their teeth; so making their gums sore / infected around the teeth or getting cavities in the teeth. If you brush and your wisdom teeth have grown in; you shouldn't be in any pain.

As for her brown tooth; likely from an injury from when she was younger. The brown is from blood in the tooth. It's possibly dead, but it's just as likely not to be. As it's blood inside the tooth though; bleaching will likely do nothing. Judging by the colour; I highly doubt it's coffee staining etc. If there are no other issues; other than aesthetics, there's no harm in leaving it brown. You'd have to do a root canal and bleach it from the inside to get rid of it (a veneer isn't going to easily fit where it is in it's recessed position).

tl;dr: Unless she wants to spend a lot of money on her brown tooth, it isn't going away and is probably harmless. Her wisdom teeth shouldn't hurt though after they've grown in. That just indicates her dental hygiene is shit.

No. 668331

Her teeth seem so far from actually stained from coffee and seem more like they’re unhealthy from a lack of dental hygene. She’s just so dirty.

No. 668333

File: 1534703085259.gif (12.2 KB, 200x200, toothfaerie9.gif)

Oh, thanks for the info anon! I had no idea. Like I said just going off my own experience, I didn't think anything of them until they (all 4) starting growing in, and it was so excruciatingly painful. I just can't even imagine someone being fine l with that, but maybe it's not as bad for other people. Also I was terrified of all my years of braces and dental work being ruined by my teeth coming in, but that's obviously not something she's worried about.
(sage for blogpost)

What does it mean if her teeth are THAT sensitive though? Sensitive whiting toothpaste hurts too much? It's one thing to preach loving yourself and your imperfections!!! but if her teeth are medically wrong shouldn't she do something about that? How much does 4+ ~free~ coffees/teas a day fuck up your teeth? I'm just a paranoid person who still wears her retainer 10+ years after I got my braces off, so I certainly don't know.

No. 668390

>She also says her wisdom teeth are fully grown in and she refuses to take them out
She's so full of shit. Blog post but I've had to take mine out bc there was a chance of growing a (benign) tumor in it. But according to her logic:) it's:)just:) doing:) it's :) own :)thing:)

And also her birthmark that was taken off
> I still miss it so much
Dermatologists just don't yank birthmarks for fun, it's bc they look pre-cancerous.
FFS grow the fuck up.

No. 668400

File: 1534710459001.png (96.04 KB, 700x881, wisdom-teeth-types_horiz.png)

> If you brush and your wisdom teeth have grown in; you shouldn't be in any pain

It probably grew horizontally, it causes a lot of pain and should be taken out bc it's unbearable. In some extreme cases it can cause to "move" the other teeth forward.

She's basically choosing to suffer an excruciating pain on a daily basis than to be a grown up and get it fixed. She probably thinks this window tooth is an artist,too.

No. 668441

Yeah, when I say grow in, I mean upwards. Not impacted.

Wisdom teeth emerging is painful for everyone; to varying degrees. Once they have emerged though they really shouldn't continue to be painful unless you have an issue with brushing /aka infection around the gums or cavities.

If she had horizontal impaction (or any other kind of impaction) though tbh I think she would end up at a dentist regardless of her 'anxiety' because she would be in serious amounts of pain. No sippy sippy bs.

No. 668635

Yeah, as I said before I'm 100% not defending her. Although I don't think there's much she can (or tbh should have to) do about the brown tooth or tbf wonky teeth; the other complaints to me sound like bad oral hygiene.

Your teeth should not hurt on a regular basis. Hell switch to some sensitive tooth shampoo if they're sensitive to cold/heat… if she doesn't brush / clean them regularly though she's asking for trouble with the amount of sugary drinks she has.

No. 668652

> It's possibly dead, but it's just as likely not to be.

It's PROBABLY not dead, dead teeth are extremely prone to abscessing and that would have happened by now if it were dead.

>What does it mean if her teeth are THAT sensitive though? Sensitive whiting toothpaste hurts too much?

Some people just have sensitive teeth honestly. Mine are super fucking sensitive and brushing them can definitely hurt but I still do it because I'm not nasty.

No. 668721

Most people have their wisdom teeth removed because they're impacted, meaning they're growing directly into other teeth, causing pain. That's probably the case with hers. If yours grew in fine that's great, but most people's dont and that's why they're removed. it's an evolutionary thing, like having an appendix. They were necessary at one point in our evolution but aren't anymore, and nowadays they cause more harm than good for most people so they choose to have them removed.

No. 669708


what bothers me about this video is the fact that she fixates in the "but muh loyalty reward!!!!!" It goes on and on about it in circles when the whole freaking thing would be solved if she would just PAAAAAAAAAAAAY FOOOOOOOOOR IIIIIIIIIIIIT.

Why? It's like she loves to be stressed out and needs to do all she can to find shit to feel bad/anxious over.

Just pay, woman. Just pay and stop this freaking madness.

No. 669773

That’s not true. Doctors will tell insurance the birthmark “looks cancerous”, even if it’s not. I’ve had two birth marks removed by doctors, covered by insurance. They were not cancerous, they just made me insecure and that’s what I told the doctor.

No. 670025

But in this case she didn't want them gone. The dermatologist straight up looked it up and said "yeah this needs to go" so everything indicates it was probably serious

New ViDeO SWamP fAm

She played it down a bit and I like the makeup for idk going to pride?

No. 670026

Samefag but my God polish that hair. Flashy makeup and this hobo hair she has going on doesn't work.

Sharing this other video bc she's a 33 year old wearing an spongebob shirt from Hot Topic and I guess she's the joke that tells itself.

No. 670032


b e a u t y g u r u

No. 670200

It's funny that bunny, like Nikkie tutorials, always had that "power of makeup" thing going on in her thumbnails for her makeup videos showing off that she can make herself look nice but here she didn't do that, nor really tried to look good in it. Like I'll admit she can make her face look nice with her base, but here the eyeshadow is kinda crazy and then the hair makes it look even worse. She's better than before but you can 100% still see the hillbilly come through

No. 670375

>but here the eyeshadow is kinda crazy and then the hair makes it look even worse

Yes, she blended eyeshadow all the way up to her brow, which she also painted pink and… it's just not good.

This is not a super innovative idea either, she shouldve just looked up "pink eyeshadow" on YouTube to see how its done.

No. 671405

File: 1535047121553.jpg (100.75 KB, 880x492, pinkeye.jpg)

>I'm gonna show you how to get a vibrant beautiful pink eye!
I know that's kind of the joke and she says she couldn't come up with anything else to call it…but like, couldn't she just say "pink eyeshadow"? Or is that not ~guru~ enough. Joking about pinkeye while doing a makeup tutorial just conjures images of theater kids all sharing eyeliner to me.

No. 671421

Like you said, it's a joke. I think you're reaching.

No. 671438

File: 1535049878848.png (27.54 KB, 943x88, Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 1.44…)

Yeah, you're probably right, might just be a personal bias. Just feels icky to watch someone be like teehee pinkeye! while also touching their eyes, even if it's just makeup.

No. 671461

maybe if youre autistic

No. 671471

File: 1535052134941.gif (3.31 MB, 500x449, obama.gif)

yeah, cool, that makes sense
enjoy your shit eyes anon

No. 671642

> theater kids all sharing eyeliner to me

Well apparently Bunny was a theater kid and this is just a shutout for the good old days

No. 671705

Timestamp 3:45 she goes
> I don't care anymore about views. Tired of competing

LOL idk what to say

No. 672249

File: 1535130292699.jpg (391.29 KB, 760x625, tarte_swampqueen003.jpg)

Sage for blogpost, but I actually bought her makeup palette years ago. Not out of support, I don't think I'd ever even seen a video of hers at the time, but I actually really like it. But I'm just a basic bitch who can't resist a brown/copper/neutrals palette, and the colors just happen to fit my skin tone well.

But now reading through this thread and watching some vids it's confusing that she went for more neutrals, and didn't go for something more ~*dark spooky goffic*~ since that's her ""brand"".

No. 672586

Receiving oral from Rachel must be dangerous

No. 672610

I was disappointed when I saw it because the name "Swamp Queen" makes me think of olive greens.

No. 672765

she has friends. her bestfriend is her personal assistant. it is all lies for views.

No. 672774

You named one person and she's paying her.

No. 672789

>her bestfriend is her personal assistant
That's just sad.

No. 672883

Thats even sadder than going to Starbucks for human contact and befriending a follower (bc they already like you)

No. 672946

Just wanted to add my 2 cents about the teeth discussion.

I still have the ones in my jaw. One grew in just fine (although my dentist didn't think it would) and the other one grew in about 50% but is now pushing up against the one next to it. It's actually not painful at all for me. Every now and then it is quite painful for a few days, but it also calms down again and I'll have no issues for at least a few months.
I do think you could compare her teeth to mine as I do see a lot of similarities about sensitivity, mine aren't perfectly straight either etc. But here's the point: Due to depression I do have a questionable dental hygiene from time to time. I will go 4-5 days without brushing my teeth on a fairly regular basis (during depressive episodes, not in general). But mine don't look NEARLY as stained as hers. And I do drink lots of coffee/tee as well.

So, a) I think the only issue with her wisdom teeth is that it will screw up her front teeth even more but it probably isn't unbearably painful and also not too problematic, health wise, and b) I don't think the stains are necessarily due to a lack of dental hygiene. They're probably just a bit on the darker side. (For the actually brown one I have no idea though.)

No. 672955


Dude where? What forum there? because I was poking around here: https://gurugossiper.com/viewforum.php?f=236 since that forum apparently has ZERO search function and I couldn't find anything :/ >>666891

No. 673445

This is fucking disgusting but due to my mental health being piss poor I used to go MONTHS without brushing, and this lasted for years. There are probably years in my late teens when I brushed like 5 times a year total. My teeth are definitely not stained as badly as Bunny's though. They definitely are slightly yellowish but after a good brushing they look okay, just not blindingly white.
Bunny's teeth are definitely stained from drinking so much tea, and quite possibly from a lack of oral hygiene too. It's been a while since I watched it but I think in the tooth FAQ video she said she doesn't like to brush because they're so sensitive, so.

No. 673494

Are you talking about the starbucks video?

It's here: https://vimeo.com/284429822

Password is wait_and_sit

No. 674316

I only now saw that video and besides the obvious big Starbucks issue, there's two things that really made me go… wow…

Like for one; she's saying she's a night owl and is up all night editing the video that she uploads the next day. And I haven't been following/subscribed to her for quite a long time but I remember her uploading like once or twice a week? Her videos are literally just basic video editing, she has no effects, nothing that would take a lot of time, it's literally like an hour or two (tops) of work for a 10min video. I mean, yeah importing the files, rendering, uploading etc can take hours, especially if your computer isn't the best but that nothing that would keep her up all night?
Like literally, she's acting as if she spends all day on her computer working/editing videos but. Come on. Especially with her having an assistant and being as socially awkward as she is, I could imagine she wouldn't even have to read (all of) her mails or respond to them.
So what the fuck is she doing all night/day?

And then this talk about her morning rituals. How everybody has their thing they're doing first thing in the morning. And then she's saying some people e.g. take a shower first thing in the morning… and I'm beyond disgusted. Like, does she literally get up, sits in her car and drives to Starbucks?! I mean, doesn't she even brush her teeth or anything? (and since she mentions showering I'd assume she would count that as a morning ritual too)

I just can't with her anymore.
She also almost literally spells out that the thing that annoys her most about this whole situation is that she now has to pay EVEN THOUGH SHE IS AWARE THAT SHE CAN VERY WELL AFFORD IT. This is even worse than what I expected.
She just needs to grow. the fuck. up. and work on her goddamn mental health problems and then maybe get a 'real'* job.

(*Being a YouTube can be a real job imo IF you act like it. Like, uploading a video of yourself crying in a car once a week isn't a job.
I feel like she needs some externally given routine, cause obviously if she's her own boss she'll just build everything around her anxiety and avoid everything that's potentially triggering so it will all get worse. She needs actual responsibilities.)

No. 674631

I was raised in a neglectful home so never developed good brushing habits (I just genuinely forget about it 9/10)
My teeth are pearly white compared to hers and I smoke, drink hella coffee and tea. Her tooth is dead.

No. 674632

Tea is the cheapest thing on the menu too it's not like she gets a $10 latte everyday and was using her free refill (you get a free refill on tea, regular coffee or hot tea with any purchase of a drink btw) for a tea afterwards, which would've been way smart if they let her get away with it that long.

Tea is cheap and SB doesn't even brew a sweet tea, it's all syrup. Buy some syrup (it's $20 for a bottle) and make your own damn tea, it'll be way fucking cheaper if you're that much of a cheapskate bunny.

Does she even have anything worth watching on her channel anymore? She doesn't even seem to do "Does this thing really work?" Which was probably the most unique thing she had on her channel. Now it's garbage and her ugly face.

No. 682097

nonymous now No. 682095

I wonder if it would help if she just posted less often…Though I get that posting every day or other day is taking advantage of the spotlight but I'm one of those that only tunes in once in awhile. Fo me, the more someone posts the more there is a chance of me wanting to unsub or mute notifications. All youtubers occasionally post about topics I'm not interested in.

No. 682539

Has anyone seen her 'I Adopted…' video? She was so insufferable. Reborn Babies (especially specific ones like the Avatar baby she has) are so incredibly expensive and she was treating it like trash, throwing it around and shaking it. Made me cringe.
Also, I can't stand when she complains about 'muh anxiety' and then dances around and yells in stores.

No. 682715

LOL yes that was cringe. They're expensive and from afar, it looked like she was messing around with a baby who died from aafixia.

> can't stand when she complains about 'muh anxiety' and then dances around and yells in stores

This sums up the entire video. You could tell how incredibly, obnoxiously loud she was being with her friend. More than usual so.

No. 683766

She got kicked out Target for being obnoxious, filming, putting the rubber baby in the food weighing scales and screams out as she leaves the store like she's having a tantrum.

She also says she's normally /more/ obnoxious so she's surprised she got kicked out lol.

No. 685811

>Knows she's obnoxious
>Loud in person and on camera
>Makes random baristas give her shit for free
>Constantly does things in stores that she knows will attract the attention of lots of strangers

~muh anxiety doh~

No. 687829

It's hard to believe this woman is 30 years old and acts this way, especially in public.

No. 697009

Can we please talk about this cringefest? If I was a brand, I wouldn't want to be associated with bunny and her special friends. I am so embarrassed for them… they scream, run around and fall down like 3 year olds…

No. 697045

Yeah and I'm sure Bandai is thrilled that she chose the back parking lock behind a thrift store to advertise the free merchandise they gave her.

No. 697309

I just don't quite comprehend how YouTubers think they're entitled to private spaces like stores. They're embarassing and encouraging this kind of rude behaviour. Everytime I see that I wonder in what kind of barn they were raised.

Touching and slapping stuff for sales is RUDE. Riding a bike in a store is rude AF ! At some point she walks and film the electrical room which is obviously forbidden to non-employees.

I'm not american, I'm more part of a culture that'd rather be quiet and not make a scene in public and everytime I see this kind of thing I die a little bit inside. Or when I see footnotes saying "We weren't allowed to record inside the store so we recorded in secret" wthhhh

Plus it's always kind of insulting to me when rich ass YouTubers record stuff in thrift stores and make fun of the crap they see and treat it with nonchalance when you can see families in the background who probably can't afford Halloween merch and costumes for their kids and don't come here for some "Make an hideous outfit under $10" challenge.

No. 697854

That's so true! They don't understand their privilege and flaunt their wealth in front of other people like throwing this expensive Avatar baby doll around. It just costs $500 and if it gets broken, Bunny will buy a new one ~tehee

Also what I find interesting about this video is the fact that every item Bunny touches has allegedly puke or some shit on it. Some stores will wash it before they sell anything but I know otherwise too. I never bought her 2nd hand store love because she is a huge germaphobe apparently and otherwise she just wears designer clothing. Bunny wants to be so desperately relatable kek

No. 697872

I get having a ad portion to the video to make some $$$, but if I was Tamagotchi I'd be a little peeved she filmed that whole segment in a nasty alley right next to a dumpster..

No. 697883

I don't understand why and how Bunny has money. she's an insufferable, over privileged cunt with no basic manners or human interaction.

No. 698474

They look like pill addicts. If I was working that shop I'd be paging my supervisor on the talkies and asking associates to follow her around so she doesn't puke in the shoes and start playing with the merch–
>she's riding the bike in the store
Kek, called it. They all act like rural high schoolers who think bumming around thrift stores and Wal Mart are fun outings. Except these are adults. With money. And the means to do something way more interesting. Yiiiiikes.

Worst of all is that they filmed this shit for hours. It was daylight when they went in. Dark when they came out.

No. 698492

>Worst of all is that they filmed this shit for hours. It was daylight when they went in. Dark when they came out.

jfc. they're all in their 30s, arent they? it's so disrespectful to both the employees and shoppers who have to deal with her shit. She's a trash person

No. 701069

I’m here from Bunny’s thrift video I finally got around to seeing and the comments were all like, “why are y’all being so negative?” and I couldn’t find a single one. I came to lolcow cause I knew that’s where the real answers are, and honestly, I’m not even being negative.

I wish someone would call her out on her bs and it’d make her more likeable. She acts so entitled and condescending in the video. I was surprised Rich Lux was in there, and I might be biased cause I love him, it seems like Bunny just kind of stole the show - which I get it, but she keeeeeeps talking about herself. She interrupts herself talking to Rich in order to squeal about some dress. She talks about the bag of rats on end, about ~teehee~ I’m such a weird person.

I like that Rich and the blonde kid actually make jokes that everyone can enjoy, that are not just a monologue of screeching like Bunny’s are. There are ironically great vloggers on YouTube that don’t sound so self absorbed.

No. 703062

File: 1538545387703.jpg (43.4 KB, 960x540, 42908280_10156800948858756_604…)

No. 703156

This kind of shit is exactly why I can't stand Bunny. She goes on and on all the time about her anxiety and how tough it is for her to be a normal human being, but she's just a big attention whore. Everything she does is intended to make her stand out, she's loud and obnoxious and basically acts like an overgrown child all the time. All of the issues that she cried about could be solved if she just grew the fuck up and had some discipline instead of just doing whatever she wants all the time.
Kind of unrelated, but had anyone else noticed that she always feels the need to ramble and overexplain every tiny thing about herself? I think the biggest example is her dumb Halloween obsessesion. Every Halloween video she makes includes a lengthy diatribe about how much Halloween means to her and her experiences as a kid. She does the same thing with all the random toys and other bullshit she buys. It's really irritating. Not everything needs to be super deep and meaningful, you can just like something because it's attractive to you or you enjoy it.

No. 703164

File: 1538564176017.gif (4.52 MB, 696x687, 2103719.gif)

No. 703553

>video called "5 Minute Goth Glam"
>is 25 minutes long

Why the fuck does she talk so much? Or just edit it out ffs.

No. 703749

So it's not five minutes, it's not glamorous, and it's not goth.

She might as well have named the video "Purple Monkey Dishwasher".

No. 703865

Can we fill up this thread real quick and make another one with a new pic because looking at her fucking donkey chompers is gross and I can’t Adblock her on my ipad. She is disgusting.

No. 704339

Even worse she said in the video "yeah it's not 5 minutes but idk anyone who keeps counting the time they spend on their makeup irl"

Well obviously people who have places to be and things to do, unlike her.

No. 704340

How does she still have fans

No. 704540

Whatever this was is gone now, what was it?

No. 704548

It was a video of her prancing around Disney land with the avatar baby and dog man in super flashy clothes, Not minding all the public attention she was getting (/anxiety)

However she did not double check the video, it had the audio all messed up

No. 704549

She re-uploaded

No. 704557

File: 1538712377042.png (299.7 KB, 615x547, tweet.png)

this tweet actually made me laugh out loud

No. 704761

The Navi baby still baffles me. Of all the shit she could have bought, why this. She's not even into Avatar.

No. 704991

Bc she's just too quirky anon :3

Granted, she could've gotten of something else? Idk

No. 705120

maybe it's sponsored or something

No. 705213

Legit looking like a busted drag queen in her 40s.

No. 705335

I'm curious what bunny thinks of the "therapist" in Shane's video and how he flipped from being "super understanding" of her mental health "issues" to the disgusting mess that is his Jake Paul video

No. 705861

This bitch has completely lost it. I guess she found out she belongs with the bougie youtube crowd.

>"It's Advil o'clock, haha!"

>proceeds to munch Advil at the table after fast food lunch

No. 705867

Why did you put therapist in quotes? She's a licensed therapist with over 10 years of experience.

No. 706324

a quick google search will show Kati Morton's actually only a licensed family/marriage counselor, so imo she really shouldn't be diagnosing anyone as a sociopath. also she's a huge shill for betterhelp too so…

No. 707004

>over 10 years of experience
She finished her Masters in 2009, so that's definitely not true.
She's a shill for BetterHelp, which is a complete scam, and she has a Patreon and a "Talent Agent", and now she's pushing her book preorders on everyone conveniently at the same time she's featured on the biggest youtube series happening right now. I mean, technically speaking she's a Therapist, but she's not a good one. She's a therapist the same way Dr Phil is. Sorry for OT though, you can read more about her/BetterHelp over at the Shane thread.

No. 707013

Couldn't get all the way through this cause I dislike all 3 of these youtubers separately, but I thought it was p funny when they say they want to go to Whataburger in the beginning and she's like
"Ok we have to go on yelp and find the one with the best reviews. Which one won't food poison me"
Yeah yeah muh anxiety whatever, its just seems like a weird rude thing to expect your friends (or people you haven't seen in 10 years and aren't even close to?) to work around your paranoia. That just always seems selfish to me in anyone.
>I know you're all starving and you just want to eat and I'm the only one preventing that but sorry we have to stop and read all these yelp reviews first
Not a Jeffree fan but I'm glad he basically shut that down.

Also I know she meant "food poisoning" in like, the quality of food, but just makes me think if she's paranoid about that but went to the same Starbucks 18 times a day, where the employees probably hated her but knew she'd show up? They coulda fucked with her drinks every which way. But they wouldn't because they're her friends!!!!

Also I wonder what took so long for her to post this? Did Jeffree want to wait until the Starbucks thing died down before he would associate with her?

No. 707025

She mentioned that she was saving a bunch of videos for "Vlogoween." I assume this was just one she had saved up.

No. 707073

Since she's saying she's never done ASMR; weren't her Shopkins unpacking videos branded ASMR?
Like, obviously this whole ASMR hype has taken this way beyond what it originally was. But acting as if she's always wanted to do it but never has before just doesn't sit right with me.

No. 707098

This wasn't a vlog though?

No. 707180

I could retarded, so correct me if I'm wrong, but I think she just calls it "Vlog-o-ween" to be cute, but not all the videos are actually vlogs. The goal of Vlog-o-ween is just to get a video out everyday (and inevitability fail).

Although, she did also mention she didn't have enough filler pre-filmed, big surprise, so she may have just had to throw this one in becuase she didn't have anything else.

No. 707196

Here's another ~Vlog-o-ween~ one. Just the usual same ole same ole paranormal shit. She says at one point that when she thought she was dying in the hospital her only will to live was so that she can go back to graveyards cause graveyards are her friends. 13 Mins in before she mentions current stuff happening, which in this case was….she charges her camera batteries and they die. It's ghosts!!!

When I see her do this kind of shit I almost feel bad for her. Cause, to me as someone who never watched her in her peak or earlier videos, I think "wow, she's really losing it, this is some crazy shit." But I would assume to truth is more that she was always just this crazy but just concentrated on the stuff that made her popular? Or the more socially acceptable crazy like ~anxiety~ and ~bein urself~? And now she's really letting her freak flag REALLY fly? But it's just so odd to see someone with almost 9 Mil subscribers who had their own hair and makeup products talk about how her first memories were of DEATH and graveyards are her friends. I wouldn't bat an eye at it if it was just some rando on youtube.

TL;DR: Was she always this crazy and just didn't focus on it as much and now she is, or is she actually losing it? I'm not even trying to talk shit, I'm just genuinely curious how her persona has changed over the years. When does eccentric cross over into "haha oh wait she's crazy"?

No. 707215

sorry but remind me again how old she is.

No. 707218

I don't really keep track of her too much anymore but she does seem a lot more scattered and jittery now than I remember her. High-key arrogant too for some reason.

No. 707228

Well at least she finally admitted that she's a hoarder…

Why would Bandai even sponsor her? Could they really not find a channel that has content that would be relevant to them like a gaming or Japanese pop culture focused channel?

No. 707232

File: 1539063346043.png (108.7 KB, 661x383, Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 12.2…)

Had to google it and was kind of surprised tbh.
I never watched her back in the day, I knew of her existence and think I tried to watch a video and just thought she was too annoying, but I knew she had a massive following. (I'm only here now because her slow decline is fascinating)

But, I went back and watched the vid where she talks about her Tarte collab and it's just crazy to see in comparison. I mean, I feel like she was one of the first youtubers to have a palette and she's not even a beauty guru, and Tarte's no small fish. It's just crazy to think that she basically got that collection because so many fans harassed Tarte so much? Watching a video like >>707196 would you ever imagine this person being that beloved and having that much power and influence? And for her to have custom designed hair styling tools as well? In that video everything is "Swamp Family this, Gator Wings that". Is that even still a thing? And whatever happened with her eyes?

No. 707245

It kind of cracks me up that they're sticking this losers together now.

They have literally nothing in common beyond being unstable fuckups who sabotaged their own careers.

No. 707268

Just looking at the thumbnail…I feel like lotion has never touched an inch of this womans body.

No. 707411

It's because she doesn't really have a social life anymore. I mean even if she was a loner back then already, she still went to school. And the more time goes by, the more detached from "reality" she becomes.
The majority of her following consists of children and their pinterest-mothers that 100% enable any kind of behaviour as long as it's suitable for their children. You are a product of your social environment and since hers mostly consists of mentioned following, she becomes this… weirdo.
She is what a child will become if it never gets told off or is taught any basic responsibilities.

No. 708856

How does she proceed to look more awful with each video?

This lipstick… Black and grey lipsticks are incredibly hard to pull off to begin with but on her it's somehow even worse than a simple 'it's not her shade'.
It looks like she painted her lips with a crayon. And especially with that tacky wig…

I'm also having slight war flashbacks to the plexi-gloss video…

No. 708878

As others have already said, glad I found this thread! When I saw the previous thread I thought, "wow how can anyone hate her she's so nice." But then I started watching more of her videos and starting getting confused and uncomfortable. Like in this video she's super excited about stuff that really just belongs in the trash. What does she do with all of it?? Does she have a special place for everything?

At least with most beauty gurus they'll donate the items they don't want or do a de-clutter or "full face of makeup I hate" video to still use it. I feel like everything Bunny buys just sits somewhere and never sees the light of day.

No. 711382

She’s acting like this is quirky like “What’s the difference between a collection and a hoard?!” Then describes the meaning she’s attributed to random things. She has literal trash notebooks.

No. 711383

Could imagine seeing this hot mess when you go to the store? Screaming into her camera and running around with hideous facial expressions.

No. 711517

I feel so bad for any poor employee that has to be subjected to her entitled youtuber bullshit.

No. 711838


Can someone explain the appeal to me? What's entertaining about watching an obnoxious grown woman run around Target talking to herself and making weird faces? Why Target? It's not like it's an exclusive store.

No. 711968

It's quirky and absurd. She's a character. And some people's humour is simple enough to find this kind of stuff very entertaining.

Also her main audience is kids. They probably dream of doing that kind of stuff, so of course they'd be entertained by behaving as silly as they aren't allowed to themselves.

No. 712118

This showed up in my recommended videos today and i didn't watch it to the end but there are people in the comments referring to her saying something about her Carbon Monoxide alarm going off and urging her to get it checked out. But no, it's not carbon monoxide, it's the ghoOoOosts.

No. 712254

As someone with an anxiety disorder, hearing alarms going off freaks me out, and I'm always worried about carbon monoxide. If she is so anxious all the time, why wouldn't she get that checked out? Actually, if she's a normal person who doesn't want to be poisoned, why wouldn't you look into that?

No. 713807

>This year I decided I wanted to give away not just bags, but treat BUCKETS!

How much of this do you think will actually end up in her junk hoard instead of in the hands of trick or treaters?

No. 713866

at least half. she does actually give a lot away but she buys more than she could possibly need and ends up with leftovers for the next year. then for some reason she still buys more? not too smart but she's got money to waste.

No. 713884

Oh boy, I can't wait for the carbon monoxide poisoning saga.
I still don't understand why she does this. It's excessive enough on it's own and then she goes and does cotton candy or popcorn or whatever else in her yard on top of that. It feels more to me like she really wants people to like her and think she's cool than her just really loving Halloween and wanting to give the kids a good experience.

No. 714283

It's probably a bit of both. I do believe that she's very into Halloween, considering she's actually been into ghosts, graveyards and paranormal stuff as well way before she became famous. And I also believe all of those things are all sincere acts of kindness. But yeah, I also think she's feasting off that feeling people like her that she gets from it.
It's sad.

No. 714310

Because she likes wallowing in it instead of getting help.

No. 714414

Why doesnt she just donate money to a good charity or do some charitable work? i dont get this same shit every year.

No. 714558

Trick-or-treaters from Bunny's affluent white neighborhood are clearly the group more in need here, anon.

Who donates money to kids who need it when you can just blow it all on cheap plastic crap you won't even use half of?

No. 716518

Apart from her extra shoes she never wears and are basically a waste of money/red flag for her hoarding problem… the third shoe looks SO NASTY.

I'm convinced she just lets the absurd amount of shit she owns to rot inside her closed as she wears softy tye dye shirts everyday

No. 716614

Something nice: her legs are awesome!

No. 716660

File: 1539927028941.jpg (27.27 KB, 423x343, CO-Poisoning-symptoms.jpg)

>carbon monoxide
That shit is serious.

No. 716852

File: 1539958034543.jpg (117.67 KB, 1080x1080, 2018-10-19_16.03.50.jpg)

I'm just at loss for words.
Her income must have at least tripled , yet 90% of the time she basically looks like a homeless person with a singled out fancy $1k item added to her outfit. If that just doesn't scream for help I don't know what does.

No. 716856

Also (sorry for double post):

Am I the only one who always has to think of all the foot fetishists and websites dedicated to feet when people showcase their shoes like that? Especially with those jumps. Maybe it's just because I used to do sex work and fetishists explicitly requested videos of women jumping in certain shoes. But there are plenty female YouTube that ended up on those websites, I just can't believe there are people (at least not those as popular as bunny) that aren't aware of that.

No. 716877

Sorry but she looks off her meds in the second pic. I think she needs a long vacation, she can afford it.

No. 716893

I always think this too.

No. 716901

Whereas I do think some people cater to fetishists, with Bunny I suspect it is her trying to be quirky. It is fully possible someone suggested she'd do it. But her inability to keep anything 'weird' to herself is reason enough to suspect she doesn't know the fetish connotations.

No. 717163

Notice she doesn't mention in the video how much each of them cost.

No. 717295

I was curious about those ugly "Catacomb Saints" shoes and saw that they're $500. I can't imagine spending that much on such god awful fucking shoes.

No. 717435

Assuming she actually takes meds for her clusterfuck of issues, kek

No. 717670

sage for ot but anon I would love to hear more about this (maybe in the sex work thread
>>>/g/90992 )

No. 724953

File: 1541094361751.jpg (452.26 KB, 1919x961, gyg.jpg)

ngl, I actually like bunny and enjoy that she's not one of these super glossy af, artificial beauty YouTubers, but has she been piling on some pounds?

No. 731445

Bunny and her downfall are so fascinating to me probably just because she’s always been a bit of an enigma in the youtube community. She didn’t do the stereotypical rich youtuber route, which includes moving to LA to chase more success. She stayed in Texas and basically just did her own thing, and that worked out really well for her for awhile. It’s really her own stagnation that’s led to her downfall. Also, I bet her house isn’t nearly as expensive as people are saying it is. Remember, Texas’ cost of living is substantially lower than places like Cali, so she probably only paid a million for that house whereas it would be like five million in other places.

No. 731489

>she probably only paid a million for that house
"Only" is a very relative term.

That said I also find her downfall pretty interesting, especially since even collaborating with Shane couldn't revive her channel. I think she just doesn't do well with the attention and fame/infamy, she seems very poorly socialized and weird, and not in the "so relatable xD" kind of way. I don't think she's grown a lot emotionally no matter what she says, she just has the opportunity to never leave her little bubble and decline further because she doesn't have to work or go to college.

No. 731509

I sometimes feel that the older she gets, the more insecure she seems. Or maybe she just shows it more / can't contain it that well well anymore.

No. 732163

Is it fucked up I can’t help but feel a little sorry for her, even after the Starbucks shit? She’s a clear example of what happens when you leave mental illness untreated. Her coping mechanisms aren’t healthy in the slightest. I don’t even want to see what she’s going to be like when the money finally dries up.

No. 732289

I'm going to say yes. She has a history of being a really shitty and nasty person. And the money is very unlikely to ever dry up because despite her implied rags to riches story, she comes from a wealthy family.

No. 732731


She's a redneck

No. 741683

There is something peculiar about a 30-something woman who is trying to portray herself as artistically inclined and quirky, but it falls into the behavior of high school stereotyping. She is trying too hard to "brand" herself and the ensuing immature emotionality is too much.

I am an artist and do not find her taste unique; her mansion serves a a lowbrow hoarding exhibition guised as individuality. The space simply exists so she can store shit, shit that has no value and would be used by a little girl. It's an overblown playpen of monstrous proportions, and it's out of control.

In her videos, she is either underdressed or overdressed. In the latter, it looks like a five-year-old playing dress-up. Is she really wearing plastic glasses during all hours of her personal life? Or is it just playing dress-up for the camera? It's not quirky or unique. It's immaturity.(newfaggotry)

No. 741685

just a heads-up, Stephanie, you don't have to fill in your name, your email or the subject in those fields. this is an annonymous imageboard, you're probably getting banned for namefagging/newfaggotry now. also, what you posted is what's described here as "blogposting", as in, nobody on here cares about your life or your personal opinions (like you being an artist. yeah, and?), we're just here to contribute with relevant info. if it doesn't contribute to the conversation then sage it or don't even post it in the first place. most of what you said here has already been said or is generally what people who post on here think.

No. 746248

Sorry, it's not milk… lmfao

No. 746437

This is so scary, but so accurate

No. 746444

If I had an eye infection or partial blindness in just one eye, I would have thought this were a new graveyardgirl vid. Terrifyingly accurate. That fuckin blowdryer kek

No. 746456

File: 1544388490603.jpeg (333.89 KB, 1143x928, 4439CD70-AD10-468F-82B0-DB214F…)

Doublepost but don’t post your email here, it leads directly to your full name steph.

>pic related

No. 746547

This guy is beyond talented, he's got all the mannerisms and the voice down to a T. I wonder if she realises she's a walking caricature.

No. 746607

All of his parodies are really good but his impression of Bunny was so dead on it was scary.

No. 751005

I feel he could have roasted her a bit harder, but I imagine he didn't want to be too harsh given her mental illness

No. 774569

7:31 she looks like a caveman(necro)

No. 780534

Ha, I have those shoes. They're about $300. They also haven't made them in years, like at least 5 I'd say. I wonder if she bought them off ebay for half price or what(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 796152

Conspiracy theory: Bunny wears yellow toned foundation to make her eyes look brighter. Her eyes are bright but not as bright as some videos look, and you can see a difference between no makeup videos/a video where she ACTUALLY wears her shade and the normal makeup.

Just blend into your neck girl..

No. 802767

honestly if she is i dont really care. she was borderline skelly before.

No. 904513

She's a moron. How can you take so long to realise that you're holding a product upside down…. and the fans are clearly thick as shit too to not have explained that to her and tell her it's a left-handed product. Holy shit, this infuriated me. Can't stand her.(necro)

No. 1365037

I just have to say. God she is SO HIDEOUS. Like crackwhore level disgusting. Why does she try to look even uglier in her thumbnails? So she can claim it’s on purpose and feels less ugly with her regular white trash self?(necro)

No. 1365047

Holy shit newfag. Learn to fucking sage, you’re bumping multiple other threads with unsaged bullshit and it’s annoying. Everything you said holds no fucking value so fucking sage.

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