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File: 1487031086162.jpg (Spoiler Image, 675.21 KB, 2048x1365, Image-1.jpg)

No. 351721

Thread #1 >>93507
Thread #2 >>131172
Thread #3 >>151227
Thread #4 >>167361
Thread #5 >>176096
Thread #6 >>310703
Thread #7 >>320406
Thread #8 >>331309
Thread #9 >>342518

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram / Snapchat: mariahmallad

The basics:
>body positive, but photoshops her body and wears shapewear/corsets constantly
>Proven through twitteraudit that she has bought at least 20k followers.
>laughably bad at making cosplays – if she's told they're bad, she falls back on her Samus costume and makes excuses for why she couldn't wear the new cosplay
>spends very little time and effort on each costume and then claims her money is "hard-earned"
>claims she cosplays because she's passionate about the characters and the hobby, but is only in it for the money
>does monthly "boudoir"/half-naked shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame
>has to beg for money, con passes, etc. despite making over $6k per month on Patreon
>known to spend chunks of her Patreon income on fancy vacations and treating her friends while simultaneously half-assing all her cosplays
>pretends to have played/know about the series she cosplays from, despite evidence proving otherwise
>loiters around at booths during cons, pretending to have been invited as a guest

Has hit 15k on patreon, and has moved into her own place with her pet Vamplette. Expect more groping sets (its soft core porn) soon! Completely disses/ignores other cosplayers if they're not beta fuckboys looking for a quick lay.

No. 351722

Is she really already at ten threads?

No. 351727

Are my eyes playing tricks on me or is the header image not Momo? The wig is different and the eyes look different.

No. 351728

Why is she beating the POV theme into the ground? How many alterations of pretending suck a guy off on your knees can you get?

No. 351729

File: 1487033404653.png (703.85 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5770.PNG)

Bringing back the Arab card I see

No. 351731

At least she finally took out the part about climbing mountains

No. 351733

Nah it's her, she just posted those pics on Twitter. Mei deserves better than this shit

No. 351735


It's her, she's just got contacts ib. Also it's one of her tamer pseudo-softcore pieces if you look carefully. There's not much contrast between her outfit and the guy's hand.

No. 351737

Ah I see. Actually looking at it some more I don't know how I could've mistaken it, the bangs and hair pin are still on the wrong side. I know there's the Momokun bingo about how she reacts to things but I think we need one for all her typical cosplay fails and habits.

No. 351741

She replied to someone's tweet saying that it wasn't Koreanbarbq doing the groping this time but Giseppe? Anyone know who that is?

No. 351743

File: 1487038145039.png (1008.49 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2291.PNG)

Yeah Moomoo thats how gloves work, totes.
Paid professional cosplay craftsmanship, woo.
I mean gosh youre so picky and detail oriented, you should be paid more tbh.

/s for any autismos who take me seriously.

No. 351745

File: 1487038193011.png (851.18 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2292.PNG)

2/2 the result of somebody who is super picky with gloves!!!! Gotta get them just right!1!

No. 351746

File: 1487038265242.jpg (598.9 KB, 2048x1365, IMG_2290.JPG)

Heres the other photo from the Mei POV shoot that she posted on Twatter

No. 351747

it looks like she just did one of those kindergarten hand turkeys

No. 351748

This will sound dumb and weird but I see girls who wear less clothes for sexy photos look less tacky than momo does in her mostly clothed POV pics. These pics just scream low budget porn.

No. 351750

File: 1487038461629.gif (1.76 MB, 374x230, tumblr_okl74xeO3v1r0x0jro1_400…)

>stain on her panties


No. 351751

shes in a dirty-ass warehouse office?? wtf is this shit. oh yeah paint buckets and office chairs really get guys off!

No. 351752

You know I am actually looking forward to this soft-core pov. I need a good laugh.

No. 351755

Gdi Momo, i prayed that you wouldn't do this shoot for Mei. The least you could've done is at least put the bangs on the right side-

No. 351759

you can see the stubble from her shaving.

No. 351764

Looks more like she just put a desk in her garage tbh

No. 351765

Here I am saving up for laser hair removal and she can't even pay for what's a fraction of her income…

No. 351766


It doesn't look like a stain, it looks like a wet spot. But tbh, I wouldn't be shocked if it was a stain

No. 351767

Mei76 isn't even a well liked pairing. Isn't this moron friends with Nanabear who does Zarya? Isn't that like everyone's favorite Mei pairing or whatever?

No. 351768

Does anyone know when the Lusamine/Wicke shots are to be released?

No. 351771

It was suppose to be on Vamp's patreon

No. 351772

Maybe it's going to be vamps valentine thing?

No. 351789

Mei76 is her ~OTP~. Probably because of some weird self-inserty bullshit since she is just like Mei!!1

No. 351795

File: 1487049523667.png (781.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-13-14-47-06…)

High quality boot craftmanship

No. 351796

Is this a new chubby asian dude she's banging?

No. 351800

Ya that's Koreanbarbq who she said she never wanted to be associated with again but here he is in her house

No. 351803

Oh damn, same guy? He's more fat than I thought he was…

No. 351805

https://www.instagram.com/p/BMKWTcrhEW-/ Yep that's the same shirt in this pic

No. 351806

She wonders why no one takes her seriously. Well you said you never wanted to associate with him anymore. Now he's in your house and doing the same shit. You're not friends because he's going into the military but fuck buddies is cool

No. 351808

Crazy how he looks normal size in his instagram pics and yet really fat in the candids. Boy is working those fatgirl camera tricks I suppose.

No. 351814

seriously. looking at his hammy ashy arms and stubby hands grope at momo's udders is just as nauseating as she is.

No. 351815

Why did the thread image get spoilered? I hate looking for the moomoo thread in the catalogue when the image is broken. It's not even NSFW.

To be honest that's a legitimate way to do gloves when using stretch fabric. But she's bullshitting so hard with the "they take me forever" part because she literally went the easiest route with gloves when the actual hard mode would require her to make gussets between fingers.

What? How is that fat, Ana-chans? Moomoo is fat, KKBQ is goddamn starved compared to her.

No. 351816

Ah nevermind, I just took a second peek at >>351795. He's chubs.

No. 351819

No worries anon. I'm beginning to wonder if he too is letting himself go since hanging around Mariah so much? First Vamplette and now him. He was never skinny, but he definitely looked in better shape in his instagram updates just a few months ago even.

No. 351823

Upgraded from $50 motel beds to an office chair in an unfinished garage.

No. 351835

>that paint can
man I wish I could be a lazy whore sometimes

No. 351846

She must have no shame on how disgusting that room looks.

No. 351848

Same, I just love seeing her hot of a mess train wrecks that she thinks is cute but in reality it's a sloppy mess just like she is

No. 351853

File: 1487075382985.png (747.39 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0926.PNG)

Waiting til the last minute as usual and honestly I think the bustier with the bias tape glued to it looked better.

No. 351854

Wow this is…looking so terrible especially since Yaya's is looking so polished and hers is so messy.

No. 351864

Holy shit this is a whole new level of awful. I'm calling it that she'll end up either saying it got damaged and just happened to rewear her old one as backup. It's really sloppy and poorly draped, and that ugly gold trim on the bottom. She hasn't learned from Chun Li.

Also shoutout to KBBQ for being totally okay for being her sad, sad slave.

No. 351865

she pinned right through the plastic based fabrics
which leaves a permanent hole

No. 351869

>that shit everything
>that garbage on the floor
>taking a picture of this and putting it on the internet for everyone to see

No. 351876

Maybe I've just been spoiled by Yaya's Camilla, but this just looks so… cheaply made. That gold trim is awful.

No. 351877

the gold puckering….and it doesn't even line up properly on the backside of the underwear piece.

KBBQ looks like he's sobbing in that second pic which I would be too at this disaster.

No. 351880

her "workspace" looks like a toddler's arts and crafts corner

No. 351898

File: 1487091122502.gif (453.25 KB, 500x206, tumblr_inline_mhxo3g31q01qz4rg…)

He looks like he gained few pounds. Maybe going to army isn't too bad after all. Cute kitty though.
That sure is one messy workplace, which can be expected.
The lower part looks uneven from the back and the golden trim looks crumpled. I hope this is WIP, not many days left until Katsucon, kinda late to leave it in the last minute.

No. 351905

Momo, who are you trying to fool? Get a dress form appropriate to your size.

No. 351917

https://twitter.com/mariahmallad/status/830670719633616896 can we talk about this ebay ass cheap af corset

No. 351954

How does she put so much effort into her eye makeup and then put on that nasty, dry lipcolor? A glossy red would've suited her tacky lingerie and at the very least make her lips appear fuller.

No. 351977

What about it? Yeah, it looks cheap.

No. 351984

So triggering how far she lets her acrylics grow out before getting a fill. They're like halfway up her damn nail. 15k a month and you can't even go for your biweekly fill when your job is to look "good".

No. 351991

Is this like a job to her though? To me it seems like a nice hobby with bonus of getting some cash to do it.

No. 351994

File: 1487104189782.png (641.16 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-14-15-24-38…)

Look at those acrylics lol

No. 351995

Are they falling off?

No. 351998

File: 1487105715733.jpg (15.69 KB, 282x358, latest.jpg)


This bitch has candy corn fingernails.

No. 351999

File: 1487106773645.jpg (77.24 KB, 493x829, ss (2017-02-14 at 01.08.28).jp…)

No. 352000

Someone's been… gaining.

No. 352001

File: 1487106957363.gif (1.58 MB, 500x281, aw hell naw.gif)

>Why did the thread image get spoilered? I hate looking for the moomoo thread in the catalogue when the image is broken. It's not even NSFW.
Me too, anon. Me too. I think the first images of the threads should not be spoilered. (Which means thread creators should choose a sfw image and post the nsfw shit later on in the thread obviously)

Alright, need to see worn pics to get an adequate laugh.

Yeah, it's supposed to be a hobby, but she's supposedly a full-time cosplayer that shits out subpar work and panders to the neckbeards who just don't care about quality.

I think that if her nails are growing that fast, maybe she should consider ditching the acrylics or make regular appointments. Lord knows she has the money to do that.
>kek, unless it's being refunnelled through dummy patreon accounts like the rest of us tinfoilhat-chans believe.

No. 352002

Oh god that waistcincher is working on overtime

No. 352003


ratty wig, gross nose contour and i used to think she was a bit chubby back then but now? she really let herself go. either she's really trying to be a fat/"thicc" "cosplayer" to stand out from the cute girls but this does not look good..

there's not photoshop irl everyone will see the cottage cheese

No. 352004

She looks extremely cheap… her choker is twisted around, her face looks four shades darker than the rest of her body, her mom must've picked out that gaudy lingerie set, the list goes on.

No. 352036

Dear god that corset looks painful. You can see the bones twisting from trying to hold in her gut.

No. 352038

I found this video uploaded by KBBQ on his instagram and it's so ironic b/c of the whole Moomoo ching chong fiasco. Like not even your boy toy appreciates this kind of racial thing so how are you gonna justify it as some sort of inside joke now?

No. 352040

You know, I don't even care that she is fat. I love chubby/fat girls. I think Gabby, Sierra, and my gf are all super sexy and adorable. What DOES bother me is how much weight she has gained in such a short amount of time with no other reason beyond being lazy. I saw Sierra tweet about gaining weight and she listed the reasons why and how she is changing it and it looks like she has lost weight since then. Gabby also looks like she gained weight but she doesn't hide it or Photoshop it. Moomoo has no excuse. She doesn't work. She can afford to go to a gym.hell, she can even afford to get lypo. She preaches about being a health junky yet shows no effort or anything. THATS what bothers me about her weight. Its not ugly to me because fat is ugly, its ugly to me because of her personality and high horse about it.

No. 352043

I hate how she's all about ~body positivity~ and like you said, she's gained so much weight in such a short time that it's exceedingly unhealthy, but she still photoshops and uses shapewear to look thinner than she is. She knows she's fat and unhealthy but instead of battling it, she's using cheap tricks to avoid it. That's what bothers me.

No. 352057

There was a link to Momo's tweet where she shouts at Lethal via megaphone "ching chong ching ching chong" and they just laugh. If I was in that situation, I would have laughed it off first (because shouting something like that surely turn heads and make it feel awkward) and little later tell her that what she did was wrong and ask her not to shout mocking imitation speech at Asians.

No. 352058

I honestly don't know why this POV shoot makes me more uncomfortable than the others. Something about it just makes me uncomfortable

No. 352062

I don't even understand what the POV is suppose to be of. Are we suppose to be the guy's dick about to get vacuumed up by her fupa?

No. 352072

For me it could be the forced oversexualization on the character and her bring presented like this.

No. 352080


For me at least, it feels like walking in on some couples creepy foreplay. They more than likely fucked after this. She's more than like to be the type to be turned on by all the groping and grabbing, despite her claims of "I will lay your ass out if you touch me without my permission" and such.

No. 352082

Every new picture that's posted it looks like she's gained weight since the last one. She's getting into Type 2 beetus territory now.

No. 352109

For me, the reason it looks so weird is because it doesn't look like a cosplay shoot anymore, it looks more like one of those geek fantasy themed porn sets. At this point I don't even look at Momo's sets and consider them cosplay shoots, I don't even like calling her "Momokun the cosplayer". She's Mariah Mallad, glamour model.

No. 352113

Something about her face in this shot makes it look like it was taken right as she was about to sneeze.

No. 352148

File: 1487136559962.gif (8.84 MB, 510x390, source.gif)

No. 352161

Drop the "glamour model" and replace it with "camgirl" and you got it right.

No. 352170

File: 1487142352309.jpg (16.48 KB, 361x456, 16729182_1386168928122747_8367…)

No. 352171

File: 1487142423751.jpg (88 KB, 750x1334, C4qxABZVcAENZbB.jpg)

oops lmao

No. 352172

What's she going on about now?

No. 352177

File: 1487143033090.jpg (443.68 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20170214_231356.jpg)

More Camilla progress. Still can't sew a straight fucking line on a Bernina sewing machine.

No. 352180

I really hope we get a side-by-side of Yaya and Momo at Katsucon.

No. 352182

File: 1487144749537.jpg (79.63 KB, 500x437, pokeshoujo.jpg)

No. 352185

>The gold trims' folds escaping under the top stitching
>puckering seams
>not even attempting to sew a straight line
>topstitching goes in the middle
This honestly looks even worse than the bombshell bra + cheap ass ebay corset. So sloppy and lazy.

No. 352190

She's live on IG right now and looks like a greasy bloated mess.

No. 352195

File: 1487145299246.jpg (816.63 KB, 1408x847, momokun cosplay.jpg)

Her weight gain is out of control, I fear for her health…

No. 352201

She looks really old when she's skinny holy shit, the two pics to the left
top second left was definitely her prime though

No. 352204

Nobody gonna mention she is using a regular foot for neoprene? No wonder everything she touches looks like garbage, she's too fucking lazy to even look at what others do or look up how to correctly sew

No. 352213

Is she a feedee or something? No way someone gains that much weight that fast unless they're either doing it deliberately or have a dangerous, blatant disregard for their health.

No. 352216

lol remember when she was Samus and we were all on her ass for being fat af, now look where she has gotten.

No. 352244

File: 1487148346635.jpg (50.38 KB, 958x640, 16665047_1010024319142517_6115…)


No. 352246

File: 1487148506947.jpg (340.49 KB, 1080x1080, 93Q5IFp.jpg)

they didn't shoop the cottage cheese this time

No. 352256



No. 352259

Lolllllll dead at that ridic shoop. Her left leg looks so disproportionate to everything else like I believe she doesn't have fatty inner thighs like… Has she even seen her vag this year?

No. 352260

You know it's a bad corset when your waist is eating the fabric. Real boning or not that's gotta be painful how badly it's bending into her sides.

No. 352261

for the love of god smooth out those thighs, that stubble and the dirty elbows.

No. 352263

Holy fuck, this is a travesty. Did she learn nothing from Chun Li? It looks just as fucking bad and there's what, a year or so difference from when she made that? She hasn't improved at all.
Looking at this makes me feel so much more confident in my own sewing abilities. At least I can sew a consistent straight line.

No. 352266

I've never worn something like that but is it suppose to look that painful on the curved corner that's like crunching in on her hip/stomach area?

No. 352267

if the corset's of any quality (which it's probably not) she wouldn't be able to bend it like that as it would be cutting really fucking deep. maybe it's got plastic boning or something instead of steel or whalebone which is mostly what determines the quality of the corset

No. 352274

Question,is she using the same sewing machine Yaya is using?

No. 352277

Yaya Han's Camilla preview gave me hope in the character again after Momo watered her down to cheap Patreon boudoir trash.

No. 352282

I think she is, because she expressed interest in getting one right after Yaya posted about hers. The massive difference being, you can use the best equipment and materials, but it won't matter if you don't know how to utilize them. She is making the same rookie mistakes in her sewing that she did with Chun Li. And there really is no excuse since she has a plethora of time and has the internet at her exposal to tell her what presser foot, needle, tension and stitch type to use for different fabrics. Though let's me honest, she doesn't actually care about getting better, only if she gets enough fatty fetishist money.

No. 352285

okay, right.
I'm sorry but in what world is this Mei? I get the whole "sexy ugu thicc queen" shoots with themed(sorta) underwear. But this??
As someone who is a character developer and designer this just makes me cringe into another dimension. There is zero contidersion to her original design or personality. Wearing a fucking wig with a hair ping in and making your face red does not make it Mei.
I'm sorry for my sperging but this shit pisses me off, and it's complete insult to whoever designed Mei.

No. 352286

This is what mostly pisses me off about moomoo. She has literally no respect for the original design and character, ever. She slaps on a shitty Wicke costume with bondage gear and a thong while being "teehee I'm just having fun uwu". It's not your character, it's not like you can treat it the way you want!

No. 352287

I get the whole Tank top Mei fan art/cosplay because I can totally see the character wearing that underneath the big coat. But this stuff pushes it, I'd love to see her reasoning behind the design choices for this over than being ~sexy~ because the colours make no sense, the pose is not only unflattering but would Mei ever do that? I don't know much about her but what I see of Mei is that she's quite shy but strong, loving of the earth and professional.

Why can't she being that personality to light in these shoots even if she's just trying to bring money for the T&A. She could do groping shots looking a bit more shy or maybe some outside shots.
I'm all for sexy shoots, i get it. I get the sexy side of cosplay but when the design and personality go out of the window i end up sperging.

No. 352295

I keep wondering why all her photos only get like 100-150 max retweets for an account that has 50k. There's a lot of favorites but maybe even her neckbeards know that shit is too risque and gross to be plastered all over Twitter.

No. 352298

The underwear are too big. How is that even possible? They aren't supposed to be floppy, but tight against her whole vaginal region. This whole photo is enraging in different parts.

No. 352300

That's because only half of them are real.

No. 352302

What happened to her going to the gym? She looks like she's gained more weight than Sierra and Gabby combined tbh. But that whole cosplay group has gained weight maybe from going out to eat too much with Mariah lol. Maybe this is why she hasn't worn Samus in a while? Surprised it's not on her list for Katsucon being one of the biggest cons she's attended and the cosplay she got "known" for

No. 352303

Holy shit those arms and shoulders. Does she think this looks good? She looks like a linebacker.

No. 352304

Less than 24 hours both sets are out for free. Stupid girl

No. 352308

File: 1487175421709.png (129.88 KB, 750x963, IMG_5858.PNG)

She has stupid written all over her face >>352304

No. 352311

File: 1487176122848.jpg (6.46 MB, 5158x7728, DSC_4848.jpg)

These pictures… are not flattering. At all.

No. 352312

File: 1487176189820.jpg (5.29 MB, 5158x7728, DSC_4711.jpg)

She legit has no ass.

No. 352313

File: 1487176276243.jpg (5.56 MB, 7728x5158, DSC_4597.jpg)

Just noticed, she left the "MADE IN CHINA" sticker on her heels… smh

No. 352314

File: 1487176304473.jpg (5.25 MB, 7728x5158, DSC_4651.jpg)

dat face. yikes

No. 352315

Those stockings look like orthopedic socks people wear to stop blood clots.

No. 352316

File: 1487176364464.jpg (5.07 MB, 5158x7728, DSC_4471.jpg)

the jokes write themselves

No. 352317

File: 1487176474957.jpg (5.7 MB, 5158x7728, DSC_4576.jpg)

Is she lifting her tits up? lol

No. 352320

holy shit these are so fucking blurry. why is the focus on the fucking chocolates? you're trying to sell sex, not fucking chocolates

No. 352324

These look so ridiculously trashy and awkward, especially the chocolate eating photo. She really doesn't know how to be seductive or hot.

>Is she lifting her tits up? lol

Yes. She also wears that draping fabric to cover her guts.

No. 352325

When you get a better photographer but the photographers still shit because they aren't directing the model on how to pose for the best picture (so maybe they don't actually care?)

Also a wide angle does no good in this photo. It just makes Momo look unflattering.

No. 352326

So her posing got worse but at least shes not in some shitty hotel room. Those Mei photos are just so gross though.

No. 352329

Mariah really took that bulk seriously. I remember thinking she's fat in bottom second from right. Oh how would I be proven wrong, I just wish she was only that size now.

No. 352330

Check out the dirty sock on the floor to the left beneath the bed. KEK so classy and seductive.

No. 352332

These just look like some weird knock off cinderella to me?

No. 352337

File: 1487182059103.jpg (5.6 MB, 7728x5158, DSC_4673.jpg)

lol why did she include herself eating?

No. 352338

>Unfocused/badly focused pictures
>Face one million shades darker than neck and body
>Disgusting body
>Idiotic expressions
>Tacky lingerie
Well, fuck.

She's appealing to chubby chasers/feeders, it's clear as the day now.

No. 352339

So much fupa peeking through

No. 352340

To be fair these are a LOT better than the Mei ones. The Mei remind me of a granny trying to be sexy. Lol.

No. 352341

File: 1487183022051.jpg (104.89 KB, 800x1200, jWotr44.jpg)

Instead of doing these poorly done Valentine's Day shoots she should have worked on Camilla more. Katsucon is this weekend? No doubt she'll be working on it in her hotel room. This is the result of a terribly rushed sewing job with no love at all put into it. It'll end up as a more 'updated' groping set because of how much she's slacking.

A costume as detailed as Camilla needs at least several months to make. Thank fuck Yaya Han is wearing it to the same con, Momo is delusional as ever if she thinks remaking hers to obviously get attention from her will work.

No. 352342

Maybe she left it there to emphasize how much she knows about the character since Mei is Chinese~ :^)

No. 352345

File: 1487183402945.jpg (989.83 KB, 450x254, 1RuaI5I.jpg)


If she can't do the bangs right, I doubt she intentionally left that sticker on. Hell, she did the hair pin in the right place on previous pics but in those ones, she put the pin on the wrong side

No. 352346

Why is her ass emitting blue light?

No. 352347

>red contacts
Camilla's eyes are purple ugh

But besides that, holy shit this craftsmanship. If anyone's going to Katsucon, please find both Yaya and Momo and take comparison pics for us that won't be shooped or angled to hide things.

No. 352348

I really hope Moomoo will actually wear the costume to Katsu and won't chicken out. I neeeed those comparison pictures. Need them.

No. 352350


She'll make it a 'cute groping set' with a Lobster Daddy if it's shit again, just like she went boudoir the first time.

No. 352351

RIP Moomoo's career

No. 352352

Wow, it looks like she used similar fabric to Mariah's, but the difference in quality is AMAZING.

I can't believe she's actually going to show up with hers when Yaya is going to look bomb as hell.

No. 352353


I think the fabric is Yaya's own line, which Momo also uses and has to point out several times to make it sound like she's full on 'pro'.

No. 352366

File: 1487189512964.png (480.58 KB, 759x526, kek.png)

oh boi

No. 352367


For fuck sake…it just gets worse.

No. 352368

How can you post an image of yourself like this and think it looks okay? Barf.

No. 352371

If SSS was really was rubbing off on you. You would actually hit the gym to lose some weight and actually put effort into your work, Moomoo.

No. 352376

She's pursing her lips like Pixyteri would. Can we consider Momo the new Pixyteri?

No. 352378


Tbh I thought it was PT until I realised it's actually Moomoo's shit attempt at looking sexy and trying to hide her figure.

No. 352380


her boob job scars are so obvious here

No. 352381


And what looks like armpit hair. Not that body hair is a terrible thing but with Momo trying to be like SSS it's not a good look.

No. 352385

Increasingly all her pictures convey to me is how hard it must be for her to breathe. Even without the waist cincher and her bizarre bras, she looks like she's being suffocated. Her boobs are one sneeze away from crushing her neck.

Look at the fold at her elbow. She is going to develop an elbow FUPA if she doesn't turn this around now. I don't know if it really registered how fucking fat she is getting until I saw these red negligee photos. Her body is beginning to distort in that way that super-fat people demonstrate. Like you see a close up of a portion of a fat person's body and you can't tell what you are looking at. She's 20 pounds away from being a visual puzzle up close.

What is happening with that bruise pattern around her breasts? How fucking tight are her "corsets," bras and waist cinchers because it looks like they are causing her physical damage wearing them. You can sort of see the outline of her last body-shaper around her breasts and up around her sternum. The bruises follow the way an underbust corset or bra would fit. She needs to size up or she's gonna find herself in a world of pain.

Guys, throughout this last set with the Mei-Cinderella corset, red negligee and black corset, I noticed how discolored her elbows and knuckles are becoming. Straight-up AmberLynn Reid-style beetus discoloration. I don't remember this being a problem for Momo in the past. She has put on so much weight so quickly that she is in danger of becoming ill. I don't like concern trolling about healthy mainly because I don't care if these dumbasses give themselves metabolic diseases but it's still startling to see those discolorations on Momo's carcass as she tries to pose all sexy-like.

No. 352388

I hope you're wrong anon. I don't like pointing it out much either but by gaining weight, people's health will deteriorate in some way. 'Body positive' out the window, there are risks when you get bigger and one of my fears for Momo was she gains some side effects from her increased weight gain. Whether it be diabeetus or even muscle pain. I don't like her but I also don't want to see her health suffer because she's making bad decisions.

No. 352390

I don't think Momo has had a boob job. Those things sag and need hoisting up like a balloon filled with lard and sand. Fake boobs don't need to be strategically held up like Momo has to do.

No. 352392

She had Breast reduction surgery when she was a teenager I think. She doesn't have fake boobs.

No. 352393

She had a reduction and she's been open about it. I think that's what anon meant.

No. 352394


Ooooh. My bad. Didn't know she had a reduction.

No. 352395


I find her toxic, but her rapid weight gain and how it keeps getting worse is disturbing. But I get the feeling she doesn't really give a shit that she's damaging her health by her new very lazy lifestyle. As long as she's making money and the fans enjoy seeing her look even more 'thicc'.

No. 352397

Who? She's emulating someone here?

No. 352400

She's so fat and her gunt makes me want to vomit. Jfc. Lose some weight, moocow.

No. 352401


No. 352407

Lol I think you're right. At least Gabby and Sierra have more legitamite reasons. I hate to be "that guy" but at least gabby and sierra are in relationships and moved in with their spouses. Its typical for weight gain to happen then. Moomoo is alone and if anything should work on her body otherwise she is going to continue to be alone. Better to be fat, happy and in love than fat, in denial and alone.

No. 352409

Her boobs look so flat when she's not holding them or squeezing them in a push up bra.

Not at all. PT has lost a ton of weight, Mariah's been doing the opposite

No. 352411

Sage for kinda OT but being fat wont stop people from wanting to date her. Plenty of guys are attracted to fatties.

No. 352412

No one thought PT would lose the weight either, so there might be hope for her yet. Or she'll take the lazy route out and get lipo, but not change her diet and get fat again.

No. 352414

She has a weird cult following. She tweeted a bunch of emotional shit about how beautiful e her life is and she wasn't meant to be in love but her fans keeps her strong, and in her favorites there's just a barrage of people saying "that ass changed my life" "stay strong you're so beautiful" I think this fatty is different than PT but I was never around for PT. Did Pixyteri have just as many sad, obsessive fans?

No. 352415

Holy shit she just doesn't care does she?

No. 352419

Hellll no. The Queen had a lot of people who actually tried to help her get her life in order without being too obvious. A few even offered to send her to Japan on their own dime. The problem with PT was that she was delusional, a bit of a racist and lived in a fantasy world where she slowly shut out even her bigger followers. The upside is after the Queen turned 30, she turned herself around and lost weight (dancing to anime songs no less) and she seems way happier.

Momo's on a different spectrum though since her followers are following her for a sexual reason and her personality's awful.

No. 352421

Who is PexyTeri if you don't mind me asking because she sounds worse then Moomoo.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 352423

File: 1487194930949.gif (441.53 KB, 500x190, ryan.gif)

No. 352424

> Posts on /pt/ without knowing who PixyTeri is

Newfags lurk more. Check out the catalog if you want to see something about her.

No. 352426

I was thinking Momo's face has really held up well (or even improved?) through her accelerated weight gain looking at this >>352195, but this new selfie… Yikes.

PT's pretty admirable for turning her life around like that after years of struggling, moreso because she seems to some sort of mental illness or is on the spectrum. Momo's situation is just less sympathetic because she's far more stable and has more agency in this situation, but is just a massive dick.

No. 352428

>she seems way happier.
Doesn't she think she's turning into a dickgirl and can only have anal sex because of how fucked her pussy is

No. 352430

the biggest difference I think is PT actually wanted to lose the weight. Momo's fully embracing her weight gain.

No. 352432

File: 1487195898550.jpg (6.37 KB, 188x229, 12727468840906.jpg)

You best be trollin', nigga.

No. 352438

File: 1487196315331.png (94.14 KB, 580x577, momo1.png)


No. 352439

i mean sage for defending her but she did get breast reduction not implants and she was transparent about that so no one really gives a shit about that(learn2sage)

No. 352442

File: 1487196735509.png (781.03 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0968.PNG)

She's really milking it

No. 352450

File: 1487197182163.gif (1.93 MB, 177x177, tumblr_oji4roxQOj1sopmsmo3_250…)

No. 352452

Honestly I thought it was pixyteri at first and thought I was in the wrong thread. It's amazing how she's taking her route. That hairdo's even like the queen's Rukia wig.

No. 352456

>Did Pixyteri have just as many sad, obsessive fans?

What do you think lolcow.farm is?

No. 352458

Not only is she milking it, but she's pretty much ripping a bunch of shit Zoie Burgher drunkenly said in her new video. Moomoo is just trying to garner sympathy points

No. 352459

>I fell in love with somebody, and we could never be together.

Good lordt, it really is word for word

No. 352460

What happened? Didn't he hangout yesterday in her house when she was working on her Camilla cosplay?

No. 352461

Wow her body is insane. Is it all real? Anyway could be a good influence if Momo starts taking care of her body and loses some weight.

No. 352465

Remember way back when she admitted she used to have bipolar depression. Well that never never truly goes away

No. 352470

File: 1487200557598.jpg (41.94 KB, 902x186, IMG_6316.JPG)

You can't make shit shiny Moomoo, no matter how much time you put into it

No. 352472


No. 352473

Didn't know that. Thanks for clearing that up. I guess that's what those marks are but they seem so livid and bruised. I wonder if ill-fitting bras and shape wear are aggravating her scars.

I wonder if her surgery has been more or less rendered negligible by her weight gain.

No. 352475

File: 1487201216978.jpg (86.94 KB, 900x288, IMG_6317.JPG)

Her heart hurting is probably the cholesterol speaking

No. 352478

Surprised? Not really. What I am surprised at is that she straight out said she wasn't able to finish her instead of making up some bullshit excuse.

No. 352487

Maybe one of these days she'll learn that it just isn't possible to shit out an amazing – or even decent – cosplay in a week or two.

No. 352488

File: 1487202883912.png (333.15 KB, 1440x2291, Screenshot_2017-02-15-17-34-24…)

That's why there are a lot of newfags lurking since these threads are one of the first things that pop up when you google her. Lol

No. 352490

File: 1487202941239.jpg (264.58 KB, 768x1024, Untitled1.jpg)

i hope you guys don't mind, but i drew some fanart of momo for the thread ( insp by the pretty princess thread )

No. 352491

lmao this is probably because Yaya' costume is 1000 times better than hers.

No. 352494

Anon this is amazing. I want to see more but this is also enough. Her face makes it.

No. 352496

File: 1487203452622.jpg (10.15 KB, 241x231, shrek kek.jpg)

holy fuck the stained panties

so accurate it pains me

No. 352502

File: 1487203729848.png (333.02 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170216-110729.png)

Everyone's Google response is different, anon. It's based on previous searches etc. Here is mine.

No. 352509

File: 1487204566250.jpg (19.79 KB, 272x275, IMG_6127.JPG)

>chingchong love me back

No. 352514

Probably realised she won't be the center of attention at Katsu with Camilla now that Yaya aced hers. Momo seems like the type of cosplayer who deep down throws a tantrum when someone else does the same costume but better and she's intimidated by it.

No. 352516

I was worried of her when she mentioned on her Twitter that he had only slept one hour while making Camilla cosplay and pondered that is not going to end well.

It's better to make it with time than in rush anyway.

No. 352517

File: 1487205710407.jpg (978.12 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170215_194117.jpg)

No. 352519


>inb4 wow fat apologist/pigfucker

She would actually be pretty if she would stop shoveling her face with garbage.

No. 352520

skinny-shop aside, it's crazy how much even some red lipstick could've made this photoshoot a little sexier

No. 352521

I like the shoop. That size would actually be completely feasible for her with some simple lifestyle changes and consistency. As it is now I'm actually starting to worry for her because she's devolving so rapidly into having the body of a 55 year old mother whose husband won't touch her anymore.

No. 352522

She looks sooooo much better in the shooped version. Too bad she's such a lazy sack of shit. That could be you Moomoo!

No. 352524

It's amazing how much better she looks with red lipstick on.

No. 352525

Picture for next thread is sorted.

Good job, art-anon.

No. 352526

My bad Anon when I mean one of the first things that popped up I ment things that popped up on the first page of links when you google her. If you scroll past her social medias you find the threads.

No. 352527

Top Kek my dude.

No. 352540

Is that you Moomoo?

No. 352548


I'm not surprised, but half of me expected her to wear it only to butter up to Yaya, get pictures with her then go onto her Twitter exaggerating her experience with "omg I'm screaming and crying right now because I met Yaya and she's doing Camilla too and she complimented me on mine and I just look up to her and it means a whole lot coming from her!!!" The same dumb shit she does all the time, so she can add to her bio "have connections with well known cosplayers like Yaya Han" when in reality it was a 15 second exchange.

No. 352549

You can't put red lipstick on a pig ? still a pig

No. 352550

Anon that clearly is not Moomoo why would she say Top Kek to a picture making fun of every flaw she tries to deny and hide.

No. 352553

Just fucking around. Moomoo says "my dude" in every other sentence.

No. 352554

This is glorious, thank you anon.

No. 352574


Haha she's also well known for passive agressively acknowledging people who make fun of her.

No. 352581

File: 1487220402490.jpg (923.43 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170215_234559.jpg)

No. 352583

Are you korean?

No. 352585

I know it looks like a Gangnam unni… lol

No. 352588


this is great

No. 352592

File: 1487222232441.png (1.68 MB, 1334x750, Tereteru_happy.png)

Thanks for doing these shoops. Please make more.

No. 352593

Yaya made her fucking chicken lol

No. 352596

File: 1487223149193.jpg (1014.63 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170216_003122.jpg)

Ok. I will stop. Too bored lol…

No. 352597

>Yaya releases the first photo of her Camilla cosplay for the same con as Moomoo
>Moomoo immediately cancels hers
Well at least she's self-aware. I don't even know what possessed her to want to wear Camilla to the same convention as Yaya as Yaya's work upstages her hard. Did she seriously become delusional enough to think that her work is on par with someone who has been making costumes for like 20 years?

No. 352604

And before anyone gets to say that she wasn't remaking Camilla for Yaya: It must be the biggest fucking coincidence that she just HAPPENS to dig out a cosplay from last summer that just HAPPENS to be the same character as Yaya is making for the same convention. And just HAPPENS to cancel her Camilla right after Yaya releases the first photo of her clean and well-done cosplay. I don't know why Moomoo wanted to cosplay the same character as her though, I doubt Yaya would be impressed at some fat patreon chick trying to rival her.

No. 352607


Goddamn. I'm not even a fan of Yaya, but she ALWAYS puts out quality cosplays. Glad Moomoo realized how shitty her cosplay is and backed out. What a fucking chicken though. Hey Moomoo~ all you're good for is second grade cosplay and spreading your nasty twat

No. 352609

Stop making the original photos look even more disgusting, please, I beg of you

No. 352611

mistakes into miracles. gg shoopanon.

No. 352612

This one looks like sheena

No. 352617

This could have been her chance to reasonably make her version of Camilla, give herself a few months and learn to properly sew and try some of the details. Even if she wasn't necessarily the best, if she had better social skills instead of snubbing her fans and pandering to fuckbois, she still could of still had a good Katsu experience and gotten a lot of compliments and respect.

But instead, this was clearly an attempt to try to upstage Yaya, and I'm pretty certain that even if she superficially liked Camilla in the past, she probably has completely lost any love for her now because all she thinks of it is how it's no longer her character.

No. 352623

Looking at these images side by side is so staggering. I can't even believe that Momo can't even sew a straight line.

On Momo's gold parts it looks like she had to double sew it? Like she fucked up and tried to backstitch all the way.

I don't get how this girl has the biggest fucking ego when her seams are so messy, colors are never right and everything is just such a rush job of threads sticking out everywhere, uneven lines and disgusting puckering.

No. 352624

Momo tries to gain attention from her with tagging her name when bragging about using her fabric line. Then she happens to get the exact sewing machine as her. She thinks she'll become like her overnight and hasn't practiced any sewing skills or learned how to improve at all. Momo clearly wanted to try and become buddies with Yaya over their love for Camilla. She fucked up lol.

No. 352626

Looking at this again, I just noticed that she's sewing the cape strap to the chestpiece on, again, the wrong fucking side. Mariah's always putting shit on the wrong side of her costumes, like the hair part and pin placement on her Mei. For a while I thought she was just mirror flipping her images but shit was still not matching up. She should stick with symmetric designs since distinguishing left from right seems to be an issue with her.

No. 352631

Ahh fair enough. Yeah I see them when I scroll down, too. Was hard to see with the cap.

Sage for slightly off topic, I guess.

No. 352638


This buttering up on Twitter…omg… Yaya wouldn't like it, she'd think it's a dig at her. Yaya isn't really nice, you just don't go up to
Yaya, Yaya approaches you. Moomoo will never be accepted by Yaya even if she uses all her fabric. She was definitely trying to butter up to Yaya, she's been doing this ever since she started buying the fabric. When Yaya released her progress pics of Camilla and even mentioned that making Camilla was a pleasure project for Yaya and had spent MONTHS making it. Immediately moomoo tried to butter up by tagging Yaya for wicke because moomoo had tried to copy some techniques Yaya used for Camilla on the details for Wicke. Than two weeks before katsucon moomoo thought it would be a good idea to make Camilla the same way Yaya did, except moomoo cut corners and used almost none of yayas steps for the Camilla remake and instead of using craft foams to see over moomoo used heat n bond which somehow ended up looking terrible! How can one use heat n bond and still fuck up? Well that's moomoo for you. You know, super dedicated cosplayer might have been able to pull this off in two weeks, especially if it's their "job" to cosplay. But moomoo farts around so much when building by flying out to Anaheim to hang out with Rian and go to Disneyland INSTEAD of working on Camilla or anything new for katsucon when it was only a week a way. Staying awake three days in a row the week of the con to fuck around with David and lethal soul and only being half serious in Camilla sealed its failure of a cosplay. Don't invite your fuck buddy and friends over when your trying to con crunch moomoo! And fucking learn to use the right sewing foot and not go full speed when sewing edges! It's not fucking hard to see straight clean lines as Yaya would definitely look down on that, nigri doesn't really see her own shit so of course straight hems don't matter to her.

No. 352639

File: 1487252071274.png (78.01 KB, 629x559, IMG_4319.PNG)

Pic for above comment

No. 352645

I always got this impression from Yaya that she "tolerated" the cosplayers who were going the route of being costhots and trying to be nice to her to try and further their "careers" like what Momo is tryong to do. Which is a bit hypocritical since Yaya used her chest to further herself, but I can understand why she wants to keep other cosplayers at arm's length since the cosplay community in general has turned into a use and abuse circle jerk.

No. 352648


I feel like Yaya started Camilla just two months ago. It's a dead con time so now would be the moment when cosplayers usually either go dormant because of the holidays or get a head start on their more complex costumes.

I also feel like Momo is going to continue having a hard time talking to Yaya. Yaya's older. She's been through the cosplay drama already, ESPECIALLY with the failure of Heroes of cosplay. I noticed after HoC came out, she quietly changed how she deals with the public and became more professional. So if she deals with Momo it'll more than likely be at arms length. With the little toy arm claws for extra length.

No. 352649

It's so cringey how much of a try hard Momo is. How far up her own ass is she that she somehow thinks that she stands out from every other half naked cosplayer that Yaya will give her the time of day (in before Momo sees this and tries extra hard to stalk Yaya for a picture then tweet how much she's crying that Yaya was nice to her).

I feel HoC ended up setting Yaya up for failure only because it's reality T.V. I watched a few episodes and the one that stuck out to me was where Yaya was telling her protégé she shouldn't make costumes focused around her boobs. Like okay, Yaya. But it's reality T.V. so there has to be controversy and drama, which didn't make any of them look good.

Sage for mostly OT.

No. 352656

>So if she deals with Momo it'll more than likely be at arms length. With the little toy arm claws for extra length.
…I need someone to draw this, with Moomoo screaming CHING CHONG CHING CHONG at Yaya through a megaphone.

No. 352668

File: 1487267532612.png (218.86 KB, 494x436, mariahplz.PNG)

Speaking of buttering up jesus I cringe at her sad attempts at catching pewdiepie's attention HE'S NOT GOING TO REPLY TO YOU MARIAH

No. 352669

Pewdiepie obviously looks better. Like there is no contest.

No. 352674

why didn't she fix her nails before this shoot? beyond lazy

No. 352675

She tweets anyone who is actually famous because she thinks she's famous herself. God I cringe at the next cosplay she's going to ride out because it's popular, last year it was samus, this year it's Mei. Mariah the dickriding shit stain of cosplay.

No. 352678

Mariah doesn't understand that you can have the best tools and materials, but it means jack shit if you don't know how to use them and don't use them properly. She sews vinyl without a teflon foot, which causes wrinkles and pulls, and a teflon foot is like $10. She's too busy eating with her friends, doing lingirie shoots and crapping out terrible costumes to learn anything new about her craft. It's infuriating.

No. 352680

Would not tweet at Pewds now, Momo. He just lost his partnership with YouTube red and Disney two days ago because of Anti-semetic comments he made on his channel. He's defintately not going to give a fuck about your tweet right now.

sage for somewhat OT

No. 352681

I can't remember if she's dealt with worbla before but could you imagine that hot mess? $90 down the drain right there.

No. 352693

File: 1487273213915.png (189.52 KB, 720x827, Screenshot_2017-02-16-11-21-27…)

It's so tacky how she airs her dirty laundry out on social media. She literally outed KoreanBarbq as a cheater just to gain empathy points from the video going around.

No. 352694


Like omg yah you're totally right MooMoo. Like why you still lurkin

No. 352695

I'm not sure if this about KBB because there is this tag called #hurtbae where people quote an ad about a guy cheating on her girlfriend.

No. 352700


I am aware of that. Read the middle tweet "I've been in such a similar situation and it destroys you". Maybe it was about Eric, who knows. All I'm saying is keep that shit to yourself instead of trying to gain sympathy points on social media.

No. 352702

Maybe it's because guys don't want a relationship with someone who doesn't respect themself. If you're going to like a cheap whore, then you'll be treated like one. It's not empowering to be a spank bank for the lowest tier of nerds.

No. 352703

Nah, I think you were right assuming KBB, she's still crying about him on and off lately.

No. 352705

She did when she made her Mei gun
She primed it with fucking Plasti-Dip.

No. 352708

She had it was the Mei backpack and the first freeze gun

No. 352709

What video?

No. 352757

File: 1487291523682.png (677.23 KB, 1242x2012, IMG_4255.PNG)

It's always bothered me that Mariah calls herself Muslim when she's not. Her family isn't Muslim, and even if they are, they're the loosest definition of it I've ever seen, and I know a lot of Muslim peeps. Tattoos, alcohol, drugs, and openly sexually is all very taboo in the faith and culture. The fact that she even moved out at a young age for no reason is highly frowned upon too. She knows nothing of her faith (when she put up that curious cat question thing and was grilled), doesn't celebrate Ramadan which is the biggest holiday. It's disgusting to act like you're a part of a faith of people that are suffering just to use it as a platform to pander to a fetish and get more attention because it's controversial or trendy.

Pic: from her sisters gram that speaks about being Arab and not once as a Muslim suffering. More evidence imo.

No. 352759

lololol OFC SHES LEBANESE JFC I knew it. Lebanese ppl are legit mostly Christian and have some Arab ish traditions cmon bitch rly lebanese ppl are more likely to try to be more american than anything sry I'm lebanese sage BC rage post sry

No. 352760


omfg she's been pretending to be muslim this whole time? and because she's arab she knew no one was going to call her out on lying about it. wtf. she's trying to hit as many tumblr cool points as she possibly fucking can. that's literally disgusting.

No. 352763

What part of this is new? Moomoo is a pathological liar.

No. 352766

The Lebanese are notorious for being as Westernized as possible, have the least amount of Muslims in their country out of all the Middle East.

No. 352769

Girl I know it. So also I don't understand why her parents let her be so fat then? Like were all about $$$ but being fat is not cool in lebanese fams my rents would freak

No. 352772

Momo doesn't even give a shit about people she interacts with or sucks up to spewing other prejudices (and she herself participates with that "ching chong" yelling in that video). It's hypocritical as fuck to paint yourself as a victim only to shit on others and in instances where she knows she can get attention or support.

Her secularism (if she's even Muslim) isn't really an issue, more so that she's not sincere in how she talks about being Arab and how she monopolizes it.

No. 352779

Her mom is Italian iirc so there's not as much Lebanese influence. And her dad might be born in the US/Americanized

No. 352786

I fucking knew it she was lying about the Muslim thing.

No. 352793

Her mom is skinny and fit as hell and her dad is buff and fit. Why the fuck is Mariah so fat.

No. 352813

Rebellion or money, tbh.

I do wonder though, do her parents actually know how much she's making? I would think if they checked out her Patreon, but then I do wonder if it's something that she would try to hold them back from knowing other than having enough to afford a place.

No. 352816

I think that's why she's gone on such a "my friends make me feel unstoppable" kick, because she's a special snowflake who doesn't really fit in with her family. Her sister seems really intelligent and yes I am aware it's creepy to even look at her sisters social but that's the impression I get. Her sister and her mom are closer than she is.

She's stated she's Lebanese before when she first started talking about wearing a hijab. We all know she's lying about being of Muslim faith but let's not start that religious argument again. You can refer to part three and four in these threads. There's about twenty paragraphs of random shit there about being Muslim.

I still can't believe she hasn't even addressed the Muslim ban thing since she dickrode being a Muslim so hard during the presidential election.

She's such a special snowflake, lol.

No. 352818

File: 1487318270195.jpg (267.1 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_5740.JPG)

Taken from Katsu, she has the worst fashion sense I've ever seen, like shit even other nerds dress better than her, I wonder how many of those leggings she's gone through from the thighs rubbing together

No. 352819

Of course she doesn't celebrate Ramadan. She'd have to abstain not just from food and drink, but also from negative and lustful thoughts. No passive-aggressive twitter arguments and topless POV groping photoshoots for a MONTH? She'd drop dead.

No. 352821

So she's lebanese. Leban is about 50% muslim and 50% christian and the lebanese are probably the whitest arabs around anyway. Even her sister's saying here that she's completely white passing. But of course that doesn't stop Mariah from exploiting that ~beautiful PoC goddess~ status despite being pretty much white and having grown up in white America for all her life.

I'm guessing that her weight gain is her going out to eat all the time and probably snacking a ton while sitting on a computer. Maybe even alcohol consumption since she's known to be a party girl. She seems to be always online and she's unemployed so she has plenty of time to treat herself to fattening foods. I know from experience, when I've been unemployed food seems to "dull the boredom" a lot.

I never even knew she had a sister or any other family besides her parents. She hasn't mentioned her once I think.

No. 352847

Pew is a disgusting nazi why anyone would want attention from a known woman hater just shows how fame thirsty Momoturd is

No. 352848

Id be embarrassed if I was her sister and I'm pretty sure Momo will be on my 600 pound life soon.

No. 352850

It looks like a mishmash of several more popular cosplayer's wardrobes. With how jealous and stalkerish Momo is she probably buys the exact same pieces of clothing she sees people like Jnig wear. Except Momo has neither the look nor the fashion sense to pull any of it off.

No. 352851

Never knew she had a sister. Is she prettier and skinnier than Momo? Because that might be why she has never mentioned her before.

No. 352856

Her mom is not Italian, someone in this thread assumed so and kept saying that. From the way Mariah's sister has worded it above, she's Lebanese too. I think Moomoo's family has always been Christian, this would explain why she doesn't know shit about "being Muslim"

No. 352859

Momo said she was Italian on her Twitter profile years ago. But who knows if that's true

No. 352863

She said she was Italian - not her mother - because she was probably dickriding the Jersey Shore bandwagon. We know she's a compulsive liar

To be honest I looked out of curiosity and yes, she's also blonde. The two don't even look like sisters

No. 352873

She's trying to fit every single nerd reference she can because she has no personality

No. 352874


She has two looks: sensual hippo and casual teenage boy. Both are repulsive

No. 352875

File: 1487355425112.jpg (122.85 KB, 1080x1349, 16584919_1926138537614277_3996…)

How is the rampant growth on her hands her most consistent content?

No. 352879


why would you so willingly show off those nails

No. 352881


Those fucking nails are obscene

No. 352885

File: 1487357082606.png (92.38 KB, 500x476, howumanagedstar.png)

15 k but she cant go back to her nail lady to connect her blank spaces HOLY SHIT

No. 352888

I feel actually sorry for how unfortunate she looks

No. 352889

File: 1487360638986.jpg (30.46 KB, 564x423, 4c1906e496403f72d5b4897e92c314…)

No. 352891

File: 1487360823944.jpg (218.01 KB, 1000x850, mmmmmm.jpg)

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say I actually love Mariah’s features and I think her face has so much potential because she has unique features and rather young-looking characteristics all aging aside.

I personally don’t care if someone looks haggard without make-up (especially cause people can look haggard even if they’re healthy or improving their health) if:
they know how to do flattering make-up, have good style, pose well and know their facial expressions. However, her style, her make-up, her posing and expressions make for an extremely punchable face and I honestly think it’s a shame

No. 352900

the likeness is uncanny

No. 352902

File: 1487366474848.png (731.78 KB, 720x1193, Capture _2017-02-17-13-18-11.p…)

This is Mariah's little sister. I personally don't think she is necessarily prettier than mariah, but I think her sister is more well kept. I don't know what her body looks like but she is a vegan and seems to go on a lot of hikes and stuff. If Mariah took care of herself like her sister she could look much better

No. 352904

File: 1487366813813.png (875.44 KB, 720x1193, Capture _2017-02-17-13-22-41.p…)

Old photo obviously
But her sister is pretty thin and seems to have large breasts so I believe Mariah did get a reduction.
They look nothing alike to me. I think Mariah looks like her mom with her dad's bulgy eyes and her sister looks like her dad but with her moms eyes

No. 352906

she's pretty - very girl next door imo. i imagine that moomoo is jealous of her (cue tweet about how much she loves her sister soon lol)

No. 352907


her sister looks a LOT like her mom

No. 352908

also lol at mariah's tryhard posing while her sister and mother just smile for the camera

No. 352912

I wouldn't say she's stunningly gorgeous or anything, but she is cute/pretty and the "big" features her and Mariah share seem to work better for her (Moomoo's sister.)

She also has a much more genuine and friendly smile. Doesn't seem like an obnoxious person– whereas Moomoo's entire existence screams attention grubbing whore.

No. 352915

K that's insanely fucking creepy to stalk her sister like that, her sister hasn't done anything. Moomoo is a piece of shit who needs to quit binge eating but leave her sister out of it shit that's going too far and I e been shitting on moomoo since thread 1

No. 352917

Lol k momo

No. 352918

I don't think anyone is bashing on her sister but I do agree that this thread is about Mariah and we shouldn't be negative towards her sister who hasn't done anything wrong

No. 352921


Mariah had/has the cuter face imo. If she just went back to small fat territory she'd be fine

No. 352923

I'm not mono you ass, it's just fucked up to involve someone who isn't a piece of shit like moomoo. If I was her you would have been able to tell by her retarded wording.

No. 352924

I think it's safe to say that she is prettier than Mariah, her features are softer and she doesn't look like a turtle. I agree with >>352915 btw, I was avoiding to post her pictures for this reason. Her instagram is not private so whoever was curious could have just visited her profile to make sure we didn't involve her.
Also seems like we're having the periodical whiteknights, but happens when lolcow is on the first page when you google Momokun.

No. 352926

Yes. Your perfect grammar structure clearly means you're not momo.

No. 352927

I like how people get super paranoid over Maria being here when someone actually ask genuine question or questions some of the things discussed here, like you did with Mariah's sister.

No. 352941

What u smokin to think that Swedish man is a nazi?

No. 352945

It's because he posted a video saying death to Jews or something like that

Sage for OT(learn2sage)

No. 352947

No, he didn't say death to all jews I watched the video he made. Where are you getting this info?

No. 352948

ARe u really going to argue with someone about fucking pewdiepie in a cosplayer thread?
Fucking kek, go somewhere else

No. 352949

Am Italian and her sis in this pic looks Italian AF …but sage I guess(learn2sage)

No. 352950

Its so cringe that she actually put "Arab" like a retard. No one every puts "Arab" unless you're asking for attention? Like most people would be like "lebanese" or "Liberian" or etc or fuck even "Arabic" but even then its so broad like.. She's a fucking culture vulture hopping on any buzzword fucking embarrassing try hard

No. 352955

I bet my soul that she doesn't even know how to pronounce Arab right.

No. 352957


It's funny that you guys say this but have been mentioning other people like Collette, SSS, Gabby, Sierra, Tasha, others for over a year now too. What's the difference?

No. 352960

Y'all are fine with mentioning them, who most did nothing wrong and are very nice, but her sister is off limits? ESPECIALLY when we've talked shit on her parents and said nothing bad about her sister? That's retarded. Anyone involved with Mariah has been fair game. If you don't like this then don't mention anyone involved with Mariah except vamplette

No. 352961

Have you guys seen Moomoos newest tweet? She moons jnig. Jnig stamps her ass in front of a giant crowd. Its so desperate for attention. Hope she wore clean underwear cause jnig was too damn close not to smell her stank ass

No. 352963


I think involving family members is crossing a line into borderline harassment. We could almost get reported for it to be honest.

All of those girls you just mentioned are fair game because they're all attentionwhores on the internet. They all have Patreon a and they all get butthurt when someone doesn't kiss their ass and call them beautiful.

As for Mariahs sister they almost go out of each other's way to avoid eachother on social media. Her sister probably wants nothing to do with this shitstorm and I agree it's creepy to be stalking her family members.

No. 352964

Do you really not understand? The people you mentioned are cosplayers in the public eye. They put themselves out there and make money by being seen. Momos sister doesnt draw this kind of attention so bringing her up is creepy and invasive.

No. 352965

>They all have Patreon a and they all get butthurt when someone doesn't kiss their ass and call them beautiful.
If this is true share proof. Dont just make bullshit reaching assumptions.

No. 352967

File: 1487401082302.png (539.93 KB, 1125x2001, IMG_5247.PNG)

Can we just take a moment to reflect on how trashy cosplay is? Like Momo dropped her pants to have Nigs brand her. Like you're 32 years old and you think posting this is being a good ambassador lol

No. 352968

File: 1487401192792.jpg (399.38 KB, 1242x930, eeeewwww.jpg)

I was gonna give it a benefit of a doubt that maybe they're just having fun, but it can't help but scream trash at this point.

No. 352970

Mostly all the threads about these patreon whores are pretty telling already. This whole thread already proves that point alone tbh

No. 352971

her ass looks like my grandmas I think these cosplayers fans have serious issues if they support this trash

No. 352972

Oh you mean Nigri and her crew they have been poor white trash before patreon. Their group looks like inbreeding at its finest lol

No. 352974

Her ass is the literal definition of fat people ass, it's only wide but no definition to it whatsoever

No. 352976

I couldn't tell that this was a butt at first and was super confused on wtf this was supposed to even be. Is she even wearing underwear here? So gross.

No. 352977

Everyone is standing around watching this is so cringeworthy and triggers me

No. 352978

Stop talking to yourself

No. 352979

Hi moo moo nice flat ass

No. 352980

Hi Loonie. Nice mental illness.

No. 352981

File: 1487403150073.png (Spoiler Image, 47.78 KB, 795x549, IMG_5248.PNG)

Next stop backpage moo moo

No. 352982

File: 1487403157950.jpg (118.62 KB, 1024x768, sausage.jpg)

First thing that came to mind

No. 352983

It looks like she didn't even wipe. The look on nigri she face after wards says it all

No. 352984

Can someone publish her number I want to book her for a gangbang porno

No. 352986

I'm sure Nigri eats ass

No. 352987


What are you butthurt that we agree stalking her younger sister is creepy? Why are you pushing the issue? Fuckin weirdo.

No. 352988

Does her sister do open boobs too? I want to do a sister gangbang porno I'll pay in Taco Bell(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 352989

Oh my …oh my god. Its truly vomit inducing. It legit looks like a fucking pig omg!

No. 352990

Um what?

No. 352992

What the hell is going on in this thread?

Took me a minute to realize what I was looking at, jfc.

No. 352994

It's Loonie time. Check the Luna Laney thread in snow, she has some weird vendetta against Moomoo and Jnig. Also, she spams this thread and her own from time to time with nonsense. I'm assuming momo and jnig crossing paths somehow drove Loonie over the edge…

No. 352995

So funny Nigri had RT Momos branding then came here saw the comments and took it off her timeline.

No. 352996

Nobody is stalking anyone you psycho. using someone as a reference isn't stalking. Are you new here? Fuck off

No. 352997

>Pew is a disgusting nazi
Your joking right, it's been addressed several times that he was fucking joking about the anti-semitic shit he spewed not to defend goddamn pewdiepie but if anyone is unironically bashing him for being a nazi they are retarded.


It's gross how she photo shopped that shit, very much attention whoreish material.

No. 352998

4real I thought that was someone's arm from my 600 lb life

No. 352999

I think everyone knows that Momo started the threads on Luna so spare trying to gain sympathy moo moo. If you can't take the heat don't fuck with it because you will get burned and looks like branded lol

No. 353000

Jesus this is so gross. Honestly though I'm not surprised that this is her insecure way of trying to make up for the fact that she has no good cosplays to show while most people have amazing shit planned for this con.

No. 353001

They're both delusional bags of shit with embarrassing, hideous bodies.

No. 353002

I'm going to need therapy for years and lobotomized with bleach after each therapy session thanks to this horrid photo.

No. 353003

I bet Martin Wong was snapping photos for his coscommunity project lol. I can't imagine the putrid smell coming from that ass

No. 353004

Nigri wasn't even smiling. She seemed bored and probably horrified she had to look at that disgusting ass.
That whole video is embarrassing.

No. 353005

File: 1487405603256.png (216.25 KB, 600x338, 3cd8a33a.png)

Oh god considering that she has been wearing those stinky ugly leggings and probably hasn't bathed since flying out.

No. 353006

good job believing everything you see

No. 353007

Nigri was probably on Xanax she looks depressed and drugs will do it

No. 353008

Who cares about this asshole he hates women

No. 353009

Nigri has been kissing Momos ass lately and you have to wonder if she's lost it. How do you go from unfollowing momo months ago to branding her bare ass?

No. 353010

I agree that we shouldn't really stalk her sister per say and I agree the other people are fair game because they're public figures but it's unfair to assume they're all attention whores. Some of them are genuinely nice people who are obviously taking advantage of the situation. Not all of them are like moomoo.

No. 353011

Because ratchet begets ratchet.

No. 353012

File: 1487407016010.png (Spoiler Image, 245.24 KB, 1242x1970, IMG_0061.PNG)

No. 353013

Momo looks extra gross and massive next to the other girl. Is that nasty flesh colored thong the only one she owns?

No. 353014

Whoa that's a wide load warning image if ever I've seen one.

No. 353015

The neckbeard in the top right corner looks so unamused.

I knew that she was going to be sinking a new low this weekend, but this is so ridiculously sad at this point.

No. 353017

It says a lot when neckbeards aren't going crazy over this disgusting shit, who's the girl next to her tho???? She looks like the type of body moomoo photoshops herself to have
How is it even her fucking thong looks disgusting

No. 353024


That's Stella Chu, who is an exotic dancer, talks about cosplay butts, and a talented cosplayer, but sexualized. Not like the last two can be distinguished from one another another anymore.

Mariahs sister was brought up because Mariah posted a picture on gram of her sister, I assume people clicked her name and scrolled down to look at her gram (since it's public) and saw that she's incredibly normal and healthy and the OG post was discussing faith seeing as that's her sister and they would have the same faith and how Mariah has lied about who she is to her audience. Then people took it a bit further to compare the two sisters and admittedly so needs to be dropped because her sister is not part of these threads.

Jessica Nigri being Mariahs friend is so disappointing. Nigri is highly talented, professional, and dedicated. She's better than Mariah, and it hurts to see her lower herself to even speak to Mariah but I see how it happened. Mariah has tried very hard to create connections and has succeeded and it's almost impossible for them not to run in a similar circle. That's what happens when you make a lot of money and buy friendships, like donating a large chunk of money to Nigris bfs streams, or fuck the people she's close to like Deluca. Who is also at Katsucon and have not seen interacting with Mariah as of lately at all … interesting …

No. 353025

Seriously tho? I agree with everything else, but jnig? Dedicated and talented? She started almost in similar fashion like momo without being too extreme but by stil selling sex. and hell she's the reason momo is even doing this kind of shit, she's had a big influence in the cosplay community. And ofc they're getting along, they're like- minded people who sexualize and make money off of neckbeards. Sage for ot- I'm just surprised with the large number of jnig stans here.

No. 353026

Its Jnig and TheFatassGamingKoala. They purposefully try to sway the opinion of Grandma Nigri. Also, no one forced Nigri to "brand" Momo. Lmao. Dumbasses.

Y no soy Luna Lanie siquieres decir q ella soy yo pos ok pero like…


No. 353027

What the fuck is going on. Lay off the coke.

No one forced Nigri to "brand" Momo, but she exemplified a route that other lowlife whores who sometimes don't even like cosplay or know wtf anime even is have dived into just to make easy money by doing the absolute bare minimum and and feeding into this cycle that downplays the actual hobby.

No one is saying that Nigri put a gun on Momo to become a whore. I'm neutral about Nigri, but I'm sure she lives her life knowing well that she's made a killing by pandering to gullible guys and famethirsty girls, and is knowingly responsible for making these same girls believe that they too can wreck into the hobby for their owned fucked up gain.

Honestly, Nigri eventually hanging with MooMoo wasn't totaly unexpected. She probably tries to avoid encouraging her so that people could peg less of a blame on her for feeding the monster, which she probably also worries might one day come back to bite her ass. There's a good chance that Nigri is also trying to use Momo for her own cred and make people think that she's above drama when most know that's not really the truth for either of them.

No. 353029

I'm sorry I don't really follow the cosplay community and I don't follow Jnig, what does momo mean she was branded by her?

No. 353031

If you watch the video Nigri brands Mariah's ass with a rubber stamp

No. 353032

Basically Jnig stamped her ass. What says on it, idk. It's not a regular cosplay custom or anything, but probably like a stamp of approval for her ass to get attention from the crowd.

No. 353034

Thank you for answering that seems really fucking weird

No. 353035

Not gonna lie anon, it's pretty weird, even when considering that they normally do weird shit.

No. 353036

Pretty sure bringing up cows' family members is against the rules now so that's why

No. 353042

I don't know what's more vomit-inducing that ass or your Jnig fagging

I think it makes sense they're friends again. People change their mind all the time, especially someone who is LUL so randum~~ … and they can actively share their fans.

Seems moomoo is trying to become a baddie who doesn't give a shit about The Haters

No. 353043

File: 1487428196451.png (567.71 KB, 720x987, Screenshot_20170218-152659.png)

I hate this type of positivity monologue

No. 353045

File: 1487428451159.png (50.51 KB, 640x541, IMG_2346.PNG)

The unsung hero of this thread.

No. 353047

She doesnt realise shes basically saying
'Lmao fuck everyone keep to the people who unconditonally kiss your ass and dont call you out on your bullshit; that way you can live in denial forever…, i mean surround yourself with love'
Nice try tho MooMoo but youre never gonna be inspirational, theres literally no substance to your words.

No. 353050

This chick must have 0 self esteem tbh

Its funny she hates on girls who post nudes and stuff for free, but she just gave everyone a free assshot, something she's never done even in her ~boudoir shots~

No. 353051

>my friends are the only ones i brag about

Excpept all those other times you bragged about how a samus suit has made you so much money/ attemtiom

No. 353052

No. 353055

Will someone please pants this bitch at the con today

No. 353056

Are you fucking kidding me?
I may not like her but THAT IS sexual harassment. Her consenting to take off her clothes for photos or parties does not mean people have any goddamn right to go up to her and remove any article of clothing off her body.
For fucks sake how old are you?

No. 353058

I think they meant the opposite, not sripping her you dimwit.

No. 353059

Is that a shit stain?? Also she deleted this from Twitter

No. 353064


pantsing = pull someone's pants down

anon, can you lose your shit elsewhere, that anon just made a comment

also, what's with the paranoia every possible lolcow is lurking behind every comment

this thread is going to hell ffs

No. 353065

No. 353072

Jnigs has to pander to neckbeards and cringey cosplayers that kiss her ass at cons. Moomoo is no different, jnigs just complies and plays along cause she knows how to act in public and how to keep up her nerdy and ~random lmao*~ personality irl

No. 353087

>Writing 3 paragraphs defending jnig
>Stanning jnig in 2017

Umm okay..

No. 353154

save him

No. 353162

File: 1487469870147.png (170.02 KB, 750x1051, IMG_2771.PNG)

Another POV groping set?

No. 353163

so momo has already jumped on the table inu train as of whenever she posted that announcement of the live one, plus this, is….she gonna…pov kigome????

No. 353167

Okay, it took me a while to figure out why Moomoo's face bothers me so much, but she looks like a FUCKING TURTLE to me in some pics.

No. 353169

Wtf he's hot though

No. 353171

love yourself

No. 353178

Enjoy your memories while you can.

No. 353179

Well at least Inuyasha isnt a kid's show

No. 353180

File: 1487473460933.jpg (37.41 KB, 480x480, 13408914_1744047879192799_1743…)

Nah, I think that anon might be right. He looks pretty bad in that pic, but upon googling the dude, he's in decent shape and looks kind of cute, especially compared to KBB. I wonder how much Mariah has to pay these dudes though…? Because I mean, clearly he's out of her league at the least.

No. 353182

Idk he looks really weird to me but to each their own, like he did Zen and I didn't really like it?? Like he's not ugly but he's not hot lmao sage for a bit ot I guess
How the hell did she manage to get close to him tho??? He doesn't seem like the type to associate himself with people like moomoo but then again he could be a fuccboi since moomoo has a tendency to attract those types proven by her weird ass attention woe is me tweets

No. 353184

looks much better here than that other picture, but eh idk. Maybe it's the cat

No. 353185

He's the best Chat noir I've ever seen. He's certainty out of Momo's league been it comes to both appearance and craftsmanship. But we don't know him personally so who knows.

Momo only gets other cosplayers to notice her because of her huge amount of (mostly purchased) followers and desperate pleas for attention. She so fucking annoying and sloppy I have no clue how her friends stand being around her. So this may as well just be another case of two cosplayers trying to ride each others asses to stay relevant while secretly despising each other personally.

No. 353187

So if she's probably going to give him a cut if they do the POV set, she's literally going to pay for him to touch her?

No. 353188

What do you think the odds are she's partially doing this to try to make KBB jealous?

No. 353189

Judging from what I've seen of him on FB and IG he doesnt seem like the type do do porny stuff like that.

No. 353191

You mean he needs to love himself. Personal taste aside, he's conventionally more attractive and looks like he takes care of himself. He doesn't need to lower himself to Momo's trash level.

No. 353192

Oh I absolutely have no doubt she's trying to make KBB jealous. Everything she does seems to have some kind of layer of vindictiveness to it.

No. 353203

Strange, I looked at Kayyybears long ass list of followers and she doesn't follow Nigri or Mariah anymore.

I figured because both her and Krissy are going to Katsucon they'd make this big stink about how excited they are to see MooMoo but neither of them mentioned her. Weird.

No. 353205


Samefagging, I know, but MooMoo flew out to Katsucon with Gabby and Vamplette. Where are pics with them? And Gabby went home early. Did MooMoo just abandon them both for quality time kissing jnigs ass?

If she was invited as a guest I could understand that she'd have to hang out with the people she made a commitment too but if she just showed up there it's pretty shitty to just abandon your friends like that lol.

No. 353207

lowkey kinda hope mariah did ditch them for the fact of karma getting to her and for people to see shes toxic as fuck!! she hasn't been taking pics with vamp either right??? yikes kinda super asshole-y if she did, especially since they live together

No. 353208

File: 1487491397971.png (221.76 KB, 1242x2139, IMG_0069.PNG)

No. 353209

Fucking Christ what is that from?

No. 353210

It's on moomoo's twitter

No. 353211

File: 1487491702141.jpg (143.9 KB, 900x1200, C5A1Nv8WQAAwBes.jpg)

Well I guess she didn't abandon Vamplette. Kind of funny how they're both name dropping her and @ing her so hard lol. It's like their lives are complete because they met this chick.

No. 353212


MooMoo and Vamplette name dropping Nigri to clarify sorry.

No. 353213

File: 1487491765149.png (564.42 KB, 701x689, cbe4be858269a9aa424f1222b9dabb…)

I find it hilarious that Momo and Vamp haven't posted ANY photos together since they've been at Katsu, but they both got fucking pics of themselves hanging with Jnig.

As for Jnig she hasn't posted any of the pics she has with Momo or Vamp. I guess when you're a popular cosplayer you don't need to mention the small fry. People like Jnig usually act all happy when at cons, but when she gets home she's probably happy to not be around the suck ups.

No. 353214


Whoops. Sorry for posting the pic after you did. Literally appeared after I refreshed the page.

No. 353215

Momo only going to get worse. She's seriously sucking up Stella and Nigri & they're not helping by doing shit like this.

No. 353216

lmao can we clock jnigs receding hairline tho
but eewwwwwwwwwww idgi jnig "supposedly" said she doesn't like her fans, but why does she do disgusting shit like that

No. 353217

Are they even any pretty white us cosplayers? All I ever see is the old, the fat and the ugly one

No. 353218

Maridah's the first person to come to mind. although I don't think she's US.

Ewwwww I hope Momo doesn't have herpes

No. 353221

Is this what happens in the after hours of conventions? And here I just relax with roommates and go to bed after a day of cosplaying.

No. 353228

God that's disgusting.

No. 353229

Is Jnig known for this sorta behavior or? I haven't seen much talk of her acting like this very typically, she seriously looks like she's on something in these pics.

No. 353230


You'd be amazed at the things that happen after convention hours. All the obnoxious trash comes out at night.

Noticing how none of these sort of drunk photos actually appear on Nigri's social media. Momo on the other hand has to show the world how she got mouth to mouth from her 'idol'.

No. 353243

Looks gay anyway.

No. 353249

If he's Mariah's new fuck boy, I wonder how long it'll take for him to get fat like KBB

No. 353250

Jnig looks like a balding old man at this point

No. 353277

Everyone in these con pictures look like they fell through a hot topic, let a tween tumblrina do their make up and then somehow gained autism thru tainted lash glue or their various snapbacks and beanies being on too tight.

It all looks like a train wreck, im all for partying theyre adults and so on but its the sheer attire and attitude they go about it that makes it so disgustingly obnoxious and trashy beyond any reason.

No. 353280

No. 353281

Gabby posted pics with other cosplayers and people but not with Mariah around. Maybe she is embarrassed of posting with Mariah? Trying to hide that she's joined the kissass Mariah slave girl fanclub? Gabby is fake AF. Bet Mariah makes them carry her stuff, take pictures of her, and make her costumes.

No. 353283


I noticed that as well. Like the cosplayers who look like someones mom tend to dress like the fuck boys they want attention from.

It's to appear more like one of the boys. Both Nigiri and Momo had a more feminine and mature way of dressing before they decided to be cosplay famous. Now they dress like my tween brother.

No. 353295

File: 1487536257800.png (83.44 KB, 283x299, imageedit_2_9316035948.png)

No. 353296

I have a feeling jnigs might make her take this down, like I've never seen nigs licking someone's mouth in photos? She does sexual poses sometimes with fans but never sharing germs like this. Also that hairline is like lake Mead, descending more each year

No. 353302

wow my two favourite tumors in the community

No. 353304

During otakon she posted pictures with momo, so maybe she had an argument or was left out lol. She once had a falling out with momo beforehand but maybe it's happening again since Momo does stuff like the nigri photo and the like.

No. 353305

Im pretty sure Gabby just didn't hangout with them. And I don't think she is fake at all but yet again there is no evidence she is. She did post a few photos with them on Snapchat but she didn't go out and pay with them. She posted several times that she started at the hotel, left the con early, and then she left to visit family in Virginia.
Kinda OT.
BUT Mariah just called out Steff on Twitter so that might be a part of it since gabby and steff are friends.

No. 353306

Party* not pay. My bad

No. 353307

Who's the other girl, I haven't heard of her. Does she have a thread?

No. 353308

File: 1487540547358.png (166.69 KB, 720x1193, Capture _2017-02-19-13-40-50.p…)

This seems pretty unwaranted. Wtf momo. Stop publicly calling people out on Twitter.

No. 353309

File: 1487540570883.png (1.02 MB, 906x1028, momo1.png)

heeeeere we go!

No. 353310

File: 1487540810054.jpg (93.34 KB, 540x960, momo2.jpg)

No. 353311

File: 1487540879491.jpg (89.82 KB, 540x960, momo3.jpg)

No. 353312

So this person makes a facebook post and what I'm assuming is their personal FB, and Momo obviously blows shit up instead of just talking to them privately? Pretty typical since she is clearly just looking for people to defend her/ white knight her

No. 353313

This all seems ridiculous. Mono don't try to call her out to make her look like the bad guy. If anything it makes you look immature and crazy. After reading that post, not only is that definitely what momo would do, but the post is pretty respectful all in all. Steff has a bigger impact on the community. She actually has connections and friendships with pretty important people. Mariah just has neckbeards and people who party with her. Its all super shallow.
This just proves that Mariah hasn't changed and is just as toxic as before. Time for her to stalk these threads again so she can moment my stop being super shitty.

No. 353314

File: 1487541518404.png (29.43 KB, 560x205, lolque.png)

Mariah is freaking out om this chick even though she only replied to Mariah once.

No. 353315

Mariah has talked shit about Steff a lot in the past year and it's all been unwarranted

No. 353316

File: 1487541684835.jpg (930.85 KB, 1615x1080, momo-4.jpg)

Mariah wrote this and posted these screenshots too

No. 353317

LMAO that last message is so manipulative!

I like her cosplayer, but I don't like speaking or listening to her and she's super bitter.

K bitch. Also this is just one interaction about Steff, I'd be interested to see if Steff posts receipts.

No. 353318

File: 1487541831046.png (78.38 KB, 874x182, momo 5.png)

then Mariah wrote this comment, she's really losing it

No. 353319

jesus… this is onion tier manipulation. she didn't say she respects her at all in those messages? she said she respects her as a cosplayer (ie: she respects her cosplay skills) then goes on to say she can't talk or listen to steff, and that steff is bitter.

No. 353320

File: 1487541963933.png (57.65 KB, 888x236, momo 6.png)

scratch that, she's already lost it

No. 353321

My understanding is this all started because Steff was a judge at Otakon Vegas and Mariah and Colette competed, didn't win and then asked for constructive criticism directly from Steff and then didn't like what she had to say and took it as an attack rather then feedback

No. 353322

Got screens?

No. 353323

Directly from the horses mouth my friend

No. 353324

File: 1487542117052.gif (508.28 KB, 245x200, giphy.gif)

Doesn't surprise me at all. Mariah can't handle any sort of criticism, mostly because she's held up on a wobbly pedestal by people for whatever reason.

No. 353328

Right, wasn't that when they wore those unrecognizable Eeveelution cosplays?

No. 353330

lol, she's mad someone said she did exactly what she did?

No. 353331

Otakon Vegas 2016
I remember when that happened. I could try to dig deep into Moomoos posts for screenshots but that was over a year ago. Mariah posted about the unprofessionalism and personal attack she felt by the judges. Then she later said it was all a misunderstanding. Steff is professional and doesn't like drama. She also isn't friends with a bajillion strangers on facebook so her posting to her friends isn't public or slander. Its her talking to her friends. And Mariah has done plenty of shit talking to her friends so I frankly don't see how Mariah can look down on steff (other than steff is short)

No. 353333

I don't know but something tells me this drama has something to do with gabby, hence why she wasn't seen much with moomoo

No. 353336

This is unintentionally funny because they were Mew and Mewtwo apparently. Obviously not memorable

No. 353337

File: 1487544065731.png (71.86 KB, 640x709, IMG_1100.PNG)

I feel bad for Steff because she made it on her private FB AND she filtered it down to less people and someone still sent it to Mariah.

No. 353338

Momo is going to crash and burn fast the rate she is going with trying to start shit with better more well known cosplayers. I'm assuming it's because she thinks she's on a higher pedestal because she's "friends" with Nigri.

Slightly off-topic, nothing satisfied me more than seeing all the people I know who went to Katsu and none them took pictures of Momo. Though, it's probably because Momo was too busy inserting herself into Nigri's crowd.

No. 353339

Mariah has personally messaged one of my good friends asking him why he's friends with me, when I am full of drama along some other shady shit. Unwarranted. And she didn't know him well enough, but he's a part of the community.

So, Mariah, maybe you should take your own advice, and not create drama and shit talk. There are ways you can personally handle your issues and not put them on public display MY DUDE.

No. 353341

why she look like leafy tho

No. 353345

"Don't try to be attention seeking and name dropping"
The projection is hard.

No. 353346

It's pretty pathetic because anyone who is objective can totally tell that Steff is the one in the right here and Mariah is just perpetuating drama. It's telling of her character.

No. 353347


"If you have a problem with me then tell me!" As she publicly outs somebody who had posted on their private Facebook page. Stay classy, Momo.

Calling it. Incoming QQ video on how she's such a great person and all she has ever done is be supportive of everyone and she's just sooooo sick of the negativity in the community. ;_;

No. 353351

File: 1487548720900.png (125.67 KB, 640x758, IMG_4330.PNG)

Even her own photographer is telling her to chill, fucking grow up Mariah mallad. We're fucking tired of this shit in vegas.

No. 353354

File: 1487549362876.png (119.74 KB, 275x226, 1484874744867.png)


Hey Mariah, I know an amazing attorney that can help you out. She's an expert on libel and slander.

No. 353356

Looks like Luna Lanie is rubbing off on Momo.

No. 353360

Pretty sure Momo only hanged out with Vamplette was because it was her birthday this weekend. If given the chance to spend all con with Nigri & her crew she'd ditch her in a heartbeat. Their 'friendship' won't last at the rate she's going.

No. 353361

Zach Fisher just announced he's designing an armoured version of Moana for her. His designs usually rely on decent worbla skills to do right. Wonder if she'll try make it herself or pay someone else to.

No. 353362

Can you make a screenshot of it and black out any identifying info of your friend and yourself?

No. 353364

Maybe she'll pay KBBQ or Collette? Who else is she friendly enough with that would do it for her

No. 353368

you can't compare weeaboo guys to normie guys when it comes to hotness tho

No. 353371

Top fucking Kek mate on her own photographer calling her out on her own drama baiting shit.

No. 353378

Why is Zach Fischer a think he's a fair artist and a unemployed fatass

No. 353379

For fucks sake. It's like it's every other week this bitch has a mental breakdown and posting essays on Facebook about how she "hates drama/such a good person/doesn't care what her haters have to say about her/only preaches positivity and life". Even her fans have to be dick of her at this point. Clearly, she is he problem in all of this.

So either grow thicker skin, or work on actually becoming someone who isn't a complete shitbag. Or just stay off the internet entirely. Because holy fuck is it tiring to see you constantly bitching and moaning.

No. 353380

Nigri is pure trash I was happy to see that Yaya ignored the bitch

No. 353381

Mariah needs to be knocked down hard off that pedestal. I think the only reason she has fans is because they are all fat and identify with the struggle. Or maybe they are just as mentally ill as her. I guarantee she has been sexually abused as a child

No. 353383

Went too far with the sexual abuse thing there anon. She has fans because they're fat fetishists/attracted to any cosplay girl. It's all because of the sexual stuff she does.

No. 353384

link to the video of her whoring to Nigri?

No. 353385

momo is 32???

No. 353386


I don't think she's 32, I think she's 21 or so.

No. 353387

Ironically, it's her reaction to other people that PROVES everything people say about her is true. She's not "feeding" the drama, she's creating it while the other person is refusing to be dragged into it.

No. 353388

She only feels like she's on that pedestal, especially now, is because she thinks she's friends with Nigri, when all Nigri is doing is using Momo's obsession of trying to be a part of the cool kids club. I mean, she's getting free promotion from Momo's tweets, even if they are trashy. "LOOK AT WHAT ME AND JESSICA NIGRI ARE DOING." "LOOK AT MY MOM, JESSICA NIGRI." "PICTURES OF ME AND JESSICA NIGRI." When it looks like Jessica isn't even reciprocating the excitement on her own Twitter.

No. 353391

>POV groping set with Phil Mizuno
>vid related is my reaction

No. 353395


Haha, wow. Mariah actually started all of it. She literally said "I don't want to be in Steffs group because Steff seems bitter." Is she that fucking retarded that she doesn't realize opening her big fat mouth like that is what causes problems???? If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all, don't go to her friends and tell them what negative things you think are wrong with them???? What happened to being not judgemental and all that bullshit? Momo is such a big fat liar.

I honestly can't believe she posted that last paragraph in an attempt to defend herself. It more or less shoots her in her own foot. But unfortunately, her neckbeards love her more than Steff so guess who's "in the wrong and just jealous of MooMoo"

Yeah Momo is probably gonna assume this comment is from either Gabby or Steff and start more shit.

I wonder if Lolcow is actually the main reason for MooMoo drama, she's all paranoid the people she knows are posting here lol.

No. 353396


Pretty sure this was all taken down now. Fucking lawl, everyone must be telling Mariah that it was a stupid play.

No. 353397

its fucking hilarious how everyone could see she was being the bitch in the problem and not this steff person. she's really so up her own ass that she thought her evidence made her look like anything but a cunt.

No. 353401

"People told me she doesn't like me :("
"Check your shit next time steff and stop listening to what people tell you!"

Does this stank bitch hear herself?

No. 353402

Theres no way. He's not gross looking and seems to be well liked and respected in the cosplay community. Doubt he'd fuck that up with some tacky photoset with mono.

No. 353413

File: 1487565716559.png (4.5 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_4719.PNG)

Still couldn't fix the boots, huh? Righteous

No. 353414

File: 1487565837443.gif (2.3 MB, 498x280, oohgirl.gif)


All of this is making Momo look worse, omg.

No. 353415

The only way to fix those is to set them on fire.

No. 353416

File: 1487567447771.png (127.63 KB, 640x676, IMG_1114.PNG)

What is this shit lmfao

No. 353418

Zach fishers designs are all the same tbh like he's not bad but there's no difference to his designs, the moana one will follow the same way as deathwing and sindragosa, only thing about his designs have a lot of detail and we know moomoo tries to cut as many corners as possible

No. 353419

File: 1487567992328.png (93.75 KB, 640x968, IMG_1116.PNG)

Why would she post this

It's super unflattering and you can see how shitty her makeup is plus her age lines are soooo apparent. Why not edit it first?

No. 353420

I'm assuming it's just because he's done designs for Jnigs

No. 353424

Lol the idea passed my mind that she probably drags her fat ass flintstone feet so that plus shitty mechanics basically destroyed those boots. Pick up your feet moo moo

No. 353426

she looks like TMNT

No. 353427

File: 1487570175642.jpeg (75.12 KB, 600x600, eu_finding_nemo_chi_crush_n_ae…)

No. 353430

She's hella brave(and stupid) for going out in public with those fucked up boots.

No. 353432

I can hear, "Can't we all just get along, m'dudes?" in Crush's voice.

Christ though, why did she even think to not censor the name of the person she was talking to about Steff at the very least. She has no tact when it comes to this.

No. 353436

Yeah exactly, that's some grade A manipulating behavior. "Of course I respect her because I'm such a sweet person UNLIKE HER god she's a bitch and don't you forget it!"
And this is the bullshit manipulative control freaks do. I know a person who does this and is actually very similar to Mariah with the way they act. Someone said they don't like you? Make it into a huge drama and tell EVERYONE not to be friends with that one person and write multiple angry long ass posts about how the other person is satan and you're completely innocent while making yourself look even more guilty.

I think the magnitude of her meltdown is a telltale sign that steff is speaking the truth and momo is panicking over being exposed. Also
>If you got an issue with me say it to my face!
>constantly makes passive aggressive vague tweets herself and the whole thing got started when she was caught speaking shit WHICH SHE PROVED HERSELF RIGHT HERE >>353316

No. 353441

I feel bad for that dude. I really don't like his boring, cookie cutter designs but if you're going to do his armor sets you need serious advanced level skill. Except Momo doesn't have that since she can't manage to do Camillas armor things or make simple boots for Mei. She's still a beginner cosplayer in craftsmanship regardless of how much she makes on patreon.

Either she's just going to have someone else do it for her or she's going to somehow do it herself. It would be smarter for her to have someone else do it for her but that might take a couple thousand because of how complex his designs are.

No. 353458

Well her Mei was probably a backup plan as Camilla was a mess and she backed out when Yaya Han debuted hers. She didn't suck up to her either all weekend, not a mention about her costumes or anything. So she latched on to Nigri and Stellachuu straight away though because of Overwatch. She honestly thinks she makes the best Mei cosplayer.

No. 353464

How old is Moo? 21? She looks so old in her face, fucks sake. People pay to jerk it to this turtle face??

Man, neckbeards need to learn self love. Ya'll can do better.

No. 353465

Not quite, she's in a few photos with her through tagged ones on Instagram at the after parties. But actually seems to look mature in them.

No. 353475

I agree, I don't know what's with her fixation on trying to 'mend' those boots. She seriously needs to redo the whole piece

No. 353476

She probably doesn't know how to pattern a new boot from scratch

No. 353478

File: 1487580864171.jpg (55.04 KB, 480x480, 12530751_1521739178126256_2135…)


Thought I'd provide pics. It was apparently supposed to be a pokemon gijinka. Vamps was pretty much the same but in pink. They both had paper umbrellas, and balls tied to strings to make them look like they were floating

The tail is absolute trash she basically donned a purple outfit and called it mewtwo

No. 353479

File: 1487580939886.png (437.4 KB, 1439x1632, 20170220_004926.png)

Kinda OT, but I used to run in the same circle of cosplayers as Steff (who is amazingly better than moomoo), and the sad thing is that if moomoo wanted to genuinely get better at cosplay, Steff would still try and help her. She's one of the nicest, least drama-fueled people I've ever cosplayed with. And she gives really well-thought out critiques (personal experience).

Sage for my two cents.
(Also I know the images have been posted separately, but to really understand how far momo is reaching for this drama you gotta see the direct responses)

No. 353480

File: 1487581291832.jpg (81.83 KB, 960x640, 12717848_778118558999762_10544…)

When I first saw her and Colette's pokemon gijinka at Otakon Vegas 2016 I didn't even know they were cosplaying from pokemon, I thought they were just 2 kitty kimono girls. Just goes to show how uninspired and uncreative both of them were.

No. 353481

I've personally have never heard something bad about Steff and I know at least a couple of people that know her decently well. So I can believe this right here.

No. 353483

Looks like two old ladies trying to be sexy like the cool moms.

No. 353486

Wtf kind of "ears" is mono wearing?

No. 353489

She's Mewtwo, so they're horns.

No. 353490

I really wish I could read the post-Otakon Vegas posts on these with her shittalking Steff.

I knew that there'd be some kind of drama happening this weekend, but my anticipation was her throwing tantrums over how unfair it is for people people compare her Camilla to Yaya's.

But lol nearly every person who is running in this circle has made some off-hand comment about what a terrible con it's been, and there's a 95% chance of it being mostly to this whole shitfest.

How stupid can you be to not think that eventually all that shittalking was going to get to Steff? From the subtle hints on what went down, I'm pretty certain that MooMoo sought the opportunity to drag a few other names down in the process.

This shit wouldn't be horrific had she not gone around spewing that she was doing the masquerade with them and trying to sound more of a big shot than she really is. She's a fucking joke.

No. 353491

Was the shit-talking done on Twitter or Facebook?
If it was on Twitter, you can search for tweets made around that date.

No. 353501

File: 1487588825156.png (23.22 KB, 1317x182, 55865786.png)

I'll check there. Going back to the old threads, I also remembered that someone talked a little more about the beef she and Steff have. Sounds like it's escalated from there.

It sounds also like Gabby left early from the convention? Not sure if it was necessarily related to that.

No. 353503

Pretty sure this is the reason behind moomoo's vile behavior and slashing at Steff behind her back. I've seen it happen before - people get all pissed about judge feedback and the fact that they didn't win and decide to go on an all out crusade against some judge that gave them constructive criticism. The fact that moomoo only offers some "buhh she's bitter and evil :(" line speaks volumes. I don't even know why she would go against her since Momo's been around only for barely a year and Steff has been an influential figure for YEARS.

Momo you can get all the easy asspats from the neckbeards and fuckboys with your porn sets but if you want to get the respect of other cosplayers you have to be respectful yourself and above all a decent human being. Momo's just one of those insecure 20-year old girls that claim they only hang around guys because there's less drama when they're the ones constantly starting shit themselves. For chrissakes Steff's post was a filtered private FB post and Momo has to blurt it out in Twitter AND FB talking big about how she should "say it to her face" when she herself didn't have the decency to sort it out in private. God she's a stupid fat hoe and gets worse by every drama. Glad her photographer called her out on her stupidity ( >>353351 ) and that Steff was mature enough to ignore her bitching.

The more I think about momo the more pissed off I become.
>Cosplays characters she doesn't know, makes them completely out of character (like Wicke being a fetish mommy)
>Constantly lies about things (like getting fired over cosplay) and deceives people to think she made her Mei cosplay herself
>Trashy porn sets she calls "cute groping sets" when they're straight out porn
>Doesn't fulfill patreon goals
>Has to start shit with people all the fucking time
>Puts up photos of her slutting it up with JNig
>wahhhh what's up with all the negativity in the cosplay scene yall should just chill lmao i hate drama!!

No. 353505

I agree, it's especially obvious considering that it was an extra hit on Momo that she competed and was judged by people she thinks that she's better than. In her dreams, maybe.

I remember her trying to defend her boudoir shoots at the beginning as a way for her to make easy money so that she could afford bigger and better cosplays. After the huge rushed blunder from Katsu and even her past shitty Wicke and Mei boots, it's pretty much set that she's going to eventually be the one who will create her own demise.

She probably thinks that she's hot shit right now coming out of Katsu licking Jnig's ass, but I'm sure that even Jnig wouldn't whiteknight her in this situation lol.

No. 353519

I also realized that this also may mean that the chat posted in >>353316 isn't necessarily the one that Steff is upset about. There's likely much more, and Momo chose to publish the chat that makes her look like she hasn't said anything bad about her to look like that's the text that she is referring to.

No. 353520

I think it goes without saying that Steff is referring to ALL the shit momo has said about her and the message momo showed is a cherrypicked one, she's probably spouting out really malicious and nasty stuff in private.

No. 353552

Lmao. I'm 100% sure it was Mariah from the start the one who hated Steff and not the other way round, so in those screens she tried to play the victim and say that it was Steff who hated her in the hopes that the other person in the conversation would try and do something to send Steff away, just so that chicken shit Mariah could be in her safe space where "everyone likes her". She's so transparent.

That blank stare. Maybe I'm only saying this because I fucking hate circle lenses, but those look terrible. And doesn't Mei have brown eyes, by the way? Why is Moomoo wearing lenses?

No. 353558

Gabby left early to visit family! I don't think it had anything to do with Moomoo.

No. 353561

File: 1487606040949.png (117.42 KB, 635x788, IMG_1119.PNG)

Sage for samefagging but

No. 353566

File: 1487609041592.png (2.22 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9676.PNG)

what's flattering about this? crusty turtle lips aside she just looks like someone who's been crying. please stop with the red nose.

No. 353568

Sorry if this has been pointed out in a previous thread but are they both wearing the kimonos right over left? Isn't that the way only dead people wear kimonos? Left over right would be the correct way to wear it, lol.

No. 353570

>Armored Moana
This is going to trigger me. Why would Moana wear armor? No body in the film wears armor, Maui is a demi god and is half naked. The culture the film is based on doesn't wear armor. I'm also sure that they never had any need for any armor in that culture?
fuck sake can she just put a tiny bit of love and research into these characters shes "loves" so dearly. Why do these cosplayers kill it for the rest of us, aswell as fans.

No. 353576

It's just about jumping in the bandwagon, and getting extra attention from Zac Fischer fans. Every cos-attention whore made disney worbla armor cosplays, and she feels the need to this to a new disney princess. It's the easiest way to wow people and feel creative about adding a "twist"

No. 353577

I can pretty much just imagine her photoshopping her Moana in with the group of the Disney Armored Princesses where JNig was Elsa.

Part of me thinks she's doing it so all the others will wear theirs again and she can be part of the cool group.

No. 353584


To be honest I bet MooMoo was hoping Jnig would whiteknight her because they probably trashed talked Steff once during the weekend. People have been going on a real Nigri dickriding spree ever since Looney showed up, but you forget Jess needs to make sure everyone remains beneath her so she can continue being "queen of cosplay". She doesn't like anyone who is better than her when it comes to crafting or looks, and she has this mentality where she treats everyone as her "babies" like she mentors everybody who actually has a decent talent, just so that they call her "senpai" and just get lost in a sea of wannabe jnigs. She always preaches love and acceptance but I can guarantee she doesn't like anybody who doesn't hop on her dick.

No. 353586

that's not really true and just speculation, anon
I know someone who is miles better in terms of crafts and they're pretty good friends. On her personal Facebook Jnig is constantly praising about how good her craft is and how she works so fast. I think most newbie cosplayers latch onto her so she has the senpai mentality but for friends who are equally as good or better she does respect them and stuff

No. 353587

Holy shit has the cosplay community always been this toxic? Who started this disgusting display of high school drama to begin with? Was jnig pulling her tits out and becoming rich and famous the decline of it all? I saw a lot of in fighting at katsucon this past weekend. Mariah seems to thrive on this shit. Between these girls trying to one up each other to get clicks and likes, to photographers getting grabby and greedy, it's all fucking terrible. This whole cosplay thing used to be for fun and quite frankly it's not anymore.

No. 353588

Id rather she do an armored version then try to seculaize moana tbh

No. 353589

File: 1487617245858.png (211.42 KB, 720x853, Screenshot_2017-02-20-10-54-10…)

No. 353590

File: 1487617297788.png (143.4 KB, 720x649, Screenshot_2017-02-20-10-58-14…)

Other girl has her account locked but I'm pretty sure she's talking about Patreon and boudoir shoots.

No. 353592


Ah, my bad. Thanks for clearing that up, anon. It was always speculation on my end because that's what I've assumed. I see all new cosplayers trying to kiss her ass and be her friend because they think it's an automatic gravy train being friends with her, and that's why I've always assumed the title "Queen of Cosplay" has stuck with her so long. Girls who are friends with her set the bar low because they expect being friends with her to make them famous and that's why so many of them get washed up so fast.

But maybe that's just the precedence that other people have set about her. I'd feel weird in Jessica's shoes because everyone's always using her for personal gain.

No. 353593

Lol most flogged is a cow herself and has a thread in snow. She's just like Mariah in that she dresses like fuckboy shit and gets in retarded fights for attention. Hilarious that she thinks she's taken the moral high ground by not doing patreon when her entire cosplay career has been catapaulted into obscurity by her constant drama pushing everyone important away.

No. 353596

She's also half Japanese (very white passing imo) and loves to play up the POC card in convenient situations, just like Mariah.

No. 353598


Cosplay is just one giant competition now to be like the most famous ones. To have the most followers on social media, paid in ridiculous sums to craft through Patreon, have swarms of photographers desperately wanting to work with you, get the best connections with the rising 'popular' crowd and so on. A whole new generation of cosplayers with a mindset like Mariah and every other coscow posted here who think they're hot shit are bringing it down.

No. 353599

saged for ot
but I hate that so much
I love to cosplay, and when I go to a con I actually go to do con shit, look around ,have fun, go to panels whatever, and get pictures with other people!
If someone asks me for a pic, it's awesome, but I'd never sit around in the main hall just WAITING for people to ask for a pic like moomoo does and others like her

the cosplay community is either super toxic and filled with drama, or extremely fun and filled with nerds doing nerdy things… there is no inbetween lol

No. 353603

This is going to look like shit.

21 going on 40. Maybe they have a MILF BBW cosplay fetish.

Yeah, I would've thought these were just generic catgirls or something. Nothing about it screamed Mew and Mewtwo to me. Mew is like a pure and innocent pokemon, not a walking advertisement for Yandy. But y'know, whatever.

Honestly, sort of. I mean, there was certainly drama and junk back in the day, like with UsagiKou, but most of that laundry didn't get spread over so many internet platforms in so little time. I hate what the hobby's become, but I think it's mostly these coshoes that scream the loudest that are being noticed, while dedicated and humble cosplayers that produce great stuff go unnoticed.

No. 353607

this is exactly what happened with Loonie and Chel's fatass. No one would have believed such an obvious lie with NO receipts if Moomoo didnt blast it all over her twitter. The post didnt even get 100 likes on Loonie's twitter.

No. 353612

Even if they did trash talk some other cosplayer when they were hanging out together (idk if JNig would, so hypothetically) then it's still retarded for Moomoo to expect JNig to back her up in a social media slapfight because Jessica is way too savvy about her image to publicly get involved with shit like that. She's not actually your "cosplay mom", Moomoo, she has her own hustle to look out for and doesn't really give a fuck about you and your petty bullshit.

Why not both?

No. 353615

I went looking through both their facebooks last night for what happened after Otakon (ps; shit was hard. Fuck you, Facebook). The only thing I found was Vamp complaining about their Mew and Mewtwo cosplays and how people kept thinking they were Espeon and Umbreon. Uh duh? What were you expecting? The colors chosen are similar and there's nothing defining about the costumes.

I feel if they ever redid it they should take it more extravagantly. The costumes look like something you'd buy at Spirit Halloween.

No. 353619

Vamplette deleted the posts and so did moomoo because it got smoothed over long enough for the Reality show.

No. 353625

>Why not both?

Please no. I'd fucking rage if she tried to sexulize Moana, a 16 year old who is actually a strong female. Not every woman in media needs their tits out.

No. 353628

It speaks volumes about the people who follow her. They give her ass pats but don't agree how she has a weekly freak out and tries to drag someone in the mud.

It's just like that video where she obviously snubbed another overwatch cosplayer and blamed the poor girl for even speaking to her

No. 353629

Agreed. I love moana, it's a great movie and the heroine is an actual heroine. She was the one who saved everyone. I hope she doesn't sexualize her but that hope is slowly dying. She wouldn't hesistste to do ~*~cute groping~*~ sets of moana

No. 353633

File: 1487630513027.png (160.48 KB, 750x844, IMG_0291.PNG)

I don't have time to read the whole thread since last time I checked on it, but check this shit out lol. i saw her a bunch this weekend too, but only in wicke and normal clothes.

No. 353637

What are those…

No. 353642

File: 1487632927900.png (579.42 KB, 703x715, saltguy.png)

marshmallows on a string in place of the salt.

No. 353643

OT but I can't believe somebody cosplayed that guy, it's beautiful

No. 353648

If she dares to sexualise Moana let her. It'll be satisfying to see her ripped apart by Disney fans and everyone else for her disrespect of such a great character who's only just a teenager. She'll probably pull some stunt like "I'm cosplaying as an older version of Moana so it's fine you gaiz don't hate".

No. 353650

>Tfw I've been planning to cosplay as Moana for AX and this happens

Oh god… I don't feel good about this.

No. 353651

Saltguy isn't wearing a vest and how gross to put stale marsh mellows from some random guy in your mouth. But then again mono is gross

No. 353652

Kind of hoping she'll do some blackface for it and get killed for it tbh

No. 353655

If anything, she'll make your Moana look so much better in comparison!

No. 353664

i can't think of anyone else it could be.

No. 353669

Lmao the other girl is from twinzik. Not surprised she talks shit w mostflogged even though they try to keep their drama free image. But you can't blame them when coshoes like mariah shit up the scene with awful construction and a nasty attitude to boot.

No. 353677

I 100% thought those were anal beads in her mouth

No. 353682

why tf is she wearing yellow contacts? Mei has brown/black eyes.

No. 353684

File: 1487642939159.png (621.45 KB, 1024x640, IMG_9842.PNG)

The yellow contacts are retarded.

No. 353688

It's because most circle lenses use yellow for their browns to make eyes look brighter and give it that honey color. Mariah is just too lazy to actually bother shopping around and get the darker colored ones.

No. 353691

She should have passed on the contacts. Her eyes are already the same color as Mei's and circle lenses look terrible on her.

No. 353699

File: 1487644923055.jpg (371.62 KB, 831x788, moo.jpg)

I would give her a pass on wearing lenses if she needed them to see, but again that doesn't explain why she couldn't just get clear ones or a darker color. She's obviously just trying to get Uguu eyes without getting the eye makeup right for it.


No. 353701

File: 1487645012353.jpeg (254 KB, 749x1217, image.jpeg)

No. 353702

So what?

No. 353703

Is it just me or does it look like she peeled her falsies off and then took this pic? I'm so confused like there's eyeliner missing and she doesn't even have mascara or anything on

No. 353704

This is a mirrored pic right? Looks freaky

No. 353705


As someone who is semi-popular in the cosplay community I can confirm that Jnig definitely does this. She's lucky that so many people kiss her ass because she is the ultimate bitch. She also lies about so many things such as hiding sponsors in her mail monday videos and claiming the item was sent by a fan. I wish more info would get around about how Jessica truly is.

No. 353706

It's mirrored with some realignment since the orignal isn't entirely in the center of her face. I just thought I'd give it a try since these kinds of things end up looking funny.

Good eye anon, I didn't even notice she had no falsies on. If she's going to do such a close shot why did she take them off or bother reapplying them?

No. 353707

She also licked an elevator window or something like that at Katsucon. She licked. A public elevator. She is fucking disgusting

No. 353709

I honestly figured that she did this to some extent. As the first anon mentioned, it helps her to have people like Momo look "up" to her as opposed to seeing her as a rival, since they'd be trying to compete in the same market. I feel like Jnig's interactions this weekend with Momo were all attempts to trying to throw a bone that she acknowledges her, but I hardly doubt that it's the start of a personal lasting friendship. With this weekend, Momo can now freely add publicity to Jnig as, "Mom noticed me!" and "Mom partied with me, she's totally awesome!

I saw people in the comments saying, "I don't know who this person is, but you look like a nice person online, so I will take your side." Way for her to add the hypocrisy of the whole situation.

I tried to look for these myself on Facebook, but it was definitely deleted by now. The screenshot of her CGL post that was posted on her first thread also implied that she (and or Colette) posted their masquerade reaction/complaint on the Otakon Vegas event page.

No. 353714

they look like shit

No. 353716

he wears a vest in other videos

No. 353718

I feel like Moochlette is only friends with Moomoo for her money at this point. I'm sure Moomoo pays for all her convention and travel expenses. I bet she's going to spend a bunch of patreon money for Moochlettes birthday and get like a shirt for hers.

No. 353724

if I was momo I would get colette plastic surgery for her birthday. her teeth bug the shit out of me. I see why she never smiles with her mouth open. is it just me or is her nose crooked too?

No. 353725

Luna has more power than momocunt the amount of likes on twitter doesn't mean shit when she has thousands of unpaid likes when she posted on Facebook. Momo is a flavor of the week just like other lazy cows Nigri throws a bone to in order to look all inclusive. I know nigs lurks here because she had to put up a pic of her and plastic surgery face Yaya partying after someone said Yaya cold shouldered Nigri on social media. No one likes Nigri behind the scenes which is why she's never been able to do more with her popularity like other you tubers.

No. 353726

Momo probably keeps Moochlette close using her money because nobody else actually hangs out with her outside conventions. She's practically a loner.

No. 353727

Go bump your own thread loonie

No. 353729

Momo is all about twitter too bad she'll never be verified for being anything other than a fat turtle

No. 353733

Loonie talking to herself as usual. Must be lonely with no friends and no real job.

No. 353734

you again? why don't you try writing the producers of botched instead coming on here okay?

No. 353735

Vamplette has a very hooked nose that does seem a bit crooked. Doesn't help that it's also a very strong nose so it just kind of takes up the majority of her face.

No. 353736

Pretty sure Momo will be shunned at Wondercon after bashing on Steff. Can't wait to see her self implode

No. 353738

File: 1487653715898.png (169.3 KB, 1120x1172, IMG_5305.PNG)

Obligatory thread plug for the sex worker friend of Momo. Is that KY jelly for easy insertion? How sad are these girls that Momo doesn't give a shit about them anymore(derailing)

No. 353741

Momo did you expose Kay for having an old man sugar daddy? Where were all the pictures of You and your bestie Kaybearrr at Katsucon?

No. 353745

i know u only make $6 a month on patreon but many therapists work on payment plans.

No. 353750

Loonie time?

No. 353754

Loonie, We should send you a straight jacket for 1. To stop you from randomly going to other threads and 2. You need one since you know you are a fuckin psycho.

No. 353755

These two photos look higher quality than anything Luna has ever shot. Try to stop with the potato quality hilariously photoshopped low res pics Luna and maybe you'll make more than 3k a month on patreon getting your implants out.

No. 353756

I'll just take your two cents with a grain of salt as well.

No. 353758

She just radiates that "two faced bitch" aura. I'm not American and I only know JNig via social media but I believe everything those two anons said without a doubt because adding up every drama she's been involved in it sounds completely in character for her to be like that. She gives off that certain vibe. The "taking the role of a senpai" tactic is something I've seen used a lot to combat possible rivals. A lot of JNig's old acquaintances have leaked her shit but they're always dismissed as liars. JNig is definitely a very skilled social manipulator and knows how to play the game, there's no fucking doubt about that.

Is that a man? No seriously I honestly thought it was a crossdressing male.

No. 353760

Jess just seems like she's so used to everyone kissing her ass and fame riding her that she just assumes she's everyone's senpai. Like other anons have mentioned she does give promotion and credit to other talented cosplayers but sometimes it seems like she feels as though she's doing them a huge favor by acknowledging their skill. Tbh I dont get why she's all over momo at katsu considering she hasnt shared or retweeted a single post of them together.

Also what kind of effeminate men are you used to if you can't identify a short haired female from a legit dude?

No. 353761

Momo acts like a growth, so maybe Jnig just figured that she'd go along with it for the meantime. I think she also does it to fool people into thinking that she's openly accepting of all types of cospalyers and is above drama.

By associating with someone like Momo, she's trying to create the image of, "She's got a lot of drama and people probably expect me to hate her, but lololol let me prove them wrong and that I'm so cool for accepting her into my crew."

No. 353763

As an experienced cosplayer who has spent a lot of time in the "scene" and knows all the tricks you can utilize to become more relevant, JNig is showcasing other cosplayers to gain their admiration and respect and to seem more accepting and nice. So when she's involved in drama people can defend her by saying "but she's so nice she helps the community by sharing other people's work!". It's very simple. She's reached the status where she's a cosplay senpai and a "legend" with the most FB likes etc so she can share anyone on her page without any threat to her status. If she was still struggling for fame, she would never do it. JNig latched onto momo to keep her in check - if that fat slut thinks she's buddy-buddy with her, she won't threaten her either. Just look at how psychotic momo has been with Steph, you don't want to have some crazy whore all over your ass. You give them a little taste of your friendship every now and then so they won't turn against you, but keep your distance so they won't realize what a bitch you are under the public image.

No. 353764

File: 1487667858763.jpg (39.23 KB, 750x579, 16681626_990453057753481_54343…)

Ugh I keep seeing Mariah in my newsfeed

No. 353782

File: 1487676369658.jpeg (240.87 KB, 750x1042, image.jpeg)

She looks like she needs a nap. Holy shit she looks like the mom chaperoning her kids with how old she looks

No. 353791

I don't get this. Probably better that way.
This is a nice OW group photo.

No. 353797

Huh she's not famous no one knows who the fuck she is in life

No. 353800

You out yourself by posting that screenshot I'm guessing you're part of vert vixens group of bitter basic California cosplayers

No. 353802

JNig is no angel, there's already a thread for her, she's already been exposed and a lot of different people confirmed that she's not the best person you could meet.
I have no idea why this thread is always infested by JNig whiteknights, but don't reply to them. Nigri is a bitch and we know it.
Just, unlike Momo, she at least tries to put a facade on and stay away from drama.

No. 353831

lol make sure you crop yourself out next time you screenshot, bindismalls. Don't want people knowing you're a salt lord.

But yea she does look pretty haggard. Everyone looks excited while she looks zoned out kek. This group shot is actually pretty nice excluding her and whatever that is on the right.

No. 353834

honestly almost everyone in this photo looks fucking exhausted. must be hard to take good photos when you're hungover as fuck the next day lol

No. 353836

I'm so confused, how did she out herself?

No. 353837

idk…the only thing I can think of is on IG even on other people's posts or your own it will show actual friends/ppl you follow's names on likes first before randoms so maybe based on the fact Vert Vixen and zubatprime are the names shown? Not quite proof Bindi posted it though.

No. 353840

Bindismalls is the only who posted the photo, not the one who took the screenshot, idiot

No. 353841

Sometimes I wonder if this board is full of idiots. The paranoia over cosfames being in here is ridiculous.

No. 353843

I'm still so confused on her and KBBQ's relationship. First they're fuck buddies, then she posts 42197014 passive aggressive statuses about how he lied and cheated on her heart and he doesn't go to Katsucon with her (since iirc he said he was going to go in the past when they were still "dating"?), but he still goes to meet with her and help her on all her cosplay?? I get that she can still use him as a crafts-bot, but what's it in for him? If he wanted another fwb I'm sure he can get someone much less fat and haggard and closer to his area.

No. 353850

He follows me back on twitter and im half tempted to DM him. I'm just too much of a pussy to actually do it in case it firers back somehow.

No. 353851

File: 1487705610699.png (98.54 KB, 361x192, sip2.png)

It would be great to have some deets but
tbh it probably will back fire on you
so maybe you shouldn't do it

No. 353854

I actually DMed him a month ago because he was doing some QandA and he said that they're just really good friends. Im pretty sure that momo is just trying to mark him as her territory or something so she can have him all to herself. I dont get why though when he's not even that good looking. He makes some decent stuff but Im sure even she can do better than that.

No. 353860

Are you sure? With her personality, terrible teputation, awful fashion sense, expanding waist line and fried hair do you REALLY believe she can get better? Tbh he's a bit too good for her himself.

No. 353863

Koreanbarbq was dumped by his ex for another guy and was cheated on about year or 2 at most. About the same time he started trying to go buff and decided to join the military and stop trying to be an " aspiring" Doctor. So Mariah really isn't in the equation about his feelings because as she made it relatively public he "cheated" on her with his ex. All this shit he's done with Marush, cosplay, talking about joining the military, and other garbage was to change the mind of the ex. It's a classic psychology thing. But where it meshes with Momo is her parents. Dad cheated on Mom, Momo hated him for a couple years then forgave him. Now her parents aren't remarried but domestic partners for the sake of their kids. So she's just playing into the same cliche psycho daddy issues. She even wrote a short fanfic about it

No. 353866

She dresses like a boy her dad used to be. She likes the Steelers just like her Dad. She likes guys like her Dad who call girls stupid, bully them, and play hit them. She's just on a line where the most of guys who will meet that criteria at her age are fuck boys. And if she continues she will definitely go into porn. Most porn guys I've met are of that personality and attitude. Plus she's extremely open about her sexual fetishes and doesn't want to think ahead. Just live in the moment until she's doing blow bang videos

No. 353881

You're really going too far. You're basically writing fanfiction.

No. 353883

Are you implying she could do any better?

>She even wrote a short fanfic about it

No. 353890

Agreed like Kbbq isn't super high tier but he's still higher than Momo in terms of education, not looking like a cow, and craftsmanship.

No. 353897

>>353883 https://m.fanfiction.net/u/2012276/ Her profile. First Fanfic says it all and she wrote a lemon with an ex

No. 353900

>>"No! Stay away from me! Help someone Help!" The young girl cried, "Don't hurt me please!" She cried as she fell to the floor and backed into a tree."

I know we all have some embarrassing fan fiction that's horribly written somewhere but wow, truly, writing skills as awesome as her cosplay

No. 353901

Also some of these are inu/kagome so lol

No. 353912

File: 1487719471191.png (213.47 KB, 626x1044, IMG_4340.PNG)

She has never been humble, her writing and grammer has always been atrocious.

But then again one can never improve, if they choose to ignore absolutely every single piece of advice given to them. I hate this generation, any person who receives any sort of criticism immediately calls you a hater and ignores what you say to them. The word hater needs to fucking die.

No. 353913

File: 1487719649258.png (109.93 KB, 640x612, IMG_4341.PNG)

A/n at the bottom of that crap fanfic.

No. 353917

So she has been a fan of Umineko/Higurashi before being a cosplayer then? Not that her shitty sexy version really shows much dedication to the character this kinda shows she actually was into it before. I'm not sure if that makes this more or less sad.

No. 353918

File: 1487719947965.png (114.37 KB, 750x338, IMG_5541.PNG)

From the 'Love in the making LOTS OF LEMONS!' fic.

No. 353921


Well, these are pretty hilarious, but come on, some of them were written when Momo was like 15. Most fanfiction writers have shit we wish no one knew about that we wrote when we were first learning how.

No. 353923

Don't waste MY time reading, I want reviews. Lmao. I know she was young, but momo hasn't changed much.

No. 353942

I can't believe she put her real name.

No. 353967

There are updates as recent as 2014 though that are equally as awful.

No. 353968

Given how she picked Shion to cosplay that one time, I figured that Higurashi and Umineko were in her eyes the most niche titles she knew at the time and stuck with them. I think she derailed though after claiming that she was among the translation team.

I forget though, someone here confirmed that they were part of the translating comm and that they never had seen Momo be a part of it?

No. 353976

Nah anon i just googled her she looks Asian. i wouldn't be surprised if she was half white though.

No. 353982

What's the scoop on Momo after Katsu?

No. 353984

After looking at his FB page Im starting to think Mariah paid for this commission. He charges like $1000 for each one and it makes sense she would pay that money to make it seem like she is important enough as a cosplayer to get one of his designs. She has enough followers that of course he gonna mention he is making something for her. That professional allusion she is so good at.

No. 353985

I don't think he even does the designs for Nigri for free, so it makes sense.

I believe his art is his only source of income.

No. 353987


In the graphic industry you are discouraged from doing pro bono because it risks devaluing your work and your time.

I am 99.99% sure that yes Nigri and Moomoo paid for the commissions. He should be crazy not to charge Nigri since she is a "professional" and has a huge fanbase. Plus he's a freelancer.

No. 353993

He's definitely charged them both, and charges around $800 per design.

No. 353998


No. 354004

Will someone tell her that he's gay so she doesn't make a fool out of herself again? I don't know if I could bare seeing a Phil centered emotional breakdown about it being better to have loved than never loved at all.

No. 354005

At least she hasn't come out saying that she's a published or professional writer. This stuff is bad, but it's like passable for 15-year-old weeb fanfiction. If she tried touting herself as a serious writer, that'd be a totally different story.

I'm pretty sure that she paid for it. I'm sure that Jnig did too, but might have gotten a discount or something given how she's plugged his name as the armor rite of passage.

Unless it's super on private, Steff hasn't made any further comments in regards to Momo at the con. She did make a post about how she didn't have a good experience at Katsucon, but kept Momo's name out of it, even the incident entirely.

No. 354006

You came all the way here to defend your white ass MF?

No. 354010

Whoa wtf why are you so angry lmfao
I agree she clearly looks asian
Take your vendetta to mf's thread

No. 354014

We know you lurk this thread MF so stop derailing and shut the fuck up.

No. 354017

This is Loonie levels of crazy omg

No. 354019

Oh is he really gay?? Sorry if it sounds stupid but I don't follow him too closely to see if he's out or not
God I hope momo has an emotional breakdown over him so people can see how crazy moomoo fucking is

No. 354020

He's gay..? I didn't know that
And who cares. Cause the heart wants what it wants.
Mariah has made a fool out of herself so many times, what would one more do?

Ot though, he looks almost exactly my boyfriend which creeps me the fuck out however I didn't know he was half native
Or did I read his bio wrong-

Sage for useless comment

No. 354063

I'm that anon and yes, Momo was never a translator for Umineko or Higurashi, VN or side material. Hell, she was never even a prominent figure in the fandom at all. I wouldn't be surprised if she had only watched the anime and read some of the manga at most.

No. 354072

I have no idea how anyone thinks Moo looks good as Mei it's atrocious! Her bangs are going the wrong way, her contacts are wrong, her makeup looks caked on and her costume is shit except for the gun she didn't even make. There's so many better Mei cosplayers, even one of her own friends is a better Mei than her, I wonder how she'll deal with the jealousy kek

No. 354076

File: 1487782235170.jpg (117.71 KB, 960x960, 16649310_1131193647008826_6391…)

When you pay that much for what is basically a re-colour of something you've already paid for.

No. 354077

Thats awkward. The guy has skill and talent with the actual art, but he doesn't seem to have much talent for design.

No. 354092

Momo has friends?

I looked through her social shit and I don't see another people she knows cosplaying Mei. Who is it?

No. 354094

He's shit and dickrides every cosplayer hoping they'll use his boring artwork

No. 354098

I found his commissions on tumblr and you can get a flat design for $150. $400 for a detailed colored one so that's pretty reasonable if you have the cash.

No. 354125

File: 1487794440742.jpg (753.75 KB, 1104x1940, Screenshot_20170222-151129.jpg)

Apparently that's how it looks like for now
Still not that much but you can make the overall design out
So far personally I don't even think it looks good - design wise from what I've seen so far he is a good artist but design wise not that much considering that most of his are similar
Prettu sure Momo will get help from someone if not that will be a trainwreck

No. 354126

Also good for her that basically 90% of her face will be covered

No. 354128

I can't even tell this is Moana. Why is she doing this? It's such a simple cosplay to do the original so why has she chosen to pay for an ugly overcomplicated design?

No. 354130


She wants to be one of the 'cool kids' and be more accepted by Nigri because omg they both did costumes designed by the same artist.

No. 354133

I for one am very excited to see the trainwreck when she tries to create this.

No. 354134

I honestly doubt moomoo's going to actually make this. She simply doesn't have the skill.

No. 354139

I do not get why so many cosplayers change character designs in general tbh. If you want to dress up as a Pokemon or something I understand making changes because it's not even human. I also understand having to make changes because some details are impossible to pull off irl. But like… If you've reached a point where you change almost everything, what even is still the point of cosplaying? If you do not like the designs of the characters you dress up as, you might as well just stop.

No. 354142

iirc nigri's reason for doing this was because some companies, like valve, were actually going against cosplayers for copyright reasons for selling photos of their Chel cosplays from Portal. I highly doubt this is the thought process behind Moomoo, and seems like an excuse from Nigri, but I do know a few cosplayers such as itsrainingne0n and Monika Lee said they had to discontinue their prints or Valve would sue them…and they figured more companies would take action like this.

No. 354143

attention. they don't have the talent to be the best/most clean/accurate ___ in a sea of them, so they have to go the lol so originul route and overcomplicate stuff (and fail) to try and get people to notice them despite their basic failings.

No. 354145

That's such bs

No. 354146

not saying I believe it just remember this reasoning being posted a couple years ago by Nigri.

No. 354147

disney does have some insane copyright rules but i feel most game companies encourage cosplay. valve must've needed money bad.

No. 354150

They don't and it's not true. Just a shitload of nigri dick riding itt

No. 354151

as an islander its depressing to see one of the incredibly rare attempts at portraying 'genuine' poly people be given the titty armor + over designed look. especially with that 'scary islander'mask.

No. 354152

Yeah, I agree with you.

No. 354154

how she gonna wear a corset under it tho

No. 354155


I feel as tho instead of "armor tribal islander" maybe the direction should have been more of things from the movie? Like a manta ray mask instead of the tribal looking mask? I can just see this getting borderline offensive easily

No. 354169

File: 1487806262036.jpg (92.98 KB, 639x664, stfu.jpg)

would you stop with accusing anyone that says anything not shitting on jess as dickriding? i literally said i don't believe that is the legit reason and that jess was using it as an excuse but ffs i didn't make this shit up it happened a year ago and was hitting a lot of cosplayers in the community…copyright infringement for characters when it comes to SELLING PRINTS is a real thing

No. 354176

she's setting herself up for a massive failure. Can't wait

No. 354178

Its almost as if cosplay was created for fun, and not for monetary gain

No. 354179


Oh fuck off that's not even the point of it at all

No. 354182

Are you okay anon??? I wasn't disagreeing with you, but its kind of ridiculous to expect to be paid to dress up as other people's creations tbh

No. 354185

I wasn't the poster of that tweet

And no one said anyone's expecting to be paid, but people are allowed to sell prints lmao

No. 354189

Looks more Groot

No. 354200

Ok so she didn't actually come uo with this excuse. Careful gamingkoala your Nigri stanning is slipping.

And before you call me anything I know you're gaming koala because you're her only fan in 2017 dumb enough to namefag in another thread

No. 354205


Jfc Loonie levels of psycho here

No. 354206

You realize nigri has been brought up multiple times before this right? Defensive much?

No. 354208

You guys suspect that if she goes through with the cosplay, that she'll get hounded for not being Polynesian?

No. 354209

But guys, she's a Muslim remember?

No. 354211

She's actually already been called out on it, her response was "I was in Hawaiian club I know my shot ok"

No. 354215

I hate both of these bitches, but I love looking at Momo and Jnig's twitter. Momo's looks sloppy and unprofessional as fuck. She has to show EVERYONE she's having TONS of fun!!!! And @'s Jnig every change shes gets. While Jnig just post pics of herself in cosplay. Barely mentions Kastucon and doesn't even bothering posting pictures of Mariah.

No. 354217


She's trying so hard to get noticed more and acknowledged by Nigri it's actually really sad in an embarrassing way.

No. 354222

dude stfu. i obv posted the photo off my acct but it doesnt change the fact that i was defending the point i read that somewhere not defending nigri. also why the fuck do you even know who i am? stalker.

No. 354224

I stumbled upon this page after I heard Steff talking about her and she honestly deserves all this hate. She claims to be some big name but abuses her fame to go after people. If you're going to call yourself a role model you should act as such. I've known Steff for years and she doesn't deserve someone like this bitch going after her. She's just some girl who got too big too fast for her own good. She needs a reality check. I hope that reality really comes to bite her when she loses all of her fans and friends from acting unprofessional.

No. 354228

>got too big too fast for her own good
Kek. I hope you did that on purpose.

No. 354242

Yeah, definitely. Momo is under the impression that just because she's new to the cosplay scene and has neckbeard followers that she can trump other more established cosplayers over. It's obvious that she's assmad because Steff clearly has no intention to kiss her ass to have respect in the community.

Kind of sad that Jnig had to reciprocate it, even if it's fake. Momo can't tell the difference.

I seriously don't think that she's going to make this on her own, not without it being majestically sloppy. I still shudder whenever I scroll past those puckering trims on her Camilla. The original Moana costume still requires work and detail, so I don't know why she wants to set herself up for even more fail by doing more details when we all know that she's lazy af.

No. 354243

File: 1487828506215.jpg (44.29 KB, 416x643, C5M1v70WQAEfHEV~2.jpg)

Goddamn. She's so ugly. I cri.

No. 354245

If she was about 100+ lbs lighter, bet you she'd make a fantastic MJ impersonator.

No. 354247


People are only allowed to sell prints if the creators of whatever you're doing don't care enough to sue your ass. Because once you make a profit out of someone else's creation it's no longer a grey area when it comes to fan creations.

People just know someone companys /creators care more then others. Disney will sue your ass to hell and back if you tried to sell print of some Mickey cosplay while some company's view it as free publicity to have a cosplayer promote their character and sell prints.

No. 354249

There's no grey area
Why do you think it's legal to sell fan art?
I forget the law, but I know there is one that allows the person to sell fan art that isn't exact an copyright issue and cosplay prints happens to fall under that

And there are soooooo many girls who sell princess cosplay prints and are just fine

Valve was just being uppity in that case apparently

No. 354251

Doesn't selling cosplay prints fall under the same legislation as something like fanart that's an original creation of a character someone else made? I'm not from the US so I don't know about your copyright laws that much but people definitely are free to sell fanart at least.

However the main reason people do these design changes is that they want to bootstrap some popular character that lacks an interesting design but would bring in a lot of facebook likes, so they give it a makeover with some generic JNig-Fischer worbla armor and call it a "warrior x". Now the design is detailed and has a lot of armor, so people gobble it down for being popular and semi-elaborate. Pokemons are especially popular choices because you can make them look whatever the hell you want and literally everyone knows the series. So if you take the shoot photos and put them online calling this the slutty warrior mage Espeon people will share that shit like crazy. It's usually the trick these patreon sluts resort all the time to. Recycled Kamui worbla breastplate, cheap fur trims and sloppily made ears and boom - at least 20k likes on instagram and shared on multiple gaming magazines for being the cosplay of the year!!11.

I can't wait to see pics of her trying to glue this together in the hotel room

No. 354254

Nana or Sierra?

No. 354270

>Momo's InuYasha Fanfic

Jesus christ, I cringed, cried, and laughed. This is a hot mess.

No. 354272

Mariah didn't hang out with Collette, Gabby, Krissy, or Kay because she was too busy chasing JNigri. Every day she asked people where she was and that's how these photos exist. Because of excessive stalking. Do you think the public will know this? No, they're going to see it as if they're buddies. Sometimes I dont know who is more stupid, Mariah or her fans.

No. 354273

Oh shit lol, if this is true, I'm not surprised. But that's extremely pathetic.

No. 354276

To make it worse she only hanged out with Colette a bit because it was her birthday weekend. Lack of spending time with her is why she probably wrote that soppy Instagram post about their friendship. All that guilt. She'd would rather spend time with the popular kids than her own apparent best friend.

No. 354279

We all know moochlette doesnt care as long as she keeps momo as her sugar mama

No. 354285

Momo is that one girl we all knew in highschool who thought they were friends with everyone and did everything to parrot anything popular to fit in. But no one said anything just in case they were special needs.

No. 354287

true but i know ppl that sell nintendo & disney inspired things on etsy can easily get reported so i figured it worked for prints, too. nintendo and disney are by far the worst culprits

No. 354289

So Steff made a post on her fb page talking about her experience at Katsu and she didn't have a good time, her post made me really sad tbh cause Steff does come off genuinely sweet and kind, hell even some of my more popular cos friends are friends with Steff personally and hate moomoo before the whole drama escalated, sage for off tangent before I get into my main point here, but apparently Steff and Moomoo hashed out their differences in person at AX, but since everything was resolved verbally and no proof of this being done so no one believes Steff when she says she actually tried talking to moomoo personally, anyways back to the main point here, Steff talked about her qualms about Katsu, and note she never named any names or people she was just talking about the difference of the vibe and con scene on the East Coast vs West Coast (and I believe her tbh I've had friends go to Katsu who are from the west coast that go to Katsu and say they don't like it and friends from the east coast who go and say they love it) so since Steff put this on her public page there's a few friends of moomoo who automatically assumed she was talking about moomoo in her post and calling Steff a hypocrite for causing negativity when she says she doesn't want anything to do about it, which is stupid imo, because again she didn't name names, anyways there's a cosplayer on one of the threads by the name of Spuds defending Mariah like ducking crazy, saying that she told her everything what happened and showing screenshots and how devastated moomoo is by all of this and how she privately wants to talk to Steff, which is bs, cause first of all moomoo is out there telling everyone her fucking drama and Steff hadn't talked about it all till almost a week after katsu

tl;dr >> steff made a post having a terrible time at katsu
>>moomoos mutuals defend her in the post calling steff the enemy
>>steff states she did attempt and thought they resolved everything at last years AX
>>Moomoo going around telling everyone at Katsu her stupid drama making herself seem like the victim
>>Steff wishes to talk to the people who are defending moomoo cause she wants to understand their pov but moomoos minions don't want to because she's the bully not moomoo

No. 354291

You know you could have just reposted it instead of making an unnecessarily rambly summary

No. 354292

Screencaps might help. Tbh I'd rather here more of how MooMoo is trying to make it about herself. I saw Steff's post but because she chose to keep Momo out of it, it's not exactly super relevant to this thread.

No. 354293

File: 1487857380990.jpg (1.52 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_5858.JPG)

Whoop sorry I didn't want to post tons of screens cause it's super long but here's a collage and the person "calling her out" on it

No. 354295

File: 1487857463674.jpg (1.34 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_5859.JPG)

No. 354296

File: 1487857510840.jpg (1.06 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_5860.JPG)

No. 354297

Who the hell is Spuds and why do they care so much about Momo? Did they even fucking go to the con or are they just reading Momo's bawwing on her FB and acting like a total hypocrite?

No. 354298

File: 1487857857611.jpg (1.01 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_5868.JPG)

No. 354300

Lmao was Spuds paid to defend Momo because holy shit they're so buttblasted right now. Also your last pic outs yous profile picture, so idk if you want someone seeing that.

No. 354301

File: 1487858169921.jpg (251.24 KB, 750x1020, IMG_5872.JPG)

No. 354302

Holy shit, Moochlette better watch out because Spuds is trying to climb all up in Moomoo's ass. Haven't seen sperging like that since Peter Coffin's ramblings.

No. 354303

What I don't understand is why Spuds keeps insinuating that Steff is the one in the wrong for having posted a filtered post on her private Facebook, not even her public page but this dumb bitch is trying to call her out on her public page when the post isn't even about Momo at all.

I couldn't believe that this shit was real, so I went to the page myself and almost every other comment is on topic to her post except for Spuds sperging the fuck out to whiteknight Mariah.

No. 354306

Same tbh it's like one of those if the shoe fits kinda ordeal
Steff doesn't say anything pertaining to moomoo but spuds keeps insisting that it is about her like wtf ??????

No. 354307

That and idk why the fuck does she even ask to hear Steff's side of the story when it sounds like she's just trying to shoehorn herself into a situation that she knows nothing about. I also noticed that the Jessie girl also seemed annoyed at her on the page. She must be annoyed considering how Momo posted their cosplay group conversation there too. That must be some strong Koolaid, Spuds.

No. 354312

Who the fuck is this Spuds retard and why are they so retarded?

How can they say Moomoo didn't blast Steff's personal info all over when she posted the PRIVATE/FILTERED facebook post to her 100k twitter followers? Like?????????????????????????

No. 354314

I don't understand how anyone can defend Momo. There's nothing redeeming about her, looks or personality. She's always the common denominator in all the drama she's involved in.

No. 354316

seriously. aside from Luna, every drama she has been involved in has clearly been her fault. Hell, even the Luna drama she didn't have to get involved in. I don't get how people who follow her can't be suspicious how she seems to be involved in some scandal or drama every week?

No. 354318

Apparently moomoos "friend"
Seriously that's the part that fucking trips me out about this whole thing is that stuff filtered it !!! So only the people SHE selected to see it saw it, so if anything she was just sharing thoughts on something with people she had trusted
And then moomoo fucking posts on twitter and fb pubically yet she's the victim??? Like what kind of fucking twilight zone shit is this

No. 354321

Woah Spuds, be sure to wipe the shit off of your mouth after you're finished with all that disgusting asskissing

No. 354325

Lmfao Spuds,actually encountered her before on both the OW shitposting and Ow cosplay group fb page(?), srsly turned off once I read her bs lmao

No. 354331

What a hot mess. I read Steffs post from a totally detached a POV and Spuds pulled Momo out of outer space because she reached so far. The post was so vague and broad you can't pin point Momo as being the reason for Steffs con experience. Spuds to back off because she looks crazy af for pulling drama out of no where on a vauge post.

No. 354334

Birds of a feather amirite?? Moomoo brings the company she keeps

No. 354346


seems like a azn girl with insecurities. move along tryhard, momo doesnt care about you.

No. 354354

I stopped reading the argument the second that dickriding sperg lord said "Mariah". Goddamn, that post was so fucking vague, lol. Wether Steff called out Mariah personally a few days before that post doesn't mean shit in this one. Do these fucking retards not realize that there's thousand of people out there who cosplay, thousands of people who had the opportunity to ruin Steffs con experience? The world doesn't fucking revolve around this fat pig and that's why I keep posting in this thread. This fat bitch needs to learn that she's a small fry in a huge community, not everyone who talks bad is referencing her, not every subtweet is about her. She's nothing. You had your moment in the sun with Nigri and that's great, good for you, but you're not "the next big star in cosplay" the world isn't watching you. It's fucking cosplay for God's sakes, in the real world, nobody even knows who the fuck Jessica Nigri is. Get your head out of your ass. Cosplay fame is nothing. I'm tired of her thinking anyone who's mad at her is just bitter because she's more famous than them….You have 20000 neckbeards fapping to your posts and talking about your tits. Your entire Reddit is about chubby chasers who like your rolls. You're a D list celebrity.

Sorry for the rant but I am so triggered lol. Watch MooMoo sperg out on Steff over Twitter and attack her for a post that made no reference to her.

No. 354355


Yes I am aware that it's ironic to sperg about how not everything is about her when we obsess about her every day here but honestly I just want her to be over and done with. You're not a rising star stop acting like it.

Also when it came to being photographed with Nigri, MooMoo hunted her down on Twitter when she asked what day everyone would be wearing overwatch cosplays. She forced herself to be Mei in those pictures. I guess I applaud the determination.

No. 354356

Holy shit you have the most retarded and drawn out way of typing.

No. 354366

I wasn't going to say anything but yeah, that entire post is one long rambling run-on sentence that reads like something dictated by an eleven year old in the middle of a sugar rush. Maybe look into using periods next time you try to explain something.

That said, dang that Spuds character is so far up Moomoo's ass it's no wonder she's acting as her mouthpiece. Do you think she was sicced on Stef by Moomoo directly? It wouldn't surprise me if Mariah sends whiny DMs to her cronies whenever she feels the itch to poke the drama fire, but doesn't want to get directly involved because lol she hates drama lol lol lmao my dudes~

No. 354368

I couldn't find any interaction between her and Mariah. I think she's just a try hard who wants to get into her good graces

No. 354381

A little late to the copyright topic but selling prints is technically a violation because the characters and their names are (usually) trademarked. But because of fair use it can also be kind of a gray area (think of parodies).

However most companies won't give a shit because it doesn't significantly impact their revenue and it's basically free marketing. But there is a point where they need to step in (look up Harry Potter Lexicon).

Here's a great article if anyone is interested. It's actually pretty interesting and may be helpful:


sage cause no real contribution.

No. 354382

Probably a cosplay nobody who's trying to lick up any shit stain to raise their chances at being cosfamous.

No. 354405

Spot on, Spuds is a typical orbiter, ive seen her everywhere big names are for a few years. She is young, and like much of the cosplay community, seeks constant attention and CONSTANT external validation. Being 'known' on social media is a big deal for her, and she will insert herself in any drama for the sake of gaining favor with prominent cosplayers. Momo is a dumpster fire in the community, but of course a "good person" to those who either have ulterior motives or lack the life experience to see otherwise.

No. 354413


For someone who comes across as a psycho, she sure doesn't know how to act like it lol. This is so awkward and stiff, I would've totally gotten into it and exaggerated the fuck out of it but she clearly has no idea how to actually move her body. She just blinks at the camera with a smile. The scythe licking thing was about the only thing interesting about this.

No. 354414

This is awful

No. 354418

File: 1487892798547.jpg (96.76 KB, 687x743, ss (2017-02-23 at 05.31.32).jp…)

This is my first time seeing it but holy fuck, her skin/makeup application is horrible!

No. 354421

It looks like she caked makeup on her lips.

No. 354425

Second hand embarrassed for her.

No. 354429


Oh god no. Does she have a stache? Cuz that shadow over her lip looks like she had a stache.

No. 354434

It looks like the wrinkles smokers get around their mouths.

Her liquid eyeliner always looks sloppy.

No. 354440

Jfc Michael J Fox could apply eyeliner better than her

No. 354443

Ugh the crustiness… and her skin texture, why don't cosplayers exofoliate?? It would make the application of foundation so much easier
Also aside from the SSS pic she took does anyone know what momo looks like without makeup?? Just cause god damn she cakes on so much

No. 354445

Wow. That was really bad.
not just her terrible acting and over-blinking, but the cinematography was basic and boring.

She must find students that are willing to do work for free. All her photographers are garbage.

No. 354476

I think the best part was the end. Like after the video was over.

No. 354483

I feel like I would like this if she was slim and a bit prettier. It just feels like I'm watching an overweight duck try to make a creepy cospay video.

No. 354488

The reason she's not even trying to get in character is the same reason all the disney girls have sameface- She knows she'd look disgusting if she actually tried to do anything interesting with her face, though in this situation it applies to her body too. If she did anything like say, drop to her knees laughing maniacally and tearing at her wig, she'd look disgusting, not yandere waifu material at all.

No. 354489

cute stache momo

No. 354509

I really just think can't get a handle on characters personalities. Shion is so much more than a stereotypical b movie horror villain. I used to think she was slutting up every character she gets her hands on for neckbeard bucks, but her old fanfiction literally proves she has no ability to really get into character which is really stupid for a cosplayer. Ridiculous.

No. 354519

I agree. She completely missed Shion's entire character, and she does this for so many other characters too.

I hated that she absolutely could not hold one serious expression without breaking into laughter. Nothing in that video looked polished or well-thought out. She didn't even try to actually put herself into the character and tried to let the environment do the rest for her.

I know she's lazy, but it's evident that she's worked on perfecting her delusional status for years now. She probably ends her night thinking that she's hot shit in this video, but good god. It's like the emperor's new clothes.

No. 354525

Honestly, I kind of liked the set and how some of the shots were set up, but it's still pretty cringy. I'd be really curious what the dude who filmed this could do with someone decent. He did a decent job at hiding how massive she's gotten in most of the shots.

The worst of it was probably how horribly tangled that wig was throughout the entire thing, her incredibly awkward whip handling, and that part wit the halloween prop skeleton in the chair, she didn't look like she had any clue wtf she was supposed to even be doing there.

No. 354527

OT but I exfoliate and have a very strict skin care routine including sunscreen daily. I've just naturally have not had the best skin my whole life and no amount of dermatologists/treatments have been able to completely fix it
Some people just can't help it

No. 354529

Sage goes in the email field.

Mariah and many idiots like her can definitely help their skin, they just won't. If you're going to cake your face in makeup, the least you can do is treat your skin right.

No. 354531

Did anyone watch this btw???
Moomoo looks awkward as hell and it's hilarious how she waddles in her Mei, and Nigri looks done as hell, especially with people saying she was stalking her it makes moomoo look even more desperate

No. 354532

OT but I loved the widow, Ana and tracer. Also I wonder why the widow and Ana weren't included in the OW group?

No. 354535

I lost my shit where the focus is Jnig but you see MooMoo moving like a dancing PT in the background.

No. 354541

I'm dead at Mariah being behind Jess in every one of her shots. Jesus fuck this cunt is THIRSTY.

No. 354543


highly cringe-inducing but pretty effective
nigri has a huge following (the biggest in the community even)
by Moomoo being in the shot she's getting massive exposure and the average thirsty male would be like "THICC" "WHO IS THAT THICCCC MEI"
hence growing her following since they don't know much of a shit she is

No. 354544

>Implying fat girls have never cosplayed Mei in bought costumes before
Anon no neckbeard is going to see Momo and be all starstruck like WHO DAT just because JNig is in the frame.

No. 354545

Have you even read the comments on her photos? even if you think she's a sack of shit, neckbeards consider her a thicc goddess - or her reddit
there are far too many sources calling her the "perfect Mei" too so there must be something about it that draws people to it.

No. 354546

Yes, in her photos. But implying that video is going to give her exposure just because JNig is in it is stupid. If anything, people will focus on JNig who's upstaging her and think who's the cringeworthy fat Mei trying to get into the frame.

No. 354547

well she has some of her own shots too and Jnig will likely post the video if she hasn't already - why are you so bitter, anon?

No. 354548

samefagging but it also wasn't jnigs best costume either - the construction looked pretty shoddy

No. 354549

>the neckbeards think she's a thicc goddess and this video will give her so much exposure and people will adore her so much because she's besties with jnig!!!
get out moomoo

No. 354550

File: 1487944130492.png (310.47 KB, 1736x1312, Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 3.47…)

fortunately not Moomoo
seriously though, have you read the comments?
it's completely fucking delusional to say men don't think she's attractive - even my male friends slobber over her because "thicc"

No. 354558

File: 1487948766436.png (1.21 MB, 652x1194, momonigri.png)


i don't play overwatch, is this normal behaviour for mei or does momo just not have the ability to pose like everyone else?
also lol @ 2:40 when they're all walking forward and those boots are working harder than the devil to stay together under her mass of jiggling weight. such a contrast between her and the other overwatch cosplayers

No. 354559

File: 1487949597556.jpg (23.04 KB, 300x300, img-thing.jpg)

All I can see is pic related.

The sticking out tongue seems a little off but Mei is pretty bubbly.

No. 354567

File: 1487950435111.png (108.37 KB, 640x897, IMG_1203.PNG)

Is this the Mei friend of Moomoo that anon was talking about? Her makeup is definitely better.

No. 354571

Shoddy? The craftsmanship was pretty solid. Personally I just don't want to see an over sexualized Reinhart. I wish she would just cosplay Widow or symettra if she wanted to slut everything up. Sage for off topic.

No. 354573

No. Not at all mei. Mei is a scientist who loves the environment so she's nerdy/geeky but not cringe and overtly sexual at all. She's innocent and kind. Mono just trashes any character she gets her fat grown out, cracked claws in.

No. 354574

It's solid for Jnigs sure but if you look a little closer there are a lot of mistakes, holes, rips, general places where it's obvious she rushed it. The painting is also shit. Definitely not her best work.

I laugh everytime I see moomoos men costume. The frames of the glasses make it look like she has a turtle beak.

No. 354575

No. Mei is a very cute/adorable character. I love Mei even though I don't play her as much. Moomoo just wants to ruin everything because she thinks its funny.

No. 354579

This set looks awful. Nigri looks like she's doing her cosplay job and is in character. Meanwhile, someone next to her is fucking up the shit with shitty faces.

No. 354580

Zoomed in there and I see what you mean now.

No. 354583

Whats your point anon? Obviously she's just using jnig for exposure, that's why people are calling her thirsty. But it's the way she goes about it that's cringe. Did you not notice that jnig, probably the most high profile cosplayer in the video, doesn't have s single solo shot when other OW cosplayers do? Each time she tries to do one, Mariah is behind her waddling around like a fat penguin. It's embarrassing.

No. 354597

You weren't lying about awkward.

No. 354598

lmao moomoo can't even do ONE pose from the game. She's literally just doing random XDD expressions and getting into every shot like Nigri is her tard wrangler

No. 354599

lookin' like andy milanokis on that last one..
and weirdly the only time i've had respect for nigri, even if it's only from comparison of someone way worse.

No. 354607

Luna retweeted the drama going on with LisaLouWho. Then this random guy who says he's got a friend who works with cosplayers has a story about how Momokun is literally the worst of them all. God I would love it if she posted screen caps here.

No. 354609

I just want people to out her. But even when they di she always comes back with sine sort of victim complex

No. 354623

Her chin looks like it merged into her neck. Now she seriously looks like a turtle jfc
I think Mariah thinks that she's literally Mei because of the geeky,nerdy, chubbiness (but Mariah is beyond chubs) and over all look.

Poor Mei

No. 354635

What drama? Why can't people learn to post fucking caps in these threads

No. 354645

Who gives a shit. Not a LunaLanie thread or a LisaLouWhoeverthefuck.

No. 354648

Yeah but momo loves bumping her own threads

No. 354649

Yeah but what does lisalouwhos drama have to do with moomoo??? Lmao
So someone said about spuds trying to take vamps spot in wk'ing but I'm wondering does vamp defend moomoo often??? I usually just see her on the sidelines but then again she's not someone that's interesting lmao

No. 354651

File: 1487976085314.jpg (558.11 KB, 1437x1986, Screenshot_20170224-173916.jpg)

not the op but since they are too lazy to link their source:

No. 354652

File: 1487976289402.png (86.74 KB, 270x277, seinfeld bass tab.PNG)

No. 354662

File: 1487978828756.jpg (216.74 KB, 2048x1365, 12957536_955634214551422_13493…)

The photographer is a she and she is actually really amazing. It really shows that the model matters. I don't mean to defend Momo but its really obvious she isn't a model and that's why I don't blame her for sucking. But its definitely not the photogs fault. Moomoo needs to practice and study if she intents to keep doing this

No. 354664

Momo needs to drop 200 pounds you mean and do something with that turtle face lol

No. 354665

She looks spent from a night of ass stamping lol. Can't believe how much this board has grown into a Nigri lovefest. Almost thinks the girl runs it herself

No. 354666

True but posing and facial expressions really makes a difference
Even for ugly and fat people

No. 354668

Plot twist: Collette never defends momo cause Collette actually agrees with the hate posts and doesn't give a shit about Mariah and secretly hates her and just uses her for the money.

No. 354671

Which he a shock to no one because it's true-that's why Everyone calls her moochlette. A good amount of her cosplay friends don't even like momo, you go to any gathering full of people and they will straight up talk shit, no one likes mariah

No. 354672

The set wasn't even something they built. According to other anons when this was first posted its a pre built set that anyone can go to for shoots.

Momo's video looks entirely cheap, the weird editing etc etc. Although this particular photo looks really good, Momo's video still isn't great.

No. 354673

File: 1487981228072.jpg (229.6 KB, 634x891, rs_634x891-160902085658-634.as…)

But then you have people like Ashley Graham who are plus size and know perfectly well how to serve face/ pose. Momo is just a lost cause.

No. 354676


It's really sad when Momo thinks she's likeable and has so many awesome friends, but in reality she only has Moochlette. It's even more sad when she's trying to become good friends with more popular cosplayers or online personalities in general in the most embarrassing desperate way.

I imagine Nigri just put up with her shit at Katsucon to keep her happy. It's like having that one annoying acquaintance who you really don't want to speak with but you give in, hoping they'll eventually disappear.

No. 354679

That's pretty much what I figured was why Jnig put up with her for the rest of Katsu. She clearly didn't have the same enthusiasm she shows whenever she is actually hanging out with close friends or even people she wants to be nearby.

No. 354681

I haven't kept up with Momo's Twitter, but has she more or less stopped tweeting at Yaya after Katsu due to Yaya having no interest in her?

No. 354682


OP of >>354607 . Take some advice from >>354645 no one does give a shit. That's why I was so vague LisaLouWho is just another wannabe Nigri with drama going on right now so that's why I didn't explain.

My original post was just bait for Luna. The whole point was damn, I really hope she posts the screen caps from the story that guy told her about MooMoo in her DMs. Because I would like to read it.

Are we done explaining shit that doesn't matter? K.

No. 354683

I don't think it's so much lovefest for nigri cause I don't like nigs at all but it's so fucking funny seeing the comparison of moomoo in all her shots in the background, like it comes off so desperate and nigris faces says it all, her rein is shit but I mean compared to moomoo it's gold shit lol

No. 354684

Mei is bubbly but not retarded. I mean, she's a highly-respected scientist. She doesn't pull tard faces, she's just cutesy n shit. Momo's played like 10 minutes of overwatch though so go figure she doesn't know any of the characters' poses or personality.

Jnig looks good as Reinhardt ngl.

No. 354703

More like Yaya's top quality Camilla costume wiped hers clean out and she's feeling the burn. She's already gotten Nigri's attention as it's easier to gain, getting Yaya's is too difficult for her. Using her fabric line and the same sewing machine to brag about obviously won't work anytime soon.

No. 354705

File: 1487993795186.png (49.85 KB, 588x183, Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 6.35…)

This bitch needs to get knocked down a peg

No. 354706

"You can't touch me," that's why she's making yet another tweet about FUCK THE HATURS!! right? She makes herself look worse with each one.

No. 354707

Also noticed she's buttering up to Overtflow in tweets again. She'll never learn.

No. 354708

Company you keep shows who you are. Overtflow flirts with her, Overtflow hung out and is a fan of Keemstar. Keemstar renowned for bullying and shooting night during a stream

No. 354709

Shooting night - shouting Nigger

No. 354710

He looks like a typical fuckboi dickhead just by the photos. She attracts some right trash and has nobody else to blame but herself. Then she wonders why her relationships never last or become something more.

No. 354711


>"See, I don't care! Let me bring more attention to how much I don't care about this!"

God she's so oblivious

No. 354714

File: 1487995295510.png (483.73 KB, 514x817, Screenshot_2017-02-24-19-37-31…)

Goddamn that ugly mug lmfao

No. 354715

https://youtu.be/-o3TfHjj_e4. Since she once said she is of antitwitter she can watch Idubbz showcase Keemstar's blatant shit and how her flirty fuckboi is by osmosis garbage

No. 354716

Loonie, don't smoke crack and post.

No. 354717

Yes it's a shim

No. 354718

I did a double take and legitimately thought that this was some grimey teenage boy.

No. 354719

If she were smart she'd literally shut up about haters. That's how you beat them. But she can't keep her mouth shut and needs to prove something when there's nothing to prove.

No. 354722

She's already down a peg, it's why she keeps making those comments about how much she doesn't care.

No. 354725

Someone needs to talk to her irl and tell her her costume sucks

No. 354731

Binch me too… I thought it was some weird itsleafy fan or something
Damn nvm I thought moomoo would at least be like whatever w/o makeup but she looks even more turtley

No. 354732

File: 1488002113331.jpg (55.55 KB, 613x336, lefmy.jpg)

No. 354733

Did she pluck out all of her eyelashes in a looney-induced rage?

No. 354744

File: 1488005026287.gif (835.64 KB, 500x281, 3294d82bf1000d2b6092ad1a1212db…)

>"I dont care about the haters!!"
>proceeds to make tweets about the haters

No. 354751

Bless u anon

No. 354761

Tbh I hope this is her throwing lowkey shade.

No. 354762

Legit thought this was Leafy at first.

No. 354763


If haters didn't get to you then you wouldn't have to be constantly addressing them. You probably tweeted this shit because like always you still lurk this thread.

I've noticed a lot of cosplayers lately going on rants about a certain someone that's pissed them off. Saw an epic one on Krissy victory's page lmfao. MostFlogged did it too about not crediting costumes and props and I'm talking this was days ago. MooMoo must be so paranoid she prolly thinks everyone is talking about her lol.

No. 354764

File: 1488012118410.png (52.11 KB, 604x235, Screenshot_2017-02-25-00-38-20…)

No. 354765

File: 1488012178127.png (137.31 KB, 611x727, Screenshot_2017-02-25-00-38-16…)

No. 354766

File: 1488012257139.png (128.88 KB, 609x731, Screenshot_2017-02-25-00-39-12…)

No. 354767


Now I'm not saying any of these rants are about her, but they were a day or two after Katsu, and I can almost imagine MooMoo literally lurking all the accounts of people she used to know and googling her name to find any bad shit said about her 24/7 haha. And since she's got her head so far up her ass of course she thinks she's so famous that everyone who subtweets must be talking about her.

I like to think that if you're that paranoid about people saying bad shit about you, or if you think the subtweet is about you, then chances are you are not a good person and you know it haha.

No. 354769

During her Instagram livestream, Momo said "My friend Danielle….Baloo"
Same way she name dropped and claimed JNig was her friend in the interview from a while back. How desperate can she be lol
Momo just because they tolerate you doesn't mean they're your friend. It's pathetic how she sucks the asshole of any and all big cosplayers

No. 354770

The fun part is that she is less afraid or triggered by what we say than the crippling paranoia she has of saying something stupid on twitter to the her targets, or the day she will wake up and no longer have neckbeards to support her.

No. 354779

will never understand this concept. I would never feel comfortable calling someone my friend unless I knew them really well. All of Moomoo's "friends" are more like acquaintances.

No. 354783

Also something interesting to note, Momo's mom and sister were in the chat during her IG livestream and someone kept asking Momo why she didn't do porn.
Her sister kept replying "BECAUSE SHE'S NOT DISGUSTING"
Then what does she think of her softcore photosets? Sex work is still sex work.

No. 354787

Lmao are her family really that oblivious to Momo's behavior? Cause what she does looks alot like softcore or reaching further beyond that point.

No. 354792

More like because you cant photoshop porn

Everyone knows boudoir shit is for uggos and fatties who think they're too good for porn. Look at megan ugly turny

No. 354793

true but even with photoshop at least meg isn't a huge fat lard

No. 354794

Yeah but meg turd has a butterface at least momo would be somewhat attractive if she lost lard

No. 354799

That's going to be awkward the day she steps into porn or takes a set an inch too far.

No. 354800

File: 1488038484131.png (92.8 KB, 750x702, IMG_2351.PNG)

She is gonna look like a hog in clothing. Ohhhh boy…

No. 354804

making papa proud! so she's going to do cute bondage sets to go with her cute groping sets and I'm sure the two will be combined into a rope/grope set. Mariah you're one labia slip from porn

No. 354805

File: 1488039811366.jpg (16.28 KB, 240x320, disgusting .jpg)

This gross bitch, wow. She's literally making fetish porn at this point, I don't understand what kind of mental gymnastics she's doing to justify this as anything other than sex work. At least we'll get a good laugh at the shoddy ropework and all the shoop she's gonna need to not look like a hog-tied pig lol.

No. 354806

File: 1488040019773.jpg (186.1 KB, 501x700, ham hanging.jpg)

No. 354807

I might have to agree with this. I stalked her old photos and she looked decent. This bitch doesn't even work! It only takes an hour or two to go to the gym! She doesn't even make her own cosplays. What is she doing with her time? Chugging lard?

No. 354812

$250. If it's for 2 hours I think that would be worth it for (a really good) photographer. Any longer and you'll slowly be getting underpaid. Bet the photographer will come over and spend 5 hours there for just 3 shots while the rest are junk shots.

No. 354814

I guess delusional is genetic?

No. 354815

Underrated kek

No. 354816

Is she asking for a photographer to work with her, or for other models to work with her? Her wording is weird.

No. 354823

She's asking for someone with experience tieing rope for a shibari themed photoshoot, and that she'll pay $250 for someone to tie her up for the shoot.

No. 354830

This bitch preaches about the cosplay community spirit and how the hobby is life changing, but is contributing to watering it down to tasteless cheap softcore shit while she looks like a suffocating hog to earn mega bucks.

How empowering…

No. 354831

Her bestie is sticking butt plugs up her ass so it's business as usual for the new gen cos fame hoes. lol Alexandria the Red always trying to hop on any thing new and get more attention than her. Another one with a husband that pimps out there wives porn

No. 354841

Kek miss Alexandria the red aka I'm a full time student so I need $1000 on gofundme to start my website that never happened and instead renewed her Disneyland pass with it. That was before patreon and people supported her shady ass but two years later no website, even used patreon money for her wedding.

No. 354845

Ever notice MooMoo moves on from the friends she fucked over and finds new cosplay friends to hang out with? How long until drama with these new people is plastered all over social media and she's feeling alone again?

No. 354847

Okay like speaking of something similar to that, what happened to the over hyped wicke and lusamine shoot they were posting everywhere, did vamp ever post it on her patreon or did everyone forget about it haha

No. 354851

stay on your own page loonie this was the same bitch you called out about the gofundme and then went and made a patreon yourself.

why does no one get banned for derailing about other peeps on this thread. if you are that butt hurt (kek) about kay sticking a plug up her ass then make a thread for her

No. 354856

I'm not letting Looonie. Why do you keep trying to pick fights with other users; when we're just bringing up info on trash cosplayers like momo and lewd squad? We're sick and tired of these sex workers bringing in the wrong crowd into the cosplay community. If your just here to pick a fight, take yourself to momo s twitter so she can argue with you all day. I'm here to point out trash like momo and her low class friends that are trashing up OUR community.

No. 354859

It's been noted before that her group of friends changes all the time and it's a sign of a toxic person because she can't keep up a friendship without messing it up.

No. 354873

A good amount of people she calls friends don't like her. Everyone says nice things to her on fb and twitter just to stay on her good side because they don't want her nevkbeards to come after them and they want free promotion. Never have I seen a cosplayer more detested than momo, no one likes her an they talk shit about her, a lot of the cosplay friends she had on fb only friend her so they can laugh at her. It's twisted.

No. 354875

I mentioned this before and I'll say it again, I think the next thread should be called moomoo and friends cause they get brought up so much. Does anyone Mariah cosplays with even have a soul?

No. 354876

There's still plenty talented cosplayers getting attention from the community and being recognized for their craftsmanship. Maybe if you werent so fixated on being so puritanical about it you wouldnt have tunnel vision on the ones who do sex work. If someone cosplays and admits to also doing sex work I dont see a problem. The problem is people like moo who do soft porn and then deny, deny, deny.

No. 354888

Name 5

No. 354889

File: 1488060292204.png (347.8 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-25-13-58-41…)

MooMoo and her cringey lipsynching to a Trolls movie song…She looks so sad and desperate and it's the return of dat double chin what happened to working out moo? The fatter you get the uglier you're gonna get you are not a cute fat girl lol

No. 354892

File: 1488060594982.png (390.34 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-25-14-08-54…)

Like moo…Lose some weight….You're gonna get jowls for fucks sake…

No. 354894

Dang her eyes suddenly look so tiny!

No. 354907

hey, could be just genetics. I know a couple of people that aren't lard-o's that are getting some jowls.

No. 354915

Riddle, Monika Lee, itsrainingne0n, Wind of the Stars, Kristen Hughey, Katyuska Moonfox, Suprmaryface, Ani-Mia, Lindsay Elyse, Missyeru, Destiny Nickelson…

No. 354916

and funny enough aside from Deanna (itsrainingne0n) momo hasn't sucked up to any of these cosplayers that are significantly more talented than Nigri.

No. 354926

Please don't bring up Suprmaryface. She's the scummiest of them all. The biggest liar/scammer in the community.

No. 354927

Ani-Mia, Supermaryface, Kristen Hughey, Lindsay Elyse do a lot of the softcore stuff. Some of them do nudes.

No. 354929

Supermaryface is literally the devil and has never had a good cosplay ever. lol

No. 354932

>recognized for their craftmanship
>Supermaryface, Linsay Elyse
Fucking lol.

Is Destiny Nickelson even relevant anymore?

No. 354933

We have one in snow.


No. 354939

Lindsay does sexy stuff and lingerie sometimes but she's nowhere near softcore level

No. 354941

lol Lindsay and Mia do pin up style at most. no where near this POV groping and "suggestive" bullshit these younger cosplayers are putting out there

No. 354942

does she have a thread? never heard anything bad about mary

No. 354944

thread literally gets revived like once a month though. pretty dead

No. 354945

Destiny still gets invited to cons but has lost her grandma, and father, her mom/sister were STRUCK BY LIGHTNING, their house destroyed, mom got sick…girl has been through a lot of shit the past year. but she is still hella talented.

lindsay has gotten a lot better craft wise. she does creative streams on twitch and at least i know for damn sure her hubby aint helping her like a lot of the other cosplayers so at least she actually makes her own shit.

No. 354949

Well then get to posting. Be the change you want to see.

No. 354951

Watching chubby adult women half-heartedly cosplay little sexualized animu girls is still awkward (hi aki). Maybe it's been a long time but did Shion (?) even have her cleavage out and pushed up so fake in that outfit?

Her hair and foundation are way too damn dark for what they should be.. and i'm not overly bitchy over body types in cosplay, but most higurashi characters were actual sticks and combined with the awful cinematography, outfit choice, bad wig and generic shore makeup it's impossible to tell what she's trying to be.

No. 354960

Supermaryface is a compulsive liar. She did nude photoshoots before her implants (which she denied getting for awhile) She was embarrassed to admit this to her fans and instead made up stories which dramatically hurt the photographers who worked with her. She claimed the nude photos she took with JulieM Photography were fake and were actually CHILD PORN (with her face photoshopped on). She got her fans to report the photographer to authorities for child porn. It eventually came out that Mary was lying and the charge was dropped. She also scammed a fan out of a lot of money. Theres no threads here about her but if you look up "Supermaryface lies" then you'll find stuff. (However she's gotten her stupid fans to report stuff and have gotten it taken down)

No. 354974

she has a thread: >>>/snow/99242

No. 355036

ah, only just was introduced to her via her baby vlogs. only negative stuff i had heard before was via loonie so i took it with a grain of salt.

thanks for the link >>354974 anon

No. 355037

it just all goes with what everyone else in this thread continually says:

there is no justification for how little effort she puts into her work, her looks, her figure, etc when she gets paid 15k a month and has no other job but patreon. she maybe goes to 2 cons TOPS a month (if even) and that's only 4 days out of 30 she shouldn't be expected to work out.

she has literally all the time and resources in the world to better herself, watch youtube videos to better her makeup skills, take classes to better her sewing skills, etc. but instead she apparently just sits on her fat ass all day on the internet stuffing her face.

No. 355051

>momo would be somewhat attractive if she lost lard
I'm afraid not. >>354714

No. 355054

video is current though. i guess anon maybe meant with makeup she would be attractive if she were skinny?

if she didn't always dress like a dude lol

No. 355060

She takes pleasure trips every other week to SoCal, yesterday she went to Disneyland. All the money goes to these pleasure trips and hardly any of it goes to cosplay.

No. 355069

>she has literally all the time and resources in the world to better herself, watch youtube videos to better her makeup skills, take classes to better her sewing skills, etc. but instead she apparently just sits on her fat ass all day on the internet stuffing her face.

This is one of the things that pisses me the fuck off. I love cosplaying and it's my life, but I have to work a 8-hour day job to fund my hobby and everyday life. I have to pay everything out of my own pocket and barely have time to make costumes due to my job, I have to budget my cosplays carefully because it's so expensive to make them, I don't have that much time between social life, work and cosplay to have a complete fitness schedule to stay in perfect shape etc.

Mariah is paid 15 000 dollars a month only to make costumes. That's any cosplayer's dream. 15 000 would pay for gym membership, a cosplay-making studio room, quality materials and tools, not having a day job would give you 8-10 hours more in a day to work on your cosplays and appearance etc. It fucking drives me nuts that this once in a million chance to devote your life to cosplay is given to such a lazy slut who's only interested in cosplay to make cheap porn shoots and grab money for pleasure trips. She doesn't care about creating something amazing and inspiring or improving herself. All she cares is the money and the attention of greasy men.

I'm only mentioning this because I know Mariah is reading this thread and I can tell her to grow the fuck up and appreciate how she's given something thousands of people around the world can only dream of. And no, I don't mean shallow, empty thank you posts on Instagram, I mean actual fucking concrete results and actions.

No. 355071

> this once in a million chance to devote your life to cosplay is given to such a lazy slut who's only interested in cosplay to make cheap porn shoots

But anon, that's exactly how she got all this money. There are amazing cosplayers out there putting a lot of time and effort into it, coming out with a wonderful and accurate cosplay, that don't get any money or nearly as much as she does because they don't pander. Or won't show tits. It's a sad truth of the industry these days. Gross men wanting to see softcore of their waifu far outweigh actual enthusiasts with decency.

No. 355081

>>355071 is right but god I wish some people would have some damn standards, I don't mind the pandering as much if the model still puts SOME effort into their looks/body. She's just continually gaining more and more weight doing nothing.

I feel ya, anon. Shit frustrates the HELL out of me. Some of Moomoo's "friends" are legit 1000x more talented than she is so the only redeeming thing she could do is help fund them with her Patreon income…but I highly doubt she would be that selfless.

No. 355082

She went to Disneyland again? She was just there earlier this month, lol. Fucking dumbasses that give her money.

No. 355083

you can tell this bitch has never had to work a day in her life with how loose she is with her $. she probably had that barista job for less than 2 months tops.

i'm all for supporting women in this field but not this bitch.

No. 355085

Tell me about it. I work 40 hours a week and still make less than 30k a year. I am absolute shit at sewing and have still made better quality cosplays than Moomoo on my own dime. But hey…my fat ass isn't plastered all over the internet for neckbeards to beat off to, so I at least have that going for me I guess.

No. 355088

Are there any cosplay Patreons out there that make decent money without the tits? I'm not super familiar with the cosplay community so I don't know for sure, but I feel like when you really look at it you'll see that people mostly pay for T&A and the cosplay is just flavoring. I've seen a handful of Patreons that only do tutorials and non-sexy (or male) cosplays and they get a few hundred/month at the very most. IMO these cosplay sluts who make tons of money are misleading to real cosplayers; they're not making that kind of money because they're cosplayers, but because they're sluts. Thinking "what if" is just a waste of energy because the only way you'll ever be in their position is if you're willing to sink to their level, which I'm sure most of you aren't.

No. 355109

you're sadly 100% correct, anon. There are some decent and talented cosplayers that don't go anywhere near the extremes that Moomoo and her posse go to, but they are definitely still selling sex a bit more than selling cosplay.

TBH a lot of my friends who are really talented cosplayers have another job as their primary income, so they don't feel they would have the time to put into creating a Patreon.

I personally don't have a gripe with selling sex appeal at all, even in cosplay, I just have higher expectations that someone who makes over 15k a month could maybe put some more effort into their looks and instead of half-assing cosplays, maybe pay someone who does have actual talent to commission for you, instead. It's not like Moomoo is helping anyone in the community by lying and saying she makes this shit as she would never be able to give legit advice on how to recreate it. So why even bother lying, y'know?

No. 355114

No. 355141

No. 355222


I've unfollowed quite a handful of talented cosplayers because they've all gone down this 'sexy boudoir' or 'lewd' path on Patreon. Their skill has lowered in quality and all you see is half assed costumes rushed or modified lingerie sets with a wig to be in character for an easy monthly paycheck. So many of them are turning into cheap sellouts.

No. 355252

Cry bout it

No. 355270

No. 355281

You again, Loonie?

No. 355317

I love how whenever loonies thread gets refreshed after hours or even days like clock work they come to this thread too

No. 355344

Sex sells in everything or have you been living in a cave with the taliban

No. 355394

File: 1488223586219.jpg (100.83 KB, 490x864, ss (2017-02-27 at 11.26.08).jp…)

No. 355398

Not like she was super fit here, and I'm sure there's some shooping, but it's funny how much weight she's gained from just September.

No. 355405


Those wrist thingies are pretty terrible, but she doesnt look bad here imo. It's at least a little sexy and not as over the top as her most recent boudoir sets have been.

No. 355406

Why is she gaining weight so rapidly? It's not like she was always fat so I'm just wondering why she keeps getting bigger? Does she take medication or smth

No. 355410


At one point she could've cosplayed Leia. Soon she can cosplay Jabba (did somebody make this Joke? Can't recall)

No. 355412

File: 1488227503715.png (96.72 KB, 640x571, IMG_4351.PNG)

What the actual fuck

No. 355416

Who wants to bet on when she'll start doing legit porn?

No. 355419

File: 1488227739647.gif (44.89 KB, 672x55, IMG_9721.GIF)

No. 355421

~so sexy~ she looks like she's about to sneeze

No. 355422

She'll get naked before the end of the year, guaranteed.

No. 355424

>"My sister totally doesn't do porn, she's not disgusting!"

Idk what pictures Mariah hasn't shown her family, but I want to know what they would think if they were to see this.

No. 355431

Ahh, another pic for the Mariah Mallad background checks. At least Kbbq's smart about these and not letting his face or his real name pop up on these listings.

No. 355436

Feel like following her on Twitter was a mistake..

No. 355438

File: 1488230793616.gif (680.74 KB, 500x280, giphy.gif)

she looks like a pig in heat

No. 355439

I love that they decided to do this in the junkiest of rooms. Yes, go ahead and do it on a folding table that will probably collapse. Don't go out of your way to get a nice room so it looks like you at least give a shit. It looks like something out of a low budget porno filmed in someone's garage. What's that behind him, storage boxes? Classy.

No. 355441

Where does she draw the line, better question is there one. Even get Twitter is tragic.

No. 355443

She must be getting desperate. For the past couple weeks her patreon numbers have slowly declined and not a mass drop like it typically does at the end of the month. So it seems people are moving on from their ~thicc goddess. She's too pig headed to keep her dignity over trying to prove the haters wrong that she'll end up doing porn by the end of this year.

No. 355444

Couldn't agree more. Even had a friend of mine ask her on Twitter about her patreon and apparently it's going through "some changes".
Curious to see if these changes mean pure pork at this point.

No. 355450

So first of all, her crackship is weird and pathetic, but that aside did anyone else notice Kotaku and most other 'best of Katsu' cosplay posts that shared Jessica Nigri, Stella Chu, and the other girls from that group shot left Moomoo out? Like she is not featured in any that I've seen AND she wasn't invited to Stella's big underwear shoot.

No. 355451

Seriously, anon. With all the extra time and money she has you would think she could have at least made some Overwatch-y set pieces to cover the table with, then get an artist to shoop a background wall or something in, but no…
Disappointing, this would be a great shot if not for the terrible location and moomoo.

No. 355452

lmao what is that fucking face she's making?

No. 355453

Just reading the comments from her p atreons that are willing to give 100 plus a month is enough to induce a strong hurl.

No. 355473

A lot of types of birth control can do this. It's super common. Maybe it's that?

No. 355475

Why does it look like they're fucking in someone's garage or messy basement? Couldn't they do at least tidy up a little?
I'm laughing at the noises his cloak must be making during this though.

No. 355477

"Mei POV set"
This isn't POV. Unless there is a third party member watching? I don't think she knows what POV means. POV is just an excuse to do porn

No. 355478

Even Swimsuit succubus hasn't done anything like this and she calls herself a sex worker.

No. 355482

It looks like another Twitter drama is in the cards. As usual ffs

No. 355484

File: 1488245008547.png (120.29 KB, 750x856, IMG_2354.PNG)

Oh boy! More twerk videos!…can someone in her comments just tell her that she needs an ass to twerk? Or just make her stop completely?

No. 355491

It's worse if you were on Twitter on saw the vid.

No. 355492

One twerk video is fine, anymore than that and it is good to say that you are hiding the fact you have no other real talents. She use to be an exotic dancer… or was vamplette shit at that as well?

As for Moomoo, she will keep denying she is a sex worker until you either her asshole or her pussy. She already had a couple nip slips.
Even then if you see her bits her excuse will be either
"but there was cream so it wasn't a clear shot!"
"But there was no penetration guys! Still not a sex worker! It was just a cute flashing set my dudes!"

No. 355493

I went to twitter to watch it, how is this just an excerpt? how long can she drag out twerkig in that

No. 355494

She absolutely doesn't know what POV means. You can tell in some of the other Mei pictures as well, the view of the camera is in spots that make no sense.

No. 355495


Link to her tweet. So cringe-inducing I had to close out of the window tbh

No. 355496

Hi swimsuit and you're still a skank

No. 355498

Moomoo could literally be doing sex work and posting "guys I'm just having fun lmao. let's just chill lol"

No. 355499

Watching how she is going she will be doing sex work soon. Nudes this year minimum

No. 355500

File: 1488248773464.jpg (5.16 KB, 183x206, C5kBn0gUwAAf8i5.jpg)


Isn't this momo? Why didn't they @ her lmao???

No. 355502

Yikes. Not a good photo to say the least

No. 355504

Yeah she's deffo going to be getting naked by the 2018. She's already had some nip slips in her last set, and she did leak her own fucking nudes. I'm surprised she hasn't done it so far.

No. 355506


When did she leak her own nudes?

No. 355508

File: 1488250537975.png (189.9 KB, 692x826, Screenshot_2017-02-27-18-53-39…)

No. 355509


Back in like 2013-2014. She was trying to become internet famous by being a weight loss inspiration and a lacrosse goalie but no one gave a fuck.

No. 355510



Dis fucking bitch.

No. 355513

Christ her play for sympathy actually makes me cringe

No. 355515

God I wish someone would tweet the screencaps to her. Such a fucking hypocrite.

No. 355518

File: 1488251957824.jpg (275.21 KB, 640x571, 7v7k3tnz.jpg)

I don't even know…

No. 355521

Because no one likes her annoying ass, not even her best friend apparently lol.

No. 355523

>>355518 Edit or not, I still feel like her ass could eat someone.

No. 355529

Shit, that's uncanny.

No. 355534

go away loonie

No. 355539

Yeeeah, i hate fat girls who want to cosplay Chun li. She has thick thighs because she's incredibly muscular (leg wise) not because she's a lazy fat cow like Moomoo.

No. 355541


Except for the fact that Chel literally shits on girls who do lewds for Patreon, and that Chel was stalking her and kissing her ass and trying to be her best friend like she does with Shad and Momo completely ignored her bullshit and tried to spin it as "Momo was bullying me!" to Loonie.

No. 355544


i can't believe she can't keep her meals down to 3 a day and put some money away for a nice venue to shoot her ~lewds~ this half painted garage is so fucking bad omg.

No. 355546

Yeah this is one of the few situations where I gotta side with momo tbh

No. 355548

That's because you losers can't stand the fact that chel is better than you

No. 355551

It's loonie time~

No. 355553

Is she going to join Pixel Vixens soon?

No. 355554

Why twerking for me me me cosplay? Why not do the actual dance cause that character is from a music video? Like it's already sexual just take the effort to learn the dance?

No. 355556

Never said Chel was right with what she did, but Momo also can't say she didn't slut shame her for posting nudes on Twitter when thats deadass what she did

No. 355558


Well maybe Chel shouldn't go looking to start fake drama because Momo ignored her and her bullshit. Either way, it all started because stalking her and kissing her ass didn't work like she wanted so she went Loonie and tried to cook up some horseshit story about how "Momo was a bully to her" for attention. Which of course didn't work and made them both look like even more desperate losers than they already are. And even funnier, Shad, the guy Chel spends all day stalking, whose name she wrote on her asshole, whose work she has tattooed on her, actually commented on one of Momo's pics like it was no big deal, proving that he doesn't give a shit about her or her fake drama.

No. 355559

This looks like terrible amateur porno from the 90's. It's so awkward. She's paid 15k a month and she can't even arrange a decent shooting studio or have any class whatsoever.

She could be on mood meds too, they can balloon up a person really bad when taken with an already shitty diet.

>Vaguely making a ~not like other gurrlls~ tweet about how women are all about catty self-destructive drama but NOT HER because she's not one of those OTHER women
God I fucking HATE it when sluts pull this shit. It's not about women taking other women down anyway, it's about being pissed off that some simple-minded whore objectifies herself and thus brings the whole gender to the level of a fleshlight.

No. 355561

But wasn't she just fucking shitting on Steff and kept trying to drag that into a huge drama shitfest not even a week ago??? This bitch got selective memory
And trust no one that has a bit of status in the cos comm likes moomoo, it's so funny seeing how desperate she is to be "uwu I'm here for gurlll power" and be "im a gais grill total *~*gamurr*~*"

No. 355571

Wasn't the bed also used in one of moomoos sets? I wonder whose it is, moochelete or moos gross

No. 355576

Wasn't fake Momo go eat some more Asian asshole you ugly cunt

No. 355578

Shut the fuck up, Loonie

No. 355579

Plus let's be honest, Loonie would use Chel to get an advantage over these chicks but she would never give a fuck to actually be friends with her. She just pretends to be nice to her but let's face it, Chel is disgusting I'm sure Luna sees it, too.

No. 355582

The message may not have been fake but Chel sure played that shit up and knew exactly what she was doing by going to Luna. They are all pathetic as fuck. Only difference between them is Luna actually puts some forethought into the places she shoots and has nice backdrops for her pictures, even if she does shoop the fuck out of herself.

No. 355586

File: 1488289091061.png (120.68 KB, 630x1421, IMG_5244.PNG)

All photos are shopped some better than others lol

No. 355588

File: 1488289849893.png (40.65 KB, 357x428, IMG_5263.PNG)

But her face is so not photoshopped in her pro pics lol ?

No. 355589

File: 1488289944477.png (Spoiler Image, 200.87 KB, 1056x1459, IMG_5132.PNG)

I'm cuter than Momo guys

No. 355590

Why is her left nipple going on a rocket ship to outer space is it little Einstein

No. 355591

Hey moo moo and std how's Kay's restraining order going?

No. 355592

File: 1488290238403.png (Spoiler Image, 169.29 KB, 1125x1233, IMG_5135.PNG)

Fuck your a respectable cosplayer

No. 355593

Oh is it Loonie Time already? It's quite early today.

No. 355594

Kay is cuter than Momo.
Go the fuck to SLEEP Loonie, fuck. Do you just get shitfaced and come on here to shit up this thread? If you're going to spam a bunch of bullshit, at least do it in your own thread.

No. 355598

most of moomoos friends are better looking than she is. loonie you may be pretty too but damn youre dumb as fuck

No. 355600

i know you arent loonie anon i just dont have the energy to tag all her sperg posts.

could be one of lunas autistic fans though. theyve become most obsessed with what she deems the 'lewd cosplay thot crew' or w/e she calls them now

No. 355616

Like, I think you're missing the point anon. Nothing you said is untrue, Chel is a desperate cunt. But someone told Momo she slut shamed Chel, which she did, and she lied about doing it. Thats the only point I'm trying to make here.

No. 355626

exactly. Moomoo is the worst example of how women should treat other women in general. Everything she does screams "I'm better than you" if she doesn't see you as someone she can use to get more notice.

No. 355638

I hadn't noticed, but that's somewhat of a relief. IIRC it was Kotaku that showcased her shitty Mei costume as "~Best OW Cosplays~"

Vamplette was the dancer. Moomoo has only been a barista.

…Damn, those are some 50-year-old lady proportions.

No. 355640

sage for ot but is this just a rando or is this someone ppl should know lol

No. 355661

Prepare for another…boudoir shoot.
Please stop doing this to characters you obviously know nothing about.

No. 355667

File: 1488308220703.png (529.04 KB, 716x1174, Capture _2017-02-28-10-54-17.p…)

No. 355668

She looks like the weird girl in middle school who likes horses trying to be sexy

No. 355669

She couldn't be bothered to get a short wig?!

No. 355671

Someone needs to give her a good slap.

No. 355672

Um gross? It's easy to make Velma sexy (it hurts to admit since the show (1970s) is my top favs since childhood, don't judge) but you gotta be really special if you can't do even the basics. Velma's hair isn't even black. She's also doing ahego but isn't? She just opened her mouth like she's at the dentists and that's not what ahegao is.

2/10 for at least having the right colored sweater and skirt.

No. 355676

I love how no matter how hard she tries, she always has that turtle mug.
She looks like a turtle trying to be sexy.

No. 355678

Not surprised it was Kotaku, it WAS one of their writers that fucked Zoe Quinn at her fattest lel. Everyone at Kotaku is an oversexed retard who would shove their dick in anything with a moist hole.

No. 355680

But she'd like that and make a ~*cute slapping set*~

No. 355684

What am I even looking at

No. 355686

File: 1488312898870.png (465.01 KB, 640x797, I tried....png)

I tried to make momos mei cosplay look better because I was bored

No. 355687

Damn is this the type of quality 15k buys. At this point I feel bad for her fifty plus pats

No. 355688

File: 1488313057952.png (798.2 KB, 1296x797, Mariah should probably get lip…)

Here's a comparison pic because why not

No. 355689

I'm so miffed about her reusing a wig for Velma… this is so lazy. I get Velma's appeal because nerdy girls are cute, but I'm really not a fan this trend where she's a fuck toy.
She didn't even draw on freckles. ;_;

No. 355690

File: 1488313355397.png (73.27 KB, 750x534, IMG_5970.PNG)


You tried anon but there's no saving that turtle face unfortunately
It reminds me of a spot on cute ass Mei I saw at AX last year and she had her gestures down and everything and then it's fucking moomoo who's "best mei cosplayer"

It's weird cause her "Velma" she looks decent but then you think about how it's supposed to be Velma and it's just her in Velma clothing, she's like jnig in terms of its her dressed up as x character, not she's x character

No. 355691

File: 1488313800938.png (354.22 KB, 594x529, 2017-02-28 (1).png)

Apparently it's a Velma "inspired" shoot, aka Momo's excuse to cosplay without having to put the work and effort into getting things accurate.

No. 355692

15k and she can't buy a fucking wig???

No. 355696


at least it looks like her bra matches the outfit this time

No. 355700

She doesn't resemble Velma at all. I couldn't tell this was supposed to be her.

No. 355707

Anon, pls.

No. 355708

A brown bobbed wig is so easy to find.

No. 355710

So she basically just opened her closet and was like "hmm, what to do this month since I've already run out of all my money"

No. 355711

I want to know why she picked Velma in the first place. She was making her own Virgin Killer sweater right before Katsucon, and as shitty as it was why didn't she do a photo shoot with it yet? Everyone and their mom are doing sexy shoots with that thing you'd think she'd have a set out by now, unless she decided to properly order one.

No. 355714

Because then she wouldn't have the long hair to hide her fat behind.

No. 355715


why is it that fat bitches always cosplay velma??? it seems to always be that if you're fat and have big tits and no ass, you have to cosplay velma.

No. 355717

At least her makeup looks good this time

No. 355723

File: 1488318496192.jpg (108.41 KB, 960x1280, IMG_20170228_134548.jpg)

Wat in tarnation

No. 355724

To be fair Velma is "thick" or at least big breasted. Some fat chicks are just in denial and think they're "thick". The same reason she and others did Mei.

No. 355726

Some people should just not do ahegao holy shit she looks like she's having some kind of attack

No. 355727

Their house, or whatever it is, IS SO FUCKING EMPTY. There is no furniture or deco or anything, it has to my biggest pet fucking peeve. The only shit I ever see is just junk thrown all over the floor.

No. 355728

I don't get how it's so hard for people to do

Roll your eyes up or cross them. Open your mouth/stick your tongue out. That's it.

You don't look side ways. You don't look straight at the camera. Like…how do you not do it right

No. 355731

it's even funnier that she's wearing a turtle-neck sweater

No. 355732


Goddamn. I wish this trend of girls sticking their tongue out would die screaming in a fire. IT'S NOT KAWAII AT ALL.

No. 355735

File: 1488320882499.png (182.41 KB, 326x327, 5cbe0f537cb8f4c4f51fe0b62ed35d…)

tbf ahegao isn't really suppose to be kawaii, its a hentai thing

No. 355741

This dude has the most unfortunate nose and face. Not even surgery can save that.

No. 355743

MEMEME and she couldn't even get the pink dress seriously? Also Gabby just did this last month for her Patreon. Wonder if that's her wig these girls just copy each other now.

No. 355744

What happened with her and vamplettes lesbo Pokémon set or whatever

No. 355745

File: 1488322300425.jpg (28.56 KB, 287x302, C0WuPVdWgAA4JE7.jpg)

>mfw I thought it was a man

No. 355749

Only two people paid for it. Legit, only two people were interested in that set.

No. 355755

really? I'm sad I didn't get to see any of the pictures

No. 355757

Too dark to be Gabby's. I mean, they are friends so its fair to assume they like the same things but still.. Its getting stale

No. 355760

Like onions house, I feel like this happens when people buy a house to live beyond their means and then cannot afford to furnish it.

No. 355761

Damn thats embarrassing, but not at all surprised. No one is here for Vamplettes, the only reason she has the following she does is because of Momo's neckbeards.

No. 355770

File: 1488327102881.jpg (919.32 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20170228_160731.jpg)

Lmfao, I love when everyone's feathers get rustled up over her. I love the slander it feeds me.

Also Tasha did a costest of Shampoo a few days ago that she revealed and then MooMoo decides she's announcing Shampoo as a new cosplay of hers as well. It's really sad that these girls don't realize that MooMoo is constantly trying to show them up, she's done most of the cosplays that they're known for and I can see that she only does it as a "who wore it better" kind of thing. Always tryna be alpha female.

Unless the two I'm thinking about really are just keeping their friends close and their enemies closer. Can't escape the Moo tyrade when she fixates on you and wants to make you look bad.

No. 355773

Same reason why she was hyped about doing Camilla for Katsu when she was riding the Yaya Han train, but backed the fuck out real quick when Yaya's did a sneak peak of her's. I guess she's aiming lower now.

No. 355780

Taking bets that we'll never see the redone Camilla again. Just like how we never saw the redone Samus suit a while back because she 'fucked it up'.

No. 355806

File: 1488334391812.png (1.76 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6221.PNG)

Why does she do this to herself? But most of all, Why tf does she think this looks any big attractive???

No. 355809

File: 1488334723419.jpg (199.81 KB, 1100x561, honk.jpg)

She looks like a honking goose.

No. 355811


No. 355812

15k and a wreck like Ivy Doom Kitty can look better than you http://imgur.com/gallery/Ss2vd