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File: 1456775266495.jpg (37.28 KB, 498x646, lolk.jpg)

No. 99242

CinnamonToastKen's attentionwhore girlfriend, shes a real cow, she has claimed everything from her tits being real even tho they are half a mile away from eachother and look like beach balls to claiming her nudes were photoshopped pictures of a minor(she has owned up to these things now) catch up by reading her GuruGossip threads and her summary on there.

GG summary: http://gurugossiper.com/viewtopic.php?f=334&t=17065

Newest thread on GG:

Oldest thread on GG: http://gurugossiper.com/viewtopic.php?f=334&t=13209

Her YT(cringy video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aoglfBZvyc

Her IG: https://www.instagram.com/suprmaryface/?hl=en

Her ED: https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Supermaryface

Lets discuss!( but dont sexualise her guyssss!! :-(((( )

No. 99244

I feel bad for Ken, he doesn't really seem happy with her.

No. 99259

This video is such a joke kek
at the end she blurs her cleavage

No. 99270

Whats the point of the blur?
You can see just as much throughout the video..

No. 99284

Ken doesn't really seem like a good guy either, I think they deserve each other

No. 99285

File: 1456781073241.jpg (53.78 KB, 640x640, 1755251 - Cinnamontoastken You…)

Just to prove my point, he posted this on Instagram FOR EVERYONE TO SEE. Not even on accident or something, he wrote a "funny" caption to this and linked Pewdiepie

No. 99288


this proves he's a fucking creep but not necessarily a horrible person

No. 99289

Still think he and Mary are a "perfect couple".
Both of them want attention and try to get it the laziest way possible: Nudity

No. 99292

I never said he was a horrible person, only that he and Mary seem both shady as hell and fit perfectly together

No. 99294

That guys nude game's bomb though, look at that perfectly positioned mirror! I'm deeply impressed

No. 99295

File: 1456781721147.jpg (150.2 KB, 640x903, j8osIaS.jpg)

"Don't sexualize my art."

No. 99299

No. 99312

Ken is such a cuckold. He welcomes everyone to look at her tits and fap to her. He's fucking gross and incredibly lazy. He makes her do all chores and his video editing. Every video of them together is so cringeworthy they are try-hard and have no chemistry.
When it comes to Mary I hate how dramatic and attention starved she is. The fake 'everyone is beautiful' attitude grindes my gears because if you look at her old posts on the mm forum you see that she loves being skinny and skips meals.

No. 99346

Does he actually make her do all the chores and editing?

No. 99349

Technically she's in the US on a Visa as his editor. I think she at least does the majority of his editing. From what I understand she does most of the chores as well. Basically Ken brought her here as his own sort of mail-order bride…

No. 99353

I really hate her. I used to like ken, but he's lost his genuine kindness. He used to seem like a nice guy, 3 plus years back I think? It makes me pretty sad. She's such a nasty person. And kind of a narcissist.

Omg guys don't stare at my butt, even though I'm spreading it. No one should look at my butt!

He takes every opportunity to show her tits and ass.

If it wasn't for her body, she wouldn't be semi popular. She's a total butterface.

No. 99357

I don't like Mary either, but Ken was never a nice guy. He's good friends with Pewdiepie and he's known for making pretty sexist 'jokes' on his channel for laughs. Like the other anon said,he's a cuck.

No. 99359

He's so hairy, fat and gross.

No. 99366

What kind of weird tumblr logic is this?

No. 99373

If you are going to go OT learn to sage newfag. We dont want another messy thread like jnigs.


No. 99457

I follow the threads on GG but I can never be arsed to make an account to post there.
It always seems to me that she wants fans to see her as this amazing, do-no-wrong, beautiful yet down to earth girl. Like she's the girl who hangs out with uglier people to make herself look better and to seem kind.
Also, professional cosplayer my ass. Still waiting on that genderbent Frieza, Mary.

No. 99511

File: 1456847642079.png (484.56 KB, 822x609, supermaryface.png)

Wow, such nice quality armor from a professional cosplayer.

Idk why she even calls herself a "professional cosplayer", when most of her cosplays are just normal clothing or bodysuits given to her.

No. 99518

These are so fucking bad. Worbla isn't that expensive for 1 jumbo sheet which would have done all of that 1000x better. It's not like she can't afford a £30 sheet of the stuff over this cheap crap. I guess you get what you pay for. I don't understand why she thought that was a good idea to begin with.

No. 99519

same fagging - but christ even making it out of foam would have did the job for a cheap alternative.

No. 99521

File: 1456849389260.jpg (120.11 KB, 796x808, vikingcosplay.jpg)

I agree. I think she used plaster to make them. Like wtf. Foam/worbla is super popular for making armor. Even if she didn't have experience using them, she could practice. But Mary has no clue what she's doing.

She was even paid by the game company (DragonSoul?) to make the cosplay, and she didn't even wear the kneepads.

No. 99524


Yeah some kind of plaster. I remember using this in school when i was around 8 years old. Shit stuff that gets everywhere. It's not worth the mess and it crumbles away if you don't do it right. Same kinda stuff they use to plaster up broken bones ect.
She must have got paid by the company or whatever to be able to afford £30 (or around $40?) to do it right. Even as a beginning is hard to fuck up worbla THAT bad.

No. 99542


No. 99547

I hate this, he spoke to her like shit and I think she handled it not too bad. I know I would have been rude to them back.
Not trying to whiteknight Mary, but this sucks. Shes just chilling outside in normal clothes.

No. 99578

Fuck that dude seriously

No. 99595

I'd feel sorry for her if I didn't believe she went and asked for the interview lmao

No. 99626

That dude is so thirsty and creepy. And her voice is annoying and screechy as hell.

No. 99630


wow really?? It's fucking cali everyone wears tank tops its fucking hot in south cali at the moment. If a guy gets hot and bother by girls wearing tank tops they got some issues.

No. 99635

It's embarrassing when people see tank tops + shorts in a sexual way, especially when it's clothing that everybody wears - men, women and children. It's not inherently sexual. Jesus Christ, if it's hot then they're not going to come out in a padded coat and winter boots.

No. 99770

she is definitely not a butterface. her face is gorgeous. maybe she has a shitty personality, idk because i don't know anything about her, but don't straight up lie like that.

No. 99779

I wanna say shes pretty but her face just looks punchable to me. It irritates me more than Jnigs face. At least her skin is nicer

No. 99780

File: 1456904914585.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.39 KB, 646x756, Supermaryface3.jpg)

Thought she was pretty at first too. Then this.

No. 99784

I lied. Instagram photoshop lies. She just looks like a kid.

No. 100076

I mean, that's a SUPER bad picture of her. On the whole though, like in the video posted above, she's generally attractive. It's not like she can edit her appearance in someone else's video of her. I think she's a shitty person but that doesn't necessarily make her ugly.

No. 100081

holyshit, this is beyond amateur levels of bad.

No. 100101

Shes not ugly but shes not gorgeous. Moving on.

No. 103160

File: 1457558846704.jpg (218.94 KB, 686x914, c991a5dfeb7c8a010e4458c397ea73…)

Was gonna reply on the Jnig thread but now that this bitch has her own: her stupid excuse for 'art' like bitch please, something like this pic I found on DA is more artistic than your sorry excuse, and has better costume quality, too.

No. 104368


Below average attractiveness. Pretty sure ken and Mary are only together to use each other for fame. Or at least ken is using mary.

No. 104499


Nah, it's clear she married him for the bucks. Her past actions show that.

Ken probably thinks of her as the geek version of a trophy wife. I don't think he gives a rats ass about her fame, it's more so "look at my wife she cosplays, edgy and has big boobs" the Instagram showing her cosplay and folding some laundry pretty much proves that

No. 104753

File: 1457845854390.jpg (1.33 MB, 2151x2560, 16-03-13-00-09-17-369_deco.jpg)

Her newest pic on Instagram

"Don't sexualize me"

No. 104756

Where did she get that thong? Asking for a friend

No. 104757

Not sure. Check her instagram.

No. 104772

Her tattoos look horrible

No. 104784

>All that hair
ugh. Women who like hair, how do you feel about your daughters inheriting it?

No. 104800



I've been eyeing them off for a while now.

No. 104812

File: 1457867514021.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53 KB, 800x800, hunch_by_mickwag.jpg)

I wish I can find it, but I remember seeing an episode on America's Next Top Model that talked about this shit on fucking point. Tyra said that there was a way to do sexy without it being sleazy or something like that, or artistic without being slutty. It's all in the way you post. She showed a pic of a nude model kinda hunching over. Then Tyra showed the contestants a pic from her own portfolio, when she used to model. She wasn't nude, but she was kind of pushing her chest out in a way that was deemed sexual, even though it was a full body profile pic.

And I feel like coswhores like Mary and company completely miss the point and get mad for no reason.

No. 104967


Basically this. There is a way to do tasteful nudes, and then you got these whores posing in their panties and getting mad when neck beards fap.

No. 105020

Oh god, I know so much bs on these two.(because i follow them and their little group) God, if you followed CTK before he met her you'd know the relationship is fake as hell and he is using her for views and to clean his house etc while she uses him for ytb fame. Before shed always whine about wanting to be youtube famous until she finally met him. CTK always whines (he still does) about wanting more YouTube subs and views to the point where he is low key jealous of Markiplier for having more views and subs when he was around longer than Mark.(its hinted in some videos and Kens dumb tweets) He always has Mary showing cleavage for click bait to the point where that whole little friend group (Pewdiepie, Cry, Mark, and Jack) make jokes about it. Pewdiepie low key called him out at the end of his "its just a prank bro" song but they're best friends so it was seen as a joke. Also Cry has heavily hinted that Ken bought Mary's boobs in one of their cards against humanity game videos. Ken keeps shoving Marys boobs in videos in hopes for views but he is actually loosing subs now and doesn't know why.(he makes videos about it, its sad) He and Mary have started to copy Pewds and Marzia in their couple videos which is super cringe worthy since it obviously isnt natural and forced as hell. The videos are even edited the same way pewds used to do. In one of the BroKen pod cast they both had their girlfriends with them and Marzia and Pewdiepie was natural and cute as usual but Ken and Mary seemed so forced and fake that people even had to comment on it in the comments.

No. 105022

Also, Mary has said she wants to be like Jnig.

No. 110546

File: 1458923946689.jpg (114.29 KB, 882x603, supermary-whoreface.jpg)

I don't understand how she gets so many appointments with Guy Tang. And of fucking course she is doing the Harley Quinn movie-verse whore look.

No. 110802

> that filename
Holy shit the salt lmao

But it looks like they're pretty good friends and that's how. She's in quite a few of his youtube videos.

No. 111081

Ugh, that cosplay is soo overdone. I'm absolutely sick of seeing it. That's pretty typical of Mary to jump on the hype train though. The annoying thing about Mary getting so may appointments with Guy Tang is that she does the most boring things these days. His talent is wasted on her. I think it was last time but she just say him to redye her hair to same uniform colour. Now she's just doing grey. At least when she first started to see him she did super interesting colour combinations and stuff.

No. 115119

Related but I find it relevant because SMF posted this a week ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RHssHUkYDE
And Penny Underbust posted this 6 days ago. TLDR: Penny is going on retirement from cons/cosplay because ~something happened~ and she realized she doesn't have a safespace or a chance to be a popular cosplayer because she is overweight. She even lists a reason of that because ~some people~ are more popular than her that she doesn't think she has a chance? I don't get it.

No. 118301

File: 1460505986150.jpg (566.92 KB, 1069x1342, IMG_20160412_070316.jpg)

On mobile. Forgive me if I something wrong, please. Apparently she's doing an "alternative" snow white now. Which is so cringey… this doesn't even look alternative to me.

No. 118302

File: 1460506047170.jpg (210.05 KB, 1077x591, IMG_20160412_070400.jpg)

God look at that chicks implants. I'm waiting on Mary to get them and claim they're "natural". It's only a matter of time!

No. 118322

I think she's just fat anon, not implants

No. 118331

Nah, they're definitely implants. She used to claim they were real though, until her nudes got leaked and everyone could tell she was lying.
>muh body positivity

No. 118354

Nope. They're fake. She claims they're size O on her DA page. She's gonna regret them later on in life.

No. 118355

You can see where her fake tattoos are lifting……….

No. 118480

This just looks like a freakin soft-core porn shoot.

No. 118493

File: 1460559931343.jpg (Spoiler Image, 377.59 KB, 800x533, 49e07eddc222d2048d8bf20b790841…)

That girl just looks horrible oh my god

No. 118497

File: 1460561403265.png (Spoiler Image, 209.44 KB, 825x477, tapatalk_1460561272492.png)

She was on Botched btw

No. 118498

Eugh something about those inflated circle boobs alongside the overstuffed dumpiness of the rest of her body is really unsettling.

No. 118530

File: 1460564166577.jpg (26.14 KB, 435x326, absolute-disgust.jpg)

What the fuck.

No. 118540

File: 1460564648132.jpg (15.82 KB, 300x300, sweat guy.jpg)

if those tiddies didn't look like they'd pop under the slightest pressure…. boy, lemme tell ya

No. 122567

She goes on this whole "Don't sexualise me!!" rant and then films shit like this.
Like this is pretty much softcore porn

No. 122598


I like how she surrounded her self with butter faces so she's the pretty one but gotta make sure den tities are big for click bait

No. 122849

File: 1461323536023.jpeg (667.17 KB, 979x744, tapatalk_1461323422343.jpeg)

What is it with these "sexy Cosplayers" and being almost bald?

No. 122893

File: 1461331065800.jpeg (15.29 KB, 180x181, image.jpeg)

So much going on in this photo

No. 122895

File: 1461331111858.jpeg (7.77 KB, 130x143, image.jpeg)

No. 122919

File: 1461336232981.jpg (9.06 KB, 76x82, mkm.JPG)

No. 124908

File: 1461728190011.png (24.36 KB, 79x121, Untitled.png)

No. 124929

File: 1461737008070.png (1013.76 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

how did you guys miss this one

No. 124938

I'm just excited to hear my lord and savior Onyx represented in such glorious silicone.

No. 124969

She already has them, are you blind?

No. 125873

Sorry! Meant to say bigger ones like hers. Worded it wrong lol

No. 126183

LOL on Botched they pretty much told her that… she apparently has bad scarring and they told her that they can do nothing without changing them out for a smaller implant and she refused.

No. 126424

File: 1462062713740.jpeg (192 KB, 750x1149, image.jpeg)

I can't even tell if this is a troll or not at this point

No. 127637

>plus sized
Must be a troll. If not that's incredibly funny.

No. 127678

troll or not, the plus size comment is gonna trigger her hard.


No. 135053


That is by far her best pic

That's how bad the rest are

No. 199306

>>99242(don't revive a dead thread for no reason)

No. 216656

Hopefully the mods won't consider this a useless revival, but Mary is expecting a baby girl! She's miscarried twice this year and there's pregnancy vlogs incoming. She also apologizes for any previous rudeness. Personally, I hope the best for her, Ken and their child. It's nice to hear someone openly speak about the feelings one deals with during miscarriage.

No. 216850

my first thought when i saw that was that she's gonna have a hell of a time being pregnant considering her ED and body image issues. for a while she wasn't even eating solid foods, just that soylent green smoothie shit.

ken still seems miserable, she still seems unstable, and they're throwing a baby into the mix. good luck to both of them lmfao.

No. 216886

I hope for the best as well. Pregnancy is shitty and long and miscarriage is even shittier. It was smart of her to wait so long to say anything.

Though now here's my question. She's the first one of that sort of group to get preggo. While it's usually females who start getting pregnant after the first one does, I wonder if this will start the chain for the guy letsplayers to start having kids, pretty much all of them are in ltrs (I think markiplier has the newest relationship and even then it's been a solid year right?).

No. 216935


Idk but pewdiepie and Marzia would make such a cute babeh

No. 217025

she says in the video that nobody ever talks about miscarriages but doctors usually advise to wait before announcing the pregnancy because its so common to miscarry early on. as much as i dislike her i do feel bad she had to learn that first hand instead of someone telling her but its definitely better she waited this time around.

i cant think of any other cosplayers either that have children but i can see her becoming a mommy vlogger or something if shes going to put up pregnancy vlogs. kind of like what happened with xsparkage. i know arin from gamegrumps has talked about possibly wanting to start kids with his wife suzy (kittykatgaming and also a huge lolcow) because in his words "you spend all day doing youtube and then you come home and it's like ok…what do we do now?" lol

i wouldnt be surprised if it started a chain reaction like you said. in addition to being in ltrs they're also making hella cash and are around the right age to probably start a family if they were thinking about it.

agreed, kid would be cute as fuck but omg can you imagine either of them as parents? they both just seem so…young.

No. 258386

Met her at Katuscon. WHAT A BITCH! my friend introduced us. Mary didn't smile or even nod to me. She just turned around and spoke to some other cosplay girl. We then all went out to a bar with a big group of girls and Mary was miss negative. Constantly saying she felt fat (surprise! You're pregnant!) and kept commenting how ugly some of the skinny girls were that walked by. Of course, she never spoke directly to me. She was just speaking to my friend that was there.

No. 258543

Not even surprised, she has such a bitch attitude even if you follow her Tumblr alone, she feels very entitled and snarky without even hiding it. Idk about the forums in gossip guru and if it's still active, but they posted a lot of bitchy things she's done the past years.

No. 274986

Completely OT, but does anyone know how old she is? When I google it says 28 but various other websites/gurugossip shows screenshots which point to the fact that it should be 22-23. Has she ever publicly said it?

No. 275045

Why do all the shittiest people get pregnant? my condolences to that baby.

No. 275046

She has to be in her mid to late 20s by now.

No. 275096

As much as I dislike her, I think the baby's gonna be just fine. They (or at least Mary) are quite good looking, they have a lot of money, live in a nice house in the country, they care for a lot of animals which makes me think they will also care for it very much. They might be assholes but I really wouldn't worry about the kid.

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