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No. 198308

Somehow, it's worse than I expected, and I wasn't expecting it to be good. The quality of the MV makes me think at any moment it could just spontaneously become some kind of gonzo JAV.
And this interview about it is just…


Apologies for posting this, even though I could have sworn there was a second Himezawa thread, I'm not finding it in the catalog.

No. 198309

is this a dude?

No. 198311

File: 1446295209981.png (2.56 MB, 1847x945, kawaiiasfuck.png)

No. 198312

Yeah….it's kind of an odd video.


No. 198313

>“I always wanted to try making music” recalls Sabrina Schultes .
Well you tried… and it's shit.

No. 198314

File: 1446295502443.gif (496.18 KB, 500x215, tumblr_inline_nwhv9jueZs1rjv24…)

No. 198315

>Finally she wakes up to another self, fights back the bullying and changes her attitude.
fights back how?

No. 198316

File: 1446295749491.png (273.2 KB, 889x571, 185e75.png)

You remember her shit singing on Nico Nico? She's been accepted by a label called Grow Seeds.

No. 198318

Ikr!People like Himezawa abuse auto-tune all the fucking time to fix their shitty voices. Can't she just take singing lessons?

No. 198321

File: 1446296200337.png (348.8 KB, 842x429, sekushiaidoru!.png)

No. 198322

well that's awkward..

No. 198323

This 'whatever-it's-called' style doesn't suit her at all.

No. 198325

>And that’s just what I want to do: Create a new type of genre for a new generation of J-pop singer or idol, that is more free.
Yeah and it takes a foreigner to do this. The whites save the day.

No. 198326

>The third thing I wanted to address is the protagonists struggle with identity. Many young people – even me – are trying to figure out who they are and where their place in the world is.She decides to become part of the Japanese idol world, modelling for gravure, but it leads to getting bullied at school, as her grades drop from being busy and her classmates find out about.
So if I have this right, she does gravure modelling in the same classroom she goes to school to?
And why aren't there any "classmates" in this video?

No. 198327

>“I know it is controversial of me, making my debut in an environment like that, being married and not fitting the common idol image
>being married
She's married?

No. 198331

tbh GrowSeeds is just Ark Music Factory for Japanese people

Their pool of influence is depressingly low.

No. 198333

File: 1446299664622.png (11.72 KB, 673x157, patreon.png)

No. 198336

Also I just realized this, that midway through they just…sample Darth Vader. They straight up just throw a James Earl Jones soundbyte in?

No. 198346

File: 1446302703816.png (306.8 KB, 500x500, 30950982190.png)

Considering all her achievements (publish a book, be a model, release a song) and the amount of online articles about her, I really thought she was more popular. Where are all her subscribers? Her fans and Youtube views?

No. 198347

such a cringe worthy low budget MV

No. 198348

She MOST LIKELY bought likes.
Her fb page used to have 200 likes but then boom, the following day it's over 6K

No. 198350

She could really use some extra weight. Maybe it will make her face look less strange too

No. 198353

No, if anything she could stand to lose a bit. She has massive chunky thighs.

No. 198354

Well I've seen many gorgeous skinny girls so I don't think it's about the weight tbh
She's just an awkward poser+that shitty unflattering wig

No. 198356

So have I, but I don't think it suits her at all. It just looks awkward on her.

No. 198357


Nah, not her weight. She's just ugly, awkward and desperate for gook attention.

No. 198358

She married one of her fans just before her visa was running out

I think they were friends only like 4-5 months before that

No. 198360

pretty much >>198311
she looks over 30 to me. her face is just sooo emotionless.
you can actually see himezawa trying to keep her spirits up, it's sad….

No. 198361

This girl though

Is actually quite delusional.

She is filthy rich, gets tons of money from her parents, and thinks she's important because she can afford burando & lives in le nippon.

The saddest part is that she doesn't actually have any fans (except that one dude, that she ended up marrying for visa). Her photos never gets comments, maybe one or two. She tries SO FUCKING HARD to put herself out there by embarrassingly tagging her shit, trying to make herself a "thing".

The worst part is that her #AskHimezawa gets NO questions. She did it once before and iirc, most of the questions were from the same people. Then she did it again, but no one actually asked her shit. She said like "TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY FOR #AskHimezawa"" for weeeeeks, several times, because she received no questions.

And I hate the fact that she tries to push herself into the Asobisystem shit. She tagged her song with it, trying to imply Asobi was involved while it wasn't.

I also just fucking hate her voice

This girl is nothing but sad, delusional and embarrassing.

No. 198362

File: 1446305668562.jpg (26.43 KB, 427x356, 996be8bdc0b1f06f1cf6299ce14a58…)

No. 198365

Here's your answer, anon from >>198346.

No. 198384

This is so shit - crap auto tune and awfully filmed.

No. 198405

No. 198406

this video made me remember the one that venus made in ikea LOL

No. 198414

The music video was bad at the beginning, but it got terrible exactly 2 minutes in. What the fuck was that sudden clusterfuck? Her singing is nails on chalkboard. Why was the Darth Vader sample included in this? I have questions.

No. 198420


Shes desperate man

No. 198427

This shit reminds me of Beckii Cruel.

No. 198430

File: 1446320173922.png (9.53 KB, 684x134, askfm.png)


No. 198434

This is actually refreshingly honest rather than the "I'm actually basically fluent and have been studying Japanese for years! I understood everything the minute I heard it!" we tend to get from other weebs.

No. 198444

Yes, but she's acting like she was a shit in the beginning and now is some expert because she lived there for some time. She can barely understand japanese

No. 198455

what can ya do anon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 198456

File: 1446327840451.png (469.09 KB, 541x427, fuckallyall.PNG)

No. 198457

the ana chan in me is kinda jelly of her curveless skinny body

No. 198458

She's not really skinny though… look at those thighs and arms. She just has an odd fat distribution

No. 198460

Yeah, she is really skinny. Check your ED

No. 198464


The fuck is up with people on this site? She's thin as hell. Skinnier than fucking kota and mira.

Y'all shouldn't be arsed about her weight. Check her face and that kawaii forced make up!

No. 198475

the previous thread

No. 198485

Why do so many of these pasty anglo-saxon girls thriving to be the next kawaii-something have this kind of massive, long nose? Like Himezawa, Keekihime, Yuka, Beckii, that one unfortunate horsey looking one and so on. They all look the same. At least Kooter has a cute little nez.

No. 198492

Most girls who get heavily into J-fashion do so because they are too ugly or socially inept for mainstream Western fashion.

No. 198493

No. 198496

Was thinking the same thing. Of all the stuff you could criticise himeweewee. "Chunky thighs" c'mon now?

Must be all the ana-chans and pullfags projecting.

No. 198498

How did she manage to be thin and have an unattractive body at the same time?
She's obviously not a fucking skeleton like Ash, but somehow she looks bony and not good (inb4 fatty chan). It's fucking weird.

No. 198501

Skinnyfat + bad genetics. She would look a lot better if she actually had a waist, but she's just shaped like a ruler

No. 198506


I agree, they're all blonde/blue eyes and pasty. Even spoke to another jfashion weeb and she said "It's getting boring now they're all so similar". So similar to the point where fucking kota is following peachyboringmilk. The clones and cows are actually huddling together nowadays.

I agree, at least kota has some cuteness to her basic ass self.

Himezawas be looking like pitbulls chewing on wasps.

No. 198509

this is why Japanese make big nose gaijin jokes

No. 198514

ana chan pls go

No. 198549

Thin=/=attractive body.
There are some unfortunate looking skinny people, especially when they are really tall.

I think himezawas problem is that she doesn't know how to pose/have good posture so she looks like a fucking board. That "photo shoot" Was especially embarrassing.

No. 198551

I bet Himezawa thinks being a blonde gaijin is enough to be a succesful kawaii aidoru in Japan.
But being "different" is not enough, she doesn't have a cute appeal at all.

No. 198556


No. 198559

File: 1446352811603.jpg (26.06 KB, 530x289, mn.JPG)

Desperate-to-stay-relevant weeb brigade in the comments ofc.

Waiting for Butterface Cruel to post an asskissing comment too.

No. 198572

I kind of like her she's so stupid lol and that nose

No. 198583

How is she filthy rich? Ok someone said her parents were a seamstress and a police chief or something? That doesn't seem rich to me. More like upper-middle class.

No. 198590

her nose alone isn't THAT bad, but on her face it is. She lacks a chin, so it makes her nose look pretty awful.

Actually, she looks like every other Central European. She needs to drop the cutesy shit and embrace a more mature look.

No. 198600


I didn't watch the video, but reading that article about t makes t seem like she tried to cram every weeaboo's Japan fantasy into it at the same time (gravure, schoolgirl, Lolita).

No. 198602

Oh man. Why do all these white girls think that the japanese will fawn all over them just because they're white and have blue/green eyes etc. She looks like she has progeria, that body…. eugh

No. 198604

Police men make a shit ton of money in germany

No. 198614

true that. i have a question though… why did she need to scam all these people and ask for donations if her parents are so damn filthy rich?

No. 198616

Are we SURE she's 21?

No. 198638

She's so desperate to make it big in Japan it's actually quite sad. This "music" video was just terrible and cliche asf.

No. 198641

File: 1446381819373.png (504.18 KB, 611x666, kek.png)

No. 198642

lmao i called it: >>198559

No. 198643

Well, Beckii is the one that invited himezawa to moshimoshi nippon some years ago

They probably know each other a little from the UK

No. 198644


I don't get these Weeb bitches. The same ones were shitting all over VenusAngelic when she first started living out in Japan, especially Abi & Kelsey when VA got snapped by Tokyo Fashion some months back, now when one of their own in the UK clique has released a Jpop MV, they're licking each other's arses.

Pathetic the lot of them.

No. 198645

Beckii is so sad these days…

No. 198647


She's literally grasping at straws to stay relevant.

No. 198649

lol don't take it seriously. All these girls are plotting against each other.
The one thing none of them seem to realize is they're all either generic as fuck or just not cute. They'll probably never make it in Japan.
Beckii got close, but then she nixed her manager, and the two other girls in the whole Cruel Angels group seemed to drop off the face of the earth. Since then, Beckii hit puberty and stopped being a cute middle-school looking girl. No chance.
Yuka (probably) would've been able to do it if her whoredom didn't get spilled all over the internet and she had only messed around with one pedophile at a time.

No. 198651


Not taking it too seriously lol. It's like watching a Weeby version of Mean Girls. You're right about them being generic as fuck tho, there's nothing exciting or unique about them at all.

No. 198654

I think most of these girls rely too much on Japanese beauty standards: They (unknowingly) think just because they have pale skin, big eyes, blonde hair and the exotic foreigner-bonus they can become popular in another country. After all, it's true for some people that they become interesting in Japan while back in their own country they're like everyone else. You also have Dakota Rose who made it so they believe they can too.

No. 198662

I want to say there was some drama with Venus (or Margo)and Beckii and Kelsey back in the day but I can't remember what it was. Venus more or less burned all the bridges to any of the other UK aidorus.

No. 198667

I find it almost comedic how little she is known despite trying so hard to put herself out there.

No. 198692

People can be rich and still work average jobs. Maybe they came into money and didn't want to retire yet.
They definitely enable her though. She receives a lot of unneeded tech stuff, the car she asked for specifically because the guys in Supernatural drive it, and they also gave her a 1000€/month allowance for England.

No. 198697


Yuka and Beckii were never cute to begin with. Just basic white girls, nothing unique or special.

With kota at LEAST I can see the cute appeal despite her being bland af?

I think people have to have a certain look about them tbh.

With Taylor I can see appeal but she doesn't suit kawaii. Well she CAN but her make up fucks it up.

No. 198698


Thing with kota is that she already had past/history which gave her some attention in the beginning. Plus she has a nice face to work with, I know she's basic as a motherfucker but her old shoops from doll tumblr days pulled it off better than any other kawaii ass white girl. She looked realistic and did the doll thing at the right time. Plus she was never into idol and shit anyway, it was purely about getting herself marketed, learning the language and making herself look at believable as possible even though she knew people would find out.

She kept her head down for years now, mingles with the Japanese and gained herself a new life. She wasn't stupid.

The rest however either just don't have the "Look", do dumb things, are dumb or too late to jump the doll train cos it's done with now.

No. 198700

It was all Margo tbh. She read /cgl/ and suddenly started shitting on Kelsey and Beckii, calling people "fame-suckers" and such.
Venus said nothing. I kinda feel bad for her, Margaret seems to prevent her from having any friends and basically groomed her into being a shitty, self-absorbed human being (if that one circle lenses shop fiasco from way back when is any indication of her personality).

No. 198706

File: 1446398000512.jpg (4.98 KB, 241x160, images.jpg)

No homo but I'd rather NOT see her naked.

No. 198711

So desperate. You had your time, briefly, give it up and move on. Get a real job, Beckii.

No. 198717

she's still trying to became an idol?

No. 198718

The only famous gaijin idols in Japan are Yuriko Tiger and kerukkuma
Himezawa is nothing famous

No. 198719


Judging by the MV, yes. She likes to pretend her husbando actually doesn't exist and she's innocent n' pure for the neckbeards.

No. 198729

File: 1446402553186.gif (1.02 MB, 320x180, Doge-o.gif)

much aidoru
very fame
many fans

No. 198731

File: 1446402979936.png (998.6 KB, 752x892, lewl.png)

No. 198732

Theres a girl called tia yanenthta doing ok i think.
At least, shes not some obnoxious weeb or anything

No. 198733

Tia yanen

No. 198735

File: 1446404867789.jpg (7.25 KB, 249x202, pepejelly.jpg)

Y'know what guys?
I just feel sad.
For Yuka,Himezawa,Bekii,Venus,…All these bitches who got some attention and were kawaii aidorus for a moment and now it's over.
But they can't stop, they want to stay relevant.
They will end up like that super sad doujinshi of K-ON Requiem 5 a dream. If any of them manage to be an idol they will end up like Azusa most likely ended up to be:
Some third rate ""idol"" in the Akihabara streets wearing cat ears.
Besides Kota who seems to have her shit together and be actually aware she can't live off that forever and probably has a plan, they all seems to think they can be kawaii and idols and all that forever but no.
I think they still are bitches and don't like them, but i'm feeling sad because it's just sad to see. The drama used to be funny but now i'm just…sad actually. They are so desperate.

No. 198764

No, read her interview here: http://www.jpopgo.co.uk/himezawa-wagamama-love/

>I know it is controversial of me, making my debut in an environment like that, being married and not fitting the common idol image, but sometimes you have to be brave, to make a change. And though I don’t think I will refer to myself as an ‘idol’, I hope more people will open up and who knows? It might even become a new movement?

She thinks her little MV will make people be more open-minded about idols or some shit.

No. 198765

wtf is wrong with her eyes

No. 198767

File: 1446410071849.png (694.38 KB, 638x439, aidoru.png)

No. 198800

Man, Beckii and Himezawa are both butt fucking ugly. What is it that makes these girls think they're so special and fame-worthy? They don't even have any talents.

No. 198816

Being white and fitting some Japanese beauty ideals.

No. 198819

Japs just love big nosed ugly weeb bitches, am i right?

No. 198858

No. 198859


Clearly being just white hasn't gotten her very far though?

No. 198873

It's cringe-worthy how she pretends to be this up and coming starlet, but I'm pretty sure all of her TV appearances/interviews/… come from her aggressively marketing herself begging for exposure.

>mfw she only has 1.5k followers on twitter

>mfw weebs here in Germany have never even heard of her

No. 198890

Even though being white and blonde makes you stand out a bit more in Japan, if you are not cute, you won't get that much attention.

And Himezawa is def not cute.

No. 198951

But this Japanese guy says she's beautiful!!!!

No. 198955


Japs are known for being nice to your face, that's why. It's all bluff.

I don't think Himezawa is JESUS FUCKIN CHRIST UGLY. But she isn't cute. She's just… "there" if you know what I mean?

No. 198957

>calling herself "-chan"


No. 198977

I don't mean to weeb either, but ugh, one just shouldn't do that

No. 199000

I think i found my new favorite lolcow besides kiki and kanadajin3

No. 199002

File: 1446480398957.png (358.44 KB, 517x483, fuckhaterz.png)

Bitch,I'm fabulous

No. 199005

i mean its not like hes gonna call someone ugly to his/her face

No. 199011

File: 1446481356295.png (493.69 KB, 933x592, thefuck.png)

No. 199013

She looks 6 feet tall

No. 199014

The amount of autotune in that song is just painful.

No. 199015

Agreed. In Germany,she's a nobody. None of my friends know who the fuck she is.
Gotta say she did a great job promoting the shit out of herself, considering she has no talents.

No. 199016

File: 1446481832936.png (51.37 KB, 500x188, tumblr_static_you_ain_t_kawaii…)

No. 199017

Spamming is not the same as promoting

No. 199018

OK but it is.

No. 199020

looks like a crossdressing man to me.

No. 199025

>>199020 or a scarecrow

No. 199026

if you read the article about her inspiration and intended message for the song, it sounds like she opened a book on 'top 3 recent social issues in japanese youth' and tried to address them all as some sort of white savior goddess
i am by no means a SJW, far from it, but in a way i do feel like its not her place to do that. sure japan SUCKS at confronting issues, but it doesnt need some white weeb to do it for them

No. 199030

File: 1446485048311.jpg (26.01 KB, 353x500, 135802_1225567255208_full.jpg)

this wasnt necessary at all

couldnt unsee this though

No. 199034

Lena Katina never looked as bad as that. Come on, now, anon.
In that picture she looks like Chucky tho

No. 199037

The only thing I want is that metal crown.

And holy shit, she has an unfortunate face for the kawaii doll look.

No. 199038

She has an unfortunate face for any look..

And the way she poses like a dead fish, how could you greenlight that? It's like she paid someone to pose/film her at the most unflattering angles.

I normally think that farmers focus on noses way too much but in her case I just can't understand why you wouldn't put money towards fixing that fucking beak. She reminds me of that rich horseface Ashley girl in a lot of this.

No. 199041

>It's like she paid someone to pose/film her at the most unflattering angles.
She's really awkward in motion. And she did pay people with her Patreon money to shoot the music video and take the photos.

No. 199073


I know, I always wondered why Paris Hilton never fixed that ugly thing of hers either tbh. What is it with rich girls and not fixing their ugly noses?

No. 199078

haha sorry.

i just dont get what look she was going for with that fried blonde wig? like, japanese school girl with ruined bottle-blonde hair?

No. 199080

Because it is her most distinguished feature - Paris looks fine to me.

No. 199081

At least in the case of Paris Hilton it gives her a somewhat unique/recognizeable face. I don't find her attractive but I don't feel like her nose is too disproportionate/makes her hideous. Like there's room for improvement but it's not a deal breaker, if you know what I mean?

But in Himezawa's case there is just no distracting from it. It's so disproportionate to her face. It looks like she was in some freak accident and they had to do a transplant of someone else's nose, kek. Like I don't think she'd be super good looking if she fixed her nose, but it would be a HUGE improvement.

No. 199145

She kinda seems like a nice person tho

No. 199154

But she scammed, blocked, and dissed people tho

No. 199163

Who did she diss?

No. 199177

File: 1446508395985.png (116 KB, 592x360, jennifer-grey-nose-job.png)

Nose jobs are not always a good idea. Jennifer Grey's nose job killed her career.

No. 199186


Nah, her nose is horrid.

No. 199187


Nah both her and himezawa's beaks are gross af

No. 199202

Himezawa doesn't have a career so what's her excuse

No. 199206

But even if she fixes her nose, she won't look cute. Her other features aren't cute either.

No. 199223

File: 1446515227979.jpg (221.29 KB, 750x500, sabrina3o4u5rf.jpg)

She wouldn't be stunning but it'd definitely be worth it and a huge improvement.
I tried to give her a bit of an upper lip too but it looks kinda weird because there's seriously nothing to work with.
A nose job and some fillers and she'd look decent. It's not like she doesn't have the money.

No. 199224

she randomly blocks other kawaii aidorus, has denounced an ex on tumblr etc

No. 199235

She needs jaw surgery more than a nose job IMO.

No. 199272

Towards the end, he says "You don't have any haters huh?” to which she replies "Right now it's really quiet."

"Eh? That's boring!! Fucking boring!"

If only he knew…

No. 199309

i think her nose is more prominent than her jaw

No. 199310

that is why she needs surgery. She has a receading jawline/no chin. Probably caused by some sort of overbite.

No. 199323

Everyone who's familiar with her stupid ass is either a hater or another delusional white bitch thirsty for fame and kissing ass.

No. 199325

File: 1446531096180.png (27.59 KB, 115x119, DOGE.png)

can you photshop her some talent too?

No. 199371

Aside from scamming and randomly blocking other idol wannabes, she's also delusional as hell >>198361 and used to humble brag all the time on Twitter. She's more of an embarrassing lolcow than a horrible one, like Sheena Duquette.

No. 199378

My guess is that it happened before she turned 18. She gets tons of money from somewhere. Maybe she inherited it

No. 199379

File: 1446559411507.jpg (93.72 KB, 640x640, 10176209_10201562412131369_129…)


Anyone else see it?

No. 199383

File: 1446560431315.jpeg (157.21 KB, 640x1043, 1446440300709.jpeg)

No but…

No. 199386

File: 1446561292537.jpg (158.95 KB, 376x500, tarento.jpg)

oh my gosh that is way cuter…


No. 199387

Her eyes look kinda "grandma-ish" to me

No. 199418

Her face isn't a problem but her attitude is. See >>>/pt/24669 for her older antics. She looks decent enough.

No. 199573

Jfc I just noticed her boob cleavage fail. She didn't even try. Worst 2d copy paste job ever.

No. 199587

And how much does a police man make in Germany? Cite a source? They can't be that rich. I'll believe upper class

No. 199595

Did anyone ever read her book?

No. 199607

Let's see

All she does is talk about herself
Take pictures of herself
Makes song about herself
Releases a MV with only herself in it

Gee, I wonder what her book is about

No thank you

No. 199764

meh, i'm not even surprised… policemen take bribes

No. 199866

German here.
I looked up several sources and they all say that making 3000€ a month is quite normal for a police man. If you're in the upper grade of the civil services it's also possible to have an income up to 6000€ a month, but it also heavily depends on the state. Eastern states tend to pay less than Western states in Germany.

No. 199868

She's no longer on the list for Moshimoshi fest. Did something hape

No. 199875

Didn't you read the article in OP's post? Himezawa is a busy woman.
She probably doesn't have enough time to attend another festival, kek.

No. 199908

File: 1446656362989.png (24.27 KB, 783x181, 274b841b72a8877797f07ecfe3324a…)

So famoose much aidoru
Seriously though and I'd venture to say have of those views are from this site.

No. 199963

File: 1446665817619.png (44.49 KB, 1084x273, wat.png)

sabrina pls

No. 199988

They're all kissing her ass now lel.

No. 200013

That's more of a "meh" than a asskiss to me.

No. 200068

I saw her at Laforet once. I was lining up for an AP release or something and she came down the stairs with (I'm guessing) her husband. All the japanese girls around me recognized her and were really excited. I would say she's successfull

No. 200076

hi himezawa

No. 200081

My problem with Himezawa is that she doesn't know Dudley shit about idols. She said Kyary was one, she thinks she can be publicly married(should've just gotten the visa and shut the hell up about the marriage) and all around she's pretty fucking dumb. To Japanese she is beautiful, because as long as you're white and gangly and average you're beautiful in Japan. I live here trust me, nobody cares about her nose. She's not an idol type because of her face and body type.

Also, alongside not knowing shit about idols the bitch can't speak any Japanese. How she tricked immigration into giving her a visa to marry a man she can't even talk to is beyond me. But at least learn the god damn language. Honestly she's built for modeling in Japan and just fucking stick with it. They don't care if you're married(like Dakota secretly is) an the pay is pretty good. I don't know why she's dead set on being an aidoru when she doesn't know what one is.

No. 200083

>To Japanese she is beautiful, because as long as you're white and gangly and average you're beautiful in Japan. I live here trust me

Hi big nosed white girl, what's life like in Japan?

No. 200084


I agree, but I can't see this girl being a model solely because she's white though. She's butt ugly and has no cute charm like Dakota holds (probably even Venus could do better).

Seriously, I want a cute little indian or negro to flock to nippon and try out this gag because I want to see how sick ridden the gooks are with anglo barbie looking motherfuckers.

But yeah, Himezawa is no idol material.

No. 200086

Then she isn't rich, she's just upper middle class. You guys must be Totemokawaii-level poorfags to think that's rich. Rich is usually $200k+ or an equivalent to that.

Rich is like 4x the median income of the average income.

No. 200087

No. 200100

File: 1446687356789.jpg (7.77 KB, 212x238, 26347_10151768836043447_495080…)

Anyone ever seen Lloyd (Todd Bosley) btw?

No. 200106

File: 1446688630596.jpg (31.82 KB, 640x926, amina.jpg)

>I want a cute little indian or negro to flock to nippon and try out this gag
There's Aminyan. I don't follow her though so I don't know how popular she is with the japs, but it seems like she's doing alright. She seems to be more worthy of any 'idol' status than Sabrina, that's for sure.

No. 200110


she's cuter too tbh lol

oh fuck sabrina

your anglo saxon hitler blood ain't gonna save u now

a black girl is actually cuter den u kek who am i kidding? most girls are prettier than u

No. 200122

an AP release "or something"? you don't even know what you were waiting in line for? you need to commit to your lies more brah

No. 200149

Not lying, I just can't remember what I was lining for, I go to Laforet and line up a lot brah.

No. 200150

File: 1446696917717.jpg (995.41 KB, 320x240, e81877b24fd0ea993e08149241c028…)

Nice try Himezawa.
fyi you're nowhere near "successful".

No. 200152

File: 1446697093347.png (598.38 KB, 915x606, 1418098642698.png)

No. 200153

File: 1446697119317.png (68.84 KB, 1328x740, 1418098729271.png)

No. 200155

She's got an official lyric page up on her site now. A few links to articles regarding it are included, as well as a BTS which is really just an old teaser.

No. 200157

I'm not white, I'm southeast Asian and i don't think white women are superior however Japanese and Asian people in general think White people are beautiful mostly because of Hollywood. That's why Beckii etc became popular in Japan but would be average in their own countries. Being white is enough in Japan. I'm just telling it how it is, Even in Thailand white women are prized. its sad but true
She's not very famous in Japan however on most image boards and shit people say she's pretty. She's still more well known than Sabrina. And from the Miss iD video she looks a hell of a lot better than she does in selfies. I honestly think she's more pegged out for modeling. Her Japanese is the best I've seen from any aidoru girl outside of Keekihime, and she's pretty well educated. I don't think she gets talked about here much because she's not really a cow and stays out of drama.

Back to Himezawa, like I said before she doesn't have a clue what idols are in Japan. She needs to stay with Lolita modeling. Way more money and it suits her better.

No. 200158

Being white alone is not enough but as long as you aren't as ugly as Mira you're suitable. In Germany Himezawa is average. The average white person coming to Japan has their asses kissed. Why do you think so many white men go there to teach english? Come to Japan, you'll be surprised at the sheer planeness and sometimes ugliness of white girls and women on ads.

No. 200172

Hahahaha that's golden.
Nice fucking try, Sab. No one who only has 2900 subs on YouTube and only ~4000 views on their music video in the first whole week has Japanese fangirls crowding around them excitedly and taking pictures in public.
Funny how of the whole 28 comments on the MV that none of them are Japanese people, just other weeby white girls/~aspiring idols~ that are all stuck in a daisy chain of licking each other's asses.

No. 200173

This is the most pathetic self-post I've seen in a while.

No. 200176

This would only happen if she was like Rola-status.

No. 200182


You're so full of shit (hi himezawa). I've seen models like Kozue Akimoto outside Laforet. She's worldwide famous and VERY famous in Japan, and people didn't flock around her. Sure people stared and were probably a little starstruck, but nothing like that.

A nobody like Himezawa would never experience that. Even Taylor and Dakota don't get much people around them, just people staring, occasionally asking for a photo.

No go away, Sabrina.

No. 200183

Exactly. Not even Kota would have something like this happen.

No. 200187

ofc she doesn't have a clue, she's just obsessed with becoming famous,that's all

No. 200188

You didn't even try to make up a decent story Himezawa

No. 200277

You're delusional

No. 200281

I'm the poster of this, and this is not a lie and I'm not Himezawa. Also i didn't say there were a thousand girls fawning over her. I said all the girls around me-while I has lining up-so that's 4-5 girls at the most.

No. 200289

Can't take back your words Himezawa. That was a stupid move, get over yourself.

No. 200292

No. 200294

Her original choreography? kek

No. 200295

File: 1446721943236.jpg (40.63 KB, 600x600, 187.jpg)

No. 200296

That's really really awkward….

No. 200299

My poor ears!!Imagine her singing LIVE.Without autotune.

No. 200319

Anon is being too vague. Maybe they confused her for another white model.
Maybe the girls really thought Sabrina was beautiful and got excited.
Maybe there was another famous person walking behind her. Who knows.

>4-5 girls
>I would say she's successfull

No. 200321

My english teacher from Connecticut went to Japan with her boyfriend and all the girls wanted to take a pic with her. I have to add she's fucking petty, blonde, 187ish cm tall and looks like a real model.
I think nobody would stop Sabrina. But my teacher? Yes. Sabrina isn't model material. Maybe they screamed because they were crazy Lolitas and liked her outfit.

No. 200333

File: 1446732644300.png (117.66 KB, 226x418, hime.png)

i always wanted stupid skinny legs

No. 200335

tbh i definitely, 99% sure i saw dakochan in shibuya and there were not people flocking

honestly if you are in tokyo, THEY ARE USED TO GAIJIN BY NOW

the only people in the cities that are gonna run up and be like OMG SO KAWAII are younger/teen girls

No. 200399

Same here! I saw Dakota in Shibuya

No. 200401

A-are you from Connecticut anon?

No. 200403


What was she like?

No. 200460

File: 1446751841174.jpg (54.79 KB, 599x900, creepy.jpg)

No. 200461

File: 1446751945084.png (1.4 MB, 758x726, image.png)

No. 200462

File: 1446752017171.png (1.28 MB, 1020x759, lewl.png)

No. 200463

File: 1446752127294.png (2.39 MB, 980x1006, image.png)

No. 200465

She looks like a teenage boy

No. 200468

File: 1446752762676.jpg (82.81 KB, 456x684, kawaiijapaneseaidoru.jpg)

Tried to fix that shit.

No. 200472

File: 1446753031638.gif (45.25 KB, 500x500, giphy.gif)

a-anon chan !!! this is so beautiful!!!!!

No. 200482

File: 1446753758489.jpg (228.38 KB, 599x900, himezawa.jpg)

anime ver

No. 200484

I legit thought this was a trap or crossdresser.

No. 200485

Oh my god these are so beautiful. But then I look at the original one ughhhhrrrr
moment spoiled

No. 200486

this is pretty much how she looks without all the shitty wigs and filters.

No. 200497

You know, maybe Himezawa doesn't have a big ego.

In reality, she's just a naive, wide-eyed foreigner who came to Japan with the common mindset that every Asian will fawn over her and now she really believes every stare and whisper is a compliment directed at her.

No. 200499

This one is very good. Honestly if you didn't change the nose it would be ok too, I think the most offending feature are those bags under the eyes.

No. 200515

i pretty much agree. just doesnt seem like she has a big ego. doesnt mean she's not a cow, but come on now, lots of people self-promote. its natural.
i dont think she acts bigger than she is, but she doesnt know shes not really hot shit

No. 200523

File: 1446758618807.jpg (29.65 KB, 494x477, 1437529831865.jpg)


Even if she isn't self aware that's still a big ego.

I think she's very aware of her ego. She just doesn't realize it's unwarranted.

Anyway, this thread wreaks of samefag. Get out smelly himezawa/friends, I don't need that giant nose to smell your putrid stench all up in this.

No. 200619

this is himezawa's real singing without autotune for anyone who doesn't have a nnd account

No. 200659

Himezawa's personality makes it sound like she's an anime character. It sounds like from an anime: a snobby rich girl overjoyed a bunch of people are taking pics of her but in reality they were texting or something or taking pics of the famous girl next to her like that one time

No. 200661

holy baby j, my ears.

No. 200736

She sounds like me and I can't sing, I fucking admit that.
She's horrible imo and needs to get off her high horse and start listening to what people say.

No. 200737

Exactly my thoughts

I sound like a crow on meth when trying to sing

No. 200739

File: 1446783153936.jpg (18.94 KB, 277x286, hime.jpg)

Still lurking, Himezawa?

No. 200741

Sabrina doesn't even try to improve. She's this only spoiled child who has her daddy always telling her how perfect and talented she is and gets mad at anyone who says she's average and has no tarento. kek

No. 200742


She needs to do something about that ridiculously thin upper lip.

No. 200813

You made her look like Ally & Sally

No. 200829


I'm an attractive pakistani/indian girl (ngl tho, I'm only considered attractive cause I have very caucasian features) and I got randoms coming up to me squealing "kawaii" and "bijin" all the time in Tokyo

No. 200830

everything about this video is so forced and unnatural, she doesn't have any real camera presence. the production quality is shitty as hell too wow.

No. 200837

i can't handle this she has no shame at all kek

No. 200838

File: 1446806274350.png (578.37 KB, 828x346, 1446256283607.png)

>dat obvious autotuning everywhere


No. 200850


Can I just ask…

What is everyone's obsession and need to tell people when they go to Japan they say "oh yeah i was accepted cos i have white lookin' features" tho?

It's like people are always needing to tell others they're somewhat "accepted" in Japan?

It's sad.

Half the gooks on Takeshita dori are fowl looking as fuck anyway.

No. 200854

it's the weeb version of the uncle tom

No. 200856

is that kyary's actual dance or sabrinas version? she looks so stiff

No. 200862

>I apologize for being out of rhythm sometimes, I just got really distractes, cause people gathered on both sides of the ways though I set up a sign on every side that they should walk behind the tripod-camera-setup if possible ;w;

No. 200866

File: 1446820712341.png (419.36 KB, 796x431, kkk.png)

No. 200870

File: 1446820978829.png (448.33 KB, 530x503, HIMEZAWA.png)

No. 200871

File: 1446821054721.gif (1019.87 KB, 500x281, Britney-Spears-Cringe-Face.gif)

Holy shit this is embarrassing

No. 200874

Why would she film in such a public place with lots of foot traffic and expect people to walk around her? fucking cunt

No. 200891

Wtf is with her uploading to Vimeo?! It's a sight for artsy, high quality videos, not weeb bullshit. Also there isn't an audience for her on vimeo, all the weebs are on youtube

No. 200892


what am i thinking

No. 200896

why does she look like maragret to me

wow i wish i didn't have to work a job to support myself like a normal young adult so i could do dumb shit like this all day

No. 200897

She does have them uploaded to Youtube but….well….see video related.

No. 200905

File: 1446829706734.jpg (76.1 KB, 412x617, 1446751841174.jpg)

I'm bored.

No. 200907

File: 1446829892934.png (76.84 KB, 1033x645, kek.png)

>someone whose supposedly close to her.

No. 200911

Spoiler alert: that "someone" is Himezawa.

No. 200912

Weren't there screenshots though? And people stepping forward, saying they haven't been refunded yet.

No. 200914

File: 1446830289296.png (246.06 KB, 1520x692, 1415852486420.png)


this is not a fucking rumor

No. 200915

File: 1446830319203.png (164.61 KB, 1530x686, 1415852536494.png)

No. 200917

File: 1446830354388.png (249.71 KB, 1507x698, 1415852426626.png)

fuck this lil bitch

No. 200971


Lol why you mad tho? I'm just pointing out that random japanese people do go up to foreigners and sperg out praises. And we all know japanese people are racist as fuck so if I looked like a stereotypical brown person I would have been treated different.

No. 200976

does anyone know what brand of falsies she uses? I love them

No. 201009

No. 201012

Did she ever apologize or acknowledge her scamming?

No. 201015

They're eyelash extensions

No. 201017


Someone should ask her

Or spam her MV comment field

No. 201022

Maybe someone should link her to the scamming screenshots.

No. 201253

File: 1446901149466.png (69.78 KB, 656x734, reply-apology.png)

Himezawa's reply to her apology.

No. 201254

File: 1446901372811.png (160.67 KB, 656x1312, thesquidprincess.png)

Someone sent thesquidprincess an ask regarding her apology post to clear things up.

Now you can all stop slandering Himezawa kek

No. 201261

File: 1446904010421.jpg (165.32 KB, 800x482, jesus-christ.jpg)

>she has a panic attack, Himezawa helped her to calm down and was very nice to her

No. 201271

Who is thesquidprincess? Sounds a lot like busuzawa tbh

No. 201273

File: 1446907597368.jpg (74.59 KB, 338x600, squid.jpg)


She also has an older blog with similar selfies. It's not Himezawa.

No. 201312

>tfw when no comments on NND

No. 201319

File: 1446921876162.png (15.79 KB, 241x200, And this is bad _d2d7fcb1125d7…)

why didn't she say anything about the scammer scandal earlier? maybe it's bc she just made up that story?

No. 201320

>no comments

wow much celeb
very famous
much success
so idol

No. 201336

I must say tho.. I'm really fucking jelaous that she's modelling for Seto Ayumi's brand Aymmy… I'm fangirlning Seto-san af, and I can't get it why she would hire himezawa as her model?! Himezawa dosen't even look good in that kind of style D:

Also, she's so fucking cringe and who would seto want a fucking gajin weebo that isnt even american as her cataloge model?!?!?!?!?! D:

No. 201338


because she's an anglo weeb and seto adores anglo weebs apparently

No. 201345

Lmao looks like that sara mari person

No. 201359

File: 1446930127957.jpg (97.04 KB, 640x640, mag.jpg)

If you're talking about this, the concept needed two white girls. And Himezawa looks similar to other blonde girls. If it wasn't her, they would've chosen someone else instead. You sound like one of those jealous pulltards.

No. 201369

> She was nice to someone once so she's a good person

No. 201371

Jealous pullfag please go

No. 201373

File: 1446932638308.jpg (126.85 KB, 800x267, banner.jpg)

Apparently she'll perform at AKIHABARA SIXTEEN on 11/26.

I sure hope Sabrina improved her singing. She can't be serious and think her NND covers were any good.

No. 201374

A whole bunch of girls from the Asobisystem model page were all doing it for an event. Busuzawa was the only white one (she ended up there because of Beckii, who invited her), so that's how it happened. Completely random. There's another white girl with her who no one knows either.

I also cringe whenever she uploads Aymmy photos because she tags all of Seto's accounts, in the comments too. Must be annoying as fuck.

Here, she doesn't even tag her. And the other model is also really unattractive

No. 201379

Nevermind, you don't have to able to sing to perform at アイドルわっしょい!

Himezawa probably thinks she will be the first married foreign idol in Japan.

No. 201391

am I really the only person who thinks "she" looks like a guy? and not a pretty one too.

No. 201395

Sorry for overreacting and spelling lak an as. It's just that I've been a fan of seto and other zipper models for many years and it just annoys me seeing manfacezawa around them hahaha

p.s. not a pullfag fu

I really hope that's the case… she makes the brand look awful… Non pulltard, but I can admit being jealous that she've met seto… i've a little small homo-crush on that jap, haha!

Thank you for not jumping all over me with pullfag captions!

I see why now.. But still? Sabrina of all girls? The other girl isn't pretty either, no.. Anyone knows who she is?

No. 201398

No. 201412

Find some random gajins dancing. So cringe, cant even…

Such a career you've got ahead himezawa

No. 201424


Himezawa's future will be this essentially.

No. 201425


You're trolling, aren't you

No. 201427


Just showing a great example of an amazing gaijin idol! Hime's future is going to be fab.

No. 201431

Looks like you don't even have to be a stick thin, pretty white foreigner to do this idol shit.

Did you all forget though that Himezawa is married?
As far as I know, you can't be an idol AND married at the same time.

No. 201432


In all fairness and sarcasm aside, this girl is actually pretty good. Her Japanese isn't as bad as Hime's that's for sure.

No. 201434


She's delusional as fuck if she thinks she'll be a successful married idol, she'll remain as underground as the countless other wannabe idols. Neckbeards don't want that shit. She could always divorce to make the dream happen but her husbando is a meal ticket to living in Japan.

What a trainwreck.

No. 201438

File: 1446939888271.jpg (295.47 KB, 467x700, large.jpg)


Nah that ain't saramari

this is

No. 201442

File: 1446940460334.jpg (154.27 KB, 467x700, large.jpg)


her and hagazawa are like two men in fucking drag i swear to god

No. 201450

Holy shit, I'm only 20 seconds in and I'm laughing. She has no rhythm Jesus fuck it's like she's dancing to a different song.

No. 201459

File: 1446943364090.png (27.13 KB, 275x186, 1444760719484.png)

I'm laughing but also feeling embarassed.
What the hell is she trying to achieve?
I heard she's called Connie Nakamura on instagram when she appeared in a /cgl/ cringe thread. How old is she? Her face look so…doughy? And weird? And showing her body? Whyyyy

No. 201536

File: 1446962056468.jpg (90.49 KB, 480x270, giphy-facebook_s.jpg)

No. 201538

File: 1446962177312.png (2.01 MB, 1232x715, kek.png)


No. 201542

Her forehead is Ostrenga-level

No. 201545


a bit OT but sort of related

sadly I have a forehead like this cow…it's huge

I feel like bangs also make it look big since the bangs look so huge…any tips/hairstyles I should try to minimize it? thanks ladies

No. 201562

large foreheads are honestly not that big of a deal. I do not understand this boards hangup with them. Unless it is caused by a very obvious medical condition or genetic condition, I would not worry about it.

No. 201566

I find having sideways bangs to make my hairline look a lot lower

If you get straight bangs, or just bangs, make sure they're not so high up. Use a little hair as you can for them

No. 201600

She looks like a prepubescent boy

No. 201601

File: 1446987729679.jpg (21.08 KB, 350x400, 81odug5.jpg)

Oh man, look at that hairline….

No. 201650

It's because if the forehead looks too large it can make the rest of the face look out of proportion comparatively. Bangs are the best option to deal with them.

No. 201652

She looks dead inside

No. 201654

File: 1447002601413.png (425.26 KB, 919x585, kek.png)

jfc she has no shame at all….

No. 201655


Don't give her a penny, like hell it'll go towards cancer. Remember Venus and that private school in Germany shit? Nah.


No. 201661

>Look how nice and kind she is!!! >>201254

No. 201664

File: 1447004670086.jpg (12.42 KB, 523x133, image.jpg)

trawling through random tags to like pictures in an effort for her to get more money out of normies..


No. 201791

File: 1447033876074.jpg (89.11 KB, 1365x704, justgiving.JPG)

Just so you know, I am not a fan of Himezawa(I find her quite pathetic). But I went to the website she links too and it seems legit. Pic related shows the logo of Cancer Research UK on the site, which means it's actually a supported charity that you can donate to. Unless they give a cut of the donations to person starting the fundraiser, I think it's safe to donate without giving money to her

No. 201845

The only person ive ever seen flocked to was Lady beard. sailor fuku ojisan gets recognized but little attention from others.

No. 201846

We're not that stupid anon.
Online begging is just pathetic.

No. 201849

File: 1447045523457.gif (499.74 KB, 500x316, tumblr_lhikfh1YsE1qeti4j.gif)

>The money goes directly to #cancerreaserchuk

Himezawa is such a wonferful person kek

No. 201851

File: 1447046421358.jpeg (108.75 KB, 750x842, image.jpeg)

No. 201854

She kinda looks like one of those kids with progeria wearing a wig.

No. 201856

True, they could just be taking photos or swarming her because white person in cute clothes especially in harajuku. My boyfriend, his brother and sister all very stereotypical German got crepes at Angels? and had to stand for 5 minutes holding them because school kids gathered to take photos of them.

No. 201879

her face is so fucking weird. It starts off at the top with super large features then as you progress downwards everything gets smaller until you reach her non-existent chin.

No. 201892

File: 1447065500038.jpg (224.25 KB, 631x315, charismaman.jpg)

If this happens even to ordinary people, no wonder Himezawa's ego will get bigger and bigger while she's in Japan.
Schoolgirls and such are probably taking photos of her all the time.

No. 201912

In her interview, she explained what the story of her MV tries to tell us. She want to create another form of an idol or want to change the image of idols. I think idols in Japan stand for purity and such things.
Do you think that would work?
I would like to hear some opinions from japanese people, cause they only can tell. In Europa something like "japanese idols" don't excist.

No. 201915

Sounds pretty arrogant of her to assume she, a foreigner who just came into
the country, could "change the image of idols" or other similar things.

No. 201941

seems she left asobi

No. 201960

What do you mean? She's still listed under http://asobisystem.com/talent-post/model-women/

No. 202013

File: 1447105446902.jpg (84 KB, 607x509, Himezawa.jpg)

So apparently there was a thread about Himezawa on Girl's Channel and someone from /cgl/ translated the comments.

No. 202014

File: 1447105494345.jpg (148.65 KB, 1221x670, Himezawa2.jpg)

>white privilege


No. 202108

File: 1447115632713.png (217.84 KB, 500x322, Bw4O8sJCQAA23lF.png)

this is hilarious

No. 202109


No. 202119

I wonder why they stopped inviting her to moshimoshi

All the other asobi models were there

No. 202193

Ewwwww, that's gross man…..

No. 202194

>her eyes are like a camel's

I love how creative Japanese girls are with their insults.

No. 202218

Omg but u can be a model in nippon so long as u white they don't care if you're ugly so long as you're white wtf is this?!?!

No. 202219

That's because they think white women are promiscuous and want in their pussy. I wish more dumb white bitches would realize this instead of taking it as flattery, it's actually quite insulting what they're doing.

No. 202238

did this get moved to /pt/ ?! im weak lmao

No. 202257

No. 202270

Please be trolling. Although I can't really tell anymore with the fuckwits we've had on here lately…

No. 202278

What are the plus and minus symbols?

No. 202283

They're usually men, actually

No. 202284

Up and downvotes

No. 202315

not even that anon, but that was obvious sarcasm.

No. 202317

File: 1447159610739.jpg (180.96 KB, 1080x1350, 12224464_1636138469982488_1580…)

No. 202318

File: 1447159868223.jpg (90.19 KB, 1080x1350, 12224352_914096655339174_11915…)

dat ill-fitting kimono

No. 202347

Wow, she almost literally has no boobs.

No. 202350

File: 1447167735617.png (28.1 KB, 358x304, 3929383.png)

Y'know, Himezawa has better model jobs lined up for her.

Or maybe they didn't need a token white model this time.

No. 202352

"token white model"


srsly, it's so true, I almost feel bad for her

No. 202353

Nothing wrong with small tits, mate

No. 202359

I didn't say it was bad.
>>199223 just made me believe she had bigger boobs and therefore I was kind of surprised.

No. 202427

I don't understand her eye make up.. With it she has such cruel eyebags.. Another make up for her eyes would be much better.

No. 202456

what did you expect, her body had to adjust because of that massive nose

No. 202465


No. 202475

m-maybe its just me… but
わがままlove is growing on me…

No. 202545

She ruined this picture.

No. 202548

Does she only have one pair of bedsheets? Gross

No. 202552

It's just you.

No. 202593

File: 1447205199761.gif (1.97 MB, 400x225, tumblr_n6exxz6CsH1s9rrcgo1_400…)

>A picturesque foreigner-sans nose

No. 202597

just listen at 5:46 she sings a bit of wagamama love but without the autotune you can't even tell it's the same song lol

No. 202601

The song has a very Perfume feeling tbh but with that horrendous voice she fucked it. Maybe if it had some more back vocals and was performed by someone who actually knew how to sing… maybe I'd like it too

No. 202629

I'm making fun off all the none-white girls from PULL with their racial inferiority complexes.

No. 202630

Those other girls look so pretty and she looks like an autistic dweeb.

No. 202631

File: 1447209501800.jpg (16.45 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


onion boy anyone?

No. 202640

File: 1447211518308.gif (943.29 KB, 500x375, 1439958323569.gif)

oh my god, i thought i had a big nose, it takes up a third of her whole face
holy shit
i feel so much better about myself now

No. 202656

i think all the rational-minded people are making fun of you too

No. 202690

No. 202697

she could really use some calm background music.

No. 202701

She's in trouble, that's why she was dropped from the event

No. 202706

What trouble?

No. 202709

No. 202712

the girl in the right of that picture isn't laura.

No. 202713

>[…]I was inspired by my friend Beckii […] Even though there are many western idols in Japan I am happy I stand out.
>stand out

No. 202730

>I don't fit the conventional image of a pop idol but despite that, I made it that far.
>Who knows, maybe with me there'll be a new era of idols?
>I'm very direct but Japanese idols are reserved. I think this is kinda confusing for my fans.
>Sometimes when I'm in public, strangers greet me with "what a beauty!" or "a real doll!" because I match some Japanese beauty idols like fair skin and light eyes/hair.

You can smell her arrogance from this interview. Sabrina is such a joke.

No. 202731

She means it's hard to miss her because of her big snooze

No. 202733

This interview is so cringy. Not only does she think she's super important and making a change or what not, but the interviewer is so far up her ass it's not even funny anymore.
This girl is delusional as hell.

No. 202781

People hate that kind of attitude, especially in Japan. Hell, in entertainment industry you can play a certain role but still it's expected from you to be humble. Himezawa's looks in Japan aren't that big of a problem as her arrogance.

No. 202889

how can she think she has what it takes to be a singer

No. 202893

File: 1447269964128.jpg (49.44 KB, 599x900, CMWJRlHUYAAd-Wp.jpg)


No. 202903

All I can see is her disgusting schnauze.

No. 202913

Got scammed by Himezawa once on Lacemarket. Here is link to her LM account http://www.lacemarket.us/author/himawari/

No. 202952

She totally let all the compliments Japanese give her on the streets go to her head, thinking she stands out from the rest and all. She's no different than many white expats in Asia.

Yeah, I could believe what she said in the interview if she was at Dakota or Taylor levels of popularity. Right now, she's a nobody living in her delusions.

No. 202966

File: 1447276533397.png (21.45 KB, 1019x258, pull.png)

No. 202967

File: 1447276595939.png (51.77 KB, 1063x553, pull2.png)

No. 202969

why am i not even surprised kek

No. 202970

File: 1447276865937.png (92.57 KB, 810x756, himezawascam.png)


>it was all just lies and rumors

No. 202973

File: 1447277010666.gif (1.31 MB, 257x170, ugh.gif)

Her face is an instant turn-off.

No. 203097

SALT POISONING? Bitch needs to be locked up

No. 203109

Good. They finally stopped licking her arse.

No. 203126

I wonder how angry is Himezawa when it comes to this thread.

Eat shit you spoiled bitch. You fool no one.

No. 203136

File: 1447312313243.png (44.83 KB, 844x196, Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-12 um 0…)

No. 203137

File: 1447312339305.png (134.56 KB, 891x497, Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-12 um 0…)

No. 203163

Not angry but validated probably.

She pretty much said "haters gonna hate" on her blog, thinking it's just another part of her married idol/model career that other people talk behind your back.

She's just like those other lolcows who really believe they're innocent and have done nothing wrong.

No. 203184

File: 1447330729464.jpg (80.13 KB, 413x395, 1365012530050.jpg)

>"married idol"

No. 203185

I asked my Japanese SO (dat yellow fever) about married idols and he laughed and said "hell no".

He also said that the only ways would be if the girl was REALLY attractive and REALLY talented.

btw since himezawa married for visa, I just don't get why she didn't shut up about it all.

must suck for her that her rich parents can't buy her way into a visa.

No. 203191

File: 1447332973379.png (195.18 KB, 397x505, himezawa.png)

And she's at it again.

Whaaaat this can't be her account, I-I mean she has only 100% positive feedback!

She's making her scams more and more obvious if she even feels the need to create more accounts, so people won't find out about her scamming history.

No. 203193

>Perfume feeling

No, fuck you

No. 203194

Seconding, what trouble did Himezawa get into?

No. 203195


No. 203210


No. 203223


No. 203265

So. I don't follow himezawa but she recently posted some sales to the fairy kei sales group on facebook. I am not entirely sure why she is allowed to sell on these websites with her scamming past? Maybe someone should message the mods?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/serena.schuester
The group she is trying to sell on: https://www.facebook.com/groups/186072858144387/

Her lacemarket account: http://www.lacemarket.us/author/quinnbell/

No. 203268

That's exactly the same thing >>203191 posted.

Well, you'd have to prove that the account >>202970 posted also belongs to her.

No. 203278

File: 1447350644405.png (173.11 KB, 518x530, fb.png)

Wow this bitch's got some nerve…

No. 203280

File: 1447350792223.png (41.68 KB, 502x546, lol.png)

No. 203281

No. 203282

File: 1447351171357.gif (62.18 KB, 493x200, 200_s.gif)

So she just stopped accepting money all of a sudden?
Oh how kind of her!!!!!
Himezawa is such a role model!A true inspiration!!!1!!

No. 203284

>enjoy your visit by an officer of the law
What are you, 13?Grow the fuck up, Sabrina.

No. 203285

Holy shit guys I think we're in big trouble! Maybe I should throw my computer away??

No. 203286

To be fair, that wasn't the best move from docoun.

This is not how you interact with cows.

No. 203287

immediatly thought of this lmao

No. 203288

>will you ever apologize for scamming a bunch of people? and what do you think asobisystem has to say about that?
THAT DID NOT sound like a threat to me.

No. 203299

Fahr's comment is so pathetic. She could easily sell some of her brand if she's that desperate for money.

No. 203306

File: 1447355134067.png (130.4 KB, 1302x412, 4chan.png)

/cgl/ noticed her

No. 203371

HAHAHAHA, sabrina <3 that wasn't even any threats… just questions.. the police won't care… propebly have better things to take care off

No. 203378

I want someone to buy the off vocal (which I doubt it'll ever happen though) and make a cover more successful than the original

No. 203387

File: 1447366631561.png (21.16 KB, 320x225, ss (2015-11-12 at 11.15.38).pn…)

oh, i think kota would love to make one

No. 203401

I have a cellist friend. Is that good enough?

No. 203408

lmao collab with kota im dying

No. 203426

Wow, she actually thinks that someone donating to her patreon is that different from donating to her paypal? smh

No. 203454

lmao, nobody is going to put them in jail for their opinion, they didnt even send any threats..

No. 203457

I'm pretty sure she got all those compliments (if she really did, that is, and didn't just lie)
then it would probably be because they were just being polite to the gaijin

No. 203482


Implying docoun was lying about scamming

No. 203492

Yeah, if you are white and try to speak Japanese (even if you suck at it, you are gonna get compliments.)

Personal blog but I was there for Halloween in Shibuya and I got asked by a lot of Japanese people to take a picture with them. I'm completely average looking, nowhere near model material, just white. I didn't really wear a costume, I was lazy so I just bought a witch hat. They just wanted a token gaijin in their group photos I guess, one Japanese girl literally said "gaijin ga suki" (which is kind of rude actually from what I know).

If it was Himezawa, she would probably think she reached the celebrity level in Japan or something lol.

No. 203500

Who knows… her daddy is a police officer kek
This is gold by the way

No. 203501

File: 1447388640917.jpg (8.46 KB, 278x181, wo.jpg)

the POLICE is involved! This shit IS serious!

No. 203527

File: 1447401558893.png (33.38 KB, 935x282, himawari.sabrina.PNG)

That account belongs to her. Also If you Google her old paypal then you can find her old tumblr, where she is asking money - http://himeact.tumblr.com/

No. 203545

That is true, some of my friends went to japan and a random man started taking a full on photoshoot of a white girl from the group because to him it was so rare to see curly blonde hair like that.

I think the song is well produced but the vocals suck. You can tell from her vlog she had to be heavily autotuned because she cant even sing something so simple, she went heavily off tune in her own song.

The video is cringy and confusing and she looks really bad and awkward in it, shes only ok looking in the school uniform. I thought she looked good in the shot running upstairs but everything else is so bad. The bikini gravure, please spare us. She has an extremely boxy masculine body, she would benefit fromgaining a bit of weight, it would soften her body and make her face a little rounder.

No. 203552

It is true, foreigners usually do get a lot of attention in the right areas.

I mean if you show up in lolita on a place like Laforet, people WILL look at you, regardless of how butter face you are or not.

I don't think she has a particularly good style, but it doesn't really ~suck~ either. I guess wearing lolita with blue eyes and blonde hair makes her stand out. She's not that tall either, but taller than most.


If you're white, you will stand out. Ugly or not. We can all agree and just move on. If you don't agree, move on regardless.

>>she would benefit fromgaining a bit of weight, it would soften her body and make her face a little rounder.

If her face became rounder, her nose would look a bit smaller too I think.

No. 203563

>If it was Himezawa, she would probably think she reached the celebrity level in Japan or something lol.

Just proves how big her ego is.

No. 203566

File: 1447421803117.png (31.18 KB, 1040x246, morepull.png)

Himezawa's biggest fan on PULL kek

Could be thesquidprincess@tumblr.

No. 203590

File: 1447437732278.png (42.92 KB, 1027x347, sheepcream.png)

No. 203591

File: 1447438390311.jpg (35.37 KB, 450x322, 1447432001324.jpg)

No. 203593

File: 1447438635271.jpg (21.56 KB, 600x368, 2573566-4384878783-react.jpg)

Yeah…. because police has nothing better to do than investigating some irrelevant internet drama.

No. 203594

who's sheepcream?

No. 203599


She used to selfpost a lot on German chan boards and is kind of cosfamous now because she won't miss a chance to show off her boobs. Also kind of infamous for borrowing people's costumes and giving them back destroyed.

But I wouldn't say she's near as cringeworthy as himezawa.

No. 203617

No. 203631


No. 203637

File: 1447452539285.jpg (346.4 KB, 480x1920, wat.jpg)

this doesn't even make sense

No. 203642

>person glances in her general direction for 0.254 seconds
>omg they are judging me!!!

No. 203662

That signature is kind of overkill, lol.

No. 203673

Either her handwriting or her spelling is terrible.

No. 203681

good point, that and she chooses the worst poses that accentuate her huge nose droop
is she got a little chubbier in the face and didn't use the shitty angles where you can see the nose droop it would help significantly
the problem is that she thinks she is flawless so she just uses the same angles and poses she sees asian models use

No. 203683

File: 1447461913841.png (440.73 KB, 679x614, d14ef0ca-53ca-4a2c-cac8-832286…)

she really needs to gain weight and get puffier clothes if she wants to look anything like kyaru
she looks like a creeper when she dances like this with that body type
IMO extra long skinny legs aren't very kawaii when you dance like that, they make you look like a total creeper

No. 203776


this sounds like her first day in the outside world kek

No. 203778

File: 1447485019808.png (1.5 MB, 1130x690, ponponpon.png)

I don't think Sabrina's weight is the problem. Her movements are extremely stiff and jerky.

No. 203779

That chicken wing pose tho

No. 203781

that song is not ponponpon…

No. 203793

Lmao tell it to try-hard taylor. Long thin people suit flowy dance like ballet.

No. 203796

>B-but Japanese love long skinny white legs! They must love mine too!!!

No. 203833

That's what I've been saying. She's stiff as a board. It's so awkward. She needs to loosen up a bit and be more fluid instead of jerky chicken.

No. 203871


She's either extremely self-centred or paranoid.

The comic is a bit old but suddenly her whole attitude makes sense. She really seems to think that every stranger on the street gives a shit about her.

No. 203882


She looks more like a children's entertainer or a party clown here.

No. 203901

>filthy fucking rich
>wont spend the cash to fix her face
>wants to be an idol with a camel face

No. 203910

File: 1447542589541.png (7.69 KB, 526x156, jrcock.png)


I really don't know what you want her to fix. Her nose? It's big and bumpy but she's convinced the Japanese like gaijin noses. And also, you can't be an idol while married so she's fucked either way.

No. 203914

They love tall noses (high nose bridge), not fucking potatoes. She's so clueless.

No. 203922

in the german interview she states that she finished her actor apprenticeship….well no? it was way to short for a whole apprenticeship. she even let her parents pay art school in germany and never really went there from day one instead complained that her parents do not pay more of her luxery hobbies. and yes she postet all this open on her tumblr back then

No. 203928

I am puking so hard ! she says people should focuse on become better persons themselve RLY?

No. 204036

she picks the most jumpy and fast dance but when she dance and jerks it makes her look like a weirdo
if she did a flowing ballet-type dance and wore something that didn't make her look like a white ass skellington it wouldn't look nearly as bad
the styles she picks are always for small little asian girls, but she is clearly a lanky white european girl, she needs to drop all the kawaii crap and maybe try to go for a more aristocratic or ballerina type look or something

No. 204047

File: 1447565017311.png (2.11 MB, 1043x1081, gaijinnose.png)

No. 204048

let me guess…jrcock?

No. 204049

File: 1447565281846.png (364.3 KB, 799x584, insta.png)

>live shows
grabs popcorn dis gon b gud

No. 204050

She has an awful side profile.

No. 204063

ok, I have posted in the past that I didn't think her nose was THAT bad (at least from the front) but after seeing this, I take everything I said back.

Her nose makes me feel so much better about my own. Yeeeesh.

No. 204098

She fakes the pitch of her voice, doesn't she? It's off-putting.
I think the tone of her voice isn't the best for singing. It's just…somewhat stuffed up? Not sure how to express it, but it's not a clear voice, she always sounds like she has a cold.

No. 204104

She changed her speaking voice.

No. 204119

File: 1447600236324.gif (499.71 KB, 500x284, tumblr_inline_mh90ldp3yH1qz4rg…)

>when i really want something,i'll do anything to get it
>i'm usually very kawaii and really shy
>i used to skip school pretend that i was sick even though i wasn't but i still graduated with one of the highest scores in my school's history

No. 204123

Sounds even more awful now

No. 204124

Oh my god her voice really gets on my nerves

No. 204126

She keeps doing this puffed out cheeks thing. But it's not a good look. I suppose she thinks it's moe.

No. 204131

Every super weeb girl is trying to be that stupid Umaru thing. I tried to watch an episode of that to see the hype but the character was so annoying I couldn't get through it.

There's nothing cute about being selfish, entitled, and manipulative

She looks like she's having a really hard time going to the bathroom in this picture

No. 204133

Yeah, she's trying to imitate high-pitched voices Japanese girls make because it's considered cute but it sounds horrible on her.

No. 204134

I like her eyemake tbh, but her face is just so unfortunately long. Like someone literally took her by the chin and just dragged everything downwards.

No. 204139

File: 1447602467626.png (83.24 KB, 243x205, 2015-048.png)

>Graduated when 17

>College degree in acting

>I was really weird and wore school uniforms throughout 8th grade

>I didn't want to go university but applied and got through

>Underwear got stolen during first week in Japan (lel)

>Kicked out of art school because of accident

>Had girlfriend at school

No. 204202

She said "quiet", not kawaii.
But kek, she's so fucking special. I've never seen anyone who thinks they're so important and interesting like she is.

No. 204213

goddamnit that's so gross

No. 204223

File: 1447613978635.png (617.97 KB, 870x700, busuzawa.png)

No. 204230

File: 1447614680802.png (24.59 KB, 590x340, dishingoutanons.png)

It's just an assumption but I used to know someone who was smart and eloquent, graduated early like Himezawa, all that jazz and she was really really self-centred and arrogant. Sabrina's clearly not that dumb as she managed to publish a book and music video in a foreign country with her meagre language skills but her ego and "Japanese love foreign girls like me" mindset is a huge turn-off.

No. 204239

File: 1447615292013.png (937.67 KB, 1152x571, cannotunsee.png)

Sabrine in 20 years.

No. 204240

>she clearly has a fan base in Japan
Wait,what did i miss? Last time i checked, even japanese people were making fun of her camel eyes kek

No. 204241

Omfg, that is bizarre.

No. 204275

her book is print on demand and she published it here in Germany, it's something any middle-aged housewife can do.

No. 204277

watched whole series. all it did was contribute to the downfall of my diet from all the junk food.


No. 204507

File: 1447649984382.jpg (9.72 KB, 249x200, I feel bad for laughing at the…)

she disabled the rating bar
truth hurts

No. 204510

what website?

No. 204512

How does she know what they are thinking?

No. 204516

Because she's the prettiest and most perfect white model author novelist actor potato girl in all of Japan.

No. 204525

No. 204528

Usually I don't post but just lurk here but I've known a friend and Ex-boyfriend of Sabrina, so why not share what I know.

She has claimed to be afraid of men and been dating a friend for a while. Turns out that later she fucked someone else for a good few weeks and when it all came out she didn't reply to any text/calls or so for a day after writing a message to said friend, which hinted on her committing suicide.
Of course nothing happened and she returned, promised to stay friends with everyone but when they weren't a benefit to her in any way anymore (mostly cosplay), she dumped their asses.

The thing with her "artist school" was all paid by her parents, it even was a private school as far as I remember and when she started having troubles, she just didn't go anymore because she didn't feel like it. All while her parents paid for her moving from Bavaria to Halle, for her apartment and food.

She then moved to England and all I have really heard of her then was that she sometimes started shit on tumblr with the one Ex, who would just have none of it and there wasn't much Drama outside of her behaving like the spoiled, little girl she is at heart.

No. 204557

for anyone who needs translation
>himezawa be in arcade
>people apparently start creeping up on her
>himezawa is annoyed. it's so hard being a kawaii famous model
> they all scream "kyaaa!"
>himezawa says "what.."
>everybody is swarming her screaming "Kawaii! Kawaii!"
>himezawa says "ehh…."

tldr himezawa is our favourite compulsive lying delusional lolcow

No. 204572

The comic is like 2 years old, just saying, but she still behaves in the same self-absorbed way.

Have you seen her 50 Facts video and can confirm she's telling the truth?

No. 204576

Right.. but right around the time she made the video I Linked, she also re-made that comic, but it has been deleted. That's how I ran into the video, actually.

It seems like she re-made the comic with newer art (it was black and white).

No. 204579

Sorry forgot to removeyesterday's sage shit from another thread

No. 204623

she's so delusional i can't even….

No. 204626

>"I'M NOT TRYING TO BE TAYLOR OR DAKOTA NOT AT ALL! I am different and unique desu!!!"
>does the same video Taylor did like a week ago

No. 204627

She said that? lol

No. 204634

I know plenty of people who are smart and graduated early, none of them are self-centered and arrogant. She's probably just been coddled too much by her parents and thinks her accomplishments are really important and special, when they're not (also, graduating at 17 is pretty easy in Germany).

No. 204682

File: 1447697551680.jpg (299.85 KB, 750x1125, 9922835.gross.jpg)


I usually don't watch her videos because her faked kawaii voice gives me the creeps but for you I will, anon.

Just saying that graduating with 17 is nothing special in germany. It's a matter of if you want to study in a University after or not and as far as I know her "art school" was not a university at all but an apprenticeship which she wouldn't need the german equivalent of an A-level for.

Can comfirm that she entered some small writing contest and was salty that she didn't win (I think passages of what she entered with were posted here) and that she's always in on that 'shy and kawaii' act. She would not even answer to the most basic questions because she was 'sooo shy'. I mean, I am shy as well but I can say "yes" or "no" if someone asks me if I feel okay or if I have slept well.

I can't really say anything about her school career but I doubt she scored one of the highest scores tbh. You have to know that Bavaria has the toughest school system in germany, and as far as I have seen she doesn't give two shits about things that doesn't make her 'famous'.

No. 204745

she went to artist school?
then why isn't she slightly good at anything?

No. 204746

that is so far from reality
if she was so kawaii, all the comments from japanese people wouldn't be essentially going "ew, big droopy nose and camel eyes"

No. 204750

>implying you have to be good at art to get into art school

No. 204751

File: 1447707293019.png (823.59 KB, 1150x600, hvh.png)

she wouldn't look half as bad if it weren't for her using asian makeup trends and doing so much kawaii crap

No. 204761

Is that really her? Shit, she looks even…dare I say… kind of cute here. She should really drop the weebish act, that style of makeup really doesn't suit western features.

No. 204762

Aside from her way too thin eyebrows, she looks cute on the left. This is why people need to get off the asian ugguuu kawaii trend. That shite just is not cute on anyone, even some Japanese girls.

No. 204770

This is a great example of why Asian makeup trends are not for everyone. She looks much better on the left and retarded on the right. I went to the /cgl/ makeup thread the other day and nearly had an aneurysm from all the horrible advice and tutorials being posted.

No. 204779

any examples?

No. 204783

I second the examples. Because I don't go on cgl anymore and when I did, the make up threads were decent.

No. 204793

Sorry for OT but jesus fuck is cgl ever a shitshow hugbox of even shittier advice now

Lots of boards on 4chan are turning into tumblr and cgl was hit fucking hard

Hurts to lurk there. We could make rage threads here solely composed of screenshots from 1 day of present time cgl.

No. 204991

what do you mean anon? I wasn't there for old cgl so I have nothing to compare it to

No. 205024


It was an actual golden era that can not be described with the words of mortals.

No. 205035

Please do. I haven't been on /cgl/ in almost 4 years now, I'm curious.

No. 205039

Just try reading through the Lifestyle Lolita thread and it tells you everything you need to know.

No. 205044

Lacemarket >>202970

No. 205085

No. 205247

top kek i just can't get enough of this shit

No. 205248

File: 1447828219945.png (37.65 KB, 578x321, lmao.png)

She's been clearly lurking here.

No. 205256

She's been lurking at pull to. Wrote a comment on pull about her presenting herself as Himezawa-「chan」in her videos. And she stopped doing that.

No. 205279

If I was some z-list celeb, I'd never check these kinds of sites. Why does she do that? It just seems really masochistic to me.

No. 205281

Really? Fuck off. I personally think the lolita lifestyle actually gives some life to an otherwise hollow husk of a fashion style with no substance to it. Lolita fashion is already plagued with too many annoying characters that don't need your extra gawking. You'd all just make another Dakota if /cgl/ was like it's old self. Not all of us want to talk to dying lolcows like Dakota on a board specifically for lolita and cosplay either.

I'm glad drama and cow threads are here so the threads are easier to keep track of and not cluttered in with non e-character threads. I have no idea why anyone would ever want old /cgl/ back. It was a mess and you're looking through rose tinted glasses. It's much more organized now.

No. 205312

>Really? Fuck off. I personally think the lolita lifestyle actually gives some life to an otherwise hollow husk of a fashion style with no substance to it.
People like you annoy me. Lolita is just clothes. It's just a fashion. Do you want people who wear blazer to act all business like all the time? It's not a costume smh

No. 205314

It might be more organized but you barely lurked if you think present day cgl upholds any form of quality

If my phone didn't have that shitty fucking 'slide the side of your hand across to screen grab' feature I'd start that thread of ss's on /b/ of how much the board has fallen. Any 'oldfag' worth their salt is going to see the day/night difference (especially those around before the cattiness gossip hit it's high point and the board was legitimate on topic discussion). It's like looking at current day /b/ and comparing it to /b/ back when it was an anime board

No. 205315

File: 1447862040044.png (60.06 KB, 583x557, himezawa.png)

because you retards don't know how to screenshot.

No. 205359

wait, what? what comment?

No. 205360

>if you are a fellow author
>implying she's an actual author

No. 205385

author is code for unemployed

No. 205614

File: 1447952417570.png (13.72 KB, 596x83, tweet.png)

B-but I thought Himezawa was totally fluent !!!!

No. 205619

Isn't she actually one of the few who doesn't claim to be fluent?

No. 205715

Calling her a "celeb" at all is a it of a stretch.
That's why I shake my head at people who complain about people saying mean things on them on 4chan or other forums. You don't actually have to look at it, spare yourself the embarrassment.

No. 205716

about on, jfc.

No. 205854

What does camel eyes mean?

No. 205863

Eyes like a camel. Come on.

No. 205869

File: 1447986489435.jpg (29.43 KB, 450x338, eyes.jpg)

No. 206041

File: 1448029531397.jpg (18.4 KB, 206x275, 1416956111627.jpg)

No. 206043

the resemblance is uncanny

No. 206177

No need to bring race. Pls go bsck to tumblr

No. 206179

Shes stick thin lol what the fuck? How could you not consider this as skinny?

No. 206180

Maybe because they like it and cant control how they look? Youre shallow as fuck. I think yuka was very cute

No. 206181

Pale skin, bkue eyes and blonde hair is great tho
Brown hair and brown eyes are common. Its average in japan lol so they want to stand out. gaijin are exotic to japanese so they want to look exotic.

No. 206182

Same could be said to black wannabe aidorus lol

No. 206183

I prefer her makeup on the right. I think it suits her. If she had a small nose then she would look cute

No. 206207

She graduated with a very low grade because she skipped school and her parents were worried about that. When she moved to Leipzig for artschool they had to make 3 weeks of pratical working in an "creative environment" So she went to a fabric store and got accepted. "Praktikum" it's called and basically one of the easiest things ever.

She skipped after day 2 and never really went to shool instead made sexy nurse cospalys picturesin her sleeping room……. her parents bought her anomerous aounts of things because she behaved like a spoiled brat and got bitchy and started crying until she got wat she wanted.

When her father was hospitalized she even went so far as to say that he could die for all she cared…………. srsly she is one of the worst persons I ever had the "luck" to know

Sincerly a person she once called "best friend"

No. 206208

edit* Sorry for my bad spelling it's way to late for that shit…….

No. 206226

Nope. The stigma in western cultures is that japanese people are obsessed with pale skin, no matter how ugly the person is. Himezawa and a lot of white gaijin aspiring idols have this mindset and get severely disappointed when they find out that it isn't true.

No. 206233

Lots of anons here are internet-delusional

No. 206298

>she made sexy nurse cosplays pictures in her sleeping room
Where can i find those pics?

No. 206399

>a person she once called "best friend"
What happened? Please tell us more!

No. 206461


Yeah but it's boring, we've seen all the weebs with anglo looking appearances already.

No. 206656

File: 1448188083237.jpg (381.08 KB, 1280x914, Regular Show_Mookie.jpg)

Not that anon but I remember the pictures. It was one of Mookie's Regular Show designs but since she deleted her old tumblr I can't find them anywhere

Pic related, it was the dark haired dude in a slutty nurse dress basically.

No. 207005

File: 1448295217833.png (17.97 KB, 578x113, betcha.png)

took her long enough to realize that.
so funny how her fishing for compliments didn't get a single response.

No. 207006

File: 1448295299790.jpg (35.55 KB, 573x125, as_if.jpg)

No. 207012

Pretty sure she ends up sending all those "questions" by herself. kek

No. 207018

She's desperate,man….

No. 207030

She's so desperate for attention, it's sad. She acts like people are just SO interested in her and she just responds to her "fans", when really no one gives a shit.

No. 207064

I'm more interested in what I'm going to have for dinner next week than send this cunt questiobs

HZ please kindly fuck off

No one is interested nor cares about your fake aidoru persona. It's a bore, you're a bore.

No. 207171

Where are your fans now Busuzawa?

No. 207172

File: 1448338164102.png (20.92 KB, 1054x215, nicetrysabrina.png)

>just signed up to say how really nice she is

No. 207173

No. 207174

Himezawa pls….

No. 207175

>HIMEZAWA has become well known for her cosplay, fashion and make up
>well known

No. 207176

now she's making sockpuppet accounts? lmao nice try

No. 207177

File: 1448339120381.png (21.29 KB, 706x410, cameleyes.png)

No. 207196

I noticed that too.

top kek

Anyways I think Himezawa usually contacts weeaboo sites herself and asks them to make an article about her being the famous white idol in Japan. Maybe she even pays them.

No. 207203

'If you can't use'
Sorry to break it to you but hashtags don't break and this is a phenomena we like to call 'irrelevancy'

No. 207204

It's so sad
She's so sad
I feel bad for how delusional she is

No. 207205

I wonder how is Himezawa's actual life in Tokyo.
Spending the whole day in her visa husband's hole aka apartment, desperately spamming applications to modeling and idol agencies. Bitching at mommy and daddy over skype to send her money so she can spend it on weeb crap and lolita dresses, again. Maybe walking up and down Takeshita Doori in her lolita coord, hoping to get noticed.

No. 207219

She has a minimum wage job at that moshimoshi box thing.other than that, she probably just dolls up to walk around harajuku for attention

No. 207227

Wait… So it's not a dude?

No. 207229

Who knows

No. 207278

i'm pretty sure that's exactly what she does. i mean c'mon,she's a nobody who thinks she's hot some shit.
and that "article" is soooo ridiculously amateurish.

No. 207280

File: 1448388301912.png (36.89 KB, 676x671, kek.png)

No. 207281


No. 207282

Oh man she's thirsty for any kind of attention

No. 207595

If she's married like you guys claim, why is she calling herself an idol?
Idols are supposed to be pure = not married. I think it's not different with underground idols.

No. 207611

File: 1448416757477.jpeg (78.47 KB, 626x942, image.jpeg)

"Like we claim"
Uhhhhhhh she said it herself, TONS OF TIMES, idiot.


No. 207614

Some people are newfags, of course they wouldn't know.

No. 207616


>what is ctrl+f

No. 207655

They closed their comment section lmao

No. 207729

i always used to think Himezawa was good at keeping out of drama, since i never heard anything bad abut her. but now i realized, i haven't heard good about her as well. actually, she leaves so little of an impression, i feel like people can't even remember her for long enough to talk shit about her. this board is literally the only talking i've ever found about this girl

No. 207742

Can you guys stop echoing this sentiment that "idols are supposed to be pure!!!" because that's really for AKB48 and not much else. I've even seen people talk about that in regards to Dakota who is not even an idol.

No. 207774

No, the idea of "purity" is very much a part of idol culture. It's messed up, but that doesn't make it not true.

She's not known enough to have someone shit-talk. She has like 3k subs on YouTube.

No. 207775

Er, no. It's true for most. Half the point is for them to appeal to neckbeard guys.

No. 207782

File: 1448478305542.jpg (96.33 KB, 768x1024, XtFD9ix.jpg)

I thought idols' top priority was to please the audience with their cute,young and cheerful appearance.
Silly me

No. 207783

File: 1448478487081.gif (1.73 MB, 360x270, tumblr_inline_njt6rxJpZH1smpj2…)

She creeps the fuck outta me

No. 207787

True that. Usually tits make up for an ugly ass face. Himezawa's fucked bc she doesn't have a pretty face….. nor tits.

No. 207789

She sure likes posting unflattering photos.

No. 207790

>No, the idea of "purity" is very much a part of idol culture. It's messed up, but that doesn't make it not true.

This. It's not just a AKB thing. Morning Musume was "pure" before them.

No. 207791

File: 1448479118404.gif (9.73 MB, 300x245, post-36910-no-god-please-no-gi…)

No. 207792

File: 1448479170792.png (1.43 MB, 805x929, kawaii.png)

>100% pure idol material

No. 207793

This would make a great meme kek

No. 207795

She looks like she has rabies.

No. 207804

File: 1448482988723.jpg (117.62 KB, 507x676, itried.jpg)

No. 207808

God she needs a nosejob so bad.

No. 207818

anon all you did was chop her nose off with the blur tool lmao

No. 207840

She looks fine. Noses come in all shapes and sizes.

No. 207841

this is terrifying

No. 207849

This is awful. Please stop.

No. 207867

Funny how there aren't japanese comments on her MV

No. 207868

File: 1448503765238.png (860.44 KB, 768x1024, I'M_BREATHING_BEHIND_YOU.png)

No. 207869


No. 207870


No. 207872

Fucking kekkies all the way to kek ville

No. 207874

File: 1448505415718.jpg (322.54 KB, 768x1024, 15-11-25-21-23-54-907_deco.jpg)

No. 207892

File: 1448512325680.jpg (11.3 KB, 480x360, hhqdefault.jpg)

No. 207893

But not as terrifying as the original >>207782

No. 207896

I'm sure I've seen a picture of Dakota wearing pretty much this exact outfit with the same bow and her hair styled exactly the same.

No. 207914

File: 1448518590594.png (15.92 KB, 587x144, ificatdoit.png)

>If I can do it, so can you!!!

No. 207915

Was her dream to become an internet joke? If yes, then she reached them!

No. 207917

File: 1448519037976.gif (984.84 KB, 500x372, tumblr_inline_mnxqk3VNdU1qz4rg…)



Yes,you did it !!!!!!

No. 207946

Does she know how indirectly arrogant that sounds or not…

No. 207987

Hahahahaha!!! Himezawa is my favourite comedian!

No. 208010

Ok, Sabrina.

No. 208017

In this photo she reminds me Lizzie Bee.

No. 208216

No. 208224

File: 1448632424421.jpg (6.79 KB, 241x209, latest.jpg)

No. 208230

lmao i wish i was deaf

No. 208231

4:54 was probably the worst part.

No. 208233



No. 208234

File: 1448634168905.jpg (173.72 KB, 2048x758, PicsArt_11-27-09.20.00.jpg)

Sabrina and Beckii look so scary and so similar. It freaks me out

No. 208235

ikr!!And they both suck at singing and dancing

No. 208236

File: 1448634286398.png (313.9 KB, 457x577, japanstopaidoru.png)

No. 208237

File: 1448634418129.png (15.88 KB, 613x133, kek.png)

Should've practiced harder.

No. 208246

File: 1448636264436.gif (428.34 KB, 500x190, 720586.gif)

No. 208247

This is what SHE uploaded

No. 208248


No. 208250

File: 1448636736430.png (17.23 KB, 857x356, indeed.png)

No. 208253

File: 1448637334013.png (28.39 KB, 722x295, 27112015.png)

No. 208255

I couldn't bring myself to watch more than 30 seconds of this crap

No. 208259

File: 1448637753429.gif (419.3 KB, 400x225, tumblr_mscc33Gfsu1s2x8aoo2_400…)

That wassoooo painful to listen to.

No. 208270

Deleted :(

No. 208271

Damn, did anyone save is? I totally forgot!

No. 208273

I knew I should've saved it!!!!

No. 208276

Maybe Himezawa asked to remove the video…….? Couldn't handle the embarrassment…….?

(For those who didn't get to see the video…It was FUCKING TRAGIC)

No. 208278

File: 1448639699618.png (412.07 KB, 938x605, fairy_kiku.png)

No. 208279

File: 1448639855239.gif (1.81 MB, 540x299, tumblr_inline_ny0uleLygF1tucly…)

I feel like she hasn't even seen the performance.

No. 208280

i wish anyone had saved it, i'm too late :^((

No. 208284

Lucky you!!!Her shitty singing damaged my hearing.

No. 208291

Someone please have this saved, I need to see this train wreck.

No. 208295

File: 1448644270769.jpg (19.87 KB, 480x480, 96F8BAAC761166346564512673792_…)

No. 208302


No. 208304

File: 1448646730351.png (20.62 KB, 591x321, lmao.png)

the thirst is real

No. 208308

She missed the "Just for jokes" option off.

No. 208309

File: 1448647150993.gif (827.76 KB, 320x180, YoXVDl.gif)

No. 208327

File: 1448649352022.png (159.19 KB, 817x239, Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 02.3…)

kek out of the 200 she invited only 11 people "went"

No. 208333

Holy shiiieeet that's embarrassing!I almost feel sorry for her.She can't buy real fans and needs to understand that. Just give up already girl

No. 208338

And judging by the average FB event… I doubt even that 11 people actually attended. So much cringe.

No. 208397

Damn and I was willing to suffer a little just for the laugh

No. 208430

Haven't seen the video but many underground idols sound like "shit" aka they have different standards, it's not surprising someone liked her performance.

No. 208431

Oh my god, that is so fucking embarrassing indeed. Could you imagine being her and just looking around wondering where everyone is. So much cringe.

No. 208436

Yeah, that's probably why she used another audio on the version she uploaded herself, lol

No. 208437

File: 1448672515298.jpeg (63.5 KB, 750x549, image.jpeg)

Any info on this potential drama?

No. 208443





No. 208458

Lolol um did something happen between keeki and sabrna?

No. 208459

Lmao even without the original audio, just watching her dance is giving me overwhelming second hand embarassment

No. 208462

keeki has something with everyone who gets to be in Japan when she isn't

No. 208513

I don't think the girl has actually seen the performance.
She lives in Poland and these's a big chance she didn't get to see her performance video either because it got deleted very fast.
She's just licking Himezawa's arse.

No. 208514

File: 1448705718598.png (22.23 KB, 566x187, bitchpls.png)

No. 208515

>people coming to watch me again
lmao as if

No. 208516

File: 1448705861101.png (75.92 KB, 588x533, twitter.png)

No. 208539

No. 208541

No. 208543

where this was taken from?

No. 208546

File: 1448718299693.gif (943.87 KB, 278x229, dj5nje2uyso0nfzuhyxs.gif)

No. 208547

Keeki won't give her the time of day because she knows exactly what went down when she scammed some of her friends with the Kickstarter thing.

No. 208549

File: 1448720869136.jpg (1 MB, 1544x1920, xoxo.jpg)

repost. himezawa writing about keekihime

No. 208554

She just had a massive spaz out when I tried to make her aware that she can't keep using people for her own gains - ah well.

No. 208556

Why does she think she is Beyoncé or something?

No. 208558

>stay in focus
She was never in focus lmao
>This is the reason why I sell
She doesn't sell
>And I can't wait to see your bitter reaction to my latest project, when it's revealed.
No one will hear about it, so there will be no reaction.
>Now look where I am.
Absolutely nowhere?
>Look around you. You earned what you see.
She must not have earned shit in her life, it certainly shows.

No. 208559

But Keeks has a real job unlike herself so what is she getting at?

No. 208560

Her English is atrocious.

No. 208590

lmaooo what a drama queen

No. 208593

>I may not have a huge fellowship online, but believe me when I say am already on a better way than you

Is she talking about Keekihime? I can't really tell. Can someone please tell me what's the story behind this?

No. 208594

File: 1448735318010.gif (489.59 KB, 381x178, Poker-Face-GIF.gif)

Busuzawa really needs to get an education….or a job.Her life is going nowhere with this idol shit,it's just sad.At least Keeki has a job and is a useful member of society.

No. 208603

That was some quality kek right there
I dont see why any person thinks they can make it big or go viral for their stupid dancing videos nowadays. Its overdone. I think youre better off joining a group or doing something a bit more exiciting that just dancing to idols/kyary - maybe a nore experimental dance style, or gymnastics. Anything is better than seeing a white girl flail around

No. 208606


So she's scolding someone for creating drama while creating drama by posting that wall of text in the first place?

No. 208607

Where did you take this from?

No. 208609

File: 1448737201369.jpg (5.2 KB, 240x210, images.jpg)


No. 208610

get help.

No. 208611

File: 1448737397883.png (29.63 KB, 569x264, what.png)

Is this related?

No. 208612

File: 1448737437652.png (18.39 KB, 536x165, keeki.png)

No. 208613

File: 1448737518110.jpg (42.29 KB, 250x250, 1290431092690715461.jpg)

lmao keekihime is fucking awesome

No. 208614

does this girl not realize that paying doujin producers to make videos and stuff doesn't make you an aidoru?

No. 208617

File: 1448737811476.gif (489.01 KB, 500x282, tumblr_mkc3uuSW9Y1qlcw9co1_500…)

Can someone enlighten me about this Keekihime vs Busuzawa thing?
I'm lost.

No. 208619

File: 1448738335022.png (90.82 KB, 470x771, kek.png)

No. 208620

File: 1448738354706.png (81.4 KB, 495x730, pt2.png)

No. 208621

File: 1448738402187.png (82.42 KB, 468x715, pt3.png)

No. 208622

File: 1448738432502.png (83.39 KB, 470x688, pt4.png)

No. 208623

File: 1448738469185.png (80.83 KB, 484x643, pt5.png)

No. 208624

same here

No. 208625

File: 1448738625304.png (77.41 KB, 490x696, meg.png)

No. 208626

File: 1448738694226.png (111.62 KB, 1050x310, thatsnotnice.png)

No. 208632

File: 1448739199401.png (511.27 KB, 586x630, twitter.png)

Himezawa got butthurt bc she thought Keeki was taking about her.
She's soooo self-centered omg I'm dying

No. 208633

Wow…Himezawa is delusional!!!!

No. 208634

File: 1448739394862.png (115.61 KB, 1429x268, shinjusakura.png)

No. 208635

File: 1448739461495.gif (1.26 MB, 300x169, lmao.gif)

No. 208636


Why does Himezawa keep getting butthurt over nothing?What a waste of time.

No. 208658

sabrina needs to take a break from the internet

No. 208663

This heifer's ego is too delicate for the lime light. She needs to re-evaluate her life.

No. 208675

Guys just mute this video and put Hotline Bling in the background, keks will be kek'd

No. 208677

But put Himezawa's video on 0.5 speed

No. 208690

True tho

She moved, wanting to be an idol
Married some creep from her Instagram after only knowing him for 6 months, conveniently just as her visa was about to expire

No. 208695

At least Keeki is somewhat decent at dancing, can speak japanese and draws well. And she's working and making her own money instead of scamming people and paying shit with her parents money like you Himezawa.

No. 208699

No. 208700

I love you!

No. 208703

This is hilarious

No. 208734

How someone can be that self-important amd delusional is beyond me.
Did she get so little attention in her past that some likes/subscribers and internet articles made her think she's becoming popular now?

No. 208766

Hahaha, works pretty well actually.

No. 208865

Indeed. Himezawa looks like an old antie even with a shit ton of filters.
imo Keekihime worked hard to make her dreams come true. Himezawa doesn't even try to improve.

No. 208866

LMAOOOOO!!!! Upload it to youtube!

No. 208869

File: 1448775602225.jpg (57.65 KB, 478x444, busuzawa.jpg)

No. 208871

Wow they're pretty good! And the song is catchy I love it!

No. 208873

Even I knew she was talking about Venus kek

No. 208876

Yeah, didn't she post that the same week Venus announced her marriage?

No. 208878

VenusAngelic was the one tooting around on social media about her marriage.
Meanwhile, no one even knew/knows who Himezawa is.

No. 208882

She looked better on the left tbh

No. 208899

wot. that's keekihime on the left tho.

No. 208909

File: 1448787973782.jpg (429.32 KB, 933x665, keekihime.jpg)

No. 208911

Sabrina needs to calm the fuck down,she's not that famous.

No. 208925

Still cuter than Busuzawa

No. 208926

Keekihime can be arrogant as shit, but Himezawa is only in the idol thing for fame. She couldn't give a shit about improving. At least Keekihime had the passion, skills and deserved to be there.

No. 208944

Damn, nobody saved the performance?

No. 208956

wow the fringe really does alot for her

No. 208962

These are two different people…?

No. 208973

Amen to that! Himezawa can't handle criticism. She's delusional af and thinks everybody's jealous of her tarento and fame

No. 208974

KeekiHime (left) Busuzawa (right).

No. 208976

File: 1448803023828.png (170.85 KB, 934x425, topkek.png)

No. 208977

Prepare to cringe….

No. 208979

File: 1448803235773.png (52.45 KB, 603x533, dafuq.png)


No. 208980

File: 1448803360885.gif (430.84 KB, 460x322, tumblr_lmx21uvXYe1qg1pgk.gif)

No. 208982

File: 1448803457412.png (50.96 KB, 624x470, soroche_art.png)

No. 208983

File: 1448803607931.jpg (51.91 KB, 600x400, CNsEnsaUYAAf3IJ.jpg)


So she got her 5 minutes of fame.

No. 208985

sabrina knows that any kind of attention is good publicity. wouldn't be surprised if she did this on purpose

No. 209013


Oh boy ……..the secondhand embarrassment I am feeling is unbelievable

No. 209018

gosh white bread got no moves

you know how some people just feel the beat to a song and can come up with dance moves? yea that's not sabrina

No. 209023

Anon from >>208675 here, thank you so much for realizing my idea into the concrete. It actually works so good

No. 209038


Is…. is she trying to sound cringey Japanese accent speaking english… or am I missing something here?

… big nose is legit retarded. I bet her parents have paid for so much just to keep her away from home so they don't have to deal with

No. 209087

i think she means faito! (ファイト!) it's a pretty common way to cheer someone on, but remember her romanji…it makes sense why she fucked up(she probably also doesn't know how it's spelled)

No. 209169

>20:50 - 21:10 姫沢 HIMEZAWA
Her "show" is only half an hour while the others are like 50 minutes long kek so much announcements for this shit

No. 209248

No. 209270

No. 209283

that's either a fake twitter or her private twitter. her real one is https://twitter.com/himezawa

No. 209314

File: 1448855526190.gif (2.31 MB, 390x277, 1439678384690.gif)

No. 209317

File: 1448856059297.jpg (77.2 KB, 720x338, 1441389460054.jpg)


No. 209319

It's going to be 3AM for me when she performs, Someone please record it and post it somewhere so we can watch the cringe unfold, lol.

No. 209320

I mean this post for >>209169 too

No. 209328

Will it be on TV? Or online?

I can record with my phone if someone tells me where it is, unless it means actually going there

Then we can spam-upload the awful singing everywhere online

No. 209336


It's a broadcasting party via ustream anon.:

It's going to start at 20:00PM Japan time, himezawa will perform at 20:50PM

No. 209337

File: 1448861585752.jpg (203.26 KB, 754x1152, image.jpg)

Snapshot of where I found the broadcasting link.

No. 209338


No. 209339

ooooh i can't wait !!!!!
does she really think she can make a big improvement in like 3 days? it's going to be just as bad as the last time kek

No. 209344

What does "Himezawa" mean in Japanese anyway? I know "hime" means princess but idk what "zawa" is.

No. 209361

Enlighten me anons but I always thought you didn't have to be that good at singing and dancing to be an underground idol. The standards are different yadda yadda. As long as you look cute and are engaging, people will like you.

Doesn't this fit Himezawa? I haven't watched her deleted performance though.

No. 209370

she looks like an old hag on that bannet

No. 209378

Himezawa speaks 0 Japanese and doesn't know or care about idols so it doesn't fit her
Zawa is the same as kawa it means river or stream

No. 209380

Is this tonight? I'll try to record it! What's a decent screencapturing program? Unless you farmers are okay with me recording my computer screen with my phone lol.

No. 209396




I'll head over there and record too anons. Enjoy the show!

No. 209397

thanks anon the old link was dead

No. 209398


It's dead now anon! It's been working for me too, wtf going on?

No. 209399

anicrush twitter said they were running late and running into problems but idk keep refreshing twitter??

No. 209400

nvm stream is up

No. 209401


You're right, let's check their twitter, thankfully their on air again anons.

No. 209404

she's up!!

No. 209405

FUCK the video on my end froze :(

No. 209406

mine's completely black qq

No. 209407

looks like other people watching the stream are having issues too, judging by the comments…

No. 209408

There is an issue, when Himezawa was being called up, the video froze

No. 209409

It's black for me now

No. 209410

And she's only using playback…lol

No. 209411

Video is back but it's not even showing her

No. 209412

Camera's working now, but it's only focusing on the DJ booth

No. 209413


Holy shit, is it because she requested to not be shown on stream?!

No. 209414

lmfao so much for appealing to her "international" fans

No. 209416

that was fucking shit lol

No. 209417

Daaaaaamn, they failed streaming for real.
I woke up for nothing.
At least I have the audio lol.

No. 209428

Please post audio.

No. 209433

did anyone record that shit? i have a life, didn't get to see it

No. 209434

even without audio this is cringy as fuck

No. 209438

She dances like a newborn Giraffe.

No. 209442

yes post it

No. 209452

Why does she insist on dancing in lolita? It looks terrible. I dont think her dancing is THAT terrible in the insta video but the skirt is so stiff and ugly because lolidresses arent meant to have flow and movement. there's a reason most idols wear light pleated skirts or circle skirts.

No. 209465

I find it quite telling that she chose to mute the audio, kek.

I guess she's trying to be meltia, or maybe she just genuinely likes lolita. She'd probably look better if her dancing wasn't so awful.

No. 209474

She looks liek a dude in a dress imo

No. 209486

Recording anon here,
I'm not sure if there's any others who recorded too. I also have a footage a few minutes before himezawa performed.

I'll post the audio tonight, Where can I post it safely though?

No. 209489

Oh and yeah, like other anon said.
The video froze, blacked out, and it only focused on the DJ booth when it worked.

No. 209493

i feel like her face is giving a different vibe than her body.
if she is going to dress in lolita and do a cutesy dance to music, she needs to smile.
she looks like she is trying to be sexy/fierce. that, or constipated.

No. 209514

What a great video for deaf people

No. 209516


Actually the zawa is for "sawa" (沢), that means swamp or, sometimes, something like savage. I don't have any fucking idea why you thought it came from "kawa"

No. 209517

Swamp Princess. Seems fitting.

No. 209518

anywhere I guess, we'll save it and if it gets down we'll upload it again

No. 209580

File: 1448927764852.jpg (281.05 KB, 900x1350, vriska_serket_by_kurouda-d4qku…)

No. 209582

She kinda looks like Margo.

No. 209613

I distinctly remember her explaining on an old blog that she picked "sawa" (沢) to mean savage or wild.
So it's Wild Princess but Swamp Princess sounds miles better for her.

No. 209631

沢 is swamp though。。。

No. 209653

where's that audio though?

No. 209655

She's so fucking gangly I really don't think there's a way for her to fit into anything Japanese related

Like no matter what you get her to do or put her in she's going to look shitty

What an unfortunate everything…..

No. 209661

To each their own. I prefer weebs with blonde hair and blue eyes. Aidoru wannabe girls that have very dark hair and brown eyes seem to try to look japanese and its ceepy idk

No. 209663


No. 209665

Does she have a narcissistic disorder?

No. 209666

No. 209669

This is the ONLY time she ever looked adorable imo. she needs to do this makeup daily. She usually look like a middle aged woman

No. 209671

wtf are you talking about, she looks like margo here.

No. 209673

tfw no actual lips

No. 209674

File: 1448944616233.jpg (11.85 KB, 300x300, Beaker.jpg)

I'm just saying.

No. 209687

wow much perform
very sing
top aidoru

No. 209689

File: 1448949016576.png (43.48 KB, 577x318, yeahsure.png)


No. 209690

File: 1448949100819.jpg (46.73 KB, 240x213, sml_gallery_6695_85_12154.jpg)

No. 209703

Recording anon here again, It decided to just post what I was able to record, so I've finally uploaded it. Sorry I took to long since I had a long day at college today, Enjoy!

No. 209704


I could understand being kind of pissy at that, but I've never seen her say anything that isn't either whiny or narcissistic.

I don't know shit about idols but wouldn't being humble and cheerful get her more fans than bitching on her public twitter would?

No. 209705

>singing わがまま LOVE "live"

No. 209706

it says i cant view it because its from columbia

No. 209707

No. 209708

I had to name her that way because it suits her well LMFAO


Do me a favor, fucking quit whining and work on your shit if you want to be successful musician/idol/author/IDGAS.

Stop being a manipulative bitch, being delusional will only do bad shit against you in the future.

No. 209709

weird…I put it as unlisted for safety, I live in the US btw, how can I fix it?

No. 209710

OH MY FUCKING GOD these girls are good! This is the result of preparation and hard work. And then there's this delusional gaijin Himezawa who wants to become top aidoru in Japan kek

No. 209712

I don't get it, she lip synced her song and pom pom? Confused what's going on

No. 209743

She lip synced wagamama love.

It's weird, I'm getting the same message in a different browser, how can I fix it?

No. 209744

I'm thinking of posting it somewhere else, what other sites do you anons think it'll work?

No. 209746

沢 is a pretty common ending for last names as well. Like 米沢 or 相沢 or whatever. I always assumed her actual last name was something -zawa and that's why she chose it. Her actual reason is a lot more stupid.

No. 209750

You can really tell how auto-tuned to hell it is without the video.
>that weak-ass clapping
Top fucking kek.

No. 209760

Why would her name end in -zawa? She didn't get married until recently, and had that alias for years before

No. 209770

live lol
love the video title!

No. 209784

Amazing how the broadcast suddenly started working right as she ended.

No. 209785

Ended her original song, I mean.

No. 209838

File: 1449001525995.png (16.96 KB, 570x128, k.png)

That's just so…..desperate

No. 209840

File: 1449001880947.gif (499.65 KB, 500x233, Give-Me-Attention.gif)

No. 209855

Sorry, I have no idea when she got married or for how long she's been around. Still, Himezawa sounds like a last name.

No. 209858

Has anyone read the English translation to her song? Absolute bullshit, I thought she fancied herself as a writer? It's fucking awful.

No. 209870

I think it is so fucking desperate to put [Wagamama Love] next to her name, like lol
She's either trying to link her name to ~such successful song~ or she's trying to market it and get more views. I bet she's failing at both.

No. 209875

All these girls hate each other… what happens between her and aminyan? Aminyan liked one of the comments against her and keeki also tends to like comments against other foreign "idols" they're all envious of each other

No. 209884

Over here (UK anon) Wagamams is a chain that serves Japanese (ish) food.. Maybe she's hoping people find it based on people here fucking love wagamamas.

No. 209885

Maybe dailymotion.com? Or maybe tinypic.com like >>208699 did

No. 209891

It means selfish. Fitting of her. But I don't see why she has romaji of the word and then love in English.

No. 209892

Maybe she wants to be called the swamp princess because she wants us to love all her layers…?

No. 209950

Tons of Japanese songs use a mixture between English and Japanese.

And read the interview in OP's post >>198308 where she explains the selfish love part, then come back and make fun of it.

No. 209992

File: 1449035318114.png (39.81 KB, 477x311, wut.png)

>I'm going to volunteer at a dog shelter
>I'm raising money for charity!
jfc, many people do good deeds every day but they don't brag about it on twitter.

No. 210004

"Going to"
Just likekiki said

These people are so selfish. Those who actually volunteer, don't usually mention it unless it's brought up or they are asked what they do

No. 210010

Well y'know, raising money usually works better with some publicity. Plus she might just genuinely be hyped to interact with dogs even though she can't have one. Idk but so many people complain about snowflakes thinking only of themselves and not using their (kind weird tbh) fame for good ends, but when they do they're being assholes too? That's really just complaining for its own sake.

No. 210020

Sabrina pls

No. 210025

They uh… don't really have shelters unless it's way out in the countryside

No. 210026

Not her, don't even know her, but while she is quite delusional (Imma be a married idol!!) she doesn't seem like a super horrible person. She's not going to achieve her dream though lol

No. 210036

>doesn't seem like a super horrible person.
>scams people
>Lies about said scamming.
>Makes a kickstarter and bullies friends to pay into it.
>Gets family member or herself 'Thomas Schultes' to make up the amount at the last minute so she doesn't lose it all.
>Uses money to buy Lolita dresses instead of what she stated.
>Blocks anyone who won't help her popularity.
>People who knew her in the cosplay scene said she is selfish, spiteful and uses people.
> Uses her parents for their money.

No. 210055

I don't think she's doing the charity work selflessly or in an altruistic sense. I think it is for her own gain/publicity.

However, I've never understood why someone's reason for doing something beneficial to other's mattered. In the end the outcome was 'good', so why should motivation behind it matter?

Don't misunderstand me, I still dislike giantnosezawa, I'm not praising her for this.

I don't really believe there is such a thing as a truly selfless action, anyway, she's just much more transparent than most. It's like people are just mad she's not putting up a big enough mask.

But that seems to be human nature, and a whole other discussion.

No. 210056

People don't usually help causes for publicity, that's utter bullshit. Most people do so because they want to create a difference. It has nothing to do with 'putting on a mask'. She is just a shitty person.

No. 210075

I figure this discussion is going to become OT too quickly, so if you want to make a b thread I'll join you.

But if you think tons of people don't help causes to look good/publicity/feel good about themselves, then I don't know what to tell you. You must live in some kind of utopia.

No. 210105

To me it seems that she's doing this purely for attention

No. 210107

File: 1449086094298.png (13.78 KB, 559x97, busuzawa.png)

8K people laughed their asses off.
NO, THANK YOU Busuzawa!!!!

No. 210109

8000 views in what, two weeks? That's so sad for someone who acts like she's a sugoi nipponese aidoru

No. 210123

This. I've helped out at charity events before, and it's mostly just rich people who want to feel that they're doing something good for the world while also stuffing their faces with fancy food and having a nice night out.
In the end the money goes to worthwhile causes.

No. 210146



No. 210152

>and thank you for 97 views on NND and zero comments

No. 210206

Lol, a lot of views come from us or that Pull forum. This proves nothing.

No. 210236

and from /cgl/ cringe thread.
poor thing thinks people watch that shit because they like her

No. 210238

File: 1449120029879.png (431.38 KB, 506x685, datscreepy.png)

No. 210242


I know it's been said to death but
>that schnozz

No. 210251

You're right anon, here's another link to the video via DailyMotion, enjoy farmers!


No. 210252

Og my god she's soo creepy

No. 210253

I forgot to say thanks to you anon!

No. 210257

She really has one of the worst noses. I usually don't advocate nose jobs, but damn it girl.

No. 210276

That no top lip really freaks me out.

No. 210297

god shes ugly

No. 210319

No. 210337

File: 1449150383938.jpg (49.74 KB, 500x368, Lady-Gaga-Plastic-Surgery.jpg)

she has like the worst case of gaga nose

No. 210341

File: 1449151295028.png (465.67 KB, 937x518, topkek.png)

No. 210342

These dances are sooo boring ugh

No. 210344

04:00 that obvious lip-syncing…

No. 210346

File: 1449151887116.png (132.83 KB, 321x359, whaa.png)

This is bizarre!
Himezawa is so talented! She can autotune her voice!! Sugoiiii!!!!

No. 210348

File: 1449152022950.jpg (61.07 KB, 300x300, 5864868.jpg)


05:37 the.fuck.

No. 210350

Her insta went from 4.6k to 4.7k followers last time I saw.
She must be doing something right with this idol thing.

No. 210351


No. 210355

what the actual fuck, this was horrifying.
espically that sound at 5:37 what even was that supposed to be

No. 210356

Well she's pretty good at promoting herself and tricking people into thinking she's a famous aidoru in Japan, so there's that.

No. 210359

Her dancing look so stupid. Like one of those long legged spiders just flailing around or something.

No. 210361

No. 210362

File: 1449157086745.gif (295.05 KB, 250x187, 1020728_s.gif)

This is GOLD!!!!

No. 210365

What even is the point of a "live" when 90% of the songs aren't yours and you lip sync your own song? Or is this normal for Akiba underground shows?
The choreography to her dance looks so stiff and inept jeez…

No. 210366

Pretty sure I dance better than that drunk

what the fuck busuzawa what are you even doing

No. 210379


> Ponponpon - On the intro it the clapping sound effect with how she's dancing looks like every time she extends her legs her knees are cracking. Why would you choose such a repetetive song even if you're

>READY - I love how the only reason people are cheering is because it's im@s
>Her own song - Does she not know the lyrics to her own song? Whoever choreographed her dance is terrible cept for the fact they 'choreographed' it so during the 'freestyle talking' she can blatantly cover her mouth

I gave up halfway but if she doesn't have a job why doesnt she spend more time practicing her terrible dancing? like You can see SO many times where she'll do a movement too quickly and then have to pause before the next move. She also never learned that you should always move to the beat even when moving around the stage

No. 210383

Doesn't sing her own song so nobody hears her without the autotune goodness.

I am pretty certain she choreographed the dance to her own song. You can tell with how simple it is. It's so repetitive so she doesn't have to think up any other moves. And some of the moves go on for way longer than they should have.
For wanting to be Kawaii famous aidoru …. she needs to try harder.

She mouths along with the other songs, if she wants to make it as a singer, she should at least sing along to those as well

No. 210386

Quick!!! Someone screen record this before she removes it!!!

No. 210392

Don't worry! I saved it.

No. 210401

They seem to sing live most of the time

video was from the previous event busuzawa was on last

(this girl is also wearing something frilly but it looks better on her lol)

No. 210411

Holy shit, this girlis cute as a button!! Himezawa doesn't stand a chance. Not with that stiff awkward ass body and giant schnozz

No. 210412

No. 210414


6:08 how graceful kek

No. 210418

10:30 - 10:50
I like how only 2 or 3 people clap for her…I almost feel sorry for Sabrina.
16:35 ermmmm …the fuck

No. 210419

Damn she's cute af!

No. 210469

I don't understand how some weebs continue to go full force with the aidoru path. Once you're there in a dingy little livehouse with the personified shame of Japan autistically cheering you on, what exactly is the appeal? One would think that the charm would be completely lost when you realize your fans are all just the Japanese version of that one kid in your class who ate paste.

No. 210477

Lol true. Fans of female idols include: very young kids, akihabara-type male nerds, old geezers. It's really not the greatest fan base.

No. 210520

Because rarely there are girls who just like performing like aminyan, Keekihime, Ally&Sally and try and improve. Himezawa's only goal is fame. Which is why it's dumb for her to pursue idol shit.

No. 210533

I think she does enjoy performing but doesn't realize how bad her dancing and singing skills really are.

No. 210543

Now THIS suits her!

No. 210655

File: 1449238331120.png (267.67 KB, 490x692, keepdreamin.png)

No. 210663

>an old lady drawn by a hack of a mangaka who hasnt been relevant since 2008
nah she's pretty accurate

No. 210708

she claims to be so multi-talented and unique…

No. 210719

File: 1449255578753.png (17.23 KB, 599x137, busuzawa.png)

No. 210722

>I came a long way since then
Oh please tell us more about how much you've improved and what a successful aidoru you've become!

No. 210725

File: 1449256449526.gif (1.62 MB, 500x283, 1187122.gif)

No. 210749

File: 1449262598820.jpg (55.46 KB, 500x322, 1379305088849.jpg)


No. 210753

but she is even worse now

No. 210969

File: 1449316878507.png (29.21 KB, 594x221, lmao.png)

No. 210970

>try to film on the road
>judge me later
bitch pls

No. 210971

Daaaamn,is there anything that can distract this girl?
>implying that recording in public gives you a free pass to fail

No. 210973


No. 210981

File: 1449324647962.png (15.89 KB, 597x124, sooohardcore.png)

No. 210987

And still probably makes better decisions than Busuzawa.

And where else would a 13 year old live? In their own house? Smh

No. 210988

Went to check, tweet is gone

No. 210993

Let's be real though, no one wants advice from a 13 year old with no life experience yet.

No. 210998


Agreed. Although, to be fair, I wouldn't say Himezawa has accomplished much more than a 13 year old career wise, so she doesn't really have much room to talk. Sure, she got a music video made, but I'm pretty sure that's only thanks to her parents' money.

No. 211050

No. 211051

And her new cover lol
I love how she starts in a pitch and constantly changes it through the song

No. 211052

and I only noticed it now but she needed to cut the video

No. 211058

sorry for so many posts but I tried to add music kek the only thing I did was cut her audio to try and fit the song

No. 211061


completely off topic, but i do like her maid dress. The poofy skirt is A+

No. 211063

iiit's a mojitooo

No. 211064

File: 1449342851458.gif (1.25 MB, 442x320, LOL-Gif-gifs.gif)

And this is coming from a spoiled rich parents' kid.
Please tell us more how your husbando or/and parents pay for your shit.

No. 211067

Holy shit that was hard to listen.

No. 211069

jfc she so lifeless
I lost my shit @ 1:45

No. 211070

Sabrina deleted that tweet kek

No. 211082

God, thats awful.

No. 211106

File: 1449347192014.jpg (204.81 KB, 599x900, hestia.jpg)

No. 211113

File: 1449347801926.png (229.96 KB, 395x427, zawa.png)

gott verdamt

No. 211122

She can't sing omg is she deaf or what?

No. 211125

These moves are terrible. I'm assuming she made up this dance.

My ears!!

No. 211174

noticed now she has 3 comments on her dance video but only two appear which means she hid one of them

No. 211206

No, it seems the MV was funded by patreon money. She posted a thank you note for people who donated for it.

No. 211258

I'm cringin my ass off

No. 211295

this is so goddamn embarrassing. You can tell she thinks shes good as well, it's like this awful mix of immodesty and lack of talent

No. 211297

Well, one if the video tags says "freestyle" in Japanese so yeah, she made it up and that's why it's even worse than usual.

No. 211308

Ah tes you can always tell its freestyle by her signature downsy arm twirling

No. 211316

File: 1449416979566.jpg (36.54 KB, 600x400, get.jpg)

No. 211319


There are some parts which make me cringe harder than others. Like if you're gonna be a school girl scampering about with high energy, bouncy movements then stick with that. But whats with the moments were she suddenly goes all slow motion, lumbering forward and sideways like a fat person struggling to get up? Not cute.

Similarly awful when she suddenly starts flapping her arms like a bird with downs trying to do sign language for a TV show.

No. 211320

her legs go from 0-leaping around like a demented leprauchaun

No. 211321

Dancing in public always makes me cringe

No. 211322

What's the point of watching a dance cover without audio? (unless it's incredibly amazing)

No. 211323

How about this?

No. 211330

That was awkward as hell

No. 211365

Her sense of rhythm is terrible, and she looks so awkward and uncoordinated whenever she dances. Does she not see this? How can you be this delusional?

No. 211367

instagram followers are cheap, and a lot of people probably follow her for her lolita coords.

No. 211369

Reminds me of Taylor R. Needs to build muscle on her legs or something. These nasty crackhead legs look so bad with the socks and schoolgirl uniform.
Like these legs or could just stop dressing up like a little girl.

No. 211449

She is hiding her nnd comments, guess they're shit ahah

No. 211460

>>nasty crackhead legs

lmao, now I finally know what they remind me of. I couldn't think of how to describe them other than skinny n gross

No. 211542

nice tags you have there kek

No. 211544

File: 1449464464327.gif (487.54 KB, 500x230, anigif_enhanced-buzz-18683-137…)



That was shit,girl….

No. 211680

File: 1449514567625.png (329.06 KB, 1079x1334, Screenshot_2015-12-07-19-52-34…)

Why the fuck did she change her style into kawaii princessu pink blush all over my face?? She looks so good with dark hair, decent makeup and 'elegant' styled decent but famcy clothes. Why is she thinking she looks better now?? It makes no sense…

No. 211684

Because some people prefer to wear things that they like the look and feel of but don't necessarily look the best on them.

No. 211691

But she looks so cute in this photo!! And it can easily be seen as some sort of street fashion as well. Especially the hair cut and color suit her a lot. Whoever made her feel so uncomfortable about herself back then that she turned into the…eww potato she's now: SHAME ON YOU!

No. 211724

people don't decide to change styles because someone made them feel uncomfortable. they do it because they like the style. i'm not really trying to defend himezawa but if she wants to wear lolita even if she looks bad in it, i don't care. the outfit in >>211680 is shit too even if her hair looks better dark.

No. 211727

I think it's cute. And I don't think you're 100% right with your statement. I know way more people who changed their style due to ppl making them feel uncomfortable about their original style rather than changing it 'fully' by themselves just because they felt like. I think himezawa just turned into a lolita beause 'rich parents give money for burando, kawaii aidoru style, rich parents give more money for burando, if you have burando you're better than all the others'

No. 211738

Anon really? She looks basic as fuck here, she could be anybody.

No. 211775

Definitely don't agree, people who look like shit should change their style to suit them because they're either pretending they think they look good or just delusional, once they admit they look bad and find one that suits them they realize it and get much much happier.

No. 211782

wow this is way cuter. Sure it could be. Abit more put together, but wow

No. 211851

I also think she genuinely likes her new style. But you also get a certain kind of attention if you wear lolita and have (naturally) blonde hair in Japan. Since her goal is to become some kawaii idol, it probably works to her advantage.

No. 211854

File: 1449546744518.jpg (128.36 KB, 500x702, tumblr_nlrf0liI691smd5q9o1_500…)

So…. This isn't a wig?

No. 211855

So many women look 100x better with dark hair but i look out at work and see a sea of bleach blondes. It's sad.

No. 211857

I wish these zip-tie halos would go away.

No. 211859

I wish her face would go away.

No. 211869

File: 1449548941686.png (856.8 KB, 934x591, busuzawako.png)

The emptiness in their eyes

No. 211870

i lost my shit omg

No. 211875

Yes, you are right and that's why it suits her so well. As talked about before, this girl is basic af no one can even remember her and not even her try to be a kawaii idol can change that.

No. 211889

Girl in the middle looks like a monkey.

No. 211892

flap flap flap

No. 211894

uhh anon. she still looks hideous lmao

No. 211915

I actually really like Gaga's nose. It is incredibly Italian and fits the rest of her face.

Himezawa's nose looks fucking awful because it clashes with her non-existent upper lip and receding chin.

No. 211983

lol AP-sempai didn't notice her

No. 212313

Her original choreo I assume?

No. 212350


This time she didn't screw up her make up!

No. 212354

>so many questions
>doesn't reveal the twitter/youtube/tumblr usernames of people who asked them


No. 212357

She actually seems nice, her voice was really weird at first but she couldn't keep it up I guess. Maybe my sensors are broken from all the crazy people, but her actually saying that she is not fluent in Japanese was a nice change from … kanadajin or other girls who go "I'm totally fluent DESU!" but can't really communicate well. Didn't watch the whole thing though, just skipped through.

No. 212370

Um nah, if she wants to live in Japan she needs to study Japanese. Her Japanese is horrible.

No. 212387

No. 212392

File: 1449674639997.jpg (70.43 KB, 672x434, ss (2015-12-10 at 12.22.11).jp…)

jfc, her nose

No. 212394

File: 1449675239122.jpg (29.5 KB, 442x465, Nellieteen.jpg)

That shit on her head looks ridiculous!

No. 212396

that really is the ugliest nose I've ever seen on a woman.

No. 212400

File: 1449675618611.jpg (254.17 KB, 500x268, sarcasm-now-served-all-day-fun…)

Aaaahhh….so many questions…so many fans…so little time

No. 212404

If I had the money to do so I would pay for plastic surgery for her nose just so I can't read her lolcow threads in peace

Though maybe she'd have a semblance of an actual fanbase if at least her nose looked good

I know we judge cows on over shooping ans being fake all the time but I would support her using after effects/shoops all the time

It's not even that her nose is just giant, some people can pull off big noses, but jesus christ it's like a fucking tumor on her

I know this thread is 95% 'horee shieet her nose' already but it honestly looks like she had a fucking conjoined twin who was absorbed in the womb and now sticking out of the middle of her face

Fuck I can't wrap my head around this. If she started a gofundme for a nose job I'd donate

No. 212406

File: 1449676430280.png (327.63 KB, 658x425, Skärmavbild 2015-12-09 kl. 16…)

What was up with that mini tantrum she threw at 6:57?
Was she trying to be funny?

No. 212412

yeah, i thought that was so bratty.

No. 212431

You talk like jrcach

No. 212441

not that anon but you are wrong.

No. 212442


Eh, it's just a coincidental similarity, then. I was early morning ranting from my cell phone.

Himezawa, Amber Whann and Scamanda are the three cows/flakes I could hate on appearance alone.

No. 212444


She sounds so annoying, you can just hear how she tries to make her voice higher…..

No. 212452

File: 1449685508432.jpg (126.04 KB, 765x379, 24rj2lgf2l.jpg)

I was browsing through her videos and lol'd at this. First comment too, so embarrassing…

No. 212455

Honestly, I never before browsed through her YT channel, just read the thread a bit and I was expecting your normal aidoru amount of views, maybe a couple of thousands, especially since she is in Japan and all. But…WOW does she suck. Not only her videos have like a 1000 views or less she also doesn't have any comments and most comment sections are even disabled (after someone left negative comments I suppose?). She is not even an online persona, she's just….uhhh…I don't know, maybe your local cosplayer who dance in the street, embarrassing people around her.

No. 212459

How? Anon's English is way better than "HAHA BIG GAIJIN NOSE WWWW VERY BUSU YO NE YES"

No. 212481


I think that person is from /pt/. They commented on the Pixy thread once.

But if they're reading this, 10/10 anon.

No. 212494

Deleted now. I wonder how much stuff gets deleted before we can see it. That's probably why her comment sections are always so empty…

No. 212566

>had a liver

No. 212567

She does the same in her NND videos. The thing is in NND you can delete the comments but the real number is always there. In her last dance video (the on with the flapping arms) she has 12 comments but only two appear. I wish I could see the others.

No. 212666

Jrcock isn't that creative
> it's like a fucking tumor on her
>looks like she had a fucking conjoined twin who was absorbed in the womb and now sticking out of the middle of her face

No. 212678

File: 1449728624976.jpg (67.95 KB, 356x600, Boy-George.jpg)

She looks a little like boy george there

No. 212680

holy shit!!!!!!!

No. 212684

>she doesn't really seem like a bad person, maybe she scammed someone in the past, but she admitted to that.

No. 212685

File: 1449729896411.png (45.75 KB, 1058x259, wat.png)

No. 212701

A little? The recemblance is freaking uncanny! They could be twins.

No. 212715

Lost it

No. 212716

No. 212717

She actually once said something in a video like "People ask why I don't just get mynose done, but I don't want to, I'm happy with myself"

This is ridiculous, but I honestly think she'd be way less obnoxious with a normal nose. btw your post was hilarious. Keep it up, anon!

No. 212718

File: 1449741993378.jpeg (34.09 KB, 750x217, image.jpeg)

Sorry for quatriple-posting, but


No. 212737

fuck, i thought this was himezawa's new modeling picture lol

No. 212745

The fact that the only 3 recent praising comments are literally written minutes between each other is really suspicious. The fact that they're written Japanese and so simple and yet in the English comment section shows it's someone using niconico in english too, hmm.

No. 212746

Citing a blatant sock puppet?

No. 212775

File: 1449767157935.jpg (16.96 KB, 480x360, bg.jpg)

Eh i was trying to not come off rude, but it was bugging me when i saw her who she reminded me of and that pic made me suddenly realise. They do look a lot alike, boy george is pretty cool tho.

No. 212783

File: 1449769276666.jpg (7.4 KB, 275x183, forward 25 years.jpg)

Here is her future.

No. 212784

File: 1449769414400.png (47.13 KB, 1036x495, pull.png)

No. 212785

Woah. Did he really get that bad? He was alright if a bit chunky a few years ago.

No. 212786

freaking finally! people are calling her out for her bs

No. 212787

File: 1449769707605.jpg (6.47 KB, 275x183, beard.jpg)

Yeah. He started losing weight when he was in prison. He's pretty slim now, but doesn't suit the facial hair imo.

No. 212825

I can only see two comments even though it says she has 21, is this just me?

No. 212864

Wtf? I watched this and she's such an ungrateful little snot. She complains bitterly about the mailman coming when she films videos, and then straight up says she is cussing too much but cussing is annoying to edit, so don't watch if you're under 18 then. Wtf? Normal people don't get upset about having to take 10 seconds to sign for a fucking package.

Her mom sent her a Christmas/birthday present and she is so rude and ungrateful as she's pulling them out. She literally flings her card behind her without even opening or looking at it first, and then gets pissed her mom sent her a Christmas decoration. What the fuck? Her mom was really nice to send her all that, and she's just being a little bitch. 99% sure her mom is the one funding her stupid kawaii aidoru dream lyf desu, too. Makes my blood boil.

No. 212984

No. 212989

Why does she only do the same three dances over and over again? The one where she flaps her arms like a chicken and slaps her elbow always makes me crease with laughter.

No. 212990

She is such a fucking cunty bastard - so rude about her parents. Ungrateful fucker.

No. 213020

Indeed.Makes me wanna slap the fuck out of her ungrateful ass

No. 213282

File: 1449920351089.jpg (33.47 KB, 560x660, today-is-an-opportunity-to-get…)

The flow in her dances are just so awful. How does she not realize it? I'm no professional, but even I can see how dumb some of the moves are, especially the one the anon above mentioned. There are so many breaks in the transition and she looks so stiff 90% of the time.

>that front hop, then back hop at the beginning of the chorus

>that side hopping during the mid-chorus
>the overuse and clustered arm movements
>the stupid hand in front of mouth move

And that's just in that clip in this video. If someone were to specifically list everything wrong with the whole dance then it'd be a goddamn essay.
Sabrina, we know you're reading this. Get your shit together and revise that dumb dance if you want to improve yourself.

No. 213297

i think its the taylor r syndrome as well. idol dancing often looks very foolish on tall lanky girls.
its true.
tall lanky girls suit ballet - long flowly motions. not flappy crazy jumping

No. 213306

her new video is so annoying, was she trying to be funny….?

No. 213501

File: 1449985778387.png (47.75 KB, 300x288, Disgusted-oh-god-why-text.png)

Sabrina needs a fucking tutor asap

No. 213520

It is.. the video is weird and on a way really rude.

No. 213540

i agree.
i think in some sense she was trying to be funny, trying to act like a little kid who, yea probably would throw the card aside. but still, bitch you at least 20 years old. grow the fuck up

No. 213541

File: 1450017476386.png (444.15 KB, 870x506, stfu.png)

did anyone see this one?
her interview was so pitiful
the hosts were literally laughing at her as she goes
"himezawa chan is nippon's top idol desho!"
ugh gross


No. 213543

>calling herself "-chan"
>saying "ano.." before answering even the most easiest question like "what is your name"
>ansering "what is your dream?" with "himezawa-chan is japan's number one top idol" two times
that was cringe as fuck
>Cameraman: "What about that?"
>Himezawa: "That is a camera."
>Cameraman: "Yeah I knew that."
lel, of course he knows what that is, he is asking you what do you use it for you dumb bitch

No. 213544

the women's faces, how they drop. so funny.

No. 213546


Oh god her Japanese is awful….

How long has she been at this shit for? If she was as really as interested in Japan as she claims she'd have made more of an effort to learn the language.


Yeah, I don't think she realises that あのう is for when you know what to say but you're not sure how to say it and that えと is for when you're not sure how to respond so you need to buy a small amount of time in order to think.
It seems she's gotten them confused.

No. 213547

File: 1450020820429.jpg (90.25 KB, 957x660, fsfdfs.jpg)


No. 213553

Fucking laughed at this as well

No. 213556

The "what the fuck am I watching" faces everyone has. Comedy gold.

It really takes a lot to get these brain dead variety show panelists to show any genuine emotion. Congratulations Sabrina, you fucked up hard enough to deliver actual lulz.

No. 213679

She seems to be learning them? In the video they say she's only come to Japan a month ago (so 2014/12). How long has she been at this "Imma be an idol" thing though? Did she think that'd work without Japanese?

No. 213688

its really funny actually.
a lot of times these "why did you come to japan?" type videos, the hosts at least FEIGN interest. but for our swamp princess here, they just… cant even

No. 213692

i could never stoop so low as to watch her videos, but what are these dumb skits she does?
here, she is being a school girl or something? then there's that butler skit…. smh does she think she is interesting

No. 213719

It looks like she's trying to be like a person in an anime but for realz. Super embarassing.

No. 213771


oh my god this was so hard to watch, I don't I've seen any gaijin that has gotten into tv being this embarrassing…..

that moment when she's like "I'm Himezawa chan!!!"
and the interviewer is like "…really? ….what is your actual name?"

No. 213772


*I don't think I've seen

No. 213932

File: 1450069100254.jpg (66.95 KB, 752x501, wo96s0s-752x501.jpg)

Oh my god and she's representing my country…..can't handle that secondhand embarrassment

No. 213988

I dunno what's worse, her embarrassing herself with her shit Japanese, or her creepy ass stare whenever she stops talking.

Also kek @ how she didn't mention being married.

No. 213992

idk, they don't seem to be laughing AT her as much as I'd hoped. most of the time they just seem mildly uninterested yet respectful?

No. 214019

>Also kek @ how she didn't mention being married.

What is her living situation? She married for a visa, but does she live with her husband? That apartment in the video looks pretty tiny, but admittedly I've never seen nor been in a Japanese apartment before so idk what's normal size. If she uses her parents' money for her own apartment, wouldn't it be suspicious to the government that she and her husband don't live together?

No. 214026

Yep, when you apply for a spouse visa they ask for your registration of residence, I guess to check if you're living together.

No. 214047

Couldn't she just lie and say she lives with him, even if she really doesn't? Or maybe she does live with him and rents this place for her videos/aidoru crap to seem more ~pure desu~ even though it's common knowledge that she's married.

No. 214074

Depends on what kind of place she lives in. The real-estate agency here made us show them that we changed our registration when we moved, but I'm not sure all places do that.

No. 214078

I never had to do that. But by law, you are required to change address within 14 days of moving.

I heard that sometimes they might actually check your address if they find your living situation weird when applying to the spouse visa (like if you register your new address at his place only like a month before applying)

No. 214084

This video is from January, and she didn't get married until June.


No. 214087

I guess even if you don't change your address they won't care too much though. Idk, we still have girls like Sere in the country, I doubt they'll bust some little girl who's trying to become an idol.

What visa was she on before? Student?

No. 214093

File: 1450090905210.jpeg (189.38 KB, 750x1063, image.jpeg)

Probably a Working Holiday Visa

let's not forget her husband was a fan, and their first ever meeting (as fan) was only a little over a year ago. I do believe they live together now (if you look at his photos). I just don't really see why they would take the risk and not do it? I mean, she has to convince him she loves him to stay married anyway. She probably don't wanna "show him" cuz he ugly

No. 214097

File: 1450091324878.jpeg (183.2 KB, 750x1099, image.jpeg)

They do live together.
This is the same bed as the one in her videos.

No. 214099

And yes, THEY NEVER USE DIFFERENT BEDSHEETS?!?! I mean I know they probably wash them sometimes but come on.. at least rotate.

No. 214106

Maybe they bought the same type several times?

No. 214112

Maybe.. But I remember dakota did the same. If I made frequent videos, I'd probably pay attention to this since I noticed it in others

Maybe I'm just a massive sperg

Sage for self-sperg-awareness

No. 214148

who marries at age 20 these days? kek

No. 214150

She showed him plenty of times but deleted some photos and mentioned on her website something about protecting his privacy.

And apparently she already knew him from 2011 according to her Tumblr. Believe what you will.

No. 214151

>>And apparently she already knew him from 2011

k e k, uh huh

No. 214155

Knew him …like online?
This is Sabrina's first time in Japan

No. 214219

File: 1450113287380.png (16.01 KB, 619x115, image.png)

The cringe is real

No. 214221

Um because not everyone's lost their minds over anime??Jesus she's so dumb…

No. 214841

So last night I was just watching porn, don't judge I like it. Got bored and had a look in the Japanese section, so I decided ones I've never watched before are anything to do with Jap men (because c'mon… it's always a bit of a disappointment) and so I had a look and watched some AMWW (Asian man/white women) ones and jesus are they popular. Most were total weebs, typical anglo 18 year old looking pre-English teacher types and the others were just any white off the street. Some were cute I'll admit. But I found one, girl in a high school girls costume and she looks slightly like Himezawa… I don't think it is her. But she looked a lot like her, nose and face.

Wouldn't surprise me if it was kek.

No. 214862

File: 1450271669424.png (504.43 KB, 929x357, no.png)

So we'll get more of this toppu aidoru shit:


No. 214889

….why not post pics?


No. 214899

She looks like Margo here

No. 214903

Does she even has a feeling for rhytm? watched her new video on YouTube

No. 214914

Do you remember what video?

No. 214920

File: 1450289969153.png (10.23 KB, 757x125, lel.png)

No. 214928


I'll have a look now

No. 214940

she always looks like margo

No. 214941

File: 1450294163356.gif (985.33 KB, 500x252, ksbp.gif)

>I wasn't used to such a interactive audience, screaming, clapping and dancing along
yeah sure…….

No. 214970


No. 214980

I'm sure she went to some of these events before appearing on the stage herself, no?

No. 215002

Hmm idk in that live I can see why some Japanese people might end up liking her in that "ideal foreigner" kind of way. She's slim but a bit busty, tall-ish, has pretty eyes, long silky hair and big foreign nose. She's not conventionally super pretty or cute, but if you're a Japanese guy who is bored by all the kawaii Asian girls with squinty eyes and round noses, a wide-eyed potato nose German would be an exciting new exotic idoorru to jack off to.

No. 215023

Other foreigners appear at AKIHABARA SIXTEEN too. I'm not sure if she would stand out among them.

And if you've actually seen any of these kawaii Asians you'd know they all make their eyes bigger with lenses and make-up.
Squinties are usually not even considered cute.

No. 215047

look at how good she's gotten at making excuses

No. 215056

File: 1450324915235.png (695.22 KB, 551x602, insta.png)

No. 215058

File: 1450324950777.png (801.37 KB, 915x598, ig.png)

No. 215060

Such unflattering angles yikes!!

No. 215062

File: 1450325093326.png (645.89 KB, 779x837, insta.png)

No. 215066

That big ass nose and invisible upper lip irks me

No. 215068

File: 1450325531503.jpg (20.33 KB, 212x304, e2c5f30fcb41e12bf8061e8630a3af…)

> hey it's not that bad
> click thumbnail
> k nvm

No. 215085


I think it's pretty common that western people have thin lips. My upper lip is also kinda disappearing in most photos…it looks kinda cute though because I'm a selfie pro, not like nosezawa. And making it bigger with only makeup looks like shit lol
So i keep having no upper lip until botox. If nosezawa would get a nosejob her upper lip wouldn't look that bad I think

No. 215091

My ex-boyfriend had the same face structure. It was kinda ugly looking IRL, I guess being an inspiring Japanese aidoru would have suit him better…

No. 215106

You're all dumb as fuck.

Swamp Princess likes her nose / won't get a nose job because Japanese people like tall noses and she thinks hers fits this ideal. That's it. You just look desperate and jealous picking on her nose in every second post.

No. 215110

Your nose must be huge

No. 215111

are you triggered anon
himezawas honk hit too close to home?

No. 215112

Is anyone else really German, almost full-blooded, and have a face kind of like hers? Me and some other native German girls I know look similar to her. Noses vary in shape and I think are better shaped than hers, but the nose is very defined.

I kind of want to look at her unaltered features since I think her "tear duct" things ruin it. Can someone post her pics without the crazy Photoshop and bad Larme makeup?

No. 215115

The question is 'what is very german'?

My parents are German and most parts of family has lived here since forever though I've a very slavic(?)(slavische) face structure. But would be concidered as the typical German with my blonde hair, big boobs and nice curves

No. 215118

*ps: and my nose is far from himezawas

No. 215120

lol no, I find her big bumpy honk ugly too but these nose discussions are fucking annoying.
We get it already, anons hate her nose. Move on.

No. 215122

File: 1450353151488.gif (5.55 MB, 320x240, giphy.gif)

No. 215124

damn that's fucked up

she just lost the genetic lottery

No. 215131

File: 1450356319115.jpg (929.3 KB, 1152x1360, 1386899483201.jpg)

The German people are quite deverse tbh. The most common phenotypes are probably Borreby, Nordids and Alpinids. Modern Germans are also heavily mixed with slavs (eastern phenotypes), since after the Russian "liberation" after WWII about 1 million rape babies happened.

Himezawa looks quite nordid (with maybe some distant dinaric admixture).

No. 215139

Most of these categories look very similar to each other.

No. 215145

Those are really interesting!

*I'm German but with a heavy (West) Baltid influence (my Opa is from Silesia which is now Poland) and I can definitely see that comparing my face to the chart.*

That being said, our swampprincess looks nothing what I think of when I imagine a "typical German" female.
I'm always having a huge Fremdschäm-moment when I look at her.

No. 215147

Girl is cute

No. 215149

Busty? Compared to who?
Don't fret dear Anon as long as you don't have that fivehead, schnoz, and invisible upper lip thing then you're fine.

No. 215150

I meant to respond to >>215002.

No. 215192

Western features are popular in Japan, and in that way she has a lot going for her: 1) White 2) tall nose bridge 3) non-brown eyes? 4) light hair
Idk about wannabe idols, but she does definitly stand out just in everyday Japan (even in Tokyo). Japanese do have a different idea of what a pretty white person looks like, and I think she'd make the cut. Then there are some western celebrities I really adore for their looks and no one in Japan gets it…

No. 215233

File: 1450396478011.jpg (66.21 KB, 495x700, beckii-cruel-photobook.jpg)

True. Her foreign looks is actually her only asset since she's untalented and mediocre otherwise.

Anons can talk about how ugly she is all they want but many people in Japan find foreigners like her or Beckii Cruel pretty.

She's got a pathetic number of fans/subscribers right now but it wouldn't surprise me if people discovered/started liking her later on just on the basis of her Western features and maybe wearing lolita fashion.

No. 215249

>himezawa chan toppu aidoru desho!!!
Good god.

No. 215255


Don't care, they're both ugly to fuck. I can see how Beckii had slight cuteness years back but again her, Himezawa and Yuka all look basic. I look at some girls on the street and think "wow beaut" and these are just the shit on the shoe.

Great going Japan.

No. 215281

No. 215282

She can't even properly lip sync her own song top kek

No. 215322

File: 1450426070149.jpg (38.51 KB, 403x150, glossdinarid.jpg)

Thanks anon! This chart is actually really helpful. If you have any more to share, that'd be great. It definitely looks like Himezawa is Norid and the German girls I referred to and myself are some of these other varieties.
If I understand this right, Nordids haven't really mixed and are the "purer" form of what Himezawa is and the Nordids are basically where Himezawa gets sort of the slavic nose from? Pic related, the dinarid types you mentioned Himezawa might have some of. Do you think the nose is right?

No. 215323

Sorry, meant to say Hallstatt Nordid and East Nordid are the non-mixed if I understand this and just plain Nordid is the slavic mix.

No. 215327

why is she so spastic and uncoordinated? why does she look like she thinks she's hot shit? why has she not improved one bit since she started this aidoru shit? why, Sabrina? who the fuck are you?

No. 215328


If someone tells me this ends with a gangbang I'm not gonna be surprised

No. 215331

Man, Nords are so gorgeous. Slavs are so ugly and moon faced.

No. 215346

omg anon are you fucking serious. stop shitting up Himezawa's thread with your retarded crackpot bullshit goddamn.

No. 215351

File: 1450448061950.png (19.3 KB, 618x147, topkek.png)

>where are my winter holidays boooohooo i'm super busy being japan's toppu aidoru!!1!
>is a NEET, has all the time in the world