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File: 1637266036325.jpg (28.17 KB, 564x451, killing scrotes.jpg)

No. 971568

Share your most intimate and sinful story
previous: >>944826

No. 971582

I love this thread pic, it’s perfect.

No. 971680

File: 1637270362769.jpg (32.45 KB, 283x320, 7790240.jpg)

I still feel bad over that time i posted something and anons framed me as a scrote/coomer, i think it made some anons very unconformable. I know its all anonymous and it doesn't matter, but i cannot shake this feeling, i'm very ashamed

No. 971735

there are anons who stay here 24/7 and get paranoid for any repeating speech pattern from previous moids. don't feel so bad.

No. 971738

i was homeschooled and as a teenager i would look at the social media accounts of kids who went to public high schools in my area to see what i was missing out on socially. obviously not much, but for a 14 year old who never left the house it was the most interesting thing in the world to me at the time. there were a few of them i really wanted to be friends with but i never stalked them irl or interacted with them at all outside of sending anons over ask.fm telling them i thought they were cool kek.
a few months ago i unintentionally befriended one of the girls i used to e-stalk and i don't know how much longer i can handle it. she's told me a few stories that i already knew about because she publicized them on her accounts back then and it makes me feel like joe fucking goldberg. i don't want to ruin a good friendship over it but i feel a lot of guilt

No. 971757

was it the poop thing?

No. 971764

I'm guessing it's either a gross anime pic or one of the posts in the fetishes thread about getting turned on by incest/beating up their sisters/borderline pedo shit/etc.

No. 971789

well its nice that you have shame nonnie

No. 971791

None of those, fortunately it wasn't something that bad but yeah

No. 971800

ghosted a moid that was really into me pre-pandemic and have started feeling bad for it recently/thought about reaching out and apologizing. i looked him up and he’s so incredibly ugly now— lost all muscle and grew his hair out so he just looks.. greasy. i’m shallow i know, but after seeing him i don’t feel bad anymore in the slightest

No. 971803

I have this weird, kind of sexual but not really comfort fantasy that I keep replaying in my head before going to sleep. I imagine being abducted by a troll-like, shamanic monster woman who brings me to her hut in a dark forest and starts performing a ritual on me. I'm scared at first, but she uses her giant, warm hands to gently touch and hold me down while whispering in a language I don't understand. After a while I realize that her touch is relieving pains and aches in my body and making me feel relaxed and at ease. I realize that she's able to read all the pain, sadness and fear I've experienced in my life and is currently healing me both physically and mentally. Depending on my mood things take a more intimate turn from there, and then the next morning I wake up as she carries me to the edge of the forest and lets me go, renewed and powerful, blessed by the giant forest troll-witch.

No. 971805

You were a homeschooled 14 year old, I think anyone would understand. Especially considering most people stalk randoms on social media all the time, I sure af did a lot of it on myspace back in the day and I didn't have homeschooling as an excuse.

No. 971813

I'm having a child and I've been absolutely terrified of the earth I'm putting them on. I saved of money and research for hours some of the best cities to raise a family in and am moving to the city I choose for that reason, I'm looking into schooling options constantly and eating healthy, constantly getting testing, etc and doing everything I can to insure a good life for them but holy fuck the idea of public school is terrifying and private school doesn't seem any better. I need to keep my child away from online and I refuse to have a tablet baby, and I know a lot of schools give out laptops or tablets and require most school work to be done online, on top of that American kids are the absolute worst. I don't want to throw my kids in an environment where other kids are going to be discussing everyone's ass and boob size from the age of 10, I don't want those American high schools where it's completely normal for 18 yr old seniors to be dating 14 yr old freshmen and everyone's okay with it, where not having life skills is a quirk, where failing tests is relatable, and so on

No. 971819

As someone who went to both public and private school, private school was way more traumatizing and the kids there were a lot meaner than in public…

No. 971841

I found private school administration to be nasty too. In middle school, the administration hated my class. During my 8th grade year, the vice principal practically yelled at my class everyday. He'd yell at us for an entire class period and sometimes even longer. The priests felt bad and would talk to us quite a bit, again take up entire class periods. Suffice to say I didn't learn much that year. In high school, my class was the scapegoat for everything. They never hid their contempt for us. Kek.

No. 971850

Yea you're right about the administration, the teachers were mean to me too because I was literally the only student who dressed "alt". One teacher called me a vampire, one didn't let me come to school unless I changed my hair (it was brown and blonde underneath but was somehow "too extreme"), and I got out of school suspension and had to see a psychiatrist for passing notes to my friend that had comics in it. One of the pictures was of our principle who had (has) a giant ass and he was getting stung by a bee and exploding and they literally called the image a "phallus" and wtf it was bizarre. Students weren't better, because there was no diversity I got shit on for being a Mexican.

No. 971905

When i was in 4th grade we went on a trip to the mountains across the state. We spent 2 hours hiking to the top. When we got therethe boy that had been annoying me all school year was standing at the edge and i had the urge to push him. It was like something was yelling at me to push him. There was nothing that could've stopped me from pushing him off. I wish I had done it

No. 971910

I wish you had done it too

No. 971943

I'm glad you didn't potentially ruin your future over some dumb boy, well done on your strength

No. 972002

My boyfriend is friends with my ex and an old crush of mine, but I'm never going to tell him because he seems really happy with them and it's kind cute seeing them all three being retarded together, telling him now would be pointless

No. 972016

nonna this sounds straight up from a reversed harem otome game

No. 972077

I wished something would come up so I could bail on a gathering guilt free and their house flooded.

No. 972081

Anon has the potential to unlock the true route where you end up in a universe where every route is combined and you're in a relationship with all the guys.

No. 972120

I have fallen in love with an ugly man in the past. Not ugly like average but a very wonky face. If the timing ever worked out I probably would have married him.

No. 972123

was he at least interestingly ugly

No. 972137

nope. big ears, weird jaw, skull also weird, eyes uneven…

No. 972189

I don't know what gamergate is and I'm tired of pretending that I do

No. 972709

Wont your ex tell him though

No. 972713

File: 1637350495111.jpg (214.8 KB, 1420x960, hc6.jpg)

honestly based

No. 972716

I don't know what NFTs are and i'm tired of pretending that i do

No. 972720

Me too, nonnie, I could never bother and feel like I'd get dumber if I found out

No. 972721

I've made fun of PULL users with other anons even though I know that I came here from PULL just a couple years before it shut down

No. 972727

I’ve googled it and can’t figure it out kek. I feel so stupid but also know it’d probably make me dumber to know

No. 972798

I feel like I'm partially homophobic not because I dislike people literally being gay, but because the overarching aesthetics are so hideous. I hate heavy makeup, colorful lipstick, rainbows, sparkles, sequins, high heels, boas, etc. I know that's really just exclusive to pride parades, but I hate the aesthetic so much that it colors my perception of gay people.

No. 972811

My ex friend from high school was incredibly snotty to me senior year so I broke things up with her. Now I looked at her linkedin and she's 26 years old and still in college lmao at her posh wannabe Ivy. She isn't even studying something difficult like STEM. How retarded do you have to be?

No. 972853

I'm her age, still in uni and not studying something "difficult" either, sometimes life just doesn't go the way you want it to.

No. 972867

if it helps most actual gay people hate that aesthetic too

No. 972872

I masturbated with a prop sword handle once

No. 972880

Understandable, have a nice day

No. 972884

I masturbated with an eyeliner pen once. Basically I was like 15 and horny but I had fresh nail polish on so I needed something else to uhhhhh rub with

No. 972886

same. i hate meeting kweer people and mentioning that i have two ex gfs because they'll think i'm one of them. sometimes i'm considering moving back to my conservative rural home town just because kweer craziness doesn't exist there.

No. 972888

I wish i could do shit like this but i suffer from vaginismus rip

No. 972943

File: 1637364581236.jpeg (47.35 KB, 655x527, C5185813-A38C-4ED0-8793-3B2C1A…)

I honestly don’t like music in general. I like certain songs temporarily, but I don’t understand having it be your hobby. Do you jut sit there listening?

No. 972949

>do you just sit there listening
yes. while sitting on public transport, driving, browsing the internet, autistically daydreaming, etc

No. 972956

File: 1637366093467.jpg (25.46 KB, 474x618, worry.jpg)

Men with big foreheads are so attractive, they've always treat me with kindness and dignity. And they're alright to talk to. Not overly big, you have to have a certain faceshape to pull it off, the boy at work is so attractive I can't deal

No. 972964

I daydream to music which is unironically my worst habit. I waste so much time.

No. 972970

Sometimes yeah, but I imagine most people still multitask when they do. A big part of it being a 'hobby' for me is engaging with it beyond listening though, like looking forward to new releases, talking to people with similar music taste, going to shows, etc.

No. 972974

What do you do when you're driving, exercising, traveling, surfing the net, reading etc, just sit in silence? I'd get bored, I have to have music playing unless I'm watching a video. I wouldn't say it's a hobby of mine but I still spend a lot of time finding new artists and songs, curating my playlists, organizing my collection etc. It just feels like a necessity because music is such a practical way to entertain myself while doing other things, so I may as well ensure the music I listen to is exactly what I want to hear.

No. 972989

nta but whenever i try to listen to music while doing other things i find it very hard to focus, so i only do one or the other

No. 972999

ayrt I unironically sit in silence, unless I’m on a public transport, where I read on my phone or listen to audiobooks

No. 973001

I've been browsing lolcow for years and only realised how the sonic totem threads work a few months ago

No. 973002

You probably wouldn't get bored if you're used to work in silence.

No. 973008

I am in my mid twenties and in a long term happy relationship. I have never experienced sexual attraction towards people I randomly meet in life, but recently I met a person so captivating I am losing my shit just at the thought. I am not going to act on it but well thats confusing

No. 973013

Maybe but I think it depends what sort of multitasking I'm doing, driving or exercising in silence is crazy boring and I don't think I could ever get used to it, but reading or browsing in silence is fine. I usually have the volume turned way down if I'm concentrating anyway.

No. 973014

I watch ASMR videos made by cute girls and imagine getting pampered by a girlfriend like that giving me a head massage, brushing my hair, doing my makeup etc. I feel like a pervert and always have a guilty conscience over it, I can't shake the feeling of this poor girl being freaked out by some other weird woman watching her videos with an agenda like this. How do scrotes ever disrespect women without instantaneously being ridden by guilt?

No. 973026


Same nona can relate. I tell myself even if I didn't have a boyfriend it literally wouldn't work out and he's just a guy, we don't flirt, we barely chat, and I still dream about him what the hell

No. 973032

Soulmate from your past life

No. 973048

HOLY SHIT that happens to me sometimes too! I thought I just have issues and thats why this happens because I never had boy friends really and any boys I did like were only secrets to myself and I never interacted with them. My current bf is the first person I felt that for and really pined after for a long time until we finally got together, but sometimes whenever I randomly see/briefly meet attractive men I feel like I cannot stop thinking about them and stuff until like a few days after I forget and I am back to routine with my bf kek Makes me feel like such a bad person

No. 973078

I'm sure your bf does the same, it's fine

No. 973088

I just reported the party next door for being too loud even though it's the weekend and I like parties Another neighbor called the police on them earlier but it's 3am and they're still just as loud
I feel like an old bitter loser betraying my youth but fuck em, my parties have never been loud enough to call the police over

No. 973145

when you cant beat em, join em

No. 973149

That got me thinking, it kind of makes me sad sometimes that I will probably never experience attraction and I am already in my mid 20s. Even if I was attracted to someone, I would be so deeply ashamed and never act on them because of my deep seated self-hatred. I can totally handle rejection, I fear that if I was to ask someone out, they would end up harassing me and making me feel awful about asking them out for the rest of my life and I will never be able to move on because of it unless I moved away or something. Of course, none of this will happen until I develop a crush or admiration of someone which has never happened. It seems so retarded to feel this way because having no attraction should be highly convenient, but I feel like I am missing out sometimes.

No. 973166

to be fair ive told him whenever its happened lol im a tard

nonny, theres no reason to feel like you arent worth it. i highly doubt that rejection would lead to a situation like that, though you are right that having feelings for people is tough and oftentimes an odd feeling (it definitely changed me a lot falling for my bf, getting rejected, then eventually winning him over etc which is all crazy looking back). it will happen someday and theres no reason to force anything, i know many people around the same age who havent been with anyone either. no matter what, you are #1 and worthy of love nonny

No. 973174

Nta but how did you win him over? Bouncing back from a rejection is quite hard kek I could never approach that person again

No. 973186

I got drunk and suicide baited the man who ruined my life tonight and I hope he feels guilty as fuck and I hope it ruins his week. I was 16, he was 48 and a cop who groomed me off of Omegle then crossed state lines to come stay in a hotel and take my virginity. I hope he kills himself some day. I want to make him feel as guilty as possible until he does. It’s been years and he’s still checking in and even if I’m doing okay I want to make him feel as bad as possible for getting away with being so fucking disgusting.

No. 973191

it was really rough mainly because i couldnt stop liking him but eventually he opened up to being in a relationship (he came out of an emotionally abusive one prior) and he started going out of his way to see me and give me gifts, hug me and hold my hand, etc then it just became a thing lol.

i mean its not the most glamorous story but it is what it is. thats why love is weird imo, it makes you (at least me) crazy but it’s different for everyone and theres no clear rules on how things should go, thats why i dont think you should feel theres no chance or itll never happen or your not worth it because life is weird and things happen differently for everyone so you never know how itll happen for you, you have your own journey and you are amazing on your own even not in a relationship

No. 973193

also samefag sorry i just realized you are nta but hopefully the original anon sees this lol

No. 973206

you’re so cute anon

No. 973371

File: 1637402173396.jpeg (47.28 KB, 739x415, 542431BF-2D7B-491C-82FD-97F0F7…)

I just got my old laptop from when I was 13 working and I found all the degenerate fan fiction I wrote on there as a horny teenager. I used to get so butthurt as a kid when people said it was clear when a fic was written by a virgin but it’s so obvious that kid me had barely even spoken to a boy. I wonder what she’d say if I could go back in time and tell her all the things we’ve done in the years since. Her head would probably explode kek.
At least I can say for sure that my writing has improved since I was a kid. One of the things I wrote here actually has some good bones. Maybe I’ll make some edits and try and sell it on the Amazon book store

No. 973380

Follow-up: I just found a suicide scene that I have barely any memory of writing. I think it was attached to an Avengers fix. 13yo me had absolutely no reason to be writing this stuff lmao

No. 973406

That's hilarious. If you still write I suggest you keep these shitty fanfics to compare them to the new things you will write, it's always good to see how much you progressed over the years.

No. 973442

No. 973459

please post a sample anon… for us

No. 973494

thank you i love you

No. 973499

File: 1637420541059.jpg (117.39 KB, 850x1200, wp5298733.jpg)

I think I fell in love with a dream, he was this really pretty blonde knight with hair down to his knees.

No. 973514

No way, I dreamed about a very similar man some time ago, but he was a soldier instead of a knight. Maybe this is the same man from some other world who can access our world through dreams

No. 973524

were they anime boys or 3 ? soldiers and knights tend to be very bloody and smelly IRL

No. 973531

File: 1637421747887.jpg (15.73 KB, 250x250, I don't have a reaction image …)

The only months I like are April and May

No. 973539

3D but so fine boned and pretty. I don't have smell in my dreams but he was very clean and had cool armor.

No. 973704

I went to ao3 with the intention to flick the bean to some good old self insert story. I found one but then spend the whole afternoon reading the story and it ended in a tragedy and now I am crying because y/n did not have a happy ending with her husbando. Why couldn't they get married and live happily ever after?! Why?!

No. 973705

What was it?

No. 973713

it was a lord voldemort fanfic

No. 973714


No. 973716

it really was.

No. 973725

Didn't expect that. Was it Tom Riddle or just straight up Voldemort?

No. 973734

it was tom riddle post-hogwarts so he still had his nose.

No. 973787

File: 1637439173938.jpg (133.81 KB, 560x825, sdd.jpg)

Cheated on my boyfriend with the boy from work. Feel like such scum right now

No. 973794

Probably should break up with said boyfriend or change jobs.

No. 973834

is this icarlys older brother

No. 973871

File: 1637444687730.jpg (20.45 KB, 399x399, 1564608144585.jpg)

that's because you are.

No. 974040

Girl boss moment, bf should get a bigger dick to keep you

No. 974041

No. 974046

Ew do your DBT exercises. Was he better than your bf?

No. 974067

I just had to pee in a cup because the bathroom was occupied and it felt really good, I've always wanted to for some reason and know I know that I can without getting pee all over myself. It was a lot though and I'm wondering if that's normal.

No. 974101

I act repulsed by sex around others, and I am afraid of it since I have no experience with it, but I'm such a horny bitch deep down

No. 974116

Looking back on the texts and the fact that I excessively called him was a bit embarrassing so I decided to just block for good, I don’t need this scrote in my life Even if he’d send me gift cards on occasion bc he felt guilty. Can’t decide if I want him to die or to live til he’s 100 and live with the guilt

No. 974161

What guilt? It's a scrote, it doesn't feel guilt over grooming a teenage girl. Best thing is for him to drop dead. I'm sorry, nona.

No. 974170

Once when I was 18 or 19 my parents had lots of people over so I peed in my trash can that had a trash bag in it

No. 974175

I feel physically repulsed by my boyfriend. He and I have a lot in common an I like his personality, plus he's a sweet guy, so I thought I could get over him not being the kind of guy I usually feel attracted to, but the moment he started to hold my hand and hug me I realized I truly underestimated how unattractive he is to me.
Worst part is we only started dating recently and we're in the same class, so I don't want to dump him this early and make him feel like shit when he did nothing to deserve it (ironically this is one of the reasons I feel put off by him, he reeks of insecurity).
I'll just suck it up and dump him as soon as possible because I can feel like stress-eating is gonna take over me.
I truly wanted to believe I wasn't that superficial, but fuck it, if my punishment is being single for 5 years so be it, I should have known better than jump into a relationship with a dude I was barely friends with.
This is actually super embarrasing and I'm only posting it here because if I tell that to my friends I have no doubt everyone will find out, I don't wanna traumatize the guy over something he doesn't have any control over.

No. 974195

I love to just squeeze my boob randomly while I'm at my PC. Is this why dudes love to fondle their nuts?

No. 974196

I'm a spoiled brat who ditches employers/education as soon as the slightest thing goes up. I'm addicted to quitting jobs at the worst times, even better if the place is short staffed. I was a nurse at a treatment center and quit when they were most short staffed because they accused teenage patients of acting out for attention and denied them medical care. I quit at this chain restaurant who was on the verge of shutting down because of how short staffed they are because they nitpicked me not being communicative towards strangers and refused to take me out of training because "I wasn't a chatterbox". I quit another restaurant like this because they kept paying me like shit and refusing to promote me despite everyone begging them too and the manager accused me of begging for attention when some old creep watched me shower.

No. 974199

>Is this why dudes love to fondle their nuts?
excuse me, what?

No. 974221

I know this is gonna make me sound like an nlog but when I read about girls saying how certain exercises made them go down a cup size it makes me excited to try and do that shit too lmao. I’m already pretty flat chested but I want a flatter chest. No I’m not an nb or fakeboi, I just like flat chests a lot.

No. 974232

Can you describe how he looks like and also your type? I wanna know. Also, don't jump into relationships when you aren't fully sure, girl.

No. 974234

Girl you should dump him. It's only going to get worse and you will end up hurt. Don't settle for some nasty scrote that disgusts you. Wishing you the best. You can do this.

No. 974243

He looks average I guess, not of my liking, but it really doesn't help how he carries himself.
He has good hygiene, but aside from that, his sideburns are way too long, his hair looks like a bush, and his nails are too long for my liking. Also he has something like a goatee but he can't pull it off since he has not enough facial hair. Finally, I don't like how he looks when he wears glasses, and as I said before, his lack of confidence is pretty obvious.
So basically I'm into preppy guys and you can easily tell he's an otaku.
We were actually talking about how his shortest relationship lasted 30 minutes and mine 3 weeks, so I think it would be extremely awkward to dump him so early. The earliest I can break up with him is on February after midterms, when we get a mini vacation of 1 week, so he can be depressed in private kek

No. 974244

I think the hair coverings nuns and past women wore looks pretty.
im catholic, virgin, unmarried maybe i should just get a nuns dress and wear it out even if i dont believe in my religion so much

No. 974250

Here’s my deep dark secret. I actually haven’t told anyone about this, it’s just been living in my head rent free.

This happened about five years ago - I am approaching 30 now and WAY less wild than I used to be. I’m bisexual and have dated women and men pretty equally before I settled down with my husband. (pls don’t come for me lesbian nonnies sorry lol)

Anyway, one night I went out with my best friend of ten odd years and got PLASTERED. She and I always had a kind of codependent, intense relationship and there was always some sexual tension, though at this point I was kind of past it.

My now-husband was asleep when we got home, so she and I stayed up and kept the party going. Liberal use of nose candy was involved. One thing led to another and I ended up having drunken strapon sex with her in the living room. We had been fucked up together before SO many times and other than making out once a few years prior, hooking up with her was not really on my radar. I only say this because it came out of left field.

I am prettttty sure I was her first chick (I topped) and tried really hard to show her a good time, or as well as I could in my state. I was super worried about not taking advantage of her but she was enthusiastic so I can’t really beat myself up over THAT part. We proceeded to clean up in the guest bathroom and passed the fuck out in our respective sleeping arrangements.

Woke up the next day with The Fear. Like oh my god, I hope I didn’t make her uncomfortable, I hope this won’t ruin our friendship, etc. Awkward brunch ensues. A few days pass, she reached out first to broach it, we agreed it was fun but felt incest-y and agreed to never speak of it again lmaoooo.

Still feel kind of guilty about it because I don’t like sneaking around. Hilariously, the incident did NOT lead to our toxic friendship’s downfall. That came when I took her to a four day camping music festival with disastrous consequences.

Thus ends my tale of my awkward drunken hookup. Back in the memory hole it goes. Don’t do drugs, kids. (Or do, I’m not your mom. )

No. 974261

I genuinely don't feel sympathy for males or TiMs anymore. I've found that they're so insanely narcissistic and will take any chance to 1-up you in anything, even if it's suffering. I feel like an idiot for being used like an emotional tampon for them, to the point that they'll just unload onto me and discard me. I've always wanted to listen and just help people in any way I can regardless, but males make it so incredibly hard. I can't even talk about what I've been going through without one talking over me, going onto write lengthy 'woe is me' essays, and getting patted on the back for their bravery. I'm left in the dark . I know this is fucking stupid and it shouldn't bother me but honestly I think I'm just going to start shifting all my emotional resources to women and girls instead. I don't know if me not feeling sympathy or a lick of empathy for males makes me a shitty person, I think it really does because they're human afterall. fuck.

No. 974328

You have exquisite storytelling skills but by Allah you’re a mess ♥

No. 974338


You're really gonna drop breadcrumbs and not tell us about the festival story

No. 974340

My reading comprehension is kinda wack right now, so just to double check: you were dating your husband when this happened, right? Since you mentioned him being asleep when you got home.
Also seconding that other anon, please share the camping festival story with us if you're comfortable kek

No. 974362

Haha this reply cracked me up. I was suuuuch a hot mess. My only saving grace is I have never been big on personal social media (more of a forum person) so most of my shame was of the private variety.

Fortunately I got my shit together (mostly) and am now a respectable adult woman with a retirement account and shit.

Ha the people have spoken. I will have to take some time to get the festival story together because it was a doozy. I’ll try to remember to pop back in here when I have some time to sit down. I am a very slow writer and my first tale of woe took like 45 mins to compose.

Re: husband - we were living together but not married yet. So he was my bf. My syntax leaves something to be desired.

No. 974449

Sometimes I pull a shirt over my head but that only my hair is getting pulled through and then I pretend that I am a nun

No. 974454

I think I remember you talking about it before anon and I'm still do angry on your behalf. I'm sure there was a reason that you didn't think you could expose him but if you can, either not enough evidence or because it will be so upsetting for you, but maybe you should if you can't go on without it getting to you every so often
t. a hypocrite that won't expose a past groomer either because of the same reasons

I see you anon and I care for you. We are more than those monsters will ever be

No. 974482

File: 1637512581913.png (739.15 KB, 727x765, hmmm.PNG)

someone call me retarded if i'm being retarded but whenever i see western feminists use the pain of women in other countries as a 'gotcha' against moids it makes me squint? it's like they're RIGHT, but at the same time i can't help but think "okay, well, you haven't experienced these issues either…" idk

No. 974497

i don't really think you're being silly, i think you're just being sensitive (but not in a bad way). in a way, you're definitely right - it feels like a really weird way to score points. at the same time, things like this are sometimes the only way to get through to idiot men who sincerely believe that women in the west have it better than men globally and that we're not and have never been oppressed. it's a difficult situation, but i don't really think you're in the wrong at all

No. 974498

I understand why you might feel like using pressed women's suffering as a 'gotcha' may be off-putting, but I feel like she (the woman in your pic) wasn't really using it as a 'gotcha'- it felt like she was giving an example o women's oppression that was simple to understand. Most examples of western oppression are, although not as bad, are harder to concisely explain e.g. sexuality being centred around pleasing men, porn,

No. 974499

Idk, it’s a matter of empathy. I haven’t personally experienced many things that women in other cultures have experienced, but I know women from other countries that are deemed inferior and mistreated by the people from their cultures just for being born.
Like, the issue is when the woman posting such things just then starts posting about loving how “attractive” are Muslim men or some shit like that.
It really isn’t virtue signaling if she doesn’t post stuff that could be seen as the opposite of what she’s expressing.
It’s not like when a troon posts about hating how le society enforces gender roles, but then posts about being depressed because it doesn’t “feel male/female enough” or posts about how “euphoric” it was to be sir’d/ma’md.

No. 974508

As someone who sadly see's this shit daily you are right it is super offensive
>Like, the issue is when the woman posting such things just then starts posting about loving how “attractive” are Muslim men or some shit like that.
What ? I don't know how that's possible, like 4/5 ths of the men in my Muslim majority nations are all skinny fat and short, only Turkish guys, Persians, Berbers and Bosnians are considered the only attractive males in the Muslim world, every other Muslim group is as stated is skinny fat but also are short, pube beards and have no sense of grooming

No. 974518

Why does oppression have to be a hierarchy? Why can’t you mention other peoples. You’re being easily offended. Post just makes a point that identity is meaningless and only the west entertains the delusion, not everyone has the ability to pretend reality isn’t real.

No. 974533

You forgot about Syrian and Lebanese men (the ones not living in poverty obviously). They tend to be fit, taller than average and have good hygiene. But you're right, the rest are skinnyfat or straight up fat with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

No. 974539

My at home wardrobe consists of 80% of my dead fathers clothing. Guess it's half cope half saving money.

No. 974559

i did some kids math homework on 4chan and now i feel kinda bad for not helping him understand it instead

No. 974573

on /sci/?

No. 974603

I became a mod in a discord server because the owner was a good friend of mine. There's a private channel for all the moderators and the main mod will ban people and screenshot his smug DMs to them for us others to read and laugh about. I find it to be in poor taste even if the ban is understandable to write high and mighty messages to the person including phrases like "I hope your day goes terrible" as a way to sign off. I brought it up and was told that it's a way to demand respect as a mod, kek. I can't imagine what would happen if they found out I post on here or my opinions related to the genderspecial snowflake community. I should probably just resign, but it's also kind of fun to just sit quietly and read their conversations without having to get involved in any drama myself.

No. 974663

Thanks anon. Yeah I’ve posted about it here a few times during very vulnerable times bc there’s not really anyone else I can open up to about it so you’ve probably seen it. I tried to talk to the police a few times but it never went anywhere significant and at this point I really don’t have much proof and I’m honestly afraid/distrustful of police. I tried to put in a report online and requested they didn’t contact me and they did anyway to tell me there wasn’t anything they could do without talking to me directly.
At this point I just want it to go away and for him to kill himself because every time I put energy into that situation I end up spiraling.
I really appreciate you expressing that you care and noticing me and letting me know that it affected you. Keeping things inside all the time makes it easy to feel like nobody would care about the pain I’ve went through. When my parents found out I’d been talking to him and sending pics (cops showed them the cropped CP) they seemed super embarrassed and it felt like they wanted to sweep it under the rug. We never spoke about it again after the cops came to my house and it’s been years. Idk I just want all groomers to feel even a fraction of the guilt they put on the people they groomed. We don’t deserve to be the ones holding this burden so heavily. I’m sorry you went through something similar, anon.

No. 974681

I expected discord mods to be this exact amount of cringe lol

No. 974734

I've never used discord but it sounds wild. So many nerds powertripping and bullying strangers because it's the only social interaction they get in life. No offense to you anon.

No. 974737

no, /fit/

No. 974743

I’ve been talking to four guys for approx two weeks. Two seriously, other two more flirty. I haven’t had a fuck in over a year. Yes, a year. I’m talking to one guy, my age and he’s quite cute. Hes free tomorrow and wants to meet up for a drink. I’m thinking of just meeting up and fucking him. Won’t lie I am horny most days but I’m a little body conscious as I’ve gained a bit of weight. But he’s quite weighty too. Not obese but he is stocky. Idk what I should do…

No. 974745

How can you browse there for longer than 10 mins I get pissed off at all the faggots whining about women

No. 974747

Is he fat or do you mean dad-bod (meme) stocky

No. 974748

samefag I mean chub, not fat. Like you know, a bit flabby

No. 974759

idk I only get genuinely upset at posts defending pedophilia or rape (which are still pretty common). I guess I'm desensitized to the rest, it's almost fascinating in a way to see them collectively be so wrong and retarded, like watching animals in a zoo

No. 974763

This is me with Vocaloid. Like I get they're singing robots but I don't understand the characters or the story.

No. 974784

Be safe and DON’T send nudes

No. 974819


That wasn’t me?

No. 974854

Tbh, vocaloids are whatever you want, there’s no real canon as far as I know, like, even the stuff made by crypton with Hatsune Miku can be taken as whatever you want because there’s no real development of the character or characters.
You could even say that vocaloids are like actors who are just waiting for you to hire them so they can perform in your stories.

No. 975190

File: 1637590414873.gif (Spoiler Image, 287.55 KB, 500x281, 09EE987A-EEA3-4C01-B598-1C1B25…)

whenever i think about what will happen to my favorite stuffed animals after i die i get sad, there are no good options
>getting them buried with me
weird and also they would be horrified, imagine happy penguin plushies surrounded by BONES that is some tumblr hurtcore shit i refuse to subject my stuffed animals to
>donate them
they get more ragged the more i love them and they would probably end up being incinerated or something
>pass them on to a future generation
dependent on me having kids and said kids wanting them

i know this is incredibly maladjusted sounding but i love them, they were my only friends for years while i wasn’t getting enough parental attention, and although this sounds like copium every therapist i’ve been to said this kind of attachment is ok

i just have to accept the reality that they aren’t alive, don’t have feelings, and they’ll probably be dumpstered. but for as long as i’m alive, they’re alive to me

No. 975198

I'm not worried, they'll make it. They're too cute to die. I like to get stuffies from the thrift store and restore them, make cute outfits for them, and resell them online to new homes. I also make stuffed toys and wonder what will happen to them when I'm gone, especially since my name isn't on them. They'll just exist. They'll float out there. I put a lot of work into them, a lot of thought and love. I can't be totally sure they'll last or continue to be loved, but I think they will be.

No. 975589

I'm friends with one of the infamous anons here and I'm glad we met. She's very sweet.

No. 975593

please say ko-chan

No. 975686

I bet fat people having intercourse is like watching penguins mate. It should be on National Geographic.

No. 975769

File: 1637634935969.jpg (79.56 KB, 900x556, Jodi-Arias-01_.jpg)

i wish more women like jodi arias existed. it would be nice if men were constantly afraid of women killing them.

No. 975771

nah, jodi sucks. she chased after a boring ass mormon boy, followed all his weird fetishes like wearing little boy's underwear for him, and then only killed him after he was going to go on a work trip with another girl.

we should all wish for more women like alieen wuornos. killed rapists, was a lesbian, and had no regrets about any of it.

No. 975772

Sorry to blog pot but it's absolutely insane she got life without parole. That's the same sentence they were going to give Ted fucking Bundy and the only reason he's not alive now is because he refused to take the deal, pled not guilty, and acted as his own lawyer.
Reading the texts between Travis and Jodi changed my view on this case completely. He was an abusive, religious little fuckboy that wanted to remain "pure" so insisted on anal. He dumped her but then would send her threatening texts warning her about talking to other guys.

I also watched documentry where Travis' friends were talking about how she stayed at their house and they took him into another room and left her alone to tell him they hated her. They all sat shit talking her in the bedroom while she sat alone in their house and when she knocked on the door to look for them they said it was "weird".

She prob deserves time but not life. I 100% believe he attacked her and she started defending herself and then just murdered him when he slipped in the shower. Based queen and reddit's absolute hate for her makes me lol eternally.

you don't know wtf you're talking about

No. 975774

not to be a cow but i relate to her and will defend her til my dying breath

No. 975777

jesus christ stop being cringe, if you wanna stan a female killer stan Aileen Wuornos, not some pickme who was obsssed with some random dude
Your a pickme who will literally change your entire identity over a scrote

No. 975778

Meh she slashed Travis gf at the time tires, girl was like 19 years old. She was a victims too in this and then sent the gf an email that said
"You are a shameful whore. Your Heavenly Father must be deeply ashamed of the whoredoms you’ve committed with that insidious man. If you let him stay in your bed one more time or even sleep under the same roof as him, you will be giving the appearance of evil. You are driving away the Holy Ghost, and you are wasting your time.

You are also compromising your salvation and breaking your baptismal covenants. Of all the commandments to break, committing acts of whoredom is one of the most displeasing in the eyes of the Lord. You cannot be ashamed enough of yourself. You are filthy, and you need to repent and become clean in the eyes of God. Think about your future husband, and how you disrespect not only yourself, but him, as well as the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Is that what you want for yourself? Your future, your salvation and your posterity is resting on your choices and actions. You are a daughter of God, and you have been a shameful example. Be thou clean, sin no more. Heavenly Father loves you and wants you to make the right choices. I know you are strong enough to choose the right. Your Father in Heaven is pulling for you. Don’t ignore the promptings you receive, because they are vital to your spiritual well-being."
Its sad how she treated her like that. Pick me behavior

No. 975788

not this scrote-obsessed bitch…

No. 975791

i'm not "stanning" jodi. the fuck? i'm saying more women like her should exist, as in women who kill men for petty reasons, so that they would be as afraid of us as we are them.

No. 975793

Just curious, what would be the best way to kill a moid? Poisoning?

No. 975799

Nice try fbi

No. 975813

File: 1637639684602.png (478.45 KB, 640x853, 1602181757946.png)

I think about that question a lot, most men are stronger then women and a fit man could potentially overpower you, a gun might be the best option but they are more traceable and can get caught
knives would be messy and again there's a chance of the male overpowering you and then there would be the trouble of disposing the body

I feel the best option would be to kill the male and make it seem like an accident, burn his house down, cut his car brakes or push him off a cliff

No. 975815

Eeew fuck no. Nobody should do all that for a fucking scrote.

I would rather energy be reserved for moids who actually fuck up society since it's more satisfying. If the legal system won't deal with them, might as well do it ourselves.

Pushing him off a height is the best option imo.

No. 975821

nope. we need less women this heads-over-heels obsessed with males.

No. 975824

File: 1637641262643.png (117.77 KB, 360x360, ce8.png)

i changed my entire identity for a woman… :(

No. 975826

I moved my cat's tower away from the window because him jumping in and out of the blinds is really annoying me right now. I feel really bad but I'll move it back before I go to bed. I need the peace.

No. 975893

Poisons can be easily detected, dude. The bones and tissues of the body, depending on what type of poison, will absorb traces of it.

No. 975897

File: 1637652359478.jpg (24.38 KB, 474x474, teehee.jpg)

the disconnect between who i told him i am vs who i actually am is overwhelming me

i said i'm good at drawing, like to make music (i don't even own any instruments), i am good at karate (i hate exercise and forgot it all), i lied about having better friends, having more hobbies and talents and i do and i have trouble keeping up with all this shit since we got closer. i need to keep distance for catching up to this idea of a better me. i know it's pathetic to lie about this but i thought it's better than being an insecure pushover and admitting i spend most of my freetime scrolling lolcow and tiktok. i seriously even lied about playing video games more often than i do because that seemed more interesting than just scrolling. i also felt the need to do this because he is friends with so many talented people that he talks about all the time. if i am a homebody loser while he has so many interests and hobbies than we are not a good fit. i just don't want him to think i am a loser and an idiot. it is improving my life to have lied because at least it keeps me motivated but it makes me so anxious at the same time because what if my improvements still don't measure up to this interesting, active and fun woman i projected my image to be? what if i admitted from the beginning that i am going through a slum and actually have 0 real hobbies even though i am interested in so many. than my improvements could have been impressive no matter what. i don't know. can't change it anymore so i'll make do the best i can.

No. 975902

The key is giving them no reason to look that intensively in the first place.

No. 975907

i’m lactose intolerant but still eat foods i know will give me terrible shits
i absolutely love cheese and ice cream and nothing will ever stop me if that’s what i’m craving

i say this because i just had some chicken alfredo and half way through the stomach cramps were already starting up. still didn’t stop me tho, at least i don’t do this very often

No. 975942

Why not make it seem like a mugging, get a male friend, kill him, steal some stuff and money and then leave
with the stuff you've stolen get read of quickly and effectively that it can't be traced back to you(global rule 1)

No. 975954

filthy frank is still funny lol

No. 976087

I love cyberstalking my favourite digital artists I look up to. I don't even do this to my crushes but I feel like I want to know them and be as close to them as possible. I've found their private accounts and other secret accounts before, never really told people about what I found since they'd be creeped out probably. I know putting people in such a pedestal is toxic and obsessive but I don't care, I love them more than they'll ever know. They've even liked my posts before teehee

No. 976120

sadly some of the smart methods of body disposal involving moving a body around a lot/dismembering it and women are often not strong enough to do it as easily. i would say the safest method is what >>975815 said. lure them on a hiking date and then push him off a cliff while telling him you're taking his picture. there's no way to prove he didn't slip.

No. 976138

jesus fucking christ, people like you are reasons why artists stop socializing online.
I'm one of the artists that have to deal with stalkers and obsessive fans for decade and I can never sympathize your kind, go get help and leave people alone.

No. 976174

It's cringe I know but these kinds of videos motivate me to do my chores.

No. 976181

No. Also what's the problem if I don't ever reach out to them anyways? I've never mentioned them or attempted to talk to them. All I do is like, support their arts and buy their merch if I can all on my own account. I generally just keep to myself online even on my public account. Sounds terrible you had to deal with crazies who actually tried to message you though

No. 976182

Anon you're forgetting the judges are scrotes and they'll give you life in prison even if you were innocent (ft. Prison trannies "women" raping you)

No. 976199

I love these type of "vlog/day in my life" videos too! I don't think it's anything to be ashamed of. Maybe I'll sound like a weeb, but I like that the Korean and Japanese channels that I've seen do these videos usually have captions instead of talking. It's more relaxing. There are some English-speaking silent vlog channels though, which I also appreciate.

No. 976211

I am torn between hoping my mom dies and hoping she will apologize (with a good gesture) to me for stealing my identity and making my teenage years such a living hell. Her and my old stepdad, she always chose him over us. He said many times that he doesn’t care about us only for us to go back and forth, he was a pervert towards us and she did not care. He cheated on her and she still kept going back. He would always berate us,for every little thing we did. She cut all my hair off as a punishment for trying to run away to my dads. I was so “fast” at the age of 15 (she forbid dating in the First place so I had to sneak around and I wasn’t even doing anything sexual til I was 17, just making out and over the pants stuff) but really I was just desperate for someone to love me and instead of getting me therapy or talking it out she just made me a target for bullying. It made me even more desperate and sad, ultimately. My mom doesn’t even love me. She only ever tried to reconcile with me when she saw I was doing ok and wanted to leech off of me
She’s just a drug addict who hasn’t had a job in years and is ruining my little siblings life with negligence. She sees a lot of men and I don’t like my little sisters being around it. I haven’t talked to her since July when I confronted her about getting unemployment in my name while I had a job, I’ve called so many places and tried to report it but most places were dismissive and told me to call another place. She called me a loser and said I was gonna be just like her when I got older, actually I just hope she dies she just leeches off of the government and regularly commits fraud, she is a literal meth mama. They haven’t had a place in years. She just couchsurfs with no intention of getting a job, but she carries my siblings around with her. When she did this with me it made me scared of people, because eventually they would kick us out and flip out at my mom for something she did. I hope she dies, I hope she dies. I just hate how she’s ruining her life and trying to drag everyone down with her. She let some man ruin her that much. Inb4 ~anon he was abusive~ fuuuuck that. We had many chances to get away from him but she just kept coming back to this psychopath and risking OUR safety too. Fuck that woman and fuck my stepdad, I hate how he just took up with another woman with kids after he finally split up with my mom. I told that woman that he’s abusive and a nonce and she said that I was jealous. Wtf fuck all of this I hate how unsatisfactory this shit has left me,
Some women are terrible ass moms who don’t even care about their kids and just want male attention, even if it’s from the lowest scummiest men. I hope these botches including my mom collectively drop dead. I also hope every perverted evil stepdad dies

No. 976231

File: 1637685505491.jpg (28.16 KB, 650x440, mspa-brokenrecord.jpg)

I'm really considering buying this shirt. Used to vaguely into Homestuck at its peak but mostly skimmed the story and then stopped keeping up during one of the gigapauses. Two years ago I picked it up from the beginning just so I could be done with thinking about one day finishing it. Turns out that as much as I shit on Homestuck like everyone else, I actually like the story and thought it was a fun read, and I really like all of the beta kids. I mostly want it as an at home shirt so I can relish in my love for Homestuck alone in my room lol.

No. 976236

Get it, and I'll wear my Rose shirt, and we will just be.

No. 976248

I was home alone today after a long, long while. I masturbated three times.
To my husbandos having sex in sims 4.

No. 976357

God, you managed to unearth my repressed memory of when I wore full dave cosplay to high school. Embarrassing. solid shirt though, can’t believe I got rid of it

No. 976497

I'm obsessively waiting to go watch No Way Home and I feel like a capeshit moid. It doesn't help that when I wanna see news or leaks about the movie I only find actual capeshit moids on YouTube kek

No. 976499

I feel like it's a rite of passage at this point to do something incredibly cringey and cosplay related during high school kek. Better then than now!

Fuck yeah. Do you think the long sleeve or 3/4th sleeve would be better? I'm thinking the latter since Dave wears the 3/4th sleeve…

No. 976706

I've been cyberstalking my best friend from elementary school, and I know where she lives. (Or at least where her mom lives) Today I was getting coffee with a friend at her part of town, so I decided to drive by her place and take a look. I was so tempted to knock on the door but I didn't. There wasn't a car in the driveway so I don't think anyone was home. This is definitely one of the creepiest things I've ever done.

No. 976835

File: 1637724230434.png (28.15 KB, 514x285, Untitled.png)

these piss me off for some reason

No. 976849

kek you guys are making me remember when I got called a nazi in summer school for wearing a haruhi armband. kill me now

No. 976854

Me too, but it stopped when I realized it's because I don't like the voice it's written in. Once I realized that, it didn't bother me anymore, so maybe you're also free now.

No. 976868

I didn't get my period until just before my 16th bday

No. 976891

i think im just annoyed with the performance of it, like this person clearly just wants pats on the back for being so ~thoughtful and probably doesnt give a shit about visually impaired accessibility and would not do this if it was to be submitted anonymously with no name attached

No. 976901

You can't anonymously reblog posts

No. 976929

I got my period at 11 during camp, womp womp

No. 976941

File: 1637732955089.jpg (64.12 KB, 600x800, d2eeb0bf2fe65fc12212744e7e2111…)

Whenever something on /ot/ starts with "my bf" I immediately skip it bc I know it'll just be sad pathetic and cringe. Most Nonas here are so desperate for their bf it's embarrassing.

No. 976949

Ngl this was me years ago because I was dating a very very abusive groomer who make me be reliable on him but also start stupid shit like accusing me of cheating and ghosting me like he was about to abandon me all together, lolcow use to help calm me down since it was cause a very stressful panic that lead to a severe anxiety disorder that killed my immune system, he would do this once a week or so where he would just nitpick something I did and use it as a reason why I'm cheating and obviously fucking around behind his back over things like falling asleep after school and then when I wanted to talk it out he would just ghost me and have me freaking out, he also hated when I went online or vented to other people/asked for help even though he wanted to ditch me anytime the slightest thing happened, like he just wanted me to freak out for days on end until he decided he wanted to use me for sex or emotional support… Never again

I assume most girls here come here to vent about their boyfriends/ask for advice to help calm their nerves since their ghoul boyfriends are too childishly stupid and leave like an emotional teenager causing those women to freak out in confusion if what is going on

No. 976961

I like hearing cute and funny bf/husband stories but I am also guilty of being a bf poster. My greatest shame.

No. 976962

now that's a site i haven't thought of in a long time…

No. 977067

Work at animal ER in the city. Entitled 19 year old makes enemies with nearly all the staff, puts in two weeks noticed saying everyone’s disrespectful to her (she never did her work and got mad when we told her to do the job she was hired for) . Passive aggressively breaks things around the building all last week. Yesterday a perfectly healthy dog we’ve had here suddenly dies. Tinfoil but given her record I can’t help but suspect this mini psychopath poisoned this dog as her final send off before completing her two weeks today. I’m probably wrong and jumping to conclusions due to her not being very nice to me or anyone here. But I don’t feel guilty for thinking this. It was like, an immediate gut feeling as soon as I heard the news.

No. 977074

They are probably deeply conflicted because they want to believe their nigel is a good person who loves them, but in the end, moids will be moids.

No. 977095

That's great but I didn't ask, unpopular opinion but women need to stop traumadumping all over /ot/ and do it in the relationship advice thread. Reading that stuff makes me depressed. And it only enables women to stay with shit scrotes.

No. 977106

I have one of these shirts at the bottom of my drawer, I felt it was too cringe to wear outside so it's just been sitting there
I did this too!! I bought that pajama dream costume, I felt cool as hell kek. It's actually really comfortable and the cape is cute, I should probably donate it or something since it's just hanging in my closet

No. 977468

I really want to be a trashy streamer. Something about it, just attracts me. I really want to do drink and act trashy on stream. I unironically read on IP2 girls and wish to be them. Instead, I'll just have weird thougbts

No. 977476

>it only enables women to stay with shit scrotes.
so does just saying "dump him" without any regards for how the anon may feel, fear, and concerns especially if she is reliable on him

No. 977479

anon, this is an imageboard. people are going to be their pure unfiltered selves whether that makes you uncomfortable or not. if traumadumping bothers you, go to another site.

No. 977585

File: 1637812773028.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 99.08 KB, 640x406, 7D1D986A-C94A-4F20-8C74-270039…)

I don’t like my boyfriend’s toddler nephew and I legitimately think he is a psycho. He’s always torturing my cats and he even tried putting all his weight on my pregnant cat. One time when I was lying down on the floor because my back was hurting and he was hopping around the couches he jumped right on my face, he did it on purpose.
Another time, when I was trying to get him to stop throwing a tantrum all I did was have him sit down in the room for a while and calm down while I was watching him, and he was fine… until his parents came by and then he screamed at me.. and cried around them pointing at me.
He always pretends he’s hurt when he’s not and I think he’s kind of evil seeming because his mom works a lot and doesn’t really spend time with him. His dad also spanks him.
He loves to yell and hurt babies that are smaller than him, he does the meanest things to our kid, who is a year younger than him. He is always taking his toys or soppy cups from him and making him cry, and randomly shoving or pushing him and hitting his head with objects. Whenever we say “do this” to our son he’ll repeat it and yell at him, I am so sick of this kid always yelling. I’m so done with this kid, I want him to never ever come around again. Some kids are sent from hell. He’s always around because we are forced to watch him, but I wish he wasn’t around so much he annoys the hell out of me. I get bad looming vibes whenever he’s around. He’s so mean and aggressive and the worst kid I’ve ever met, I won’t hit him or anything, I don’t believe in spanking but fuuuck aaaaaaa I hate being around him, Is it normal to feel like a 3 year old is a psycho??

No. 977624

One of the finest pleasures in life, for me, is picking pussy boogers.

No. 977632

Deal with it or fuck off, cunt. Posting on an anonymous IB isn't traumadumping as it doesn't expect anything from you. You can just ignore the post

No. 977635

Picking what

No. 977647

Everytime I feel like I might've a good day today, until a combo of depression and anxiety kicks in and reminds me that I will always be perceived, then I throw up my lunch.
I can't remember what's it like to function day to day without this shit haunting my mind.

No. 977654

I had a longtime bpd friend who I really did care about so at her lowest I lied about how close I was with my family and other friends. Well I didn't lie but I never shared anything. When I called her out on something and she dropped me she seemed so happy no one would care about me and I finally knew I couldn't take care of her no matter how much I worried for her. I hope she's doing ok though.

No. 977664

The fuck? Are you taking about discharge?

No. 977668

someone sent me disgusting porn online and now I feel like I will never recover and feel degenerate having even seen a few seconds of it. I wanna die.

No. 977671

I think you deserve better friends nonna, whether she's getting better or not she's no longer your responsibility anymore.

No. 977702

i just wanna say i sympathize im going thru the same thing. lost a bpd friend and im not gonna reach out to her because i don't wanna force it if she doesn't want it. wishing her the best though, she just recently. N, I know you read lolcow so if you see this hi and i'm not mad at you.

No. 977707

I wish farmers who furiously defend butthole eyes would spend at least 5 minutes with a suicide baiting scrote just to see what it's like.

No. 977736

My cousin was exactly like that when he was so young. It mellowed out when he was about five or six, but it's still exhausting looking after him.

No. 977751

File: 1637839338161.jpeg (38.88 KB, 640x476, 3C169CC1-4FB3-4B9B-9FCB-A37282…)

I can tell your family is white considering he's not getting an ass-whooping yet
i grew up getting disciplined by my aunts more often than my mom because they could see she was doting me lol

No. 977763

Nah he’s native American and he gets beaten like 3 times a week it’s not working kek

No. 977765

I had consensual sex for the first time this week and another time after that, and I really enjoyed it and don't feel any shame nor guilt for it :)(:))

No. 977769

I hate feminists, terfs, tradthots, men and women who hate men.

No. 977776

>I hate men
>I also hate women who hate men
You either need therapy or dilation

No. 977787

I think she meant she hates when people (both men and women) hate men. So she pretty much just hates anyone who hates men.

No. 977793

File: 1637845378833.gif (2.18 MB, 376x376, NegativeRecklessAardvark-size_…)

You guys are weird for this, most kids don't act like that just because and imo this boy has something seriously wrong going on and should be addressed (or treated) asap, hell, his family could have caused this for all i know, as native Americans tend to have very high domestic abuse rates, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree inb4 "ur white" i'm brown, and I've seen tons of ND kids get massively fucked by inexperienced parents who want a easy route with beatings, it doesn't work, it never worked

No. 977797

hey nonny I'm the anon with "i bet your family white" reply.
I meant to make a typical in-community asian deprecating joke about getting beaten as a kid was normalized, especially older millennials.
I don't mean to glorify physical abuse as a "correct" way to discipline children. Hope this is clear. Sorry if it came off distasteful.

No. 977798

I never say this but unironically touch grass

No. 977810

Men should stop being so worthy of hate, kek

No. 977815

you do realize white people (probably not WASPs though) get beat too right? this is just a dumb assumption

No. 977832

i audibly said what

No. 977834

I think I'm an alcoholic. Well, I'm predisposed to being an alcoholic and could become one easily if I don't watch myself. I don't drink often and when I do, I never get to the point where someone has to take care of me or tell me to stop, but I've been making some poor decisions lately when I drink.
Today is Thanksgiving and the thing I'm most excited about is drinking. This makes me nervous. I'm usually not a big wine fan, but I had a really good one a few weeks ago and I've been getting on-and-off cravings for wine ever since. This also makes me nervous because I've never really had a reoccurring urge for a drink.
I guess as long as I don't give in to the cravings and monitor my intake, I'll be okay. I've already established that I can't keep alcohol in the house or else I'll drink it all, so I only drink when I'm with others when they are drinking too.

No. 977858

>Hilariously, the incident did NOT lead to our toxic friendship’s downfall. That came when I took her to a four day camping music festival with disastrous consequences.
>I’ll try to remember to pop back in here


No. 977923

File: 1637864797933.png (Spoiler Image, 271.46 KB, 1822x506, reclusivewriter.png)

I get too much enjoyment out of retarded moids. They're constantly doing or saying things I know I'm supposed to be annoyed at, but I just think it's fucking funny
Some scrote posted this, then got angry that the replies weren't going his way. Of course, he never posted a photo of himself (and he didn't explain how his financial situation would allow for this set-up). He did take the time to passionately argue that the average 18-25 year old woman is most attracted to a 50 year old man, though. If I made this person into an actual character for a book, readers would claim he's too stereotypical lmao. How are some men real

No. 977931

They love their fantasy games anon, they have so little that they have to masturbate their own ego to feel better.

No. 977942

Only thing I touch is your dad because I hate grass.

No. 977954

Hhahahahahahahaa get a load of this guy

No. 977955


No. 977991

File: 1637870941483.jpg (110.41 KB, 1080x1350, Tumblr_l_73003848281160.jpg)

More like
>Navel gazing chronic masturbator

No. 978010

It's been a year and 9 months since I finally stopped going back to my toxic ex of 5/6 years and went no contact. It's been really hard and the past few days I've only now really processed just how shitty he was in general. I'm oddly proud how I can see that now. Like I can't understand how I was pining and so hung up on THAT. He really wasn't loving at all. Not ever. There was one real genuine moment we had and it was the first year and I just clung to it. And now I'm thinking about that moment again and it's making me want to forget all the bad. It was so touching. And I understand again so probably need another 9 months to forget Fs.

No. 978071

I'm sorry I can't deal with this woman's hands. Is this a slenderman in y2k fashion?

No. 978082

I judge people who read fanfiction, is cringe and juvenile, same thing with women who still like bishies, i just can't take it seriously and i automatically assume they're stunted

No. 978088

it's harmless fun. although a lot of harmless fun things are considered juvenile by lc standards kek

No. 978093

Stunted and proud

No. 978094

Same but only for fanfics. I used to read them but they're getting worse and worse and even the "good" ones are cringey or boring. No idea if it's because my tastes changed with time or if it's because I'm more mature now but when my friends tell me they're reading fanfics I hope they don't go into details because it's just boring as fuck. And that's not even taking recent trends into accounts like untagged tranny shit or how Americans will take anything not taking place in the US and will make the characters awkwardly flirt with each other in an American coffee shop.

No. 978098

Or make them flirt in an American high school. I’ve always hated high school AUs, but now I despise them.

No. 978167

I cried when Chris Chan's dad died, and I cried really hard too. I didn't think he was a bad guy, he didn't know what the fuck the internet was or the true impact it was having on his son. He's just one man trying to right his wrongs and be a father and husband for once, he really tried. He wanted help for Chris, but he had a hard time finding it. He wanted to connect with Chris, but Chris doesn't know how to connect. That Dream Studio makes me cry. It makes me cry that Chris sold all of the things that meant the most to his dad, that he used his Dad's knife so recklessly and broke it. It honestly disgusts me. He sounded like a cool guy. He invented shit, he was a builder, he liked collecting and listening to foreign music he wanted to share culture with his son. You could tell from the phone calls with trolls that Bob was in that he just wanted to share his life and passion with someone, to have a real conversation with someone who wasn't crazy or retarded. Nobody is perfect and I know Bob was far from it, but he didn't deserve to die rotting in Barb and Chris' hoard like a sick animal.

No. 978185

i read porn fic sometimes if i really like a certain pairing or character. i cannot imagine the autism needed to read/write general fanfiction. read a book.

No. 978195

File: 1637889487795.jpg (103.25 KB, 828x827, EmCxEyDVoAIT1Xu.jpg)

if reading perfectly formulaic steve rogers/tony stark enemies to friends to lovers fix it fics ad nauseam is juvenile then I don't want to be mature

No. 978211

Some ppl really like a books/tv shows/games setting?

No. 978212

I agree with you. I also cry at the Dreaming Studio plate and Bob's letter to Chris. It's incredible how he was an inventor with a patent! The hobby thing also is heartbreaking. I think he invented some machine to play vinyls as you walk? Maybe I misremember, but Chris has shown the blueprints for it. I think Bob was a typical racist boomer (which sucks — but afaik he hasn't made anyone's life harder because of that), but that doesn't make his story any less fucking sad and his achievements less impressive. It feels like he was one sane person in that situation.

No. 978266

File: 1637901098314.jpeg (154.38 KB, 904x1024, E098AB85-8E76-47E1-9D30-3E499C…)

In my original post I mentioned how his mom is always working and his dad spanks them. I really don’t know what’s wrong with him but he is almost always in a bad mood and you’ll be like “hi baby!” to him and he’ll yell “no!”! He is always yelling “no” over every little thing. It’s so grating, and no I won’t spank him, ever. I don’t believe in spanking but his dad does it to him, I personally think he’s too small to be spanked. He seems kind of evil to me, I know toddlers are usually kind of rough with animals but he’s always got scratches from punching, choking and kicking them. It’s like he doesn’t even care that he gets scratched he just wants to always hurt them. The other day when he was taking a bath with my son and I turned the knob on to rinse them off he flipped out and started screaming he pushed my son over and crawled out of the tub, which is another thing he always does is going out of his way to push other kids or hit them or knock them over. But my son fell down in the water and it was scary, he is so histrionic and screams so damn much. Also anytime my son is playing and walking around, he’ll go out of his way to block his path and yell at him. It’s so annoying I’m so tired of him bullying him. And the cats. I wish he wasn’t around, I feel bad for saying that but his parents are always working and even when they’re off they try to leave him around with us or his grandma, they don’t even like being around him. I feel bad for him and I try to be nice but it’s such a bad aura when he’s around because I know I have to watch him closely to see if he’ll choke a kitten or punch a dog or push over another kid. His older brother is a lot nicer, i try not to be presumptuous because he is so young, but sometimes I think he is evil and I get frustrated. He yells at me too. And he’ll flop over and hit himself or throw himself really hard to the point where he hurts himself if I tell him to stop yelling at me… I like kids and I never thought I’d meet one I hated being around

No. 978272

man, I hate the situations where the parents just dump their yelling toddlers to relatives and dodged the bullet of taking care of their psycho kids. while I understand why your nephew can be like this, I have zero sympathy ngl. Could just keep him at daycare where strangers are more capable of dealing with this kind of behavior.

No. 978291

I’ve been having an affair with a married man for almost a year. His wife has been sick for awhile, but not in a “terminal” way, just in a “constant health issues she neglects” way. Well, apparently that’s all caught up with her, and she might die by the end of the weekend.

There’s no social script for “how to be a good supportive affair partner/friend/maybe more to a new widower”. I don’t have anyone in my life who knows about the affair, so I don’t have anyone I can talk to about the messy feelings I’m having right now. (Obviously I’m not going to dump any of that on the man whose wife is in the ICU.) I’m keeping a happy face on around my own husband and family, but inside all I can think about is how worried I am for my affair partner, and how scared I am that he’ll decide to push me away and self-destruct out of grief if she does die.

I don’t expect any sympathy - it’s cheating, after all, I made my own bed & have to lie in it - but I needed to write this down somewhere.

No. 978301

No. 978495

File: 1637945797229.jpeg (68.68 KB, 640x719, F5F660D8-11AB-452E-8967-1BC420…)

I accidentally stayed up til like 3 on a work night talking to my ex and then just let him call me again after he’d hit the gym to chat some more before I went off to work. Ordinarily I’d be like, pissed and ashamed. Wasting time talking to a male! A male i’m not even dating! On paper. But that nigga goofy as hell and i laughed like the entire time, and plus i don’t do shit on Fridays, and my current situationship male has been a giant asshole lately. It was really nice with all that compounding, especially because he spent most of time centering the conversation on me/my feelings/my hobbies and what he’d learned that could enhance my immersion in them. More pleasant than a standard talk with a boyfriend because there wasn’t any pressure to be considerate, warm, or not annoying- we’re already split up on mutual misfortune-based terms and we’re too distant for it to feasibly be a booty call attempt. Way harder for him to benefit than me, especially given that I suuuck at providing emotional labor (reason that the other guy’s being a dick). No idea what that was other than him being bored but it was nice.
Also he autistically ruminated about his compound lifts and work on his fitness development when I started discussing my own attempts to get in shape. I got to bask in the memory of how jacked he was and add more serratus anterior because like, lat spreads or something i don’t fucking remember what he said he was doing for those lol. he just wanted to be helpful and i got to think about his pecs again. I love a gymbro, God bless.

This is in confession because i genuinely feel bad about like, kind of starting to emotionally cheat though. I know it’s platonic and i know the situationship dude is a dick. But like, christ, I do feel bad despite logically knowing it’s a good thing, talking to someone who at least pretends to care. I wish I was more shameless. Or ideally a better person. Or maybe just less autistic so I could better understand why people do the things they do.

No. 978496

Agreed, this child sounds either abused or neglected and is acting out/thinking violence is normalized because that's what he witnesses on a routine basis.

No. 978497

This woman is literally dying and all you can think about is how your “affair partner” might distance himself from you? I’m genuinely baffled as to how you managed to turn off your empathy for the woman you’ve been screwing over for however long.

No. 978504

You are such an unbelievably disgusting person, I hope this bait, that is all

No. 978510

Pff, you suck. When are you going to grow up? You're terminally mentally ill.

No. 978517

She’s in a coma and is about to die. Of course I hope she’s not suffering and has a peaceful death. What else do you expect me to feel for her?

But I guess I wasn’t clear about my concerns, since other anons seem to be misreading my (non-bait) post, too. She drank herself to death. He got into recovery during the last year. I’m scared he’ll relapse and pull away from his sober support, which I’m currently the biggest part of. I’m a grown woman who can cope with it if the affair ends. I’m just worried about not knowing how to support him through his grief, given the circumstances, and about how badly he might self-destruct.

No. 978520

You're a fucking horrible person, jesus christ. I hope he does leave you and goes back to being an alcoholic or whatever the fuck. You both deserve the worst.

No. 978552

My bf often watches that guy that has a cooking channel that looks like markiplier and there is something about him that i can't stand. His voice is grating to me and so corporate? Men talking about cooking annoy me in general because it is traditionally a woman's forced role and so a man telling me how to cook feels patronizing. Like it's great that men want to learn to cook, but they are so annoying about it as well because you know that they act like they know more than you. This could apply to anything women normally do.

No. 978553

File: 1637953576350.gif (541.17 KB, 220x179, mad-max-tom-hardy.gif)

I don't know who is more retarded, op or anons believing op

No. 978610

It's not enough were forced into xyz by society, they want to take everything and larp/act like they know better. I spent so much time researching heathy food but my dad reads one boomer article and thinks he's a genius for knowing brown bread is good for you. Then proceeds to buy the cheapest shit whole wheat flour and tell my mom to bake brown bread from now on. Or how he bought a cheap filter and still makes me and mom boil, freeze, and strain our drinking water so a small % of chlorine can be taken out. Living in first world doing third world chores.
It's always women doing the work, and it's usually useless work in the end.

No. 978628

And let me guess, the scrote drinks beer, smokes tobacco and loves his shitty junk food in spite of making you do all that "for health"? Lol

No. 978736

File: 1637969652227.png (1.04 MB, 1200x601, BF34762D-88A6-4FEB-8294-14E4F2…)

I NEVER patch test.

No. 978763

I want to off myself out of boredom, my life is okay but I feel it won't get any better and I shouldn't bother anymore.

No. 978769

I think the best way to deal with this situation is to aggressively slit your wrists and then walk onto a motorway, hopefully a truck will grind your body up.(a-log)

No. 978771

shut up and give me your okay life if you're going to waste it like that, you sound stupidly young

No. 978773

ever since I was a kid I have done this thing where I deal with my emotions by pretending to talk to an imaginary friend or other versions of myself. I will usually just whisper the conversation under my breath, but if I'm alone and assured no one is in another room or within hearing distance, I might talk the entire thing out loud. I usually look and gesture towards a certain point in the room where I pretend my imaginary therapist is, so if people ever actually saw me doing this they would probably wonder if I've gone insane. I feel like I should stop, but I feel like I deal with issues better this way and calm down much faster, so it's probably not that big of a problem as long as I keep it secret.

No. 978802

I think theres a real difference between a man cooking and a woman. Women are expected almost everywhere to cook, clean, shop, have a job, or have kids. Men aren't expected to do that as they instead will find cooking as a hobby that's fun. I think most women have to find fun in cooking if they were expected to help in the kitchen their whole life. Something is always going to be "fun and cool" until it's expected you do it regularly. I definitely dislike how cooking used to just be a womans hobby/expectation to it becoming a huge production and amazing career that men can get into.

No. 978831

I hate getting caught doing this. Like just let me go. This has nothing to do with anybody but me and me.

No. 978855

Don't stop and don't worry about it. Everyone talks to themselves and pretty much everyone has acted it out like that at some point. I do it fairly often too and get caught sometimes, but dfag kek. It helps me and I enjoy it.

No. 978887

He drinks and would eat only meat and sweets if mom didn't cook. He's only skinny bc he's got dumbass Chad genes.

No. 978897

File: 1637987395377.jpg (78.17 KB, 978x1197, 1637117631208.jpg)

(not race bait ok) Everytime a middle eastern man comes into my work I want tell him to fuck off. 99% of them treat me like I'm dirt on a shoe, or stare bugeyed with their souless eyes. If you can't even fucking contain your misogyny in public then don't go in public.

No. 978900

I think people find polyamory disgusting for good reason, but I secretly want two boyfriends.

No. 978902

It sounds fun in theory. They fight over your attention and constantly have to one up each other to please you. That would never happen in real life though. I feel you though anon, I'm the same but I want one girlfriend and one boyfriend.

No. 978904

I don't trust my mom when she talks about technology. She often struggles with things like setting the alarm, downloading png. pictures or just telling apart the sounds of the computer with the sounds of outside cars. In fact, a few months ago I had to do an assigment that kept me awake for a long time, and she kept telling me that she thinks I'm lying about the assigment even if she was seen the Internet's history, because I might have used the "Secret page thing I downloaded", turns out she found out about the incognito mode of Chrome and now she believes I put it on my phone and computer, I explained to her that incognito mode was in all chrome versions but she kept insisting that I did some hacker thing to the devices. So I have a hard time believing her when she says that the computer has a virus or that it's broken and she needed to unplug it, because I just imagine that she pressed something that she shouldn't have and then she wants me to help her without saying that it was her mistake.

No. 978906

What about your own husband?? Don’t you feel bad for him?

No. 978907

I urinate a shit load when I cum how the fuck do I stop it?

No. 978912

You should piss after you cum anyway, as a rule. Don’t want to get a UTI.
I didn’t think of it that way, to be honest. Imagine if the relationship was not based on that level of competition or fawning- my ideal would be three unique, concurrent relationships. I know it’s impossible, and pursuing it would be embarrassing.

No. 978914

Kek I thought only I had this issue. Just make sure you pee beforehand and put a towel down.

No. 978979

I had the most realistic and amazing erotic dream tonight (the best one yet so far) And I can't tell anyone about it because the people who were in it are from a kpop group kek

No. 978987

which group nonny

No. 979016

I have so little interest in movies that I have seen almost zero, even classics like Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park or Terminator. I always shut my mouth when people are talking about movies because I don't want to look like a killjoy.

No. 979057

Me too. It got especially bad with fantasy or semi-fantasy stuff like capeshit after I saw some behind the scenes videos where they're just running around in their skin tight plastic suits shouting dramatic stuff while looking ridiculous. Now it's all I can think about when it's a movie in a non-realistic setting.

No. 979060

I’m the same way only I do the opposite - I lie for as long as I can abt having seen them just to see if anyone will notice I haven’t. I’ve had years long relationships with scrotes who thought I’d seen and enjoyed Star Wars when I haven’t seen a single minute. They almost never figure it out. Fun game.

No. 979418

I checked my period tracking app and I'm due to be bang in the middle of my period on xmas day. Just another reason why I'm glad I stopped talking to my dad earlier this year. I'll send him a card.

He's a dick about anything to do with 'womens issues' I lost my mom to a form of cancer that was a 'womans cancer' and even that didn't wake him up to what a dick he has always been about womens health. I'm too old for it, he's too old to still be that way. He texted me lately saying his friends wife just died of that same form of cancer… I doubt he's changed though. He's a near 70 year old who wants women to suck up anything that doesn't affect men and not talk about icky stuff. I had a whole pre-cancer shitshow take up 2 years of my life and the fucker doesn't know because his reaction is too easy to predict. I can't discuss my health because it's not some gender neutral body part that's acting up. You either shut up and suck it up or he makes you feel like a leper for simply saying why you look or feel like shit on a certain day. Like go get ball cancer and then don't tell me about it because it's soo shameful to be born with organs not everyone else has.

No. 979426

I'm the same but I actually ended up seeing the original Indiana Jones for the first time not too long ago and it was so dumb and corny. I'm not sure why it's considered a classic when it doesn't seem like it has aged well at all.

No. 979429

I got the ending of Se7en spoiled in a Naruto author's note.

No. 979431

My first serious bf was big into movies so I got through a few classics with him, then I just went back to how I usually am when we split. I just watch tons of documentaries instead. Fiction doesn't grab me.

No. 979832

I regularly fantasize about seeing a male, any male, I know in the MtF thread and sending his picture/profile to his family, friends, and coworkers.

No. 979837

That’s sick, keep me updated if it happens

No. 979842

It's karma for taking the time to read Naruto when you could've been watching Se7en

No. 979883

I was like 12, a bit too young to watch Se7en.

No. 979889

Fair point, it was traumatizing enough as an adult

No. 979951

File: 1638108104452.jpg (2.17 MB, 1600x900, night-city-revisited-cyberpunk…)

A fucking video game changed my life. I feel like such a giant autist but I can't deny it happened. It gave me enough motivation to start changing careers, investing into myself and actually give a shit about life. I'm a the bottom but never felt so much hope for my future.

No. 979953

Not judging, but is that game Cyberpunk? There is some interesting story behind your statement

No. 979963

Yup, it's cyberpunk, which is the reason why it feels so autistic, most people chimp out when they realize which game I mean because they're still on the hate train

No. 980080

I believe I've passed some of my classes in college with good grades, because I give out teacher's pet vibes and people pity me.
I tend to participate a lot on class, never complain, and make a lot of questions. On top of that, I I also give an autistic vibe, so I feel some teachers believe I'm doing the best I can when I'm actually bullshitting things.
It's kind of condescending, but as long as that allows me to graduate it's fine, I'm planning on working on another field anyway.

No. 980082

There's no shame, your life is better and anyone who calls you cringe just can't deal. It took an infinitely more cringe hipster indie game to do the same for me

No. 980084

Good for you anon! The game has a lot of issues but I think people mainly hate on it because it was hyped up so much when we got just a decently cool game with a lot of amazing visuals. I'm proud of you, and never feel ashamed of something that improved your life.

No. 980129

Are you me? In college I also gave out those same vibes and had no friends lol. I would ask a shitton of questions and, even though the professors would get annoyed sometimes, doing it helped me graduate magna cum laude.

No. 980248

No one will believe me but a tradthot YouTubers husband regularly paid for handjobs from me upwards of $500 for a 15 minute jerky jerk, it never strikes me until I looked at the tradthot thread and started piecing everything together as the dude has a basic face

No. 980252

I'm laughing so hard but you are based for posting this. Right wingers are the biggest porn consumers ironically.

No. 980258

File: 1638130958895.jpg (88.35 KB, 563x978, 9ca0429901afa1c548995ea29d01bd…)

furries scare the everloving shit out of me, but i find "kemono" style fursuits extremely adorable. i feel like this is how western furries think they look, but instead they are these ugly mascot-y horrors.

No. 980265

You can't just leave that bombshell with no deets. Who's husband was it? My money's on Midwest's. Do you have any milk on either of them outside of just the hubby being a coomer?

No. 980272

Oh wow the pink one is really cute, the more realistic facial proportions just looks better

No. 980273

it was classically abbys husband
They're pretty boring people just with lots of money to spare, her husband is narcissistic as fuck and thinks he's hot shit and has patchy disgusting pubes, he also has terrible hygiene and I had to Lysol the room anytime he came. He also cums very fast so I have to pull my hands off just so he doesn't get pissy that he just spent hundreds for 5 minutes. I try to small talk clients but abby is definitely just a basic rich girl who wanted to play housewife. From what I've heard he's actually quite tired of her since parents often pay for her to fuck around and be a failed opera singer which is the biggest reason why she relied on being a traditional/religious blogger. She's not even that trad either but it's mostly just attention grubbing to cater to masses since it's easy to get attention by claiming to have odd beliefs. from what I've heard she's more of a party girl than what she makes herself out to be and she does have plastic surgery which her parents paid for.

No. 980281

I'm an incredibly selfish person and honestly I don't want to change. If I have zero friends because of it I can live with that.

No. 980283

Be selfish, this is your fucking life, you don't owe anything to fucking anybody.

No. 980290

Huh, I’ve never seen this kind of fursuit. It looks much less horrifying than the regular ones, I wonder why they’re not more popular.

No. 980303

Can someone explain the difference? This looks like every other fursuit I've seen.

No. 980304

I will be called a moid or whatever, but I legit just want a trad life. I'm a romantic, I want to raise one or two kids and make lovely food for when my husband comes home. But I want to be in love, and the people I fall in love with are mostly all anti-marriage. I don't want to work and tend the house. It is how my mother was, how my grandmothers were. I yearn for that life but I know I will never find someone loving enough to marry me and earn enough to support a family at the same time.

No. 980306

File: 1638134108898.png (114.08 KB, 1080x639, Screenshot_20211128-220322~2.p…)

I'm reading the Wikipedia page about Christine Chubbuck and I found her a bit too relatable for my own comfort, the only difference being that I'm not desperate for a relationship.

No. 980324

File: 1638134821022.jpg (156.65 KB, 855x644, Untitled.jpg)

western fursuits typically look like mascots, with large awkward heads on top of skinny bodies. kemono fursuits have an emphasis on the kawaii style, employing big round eyes, small faces, and rounder proportions. they are much less scary to look at imo.

No. 980334

I'm an artist and I would love to make the art of a BL/yaoi/otome game. Or just any game where there are pretty boys to draw and design. I know people who make games but they're all scrotey, always focusing on sad 2deep4u but naked girls (kind of like misery porn) and I hate that shit. So yeah, if there is any programmer anon into pretty boys, hit me up.

No. 980359

lol it's more anime than realistic
besides what the other anon said, the western ones are also kind of disney-looking

No. 980361

You don't need to program to make a visual novel, there's ren'py

No. 980369

I love fucking the type of nerds who are conventionally attractive but don’t get laid because they’re weird. They genuinely believe my pussy is out of this world because they don’t get laid regularly. They come so fast and it brings me joy

No. 980374

I hate people who live vicariously through their kids. My mother tries to vicariously live through me. I've noticed since I was a pre-teen (think more achievements and especially sports). It not only messed up my self-esteem, but my self-worth too. She harps on about how much she hates two of her aunts (tbf they both are very terrible women) but she's no better. I don't get it and probably shouldn't for what remains of my mental health.

No. 980378

>nerds who are conventionally attractive
where are they

No. 980385

All the not ugly nerds I've met irl are either gay or so mentally ill that everyone should avoid them. An example would be that guy I met in university who was always kinda polite to me or avoided me but he was shit talking everyone to their face and had a huge superiority complex, turns out that he admitted in his private twitter that I found by chance that he sees a therapsit on a regular basis because he hates himself for being shorter than average and takes it out on others. I'd rather stay a virgin.

No. 980389

Your local metalheads

No. 980397

casual sex never benefits women

No. 980406

Not true. A lot of metalhead guys are ugly. Also please save these dudes for women who actually are into metal, as they are very scarce now. Mutual interests and all

No. 980412

I broke the button of the dishwasher last night, I went to go turn it on and the button got stuck behind the frame. I woke up this morning to find the button completely missing.

No. 980417

Men being sad because they’re short is so fucking funny. Overcompensating for it is even funnier.

No. 980419

I would love to experience this just for the giggles

No. 980429

When I got my first period, I thought I was somehow shitting out of my vagina because I didn’t know period blood could be brown.

No. 980447

I took a whole prescription pain pill instead of half like I normally do and I think I'm a bit high right now
I am happy that my chest, leg, and lower back pain is gone though

No. 980456

Did he not have lift shoes? I'd make an account and drop a link for him on that post kek

No. 980459

File: 1638151466902.jpeg (244.08 KB, 640x806, 29034A53-4DDE-4E45-AEE2-6F522D…)

I didn’t play animal crossing until the pocket camp and new horizons were released because I always thought that the older games were ugly as fuck. And I honestly still think that the older games look like eyesores, I wish the newer games had the cute style but kept the personalities of the older games. I guess it’s a monkey paw kind of thing.

No. 980461

the styles look the same to me

No. 980464

>he hates himself for being shorter than average and takes it out on others
I fucking hate manlets so much, bunch of pathetic, miserable subhumans

No. 980468

Fight me, nonny. I love the green forest look of the gamecube version. It's also the first one I played when it came out 20 years ago.

No. 980478

The first ones have the cutest/most eclectic soundtrack tho. And I played all of them as they came out, 2001 looked adorable to me at the time. Not to mention dialog was funnier

No. 980482

File: 1638153820668.jpg (80.04 KB, 640x640, original.jpg)

Been stalking @neginvaand on Instagram around 6 years now. I've spoken to her on the phone once and I was snapchat friends with her ex. I know the names of her parents, her sisters and her ex-boyfriends & friends. I find her to be really stunning and admit I am jealous. She's got a very unique beauty with hazel green eyes and dark curly hair. I've always felt very generic and average at best..

I know that I am a creep but I still wish I could skin walk her for a day.

No. 980484

Why would you leave her handle or photo except unless you wanted her to find this post?

No. 980487

Patrician taste

No. 980488

Because it's an obvious selfpost

No. 980494

I may have stayed up until 4.am to write out a graphic sex scene between two OC's. And I might have also found what I wrote a little hot. This is what ovulation does to a mf.

No. 980497

why would someone who has 1 million followers on instagram need to self post on a forum of femcels to get attention ?

I doubt she would even see this. She's too busy traveling the world and getting free stuff from her sponsors. I just wanted to show the ig model that im obsessed with.

No. 980502

Too obvious

No. 980504

We don't care. Also please love yourself bc that looks like every chick at walmart except she also photoshopped herself severely and quite obviously.

No. 980507


Issa confession thread, no one said you had to care. Move on if you don't. Bye.

No. 980521

And no one asked to hear your stalker tendencies or to keep sperging about it. Get some self esteem and stop talking trashy lol

No. 980525

Didn't ask to read about other peoples sexual fantasies or about their boyfriends, husbands, dates etc. either but they post it here anyway, you don't see me bitching at them even though I don't care about all that. Again, like I said it's a confession thread and people can confess whatever they want. Get over yourself.

No. 980531

It's funny how defensive anons get when people judge them for the confessions they decided to post.

No. 980532

Piss off and go cry into some random shooped dime-a-dozen's insta that you act like Ed Gein over, you sad sack.

No. 980549


I didn't expect a positive reaction to my confession. I already said I know I'm a creep, what I find really bitchy is other anon being up her own ass when this whole website is basically dedicated to stalking internet personalities. Pot calling the kettle black.

No. 980550

legit thinking of making an account on mpa to find local people who have EDs bc i've relapsed and want someone who won't be up my ass 24/7 about my weight. but i know mpa is cringe and 99% underage wannarexics. lmao @ me but i for real just want someone i can vent to who gets it and won't fucking lecture me, is this too much to ask

No. 980555

Not really, when a lot of anons only come here for ot discussion. And thinking /pt/ and /snow/ is stalking is a very loose definition of stalking. So not only are you a freak but you're retarded as well.

No. 980569

File: 1638164471042.jpeg (98.13 KB, 625x424, 57B741FD-6F3D-4696-8377-98DD2E…)

I’m so empty. I did everything I was supposed to. I broke up with my abusive ex, got sober, stopped being a mentally ill piece of shit, got my degree, got a six figure job, bought a house with my harmless idiot boyfriend who will eventually father my children if I decide to let him. From the outside my life is composed but I’m more empty than I ever was as a manic druggie punching bag.

We live to consoom and die, and even to “create” means just spending money, and for what? I could bake a pie that I won’t eat because it doesn’t taste like anything. I could paint a portrait that I hate because it doesn’t mean anything. I don’t want to keep spending money pretending it’s fulfilling. Honest to god I want to tear it all the fuck down because that’s the only thing that ever made me feel anything at all.

No. 980575

If you’re really wanting to destroy something, I would suggest breaking up with your boyfriend. It doesn’t sound like you like him very much and that would at least give you back some sense of control over your life without completely spiralling. Other than that I really recommend professional help if you’re not seeking it already. Being able to kick an addiction, leave and abusive relationship and get a degree and a good job is no small feat. It sounds like you have PTSD

No. 980577

Whatever you say cunt, there are whole ass threads dedicated to camgirls on this website.

Many people on here are really not that mentally stable and you're on the same boat as all of us so quit thinking you're so much better.

No. 980580

Does anyone else have detailed fantasies of killing/assassinating significant political figures/businessmen, or just all men sometimes? Whenever I get sad about the state of things, i start mapping out the best way to murder people that are making the world a shittier place. It's therapeutic sometimes; other times I start losing faith in anything ever getting better. I don't believe any problems we have right now can be solved with reasoning for most of the people who have control over most of our lives now. I am so tired.
If I ever feel so bad about how we're beaten to the fucking ground, I might even consider just fucking killing people that don't deserve to breathe the same air. Women, especially, don't kill nearly enough.

No. 980583

I feel you even though I didn't fall as hard as you and haven't achieved as much. But now that I'm clawing my way up I feel like living a normal life is too dull for me.

No. 980585

I can't watch real murder investigation shows because I want to kill the scrotes who commit heinous crimes and get to live at our expense in jail at worst. I think society is so squeamish about executions because men have more control, and they want a fallback in case they or their son rape/kill someone. We should bring back the guillotine.

No. 980586

I'm not even a terf I just hate my ex specifically. He transitioned while we were in a relationship and basically speedran becoming the most insane parody of an sjw in like a month. Currently he's DID faking with his new trans partner and I love hate checking on their profiles and thinking of all the terf stuff nonas here say in response, though I don't even agree with it all, I just particularly hate his own brand of terminally online insanity.

No. 980621

File: 1638179083987.jpeg (135.63 KB, 828x552, 11B6CBB6-3EA6-4F3C-8273-B12DF3…)

I’ve never had political fantasies but I’ve thought a lot about killing porn producers. They’re such fucking wastes of atoms and you know no one would miss them. Especially the ones where it’s just them the girl and the camera and they just pick up girls off CraigsList. They would make such easy targets kek.
The other day I spent a full afternoon daydreaming about finding by and killing the GirlsDoPorn rapist, all the way through to my in-prison 20/20 interview. He’s the only person I’ve ever thought I would enjoy torturing. If I found him I would annihilate him. It would be one of those cases where the lead homicide detective says in interviews that he’s never seen anything so brutal in all his years of policing. There wouldn’t be an identifiably human part of him left once I was done. I would go to jail for the rest of my life and I would be sentenced with a grin on my face. When Diane Sawyer came to my cell and asked me if there was anything I would do different, I would tell her that if I could go back I would do it all over again times 100.
Anons let us pray that God will deliver Michael Pratt to me so that justice may be done.

No. 980626

I do, I thought this was just me. Sometimes I feel as though that's the only way we are going to improve things.

No. 980637

Same anon

No. 980638

Im the same lol killing men would be amazing.

No. 980639

File: 1638181658725.jpg (41.29 KB, 668x1000, kittie.jpg)

Not political fantasies, but I want all men to die when I'm really mad. When it comes to murder, I fantasize about seeing my abusive ex and pretending I didn't recognize him due to how horrendously he's aged compared to me and pointing out the irony that he was the one who said that women age worse than men. Whenever I hold an umbrella I tend to get these fantasies.

Earlier today it was overcast so I had an umbrella with me. I fantasized that I'd grab him by the shoulders, overpower him and throw him to the floor since he's not a very strong guy. I then beat him with the umbrella until the limbs start to break, so I have to fold it on itself and continue striking him. He's on the ground, trying to cover his face as he's in shock that the powerless girl he exploited is exacting her revenge. Eventually the umbrella is so disfigured but I pull out a metal cane and start beating him with that until it breaks and he's bruised, bloody and passed out. Then my boyfriend in this fantasy comes back into the room and sees that my abuser is on the ground in a pool of his own blood and I've fled the scene.

No. 980641

Huh, FBI International did a case like this on the latest episode, didn't realize it was based off a real thing.

In the show the girl got away with killing the guy, but only because the dad confessed instead.

No. 980643

Understandable. If all evil scrotes involved in exploiting and raping girls and women in porn and prostitution died, the world would be a much better place.

No. 980645

Who cares faggot chris chan is a rapist and his family is ugly asf. Shit is funny

No. 980709

derail but i have been on a streak of reading and watching things with plots similar to your fantasy, v cathartic, would recommend

No. 980712

I'm really bad at chopping onions

No. 980798

I hate other women so much. All they do is get in my way. To think when I have a husband, I'll have to be constantly monitoring bitches around him cos they have no qualms about taking a married man. Before I got into a relationship, I never understand women killing other women who took their man but now I do. The rage inside just thinking about my husband leaving me for some whore. I swear I could fucking kill her so easily. I'm actually shaking with rage thinking about it.

No. 980803

But why would you kill the woman and not the husband, you dumb bitch?

No. 980806

Don’t reply to scrotes

No. 980810

Now that you mention it, it does sound like some sort of unhinged troon.

No. 980814

It’s a scrote looking to start a fight. Simple as. Ignore and report.

No. 980815

Correct. Scrote trying to goad anons to talk about rage killing other women bc the last few posts about killing worthless men prob hurt his fee fees

No. 980818

She would deserve it and i want him.
Not a scrote. I just came to the realisation that men will dump you for a hotter, younger women once they've used you up and when that happens idk I'm gonna lose my fucking mind. This is the confession thread so I'm sorry I don't mean to cause offence. I doubt anyone on lolcow would be a homewrecker and cause pain like that.

No. 980820

NTA but yeah, it's either a scrote or someone so retarded that they cannot be saved from themselves.

However I do know women like this who exist. They guard their low value husband like a prize, not realizing that he's the one seeking out extramarital sex while pretending that he's separating from his psycho controlling wife and using her jealous behavior as the 'proof' to the other women.
Then when he gets caught he acts innocent like women sought him out, and gets an ego boost from watching his bitch wife fight over him when she should really just dump him. Sad.

No. 980825

I still seethe when I think about this Stacy that flirted with my boyfriend on a haunted hayride a few years back. She did it right in front of me, striking up extended conversation with him and giggling and shit. It was like she was doing it to flex on me, like "Hey look at me I'm Stacy and I can hit on anybody's man whenever I like" My boyfriend seemed oblivious but I'm not I see the fucking games women play. It's fucking gross

No. 980836

File: 1638199710097.jpg (80.53 KB, 509x339, istockphoto-1171266229-170667a…)

No. 980837

They have no shame. Men are still 10 x worse than any woman but still people don't understand how much homewrecking women actually do. Its not always the man. I mean it's a popular talking point in all female rap and pop music. They brag about how easily they'll steal your man. And this is considered "cool".

No. 980839

Stop replying to yourself

No. 980841

Ooooooh you're so cool

No. 980847

Really? I just think of them as filtering out the trash. If the guy doesn't shut them down immediately or entertains her bullshit, then he is dead in my eyes. She can have his crusty cheater dick while I find a cuter younger loyal bf. Simple as that. She did me a favor and saved me time and effort.

No. 980851

When you make relationship agreements or even wedding vows, you make them with one man and not every woman on earth. It's on him to not be a dirty slut.

No. 980857

File: 1638200305452.png (421.7 KB, 545x516, k.png)

Rinse your knife in cold water before and during cutting onions

No. 980860

this art is cute

No. 980865

thanks for the tip nona, I will next time

No. 980945

They always have the weirdest kinks, which can be good or bad depending

No. 981005

But if you hate the men who hate men, you’re still technically a man hater yourself kek

Dying to know your position on incels, MRA autismo-chan. They hate women as much as you probably do, but they also other men almost as much as they hate themselves.

No. 981086

I just delivered a degenerate fetish commission. I really needed money and I got what I needed, it isn't super immoral but god I feel sick. I hope it never traces back to me (I don't think it will)

No. 981098

I look kind of like Shayna and read her threads when I'm feeling like shit about myself. Atleast it's better than sh.

No. 981100

I wish I had a black boyfriend

No. 981128

File: 1638215902200.jpg (60.27 KB, 700x368, 1961-volkswagen-beetle-deluxe-…)

I wish I had a black VOLKSWAGEN 1961 BEETLE DELUXE

No. 981140

Tfw no black boyfriend or girlfriend to watch Martin with

No. 981172

that looks like hitler's car

No. 981325

What's the six figure job? No way you went from being a junkie to wealthy

No. 981450


No. 981700

File: 1638259428741.jpeg (83.84 KB, 828x331, B44F9515-4C18-4AB0-88F6-529E09…)

I take an unreasonable amount of joy in knowing other women who have wronged me are suffering or not leading the lives they set out to. A girl who started a nasty rumour about me in college has no friends in our cohort. A former friend who tried to get our mutual friends to kick me out of our apartment has fallen out with all of them and is living back at home spending her weekends getting high in her childhood bedroom. My high school bullies are both floundering through their masters in law and architecture and about to graduate into way over-saturated job markets. A high school friend who ditched me for said bullies dropped out of college and is dish washing at her parents restaurant in our home town. Meanwhile I just graduated and walked straight into the cushiest possible office job in my field, and networking with every connection possible to get my profile up when I’m ready for a change. I’m happy enough just living my life without even comparing myself to others, but knowing that I’m doing better than people I hate is such a guilty pleasure

No. 981727

I understand. I take such a great amount of joy in the suffering of the man who sexually harassed me, it is almost spiritual in nature. A lot of people hate his guts and have socially ostracized him because I guess it's hard to hide your true colors when you're that much of a piece of shit. I hadn't felt so much peace and happiness in years than after I found that out. The universe is working in my favor, the scales of justice have been balanced, and everything in is in its rightful place.

No. 981760

Lek I’m glad I’m not the only petty vengeance anon here. Shitheads can only fool so many people for so long until they’re seen for what they are. It’s true what they say, living well is the best revenge.

No. 981851

I'll try to switch classes next semester because of my exes. The only 2 dudes I've ever dated currently are in the same class as me and honestly I'm tired of seeing their stupid faces.
Plus there's this guy who is constantly flirting with me "as a joke" even when he has a gf, and I'm done with that bullshit because I like him and I don't wanna keep having false hopes for a man that doesn't respect his gf enough and is so full of himself.
It's a bummer because I like the rest of my classmates, but if I keep seeing them so often I feel I won't be able to move on and I still have one year left in college.

No. 981929

It’s still annoying to deal with him. Sorry, I do feel bad but mostly annoyed at him torturing cats and smaller children.

No. 981930

And annoyed at his parents for never paying me.

No. 982049

My most disgusting habit is picking at sores on my head and eating the scabs. The crunchy ones are my favorite. I'm hoping to pick down to my brain one of these days.

No. 982176

I hate my roommate so much because she is always bringing guy "friends" into the house. She is suck a pickme. I told her that I was uncomfortable having men over because I didn't want to have men over, and she said that wasn't fair. I'm sure she is screwing a bunch even though she has a boyfriend. Holy shit, what the fuck is wrong with women who are in their 20s and do this?

No. 982213

Play loud clown music when they have sex. Asset your dominance.

No. 982249

Have you ever had a relationship

No. 982260

i do something similar but with the skin on my lips and fingers and just chew on them instead of outright eating. it's very relaxing.

No. 982264

kek based

No. 982284

She denies having sex but it’s impossible ti be a pickme and not fuck your male freinds. So I’m not sure when she is having sex or even if she is having it in our apartment but I am 100% sure she is having it

No. 982297

I'm actually in a long term relationship and my boyfriend lets me pick his scabs too kek. He surprisingly doesn't find it repulsive even though I know it is.

No. 982369

I let my bf chew off my toenails. If you love someone you will let them be disgusting with you.

No. 982436

I appreciate your candour even though I will never understand you

No. 982485

I was sipping water reading this and wanted to yack it back into my glass. That is revolting nona. I have a very scabby head from dermatitis and I think you just stopped me from ever wanting to scratch it again.

No. 982538

I made a somewhat cruel meme of a cow couple because the idea I had was too good to pass up. Then it got used as a thread pic and I felt bad lmao. The thread is almost full again finally but the pic will be there forever. Why am I such a wuss lmao.

No. 982551

I want to never work again in my life. My confession is that I'm seriously considering not renewing my work contract just so I can chill at home and colect unemployment benefits, even if I still live with my family and hate them. The job is far from being shit, it's just that I don't likd any kind of jobs.

No. 982627

I absolutely hate the hospital staffs and I think people's fears of ridicule by the staff is 100% justified. I work at the psych ward with less delibitating cases and I haven't met a non-gossipping nurse. The interns are usually privileged rich kids who treat the patients kindly when tending to them and then turn around and gossip. They treat patients like they're movie characters and not actual human beings. Then they turn around and act like angels for "working with those who are in need" or some shit. This is a pretty good hospital too. I swear all of those "highschool bullies either pick nursing or psychology" shit is true. Fucking fire people who have no compassion.

No. 982637

oh anon i feel this so hard. i'm currently working and in school going to enter into a career field that is nothing but red flags. i would like to never have to work and instead spend time fixing my place up, gardening, making art or learning how to make music, etc. i fucking hate work. i dont know if i'll ever feel alright while having to work to survive.

No. 982639

How short was he?

No. 982645

Yep, there was a total gossipy bitch nurse when I was at the hospital who treated my BPD ass like shit and was definitely talking behind everyone’s backs. My room was next to the nurses station and despite the meds I had trouble sleeping and I always heard them shit talking

No. 982658

im jealous of camping and vehicle camping scrotes. i know i would need a lot of survival knowledge and auto repair knowledge to do it but im sure i have a lot higher chances of being killed, raped, or robed than they do. it sucks because it looks so fun to run off on adventures all the time.

No. 982693

I posted a fairly outlandish and completely made up creative writing exercise on a relationship subreddit last year and it got a lot of outrage and attention. I come across it in the wild sometimes on various sites and I still laugh at the reactions it gets. No I'm not posting it.

No. 982721

I love the (c)rapper sperg, never fails to make me laugh

No. 982725

File: 1638371858704.jpeg (393.42 KB, 750x705, 1B972A12-3898-486F-8C2C-0B1672…)

me and the admin are happily married and that’s why she’s quitting, she can’t get enough of my fat succulent juicy irresistible pussy <3

No. 982726

Congrats anon, although I'm hurt we didn't get invited to the wedding.

No. 982729

so Elaine is right, admin IS a lesbian in a relationship with a woman… I knew it!

No. 982733

i’m in the closet still because i feel like being perceived as straight gives me more advantages in society.
i don’t keep it a secret that i like women, but it is a secret that i don’t like men.
i hate pretending to be bisexual though because people see that as “straight but curious about women”
but any time i’ve tried being openly lesbian people make it really uncomfortable for me, asking me a million awkward questions or people will just out me to anyone and everyone, like “here’s Anon, shes lesbian!!1!1!1”

No. 982741

anon you’re not supposed to believe me just giving you a hint autistic cutie

No. 982746

shhh let me make believe my little love story a little longer

No. 982749

I have a harem of husbandos. I've always been a husbandofag but every year since 2018, I always get caught off guard by a character and fall madly in love with them for the entire year. I feel bad when the obsession begins to fade because I'm addicted to the feeling. I still love all of my husbandos though. Once I fall in love they're basically part of my family forever. Hope my number one husbando doesn't get too jealous.

No. 982751

sounds like you need more lesbian friends nonna. I also shared the experience of being "open" lesbian and everyone perceived me differently (hell, amount of girls assumed that I'm targeting them after I outed to them, meh).

As for me and my lesbian friends, we do harmless flirting with each other and openly gush over 2D women, it's liberating as hell considering I have to shut my trap when I'm with my straight peers.

Best of luck nonny, there are plenty of us out there.

No. 982766

My brother-in law sounds sexy when speaking Mandarin

No. 982769

File: 1638376080332.jpg (19.32 KB, 567x526, 1632827724164.jpg)

Not really sure if it belongs here but it is a bit of a confession to myself and it fits the theme, but I'm considering converting to Christianity but have a hard time really figuring out my relationship with Christ.

I grew up buddhist, but my family is pretty areligious aside from visiting the temple maybe once or twice a year. I attended Christian church service a few times as a kid (I think we went because we were going with family friends or something) and thinking it was boring as hell kek, but I went did some of the youth group stuff when I saw family abroad who were practicing Christians. I confided in a Christian friend of mine that I was considering converting at the time (around middle school) and she went from a normal chill girl to completely bonkers and telling me I had to convert SOON or I would be left behind when Christ came back to save everyone. I was scared of being baptised because I saw videos of people choosing to fall backwards into a huge body of water and I can't swim so the idea of that freaked me out and I decided not to go through with it lol.

After that, as I continued to grow up, I became bitter towards any and all religion, and then eventually stopped caring and felt more agnostic than anything. Religion's never been a big part of my life so whatever. But then I start watching youtube, as I always do, and watching a channel of two dudes who make good videos who happen to know a church pastor and I'm absolutely enamoured by his words. Yes, he's a good looking fellow, but whenever he speaks of Christ and his teachings, it really draws me in. I think of when I studied abroad in Japan and of all the host families I could've been placed with, I was with a single woman who was a church pastor. Like, every sunday I'd wake up to them singing hymns. I didn't want to participate and my host mom didn't force me to since she knew I wasn't Christian, but looking back on it, is it dumb to think that this was a sign? It feels like there's been a lot of signs in my life, but I guess you could force yourself to think that way about anything if you really looked hard enough.

I don't know if I could commit to it. It feels fake, y'know? I've gone most of my life not believing in anything or anyone and suddenly I'm expected to believe Jesus really walked this Earth? Wouldn't that just make me a bad Christain to practice but simultaneously not really believe in what I'm practicing? Also, I kinda don't like dealing with people preaching at me when I'm approached by pushy Christians on the street, and I'm really, really gay. Pic not related but sorta how I feel whenever I think about my relationship with faith.

No. 982773

My best friend is exactly the same way as you! I've had the same husbando for 15 years (this month is the anniversary kek) and I have never loved another

No. 982788

Amen. I do a job for a few months then take a few months break. As long as I can afford food and a few luxuries I don't see any reason to try, if I can live with family. Working on art is much better use of my time.

No. 982790

This is normal tbh, I'll never understand why gays are expected to "come out of the closet" when you're just likely to get disowned, ridiculed, targeted by creepy scrotes, etc

No. 982794

>Wouldn't that just make me a bad Christain to practice but simultaneously not really believe in what I'm practicing?
Christianity's whole thing is that people are imperfect and that Jesus accepts you that way, you've just gotta try. At least that's my experience growing up in a christian household. Personally I believe Jesus walked the earth, I just don't believe the godly aspect of it.

No. 982819

What you feel is completely normal anon, and it happens to a lot of people. What's important is that you allow yourself to explore this part of your life that you're interested in without judging yourself to see if it's right for you. You might not have much belief now, but as you practice it can come gradually. Suddenly being part of a group of people can feel really foreign but it settles with time, and it's something I went through while incorporating religion into my life. Also, nobody likes pushy Christians. Like absolutely nobody. If anything the shit they do and say on the street is against what is written in the bible.

No. 982822

That is so sweet anon! Would you mind sharing who it is? That's even longer than I've been in love with my number one.

No. 982951

File: 1638386589325.jpg (213.65 KB, 1200x1197, 1637570063039.jpg)

I let a "racist" white guy eat my brown p%ssy because he's attractive

No. 982954

File: 1638386722797.jpeg (482.11 KB, 2048x1669, EErH0ctUcAEU6V3.jpeg)

It's Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist hnng

No. 982961

In what way was he racist, nonna? Was he racist to you?

No. 982977

>Was he racist to you?
I'm not sure anymore. Before this I would have said yes without hesitating. The answer is probably still yes but I'm obviously confused

No. 983000

Thank you nonnas. I think I'm going to take the time and really figure out my relationship with faith and Christ. I think in the future I'd like to attend regular church service as well, and maybe when I return to see my host mom, speak to her about faith and religion.

No. 983032

Same nona, though lately I've been eyeing up 3dpd and it's annoying. I need to cleanse myself.
I admire this so much

No. 983033

Oh I sometimes have fantasies about this I think it's some weird self-hating thing on my part.

No. 983074

Never told this to anyone but I've been enjoying masturbating ever since the pandemic and it has become a routine for me.

I don't know, I really like the afterglow feeling where the muscles in my body twitching and slowly relaxing after an orgasm.

I should probably exercise more since I can achieve similar prolonged increased heart rate and less wrist pain afterwards too

No. 983226

Growing up my mom acted almost exactly like Foodie Beauty is acting now but with multiple kids in tow.

No. 983289

Amazing taste anon! I'll think of you whenever I see him now.

No. 983345

File: 1638425565185.png (630.64 KB, 863x644, tumblr_n00npgXQkQ1t4eeo3o1_128…)

I love my scrote idc

No. 983350

File: 1638426155526.jpeg (50.32 KB, 510x525, 1584946193724.jpeg)

I want a lovable scrote

No. 983370

sorry about your psychological affliction

No. 983387

I crave a man's touch like nothing else
not a radfem or femcel just a straight in temporarily lonely circumstances

No. 983389

kek this makes me sound slutty but I'm inexperienced & wanting a relationship just horny all the time

No. 983547

File: 1638454068035.jpg (42.23 KB, 500x375, reinhard.jpg)

The only real reason I give white men a chance is because the attractive ones tend to look more like anime characters (not always though obvs)
I'd be more open to non-white men if they looked more like Atsushi Sakurai, Prince, etc. But with the exception of some indigenous men, they just never will

No. 983557

I have no idea what you're talking about. I very rarely see white pretty boys, most white men who are shilled as attractive look like neanderthals and cavemen. Asian pretty boys are a lot more common, and no I'm not referring to kpop.

No. 983563

File: 1638454846147.jpg (40.48 KB, 347x410, cccc.jpg)

I feel some non-white ethnic groups have potential to look close to anime character i.e actually attractive but they ruin it
for e.g MENA men either their religious wierdos with ugly either ugly pube beards or they try to look like black guys and it always looks cringy
Ironically some of the most good looking males I've seen in my shithole nation were literal illiterate tribal peasants
I'm attracted to Asian guys as well but kpop boys degust me to no end

No. 983586

I don't think people with those phenotypes suddenly died out or something, lol, it just fell out of fashion. Anime boys look like a highly idealized version of 1700s aristocratic men and 70s/80s pop stars. Maybe if that style comes back it can happen but I only see troons/non binary people copy it…

No. 983676

Nobody looks like an anime character with their nonexistent jawlines. Like no human resembles a 2d monstrosity irl

No. 983688

anime guys are known for having big pointy dorito jaws wdym

No. 983747

nobody irl has a jawline like that unless they get surgery and when they do it looks ridiculous

No. 983749

File: 1638467901569.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.25 KB, 545x800, unnamed.jpg)


No. 983776


No. 983779

File: 1638469482182.jpeg (59.3 KB, 1000x1000, 1587653406605.jpeg)

I mean I know anime characters are supposed to be aracial but guys who look like picrel look way more like anime characters then guys like >>983749

No. 983790

Jesse McCartney aged so badly it makes me genuinely sad whenever I see a photo of him

No. 983799

I love my boyfriend's feet. I like holding them/kissing them. It's not sexual tho. He doesn't have gross disgusting veiny, long toed hairy man feet. His feet are kinda like, thick and soft and smooth cute toes. He's not at all fat, but his feet are kinda fat, which is weird? Anyways I'm not into feet, I don't understand foot fetishes at all and I think they're weird and I find men's feet to be particularly disgusting and hard to look at. But I do love my bf's feet.

No. 983802

he's a former child actor, he never had a chance

No. 983815

most blonde or ginger white men age badly

No. 983870

File: 1638477332408.jpeg (227.41 KB, 1440x960, 2A104208-F579-45C1-8AEE-2C2FCB…)

tbh i disagree. i think he’s aged pretty well for a scrote (especially considering he’s in his mid 30s now). imo he was never the heartthrob he was shilled as, so him being less attractive as an adult isn’t jarring to me.
anyone here watch the masked singer? he was on season 2 and he was incredible!! he’s an amazing singer, too bad his music is so boring

No. 983973

Due to an error on somebody else's part, I have had to pretend to be someone else and it has been a little uncomfortable, but, surprisingly it has gone swimmingly

No. 984142

Came across a member of a famous cult, which claims they are no longer active, trying to recruit people. Said member is attempting to once again spread material that would’ve been passed around back in its heyday. I don’t know if I should report this because either whoever needs to know already does or they just won’t care.

No. 984145

omg dr nussbaum is that you

No. 984234

File: 1638517260779.jpeg (775.96 KB, 842x2029, 7171FF0D-FA37-4AFE-A3D5-178F2B…)

White dudes are cute only when they’re young tho. The cutest dude I ever met was Mexican, he looked like an anime character, he was scrawny with emo hair and a beanie and glasses and a cute face, man I miss him. I really let that slip through my fingers, i bet that cock was thangin tho

No. 984235

I think some latino dudes are cute, only problem is height for me

No. 984236

I see a dime a dozen Mexican dweeb

And the batshit families. Much more likely to be mamas boys

No. 984243

File: 1638518827134.jpg (50.54 KB, 419x375, 1635158638340.jpg)

my piece of shit ex just told me he impulse bought a ton of things he didn't need (video games) and now he "literally has no money for food or rent" and begged me to give him money so I told him I don't give a shit and he can go homeless for all I care
I feel kinda bad because I try to help people in need but it's his fault for being a retarded scrote not being responsible over his finances. The dumb idiot makes me so angry and I haven't blocked him yet because I am also a dumb idiot even though I'm just mean to him any time he messages me

No. 984361

No seriously though! Why the fuck do latino men seem to stop growing at like 5'6"? I've been talking to a Latino guy who is extremely cute, buff as hell, he has a nice tech job, & he offers to spoil the hell out of me… but he's kinda short. At least everyone seems fairly tall to me at 5'1" lol.

No. 984467

One time I legitimately shat myself as I was late and walking to class. Not sure what happened, but I sneezed and boom. I had to turn around and walk back to my dorm room. I didn't go to class that day.

No. 984489

Latino men are so hot it's a shame they're like Asian men and none of them can breach 5'8, and if they do they're hambeasts.

No. 984497

Koreans & most of china has the same average height as usa actually. Just japan, south china & further south countries (vietnam, thailand) are a lot shorter.

No. 984501

>Latino men
Qué? Maybe a small percentage, but no.

No. 984505

I'm dating a short latin king, he's compact yet powerful like a little donkey

No. 984507

But the real question is how's the dick?

No. 984510

Girthy but short, but he always gets me off first

No. 984512

Aren't US guys only like 5'8" or 5'9" too though?

No. 984514

Even the most masculine Asians look FTM at best to me, it's not even just the height

No. 984515

Where are the tall guys even supposed to be?

No. 984516

Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia

No. 984530

I was talking to a 5'5 latino guy during the summer and he shamelessly told me he lives in a flea infested trailer and that one of his dogs killed a kitten, at least he let me leech of his spotify premium.

No. 984539

I mean yeah there's like a couple countries where average height is 5'11" - 6'0" but thats exceprional. 5'10" is normal, and thats what the white US average and han chinese average both are.

No. 984543

File: 1638556541560.jpg (80.02 KB, 640x962, Kim_Jung-hwan_2015_WCh_SMS-EQ_…)

Generally, asians are androgynous catfishers (escape the corset was an eye opener) but masculine asian males exist.

No. 984555

>escape the corset was an eye opener
How so? You were surprised that men and women look similar when women aren't caked with makeup? We're literally the same species.

No. 984595

File: 1638560707525.jpg (53.76 KB, 630x350, transformation-escapethecorset…)

You sound skeptical but they do have less sexual dimorphism in face. https://sci-hub.mksa.top/10.1037/a0037743
Literally no other other race of women could I confuse for pubescent boys just for having short hair. Cured me of my yellow fever. I'm bi. I know, I know, I'm sure they're just heartbroken! kek

No. 984599

File: 1638560803105.jpg (110.56 KB, 1200x709, EgqmDxWWoAELPsC.jpg)

No. 984600

File: 1638560896295.jpg (353.28 KB, 1569x870, fullsizephoto1193300.jpg)

No. 984601

im from bosnia and most of my hometown had men who were at least 6'2 and shot up to that height very early

No. 984609

I understand tossing makeup but they should let long, natural texture hair be part of the movement too.

No. 984630

Put your pp back in your pants and close the tradwife tabs

No. 984638

so if your main example is from some weird show, im gonna assume ypu havent been to asia or spend time around many asian people. if ypu go to china it's not like every other man is some kind of ladyboy lmao. there are maybe more andro asian guys, but honestly, its probably just because they arent as fat as white men kek

No. 984640

reach harder

No. 984657

who cares? he is just an object to fuck and toss. it's rare to find an attractive guy that will do what it was made for: licking clits (or dicks if you enjoy watching faggots).
was it good tho?

No. 984676

I get confused for a man all the time because I have short hair and don't wear makeup despite have wide hips and D cup tits. I think people like you just aren't used to seeing what women actually look like when they aren't following feminine beauty standards.

No. 984777

you must be wearing the baggiest clothes ever for someone to mistake your sex with THESE measurement..or maybe your town/city has a serious case of lead leaking into the water. wtf

No. 985046

File: 1638599528042.jpg (30.57 KB, 700x534, be393ab5d69358d5a8762c7499f93d…)

I thought I wasn't attracted to men since it never happened before, but I guess I was wrong.
I want to viciously sexually bully Trudeau.
I don't even care about the slimy politics he promotes. There's just something about his face, his voice and mannerisms that he puts on on videos that makes me want to things to him. And now I can't cope with the fact that I never will.
Someone please exorcise me.

No. 985053

File: 1638601153041.jpeg (133.2 KB, 1200x628, 7BFDCDA0-103E-4452-9463-514A94…)

i feel the same way about young joe biden and sometimes even current joe biden

No. 985054

File: 1638601304877.png (3.33 MB, 1200x1578, demongoatbutcute.png)

What's it like being a degenerate heathen

No. 985056

Anon no

No. 985057

I get the Trudeau thing(cause he is unique looking) but young Joe Biden looks so average
nothing about him stands out, his face is what Jason Bourne was described as, no distinct features, a face even if you bumped into you wouldn't remember for even an hour
I get fucked up attraction but what's the appeal of young Joe Biden ? I'm genuinely curious about this cause none of his features stand out

No. 985058

yes, that's pretty much his entire appeal for me. he's normal looking, attainable, guy next door handsome. literally unremarkable in every way, which makes him stand out in the pool of remarkable people. literal joe schmoe

No. 985067

File: 1638603466015.jpg (64.91 KB, 720x897, 1637636521765.jpg)

so its not really a fucked up attraction other then its joe biden, I guess your into guys who look the guy in this meme

No. 985078

File: 1638605248994.jpg (118.71 KB, 1200x823, e9w1syd7jxd71.jpg)

I'm from an asian country(though not east or SEA) me and my brother are considered pretty tall by the standards of our country, In fact its something many people comment on with regards to my brother
He's 5'10 1/2/ and I'm 5'7 though by our country's standards my brother would be the equivalent of 6'2 and me 5'10

Kinda funny though, cause you'll have girls posting about liking tall men when for them being a guy tall is like 5'8 and it has actual impacts on state policy cause we still have British era colonial laws that only allow men who are 5'6 and above to join the armed forces and we have an ethnic group who make up around 20% of the population who are all around 5'5-ish
I'm not Indian but picrel is what the height disparity in my nation can be like with regards to different ethnic groups but even larger, we have an ethnic group who are about average German heights, while others are are as stated about 5'5 on average

No. 985118

I haven't shaved my legs since the first covid lockdown.

No. 985151

thats so awesome

No. 985159

This was me until last week

No. 985187

i've never enjoyed phone sex until recently, this guy is amazing and so fucking sexy and i love hearing his voice- i dont masturbate on my own anymore, i just wait til he can call and it's so so so good….



except he's very autistic which is fine until i'm seconds away from orgasm and he interrupts the call to remind me about all the STIs you can contract from anal without a condom, and asks if we can redo the whole thing but instead remember to talk about putting a condom on this time because he'll feel too nervous if we don't.

(oh and before you ask, no i can't just say "okay, imagine we put it on already!" because it doesn't fit the narrative or whatever.)

No. 985209

i get it's not real, but even then, why would you wanna think about getting a dick up your ass

No. 985223

You sound like a troon mate.

No. 985224

it's not about vaginal sex nona, i'm worried about imaginary fecal incontinence

No. 985225

This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard.

No. 985228

I'm sorry you don't have a vagina dude

No. 985229

at least sage, troon

No. 985233

that can happen???

(deleted the other one.. dont want to be associated with trannies even if it is anon. not a troon just dumb)

No. 985242

Of course, the ass is for shitting and farting, not for putting stuff in it for extended periods of time. Specially when you already have a vagina and a clitoris, it’s literally degenerate to be into anal as a woman because it’s something you get memed into. At least males got the excuse of having their prostate in their asses, it’s still degenerate though. I honestly can’t understand how can someone “coom” from their ass, specially if they’re not prepared properly, which is another annoyance.
Imagine having to fast for a day, clean your ass throughly and get an enema just for cooming, it’s retarded and pathetic.

No. 985243

your butt is a one way street nonita don't put anything up there

No. 985254

oh, ive actually never done it. it must feel like something good though? otherwise why does everyone do it

No. 985262

No. Not "everyone" does it. Only retarded hetero coomer who watch too much porn and gay men do that. I don't do that. If you like the feel of pressing a turd back into your butthole do what ever you want to but I will judge you.

No. 985287

Curiously went on my ex’s new gf’s Instagram page only to find she blocked me. Lol. I never said a word to this woman and she blocked me? Ex never blocked me but she does. I smell… insecurity.

No. 985307

>if cutting doesn’t fell nice, then why does everyone does it?
>if doing cocaine doesn’t feel nice, then why does everyone does it?
>if prostitution isn’t nice, then why does everyone does it?
>if incest isn’t nice, then why does everyone does it?
>if joining cults isn’t nice, then why does everyone does it?
Nonnie, think.

No. 985310

Are you 18 at least? You come here sperging about anal and you don't know shit about it. Especially you don't know how painful it actually is, and how it's only popular because of porn made by scrotes who get off to the idea of cooming while hurting a woman. Women don't have g spots up their asses, they don't feel good with it, only men do. Without proper preparation (that men don't do) prolapses can happen and the muscles can tear or weaken, causing incontinency. Women do anal to please their pornsick bfs or because they've been groomed into liking it.

No. 985312

she probably blocked you because she doesn’t want to interact with you or have your annoying ass refreshing her page constantly
get a life

No. 985313

i am well over 18 i just lost my virginity pretty late. sorry anons i guess?

No. 985337

Maybe she has those apps that can tell you who is lurking your Instagram profile. Or you liked something, or watched something and she noticed that you were being a huge ass creep, so she logically blocked your sorry ass.

No. 985346

is your callboy anorectal violence anon

No. 985367

nona av-kun did his very best to keep everyone from engaging in it, not endorsing it

No. 985369

I thought i was the only one anon. I remember that video of politicians not shaking his hand and ignoring him a few years back stirring something in me.

No. 985398

I only went on it once? I never even met her just wanted to check and poof. Was just blocked.

No. 985411

So it was an online gf? She blocked you because she either has those apps that can tell you wether someone is spying on you or not, she just blocked you the moment you broke up with her or she felt like blocking you because why not? I mean, I would just block you on a whim.

No. 985427

>that video of politicians not shaking his hand and ignoring him
God bless you nonna, I didn't even know about those videos.
I think I'm having a stroke, look how lost he looks.

No. 985449

The more bisexuals I meet, both male and female, the less I am convinced bisexuality is natural and harmless

No. 985466

File: 1638644126206.jpg (26.51 KB, 625x626, 936.jpg)

No. 985470

i always feel self conscious buying bananas

No. 985472

but why anon

No. 985474

t. bishit mad that everyone else rightfully hates them

No. 985487

the only bisexual people who will tell you they are bisexual are attention whores in particular. people who aren't attention-seekers don't broadcast their identity.

if i'm dating a woman, i'm dating a woman, if a man, a man, and in neither situation do I go around explaining "no i'm not gay/straight, i'm bisexual!" that is attention-seeking behavior. i don't even answer anyone when they ask about orientation, i jist say "well i have a girlfriend/boyfriend" as the case may be, because those are the facts on the ground, and everything else is bullshit.

combined with the fact that so many wokestraights say they are bi for attention… i might even go so far as to say that if someone tells ypu they're bi put of the blue, they almost certainly aren't.

No. 985491

Political l______

No. 985493

Attraction to both sexes (regardless of whether the person even identifies as bi) is too common nowadays for that. Seethe more.
>the only bisexual people who will tell you they are bisexual are attention whores in particular
Also this.

No. 985495

The obsession anons like you seem to have with debating/arguing/baiting about other people's sexuality is fucking weird. It's a new one of these every week on /ot/, not just with bisexual women, but with lesbians and sometimes straight women too. That's all I'm going to say.

No. 985503

Lots of bisexual people are shitheads but not because they're bisexual but because everyone is a shithead

No. 985523

I'm usually fine with living the loner life. 11 months of the year I'd even say I'm content. Then December comes around and I feel like shit because it's so ingrained in us that you ought to be surrounded by people on bdays and Xmas.

I wish I wouldn't let 2 days ruin an entire month for me but it affects my mood all month. My life is kinda abnormal all year round so why suddenly sweat it on special occasions? I am what I am and I can't flick a switch or develop a bunch of social connections just for the sake of holidays.

No. 985569

Loner anon here too, I can't stand holidays while I feel pretty normal for the rest of the years. I think develop a tradition to celebrate alone actually helps for me (watching the same christmas movies every year, trying new christmas cake, stuffs like that).

If you don't mind, feel free to join lolcow movie watch too (the thread is always bumped anyways). Watching anons chat over something being streamed does alleviate my loneliness a bit.

No. 985573

There's this cute customer who comes twice a week to our very busy store. He takes the time to switch lines and sometimes ends up waiting longer than needed just so he can pass at my register. He always asks how my day is and remembers any tidbits about my life I tell him. He hasn't said anything creepy or demeaning (yet) and presents as a genuine person. This has been going on for almost half a year now. I enjoy seeing him stop by.

I kinda want to ask him out casually but then I just know everything will be ruined when the illusion is shattered and he reveals to be some sort of turbo scrote or whatever. Why else would he be chatting up the cashier while running his errands?

I've mostly decided I'd just enjoy the few minutes a week of lighthearted flirting and leave it at that. But damn, it's kinda depressing how he cheers up my shitty shift work and I can't even befriend him properly.

No. 985591

I do regret agreeing to catsit for a friend because I’m worried about my own dog, but I know my friend has no one else to ask (he asked a bunch of people) and he’s already really stressed. It’s not too big of a deal for me since my dog and I live with family, but I’m mostly worried because I can’t trust my parents or little brother to remember to give my dog her medication twice a day. She won’t die or anything if they forget, but she will be very uncomfortable and that’s what I’m worried about (she has chronic dry eye). It feels like I’m the only one who cares about the family dog.

No. 985598

I getcha nonna. I usually just work through the holidays honestly- extra pay and then I can take days later off when I'm in a better frame of mind and can better enjoy the time. Some might say using work as a crutch is an unhealthy cope but I dunno, I don't mind my work and keeping busy in downer times isn't the worst way to go about things imo

No. 985862

I've been really bad at keeping track of my period lately. If it wasn't for texting my bf when it starts allowing me to search for a date that way I just keep forgetting. It's like clockwork anyway but it makes me feel guilty.

No. 985889

I have visible abs and I'm still too insecure to wear a crop top

No. 985899

how does having abs even make you feel then?

No. 985907

Idk, neutral? I don't care about them being visible, genetics just make them show easier than for some other people. Guess what I want to say was that even tho I have a nice body I'm still insecure

No. 985936

Thanks for sharing, was just curious and didn't mean to pry too much.

No. 985941

my fat roommate is my weight loss inspo. i gained a bunch of weight during the pandemic and i already lost 16kg of it. i have 4 more kilos to go. i kept all my old clothes and i can't wait to fit into them again, but the one thing that motivates me is my roommate. she's a giant landwhale, loud and obnoxious as fuck, always whining and complaining. she makes portions that could feed a family of two parents and two kids, plus scraps for the dog or cat. i always think of myself as super lazy and inactive/sedentary, but then she complains about having to take a short walk to the post office which is down the street. she eats a bunch of crap between breakfast and dinner, then finds it funny that i eat three meals a day with only a 3-5 hour break between those meals. i guess for her it looks like i'm constantly cooking or making food and eating it. i don't ever want to end up like her. i find her genuinely repulsive. i guess the confession is that getting bullied for my weight really fucked me up as a kid. i got bullied even though i wasn't fat (i guess i still had my baby fat or something and would have lost it with the next growth spurt) but the bullying eventually drove me to emotional eating. and now i'm kind of acting like those bullies by looking at my fat roommate with so much disgust and using her to make myself feel better.

side note, her turds are apparently so massive that sometimes they don't flush properly so when i use the bathroom after her there's pieces of turd still floating in the bowl. one time i had to flush three times until it finally went away.

No. 986083

I laugh at people's jokes no matter how crappy they are (as long as they're not misogynistic, in bad taste, or overly crude). For example I don't find my boyfriend funny at all 9 times out of 10, but constantly force myself to laugh at his quirky so random humor because he's really nice and treats me well. It gets exhausting, though. Maybe I should just stop.

No. 986085

File: 1638722587737.gif (6.14 MB, 498x498, 4513.gif)

I've never kept track of my period

No. 986095

File: 1638724021370.jpg (4.88 KB, 300x254, 178406591_10159459298654809_71…)

I'm on iron pills and numerous painkillers and have been for a long time. They cause chronic constipation and I often go a couple of weeks between opening my bowels. When they come out they're like thick, greenish-black, DENSE playdoh. The last few times I've had a poo it's actually formed something of a seal in the bowl/cistern, so when I go to flush, the bowl fills up and doesn't drain. The only way I can clear the toilet is then by getting the poo hanger (the wire clothes hanger I've started hiding under the bath) to break the suction and begin declogging the toilet with the toilet brush, which absolutely cakes it with slurry. It's often too dense to flush even after that, so I have to scrub and flush at least 3-4 times
Lately I've gotten really fed up with having to do this, so last time I felt one brewing, I decided to leave it in the toilets at my seasonal job and act clueless if anybody said something. Anyway nothing happened until my next shift, when they said they had had to get in an emergency plumber because somebody had destroyed one of the toilets in the girls' loos. The people I was working with that day were talking in awe about the girl who had apparently shat pure concrete and put the entire toilet block out of order. I had to keep taking breaks to go outside and laugh.
Fuck customers, fuck seasonal retail, and fuck your plumbing too.

No. 986098

Train yourself out of it, it'll only help you. Learn to be okay with not laughing every time and making things awkward sometimes, because in the best case scenario it will force him to find out what actually makes you laugh and tailor his jokes for you, and you'll be genuinely happier with him as a result.

No. 986101

You're right. When I don't laugh it feels like I'm leaving him "hanging" but he should really stop saying dumb retarded shit in front of me and genuinely be entertaining instead.

No. 986103


No. 986104

Do you have to take iron every single day? How about you take it less frequently but change your diet a bit so it includes more iron rich food?

No. 986105

same. sadface

No. 986108

Holy fuck, that sounds miserable. I can't stand taking iron pills myself because of constipation, I can't imagine having to deal with that

No. 986118

File: 1638726111707.gif (700.58 KB, 220x201, 0e9d07866ce2fa807fb32ad0a2d044…)

I don't even hate myself. I mean, I hate myself for liking him. But I don't hate my ethnicity and heritage
anon your take makes me feel so much better but realistically I couldn't toss him, I only want him to do it a million times again now, and maybe keep him too kek.

I spent a good amount during it inside my own head thinking "he's actually doing this" over and over again but it was great after I relaxed, although it was the first time so I had nothing to compare it to. The goal was to make me c%m and I did. I'm looking forward to seeing him again

No. 986119

I have to take two a day, every day! Prescribed.

Thank you for commiserating with me
The constipation isn't as bad as it was on morphine. At my lowest point I was crying on the toilet whilst trying to manually pull a rock-hard turd which was half-in, half-out of my body and was far too fossilized for my bumhole to cut through. This is a breeze in comparison lol

No. 986122

You can mock him about it a little, you don't necessarily have to be silent and straight faced unless that feels the most natural to you. You can groan or sigh a little, or roll your eyes or whatever else comes up. Kind of like "ugh here we go again" but in an amused way, not to be an asshole but to guide. It might even become a dynamic and you might end up liking that, shitty jokes and all, because you get to be your genuine self in the process and so does he. Embrace hating his jokes and make fun of him for them in a loving way. If that works out well for you two then I'd say that's a good sign.

No. 986130

Sorry nona I'm so curious but can you explain your dynamic with him? Is he openly racist to you or just a "known racist" among people you both know? How does he feel fucking someone he supposedly hates?

No. 986133

Kek, you are completely right. It was exhausting because I was trying to be nice and bubbly. I roast him a lot (and he laughs hard when I do it) but never thought to bully him for his dumb jokes. I thought that would be too "real" since I actually think they are retarded as shit. I will just bully him lovingly like I always have.

No. 986173

Good stuff, anon. At least it won't come as a total shock to him. I think when it comes to men, at least in my experience, the woman being annoyed at their jokes is often a part of the fun for them anyway. They think it's cute when they get a rise out of you. Still, I hope you finally get to laugh at something actually funny. kek

No. 986185

I go visit my grandma during holidays (at an all elderly community/residence) or whatever. I met him because his grandparents are her neighbors. His cousin came to visit them one time and told me about the stink he made about her dating this black man. I didn't wanna believe her because I knew him before her and he seemed pretty wholesome to me so far but then the closer friends we became the more comfortable he got in being racist in front of me and to me. Like he forgets I'm not white. It didn't happen overnight. I really couldn't tell you every single context he's been racist in and how because there have been too many times to keep track. Plus if I'm being honest I'm not one to hold grudges. He even admits to being racist, he has no shame. His family is like that too. To be fair, sometimes he does ask me if what he's said has crossed the line. I remember one time he said something that made me cry and the way he tried to console me was hilariously priceless.
>How does he feel fucking someone he supposedly hates?
That's a good question and I don't wanna find out lol. He's clearly a hypocrite though, probably thinks white women shouldn't fuck non-white men but that it's perfectly fine for him to fuck non-white women.

No. 986193

Jesus how ugly are you, get some respect, that was embarrassing to read

No. 986196

Not going to lie anon, this entire situation is very cringy on your part.

No. 986197

maybe i should have spoilered sorry

No. 986198

I knew that already but the anon asked okay

No. 986216

It really shouldn't. Anon's an idiot. It's not rare. You can't pwn men by letting them lick your pussy considering 99% desperately want to do it. The whole girlboss lick ma pussy! shit is fucking cringe. No one would advise you to involve yourself with a man who hates women, hating you for your race isn't any different. At BEST he hurts your feelings, but imagine what else someone like that might do to you… Take this shit seriously nona.

No. 986243

I was the nosy anon who asked, sorry for getting you insulted kek. This guy sounds crazy though and the whole situation seems like a recipe for disaster. Please stay safe and know when it's time to end this completely.

No. 986248

He probably has some repressed racist fetish and he just sees you as an object to fulfill that for him. Don't be stupid.

No. 986250

just.. break contact anon. It's not that hard. Another guy with a tongue he knows how to use will come along.

No. 986251

Dammit Anon, this is why moids do whatever they want and be as racist/sexist as they like. There will always be some female all too happy to enable them.

No. 986253

>some female
You mean a woman.

No. 986337

Not really. If they feel they can be open about it they will, if not, they learn to hide it better. Anon needs to stop fucking him though, it's not a mere matter of respect, shit could turn ugly.

No. 986380

ayrt, that is true but are any of them attractive and/or not expect you to reciprocate? at least he didn't ask me to return the favor. And idk I don't think he has murderous intentions, if that's what you were implying at, even towards non-white men. His words don't match his actions
it's okay anon lol. It probably sounds worse than it is tbh. I will stay safe either way, thank you
I looked up signs that someone might be a racial fetishizer and he doesn't seem to fit the bill. He also treats me like a normal person, though it might not sound like it from the limited context I gave. If anything he might not be racist at all? idk, i'm js, he might just be like that because of his family, it just seems alot more likely to me

No. 986387

You're trying so hard to defend him/downplay what he says right now, this is really embarrassing anon.

No. 986391

Anon, you're ignoring a huge fucking red flag. Do you understand how abusive relationships start and the many ways they can present? Lulz it's not like he's going to mordor me!! Quit being dumb. We don't understand you, it's not as if attractive white non-racist guys willing to lick puss are unicorns or something and even if they were, sorry, but where is your self-respect?

No. 986392

I loathe eating and drinking right now. I am sick with a loss of taste and smell. It feels weird and wrong to not be able to taste anything. I'm literally forcing myself to eat because I know I need the nutrients in order to get better. The only time I kinda feel something is when there's a lot of spice or hot sauce. My lips tingle and my tongue feels warm. It's only been a little less than a week and I feel demoralize and done.

No. 986393

So apparently he said something so offensive that it made you cry, and yet you're trying to rationalize it by claiming he's not actually racist? You're so naive, at this point I just feel bad for you.

No. 986407

I’m so fucking depressed. I thought exercise and eating right would help, instead now I’m running while I cry instead of just laying in bed. I thought medication would help, instead I’ve started counting them. I’m just so fed up with my own mind, I want it to stop and I feel like such a failure that it hasn’t. Worst part is I don’t know how to talk to anyone in my life about this, I don’t want to burden them with this shit but at the same time I think it’s unwise not to tell someone I’m a risk to myself. I don’t know what to do, nothing feels like the right answer. For now I’m just trying to keep a forward momentum, partially because I’m hopeful I’ll improve but mostly because I’m scared if I stop that’ll be it. I’m so tired.

No. 986478

I keep having sex dreams about a coworker and I feel terrible because I think he's really quite ugly but also he's really nice and has a gf. It feels rude but I can't control it!

No. 986556

Protein powder + MCT powder + dextrose powder

No. 986662

i think the only reason im not a pickme girl is because im ugly. no guy would never "pick me" so i'd be way too embarrassed to try

No. 987139

File: 1638824472094.gif (731.75 KB, 245x185, TWYI.gif)

I might have discovered that a coworker is alcoholic but not sure. I noticed that whenever they talk about cooking or baking (that they love to do) they exclusively talk about dishes that require either red wine or brandy or other type of alcohol. They also said goodbye on one occasion to me by saying that they need to stack up on alcohol because the stores are going to be flooded with people due to the upcoming holidays and they don't want to stand in queue. One occasion they also took a sudden sick leave on a Monday and then came back to work on Wednesday. When I inquired about it, they didn't reveal what the mystery illness was, only that they still feel 'groggy'. Another thing I noticed is that their mood fluctuates pretty often and it follows a pattern: they are always predictably super grumpy at least 3x a week (probably due to being hungover). I don't think they ever drink during work, but I also noted that they have days when they just can't type properly (shaky hands?)

No. 987213

Ugliness is a common pickme trait, it only makes them more desperate for male validation.

It sounds like what you have is dignity and self awareness, and the lack of those traits define a pickme.

No. 987231

File: 1638830385691.jpeg (68.97 KB, 1080x1080, 1631780404284.jpeg)

This is something I haven't revealed to anyone yet cause I'm scared people will judge me and frankly I myself think I'm a shitty person for thinking this, but here goes
I would be a little disappointed If my son didn't really tall, both me and his father come from tall families(pretty much every adult male in my husband's family is 6+) and I'm pretty tall myself(my mother's family is tall but my father's family is on the shorter side) now of course height shouldn't matter for a mother, what should matter is weather my son is a good human being and not a shithead and I do believe that but I want a tall and strong son mostly cause I like the Idea of being of knowing that such a big person came out of me, that I raised it and exists solely cause of my flesh and will

again I wouldn't hate or even dislike my son if he was average or even short, just be a little disappointed

No. 987273

File: 1638832667640.png (375.92 KB, 625x467, 1504331110496.png)

kek. i'm trash i know, but i hope the covid lockdown shit lasts through 2022. i'm almost done with my degree. two more semesters and i won't have to worry about school anymore. please let it happen in the low stress, low effort environment of online classes. like i even have a good excuse for not networking, our campus is empty as shit. who am i supposed to network with? the art students? kek-a-doodle-doo

No. 987280

I make an effort to get out of bed after everyone else so I won't be the person who finds one of our pets dead in the morning. They're all healthy but the fear never leaves me.

No. 987306

File: 1638834376654.jpg (199.21 KB, 1024x820, live_to_fight_another_ed_by_fo…)

Sometimes I like to imagine I'm Double D and Kevin and Eddy are fighting with each other to win my affection usually I think I'd end up with Kevin but sometimes it's resolved with a threesome

No. 987309

Anon I’m average height and purposefully selected a man who was quite a bit taller because I have similar feelings, except for me it was seeing what my manlet younger brother went through in terms of bullying and hardship growing up that really made me want to have at least tall-ish sons. Things like this shouldn’t matter but alas

No. 987312

I think that's fine as long as you don't make him feel bad about it. My sister and I were always really tall for our age (I'm 6' now and she's 5'10) and there was this lady in our building with a son our age, whenever we'd cross each other she tell her kid "see look at them! why can't you be tall like them??" I always felt really bad for him lol

No. 987321

I mean dad's sort of a manlet, he's 5'8(which I know is average but were from a very tall region) and he's one of the toughest men I know and I don't think anyone has ever doubted his masculinity

Fuck I wouldn't even mentioned that to him, I'd focus my attention on teaching my kid too being a good man first and foremost

No. 987329

keep this shit to /g/ or even better, to your psychiatrist

No. 987364

I've never heard a Lana Del Rey song and every thing I know about her I learned from this website

No. 987392

I'm the same height as you anon and I also feel really bad for pointing out height negatively or making fun of it. It's one of the very few things that we can't change about ourselves so I think it should be off limits. I guess it's the confession thread, so I actually feel bad for manlets. Like 5'4 and below. People may also feel bad for tall women and idgaf about my height so idk why I feel bad for them.

I also refuse to go on a date with a man that is shorter than me. For me it's a big turn off and I have no physical attraction for it. If the right guy comes along I will..hasn't happened yet though. Physical attraction is extremely important to me in dating.

No. 987439

You're like my mom lol. She's always clowning my sister for being short (really just average height). I can't imagine how disappointed she'd be if he were a boy lmfao. Don't sweat it

No. 987446

I mean of course you can't control it but me and my husband come from tall families, It would be losing a rigged game

No. 987447

She's the queen of Coney island and her pussy tastes like Pepsi cola

No. 987454

This remind so the first time I learned about Lana Del Ray, it was from an ao3 Harry potter fic where the title was "my asshole tastes like butterbeer" and just featured Harry getting railed by the entire male cast of Harry Potter

No. 987471

interesting post

No. 987502

I 100% confuse Army Hammer and Henry Cavill because I thought they both played Superman in the movies I never saw. But apparently I’m wrong and Hammer never played Superman? What sort of Mandela effect am I in?

No. 987519

Well they're both predators with average white guy faces so I somewhat see why you made that link.

No. 987532

File: 1638858554188.jpeg (39.67 KB, 300x300, 1624938590902.jpeg)

I love my brother but I envy him, see my brother has a fairly average life, nothing about him is that special other then he's a bit odd but for me he could have done so much more, he's massive waste of potential
I have never known anyone who had gifted memory as he did, he could literally remember inconsequential shit from years ago and give exact details as well, he is smart asf, he was physically gifted, being tall and strong as well and despite all his god given gifts and potential he ended being just another body
If I were him and his gifts I'd be something important but not him, he's fine with his normie life and I hate myself for thinking like that, cause he's my older brother and he's never been awful to me or anyone else

No. 987533


No. 987536

you just google it, its literally the first result


No. 987555

File: 1638862884694.jpg (74.45 KB, 439x342, Why'd I think this would be go…)

…I thought this was gonna be better tbh

No. 987563

Its a A/B/O where slutty harry potter gets railed by other characters
what did you expect

No. 987569

I let my friend borrow my 3DS once and I forgot I had taken a picture of my boobs as a joke. Literally the only nude I have ever taken. I wonder if she saw it kek

No. 987587

weird, i have had similar forest creature/witchy sometimes kinda sexual comfort fantasies. like i fantasize that i or some random girl gets lost in the woods, sometimes naked for whatever reasons but during her journey through the forest she is protcted by the forest's guardian witch, who makes sure that the woman always has food to eat, easy time finding comfortable shelter and keeps dangerous animals and bugs/ticks away from her. sometimes the woman finds the witch's house, sometimes not. or i fantasize about a giantess rescuing me or some woman n a forest and she takes her to her cave/home, and let's her sleep in a basket or something while nursing her back to health.

No. 987600

I think my bf saw the folder with pictures of Adam Driver on my laptop, because he refuses to go to the movies to watch House of Gucci with me.

No. 987714

I don't think I'm able to love unconditionally, just the way of somebody's sneezing would be enough to turn me off.

No. 987717

based. unconditional love is stupid. find you someone with a sexy sneeze, nonny.

No. 987719

Humans are incapable of unconditional love, only animals know true unconditional love. A dog will love you no matter how disgusting you are, a cat will demand to be in the bathroom while you're taking a dump because they just love being around you so much.

No. 987734

I don't think even animals feel unconditional love, I mean would your dog still love you if you starve or abuse it?

No. 987735

Have you met a dog?

No. 987736

I use the international threads to help me study certain languages. I hope the pastapizza and frenchfag anons knows how fun their sperging and discussion is for me to translate

No. 987802

I hate myself for being extra nice to a MALE in a Lolita dress.

No. 987807

I don't think unconditional love needs to be a thing. Obviously you're at one extreme end of things but I think it's healthy to have a point where you can disengage from people when they hit a limit on what you're willing to put up with.

I know some people see parental love as the exception but watching a stupid amount of true crime and seeing parents go out of their way to proect their scrote after he's killed or raped a bunch of people.. conditions are good. Nobody needs to love or be loved unconditionally. Decide what's a healthy and fair limit and stick to it.

No. 987818

I've been told multiple times my birthday cards have touched people so much they cried and it makes me proud to hear. I will continue to pour myself into cards for my loved ones.

No. 987841

that's cute

No. 987851

I only read the Celebricows thread to see if Shinji Page has dropped any new pic.

No. 987852

What's your trick anon? Tell us more about your card craft

No. 987853

No. 987857

Kek, same.

No. 987865

No secret, I just write from the bottom of my heart.

No. 987886

Is it Kaya and Jake?

No. 987889

I'm envious of my coworker, but yet I want to take care of my coworker who has it all together but he is going through hell taking care of his mother and grandmother who both suffer from dementia. He moved them both into his home so they wont suffer in a facility. I just want to give that man a hug for stepping up and taking care of his family like that. I want to set him up with some of my friends but I'm not sure if he's into south and east asian women.

Imagine a black Hank Hill but from South Carolina instead of Texas and living in DC.

No. 987959

I don't mind listening to Kat Blaque. I don't agree with what he says, but I like the topics he covers and often listen with the intent on disagreeing with what he says (unless it's something that isn't about trans at all, in that case it can be an interesting listen and I can relate to what he says), it's still sometimes interesting to listen to though!
I remember writing in to his "call and discuss" sessions and though his retarded troon friends in the comments were calling me a troll and going off on me, at least Kat+some others were willing to discuss with me without screaming like retards.

No. 988342

File: 1638936032556.jpg (300.46 KB, 800x795, DXCVHBNMAINZ26IIPEP5F3V7PI.jpg)

I have a huge bruise forming on my forehead and I just know it's gonna look ridiculous tomorrow and my family are gonna ask about it. If they ask is it better to say "I don't know" or make up some excuse for where it came from? Definitely not going to admit its from repeatedly bashing my head into my desk on purpose.

No. 988347

Just make up an excuse, like you tripped, fell and hit your head. No one's going to believe you don't know where a massive bruise on your forehead came from

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