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File: 1638911071064.gif (1.16 MB, 480x480, cowwwww.gif)

No. 988041

Previously, on lolcow >>973516

No. 988045

File: 1638911184772.jpg (24.38 KB, 321x500, nausea 2.jpg)

nausea by jean-paul sartre

No. 988059

File: 1638912114946.jpg (9.39 KB, 256x256, 46dcdd2e3d5a14722120851d04697c…)

Damn. You ladies actually read and stuff?? Last time I read anything irl it was when a sheriff served my a court order

No. 988064

File: 1638912697696.jpeg (210.08 KB, 1638x2048, k_Photo_Series_2021-05-how-to-…)

Gonna make some fuckin' hot fudge mother fuckin' sundaes tonight ladies. Or even better, banana splits! With whipped cream and maraschino cherries and I'm gonna make the fudge sauce myself!

No. 988067

Ignorance isn't something to be proud of.

No. 988093

File: 1638915091025.jpg (11.07 KB, 350x285, chubbyemu.jpg)

Sometimes I wonder if I'm eating too much granola, but that can't be, right? There's no such thing as "too much granola"… right?

No. 988098

File: 1638915485623.jpg (36.75 KB, 495x620, images-2.jpg)

I wish there was a version of this meme but for women. I want to talk to women with grindsets

No. 988099

File: 1638915513936.jpg (42.87 KB, 554x554, images-3.jpg)

No. 988100

File: 1638915537650.jpg (31.84 KB, 562x545, images-4.jpg)

Kek this one

No. 988106

I have a grindset what da ya want

No. 988110

my fucking pussy just threw up

No. 988114

I'm on board with all of these ideas but
>Video games aren't real life
that's exactly why I play them kek

anyway you just know men who post these don't even follow this advice themselves

No. 988118

sexwork isn't real work

No. 988125

Is that good or bad?

No. 988126

>you get off to male validation. i get off to nurturing concepts like female friends, finding my internal strength and feeling fulfilled by my choices. we are not the same.

No. 988138

File: 1638920029104.jpg (71.48 KB, 1300x867, 95801219-fit-young-female-athl…)

No. 988154

Going to the dentist is medieval torture and now there's insane pressure behind my eye. I think I cringed so hard I popped something when they were drilling into my head

No. 988158

yeeeee-hawwww i stomped on his balls
yeeeee-hawwww that boy's crying now

No. 988166

I fucking love going to the dentist. I have really healthy teeth so I've never had to get any Novocaine or surgeries.

No. 988170

If this were satire though it’d be hilarious kek

No. 988172

File: 1638923501062.png (1.53 MB, 600x643, bb2.png)

No. 988175

i always feel exhausted when its over. i can't wait to get all my fillings done with.

No. 988177

It reminds me of gynecology tbh. Force your mouth open and poke and pierce and bleed. I'll never fucking forgive my childhood dentist for over drilling all my teeth, sentencing me to lifetime of cavities unless I go in regurarly to get the holes filled.

No. 988178


Say you're a spoiled bitch without problems without saying you're a spoiled bitch without problems.

No. 988180

File: 1638924484432.png (532.83 KB, 491x480, 1638812420986.png)


No. 988181

why are you reading a pedo’s book

No. 988185

Why bother being pretentious on an anonymous image board?

No. 988186

My dentist is fucking insane. She once got on my chair to reach better some teeth she was trying to clean (literally her body over mine, it was freaking weird). My mom said she did the same with her lmao
She also cut my face with her instrument (dunno what's it called, it's the one that makes noise) when her hand slipped and she never give me enough water to spit all the blood
She also say stuff like "when you gonna get braces?" And then in a different day tell me "you don't need braces", though I'll give her the benefit of the doubt here that I don't actually need braces cus she is diabetic and maybe she was confusing me with my sister.

No. 988187

Nta but this is what helped me: Vitamins D&K taken with meal including dairy, using toothpaste including diatomaceous earth/straight up eating diatomaceous earth, no sweets (yeah…).

No. 988189

Invest in an electric toothbrush. Won’t solve all your problems but does help

No. 988193

Besides no sugar and drinking water pretty much exclusively, and basic hygiene, it’s hugely genetic.
Enamel hypoplasia, thick saliva, Bruxism, dry mouth, can all fuck your teeth even if you are perfect when brushing/flossing and never taste sugar.
Don’t fall for marketing retardation like charcoal or bleach in dental products, they just fuck your enamel to look whiter for a week at most but they will yellow permanently when the downtime is exposed cause the enamel been scraped off with charcoal. If it’s being sold to you by some bitch from Instagram you’re a fool to buy it.

No. 988195

tl;dr “just genetics bro”. also stop bragging about your cum teeth and post your social security number already

No. 988201

I feel like when dentists are bad, they're really bad but when they're good, they are amazing.

No. 988207

Lolwtf letting anon know that some people just get really unlucky with things like naturally weak enamel or saliva that contributes to caries has nothing to do with my or anyone else’s dental health, ya psycho. Go see a public dentist if ya so mad about your own bad luck.

No. 988211

Why are my siblings bragging about skipping classes back in high school? Like, it’s been 5-7 years since you last went and you’re still reminiscing about the assistant principal chasing you out in the halls or hanging out with your friends instead of being in class at 23-25 years old?

Granted, they didn’t go to college either.

No. 988215

File: 1638927458530.jpeg (57.24 KB, 600x600, 4B6639C0-C14E-4332-8393-3D0171…)

In my area it used to snow by the end of October and now we’re lucky if we see any snow coverage by January.

No. 988217

My boyfriend is taking me out driving tonight. Wish me luck! It's been 10 years since I've tried to drive and that wasn't in the city. I hate driving and don't need it for my day to day life but I want it for emergencies.

No. 988218

i can always make myself laugh no matter what and that's one of the reasons why i love myself so much

No. 988250

File: 1638930687531.gif (449 KB, 200x200, D96DE0CA-52B8-4D02-BD29-7C2F50…)

i’m not one of those zodiac people but i just compared two birth charts of people i know and they were oddly specific. i know it’s designed to be vague enough to be able to pick out certain “characteristics” in people, but still feels weird when they seem accurate.

No. 988256

No one cares. Why are you posting this in the vent thread, you waste of space?

No. 988258

Are you…retarded?

No. 988262

this truly is
>title drop
..the dumbass thread

No. 988266

File: 1638931763712.jpg (172.75 KB, 472x355, Tumblr_l_1130590616694336.jpg)

Here you go nonny, meet your blind date!

No. 988269

File: 1638931913175.jpg (21.14 KB, 384x384, blinddate.jpg)

well hello there

No. 988273

Even though I know his name, my brain always goes “Brandon Rogers” when I see him and that is some great irony kek

No. 988276

I want to know what happened to the cryptic UFO anon in Shayna’s thread

No. 988277

Who's that? I don't read Shayna's thread

No. 988278

File: 1638932310632.jpeg (111.95 KB, 980x260, CE05F741-DE85-4FFD-88A4-8D1E21…)

No. 988280

File: 1638932375355.jpg (21.51 KB, 460x434, e4c34ca6f787cb58676325e20c0189…)

I really want some tea, but I'm trying to recover from a UTI and I really shouldn't drink anything but water

No. 988282

You’re not really getting the whole point of those stupid things if you’re convinced cause two seem sorta accurate lol. They are deliberately generic and ambiguously worded so that anyone can read one of the results and think it applies to them specifically. Nobody should be getting Barnum effect in this day and age, damn anon.

No. 988283

Do the color test anon lol

No. 988287

isn't tea just hot water

No. 988289

Yes, but I use sugar/sweetener. Also, I just realized I ate sugar multiple times today so I'm an idiot.

No. 988292

did you not read the part where i said i’m aware they’re designed that way

No. 988293

Nta but what is that

No. 988295

Yeah and you still fell for it which is mental.

No. 988297

i didn’t fall for it i just thought it was interesting the way your mind goes that way when you’re reading them. god damn.

No. 988298

Nta but any particular brand? Should I just grab any oral b one?

No. 988299

My brother does this too these types of people peaked there and mentally stayed there

No. 988301

That’s falling for the Barnum effect..it convinced you for a moment that it looks amazingly legit. Do you think you’re under attack or something for being tricked by something that trick most people? It’s just being pointed out that you got barnum’d. anons aren’t saying you’re a demented tard.

No. 988302

Lmao retard

No. 988304

tfw no reading comprehension having mf calling me a waste of space. i am gonna plant a big kiss on your forehead and forgive you for this slip up. it's ok, brain damage is something not easy to live with

No. 988307

i wasn’t convinced though i already possessed the self-awareness to understand that the feeling was by design

No. 988309

Whatever makes it stop hurting your feelings anon lmao.

No. 988310

it’s really not as deep as you’re making it out to be kek

No. 988311

It’s actually called color quiz and it’s specifically accurate after decades of learning, not just vague. Something fun, noting too serious.

No. 988312

And that’s why you’re defending yourself so hard on a Mongolian cheese enthusiast board for retards. Just play with your tarot cards instead of trying to prove yourself lol

No. 988313

File: 1638934041509.webm (6.32 MB, 576x1024, tumblr_r0zwy8tX1o1zqjgrw.webm)

surrogacy is fucking evil
click to play

No. 988314

tard fight tard fight

No. 988316

why are you so mad tho this is the dumbass shit thread

No. 988317

Someone giving you an “oh…honey’ moment isn’t angry imo lotta anons take posts personally when they shpuldnt

No. 988318

Who is this handsome and polite young man

No. 988321

nah some people just in fighting moods

No. 988322

ive never been into astrology or anything like that and i dont "believe" in it but ive had friends do tarot readings before and ive decided that its a perfectly valid way to bring into words things youve been feeling or thinking about and to enact change. i think the barnum effect is exactly why i enjoy tarot. its like a prompt to figure out your life and try to find something meaningful to work on which is a good thing to me. i dont think theres anything spiritual about it personally, but i dont think its completely useless

how do anons feel about myer briggs? im an intj. im curious what other personality types are attracted to posting here

No. 988324

File: 1638934559077.jpg (6.76 KB, 227x166, madame argentina.jpg)

My crystal ball said you're all retards and there is no hope. It's $200, you're welcome.

No. 988326

Brandon Rogers

No. 988327

Myers Briggs is just horoscopes for pseudo intellectuals. The test has zero reason to think it’s credible or useful.

If only they had infinitely better fighting cause that was weak as shit

No. 988328

File: 1638934708706.jpg (196.02 KB, 1280x1280, im-296273.jpg)

hi bby

No. 988331

File: 1638934836811.gif (38.06 KB, 220x155, cripple-fight-boy-scouts.gif)

No. 988332

yeah i think its tough to answer those questions objectively. like when i take the quiz i answer how i think i am but theres no way of knowing if thats "really" how i am. as long as you arent allergic to having fun then its enjoyable to do though kek.

No. 988333

i’m an infj but i hate it because i feel like that was the one all the tumblrites were uwu about. these things are funny to gaslight men with though because they usually have no idea what any of it is or is supposed to mean do you can fill their heads with bullshit.

No. 988336

>funny to gaslight men with
Why are you exposing me like this? Kek

No. 988337

wanted to look him up not too long ago and wrote elliot page on the searchbar instead kek

No. 988338

it’s also a good breadcrumb trail to leave future girls he’s with kek if he knows his myers-briggs type and anything about his zodiac sign he’s run through

No. 988341

I've grown to hate mb because of too many people mistyping any character who wears black or appears remotely edgy as intj even when they don't act anything like that, most of them are closer to isfp if anything. But also don't really like the test itself cause a lot of the questions feel kind of black-and-white for situations where the answer really depends on other factors, and so can't always be answered with "most likely/least likely" or whatever it said. Though the idea of it is interesting. Anyway I got intp which I think was kinda accurate except for all the "ur so nerdy!!" shit that gets applied to it, I'm not a genius and dgaf about things like star wars.

No. 988349

I'm feeling regretful at how late I discovered shower masturbation.

No. 988350

Not even that it’s just retarded to give any credence or validity to some random quiz invented at some nobody’s kitchen table like it’s gonna be insightful or accurate. Idk why people treat it as more legit when it’s lexactly the same as saying “I’m an asshole because of where the moon is”

No. 988353

It’s even more sad when 2 of them have kids and can barely make ends meet with their minimum-wage jobs yet still wanna party and get high.

I just pity them now.

No. 988354

no youre an asshole regardless of where the moon is kek

No. 988355

I still don't get what's so good about it, I tried it a few times but my fingers feel way better. am I doing something wrong?

No. 988357

Same I prefer fingers

No. 988363

i don’t get the shower thing but a vibrator will do wonders. i’m paranoid about overusing it though so only like once a week.

No. 988371

You thought mb types were real too, huh? Sorry you fell for an obvious meme but it doesn’t make the people who don’t fall for it bad people

No. 988378

File: 1638939654059.jpg (46.52 KB, 722x746, 910993b431de3fe6ccc9be8006aacd…)

>im curious what other personality types are attracted to posting here
Welp, this is a gossip site, there aren't going to be many intuitives around, if anything Lolcow seems to attract a ridiculous amount of Si users (Mainly isfj) judging by how autistic farmers can be about dumbass details in literal pictures, the subtle mini-modding and the way they know everything about the lives of cows, showing superior memory skills.
Anyone saying they're an Intuitive on Lolcow is probaly lying, larping or both, is just statistically impossible even on chill boards like /g/ and /m/

No. 988380

Is it just me or did this get posted like three times

No. 988381

nta but i have a hard time noticing details in most pics that farmers make a big about, never mini-modded, and have godawful memory (both here and irl) so it's not that unlikely

No. 988382

*a big deal about

No. 988384

>Anyone saying they're an Intuitive on Lolcow is probaly lying, larping or both
INTP/J are some of the most common personality types on imageboards though, including myself.

No. 988387

I'm only here for the chill threads and boards. Stopped reading the cow threads years ago because they all get repetitive after a while. I can't even imagine how autistic someone has to be in order to follow cows on sites like lolcow and Kiwi Farms for literal years and years. It's not that interesting or engaging.

No. 988388

Sorry, I meant just masturbating in the shower in general, with toys etc. I don't understand the showerhead thing either.

No. 988392

Oh you buzzfeed quiz level intelligence having mbti fans. Bless your empty little noggins.

No. 988395

File: 1638941166145.jpg (201.04 KB, 892x502, cover4.jpg)

what are lolcow's thoughts on this scene from blade runner? warning for nudity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfdJYILeRXc

No. 988401

File: 1638941975586.jpg (140.58 KB, 1000x635, tommy.jpg)

I've been listening to the Backstreet Boys and the line "Am I sexual" makes me giggle. Sounds like something Tommy Wiseau would say

No. 988402

such an ESTP thing to say

No. 988403

Which type of personality devoid moron are you? Take the mbti to find out!

No. 988409

lmfao absolutely, that line is so bizzare and therefore funny

No. 988424

He hates Stacy.
I hate Stacy.
He hates Cata.
I hate Cata.

I can fix him.

No. 988426

File: 1638947375699.jpeg (167.27 KB, 1125x1124, FDxx9mhXsA00hq4.jpeg)

Anons i need new side pieces they not hitting right fuck men

No. 988428

he wasnt even that ugly damn men are truly the weakest links he shitted up the whole thing for no reason

No. 988431

>how do anons feel about myer briggs?
I think it's very autistic but it's also a bit of a guilty pleasure for me

No. 988437

I can't believe abby shapiro is 21. What the fuck

No. 988438

Oh google fucked up. She's 28. Phew

No. 988439

File: 1638953820012.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.52 KB, 500x375, hjghsdjkkdhjkda.jpg)

Nona's help me out is this really Abigail Shapiro? I thought she was a conservative tradwife, but there are tons of nudes of this woman online. Is this her or am I nuts?

No. 988443

No that's not her lol

No. 988449

Okay thanks lol, people online seem to think this is her

No. 988461

File: 1638959667416.jpg (66.06 KB, 640x988, uPUmkQKp8v9-KmZjl2sZNTRcMiAzjg…)

No. 988465

Her boobs look dirty

No. 988499

File: 1638967309777.jpg (3.09 KB, 88x88, cat.jpg)

How do you guys go about casually being female separatists and radfem?
Here are some examples I can think of:
>going to female-only gyms or going to gyms' female-only hours
>asking for female doctors when going to the doctor's office
>reading feminist authors (Andrea Dworkin), watching female-centric movies and shows
>being celibate, if straight, or a lesbian
>do female charity work (helping victims of sex work)
>don't watch porn featuring women, and, if you decide to watch porn, watch porn created by female authors

No. 988500

>not wearing makeup
>having a strong group of female friends
>not seeking male approval
>not shaving
>not having nudes of yourself

No. 988514

Why the makeup thing in particular? Am I not allowed to match my eyeshadow to my sweater because of scrotes?

No. 988515

I do all these and i'm not a radfem/separatist, i just dislike men, i don't understand them at all, its like they don't exist in my mental realm well that sounded like a separatist, but i don't think my actions are politically inclined

No. 988524

For multiple reasons, really:
-makeup is made through exploitation
-the makeup industry is mainly male-run and profits from the insecurity of women
-the normalisation of women wearing makeup has made it harder for women who don't wear makeup to get jobs
-women aren't expected to have pours nowadays

Although I can't force you to stop wearing makeup, but consider maybe wearing makeup that doesn't hide your 'flaws' at least (concealer and foundation)?

No. 988538

This is why I'll never wear foundation. In an ideal world where I'm not insecure I wouldn't wear any make up at all kek, but I don't to hide my acne out of principle. I wish make up could be used as an actual form of art instead of a requirement for a woman to be considered pretty. I've seen way too many women that don't go out without make up because they feel like they look sick without it and it's kind of sad

No. 988545

The phrase "nice bone structure" is so funny and dumb to me, like what does it even mean? Your bones are well constructed? Your skeleton is sexy? It's stupid

No. 988548

Good reasons, thanks for answering my question anon

No. 988549

I wear makeup just so I can look emo. Im 27. Pls no booly.

No. 988550


No. 988585

File: 1638974258846.jpeg (286.46 KB, 1082x1920, 24A279D2-C9AE-44D1-A438-7804CB…)

No. 988586

File: 1638974406910.jpeg (205.93 KB, 1076x1154, F781D6BB-4DC2-4C16-81BC-B80598…)

No. 988587

I'm fucking dying

No. 988589

It means your face is shaped well and not a mediocre blob of flesh and bone

No. 988590

these are amazing

No. 988591

yeah i usually take it to mean nice cheekbones/nose

No. 988593

>what are lolcow's thoughts on this scene from blade runner?
this sounds male

No. 988596

I know a guy who looks like him but uglier and mexican. He gave me an uti and pregnancy scare. Never again

No. 988599

File: 1638975452367.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1080, imagen_2021-12-08_085736.png)

I don't understand MBTI shit at all because it all sounds dumb to me but the only reason why I still remember mine was because I share it with Björk kek

No. 988600

No. 988602

I think there's a male in the fakeboi thread so this wouldn't surprise me if this is also him or another one.

No. 988603

literally me

No. 988605

File: 1638975769000.webm (3 MB, 480x840, 1632350275927.webm)

Delivering babies to give away is a sacrifice no man deserves nor will ever understand the depths of. She should have lawyered up when he got psychotic. Ladies guard your womb in every way, from random men who want to Netflix & chill to fags who want to use you as a baby harvest so they can (statistically) probably diddle the kid later.

I understand fags well and can tell you first hand they are even more psychotic than regular men and if it weren't for their lack of legitimate attraction and ties to us I'm sure they'd be killing us more. There's a fag on 90 day fiance who was bawwing and cooing about how sad his life was and how he was gonna marry a woman and live a lie just because he wanted to reproduce so bad, which wasnt seen as evil at all. Just deserving of coddling.

TDLR: fuck faggots, guard your womb, surrogacy is evil, don't hand your biological children into hands of the egomaniac kiddy diddling monsters known as gay men

No. 988607

A stripper for a little kid????? WTF were these people thinking? I fucking hate society

No. 988608

Well fuck. It's my first time ever living alone and two days in I have a violent nightmare about a man stalking me and breaking into my home which resulted in me stabbing him to death with a screwdriver. Bad omens all round.

No. 988612

No man deserves to reproduce. Women should be the ones making this choice. Gay men can adopt but not force women into labor. I fucking despise surrogacy. Men have NO IDEA how many changes to your body pregnancy entails.

Also wtf? why is the girl looking at a hooker? this girl is going to grow up messed up. Fuck these "parents"

No. 988613

This sucks. Hoping it doesn't happen

No. 988624

nta, that was a neat quiz, thanks anon!

No. 988627

I like me, I like me, I like me, I like me, I like me, I like me. It's not true, but maybe if I keep saying it, I'll believe it

No. 988628

apparently GTA also stands for Greater Toronto Area and not just Grand Theft Auto. TIL

No. 988633

>color quiz
ok what the hell, the result was ridiculously accurate here, down to stupid detail of my very specific existing situation (which would definitely not be true for idk, month ago)

No. 988634

I think this question deserves a thread, so I went ahead and made it here

No. 988636

File: 1638978282664.png (2.48 MB, 1024x1024, imagen_2021-12-08_094438.png)

fucking hate this

No. 988638

You realize not everyone who uses makeup is insecure and obsessed with 1000s of products right? I agree though, there's tons of diy makeup you can make to not give them any money.

No. 988640

ikr, it was really spooky for me too, I love these tests. If anything it just brings more self awareness into my life. Is that dumb?

No. 988641

She looks uncomfy and weirded out. Grooming is so normalized ppl don't even see it as grooming huh.

No. 988648

a male tried to show me the threesome scene from blade runner on a first date and got mad when i wasn’t in total awe

No. 988661

>tried to show me the threesome scene from blade runner on a first date
Why. What.

No. 988679

File: 1638980394774.png (381.95 KB, 803x594, dd761a5f-7404-40da-912f-b14369…)

I love breaking sexist stereotypes by being a NEET that lives at home and is high 24/7! They said a woman could never do it but here I am!!!

No. 988684

Did I write this post? Or was it someone else? I’m so fucking high I cant remember.

No. 988692

File: 1638980832306.jpg (6.58 KB, 480x360, disgust.jpg)

>mfw I'm talking to a friend and she mentions her polycule

No. 988698

I think it was very visually appealing for a sex scene but showing it on a first date is weird af

No. 988702

File: 1638981166834.jpeg (111.5 KB, 291x394, 865BD57D-DE1E-406E-83BC-F3ADDA…)

>this polycule friend starts hinting at a crush on you
>wants you to meet their ugly moid “”nestmate “”

No. 988736


No. 988743

Nona I agree with everything you just said and I love you. I wish there was a fag hate thread on this site

No. 988747

I haven't had sex in so long and I'm completely okay with it. There are no cute guys around me, even on campus. Like, you'd see one or two good looking ones at least but nope. They're all so ugly and not worth it.

No. 988750

File: 1638982844969.jpg (4.09 KB, 247x204, eugh.jpg)


This actually made me look up the instagram of another person I know who is in a polycule… or was is the more appropriate term now kek. Her, another chick, and you guessed it- a moid complete with a neckbeard! What would a polycule be without the neckbeard? The post she had proudly declaring it is now gone kek. So much for that.

It's unfortunate that within my wider friend circle I know so many people who are into poly relationships but I just smile, nod, and silently judge, waiting for their inevitable break up.

No. 988766

The 21 year old 10 years my junior in work is so sweet to me. He needs to be careful because he doesn't know that whereas he is a virgin, I am a born again virgin having a year plus dry spell and he's starting to look better with each complimentary/sweet thing he says.

No. 988769

Anyone else completely fine in the morning only to suddenly get sleepy the minute they arrive at work? I swear it's a psychological thing.

No. 988780

File: 1638983949969.jpg (66.73 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>INTP/J are some of the most common personality types on imageboards though
>including ~myself~ tehee
Lol you can't prove this, cope harder, I know it makes you seethe to think about the fact you are a boring Sensor but that's the truth, don't be a snowflake, anon, it's okay to be a Sensor, good luck trying to prove a % of the hishest IQ population that advancded society as we know it is browsing imageboards full of some of the dumbest mentally ill people, go back to Reddit where people are going to validate your identity, because everytime someone mentions MBTI, everyone is suddendly an Intuitive for some reason, this phenomenon rings true right now thanks to people like you. Don't you think is strange that even in normie sites people still call themselves Intuitives?, everyone thinks they're some flavor of Intuitive even on twitter kek, the truth is no amount of self-IDing imageboard users are going to change the fact that Intuitives (Specially the ones you mentioned) are a statistical rarity even on the most obscure sites of the internet. This is the dumbass shit thread so talking about mbti is on topic.
>inb4 then that means you're a Sensor too anon!!1
lol i don't care, i just dislike pretentious snowflakes thinking they're totes the rarest type ever specially on imageboards, they're dime a dozen

No. 988783

new copypasta

No. 988784

Nta but I cannot tell if you're serious or not.

No. 988785

No. 988788

Tinfoil, but I'm starting to think there a similarities between mbtifags and genderspecials, they want to be unique and rare, slap themselves meaningless labels and the weirder these labels are the more valid their opinions seem to be for their respective communities, just an observation.

No. 988791

harry potter houses have more worth than mbshiti personality tests

No. 988793

nta but the same can be said for astrologyfags, people into the "sigma" thing, etc.

No. 988795

File: 1638985004702.jpg (213.58 KB, 1984x2048, 1629648772248.jpg)

reminded me of this

No. 988799

Fuck off astrology had thousands of years of data

No. 988800

didn't read but dr robotnik is literally so sexy

No. 988802

if men are allowed to believe in the stock market i'm allowed to believe in the zodiac

No. 988803

true, ive gotten ravenclaw every time across 10+ years i take the pottermore test so its at least reliable.

the worst thing about mbti is how transparently obvious the test questions are though? in terms of how they relate to the results. It's like "When you have a problem, do you think logically or do you just feel the andwer?" as if anyone can't tell the test result those answers will give you respectively. So it's entirely how people WANT to think about themselves, rather than anything to do with how they actually are, because it's trivially easy for people to get the test results they want.

No. 988804

then how come it's not accurate

No. 988806

A major factor keeping me from switching from Spotify to Youtube music (because I’m considering YT premium) is Spotify Wrapped kek. Not even playlists or anything (since I just make playlists to fill up with current favorite songs then abandon them for new ones eventually), just wrapped. I like my stats.

No. 988808

oh no nonny youve got the astrology tards flapping their arms

sad thing is these dumbasses dont even read ancient prophecies of nostradamus or whatever, they be reading other retards just making stuff up on instagram and thinking that even qualifies as some kind of ancient art. its like the modern pagan people… just pure unadulterated tardlarp

No. 988814

They're essentially the same thing, and same with those annoying HSP people from a few years ago

No. 988815

did you know that if you actually have the music files on your computer, you can see your actual play count numbers, ie the actual data? rather than the vague fluffing that spotify gives you to make you feel special.

or you could use last.fm which integrates with lots of music players to track playcounts. and not have to wait for daddt spotify to bless you with compliments. wrapped…gag

No. 988816

Cause you're a shit head not living up to your full potential

No. 988817


No. 988818

File: 1638985868899.jpg (44.1 KB, 333x550, 91CC9FfC1 S._AC_UY550_.jpg)

I thought this said "match my eyebrow to my sweater" and thought of someone doing ugly sweater designs on their eyebrows. If I could do makeup I would do this

No. 988819

kek moids are so fucking gross.

No. 988821

Make one on 2X, I love hating on male fags. Lesbians and bis I love you. Fags die in hell.

No. 988823

ive been to a couple kink meetings (long time ago) and this is how it is in my midwestern city, except they're uglier and also colossally fat.

but i went to one in nyc once, and while it was mostly this, there were also 3 wall street looking guys in suits sitting on the back just talking to each other only. they were a bit hot but it was kind of creepy. most attractive kink people ive seen though.

what i learned is, kink in the midwest… not even once

No. 988825

they want to fuck you like sans undertale

No. 988826

No. 988839

envious you don't have good bone structure?

No. 988843

Is it hard to start a thread? I'm kind of internet retarded. If any Nonnita's do end up starting one though I'd be happy to bring some fresh milk to the table.

No. 988845

I'm not reading all this shit but I can tell it's mental illness manifest lol. This same poster will go on to make posts complaining about the zodiac/horoscope spergs like that's not just themselves in an alternate universe

No. 988855

File: 1638987264457.png (103.66 KB, 920x920, png-transparent-doctor-eggman-…)

Based, he's so hot, i want to post him in the retarded hornypost thread but they ain't prepared for that

No. 988856

I masturbated to that evil brew.webm more than once

No. 988861

do it!! i support you

No. 988871

File: 1638988643174.jpg (371.67 KB, 500x491, 1638988460208.jpg)

I fucked a guy that looked like this. He had a tiny dick and stood me up after the second time we had sex. He's fat now but damn. He was the hottest thing I ever touched and I wish I coupe do him now with confidence. I'd fuck him til he was thin and beautiful again lol

No. 988874

My (grown ass) brother is going through a phase where he stops listening to trap music and only listens to deep music with deep lyrics now. The said deep music is Kid Cudi’s older MOTM albums

He’s blasting the piano version of Mr. Rager now and it’s just funny to hear from my room

No. 988876

my mojo so dope bitch

No. 988891

AYRT and the person who's instagram I was looking through literally dresses like the chick on the right, it's not even funny. God why.

No. 988894


No. 988896

Hello me cheesed to be you

No. 988905

I saw one of the old men supervisors run today. I was coming up from behind and we work in a factory and he was leaving one department and there's like a winding open corridor and he's old so it wasn't a healthy run and he's got a good bit of weight and height on him and he was running/hobbling kind of bent over and it was just funny cause you can never get a hold of him or find him when you need him and now I know why. He just flees. He's like me when I smoke too much and get paranoid and take off at a sprint. Made me like him more.

No. 988917

The tiny dick is not worth it.

No. 988924

I feel like tiny dick guys must spend their lives ghosting women because the more you see their dick the more it sets in that it's tiny.. they have to be self aware. Their dick being small is about the only thing scrotes are ever painfully self aware of

No. 988925

My soul sister

No. 988929

It is, don't tell me how to feel

No. 988934

>did you know that if you actually have the music files on your computer
Well I don't so that's why I stream my music…

No. 988945

I’m not telling you how to feel, bitch, I’m just telling you a tiny dick is not worth it. Dude stood you up and you’re still simping for his shrimpy little member.

No. 988967

I want him not his dick, dickface, there's a difference

No. 988976

File: 1638995077288.jpg (54.02 KB, 640x640, actress-madonna-arrives-for-th…)

My breast shape makes me feel like I'm always wearing a bullet bra

No. 988982

Just get last fm

No. 988983

Sometimes I just want to a-log people so bad. I was reading about Lori Huff and I just wish I could go to her in-law's house and burn it to the ground with them in it.

No. 988985

Nta, please sell last fm to me? I want to know why it would be better than spotify

No. 988991

They're completely different things. Last fm is 90% for scrobbling (recording) what you listen to, whether that be from Spotify, Youtube, etc. Spotify is just for listening to music and podcasts. I much prefer getting my stats from Last.fm since they're more accurate and they actually give you a relatively comprehensive report of your year at eoy instead of December 1st. I choose to have Last.fm because I like archiving and sharing my tastes if I'm meeting likeminded people.

No. 988998

I bet your tits look hot braless. Rock that shit anon

No. 989021

Oh okay, neat! That's really cool, thank you for your reply nona

No. 989032

It sounds better but if I'm switching off of Spotify I'd just go with Youtube music just because it comes with premium. It doesn't come down to which music service is better as much as it's a "I don't want to pay for a seperate music service if I'm going to pay for another service that includes music too" thing. Last.fm is cheap but I'm also cheap as fuck so lol. The scrobbling sounds cool though since I'm always on the lookout for new music from getting bored of the shit I listen to really quick.

No. 989042

How do you know he’s a virgin? Did he tell you?

No. 989043

Obviously but the marketing, the exploitation, and the misogynistic ideals are still there even if you’re totally not like all those other girls.
None of it is supposed to be personal, you’re supposed to think more broadly than just you.

No. 989051

They are! I like my triangle tits.

No. 989059

It bothers me when people claim they "don't like other people" and yet they've dated so many. It seems fake.

No. 989135

I think I lost my airpods sigh. They weren’t my main headphones and I got them for free but they were convenient for cleaning and were the only ones that connected properly to my work laptop.

No. 989141

I keep remembering that I'm breathing automatically and switching to consciously breathing

No. 989161

I don’t even pay attention to zodiac shit but this resonated with me. Deeply.

No. 989166

File: 1639008557593.png (118.96 KB, 392x366, 1634507573037.png)

Today one of my classmates shoved her screen under my nose with a video of an FtM transformation, saying "isn't it amazing? This person became this man, it's magical". A, the FtM just grew facial hair and cut her hair. B, I'm not sure if I'm being probed for being a transphone. I just chose not to react in any way, making a bit of a concerned face at her, until she stopped. I hope she'll be less encouraged to do this to anyone else after that awkward interaction.

No. 989171

why not both

No. 989174

File: 1639009297141.gif (7.35 MB, 390x390, ugh.gif)

i hate when a band i like has an unnecessarily retarded name. the fact that i have to utter "king gizzard & the lizard wizard" if someone asked what i was listening to revolts me.

No. 989175

i laughed so fucking hard at the thread gif

No. 989189

Same. Also when they pretend they're loners but have friends. You don't know what a loner is bitch.

No. 989194

here's more for your enjoyment nonny

No. 989197

Really? I love it! But I'm a pretty goofy person

No. 989201

Well this is the best rabbit hole I've ever fallen down

No. 989202

Damn she's literally me

No. 989204

File: 1639011871777.gif (8.56 KB, 121x26, basedglitter.gif)

No. 989210

since people started DoInG tHiS agin for eMpHaSiS i'm going to start cherzburgering again


No. 989214

I want Le le to be acceptable again, it didn’t need to die, le people getting mad are lol pathetic

No. 989217

DiZz mY lE BuKkIt

No. 989221

no, kill all redditors

No. 989226

glomps mah hubbeh

No. 989227

thank you so much nonny, i'm laughing way too much at this stupid cow

No. 989228

u r very welcomed

No. 989231

There's something so weird about men saying that they will 'beat a girl's pussy'. i'll punch you in the dick. does that sound hot nonnies?

No. 989232

Why can’t I find the fucking sonic totem thread?????

No. 989248

Beat the pussy up call PETA

No. 989250

No. 989251

how? i just think this site is pretty feminist and i'm curious to see how other feminists see it. i don't really have an opinion/see it as the ~great~ scene so many people say it is though

No. 989255

File: 1639017017925.jpg (110.55 KB, 851x1133, Tumblr_l_106967996715287.jpg)

>I'll beat yr pussy up!!!
>A few half-shaft puny pumps and groans later, you realize he just came

No. 989257

This is exhilaratingly silly, like i feel like I've been slapped with a refreshing mountain breeze after a great night's sleep.

No. 989261

I hate Silk Sonic for making misogyny sound so good

No. 989277

File: 1639019803811.jpg (424.24 KB, 1200x1200, Air-Fryer-Chicken-Nuggets-sq.j…)

I want at least 127 chicken nuggets right now and a small salad please

No. 989281

File: 1639020976819.jpg (115.15 KB, 602x418, main-qimg-7083626b6b6178d40d19…)

One race, the caucasoid race

No. 989282

North african dude is hot ngl

No. 989284

No. 989285

i want my husbando to beat my pussy tho
This pic is hilarious, you can feel his distress

No. 989300

jesus christ I'm getting a crush on David Walliams and I'm so confused by it.

No. 989302


No. 989304

Having a bad day. Woke up from a nightmare where I had sex reassignment surgery and had a penis and was dating my ex who liked me having a penis. Then the rest of my dream I spent debating about getting my vagina back realising how fucked up it is to get a fake penis. So pleased to wake up and find I still have a vagina

No. 989312

I’m not okay knowing our president’s son has holes in his dick from STDs… and knowing that he’s actually decent looking and would be prime material if he wasn’t a degenerate whore

No. 989313

the way anons pile on ellen page posts sends me

No. 989319

why am I getting a crush or why am I confused? I mean, the answer to both is probably because he's camp but still sort of straight.

No. 989327

he's also old and ugly and weird and funny and kinda gross

No. 989335

File: 1639027945271.jpeg (256.42 KB, 750x635, 9ADB0EF3-455F-41BE-80B0-6C473F…)

nonas can u sit like this? is it comfortable?

No. 989336

He’s not that old. Idk there’s something weirdly charming about him that also gives me the vibe that he’s probably an ass irl

No. 989339

Its more comfortable than sitting normally tbh

I worked in my cubicle for years and my shoes were off and feet never touched the floor. legs in various pretzel formations throughout the day

No. 989340

Can’t everyone? It’s comfy

No. 989342

Who is he in relation to you? It's not that unusual to like old and ugly men lol

No. 989345

no and some people cannot w-sit either

No. 989356

Oh shit that must suck to not be able to do that. Wonder what causes it to only be possible for some people

No. 989357

I do it but with my top leg going across my ankle.

No. 989365

File: 1639030838619.jpeg (71.16 KB, 632x632, 747C44C6-4A05-47A1-98CD-84909A…)

I either have my two legs up to the side of me (a la Ariana grande my everything cover) or one tucked up near my ass under my other leg. It’s why I don’t like chairs that have the built in armrests, it gets in the way of my fidgety leg placements

No. 989374

File: 1639031684624.png (275.74 KB, 632x817, friednship<3.png)

I made a friendship bracelet pattern so we can all be friends

No. 989387

Thank you,nonnie, it's very cute

No. 989391

Cross stitching this cute little sucker into a jacket lining rn

No. 989399

Gonna make this tomorrow to keep myself from drinking tbh

No. 989409

I've spent 3 hours watching videos of his best/top BGT moments so I'd say he is, in relation to me, someone I have never met nor will ever meet.

No. 989503

File: 1639047843857.jpeg (37.96 KB, 550x366, DCDBEC55-E0AF-4C17-83FF-960863…)

A goat spooked me recently and I can not stop thinking about it. You know how they do that vaguely disturbing stare? The stare that penetrates your soul? Well it did that and I stared back dead on and I swear to god it communicated telepathically somehow. I felt it in my head; a warm wave of fuzziness followed by feelings of helplessness.

No. 989505

he seems like a huge asshole, like i can almost guarantee it

No. 989512

I was about to trash you because Rutger Hauer is THE unconvential attractive male, but I see it's the new shit. Glad I read it and didn't look stupid.

No. 989521

File: 1639051600774.jpeg (26.97 KB, 480x640, images (67).jpeg)

Kek maybe you're a vvitch

No. 989525

Are we already in "the 20s" or is that starting later, similar to how "the 60s" actually started in 1963

No. 989533

Because of covid I would say this will already be the 20's. Everything about this decade is going to be touched by it.

No. 989538

I'd say the 20's has begun, unlike in the 60's, cause we've already experienced loads of historical events and stuff

No. 989541

That used to happen to me a lot when I was a child. I also knew when people were looking at me from behind, and it caused me a lot of anxiety. Practice being less open anon

No. 989556

I can't stop thinking about this birb

No. 989561

this is hot, I only wish the males in our species were this majestic

No. 989574

Ordered myself a sonic plush, 'cause no autist is complete without one.

No. 989624

File: 1639061333033.jpg (174.46 KB, 760x400, proposal.jpg)

I'm such a fucking sucker for proposals and weddings. I don't go out of my way to watch proposals or weddings but if people I'm following post their proposal/wedding videos that shit makes me cry so hard. I love rewatching them, they're so cute. I hope one day I will find a loving gf who will propose to me (or I will propose to her!), and then we will have our wedding in my city's beautiful botanical garden or maybe at a national park if it's allowed.

No. 989631

File: 1639061733286.png (1.32 MB, 1077x717, mohonk.PNG)

My stupid bitch ass started looking at wedding venues for fun and I found one near one of my most beloved places in my state and UGH why did I look lol. I know this place is stupid expensive too.

No. 989661

I have two ferns that have been slowing dying ever since I moved to a much drier house and I've been racking my brain trying to make them happy again and I think I've finally figured out a good way to maximize the amount of moisture they're getting with just a simple plastic tub and a diffuser with no oil just water. "Just get a humidifier" blah blah blah, this way is much more fun actually. I feel like macgyver bitch!!! My ferns are hotboxing!!!

No. 989676

I'm gonna sound like a fat fuck but I usually snack quite often throughout the day but recently haven't really felt hungry enough for it. Kind of weird to just eat my lunch and dinner and then munch on a handful of something small a little bit after.

No. 989691

Same anon, I don't even feel the need to get married myself but I just love watching proposals and stuff like wedding montage showing snippets of the relationship etc. Seeing love and happiness these people feel in these moments just melts my heart. There's that one lesbian proposal that went viral where they both came up with proposing to each other on the same trip and it's so beautiful

No. 989775

File: 1639072896332.jpg (29.69 KB, 423x559, Capture.JPG)

>Hmm… tell me, Mr Potter, what would I get if I adhered the aposematic synthetic fibres of a fuchsia wig to a bald human scalp? Oh… you don't know? Nothing? Do you consider yourself too important to prepare for your lessons in advance at Hogwarts Mr Potter? Tut, tut. Clearly fame isn't everything. Very well, then what about… ah yes, answer me this, what would I get if a packet of lumpy silicon was to be slipped unevenly into the misshapen chest cavity of an adult male? No? Still at a loss are we? Pity. I'll give you one last opportunity to prove yourself Mr Potter. What would we achieve, if one was to combine the common female hormone replacement therapy, and all it constitutes, with the endocrine system of an adult wizard?
>You haven't the slightest clue, have you? How extraordinarily pathetic. Take five points from Gryffindor for your outstanding idiocy Mr Potter. Potions is a delicate art, and I expect you to have at least read through the first five pages of your textbook by our next lesson. Now, why don't we ask Ms Granger for the answers seeing as she's obviously so insufferably eager to do so.
>Well… um, you'd get a freak Professor. A disgusting mutant abomination with a revolting gangrenous wound between their legs. My parents used to treat one… his teeth, but oh, well… he always tried to talk to me but… he's in jail now.. for um…
>Ah! Say no more Ms Granger. And please, take fifty points to Gryffindor for the most exemplary tirade against trannies I've had the pleasure of listening to since Potter's mother was still alive. Now to everyone else… write everything you've just heard down."

No. 989776

I'm giggling like crazy just picturing this interaction.

No. 989777

File: 1639073030348.jpg (30.94 KB, 564x564, cdc.jpg)

No. 989779

I get you, I used to be able to snack throughout the day, but now I barely eat something in the afternoon if I’m bored, most people tell me that I should actually snack throughout the day to keep my metabolism active, but eating too much gives me headaches.

No. 989781

File: 1639073451253.gif (1.6 MB, 376x200, 200.gif)

Absolutely beautiful. Lolcow really is the best imageboard.

No. 989783

File: 1639073814706.jpeg (99.66 KB, 1024x683, 783B9EF6-D722-43C1-9463-3B292D…)

they should play brothers in a movie before they both get cancelled

No. 989809

they should both fade out of the public eye because i dislike them both

No. 989846

File: 1639077259734.png (1.19 MB, 1152x648, dream.png)

this was my dream last night, no "post your retarded art/photoshops" thread to my knowledge so here

No. 989859

i know but now that I see their resemblance I can't unsee it

those two egos on one set would probably destroy one another and the entire cast and crews psyches

No. 989869

File: 1639079157864.jpeg (184.52 KB, 1300x975, 61b10b210ee5370018455ccb.jpeg)

yes they're both evil but I want to cut my hair like this

No. 989874

mohonk is creepy as hell imo, reminds me of the overlook hotel, also haunted by the spirits of dead rock climbers

No. 989880

you could always go for a honeymoon after anon!

No. 989881

File: 1639079638177.jpg (36.81 KB, 542x594, 3228929.jpg)

get your anne frank steez on, girl

No. 989891

Don't post her image in vain you heartless bitch. God rest her soul. Read her diary and understand what a wonderful smart brave little girl she was and how fucking tragic it is that men start wars and are entitled bastards

No. 989895

It's true and you should say it.

No. 989896

She has that French cool girl vibe. Must have helped to lure them in.

No. 989900

Is it the vibes or how it looks or something? I've never personally been since it was a bit out of the way for me but I've always wanted to go.

That's a good idea! Totally forgot about the honeymoon part kek

No. 989910

I hate the word “noms” now

No. 989911

Haven't had this in a while since my sleeping schedule improved, but for a while there youtube was showing me these ads at night.
>Are you up late because you're struggling, do you feel like…
No I'm not having a crisis, I'm not particularly depressed or looking to find god.. or a therapist. Stop trying to convince me that I'm having an existential crisis just because I'm up past midnight.

No. 989913

So cute nona! If I made friendship bracelets or cross-stitched I would do this

No. 989914

what if i end up not crying at all when my boyfriend proposes to me, and when we get married? holy shit im so scared of appearing careless/soulless

No. 989924

I cried when I got proposed to, I cried on our wedding day, I cried when he ended our marriage (via text message) just 2 years later lol

No. 989931

shit i'm sorry… that's horrible. he's not worth shit and he actually sounds soulless

No. 989949

i hate him

No. 989958

File: 1639083594561.jpeg (933.35 KB, 1240x1240, NINTCHDBPICT000637373030.jpeg)

kek. which would be a worse reference photo to show my hairdresser? ghislaine or anne frank??

if she didn't get involved with epstein and had just gone the route of do-nothing heiress who rubbed elbows with the british royal family, girls on tiktok would be worshipping her style rn and calling her an icon

No. 989971

File: 1639084125374.jpg (45.74 KB, 500x667, donuts.jpg)

The worst thing about a new hobby is having to do things over and over again until you learn. So frustrating and tedious.

No. 989981

sometimes I forget I'm black and I just imagine myself invisible. Like no skin, like the girl
from MHA or something.

No. 989988

Samefag, but there's also that feeling of really disliking something and also loving it. Like "I want to quit, but this is very fun and I want to do more".

No. 990037

File: 1639088480431.png (155.29 KB, 259x287, ted.png)

>I promised not to bother you again, but I am going to break that promise, just once. It is pretty clear that you are not interested in having anything to do with me, so I have given up hope of that. But I want very badly to know why you won't have anything to do with me. I have had no answer of any kind from you and it bothers me seriously.
>Look- I humble myself before you- something I have never done before anyone in the past and which I don't ever expect to do again. I won't cost you anything to give me an answer, just once.
>It may be that you would never have liked me in any case, but possibly I would have done better if I had been able to approach you properly. I have been such a loner for so long that my social skills (which never amounted to much in the first place) have degenerated into virtual nonexistence. I don't know how to talk to girls, and, what is worse, I am afraid of them.
>You may not have seen it under those shapeless work clothes, but I have a very well-proportioned physique and I am in excellent condition. I have plenty of brains- I am a Harvard graduate and spent 2 years as assistant professor of mathematics at Berkeley. I have a variety of talents, and virtues such as persistence, willpower, and a kind of general ability that has made me unusually competent at many kinds of work from mathematics to post-cutting to elk-hunting.
>I would appreciate it very much if you would answer my question this time, even if your answer can consist of nothing but derogatory statements concerning me.

At 32, Ted Kaczynski wrote this in a letter he sent to a 19-year-old girl he had like two conversations with at work. He had sent her two letters before, which she didn't reply to… He really was such an autist, wasn't he?

No. 990047

Sounds like every gen z male, don't think this is related to 'tism, just a missing x chromosome.

No. 990119


No. 990126

Why Pelé and the queen don't fucking die?
Who do you think is gonna die first?

No. 990136

I didn't even know he ever expressed romantic attraction towards someone even though I watched/read about him. Well, reading this letter it's understandable why.

No. 990140

I get the queen's been around forever, but Pelé was born in 1940. He's not even that old.

No. 990147

Does Britain have estate tax? When the Queen dies will the royal family have to pay like a godbillion pounds in inheritance tax? They're probably bodydoubling her to avoid that as long as possible kek

No. 990165

I assure you that the necromancers keeping the old elites of the world alive have plenty of energy remaining.

No. 990170

He's been in and out of hospital since forever

No. 990202

>Don't post her image in vain you heartless bitch
>In vain
Is she Jesus?

No. 990213

both she and jesus have bottom energy

No. 990216

File: 1639101590501.png (128.64 KB, 500x485, liz.png)

pelé. the queen will live forever just to spite charles

No. 990223

Go back

No. 990257

You all need to stop and watch S10E5 of My 600-lb Life. It was like My 600-lb Jerry Springer or something. Just incredible, humans are such miracles and America was made to be purchased by television

No. 990289

I just paid 3 dollars to watch it anon, I hope it's good! Thanks though, I was bored and love some trashy drama!

No. 990313


No. 990324

IT'S FUCKIN KNUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 990372

im sad we didnt get snowflakes this year. it was so cozy

No. 990374

This is gonna be ebic.

No. 990377

I watched the first sonic movie in theatres and am not ashamed to admit I enjoyed it quite well

No. 990381

good, i fucking hated those

No. 990393

File: 1639120802061.png (589.79 KB, 851x960, omkgcmvz66y71.png)

When a genocidal dictator is a better partner then 90% of scrotes in the world

No. 990396

What in the propaganda is this?

No. 990411

File: 1639123284443.png (12.7 MB, 1242x2208, 7936E599-4EE3-4F63-876C-D7713E…)

>but I have a very well-proportioned physique and I am in excellent condition
Now now Teddy, let’s not get too zesty here; you look like every other Polish-American boy.

No. 990413

>basic faithfulness is considered to be considered cute
We really be praising men for the bare minimum

No. 990417

Ngl blue-haired girl is kinda based for telling the Troon that women’s bonds are better and telling her friend that she shouldn’t settle for a low quality male

No. 990435

Oh Ted…don't be sad. You have no idea how many girls wanna be with you, If I was born in another era and I knew about you, I'd happily be your homestead wife in the woods

No. 990439

File: 1639127662091.jpg (45.74 KB, 640x853, tx78y2mot7281.jpg)

physically pains me to read posts like this

No. 990444

Just kidding anon, just half at least

No. 990448

I find it funny because while at first the moral seems to be "guys can have strong bonds too here's why Sage is a bigot" it's actually that the ginder is a wamen and therefore have a woman bond too, not a guy's.

No. 990510

File: 1639137490447.jpg (794.21 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211210-065731_Sam…)

Holy shit, kids TV sucks ass these days. Poor little shits.

No. 990517

File: 1639138470343.jpg (201.8 KB, 1035x1838, IMG_20211210_131100.jpg)

Every time I check animefeminist, I kek and cringe more and more. Of course there is also a trans magical girl and trans magical guardian (cause apparently you can be trans enby lmfao), each presented by the same incredibly miserable model

No. 990519

nice of them to make kick me signs that keep you warm, i guess

No. 990523

File: 1639139241257.png (14.78 KB, 428x234, spicy.PNG)

Is a cartoon rated 1,2/10 really that representative of cartoons for children as a whole though? But it is kinda surprising something like this managed to secure funding

No. 990527

medieval peasants only worked 30 hours per week. I WANT 30 HOUR WORK WEEK FOR SAME PAY NOW FUCK WORK

No. 990532

they also had more days off

No. 990537

I just really want them to release or remake pokemon ultrasun or moon on the switch or a new game in Aloha. Shit was cool. I feel like as a pokemon fan from the start I hold a lot of weight in saying that ultrasun was an excellent game. I haven't purchase BDSP or whatever because the 4th gen game was not great the pokemon were not great and it was not a fun map.

No. 990543

File: 1639141417299.png (2.26 MB, 640x1136, 193FD0CA-1565-4084-82A3-268641…)

I’m on my period and I’m crying over this stupid fucking tiktok. Put me out of my misery.

No. 990562

Wow, she's so well-proportioned. If only she were young right now, she'd probably succeed in being a celebrity of sorts.

No. 990574

Shes shaped like basketballs placed on some legs

No. 990582

LMFAO sorry, I meant compared to other forms of dwarfism!

No. 990592

File: 1639144891143.jpg (61.89 KB, 700x700, 2919810-1x1-700x700.jpg)

Men bitch about the tiniest details of our appearances all day getting the tape measure out on our areolas then do a 180 and fuck midgets, aborigines, fence posts. Their opinions are not to be trusted. She could have been a pop star.

No. 990595

She's so pretty! I love that tiktok

No. 990641

Lol I just made a scam person laugh. Been getting texts from some made up company addresses to not my name and when they ring I hang up but I'm high so I answered and I sounded so stoned lmao. I asked who tf is [name] and when the scouser on the other end asked again if I am [name] I said no in a funny high way and he laughed and then he apologised and then I said reet and he just laughed like fuck and had to hang up. It was a funny interaction I'm glad I won't be getting any messages for [name] anymore

No. 990649

Kekkk I love this

No. 990667

My natal chart said I'm going to have numerous passionate affairs and I am ready. I so wish I can be some hot guys other woman. The single men aren't cutting it or are overlooking me. Feeling cute n desperate

No. 990669

>Helping some coombrain cheat on their partner
Not sexy or cool

No. 990675

I started watching these weird star sign based tarot readings on youtube lately and my sign is meant to be swimming in love right now… they're all saying the same thing. Love, passion, everyone wants me

Waiting here like… where is it?

No. 990678

Whatever. I don't want full blown commitment right now and could you imagine how passionate the sex would be. In my imagination I'm the first new woman he's been with in a while. But irl if he's the type to cheat ill just probably have a lot of sti scares… So I need to find a loyal man and make him unloyal.

No. 990682

Anon that's official work for their lord. They worked for themselves from dawn till dusk. Go look up a medieval documentary on yt they did tons of work.

No. 990685

nta but all the "passion" that would go into the logic behind why the cheating man is so turned on is exactly what would crush you and turn you onto the vent thread

No. 990716

>To show how low I have sunk I bought a new pair of pants the other day just for this expedition. Blue jeans. They are- no, not tight (I haven't sunk that low)- but they are tailored to fit the form much more accurately than the baggy but comfortable work pants I usually wear. They have a nice full-length mirror in the men's room in that library, and with my figure nicely revealed in jeans and T-shirt, I was obliged to conclude that I have a very well-proportioned physique- rugged and sturdy…
>Yeah! a regular Apollo. If I was queer, I would fall in love with myself.

Kek nonnie, it seems Teddy's already pretty zesty.

No. 990748

I like to get my friends custom or normally hard to get gifts for any occasion gift giving occasion because it just doesn't feel like a worthy gift to me otherwise, but personally I think getting practical gifts is the best (even if they are boring things like utensils or supplies). I don't know why I'm like this.

Last year I debated getting my coworker a fenty lipgloss that I saw her use everyday that she was almost out of, but then decided not to because I thought it might not come off as a sincere/well thought out enough gift because "I'm buying you a thing you currently use all the time." I told her later I was debating it and she said she would've loved it just as much since, duh, she uses it all the time! I won't get my friends they'll mention they need if it's really common (like a jewelry box or tumbler or something) for the same reasons. But it's like… they just said they needed X thing! Why would getting them something they clearly want be a bad thing?! My brain is so fucking stupid.

No. 990749

Tranny hands typed this.
>my imagination
Exactly. Side piece always has delusions and then get depressed when they realize they didn’t rock his world and change him as a person like some manic pixie dream hoe, but was just a masturbatory vehicle for a cheater. He would have cheated with any one who said yes.

No. 990825

That's the entire show. I can count on my fingers how many of these tards actually did something to change from the start instead of just talking about how much they want to, and actually lost weight without the doc going "time is running short, you gonna die!" for the eleventh time. These are the only good episodes.. and maybe the ones where the person dies at the end, these are weird ass episodes because they get worse than before when they were the ones that wanted the change to begin with but act like the doctor is torturing them because he tells them to stop eating fried chicken and start doing simple exercises and go to therapy. You feel sad for them because some clearly went through something traumatic, specially the women, but they're so deep in self pity, you will just lose any sympathy and want to punch some sense into them. Makes me angry just thinking about it!!!! I can't believe I was addicted to this trash show! No wonder I'm here

No. 990831

File: 1639158526383.jpg (114.3 KB, 720x842, IMG_20211210_194635.jpg)

thank goodness

No. 990832

Did this even come out?

No. 990866

my brain says it as coyboy beepboop and it's really hard to say cowboy bebop

No. 990867

soyboy beeboop

No. 990869

yeah thank god. the less shows scrotes have to blabber annoying shit about for hours (no one cares about your stupid shit interests) and cream themselves over "superior taste" the better

No. 990899

They're gonna blame feminists for both the show sucking ass and for it getting cancelled

No. 990908

i wish i knew why people dislike youtube videos

No. 990916

people are allowed to have opinions. not that they can even express it anymore kek

No. 990934

and i wish i knew what they were. like why has someone disliked this innocuous cat video? this shitty kpop video? someone's vlog? they never say anything in the comments unless its a big outrage

No. 990937

I sometimes do so that youtube stops recommending them.

No. 990963

idgi just get a fwb instead

No. 990965

I just found out that someone remade MySpace, time to set up the most ridiculous profile I can

No. 990972

I'm losing a ton of weight lately but it's mainly in my butt and now I look out of proportion aaaauauahagghhh

No. 990978

I applied to a scholarship online almost two years ago and I put my ID and official test papers with my full name and info because I live in MENA and I was so desperate at the time to pursue education outside. Anyway I got rejected and hopefully no one stole my identity because I’m a poorfag and a literal who. The scholarship isn’t from a shady organization or anything so I’m not worried about that but still….my retardation keeps me up at night.

No. 990984

The Rawring 20's are in full swing, baby

No. 990985

Kek fuck yes, you know this account is going to be some scene queen madness

No. 990990

I have pitch black hair. So I dye it green and fuck it up or leave it be?

No. 990998

Dye it green scene queen

No. 990999

No. 991014

depends. is the black natural? if the answer is no, i would not recommend dyeing it. i’ve fried my hair with bleach too many times to let someone else make the same mistake lol.

No. 991024

the only time i dislike someones video is when they did a porn joke, no matter how passing

No. 991032

Im itching to I’ve wanted an unnatural hair color forever

Yeah, my hair is naturally black and I’ve never dyed it before. I want to dye it green or ashy purple

No. 991034

Ooh I like the purple idea even more than the green. I am biased toward the dark purple though because I've dyed my own hair that color and loooved it.

No. 991035

Cool dream

No. 991057

Kek why didn't you post this in the dream thread

No. 991063

didn't know there was one, off i go thanks nona

No. 991074

sometimes there's not much else to say besides "it's shit". or the uploader is one of those tards who removes/moderates comments they don't like

No. 991077

I like going back to Yukapon's thread because of the ass mad retard who keeps coming back.

Hahahahah goodbye losers hahahahahaha
Ps you suck hahahah
Mods suck too because they banned me hahaha

No. 991088

Finally deleted my tumblr. No more american politics, tranny crap and retarded memes. I'm free.

No. 991099

overjoyed for you, probably gained several years of life

No. 991102

Which create a sim phrase are you, I'm "lamkee waraskin"

No. 991114

Even though I quit my job a few months ago they still sent me an anniversary gift voucher…thinking about getting the handheld vacuum

No. 991122

Are you truly free if you're here?

No. 991125

File: 1639180087831.jpeg (50.53 KB, 469x750, 4d60d4f87c36b21f31850b99643310…)

Fuck it, I'm finally going to stop being a greasy closeted homunculus and start living out my goal of becoming a handsome dandy butch. I'm getting myself a tailored suit and a nice hat this Christmas.

No. 991138

I’m flat on a tuesday

No. 991139

Men have some of the fattest asses.

No. 991142

File: 1639181573125.jpg (61.97 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Every male on my area is weirdly pear shaped, they do have very big asses

No. 991148

It's absolutely ridiculous. Maybe it's muscle that gives them such big butts.

No. 991149

Go butch-anon!

No. 991154

I love psychedelic rock but if I listen to it in winter I’ll stop associating it with summer’s hot days wandering through forests, fields and villages, or jumping into lakes, sheltering from the sun under a stone bridge, trespassing on property on a warm evening or just spending all day outside feeling in rhythm with the earth and everything. I have so many good memories of it so I can only listen to it like three months out of the year.

No. 991159

File: 1639183235645.png (16.98 KB, 200x200, 0206BCDE-5220-4E75-9D9B-C1C589…)

Wha-what’s ur type anon,,

No. 991163

Ha I was about to ask the help me find thread to find this tv series but I remembered it (actually I wrote australian post apocalyptic childrens tv series in google and it found it) so I have come here to brag

No. 991180

wtf there's hundreds of them

No. 991185


No. 991220

how did I go from liking tall men to wanting a small cute fun-sized man? need

No. 991234

File: 1639192037513.gif (3.8 MB, 498x280, foolishness-dante.gif)

kpop is like a parasitic amoeba, can't believe I deluded myself into thinking sissy asian midgets were attractive

No. 991239

File: 1639193718492.jpeg (229.14 KB, 1242x1242, 1636048964949.jpeg)

I have been trying to type up a post expressing how much I love lc and its farmers but I am terrible at expressing how much I appreciate people so I have given up. Anyway, I love you all more than you could know. Lc is irreplaceable to me and I will be very sad when it inevitably goes away one day. I was just thinking back to how old I was when I first found this site and realized it's been around 8 years… It's almost like I grew up here, which might seem pathetic, but I really don't regret any of it. Even though I do have friends and such in real life, those things tend to bring me anxiety and stress but lc has always felt like home.

No. 991245

I feel this too, anon. Love you!

No. 991248

File: 1639194475179.gif (7.14 KB, 85x111, 669138jd5pwxzwpn.gif)

I love you too nonnie

No. 991249

File: 1639194708397.jpg (156.29 KB, 749x832, ab358fa38d5e871534439cef2082db…)

>genocidal dictator
well that's relative

No. 991252

I love you too, nona.
>Lc is irreplaceable to me and I will be very sad when it inevitably goes away one day
Be optimistic, we may kick the bucket before lolcow does ♥ As the Kiki banner flashing before my eyes says, the party never ends

No. 991272

File: 1639197649074.jpg (27.2 KB, 728x409, earphones-dog-animals-baby-ani…)

This photo is so iconic. What a superstar.

No. 991277

File: 1639199024654.jpg (31.42 KB, 500x375, 4db7cbb62113b5d7ebefd94a5d4169…)

me in 40 years. was gonna shoop it with multiple grannies and say lolcow in 40 years. but alas, I am zzz

No. 991278

Anon you have deprived us of such amazing imagery.

No. 991279

to the retarded janny that banned me, i know youre fat

No. 991284

Kek I second your sentiment. Fuck you for banning me over a trigger happy anon misunderstanding my post and thinking I'm a retarded twitterfag, not checking my post history and ignoring my appeal and an email that I sent. Truly infuriating

No. 991285

File: 1639201280439.png (725.65 KB, 563x839, Ev6OV9iUUAQRxrI.png)

In the distant future, once transhumanism hits full steam and everyone is able to choose which frankencreature cyber-humanoid they want to be, I am 100% sure that a significant amount of the population will resemble Second Life avatars

No. 991287

the amount of chafing dear god fuck that

No. 991292

File: 1639202573598.png (1.96 MB, 1024x768, Cottage-garden-design-with-ros…)

No. 991293

me in the beret

No. 991299

File: 1639203817232.png (62.28 KB, 772x508, Screenshot 2021-12-11 082249.p…)

why are they expecting people to start shitting and crying over this monstrosity not being renewed?

No. 991303

File: 1639204265574.jpg (673.52 KB, 1935x2592, IMAGES.jpg)

Fuck Robert Pattinson.

No. 991305

File: 1639204466583.jpeg (175.49 KB, 1280x851, 8FD3F324-8A1D-48DB-9249-F9E655…)

Here since 2016 and I love you bitches sm, through aaall the bullshit. It’s so nostalgic to think about how different I was when I stumbled on here and how far I’ve come since.
Fuck me I teared up a lil, can’t wait to be old and based.

No. 991306

File: 1639204613118.jpg (324.01 KB, 999x562, robert-pattinson-variety-1-16x…)

I will

No. 991309

This is art, me in the black cap

No. 991316

Go to bed Twigs

No. 991323

Kek I got so triggered when they called me twitterfag in the ban message one time, the slander! But that meant jannys don’t check history usually so it’s whatever.

No. 991328

nonnies really siding with an abusive scrote just cause he played a vampire over 10 years ago huh…

No. 991330

I like skinny, tall caucasoid men anon(by that I mean not just white guys but anyone with >>989281 features) like >>989281

No. 991339

File: 1639208264998.png (167.41 KB, 404x393, Screenshot (4920).png)

I want to fuck this weird, neurotic, pessimistic scrote so fucking bad and I don't even know why.

No. 991340

i love him so much, i've got tickets to see him next year

No. 991342

say sike. de/g/ens need to go back

No. 991345

File: 1639209108243.jpg (178.35 KB, 1080x1350, omg so cute.jpg)

How could you hate this sweet little face Nona? ♥

No. 991408

spoiler this dehydrated cryptid please

No. 991410

File: 1639217488188.jpg (58.02 KB, 1366x768, 991.jpg)

>Screenshot (4920)

No. 991415

No. 991430

nta but its not a big dealing, just means that anon likely doesn't clear her cookies, in this year alone I must have made at least 700 screenshots(and half of the screenshots were repeats due to me not getting it right)

No. 991434

I think he was really hot when he was younger or even about 10 years ago but now he looks way too old and decrepit for me

No. 991441

I just want to have sex. My coochie is ready and I just Want It

No. 991442

Im horny

No. 991444

File: 1639220685532.png (308.25 KB, 1124x672, Screenshot (4930).png)

Not to expose myself as some kind of weird shut in but those are just my laptop screenshots, the actual number of photos I have saved is around 44 thousand lol.

No. 991452

kek this makes me feel better about the 7-9k photos on my phone from pictures, downloads, screenshots. everyone else thinks its excessive.

No. 991462

Made it through a course of antibiotics without getting thrush or an upset stomach

I'm superhuman

No. 991464

No. 991469

File: 1639226340470.png (262.03 KB, 1022x695, Screenshot (332).png)

Time to expose my self, not near your two's power levels but I'm way beyond most normies
though I only keep what I consider useful information and I constantly reorganize my pics

No. 991478

Ugh I want to peruse your basic board culture file

No. 991480

Too superhuman for this

No. 991491

File: 1639230316019.png (6.2 KB, 429x410, 1633378842386.png)

wtf, does everyone have such coherrent folder sorting? How do you keep it up? I just made like 10 subfolders in each of the big folders (Pictures, Downloads, Documents etc) and then gave up and just saved the rest of the thousands of pictures loosely in the big folders.

No. 991495

I had that much fanart saved of only my husbando in high school lol

No. 991517

Same it looks fun
Anon can you come over and organise my picture files I'll make you dinner

No. 991528

File: 1639233289422.png (484.51 KB, 1306x640, Screenshot (334).png)

hours of organization, usually arrange pics by size and then dump then big tent folders(such as memes and funny pics) after that I sub organize them into "normie memes" "wholeseome memes" as an example
Its not much and fairly outdated but if you know any sites that allow me to anonymously dump folders I'd post it

No. 991529

This inspires me to start my own, but I'm too lazy to backup everything. Impressive collections, anons.

No. 991547

his kermit voice is too distracting kek

No. 991563

Oh it's not organized at all, it's basically just photo dumpings from my phone or laptop from the past like 8 years. I was going to try to go through them but now there's 40 thousand it seems too daunting.

No. 991680

are they all froggy peterson photos

No. 991686

That’s wild to me. I have delete session every month. Having so many pictures make me feel claustrophobic lol. But then again I hoard pdfs and movies I guess.
>organized by size
Why? I’m a by type stacy myself.

No. 991723

File: 1639249365103.png (387.98 KB, 600x689, CC10B7AA-D02B-421B-9CFD-CC98BE…)

I just have to google women's health for the first time since forever, because I was doing some nude study and I was shocked that some of the models had their clits hanging out of their vagina, like a purple meat string.

Apparently I learned today that some women have their inner labia longer than their outer labia… whatever they mean.

Anons, I've never been afraid of a coochie and now I kinda am. How do you recover from this.
I've never looked at mine from any other direction than downwards and I'm still in shock about different cooch, yeah; and I'm 31

No. 991759

Stop calling it coochie at your age.

No. 991760

My inner labia is longer than the outer yeah.
Just get used to your pussy anon, even if you don't look at it directly you can still foster a healthy relationship with her by touching her pearl and stuff.

No. 991761

nta but coochie is fun to say.

No. 991785

Ok but 30 is the cut off age for using the word coochie

No. 991803

i thought thats what all older black ladies called it

No. 991808

Cringe, you don't even know what your body looks like?

No. 991816

>that some women have their inner labia longer than their outer labia…
Isn't that…most women?

No. 991844

I want some peanut m&Ms

No. 991865

maybe she's straight

No. 991895

>their clits hanging out of their vagina, like a purple meat string.
What are you even trying to say? Are you talking about the labia? I've never seen a hanging clit.

No. 991897

tell me your country's sex education is bad without saying your country's sex education is bad

No. 991927

File: 1639263096474.png (Spoiler Image, 416.62 KB, 565x406, 094FB67C-3C8C-4583-AF70-43FAC8…)

Spoiler contain literally real photo of a vagina.

Might risk getting banned for posting this, but here's the exact nude model I stumbled upon… I thought of redrawing it for context but I don't think I can replicate Exactly like this (including my confusion)

Is this a clit? Is this a labia?

No. 991936

She's probably too undesirable for that

No. 991953

I need Windows again, sorting my shit on mac is such a pain

No. 991955

labium in the singular! I think it's both, a clit within labia minora

No. 992000

god im sorry but im glad its not me

No. 992010

File: 1639267001086.jpg (5.2 KB, 429x117, download (1).jpg)

my sister posted on her snap story that a video where she's in a mirror maze with flashing red and green neon lights and sandstorm playing in the background and here i am stuck at home writing my thesis…

No. 992039

I'm still thinking about the anon who said pussy smells like a musky butterscotch and you know what, that's not a bad way of putting it.

No. 992041

that's the labia minora, the clit is usually still flat against the body tucked in the clitoral hood unless there's some kind of growth of the clitoris from testosterone or something. but this really isn't that unusual, about 50% of the vaginas I've seen have longer labia minora than majora. the pussies you see in porn usually have had labiaplasty so this is seen as more rare than it really is.

No. 992057

Thank you sensei I learned something today

No. 992074

File: 1639273234024.png (553.12 KB, 1321x772, Screenshot (4939).png)

Only a few thousand

No. 992090

i choose to believe this folder and post is a joke. no one could possibly be this obsessed with such an obnoxious, incel-tier, dried out decaying frog. i won't even consider the idea.

No. 992095

It's just some fag who worships his pseudo daddy

No. 992119

i could be wrong but the only people i have met who have extremely large and organized folders of pics have been chan men and troons. i have pics but beyond like a dedicated few folders i think these men develop these pic and video folder habits from their porno and lewd obsessions

No. 992132

Lol half joking cause most of those are just screenshots of his quotes, or books and topics I want to look into from his recommendations.
Wait I'm not a fag and I don't watch porn and the majority of my folders aren't organized. I do disagree with a lot of what he says I just think he's sometimes really smart and funny, and very cute. out of all the insults I've gotten on lolcow I think the insinuation that I'm a man or a tranny hurts the worst lol

No. 992161

Uhhhhh ok? How does a vagina looking different actually scare you or disturb you this badly? It’s normal genitalia and skin.

No. 992178

by god im not a petersonfag but as a fag of something I have competition in terms of pictures

deranged visual stans unite

No. 992183

This makes me feel better about my thousands of screenshots of interesting posts and information, I don't save many photos though but have many folders with random themes of things I learned or observed online.

Also not a troon, very much an estrogen infused vagina haver here kek. I don't have any porn saved either, I think excess files is just a symptom of being a nerd and men are more predisposed to nerdery.

No. 992184

Is >>991444 really considered coherent organization?? No offense to anon but I would be stressing if I had vague/redundant folder names like 'downloads and shit' 'downloadssss' or key smashing or whatever. I try to have fewer, smaller folders so it's really easy to find things and I don't get overwhelmed by digital clutter.

To be fair I can get really autistic autistic about my folder organization. At one point I made custom icons for literally everything, like every TV show, anime/manga series, character or pairing in my art folder, etc. It looked awesome but took so much time, these days I use pre-made icons and not for every single subfolder.

No. 992193

I'm a lesbian and my outer labia covers my inner one and I personally prefer this type of labia. It just looks more womanly imo

No. 992195

How can a vagina look more womanly than another though? They're all pussies.

No. 992198

NTA but id imagine its because children and young girls typically dont have this vulva shape, so having a long labia makes one more distinguishable from a child, similar to a woman that is legitimately flat chested (like 180 degrees flat, not "anything under a D cup is flat, flat)

No. 992200

Thats so interesting for adhering to the pornification of women’s vaginas. Is it also more womanly to be shaved bare and have big bouncy boobies? If only men got this much detailed criticism over their dicks and balls, good lord can’t believe there’s anons here thinking some labia is frightening or lessens your ~feminine vibes~

No. 992203

The dumbness in the thread is way too concentrated right now
>I'm a lesbian

No. 992209

are you 12

No. 992214

I have a small/buried clit and basically non-existent labia minora and I hate hearing this. None of my body looks childish. I hate being made to feel like I am supposed to second guess why someone would find my pussy attractive. (not taking this out on you, anon)

No. 992218

For me I can't stop thinking about the hung out vagina skin can get caught up in something, I don't know, especially some toilets in here are squatting toilets too, I suppose I always have this innate fear that something to jump up and bite my hooha

No. 992220

how can you possibly be taking offense to this?

No. 992222

Weird scrotes who made me feel self-conscious/aware in the first place. Plus I recently found out mine looks the way it does due to part of it being fused when I was born and having surgery.

No. 992235

Girl stop, nobody is insulting you. Most of the time all you're gonna see is women being called 'roasties', porn with vaginas just like yours, and girls posting about how insecure they are about their long labia. Read the room and don't throw yourself a public pity party about a conventionally attractive trait countless women are miserable about.

No. 992238

I once tried to cut my inner lips with a scissor when I was super young because I was so embarrassed how ugly it looked but I just made one snip and it hurt a lot so I stopped kek. Now it's a little scar on top of an already ugly pussy. Winning. I'm over being insecure about it now though.

No. 992242

genitals aren't pretty enough to be worth judging
there I said it

No. 992243

They get twisted/pinched in underwear, and there's extra maneuvering to put something inside so you don't rip your lips off.
t. Fat pussy lips

No. 992245

Yes but, whenever I'm reading something and I see the words 'pretty pink pussy' or whatever, it takes me out and I lose the plot because that is just not me. And once you notice it, you realize how common this is. I see offhand jokes about ugly vaginas on normal meme accounts ffs.

No. 992248

File: 1639290422373.jpg (110.79 KB, 600x600, 252912.jpg)

I want this mug so fucking badly

No. 992249

Same wtf I wanted to cut mine so badly I would go to the bathroom with a mirror and scissors in 5th grade because it didn’t look like the diagrams in school and I thought it was weird and embarrassing but no one irl who interacts with it has ever judged me so why should I care about random incel comments online or from anyone for that matter. I never have pain or issues with mine besides there just being extra skin. It sucks there’s still a stigma though and even other ladies are like OH GROSS I WOULD HATE THAT I WOULD GET SURGERY!

No. 992250

I hate when someone on here is like "Duhhhhh we're on lc, of course we are mentally ill", like speak for your own fucking self. Stop bringing me down to your level. Not everyone on here is an autist like you and stop trying to make it a thing. Just because I post on here doesn't mean I'm a neet femcel or whatever else you are projecting onto me. It's so cringe. We're all mentally ill, shut up. It's just you.

No. 992254

Exactly! Except I was 15 and the internet comments got to me. I wasn't "neat" down there. Nor completely pink. I thought I was so hideous, and this sentiment was shared by both moids and women online and it made young-me feel awful. I'm at least glad I didn't cut my fucking lips off even though I tried. You're totally right, anon. We should be grateful we have working vaginas, and to be nice to them kek, they're doing their job perfectly. We need to give our longer lips some kindness.

No. 992257

When I was like 16 I found out about the whole labia insecurity and realized my labia minora was longer than my labia majora, I was so distraught about it for weeks. I thought I was so ugly and deformed because the vaginas I'd seen in porn were all flat and tucked away like a hentai character. When I'd google about it I would just get a bunch of cosmetic surgery results where they cut the labia minora and sew it to be smaller and flush with the body. I thought I was eventually going to get that but when I looked into it I realized what a con job it was. Men taking money from women to slice up their pussies into a pornified stereotype of female genitalia. I found out that most popular pornstars have had that surgery done and that's why they all have flat looking pussies with minimal labia. And that the surgery often makes sex painful and childbirth riskier because the labia is supposed to be able to stretch to help the vaginal opening with childbirth or penetrative sex, and if it's cut and stitched up it can't stretch anymore and pulls at the skin around the vagina. It helped "redpill" me on what a misogynistic scam the cosmetic surgery industry is.

No. 992261

It’s definitely a very common thing for girls to be insecure about, I wouldn’t even want to have sex or have partners look at it but it was no big deal at all and then I was like why did I hate myself for so long over this…being insecure just stopped me from getting eaten out until years into a relationship. Misogyny is so rampant and evil in all aspects of life so it’s hard to ignore especially on social media when it’s a joke you’re supposed to go along with or people giving their judgmental opinion.

No. 992262

I have a half outie, so I had that urge as well.

Would really make incels head spin with that one. If I have roast beef on one side and the other is innie, does that make me a half-whore? Guess I had tons of sex on one side of my vagina

No. 992264

ngl barely know what my own pussy looks like, I've looked once or twice in a mirror and it barely left a mental impact on me as to whether it was pretty or not.

idk what meme accounts you're looking at but it sounds like they appeal to coomers kek

No. 992265

where are all the sane posters then?

No. 992268

File: 1639291507309.jpeg (39.91 KB, 400x240, 1581023036514.jpeg)

Kek clearly well-adjusted behavior

No. 992269

See, since you're nonchalant about it (which is great) you don't get affected by it. I was a teen and I had all the characteristics that made a pussy 'ugly' and seeing jokes about it online and offhand comments made me feel bad about it. Though, clearly, being terminally online also plays a part here.

No. 992272

What did I say that was not well-adjusted sounding? You just feel comfortable imagining everyone else is as fucked up or miserable as you.

No. 992280

nta but have you not seen the usual type of posts on this board, /g/, sometimes /snow/, hell even /m/ gets spergs occasionally but not as often. if there are any stable anons here they're either in a minority or just lurkers

No. 992282

You sound unhinged

No. 992285

This passive aggressiveness and obsession to prove you're "sane" is very telling
There might be sane anons in this website, but for sure you aren't one of them

No. 992287

All the well-adjusted farmers post on /m/.

No. 992288

No one well-adjusted would be so knee jerking and defensive about a simple observation about imageboard. Nor would someone well-adjusted assume every one who ribs on your snowflakery is a miserable neet. Maybe not everything is about you, you sound like twitterfag who feels the need to feel represented even though you're a minority.

No. 992289

All I'm saying is I get annoyed when someone says something about how the other anon is crazy and she has to reply with something corny like "Hurr this is lc, what did you expect?". That's it.

No. 992290

No. 992291

what does it even mean to be "not sane" or representative of an imageboard? it feels like people say this over anything. to some posts, it's definitely merited, but it'll be like… over anything? i don't even know what it means to be "not sane" in this context because people just have bad days or bad hours, or are just venting, and i don't think it means much or is emblematic of a person who is not well adjusted. i think most users are probably fairly normal irl.

No. 992294

nothing looks like my pussy lol. it's "small" but not naturally. it's numb too. fuck off.

No. 992295

How the hell you don’t know what your own pussy looks like wtf

No. 992297

Not speaking for that anon but I know a few girls completely uninterested in their vaginas and only touch theirs when they absolutely need to, like cleaning. Though this is from our religious upbringing more than anything else.

No. 992300

just look at the celebricows threads, tinfoil threads, confession threads, vent threads, unpopular opinions, any fetish related thread, anons who want to fuck pedos, serial killers, and elderly men, scatfags, hostile responses towards normal/innocent posts, the constant infighting and autism over the exact same topics over and over (or sometimes over something incredibly mundane like hand sizes), the fact that many anons admit to being diagnosed with various disorders, the fuckton of ana-chans, etc.

No. 992305

Lol reading this thread made me glad I’m not insecure about my pussy. Gonna go masturbate brb

No. 992343

Are anons that sensitive that one lesbian preferring a labia length hurts their feelings? Kek

No. 992347

i'm guessing more because she specified it looks more 'womanly' which is a bit stupid.

No. 992349

I mean she said it was her opinion and people define things as womanly differently and it's nice to see positivity towards that vulva shape than the usual hate it gets

No. 992361

How can one be 30 and be this out of touch with their own bodies and knowledge about it… reminds me of this girl who had no idea about ovulation and thought her white discharge was an std that flared up once a month, despite her being a virgin. To her credit, she was like 20. Even so… that's old enough to know. I am constantly surprised by women knowing nothing about their own bodies.

No. 992365

File: 1639304222455.jpg (57.55 KB, 600x435, FaceApp_1639307377483828.jpg)

Do you like Lana Del Rey?
Her early work was a little too "edgy teen" for my taste, but when Ultraviolence came out in 14, she really came into her own, both commercially and artistically. The whole album has a smooth 'jazzy vibe' and a new sheen of consummate professionalism, which really gives the songs a big boost. She's been compared to Marina and the Diamonds, but I think Lana has a darker, more mature lyrical style.
In 2017, Lana released Lust for Life, her most accomplished album. I think the undisputed masterpiece is "When the World Was on Fire We Just Kept Dancing", a song so catchy, most people don't even listen to the lyrics anymore; but they should, because it's not just an allusion to America's current political climate, and the public's general complacency towards it, it's also a personal statement about Lana herself!

No. 992366

The crazy part is being on lolcow and also that ignorant. It's one thing if it's because you're a sheltered fundie or something, but if you've managed to find an obscure 4chan offshot for girls with threads solely about vaginas and insecurities and health issues and never noticed the frequent discussion of differences in labia length…? That's bizarre. I almost feel like anon is playing up her ignorance because she just wants to be like 'eww roasties' but knows it won't go down well.

No. 992367

Is it that surprising? Many of us aren't taught, not by our parents and not in school, because women's anatomy is treated as tabboo.

No. 992369

I live somewhere with no sex-ed and Islamic rule and I just looked stuff up myself because I wanted to know what was up. It's no excuse.

No. 992370

Isn't it the other way around (longer inners) that usually gets the hate? Pretty sure outer covering the inner as anon described is considered the ideal. Am I reading it wrong?

No. 992372

I agree, it makes me sad. There's so much misinformation shared as well so when the internet is your only option you just get a stilted view depending on what you read, especially if you're young.

No. 992373

Yeah that's the ideal, the "Riley Reid" pussy.

No. 992375

I absolutely hate the way autistic BDDfags nitpick the cows' appearance and think it's milk that someone uses filters to change their appearance because no shit it's edited, but on the other hand I used to be just as spergy about it back in my late teens/early 20's too. It's the period of your life when appearances are everything so you can't fault these barely adult seething undercover e-girls for being so obsessed with someone else's looks and being able to carry a thread of 1000 replies only focusing on what the cow looks unfiltered. I'm now in my early 30's and I couldn't give a shit about some cow smoothing her skin or making herself look like the kotakoti alien on camera because women are subjected to such extreme standards that if you don't use these body-altering filters people will call you a fat, ugly skank for having pores and a waist roll when you sit down. I wish the young women of the future would chill with this shit but it feels like the vicious cycle will never be broken.

No. 992376

You read it wrong. She said she has the outer cover the inner lips but she personally prefers
>>991927 this.

No. 992379

It may not be an excuse but that's unfortunately not how the world works.

No. 992386


No. 992387

Will never forget a girl on one of tlc’s teen pregnancy shows… She was 15/16, currently pregnant panicking at the doctors over something she found in her panties. Turns out the boy who knocked her up in the first place once again finished inside her and she thought the sperm residue that came out into her underwear was something going wrong with her pregnancy. A part of me died seeing that.

No. 992391

You'd be surprised. It really depends on the individual. I once had an upperclassman, super trad religious muslim, and she never once touched or seen her vagina, just occasionally wash it while bathing. Finally went to a doctor when she had a nasty fungal infection just festering there for months.
A bit unrelated but it frustrates me as well when young girls miss their period for months or even years, or have painful PMS, and just kind of let it happen. Despite the overall younger generation being more "sex positive", the amount of socialization of paying attention to your genitals is still the bare minimum

No. 992392

Lost media is kind of dumb, there's no value lost with stupid old commercials or nickelodean live action game shows.

No. 992396

I did all my research myself and I had to see endocrinologists for unrelated issues, but if I were always healthy and never bothered doing research online and if I had shitty science teachers in middle and high school I wouldn't know anything. Some parents truly don't give a fuck and think telling their daughters the most basic things about hygiene will make them turbo sluts. I remember when my sisters and I started having our periods, my mother would slap us if we were too loud when asking for pads or asking too many questions in case my father would hear us, and to this day I've never used tampons because it's "only for married women". When the people around you are already this fucked in the head you won't even suspect that you need to learn how your reproductive organs work, so you won't look it up, and I'm sure there are parents who are way worse than mine.

No. 992407

File: 1639310303861.jpg (237.65 KB, 1209x606, both.jpg)

Behold the two types of males I'm attracted too
you may not like it but this is what either all males should look like

No. 992409

I think sex with my casual guy is a vice. We meet 3x a week or so but every second weekend I stay over and it's just non stop fucking, now the day after i'm sitting with a cold pack over my vag wondering if it'll give me another UTI or infection, because after the 2nd go or so I stop being wet so easily but still have the urge to fuck, and yes we'll use lube, but it can still be rough, because that's what I enjoy. These days I take cranberry pills daily and am currently on a course of pills to re-balance the bacteria in my vag so I stop getting BV constantly. He takes all sorts of precautions for me but I think it is just the frequency, I'm the one who always initiates the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th round.

And I don't drink alcohol because it's expensive and will harm me physically long term. I don't smoke weed or cigarettes because it's bad for my lungs, I always go to bed on time and try my best to eat healthily. I'm 30 now and my bad habits bite me back these days, but this is one that I think adds so much to my life, and acts as such a release I don't want to stop even if it does my body harm. I love the intimacy and pleasure it gives me, without the stress or commitment of a bf.

Just a thought because I went to pee and it hurt, but I can't tell if it's a UTI or just the micro tears in my vag making everything hurt a bit.

In comparison to other vices, it's not so bad, is it?

No. 992414

Same here but nowadays I only use dildos.. with how carried away I get I got a uti even from that recently. Weeks of suffering. I need to get my shit together and either learn to like gentler play or it's clit stuff only. I've never had bv from it but I'm sick of just having ongoing piss problems. Not worth this.

No. 992416

File: 1639311481391.jpg (18.23 KB, 540x540, iadjeifjrnfueur.jpg)

The left is 3A while the right is 2B, they could've at least been the same level of curl but no. I hate it. Even when they're wet you can notice the difference.

No. 992430

Where I live they charge a shit-tonne for waste disposal so people give their broken crap to charity stores and make it their problem instead. Any time 'cheap chinese crap going to landfill!' anon pops up I think of that.

No. 992434

File: 1639313675993.jpg (202.79 KB, 1920x1080, 20211212_121814.jpg)

One of my favourite boys got a grand version after 4 years of fucking nothing
>b-but why isn't it my ugly bara boy
>h-he's boring
HAHA maximum schadenfreude, haters can eat my shit, me and my yume artist friends are overjoyed

No. 992440

Tbf charity shops don't have to accept their shit if they don't want to.

No. 992445

File: 1639315001495.jpg (74.01 KB, 577x433, 7y0kqe5z5xs71.jpg)

So do we just kinda have ED/ANA-chans here right now ?
the ones who treat this place like proana forum and make fun of everyone whose bones don't rattle

No. 992446

Where I live people know they close on Sundays, so on sundays you'll always see a whole bunch of gross items dumped outside their doors.

They even say not to leave stuff outside but people are just so eager to donate lol. It's shit because charities have to pay for waste collection too. You're costing them money.

No. 992447

Please help me come out with a cool new email name

No. 992460

We always had some anachans but the recent Lucinda drama brought edtwt in. The funniest is that those anachans are either fatties trying to cope and insulting normal people, or those with a fucking man body like Natalie.

No. 992463


No. 992465

File: 1639317541879.jpg (128.82 KB, 1400x700, Pokemon-TCG-Shiny-Darumaka-Car…)

Me: I'm not really a fan of pink

Me any time the shiny version of a pokemon is pink: Aww fuck yeah, that's much better

No. 992467

Aw same tbh

No. 992484

Can the fucking anon who keeps posting this fucking photo lose her wifi password already

No. 992485

File: 1639319216048.jpg (22.16 KB, 275x275, 1639163205044.jpg)

Photo in question

No. 992486

Oh I just wanna kiss him so hard right now

No. 992498

File: 1639320059027.jpg (540.13 KB, 2148x987, 1639243689651.jpg)

I bet it's the same sperg that keeps posting this too.

No. 992501

I was about to a-log for seeing this pic again.

No. 992504

Yes these are my pics, what problem do you have with them if any

No. 992509

Stop being a sperg spamming the same shit and integrate

No. 992514

I have broken no rules and am just using images that are relevant for a conversation

No. 992515

samefagging and making your posts easy to identify are against the rules. also you sound male

No. 992521

It's probably just autism

No. 992524

Try curbing your massive autism.

No. 992532

Idk, I think ignoring pain or missing periods might come from just being dismissed immediately. I've had friends going to doctors because they kept throwing up from period pain, but the doctors said it's normal, it will get better once they're out of puberty, so after getting tired from trying to find help they just said fuck it, popped some pain killers and missed a day or two every month at school. Same with me, irregular period for some years now, but every doctor I've been to says it's just stress and it'll probably regulate itself again. Well, okay then, I know I'm not pregnant and just getting it every other month or so hasn't killed me yet, so if I'm being told it's fine I'm guessing this is my life now.

No. 992535

I remember a post with this image, or answering to this image, arguing that men who preferred the Kardashians over the women on the right WERE FUCKING GAY. it was funny.

No. 992548

What is going on? Have been out for 15 hours and some wild shit happens lol

No. 992550

File: 1639326762922.gif (483.96 KB, 275x183, 1596547371132.gif)

I just found out that my (male) ex want's to make an OF account to sell pictures. He's in for a surprise once he realizes that it's going to be only male coomers who subscribe and not women. He's a complete normie so I do feel a bit bad but man… imagine putting your relationship on the line to sell pictures of yourself for 3$

No. 992557

Even non-terminally onlines make OF accounts now?

No. 992559

what about lost media where fucked up things happen on air? like that MTV show where girls got sprayed with diarrhea, or that old talkshow where the guest died right on the chair, or those people who drowned in the making of the ten commandments film. and there was an old episode of i think wheel of fortune where one of the contestants was a child molester but no one knew yet until the victim recognized him on tv (that episode actually got found tho but i'm too lazy to find the link). the NSFL section on lostmedia wiki has some interesting but messed up stuff.

No. 992561

is he cute? innocent, normie guy making an OF… i'm kinda into it.

No. 992563

When strippers and porn stars with photographers and actual hot bodies don't make a living wage on OF, I wonder what makes people think their mediocre nude mirror selfies will.

No. 992565

He looks a bit like Heath Ledger with long, wavy hair so

No. 992567

fuuuuck… i won't ask for the name since that's very impolite but this just got hotter. godspeed, cutie ex… the gays will love you.

No. 992590

If he would make femdom oriented content then us in /g/ might actually be interested.

No. 992601

Lmao, I'll suggest it to him

No. 992621

File: 1639332617769.jpg (80.7 KB, 600x600, 1639163205044.jpg)

Its still going to be mostly males though, go to any online female domination space, its 90% scrotes
I think he shouldn't try for the kink market(its already over statured) try marketing himself more as a "misunderstood depressed loner" that might get some attention from girls if that's who he wants as his target audience

No. 992628

File: 1639332850560.jpg (55.34 KB, 390x512, peakcomedy.jpg)

No. 992630

Yeah, doctors don't give a fuck about women's health issues. I only get my period once or twice a year and I've seen 4 different doctors (including 2 OBGYNs and an endocrinologist) and basically only ever got told "huh, that's weird". I don't really bother worrying about it anymore.

No. 992632

how is this pic relevant towards anything, it's just avatarfagging at this point

No. 992638

Post pics and then delete, do it

No. 992639

File: 1639333503055.png (14.73 KB, 476x133, jkr.png)

Our Queen is back.
Terven power level is over 9000

No. 992648

I-Is this real? Kek, she really gives no shit anymore. Good for her.

No. 992654

>penised individual
better than ejaculator or scrote haver kek

No. 992657

No. 992665

she's cringe as fuck but based as hell

No. 992668

Kek liked and retweeted. She will always be the most prolific female writer of our time. She’s already immortal. Trannies seethe.

No. 992670

Holy shit. That's blatant. Good for her.

No. 992718

How long does 3-5 rounds take you guys? That sounds super exhausting

No. 992736

Its their own fault really, she tried to be a good ally and make comprises, but no that wasn't enough for them
they had to keep pushing and pushing and eventually trespassed in her house when her kids were still inside and doxxed her, that was likely the last straw for her

No. 992739

kekkk she truly doesn't give a fuck anymore. God i wosh that was me

No. 992746

File: 1639340945723.jpg (82.78 KB, 600x553, meep.jpg)

I have to sperg. I hate when men scratch their balls/ass. I was watching a video, and the man in it suddenly said "My balls itch" and then I assume scratched them. Imagine how crazy a woman would sound if she said that out loud, and they do it in public too. Why are their nuts so itchy? Why do they subject people to their genital scratching? Why don't they wash their hands after? Fucking ogres. Stop telling people your disgusting balls itch.

No. 992747

I hate it too, especially when they do it in public. From the distance you never know if they "just" scratch or touch themselves.

No. 992748

Sorry for reposting anon, >>992746 I was going to add something but decided to leave it as is.

No. 992763

That's brazen and I admire it.

Literally all night, somewhere between 5-7 hours. And it is exhausting, but also I think the mental buildup to the sleepover and the 1 hour or so of foreplay on me sets me up for a long time. Then it's exercise too which energises me, plus the mixture of fast and slow fucks in different positions makes it varied enough that it doesn't get boring. I feel absolutely worn out by the next day, but it always feels like time well spent.

No. 992771

Dang nona I'm jealous. Happy fucking.

No. 992781

My parents made me watch Last Christmas with them (that movie where Emilia Clarke dates the ghost of the man her heart transplant came from). Such a bleak movie, honestly made me want to kill myself.

No. 992784

File: 1639343745751.png (185.89 KB, 899x516, tx2NKJHm90v.png)

I know sometimes anons interact with my dumb posts out of pity or maybe charity but it makes me happy lol. It feels like when you get talked over in a group but someone acknowledged you.

No. 992789

they respond to u because u are funny and interesting nonny, much love.

No. 992809

Ily anon, I try to reply posts even though I don't always have something useful to say

No. 992814

Damn, even when men try to sound sexy they are absolutely awful at it. Porn access for men should be banned

No. 992820

It wasn't recently that "cancel culture" came up in a class and in the end the more moderate people tried to defend that she did not actually think, it was a misinterpretation, I'd like to see them scramble now. I love this tweet, but I'm hiding my powerlevel since I don't want enemies in academic cycles.

No. 992825

File: 1639345177148.gif (70.49 KB, 128x118, polar-bear-and-cat-playing-dru…)

Thinking about that one farmer who had a random scrote who was obsessing over her write and record an entire indie song dedicated to her. Lyrics about her having 'hair like a manga girl' or some shit like that.
I believe she posted about it earlier this year and she even shared an altered recording of the actual song, it was glorious. It still pops into my head sometimes and I wonder how she's doing.

No. 992830

nta but it's lucy lucy lucy, and i still have the song saved

No. 992842

Oh right, that's what it was called! Wish I saved the song too, good times.

No. 992877

I was playing a game and some person I added some time ago started talking to me and we talked about random stuff.They asked me about my pronouns and eventually we found out we are from the same country.Even thought she was young,I feel weird this pronouns she/they stuff seeps into languages like mine where grammatically it doesn't even make sense

No. 992884

Holy shit that's wack

No. 992886

Can you please post it?! I should’ve saved it as well.

No. 992892

Seconded I'm a very interested random anon who didn't know about this

No. 992896

File: 1639350042949.png (257.5 KB, 823x658, 1612666022975.png)

NTA but this is the post kek

No. 992897

File: 1639350082328.jpg (279.42 KB, 952x1680, 1612666180750.jpg)

No. 992904

That was it! If I remember correctly the OP clarified that the last half of the lyrics where she comes over and they date never even happened. I actually remember the chorus being pretty catchy too.

No. 992908

Anon I had forgotten about this!! KEK

No. 992910

Kek I know I'm gonna have a bad day when lolcow posts are getting under my skin

No. 992917

No. 992927

File: 1639352946155.jpeg (666.65 KB, 750x791, A55A00C9-996F-40EB-AF54-593EBB…)

which outfit are you (from left to right) 1,2,3,4

No. 992932

I'm wearing pretty much the exact outfit from 1/far left right now.

No. 992934

I'm pretty much "There'd be no more wars if all penises were cut off! Argh!" right now.

No. 992941

merry neetmas

No. 992942

I dress like a less skimpy 3 and think like a 1

No. 992947

Either 2, 1 or 3. Depends on my mood

No. 992950

2, trying to get to 3

No. 992974

mix of 1 and 3

No. 993022

File: 1639361428678.png (50.76 KB, 393x104, autism.png)

why is this 5 hours long wtf

No. 993026

I can't believe anne rice died before pelé or the queen

No. 993028

manic depression

No. 993030

Along with Drake and Josh it's one of the funniest Nick shows, tf are they on about

No. 993047

I can't stand Quinton Reviews and his redundant rants and anecdotes and "jokes". He's completely insufferable, and he knows he is, you can tell by the whining he's always doing about how no one wants to be his friend. Potato faced retard and his 5 hour videos about shows meant for pre-teen girls.

No. 993059

I know…. timeline seems very off now lol

No. 993072

When I was going through my experimenting with drugs phase years ago, I used to watch psyched substance for knowledge and safety. Thought about him today and saw his life falling apart. Apparently he’s been struggling for awhile. Not that surprising I guess but kinda sad.

No. 993090

He said he's only on day 3 of quitting opioids, stimulants and alcohol cold turkey? I'm skeptical, I would expect him to look a lot more miserable going through cold turkey withdrawals

No. 993099

No. 993100

Storing yeast in the fridge is a SCAM! Never trusting bread makers again.

No. 993104

Why??? Did it die??? Don't let it get way too cold or it will die

No. 993106

Nothin wrong with my yeast, it's happy and fridgin' it up

No. 993109

It didn't die, but since I've kept it in the fridge it rises a lot less (when it's in liquid, actual dough rise is ok if I let it sit for a few hours/overnight). I didn't know it could get too cold, fuck. I'll probably put it somewhere warmer in my fridge then.

No. 993112

File: 1639372857195.png (101.02 KB, 1320x458, TERF BRATZ.png)

No. 993116

merry neetmas to you too baby

No. 993119


No. 993134

File: 1639375478766.gif (261.33 KB, 334x377, ezgif-6-f373c66456da.gif)

No. 993164

combo of 1 & 2

No. 993171

File: 1639381743801.jpg (14.26 KB, 316x321, 1484775776730.jpg)

I watched it all a few weeks ago

No. 993172

What was it? Was he reviewing every episode?

No. 993173

How come? I saw it but didn't remember it as being that bleak

No. 993174

He went over major episodes season by season, went over the characters, and then near the end as a "breather" started reviewing shitty Victorious games on the DS and Xbox. And he whined about his mental health.

No. 993178

File: 1639382529849.png (969.63 KB, 640x960, 1639213493113.png)

My dad is 5’10.5 and my mum is 5’7… why am I 5’2 while everyone n my family is regular height

No. 993184

Americans all sound so short because of their weird measuring system. Like 5 what? Decimeters?

No. 993185

Your mom cheated with a midget

No. 993190

I was in a little blogging community like 10/12 years ago. Reviewing products mostly, a very specific type of product. Nothing vital. Shit that you can certainly live without.

There was always other bloggers who would remind their readers that they're providing you with 'such an important service' and for free?? So you really should be tipping them if you like their reviews. It was dumb and guilt trippy and a couple of them were fibro having munchies who'd always add that in.

You got sent your dumb but expensive product for free, you have ads on then site, you wrote 500 words, took 3 pics and tweeted it out. What an essential service. So underappreciated. Take my money. I just feel so bad when I browse the internet and don't pay for everything I read. Hell I should charge anons for reading this post. This took me time to type y'know!

No. 993202

5 feet, a foot is 12 inches. so she's 62 inches

maybe she smoked when she was pregnant with you

No. 993213

Is she only 1 m tall?

No. 993234

You really posted this without thinking didn't you

No. 993235

Could be because of your parting

No. 993243

What do you mean? I still stand by it.

No. 993282

Any height between 5"2 and 5"6 is about as common as it gets, that's just average.

No. 993415

File: 1639401889250.png (51.7 KB, 520x128, Screenshot (5050).png)

I don't know why but this thumbnail is so funny to me

No. 993421

Oh fuck I thought it said ruining not running, nevermind it's not as funny now

No. 993483

Emilia Clarke spends most of the movie very depressed, not coping, and constantly fucking everything up and burning all her bridges, failing at everything. She meets this guy who really understands, is kind to her, and she starts to feel a bit better. But because they telegraph the twist so hard you know it's eventually going to be ripped away from her. There's also this scene where the doctor tells her mother (who also has depression) that there are no more meds they can try and she's just going to have to live with it which kind of bummed me out. There's a happy ending, but it's pretty abrupt and doesn't feel earnt (the mother's chronic depression is cured via montage sequence, for example).

I have pretty bad depression and ADD (sorry 4 oversharing) and I'm really struggling at the moment with finals at university and Christmas and all. I saw a lot of myself in the heroine's constant fuckups (even though I don't drink and sleep around and stuff), and it made me wish I had someone who understood me like that guy understood her. When my parents asked me what I thought of the movie I said it felt unrealistic that the heroine turned things around so quickly, and they said it was realistic because she stopped being selfish and once someone stops being selfish they become happy, which made me sad.

No. 993487

In my family all the women stop growing very young (around 12-14) so the height we end up as depends on how tall we were as tweens (we run the full range between 5'0 and 5'8). My mum thinks her growth was stunted by her parents' second hand smoke and neglect, maybe that could have happened to you?

No. 993498

Speaking of Quentin does anyone have those timeline pics of calle borjesson showing him going from preppy looking to like a greasy Victorian street rat?

No. 993500

Haven't seen or heard anything about bowblax in ages but someone was talking about their bf having an 'autistic sounding voice' and I was instantly reminded of him and his gross lispy tism.

No. 993501

How much backlash did Fox get for that video? It sounds pretty ~controversial~ from the title.

No. 993512

no one would backlash against this though its the truth. majority of conservatives think this.

No. 993522

It feels like anti-trans stuff is more mainstream lately. I think the sports stuff is a big part of it. When you get down to it most normies are surprisingly reasonable, and the sports stuff is so unfair you can visibly see it with your eyes.

No. 993544

I didn't notice until you pointed it out, and now I'm disappointed

No. 993550

I didn't even watch it before posting it but I just watched it now and at like 2 minutes in there's a group of trans rights activists attacking some guy at a protest, they tear the paper off his sign and when he's left just holding the broken stick they start yelling "he's got a weapon!" Omfg that killed me lol

No. 993612

(dp) The movie plays up the heroine as being selfish, but most of the 'selfish' things she did just seemed like regular clumsiness or forgetfulness- not locking up at work one time, breaking her friends lampshade, etc. The kind of things someone could easily do inadvertently if they were stressed about being sick and homeless (outing her sister was a bitch move, but that's pretty late on in the plot). The movie is also weirdly judgy about her using a nickname rather than her given name, like she's dishonouring her parents. None of her friends and family cared to ask why a woman who recently survived a major organ transplant seemed to be trying to drink herself to death like Nick Cage in Leaving Las Vegas.

No. 993639

File: 1639416160797.png (415.08 KB, 1000x1000, Cute-beast-longsword-rima_rima…)

She is troon allegory

No. 993647

File: 1639416374818.png (37.68 KB, 816x60, 5f5d.PNG)

She's a Llama who wants to be a human girl so bad she convinced herself that people don't see her true self™
>Aww. I don't want to make a fuss, but, well, why do I have to look different from other girls? My words, and my heart, are all the same as those of a normal person!
>Even seeing my outward form, you're still willing to see me as a normal girl! Using your heart to understand someone on the inside

Also picrel
(jk) unless?

No. 993649

pls elaborate

No. 993670

No. 993709

File: 1639419660582.jpg (43.84 KB, 500x488, fcb35584c8e9fbe7a3059dd25832d6…)

In the otome/bl game thread on 4chan, occasionally the anons will post about their story ideas in autistic detail that shows their obvious passion for the niche genre and you'd get drawfags who deliver based off anon's descriptions of the characters.
I enjoy threads like that so much, collaborative efforts of people who are passionate about the same thing like that seem so fun. However, trying to make a thread like that would never pan out well. On 4chan, it would lead to retarded infighting and derailing if one or two drawfags get too much attention, or people start twisting this sharing of ideas into begging for free art and the whole thread goes to shit. On lolcow, the thread would be dead as fuck or the entire thread is super hugboxy and there would be no autistic tier hilariously nitpicky critical analysis of other anon's stories/kek worthy posts to look forward to (just look at the draw my oc or rate my art threads on /m/ to get a feel of what I mean).

I think in general I just miss when people would have genuine debates and discussions on the internet without resorting to retarded canned snarky one-liner comebacks that are both unconstructive and unfunny, or trying to compensate for the other shitty people on the internet by trying too hard to be ""wholesome"" and nice about everything. The internet was a lot more sincere back then. Now everything is so irony poisoned and insincere. There's no heart! There's no heart anymore! Thanks for reading my extreme autism.

No. 993719

I think these days bitches want recognition and ~credit~ for the most nondescript anime picture they put on the internet. They feel like every drawing and story they shit out is an opportunity for profit. So people don’t want to do anything collaboratively for free or for fun. We will never get our version of Katawa shoujo…

No. 993722

Anyone else get freaked out looking at maps without borders?

No. 993738

what scares you about it, how big everything is?

No. 993757

Maps are kinda my tism I guess and I could probably label every country.I don't like not being able to see where each country begins and end.I don't know why honestly.

No. 993773

File: 1639423465046.jpg (371.29 KB, 1080x1311, Screenshot_20211213-132230__01…)

When men say we deserve all she shit about trans athletes competing with women, then I say men deserve pic related

No. 993779

File: 1639423778002.png (605.83 KB, 733x639, 1531544713768.png)

Friend said that he might move to a different country soon. Idk why but it made me really sad, which is stupid because we don't live in the same town and are 2h drive away, haven't seen him in more than a year too. We're in europe so it's not like he's leaving the continent, he'd just live 9h away instead of 2.
I think my stupid pms brain is just looking for any reason to be sad.

No. 993780

I did a tarot reading for my year ahead and it literally spelled out what I’ve been thinking over the past few weeks.
It’s dumb but it affirmed in my head the changes I need to make to be who I wanna be.

No. 993781

BPD brain is telling me to tell you this: tell him you love him even if you don't, then get angry at him for leaving and never speak to him again

No. 993788

File: 1639424496703.jpg (44.19 KB, 796x809, aebfc867-2d22-4e45-ba52-55a5b5…)

Guy at work that's always negging me and talking shit about me was asking about my new profile picture, saying my old one looked rough and asking if my new one was "really me" and saying it's not this work profile isn't "THAT kinda profile"

He got called out by another guy, saying "I think he likes your new picture! He just won't say 'nice pic'" I'm howling

No. 993790

kek i think its okay not to know that unless ur from ontario

No. 993791

What the fuck
It's not pms it's normal, I felt the same when countless of my friends went abroad even though we saw each other like twice a year for a coffee.
You need to recalibrate your worldview accordingly. There is now one less ally in vicinity. It's no small thing.

No. 993792

I've stupidly overlooked the reach this person in work has lol, catch me never talking freely around her again.

No. 993793

Negging males are always insecure fags, it physically pains these retards to just be polite to women, glad your coworker subtly owned him

No. 993795

I swear blue cheese is a drug. I cannot stop eating it

No. 993807

Kek anon, he is already my ex fiance and we broke up like 5 years ago, don't think that work

Aw, thank you, good to know it's normal

No. 993817

I wish I had this amount this amount of motivation for writing my college essays

No. 993847

It's interesting to see my matches from my drunk swiping at the weekend. You can definitely see that beer goggles is a thing because a lot of this men look like killers. High me is frightened and weary.

No. 993864

File: 1639429746269.jpeg (115.4 KB, 1500x1500, 795B759F-61AC-4057-848A-AB0252…)

Use this for your pasta, nonnie, it’s delicious.

No. 993882

File: 1639431548314.png (934.75 KB, 960x720, mushroom3.png)

anyone wants to rp with me ? I will start. So I come into your room, you are at your computer and wondering what this deranged women is doing, I start to sing my harvest song and proceed to collect your precious mushroom on your wall, how do you react ?

No. 993886

I sit in awe and cook you a delicious mushroom stew after you are done.

No. 993887

File: 1639432042883.jpg (110.62 KB, 640x480, c8c294e5a6d031a05cdee4012b0308…)

Glad to see my foot fungi have germinated onto my wall. In due time my entire house will be mushroom. However you are not allowed to collect without permission, as I motion to the hello kitty kitana hanging above my computer.

No. 993893

I had a bunch of little veggie and fruit saplings growing in my seed starter and there was a blizzard that blew them away I want to cry

No. 993899

File: 1639432742249.png (173.79 KB, 427x405, 1603199145792.png)

I miss Lolcow Inn. I liked reading the posts there. The greatest things never last very long.

No. 993900

vegan genocide

No. 993902

File: 1639432847517.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.92 KB, 720x942, ialv4h6fivx51.jpg)

N-nani?? W-why are harvesting my precious wall shrooms?! There's some perfectly good ones in the toilet we can grill up!

No. 993907

File: 1639433385212.jpg (Spoiler Image, 112.42 KB, 1152x648, image.jpg)

Kinda reminds me of my gpu

No. 993915

I keep crying about dumb shit while I'm PMS then I cringe at myself.

No. 993919

File: 1639434412832.jpg (254.46 KB, 680x677, i.jpg)

i'm almost scared to ask how…i understand a single tiny one forming inside something but these..

No. 993941

So there are shapeshifting and crew venting in among us now but everytime I'm imp I cant do shit and get sussed just because I "look sus"
dude I didn't kill brown, I was trying to kill white but he got some crazy shield from some ghost or whatever, like, pay attention, I was just running after him around the cafeteria table, how could I possibly be near the trash. I'm mad

No. 993946

File: 1639436450801.gif (74.43 KB, 256x192, twewy math autist.gif)

When I went to and from high school I would recite digits of the square root of 2 and I used to know more but I forgot some, I am going to memorize them again because I hope it will relax me because I feel stupid retarded scared of everything. Right now I know this much: 1.4142135623730950488016887242096 and I will not memorize pi instead because everyone thinks pi is oooo cool math number fuck that I like the square root of 2 better.

No. 993949

Ithink i know you and love you please know this okay bye

No. 993954

I'm sure we don't know each other but I love you too. I hope you think of me next time you see the square root of 2

No. 993959

I was thinking like imagine, you and the squad enjoying a day in London right, and you get the train there and leave the same day. On holiday, or because there’s something you need that can only be bought in London, or to go for an x ray. You have until about 8:00am until 8:00pm, and there’s so much to do, but it’s such a busy place. It’s chaos. So you get a drink, like some milk at a bar to replenish, but only once because of the cost, and then you have to shoo in half an hour, if there’s a seat. The toilets are a little gross and you can’t relax there.

Here’s my proposal. What if there were rooms instead where you can just relax. Two quid and you can sit in a quiet corner, there’s tea, water, a loo and some books and beanbags. An area to get out your packed lunch, your beef sandwiches and pears, and eat, if you’re saving money. Like a day hotel. Or a sixth form common room. I think that’s a good idea, but would any of you use it?

No. 993967

I memorized the first 50 digits of pi because of the Songs To Wear Pants To song, anyone else?

No. 994086

I don't trust that Cocomelon shit

No. 994087

Can't we just necro it?

No. 994095

This isn't a new concept but it doesn't work because people are disgusting when they aren't being watched unless they will be billed for it. The walls would be smeared with shit and cum, and the room would be vandalised

No. 994108

just be brave and necro it

No. 994128

Fighting old male relative on Facebook is a nice way to have a good kek knowing that the scrote on the other side is fuming with a simple okay boomer not even directed at him

No. 994131

File: 1639449348063.png (1.23 MB, 1333x1018, 1639329582754.png)

me and nonnie

No. 994138


No. 994146

This is such a British post, sorry

No. 994147

File: 1639450388418.jpeg (2.07 MB, 4032x3024, 65FFCDBB-8600-471D-98BD-3E6187…)

cup i found at target today

No. 994149

Ask me about my twat

No. 994153

Target it’s smart. They know who will spend their government bucks on stupid crap

No. 994186

Someone from work who you're obligated to acknowledge is drinking from this. What do you do.

No. 994188

can anon send me some delicious cake god I need cake someone send me some

No. 994196

File: 1639456081804.jpg (329.36 KB, 1200x1800, Multiple Wedding Cakes at 413 …)

Here you go, anon. Multiple cakes in a variety of flavors just for you.

No. 994197

File: 1639456085767.gif (652.03 KB, 245x190, F12B7499-F5A3-4929-B393-2139A5…)

look at it all chocolatey COME ON SOMEONE

No. 994198

if you made that all for me I would just become your slave

No. 994200

play dumb because our language simply doesn't work like that, even if they try to force it in

No. 994201

File: 1639456290136.jpg (59.36 KB, 679x679, 61l VMNCnUL._SX679_.jpg)

I don't know which cake is ur fave nonny so I brought you a small selection.

No. 994202

that looks so fucking good I need to get my fatass up one day during the holidays and at least bake a cake or something

No. 994314

Every single hollywood actor is a twisted pervert and a criminal

No. 994511

File: 1639496120790.jpg (11.66 KB, 350x260, 20210425_173122.jpg)

Getting banned off 4chan because scrotes can't handle the heat when you point out how pathetic white men are and they have a sperg out across five boards. The jokes write themselves

No. 994527

You can get banned on 4chan for that out of all things? Kek, so much for freeze speech

No. 994533

File: 1639497577356.jpg (41.01 KB, 500x491, EbS0ihSXYAEUTVo.jpg)

another day spend avoiding going to my terrible course where we learn NOTHING and feeling like shit crying in bed with the only difference that TODAY I finally wrote a summary of that totally not self-insert sci-fi story I have in my head for months where the sci-fi medical part is a metaphor about my mento illness.
I'm not even a "writer" and I don't think I have the skill to write even a small decent story out of it but at least I somewhat got it out of my head

No. 994535

Finally stopped being a lazy ass and got calibre and a drm removal plugin so I could download a bunch of books off libgen and send them to my kindle. Fuck yeah.

No. 994545

post caps

No. 994549

Got a new crush in work. The man is massive but I can't figure out from his fb if he is single so I'm just going to pretend he is. One of his whole hands could wrap around me I love him

No. 994555


No. 994577

love when the harry potter industrial complex shits out another project and normies don't don't give a single shit about trannys' feelings. the normies will inherit the earth

No. 994579

If it makes you feel any better I'm sure by 2025 half of 4chan will be made up of Indians

No. 994601


No. 994651

Who is even shitting this stuff out anymore. Doesn't JK Rowling just write detective novels and give transgenders heart attacks now? Like who is responsible for Harry Potter media continuing to be produced in 2021.

No. 994670

I've seen the exact opposite. I see normies boycotting it to protect the troons. Wish they wouldn't

No. 994674

I think the reason people think I am a scrote frequently online is because I speak unapologetic ally and I am really funny. I don't constantly make jokes but I know good timing. Not male traits at all just based traits

No. 994676

is it edgy jokes? that probably contributes.

No. 994690

I think maca powder somehow managed to stop my cystic acne. It's a week before my period and my face is clear. Had some tiny tiny whiteheads but compared to what it usually was, damm what a difference.

No. 994698

but "muh forbidden man!!1"

No. 994708

You okay there?

No. 994735

lol I'm agreeing with her, and also mocking certain anons who think there are exceptions

No. 994747

Maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but I felt your reaction was like:
>all meat is murder
>"b-but muh free range chicken!!!"
however women enjoying whatever actor (with a supposed good track record) and his movies (often illegally downloaded) doesn't contribute to his potential raping, abusing and all around predatory behavior hidden from public eyes. They are mostly risking harming themselves when the man they Stan for years turns out to be a piece of shit.
Sorry if I'm reading too far into your words.
not a vegan/vegetarian btw

No. 994753

I absolutely love that my workplace has uniforms because it's easier to check out the men when they all wear the same stuff. So you can really tell a lot about a man from how he styles himself within the limits or if he pushes them for style and also their physiques. It's funny that I get so pissed off by men I think I might be gay but then I remember how much of my working day is spent sizing all the males up.

No. 994766

I don’t care about more cash grabs but as long as JK Rowling keeps getting her royalties.
Literally most of the world loves and consumes Harry Potter. American white troons will make zero difference with their pathetic attempt at boycotting. I know for a fact libshit autists still hate-watch and enjoy HP on the down low kek

No. 994808

I think this is just an anxious flareup, but I think at least some of you have thought this before.

A decade ago, when I was 20 or so, I sent my online bf (kek) nudes. I was a little cautious and never showed my face, but I mean with the background of my bedroom and him having pictures of my face in the same place you could put 1 and 1 together. At the time I asked him to delete any nudes I sent him after he had his wank, and when I asked him to do this we were in a good place, so I trusted him and he'd gladly do as I asked afaik, in addition to the fact he was a terrible liar, even over text.

So up until now I think eh he probably deleted them, certainly never spread them around, but also…what if? What if he did? I was obviously a much more optimistic person towards scrotes in those days, now I can't help but wonder. How do you get over the possibility your nudes could be out there? I don't want to ask him or go looking for them, obviously. I feel like that would just fuel my anxiety.

No. 994819

i've been experiencing body dysmorphia for a few years and have been struggling to go out without makeup on since. today i went out without any makeup besides mascara, eyebrow tint and lipstick and i'm proud of myself since i wouldn't have been able to step outside the house like that a year ago. next i am hoping to switch to tinted lip balm and no mascara/eyebrow tint. i don't want to stop wearing makeup completely but i just don't wanna depend on it anymore. some hopeful dumbass shit right here

No. 994843

Goodnight everybody, after I say my prayers the last thing im going to think about is my new crush. Maybe one day my daydreams will be real.

No. 994851

File: 1639516207461.jpg (303.81 KB, 750x1129, Tumblr_l_1130582427543662.jpg)

It's probably gone. Don't think about it. But I wouldn't send any more, even if they marry you. Straight men are secondary homosexuals and like to make other men cum to pics of their women. They will put more effort into it than making their actual girl cum. Stupid faggots.

No. 994854

File: 1639516352002.jpg (116.76 KB, 735x734, 8e9c7a67b4b1d861e8bbdd37c040f3…)

Heh, you people have crushes still? I am spiritually deceased. The only crushing that occasionally consumes my thoughts is good old CBT.

No. 994855

Anons who'll spend the holidays alone or stuck on your parents' couch, any suggestions on what to do? I'll be stuck with my parents at home because of a lockdown and I don't wanna be bored asf.

No. 994858

Play vidya, write or make something artistic, read a book, go to a park and exercise?

No. 994865

who's the dude on the right?

No. 994866

plan and execute a lavish holiday dinner?

No. 994874

I think it's Terry A Davis, schizo computer programmer who may or may not have been an unappreciated genius. The term 'glowies' comes from him

No. 994877

It's Jeffrey Epstein

No. 994961

I just want some dumb chit chat but shit feels extra nitpicky and uptight lately

Where's the good dumb gone?

No. 994988

gingerbread cookies

No. 994991

Gingerbread latte

No. 995003

Yoooo who's excited for the millionth post
We livin' that 7 figure lifestyle aightt

No. 995018

I'm gonna build a whole ass castle out of gingerbread this year

No. 995039

I wanted to point it out too, a few days ago, but then I decided against it because I wanted to snatch it and it's easier when less people notice.

No. 995042

I already get excited when I see a post that's like >994444

No. 995043

File: 1639532583178.gif (1.52 MB, 500x222, 1520042546405.gif)

I'm all alone in my dorm and I just heard some loud ass sneeze sound

No. 995086

I hope we get something stupid like a husbando/waifu post for it so the second million can be the era of something dumb as hell.

No. 995087

File: 1639538649577.jpg (173.22 KB, 1280x960, Tumblr_l_1354412528926142.jpg)

I'm NEET and my life's purpose is to secure that post. When the hour is nigh, I need all of you to courteously stfu so I can claim it with clever text and imagery. If I do not claim this millionth post, and it is instead snatched by some unaware imbecile in the celebricows thread going "huhuhu Billie a FAT", I will cyber genocide all of you.

No. 995091

i wont steal it but i just wanted to say i had no idea these numbers meant anything i always thought they were randomly generated

No. 995093

>I will cyber genocide all of you.
we deserve it.

No. 995094

You're pathetic

No. 995098

Nona, she's clearly joking

No. 995114

File: 1639541276731.jpg (41.74 KB, 735x552, 78004168083e6c73d55eda8c5280a3…)

You can have the 1000000th post, I want the 999999th one

No. 995136

Honestly you deserve it but at the same time doesn't matter

No. 995151

File: 1639545681311.jpeg (68.22 KB, 800x1091, 8F102EB0-048D-4F8B-861D-337922…)

happy monkey smoothie

No. 995153

Not only is it retarded, but ugly. What is that color scheme?

No. 995154

File: 1639545938763.jpg (157.94 KB, 1024x1536, Puffs2.jpg)

This reminds me that I love those puffy baby food snacks that melt in your mouth. Inb4 diaper wearing schizoid autist ddlg ED bpd chan

No. 995157

unapologetic ally

No. 995162

File: 1639546673719.png (952.66 KB, 1090x1059, 3DA3F941-E076-4A84-A9EC-498DD1…)

Komaeda for 1 millionth!

No. 995163

She's based

No. 995170

sometimes when I walk by this section at work I get a craving for one of the baby food pouches..

No. 995210

i just realised an ex i used to date told me initially he never watched porn, super rarely, only when he was a teenager, then it quickly turned into negging me about why i'm against porn, and tried to get me to watch porn together with him. my boyfriend is completely against porn and not like that at all but he did admit to watching it a lot as a teenager. i'm not saying my boyfriend is lying or doing the same thing as the ex but i hate how the ex had to say the same thing…

No. 995213

sorry to say it but he probably also watches porn, t. been there

No. 995223

File: 1639552286403.jpg (153.75 KB, 1541x2048, FGMMLNhVIAAlGlu.jpg)


No. 995249

what does this mean, honestly as someone who binged too much medical drama and im cutting down my sugar intake in fear of losing a foot one day. Diabetes is scary as fuck

No. 995250

I was off for 6 months trying to better myself but I'm back nonnies. I got up to some weird shit, it all now feel like a fever dream.
Really missed you, can't wait to get back in.

No. 995254

They all are but it's pretty easy to feel how deep they're in once you have a feel for the degenerate. Anything choking, dick slappling, anal fetish, thigh high slipping out while talking about fantasy( … and the list is fucking long) and you know they're cooming on the daily.
I wish I had this secret knowledge when I was younger, I would have avoided some real fucking creeps.

No. 995255

don't want to make any speculations here based just off of that but you can try to have an open & honest conversation about your thoughts on it with him and see where it goes. if he starts displaying similar red flags or shitty behaviour then you know what to do for yourself. hope this relationship doesn't turn out as bad as the last for you anon.

No. 995265

I wrote something a while ago that I found embarrassing but an anon said it was beautiful so t-thanks to that anon not like I appreciate it or anything baka

No. 995306

I made some gingerbread teddy bears and gave them a frosting bikini and sunglasses they’re cute

No. 995307

i buy and eat vanilla teething biscuits all the time

No. 995343

File: 1639564875843.png (273 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2021-12-15-11-29-44…)

This is so fuckinf funny I love 4chan

No. 995346

Do you also love being a sociopath?
You sound underage.

No. 995363

I'm not even sure what you think I did. I was making fun of that person. Sorry for posting dumbass shit in the dumbass shit thread.

No. 995368

fucking love hummus

No. 995378

File: 1639571132749.jpg (20.32 KB, 450x450, cat.jpg)

Nobody goes unnoticed by the typo ranger

No. 995381

men and their urge to conquer. it's always funny to see these Patrick Bateman types cower and whine when shit actually gets real for them.

No. 995393

U kinda retarded

No. 995459

Get used to it, some anons can't take a joke

No. 995495

File: 1639578745430.jpeg (13.23 KB, 224x224, 3539F3D5-CC84-476C-A4C0-4AF5B4…)

I don’t need the sonic totem, I know I got this job in a bag.

No. 995502

kek nonnie, good for you!

No. 995542

File: 1639581602636.jpg (135.05 KB, 1080x586, Screenshot_20211215_160942.jpg)

how do you do fellow Cyclers?

No. 995546

I cycle while on my cycle so I can be a Cycler cycling

No. 995553

Bleedin from the vag is a great way to stay in shape

No. 995560

File: 1639582278464.jpg (68.92 KB, 1098x409, lol.JPG)

Imagine thinking men writing this shit for other men is somehow a feminist issue

No. 995563

I am so pumped for post 1 million

No. 995568

I didn’t even notice it was coming up, I wonder what it will be!

No. 995584

Imagine if it’s just a vent fag crying about her bf again lmaooo

No. 995588

Idk but whoever that nona is I'm going to draw her a special picture to commemorate it because I'm a cheesy lil autist

No. 995589

Well now I'm concerned about my drawing

No. 995593

The violence in Love Hina is so cartoony and over the top, it's like saying Tom and Jerry advocates for animal abuse. Can't complain about real problems? Oh no, they don't have real problems, nevermind.

No. 995595

File: 1639583928076.gif (2.13 MB, 640x384, naru-kick.gif)

TBH I wish women had Naru's strenght and superpower of sending scrote straight into galaxy. Rape virtually wouldn't exist. Scrotes would pee their pants.

No. 995619

Fr, why are they bothering us when is other men creating this type of media/tropes? everything but calling out moids i guess
I love this gif sm, kick him harder sis!!

No. 995624

fuck it im making a bumble account

No. 995625

File: 1639586270210.gif (3.75 MB, 360x450, Naru_Punch.gif)

Those gifs hit different when you are tired of men's shit. Too bad she gets together with him in the end. I guess at least the kendo girl (resembling manga Rei Hino a lot) doesn't.

No. 995628

It's not worth it, they make you pay money literally to view a message or to see who you matched with.

No. 995630

>We've made it not only necessary but acceptable for women to make the first move, shaking up outdated gender norms.
This sounds cringe and stupid.

No. 995639

NTA but it may be worth it for finding female friends. Though I haven't yet tried seriously — browsed without creating a profile and was disappointed at seeing only normies (please don't reee at me, If someone presents herself as a Netflix, cat and coffee girl… what else am I supposed to think?). I will come back when I'm able to engage socially

No. 995648

1) I wish I had a friend that was an amazing hairdresser and that she loved to get stoned with me and watch friends and we could both discuss what colour is Rachel greens hair and then see if she could do that to my hair

2) I noticed today after feeling bummed about spending my second Christmas mit out a man that I'm actually happier than any woman I know mit a man. Never once in the past year and a bit has my mood been affected because of some bullshit relationship issue. I once lived with a dude for like 3 years and I never self harmed as a teenager but that mf had my cutting my arms for relief lol, like thank god I never cut that deep but my head space was fucked and it was 100% because I had to live with a moid.

3) a guy 7 years my senior wants to take me on a date and idk what to do because we have so much in common and he doesn't seem like a douche but this is the most stable I've been in years and I'm doing so good in every other aspect of my life, should I really let a man come between that

No. 995663

Im not a hair dresser but still wish I was your friend kek. How old are you, if you don't mind me asking? 7 years is a lot if you're under 25 imo. But otherwise I don't think one date would hurt? It's hard to trust men though, he could seem really nice just to lure you in and then switch on you.

No. 995669

File: 1639589924738.jpg (99.1 KB, 1300x975, 5ec7fd3a988ee36dcd6fc808.jpg)

A guy being 7 years older means he's had 7 more years to get his shit together and will hopefully die sooner if you marry him

No. 995672

I'm in my 30s and he's close to 40 lol, he also has kids but he also has an accent. I just don't want to lead him on. I feel like I get bad karma from men I don't return feelings for. I feel like men have a club where they go in depth about women the way they think we do with our friends but most of the time men make you feel so ashamed you tell no one fuck all until its too late and you've developed a mental illness from it

No. 995675

File: 1639590217372.jpg (234.58 KB, 1080x1340, Screenshot_20211215_174339.jpg)

Hold up.

No. 995698

File: 1639592276433.jpg (364.32 KB, 1600x1200, 81sLjWrefgL._RI_.jpg)

Just remembered this show exists and that I watched the entire thing when I was 13. I'm seriously considering rewatching it kek

No. 995708

This was a thing? I need it, what is it about?

No. 995714

I am so fucking close to kidnapping and rehoming this fucking cat that belongs to my neighbors that live at the end of my street. He's in my yard 24/7 cause they have no property or space for him to roam and play or sleep and they ignore him and leave him out at all hours of the night. I want to just let him in to sleep but I can't, I did once for almost a year because I thought he was homeless and when they found out the fat tomato faced cholesterol loaded scrote pig yelled at me when and accused me of lying when I told them I didn't know it was their fucking cat. So he threatened to take me to fucking small claims court if he sees me feeding or letting their cat in. I try to make homes for him outside but he doesn't use them or chooses to sleep under a fucking bucket in my backyard, it's Canada and December I don't know what to do anymore. He's freezing, barely goes home to eat anymore so he's losing weight, he's getting too old to live in my backyard without help. I'm so fucking upset seeing his sad face sleeping outside in the cold every time I let my other cats in and out of the house. I am so fucking done with these hillbillies but I don't know what to do. I'm scared if I report him to the SPCA (animal cruelty prevention in Canada) there just going to start keeping him in their house all day locked in a cage bored and ignored. He's a very wild cat he needs room to roam and play, he hates being stuck indoors except when he's sleeping. I don't know what to do but I'm so fucking stressed out about it. fuck it, any Vancouver Islanders here willing to adopt a neglected cat and be really quiet about it? No social media posts of the cat or anything. I'll front any impending lawsuits if the white trash inbreds find out and file any.

No. 995716

A man in his 40s with kids should date women in their 40s, fuck is he doing going almost a decade younger?

No. 995720

If I were you I'd steal it and keep it indoors. Quietly pass it off to a friend who wants a cat. I did this with a very abused dog a few years back when the local police didn't give a fuck about the beatings I had filmed. Canadafag here too. I had a family friend drive by with no plates, scoop up the dog and speed away. Vigilante justice

No. 995728

Basically the Pussycat Dolls are putting together a whole new girl group called Girlicious. The girls in the show have to learn new songs and choreography, look the part and preform for the Pussycat Dolls creator (there's probably guest judges too). The last 4 or 5 girls become the girl group Girlicious. I can't remember exactly but I think they also compete for who fronts the group? It was 2009 when this came out.

No. 995732

Samefag idk if you know about PCD Presents: Search for the Next Doll but it was another competition show about finding a new member of the Pussycat Dolls

No. 995735

File: 1639595089401.jpg (25.77 KB, 340x510, FB_IMG_1639594936483.jpg)

I want this top

No. 995736

He's not even 40.

No. 995737

I wish I could do that but I can't keep him in my house, he's constantly fighting with my other two cats and he's like twice the size of my elderly female cat. He's literally like part feral. He used to roam all over my street and had little hideaways everywhere but now he's only in my yard. I've asked everyone I know and no one is willing to take him in, especially because the cat is so wild and high maintenance.

No. 995738

File: 1639595445621.jpeg (34.57 KB, 480x480, 1617340916821.jpeg)

A guy had written on his tinder profile that he's vaccinated so I decided to open with "so are you magnetic because of the vaccine or is it just your personality?" and he never replied. Please tell me I'm funny nonas, because I thought it was.

No. 995745

Cheesy but in a cute way, i'd respond

No. 995752

why is it always way more effort/draining to talk to my boyfriend through the phone compared to seeing him in real life?

No. 995754

he doesn't act any different btw i'm just talking about the communication methods themselves

No. 995759

Because it's unnatural in a way..? Like you don't see the visual cues (facial expressions, body language, etc) that are usually present when you're talking to someone in person and your brain has to make more effort I guess

No. 995765

Someone vented about rockstar energy being shit since they changed the recipe… an hour later I had rockstar on the brain so I bought one. Sorry anon.

No. 995771

Why does everything have to be beautiful and sexy. Why do women do this to themselves.

No. 995774

off topic but when I was a teenager I was addicted to rockstars, I would drink multiple ones a day. then it started tasting really bad to me, like prune juice. I could swear they changed their recipe back then but no one else noticed it. I even went online to see if I could find anything about them changing their recipe but I couldn't find it. that was probably in like 2013 or something.

No. 995786

It's okay Anon, I forgive you. But I will never forgive them.

No. 995800

This reminds me of when my mom had cancer and the only companies linking up with the hospital to throw events for those women.. cosmetic brands teaching you make up tips hoping you'd buy their brow pencils in return.. coz you have no brows from cancer. Profit! One of the leaflets they sent her home with talked about being sexy mid cancer.. I think you can put that on hold til the chemo is over and your mastectomy scar isnt freshly healing. The drugs were rushing her through menopause. It was too soon for that shit. At the same time I had a hair pulling problem.. cause my mom was near death and I was anxious. I couldn't care that I also had no brows and never drew them in. She never did hers. She went to the event just wanting to talk to other women in her position. It sounded like none of them really cared about brow lessons. Put group therapy above free eyebrow classes. 'Looking good, feeling good' oh stfu. Men aren't made to worry about staying sexy when they're facing a deadly disease.

That turned into a vent.

No. 995812

maybe he didn't get it like me

No. 995816

Is it a reference to mercury?

No. 995827

nta but there's a conspiracy theory that the vaxx makes you magnetic

No. 995828

nona that is so shitty i am upset to hear that happened, but thank you for sharing. i get that maybe sometimes having some makeup or something like that may boost your confidence, but no one is the same and it should also never be put before health in general.

No. 995841

File: 1639601713103.jpg (54.12 KB, 800x800, plush-baby.jpg)

Stuff like this warms my cold butch heart

Plush when they have diapers on or lil plush pacifiers in their mouths, bibs etc. This is so out of character for me tho? Repress, repress!

No. 995842

I just watched a neighbour that I don't like get his car towed for parking in front of a fire hydrant. It was tasty. I'm waiting for him to notice, so I'm sitting doing crafts by the window. Most entertaining thing today so far

No. 995845

off topic but I think Naru WAS the kendo girl after all.

No. 995849

File: 1639602639878.jpeg (65.62 KB, 750x531, 1633181422244.jpeg)

I want to start a mukbang channel so bad. But instead of gorging down fatty fast food and chewing into a microphone, I want to film myself cooking and then eating or mixing drinks, all while ranting nonstop about how god fucking awful men are.

No. 995850

I'll be a subscriber anon, pls do it

No. 995851

I could be your femme gf and we can have those plushes and be a big family!

No. 995853

I would watch in a heartbeat, my notification bell is already rang

No. 995854

Aww that's so cute anon
I'll mod your comment section kek

No. 995856

I would be your number one fan, anon. (Also lmao I love that picture so much.)

No. 995872

Yes please! I wish mukbang would return to form. Just people fucking eating, maybe chatting. Not absolute freak show of excess and degeneracy.

No. 995909

I will always give you likes, subscribes, comments and shares, nonnie.

No. 995957

File: 1639609857717.jpeg (761.05 KB, 750x1043, 8EB74A75-B57D-4B32-BE2A-8F9AE5…)

This girl is so cool. Her father is a tattoo artist and until recently she was practicing with a tattoo machine under his supervision (I think now she practices on silicone). I think she had to stop because it was illegal or something?? Since she’s so young (just turned 13). She frequently draws and does really cool designs (lots of cats) and it makes me so happy to see her parents really embracing her artistic endeavors. She currently uses a lot of fake/temp tattoos or just draws on herself/other people with marker or something. I’m excited to see what she’ll do in the future!

No. 995965

this is a 13 year old?

No. 995985

Scrotes being scrotes no matter what occupation

No. 996000

File: 1639612661455.gif (2.12 MB, 372x298, f0f.gif)

everytime wikipedia ask for some fuckin bread. just makes me wanna jet off this rock

No. 996009

She's cool but I too could be a cool tattoo designer girl if my parents were tattoo artists that let me learn about it
And if my parents were fashion designers that let me have access to all their industry contacts I could be a fashion designer

No. 996010

File: 1639613003168.jpg (19.92 KB, 356x346, 1633560222117.jpg)

>omg check out this awesome artist!
>so cool totally banned
>no examples of impressive work

lolcow is on its last legs and waiting for the ol yeller treatment. you could try on reddit to get more promo traction

No. 996013

They were baking gingerbread at work today but for some reason it smelled like instant ramen?

No. 996027

Almost there anyway

No. 996028

my thoughts exactly. maybe I'm bitter but seeing people coo over "so talented" children/teens that have every support and connection thanks to parents makes me seethe yes because my life has been shot, no need to ask

No. 996045

>(just turned 13)

No. 996058

>get christmas bonus from work
>spends half on tacky vivienne westwood earrings and a crossbody bag

It is on brand for me I guess, though. And I did need a new crossbody bag. So not entirely bad.

No. 996127

Just had an ultrasound done for the first time. The tech pressed the thingy into my ribs so fucking hard but I didn’t say anything. It’s still a bit sore.

No. 996132

Just heard this scrote talk about how he thinks slavery isn't completely wrong then he said it's because of his MBTI type. Sometimes I wonder why are people like this

No. 996134

File: 1639617707034.jpg (60.22 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-491090528-612x612.…)

I want rice

No. 996142

dont have such big ribs next time

No. 996143

Driving past bottles of piss on the highway/on off-ramps makes me so irrationally angry, why do retarded trucker scrotes act like the world is their public toilet? Why are there so many piss bottles on the side of the road?

No. 996151

I got rice

No. 996158

Nah I’m guessing they’re not used to working on non-fatties

No. 996160

Get it? L-Like “nice”

No. 996167

shouldn't the logical conclusion be that you're fat

No. 996175

Proud of you, anon.

No. 996178

ily anon but pls don't do this again

No. 996182

Got an ultrasound for endo. Doctor announced that I had a heart-shaped uterus. When I asked her to elaborate she just said 'it's something that happens'. What.

No. 996183

Huh? How does that “logic” track? Do you have Y chromosome defect?

No. 996186

I had a ultrasound done not too long ago, and my entire breast (I think it was the right one) popped out. I think it was out for a good minute before I realized and put her away. I don't think the tech saw.

No. 996198

Do you have some kind of tatoo that glows when you get off? Sounds like something the ween doctor would learned about in hentai.

No. 996200

File: 1639622367105.jpg (93.45 KB, 400x320, 24346.jpg)

Bicornuate uterus?

No. 996219

Fuck that looks good

No. 996222

unicornuate looks more like a smiley dolphin looking to the left than a unicorn

No. 996224

I like to think the nice middle aged lady doing my ultrasound didn't go home and immediately start whacking it to womb tattoo hentai.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what she was referring to. She just kind of dropped it on me and moved on, so I don't know how severe it is or anything.

No. 996235

Someone doesn't know about all the fujo doctors around!

No. 996236

File: 1639624816931.png (21.56 KB, 675x435, unicornuate uterus.png)

No offence to anyone ITT who happens to have a unicorn uterus, but this is an NPC from the white desert in Yume Nikki.

No. 996251

A man tried to tell me I'd look better with frizzy shorter reddish hair instead of my natural long raid hair. Wtf. Bitch, we both know you're not a hairdresser,you're just trying to dress me up as a pre established fantasy in your head. Gross.

No. 996265

File: 1639627301497.jpeg (58.44 KB, 680x577, 1630027540796.jpeg)

thnking about how this truly is a good 85% of young-ish men now… i'd be so embarrassed if i were them

No. 996268

My bus driver today was super aggressive and adamant on how exorcisms are real and so is the devil and I didn't know how to respond.

No. 996270

File: 1639627617623.jpg (442.24 KB, 1280x960, original.jpg)

Rat pencil case anon, where art thou? I think about that post everyday. Hope you are okay

No. 996272

an anon owns this? is this pnp's handiwork?

No. 996274

Ok I admit it, I'm a milf and I'm here to steal all your young men. Place them into bags and slide them towards me very slowly. Then I want your hands up in the air til I'm out of sight. If you contact sperg anons and tell them about this.. I'll know. I have ways of knowing.

No. 996281

anon from afar I thought this was a jewish rat.

No. 996290

File: 1639630581516.jpeg (27.58 KB, 275x275, 50BC678B-940F-49F2-A479-0C8711…)

Every time my friend and I hang out we watch the entirety of Hamilton. It’s happened four fucking times now, and we’re still not tired of it. Is this true friendship, god?

No. 996316

File: 1639634105230.jpg (58.72 KB, 630x372, 7bxbt0omqy111.jpg)

I love slice of life mangas about girls doing stupid shit (as much as that niche attracts scrotes). I feel like I could draw a few really funny 4komas from anons' interactions sometimes. Maybe I should try.

No. 996322


No. 996328

Some nonnies on here seriously lack reading comprehension or like, the ability to absorb what you're reading. I just hope they're very young or sheltered. Or that they're letting out their rage.

No. 996330

A lot of them specifically have the intention to twist what you're saying to discredit your point. It happens a lot irl anyways though too.

No. 996335

please do omg

No. 996337

Definitely does. I guess seeing it written text makes it more easy to catch.

No. 996343

I'd read it I love 4komas

No. 996351

maybe youre just getting trolled

No. 996363

No. 996364

I wasn't in this particular spat, but you may be correct.

No. 996376

File: 1639640155708.jpeg (23.56 KB, 740x415, C84BA724-CB2C-433D-927B-DA0184…)

You know, in 20-30 years it’s probably going to be really hard for western governments to find spies and undercover agents, because every person born in the past 5 years already has an internet footprint thanks to helicopter parents who compulsively over share on social media. How the hell can you create a cover for someone to plant in an enemy rulers inner circle when all it’s gonna take to blow their cover is some government egghead using face tracking software to find the photos of them at their college graduation on their moms Facebook?
Tbh China and Russia are probably farming spies rn, like raising kids at boarding schools with no internet or social media exposure so that they can plant them wherever they want as adults without their covers being blown.

No. 996377

>like raising kids at boarding schools with no internet or social media exposure so that they can plant them wherever they want as adults without their covers being blown.
wish this were me

No. 996380

make a 4koma thread

No. 996381

File: 1639640466725.png (109.21 KB, 1197x834, 1639626047732.png)

Good morning Sirs

No. 996384

this is in yume nikki? wtf I need to replay it hoping I dont get suicidal again

No. 996385

Lol no, I live in the country and farmer moms are the biggest Facebook moms on the planet.

No. 996388

why does india have a +30 minute thing?

No. 996395

File: 1639640906541.jpg (82.89 KB, 1012x800, Tumblr_l_1550467840808853.jpg)

Goot morning madam

No. 996417

Can some kind nona please explain this meme to me?

No. 996420


No. 996430

I fucking hate it so much, especially when someone twists your words and you end up being dogpiled. Also when anons either have no arguments left or just get triggered and start projecting on you some horrible amalgamation of everything they hate: zoomer-coomer-neet-nlog-neglectful dog owner-fundie-newfag-twitterfag and God knows what else, even though it has nothing to do with your post. Infuriating, even though it's transparent that they are doing it because they cannot accept nuance (i.e. someone coming from a similar background, but seeing a matter in the opposite way) and need to feel superior to the person disagreeing with them.
OMFG imagine being outed as a farmer due to your rat taxidermy pencil case

No. 996441

Yes of course ma’am, but first I will need you to download TeamViewer

No. 996442

File: 1639643471809.jpeg (853.01 KB, 933x1200, 1F365D43-2984-4D8C-B2BF-76CF31…)

Given how hyperrealistic AI programs are it might only be a matter of time before countries start producing artificial people from nothing and then raising them to resemble humans. Then you wouldn't even need to snatch random kids off the street or grow test tube babies

I've thought about this way too much

No. 996446

I understand it has something to do with Hindu customer support service, but why Google play cards???

No. 996448

I've been thinking of this, men probably never have to go through the dilemma of finding out their favorite celeb crush was actual scum. Like, it seem a rite of passage for a assault scandal to come out and women having to accept their teen crush or favorite musician was a rapist and worse. Or making sure whichever celeb man they're into doesn't give off misogynist vibes and always knowing any one of them could be a terrible man hurting young girls. This even accounts for men you know irl and even like, youtubers with how many of them get found out having sex with minor girls. I wouldn't think many men even think about this stuff when finding a woman attractive.

No. 996449

File: 1639644072843.png (65.86 KB, 915x787, 4F7327B6-B0E5-4442-B96E-CA9154…)

Is it a riff on those scam gift card sites that you get from redirects on your phone?

No. 996461

File: 1639644874861.jpg (119.14 KB, 1024x794, 80716f24e1f44c8cc0fb33a218bdd7…)

What do you guys will happen to books in the future? Will paper-based ones cease to exist and will be only found in museums? Will they be superseded by ebooks for the sake of conserving trees?

No. 996468

The 'reacting to things that were never said in the original post' thing… I think they do it purely for drama and more interaction. Lately it's just not subtle enough to think anything else. But they usually get the drama they wanted.

No. 996472

No way, I collect artbooks, they are still very much highly valued in physical form, and would lose much of its charm in digital format, artbooks or not.

No. 996498

I agree with you 100% but I was just wondering. Since there has been an increasing emphasis lately on focusing on conserving nature and being environmentally-conscious, I wonder how that will affect books

No. 996510

Just listened to Eminem for like, 3 hours.

No. 996512

No. 996520

Books are of least concern
We should be focusing on useless packaging and cheap shein clothes that end up in landfills

No. 996521

File: 1639651469389.jpg (273.9 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_8dc655efa8417c719bd6ba8…)

this is me nowadays. I fucking hate everyone

No. 996522

You and me, nonnie

No. 996524

i lost too many friends and acquaintances in the last few years because of this but i don't know how to stop it uggghhh

No. 996527

Right? Avoidance is addicting

No. 996528

Did I post this? I’ve been jamming for a while, I’m pretty lit

No. 996529

I don't even want to stop it, fuck society I want to be a crazy woman

No. 996530

you guys actually lose friends over this? my friends understand and know to not take it personally. you guys can't just pick up where you left off with your friends?

No. 996536

nta but god I wish. My only friend gave me an ultimatum, if I disappeared one more time, our friendship is over. Haven't heard from her ever since (this was months ago). She said that she doesn't to stay friends with unreliable people

No. 996539

I have to start working with men again on my new job, after not having any contact with them for over two years. God I'll miss being in a women only team.

No. 996540

that's lame. did you explain to her that it's due to your own internal issues and you're going through it mentally so it's difficult to maintain your own life, and friendships? people are so weird. it's friendship, not marriage. if she's uninvested enough to be able to willingly issue ultimatums and cut you off, surely she could be detached enough to understand and allow you room to be your friend when you can handle it.

No. 996544

Unreliable? She's the unreliable one. A person can't even take a break without her bailing out. She sounds selfish as fuck.

No. 996556

I have, yes, but she said that she doesn't understand because I didn't have any sort of big trauma growing up and she also didn't seem to understand how someone could be ambivalent about human relationships. In her mind the equation is simple: if you love someone you reach out to them, if you drop out of contact with someone it means you hate them. She asked me several times why I hated her and I couldn't convince her that I did not (and I did not)

No. 996558

Speaking of cutting people off, has anyone felt like they did not specifically miss the person they cut off, but just company in general? Is that proof that I legit unable to form bonds with people?

No. 996559

oh god. she sounds like someone intent on assuming your feelings and creating purposeful misunderstandings. too much work to even be a valuable friendship tbh. black and white thinking, super presumptuous people like this are so much more work than they're worth.

No. 996562

She sounds like a narc. Who just asks someone "why do you hate me"? That's 12 year old behaviour.

No. 996566

yep i've been told the exact same thing many times by ex friends. the only good friends i have now are the few ppl who don't take it personally when i become avoidant. some of them even ask what's wrong and try to help or cheer me up. i know i'm in the wrong as well for ignoring people out of nowhere but i much prefer the 2nd type of friendship. these kinds of friendships usually last longer too bc the other person doesn't drop me because i'm not "loyal" enough. we're not in high school anymore, we don't have to meet upevery day single day to be considered "real" friends. idk, maybe this is an unhealthy way to look at friendships and my ex friends are actually right but i'm more or less ok with how things are right now..

No. 996569

Your ex friends aren't right, it's unreasonable to expect consistent communication between friends as adults. You'd have to have an extremely close relationship. There is only one person I talk to every single day, but we've been best friends for 15 years, and even still sometimes one of us will disappear for a week or two. I just keep sending messages and memes as if she were still around, then when she gets back she has sweet messages and funnies to look at.

No. 996571

I wish I was a giant titan person. Like as tall as the tallest building in the world. Then I would go and eat all of the people I hate including unnecessery rich people, serial killers, misogynists, rapists and racist pigs. I don't really want them inside of my body but this way would be fast and we could cull the herd and weed out the garbage that pollutes the world.

No. 996574

yeah no, that's weird. if your ex friends are the type that need a super close friendship and see anything less than that as unacceptable, ok, but it's not common and they shouldn't shame you for only being able to handle what you can handle anyways. their idea of a friendship is definitely not at all common past middle school. most friendships people have are not talk-every-day-or-every-other-day friendships. most adults keep in touch, hang out occasionally, but, the cornerstone of a friendship is that you guys understand each other, get along for the most part, and can be there for each other if absolutely needed. that's like, the backbone of a friendship.

No. 996583

Lemme guess. He was an ENTP?

No. 996598

I lurk in a discord server that's full of teenage scrotes and it's so fucking funny how much petty drama goes on. Teenage boys are such stupid narcissistic two-faced shits.

No. 996648

File: 1639668194949.gif (2.99 MB, 640x512, Tumblr_l_1537599898540376.gif)

Yass queen, stomp around and turn the unworthy into poop

No. 996675

File: 1639670472904.png (73.6 KB, 200x200, tumblr_45ac3b5e125f6d39e626e0e…)

I get way too stoned off legal weed and come here and just type the most inane shit and admin just lets me and i think that's something very wonderful باركك الله.

No. 996697

i'm way too attracted to men who you could easily imagine being a stereotypical magician. like the top hat, cape, wand, the whole shebang. something about their personality

No. 996698

They're very charismatic!

No. 996701

u sound like a gay man

No. 996705

do u regret not being a pickme now, when youre missing out on a life like this??

No. 996706

File: 1639672651314.png (157.29 KB, 591x273, F342715D-A199-43C8-AD48-AAB164…)

And she looks like an actual bimbofied Shayna

No. 996707

I'm watching intervention and trying to knit an entire pair of socks before Christmas. Thinking meth would help

No. 996718

I’m in a meeting and I have NOT been listening to my boss’ explanation and it’s probably too late to start now.

No. 996722

Yea boiii picking up my vyvanse prescription after work, hope I'm no longer falling asleep for 12 hours straight anymore!!

No. 996750

File: 1639674719177.jpg (45.46 KB, 380x380, Vi_0.jpg)

I finally watched Arcane a couple days ago, and the Worlds 2021 music video was so good JID's verse is under-rated. The Zaun set was amazing. The last time I played League was a couple months ago, and now I kinda want to pick it back up again. I'm glad they made Vi into a hottie and got rid of those weird rattails on the back of her head, picrel. She and Ekko are the love of my life now.

No. 996751

Imagine getting expensive cosmetic procedures and slaving to a guy who can't even give you faithfulness in return kek. She probably has to pay for all of this too I literally can't with you sad sad slave bitches

No. 996774

and to top it all off, he looks like a spy kids thumb person sewn onto a buff giraffe's body. imagine ruining your life and body for this ethically absent cryptid

No. 996782

From the thumbnail I genuinely assumed the story would be that the man had been a perfect chad husband until he got a severe brain injury, and the wife had decided to be his full-time carer out of loyalty. Those are some vacant eyes.

No. 996789

that man looks like one of those reptiles from those conspiracy theories kek

No. 996792

I like when my boyfriend gives me input on what I'm wearing, or will help choose a scarf based on colour theory with my makeup. Makes me feel cozy. Also my ma picked out my clothes for me until I was 18 or 19 so it just feels right.

No. 996794

File: 1639676569357.jpg (25.46 KB, 453x512, 608698555.jpg)

would you wear it in public

No. 996801

like… for money?

No. 996803

As long as it keeps scrotes away…

No. 996811

idk who the character is but yes. it's called fashion

No. 996818

File: 1639677515237.jpg (24.43 KB, 750x454, Tumblr_l_402515124535461.jpg)

HE HAS TONKA TRUCKS IN HIS ROOM, and uses the term "alpha"

autistic /pol/fag confirmed

No. 996820

File: 1639677538893.jpg (397.65 KB, 1280x845, 6e325879008t.jpg)

so these?

No. 996831

File: 1639678560754.jpeg (97.7 KB, 630x477, download.jpeg)

I just like it

No. 996832

He doesn't smile in any photos because he's scared it makes him look weak lmao

No. 996835

File: 1639678701139.jpg (79.98 KB, 752x501, the-nation-asked-for-it-2-752x…)

Anotha one

No. 996839

Slipped in the shower and slid out onto the floor like a dolphin, hitting my butt on the edge of the bath as I went down.

No. 996843

How do I know this isn't just an actual dolphin?

No. 996846

Ugh, my tailbone slightly sticks out and it's my biggest fear that one day I'll crack/break it like this

No. 996847

>my tailbone slightly sticks out
Reptillian dna confirmed

No. 996854

If your tailbone sticks out that's called a tail

No. 996871

is this another country's version of the koolaid man

No. 996877

File: 1639680313361.jpg (26.04 KB, 512x512, unnamed.jpg)

So if Sanrio girls tend to be unstable, bpd-chans, what's the tea on Moomin girls?

No. 996882

File: 1639680383543.jpg (81.54 KB, 315x978, whitedesert.jpg)

It isn't, it's a medical diagram of a defect called a unicornuate uterus, where only one half of a girl's uterus forms. Sometimes there's like a separate mini uterus off at the side, which is what's going on in that picture. It just reminded me a lot of the white desert.

I love that game, but I remember crying because of how lonely it is.

No. 996892

Beautiful inside and out

No. 996894

Ngl the fact that my job field has been +98.4% women in the past ten years (sadly declining) was one of my main motivations for choosing it.

No. 996901


No. 996914

First of all, that dress he picked out for her was grey, not fucking green john you fucking idiot.
His ""dominance"" is so performative, with little figurines and trucks at his desk kek. What a fucking stereotype.

Hilarious watching her squirm when the friend comments that him fucking other women isn't exactly traditional. What's in it for her? Is it a deep seeded kink?

No. 996941

File: 1639683295528.jpg (28.97 KB, 489x468, 8af05e4ed5fc7d732f31ee0239fe76…)

3 days. 'you should sleep with married men' anon has been repeating (her?)self for 3 days now. We may just never get the relationship advice thread back to what it once was. They're never going to stop.

No. 996942

cockatoos are the best

No. 996944

I wish I had erics confidence.

No. 996947

I'm worried that "intellectual discussion" will become a meme to shut up anybody who has more to say in an argument than a single sentence

No. 996948

god it's taking all my strength not to a-log her. especially with all that "I'm so ~*logical~* you're all emotional" "itullecshuall discussion" "muh colonizers" bullshit. and she has the nerve to call others redditors..

No. 996953

I love this but like… where is my husbando who supposedly also became a tumblr sexyman? I guess he's too normie for that insane showcase. Oh my God, I just noticed fucking Snuffkin. Like I get the appeal, but I'm still taken aback

No. 996977

File: 1639685932514.jpg (47.13 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

>I'm using logic… you guise are all using emotion… and everyone knows emotion has no place in relationships, amirite?

No. 996981

AI doesn't real and cannot truly understand meaning

No. 996985

File: 1639687273790.jpg (31.71 KB, 713x719, EIn5Se6UwAAtCgz.jpg)

I'm feeling so lonely I'm starting to fantasize on the least ugly dude at work. Why are pretty men so rare.

No. 996988

Because males exhibiting feminine traits haven't been desirable in a reproductive sense for the majority of human history

No. 996998

go away scrote

No. 997004

>I love slice of life mangas about girls doing stupid shit
Me too. Any recommendations?

No. 997010

>minor integration issue
You sound unhinged when you scrote-screech like that. Please seek help.

No. 997025

Ugliness being associated with masculinity is a relatively new phenomenon though. Men of previous generations were at least expected to be hygienic and fashionable in a gentlemanly way.

No. 997040

Trying to figure out what mental illness is responsible for me being attracted to ugly scrotes. Literally since I was 13 my friend has pointed out majority of my bfs are ugly. Why does the lord test me. So anyway I'm flirting with these 2 uggos meanwhile this giant hunk makes me go mute yet I would kill for his hands to be on me

No. 997048

For the majority of human history women hadn't much a of a say in who they were forced to reproduce with. Their options were extremely limited and based on survival.

No. 997055

Type A?
Cluster B?
"C" ya later!

No. 997079

>low self worth

No. 997136

File: 1639708665753.jpg (13.05 KB, 225x225, th.jpg)

This lady is super punchable to me and that's weird, because I'm not someone who usually experiences really strong, negative, superficial reactions; but when I found out Rob Schneider is her dad I kinda felt less bad because I feel the same way about him. It's weird that punchability is a heritable trait.

No. 997138

I like that song she made about tic-tac-toe.

No. 997156

I'm going to be temporarily staying in Murica for 3 months, but I just remembered I pre-ordered a game I really want. It's coming to my home country one month before I leave Murica… so I'll be going one month without my precious game.
Am I retarded enough to buy it on the eshop even though I'll have the physical copy waiting at home just bc I don't want to wait a month….
I may be…

No. 997157

wtf christmas is next week

No. 997172

No Halloween is

No. 997178

What game is it?

No. 997179

Is it Elden Ring?

No. 997189

can't you just ask someone to mail the copy arriving in your home country to you?

No. 997195

File: 1639715282433.jpeg (247.46 KB, 1280x914, 7E43843A-DBF8-4B78-A885-940390…)

Was at Disneyland yesterday and Jesus fucking Christ why are all their employees literal landwhales? We’re not talking overweight or obese. No. These fuckers are easily 500+. There was one working in the candy shop on Main Street (the jokes write themselves) and she took up half the entry way. If you’re not familiar, picrel is the entryway. How do you work at a place where you wouldn’t even be able to ride the rides?

No. 997198

I read somewhere that Disney hires all kinds of people, but only lets the most 'presentable' work as greeters or with guest in the parks. Like they keep people with deformities and disabilities working underground. Idk what that says about the people they've hired

No. 997206

go queen

No. 997213

I've never seen a landwhale who was a cast member before. maybe op is referring to general workers?

Also a good chunk of people in the US are overweight, so it's likely that fatties would make up a margin of your workers statistically

No. 997226

I propose we add the jumpscared to hundreds, if not thousands of porn videos and upload them to every porn site known, this way creating a panopticon fear upon the masturbator
I call that doing a little trolling, we do a little trolling
I think that would be funny

No. 997239

sometimes in the first few minutes when i wake up i absolutely loathe the idea of communicating with my partner lol. it goes away shortly though. am i just grumpy as fuck in the mornings?

No. 997246

Yes, this is a quality idea

No. 997250

Disney refers to their general workers as cast members

No. 997259

File: 1639723476614.png (Spoiler Image, 480.64 KB, 861x637, 3856747748967.png)

Seems like a good idea, but then some scrotes would be into that. Soon no man would be able to cum without seeing this mfer.

No. 997260

File: 1639723527723.jpg (49.23 KB, 640x640, 2ee072a7823c44e5847f6c96c2dc32…)

hehehe. im ready to do it. but I guarantee the jumpscare vids would be taken down at lightspeed while the cp and drugged rape porn stays up. I wish I could jumpscare every male on earth watching porn right now and give them a heart attack and make them die in their own excrement.

No. 997264

File: 1639724166953.png (4.07 MB, 2814x1576, voici la bombe.png)

i made everybody dessert

No. 997271

File: 1639725904943.jpg (32.14 KB, 480x288, 1593720138719.jpg)

The golden age for the USA was not the 50s but the 90s and there is absolutely nothing you can say against it that is correct.

No. 997273

why use kids as an example? what exactly is golden age about a bunch of retarded, no parent teens fucking mindlessly, using drugs, and spreading STDs and HIV/AIDS to each other?

No. 997275

File: 1639726629705.jpg (207.67 KB, 1200x1200, 3217.jpg)