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No. 1011886

it's okay to be stupid, i promise
previous thread >>>/ot/998064

No. 1011890

File: 1641038347221.jpg (350.51 KB, 1080x1405, Screenshot_20220101_115703.jpg)

Thankfully there are sane women in the comments saying how disgusting this is. My mental health would be affected if I saw this monstrosity in the flesh

No. 1011899

I suppose I've always not liked cats because I just didn't understand them. There's this prevailing portayal of them online as little assholes etc, so I thought that yeah they look cute but I wouldn't want an unpredicatable aggressive animal in my home, and I'm not going to find an aggressive, maybe distressed animal a pleasant thing.

But I think it's because cats have more subtle body language than dogs. If a dog is annoyed then you know it, and cats have signs of that but they're not so obvious. And I think these cat owners with asshole cats maybe also don't read the body language, and they act like assholes because their boundaries are always being crossed.

Maybe this is obvious shit to cat owners here but I've only interacted with cats peripherally, friends who tried to pet or pick up their cats and got scratched, and I just figured this out. If it's even correct.

No. 1011903

I think you're right. Cats are more subtle. My cat (RIP) was a little madam but she never bit or scratched, it took her a while when we first got her to read her but afterwards it was easy. You can't just rush up to a cat to pet it like you could a dog, you sort of invite a cat to pet lol

No. 1011906

Or cats can invite you to stroke them, and it's very charming when it happens.

No. 1011949

I'd love it if we could all be friends.

Not all of lolcow, I'd hate to be friends with the psychos on /pt/ or the hot messes on /g/. But just /ot/, maybe specifically the dumbass shit thread. It's not realistic and I know nobody sticks to one thread in all lolcow, but i've found almost all anons to either be very chill or agreeable and at least relatable when they're not being chill in here.

No. 1011980

everything has peaked

No. 1012006

I think my fav nonas browse /m/. I like ot too (apart from vent thread spergs)

No. 1012018

File: 1641049343330.jpg (58.54 KB, 568x706, JS.jpg)

have u guys seen this pic of young jeremy strong yet

No. 1012021

File: 1641049813546.png (283 KB, 677x767, hof80cg492981.png)

am sad

No. 1012029

No. 1012032

big mood

No. 1012038

I love you, I'll be your pal for life

No. 1012049

what would i give to be back to being retarded on tumblr 2013

No. 1012058

I don't remember anything good from that year.

No. 1012079

has anyone else noticed that since that banner with all the ban messages was made none of the redtexts have had the original 'this user was put out to pasture' message?

No. 1012082

File: 1641056080775.jpg (251.2 KB, 1400x2021, 715RCCBuZEL.jpg)

No. 1012085

File: 1641056315326.jpg (36.39 KB, 459x612, hair brush.jpg)

my best one yet

No. 1012088

this tickles my fancy

No. 1012091

>and at least relatable when they're not being chill in here.
but the not chill ones aren't relatable at all. i'm at a point where i just glaze over 80% of /ot/ posts because it all reads like gibberish.

No. 1012100

wtf is wrong with your thumbs

No. 1012109

What do you mean?????????????????

No. 1012185

you're an artist, anon! incredible work

No. 1012193

Hilarious, you win

No. 1012194

It feels like a mandela effect that Jennifer Lawrence has blue eyes. I thought she had green or even hazel eyes. I can remember so vividly seeing her in the hunger games and silver linings playbook and thinking her green hazel eyes were so pretty.

No. 1012197

Would it hurt to come on here and for once not say something rude or insulting to another girl? It is that much of a chore to just have fun with your fellow farmers? Damn, I mean, why even bother talking to anyone at all?

No. 1012199

i have the flu and am on my period at the same time so i have every right to act unhinged. but i usually don't.

No. 1012201

A while back I realized that I do a very poor job of noticing peoples eye colour, people I know irl, people I dated for years. I just don't take note.

Is this some sort of autism?

No. 1012206

What are you referring to?

No. 1012209

not everything is autism nona lol

No. 1012212

posting on lolcow is a sign of autism

No. 1012213

I wanna live together with nonnies

No. 1012215

I think Lucas Cruikshank is the most interesting man on earth

No. 1012222

my boob is itchy

No. 1012246

Sorry I meant to say eyetism

No. 1012268


That movie makes me really emotional even though the core of it is "Guy was bummed he didn't get to kill people from planes in WWI because of his eyesight and wants to use impending WWII to make war planes, and abandons terminally ill wife when the peak opportunity arises"

No. 1012269


innt that Fred

No. 1012271

i have autism and take great joy in ruthlessly calling anything and everyone else autistic

No. 1012272

I like the random vids he does with the brother, not really into his solo ones

No. 1012275

I think I might have autism but like.. the good autism.

No. 1012318

File: 1641072328098.jpeg (96.86 KB, 720x706, F9AE2571-EC7F-474D-BA37-129B67…)

>plays sims 4 for half an hour maybe more
>windows 10 blue screen saying sorry error have to restart

i’m going to kms can’t have shit in this joint

No. 1012320

I want my hair played with by a girl

No. 1012328


here i am

No. 1012336

oh i'm so sorry but i'm actually the one who will be doing the hair playing so if you could just step aside for one second yeah that would be gr at just a little further there yeah close the door on your way out will you thanks

No. 1012339

We talking head hair or pubes?

No. 1012352

as a BPDette I firmly believe that the average male almost equals a BPD female.
>Emotionally unstable
>Very reactive
The only difference is that BPD females don't rape and kill as much as the average male if at all.

No. 1012367

Does anyone have a crafty discord I could join? Or some other form of online community centred around arts and crafts? Jesus Christ I am lonely. All the public areas I've found are troon infested

No. 1012376

I need this to. I mean damn, if no one knows of any let's make our own please. I need crafty buddies.

No. 1012382


i'm gonna grapple botha yalls hairs to play with like i'm a 19th century coachman with the reins

No. 1012384


i think i saw a women's only craft discord mentioned on ovarit awhile back if you want to surf there

No. 1012388

File: 1641076811803.gif (1.08 MB, 244x234, sure-margaery-tyrell.gif)

>mfw the they/them communist coworker who is way too open about his personal problems comes out as trans

No. 1012400

Thats fine please just touch it im desperate

No. 1012402

Sometimes, all you can do is laugh.

No. 1012412

I bought a lavender and forest scented candle. It's weirdly turning me on and reminds me of a men's deodorant but not so artificial or strong.

No. 1012471

that does sound sexy, nonnie. wish I had a sexy candle

No. 1012472

I would say it’s weird to be turned on by a candle but at least you’re not turtle roleplay anon haha

Also you sound really touch starved. I’m not here to give advice, just imagine me (sexy, based) smugly laughing at you (cringe) for your loneliness ♥

No. 1012473

File: 1641083539810.jpeg (168.95 KB, 750x863, F961463F-7C98-42B7-8BBA-138A9F…)

I hate it, I HATE IT

No. 1012480

File: 1641084041561.jpeg (110 KB, 1024x860, 5DB83895-9784-47F4-9F40-A63C94…)

Starting out the new year with insomnia and paranoid delusions

No. 1012482

It’s okay, it’ll all end soon.

No. 1012483

File: 1641084491386.jpeg (449.27 KB, 750x741, 570D2854-BD65-423C-819C-0EC056…)

No. 1012487

Change the bats into spiders under my skin and it’s me

No. 1012495

every time i've been around a woman online who makes it really clear to everyone that they love mitski they've been so utterly unhinged or in need of constant attention. what is it with mitski, i like some of her music but why does this happen with so many women i come across

No. 1012498

Because her songs are just boohooing doormat shit

No. 1012514

I want to hallucinate spiders and the skin and walls with you nonnarino ♥
also i am watching you can you feel my presence hunting you down? Also are you sending me messages through tv and leaflets? Just asking, im kind of shy hehe

No. 1012520

Men are so fucking dumb. My little brother wanted to heat up fried chicken that dad brought home and the oven finished pre heating and he comes and asks me "so I just put the whole thing in right?" while holding the box and I'm like… NO?? Take the chicken OUT and put it on the RACKS. This dumb ass really wanted to put a flimsy paper box with the chicken packed into it like the oven is a fucking microwave.

No. 1012536

Why do I have such bad luck with pomegranates? Last time I bought one it split open. This time I bought just the seeds/fruit and the container completely busted open. I was so excited for them too…

No. 1012560


girl you're raw dogging fried chicken right on the wire rack to reheat it?! i think all y'all are a mess

No. 1012561


god does not want you to eat the devil's fruit

No. 1012575

kek sorry should've specified, we have mini racks on top of a baking sheet inside the oven, not on the actual oven racks themselves

No. 1012599

No. 1012600

No. 1012613

File: 1641091516163.jpeg (61.68 KB, 512x680, FIEAS0GXwAEg6Um.jpeg)

I just discovered that candle warmers are a thing and now I want one because normally I can't use candles because I'm deathly afraid of house fires. I normally just use an aroma diffuser and essential oils instead, but I go candle shopping for my friends a lot and I love how so many of them smell. I want picrel but it's like $70 on etsy and I know that shit is just being resold from aliexpress. I risk becoming one of those candle women being posted on the consoomer thread though. I'd use them, but I'd probably buy them faster than I could use them all up.

No. 1012618

Just do it anon, don't worry about what others think

No. 1012626

I want to kill myself to be honest

No. 1012641

is billie eilish the futa

No. 1012646

That one looks cute. But I'm dumb and don't really understand it's purpose?
I understand being paranoid nonna. Depending on the size of the candle just blow it out after 2-3 hours and don't be sleepy when you light it so you'll remember. That's what I do.

No. 1012653

I think the heat from the lamp melts the wax down so it gives off the scent in the same way lighting the candle will, except there's no flame involved! I think there are some that will warm from the bottom but not sure how the scent comes off if the wax melts from the bottom of the jar. I also live in a small apartment and my parents are basically hoarders so my fear of house fires is heightened.

No. 1012669


LMAO that makes way more sense. you had me disgusted for a sec

No. 1012677

File: 1641097464984.jpg (517.15 KB, 1813x1843, 1558489342568.jpg)

Is it wrong that I /fit/ poster guy kinda good looking

No. 1012681

it's ok, I was confused for a second because I didn't know how else I was supposed to reheat the in the oven kekk then I remembered that I always leave out chunks of the story

No. 1012690

Go back to /g/.

No. 1012694

spoiler this shit dumb f

No. 1012695

Gross shit

No. 1012700

File: 1641100329943.png (12.37 KB, 531x243, Capture.PNG)

I pasted a snippet of my writing into irl.me and it gave me this. I hate stephen king and I'm offended

No. 1012701

I didn’t read it, I wanted to spare our sanity for one more day.

No. 1012707

disgusting you know that room smells like shit

No. 1012708

File: 1641101085488.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.41 MB, 1800x3516, 901C8D88-A26F-4DA6-AE7E-E89201…)

Yes it is wrong. This is the only /fit/poster I have ever seen actually have a near perfect physique and he had enough sense to cover his face.

No. 1012711

I used to have turtles and that post in /g/ is making me so upset

No. 1012714

where can I check this website out?

No. 1012716

ugly dace, decent roided body. god why are men so fucking unbalanced

No. 1012717

it's probably a dumb troll bait post

No. 1012718

you just know this nigga has autism and his mommy doesn’t love him kek

No. 1012720

Sorry, I mistyped in my previous post. The website url is iwl.me

No. 1012721

Yeah I know it's bait, but I still hate it.

No. 1012722

File: 1641102617538.jpg (86.94 KB, 902x408, Screenshot_20220102-133124_Chr…)

I've never read a jk rowling book. Assigned terf at birth kek

No. 1012744

my new years resolutions are always something like "lose weight" "write in a diary every day" "do 20k steps a day" . things i dont want or have to do, but i think they will make me a better person. this year my resolution is to get into costume making. it feels stupid, i dont go to comic con or anything like that, i just had so so so much fun making halloween costumes with my friends that i want to keep doing it. i dont know if its stupid or a waste of money though because im not the kinda person who'd ever cosplay or anything… i just want to make them.

No. 1012750

I would let hall AND oates destroy me I don't know what that one anon was on

No. 1012751

No. 1012752

Just whyyyyy tf does their have to be two images of scat porn on the front page of lolcow???

I lowkey hated her until I learned she was a terf, now I like her

No. 1012773

File: 1641113370086.png (15.21 KB, 417x142, 35653656345635635.png)

I tried it twice with excerpts from two different novels I'm writing and got Agatha Christie each time. I guess it's not so bad to be compared to the best selling novelist of all time.

No. 1012780

It’s you again my pomegranate hating nemesis. You will never triumph in this battle of our wills. Pomegranates are godsent.

No. 1012783

Ooo I got Bram Stoker. I wonder how many sample authors they have?

No. 1012785

i wanna do it but i dont have any writing, damn

No. 1012794

My greatest fear is posting on the rate my art thread then someone cross posts it to the shitty art thread.

No. 1012812

i might be naive but I legitimaly don't think nonnas on /m/ would do it to anyone brave enough to make themselves seen in that thread

No. 1012822

I’ll post some shitty art so you can post yours without shame

No. 1012837

I'll never get over the fact that picrew implemented a Japan<->World filter coincidentally not too long after twitter found it and shat up the site with trans and enbinism brainrot lmao

No. 1012839

… lol korean ones are included in there

No. 1012842

the Japanese ones or the rest of the world ones?

No. 1012843

File: 1641124256854.jpg (21.92 KB, 480x360, d0f92977212ae9a5d65f462dff09eb…)

Midsommar really is a comfort movie, not in a "girlboss sense" but I'm at the point where I'd love to be drugged, brainwashed and given a sense of purpose by some cozy organized cult

No. 1012844

NTA, I see Korean in both

No. 1012847

wow posted the exact same second

No. 1012853

Always odd to think there's another woman, probably in a completely different part of the world, doing the very exact same thing as me - as in typing in the same thread, finishing up and pressing enter in perfect sync. I don't know who you are nonna but we're sisters now

No. 1012854

I wanted a masculine or at least androgynous sounding pen name if I ever choose to publish anything. I had a first name picked that is a boy's name but I really like it, it's also a mythological name. but of course I had to discover a raging twitter sjw with that name, now I don't want to use it because it makes me think of her, and that name is pretty rare for a woman so it's not like alex where a lot of people are named that.

No. 1012868

I want to adopt a little cat. I think a cat would make me happy. I could care for it well.

No. 1012870

Honestly same. I don’t care how “unsettling” the ending was supposed to be; she was happy (which is rare irl in cults but the girls can dream)

No. 1012872

This line of thinking had me acquire four cats

No. 1012876

I was celebrating the new year with friends and I don't why but we started talking about youtubers or people we know irl and I suddenly remembered one girl I knew from high school who became a youtuber and her videos are all about being trashy, being an """influencer""" in Dubai and doing plastic surgery while eating fast food and smoking. You know, the type who thinks she's a stacy who should star in a reality tv show. I showed some of her videos to my friends to laugh and in her more recent videos I noticed she had a really botched nose job and because of the sunglasses she was wearing she legit looked like an overweight Mickael Jackson. Shit was just too funny.

No. 1012877

Idiotic men miss the point of fight club
Idiotic women miss the point of Midsommar

No. 1012880

Spill it, nonnie

No. 1012881

Shut up

No. 1012887

And what, oh mighty one, is the scrote designated point of Midsommar supposed to be through the female gaze? Please enlighten us idiot women on what the movie ackchyually means.

No. 1012888

File: 1641128374084.jpg (103.24 KB, 1080x1080, Tumblr_l_215173493626726.jpg)

No. 1012891

File: 1641128465245.png (284.56 KB, 354x417, mickael jackson but actually w…)

She looks like this. The pic is a bit small. I don't know if I should post more info about her because since we went to the same high school and I'm a bit paranoid.

No. 1012895

a cult takes advantages of a woman in grief and recruits her into a pagan nordic cult, literally how do you miss it
you could frame the film as a Nazi propaganda about a woman rejecting her multi-ethnic friends and degenerate boyfriend and instead joys this based Nordic only cult where she'll have lots of white babies

No. 1012898

Literally how did you miss the points that that’s what the two anons above want?
>muh nazi propaganda
Oh wait it’s weak bait lol

No. 1012899

Those are bad things how? Sorry you don’t know what some women want. Lol begone scrote

No. 1012900

File: 1641129106928.jpg (175.35 KB, 1717x1281, fr86cmqvp3071.jpg)

Its ham-fisted
Its right there in front of you

No. 1012907

… and?

No. 1012909

So tell me, o wise one, what is the point of midsommar i'm missing when i'm saying i want to be brainwashed by a cult

No. 1012912

I can brainwash you, nonnie. I even have different flavors for different occasions. hit my line

No. 1012913

>I showed some of her videos to my friends to laugh and in her more recent videos I noticed she had a really botched nose job and because of the sunglasses she was wearing she legit looked like an overweight Mickael Jackson. Shit was just too funny.
You're a cunt, that's some high school tier shit.

No. 1012917

sounds great, I'll find you

No. 1012920

NTA but
>female gaze
>male director
Are you like an /lgbt/ person who thinks Ari Aster is an "egg"? I'm tired man lmao

No. 1012922

I wouldve liked it more if it was only women

No. 1012936

I actually agree with you, but I don't think it's necessarily "idiocy". I think it's because most people choose to turn their brain off for movies, and because of gendered socialization on both fronts
Men refuse to acknowledge that Fight Club is a critique of masculine culture and society as a whole, and that the author is a gay male, not a sigma alpha MGTOW male who wants them to be like Tyler Durden. Women refuse to acknowledge that Midsommar is the same way in that it highlights exactly how simultaneously stubborn and weak most women are indoctrinated to be, even outside of cults (and that's why Dani ends up in one after losing her mind completely), and that the director is a scrote, not a female gaze based man-hating Stacerino. It's also kind of hypocritical that most of the stans don't care that another woman gets killed for no reason, and then they claim it's all about girl power or wanting to connect with other women. Even though they want to kill the men who hurt them and claim they're misandrists who hate scrotes, there's still this desire to be accepted by some sort of group that's bigger and older than them, and there's this bitterness toward other women that precludes them from just fucking off and making a nice little cult for themselves. Female socialization made them that way. It's literally cult programming in action, and it's not easy for most to break. Notice that the other girl had a boyfriend who actually loved and wanted to protect her? I think that's the big difference, the unspoken "reason" they choose not to care, and they don't say it out loud because there's no way to express that without sounding like an incel (but gender-flipped) seething about Stacy with her Chad bf. Like, it's petty and they know it
I actually liked Midsommar, but it's very overrated, and I can't dream of a community that would inevitably not only be full of Varg simps, but gimpgirl clones and other flavors of deranged pick-mes
Also, the fact that Aster (who is Jewish) made the cult actual Nazis seems like further proof that it's meant to be critical and not aspirational, and it frames the kinds of vulnerable, depressed women who get groomed into becoming white supremacist tradthots (this isn't some sort of attack on white women or saying they're all Nazis, before anyone gets triggered, it's just obvious where the male, Jewish director was going kek). No woman ends up a literal extremist NPC with cult-brain (in any ethnicity/culture) without some deep pain and unresolved trauma

No. 1012937

File: 1641132718050.jpg (83.26 KB, 734x766, 1609890020756.jpg)

Who was in the wrong here ?

No. 1012979

That may have been a wall of text, but that was a pretty good, context based analysis that I would like to steal and turn in at school kek

I think it’s definitely about depression and feeling lost and void, the change in colour palette throughout the film as Dani starts to ‘belong’ is telling. Less about her being a woman, more about depressed people finding cults. Being cut off from her old life deliberately (foreign country, dead boyfriend, family member dying), and then taking her in, and they needed a lonely and insecure woman. Also, I think my dad pointed out how the old ‘May Queen’ isn’t visible, the girl from the drawing. I don’t know if this means Dani is supposed to die, did they kill the outsiders only for ritual purpose or was the village supposed to be hidden?

In our village the ‘June Queen’ just got paraded round, and they say that the old traditions (maypole, dancing/partner switching around the pole, weaving, flower crowns, ‘queens’ and singing) are all just a great big celebration of spring and fertility, so that leads me to believe that Dani was also supposed to have a baby for the cult, like new blood. I remember that village was pretty cold to those who hadn’t lived there, or had ancestors there, but it was just mild exclusion, not murder lol. But a lot of the kids looked like each other funnily enough

No. 1013026

nta but i usually see scrotes promoting those things, not being against it. this whole conversation and defense of this film is confusing tbh

No. 1013048

File: 1641141072032.png (18 KB, 598x203, ss.png)

I want this, I want this so fucking bad

No. 1013053

My boyfriend has no (mainstream) social media and ngl he's a bit weird anon, but more in the 90s internet forum techie nerd flavor than 4chan scrote.

No. 1013055

He sounds cute.

No. 1013058

Why should either of you have a social media presence? I lurk accounts I like, use Discord for close friends and that's enough for me
I'm a zoomer myself, but why do so many zoomers have this addiction to telling corporations about themselves?

No. 1013071

he's really cute, his main hobby is watchmaking and he goes in these little niche forums about watches to ask about clock stuff.
He used to also be really into computer engeenering which was actually made him stop using social media, i saw the fucker pry open my laptop and fix what was wrong with it in like 30 minutes in our couch.

No. 1013073

God, that's hot

No. 1013075

> he goes in these little niche forums to ask about cock stuff.
Fixed your typo

No. 1013082

>twitter gf

No. 1013086

sometimes when i sneeze super hard it makes my eyelid twitch and it makes me feel like that crinkle-mouth emoji it feels so gooood

No. 1013089

He sounds amazing, fuck social media

No. 1013125

i feel like i'm catching schizophrenia from spending so much time here idk what's going on anymore. i will re-read the same posts 59 times and still not understand. why are you fighting over the cult movie? what did i read in the other threads? i don't remember. some replies are just absolute nonsense, are we reading the same things?
hard sneezes hurt

No. 1013131

File: 1641144408442.jpg (21.33 KB, 474x296, gg.jpg)

No. 1013146

File: 1641145039869.jpg (115.14 KB, 1024x641, zxWHoLZp9L6AIwKVUCp5NJIpvFmyhu…)

As an arabic speaker I really wish I could give the time and effort to share with you all the absolute hilarious shit that goes on Arab speaking spaces
I'm sure you've all seen the "Greek vs Turk debate" and I wanna tell you that's just the tip of the iceberg, that is an actual civil discussion compared

you'll have people arguing that the Berbers built Mecca, that Egypt is Algerian, Kaiser wilhelm converted to Islam and my favorite Hitler was a Berber

No. 1013147

I got this too but I've never read any of her works… I put in a whole short piece I wrote and I'm between letting my ego get fluffed up or thinking this lady wrote like shit because I hate what I wrote kek

No. 1013156

i spent 3 minutes laughing at this pic for no reason. now i truly lost it. but those are some cute giraffes tbf

No. 1013164

File: 1641145783345.png (175.06 KB, 814x512, fsc.png)

The memes are also glorious as well
picrel is "Yemeni vs Kuwati"

No. 1013165


gib hug

No. 1013167

What nationality are you racist against? For me it’s Iraqis. Something inherently retarded and ugly about then. Never have seen a smart Iraqi. I also hate Kuwaitis but it’s personal.

No. 1013171

>Hitler was a Berber
This one is obvious and we all know it, despite the copes

No. 1013172

Gulf Arabs, and while I feel bad for Iraqis and Palestinians they are among the most insufferalbe people I've interacted with online

No. 1013182

Palestinians definitely are it. Always asking for help.

No. 1013183

>that Egypt is Algerian
>Hitler was a Berber
Explains these ones please.

No. 1013188

not trying to be mean, but i dont think you can catch schizophrenia

No. 1013198

The Egyptian one isn't that difficult to comprehend, they just claim every significant ancient Egyptian figure to even exist was a Berber i.e an Algerian, so Egyptian history is actually Algerian

The Hitler being A berber is a little more complicated, a couple years ago there was a think piece that Hitler "may" have had Jewish roots on his mother's side, eventually that got turned into a game of telephone where it became Hitler had Moroccan Jewish ancestry and finally Hitler being berber

No. 1013202

Perfect post nonnie, I absolutely agree with you. I watched midsommar a long while after it came out and after all the praise and hype it got for being a girlboss movie. Never got it why, she was in a shitty relationship with a scrote, and a scrote pulled her into a shitty cult by lying to her and tricking her. So empowering!

No. 1013214

My beautiful girls. I love you my precious cows. My sentimental ass has so much affection for this site.

No. 1013215

File: 1641148920126.jpg (59.5 KB, 640x640, 1639683870969.jpeg.jpg)

I love you too nonna

No. 1013220

Me too oh nonny, nonny my beloved.

No. 1013227

File: 1641150026118.jpg (108.67 KB, 640x640, 126f7a8d059f74e417fbf01e3a93ec…)

I love you too

No. 1013236

I've never ever bought into the "Ginger ale cures colds" thing, and I just realized it might be because Ginger ale probably doesn't have that much real ginger in it and I don't really like it that much. Only in America would we say that soda cures colds.

No. 1013247

Who the fuck says that? It's that ginger ale helps calm a stomach ache, not stops a cold. Maybe your family's just stupid.

No. 1013248

Maybe cure was the wrong word, but it's a thing where I live to drink ginger ale when you're sick. Also, they don't calm stomach aches either.

No. 1013251

Even ginger ale that's "made with real ginger" doesn't have any ginger in it. It's better to make ginger tea with honey and lemon for sure. Ginger ale won't even calm a tummy, it's just flavored sugar syrup.

No. 1013252

I bought something off of depop a month ago and kept asking the seller to ship and they just sent me a refund then blocked me. What the hell

No. 1013255

Some sellers are literally kids, I don't bother buying on, only sell. Did they have good reviews when you bought from them? I tend to only buy from people with their sales number displayed on their profile. Depop only displays how many sales you've made when you've successfully made complete transactions through the app. So if a seller marks an item as sold, it's not going to count toward their sold items unless a transaction has taken place in app.

No. 1013256

It does calm the belly, the bubbles make you burp and help keep down nausea.

No. 1013258

There is no evidence that carbonated drinks help with stomach issues nonnie

No. 1013259

It's fucking soda with no real ginger in it, anon. Imagine how crazy it would sound to say Fanta helps with nausea. Stop buying into big gingers lies.

No. 1013260

I've drank seltzer my whole life and it's like heavenly bliss in my stomach.
There's at least 1 ginger

No. 1013261

Anecdotes aren't medical evidence cutie patootie

No. 1013264

Added gas in my stomach fucks with me way worse than just drinking water or nothing you're built different anon.

No. 1013268

ngl I really enjoy whenever anons post manifestos they’re so funny

No. 1013291

Not all Berbers are Algerians, most Moroccans and Tunisians are Berbers, so it could have been true for Egypt as well, who knows about the more important historical figures though.

The one about Hitler makes absolutely no sense at all, you can't be a Berber and Jewish, unless this involves conversion or having parents from different ethnic groups. I hope nobody is stupid enough to claim him, that would be hilarious.

No. 1013311

I knew my ex would come running back like an abused dog
How do I make this convo a living hell for him

No. 1013333

There's some bots here recently, even ESLchans don't type so weird.

No. 1013349

Hehe that's so funny anon! Can I have an example of a bot post please? I promise I am not the bot engineer looking for tips on how to make lolcow AI glitch less. Nasolabial folds is where it's at! Am I right, precious cows?

No. 1013402

Bobby Flay is kind of an asshole

No. 1013405

nah hes an asshole its really obvious and i dont like him. fuck u bobby

No. 1013430

tell him a black guy took you to [fancy restaurant] and you blew him afterward

No. 1013450

don't listen to those retards you're right. and fanta has a worse effect + different flavoring and caffeine (all the ginger ale i got is caffeine-free) so idk what's with that comparison.
tea has always made my nausea worse and outright throw up at times, i love tea too btw this isn't anti-tea, taste isn't the problem just for some reason once it's inside me it had that effect

No. 1013474

No. I am a woman and anything I watch is going to be through my female gaze. Doesn't matter the gender of the creator.

No. 1013490

No. 1013494

Went on a 10 min quest to find chinese language male asmr

No. 1013500

Monstrous men in fiction are attractive to women because we like when the monster is on the outside.

No. 1013503

largely OT but I feel like such a bitch sometimes because I have one of those squeaky mouse-like "a-tyoo" sneezes and people always ask if it's my "real sneeze" and I say "of course it's my real sneeze you stupid fuck why would i fake a sneeze??" but I am kind of faking it. I used to have a VERY loud dad sneeze and it was really embarrassing (think a 14 year old girl in her dead-silent english class sneezing so loud that everyone turns and looks). So I started holding it in a little every time I sneezed and it evolved into a mouse sneeze. It's my "real" sneeze but I influenced it to be that way, and sometimes the original dad sneeze comes through.

No. 1013505

Those type of characters are always the least attractive to me personally.

No. 1013512

Agreed, I don't think it's medicinal so much as preference. I also love tea yet find it really off-putting when I'm sick whereas a very bubbly but not too sweet drink is nice to sip, refreshing while also easing the discomfort in my stomach. Carbonated water is a better alternative of course but it wasn't as easy to find when I was a kid and it's also easier to get a kid to drink ginger ale when they don't feel good.

No. 1013551

>fanta has a worse effect + different flavoring and caffeine (all the ginger ale i got is caffeine-free) so idk what's with that comparison
Of course Fanta is different, the point is that they're both soda since anon said it's the carbonation that's supposed to help. I wasn't really trying to directly compare them, you can replace the word Fanta with any other brand. Anyway, if Ginger ale works for you then that's fine.

No. 1013556

if u did that fake sneeze shit near me id slap u with a pillow an call you a silly bitch u cutie

No. 1013573


I posted a few different prose pieces that I feel like are all a similar voice, but got a wildly different writer each time; James Joyce, Dan Brown, Anne Rice.

No. 1013584

I feel like libfems on Twitter use this argument to defend porn kek

No. 1013643

File: 1641179293318.png (9.72 KB, 408x138, dfw.PNG)

>hi every1 im new!!!!!!! holds up spork my name is katy but u can call me t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m!!!!!!!! lol…as u can see im very random!!!! thats why i came here, 2 meet random ppl like me ^_^… im 13 years old (im mature 4 my age tho!!) i like 2 watch invader zim w/ my girlfreind (im bi if u dont like it deal w/it) its our favorite tv show!!! bcuz its SOOOO random!!!! shes random 2 of course but i want 2 meet more random ppl =) like they say the more the merrier!!!! lol…neways i hope 2 make alot of freinds here so give me lots of commentses!!!! DOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ←- me bein random again ^_^ hehe…toodles!!!!! love and waffles, t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m

No. 1013653

File: 1641180413471.png (14.56 KB, 544x243, kek.png)

>Fuck me if you can squatting in the closet, with your clothes up, grunting like a young sow doing her dung, and a big fat dirty snaking thing coming slowly out of your backside… Fuck me on the stairs in the dark, like a nursery-maid fucking her soldier, unbuttoning his trousers gently and slipping her hand into his fly and fiddling with his shirt and feeling it getting wet and then pulling it gently up and fiddling with his two bursting balls and at last pulling out boldly the mickey she loves to handle and frigging it for him softly, murmuring into his ear dirty words and dirty stories that other girls told her and dirty things she said, and all the time pissing her drawers with pleasure and letting off soft warm quiet little farts.

At least it's accurate kek.

No. 1013654

There's nothing wrong with admitting that you are stupid. What's wrong with recognizing that? Ever since I finally accepted that I'm dumb as bricks I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I really try to learn new things and I enjoy learning new things, but I learn at a snails pace. I am jealous of people who can absorb and understand information quickly, but I guess the lord decided not to deal those cards in my favor.

No. 1013655

Infinite Jest tier truly. Not like other moids read it kek.

No. 1013657

File: 1641180869079.jpg (155.14 KB, 1080x582, iwritelike.jpg)

>What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.

No. 1013667

Legit question- apparently this woman was born without sexual organs, and the doctors basically made her a "new vagina" using parts of her colon… but isn't this what troons do? wouldn't this result in necroing skin and bad odor etc? she's biologically female. Please this is a legit question

No. 1013675

I love your attitude, anon.

No. 1013700

IIRC the surgery for the neovagina including the colon version of it was originally invented for women with this condition. They just found new customers for it

No. 1013704

File: 1641185783104.jpg (179.58 KB, 1080x577, IMG_20220103_015543.jpg)

My favorite pasta from lolcow, which starts with "Invalid and incorrect"

No. 1013760

I also got King and fucking hate him. Both a coward and a shit writer.

No. 1013816

I kind of want my mom to read the secret history but I don't know how to convince her

No. 1013851

File: 1641199704998.jpeg (186.79 KB, 828x428, 34E87051-E202-49FC-BFFD-56019B…)

I'm not sure whether to be flattered or insulted

No. 1013856

File: 1641200406486.png (21.31 KB, 542x231, Screenshot 2022-01-03 105519.p…)

twilight resurgence and vampiremania here I come

No. 1013859

Why do so many of you dislike Agatha Christie? I like her books a lot, they're not edgy and 2deep4you but her writing is solid? She's even known for writing very realistic murder mysteries thanks to her real life experiences, which a bad writer wouldn't be able to do.

No. 1013863

Oh I like her books I'm just not in her usual genre wheelhouse when it comes to preferences as to what I myself write about.

it's interesting to see that my writing style is labeled similar to hers since the genre she's most known for isn't my bread and butter

No. 1013866

Different anon who got Agatha and I've got nothing against her, I'm just not familiar with her writing style. I've only read a bit from her first book, but I like murder mysteries and I've been meaning to get around to it for awhile. I have so many other books I need to finish though.

No. 1013942

I find her writing style too plain.

No. 1014025

File: 1641218118103.jpg (29.6 KB, 1078x533, fdbhmtkddrf71.jpg)

Wrong, picrel least racist Azeri

No. 1014100

i love the bitch and have stacks and stacks of her cheap paperbacks from the 70's because they were like 25 cents at Half Priced Books. they're my comfort media. the tv shows and movies too, David Suchet raised me more than my own father did basically, and some of my fondest memories with my mom are watching Margaret Rutherford's Miss Marple movies

No. 1014131

>have calves that are extremely muscular, huge, and defined from playing sports as a kid
>legs only look good and non-stumpy in heels
>wearing heels builds calf muscles
release me from this infinite loop

No. 1014140

My mother is trying to be kind and helpful, bless her heart but she's very forgetful. Whenever she comes to my place to bring me food, it's often spoiled because she leaves them on the kitchen counter for several days. When I was at her place, I checked her pantry and half of the stuff there has already expired. The other day she gave me a box of crackerbread ('I opened the packaging but it's still good!!') and I found some sort of insect larva in one of the crackerbreads

No. 1014156

Anon, I hate to be that person, but this seems like the beginning signs of Alzheimer's. Maybe get her checked just in case. I really hope I'm wrong, cause it's such a heartbreaking disease. Best of luck.

No. 1014162

Arabic dubbing surpassing the original English song
thoughts ?

No. 1014164

No, I don't think so, I'm also very forgetful. I think I got it from her

No. 1014177

the way out is not caring whether your legs look stumpy or not. they transport you from place to place, that's all you can ask of a leg

No. 1014192

I wish I had a female friend to do chores with. I'd pick her up and drop her off with no complaints. It's so much nicer to grab groceries with someone, and I'm terrified of leaving the house alone so I only do it maybe <10 times a year.

No. 1014235

File: 1641233932393.jpg (175.65 KB, 1080x718, Screenshot_Tumblr.jpg)

Anyone know about that evilvillain tumblr blog? I swear to god it's an undercover terf or gendercrit running it. They also posted "DARVO game strong" a few posts after this. I think it's funny because they have a lot of really popular posts. Terf nation winning.

No. 1014237

File: 1641234110973.jpg (158.56 KB, 1079x697, Tumblr.jpg)

Here's a better post kek

No. 1014238

Find meeeeee, use your mind powers

No. 1014259

File: 1641235269431.jpg (37.35 KB, 432x683, 30798ef0609a955bd791197fcee5b6…)

GRRM really is a perplexing man, I don't think his series is "feminist" in any sense but I do believe he writes well written female characters, but at the same time it feels he just doesn't "get" women at all

like from these interviews
>I am sometimes surprised by the reactions of women in particular, to some of the villains. I mean, the number of women over the years who have written me that their favorite characters are Jaime Lannister or Sandor Clegane [the Hound] or Theon Greyjoy… You know, all of these are deeply troubled individuals with some very dark sides, who have done some very dark things. But ya know, nonetheless, they do draw this response, and quite heavily I think, in the case of some of them, from my female readers in particular.
>“I guess I don’t understand women, but I was definitely, you know, way back when, surprised by the number of women who reacted positively to characters like Theon and the Hound as dashing, romantic figures. The Sansan kind of thing took me by surprise, I must admit, and even more so the women who, and there are some, who really like Theon. So that surprised me.”

I mean between all three characters(Jamie, Theon and the Hound) you basically hit all the major tragic character tropes, The Hound is a beauty and the beast for women into tough looking dudes, Theon represents a character you feel for cause he had been given a rape/abuse victim storyline and Jamie is basically a text book definition of byronic hero

No. 1014266

You can wear strappy roman sandals, be a gladiator!

No. 1014267

never read got and never will and none of these sound appealing

No. 1014270

I wish platonic f/f marriage was a thing, I literally only want financial stability and a good companion.

No. 1014276

If i met a great girl I’d be willing to do it. I don’t have a sex drive anyway.

No. 1014277

File: 1641236387705.jpg (124.31 KB, 800x800, CH11X-S_005.jpg)

my best purchase of 2021 was this sand filled octopus. she's such a pleasant weight and i can put the tentacles between my fingers and feel like someone is holding my hand. also she's just cute (mine is bluer than this picture) and i like to sit her on top of whatever book is on my bedside table. i don't go in for plush at all usually but she is such a nice little friend to have around. 10/10

No. 1014282

Just ate sketti squash first time yum

No. 1014283

i love the lizard version of these, still have mine from when i was a kid!

but also what did you name her, this is very important

No. 1014300

do any of you watch sorenova

what do you think of her content

No. 1014303

this is awful content. is she young?

No. 1014306

georgie, i couldn't tell you why though
i still think it suits her well enough

No. 1014317

is that a selfpost

No. 1014343

Don’t know her but that was kind of funny i give it a ke out of kek

No. 1014345

I am a grown 23-year-old woman and yet every time I have to call a client I need to write down what I'm going to say beforehand in case I need to leave a message because it makes me really nervous and I fuck up every time unless I write it down kek.

No. 1014347

If you are alone in a forest and whisper the name Melanie Martinez whatever is left of her dead fan following will crawl out from under their rocks hissing "she is innocennnnntttt" "it was just a media stunnnnttttt" "her music helps my traummmmaaaaa"

No. 1014350

I love to hear Yassing.

I wish bees, instead of buzzing/humming (triggering) would just go YAAAASSSSS as they flew through the air. Imagine being surrounded by yasses everywhere in summer. I would be so happy. I have been studying bees and their honey for two years and always wonder if they could be taught to Yass, I think it would make the world a brighter place. Also, they could communicate by yassing at different frequencies and tones, like ‘Yass!!’ (Panicked)=intruder/im stuck, or ‘Yass!!’ Could mean finding a pollen rich area. Imagine.

No. 1014351

No. 1014359

all i can hear is a field of drag queens

No. 1014393

That’s how I imagine most of modern America looks nonna

No. 1014428


to be fair she was smeared by a troon who was trying to get her own music popular. tfw i make a rape accusation against a huge artist the day before my album launch

No. 1014437

File: 1641247607266.jpeg (174.48 KB, 960x960, 080F9D61-4F3E-4962-97FF-D12C55…)

Absolute sad kek at this post on the front page of reddit. Poor wife probably has zero attraction to her trooned out husband, but OP said that because their relationship is lesbian that they've decided to stay together. She should have come out as straight so she'd have a chance to be with an actual woman

No. 1014442

i just want the nana ost on spotify

No. 1014444

this made me kek just a few minutes in, thought paki-chan would appreciate it

No. 1014446

File: 1641248240390.png (1.08 MB, 919x650, Untitled.png)

No. 1014457

I think it’s cool how the japanese have very different faces from each other, quite diverse

No. 1014459

the weeknd confirmed to be a carreyfag

No. 1014479

Peanut butter and jelly is no longer good enough for me

No. 1014499

Do you watch memeulous, young girl?

No. 1014507


No. 1014517

File: 1641253397584.jpg (64.89 KB, 735x545, f3f3baa2983689a6bb354817ebe2cb…)

I miss when I'd go to japanese "themed earch sites" (I don't know how to properly translate this cause I don't think it was a phenomenon outside of Japan?), where I'd go to these sites for my current obsession, filter by ship or favorite characters of the series and spend my whole afternoon looking at personal sites and blogs full of illustrations made out of these characters, and I am almost sure that at least 90% of these artists were other women, mainly fujos. It was just so comfy. Modern internet in general ruined it, especially pixiv (the best option) and twitter (the worst option). I've found a JJBA one like in 2020, but it was really a shell of what those search sites once were.
Kaneoya Sachiko's site is really similar to how these sites were, they were full of places to click with new designs and illustrations, it had a sense of wonder and discovery. 12-14 y/o me loved finding the non explicit yaoi sections lol
Does anyone else knows what I am talking about? It was more prominent during the mid to late 00s.

No. 1014518

File: 1641253417592.jpg (250.68 KB, 827x1022, Tumblr_l_5444469567529.jpg)

anya taylor-joy crying of happiness because she's in argentina meanwhile i'm crying because I can't get out of here kek

No. 1014519

I just watched the movie "the invisible guest". It is really long but absolutely amazing and spectacular. I am still stunned.

No. 1014520

anyone ever notice she had an american accent 5 years ago in interviews, now it's largely english? no one seems to care at all. it's weird.

No. 1014531

>a celebrity
narcs are gonna narc

No. 1014572

File: 1641256809111.png (249.07 KB, 742x498, 39C59433-EBA1-4BB5-93E3-CC10A7…)


ata i posted this in the wrong thread sorry for the unwanted terf sperging

No. 1014608

I should be sleeping but instead I'm muting a lot of buzzwords on twitter.

No. 1014613

queen shit i guess

No. 1014614

??????? pretty sure you can find diversity in any ethnic group

No. 1014618

NTA but anon didn't say you can't just because they focused on one group, relax kek

No. 1014620

weebs will praise the nipponese

No. 1014630

i just got done trimming my pubes and it made me miss being hairless. i'm a weirdo who actually enjoys being waxed but the maintenance was too expensive. it doesn't help that i inherited that thick dark and coarse hair like the women from my dad's side of the family.

No. 1014659

yeah thats what i got from that

No. 1014680

I just learned that a relative called all of our family's dogs ghetto and now I want to fight. I don't think I'm gonna be able to move on from this.

No. 1014685

File: 1641262539216.jpg (91.3 KB, 714x813, 1639086617388.jpg)

Are your dogs ghetto

No. 1014692

No, they are all the sweetest, most bougie balls of fluff. More importantly, they were all minding their own doggie business and did not deserve to be wholesale insulted like that. I am seriously pissed off.

No. 1014697

Go put some dog shit in his mailbox

No. 1014730

File: 1641265504014.jpeg (255.67 KB, 565x554, 87482C63-1BDF-4304-95C1-D1ED60…)

do you think she goes on here

No. 1014731

nonnerettas always keep hating on things i like, i don't think we can ever be friends

No. 1014735

Who are they?? I'll kick their asses

No. 1014738

Kek. Don't give me ideas, anon…

No. 1014741

The vicious cycle of seeing anons dunking on shit you like and seeing anons praising shit you like over and over again.

No. 1014764

I’m primarily a husbandofag but there’s this one ship in particular I absolutely genuinely fucking love. I’m really tempted to buy these doujins one of my favorite artists of the ship is selling, but I dunno if I should take that step…

No. 1014775

the pain of some of these but at least I can drive

No. 1014780

being a husbandofag and fujo/shipper in general aren't mutually exclusive, follow your dreams.

No. 1014790

thinking about the nonnie who talked about ed edd and eddy shipping dynamics earlier

No. 1014794

I'm thinking about the anon who is in love with Shadow the Hedgehog. I swear I think about her like once a week.

No. 1014799

Samefag I was just recommended this video, it's like she's watching over me

No. 1014806

Those are great nonnies to think about. Personally I find myself thinking about the Leon Kennedy husbandofag often. I hope she's having a good day.

No. 1014809

File: 1641272459897.jpg (224.58 KB, 880x880, 1638885245052.jpg)

>cute yet unfunny spoiled gay friend makes an obvious in-joke
>the punished attention whore crawls out of her cuckhole to make a comment missing the joke with "honestly wouldn't be surprised", proving how out of the loop she is


Wish she would just stop interacting with us tbqh. :^) From my understanding she has her own other group of friends (read: gaggle of simps) to lean on. Also she stole $8 from me by pocketing it instead of using it to extend a server for us the owns like I asked, so I'm not on good terms with her.

No. 1014823

is that just one anon? i feel like there's multiple ones since leon is so popular. i love all the re husbandofags tbh

No. 1014845

I swore the same anon has posted about Leon a couple of times. The writing style seems very similar. And I agree, I love the RE husbandofags too kek I think it's because I'm one step away from becoming a RE husbandofag myself.

No. 1014847

Do tell anon, who's the lucky fella? I'm a RE husbandofag myself.

No. 1014874

Leon, which is why the Leon husbandofag(s) have a place in my heart who's your husbando?

No. 1014909

Love that anon! Leon is so handsome no matter what version of him it is. Mine is Chris kek, I love seeing him and Leon interact. Especially in the Vendetta movie.

No. 1014974

I’m now listening to "anime boy thumbnail" female-oriented male voice asmr in chinese. I don’t speak chinese.

No. 1014989

I wish romanianon posts weren't these HUGE blocks of spergy text because I legitimately cannot read this shit even though I'd love to get in on the drama

No. 1014994

I can’t speak for her but I know that Gillian Anderson is British-American and her accent tends to switch up depending on who is interviewing her. Maybe it’s something like that?

No. 1015067

Same, I write an entire script along with how to proceed depending on what is said lmao.

No. 1015068

I'm glad you finally found him

No. 1015093

yea but it feels like all jap celebrities look the same

No. 1015133

Christian Bale's another half Brit whos accent bounces around. In the terminator freak out tape he sounds both British and American at the same time kek

No. 1015142

Nice, anon! Chris looks like he gives great hugs. Thank you for reminding me of that movie! I'll definitely give it a watch.

No. 1015145

i must have really gotten under some femcel mod's skin because she really banned me for "samefagging" rofl

No. 1015146

She is absolutely based and posts in almost every waifu themed thread on 4chan too

No. 1015155

if you're the "why are women like this" post you deserve it

No. 1015157

it's not my fault women are retarded and put no effort into anything

No. 1015158

she banned you because you are a scrote and your ass is poopy

No. 1015159

go wash your ass poopy ass scrote nobody wants you and you will die alone and miserable

No. 1015160

“femcel” you don’t belong here john

No. 1015173

what is this "men poop ass" meme? are you so low willpower that you actually got your face near a man's asshole at some point to come to the conclusion that their ass has shit on it? gross

No. 1015174

NTA but you're so obviously a gay male projecting it's hilarious

No. 1015178

you couldn't be more off base

No. 1015186

File: 1641312162129.jpg (72.71 KB, 1300x731, 148852663-a-young-man-sits-at-…)

>you couldn't be more off base

No. 1015190

wow you really got me /s. can't wait for you to "love you nonnie" me in the next thread.

No. 1015193

Why are you so mad? Unironically

No. 1015197

i'm not?

No. 1015200

No. 1015225

>Using /s unironically
Oh nonny you're such an underage faggot retard

No. 1015226

>being so angry about people saying men don't wash their asses when it's factually true
Who else but a male would get angry at this kekkkkkkkk

No. 1015228

found the zoomer

No. 1015229

wow what a comeback. Are you in kindergarten? It is an objective fact men have terrible hygiene

No. 1015235

stop being hyperbolic brainrotted femcels

No. 1015237

>stop being hyperbolic brainrotted femcels
Never, I love myself just the way I am, a crazy unhinged woman. A male faggot with an unwashed dirty ass would never understand that.

No. 1015240

i’ve noticed a weird phenomenon where a lot of straight women (not lesbians or bisexuals who are in gay relationships) who “hate men” and accuse other women of being nlogs end up being massive pickmes themselves and excuse all sorts of garbage from moids in their lives. is it some sort of cope?

No. 1015244

most humans are projecting their own insecurities and problems on others. Including a shit load of posters on here. A lot of people are taking their anger on others for something they couldn't have in their own lives out of frustration and I'm sorry to say this but it happens a lot in female spaces and female communities. It is sad women are so judgmental and generally very jealous. Men don't eat each other in their communities like women eat each other.

No. 1015246

I'm procrastinating so hard I've recounted all of my life's failures and had a mental breakdown over my childhood dreams twice but still haven't put down a single character on the paper

No. 1015247

File: 1641315477723.gif (2.52 MB, 498x278, meme.gif)

Was making small talk with a woman at work today, I hadn't seen her in ages but we used to kind of flirt back when I first started there. Today she was back at it but we share the same name and it feels kind of cursed when she uses my name.. because it's her name and.. idk

No. 1015250

>Men don't eat each other in their communities like women eat each other.
lol yes they do

No. 1015252

>women eat each other
I'm an adult and I will not make a joke about this line.

No. 1015254

The entire Speedrun and Smash communities are filled with drama for a reason

No. 1015259

i’m ayrt and i agree but male communities are just as bad if not worse. it just gives me secondhand embarrassment seeing this behavior.

No. 1015261

File: 1641316065660.webm (4.08 MB, 540x960, f12b6a37c15b22d15815912ad942e4…)

stop giving him the attention he wants and look at these cats

No. 1015263

Tee hee heeeeee

No. 1015266

Bless you

No. 1015268

holy shit I love it!

No. 1015276

If covid is a biblical plague what's the lesson what are we suppose to be learning do I need to stop being self righteous against anti vaxxers and just Heal. Lord! I'm lost!

No. 1015280

rum bam bam bam
a ja slatka sam i fina
a ti sam sam sam
i ja znam znam znam
da biche lom lom lom
zato hajde budi loco loco

No. 1015289

Mouth kissing is a sin

No. 1015296

File: 1641317226479.jpeg (167.33 KB, 735x535, A8CC9578-DEB8-474D-ADC8-0EC602…)

Does anyone here use PostSecret? I’ve been thinking about creating a postsecret cringe thread, though I have no idea what board it would go in, or if anyone other than me would be interested.

No. 1015301

I've never heard of it, but if you do make a thread, it would probably go here since this is where the other social media cringe/hate threads are.

No. 1015318

Holy shit anon, talk about a blast from the past!
I still remember a secret that was a woman talking about how much she enjoyed her husband’s micropenis, so there probably is some interesting stuff in there.

No. 1015329

Fuck yes I would appreciate this thread and read it often

No. 1015335

I came across this young woman on tiktok who bragged about having written a paper basically shitting on her gender critical prof and her comments were filled with male rejects who applauded her. They were talking about how they can fire her and how they were planning to make their uni fire other feminists like her. I wanted to debate her so bad but tiktok is not the right platform plus i remembered i'm dealing with people who don't know how to argue without appealing to emotions.

No. 1015342

File: 1641319344158.png (121.65 KB, 903x521, 1627581877822.png)

I want to let the anon who drew this know that I admire it all the time and it's one of my favorite drawings to look at.

No. 1015370

what a nifty little picture, i like it a lot too.

No. 1015394

File: 1641321077389.png (279.86 KB, 462x455, E9tlXGdWUAU2BGb.png)

>In today’s time, erectile dysfunction affects nearly 30 percent men under 30 years and 40 percent men struggle with premature ejaculation. Despite the huge number of men struggling from these issues, there has been very little innovation in the sexual wellbeing space.
Youtube keeps showing me this ad lately with a guy whinging about his dick problems and his new dick app.
> In a recent development, London-based men’s sexual wellbeing app has raised £3.25 million in seed Funding, thereby bringing the total investment raised by it to £3.65 million.
Dude just stop fapping so hard

No. 1015401

This is adorable! Great work, whatever anon who drew this.

No. 1015404

Here's a free cure, stop watching porn, men.

No. 1015413

why do i only attract autistic men with fear in their eyes? going on a date with one on friday

No. 1015427

File: 1641322113544.jpg (15.18 KB, 300x235, izvl6p.jpg)

Mother: 'Remember X? He tutored you in math once.'
Me: 'I don't.'
Mother: 'He's a very nice guy haha. Polite.'
Me: '…Okay.'
Mother: 'And I heard from his mom that he recently broke up with his long-time girlfriend! I was thinking that….well maybe…you and him…I don't know…maybe you could meet sometime…?'

Literally why are parents like this? Like what makes them think that fixing their daughter up with someone who's little more than a stranger would somehow make her happy?

No. 1015428

Sounds like he's afraid you'll find out about his limp-dick support group app. Keep an eye out for that.

No. 1015434

>he recently broke up with his long-time girlfriend!
gee i sure would LOVE some woman's sloppy seconds and baggage. thanks mom!

No. 1015450

Lmao I really should have said that

No. 1015452

Fresh break up.. of a long term relationship… I'm imagining a date where he vents about her way too much.

No. 1015461

If he's got erectile dysfunction at the tender age of 19 I'll be fucking impressed

No. 1015482

30 percent of men under 30.. lol

Actually serious for a moment, the one guy I experienced that with was 19. I was a lil older and a lil more experienced than him and had never had it happen before or since. Old fuckers I used to get with I never had it happen. I was ready to be like 'oh it's nerves it's fine' but next thing he blamed it on my hair being short and him feeling gay because of my short hair?… I'm busty, in lingerie and you're in my vagina… sure yeah it's me kek

Looking back he told me he slept with one woman before me and idk if that was true or if he was a nervous first timer and didn't want to say it. I was with a virgin another time and he told me in advance and it was all good. Memories lol

No. 1015489

the only good thing to ever come out of tiktok

No. 1015493

>affects nearly 30 percent men under 30 years
We're really gonna go extinct soon, and it won't be because of the reasons cited in that one TYP post

No. 1015502

What TYP post?

No. 1015534

One of my coworkers gave me a loungewear dress she got from a friend but never wore (and it's too small for her). It's a cute soft dress with pockets, I can't wait to do chores and lounge around the house with it!

No. 1015540

Men: You see I want to fuck 16 year olds because they're at their prime, their most fertile, lots of nice healthy eggs left. You see it's all about health and making good babies.

Also men: My dick only gets hard for buttholes on screens. It's pretty hit and miss in person with a real life woman spread in front of me. Don't you dare shame my struggle.

No. 1015544

My mom tried to fix me up with her coworkers nonironic autistic son

No. 1015564

>We're really gonna go extinct soon

No. 1015611

File: 1641329480160.jpg (133.24 KB, 924x1232, goddamn.jpg)

I know men are just pornsick in general but I've seriously had such a run of particularly fucked up fetish freaks.. I need a 'only slightly pornsick' bf and I need him now.

Wash the memories of these way worse fucks out of my head. Let me give you head. Nice normal head with no crazy shit on top. I WANT NORMAL SEX.

No. 1015616

>only slightly pornsick
Don't settle for that nona

No. 1015620

Honestly, right now I just need a step up from a man who loved wrecked and prolapsed assholes more than anything else. If I die tomorrow that's the last person I fucked and that disturbs me.

No. 1015623

Same nona. Istg the next scrote who dares to choke me during intercourse is going to get his arms broken.

No. 1015627

FFXIV players really be like "I love Minana Banana Winganinana and Xisotetheo Ithojieth and my character rides ten different types of mechanical vibrators!" and try to peddle me this crap like it's art. I don't care about how you replaced your dayjob with online NEETism go read a book

No. 1015631

i finally found a boyfriend who doesn't like porn at all and never watched it. and not because he's a freak or a male feminist either. he's a godsend.

No. 1015634

how? can you tell us more about him?

No. 1015641

My exes fiance just acidentally video called me on instagram and kek, I have no idea how she managed that since we don't follow each other and my account is currently private. But I wonder if she watched my stories when my profile was still public.

No. 1015697

ok i will read 50 shades of grey hope you're happy

No. 1015704

porn should be banned tbh. but so should romance novels.

No. 1015706

Never read a romance novel, I'm sure I'm not missing much

No. 1015722

Bf said he was gonna get me a vibrator that he could control for christmas and I knew it was just a lame joke but hearing him say something like that was honestly so sexy since he never dirty talks. I wish he would've done it.

No. 1015742

I ordered a sex toy lately and when it was delivered the guy was like "woah you sure answered that door fast ha!" This guy has never spoken to me before in the yeears of him dropping stuff off. I always assumed he was under time pressure as he always shoves stuff at you and runs basically.

Now I didn't like the last toy so I've ordered something else from the same place. I'm half paranoid the guy looked up the company on the label last time. Not really looking forward to it arriving. I might just be dumb and paranoid.

No. 1015746

File: 1641336534875.jpeg (340.9 KB, 1242x961, 4315014B-5A65-4B94-BA51-F5A972…)

Is there a thread in here for hilarious reviews on shit? Terrible stock photos and the like. I feel like it should be a thing.

No. 1015749

The second my boyfriend walks through the door, I’m gonna give him the biggest hug. Today was so boring without him

No. 1015760

I like wearing a mask, but I hate having to wash it all the time. Gotta keep my face warm though.

No. 1015762

I was looking at reviews for toys over the xmas and amazon is full of 'grandson wanted it, seems to like it' Like wow what an incredible review. I'm sold.

No. 1015765

File: 1641337600399.png (106.52 KB, 836x732, gummybearreview.png)

I would love this anon. Never forget the reviews for the sugar-free gummy bears.

No. 1015775

Kek jfc that sounds horrible. If I can remember I’ll start one later this evening or tomorrow and see if it peaks any interest. Unless a bored nonny wants to do it now.

I saw a review where the person gave the item a 1 star because the driver left it on her walk way and didn’t bring it right to her door. Fucking boomers I stg

No. 1015779

File: 1641338671998.jpg (24.02 KB, 329x400, ewhwdzhf1ubejbycdjrn.jpg)

I did it, I sealed the deal. I'll have a talkback diary tomorrow and I'll be the happiest girl in the world.

No. 1015784

God I remember wanting one of these when I was like 7 or 8. My inner child is jealous

No. 1015788

Pretty sure these came out before 20 year olds were born.

No. 1015804

A popular one with plushies is always 'smaller than expected, one star' and then you see the product page clearly says it's a 4 inch tall toy made to fit a baby hand. Like couldn't be more clear about its mini size.

Old people apparently look at the price and determine the size based on that. 'Cost 10 pounds expected bigger' That's not how that works ingrid.

No. 1015808

she's saying that anon is a zoomer buying millennial toys for the y2k aesthetic thing

No. 1015817

I'm the anon who bought it and I'm a millennial who had a talkback when I was 11.

No. 1015867

File: 1641341911500.jpg (4.09 MB, 4128x3096, 20220104_211234.jpg)

My parents bought a tube tv because our flat screen broke and everything now looks like it was made in 1990. I hate it.

No. 1015871

i love that look can i have it

No. 1015878

File: 1641342242707.gif (1.71 MB, 368x200, 815C4A86-0ECB-4722-A6AA-645948…)

>y2k aesthetic thing

Is that why tamagotchis are popular again?
Sounds more like late 90s aesthetic.

No. 1015880

whatever, same difference

No. 1015887

I wish they were more popular where I am, I can't even find any at the store from the newest generations. The new ones have depth (like layers for visual depth) and color and you can go outside and have a yard and stuff. I have some V3 for nostalgia but I want a new fancy one without having to pay crazy prices for shipping.

No. 1015890

Btw I got this sucker for 5 dollary doos

No. 1015899

Is target a thing where you live? Target always has them. Their online shipping rates are usually pretty small like $5 but that’s in burgerland. I don’t know if they have the exact one you’re looking for. I’ve seen the newer ones that cost around $50 and the older style ones that cost $20.

No. 1015908

I feel way too bothered whenever I order something online and it's the kind of place to just take a few days to mail an in stock item.

I used to order from the UK before customs fees became a new thing. Ordering stuff from my own country it actually takes longer for it to get here, every time.

No. 1015909

I'm in Canada, we haven't had targets since 2017, bleh. Shipping here is like 20-30 dollars because my country hates me.

No. 1015919

File: 1641343829908.jpeg (371.54 KB, 750x1113, 0454FA90-7EC6-476B-8C36-62E723…)

nonnies which character are you?

No. 1015951

Can't believe I took such an idiotic quiz just to be asked for an email to see results. Shame on you.

No. 1015957

Every so often I see someone make a joke about burn victims, and it makes me really sad cause my grandma was caught in a fire.

No. 1015958

we need more threads for quizzes or quiz post. any anons know of some fun quizzes we can do that dont require email?

No. 1015959

We already have one why would we need another

No. 1015966

oh. i didnt realize we had a quiz general or anything i only ever saw mbti shit, damn

No. 1015972

File: 1641346855174.jpg (80.17 KB, 805x409, 927261839282733.jpg)

I think it's funny that I got all of the cynical teen girl characters. This would have described me to a T when I was at that age, and I like to think that I've matured since then, but I guess some things never change. I even watched Awkward growing up and I still think it's highly underrated. Never seen Ghost World though, maybe I should?

No. 1015980


No. 1015982

File: 1641347238111.gif (123.47 KB, 267x200, 200.gif)

I have so much shit I want to crochet right now. I want to make gloves, a witch hat, amigurumi snail, bandanas, scarves. I even want to make a hair bonnet, I don't even know if there are any patterns for that online but I swear I will figure out how to make one.

No. 1015985

Ghost World is alright. It's the most accurate movie in that it depicts how teenage girls ACTUALLY speak. Give it a watch.

No. 1015996

You know how incels are convinced that in most couples the man is way out of the woman's league? This always confused me because as someone with eyes I know it isn't true, most couples are pretty balanced, so I've been wondering for years where this idea came from - do they literally never see other people ever? are they knowingly lying? are they all faceblind autists who fell for a meme? And the answer just dawned on me. These men are fucking gay. they see a couple and think the man is more attractive because they are homosexual. They hate women and troon out and are disgusted by vaginas because they are gay!!!!! You absolutely cannot change my mind on this. I'm not joking or exaggerating either, not saying every incel is gay but the ones who believe that are 1000%

No. 1015999

>most couples are pretty balanced
In straight relationships the women is usually slightly better looking than the man tbh

No. 1016003

I thought they were incels bc they were mad girls wouldnt fuck them bc theyre too ugly? I think they're just retarded and will make up anything even to the point of contradicting themselves.

No. 1016005

Nta, isn't that just an on average thing anyway?

No. 1016008

Damn anon I wish I knew you I've been looking for someone to commission a cute crochet top pattern but the women who had theirs open only make bags, plush, or hats

No. 1016014

File: 1641348187800.jpg (43.45 KB, 720x586, EuC9y12XUAQqVST.jpg)

I just think that lots of men severely overestimate their attractiveness to women and women are held to much higher standards of beauty, so if they see a man who isn't a complete slob then he's automatically 10/10 in their eyes and she's out of his league.

No. 1016016

The fuck. I got Roger from American Dad, April Ludgate, Danny Devito in It's Always Sunny and some edgy chick from girl interrupted.

No. 1016018

I am very fond of Roger from American Dad

No. 1016021

Then I hope you're fond of me, anon.

No. 1016041

holy SHIT never thought I'd see a pic of me and my ex on this site

No. 1016043

bedazzling a daiso corkboard

No. 1016048

Hell yeah

No. 1016057

average baltic couple

No. 1016082

Thinking about how many cow-type people and minor cows I either interacted with/knew personally just by being an autistic teen girl who liked anime and Homestuck between 2014-2018. Some of them ended up befriending actual documented cows, and others keep their shit offline now. I don't think any of them toned it down, at least in private. I really wish the milk I have didn't instantly identify me because some of it is really funny.

No. 1016136

>Cloud Strife
>But also Sephiroth
>Twilight Sparkle
>fucking Ramona Flowers
>Lain (who is every tranny's self insert because she has no personality wtf)
I accept this. But yes also shitty you have to use email.

No. 1016142

Sometimes I read in / ot / the experiences of other anons that not only remind me of my own, but also they seem to be echoes of my past. The details are so similar at times that I have flashbacks and I feel like I'm going crazy.
Then I think how similar our experiences are and it makes me kinda sad but I find comfort in thinking that this is a shared pain and I'm not alone.

No. 1016143

Obvious, weirdly aggressive newfags are so annoying. It feels like most of /ot/ at this point.

No. 1016146

I literally didn't know a single character it said I was like and I feel ripped off

No. 1016148

File: 1641358468164.png (13.53 KB, 462x367, ohnonny.png)

Be the positivity you wanna see nonny

No. 1016150

I try, nonna. I really do.

No. 1016156

I just wanna fuck lol

No. 1016198

i lost five of my ten braincells i will never regenerate

No. 1016203

I hope you find someone who you can commission anon! I haven't gotten around to making clothes yet, but I definitely have to try. I really admire people who can crochet clothes. Out of curiosity, what does the pattern/top you want look like?

No. 1016216

Currently listening to Rebirth of Slick. Feeling very funky.

No. 1016217

Fuck yeah

No. 1016218

God true. Before quarantine, I was fucking a different Italian in Montreal every week almost. it didn't improve me much as a person

No. 1016220

>worm food in denial
thank you, my new favourite insult

No. 1016250

File: 1641365591829.gif (885.92 KB, 147x260, 1614901165857.gif)

Going to Vegas in like five days, ya'll. Maps downloaded, airport policies read, stomach ready for new foods. >Pls don't get cancelled due to covid pls this is literally my first big trip in like seven years

No. 1016255

Hope you have a great time!!

No. 1016257

Have a safe and fun trip anon, I'm excited for you! Will you be by chance going to the Hello Kitty cafe?

No. 1016264

Thank you!! I didn't know that cafe existed, looks so cute! The main stuff I'm visiting would be Death Valley and OmegaMart. Won't be doing any gambling aside from maybe slots lol

No. 1016267

File: 1641367227234.gif (177.85 KB, 500x300, g8tFEri.gif)

As if alogging her isn't just as annoying for the rest of us.

No. 1016274

You're everywhere wtf

No. 1016277

>me slogging: takes minimal space
>romanianon: constantly posts bibles of schizo rants detailing how much she hates other women and how she wants to kill people across multiple threads, baiting everyone for days and days
Yeah it's not the same

No. 1016280

I always forget what alogging means. I've looked it up like three times and I still can't remember. I'm dumb.

No. 1016286

>detailing how much she hates other women
Those "women" were bullying her for doing sex work and telling her to kill herself, get a grip

No. 1016293

File: 1641368199847.jpg (477.68 KB, 1080x1766, IMG_20220105_082608.jpg)

IDK where to post it, would at /2X/ but hardly anyone goes there.
A plebbitor linked this under a quote by Patrick Stewart against domestic abuse toward women. Of course one sperg had to say how women just as bad as men etc. Has this been debunked? I know the abused lesbians have (it took into account bisexual women being abused by scrotes in the past affair). The study doesn't check out with news, general male violence statistics etc. so I am suspicious

No. 1016296

>bullying her for doing sex work and telling her to kill herself
Based, I hate narcissistic victimizing psychopaths that kill animals

No. 1016298

Honestly even if the lesbian thing has been debunked, men still use it as an excuse and it's still mainstream misinformation

No. 1016299

Samefag, still listening to groovy tunes. The funk never stops.

No. 1016305

So based anon, I love you

No. 1016306

She was a child when she did that tho

No. 1016308

She should kill herself, not for being a sex worker, for being an attention seeking narcissist and all round horrible human being. Also bringing scrotes here. That’s unforgivable.

No. 1016309

I wish I was with you instead of with these losers

No. 1016311

File: 1641369106989.gif (1.37 MB, 250x184, 1638968288073.gif)

I love this! You're based too ♥
Jam with me nonna!

No. 1016312

I think they’re just paedophiles.

No. 1016321

And she also killed animals back then, and she wants to do it now and then upgrade to killing people

No. 1016324

Jammin all night nonny

No. 1016361

File: 1641371855040.jpg (96.44 KB, 1280x720, 1641370857493.jpg)

Honestly Romanianon looks like Nemu. They both have those crazy psycho eyes, love attention whoring and love to brag about how """beautiful""" and """smart""" they are kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1016364

we can tell you have a raging crush on the schizo

No. 1016365

more beautiful than you'll ever be that's for sure

No. 1016372

Which one is in that pic? Romanianon?

No. 1016374

romaniananon posted a pic of herself? I wanna see

No. 1016376

That's romanianon
Nta but I think anyone could be prettier than a schizo bitch like her, the crazy absolutely ruins the looks

No. 1016381

is she asian? I thought she was gypsee

No. 1016391

she's cute ngl but she looks filthy. Or are those bruises on her cheek and around her eyes?

No. 1016395

Not every squinty eyes looking white person is asian anon…
I think it's filth

No. 1016407

dont forget she wants to kill the cat she currently owns, now in adulthood

No. 1016410

File: 1641376105139.jpg (88.79 KB, 1024x899, 1620883535573.jpg)

One of my new coworkers looks like a soft butch lesbian… except it's a male. Oh the disappointment.

No. 1016413

Had this same thought while being served by a young guy in a local store lately, testosterone hasn't had a chance to really kick in and ruin him just yet. Feels weird

No. 1016422

I spent the last 3 months working way too hard and doing unpaid overtime, so now that everything is way more calm and I get to work from home 3 days a week I just slack off every morning with my work laptop turned on and only work in the afternoon.

No. 1016423

Not arguing with that, I just want to see the rest of the bullshit study proven to be wrong. I need to look for more sources, I guess

No. 1016437

>(it took into account bisexual women being abused by scrotes in the past affair)

this has been discussed here before and I'm pretty sure they were lesbians who had previously dated men. they asked them if they had ever been abused by a partner (not specifying male or female partner) and 70% of the lesbians said yes. of course most of these lesbians meant male partners, but people who read the study assumed that all the lesbians had only ever dated women. I guess I could see how they get that conclusion, but it's really annoying. unfortunately I don't have a credible source for this, sorry

No. 1016441

What bugs me most is how quickly that misinformation spread,and how confidently it gets parroted by smug moids who are clearly fucking gleeful to have some sort of data to prove that akshually, women/lesbians are the violent ones. I see it in reddit all the time, brought up like a fun fact. Any woman who hears that is gonna at least be like "huh, really? That doesn't make much sense but I guess if that's what the research shows it might be possible" but men are always eager for any scrap of data they can use to ignore and dismiss an overwhelmingly obvious lived reality about who's committing violence against whom.

No. 1016443

File: 1641379721427.png (219.67 KB, 888x956, 1513607904309.png)

Oh and also here's the debunking

No. 1016444

It's fine. I don't care about this one since I know it's bs thanks to radfem blogs providing counterarguments proving what you said. I'm mostly curious about the "women abuse men and children just as much as scrotes!!!"

No. 1016446

File: 1641379855642.jpg (187.57 KB, 484x1136, Image1.jpg)

And another one, it pisses me off enough that I keep multiple debunkings on hand lmao

No. 1016448

thank you, I'm stopping myself from sending it to the retarded moid

No. 1016449

thank you, can you give links to these as well? I want to save them for future reference

>"women abuse men and children just as much as scrotes!!!"

do… do scrotes actually try and claim this? there has to be 0 evidence of that. I usually hear MRAs harping on stuff like divorce statistics and false rape accusations because that's what they think oppression is.

No. 1016451

samefag but I just read your original post lol. I'm sure there's a debunking of it somewhere

No. 1016457

I bought some magazines (two historical ones and a fashion magazine) as a form of digital detox as I'm trying to read less online and holy fuck they were expensive as dicks

No. 1016463

File: 1641381601479.jpeg (42.48 KB, 640x480, e10.jpeg)

We've had an unusually mild winter where I am. Only in the last couple days has the temp dipped a bit. My short straight hair suddenly has waves in it. Does this happen to me every winter? Wouldn't I remember?

No. 1016479

File: 1641383510747.jpg (44.68 KB, 565x407, 1613297613858.jpg)

I spent the entire morning doing some housework, reading BL manga and playing ACNH until my lunch break and I'm making my lunch break last 2 hours just because I can. And nobody will know.

No. 1016502

i think i can confidently say that i like my face now. i've struggled with it for years, but i realised i do really like my facial features. i always liked my kind of nose and mouth and face shape on others anyway, it was just different when it came to me. now i only get worried when i wonder what others think of my face. i hope i can overcome that

No. 1016505

Steven did and doxxed her social media which is where I assume that anon got that from.

No. 1016506

that's weird. my wavy hair turned straight when the temps finally dropped where I live. we are two sides of the same nonnie in this regard

No. 1016508

throwback nonnies. it's 2014 and you're in your final year of high school and this song comes on the radio…

No. 1016509

It's probably just the low quality webcam that makes you think that and the lighting

No. 1016510

File: 1641386386871.png (1.44 MB, 1005x1151, image_2022-01-05_223903.png)

fuck you g** i hate your stupid perfect not oily not dry perfect lil curled waved hair I hate it its so pretty (picrel)

No. 1016513

i don't like this type of hair at all. i find it tacky when hair looks obviously styled by a curling wand or straightener.

No. 1016516

File: 1641386808734.png (379.11 KB, 800x521, Quitting.png)

I have to submit a paper in 12 hours and I only need to write another 100 words or so and yet I'll be here chilling until the last minute, probably.

No. 1016517

That type of hair only looks nice in posed pictures, not in real life.

No. 1016522

i hate when stylists advertise cuts after extreme curling and styling of hair that otherwise would be mostly straight or very different not curled and styled… i can't tell shit anymore?? it's like kind of totally obscuring the final product

No. 1016570

I’m trying to write a CV but I have no idea what to write in the about me section because I have no redeeming qualities. I’m never finding a job lmao

No. 1016579

People are using alternating pronouns(switching between she/they every other sentence/paragraph) for characters in fanfiction now for some godforsaken reason and it's impossible to track.

No. 1016582

My boyfriend calls me from work but puts me on speakerphone so his coworkers can laugh at the things I say. Kinda feels like a radio interview, sometimes he'll call me and say "Hi caller you're live on the air!" and then start questioning me on random shit like food combos or asking me to physically describe people. His coworkers all treat me like "one of the dudes" because of it, and it brings me back into that highschool hangout feeling

No. 1016583

Do you need to write it? At certain point of my job hunting career I've realized the simpler and more minimalistic the CV is the better. Only thing more "personal" I left is the "interest" section, and I've used it only for jobs where it was relevant (for example applying to the gaming company I said i like rpg games and sci-fi movies because I knew it will be relevant for company's culture and could work in my favor)

No. 1016588

I never write it, but I was using a website that forced me to put something there. I ended up writing the typical “I’m a hard worker and fast learner who loves to work with people yaddah yaddah yaddah” bullshit. It’s just for a customer service job, so it’s not like I can write much more ig

No. 1016596

They always do the same shitty tousled straightener waves. There's a reason they always want to style your hair before you leave.

No. 1016616

I had an ex who would do something similar and I hated it. Made me feel like a circus monkey asked to perform and entertain on the spot, like go on say something funny for my friends and then I felt pressured to perform appropriately

No. 1016626

I'm supposed to inherit the apartment I live in now, but it's a co-op so I could actually just be denied the right to live here in the future. I'd get money from selling the shares but I really want to live here. I grew up in this apartment and it's also a good size and in a great location. I don't think I'd ever be able to afford anything similar if I was forced to sell it. Whenever I clean I think of what renovations I'd like to make- putting in studio lighting, redoing all the floors (they're super janky and broken), updating the kitchen and bathroom, painting all the walls, etc. Dealing with the board is annoying as fuck but my family and I have had to deal with it for basically all my life anyway so it's not like I'm not used to it.

My dad won't figure out what the rules are, just keeps saying "this will be your apartment." Bitch then find out how I can get it! I know I'm selfish for thinking about it even though my parents aren't even close to retirement age, but housing in my city is expensive garbage so I'd like to know I'm secure in the future… Also he keeps buying stupid shit and telling me it'll be mine but I literally don't want anything besides the apartment because nothing else else matches its emotional and financial value.

No. 1016642

Oh I kinda enjoy it, I feel like he's showing off the banter that we enjoy at home to people that he wants to impress, so it's kinda flattering. I can get what you mean though

No. 1016653

Update: I finished it and now I think I'm gonna dust off my Playstation and play something

No. 1016655

When did this happen? I don't even know who romanianon is but heard she is worse than paki anon. Can't believe I don't come here for a few days and miss everything.

No. 1016656

Ever since I learned in the troon thread that male heads are so much bigger than female heads it's all I can think about when watching movies and tv shows. I never noticed until pointed out, but the difference is incredible actually.

No. 1016659

I will not hate post I will not alog
I will not hate post I will not alog
I will not hate post I will not alog
I will not hate p

No. 1016683

Get in queen yeaaa

It feels really good to finish a big thing and then d*ck about, enjoy your playstation

No. 1016713

So many good threads get moved/are in /m/ and yet barely anyone hangs out there and it's depressssinnggg meeeeeee

No. 1016717

i have to style mine like that or else people will think I'm messy and unbrushed

No. 1016720

That type of hair looks like literally everyone ever.

No. 1016725

Your cover letter should be your page about your written skills, work experience, education, and skills you can bring to the table. Please don't have an "About me" and say you like irrelevant shit like skydiving. Idk why that is acceptable now but those idiots always get pushed to the bottom of the pile.

No. 1016733

>tfw your head is the same size as males
shit. i remember even in school other kids noticed how big it was..

No. 1016744

File: 1641406324286.jpg (414.59 KB, 1051x1255, 1641400029096.jpg)

Jillian is a dumb fat bitch but look at these! They're so nostalgic, I forgot these were even a thing! Five year old me thought I was alllllll that and a bag of chips wearing these literal stickers on my ears kekk

No. 1016755

My mom made me wait til I was 12 to get my ears pierced, these were my first 'earrings' followed by clip ons later and then eventually big girl claires earrings. Life stages lol

No. 1016765

When other colleagues complain about others not working I think it's great. Job security is important to me and if these mfs can be so outrageous I'm safe.

No. 1016807

File: 1641408246663.jpg (157.95 KB, 1080x1030, help.jpg)

just turned 21. i feel like i should have my life figured out but i don't. is this normal or am i retarded?

No. 1016809

Its both, best of luck

No. 1016812

I used to be like your outraged colleagues, but now I work a cushy office job and slack off 99% of the time so now I'm the exact person they complain about kek. I need it to maintain my sanity about having to be a wageslave for the rest of my life.

100% normal. I'm 26 and still fumbling around, just getting better at hiding it/have a slight semblence of what I want to do with my life but then again that could change in my 30s. You have your whole life ahead of you to figure that shit out and you might just want to pull multiple huge life changes every few years. Relax and enjoy the journey of where you'll take yourself.

No. 1016815

File: 1641408452221.jpeg (262.99 KB, 700x1134, thumb_55732dd0818cd-8748223220…)

I'm about to eat "chicken" nuggets with a bowl of fruit. Balance.

No. 1016817

You'll have a mini freak out every few years, 21, 25, 30, it just keeps coming. Common enough experience.

I was doing ok at 21 and went backwards by 25. I know others who were the same, they changed jobs or went through a divorce so in fairness progress isn't always linear

No. 1016824

>progress isn't linear
I need to write this down and staple it to my forehead

No. 1016829

is that michael moore

No. 1016830

no it's gay ben

No. 1016832

That's normal, but you could be retarded as well on top of that. Good luck.

No. 1016846

I found out my ex is orbiting a troon from a local smash community and I'm laughing my ass off looking at his dancing tik toks. I wish I could laugh over this with my friends but they all drank the gender kool-aid.

No. 1016850

Can someone please fill me in on what paki anon did.

No. 1016858

she would complain about muslim men being bad (which is an objective fact) but anons here do not like feeling invalidated uwu~~ I do think she was a bit annoying because she's invade conversations not about this

No. 1016863

She's just a poster that makes herself extremely recognizable and posts a lot about how she isn't attracted to the men in her country. Anons took note of her because she finds a way to talk bring up Pakistani men in every conversation, and can be pretty rude to anons that she feels like don't struggle as much as her. It seems like a lot of the anons in third world countries don't like her.

No. 1016867

File: 1641410755907.png (3.58 MB, 1451x1601, phoenix why.png)

I don't give a shit about seiyuu anymore but I learned that the guy who voices Ranmaru in Utapri and Makoto in Free!! cheated on his way more famous wife with some greasy fangirl who bragged about it on the internet and he supposedly tried to commit suicide after he was dropped by his music band and animation studios for that. Meanwhile a few years ago Tsudaken had to formally apoligize for hurting his fangirls' feelings because he was married to a woman he loves and had kids with her and he raised his kids. What the hell is wrong with these crazy fans?

No. 1016869

i don't think most posters disagree with her regarding that, they're just tired of her bringing it up into every convo

No. 1016871

Oh damn I remember vaguely hearing about something happening with Old Codex but didn't realize it was because that idiot moid was just doing idiot moid shit.

No. 1016877

A seiyuu for a series I follow recently got fired from all her roles for a cheating scandal. Since seiyuu are basically idols these days I think it was the right decision, but the amount of moids I saw wishing she'd kill herself and/or be forced into porn reminded me of how bottom of the barrel seiyuufags can be.

No. 1016886

Ruining cheaters' careers should be more than enough, no need to wish their death. I don't know who you're talking about exactly but in Suzuki Tatsuhisa's case it's even weirder because his wife is so much more famous than him. And fucking a crazy fangirl instead of a normie? Did he think he'd get away with it just like that? Imagine being this stupid.

No. 1016896

Once I saw someone tweet about how they kept selecting "not interested in this ad" or muting/blocking promoted accounts to the point where they got really weird tweets as promoted tweets, so I've been doing it to try and get weird funny shit on my timeline. I haven't gotten anything weird yet, but then I realized another upside is that I never get ads for things I actually would want and therefore don't waste money on stupid shit. I hope I get funny weird promoted tweets soon.

No. 1016899

Are you talking about Runa? Do you lurk /@/?

No. 1016908

Yes and yes, I didn't expect to ever find anyone else who posted both here and there. Hopefully the Runa shitposting over there peters out now that they're finding a new seiyuu, nobody can even post Yuika anymore

No. 1016920

There was a Tokiko post yesterday that would've made me bet money on there being farmers in the general I feel really bad for her Ps. It's not like character discussion beyond coomposting ever happens there, but it ramped up the difficulty for her specifically and helped with the daily womanhate. Koebuta are a disease.

No. 1016926

The one about the moids and pickmes? I saw that too, I wonder if there's three of us then. It's a shame because she has a P there who actually reads his idol's commus and talks about her character, which is a huge rarity over there.

No. 1016932

It's so quiet. It's like the only time it's active is when anons are in some heated debated. I miss you, nonas.

No. 1016960

File: 1641416180475.gif (590.91 KB, 220x220, sof-cat-cute.gif)

here's a fluffy cat for you anon

No. 1016964

I feel rejuvenated

No. 1016981

File: 1641416863267.png (303.47 KB, 687x933, cringe.png)

I searched for pisse on youtube and it's all zoomer shit for some reason. Wtf and they are all freaking out in the comments that the lyrics are inappropriate

No. 1016994

Its used as a dumb tiktok song so ofc zoomers will come in drones to complain

No. 1016999

It's hilarious how the shitposting about only knowing the girls from porn is the pot calling the kettle black half of the time. It's nice knowing there's at least one other farmer who posts there since TwitterPs aren't a boundary I'm ready or willing to break into. I wonder what idols/branches farmers tend to P kek.

No. 1017028

File: 1641418253411.jpg (41.7 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Why can't I spell this

No. 1017029

One collar, two sleeves

No. 1017035


No. 1017049

………..nta but I needed this lol

No. 1017055

My idol is from SC although I rarely post about her since she'd just get coomposted, her unpopularity is a blessing sometimes. I feel like farmers would generally be most into SM since it's one of the few male idol franchises with lots of adult characters. I also see Riamu posted here sometimes but that's probably just because she's known as a meme character.

No. 1017056


No. 1017065

ok so the c is the collar and L's are the sleeves right? explain

No. 1017068

What letter does sleeve start with, anon

No. 1017072

i thought it was going by letter shape. s's don't resemble sleeves

No. 1017076

love this cute ditzy moment lol

No. 1017077

anonnnnnnnn lmaoooooo

No. 1017081

lolcow screencaps moment

No. 1017088

Glad to see that a trick I learned on Tumblr years ago and repeat every time I have to spell it is useful. One C, two S's.
>her unpopularity is a blessing sometimes
Honestly a gigantic win since SC gets a shitton of good fanart anyways. I've been meaning to read SC commus but haven't gotten around to it yet. Tenka, Fuyuko, and Yuika really loved coming home on my free pulls, so I might start with one of them. I hope I like your idol when I do end up reading her commus!
My idol happens to be a SM, but my next two favorites are Nana and Shin. I'm happy Riamu gets love here, even if she is a meme character to most people. I wish Tokiko was more known because she'd definitely be appreciated on here.

No. 1017097

I've been avoiding drinks with sugar since I have an infection, but I just ate marshmallows so does it even matter

No. 1017101

File: 1641421033762.jpeg (135.9 KB, 620x413, FEC70862-A99C-49E5-B61A-D9B537…)

No. 1017103

File: 1641421080632.jpeg (32.61 KB, 275x183, 774C316A-FA2F-4F8C-83EE-5342FB…)

No. 1017147

18 stroke kanji? CRIIIIIIINGE!

No. 1017160

File: 1641424380696.jpg (36.36 KB, 682x712, 95971739f13d88716449431170b06e…)

delet this

No. 1017187

so inefficient, i'm going to start learning how to do all of the kanji in one single stroke

No. 1017195

File: 1641426081718.png (29.97 KB, 500x500, Biáng_(regular_script).svg.pn…)


No. 1017197

File: 1641426271333.gif (339.14 KB, 112x112, 1611657976704.gif)

the urge to spam neovag gore on /tttt/ is strong tonight, ladies

No. 1017198

Oh yeah it's definitely the fan's fault an alcoholic scrote broke NDA just to impress someone half his age for sex

No. 1017213

kinda trannybrained of you

No. 1017226

File: 1641428211017.jpeg (139.59 KB, 750x608, 405A215D-CD50-42C5-9ED4-48AE57…)

I had to google this because looks like a literal meme. Who wouldn’t want some tiny growing speaking walking horse moon knife heart noodles?

No. 1017260

I say go for it

No. 1017267

At least do it on their subreddit and not here where people have to scroll past it

No. 1017269

wait never mind i'm retarded

No. 1017295

your hands look like ashley isaacs

No. 1017381

Currently eating warm croissants and icecream. So fat and good.

No. 1017385

Samefag. Nevermind, it's not good.

No. 1017388


No. 1017406

I started looking at an online potato famine museums artwork and made myself all creeped out it’s nighttime and my parents are at the bar I’m trying not to text them and tell them to come home early I’m very shaken

No. 1017414

As a kid I was obsessed with the concept of Zap 2000. Even ask for it for Christmas. No, I never got a bottle.

No. 1017463

I miss when the internet wasn’t kid friendly. Its kinda annoying having to navigate social media without children commenting and being everywhere. Including young teenagers. And its also annoying how children being online is the excuse many sites use to censor everything.

No. 1017466

No. 1017468

i mean, there were obviously underagers at that time too, they just lied about their ages that's what i did

No. 1017476

Yeah me too but it was still a wild west and an adult space. Kids had their own sites like online kid games and shit and they didn’t interact as much because of how scary and a different world the net was. I remember being online as a kid and just minding my own business i didn’t really talk to people and didn’t even have the guts to post things till i was 17/18 because i was scared someone is gonna call me out for being a kid from the way i speak lol i just lurked

No. 1017482

It's 40 degrees outside. I genuinely feel really bad for homeless people.

No. 1017486

At least they had the common sense to lie and try to integrate. Now they have power over adults online and dominate the internet. They invented cancel culture.

No. 1017498

I've been entering random giveaways while I watch movies on occasion and I've won some cool shit with only like 200 entries that took me 5 seconds to enter on a spam account. I won some soju, some headphones, a Japanese candy kawaii box thing, some cookies from a local bakery, and a dog food subscription (that I gave away.)

No. 1017515

How lol i always hear about giveaways but my pessimism shadows all hope of winning it

No. 1017520

I've been listening to the same song for probably 4 hours cumulative and I cannot stop

No. 1017529

Which song nona

No. 1017531

Here you go, anons. I'm trying to find other songs that are similar in tone and atmosphere, and far I've only found one song that's eerily similar.

No. 1017532

The song that's very similar to the one I posted above

No. 1017533

Holy shit nona, great taste. Always pleasant to see another Hylics enjoyer.

No. 1017558

I just hit my toe super hard on a chair, and now my toe is bleeding. This really, really sucks. I'm ready to sleep, I don't feel like dealing with this. This is also the second time I've hit one of my toes in the same hour.

No. 1017598

Reminds me of homeshake

No. 1017603

Food delivery is so not worth it nowadays, the portions are getting smaller while the prices are going up

No. 1017606

cook your own food you slob

No. 1017614

Loved it anon! The sounds reminds me a lot of Men I Trust, if you don't know them already I recommend the album Oncle Jazz.

No. 1017616

Yeah, I will do that from now on

No. 1017624

Wow i want to cry

No. 1017630

If a scrote opens up to you about some fetish shit he's into or some shitty thing he used to to do in his past that somehow ties in to pornsickness.. assume he's still massively dowplaying how bad it really was. Assume that's just the shitty tip of the iceberg. Appreciate the warning and then get out.

'insert britney dump him tee pic'

No. 1017632

No fuck you

No. 1017716

File: 1641473765833.png (73.64 KB, 1187x361, img_5cc0fde6c884f.png)

Linkedin's "who viewed your profile" feature would be such a mess if implemented on any other social media, but even there it delivers sometimes; I just saw a dude I went out with for a few dates 4 (!) years ago was viewing my profile and it makes me cringe for him so badly, can't imagine shit we'd all see if that was an option on fb

No. 1017791

kek does this idiot not know how to browse anonymously on linked in?? I'm always afraid of people seeing that I viewed their profile. I have my actual linkedin set for private browsing but I made a throwaway one anyway just to be extra safe when I'm snooping around

No. 1017839

Soil anon I hope you might see this reply but if not then oh well.

>Low requirements for entry certainly don't help shatter that image.

It might not help the image but it makes it so much more enticing for me to try and switch into the field…! I've been out of school for a few years now and it feels like such a daunting task to possibly switch careers because I'd most likely have to go back to school and go back into debt and risk not making it into a new field and wasting my time/money again… But maybe it's worth looking into what >>1017031 said into consideration and just show up somewhere and show them I'm committed lol.

It sucks that people are condescending. These jobs and fields of study exist and clearly need to exist! But people don't care until it starts to effect them way down the line I guess. I wish I could've learned about more niche jobs/fields while I was still studying and trying to figure out what I wanted to do! I don't think I'm cut out for any sort of big prestigious job.

No. 1017845

I hate when men do this, I have a guy friend (online), and the first time we were left alone together he asked me about my fetishes. I said I didn't have any and he said he didn't either but man it was so random and weird to ask.

No. 1017851

File: 1641484367532.jpg (123.25 KB, 1200x900, scale_1200.jpg)

No. 1017854

>"Yeah me neither"

No. 1017855

I don't get men who years later suddenly remember that you exist and one step on from this will even email you like 'I don't know if you still use this email but I was just thinking of you and I..'

Like if we didn't work out the first time then no part of me is about to get butterflies at the thought of seeing you now. I'm incapable of getting them back after a few years of knowing they were perfectly happy living without me. I had this happen with a decade gap inbewteen.

No. 1017858

He was hoping you'd say you're a subby kittengirl looking for a master, and anal destruction.

No. 1017896

File: 1641486400777.jpg (127.73 KB, 900x614, 1265828.jpg)

I decided to check out a new kpop boy grounp that my friend suddenly got into. I'm not into kpop but I get bored of the music I listen to quickly and just wanted to find at least one or two new catchy songs to listen to. I listen to a few kpop singers but I can't be assed to really follow or give a shit about any of them.

The group sucked. They sounded indistinguishable from any other stupid ass kpop boy group out there and they all look the same and it creeps me out. Not in a "hurr durr all asians look the same!" but in a creepy way where all their features look copy and pasted from each other with maybe slight variations and it's like… there's like 8 of you and you really don't stand out musically or physically compared to any other kpop group out there. I forgot I was even listening to music at some point because it was so boring my ears basically blocked it out without thinking. It wasn't even a slow song or anything!

I would question why my friend is so obsessed with them all of a sudden, even getting really upset because she couldn't get tickets to their next concert, but I already know my friend is braindead so I'm not entirely surprised. This group is shit and I still don't have any new catchy songs to listen to.

No. 1017897

File: 1641486444663.jpg (191.04 KB, 707x1000, tumblr_a18f3ab75c838509c6a9e7f…)

I want an Idolm@aster Shiny Colors english release and an anime reeee

No. 1018023

My dog is so pretty and cute. I love her she is a massive pile of fluffles.

No. 1018038

I'm having so much fun that I felt like it should be illegal then I remembered I'm using an illegal drug to feel like this.

No. 1018054

File: 1641492323309.png (307.32 KB, 400x336, mcn51mw8f1141.png)

It's been two years. Just let society collapse already.

No. 1018111

File: 1641495237052.jpg (1.28 MB, 2953x2953, 85B700AC-819D-47BE-B6FA-33F861…)

for any ladies that are sick or in recovery OR that shit way too much OR shit way too little i would like to share with you the miracle cocktail that will make you shit JUST THE RIGHT AMOUT:
2 tbsp metamucil
1.5 cups of pedialyte
stir that fat nasty shit
fill the rest of ur cup with EXTRA pulp orange juice if you use no pulp you are fucking weak and you will die an untimely death it is promised
enjoy your normal poos babes. thank me later

No. 1018112

Remember when the shirtless hot men where standing at the door in every hollister?

No. 1018133

I saw such a handsome guy today. He was tall with a trim, fit figure and very well dressed. He had beautiful, tight curling hair that reached just above his shoulders and a handsome face with high cheekbones. He looked like he could be a runway model or smth. But the thing I liked the best is that he looked very clean and well-groomed and clearly put in effort, that's so damn attractive and exceptionally rare. I'm also mad there's men running around with nicer hair than me despite all my efforts kek.

No. 1018155


one collar two sleeves and I still manage to mess this word up

No. 1018189

Made cookies and somehow the batter smelled so strongly like cum that i had flashbacks of my ex lol

No. 1018193

My new neighbours named their baby son Ayden and I don’t know whether to laugh or feel bad for him.

No. 1018215

by 2030 the new generation will all be ayden, abercrombie, ainesly and addie (short for adderall). and kai.

No. 1018223

My love language is when nonas bump threads with warnings for cp and gore so that I can save my eyes. It is so sexy when they do that. I feel like I am being looked out for.

No. 1018231

Yesss! I want to play this game so badly, but I can't speak Japanese.
But at the same time, I don't want Idolmaster to be popular in the west…

No. 1018240

How rancid were the eggs you used, anon….

No. 1018249

Good evening to women with big areolas.

No. 1018259

SC has an unofficial English patch, not everything is translated but it's updated pretty frequently. Though I use SC to practice my Japanese since the dialogue isn't usually that complex and everything is voiced; it has really good writing.

No. 1018261

Mornin', toots

No. 1018273

Some animals yawn when they see humans yawn

No. 1018274

good afternoon my angel

No. 1018298

File: 1641502278627.jpg (187.15 KB, 1500x1500, 71NTEyuJ SL._SL1500_.jpg)

Got some of the pineapple and passionfruit ones from a coworker recently. First time I ate one of the bars I thought it was weird and gross. Second bar, I was starting to get into it. Third bar, now I'm looking at where to buy more.

No. 1018304

For a couple months I’ve been buying perfume samples (around maybe 40 in total… help) and I think I might finally have some signature scents but it’s too soon to tell because I literally JUST got the Malin + Goetz discovery kit. Tom Ford Oud Wood is the fall/winter scent for sure, and I think I’m really liking M+G Cannabis for the summer. There’s four more scents in the M+G discovery kit I’ve yet to smell tho.

No. 1018307

I can't do simple math in my head unless it's addition or subtraction
I have to google 27 x 56 for example

No. 1018315

File: 1641503503038.jpg (55.99 KB, 640x360, FIWSC8SXwAMiy_s.jpg)

No I'm going to cry I miss them too buaaaaaaaaaa

No. 1018319

bitch at least you can add or subtract in your head. I still have to use my fingers and my cousin who's a math teacher still chastises me for it to this day lol

No. 1018335

wheres the jack in the box that that one autistic chick wanted to fuck

No. 1018342

Same. I have dyscalculia and maybe you do too.

No. 1018347

I don't think there is one, in fact I can't remember any videogame that has a jack in the box, do you know what it looked like

No. 1018352

File: 1641505518908.jpg (112.1 KB, 931x1280, 1328519677.ladyalt69_fatassxfu…)

If you don't know who LadyALT is then I am so happy to be the one who ruins Spyro for you

No. 1018353

i thought she dumped him a long time ago and now is dating some pokemon

No. 1018371

Wow you are right I didn't even know there was such a character, I never played the very first spyro game

No. 1018374

You guys remember the "wedding venues" in mmos where you teleported to get in game married?
Yeah those are real in japan.
I cant believe you’d build a whole structure just for weddings. Insane.

No. 1018379

He shows up in the first game for like a minute and dies and this woman drew porn of her self insert and him for years, anon

She even got a tattoo

No. 1018390

Why is it insane for you? It's not like most of them can (or wants) to get married in a church

No. 1018391

>that art
Oh my god, I completely forgot about that woman

No. 1018397

unhinged stacy behavior

No. 1018419

File: 1641507436510.jpeg (2.49 MB, 1668x1251, 7C64890F-EBDE-47AE-A729-7F97F6…)

Not insane in a bad way its just so mind blowing. Look at this lol

No. 1018428

I think it's pretty, actually. I don't play mmos so idk if that's supposed to be a replica of one or just kind of inspired by it. But why do Japanese people typically get western weddings? Is it just for the aesthetic?

No. 1018438

hoenstly I don't know even one person who would be able to do that in head

No. 1018493

I don't think many people would instantly be able to do that one tbh, unless they somehow get to 20x50 + 8x8^2 right away. 20x50 + 20x6 + 7x50 + 7x6 takes some time even.

No. 1018501

File: 1641512311846.jpeg (16.54 KB, 225x224, D6440C2A-DDAC-48E6-B5AE-50119C…)

I don’t think you need to be an interesting person to have interesting conversations. During texts, 99% of ‘not being boring’ is literally just saying more than 3-word sentences. And having fun or interesting conversations and pretty easy to do irl as well, depending on who you’re speaking to and if they’re able to cooperate

No. 1018607

im wasting time and watching one of the many copy paste voideos on the Creepshow art situation and there's a girl named Mika, who not only has "kiwifarms" in the thumbnail, constantly refers to lolcow as Kiwifarms but goes in a smug voice, "You (shannon) are literally the queen of Kiwifarms".
It's so cringe, at least do some research. It's dumb but I just couldn't help but roll my eyes.

No. 1018618

I'm glad KF is getting all the blame

No. 1018624

There's a ton of guides and translations for im@s content! https://shinycolors.wiki/wiki/Basic_Gameplay_Info has some things, but a basic knowledge of just katakana and deepl + google translate can get you surprisingly far.

No. 1018635

i agree with this.

No. 1018645

There's an app for android called math tricks that teaches you how to do this kind of thing really well. I had to learn how to do arithmetic really fast for job interviews a while back (I was applying at quant trading firms), but honestly it's kind of fun to learn to do more challenging arithmetic in your head.

No. 1018647

I watched 3 seasons of Girls in the last week and the whole time I was just occupied by how much Lena Dunham and Shayna look alike.

No. 1018736

File: 1641532465132.png (521.18 KB, 1000x563, 9B3533F8-6C32-4ACA-98E1-B84A26…)

I remain a love live fag purely because I cannot be bothered doing all of this to understand idolmaster. I admire idolmaster fags for their dedication.

No. 1018770

File: 1641534165173.jpg (68.85 KB, 750x750, oui oui.jpg)

Nonnas, should I eat nachos, strawberry french toast, or a veggie dog?

No. 1018772

french toast

No. 1018781

File: 1641534697155.jpg (177.13 KB, 1080x1080, 60aafbdf040886cc88bf64d2e39ead…)

strawberry french toast

No. 1018786

File: 1641534963302.jpeg (6.25 KB, 183x275, images - 2022-01-07T025559.235…)

Young Chloe Sevigny with short hair looks like the pretty cousin/sister of Hannah/Lena
Just needed to put that random thought out there

No. 1018832

Thank you nonnas, I'm munching on my french toast right now.

No. 1018875

File: 1641547380980.jpeg (44.88 KB, 677x517, 1F67FE53-2CB0-42BC-B8D5-BA68BE…)

I’ve been binge watching Golden Girls so much that I’ve started to read every post on this site in Dorothy’s voice.

No. 1018881

My nigel's friends keep telling him to divorce me, because he uses me as an excuse to not go to strip clubs and parties. Im glad he doesn't want to go to any of that shit anyway, but holy shit, get better friends.

Some of his friends are alright. The artsy, sensitive ones. But his douchy, meth addict friends need to go.

No. 1018887

It's great he doesn't engage in those things but why doesn't he just dump the shitheads when they clearly don't have the same values/maturity? He's still tacitly saying he'll put up with their behaviors

No. 1018891

So your husband doesn't have the balls to just straight up tell them he doesn't wanna go to strip clubs, demonizes you instead as the naggy controlling wife who won't let him go, and stays friends with them when they try to turn him against you? Doesn't sound like nigel material to me.

No. 1018898

I'm scared this is trick to make me shit myself but I'm so constipated I'll do it anyway

No. 1018899

This tbh. I fully expect my husband to chimp out on other scrotes for suggesting disrespectful shit like divorce. Use toxic masculinity to defend your wife’s honor tf.

No. 1018901

That's like the adult equivelant of a kid telling her friends "My mom won't let me go!" when she doesn't want to go somewhere with them. It's great your husband doesn't want to go to stripclubs but him putting the "blame" on you isn't a good thing at all. And so is not standing up for your relationship when his friends tell him to divorce you.

No. 1018902

I take metamucil every day and poop just slides out of me in one clean beautiful piece every time hnnnn

No. 1018903

I was riding in a cab the other day, when the driver starts rolling down the window. I'm thinking "it's cold, why is he doing this" and then he farts. He waits a few seconds for it to ventilate, then closes the window.

No. 1018912

File: 1641551267312.png (149.7 KB, 1024x652, BodyMassIndex-1024x652.png)

My only social media account is a privated instagram where I only have people that I know irl. I've been working out for the past 8 months to tone my skinny-fat body and I've become quite ripped (bmi 20) and posted a before/after picture on instagram. One of my friend just accused me of "bodychecking" in private. I'm not deleting my picture, fuck her. She's a bit of a dumdum and I know she browses the TikTok zoomer-sphere. Did something happened on tiktok recently that raised some kind of ana paranoia?

No. 1018920

she's probably just mad because of your transformation. congrats on your progress!!

No. 1018922

why are smart and 'iNtuLecTshUall' men always so mean. goddamn. i'm tired of being the dumb one all the time, even when they're the ones to get something wrong. why can't they be nice like himbos

No. 1018925

Yeah, something happened - you got fit. Apparently that's a big deal. It got people talking.

No. 1018931

Calling every photo of a thin woman a bodycheck seems to be in vogue now, especially among seething fatties.

No. 1018950

There's been crazy rain showers, hail showers, snow showers in my area the last couple days, whenever I check the forecast to see when it's expected to clear up..the forecast says it's been lovely and clear this whole time. Uh no..

No. 1019037

>Did something happened on tiktok recently that raised some kind of ana paranoia?
They found out what body checks were with Eugenia Cooney, it became another overused buzzword that insecure people use to cope.
Don't worry about it, jealous "friends" always end up showing their true colors and get kicked out of the friend group

No. 1019048

That's not a bodycheck. You are literally showing off your progress and hard work. Bodychecks are more in context with someone sticking out their collarbones, jutting their arms and legs out weirdly and sitting like contortionists to look skinni while pretending it's a normal selfie. It's always so obvious

No. 1019092

How are weddings celebrated in your country?

No. 1019170

File: 1641572930607.jpg (28.59 KB, 475x426, TRR3.jpg)

But a gameplay itself is not a problem I think, I just want to understand what girls are talking about.
Maybe I will give it a try, I'll see. But I want to play the game to get to know characters better, because of all the idolmaster series, these girls seem the most enjoyable.

Honestly, their rhythm games are easy to understand. If you played sif or all stars you won't have a problem to understand how deresute or mirishita works.

No. 1019178

File: 1641573197991.jpeg (634.75 KB, 828x1043, 17A9DC97-1B99-4CC8-AA9B-8FD3D5…)

raywilliamjohnson was a cute middle schooler

No. 1019212

What do anons think of recentl design trends? According to vid rel, we’ll probably see more kitschy 70s inspired stuff with purposeful imperfections, like stretched out/squished text, since zoomers like it? Would you prefer it similar styles because mainstream? I’d personally welcome it since I find it aesthetically pleasing. As a zoomer I had to agree with his statement about Juno/the proto-hipster aesthetic, since when we watched Juno on cytube, I couldn’t help find stuff like the music to be too ‘I’m so quirky!’

No. 1019222

At church I guess and then at a rentable festivities room. Maybe I’m ignorant but I’ve never seen an entire venue, consisting of several buildings, that was built for the purpose of renting it for celebrating weddings.

No. 1019225

RWJ would be a hot adult if he was only thinner. Idk how tall he is though, if hes a manlet then na

No. 1019229

He is very much a manlet

No. 1019231

he's not fat, he's not even chubby, but he is a manlet. he's like 5'6

No. 1019248

You ever deep clean so good you just want to stand there and admire the work for hours

No. 1019257

I like vintage stuff in general and am glad that minimalism is dead, but I was more fond of the 80s design trends of last year

No. 1019282

I'm starting to think pasta is making my acne worse. When I didn't eat it for like a month my skin was so nice. Man, I like pasta, this sucks

No. 1019309

I did that the day I bought a steam cleaner. So fresh so clean clean.

No. 1019312

nta but link to a good one?! Been meaning to buy one for some time now

No. 1019400

I was downtown for a bit this afternoon and some greasy looking guy (teenager? not even sure) tried to stop me to ask me a few questions and when I told me no I'm busy he told me it was for a tiktok. I should have murdered this guy on the spot just for that.

No. 1019412

Sometimes I see posts here that I'm 100% sure are written by one of my discord friends and I feel a little cosy knowing we're active here at the same time. We've talked to each other about using the site before too

No. 1019414

File: 1641581947604.jpg (155.46 KB, 1024x768, 1636146786199.jpg)

I love Nana

No. 1019441

File: 1641583231618.png (85.56 KB, 244x198, hide the pain nana.png)

She is the world's greatest Usamin ambassador after all.

No. 1019460

No. 1019491

There's an israeli country human artist I sometimes check on insta because the way how she portrays political relations and events in such a cutified normified way is kind of fascinating to me in a bizarre way.
Anyway, she made a comic of israel being nagged by hezbollah but for some reason she drew hezbollah as literally naruto and also she made him buff, so I now have buff naruto hezbollah living rent free in my head because I found him kinda hot

No. 1019495

Why did you feel the need to stress that the artist is human? Aren't all of them?

No. 1019497

i know its not the same but rice pasta (noodles) is pretty good too, without the wheat/gluten/eggs. you can get the wide kind to simulate regular pasta

No. 1019505

no no she's an artist that draws exclusively "country humans" (ie humanized countries)

Honestly you don't lose anything by not knowing what country humans are, when the fandom was biggest you had a ton of kids making really cursed art.

No. 1019508

every few years someone reinvents hetalia

No. 1019517

Oh, ok, so that's a thing. TIL.
I've heard only of countryballs before (from krautchan), "country humans" is a stupid and confusing term tbh.

No. 1019518

aren't countryhumans just fujofied countryballs with bodies

No. 1019526

basically yes
The people that used to ship Russia x USA and Nazi x USSR were wacky

No. 1019527

I would fistfight snow if I could. Snowscrotes come at me

No. 1019541

File: 1641587963555.jpg (59.33 KB, 680x528, 4752afdf41fd3c386de4319ada04a2…)


>snow scrotes

No. 1019542

Basically yes but im still torn whether thats better or worse than fujoing the literal balls

No. 1019554

No. 1019566

Rice pudding is gross. Rice is not meant to be sweet, and the texture is bad.

No. 1019567

Samefag, but fuck people who put sugar on grits too. This stuff does not need to be sweet.

No. 1019571

File: 1641589395154.jpg (128.61 KB, 1200x813, A_1Mj5pJKyDAaQp8_q5EZI.jpg)

where is this place, tell me RIGHT FRICKING NOW

No. 1019590

I bought a new shampoo bar and it came with a free trial piece of facial soap. I never use any cleanser normally, just water, but I decided to use it anyway and later that night I noticed that my face felt dry and tight, uncomfortable. Which I normally never get. I look the soap up, it's marketed as "moisturizing soap for dry skin" s u r e. I swear 80% of selfcare products just create more problems that need to be solved by even more products.

No. 1019624

Rice pudding is fucking good. Rice is better sweet than savory.

No. 1019644

File: 1641593580758.jpeg (88.25 KB, 828x245, D9A098B5-4FFD-4E5E-9010-F1FEAE…)

i wish there was a word for this because its a very real feeling

No. 1019645

The hydrogen peroxide and baking soda combo is god sent.

No. 1019647

i feel this….

No. 1019649

i’m team savory

No. 1019650

I feel like this is some universal feeling, I feel this too.

No. 1019666

is this what ana-chans are eating these days? christ

No. 1019669

Christians call this feeling "god"

No. 1019679

Lol anon. It really is great though! Anytime I need to clean something they are the first two things I think of.

No. 1019690

File: 1641596956084.png (Spoiler Image, 2.28 MB, 1920x1080, The End of Evangelion - 26'_ _…)

So what's the deep meaning behind making that opening a clit? Unironically asking because I'm enjoying this finale but the random erotic parts are killing the vibe.

No. 1019694

all men do is think about sex

No. 1019698

File: 1641597687315.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1494x2264, 14900B19-BDB3-4C97-83B7-CA8498…)

don't make the same mistake as me, christians DON'T want to worship dragons.

No. 1019699

Because incel scrotes are so obsessed with pussy that they HAVE to insert it everywhere while giving it weird creepy meanings. The vagina is often used as a sign of evil, temptation, depravity and basically "a man's end" because scrotes are obsessed with it but also hate women.

No. 1019722

It's been a while since I watched it but if I remember correctly - Rei symbolizes the mother of Shinji, and it's symbolic of birth - a gate to which everything is to return to undo the things that happened because of birth, or something along the lines; I don't see it as sexual at all personally.

No. 1019723

I know I should watch NGE because it's classic anime, but shit like this make my interest to drop.
I already feel this anime is filled with male deviations and too deep 4 u story.
But am I wrong? Is it really good?

No. 1019728

anno literally said the "symbolism" is just there to look cool lol

No. 1019737

File: 1641599637071.png (2.37 MB, 1920x1080, The End of Evangelion - 26'_ _…)

Ignoring all the blatant scroteshit, I genuinely enjoyed the rest of it and all the characters. It really depends on how high your tolerant meter is for male gaze garbage. I think mine is pretty high but EoE was really testing it severely.

Even for how relevant sex is to the series, there are still a lot of scenes with excessive and tasteless depictions of it. Only the women are ever shown in this objectified way even in the scenes unrelated to Shinji (before anyone tries the muh mc going through puberty excuse).

Watching Eva is like having a delicious meal but someone is constantly farting right next to you. Picrel is the subhumans that it appeals to. Try it out anyway imo.

No. 1019742

Not op but I quite like NGE. I watched it in highschool and zoomed through it just for Kaworu and was meh about it, mostly just cared about Kaworu. I rewatched it last year as an adult and really enjoyed it- seeing the character struggles and things I formerly laughed at as “they ran out of budget” as really emphasizing how uncomfortable certain situations for some of the characters. To each their own, I’m not the brightest and will usually read theories or symbolism shit afterwards so I miss a lot of the 3deep5me shit but it’s now one of my favorite series. I do recognize a lot of the criticism and sexualization that happens, but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying it. I joke that I hate it so much because I felt some parts of it as being really uncomfortable and heartbreaking, but I think it’s worth at least one watch through.

I’m one of the few that also doesn’t hate the rebuilds all that much so you can take my recommendation with a grain of salt.

No. 1019818

>Even for how relevant sex is to the series, there are still a lot of scenes with excessive and tasteless depictions of it
Ohh that's a big red flag, I don't like sexual scenes (most of the time they are pointless, they just fill time with it instead to fill it with the story), especially if it is tasteless.

>this pic

fucking KEK

Well, if the story isn't a complete pile of shit, then maybe I could try. But damn, I won't be surprised if I would ditch it after a few eps. But at least I would be able to delete from my watch list, cause it has been hanging there for years.

If anime is popular and have good reviews I have really big expectations. Unfortunately, most of the time these popular anime are not up to those expectations and I'm just disappointed.

No. 1019824

>If anime is popular and have good reviews I have really big expectations. Unfortunately, most of the time these popular anime are not up to those expectations and I'm just disappointed.
Nothing is more infuriating than finally getting around to checking out a popular anime everyone's been talking about only to discover it's an average show that wouldn't be half as famous if it didn't have waifushit

No. 1019891

I will find out how to make porkless pork rinds, no matter what it takes

No. 1019904

So true, moids can't differentiate between a good series vs wanting to bang the girls.

That said, the worst is when a show actually IS good, but it's still haremshit or waifu bait and you can't fully enjoy it as a result.

No. 1019982

fry up rice paper and toss msg or some kind of meatless umami powder or substance on it maybe?

No. 1019990

why are there so much fucking anachans on here? go nimble your calorieless lettuce and rice cakes and cry in the mirror in the peace, you will never be the it girl, you will never be a supermodel and you will never be hot you are just annoying and you need to go and eat some good ass food

No. 1020019

>while giving it creepy meanings
This is so true, a lot of animes and even movies so hyped up by men are like this they always paint vaginas and pregnancy and anything that women are or do as horror and talk as if its facts. I remember parasite eve plot traumatizing me as a kid it made me feel disgusting and ashamed of my organs kek and i see the same themes in the new resident evil of babies and mothers and shit. Its alienating, you never see horror centered around dicks

No. 1020023

File: 1641619916634.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1125x1525, E9CC1442-BA7B-41D1-A63D-FF1CFF…)

This book is what did it for me. Cozy.

No. 1020026

I kinda disagree, though I can't speak for all media that does this or that it isn't a factor whatsoever. To me it's not necessarily because they hate women. In my opinion it's actually because pregnancy and motherhood are powerful and primitive symbols that evoke strong emotion, since that's where we all come from. To portray it as dark or metaphorical is extremely effective because it's a deeply primal "memory" if you will. There is a lot to be explored in our beginnings that even with science to fill in details, have forever remained mysterious

No. 1020027

File: 1641620208596.jpg (323.39 KB, 925x1233, 20190921_183121-17277846610990…)

Find some duros and season it however you want.

No. 1020031

Cope they're jealous and hateful to women bc we have god like pwrs and it terrifies them that they won't get to replicate their y chromosome parasite. Cue ivf shit and male medical field pathologising periods and pregnancy.

No. 1020036

I don't doubt that, but I won't lie and say these themes in horror aren't deeply emotionally effective. I stand by what I said, wasn't talking about ivf and the rest which I agree with you on.

No. 1020038

i wish i could agree with you but when we look at media of women's horror towards pregnancy and men's horror views towards pregnancy, we can see that men view it ranging from aesthetical to degradory. i've seen at least three male directed horror movies where a lightly pregnant woman shudders at a worm squirming inside her stomach while she stands half naked in front of a mirror, i've seen at least five movies of women giving birth to absurdly large things or being split in half, gushing blood during labor, things ripping out of their wombs. to a man view, it is empty, evocative imagery, it is both a woman's natural state and a cheap sexual thrill. yes, it is primal, but in a way that men will never understand beyond the base instincts of their drive to impregnate and degrade everything.
compare this to women written horror that actually addresses the themes beyond "what if lady was suddenly pregnant with alien babby and she gushed blood and it ate her?"
we have influential female written horror works like frankenstein and handmaiden's tale that describe what actually makes pregnancy so fucking terrifying to women.
some men may come close, like the author of rosemary's baby was a moid and aptly describing some fears of prengnacy without violently ripping women open. but he's one in a thousand. the rest just want to watch women's vaginas and wombs rip open because it makes them hard, it doesn't terrify them. it's bloody, empty imagery of a woman in pain, nothing more.

No. 1020040

Good examples, I agree on those. I was referring to anons' earlier examples like evangelion (been a while though) and was weirdly thinking of a video game, but there is nothing evocative with an alien bursting out of a woman in a spray of blood, that's cheap violent shock material that is way too prevalent. It depends on the context but it isn't like all media with the theme, even those made by males is inherently from a bad place

No. 1020049

I had a beyond meat burger and fries for breakfast today. Living my best life.

No. 1020055

Thank you you said it better than my retarded self could. All i could explain is through child experience but that is what i meant, that derogatory objectifying male perspective of it. And you can tell its based on nothing. All i’m saying is that its easy to detect those shitty cheap plots when youre older and it doesnt invoke anything but annoyance

No. 1020064

File: 1641623037365.jpeg (702.41 KB, 1125x1254, FB8C00B2-BE8F-402C-A291-BC2260…)

I don't know what that is, is it bugs?

No. 1020066

lol no. It's a plant-based/vegan product.

No. 1020072

The casual ocean man reference sent me

No. 1020078

File: 1641624064929.jpeg (55.38 KB, 756x361, C3A170C0-35F4-4FEA-A47A-3133C0…)

There was a brief time period where it was a tumblr meme. Lolcow farm remembers, at least I do.

No. 1020482

Stabbing a male to death is on my bucket-list. I'm serious. I will take an ejaculators life some day.

No. 1020552

Is there a crossover in lolcow users and tumblr users?

No. 1020625

Zooby Zooby Zoo

No. 1020627

Did you know you can turn on color filters on your screen on windows, I put mine on invert color so I don't watch videos and waste time, and reading books is easier. But I'm still wasting time here but I'm just too tired to do my homework right now so I wanted to see you

No. 1020629

i'm sure there is. it's just that tumblr users won't openly admit it because of either the "terf" association or the 4chan association

No. 1020655

No. 1020666

I'm watching the tranny Garrison episodes of South Park on TV right now, and it kinda hit me that his insistence used to be some exaggerated joke when it aired, but nowadays that's what they really say, do, think and want…

No. 1020670

I want to play Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side again. Haven't played it in years. I don't even care about the men in it as they're boring and stereotypical, I just like the strategy portion of it and watching my cute little character do daily life stuff. Plus the time period is comfy.

No. 1020681

reading on here gets so exhausting, sometimes I get so jealous of ESL-chan

No. 1020685

How do you do that?

No. 1020689

File: 1641670095839.jpg (47.56 KB, 880x685, recycle-light-bulb-ideas-diy-1…)

Write "color" in the windows search thing and click on color filters, there is an invert color, grayscale and grayscale inverted and three filters for color blindness.

No. 1020690

Um I forgot to write something about the image, I was looking for what to make with old lightbulbs and I found this, but covering them with fabric doesn't make much sense, I could make the same thing without a light bulb too,do you think it's worth it

No. 1020693

my tulpa is telling me to eat expired milk

No. 1020694

If you want to make them then of course it's worth it. What else can you do with old lightbulbs anyway? Like you said, it doesn't make much sense to cover them in fabric, but if it's only for decoration then I'm sure it's fine. They would be cute for a nursery.

No. 1020711

Yeah, there is really nothing you can do with lightbulbs except trinkets like this because they are not recyclable. I guess you are right, it seems like fun, I'm going to do it

No. 1020723

Lampbulbs can be recycled though? They're collected and recycled where I am at least.

No. 1020744

LED bulbs can be recycled, but filament wire bulbs cannot, and I have those

No. 1020768

I'm so excited to watch the SideM live tonight. I can't believe I'm idolfagging like I'm 15 again.

No. 1020772

File: 1641675670142.png (339.14 KB, 627x680, image2.png)

No. 1020788

File: 1641677321155.gif (48.77 KB, 300x100, lolcow.gif)

I had the feminine urge to make this cause some of you…ugh

No. 1020789

i love it

No. 1020790

should I post it on the banner thread with very small chances of it becoming a banner?kek

No. 1020791

Me on the left
Of course

No. 1020793

>Me on the left
ok anon I'm posting it

No. 1020794

can i be blue whale chan

No. 1020795

does she fuck him?

No. 1020797

Delete this

No. 1020800

Should I text my ex?

No. 1020806

No. 1020807

Wtf no.

No. 1020814

I ate a big blood sausage because I am feeling anemic again but uugghh I think it was a bit too much.

No. 1020821

File: 1641680108922.jpg (72.41 KB, 540x543, Tumblr_l_90782304242106.jpg)

I love cats sosososososo so sooooo ssooooooooo much. I love rheir silly little faces and I love their funny expressions and I love it when they're slightly chubby and they almost have a third chin it's so cute. I love cats soooooo much they're SO CUTE.

No. 1020831

File: 1641680576094.jpg (626.49 KB, 1920x1895, FHXR-keXwBIqJgO.jpg)


Agreed, nonnie, they are angels on earth and I love them so much.

No. 1020835

I just randomly remembered my childhood bedroom and how I had a really gaudy lime green dolphin print duvet cover and the paint on my walls had a glitter topcoat. Also just… so much inflatable furniture. I loved that shit. What were your childhood bedrooms like, nonas?

No. 1020841

Strongly debating between masturbating out of boredom or finally making some food and reading a manga

No. 1020847


No. 1020850

Glitter walls?? That's amazing. First I had a bedroom shared with my brother with a bunk bed and a big map of the world with lots of tiny cartoon doodles on it, I spent a lot of time looking at it, and with glowing stars stuck to the ceiling. The furniture was ugly orange wood. Then I had my own room and my parents let me pick the colors, I had two yellow walls and two orange walls and green carpet, and I had a bookshelf where on one shelf I set up a village of littlest pet shop toys

No. 1020851

Sorry accidentally double posted
I don’t like doing the former out of boredom, only when I’m actually horny… I don’t know why but it weighs on the conscience

No. 1020858

I'm so in love with Papa Don't Preach Madonna

No. 1020862

And I can't stop listening to this SNSD song help

No. 1020868

I'll never get over the first Into The New World live, it was magical

No. 1020873

Oh my god yes glow in the dark stars! They were so cool. Also I love the colour scheme you picked for yourself… like it’s just so specific and childlike without being stereotypically “kiddy”. If that makes sense?

No. 1020875

Yeah I picked green carpet so it would look like grass (it didn't of course but I imagined it did) so when I played with my toys on the floor I imagined they were running in grass

No. 1020878

Do you have gray hairs? If so at what age did they start coming in?

I don't have any yet but I'm going to let them grow in naturally. I've never dyed my hair and I hope I can keep that way.

No. 1020901

I have been getting them since 19 y/o due to anxiety but they aren't very apparent. Wouldn't really care if they were

I tried to write this like 10 times and my phone's keyboard was glitching so I pressed random shit and got out of the page.I wrote this on my phone's notes kek

Also when I plug my earphones the phone goes kinda crazy when I watch videos and it pauses them or gets them back to the beginning. It's either the earphones or the phone's jack and it would suck if it is the jack

No. 1020945

File: 1641689369176.gif (54.09 KB, 220x220, plush-plushie.gif)

Men be like: im in a world of hurt and pain..everybody out here is against me and only the real ones would understand my struggle! my music is so deep, anyways here's my album its about women viscerally twerking and being abused because it makes me horny

No. 1020954

I started getting grey hairs around 22/23. I have been through a lot of stress in my life, I have GAD and at the time I had to testify in court. I think also it’s genetic, everyone in my family seemed to get pretty grey by 40 even though they look quite young in the face. I’m 26 now and the greys are only multiplying. I can’t stop plucking them out, I know it’s bad

No. 1020959

I've never done drugs or tasted alcohol of any kind, but I'm so sick and tired of being stuck in my own head I wish I could feel how it is to have my mind not be completely itself or whatever dumb shit happens. Fuck, I'm so tired of my head.

No. 1020962


No. 1020991

Why does time pass so quickly I go draw my husbando a little to relax and suddenly it's 2:30 in the morning. Goodnight
You could check if the earphones are the problem by plugging them into the computer

No. 1021030

>see someone missing a very obvious joke
>ask myself are they retarded or esl
> neopronuns in bio

This is the fifth time in a row this has happened

No. 1021058

kill yourself then

No. 1021075

you will die of anorexia before she kills herself

No. 1021090

Show us how it’s done Anon

No. 1021096

File: 1641700879920.gif (9.37 KB, 80x80, 1638227829886.gif)

Oh ho ho ho hooooooo my

No. 1021138

It's kind of crazy to me how some women (yes, even women on here) will defend a man against anything if they like him enough. It doesn't even have to be a someone they know irl.

No. 1021161

I get it but it's not just women toward men. It's people getting major hornybrain in general, or just being blinded by attractiveness. One of the charles manson cultist women married her lawyer (he represented her for free iirc?). Also there are male jodi arias stans. They can't really argue she didn't do it lel but they spend a lot of time shitting on the judge involved in the trial, calling for another trial and organizing fundraisers for her. Imo if there were more high profile women out there, average to hot, doing the same stuff as the men, it'd be the same thing. Men would stan female spree shooters or whatever

No. 1021162

The zipper on my favorite winter coat broke. I just hate looking into tailors and finding one who will do a good job that will last me years… zipper replacements are probably not that hard to fuck up though.

No. 1021173

just in time for the jimmy urine defender on /g/

No. 1021179

No you're right, I guess I specifically said women because I feel like it happens more, or maybe I just notice it more because I feel disappointed when women do that (which I shouldn't. I know it's irrational since we're still human at the end of the day).
I will admit it, that is what spurred me to make that post. It is still general statement though and that anon definitely isn't the only one of her kind

No. 1021180

File: 1641708816143.png (20.16 KB, 1296x342, clowns.PNG)

taking jeopardy practice tests to kill time. I rly thought I was so smart thinking "pieta" had something to do with "pietros"

No. 1021182

samefag but the correct answer and then my answer looks like a fuckin Q&A sdhf sf

No. 1021184

i laughed

No. 1021185

>Who are Jesus and Mary?
This is blasphemy.

No. 1021202

File: 1641711482711.png (6.02 MB, 1125x2436, 16D7F6FB-A3B3-4C21-968F-A7211F…)

My local state has an Elliot Rodger/Patrick Bateman on the loose

No. 1021205

What the fuck, anon, 14 years old and already a mega scrote? Lock your windows and keep a gun around or a machete.

No. 1021208

this isn't a joke??? he literally looks like a baby dahmer

No. 1021223

legit looks like a John Kricfalusi cosplay

No. 1021231

File: 1641713817527.jpeg (108 KB, 640x768, 814F5A38-C666-466A-B06A-A8B239…)

I fucking wish I had a cool dragon best friend that would let me ride on their back and soar through the skies

No. 1021232

No you're completely right and evafags are only into it because of the hot people

No. 1021243

can god smite dumbasses who accidentally blaspheme

No. 1021268

File: 1641716448738.jpeg (49.02 KB, 605x550, DAA37BC4-9578-4A9F-9F8A-CE37E2…)

How ‘bout her?

No. 1021273

I dreamed yesterday that I was pregnant with Fupa/Kyle perkins baby and he was a great dad. Not too sure wtf is going on in my head lol

No. 1021284

File: 1641717998560.gif (24.01 KB, 100x120, 1223467ngn04mnj39.gif)

Sleep is for the weak, I'll sleep when I'm dead

No. 1021293

Absolutely tired of this goddamn planet. Why is there a severe dearth of cute, pretty guys? I go out and have to tolerate these hideous, ungroomed beasts. Am I supposed to find my man from this pile of trash? I don't think so. Where is my pretty, hot guy?

No. 1021300

I'm starting my lessons tomorrow and I have studied shit or bothered with a project I had at all and I don't want to.fuck this shit

No. 1021313

File: 1641722972116.jpeg (106.52 KB, 1280x1280, 27132353-CD1F-4421-B438-AC8B9D…)

she’s like scott pilgrim but for girls

No. 1021315

unfamiliar with this character but how many girls actually relate to her? i would say it's a minority. losers and "winners" alike see themselves in scott pilgrim, massive asshole

No. 1021321

it's 5:30am here and I'm fucked on mushrooms still. can't wait to sleep, just too lazy to get up fully

No. 1021326

NTA but I was almost literally her in high school except less ugly and horny, maybe a bit more cultured as I was interested in shit beyond animu crap. I had the same nlog perception of myself and those awful Stacies (I've been bullied by them in the past though and that was the reason why) and lack of social skills. Been dreaming of being beloved by hot scrotes despite not saying a word to them (I avoided men due to trauma). Also playing galge visual novels and relating to socially retarded heroins etc. I could go on and on. She's literally a weeb girl with AVPD and 00's misogynistic beliefs, and I'm not saying that lightly. It's funny and sad to see myself in her. Im still trying to unfuck myself mentally and I will be 30 this year. I also wasn't given any help despite my extremely visible mental issues piling on and on and me begging for it

No. 1021327

Samefag, I wonder how many girls relate to her for genuinely being fuck ups and not to pander to scrotes. I'm not saying that a lot do, but she became popular in the 4chan pickme circles as Watamote was a 4chan darling (I think the authors gave it a shout out). Despite that, she is an extremely realistic portrayal of a crap female teenage experience. Absolutely not something to glorify. Re: Scott Pilgrim, at least the comic portrays him as a faggot asshole and his arc is realising that he is a piece of shit and trying to change. The movie glorifies him AFAIR, fuck that. Wasn't also Ramona saved by him? In the comic she does it herself, by breaking the abusive attachment to Gilderoy.

No. 1021330

finally have my head on the pillow, goodnight anons

No. 1021355

i watched like the first two episodes wayyy back but got bored

No. 1021356

File: 1641728955897.jpeg (207.6 KB, 800x720, CF818612-2F3C-4232-A214-9FBEB2…)

Same but sexually

No. 1021357

do you insert as the dragon or the girl when you look at this, anon?

No. 1021358

File: 1641729474506.jpeg (319.95 KB, 1000x1200, CE20C520-7323-4FC4-8F3F-31320D…)

absolutely same

No. 1021366

Anon, that can’t have a good ending, just how?

No. 1021380

No. 1021386

how did i go from feeling like utter shit yesterday to being this energetic and excited today. i keep getting urges to clap and dance around and spin and i wish i had a hill to roll down for fun right now. i'm gonna study a ton and power walk around my area

No. 1021393

My best memory is being on the top bunk with my older sister on the bottom bunk before our eldest sister moved out and my sister moved into her room, leaving me alone on that bunk bed.

No. 1021395

No. 1021399

Into The New World and Replay are the best debut songs.

No. 1021436

this has healing power

No. 1021438

I'm a zoomer, I like women but I don't like Hozier or Girl in Red or Mitski, am I doomed to stay single?

No. 1021440

Yes, become a nun.

No. 1021441


No. 1021443

I would join Jesus's lesbian/bisexual harem if regular dating does not work out

No. 1021444

File: 1641740598769.jpeg (258.79 KB, 850x1127, F6E0A1E6-0B90-4E4E-8579-F122C7…)

Im sorry for being a coomer. Here are some pics of girls n drags bein just pals

No. 1021446

File: 1641740635825.jpeg (167.78 KB, 850x661, 8B988E43-7077-49C4-9444-D16D52…)

No. 1021448

File: 1641740691047.jpeg (117.79 KB, 850x597, A7F46A99-14E7-436F-912E-3C73A9…)

No. 1021452

the music aaaaa

No. 1021460

File: 1641741289162.jpeg (435.33 KB, 600x600, 2E3A4165-A9EE-4460-89FD-0B96AD…)

No. 1021470

Cute! Thanks nona

No. 1021569

sometimes i get frustrated reading comment sections where there are tons of ignorant people who lack any critical thinking, but then i remember how many people just never looked into anything beyond their own experiences. how many people just aren't aware of any sociological concepts or anything. they're just caught up in what they know from their own lives, and they're loud about it. anyway i'm rarted

No. 1021573

Can anyone please post the scrote crime statistic glittery meme? I can't find it

No. 1021588

File: 1641751373446.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, unknown - 2022-01-09T190245.86…)

No. 1021595

File: 1641751681998.jpeg (142.18 KB, 842x842, F56D63F7-D115-41E2-86F4-830DD2…)

As a kid I was obsessed with the Titanic and deep sea biology/geology in general, so I wanted a deep sea ocean themed room. It was gonna be navy blue with crinoids and hydrothermal vents painted around the bottom. My plastic Titanic bath toy I got from the museum would have a place of honor on a custom-sized shelf by the door.
My mom said no to this proposal and I got a lilac-colored room with sage green floral accents instead. Still bitter about that.

No. 1021596

File: 1641751734064.jpeg (18.86 KB, 188x273, CF958418-E3B4-4563-9E81-A50E51…)

nonnies pls I can’t stop laughing at this

No. 1021611

Thank you nonnie

No. 1021612

49%? Oh that's good news, they're going extinct sooner than I thought

No. 1021616

Please don’t let that room stay a dream, make it a reality, nonnie, sounds beautiful.

No. 1021622

At first I was living in my grandma’s house with the rest of my family, so I was sharing a room with my brother, we had two twin beds, a gaudy tv held by a really ugly tv stand on a wall, some Winnie pooh and tiger tape, the walls were white and blue, there was a balcony full of random stuff that we couldn’t touch, but also a huge plastic barrel with our plastic toys like legos and our Pokémon figurines. We also had a bookshelf with drawers, lots of our toys like my Barbies and my brother’s Max Steels were there.
Honestly, what I liked of that room was my grandma’s sewing machine, I loved the smell of sewing.
Then we moved to our current house and I had one of those big bedroom sets with bookshelves and drawers to put my accessories and knickknacks with my dolls and stuffed animals. I made a little shrine for my most precious toys in a basket, with religious images and all, I was a religious nutcase and wanted to make sure that my toys were always protected, so I would hide crosses or images of the Virgin Mary or angels between my toys so nothing bad happened to them.
Good times.

No. 1021642

why does my brain conjure up imagery of myself smoking so much. i just vividly imagine myself smoking cigs so often. i've never even smoked before and i don't plan on starting because of the expense and health related shit. i do love the smell of cigarette smoke though. often i notice my fingers are positioned the way they are when someone's holding a cig. how much of a heavy chainsmoker was i in a past life

No. 1021666

Jason Brown finally cut his ugly ponytail off

No. 1021673

I just want one sexy dream PLEASE

No. 1021678

Maybe I'm online too much but I hate work emails because you always have to figure out whether just opening with hi is too casual, but dear is like informal between work colleagues you see often idk. Such a minefield

No. 1021688

Ugh, yes. And if you put hello or something then you get told you sound like a stuckup bitch. Honestly as long as the subject isn't very serious/formal just being friendly and polite is enough

No. 1021703

If he has too many female friends, it's a red flag. But if he hasn't got any, that too is a red flag. No?

No. 1021704

Just watch good smut before bed, works for me.

No. 1021734

Not necessarily

No. 1021756

File: 1641763922456.png (91.98 KB, 913x255, Screen Shot 2022-01-09 at 1.29…)

The one star reviews for 1883 on Prime are hilarious because it's clearly the same person - or people - calling it a film, complaining about them saying fuck, and Sam Elliott hate kek

No. 1021759

File: 1641764263719.jpg (184.51 KB, 1079x451, Screenshot_20210708-190511_Red…)

I know it's cringe but sometimes my autistic ass needs to read shit like this so I don't off myself

No. 1021765

File: 1641764683620.jpg (62.63 KB, 563x751, d8411e97aa04c95164b2ffe5f6f4af…)

Inspired by the discussion in the confession thread, I wanted to tell you nonnies struggling with age crisis something. I'm 32, still get carded, people guess my age to being in around 22-24. My selfies look almost the same as they did when I was 25. I'm not saying this to humblebrag but to tell you guys that this will be your future. My friends are in their 30's are the same as me. You won't turn to dust once you turn 30. Women in their 30's don't look like they're 50, people live longer and healthier than ever. You can keep wearing the cute clothes, you don't have to succumb to mommywear and business bosslady clothing. It's insane that young women are fooled into thinking that they only have this very, very small time frame to be young and enjoy themselves when most of them are still a mess far into their 20's. Don't be afraid of hitting "the wall", you're still young and healthy, only with more confidence and less pickmeism and tolerance for scrotoid bullshit in your 30's.

Anyway have a lovely day nonnys

No. 1021768

File: 1641764879218.jpg (21.57 KB, 678x452, FFruYqRUcAEM65c.jpg)

based post, based poster

No. 1021769

Yea, I'm getting closer to 30 (27 atm) and honestly not much has changed. My brother is also in his mid 30s and he still looks like he did in his mid 20s. It's really not the end of the world

No. 1021773

File: 1641765266283.gif (936.37 KB, 277x200, mlugbn.gif)

I'm not sure I'm supposed to see what you said as a good or a bad thing. Looking younger than I am is ruining my life. I feel like I'm always treated like some kind of retard until people learn my age. Then suddenly they awkwardly apologize way too much and I'm finally treated as an equal. Can't wait until I'm covered in wrinkles and white hair. I'm nearly 30 years old fuck this shit.

No. 1021780

File: 1641765510798.jpg (7.61 KB, 210x240, babushka.jpg)

You can always start wearing babushkacore to look the part nonnie

No. 1021783

Same and I'll add this for anyone who thinks I'm humblebragging when I say it sucks to look like a gangly kid: I'm the anon who complained about looking like reviewbrah. I don't look kawaii and smol. That's all I'll say on that matter.

No. 1021784

brb saving money to have 100 silk scarves to complete my future babushka looks.

No. 1021786

> "women abuse men and children just as much as scrotes!!!"

I don't have any debunkings on hand, but this one is due to the fact that women spend more time with children than men do.

So, if like child abuse rates are 50% women and 50% men, but, say, 75% of women spend time care taking children and 25% of men do, it's clear that it's much more likely for men to abuse children than women.

No. 1021789

File: 1641765776879.jpg (18.61 KB, 640x480, 1576771927088.jpg)

>start sober january
>enjoy having no weekend hangover for the first time in years
>develop stomach bug

No. 1021790

File: 1641765801681.jpeg (99.05 KB, 1125x1094, 74g1YZ9.jpeg)

I hate Anime so god damn fucking much. That is all.

No. 1021798

Also the statistic about men experiencing as much domestic violence as women do when they conveniently forget the facts that
>The abuse men experience is much less severe and life-threatening than what woman do
>The questionnaires only asked if you have ever been subjected to abuse, the abuse men experience is much less frequent and one-off cases compared to women (i.e. being slapped once in their lives)
>The questionnaires took into account domestic abuse experienced by other men in the household such as sons
The truth comes to light when we see the statistics regarding deaths by domestic violence, suddenly the gender ratio is tilted towards 77% female victims and 96% male perpetrators, and over half of the male victims were killed by another man.

No. 1021801

iirc some of those surveys/studies also asked women in relationships with women if they were ever abused, and as we know, many bisexual and lesbian women have been in relationships with men and there was no differentiation of when or by what sex of person they were abused by. horrible surveys.

No. 1021804

I recently found out that true beauty has a live action adaptation and this just further cements my belief that Korea has cringe low effort media if they're willing to make a show of someones self insert webcomic

No. 1021813

Its ok nonnie, i had a huge crush on this girl who looked like reviewbrah at school
She had such cute toad eyes

No. 1021816

Try mediation, the kind where you focus on a candle flame or something. Once you get good at it, it will get you out of your head. Or intense exercise is also good for that.

No. 1021820

File: 1641767715031.png (366.07 KB, 817x541, sherlock holmes every fucking …)

Anons please tell me what's the context of this pic. I can't stop laughing I'm about to have a heart attack

No. 1021828

thank you, this is what I wanted to see. I bet scrotes would claim that women are strong enough to abuse and not to murder, but that's bs

No. 1021829

My friend and her husband came over to have a couple drinks and her husband never washed his hands after using the bathroom. You can hear the sink and soap dispenser from where we were sitting but he just flushed and came right out. He did this 3 times!

No. 1021834

Husbando auction

No. 1021841

When I first found out my brother didn't wash his hands (or use the bidet) after using the toilet in a state of shock. As a result I'm super anal about hygiene with potential partners.

No. 1021858

I think there's some Sherlock anime that's currently running. Twitter fujos I follow are loving it.

No. 1021861

It's not selfish to want to be secure about where you will live in the future. Contact the board yourself, or whoever does admin for it, to find out the details. Also, maybe consult with a lawyer to find out how co-op apts are handled with and without a will.

No. 1021863

If you're talking about the blond guy in the pic he's not from an anime but from a video game. If you're talking about something else I want the title right now.

No. 1021870

File: 1641772124330.png (286.9 KB, 334x919, g74wt34nnyhz.png)

Fools, that's Herlock Sholmes from the game "The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures" you uneducated swines.

No. 1021873

File: 1641772251506.jpg (158.93 KB, 750x863, tumblr_883b53b07311d7a9693a2ba…)

Sometimes the schizos are right

No. 1021879

Whoops, sorry Herlock. Moriarty the Patriot is what I was thinking about.

No. 1021881

I can't call him Herlock Sholmes, makes me think way too much of the Arsène Lupin stories I had to read for middle school. And this Sherlock isn't as retarded as the actual Herlock either.

Oh yeah, that one. I don't watch anime anymore and I'd rather wait for manga to end before starting them but I have the title in mind for later.

No. 1021885

I'm using this to peak my fellow brujas

No. 1021889

popping pills (one ibuprofen)

No. 1021892

I was reading this blog, and I think it must be some kind of troll. And I say this as someone who likes the "spirituality" stuff Who knows though, there are strange people in the world. I won't knock it (if the posts are genuine).

No. 1021898

my ibuprofen pills look exactly like the red pill from the matrix so every time I take one I make myself cringe by thinking that I'm "taking the redpill"

No. 1021904

thats hardcore. i would never mess with u…

No. 1021905

File: 1641774960519.png (35.14 KB, 515x537, file.PNG)

It's almost certainly a troll blog but she's hilarious

No. 1021906

Nothing worse than liking a very obscure character who's practically only known for being made in shitpost videos that turns him into a gay joke. No other worse feeling than your obscure fav being only recognized for being a meme to the point this is the only discussion surrounding him.

No. 1021908

scanditard is going full psycho mode on /g/'s relationship advice thread. she's definitely a cow herself.

No. 1021916

It could be worse, my husbando has been a meme four times already, his mere existence is a shitpost at this point

No. 1021920

I miss romanian nonnie there's some uncensored truth in her posts

No. 1021924

Kronkanon, is that you?

No. 1021926

No anon, i wish i was as based as her tho
you're right but please don't invoke her

No. 1021931

File: 1641778264969.jpg (38.38 KB, 497x497, meet-nana-the-cat-that-s-so-ex…)

This youtuber I watch has recently got a boyfriend and now I find her videos awkward to watch cuz she has to include him and their pda

No. 1021941

is it truth that needs to be repeated 1000000000000 times or obsessive vendetta layered in very basic and obvious observations?

No. 1022046

File: 1641786168574.jpeg (220.34 KB, 914x1280, Es55IizXEAMb_pN.jpeg)

Fuck I can't believe there was some serious im@s talk while I was gone.

No. 1022049

Nona, I'm still riding high from the SM live last night. Sperg away.

No. 1022065

File: 1641788170899.jpeg (159.27 KB, 906x653, FIq3_BPakAA9M4B.jpeg)

aww I had to work this weekend so I missed it. It makes me happy to see SideM strong after being treated like GamiP's bastard child for so many years. I legit can't wait for more 3DMVs and the solo2 previews. On a semi-related note I kinda hope SC does the same because it makes me sad how SHHis got added right after colorful fe@thers.
Anyways, アイマス最高!

No. 1022066

no. the shit she says is literally made up and some are things she herself does.

No. 1022128

File: 1641795667224.jpg (19.47 KB, 350x219, 1558136104421.jpg)

Playing caramelldansen loudly at 11pm on a sunday hoping to make the moid upstairs who likes to stomp around lose some sleep. Eat it bitch

No. 1022129

do it until 2am, and then stop for an hour or so just so he thinks he can sleep. and then play it back even louder

No. 1022145

File: 1641798133851.jpeg (60.22 KB, 548x720, 5DFDF1A9-F8FA-41EF-B55F-E6DC7F…)

If I ever have kids, I’m never letting them watch anime aside from ghibli and some normie child-appropriate anime e.g Doraemon, Sailor moon, pretty cure, crayon shin-chan. I’ll expose them to it while their young do they don’t think it’s that ‘exotic’, so they won’t remain weebs into adulthood, especially if they’re male

No. 1022147

Is this tumblr for peaking ‘spiritual, alternative medicine, crystal-worshipping, Wiccan’ women? If so, based

No. 1022150

File: 1641798497886.jpg (122.46 KB, 960x762, 9a97819cbfc96ccf1dda35b4121531…)

extremely important high priority post

No. 1022151

File: 1641798546883.jpg (76.04 KB, 750x696, jfi9wkj73t131.jpg)

relevant and also extremely important

No. 1022159

File: 1641799090851.jpg (55.32 KB, 528x587, Tumblr_l_151698357627339.jpg)


Human males can't even

No. 1022222

I'm working from home today but it's been an hour since I tried to use my company's VPN and it's still not working so I'm doing some housework instead. Fuck this shit I am not going to the office.

No. 1022227

File: 1641805818927.png (220.14 KB, 463x1798, imgbin_sherlock-holmes-dr-wats…)

judges you

No. 1022266

Why doesn't this prof use zoom like everyone fucking else? I can't get into this damn lecture because the software isn't loading on my laptop. What a shit start to the new semester

No. 1022281

File: 1641810829666.jpg (231.59 KB, 744x772, 1423183057528.jpg)

Does anyone else enjoy having a cold? I don't mean in a munchie way where you enjoy the attention of being sick.
I love the sensation of my bones feeling like they weigh 3 times more and the slight light headedness. I love calling in sick to work and then chilling at home reading books while drinking tons of tea and being covered by a heavy duvet and a blanket. It transports me to my childhood, somehow.

No. 1022284

Econ is so boring my brain is melting I just want to continue reading my manga

No. 1022293

File: 1641811936867.jpeg (479.96 KB, 1242x2100, FED89B6E-5463-4765-BC44-EFDB9D…)

My friends asked if I wanted to attend Dokomi with her so I checked out their website, including the guest list and uuuuhhhh

No. 1022295

My colds are just a blocked or runny nose that is constantly uncomfortable but not bad enough to take off work, shit sucks.

I do think I kinda like feeling a bit unwell though? Like having a headache or sore muscles. It makes relaxation even more comfy and enjoyable, the same way that being tired makes sleep better and being hungry makes eating better.

No. 1022297

what did you expect? dokomi has always pandered to animu coomer moids

No. 1022303

is it normal to feel like shit after fasting for one day?

No. 1022312

yes, why wouldn't you feel like shit?

No. 1022315

File: 1641814082865.gif (644.55 KB, 500x580, 1408454595754.gif)

it's 6 in the morning and I just found out at 5am that my 8am flight was cancelled so I have to rebook a different flight later in the day for $250 more
>Tfw I have to switch around my car rental on their archaic website and it tells me to call them or I lose $150

No. 1022316

File: 1641814133841.jpg (172 KB, 1280x938, 678d868b186743843d933460502127…)

i think nearly every major character in Yu Gi Oh Duel Monsters (2000) suffers from undiagnosed schizophrenia. Especially bakura

No. 1022317

shut up.

No. 1022334

I’ve never heard of dokomi until my friend mentioned it, since I’m not German and the conventions in my country are pretty tame so inviting a hentai artist probably wouldn’t fly here

No. 1022336

File: 1641815815709.png (341.78 KB, 616x619, blond slut.png)

Two retarded husbandos for the price of one, what a bargain.

No. 1022343

I feel for you anon, that kind of thing is so stressful to deal with. Also fuck them for making you pay $250 more when they were the ones who cancelled, that's really lame

No. 1022347

Ok but where is it?

No. 1022348

Come to japan expo instead we have better guests

No. 1022349

I have no idea, that's why I'm asking. I saw another screenshot and it looked like a kdrama.

You're talking about the one in Paris or the new stuff in the USA? Because in Paris the tickets are getting more and more expensive and the guests are less and less interesting every year.

No. 1022359

i stopped caring about guests at conventions long time ago, but dokomi has the biggest and best artist alley in germany, so I can recommend it for that.

No. 1022360

Our initial plan was to go to London expo, so we wouldn’t have to worry about the language (or more like I) and get drunk in cosplay (alcohol is strictly forbidden at most events in my country so for me it would be a new experience). But right now anything but Dokomi seems better lol

No. 1022364

Thaaat explains why she’s so hell bent on going there now. Probably a lot of artists she enjoys attending

No. 1022368

got called racist by white girl for mentioning a lot of the condos and homes in major cities across canada (Toronto, Vancouver, now Montreal) are recently owned by Chinese foreigners.

No. 1022369

i believe you can get at least beer inside the venue, but most people buy their booze elsewhere and get drunk in the park next to the convention center.
Best german con for getting drunk in cosplay is Animuc near Munich, they got a beer garden at their venue!

No. 1022374

what does her being white have to do with that lol

No. 1022381

Told my therapist about genshin impact today and I managed to delete the app off my phone. My new years wish for myself is that I will overcome my addiction, that I won't play for 12 hours straight and that I won't reinstall. I've been watching other people play the game on yt and now I feel like an alcoholic that watches other people drink and then sniffs their breath kek

No. 1022383

>chinese foreigners

I realized that there are also shitloads of koreans and other east asians in canada and the west coast of America as well. I remember watching this girl on youtube who would record her daily meals and I thought she lived in korea but she actually lives in toronto

No. 1022386

Don’t be so sensitive and play dumb

No. 1022387

I'm going to the hairdresser soon and I'm always a bit nervous because the ladies there are all so pretty and I feel like a gremlin and I don't want to bother them because working any kind of customer service job is hell but I would also like my hair to look good and I showered and dressed up nicely hoping to look as normal as possible. Help. Lacking confidence is a bitch.

No. 1022388

Yea, I feel the same whenever I get my brows or nails done. Even more so as a tomboy

No. 1022389

Idk i like that they are so pretty i just want to hug and sniff them

No. 1022392

do any of you also just live really boring lives but feel kinda okay about it? i've never been outside my country before, i've never been in a relationship irl. i also tend to stay inside a lot, since i was 12 or so. i can't really recall anything super interesting or fun i've done that isn't something everyone's done at some point. i tend to cherish very small out of the ordinary things that happen in my life because of this, even if they are mundane to others. like listening to music on a walk while the sun is beautifully setting, or just spending a long day out with some friends, or visiting a local city with my sister. those are memories i hold dearest to me. i do really wanna visit other countries at some point though, i get a feeling it'll be so overwhelming in a good way.

No. 1022411

I think I had a really exciting time in college (went away for college and then studied abroad), but my life is pretty boring now and I'm very satisfied with it. I enjoy my current routine and am happy when the weather is nice, or if I'm able to sit inside with a nice cup of tea while listening to the rain or watching the snow or something. I think my life was very tumultuous and now the dust has settled and I just get to enjoy living rather than having to seek out new and exciting things all the time. The most exciting my life gets is when I go out with friends or family or something, but that's enough for me and I'm happy that that's enough for me.

No. 1022422

You mean finally having a legit excuse to stay home and rest from insane hours of full time work/school? Yes.

No. 1022425

Yes even though I'm not a neet anymore I'm still a hermit and don't really want to change it.

No. 1022444

File: 1641828949359.png (107.26 KB, 500x445, in-this-moment-i-am-euphoric-n…)

There is a clear link between the 2010s neckbeard atheists' obsession with "euphoria" and the 2020s neckbeard transgender obsession with "euphoria". Why don't people talk about this?

No. 1022461

can you elaborate further?

No. 1022473

It's an actual problem and I'm surprised more people aren't aware of it. Basically rich Chinese people don't trust their own government or banks (for a reason) so they outsource all their money by investing in foreign property, as that's the most surefire way to keep your wealth. So what they do is buy all sorts of decrepit houses for a ridiculous markup hitching up the prices of all properties to a level average local people can't afford while keeping the property empty. To illustrate this point there's a site called "crack shack or mansion" which has real listings of Vancouver based houses costing 1 million Canadian dollars versus actual crackhouses and you have to guess which one is in the photo. The same thing happened in Australia and it got so bad a new law was made to prevent people without citizenship from buying property just for monetary gain.

No. 1022474

File: 1641831471024.jpeg (179.15 KB, 585x323, 298A47FA-9ED2-4715-93EB-4A7DBC…)

I want them to kiss so bad they should be gay and get into a relationship with each other

No. 1022481

File: 1641831857624.jpg (210.07 KB, 480x360, 1638129758944.jpg)

Any time I make a negative comment about men on YouTube, it gets removed. Every. Single. Time. Even if there is no swears or anything necessarily explicit, if it's negative and about men, it's removed. But I can make comments that say bitch and cunt and they don't get touched. That's fishy to me.

No. 1022486

I learned a valuable lesson: never leave behind your husbando for a boyfriend. Now I just feel lonely

No. 1022488

Welcome to the internet I guess. Where even the most bland critique of men is treated as a planned hate crime.

No. 1022489

It's not people living here, that's the thing. A lot of homes are vacant because they don't even live in the country lol. I have a lot of Koreans in my neighbourhood.
Thank you nonny for understanding and elaborating!

No. 1022490

what, the anime man won't take you back?

No. 1022491

What's troubling is most of these people are American and weed is pretty much legal. If they want to reach euphoria without being freaks may I suggest smoking sativa. If they're smoking and doing this shit then I'm lost. What's going on world. I have a 50+ year old women in my work telling me if she was my age now she wouldn't bring a kid into this world. And I wanted to ask why, but I wasn't sure if that would be rude? But like, she was making a comment on society and I want to hear what normie older women think of this online turned real world.

No. 1022493

I just feel disconnected from husbando shit now lmao

No. 1022499

I'm pretty sure in Dublin there's a YouTube workplace and a fb one and I knew of people that worked at the fb place, and their job was deleting comments, so I imagine it's the same for YouTube. Shit I think there's Google too in Dublin probably together idk. But it's probably just Irish men etc being offended lmao

No. 1022504

No. 1022508

My fucking cat stepped in sauce and I thought he had cut up his paw it was so fucking “bloody”. My head still hurts from the panic lol

No. 1022514

Shit, maybe she meant covid. And how inept the government are. And how a lot of countries and destabilising. Maybe she wasn't on about the trannies etc at all. Hmmm

No. 1022529

It's what you'd think. Gonna schizopost but basically, socially withdrawn men seek euphoric moments through shedding whatever doctrine has been instilled in them by outside forces. Back then, it was about religion and finding joy in abandoning it to enter the "wild" waters of (their idea of) atheist enlightenment. This gave way to a sort of narcissism and self-fixation (note that the man in the picture is enlightened by his own intelligence, not by outside sources he must call upon or communicate with, like a God or a philosopher)

Now that atheism has gone mainstream, they're forced to seek out other forms of euphoria through narcissistic self-revelation. The most obvious, easy, self-personalized thing is to question one's gender. Finding out you like to spin while wearing a skirt, and that the boner you get when you get treated like a girl on the internet connects deeply to your own idea of womanhood (which is, in turn, connected to your very soul)? Pure gender euphoria, you've been enlightened by your own autogynephilia. Notice the connection between "geeky", autistic men and all this shit. Male Sonic fan ends up a part of atheist culture, and it's very much a fandom, and now it's all about being a girl. I wonder what comes next, since all the tranny stuff is quickly turning mainstream. We're already seeing the autistic geeky AGPs seethe about "youngshits" and HSTS troons who pass better than they do

Smoking weed is probably too "normie" for them. Some of them are, though, among other drugs for heightened euphoria. I can definitely agree with older women with that viewpoint, both when it comes to COVID and the gender BS these days. We're living in very bizarre times

No. 1022554

Yeah. I feel kind of hopeless under current NI happenings. So much uncertainty still with Brexit, coupled with covid. Business here is definitely slowing down with our supply chains. I was wondering where else in the world would be viable for an English speaker and literally every country has issues. Is there a global recession why the fuck is everything so bleak and war and famine and I thought the Internet was suppose to connect us. When civilians could reach over borders and talk freely we'd all be friends. That's my dream world I guess

No. 1022586

>genshin impact
>play for 12 hours straight
what the fuck anon, I can only play 2h max. It gets boring after 2h for me, how can you play 12h straight?! Do you kill ALL monsters on the map everyday or what?

No. 1022588

Anon, it's an incredibly souless game and developers don't give a shit about anything but money. I don't understand how people can love it when there's Honkai Impact alternative, but all the gachas are shit in general, expect maybe Arknights which won't take too much of your time daily and the developers actually care about their lore and worldbuilding, to a point where even their collabs should actually make sense in their universe and it's an easy free to play.

No. 1022598

>I don't understand how people can love it when there's Honkai Impact alternative
Is it good? I thought it's worse than Genshin.
Honestly I don't understand hate towards Genshin tbh, I don't remember when I had such a fun time with a game.

No. 1022602

>genshin is a soulless honkai clone
>recommends another soulless gachashit instead
What the fuck, literally all gacha can suck you dry and ruin you if you let it consume you. It takes me 20 minutes a day to do my dailies in Genshin and I haven't spent a cent on it because I consciously don't want to be a gambling addict recounting my tale to a therapist.

No. 1022603

When I'm cooking tortillas I like to touch them with my fingers to feel the bubbles. The pain is worth it.

No. 1022604

i can smell thai green curry but it isn't there. god i'm hungry

No. 1022606

The worst mistake I have ever committed was to let my cat try pringles when she was a kitten. Now I can't eat them without her trying to smack them out of my hands because she has a crippling addiction.

No. 1022607

You mean… men too? Lolololololol

No. 1022609

I know you guys are right, it is a waste of my time. I got to Inazuma in like two weeks and my squad to level 68 by farming stuff and basically killing everything that I came across. I also made the mistake to accept an invitation into my world and had this scrote who played Eula calling me a fag for liking Kaeya. I won't reinstall.

No. 1022614

I did mushrooms with my boyfriend, his coworker and his coworker's cousin over the weekend and had an amazing time. It was my first time seeing people besides my family since 2017, and it was like no time had passed. Speaking isn't awkward, we laughed the entire time, they're all polite and married to women that they love, so when I spoke, I had the full attention. It was really refreshing to be around men who are respectful like that and I keep reminiscing about it. It was just super comfortable. The dude's house is stunning, and he has such a good taste in books. I wish I had been able to take pictures, but his house is still a total WIP right now. If I had friends or a journal I would have told them instead, but here's to an anonymous post I'll lose. It was very fun

No. 1022624

>soulless game
Personally, I guess it’s a good thing that all I care about is husbando designs and the massive open world gameplay over “story” and “character development.”

No. 1022633

nta but the designs aren't good either, they're all either generic/forgettable as fuck or overcluttered. i don't see the appeal even for husbandofagging purposes.

No. 1022641

my cat tries everything. she will ask to smell it and if she doesn't like it she'll scrunch her face up and look offended beyond belief. she loves McDonalds because of my depression era. I rarely bring it home but when I have a paper food bag she's on the case

No. 1022642

NTA but it's literally the only translated gacha game around with a copious amount of husbandos that are plot relevant and fun/interesting I do admit some of them have ugly and overcluttered designs though and while the female characters have as much charisma as a dirty dish rag they're still not as braindead fetishized sex doll like as in many other games. It also has a lot of lore that's constantly being expanded, it receives more content than many of the other gacha games I've played.

No. 1022653

I am feeling so nostalgic. I just want to go back to 2015 and play Style Savvy with my best friend. It's crazy that 2015 is now nostalgic when it wasn't even that long ago.

No. 1022665

ESL so no idea about the (in)formal connotations, but would good morning/evening work?

No. 1022674

I haven't watched a lot of dramas yet, so maybe my standards are just abysmal, but I think the live action is so much better than the webtoon and I enjoyed it. Though Seojuns song did get annoying after hearing it for the 5324324928732nd time.

No. 1022680

i prefer the minor key version

No. 1022682

Only if I get to lie in the living room watching the 11am re-runs of the nanny after coming home from the doctors because that's what I always did when I was a child.

No. 1022685

>So here’s an interesting fact: Studies have shown that the average adult reads at a 7-8th grade level, which is why most mainstream novels are written for the average Junior High Student.

So now none of you have to feel bad about reading YA fiction

No. 1022695

You were the only girl while they were tripping? Or course you had their full attention lol

No. 1022706

My connection with my FWB is deepening, I think i'm falling in love. Thank god we agreed to be sexually exclusive so I don't have to with jealousy and overthink. Still, he'd be a terrible partner so maybe I should cut down on the eye contact before, during and after sex.

Anyway, Kate Bush gives off huge pickme vibes. Listening to her give an interview about that babooshka song and she's saying it's all the wifes fault (who catfished her husband as a sexy woman) for testing him in the first place. Like no bitch, a cheat is a cheat.

No. 1022709

You always read "If you don't know what to say, ask the other party about themselves! People love talking about themselves and won't even notice you not much contributing to the conversation and even end up liking you afterwards!" as the major pro-tip for socially awkward fucks like myself who have to make social contacts work for their job. But I'm pretty sure today I met someone who follows this exact tip just like myself, and it went as well as you could imagine. Once we both stopped talking and just sat there in silence, we both visibly relaxed and even could do work-related small talk afterwards.

No. 1022753

It would be weird if humans came out of the womb fully developed

No. 1022759

Danny devito allegedly did

No. 1022769

I came out with two arms, legs, ears, eyes, a nose and a mouth and a few hairs that fell out a few days later, what do you mean by fully developed?

No. 1022782

File: 1641853901457.jpg (111.66 KB, 1252x704, areyouawizzard.jpg)

>I came out with two arms, legs, ears, eyes


No. 1022795

I came fully clothed out of the womb with shoes on etc. I literally cannot take them off and they just grew with me

No. 1022809

Based Arknights sis

No. 1022937

That's not possible but nice try

No. 1022940

It's true I was there

No. 1022951

File: 1641866986022.jpeg (21.47 KB, 275x155, F9E5472A-B70A-43C6-A79D-BD9364…)

Picrel is footage of anon replying to the wrong post.

No. 1022952

File: 1641867074477.gif (4.34 MB, 500x248, 2DC8972F-DB3F-4D52-A82A-35B20B…)

SpRaY oN ShOeS

No. 1022954

It's true I was the hospital bed

No. 1023007

File: 1641872278987.jpg (39.92 KB, 443x600, 99e9ab4f72703aac548d06e552159c…)

I keep thinking about Communismkills for some reason

No. 1023013

Omg me too I had a sex dream about her
X but she smells

No. 1023018

Her particular kind of retardation was ahead of its time tbh

No. 1023025

Illuminati confirmed

No. 1023033

I hate brie rind so much

No. 1023046

File: 1641877199544.jpg (45.79 KB, 200x200, downton-abbey-violet-dowager-c…)

It's absolutely disgusting and I don't care what the French have to say about it

No. 1023047

Truly the nastiest part of the brie. I didn't buy this shit to feel fancy only to feel like I've just licked someone's flooded cellar.

No. 1023053

>not loving cheese rinds

No. 1023056

On a piece of apple it's so good, you're all missing out

No. 1023057

No, it's not.

No. 1023081

File: 1641882642244.jpg (135.84 KB, 640x853, y6pnqw6c9fn01.jpg)

I saw this photo and for some reason the emoji face made me panic a little bit. It genuinely scared me for a second.

No. 1023129

If you have a boyfriend you can't have a husbando or it's cheating

No. 1023145

You people (?) are so weird.
Cantaloupe-haters, brie rind-haters, banana slicers. What a freaky bunch I found myself among

No. 1023156

Oh god this took me back

No. 1023158

every time null gets posted here with something about him being cute or attractive it actually pisses me off because his face is so irritating to me and its happened so much

No. 1023160

…thats the point. ever heard of trolling?

No. 1023162

File: 1641894825649.png (23.54 KB, 110x108, IMG_20220111_095338.png)

has it all just been trolling with me not getting it? even in the unconventional attractions thread…

No. 1023163

highly doubt /g/ nullfags are joking

No. 1023165

Petition for mandatory sterilisation of all /g/ posters, sign below:

No. 1023166

Haha jokes on you all my husbandos are 2D

No. 1023169

leave my 2d husbando and i alone

No. 1023257

I don't know about other anons but i was totally joking, because null is fat, ugly and to be honest, i wouldn't fuck him
Sometimes i bait in that thread kek

No. 1023322

phallac foods deserve to be sliced, i won't eat them otherwise

No. 1023602

File: 1641926641913.jpeg (110.37 KB, 1024x723, FFA8728C-4E6B-426A-A0E3-3A7070…)

I know this is fake but it still made me kek a little bit

No. 1023655

File: 1641928774505.jpg (55.93 KB, 244x475, wtf.jpg)

I found this as a reply to a random post from the "did you know" blog. The below pic is the header and dp. Idk wtf to make out of it

No. 1023659

File: 1641928948559.png (133.8 KB, 574x687, idk man.png)

samefag came across this just now

No. 1023660

Cantaloupe tastes like old water someone threw a sweetener pack into, brie rind has the worlds worst texture, and I have no real opinion on the banana subject they just better be perfectly ripe.

No. 1023663

>chibi rabbit girl dropping cute-filled poop pellets wherever you go…

No. 1023668

It's just a bot, tumblr is filled with them

No. 1023669

I didn't notice that I gravitated mostly to >paws contain tiny magical farts from k-pop girl bands

No. 1023670

Why would she be charged?

No. 1023672

thought so but why an old man it's so strange

No. 1023696

I'm kind of annoyed because the nails on my left hand are growing out so well, but my right hand is nubs because I won't quit biting them and when they do grow out the nails are super thin.

No. 1023700

When you find out, let me know. I bite only my thumbnail down the the skin, all my other nails are long and normal, but when I went to get them done at a nail salon (a treat for my birthday,) the lady laughed at me for it.

No. 1023701

File: 1641930712392.gif (333.2 KB, 220x391, 76A43000-33CA-4C09-9DFA-F59477…)

>posts in /m/
>thread begins to break and the posts start separating

come onnn I just want to chill and post

No. 1023711

You may have accidentally pressed/clicked "hide saged posts for this thread"

No. 1023736

i think i did since i noticed the thread went back to normal, thanks nonna

No. 1023751

I stopped dating at 31 because i realized if I wanted to feel like a fat, ugly lover I could do that on my own. Guys are always going to be looking at other women and my self esteem is low enough

No. 1023755

don't lose hope anon, there's legit decent guys out there who don't look at other girls, no matter how you look. You might have to sift through a lot of bullshit but they're out there.

But yeah most men suck ass.

No. 1023777

File: 1641934523026.gif (996.46 KB, 350x189, lnggng (1).gif)

I just wish I had a sitewide 50% off coupon for AliExpress. Hell, 25%, even.

No. 1023807

>literally smoking weed in my bedroom
>knock at the front door
>its the person from the rental property company to do the walkthrough and take pictures
>i agreed to this time slot but 115% forgot
i can't assess how much i and the house smelt like weed. its so stupid because i live in colorado but it is in the lease agreement about not smoking. im literally such a fucking dumb ass im in shock

No. 1023816

since ENGstars took the troon pill, i'll probably make my account over there openly "transphobic" against arashit
hope i run into some farmers in the multi-live rooms

No. 1023822

are they dubbing it too? imagine what his va would look like if they do… can't wait for tetora's apologetic three part speech apologizing for calling arashi manly or w/e but in english this time