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File: 1632013188379.jpg (35.28 KB, 500x340, fe6d07472272dff5908988a7ce38cf…)

No. 916432

What ails you my nonnie?
Previous sins: >>>/ot/892755

No. 916438

This pic is so cute!

No. 916447

I love this thread pic, beautiful choice, nonnie.

No. 916449

I just sent the cringiest possible complaint to the pizza place I usually order from but I genuinely can't stand them calling a pizza with just 3 cheeses Quatro Formaggi.

No. 916452

that's hilarious to me that you did that actually

No. 916456

Doesn't quatro mean 4

No. 916458

O good I was worried ppl will be like "feet!1 gross", it is a rlly cute pic

No. 916462

nah it's wholesome

No. 916464

Absolutely, hence my complaint.

No. 916524

i am, to a certain extent, slightly envious of any pretty woman (not to the point of being like, weird or rude or obsessive about it) but CUTE mtfs irk me.

whenever i see an mtf that's a stacy it makes me wonder what happened to them in their life to make them want to ditch womanhood

No. 916529

Do you mean FTM?

No. 916530

being a stacy probably is what happened to them

No. 916532

yes woops, *ftm. my bad

honestly yeah. i imagine they just broke beneath the stress that comes with being beautiful + female

No. 916534

i always figured they were groomed into it

No. 916567

I love browsing this site and its userbase, but I'm glad is (probably) getting deleted because my post history is cringe af.

No. 916570

what's happening to lc

No. 916572

Go to /meta/, admin has a thread explaining the situation

No. 916576

i will miss it but i also dont need to be here, so in the end it is good that its ending

No. 916606

File: 1632024234118.png (88.73 KB, 275x171, 1613856223273.png)

my thoughts exactly (I will seriously miss /ot/ though)

No. 916735

A professor in my department came onto me not long ago and I got really disgusted because of the power imbalance. Except now I'm having fantasies about my other professor and I think it's because of how he teaches and my low standards for looks despite being pretty attractive myself (lol straight women unite!).
It's gonna sound weird but he really stood out, out of the professors I'm taking, because I can actually follow his explanations. Imo he explains things so well and my ADHD self whose ADHD becomes worse with teaching really admires that. He has the ability to simplify like everything and I really wish I could take him for all of my math intensive classes.
He's also kinda adorable/goofy in a way (mannerisms). Only problem is that he's kinda unattractive in the face and very lanky (not my type sorry). I'm legit down SO bad that I'm fantasizing over this unattractive professor just because he explains things well and seems like a decent dude (which makes sense after my experience with the other male professor). This guy also is in my specialization area kind of which is nice because it turns out all of the professors who are active right now are NOT in my specialization (one switched) except for this guy and the creepy professor (ugh).
My other classes are hard as shit and I feel like I'm drowing in school work except for his class which I really like and feel on top of. What the fuck is wrong with me goddammit. I feel like this is probably a sign school is stressing me out so much and that I need to date (it's been over 2 years now since I dated/fucked lolrip).

No. 916736

Wait I saw the situation but I thought they'd make it work somehow. So it's officially getting deleted? Holy shit where is everyone going?

No. 916761

I think I've developed some kind of para social relationship with you anons, I get most of my "social" interactions with you, I work alone and I don't really talk to my friends anymore. Before the pandemic I used to only lurk a few threads on /snow/ like twice a week, but since the lockdowns I check several boards religiously as soon as I wake up. Don't know if it's a bad thing.

No. 916769

I hate you guys basically hoping for the site deletion (when it may not happen) just because it would be personally good for you, even though a lot of anons will lose an important place on the internet as well as information (doubt everything that should will get archived). Just stop coming here or something. Believe me, nobody cares about your post history.

No. 916774

File: 1632046355777.jpg (30.52 KB, 500x500, 292827747382.jpg)

This. Why pray for the site's deletion when you could just be less of a cow? Sounds like a personal problem.

No. 916776

similar to you anon but its because everyone online and irl just seems busier or doesn't care to message, call, whatever back.
im honestly tired of being the first one to message i wish the people i knew would even just send dumbass pics from their day.

No. 916778

No. 916780

My type is lanky nerdy guys, so I fall for every TA I come across, kek. I'd never pursue them, but it at least elevates the experience.

No. 916781

Yeah. There are discussions here I can't find elsewhere, so this site is valuable to me, and I know other farmers feels the same.

No. 916838

I love these kind of thread pics - babushkas, nuns, old ladies etc. they make me so happy

No. 916843

I agree! I really enjoy lolcow. I feel like I belong here, at least most of the time. I honestly have no idea where I'll spend half my internet time if this place shuts down. I don't want to use cc. I'll probably end up twitter ugh

No. 916857

File: 1632056600396.jpeg (28.55 KB, 274x237, 2D920CB5-E263-4AFF-9346-650CA9…)

I love watching men like femboys and trannies seethe and throw their incel tantrums about about women. Shit makes me feel so smug knowing these men are so pathetic that they spend their entire lives obsessing over women, because they know they will never be them. No surgery or hormones will ever come close to natural women and they know it. I hope they continue to seethe and women continue to be their natural based selves.

No. 916862

it can be funny but also kind of worrying. you know what violent fucks some of them are, how many of them are one incel rage away from shooting up a cinema, hotel or casino and specifically targetting the women they wish so hard they could be?

No. 916868

Me too. My favourite is when they make those stupid posts comparing a woman with no make up in a candid pic where she isn't posing and posed picture of a moid in full makeup, as if it's some kind of own to have to be professionally done up just to "pass" (and even then they're all so clockable).

"N-nooo see we pass and we look like women better"

No. 916872

>"N-nooo see we pass and we look like women better"

and what they mean when they say they look more like women is 'more fuckable'. that grinds my gears. they will compare a candid picture of woman with no makeup usually to a HTST and call the HSTS more of a woman because he's covered in makeup, has weird hip fillers and fake tits and looks like a bimbo fuckdoll. those looks are what makes them believe he's more of a woman than the actually biological woman. it comes down to their idea of fuckability because to them that's what makes a woman more of a woman to them, their fuckability.

No. 916897

The chubby nun on the left of OP pic warms my heart

No. 916901

Same, I wonder if it's 3 actual nuns enjoying life.

No. 917070

Lucky, my department's males look like a bunch of redditors and I am by no means attracted to any of them. One wears an actual fedora, I wish I was joking. Not a single cutie in sight except for one dude I saw on the PhD page.

No. 917173

A confession maybe but more of a question

Is it sexual assault if you have a memory of when you were 7 and you woke up to find your dad naked and climbing into bed with you?

I remember he said he was drunk but even so how do you mistake a pink fucking child’s bedroom for your own?

No. 917184

File: 1632077668968.jpg (57.15 KB, 470x792, GKJG_FF.jpg)

Sometimes I wish I could go back to being a teenager, only so I could wear all the silly fashion I love again. Of course there are many more perk to being a adult, but I hate that you have to "dress serious".

No. 917187

My boyfriend is 4 years younger than me and my friends who know this act like I'm some kind of cradle snatcher when they wouldn't even bat an eye if it was the other way around. I'm 28 and he just turned 25, he's also balding so people often think I'm the younger one. There isn't really any difference in mentality and neither of us is in a hurry to have kids and settle down - if anything, he's the one who wants it more. Is it really that bad? My grandparents had a similar age gap, nobody really cared so I don't see it as abnormal.

No. 917188

As an adult who dresses like a clown, I would very much like to know what that harness thing is

No. 917190

i still wear whatever i want

No. 917192

your friends sound like they hate women

No. 917196

this might be controversial, but I think you can pretty much keep dressing however you want as you get older so long as you stay skinny and don't try overly hard to attract male attention (which starts to come off as desperate).

No. 917197

File: 1632078462662.jpg (77.05 KB, 474x474, 973_fFKENJF.jpg)

You guys are way cooler than me, I don't think I can handle being the 30 yrs old woman who still dresses like an angsty teen. Maybe in my next life.

No. 917198

i do my hair in styles that would probably be considered “for teenagers” too but i don’t put much weight into that. you should wear what makes you happy.

No. 917199

But your pic isn't something that would look bad on a 30 year old even. Even women who used to be hippies in the 70s still dress like that today.

No. 917200

Of course it's not bad, and you're helping normalize it or at least balance it out which is a good thing. Nothing's ever gonna change if women keep shying away from dating younger men because of retards judging them, it's absolute garbage that we're expected to date older men who wouldn't look at a woman their own age.

No. 917201

this is what lots of elderly women wear in my country (fishnets excluded… I think, I don't usually check)

No. 917212

I hung out with my ex against the advice of literally every single person in my life and holy shit he's so fucking hot now, he was always cute but he grew out his hair past his shoulders and is somehow skinny and absolutely ripped at the same time. He reminds me of young Atsushi Sakurai, absolutely no regrets would see him again

No. 917215

It used to be very common in my country. Lots of men died during World War 2 and the women they were with ended up marrying guys they met on the front while working as nurses. It wasn't until the 1990s and 2000s that it became taboo, mostly because of Americans on TV seeing older women as ugly hags. Where I live older women aren't treated like sexless crones, but I'm studying Stateside now and everyone around me is freaking out.

No. 917224

File: 1632081108157.png (5.32 KB, 669x59, ot-Confession-Thread-29.png)

anon i know you deleted this post but i still want to know the story behind
>roleplaying alien egg laying

No. 917225

probably sthg about those dildos that lay gel eggs in you

No. 917227

File: 1632081436194.png (70.16 KB, 198x178, what_the_fuck_did_I_just_read.…)

>dildos that lay gel eggs in you
well now i'm more confused

No. 917232

No. 917243

Wasn't this a common trope in hentai, rn the world's importing jap degen bc they ran out of ideas.

No. 917246

My sister had a miscarriage and I'm really happy for her since she won't be raising a moid anymore. I hate how everyone is so upset at what is actually supposed to be a tragedy. Like why the fuck would anyone care about a male fetus dying? This world is fucked(bait )

No. 917247

you’re fucked in the head if this isn’t just bad bait

No. 917250

Even if bait, based.

No. 917251

Nobody take this absolute bait.

No. 917254

Is this that same anon who made the post in a previous confession thread about wanting to make her sister miscarry? Stop with the bait, or at least find something new.

No. 917255

it’s the same scrote trying to ignite a dumbass abortion debate again

No. 917256

Based, I love seeing fellow weirdos on here

No. 917260

No. 917265

I have never had sex with a man before and now I have a boyfriend who I haven’t gone to see out of state because of the pandemic. But, I’m concerned nonnies. Part of me thinks the idea of sex with a man is kind of off putting. Am I actually a lesbian in denial or am I thinking too hard about this?

No. 917268

are you even attracted to women

No. 917271

Make him eat you out first, if hes shit then don't have sex bc hell just use you as Fleshlight.

No. 917278

Yes. I have dated women in the past but I haven’t had sex with any yet. Women are so soft and beautiful. I like the idea of men but the not really sure about having sex with them.
Understood, Anonette. He’s mentioned that he’s really eager to eat me out so maybe he won’t be terrible in bed? We’ll see.

No. 917311

File: 1632087431828.jpeg (41.43 KB, 1136x640, 57a6hrwddg921.jpeg)

I'm a virgin at 28 and I can't tell if I'm just not interested or really scared of intimacy. Either way I'm too lazy to find out.

No. 917313

I have really bad problems with attention and attachment due to my relationship with my mother and it is so frustrating to notice every time a bad habit is reinforced by being around her as I can't move out yet and have nobody else around me.

No. 917319

wtf is this nasty picture

No. 917321

I am still a virgin but had absolutely no experience with sexual acts as a whole. When I met my first boyfriend he introduced me to these things and I liked it a lot, but I could have never expected this before as I had no idea what it would be like. Nothing can prepare you for the actual experience of being intimate with someone you are close to. I think you shouldn't worry, especially since it depends on the person. He might be horrible in bed or bad at a particular activity. Just keep an open mind and listen to your intuition. If right now you know for certain, deep down, that you don't really want sex with him, don't do it and avoid any circumstances that might lead to sex as men aren't trustworthy and will try to coerce you. If you're simply doubting because you don't know anything about the experience and are worried about "what ifs", understand that you cannot possibly imagine what it will be like anyway, so it is better to let go and go with the flow. I hope this helps

No. 917328

I’m a virgin at 30 years old. I find sex repulsive and gross but occasionally feel the need for it and am afraid of being a permavirgin.

No. 917331

It's a lamprey's mouth

No. 917332

I was just now at work and my obnoxious moid coworker decided to involve me in his tinder endeavours. I wasn't interested and tried to push him away but was even more do uninterested in conflict, so it of course didn't work. And I must admit, I was a bit shocked and confused. None of the girls had anything written about themselves and they all genuinely looked the same somehow. I found it really weird and still don't know what to think of it. I mostly don't understand why and how

No. 917335

idk what's wrong with OP's statement. Like it kind of sucks for the sister but it's just better for everyone in society including the sister? I would be happy too
Agreed(samefag )

No. 917346

I was the same way, then I had disappointing orgasm-less sex and went back to playing otome games and masturbating

No. 917347

Same for me but I'm 27 years old. The reasons why I'm still a virgin are that I'm from a Muslim family and my parents are legit mentally ill on top of that so me getting into a relationship could be dangerous if they knew and even if I live in a big city for some reason I always meet family members and family friends by coincidence so I can't even think about going on dates without feeling paranoid. And when I managed to move to my own place abroad and was way more popular with guys in that country I managed to catch covid so I had to go back to my parents' place and be cockblocked by the pandemic.

No. 917351

Report him for inappropriate behaviour. That would seriously piss me off. What a fucking retard.

No. 917360

Um no that’s assault, I’m so sorry that happened to you. I’m assuming it didn’t escalate past that? I hope you’re doing relatively better now anon.

No. 917374

File: 1632092462307.jpg (68.84 KB, 1024x752, VNO4Thk.jpg)

back from like 2008-2010ish was the height of my neopets addiction, i was on there 10+ hours a day. i was a sort of "well known" person on the neoboards, specifically the avatar chat board. i pretended to be from the UK for almost my entire neopets career, i still don't know why. i'm from europe but nowhere remotely near the UK. so back then someone decided to make a youtube channel where people from the avatar chat board could upload a video introducing themselves and i submitted a video of myself and i was speaking in a FAKE ENGLISH ACCENT. and NOBODY CALLED ME OUT ON IT? i'm so embarrassed when i think about it holy shit but it's just crazy that i managed to "pass" i guess as a brit lmao…

No. 917376

Maybe they thought you were an immigrant living in the UK? lol Sometimes it happens and you can get a random mixture of accents. I don't think people should call you out anyway, they're not your parents kek

No. 917378

i'm just glad they didn't, it would've fucking devastated barely teenage me. the embarrassment literally would've been suicidal.

No. 917389

I love making six figures at my family job where I maybe work 10 hours/week. Sucks to be born poor.

No. 917394

isn’t it just an allowance at that point though

No. 917405

Reminds me how I used to pretend to be from spain on myspace. A really nice girl that was actually from spain even said jokingly "you talk like my grandma" noting my overly formal writting kek
Idk how I managed that, I understand spanish but barely speak it and I'm not even from europe

No. 917410

You just reminded me I pretended to be from another country (same race) to my OurWorld e-bf kek what the hell is wrong with me

No. 917413

File: 1632095799894.jpeg (54.63 KB, 394x623, BC347B2D-A8CC-4E47-9E4C-EBF272…)

you’re gonna be taxed so hard KEK

No. 917416

I love this bitch

No. 917419

everyone's so jealous that you're going to waste your whole life shuckin' and jivin' for your parents

No. 917426

File: 1632097287429.gif (1.5 MB, 245x310, 7E835CF9-8A1F-418E-8AC6-78CB99…)

she's a mega cunt but i love her

No. 917434

I remember making a folder with a million screenshots of her and a subfolder of outfits she wore + inspired outfits, and another subfolder of "aesthetic" pictures that reminded me of her, kek. I wish I still had it but I think I deleted it from cringe a while back.

No. 917459

I can't bring myself to journal anymore because I find it really lonely. I used to write so many rambling entries and never can bring myself to reread them. Posting long rants here and to friends was comforting because I hoped maybe someone would read them at least.

No. 917476

isnt she an abuser??

No. 917485

I could get hired somewhere else but I would take a pay cut. Plus most jobs are useless anyways. Like am I supposed to be jealous you are working 60 hours/week in investment banking or something? Yeah you are contributing so much to society

No. 917494

Did your eyes glaze over the first 4 words just so you could spout your twitter education line

No. 917496

I feel this but half my vents, both on here and irl get ignored too and then I feel like I'd be better off journaling. At least I won't feel bad when no one cares

No. 917701

It does suck. We can't all do fuck all and have the world still running, enjoy being hyperprivileged.

No. 917712

You're all giving her exactly the reaction she wants.

No. 917718

hey donate a teeny tiny of your basically free income to me so I can study worry free for a year

No. 917764

you better watch out if this is really true because those anons in the manifestation thread are going to murder your family and claim your riches

No. 917821

File: 1632142876060.jpeg (87.57 KB, 749x548, 48644F70-2C40-4AF0-B0BF-A1E074…)

I’m glad you’re doing great, nonnie.

No. 917837

Are you another rich kid or did you miss anon coming here to flaunt her unearned wealth at poorfags? Or is it some Polyanna "kill them with kindness" thing?

No. 917846

I just like being nice.
It’s so retarded when people get divided over such a thing as “muh wealthy kids” or “muh poorfags”.

No. 917879

File: 1632145831781.jpg (2.21 MB, 2593x3821, 580002.jpg)

I liked Angel Beats more than Haruhi Suzumiya.

No. 917894

She's a borderline NEET and that wasn't a vent

No. 917941

Both are shit, but Angel Beats is indeed better.

No. 918018

give me all of the money in your bank account if you want to be extra nice

No. 918024

I'll give you my bank info if you wanna give me $5

No. 918050

yeah, it's even less original, but at least doesn't have gross sexual harrassment scenes

No. 918082

I admire some cows ability to not give a shit, I admire anyone who just can be who they are, no matter how..weird or gross or whatever. I want that vibe, I need that vibe. Seeing Shayna with that tiny ass top and stretch pants with her lil belly out just made me think, "If Only i could be so free and not give a shit".
I know that people are going to say, "Well she doesn't care because this or that-" but for someone like me, not thinking and being comfortable in myself enough to NOT care would change my life. I'm trying to get there, i'm trying to learn not to care what others think or trying to think what they are thinking.

No. 918089

I thought this was going to be about nourisht0flourish from the first paragraph

No. 918143

Nta but along with that, I also found the characters less annoying. Tbh I never cared about originality in anime that much, there's a few other copy characters in other series too that I preferred over the original just because of slight differences in personality or design.

No. 918146

Seriously, I almost admire some of these cows. Being immune to shame and strangely resilient seems like a requisite to be a good lolcow, and also something I kind of wish I had myself, kek

No. 918155

The way some farmers react to shayna says more about how skewed their view of the world is than anything else. She wears some pretty nasty stuff sometimes, but the people insisting that everyone around her is retching in disgust at her face and body when she dresses normally seem pretty deranged. Without the pedo clothes, she's just a normal chubby girl, most people aren't going to bat an eye if she wear something kinda unflattering.

No. 918157

Yeah, i enjoy that in women, not scrotes but women. I just want to live a life where I'm not shameless but I don't care. I'm just me and if you see my many physical flaws oh well.

No. 918160

I really think the only time she gets more then a glance is when she's wearing something like the two piece she wore to the hardware store, other then that? Yeah, she looks like the normal average girl. I guess the reason why she gets so much comments like that is because her "Barbie Bimbo, I'm a sex symbol" shit.

No. 918256

Liking komaeda when you’re 25 years old is embarrassing. I had to say it. If you like any other fake cartoon male it’s more acceptable and mature than liking komaeda

No. 918267

I still look at girls who were mean to me on social media. I revel in the fact I have more followers. It makes me feel so good when they get fat. I love that they peaked in high school and they still live with their parents while I moved out in my late teens. Its so petty but it makes me feel amazing that I'm better than them now

No. 918273

this is a pasta, right? or am I in a Groundhog Day Higurashi type situation

No. 918300

Anon posted something similar recently

No. 918307

how many times

No. 918310

I saw 2x

No. 918314

ok I'm not losing it thanks for clarifying

No. 918367

I have this autistic fantasy where I become a well known streamer only to one day say fuck it and be way too based on live (terfpost, hate on coomer retards like vaush and hasan, tell incels in my chat to kill themeleves etc etc) and go out in a blaze of glory. I'd be super cancelled from every side and I'd have redditors accusing me of both misandry and misogyny which is how you know you're based.
During my time as a streamer I'd also make friends with justaminx (unrelated to everything else, I just think she's cool)

No. 918384

>which is how you know you're based
true kek

No. 918386

would it be evil to make a guy fall in love with me even though we can probably never be together due to distance?

No. 918390

Based. Finally a streamer for me.

No. 918395

Do it, god knows there's barely any fun left in the world, might as well innocently shatter a guy's soul

No. 918410

File: 1632183256958.png (1.64 MB, 1196x892, Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 8.45…)

No. 918418

File: 1632183749646.jpeg (95.17 KB, 652x387, CC58C88A-7928-44DD-9279-AC2C48…)

Made me kek, I can feel this meme.
>tfw you tell him that you love him

No. 918446

I'm a server at a casual seafood restaurant and I sometimes eat leftovers from customers after cleaning up their tables. I know it sounds gross but I take leftovers that look untouched from good-looking/healthy customers. The food is good though I'm not willing to spend my money even though I work here.

No. 918458

after years of abuse and fucking me over and treating me like shit It feels so good to know that my ex is now miserable and lost her precious dogs, call me an evil devil bitch I dont care honestly it just feels amazing that she is so miserable right now crying about her dirty nasty dogs, I am the happiest girl knowing she is getting some kind of karma.

No. 918469

I hear ya Nonnie, (but also I hope doggos are safe and getting some love from whoever crosses their path).

No. 918470

But… what about pandemic issues? You don’t get nervous about that?

No. 918481

i always think about this when i go out i feel like i would do this every single day if i was a server

No. 918493

This is why gluttony is considered a sin… Anon really out there risking aids and Rona for some medicore sushi.

No. 918495

what if they licked them????

No. 918496

>Healthy-looking costumers
You're so dumb

No. 918499

oh for sure! trust me whoever has her stinky dogs are probably treating them 1000 times better. she was such a shit dog owner tbh

No. 918508

Let the karma happen! And also the bath for the dogs.

No. 918509

same, but I was also paid 60/weekly and quite closed off in an extremely rural place. I worked at a resort and had shitty employee housing and every single dish there was practically my entire paycheck even with employee discount + the nearest grocery store was 30 minutes away and everything was inflated like 5x the price

No. 918518

Uhhh, can't you just ask the kitchen staff for some shit at the end of your shift? Or before?
t. chef's kid

No. 918545

An autistic fantasy indeed

No. 918571

Enjoy your AIDS, anon.

No. 918573

am I god and did I create a jesus christ because I think you may be them, I have the same delusions

No. 918579

I'm super jealous of sugar babies. I can't be a sugar baby because I have physical issues that make it nearly impossible to have sex. I honestly wouldn't care about getting fucked by some gross old guy for some time so I can make enough money to pay off my debts and more. And no, I'm not a moid.

No. 918583

Having done the seeking arrangements thing before, it's really not worth it. Once a guy is giving you money, he starts to get really aggressive and domineering. At the end of the day, they know where the balance of power lies, and they're never content with just having a tiny part of your life. Unless you want to be at some disgusting old man's beck and call, you're not missing out on much lol

No. 918587

Tired of women being delusional about men and their money. No woman except a Victorias secret model is pretty and charming enough that they can get a substantial amount of $ (and not be killed/raped/beat) to justify the arrangement. Stop eating up the current sexworkposi propaganda. You're not special and no scrote would give up his power (money) for you.

No. 918589

Yeah I sometimes worry about that too though I already got two Moderna shots.

Just be cautious about it and don't get caught. I covered and stuffed leftovers in my apron pockets while cleaning then take a couple bites in the restroom before heading back out.

True that but if it were a hot guy I'd be making out with him. Totally fine with an pretty woman too. I've shared foods and drinks with friends before.

Tired of home food and kinda in a penny pinching situation right now. I don't do this all the time since most people finished up their food.

You're not wrong though the restaurant is located next to a gym so I assumed they're healthy-looking or perhaps fit and attractive.

I hope you stay strong anon though I would stick to buying grocery foods. Takes time to cook but you get more at home and your money's worth than out there.

Most of the foods aren't for free other than a bowl of rice, regular fries, 3 pieces of garlic bread, and garlic noodles with 4 pieces of shrimps. Quickly got bored of them and spending with 15% discount for purchasing other meals doesn't seem worth it to me.

Not seeing or having any signs of that.

No. 918594

only if he's a celebrity i'd actually want to fuck, or a near doppelganger of one, otherwise nope

tfw used to have model type body during ana phase but no longer an anachan

No. 918597

>True that but if it were a hot guy I'd be making out with him. Totally fine with an pretty woman too. I've shared foods and drinks with friends before
but that's still not the same as a completely random stranger's saliva on food, someone you don't know, who could have all sorts of illnesses no matter how hot they look. you think attractive people don't get sick?

No. 918598

>being jealous of whores
anon please

No. 918655

Absolutely agree. Gold digging and prostitution (which sugaring is) should never be considered an option women should take seriously, it's demeaning, unsustainable and dangerous. That "gurl get that dollah" mentality doesn't do much when you're susceptible to physical and mental abuse and will carry the scars from the experience for the rest of your life. Even the girls who pretend they don't mind or regret it always have a chip on their shoulder.

No. 918681

Go fuck a can of beans

No. 918685

Worked in a Chinese restaurant and did the same thing. Hong Kong style sweet and sour, kung po chilli, black bean sauce, tai red curry, prawn crackers, Satay, mmmm….

No. 918691

File: 1632211246183.jpg (21.09 KB, 668x324, file-20210526-21-12fspm3.jpg)

Sometimes when I feel bad about my chub + unfortunate inverted triangle body with huge hip dips, I'll go on the plus size section of Shein and just look at review images and remind myself of how much more unfortunate my fat distribution could be.

No. 918693

Your fat ass is really judging other fat asses. I’m laughing. You need to take your fingers off the keyboard and lift a fucking weight, frumpy ass donut shaped bitch

No. 918706

maybe she already is, a-log nutcase

No. 918764

File: 1632222701807.gif (319.2 KB, 500x349, 21mKppH.gif)

anon, please love yourself.

No. 918769

Kek imagine being this unhinged

No. 918772

I think she's anon from the vent thread.
>I feel so hollow and lonely I have no friends and I wanna kill myself because there is obviously something wrong with me and I’ll never be able to afford therapy. I’m so fucked up and sad.
>Kill yourself ma. You want imageboard to cry out for you. I’m weak lol, well you are weak. Pop goes the weasel. End it now
>And I’m allowed to comment on this deranged nut case. Wanna join her too? Casket ass bitches.

No. 918777

I've noticed this about my fat friends, they all judge other fat (fatter than themselves) people presumably to cope, while average/skinny people don't care or notice those other fat people at all. And they define anyone smaller than themselves as "skinny", even at my own fattest my fatter friend would call me skinny or a skeleton.

No. 918790

Switch weight for nose shape, tit size, whatever. We've all done this at some point. Its retarded pointing the finger at chub anon.

No. 918827

It's not just the sex anon, or else they would just become hookers. They will have to deal with the scrote's retarded egos and mindgames too. Nevermind having to sift through heaps upon heaps of stingy pathetic scrotes larping as rich men and doing any psychological trick in the book to get your pussy and attention for free anyway. There's a reason why none of the "sugarbaby" bloggers seem to be active for longer than a year.

No. 918902

I wish I could give my uterus to any infertile woman. I don't want children and the fact that I can get pregnant makes me feel incredible vulnerable. Wish I could get my tubes tied or fried but you have to be 35 here to do that.

No. 918910

One of the reasons why I don't post on /m/ is because I lost interest in most of the threads there, but the biggest reason is because I'm deeply insecure about my tastes, most of the things I like are hated by farmers. I also just realized most characters I've been strongly attached to, like to the point of getting emotional over, in general would be considered poorly written or cliché and I can't stop feeling guilty about it. It's one thing if I just simply liked cringy shit but to get attached to it is pathetic but it's all I enjoy.

No. 918915

I feel the exact same way, id totally donate my uterus to women who want kids.
I’m really cool with skipping the whole parenting thing

No. 918929

I have a hard time feeling bad for people with eating disorders

No. 918933


No. 918934

I really enjoy playing Yandere Simulator (mission mode) during study breaks, as it requires planning, timing, and it's a thrill.

But now I see how Ayano hallucinates whilst she's stressed, it makes me sad. I haven't hallucinated in like two weeks. No spooky whispering, mumbling voices, shadow people or spiders on me. Not even the feeling of an evil presence stalking me. It made me feel like an anime main character, and helped me relate to Yandere Chan.

I'm sorry if it sounds retarded, but I feel like hallucinating added a little spice and a little thrill to my life, and now it's gone. It sounds ungrateful because some people have it really bad, but I miss feeling like I had secret powers.

No. 918940

I'm so sorry, anon. I've never hallucinated, but I want to bash my head in because of how mundane reality is.

Yandere Simulator is somewhat playable now? Stopped following it 2 years ago or so

No. 918943

Yansim is visibly unprofessional, and you can tell an autist made it, but that's what makes it a little more fun. It's funny, and you have a lot of leeway with how to get away with stuff.

I stopped following to because the developer is lazy and won't get the game out on time. But keep your expectations low and it's really awesome. Might even make life less mundane for you lol

No. 918952

I’ve peaked trans for a while before finally breaking up with my ftm partner of 3 years. I’m slowly trying to respect myself again kek

Moral of the story: don’t let your partners make you carry their mental illness

No. 918957

File: 1632240923212.jpeg (10.15 KB, 642x270, W3SBZLelmGEGgr_kZPJOFIUe-GwsfK…)

Congratulations queen

No. 918983

I almost dated a ftm a few years ago, but it was so difficult to navigate their emotions and insecurities. When I told them I thought we should stick to friendship I got called a transphobic. They proceeded to bully me by telling mutuals how much of a transphobe I was too.
The irony is, I didn’t want them to feel like a science experience for me, a white straight female. I really liked them at first, but they showed their true colors.

Glad you’re out of that anon. I hope you enjoy being single and loving you!

No. 919010

you're straight and tried to date a FtM? huh. And sounds like she was just butthurt, sorry you got bullied over that.

No. 919011

Lol I wish I could see it like that. I hallucinate when stressed or not on meds and it's the most fucked feeling ever.

No. 919019

after that guy found adam lanza's secret youtube channel last week, i've been listening to the videos before i go to bed and now when i listen i pretend that we're both lying on the floor together (not touching) and that he's directly talking to me.

No. 919068

his voice is super relaxing. fucker should have waited a few years and become an asmr autist

No. 919071

I had really low self-esteem when we started dating. She insisted that I'm bisexual (to be fair, I just really appreciate the female body but I only see myself in a romantic relationship with men) I try to have a lot of empathy towards trans people but deep down I know she'd take a TIM's opinion over a woman's safety

sage for blogpost

No. 919080

I guess straight isn’t exact; I was very forward about never dating outside of men (but not opposed to trying); the sad part is, I really liked them for their personality (at first). I had all the lame butterflies.
This person ended up, right after I asked to be friends, hooking up with one of my closest pals and then ghosted them.

I dodged the bullet, that’s for sure. The FTM did not age gracefully, so I guess their personality shown through after all.

Also, it really made me apprehensive to try dating outside my norm again, because after I did feel like I was the problem.

No. 919098

File: 1632251214783.jpeg (109.18 KB, 750x536, A0426497-DDA6-4512-9D41-1A1766…)


No. 919102

How old is she now?

No. 919103

anonitas, I quit my job. This is not an ideal thing in my situation, I'm a loserfag living in my partner's parents living room. But I still quit my job. Why? Because my coworkers were offering me hard drugs and doing them regularly. That sounds so stupid, but I used to be a dumb druggie methy pillhead and I really reached a breaking point with all the coke and oxy and Xanax around me.

Did I make the right choice? I feel so useless not working in my situation, I'm so embarrassed that I had to leave because I felt triggered.

No. 919104

You sure as fuck did anon… a lot of companies like Whole Foods or Target are hiring help through the holidays. Try applying to places like that.

You’ve done work to not be a druggie, so keep moving upward. You got this. Ps, if your old job was a corporate situation, please report them. No one else should work in that room environment.

No. 919105

I hate Gajevy, the only reason they got shipped by so many people is their height difference and clashing aesthetics.

No. 919106

You did the right thing. Hope you get a better job soon.

No. 919109

You absolutely made the right decision. Quitting to protect your sobriety was an extremely brave choice to make.
Just don't let it get you down, and start looking for other jobs ASAP! Don't let boredom from unemployment drive you to drugs.

No. 919110

Out of all the ships from the anime which one do you prefer nonnie?

No. 919111

Thank you, anons. I feel so stupid, but I really appreciate you all.

No. 919116

I would never do this but you go girl

No. 919124

Better unemployed but sober. You made the right choice anon, even if it was a difficult one.

No. 919131

What are your hallucinations like? And do you never get used to them, like you always find them scary even if they're common? Do you ever have ones that are just random and not even scary? Like seeing sparkles everywhere?

Also do you sometimes feel like strangers are secretly people who want to murder you and know your secrets? I experienced that and when I saw nemesis chan in yandere simulator i just thought 'omg shes literally me!!1' lol

I have never taken meds and never will. But I think I noticed them more when stressed or sleep deprived. Do they get worse with age and are you scared of them getting worse?

sorry for word salad but i feel a kinship with people who hallucinate, like yeah we found each other lol

No. 919186

Anon, like everyone else said, you absolutely made the right choice. Being temporarily jobless beats going back to being a drugged out meth head any day. I truly applaud you for recognizing that that wasn't a good place for you to be and for putting yourself first by removing yourself. There is no shortage of jobs out there right now, and there will definitely be ones that will treat you well and, at the bare minimum, not have you surrounded by hard drugs. Good luck on the job hunt anon!

No. 919263

I have to agree with you on that though stupid me thinks it's acceptable. I'm pretty gross in general like I would lick off spilled sauce on my kitchen counter or quickly eat off a piece I dropped on my floor.

Those sound good though sneaking to keep them for yourself seems messy.

It's a bad habit for me but thanks. Hope I don't get sick.

No. 919273

File: 1632262573866.jpg (1.28 MB, 1242x1180, 1611252256130.jpg)

I used to say for years that I don't need a bf and would never want one but the truth is I really want a bf just to have sex with him all the time. I regret pretending I never did and making myself appear as unattractive as possible for so long. I'm not even that horny anymore these days, although my libido decreased a lot all of a sudden and that's mostly because of some health issues I should definitely look into, I'm just severely touch starved and curious. I'm a virgin from a family of crazy assholes who are kind of religious so I can't just try to get a bf like it's nothing, this is making me feel insecure and socially retarded. I feel so out of place when women my age talk about their bfs, or ex bfs, or husbands and kids like it's nothing.
I can already see anons telling me to just get a dildo because men are trash and all that but I don't care, I'm still hoping I can find a decent good looking guy who won't abuse me someday. I'm also not downloading any dating app just yet, I live in a fairly big city but I keep running into family members and people I just know in general when doing the most basic shit nearly everyday so I have no privacy.

No. 919284

File: 1632263253663.jpg (837.11 KB, 1230x1760, 1627806158080.jpg)

As a late bloomer who got a bf just to see what it was like: it's humiliation and being used as fleshlight, if not abused in some cases. Go and do it, but don't come back months later to complain about how shitty it is. And touch starved? You know you can get hugs and cuddles from friends right?
Ps men can sniff out virgins, no well adjusted non scrotey man will want to go near bc they know how easy it is to hurt and manipulate virgins, and to men with empathy that vulnerability is a turn off.

No. 919294

I know all of this and always managed to avoid and reject creepy guys who probably guessed I was an insecure virgin or thought I was underage and easy to manipulate, and I'm not going to choose some random guy to date just for the sake of it. I want a proper bf I'd love and who would love me. But how do you read a post about a touch starved grown woman who specifically wants to have sex but can't and your first reaction is "go hug your friends?"

No. 919302

project a little harder anon! I don't think you made it obvious enough with this one post

No. 919306

You said you don't have libido anymore and are touch starved… So why would you have sex? Just hug your friends.

No. 919307

Girl this sounds like a you problem

No. 919308

>But how do you read a post about a touch starved grown woman who specifically wants to have sex but can't and your first reaction is "go hug your friends?"
you would be surprised how common it is (with an extra dash of smugness) in certain homosexual circles

No. 919314

File: 1632264591960.gif (1.5 MB, 480x270, 92747155-6BE7-4D90-9E84-E6A217…)

one of my friends is getting so obsessed with phoebe bridgers that it’s become extremely cringey to me and i don’t even want to talk to her anymore because she’s literally talking about her so much. it’s weird and annoying like we’re in our 20s come on now.

No. 919318

I still have a libido, it's just very low these days. For all I know it's because of my diet, because of when I was sick with covid last year because of the timing of all of this going on, because of stress, because I'm tired, because I'm sick with something I don't know about, because I'm not getting laid and masturbation isn't enough anymore… I honestly don't know. Despite this I still feel frustrated, but not frustrated enough to ask a friend if we can french kiss.

I'm a straight woman and all my friends are straight women. And on top of that they're like sisters to me. I believe you but this doesn't apply to me.

No. 919324

No, I meant lesbians giving the same retarded advice to women in your exact situation. "Go hug a friend uwu while I scissor my gf"

No. 919326

Ok that makes way more sense now. idk why I was thinking about gay guys fucking everyone in their gay friend groups and bzing surprised there's always some relationship drama when I read your post.

No. 919328

I get you, anon, my best friend gets obsessed for years over different actors or famous people, first it was Harry styles, now it’s some pretty formula 1 boy.
She has sent me every meme about formula 1 that you could imagine, but I love her so much that I don’t want to tell her that I don’t get a single thing of what the memes are talking about.

No. 919335

why are they like this? i cannot take an actual stan seriously in my life.

No. 919338


No. 919339

I'm so stupid and lonely that I finally get shipping. Anyway so currently I'm working on a ship. Its jemima pearl and Kanye West. Basically if I can't be with him, she should be and they should collaborate and make music together and Ye if you're reading this I also think you should make music with Hayley Williams. Honestly how every musician is not trying to make music with hayley Williams is beyond me!

No. 919343

>Basically if I can't be with him,
but why would you want to

No. 919371

Because I love him

No. 919373

grow some standards

No. 919374

love yourself

No. 919380

I'm so dyslexic I read "Jemima Pearl" as "Aunt Jemima" and immediately lost my shit

No. 919389

well i didn't know who jemima pearl was and thought that was aunt jemima's full name or something if that makes you feel any better kek

No. 919394

I hope you know you made me ugly laugh in public thank you

No. 919395

I first read it as Aunt Jerma and I'm not even a Jermafag

No. 919437

i dated one of my really close friends whos ftm and i havent seen or talked to them in a couple years now. were both invited to a wedding so im going to have to interact with them and im anxious about it. we used to be really close & i was also going through my own retarded gender phase at the time. im excited to catch up but i know im going to feel kinda guilty now that i am so peaked

No. 919455

Maybe she's peaked in the meantime, too.

No. 919456

maybe they de-transed

No. 919475

Pls update after the wedding

No. 919488

i would be elated but sadly i dont think so kek. i have definitely thought about it
sure thing. im sure it wont play out as awkwardly as i imagine since its not like the topic would be brought up at all. i just hate the pretense.

No. 919525

I had to buy groceries today and wound up overdrawing from my account for the first time ever. I knew I was broke but it didn’t hit me until I got home and got the overdraw notification that I am broke-broke.

No. 919532

Fuck also made the mistake of telling my mom (kind of… said it was below $20) who pretty much laughed in my face

No. 919560

This. Sugaring is even worse than being a straight out prostitute for this reason alone. Everyone who I know who has done sugaring talks about the "daddies" having insane requirements and a real thirst for power when they're barely upper middle class family men raking in an average salary and living on borrowed money. At least as a traditional whore you just have to fuck them and not stand for the rest of the scrote bullshit just to be rewarded with a $150 "luxury" bag.

No. 920329

I love reading the covid-19 thread now when it's been taken over by weird anons. They're unhinged in a way you just don't see anywhere else on this site.

No. 920399

I save my favorite fanfictions but correct the parts I didn't like, like wrong petnames, weird kinks or too OOC behaviour.

No. 920403

i love you anon
>wrong petnames
i hate that so much, especially when the characters are japanese and the american authors just make up the worst nicknames for them that don't even work with japanese syllables.

at the beginning of the year, when i had a cringe belated snk phase, i read snk fanfiction and the characters called eren 'er' or referred to mikasa as 'kasa.' what the fuck.

No. 920452

i think shrek 2 is unironically good
i’m twerking to the soundtrack right now

No. 920456

I've never had people offer me drugs at work. Am I weird?

No. 920463

My manager is so hot. His tattoos are so hot and he smells so good, but I always act like a fucking retard in front of him. I’m quiet at work, so I ignore him and pretend like he doesn’t exist, but I’m actually freaking out on the inside. The random times he decides to say hi to me, I’m always acting weird. I mean he probably couldn’t care less about me but.. Fuck dear god, please just give me one chance with this man,,;;;

No. 920467

I am becoming unhealthily obsessed with tweezing my hairs and it is becoming obstructive to me daily life as well as skin…help

No. 920473

i have a huge crush on the 40yr old customer that comes to my work every morning. i'm 23 but he's so cute and he brings me redbull every time he comes in. he looks like if chris d'elia wasn't a rapist cumbrain. its a bad idea but i gotta find out i just gotta

No. 920474

there are people who dislike shrek?

No. 920479

are you holding out for a hero

No. 920484

why does he bring you redbull anon, does he do it for everyone or just you?

No. 920495

you have good taste anon

No. 920497

File: 1632364399222.gif (7.6 MB, 600x338, 9D965655-741A-40BA-B5F7-E7D114…)

yes my fiancé made fun of me for watching it just now. plebeian.

No. 920498

idk why i thought liking shrek 2 would be a controversial confession but seriously the soundtrack has no business going as hard as it does

No. 920501

File: 1632364655420.jpeg (35.31 KB, 736x416, 4FE24E42-7424-428C-9E84-17B8A1…)

Since last December/Jan, I’ve been stalking two qts. I have gathered enough information about them to draw an accurate profile. I know their names, what they do for a living, how many siblings they have, and their family situations. I know where they went to college. They’re sooooooooo cute but their opsec is truly pathetic. Anyway good for me. This is all really shallow info of course, but I’ve got a real thread on one of them. I didn’t go after it because that might be too much.

No. 920506

this is really funny to me please tell me more. why these people, and do you have elaborate fantasies frequently?

No. 920519

Sounds like the start of the story of that one chick who sent 100k texts to a guy she met once

No. 920521

just me, i told him once months ago that i really like the coconut redbull and he just comes in with one for me every time i see him since then. he's been doing that for like 6 months now ehehe

No. 920533

I admit: the stalking is a retarded habit I developed as a child shut-in. Like most girls here, I had zero social skills and was terminally online from a young age. I stopped it around 18/17, but it flares sometimes.

I like a challenge, so they’re almost always anon. If they facedox, they do it like once or twice a year. Let me tell you: if you’re going to stalk someone, look into their interactions with other people; that’s when they reveal the most about themselves. It’ll be something like “I graduated in 2019” (now you’ve got an age and you know what class to search in uni), or “This area is always so crowded in the morning” (so he has to pass but it going to work/uni every morning, which means they lives near by, which also means it’s time to check the neighbourhood’s Facebook groups for a quick search). I never go this far, of course, but I know I can.

Something about them is endearing, to be honest. Like something’s endearing about their mild autism. One of them puts up pictures of cats irl everyday with detailed accounts of their meetings, or they’d sperg about how to make a salad. Write a full on novel about it and argue why people who don’t let their salads sit for 2-3 hours beforehand deserve the death penalty.

As for fantasies, I used to have them back in March/April. They’ve stopped since though. It feels like a weird secret, especially since I’ve put in effort to act “normie” in recent years. I mean, I’m no longer texting girls in my class with pictures of them photoshopped with dictators thinking I was Norman McDonald and they’d want to be friends with me. No wonder I was never invited to anything.

No. 920536

i kin the fairy godmother

No. 920538

i love how much of a sassy bitch she was

No. 920585

the whole shrek trilogy is gold, I didn't like the fourth one though

No. 920586

third one is bland dogshit. everything after 2 is non-canon in my eyes.

No. 920635

File: 1632389152474.jpeg (880.83 KB, 1446x1646, E5DRcCcVUAcrIsY.jpeg)

I've been longing for a cat for years, petting extensively each one I came across and even sometimes crying when seeing cute pics, but now that I finally have the opportunity to get one I'm terrified. I've never had an animal before so I'm extremely nervous about taking care of one. I fear I'm not going to be good enough, that I'm going to forget to feed him and be available enough for him. My brother has even given an ultimatum, if I don't get my cat by the end of the year he'll get one for him instead. I know my fears are a bit dumb because cats are pretty easy going, and if Luna can "take care" of her cats I can do it too, so if you could give me some advice or reassure me I would love it.

No. 920636

You won't forget to feed it. It won't let you.

No. 920641

anon you’ll be a great cat owner, like >>920636 said your cat won’t let you forget to feed it. cats are pretty easy to take care of, just clean the litter box every day so it doesn’t stink. i also recommend putting bowls of water in different places around your house for your cat, i’ve heard they don’t like their water next to their food.
you’ll love having a cat, they’re so sweet and goofy, i’m really happy you have the chance to get a kitty after wanting one for so long!

No. 920643

Each cat is individual but I think the biggest factor among good and bad owners is fully knowing their body language and respecting it. Literally 90% of complaints people have about cats is due to disregarding one of those.
If you do both of those and make sure to play a lot with it so their (sometimes chaotic) energy goes somewhere else, you will be fine. Also make sure to give it clear positive and negative reactions/words immediately after it does something good or bad so it learns to recognize them.

No. 920647

Samefag but if you're afraid about not being available enough, maybe after a few months or a year it would be a good idea to get it a friend in the same ahe range and a fitting character. Contrary to popular beliefs, cat's aren't that much of loners and do better if they aren't completely alone all their life.

No. 920672

This lmao you're more likely to forget you already fed them that day cause they'll act like they're starving to death a few hrs later

No. 920673

i have lots of screenshots of random women because i liked their hair, makeup, outfit, pose, or whatever and wanted to save the image for inspiration. problem is i never look in my gallery…like ever…. so i just have so much random shit in there and when i do look i sometimes can’t remember why i saved the picture.

No. 920675

So relatable. I'll screenshot the most random images because one part of it made me think of something cool I could make but by the time I see it again it's months later and it's just a meaningless picture

No. 920696

I'm in my 30's and I don't think I've ever felt love. I've dated a few times but it didn't feel like love, just something I did out of convenience if that makes sense. I don't know how love is supposed to feel like or how you're supposed to know if you love someone. And vice versa I don't think I've ever been loved myself. Romance is such a foreign thought to me and I feel pathetic for it, I think something just went horribly wrong during my development stages.

No. 920742

I remember when I was young being really insecure about how far down I'd pull my underwear when I used the toilet. I remember seeing some film that I don't remember the name of with Drew Barrymore in it where she uses the toilet and only pulls them down to her knees and I was pulling them down the my ankles. For some reason I got it in my head that I was doing it wrong and that it wasn't the way girls were supposed to do it. I'm over it now and I do what's comfortable but it's weird that seeing one scene from a film as a child had me so weirdly insecure about something so mundane for so many years.

No. 920746

I suck my thumb in public. I used to try to hide it with my sleeves but I just don't care anymore. Gotta stim

No. 920751

i'm a massive hypocrite, i'm bisexual, i don't want to date men, but i also don't want to date women who date men either, but idk if i can fully vibe with a lesbian either because of potential mutual misunderstanding. basically i'm volcel because i'm retarded and weird

No. 920773

File: 1632406721208.jpg (97.73 KB, 1092x728, sky-ferreira.0.jpg)

I used to be anxious about getting old and out of touch, but now that it's actually happening all I feel is relief. I don't know a single top 40 song and haven't seen any movies released in the last five years, and I couldn't be happier. At some point, I realized that paying even a token amount of attention to pop culture was just pissing me off - it's all steeped in zoomer memes, race politics, tranny acceptance and sex positivity stripper shit anyway, so it really doesn't feel like I'm missing anything.

I've started culturally regressing really badly since I've lost contact with modern media, and that too feels surprisingly nice. I'm rebuying my entire aa wardrobe from LA apparel and listening to basic bitch edm again, I'm ready to embrace becoming the millennial version of the ac/dc boomer meme.

No. 920778

Febfem4febfem anon

No. 920782

Not keeping in touch with pop culture is based, but I still follow fashion trends (not the retarded ones) so I don't look old. Plus I'm not old enough to have the excuse to wear dated clothes.

No. 920813

Based anon.
I wish I could pull the plug on the internet in general, but it's too hard.

No. 920818

just don't date anyone so nobody has to deal with your general pick me retardation. femceldom for the win

No. 920828

I deleted all my social media platforms over a year ago and I love that people can’t stalk or review my life on the web.
I’ve lost a lot of weight and changed my name, so I’m really fucking free. I love having a private life.

No. 920831

How is she a pick me?

No. 920835

nta but I think she might have been replying to the previous post? >>920751

No. 920838

My little brother is turning 8; check out the sweet burn he sent me this morning.
I love him so much, I hope he grows into a good dude. Our dad is loaded and I could see him evolving into a rich Kyle if not corrected as he ages

No. 920842

File: 1632413060022.jpeg (46.32 KB, 828x125, B257B186-5AA1-4CD4-843A-0F8D5F…)

Oops here’s the burn sorry

No. 920901

Cute. Tell him that the nonnies are cheering him on.

No. 920945

Sorry anon, but he roasted the fuck out of you. I don't know how you're ever going to recover from this.

No. 921018

how is a woman who doesn't want to date men a pick-me?

No. 921019

File: 1632421169591.png (87.7 KB, 211x184, hmm.png)

I keep fueling petty drama in this tiny niche community I'm a part of, behind an anonymous ask box, just to cause chaos. It's also really funny to bully a bunch of adult babies who are terminally online and take this shit way too seriously.

No. 921030

When I was in third grade I’d go on sites to check out gore and test myself. I’d look for the nastiest shit and stare it to build my tolerance.

No. 921096

>(not the retarded ones)
lol which ones aren't retarded tho. but i don't get how wearing clothes from a few years ago would make someone look old unless it's from the 80s or something.

No. 921101

My apartment is being treated for bedbugs and it's been hell, but sometimes when some rude person sits or gets way too close to me, I pray there's a bedbug on my bag or something that will go onto them.

No. 921132

you sound like you're terminally online

No. 921244

Thank you so much for your replies nonas, I'm already feeling much better about it. One of the reasons why I'm apprehensive is that I'm autistically scared of change, so adding something new to my routine always freaks me out, but I absolutely need to explore things outside of my comfort zone, and I've wanted a cat for so long now.

No. 922023

I buy sesame seed bagels just to eat the sesame seeds off of and throw the bagel away.

No. 922029

do you like the little flakes of bagel that come off the seeds from being baked in? what prevents you from buying a bag or jar of seeds?

No. 922034

File: 1632495958486.jpeg (22.93 KB, 550x331, bSyQFAr.jpeg)

this you anon?

No. 922035

True financial freedom

No. 922041

hey birb you can toast sesame seeds on a pan and get same effect

No. 922054

I did and it just wasn't the same. I'm thinking of adding some butter next time when I try again. As penance I'll give five wheat farmers ten dollars.

No. 922056

>>922054 toss em in a bowl with salt and oil, should help!

No. 922062

Thank you dearly

No. 922076

File: 1632500345721.png (291.5 KB, 828x1792, 2F66134A-E8E9-4949-B41B-916CCB…)

Shit, sorry for clogging the thread, here’s the culinary route. Good luck birb

No. 922486

I don't like the inbred looking disabled schizo woman that is living across the street. I feel kinda bad for her and I feel bad for feeling icky but I also don't want anything to do with her. There are a lot of people in my city that are schizo because some nasties did incest back then.

No. 922552

It's absolutely amazing how much being in a clean space can help your mood. I usually neglect my surroundings for a few weeks at a time, start feeling depressed, then clean everything and feel happy again.
I guess I'll admit I'm lazy, but I live by myself and I never have anyone over. So I also never really notice it's messy until it's borderline gross.

No. 922557

I think mice are more disgusting than roaches. That's not to say I like roaches, but ime from having both in my house roaches were way easier to get rid of and once they died/left they never returned again, unlike mice. Also the fact that roaches are smaller and not fuzzy-looking makes them less scary to me compared to a random animal entering the house.

No. 922588

My 1-year old nephew is my favorite next-of kin

No. 922609

I have a channel for you nonnie

No. 922624

I'm tired as hell of these hoe tendencies. Cute ass dude in our dorm is hinting that he's a little interested in me and I'd hop on his dick so fast if I wasn't already in a relationship. I love my boyfriend to hell and back and would never cheat on him, but GODDAMN he's got the piercings and attitude and that shit really gets me.

No. 922628

I trounce your machine with a beautiful creature: the ratting terrier.

No. 922632

I wish video embeds could be spoilered. I have pet rats and this is really upsetting.

No. 922684

Fuck u bitch

No. 922729

File: 1632550247382.jpg (47.5 KB, 735x503, 14a2d8ce56ed135ab746c613d9162f…)

I love dogs, and I understand rats/mice are a plague, but this video is so sad. The dogs' abilities are impressive, how quick they catch the rats and such, but damn. The rats are so scared. Specially sad when you see them shaking the poor thing.
I wish rats weren't so smart and just lived dumb lives in the forest and didn't scavenge on cities. Like wild hamsters and hedgehogs and whatnot.

No. 922736

File: 1632552223131.jpg (50.74 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

I'm going to sound like I'm terminally online, but I have developed this fear of being mistaken for a transwoman.
I'm tall, have wide, low set cheekbones and my thyroid gland are permanently swollen due to hypothyroidism and could almost look like an adam's apple.
I mean there is no doubt that I am a woman when you look at me and I would like to think of my face as very feminine, but having friends through the years jokingly compare my looks to male celebrities (when I was a teen I got confused with a somewhat androgynous looking male singer that was a popular in my country A LOT to the point it turned into a meme among everyone I knew) and how anons are so desperate to clock trannies they call out anyone that doesn't look traditionally female makes me feel pretty insecure at times.

No. 922744

only sociopathic moids or isabella janke get off on seeing creatures in terror like this. seek therapy

No. 922822

I wish I were asexual

No. 922831

No. 922833

File: 1632568019568.jpg (57.81 KB, 550x828, 7GCPeSkqz3duhcXkg7E6H7-1200-80…)

rats are lovely

No. 922846

Me too, anon. I wouldn't even care if someone thought I was just a guy, but I don't want to be mistaken as some fucked up tranny mess

No. 922858

I will sound like a horrible person maybe but I fucking hated when I was in elementary and middle school and teachers would pair me or make me sit near male autistic kids. They did it because I was a quiet and silent kid and I wouldn't bother them, but they were always the ones sperging around and it was fucking horrible. I remember not being able to even chat with them because they were either too focused on some stupid shit or were having a "bad day" (which just means that they wanted attention and not to work) and would randomly cry or act overly distressed when spoken to. I also remember when I brought a toy to school to show my classmates (it was a thing we did a lot, it was shit like playing cards, dolls, model cars etc.) and of course the sperg broke it as soon as I let him play with it by throwing it around. Couldn't even say anything because "he didn't know better". Another time during recess we were playing something like cops and robbers and the fucker fucking slammed my face into a water pipe on the wall to catch me. I even recall one groping me and putting his hands around my waist while attending mass. Basically I aboslutely hate male spergs because they refuse to act normal and are always coddled even when they actually have the ability to improve. And they stink.

No. 922877

Two years ago in college when we had gaps between classes (we would have gaps of 3 or 4 hours I got bored) I would play videogames on my laptop in the hallway, I even brought a joystick a few times to play dragon's dogma, thinking back on it I feel like the lord of cringe. But an older guy would bring his glowy mouse and headphones and play path of exile too so I decided it was a normal thing to do. I hope nobody remembers me.

No. 922893

Stories like this make me really hope my brothers will be okay. They have autism and I just want them to be able to function in society without being assholes or taking advantage of the fact that they have autism. Luckily my mother is disciplining them well and they seem to be hitting the right path, but goddamn they were such a handful when they were in elementary school. I have to sit here and re-edtablish a relationship with the older one because all he did when we were younger was just scream and throw shit at me, it was fucking awful. I'm just glad he acts relatively normal now.

No. 922895

i'm biracial, bisexual, yet not attracted to men of my mom's race, but very much attracted to women of that race

No. 922910

My best friends little sister had a similar run in with a pervert sperg, "oh he's just a second grader!!!! He doesn't even know about that stuff!!" was the adults defence after telling them he's running around trying to pull down pants and touch people at recess. It went on for years. When he got to middle school he got his ass beat by some cholos a few times then suddenly started behaving.

No. 922922

Rats are disgusting and ruin people's hard work and were literally the cause of millions of people dying from plague. Even one of the commenters said they lose baby rabbits to rats so I only imagine they burrow in there and eat their young. Yeah in vegan paradise you'd let them spawn indefinitely and be happy but that's not how real life works. I grew up poor and in a shitty apartment where you can hear them running around and see their shit everywhere the nest morning, if you have any real life experience whether agriculture or wanting to keep your home and garden nice you wouldn't be singing kumbaya with rats.

No. 922926


No. 922940

The guys in my grade threw semi LAN partis pretty much every long break, and honestly, it seemed like fun. I wouldn't mind it too much, nonnie.

No. 922942

File: 1632579517420.jpg (19.27 KB, 400x400, v83p5oao_400x400.jpg)

based, I understand that 'pest' control may be a sad necessity (even though I hate it), but I cannot imagine willingly watching this kind of content and enjoying it

No. 922991

I don't care how you grew up, you're still sick. Rats didn't cause the plague, fleas did. People getting bit by fleas that also terrorized the rats. It's no one else's fault that rats live the way they do except for the human race, we're the ones gathering into huge nasty fucking cities that attract the rats to scavenge for our left overs. People are the disgusting ones. Rats clean themselves as much if not more than cats do. Rats are just living with their circumstance the same way your poor ass was in your shitty apartment with your shitty parents. It's not the rats fault, its your shitty parents for keeping you in a dirty apartment. I hope you feel bad and feel bad forever.

No. 923005

this this this. its the same when people call pigs dirty and disgusting. if you gave a pig a choice between a nice clean sty and literal filth and refuse itll choose to be clean, but human keepers oftentimes do not give a shit about looking after their animals. rats and mice will make their homes in messy and dirty environments because they see an opportunity for food and shelter amongst the waste that humans in urban environments create. i dont believe that everyone should be expected to love rodents, but ffs if you look at it from their eyes humans are the gross ones leaving filth in their wake. they are just trying to survive, like we are, but because we're a stronger species i guess we think its okay to kill them off instead of maybe just securing our areas to keep them out

sorry for the spergery anons i had to do it

No. 923019

File: 1632586252624.gif (5.68 MB, 498x498, 732e0154ad522d4dc00e2d051ccca4…)

I am the anon that said I wish rats didn't live in the city and hey, dumbass, I've killed rats before and saw my cat killing rats too, because I live in a huge city plagued with rats (lost count how many times I just casually saw mice on the streets, train tracks and getting out of sewers), and in a house with a big garden full of hiding places for them. I still don't feel good about killing such intelligent and social creatures. Obviously my family safety comes first, but like I said, it's really sad and I wished that wasn't the case.

No. 923037

I live in a rural area and killing rats to keep the population under control is a necessity. I get that they are intelligent but they are also very destructive. Even if you exclude the damage they do to crops, livestock and property, they are opportunistic and if left alone they will decimate the local bird population because they raid nests for chicks and eggs.

No. 923038

No need to be ashamed, this is a good way to not get bored between two classes. I had a really fucked up schedule in my first year of masters and every tuesday and thursday I had a gap of 6 hours between two classes so I brought my 3DS with me everyday to play Animal Crossing. The truth is, a lot of students were doing this so when I activated the streetpass feature I met a shit ton of people everyday.

No. 923062

File: 1632589605234.jpeg (65.86 KB, 608x574, 5833B2BC-9184-462D-A488-3694B2…)

Oh my god, look at that cute little fellow, it’s so cute.

No. 923064

File: 1632589733950.gif (260.73 KB, 250x250, big babies will spoiler this.g…)

not involved in this tard fight just wanna say insects and bugs are superior. that is all.

No. 923070

word i fucking hate rats. they're pests. they're like big hairy flies and they all need to die

No. 923075

That's neither an insect nor a bug

No. 923084

id squish this thing so hard

No. 923085

File: 1632590567439.gif (6.61 MB, 1400x788, 89.gif)

well whatever you call them, arachnazoidz or whatever, they're based, and actual bugs too

No. 923086

Kys retard. Go fuck a rat like the subhuman you are since you're so willing to ride for their filthy asses

No. 923087

what did they ever do to you? they're trying to survive like you and i

No. 923089

File: 1632590828590.jpg (119.92 KB, 1200x800, 15637335-high-res-pangolins.jp…)

literally the cause of millions of people dying from plague
Pangolins did this too and they ain't one bit sorry about it

No. 923092

What the hell is going on here. What is it about spiders and rats that sends you guys into a frenzy?

No. 923095

Man, look at this fucker acting all innocent

No. 923097

>or whatever
It's not whatever, I love spiders, some of my best friends are spiders. Insects, especially mosquitoes, I haet and want exterminated.

No. 923101

I don't get the spider thing, but rats can spread a lot of parasites and diseases to humans, so I don't think it's crazy to find them kind of disgusting.

No. 923105

File: 1632591642045.gif (2.22 MB, 356x200, 64u90432q.gif)

i just think they're neat and should be defended more. they're one of several animals wrongly hated,much more harmless than rats

No. 923114

Terrier anon here, I agree completely. They gnaw through almost anything and destroy homes. Nice old houses that never deserved to be infested by rats.
I actually like tarantulas. I wouldn't have one myself, but I'd like to hold one someday. Old worlds are vicious bastards though, lol

No. 923117

Terrier anon again. They shake them to break their necks and give them a quick death, unlike cats which will just torture them to death.

No. 923159

jumping spiders make great roommates
>eats mosquitoes
>does cute dance
>very docile

No. 923167

File: 1632594815247.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 179.43 KB, 750x951, 40D49218-8991-470D-8CF2-363615…)

Jesus Christ I can’t believe there’s people out there still shipping these two.
It brings me back to the time I had a best friend who I would constantly sperg with about this ship, it’s funny because we ended up creating two whole ass characters based on these two little animals.
We would larp as them, I was the Flippy and she was Flaky.
It was so retarded, I still can’t believe that I kept my character based on dumbass flippy, I might use it someday for a story, I guess.

No. 923170

File: 1632594961825.jpg (47.24 KB, 615x345, 0_shrek.jpg)

I thought that was Shrek…

No. 923177

File: 1632595179786.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.29 KB, 1536x864, image.jpg)

>jumping spiders make great roommates
for me, it's the humble house centipede.

No. 923187

nah fuck that shit

No. 923189

crawling in your skin…

No. 923194

Nope nope nope

No. 923195

how about no

No. 923287

I feel like I'm depersonalizing every single waking moment of my life, and the only times when I'm not is when I'm drunk.

No. 923292

See a psych. You do not under any circumstances want to start self-medicating with alcohol; it will make your mental health issues much worse and add new ones to boot.
t. knower

No. 923295

what plague did the pangolins start?

No. 923319

pangolins are linked to covid-19 being able to infect humans.
idc though theyre still cute

No. 923327

I fortunately don't self-medicate with alcohol (too cheap for that), I drink like once a month, it's just that tonight I drank some beer for fun and then saw myself in the mirror and thought "wtf I look like that". Everytime I get drunk my self awareness hits me like a truck and then I forget everything the next morning. I'm aware I should see somebody, I feel like I'm repressing a bunch of undiagnosed shit and it's going to hurt me badly someday, but I unfortunately hate myself too much for self improvement.

No. 923343

I love bullying Corpse Husband I absolutely love shitting on all male cows we need more. I love hating on Yanderedev I love it all. I'm not even ashamed. I love bullying men.

No. 923369

File: 1632606213127.jpeg (7.83 KB, 229x220, pobrane_1632606212211.jpeg)

Miis have went too far

No. 923436

File: 1632613842800.gif (2.69 MB, 150x150, 1525125886452.gif)

i know az banks is insane but i do love how unapologetic she is about it.

No. 923453

File: 1632616740082.jpeg (220.54 KB, 736x824, C5E0BD2C-7628-4E74-888A-108C5B…)

I actually really like the way my body is shaped but it disappoints me that I’m hairy all over my fucking body like a werewolf it’s so embarrassing. What black person would benefit from all of this hair?

No. 923456

Me too anon, I'm hairy as fuck. I'm definitely getting laser as soon as I can.

No. 923458

Do what you must nonnie <3 good luck

No. 923461

I also love my body shape, it’s so nice being able to accept yourself as you are.

No. 923462

I'm sure you've already tried it, but what about waxing? It's supposed to keep the hair away longer, and it's cheap if you do it at home. Takes a minute to get used to doing it yourself though.

No. 923567

my ex made soundcloud music (i know, i know) and i would stream it on repeat on multiple devices to get his stream numbers up, he didn’t realize it was me doing that, and then he started acting like he was fucking famous and too good for me because his shitty songs surpassed 1k plays…i’m ashamed, i would never do anything like that for a male again.

No. 923570

I think I’d legit kill myself if I was chonk husband right now. I don’t know why rich ugly scrotes don’t just use their money to fix their shit, then it wouldn’t matter if your cringe middle school pics got leaked and everyone found out you were weird looking. I was a weird looking chubby girl and I still turned out pretty hot, he could just pass it off as growing up. I don’t necessarily want him to kill himself, but I definitely think if I were him, my two options right now would be liposuction + roids/exercise + plastic surgery ASAP, or ending it. maybe I’m just so terrified of going back to my ugly duckling days that I’m overestimating the impact of the dox tho lol

No. 923573

Because a man doesn't have to worry about being ugly since society doesn't condition populations to tie male attractiveness to value in the way that women are.
You're terrified to be ugly as a woman because there are real consequences to being an ugly woman. An ugly man gets away with it–nay, praised for it–and especially so if he has money. You're upset because deep down you know the hideous scrote doesn't have to spend a penny on his looks and yet still walk away with other people's respects. Men don't kill themselves because they're ugly, they prefer to kill the ones who laugh at them for it.

No. 923647

File: 1632652253700.jpg (26.82 KB, 640x320, noice.jpg)

I stuffed my bra for the first time when I went out recently and my cleavage looked fucking awesome. It was a kneesock in each cup. I've always had big tiddies so I thought bra stuffing was a meme, but holy shit it made a huge difference without having to buy a ridiculously expensive pushup or boob tape or whatever. Literally picrel. I've always been a bit shallow set at the top so I liked the rounded cleavage effect.

No. 923650

idk if you'll see this nona but you are a woman. don't give any thought to the weird mfs who try nitpick cis women as secret men, if you are biologically a woman YOU ARE A WOMAN. and I love you

No. 923656

File: 1632654231936.gif (2.45 MB, 399x498, 2fm34t.gif)

I'm happy for you anon but I have to admit whenever I see tits pushed up like that this is what comes to mind.

No. 923667

File: 1632654977634.jpg (373.5 KB, 1200x1500, bruce.jpg)

>birds? nah, these are my Bruces!

No. 923671

File: 1632655406186.gif (261.53 KB, 320x494, unnamed.gif)


No. 923678

New game: Boobs or Bruce?

No. 923740

i throw out my white clothes when they start to turn grey, i can’t be assed to separate my laundry.
to be fair i usually only have like 2 cheap white shirts and 1 tank top.

No. 923747

I only follow a friend's private twitter so I can laugh at how pathetic she is. I tried to help her with her depression multiple times and she kept pushing me away yet she complains about being lonely and miserable. Hurry up and kys instead of just saying you will

No. 923880

My heart feels warm when I see anons going in on male cows. It’s so pleasant to see men picked apart. I often forget that kind of commentary isn’t really accepted IRL and have had to stop myself from saying really mean shit about the guys around me

No. 923977


No. 924012

>she kept pushing me away
Come on, anon, anybody would push your ass away.

No. 924022

You're really upset because someone didn't want your help? I see why she kept "pushing you away".

No. 924026

You're obviously not her friend and need to get yourself checked out because what the fuck.

No. 924058

I agree… this person just wanted people to react… sounds like it’s lonely to be a piece of shit

No. 924095

I'm starting to abuse opioids again. It's so easy to do since I'm very ill currently and I don't even feel bad about it (yet). It feels like coming home, like it's my destiny to be a junkie until it inevitably kills me.

No. 924106

I'm pre-alcoholic. Drinking feels so good. If I ever have wine or beer around it'll be gone within the next day or two. I don't buy myself alcohol, but if I did, I'd probably be a full fledged alcoholic. Once I start, I don't know how to stop.
I'm glad I'm fiscally responsible or else I'd be at the liquor store 2-3 times a week.

No. 924108

Don't. Just DON'T. Easier said than done I know but put in some fucking work to turn your life around right now, if you ever needed a sign to discontinue that shit this is it. I'm only 7ish months off the shit, but I was using fentanyl and ended up overdosing three times in less than a month, one of the times I had actually died for several minutes. I know the feeling of it feeling like home, like a warm hug on a cold winter day. I know how you feel like you're just such a pathetic junkie, and that's all you'll ever amount up to be. But that's not how it has to be anymore. The people around you are going to suffer horribly as a result of your actions, addiction does not only affect the person afflicted. You are worth more than the temporary happiness or relief that opiods will bring you. Do not let your illness push you into thinking you need more and more of them, and don't justify it to yourself that that's why you're taking them. I believe in you anon.

No. 924125

I secretly wish I had strong and dramatic features, idc if they look masculine I like how it looks. But since I can't change my bones, in the meantime I create donut steels with those features, I feel like they would get mistaken for anime guys if I didn't give them titties lol.

No. 924131

Believe me, anon. I know all of that deep down, I really do. I've been fighting heroin (and any other opiate/opioid I could get my hands on) addiction for years now. Overdosed 5+ times and I'm also a member of the clinically dead club. I'm nearly two years clean from heroin currently and believe it or not I work with NA now. It was my dream job to help people like me and I got it. I really did think I was over all this shit and that this time was different because I have a job that I love and am passionate about and a wonderful fiancée who understands me. I told myself I would only take the dose needed for my old injuries and I did, for a long time I was very strict about sticking to that. But then… well, I got seriously ill. I can't work or volunteer as much as I'd like to atm and it really drags my mood down. Opioids are the silver lining to my current life. It's not so bad that I'm gonna start shooting horse again but it's like the purgatory between sobriety and the chaos of a full blown addiction. It's awful but I tell myself I'm so sick that I've "earned" the right to get high. Sorry for rambling and thank you for the kind reply. ♥ I pray to god we both stay on the straight and narrow.

No. 924152

Just realize that even you know it's your addiction speaking when it tells you you have "earned" the high. I used to use that reward system, too. Of course you're not going to be right back where you were at in your addiction while it was at it's peak, but it is the slippery slope that leads right back to it. You think it won't lead you back to banging h, but we love to fool ourselves into thinking it will never be as bad as it was before. I understand you are seriously ill, believe me I have been there too, but at this point you have already begun to acknowledge you are abusing it. It's not even being taken for the medically necessary reason. This can only lead down one path and soon if you don't nip it in the bud immediately. Please, call your sponsor or a friend. Let SOMEONE know of your struggles. I pray you get back on track soon, nonnie. Too many have been lost to the opioid epidemic, don't become just another number to add to the death toll.

No. 924220

I'm sorry guys… I wipe back to front…

No. 924223

why. do utis not affect you?

No. 924232

>wiping shit into your vagina
Why would you do this to yourself?

No. 924239

I do too. I've only had a UTI once and have never had an issue of shit in or on my kitty. Idk if people are messy wipers or if a lifetime of never being shown otherwise makes it so my technique is solid.

No. 924245

but you're still getting shit particles there even if you don't see it

No. 924254

Never had one
Back to front cleans up my asshole better
I think they don't use water after wiping which is why they worry about shit particles

No. 924282

I wipe in a spiral…

No. 924294

I do the same shit, except mine look like the female designs from the new He-Man cartoon, the one that made all the incels seethe.

No. 924296

Absolutely love that my ex is balding and aging like milk and still working a shitty job in the same town. Every now and then I hear about him and it really gives me an ego boost.
Love seeing Karma in action

No. 924364

My confession is I honestly have no idea what back to front means. But like you and that other nona I use water afterwards, and if I haven't gotten any UTI yet I'm probably doing fine.

No. 924644

The "elaborate" anon is creepy and probably a scrote and we should ban him

No. 924646

Yeah, I agree. Didn't know they are still hanging around though. I have to confess that once I have also asked another anon to elaborate, so sorry if it came up as creepy due to me being mixed with the other person.

No. 924660

I want to believe there are infinite universes and in one of them I'm with my celebrity crush

No. 924681

File: 1632754547913.jpg (79.7 KB, 700x700, 74nvigyvtftcdvfod8r724vfuwt.jp…)

i don't like most autistic people yet i am on the spectrum as well. mostly aspergers and i can pass as an awkward normie with seizure and axniety issues. but i can't with other autistics. it's like they don't even try.
>barely express emotions
>flat and boring tone
>rants of boring topics
>only shallow compliments if any
>disappear for long periods of time then act as if nothing happened
>rigidity in the most useless ways
>no expression of appreciation for your efforts in keeping your friendship, remembering personal details and being thoughtful around their needs and for special occassions
>bringing up uncomfortable and sexual topics after me saying its uncomfortable
>unavailable on social media or dont have it
>after all this complain and cry to me of being rejected and lonely
>doesn't express appreciation for me always listening
>get offended and disappear if i try to help
>say unfiltered offending shit to me randomly
and many more. i am not perfect and not a saint but this is a pattern with non normies.

No. 924703

Nonnies, if you want to do drugs get some shrooms or acid. Shit's amazing and not physically addictive.

No. 924735

One of the anons you responded to and I have done both. Last time I did acid I woke up in a psych ward in a fucking diaper. My trip had totally taken place in my head to the point where reality was nonexistent. I saw the elite pedo ring, human trafficking, slavery and other horrors of the world all in my minds eye. Stripped of my identity until I was nothing but a number.I performed brain surgery on myself! Then I wake up in the psych ward and can't remember how I got there and figure i was drugged and raped or something and just dropped off at the hospital (which they said I was at before psych ward). Had to hold me down and sedate me because I started flipping my shit. I definitely took an appropriate dosage of the lsd and I'm not sure where things went wrong, but it was traumatizing. Be careful suggesting even psychedelics, while they may not be physically addictive, in no way shape or form should mentally unstable people take them unless they want to hallucinate the fucking SWAT and their family crying over them for being so disappointed they would do that to themselves lmao.

No. 924759

I'm the other anon you responded to and "not physically addictive" is a fucking cope. I've seen a lot of psychedelics users fall into a habit with them and fuck their life up just as badly as a user of physically addictive drugs would. Granted, the majority of people that use psychedelics don't fuck their lives up but that doesn't make them any less dangerous. They can still be habit forming and a lot of people end up like >>924735 with horrific trips and side-effects too. I'm not judging you for doing that shit (not that I'm in any position to judge you anyway kek) but it's dangerous to act like it's harmless fun and that people won't form a habit with them simply because it's not physically addictive. Hell, physical addiction is the easiest thing for me to get over. It's the mental connection and desire for that same high that's dangerous and long lasting. If physical addiction was the only pitfall I wouldn't know so many former potheads and psychedelics users through my work.

No. 924769

This shit is the reason that I don't use shrooms unless I'm feeling 100%. I've had some shrooms in my house for over a year at this point because whenever I do remember we have them, my partner and I will plan a day to do them and on that day we decide if we're feeling totally up to it, and if we have even the slightest bit of doubt or anxiety, we just put em away again.

No. 924774

Hey nonita I'm the anon that responded to your original opioid post and your tagged post, it's good to see you again I hope you are doing well today! I agree with your post 100%. You don't want to be a piss diaper wearer, trust me lol. Lsd is man made chemicals, and tbh a lot of the time what you are getting isn't even pure lsd, but research chemicals. And it is very true that the physical symptoms of addiction aren't as gripping as the mental pull to do more. If you are wired that way, it's just bound to happen that you are going to want to chase that high or "enlightenment" over and over again. People fry their brains with this shit, no joke. Never met one? They're basically schizoid after extensive use. Sometimes one really bad trip is all it takes and you are fucked forever. Point is, you can become 'addicted' to anything if it sends your dopamine spiking. And even though shrooms are natural and I like them and haven't had bad experience with them (yet), I've heard of many an ego death that ends up crippling people with depression. Any anons who want to experiment with psychedelics, ease realize they too carry addictive qualities. Always have a clear mind and have a buddy system. If anything traumatic has happened to you in the past several months please avoid using them. And as always, stay safe!

No. 924780

if a little psychedelics is goong to wack you out that bad you weren't a stable person to begin with, and you should get your life in order before doing any drugs at all tbqh.

i expect this to upset you but if a trip at a reasonable dose of acid like 100ug shatters your grip on reality it wasn't that tight to begin with. which i kind of suspect considering you immediately wemt full PEDOSPEDOSPEDOS schizo. so yeah…acid isnt for conspiracytards like you that already see demons behind every corner :/(:/)

No. 924782

It's good to see you posting again, nonnie. I haven't woman'd up and told anyone about slipping into abuse yet but I have at least knocked the recreational shit on the head for today. I'm hoping I can just quietly recover and slip back into "normal" mode like nothing ever happened but deep down I know I'll have to speak about this eventually so it doesn't burden me as a secret. Baby steps, I guess. I hope you're doing good too, anon! ♥ I know what you mean about people frying their brains on psychedelics. An old friend of mine from school is a fucking zombie now because he got hardcore into pot, mushrooms and LSD. It's given him serious mental health issues and it's now affecting him physically through him barely ever leaving the house and neglecting his health. People are always shocked that I, the heroin addict, am doing better mentally and physically than him. I wish more people knew the risks like >>924769 and exercised caution with these drugs.

At what point did she state she was a conspiracy theorist, dipshit? You sound like one yourself if you think that the only possible reason someone could have a negative reaction to psychedelics is because there's something wrong with them to begin with.

No. 924788

when people have some kind of retarded belied that psychedelics "show you the truth of the universe" or whatever the fuck, of course they get obsessed with getting all the "enlightenment" they can. they go back for more for the same reason people go back for more therapy: their "enlightenment" was actually just a coping mechanism that let them deal with their life that they hate for a while, but eventually it stops working and they need another "epiphany" for the next three months, because they still hate their life.

if you don't have some retardation about acid "changing your life" or whatever the fuck, it's just a cool experience. ooh, swirly trees! ooh, it looks like the earth is breathing! it's a good time as long as ypu're not stupid enough to think the earth is really breathing lmao. take a breath. you aren't seeing some "really real secret reality"…remember it's just having wacky eyes for a while and you'll be fine.

No. 924795

Did you mean most male autists? The female ones try atleast, the only ones that are rlly annoying are the cartoon spergs.

No. 924807

File: 1632766143356.jpg (77.69 KB, 750x500, tism.jpg)

I know how you feel. I have 'suspected autism' but won't get the assessment for 2 reasons, one is I'm in my 30s already so why bother at this late stage.. and the other is I know I'd beat myself up because I've seen so many cringy internet tists and met so many creepy male autists irl too. I know it's a wide spectrum and all but I still don't want to think I share any traits with them lol

No. 924812

who? i once said "elaborate" when someone spammed multiple threads about being gangstalked by ccc, was it because of that?

No. 924821

Lol I am not a conspiracytard?? Also I have tripped plenty of acid before that trip with no problem. I can't even begin to explain to you why I saw the shit I did, it just happened. And oh yea it's not like a person who is going to try psychedelics for for first time will always realize they are not "mentally strong" (lol) enough for the shit and do it anyways. I'm not saying my brain is screwed in all tight but you don't have to jump to conclusions. To suggest that someone is weak because they can't handle drugs is laughable. I guess the people who can't smoke a little pot because it makes them paranoid or anxious are also just weak?

No. 924826

Don't forget, get gangstalked and you get a premium wireless plan with Virgin Mobile with all kind of sick deals like concerts and coupons and mind control and discounts at select participating stores

No. 924857

>Just realize that even you know it's your addiction speaking when it tells you you have "earned" the high. I used to use that reward system, too. Of course you're not going to be right back where you were at in your addiction while it was at it's peak, but it is the slippery slope that leads right back to it.
Not that anon and I deal with much less serious issue (BED), but your comment has been so helpful. Something clicked in my mind. I'm nowhere near healed, but I feel like I will remember that the next time I want to buy unhealthy food

No. 924859

Just because your issue isn't drugs doesn't make it any less serious or harmful. I'm glad my words resonated with you, I hope you recover fully and enjoy the rest of your life without something so damaging

No. 924865

imagine being gangstalked by kpoppies, of all people

No. 924875

It seems like you're entitled and mad that your friends don't kiss your ass as much as you would like.

No. 924885

File: 1632772689447.jpg (55.23 KB, 640x640, 421088fb7fae8c04b0c239df1a6500…)

When i was 19 i dated a guy who was 24 and had an upcoming birthday the nect month. Anyways hed always try and flatter me because i was young, petite, and a virgin at the time and because of that i was better than most women his age. I didnt understand why he hated women his own age, but i was dead set on humiliating him for saying that to me…and for thinking id ever have sex with him lol. So anyways id constantly start issues out of nowhere just to stress him out for funsies. The day of his birthday i dumped him because he was 25, therefore too old. He then threatened suicide and i told him to go ahead and do it because hes old and worthless to society since hes sooooo old. He didn't do shit, but i know i made his life hell for a month.

No. 924918

File: 1632774111090.png (196.58 KB, 480x451, tiiiism.png)

>seems like you're entitled
She's just tistphobic against tists with more tism points than her. There's a whole hierarchy of autism and only tists get it.

No. 924969

I feel like I'm falling into a depressive slump, I fail to find any purpose in anything surrounding me, my existential issues are flaring up and my libido has been completely dead for a few weeks. And as usual I'm just going to bury it deep inside me, cry myself to sleep and just wait for the day when it'll get better.

No. 924979

kek anon amazing you did great

No. 924983

The greentext sounds exactly like me.

No. 924986

based nonny

No. 924995

They just don’t know how to mask properly, it takes years of trial and error to get how to normie and how to not be retarded about sexual shit.

No. 925003

I love you anon.

No. 925020

They get one taste of the casual contempt women get and they threaten suicide lmao

No. 925031

it's alright, nonny. I actually don't have any words of advice but I can relate. Ever since I was a little kid I've been teased a lot with the fact that I look like a guy for my wide brows and dumbass face structure, lmao. It's alright though. As long as you acknowledge you are a woman.

No. 925040

I'm hanging on by a thread right now and my husbandos are seriously the only thing getting me through my day and keeping me from wanting to kms. I'm pathetic.

No. 925160

You’re not pathetic, nonna, it’s okay to have something to keep you afloat as long as it doesn’t harm you nor harms anyone else . during most of my life I’ve also kept my husbandos as my raison d’être to stay alive and to avoid killing myself, so you’re not alone. I hope you can find true happiness.

No. 925161

File: 1632792537660.jpeg (116.76 KB, 750x1071, F1DB630F-5D53-4063-A5C3-57A16C…)

I swear I’m not psychotic or manifesto-chan but this woman was iconic. And no, she isn’t transgender

No. 925166

I kind of want to join a random discord group to roleplay for a while because I’m horny, but I hate having to socialize with internet faggots and having to go through the same questions as always
>what do you like?
>what are your kinks?
It’s so boring because nobody will ever get it right and males are always trying to be hurr durr hot daddy doms and I hate that shit so much. I just want to pretend I’m having sex with a hot moid.

No. 925169

I desperately miss having even just one female friend. I holed up in relationships throughout my 20s and now am early 30s with zero women to talk to. I was always a 1 friend girl anyway, so it's not like I had a lot of friendships to lose in the first place, but seeing other women with their friends doesn't even make me jealous, I just long for it. Even Maeve's and Ruby's ridiculous unhealthy friendship gives me pangs. Earlier today I caught myself wishing I could make dinner for an obscure YouTuber I have a bizarre parasocial relationship with. I could just make a Bumble again, but I tried that like five years ago and they were all basically Instagram/Pinterest girls who want as much to do with me as I do with them. I miss relating to someone.

No. 925173

I wanna know more abour her.

No. 925179

She was that Youtube HQ perpetrator who only managed to endanger 4 people(?) and murdered one person all because youtube was demonetizing every e-beggers channel and her channel was one of them. I think she killed herself? Anyways, after that fiasco 4chan scrotes to no surprise fell in love with her because she was a deranged irrational criminal with an eccentric online presence. If she didn’t do the dumbest thing alive and go into a corporate office to shoot up underpaid IT workers she would have been monetized again and making her creative crackhead vegan videos.

No. 925182

It was an unhinged troon 100% he has pre transition pics and i mean the face and fake cosplay chest is a dead give away.

No. 925196

Nonnie you're sooo smart every single flat chested woman with slightly masculine features is obviously a tranny

No. 925197

>he has pre-transition pictures

I’m also sure they’re pulling this out of their ass too because if they do then I want to see

No. 925215

i'm worried that my best friend's long-time bf is going to troon out on her and she's such a doormat that she'd let him do it and stay with him too.

No. 925231

I agree and yes it does make me feel guilty.
take your meds

No. 925236

Show her news articles about troons assaulting children.

No. 925257

yeah most of these were male but i also had an autistic girl tell me randomly how she masturbated with various objects
if you have a job already i don't see the reason in getting one either. i am in my 20s and undiagnosed but i share many symptoms of aspergers.
i don't want asskissing, anon, i'd just like some effort towards our friendship. i put in tremendous amount of effort around normies and learned a lot, the hard way. i also make sure to accommodate my autistic friends and make them feel seen and loved but eventually they just tire or piss me off because if i ever were to talk about my own problems, or ask them to listen to me a bit or comfort me, it is so alien to them it makes me feel worthless. it is also hypocritical from them to problem dump and vent to me, but zone out or change the topic when i want to talk about my problems. i know it's not as interesting as talking about yourself, but ffs, friends are supposed to help each other.
yeah it's many symptoms rather than a scale but there is undeniably a scale from tist to sperg, the amount of normie functionality differs. normies don't like to admit this because it's ableist but i can guarantee you ask any autist or aspergers person and they don't give shit, neither about the "person first" and other virtue signalling language.
what irks me the most is that i was never diagnosed, and spent years hating myself for being different and constantly misunderstood. i became very good at observing and masking. but most of the guys who were diagnosed as a child don't try the least and seem to use their autism as an excuse to act insensitive sometimes straight up assholes.
love you too nonnie

No. 925264

I hate my mom's singing voice. Sometimes she sings with gospel songs and it sounds like rusty door hinges. It makes me cringe.

No. 925277

If you're not even diagnosed and don't share those defining traits you listed of tist/spergs you're most likely not a tist/sperg. I don't trust self-diagnosers tbh, the autist label is becoming too trendy for anyone who's slightly awkward.

No. 925314

It's weird to think about when I used to binge eat. I still don't think I'll ever reach the high of a whole french loaf with spinach dip, 4 cheddar jalapeno smokies, a bag of doritos and a new episode of Mad Men to watch ever again.

No. 925332

While I'm staunchly celibate I can't help but feel some kind of envy towards couples, like they have some kind of happiness I'll never be able to experience.

No. 925338

i wanna fuck Putin

No. 925351

I can't stand beards and am thankful everyday that my boyfriend doesn't like them either, but I know I'd never let him live it down if he ever said anything about my leg hair or so.

No. 925378

File: 1632826054880.jpeg (76.32 KB, 750x750, B31DCB0A-91D2-492C-AD35-58532C…)

I remember when I was a teen, like 15 years old or less, how I heard about girls selling their virginity for a lot of money to some weird ass men with virginity fetish, and I really wanted to lose weight quickly so I could sell my own and help my family, until not too long ago I thought about it even if I’m already “too old” to be considered a “sexy, young, virgin”.
I think I also cried while thinking about it as a teen, because I hated the idea of having sex with some random guy for money, I preferred thinking about the random crush I had at the time, doing the whole “missionary position while holding hands” thing.
The weird part is that at home, I wasn’t particularly told to be a “good wife” or some shit, I was never told to save myself or anything, my parents always told me to just fall in love and take care of myself, because I would ask them if selling my virginity was worth the hassle.
I still cringe about how I used to think that I had to be married at 15 to be happy, because at 9, I wanted to meet a hot 18 years old guy so we could know each other properly, then I would get married at 15 and have my first child at 18.
I still don’t know how my parents never sent me to some psychiatrist or something, kek, I’m glad I was too much of a pussy, and too self-conscious about being overweight to try pursuing scrotes at such a young age.
I kind of wish I didn’t care about scrotes at such a young age, but then again, it’s not like it could’ve been avoided, I swear I was born to be lovesick.

No. 925379

I relate to you so hard, I wish I knew why we end up like this even though our parents didn't brainwash us to be trad

No. 925385

It’s honestly so weird, I can’t even blame 4chins like the kids nowadays, because I didn’t even speak English by the time it was created, and I started browsing it when I was already 18 years old.
I’m so glad that I don’t give a fuck about being a virgin or being a perfect trad waifu anymore.

No. 925393

yeah and I want to spank trump's big dump truck ass

No. 925415

File: 1632833417394.jpeg (124.9 KB, 787x846, 6246842F-F46E-4109-B704-CA4C63…)

No. 925446

NTA, Being an boring asshole is not a defining autistic trait anon. Autistic people are still people and have different personalities and intelligence. I think the anon meant to say she also struggled with coming across as an asshole but since bullying or something for not understanding clues she learned how to express herself better and treat people nicely. Why would a normal person want to label themself with a disability? That sounds delusional

No. 925450

>Why would a normal person want to label themself with a disability?
idk, look at twitter, tiktok, tumblr, etc. it's extremely common, for attention possibly

No. 925543

>Why would a normal person want to label themself with a disability?
Because there are both tangible benefits (SSDI) and social benefits (idpol untouchable status) to playing that game.

No. 925573

File: 1632849200636.jpeg (216.84 KB, 800x450, 8475EF9F-5D09-43C0-9F4F-4DF37A…)

I’ve seen two homeless people, a man and woman, panhandling around my neighborhood for months and i always remember them because they have a cat with them on a leash. One of them is a physically disabled woman, but I have only ever seen the cat with the man or with both of them, never alone with the woman. I’ve asked them about the cat before, if they plan to get him neutered, how he stays warm, if he has insect and parasite preventative care, how they would pay for an emergency vet bill…all the things you would wonder about. They’ve told me that they’re going to breed the cat so they won’t be getting him fixed (how or why I don’t know) claim that everything is going to be fine for him and that they have plenty of food and avoid my questions about their lack of responsibility. They also claim to live in the woods in a tent which checks out for the city I live in but still isn’t a good place to raise a domestic cat. Even if it could be argued that the cat will be just as well off being feral you cannot convince me that cat shouldn’t be neutered. And yesterday when I saw him he was filthy and showed signs of fleas. I don’t know why but that put me over the edge. Also this time for once he was alone with only the disabled woman. I went up to her and she didn’t remember me so I asked her again what I usually do about the cat, this time even offering her money for the cat and promising I could take care of him. She told me she was offended. I had been petting the cat and I reached to unhook his leash. I was only a few blocks from home and could run if necessary. I was gonna take the cat. She started screaming and before I could get him all unhooked she grabbed at his halter and we both held him while she kept screaming hysterically at me. Tbh I was very dumb and several people came and encircled us, telling me I was out of order. One man said I couldn’t take the cat because I wasn’t law enforcement lol. Like they ever would give a fuck unless someone was actually killing an animal. I still hate myself for being so dumb and the whole situation took the woman punching me on the head for me to let go of the cat. People were still horrified at me because it looked like I decided to fuck with a disabled person and steal their cat. I hate myself and have no faith in humanity. Oh, also even after I let go of the cat and walked off a woman followed me and asked me why I did it. I told her my explanation and she chastised me, saying the disabled woman’s life was more important than the cats and that I should have tried to help the woman find a home before the cat. I just don’t feel any kind of understanding for a person who would knowingly put a cat through that and claim they love it. I wish I did and I hate that I lost control enough to botch the situation so horribly. I wish removing memories was a real thing.

No. 925575

i've never knowingly listened to a U2 song in my life. i can't even name any titles

No. 925576

a place called vertigo. give me something I can feel your love teaching me howowowowowow how to kneel. kneeeeel. yea yea yea yea yea. yea yea yea ayeay
you never heard that one?

No. 925579

Alot of homeless people have animals because it makes for more effective begging. Like you kinda described here.. people see a lil animal and want to help that more than a person. Usually just by throwing them a couple dollars though.

No. 925581

No. 925583

File: 1632850207360.jpeg (71.51 KB, 730x592, A19343DB-271A-42F5-852F-15F3C9…)

I get off to the most embarrassing shit. Not like, anything truly disgusting (furry or Lolicon or anything like that). Just incredibly cringe ships and fandoms and situations. If anyone found my fanfic bookmarks I’d KMS

No. 925584

(I wonder if you have autism.)

No. 925587

You're lucky.

No. 925588

Maybe the cat is the only good thing in their lives. Just cause they are homeless doesn't mean you can steal from them. Cats are used to outdoor life anyway (well, maybe except for winter - how severe are those where you are?). I think you were a cunt for trying to steal the cat.
>she chastised me, saying the disabled woman’s life was more important than the cats and that I should have tried to help the woman find a home before the cat
Based. You wouldn't give a fuck for the woman potentially freezing her ass, but uwu gotta help the cute cat!!!
Which says a terrible thing about humans and society, even though I love animals

No. 925592

Yeah you're retarded, write it in your diary. Also kek people care more about animals than other people.

No. 925596

It gets well below freezing here in the winter. And she doesn’t actually own the animal. There’s a registration process you have to go through to own an animal and it includes getting a rabies vaccine at a vet or a vaccine clinic. It was a stray cat legally. That’s why it has fleas. Yes I care more for the cat than this particular woman because the woman won’t take care of her cat. That being said, you expect me to house the woman lol? She asked for my help and I offered her $100 for her cat. Sorry I didn’t bring her into my house like you would anon. I am a cunt but not for the reason so you listed

No. 925602

If they are homeless in the first place, they picked up a stray cat. At the very least, they are making sure it has something to eat and won't get attacked and killed by other cats and animals. I don't agree with the breeding part, I'm guessing they would try to sell the kittens if they are so desperate. It definitely comes off as self-righteous heckling on your part

No. 925605

Same, I don't think I ever liked anything fiction-related, whether fan-made or not, that wasn't considered embarrassing. I have the same taste as tumblr zoomers.

No. 925606

It’s true, it was stupidly self righteous of me. Thanks for listening to my confession

No. 925614

You are a cunt for all the reasons lmfao. The woman was right to get offended. I bet that from her perspective you were a rich bitch that can have any cat, but HAS to have her cat and thinks that everything has a price.
The winter part is concerning, but I'm with >>925602 on that.
>Sorry I didn’t bring her into my house like you would anon.
Wow, you are an legitimate autist to boot. If you care, go adopt a cat that has noone in their life. Pick up another stray from a shelter, or a street.

No. 925617

I’m actually a bpd fag. Got tested for autism and certification that I don’t have it. The best thing for the cat would be for neither of us to have it but for it to be fixed vaccinated and housed in the winter. (It can stay with its homeless mommy and daddy in the summer and I can have it ifor holiday vacation) We are all cunts on this day hooray

No. 925623

File: 1632851874917.gif (142.53 KB, 112x112, 1623909601023.gif)

I don't think CH is THAT bad looking, he looks like every other Mexican rando moid running around in Cali

Your intentions were good but the execution was poor. Also kind of dumb of you to touch a cat that doesn't have it's shots and possibly has fleas. That woman will probably end up getting worms or who knows what from the cat anyway.

No. 925627

Yeah how dare that homeless person try to appeal to pathos in order to get money, how dare that homeless person

No. 925628

nta if someone with a home owns a cat and doesn't groom it or give it vet care that's animal abuse but a homeless person keeps an animal in shit conditions because they can't even afford to take care of themselves it's fine. Not saying op wasn't out of line but it really makes you think. People shouldn't keep pets if they can't take care of them. It's selfish.

No. 925651

All I said was it's a thing that happens. I didn't say anything about it being right or wrong?

No. 925684

I have a crush on a tiktok guy

back in 2018 he used to look very regular but was very funny so I followed him. I re-download the app last week and now he looks very attractive and still has a really good sense of humor, I feel like a retard. He's the same age as me so at least it's not too creepy

No. 925687

For the longest time I never had a relationship and I always said it was because men are so shitty.

Then a few months ago I met a boy on discord who was actually very pleasant. He actually seems like he cares about women, but not like those guys who act like a feminist to take advantage of us. He is always respectful, cares about how I feel, has long conversations with me when I just need to vent, and most importantly he doesn't treat me like I'm just a piece of meat like most scrotes do. He even mentioned that he hates the porn industry because of how it takes advantage of women and supports trafficking (it came up in conversation once).

On paper I should be in love with this guy. But honestly I just want to keep using him for emotional support, and never be in a relationship with him. He's so attentive which I love. But hes shy and I don't think he has many friends. And here's the confession part: I really like knowing that I have him wrapped around my finger. I could keep using him and keep him in the "friendzone" as scotes say. Even though he clearly wants a relationship, he will stick around as a friend no matter how many times I say no.

The rational part of me wants to break it off with him so that he doesn't suffer. A nicer woman than me deserves him. But I love the power that I have right now.

Idk what to do farmers

No. 925693

What's with all the scrotes posting lately?

No. 925700

>keep using him for emotional support
You don’t really know him. He could easily be lying or cheating. Just use him.

No. 925706

that wouldn't healthy for OP, just break it off right before either party gets hurt

No. 925710

I have a crush on a guy (irl) and I have listened to this guys depressing life story because I'm trying to figure out whether he'll want to fuck after a while. I'm not the most forward person so I'm playing the long game and seeing what happens (if anything) He's attractive enough that I'm happy to do that but I feel very 'nice guy scrote' as I'm doing it because honestly.. I don't care about this guy and his million traumas. Or I wouldn't if he looked different.

Someone being supportive and listening to you all because they hope to someday fuck you isn't all that nice of them really.

No. 925715

File: 1632859240343.jpg (59.23 KB, 569x651, cat7.jpg)

The execution of your plan was bad but your heart was in the right place. Like it was a bit retarded but also really brave at the same time kek. I would unironicaly love to be your partner in crime. I'm so sick of people who are so egotistical with pets, I hate how society forgives people like that. I once got blocked by someone because I told them that they shouldn't keep kittens because they didn't have the means to take care of them. I tried arguing with logic but nothing workes with those people because deep down they are just selfish. I totally understand why someone would try something like you did. Anyway, I hope you can help some shelters around you, it could be a good way to feel like you are being useful without getting in trouble kek. I'm wishing you the best nonnie, it was a mistake but nothing to be ashamed about imo ( I can't get over how weirdly brave it was of you to do that in a street, that took some guts kek ). People like you are my favorite kind of people.

No. 925722

I really like "future garage" even though I have no idea what exactly that genre is supposed to be but it's really chill

No. 925731

Animal lovers are so fucking mentally ill

No. 925736

I was going to write a mean reply to you, but then read the post you replied to.

No. 925751

I am constantly plagued by the most fucked up violent thoughts ever but I never act on them

No. 925777

File: 1632865189879.jpg (341.17 KB, 2026x2048, wtf am i reading.jpg)

You're straight up retarded, there is no way you don't have a developmental disorder. The cat lady should have punched you some more tbh.

No. 925779


I was with you until you tried to take the cat from her. Your entitlement hopped the fuck out. You should go adopt a shelter cat since you care so much about them and leave that lady alone.

No. 925809

That's so fucking dehumanizing. Even the offer of buying the cat was entitled and inappropriate (why not help with idk, registering or vet visit? I may be out of my depth here, I admit). Homeless people are one of the most vulnerable members of society (are they even considered a part of it, though?).
They get fucked with and murdered because they have zero power and nobody cares about them. It must have been fucking awful to be offered money for a companion/friend, and then having someone try to take the pet away anyway. that's textbook behavior of a villain from a cheesy movie I cannot imagine the lady not getting the message "you are homeless, so you have no rights and we can do whatever with you, including taking away what little you do own". Glad that other people chimed in and defended the lady.

No. 925905

hows that apply to an anonymous poster on an imageboard telling their irks of other autists

No. 925912

File: 1632890369100.jpg (16.97 KB, 425x282, 3736268163638182.jpg)

>it looked like I decided to fuck with a disabled person and steal their cat
That is literally what you tried to do though. You thought that you could take off with the fucking cat because you saw the disabled woman alone, but you rightfully got falcon punched instead. Anon got beat up by a disabled woman lmfao.

No. 925914

There has to be some sort of defining trait, otherwise autists and normies are the same and basically everyone can be an autist.

No. 925932

Low-key wanna send a pic of my husbando to the guy who has a crush on me and say "no matter what happens you'll always be second to this guy."

No. 925964

No. 925974

I’ve done that, sometimes they stop texting, sometimes they think you’re joking, I’ve only had two instances in which they keep texting because they thought they got a chance to even be similar to Megatron.

No. 926105

Anon, they just stop talking to you because you have shit taste, don't think you're hot shit.

No. 926133

I want to suck this one coworker's dick so bad

No. 926141

File: 1632928393773.jpeg (165.25 KB, 481x860, 2C7ABD27-3BF0-4804-B0BD-48C33C…)

>she doesn’t like Megatron
Just say you’re into generic anime guy #128482 and leave.

No. 926146

File: 1632928841483.jpg (3.76 KB, 195x183, download.jpg)

I want to get vampire fang implants. I have sharp canines and an ex once told me I looked like a vampire when I laugh and it's cute and ever since then I've wanted to get fangs to make them a little more than just subtle.

No. 926148

Yes. Read the symptoms from a medical or psychology book for autism and aspergers. Aspergers is very close to neurotypical. It is possible to have the sensory issues of autism and the not understanding social clues, but learn to fit into society at the same time.

No. 926151

File: 1632929129596.jpeg (42.23 KB, 570x760, F8BD8BFC-96F2-4233-B320-0BA9E2…)

Something like this would be cute tbh, but you would have to make sure that the dentist isn’t leaving stuff half assed because when a tooth is just a tiny bit taller than another, it hurts like a bitch.

No. 926154

Wouldn't they affect the way you speak? They look like they would give you a lisp

No. 926157

Reminds me of when I got a cavity filling and it was overfilled, but I couldn't even tell that it was until much later when I went to eat. Pain was absolutely awful.

Yeah probably. I have fake fangs I put in for Halloween and it does give me a bit of a lisp.

No. 926173

I recorded his voice in a meeting and got off to it while I was in bed today

No. 926203

my teeth actually do look like that and i do have a lisp

No. 926216

File: 1632936252313.png (338.97 KB, 550x1041, tumblr_o1rggfuNU61r8r604o1_128…)

A few days back I went to a musical with my sibling and niece for the first time in literal years of seeing a live musical and also after being 1 year and a half without going to any theatre and the likings due to the corona. I was so overwhelmed (in a good way) that I kept silently crying nonstop for a good chunk of the first act lol Good thing the venue is completely dark while the show is happening and also that I was using binoculars, because I felt pretty stupid for crying in a whimsical E+ rated mostly comedy musical lol

No. 926273

I think I figured out why I hated my ex boyfriend's meddling ex girlfriend so much. She had a connection to my much bigger issue of my bitch of a step mom. In fact when my step mom dies I'm going to dance on her grave. I will not attend her funeral though. My ex boyfriend's ex girlfriend was a complete freak but she was such a freak that I should have not been so triggered. It was a deep psychological issue relating to how she was in cahoots with my step mom. I hope on some level she can know that I don't hate her anymore. She's simply dull and freaky to me now.

No. 926313

I fucking hate my sisters boyfriend. He is 100% after our inheritance and always thinks that he is right and super arrogant in general. We were discussing (me, my bf, my sister, her bf) what we would gift my parents for their wedding anniversary and he completely walked all over us and already decided on a gift (vacation to a shitty boring city) and also set a date. When I called him out on it in the group chat he played dumb and acted like I was the bad one for questioning his decision. I am literally seething right now. My sister ofc doesnt have a backbone whatsoever and always lets this monkey walk all over her like he does with everyone else. WE are my parents children so WE make the fucking decisions. I fucking hate this guy so much and thinking about also having to deal with his bitch ass in the future makes me super mad. He is always acting like he is above everyone else and that his opinion is the only right one. I wish I could get my sister to break up with him. I wish I had a strategy on how to behave around him so he feels super threatened by me and shuts his dumb mouth.

No. 926315

I'm going to see one of my favorite bands in a few weeks, I'm probably going to bawl my eyes out due to emotions, being able to finally see them live and also being my first concert since January 2020.

No. 926318

How wealthy are you guys to have him acting up like this? See if you can expose him for something that would make your sister dump him

No. 926337

wealthier than his family. my sister is also talking less and less with me and my mother since she moved in with him which concerns me a lot. we always had a good relationship. i can't remember talking with her or meeting her in the past year without him present and my mother even got angry because she didn't even text or phone our grandparents during the covid period till now. i just want my sister back and this insufferable dude out of our lives. this frustrates me a lot. i do wish that my sister is happy and has a happy relationship but this guy doesn't bring any happiness.

No. 926433

When I was 9 years old I started getting suspicious SMS messages like
>good night, cutie!
I only responded once saying "You got the wrong number." The guy said I dialed his number by mistake a few weeks back and he was captivated by the cute voice. The messages continued and luckily never got sexual, but I never told anyone.

I regret not telling my parents,I felt like they would shame me or blame me, so it was best to ignore the creep and stay cold. But now it seems so terrifyingly stupid, this was before social media, but he could have found my name if he called the central to get caller info.

Then, years later my little sister started getting such messages. She also didn't want to tell our parents but confided in me, it was only one message so I told her it must have been the wrong number, I also told our mom this time iirc. Tinfoil hat, but at that point I started thinking it was some adult from our music school or middle school which had phone numbers on record. I also wondered if our parents were such paranoid fucks they decided to "test" us (since the messages were sfw), but they couldn't afford a burner phone or an extra sim card back then.

No. 926549

Sometimes I check her Sm and laugh so hard… I’ve seen more personality in cardboard tbh and she’s very stupid. Like, talk about a downgrade. Enjoy playin it safe and boring. I’m so thankful I left.

No. 926556

File: 1632965321312.jpg (115.78 KB, 735x729, 94948f0d2f6af6dbf6018596cdfd18…)

I love riding dick, specially reverse cowgirl on a chair or sofa. Thing is, I'm currently a bit too overweight for doing it comfortably and confidently. Of course I'm losing the weight for all the reasons that are important, but damn, I can't wait being able to ride again.

No. 926596

i’m gonna be so malnourished from all of the depression ramen noodles ive been eating, lord forgive me im probably going to order more samyang noodles

No. 926625

My boyfriend allows me access to his phone but doesn't care about access to mine. I feel kind of bad about the arrangement because I'm so neurotic but he just says if it helps me out no skin off his back but that I should really talk to someone about trust issues kek. I don't go through this phone but knowing I can helps me out with retarded thoughts.

No. 926631

Not to make you paranoid, but I had a boyfriend like that and I ended finding porn on his phone after he said he was against it. Never underestimate the retardation of men.

No. 926646

Who saves porn to their phone? So bizarre and stupid.

No. 926649

My favorite position is missionary and cowgirl

No. 926666

I'm a TERF yet the idea of a dominant TiM being a total abusive hon is one of my biggest fantasies.

They're all deranged autistic psychos but I find the "passing" ones attractive.

No. 926667

It wasn’t saved it was in the browser

No. 926679

i pretend that i like buttstuff so my fiance doesnt lose interest in me

No. 926686

No. 926688

Just let him lose interest, it's not meant to be.

No. 926689

I mistook a flag from West Africa for the Irish flag and have been going around Twitter with it in my username for a while now

No. 926690

Haha aw nonnie

No. 926694

As someone who used to(?) have disordered eating, losing weight now scares the shit out of me because I'm worried I'll lose my gains. Having to drive just to get breakfast sucks.

No. 926847

Even dumber now that we have private tabs.

No. 926910

Made pretty big money for drawing a genshin twink taking it up the ass, and not only drawing fujo porn didn't bothered me, i'll do it again for how retarded but easy + well paying it was

No. 926943

I feel like I'm in love with a man I've known for a month and I want to fuck his brains out so much I can hardly stand it.

No. 926994

I have such a strong urge to write fanfiction lately despite not really writing besides when I used to rp as a pre-teen. I don't even know if it'll be any good or not but I guess I don't have to publish it anywhere.

No. 927184

File: 1633027646608.jpg (31.81 KB, 404x600, 17_2.jpg_1092548088.jpg)

I'm really sad I didn't go to a Justin Bieber concert in like 2010-2011. I think it would have been a fun childhood memory (I was 11 at that time). I guess he still does concerts but it wouldn't be the same as during the peak of Bieber Fever.

No. 927195

File: 1633028271876.jpeg (134.06 KB, 728x545, 1F670552-C2DB-451E-8AD6-B45FD4…)

I kind of wish I would’ve been a belieber, I would’ve been relatively happier than as an emo weeb. Mostly because I would’ve had at least a few friends into the same guy instead of some bitter children who just live to hate on the girls who were just having fun.

No. 927202

I'm kn love with a stripper. she grind and she ride in that pole and she know

No. 927207

File: 1633029394037.jpg (50.84 KB, 600x485, Yo-Dawg-I-Heard-You-Like-Justi…)

I used to be in that scene, while we disliked Bieber cause his music was "pop" we never hated him, just didn't talk about him but for whatever reason the entire male portion of the internet(including fucking adult men) just hated him so much, it was insane
memes like this were everywhere

No. 927212

I've needed to lose weight for a really long time, but never bothered. Mostly laziness and not wanting to give up my easy dopamine hits. Now my SiL who is super judgemental and low-key annoys me just got engaged. Guess who has tons of motivation to diet? Me. I've always been the heavier of the two of us, but Covid shut downs hit her hard in terms of weight gain. I've lost a whole bunch of weight over the summer and she's ballooning. I know it's terrible, but I've decided to embrace my pettiness. I'm gonna try to be thinner than her in her wedding photos. Why am I such a terrible person?

No. 927246

File: 1633033708260.jpg (107.8 KB, 1024x832, CvoA19HUsAAg_e3-1024x832.jpg)

You gotta do what you gotta do anon. I live a normie, happy life to spite all of my uwu depwessed friends from college who I no longer talk to. I don't have them on social media anymore so I can't even humblebrag, but just knowing that I'm doing so much better than them in life (even though my life is objectively mediocre) makes me feel better about myself.

No. 927273

File: 1633035426485.jpeg (56.49 KB, 540x405, 63ED226D-4E2B-4E19-9D71-954B6F…)

Ntayrt but it was even more pathetic when it was adult men doing it! I guess they were angry that all the little girls were paying attention to a moid around their age instead of them.

No. 927293

File: 1633038513917.jpeg (41.46 KB, 640x480, images (78).jpeg)

Should really ask mods for a permaban, but deep down I know I'll just find another VPN to post from.

No. 927296

I wish I wasn’t redpilled about porn, it ruins me every day.

No. 927308

both of you: based as fuck

No. 927309

This. His music is mediocre but people just hated on him for being pretty, a bit femenine, and for having a bunch of young female fans. Fuck men.

No. 927310

But why? just don't watch it

No. 927323

not watching it doesn't change the fact that everyone else is getting off to rape on tape

No. 927339

I would never want to be blissfully ignorant but I regularly get upset about how massively popular and widely consumed it is. After reading all those testimonials from people in the industry (women describing their abuse, men describing their absolute joy at abusing them), I can barely cope with the thought of men/pickmes getting off to it, excusing it and dismissing any concerns as 'insecurity'. I'm not fucking insecure, I pity those women to an insane extent ffs it's the complete opposite of insecurity. It's my worst nightmare.

No. 927426

I'm dating a white guy now and our personalities match, but I'm not really attracted to white dudes. I've always found guys with tan skin and dark hair attractive (admittedly Japanese, Thai, Korean,some Chinese dudes lol), so I really don't know if I see a future with him. Call it yellow fever or whatever but damn have issues…

No. 927480

There’s this girl at my work who fucked the Sous Chef (restaurant life lmao) but then spun it as rape; which it was fucked up on his part, but like she wanted to fuck him bc she told me how badly she wanted to, and when he got fired she continued to start shit, drama wise. She was also like a moderate bully to me but alas I am not a confrontational person so I never stood up for myself.

It’s been like 9 months since he’s been gone and she quit/got fired (another long story), and she’s still causing shit. I told myself I would take the high road and not tell anyone how angry I am at her (because everyone thinks she was raped) but I got drunk with coworkers tonight, and I told everyone how bad she wanted to fuck him and how much of a negative person she is and I haven’t regretted it yet because there hasn’t been enough time before my spilling of beans vs. consequences.

No. 927768

I’ve always thought my friend was hot but last night we were sitting in a booth together and she slid her hand up my thigh and squeezed it and holy shit I almost lost it. I don’t think she’s into girls though rip

No. 927776

who cares. she's a dumb cunt who deserved to get called out. 99% chance everyone already knows she's worthless. even if they side with her against others, they'll side against her with others just the same.

No. 927794

You do realize that there’s a point where things can stop being consensual, right

No. 927886

E-girls ruined my life overknees for me. Can't believe I finally graduated from the look I've loved ever since I was an early middleschool weeb because I automatically associate them with terminally online tiktokers now.

No. 927894

Me too, nonnie, I used to fantasize about cute over the knee socks but egirls, webs and trannies ruined them, there’s no way to make them look cute for me anymore, they will never look elegant.

No. 927896

lucky you. they remind me of trannies

No. 927905

sometimes I swear I need to commit myself then I realize how it's going to fuck up my life and recoil from the idea. maybe I just need to come to terms with the accusations people have thrown at me that I'm a narcissistic sociopath with no real identity, and that I'll either be able to use that madness to my advantage or just die horrifically one day. I'm gearing towards the latter these days since I can't seem to finish any projects and am losing grasp on my mind. There is no myself and yet I don't even feel like myself

No. 927915

kek really? i dont think i have ever seen a tranny wear them…

i feel you both on this though, i love over the knee socks but they really do remind me of weebs and

No. 927923

the weebs got her

No. 927924

I started doing furry commissions last spring and have been drawing more and more degenerate shit as I get more fans.
But this is the first time in 10 years I've actually been drawing and it feels good, just the process I am enjoying again (or maybe it is mostly the money lmao).

No. 927938

even though it's been several months I'm still extremely mad at the anons who called tokyo mew mew characters "prostitutes"

also sort of unrelated but most of my favorite anime art styles/designs are from battle shounens and gag comedies. i like "ugly" shit i guess, but that's what makes it fun imo. I would've never got into weeb media if everyone looked normal.

No. 928042

I don’t know why, but whenever I’m writing a story, my favorite character has to suffer, doesn’t matter if that main character is just a random side character or filler character, if I like it, I will make it be miserable as long as the plot lets me.

No. 928044

No. 928237

File: 1633158864768.jpeg (644.9 KB, 1266x1615, 6868FC95-9D46-43B2-A23E-0258BD…)

I was in a meme group chat and (I’m 20) I kept getting hit on by a 16 year old, it flattered me I obviously did not reciprocate or even think of it but I was so flattered is that normal I feel gross and ashamed but also flattered even though 16 year old boys like anything that moves and he probably has no standards .

No. 928278

I would probably kill myself if it wouldn't upset my family. It's on my mind at least once everyday.

No. 928303

My charade of being mentally okay is falling apart. It has been for years, but the last 2 years specifically kicked started it into hyper drive. It's funny, as an elementary school girl, I was well adjusted and happy. Then I entered middle school. It wasn't the kids or the teachers that put me in a nose dive, it was my mother. She got very emotional abusive towards me. I don't remember her being that way when I was much younger, but she could have been; I may have been too blinded by normal kid activities and never noticed. My mother got nasty towards me, made comments, wouldn't take to the doctor/ER when I got hit in the face by accident (little to no blood but couldn't breath well through my nose which is still messed up. I didn't get an ambulance because I told the office no and wanted my mother to take me. Mistake of a lifetime.), and got shitty with me for not wanting to do volleyball/sports in general (I tried a myriad of sports as a child, never really like any. My mother played a few and acted like she was really good. She wasn't, lived in a small town until mid to late teenage years. She didn't make any teams in a bigger school. Kek). She got nastier when I was in high school, and I got the added bonus of my maternal grandmother starting to be nasty towards me too. Forced me to play golf, lasted 1 year thank goodness. Wouldn't let me take driver's ed right away because I was too "immature" but made sure my older brother did. Didn't get my license until almost out of high school, I had to drive with her if I wanted practice/hours for the most part. There's a lot more, but I don't want to continue. I had a therapist once, but she's in a different state. I never told her any of this, I just kept to a different incident that happened in uni. I have no insurance to pay for another one. The worst part of all of this, I remember every stupid detail of all the incidents. My memories are on re-run all the time. I'm also still around my mother because stockholm syndrome.

No. 928409

I have a shit posture but whenever I pass a manlet on the street I straighten up to assert my dominance.

No. 928413

As you should.

No. 928436

File: 1633191454664.jpeg (41.84 KB, 880x480, 7F7BC5A7-00C4-4106-9A62-F14F04…)

My fantasies must involve good dick with a good man on the end of it but the focus is always on the female character and the mind blowing sexual gratification she receives. Yes, I get off more on the idea of a hetero pairing where the attention is all on the woman, the guy character must be hot but he’s more for decoration and a prop to move things along until I imagine her having world shaking orgasms. No guilt, no shame, luv my imagination.

No. 928437

File: 1633191736147.jpg (685.57 KB, 2448x3264, 1456862033-joseph-colletti-1.j…)

Honestly things would be so much less complicated and we'd have less degenerates, kinkfags, ddlgers, fujos, tifs and faghags if there was more media/erotica featuring what you described

No. 928497

I want to eat pussy so bad but I'm in a committed relationship with my boyfriend. I'll just keep it to my fantasies.

No. 928545

have u tried sitting cross legged and touching that crease in the knee? i think that's what p word would be like

No. 928571

File: 1633202468898.gif (2.81 MB, 498x280, heat-al-pacino.gif)

Since I've been using my stationary bike to exercise a lot over the past couple years my ass has really developed and at first I kinda hated it. I'm butch with a fridge body and shit for tits so it felt weird seeing a noticeably female trait on myself. At first I figured it was my "dysphoria" but then after really thinking about it and discussing it with my partner I realised it was just my bullshit hang ups about gender presentation. I was more concerned about how other people view me rather than how I view myself. And y'know what? I actually think I look great now! Fuck what other people think.

No. 928576

is that the tiger blood guys ancestor

No. 928580

don't know what that is, just a random pic of a good looking soldier I found

No. 928604

oh it was a joke u don't wanna know

No. 928621

I got into a lab at a hospital and it's 12 hour shifts but if I stick it out for at minimum 2 years I can apply to better jobs with better hours and pay, however I am 31 (a late starter in my new career) so that's kids completely off the table for me until like 35. Which maybe is OK for me since I'm single af with no options in sight. Anyway I ordered a lot of cute furniture today because I am absolutely embarrassed by my apartment and it does not mesh with "the vision".

No. 928625

I'm happy for you, anon! Make that stationary bike your bitch

No. 928702

Damn, congrats anon! Do you own more exercise gear or is it just one bike in your home? I wanna work out and make some gains like that (flat ass = chairs hurt) but I don’t to go to the gym so I’m thinking about getting some home equipment.

No. 928808

I feel like I'm slowly morphing into a normie and I don't even feel bad about it, deep down I'll always remain a weebie femcel though.

No. 928811

My dad died very recently but was an awful human being. He was extremely abusive towards my mom and I and left us homeless during the Pandemic, and we found out after he was gone that he had stolen/withheld over half a million dollars from our family over the course of the past ten years. If I had the chance I would not bring him back but I still sobbed over him last night.

No. 928854

It's normal to be sad, even if he was a piece of shit. I hope he you got something back from him though. Sending safe and positive vibes to you and your family.

No. 929024

I know I’m straight. I am attracted to men. I have sexual fantasies about men. I do not want a real life man inside me. It’s a superiority thing against men and it’s simultaneously hilarious and frustrating to me.

No. 929029

File: 1633259411977.jpg (70.36 KB, 680x672, E_4OAYsUUAA4EuI.jpg)

I love watching the fall of my skinwalker abuser the more she ruins her own friendships and life by exposing herself as the nasty basic bitch she is

It is satisfying

No. 929035

Kek I know that problem about the chairs all too well. My whole life I've had a flat ass, cycling really helped me because squats are bad for my fucked up knee. The bike, some dumbbells and a pull-up bar is all the exercise gear I have. As long as you have the floor space you're good to go. Yoga is really helpful for muscle tone and keeping healthy joints from home too; I've been doing it for over 15 years now and it's been a godsend. I made nearly all my gains at home (I only go to the gym to use the weight machine for more intense body building), if you're targeting your ass a stationary bike is a great investment. I like it because I can watch TV while I cycle, doesn't feel so much like "work" that way.

No. 929062

I would love to become a lolcow so I don’t feel lonely anymore and know even though I would be a complete retard I would be talked about by people who acknowledge my existence

No. 929068

I’m trying to be strong. I’m trying to be more positive. I’m trying so hard but honestly I think dying is so much easier. I’m just tired and constantly being replaced, used, lied to, abandoned. The never ending cycle of loss because no one likes me long term is annoying. I’m in my early 30s and I’m just over it. I don’t want to go on. It just hurts to try. I’m seriously contemplating the least painful and quickest way to off myself before my birthday Thursday.

No. 929069

Nonnie; never be a cow. Be something more than a subject roasted on a forum.

No. 929075

Libra homie, if it helps, my dad’s life completely changed in his mid 30’s. He didn’t expect it, but he changed careers and now is his own boss. (Left restaurants and started real estate.) He went from broke ass to building a business over 30+ properties. It started with a rundown house and a lot of work, and at the beginning of this new endeavor he thought he was the moron for even trying.
It’s never too late for a fate twisting curveball. I hope you take some risks and try to change the path of your course- you may be happier because of it.
Happy birthday, and I hope to see more posts from you!

No. 929076

Samefag, but I guess what I’m trying to say is you may feel awful now, but how can you change your course so you don’t live the same life and expect different results?

No. 929079

Your only problem is how your relationships (or lack thereof) with other people fare? That's what you want to kill yourself over? Sure it fucking sucks to be lied to and abandoned, but there's so much more to your life than the people in it.

No. 929097

just regurgitate a bunch of offensive opinions and make people angry, but intersperse your rhetoric with real life tidbits so they get parasocially attached. tried and true method. just look at lucinda's thread. she lost nothing by creating her own thread kek

No. 929103

It’s more of people saying they’ll stay with me but then go off when they meet someone new. Or I get ghosted. Or leaving when I turned out not to be the girl they wanted. It gets to you after so long and you experience the same loss multiple times. It makes me feel like hey maybe I just don’t belong here after all. Maybe I was just a throw away Sim to practice mods with or somthing lol.

I know there’s more important things than relationships with other people. It just gets lonely and hurts when you thought you met the one and then they just fuck off from your life like you weren’t this important person they made you out to be. That they said they’d never abandoned you. And then dump you like a broken toy when they met someone else.

No. 929123

I don't think you should throw away your life over failed relationships with other people. First of all, there's a lot of different factors going into relationships working out or not, and that's not all on you, and most of all your problem is a thousand percent fixable. Enjoy your birthday, do something nice for/by yourself or spend some time with family if you have those and try again when you feel ready for it.

No. 929153

Nta but oof this sounds a lot like my life. I actually still somewhat plan to off myself at 30 because shits hard. However, I find "knowing" how much time you have left motivating to actually go after stuff I want. Not people, for the reasons you said, but work, hobbies, stuff etc. It eases the pain a bit.

No. 929295

I am addicted to the internet, my phone, my laptop and otherwise television shows. I binge eat still even with all of the progress I have made. I am addicted to the instant gratification and it has eroded my productivity and attention span. I'm going to restore myself, but the process begins with admitting the problem. I have a problem with internet addiction and following gratification issues. I am determined to change.

No. 929300

File: 1633288687279.jpg (75.19 KB, 750x743, love_u.jpg)

i would probably have an heroed if it wasn't for this site and you anons. 3-4 years ago i was extremely depressed, lonely and really struggling. this is embarrassing but i spent the entirety of the summer of 2018 on lolcow because i didn't have anything else to do. i'm now in a much better place, i have recovered and am now living a very normal life where i'm mentally stable, have good friends and a full-time job that i really like. i don't think i would have been able to accomplish those things if it weren't for this site tho, as it made me feel a sense of community in a very dark and lonely time in my life. kek this is getting too sappy, but i just want to say thanks to all the farmers. i don't have enough time to be on lolcow these days, but this toxic site holds such a precious place in my heart. i love you guys sm.

No. 929302

I've been a vegan for nearly 4 years I was vegetarian for a large portion of my life. wlWell recently I went back to eating fish/dairy/eggs but I'm having serious deranged cravings for land meat, all I can think about is animal products but being vegan for so long i'm scared everyone I know is going to judge me if I just start eating meat again, but I feel like my body/brain is so fucked up from veganism.

No. 929303

they're going to judge you anyway. do what is right for you. seriously, you can endure their judgement. focus on your healing

No. 929310

Thankyou anon, i'm thinking of starting with bone broth and going from there

No. 929311

Hell yeah, that's a great idea.

No. 929312

File: 1633289058881.gif (414.27 KB, 512x512, 1625566962157.gif)

I get you nona, there is a lot of negativity here but farmers can also be kind and really funny. And you can write about a lot of topics here that you might be able to discuss elsewhere.

No. 929385

File: 1633294521693.jpeg (42.95 KB, 512x512, 6F2ACEDC-7001-4BEB-BC17-BB183F…)

Very I ccasionally I will go on rule34 and look up porn of things I like purely because I think it’s funny. My favorite is one of picrel performing sex acts on the rest of the Oneyplays crew in the same exact style. I genuinely will never understand the people who need to pornify literally everything.

No. 929430

Kinda hope LC goes down. I’ve enjoyed shitposting with you nonnas but I know not having this site around anymore will be much better for my mental health. Sites like this will always be around but I won’t need to know about them.

No. 929439

Based Crystal Cafe CeeCee poster

No. 929441

Kinda hope you go down

No. 929448

she can go down to the himbo city where the men ain't smart but they all got tiddy

No. 929450

>my mental health

Who's triggering you?

No. 929455

I used to be so jealous of belle delphine because scrotes were calling her a genius for being a shitty troll

No. 929459

I'm fat and used to be an anachan but I feel like I'm a horrible person for being fat. I also don't trust advice from other fat people about being happy. I don't understand how you can be happy and fat

No. 929460

then get a website blocker you toddler

No. 929461

Scrotes memeing the "genius businesswoman" thing just to avert from the realization that their gender is retarded coomer brains

Any time they're salty about a woman making tons of money from porn, it's too much to think critically about who's paying her.

No. 929471

I have 6 siblings and only 2 out of 7 us graduated high school. 4 of us dropped out before even making it to high school.

No. 929478

She has an entire team behind her marketing. Damn right she's no single-handed genius. She's literally a manufactured product.

No. 929502

I don’t want love or a relationship with a man, I just want the attention from them

No. 929508

So did one of your siblings drop out during high school or what? Don't leave me hanging anon.

No. 929601

File: 1633314928768.jpg (112.56 KB, 640x480, 1448099065727.jpg)

Every single time I visit /cgl/, I get genuinely upset about its state. It's now overtaken by the exact people gulls used to make fun of a decade ago. Back then browsing and posting was genuinely fun and it felt like a little community (but still part of 4chan) but now I can't even read it for a few minutes without feeling the same dread as browsing social media. It's the same insufferable demographic. I want my gulls back.

No. 929607

I miss when the draw thread wasn’t a complete mess all the time tbh all the rando incel/bait posters also don’t help

No. 929638

File: 1633320917886.png (1000.33 KB, 662x628, itreallyis.PNG)

god I miss /cgl/ so much, I only started browsing in 2013 so I'm not a true oldfag, but the memories of that place are so good. We can never go back.

No. 929804

Agreed. The lolita threads are the worst because only japanese street snaps are acceptable. Western lolitas? Ugly fat itas, oh and selfposters if someone dares to compliment them. Cgl is all negativity all the time and it's exhausting. I like gossiping about lolita cows as much as the next person but shitting on every single no name cof user gets old fast.

No. 929887

I used to be a tripfag on /cgl/.

No. 929899

I started browisng in 2012. We are both oldfags now. It's been almost a decade

No. 929916

File: 1633354382434.jpeg (520.31 KB, 2048x1536, 04DDFCE9-564D-402D-BB7D-1CF755…)

Sometimes I get angry at my bf because he’s so wonderful and understanding. I just want to pick and fight and seethe and yell but I have no ammo, I have no reason. I grew up in toxicity, so being here makes me feel so alienated. He doesn’t raise his voice ever, and yet I want to pick a fight regardless.
I know it’s self sabotage but some times I just want to disappear, change my name and disappear into the mountains. I didn’t mean to find love when I did. In fact, a few days before I met him I was in a gallery and considering ways to off myself.
Am I resentful towards love and patience? Perhaps.

No. 929973

You sound like the self-hating scrotes who emotionally abuse their girlfriends for being kind and nurturing towards them. Why don't you find someone on your level if you hate someone who truly loves you so much?

No. 930016

Where in that entire post did I say I hate him? I’m angry because I struggle with how loving a relationship is. I don’t feel like I deserve it.

No. 930145

You can't find one reason to nitpick your scrote? Bpd card revoked.

No. 930205

My Nigel is a good one too. I grew up in a toxic broken family who didn't cope with their anger well. Meanwhile he grew up with the standard two-parent upper middle class lifestyle where no one really ever got angry. They had their problems to be sure, but they weren't as extreme as what I faced.

Apparently one of his critiques of me that he finds comical is how my anger flips "on a dime," like I'll be swearing at myself and seething over a work file not uploading, but in the next moment I'll be distracted by something cute on my computer and go awwww.
I'm rarely angry towards him yet I still struggle with my own frustrations.
When he says that it makes me mad because he doesn't understand how I've had to compartmentalize my feelings like that. My parents behaved similarly except they weren't bashful about yelling at me for several hours straight and then taking on a cheery and lovey tone when they had to perform as parents in front of guests or out in public. It was normal for me to witness psychotic anger episodes and then pretend like nothing ever happened in the next hour, if I didn't, there were consequences.
He's right, it's toxic but sometimes old habits slip out. Sometimes it makes me wish he were toxic too so he wouldn't call me out on it, but that's stupid.

No. 930262

I've 2 ruined relationships behind me because of this. I had no idea what was making me act the way I did, no awareness of where it came from. I thought it was depression related. One of the guys in particular I'm still kicking myself (for a decade now) over the fact that I lost him. He had the patience of a saint and I still drove him off eventually. I didn't see the warning signs that he was done either.

Him leaving was a wake up call to get my ass in gear and explore my weird behaviours in relationships. I looked at my upbringing and pieced it together. I almost had a breakdown trying to get through describing my childhood at weekly appts. In my next relationship the guy had similar issues to me but hid it well in the beginning. I was trying to be better (and I was getting somewhere) but this time it was him being the tard who wouldn't seek help or ever chill tf out once he was upset. I got a taste of what my first bf was put through.

I have some bitterness over the list of things wrong with me that go back to an upbringing of neglect, abuse and parents who gave each other the silent treatment half the time and screamed the other half of the time. I don't know if I can face trying to date again. I don't know what to fear more.. the possibility of becoming emotionally abusive again or being on the receiving end again. I see those 2 relationships as me learning lessons the hard way but damn I'm ready for an easier love now lol

No. 930307

I wish there were more womens spaces but without children. Not excluding mothers but without bringing up kids.

I know it's a big part of peoples lives but damn I'm tired of every women related hashtag or group being flooded by pictures of their kids.

No. 930325

I can relate to you very well. I grew up in violence and paired with a dysfunctional family. Never knew what real love and understanding was really like. When I started dating, I didn't understand what the point was at all because I assumed it was just about being somebody's bitch. Now, I am in a relationship with a kind man who showed me love and care and I would give him nothing, but a hard time. Instead of hostility, ive learned to tame my own anger that I would often feel out of survival. Sometimes I forget that starting fights has no purpose. I don't have to release my anger on anybody anymore because my life has changed for the better. Most of the time, I was afraid of silence so id start an argument over anxiety. God, I am so glad i'm not like that anymore.

No. 930383

i wish i could change my boob size at will

No. 930391

File: 1633375810857.gif (795.6 KB, 500x300, 842.gif)

this is what i want

No. 930450

I can’t accept a kiss normally ever since I was in my late teens and was at a wedding reception where someone older (on the other family’s side) asked me to dance. First I declined but then was pressured by relatives to slow dance with this strange man and not be so frigid .
So I begrudgingly dance with this guy whose probably like 30 compared to me being 19. I’m just making small talk since this is already awkward as it is abs as the song ends this MOTHER FUCKER leans in and tries to kiss me. Like square on the lips. I jerked my head in time and he got my cheek instead and I ran off to my family and didn’t say a word. My cheek itches as I write this. This fucking fat ugly fuck tried to kiss me and now I feel like I’m reliving that moment anytime anyone tries to kiss me. Like Jesus Christ. What do I do? Go “hey if you’re gonna kiss me warn me first because a gross balding fatass fish lipped fuck soiled tender moments for me forever” lmfaoooo

No. 930459

You punish him because you subconsciously hate him for treating you with kindness and respect. It stems from you hating yourself too obviously, but if you really loved him you wouldn't treat him like garbage. And yes, you can love someone else and treat them kindly without loving yourself first.

No. 930478

I don’t punish him and I don’t treat him like garbage. I’m expressing my frustration here but not at him. I tell him all the time I’m pretty sure he’s extraterrestrial because his love and patience doesn’t seem humanly possible.

I appreciate all the other anons sharing, it helps to know others get like this too. I’m in therapy and working on it, but I suppose childhood abuse takes so long to undo.

No. 930503

I'm 30 and I sleep in my bed with several plushies. I have a favourite one that I like to hug while I sleep and it makes me really happy.

No. 930514

That's so sweet anon! Never be ashamed of your stuffed animals. I'm close to your age and half of my bed is covered with them. No regrets.

No. 930515

Same anon. I've had the same little plush since I was a baby and it's a raggedy old thing now but damn do I honestly have trouble sleeping if it isn't on my bed with me kek. Even just laying right next to it is enough, but if it isn't on my bed it bothers the hell out of me. My parents made fun of me for bringing it with me to college and when I went to study abroad, but it brought me so much comfort. I still remember the first night I was alone in my dorm room in a foreign country. I couldn't even bring myself to eat the instant noodles I bought and made, I just sat on my bed and hugged my plush and cried because it was the only piece of home I felt that I had.

No. 930529

Thank you kind anon! It makes me feel a bit better. And I hope your collection of plushies keeps growing too!
> I've had the same little plush since I was a baby and it's a raggedy old thing now but damn do I honestly have trouble sleeping if it isn't on my bed with me kek.
I know that feel all too well. I've got a teddy bear like that but I try to give it some break so it doesn't fall apart lol. And your entire post is completely relatable. The comfort that some of these plushies give me is immense and when I had to move country, my few plushies made me feel less alone. It's a familiar face that doesn't judge you. It's hard not to get attached to it. I just thought that after a certain age, I should stop relying on them for emotional support but hey, if it works, it works.

No. 930596

I swear childhood plushes have some kind of latent magic power.

No. 930671

File: 1633393922892.jpeg (126.39 KB, 750x562, F6B4EB1E-4965-4881-8388-D72961…)

I want to be unironically straight up killed, hack-and-slash murdered like a cheesy horror film.

No. 930689

File: 1633396107463.jpeg (919.72 KB, 3000x2000, 13CAB4DE-6ADC-4057-B344-F7EE22…)

I know that feel, nonnie, i have this doll which is permanently sad, it’s literally pic related, my grandma gave her to me as a gag gift when I was a toddler and ever since then I would keep her around.
I still travel with her even if I just keep her in my purse, and I have to keep her around my room in a comfy place so she can be confortable too.
It has been quite hellish nowadays because I left her in another continent, I hope my parents don’t throw her away because I would legitimately kill myself, she’s extremely important to me.

No. 930724

> I have to keep her around my room in a comfy place so she can be confortable too.
God I feel this. I will tuck my plush in or keep the blankets off depending on the weather. When I leave for the day I give it a hug and a kiss and say “i love you” and if I walk back into my room to get something I have to repeat this (it feels like I’ve disturbed its sleep). My mom thinks its stinky and doesn’t like it but my dad will sometimes come into my room and take it to smell because we both like the weird smell of it, its comforting to us lol. As much as my parents tease me for it, they know I’d lose my mind if I didn’t have it anymore. I forgot it in their room once when I went back to college and they offered to mail it to me but I was horrified at the thought of making my plush even live through the mailing system (never mind usps’s dumb ass potentially losing it!) so I had them leave it at home and I just had to suffer til I went back home kek.

I hope that you’ll be reunited with your doll soon. Can you not ask your parents to keep it safe for you? It really sucks not having it around and fearing for it. I don’t care if it makes me a big baby, I really care for my plushies, especially my favorite one!

> I just thought that after a certain age, I should stop relying on them for emotional support but hey, if it works, it works.
I feel like my plush is my one and only link to my parents, and when they’re gone at least I will still have my plush. It’s just a random baby shower gift from an aunt that they put in my crib for decoration, and my tiny baby brain got attached to it and my parents were like “oh fuck what the fuck” but didn’t bother taking it away from me lol. I’ve read that adults having comfort items is common, and potentially helps adults adjusting to new situations more than adults just having to adjust without a comfort item. Or maybe I’m just pulling it out of my ass. Either way I’ve given up the idea of growing out of it. I fear the day I get a partner and have to explain “yes this is my raggedy little plush, it means the world to me and I will sleep hugging it probably more than I’ll hug you.” There’s a fear of whether they’ll think I’m a freak, or arguably worse, dating a psycho who could potentially destroy my plush for any given reason. It’s extreme but my plush really feels like the embodiment of my family and our love and I would absolutely kill/commit serious bodily harm over it.

The power of pure childhood innocence…

No. 930730

kek this doll's design is like emotional blackmail to never get rid of it. I hope it works on your parents so they don't toss her out, nonita.

No. 930760

File: 1633409166250.png (3.4 MB, 1242x2208, 2E4583C5-6FB7-4E69-8D77-916CFD…)

I think I might’ve started the trend of Carreyposting in the Unconventional Males Attraction thread but I’m definitely not a Carreyfag. I think I created a monster.

Pic related is my post. I think it was the first time he was posted in those threads but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong

No. 930762

I'll never understand why there are so many of you guys. I wish there was more of Woody

No. 930764

>I thought this was Ben Shapiro for a millisecond

No. 930768

I don't even find him that funny, I just think he's cute
also its cause he's a skinny tall white guy who looks like he hasn't slept in days

No. 930776

Excellent taste, nonny.

No. 930781

File: 1633415051163.jpeg (25.45 KB, 431x323, 6CFE18C1-F19A-4DBF-830F-1ED1F4…)

No. 930790

the fact that you're still here warms my heart and also fills me with rage, what monster have you created and why am I one of them

I agree. my curvy average height ass wants to be embraced by a tall dark haired skinny weirdo who can perfectly mimic a praying mantis, it would bring me such strange happiness

No. 930792

well I actually find him funny but I deffos am most drawn to the way he looks. long slendy limbs but broader shoulders? a little slenderman like but I'll take it. there's something strangely cute about his face, like some awful cubist mess, it's a complete disarray, it's off kilter and I should hate it but it's artful

No. 930832

File: 1633426365750.jpeg (241.73 KB, 1080x1346, A8BD0388-A78E-4552-B3B8-9971F3…)

I saw my brother in Law’s bara tiddies today. He was walking around with no shirt on and pajama pants he’s got long hair and he’s pretty hooooooot. I was trying not to look but those tiddies were bussin, he had chest hair too. He’s pretty cute facially too. Kinda reminds me of Johnny Depp

No. 930834

>He was walking around with no shirt on and pajama pants
God what a slut, was he trying to seduce you?

No. 930840

whenever i'm mad at myself i peel off the skin on my lips and then apply hand sanitizer like it's lipgloss

No. 930861

you apply hand sanitizer to your lips, to punish yourself? that must sting like a motherfucker

No. 930900

that's the point. it feels less stupid than the elastic band on wrist thing.

No. 930915

no, that's definitely more stupid than the elastic band on wrist thing

No. 930928

I hate my ex friend, she is a liar and a manipulator who always trashtalks her friends to feel superior. I learned that she spread sensitive information about me, so I stopped talking to her. Recently a friend of hers requested to know what she said behind him so I obliged and told all of her disgusting remarks she had towards him. Now he knows everything said behind his back over the years.

I also know you read this threads. This is about you. Isn't it tiring to secretly hate all your friends? Celebrate unfortunate events that happen to them behind their backs? Grow up before you're completely loveless.

No. 930981

I got a really well paying job in engineering during the pandemic. I have only been in like, 4 times, otherwise it's just WFH. I am dreading going in full time because I have only actually worked a total of 2 weeks in all my months of full payment. People have been really happy with my work, but I generally perform it all last minute before a meeting. I feel like such a hack, and I should care more about this job… but going in to work and spending all those hours in a lab sounds horrible. Especially since I seem to get by with working only a few hours a week. I feel like I'm being a selfish child, and I'm worried that when I go in they will figure out that I've been phoning it in. At the same time, I'm worried that they have the wrong impression of me and will be disappointed when they figure out my actual skill level.

No. 931006

this is quality bait

No. 931094

he looks like Tommy wise

No. 931289

File: 1633468528413.jpg (Spoiler Image, 9 KB, 236x354, howdy.jpg)

that hawt

No. 931302

I just started grad school and for the first time in years I actually want to kill myself again. I can't say it outloud for obvious reasons but it's because my stress levels are so high and nothing I do makes this tension go away. I feel like I need to have a release whether that be a psychiatric cocktail of medications or some crying fit. But crying literally doesn't help, I still feel irritable and tensed up.
For the first time ever I had legitimate hallucinations and paranoia from stress and sleep deprivation. For the past couple days I've felt really paranoid (hearing noises mainly) but it escalated last weekend when I woke up in the middle of the night, saw men at the foot of my bed, and started screaming for my dad. Every time I tried to sleep that night I would have a new nightmare of someone killing me.
I took the weekend to decompress and I don't feel much different. It feels like I'll be this way forever, no wonder life seems like it's worth ending lol.

No. 931434

File: 1633477589258.png (513.43 KB, 640x480, bomi-snapshot-2021-09-20-14-26…)

i primarily use lolcow to argue. i'll pretend to be things i'm not just to fight for points i don't believe in, and i wastes my time in this manner because it entertains me. it makes me feel insane but whatever

No. 931453

The covid-19 thread must be a treat for you, kek.

No. 931459

nta but the best three things to bait on lc are fujos, anachans, and antivaxers. it's boring when it's not a good bait and the arguments go on for too long though

No. 931489

I wish you could tell random people they were pretty and it would just be considered a compliment and not some retarded flirt. Some people's faces are just so interesting and beautiful lol

No. 931490

Haha yep, sounds like grad school all right.

No. 931496

File: 1633483616228.jpg (44.41 KB, 640x384, 1632350498011.jpg)

I don't argue, I just drop a spergy and inflammatory post then come back later to observe the mess.

No. 931520

I used to work at Whole Foods and I was stocking product when this Amazon Woman of my Dreams walks by. I mean I got dizzy, she was so beautiful. I had to walk passed her to stock a shelf and I blurted out “Wow you are so beautiful I can’t handle it, whew” and kept working and she was so nice about it. After that I got goofier when she would shop, and it was an on going joke. I say keep complimenting people. Some people will really appreciate it. You may make someone’s day. (But stay respectful ofc)
If you’re reading this shopper, you made me feel very gay and overwhelmed e v e r y time I saw you. I hope you are still out there, giving everyone cardiac arrest. Lawd mercy

No. 931523

I hate radfems. Sperging about troons won't solve women's issues.

No. 931530

Ig that dunking on trannies isn't productive but you hate radfems for it? lol what on earth…if we're being completely serious, trans stuff is changing women's healthcare as we know it as the most funded civil rights movement in history despite only assembling approx 10 years ago. It's also a major movement that brainwashes young girls and female children who cannot actually consent to medical transition.

No. 931534

File: 1633489232815.gif (833.3 KB, 498x259, 6c423d27ea325bc22725610cedabdd…)

i have never subscribed to a youtuber before and never will. if i like someone's channel i'll just bookmark it, specifically the videos section. i don't want to be notified of shit

No. 931538

I'm sorry your parents didn't love you nonnie

No. 931541

You realize you can just turn notifications off right? I don't even automatically get youtube notifications unless I turn them on for a channel.

No. 931543

yes but i still refuse to subscribe anyway out of spite

No. 931598

Sometimes I fantasize about having a clone of myself so I could kill her. I suffer from self-loathing so I enjoy thinking about different ways to torture my mirror image.

No. 931611

I'm gonna hug and protect her, and you can't stop me

No. 931708

File: 1633508948903.png (422.19 KB, 521x490, dgjsldgldgh.png)

So I'm having doctor's appointments over the phone, especially after covid it's just seemingly stayed that way. I'm pretty happy with it because I get called and they're usually pretty short, and I don't have to go through with getting dressed, appearing somewhere and being physically around people. For me, hearing a person and their voice is much more important anyway.
But here's the kicker. Now, because there's nothing distracting me I notice immediately if a doctor's voice is ridiculously hot. And I'm relentlessly attracted to that. Like sir you don't need to prescribe me any more meds your voice has literal ecstasy in it. Like tell me about your day or something, I'm all ears baby.

No. 931711

for the longest time i thought ‘nonnie’ ‘nona’ and variations thereof was like the word for sister or something in another language. idk. it took me ages to realise it came from the word anon

No. 931717

it took me a year or two before I realized nonnie was a nickname for anon, you're not alone

No. 931730

File: 1633512031817.jpg (152.96 KB, 1080x1081, ag28k.jpg)

I kinda like 'nonnie', it's cute and disarming in a good warm fuzzies way

No. 931742

My ex used to be a a heavy drinker on weekends and was also a tad controlling. He would wake up hungover with no appetite and it'd nearly be the evening time before he ate.. for some reason he always expected me to also fast most of the day so as not to 'ruin my appetite' before some huge dinner he had planned. I didn't drink at all, didn't have his bloating problem and would've liked to enjoy weekends where I could eat when and what I wanted to. For 3 years I endured being hungry 2 days of the week. And for what?? It made no sense, shouldn't of affected him.

I feel like a fool looking back, literally had a man telling me when I was allowed eat. But he knew exactly how to make you give up arguing with him. Anything just to shut him up. I was already thin (whereas he had beer belly) so that wasn't an underlying issue. I'm just so pissed at how senseless it was to be at my throat all because I wanted a light breakfast.

No. 931761

if there was something other than just tampons to quickly suck out all my period blood I'd fuckin buy it in a heartbeat. the older I get the more annoying this shit is for 3-6 days and no I don't ever wanna fuck with birth control again.

No. 931782

Yeah I wish we could essentially piss out our periods in one go. When you look up how many mls of blood come out it's so little but the misery it manages to cause..

I remember years ago a tweet (I think?) went viral. A teenage boy thought women should hold in their period blood instead of 'being lazy and needing period products because you won't just hold it in'

No. 931814

Someone has too. It won’t solve women’s issues to suck tranny dicks.

No. 931816

I want a clone because we’d be very competitive and motivate each other to excel

No. 931837

And I hate tards who don't realise trannies are causing a lot of women's issues right now. Like putting men in women's prisons and shelters regardless of dick chop (either way's retarded), and making people use tard language which can dissuade ESL women from seeking medical help because they don't understand newspeek. Not everyone who spergs about troons is the same person, and you can both sperg about troons online and actually do boots on the ground activism offline.

No. 931873

I love reading m/m omegaverse. I can't get enough of it.

No. 931892

I don't think that even confessing this to Nuns will wipe the stain from your soul, nanny. Nurgle and Slaanesh are playing tug of War with your fate. Omegaverse is some of the nastiest poison to ever seep out of Fandom. The internet was a mistake, and so are you.

No. 931895

If I ever get put in prison, which is an inevitability at this point in history, I vow to keep the troons out of my block at all costs.

No. 931898

i want to buy shein and aliexpress fast fashion. lately felt hopeless about the future. why am i making myself so frugal and get so obsessed over recycling and low-waste life while the younger and older generation does not give an ounce of a fuck. i feel like what i do does nothing. nobody wants to boycott pos companies that own everything anyways. i am not comfortable with this shit but if i don't try hard i feel guilty. i want to have trendy clothing without spending all my money. i want that novelty of owning a new item and feeling like i got a good deal. i miss ordering frivolous things online and anticipating their arrival.

No. 931901

based murderer

No. 931903

I totally understand wanting novelty. But just imagine how quickly you'll get tired of those items, how bad the quality is and how you won't feel good going against your values.

No. 931906

Proud of you for rejecting the industrial supremacy. It gets easier, just keep doing what you feel is right in your gut. Try crochet or learn some garment construction for the new garment feels. Love you best wishes non

No. 931907

British women are very sexy, the more British looking the better.

No. 931909

File: 1633529593907.jpg (574.7 KB, 1667x2000, 083116-queen-victoria-wedding-…)

Hell yeah.

No. 931911

People do care but they all feel like you "me just by myself won't change nothing."

No. 931912

I didn't use /cgl/ THAT much but somebody from there drew me as part of a drawthread about 7 years ago and it's one of my fondest internet memories

No. 931928

File: 1633531272615.gif (1.22 MB, 498x371, 22512BFB-F988-4A5A-B561-78E647…)

I’ve been developing an odd fascination and love with a celebrity(?) to the point where I’ve been searching our birthday horoscope compatibility and I can’t help myself, anti-zodiac spergs can seethe it just makes my sad obsession much more fun and indulgent

No. 931937

It really does feel hopeless, but I think it just takes one person to inspire another. Fast fashion is so, so tempting. I love seeing cute clothes, I love imagining how I'd look in them. But how realistically, how they'll feel on my skin? How they'll sit on my normal person body? How they'll potentially shred in the wash? I'm so sad when I walk into a F21 and see something cute that tempts me, but when I touch it it's paper thin or rough or just feels low quality.

I applaud you for trying to live your best environmentally conscious life. It's not easy to do and it really does make you wonder if in the long term it's even worth it at all, but I think it is. I hope someone might see your actions and it might inspire them to take a step in the right direction. That's what kickstarted it for me, was seeing a friend do it. Progress is slow but I think it's important to show to others that being living a low waste life is possible, even if they just want to take a small step in the right direction.

No. 931964

my brain read that as 'get out' real quick and my heart quaked a little

No. 931967

Everybody has been there kek have fun nonnie are you the buscemi anon?

No. 931983

I want to be violently rammed by a certain coworker

No. 931984

Turn around

No. 931988

kek I wish. Sigh, actually I would loved to be violently rammed by anyone at all

No. 932086

I sometimes get off to fantasizing about having sex with a rich Asian businessman and him paying me for it

No. 932226

I like old people smell. I think it comes from the fact that I've lived with my grandparents for a few years when I was little, and often visited my great-grandma, so it's comforting to me.

No. 932258

me too if it isn't too musty or overpowering. I like old smell, vaguely rotten smell too

No. 932284

I dislike the idea of having to work for a low wage for an arsehole human just to have food on the table and I'd rather be poor and unemployed than have 20 bucks more while wasting my energy, health and time for people that never had to worry about money and basic things. No one even values the work field I'm in, so why should I contribute to society when my labour is worth nothing.
Just for information, I'm a dressmaker and we mostly earn minimum wage and no, that's not enough, especially in a first world country, I don't want to be a working poor and I hate that others still go for it because their value as a human depends on their ability to work.

No. 932350

Child’s Play 2 is my favourite movie ever. I have rewatched it so many times that I can recount the script as it plays out

No. 932368

File: 1633553398286.jpg (35.58 KB, 475x642, nonas boyfriend.jpg)

I think about that nona with the cowboy dirty talk boyfriend at least once a week.

No. 932376

literally who gives a shit and buy whatever you want. god anons that are "supporting" (forcing) you to buy overpriced crap are just evil

No. 932413

I used Isabella Janke as an art reference and actually drew her before she became a horror cow

No. 932441

If you are thinking about buying from there in the first place, you are already being frugal. I know people hate over priced shit, but a lot of things are expensive for a good reason. I don't think you should be wasting your money on garbage from shein that clearly won't make you happy, get therapy or go on a little vaction. Realistically, you won't wear 90% of what you buy or it will fall apart in in the next year so what's the point.

No. 932442

just do it who cares

No. 932445

No one is forcing her to buy crap. In fact if you buy from Shein, you're buying utter crap.

No. 932465

How did you end up referencing her and what was it for?

No. 932474

do what I did and order everything you need that you can possibly get off aliexpress (home goods, cleaning tools, nail tools, bamboo q-tips, etc) so you can spend the money you would have spent on all that shit on nice clothes.

No. 932532

File: 1633566722548.jpeg (98.84 KB, 750x725, 18ABBCD2-2FBF-44F9-A454-490EC9…)

Pretty sure I’ve stepped into eating disorder territory now but I’ve lost 10kg over the year and while I’m not proud of it- I am happy about it. I guess I’ll suffer the consequences eventually.

No. 932535


No. 932539

File: 1633568229009.jpeg (493.56 KB, 750x966, F6AE185C-95F3-4E85-9123-F5722D…)

I literally found this picture of her on the rate me subreddit a long time ago and I was drawing a satire of a pickme girl because I found her photo ridiculous, this was when I was an autist drawing on my phone kek

No. 932559

sonic's blue dick

No. 932625

nope, that would be me and i hate horoscopes with a passion. happy for ayrt though! wonder who her crush is.

No. 932627

different anon, before she became infamous I had an irrational hatred for her based on this reddit post, idk why she just has a punchable face. I feel such schadenfreude now that the whole internet is out for her nlog ass

No. 932631

I don't care about Kingdom Hearts anymore but it's hard to hear Simple and Clean without wanting to cry

No. 932759

There was one time my freshman year of high school in my English class when my teacher told the class to write down what we did over Thanksgiving break on a piece of paper and then turn them in (w/o names thankfully). Then he started reading them out loud and after he read mine (which I thought was normal and not that bad, even boring compared to most of the others) he said "well someone forgot to take their medication" and I died inside. I had (and still have) depression and anxiety and that made me feel pretty self conscious of how I come off, like am I really so neurotic that the mental illness is palpable through my writing?

No. 932763

I feel you, it brings me to a very specific time in my life, when I thought I was happy

No. 932777

I know someone online who claimed to have cancer and was maybe going to die soon, but I was a little skeptical at some of the things they said and gradually stopped checking in on them. I haven't seen them online in a long time now and I'm starting to get worried. But we don't really have anything to talk about, so at this point it would just be something like "U alive?"

No. 932784

My horny soul cannot find peace. Lord, let me deepthroat him, please make it happen somehow

No. 932789

I accidentally broke my brother's cat's leg like 17 years ago when I was a teenager. they thought he got hit by a car. Anyway, cat is fine and still alive today (turning 19). I am so close with my brother but could never tell him it was me. I also love cats but man his cat is fucking annoying. I chucked it outside once with a bit too much force and he landed funny. Yes I still feel awful to this day. But slightly less so considering the cat is still living a long happy healthy life at my parent's farm.

No. 932796

what did you do over thanksgiving though?

No. 932816

why would you deepthroat him nona that's how you get throat cancer, be more gentle to your body before i hit you with a slipper

No. 932841

Nta but I appreciate your tough love nona.

No. 932876

I'm arab american and even as a kid I'd always check the "asian" box because my parents home country is located in the continent of Asia so to me that made sense. Checking "white" never made sense to me.

No. 932887

I'm the >>932465 anon who asked, and things such as
>the urge to use her as a reference for drawn satire
>this difficult to explain emerging hatred when seeing her interact online
sound like some funky tier foreshadowing (or maybe I'm just watching too many movies lately)

No. 932891

haha I love you anon

No. 932896

what? can you really get throat cancer from that? holy hell

No. 932898

nta but pretty sure that's a myth

No. 932899

i just wanna make little lego flowers with my friend again. i dont want to write stupid research papers.

No. 932902

Nta but if drinking too hot or too cold stuff can hurt you, I’m guessing that taking a whole dick assuming it’s long enough to get “deep throated” could be at least harmful for your throat, I think I read once that you can get polyps from hot stuff, so I wouldn’t be surprised if dicks could cause them too because of the constant friction.
That’s also, of course, assuming that a dick, long enough to reach the throat, would be getting deep throated daily for a long while, which implies the guy would have to be able to handle getting deep throated for more than 5 seconds.

No. 932924

I think that it's pathetic that in your fantasies where you can have anything or be as selfish as you want, that's what you think about. Love yourself

No. 932944

if the dick is infect with hpv it can infect the throat, but the act itself, no matter how rough or frequent, does not give cancer

No. 933084

I've corrupted like 6 external HDs because I kept accidentally unplugging the USB. I'm embarrassed at how much money I wasted just on those.

No. 933260

I only buy clothes once a year or until they wear out. Not even for moral reasons I just don't go outside and only wear what's comfortable, and only the same handful of clothes are comfortable.

No. 933484

any time one of my friends goes on a date with a guy I pray that it doesn't work out purely because I don't want to have to deal with how annoying they will be if they start actually dating, it's truly embarrassing to see how your friends will act for a stupid ugly man

No. 933492

I like anime. Please forgive me.

No. 933509

No. 933511

Haven't had my period in about 4 months now. No there's no way I could be pregnant, I'm also not ana-chan or anything. I do wonder if I've given myself some kind of stress-induced ailment though.

No. 933533

Anon, you should go get that checked out, it could be a hormonal imbalance maybe? But go get it checked out plesse, you never know what it could be

No. 933719

I was supposed to get my 5 year IUD changed this summer but I haven’t had time and now I just don’t know what to do or if it’s dangerous to keep it in

No. 933786

File: 1633700226791.jpeg (98.93 KB, 863x1000, 6169A35E-F57D-496E-B8BC-EFFA08…)

I want something like pic related so i can punch it when I’m stressed.

No. 933787

My little sis has that and it’s so unbelievably soft

No. 933804

Which do you have? Mirena or Skylar? I think for Mirena the provider tells you five years but it's actually good for 7. Skylar they'll say 3 years but I think can go up to 5. I don't think it's dangerous to keep it in but definitely go when you have time to replace it or remove it.

No. 933806

i rlly wanna do adderal. i think i might have add tbh but i stopped going to therapy a long time ago. the reason iw anna take adderal is kind of disingenuine but i have autist interests and i wanna be able to focus on them harder than i already do and i wanna know what adderal is like i need adderal i want it so bad di just wanna do my favorite things while on it.

No. 933807

If you actually have add/adhd it's…not really that great. You just clench your jaw for 6 hours and not eat and are able to study or take nicer notes in class

No. 933812

NTA but just got ADD diagnosed, I doubt I will get Adderall though. Probably something else, we will see

No. 933813

Had to stop taking it bc my jaw hurt so bad

No. 933834

File: 1633708110847.png (893.71 KB, 951x602, gluttony.PNG)

This video made me hungry and I kind of want to try making these cheesy noodles (minus the obnoxious blue dye and insanely large deathfat portion size)

No. 933872

I almost considered taking birth control just to see if my tits got bigger

No. 933875

File: 1633713759708.jpg (23.4 KB, 423x240, x240.jpg)

I cannot stop cyberstalking my coworkers

No. 933890

I have a crush on my therapist

No. 933894

I used to have a crush on my therapist too, if that's of any consolation

No. 933897

Be glad you didn't. I tried it because my doctor and family shilled it as an acne and heavy period cure. It made my acne and period worse, killed my sex drive, and my chest was still flat. That shit is poison.

No. 933902

Thank you, anon. I feel better knowing that I am not the only one.

No. 933917

I'm get so frustrated that my dog won't go potty in her regular bathroom spot anymore. I don't take it out on her, but internally I feel so frustrated at her. I can't blame her because she is very old, her eyesight is going, and her hearing is going too I think. Everyday she sleeps so much, she's awake for maybe an hour or two when I get home from work. I don't wake her up when she sleeps because all she'll do is wander around mindlessly until she finds a new spot to sleep, but I do want to wake her up because I want to pet her to be sure that she knows that I love her. I haven't cuddled her in a while. She is still eating well and will even bark to let us know she wants to eat if dinner isn't already out, and on occasion she will even go out for a small walk. I feel so much guilt that I haven't done enough for her, and at this stage in her life, am not doing enough to make sure she knows that I love her before she goes. When I leave for work all I can think about is how I regret not giving her more pats before leaving because she tends to get up in the morning and wander around for a little bit. I get frustrated with her but then I feel so guilty for feeling frustrated.

No. 933921

I also have a dog, different issue but I feel you. As long as you're doing your best you don't have to feel bad, she knows she's loved

No. 933927

Thanks nona ♥

No. 933980

I lurk two co-workers social medias and I love it tbh. One's a walking, talking soyjak meme and the other is an FTM who's addicted to blogging about every single "misgendering" and negative interaction she has.

No. 934035

I'm jelly nonny. I've had my period for 3 months. I totally understand the fear that something is irreparably broken. Hopefully we are both OK. But get yourself checked out. Doctors are crazy busy right now, I had a waiting period of 3 months to see my GYN.

No. 934152

most chan response ever

No. 934155

this guy is an absolute trainwreck of a human being

No. 934188

You're draining the period life-force of the other anon!

No. 934194

How could you be hungry while watching Nikocado? I don't have a problem with mukbangs, but he has to be the grossest mukbang youtuber.

No. 934208

I regret not walking out of school my 8th grade year. I went to a crappy private catholic middle school. My parents still made me go there despite the priest scandal that happen a few months prior before I entered middle school. The school administration hated my grade and did nothing to hide the fact. During my 8th grade year, my grade got yelled at by the vice principal practically on a daily basis. I honestly wish I would have left the classroom, got my backpack, and walked out of the school. Realistically I know I wouldn't have been able to. I think I could have at least gotten myself thrown out which in retrospect would have been better. It probably would have saved me from having to attend the crappy private high school. 8th grade year was also wild in general. The school was almost in another scandal due to the new spanish teacher. He was creeping on the 6th grade girls. He was terminated due to his "questionable" past. I don't think any girls were harmed. There was another scandal that resulted in a boy being kicked out, but I don't have all the details about it. I think the school allowed his younger siblings to finish their school year but weren't invited back the next school year.

No. 934229

Stress could easily could be the cause. When I moved to another country I didn't have my period for several months

No. 934258

I stopped watching porn cold-turkey when I started dating my bf. Recently started again a few times a week and it's absurd how much happier I am. I primarily watch animated stuff which makes me feel less guilty about watching the porn itself, and I know I should just transition into using literature or my imagination to get off, but I honestly think my somewhat spiteful consumption of weird furry porn is essential to getting over my one-sided relationship issues. I am unhealthily jealous about shit that doesn't matter and I can usually dispel the anger I feel after having jealous thoughts by imaging the horror he'd probably barely restrain if he found out I'd had an insane orgasm to a Source Filmmaker clip of a video game character getting railed by a giant werewolf cock the night before.

No. 934278

I wish I was physically and facially desired by many people instead of constantly chasing the ones who are desired

No. 934311

There's probably nothing undesirable about you, but people can sense your desperation and that you chase

No. 934415

I used to take Komm Susser Tod very seriously and it even made me cry, I was in a depressive slump in my early 20s and I didn't know the song was a meme nowadays.

No. 934419

Sometimes i watch hentai from time to time because of unrealistic shit like demon and monsters, but real porn is disgusting to me.

No. 934478

I hate being ignored

No. 934544

i know its disgusting but i am afraid of eating in public so sometimes i eat luch in a public toilet stall. only when nobody ,s peeing/pooing tho

No. 934547

What is it exactly you're afraid of? Like what's the worst thing that could happen if you eat in public?

No. 934555

It is a beautiful and touching song. It became a meme because of how iconic the scene it features in is, not because it's bad.

No. 934562

I look at this one unsolicited dick photo I got from a random scrote with white-greenish cum to lose my appetite and so far I've lost 12 pounds with it

No. 934570

its not really a fear, im just extremely shy and my eating disorder/anxiety makes me feel too "observed" while eating.

No. 934572

same, based toilet queen

No. 934573

File: 1633796637136.jpeg (52.04 KB, 380x567, 11457942-4621-4D52-BAA2-8880E1…)

Sometimes I’m glad I never had absolutely anything I wanted and that I know how to abstain myself from buying random shit.
Mostly because I spend a lot of my time sending pictures of cute clothes or stuff with my best friend and we’re always like
>I would murder my whole family for this frog sweater.
But we, of course never buy such things because it would be retarded, so we’re mostly longing for them.
We even sent each other some cute stuffed toys we liked and we were like
>sometimes I imagine how my house would look like if I bought all of this shit
Virtual window shopping is fun though, no one is looking at you while you’re looking at their products so you don’t have to like, but anything out of embarrassment for lurking around.

No. 934576

I'm more of a Thanatos girl, but both songs are amazing in their own ways one just got meme'd to death.

No. 934610

Not a fan of the extremely jazzy sound of Thanatos, but it has grown on me. I love the lyrics and that it's blatantly a Rei POV song

No. 934733

this is probably gonna be ana chan shit but whatever. i wish i was 110 lbs again. i'm 5'4 and 125 lbs and trying to get over months of binge eating by eating normally but i know i still eat too much. i don't think i will ever get to that low of a weight again. i hate my weight so much

No. 934752

I started taking my mother's anti-depressants before bed since they knock me out without needing to think my life over lying in bed.

No. 934787

I felt like this before lightly working out, if you don't, even 30 mins every couple days of bodyweight exercises and using resistance bands can make your body look better at the same weight

No. 934794

I'm homophobic to gay and bi men

No. 934795

You have issues.

No. 934831

My biggest lolcow fantasy is to have a threesome with June and Shayna or Anisa and Kenna. I'd bed Abby Shapiro too if she had a reduction/ stopped wearing extremely padded bras as much like Mrs Midwest does. Idk why one of my biggest turn offs is when women obviously pad their bras or use different method to make their boobs look way larger than they already are

No. 934834

File: 1633829392034.jpeg (123.57 KB, 720x962, 7EAFAE6A-2611-499E-9ECD-FE12EF…)

You need Jesus, hun.

No. 934838

Sounds pretty hot tbh

No. 934839

Oh, sure, the padded bras is going too far

No. 934841

but you're not turned off by shayna's lack of hygiene?

No. 934902

I’m almost positive I’m developing schizophrenia but I don’t care enough about myself to get help

No. 934923

I don't want to sound like tradthot anon, but I am genuine getting tired of LGBT people.

No. 934925

yeah no that's normal, also any sane person reading you knows you mean "people who make LGBT their whole identity". plus the whole predatory TIMs phenomenon that's a legit threat.

No. 934937

My guilty pleasure is lurking twitter accounts of people who I think are farmers. Sometimes you stumble upon weird stuff like tradfems who act like edgelords.

No. 934951

same tbh

No. 934978

I actually wanted to be a nun when I was little and tbh the older I get the more I think I had the right idea all along

No. 934990

I wish my father would be raped by another man. He's a misogynist who says that women should be raped and killed in my presence.

No. 934991

File: 1633862927422.png (307.17 KB, 343x700, 4E104F43-7D6F-410C-8FCB-A583C4…)

My grandpa was hot when he was young and before he died. If I ever run into a man who looks and acts exactly like him I will make him my significant other.

No. 934993

Freud is rolling in his grave as we speak.

No. 935010

Would love to tell my mum our relationships was the best when I was knee deep into a drug addiction so was simply so detached from reality I literally didn't care about her being such a cunt, but now that I'm recovering and becoming healthy I find myself subconsciously standing my ground to her more which is causing her to react like she did when I was a child. Like fuck you mum. You're so weird I have to be drugged up to the nines to tolerate you.

No. 935031

Same, any guy who doesn’t look like me but has physical and mental markers that make him older than me I immediately want him to destroy me because I never had a present father in my life, not that I ever wanted a dad in the first place because scrotes suck. I admit, the daddy issues meme is very real sometimes, guess you have grandpa issues anon

No. 935034

same anon

No. 935049

minne looked like Abraham Lincoln I see him when I look. at pennies and fivers. good times

No. 935085

Actually you know what girlies, I was out on the pill by my mother from 16 and then I stayed on it until 28 and I think it's responsible for a lot of misery I had. Including being a chub lord (I'm no longer a chub lord because I'm no longer on the pill or other medications truth be told)

No. 935109

you should say it

No. 935150

File: 1633882420241.jpeg (140.6 KB, 750x692, CC5929F2-9852-4C2D-B4E0-238FA0…)

I want this shirt so fucking bad

No. 935157

you have to be over 18 to post here, anon

No. 935161

I know it’s such a 3edgy5me thing to say but I could have sworn I’ve seen a celebrity wear this

No. 935167

>tfw he wore this and then took himself out

No. 935168

Me too I want the FTP version. Just to have and be 3edgy5u idk you can find knockoffs on AliExpress.

No. 935171

fucker should have been shot and that's what happened

No. 935176

I miss you and I'm sorry everything went down so badly. I hope that you are okay and I wish you nothing but the best.

No. 935184

lmao and here I thought this was my ex. WHO IS THIS FOR

No. 935185

girl what in the fuck is going on here lmao

No. 935206

File: 1633887345063.jpeg (30.92 KB, 403x360, B15207AD-CC5F-4495-BC36-CE7A95…)

Please tell us what happened.

No. 935246

Don’t hold back, tell her

No. 935257

File: 1633892504920.jpg (920.21 KB, 1280x1792, Queen.jpg)

Every now and then I get a craving to shoop lolcows for fun. I still maintain PT just came onto the cosplay scene before her time. With a little bit of Snow catfishing combined with her HAES opinions, she might have been popular today.

No. 935258

I want his dick so bad

No. 935259

I bet he isn't even hot

No. 935260

I wish I was born a guy. Not for nlog reasons, but I want to be a bodybuilder and get huge. I wish I could look like arnold or smth.

No. 935261

He's not conventionally attractive, yes

No. 935274

You can? It's just harder, somewhat longer and you might need roids depending on how big you want to be.

No. 935277

> I grew up in toxicity, so being here makes me feel so alienated.
god i feel this

No. 935288

File: 1633895461532.png (987.48 KB, 960x720, bomi-snapshot-2021-10-01-14-25…)

i know queens shouldn't fight, but
sailor moon feels like an inferior show when put against cardcaptor sakura.

No. 935290

I do natural bodybuilding and like the natural female shape, but I cant get huge and massive like man can. And the female roided physique is just gross and looks wrong, plus I'm short so it would look even more repulsive. Its just not big in the same way.

I just really like the conan the barbarian, 80's action hero shape. Still gonne work out and do the most with what I have though, have my red sonja moment

No. 935302

oh yeah, while i'm here. i want to have a woman friend but i'm terrified of friendships with women, as a woman.
don't get me wrong, i tend to trust women more than i trust men (for obvious reasons) but when it comes to thinking a woman would ever want to befriend me, i clam up. i don't know why.
it feels like all i can do is watch women from afar on twitter (i stalk a lot of girls i think are cool) and daydream about us hanging out and having conversations and stuff.

No. 935316

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if I would be pretty if I had white skin instead of brown.

No. 935320

Don’t think like that nonny, that’s just how they want you to think.

No. 935327

I struggle with the same thoughts anon. We're past it culturally (in America at least) but I see pale people with dark hair as so very beautiful and get sad I'll never have the striking contrast.

No. 935331

beauty comes mostly down to facial structure and proportions.

No. 935350

Fair enough, you'll defnitely get bigger than red sonja through, just look at her noodle arms

No. 935413

i save pictures of weird looking men because i find it funny. sometimes i pretend to be them in discord servers for my own entertainment, and just act generally spergy.

No. 935415

File: 1633909154176.jpeg (586.4 KB, 1224x1632, EC44AD5B-7F82-4A11-9777-A50CB9…)

pic related, my latest find

No. 935421

This guy looks like other men's facial features were pasted onto his face haphazardly. You can't tell me this isn't photoshop kek

No. 935422

he looks ai generated

No. 935423

File: 1633909370425.jpeg (65.78 KB, 460x434, 935B2ACE-9B15-408E-AC35-61E80D…)

I wish I could be taken apart and put together back again like frankenstein or some mutated robot demon with an entirely new brain and appearance.

No. 935424

His eyes are so scary

No. 935431

veneers and circle lenses on an otherwise normal dude? he looks like a failed love island test tube baby

No. 935432

i’ll put his filename as failed love island test tube baby. thank you nona.

No. 935445

I don't know what the fuck Homestuck is about or how it got so popular or what it even is and at this point I'm too afraid to ask.

No. 935459

It’s a bunch of kids who modded a game so hard that they went to another planet/dimension

No. 935468

something something text game something something drinking spitted wine out of a bucket

No. 935472

a bunch of fat white nerds loved to see hotter and cooler self-inserts of themselves into a gigantic confusing fuckfest of a webcomic. all of the characters are about as terminally online as the fans

No. 935484

File: 1633915103411.jpeg (43.04 KB, 500x547, 8FB05BAD-1A5D-4272-A84F-F006C8…)

No. 935493

Incredibly based anon

No. 935510

File: 1633916589944.jpeg (629.05 KB, 1538x1907, 92822A25-66CD-4AFA-98CE-4CC9E3…)

sending love to you

No. 935524

I want to transplant his eyelashes to my eyes thanks

No. 935528

anon they’re like twelve

No. 935530

I know this might sound petty as fuck but I'm just so.. happy I guess?
In high school my bully told me I'm fat, that fat people can never be successful and that I should lose weight. Well I have. Good for me. I saw her social media recently and she herself has ballooned and I am as giddy as I can be. Yeah her comments back then really got to me and stuck with me. She also has ruined her face with fillers it seems. It's so unnaturally puffy and tight looking. I am overjoyed.

No. 935534

I'm happy for you anon, fuck your bully

No. 935540

I have a deep-seated hatred for women and I’m a woman myself and I have no idea how to get rid of it. I think it has something to do with my impressionable past, I used to talk to people who would instill what they thought women are really like inside of my head and it affected how I viewed myself and other women, even though my views have changed drastically.

No. 935550

Take a good look at the moids who installed that hatred. Are the happy? They hardly ever are. Misogyny is mainly just men seething that women have minds of their own, have their own will and it reminds them that they are essentially expendable beings that don't matter and have no control. Think about the women who live their lives trying to please men with this ideology. Heck, even just looks at shayna's thread or anything other sex worker or other scrote pandering lolcows. I would advice they you continue to reaffirm to yourself that being a woman doesn't make you less worthy of being human, especially when most of the horrors of the world are perpetuated by scrotes and rarely women. Avoid spaces with an influx of moids and try to only being around women with similar interests.

No. 935608

You’re a fucking idiot and I hope you kill yourself.

No. 935610

The difference between these two responses lmao

No. 935614

In case you're not an undercover scrote I agree with >>935550 . Clearly you don't despise women enough not to hang around an imageboard that's mainly for women and having a dick gets you banned, so you need to learn to hate the misogynist stereotype of a woman instead of women themselves.

No. 935716

I can’t even look at those threads because I can’t stand how much they unnecessarily rip into her body

No. 935800

My favorite band announced that they’re going on tour. I hope my best friend doesn’t suggest coming with me because I don’t like going to concerts with her.

No. 935822

I fell asleep early lastnight and woke up to see a voicemail was left for me at around midnight. Now I'm such a hermit loser that there's no reason for me to be getting calls that late. I had a whole panic attack thinking my dad must be dead or in hospital. I could think of no other reason for a midnight call.

I listened to the message and it was some old sounding woman saying "Hi (shortened version of my name) frank came home drunk as a skunk, call catherine" The only frank I know is an alco guy I used to take a class with. I maybe socialised with him twice outside of school and this is the second time in about 5 years (I moved away 5 years ago) that I got basically the same phone call about him coming home drunk. I can't figure out why I'm in this guys phone and why his mom is calling me but the use of my nickname makes me think it has to be him and his mom ringing. Glad it was nothing important but Im a lil weirded out that this guy might be pretending to still hang out with me? I didn't have it in me to call back at 1am and find out.

No. 935823

there is no in between on this website

Why do you think you're becoming schizophrenic? When I hear the word schizophrenic I think of a car that goes really fast, like lightning mcqueen I guess. Like the word schiz, just sounds like whoosh, I hear a car going fast, and then phrenic sounds phrenic. So I hear fast and friendly. But have you considered enjoying the hallucinations?
queen moment

No. 935842

Why do you dislike it?

No. 935857

I just had a dream where I found out the man I loved had a girlfriend so I dragged her out of the shower, shaved her head and berated her in the most mentally ill way possible for hours. My only regrets are that I didn’t have an opportunity to berate and abuse the man because he was mysteriously absent for most of the dream.

There’s a crazy bpd bitch inside me and she really wants to be let out.

No. 935862

I'm detrans and the only lasting effect I really have is my voice. I still have some range and can control it somewhat. Like I'm fine during the day but first thing in the morning and last thing at night it just does it's own thing and goes super deep from me being tired I guess. It's not even that froggy sounding ftm voice, it's middle aged man who smokes a pack a day deep.. and it's kind of freaky that it comes out of me but whatever. I'm about 8 years into living with my deeper range now.

Thismorning I had some old fuck flirting with me in a weirdly condescending way as I walked to work. He was old enough that he probably genuinely thought women love being talked down to. I wasn't arsed with him and was ready to politely end the convo. I was too tired for any drama and he was too old for me to come out looking like I'm not nuts if I got annoyed with him. I didn't even mean to but when I spoke back to him (politely) my voice came out about as mannish as I think I've ever sounded. Ngl it was satisfying to see him cut off the flirting real fucking quick lol

No. 935866

I hate my brother so fucking much. He is loud for no reason, is smelly, misogynist af, lazy, dirty and constantly lying. Having him around is the worst and him moving away was the best fucking thing ever because my mental health has improved ever since I do not have to interact with him so much. I also hate the fact that my mum tells him that I miss him and bs like that. No, I do not miss him nor do I want to spend time with him or visit him. I even told him that but my mum got upset about it that and told him that I'm just tired from work, wtf. My mum also tells me that I should buy him gifts for no reason because "Why not, anon??" Idk maybe because he is a hoarder that treats everything like trash?? I could throw that money straight into the garbage bin, it would have the same effect. Did I ever got gifts from him? Of course not. On birthday or christmas you get a 5€ grocery shopping card that's all. He is such a manchild. He rather spends all his money on suicide club poster and other garbage than on food that he needs, so he ends up bagging my mom to borrow money from her in order to have something to eat. Of course my mum gives it to him because he suffered so, so much as a child!!1 I was also abused by my dad but never got the pity points from it, but when it comes to my brother he always got a pass for being sick, mentally or physically.

No. 935875

tbh i never track my period. whenever i go to the doctor they bitch at me and berate me for not knowing the exact date of my last period. like… fuck. off.
i dont like the period tracker apps because they make me feel disgusting, like just tell me when its supposed to come i dont need a bunch of facts about periods and fertility. i dont want to revolve my whole life around my period

No. 935880

Get the clue app, it reminds you about your period on time usually. It's pretty good

No. 935885

I use this really basic one that doesn't nudge you to interact with it much. I enter in my start and end dates and then don't go near any of the other functions.

No. 935906

lmao, being detrans sounds messy and terrible but I would love to have a scary man voice. I practiced my 'man' voice for ages to try to get discord gfs but people just thought i was ill or something.

Also can you do a girly voice if you practice, seeing as your voice used to be more feminine? Switching between the two would be very cool.

No. 935908

i haven’t been on lolcow in a really long time but i feel like this is the right place to say this. the past few months i have been really depressed over the breakup with my ex. i really love him and i’d be lying if i said that i didn’t do some stalkery things for months but he did ghost me after a really traumatic time in my life so he had it coming lol. anyway this weekend i went down to london to see my friend and went on a massive bender which i thought i was doing for fun but i did because i was traumatised. i lost my virginity to a russian student after vomiting all over his floor and walked home wearing his underwear because i lost mine in his room, with vomit all over my top. the next day we went to leicester square and i drank half a bottle of vodka and went to an indian businessman’s hotel room who gave me lsd. then i blacked out, bought weed, threw up in the bus, nearly got killed by a ugandan man in west ham and apparently lots of other bad stuff happened according to my friend. the lsd has helped me a lot actually i don’t feel insecure anymore and i feel more connected to god but i feel fragile and deathlike and lonelier than ever and i tried to call my ex boyfriend and now he’s blocked me everywhere and i feel like killing myself because i love him and he’s perfect and i just want to be in his arms but he’s gone and slipped out of my fingers forever. i realised none of my friends or family see me they just look through me. i just want him back so he can touch and see me and i can do the same. i feel like death.

No. 935914

I just skimmed your post but I honestly have to say you should get a job at the pub or a trashy restaurant

No. 935920

i feel really bad for laughing at this

No. 935921

detrans people always gotta make sure people know they’re detrans like calm down kek

No. 935934

File: 1633979075738.jpg (39.62 KB, 367x600, 25505.jpg)

>I practiced my 'man' voice for ages to try to get discord gfs

No. 935964

I fancy Jonathan Cheban

No. 935969

omg noooo i was 17 and retarded, trying to find other girls my age.

No. 935988

File: 1633983447053.gif (301.07 KB, 540x301, 2e2336f9c00567c2feccb2d4e93a38…)

Super long confession incoming
>Went through a bunch of trauma I'm my youth including rape
>Went through a horrible manic pixy dream girl phase in late teens very early twenties
>Slept around a lot and cheated
>Hated myself and would cope with depression by having affairs
>Starts to dawn on me that I'm a huge PoS
>still early 20's Starting to get better, already cheated in current relationship but have stopped
>Always had a huge crush on one of my coworkers but I don't shit where I eat so ignore it
>Quit my job but leave a letter to coworker telling him I always.thought he was super cool and I used to make up dumb reasons to be near him
>He knows I'm in a relationship but asks to hang out with friends
>I am an idiot and leave the door open for him to make a move
>He never does because he's a good person, we get past our crush and become bff's
>Hang out all the time worst that ever happens is we hold hands once when we're both too drunk
>I break off my relationship because surprise but cheating doesn't create the strongest level of trust
>I move and see the bff less because distance and college is starting to get tough
>Eventually I break my rule and date a coworker at new place
>Bff tells me it's gonna end badly
>New relationship goes great, I don't ever cheat but my bff says weird things like the current boyfriend is a immature, etc.
>School gets super tough and I do an out of state internship. During this time I get engaged and my bff slowly stops communicating but I don't notice.
>I invite him to the wedding, he rsvps but is a no show the day of.
>Ask him what happened he says his mom cut her hand and he had to take her to the ER
>I say it's okay, it clearly isn't and we stop talking completely.
>I move back and buy a house in the area he lives in. I visit the store he works in and we pretend not to see each other.
>My husband says it's for the best and that the guy clearly wasn't over me.
>I secretly think about the bff all the time and like his posts on social media, he occasionally likes mine.
>Have dreams of sleeping with bff and wonder if I should reach out to him

Ive turned around my life so much that I feel it would be a mistake to talk to him again.. but I just want to write him a letter and tell him how I feel and that he broke my heart (in a platonic way). Idk what to do but I miss my best friend.

No. 936015

File: 1633985082767.jpg (158.94 KB, 1280x960, dfaphiiiapfhipvh.jpg)

He shouldn't've been roundabout about having feelings for you, what a fucking faggot, he could've just told you and asked you to make your move but instead he bitched on some miscellaneous bs about your boyfriend. You could've called him out for sure, but it's understandable that you didn't, since you were getting serious with another person. It's also human to wonder about him, it's the what ifs and the remnants of intense energy from him being so meaningful to you. You'll be fine, it's just something you have to live with for a while.
Sincerely, an ex-manic pixie insufferable cunt gf who's currently a married dumbass having a major retarded crush on her male friend for a year. You're not alone at all. Just gotta try to live with these feelings for a while.

No. 936038

Thanks nonnie, We can stay on the straight and narrow together.

I am glad there are other ex-dumbasses out there I always feel so alone because my past is so garbage I don't feel like I can tell anyone. Sometimes I lightly fantasize about being a widow or something so I could slut it up without feeling bad but I love my partner so much and I'm so proud of the life we have that I could never jeopardize it. Shout out to all my friends who think I'm the perfect wife and super innocent.

No. 936051

I feel everything you say in my soul. The whole shitty past really strikes fear into my heart, it's a nightmare I want to leave behind. But I'm still the idiot who gets into people, does the absolute most to understand what's interesting about them and catches feelings. This specific crush though started after my husband had started ignoring me (he's fixing things now, and so I gotta try to let go too), it was extra easy to recognize how absolutely attractive my friend is to me.
I just see compatibility and I can't ignore it. It's frightening actually. Especially when my ass tries to dignify these relationships by being the ultimate best friend that's there to offer support and validation. I know I chose my husband for a reason to begin with, but God I want to utterly sperg out about this beautiful person whose presence rejuvenates me in a way. If I'm not fantasizing about being with him I manifest him a girlfriend who's so possessive he's forced to quit being so close with me. Trust me, you're not alone.

No. 936054

File: 1633988930691.jpg (60.99 KB, 564x564, 59754564e2460147c33b7089d52ada…)

My mom asked me to sew a ragdoll for her and I am already doing the pattern and stuff, but I feel like crying.
Not in a bad way, I guess? It's just that my mom always give me so much, and she had a rough childhood, for her to ask me a simple doll like that… shit i'm crying, I hope no one sees me like that
Anyway I'll try my best and I'll try my best to make her some cute dresses as well
picrel is my inspo, but I'm gonna make it a tad bit bigger (1:4th ish)

No. 936057

Where can I see more magnificent photos like this one? Is there a tag or a nifty Japanese term? Truly breathtaking

No. 936058

Something that's helped me (and I know it doesn't help you now) is to just stop talking to straight men outside of polite conversation. I had a slip up and almost cheated at the start of my relationship with my husband for the same reasons you mentioned and cut him out of my life by changing my work department and telling him I didn't want to be friends anymore (it was very hard). After that, keeping men at arms length really helped. I know you can do this anon.

No. 936061

This is so sweet nonny, your mom sounds like an amazing woman and I think it's really cool you're making a doll for her. It's always the simple things with (good) moms, they deeply appreciate knowing you put your love and attention into something for them

No. 936064

Thank you for being so truthful and sincere. I wish you too everything good, maybe I'll some day be able to do as you suggest. I honestly see it as a bright possibility, just not an immediate probability in my exact situation. But it'd be a wise road to take, that's for sure.
Get over yours, I'll get over mine, queen. Be blessed.

No. 936077

is this an actual thing

No. 936084

i think ben shapiro is cute

No. 936097

So does 90% of /g/

No. 936153

I’m starting to feel really bad about being alone. The last time I spoke to one of my friends was eight years ago. I have a new job and my coworkers are nice to be around but they’re all older and at difference stages of life outside of work. When I went to college I was older than everyone else and didn’t make any friends there, either.

A few years ago I had more confidence and did stuff to keep myself occupied but now I go to work and that’s it. I get a rare text message from my parents but other than that I spend hours browsing the internet or reading. When I go out sometimes it’s almost like I have difficulty speaking because I barely talk, and I get nervous going to concerts or traveling long distances by myself.

I was trying to find articles online about dealing with loneliness but it seems like all of them are for middle-aged men or married SAH women.

No. 936166

File: 1634001777246.jpeg (64.4 KB, 780x438, EB19B03C-FD71-409A-919B-924D31…)

I look like the female version of picrel just with perky breasts and a darker pigmentation

No. 936214

We'll find you a nice gypsy boy yet

No. 936223

Having BPD is disgusting. You improve for a while, a long while, then fuck up. I'm sober. I eat healthy, I live healthy. I still hurt my boyfriend from time to time and it sucks. I want to stop, I can many times even catch myself when my emotions are doing that thing where they ramp up, but I still mess up. My boyfriend doesn't deserve me, and he's with me for some reason. I can't cope with these shit feelings. I want to die to rid him of me, but I know that would just hurt him. I feel sick.

No. 936230

File: 1634007402188.gif (21.37 KB, 112x112, 1619120965436.gif)

My sister's tattoos are ugly as fuck. Especially the stick n poke one she did on herself, but I don't want to say it to her face and hurt her feelings.I'm just really hoping she doesn't get any more.

No. 936269

I just had a memory float up of when I was chasing/playing tag with this kid during parent teacher night in middle school but I completely overlooked the fact all these years that I was chasing him maniacally laughing and screaming "wee whoo wee whoo I'm the border patrol". It was all in fun but looking back now I'm horrified and humiliated and I think I was the only one that thought we were having fun. I kinda want to reach and and apologize. Not for any sort of "please forgive me" or even "I feel bad" or "I've changed" selfjerk. I just genuinely see it for the shit behavior it was and want to acknowledge that it was fucked and wasn't alright and if he has anger about it that it's completely justified. But also I'm not about to reopen contact with someone I haven't spoken to since like early high school just to affirm their bad feelings towards me, if any. He has a wife and children and they're both lovely and doing well so any apology would probably be self serving on my end anyway. I just feel so fucking bad, Jesus. I was a real shithead.

No. 936455

whenever i find an interesting person online i stalk them and add them to my "mental catalogue"; my "mental catalogue" is a collection of people that i want to be friends with, but never will.

once they're in there i always daydream about us hanging out. e.g. if i'm watching a movie i pretend we're watching it together via rabb.it or something, if i'm playing a game i pretend they're playing it with me, and i construct elaborate scenarios that place them within my life in a positive way.

i actually have an entire discord server where i talk to "them" but of course it's just me typing at myself and sometimes switching to a different typing style to emulate another person.

No. 936461

So we finally had an informal chat today and while we have things in common and our chat was wonderful, my desire to have intercourse with him faded considerably. I guess only unreachable, distant men excite me sexually. Sad face

No. 936465

File: 1634036108864.jpg (90.9 KB, 455x365, 1630592506212.jpg)

Anon this might be a late reply but stop hating yourself so much just because your boyfriend is staying with you after your bpd rants. He clearly likes it there, let him be. If he wants to deal with it, it's his shit. Just enjoy the ride.

No. 936528

but I completely overlooked the fact all these years that I was chasing him maniacally laughing and screaming "wee whoo wee whoo I'm the border patrol"
10/10 made me snort

No. 936616

I'm envious of lots of the lolcows on here. Most of them are homely, stupid and not talented, but they bumble along and live shockingly leisurely lives, while I'm struggling to make rent and don't even have enough free time to play videogames. At least I'm not retarded, but if I could, I'd love to be able to sit on my ass and do nothing but make a clown of myself online all day.

No. 936640

That's great though! Sleeping with coworkers is a bad idea anyway.

I had a wet dream if Bob odenkirk… Help

No. 936665

That's how I feel about shayna. She gets to coast no matter how bad she makes her life and still bumbles her way into a vacation and doordash paypigs. I wish life could be that inconsequential sometimes.

No. 936673

A slight update I realize that my libido is just out of control because I got my IUD removed and am getting off of some other meds that diminish sex drive at the same time and my husband can't have sex right now because of a separate medical condition.

(But I fucked up and refollowed my ex bestie on social media)

No. 936733

File: 1634056802831.jpeg (19.62 KB, 259x194, 369DA5F4-0397-4223-9915-867FB9…)

I wish I wasn’t deathly allergic to cats so I could have a cat and a dog who love each other and are best friends.

No. 936755

I'm just like my father

No. 936862

I’m only jealous of lolcows like them because even though they’re “hated”, they managed to create a huge cult surrounded around them, they are honestly like God, they will always have followers and believers surrounding them and giving them undeserved attention just because they’re a living breathing entity. I wish I was a lolcow honestly so I can get the attention I desperately deserve

No. 937122

File: 1634082370633.jpeg (226.96 KB, 750x1029, DEB64257-887A-4A94-9B2B-2FF9EA…)

I’m straight so I don’t wanna post in the “women you’re ashamed to say you’d fuck” thread cause I wouldn’t, but I think I have a girl crush on Ashton, help

Idc how much of a cow she is/was in the past, she’s so cute

No. 937132

I’m so glad i found lolcow and crystalcafe they both saved me. I felt really ashamed for my problematic views and how I couldn’t conform to the progressive mainstream opinions. I felt like I was going insane.
Problem is I go on both websites like an addict since anywhere else feels like cancer.

No. 937158

cc is cancer tho

No. 937170

no clue who this girl is but she is very very attractive and conventionally so, thus she doesn't belong in that thread. Idgaf about her cowness or crimes tho, supremely cute. what'd she do

No. 937180

I force myself to listen to trending pop music like Chloe&Halle, Doja, etc just so I don't seem sus to normies. I don't think it's working tbh

No. 937220

I guess, it's so crazy to me how similarly to the pic you posted he cooks for me really good food, he cleans for me, he gives me a lot of sex, I mean, this guy really wants to make me happy. Yet sometimes he cries because of me and I hate it, like I'm not as sensitive over little fights or spats, but he is. I wish I could protect him from my feelings. I am a lot better than I used to be, but I have more to improve. Thanks for trying to cheer me up. I just feel like shit when I see people bitch about good men staying with bpdfags. Idk why that's such a phenomenon, I think men secretly like dominant, emotional women.

No. 937238

I’m sure she’s been posted in the trad thot thread before, so many would consider her to be a cow. Ashton Birdie/Whitty worked for Info Wars at one point and dated Baked Alaska and had a very public mental breakdown online a few years ago. Now she seems to be rebranding as a libertarian lol I actually saw her are some event and wish I befriended her

Idk I hope she’s genuinely doing better now. She had a reputation for being kinda psycho after her public breakdown.

No. 937261

File: 1634100143477.jpg (87.54 KB, 373x509, itsanimagetomakeitnotsearchabl…)

No. 937264

File: 1634100423802.png (19.75 KB, 317x927, 1600883222176.png)

>and dated Baked Alaska
that alone imparts cow status.

No. 937266

Later in the day the desire returned and before going to sleep I got off to the idea of having sex with him (again). God, lift the horniness from my tortured soul

No. 937269

I used to fantasize a lot about doing this. My only response is to date kill them. Make them hooked with drugs and let them die on their own.

No. 937273

File: 1634101483028.jpg (442.9 KB, 1800x1802, 28odenkirk-item-swap-mediumSqu…)

You are a damaged individual anon. What was his cummies face like?

No. 937275

Honestly though you want the least contact possible to avoid getting caught (and/or fucking raped, they are rapists after all). Besides, getting a date is no guarantee. Seems too risky all-around. Probably better to do a quick hit, maybe as they leave their place of work if they have one (to avoid neighbor's doorbell cameras). This is also a good bet because a lot of times these guys work dingy jobs with low visibility and interaction, if you're lucky even a night shift.

No. 937278

Surprisingly(?) it's actually not that difficult to get away with murder. 40% don't get solved and that number goes up if you target rapists in shitty communities that are already overwhelmed with crime. (https://www.vox.com/2018/9/24/17896034/murder-crime-clearance-fbi-report) The fact that you are not a known acquaintance/someone directly connected with the victims is already a huge plus in your favor, as you won't have any history with these criminals and cases usually rely on witness cooperation. If no one sees you or knows who the hell you are as a part of the neighborhood, then it will be tough for other people to care or figure it out. Especially since people don't typically like having those types around in the first place.
All in theory anyway, I like the idea but don't throw your life away anon.

No. 937283

File: 1634104600820.jpg (138.46 KB, 750x714, i am sane.jpg)

I use the neet thread as hardcore motivation to not become one, I know I have the potential of becoming one and I'm scared that I would fall into this delusion I know that some anons there are ill and that it's not their fault though

No. 937289

I'd be down

No. 937297

Once I reach 30 I'll start calling myself a spinster.

No. 937307

i used to make a troubling amount of torture devices out of lego when i was little

No. 937310

I want to fuck my ex and I know she wants to fuck me too. Were friends so we hang out frequently. But she's taken (I'm not). Once when we were both really drunk we cuddled and held hands and it was the most turned on I've ever been in my life. I fantasize about it all the time but in my fantazies I end up eating her out. I'm afraid she does end up cheating on her bf with me because I don't want to be the other woman but the horny coomer part of me finds the cheating aspect hot as well. I've literally never once in my entire life found anyone else as attractive as her, I'm never horny and I never masturbate or want sex unless it's her. Fml.

No. 937338

i think timotheee chalamet is hot. but i think my boyfriend is hotter. no cap. god my boyfriend is hot. what a perfect specimen…………………………………

No. 937365

Thimothee Chamamamamla looks like fucking Eric Zemmour, he'll look like absolute shit once he gets older.

No. 937385

If you think Timothee Chlamydia is hot I don't even want to know what your boyfriend looks like.

No. 937386

File: 1634119928210.jpg (57.42 KB, 1500x750, Dune-Paul-Close-Up.jpg)

he looked incredibly good in Dune, don't know how they did it but he looked pretty submissive and breedable
true, in normal photos you can see the way he's curdling in room temperature

No. 937394

i like his eyes and jaw and dark hair and eyebrows. very hot
his also a tall skeletor which is…the ideal male body type
chalamet is hot imo but he will age poorly like all pretty boys do. my bf is less pretty boy than chalamet and has god tier bone structure. he is a king
he seems wayyy better looking in motion than in still photos. probably bc you cant focus on the weird parts when hes moving around kek

No. 937399

I have no idea who he is because I'm not a big movie fan but seeing everyone making up ways to spell his name fucking sends me.

No. 937401

I just can't get the thought of him spreading Chlamydia across college campuses out of my head

No. 937402

that's cute. i like to imagine my would-be-friends while i'm at the grocery store, waiting or walking somewhere. it is better than anxiety anyway… maybe they will manifest one day

No. 937413

Ok but was it true or was it just a rumor or some shitpost?

No. 937417

I wish I could work from home so I could take a nap after lunch. I can't work like this…

No. 937423

i think foreskins are very sexy

No. 937454

my job is such a joke. im here to sell transpo and my boss hasn't restocked since i cleared the yard. i sold 90 k in items and now i haven't had anything to sell since August.
This means, Ive done jack shit for….10 weeks now??
i told him to cut my hours but he insists I stay.( As you can tell, hes dumb)
Never have I ever been able to fuck off so hard and get paid so much.
what a joke
im spending all my free time building my own business and working on logo design too lmaooooooo love it

No. 937473

i wonder what my deviantart e-gf i had when i was 10-12 (don't worry she was the same age) is doing now. the last time i talked to her she was getting groomed by this teenage boy who got her to dump me. i hope she is well and away from degeneracy now.

No. 937479

She tends to poke fun at me afterwards, like "haha wow you really screamed loud huh" or when we're with other friends she'll point out how excited I get or something. I went to see some artists at a convention with her, didn't know who was playing, but just yelled out what the rest of the crowd was yelling because it was fun and I wanted to match the atmosphere, and she always brings it up with friends like "haha yeah anon didn't know what was going on but kept yelling XYZ too." She doesn't do it to be mean, but it makes me feel self conscious about how I act when I'm at concerts. None of my friends like this band enough to pay for their tickets (they're definitely pricier than others) and when they first came to my country, no one wanted to go with me anyway so I got used to seeing them by myself. It kinda sucked going to concerts alone in the beginning, but I can let loose and have fun. I don't think I act weird, I just act like all the other concertgoers who are having fun.

No. 937507

I am so glad goebbels-anon got banned at last.

No. 937509

You're doing concerts right nonna! Or maybe we are both autists kek. I also try to match the vibe even if I don't know the artist well, just because it's way more fun than standing there and nodding your head to the beat. Hope you have fun!

No. 937526

Thanks nonnie!! I love the vibe of concerts, especially high energy ones, even if I don't know the artist. Otherwise, why am I here?! Not many other situations where you can yell and jump and dance while surrounded by hundreds of other people doing the same thing. I'm there to have fun!

No. 937532

File: 1634141825722.gif (638.89 KB, 256x169, tumblr_inline_mnvov1B7ce1qc52h…)

Your friend sounds like a drag to be around. As the other anon said, you are doing everything right during concerts. Concerts mean to be places to go wild and crazy, that's the reason why I love this shit too. I would also go with you just to have fun and be silly, because this is the best part of concerts. You sound like the perfect concert buddy, anon!

No. 937533

My ex was 100% right that I was using him for cannabis. The last two boys I dated I only did so because they said they could get me weed. Now that I buy it online I haven't actually cared enough to follow through and make plans with any man. Like. Currently I have a room full of junk I need to take to the dump and it's heavy and like if any men tells me he has a van and he's not disgusting I might use my womanly charms to make him take my shit to the dump. Like otherwise what is the point. I know people that are in relationships and barely even have sex but live together. That sucks. What is actually the point. It's a hassle living with someone especially a man.

No. 937535

There's no such thing as acting weird at a concert unless you're being a creep. Fuck your friend honestly nona.

No. 937540

Thanks nonas ♥ I wish we could go to a concert together! I live a pretty chill life otherwise and don't drink/go to bars/attend parties so I feel like concerts are my only place to go crazy. Bars and shit make me uncomfortable but concerts that are a lot more rowdy and full of people don't kek my brain is dumb.

No. 937562

The last 3 years my life has been pretty uneventful, almost stagnant. That plays on my mind alot. But I just sat here and played a little game of 'where was I this many years ago'
> 3 years ago, feeling trapped and suicidal with a violent, cheating scrote
> 5 years ago, just coming out of a tranny phase (hormones and all)
> 7 years ago, my short marriage (which should've never happened in the first place) had just ended.
> 10 years ago. My mom died and my bf att proposed to me when I was clearly not in my right mind to be agreeing to anything
I feel boring but when I list shit out like that I guess I'm just stable now. I'm aware I'm female lol, I'm single, even turning down men who I know are nothing but trouble. I need to maintain this tbh.

No. 937583

She sounds like a killjoy who's mad that she doesn't have the self-esteem to let go and have a good time like you do.

No. 937584

Realised about a hour ago I'm just still a bit too mentally ill to appreciate having a partner and I don't want to die alone.

No. 937608

File: 1634149166589.gif (974.73 KB, 500x281, FondScaryJaguarundi-size_restr…)

When he's good he's good, also I'm unhinged

I wrote this letter to him in my notes based on some doping advice I read online… It didn't help but I'm gonna post it here instead of actually sending it.


I don't even know why I'm sending you this, this is trashy, You broke my heart (in a platonic way) and I'm still not over it. I go months without thinking about you and then all of the sudden something reminds me of you and sends me into of a spiral of unfollowing/re following you on social media (sorry for the notifs) and I feel so stupid. I've talked to my husband about it and he just says that you probably never had any interest in staying my friend and I need to get over it but I can't, of course moving back to our town doesn't help because I am surrounded by things that remind me of you. I am aware that I'm writing this out of selfishness for my own closure so I'm going to address some of my own shitty behavior to relieve some of that guilt.
1. I should have never told you I liked you, that's not how you start a successful friendship, sorry
2. I shouldn't have become distant after I moved
a. (I hated asking you to drive out to see me but never bothered to ask if you cared.
b. I fell into a deep pit of depression after I broke up with my ex that lasted for 3 years and did a bunch of unhealthy things like became a total jerk and I put you on a weird pedestal and decided I was too much of a degenerate to talk to you you (again this could have been resolved by idk talking to you?)

3. I was a dick about the husband situation… Idk what else to say but sorry. I wanted you to be friends because you two have a lot in common …. But I mucked it up by being an immature a hole also you calling him a man child didn't help but words were said
4. As we became more distant I felt more awkward and again should have just talked to you
Back to this letter when I got married I was pretty heartbroken that you didn't show up and that you gave me the excuse you did I wish you just talked to me but I suck at communication too. Anyway I'm sorry I was a shit friend and I miss talking to you and making fun of shit online with you and being gremlin friends but I also don't know that things can ever go back to how they were. After some SM stalking I'm really happy with how you've changed - so proud of you fam. I take solace in that some alternate reality we are still besties and talk about [insert shared interests here] all the time. Keep being amazing and I just want to close this chapter with good comfy vibes and also I'd like to go to [insert his place of work] without feeling a wave of panic.

From your shitty ex bestie,

I copied/pasted this from my notes app sorry for the formatting

No. 937617

This sounds like my ex, fucking lame. Always brought down the mood when I started off having an amazing time. >>937583 is right. People like this have no self confidence and feel threatened when those around them do, so they try to make you feel as self conscious as they do. Just do your thing anon and I agree you should just go alone in the future if not drop her entirely. Friends should build your hype not kill it

No. 937665

Thanks anons. She's a good friend otherwise, just not a good concert buddy. I don't even know why she bothers noticing how I act kek. I don't notice anything around me aside from trying to not get elbowed/elbowing other people, which is really probably the only important thing to be paying attention to other than what's happening on stage.

No. 937670

I had a dream that a catboy was licking my feet and i kind of liked it

No. 937675

Too much DoL well do that to you

No. 937679

You make my bare nails feel appreciated nonnie ♥ Bare nails that are well taken care of are better than a slightly grown out beautiful manicure in my book.

No. 937686

File: 1634154790827.jpeg (21.28 KB, 452x678, no polish manicure.jpeg)

I think bare nails look so much nicer than polished nails.

No. 937701

File: 1634156000527.png (613.4 KB, 721x897, 7b3685ac0bc884d3171fcdfcf71e7e…)

I tend to agree, but I either like natural nails the other extreme of longer nails with japanese nail art. But to be honest, usually my favorites also have a bit of natural color showing (or some nude very close to it)

No. 937704

This is some really retarded stuff but I'm conventionally attractive and I'm embarrassed about my ugly friend.

She's so unique and smart and funny which is why I love her, but she has antisocial tendencies and is elitist about many things. This is all made worse by the fact that she's unattractive and now copes with it by self-identifying as a "hot girl". She constantly makes fun of random ugly men who are basically her looksmatch and treats them as though they are far beneath her. When we get dressed up and go out, I get second hand cringe because she does not have graceful hot girl energy at all and behaves awkwardly while looking like a $5 whore.

idk I just wish I had more hot friends to stand proudly next to but due to my profession most of my friends don't like going out or taking care of themselves. I appreciate that she's trying but I'm growing tired of supporting her and pretending she's cute when I'm honestly embarrassed to be seen with her from how she acts and looks.

On the bright side it's better to be the hot friend than the ugly one so maybe I should just be thankful.

No. 937709

I love having fake nails this long and picking my nose with them. They are the cutest most efficient booger scooper and they are also great at removing outer ear goobers. Natural nails can scratch and metal picks are inefficient. I know it's gross to use your nails for this purpose but I don't care, I wash under my nails before and after so no one knows unless they catch me in the act. Being goober free is an awesome feeling.
Didn't you post this same thing yesterday

No. 937712

posts like this is why i'm anxious to befriend other women sometimes. but
>She constantly makes fun of random ugly men who are basically her looksmatch and treats them as though they are far beneath her.
she sounds based

No. 937715

lol yes I did anon and it's still tearing me up because I asked a normie forum for input and got blowback for not being more supportive and indulging her. I'm back since I wanted more opinions from women who don't sugarcoat the truth

No. 937716

File: 1634156735599.png (41.59 KB, 486x172, post.png)

I honestly think this anon wrote this post about me, I have a sister too and I wouldn't be surprised if she knows about this website. Even if it wasn't about me, it describes me and I frequently think about it when I'm lazy because it gives me motivation to do better.

No. 937718

Hard agree. No woman no matter how ugly should feel pressured to lower her standards and give an ugly man her attention.
You don't need to tell her she's beautiful but you are a shitty friend for hanging out with someone you're embarrassed of and implying that she should lower her standards and date men she isn't attracted to based on how ugly you find her. She's unlucky to have you in her life.

No. 937719

I’m sorry she’s stuck with such a bitch friend and not someone who would help her out with better fashion taste. I am sure decent people wouldn’t be friends with such a catty girl.

No. 937724

She sounds based. What behaviors make her so embarassing for a stacy like you to be around?

No. 937726

What exactly makes an attractive person a better friend?

No. 937727

I'm dying to know what she looks like kek. Take pity, I'm sheltered and I don't know what the difference is between a hot girl and a graceless hooker who only identifies as hot lmao. At least post her doppelganger anon

No. 937735

You're right, she might be able to date up. My thought process is probably mistaken that she can only attain certain men if she's willing to let go of some of her standards.

I do try to help her with tips and resources on dressing for her body and makeup styles, but she makes some bad decisions.

She's pretty based and shares a lot opinions that would be welcomed on lolcow. Unfortunately this tends to go hand in hand with an unstable personality, social awkwardness, and chimping out the moment someone annoys her instead of playing it cool and moving on like me.

No. 937760

File: 1634158617779.jpeg (115.74 KB, 1200x1200, 7ebcf0727b21f11bb298a4b7529b6f…)

Nothing. She is good to me and would be good to me regardless of her appearance. In the end I know this is indicative of my own high standards for myself and the kind of friendships I wish I had (which can obviously include her. I just want a hot friend to feel proudly hot next to instead of being the only hot one in my groups).

pic rel is what she reminds me of. Those old drawings of the moon or sun with offbeat looking faces. There's no facial definition from the front or side except for a masculine Eastern European nose.

I think she looks much better without makeup to be honest, casual and soft styles suit her much better than the sultry trends of instagram.

No. 937765

>my own high standards for myself and the kind of friendships I wish I had (which can obviously include her. I just want a hot friend to feel proudly hot next to instead of being the only hot one in my groups).
Anon you are just shallow and put male standards on a pedestal. Not saying that ugly people don't exist but the fact that you're fixated on it and having hot friends makes you sound underage

No. 937775

anon that's the most attractive nose. you sound like a very hettie bettie aesthetic curmudgeon with the style you want for her too. assuming she's straight too but whatever, tons of guys like eccentric looking chicks, confidence means a lot, so stay in your lllane

No. 937777

>of my own high standards for myself
Anon, what you describe aren't high standards. It's insecurity, jealousy and being a pick me. Someone who is actually confident wouldn't feel the need to tear down a "friend" over having a bigger nose and not giving a fuck what scrotes think.

No. 937780

Honestly, probably true. idk about male standards so much as it is general societal pressure for women to look perfect, including the standards enforced by other women which are often higher than what men actually want. I'm continuing the cycle myself evidently, but my point is that's what's informing my value system to some degree.

And lol you can only be put on a pedestal by ugly friends so often before you start thinking you want more hot friends. I'd prefer to be with hot (but intelligent) people who are blasé about common hot people experiences. Ugly people tend to make a whole song and dance out of whether or not they're dateable, and just going to the damn club.

No. 937785

You probably know on some level already, but it seems like you have some lingering insecurities, like you know you're attractive but you feel like it would prove something if you were also surrounded by other attractive people rather than people like your friend. It's normal to feel cringe when someone acts awkward in public or dresses poorly, but you seem to ruminate on it a lot even afterward and I think it's that you're more embarrassed with the effect it has on how people see you than just being annoyed.
You said she's antisocial but she's still dressing up and going out with you and obviously putting in effort to do so, even if the end result doesn't look great to you. You should try to focus on having fun with her during this stuff instead of being so preoccupied with what other people must think of her and consequently yourself, and if you can't, then why don't you do something else together that doesn't focus so much on appearance?

No. 937792

If you use phrases like looksmatch, you aren't actually hot lol. You sound like every other insecure 5 who bigs themselves up by shitting on 4s. Get some perspective, plain jane.

No. 937793

>literally all of that post
Who the fuck thinks like this kek

No. 937796

Ditch clubs and go to therapy. At least your friend is normie, here you are autistically obsessing over how people perceive you because of HER. Make it make sense.

No. 937797

File: 1634160238804.jpeg (45.35 KB, 480x639, Paris Nicole 2004.jpeg)

Don't let anons make you feel like a monster, you're just being honest and I think it's kind of based to acknowledge that she's cool but has this weird blind spot that makes her awkward to go out with. But I don't think you should gas her up and tell her she looks cute when she doesn't. Why hugbox her and then complain that she's got delusional grandeur about her looks?
I picture her as one of those girls who wear crop tops to a barbeque even when their stomach is round and bulging out, thinking skin = sexy. When you said she doesn't have hot girl grace I instantly thought of picrel kek.

No. 937798

I wish anon, she's literally been bullied for it as well as her other features. Let's not pretend some things don't look better on some people than others, I believe everyone has a style that complements their natural features the best. But you're right that confidence goes a long way, I'm being too pessimistic.

Insecurity? Probably. Jealousy no, and pick me? Nonna being hot is not just to garner male attention but social capital for women especially. My life is materially better by being attractive and socially competent, and if we are speaking romantically more attractive women literally have a larger pool of suitors to choose from if she desires.

But you're right, I don't have internalized confidence since I just go off of how other people treat me and compliment me as an indicator that I'm attractive.

No. 937801

Anon is mostly complaining about her looks and style though. The worst thing she's told us about her personality is that she's hot headed and awkward. Though I suspect the "chimping out" is just her standing up for herself.

No. 937804

Thank you for the insightful post anon, I think you're right. Typing all this shit out has made me realize my perfectionism and fear of public failure manifests itself in lookism too. When it's drilled in from childhood, it's hard to let go of the pressure to be approved in the eyes of others.

I will try to swallow my pride and just enjoy nights out together even if it might make me cringe a bit sometimes. Thank you.

No. 937806

itt: uggos who don't understand a stacy's thought process

No. 937808

eh we can meet in the middle on the pessimism… after posting I realized my tone came off a bit too strong. I rather wanted to emphasize it's good she's confident and she'll certainly meet guys who have her weirder features as pleasant to them, and it's infinitely better to flirt with someone who thinks they're hotter than they are and having a good time, than an over analyzing self hate realist. & you deserve to have your fantasy of cavorting around with some classic hot girl wingwoman if you want. Uhhh start making friends with the aspirational beauties next time you're at the club to realize your vision.

No. 937816

I try to support her in a level-headed way, but what do you say to someone who is insecure about their looks and then gets more insecure if you try to compliment their personality or something? She finds no comfort in the idea that "looks don't matter" (I've tried saying that).

I don't think there's much I can do but just leave her be and let her come to terms with her appearance in her own way. It just makes me cringe sometimes.

She's very outspoken which I think is based to an extent since she ends up scaring people and driving them away even when they haven't said anything offensive or inflammatory. I think it's her attitude which made me harsher with her tbh.

Thank you anon, this sounds very logical to me and I think trying to remove some scrutiny on myself will make us both happier too. I'm hoping I meet some other stacies by going to more events and expanding my hobbies as well.

No. 937832

>chimping out the moment someone annoys her instead of playing it cool and moving on like me.
omg lmao you are like, so cool and chill

No. 937841

Do you think telling her reasons you love her but that her self esteem issues/relying on you for validation are becoming an issue would work?