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File: 1636839079173.png (397.29 KB, 500x355, 479F7930-85C2-43CA-8132-6A6A3A…)

No. 967576

Post mundane events in your life. No infighting pls.

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No. 967581

This is a cute picture, I like it. Today I’m having a leftover shawarma, I didn’t know that they put the cream inside them, so my brother wanted to have it last night for dinner and he almost threw up because he can’t handle yogurt and I love yogurt.
Which means I’m having shawarma for dinner twice, yippee!

No. 967613

I should make hot cheeto mozzarella sticks.

No. 967614

This cute picture is approved.

No. 967629

File: 1636844149762.jpeg (587.77 KB, 1200x630, A074090A-69E3-4DEF-8392-02D691…)

i'm glad you like the pic nonas. picrel was also a contender

No. 967651

File: 1636846756800.jpg (252.04 KB, 1281x1500, 912ozjp0ytL._SL1500_.jpg)

These are so fucking spicy, idk how people can eat them. I can't even get past 3 bites. I'm going to get another pack though.

No. 967652

these are delicious as fuck because they’re super spicy

No. 967709

you can try adding some milk or cheese to the broth, if you want to tone down the spicy factor + add some creaminess

No. 967716

They're so delicious! Definitely not spicy enough imo

No. 967719

NTA but really you can do that? I bought a bunch on sale and tempted to do this now…

No. 967721

File: 1636853414742.jpg (226.37 KB, 1500x738, 91zyaWaH AL._SL1500_.jpg)

They are so mild though, anon. Definitely delicious, though.
For the real spicy demon, try these (start with the regular one, the 3x will kill you)
I am craving it now, ugh

No. 967726

File: 1636853659791.jpg (475.4 KB, 900x600, Rose-Shin-Ramyun-Recipe-Step-3…)

They are good, I can appreciate that it has flavor aside from being spicy. I wish I could have ate more, I like the vegetable ramen Nongshim sells, but that's also pretty spicy.
Oh hell no nonna. I think my tongue would falloff if I tried these.
Yes! This is why I want to get another pack. I saw people making a broth with milk and american (?) cheese, picrel

Anyway, I'm eating Indomie mi goreng now.

No. 967727

I've always disliked cheese in my ramyun. Why ruin a good thing with cheese? Pity.

No. 967731

My friend just came out to me and not to sound corny but I feel so honored by that level of trust. I'm so proud of her, she's been through a lot.

No. 967750

I tried these and so disappointed. To me it doesn't even taste like actual food, just spiciness and this weird chemically flavor. Imma stick with my indomie

No. 967755

File: 1636857487125.jpg (10.02 KB, 247x259, Tumblr_l_1007930767644149.jpg)

That looks really fucking good

No. 967842

penis cat

No. 967847

you should kill yourself you bacon breath hog bodied grease splooger

No. 967851

File: 1636871487478.jpg (52.38 KB, 474x544, OIP (1)-1.jpg)

Lol you beat me to it, I was gonna make another thread with this pic. Anyway the croc is cute too

No. 967866

I drank so much tea and now I can feel it sloshing around in my stomach. Slish slosh

No. 967882

Hell yeah I made it three weeks without being too "sick" (too retarded) to go to work/school. Absolute bare minimum achieved.

No. 967885

File: 1636877377025.jpeg (26.52 KB, 554x554, 81531A72-340F-4A5A-8780-D81084…)

Just realised every man I’ve had sex with has seen my butthole.

No. 967896

File: 1636879354406.png (295.58 KB, 554x554, tookwaytoolong.png)

move over nona, i had the same realization a few days ago

No. 967899

I was drunk yesterday and had another go on fb dating and saw all the same guys from last time and god, socialising is so boring these days. I can't even say anything because I'm also on the apps again and it's just a dumb cycle. Truly envious of people that find people they like. Everyone I like has already got someone. I don't even think I'm a bad catch I just had circumstances that prevented me from dating and now it's like ugh. I hate it too because it depresses me the choice and then the few men I can even just talk to I don't really fancy them or think they're hot and why do women always have to settle. Hot guys are rare that if they are good looking they're probably inaudated by women on these apps and no offence to woman that post thirst traps but I'm not one of them so I lose out because when men realise they're hot they do not settle whereas I, a modest attractive smart woman will have to settle because a male equivalent to me will have so many more substantial offers of women. I need laid.

No. 967960

I've got a large bill for water and I'm so angry. It's not like I can make the rest of my family take shorter showers.

No. 967961

File: 1636892921959.png (247.04 KB, 865x596, shanelc.png)

This is old but I just discovered in this Shane Dawson video with 13 million views there are screencaps of lolcow. I wonder if he ever reads here.

No. 967986

Linkedin is scary. I had a dream about some guy from HS which was years ago and I immediately found out where he works now even though his profile is private.

No. 968003

I work as a recruiter and I don't need to use Linkedin to look for candidates so far, but I'm sure I'll need it later unless I change my career completely so I don't dare deleting my account yet. I used it for my own job hunting for years and NEVER found a job thanks to it. Instead it's just posts from managers metaphorically stroking their dicks because they hired that a candidate who was 5 minutes late at their job interview because of some public transport accident, because these managers are sooo tolerant and open-minded.

No. 968068

File: 1636906360360.png (519.7 KB, 486x359, snow-man.PNG)

Today is the first snow of the season! I bundled up and took a short walk but it's nice to sit inside and watch the flakes fall from the window.

No. 968078

That sounds really comfy, wish it was snowing here. Do you have any plans for the day anon?

No. 968080

That sounds so nice anon. I hope you're drinking some tea or hot chocolate.

I went out the past three days and I'm so excited to do absolutely nothing today. My introverted self needs to recharge.

No. 968163

i just cleaned up my eyebrows a bit, i love the way they look and i feel very cute. i’m surprised that it made a noticeable difference. first time i’ve done this in like a year tbh.

all i did was take an eyebrow razor and shave the extra hairs under my brows. used some little scissors to trim the tails of my brows. i don’t like to pluck my eyebrows anymore, it scares me. in highschool i would just pluck away and rip out several hairs at a time.

No. 968195

There's one of those spiritual/angel fairs happening in a town near mine soon. I'm not really into that stuff but there's fuck all to do around here in the winter and during corona. So I looked up some info. I went to one yeeears ago and it was fun and worth the money just to get an 'angel reading' even if I'm not exactly a believer. It was a fun day out. That's all I really wanted.

Turns out the prices have shot up over the years. Not just in line with inflation either.. it's almost like they're scammers lol. I just wanted to do something silly for the fun of it. But fuck that.

No. 968225

One side of my dress got bleached by the sun, so I bleached the other side in order to still being able to use it. Worked like a charm

No. 968235

On a whim I put some ginger powder in my regular vegetable soup and it tasted so much better

No. 968267

I just stayed inside, cleaned a bit and made good progress on my book!
Yes I had some tea. I hope you had a good, quiet Sunday today anon

No. 968293

File: 1636927163014.jpeg (37.51 KB, 392x612, 544.jpeg)

I like the thread photo. It reminds me of spyro with sunglasses.
I cut my hair short again and I put the pieces of hair that fell over my cheeks behind my ears. I wanted to do that before, but my roommate would tell me "no when you have hair over your cheeks it looks so pretty you look like an anime character!!" so I listened to her but now she moved out so no stupid weeb hair at least for today.

No. 968370

Saw a couple at Walmart that had on suits, cowboy hats and cowboy boots. I should've asked where they were coming from.
I ordered a burrito from Taco Bell and they gave me steak instead of black beans. Kind of gross. The replacement burrito was better than the first one.

No. 968436

This is art

Men are so unobservant you can never know. One time I joked about my dark butthole and my boyfriend's face went blank and he asked me to explain. Somehow in all the years of us fucking he had never got a clear look at it, like it's a sasquatch

No. 968485

Anons, I am so retarded. I bought hot chocolate sticks from Trader Joes, and realized when I got home that they are just sticks of dark chocolate. I don't know what I even expected hot chocolate sticks to be, but I feel so dumb for buying them. I swear there's something about Trader Joes that makes me want to buy everything there without even giving it a second thought.

No. 968491

because everything is packaged cutely and the whole store feels cozy like a little farmers market probably. except here farmers markets are way cheaper for all produce.

No. 968497

Soo my brothers gf came to visit my family for the first time and we went to dinner together, but it was so loud inside tht she probably got only 2 sentences out entire night lol. kinda dont vibe w her too.

No. 968500

I went to renfest with my family today, it was aight. I regret not dressing medieval-ish

No. 968505

You're probably right anon, plus they have some "unique" items. That place is dangerous.

No. 968580

Don't let it get to the point I'm at with my bf's sister. We've had maybe two shallow conversations in 8 years. I don't know how to fix it lol

No. 968585

These threads always have the best images! We even had the best Sonic back in the bad times.

No. 968598

the sonic avatarfags sucked and im glad i don't have to look at those autistic threadpics anymore. the chill croc is vastly superior

No. 968763

File: 1636981311273.jpg (113.05 KB, 605x907, Umbonia Spinosa.jpg)

Ended up going through like 5 Top 50 lists of incredible animals and I had a blast.

No. 968777

cool banana bugh!

No. 968778

I love that anon thank you for sharing one

No. 968833

File: 1636989822862.jpg (88.44 KB, 774x580, original (1).jpg)

I had a hard time falling asleep last night and when I finally did I was rewarded with a dream about my high school bully living with her young hot husband in a big apartment down the hall from my shoebox apartment where I live like a shut in and keep getting phone calls from some rando my brain invented every time I go shower.

Worst part is that it's not that far from reality.

No. 968876

I was out with my boyfriend for our four year anniversary and on the way to the train station, some random drunk dude came up to me and started shouting in my face. I was going to ignore it but my boyfriend saw and gave the guy a massive shove. The dude looked shocked and scared and literally waited still he was five meters away from us to yell "Who are you pushing, cunt?!"

My boyfriend is such a gentle, patient sweet giant but seeing him lash out on that manlet for getting in my face was so hot. I hate myself for getting so turned on and being so attracted to him in that moment because I think mindless violence is dumb but it was so good to feel protected.

No. 968891

I ate a bunch of junk yesterday and now I can't eat what I wanted to because I feel heavy. I need to poop or something.

No. 968906

I'm having one of those days where I'm extra hungry and there's no explanation for it. My period isn't due or anything.. I'm just ravenous.

We're having opposite days

No. 968914

That's good that he has a masculine bone in his body. Ive been in the same position but he backed away meekly because he "hates confrontation".

No. 968932

Can anyone recommend some good quality everyday shoes that will last? I really need some basic black shoes to wear with casual chlothes

No. 968950

File: 1636998829711.jpg (102.24 KB, 623x700, mern.jpg)

Watching the Kyle Rittenhouse trial (and Chauvin's a few months ago) with /pol/ and kiwis is actually pretty fun.

No. 968953

I hope you get some good food anon! I feel a lot better, so I'm probably gonna make myself a sandwich.

No. 968956

I would pick some Clark’s, I like that brand a lot. But right now I got some adidas’ that I bought during one of those “super ultra mega sale plz buy everything you’re our only hope ugly sobbing” and I love them so far.

No. 968958

File: 1636999673611.jpg (196.78 KB, 1080x1561, Screenshot_20211115-120649.jpg)

Idk if they'll last forever but these are my everyday flats for over a year and very comfy

No. 968970

I talked to a guy in class today and I talked to him last time too but I don't know his name, I figured it was too late to ask for his name today, and I think I used to know his name but forgot it. So I have to scour the web site for the course to find what his name might be in case he talks to me again. It reminds me of 2 years ago when a girl talked to me in class too but I didn't know her name and I was going to ask her for her name the third time I saw her and then I remembered she already introduced herself to me, I even had her phone number but I didn't recognize her because she cut her hair kek

No. 969022

File: 1637002422623.jpg (109.8 KB, 640x623, screen_shot_2021-06-17_at_10.0…)

bump to get the cp off the recent images

No. 969076

What's the point of a scrote if he won't die for you

No. 969126

I'm in the process of moving and I've been slowly sorting through my things to work out what I want to sell or give to charity and it feels so good to slim down my possessions to the essentials; it's almost cathartic.

No. 969163

No. 969176

I know what you mean. My boyfriend is very cute and gentle too, but is willing to throw down if someone harasses me. It's nothing to be ashamed about. That's how men should be, but most of them would rather beat women instead of protecting them.

No. 969182

File: 1637011548021.jpg (173.26 KB, 786x1000, mikumiku.jpg)

i downloaded and bought the ps4 project diva game + expansion packs. i was really into vocaloid in middle and early parts of high school so it's been a nice nostalgia trip. only downside is it kind of hurts my eyes but i've been turning my tv up really loud and jamming as i play

No. 969193

I've been using the Lidl reward app for months now and collecting whatever lil freebie items they give out. Love a bargain, love a free item even more.

I was peckish tonight and didn't want to prepare food so I went through some of those items and decided to just snack.. it's all shit. I didn't like most of it. I've been making sure to grab the freebies and scan my phone on checkout and it was mostly cheapo crappy choc and snacks that weren't edible. I'm usually not fussy but.. meh. What a letdown.

No. 969207

I found another account (I guess some kind of venting account?) of someone who I am very interested in. I swear I'm not a internet stalker or anything, but I like this stuff.

No. 969211

Tonight I cooked a delicious mushroom risotto, I think it's by far the best risotto I've ever done.

No. 969254

I love risottos so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it, nonnie!

No. 969277

I miss the days when my menstrual cycle was 49 days. The pregnancy scares were horrible, but I loved the longer times between periods.

No. 969281

I ate 3 slices of vegan pizza. It tasted bad, there was too much going on there. I liked the dough taste. a 3.5 because after 3 slices, it was too salty.

No. 969364

My cat is laying on my lap and belly purring intensely. Life doesn't get much better than this. The warmth, the vibrations, the vibes. I love her. Cats are supreme.

No. 969381

Yesss my cat helped a lot purring on my abdomen and lower back during my period this month.

No. 969414

I didn't wear a scarf yesterday when I should have, and now my throat hurts. I made a can of black tea with honey to keep it at bay, like I always do when I have a sore throat, but I actually wanted to lay of drinking so much black tea for a while, because I'm incredibly sensitive to caffeine, so all I'm doing is basically trading throat pain for head aches…

No. 969674

File: 1637070399224.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.39 KB, 480x358, 456.jpg)

Don't chug water before bed

No. 969677

File: 1637070885648.gif (273.58 KB, 400x293, 8f3bfa34-aba3-436b-9798-75eb52…)

I got my second serving for lunch and it was still so fucking good, I'll keep this recipe.

No. 969691

My poodle looks like that "pooner" caricature: it has big, black eyes, a round face and a big fluff in the top of its head, that explains why i find pooners cute

No. 969714

why? did you wet the bed? i love chugging water nonnita

No. 969728

The peanut butter in Reese’s cups has the taste and texture of like a vitamin enriched paste you squeeze from a tube directly into your mouth when you’ve been living in a bunker for 30 years bc aliens invaded and it’s your birthday treat. I say this with love

No. 969729

I will keep this in mind when I get a Reese’s cup, nonnie

No. 969733


No. 969796

I want to lose weight so I've been parking at the back of parking lots

No. 969816

I was food shopping today when I spotted a slightly smashed kinder egg and I just got the feeling I should buy it for the toy.. I got a cool lil falcon/eagle? figure. Thanks weird random impulse. Not mad.

No. 969828

File: 1637083501702.jpg (769.3 KB, 1499x1362, Tumblr_l_675643602300424.jpg)

I work in a little office and my coworker brings her kid in. He's cute and triggers my baby fever even when he's throwing tantrums, help me I'm scared

Pic unrelated

No. 969831

Just drank a turmeric shot. It was nasty.

No. 969851

File: 1637086746582.jpg (52.9 KB, 425x282, Heart-Attack-Signs-and-Symptom…)

I have a collection of "stolen" stock photos that are high quality. I keep them organized by model, because there's generally a trend that each person does. picrel is one of my faves. he does a lot of "heart attack" pictures.

No. 969852

File: 1637086765801.jpg (202.7 KB, 2184x1456, Princmetal-dokazal-chto-prichi…)

No. 969872

I was grabbing a coffee in a lil corner store lately and there was a kid ahead of me. She was alone and had picked out something that cost 2 euro when she only had 1.20 with her. The woman serving her said it was okay and she'd pay the difference herself which was very nice of her. The kid tho just stood there not quite understanding and she seemed to maybe think she was owed some change.. she stood there with her hand out for a moment. It was awkward and the kid was tiny and alone.

By the time I was served and stepping out of the store I could see the girl with her parents.. her two parents. I'm pretty sure they sent her in alone with that plan. I hate to assume that but I come from a poor and just rough part of my country and I've seen parents do it. They'd no reason to stand outside and send such a small kid in by herself while both adults were there.

No. 969874

luvly you should make a thread on /m/ and dump them

No. 969880

File: 1637089682614.jpg (42.99 KB, 435x542, Screenshot_6.jpg)

These made me kek so hard. Those expressions lmao

No. 969888

>did you wet the bed

No. 969919

you know what anon? it happens, we will just pretend it didn't alright?

No. 970007

File: 1637099689964.jpg (76.4 KB, 750x574, Tumblr_l_412287492196942.jpg)

I cant wait for my bf to get home from work today I miss him so much I hope we can go take a walk in the park later and get some snow cones

No. 970015

What's the point of repeating ~quirky~ tumblr posts on lolcow?

No. 970171

Holy fuck I finally managed to learn enough javascript to finish this coding assignment. I feel like my brain is about to explode. I don't even fully understand what I did.

No. 970337

The window cleaner at my place of work has an apprentice and he looks so young that I feel sad seeing him working even though he's with a successful business, maybe even working with his dad. He could legally be as young as sixteen and his arms are scrawny so he really does look like a kid. He's so polite he's almost silent which is rare for boys where I live
I'm not normally maternal but I want to know he gets enough to eat and I worry about his future, why didn't he stay in school?

No. 970625

I'm playing my meshuggah cd in the radio and my roommate said sorry but it just sounds like the radio is jamming, and yeah she is right

No. 970633

I have a big ass pimple on my cheek, I can see it when I look down. I can also see that it's probably causing hyperpigmentation even though I didn't pop it. It's like I will just get dark spots no matter what I do.

No. 970636

I covered my face in toothpaste and I think it helped a little with my pimples. Maybe try that? It worked for me

No. 970642

Please don't do that, it's not very good for the skin I know you mean well anon, no hate

No. 970643

What 2006 skincare shit is this
My method is wait till the pus concentrates enough in one place, then lance it with a dermatology tool and put a cosrx acne patch on it to suck out the pus. When the pus is gone put a bha on it.

No. 970665

I keep catching myself doing my own mannerisms and then realising I stared at my crush doing the same things. Omg I wish he was the 1

No. 970695

Same nonnie. I had a pimple on my nose, I caved in and popped it now it scarred, but I don't care that much for it tbh. Maybe we are cursed to have dark spots

No. 970703

I had a few pimples on my chin. Admittedly, I picked at some of them, but one of them didn't really surface enough for me to do anything. All of them left dark spots. The ones I picked at? Yeah ok, I'll live with the consequences of my actions, whatever. The one I didn't even touch? Why the fuck are you leaving a dark spot when I didn't even touch you?! Makes me so mad.

No. 970707

i had a dark spot on my cheek after a big pimple and i found that wearing sunscreen on my face helped tremendously. i just use neutrogena ultra sheer face sunscreen and the dark spot cleared up in like a week

No. 970721

My taste buds are doing something. I tend to have a small sweet snack every evening with my coffee, usually something choclately. Stuff I've happily eaten before has just tasted off these last few nights. Multiple things.

No. 970730

I've used scar gel to help with bad acne pigmentation, it does help quite a bit. Also using pimple patches, because then I can't pick at it, and the quicker it heals the less dark the spot is when the pimple is gone.

No. 970771

Do you have a cold? Or covid?

No. 970795

No other symptoms. Well the first night that it happened I had this strange increase in appetite all day. I couldn't be pregnant tho so maybe it's some other hormonal thing?

No. 970904

nayrt but I was gonna try those cosrx patches, would you recommend them over other brands?

No. 970906

this makes sense since uv rays can help add to the hyperpigmentation caused by spots! so by using suncream you're allowing it to heal without the sun messing up that process

No. 970930

Post another model and their theme.

No. 970966

Thank you anons, I will take these into consideration.
I will not do this, but I appreciate you trying to help. Thank you, anon.
It's really awful. I will admit that I have been touching the pimple I have issues with picking my skin but I haven't been squeezing it or anything. The inflammation is literally all it takes to cause hyperpigmentation.

No. 970983

I just saw a post-lesbian I know on instagram celebrate her 1yo's birthday. I remember when we would drive to classes together and at the time she was engaged to a woman. I asked her questions about it, still coming to terms with my sexuality at the time. She came out at 23 as gay and didn't look back, said she found sex with men uncomfortable and unpleasurable. Now she's in her 30s and married to a moid with a child, and I genuinely wonder what happened with her and her wife. Their wedding photos were some of the most gorgeous I'd ever seen (and I'm not a wedding person at all), and I'd aspired to have a love like that someday.

No. 971128

This is literally why I spent my 20's just fooling around and not committing to any woman, I was too afraid of this exact shit happening. That when we start nearing 30 my girlfriend would suddenly realize that being a lesbian was just a phase and that she actually wants a husband and a kid as fast as possible and just hightails out of the relationship.

No. 971262

I did something particularly retarded yesterday, I had a pimple on my chin and I wanted to forcefully pop it, so I used the knuckles on my index fingers to press hard, so much that it gave me a bruise, I didn't even manage to pop the pimple.

No. 971271

Conversely I can imagine myself looking to settle down with a woman in my forties. I hope by then that even though the dating pool is smaller nobody is just having a phase

No. 971281

I feel it may be less about the male and more about the desire of settling down, stability and having children
I've known perfectly normal woman who would go baby crazy at some point in their lives

No. 971324

yeah, also i would think most bisexuals would rather be with the opposite sex at an older age precisely because of this. homosexuality is still sorta accepted but a straight relationship will always be easier to 'manage', in a way. sad.

No. 971344

I sometimes think I should never anyone I only like women because this stuff happens. I have only ever been excited by women, but I fear that I will say that I’m gay, and then in my mid 20s a switch will activate and I’ll love men suddenly (because men are just so great selon straight women) and be seen as an attention seeker.

Plus, my mother always said that dating men is great and showed excitement that that would be me one day, and wants me to ‘give men a try’, like if I kiss a man the spell will be broken and I will become straight, or, at least bi. And I hear so much about women starting to like men in their 20s and 30s, and it’s just a phase. So was the woman having a gay phase or just bi?

But gay men never get told their feelings are a phase, or that they should try women. It feels unfair and the pressure to be a heterosexual and the way I see ‘lesbians’ loving men makes me feel more of an outsider. Like where are the girls who only like girls? It feels isolating.

No. 971475

a natural disaster is impeding the supply chain to my area right now and people panic buying/hoarding all of the groceries. i cant find milk or any dairy alternatives in any store and the coffee shops are all out as well. these next few mornings are going to suck

No. 971480

My life is so fucking dull and monotonous that going back home on a different trip is almost an adventure.

No. 971499

I don't want to work to justify my existence. I just want to fucking live and not waste the 50 years I have working 9 hours per day. I don't want to do that shit. That cannot be it. That's not a life. I don't want spend the next 50 years living for the weekend or the few vacation days you get per year. That is not a life. Do I even own my own body? I wish I could escape my body and just be my consciousness because then I would own myself fully and no one could expect anything from me and I could just go wherever I want and do whatever I want and spend my time how I like it. I hate everything in our world it is truly a shitty place to live.

No. 971508

Indeed. Society how it is now is slavery. We work so feed the system that's made to keep us working and not thinking about life more. But life is precious even in this shitty times so try your best to get closer to the freedom you wish you had. I got a place in buttfuck nowhere far away from other people's problems and work as my own boss. It's not ideal, i still have to pay the bills, but i can think and say what i want and do what i like to do and when i want.

No. 971513

BC? Honesty I’d probably buy a bunch of stuff too if I was in that situation, grocery stores only carry a few days worth of stock even under normal conditions, so with no road access they’d be empty within a couple days anyway. Hope you’ve got some food storage.

No. 971521

whenever i see an american talk about food, particularly food that isn't made at home (although even then) i just assume they are fat. jesus christ why are americans so fat(bait)

No. 971528

Same online burgers are all morbidly obese to me

No. 971540

This weird fixation on Americans' weight makes me think you're actually fat. I see this type of sperg all across the site, it's weird because literally every developed country has fatties.

No. 971554

>t. morbidly obese burger
Must’ve struck a nerve(infighting)

No. 971559

Boring yet expected reply. But I guess it's fitting for the mundane shit thread.

No. 971629

I'm so exhausted I cba to wash my hair and am going to try and speed run my morning routine to fit it in. I'll be late if I have too.

No. 971700

File: 1637271044964.jpeg (331.75 KB, 1440x1800, A160E0CC-3302-401E-B492-71EC43…)

Why do i always happen to log in lc everytime theres a moid spamming porn on front page, is this just bad mojo or it's just daily occurrence in this site now.

No. 971765

I'm trying to eat, but it's kinda hard cause half of my mouth is numb

No. 971776

I kept seeing something, then it would vanish. I thought it was an eye floater but then it flashed in front of me and I panicked.. I'm seeing things, I've lost it… on no wait it's a teeny tiny spider decending from my ceiling and happens to be doing it an inch from my eyeball.

No. 971787

Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza in the oven! Pizza Pizza stuffed crust Pizza mmm yes get in my tummy NOW! I want all THREE of your meats and vheesy goodness descending down my throat this instant!!

No. 971797

I had like a personal pizza yesterday, it had maybe 4 salami slices on it and when I was dabbing off the excess oil at the end of cooking it it just kept on filling more and more napkins.. I kinda hate that part.

No. 971799

I try not to let the grease bother me because I'm already in FatMode and so what if I'm clogging my arteries a little more I Deserve This for working hard all week and walked all the way home from the store with this pizza so FUCK IT lmao

No. 971804

I think I just discovered my favorite essential oil diffuser blend to date.
3 drops lemon, 3 drops lemongrass, 2 drops lavender, 2 drops peppermint.
It's light, citrus-y,and fresh. It's so pleasant. I feel like I'm in a laundry detergent commercial except I'm just closing my eyes and smelling the air.

No. 971809

File: 1637275312439.jpeg (7.98 KB, 202x249, images (1).jpeg)

I feel like you would like this face scrub. And it actually works very well!

No. 971817

You bet I would if I used skincare products kek. Thanks for the recommendation though! Lemongrass is one of the best flavors and scents out there
>takes sip of lemongrass tea
dI'm obsessed

No. 971826

So do you do anything for your skin then?? Whats your diet like? You sound ethereal. Nta

No. 971834

Not really. I have seborrheic dermatitis so when I have a flare up I'll incorporate some apple cider vinegar, but usually I'll wash my face with water.
My diet is up and down to be honest. Usually I'll eat a diet heavy in plant based foods, but sometimes I'll binge eat junk food for a few days at a time.
When I was younger I noticed that whenever I stopped using my facewash, my skin would become clearer. So I stopped using products after that. I had acne as a teen, but as an adult I have pretty good skin. I recommend people try to go without any products for a month and drink a lot of water and see how their skin looks.

No. 971844

That sounds strong as fuck

No. 971845

I think I will make baked brie and hot chocolate

No. 971854

>recommend people try to go without any products for a month
hmm I'll try that once December comes around.

No. 971868

Bump because some guy is posting his porn folder.

No. 971878

>seething this hard at women
kek how much time did you spend getting that vpn working by the way? Bet it was really worth it so you could show off more of your massive porn collection.

No. 971914

Just ate the cheese. Didn't make hot chocolate though.

No. 971917

Mice are posted on lolcow RIGHT NOW and the cat gifs do nothing

No. 971921

File: 1637284111221.jpg (439.26 KB, 2500x1594, rat-computer.jpg)

Those cats won't do shit. lmao anon this confused me so much at first

No. 972025

Inspired by the fruits nonny on g, but does anyone know where I could find online copies/pdfs of giant robot magazine?

No. 972043

Wow, there's a name I haven't heard in years. I used to go to their stores as a kid and buy mystery toys.

No. 972062

i dont normally like a lot british things or british media and usually find it very bland but i could listen to morrissey/the smiths non-stop for years and never get bored
also my exes all absolutely hated the smiths but im convinced it was just a form of toxic masculinity because morrissey has the most beautiful feminine male voice. at least my current bf likes them equally as much as i do

No. 972075

as much as i like to poke fun at bongland most of the best music comes from there

No. 972080

I hate this shit so much. I want a 4-hour workday.

No. 972084

This is a mood, anon. I work for a very good salary but my work is way too stressful, I'm in my early 30's and went through at least 3 work-related burnouts in 10 years. My workdays often become long and I never have enough time to finish everything, I'm just waiting for the weekend to come around to have a breather and some time for myself. If I don't die of a stress-induced heart issue by 45 I'll probably go crazy. I can't imagine surviving to my 70s doing this.

No. 972104

just got hit with the depression so hard i can’t move kek

No. 972157

I like my job and it's not stressful, but there's absolutely no need for it to be 45 hours/week, I don't have time to do anything after the day is over, just some basic grocery shopping, and I just want to relax at home on my days off, I don't have the energy to do anything special. I almost miss my retail job where i only worked 35 hours, at least I had more free time and could schedule more stuff due to the planning being more lax.

No. 972585

There was a very cute dog at work today, and everytime I came across it its eyes sparked up begging me to pet it, but unfortunately its owner was in a serious talk with my boss, no way I was going to ask.

No. 972636

i am violently hungover at work

No. 972671

My job pays absolute shit but I only work 35 hrs a week, 90% I'm fucking around on the internet because my work is super easy, and my overall office is really slow and laid back. We have some moments that are fast paced and a lot has to be done, but they're only every once in a while. I want a higher paying job but I know that means busting my ass off and potentially sacrificing work-life balance and I don't know if I'm willing to sacrifice my peaceful life now.

No. 972680

File: 1637349379523.jpg (58.63 KB, 528x528, d1d5b6a35ea5ac698f06d93eb25e27…)

I like baby cows

No. 972687

Eyyy I posted the same pic, we're twinsies!

No. 973158

I want to go to bed but my hair is wet and it usually takes hours to dry because it's so damn thick.

No. 973189

When I turned 20 I developed mild egg and chocolate allergies and I really miss them

No. 973195

me, i always end up sleeping with a towel to keep my pillows (somewhat) from getting drenched from my wet hair

No. 973249

Have you tried using a hair dryer with a diffuser

No. 973253

I made my first tumblr in either very late 2009 or early 2010 and I wish I’d just kept one singular blog over the years. The one I still use I’ve used consistently since 2013 but I wish I never deleted some random ones I’ve made. I never posted anything myself which took some willpower let me tell ya but I wish I could look back at all the weird phases I had through reblogs

No. 973454

I wish you could have them back, nonnie

No. 973623

i feel the same i forget all the names of the ones i had

No. 973663

I was in a public bathroom a couple days ago that had no soap, and I'm still thinking about it. I had to clean my hands with hand sanitizer.

No. 973673

File: 1637432245635.jpg (36.66 KB, 500x501, photo_2021-11-20_13-16-41.jpg)

I love it when my cat randomly comes to my lap to nap. I pet him and the purrs are worth everything.

No. 973696

I watch alot of YouTube and the amount of times I've seen either ads or sponsored vids for 'manscaped' lately. Kinda wonder how men feel now that they're being told they're hairy and smelly and they need specially made ball deodorant before they go out on that date. What a time to be alive lol.

No. 973726

I just picked the biggest booger out of my nose. It was like half an inch long.

No. 973753

God I love that it feels like pulling your brain out

No. 973900

I went to a play yesterday with my mom and this guy sat in front of us alone and ate trail mix out of his bookbag throughout the entire play. I can't stop thinking about it.

No. 973950

Today was the first day of my period and while I usually get mildly inconvenienced, I got a searing pain out of nowhere, violent cramps, shivering, exhaustion. I called a coworker so he could bring me some paracetamol, he was kind enough to bring me a can of coke as well and stay with me for a little bit. I was in so much pain that I went as far as to lay down on the floor when he left, and thankfully the pain subsided and I managed to go back to almost normal, but what the fuck. It's especially egregious because I didn't feel like that waking up, it randomly happened at like 4pm. I can't believe a lot of women go through their periods like that every month all day long, it must be hellish.

No. 973953

I saw a meme I made out in the wild of the internet. I feel proud but also kind of embarrassed.

No. 973957

I hope it stays true to your vision

No. 973962

I know that feeling, depending on the meme it either makes my day or makes me die of cringe kek

No. 974037

I know that feel, mostly when nonnies use the shitty memes I make.

No. 974044

So I have chlamydia. Was dreading telling the guys I've fucked, scared it would be humiliating as fuck. But I was positively surprised. Everyone I told were really cool about it, said it was fine and that they really appreciated me telling them and that I was brave for doing so. And they still wanted to keep seeing me.

Gave me a bit of hope in men. Like stds are gross but they were being so sweet about it that I don't feel bad about it anymore.

No. 974055

I mean, chlamydia is curable so maybe that's why. It's good you told them anon.

No. 974081

that's disgusting, you let a man give you a vagina disease and had to tell multiple other men about your vagina disease

No. 974109

You act like anon got chlamydia on purpose kek, shit happens sometimes, and she obviously has to tell them.

No. 974112

You got it off one or several of them surely, stds are statistically on the rise due to hookup apps so it's possible more than one of them had it already hence the chill response

No. 974114

Getting a needle in the mouth is some of the worst shit a human being can ever go through in their entire life

No. 974126

File: 1637462687092.jpeg (30.32 KB, 800x533, 2CD7428D-54A7-4479-B860-63C084…)

Kek at my brother’s friend telling him that I respect his idiotic, mentally ill fatass.

No. 974130

Like at the dentist or biting into something with a needle in it?

No. 974133

lol wtf. Do you think the anon just went up to men and said "sure you can give me chlamydia"

No. 974136

The dentist. When are you ever biting into something with a needle in it?

No. 974156

File: 1637466462000.png (1.03 MB, 1358x1106, Screen Shot 2021-11-20 at 9.47…)

No. 974188

File: 1637469670292.png (218.77 KB, 1192x670, maebara_keiichi_by_kryddarn_d2…)

No. 974241

I didn't eat pasta for like 2 years for no reason other than I didn't feel like it and now all I want to eat is PASTA. Craving little bowties covered in spicy tomato sauce and shaved parmesan cheese.

No. 974269

I'm so fucked up.

No. 974278

>paint toenails
>suddenly feet are freezing and I can't do shit about it until the paint dries

This is suffering, I'll do gel next time for the warm LED light

No. 974470

File: 1637511410355.jpg (44.41 KB, 450x750, 8c5c677377a241ea9bdebf6c869990…)

I like dressing lightly when it's freezing cold sometimes. I enjoy how numbness and pain mix together.

No. 974526

When I want to stalk people on social media, I get annoyed when their accounts are locked but also I'm happy that they consider internet privacy at least a bit

No. 974529

Just looked through every piece of clothing in my laundry, and I cannot find my mask

No. 974535

You only have one?

No. 974705

I dropped my phone on the ground, but I didn't feel like getting a wipe to clean it. I'll clean it when I get back home.

No. 974712

You’re not sucking on it, why does it matter?

No. 974728

The state of hookup anons

No. 974950

File: 1637561654936.jpg (81.79 KB, 500x486, IMG_0001.jpg)

Stupid ass flimsy tea bag keeps tearing so I have to fish it out of my dumb tea can with idiotic chopsticks to drink my stupid tea. Not amused.

No. 975173

File: 1637589238611.jpg (97.96 KB, 387x592, cpn.jpg)

I started reading the back issues of the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter and can't stop.

Here's a sample article about some guys who came to the Philippines to look at carnivorous plants. They ran into some trouble with the army and one guy gets his ear drum pierced by grass.


No. 975176

That’s rather interesting thank you for sharing nonnerino

No. 975324

File: 1637599367803.jpg (120.47 KB, 1000x1500, French tip almond nails for yo…)

I just took off my gel nails, and my natural nails are the longest they have been in a long time. I bite my nails, so I'm really happy that they grew so well. The last set I had on were almond shaped nails, but this time I'll think I will go with more natural round nails. I like long nails, but it's been a while since I've worn them and I almost ripped my last set off twice and those were shorter than what I used to get lol

No. 975413

congrats nonny on the nails! this is the first time i have seen someone else admit they bite their nails here kek i really thought i was alone. i was doing well for a long while but these past months i ruined a lot of my progress; however, i am back to growing them again and trying my best! it feels good to have pretty nails so im proud of us!

No. 975447

I wanted to make a comic for the longest time now and finally feel like I got a story worth drawing that's still short enough to fit into four or five small chapters. The hardest part is now tying all the little scenes together coherently and making sure it flows well enough. I hope this can be a project to work on after finishing my classwork and that it can motivate me to not put that off as much, so I can have more time to draw in the evening.

No. 975518

Thank you nonna, and we're definitely not alone. I hope you do well on your nail growth journey! I know it's hard, tbh even when I have gel I pick at my nails and bite them, just not hard enough to break them.

No. 975519

Nailbiting is quite common, I'm surprised you haven't heard others admit to it. There's anti-nailbiting nailpolish that tastes gross when you try to bite, maybe that's something that could help you a bit?

No. 975520

Almost microwaved a fork today

No. 975616

I'm so comfy in bed. Goodnight in case I fall asleep without saying bye

No. 975625

I got invited to some party and finding a dress was way too difficult, I’m really tired, I had some pizza for lunch and I think I won’t have dinner tonight.

No. 975632

I had food in Chinatown for the first time ever and I hope I can go back one day .. but I’m glad I don’t live around there or even in the state because I would be hueg

No. 975639

Have a comfy sleep anon

No. 975681

I’m tracing your location so I can break into your home and fart on your pillow so you have nightmares ♥

No. 975685


No. 975766

File: 1637634263133.gif (1.78 MB, 500x500, Tumblr_l_215494889727794.gif)

Driving around at night is so relaxing

No. 975773

I lived in the middle of nowhere for the first 20 years of my life and looked forward to any time I had the chance to be in a vehicle in the city at night. Loved all the lights.

No. 975789

This reminds me of being in the back of an Uber on LSD kek

No. 975938

I dreamt it had snowed. Now imagine my disappointmend when I woke up, looked out of the window and all I saw are dead, wet leafes and puddles.

No. 975963

File: 1637662657314.png (241.33 KB, 535x391, vivec cat.png)

I was doing my homework and I opened the website where I have to submit it and it's actually due a week from now, epic.

No. 975965

File: 1637662839637.jpg (190.72 KB, 720x900, saking eatan teh banana.jpg)

My reading was good today, but try to understand some of the parables made me feel like a stupid child.

No. 975973

if you're in the US it might be because of thanksgiving

btw, do you know what kind of cat that is? it has really interesting coloring

No. 975975

File: 1637663853776.jpg (43.68 KB, 480x748, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_…)

I'm not in the US, it's because exams are this week, but I didn't expect homework to be delayed. It's a chimer/dunmer cat. Just kidding, they call these cats that have split colors chimera cats. because supposedly they started out as two cats that merged in the womb.
I am not good at understanding allegory either, I don't understand the little prince, everyone says it's a book you have to read when you're young and then again when you are older and then you will understand it, I read it in high school and I understood that it's all allegory but I don't understand for what. I prefer more abstract things with less ideas that make me think and come up with new ideas and have fun interpreting it, like this painting, I hate it when it's obvious that there is some deep meaning but I can't figure out what it is.

No. 976000

My parents got a new washing machine and it has internet access. Why does a washing machine need internet access?

No. 976005

who's the artist of the pic?

No. 976007

I'm hacking into it right now

No. 976011

lmao I also find this widespread tendency to make household 'smart' ridiculous. I heard of lawn sprinklers and toilets too that have Wi-Fi

No. 976015

File: 1637666565991.jpg (57.53 KB, 884x884, phil-hale.jpg)

Phil Hale, I really hope I can paint like him one day

No. 976017

I'm going to kms if my coworker won't stop chewing the same gul sikce 4 hours ago, she's so noisy she HAS to do it on purpose I want to throw up. She won't stop bothering me and asking stupid questions and prevent me from actually doing my job I can't focus. She's taking a personal call right now right next to me.

It's for lazy rich bitches who don't want to push buttons themselves and decide which cycle they want to use to wash their clothes. Smart homes are actually retarded, they require updates on a regular basis, can be hacked, can malfunction for the small problems, they can cost a lot and will become obsolete very fast jist so you can get very small benefits, I don't get the point either.

No. 976020

Draws some awesome art

No. 976048

They freak me out in general, if they have wifi how easy would it be for all that data to be sold and used against you later on.

No. 976088

Lmao I just found out my work blocks kiwifarms. Thankfully not lc too. Based work

No. 976100

you're really letting them know where you shit huh

No. 976186

I'm looking at my old drawings and paintings, some make me think wow how did I make that I am amazing, and others make me think I can't believe I spent so much time on this piece of garbage. There's one on the back of an assignment paper from high school and it's really good, too bad it's on the back of an assignment… Maybe I should draw more often again

No. 976201

File: 1637682848153.jpg (74 KB, 893x1198, image0.jpg)

Anons!!!! Im going star gazing tonight what snacks should I pick up

No. 976208

File: 1637683351991.gif (194.45 KB, 477x456, 1629243027420-1.gif)

accidentally just ate 2 and a half big pretzels a family member bought from a local jewish bakery fro breakfast…. it was staring at me RIGHT IN THE FACE i feel so bad about it but im trying to just go easy on myself. plus it was made from a bakery so i dont think it can be as horrible as store bought/frozen pretzels kek

No. 976214

Slim Jims and fruit gushers

No. 976233

File: 1637685544160.jpeg (27.78 KB, 352x207, D915D9E5-5733-4609-83F8-A7E6A7…)

Star shaped anything, eat the stars as you look at them in the eyes, make them fear for their fleeting lives.

No. 976247

File: 1637686225304.jpg (121.89 KB, 1400x700, The-Sims-3-Stargazing.jpg)

Is that Rico? That picture is so cute lol. I don't have any snack recommendations, but I hope you enjoy your stargazing nonna
whenever I see stargazing I can only think of the Sims

No. 976255

Why does my cat keep stealing my spot on the couch?

No. 976256

File: 1637686714986.jpg (17.22 KB, 235x157, fig.jpg)

No. 976262

Warm ass

No. 976317

I'm going to the store, you guys want anything?

No. 976325

File: 1637689576881.jpg (69.35 KB, 500x375, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

por favor

No. 976327

I want chocolate covered almonds please and thank you

No. 976391

File: 1637691183328.jpeg (352.41 KB, 1223x2208, 43AD152F-3B8D-4B94-8897-1056C4…)

No. 976406

Reese's Pieces, please. King size!

No. 976427

>haven't got her government mandated Mikazuki Munechika somehow
lol wut

No. 976436

I have him but I want one to snack on irl.

No. 976462

Going on a night time walk hope i dont die

No. 976471

Let me know when you get home safe

No. 976486

Just made a tumblr account to post drawings. I hate social media but my other option is deviantart and no way I'm not going on deviantart. I'll just not talk to anyone and make no text posts and hope the genderinas leave me alone

No. 976575

same here, twitter is shit imo even if it has a lot of traction. What I like about tumblr is that you can edit and exchange images without having to repost

No. 976577

I’m home nona ily

No. 976580

nta but glad you're home safe nonny!!

No. 976587

Yes twitter is more popular and I think it's better for art because you can clearly see who the original post author is, versus tumblr where it's all subjugated to aesthetics and I struggle to tell if the post is original or reblogged and from who and etc etc, only if images could be organized better on twitter, but anyways even if it did I wouldn't use twitter because it asks for my phone number lol nope

No. 976632

File: 1637704414611.png (472.54 KB, 800x533, snacks for nonnies (1).png)

Here you go. Sorry it took so long, a lot of the places didn't have the anime man in stock.

No. 976641

>phone number
yeah that’s really unattractive.
If you don’t interact with them and ignore their drama they will probably leave you alone. Sometimes I chuckle a bit when some of my stuff gets reposted by one of those super obvious fakebois with a huge bio that contains thousands of labels and “xxx don’t interact” disclaimers. Just don’t forget to block all the furries and weird fetish coomers on sight.

No. 976645

Bless you anon!! Now let's put on a movie while we tear into our snacks.

No. 976659

File: 1637706975337.jpeg (23.07 KB, 259x194, 99F9E828-407A-4C3E-9A37-920DCC…)

Omg nonnie! I love you! I’m sending you a hug, I hope you can feel it!

No. 976678

YUUUM look at those lumpy almond goodies

No. 976682

why should you not use your phone number on an account?

No. 976752

nta, what does twitter need your number for?

No. 976826

You're welcome nonnas, please enjoy.
>this time I'll think I will go with more natural round nails
I fucking lied! I'm doing long nails again. I can't decide if I should do a solid color on my nails, or if I should do colored (or even black?) french tips.

No. 976837

i am late but honestly that hasnt helped me in the past. regardless, thanks for the suggestion nona! my best bet is to just file them, put cuticle oil, thanks those nail/hair gummies, and paint nails as regularly as possible.

thank you very much!

No. 976844

Nta either but I use a locked 0 follower account and signed up with my number at the time, and even though I turned off all my discoverability settings, erased cache, etc I still get recommended to follow my old classmates from years ago. I don’t even have these people’s numbers saved. This tells me that these guys probably get recd my account too despite my settings. Like first of all how did Twitter get that info on me when I barely connected with these people online in the past and secondly why are they sharing this info despite my settings. It’s not connected to location (which is also off) because I don’t live in that area anymore. There’s probably some small print in their long T&C that allows this but whats the fucking point of having a discoverability option then. All for their shitty algorithm trying to get you to engage with everything they’ll choose to do whatever they like with your data

No. 976874

I feel this nona. I have a giant box in my wardrobe filled with all of my writing and drawing spanning a time frame of nearly ten years. I've created less and less as the years have gone on, but seeing amazing drawings I did when I was 13, or that I wrote 13 chapters of a novel pretty much all while I was in class, is quite the strange thing to recognise.

No. 976921

It's the middle of the night and I get to see the first snow of the year. The flakes are really huge and fluffy.

No. 976984

File: 1637738332804.jpg (33.94 KB, 390x280, snowfall-empty-walkway-260nw-3…)

It's still snowing but it's pretty warm out, so you can still see the grass. My cats are snuggled together in some blankets on the couch looking very cozy. Picrel is the vibeage.

No. 976987

I miss living somewhere with proper winter. Enjoy, nonnie. I've always loved the orange/yellow glow you get with streetlights and snow.

No. 977037

I just woke up and it was 66 degrees in my house a minute ago. It's cold as shit.

No. 977039

File: 1637752270673.png (908.56 KB, 800x757, cot waiting.png)

I am not doing very well on my diet.

No. 977040

I always keep my house this cold. I can't sleep if its not cold in my house! Now I have xmas lights up and I'm not looking forward to the 'lectric bill.

My room mate never complains. Oh my god my room mate … I am still getting used to him. But he is a really quiet, polite, decent room mate. Clean! Sometimes he piles dishes with food in the sink but not a ton. Its never more than a few dishes so I guess I don't care whatever. As long as it doesn't become a big pile and big cockroaches.

No. 977041

If you make a snowman while its snowing at night does it look furry in the morning?

No. 977043

Another thing is that with every site you have to sign up with your phone number, the bigger the chance your number gets leaked in on of those occasional data breaches. since you can do lots of stuff with mobile phone numbers nowadays especially in combo with bank accounts it’s just better to keep them out of every website that wants it if it’s not necessary to minimize the risks. In general just try to be as sparse about your personal data as you can if you want to be safe.

No. 977072

I wish there was a way to have a spam number for free in the UK, we can't use Google phone without paying and I don't want to pay for a burner
I can't even order exercise clothes without a company demanding my phone number, I hate it

No. 977073

My diet is great, I just drink coffee, smoke cigarettes and don't eat much
It works great

No. 977077

Me neither… I keep telling me myself I'll get my shit together after finals but it's just a cope what can I say

No. 977096

Rip to your future skin

No. 977113

File: 1637766383971.jpeg (781.51 KB, 1110x1129, 26D76492-B649-4B04-815D-49AB54…)

Baked chips are so good, especially the cheetos, hot or regular. Baked chip supremacy

No. 977172

Ugh, I don't know how you could stand that anon. I didn't even want to get up because it was so cold.

No. 977199

Bought some rat/roach poison to put up my vagina

No. 977204

That's a great way to stay in shape

No. 977302

And teeth.

No. 977346

I didn't know these existed. If they also removed the red food coloring it would be great

No. 977459

Anon this is my favorite chip ever, holy shit. Best FUCKING chip ever FUCKING created. I feel so feral. Feel so insane looking at that pic because I haven't had baked hot cheetohs for way too long. I'm like a drug addict whose been clean for months and your image just sent me into instant relapse and now I'm dying to get my next fix. I've thought about ordering them through Amazon since the places around me stopped selling them, THAT'S how desperate I am. They're not just my favorite snack, but my favorite food of all time. Every time I get my hands on one of those huge bags I eat them all in one sitting. I just can't put them down. I have one of those little red things, black out, and then the entire bag is empty. I'm salivating even simply thinking about them again. God. Why did you post them. God. Fuck. Sorry for the chip sperg

No. 977614

Anyone elses ear just get red and hot as fuck for no reason? I haven't been out in the cold, just in my bed trying to sleep and suddenly it starts burning up. Sometimes it's both, but usually it's just my right. My other ear is a perfectly normal temperature. Am I going crazy??

No. 977660

Yes. Maybe it's my Irish genes talking

No. 977752

My brother is visiting my parents for a few days, finally getting the solitude I crave so much. Too bad it's during my working days, but beggars can't be choosers.

No. 977821

This used to happen to me but with my right hand, almost every night. It doesn't happen anymore. I tried to google what the hell that was but couldn't find anything that matched. It'll always remain a mystery…

No. 977845

File: 1637855190369.png (53.89 KB, 360x360, StreetPass_-_How_It_Works.png)

I got a StreetPass today, I think from someone in my building.

No. 977849

Oh that's cute, nonna! I thought those never happen, the 3DS wasn't that huge in my country, so I've never passed anyone like that

No. 977864


No. 977892

I went on a short hike today. It was cold so my nose was running a bit. At one point, I stopped to respond to some messages on my phone and a guy came up to me and asked “are you okay miss?” I think he thought I was crying because I was sniffling so much… ah how embarrassing…

No. 977897

Kind of bummed because I put a honey glaze on top of cornbread, and my dumbass had the bright idea to put it back in the oven afterwards. It's not burnt, but it is a little dark. I'm contemplating whether I should make a new one.

No. 977910

I logged on to my Netflix for the first time in a while and browsed through it, apparently shows like Gilmore Girls, Arrested Development, Avatar, and The IT Crowd are already in the "Retro TV" category.

No. 977915

File: 1637863685039.gif (2.01 MB, 250x250, Tumblr_l_450405299955526.gif)

No. 977916

I, haven't watched AF since Jessica Walters died
I know I can't handle it.

No. 977917

fuck this makes me feel old

No. 977943

the syrup is secretly motor oil

No. 977949

I made spaghetti bolognese but I put in too much pepper and now my stomach hurts. Still good though

No. 977957

If I ever have a daughter I know what I'm calling her. I won't share the name cuz some polish bitch already stole the name I was going to use for a boy. Anyway it's after my aunt and when I looked up the meaning it's absolutely perfect. It's also a bit unconventional which is perfect imo, but also a standard good solid name.

No. 977968

I suddenly decided last night that I will learn how to crochet. I plan on making a blanket.

No. 977994

File: 1637871194528.jpg (115.64 KB, 900x900, dylandog.jpg)

I've had some problems with my vision lately, when I look at something bright like the sky or the computer screen or a room with artificial lighting I have some kind of glowy noise in my vision and I can see the polarization of light, and I'm not being an alexandria genesis mary sue here, everyone can see the polarization of light if they look for it but I can see it even when I don't try and it's bothering me, it looks like a blue and yellow spot. Anyways these dylan dog comic covers are beautiful and make me want to paint something

No. 978043

The toilet water just splashed my ass and vagina. I'm so beyond upset right now, this has not happened to me in years

No. 978091

My condolences nona

No. 978188

Wait, what do you mean you can see the polarization of light? I looked up polarized light and an example of it was of how it reduces glare. It showed a picture of water with a lot of reflection and then the polarized one is clear water. Is that what you mean?

No. 978206

File: 1637892050392.gif (41.42 KB, 369x369, 71484_2_En_14_Fig1_HTML.gif)

No, I mean yes glare light is polarized and you can use a polarized lens to remove it, but not that, I mean when you look with your eyes at polarized light you will see a cross with one blue line and one yellow line. Try looking at your computer screen where it is white and tilt your head to the side and you may see it. It looks like this image. The pattern is called Haidinger's brush

No. 978302

Have you thought about seeing an opthalmologist? That cover looks really cool indeed

No. 978338

File: 1637921306187.jpg (309.96 KB, 1280x963, p1070622.jpg)

I just got my bottle of Emeraude de Chivor. I wanted it for so long but never got it and now it's here… I even got Nekoyanagi before this, I don't know why I waited so long, it's not even that expensive. It's really pretty, but I can't put it into my pen right now because I have an exam next week and I think my law professor would make fun of me if I wrote it in "glitter ink" kek

No. 978341

I haven't thought about that, I guess I should kek you are smart
Wow, that's amazing, if the ink is multicolored how come the colors don't mix together? Or does it have some kind of oil in it?

No. 978352

File: 1637923289421.jpeg (191.2 KB, 1000x714, image-asset.jpeg)

It isn't actually multicolor! The base color is teal with golden sparkles, the red part is just the sheen that appears once the ink is dry! It won't show up if the paper is very absorbent or if you use a fine nib, the ink has to pool a little for it to show. I love sheening inks so much, my favorite is Organics Studio Nitrogen, it even works with very fine nibs and the blue-purple-red is just very pretty to look at.

No. 978493

I bought guava like 2 weeks ago and they're still hard. I don't eat these often so maybe that's how they are though

No. 978494

Ooooohhh I get it now, that's so cool I didn't know that existed

No. 978501

I regret deleting my social media accounts everytime because I just end up making a new one and I lose all the good people to follow from my old accounts.

No. 978512

File: 1637949072582.jpg (470.67 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_ee0c5d73c4cd843c207a1ac…)

You know I really miss the simplicity of a portable computer sometime, it doesn't take much space and if you want to do something else on your desk like drawing or studying you just have to put it away and boom, no internet. It's easier to take a break from it whereas with a desktop it's always here, and nowadays they can be quite powerful so no worries about casual gaming.

No. 978523

I think I will dye my hair today. My hair has been growing so much and feeling so healthy, I feel like I deserve this. I will do a ginger kind of color because I've had it before and it looked really nice on me.

No. 978572

I settled into a natural sleep rhythm this last week and it showed me that I, for whatever reason, do need 10 hours of sleep each day. I get extremely tired around 8pm and then I go to sleep and wake up at around 6am without any alarms. Yesterday I stayed up a little longer, until 10pm, and I woke up at 6 but fell right back asleep and got up only at 8. This is so crazy to me, but I've been feeling a lot better recently and I think this is part of it. I just hope I can keep it going, going to bed at 6am and getting up at 5pm was miserable

No. 978676

File: 1637963751202.jpg (531.29 KB, 2048x2048, 20210513_184559.jpg)

I finally got down to my goal weight and am back in shape enough to where I can comfortably run my 5k's without struggling through the first mile! Next I want to get my flexibility back, let's fuckin goooo

No. 978680

File: 1637963998560.jpg (729.78 KB, 720x720, Tumblr_l_655163606360543.jpg)

I hyperventilate running for 30 seconds. I am in awe of you

No. 978689

>laptop finally sudoku'd after nearly 4 years of heavy abuse
>was going to buy a new one anyway but wanted to be able to transfer heavily-curated image collection from old laptop
>have to start over for the billionth time
no reaction image because I don't have any

No. 978696

I wanna dye my hair too but this is the first time since childhood it's been it's natural color and I'm kinda enjoying it

No. 978698

That's amazing you are amazing have a nice day

No. 978775

Samefag, currently trying to crochet. Making a slipknot should not be this hard.

No. 978808

My bf's mom works for some rich lesbians and regularly gives me clothes they don't want anymore. I like their fashion tastes.

No. 978861

you're so lucky, I have pants from grade 9

No. 979041

I bought a suede miniskirt in the prettiest pink color I have ever seen and a black longer skirt with a very cool design but it's very big I have to make it smaller, I can't wait to wear them
That's so great, my landlord also gives us tons (like two of those huge ikea bags) clothes and there's always very interesting clothes.
How's it going

No. 979172

I got a matte screen protector for my tablet because drawing on the slippery screen was uncomfortable. I like the look and feel of it, but it makes the rgb particles more visible? It's a little annoying to be honest. Drawing feels ok, it's better than with the glass, but it's almost too rough. The pen is going to get sandpapered I'm afraid. I wish there was a way to draw digitally anywhere without having to do it directly on the screen.

No. 979287

It's going terrible anon. Trying to do a chain stich is so insanely difficult. No amount of tutorials can help me, but I will not give up.

No. 979289

I found some local made chowmein noodles at the grocery store for $1.50. They're premade (and tasty) and I get 4 servings out of it. This rules.

No. 979293

File: 1638038060127.jpg (45.64 KB, 1280x960, wacom-intuos-pro.jpg)

get a tablet like this. alternatively if you're using an iPad I know they have covers for the tip of pencil that have the same purpose as a matte screen protector.

No. 979297

File: 1638038464482.jpg (99.82 KB, 374x600, penguin.jpg)

I watched a penguin documentary (about emperor penguins to be exact), and I learned that, while they're cute, I don't like them as people.

No. 979298

File: 1638038465637.jpg (823.88 KB, 2244x2992, cow.jpg)

Samefag, right after posting this I successfully made a chain stitch! I had to undo it though because I think it was too loose.

No. 979299

are you moralfagging penguins?

No. 979300

No. 979306

I have a screenless tablet, if that's what you mean? I love using it, but as I said, the only downside is that I can't take it anywhere, it has to be connected to my computer. I'd like to maybe draw in bed or on the couch, sitting in the same place all the time can't be good. The tip thing is so interesting, I've never heard of that! But I'm sadly using an older android tablet that you already can't buy replacement pens to, so I doubt there's going to be something like that lol I wonder if getting an iPad is worth it… I kind of hate having my hand on there, obstructing everything, but so many people seem to have fun with it

No. 979317

I just bought a (cheap) espresso machine and I didn't realize how expensive this hobby can become. Even to just get a "good" bean grinder is at least $150-$200. Thankfully I already had one though.

No. 979332

Lol you can get there too with dedication!
Ty autist anon

No. 979346

In the sims 3 I think there is an item that is 3 small paintings of fruit in a row, I always thought that would be cool to have for real in the kitchen, and today in a drawer I found some small canvases I bought some time ago so I painted an apple on one of them.
Well done, I'm proud of you for not giving up.

No. 979383

I started timing myself when I study because a prof suggested it to find out how much we actually do for uni and I turn it off whenever I lose focus or take breaks. Right now the maximum I can do in a full day (ca. 12 hours) is only 3 and a half hours, but I can't even do that two days in a row. It seems like so little, I don't know how normal people get anything done ever lol

No. 979432

I'm currently getting really drunk alone while listening to my favorite band, no idea why, I think solitude hit me hard today.

No. 979794

i haven't made an online purchase all year and finally caved and made a very small practical order.
9$ multipack of my favourite breathable and comfortable reusable masks since i keep losing the only one i have (yes i wash it), and end up stressing on my way out the door to work. don't need to wear them except for my job and buying food really, but i get autistic sensory stuff with the sweaty non-breathable uncomfortable ones. makes me feel like an angry chimp. i cannot buy them in stores here, i have looked.
one huge 13$ bulk sized non-irritating moisturizer with a pump that will last me forever so i won't need to fuss around, or waste money on overpriced gimmicky moisturizer that irritates my skin and leads to congested pores and redness. i can't buy it in stores where i live.
compared to trying new products i can get at the drug store that really saved me a lot of wasted money and unusable non-returnable items.
going to see if anyone i know will take my unusable skincare items. i know the womens shelters don't take opened items which makes good sense.

No. 979888

I told a coworker I was 28 (29 in two months) to which he answered "huh I thought you were in the 23-24 range", and I don't know how to interpret it, does he think I lack maturity or do I just look younger than my age?

No. 979892

He just thought you look younger than you are

No. 979901

Honestly people in that age range can look exactly the same age. He made an assumption when you met but he was slightly off. I don't think it's too deep to worry about.

No. 979928

i was going to go to a ride concert in roppongi in 2019 and end up not going because i had too many other things i was doing and didnt want to exhaust myself too much while on vacation and i regret it so much now
ive only been to 1 other concert in my life (death grips) because i live in bumfuck nowhere. literally sucks

No. 980090

File: 1638114503716.jpg (55.56 KB, 600x377, IMG_0002.jpg)

I started double wrapping my tea bag and so far, no tearing. Would recommend.

No. 980343

I'm getting shrooms for christmas. Gonna do them for the first time. Anyone know if I shouldn't take them due to having dissociation? (my only mental illness). I was also advised to do only half of an 1/8th, which I can only imagine is a very very tiny piece.

No. 980346

I'm looking for a new apartment and while talking with a landlord about a potential rental place he asked me to hand over three references from earlier landlords I've had. I've only lived in one place before where I am now, so I gave him the number of my previous and current landlord then asked him if I could get a reference from some of his earlier tenants just for the shit of it. He told me he didn't like my attitude and would find someone more grateful, kek. Fucker.

No. 980350

Guy can't take a fucking joke. Hope he chokes and you find a nice apartment anon. With the way tenants are treated, we should be able to review landlords tbh.

No. 980352

It wasn't a joke, either. I'm not in a hurry to find a new place, so I plan on asking every landlord for a reference if they have asked one from me. I think it is only fair seeing as my first landlord was a total creep who would make excuses to come inside to "check something" and then overstay is welcome talking to and bothering me. Never again.

No. 980371

I bought pistachios to make something with them, but I'm now realizing I have to crack each and every single one open

No. 980383

File: 1638142738324.png (63.38 KB, 271x267, VM8eJ.png)

ok i don't know how this works so if i do this wrong, my bad. Since this assumably a female majority website, thought it might be a good idea to ask for some advice and get some stuff off my chest- i did ask some of my mates but none of them have proven helpful.

Not to be dramatic but, theres this boy at my work who is very very 'committed' to me. I know he had liked me for a good 4 years but tried to ignore it thinking he'd get over it over time, which unfortunately is not the case. Now I've told him in the past I'm not really into guys that much, that he's not really my type and that Im just straight up not into him but he cant seem to take a hint. A year ago i even tried dating him, thinking that it would either work out or 'open his eyes' and make him realise its not meant to be (which was my first mistake). That relationship lasted a good three months-ish. i genuinley tried my best to stay with him, in a weird way i wanted it to work out because i just felt so bad for him, but i just couldn't stand it.

The situation is that: I asked this boy to come on a course with me for work, I'm the only one who needs to do it since I'm a higher rank (hard to explain). It's a course anyone can do but don't do until they reach said rank since its quite tedious- but i needed it to move up and didn't really want to do it alone so i asked for him to come, since i knew he'd agree. Honestly at the time i didn't care if he misinterpreted it or whatever because as long as i knew someone at that course i didn't care, plus i thought we'd go to the course together and go back to work and thats it. Unfortunately not because as soon as we got home from the course he sent me a message:

"Hey so ima try to keep this as short as possible. I miss you. Spending the last few days with you has kinda highlighted how much I care about you and I’m not asking you if you wanna go out w/ me or if you wanna be together, I just wanna know how you feel and want to talk about it before getting hopes up. I kinda tried to talk to you about it on the weekend but I couldn’t really find the time and when I did try I kinda froze. But yeah, I just want to know how you feel and if your looking for someone."

So i did what i usually did and ignored his message. I wish I felt bad about this but- I don't. I did not flirt or make advances or anything, if anything i think i was quite distant to him throughout the course so i didn't expect/ want something like this to happen, but i guess the extra time we had together 're-sparked' his crush(?). Regardless, I do not want to talk to him. The idea of him and I having a one-to-one conversation alone makes me so uncomfortable. To be honest, I've told him time and time again that I'm not into him and I'm tired of it. I don't know if he's waiting until one day i just say yes to dating him but you'd think he'd just give up eventually. When we went back to work he tired to get some co-workers to get me alone so we could talk, thank fuck my friend would drag me away in time. i just wish he'd leave me alone. There isn't a specific question tbh, i really just don't know what to do. To be clear, i do not like him, do not want to talk to him and strictly want a co-worker only relationship and i've actually made it quite clear so i dont know why i have to keep doing what he wants so he doesn't bitch and moan. I'm sick of avoiding him and acting stupid so he'd stop asking me out and stuff.

This is the ranting part so you don't need to read this.

Like he's a lovely boy and he has good intentions really but it's his personality that really fucking annoys me. For someone thats older than me, he's childish, needy, overtly sensitive and just plain annoying. He's one of those college obsessed guys who only talks about drinking and being w the boys n shit like that. It's always "college this" "college that" like fuck, say something else, literally anything else. It's like having a conversation with a fucking furby. He also attempts to use an assortment of slang that: for one, does not suit him, and two, doesn't make sense half of the time. It's genuinely embarrassing when he says like "hit a zoot" "so vexed" and shit like that in public, claiming that its college slang and that his college is 'his yard'. Bear in mind that he lives in an well-off, posh neighbourhood in a posh county so when he tries to act all hard it turns more into a "hello fellow kids" moment.

Besides the slang and tenaciousness, he's not entirely bad. I'd feel bad completely slandering him online. He is very nice when he's not sulking like a child. Sometimes he'd offer to buy me stuff since i don't have that much money most of the time, and he is very careful and kind around me, which i appreciate. Although, i really wish i wasn't so quick to use his money, i think accepting the money made me a little reliant on him but i've stopped so don't worry. wow I'm tired of writing this.(namefag)

No. 980425

It’s not hard, namefag. Send him one curt text that you’re not interested and this is the last time you’re going to say so. Then if he makes any advance again take it to HR.

No. 980460

File: 1638151687629.jpg (37.09 KB, 640x377, 13c22e29e058b3a60311c60fc8bab2…)

Just remembered the Tumblr lizard election

No. 980489

who did you vote for? i think i voted for mop

No. 980496

I honestly don't remember, and I can't check my old blog to see since I deleted it years ago. I think it was probably Mop or Deborah.

No. 980500

I remember in elementary school, every year there'd be a huge presentation in the gym where someone who claimed to be an explorer in the African Safari would come and show all the kids a slideshow. They also let you touch animal pelts and skulls and also some musical instruments from various parts of the continent. Then of course after there was a table where you could buy gift shop trinkets like fake minerals and animal teeth. They forced us to go until about 5th grade so this was a pretty repressed memory. Honestly I always found that event so random and wondered why they forced us to go every year. I've never heard anyone else talk about this type of event in their schools before either.

No. 980516

I was suppose to tan but the sun keeps getting covered. I also shouldve started sooner ugh.

No. 980524

Same. Just woke up and had a brekkie bong. Off to razz on some dogs with my sunkissed skin from the summer so far.

No. 980542

You know what? I've been a dumb bitch and just not taken my thyroid medication for what must be weeks now.
I know I'm doing this kind of shit as some clever way of self harm. I'm putting my foot down, me. This is dumb. I'm taking my medication again starting this morning.

No. 980544

I was making rice water, but when I went to go use it half of the water was frozen. I'm not even sure how it happened cause my fridge isn't that cold, and I had drinks right next to it that didn't get frozen.

No. 980578

File: 1638168249397.jpg (155.95 KB, 862x1129, N990zR9XVI5uDlqe.2LcIg.jpg)

That's so typical. We had an extreme yoyoer come in our school, perform tricks with music, then there was a stand to buy yoyos that cost between $10-$60. I went to private school so most kids were rich, and yes I got my mom to buy me a yoyo. I wouldn't want to get left out. But when I brought pic related to recess one day it was confiscated. I was so popular for the 10 minutes I had it though

No. 980668

File: 1638187283887.jpeg (28.69 KB, 300x177, 543C3D4F-6C73-44B8-9933-7CD48A…)

Thank you for unlocking this memory of clackers. I don’t know why, but I think everyone and their mother had these at school when I was a kid, I remember getting some shiny ones in pink or yellow and getting bored because I didn’t know how to play with them properly kek.
The weird thing is that I don’t remember them getting banned in my school, everyone just got gradually bored of them and they just were relegated from hottest toy to party flavors’ toy.

No. 980672

File: 1638188181719.jpg (68.49 KB, 821x539, zelgadis-san.jpg)

Bout to watch some anime.

No. 980685

I'm so so tired I've been in bed all day, I'm as tired as when I had corona so I measured my temperature but it's even lower than usual actually

No. 980728

Everytime i eat something oh so slightly greasy (we talking about bland pastas or meat cooked with a lil bit of olive oil) i get sick with contipation + diarrhea and eventually vomiting for 1 or 2 days. So basically I'm now stuck at eating almost only raw vegetables and fruits and eventually a little bit of yogurt cause it's the only things that seem to not make me sick. Awesome.

No. 980768

Some family members are divorcing and cleaning out their house in shifts to avoid each other. We swiped the $4000 massage chair and this thing fucking rules.

No. 980910

The cheesecake I made came out with a bunch of little lumps in it. Sad.

No. 980935

I haven't got covid once during this pandemic despite being a front line worker and now working in a factory with retards. My boss told me to keep up whatever I'm doing and I truly think its because I get high everyday so I'm going to go the extra mile for him tonight and get really high because someone I'm in close contact with got covid but I tested negative lol

No. 980969

Am wearing one of my prettier skirts today, walking around feeling fabulous, waltz into a coffee shop, bashful girl approaches me at the counter to tell me the hem of my skirt is stuck in my tights. Arrgh!

No. 980982

I complained last week I think about having to go to the dentist, I went today and I wasn't scared, I guess my head was all wrong when I was scared. Everyone was nice at the hospital and they made a 3d image of my teeth, that was so cool. And then I listened to 3teeth on the way back home, I thought that was appropriate for the day and I pet a grey cat and it climbed into my lap and then I told it goodbye and went home.
I hate it when I wear my silky skirt and I come home and see my bag made it slide up idk it gets caught under my bag on my hip always and slides up

No. 981167

Woke up and the first thing I did was make a mass grave in the backyard for the rats that got caught in the traps overnight…
Shouldn't have chewed holes in the kitchen ceiling fuckers.

No. 981262

File: 1638220235973.jpg (89.24 KB, 800x1200, c81e728d9d4c2f636f067f89cc1486…)

i started making overnight oats and i love it so much! i'm on a diet so my stomach is growling like crazy in the evenings but i'm sooo excited for breakfast. i'm gonna shower and then go to bed so i can eat my oats sooner.

No. 981280

ooo how do you do your overnight oats, anon?

No. 981290

looks delicious, could you share the recipe?

No. 981301

right!? not her giving us this magical idea and then leaving without expounding on it. so mean nonnie

No. 981308

reverse google the image and found this: https://sandhyahariharan.co.uk/mango-coconut-overnight-oats/

Literally going to get mangos after work, this sounds so delicious

No. 981318

Same nonna! I love overnight oats so much. I’ve been making pumpkin pie overnight oats so I can satisfy my pumpkin pie urges without eating a whole pie in one sitting hehe. Plus it’s so filling! The flavor combinations are endless so I can never get bored. I like adding plain dry cereal like rice crispies, corn flakes, or plain special K for some texture too.

No. 981323

omg I bought like four cans of pumpkin puree, I guess I'm having this for breakfast

No. 981326

kek i'm sorry sisters, i was showering!! the link that >>981308 posted inspired me, but i mostly put oats, some oatmilk and greek yogurt in a jar and then top it with fruit. currently mostly using (frozen and then thawed) mango because the fruit aisle was so barren last time i shopped, but i would love to try it with berries or cherries once they're back in season!

that sounds so good!! i think i'll try adding some crunch too, as long as i can keep it under 400 cals per serving i'm open to everything.

No. 981365

I logged onto my email account for games and there is a message your xvideos account has been created. Wtf. So I deleted the account

No. 981518

does the frozen mango make a difference? I just got fresh mango but it's definitely not ripe enough yet lol. Thanks for the inspiration!!

No. 981615

Why does cc always delete the good threads? There was an interesting one about which cities people hate and the reasons why but it’s gone now.

No. 981691

Thank you for the idea nona. Greek yogurt is usually hard to find in my country, but I happened to be near a fancy grocery store when I saw your post and managed to pick some up. Gonna meal prep a few breakfasts tonight!

No. 981761

i don't think so! i just used the frozen kind because there was no fresh fruit i liked available. i think fresh mango will be way tastier than the frozen one too.

yay! enjoy your overnight oats when they're ready, nonna!

No. 981917

Decorated the Christmas tree last night. Gonna get more candy canes and put ornaments on the back.

No. 981939

File: 1638290907124.jpg (50.05 KB, 1200x900, 3ca9c2e262471ad3601ae943c6fa91…)

The eternal dilemma of having to pee but having precious sleeping pets resting on your legs.

No. 981943

Found out my coworkers that I assumed were gay are both straight and married to women, my gaydar is getting worse with age

When the yo-yo man came to my middle school all my classmates were more interested in talking to the guy who was playing the piano during their presentation kek

No. 981946

File: 1638291247745.png (243.33 KB, 863x435, SNICKERS_Creamy_Nesitem.png)

bought a snickers creamy and my favorite b&j's ice cream (moophoria chocolate cookie dough) today and both were meh. the ice cream used to be my favorite but now it tastes weirdly watery. the snickers creamy was meh, but i can see myself buying this when i'm on my period and craving something fatty.

No. 981950

the snickers creamy one is amazing imo but they only sell it in small sizes here (uk.) youre right that it does satisfy creamy/fatty cravings really well when regular chocolate isnt enough

No. 981952

What is this and why don't I have one????

No. 981958

Watched GWTW for the first time today. Found it really boring and badly acted.

No. 981962

i think i was so hyped for it that my expectations were way too high. but yeah, i'm from germany and i also only saw the single packs at the checkout, which i don't mind. i always wish there was more variety in candy bars at the checkout. sucks for the parents whose kids throw huge fits over wanting an overpriced snickers, but i'm an adult and i enjoy buying one (1) single bar of chocolate.

i'll throw one out of my window, pls make sure to catch it nonny.

No. 982110

just got stung by a bee on my foot

No. 982126

File: 1638304534397.jpg (52.48 KB, 479x960, 07c611f011df1e68f192a6017d47cb…)

I went to the grocery store and they sell some fortnite things idk what they are but there was this girl on the wrapper and I thought "Jolyne in fortnight???!??!?!???!?!?"

No. 982584

I'm in this art Discord, right? I don't really talk to these people outside of art stuff but some of them are pretty close. It just came out that for the past FIVE years, the server owner and Secret Santa organizer has been secretly accepting payment for people to get this one artist who doesn't take commissions as their Secret Santa. Now there's all this drama about art pimping in the server and I'm just scrolling through it wishing I talked to these people more because I've been missing out on so much drama.

No. 982598

Damn so the best artist who was probably making stuff to be nice was secretly being outbid and not seeing a cent? I'd be fucking pissed too like wheres my $50-1000 or whatever they paid him

No. 982623

I ran out of conditioner, now my hair is crunchy!!!

No. 982626

It's freezing cold so I turned on some relaxing jazz music, put on some layers and buried myself under my covers. I think I'd be happy as a bear hibernating through winter.

No. 982685

I have a home decor conundrum. My whole apartment is very 40s Victorian revival. My problem is my work/gaming setup. My house is 40sqm or 430sqft and my desk with my pc is in the living room. Of course it doesn't fit with the rest of the house and all inspiration I've been able to find is about a second bedroom that's used as an office or a very nice desk but with a tiny laptop that can be quickly put away. I have two monitors and an ugly, black and red GAMER case. I'm remodeling in January and I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with this part of my home that I dislike but I'm having a hard time sorting this out.

On another note, I found a very nice painting next to a garbage container yesterday. People throw away the prettiest things.

No. 982711

Please elaborate anon kek this sounds milky af

No. 982718

File: 1638370150160.png (226.87 KB, 1287x449, december's edition.png)

It's the first of December and I know what I'm reading.

No. 982727

I finished designing and knitting a pair of work gloves for my boyfriend that fit like a second skin, the fingers have no gaps or spaces between them either. He's wearing them today and I feel like a proud parent!

No. 982732

I've been eating coconut Greek yogurt with hemp hearts for breakfast and it tastes so good. Reminds me of an expensive granola bar.

No. 982740

One more month until I complete my 2021 new years resolution of not buying any new clothes!! This is the first resolution I've ever had to myself that was serious (usually it's something like "pet more dogs" or something) and I'm proud of myself for sticking to it.

No. 982771

Had a nice day in work even though I have a cold.

No. 982781

I think it would be cool if you could make a frame like an old picture frame to put over the monitor, a real wood frame would be too heavy but maybe you could make a plastic frame and add the relief with some clay

No. 982784

Make a wooden cover for the pc tower?

No. 982796

Wow that's impressive. I can't stop buying shit so i cant imagine

No. 982816

Babysitting my 4 year old cousin and every five minutes or so he will take a break from whatever he is doing, stand up and scream "IS YOUR NAME POOP!?!?" in my face and then sit down and continue playing while I stare blankly at him having given no response. Only 3 hours left.

No. 982833

Answer him. Maybe you'll snap him out this hellish cycle

No. 982837

"That's Pooperella to you, SIR"

No. 982863

File: 1638382882755.jpg (66.05 KB, 500x544, 5w8mmb.jpg)

No. 982874

I'm SO proud of you Noni!

I did it a few years ago and now I only get new clothes if I truly need them and only from slow fashion shops. It's been so liberating!

No. 982889

Well, is it?

No. 982890

HAHAAAA thank you nonnie

No. 982908

Thank you nonna! It really is! Sometimes I will look at my favorite brands to see what they have on sale and I don't know if it's because what they've been putting out actually looks like shit this year or if I've just become really picky about clothes, but I usually don't have the strong urge to buy anything. There's "oh that's cute" stuff, but nothing so cute that I'm willing to break my resolution for. I also had bedbugs this year and tl;dr is I had to have most of my clothes in storage for months. I used to be so self conscious, especially at work, for rewearing clothes often, but after being forced to juggle the same handful of tops/bottoms/dresses I kept, I realized no one actually gave a shit and my need for more clothes/more outfits was just all in my head. When I got all my clothes back, it made me realize that I've gone from "ugh I can't wait until I move out and have room for more clothes" to "why do I have so many clothes? how can I downsize this more?" Crazy kek.

I've got my eye on some slow fashion shops I'd really like to buy from one day! I really want to focus on buying clothes only made from natural fibers from here on out too.

It gets easier with time! I hope you'll try it out one day nonna. It's a harmless thing to attempt and there's no real prize at the end besides self satisfaction and maybe some money saved. I'm trying to move away from my previous materialistic self and have also become very big on spiting the current big societal push to buy more and buy often. I still buy shit I don't need though, so it's a work in progress kek.

No. 982950

Getting a root canal in about an hour. Pray for me nonnas!

No. 982955

I've had 3 in my life. It'll be okay. Take some headphones and listen to loud metal music! Industrial always helps me because of the drilling sounds, goes well with industrial

No. 982956

File: 1638386785087.gif (2.93 KB, 50x50, 767720o4sotb7rrz.gif)

No. 982958

File: 1638386895353.jpg (100.17 KB, 2048x1365, IMG_1767_1024x1024@2x.jpg)

I'm getting my IUD replaced tomorrow. I'm nervous but I know it'll be fine. Here's to another 5 years of no babies and easy, breezy, practically non-existant periods.

No. 983020

I've accidentally stumbled into tradblr and holy shit these women are so insane, especially with their obsession of being "submissive" to their husbands.

No. 983068

File: 1638393829258.jpeg (60.74 KB, 1170x1165, B0525C6E-B8B0-4324-A2A4-CE6270…)

loads of trannies (mtfs to make it even worse) have suddenly started following my fandom writing account on twitter. going to have to start softblocking them all before it gets too bad because i cant abide the thought of moids following me. the latest is some nasty french AGP with a foot fetish(?) too. i think they started following due to another person (male???) who followed me yesterday who i naively assumed was a cringe but relatively average woman due to the amount of mentions of being a lesbian on their profile.
>mfw i thought i could escape this shit by pointing out that i’m bisexual and making bihet jokes since they usually swarm lesbians and hate bi women but i guess not even we’re safe now

No. 983104


If you're looking for a way to get rid of them, I have a couple of recommendations:
1. Scortched Earth: Make your position clear with little offence, such as posting or retweeting that sex-based rights petition Richard Dawkins recently posted. This way you have recourse to say you're just supporting women without directly saying fuck you troons.
2. Scortched Earth and Fuck You: Post that men will never be women because they say so, and that it is just a combination of sexism and hoophobia. This specifically calls out troon unlike the above method.
3. Stealth (kek): If you are a fandom writer as in fanfiction, reference things that only happen to certain sexes frequently and mention that it is something that only happens to them. See this mother, only women give birth, only women get periods, only men get erections, etc. For reader inserts, you could say the reader is female so expect penis ni vagina sex, etc. This way you can be true to reality, have a way to deny accusations of troonsphobia, and can possibly cause a little "You will never be a woman" in their head. If you don't do fanfic writing (not sure what other fandom writing would be, theories maybe?), you can reference theories retaining to biological sex.
4. Reality: Don't change anything, but use real words (no cis, no identifies as, etc). This allows you to deny allegations, etc. Basically, ignore them if they come at you and hopefully they will either give up, or better yet, go away.

No. 983110

Honestly you should just block them totally, they won't even notice it anyway, they are so terminally online they always follow 800+ Twitter accounts.

No. 983111

Thanks! The procedure was actually great. I didn't end up listening to music, but I was so comfortable I didn't need to. My tooth was stinky though.

No. 983160

I miss komaeda anon

No. 983162


No. 983166

Me too. I hope she's doing well

No. 983176

File: 1638401196998.gif (1.76 MB, 313x313, tumblr_d62f367cdd584494317ab31…)

I hope she is still lurking and doing well, but I'm relieved not to have to look at Komaeda or read about his smegma daily

No. 983183

I thought the same just a few hours ago

No. 983213

I choose to believe this is her

No. 983513

What the hell is this gif from?

No. 983560

Got that fucker replaced!! Fuck the insertion was so much painful than I remember it being. Worth it though.!

No. 983593

7-Eleven strawberry paleta do be bussssin

No. 983896

I got a new e-file today and I'm so happy. It's really cute and super quiet.

No. 983904

Why does everyone say it was painful? idk if I'm misremembering but it wasn't that painful?

No. 983914

>it wasn’t painful for me so I don’t get why it was painful for other women

No. 984006

About to make french toast with almond butter and apples

No. 984023

nona pls share

No. 984099

File: 1638498400066.jpg (266.55 KB, 680x1020, ABACT-8.jpg)

Here you go nonny the pic is actually regular toast but just pretend it's french toast

No. 984106

File: 1638498907003.jpg (130.46 KB, 1300x1065, young-woman-eating-toast-choco…)

bless you nona, cheers

No. 984108

>young women eating toast.jpg

No. 984110

excuse you, the full file name is:
if you are gonna make accusations at least be throughout.

No. 984111

Ok scrote

No. 984113

File: 1638499614266.png (115.38 KB, 448x448, Meanie.png)

No. 984117

You wanna know how I know you're a scrote? Because that's obviously NOT a toast, just a slice of bread. Disgusting.

No. 984120

File: 1638499948646.png (84.49 KB, 254x239, Help.png)

I-… aah

No. 984165

I really want to watch The Wiz but I have no time

No. 984169

It's funny and worth a watch on a rainy day. My siblings and I have an inside joke about the crying in it that goes "tee-hee" michael jackson-ish. It's goofy and kitsch

No. 984170

How do you anons think a /ot/ or lc in general irl meet up would go? I'm not proposing it as an official idea or anything, since I think it would be a pain to plan out and also potential dangers and the such, but I think it'd be very nice. I've heard of some of the different 4chan board meet ups, and I think it's because of the edgy and degenerate culture on there it has so much potential for awkwardness, but I don't see that being a problem on here (since that stuff gets actively discouraged). Nonnas on here seem very genuine and sweet, so I think it would go okay enough.

No. 984172

Retarded, someone would sneak a creep shot and doxx dozens of anons

No. 984176

Lol no the fuck we don't, there's been issues here for a while from anons attacking anons who are venting about their shitty life (claiming they're lying, claiming they're actually the issue, claiming they're scrotes, etc)

I also assume that most people here intertwine with CC who are 90% troons with hentai fetishes

No. 984215

File: 1638514861091.jpg (88.1 KB, 866x959, 1635968887303.jpg)

I don't want to meet any of you. Sorry not sorry.

No. 984268

I'm learning how to cook and I made a chicken salad, tastes pretty good, I'm proud

No. 984269

i'd never show up to a meetup but i do wish i knew farmers irl. meeting one of you in the wild in my libfem city while somehow revealing each other's power level would be impossible… nonintas… i yearn……..

No. 984300

I love all of you and I care so much about how your cats are, and whether or not you have diarrhea and how your managers are treating you but I never want to meet any of you

No. 984428

I would like a friend or two irl I could share this bullshit with–any female friend I've vaguely explained this place to thought it sounded like a nasty, shitty place lol–but at the end of the day some of you ladies scare me. Just a bit. Enough that I would never do this lol.

No. 984519

Girl unless we are all a bunch of sorority girls I don't wanna have no photos of we all together

No. 984523

I bought the nail polish that needs uv light to dry, by accident. Dammit, I think I'm going to buy an uv lamp though it seems cool

No. 984533

File: 1638555311721.gif (1.94 MB, 500x281, 7jqA.gif)

Hell fucking no.
Yes, I love the movie! I'm just waiting for some free time. I can never get over how cute Diana Ross was as Dorothy

No. 984535

File: 1638555400261.gif (4.04 MB, 450x244, G53M.gif)

Samefag, but I just remembered how scary the subway scene was and still is

No. 984538

And so anon makes her first step into the world of diy gel nails. Have fun nonna! This shit is fun. Look up guides before you do it since it takes some prep work, but gel nails are cute and pays off.

No. 984582

Oh man this is a whole other level, I think I'm just going to give my nail polish away to someone I didn't think there was so much stuff to be done.

No. 984597

Do you just hear yourself blinking sometimes wtf

No. 984614

your eyes are thirsty

No. 984856

I wanna make some creme brulee donuts, but I am too lazy. I don't even really like filled donuts anyway.

No. 985177

I hate having cold hands aaaaaaaaaa

No. 985184

File: 1638625003096.png (611.65 KB, 540x811, F2C9AD69-95A3-46E8-975D-C94E86…)

I made one yesterday too nonna… i tried posting my art on twitter but it flopped and i just kept seeing pros on my timelines or coomers so i retrieved to tumblr. I hope there are still users on there

No. 985188

i'll blow on them to keep them warm

No. 985201

Good luck and have fun, ugh twitter is filled with coomers, I feel like there's less on tumblr, but maybe it's just my feeling

No. 985215

lube your eyes wtf

No. 985355

yes but it's my eyelashes i think not dryness

No. 985403

I got so ridiculously horny my head started to spin, what the fuck, I'm not 15 anymore lol.

No. 985654

File: 1638658223145.gif (133.34 KB, 151x200, 1AT0.gif)

I had a nice time playing videogames, I shot so many dudes in the head, I feel so motivated now; I think I'll try to stop wasting time on lolcow and watching stupid youtube videos and instead start shooting some guys up in games and then get back to work. I try to explain to my roommate how fun it is to shoot people in a game but she just doesn't get it.

No. 985695

what game anon?

No. 985720

Team fortress 2, I love shooting the bow and arrow I get so many headshots. But I play against robots and not real people so that's probably why I get so many headshots but I don't care if I suck, it's fun

No. 985730

yessss, I have not achieved peak introversion until the cave I've holed myself up in is so quiet I can hear myself blink

No. 985731

suck on them too pls

No. 985873

My ikea lightbulb from 6 years ago finally died

No. 985885

I never knew it was a woman who wrote the Geronimo Stilton books. Her mind

No. 985929

File: 1638702613461.jpg (63.83 KB, 524x522, martina you bpd bitch i love y…)

Finished Slayers Next the other day. I hope Martina continues to be in the sequels.

No. 985965

She isn't. She's basically bootleg Naga, so try to watch the movies and OAVs someday, you might like Naga as well.

No. 985995

i made an online friend through a shared hobby and we click really well and have a lot of fun together, but… i know she's lying out of her ass to me. i know she's a 30 year old woman who works in retail because i was in touch with her once many years ago. she's now pretending to be a 20 year old girl fresh out of high school and who's only working in retail for the time being, but she's actually planning to go to university to study archeology. she's also super into 80s movie stuff because it's her childhood, which doesn't make sense when she's only 20 years old… she constantly contradicts herself when we talk about stuff from "my" childhood because obviously she can relate to it since we're both around 30, but officially she's ten years younger. one time she had a discord status about how she got a scholarship, but yesterday she said she didn't want to go through the trouble of trying to get a scholarship because telling people about her sad background story is embarrassing. she's also constantly using pics of a former victoria's secret model (anna speckhart) as her display pic, when i saw her real selfies once and she looks nothing like her. granted she uses old pics of anna speckhart, from her instagram in 2014 or so, so it's not like she's using model pics from the runway or something, but it's so embarrassing. i pretend i don't notice anything because i'm having a lot of fun with our shared hobby, but sometimes it disturbs me what a huge liar she is. i don't wanna call her out because it's not like this is a super deep "friendship", but still. it's weird when you know someone is lying to you about so many things.

No. 986004

Its weird to not say anything since you know

No. 986008

I would say something, if not solely out of concern. If she's a such a cool person to talk to why does she feel the need to act like that?

No. 986082

i forgot to mention, i armchair diagnosed her with bpd so i prefer to only interact with her fake persona. i just know she's going to have an episode or something around christmas and probably ghost me because she's depressed af or whatever, but until then i'll enjoy our stupid little project together and won't say anything. think of us as colleagues who share an office and get along nicely, but one of them is cray cray.

No. 986089

Damn, in the TV ad they always show it lasting half a lifetime. I think I'm gonna sue them in your place and demand a lifetime supply of lightbulbs.

No. 986109

File: 1638725512198.jpeg (517.83 KB, 750x843, 7D81E0E9-5A93-4510-B357-5CF700…)

I wish I was a toilet with marbled cleaning products in me

No. 986236

snort ketamine

No. 986257

This is baffling and for many reasons. How were you in touch with her and why is she larping as a 20 year old now kek and why is she larping as a 20 year old with a fellow 30 year old. Like why put herself through the trouble. So many questions

No. 986290

Lately on the weekends I'll be sitting in watching something and I'll think to myself 'it must be nearly midnight' and when I check it's like 7.

No. 986291

7pm not am lol

No. 986296

Me too, and then three hours later I'll be thinking to myself that only 45 minutes have passed since I last looked at the time and it's 10pm.

No. 986321

i haven't read anything for a while now

No. 986347

File: 1638743804772.gif (35.58 KB, 220x162, sugarbunnies-baking.gif)

I'm doodling Sanrio characters.

No. 986364

File: 1638745198570.jpg (181.49 KB, 700x394, insertconanshowdowntheme.jpg)

I've been convinced for quite a while now that one of my friends browses on here, too, and now she's changed her profile pic on discord (we're irl friends, don't worry) onto some pic that was posted on here very recently, which just strengthens my suspicions. I'm onto you and I'll ask you about Danganronpa and Komaeda the next time I see you, just you wait.

No. 986366

you found me

No. 986398

I just chugged water and I feel so sick. Clutching my stomach.

No. 986402

Me too, but that's the only way I manage to drink enough almost daily.

No. 986415

File: 1638750936276.jpg (17.09 KB, 300x350, Tumblr_l_393924615397333.jpg)

If you keep poking your nose into my business, I'll be forced to teleport behind you.

No. 986470

I get that. As much as I love water, If I don't drink it fast I'll just forget about it. Drinking through a straw helps with the sick feeling, but I just didn't do it this time.

No. 986527

File: 1638766132547.jpg (37.07 KB, 680x684, 354.jpg)

I often like listening to The Caretaker's album "An Empty Bliss From Beyond This World" when I get high on shrooms.

No. 986535

Why did you have to remind me those albums exist

No. 986657

back when i worked at walmart i could have sworn i heard them play the smiths shoplifters of the world unite on walmart radio once
i actually heard them play the smiths and morrissey songs often and always noticed because im a big smiths fan but that memory is pretty funny, also i havent stepped foot in a walmart since leaving and dont plan to ever again but my bf recently started working there again

No. 986754

Name your favorite The Smiths song

No. 987110

Bigmouth strikes again

No. 987234

File: 1638830482051.jpg (5.92 KB, 800x600, Criterion-Collection.jpg)

finally splurged and bought a criterion channel subscription. can't wait to watch pretentious art house films

No. 987323

nta but great taste, I love that one. I'm a basic bitch though so there is a light that never goes out will always by my favorite

No. 987394


Still Ill

No. 987400

just bought one of those snackeez cups so i can sip water AND eat dry cereal from the same goddamn gadget. life is good, putas. life is good.

No. 987421

my favorite is either girlfriend in a coma or heaven knows im miserable now but i dont think theres a single bad smiths song

No. 987428

cemetery gates is my all time favorite

No. 987459

You know you're about to see a good movie when you see this, Pathé, Sony Picture Classics, or Janus Films at the start. Also the studio logo that has an artistic rendition of running horses in black and white which I forgot the name of.

No. 987504

File: 1638855184435.jpg (35.5 KB, 425x517, 81NjVCQAUmL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

Anyone have recs for laundry detergents that are good and smell nice without being chalk full of "fake" fragrance (don't know how else to word it). Picrel is what I'm currently using and I don't hate it… it just smells a little too much like laundry detergent lol

No. 987525

Reel around the fountain

No. 987543


No. 987558

My carbon monoxide alarm went off at 1 am and firefights came to my house but it was a false alarm

No. 987568

glad everything was ok but sorry you had to deal with the scare <3

No. 987689

I am so glad you're okay

No. 987741

I made dough 2/3 days ago, and I'm not sure if it's still good. I hope it is.

No. 987754

It's really hard for me to choose between Still Ill, Pretty Girls Make Graves and Girl Afraid

No. 987786

File: 1638887949738.jpg (169.38 KB, 1200x675, CmMa6CMXIAAsB0g.jpg)

I grabbed a breakfast sandwich out earlier. It had 2 slices of bacon and 2 sausages and now a few hours later I think I'm going to die of dehydration. Holy salt content

No. 987787

I just dropped a massive load on the porcelain throne and I feel like a new woman. I dropped like five pounds just now, I swear. Wowie. Surprised it all went down in one flush.

No. 987793

Oh no, That other anon is gonna be pisssed when she see this…

No. 987799

File: 1638888613187.gif (642.05 KB, 365x200, 200 (1).gif)

Heh heh hehhhhh

No. 987801

I won two contests in a month, one was technically a small grant but either way. I won a couple of hand dyed wool and mohair named after Grateful Dead music and a dusty rose wool, and then won a mini-grant where they offer up to $150 for any art supplies to fund a personal art project. I wrote a little essay about how being genetically fucked up makes my proportions difficult to shop for, and would rather work towards making my own wardrobe and it woooorked. I picked out some silk/wool blend in a soft fingering weight that was dyed with local flowers from my friend, so she also gets paid $150 for her work in a lump sum. If I weren't so sick right now I'd be doing a dance! I write knitting and crochet patterns as a hobby and this is the best early gift ever.

No. 987836

The bass in Venus Fly needs to be LOUDER!!!!!! I need to hear my eardrums vibrating

No. 987864

My blackcurrant throat sweets taste like aniseed.

No. 987868

A new coworker specifically hates a musician because they're always stoned and it's like bitch I'm always stoned and you've gravitated towards me the most because you love my positive vibes and ability to keep on truckin' lmao

No. 987876

Hell yeah

No. 987879

File: 1638896138083.jpeg (38.09 KB, 612x612, 4fff26f3-dced-4994-b320-3c328f…)

Got a christmas gift from my company. They give out small presents every year. This year it's a phone stand like picrel. Kinda shitty but I used to look at buying one but was too cheap for it so everything worked out kek. We also got a giftcard with a little bit of money on it. I think I'm gonna use the money to buy snacks I was considering buying yesterday but didn't get, or maybe a new foam seat cushion because my current one is old and tearing. What do nonas think?

No. 987898


No. 987929

Finally watching the 1998 version of Cats. Might become a furry next

No. 987934

New foam seat cushion. You have all of December to eat snacks, you will eat snacks on the holidays, too. But a new seat cushion will last you a while, so it's worth it to invest in it!

No. 987939

File: 1638903338789.jpg (72.49 KB, 813x610, 7e25b4385765a674f061de1cb4eee3…)

Exactly what I was thinking, but

You have a damn good point.

No. 987941

File: 1638903407573.jpeg (113.81 KB, 780x520, 1e2196b0-9812-4e7a-a512-e687a9…)

I really wanted to watch the 2019 movie and tried to get my friends to go with me but none of them wanted to. I should've just gone without those pussies.

No. 987969

File: 1638905386728.jpg (25.16 KB, 454x367, 74wgigtclt6sgic4.jpg)

I was in the same boat! The original is stunning in its costuming, though. Plus Tati Westbrook is in it

No. 987990

File: 1638907731587.jpeg (267.27 KB, 978x1677, 169ABB61-C4AB-416A-AC5F-E9320B…)

These are the best chocolates ever. I can’t believe how many varieties there are. If you buy me a box of these I will fuck you.

No. 987991

Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others, Panic, Suffer The Children

No. 987997

kek actually?

No. 988007

File: 1638908892862.jpg (7.18 KB, 256x256, 36e0f0170368bb423ebc910088bc02…)

Holy fuck I didn't know most of these varieties existed

No. 988013

File: 1638909420048.jpg (67.58 KB, 855x690, Lindor-MC-002.jpg)


I would

No. 988016

There’s a Lindt shop in Portsmouth that sells these but like it’s a huge pick and mix. Best shop ever

No. 988019

File: 1638909724222.gif (836.15 KB, 320x180, E60FCF84-72FE-4897-8839-0027B5…)

No. 988030

for once i feel privileged because you can buy strawberries and cream in stores here (europe btw). also they didn't list the white chocolate and matcha ones so i guess they're not available in the us?

No. 988248

My throat is a little sore and I don't know why

No. 988290

File: 1638932974871.jpeg (58.13 KB, 680x542, 5DCA2D19-DFCE-4E4A-A4A2-683E75…)

I have a schzoid theory about this man

No. 988296

Please share anon

No. 988306

File: 1638933505159.jpg (478.81 KB, 1226x1500, 81bmHRChz9L._SL1500_.jpg)

I like the Ritter Sport chocolates the best, they're not as common in my country so novelty plays a factor in that too

No. 988308

I would amputate at least one toe for a lifetime supply of the cornflake one

No. 988423

File: 1638946733897.jpg (111.55 KB, 832x624, panda.jpg)

That's too bad. But I do like Naga.

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