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File: 1632377015181.png (295.45 KB, 527x693, PngItem_3860240.png)

No. 920568

ITT: post uneventful and mundane as fuck events in your life

previous thread >>>/ot/869448

No. 920569

I want to dye my hair, but it'll probably be harder to find fake hair that matches my hair color if I do that

No. 920576

listened to a podcast today

drank 8 cups of tea

wish i had weird and driven autist friends

where do you find those

No. 920591

last thread lasted 1 month and 23 days. let's aim to go through this one up faster to get rid of that stupid thread pic.

No. 920596

I baked espresso chocolate chip and white chocolate sugar cookies. They were fluffy and soft. I had them with a glass of hot water because I do not have black tea.
I thought about writing a letter to an old friend, but I don’t think he’d want to hear from me. We were friends when we were kids, I think it’d be better if he forgot about me. I don’t know what kind of person he is now and I don’t want to be disillusioned about my old memories with him.
When I was looking for my headphones in my bed, I found a bug. I rarely ever see bugs indoors. It was already dead, in the folds of another blanket. I’m grossed out by the thought of bugs crawling on me while I sleep. I’m going to buy a candle with a smell that repels insects. I hope this doesn’t make me become paranoid, but at least it wasn’t a bed bug. When I go back home I will sleep in the living room.

No. 920597

File: 1632380686539.png (241.64 KB, 535x405, imagem_2021-09-23_040448.png)

Yes, please. I hate that smug spiky rat.

No. 920609

File: 1632383372556.jpg (74.07 KB, 1280x720, BEST-OF-GIRLS-BICEPS-Workout-A…)

It's 09:46 where I live. LC at it's deadest. Maybe it's nighttime for the american nonas.
I'm going to actually EXERCISE my muscles now, it's been a year (I've been ill)wish me good luck!

No. 920611

How to get muscles nona?

No. 920616

hooray for everyone in the same timezone (me)

No. 920622

Do you even lift sis?

No. 920631

File: 1632388170629.jpg (53.3 KB, 436x289, Cat_demonstrating_static_cling…)

I had to visit the electrostatics wikipedia page again and I saw the cat again I love that cat

No. 920657

i’m gonna go back to my highschool skincare routine, which was astringent and nothing.
no fucking reason why my acne should be worse as an adult than it was as a pubescent teenager. i honestly think it’s from using too many “skincare” products, even though all i really use at this point is face wash, micellar water, and moisturizer.
i definitely got memed into skincare during the lockdown, i ended up fucking up my face AND chest, got the worst acne i’ve ever had in my life.
i’ll probably still use moisturizer but everything else seems unnecessary

No. 920665

File: 1632394776359.jpg (208.94 KB, 1024x768, DIBO5bVXsAAUv_L.jpg)

Sonic is taking over the /ot/ thread pics and I am all about it

No. 920680

File: 1632396338826.jpg (106.71 KB, 750x750, falling into the open abyss.jp…)

I need to pee badly but I'm visiting a friend and have to walk through their bedroom to get to the one bathroom and I know I'll wake them up.

No. 920688

bumping for gore in /ot/ be careful anons

No. 920692

it’s also been posted in meta in direct response to somebody mentioning it’s been posted, so there’s no point trying to go in there to mention it either. report it directly if you can and leave the website for the next few hours if you can’t

No. 920709

red lentil curry is so yummy and easy to cook, i love it

No. 920774

The default ice from the fridge tastes like shit…

No. 920806

File: 1632409827939.jpeg (47.43 KB, 739x415, images (28).jpeg)

Stop putting sonic in all threads I cant tell them apart, stupid thing doesn't even look like a hedgehog

No. 920815

So you're saying… lets put real hedgehogs in the threads instead? That's what I'm chosing to hear and yes I agree.

No. 920833

File: 1632411854625.jpeg (78.91 KB, 800x624, A14C1551-20F7-48E2-8D20-C0A7DC…)

Here you go.

No. 920864

Be glad it's not Sonichu

No. 920905

I'm going to miss the laat thread pick.

No. 921122

File: 1632424793622.png (486.5 KB, 1080x1034, Screenshot_20210923-161741_(1)…)

Gotta take a break, see you in a few days anons!

No. 921151

2 days before my period I tend to get insanely horny, it's the only time I ever truly crave penetration.

1 day before my period I stress, I relive every bad thing that ever happened to me. I tell myself all my living relatives hate me, and the dead ones did too.

Why can't I have the crappy day first and then unwind with the dildo-fuck day afterwards? Why did god make me this way?

No. 921236

please god take me with you

No. 921285

I just bought an alarm clock. I can't have one that plugs in because there are no outlets by my bed. I didn't want to mess with replacing batteries either. so I bought one that's rechargeable. although when I set it up I realized it's in military time? and you'd think there would be a way to change that but I looked in the settings and there's not. I'm annoyed as hell

No. 921290

I had some strong garlic bread 10 hours ago. I brushed my teeth after, used mouthwash and was fine. Just now the taste is returning as if I ate it 10 mins ago

No. 921295

What's the downside to the 24hr clock?

No. 921322

I'm retarded and when I see "18 o'clock" I have to stop and actually think about what time it is

No. 921330

lmao as a kid when the teacher made us practice digital time I'd write down lists 13:00 = 1, 14:00 = 2 etc. until my teacher told me I could just subtract 12. To this day I sometimes subtract 12 if I'm confused for a second.

No. 921487

I'm about to eat now. Eating is GLORIOUS

No. 921491

So. Fucking. True.

No. 921522

File: 1632446062828.gif (295.04 KB, 220x220, 1627844128234.gif)

i already miss the cat

No. 921528

same. i could overlook the sonic spam, but it's the mundane thread, not the radical party cool-time thread. dumb thread pic.

No. 921535

we have a sonic autist on our hands and it's annoying. wish jannies wuld crack down harder on gimmick posters and avatarfags

No. 921537

I wish I could hug it

No. 921544

There is more than one

No. 921576

I watched The Platform earlier today, and I'm so dissatisfied by the ending. I wanted to find out what happened to Miharu's daughter. Could someone even make it up the platform safely without falling off?

No. 921598

Samefag, but what was that area Goreng was in at the end? Ugh I know it's an open ended movie, but I like to know what happens

No. 921689

File: 1632454060433.png (27.52 KB, 300x232, thumb_number-15-richard-stallm…)

Every time I scroll by the Unpopular Opinions thread with the "That's no good" Sonic gif, that Richard Stallman song starts playing in my head
>haaAACKERS that's not gooOOOD

No. 921724

i got a fucking pimple on my EARLOBE and it hurts so much. ive never gotten a pimple there before in my life. it’s a big ol nasty whitehead too wtf

No. 921737

I think he just ended up in some kind of basement and let himself die of his injuries satisfied he completed his mission… I like to imagine he survived though, because the bottom floor is clean even though it should be piled full of corpses from the people who killed themselves jumping in the hole, so people must go there to clean from time to time. I think the child would probably be ok, if the platform wasn't safe to climb up it'd probably just fling plates around every time it goes back up.
I really like the movie.

No. 921823

File: 1632471517472.jpeg (66.87 KB, 1024x768, ErTVRwhU0AAQbgB.jpeg)

I love coffee so much. I really missed our uni's little food shop's cappuccino, it's so cheap, very tasty from good beans and with cinnamon sprinkled on top. It smells amazing and made my mood much better in this cold and cloudy weather. I feel like coffee is what I look forward and enjoy the most in my daily life. Black coffee, cappuccino, iced coffee, I like all kinds of it.
I love sitting in cafes a lot too, I feel like life is slower and calmer there. Even if my day is unstable and stressful, coffee is still the same.

No. 921830

I have an exam soon it's online oral exam because I'm sick and couldn't make it in person I'm very scared because I didn't study a lot because I am sick even though the professor is nice and everyone says it's not scary and it's easy but I'm so scared I hope the professor goes easy on me I really have to pass this exam.

No. 921832

going for a session with a new therapist soon and then immediately going to the dentist to get a filling, it's going to be an anxiety-filled morning anons

No. 921836

Good luck with your exam! It surely won't be as scary as you make it out to be and you will get a passing grade easily!

No. 921898

I've barely eaten anything fried in the last 3 years because I figured out my IBS is essentially gone when I follow that one rule.

Woke up thismorniing all pre-menstrual and having period poops so I went out to a local cafe and had a small fried breakfast seeing as my stomach is doing it's thing either way today. Perfectly timed, no regrets.

No. 921907

me too

I buy an iced latte from starbucks every day and it's so delicious. I need to stop to save money but I've tried making the same thing at home and it's just never as good.

No. 921914

Only fried foods or do you avoid all fats? I've heard fat can be a tr1gger but assumed that included avoiding like avos and olive oil on salad and I just can't live like that

No. 921921

I just avoid anything that was cooked in a deep fat fryer or a frying pan. I oven bake everything. I think dishes with garlic butter in them are the only times I've baked food and still had it set me off. It's oil rather than fat content I think.

No. 921926

Thanks for answering nonita, I'll try cutting out fried foods and see if that helps. tfw you already have butthole skintags from IBS hemmaroids and nothing is helping but at least you can avoid getting more

No. 921933

File: 1632487312848.jpg (244.84 KB, 1200x1200, Classic-Pumpkin-Pie_EXPS_HBMZ1…)

I'm going to make pumpkin pie tomorrow! I only know about it through american media, so I have no idea how it's actually supposed to taste, but when I made one a few years ago it was really delicious and filling.

No. 921939

File: 1632487706477.jpeg (17.91 KB, 300x168, 988CFCD6-6258-4556-8BB1-CFFFC0…)

Pls send me some, I will send you some marble cake.

No. 921944

Haha, of course, sounds like a good trade

No. 921947

File: 1632489299697.jpg (670.62 KB, 2000x1506, pumpkin-pie-with-leaves.jpg)

I hope your pumpkin pie comes out delicious! I don't really like pumpkin flavored things, but I looooooove pumpkin pie. It's my favorite part of autumn!!

No. 921975

i spent a lot of time cuddling with my dog this morning and ordered a cute costume for a halloween party i'm going to. now i'm about to have a nap

No. 922007

will your dog also have a costume?

No. 922011

So cute anon! My dog is usually asleep when I'm up and getting ready for work, but today she was awake and walking around so I got to rub her cute lil noggin before I left for work!

No. 922018

Thank you, it's true it wasn't scary and I even got a higher mark than on my written exam, I just went to sleep so I'm only replying now

No. 922055

I've never tasted pumpkin. I've carved one and I know I hate the smell of em. Do they taste sweet?

No. 922059

they taste like a dumb squash

No. 922060

The jack o lantern carving pumpkins don’t taste like much, but the ones bred for consumption are nice and mildly sweet. They taste a fair amount like a yam.

No. 922064

File: 1632499394042.jpg (23.76 KB, 420x420, 253286.jpg)

I'm not american, so I'm not entirely sure if these pumpkins are the same, but where I'm from the big orange ones are more commonly used for making sweets, while other kinds of pumpkin are used for savory dishes

No. 922074

I'm lactose intolerant and I hate it, but nonnies, I have made progress, I no longer have diarrhea when I drink coffee with a shit ton of milk (because I don't like bitter things). I think I can try eating ice cream without the feeling of wondering if I have period cramps or just really need to shit, because, lactose. Like, yesterday I had a bowl of ice cream and did not run to the bathroom a few minutes later, is this what heaven feels like? I never knew ice cream was this good.

No. 922075

get one of those little hokkaido pumpkins, put it in a large pot and boil it until it's soft, then cut it open, scoop out the gunk and throw it out, puree the rest and add a shit ton of spices (literally anything you think tastes good, go wild) and add some plain cream cheese for creamier texture. delicious pumpkin soup.

No. 922081

I swear I had a phase where I couldn't do dairy… and it just passed in time.

I looked up info on it before. I had a gastro illness a few years ago and the milk problem started soon afterwards. It was a stomach bug that went on to affect me for a couple years after the bug itself was gone. Some people can't do dairy after having a gastro bug damage their stomach apparently. Then you slowly reintroduce it. Don't know if that's your deal but it's interesting how it's not always a set thing for life. Thank fuck.

No. 922088

Have you tried using lactose pills? Ice cream gives makes me shit really bad, but if I take one before I can actually enjoy it in peace.

No. 922092

My brother in law sort of looks like (young) Johnny Depp . He’s pretty cute and charming too. He is also sort of dead and you have to yell at him trot him to hear you

No. 922099

Maybe he’s a homunculus.

No. 922108

File: 1632504328095.jpg (78.31 KB, 640x800, 1280-36-640x800.jpg)

i just made myself a really delicious grilled cheese sandwich.

No. 922111

It's probably your diet. Are you eating lots of processed food? Soy is a big culprit and found in lots of food as a preservative. You should get allergy bloodwork done.

No. 922112

This almost looks sexual

No. 922262

I saw a cat through the window so I went outside to play with it. It came running when I called, it was my neighbor's cat Steven junior. Or Stefan, I don't know what they really call him. Then his sister Slavica came too. And their mother Pixy and their other brother Whiskey. The rest just chased after each other but Whiskey stayed with me, he is so cute he is a bit round and fluffy but not fat and he is brown striped. I hadn't seen him up close until today and then I picked him up and he looked at me with his round little eyes and he climbed into my lap.

No. 922264

I'm gonna die from how cute this is

No. 922266

Find cats online that look like all of them and post. I want to pretend this was me

No. 922277

living the dream

No. 922303

I'm on my phone and for some reason I can't upload photos anymore on mobile. But Pixy is mostly black with a few orange hairs on the sides of her body and three white spots on her neck and belly. She is very small, her kittens are almost as big as her. Steven junior and Slavica are white and orange but Steve is a bit reddish orange like (possibly) his father Steven so he is named after him. Whiskey is brown striped. I will try to take photos of them tomorrow if they come again. All the other cats came and played but I haven't seen my own cat at all today

No. 922370

I don't recall anything in my life like that. I think I'm just not able to do dairy since I'm Asian.
Anon, thank you! I've…surprisingly never thought about lactose pills, I've just been training myself to ingest someamounts of milk until my body said no shitting kek

No. 922393

I just saw two flies fuck!

No. 922404

Haha noooiceee, I saw two dragonflies getting it on yesterday

No. 922405

saw squirrels doing in my backyard yesterday. what a wonderful time of year

No. 922409

File: 1632519030313.jpeg (154.04 KB, 750x1334, received_2514523198668716.jpeg)

Hang on hang on I got a picture of deer fucking on the sidewalk from last month

No. 922456

File: 1632521583818.jpg (22.4 KB, 400x266, 1585528731713.jpg)

>conclude crazy work week
>close laptop
>want to open laptop and keep working

No. 922459

whenever i feel shitty and lonely recently i go to this small mammal livecam website where you can watch mice and shit in real time in their little wildlife box and genuinely it makes me feel better. i have the window open in the bottom right of my screen so i can watch the cute mice as i go about my business online. i highly recommend it

No. 922517

Link pls.

No. 922839

File: 1632569837787.gif (506.47 KB, 240x184, fghj.gif)

Just got done repainting my hallway. Towards the end I could see the amount of paint really dwindling down and I was under pressure but I somehow made it just about stretch enough to do the job. I also ran out of masking tape but went ahead anyway cos.. time and money.

No. 922842

sweet. I'm looking to repaint once I put hardwood floors in. I only have one and a half rooms to remove the carpet from and I'm able to shop for flooring. it's so exciting!

No. 922843

my da had this football show on that was going on about women’s football clubs, and they decided to highlight one specific one that kept going on and on and on about how it was a club for ‘women AND nonbinary people! it’s GENDER NEUTRAL!’. they even had the women in the club saying it over and over again too (except for one woman that didn’t and clearly didn’t give a fuck, kek). when it cut back to the female presenters on the show, they totally ignored it and went on talking about women’s football, women’s clubs, women in sports, and using the phrase ‘women and men’. it gave me a hearty kek and was nice to see that other people are just as willing to ignore all this desperate pandering shit to focus on actual women

No. 922876

I love doing that to trannies when I accidentally run into them in comments. Just completely ignore them sperging about muh experience as a trans women and reply talking about men and women.

No. 923008

this is the one i use anon, the main video tends to bug out for me but picture-in-picture works just fine.
theres a few different species, its usually the wood mouse but ive seen the bank vole too! and theyre not always there because i suppose they have lives to live but if you keep the window open they pop up pretty frequently. enjoy!

No. 923048

I found a regular fry in my bag of arbys frozen fries

No. 923123

I think my neighbours believe it is my dog that spends the entire day barking because they always give me dirty looks or make petty comments like “oh he’s so cute but he barks a lot, doesn’t he?” when they see us. I mean, he does bark, he’s a dog, but it does bother me that they don’t realize it’s the dogs upstairs the one that barks for hours on end most days.

No. 923147

File: 1632593962649.jpeg (37.83 KB, 519x620, CB4EB031-0099-479A-8F84-719340…)

I’m trying to draw again after like a year of not drawing at all, I’m still shit at it but now i don’t feel miserable while drawing.

No. 923151

I think it's really cute anon. Is the mouse crying?

No. 923153

Yes, it’s crying because the cheese is over.

No. 923155

nta and im watching it and will as long as i live. this is wonderful

No. 923158

I feel like this mouse

No. 923161

i think it's supposed to be a kangaroo

No. 923163

That's a nice pangolin

No. 923169

File: 1632594924860.png (457.49 KB, 599x594, BpPMeWUCEAAcU9l.png)

I don't feel like taking a shower, but I'm on my period.

No. 923181

Is this a pad thing? I use tampons and I feel fairly clean during mine

No. 923184

Yeah, I'm thinking of switching over to a cup though.

No. 923207

My coworker said that bidets are awesome for periods

No. 923208

I prefer pads but god do they make me feel funky

No. 923268

They're awesome for everything and I can't live without one now.

No. 923281

I was cleaning up my kitchen and swept up some sticky paper that the previous tenant had left to trap bugs(?). It got stuck to my broom and I peeled it off into the trash can but now I see there's a cockroach (amongst other bugs) stuck to it and it's still alive. Ughhhh I want to throw it away but I am too grossed out to even look at it.

No. 923320

I had one of those dumb nights with my brother where he cooks pizza and we eat it while getting drunk and watching the Broly movie (the 2018 one). This is the most low effort thing ever but it's our yearly guilty pleasure.

No. 923338

I thought I was above enjoying facebook validation but seeing those likes come in mmmmmmmmmm

No. 923361

File: 1632605965670.jpg (399.34 KB, 1358x1091, B612_20210925_163521_075__01.j…)

Saw this miffed looking bird on a vase today. Gonna try to paint it

No. 923364

I bought a shirt online at the start of the month that was 55% off but its taking ages to get shipped. The sale was good but damn it I want my shirt

No. 923410

When I get my own place to live it’s gonna be the first thing I buy

No. 923416

File: 1632610748877.jpeg (82.37 KB, 600x400, 2088AAAD-9736-4004-9B5F-6783F3…)

I'm having a spa night!!! crazy bitches get an invite

No. 923423

My package is currently in a city an hour away from me, so why do I have to wait until Monday to receive it? I will literally go to the Amazon warehouse and get that shit myself.

No. 923425

nona i'm gonna save your mouse on my computer

No. 923437

I just bought some salmiakki on ebay and now I kind of want to buy chocolate rocks

No. 923444

I cut the bangs off of a wig that I have to give it new bangs, but now I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing.

No. 923796

I've had some intense night sweats the last couple nights and then I started my period thismorning. I went to the store while feeling crampy and then I had a whole (hot flash?) episode while out aswell. I don't know whether to be concerned or not. This could be normal period shit but it's new to me.

No. 923980

File: 1632675098658.png (694.25 KB, 968x614, penwick.PNG)

I'm trying to figure out what world I want to use for an AI dungeon roleplay. Picrel might be nice and relaxing, but there's also a futuristic one called Procavia that sounds better. If I do the sci-fi world, I could probably have a cool cyberpunk gf, or a cyborg bf with a robo dick.

No. 923982

i like that they specify it's settled by settlers. the redundancy is comforting.

No. 923983

Samefag, but the only downside to Penwick is that imagining a British accent might annoy me.

No. 924061

I woke up late today, if I go downstairs I risk family members telling me good morning which will bother my morning alone time. However I can't lie in bed all day, and coffee is downstairs. my desire for coffee outweighs my worry about being greeted.

No. 924070

No. 924078

>"College is becoming the domain of women and not men,"
It's that it's probably not good for our safety to have tons of uneducated men running around, otherwise I'd call this fucking fantastic

No. 924086

I have to clean out my wardrobe tomorrow and I don't want to simply because I know how much I need to replace because it's washed out etc

No. 924088

Think of all the sick teddies you could make with all of you old stuff

No. 924097

File: 1632684621672.jpg (20.69 KB, 564x564, mvm0z8q8trc51.jpg)

Friendly reminder that you can get a 10-20% first time purchase discount at many online stores as many times as you want if you use 10 minute mail. Remember to use disposable mailboxes for unlimited discounts, nonarinas.

No. 924100

I'd have a whole army, damn

No. 924156

My period is two days late and I've never wanted to just start bleeding so bad in my life. We always use protection, but idk, I'm just being paranoid probably.

No. 924171

I was feeling this the last few days but it wasn't even a pregnancy concern.. my pms symptoms were just driving me nuts this month. Are you having any symptoms that indicate it's at least on the way?

No. 924187

I don’t know why I never considered this, thanks for the tip nonny

No. 924209

I saw 4 women with shaved heads today at the stores and it made me want to shave mine so badly. Always frizzy no matter what and an ugly color, I'd honestly rather not deal with it at all.

No. 924242

If you wanna then you definitely should! My mom did recently and she looks awesome!

No. 924286

I want to too, just for the hell of it. There's a guy in my city who does short hairstyles for women, and he doesn't charge at all if you decide to do a buzzcut so it's really fueling my desire. I'm too nervous to do it, but maybe one day I'll go through with it.

No. 924360

I posted in the last thread about getting sick from eating raw eggs in cake batter, and I'm pretty sure I got sick AGAIN, this time from lemon poppyseed cookie dough. It's not as bad as last time, but I'm literally writing this on the toilet with tears rolling down my cheeks. And you know what the funniest part is? I'm probably gonna do the same shit again next time I bake. In my mind, I'm building my immune system.

No. 924370

Kinda miss the delusion that accompanies being a teenager; that parents/authorities/someonesomewhere is obligated to be concerned for your well-being.

No. 924375

Is it mundane enough to ask the sonic avatarfag to quit it?

No. 924391

it already got mentioned in /meta/ and one of the sonic thread OPs got redtexted for avatarfagging, so hopefully that'll settle it

No. 924413

i want to buy an "i <3 hot dads shirt" in a partially joking partially truthful fashion, just to wear around the house or whatever, but i don't want to be such a person who wears meme clothes and i also don't want to seem like a desperate coomer. but i do really love hot dads and it would look cute in an off-beat way but also not really

No. 924418

I feel like I have the opposite of seasonal depression. It's getting dark so early already, and I'm flourishing. It's as dark as night time at 7pm already, and in a month with daylight savings it's gonna be this dark before even 5pm. Sucks for all you nonas who don't feel this way, but my time is coming and I'm finally living again. If only the weather would play along too (we're still getting +20°C and won't go under 10°C)…

No. 924487

I should get my first salary from my new job soon. Once that's the case I'll actively look for my own place instead of just looking up appartments' prices online. I was worried I won't have enough money for furniture but I have like 15 000€ in my bank account now.

No. 924496

Dilfs are underrated. Do it

No. 924504

What do you mean? People hype up old men all the time, even if they don't deserve it.

No. 924538

i think we live in the same country and i feel the exact same way anon!!! it feels like i’m coming alive, it’s great

No. 924541

>dilfs are underrated

No. 924547

they're singlehandedly the most overrated bunch of old spoiled men
vs. kissless slightly underweight virgins for example

No. 924670

File: 1632753356758.jpg (25.34 KB, 383x768, beluga shout.jpg)

Just peed

No. 924879

File: 1632771984798.png (169.15 KB, 249x309, 1628267676681.png)

i think i'm finally getting over my consumerism. i have to buy new winter boots, but i'm holding off and waiting to see if there will be actual snow this year. i also want them to be in neutral colors and of good quality so i can wear them for at least three years minimum. i also ignored all my payment request emails from amiami because i no longer want to waste money on merchandise. earlier i cleaned my laptop and thought maybe i should buy some stickers to eXpReSs MySeLf since classes start in a few weeks, but then decided against it because it's a waste of money. if i want to express myself, i can just talk to people.

i hope i can keep this up.

No. 924911

When I was a child and had lice my mom pulled two that were mating from my head.

No. 925075

i'm browsing lolcow in a giant chair outside my dorm. i am two weeks behind on my coursework. life is good.

No. 925085

did you eat them?

No. 925087

was that anon in meta complaining about this sonic pic because i am literally in love with it

No. 925091

I don't know why but this question from the sanic totem thread has me so curious
>Is it still possible to get inside it?
Inside what?? Your vag? The pyramids?

No. 925146

No, but maybe next time I'll try them out.

No. 925149

I fucking hate it and miss cute and relevant thread pics

No. 925189

I want my own special meal at McDonalds like the Travis Scott and BTS meals

No. 925191

What would it be?

No. 925219

I love head scarfs so much. I wanna build a whole collection

No. 925265

chopped my bangs and they look cute

No. 925278

This ones cute but the other sonic thread pics are bad

No. 925290

nothing wrong wth that particular pics but there was e a lot of sonicposting to the point ti started to look like avatarfagging.
plus it gets hard to tell threads apart when there's like five active ones with similar sonic threadpics that have nothing to do with the content

No. 925318

every year around fall walmart will sell these pumpkin bread kits. I made one a few years back. I just bought another one today and am looking forward to making it soon, I love baking but I almost never do it.

No. 925345

Good for you nonny. I'm also making an effort to be more conscious about my shopping habits and stop buying shit I don't need.

No. 925423

Our cat has been trying to catch a mouse(or mice) in the garage for the past two weeks. The poor kitty works her ass off hunting for it all day but still hasn't come close to catching it.

No. 925492

File: 1632842643995.jpg (90.74 KB, 400x400, autumn-fog-forest-path-photogr…)

I'm trying to draw, but I've had covid recently and I'm still so very tired just from being awake and the soft pastel dust annoys me and my head hurts. But I think my drawing looks good so far but I'm not sure. I'm drawing this photo

No. 925506

Inb4 ratsperg sees this and probably cries irl

No. 925535

Good for you anon! You can do it anon, I believe in you. I've been slowly been buying less and less each year, and my goal this year is to not buy any clothing (and I've kept it up so far!). I hope you'll find some good boots if you do end up needing to buy them. Money is made to be spent, but I think we can all benefit from being mindful about how we choose to spend it. I'm a spiteful bitch and hate the capitalist narrative that we NEED xyz item for whatever god fucking stupid reason society has come up with today, so I try not to buy things as much as possible.

No. 925894

Who is ratsperg?

No. 926038

Our cat still still hasn't been able to catch any mice but shes she did catch a roach trying to sneak into our garage through a crack. Such a good kitty

Lol I don't think our cat wants to kill the mice tho

No. 926060

thank you, nonna! we can do it!

thank you!! i totally get what you mean re: needing x item because (stupid reason). i got rid of a bunch of stuff (almost all books, entire manga collection, anime merch, videogames, clothes) over the past few months and a lot of the things i couldn't sell, so they ended up either given away for free or thrown into the dumpster.

i think what really hurts about it is that i spent so much money on things because the act of buying something made me happy. but then i look at how stuffed full my wardrobe/shelves are and it just bothers me. granted, i only have a few pieces of furniture and if i had a second shelf or a bigger wardrobe in my dorm room, things would be different. but they're not so i have to downsize as much as possible. it's exciting too, though. finally, what you own has no control over you anymore because you're no longer defining yourself by showing your identity through the stuff you have.

No. 926093

>finally, what you own has no control over you anymore because you're no longer defining yourself by showing your identity through the stuff you have.
Yes!! You hit the nail on the head! I was reading a book about minimalism (Goodbye Things by Fumio Sasaki if you're interested) and one of the points that he mentioned that really stuck out to me was how he would keep lots of film books and related items and then realized he later did it to give off the appearance of being a person into film to people who came over. That shit really made things click in my head. I've downsized on books and even now I absolutely loathe buying books, even the few books I reread every year (I just borrow from my local libraries).

My bedroom is small and I used to think "well when I finally move out I'll have space for all of my things" but now I think, my room is a good size and I just need to downsize. I can't help but indulge here and there, but a lot more thought goes into what I think deserves my money, and more importantly, space (which I think is a good mentality for anything in life too).

No. 926140

Got my tiddies pierced and now I feel like the baddest bitch on the block. Pain was worth it

No. 926143

Let me live vicariously through you because I'm too pussy to get my nips pierced. I bet they look super cool!

No. 926147

Hell yes anon! Just make sure to baby them and that they take a year to heal. Happy healing!

No. 926155


No. 926179

God give me the strength to listen to this voice message, at this point I'd rather be struck by lightning than opening it.

No. 926184

I had both my nipples pierced before and one simply unscrewed itself while I was asleep and the hole closed overnight (basically) and the other one ended up entering the hole completely, ball and all, because of an impact accident. Hurt like all hell, especially to remove it from inside (I did it myself) but I'm so thankful there weren't any complications/infections and no visible scarring.

No. 926205

Awww thanks anon! I've been making sure to pamper them as best as possible. So far so good!
I really hope nothing like that happens while I have them in, especially since I paid $80 for these bitches. I guess the upside is that if anything happens the scarring will be pretty minimal. Thank god nipples are such an easy part of the body to heal lol
I'd recommend them! The pain sucks but it's only for the first day, after that they really don't hurt. Takes a super long time for them to heal though so there's that.

No. 926222

Hopefully nothing like that will happen, nonny! I had both of them for like 6 years and the remaining one for like 8 months afterwards or so. Not having them anymore felt like the end of an era kek sometimes I think of getting them again but eh

No. 926235

File: 1632937685016.jpg (787.44 KB, 1200x1600, basil-herb.jpg)

I finally got to grow basil like I've always wanted to and it was thriving, but now it keeps withering up, I think because it's getting cold where I live and I have a hard time telling when to water it (I'm afraid of overwatering but I try to water every other day). Stay strong little buddy, I'll take care of you.

No. 926283

>to give off the appearance of being a person into film to people who came over.
i feel this so much. the ironic thing is that not only do i hate having guests, but i also don't like having things on display in my room. i usually put everything in boxes or drawers so there is very little stuff around that shows what i like. in the end, like 80% of the things i buy are just useless.

No. 926317

I've been thinking about what to give to some of my friends for christmas. For one of my friends I will make a plushie dog that looks like her dog. She loves her dog very much so I'm sure she will love it and I want to make her a great gift because she always takes care of me. For my other friend I will make a wire wrapped necklace pendant with a stone in it. She likes collecting crystals and stones. For my mom I will buy epoxy resin because she keeps talking about it. I just don't know yet what to get for my last friend. I wish I could gift her time but I'm not god. And for my brother I think I'm going to draw some final fantasy logo on a tshirt, I like the ffXII logo best but maybe I should just draw a chocobo. Maybe I should make a chocobo shirt for myself too

No. 926417

wow u are so sweet anon!! i think everyone will love those gifts

No. 926493

I walked barefoot on the streets and enjoyed it

No. 926499

Barefoot is best, idk why ppl act like I'm stepping in shit or something. Why can't I go barefoot on nice paved sidewalk/street?

No. 926513

How are you not afraid of tiny glass fragments? I once had glass stuck in my foot for like a week

No. 926523

I just look at the floor before i step on it(?) no big deal

No. 926528

i have a job interview tomorrow, ive managed to avoid using zoom throughout the whole pandemic but now i finally have to use it. im pretty resigned to the fact that im not gonna do very well, but tbh its a miracle that i even accepted the interview so i have to give it a shot.
im scared to use zoom though i hate that shit

No. 926530

I finished building my new pc today.

My fiance and I snuggled with our two cats.

Tonight we're making my fav healthy stirfry for dinner.

Feeling really grateful and content right now, I hope you nonnies are doing well too.

No. 926531

where do you live? i feel like i would contract some sort of disease if i walked around my neighbourhood barefoot

No. 926545

Anon your gifts sound so fucking thoughtful and cute. I hope they appreciate it because damn you sound like an amazing friend. I love it when people really know who they're buying presents for.

I just paid for my best friend's present and ordered it in advance because I'm afraid global shipping will be delayed. I did recently link her to a thread on /w/ and I'm afraid she'll wander (probably not, she hates gossip sites but I don't know if she's figured out what the ot board is about) so I don't want to even post a picture of it, but it's something she posted about months ago and she said she was going to get it for herself at some point and I can't wait to surprise her with it. If it breaks in transit from overseas I will fucking shit myself.

No. 926559

During video interviews I hide the window and pretend it's audio only. Helps a bit.

No. 926560

Brazil. Where do YOU live that could be that much worse?

No. 926578

my crush brought me TWO redbulls at work today

No. 926579

Idk what ghetto you live in but the streets are always clean here, and I don't have soft babyfeet.

No. 926583

Gunshots. Great.

No. 926604

I went to Walmart today and it smelled really badly of weed smoke I think someone actually smoked inside

No. 926616

had a tuna salad sandwich

No. 926636

I'm a vegetarian who recently started eating eggs again, and sometimes I still feel super grossed out by them. I just made eggs and grits, but I can't even bring myself to eat it. Sometimes I really love them though.

No. 926637

Fire up your local police scanner next time you hear shit going on in your neighborhood if you want to be a rubbernecker without actually going to the scene. It's actually pretty cozy, I listen every night now.

No. 926661

My brother moved out and forgot to change his address on the Pizza Hut app, so me and my mom got free dinner today.
Good thing he ordered normal wings and not extra spicy.

No. 926693

That sounds like a nice day, I hope you have a nice day today too

No. 926707

This is my relationship with eggs too

No. 926915

Some anon linked a site that said lolcow gets 2million visits a month and that sounds crazy so I dug around and it's true, but we only have about 28,000 unique monthly visitors.
So the average user browses lolcow 71 times a month or about 2-3 times a day.
That's a simple story and doesn't account for super users likely here every hour, or those who spend one weekend a month catching up on cows, or migrants come to talk about a specific trending drama.
Anyway now I'm really curious to see this site's full analytics.

No. 926939

File: 1633013152202.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1125x1876, AECF3D72-60FD-4CE4-A7A7-13F2BA…)

I’m trying to decide how to decorate my new room. Is this a vibe?

No. 926941

File: 1633013158215.jpg (23.62 KB, 626x220, efnym6ncvxn51.jpg)

>average user browses lolcow 71 times a month or about 2-3 times a day.
so what you're telling me is i'm the lolcow spiders georg, yes?

No. 926944

yeah, I really like your taste. it's like your palette is the water to my fire

No. 926945

Feels good to me!

No. 926963

File: 1633015085151.jpeg (19.58 KB, 792x339, floralsinspring.jpeg)

Millennial does mid-century meets cool toned cottagecore? Groundbreaking.
Nah but for real, it's cute! >>926941
I thought I was the only one lmao

No. 926970

jfyi you can often get real, high-quality mid-century modern pieces off of ebay and I imagine local buy/sell affairs for the same price or cheaper than the cheap contemporary knockoffs. They may need some light restoration but it's worth it. Except for chair sets- those are expensive as hell. I've never seen a bedframe even in the high-end refurbished Danish market either.

No. 926991

avoid creamy yellows with blue, you wanna do mint or baby blue in place instead. Very cute

No. 927000

I'm either on here all day or like once in a blue moon.

No. 927012

no, anon that color swap fucks everything up. it's not supposed to have that feel

No. 927013

samefag, ,I'm speaking as someone with better taste but not op, don't want to slander op with my outrageous opinions

No. 927077

Order $20 of tea when I can just brew my own? yes
Buy the $20 game that’s in my cart for months? no
Why am I like this

No. 927144

When I lived in the capital of my country I worked at a pub next to parliament, so now whenever I see to politicians squabbling on tv all I can think about is whether they said thank you to me when I served them.

No. 927147

where tf did you got that they serve $20 tea?

No. 927157

I can't stop watching this it's so fun

No. 927161

Kek I just got 4 things of $5 tea anon I be chugging them

No. 927186

Same anon, good to know I'm not the only one like this lol.

No. 927206

File: 1633029363689.jpg (131.95 KB, 1024x768, 1024x768_40572Qgt1_scary-elmo.…)

I'm planning on blowing out my hair tomorrow, and I'm not excited. I don't even completely know which hairstyle I'm going to do, and I can't find my bonnet or a plastic cap to protect my hair from humidity or when I shower. What's even the point.

No. 927214

I don't have eczema anymore. I don't even know when it disappeared (I think maybe around a year ago if I really think about it), but it's gone now. Fuck yeah.

No. 927245

Someone on a game that I play said my character reminds them of Grimes, and I don't know how to feel about that

No. 927312

post it kek

No. 927318

File: 1633040019666.png (640.24 KB, 1003x753, 6BF39578-B235-4075-B900-35CA71…)

My feet are so sweaty that I could water some plants with my sweat. I wish I could solve this.

No. 927322

There's some permanent surgery to stop your feet and hands from sweating. You could also soak them on some green tea, but the solution doesn't take that much time to revert

No. 927324

Have you tried an antritranspirant for feeT?

No. 927336

I'm watching a LulaRoe documentary, and the founders have 14 fucking kids, Jesus Christ. I don't understand how someone could like having so many children, especially if you don't have nannies or whatever. Also, two of the kids are married to each-other.

No. 927341

What's it called, nonna? I'm a bit obsessed with Lularoe and all the Mormon mlms, would love to watch it

No. 927344

It's called LulaRich, it's on Amazon Prime, but I'm sure you could find it on soap2day or something if you don't have Prime. I'm only on episode 1, but it's pretty entertaining so far, I'm pretty sure some of the women in this documentary are the same women in vidrel.

No. 927348

Thank you so much! I really liked that Vice doc, so this sounds amazing

No. 927351

A cute and smart girl from my class started talking to me. The first time we chatted we were both wearing masks. The second time, she took the mask off. She is so pretty I was totally mesmerized. She has this wonderfully raspy voice and I like the way she phrases things when she talks. I think I have a little crush on her. I doubt she's into me in a romantic way, but I want to give her my number so we can become friends. I really wanna get to know her.

No. 927365

Heavy rain tonight. It's comfy.

No. 927374

oh FUCK yeah I totally forgot about this!! I’m always so fascinated by pyramid schemes

No. 927375

Also raining here but I'm mad about it. I want to wash my clothes and dry them on the line, I want to go for a walk, I hate this shit interrupting my plans.

No. 927383

Anon, I don't really know why but your post is touching. Hope you get to become friends with this girl, and with any luck, maybe even something more!

No. 927419

I don't know if I should, but I think she only said that because of my character's fantasy outfit.

No. 927511

My brother gets so triggered when I say Amogus instead of Among Us, I don't get it because he doesn't even play the game, I'll keep saying it like that anyway.

No. 927587

File: 1633085888867.jpeg (136.86 KB, 640x502, 9BC5ECE4-00CC-41DB-9090-CDB2FB…)

found a couple of berries on my walk earlier, feeling very cottagecore today, ladies

No. 927623

File: 1633090954837.jpg (234.81 KB, 1080x855, Screenshot_20211001-142236_Tum…)

I want a boyfriend…

No. 927670

but you need a girlfriend

No. 927674

exactly kek this is all stuff I did for a girl I was desperate to date. guys could never replicate what feminine affection feels like

No. 927681

That'd just be unfair to the girl. But I will say the picture isn't what inspired me to make the post or my thoughts exactly, I just added it because it seemed relevant.

No. 927696

File: 1633100805618.jpg (138.54 KB, 1600x1200, image.jpg)

Room decoration anon from yesterday has me stalking ebay for MSM furniture. God please grant me restraint.

No. 927701

Idk which thread to put this in but lately I've been having horny dreams and I always start masturbating in this weird semi-conscious state and then just fall right back asleep. I never feel horny when I'm awake and I never consume any coomer media. Why is asleep me a coomer?

No. 927774

File: 1633106765188.jpeg (176.88 KB, 1200x1200, B56B8372-07A6-451C-94D0-081C55…)

Until just now I forgot about the hole I dug on the shoreline at the beach. I was going to fill it in before I left but it was close enough to the waterline that the tide would take care of it. I just wonder if anyone fell in.

No. 927914

I love the pens that come with the hobonichis. These things write real nice, I’m happy I got two now and don’t have to carry three separate pens.

No. 927919

The one day I wanted to do to the library it’s closed for renovations

No. 927966

They write so insanely smooth! I'm considering ordering directly from them to get the pen kek but the shipping is killer. The markup for the books at local retailers aren't too bad (like $2-$4) but… the pen…!

No. 928032

Everytime my brother goes out partying I end super worried if he is not home by midnight, and I end sending him a message asking if he'll be back. I feel like I'm an idiot but better be safe than sorry, and at least he never told me I was overbearing.

No. 928050

>Tfw you will never have digging gf to dig holes at the beach with

No. 928063

I'm outside of a Dollar Tree, and this lady who seems like she's on drugs walked by my car twice. Not gonna lie, I felt a little panic seeing her come near my window.

No. 928108

File: 1633140401894.jpg (45.15 KB, 817x594, burger king stacker.jpg)

About to make one of these bad boys. I don't feel like making stacker sauce from scratch though, so I'm just using thousand island dressing

No. 928124

I just removed an eyelash from between my teeth.

No. 928132

Please post pic!!

No. 928136

I’m jelly homemade fast food is the bomb

No. 928139

Oh damn, I wish I saw this before I ate most of the burger lmao. Sorry nonny!
It really is! I also like making crunchwraps with chorizo. I threw some doritos in the burger for texture as well.

No. 928149

I just got my second dose of Vaccine today, im so happy that it's done. We just got out of lockdown too, time to celebrate by ordering something good to eat hehe hehe

No. 928178

are you eating your mascara or what

No. 928270

File: 1633166213145.jpg (35.47 KB, 600x340, 4ngx3y.jpg)

Lexotan is incredible.

No. 928273

Trimmed a couple inches off my hair, it feels so good to have it off my shoulders

No. 928277

someone laughed at one of my jokes in another thread

No. 928284

Went to the zoo. Had a blast.

No. 928290

just received my first ever purse i bought. Its very cute. My friend said it looks like a monster high doll purse, kek

No. 928296

I'm going to spend this Saturday doing chores and figuring out how to redocorate my apartment now I've got income. Sick of living like a student.

No. 928383

I got these cheap ass glasses for like $12 off of Amazon and they actually look amazing on me, better than expensive glasses I've tried. I want to put prescription lenses in them but I don't want them to break. They are also not as comfy as expensive glasses but I think I'll just get used to them.

No. 928397

going today! love the zoo

No. 928584

I found an unopened pack of cookies at the grocery store garbage can. I love free stuff so I'm thinking of becoming a regular dumpster diver for unopened groceries.

No. 928671

Seething right now because my skin has been glowing so much recently, and it would be so gorgeous if it weren't for my hyperpigmentation. I'm just glad my eyesight is shitty so I can't even see it most of the time.

No. 928755

File: 1633216547644.jpeg (128.46 KB, 1242x1052, 575B0DFC-6C7E-45C6-9ECD-7EC845…)

My oatmeal making skills are on point, I’m on fire, I could go to master chef right now and win the whole contest just with my super painfully thick oatmeal.
Men fear me, grannies love me, I will make sure my oatmeal becomes the national food in my next lifetime as the sole ruler of the world.
May the oatmeal bless your soul.

No. 928764

Lol anon did you make that picture?

No. 928780

I just edited it with a shitty app

No. 928966

How was it, nonny?

No. 929241

One of my roommates moved out suddenly to live in Ireland, our new (but she used to live here) roommate brought a radio with her that used to be in this flat but her mother took it by accident. I wanted to buy a radio so I'm happy. It won't read my cds but it works for listening to radio and I found some frequency where there is some rock concert right now. I wish I could read what the frequency is but it's analog so I can't.

No. 929665

The Lidl near me started selling pumpkin pie gelato, and holy fuck it's so good. I'm tempted to buy a couple more to have before winter starts. Fall, I love you.

No. 929672

I eat lentils and rice 5 days out of the week with rotating veggies, herbs, and spices.

No. 929677

Nice, very healthy. I just ate a massive bowl of lentil veggie soup… it was too much food and I feel a bit sick but I keep telling myself I probably got more nutrients in that one meal than in all the other food I've eaten this week.

No. 929689

I will copy you

No. 930103

File: 1633363609401.jpg (194.83 KB, 1065x1321, tumblr_cf499f6b46b097740e80491…)

>my much anticipated fitbit arrives today
>twisted my ankle and can barely walk

Just about my luck
But at least I'm grateful it wasn't anything more serious

No. 930122

Is this healthy?

No. 930185

It's first day of college again today and as I walked to college my chest started hurting again. I had corona and I thought I was healthy but I'm still a little sick. Then I entered the building 20 minutes before my class and everyone was already in the classroom and writing. Maybe it was another class and I wasn't missing my class but I decided to go home anyway since I didn't feel good. At least I saw the guy that I had a crush on in the first year of college. He is so adorable
Get well soon

No. 930334

I'm watching Alice in Borderland right now. It's boring and entertaining at the same time. It's also kind of hard for me to watch cause I can't look away from the screen for too long unless I want to miss dialogue.

No. 930442

File: 1633378686201.jpg (31.1 KB, 720x459, dc7a1fcaceaef0462b9baa0c975da8…)

>It's boring
Well, I posted this before I watched episode 3. Guess I spoke too soon.

No. 930520

I work from home and took a break to lay down, then my kitten came and decided to cuddle with me. I’m so comfortable and I hear my slack notifications going off but I don’t want to get back up to check them.

No. 930532

I don't think there's anything more stressful yet mundane than pouring the boiling water from the kettle into the hot water bottle.

No. 930572

Idk my blood work is fine and I take supplements like omega 3, calcium, and B12 as well.

No. 930637

A guy slowed down his car in a grocery store parking lot while I was getting a cart to tell me that I looked pretty. That was nice. Glad it wasn’t a cat-call.

No. 930822

File: 1633422508147.jpeg (96.78 KB, 419x464, D914F608-006D-417C-BD35-7684CD…)

This pic of Brendan Fraser faceapped with glasses looks exactly like my ex… I didn’t really realize how beautiful he was when I was with him. I don’t want him back tho. He got fat

No. 930830

He simultaneously looks like both a MTF and FTM.

No. 930897

brendan fraser also got fat but we still love him

(unless your ex was a pos. don't get back with that)

No. 930958

I think what made Brendan Fraser hot is the juxtaposition of his soft feminine/androgynous face with a really masculine body. His face isn't that rare but you usually see those features on unwashed guys with Mr Burns bodies and weak chins.

No. 931057

File: 1633449684027.jpeg (114.17 KB, 884x876, 2626C2D3-7238-4F1F-9944-3599C2…)

I found some moths inside my wardrobe and now I have to wash all my clothes, deep clean everything in there and throw away all the clothes and miscellaneous stuff I have been hoarding since I was a teen. Not excited for that.

No. 931074

Make sure to clean carpets too, nonna. I had a moth infestation for 3 years because I was too dumb to realize they were living in my carpet too, don't make my mistake. Hope it gets sorted soon

No. 931087

Thanks anon. I don’t have carpets thankfully, one less thing to clean kek we’ve had these moths for ages now and no matter what we do they keep coming back after a while. I guess they found their way to my room now.

No. 931169

File: 1633460714777.jpg (70.21 KB, 564x564, aestheticmagik (aestheticmagik…)

I'm kind of sad that it's raining today. Rainy days are nice, but sunlight is so much better. Feeling the sun on your skin is beautiful, and makes me feel so happy. I genuinely believe sunlight is the key to happiness. This also reminds me that I need to buy sunscreen, I keep forgetting.
Anyway, I woke up with my back hurting so that sucks. I drank soda yesterday, so maybe that's why.

No. 931306

File: 1633469689691.jpg (55.83 KB, 564x846, bbcd20bc665500b818e3546498038c…)

Whenever I drink bulletproof coffee I get so much more energy and actually get shit done, plus I don't feel hungry at all. I should do it more often.

No. 931567

I gave my boyfriend an eye-crusty (of mine) and he put it on his pizza and ate it. Just a matter of time before we accidentally do some weird shit in public. Wonder what it'll be.

No. 931570

Ugh, why did I have to see this while eating

No. 931592

Kek you and I suffer from the same strain of autism

No. 931642

I have a blind pimple above my lip and it hurts so fucking bad. I can't even see it, it's like completely flat. I can only feel it.

No. 931651

I thinks it's a cystic spot. I have on my chin and it's torture.

No. 931663

The both of you must stink.

No. 931672

Why cant more youtube reviewers be like this woman

She is so straightforward and doesn't ramble on about irrelevant shit for 5 minutes before she gets into the review

No. 931735

Listening to weeb music and thinking of the animation that it corresponds to and also thinking about the five guildsmen from the Canterbury Tales and what they'd look like as attractive anime gentlemen. Now I'm imaging a montage of the whole pilgrimage set to "Konya wa Hurricane."

No. 931872

I spilled coffee in my keyboard, and some of my keys are incredibly sticky

No. 931916

I don't really have any spiritual or religious beliefs but for years I've noticed what feel like meaningful synchronicities happening in my life. I still don't have beliefs though after years of this happening so I'll usually notice one and just think… Ah I'm slightly mentally ill and just reading into shit for no reason.

No. 931929

I literally just sat down and opened this thread after making myself an espresso with this machine, and this is the first thing I saw. Life is crazy.

No. 931963

It's the universe giving your coffee drinking habit a big thumbs up, don't ever stop being caffeinated

No. 932136

I bought fluffy warm pjs lately, I wore them for a couple nights and a large hole appeared under one of the arms. Now a couple more nights of wear later.. the bum has a big hole. I feel like sewing them up would only be an endless thing.

You will be missed fluffy pjs

No. 932244

i miss taking hot showers. where i live now the water gets lukewarm at best, i can’t dissociate the same as i used to.

No. 932251

File: 1633550074068.jpg (72.85 KB, 1200x1200, bastard.jpg)

I hate that I can't cut up mangoes properly. I have no problems with preparing a grapefruit (or rather, four, because it's so fast and four grapefruits are just about right to satiate me), it takes two minute tops for me to cut up a pineapple, even pomegranates I'm getting the hang of. But fucking mangoes??? No matter how often my mother explains and shows it to me, it's always a pulpy mess.

No. 932257

Kekkk, I hope you master these little fuckers anon

No. 932270

Tbh it's easier to just peel it and eat it like an apple. Or just slice around the seed.
Coincidentally, I ate a mango last night and it sucked. It was like watermelon, but if it was a mango.

No. 932331

I can't believe the sweat marks on my sweater right now, I didn't even realize I was sweating because the sweater is just soaking it all up. I went to scratch my pit and it's like a SWAMP god save me

No. 932440

Recently had coitus, didn't come, but not too bad. Not too bad at all.

No. 932446

Did he at least give you head?

No. 932473

Tbh that sounds really good but I like underripe(?) fruits.

No. 932477

It was overripe actually, I just picked a bad one because most of the mangos at the grocery store were too hard for my liking. It wasn't very sweet (which is why I compared it to a watermelon) or juicy, and something about the texture wasn't right. Like, it was too soft.

No. 932488

File: 1633562669546.jpg (51.62 KB, 474x355, LIVINGTHELIFE.jpg)

Your bf has never wanted to eat anything your body came up with? Maybe you're the stinky one nonny, idk please dont take this seriously, i think this is all very hilarie LUV U

No. 932507

Watermelon isn't very sweet? I don't think you've ever had a good watermelon anon. Hope your next mango is better though.

No. 932518

Today was a special day I guess. I woke up late but started my day by going for a walk before even having breakfast. The weather was rather nice. Then I managed to finally write an assignment that I'd been putting off and was planning to never do at all so that felt great. Then I took a nice candle-lit bath. And to finish it off for some reason I decided to spontaneously cut my hair short. It turned out pretty good.

No. 932526

File: 1633566145114.jpeg (29.57 KB, 412x232, BC99F671-1BFC-4809-8058-D5C802…)

I just had some delicious tuna sushi, I love sushi.

No. 932552

I’m bored, drawing the place where I would like to kill myself, knowing that I would never do so, but here I am.

No. 932558

This bottled water I'm drinking kinda tastes like bleach

No. 932620


No. 932651

I was going to finish an assignment for today until I saw that I have two whole days to submit. I completed most of it but it's just so boring I can't focus long enough to wrap it out.

No. 932779

So, I don't wanna, like, brag, or anything (that's a big fat lie), but my GP told me today that I have the ideal veins to poke into, which makes it very easy to take some blood of mine. What have you nonas going for yourselves, huh?

No. 932986

No, it was some random great value water. What was weird is that all the bottles were soft and filmsy, like they weren't filled with air like other water bottles

No. 933004

ewwww, nonna has fat ugly BULGING veins! what a freak!

No. 933025

lemme chew on em anon. just a lil bit

No. 933135

Not to sound like foot-anon, but I absolutely love my eyelashes. I've been thinking about them a lot recently. They're so long, and I feel like they fit my eye shape really well. I specifically really love the eyelashes on the outer corner of my eye.

No. 933187

My veins aren't whores that give it to easily

No. 933194

File: 1633638747270.jpg (23.01 KB, 300x270, 300px.jpg)

i can bend my elbow backwards

No. 933363

I have hitchhikers thumbs (hypermobile) so I can pop them into a weird z shape. Fun party trick but also kind of a loss since I'm too concerned about creepy scrotes to hitchhike

No. 933435

I tried to make an iced latte at home, I use the same kind of milk that they use at the coffee shops yet when I make it theres always a milky sour aftertaste?? Annoying as hell. And my fridge usually makes things too cold and freezes studd so i know it's not that.

No. 933449

File: 1633655944792.png (278.69 KB, 497x594, it's kicking in.png)

I was reading a very old text on medicine and it was from back before "piss" was considered obscene, so the sentence "Next, boil your piss" got me good.

No. 933457

I can bend my fingers backwards, they're pretty flexible and long

No. 933459

boil a poop in a pee, just like in the good old days

No. 933588

Is it lidl's oat milk by any chance? That stuff apparently tends to taste bit off. Unless you literally meant the same brand and all.

No. 933610

It might not be the same brand but it's 2% dairy milk, i want to switch to almond milk (less calories) but haven't done so yet

No. 933628

My male cat is finally starting to sleep in my lap, after almost 2 years.

I also found a new show I like so that's great too.

No. 933651

The only thing I can imagine is that the coffee/espresso is curdling the milk slightly?
If the coffee (or espresso) you're using is hot, I would recommend pouring it over ice before adding your milk. (If you're just using coffee and are going to try pouring it over ice, I would suggest using half the normal amount of water when brewing it, so it doesn't water down the coffee when you pour it over ice.) pls feel free to post updates as I am a coffeesperg

No. 933674

going to sleep is so boring, i hate it

No. 933677

I love it, I don't get enough these days. It's like a little time skip, I always think it's kind of funny when I lay down for a nap and have to guess how long I was out when I wake up. It's not fun when I lay down and accidentally fall asleep though.
Anyway, thanks for reminding me to go to sleep.

No. 933685

I love sleeping, I hate going to sleep. Sleep feels like a comfy hug, going to sleep feels like I'm being grounded.

No. 933769

>find old-fashioned ProBoards forum dedicated to one of my interests, I hate twitter so hell yeah
>create account and start mingling with everyone
>someone makes a "getting to know your" thread with questions
>SEVERAL, possibly majority, reference having grown up in the 60s/70s
>I realize it's full of boomer aged women
>Am 27.

You know what though. I think I'm ok with it

No. 933822

File: 1633706726095.jpg (55.17 KB, 570x807, cb5892a760f32ab34a154c4835ec1f…)

I picked some bay bolete mushrooms and seaberries today and I'm going to make a delicious dinner + lemonade with them later. Feeling very cottagecore right now.

No. 933830

So I was in a really foul form yesterday and knew I had to be pmsing and I have a drama class next week I'm excited for and was annoyed that I would maybe have it then because pms is like a week before The Event. So I proclaimed God I wish you could schedule periods! And lo and behold the Lord has cometh and broughteth my period forward and judging by empirical evidence it will be done in time for the class. I'll be post period and lithe after fully shedding excess womb lining.

No. 933844

Aaa that’s so nice. My kitty used to sleep with me as a kitten but when he turned 2 he suddenly stopped. 9 months later when I gave up on goating him back into cuddling, he just crawls in bed one night and snuggles again. Strange.

No. 933852

File: 1633710639961.jpeg (57.94 KB, 446x437, F876A6CA-5D22-4444-8320-771F61…)

I’m having a delicious chicken burger with a fried egg and lots of sweet relish and mustard.

No. 933854

Post your preparation and a pic when you're done pls

No. 933867

I felt like building a huge house with a huge pool in the sims so I turned on sims 3. Then I realized a huge house takes a lot of time, so I went to make a tiny house. Then I didn't feel like building a house at all so I loaded this awesome medieval world that I downloaded and put a sim into a farmhouse there. She was making an alchemy potion but she failed and turned herself into a frog. I love it I will keep her as a frog.

No. 933895

I listened to an interview with Zadie Smith where she said that the most she can write in a day is 500 words in a span of 4-5 hours. It made me feel a lot better about my capacity for writing because this is the most that I can produce within a day too. I like her writing but I think I'm even more enchanted by her speaking, I wish I could have a conversation with her.

No. 933896

Never realized there were words to that feeling.

No. 933931

my cat ate a sock and i didn't notice he did until he pooped out cloth and strings
(i took him to the vet, he's fine)

No. 933933

why are your feet so tiny

No. 933934

Weird assumption to make. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe anon has a huge cat?

No. 933936

File: 1633720562596.jpeg (121.67 KB, 736x736, FC4411C9-4417-46E2-A8CA-7A9C7E…)

Doing the dishes is so tiresome, i can’t wait for all the remodeling at my home to be done so my maid can come back and help me.
I don’t even mind doing other stuff like doing the laundry or ironing clothes, I don’t even mind cleaning the toilets or the floors until they’re spotless, it’s almost relaxing to some extent.
But doing the dishes manages to make my soul break into tiny pieces that drift away and wither like a piece of meat being thrown in a polluted lake full of ugly little bugs that eats them by vomiting their putrid acids on them.

No. 933937

Maybe it was a no-show sock, they’re really small.

No. 933947

I always play something on my phone or ipad when I'm doing dishes. Even if it's a small amount I try to pull something out because in my head it makes the experience feel like less of a dreadful chore.

No. 933948

Idk why but this is so funny to me. I'm glad your cat is okay but damn why are animals such dumb mischievous little devils? Like you little silly goose, why the fuck did you eat a sock of all things? Hahahah

No. 933952

My apologies anon, I already ate everything lmao. But if you're interested I served the mushrooms in cream sauce, over pasta, sprinkled with parmesan, chives and roasted cashews, with bits of baked chicken on the side. The berries got blended, boiled in sugar water for a bit and served with lemon and orange slices as hot lemonade.
I love picking mushrooms in the Fall, you can cook really awesome dinners with them.

No. 933955

I drank bf's piss and he drank mine…

No. 933960

I actually like doing dishes, i just hate the water getting all over my shirt/the floor and how it makes my hands raw.

No. 933961

That's not very mundane in my humble opinion.

No. 933967

to test each other for diabetes like they did in the times before christ you need him, right? not for fetish stuff, right? diabetes testing, right?

No. 933968

Eating milk-soaked oats with cinamon, peanut butter and bananas and it tastes like a desert but still very good. wouldcrave/10

No. 933976

Go back to /g/ and keep your nasty fetish shit out of the cozy mundane thread.

No. 933977

Apron and gloves, solved

No. 933979

just binged watched all of Kath and Kim, what do I do with my life now?

No. 934039

I love feeling all floaty on my meds and watching those POV walking vids on YouTube. Absolute bliss.

No. 934067

Trying to figure out what to make with rice and chicken that isn't orange chicken

No. 934079

Stir fry

No. 934110

i finally cured myself of being desensitized towards perverted anime and isekai theme ones… i feel pure… i will go to church again this friday too

No. 934111

How did you do it? I don't watch anime but sometimes I feel I'm desensitized towards other sexual images and I don't want that

No. 934116

I don't want to work or pay taxes, I just want to stay in a cosy hut with my blankets, some snacks and enough time do practice my hobbies. Sometimes when I'm really sad I imagine that I die, but instead of heaven I just end up in that hut where everything is quiet and peaceful. My heaven would be a place where everything is blissful calmness and old friends come by to watch movies and laugh.

No. 934118

Anon wtf, I'm exactly the same, down to the dying part. Except in my dream I also have an unlimited supply of cute long dresses and everybody leaves me the fuck alone in my little house in the woods.

No. 934121

Ate too much.

No. 934133

I quit watching porn and started hanging out with a new group of friends who are considered prudish (more like sensitized to showing skin/fanservice shots) I told them about how I really liked Kobayashis Maid Dragon and we had a conversation about how theres elements that make it a shitty anime. (loli/shota pairings) Then they recommended me manga/shows that used nudity/sex more as a plot device. I watched Perfect Blue and read Boy’s Abyss where elements such as rape/sex were taken seriously. Thats when I realized that fanservice is just for the male gaze and felt uncomfortable and ashamed that I liked those types of series in the first place

No. 934138

>POV walking vids
I didn't know that was a thing! I checked some and they're so cozy!!

No. 934139

No. 934161

These sound really good, thank you both. I decided to make red beans and rice with fried chicken (and maybe broccoli, idk yet). Simple but so good. I'm gonna keep that garlic recipe in the back of my mind!

No. 934177

another shit day. gonna spend this friday night drinking by myself and listening to true crime podcasts. maybe eat some chips and guac.

No. 934190

There's some kind of bug (I believe a cricket or a grasshopper?) behind my kitchen sink. She's not moving very much though, so I'll leave her alone and hope she finds her way out. Not sure how she even got in. I'm gonna have to kick her out if she goes behind my the stuff on the counter though.

No. 934195

Samefag, it's gone. RIP grasshopper.

No. 934268

aw anon that sucks… I had a shitty night too, before getting off work anyways. I hope yours gets better as mine has. have fun, but not too much fun. stay safe!

No. 934372

ive had chicken curry 7 times in three days. at what point does it become excessive?

No. 934381

I'm glad you like them! Not to sound like a boomer but it's actually incredible that I can take little "virtual walks" in places all over the world in just a few clicks.

No. 934396

I had a lame, sad salad for dinner today because there was no food in the house and I finished work too late to shop, so today I'll have a bomb ass lunch to make up for it.

No. 934480

What kind of curry?

No. 934493

For the first time ever I cracked my phone's touchscreen, thankfully it's only on the upper right corner above the actual screen so it's not a bother. I kinda want to try changing it myself, it does not look very complicated and the replacement parts are pretty cheap, but since my phone is already 3+ years old I don't think it's worth doing it.

No. 934494

Why is it not worth it just because it is older? Personally I think if it still functions fine and you didn't have plans to replace it before it broke, it's be worth it to pay a small price for a screen recplacement kit to extend it's life.

No. 934522

I indeed didn't plan on getting rid of it, it still works fine and I don't overuse it, it just lags during the recent updates of the mobage I play, and I don't think it'd be able to sustain an additional fall. I'm just scared of fucking up the repair even though there's a step-by-step video on youtube specially for my phone model. I think I'll eventually try doing it.

No. 934727

I have a spacehey account and I liked personalizing my page but I don't like the socializing aspect. I don't want to interact with people. But then I remembered I have a shitty neocities site too, and I'm the kind of stupid person that tries to imagine everything in my life as cool and special in my head so I want to make a sort of diary but I don't want anyone in person to see it because that would be embarrassing so I will make it on neocities (nobody will see it online! perfect plan)

No. 934735

I don't deserve an antivax housemate.

No. 934737

I came home earlier and found one feather and one bone on my doorstep. I honestly think a person did it and not the wind or an animal. They were placed too perfectly and I don't get random shit collecting on my step like that.

No. 934738

What if that was some witchcraft shit and they are trying to curse you?

No. 934743

A very eccentric (and mentally ill) guy with an interest in all sorts of witchy and spirit stuff was talking to me lately.. told me his whole life story withoutme asking. I got the feeling he maybe fancied me. He even talked to me about feathers weirdly enough. I know he regularly passes my house on his way to work. Maybe it's a love spell lol

No. 934745

That’s pretty creepy, specially if it’s a love spell.

No. 934766

File: 1633819338005.jpeg (345.64 KB, 541x821, F61BD50F-8B89-440F-A967-EF430D…)

In my period boxers eatin cueritos with my bare hands and posting on lolcow without wiping

No. 934768

Why is that hand so long? Looks like a flipper.

No. 934773

Art envy is strong today. I haven't even drawn in months.

No. 934779

Better to love u with bitch

No. 934797

I find it cute how zoomer girls address groups of strangers online as 'besties'

No. 934800

im making my first thanksgiving dinner tomorrow! i'm making a turkey with mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and stuffing

No. 934802

This post had me second guessing what month it is

No. 934803

Ok E.T.

No. 934805

Happy Thanksgiving Canada-anon! I hope your turkey is good and juicy!

No. 934809

based canadian anon

No. 934829

File: 1633828083307.png (236.6 KB, 579x419, dunno.png)

I've been sleeping like 14 hours a day for a long time. Guess it's depression. I don't know. I feel fine. Kind of hungry.

No. 935250

I just remembered that I still have my dead snails in their terrarium. Oh god. I don't even know if I want to open it.

No. 935252

H-how long were they in there for since theyve died?

No. 935281

baby that's a mausoleum now

No. 935303

did Holly BRown draw this

No. 935551

File: 1633924364642.jpg (51.2 KB, 498x799, Lemon Tree Art Print.jpg)

I just cleared a whole box of lemon popsicles in two days. Fortunately they're low calorie.
Lemons are the best thing ever, you can put it on savory and sweet foods. Nature's most perfect creation. The only lemon flavored thing I won't eat is lemonade, funnily enough.

No. 935560

I love the spiders living in my bathroom, they're adorable and they've been taking care of the gnats and small roaches to the point where I hardly see them anymore. Best roommates ever.

No. 935563

my dream house would have a lemon tree, they are amazing on literally anything

No. 935575

I like spiders too, they eat the bad bugs. Sometimes I need to relocate them like when they decide to move into my bedroom but I never kill them. I like trapping them and naming them and picking out a nice new spot for them like a spider real estate agent lol. Outside around the porch light is prime real estate because all the mosquitos and moths just fly right into the web so the coolest spiders get to move there. The less impressive ones get little corners in the basement or shed.

No. 935578

came here to say this

No. 935661

So many people in the groupchat for my CompSci class have been asking how to get to the material when all you need to do is click on the link the prof sent us and then click "sign in" and multiple people have answered this already. Feels good to know I'm definitely not the dumbest bitch in here

No. 935666

I put something in my shopping basket earlier thinking it cost 2.50 and when I got to the till it was 7 euro. Had a moment where I had to weigh up which would feel shitter…putting it back or coughing up an extra 4.50. I guess I'm worth it..

No. 935721

i think my posts inspired the lolcow's own caps threads but i'm not sure and i'll never rlly know

No. 936044

Love learning chemistry, hate my teacher.

No. 936056

File: 1633989194488.png (1.53 MB, 2100x2906, 100609-THAI-BASI-NSY-Vegan-Dum…)

I've been wanting to eat dumplings more often without having to travel to my local Asian market. I know I can make them at home, but I'm going to try picrel today.

No. 936066

I saw the forbidden man in an ad today while I was out shopping and had to start laughing (because ermagush its the elohelcow man outside of the containments of the farm), as had a friend of mine who's in on it. The other ones were confused.

No. 936068

there is a neighborhood that I drive through sometimes where I see a guy walking a borzoi. no one irl will ever understand

No. 936085

Nayrt, I'm scared of spiders (I wish I wasn't, I like them and I'm trying to improve) and this is a really cute post that made me genuinely laugh, thank you for this. Do you have a favourite?

No. 936093

Ohhh! I hated this one but absolutely loved their Korean BBQ dumplings!

No. 936094

Try the Korean BBQ dumplings from this brand, pop them in an airfryer if you have or just sauté them in a pan, they’re great IMHO

No. 936099

I just tried it, and I actually really liked them, but I burnt the bottom of the crispy skirt I gave them. These are better than the tofu dumplings Nasoya also sells imo.
I haven't seen the Korean BBQ dumplings IRL yet, but I'll be on the lookout for them!

No. 936451

Using a new toothbrush is the best feeling ever, and I always forget how good it feels until it's time for me to replace my toothbrush. My teeth feel extra clean right now.

No. 936452

this is so cute anon. I wish I could do the same, but I'm deadly afraid of them even though I think they're cute animals. I'm trying to get over my phobia because I feel terrible any time one decides to explore the house and leaves the ceiling to get closer to my space and I end up killing them because I'm not mentally prepared to handle them yet. I'm lucky that the only spiders I get in my apartment are either daddy long legs or the small jumping ones. Those are really chill.

No. 936472

I finally booked the train tickets and the hotel room for my vacation next month, I have no idea why the prospect of doing it gave me so much anxiety, I even enjoyed comparing the hotels and picking my favorite. This isn't even the first time I've done this, I genuinely think I've mentally regressed due to the lockdowns.

I see him everyday at work on a display stand (he modeled for a watch brand), I think of you nonnies everytime I pass by him kek.

No. 936481

I want to do this badly but just can't find a place "worth" traveling to

Hope you have fun anon!

No. 936500

Thank you anon! It's just a three day trip in a city two hours away by train, so it's not the most exotic or exciting destination, but I'm going there for two concerts anyway.

No. 936637

File: 1634050077943.jpg (129.59 KB, 522x810, 81BhmV8Ln1L._AC_SX522_.jpg)

Yesterday I bought myself one of those big haribo advent calendars purely because where I live they only sell starmix and none of the other versions I've wanted to try out. I got home, took all the packets out and put them in my goodie drawer. Then I binned the calendar itself.

Today I had a delivery while I was out so the mailman left the parcel in my recycling bin for me, thats what he usually does when I'm out. I wonder if he saw my big ole empty childrens advent calendar just sitting at the top of the bin.. in october lol

No. 936642

A Japanese artist I follow for husbando/yumejoshit has retweeted some crypto-terf tweets about sex segregation in bathrooms and how unisex bathrooms are a terrible idea, I'm delighted.

No. 936645

I’ve always wondered who buys Christmas stuff in mid-October. Now I know.

No. 936658

Link please?

No. 936662

Spent a good couple of hours going through my Youtube comment history and deleting comments where I sound like a simp.
Need to stop commenting altogether because it's embarrassing (I mean I only do it on smaller channels where the creator usually interacts but it's still cringy parasocial behavior)

No. 936672

Same here, I have deleted every single comment I've ever made and it feels good to not have my autistic bullshit trail following me around. I go and delete every couple of weeks because there are times when I have weakness and comment something retarded.

No. 936726

File: 1634056455839.jpeg (66.94 KB, 750x750, A6172375-6DBF-400E-9FED-E1FAB1…)

I have to finish an assignment so I can go back to playing animal crossing and petting my dog.

No. 937005

there's this cute guy that works at my local mcds. i hate going in there bc it's always really busy and full of annoying people so my autistic ass can't deal with it. i am out here looking like a toad when i go in for low effort food after work but hey i really cba, he is cute and nice to look at even if i myself am a mess

No. 937112

File: 1634081213805.jpeg (80 KB, 1000x667, dydtj.jpeg)

Just came home from the dentist for the first time in 5 years and no cavities babyyyy. Last time I went I had four cavities (one in each section of my mouth) and the experience of getting them filled traumatized me so much (wasn't painful but the vibration in my brain was so deeply uncomfortable in the most "this is painful but at the same time not painful" way) that I got my oral hygiene habits into shape real quick. Glad to know it paid off.

No. 937152

File: 1634085465177.jpg (61.41 KB, 1296x704, Screen_Shot_2017-11-07_at_10.0…)

reading men talk about women online is making me more and more apathetic towards them and sex in general. I read some guys post on 4chan about how he loved staring at his ex gf's family member's boobs. It disgusted me but really I can't even be mad at him because i think it's just the way men are meant to be naturally. They can't turn off their monkey brains. If anything I guess there's something wrong with me for being straight but disgusted by how men naturally function. Basically I feel like picrel unironcially and will die alone

No. 937161

samefag, meant to post in the dumbass shit thread, mixed them up because of the sonic pic kek

No. 937184

I'm eating some rotel dip I just made and listening to the Ologies podcast. I haven't listened in a while, but I like Allie Ward so much that I'll even sit through the ads without skipping.

No. 937192

This is literally how all of us got pinkpilled. You are not wrong for being disgusted by men's degeneracy and honest to god being single is a joy once you get past the conditioning that says you're only fulfilled as a woman once you've locked down a scrote and popped out five of his kids then gotten stuck raising them alone without child support when he ditches you for a teenager because he's still chasing the dream of hooking up with the girl that rejected him when he was 14. Scrotes are irrevocably fucked and deserve to suffer alone while we thrive alone.

No. 937197

I feel the same just with dating in general, the whole process of offering your best traits to someone in a desperate attempt to appeal to them turns me off.

Being single definitely is a joy, although I think your view is too entrenched in your own perspective to be reasonable. We should all thrive alone.

No. 937229

I used to be saddened and disgusted by men and always disappointed myself when I'd expect higher level connection and thought functions in them. Not to mention respect and romance.

Then I gave up and just went back to playing otome for romance and started fucking an obedient zoomer a few years younger than me who I kick out the moment he starts spouting anything that resembles an opinion.

No. 937237

I was being hyperbolic anon although only just. I (surprisingly) do not hate all men but I know so many women who have been through similar scenarios as to what I described or even worse. The wrong man can literally destroy a woman and the vast majority of us are raised with too much empathy to protect ourselves early on. Better to be on the defense until someone earns it over time than to blindly trust

No. 937317

Just remembered I have the ability to make breastmilk

No. 937383

I love scrolling past the Finnish thread. All the little umlauts make me happy.

No. 937404

fuck you for reminding me

No. 937408

I can’t tell if I’m losing a normal amount of hair or if I’m balding because every time I take a shower it looks like I have just shaved my head by the amount of hair I shed when detangling. My hair is also really long, so it just makes the hairball look bigger than it actually is, but I’m still paranoid.

No. 937443

I love the OP's image, such a quirky country

No. 937449

I just bought a replacement HEPA filter for my air purifier. I hate how they're so expensive. I'm pretty broke at the moment but I think I've developed a dust allergy or something, and it's gotten noticeably worse since my filter ran out. The price to pay for clean air.

No. 937459

File: 1634135350959.png (625.83 KB, 500x560, The-IT-Crowd-image-the-it-crow…)

Told myself I'd take up boxing or martial arts when lockdown lifted so that I feel less easily murder-able walking down the street. I was so hype about it. Now the time has come and I'm so busy and tired, the idea of adding another commitment to my life makes me want to cry. I carry weapons when walking but it's a joke because I know I'd never use them correctly in the heat of the moment. I've always wanted to be able to fight back and feel strong. Maybe I'm just scared of being so buff I have to become a superhero. Ugh imagine the sleep schedule.

No. 937462

you know you'll end up too "muscular" without steroids or anything, you can take up Krav Maga which is more about mindset rather then moves

No. 937466

anon stab them in the fucking eye.

No. 937475

The problem with being an uwu small bean is you don't have much reach with melee weapons. Any average size man would be able to reach for my knife way before I'm close enough to stab him where it hurts. The knife is a backup. The pepper gel is the first line of defense because you can keep your distance and still do damage.

No. 937482

File: 1634136739964.gif (4.47 MB, 472x348, judooo.gif)

yeah I have sentimental attachments to like karate and MMA because they're badass but I've been told practically the best for self defence is Judo which is about using the opponent's strength and size against them. I just think it's less cool because I knew a girl in school who was super into judo and she was fat and lame.

No. 937485

anon kek don't let that discourage you from learning judo. if it makes you feel better I've knon fat lame people who were into all kinds of martial arts

No. 937486

File: 1634137179421.jpg (83.19 KB, 760x1078, Gina-Carano.10.jpg)

also samefag but I don't know if you're joking about being too muscular without steroids, I fucking wish, having visible biceps and strong shoulders is my ideal body. Not figure competition levels but picrel is my ideal body

No. 937487

putting this out there because I think it's cool and you reminded me, obviously you already have a real air purifier.

No. 937490

I wish I understood what they're talking about and what the OP meme means.

No. 937505

muscle-building for women takes a lot of intentional hard work and a specific diet and workout regime, the most you'll get with martial arts is more shapely limbs

No. 937511

Sometimes I feel like I sleep 'too hard' Not that I sleep for too long, just that I sleep so hard that I'm in bits the next day. I'll wake up sore all over, then I'll get a headache a lil bit later. I never recover til I sleep the next night and hopefully reset again. Am I making sense?

No. 937530

Why can fitfags never take a joke. Next you'll say becoming a superhero is an unrealistic goal

No. 937531

yeah i understand. i woke up with my pillowcase at my feet yesterday and a sore shoulder.

No. 937538

I want to buy more clothes but I’m having no luck with thrift stores

No. 937544

Have you considered buying clothes that don't have other people's pit stains in them

No. 937597

Yeah, which is why I don’t buy anything from Patagonia’s used clothes website.

No. 937671

File: 1634153305830.jpeg (27.33 KB, 500x375, A_small_cup_of_coffee.jpeg)

When I drink coffee when I wake up it tastes so good, but when I decide to go for a second brew in the afternoon (made the exact same way) suddenly it tastes like shit. Is my caffeine addiction overriding the taste in the morning?

No. 937673

I'm a long time heavy coffee drinker but lately I have something like this going on.

I try to mostly drink it black and unsweetened and that's fine first thing in the morning but later in the day it starts tasting like shit. Might be good that my body is finally protesting

No. 937717

eye exam went better than intended. i dont hsve glaucoma i just have dry eye + strain.
my doctor(s) were fucking CUTE though and if i'd known they'd be so attractive i wouldn't have gone in sweats. fuck me

No. 937729

>Krav Maga
nta obviously but how helpful are those really? I have a hard time believing either of those would really make a difference if you're small, like how much of a difference does technique make if you're petite and you're up against an average height or taller man?

No. 937770

Judo is all about having a low center of gravity, knocking your opponent off balance and doing sick flips n shit. But if you want to feel safe in the street the best thing to do is learn real self defense: go for the balls, solar plexus, eyes, all the stuff they teach you is fighting dirty in martial arts training

No. 937778

no that one actually is achievable

No. 937839

about to really get rid of my facebook, like completely scrub it from the internet after I save the pics from it on my pc. Also getting my lip pierced tomorrow wish me luck nonnies

No. 937855

are you reinventing yourself

No. 937859

More of just an alteration I would say. I saw a lot of very ugly pictures of people with this piercing I want but I have this vain hope that mine will be one of the good ones

No. 937959

What kind of lip piercing? I have a vertical labret and I see a lot of ugly fakebois and trashy people with that piercing and it looks awful on them but I still got it done in spite of that and I love mine so I guess it's all about how the rest of you looks lol.

No. 938015

There's this noise I hear every few nights that I can't attribute to anything which has been freaking me out and makes me hardcore paranoid, I even posted about it in the vent thread once or twice. I started to write down the exact times I hear it a few months ago, and I finally noticed an actual pattern, when before I only noticed that I heard it later and later. I don't think it's the only one, since it happens on a few days sprinkled in between sometimes too, but by latest I'll always hear it fourteen days and a tiny bit under five minutes later than last time. Normally I'd freak out again but I'm so happy right now nonas omg I can finally sit in ambush and hunt this noise down a bit better. It'll probably still take me a few more months until I finally find out what it is, but I now have something to barely work with.

No. 938023

I’m on the fence about listening to asmr audios of my husbandos, I feel like they will be shit because I’m so autistic about voices and sounds, like, I could dislike someone just because I find their voice utterly annoying.

No. 938024

Really? What kind of sound is it? I’m honestly curious.

No. 938027

It's always the same loud metallic(?) clicking sound. I only hear it once for less than a second, which is why I can't just go looking for it whenever I hear it. I know it comes from inside my room and it's not my door or furniture. For a bit I thought it may come from my neighbors above, but I think it's too clear for that to be plausible.

No. 938032

I hope it’s not aliens trying to kidnap you, but seriously, how strange.
My paranoid ass is already thinking of cameras, but it could be like in my house, there used to be this weird clinking noise like metallic balls or marbles rolling on the floor, it was every night around the same time frames, brief but loud.
I still don’t know what it was, but ever since the neighbor’s dog died, the noise did as well.

No. 938040

Are you sure it isn't your radiators dong that when they turn on heating regime?

No. 938079

Anon, I have a similar problem. Every night at exactly 3 seconds before 1:00 AM I hear a clanging sound in the air vent on the ceiling in my bedroom. I'm guessing it's something to do with air conditioning but it's been happening every night (that I've been awake at 1am to hear it).

No. 938083

I picked my nose super hard, and now it's bleeding

No. 938105

No. 938117

I actually got a bleeding nose today for the second time in my life today. First was doing a flip on a trampoline and kneeing myself in the face and and this time is because the air is too dry in my apartment.

No. 938127

Cameras was instantly what my mind jumped to, too, which is why I feel like I can't fully relax in my own room lol. I'll gladly take the aliens though!
I wish, but it comes from the complete opposite direction and, while our radiators regularly make noises too, it's very different ones.
I'd go nuts in your position, if not for the aforementioned fear of cameras then at least because I'd be worried about the vent being broken or something if that were the only one to make these noises. Hopefully yours gets resolved soon, too!

No. 938156

My tits got to slosh in the sun the other day and I'm still feeling good over it

No. 938313

I have to use WhatsApp for work and it's giving me anxiety.

No. 938359

Damn I got a nosebleed by kneeing myself in the face on the trampoline too once upon a time lmao. Hurt like a bitch

No. 938600

I can't tell if something ran behind my shelf/desk thing or if I'm hallucinating. Too sleepy and lazy to check.

No. 938695

I also have to use WhatsApp for my job. I hate it so much, it takes up unnecessary space on my already low-storage phone. My old job posted schedules on its website, I miss that.

No. 938761

I'm training hard to try and learn how to wink my right eye (because for some reason I can do it with my left eye, but not my right). It's going pretty good so far.

No. 938774

Why? Isn’t that what slack is for? I need to know their reasoning for this shit

No. 938870

File: 1634253303090.gif (6.16 MB, 498x498, rihanna-cant-wink.gif)

I always find it so cute when people can't wink lmao.

No. 938985

I just remembered I have rice water in my fridge

No. 939001

Horrible period cramps are now ending. There's no better feeling than feeling the pain subside and the timings of feeling normal get longer and longer. It really makes you appreciate being pain-free.
Anyway, I have a new goal to deal with the cramps instead of taking painkillers. I'm trying to be all natural.

No. 939005

It's seriously the best high I've ever experienced

No. 939009

An artist I sort of like seems poised to release something but it looks like they’re collabing with some EDM fuckers and I don’t think it’s going to turn out well anons but we will see

No. 939019

File: 1634266505454.jpg (175.84 KB, 1080x1080, Collage 2021-10-14 21_51_09.jp…)

I really want to collect and wear unique vintage rings but I'm broke 99% of them aren't my size. So I'm doing online window shopping via Etsy all the time

No. 939020

This is exactly what Pinterest boards are for.

No. 939022

Especially at 3AM when it’s been keeping you up all night, bliss.

No. 939081

Milk might contain milk.

No. 939110

I've been eating way too much sodium. It's a real problem with me.

No. 939116

Currently putting dish soap in my hair

No. 939118

punk rock

No. 939156

I should be asleep but something about going back to bed right now is just so depressing to me. I'm supposed to get up with my bf and do yoga together in like an hour and a half. Also I wanted to use my whole day, y'know, like get up at an early time and actually function like a human adult and have breakfast and stuff. How many more years am I going to promise myself a routine life only to sit here in the middle of the night eating bunny shaped cookies in the dark and feeling sad?

No. 939166

I remember absolutely hating Holden from Catcher in the Rye as a teen and I'm going to reread it to see if I still think he's a douche or to see if I was just an angsty teen myself and annoyed I wasn't as renowned for being an edgelord

No. 939198

You sound salty.

No. 939213

Same here. I spent so much time hating the book that I wonder if it’s because there was something relatable about it I refused to accept. At this point I’ve completely forgotten the book other than my criticisms

No. 939238

Holden would be rotting on /r9k/ all day we're he born in this generation. He's a faggot

No. 939859

Thinking about buying StarDew valley on ps4 next month. It seems like it has many hours of content to keep me busy plus maybe I can find people to play with and learn to interact with other humans. Anyone hear played it and is it fun?

No. 939867

File: 1634338598151.png (137.78 KB, 250x347, fuh does cuno care.png)

My friend flaked on me but I'm still gonna go and sip some gay cocktails.

No. 939875

Have fun and be careful anon

No. 939876

Bored on Friday night, I wish I was part of a toxic Discord server

No. 939895

I got in one through this edgy model on IG and most of the users turned out to be voracious turbomanlets. So while you might miss out on the tea you also avoid the internet obsessed nematodes that infest most discords

No. 939959

File: 1634346899052.jpg (12.99 KB, 300x225, 7796c2435d86e9f005bf0365a2e051…)

Moved to a new town and I'm getting my library card tomorrow! Thinkin about what books to check out first, if anyone has any suggestions let me know!!

No. 939967

Cute!!! what kind of books are you into?? maybe we could find some nice ones!

No. 939970

Hmmm, I like banana yoshimoto books! and I like sayaka murata books too! hopefully you find something great!

No. 939972

I'M SO HAPPY that garrett watts uploaded a new vid, I always need his vibe in my life

No. 939975

there's a book thread in /m/, they have great recs in there if you specify what kind of stuff you like!

No. 939978

I tend to gravitate towards fiction/nonfiction with elements of fantasy and I also like poetry a lot. The last books I've read are Never Let Me Go and Play It As It Lays. Sorry if that's kinda broad, if you have any favorite books of your own that come to mind I trust your judgement!

I'll look them up right now, thank you so much nonnie!!

Oh perfect, thank you for letting me know!

No. 939985

I want to smoke some weed and play games, but I saw depressing shit on twitter that sent me into an anxiety spiral. now i fear the reefer will worsen my anxious state

No. 940016

House shopping for homes I will never live in right now. Currently looking at places in Ghana and Egypt.

No. 940021

File: 1634358311303.jpeg (62.49 KB, 500x455, EA0E8B70-BCBD-467F-9956-25FA5C…)

This is my favorite tranny meme

No. 940034

File: 1634360697347.jpg (39.55 KB, 576x420, POSTER - Cerastes cerastes, fa…)

It isn't guaranteed that it will, but as I'm sure you know, mindset going into a trip can really influence it, and the fact that marijuana has psychedelic effects isn't acknowledged enough.

No. 940046

File: 1634364333495.png (353.54 KB, 511x615, 60 seconds of cat.png)

My eyes are tired, but I'm about to start a new book.

No. 940087

where is this from?

No. 940148

File: 1634379344673.jpg (3.46 MB, 1960x3381, 20211016_120935.jpg)

My rosemary plant still can't recover from getting dried out in the summer and now it's starting to bloom in October???

No. 940150

I'm only 8 chapters into catcher in the rye. Ok I completely forgot Holden lost his youngest brother to cancer and he's only 17. Also he's mad at this prep school boy raping girls which fair enough. Holden is actually based. I feel like it was a tough read in school for me because I was sexually assaulted by a rugby boy and the boys in my year would have been the type to beat up Holden so you had to suppress your angst and I probably was jealous Holden wasn't playing by the rules which is why I hated him. I'll read more though.

No. 940152

shinkai's ani kuri contribution

No. 940179

I just heard a robotic voice say something, and I have no idea what it was. I was fairly certain it was my phone since I had disconnected my headphones like 1 second before I heard it so it would make sense for some kind of noise to be playing out loud, but when I looked at my phone it was off. I think the only word I heard was "notification" which would make sense considering Youtube was the app that was up before I closed my phone Did I just hallucinate or something?

No. 940182

Maybe! I've had random audio hallucinations before that weren't prompted by anything. In high school I was in an empty hall, not near a classroom, no lockers nearby, but all of a sudden the sound of a Spice Girls song fades in and plays clear as day for a few seconds and fades back out. The school played a song over the PA every beginning of second period and it always pretty loud and you can tell it's being played from a speaker, so it definitely was not coming from that. One of the weirdest experiences I've had, I hadn't even listened to Spice Girls since I was a little girl. I don't know what causes stuff like that to happen, but I know it only happened in my head because there was no way it was playing that clearly when there was nothing around to make the sound.

No. 940188

That's so funny that happened to me. Indian summer time + all the rain. Some of mine died dramatically and now they sprang back just in time for the frost. I'd transfer some inside but I'm scared of bugs

No. 940238

Feels weird wearing a full face of make up after… almost a year? At least I didn't completely forget how to do it.

No. 940260

I knew it must have just been my mind playing tricks on me! It's so weird because it felt so clear and loud despite the fact that I was moving stuff around so I couldn't really hear it well. Anyway, must've been due to the lack of sleep I've been getting lately.

No. 940274

I really need a massage but I don’t have the money nor the capabilities to go to a spa. I don’t even know if there are any good spas in my city anymore.

No. 940275

Kek. These things happen to me randomly too. Two nights ago I was trying to sleep and heard someone yell "hell no" right next to my ear, no one there and it really pissed me off because I was all cozy and about to go night night.

No. 940457

being around other people's boisterous dogs only makes coming home to my sweet gentle little cat all the better, I love her very much

No. 940459

it's inaccurate though cause that cake is really cute. if the cake was a hot mess it'd work better

No. 940461

I have a very vivid memory of doing this on holiday in france as a kid. never happened since. be gentle with your nose anon

No. 940470

Getting a used but new and good condition mattress today from my boyfriend's grandparents today. It's been in their guest room but because of COVID no one ended up using it before they moved. It's one of those $2500 suckers too, I've only slept on shitty Ikea mattresses my adult life.

No. 940493

I feel like I sweat and smell less when I let my armpit hairs grow, I think I won't tweeze them out during this cold season.

No. 940497

Tweeze??? But this also has been my experience.

No. 940522

Huh really? I have the exact opposite happen if I let it grow out. It's like the sweat gets trapped by the hair. Lucky you!

No. 940578

I waxed my finger hair like 2 months ago and I swear the hair on my fingers is thicker/longer than before. In all fairness I didn't do it very well cause the fingers are kind of hard to wax, but still what the fuck

No. 940590

Fuck it's so comfy and I didn't know they were giving us a box spring too so no more creaking. Bless his generous family.

No. 940595

Yeah I like to individually pluck out armpit hairs with a pair of tweezers, there's no way I'm bringing a razor near this region and I don't feel confident enough to wax myself. Also the tweezers I'm using are like 15 years old, it's the cheapest and most ecological way of ridding myself of body hair kek.

I feel like my skin reacts to being naked and has some kind of overcompensation by sweating, the hairs are there for a reason after all.

No. 940630

I didn't eat or drink anything sugary yesterday and didn't even realize it until the day was almost over. Which means my sugar addiction is mostly psychological.

No. 940737

Nta, but I also tweeze(stopped shaving altogether and tweezing after quarantine though), because when I first waxed my armpit there was so much blood kek and it hurt like a bitch, never again. Sure it takes a few hours tweezing, but it beats being in pain and being bloody.

No. 940853

I'm going to finish this in 30 minutes if it's the last thing I do. If I don't, I'm a failure.

No. 940856

Wouldn't taking hours to squeeze out every single little hair be a lot more painful, than taking like like 5 seconds to wax out all of the hairs (which will only sting for a couple of seconds)? I see why you wouldn't want to deal with blood, but I don't really get the pain thing.

No. 940864

Nta but it really doesn't hurt at all, way less than on the legs, probably because it's mostly a fleshy area not close to the bone. I also just like doing it, it's kinda relaxing, but that's just a manifestation of my autism kek.

No. 940887

File: 1634466808355.jpg (275.5 KB, 2000x1333, 81APs9-WKzL.jpg)

i was out with my friend a few days ago and we were browsing the bookstore. i commented on how cute the harry potter cover art looks. she was like 'nooo, anon, you can't say that, jkr is evil, in this house we don't support this evil woman!! don't buy any hp stuff!!!' i was like, why can't we acknowledge the cute art…? when i went home i decided to buy picrel (haven't read hp in over 10 years and i think i lost my physical copies in a move) and a complete movie set since i never watched them all. i'm excited!

No. 940890

What an idiot, enjoy your books anon.
Was she even able to tell you why JKR is "evil"?

No. 940891

I'm not even a potterfag and that coverart looks so beautiful, especially the snow deer(?). I hope you enjoy your books anon.

No. 940893

File: 1634467847341.jpg (429.32 KB, 2000x1724, 81UrCEnDaOL.jpg)

thank you, nonna! i asked why she said jkr is evil and my friend claimed that jkr said word-for-word that she hates troons. i pretended to be shocked and replied 'omg where did she say that, i'm gonna have to read that with my own two eyes!' but then my friend got cold feet i suppose and said 'you know, on the internet' and quickly changed the subject. it's so sad. i hope that she'll peak one day and then i can be petty and remind her of this exchange and we'll laugh about how silly she was.

thank you, i will! i absolutely love it, i think it's incredibly charming. i wanted the house collection first (so all green/silver for me since i'm apparently a slytherin) but i think this collection is much cuter. i used to not care about hp for years or was a bit annoyed at most, since people were so crazy about it and based their entire personality on their house, but then i realized that's just what terminally online does to a mf. i mellowed out now, thankfully, and now i'm falling in love with the series all over again.

No. 940901

jkr being an evil terf is retarded. its proven time and time again that troons in womens category sports beat the shit out of women literally

but an aside. the art is just cozy. its kinda goofy depending on the artist but the one thing they wont admit is that for a generation of trans and trans allies is that jkr was their catalyst into reading voraciously. a lot of kids around that time wouldnt pick up a book unless their school told them, then all of a sudden book releases were a nationwide event.

No. 940903

I'm going to drive 30 minutes to the next city just to do my grocery shopping in a more populated area so I can people watch and then I'm going to tidy my apartment and get the fear before work tomorrow.

No. 940915

Swishing whiskey does more for tooth pain than any numbing gel on the market

No. 940920

getting drunk will numb most pain temporarily

No. 940921

I’m so damn sleepy today

No. 940952

It's super effective at numbing. There is a reason they used it on teething babies

No. 940965

This got me through having dry socket

No. 941075

I seem to be ill. Sore throat but no fever. Chilling in my room with overnight oats and I'm going to rewatch supernatural. Maybe tidy up a bit before that

No. 941346

I quite like those overnight oats but I think the weather’s a bit too soggy for a cold breakfast. Really fancy just a cup of tea and buttered toast when the weather’s like this. Get well soon anita

No. 941500

File: 1634508926927.jpg (49.55 KB, 570x380, TostadaChorizoLimeCrema_BlueAp…)

Should I make a chorizo tostada? I think I should. I wanna try potatoes and chorizo cause I've never had that before, and I'm not feeling eggs gross today. I wish I had avocado though.

Lots to do today.

No. 941514

Just came here to write about being sick and staying up watching Grace and Frankie while eating doritos and drinking coke. I would try to get some sleep, but I don't like laying down in the dark with my own thoughts when I'm already in an anguished state. This is so much more comfortable. Hope you're getting better, anon.

Please do, it looks scrumptious.

No. 941518

anon why would you eat doritos and coke if you're sick? Are you trying to prolong your illness or something?

No. 941526

Sounds good to me! just mince the potatoes into small chunks, not into cubes.

No. 941528

After years of trying every remedy google could provide for faster recovery to no avail I decided I might as well just eat whatever makes me a bit less miserable. I'll munch on some spinach in the morning.

No. 941529

What kind of sick is it? maybe just drink some pepto

No. 941536

It is scrumptious! Please drink some water anon, I hope you get feel better soon.
I wish I saw this before I cooked the potatoes lol. I kinda burnt the potatoes, but it still came out really good.

No. 941553

File: 1634514970646.jpg (39.54 KB, 393x480, 36_69230_pierre-auguste-renoir…)

I bought a book about cats in art for a friend and this painting made me tear up

It's 'Julie Manet with a cat' by Pierre-Auguste Renoir if anyone needs that info

No. 941558

why did it make you cry?

No. 941573

File: 1634516814374.jpg (405.99 KB, 2001x3000, h.jpg)

I can't stop thinking about how beautiful Halle Berry is. I'm swooning right now

No. 941577

Because it's cute and I'm a sensitive bitch
Look how comfy that cat is, nonny

No. 941580

Aww I agree. That's nice!

No. 941651

oh, the cat's little face! it looks so content! thanks for sharing this painting, nonnie

No. 941675

I have to be disgusting for a sec:
period farts are satisfying

No. 941784

Because I'm a weak bitch towards blood that isn't period blood. It also gave me a weird rash after the waxing.

No. 941932

File: 1634557099434.png (10.01 KB, 910x91, i love fonts so much i almost …)

Downloaded 16 fonts today, nonnies.

No. 941941

File: 1634558641931.png (9.21 KB, 899x91, font enjoyer.png)

No. 941944

Proud of you anon

No. 941948

𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕗𝕚𝕣𝕤𝕥 𝕥𝕙𝕣𝕖𝕖 𝕒𝕣𝕖 𝕦𝕘𝕝𝕪

No. 941977

How are you ladies able to just tweeze your body hair? I'm envious, I have way too much and it would take me hours on end if I attempted. I prefer to get waxed and actually like the pain of it.

No. 941983

I want to wear heels, so i can fucking tower over manlets and womanlets, but i've really bad anterior pelvic tilt, and i think wearing heels for a long time would only ruin my back.

No. 941984

File: 1634565564175.jpg (11.79 KB, 337x30, Tumblr_l_250923543349226.jpg)

No. 941989

File: 1634565826215.gif (2.95 MB, 600x338, 1633294199151.gif)

No. 942012

This gif just gets funnier and funnier.

No. 942048

File: 1634572049025.jpg (78.07 KB, 1200x675, ungabunga.jpg)

He looks like this meme.

No. 942060

kek, can someone make this into a banner?

No. 942066

what's the actual context of this gif???

No. 942082

offtopic but I hate that Redditor for throwing something at their cat without thinking. I'm not retarded enough to call it 'animal abuse' and I understand that most cats might just be mad for like 5 seconds and then forget about it, but this still gets my goat

No. 942100

It was supposed to be from a pro-trans video, sort of like Dhar man

No. 942108

Yeah some people treat their cats rowdy like they would a dog and then wonder why their cat leaves the room when they walk into it

No. 942113

None of the above nonas, but a tweezer too; it does take hours, but it's satisying seeing the progress for me lmao.

No. 942122

Having trichotillomania or those picking tendencies helps. Back when I used to be a neet with lots of spare time and lots of impulses to pull hair.. I could easily sit there and pluck all my leg hair away. Couldn't be bothered doing that now. Mostly recovered from trich.

No. 942360

I had a cat hair stuck on my foot, as in, sticking upright in my skin. I pulled it out but now it's itchy and a bit swollen. I had this happen with a whisker once, too. Why does even her fur hate and wants to hurt me.

No. 942418

File: 1634594794368.jpeg (133.86 KB, 600x1220, 8D0F9255-DA88-46E2-80F0-A343DB…)

Hell yeah! My hands just remembered how to fucking braid my hair! Now the world can fear me and bow to me, for I will learn new braided hairstyles to enhance my hair cuteness.

No. 942444

Upset because I had to see a video of Jerma for the first time against my will today

No. 942449

I don't know who Jerma is

No. 942508

Are you a jermaphobe?

No. 942629

I bought a new lip balm and my lips are burning, but they feel moisturized

No. 942644

I just wanna stay up and never have to sleep again.

No. 942657

My shit smells and leaks like gasoline

No. 942682

I'm going to be sad when I finish my book. I love it.

No. 942688

I'm genuinely considering buying vegan tuna on Amazon because for whatever reason the grocery store near me stopped carrying it

No. 942735

File: 1634636297336.jpeg (64.41 KB, 554x554, E9F643F3-0B3C-4B81-B287-9FB78D…)

I finally decided on my Halloween costume for this year and I’m really excited about it. It’ll give me the chance to live my “grungy” tumblr girl fashion dreams that I had in high school. I tried it on tonight and after being the chubby girl in hs you can’t imagine how good it feels to put on the clothes I wanted to wear all those years ago and actually feel hot in them.

No. 942743

Kind of mad because I lost my headphones case when it was literally on my bed

No. 942779

I hate having sound directly injected into my ears but since I'm now sharing my office with another person I bought a pair of cheap earphones to listen to my shit. I got them in rose gold because they were cute, I feel like such a basic bitch kek.

No. 942794

File: 1634643197629.jpg (175.99 KB, 750x897, tumblr_21a1073e1cf7fd26e10bb18…)

Recently I've been having trouble with going to sleep and waking up. I used to get tired around 10 pm and I'd go to sleep and naturally wake up around 7 or 8 am. A few weeks ago I kept myself up one evening until 1 am and since then I haven't been able to fall asleep sooner. I stay up until 3 or 4 and get up around 12, even if I set an early alarm and wake up and walk over to turn it off. It's ruining my days, because it feels like they are over very quickly and it makes me very unproductive. I hope I can put an end to this by forcing myself today and then staying up in the morning instead of falling back asleep. My eyes are also extremely dry right after waking up, it's as if I keep them open while sleeping or something. The dry feeling makes me want to keep them closed, so I always end up dozing off again…

No. 942798

We are the same person

No. 942811

Then one of us should get this under control, so the other will be cured as well

No. 942822

I'm hoping that by staying up late last night and getting up early today, I'll actually be sleepy tonight and will go to sleep on time. I wanna get up with my husband and exercise and go for a walk and stuff. I want to be a morning person.

No. 942901

File: 1634652376621.jpg (37.84 KB, 512x288, unnamed.jpg)

Overcooked my dinner earlier, why do I ruin everything good that life gives me.

No. 942952

File: 1634658393061.png (90.6 KB, 275x215, carrot sad.png)

I lost my cellphone in my own home, I went down to make a sandwich and I can't find it anymore. I was reading a webnovel, I am so sad. Sandwich is good though.

No. 942975

If you're logged into Gmail on your phone you can just Google "where is my phone"on your computer to make it ring on loud no matter your notification settings

No. 942983

I LOVE YOU NONNIE, IT WAS IN THE WASHING MACHINE. Turns out I accidentally grabbed it along the bedsheets I was going to put there and luckily I didnt start it yet, so when i did what you said I heard the loud ass ringing from the washing machine. You're a lifesaver and I'm an absolute retard kek

No. 942991

I LOVE YOU ANON sometimes I set my phone somewhere weird and it always takes me a while to find it since I keep it on silent

No. 943033

I'm learning shit on here today.

No. 943322

My nose always clogs up when turning on the radiator and I am. suffering.

No. 943326

I got myself some new clothes and trimmed my fringe. I haven’t felt myself this much in a long time kek feels good

No. 943382

Just ordered something from amazon. Pleased that I managed to catch it while it's on offer…
>Voucher available for this product:
>Promotion Available
>Valid until 31 December 2037
You what now

No. 943386

That is creepy actually. Google knows too much.

No. 943470

I'm gonna try to make fried rice with one of those instant rice things (because for whatever reason I can never make it with rice I cook myself). I hope this goes well.

No. 943473

Good luck!

No. 943504

Thank you anon, I actually changed my mind and decided not to make it though. I was going to cook something else, but those drawings in the Bad Art thread ruined my appetite.

No. 943517

>For whatever reason I can never make it with rice I cook myself
Have you been using hardened rice? Fried rice is typically prepared with leftover rice because it can come out mushy with freshly prepared rice.

No. 943520

I don't know what hardened rice is, but yes I use day old rice. It just comes out mushy no matter what I do.

No. 943528

File: 1634689043038.jpg (594.73 KB, 1024x683, singingcat1.jpg)

I fucking love yogurt

No. 943536

File: 1634690402674.jpg (40.12 KB, 636x358, sun-bear-tongue.jpg)

Me too. I can't live without it. My day isn't complete without chobani blends

No. 943725

My cuticles are in disarray and some are kind of painful, but I can't find my fucking nail/cuticle cutter to get them off

No. 943739

Cook it over medium high heat and don't use too much oil in the pan.

No. 943753

File: 1634708661328.jpg (62.56 KB, 720x725, Tumblr_l_422331576474249.jpg)

Almost contacted the professor without having the completed project for her to read oof I'm a mess glad I took a breather before doing it or I would just look like a fool

No. 943761

My farts have been so stinky for like a month? 2 months? And I'm so sick of it. It was not like this before, I'm so tired of poisoning myself with my own ass air.

No. 943794

I've had this happen too, two or three years ago, even though they were basically smelless before that. Pray for us that it'll go back someday.

No. 944060

Just found out that the apartment building I used to live in had a pretty bad fire in it last week. I looked up footage of it on twitter and.. I'm years out of there but it's still strange seeing 'my' apt burning down.

When I lived there one of the nearby apartment buildings had a fire because someone set up a bbq on a tiny balcony and it spread like crazy. Glad to not be in apts anymore.

No. 944072

I typically never get acne anymore but this giant zit decided to start forming right near my nose. While it was still in the red, not totally raised stage I smeared it with an AHA product a couple times a day and was able to successfully dry it out and defeat it before emergence. Great success, I am relieved

No. 944118

I bought sandwich stuff so I could make sandwich with the baby kale I grew. I ate the sandwiches and forgot to harvest the kale. Guess I'll do it again.

Move in with me and all my insects so you can bake us all treats. I have lots of tea that the bugs are not allowed to enjoy.

No. 944127

My pussy lips briefly touched the toilet seat today. Ew. I know someone might say "If your toilet is clean, why worry about it?" but it's still gross to me, especially because I live with other people. To make matters worse, my pee wasn't coming out so I had to wait instead of it being a quick morning pee.

No. 944130

File: 1634754144849.jpg (33.07 KB, 500x333, h75904F16.jpg)

I was in class today and the classroom is such that the ground outside is almost as high as the classroom window and there was a curly haired black dog who walked up to the window and looked inside and then went away.
Also on monday a guy held the door for me as I was exiting the building even though I wasn't that close to the door and he looked me right in the eyes. I think this means he likes me but I don't care I will not cheat on my husbando.

No. 944213

I was reading r/bigdickproblems a while back and there was a whole thread full of guys saying their dick always touches the inside of the toilet bowl when they sit down to shit.. and then there's splashback.. I somehow never thought about it. Guess I thought guys kept their dick up out of the way. Some joked about their gfs not being aware of this and how mid bj they sometimes remember and laugh to themselves about it.. but don't tell her.

And I never sucked a dick again lol

No. 944224

and now neither will I

No. 944234

File: 1634760732206.jpeg (69.24 KB, 600x900, 61BA2189-D9A1-4420-AECF-C58575…)

I’m not eating my stress away, I’m snacking my stress away. I wish I could have a voracious appetite while in front of a huge ass bowl of salad and not next to the cookies.
I’m excited about my dinner tonight though, kind of like pic related but less fancy lookingg.

No. 944244

File: 1634761367547.jpg (428.88 KB, 2880x1800, Bocuse_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqZgEkZ…)

>add 3 bits of leftover mushroom to my instant noodles

No. 944252

kek Bocuse is rolling in his grave as we speak.

No. 944270

that looks like a good dinner anon i hope you enjoy it

No. 944331

kek i know. i do like fine food, i actually went to his restaurant once.
i'm just poor atm and can't be arsed to cook

No. 944336

Which one? There are several restaurants with his name so I'm guessing you went to the main one in the Monts d'Or? How was it? I could go there in theory because I have saved a lot of money buy the menu there doesn't look appealing idk. I feel more trying to go to one of the culinary schools where the food is cooked by students, it's cheaper so I could go there with friends who can afford it.

No. 944338

samefag, please dont pay attention to my mistakes and typos it's nearly midnight and I have a headache.

No. 944347

the OG one in the monts d'or yeah. my dad got gifted a meal for two for his bday so we went.
the food was excellent, as traditional as french cuisine gets. but it kinda felt like a tourist attraction or something, a completetly prepackaged experience if you will. it's a well-oiled machine, everyone gets the Bocuse Experience™ exaclty as advertised adn you can tell they do this shit by rote.
the food is excellent, but it isn't the best place for a fun outing with friends. i think some of his restaurants are less formal tho.
i used to recommend Brazier but i have no idea how they are now it's under different management. i don't live in Lyon anymore so i can't rly give any recs i'm afraid.

No. 944360

I guessed the restaurant in the Monts d'Or was super touristic so I'm not surprised by how you describe it. Honestly there are so traditional restaurants in Lyon itself I'd rather save some time and money and go back to the restaurants in la rue Mercière or to the Brasserie Georges. I never went to Brazier though, I only know it has an excellent reputation but I always forget about it. I don't even have a car to go that far away from Lyon anyway. Where do you live now, if that's not too personal?

No. 944369

My nipples have been so sensitive due to my cycle, and it fucking sucks

No. 944429

paris. i do'nt regret a thing, lyon is too small and stifling.

brasserie georges is super tourstic also. brazier got really expensive since their new chef took over so i haen't been back in a long time, but i heard their wine bar has good cuisine at a cheaper price. you probably have to book way in advance tho.
if you want authentic you can also buy food from Bonnard (traiteur) and Tourtiller (patisserie). Palomas is the best chocolatier in town.

No. 944456

I just realized I still haven't watched the last episode of Egg Delivery Service. Gotta get on that.

No. 944458

Samefag, I meant Wonder Egg Priority, oops.

No. 944476

I would kill to see a series about a cute girl clumsily delivering eggs so she can learn about patience and the importance of a job well done.

No. 944539

I had my first dose of accutane and my face already feels so dry. Amazing!

No. 944590

I managed to nick myself with my safety razor, again. Isn't their whole gimmick that this doesn't happen??

No. 944618

I was making a fried egg, and the yolk jumped out. It scared me tbh

No. 944676

Currently putting clear polygel over my nails to protect them (from myself). I'm so sad because I haven't worn long nails in a long time, and probably won't for a while. I'm still putting cute decorations and glitter on my nails though

No. 944678

so funny seeing dudebros insist anyone should be allowed to say variations of the n-word and other slurs but get so furious and pissy over gender-specials being their…special little selves. i don't know why exactly but it makes me kek every single time
>dudebro: yeah i need to say ngger. it's just a word. nggers are too sensitive lol
>genderspecial: use they/them for me
>dudebro: literally begins to shit and piss his pants

No. 944681

Go back

No. 944687

i don't ascribe to either side/find them both irritating, i was just doing a little trolling on 4ch and found it humorous. maybe the word i was reaching for is 'hypocrisy'

No. 944691

File: 1634782985026.jpeg (584.44 KB, 750x1037, 2EEACC4F-3661-4759-8CAC-D0EF7A…)

No I don’t think you understand you need to go back or I will bury you in your grave

No. 944693

what are you going to do to me through the computer? type mean things? lol

No. 944695

She's right tbh

No. 944696

The clock is ticking and so is the utility of your wasteful sperm

No. 944707

wait what

No. 944742

File: 1634787911155.png (115.79 KB, 542x716, Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 10.4…)

I finally got my YouTube subtitles back to my PERSONALIZED settings after they were so rudely reset. I screenshotted them this time to cut down on time when I inevitably have to set them again.

No. 944748

File: 1634788638002.png (30.31 KB, 671x81, blue.PNG)

Sorry anon but what is this

No. 944750

File: 1634788851596.png (218.02 KB, 1552x258, superiortitles.png)

You gotta have it set just right. The color? Aesthetic. The size? So I can see it from across the room.

No. 944756

File: 1634789231715.gif (1.9 MB, 800x800, Tumblr_l_53510826493596.gif)

I like it

No. 944775

Lol this is terrible.

No. 944783

I really love swimming.

No. 944809

I wish I could live in Paris but it's more for the anonimity. My family lives in Lyon and I'm an ex muslim, I'm always worried about doing the most basic shit and meeting an aunt or sibling by accident. Can't get a bf despite behing in my late 20s or eat tonkatsu or pork ribs at a restaurant. Shopping in Paris is also way better. Lyon has way better public transport though, I was shocked when I visited Paris with my disabled mother a few years ago and we couldnt find elevators in the subway stations.

It's funny how Parisians are comi'g here because they hate how big and busy Paris is though. And they're making rent prices way worse every year.

No. 944842

yeah lyon is really annoying when it comes to lack of anonymity. it doesn't help that my folks used to be huge party animals and know half the city. in lyon i coudln't fucking go anywhere without someone telling my parents "hey i saw your daughter yesterday!"
a lot of ppl who move to paris for work or college end up hating it and going back but i love it. i miss having a bigger flat but there's so much more to do. the museums and theatres are so much better. the food in lyon is great but there are many ways to eat great food for cheap in paris, and there's more variety as well. and you can go to a bar without being afraid of coming across your ex/relative/mom's bff/former teacher like in lyon.
and yeah do'nt get me started about shopping lol

No. 944852

Why dog chose a new toy to hump and also has tore it to pieces. Why must we hurt the ones we love?

No. 944873

File: 1634801118220.jpg (62.94 KB, 427x640, 28e8879006cc0eb18463d930bbc55e…)

got my nipples and navel pierced on the same day as lip fillers, i feel so brutalised

No. 944901

Oh god that sounds painful. Hope you don't sleep on your stomach lol

My navel became a bit crooked because I slept on it for years

No. 944922

My big sister is a party animal and she told me that more than half of her male friends were total whores and serial cheaters and she would physically prevent them from flirting with us if necessary so I can't even use dating apps because she could find out and beat my ass for it. It's even a pain in the ass when it comes to working, my first shitty retail part time when I was a student was annoying because a coworker recognized me and we supposedly met in middle school. No idea who tf he is. Then during my internship one girl from uni recognized me from afar and wanted to hang out so I had to very very careful about what I was eating during lunch. Next job Inwas working with my sister and her bff despite the company being fucking huge. Now we're just 15 employees in my new job and I'm working with another girl from uni I completely forgot but who recognized me super fast. I often go downtown to go shopping or meet friends and I meet cousins and aunts half of the time. At one point I lived in Tokyo and I never felt more free. I'd love Lyon so much more if not for the fact that everyone knows each other despite how many we are.

No. 944923

A store near me has been doing this 'collect stickers to get limited edition plush at reasonable price' promotion. I really wanted one of them in particular but it's one of those stores where everything costs twice what it should. I'd be spending stupid money just to get this silly little thing… but I want it lol

Was in there getting a coffee thismorning and this fairly okay scrote that I often chat to was the one to serve me. I asked if they still had the specific toy I want in stock and he said they were down to the last one. I asked how much more I need to spend to get it and he just pretended like I had the full lot of stickers and rang it through. Good scrote, saving me money and feeding my autistic interests.

No. 944924

Paris is a shithole, especially if you're poor (no-go zones, junkies, homelessness, Barbès anyone ?). And even the super-rich in the XVe are having their neighborhood slowly made into a ghetto. The only thing worth it anymore are the museums and monuments, but even getting there is a pain. People have always been kinda rude there and the streets very busy but the degradation of the whole mood of the city certainly is sad.

No. 944928

That doesn't seem too different from before when you say it like that.

No. 944931

Check amazon, ebay and ehatever selling site is popular in your county, they might be selling them there. At least that was the case in my country for the same plusie collection thing

No. 944943

File: 1634812841411.jpeg (7.73 KB, 300x168, téléchargement (1).jpeg)

There was a mini storm over my city last night and the wind was blowing so loudly it was slamming the shutters, and it woke me up, completely unable to sleep between 3 and 6 am. Lord give me the strength to cruise through the day.

No. 945125

i've been living there for twelve years and i love it. seethe i guess

No. 945230

I was working on a paper for uni with my boyfriend beside me, whom I could ask for support and feedback in the meantime. He isn't very good at writing/expressing himself verbally, so it was extremely endearing to read a sentence he had written to help me, especially with some spelling mistakes. He was also really enthusiastic about what I had written and kissed me softly in between, it was so cute. Really my favourite things. He was really excited to read my paper too.

No. 945260

I got noise cancelling earphones and literally omg I haven't experienced silence like it in so long I'm going to get really high and be silent

No. 945301

Years ago I was in a kick boxing class and this one woman joined and all she ever talked about was how she was getting married. She'd tell me about the rings she was getting made and how amazing they were and unique and bespoke bla bla muh special rings. So expensive and sooo many months getting them made because they're worth it, they're rose gold, they have this design nobody else has. They cost a bomb but who cares. He'll pay anything. Must've spent a year telling me they were still in the process of being made. I was engaged but with regular bought rings and if I tried to relate to her on the wedding planning she'd speak over me immediately and at first I thought it was because I wasn't doing things as fancily lol. Total one way street on the marriage talk. No interest in sharing back and forth, alright.

Her whole personality was that she was getting married. She was taking the classes to tone up for her wedding day and she reminded us of that constantly. I honestly think she was making it up though. I think she was one of those people who lies to near strangers because strangers can't verify what you're saying. Time just ticked on with her never having a ring, never being dropped off or picked up by a partner, weekend classes often had alot of partners picking their gfs up, nothing. No change in our schedule ever led to us seeing her be picked up by a guy. The area was dodgy at night so in winter again you'd see alot of partners showing up to get you home safely when it was dark earlier, nope. I can't know for sure but shit didn't add up or feel right and I remember I wasn't the only one to say it. We were on ring watch and partner watch because nobody bought it after a while. She showed up less and less and that was it. A mystery.

Just randomly remembered that.

No. 945310

Oh, stuff like this is always so interesting… I remember a guy I knew in high school lying to our group of friends that he had gotten into Stanford and had gotten a really good score on his SAT to the point of taking a screenshot of the score page that he’d just changed with inspect element. Someone called him out and he said it was just a joke and obviously fake, but I wonder how long he would have gone with it if nobody had said anything.

No. 945323

God, I can't imagine these peoples inner lives, literally feeling a compulsion to make stuff up like this. Like imagine how she felt going to bed at night after a day of lying, did she feel happy she led people to believe she was getting married? sad? lonely? I wanna know what goes on in compulsive liars' heads.

No. 945344

As someone who, because of nervousness, has lied compulsively, it’s the worst thing ever, it makes me want to die, I still cringe and feel miserable about the times I’ve lied about random bullshit out of being afraid of not knowing what to answer to someone.
I don’t do it as much because I’ve learnt how to think properly before speaking, but I still wish I could’ve thrown myself off a cliff whenever I lied.

No. 945361

I just ordered a Crunchwrap supreme combo for delivery and I'm very excited to eat it

No. 945364

I couldn't sleep on my stomach the past few days, and now my boobs don't hurt at all. Was my stomach sleeping the reason for my pain all along? Is this just a coincidence? Stay tuned to find out next episode.

No. 945383

For something really mundane I once had a coworker that brought in pies when corporate was visiting, she said she made them herself despite them clearly being store bought, corporate people didn't seem to notice and liked the pie. I was a supervisor and my boss (who wasn't fond of this girl) pulled me aside to show me the pictures of the pies side by side at walmart, kek. She decided not to out her because she already got enough shit at work and she clearly needed the validation so bad. What a weird thing to lie about.

No. 945403

Good luck. With rising meat prices, taco bell has been cheaping out so hard. Last crunch wrap I got was dry, flat and a few crumbs of meat

No. 945621

I fuckin love Higurashi

No. 945623

nta, but the last crunch wrap i had was spectacular. Maybe it's just in your state?

No. 945638

If that's the case then I'm calling my senator rn

No. 945863

honestly a big part of why i left lyon yeah.
there just isn't a lot to do so you always end up goign to the same places and seeing the same people. that and the lack of a decent cultural scene.
given the size of the city it's crazy how much of a village it is, you can't go anywhere without meeting someone who knows you. i considered it a notable feat to walk from terreaux to bellecour and back again without seeing someone I know.
so yeah i agree, lyon is a lovely city with many advantages, but i just can't stand how stifling it is. i am never getting out of paris if i can help it.

No. 945970

I'm eating Kraft mac and cheese with ground beef mixed in. I love being a fat little vegetarian. I'll go back to eating rice and vegetables and other healthy stuff tomorrow.

No. 945983

ground beef is meat

No. 945990

no fucking way…

No. 946001

File: 1634864979672.png (65.92 KB, 500x500, beefless-ground-96247.png)

Dummy. I just call it ground beef because it's convenient and I thought it would be kind of obvious that I'm not eating real meat.

No. 946014

sorry, just trying to help…

No. 946023

File: 1634865419177.jpg (144.23 KB, 735x758, ducklings.jpg)

I'm sorry too anon, I didn't have to be so rude. Please accept this pic as an apology

No. 946060

>I love being a fat little vegetarian.

Same, except I'm a fat vegan. I can't help it if I'm an excellent cook. I'm eating some delicious savory and flavorful black beans with vegetables and rice right now. I think I might get seconds.

No. 946073

Not that anon but forgot how much I love ducklings and strangers online being kind, thank youuuu

No. 946090

post your black bean recipe pls

No. 946101

That sounds so good! I never really eat black beans anymore cause I get tired of them, but I might make some red beans, chickpeas or lentils tomorrow.
Anyway, time to log off and stop shitposting (both literally and figuratively).

No. 946147

File: 1634867640976.png (591.07 KB, 540x751, Vegetable-Melange-Pouch.png)


Well, it was a throw-together meal so I'm not sure that it can be replicated, but here goes:

I had some garlic toast spread (vegan butter + minced garlic + nutritional yeast + salt) left over from a couple of days ago, so I melted that in a pot and then sauteed some diced onions in it for a few minutes, then added some fire-roasted vegetables (pic related) and let that cook for a few minutes more, like maybe 10 minutes total. Then I added the plain cooked black beans and some flavorings: a generous spoonful of Better Than Boullion vegetable base, a bit of salt, a generous teaspoon of chili powder, a generous teaspoon of dried oregano, and a generous half teaspoon of cumin. I let it cook for about 20 minutes until my leftover rice heated up in the toaster oven. It is seriously so good!

No. 946184

kek honestly i was shitposting

No. 946455

Currently eating rice pilaf with a fried egg and orange chicken. Gonna get seconds.

No. 946458

ALR turned me off of orange chicken for the remainder of my life.

No. 946492

I think I will order something for breakfast today, I don’t really feel like cooking, I had a coffee with milk and maple syrup though, and it was nice because it’s the sugar free maple syrup, so it shouldn’t be 5000 calories at once.

No. 946663

File: 1634921065615.gif (490.11 KB, 450x360, hTATz4Z.gif)

I made a BLT for the first time today, I only know about it through american memes similar to this one and haven't had bread in my house for months, so it was mildly exciting to me, haha. I followed a short youtube tutorial to make it and was a bit skeptical about the mayo, but it turned out very tasty, I've been fighting the urge to make a second one.

No. 946761

so what is a blt?

No. 946799

File: 1634930075065.jpg (29.12 KB, 500x383, 26i5eq.jpg)

I was watching something about alien abductions lastnight. Feel asleep with it still on. Somehow slept for a solid 13 hours and then at 1pm woke up with a banging headache.

I haven't woken up that late in years. Had a whole lot of sex dreams about a guy that I like and after getting ready and leaving the house I ran into him after months of not seeing him around.. right after my marathon of sex dreams about him! Weird night/morning/afternoon it was.

No. 946892

File: 1634932272629.jpg (215.39 KB, 1080x1309, Tumblr_l_72326833016419.jpg)


No. 946893

cp bump

No. 946894

bacon lettuce tomato. it's pretty good

No. 946901

I'm gonna be late for class because I need to take a shit and my roomate is taking her sweet time in the shower.

No. 946906

That's nasty. He should put on a full face covering helmet. And take off the robe

No. 946918

wow what an uggo

No. 946923

Is there even such a thing as male makeup that doesn’t look like shit or like they’re trying to skinwalk women?

No. 946956

File: 1634933816770.jpeg (51.89 KB, 214x842, 5FDFCE31-ABB1-4152-8FB3-F1DA97…)

I've begun knotting my floss and I won't ever stop. it's amazing how much more stuff you get out when there's a knot

No. 946986

Wow. I've always double/triple stranded my floss but this is a lot smarter

No. 947078

Does flossing make a difference for you? I just enjoy the taste

No. 947143

Waterflossing >>>

No. 947227

File: 1634950630029.jpeg (124.69 KB, 709x709, 14C577E3-FCD6-48D3-9036-A689DC…)

I’m skeptical that I’ll ever get to a point in my life where it’s worth living. Things don’t give me joy or satisfaction, I’m just existing. I’m about to graduate and people tell me things will get better, but how is moving to a new place and having a full-time day job going to fix that? Yeah my stress level will probably go down but that doesn’t magically give life meaning. Honestly I’ll probably graduate, get a new job in a new place just as one last Hail Mary, and then assuming that doesn’t work I’ll off myself.

No. 947229

Maybe get a job at a farm nonny, they seem to be the happiest of ppl.

No. 947231

I went out to pick up some food and it was kind of a bummer to see how basically everyone else outside was hanging out with other people and actually doing something with their Friday night. I even bumped into some girls I knew from class who looked like they were on their way to a party or something. I said hi to be friendly, but felt kind of embarrassed especially when they asked what my plans were for the night. Trying to remind myself that socializing isn't the only way to have fun, especially not when it's forced out of loneliness (which I've done in the past). Now I'm gonna eat some fried chicken and watch an old horror movie and have a good time!

No. 947265

I'm always worried other people who can hear my music are judging me for listening to the same single song on repeat. It's been around six hours this time around and we have four in the morning. I won't stop though.

No. 947313

File: 1634959176381.png (65.63 KB, 909x720, 1613861427084.png)

Perth, Western Australia

>woke up, cuddled my gf

>we went to get a takeaway coffee and some breakfast
>her brother, his wife and her nephew arrived at our house
>she took him out to paw patrol movie
>I stayed at home because I'm supposed to be studying for an exam next month
>instead browsed here, polished my work boots, did a load of washing and put the dishwasher on while listening to a podcast
>want to go to the gym today but there was a threatening rapey scrote there yesterday, leering at me the whole time and making lewd gestures
>tried to ignore, it was afterhours so no gym staff around

No. 947364

I soaked my paintbrushes in hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and they smell weird, fuck.

No. 947372

watching the wwe match in Saudi Arabia yesterday, so much fun

No. 947388

I'm reading for the first time in literal years, even though I didn't do anything else in middle and high school. Kinda sad how much my attention span deteriorated and how often I got distracted, but at least I still read about as fast as I did back then, and once I got past the first 40 pages it became way easier.

No. 947406

I'm playing a horror game and I have to pause every time I enter a new room to prepare myself lol. I'm such a baby but I'm having fun.

No. 947476

I was sperging about Fabergé eggs to my boss's father and he was so mind blown by all the anecdotes (especially how the Third Imperial Egg was found) that he started telling them to everybody around him. I love when people are genuinely interested by my autistic ramblings.

No. 947478

That's neat that you know lots of things about something so niche. You're nifty.

No. 947481

why were you in a situation where you met your boss's father

No. 947486

Because my boss is my fiancé and he’s my soon to be father in law.

No. 947491

AYRT and he was the previous boss and he often comes to the shop to spend some time, he is a very kind old man and he has so much things to tell, I once mentioned I liked Dali and he told me how he met him when he was 17. He always brings croissants every Saturday.

No. 947493

why did you say your boss' father and not your fiance's father lol. Seems so weird to be talking about 'my boss' when he's your fiance

No. 947494

We are in a power play dynamic that’s why, sorry for the confusion!

No. 947495

I'm the OP and I have no idea why this anon is trying to pass herself as me, my boss is in his fifties and married, there's no way I'm engaged to him lol.

No. 947496

that anon is obviously larping as the other anon being a fucking weirdo, the original anon clarified >>947491

No. 947498

It’s weird that she is larping as me. There’s nothing to gain from this boring old tale.

No. 947503

What the fuck is this shit

No. 947504

“ Made my Mongolian housekeeper my friend. ” why the mention of Mongolian though? Kek do you think you’re the help?

No. 947508

are you really rich or something wtf

anyway enjoy your birds and eggs. Are they from chickens or some other birds? I've only ever had bantams (when I still lived at home), they lay small eggs in white or pink/beigish. I wanna get chickens again when I move out of student housing.

No. 947510

English isn't my first language. Phrased a bunch of shit wrong.. Just tried to express that for the first time in ages I feel calm and happy. Made a friend out here, my pets are enjoying themselves.. I apologise.

No. 947511

I personally am not rich. It’s inherited money from my grandfather.

No. 947512


No. 947514

No. I just don't spend a lot of money on myself. If I can pay someone else needing it a good wage.. Why wouldn't I. Hate cleaning, love working outside. Take some free weed and vegetables I grew too.

No. 947517

I tried hatching wyandotte bantam eggs. Only one made it, though I had to free it from the shell after 12 hours. It looked too sickly so I put it down.

Some neighbours had some mixes though, and other breeds so I got a bit of an assortment. Next year I was planning to take in a bunch of hybrid hens from the farms. Deserve a good place for their last few years.

No. 947522

File: 1634987004299.jpg (43.12 KB, 680x680, Frozen-Grapes-The-Best-Snack-E…)

I love frozen grapes, they taste so good. nature's candy for sure. if you have any grapes in your possesion right now, go immediately to your freezer and put them in there. they taste 100x better this way

I used to have this exact set (though in paperback) and the cover art is gorgeous - good choice! enjoy the books!

beautiful painting. I used to have cat just like that

some women are hairier than others anon

No. 947528

Wyandotte's are so cute!

No. 947531

They are!! I definitely didn't give up. At least now I know it's the incubator. Did manage to hatch one wyandotte chick. We call her chirp chirp because she was alone and she'd call for us. Blue laced wyandotte.

Eventually I just got her two silkies as companions. They still all sleep curled up on the chicken coop floor somewhere.

Chickens are awesome.

No. 947594

I want to try this now!! I love frozen peanut butter with chocolate chips on a tortilla.

No. 947734

My friend is in some stationery store, she says it's called penis and she keeps sending us videos of all the wonderful things inside it and saying things like penis is huge!!!

No. 947816

When I was younger people would always compliment me on how nice I smelled, then I moved in with my ex who smoked packs a day and it stopped. Now that we’re no longer together, I get compliments again and I love it. It feels great knowing I no longer smell like a dirty ash tray to the people around me.

No. 947863

What do you do to smell so nice?

No. 947881

The j vlogger thread has this weirdness going on atm where you can't post anything without being called unhinged over nothing. It's like they want no discussion at all.. Like why camp out in a thread and bitch any time someone speaks about the topic of the thread? Why lol

No. 947913

Honestly I don’t know, I don’t do anything special or use luxury products. I think I’m just good at picking scents that mix well with my body chemistry.

No. 947960

File: 1635019737420.jpeg (121.37 KB, 700x700, 0AE5F1F2-D354-4FDB-88F0-457B04…)

yeah, I can tell a huge difference. I use cocofloss because normal floss is shit imo and it tastes really good. I hope you can try it, nonnie. it kind of separates into a bunch of strands between your teeth and work great at trapping shit inside the strand vs having to rely on food sticking to flat waxed floss

I heard it's not as effective but the idea of it intrigues me. I bet it feels nice

No. 947985

Just wolved down a chocolate santa. I'm premenstrual. It was weirdly phallic but good. I now have heartburn.

No. 948056

I slept for 12 hours and work up immensely tired today. Didn’t do anything because I was so sleepy, except get some bloodwork done. My vitamin D is 10 and magnesium is 1.6. Deficient in both. I’m thinking the real culprit is B12 though, but I don’t have the money for that right now and even if I did I’d rather stay anxious and depressed. I don’t have the money for anything, actually. Third world poorfag.

No. 948060

God, I just want to feel like my 16 year old self again. She was so energetic and lively. A little depressed but hey. I’m turning 20 this week and I don’t even have the energy to talk. What is wrong with me.

No. 948066

You can fix B12 deficiency with diet. I don't know what you have access to in terms of healthy B12-rich foods but maybe look into that?

No. 948070

>I heard it's not as effective but the idea of it intrigues me. I bet it feels nice
I hear that too but research shows that it's just as or more effective (eg: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24282867, https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34194188).

I guess combining the two is ideal, but I have braces so I'm reliant on my waterpik. And I shill it when I get the chance because I always hated flossing, I found it really difficult to get to some areas, and an easy to use alternative was a godsend for me.

No. 948156

File: 1635035883021.png (95.45 KB, 281x268, tp2p9e975hj71.png)

My grandmother was talking to me about her arthritis yesterday, and now my hand is faintly aching today…Am I slowly absorbing her arthritis?

No. 948157

It just made you self concious, dont worry you aren't a munchie yet

No. 948158

I wish I could absorb pain for my grandma

No. 948159

Wow, an actual angel. Bless u

No. 948168

Anon that would hurt you a lot
Just take care of your granny

No. 948172

aww anon that's so sweet that I almost used an emoji to reply to this. Your grandma is lucky to have a grandchild like you.

No. 948180

Ayrt, same. I mean, not the arthritis but I would take all of her other health issues.

No. 948258

Same anon, I would have given anything to take away some of the pain my grandma went through. Next week will mark five years she's been gone and I think about her everyday. I miss her so much. Please hug your grandma for me.

No. 948302

Currently playing with the CD drive on my computer like a little retard

No. 948664

I went to a yard sale and bought a couple of books. The guy was selling them for almost new price when they were in terrible condition but I was to autistic to say no and walk away. At least they're books I actually want to read.

No. 948781

I've learned that pinching the tip of my nose and holding it out for a few seconds is really good for when my nose is stuffy. Makes it feel clearer.
I'm crying right now.

No. 948784

I stg every time I drink I wonder, why do I feel bad, aand then I remember I'm on meds. Like duh

No. 948785

I shaved all my pubic hair. Nobody is going to be looking at me naked but I was sick of hair poking out of my underwear so I shaved it all off; the skin underneath is so soft. Also my roommate gave me some underwear which she bought in the wrong size so now I have pretty lacy pink new underwear and no hair poking out of it. Is nice.

No. 948792

The only thing I ate today was a pretzel reeses, and now my stomach is cramping. Too lazy to get food though.

No. 948805

File: 1635120557030.gif (163.84 KB, 238x200, 6560CE9E-8857-49B1-B151-042BCB…)

Today I killed god and satan, what did you do today?

No. 948811

File: 1635120849027.jpg (31.57 KB, 500x500, 1614351914195.jpg)

I consumed beers

No. 948814

I collected over 2000 pixel art gifs from old websites because I'm addicted

No. 948818

I think my mom and I have the same taste in guys. We were watching this tv show and I was thinking about how handsome an actor was. Later dad said that his character is the best and mom said yes, and the prettiest too. Heh

No. 948823

I forgot to completely unload my grocery basket at checkout. Everything but ginger was loaded out. This isn't the first time that it has happened, either. Sigh.

No. 948834

Why aren't you posting any

No. 948840

File: 1635124859790.jpg (65.56 KB, 735x578, 17363b5890ebddcecdde8dfc384bed…)

I started arguing on an instagram post comment section for gun

No. 948865

What I hate is how it automatically saves pictures on your phone. For some reason my co-workers send pictures of the stuff they just cleaned in the store to the chat so my phone gets filled up with sink and toilet pictures.

No. 948911

Shat. Twice.

No. 948990

I bought some scissors from walmart a couple months ago, and they are so good. I just cut myself playing with them. Be careful with scissors anons, those things are dangerous.

No. 949027

My nose started running (I guess because I'm eating) and my snot tastes like water.

No. 949051

I have to sharpen my knives

No. 949083

I had no idea it's a bank holiday today. I left the house at my usual time and the stores were closed, roads were empty, usual hoard of moms and schoolkids were missing. Didn't know what was going on.

No. 949096

>Spend money like an idiot this weekend, card only
>Account balance is 4$
>People owe me money for a cabin we reserved for next weekend but won't pay me until we get there
>Oh fuck I hate borrowing from people but I have to eat this week and I don't want to go into credit card debt
>Suddenly remember someone paid me in cash for some shit I bought them online
>Open cash side of the wallet
>A whole 150$ sitting there nicely

Good grief I'm an idiot who forgets about cash.

No. 949175

this is stupid but i went to google if it's a holiday here too (it wasn't), but i did find out that the U.S. virgin islands a holiday to pray to be spared from hurricanes and another to give thanks for being spared from hurricanes

No. 949187

>holiday to give thanks for being spared from hurricanes
I want to know how many hurricanes it takes for Virgin Islanders to cancel this holiday

No. 949191

I forgot I put a can of pineapples in the fridge. It's fully frozen now.
I still have a headache from crying last night.

No. 949196

Please don’t cry over the already frozen pineapples.

No. 949214

I froze the pineapples after I cried. And then I cried more.

No. 949226

I’m sorry you had to cry so much, nonnie, please feel better soon.

No. 949289

I accidently parted my hair less than 1 cm more to the left and everyone was telling me how pretty and different I looked that day, was it always that easy? Fuck

No. 949293

Lol you unlocked the Stacy code anon, do you part your hair to the left or the right?

No. 949294

I accidentally left the churros out (are supposed to be frozen) because I was so tired and now they're frozen again. I'm thinking of frying one up but I';m afraid to look at them. they smooshed when I picked them up

No. 949295

You can disable auto download nona, check the settings.

No. 949311

Kek I always part it in the middle but I'll def start doing it just a little bit more to the left. It's so minimal, kinda crazy that little details like this make you look different

No. 949318


That makes sense. Most people look better with a side part rather than a center part. It's actually kind of hard to "perfect" a center part while side parts just read more mature and sexier sometimes.

No. 949319

OH that's definitely a big difference, most people's faces are a little asymmetrical so side parts are more flattering than middle parts, because you can balance our your face's lines that way

No. 949334

couldn't tell if they were fucked up but I had them with brown sugar cinnamon honey butter and they were amazing

No. 949348

That's interesting! Never going back I guess kek

No. 949381

I spent around 100€ today on lots of different stuff, all that I needed and now I feel pretty good

No. 949410

File: 1635188242777.jpeg (34.32 KB, 727x900, E183653A-9623-4575-9910-EC407B…)

Hey it’s today! Happy hurricane thanksgiving, nonnies!

No. 949425

File: 1635189823556.jpeg (286.43 KB, 700x1050, AC362585-61D4-44CB-A511-0DBBE3…)

Made fajita pasta for dinner, uncomfortably full but so worth it hehe

No. 949461

File: 1635192862181.jpg (345.64 KB, 2560x1440, GettyImages-513923329.jpg)

now that i have a flatmate i can no longer fart and shit peacefully on my lonely throne

No. 949499

you're such a poet

No. 949742

File: 1635221742394.jpg (204.37 KB, 908x730, 1390811723783[1].jpg)

I think that I just realized that one dude I used to casually look on Tumblr was a tranny chaser all along. Ew.

No. 949801

Middle parts look shite on most people imo

No. 949869

Drop a recipe that looks amazing and I'm craving pasta now.

No. 949874

CP below.

No. 949906

File: 1635237850461.jpg (86.97 KB, 768x768, black cats.jpg)

It's still not gone, be careful scrolling

No. 949907

Thank you, beautiful black cat gang.

No. 949910

File: 1635238139351.png (1.01 MB, 800x800, social distance duck.png)

Getting my second jab in about five and a half hours.

No. 949967

Oh my god I love the left one with white splatter fur pattern

No. 949985

File: 1635245156167.jpg (61.8 KB, 534x800, In Bloom by Jonquil (@InBloomL…)

GORE, do not scroll

No. 950000

File: 1635245372847.gif (2.07 KB, 37x52, dobie.gif)

Bumping, gore blow

No. 950166

I exfoliated beforehand this time, and it seemed to do the job. While showering I dun-dun-dundundun-dundundundundundunDUN-ed Kirbys Gourmet Race theme the entire time, and kept thinking about why I imagine Kirby to be male even though he's a pink bubblegum gum. I think it's because he has no hair, like female cartoon characters usually have.

No. 950189

Apparently Kirby is male in the USA and gender neutral in Japan. You have probably picked it up from some content referring to Kirby as "he/him". American Kirby Is Hardcore doesn't help in that regard lmfao

No. 950473

File: 1635282205145.jpg (56.8 KB, 680x1027, 9cdae822f1c9d6079bfed407196583…)

I'm gonna trim my dog's nails today, hope she doesn't put up too much of a fight. I wish I could strap her into a full body harness and hang her up to do it but there's nowhere to hang her from kek

No. 950528

Just remembered I have a big ass aloe vera leaf in my kitchen

No. 950543

HAHA my goodness the canine is in a state of LEVITATION

No. 950545

I trimmed my cats nails yesterday, he got so upset that he immediately went to the litterbox, made a huge poo, and then just left it unburied so it stunk up the whole room.

No. 950750

A while ago I saw something (It was either in /snow/, or something I saw while lurking trad"wife" twitter accounts) that said something about how women shouldn't have the right to vote, and that men should vote for the whole household because why would you marry someone with different beliefs, and it keeps popping up in my head for some reason. I don't know why. Hopefully now that I've written it down it'll stop.

No. 950789

Democracy is an illusion anyway

No. 950955

I hope the power doesn't go out again. I want to watch anime.

No. 950986

I have a boil (?) on the back of my ear and I'm trying to hold something hot on it, but this is hard. Why do ears have to be so sensitive.
Anyway, I'm currently listening to this song

No. 951006

My period is coming FUCK

No. 951045

my skin got really dry and today i have several cuts on my hand

No. 951072

my period has BEEN here. chop chop, keep up nonnie!

No. 951439

I don’t know where this belongs but the other day I saw a tiktok where it says “when you think its your period but when you go check and it’s just this” and the video the text was on was someone playing with clear slime. I was like “hm, I’ve never had that before” but I was showering just now and when I went to go clean my vagina I felt something slimey and pulled it out and guess what it was. A big goop of clear discharge.

No. 951656

I get that when I'm ovulating

No. 951686

my birthday is today

im now 20

going to listen to music and fall asleep

No. 951690

File: 1635380628416.jpg (16.07 KB, 320x308, Id0aj9D_d.jpg)

Happy birthdaaaaay

No. 951691

I've had the runny clear but not GOOPY and I want it

No. 951694

I always end up getting the weird gross goopy, it kinda sucks especially when using the bathroom

No. 951740

when I got this after my first period at 13 I thought I had a disease kek

No. 951808

I kept getting bit by bedbugs, but I literally could not find any at all. Today I finally caught one and drowned it. I hope my blood was worth it, asshole.

No. 951811

File: 1635394442784.jpg (58.39 KB, 700x688, This Online Group Celebrates K…)

Happy birthday!

No. 951826

bedbugs SUCK anon I had them for awhile and we had the whole place (bedsit which was literally just a bed and a kitchenette) fumigated four times. Washed all our clothes and bedding at like 400 degrees and still found them. Eventually we moved and thank god the clothing was fine. Best of luck I hate the little shits too, makes me nervous anytime I'm in a hotel. Check for blood smears on the seams of the mattress anons.

No. 951863

Thank you anon. I've actually had them for a few months now, but for some reason I've just been seeing less. I know they're known for being hard to get rid of, but I'll get some diatomaceous earth and hopefully wipe them out.

No. 951906

Get Cimexa instead. It’s like DE but you don’t have to reapply as often (once every 10 yrs I believe). My family has had bedbugs for over a year and we finally got an exterminator in. He used organic treatment, the brand is Aprehend, and it’s worked well for us considering how my parents are hoarders and we did almost no prep work (the company said it wasn’t necessary). Might be worth looking into if you decide to hire a professional!

No. 951911

Mine is usually runny! This was scarily accurate to the video of the person playing with clear slime, but smaller and a bit cloudier.

Damn maybe I’m ovulating. Is that why I’ve felt like such a massive bitch the past few days? kek

No. 951914

I'm so sad that A&E stopped uploading free Hoarders episodes on YouTube since lockdown is over. The streaming site that I use doesn't host it, and the only site I found that does kinda sucks.

No. 951916

Will do anon, thank you for the recs! I appreciate it

No. 951922

This girl who’s crashing in the extra room has some sort of hippie marketed “raw, green, good for earth” etc body wash and the bottle is plastic printed to make it look like wood

No. 951939


thanks for the birthday wishes, nonnies

No. 951975

I’ve had the clear slime, the goopy slime, the slightly cloudy goop, the straight up liquid and the full fettuccine alfredo sauce. I think I’ve had every vaginal discharge under the sun except for the green one and I hope I never do.

No. 952306

I've worn heels again today, and now made my final decision to never wear them again after all, except for job interviews. I tried all the tips from my mom who's been wearing heels exclusively since she's 15, I've bought insoles, I've tried those padding socks that are supposed to make it easier, but absolutely nothing helps. I came home seven hours ago and already took a shower, but my feet still hurt and feel bruised even though I walked only 5 miles. Shame, because I find heeled shoes way prettier than flats. Are platform shoes painful too? I really want the height advantage lol.

No. 952318

File: 1635437177243.jpeg (12.83 KB, 300x300, C28FAC01-079C-41D0-8CE4-EB0AB3…)

I’m so mad, I wanted to give to my friend a cute pin from the Death Valley, and I got one for myself as well.
But because I had to carry my brother’s autistic friend’s shit, I think I mixed them with his shit and now I can’t find them anywhere.
I’m mad because I will never go there again because even though it was pretty cool, I have to visit other places too, and the pin was cute a small with the highest temperature that the valley can reach, kind of like pic related but I think mine was rounder? And the one I got for my friend had a pretty constellation.
Autistic men need to be locked in a basement forever.

No. 952332

I haven't been to a doctor in ages cause covid but I'm pretty chuffed lol. I'm taller than I thought 170cm and weigh 60kg. I thought I was a short fatass it's nice to have data that I'm not.

No. 952839

I want to watch Girl From Nowhere, but I have so much stuff to do and I can't multitask while watching that since it's in another language. Just gonna listen to a podcast I guess.

No. 952843

I also struggle with the look vs pain dilemma and found that block heels are much more comfortable than normal heels.

No. 952850

Damn bitches are mad.

No. 952957

I can't stop thinking about that part of Your Love by Nicki Minaj that goes "doobadoobuh doopdoopdoop…ooah"

No. 953423

So many good museum exhibitions in my city lately, I'm going to see one about Georgia O'Keeffe this Sunday and there are also one about Botticelli and another about Repin.

No. 953438

have fun! that sounds great!

No. 953524

Despite taking a basic interest in politics, I can never follow the Leftcows thread because I genuinely have zero clue about what they're talking about most of the time. There are so many weird words it is just not worth it

No. 953538

I was making cream cheese wontons and the oil popped in my eye

No. 953561

File: 1635512621840.jpeg (101.59 KB, 945x529, 7E151D1F-6817-4667-8029-DD157E…)

I’m hungry, I don’t want to cook, there’s too many cockroaches everywhere, I want to order something, but I don’t want to order something because that means I would have to get something for my brother too, and that I then wouldn’t be able to have something ordered for dinner because I hate ordering too much food on a single day.
I only like ordering stuff like, twice a week at most because while restaurant food and fast food are delicious, they’re extremely unhealthy.
I also get salty because I can make most of the things that are advertised in apps, but I don’t really have the energy or ingredients to make them right now.
Still, waffles shouldn’t be so fucking expensive, I can make them from scratch when I have my waffle maker and I can even make them healthier than whatever the store is making.
But I don’t have my waffle maker, how annoying.
I’m also saltier than the Dead Sea because I still haven’t been able to find the stupid recipe for Denny’s 9 grains pancakes and I need them.

No. 953566

why do you have so many cockroaches

No. 953571

It’s my uncle’s apartment, it was abandoned for 4 years and even if I pour and spray venom everywhere, they still come in heaps because the rest of the building is quite negligent since pest control costs a lot of money in my country.

No. 953578

I can't imagine living like that my heart goes out to you. Just one bug in my house and I'm on alert for hours

No. 953595

My phone just vibrated super hard and it genuinely scared the fuck out of me. It was a notification from MyFitnessPal asking why I haven't logged my breakfast.

No. 953697

My dog didn't put up that much of a fight when I was putting on her eye medication this morning because she was too sleepy.

No. 953699

I accidentally touched my cat's butthole I felt it pulsated strongly like trying to suck me in

No. 953738

Do not fuck the cat anon

No. 953814

File: 1635533922036.jpg (23.91 KB, 450x338, __opt__aboutcom__coeus__resour…)

I had bitter melon for dinner last night and it didn't taste remotely bitter. I only started liking it this year, but I could still taste the bitterness of it, it was just more tolerable. Now I can't taste the bitterness at all. Changing taste buds are so weird.

No. 953877

I hate to tell you but bittermelon isn't supposed to be bitter if prepared properly…

No. 953888

Just realised I don't actually hate the neural blender pics because they're creepy like everyone says, but because they trick my brain into concentrating on them for too long. They almost look like something interesting but they aren't, so it's just a waste of my brain power and a disappointment.

No. 953898

I feel like I can't use my phone in public because the sites I go on are too controversial to be caught on in public. The only thing I can use is Settings.

No. 953905

My nip piercing is bleeding again. I't been a year. I'm honestly starting to think it's related to my cycle. I really don't want to take it out but if it keeps happening I won't have a choice, sigh

No. 953925

Lmfao same, I end up going on Wikipedia

No. 953948

I wanna reread a manga series but it's a pain in the ass to get it out of the box I'm keeping them in because it's burried under two more rows of manga that I'd have to get out first.

No. 953957

Hurray! I just had some donuts and dinner will be burgers, I love not having to cook.
But I wonder just what my brother was going to do if the donuts would’ve been huge and not tiny, I’m sure we wouldn’t have been able to have dinner.

No. 954010

I ate a bunch of chocolate

No. 954012

No. 954020

I get the urge to look at lc while waiting for the bus etc but I wouldn't want someone to see whatever crazy posts I'm scrolling past.

No. 954026

File: 1635546555084.png (75.48 KB, 300x100, husbandos.png)

made one last banner for the husbando girls on /m/

No. 954029

>nipple menstruation
and they say nipples aren't sexual smh

No. 954036

Now we need a banner with pictures of yourself because you’re my waifu. Love you, nonnie.

No. 954037

i know this isn't serious but what's your train of thought with bleeding = sexual

No. 954040

Who is the guy on the far right?

No. 954043

File: 1635547793801.jpg (75.62 KB, 719x960, 1431605494609.jpg)

Absentmindedly picked up italian sausage for a recipe that requires kielbasa. I can make it work.

No. 954047

makishima shogo from psycho pass (a good show if you don't watch past s1)

No. 954054

Read a book on your phone

No. 954066

It's great, happy for those husbandofags. I wish we got a 3DP husbandofag one (even if current admin would never upload it)
Godspeed, based farmer!

No. 954096

File: 1635551153066.png (530.63 KB, 1120x630, CD3F7680-AE8F-4D15-AA55-F2A468…)

Berry naisu

No. 954166

File: 1635557655864.jpeg (188.8 KB, 1242x945, EE27D991-48CA-4F70-8C4B-38B6C3…)

I’m nervous because I’m meeting some friends tomorrow, it has been such a long time since I went out.

No. 954209

Trying to figure out what kind of dessert I can make that isn't cookies/cake/cupcakes/donuts. I thought about flan, but I only have heavy cream and I don't think I have any sweetened condensed milk.
If I can find my loaf pan I might just make bread instead.

No. 954239

File: 1635563960033.jpg (21.09 KB, 370x277, 002877.jpg)

Today I found out a female-only Brazilian image board.
Recently I figured out there's a ton more imageboards than I had tought about before, and whenever I find new female only image boards it makes me feel very happy.
There's also a spanish speaking one fyi

No. 954252

There's also a Russian one, can't remember the name though. It's only one board on a larger board though so might be infested with scrotes.

No. 954307

It's been 3 days and I'm still not bleeding. I hate when my body does this, I even wasted pads because I was wearing them in anticipation for my period. What the fuck is the point of even giving me PMS that early? Hate waiting for this bitch.

No. 954311

File: 1635570356467.jpg (18.66 KB, 500x418, tumblr_c29b1356398a000ca61e8a8…)

>brazilian and spanish women only imageboards
PLEASE share the link nonny!!!

No. 954348

Aaaa how do start imageboard culture in my own country?? I want to introduce women to image boards before men!!!

No. 954363

It is, sadly. I miss having our previous admin so much but I can't blame her for leaving

No. 954427

You're so lucky. Anglophone spaces always end up dominated by burgertalk.

No. 954443

I think you have to start with knowing lots of code

That sucks. On the upside you could use reuseable pads or a cup if wasting a few pads is a big deal.

No. 954527

I'm so happy to finally go to the hairdresser next week, I work 45 hours week so I don't have the time to go after working and the salon is closed on my days off, and tbh I don't really want to find a new place. I'm going on a small vacation next week and I manage to schedule an appointment before my train ride, I can't wait to get a bob cut again!

No. 954560

Samefag, I just made bread and it's so fucking good. It's not even fully cooked yet, but I keep pulling off parts to eat. I think I'm gonna cook a fried egg and eat it with that

No. 954602

File: 1635600665662.png (195.11 KB, 420x420, c45b60b4f8f8704a42b3447f15fc16…)

Hi nonita, just woke up a while ago, here you go ♥
Brazilian one: https://magalichan.com/
Spanish speaking one: https://anonima.club/

Anonima club is really slow tho maybe its anons are busy with work/uni rn, wich is a shame because it has such a cute aesthetic, but I guess you could still try posting there

No. 954646

Yeah, I've thought about getting period panties or a cup. I guess it's not a big deal that I used pads, I just don't like wasting them.
Anyway, I actually did start bleeding, but it's like the blood I get when my period is almost over. Like a very small amount of brown blood. I'm sure it'll kick into full gear later.

No. 954655

My cycle is doing this lately, a whole long ass week of pms and then at the end my period oh so slowly tapers off and that wastes pads aswell. I used to only ever use tampons but that slow taper off means I kinda have to keep both in the house now

No. 954663

Was watching a cute video about a dog walking around a mall. I spotted a troon in the background which made me feel homicidal, but other than that cute video I think I like dogs now.

No. 954698

We got a new coffee machine and compared to our old one (same brand, just an older model) it's so fussy oh my fucking god. I just want a cup of tea, so give me my dumbass water, why are you crying about the dripping tray every two cups when the one before only did maybe once a day, and about low water when there's still about 300ml left in the tank (which is JUST ENOUGH for another cup). Why can't you be like your older sibling.

No. 954700

Wait was it the one with Cash the Great Dane? Because I just watched that one hahaha

No. 954767

File: 1635618346526.png (99.67 KB, 362x330, nestle-aero-dark-chocolate-70-…)

My grandfather always had a stash of chocolate in his closet. He would always give us a dark chocolate Aero whenever we were visiting. They've been discontinued for a while and I've been craving one for a long time. I've been thinking a lot about him lately. I used to buy one every time it happened.
I miss him.

No. 954825

File: 1635622477824.jpg (42.47 KB, 350x350, original.jpg)

i ordered an e-reader and i'm sooo excited for it to arrive.

No. 954849

What model did you get? E-readers are great, I never regretted mine!

No. 954853

I want to date a woman that looks like the female version of leonardo dicaprio with his 90s haircut n stuff

No. 954857

Fourth time trying to like chai. I still don’t like it.

No. 954860

File: 1635625954688.jpg (155.45 KB, 478x720, FaceApp_1635625946355.jpg)

2 for 1 special.

No. 954861

Nevermind i mixed up Leo and Johnny. I'm wasted

No. 954870

i got an inkbook! heard great things about it since it's based on android so you can download all kinds of reading apps and easily add epub/mobi/pdf files. years ago i had a kindle and i loved it, but i was always too stingy to buy a lot of ebooks since i didn't know about libgen or zlibrary at the time.

No. 954885

Ooh sounds good! I had no idea there are android based ereaders now, that's really neat. Enjoy it lots!

No. 954888

i hate that i find female marilyn manson kinda hot

No. 954895

File: 1635628463872.jpg (844.98 KB, 1600x1600, FaceApp_1635628434732.jpg)

Me too

No. 954976

File: 1635639584994.png (100.62 KB, 720x720, lolcanchan.png)

I think I found a lolcow user on lineplay? Maybe? Either way, hi! Love your room.

No. 955053

Yeah! you can spot the troon around at 3:20 he is so obvious, greasy hair, overly skinny, thigh highs, hunched male frame.

No. 955070

File: 1635651431213.jpg (105.8 KB, 640x761, cow dressed as a fairy.jpg)

I really want to get braids but god, I do not want to go through the process of getting braids.

Anyway, Happy Halloween anons.

No. 955071

File: 1635651498205.jpg (30 KB, 486x596, horse.jpg)

Samefagging cause I thought this photo was really cute despite the shitty quality

No. 955074

ngl female manson in full makeup would be a badass halloween costume

No. 955102

probably just lauren conrad

No. 955104

ty for this horse anon it has brought me much joy

No. 955123

that's a sheep

No. 955130

No. 955251

girl they lied to you.That's a cow

No. 955527

File: 1635700328408.jpg (1.51 MB, 1774x2200, Thomas Theodor Heine Siegfried…)

Got new velvet pillows and new blankets for the change in seasons. I like to go on urban outfitters and whatever furnishings I like, i find a more affordable version on Wayfair kek

No. 956109

File: 1635734301080.jpg (81.15 KB, 564x564, Shih Tzu Puppies_ Cute Picture…)

Your welcome nonny. Here's another pic cause I can't stop thinking about this dog, I like to imagine it's in a Barbie costume.

No. 956121

File: 1635736253612.png (254.31 KB, 500x476, DCD598C8-AA4D-4F95-B69E-B5A324…)

In the past couple weeks I’ve inexplicably become unable to handle maybe 3ish beer’s worth of alcohol without feeling SUPER ill. Ngl I miss feeling tipsy/drunk but this has been such a blessing in disguise thank you universe

No. 956363

File: 1635774156040.jpg (46.91 KB, 498x404, thatsaspicymeatball.jpg)

I'm cooling off and making my bland back up lunch right now. I'm a fool.

No. 956438

A polygel kit I was going to get became unavailable right before I could buy it. Sucks because it was a good kit for $20, but the colors wouldn't have looked good on me anyway.

No. 956489

Caught a whiff of my own period blood and said nice

No. 956494

I love that smell, it's like a perfectly dry-aged strip steak.

No. 956499

I only have a few blank pages left in my journal. The first entry I made was around two years ago. Any recommendations for a nice notebook for my next journal? The initial one I was using was just a moleskine so I’m thinking of branching out.

No. 956541

No. 956557

File: 1635792187411.png (147.36 KB, 483x310, 1629488043212.png)

My energy is fucking SHOT today, even after that big ol cup of coffee, and I've still got 2 more classes to go to. Just gonna clean, get them over with, and then chill out and watch the sunset in the solarium while I do homework

No. 956585

i use paperage, stationery island, matt notebooks, soulbooks or ottergami for journaling.

No. 956953

File: 1635819031273.jpg (247.58 KB, 1500x1500, 81jQD4j89WL._SL1500_.jpg)

Samefag, it's back. Once again, these colors would look terrible on me, but god they are so cute. I love the pink/red one.

No. 956957

I love the glitters and like the dark colors but the pinks are weird. they'd look bad on me too kek

No. 957001

My butt muscle in my left cheek has been twitching for about 25 minutes and it’s driving me nuts.

No. 957164

File: 1635852724868.png (7.39 KB, 360x360, 45d7e938a2b09bf211e766727082ea…)

i lost 22lbs since my birthday mid-may!

No. 957175

Judging by the marks in the morning I apparently scratch my chest a lot when I'm asleep, I even almost tore off a mole on my left breast once (I thankfully managed to salvage it). I like to pretend an incubus is visiting my dreams kek.

No. 957220

congrats anon! and cute pic!

No. 957291

File: 1635869374967.jpg (83.97 KB, 1000x1000, 61-VYWzppxL._SL1000_.jpg)

I think the pinks are the best in the set tbh, but the 4th color is really nice.

Anyway, I settled for a very basic polygel kit, and these gel polishes. I'm super excited cause I feel like these colors are way more my speed, even though I usually don't do pastels. These would've been nice in the summer, but I don't care that much about coordinating my nails with the season anyway fuck I love online shopping.

No. 957304

File: 1635871687486.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 131.21 KB, 600x600, 24FD167B-A3A4-4060-BBB6-79E03B…)

My buttcheeks hurt, like I’m clenching them so hard that I feel like I’ve been lifting with them.

No. 957371

I love doing word searches. I find them relaxing and peaceful, except when I am stuck on finding one word. I love them

No. 957404

File: 1635880760408.jpg (171.48 KB, 1500x1500, Tumblr_l_776077986784344.jpg)

It's the first anniversary of my fathers passing and I really miss him. He was an awesome guy, wish he was still here.

No. 957479

I feel for you, anon. I hope your grief will be less heavy to bear sooner than later. Keep treasuring his memory.

No. 957489

File: 1635885005301.jpeg (43.54 KB, 474x385, nell brinkley eyes.jpeg)

I tinted my brows for the first time since 2019 and damn I look human again, love this for me

No. 957495

I need to make a dr appointment but I don't feel like it

No. 957566

File: 1635888556887.jpg (233.79 KB, 900x900, ahri.jpg)

I am eating a mcgangbang
Using this pic for no reason but to piss off anime haters

No. 957736

Made the decision to continue college back in August after dropping out years ago and I'm proud for sticking with it so far. My life was pretty aimless for a while but I'm glad I have goals and will have a better job one day.

No. 957740

Congrats nonnie. I would do the same thing but I'm not eligible for loans.

No. 957755

File: 1635898082719.jpeg (117.84 KB, 828x828, A5955B77-73AA-401E-808F-B65189…)

It’s my bday and I’ve just had a quiet laidback day, got some new glasses and a roommate got me a cake which was very sweet of him hehe

No. 957762

File: 1635899177003.jpg (228.19 KB, 1200x1200, 17460d0184641393cd5b8a8772668b…)

Sounds perfecto. Happy Birthday anon ♥

No. 957802

your picture's in chinese

No. 957908

I really want to eat this oatmeal I made, but I just took a D Mannose supplement and I have to wait 20 minutes before I can eat anything

No. 957931

File: 1635912043584.jpg (39.37 KB, 625x469, 599b951b1d6291bb0a9cc21c2c9961…)

Enjoying my oatmeal now hehehe

No. 957935

File: 1635912529286.jpg (753.66 KB, 1080x1343, Screenshot_20211008_160544.jpg)

Had my first AA meeting this evening.
I feel hopeful for the future again.

No. 957947

File: 1635913507072.jpeg (11.04 KB, 275x183, FEC45020-03F3-424F-B636-C9946E…)

Good job patient anon.

No. 957955

I am really happy for you, if you use essential oils or wear a perfume/body wash specifically for meetings or therapy, if you feel tempted to use again smelling the scent can bring up the stable and supported mentality you have associated during therapy. It may sound dumb but little things add up and it really helped me. Congratulations on showing up!

No. 958283

I want collard greens so bad right now. Thanksgiving please hurry up.

No. 958385

File: 1635955083273.jpeg (37.39 KB, 640x640, 1E3396E0-6E5D-4F72-B7AD-D2DFA6…)

I just mutilated a *Dove ~beauty bar~* because I’m too paranoid about using my zelle to buy stuff on apps.
At least I got more dish soap for the rest of the week.

No. 958479

It's a league character in anime style nitpicker

No. 958510

My life has changed for the better since I bought a tool box. I've assembled furniture. I've put up curtains poles and all. I've hung art. I've smashed furniture to bits with a hammer and secretly dispose of it in the black bins because I have no idea how the dump works

No. 958551

File: 1635964312075.jpg (42.12 KB, 500x369, original.jpg)

>Write summary
>Only sees later that summary needs to be 100 word max
>Checks the word count for mine
>Exactly 100 words

oh happy day

No. 958624

My crush lives in a pretty small block of flats nearby my work. On my way home tonight I heard his main door open as I passed by. It was dark and I was just ahead of the building so I kept on walking almost afraid to look back and see if it's him. Then I heard a voice and it was just some older scrote. I'm so fucking awkward.

No. 958663

File: 1635971705337.jpeg (84.55 KB, 1024x759, 96250382-C054-4855-A187-417598…)

My math professor looks like Guy Tang; I’m being taught (and constantly scolded because I suck at nerd-math) by a skinny, filler-less version of Guy Tang…


No. 958670

Sometimes I wish Azealia Banks was able to do some proper sound mixing because in all her recent songs her voice is way too loud compared to the melody/instruments.

No. 958889

Ride him, nonny.

No. 958959

File: 1635985563498.jpg (96.37 KB, 1042x831, e658ca2add8c785d54c82e5be7abb6…)

I wanna try fake lashes but I'm afraid they'll make me start disliking how I look without them and become dependent on them to go out. They're so cute though.

No. 959060

I feel the same way but getting small, wispy ones or even the little flared ones to add to the end of your lash line make a nice boost.
Japanese lashes tend to be a bit subtler and not as overdramatic when you’re beginning to wear lashes.

No. 959123

i bought a men's xl raincoat from the thrift store last weekend because none of my jackets have a hood and i live somewhere where it rains/is windy a lot. i always thought neve campbell's look in the craft was cute with that giant jacket so i jumped on it as soon as i saw it. it's so comfy and i wear it all the time even though i'm sure it looks ridiculous because of how big it is. i'm on the taller side and i still have to stretch my arms to fully reach the bottom of the pockets and it fucks up my proportions. i get a bit self-conscious sometimes when i wear it out because i'm sure it looks stupid, but it is so comfy i don't really care.

No. 959125

Ur overweight

No. 959135

i uh… don't see where this assumption is coming from but thanks for your concern i guess.

No. 959141

thats so nice nonnie! glad you found a cute raincoat

No. 959181

have to go to the dr in the morning and I don't fucking want to

No. 959182

Anon, he’s married!…and into barely legal white girls. Except he isn’t flirting with anyone rn because people don’t show their faces when live-streaming and in this semester; the few white girls there are either gay, ugly by his standards, or gender-special while the rest of us are pocs.

and I’m probably too old for him, despite him being a few years older than me - I’m 30

No. 959184

Ride your car OVER him

No. 959187

only if it actually kills him

No. 959194

how do you know he's into barely legal white girls? I would usually assume it's because he flirts with them but you said he's not flirting with anyone

No. 959281

she sounds weirdly mad about it kek. must be american

No. 959284

>he's married
>into barely legal white girls
>isn't flirting with anybody

No. 959337

I always judge people who put sugar on grits, but I'm eating breakfast right now, and a little bit of the honey for my biscuit got on the grits and…it's kind of good. The faint sweetness is nice. I would still never put honey or sugar on an entire bowl/plate of grits though.

No. 959365

I and many others have seen it the first semester we had him. I had to take another class he teaches during covid where we had to stay home and ended up repeating the class this year after failing but now it’s sorta back to f2f, hence why I mentioned that he isn’t flirting with anyone atm; at least not in the class I’m in. He teaches other classes too.

No. 959367

I solved a physics exam for my friend's sister. It was so easy. Putting numbers in a formula? That's not even physics, why do kids complain how hard it is.

No. 959383

I always struggled with physics. It wasn't hard if I could easily pull out the numbers and know which formula to use, but there were always some questions where you had to do a roundabout thing to first get the real number you need to then put into the formula. We'd go over it in class and I'd get it, but the second I saw it on an exam, I could never do it right. I'm terrible at math and physics being so math based was the worst for me. Sucks because I love astronomy but couldn't major it in because I'd fail instantly because of all the math involved kek

No. 959396

That's often a problem for people, I think people get scared when they don't know exactly how to solve a problem right away, but it should be seen like a game or puzzle, you have to keep trying and changing things and dividing and multiplying until you see how the problem is solved. I always used to first look at the very last formula I need and from that I can see what physical quantities I need to calculate to solve the problem. Then I just calculate them from their formulas. But it's too late to talk about it now anyway.

No. 959420

File: 1636044161772.gif (63.81 KB, 220x220, 523ADD23-6447-4A9E-BBD8-B46BEA…)

I wish I could have a nice and healthy /out/door lifestyle but I'm pretty much stuck in the city with my city-loving family rn. I keep finding a bunch of forum websites for foraging, home brewing etc and I've never wanted to live near the woods in a cottage by myself as much as I do now!

No. 959434

Hopefully in the future you get to live somewhere that's a little more rural. It's very refreshing and people seem way less angry. Also having lots of flora and trees in the area is a lot better for your health. I'm never going back to the city!!!

No. 959456

I kind of get you, I wish I had lots of money to go out on camping trips and such, that would be amazing.
And I want a cute house in some cozy town so I could have a small garden with my own fruits and veggies, also some chickens so I can have eggs and maybe a cute cow.

No. 959491

i keep seeing a trend on tiktok where people post mean things other people did/said to them as kids and then post a picture of their young self smiling with a sad song in the background and every single one of them makes me tear up. why am i so sensitive

No. 959571

bump for cp below

No. 959573

bump bump for cp, I feel so disgusted and revolted

No. 959623

File: 1636054285486.jpeg (333.54 KB, 1136x986, 03FED7CF-E48F-4ABB-936F-443534…)

I’m feeling fresh as fuck, I did some exercise, washed my hair, had a delish donut and now I’m playing animal crossing.
I will finish my assignment after fixing some cliffs and playing with my dog. My body feels light, I really needed that shower.

No. 959680

I'm upset cuz I decided to brew a cup of coffee to help with m mental focus and fell asleep before I finished my cup. I'm mad at myself and the coffee

I didn't sign up for this bullshit

No. 960172

Eating macaroni with crushed doritos on top. Feeling patriotic.

No. 960189

One day I will visit the US, and I will do the same. I'll buy both from Walmart.

No. 960204

I used kraft macaroni, but honestly it would've been 100 times better with a homemade baked mac and cheese. I'll probably try it again on Thanksgiving when I have some actual good food.

No. 960395

My air fryer arrived unexpectedly early yesterday and I'm so hyped to eat some crispy fried tofu when I get home. It's all I can think about.

No. 960549

I wish black castor oil wasn't yellow. I want to be able to put it on my nails without looking like I have crusty smoker nails.

No. 960558

I love frying tofu in the air fryer. I use a combo of cornstarch, soy sauce, and olive oil on the outside before I fry them. You don’t need much oil though, if you use the amount you would normally use in an oven they’ll come out super greasy.

No. 960582

I made a smoothie today. I think it's too watery, but whatever it has all the fruit that I cba eating. Next time I'll try using coconut milk or something

No. 960612

File: 1636141177177.jpeg (172.8 KB, 1000x1000, 1DF327D0-5CDB-4268-81D0-8FEE03…)

I’m finally finishing this annoying ass assignment, I hate that I can investigate everything at once, but that then organizing the information takes me hours if not days to finish.
I want some really dark chocolate, cookies, dark hot chocolate and dark chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate sprinkles on top and maybe some cherries.
I also don’t know what to have for dinner, I could order something but I kind of like how I cook as well, so I might end up having oatmeal for dinner like any other time that I don’t know what to eat.

No. 960774

I heard Holy Wars by Megadeth on someone’s car and it made me happy

No. 960824

File: 1636157074036.jpeg (172.08 KB, 1024x683, 8BDA0E28-A680-4552-9C72-721939…)

I had some nice fish burritos, I thought I would only have enough fish for only one burrito, but I had enough for two fish burritos and that’s nice.
Kind of like pic related but not friend, it was more like stir fried fish.

No. 960829

Mmmmmm fish burrito

No. 960960

Hung out with a toddler today and did her hair. It made me want to cry. The last time I did someone else's hair was years ago when my sisters were still little.

No. 961034

Yesterday night I went to a live show where most of the audience were male boomers, and I came across a typical they/them, fat, shitty purple dye, bad makeup, five o'clock shadow (but I'm 99% sure she was a woman) and generally very nasty looking. Even in the most unlikely setting I run into troons, but thankfully it was after the show had ended.

No. 961061

I'm making instant ramen, but I lost the seasoning packet

No. 961065

Soy sauce, chicken stock, onion powder, garlic powder = diy ramen flavor (yes this has happened to me before lmao)

No. 961067

Thank you anon, but I just opened a new packet and threw away the old noodles. I appreciate it though.

No. 961076

You threw a perfectly good brick of ramen in the trash? Burger behaviour

No. 961084

File: 1636192561180.jpeg (180.37 KB, 628x628, 226304364.jpeg)

I bought one of these. It says to lie down on them to relieve headache, but I just placed the spikes against the spot on my head where it hurt and squeezed the pillow down against my scalp. It felt really nice.

No. 961085

This looks like a torture device

No. 961101

Just realized my new boots have removeable insoles. I thought I should have gone up a size but they fit perfectly now! I'm so happy I don't have to return them because I got them at a huge discount. I also got my first piece of anon hate on tumblr in years.

No. 961207

I ate an apple and already feel less tired and lethargic huh

No. 961216

File: 1636207129583.jpeg (99.82 KB, 1242x630, 30D2921C-0008-49B6-8061-BFBB69…)

I read some years ago that eating an apple and drinking some cold water is better than having coffee.
But I just read that while they do give you some energy, and are healthier than having coffee or energy drinks, they won’t, of course, give you as much energy as coffee and energy drinks.

No. 961227

I'm going to eat an apple and drink water first thing ev'ry day! E'DAY

No. 961234

Apples are rubbish. I hate apples.

No. 961236

File: 1636208463785.jpg (2.3 MB, 2816x2112, P6110076.JPG)

I was sick of doing homework so I went for a walk and I took my camera. It was nice I saw lots of nice places and took many photos. Look at this. And imagine there is no fence. I don't know what it is but it's cool

No. 961248

Wow anon that's legitimately beautiful, it seems almost magical for some reason. Like when you step on the first stair a grand old house would appear out of thin air.

No. 961251

I thought it looks magical too, I imagined it's like a memorial place for some eminent person from the past but I like your idea better

No. 961259

Eyyy no reason it can't be both of those things at the same time. I think we've started a YA novel, anon.

No. 961307

He shaved his beard off and I was really worried at first (I really like beards, I know some anons hate em, but his was very well groomed and so handsome) but jee fucking whiz I don't even miss it. He is more handsome than ever. I've never seen his chin or the line of his jaw before and he's just so fucking gorgeous. Kissing feels great. 10/10 would not go back to beard.

No. 961317

I feel really relaxed after needlessly being anxious this week, about certain future possibilities. I'm listening to my favorite music album and reading funny shit on forums. I'm thinking of cutting my hair. It looks bad and I hate managing long hair.

No. 962249

I don't usually drink soda I've been cutting it out this past year but I just drank a bottle, and the gas induced stomach cramps are crazy. This stuff really does not make me feel good, let me go back to water.

No. 962608

File: 1636323509283.jpg (50.52 KB, 639x626, 1579796078455.jpg)

i have the worst crush on this guy that's 5 years younger than me. he's awkward and dorky and has such a nice, quiet voice. we watched a movie together and i wanted him to hold my hand so badly ugh. i know it's never going to work out but god, a girl can dream.

No. 963036

File: 1636367000426.gif (722.34 KB, 390x498, anime-smoke.gif)

ahhhhh it feels SOOOOOOOOO GOOOD to finish 1 task. The reward I feel on my brain is amazing. I feel relaxed. Good shit!!!!!

No. 963120

I placed an order so I could just pick up my lunch from a nearby deli today. Handy I thought..
> Hi, I'm collecting an order
> I can't hear you
> I placed an order, just collecting it
> I can't hear you
> I placed an order on the app, I'm collecting it
> I can't hear you
> I can't hear you
I got flashbacks to when I was younger and quite softspoken. But I'm not softspoken anymore, she wasn't old. I was speaking up. That loop just went on and on and I felt about 2 inches tall by the time someone else stepped in. They heard me the first time.

No. 963122

Why do people do this shit? Like is she having a bad day or fucking what? Nasty mind games. People are so bizarre. I'm sorry that happened anon.

No. 963133

I have a western european accent and live in America but one lady that worked at subway pretended she couldn't understand me to the point she made me tell my order to a guy working there and he would tell her. I was so embarrassed I wanted to leave. I've never, in my 5+ years of living here, had someone not understand a single word I'm saying like that. It has to be some power move that people pull when they've literally got nothing else.

No. 963151

Power trip. Admit I was shitty and did it a couple times to customers, working in understaffed fastfood place where everyone treats you worse than garbage WILL make you into a horrible person. Any small dignity you can scrape during shift, you'll take.

No. 963156

I mean, I guess? I worked at Tim Hortons for seven years and people have literally thrown a snake at me and pissed on the floor and spread shit on the walls and I still wouldn't treat any customer like that. I think if you have that kind of personality that takes things out on others you will, and using how others treat you as an excuse is garbage.

No. 963159

>people have literally thrown a snake at me

like a pet snake? Or like a wild snake they just picked up. This is blowing my mind

No. 963181

A garter snake I assume they picked up in some grass somewhere. We felt so bad for the little dude, he was very cute and had a red belly. One of my coworkers actually took him in his car and drove him to a park to put him in some grass because we were literally downtown. I always wondered where they picked him up and how long they must have been carrying him, and then to decide to throw him at us cause the chili is unsatisfactory….

No. 963195

Who throws a snake? Honestly

No. 963197

This just happened to me two days ago. Tim Hortons, I ordered a black iced coffee because I'm lactose intolerant.
Guy had trouble punching in the order, he was a teen boy. I was being polite the whole time.
Eventually the other worker came over and put it in but the first guy made my drink and brought it over.
Iced coffee with cream.
Me: "This has cream in it"
Him: "No, there is no cream in this."
Me: "I can see it, there's cream"
Him: "No, I did not put cream inside."
The other worker came over, says "I saw him put cream in it." and remakes it.
I hate that women get such a hard rap when it comes to dealing with fast food workers when most of them are more entitled than the customer

No. 963200

Where is this and what type of camera do you have anon?

No. 963205

When I started to feel a general contempt for customers I left the job. There are enough jobs available that no one should be forcing themselves to be miserable and spreading that to others. If you hate your job, leave, don't make everyone else's lives more difficult. I can't stand that attitude. I went to work every day ready to make people smile and decorate frozen donuts as if they were gourmet pastries because if you can't enjoy yourself, you might as well just be the slave you see yourself as. Even during a job crisis in my area I was able to find another job when Tim's became too much for me. I'll never understand people who cling to jobs they literally hate.

No. 963217

tinfoil but I literally believe people do this fishing for a KAREN FREAKOUT to film and go viral

No. 963223

Honestly that's a good tinfoil

No. 963224

Speaking of shitty retail workers, it reminds me of how much of an ass I was when I worked in retail. I worked at Target over the summers during college and it was such a soul sucking, depressing time. I would give customers shit if they tried to argue about a price being different, or if they tried to use a fuck ton of coupons to buy travel sized items (travel sizes are excluded). When I worked at a different retail store after college, it was a nicer environment and I really enjoyed helping customers and going out of my way to help them find what they needed, chatting with them especially about gifts to get others or stuff that might suit them, but over time the combination of changing management and just general depression made me feel contempt and I'd be significantly less helpful and more stand offish to people. I could recognize my own behavior and it was so black and white how different I was, but I felt like I couldn't control my bitchiness because I was just so angry with everything.

Nowadays when I go to Target I'm always nervous when I ask for a price change but the cashiers are always very nice and just change it for me, and I ask myself why I didn't just do it without arguing since it was really no skin off my back. Like, you're so miserable that you just want to shit on people's day no matter what. Getting a dollar off an item is such a tiny joy, there's no point in taking that away from people. Even if someone else thinks "hah! I sure showed her!" it's not like people are gonna gloat all day to themselves about showing up some random cashier unless they're a fucking weirdo (in which case, their opinions don't matter anyway because they're weird).

Needless to say, I did leave and no longer work in retail. I'm a lot happier, more nonchalant, and don't bother trying to fight with people/customers in the workplace anymore. I think the customer base of the Target I was at just kind of sucked overall, but there were some funny people too. I will always remember the lady who bought like $200 worth of stuff and then said "would you believe me if I told you I just came in here for orange juice?" kek. Or this man who came in a few times with his son who was very sweet and would say hi and thank you to me. I think there's a lot of fun in retail, but it's easy to have to wear you down and turn you into a miserable person. I'm very jealous of people who are able to be kind even when they're being screamed at.

No. 963229

File: 1636389619677.jpg (30.52 KB, 500x500, artworks-000363642507-1s1ko7-t…)

I bought water and the bottle has two stamps, "Vegan," "Organic".

No. 963235

It’s weird, I kind of like not using a microwave, like, sure, the microwave makes your life easier, but when I put the food in my tiny oven, it kind of comes out tasting even better than when I first cooked it? It’s weird but a good kind of weird.
I only wish the plates didn’t come out hotter than the earth’s core though, but I grab the plate with a kitchen rag and it’s okay, then again, it feels fancy because it’s like eating food at a restaurant with warm or hot plates.
So like, I know people talk about microwave sage plates, but which plates won’t break if I put them in a tiny oven? These haven’t broken yet, but I’m afraid of them breaking because of the heat or something.
I just had a delicious chicken with potato and carrot salad with extra lettuce because I love the texture and how I feel after I have lettuce, it’s just neat.

No. 963242

This made me guffaw
One of the most impactful things is the management. If you have shit management that doesn't make you feel valuable you're more likely to be far more miserable than if you were only dealing with customers. I worked at Tim's for seven years like I mentioned, but what I didn't mention was that it was 5 different locations. I left 4 others because the management was bonkers bad and made an environment that felt hostile. The workers had cliques and I felt alone and isolated and depressed. Then I started working at this one location downtown and suddenly it was like working with a real team. We all became friends, we went to parties together and did karaoke and shit, it made going to work exciting because I get to see so-and-so and we get to spend a whole day together. Me and my boss still had spats (I've got a bit of an attitude but I go way above and beyond when I work) but she was a fucking lovely woman. When my cat passed away she held me and cried with me for like ten minutes and let me leave work for a few days. I miss her. I miss that environment. The contempt for customers started when everyone started when the manager moved away with her husband, and suddenly it was like a funeral procession and we all left one after another.

No. 963248

File: 1636390524249.jpg (13.28 KB, 466x404, 716CvyRjGgL._AC_SX466_.jpg)

Get yourself different sizes and shapes or ramekins, especially these ones with the small handles. I always use my tiny oven to reheat food. The way a microwave works makes the food taste way worse, it basically sucks all the moisture out.

No. 963322

I think a big thing is a lot of people have superiority complexes these days. Participation trophies, being coddled by their parents, thinking they can become famous on social media at the drop of the hat. Working a minimum wage job kinda clashes with that so we end up with rude workers, especially in upper management where they're generally uneducated with a power complex.