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File: 1588376793456.jpg (92.94 KB, 700x525, 90555419_3870152143024786_7688…)

No. 548392

Last thread: >>>/ot/532054

No. 548393

shoplifting is neat

No. 548396

I never really found Chris chan remotely entertaining or funny and I don't get why people make him out to be the funniest cow ever when there are plenty better ones

No. 548398

I agree he was just mentally ill

No. 548400

because he was one of the very first widely known lolcows

like most of the people here, farmers and lolcows alike

No. 548410

Agreed. As long as you aren't stealing from local family-owned businesses, it's a victimless crime. I've got all kinds of things, from food to clothing, for free and have never been caught.

No. 548421

Ed Edd and Eddy was never good or funny,it sucks ass.

No. 548432

lmao i hope there is a second uprising of shoplifitng blogs so we can dox them like last time. how retarded

No. 548436

File: 1588384253301.jpg (Spoiler Image, 287.31 KB, 2418x2500, 20s10AmI94.jpg)

what are you trying to say

the blue haired chick was hot tho

No. 548440

>marie is hot
>diaper art

might i suggest self immolation?

No. 548441

It's so funny how shoplifters pretend to have morals lmao go back dumpster diving

No. 548442

what's the correlation between shoplifting and dumpster diving

i'm not into diapers, i just couldn't find a better pic of marie

No. 548444

File: 1588385540318.jpeg (165.02 KB, 1548x1024, F2B3EBE5-F8A2-4B4B-BA51-0DB4D4…)

I think he seems so smug and self righteous and has little talent to show for it. I feel like all his music is generic and uninspired which I wouldn’t even care about if he didn’t give off the vibe of thinking he was some kind of tortured genius for it. He just has such an off putting energy to me and I can’t believe so many people find him attractive.

No. 548448

>ed, edd, eddy premires in 99'
>no good art

just go to confession thread and admit youre a shoplifting diaperfag anon kek

No. 548452

I agree with everything you said and on top of that he seems like a bully, but I'm sorry he's still so hot to me.

No. 548457

>I think he seems so smug and self righteous


>Impairments in social communication are a core feature of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Because the ability to infer other people’s emotions from their facial expressions is critical for many aspects of social communication, deficits in expression recognition are a plausible candidate marker for ASD

No. 548459

what? Do you think I mean his facial expression in the picture? I'm saying he seems smug and self righteous as a person and just picked any random picture of him to go with my post

No. 548460

He has a cringey YouTube that I guess he pretends doesn’t exist. It’s called filthyfranktv

No. 548461

were you born yesterday lmao. Everyone knows him bc of that not bc of his music

No. 548462

His song dancing in the dark has 138 million views compared to YouTube videos having 3 mill, I don’t watch YouTube kek

No. 548464

I just found out the whole InvaderVie drama, and tbh I find her kind of funny/cool?
I don't knoe but it takes a lot of balls to be such an asshole on camera, I kind of respect her for that.

No. 548468

Same! a lot of the videos going around of her are funny to me

No. 548471

what the fuck are you talking about

No. 548472

He started the harlem shake and he was at one point the top youtuber before he decided to stop bc of his seizures. I hate that I know this.

No. 548475

This queen

No. 548477

He's just smiling,anon geez
If want to see someone smug and unlikeable,look at Elons musk's stupid punchable face

No. 548478

fuck that bitch. She talks like a degenerate and her personality is based off of the fact that she's 30 but could pass as 25.

No. 548479

for the second time I'm not talking about the picture omg

No. 548481

I would watch a movie starring her as the main antagonist though.
She has something I can't put my finger on, the way she talks, it's just evil but in an uncanny valley way. Like a character from Ex-Machina.

No. 548482

lmao @ these interactions

yeah ok she's hot i see what u mean

No. 548483

exactly, also something about her cadence/the way she structures sentences reminds me of kiki for some reason

No. 548485

Fuck this stupid bitch. Telling poor people they should be working instead of doing what ever the fuck they want and trying to manipulate them into sending her money? She legitimately just said “doesn’t matter we’re you are $5 could be $10!” That’s a full meal to for people. I hope this skanky old bitch has to scrub horse shit off concrete for $1 an hour, talking about hard working people like that
She has no charisma imo, she had no ability to even slightly persuade me in to her bullshit ass manipulation. She pissed me off in the first 30 seconds

No. 548487

pretty sure she's just playing a mean girl character? it seems very fake at least to me so i don't really get the outrage

No. 548489

Yeah to me it sounded a bit like a fetish thing too, like for the guys that enjoy being dominated financially.
I just love it, she's like the evil niece of mePearl in the actress-y way she talks.

No. 548490

>hard working people
ya mean the cumbrains watching her? lol

No. 548491

Who cares if she wants to take money from a bunch of dumb scrotes. She isn't putting anybody at gun point and if they disagree they can always move on to the next twitch thot. I do feel like the scrotes who watch her enjoy being insulted by her. She doesn't deserve any backlash.

No. 548492

She used to work as one of those actresses that dresses up as a disney princess for kids parties and other events so I think that's where she picked up her condecendingly upbeat style of public speaking.

No. 548493

Idk half this site is literally dedicated to insulting women like this but hmm no clue where I would get annoyed from!!!!

No. 548495

Idk anon, she sounds way more intelligent than the average cow. I really wonder what she's like when she talks normally.

No. 548509

File: 1588391878224.jpeg (49.23 KB, 500x624, 0AF59648-ED02-4DD8-B55B-D67F5B…)

Big asses are overrated. I don’t mean naturally muscular or plump asses that are sizeable. I mean “baddie” bodies I see everywhere, this shit isn’t “body positive” like it claims to be. it’s just fake and just as harmful as several years ago when everyone wanted to be a stick thin model. Chubby girls are only praised if the weight goes to their ass and tits, if they’re shaped like a ball.

No. 548510

I agree that it's no different in how artificial or unattainable it is, but I think most people do know that?

No. 548511

Samefag forgot to finish sorry.
if they’re shaped like a ball, it’s not the same as a pear shaped girl

No. 548512

Yeah but some people will be like “well would you rather have girls be spoopy anorexics?!” Or say that at least curvy girls are finally getting play for once

No. 548517

These bodies only ever look good if they are natural. People are so stupid and easily led to think that diaper butts and chicken legs is a good look.

No. 548518

She is nothing like any of the cows here. The main requirement for being a cow is delusion and an obsession with embarrassing ones self for attention whoring purposes. She isn't hurting anyone with her findom. Who cares.

No. 548519

Kek, mmkay keep white knighting a 30 year old videotaping herself in pigtails, whatever floats your weirdo boat. It’s unpopular thread so have your unpopular opinion, I’m not going to keep conversing about an uneducated old e-hooker

No. 548527

Curb your internalized misoginy anon, jfc.

No. 548529

Go back to Twitter retard not supporting sex workers isn’t internalized misogyny

No. 548532

NTA but if you're just going to derail about sex work maybe take it to asherahgarden or whatever it's called

No. 548533

is the woman in question a sex worker?

No. 548534

no she's literally just a twitch streamer that people are interpreting as a findom because of her 'tone of voice' or something

No. 548541

Are we not on lolcow? Why the fuck are y’all on this site, OT is really a whole different planet sometimes. Neither of you even spelt misogyny right, are you sure you know the correct definition. /s
Twitch thots are literally just camgirls, what’s happening am I on the right website lmao I’m in the twilight zone

No. 548543

is an insta thot a sex worker?

No. 548544

what would being on lolcow have to do with anything? Lolcow isn't an anti-sexwork radfem site people are allowed to have other opinions lmao

No. 548547

But you do see the irony of coming to a mostly radicalized female website that’s partially used to make fun of sex workers, trans people, etc. and calling someone a misogynist for not liking an e whore, right? It’s just kind of… out of place. Doesn’t connect but whatever dude, go ahead and Stan some stupid twitch thot.
99.99% literally yes, that’s the funniest part

No. 548550

it's not mostly radicalised it's a small but loud minority who have been asked to leave many times, it's purpose isn't to make fun of sex workers or trans people, it's to discuss lolcows, hence the name lolcow. I'm sure some anons do use it for that but it isn't the point and people are allowed to disagree with it.

No. 548554

i agree with you on many things but a twitch thot is not a camgirl at all lol

No. 548562

Sit there with your tits out and mouth open, in front of a live camera feed, while men give you money to jerk off at you? Yeah, pretty much the same thing. Women on twitch know exactly what they are doing, they just don’t get fully undressed. If there are women just playing games and streaming, maybe making revenue, than there obviously not thots. Not ever female twitch streamer is a hoe. But every twitch thot is borderline cam girl, that’s just facts.
I was literally meaning lolcows when referring to those subtypes of people, either way it’s a site dedicated to ragging on people exactly like your precious who ever the fuck. Just because you couldn’t convert every person here doesn’t mean you need to continually defend her with your shiny white sword. You basically just re quoted my exact point, she’s a cow. 30 years old sitting in a pile of plushies begging for other people to fund her life.

No. 548564

I know of her only because of the post in this thread lmao, you said it is a 'mostly radicalized female website that’s partially used fun of sex workers, trans people' which is what I was responding to and disagreeing with. Those things are not inherently cowish or milky if you're not a radfem.

No. 548567

lol why be moral about it? just admit you like having stuff for free.

the shoplifters who treat workers like fucking shit make my blood boil tho. You already had the gall to load up a backpack with random bullshit from the electronics section where like three people could see you and now you wanna shout at my 16-year-old coworker because she politely offered to ring you up? fuck off. some people are unbelievably entitled. So many times I've been fought with and screamed at by some bitch who knew fully well they were stealing and are just mad they got caught. That's not even getting into people who fill a cart with a fuckload of stuff to push out, only to ditch it at the last second right before we close. Thanks you broke fuck now I have even more work to do. Idk maybe I'm just an uppity bitch but if you steal anything other than food or medicine I'm just going to assume you're pathetic and materialistic lol.

No. 548569

anon his music blew up on tiktok, there are a ton of people who only know him for his music. I have a very normie coworker who likes him who doesn't even watch youtube. kinda surreal tbh I used to be super into the ""cancer crew""" when I was a teenager, never thought he'd make it like this. he's not even that musically talented lmao.

No. 548571

people didn't enjoy being insulted by her tho, especially after losing their jobs to a pandemic, and she got major backlash for it and made an apology video where she retracted everything she said (she didn't even apologize, she basically said "oops I said things I didn't actually mean"). It seemed more like an entitled and privileged person finally showing their true colors than anything else.

No. 548581

It's not weird or porn-y to wear your hair in pigtails as an adult. It can look really pretty, especially in that half up/half down look.

No. 548582

I agree

No. 548585

File: 1588406244677.jpg (48.53 KB, 433x650, 11_433x650.jpg)

I think pigtails are perfectly acceptable on adults as long as they're low, especially if it's towards the back of your head. Something like pic related is just a more secure version of parting your hair and pulling it around your shoulders. If they're right up high on the sides of your head, it looks childish but I wish it didn't have that association because it's still cute.

No. 548587

She seems to have made some people angry, even in this thread, but I don't really see the big deal. It's not manipulative.
If you're the kind of person who financially supports streamers, you played a part in creating this mindset. You basically caused this by allowing this to turn into a "career", making these people think they're doing the internet some huge service by talking into a camera and/or playing video games.

Truth be told, if you're already that kind of person, why shouldn't you pay that $5? If you don't have that kind of money, why are you wasting your time on Twitch streamers instead of improving your situation? Do you think the two might go hand in hand, even just a little bit? What do you actually gain from watching this woman ramble in thigh-highs? Are there no better hobbies?
I guarantee you that 60% of the streamers people love are probably thinking the same things she said, and talk about how cheap and entitled their audiences are with their close friends. Doubly so for the female ones who have to put up with shitty male comments all the time.
Maybe the angry coomers who got pissed at her over this will see the light. This should help them understand how ridiculous a pastime it is to subscribe to and/or financially support random people on the internet.

No. 548589

I love high up pigtails where half of your hair is down, who cares if it looks childish. But I don't really think normal people think it does just people with a porn addiction and/or radfems who are obsessed with porn in the opposite way

No. 548591

File: 1588407070721.jpg (16.42 KB, 665x103, Image1.jpg)

People should do whatever they want with their hair, just depends if they feel self conscious thinking people will judge them. I think people are way more likely to associate it with little kids than with porn. When I googled that picture I saw a reddit thread in /r/askwomen asking what they think, a lot did say it's childish.

But ugh, saw this absolute degenerate… imagine calling someone cringy for a hairstyle while admitting you let men facefuck you while holding said hairstyle in one breath. Not to mention thinking it's childish and then specifically using it for sex, pedophilic af.

No. 548600

And why shouldn’t her be improving her situation, instead of begging for $5? It’s not manipulative, it’s stupid, entitled and casts the worst light on girls.
Why should a person waste that money on someone who doesn’t even gives benefits by being a sub? it’s not like she’s making some kind of effort into convincing her watchers, she’s just humilating them and herself. Truth be told, if I were the kind of person on her twitch I’d jerk off to her and switch to a better channel once I’m done, maybe even subscribing with the $20 pack, kek.

No. 548601

The fuck I have never even heard of people perceiving pigtails as "trying to emulate (kiddy) porn", this sounds like some 4chan false rumor bait trying to make feminists look crazy or something. I just think high pigtails look ugly as shit both on adults and children.

No. 548603

>casts the worst light on girls

stop expecting random women to act as representatives for the entire gender. If this stupid 2 minute video of some twitch streamer 'casts the worst light on girls' to someone then they were not a reasonable or rational person to begin with

No. 548608

I don't totally disagree with your sentiment, I think the thing about her situation that annoys me is that dudes absolutely LOVE throwing their money at streamers they like. If she's not making any money, it's because she sucks. she literally GETS a sub in the full clip and ignores it completely. Thanking your subs is streamer 101 she doesn't know how to do her own fucking job. It's like she thinks "I'm pretty and I play games why am I not rich yet?????" and thought shaming her audience was the right step. It's just so ungrateful. I wouldn't have hated it as much if she didn't make that stupid apology video, because that makes it clear she's not playing a character, she's just greedy and bad at her job and doesn't want to admit that her content is lacking. Obviously people who spend all their money on streamers are pathetic but she's not exposing them or anything she's just an idiot.
>Maybe the angry coomers who got pissed at her over this will see the light. This should help them understand how ridiculous a pastime it is to subscribe to and/or financially support random people on the internet.
tbh I'd like to see that too but they'll just find a streamer who knows how to properly pander to her audience and throw their money at her instead.

No. 548646

Funniest thing about the whole situation was learning that she's fucking 29 years old and acting like that. Old enough to have a career sorted for herself but instead she's sitting in a room full of plushies ebegging.. her 'you need to better yourself' message was a perfect example unconscious projection.

No. 548656

I disagree completely, if you’re a 30 year old grown ass woman with some Harley Quinn pigtails I’m gunna judge the fuck out of you kek. It’s just a cringe hairstyle, and it is a fucking childs hairstyle. If some of y’all don’t know it’s a sexualized thing, you probably live under rocks.

No. 548660

And if you’re not defending her, don’t get your panties in a twist about radfem shit and randomly start replying when everyone else is talking about this streamer.

No. 548663

but she isn't a cow, most of the cows have at least some actual milk? wearing pigtails and being a twitch streamer isn't milky at all? You're the one who brought up this being 'a radicalised site used to complain about sw and trannies' not me so I just responded to that? I think you're mistaking two different people because I haven't said she's this or that, the only posts I have made about her are replies to you

No. 548666

Just cause she’s not a cow on lolcow terms doesn’t mean she’s not a real life cow anon. Not everything has to go by LC rules kekek no I didn’t mistake you for anyone, you’re just out here acting like the LC Encyclopedia. I deleted my last post bc you’re not defending her, you’re just telling everyone what’s what

No. 548674

I guess this is an unpopular opinion, but lolcow is not a monolith and not everyone browses all of the boards.
Anons complaining about ot anons not acting like pt anons are borderline retarded and probably have a very low theory of mind.

No. 548682

Oh wow you know big words, I bet your big smart two, because we all know people on image boards have the mostest smartest /s/s/s

You’re not much better if you equate any intelligence to this website at all. Insults totally prove your point anon, now everyone wants to consider you’re perspective!!!!!

No. 548684

I think people are complaining more about the lack of integration. OT anons seem to not integrate with the general community of the site a lot of the time.

No. 548686

Only dumb coomers would unironically watch and spend money on her, so they should pay the toll. It should be one more reminder of how much time they're wasting.
If this reality enrages them, they should improve themselves so they don't have an emotional need to cling to random internet women they only sexualize/dehumanize anyway.
>casts the worst light on girls
Lmao, anon. If someone hates girls/women because of a Twitch streamer, they're scum who was looking for an excuse, anyway.
>it’s not like she’s making some kind of effort into convincing her watchers, she’s just humilating them and herself.
They should all be humiliated. There's nothing respectable about any of this, and no amount of "benefits for subs" will make it any less pathetic to pay someone money for playing games.
>if I were the kind of person on her twitch I’d jerk off to her and switch to a better channel once I’m done, maybe even subscribing with the $20 pack, kek.
The solution to your internet simp-bait not being kind enough is not to go and simp for another. It's to stop being a disgusting neckbeard in the first place.

No. 548689

Any working member of society would not walk out wearing pigtails in their 30's let alone 20's let alone teens.

No. 548693

>she’s not a real life cow anon
You're spending way too much time on this website.
That's a lot of autism in one post.
Anon is talking about the feud happening ITT and it is not caused by a lack of muh integration.
Wow you're right anon! Teenage girls shouldn't wear pigtails! People might think they're depraved whores into DDLG!

No. 548697

nta but why the sudden impassioned spergfest and use of 2010 era redditor memes like /sarcasm
you really seem like a snowflake yourself

No. 548698

>If some of y’all don’t know it’s a sexualized thing, you probably live under rocks.
Thinking it's too childish/cringe is one thing (I disagree, but different strokes), but I feel like it's low-IQ to avoid something that's inherently non-sexual (a hairstyle, especially one that's often culturally read as being for children) just because it's been sexualized by men.
In two more generations, women will probably be looked down on for wearing shoes that show their feet/toes because the internet will have normalized footfaggotry. I don't want to subscribe to stupid bullshit like that. Lending credibility to porn addicts' abnormal fetishism and cumbrain mentality by letting them claim things that were never meant for them is backward.

No. 548701

Oh wow I am so worried and will definitely consider your opinion hm yes much snowflake I am
By cow in real life I meant she seems like a dumb bitch in real life. 30 year old pigtailed no job loser. Seems like the only way some anons will understand you is if you only refer to things in LC terms. Sorry I didn’t type or phrase myself to your exact personal reference. Not everyone is going to use your personal repertoire

No. 548703

You sound like a jealous PULLfag kek

No. 548704

The autism was intended with full force, maybe it’s autistic you took is so literal

No. 548706

What’s pull

No. 548707

File: 1588431603460.jpg (44.98 KB, 349x642, 6kGliTj.jpg)

No. 548708

Exactly. Glad you got my point

No. 548712

Lurk moar nigger.

No. 548716

Why are you taking pigtails so seriously…lmao

It just looks juvenile and weeaboo-ish, stop making it weirdly sexual.

No. 548718

Y’all went from having a somewhat decent conversation about a twitch thot to throwing the same ten insults with no use of any brain cells in a span of 10 seconds kek

No. 548719


>If some of y’all don’t know it’s a sexualized thing, you probably live under rocks.

besides, aren't teenagers allowed to be juvenile? when do you have to stop wearing pigtails exactly? share some of your mighty wisdom with us plebs, anon


this is what happens when you allow a low life pickme to speak

No. 548722

>grown ass women with pigtails
Where did I say teenagers, you’re lumping me in with another anon lmao

No. 548723


but you did say it was sexual, so why say STOP makING IT WeiRdlY sexuaL. weird ass motherfuckers around here

No. 548724

Arts and crafts like knitting and paper mache art are boring as fuck hobbies. Stop suggesting them every time someone says they are bored.

No. 548726

I have never posted about “stop making it sexual” anon you are clearly confused and have no clue who you are talking to Bahahaha this is so funny now

No. 548727

They didn't say that. I did. You're really bad at keeping the things that make you unreasonably angry in track.

No. 548728


if that's not their post, why didn't they say so? i can't read minds y'know. hey, aren't you the one pissed off because some e-thot is making money off of simps? lmao


lol you type exactly like vicky.

No. 548729

High school graduates should be forced to take a gap year before college.

No. 548732


A Gap year did me so much well, an 18 yo isn’t ready for college responsabilities.

No. 548744

You still can’t seem to figure out who you’re talking to, huh.

No. 548745

Most lesbian women are predatory femcels. They spout the same shitty rhetorics as men

No. 548746

>"Haha, you still like men? Haha. Must suck being straight. Haha. Glad I'm lesbian. Haha."

I see exactly what you mean. I really hate it. I'd also add most sex workers to the "predatory" category. They're constantly trying to rope other girls into what it is they do for some reason.

No. 548747

File: 1588435241009.png (8.1 KB, 224x225, b8.png)

No. 548751

I don't think this is most lesbians but I agree the political lesbian/rad fem lesbian types are like this and I think bc most of the lesbians on this board are those kinds it makes it seem like 'most' lesbians are like that

No. 548755

She was probably into you. Did she try something?

No. 548821

File: 1588442146493.png (1.48 MB, 1440x1080, Rasengan.png)

Naruto steadily went to shit as soon as the Rasengan was introduced

No. 548825

Didn't you say this before at some point?

No. 548826

it's worth saying it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over vand over

No. 548862

Naruto went to shit after Haku died obviously

No. 548864

Agree that it became too heavily focused on magic. They stopped being ninjas and more like eastern wizards at some point. The 1st arcs had way more physical combat and kunai/shuriken usage. It became more and more ridiculous with spirit bomb type shit in Shippuuden.

No. 548867

File: 1588449804233.jpg (206.44 KB, 1200x1200, ESZqiNQUcAEsxyD.jpg)

I dont think jhene aiko is all that pretty. Shes blasian, specifically half Japanese….If she were a celebrity in Japan she would be considered ugly but shes famous within the rap/hiphop/r&b community so shes praised for being exotic/light skin.

No. 548868

File: 1588450003913.png (80.11 KB, 795x497, Hard-vs-soft-magic-feature.png)

Its a prime example of a Hard Magic based show devolving into Soft Magic

No. 548890

>If she were a celebrity in Japan she would be considered ugly
Don't they have very specific beauty standards there? I can imagine most women who don't fit them would be considered ugly.

That being said I don't find her that pretty either and all her music sounds like the same song. She definitely benefits from that 'exotic' factor.

No. 548903

I mean, not shit. I don't think japan beauty standards sway positively towards anybody who isn't pale. But then again, not to be race baity or anything, light skin mixed women are put on a pedestal in the black community by black men who want to be with them and black women who feel they should emulate them to be loved.

No. 548910

i don't know who this woman is but it would be a lie to say that she isn't conventionally attractive. and i'm not taking in account of her light skin
>If she were a celebrity in Japan…
who gives a shit about their beauty standards

No. 548927

Japan loathes blasians and find anyone who is bigger than a size 0 to be ugly so there's no point in basing how pretty you think she is on what Japan finds to be beautiful.

No. 548956

I'm not into her music style but she actually has a really nice voice. Fuck off.

No. 548974

you 2 sound so fucking insecure
who gives a fuck if japanese people in japan think she's ugly or not, she doesnt even have a career in japan, shit like that doesnt matter

2.japan isnt korea, there are significantly more blasian celebrities there and their beauty standards are completely different

3. both of you are delusional for thinking males/black men are what put her on for being exotic when a majority of her longterm fanbase are women/black women due to her being a child r&b singer who shared a label with b2k, who were huge with black girls in the early 2000s, and got fucked over and never really debuted due to the label head being a fucking pedophile who molested multiple of his signed artists

No. 548978

I never claimed to care about Japanese beauty standards, I just stated that japan finds anyone who isn't pale to be automatically ugly. Also I gonna need you to spend more to with black men, it will prove my point, granted there is a percentage of them that don't feel that way. Jhene Aiko (or b2k since you brought them up) really isn't that famous outside the US. I am black and I know literally one whole b2k song.

No. 548991

im a fucking retard who doesnt know how to greentext, so im just going to copy and paste my original staement

"a majority of her longterm fanbase are women/black women due to her being a child r&b singer who shared a label with b2k, who WERE huge with black girls in the EARLY 2000s"

meaning it doesnt matter what black men think of her, theyre not the ones buying her music or seeing her shows, her fanbase has always been targeted towards black WOMEN
black mens opinions dont fucking matter in the long run at all either way

jhene is an american r&b artist, no shit foreigners dont know who she is, theyre not internationally promoted at all
as long as american people keep buying her shit, it wont matter if she's known worldwide anyways(>>twitter)

No. 548992

Right? Who gives a fuck about Japan in this context because unless you're a weeb, their opinions on American musicians and their attractiveness are irrelevant.

Jhene Aiko's music or image obviously aren't for a Japanese market. Regardless of her skin tone she would still be considered an attractive person.

No. 549013

I can't believe I'm spoon-feeding you like this but just put the > in front of text and it will greentext automatically

No. 549776

I think liking music is subjective but objectively speaking it's obvious that music from people like Billie Ellish doesn't take talent or skill. t. annoyed multi-instrumentalist

No. 549961

I don't understand why so many people my age flex the fact they grew up dirt poor and belittle the accomplishments of those who didn't. Your parents lacking the ability to adequately provide for their children is not something to be proud of.

No. 549962

it gives them ~more oppression~ points and nowadays it's the oppression olympics 24/7 so nothing's better to victimize yourself nonstop

No. 549964

It's just the survivor bias, they're implying other "weak" people wouldn't have made it like they did. It's wrong to belittle others but despite that I admire them? I grew up comfortably and I find it kinda hard to put myself in their shoes.

No. 549968

Anyone over 18 writing fanfics about kpop idols are retarded

No. 549970

If my kid turns out to be an asshole to me or to others and they don't respond to verbal discipline , I am 100% going to beat their ass.

No. 549971

no one said anything about those people accomplishing anything. and having a shit attitude isn't the same as what you said.

No. 549973

Unless she learns to sing above a whisper I think she's going to be a flash in the pan.

No. 549976

Can she really not sing?

No. 549978


On a similar note, people saying "you should go live in (insert poor/dangerous country here) for some time and see how you turn out" as if living in poor conditions will automatically shape you up and make you a better person

No. 549980

I've only seen people from well off families be belittled when they try to claim they are self-made. Whether you like it or not people who come from affluent families are given a head start financially, socially, and academically.

No. 549981

that would teach them to be violent

No. 549983

This tends to backfire, other forms of discipline work better

No. 549988

I'm thankful for the advantages I have, and I respect people who have accomplished as much/more than me with fewer advantages. It's not rocket science.

No. 550001

I can't even tell if this is that unpopular of an opinion because lately half of this website seems to be insane radfems and the other half is annoying twitter-parroting sex worker-adjacents, but I really cannot bring myself to hate trans people or partake in exclusively calling them "trannies" on forums, even if it means I get yelled at for not assimilating with board culture. I've read pinkpill threads and tried to see it from their perspective, I understand that some have had negative experiences with fucked up people who also happened to be trans, I still can't get on board. Before anyone selectively misinerprets, you KNOW I'm not talking about 4chan traps and transtrenders.

I consider myself fairly traditional as far as values go (raised in a conservative immigrant family), I hate tumblr shit as much as anyone else, and I'm not trans or queer myself. It's just, trans-ness really does't click in my brain as something I should find weird and abhorrent.

Also, I wish I could incinerate the spergs who screech when you call a trans person by their preferred pronouns online. Who fucking cares, you're exhausting

No. 550002

>I wish I could incinerate the spergs who screech when you call a trans person by their preferred pronouns online.
calling a man in a dress "he" isn't "screeching" lmao

No. 550004

The irony is that people who grow up in places like that are statistically more likely to be violent.

No. 550005

Trannies were a harmless group for me too until I actually ended up interacting with them. Even "the sensible ones" ended up being extremely weird and had obvious mental issues when you got to know them better. One of my best friends was and still is an oldschool FTM and I've never seen anyone harbor so much internalized, and now externalized, misogyny and I highkey want to shake them every time it happens.

>Also, I wish I could incinerate the spergs who screech when you call a trans person by their preferred pronouns online. Who fucking cares, you're exhausting

I wouldn't call Pixyteri Japanese and play into her cow delusions just because the holy windchime told her she was one either. Would you?

No. 550006

I agree, idk that its an unpopular opinion outside of here though

No. 550009

There are people who will do it to pretty much everyone. I was raised by a single mom and still have had a few people treat me like I'm ~oh so privileged~ just because she got us by enough not to be on food stamps.

Who said anything about not respecting people who have accomplished things with fewer advantages? The point is it's highly annoying when people belittle the accomplishments of others because they didn't grow up in crippling poverty.

No. 550011

can you read? she said people screeching when YOU call someone their preferred pronouns, as in if someone calls a transwoman she and someone responds with a tirade about how transwomen aren't women and you should use he and blah blah blah. It is exhausting, people are allowed to have their own opinion. Literally 99% of women in the world aren't radfems so I don't get why you find it so unfathomable when people here disagree that it requires multiple people responding to 'correct' them or call them a 'tranny' or 'scrote'

No. 550013

Have fun getting your kid taken away.

No. 550016

Yeah, that doesn't happen. The only people who get pissy over pronouns are gender cultists.

No. 550018

you are so full of shit, it happens all the time and you know it. Just today someone used they and people immediately responded asking if they were talking about a trans person etc or how if they were non binary it was a turn off based of NOTHING else than the use of they and the person wasn't even talking about a trans person anyway

No. 550019

>hey guys I'm not an SJW but don't you think anti-SJWs are just as bad? like fuck those transphobic assholes!
you're not fooling anyone anon

No. 550021

what? idk if you're mixing me up with another poster but where did I say literally anything about sjw or anti sjw in in my post I was talking solely about trans people

No. 550022

>one group forcing ideology on everyone
>other people pushing back
>I literally can't tell the difference!

No. 550023

It's clear that you have no proper arguments to say since that anon proved her point crystal clear so you're now trying to win the upper hand in this by doing some retarded greentexting and accusing her of being some SJW

No. 550025

No. 550028

report it if you think so because it isnt

No. 550029

File: 1588629738097.jpg (6.09 KB, 120x120, 1492043224600.jpg)

>Only me and that anon are the only ones active on this thread and board!!!!! Only us!!!!! If anyone replies to me and calling me out on my bullshit besides her, it's a samefag!!!!!!!!!! Anon is eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil!!!!!

No. 550030

File: 1588629788673.jpg (65.76 KB, 949x449, pronoun.JPG)

NTA and I saw that too and it was nowhere near "pronoun sperging" described before. The original anon even laughed about it. You really do seem to take this awfully personal good nonnie.

No. 550033

>Anon is eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil!!!!!
please keep embarrassing yourself

No. 550035

All I got was a lifetime of anger, resentment and bitterness because of stronger/more influential people constantly bullying me and taking advantage of me throughout my life.

When I moved to a rich Western country it only increased because I saw my life was even shittier than I originally thought, and people here thought only about their petty issues like which pronouns to use and they thought these problems were the hardest thing in the world to handle. On top of that they were both scared of me and disgusted by me because I was a "bad" foreigner, even though nobody will actually tell that to your face.

Knowing all this makes me really bitter and jaded. It shows in every conversation I have with another human being. Even people who love me say I'm a good person but really negative and unpleasant. I'm not mean or evil and I'm aware of this but faking positivity just makes me look unhinged, which makes people avoid me, which repeats the cycle, and it's extremely heartbreaking constantly hearing that "happy girls are the prettiest" or that someone is attracted to a girl because she has a "cute, bubbly personality". I don't think there's a single baby picture of me smiling even.

People think having a hard past and growing up in a shit environment is like in movies where the character mopes for 5 minutes and then gets over it and becomes a badass. In reality, people have lasting consequences from growing up in poor conditions and often become unstable and ostracized in some way because life isn't a DC comic book and you're not Batman.

No. 550039

You people jump to this 'oh so suspicious hmm why are you taking it so personal' trying to imply I'm trans without getting banned literally every time lmao. You still can not fathom that a woman would just not agree with you despite the fact that apart from an extremely small community almost every woman in the real world disagrees with you. Leave your echo chamber once in a while leave the house or something, everyone who disagrees isn't an undercover trans person

No. 550042

What's your definition of an asshole? A lot of kids are assholes, they don't deserve to be beaten just because they haven't developed empathy yet. My best friend growing up had an older brother who would terrorize and physically harm her, and no punishment seemed to get through to him. Finally her mom lost her shit seeing her son attack her daughter and she literally grabbed a power drill and chased him through the house with it. She didn't hurt him with it but it made him cry and she said "that's how it feels to live in fear of someone, the difference is I would never hurt you." He was ~15 or so, my friend was about 9, and now as adults they have a much better relationship. Definitely fucked up though even if it seems to have worked. My mom used to hit me as a kid and I never remember what I did wrong, just the beatings.

No. 550046

I like how you have that same response everytime

No. 550047

Pretty sure anon is referring to what ethnic families call "beating ass" which is essentially picking up a sandal and hitting them upside the head with it or giving an ass whooping with a belt.

No. 550049

Imagine letting a small child make you so angry that you start whaling on them.

No. 550050

literally what are you talking about you are mentally unhinged

No. 550051

I should have clarified, when I say asshole I don't mean kids being kids and being shit heads. I'm talking about the kids in my family that disrespect authority figures who aren't doing anything wrong, bullying kids at school, or being straight up disrespectful to their parents. I was never hit as a kid because I didn't do that type of shit but my cousins who did bad shit would get hit (nothing serious) and they never pulled that shit again and are very close with their families. but like anon who responded to me said, in my culture it's common to use physical discipline and although I wouldn't use it unless I absolutely had to, seeing some kids absolutely disrespect their parents nowadays makes me wonder if hit across the shoulder is the worst thing to do after exhausting all other options.

No. 550055

Who's talking about small children? I'm talking about kids who are like 10. I wouldn't define a small child's actions as being an asshole. I'm literally talking about kids who are old enough to know right from wrong and are horribly misbehaved and don't listen verbal discipline.

No. 550056

I'm >>550001 and yeah I meant >>550011 and if you think the shit in your pic isn't annoying then you probably just don't browse much/often. Yeah, it's not "pronoun sperging" and it's totally harmless, but after seeing it repeatedly and consistently across many threads every single day, yes, it is really annoying and predictable. Especially because it sometimes derails the entire thread.

Again, I'm not trans or queer or a man in disguise, I don't bat an eye at people saying retard and fag and shit (typically nobody comes in flipping out about why you should or shouldn't say those), I completely understand some pinkpill points about internalized misogyny as >>550005 pointed out. It's specifically people like >>550019 >>550002 who get on my nerves, and not because I think I'm the sjw savior of all those precious trans people who can do no wrong. It's just really repetitive and sometimes unrelated to the topic. Was this clear enough for the speedreaders and cherrypickers?

No. 550059

>I had no choice but to smack around someone I outweigh by >50 pounds! >:(

No. 550106

I don't think physical punishment makes kids behave better. My cousin's kids are absolute brats sometimes and I know their dad spanks/yells at them a lot. I think it actually encourages their brattiness somehow. The older one will imitate the punishments from their dad onto the younger one, which is really fucking sad to me.

Punishment should be explaining why they're wrong and why their actions are hurtful, and taking away their privileges, like no more TV/iPad, going to bed early, no dessert after dinner, make them do extra chores, etc.

Most of my family uses physical punishment on their kids and laughs at the ~snowflakes~ who are against it, but I just plain don't think it works.

No. 550122

>old enough to know right from wrong
that's not a thing, you teach kids right from wrong, humans aren't just born with morals and logic that grows with age. if you have to hit your kids you are a shit parent and raised them badly. period.

No. 550175

This. I was a TRA until I actually had the misfortune of interacting with AGPs personally.

I don't have the same level of autistic hatred for trannies that some people here do. Honestly my problem is more with the culture that enables trannies than trannies themselves. Like we literally live in a culture where people think it's logical to chemically castrate themselves simply because they act outside of gender stereotypes. That's pretty weird, and ironically, really conservative.

It does happen, but I've literally only seen it happen on imageboards and Kiwifarms. Everywhere else on the internet, people chimp out if you call a guy in a dress "he."

>Almost every woman in the world disagrees with you.

Wrong. The vast majority of women don't care about tranny bullshit one way or the other because they have more important shit to worry about. Assuming that literally everyone on Earth agrees with you just because most clowns on Twitter do is absurd.

No. 550208

I've seen examples like you described, too.
I'm pretty sure being beaten as a child actually increases the chances of developing mental issues, and becoming a violent adult or criminal.
There are better ways to discipline children, like you said.

No. 550244

> Wrong. The vast majority of women don't care about tranny bullshit one way or the other because they have more important shit to worry about. Assuming that literally everyone on Earth agrees with you just because most clowns on Twitter do is absurd.

Thats very obviously not what I’m saying. I’m not trying to say the average woman ‘cares about tranny bullshit’ but that they aren’t a radfem, and if they do have an issue with trans people, it isn’t because they wish to abolish genender

No. 550247

Ntayrt but I don't think anyone's suggesting beating a child, although I do agree with you. But I will say some people don't have the privilege of waiting for their kids brains to develop to the extent they emphatically know right from wrong. Some adults haven't even managed that. Living in a dangerous environment, these are the types of hard decisions parents are forced to make. My parents instilled very strong morals in me and my siblings from a young age, but that didn't stop me from testing the boundaries, or thinking I could handle myself because my brain wasn't fully formed. At the end of the day fear of repercussions is the only way some parents can effectively protect their children, I don't think we can accurately gage it's morality in this case from our safe distance. Just adding to what you guys are discussing.

No. 550253

This thread on /Pol/ is doing God's work. Not really a fan of the poster/the political connotations, just using his vid as an example. I'm sure this is unpopular so I'll prepare for butthurt in advance kek

No. 550265

Are you done or do you need 10 more minutes to be a dumbass

No. 550276

Steak is best well done

No. 550291

I couldn't sit through this man's voice for up to 5 minutes, let alone 13. The Sarah Jeong controversy is literally two years old now, too.
I don't understand how people like this have an audience, and how people who upload content like this don't hate themselves.

No. 550296

This. I really don’t understand people who like their stake rare and then have the audacity to be all high and mighty and judge those of us who like it well done.

No. 550299

Depends on what cut of steak you order. If you make a point to get a nice cut and have it cooked to the level of being indistinguishable from any hunk of beef…well that's just ineptness that anyone could loathe.

No. 550300

File: 1588672716366.png (1.98 MB, 1600x1600, callmecarson-katerino-fitz-dra…)

I never really felt that bad for callmecarson. These dorky streamers go for 10/10 girls they have absolutely nothing in common with and then it predictably goes horribly

No. 550301

Why can’t you just let us enjoy it you can still taste the difference in the quality of the meat well done steak lovers are genuinely the most oppressed class

No. 550302

Same but more so because I think his deciding to make it public was a bad move and I found it disingenuous when he followed it up with ‘please don’t attack her’ like he knew what would happen and how that kind of fan base would harass her, but I also think his apology for doing it was one of the better social media apology’s I’ve seen

No. 550307

Its fine if she had broken up with him, but she cheated on him, thats what people take issue with

No. 550321

No excuse for cheating but I'm pretty sure that if the gender roles were reversed and an unattractive woman dated a better looking guy and got cheated on.. people would point that out as 'just a fact of life' or say 'what did she expect'

No. 550322

if the roles were reversed the relationship simply wouldn't have happened in the first place

No. 550335

I support cheating in this case. Men should not aim higher than their level just because exceptions happen

No. 550336

File: 1588680546646.png (69.77 KB, 600x500, 15819639638221.png)

I think it's weird for lesbians to enjoy yaoi

No. 550337

I also used to be a TRA before having a lot of interaction with them. That seems to be somewhat common on here. The most disturbed close friend I ever had was a FTM who basically aspired to embody toxic masculinity. She sexually harassed me in ways worse than any man ever has, was prone to extreme temper tantrums, would go on about wanting to commit mass shootings all the time, the list goes on. I ghosted her and haven't spoken to her in years, but I'm always waiting for the day she snaps and I find out about it in the news.

No. 550340

My unpopular opinion is that I just don't feel bad for men when they get cheated on, unless something really extreme happens- like a serious STD or a child they're duped into thinking is theirs.

No. 550344

Jocks, “Chads”, athletes, alphas—whatever you want to call them, make the best boyfriends/are some of the safest men to be around. And NO just being violent doesn’t make a guy any of these things. I know that weaker/shyer guys probably do suffer a lot of problems that go unnoticed by the community at large, but honestly it doesn’t matter to me because any so called “nice guy” (though they never actually call themselves that, but by which I mean the typical perception of them) is usually insecure and dangerous, they have no understanding of what it means to be strong and they abuse the responsibility when they’re with their girlfriends (the one and often first occasion they’ve had to throw their weight around). I saw an anon on here saying that firefighters are the biggest red flag dating options but I CANNOT relate, my boyfriend is a firefighter who is friends with tradesmen, police officers and ex-military almost exclusively, they are all well put together and respectful and really really open minded. My advice would be to look for the upper/better versions of the stereotype e.g. Electricians, naval officers, detectives, degree qualified etc. I know this might sound really weird but I went to a really liberal art school where more typical males were really stigmatised but I’ve never felt safer than in my current circle of friends. My boyfriend said that physical strength comes with responsibility, which is what should empower men to do the right thing. He’s really interested in the principle behind civil service and treats it as something noble, I know it sounds silly but when in the right hands old school notions and traditions can be really powerful.

No. 550346

The double standard my goodness

No. 550347

Anons, we don't support any cheating at all here

No. 550348

Why? I don’t get what the logic behind that would be, why would it be any less devastating to be cheated on for men?

No. 550350

I believe this to an extent, traditionally masculine men have certain qualities that are favorable for many women but they don't exist in uniform
for e.g their are plenty of intellectual type males who are also muscular and traditionally masculine and certain jobs do bring out an innate nature in males that forces to become masculine

No. 550352

>we don't support any cheating at all here
… you do realize this is the Unpopular Opinion thread, right?

No. 550354

Sure, I agree with most of the groups you listed, but frat boys could be considered jocks or chads and I think they’d suck to be with.
My ideal man would be an engineer so I think we’re on the same page? When you mention ex-military and tradesmen, I get more of a “male version of a horse girl” vibe than a chad or jock. I think chads and jocks more so go on to become businessmen or lawyers

No. 550356

The first jock I ever dated, I ended up marrying. Before that, it was a string of nerds and they were all hellscapes.

No. 550357

What’s the big fucking deal about cheating anyway? It very effectively does not concern you: your SO fucked someone else in a location where you weren’t present and you didn’t find out about it until you did, for you it is entirely within your own mind and you are completely accountable for how you let it affect you. You will obviously be sad and upset when you first hear the news, you may even take some time to get over it, but it is the same thing as being broken up with, it’s just an unexpected bump in the road. Why shouldn’t you be cheated on? It’s a very competitive sexual landscape out there, people are fucking every day! I don’t agree with it, I don’t condone it being done with impunity, it’s very obviously a breach of trust but to me it seems so common not only now but also throughout the entire history of mankind, why do you pretend it is not human nature? Strive to be better than your instincts of course, but get the fuck over your pity party cause your bf fucked his work colleague you idiot. Move on and upgrade yourself.

No. 550360

stop trying to justify your immoral behaviour

No. 550365

Same. I can't even find the interest to read a m/m romance, let alone go through all the sex scenes. I get that it's written by women and it makes it more appealing than all the man-made yuri, but there's plenty of women-written lesbian romances…

No. 550370

Lmao I agree with you anon but men rarely if not ever date down. Men these days even resent beautiful women out of their league if they feel their girlfriends or wives don't work enough and hand over an adequate amount money.
Unfortunately right now we are expected to be paragons of morality, and these hypothetical situations where women could hit back when men are the vulnerable ones don't really exist.

Even though I personally don't really care when women cheat on men (I believe half the time it's justified or circumstantially excusable), it's best they don't because it just solidifies male victim complex and makes life more difficult for us all.

No. 550371

Why? I can see how lesbians would be drawn to it, since most of it is made by women while het shit is well usually …too het, and yuri is by men for men. Is it weird for straights to enjoy gay media or vice versa?

No. 550372

>plenty of women-written lesbian romances
Please point me to this direction.

No. 550374

>implying parents who abuse their children actually face consequences
don't make me laugh anon

No. 550378

Cheating is bad and people shouldn't do it, but I honestly think people who hold millitant disdain for it are worse than cheaters. They're insanely suspicious, make it almost impossible to have friends of the opposite gender, and they will overstep serious boundaries like secretly going through your phone or following you to make sure you're telling the truth about your whereabouts. I cannot stress how much I would rather be cheated on than go through a relationship like that again.

No. 550381

I can't tell if you're trying to be comforting but came off retarded

No. 550419

This. Share your shit with the class, anon. Most lesbian content is written by men, point-in-case being yuri which is, for the most part, hopelessly gross, mildly pedophilic garbage.

No. 550433

>there's plenty of women-written lesbian romances…
Literally where? And no it can't be a virtue signaling empowering tumblr doodoo with intentionally unattractive characters, I don't want my romances and erotica being only about making a strong political stance on human rights, I read fiction solely for escapism. The only legitimately relatable and interesting one I've seen around that wasn't preachy as fuck is My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness and that was more of an autobiographical work than a fictional romance story. I also hate how if they're not straight out male sex fantasies, so many girl on girl stories play lesbians as some beautiful ethereal beings whose love making is more of an avant-garde art performance than sex. I don't find that relatable, I'm not a goddamn high elf or an arts student. Lesbians can be horny and vulgar too.

I'm so fucking sick of this "if you're a lesbian how come you like watching guys fucking huh???" narrative people constantly try to play as some sort of a retarded gotcha. First of all I'm not very comfortable with sexualizing female bodies in certain situations. Reading lesbian erotica always makes me think that some gross man is reading this and masturbating to it. That absolutely kills the mood for me and I can't help it. The BL community is like 99.9% female and I feel more comfortable in there without men around, and knowing that they hate gay shit and find it repulsive makes it a ~safe zone~. Because the characters are so female-coded I find them relatable and their relationship dynamics way more interesting. Like they don't act like real men at all. And that's the exact reason why I like it.

Excuse my spergout but this exact thing is like one of my top-5 pet peeves around and I'm one hundred percent tired of it.

No. 550446

>so many girl on girl stories play lesbians as some beautiful ethereal beings whose love making is more of an avant-garde art performance than sex

Holy shit anon, you just put what I've felt about lesbian media for years into words. The women are always either written as completely perfect, ethereal beings without a single sexual thought or literal male fap fodder. I also despise how almost all of it is about high school girls, like adult lesbians don't exist. Yaoi has way more diversity in terms of ages and actual adult relationships.

No. 550470

NTA. This thread has good recommendations >>>/m/1764

No. 550514

/m/ is the best board, wish it moved faster. /ot/ is good for drama. /g/ sucks ass. The cow boards are hit or miss usually, depends on the quality of milk.

No. 550516

Just say you're a koreaboo/twitterfag, anon.

No. 550518

Kek. Nah, just a fujo/weeb. /m/ would be better if I was a koreaboo though, you're right.

No. 550561

bUt WhAt If ThE gEnDeRs WeRe ReVeRsEd???(>>twitter)

No. 550586

yeah people rag on military types, and for good reason, but I know a lot of people who were genuinely set straight by their military experience, myself included. I had a friend in high school (typical three-sport jock who was kind of a jerk) who I recently reconnected with who had a stint in the Marines, and he's so incredibly open-minded and kind now compared to how he was before. It brings out either the best or worst in people, imo.

>male version of a horse girl
fuckin kek anon this is so accurate

No. 550692

Korean cuisine>>>>>other East Asian cuisines

No. 550694

Not trying to racebait but there are a lot of Koreans who think not liking Korean food (especially kimchi) is a form of racism when it’s all about personal taste

I would never go out of my way to tell a Korean I don’t like the food, but even when they ask (and they do frequently) if you like it, you have to say yes or they’ll likely be personally offended

No. 550695

LMAO have you not seen the domestic violence rates for police and military dudes????

No. 550699

>When you mention ex-military and tradesmen, I get more of a “male version of a horse girl” vibe than a chad or jock.
Tradesmen, really? They are peak normie chads in Australia.

No. 550701

File: 1588727573039.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.81 MB, 1342x2365, 996D13AC-DEFA-4AAF-A3FE-EB2BE5…)

No. 550708

>I don't understand why so many people my age flex the fact they grew up dirt poor and belittle the accomplishments of those who didn't
Usually it's when people who succeed at what they do brag about it and think they're self-made. I know a lot of people who had a good life and accomplished a lot of things because they always had access to a lot of resources and nobody shit talk them, meanwhile I also know a lot of rich kids who were spoiled by mommy and daddy and think they're hot shit for doing the bare minimum and they're generally disliked by normal people.

Think of it as how people shit talked about Trump saying his father gave him a small loan of one million dollars, what made them angry isn't that his father helped him by itself but that he talked like that was a super normal thing and like one million dollars is a small sum of money when it's pretty huge to the majority of people.

No. 550711

I don't want to blogpost but when this type of parents say this shit they can tend to escalate things later on, I wish my parents only beat me in the head with a sandal just because they got annoyed at their boss at work and want to take it out on someone else.

No. 550715

>music from people like Billie Ellish doesn't take talent or skill

It very much does, it's just not musical talent of skill. Few things that used to take technique do anymore, save for the small niche that is autistic enough in a positive sense to care about technique. Saying Ellish can't make music for shit is like saying Stephanie Meyer can't write for shit - it's true, but no1curr

Sage for explaining the obvious

No. 550722

Also, especially here in North QLD, they seem to be the cool-cross over kids. Like a lot of the tradies I know are heavily into old school runescape and anime etc. while also having been on the rugby team at school and being generally fashion trendy/at all the parties. It's a weird vibe, hard to explain. Kind of like what you imagine when you think of triple J normies but the ones I know at least are not as cringe.

No. 550734

I see your point but those aren't even things she does on her own.

No. 550779

I would like to formally retract this unpopular opinion. I was wrong.

No. 550794

Death Note isn't even that good.
I understand that it's an old anime with a "creative concept" or whatever but I don't get how it's constantly praised and treated like one of the best top ten shows ever when it was boring imo. The only good episodes were the first seven — everything went to shit after the Naomi Misora incident. Or when L died, I guess but I saw a lot of people say that the show went to shit after his death.

The only good thing I like about it are the soundtracks, these are very good, but the show itself? Not really.

No. 550802

Do people really WATCH Death Note instead of reading…

No. 550804

romantic relationships don’t interest me when they don’t revolve around lust/sex

No. 550808

Sounds unhealthy anon

No. 550818

File: 1588746109393.jpg (1.71 MB, 3000x2000, home-family-papa-rellena-with-…)

Spicy kimchi is really delicious, though. But yeah it is irritating when people take it personally when you don't like their favorite food. My mom is mildly lactose intolerant and people are so rude to her for not liking cheese.

What I don't understand is people who just hate an entire culture's food. There's got to be a least one dish they haven't tried yet that they'd like. It's irritating to be friends or family with someone who refuses to ever go to Mexican restaurants, for instance. Indian food is probably the type that has the most people who just refuse to try any of it, just because of the "spicy" and "indigestion" stereotypes. I understand disliking specific things, like curry or sushi, but most cultures have a huge variety of dishes.

As an aside, if any of you anons haven't tried it already, give Peruvian food (pic related) a try. Everything they do with potatoes is amazing.

No. 550819

File: 1588746247554.jpg (401.76 KB, 3072x2304, 1559617239582.jpg)

>watching Death Note
>not reading it

No. 550821

No offense but the anime is better

No. 550829


No. 550845

You have shit taste anon.

No. 550858

I also read it, I even own 3 mangas of it and I still think it's bad.
So where's the difference? Still won't change my opinion.

No. 550888

I don’t really like how these self identified radical feminists use feminism as an excuse to shit on online PROSTITUTES. If sex work is as bad as they claim and I do agree it is really bad, but if it’s something that you agree ruins people’s life why do you need to go after the women involved with it and drag them all over the internet if you truly care about them and think they’re victims? It really does feel like some sort of misogyny or hatred towards women that is disguised under the feminist agenda and claiming you’re doing some sort of heroic act and saving other women from becoming sex workers if you drag the women that are already involved with it down. The truth is, most girls that get into online sex work will do it either way, even if they have the positive online presence of other sex workers or not. The causes to why women get into online sex work are very different than just seeing a girl that does it promote it online and going “Yes, now because Shayna said sex work is good I’m gonna become an online sex worker”. Most of the women that end up doing it either really want it, are mentally ill or forced by their circumstances.

No. 550894

Not a radfem but nobody likes women with no self respect

No. 550909

It's not something exclusive to radfems, it's just human nature because most people claim that Tough Love ™ will help people improve. Tons of people will agree that shaming makes people improve.

No. 550916

This is big true. The worst I've gotten/seen from that subgroup of men is cheating, which is a hell of a lot better than the alternative. A bottomless pit of feelings, a ever-present sense of inadequacy and the propensity to let it out in violent bursts towards women/those that are weaker. The types I've met like that all seemed to have been raised with an absent father, I can imagine that's where a lot of it comes from, coupled with a lack of discipline their mothers couldn't provide (I'm sure they tried). Obvs there are exceptions in both regards, just my personal experience.

No. 550917

I'd say fanfictions are the most prolific, there's many well written ones depending on the fandom.
There's VN apps like Lovestruck and Choices if you're more into light cheesy stuff.
There's interactive novels (choiceofgames), for example Wayhaven Chronicles.
On goodreads there are many lesbian book recs you can check out (esp the ones published by Bold Strokes).
As for manga, I know Their Story (it's a Chinese manga) whose writer is a woman and it's very non-male-gazey and nice.

No. 550921

Begone scrote.(hi scrote)

No. 550927

Big kek

Agree, but that was an example, one of many. Point was double standards not how audible the scrote isn't.

No. 550946


I hate women who enable misogyny, which is what "muh sex work is empowering" mantra does, spouted by literally every hoe on twitter. Most of them are definitely not forced into it by circumstances and being mentally ill isn't a get out of jail free card. Pretty sure they're ruining their own lives, without being called mean names on lolcow dot farm lol

No. 550959

People don't shit on sex workers who are unfortunate enough to be involved in it out of necessity. They shit on the industry enabling them. People do shit on pampered first world middle class girls who glamorize sex work to be a fun-filled position with lots of attention and easy money. Get it right.

No. 551042

I am so sick and fucking tired of K-pop fans shitting up everything. The industry is garbage and most of the music is stolen from American artists. Every time my friends ask why I hate that shit I have to pull up an encyclopedia of all the anti black shit these artists do. Crazy.

No. 551053

File: 1588795819333.jpg (37.1 KB, 750x209, 95689439_1971680616296119_7826…)

What futility, unpopular opinion is next! Then vent and other complaint threads
Just because people geta little rowdy on imageboards we really shutting down replies in a place made for posting and replying lol
My unpopular opnion is females really can’t handle any discomfort or disagreement
Maybe women aren’t supposed to participate n chans after all(>>meta)

No. 551057

what really concerns me is how common / mainstream it's becoming to sell nude pictures or be a sugar baby.
i feel like we're nearing a time when people will tell unemployed women to just suck it up and be a prostitute because it's a job like any other.
and the way onlyfans and such websites are made to be enticing to naive young women looking for extra money is really gross.

No. 551061

D&D is stupid, either role play or go play a game that has a setting with characters. They waste hours on someone else's objective for a whole group of random characters when they could just develop a whole world with their character to either sell as a comic, story, or their own game.
Every time a friend comes out of it, it sounds like fuck all even happened yet it took 2-8 hours. That's enough time to just draw or write their own thing that they have total freedom to rather than set rules.

No. 551062


do you not roleplay when you play d&d? do you play alone? what the hell are you doing

No. 551066

I'm saying you could just free form role play or go play an actual game. Going off some DM's ideas with a group is a waste when you can just build a story on your own without other's rules. At least after all those hours you'd have something to show for it like a well written story or well customized open world game.

No. 551072

You sound like someone who has never played D&D

No. 551084

In what world is this normalized or mainstream? I've only seen sugar babies and nudes on lolcow.

No. 551087

just because you've only seen it here doesn't mean it's not true
go open twitter, they're everywhere

No. 551091

I definitely agree that onlyfans and cam girls are huge rn, but is traditional irl sugaring still popular too? Ofc it gets glorified on twitter and stuff but nobody does it right anymore, they seem to just do findom or sell feet pics and call it sugaring.

No. 551092

The purpose of a roleplaying game is to give structure to narratives. Coming up with stories alone or with friends is great but having rules that say you just die if someone manages to stab you in the head or if someone has a personality that doesn't work well with yours they wont fall in love with you ect ect stops people from contriving situations where their favorite character can make it through every problem they have looking cool and ultimately victorious which happens in most fiction especially amateur.

No. 551170

i personally see sugaring a lot in my city. a lot of it in strip clubs etc. seeking arrangements and all that. i think it's pretty commonplace in larger areas.

No. 551197

Its really crumbling huh i hope this place fucking burns since the last of oldfags are driven out

No. 551211

I don't know why you're bringing gender into this, that literally never goes well, but this is so weird. Anons will either post less confessions because everyone wants their (you), or it'll become normal to cross post commentary into another thread.
This is a gossip site, people are here to pass judgement.

No. 551224

The op actually says no judgements, confess, confess, confess!.
It is pretty cringey when you can larp in a mmo or RPG.
Not just twitter, there are memes and jokes about it everywhere because even normies realize it's blowing up.

No. 551231

it kinds of pains me to read stuff like this about D&D, especially since a lot of RPGs are based on the D&D system.

No. 551233

I respect it for that but it's so outdated to sit around and larp for hours when most people don't know how to actually effectively roleplay without handholding. I used to play with friends that took hours for 5 turns.

No. 551234

Journalists are worse than politicians at this point. They should be ashamed of themselves.

No. 551236

well that's totally fair, but the game isn't the issue imo. it's a lot more work to play a long game than pick up a controller but i think in a lot of ways if you're playing with the right people and with enough creativity and imagination it can be more fun than an RPG or MMO.

No. 551242

Brittany Venti is just as much of a pick me as Shoeonhead and Idubbbz gf

No. 551243

not unpopular, thats true

No. 551245

Isn't that bitch trad? Just different flavor of handmaiden

No. 551252

I've always been surprised that she's not trans. She doesn't look like a biological woman at all.

No. 551255

She’s not trad. she acts trad and doesn’t was makeup and such because of her newer fan base is full of redpill retards
I seen someone saying they agree with her or like her foranti porn shit, I just found out she follows that incel who sings the Scott pilgrim song

No. 551311

Anytime someone who went to public school talks about the rich kids they went to school with, I just don't believe them. Rich people in America don't send their kids to public school. They're either making it up or their idea of rich is laughably low, like a dentist or something.

No. 551338

A lot of middle class people think earning a salary of 200k before taxes is rich when it's upper middle class at most. When I think rich I think of the people pulling in at least nearly a million per year. I have a yearly salary of 60k and my lower income friends think I'm just rolling around in money because I can afford a fancier brand of coffee or something.

No. 551343

>They're either making it up or their idea of rich is laughably low.

It's this. My parents shipped us out to live in some poverty stricken podunk so they wouldn't have had to commute as much when I was a kid. Mom was a teacher and dad was an electrician. Kids thought I was loaded because my parents bought me new fast fashion clothes for my birthday and on holidays, and we had a modest but clean house. They thought we hired landscapers and maids when it was really just us doing all the work. They also thought we were fancy because we had an above ground pool that my dad built a deck and gazebo for. I had to deal with a lot of bullying and jealousy because of that.

No. 551377

The issues women have in the daying world are kind of brought on by women being dumb. Women should start being just like men in dating. Women should start fucking 19 year olds when they're like 40. They should nit pick their husbands looks more. We need to start watching porn with hot guys and orbiting celebrities despite being in a relationship.
Stop praising dad boss and salt and pepper hair.

We need to start being just as shameless and gross so they can have a taste of their own medicine.

No. 551388

I prefer the tactic of vetting men and straight up ghosting them or walking away immediately when they prove they are trash. I don't want to sink to their level, it's a much more powerful feeling to hurt them by making them know you are above them. Crushes their ego entirely.

No. 551390

That wont change anything becuz he will just find some woman willing tolerate it and then complain to her that you were mean/crazy. Society needs to change at its core.

No. 551391

I've been called rich because I have a pool in my yard, in a medium sized 2 bedroom house. The standards are preeeetty low. I'm certainly better than most but this isn't rich

No. 551392

I get what you're saying anon but tbh being 'smart' sometimes hurts as badly. Rejecting men tactfully so they won't destroy your self esteem, get scary, or just be a whiny mess is absolutely draining. Even though I know it's their lack of character, I still feel like nobody special when I realize some man is just trying to use me and thinks I look or act stupid enough to fall for it. Men literally feel entitled to endless hours of our best, and how dare we say no to them even if they have nothing to offer us in return. I crave companionship and love but dating hasn't made me happy in years. Something's really changed about our culture, it was not like this even five years ago and no less ten.

No. 551393

Even though I'm a bit of a fan I totally agree. And I hate how popular it's gotten because the rabid fans are everywhere and have no self awareness. The funniest part is how they're constantly making #isoverparties for any celeb who isn't a kpop idol but the moment their faves do something it's time to clear the searches and delete the evidence

No. 551398

Some of the dumbest shit women do is see the dysfunctional things men do and think that makes them happy, especially just because those are things that make women unhappy.

No. 551402

Also, women need to start putting their female friends before any male in their life. A male will ghost you to play video games with his "boys", how often do ya see girls doing this?

No. 551413

I will never understand women who see men act like shameless, disgusting pigs and go "wow I wish that were me" for the sole reason that it's not socially acceptable to do so

No. 551504

i have multiple friends who do the irl stuff, they both find men online though

No. 551517

they'll never see it that way because most of them see themselves as the underdogs and think they're getting back at WOMEN by being misogynist. a lot of men see themselves as expendable and inherently worthless so they overcompensate by putting everything they have into being special and useful wrt their jobs and accomplishments. they think we have inherent worth and leverage over them even though we don't usually feel that way. all their chauvinist shit is basically a giant cope to make them feel more important. they're projecting when they call us useless and inferior, but we take it literally because we're insecure about being less strong and aggressive. they don't even take that into consideration because of their lower empathy. they just assume we live in their worldview.
i think they're generationally traumatized from dying en masse in battles or being at the mercy of natural selection so they degrade and devalue women to cope.

No. 551566

re:confession thread

mod bans are commentary due to how opinionated and varied they are and any PP confessions are allowed and valid without interference

No. 551726

All the girls who post here about how they regularly use r9k, and complain about their bizarre and pathetic horrible lives with their robot boyfriend they met on 4chan are literally themselves robot posters and should be treated as such. Like the call is coming from inside the house.

No. 551727

Seems like. If you pushback against them at all you get a ban for infighting or all commentary is banned. The site has become so homogenous and banning commentary will probably only make it worse. Some degree of disagreement and infighting is probably good for the board but I guess it’s hard for mods to strike that balance.

No. 551764

we think we're free in the west but we're not

No. 551766

Anyone can confess as they please, it just isn't the place for anons to debate or infight about confessions.

No. 551771

They do a good job of giving that illusion.

No. 551777

Here's an even hotter take: Freedom is an illusion.

No. 551785

Which is arguably even more sinister imo keeps the people content, just enough

No. 551796

>Rejecting men tactfully so they won't destroy your self esteem, get scary, or just be a whiny mess is absolutely draining.
Why would you let some retarded moid's obvious cope affect your self-esteem? Develop some self-esteem and learn to set boundaries like an emotionally healthy adult, and simply stop talking to men after you've rejected them. The "get scary" part is the only valid thing you mentioned. I think a lot of anons have a lot of issues in life because they're doormats who never assert themselves.

No. 551806

Freedom doesn’t exist.

No. 551812

File: 1588952798138.jpeg (104.24 KB, 717x630, 778A3AE8-8510-46F1-9944-DC03DF…)

Girls and women with with issues really should stay away from guys who are open about visiting hellholes like r9k. I could never do that myself after the tragedy that occurred with Bianca Devins and how the soulless users on there enabled that shit.

On a lighter note, I’m unsure how unpopular this opinion is on here but I feel meh towards JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. I had to check it out after seeing the annoying fanbase shill it endlessly. The animation is great and it’s definitely fun to watch at times. My problem with it is that there are so many glaring inconsistencies with the plotlines, weak and downright condescendingly weird treatment of female characters (like Jotaro’s mom for example), some poorly-written make characters in general, and glorification of mindless violence/gore as a means of conflict resolution. I can see the appeal of it but I don’t get why it’s considered one of the best series of all-time like many of its annoying fans claim.

No. 551814

>Women should start fucking 19 year olds when they're like 40. They should nit pick their husbands looks more. We need to start watching porn with hot guys and orbiting celebrities despite being in a relationship.
This is pretty much the same dysfunctional shite shallon lester has been saying for years. Just stay single. Entering into relationships already prepared to use jealousy against people and play mind games with them is a waste of your time and theirs.

No. 551825

I really tried to like JoJo because its not like a standard contrived anime, but i couldn't stand the pacing or the writing. The jokes are too sparse for me to consider it a quality comedy anime. The writing is just so sloppy and it sits on the crutch of being ~absurd~ to not have to hold up to scrutiny. the clumsy villain/hero origin and the story resolutions were a mess. I got to season 3 before i had to stop because jotaro seemed like a fucking cunt. Also the "epic music references" for superpowers are super hackneyed. Just because they reference popular music doesn't mean there was a lot of extra thought put into it.

No. 551831

Same anon you’re replying too but I agree with your annoyance by Jotaro’s character beungg a dickhead. I really dislike how he’s portrayed as the good guy we’re supposed to be rooting for, but what kind and loving person calls their mom a bitch and threatens to start fights with people all of the time? That behavior would be far less tolerable in real life. I think people like him are self-insert fantasies for disgruntled male fans who know they can’t do that irl (which makes up a good chunk of the fanbase from my experience).

No. 551833

I just don't wanna fuck an 18 year old

No. 551837

any proof of her actually saying this ?

No. 551839

> just refuse to try any of it, just because of the "spicy" and "indigestion" stereotypes

These the type of people that go to a restaurant and order chicken tenders each time.

On that note. I HATE picky eaters. Obviously, you don't have to like everything, but I'm talking about people who refuse to eat anything but nuggets, fries, chicken tenders, bland pasta etc. It's such a turn off. It's mostly men too. I know so many girls who are like
> "my boyfriend never eats vegetables teehee"

No. 551840

agreed on picky eaters, and people who just on principle will not try anything unfamiliar to them (not talking about people with weird intolerances, I know some poeple who really can't eat anything but unseasoned rice and cabbage and that's not by choice)

No. 551855

File: 1588960510253.jpg (28.35 KB, 600x468, 0c4.jpg)

I went on one date with a guy like this. I offered him a bite of my stir-fry (it was beef and generic veggies) and he said he doesn't eat vegetables at all. He also claimed to not drink water, only soda and juice.

No. 551862

Penis is like a parasite that sucks the life and energy out of its host. I noticed women who dont have much sex look bright and lively, while women who engage in casual sex or are in long term relationships look run down and tired. Men literally suck the life out of women.

No. 551868

Penis is not the issue, the parasite attached to the penis is the issue.

No. 551876

I call this "being on the beige diet"

No. 551877

I feel like good dick makes your skin glow. To each their own lol

No. 551878

the lies feminists tell themselves to cope lmao(ban evading)

No. 551888

This is so funny

No. 551908

Jotaro is definitely a fuckhead in part 3, but the thing that redeems him imo is that he does measurably grow as a person by the end of part 3 (there's a detail in the anime for part 4 where it shows him driving away from the mc's house, and he uses his turn signal which made me laugh when I first saw it), and even though he's a delinquent with an absentee dad trying very hard to be cool, he stands out by having a really strong sense of justice and never asking for recognition or praise for anything he does. He is explicitly NOT a kind or loving person, or a good guy, but he's still the hero because Dio is both a bad guy and actually evil. I used to hate him but he's my favorite jojo now tbh.

also you'd think he'd be a power fantasy character, and maybe he is in japan, but I usually see him ranking middle to low on popularity rankings on 4chan/reddit/other male-populated spaces. Joseph is far more desirable by male fans because he doesn't need a Stand. He actually probably has a worse sense of justice and morality than Jotaro does. People love the tommy gun scene in part ii but Jotaro would never do something like that.

All that aside though the characters are meant to be over-the-top. Jotaro yelling at his mom and calling her a bitch is supposed to be for comedy because she literally just broke him out of jail when he says it kek.

/end jojo sperging

No. 551912

This is definitely something that I've observed. Women in relationships age faster too. Oh, and it's been scientifically proven that they live shorter as well.

No. 551913

Both true
How to scope good dick without having to fuck them. Can't we yelp those dick appointments or is that """sexist""" or whatever

No. 551914

I haven't personally seen casual sex causing it but with long term relationships I have. People stick around in bad relationships for too long thinking it'll all somehow work out.

I'm kind of babyfaced but I did have a bunch of health complaints slowly pile up in my last long term relationship. All went away within weeks of moving away from him. Glad I didn't spend a fortune on medical tests. Was all stress induced.

No. 551953

doing the "right thing" and being a nice person gets you NOWHERE in life unless you are also really pretty and really smart. Being a nice person with average intelligence and looks means you are easy bait. I actually can't recall a time where being nice didn't fuck me over.

No. 552050

Wrestling is just white trash soap opera

No. 552058

Im like literally tossing and turning in bed thinking about this fact anon.

No. 552059

Just don't be a push over with it. Only go out of your way to help someone once and if they turn down a chance to return the favor, don't do anything for them until they do something for you. Good way to weed out users and find nice people.

No. 552071

Huh, I can't recall a time when doing the right thing screwed me over. Sometimes you don't get anything back, but if you're 'doing the right thing' and expecting anything more than an internal moral payoff you're missing the point a bit.

I CAN think of plenty of times when being a total doormat screwed me over, maybe you're having trouble telling the difference? It's a thin line sometimes.

No. 552086

Being average, I only got satisfaction by doing the right thing, which is not necessarily the “nicest” thing. Sometimes it hurts, doing the right thing or even people think you’re not “nice” because you didn’t let them get what they wanted.
As Anon above said, there is difference between being nice and a doormat. One comes with respect for your feelings and others’. Being a doormat might seem respectful, but it really isn’t, not for you nor for others.

No. 552105

I liked CLANNAD actually, idk something about it makes me really comfy and sleepy and nostalgic

No. 552113

My unpopular Jojo opinion is that Giorno is criminally underrated. He was straight up considered "worst Jojo" until Vento Aureo got its anime adaptation (then he became more popular, it's almost as if some people didn't actually read the mango) but I never understood why. He's always been one of my favorites.
He's smart, calm but not stoic like Jotaro, he's kind and cares a lot about his friends and has no issue showing it. Shoutout to my boy Giorno

No. 552119

taste. my favorite remains jolyne but still, I think every jojo has something special for themselves.

No. 552142

The term “Simp“ was a good punisher for horny retards, but now too many people are misusing it and it is losing its meaning as an insult.

No. 552147

File: 1589041709543.jpg (131.6 KB, 768x768, 411cb3137f5b47601285907437463d…)

Who doesn't like Clannad? It's pretty highly rated on most websites (for good reason).

No. 552151

Fake nails are better

No. 552159

If your natural nails look like shit and you can't grow them, sure fakes are.

No. 552161

Imagine wasting your time applying nail polish and shit when you could just glue yourself some nails and be done w/ it

No. 552173

long nails in general are gross

No. 552177

>Who doesn't like Clannad
Those who aren’t lonely weebs who consume contrived crycore breeder propaganda to feel alive I guess? I honestly don’t think it’s good on any technical level. Only one or two characters are actually well written. I think I like it the same way I like cheesy indie movies.

No. 552181


No. 552183

No. 552187

I'd take long nails over the bitten uneven nubs I see most people sporting these days.

No. 552192

>crycore breeder propaganda
Fucking kek anon.

Still love me some Clannad tho.

No. 552199

I hate the excessive amount of cheese any takeout, pizza service or restaurant puts on their food. It turns perfectly fine and delicious food into soggy, gag-worthy messes.

No. 552209

That term became popular to due usage in stupied redpill/manosphere circles. It was never a term to punish horny men as much as it was an excuse to be misogynistic. It’s the mainstream 2020 equivalent of calling someone an orbiter or whiteknight.

I agree on you regarding how it’s being misuses nowadays. It’s like how incel gets casually thrown around by normies for any guy displaying even the slightest display of sexist behavior. Incels are sexists but not all sexists are incels, basically.

No. 552212

I thought y'all were talking about the Irish folk music band Clannad at first and I was like wat. loooool

No. 552215

I really hate people using the term “narc” as shorthand for narcissist online

I really didn’t think this was an unpopular opinion until I mentioned it in a thread once and had a bunch of anons jump down my throat.

Narc already has a meaning and it’s not fucking narcissist lol

No. 552222

what does narc stand for if it's not meant for narcissist? genuinely asking

No. 552223

>crycore breeder propaganda to feel alive I guess? I honestly don’t think it’s good on any technical level
This. Clannad is fucking trash and complete autoplagiarism. I loled so hard about people watching Air and Kanon and deciding that those are unoriginal when Clannad is ripping off those hard.
Also Clannad is too fucking long and unfunny as fuck.
I am not saying Air and Kanon were masterpieces, but at least those vns/anime were short and to the point and weren't reusing the same characters/tropes for the second or third time (depending how you look at it)

No. 552225

Imagine if all the narc stories on here were actually about that kind of narc instead, so many narc moms out there

No. 552226

a few years ago i got mocked irl for using narc to mean narcissist, but now everyone does it. but i'm sure anyone with ties to drugs would still laugh at someone using it for a psychological term instead of its other meaning.

No. 552229

yeah this. what's screwed me over hasn't been doing the right thing itself, it's been showing my hand and making it clear that i'm sensitive and want to be nice. it's blood in the water for manipulative people but that doesn't mean you actually have to become a jerk in your actions. doing the right thing is usually best done quietly.

No. 552231

It’s short for narcotics officer, but frequently just used for referring to a snitch too

No. 552233

lmao this argument reminds me of how there are actually two meanings of the term hoe, and it actually used to be differentiated by different spellings. hoe = gardening tool, ho = rude word for a woman you don't like. but i guess nobody could remember this and now both are just spelled like h-o-e.

i feel like i'm the only one that recalls that there used to be two different spellings of this word and it makes me feel like i'm fucking insane.

No. 552234

also, to your credit, i've seen this cause confusion before. the text reciepts from the grimes/azealia banks drama, for example, show grimes calling banks a "narc" several times during an argument. everyone who has commented on this seems confused, like she's implying that banks snitched on her/others for drugs, but i'm pretty sure she was actually just calling her a narcissist.

No. 552237

It's just short for whore, don't think there would be an 'official' spelling.

No. 552238

completely agree, when people first started doing this I was so confused reading a lot of conversations online.

No. 552239

I'm old enough to remember this too

No. 552240

I think it's pointlessly cruel to bash people for believing in conspiracy theories and shows a real lack of understanding as to how someone would come to support such beliefs to begin with. It's usually indicative of severe trust issues, both of others and professionals, which have been caused by actual traumatic experiences. Telling these people that they're idiots, a detriment to society, etc, does more harm than good, and they're more likely to just cling to their beliefs even harder.

No. 552241

Yeah I definitely think advertising yourself as sensitive and a 'helper' type can attract people who take advantage, but I don't like to conflate that with 'doing the right thing'. I think refusing to be manipulated by a person trying to use you IS doing the right thing, there's nothing moral about letting a terrible person be rewarded for manipulation. Or you know if you wanna be Jesus you could acknowledge within yourself that they're taking advantage and help them anyway with full self-awareness, but I think the common thread is acting with some sort of integrity.

In the church I grew up in people used to joke that even when you ask 'what would Jesus do?' you should remember that 'yell and flip tables' is among your recorded options.

No. 552247

File: 1589057858597.png (40.26 KB, 1244x476, rGNuyDJ.png)

Conspiracy theorists can be just as cruel with their words. Every conspiracy theorist I've come across has been mean as hell and the false information they spew is harmful.

No. 552248

definitely remember this

No. 552249

The conspiracy theorists’ I’ve met have been like that too. Instead of having healthy skepticism it’s just the guys in class who would play devil’s advocate to the nth degree. Their theories are always rooted in immediate rejection of what’s going on rather than a real critical analysis. Majority are incredibly selfish and we really see that now with people thinking it’s oppression to have to wear a mask to go to Costco.

No. 552252

I really hate it when people post some unflattering mid-movement candids of cows to "prove" how ugly they are just to be bitchy and petty. Like that's stale high school drama milk. If the cow is a legitimate bovine you don't have to make up stupid shit like that to ignite discussion because there'd be more pressing matters. inb4 "it's just for fun don't be so salty kek!!!!!" it's fucking obnoxious and on par with all the ana-chans calling a cow fat when she obviously has a BMI of 18. Bring in some actual drama instead of this shitty nitpicking you know you're doing just to project your own insecurities into someone.

No. 552254

It's really clear that anons think ugly/fat is the worst possible thing to be, therefore a bad person MUST be considered ugly/fat in order to get their just desserts. Being an attractive shitty person isn't enough punishment, they have to do mental gymnastics to confirm that pretty skinny e-girl is actually as ugly as they deserve. And, of course, the obvious, seething jealousy doesn't help.

No. 552256

I find body nitpicking retarded in general because if that makes a cow, then by all accounts this website should be swamped with ana and obese chans who have had the audacity to exist on the internet.

A lot of it is jealousy. A lot of it is just anons shitting their pants over someone else getting something that they don't deserve whether that thing is money, attention, or whatever.

No. 552257

This is the perfect way to put it. I guess anons obsessed with looks can't accept that a good-looking person could do bad things so they must rob them of that privilege in order to be permitted to hate them, which in order makes no sense to me. Someone can be beautiful and also an insufferable cunt. I'm well aware of all that "ugly personality rises to the surface" discourse but shit talking a moderately attractive, skinny girl regarding how she's apparently fat and ugly serves no purpose. It just perpetuates the idea that attractive people can't be rotten inside. I get it when the point is to laugh at a cow's loudly announced delusions about her own looks but even that has its limits, like literally analyzing someone's HDR zoomed in skin pores or eyebags is obsessive and straight out creepy.

No. 552262

FIIIIIIINALLY i'm sick of decent-looking/cute people that happen to be cowlike getting called incredibly ugly and their like… normal bending-down chub rendering them absolutely deathfat just because people can't dislike someone and accept that they can be attractive at the same time. It makes the board look so stupid and PULL-tier when perfectly normal looking people get called fuck ugly and if i were to be honest this board probably skews on the lower end of attractive like all imageboards do which makes it hypocritical and retarded. From what ive seen of people that have left their profile pics in in screenshots, anons are throwing stones from glass houses when they call cows unattractive. This of course doesn't count for shayna who is clapped

No. 552263


I don't mean to suggest that they're exempt from criticism, just that responding to them with hateful rhetoric isn't helpful. I mostly see people doing this rather than trying to understand where their coming from. Obviously, some are very combative and are going to accuse of you being "in on it" if you question their beliefs. In those cases, unless they're actively harming you or others simply by having those beliefs, it's best to just ignore them.

No. 552264

honestly, there are so many threads on this board where this seems to constitute the majority of "milk" on the person.

on that note, here's another unpopular opinion: a lot of cows on this board aren't milky enough to warrant threads.

No. 552267

a lot of people just can't accept that their cows aren't milky anymore because they've become weirdly attached to them. autistic explanation but /pt/ should be purely about milk yet sometimes it seems like it's based on who is the most established "character" and sometimes /snow/ is really milky but /pt/ is boring af

No. 552268

>a lot of people just can't accept that their cows aren't milky anymore because they've become weirdly attached to them

Yesss, spot on.

No. 552273

File: 1589064662876.jpeg (342.51 KB, 736x727, 1585511854635.jpeg)

Are you talking about this e-girl in particular? It's strange how so many people are wking her when she's obviously fat.

No. 552274

imo with the exception of Vicky and Luna, you could just switch pt and snow and it would make more sense.

No. 552275

>a lot of people just can't accept that their cows aren't milky anymore because they've become weirdly attached to them.
God, this.

The Momokun thread has been dead for like two years at this point. I think the Umineko CMV drama was the last actually interesting thing about her, even when she recently went fully topless and started showing her vagina topped with the assplug stuff it just didn't do it for me anymore, she had been old news for a good while. She went from one of the most milkiest and histrionic cows on the board to a basic e-thot flashing her goodies to grab neckbeard bucks, sometimes dressing up in a 100% commissioned costume. Yet anons can't let go and keep raking through her every instastory and repeat the same "lolol momo so fat she said she wasn't a sex worker" joke again and again. I knew the party was over when the thread started attracting spergs who straight out admitted they're "not interested in her boring cosplay drama" and how they just want to laugh at how fat and trashy she is.

Really miss the times when the focus was on her scamming people, continuously picking fights on Twitter, airing her dirty laundry for everyone to see, stealing character/costume designs, ghosting conventions, lying about getting liposuction, posting stupid faux spiritual stuff and making cosplays with the worst construction you've ever seen while claiming to have a real eye for detail. She's getting older though so I guess she gradually started growing up while her threads' demographic got younger and dumber.

No. 552279

oh my god i need to hide that thread even seeing it is pissing me off! the most milkless girl on the boards, she's been bumping her own thread for about a week and farmhands are doing nothing about it. thread needs to be locked she's a complete nobody

No. 552282

Nah, I've never looked at her thread. From that pic she does actually look fat.

No. 552283

same anon as >>552274 and I wanna add, it bugs me when people say there shouldn’t be a thread for a fucked up person just because they haven’t hurt enough people or done enough wrong. Horrorcow trainwrecks are still cows.

No. 552284

>it is pissing me off!
>thread needs to be locked

No. 552287

yeah any thread that i don't personally like should be locked. i said what i said!

No. 552288

If you ask very nicely the admin, the thread might get removed.

No. 552293

Agreed. A cow doesn't need to be a bad person to laugh at them, look at Chris or pixy. Even moo isn't a bad person but you'll see other costhots raging on about how she's the next worst thing after onision. She's still a cow.

No. 552295

yeah we should get it removed. why does she have a thread anyway it's just because she's not a radfem like the rest of the website and it's ridiculous she's a minor and people harass her for no reason but it seems like the people taking care of the website don't care so idk

No. 552296

>acting like an embarrassing edgy incel online
>sperging out at any criticism
Nah she deserves her thread as much as Erin Painter did, not my cup of tea for threads but you seem overly wk'y.
Pretty sure it was one of her orbiters or a troll.

No. 552297

who the fuck is erin painter speak english motherfucker

No. 552303

I agree, and I hate it when people call out the nitpicking and some dumbass just responded with ‘wk’. The two that stand out to me are Myah Alannah’s thread pic and Anisa. I don’t follow Myah’s thread but all of the fug pictures people post are just bad candids that literally anyone could look bad in. And even in the thread pic itself she doesn’t look that bad, just awkwardly in motion. Anisa’s OF pics are super awkward and she’s not good in front of a camera but her actual body is very nice. Anons complain that she’s built like a fridge but she really isn’t. It’s not a fucking crime to not have a 20” waist.

No. 552311

I get why adopted and male/female donor kids would want to know about their "real" parents and I don't know why it's controversial

No. 552316

File: 1589070568094.jpeg (55.92 KB, 565x182, 51C82593-0B45-41E0-B6F1-B4B13E…)

Even more annoying is the white knights who defend some fat ugly bitch who hates other women

No. 552318

Erin Painter was a ddlg /snow/ cow that was a bit milky for a while because of the amount of self posting she did in her own thread

No. 552324

Calling her milk less is a stretch. There are threads that are ten times worse then hers such as the momo thread that's in pt of all places instead of w, despite it just being a coomer wonderland and people nitpicking her admittedly ridiculous liposuction.

No. 552385

She-Ra’s reboot looks like shit and not because “diversity”. It looks like some 13 yo Winx OC.

No. 552387

This. Also everyone who likes it is in it just to be woke about their lesbian!!! uwu couple. The corporate gay pandering cash machine goes brrrrrrr.

No. 552422

The Anisa anons are among the cringiest people on this site. I say this as someone who really fucking hates Anisa. Yes, she's a desperate pickme with less personality than a wet towel, but her behavior just isn't bad enough to warrant countless threads ripping her apart for not looking like a severely photoshopped IG model. She hasn't done anything truly milky since her pathetic meltdown over Laci Green dating Chris Ray Gun like 3 years ago.

No. 552447

The nitpicking in Twitch (Anisa's) thread is out of control, I hope mods get off their ass and correct it soon. Shouldn't this bitch be in cam hoe general anyway?? There are probably 3 different streamers grooming children in their discord right fucking now but I've read about Anisa's dirty carpet, feet, and fake tits for a month straight. They're reverse psyching me into thinking she is based for triggering icuckz fanboys and girls this hard.

No. 552452

They actually banned her threads but then they cried about it kek now its camgirl gen but they nitpick to hell

No. 552458

I kinda wish she would just get her own thread again as a sort of containment thread for the spergs. I feel like they fill up the Twitch thread with drivel and distract from any actual milk going on with other streamers. There's plenty of stuff to discuss about that platform besides a washed up YouTuber's girlfriend's mediocre thot pictures.

No. 552462

I think racist and homophobic speech should be protected by the first admendent.

I loathe how I cannot express that opinion without being called racist or homophobic in turn.

No. 552465

It is, dumbass. Hate speech is protected by the first amendment. But free speech just means you can say whatever stupid shit you want and not be censored by the government or thrown in prison, as long as it's not obscene or threatening. It doesn't mean that people can't call you a bigot in return lmao.

No. 552470

go on /pol/ you can say all the bigoted speech you want there luv

No. 552473

Fuck off skinhead-chan.

No. 552474

>I want my right to say racist shit to be protected
>But I also want to ban other people rights to call me racist in response
AltRight-tard logic.(samefagging)

No. 552475

it is protected by the first amendment. learn how to read. Threats of violence and slander are not protected. also private companies like twitter, facebook, or instagram can silence you for what reason they like cause they're not the government.

No. 552477

Poor Anon-chan, must be tough being called out for being stupid. There, there I’m sure you can find other retards with your bullshit ideas somewhere….

No. 552479

Say whatever you want but don’t be surprised if you get exposed or you get your ass handed to you

No. 552484

You cant have your cake and eat it too.

No. 552489

If you don’t want to commit an abortion, just don’t have sex at all.

No. 552491

>tfw rape exists but hey don't have sex

No. 552503

I grew up in a country with no abortion and mostly avoided sex for all of my twenties because even that 2 percent failure rate with birth control terrified me. My bfs all eventually grew to resent me over it, fun times lol

No. 552532

… why would being willing to have an abortion be necessary to have sex? This might shock you but some people are okay with sex resulting in pregnancy?

No. 552533

… but it is protected by the first amendment.

No. 552542

nta but they obviously mean in case of unwanted pregnancy

No. 552566

to add to this most cows aren't ugly. there's exceptions ofc but at worst most are average. anons act like they're some circus side freaks because of their appearance, but odds are none of us would give them a second glance if we walked by them on the street.

No. 552622

I've been having a lot of health problems lately that I never had before being in a stressful relationship. I'm wondering if it's stress related like yours was, do you mind telling me what kinds of problems you were experiencing?

No. 552627

This isn't really my unpopular opinion but more asking why some people have this opinion. I know there are a lot of people on here who don't think asexuals exist. Just wondering why? I've seen some people who seem to be legitimately asexual.

No. 552636

File: 1589165288380.jpg (97.7 KB, 940x683, tumblr_b59721c7450b044fd64ba1c…)


All asexuals have something that explains their so called asexuality.

Depression or other mental illness, hormone imbalances, malnutrition, medication, autism, trauma, all of these can cause your sex drive to be low or non-existant, and every asexual has one of those things going on, its pretty simple and explainable.

Taking medication for blood pressure? boom no sex drive.

Depressed? no sex drive.

good ole tism? no sex drive.

Non existant sex drive is a huge symptom that something is wrong with your body and people decided to make an identity out of it without tackling the real cause of it.

inb4 that whole "asexuals are not broken!!!" spiel, yes you are go see a doctor.

No. 552639

I don't think there's anything wrong with lacking an interest in sex, I think you can have a naturally low libido. But I just don't think most asexuals are genuinely completely disinterested in the first place. They're always coming up with retarded subdivisions of asexuality to justify their sexual desire, like ~grey asexuals~. And take someone like Kenna who would claim asexuality and simultaneously fawn over cute male anime characters - it's obvious she's attracted to them, but men irl just don't measure up to her fantasies so asexuality it is!

Anyway I don't take issue with the concept of asexuality (meaning low/no libido), but more whatever god awful personality someone would need to have to use 'asexual' to describe themselves, as if it's a sexual orientation or identity equivalent to being gay. Just say you have a low sex drive and move on, snowflake.

No. 552645

Asexuality isn't having no sex drive, it's just not being sexually attracted to men or women, there's lots of non-cringe ace people who never make a label out of it and are just single all their lives or fine with a dead bedroom. You find a lot of them in professions that require loads of dedication and time.

No. 552651

How would you know there are loads of them in certain professions but also say that they are non cringe and don't use labels? If they keep it to themselves you wouldn't know.

If asexuality was defined as a lack of attraction to either men or women that could be reasonable, too bad 99% of people who publicly claim asexuality also have a demonstrable preference for a certain gender. Usually men, because most asexuals are tumbrlinas who post about fictional male characters all the time and write gay porn.

No. 552654

>no attraction to either men and women
>no sex drive

you realize in the end these are the same things right? You don't want to fuck either, you don't want to fuck anyone, wow no sex drive.

>there's lots of non-cringe ace people who never make a label out of it and are just single all their lives or fine with a dead bedroom,

I live alright with hypoglicemia, that doesn't mean its not a health problem that I can get fixed.

>You find a lot of them in professions that require loads of dedication and time.

workaholics also deal with a plentitude of issues,(stress, shitty diets, lack of exercise) that can cause low sex drive.

also typical holier than thou uwu proud asexy behavior lmao

No. 552665

They say asexuals aren’t real because they don’t like them. It’s that simple.

Just because someone’s asexuality might be caused by something doesn’t mean that that person can’t use the “asexual” label. It’s a helpful label for those who don’t have sexual desire. An asexual is someone who doesn’t have any sexual desire. People who don’t have any sexual desire exist. Asexuals exist.

>too bad 99% of people who publicly claim asexuality also have a demonstrable preference for a certain gender.
Which is perfectly reasonable, considering aesthetic attraction toward someone is not the same as wanting to fuck them. Plenty of asexuals still desire romantic relationships with a certain sex.

No. 552666

Because I ask them and they explain it like that without ever knowing what a tumblr is.

It's not the same thing, you can still get horny and want to masturbate without lusting after someone else.

Here's me unpopular opinion: people get so seething about asexuals since they're secretely jealous as their own sexuality has caused them more problems than positives in life and they wish it just wasn't there.

No. 552667

you're right anon but we live in 2020 and a woman who doesn't want casual sex is a prudish tradthot with internalized misogyny. you're just going to get go back to tumblr responses

the last part makes sense. you can't deny that the world would be much better and easier to live in if most people were asexual

No. 552668

>secretly jealous

Jesus Christ the level of stuck upness is why people hate asexuals, they always act like they are better and above normal people for being oh so evolved and above carnal desires.

Oh the world would be so much better if people were like Me Me Me!!


And people wouldn’t hate asexuals so much if you didn’t act like people who have normal sex drives were retarded animals just like you’re doing right now.

No. 552671

i'm a lesbian but ok m8. no one called you retarded animals, you're the one who brought it up

No. 552675

Sorry about your theory but I'm celibate. I just don't need to do any mental gymnastics or self aggrandizing to admit to myself that I'm not comfortable having sex at this stage of my life. I also feel exactly zero pressure from other women to have sex so all this whinging about being considered a prudish tradthot is… interesting. Almost like it's all in their imagination because it lets them feel superior to others.

No. 552684

No one gives a god damn that you don’t want to fuck. It’s the fact that you lot think “ace” is a sexual identity like being gay, which it isn’t, and you belong in LGB, which you don’t. The most oppressive thing you can experience is your mom telling you “Why haven’t you got a gf/bf yet” which, news flash, something all of us dirty sexuals also go through. >>552666 is prime example of their stupidity
>their own sexuality has caused them more problems than positives in life
Ok true, no one has ever killed you for being asexual, we’re definitely jealous. Can you fuck off and go play with legos or whatever you do now.

No. 552686

i said that bc it came up in a previous discussion about asexuality here. there's a word in french that would describe the lots of you, complexées. kind weird that you assume that asexual people must be coping with their celibacy when we all know any woman can get laid whenever she wants but ok. you come off as a hardcore femcel, and it's not a word i usually use. beside the obnoxious danger hair special gender 'folks' on tumblr, i still don't understand why people deciding to not have sex makes you seethe so much. and i don't see why not wanting sex MUST be a health problem. you see many coomers around getting horny at the sight of a woman wearing leggings and no one says "ngeh, you should see a doctor". i know people irl who call themselves asexual, they have consulted multiple specialists and it has been confirmed that nothing is wrong with them. so what do you want? an asexual woman to date a non asexual man and sit there, being used as a cocksleeve, while she's reading a book? lol. i also didn't see someone say that having sex is wrong, but i see people saying that not having sex is unnatural. it's kinda like saying gay people are unnatural because they're not procreating. not that i am comparing our plights to asexuals because, well, they're not persecuted, just misunderstood.

…did an asexual person steal your bike or something lmao

No. 552687

>It’s the fact that you lot think “ace” is a sexual identity like being gay, which it isn’t, and you belong in LGB, which you don’t.
There is no official council who determines who is, and who isn’t part of the LGBT community. No matter how much you seethe about this complete non-issue on your ace discourse tumblr blog, you aren’t going to stop asexuals from affiliating with the community, lol. Also, yes, being asexual is a sexual identity/orientation. Not sure how it isn’t.

>us dirty sexuals

No one has ever called you that lol

>The most oppressive thing you can experience is your mom telling you “Why haven’t you got a gf/bf yet”

Who ever said that asexuals are systematically oppressed? Asexuality is a minority sexuality which is subject to stigmatism and ostracism, whether you want to admit it or not.

The anon you’re replying to is probably so enraged at the existence of asexuals because she has built a caricature of what an “asexual” is in her head from constantly hanging around internet echochambers.

No. 552696

This. The reason why people here can't stand asexuals is that they're claiming to be a sexuality on par with being gay. You will never face the same issues as gay people do when you openly identify as an "asexual".

It's true that I don't like asexuals. I don't like how they try to shoehorn themselves into the LGB community only due to having a niche "sexuality" that doesn't affect their life in a meaningful way. And yes, I'm also jealous that they get to be fucking smug about their super special sexuality because it never makes them face any consequences but gives you all the benefits of belonging into the super sekrit LGBTQA+++ club only because someone decided being pansexual was so 2015 and came up with the next trend. You won't be disowned by your parents for being asexual. You won't have a job denied for being asexual. You won't be beat up or hollered at on the street when walking with your significant other because you're asexual. They simply can't identify with the issues LGB people face. Just because it feels mildly uncomfortable telling your coworkers you don't have a partner doesn't mean you're oppressed. Even if we play by Tumblr rules that allow you to be "gay" and asexual, even then the discrimination you face would be due to your homosexuality, not your asexuality.

Honest to god seen 12-year olds identifying as "asexuals" and I'd me much more worried if a kid that age had an active sex drive than didn't. Good christ.

>you're right anon but we live in 2020 and a woman who doesn't want casual sex is a prudish tradthot with internalized misogyny.
Despite your spergery you're on the right tract but not quite there. Asexuality is a direct derivation of the "sex-positive" culture where if you're not constantly horny and looking for hookups it implies there's something different about you and this is where asexuals latch onto the label.

See the thing is that a lot of these "asexual activists" are pushing the definition to be closer to "whatever you want it to be", meaning you can be a horny fucker who consumes porn like a true cumbrain but finds irl relations icky due to lacking experience or bad experiences. It's completely fair for someone to be sex-repulsed or have a nonexistent sex drive but even then they have no business in LGB or talking about being persecuted against when their only worry is that "someone recommended us couples' therapy because they heard I don't fuck my boyfriend" or because someone on twitter dot com told you that "asexuality isn't real".

No. 552697

>the lack of sexual orientation is a sexual orientation
Fucking kek! Nobody gives a fuck about you people, calling yourselves stupid terms like aces and pretending to somehow be lgbt is entertaining though.

No. 552701

Asexuality is not “the lack of a sexual orientation.” A sexual orientation is the way someone’s sexuality is “oriented,” aka, how it exists. Learn what words mean, retard. If asexuals want to be part of a community with other sexual minorities who face stigmatization, then they are welcome to, because there is no official council that determines who can or cannot be part of it. Keep seething though!

No. 552704

>keep seething because someone who doesn't face any issues or challenges that a representative of LGB does wants to shill their own vaguely defined orientation under the umbrella when they have literally nothing in common!
See this is why nobody likes asexuals.

No. 552713

as someone who's straight and just watching this endless "aces are not part of the lgtb community!" "nO they are!" discussion, it makes me fucking lol. Is the whole point of your community just being oppressed and "you can't sit with us"? Bunch of snowflakes. This whole discussion is truly pathetic

No. 552718

not trying to be an SJW, but lesbians and gay people actually face issues like being correctively raped, or victims of hate crimes and actual murders due to their sexualities. there have been entire hate crime laws passed in the states directly due to unspeakably violent murders which have targeted gay people, even as recently as the 90s and 2000s. i have no stake in the argument and i think it's rehashed a bit too often, but it's not petty or pathetic to be insulted or offended by people who will never be at risk for those sorts of things to act like it's a remotely similar issue or on a similar level in any way

No. 552722

Agreed. Whenever I see ace discourse, it just seems like privileged people having a catfight. LGBT people worldwide are going through far, far too much for this to even be approached as a serious issue IMO.
Personally, I don't care if "A" is added to the LGBT or not. "T" isn't even a sexuality (as they claim, it's an identity), and tons of people who fall under "T" or advocate for it are awful nuisances who actually believe in corrective rape and conversion therapy, but it's still there. What's one more letter in this sinking ship? At least the aces won't call people bigots and harass them for sexually rejecting them, lmao.
Honestly, is anyone outside of some parts of the internet even trying to force this "asexual people in the LGBT club" thing? I haven't seen it.

No. 552730

>At least the aces won't call people bigots and harass them for sexually rejecting them
But they do though? Maybe not on a deranged level of a tranny. Saying you want sex in a relationship is acephobic. Plenty stories of acefags claiming they were subjected to corrective rape because they had sex with their bf out of wanting to please him kek

No. 552731

>Saying you want sex in a relationship is acephobic.
I have literally never heard or seen any asexual say this, but okay.

No. 552744

> Is the whole point of your community just being oppressed and "you can't sit with us"?
The ignorance in this is so strong.
The point of our community is supposed to be some sort of "home" for people who are gay/lesbian and know that they're not alone in this and have the support and love they need. Homosexuals have been murdered and harassed for years and years. Asexuals who think they have every right to invade this community when there is nothing about them that makes them LGBT is annoying. If they're gay/lesbian despite being asexual, then sure they're LGBT I guess, but if they're none of that and only "ace" then they can fuck off forever.

> Bunch of snowflakes. This whole discussion is truly pathetic

>as a straight person
I'm not even surprised.

> tons of people who fall under "T" or advocate for it are awful nuisances who actually believe in corrective rape and conversion therapy, but it's still there
No one says this. I'm not fond of the "trans" folk either, but the majority of them are some extremely liberal people and the worst case they'll do is scream at a lesbian or gay person as "transphobic" for not wanting to have sex with them and their not transitioned bodies. None of them advocate rape or therapy as horrible as that because majority of them are extremely "woke".

> At least the aces won't call people bigots and harass them for sexually rejecting them, lmao.

Is that why they push that "hearts not pants" uwu comment so fucking hard at any chance they get and call people who participates in NSFW stuff things like "sinner", "dirty" and so on? So many of them think they're "pure" because they haven't fucked anyone and don't have the desire to do so, brand their entire personality around it and so on. I mean sure, if you think you're asexual then ok, you do you I don't care, but minding your own business is one thing and trying to invade spaces that aren't meant for you and claiming oppression is another.

> Saying you want sex in a relationship is acephobic.
I've not heard this one specifically, but came across a lot of asexuals who were mad/pissed at their partner for masturbating.

No. 552751

Not taking any sides on the current asexual discussion but seeing as there's already a discussion happening, what do people think of asexuals who have sex just for the sake of their partner?

I was about to post about it anyway. Saw a post yesterday where a married asexual woman has regular sex. She describes herself as having never masturbated or felt any sexual feelings whatsoever but thinks having sex for her husbands sake is ok. It all seems a bit wrong to me to perform sex entirely for someone elses sake and call that a healthy relationship.

No. 552758

God don't even let me get started on the "corrective rape" wolf they're crying. Lesbians have been through corrective rape over centuries and still do to this day, an act that is hugely traumatic not only because it's rape but also because it's based on punishing you for something that you shouldn't be punished for. And in come the ~aces~ who brand "I slept with my boyfriend despite feeling uncomfortable with sex" as "corrective rape". If your boyfriend forced and coerced you into having sex then that's called marital rape, an entirely different issue altogether and not an issue exclusive to asexuals but all women having to suffer of not having the right to control their own body.

And before anyone says "Asexuals literally never say that!!!!" here's a fucking collection straight out of the twitter oven full of this discourse: https://twitter.com/search?q=asexuals%20corrective&src=typed_query&f=live
A lot of them also do the retarded "OP is aphobic" jig to hijack the discussion to become a pity party for them when someone talks about how important sexuality is to LGB people as they've been repressed and forced to internalize a heteronormative view of sex.

No. 552763

> If your boyfriend forced and coerced you into having sex then that's called marital rape, an entirely different issue altogether and not an issue exclusive to asexuals but all women having to suffer of not having the right to control their own body.
Nta, as someone with just a lowish libido I've had shitty relationships where out of fear of losing the guy I've been pressured into sex that I didn't really want, what I hate now is those asexual women who basically say
> I don't want or enjoy sex but I'm a champ so I do it for my man!
It just seems fucked up to me. I'm not even asexual and I feel awful about the sex I had just to please highly sexed exes

No. 552764

File: 1589200011852.jpg (35.77 KB, 625x626, bait.jpg)

>Saying you want sex in a relationship is acephobic.

Unpopular opinion is tomato juice is fucking great. It can't be the cheap stuff though.

No. 552767

>Is that why they push that "hearts not pants" uwu comment so fucking hard at any chance they get and call people who participates in NSFW stuff things like "sinner", "dirty" and so on?
Where is this happening? Who does this and unironically believes it? I've seen "hearts not parts" before, but only from trans people and self-proclaimed genderqueers. It sounds like you're trying to insinuate that asexual people oppress and shame others, but they really don't have that kind of power. If they're recognized at all, they're pretty universally known as either autistic, traumatized, physically unhealthy, or just people with low sex drives making too much of a big deal out of it. Is there anyone who truly thinks of them as "pure" or superior?
Like, I'm sorry, this whole debate and the emotional energy some people place into it is ridiculous to me. If your only evidence for asexuals being a plague is the odd, unfunny Tumblr or Twitter shitpost from blue-haired teenagers, is it really worth all of this? People are still being killed, thrown into conversion camps, getting raped, being forced to change their sex, etc all for not being straight. I sure hope the whole world gets to the point where the big, hot button issue is "the aces are at it again, trying to be special", that'd unironically be great.

No. 552768

Who invited tumblr here

No. 552778

Is this for real? Asexuals getting into relationships and not wanting sex? Maybe don't fucking date then wtf

No. 552803

Oranges are gross

No. 552816

No normal person would want to date someone who just lays back and thinks of England every time they fuck; even misogynist scrotes who fantasize about having a sex slave like to imagine that she secretly wants or enjoys it

No. 552818

An unpopular opinion: Teachers can be shitty people. Teachers can be sadistic and unfair towards kids. They're not always simply misunderstood heroes, some of them hate specific students and treat them badly because of it.

Having met a lot of teachers as an adult, I could say that the majority of them classify as either straight out nutjobs or extremely arrogant and mean spirited, and the reason they became teachers was because they want to be an authority figure. They often want to relive their youth and possibly fix some trauma school caused them, which makes them immature, including taking everything too personally and getting too emotionally involved in the student issues. Hence why teachers might despise a student for no other reason than they resemble someone they knew in 9th grade.

No. 552819

hard agree

No. 552821

I actually know someone like this and it absolutely disgusts me. He mocks the kids with stereotypical black names and mocks them for being stupid or not having a dad, then goes on with long stories where he proved them wrong about something or "put them in their place." Dude is almost 40 and brags about winning arguments with 16 year olds.

No. 552822

I was just talking about how dank tomato juice is. There is V8 in the vending machine here at work, but it’s not the same…

No. 552823

it could be enjoying to satisfy them, plus bonding, trust, etc. i think i'm in this boat as the nonsexual one.

No. 552843

a lot of teachers get some power trip from the job and take advantage of their role by being unnecessarily harsh. it's so angering

No. 552868

relationships without sex can exist, and everyone wants and deserves to be loved :-)

>Nobody gives a fuck about you people
obviously many people do, seeing this thread

yeah the meaning of asexual is very broad because nowadays, anything can mean anything. you can be straight and cis, and still call yourself queer. tbh, i used to find it cringey when asexuals tried to fit in the lgbt community but i don't really care for it anymore.
>they have no business […] talking about being persecuted against
yep, that's what i said. i just think it's weird that people complain about asexuals and not "asexual activists" like you say

they probably saw a tumblr post saying this and they assume that every asexual person thinks the same way. you know, like when people say they aren't/hate feminists because of that ONE ridiculous SJW tweet when it has nothing to do with the movement

what did you expect? common sense?

No. 552869

Typical "gais gais let's be chill with everyone" fencesitter

No. 552874

not everything is black and white. what's your point?

No. 552907

This seems to be the case a lot of the time with K-12 teachers. My high school teachers in particular were a joke and the turn-over rate was outrageous. I had teachers that regularly showed up drunk, or cried about their problems in class in the middle of lessons. I don't remember any of them being able to appropriately handle "problem" students, and would just fight back with them. My choir instructor regularly gossiped with all of us about all the drama she was involved with outside of class, usually with student's parents or other instructors. It was ridiculous.

My mom is an elementary school teacher, and she and her friends are no better, from what I can tell. My mom is an alcoholic who relapses every couple of years or so. She showed up to work drunk or hung over almost every day for all of 2016. She would tell me about how all of her friends are involved in bad relationships, or bad marriages, how they were constantly on edge and snapping at all the kids, etc. Apparently the principals for K-12 schools are usually pretty shitty people, too, which just makes for an even more toxic working environment.

Getting a BA and teaching credentials isn't that hard, and K-12 teaching positions at public schools are always high in demand because it's such a shitty, thankless job with little pay. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if people who have unresolved trauma/issues are more likely to take those jobs because they don't expect anything better, and because they're too emotionally unstable to handle the heavier workload and higher expectations that come with teaching at a university level. Most of my professors have a Ph.D, even the ones that aren't full-time.

I've had some nutty college-level professors, but most of them seem like pretty level-headed and genuinely intelligent people. The competency of your average college professor vs. your average K-12 teacher, imo, is like night and day.

I often wonder if K-12 teachers at private schools are any better.

No. 552933

I come on this site to root for a lot of the lolcows and don't understand the bitter hatred a lot of farmers have. I think a lot of people come on lolcow and see themselves in the cows and that's why they're so hateful towards them instead of coming from a place of empathy. Not talking about actual horrible people like Greg, but some of these girls are just stupid teenagers.

No. 552937

Anon I'm shocked that anyone could say this. Oranges are delicious.

No. 552943

I agree teaching is one of those professions like nursing that kind of counter intuitively seems to attract sociopaths for some reason, I really want to go into teaching because I love kids and do a lot of volunteering in schools and love it to the point I would do a full time teaching job for free if I had the time or money but knowing how a lot of the people who go into it will be that I will have to work with puts me off somewhat

No. 552948


I'm really glad to hear I'm not the only one who's noticed this trend. I've known a lot of nurses over the years, and the only ones who end up being able to stick with it are the ones oddly lacking in empathy. It's a pretty high-pressure job, so I guess it makes sense.

No. 552950

This is spot on. So many farmers are every bit as bad, if not worse than the cows they're rooting for to fail. Cows like Greg and Margaret Palermo, for example, are the only ones I think really deserve it at this point and are probably beyond redemption. Most of the cows on this board are harmless by comparison.

No. 552955

In my country teacher's degree takes actual dedicated effort to get and you have to get a master's degree both in your major and an extra degree in pedagogy in order to qualify, yet so many of them are bonkers. I have no idea why. I've met maybe one teacher who wasn't an egoistical piece of shit who thought they were much more intelligent than they actually were and became even more jaded and bitter when they didn't turn out to be the school's favourite teacher. Teachers are also often oddly competitive with each other when it comes to student attention.

NTA but same here. I was shocked to hear how many absolutely sociopathic people I knew went into nursing. It must be the power trip.

No. 552957

The two nurses I know who have been really successful at it have both straight up admitted to me that they don't give a crap about helping people and are mostly in it for the money.

Most professions in the medical industry involve constant high-pressure situations and a high salary. It's literally a sociopath's dream job.

No. 552985

I get it’s subjective but I can’t see how anyone thinks joji’s music is or has ever been anything other than extremely bad including the pink guy stuff

No. 552988

period is just like pregnancy without the baby.

No. 553002

The only decent song he has is slow dancing in the dark imo

No. 553015

I like his music, but I agree that his recent sadboy stuff does kinda all sound the same. His collabs in particular really don't grab me at all, and I hate that they're all with normie fuckboys, some of which are like 10 years younger than he is.

I think his music videos help to make it more unique. They're pretty creative imo, especially sanctuary and gimme love.

No. 553121

His antics were funny in the late 2000s (probably also help that he was one of the first cows on the scene like one anon said) but now he’s just boring and the whole thing is just depressing really (I mean, it always was but the reality of it didn’t appear to be so grim in the beginning)

No. 553154

I definitely prefer the old pink guy stuff compared to shite like pretty boy and gimme love.

No. 553169

Three out of the four people in my personal life who went into nursing are three of the worst and least empathetic people I have ever known. Their reasons for going into it are all disgusting too.

>one is a fundie who thinks it's an easy ticket into heaven, but she says all the time how she thinks most of her patients are going to hell for their various "sins" they commit (gayness, drug use, abortions, etc)

>one is one of the most abusive parents I ave ever known and is only into nursing for the money and and status
>one is an actual sociopath who has expressed getting off on the idea of working with grievously injured people just because he thinks it's fun

No. 553171

male nurses creep me out.

No. 553175

studio ghibli movies suck

No. 553176

>nursing for the money and and status

what where do you live that nursing is worth getting into for the money and status

nursing (where I am) is a shitty, overworked, low-wage job.

No. 553178

Fire Emblem Echoes is a shitty game through and through, it's only tolerable at the beginning when there's no dungeon and no swamp/desert maps, and Berkut should have been in another, better game.

Fire Emblem Fates base game > Fire Emblem 3H. I'd rather have a good game with a bad story that only amounts to short and dumb cutscenes than a boring, kinda OK game that has an equally shitty story once you actually pay attention to it and with much longer cutscenes.

The original Final Fantasy 2 might be a shitty game, idk, but it's PSP remake is good and I had fun with it, if someone is complaining about it because "to increase your stats and weapon/spell ranks you have to hit yourself in the head xD" is a turbo retard, you never have to do anything specific to improve your stats besides pay attention during random encounters.

Turn based battles aren't bad by themselves.

There are way more fake gamer dudes than the stereotypical "fake gamer girls" it's insane. I keep seeing men irl bragging about being experts in Call of Duty and FIFA who know NOTHING about video games in general. Like, they've never heard of Resident Evil or Final Fantasy, which a lot of normies know about even if it's just thanks to movie adaptations or ads.

No. 553210

most actual RNs make a median of $67k a year, and nurses in general are treated like hardworking heroes b most of the public.

The ones that are underpaid are typically the CNAs and other assistant type positions but that's only because they're typically burnouts who did an 8 week course as a last resort to get any kind of steady job.

No. 553228

Nobody wants to say it but China is the Nazi Germany of the 21st century. There is going to be another war. It will be the world (especially USA and Australia) Vs China. I'm genuinely so depressed right now because the next decade is going to be a fucking shitshow.

No. 553230

Even if the US were to go to war with China it’d be nothing like WW2 because they are so far apart.

No. 553245

Califag. Tbh I'm not sure how much the average nurse makes out here in comparison to elsewhere, but it's a very in-demand job.

No. 553246

whoops, sorry I just realized I'm not even the anon you were responding too lmao. I'm the other anon who had friends who also got into nursing for money and status. I guess this is a common theme in a lot of places.

No. 553250

A rural town in New England. Where I live, nurses typically make around 80k starting salary. Living expenses are pretty low here, so that's a fuckton.

No. 553257

It seems like a dependable way to move up a class or otherwise achieve financial stability. It also seems like an absolutely shit job tho.

No. 553262

I hate anime movies in general.

No. 553277

most overrated weeb shit ever along with any horror manga. studio ghibli art style is kind of ugly imo

No. 553283

>one is a fundie who thinks it's an easy ticket into heaven, but she says all the time how she thinks most of her patients are going to hell for their various "sins" they commit (gayness, drug use, abortions, etc)

It's insane to me how hyper religious people become nurses. Like, they really have absolutely no place in that field.

No. 553444

I think a lot of threads on lolcow have the same problems as the shit anons complain about in the pull thread

No. 553470

"Glass skin" just looks like you're skin is oily or you have too much product on. Maybe it looks better irl

No. 553478

Go back to PULL please.

No. 553480

>cows need to be bad people to laugh at them
Do you know what /pt/ stands for?

No. 553483

Agreed, they’re children’s movies. Good for children’s movies, but not the peak cinema adult weebs consider it

No. 553567

Most popular slang words are just old words black people were using in the 90s. Like simp for example.

No. 553569

What about yeet?

No. 553570

and rewritten as gay slang, mostly white. thanks rpdr

No. 553573

Not an even unpopular, just a straight fact.

No. 553579

NTA, but I personally think a cow can warrant a thread if their behavior is just really bizarre and fascinating. They don't necessarily have to be terrible people. It seems like most of the threads here are created for really petty reasons, and tend to become tinfoil almost immediately because farmers are reaching so hard trying to find more reasons to hate them.

No. 553590

I don't think the vast majority of people claiming to have BPD actually have BPD. You tend to know almost immediately if someone you're dealing with has a full-blown personality disorder. They are incredibly draining, abusive, and almost impossible to deal with. It goes way beyond having abandonment trauma and intense mood swings. There is a reason why a lot of therapists won't work with BPD patients, and this really becomes an issue if there's a high likelihood for misdiagnosis within the disorder. This means that a lot of people now have limited resources due to a problem they may not even have.

I don't even care if they were diagnosed by a professional. Diagnoses exist for insurance purposes. Doctors often have a lot to gain by diagnosing patients with more severe disorders. In-patient settings in particular can use such a diagnosis to justify a longer hospital stay to the person's insurance provider, for example. I'd go as far as to say that the better your insurance is, the more likely you are to land a serious diagnosis, since it's assumed you can pay out the ass for treatment centers specializing in BPD.

Keep in mind that BPD is the ONLY personality disorder that the APA claims is actually treatable. DBT therapy was specifically tailored to treat BPD. I promise it is not an accident that almost nobody leaves a hospital or psychiatrist's office with a diagnosis of ASPD or NPD. Neither of these disorders is considered treatable, there's no treatment protocol for NPD or ASPD, so there's nothing for the industry to gain by diagnosing anyone with them.

I think the same goes for autism, too. There are way too many socially awkward women with "weird interests" running around claiming to be on the spectrum these days, and I find it extremely suspicious.

No. 553593

A big part of cluster bs is that they can hide their disorder well. Like you think someone is just a regular bitch and then you find out they have a diagnosis.

No. 553594

>insurance purposes
how to spot a retarded American.

No. 553599

finding out that someone has a diagnosis doesn't actually explain why that person is a bitch. a diagnosis is just behavioral criteria. it says nothing about the actual person.

i can't see why finding out a person has a diagnosis in this context would matter, or be gratifying for any reason other than you already not liking them because they're a bitch.

the issue with this type of thinking is that people come to associate specific labels with specific behavior, which can work both ways. for example, you may not take issue with someone at all until you find out they have a bpd diagnosis.

No. 553605

On that note, I don't think personalty disorders aren't treatable. Like, wtf, I don't get it. You can make a good, stable dog out of most aggressive and otherwise not ok dogs. Why not humans?
Sure, it takes time and maybe a lot of babysteps.

I'm diagnosed with BPD and NPD (they told me I'm the vulnerable type, what ever that means kek). Anyway an acid trip kicked me out of this shite.

No. 553609

How can you be NPD and BPD at the same time……
Personality disorders are “untreatable” because they are extremely treatment resistant on the account that maladaptive personality traits are such a core part of a person it’s almost too hard wired to change. “Mitigated” may be a better word. At best a person with personality disorder can play the part of socially acceptable behaviors as long as possible. The impulses and faulty subconscious thought process will always be there. And that’s only if the patient had any drive to commit at all, which is often not the case because of their disorder.

No. 553610

>There are way too many socially awkward women with "weird interests" running around claiming to be on the spectrum these days
Lol what? Women get barely diagnosed with autism, especially in comparison to men.

No. 553611

you clearly don’t understand how the American healthcare system works. Yours is probably free, shove it.

No. 553612

This isn't the tinfoil thread, anon.

No. 553615


>BPD and NPD

That's impossible, they're fundamentally different. You're probably just run of the mill abusive snowflake.

>You can make a good, stable dog out of most aggressive and otherwise not ok dogs. Why not humans?

Because humans are not dogs? If people could be conditioned into being good puppers the world wouldn't be so shit

>acid trip kicked me out of this shite

Oh ok you're just retarded druggie

No. 553616

Acknowledging that mental disorder criteria mostly exists for insurance purposes is hardly tinfoil. Any shrink will tell you that. You learn this in your undergrad if you're studying psychology ffs.

No. 553622


You realize that BPD doesn't only exist in America, right?

No. 553625

>Oh ok you're just retarded druggie
Not that anon, but LSD is actually known to greatly improve the mental health of certain kinds of people (obviously this goes both ways, as it is also known to accelerate schizophrenia in people prone to it). It's actually being researched as a potential mental health treatment because of this.

No. 553631

I truly do not think the COVID19 case is as severe as they're making out.

People have ranted over this at me and I've heard. But at the same time, how many years have Africa and the middle east harboured a fuck ton of diseases. Only now are we catching on to the bullshit.

I just think it's all made out to be a big thing when it isn't.

No. 553632

>I don't think that personality disorders aren't treatable.
People who truly have PDs don't typically have the insight and self-awareness to acknowledge that anything is wrong with them. They either externalize their issues on to others, or they simply don't care. This, imo, should be part of the criteria for a diagnosis: the person is unwilling to a.) accept their diagnosis, b.) acknowledge the harm it does to themselves and others, and c.) make any amount of noticeable effort to change.

If we're going to say that BPD is somehow different from other personality disorders, in that people can actually improve or even go into complete remission, then it shouldn't be classified as a personality disorder at all.

>I'm diagnosed with BPD and NPD (they told me I'm the vulnerable type, whatever that means kek)

It means your psychologist is a moron. I'd recommend getting a second opinion. Hell, for something as serious as two personality disorder diagnoses, I'd recommend many different opinions, from many different specialists. Unless they're all telling you the same thing, I wouldn't worry about the diagnoses themselves and just continue to seek help for whatever specific emotional issues are causing you distress. Trauma-informed therapies tend to be good for this, and there's typically not much of a focus on diagnoses.

>an acid trip kicked me out of this shite

This isn't how PDs work. The traits associated with PDs are stable across all contexts. They don't just come and go in response to environmental triggers.

NTA, but I am the one who wrote the initial post you're responding to, and yes, for the record, I'm an American and I only know how it works here in the U.S. The DSM is primarily a tool for diagnosing and treating patients, and the treatment itself is typically paid for via that individual's insurance. You're more than welcome to discuss how BPD is diagnosed and treated elsewhere. I'm actually curious to know myself.

No. 553639

I mean, for most people, it isn't. A small minority of people have severe symptoms, but it's a large enough percentage to potentially overwhelm hospitals if we don't take serious precautions to prevent it from spreading. I thought this was all made pretty clear? I don't see anyone claiming it to be worse, or any different from this.

No. 553641

Hell are you on about? Seriously, you're talking out of your arse if you think everyone with a pd is completely unaware of it, especially bpd. It brings frequent hospitalisations and every time you go you're told you're borderline. You spend too much time on lolcow where the bpdfags are incredibly lacking in self awareness

No. 553642

I genuinely don't get this viewpoint. We're not in a third world country where lack of sanitation and financial budget are the only reasons disease is widespread. We have all the money in the world yet we can't use it to help save people, and that's a cause for concern. Any virus that is spreading as fast as it is (unless you don't believe the numbers?) and causing any form of death warrants the amount of concern being given to it. It might not be a concern to you or me because we are younger and not immunocompromised, but there are a lot of people who are not like us who can't catch this without experiencing lung damage or even death. The flu has never done this to people.

No. 553643

>They don't just come and go in response to environmental triggers.

Are drugs considered environmental triggers? Perhaps the drug itself but the effect of a drug can alter brain chemistry dramatically. Also I know LSD used to be used for psychotherapy and I've read of single DMT experiences fundamentally changing a person for life. Similar to a near death experiences that can truly change you.

No. 553644


Yes yes I've done healthy amount of recreational hallucinogens and been treated with clinical ket myself.

Anons on the streets sure af aren't taking them in clinical doses while having therapeutic break-through with their psychologist.


What does self-awareness have to do with actually not being a disordered piece of shit?

No. 553648

>you're talking out of your arse if you think everyone with a pd is completely unaware of it, especially bpd
You should re-read my post again, because I already addressed this.

To my understanding, environmental triggers in regards to mental health can be classified as either external or internal. I'd consider drugs to be internal, in that it's altering your internal environment (your brain chemistry, nervous system, etc).

To be fair, LSD is a powerful drug and I'm sure someone with a PD would react to it to a certain a degree, but I highly doubt it would lead to the long-lasting personality changes that the OP with the NPD/BDP diagnosis was suggesting.

No. 553649


And what percentage of psychoactive drug users experience this life-altering revelation? Fucking hippie snake oil I swear. Sure most people experience some sort of "profound realization" while tripping, they are shown things that may evoke a desire for change and rebirth. But the truth is humans are creatures of habit, most revert back to their old sober way of thinking and living immediately.

No. 553650

Polyamory is such a degenerate lifestyle and I cannot take anyone who engages in it seriously. 90% of them are unattractive and try to bait you into joining their cult lifestyle. Then they have to nerve to constantly bring up "muh toxic monogamy" for completely harmless boundaries.

Especially when they involve children, like how in the hell are you going to bring adults into your kid's life that you probably don't even vet correctly leaving them at risk to be not only abused but sexually abused. It's hedonistic and the fact that I'm expected to not be somewhat disgusted by it is sad.

No. 553652

>But the truth is humans are creatures of habit, most revert back to their old sober way of thinking and living immediately

You're correct. Psychoactive drugs can be beneficial in that they can momentarily take a person out of a chronic negative state, like clinical depression, and allow them to see that life can be better, but it takes considerable effort afterwards to ensure that the person maintains that state. It's by no means a guarantee that the person will never have problems again, and to my understanding, most people don't achieve a complete remission after taking these drugs once.

The studies surrounding psychoactive drugs are interesting, but the fact of the matter still stands that that everyone is different, and there's just no guarantee that a person is going to have a favorable, long-lasting reaction to them, which to me sounds no more promising than your typical SSRI.

No. 553655

I have to agree with this. I've never met anyone in a poly relationship that wasn't either toxic and manipulative as hell, or a total codependent doormat.

Poly relationships also seem to be really common in the LGBTQ community for some reason.

No. 553659

I think it's a messy lifestyle which wouldn't be so bad if it was just adults involved, I mean a lot of us make shitty dating decisions so part of me is like 'well let people make their own mistakes and learn' But when there's kids involved.. yikes

No. 553661

i don't actually know if this is an unpopular opinion, but i unironically find Sam Hyde and MDE to be hilarious. i wish he weren't such an edgy retard so that i didn't have to be so secretive about this. i found his IG yesterday and laughed for like 10 minutes straight, but didn't follow because i have friends who would judge me hardcore for that

No. 553666

>That's impossible, they're fundamentally different. You're probably just run of the mill abusive snowflake.

My psychiatrist told me that those PDs are actually very similar and that a lot of psychiatrist say that they may even be the same

If you also tell me that my psych is an moron, I can just tell you that I think so too, cause all of them are.

No. 553668

I feel like the vent, dumbass shit, unpopular opinions and confessions threads could just be merged into one or two threads tbh.

The actual content of these threads are imo way too same-y.

No. 553673

persona 3 is the best persona

No. 553674


Do you mean psychologist? Psychiatrists don't diagnose people with PDs or make debate about them. They specialize in pharmaceutical treatments of mental illnesses.

Well whomever you're seeing IS a moron. BPD and NPD core drives and world perceptions are very different. BPDs may exhibit narcissistic traits and both frequently use similar manipulation tactics, so they can LOOK similar to an outsider. A trained professional would know that the inner workings are different, that's why BPD therapy like DBT is unsuccessful for NPD.

No. 553676

You're right. A lot of people aren't fit for marriage/serious relationships either so they better be single but poly is just a shitty option. Completely degenerate

No. 553680

Nta but I've been diagnosed with a PD by a psychiatrist

No. 553681

sweet potatoes with a neat list

No. 553691

Here in the U.S., a psychiatrist is considered a medical doctor, and they absolutely can and do diagnose people in addition to prescribing medication. Psychologists that hold a doctorate (Psy.D) can also diagnose people.

Generally speaking, anyone in the psych field with a master's degree or higher is trained to recognize specific disorders in clients, but it's only psychiatrists and those with a Psy.D that are legally allowed to diagnose them.

No. 553701

Ayrt my reply to >>553594 had nothing to do with bpd.. talking about insurance and diagnoses in general.

No. 553724

I agree, I feel like this with all mental illnesses actually, that in almost all cases it is possible for them to be cured, as is the case with physical illness but for some reason the narrative around them has become that it’s inherently a life time thing to the point where people seem resistant to getting treatment and even resentful of people who recommend it, but obviously any illness - physical or mental - would be lifelong if you never treat it.

Also I had a similar experience with LSD regarding severe, debilitating social anxiety and agoraphobia, I think the research being done into its therapeutic effects could definitely be promising https://www.researchgate.net/publication/339234169_LSD_Overdoses_Three_Case_Reports

Anyway my unpopular mental illness opinion is that almost everyone if not everyone has, does, or will suffer from mental illness to some degree in their life and that gate keeping it and romanticising it does huge societal harm to everyone, it should be treated as if it is as mundane as physical illness because it is and should be casually talked about without the secretism or melodrama it currently is, we should be as informed about it as we are common physical illness so there is less mystery and misinformation surrounding it

No. 553725

Being able to have multiple orgasms is a horrible, physically and emotionally exhausting curse.

No. 553726

Omg what?! That really is an unpopular opinion

No. 553727

I can have up to 10 in one session and each one just leaves me hornier than the last and I never feel satisfied. I only stop bc It either gets too painful or I don't have the mental energy anymore.

No. 553728

Same but I don’t just find it unpleasant in any way, like I think it’s a good kind of exhaustion? And sometimes not exhausting at all but energising if anything. It’s interesting that you feel that way though because I’ve literally never heard anyone say that, like I think every other opinion posted here I’ve seen someone have before except this one but I’m sure there are people who feel the same

No. 553738

Don't get me wrong, there are perks, but my left hand can only sustain so much and I have places to go lol. I also feel kind of sick If I go at it for too long (I don't own toys of any sort bc I live with family aka I live in fear). It helps me sleep though and I'd take it over not being able to orgasm at all. It's just that I hear people talk about one and done and sometimes that sounds kind of nice.

No. 553739

Actually I agree with that, it does kind of waste a lot of time

No. 553740

Invader Zim is boring and dull

No. 553741

Me too! I almost never feel fully satisfied after my first one though usually that buildup is the best. After awhile I just feels like some animal brain compulsion than real pleasure. It kind of becomes just robotic.

No. 553777

Saying people should raise their kids without religion/any certain viewpoint is retarded. Everyone will subconsciously do that and you can't expect a child to develop morals etc independently. The only thing that I view as harmful is stopping that kid from thinking for themselves when they're older.

No. 553787

But you don't need religion or politics to instill basic virtues?
>The only thing that I view as harmful is stopping that kid from thinking for themselves
Yeah which is like exactly what religions and political agendas thrive on…

On the topic of teaching kids morals, people are too stuck on assigning good vs bad, especially about divisive topics, I think it discourages critical thinking. Kids can understand nuance more than we give them credit for. It's likely harder for the adult to give an impartial answer than it is for a child to accept it.

No. 553817

File: 1589441378584.jpg (20.87 KB, 268x268, hamuko.jpg)

Persona 5 is overrated. The plot is generic and filled with water, character development is shit. Persona 5 royal's new girl is a copy of female MC of Persona 3 and it still bugs me.

No. 553820

I agree that Kasumi is a shit fanservice waifu character but otherwise your opinion belongs in the trash.

No. 553849

I'm the anon and I agree with this completely. Not to blogpost but I'm exmuslim and a lot of exmuslims cry about wishing they'd never been taught religion and yes in an ideal world but really you're inevitably gonna be indoctrinated into something one way or another and all you can do is convince people to let their kids develop critical thinking skills and have a life outside of their parents echo chamber.

No. 553910

Skinwalking isn’t milky unless it’s someone really nuts like preferablystef.

Oh wow so-and-so got the same haircut/tattoo as some rando on instagram, who gives a shitttttt

No. 553933

Nothing is original anymore, there's not much left to be original, so in an essence, I'd like to think everyone is skinwalking someone else lmao

No. 553946

I don’t think it matters if being gay is a choice and don’t think it should have been a focal point of lgbt activism. I don’t think it is a choice for the vast majority of people, but I don’t think it should actually matter, people should have the freedom to live freely and be with who they choose regardless of if there is a biological basis for it or not. Conversion therapy is wrong regardless of whether being gay is biologically determined, discrimination is wrong regardless, denying access to civil liberties like marriage is wrong regardless etc

No. 553959

I don't think that's an unpopular opinion, bisexuals technically have the ability to 'choose' and gay rights are for them too.

No. 553971

This so hard, I couldn't agree more.

No. 554086

File: 1589525387019.jpeg (131.94 KB, 801x1080, 9431414A-420C-48B8-91A8-5E3E90…)

My very unpopular opinion: Doja cat ain’t allat. I can’t find the post but I saw a meme comparing doja cat with other female rappers saying she isn’t that promiscuous or whatever like ??? Uhm yes she is how is she any different? Jiggling your ass in a cow suit is still jiggling your ass. And the whole “If Say so gets to #1, I’ll show you guys my boobs” thing just made me like her less, you shouldn’t even feel accomplished that the song hit #1 might as well be on pornhub instead of Spotify
She is hot like very hot tho

No. 554087

>she isn’t that promiscuous
Kek how would anyone know that, it's not like female celebs openly admit to how many people they fuck.

Though if you mean just like slutty/sexualized, in terms of that she's like… indistinguishable from any other female rapper. Juicy is about her ass, Go to Town is song about getting eaten out, Mooo is t&a everywhere. I think she pulls it off in a cutesy kinda way so maybe that's why people think she's different?

No. 554088

but do people actually say this? She herself has said she 'only talks about sex' (in response to some rapper saying female rappers only talk about sex) and she then listed a bunch of female rappers who don't, 'unlike her'. I agree she's very pretty though

No. 554089

File: 1589526871626.jpg (65.28 KB, 1080x1092, f221e35797374e5e5ad0ee8b77f3ac…)

This is gonna be a truly unpopular option, but I believe Ifunny can be more funnier then reddit, tumblr, twitter and 4chan, it removes all the shit and politics from those communities and leaves only funny shit

No. 554092

Pronoun shit is stupid. You’re a man or a woman get the fuck over it.

No. 554097

She’s homophobic, and ugly. Her Juicy MV is her pretty much naked shaking her ass. A lot of sexual mentions too. She’s not not any less promiscuous than the rest of them.
Can’t believe some shit ass video of hers blew up as a joke, and now she’s a huge star. I hate this world.

No. 554105

Lolita fashion should die already.

No. 554115

How is she homophobic? Because she said faggot once? Stop being a fucking faggot.

No. 554118

she said it, in her words, 'like 15,000 times' and then gave a non apology for it that was probably worse than just saying nothing but I do agree with you

No. 554121

No obviously she could be a Virgin or sleep with 10+ people a week, idc it’s more going off of her image and it’s not really what she says it’s more her fans making her out to seem better than other female rappers because of her seemingly less sexiness but I don’t think she’s any special
Yeah, I can’t find it but it was floating around Facebook and it was like
My goofy ass vs. those other bitches or something like that.
I don’t think she should be cancelled over some shit like that because Tyler the Creator and Joji and a bunch of other male artists haven’t been cancelled over similar stuff.

I don’t hate her or think she’s ugly but like.. I don’t see the appeal other than her sexiness.

No. 554122

Samefag I might be kinda biased because my bf admitted he has sort of a crush on her

No. 554126

Stans of female rappers always act like their fave isn't self-objectifying, but it's almost never true.

No. 554144

Because she used/uses the word "faggot"? That makes this and every other imageboard a homophobic hate site, and you a homophobe by extension for supporting it through posting here.

No. 554145

At least she isn't full of filler and seems confident about herself. I'm not super into her music but it's refreshing.

No. 554146

Kiki is prettier than Kota

No. 554155

I agree, but she styles herself horribly and her hairstyle does her no favours.

No. 554157

File: 1589545445121.jpg (287.26 KB, 2100x2100, VeganCelebration.jpg)

"Meat substitutes" for vegetarians and vegans are actually pretty delicious. I don't know where most people get off on shitting all over these things but they aren't necessarily bad. Agreed that they fall short to replicate meat, but judging only on the taste in their own little category, they're quite tasty. I love the smokey and mushroomy flavor that these products tend to have. Not all of them use tofu anymore either, for example a lot of these products utilize things like lentil flour.

More people should give alternatives a try, instead of trying a piece of uncooked unseasoned tofu and determining it's all bland garbage just because of that. I looooooove meat and seafood, but it might become a reality in the not so distant future that we won't have the same access to them anyway. It doesn't hurt to integrate other things, but too bad the majority of people are scared to change and hate anything different than what they're used to.

No. 554158

Kaka is the "hot" sister and Kooter is the "cute" sister.

No. 554159

I wish I had this opinion, I always try meat substitutes and try to like them but I just don't, I think it's usually more the texture than the taste that I find unenjoyable

No. 554168

File: 1589547089611.jpg (19.96 KB, 360x360, Christian_Clarke.jpg)

Karlie Kloss looks like Chris from Eastenders.

No. 554169

Holy shit cannot unsee

No. 554173

I think the world is worse off because we as a society are less religious and that the fear of burning in Hell (or whatever) was the only thing keeping a lot of people in line. I don't think you need to be religious to be a good person, but i think a lot of people need some sort of authority figure to fear/respect or else they start acting out and getting all crazy.

No. 554177

that's why I support soviet style communism

No. 554179

Hard disagree, religion can keep smaller communities in line if they're all in equal positions but whenever there's any form of hierarchical authority there is eventually corruption.
From religious leaders getting rich from believers to zealots using their beliefs to persecute others, religion ain't shit. I agree people need something to keep them in line, but we can just use the threat of prison time in their current lives instead of their imaginary afterlives.
Inb4 someone points out the justice system is as corrupt as the church

No. 554180

The problem is people have no inner moral compass and personal convictions because they're fucking retards who can't think for themselves and need the authority figures to tell them how to behave. Intelligent people already realize that rules and civility keeps societies good, and that benefits everyone and especially themselves.
Religion is for simpletons.

No. 554183

Evidently false since violent crime has gone down at about the same time as religiousity has gone down. Although both are just the result of modernity, not that it was religions fault.

No. 554185

Sometimes i feel like these karen or ex-girlfriend videos and compilations are just a circlejerk for men to say horrible shit about women and not get called out.
Like ive seen men saying that women deserve no rights,need to be murdered and to be treated like cattle on these types of videos when you look at the comments.
And ironically i rarely see videos of men being filmed having freakouts despite the fact that ive seen alot of men having public freakouts in real life.

No. 554186

File: 1589552450852.jpg (179.44 KB, 828x626, 1555770762077.jpg)

>"Do you think it's honor that's keeping the peace?! It's fear! Fear and blood!"

No. 554187

>the world was better when everyone was a god fearin man
Lmaoooo yeah people need to be herded because they’re retarded sheeps sure, but invisible man in the sky ain’t it. In fact we have more laws and less crimes now than ever in this post-god world. That’s fact.

No. 554192

File: 1589553254692.jpeg (149.51 KB, 540x810, 1589468383069.jpeg)

I genuinely don't mean to sound contrarian, but I think the woman in the Stacy thread looks very generic. I wish we focused more on our own style and aesthetics instead of male opinions. And, it doesn't seem healthy to base your self-worth on how attractive others find you. People who like you solely for your appearance are unlikely to be good partners anyway.

No. 554194

I mean the consensus is that subcultures are for ugly people. It can be uncomfortable for some to have different tastes than pic related.

No. 554195

Me too. It's a way to regulate society without retarded Abrahamic religion.

No. 554200

A lot of the time, when people are allowed to be privileged and do what they like for too long, they don't actually mellow out or enjoy life. They just start making up shit to be mad about, or they have horrible mental breaks.
It's how we end up with people arguing that Animal Crossing villager trading is the same as real life slave trading.

No. 554214

nah, that's because those people are idiots.

No. 554215

She's beautiful and that definitely has a lot of pros in life. I'd love to be her and reap the advantages, I'll take the being basic.

No. 554221

traps are ghey

No. 554229

I'm happy Tumblr got rid of porn. I used to think it was a stupid decision but once I started researching and realising how damaging the majority of porn is I'm glad they had the balls to ban it. It's also pretty harrowing to see people howling all angry and righteously demanding porn back on Tumblr like they got their rights taken away or something

No. 554238

>subcultures are for ugly people
OK. I have to disagree. I guess some subcultures are considered 'hotter' than others (eboys vs. nerds). Sure, you won't universally be found 'hot' if you stand out. I just personally don't like conformity.
>It can be uncomfortable for some to have different tastes than pic related.
Why is that? It's possible to not fit in the 'blonde hair, blue eyes' category and still be considered beautiful. If I had to make a guess, the woman in pic related looks safe and fits a positive stereotype. She hasn't got bold or unusual features, so she appeals to a broad demographic.

(sorry for sperging)

No. 554257

Staceys are supposed to be generic, isn't that part of the joke? They're likeable precisely because they're conventionally basic and therefore palatable to the majority of men. If someone had features or interests that stood out or weren't conventional, then they wouldn't be considered Stacey because they would only appeal to a niche group of men and plenty others would bash them.

No. 554279

Yeah, subcultures are for ugly people or at least attractive people who feel ugly. If you are attractive and know it you have no incentive to cultivate niche interests or relate with a group of outsiders. This is why normies are painfully boring.

No. 554284

Nta but aren't those considered "Beckies?" I thought Stacies were supposed to be highly above average.

No. 554288

I've literally never seen a man use the term karen. My social media feeds are full of exclusively women posting karen memes and making karen jokes.

No. 554289

This isn't an unpopular opinion lmao. It's just not an opinion that most are open about.

No. 554290

Anyone that uses Stacey/Becky/Karen here like some stupid Reddit post should be banned for a week.

No. 554294

File: 1589573241156.jpg (90.66 KB, 620x893, gayandlame.jpg)

I hated this film and I still can't believe that it won best picture. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have zero chemistry and the plot was incredibly boring and unrealistic.

No. 554311

They both just have 0 sex appeal to me, it's almost impressive.

No. 554312

people always complain about "problems in society" but society IS the problem. humans are simply not evolved enough to live comfortably in mega-communities of millions and billions.

No. 554313

I think they're good actors, I just felt they didn't work at all together in this film. Like, even individually things felt off. Just not good roles for either of them.

No. 554338

It didn't win best picture. Moonlight did.

No. 554353

The Coronavirus thread, while good in theory, eventually became a dumpster fire

No. 554361

I remember nothing about the plot but I know the words to all the songs

No. 554379

How are we gonna get mad at Doja Cat when she's never been quiet about her sexuality (not gay stuff but how much she talks about sex) Like let's just be mad at the people who act like their fave not twerking puts them above all other women, slutshaming is dumb

No. 554385

My bad, apparently it won best film at the British version of the Academy Awards.

No. 554386

File: 1589591495872.gif (2.29 MB, 275x180, 1515310459970.gif)

This screenshot is truly amazing.

No. 554396

personally, I think they should have gotten rid of all the nazis and hate speech on there too
but that's not an unpopular opinion so hey I'll see myself out

No. 554407

I agree

No. 554469

anon I hate to inform you but tumblr still has porn, it's better hidden, but it's still there. I accidentally stumble across blogs that post porn all the time, though they're often personal blogs that post other content with porn sprinkled in there. there's also still an overabundance of porn bots, some things never change

No. 554473

polyamory and open relationships are disgusting. I can't understand how anyone can engage in that without feeling like they're cheating on their partner or their partner is cheating on them, it's so slimy and spineless

No. 554477

they are either in denial (the cucks) or selfish and don't give af about the cucked partner. They want all the merits of the actual relationship without the commitment

No. 554493

I will never understand why it's such a hard concept for some people to grasp. A lot of people just don't want to sexually commit to one person their entire life, but they want to emotionally commit to them as a life partner. Many people genuinely don't care if their partner is getting with other people. Hell, some people even get off on it.

Why would it feel like cheating if their partner is okay with it? That makes no sense. The entire reason why cheating is bad is because it hurts your partner. So, if your partner is alright with it… why should that feel like cheating?

No. 554500

>A lot of people just don't want to sexually commit to one person their entire life, but they want to emotionally commit to them as a life partner.
Mental illness.

No. 554515

>having different feelings toward monogamy than me is a mental illness
You sound like a really pleasant person to be around.

No. 554539

go back to reading Kimchi Cuddles kek

No. 554544

>I will never understand why it's such a hard concept for some people to grasp. A lot of people just don't want to sexually commit to one person their entire life, but they want to emotionally commit to them as a life partner.
Sounds like they want a glorified friend lmao.

No. 554573

Polyamory is like a mockery of how a relationship should be. You should be giving your time and devotion to one person, you can’t share that. It is embodied by selfishness and lust. Not devotion and love. It simply doesn’t compare to the sanctity, devotion, and willpower that gives life to a monogamous relationship.

No. 554575

>You should be giving all your time and devotion to one person you can’t share that
I'm not for polyamory, but I also don't believe people can necessarily say that one type of relationship is better than others
Better for you maybe, but not better for everyone
I mean–you can basically switch out everything you're saying and replace it with hetero/homo and you sound like a stuffy christian asshole

No. 554581

File: 1589650408862.jpg (102.45 KB, 800x535, 7c42d4f9fe0fe38051c5493b450c62…)

>comparing poly to homosexuality
wow, you really went there

No. 554582

wow you really explained how they aren't the same

No. 554584

that's why poly "relationships" are so shitty. the people in them are always lazy, selfish and immature and just want a bunch of people they can fall back on emotionally without needing to be there for all of them. they also want the stability of a real relationship that they can just check out of with no consequences. it's barely about the sex or else just not be in any relationship. poly is just a cope.

trying to label your actually reasonable inclination to be a whore in such a way that it bars you from criticism is not the same as being hardwired to like the same sex. poly is cringy neckbeard shit.

No. 554586

>trying to label your actually reasonable inclination to be a whore in such a way that it bars you from criticism is not the same as being hardwired to like the opposite sex. homosexuality is cringy neckbeard shit.
yeah because neckbeards are known for being in multiple relationships

No. 554591

every single time

No. 554599

Except tumblr didn’t ban porn because they were based. They did it as an easy way out since they’re too incompetent to handle the pornbots and the cp blogs. Which btw, still exist.

No. 554603

Right on the head. Every poly relationship I've ever seen myself has had the emotionally immature, possessive main person who collects a harem around them because they want to use people as their emotional trashcans and attention dispensers. They can't deal with the fact that someone can't 100% fulfill all their demands around the clock so they gather up various lovers to leap between when one stops being interesting to them without ever having to compromise to answer to someone else's needs. It's all about selfishness, the poly circle is never in a balanced place where everyone works together to help each other out, they're constantly filled with jealousy and competition for one person's attention. Of course the main person flips their shit when one of their lovers attempts to get a second partner of their own. One of my friends was involved in a poly relationship because her husband fell in love with her best friend and she couldn't let go, of course it turned to be a huge shitshow leaving her emotionally scarred.

Humans are made to be emotionally intimate with only one person at a time. If you fall in love with another person you need to figure out if it's just a short-timed intensive crush that wouldn't carry through a long-term relationship and if it's worth leaving someone who might not excite you as much as they did before, but offers you safety and stability. Not cook up some retarded polyamory scheme because you're self-centered enough to put two people through emotional distress just so you can have your cake and eat it too. It usually ends up with you being alone.

No. 554604

>emotionally intimate with only one person at a time
emotional intimacy is important in most relationships
in fact, it's weird if you aren't emotionally intimate with multiple people in your life
Do you think your parents, friends, and children if you have them don't deserve emotional intimacy

Maybe for you, romantic/sexual love is with one person, but at the end of the day emotional intimacy is important to maintain important relationships

No. 554606

what kind of dumbass response is this

No. 554608

Maybe tell me what you think is wrong with the response instead of just saying it's dumb

No. 554611

You know what I find disgusting, slimy and spineless? People acting like cheating is the worst thing you can do to your partner and yet:
>About one in five adults in monogamous relationships, or 22 percent, have cheated on their current partner. The rate is even higher among married men. And nearly half of people admit to being unfaithful at some point in their lives

I'm not trying to defend poly relationships but strict monogamy obviously isn't ideal for us as a species.

No. 554613


This. Every polycule I've witnessed has gone down in flames in under a year. Most of them in less than six months. If one isn't opened up under the guise of (monkey)branching out, then they're almost always a way for one person to collect a harem of attention dispensers just like >>554603 said.

I've also seen relationships form out of close knit friend groups on the internet. A bunch of sexually frustrated losers in the same discord group chat confuse intimacy with sharing fandoms and swapping porn/nudes and clump up unto ""poly"" situations. You could smell the lack of social skills and emotional intelligence from miles off.

No. 554614

It's cute that you think a poly norm will fix cheating. Cheating isn't cheating because the unfaithful partner has too much love to give to just one person. It's a knowing breach of trust. Cheaters are not ready for monogamous relationships - they're not ready for relationships at all. Poly people are just as capable of cheating as monogamous people.

No. 554615

i'm way too lazy for that

No. 554616

guess that means I'm right!

No. 554636

The issue isn't monogamy. The issue is that 22% of people are extremely insecure and struggle to stay emotionally and romantically attached to their partners, often resorting to cheating as a maladaptive coping skill.

No. 554643

>what are mormons?

No. 554649

Actually visit some online poly circles sometime. Almost everyone in "poly" relationships is dumpy and fat. That's just how it is.

Normal Mormons don't do polygamy– only the insane fundamentalists like FLDS do that (in addition to incest and child rape.)

No. 554659

>Normal Mormons

No. 554664

Found the guilty conscience cope!

No. 554668

The only "successful" poly I've ever known is having a couple Kenyan friends whose families are polygamous. The husband is a glorified ATM, the wives either raise their children together or separately. The wives generally have cordial/friendly relationship, they don't really care because the husband bankrolls their homes, vacations and kids' uni tuition. They don't even have to fuck their husband after the kids are born lmao

No. 554674

Anyone who thinks corona is a hoax at this point is so cognitively disadvantaged and simple minded that they should have to put it on their records so that they can be easily identifiable and avoided by the rest of society.

No. 554687

I think the same should be applied to anyone who agrees with capitalism.
Join my fight against capitalism today, my dear sisters. Let the new dawn of womankind rise.

No. 554693

Nta but I'm in

No. 554694

Thank you anon

No. 554695

File: 1589665067264.jpg (89.33 KB, 1125x827, eu10fjfrgls41.jpg)

>Every poly relationship I've ever seen myself has had the emotionally immature, possessive main person who collects a harem around them because they want to use people as their emotional trashcans and attention dispensers
>Every polycule I've witnessed has gone down in flames in under a year.
Pic related.

No. 554696

Florida man's at it again.

No. 554711

File: 1589667528295.png (375.92 KB, 630x583, deadinside.png)

No. 554720

That's the face of an unattractive man who settled for anyone he could get just to feel loved.

No. 554724

the creature at the far right kills me every time i glance at this picture god

No. 554729

I know it's probably not relevant, but KPRC is a super right-wing radio station in Houston, Texas. A cursory glance shows that they link to an alt-right news article written by Paul Joseph Watson that only has a deleted tweet as evidence.

I despise poly relationships, though.

No. 554765

Here is a less bias source: https://www.jacksonville.com/news/20200325/jacksonville-man-jailed-in-abuse-of-5-week-old-baby.

One of the guys in the ~polycule~ actually did beat the girl's 5 week old baby (he was not the bio father).

No. 554770

samefag but I just realized that the abuser is the guy who looks like he doesn't want to be there in this pic >>554695 and >>554711

No. 554776

God, this is fucked. I'm glad the baby (reportedly) didn't suffer permanent damage.
I hope that kid gets taken away from this shitty "poly" household. Clearly, things are unstable, especially with all these weird-ass men living around.

No. 554783

Robert Pattinson is annoying

No. 554839

I agree actually! He gives me the same performatively quirky vibes as like Chrissy Tiegen type celebrities

No. 554849


And I bet the mother still gets called “empowering”

No. 554852

My biggest regret ever is falling into the polymeme myself. I feel like I will never be the same again, at least it forced me to confront the shittier side of me.
I now want to be alone and have no faith in relationships.

No. 554857

People trying to "reclaim" hate words doesn't work. for example the N-word has only had more hatefulness injected into it over time. While hate words for Hispanics such as "beaner" "wetback" are slowly dying cause Hispanics aren't trying to "reclaim" them, but instead say these words are offensive and they should die

In the 90's some feminists tried to reclaim the word bitch, and while clearly that's backfired, some women still try to "reclaim" that term

Hate words will always have power because there will always be a group of people that you won’t allow to use them on you, thereby injecting power unto it, and keeping it within the lexicon. Saying, “You can use it, but you can’t.” All that does is show how much it bothers you when “the bad people” use it. How does that take power back?

No. 554881

And ugly as fuck, nonetheless

No. 554916

veganism thrives on fake news and very specific low tier meat processing plants hand picked for those shock documentaries.

No. 554922

Good to know. Do you have any sources, like a YouTube video or something for backing? I also think veganism is an unhealthy diet

No. 554935

as someone with digestive issues, veganism is pretty much a no-go for me, ever. like i get that it's mostly for personal/sustainability reasons that people do it, but it is absolutely not a safe diet for a lot of people, particularly if you already have health conditions.

vegans act like removing red meat and dairy from your diet is a major health benefit, but there's just as much shit in vegan diets that is still inflammatory and known to cause or exacerbate problems, like sugar and soy. even grains can be a problem for a lot of people and they may not even know it. a lot of the fake protein products that vegans eat are made exclusively out of wheat and soy.

istg, veganism is the only fad diet that people will defend to the death, and for reasons that are objectively not true (ie: it's healthy and everyone will benefit from it).

No. 554937

File: 1589741522963.jpg (82.34 KB, 679x382, free-stall-679x382.jpg)


Honestly it comes from first hand experience, my family works in industrial scale agriculture and I have spent way too many boring hours in meat and milk farms to look at vegan documentaries and see like every single standard hygiene rule being broken.

For example these are the norm for milking stalls, Free Stalls, plenty of space for the cow to move and lay down, floor cushioned with sawfust, no cages whatsoever and the cows are always relaxed and the cows have free space to walk around in those corridors and stretch their legs when they aren't being allowed outside, oh yeah they are allowed outside! Because they need vitamin D! For the Milk!

The industry norm is either Free Stalls or Compost Barn housing spaces, and thats what they are, HOUSING. The cows don't stay their sad little lifes stuck in a confined space, they sleep and eat there and are allowed to roam around like 8 hours a day.

No. 554940

Probably not that unpopular of an opinion here, but I don't understand why robots are always whining about girls not wanting to date them, going for assholes instead, and then after they've been fucked over enough times by said assholes, they finally learn their lesson and go back to wanting to date "nice" guys "like them." I literally don't see this as a problem at all. This seems like a good thing, if anything. Like, doesn't that insinuate that they still have a chance in the future, or do they on some unconscious level recognize that they may never get a shot at dating women like this because they're not actually nice?

I've tried to discuss this with robots before, and the answer is always something to the extent of "LDJFLDJFLKDS I'D NEVER WANT A ROASTIE AFTER SHE DATED CHADS UGGGHHH SHE'S SOILED FOREVER." Like buddy if you're too insecure to deal with the fact that your gf has had previous dating partners who haven't treated her well, that's 100% a personal problem, and you've already proven you're not a better choice by judging her so harshly for doing so.

Robot logic makes no sense.

No. 554942


Nut butters are absolutely the devil if you have any sort of digestive issues, literally the only acceptable vegan fat (as in cheap, non damaging to the environment and somewhat decent for your health) is margarine.

Most vegans end up spoops with brittle thin hair and hollow faces, its terrifying, how can they claim they are top notch face of health?
(Inb4 someone mentions him, Joaquin Phoenix is not a spoop because he gets all his calories from alcohol lol.)

Im personally very fiber sensitive, high fiber foods give me take-me-to-the-hospital level of cramps and i've found out that a high healthy fat diet works the best for me, seafood galore.

No. 554943

not vegan but the logic here isn't that good. because only some farms are bad and not all means that they should be okay with the ones that aren't? after the meat is packaged, most people can't trace where it came from.
its really hard in general to source meat and dairy products unless you're able to buy everything locally.

No. 554944

>nut butters are absolutely the devil if you have any sort of digestive issues

that's interesting, because I do completely fine with nut butters so long as they're natural and have no added sugar. It's dairy, grains, sugar and processed foods that I tend to have a problem with. My "safe" diet that I follow when my digestive issues are flaring up is basically paleo with legumes still included. I guess it really is different for everyone lel

No. 554945

The thing is they’re lying when they say “I just want a gf”. What they really want is a virgin Stacy who can make them feeeel like a chad without any reciprocation. They can’t lie to themselves if the girl was accustomed to sushi dinner and 6ft5 9-inch dick life kek

No. 554948

You can easily track where your meat came from, just ask the supermarket's butcher if its pre packaged in the freezer, they see the processing plant's truck every other day, just go to the counter and ask "hey which brand is this meat?"

Google them, they will usually have facility photos and reviews, alot of times you can also schedule a guided visit too.

Haha i think it has alot to do with ethnicity, my family comes from southern europe so lots of dairy meat and grains.

No. 555065

i hate jeff goldblum

No. 555077

Pete Davidson is more attractive than MGK

No. 555084

it's because none of that is what they actually want. if a cute girl of literally any kind were to show some verifiable interest in them, it wouldn't matter if she was a roastie whore or whatever. they are well aware that beggars can't be choosers when it comes to relationships, so they adhere themselves to a reality in which women are the defective "beggars", for any number of arbitrary reason.

No. 555085

How is that an unpopular opinion not only here but literally anywhere other than among incels…

No. 555187

nta but this is how I understand the exposed logic : The nice guy tried to date the dumb roastie before she willingly chose to date one or several abusers before crawling back to the supreme prince of kindness who then refuse to be a plan B for a nasty girl who chose to ride the cock carousel.

Of course anyone not as brain-damaged as robots would agree this is some alternate twisted narrative to put the blame on someone else than themselves for being a failure, but I guess there still plenty of places in the *chan world where this kind of shit are rampant, so I get this can be perceived as unpopular by anon

No. 555188

Those groups are definitely the ones with the unpopular opinion though, like people are literally coming here and posting ‘“I think dating is okay ♥” as an ‘unpopular opinion’, if you get to the point you start thinking that’s an unpopular opinion you are definitely spending too much time talking to ‘robots’

No. 555278

Most of the people on this site are huge hypocrites and label themselves feminists, but are the first ones to call women derogatory names and pick at their appearances. Then get mad when men do the same thing.

No. 555287

Was someone mean to u baby

No. 555291

>Most of the people on this site […] label themselves feminists
where did you get that from

No. 555311

Witcher 3 isnt that good of a game. Fanboys need to stop hyping it up. I was bored so fast and dropped it. I play dragon age, red dead and other similar games, but this one was incredibly hard to get into, despite the 'rave reviews' all of the gamers gave it.

No. 555314

This isn’t the vent thread

No. 555328

this is why it's called the unpopular opinion thread for a reason you faggots

No. 555329

There's really nothing wrong with picking at the appearances of spergs. I don't see that as being hypocritical at all.

No. 555330

you didn't answer my question. why do you think we are all feminists?

No. 555331

i'm not that anon, should've clarified that in the post lol i'm just pointing out the fact that you guys don't like what that anon said on a thread that's supposed to be for opinions like that

No. 555335

this thread is going to end up like the confessions one if y'all keep this up

No. 555345

I like shallon lester. Shss the unapologetic cunt I wish I could be.

No. 555347

you posted this twice but you couldn't fix ur typo lol. typical of a shallon lester fan

No. 555352

Shes the type of person who is honest about being a piece of shit so when she does/says something nice I believe it

No. 555377

That's fair. I dunno why he's so popular now anyway

No. 555392

I fucking HATE RGB builds, I hat anything RGB. Why do people give shit -1 star due to software being hard with BIOS. I really don't care fro RGB, and I wish a lot of builds weren't RGB. It's ugly and tacky.
A pharmacy I worked at had RGB backlit mice and keyboards like why

No. 555400

Bullshit, she ran away from the backlash she was getting the moment she was pointed out for being an asshole by a larger audience instead of owning it. She might make some decent points, but it's ruined by how obviously insecure she is.

No. 555476

Money is EVERYTHING. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. If one more trust fund friend (I strangely have a few) tells me that money doesn't buy happiness, I will throw hands.

No. 555479

Idk there’s lots of poor countries in the world that have many people and I’ve always thought it was strange to say they aren’t happy just because their poor. When you say money is everything you say that because of western capitalism, money isn’t everything to everyone. Not everyone on our planet even goes by a money system, it’s a big world out there. Money is everything to you, but it doesn’t rule everyone’s worlds. Money comes and goes very easily, something you could learn from your trust fund friends. They can lose their money just as fast as you could randomly gain it. Kylie Jenner could easily lose all her billions, seriously those people go bankrupt too. Their money isn’t endless; they have to stick to a certain saving vs spending or before long, they could be negative millions on their debit accounts easily. Money is meaningless, plenty of people on planet earth have survived hundreds of years without it and I’m sure some day it will be different again. I like to think of basic survival and we don’t need money for that or to be happy.

No. 555481

ok tru I meant in America money is everything. You can be depressed and broken inside but it'll be a hell of a lot easier if you can pay the bills while doing so. Should have specified.

No. 555486

Agree. Money can't buy you happiness but it can certainly buy you safety and stability. I admit that I was happy when I was broke and unemployed because I had a lot more free time to to do shit I enjoyed and meet new people yet I still remember the terror of getting new bills and constantly worrying about money. However if it makes you feel better, according to statistics 70% of rich families' money is gone by the second generation and 90% by the third. Trust fund babies can't party on forever.

No. 555487

can't delete my post for whatever reason so samefagging to correct that I meant that 70% of all rich families will lose their fortune completely by the second generation and 90% of all rich families will lose it by the third generation. Not that they lose 70% of their money.

No. 555489

I think people were a hell of a lot happier
before the normalization of secondary education and the modern workforce; when the only jobs that existed were farming and being a doctor. We should go back to that.

No. 555502

Kate Middleton isn’t attractive at all

No. 555523

doja is fucking hilarious and makes catchy music

No. 555528

I don't think this is an unpopular opinion

No. 555532

She just had the number one song on billboard… do you people really not know what an unpopular opinion is

No. 555545

i've only seen negative stuff written about her on here. I'm not talking about how successful she is in mainstream media.

No. 555548

I thought the same thing at first, but after reading that LSA thread, the stuff about the neckbeards mocking/ignoring her the whole time she was in tinychat with them (and openly talking about how she shoved a cucumber inside herself for them and "joking" about blackmailing her for money), and then her WKing herself in said LSA thread (followed by her alleged nudes getting leaked), I'm convinced she's extremely mentally ill and insecure. The whole "e-girl" thing isn't just an act at all, and I mean that in the most depressing way.
Even a #1 hit on the charts didn't boost her self-esteem enough to stop her from incel-pandering. She's just talented, lucky and conventionally attractive enough to not be permanently reduced to Twitch thot streaming and/or actual camgirl stuff.
It feels like no one really knows or cares, mostly because they just see her as a pretty, dancing clown. I really hope she gets help, it's a shitty place to be. It doesn't help that she's working with the known predator, Dr. Luke.

No. 555552

she gives major bpdfag vibes. idk. something about her just creeps me out.

No. 555553

can you please link the lsa thread? i've been trying to find it but it seems i'm incompetent

No. 555555

It got deleted because someone posted some girls nudes (probably not actually Doja’s) with the intent to get the thread taken down

No. 555556

that's really fucking stupid. they couldn't just delete the nudes?

No. 555564

Thankfully, there's an archive of the thread here:
30 pages of this got saved. Who knows if there was more before it all got deleted.
Also, someone saved all the screencaps/clips here. I saw this first, but didn't get the context until I read the thread for myself: https://imgur.com/a/FdhU1us#danObdm

No. 555567

Also not to mention that doja herself has admitted to having neglectful parents, she does not have a relationship at all with her father and is barely in speaking terms with her mom.

No. 555575


No. 555578

Strongly agree

No. 555584

File: 1589898720864.gif (482.52 KB, 275x92, 1564894189243.gif)

maybe i'm remembering wrong but I feel like farmers were really into mooo when it came out? I believe pic related is still in the banner rotation.


hard disagree, i'd miss you uwu.

No. 555587

I don't think many were into moo. If anything, because it's related to cows is why you saw it being posted here. Same thing goes for the banner.

No. 555606

I think the whole site should be tbh

No. 555637

it's really ironic to me how much this board complains about bpd, yet i see multiple posts daily from users claiming to be diagnosed with bpd themselves…projection?

also, let's be real here. this entire site is a bpdfag's wet dream. i honestly can't see how anyone without a history of chronically low self-esteem and defensive/combative behavior could stand more than five minutes here.

and yes, for the record, i am including myself in all this.

No. 555644

Once a week I check the Sh0eonhead/ArmoredSeptic thread to see if June has finally given up on Greg. It never fucking happens. Every time it's just a new screencap of Greg dunking on June, and June updating us all on her pathetic womanchild life while she appeases the undeserving loser. It's the most annoying relationship dynamic if you could even call it one at this point.

No. 555655

At this point… throw the whole site away.

No. 555672

I hate that this is genuinely an unpopular opinion outside lolcow and the kiwifarms thread. I don't feel bad for June, she's asking for it at this point. She will never learn.

No. 555675

Suggesting everyone on this site has bpd is extremely not “real” and improbable js

See, I’m an autist, you can tell by my annoying need for logic

No. 555686

I used to check on her daily when her thread was blowing up in like 2017-18ish? It's crazy to me how everything has just sort of stagnated for her. She has been engaged for 2.5 years now, for anyone still counting.

Generally I don't buy the "what goes around comes around" meme (it's a comforting delusion that life is fair) but in this case it seems very appropro given her past.

No. 555746

File: 1589929040582.png (848.92 KB, 920x1048, 1585836357518.png)

Faggots who suicidebait on here aren't gonna do it. I'm glad they get ignored.

No. 555765

File: 1589930542708.png (9.41 KB, 441x114, images.png)

Venting since FDS has become increasingly popular:

r/femaledatingstrategy offers terrible advice. While it's rooted in come evolutionary psychology that makes sense (keyword: some), the problem with these subs (r/theredpill included) is that everyone on them really and truly believes they're at the top of the hierarchy and deserves the sort of partner that realistically only genuinely beautiful/handsome and highly intelligent people can obtain.

Just like redpillers think Mary Elizabeth Winstead is their looksmatch, FDSers believe they deserve an IBer making $400,000 a year who also looks like Christian Bale in his prime. In other words, it's a recipe for holding out for men sociopathic enough to use you over a long term period, or holding out for nothing at all. The only good advice they offer is to hold back on giving sex until he has proven himself a viable long-term partner, and really you could just ask your grandma to tell you that, you don't need damaged redditors on SSRIs to tell you.

I've noticed there's also this weird-as-fuck overlap between pinkpill communities and kpop fangroups. You'll often be reading a thread and some random no-value comment about how Asian/Korean "scrotes" are actually really great and everyone should be dating them instead because they're so much better than White/Black/Hispanic/etc ones. That or they're just Asian incels sockpuppeting. If it's the former I think the blind spot over how many women in the Korean entertainment have been killing themselves due to industrial-scale rape and abuse is kind of bizarre.

Finally, I'm tired of people who made bad decisions with prior partners (I swear half of the "ex boyfriend stories" here and on FDS are from people who dated random men they met on online games, interpals, 4chan or worse) projecting this onto others. Not everyone was dumb enough to date some disgusting /soc/ BDSM fetishist they met on a "kink thread".

tl;dr, don't take advice from damaged people online.

No. 555768

Can't speak for everyone but I find it really sad that you believe the majority of toxic men come from online sources like fetlife. While dating apps are really popular right now I don't really believe it makes a difference. Abusers gonna abuse especially if it's someone they've previously known. The reality is that for women like me and others, we often meet our abusers and shitty partners through mutual friends, work, and school.

Agree with the rest of your post though. I started to notice the chronic FDS posters were just bitter and didn't have much to offer themselves–not that I think that qualifies anyone to only be able to date needy manchildren. They just shouldn't expect a hot man throwing millions at them. It's unrealistic.

No. 555770

>not that I think that qualifies anyone to only be able to date needy manchildren.
Yeah, of course. It's not binary (which is of course what they claim it is). Something I think FDSers and MRAtards struggle with in general is that men and women are a reflection of each other. For every "slut" there's some man who lies and cheats his way into getting women into bed, end result being no one feels they owe anyone anything.

>Can't speak for everyone but I find it really sad that you believe the majority of toxic men come from online sources like fetlife.

I'm being a bitch here, I know that's not true. But I do feel like a lot of people here and there do have this atypical dating pattern of meeting virtually all of their boyfriends on imageboards, forums or literal kink hookup sites.

No. 555776

FDS is toxic, but not because of the women having higher standards. I don’t think anything bad can come from women raising their standards.

So much of the “advice” is about how to lie and pretend to snag a guy who is just as misogynist and douchey, only he makes more money or actually showers. What they could be doing is focusing on themselves and putting that energy into other women.

And yeah, so many of them are weebs and kboos.

No. 555777

>, FDSers believe they deserve an IBer making $400,000 a year who also looks like Christian Bale in his prime. ?
WTAF are you reading?? It's literally nothing like this. They say over, and over, and over: money and looks don't make a man high value. Treating you well makes a man high value. And not everyone deserves Christian Bale, but everyone deserves someone they are attracted to and if they can't find that, it's better to be single than settle.

FDS might have started out about dating strategy but it's ultimately become focused on building women's self esteem, self respect and ability to enforce boundaries. I feel like I'm being gaslighted when I read posts like yours because it's the complete opposite of what I read on there every single day. 50% of the posts are about how degenerate men are, the other 50% are about not taking any shit from them. I almost never see any calculating plans for how to secure the bag, I don't even date so I don't read it for that. I read it because it's reassuring to see that not all women are willing to settle for the bare minimum.

No. 555779

But what you described is how they see standards. They're constantly performing these mental gymnastics with regards to those "standards". On one thread it's basically a man's salary, in another thread where a wealthy or respectable professional man is revealed to be a misogynist asshole, they backtrack and "standards" now become a more abstract "whether he appreciates women".

For the record, I actually used to like it as a sub before they formalized the handbook which included stuff like "lie to your boyfriend about how many men you've slept with". If you feel it's a big enough deal to him that he'd look at you in a different way as a result of your past, why do you even want to date him in the first place? There's plenty of people who are comfortable with promiscuous partners these days. Why lie to one who obviously isn't? I have to admit I feel personally aggrieved by this one because my ex pulled the exact same shit with me (he swore he wasn't a womanizer and then I found out through his friends that he hasn't been able to stick with a woman for more than six months).

>And yeah, so many of them are weebs and kboos.

Why do you think this is, out of interest? Why is there that big overlap?

No. 555781

>money and looks don't make a man high value.
It's a part of the FDS handbook to expect a man to pay for the majority share of everything. That's a defacto admission.

No. 555782

I honestly think it’s because they are scorned libfems. They’re hetero women who are obsessed with men. They also skew young. Libfems and young people are overwhelmingly into weebshit and kboo. Not saying lesbians wouldn’t be, (see this website..) but the more rad lesbians aren’t into that stuff.

No. 555783

So you're just reading the handbook and not the actual posts?

As I said
>FDS might have started out about dating strategy but it's ultimately become focused on building women's self esteem, self respect and ability to enforce boundaries
The actual discussions about money tend to stop at 'men should pay for the first date' which is more about the gesture than the money. The only time I see men criticized for not paying majority share is when he has a significantly higher income than his partner and expects her to pay half. It's not unreasonable to expect a guy who isn't a total bum, and it's also worth acknowledging that they constantly advocate self improvement and making your own money so you don't rely on a man.

No. 555787

>What they could be doing is focusing on themselves and putting that energy into other women.

They've been moaning about GC for not being intersectional enough recently.

>You'll often be reading a thread and some random no-value comment about how Asian/Korean "scrotes" are actually really great and everyone should be dating them instead because they're so much better than White/Black/Hispanic/etc ones.

I never really knew whether the 'omg my asian boyfriend/husband is such a HVM! pls everyone find urself an asian dude!' ones are for real or they're just some dweeb from one of the asian incel subs to be honest (I remember when they were caught pretending to be women posting on r/ladyboners, that was hilarious). I would have guessed the latter, but after lurking PULL threads filled with: 'If he was MY asian bf I wouldn't treat him like SHE does, she doesn't respect his ancient culture!!' posts it seems being this delusional about asian men really is a thing among a lot of the woke/libfem contingent.

No. 555794

>I remember when they were caught pretending to be women posting on r/ladyboners, that was hilarious
How did they get caught? Not to be spoon fed but can I hear the story? Kek

No. 555795


From what I remember, someone posted proof of it on r/drama. There's been ongoing feud between r/aznidentity and r/drama for years.

No. 555799

As for the "story" there were a few week-old accounts that randomly started spamming r/ladyboners with pictures of Asian guys, other week-old accounts with no posts would fill up the comments section of these threads talking about how hot asian guys are and how they need more representation because "they" (the sockpuppet) find them way more attractive than all the non-asian guys posted on r/ladyboners usually.

No. 555808

Beans don't taste good
like at all
and the texture is awful

No. 555816

Being mexican means that I have refried beans with like every meal and I can't stand them.

The texture, the smell, disgusting.

No. 555876

people who refuse to take medicine are whack to me. I always carry acetaminophen for period pain or headaches and had a few coworkers turn it down because they don't believe in pills or medicine. I understand if its an allergy, adverse side effect possibility, or they're pregnant but no. we finally reached a point in history where there's a medicine to fix a lot of health problems but people still turn away from that easy fix that our past didn't have the luxury of doing. I question if those same coworkers will be anti-vax if they have kids.

No. 555891

peanuts are fucking disgusting. whenever i try to imagine what would be the worst dish possible i think of potato salad with peanuts. snickers are good though

No. 555893

I agree

No. 555902

Beans might be my favorite main ingredient, so cheap, so delish, so healthy, so nutritious, so easy to cook.

I walk around
With my hair all spiked
And I don't eat meat
Just beans and rice

Don't talk to me
Cause you don't understand
Can't you see
How truly punk rock I am?

Hey can you spare some change
Cause I ain't go no home

All I've got to say
Is fuck the world today
And I don't want to be free

I'll be happy
When I die
I'll be dirty and poor
But I'll have my pride

Don't feel sorry for me
That's just how it goes
And like that song says
Nobody knows

No. 555914

I think there are a lot of LARPing males in the FDS sub on Reddit. Not saying there are no actual women– just that I wouldn't be surprised if around a quarter of the posters there were actually male.

No. 555915

Is this unpopular? I'll eat refried beans or baked beans by themselves sometimes. Also I love stir fried tofu, and beans are the main ingredients in tofu.

No. 555916


No. 555937

There are a lot of men who larp in FDS, red pill women, and other female subreddits, and I have no idea why. Like what do they get out of it? Is it just fun for them? At least the lulzy r/ladyboner raid had an understandable purpose

No. 555943

Allowing your child to become obese should count as child endagerment.

No. 555957

I don't get why we turn a blind eye to it when we legally charge people for letting their animals become obese, but it's a complicated issue
The biggest causes of child obesity stem from poverty, so fining parents that have fat kids will just disproportionately affect the poor. I can also imagine actively abusive parents would start starving their children to avoid it
IMHO the best option is to just not have drastically underfunded schools, so that children can have good quality healthy school lunches and breakfasts, solid education on nutrition and regularly scheduled exercise

No. 555962

I agree. I also think we should have mandatory parental training for expecting parents that teaches them how to properly feed their kids, among other things that many parents are shockingly uneducated on.

No. 555966

I enjoy the idea of parental courses and parental licenses in order to be registered to have custody of children.

My problem with this is that 1)People are bound to find loopholes around it and 2)It would be awful hard to apply it in retrograde to shit parents who already have kids, and it wouldn't be fair to new parents who'd have to endure courses unless this would happen too. And what would the consequences be if these current parents failed their courses? State takes custody of kids? It would never happen.

It'll never happen, unfortunately.

No. 555989

Good points. I also feel like women who get heavily into idol culture end up missing the point. Chinese and Korean and Japanese women are into idols so much precisely because the average man around them is such an emotionless and misogynistic sack of shit (especially in Korea where you have this obsession with filming women without their consent). The non Asian idol fangirls end up extrapolating this highly sanitized image of idols to Korean/Asian men as a whole.

I mean even within the idol industry itself it's full of literal human trafficking rapists like Seungri so the delusions really strike me as insane. It would be like me liking all British men because of Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice.

New feminist spaces need to be purged of K-pop fans and weebs in general.

No. 555990

With some of them it's just the only female socialization they have. Which is pretty sad. With others it's this obsession, usually among minority guys, with proving that the only way to dismantle the patriarchy is to date Asian guys by false flagging and shilling. I say minority guys but it's really only Asians, I've never seen Hispanic, Black or Indian men do it.

No. 556033

it's not that crazy of an unpopular opinion since it's related to the pop world but i honestly don't think normani is ever going to become the 'it' girl that they want her to become

she's beautiful and talented yes but i think it was just that in 5h she stood out against a bunch of boring people and when she's by herself she's kind of just…there

No. 556063

File: 1589999697135.jpg (39.84 KB, 413x578, ingame.jpg)

I genuinely like 2B's design and think it's pretty.

No. 556064

yeah i want her to be that it girl but it's not gonna happen. she's not really doing anything

No. 556070

>peanuts are fucking disgusting
>snickers are good though
wait how does that make any sense

No. 556074

it's covered in chocolate and caramel duh

No. 556092

it is if you ignore the obvious ~male gaze~

No. 556104

You're totally correct but isn't it like, an extremely popular opinion though?

No. 556109

I've seen women complain about it here and elsewhere.

No. 556115

men should be allowed to express their feelings without the fear of shame, ridicule, or of being made to feel like their emotional needs are unimportant and nobody cares

No. 556117

that's not an unpopular opinion if you don't hang around tradfags

you saw my post in /m/ didn't you? i like the design, but not for the reasons as most of the players

No. 556122

They do it all the time, anon. Usually in the form of anger.

No. 556124

That's not an unpopular opinion, women have been asking men to be more open with us for millenia. Men tell other men that makes them cowards, simps, pussies and cucks.

No. 556125

This isn't r/unpopularopinions

No. 556129

>Men tell other men that makes them cowards, simps, pussies and cucks.
Unless women try to openly talk about feminism, then all men suddenly become MRAs who care deeply about each other and must talk about it instead of women's issues

No. 556138

everyone is always making fun of people who spend 5$ on coffee every day and like yeah it's expensive but like, life is short and if that's what makes you happy and you can afford it then do it

No. 556141

Personally I wouldn't buy coffee every day but I'm sure I spend $35 a week on something other people wouldn't waste their money on. It doesn't automatically equate to spending outside your means.

Big money is saved in your big expenses - housing, food, transport, bills. Those are where you really need to cut costs if you want to save for a deposit on a house or retirement etc.

No. 556172

Yeah, I did see your post. I just wish men could see past her ass. There's so much more to her design.

No. 556207

Idk how unpopular this is but siblings are really close skeeve me out. Like, I consider myself close to my brothers and enjoy hanging out with them but siblings who cuddle or are constantly touchy are tooooo much.

No. 556208

billie eilish and her brother weird me out

No. 556209

I prefer buying healthy purebred pets from a reputable breeder over adopting them. Every time I’ve adopted a dog from the shelter, they’ve been sickly or had behavioral issues. I’ve also tried rescues, but they have nearly impossible standards like someone being home 24/7, having a huge yard, having others pets/not having other pets, etc.

No. 556210

I wholeheartedly agree, anon.

No. 556220

That's your thing I guess but I don't think it's weird to be affectionate towards a sibling. My brother is much younger than me, I used to change his diapers lol. Having been an only child before him I very much appreciate hugging my brother when I see him now.

No. 556221

Yes yes everyone knows hugs are fine and displaying physical affection with a younger sibling is different than two siblings in their early 20s completely hanging off of each and touching every chance they get.

No. 556222

It's a lack of boundaries. I also think its creepy how her brother writes her sex songs? I'm very close with my brothers and sister but we never hug or talk about sexual shit. It's really none of our business.

No. 556223

Well I wouldn't know I guess but some of my cousins are pretty close to their siblings and I don't think it's weird. Is it because you associate it with something sexual? I don' think it's weird for friends to cuddle eitherl.

No. 556225

Idk what to tell you, anon. If you wanna spoon with your brother you do you.

No. 556226

just curious, do you think this is normal behavior between two siblings?

No. 556245

does she even make her own music? i read her big hit single was written by dr luke i think it was.

No. 556268

nta but they're just laughing and poking each other? I don't think that's weird. Phsyical affection doesn't equal sexual desire? Some of you need a hug lol

No. 556287

the kibbe system is no less retarded than astrology, mbti and all that other made up stuff.

No. 556291

but kibbe is about body types and mbti and astrology about personality? wtf is this comparison

No. 556296

it's all fake and dumb

No. 556297

I don't like this either, I also hate a lot of the petty meme edits, they're rarely funny. Most of the current banners mainly consist of this kind of content which annoys me because they can be kinda ugly.

No. 556315

going by that logic color theory is fake aswell. I don't know about mbti, but there's definitely some truth to kibbe.

No. 556320

I’m typically not interested in fashion but went down the kibbe rabbit hole out of boredom and actually found a lot of it true and helpful.

No. 556355


I think the most useful bit I got out of kibbes was finding celebs with similar body shapes to your own and seeing how they are dressed/styled to get an idea of what sort of clothes can compliment you

No. 556377

Most celebrities (and even people into the kibbe thing) don't dress for their type in the first place.

No. 556441

Elvis died while taking a shit.

No. 556444

Good riddance

No. 556535

I like all the character designs like Kaine's or the other Gelsat characters and Zero's in Drakenguard 3. I just really dislike 2B fanart for other reasons anon described but I think I'm going to cosplay her for halloween.

No. 556794

This site is so petty and filled to the brim with bitter pick me asian girls. Going on the other boards like /pt/ and /snow/ is so annoying majority of the time it's filled with jealous bitches nitpicking about other women who have enough confidence to post themselves. It's truly amazing to me, the inn-suh-currrity.(racebait)

No. 556796

Why Asian?

No. 556801

Are you sure about that? Very sure? Like 100% sure? Genuinely, seriously sure?

If anything, the majority are people who wish they were Asian. Just take a look at the confession thread, lmao.

No. 556868

I wear plaited or loose low pigtails occasionally and I'm 29. I also wear low pigtail buns sometimes to work and I've never had a snide comment.
I get what you mean, but I disagree that grown women can't pull them off. I've seen artsy looking women in their 30s wearing the space bun styled ones up high and depending on their outfit it can look nice.

No. 556912

i used to absolutely hate and be against astrology and anyone who was into it but overtime with being friends with people who were into astrology stuff for fun, i picked up the lingo and know what some of the signs/planets and all that mean and now I'm in to it

and I'm fully aware how dumb it might be but the more I get into it, the better it seems I'm able to predict people's signs just by talking to them before they even tell me. I've thought about the relationships I've been in that worked and didn't worked and the signs of those people compared to me and how the behavior lined up.

does anybody else believe in astrology? i believe in it less in the sense of "if you're an aries this is absolutely how you always act" or judging people based on their signs, and more like "if you were born when the planets were at this alignment, you're probably more likely to suffer from __ and act like ___ so maybe be aware of that so you can be the best person you're capable of being".

No. 556918

can i give you my birth chart
do you wanna judge me

No. 557187

The Bechdel test is a garbage measure of female agency in a show or movie and should not be used as a femenist measuring tool in media

No. 557193

it was never meant to be some gold standard, but to show how piss poor are female characters in movies. the standard was so low and they still failed it.

No. 557195

I don't like this idea we all need to mix together as one, in terms of the races. I think it would be a boring world where there aren't red headed or blonde people.

No. 557204

I don't think it's a super brilliant measure either but at least it got some people to reconsider writing women around something else besides men all the time.

No. 557213

It was never meant to be a serious metric to rate the movie by, it's just an indicator to make people realize how often multiple female characters in the same story are only meant to support the male lead and how female relationships are rarely portrayed in media.

No. 557215

despite this, Its still taken 100% seriously at any gender studies or film studies class

No. 557217

Its more fun to have numerous orbiters that you use as an emotional tampon/cash than it is to have one bf

No. 557233

lmfao yeah good luck when they find out what you're doing

No. 557235


I used to want anything other than the dark brown eyes and dark brown hair I was born with and am still unlearning that shit but. I do wish there was more of a variety of colors we could be born with

No. 557260

That AJay reaction YouTuber is annoying as fuck. I'm tired of seeing her face. Screaming every few seconds at a pop song is not a music review. I can't believe people consider her worthwhile

No. 557262

what fucking idea is telling you to fuck another race? is this bait?

No. 557290

Hate it when the PD knocks my door down and forces me to take the load of my ethnically ambiguous neighbor this is some pc bullshit

No. 557308

Conflating sexual orientation with identity is borderline autistic and synonymous with people that are boring. If you have to define yourself by trivial labels, newsflash you aren't a very complex person.

No. 557334

i think a lot of gay teens these days aren't actually gay, hence faking trans or claiming to be pansexual or whatever. it's a hot take but i feel like it's just where the misfits go nowadays as opposed to an actual needed safe haven for those experiencing homophobia

No. 557358

i don't get what's wrong with having a key part of who you are be your identity.

don't get me wrong, I'm also annoyed by people whose entire personality is based around being gay, trans, a certain race, etc. but i think it's important to recognize that for identities that impact your everyday life (like attraction, race, or gender), it's normal to have those be one of the key parts of someone's identity.

it's possible to be "that gay guy" while also being a complex person. Not everyone owes you their life story or philosophical insights when they're giving you a basic description/idea of what type of person they are. of course if a core part of someone is being trans, and they're treated/talked to a certain way everyday for being that way, they're going to view that as a key part of their identity. what someone is, likes, enjoys, does with their time, behaves, etc. is all a factor in someone's identity.

idk it just irritates me for people to have their entire lives/interests/identities written off simply because a key part of who they are as a person is overused, overdone, or the marginalized flavor of the week.
it's entirely possible for someone to have a key defining trait in their identity and still have interests and complexity in their personality beyond surface level labels, because that's what labels are meant to be, surface level.

No. 557360

The younger generation and people in general who use overly ambiguous terms are always people who have never faced real homophobia or discrimination and are just bored with being a bland person. It's borderline offensive.

No. 557406

If someone is telling you to unwillingly date outside of your race for PC points assume that they're creepy fuckers alongside those white purity idiots. Otherwise, I think interracial couples just don't want to be harassed anymore.

Date who you fucking want,there's no pressure either way other than from extremists. Also, genetics are not that simple anon.

No. 557409

What's with young people having no counterculture to speak of outside of being questionably gay/trans? I find it disturbing how indoctrinated they are into mainstream consumer culture. I don't think it bodes well for the future.

No. 557411

inb4 ok boomer

No. 557426

I think part of it is the growing role of the internet. Social media is the result of the growing influence of tech companies, herding people onto a few sites and killing forums and personal websites.

The wealth inequality and state of education system (at least in Murica) plays a big role in this. It's is a shitshow, politically more right compared to Europe and bogged down with lobbying. And companies kill any real movements by coopting and finding ways to profit, like with girlboss "feminism" and mental health awareness ("self-care").

No. 557435

I feel like more teens identify as being somewhere in the lgbts now than those who don't, even if they're only bullshitting themselves they've really taken the minority aspect out of it. I feel old thinking of how my own teen years were nothing like todays.

Same with all the mental health awareness talk, an anxiety disorder was enough to get everyone whispering shit about you when I was growing up. Now it's a badge to wear on all your social media profiles.

No. 557450

All of it is in it's own little corner of the internet rather than real life.

No. 557544

The counter culture today is so lame, it's mostly thots and edgy boys trying to be funny saying they want to kill themselves. I am 18 yo and i find it hard to relate to people because nobody has hobbys nowadays, if you ask a ""weeb"" what anime they like they will mostly have a superficial like to it, they will quote memes and stuff like that but have no interest in discussing it further than "haha le jojo poses/anime gril ahegao". I am also tired of ironic humor, it's not funny it's just cringy. I am going to be called an edgelord or whatever but i just want to have a conversation that doesn't require for me to know the latest stupid social media meme to understand a joke.

No. 557555

nah i agree with this and i've been on the internet for a lot of my life. i'm pretty much bored of how there doesn't seem to be several exciting, novel countercultures existing outside of the parameter of weebism or video game obsession like the boomers had with their youth culture back in the day. i actually really crave and hope zoomers could create that kind of atmosphere today because this level of basis on mainstream consumerism for everything is really fucking boring

No. 557562

yeah even counter culture is commercialised. you have your weird art kids that just buy all their clothes from lazy oaf. your urban outfitters girls. your vans /chains/black guys. it's just so strange.

No. 557662

maybe the next generation will rebel by being anti-phone and anti-internet. zoomers are already too far gone though.

No. 557733

i'd love to see this. it's upsetting how the internet has gone from something small to being necessary for work or school. the internet should never be necessary or required in life. it's not healthy. it skeeves me out. a good while ago i quit computers/phones and it was a peaceful time. i listened to music on my cd player, the radio and i went to the library. i wish the internet was never a thing sometimes, it changed me so much as a person and greatly contributed to me not being able to conform to how other children acted and now i've grown up and i'm on the outside looking in and i wish i could just go outside and make it easier for me now.

No. 557745


I feel you anon, I'm slightly older than you but I can't relate to people my age/my generation, there's just too much obsession with social media and stupid memes and nobody can talk without making some "ironic" edgy joke. It makes me feel old lmao, but that doesn't actually bother me because I'd rather not associate myself with them anyway. But it's the even younger kids that make me truly sad, they're fucked from too much internet and phone use. My boyfriend's mum's stepkids were over for Christmas dinner and they literally couldn't keep their hands off their phones, and when they were taken away they moped around and fidgeted and wouldn't talk to anyone until they got them back, then they just huddled in the corner together not looking up from their screens. Shit is depressing and worrying as fuck

No. 557751

constant pp sperging is going to kill this website

No. 557763

> if you ask a ""weeb"" what anime they like they will mostly have a superficial like to it, they will quote memes and stuff like that but have no interest in discussing it further than "haha le jojo poses/anime gril ahegao".
As an oldfag weeb of 20 years this triggered a fight or flight response in my brain because it's fucking true

I actually just had this discussion regarding today's counter cultures but I still can't quite wrap my head around why they disappeared. During my teens there were goths, emos, metalheads, weebs, punks, nerds, rappers, hipsters and so forth but for whatever reason they all dried out. Like sure you see them every now and then but there's no real community around these subcultures anymore, most kids are just following the generic instathot/sadboy aesthetic which is more of an aesthetic than a community. I'm sure that social media played a part in destroying them but I can't figure out exactly how.
The online LGBT community, especially trannies, could be the only real subculture to exist at this point but like everyone knows they resemble a cult more than a culture. They give you the vibes that when the next comet passes you'll find them dead in a house wearing Nike sneakers so they'll ascend beyond gender. Whereas any old subculture was somewhat lacking of structure and based on the collective enjoyment of a certain aesthetic and lifestyle, the gendercult is a fascist movement.

But returning to the first point it does feel like nobody really cares anymore beyond superficial fascination. Being genuinely interested in something seems to be viewed as old-fashioned because in their lives everything passes so fast and zoomers legitimately have shorter attention spans than the preceding generations.

No. 557835

> if you ask a ""weeb"" what anime they like they will mostly have a superficial like to it, they will quote memes and stuff like that but have no interest in discussing it further than "haha le jojo poses/anime gril ahegao".

Yes but isn't it a fault of other people ALWAYS ridiculing these who were really into things like that? Be too passionate and too interested and you'll be mocked. Makes sense kids now would rather be into stuff just on the superficial level or "ironically" to save themselves from being deemed cringey outcasts.

No. 557836

it's nothing to do with being mocked imo, it's a lack of genuine interest

No. 557840

Life is short and you don't want to miss out, the shorter attention span is useful

No. 557860

So is the sperging about pp sperging. I see about the same amount of both.

No. 557863

You're right, it's just infighting, baiting and derailing from both sides. I guess it's hard to stop it without censorship but I just wish we'd see some more red texts for it

No. 557869

i have to agree with >>557835 and i feel like it's a similar attitude even in online spaces like this and other forums

people who are interested or considered too passionate in their interests are seen as weird. it's much more digestible, especially online to be into things more superficially, especially if you're sharing your interests with someone you don't know well. maybe it's an age thing too since I'm a zoomer but I know for me and my friends we typically don't share obsessive interests/hobbies other than our main ones until we're at a certain level of friendship and understanding.

also relatability. people find someone who has 500 superficial interests easier to relate to than someone who has 10 niche interests they're immensely invested in.

No. 557888

>people who are interested or considered too passionate in their interests are seen as weird

People like that have ALWAYS been seen as weird. The difference is millenials and gen x didn't care as much about what the "cool" kids thought was weird. Thats the whole point of creating subcultures. Zoomers need to grow a spine and stop trying to assimilate into the mainstream. This really must be because of social media. If everyday you go online and see people publicly shaming and laughing at those who are "weird," you're going to grow up afraid to express yourself. This is dystopian.

No. 557891

I do envy gen-x, they were the generation that had a wide variety of subcultures to join

No. 557899

It was much easier to cultivate a subculture around alternative music. Gen z doesn't have that. Tik tok is their warped tour lmao

No. 557905

Websites I hope that will fuck off:

All imageboards
Special nomination: twitter and tumblr
I want anonymous posting to continue but in a different format.

No. 557908

anonymous posting isn't even that fun anymore when you know that staff etc. can easily look at your post history and find out what kind of faggot you really are

No. 557913

yeah exactly. i don't agree with the stuff admins have done like revealing that woman raven's posts. i don't know or care about her but this should all be anonymous and if someone's breaking the rules they should just be banned from the site. revoking anonymity really sucks

No. 557915

What kind of people do you think admins of chanboards are? Lmao, no one who I'd be intimidated to be criticized by, that's for damn sure.

No. 557917

nta but it's the act of being able to criticise itself that's annoying. i realise that my idea of a completely anonymous place is a fantasy because there's no real anonymity on the internet, but it's depressing. i just want a place where i can interact and be truly, actually unknown. i don't want who i am to ever matter or be realised

No. 557921

I agree, but I don’t think you have anything to worry about unless you’re an actual cow. I don’t think mods care enough to take note of any particular anon’s post history unless it’s suspected they’re a self posting cow or something.
That being said, I have no idea exactly how they verify if a cow is posting on their own thread/how invasive the process is because idk how IPs work.
Right? By outing someone else as being an imageboard user, you’re most likely outing yourself as being one too.

No. 557946

If you’ve followed cravens threads, you wouldnt feel that way

No. 557948

even if a cow is posting on their own thread, why does it matter? shit if it was about me i'd weigh in myself. if they wk themself they'll get a ban for wking. i've never understood the reasoning behind this

No. 557954

You sound like a cow. It usually takes incessant wk-ing, derailing, and ban evasion to get outed. Every single one of them deserved it. SO you best stop posting in your own thread before it's too late.

No. 557956

Whenever i tell my coworkers i dont have social media, they get weirded out. I dont like downloading apps. I use my phone for txt, calls, email and i have a group chat app only for work. But i hate social media and rather avoid it. I agree that the internet should not be necessary. Most jobs do not need it.

No. 557960

>you sound like a cow
god, shut up sometimes? i'm just speaking openly about some rules on here. M-MUH BOARD CULTURE you're a fembot

No. 557961

No. 557968

>NOOOooo you can't just revoke my anonymity after I repeatedly violate site rules
>Haha IP logs go brrrr

But really, just take extra steps so your retard posts can't get linked to your name, dumb bitch. Who cares if the 19 year old admin knows you're racist and shit your pants in 7th grade. I haven't seen farmer gets their posts compiled, only cows.

No. 557970

where are you getting this from? i'm really not understanding the sudden aggression. friend, i don't violate site rules. there is no need for any of this retard, dumb bitch. i didn't attack you. i'm just talking about the benefits that would come with "true anonymity", which i don't really think is achievable. i'm not talking about getting my posts compiled, either, because i'm not a schizochan. i'm simply talking about data, how it's collected, the responsibility of the admin and how the admin chooses to either grant or revoke anonymity. i just thought it was interesting, no need to get angry. are you the same anon that was baiting/trying to infight yesterday as well?

No. 557973

File: 1590348760609.gif (898.48 KB, 487x560, 1577264193129.gif)

You both need to hold each other's hands and kiss. No fighting.

No. 557987

Because of certain events that has happened in my life and to some other girls I know…let me say that just because you’ve learnt to not trust men it doesn’t mean that you’re safe from women. I’d say not trusting men is a lot easier than not trusting women. Just don’t trust anyone, basically. And if you’ve grown out of casual sex, especially not those sneaky introverted female “friends”. Good female friends are the ones you should always treasure though.

Vent more so than opinion I guess.

No. 558003

Danny phantom is mediocre

No. 558026

Twitter is terrible. It's at the point where some of the people on there are crueler than on imageboards.

No. 558032

Just say you're a cow and posting here gives you anxiety because you've selfposted under the radar. If you're that scared just use a VPN and don't be an attention whoring retard. If you're a cow you're probably both though.

No. 558035

Please let's not start with this bullshit again when it has already stopped 3 hours ago.

No. 558044

right like if you're bored and want to infight at least be there

No. 558050

>gives advice to the anxious cow
It's like tumblr x10 with extra coomers and underages. Nobody there really fact checks anything and it's worse than tumblr ever was.

No. 558053

>attention whoring retard
>i-i'm not trying to infight!! i'm just posting something provocative to elicit an angry response from that anon!

No. 558055

>use a VPN and don't be an attention whoring retard
Why does this hit a nerve?

No. 558057

I loathe summers. This is very unpopular where I live.

No. 558081

Where do you live? I think summer is the worst season out of the 4. It's always stupid humid where i am, on the east coast.

No. 558082

Twitter is actually unsalvageable. It's worse than tumblr somehow

No. 558114

Twitter is garbage. Tumblr at least had legitimate creators using it to balance out the sjw mess. Twitter has nothing but elitism and celebrity worship.

OT: Tumblr was a good site and it did not deserve to be abandoned.

No. 558131

I’ve been using Tumblr again since quarantine started and honestly it’s so nice. I can talk about my dumb fandom stuff as much as I want and everyone that’s left just makes shitposts. It’s great.

No. 558148

tumblr and lolcow are the only sites i know where i'm guaranteed a laugh whenever i go on, especially tumblr, a lot of the people left over are very funny

No. 558274

Doja Cat sucks

No. 558373

Do I… smell.. jealousy? /s

It's ok, anon. It's your opinion.

No. 558377

> It's at the point where some of the people on there are crueler than on imageboards.
I was thinking about that yesterday, it seems even channers are having a hard time catching up with how creepy, immensely dumb and mean Twitter as a whole can be. Every time I follow a link to Twitter and get sucked into it's infinite scrolling trap I'm baffled by how rancid it is.

And it's here to stay, for years people used Myspace as an argument to predict how all big social media services eventually happen to die out but we live in different times now

No. 558386

finally an unpopular opinion i wholeheartedly agree with. it's the lack of intelligence, creepiness and boldness that are really making it terrible. it's basically zoomer /r9k/

No. 558396

I used to think when men complain about women nagging them they are just being self-righteous or dumb, but then I realized that SJWs are a female dominated subculture centered around nagging people about inconsequential shit incessantly and now I think maybe some of those men had a point. But we don't make the streets unsafe with our presence so we have that going for us.

Got another one:
I dated a male feminist once and he could only get off by slapping me, and he also wanted to watch violent porn with me. And the only radfem (female) I ever interacted with irl tried to pressure my friend into sex. Now as far as I'm concerned feminists are all projecting.

No. 558424

Most men who outwardly make a show of calling themselves feminists without you asking are making up for something imo
Female feminists are just normal people though, some good, some bad. I can't get on with women who make a point of saying that they aren't feminists but what can you expect from women who don't want equal rights for themselves?

No. 558446

Being against social justice warriors isn't unpopular, you literally blend in with mainstream media and at least 90% of male internet users.

An actual unpopular opinion is believing that things like micro aggression is real. It's not the singular incident women have to worry about, but the cumulative effect of what happens to us as a whole when such disrespect against us goes unchecked. Women are labeled as 'naggers' because we're constantly having to remind mal-socialized people of this reality which threatens how they naturally want to go about things. Similar to how a teenager thinks their mom is a huge bitch for nagging to do the dishes when-in the grand scheme-doing dishes is just a basic responsibility and courtesy.

No. 558447

Lolcow is better for discussing topics rather than cows. There are a couple of decent cow threads but most are pretty boring or inactive.

>It's at the point where some of the people on there are crueler than on imageboards.

YES. You'd think the normies on there would be more level headed but they're so much worse in comparison. I'd have to agree with other anons that Tumblr is actually better these days. It still has some of the leftover autism and trauma blog shit, but it's definitely quieter. Also, never thought twitter would surpass chans in the degenerate category but here we are.
Also this >>558148 Tumblr had some of the funniest shit I'd ever encountered. Even the shit posts are great. Twitter is pretty luke warm and it's hard to joke on that site with everyone being constantly on edge and ready to fight.

I mean when men complain about being nagged it's hardly ever about sjw shit. At least in my experience.

No. 558451

I fucking hate mobile layouts so much and I can't stop seething about certain websites enforcing it as mandatory.

No. 558453

I fucking hate that Twitter is the place for art now. It's the worst site for cataloguing art, plus the people there are just so often shit.
>Lolcow is better for discussing topics rather than cows. There are a couple of decent cow threads but most are pretty boring or inactive.

Completely agree. It may have started as a site for laughing at dumb cows, but it's outgrown that.

No. 558469

try puffin browser anon, you can set it so all sites open in desktop and you can even use flash. i use it to play club penguin on my phone lol

No. 558475

I'm the anon you responded to. My unpopular opinion wasn't that sjws are annoying but that this type of trying to shape behaviour, including petty and unimportant stuff, through nagging is a common female trait. I used to think it's just sexism talking when people say that. And I know that's not an unpopular opinion in male dominated circles but I figured it might be unpopular on this forum that we're on so I posted it. And btw my mother is really good at nagging about unimportant shit, I'm quarantining with my family and I'm just about ready to leave this house and sleep in the woods.

When men complain about being nagged it's almost always by their partner. Of course they interact with their partner more than with some sjw, most men never interact with sjws at all so of course they don't talk about them often.

No. 558476

Even if you have a reasonable point, men are still going to think you nagging when ever you criticise them. Post what you said about men being dangerous on a mainstream subreddit and they would all be seething trying to put you in your place and act like victims. Notice how they never go after level headed feminists, they completely focus on the crazies and ironically allow them to have more impact than they would otherwise. Feminists are not immune from being shitty people either, it's just a label at the end of the day. Also, never trust male feminists, they usually tend to be hiding something nefarious.

No. 558588

Some of the regulars in the Shayna threads are genuinely more unhinged and illiterate than Shay herself. It's what keeps me coming back to them.

No. 558595

this but with the kpop thread
Really something to witness

No. 558629

kpop is the most dystopian trend of the last ten years. south korean fashion and culture in general creeps me out. everyone has had plastic surgery and nobody fucking eats. they all look like malnourished androids.

No. 558640

kek they are mostly camwhores so i am not expecting mentally sane adults there. her discord orbitters are also fat, ugly and mentally ill

No. 558644

it should have been deleted along with the pp and gender crit threads. absolutely the worst thread on this site bar none.

No. 558646

they do it to control the narrative, and also I think male larpers have created the blackpill feminism sub (which is just circling back to not feminist) in order to splinter any possible form of community

No. 558656

I don't dislike Lore Olympus art, I think a lot of work can be done to improve it, that much is true.
What I'm tired of is webcomics with generic comic art style, it's boring. Webcomics could be a place where artists can experiment outside the comic industry and try a lot of new things.

No. 558667

I really don't get the reddit hate at times, it can ligitametly can be a great resource for specific information, I don't bother with any of the mainstream subs and just stick to the obsecure specific topics related subs I'm interested in

No. 558669

The most predatory / repulsive men I’ve been in contact with have been male feminists.
For example, one man said that if I wanted to truly liberate myself I would free my nipples (aka take my shirt off in front of him) and he was being totally serious.
The other man works for the DNC, and does local campaigning. He is 36 in love with a 16 year old.
Another one also works alongside the 36 year old male and watched one of his adult friends sleep with a minor at a party they had.

A lot of my reply guys on twitter act like feminists, but they sure do love to flirt for being married men.

I used to love feminism, and in a lot of aspects I appreciate it - but I think as a whole it’s turned into a cult of personality and something a lot of people utilize for woke points. It’s very transparent, and obnoxious to constantly read about boss babes who do x y and z.
I don’t care. Especially when none of them blink an eye at suicide rates in men, that they’re abused too, etc.
And there’s a growing issue with false allegations as well.
I am just tired of it all.

No. 558680

>Especially when none of them blink an eye at suicide rates in men, that they’re abused too, etc
Feminists or women as a whole are not obliged to care about that, especially since when men usually like to drive down and toss aside any issues specific to women in favour of trying to paint themselves as the ultimate victims, not to do anything about it, but as a way to shut down any argument and discussion that could be had because it makes them uncomfortable/offended.

I hate how unfocused and distorted feminism has become by social media. Stuff like mens rights and trans rights has absolutely nothing to do with feminism. Feminism is the discourse (a discourse that males don't belong in, not that they even care) into what defines female liberation and fighting for women across the world to have basic human rights. There's too many women who preach about being such a good feminist and then go around enabling horrible behaviour that completely goes against that, which i find even more problematic. The label feminist has no real meaning anymore, I don't feel good about calling myself one even though I completely agree with many radfem talking points.

No. 558691

If men are so upset about suicide rates they could do something about it, why the fuck should I care about problems men create for themselves? Same with abuse. They could open their own shelters but they don't>>558669

No. 558692

nta but the same apply to men as well. if we don't care why should them? this battle of sexes is so fucking tiring

No. 558698

>Stuff like mens rights and trans rights has absolutely nothing to do with feminism.
People took "intersectional" feminism and ran a thousand miles with it, and now this is what we got. Men were never meant to be a part of this and now there's undue butthurt that women aren't cleaning up house as if we're responsible to advocate for male problems and fix them.

The other issue is that despite groups of men coming together under the umbrella of wanting to promote their rights, they have proven unable to do so without women-hate, and many can't seem to take responsibility for their behaviors. Ever notice the reason why things don't change for men is because they fail to set up a discourse to change themselves?
For example they'll talk up and down about false rape accusations, but fail to address toxic hookup culture promoted by men where consent tends to get lost in blurred lines. It's not that they want to stop the shitty things that they're doing, they just want women to shut up about the outcomes. They don't seem to really care about rape unless it's about the rare innocent man getting his life rekt by a scorned woman. The reality is that men benefit more often than not from risky sexual encounters and rape, so instead of changing their behavior they place all responsibility on women to prevent it. Which is impossible.

>If we don't care why should them?
Because it's their own behaviors. It's immature to think one shouldn't have to personally grow and become a better person because someone else in the world doesn't care. That's not what accountability means.

No. 558699

> Why should I care about men’s suicide rates, they should do something about it
> Muh feminisms that I want men to respect and care about

Thanks for demonstrating my point anons.

No. 558701

kek I want to be treated like a person so I have to solve mens problems first?

No. 558704

hi scrote(hi scrote)

No. 558705

Unironically this. I've been around since the early 2000's and while imageboards have been cruel they've also done good things and the mere act of staying anonymous is done out of "concern" that you know what you're doing is immoral and you shouldn't dot it while being identified. The psychos over at Twitter are doing the fucked up shit they do under their own names while posting selfies of their face to their account. They think what they're doing is so noble and righteous that they might as well attach their real name to it and promote their ko-fi account just to spit on the grave when they're essentially ruining someone's life for internet points.

Twitter really does bring out the worst in every person because when tweeting shit they don't realize they're not having an internal monologue with themselves, they're affecting real people in the real world.

No. 558706

>for internet points
yes, this a thousand times, the "crusades against racism" are for internet points and a huge amount of the behaviour wouldn't be there if there weren't accounts/names attached to it all

No. 558707

Your point hasn't been demonstrated at all. A man didn't lead any movements regarding women's suffrage, reproductive rights, and so on. In fact men often tried to hinder equality for us, and they still do to this day.
What you're asking women to do is to drop our causes for our rights that are still under attack, to address a problem largely caused by other men for men on their behalf.

Just ask us to be your moms already, since that's basically what you expect us to be and what you feel you are owed.

No. 558708

NTA but women top men in attempted suicide statistics (attempting 1.2 times more often than men). The only reason why men have higher successful suicide rates is that they often choose more deadlier ways to kill themselves, i.e. guns, which men are much more likely to possess. Women prefer cutting or overdosing because they often have an easy access to pills, and they're not very effective ways to kill yourself.

No. 558711

Suicide isn't a gendered issue, guys. It affects many demographics. It's not necessary to specifically address male suicides. However if I were to guess, I would say the disparity in suicides is due to gun ownership. 39% of men own a gun, and only 22% of women do. Statistically, person with a gun in their household is more likely to successfully commit suicide.

No. 558713

Most suicide rates among men are high because of murder-suicide methods as well. Not only do men cause their own suffering but they tend to inflict it on others in order to get “revenge”. Their methods of suicide are also more likely to be done in public or in areas where people are around as that is a way for them to be remembered and to continue that cycle of trauma.

No. 558714

Why so many JoJo fags in this site. Trash anime.

No. 558718

> goes to unpopular opinions
> voices displeasure with feminism and toxic feminist men

Please shut the actual fuck up and go rage on twitter and tumblr where you belong.

No. 558721

People are allowed to reply and disagree with you in this thread. If you want a safe space to bitch about feminism go to plebbit or something, snowflake.

No. 558722

>go rage on twitter and tumblr where you belong.
Lurk more, newfag. You're on board populated heavily by radfems. Shut your whore mouth with that "go back to tumblr" shit and bother to learn the board culture.

No. 558723

asherahs garden is right over there, go there if you want a hugbox

No. 558725

radical feminism is not board culture, we generally can't stand trannies and moids are not allowed but this isn't radfem general

No. 558737

It's called having an opinion, I'm sorry anybody who disagree with you is offensive. If anything, you are just as bad as any other twitterfag. If any anons here want to go marching in the streets for mens rights, they are free to do so, even if i personally believe it's completely useless.

It's not about identifying as a radfem, it's just about assessing the situation around you and having some common sense. Mentally ill men can only be helped by other men. Mens rights issues is a battle that can only be fought by men. It's up to them do something if they care enough.

No. 558746

The userbase here is worse than 4chan's

No. 558748

not true at all lmfao. who called you out

No. 558749

This is the first time I posted in weeks, I don't need to be called out to notice that most people here act like two-faced cunts

No. 558755

File: 1590506368796.gif (406.55 KB, 498x474, tenor (2).gif)

>called out
>This is the first time I posted in weeks
shut the fuck up and leave then, nobody cares whether you're here or not and i don't know what reaction you expect when you're directly insulting a site's userbase. you're retarded

No. 558757

See, this is what I'm talking about lmao. No wonder this image board is dying.

No. 558758

>this imageboard is dying because people are mean to me here!
anon kys

No. 558759

There you go again. Very smart move.

No. 558761

stop replying and leave the site faggot you're not wanted here

No. 558762

i agree, especially lately

No. 558763

Send me nudes first and I might consider leaving

No. 558764

kek you'll get banned for that anyway but why are you so hesitant to leave if you ~haven't been here for weeks~. are you the same faggot who can't sage in /g/ pretending not to be fat?

No. 558766

Do you actually think I give a shit about being banned? You're on an imageboard and you don't know what a VPN is? Do you think that complaining about this place makes me hesitant to leave? This is a nice look onto the people that usually post here. Complete retards(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 558767

>bragging about how she knows how to ban evade (newfag)
>bolding her text in a fucking lolcow infight to embarrass herself even further
>the people that usually post here - continues to post here to look for attention
anon at this stage consider rope

No. 558772

jesus anon you really don't know when to stop talking to you?

No. 558774

samefag, do you

No. 558775

Please ignore and report the ban evading scrote instead of responding.

No. 558783

i actually really like egirl/goth shit especially for younger women. it's cringey and posey but any sort of counterculture to the homogenous ig thot is a good thing and tiktok is terrible but at least people seem to be able to be openly weird on it. i just wish xanax/pill abuse didn't go hand in hand with it. drugs being linked to culture in any way is a bad idea

No. 558789


"Being against social justice warriors isn't unpopular, you literally blend in with mainstream media and at least 90% of male internet users."

yes, this x1000. i hope I'm not the only one with this opinion, but it seems like trying hard to be edgy/counterculture IS the new counterculture. ever since 2013-2015 when Tumblr became known and anti-SJW became a label people online started widely identifying with. Hell, there was a point where there were more "Tumblr Cringe" sockpuppets and meme pages than actual cringy content from Tumblr or SJWs. Nowadays everybody wants to talk about how "easily offended" everyone else is. People make up imaginary arguments to use against imaginary SJWs upset over imaginary problems. Even with the Dave Chapelle special that happened awhile ago, I saw more "anti-SJWs" foaming at the mouth about how upset and triggered it made people, than actual triggered or upset people who actually watched or gave a shit about Dave Chapelle.

I feel like it even gets to the point where being a tryhard edgelord / devils advocate / anti-sensitivity/PC is so mainstream nowadays to where someone even mentioning an actual trigger, actual disability, actual social issue or using a word that's seen as a buzzword is automatically discredited. Topics like intersectionality, micro-aggressions, and gender/sexual diversity are deep and interesting topics to talk about, with a lot of different perspectives, but even mentioning those things will get you written off as an SJW or snowflake even if you haven't even presented your viewpoint yet.

No. 558790

it's so funny how they live in their own world with these madeup boogey men sjws who are ruining free speech, you see the same phenomenon with shutin radfems, real life really isn't affected by any of it but you can't convince people who live online any different

No. 558793


honestly. you can tell these diehard online reactionaries never leave their online hugboxes and believe that the internet and online sociopolitical sphere is the same thing as real life. there's no room for discussion, discourse, dialogue or understanding. people don't share their (especially political) opinions online to talk or learn anymore, they do it to one-up or shut-down someone. they're debating to be right, not to hear the other persons point of view or actual opinion. i feel like being able to express one's opinion online so easily has led to EVERY opinion or disagreement, even the smallest ones, becoming ones that people argue over for hours. it's created such a hostile online environment both online and offline and it's gross.

No. 558834

>Topics like intersectionality, micro-aggressions, and gender/sexual diversity are deep and interesting topics to talk about

No. 558878

NTA, but what's your point?

No. 558880

nta but they're not interesting nor deep to talk about unless you're 15

No. 558907

NTA but honestly I think the word "deep" is so dumb. The whole concept of something being "deep" is dumb.

Anyway I think that it's good to have discussions about the injustices of the world and how to solve/prevent them. But it's not healthy to let those thoughts totally dominate your mind and all your conversations. Also I feel like a lot of people use those issues as tools to make themselves look more "righteous" and "aware" than others, and I think that needs to stop. Those dialogues need to come from a place of genuine concern instead.

No. 558916


samefag but when i use 'deep' it's not like "wow that's so deep", more like, "yeah there's a lot to be discussed here and the conversation would have to be a deep-dive in order to really reach the nuances".


what you said

No. 559522

File: 1590603836420.jpg (57.91 KB, 333x500, 51dfK6SEUCL.jpg)

Anyone into toilet bound hanako kun is a goddamn freak. anyone who can look at the art and not realize the weird undertones is deluding themselves and the fandom skeeves me the hell out.

No. 559532

stay mad pedosperg, sorry you think cartoons are real

No. 559533

>deluding themselves
It’s published in Monthly GFantasy, there’s no delusion there. The magazine is for proto-fujoshi teens.

No. 559567

My country set timetables for going out for walks/sports depending on the age and I honestly wish they would keep them even after the rona situation. It's so good to go out for a ride on my bike without having to worry about someone's dumb crotch fruit jumping in front on me and running over them or hitting something while trying to brake. If only they did the same with the dogfuckers, but I guess people's precious furbabies can't be limited.
Yes, I hate children. No, I won't have any. No, I don't think you shouldn't have them but keep them in the leash out of my way ffs.

No. 559582

I don't even disagree with most of this, but why do you hate kids and animals so viscerally?

No. 559587

I hate kids because they're too goddamn unpredictable and frail and I'm always scared I will hit someone's kid and get in trouble for not caring for their brat even if it's their job. I don't want mine because I just never liked them but I learned to hate them because of shitty parents.
I don't hate animals, I just hate dog owners who feel entitled to any space with their precious shitting machine, disregarding people with allergies. Most of these people don't train their dogs here so they usually lash at people who pass them on bikes or skates.

No. 559590

Sounds like it's the parents/owners you actually hate, then. Not wanting kids is fine though. I think far more people feel that way then they let on.

No. 559591

Other kids and other animals are annoying. You may think your kids are cute, but they're annoying inconveniences to me because they're not my kids. You may think your dog is cute, but he's an annoying little shit to me and I prefer my own.

I think the other anon was giving you a polite and canned response. A lot of people just can't tolerate other peoples' bullshit.

No. 559617

I feel you anon. The cycling roads near my street are only semi-official and double up as normal pedestrian roads so they're full of kids and dogs as well. Heck even the dogs move if they see me coming, but I swear kids practically jump in my way on purpose. Their parents are usually barely concerned by this.

No. 559618

I think we should excuse old people being racist, as they have grown up in different times. It's like a foreigner living in a different country, trying to get used to a new culture

No. 559622

This reminds me of my dad and his homophobic rants when I was growing up, his views changed very gradually but tbh his old views matched with what was popular at the time and his new views match what is currently accepted. Some people don't think for themselves, to an extent they just parrot what they hear.

No. 559629

It clashes with lolcow's intended purpose

Ty for making me rediscover this gem

No. 559644

The site was never about 'female politics,' especially 'several years' ago (it's only just been around for 6) just because the userbase is mostly female. It's really no different than ana-chans saying they miss being able to talk about their anorexic views here. You have your own containment board if you miss it so much so why not just do it there.

No. 559699


i have been raised by racist grandparents and i have to extremely disagree. nobody should be excused in their behavior just because they "grew up in different times". they've lived decades through those racist horrible 'different times' and not once thought that it was fucked up? Or reconsidered their own biases and racist viewpoints? That seems like a life wasted being a racist instead of putting in the effort to actually die a decent human being and learn something from the world around you rather than be a product of the world around you.

Not only does it fuck them up but it fucks up the people around them. I wasn't socialized at all beyond what my grandparents taught me until around the age of 12, and since then I've had so much racist and sexist bullshit I've had to un-learn. It pisses me off that I was raised in a household where that was acceptable, so no, I don't think we should let people off the leash for horrible behavior just because they're old and it's "what they're used to".

No. 559714

I agree with you, I feel like that they will have seen more blatant discrimination first hand should make them more inclined to reconsider their racist viewpoints. Plus like you said it would be one thing if it existed in a vacuum but it doesn't, it influences others and affects them negatively.

No. 559855

Im rad leaning, but I wholeheartedly believe that most self proclaimed TERFs are miserable human beings who use shitting on genderist as an outlet for their miserable boring lives and to feel part of some sort of community.
After lurking on rudefem tumblr quite abit, alot them are bitching about wanting to kill themselves and being depressed in between rebloging troon memes , and a few were literal druggies. Like no mentally stable person with a life will be arguing with equally pathetic genderspecials 24/7.

No. 559861

Agree, I'm not rad leaning at all but I unfortunately have interacted with a lot of radfem communities online and you quickly realise how cyclical it is, there's usually nothing deeper going on there then just wanting to attack individual trans people, and just enjoying arguing with them and doing/talking about literally nothing else

No. 559864

Gender specials will either troon out and kill themselves before they hit 30 or grow out of it. I couldn't imagine trying to reach out to them and fighting with them, it's pointless since they are brainwashed. It's like trying to convince a hardcore christian to become an atheist.

No. 559869

This a thousand times. I'm rad leaning too and it's the same shit over and over again, it's hilarious to be that obsessed with troons and I've started to become disenfranchised with as you put it TERFs and I understand where fakebois are coming from with the fuck terfs thing because these women are not right in the head and spend all day every day literally shitting on other women

No. 559877

Exactly! I remember a while ago someone described the radfem community to a snake eating its own tail, and goddamn were they spot on.

No. 559917

If anything their desire to stay on lolcow is a big red flag. Why would any feminist community, much less a man-hating radical one, want to seek asylum on a chan dedicated to shitting on women for not following male-controlled beauty standards? We shit on women for being fat, skinny, ugly, botched, etc. You'd think radfems would be the first to avoid this site. Instead, they all foam at the mouth about how men control everything about women, then turn right around and say "hur dur momokun fat" with the rest of us.

Its hard to take them seriously when their whole thing is shitting on women and complaining about men shitting on them. Its fine to be mad at men but like, radfems really just are the classic bullies. They shit on other women in an attempt to make them selves feel about about their horrible sense of self worth. The world is out to get them and the only way to ease the pain is to blame it all on the girls who like makeup and don't want their male family members to die.

No. 559919

>Why would any feminist community, much less a man-hating radical one, want to seek asylum on a chan dedicated to shitting on women for not following male-controlled beauty standards?
that's what i've been saying for a while smh. they would rather come here and insult random women online than help actual women in distress

No. 559921

I always think this! Like they always say 'there's no spaces online for us' but there is multiple and this one literally couldn't be less suited to their ideology?

No. 559923

You've hit the nail on the head there. The ones that have chosen to stay despite farmhands making it clear they're not wanted instead of fucking off to asherahs garden are even more interesting. Why are they still saying that this chan is radfem haven when literally nobody wants them here? It's because they get to shit on women 24/7 especially on /ot/ and they don't get to do that on Asherahs garden. They're hilarious, a parody of themselves, literal femcels and a thousand times funnier than troons at this point

No. 559925

Exactly. They don't want to discuss radical feminism in a female friendly space, and now it's even harder for them to argue that because they literally have one specifically for that and aren't using it. They wan't to infight with other anons they think are 'pick mes' or 'handmaidens' and that's it.

No. 559927

Whenever it's brought up they (I honestly think it's the same tiny group of women on here every day but regardless) say "oh isn't it a honeypot" "uh i think it was outed as fake" top kek no it fucking isn't. I've been on there before, it's fine and is decent feminism but kind of retarded because they just say the same stuff over and over again and they manage to infight even there where it's literally JUST women who share their ideology who got told to leave from lolcow which tells you everything. They are never going to be happy even on their containment fucking website and are a complete meme

No. 559932

okay I'm so glad someone else has noticed the 'isn't it a honeypot' thing because I didn't want to be conspiratorial. It's been reiterated and linked so many times it's like…there's absolutely no way you don't know by now that it isn't shut down.

No. 559934

Feminism doesn't you're friends with everyone or that you like everyone? Most of us agree with a few points on a technical level and that's it. Sorry there's no uwu sisterhood and nobody claimed that.

No. 559937

doesn't mean*

No. 559938

i think they come here so they can get their daily oppression™

No. 559941

I think that radfems and anti sjws are gonna become the next batch of lolcows that are gonna be laughed at on the internet in a few years. And they derserve it honestly, its just gonna be unfortunate that radical feminist theory itself is gonna be shit on aswell because of unfunny edgelords who adopt the radfem label to fuck with trans people, and because people like to think in black and whites.

No. 559949

Pickme accusations are getting ridiculous too, it's a decent term for people like Shayna, Yungcynical or Shoe and is a decent reminder that men aren't your friends but speaking about so much as having a sex life on /ot/ these days causes huge femcel derailing and it's gotten to laughable levels. What happened to the middle ground on this site?

No. 559952

it's been like this for a long time. i remember being called a pickme for saying that giving up your newborn son for adoption because you believe he will grow up to be a rapist is fucking retarded

No. 559954

Yeah i was having a quiet vent about mental illness leading to unhealthy coping mechanisms involving sex and got the pickme accusation and it was just shitty. I get that it's an imageboard and people are gonna be rude if they want to but it was so out of touch, out of place and unnecessary

No. 559959

I know they're different threads and all but how come so many anons call each other pickmes and hate on men while there are a shit ton of dating and relationship advice threads here?

No. 559960

it applies to other women but not them usually

No. 559961

I think it's just that the middle ground doesn't get baited as much into these arguments because they're generally more moderate.
Even in the PP and GC threads there were people that didn't necessarily see themselves as radfems, and didn't call everyone a pickme. I think the people getting involved in these fights are bored quarantine posters, overenthusiastic new members from Twitter and a few turbo spergs.
People need to stop taking the bait

No. 559963

currently catching up on what happened in meta this week and holy shit. radfems truly are female incels:
>Post your pussy slut
>Post it bitch
>Post your pussy then lol
>You defended men. Read the rules.
>it's obvious you're just an underage yungcynical-esque pickmeisha but there may be others who disagree. If you post puci all the speculation will go away

No. 559972

NTA, but if you think those were radfems and not obvious scrotes (one post literally admitted to being male and coming back with a VPN), I have a bridge to sell you.

No. 559977

I didn't see anyone admitting they were a scrote? And how come no radfems came to infight with the so called scrotes? Plus, the yuncynical reference makes it seem like they are a regular in the gossip boards and I doubt a r9k shill would know about it

No. 559981

I saw it happen in real time and didn't see anyone admit to being a scrote. All the 'hi pick me' things they were posting seemed very radfemmy but idk for sure. I feel like it could have just been one or two people samefagging.

No. 559982

Pretty sure it was deleted, along with the person sperging out at the farmhand and calling her fat or something. This was from earlier in the day, and in the vent thread (I think), but then spilled out to /meta/. Any anons who saw it happening in real time can vouch. As for why "no radfems" came, I'm not sure if they didn't. Apart from "pick me" accusations, it didn't seem like a political argument.
They were boasting about how women were stupid, bans are pointless because of VPNs, etc.
Yungcynical isn't exactly deep Lolcow lore, her thread is one of the first when you visit /snow/. Now that I think about it, didn't we have some of her autistic orbiters invade that thread and call people "niggers" to defend her? I remember someone calling mods "mommy" and shit, too. That might literally be where the scrote shitposters spawned from. The "post puci" shit is peak TikTok/IG/Twitter moid culture.
"Radfem sperging" is more like the infighting that happened in the stupid questions thread, not male-brained spamming and vulgarity.