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File: 1636231758216.jpg (43.98 KB, 540x662, dowatiwan.jpg)

No. 961598

Doo wap a skeetily dee wah
Previous thread

No. 961599


No. 961602

File: 1636232032512.png (1.53 MB, 600x643, bb2.png)

No. 961612

I hope the night club I have to live next to burns down soon. Fuck all of them for not letting me sleep.

No. 961624

why are millennials so insufferable and unfunny

No. 961626

Yeesh what's your beef

No. 961628

Whats the deal lil zoomer

No. 961630

probably some baby nonna cranky cause it's past her bedtime

No. 961631

stop playing the ukelele and building ugly urban hipster box townhouses in poor neighborhoods

No. 961633

You don't even need to tell me you're a fucking middle class zoomer kek

No. 961635

>building houses

You mean rich people?

No. 961636

Your idea of an entire age group is like a cartoon, I don't know a single person like that. It's like you're terminally online and your only impression of the real world is what you see on social media.

No. 961639

Why are you millennials offended? I’m not even a boomer but I’m laughing at how boomers think of you. Gen X is chilling while zoomers are being coomer bait.

No. 961659

> zoomers are being coomer bait

No. 961668

You need to think of yourself as an individual person instead of a part of a huge mass of people. Gen whatever isn't doing anything because it's millions of people within a decades age range of each other. You sound immature.

No. 961674

I don’t label myself like a millennial does. Who gives a fuck what age range you are? My point was that there are millennials crying about being called out. Boo boo

No. 961680

You apparently care enough about age ranges to feel the need to call one out

No. 961682

Making one statement means I care so much? Fuck can’t say anything without having someone think you’re obsessed. Get over it.

No. 961694

can you stop hijacking my shit you stupid aggressive dumb bitch

No. 961695

>Making one statement means I care so much?
nta but yeah. don't you have homework to do?

No. 961697

What did I highjack?

No. 961698

The same could be said about you, ms green text

No. 961705

nah i'm an adult. and how is "green text" an insult

No. 961706

And so am I. Not an insult it’s just what I’m referring you to.

No. 961707

which generation

No. 961708

The kids need to go play outside. Don't waste your time on the internet, cmon

No. 961721

go file your taxes grandma

No. 961723

what's with the space in the thread title

No. 961726

Instead of dumbass shit it's dumb ass shit, as in, shit from the ass but it is dumb.

No. 961730

I want to smell pussy

No. 961734

Not right now. I'm busy playing the ukelele and buying your house

No. 961735

Oh no i think my phone auto spaced it or something, I don't know, fuck me

No. 961737

Everything here comes from the ass so it's alright

No. 961741

R u larping as that autistic cohost of the worst podcast ever

No. 961744

My 7-year old nephew looks like Paolo from Tokyo

No. 961777

That sucks

No. 961797

File: 1636249476963.jpeg (248.85 KB, 828x470, F10E8AF7-06E1-43DE-9994-79E20D…)

I went to verify that I was average height for an adult women (I am) and was floored by the average weight. I can absolutely not imagine myself being 65-70 lbs heavier than I am at this height. What the absolute fuck.

No wonder you all make fun of us burger chans posting holy fuck. I’m embarrassed.

No. 961808

People who are overly expressive in their forehead almost all of the time lowkey stress me out sometimes.

No. 961827

My mom walked into my room while i was browsing /y/ and listening to vid related, she was so confused lol

No. 961832

like because they're emoting so hard? Or as a wrinkle anxiety thing

No. 961834

Scared of aging anon, my family has horrible genes that’s why it infuriates me

No. 961854

So weird, just read a reply to an ask about this on a radfem blog. You sure it wasn't you? LOL

No. 961869

Are you really pretending you posted what I posted?

Mostly because I don't get emoting so hard in the most mundane of conversations, the fast speed aging aspect of it comes second.
I have a coworker in particular who comes off cocky due as well who does it a lot so I've been thinking more about it lately.

No. 961884

>are you pretending to be me?!!!
NTA but I see this around this website all the time and I gotta say something. Some people just don't declare they're a different anon when they chime into a discussion. It's not that deep.

No. 961887

nta but there was an anon lately who actually was pretending to be others, not just giving their opinion but acting like they were OP in personal vents and confessions, addressing questions with made up nonsense (like "oh I blahblah")

No. 961889

samefag not literally saying "blahblah" but you get the point

No. 961914

Well, when the question was asked to my specific post I guess I just find it weird to reply to the question but not specify you're a different anon and not OP, that's what I would do.
Alternatively they could've just replied to my post and gone "I hate expressive foreheads too due to bad family genetics". Still contributing.

No. 961953

File: 1636262297524.jpeg (27.58 KB, 275x275, A40A2B41-486E-48FE-89D8-675DD1…)

Finally told my ex friend that I think her online clothing store is shit.

No. 962128

I don't trust guys who have zero male friends and don't trust girls who have zero female friends.

No. 962130

Same, like why does your “straight” ass only have female friends? Are you a fag or a man slut? For females, it’s are you a whore? “But I just get along with girls/guys more!!!”

No. 962173

Based. Moids who have no male friends have a high probability of being a pseudo-macho incel who has an inferiority complex and can only surround himself with women to boost his ego. Women who have no female friends are always insufferable because in order to have other women as friends you need to be an actually likable person to be around since you can't survive on only being easy and fuckable.

No. 962179

What about people with no friends at all…

No. 962182

What if a girl's only male friends are her girl friend's spouses? These are the only male friendships I'm comfy with and can maintain for years, genuinely like the guys and talk to them one on one, see them as friends and not just my friends' plus-ones.
Being friends with single guys doesn't really work for me. Single men aren't interested in me unless they want to fuck me. I used to have male friends in my bar hopping days but I outgrew them when I settled down. And I don't like watching sports, tech or vidya so at this point, what can male friends add to my life that women can't?

No. 962183

Nta but it’s honestly also a redflag, if you can’t maintain a friendship with someone, how can you have the energy to have a relationship?
And it also usually means that the friendless one will have to stick around to their girlfriend/boyfriend like a tick or it will be awkward when there’s a party and friendless has to stay at home on her/his own. It just doesn’t feel right.

No. 962186

Did you read the anon's post right? She was talking about men who have no male friends and women who have no female friends, not men who have no female friends or women who have no male friends.

No. 962194

already don't trust you

No. 962219

File: 1636289344785.jpg (53.68 KB, 300x300, 14906791.jpg)

a relative I don't even know just sent me €50 for my birthday let's go

No. 962241

Quarters are fucking humongous

No. 962245

File: 1636291977816.jpeg (345.33 KB, 2448x1434, 15079C66-C69F-4F55-9637-414AD7…)

check out the half dollars

No. 962248

they taste like how blood smells like
>blood smell

No. 962250

Forgot about those bad boys.
I hope you're not putting coins in your mouth?

No. 962253

File: 1636293151084.png (466.02 KB, 450x600, f590fa9e3e217b12abe5deff613ce4…)

Dont forget silver dollar which I think is thicker than the half…absolute unite coins.

No. 962327

I think there's a possibility I might have a gel allergy. I got little bumps around my cuticle area after doing my nails a couple days ago, but there's also some other reasons why I might have those. I feel like if it was the gel I would get bumps on other parts of my body that my nails/hands touch though.

No. 962339

Trying to push some spam/cp to the second page sorry for spamming the threads

No. 962384

File: 1636306925218.jpg (41.74 KB, 828x828, Tumblr_l_75369791629685.jpg)

I wish anyone not using Girltalk a very mediocre day

No. 962386

Had this dream today where karl urban was a tranny and for some reason he was wearing a fancy black bra over his pink tank top (it wasn't really a tank top, just a normal pink shirt but that guy just ruined it with his size). He was playing american football and using that funny ball to defeat the zombies and monsters. I wonder what was that about.

No. 962391

File: 1636307463459.jpeg (46.24 KB, 500x490, B9DCE953-6677-4AAE-B536-80150D…)

Based girltalk user.
>Girltalk user consoles a jungle user after being told that her theme isn’t as good as shitty keekweek or original lolcow themes, recolored, 1700 circa.

No. 962392

File: 1636307534713.jpg (442.2 KB, 1067x1071, Screenshot_20211107-185127_Fir…)

Please wish me luck for tomorrows exam because my future sort of depends on it and I'm stressed as fucked and have no one to talk to

No. 962395

Wishing you the best of luck anon, I love you.

No. 962397

File: 1636307841096.jpeg (56.14 KB, 322x480, B4A04085-4EED-420D-846F-947898…)

You will do great, anonita, have this picture of a party dog to cheer up.

No. 962398

the way it's getting dark so fast outside is really making me feel weird. i wish i could create my own season. it'd be spring weather with winter mornings and summer nights. i enjoy how it's dark outside when i get up for work but i absolutely hate how fast it gets dark when it's just 6pm

No. 962402

I love her more.

No. 962408

Nah, I’m the one who loves nonnie the most, you two should just stay in your lanes.

No. 962415

i love björk

No. 962417

half dollar is what somali pirates call 50 cent. they like his music because they are real g's and relate to his songs directly.

No. 962428

File: 1636310530668.jpg (30.29 KB, 460x472, Tumblr_l_354713717621039.jpg)

No. 962433

Bjork sucks ass

No. 962444

Isn't that cat from a mug that Dakota Rose posted to her instagram years and years ago? I remember seeing it and thinking it was cute, would cop.

No. 962448

GenX ruined everything for millennials bc they saw them poised to shoot past them and change the world and got devastatingly jealous. As a result they neglected an entire generation and took away almost every fair resource and opportunity available to the public for free and gutted the educational system.

No. 962450

Anon means GenZ was groomed by coomers to use sexualization and social politics to get ahead instead of hard work by selling them the Millennials' youth aesthetics with a sexy twist back to them for profit and personal gain. It's also why beauty and hygeine standards are falling into the toilet, because the bar is getting lowered to appease weaker and lazier people who simply aged into their positions via nepotism.

No. 962452

Thanks anon! I made the og post and that’s totally what I meant

No. 962455

Thank you, I can't describe the relief I feel knowing I'm not the only one aware of it!

No. 962467

File: 1636312943110.jpg (237.92 KB, 640x817, 1404040524625.jpg)

I just walked into my usual lunch spot, and there's a group of 25 white college kids and their obnoxious leaders ordering at the same time. They keep repeating the order numbers bc they don't listen to the worker calling them out

"WOOOOOO 225!!" Shoot me in the fucking brain

No. 962473

I made a post in a thread on /ot/ without sage that didn't bump the thread, that wasn't on autosage, and when scrolling back through /ot/'s catalog the thread doesn't appear to be anywhere, nor could I find it by clicking and scrolling on each page on /ot/. I found it in the search, but only by searching the thread title, and when I tried to find it by searching the names I used in my post it returned no results.

What happint??

No. 962474

based post

No. 962480

Bjork treats her daughter like shit and abuses her to keep her repressed because she is so insecure about aging. I refuse to fuck with her because of that, it’s so sad.

No. 962483

Some of you girls need help. Not me though. I'm God's favourite x

No. 962484

God is fake you dumb bitch. kek.

No. 962485

I'm fucking perfect betch

No. 962487

At least most anons are self aware enough to realize they have flaws, narc.

No. 962489

Kek nona stop doing the opposite of what I just said

No. 962491

File: 1636314313114.jpg (25.29 KB, 306x387, 12055320-6903395-image-m-31_15…)

It was about Kai the Hitchhiker, I think Google is blocking his name (Caleb McGillvary) even here.


No. 962493

Based, show us the clothes kek

No. 962500

File: 1636315671983.jpg (97.1 KB, 600x450, poupeegirl002.jpg)

I love Study Bunny's concept, but the art style is so damn ugly. 2002 newgrounds tier. I wish it had the same style of Poupee Girl, but I know that's unreasonable. Just being cute would suffice.

No. 962502

i still pronounce it as me me in my head

No. 962503

>Google is blocking his name

No. 962533

File: 1636317647875.jpg (62.4 KB, 498x394, media0(3).jpg)

The rapist he killed in self defense, Joseph Galfy, was a well connected figure in NJ. They destroyed a fuckload of evidence and are treating the entire thing (9 years) like a murder trial saying amy sex that may or may not have happened was consensual. If you click the link in >>962491 and watch the video, Kai did an interview in October saying Netflix was making a movie about it all to make him look bad. He can't get much support because despite his very best efforts, Google blocks him everywhere. There are tons of links in the News Stories thread post, please please read it.

Picrel is Kai's last FB post before his arrest.

No. 962534

So… how??

No. 962535

Fuck, he looks way better now than he did back then.

No. 962554

I miss this PoupeeGirl and TinierMe more than anyone will ever know

No. 962572

File: 1636320669810.jpg (97.74 KB, 1024x788, 4am.jpg)

I have a big exam tomorrow at 1pm and I barely studied. Currently considering whether the benefits of pulling an all nighter to study would offset the negative cognitive effects of sleep deprivation. It's half past 10pm here btw, and I've still got 150 very information dense pages left to cram.

No. 962592

Click for a fortune telling, the drawing will tell you what your future holds

No. 962594

Samefag, I definitely got contact dermatitis from the gel, fuck. I'm sure it's probably from repeatedly getting it on my skin, I should've listened to all the people who said to be careful with that. To be honest, I don't want to quit doing my nails. I'll probably just let my hands heal and then be more careful with touching gel.

No. 962596

if you guys are looking for an answer to that question about bad threads on the farmhand application use this thread as an example >>>/ot/961495

No. 962598

same! but poupeegirl even more

No. 962602

I wish you luck nonnie, I don't know if you will ace it but I will wish you well. I relate, although I have to 3 days to write a long ass paper and I haven't even chosen the topic for it. It's fucking physics too, fml.

No. 962604

Do you know why it shut down??

No. 962659

File: 1636326491530.jpeg (140.18 KB, 657x1082, DD8A5D76-7EEA-410E-AB5E-ED4487…)

I remember wanting to buy one of those premium things on tinierme the year it shut down, ever since then I’ve sworn to never give money to any online game company, I’m glad I never bought the subscription thing because I would’ve been so pissed, I was kind of shocked, I’m glad my parents desisted from buying it right there right then and promised me to buy it for my birthday.
Kek at this komaeda.

No. 962669

IIRC there was a Japanese version by a different name that stayed up after TM shut down, the avatars and items were the same but the site and the way the game worked were completely different. I also remember a TM wishlist site where you could build dream avis, save and post them with your item lists.

No. 962671

I miss that website even if I never played it. It would be so popular nowadays with all the kinnies and mentally ills, including troons

No. 962674

Hey I think it's kinda cute, I like the bottom left and bottom right. They remind me of Junko Mizuno.

No. 962675

i wish everyone who thinks liking komaeda is a quirky personality trait on here and won't stfu over him because anons kekked over it a while ago so they think it's peak comedy and must bring it up at any given opportunity on this board because they're suffering from that pure brainrot and retardation since anons on lc have the worst type of humor ever a death sentence

inb4 somebody replies to a pic of komaeda with this and is like :joy: anon :joy: :joy: stay pressedt :joy:

i am not pressed
i have too much hatred in my being
it needs to come out
it's not coming out
i must resort to taking my anger out on anime faggots

No. 962677

Just had to unfollow a cat rescue because it constantly made me feel guilty. "1700 people saw this post and nobody wants to adopt him! he was left on the street like a peice of garbage!" maybe that's just how rescues are… but idk I just wanted to see some cute cats

No. 962679

You seem autistic.

No. 962683

meem is supposedly the real way

No. 962684

On that note, is it normal that pet rescuers want you to send a picture of the cat each month? and give them money for the cat + cat food or litter? and come to your house for an inspection? I wanted to adopt an old kitty but that threw me off

No. 962685

Thanks nona, it makes me happy to read that. Good luck on your paper as well! Hopefully once you've picked a topic you get in a flow writing about it.

No. 962686

i want to make love with you

No. 962687

File: 1636327928493.jpg (1.08 MB, 1202x1080, driverxkomaeda otp.jpg)

No. 962689

File: 1636328080817.jpg (43.64 KB, 510x740, defendor.jpg)

Disgusting. Imma end you right now.

No. 962693

Oh yeah, dreamself or dreamselfy, it also shut down some years later, it was great. Now we have cocoppaplay, but idk, the events are tiresome after a while, even if your club is a chill one, it gets too demanding unless you pay.

No. 962694

File: 1636328231960.jpg (32.38 KB, 680x450, dd0.jpg)

No. 962695

I always thought memes were originally Spanish and therefore they should be called /mehmehs/.

No. 962697

No. 962705

File: 1636329175853.jpg (145.79 KB, 706x706, 20211107_185142.jpg)

Those videos are fucked up, but icl he's sexy as hell.


No. 962715

you’re underaged

No. 962722

File: 1636331440248.png (139.67 KB, 639x310, Screenshot_2021-03-12 Google P…)

Of course it's cute anon, that Poupee Girl. Study Bunny is this
Again, great concept with horrid art.
I mentioned Poupee Girl, even though they are not the same, because both use actions (pomodoro in the case of study bunny and like, posting pictures or writing diary entries for Poupee Girl) for an in game currency that you can use to purchase outfits and decorate your room.
I already use Pomodoro for studying so that's why I love the gamification aspect of Study Bunny, but ugghh the art

No. 962728

oh my god that poor boy. fucking moids don't even care about each other. where are all the "but men get raped too" assholes when this happened to him?

No. 962738

he's full of shit

No. 962750

LITERALLY. He needs all the help he can get with this Netflix smear campaign coming out, go check the posts and follow the links, theres a fundraiser and a petition also.


There used to be a LOT more videos of Kai from prison singing songs and taking calls and doing interviews but they all vanish in time, and every time he gains some momentum shit like this pops up: >>962738

Fuck Union County

No. 962763

File: 1636335924405.jpg (586.78 KB, 1741x990, 20211107_204211.jpg)

what a hell of a place to get a giant mass of symbols tattooed

No. 962779

File: 1636337157784.jpg (37.41 KB, 720x720, Tumblr_l_187107098839145.jpg)

I don't get it

No. 962780

I guess I’m heartless

No. 962781

Well, it kind of makes sense to me, I spend waaaaay too long daydreaming about love.

No. 962790

Someone explain this

No. 962792

Fuck this shit.

No. 962793

Trend based stereotypes left wide open for interpretation via pictographs to increase the amount of clicks and reposts for exposure.

No. 962795

Loves normally like a normal person, this picture was probably made by an Aries.
Lol quirky only loves food and specially pizza! Omg pizza, yasssss
Sweet talker, express their love with words, probably can lick pussy properly.
Awwww such a sweetheart with a too big heart who is pwuuure and nice and adorable and everyone is too mean to cancerbabies who just want to give lots and lots of love and hugs and kisses ugüu.
Thinks too much about love to the point that It’s overwhelming, perfect bpd-chan excuses “omg, I’m sorry for pulling your exe’s hair during her wedding day with some other dude, I’m just such a passionate Leo!”
Sadness and misery, will never let go of some crush they had on 3rd grade and who rejected them for some other sign.
Omg sweet baby but like, not that much? Just a relatively normal loving ugüu sweet lover.
Cold bastard.
Probably rejected Virgo at some point and is autistic as fuck but in an edgy way.
Has rare sickness that made them develop different hearts in different parts of their body, dead after being born, resurrected by the sadistic scientists of big pharma.

No. 962796

aries is a little romantic
taurus loves food, shows love through food related things
gemini likes kisses or daydreams about love
cancer has a big heart, is very romantic
leo daydreams a lot about love, very imaginative
virgo gets broken up a lot or likes sad romance
libra feels like love is in the air, has butterflies with love
scorpio feels love through sex or shows it that way
Sagittarius is very romantic, maybe honest or loyal due to it being in the center
capricorn likes bittersweet romance
aquarius is not romantic, or bad at showing it
pisces enjoys affection, aka the tiny hearts all over the body, physical attention

these are just guesses every tweet I found I could not read

No. 962798

They don't really know about him because all the articles with details about the rape come up when you google Joseph Galfy, and they contradict each other and Kai's accounts. The few I've seen spreading false info are, according to Google, privately owned and based in NJ.


>The two conversed on the ride home, sharing a common interest in construction, since McGillvary had been a carpenter and Galfy, a lawyer who often dealt with construction permits. They went home and had dinner and several drinks before sleeping in separate rooms, McGillvary testified.

>McGillvary woke up with a metallic taste and bodily fluids in his mouth, he said.

>Galfy drove McGillvary to the Rahway train station the following day, video surveillance showed. But after realizing he didn’t have a place to stay that night, he said he reluctantly contacted Galfy again.

>Galfy brought him back to Clark, poured McGillvary a beer into a glass, out of McGillvary’s sight, he said.

>The next memory McGillvary remembers is waking up with his pants pulled down and the lawyer on top of him, he said, adding he pushed Galfy away before the 73-year-old body-slammed him to the ground and started “grinding and humping” him.

>To escape from Galfy’s weight, McGillvary started hitting, punching and kicking him away while Galfy attempted to perform oral sex on him, he said.

>“He was suffocating me,” McGillvary said, his voice quivering. “I thought he was going to kill me.”

>A sexual assault examination, called a rape kit, was not performed on McGillvary.

>The eccentric YouTube star became visibly shaken while recounting his memory of the sexual assault, often times banging his fist, shouting and arguing with Union County Assistant Prosecutor Scott Peterson.

>McGillvary says he must have “blacked out” after the assault, and does not remember changing his clothes or leaving the home. He came to in a parking lot, he said, and went to the White Diamond Diner in Clark.

>He also said he threw his phone out because it smelled like urine — he had urinated in his pants during the alleged assault — and had a flashback to Galfy on top of him.

No. 962814

Aries love normally, taurus loves food, gemini shows love by communication, cancer loves the most, leo loves themseves, virgo I don't get myself, libra loves everyone, scorpio is a hoe, sag loves ~the everything~, cap can't love because their ice heart, aqua hasn't got a heart at all and pisces is loved/coddled by everyone.

No. 962816

Anyone who kills a rich old pervert scrote is a hero in my book.

No. 962818

why do you care

No. 962820

Which is why he deserves hashtags and more than 100 people in his support group!

He says himself the whole thing is a cover up and smear campaign, and from the outside as a watcher he has really matured and calmed down a lot since his interviews years ago. He has a real case, he's just literally stuck in a censorship bubble and people forgot about him.

(This would probably be better continued in the news stories thread? Or maybe not since it isn't bumping)

No. 962851

Yeah I fully believe him. I’m so fucking angry. The fact that he went back to his house is what they will try to use against him too, even though if he’s homeless and slept somewhere he could have been raped or robbed then, freezing, etc. and when you’re not used to any good conditions or familiar faces, it’s a primal thing to go back to that. I’m sure being homeless didn’t exactly help how he saw his value as a person, it’s understandable to make decisions like that when you think it’s survival or your brain doesn’t respond to the threat in the way it should. This happens all the time with women and it’s fucking evil Netflix is doing shit on him. I really fucking hope men start caring about this and him. I also agree he is definitely a hero and I love him.

No. 962852

I love you also for spreading the word on this and trying to help in the face of google censorship and huge corporations, that’s beautiful of you

No. 962860

based on his reading list on fb ol boi plans to sling some serious dick if/when he gets out. half the list is nonfiction books on pleasuring women

No. 962862

Thank you! Ngl, I've always wished I could've met Kai before all this or had anything to say to him, but my anxiety will instead be channeled into spamming him wherever I can now that I know abt the Netflix thing, though without a Facebook it will be much harder to do.

No. 962863

Honestly it doesn't even matter why he went back or wven THAT he went back, rape is still rape and still illegal and wrong. They still destroyed evidence and they to this day almost 10 years later are trying to turn him from victim to villain to protect a longstanding predator network.

sage for blog and feels but Kai is kinds everything I ever wanted in a man so him sitting in Jail for this fucks me up, even if I never meet him.

(sorry for double post, I got excited and didn't see you made 2 posts!)

No. 962968


New Kai containment thread, although the Galfyfags seem to have found the site


No. 962976

File: 1636356274946.png (471.61 KB, 596x784, louis.png)

Shocking. He's aged like 10 years overnight.

No. 962977

And it's locked already, and for some reason Admin wants it in /g/ even though it makes no sense for it to go on girltalk. Feels like Admin just wants to help the censorship campaign by moving any discussions to an irrelevant board, /g/, without a dedicated thread to keep it scattered. Since when did threads have to be so weak and coomy to be worthwhile?

No. 962980

At this point I don't know if the guy I'm talking on the internet is good looking or I'm just so untouched I have a permanent level 10 horniness.

No. 962982

Why can't you put it in /m/ instead of piling up /ot/?

No. 962989

Lmaaaaao, I was SO worried about the exam I had today turns out it was a stupid psychological test and not about the shit I applied for holy fuck I feel so much relief

No. 963005

I read the tinfoil thread and that satanic shit made me so scared I prayed to God with my whole heart. Satan you won't get me I have a daddy already.

No. 963066

I hope to god you're talking about your father, who is a good father who wants to protect his child from all evil in this world, and nobody else.

No. 963104

Started doing HIIT workouts and fuuuck me I have no stamina/endurance. I can lift heavy but my cardio is shit. Really need to start being consistent with it.

No. 963113

how tf do you stop maladaptive daydreaming
ive been daydreaming about the same thing for two years and basically created a universe but now i want to get rid of it because it makes me depressed and retarded

No. 963126

Couldn't tell you, I'm 14 years in

No. 963137

give me one good reason I shouldnt cut my own bangs right now

No. 963142

When you feel it coming on, take a deep breath and say "it's okay to be here, it's okay to be me" over and over again like an affirmation. Try to ground yourself back in reality. It helps a lot. I used to lose days and weeks to it (neet life) but now it much more under control and i usually only let it happen as I'm falling asleep.

No. 963149

You should cut them because bangs are dope

No. 963155

Idk it's my main cope, better than self harm or drinking atleast.

No. 963204

based, I did it

No. 963212

YESSS! I bet you look cute as fuck.

No. 963215

I aaked where to pit it in a thread 6 hours before I made it but got no replies. Admin now wants to dump it all in /g/ but ehhhhhh that makes no sense. Make it make sense or fuck off IMHO, this is a real issue a real person is dealing with and trying to get help for yet he keeps getting blatantly censored by literally everyone all to protect one well connected dead scrote.

No. 963220

File: 1636388555637.jpg (144.76 KB, 1200x751, CrwC8E5WEAADKY9.jpg)

Love all you lolcow dayshift (and eu nightshift) posters. Thanks for keeping it classy, lc keeps turning into a desolate bpd hellscape every night for some reason.

No. 963241

Question: does lc have an official timezone??

No. 963263

File: 1636390960913.jpeg (196.9 KB, 640x892, 07125641-9198-42BE-A44A-E4AC46…)

me and the lolcow ladies

No. 963265

remove the daddy and the mommy ethot text and i will be fine with this

No. 963272

I poured diluted bleach on my little chair, and now I feel stupid

No. 963274

T-shirts with words on them in general activate the fight mode in my brain. Put those back in 2009 where they belong.

No. 963279

File: 1636391545973.jpg (45.33 KB, 564x671, 1cf00927fc3494fb1fa4bd1904ba7f…)

i dont think so nonnie

No. 963281

File: 1636391733422.jpeg (571.77 KB, 1242x1731, 71F4F67B-E3DD-496E-966D-0E52D3…)

No. 963284

Love this

No. 963285

Nerdy white guys never being able to dress themself is the funniest shit to me. The khaki plaid combo is undefeated just walking around like a retard without their wrangler they call a mother

No. 963288

File: 1636391952193.jpg (66.97 KB, 735x986, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

hell yeah forklift operator shirts. see also: forklift operator wife shirts

No. 963291

File: 1636392218672.jpg (141.26 KB, 750x1000, ssrco,slim_fit_t_shirt,two_mod…)

No. 963293

damn his fit goes hard though

No. 963302

I know, I posted it as a joke but I actually want the shirt kekk

No. 963340

My father is shit. I cope with daddy in sky cause all irl men fucked me over rip

No. 963344

My cat keeps drinking my cold chamomile tea, little shit is black so I can't see him so well in the dark, I only hear him gulp it down. Thank fug it's not toxic

No. 963345

The sonic totem lied to me more than once, I don't trust that bitch

No. 963362

Have you guys ever seen a mediocre girl with a cute guy? Please I need some hope

No. 963365

Yeah absolutely, why do you ask?

No. 963374

The key to getting a man is usually sucking his dick and letting him think he's in charge, I see it all the time. Ugly, weird girls will do all kinds of things to get a guy to put them on a pedestal.

No. 963378

I’m mediocre and lonely. Just want a cute man who loves me.
I’d never suck a moid’s dick unless we’re in a LTR

No. 963384

Nah anon, I know this is corny shit but just be who you are and you'll attract the kind of person you want. I find myself to be pretty mediocre, but I somehow have this perfect man who is ridiculous handsome and has a beautiful soul. All I did was compliment his hair on the bus and we talked about the book he was reading, that was it, and it was like something just clicked. You just meet people sometimes, and things just click. Don't be afraid to meet people I guess! Just don't meet them in spooky alley ways in the dark.

No. 963389

thanks nonnie!! they're a bit wonky but I love them anyway, and I look much better than before! i should have done this ages ago

No. 963392

I love you, you warmed my lonely heart tonight. Hope you have a long lasting relationship anon

No. 963396

no. i am not a wojak meme girl

No. 963424

File: 1636401445675.gif (973.62 KB, 245x137, tumblr_inline_n3jla9XYz51rro7a…)

I swear once I figure out who the fuck has been so loud in the late evening/night for days now, I will go full Karen and start calling the cops but sadly I can't figure out from what apartment the noise comes mmmh. It is loud talking, shitty techno music and watching TV on full blast. It sounds like a bunch of young-ish men but in my building live mostly older people or families. If I catch my neighbors next door I will ask if they know from what place it comes.

No. 963431

I want to try unprotected sex with my boyfriend just for once but I know the IUD will give me a UTI because I'm prone to them and I don't cope well with any long term hormonal based contraceptives and I would never trust my fertile Irish genes to risk using nothing

Nonnies I know I'm being stupid but I just want to do it a couple of times and then never again after my horny brainrot goes away, I haven't had unprotected sex in literal years. I'm even considering the cap but how can you actually trust that? It looks as safe as the lid of a Pringles tube

No. 963447


Why do you want to try this?

No. 963454

does anybody else look at a couple and wonder in your head “how do they have sex?” i don’t watch porn so idk why this curiosity dominates my mind kek

No. 963460

Well um hm. You see when two Anons love each other very much they um well they um hold hands and then a baby comes… or something.

No. 963465

Bread with margarine and a smidge of marmite is actually very, very good.

No. 963468

I have so much pent up libido I got off to blurry images a man sent to me, please just knock me out and bury me somehwere in the countryside

No. 963477

Make him his own tea anon…

No. 963494

Kek anon

No. 963511

Yeah I think that a lot. A flash of them having sex pops in my head sometimes

No. 963516

It's a different experience
Condoms are more convenient because there's no mess but I hate having to stop to put one on and then stop afterwards to change it if he comes

No. 963517

Yeah lol. But then I think it's rude to think like that about other people and start thinking about something else.

No. 963520

Who else having a downward spiral on this fine weekday?

No. 963544

And the one time you don't wear body armor because it's hot, heavy and generally uncomfortable can be the day you wish you had. Stopping for a minute or two to put a condom on beats the heck out of getting pregnant. It takes exactly one sperm to fertilize an egg. One. But your adults If you feel the potential consequences are worth it then by all means.

No. 963549

File: 1636408870930.jpg (82.37 KB, 400x533, tumblr_4f1437ebac47063fca525f9…)

No. 963553

nta but just to hook onto what >>963544 said about you being adults, remember your bf isn't the one at risk of getting pregnant so I hope he isn't influencing you to do it.

Imo you should really just be mature and wise and not do it, pregnancy is a 20+ years experience if you don't abort it. (Nor is rushing to get a morning after pill or getting an abortion a pleasant experience)

No. 963554

I want bangs again but I have stupidly thin hair, like 2 steps away from looking like a balding moid thin, and on top of that I have acne prone skin too. But I look so cute with bangs… ughhhh

No. 963559

Maybe you can do clip in bangs? They're not too expensive and I've seen people get some pretty natural looking results with them.

No. 963560

Oooh, I'm gonna look into buying some maybe! Thanks nonna! I'm growing my hair out to its natural black color so it'll be a lot easier for color matching these bangs kek

No. 963562

File: 1636409374937.gif (5.95 MB, 640x588, bitch-me-too-the-fuck.gif)

No. 963563

If you look cute with them you should go for it. Work on getting more volume on the rest of your head if you need to compensate. My hair isn't thin but I like it big so I use thickening shampoo/conditioner/spray, texturizing spray, dry shampoo for volume, blowdry my hair upside down, etc, there's tonnes of options

No. 963564

Same anon
Jesus is the only good male

No. 963568

Don't worry anons it's entirely my idea not his and I'm not going to going to take any stupid risks, my first post shows I care about contraceptives but it's just a desire I keep coming back to

If the morning after pill was foolproof I would just do that but the statistics aren't good enough

No. 963576

I get it it's a pain sometimes and just to be clear wasn't trying to rag on you. Love and respect Anon.

No. 963614

I can’t stop thinking about looking up “cum worms” since an anon in some thread warned everybody not to. Part of me wants to stay pure, but I’ll probably look it up soon.

No. 963628

What the fuck now I want to look it up. My guess is that it’s either a) worms made of cum or b) scrotes cumming on worms.

No. 963635

Oh I think this has to do with this guy who fucked a coconut and came in it multiple times over the span of weeks and left it under his bed and it started to rot from the inside and was full of maggots. He tried to fuck it again and the maggots went all over his dick and one even went in his urethra that he later pissed out. He freaked out and threw it against his walls and rotten coconut, cum and maggots went everywhere. I heard about it in a Whang video, this is just what I assume cum worms means.

No. 963638

Reading the vent thread and stupid questions thread makes me feel so normal and well adjusted.

No. 963650

>normal and adjusted
>on lolcow

No. 963653

chipotle or a local burrito shop?

No. 963656

Just accept you're as unhinged as the rest of us anon, it'll make things easier.

No. 963657

Local because chipotle isn’t that good and fills up their burrito with too much rice

No. 963670

Not the worst thing I've read tbh. Maggot girl is top one.

No. 963672

okurt local burrito it is

No. 963683

File: 1636419293586.png (123.25 KB, 509x557, Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 4.53…)

I just wanted to know when the lightyear movie was being released… There is no God.

No. 963694

Nope, nothing is safe. Everything must be pornified, even your childhood faves

No. 963720

its moids sounding their urethra large enough for worms to crawl into it

No. 963764

Maggot girl made me afraid to be near flies for a month. It's isn't like I have a pussy that smells like rot but it gave me shitty intrusive thoughts for months with how grotesquely in detail she went in with some of the stories.

you know that's not as bad as I was expecting, I was expecting pin worms (or some other type of worm like parasite) in their seminal fluid.

No. 963771

Well they cum them out so it is kinda similar to that

No. 963784

>fertile irish genes
haha, what?

No. 963799

File: 1636429050783.png (891.3 KB, 675x1201, kaii_496482735294.png)

The way he aged, if he still looks like picrel he can absolutely get it all too

No. 963812

oh m g. i love him. but good lord that thing in jail? i hope he gets out and can get therapy once he's out. where the FUCK are all the men >>962728 is right

No. 963820

It's so hard to talk about Kai online without getting censored or blocked. Idk why he can't have a thread, there's ALWAYS interest in his case!

No. 963822

File: 1636430478072.png (1.65 MB, 720x1346, r_02.png)

woops dropped my candy

No. 963827

>where are all the "men get raped too" guys

They will never fight for a man as sexy as Kai, be real. way too much jealous moid inferiority, guaranteed. Plus I thought that was just a deflection from acknowledging women's issues anyway?

No. 963856


you heathen

No. 963900

File: 1636443987135.png (657.93 KB, 1022x1024, imagen_2021-11-09_014544.png)

me every fucking day

No. 963906

listen i can't tell if theres one dedicated kai anon doing intense propaganda but you have my attention. just promise that we can at least be sister wives when he gets acquitted of that murder charge and gets out.

No. 963911

It's been a week since I gave my laptop to the repair guy and I'm still waiting for it to be actually repaired. He told me it'd be done in 3 days but he didn't even receive the keyboard we need to replace the broken one. I feel like I'm about to go insane.

No. 963913

It’s crazy to think technology like computers need to get repaired. You’re a robot, you’re expected to be perfect. Failing at the one job they had. It’s random to get a faulty.

No. 963917

idk if you meant tonreply to my post but my keyboard needs to be replaced because it's an old laptop and I was a little bit too violent when closing once. I agree with you though because my first laptop was broken for no good reason at on of the hinges (I was always careful and never dropped it) and when I used the warranty twice, the broken part kept being replaced with other broken, faulty parts AND ever since the first time it got repaired it became insanely slow. I needed it for university and that shit nearly ruined uni for me. Without a computer you can't do shit there.

No. 963919

I mean, bet, if we can manage to make him a thing again. bc otherwise daddy Kai stays for those 54 years he got.

(btw did u know he used to be a carpenter for a while and trained to be a paramedic?? he's like goddamn hippie Jesus)

No. 963924

File: 1636446958888.jpg (637.78 KB, 1080x2153, Screenshot_20211109-033427_Ins…)

Picrel is an insta with a bunch of old pics of Kai, including ones from when he was younger.

No. 963925

Wtf he's cute? This is attractive male oppression by disgusting old scrotes. Free him

No. 963937

File: 1636448628534.jpg (199.28 KB, 1080x675, 20211108_003926.jpg)


lol but no he really is such a fucking unit. He looks better at 33 than he did at 23 imo. I didn't like him as much in his viral days, but since seeing him in those videos from last month he is my new senpai.

No. 963938

ding ding ding ding ding!

+also the whole 'protecting a dead serial rapist who used to be a judge whose brother is a cop' thing

No. 963943

Someone used my phone number instead of their membership card (I'm guessing someone entered the phone number in wrong) to purchase a bunch of books and it bumped me up to a $40 gift card. They can't come after me for a mistake in giftcard form after it's spent, right? Only asking because I want to combine it with my own cash too. Whatever I'm going to do it. They really didn't spend that much, just triggered what I already had saved and combined it with promos.

No. 963960

what drives one to be a pick me for 4chan scrotes, especially poltards, i will never understand

No. 963961

When you’re young, your upbringing and being bullied by everyone at school. But when you’re over 21 years old, it doesn’t make sense.
T.former pickme who opened her eyes.

No. 963996

Being a piece of shit that stands at their level.

No. 964089

When nobody else wants you, like you're bullied at school and have such low self esteem and also have come into contact with so much of their vile philosophy that you start to believe it
I knew a fat ginger girl who was very unpopular at school but wasn't a bad kid who fell into dating men from the racist national party, it's obvious she encountered a philosophy that told her she was valuable for being white and that changed her

No. 964142

brazilians truly are built different

No. 964145

File: 1636472526177.jpg (113.87 KB, 1024x683, 1625547967025.jpg)

They're sexy

No. 964158

oh my god is that a /fa/ meetup? KEK

No. 964161

The guy in the center could see your post years before you posted it.

No. 964162


No. 964169

File: 1636475230574.jpeg (30.5 KB, 300x300, FC8D5779-C6B1-4B60-BE3A-7D4DD3…)

he’s got a lot on his megamind

No. 964173

The guy in the middle looks ready to explode their heads with his mind power

No. 964185

when he gets out i'm gonna fuck him so hard until he is healed. join me, ladies, in pleasing our sweet innocent lord.

No. 964186

File: 1636476297511.jpg (39.65 KB, 680x510, d7b.jpg)

No. 964192

File: 1636476455521.jpg (116.7 KB, 900x599, EjGG1zjX0AMkmX6.jpg)

Also /fa/

No. 964193

File: 1636476633032.png (1.05 MB, 720x717, Screenshot_20211109-115018_(1)…)

Yessssss the miltiple comings of Kai mmmm

But seriously, Kai needs a thread fr fr, admin is tripping hard. Maybe if he gets enough rhread requests admin will change her mind?? Kai's case is a huge deal for rape victims and how their cases are handled in America, exposing the web of corruption he's caught up in would cause a maaaive positive chain reaction.(avatarfag)

No. 964195

The fuck is going on with that guys neck

No. 964197

Life is hard on the savanna.

No. 964205

File: 1636477298022.jpg (37.2 KB, 500x375, sigh.jpg)

I'm so tired of seeing that Kai motherfucker, pls mods just let them have their own thirst thread or whatever

No. 964207


No. 964209

I'm not trying to help you, I just want you guys to stfu

No. 964210

I want that penis to vanish

No. 964212

It's a nice dick tbf

No. 964213

Help us help you, nonny!

No. 964214

There is no such thing

No. 964216

Lie. Dicks are fine, the men attached to them are the ones who make them unbearable.

No. 964217

not if its uncut

No. 964219

sorey for ur pruitanical brainwashing

No. 964220

agreed, although I don't want the moid to get to full of himself

No. 964221

I feel comfortable saying it's a pretty dick because I don't think it was actually the posters dick. It looked like some shit he just found.

No. 964222

the one on the far right is cute

No. 964223

The filename was screenshot, so yea, not him lmao

No. 964231

Oh, good. I feel better now

No. 964232

I want that ricecel

No. 964244

I had a dream where someone kissed me and then we briefly made out and he put me on the sofa and then I woke up and I can't figure out who my dream man was and I'm so upset. Anyway I haven't kissed anyone in over a year. I'm a very romantic person this is an extremely weird time of my life.

No. 964267

that's Dylann Roof

No. 964277

…what penis?

No. 964280

There was a dick pic in the sauerkraut thread

No. 964281

there was a big meaty cock posted in the german thread

No. 964284

File: 1636482229660.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 99.31 KB, 534x800, DDB371D4-0E87-4670-84AB-CE1A1C…)

Like this one?

No. 964293

File: 1636483632299.jpg (16.28 KB, 275x275, 1591142012645.jpg)

Well i missed it.

This will do.

No. 964312

alice in borderland season 2 on dec 2022 nooo i can't wait that long

No. 964316

File: 1636486000668.jpg (40.57 KB, 632x322, Tumblr_l_279434955501164.jpg)

Who remembers this bitch.

No. 964318


I absolutely fucking loved that Barbie.com baby game omfg

No. 964324

File: 1636486540082.png (229.36 KB, 1024x1024, fshs.png)

Should I get this, or is it played out now?

No. 964329

I looked into freezing my eggs because whatever and in the UK its recommended to do it under the age of 35 and it costs £3500+, plus some other cost for £600 and then there's annual fees that can be up to £300 to store your eggs and that's only doing one menstrual cycle. And then the stats for UK for kids born via frozen eggs is only like 18%. So all that money and there's only like an 18% success rate. Yeah whatever. I will be leaving the decision if I have kids in God's hand when I find a suitable partner. Amen.

No. 964330

File: 1636486736110.jpeg (200.06 KB, 1280x720, 504D424C-7B55-462F-8886-67D3CC…)

I loved Barbie.com so much, I could spend hours playing those games.

No. 964332

omg does anyone remember that one game where you walk Krissy in a stroller? I went looking for that one before flash got discontinued and couldn't find it.

No. 964337

looks cheap and i dont get the joke

No. 964366

I just scrolled through the insta pics of some random dude because I was bored and saw that he had his school linked on his graduation pictures so I got on the website and it said that you need to pay 45000 - 70000 dollars for a YEAR. Like jesus christ and that is a fucking highschool. I am so fucking glad that I don't live in the US

No. 964375

That's a good cock

No. 964376

He must have went to a private or boarding school because for my area that's university prices and very out of the norm. You do however have to pay 2.5-3.2 or something a day for lunches unless you're broke enough to get free lunches. Schools here are free outside the elective ones that need specific supplies.

No. 964382

eurgh never taking that retarded rice purity test again, as if i needed a reminder of how fucking empty my life is

No. 964397

What is the test for

No. 964402

I realize I'm bored out of my mind when I actually click on /m/. It's always futile too since the board is mostly dead

No. 964405

same thing with /g/ as well, might as well get rid of both of those boards

No. 964416

K-12 is free in the US and there also exist private K-12 education options in literally every country except maybe NK so what are you trying to say exactly?

High schools that expensive could be one of the very few actually elite high schools (philips exeter, choate). But more likely, they're places for rich failkids who couldn't get into the better public schools in their city.

For example in nyc, if you're a richkid, either you test into one of the free magnet elite public schools (bronx hs of science, hunter college hs, a couple others) or if you fail at that, you get sent to a very expensive private boarding school.

Most people I knew who went to "private school" were actually going to catholic school, which is usually pretty affordable (10k-20k range plus a lot of scholarships) and other than hardcore catholics they mostly got sent there for misbehaving in HS.

Now also, in more rural states like the west and south, there's frequently one or two very expensive private highschools for an area or even the whole state, where all the rich kids get sent so they don't have to be around poor kids at their local HS.

No. 964439

That shit is for degenerates anon not a measure of how empty your life is

No. 964469

what is it tell us

No. 964473

Seriously it takes one second to look it up. It’s just a site where you check off shit like “been arrested” “been caught having sex”.

No. 964490

A checklist for sexual and potentially illegal things you have, or haven't, done: http://ricepuritytest.com/ There's also a more modern non-80s version: https://theinnocencetest.com/

No. 964539

The whole site is circling the drain tbh. The only threads that are allowed are basic bs, the site is dying bc nobody can talk about what they want to. Actual interesting threads get overrun with infighting from lack of modding or get modded to death. I won't honestly be too disappointed if the site goes away at the end of the year bc it isn't what it used to be at all.

No. 964587

I like to believe that some of the women attending and celebrating Bundy's executions were radfems, some were traditionalist christians and some were apolitical but all of them put aside their differences and got together and celebrated the death of that human cockroach

No. 964625

File: 1636523360745.jpg (214.41 KB, 1500x1067, 4khb2je79ky71.jpg)

>Let us strengthen our friendship for peace and happiness!
Sino Soviet Friendship poster 1954

No. 964634

I don't know who this is or why this video was recommended to me, but I'm so confused. Nobody's chest can actually be that big naturally right… but then if you're going to fake having huge tits why would you decide to make them that big? Or is she just shitposting because her avatar has hentai proportions? I truly understand nothing about vtubers.

No. 964638

im so happy for them, must be hard to have a relationship like that in communist countries

No. 964640

Yes, there are plenty of women with breasts that naturally big. This is why some women get breast reductions. It's a mutation imo. Too many fat cells goes to the breasts. Just like some people have super enlarged body parts, almost like elephantism imo.

No. 964642

File: 1636527331222.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.54 KB, 450x333, 433_450.jpg)

Yeah it's obviously fake with a massive breast form/ or just a fat girl in a corset + push up bra, which would explain the extreme loose cardigan despite trying to show off her body (covering arms/wrists)

Can someone please explain to me what could possibly be attractive about cartoonishly oversized body parts? At least most women are able to admit all the 13+ inch dicks in porn are fake and don't even find them attractive. Do men just hate women so much that they think the more unattainable a body is = sexier?? I also don't think these men who are attracted to this size has actually seen a woman of this size naked since they're referring to hentai and not the fact that having extremely oversized anything would amplify flaws they often complain about (cellulite and rashes for big butts, saggyness/floppiness and extremely large areolas, heat rashes under breasts, for larger boobs) although this would explain why despite the fact she's trying to hoe she's wearing a modest shirt and loose jacket since those would easily hide things like corsets, breast forms, etc

No. 964643

File: 1636527477579.jpg (Spoiler Image, 848.76 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20211110-015739_Chr…)

samefag but I knew a poor girl in high school with breasts that big. I felt really really bad for her because guys would constantly bother her about the size of them. And she wasn't even a whale, but she wasn't skinny.

It's called breast hypertrophy. Pic is women from before breast surgery was possible.

No. 964644

This + too much fat in the breast could cause the quality of breast milk to go down and even produce issues with breast feeding due to the fat tissue compressing the milk ducts, this is especially true if the woman has large breasts due to obesity and not allowing her form to grow naturally

No. 964646

I do agree with you that this particular girl has fake breasts (they don't even move when she rests her hand against them like real breasts would) but like I mentioned there are definitely women with that affliction.

No. 964647

>Can someone please explain to me what could possibly be attractive about cartoonishly oversized body parts?
Uhm, you could ask the same question about every freakish, disgusting fetish that men have and you'd get the same answer: there's nothing sexy about it. It's a fetish.

No. 964649

I knew a couple of women with breasts this large, one of them being my mom and trust me the last thing these women would want to do would be to meme themselves since most of these women are usually disturbed from all the negative attention they get + being sexualized from a young age. I also don't believe most women or men find this body type particularly attractive unless they have a fetish like >>964647 said. Also it just doesn't sit right with me when men or women fetishize things that lower women's quality of life and attractiveness to the general public, it's the equivalent if men have obesity or skelly fetishes. It's just extremely unhealthy and damaging towards women and usually extremely hard for most women to obtain and makes them unattractive to most people if they do obtain that figure, which just screams control freak to me. I could never have a partner who finds having 80 lb tits the pinnacle of attractiveness

No. 964650

It's always funny to see men's fantasy's get ruined real quick when they actually try things in real life, I always laugh when I hear stories about men who go on about fart, pee, and fat fetishists until they actually do it IRL and they act traumatized kek porn addicts think reality doesn't apply to them

No. 964651

File: 1636528308300.jpg (596.5 KB, 1000x500, china-russia.jpg)

They sadly broke up

but they had some good memories

No. 964662

I heard that a few guys I went to high school with are trans now and it's so weird to think about. I never really talked to them before so I don't know all the details but I can't imagine what they're thinking since they always seemed like normal outgoing people to me and everybody always called me weird.

No. 964677

The only person I know IRL who trooned out was an IRL friend of mine, honestly she was also very different from the usual type
she was outgoing, had friends, had some normie interests and I guess the only indication may have been her mild fujo interests but It was below average compared to the typical fujo

No. 964686

Two guys I used to hook up with trooned out. Both kind of weird but conventionally attractive and normie passing enough. They've seriously fucked themselves.

No. 964689

That first one is so cute it genuinely looks like ship art

No. 964695

File: 1636536231100.jpg (66.9 KB, 430x640, EduZ0AXXYAQe4uX.jpg)

that's nothing
>Sino-Soviet friendship poster: "Let Chinese-Soviet Friendship Live Forever!"

they are sharing a socialist fraternal kiss

No. 964698

Idk about anyone else but the only people I know who trooned out were quite toxic if you got close to them, I've only known a couple of troons those both male and female so who knows

No. 964702

File: 1636538808323.jpg (91.04 KB, 1080x943, 99eeaaa09d1cb16f62544fba242344…)

Please learn about Russian culture before you speak

No. 964708

File: 1636540064038.jpg (112.03 KB, 1200x630, 889972-qpdkaxiymt-1533911874.j…)

truthfully speaking men in my third world country literally walk around holding hands, they hug each other and kiss each other one the cheeks but they would beat and lynch any man if they knew he was gay
homosexuality is viewed as so unnatural that If you see two men holding hands and think "they might be gay." cause homosexuality is considered a non-thing really
In the West , it's more of a tell, so people avoid it for fear of looking gay.

No. 964713

I heard it's because men and women are very much socially segregated (mainly because men are creeps), which leads to men sharing their affections to each other instead of the opposite sex

No. 964716

Buying anything is so exhausting, nobody likes what the fuck they’re buying and you have to just pick whatever because there’s always some reviews saying that whatever you’re getting sucks ass, but they won’t recommend an alternative, so you have to keep looking until you’re sick of reading 10 good reviews and the 5 crushing bad reviews that makes you think if the thing you want to buy is really worth the price.
I wish I was rich so I could just pick anything and if it wasn’t what I expected, not feel like I wasted any money or something like that.

No. 964720

Just read the 3 star reviews. If it’s super expensive or has no 3 star ratings then read 2 and 4. 5 stars is typically full of people who left a review 10 seconds after receiving the package and have no idea what quality materials look like, and 1 stars are all either complete retards making user errors or not reading the description, or complaining about something completely unrelated to the actual item

No. 964732

I always think about Kojima saying that BB and Ocelot fell in love at first sight in that one scene where BB beat the fuck out of Ocelot and tells him he's "pretty good" with a gun. And how Ocelot was trying so hard to impress his crush by acting like a complete psycho during the rest of MGS3. And nobody believes it to this day.

No. 964737

I used to really into astrology because I saw how much most men hated it and thought being into astrology was somehow a feminist act.
man I was a dumb libfem in those days as well

No. 964771

At least you triggered some men by doing basically nothing, nonnie

No. 964777

File: 1636549204942.jpeg (781.48 KB, 1242x1061, 1557843412297.jpeg)

how do you manifestation nonarellas do it
I guess I am really bad at it cause I never got any of the things I tried to get so far, I'm the anti-manifestor

No. 964778

I was watching youtube and the auto play started playing a D&D session so I watched some out of curiosity. I don't get the appeal at all. It seems like nerdy roleplay theater?

No. 964780

tbh, it's completely harmless, and doing anything genuinely harmless that men hate is kind of feminist when you think about it joking btw pls don't sperg at me. i like to do the same with other random things, like pretending not to know what reddit and nirvana are, or collecting crystals in a way not related to geology, which is an instant trigger for moids

No. 964781

It’s funny because I used to think that being into astrology was a pickme thing, so I avoided it like a plague because I wanted to be “~not like other girls~” so I could get picked. Did it work? No, did I have fun avoiding it? No because I’ve always liked the aesthetics.

No. 964786

File: 1636549777430.jpeg (44.07 KB, 600x229, 176840F8-B950-419A-9233-1BE8FA…)

It’s nerdy roleplay theatre, you could even say that it’s theatre but for boys ™. Like, idk, the dnd people I’ve seen so far are the kind of nerdy people that are too nerdy, even for the theatre people.

No. 964790

Why are the adult versions hot? except for dexter of course

No. 964793

because you're not pedo

No. 964794

Gonna start a YouTube channel probably maybe likely

No. 964796

omg i remember this episode of dexter's lab. Thanks for bringing me back, anon! Dnd is sadly a big boys club, especially since it became more mainstream. I think guys play it to jerk off to their own power fantasies.

No. 964798

what kind of videos will you make?

No. 964800

File: 1636550684729.gif (1.74 MB, 500x375, Valhallen-dexters-laboratory-4…)

kek reminds me that when I was a kid a had a small crush on Valhallen. Perfect himbo

Yeah, it's basically adult play-pretend with rules so the fat kid doesn't come up with super powers out of the blue. I like non-fantasy TRPGs, personally

No. 964802

Maybe gameplay stuff with a robot voice of course. Not sure what games yet though

No. 964803

File: 1636550820769.jpeg (68.97 KB, 1080x1080, 1631780404284.jpeg)

So I lowkey suspected that my boyfriend had porn hidden in his laptop cause he was very secretive regarding it, as in he actively hid his laptop from time to time and always seemed to be working on something even when the WIFI wasn't working
so a couple days ago I found his laptop unattended and he had forgot to close so I did some digging around and I didn't find any porn(I even downloaded a software recovery file to check for deleted files) and I didn't find any porn but I find shit like
>Al Qaeda Training Manual 1
>WN Military training manual
>Separate files filled with books for ideologies ranging from Maoism to Nazism to Jihadism

I have not yet confronted him about this

No. 964807

A+ taste, anon

No. 964808

not sure what to say about this except, your boyfriend most definitely goes on /pol/

whether that’s good or bad is up for you to decide

No. 964810

Proceed with caution, don't just go and insist on asking because you're not supposed to know about his little dirty secret. Try to first bring up one topic, like "hey __ what do you think about (topic from his pdfs)"

No. 964814

He probably posts about you on /pol/… moids are so mentally deformed

No. 964816

Nta, but I would definitely recommend doing so in a place close to others, you’d never know how insane could some faggot of those would act when confronted about their cult ideologies.

No. 964818

File: 1636551678921.jpg (123.8 KB, 720x699, 20211110_144002.jpg)

I like reading angst/comfort fanfics, but some stuff I see is just what the fuck?

No. 964820

Did you also find other books on subjects like art, crime, history, language, martial arts, science, survival and technologies? Or is it just ideology and combat manuals? If he collects books on broad spectrum of subjects then it might be fucking nothing and he was just worried you might overreact.

No. 964822

It's fun to play if you're an ex theater kid type who likes improv and the fantasy genre. But I cannot watch any of the online games like Critical roll, it's boring and stupid to watch someone else play even if they're enjoying themselves or do good voices or whatever,its always cringy. Like I don't watch mukbangs because it's pointless to watch someone else eat, it's not enjoyable to me idk.

No. 964849

>Did you also find other books on subjects like art, crime, history, language, martial arts, science, survival and technologies? Or
yeah lots, like 200 GBs worth, the language file alone had 66 GB worth of files and filled with seemingly every language
I don't even know what he needs that shit for

No. 964863

File: 1636554836838.jpeg (368.17 KB, 1145x1192, 723936A0-008D-404D-8AC8-66024B…)

This is way too common in every fandom and I hate it.
>tfw you can’t look for cute stories about Snufkin’s mom and the Joxter because most of the stories are about the Joxter raping/trying to rape snufkin/his friends/literally anyone or about the Joxter in an incestuous relationship with his son.
There’s no wining, these retards will try to get you fired and put in jail for shipping Diluc and Kaeya but it’s somehow okay to write about the Joxter fucking his son.

No. 964869

wait- SNIFF and Joxter? Ew.

No. 964878

File: 1636556739709.jpg (248.79 KB, 1280x1847, tumblr_p5e5fbQirW1rkkyz2o1_128…)

I want a progressive mute ex-Amish bf who will literally tear down an entire gang nothing more then his bare hands and a stick

No. 964879

What the actual fuck? Fanfic sites have some unhinged stuff and it boggles my mind how vanilla erotic fiction gets cancelled but this kinda shit exists.

Also why are people cancelling Diluc Kaeya shipping? I'm not into Genshin so never heard of this.

No. 964885

Is it just me or has this gotten way worse in the past 4 years? Quality has gone way down. Is it just the global illness making ppl think they can get away with scamming more? It's so fucking annoying.

No. 964888

File: 1636558158599.jpg (97.17 KB, 848x500, gr493ci2lswz.jpg)

I bet he's an INTP. If so he doesn't need it for any specific reason. INTPs like knowledge for knowledge's sake. Especially the obscure stuff. He still might be a fanatic, but unlikely. He probably has strong values and he doesn't want them to clash with yours, especially if you are a feeler type that might easily find them insensitive/boring. But its all just speculation.

No. 964890

>I bet he's an INTP. If so he doesn't need it for any specific reason. INTPs like knowledge for knowledge's sake. Especially the obscure stuff. He still might be a fanatic
he does have an addiction for buying books, he half his books haven't ever be opened, but he doesn't have anything radical related among his IRL books

No. 964906

File: 1636559855382.jpeg (955.65 KB, 3464x3464, E4EB6514-CC89-4CD3-BE36-654C11…)

It has been a thing since people started reading the badly translated plot and such, they’re supposed to be sworn brothers, which is like a bond between two unrelated people who just want to protect each other.
But in the translation it says that they’re brothers, so all the kids into Genshin latch to the translation as a gotcha to spam people’s drawings with dumbass reaction images, even if they’re just in the same picture, just hanging out or being affectionate without it being sexy, they’re only happy if Diluc is being aggressive towards Kaeya because “LOL le funny siblings who hate each other 24/7”

No. 964909

My sides, this sounds like a game of broken telephone between people bad at multiple languages.

No. 964927

My retarded take is that this is partially due to the obsessive review reading. There's so much more information online these days so of course you'll find some extremely bad reviews. It could be due to qc issues or users being idiots like the other anon said. I'm like this too and always end up talking myself out of big purchases. The reality is somewhere in the middle.

No. 964930

File: 1636563032897.jpg (93.33 KB, 640x793, based_and XX pilled.jpg)


No. 964940

File: 1636563849128.jpg (144.37 KB, 800x1055, 800px-Sirani31.jpg)

I mean she was based but this post is very unture, Sirani painted mostly Historical and Biblical paintings, the few paintings she did of women murdering the shit out of men were commissioned works
The vast majority of her works however were almost all Biblical, relating to Baby Jesus and Mary and Adult Jesus

I really hate this "girlbossifcation" of various female historical figures cause it creates many false historical narratives of actual human beings, same thing witches, they weren't pagan proto-feminists who rebelled against the dumb Christians, they were also Christians who just happened to mix in various local folk practices that the Church deemed heretical

No. 964944

Frauenmacht was a popular topic in paintings too (ancient stories like Judith beheading that guy)

No. 964950

where can i read more about this? what keywords can i use to find out more.

> They were also Christians who just happened to mix in various local folk practice

No. 964965

look up Folk Christianity, The Canon Episcopi written in 906 which was official medieval Catholic Canon Law declared "Witchcraft" a Fantasy and a delusion, saying that the folk pagan traditions practiced in rural areas were just that, folk traditions and they should not be seen as valid to the Christian faith


that's what witchcraft and magic in general was viewed by the Catholic Church, the heretical but still inoffensive traditions of Yokels, it was only after the black death, the start of the Inquisition as well as the publishing of the Malleus Maleficarum by Heinrich Kramer did the witch hunts really start

No. 964971

Since I found out khloe kardashian is an aquarius rising and her midheaven is in sag just like moi I will die for her.

No. 964986

if you want to but i wouldnt be surprised if this becomes the next big aliexpress fast fashion product

No. 964987

File: 1636567412012.jpg (196.96 KB, 903x1390, illustration-of-heinrich-krame…)

the story of Heinrich Kramer and the Malleus Maleficarum its self is pretty interesting, apparently he was "scorned" by a Nun named Helena Scheuberin who didn't think his Sermons were all that good and was very open about her dislike for them, for this he put her on trial for heresy and the Church sided with Helena cause Heinrich sounded like a bitter Incel

when he first published Malleus Maleficarum , he forged a bunch of signatures to give credence to his writings, including claiming that it was approved by the university of collogne. which it wasn't. in fact, they condemned the book as heretical. the fucking inquisition had a similar opinion, and viewed the text as so heretical as to be downright silly.

he sent a copy to the Pope, who approved the thing without actually reading it. he took back his approval and fully condemned it about 2 years later. unfortunately, the damage had been done. although the inquisition did not use it, secular courts (ie non-religious courts) adopted it as an official guide, particularly in germany where it was written. when the protestant reformation occured, the protestants kept the document out of spite against the Catholics and began using it in their trials, though ironically the Spanish Inquisition was one of the groups who refused to do so

the malleus itself had a number of issues. firstly, it treated the Illiad as if it were a historical document. second, it stated that women were the cause of the fall of all civilizations (with his only example to support his case being Hellen of Troy). third it claimed that women who were not constantly supervised by men would naturally become witches, including Mary the Mother of God (a statement which understandably made many theologians extremely angry and lead to them demanding that Heinrich get excommunicated). fourthly it claimed that any male who disagreed with him was an "archwizard", worse than a witch (which as it happens include saint augustine, who didn't believe in witchcraft at all).

he also stated that it was regrettable that women had to exist in order to keep men from being gay.

the book also included a series of stories to prove his case, which were all likely made up. they tended to be bizarrely sexual, including one involving a supposed witch that steals people's penisis and puts them up in a birds nest

I mean just read this
>“Witches collect male organs in great numbers, as many as 20 or 30 members together, and put them in a bird’s nest, or shut them in a box.” But the disembodied penises didn’t just hang around. “They move themselves like living members and eat oats and corn, as has been seen by many,” Kramer wrote.
>Kramer reported that witches would sometimes take pity on their victims. When one man asked a witch to restore his missing member, “She told the afflicted man to climb a tree … and take which he liked out of a nest where there were several members
>When he tried to take the big one, the witch said: ‘You must not take that one, because it belonged to a parish priest

No. 964989

this seems like a great starting point. you are awesome

No. 964992

Thank you anon, I knew someone here could offer more info on her.
also I really hate the term girlboss

No. 965000

File: 1636568470809.jpg (46.58 KB, 365x547, haxan 1922.jpg)

You might be interested in watching this old, swedish documentary/horror film on witchcraft named Häxan(1922). Its quite famous.

No. 965016

Excellent write up anon, seems like some things stay the same for centuries.

No. 965020

I'm bakeing sone kind of cake thing and I think I fucked up lmao

No. 965046

This shit is funnier than an modern incel manifesto thanks anon. Also maybe he was referring to how some women would make secret groups where they killed abusive men and castrated them to show proof to eachother.

No. 965048

File: 1636570708960.jpg (58.55 KB, 542x535, Tumblr_l_46020358588745.jpg)

Man fuck every season except summer I want to be zooted off my ass next to the pool. Instead im reduced to getting a dopamine rush from intimidating incels at the comic book store why

No. 965056

having no value really does a number on them, shame he couldn't just brew some mead or plant a garden but had to go full incel and write books seething about women. hope that was his last thoughts on his deathbed, faggot

No. 965059

correct me if im wrong, wasnt there a drama where a voice actor got dogpiled by fans because he retweeted and endorsed diluc or something
im not into genshin but i like to watch the garbage fire of the fandom from afar lol

No. 965068

It's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake. If the way is hazy you gotta do the cooking by the book, you know you can't be lazy! Never use a messy recipe or the cake will end up crazy

No. 965091

let's go to Jamaica nonnie. that picture is so freakin cute. kitty is so tan and I bet the watermelon is sweet

No. 965116

File: 1636577598939.jpg (105.98 KB, 601x601, 1460336567060.jpg)

mike stoklasa was so perfect when he was younger anons!!!! why did he have to get fat!!!

No. 965155

i got a rodeo rider curve… nona does this bode well for my future?

No. 965160

File: 1636581488348.jpg (218.67 KB, 1280x1280, Hooters-women-uniform014__3362…)

This is stupid af but anyone who says "x hooters girl doesn't have big boobs!" Doesn't know that hooters shirts are unflattering and often minimize the chest area at least the ones made recently do, I assume to make the women feel more insecure and like she needs to go get implants or something to be a "correct" hooters girl. Shirt on an average proportioned manniquin for example, makes the manniquin look flat chested

No. 965171

Are you a hooters girl

No. 965172

The idea of hooters is fucking shit in general, places like that shouldn't be allowed to run

No. 965184

This miku song is from february 2011 and it's so pretty but it only has 167 views so I wanted to share it with you gals, I found it on a japanese vocaloid radio once when I was super bored

No. 965196

How come every time I go thrifting I have to take a massive shit? I swear any time I walk in and start browsing my gut declares war on my bunghole and I have to drop everything and find the nearest restroom. I was lucky today cause the shop I was at actually had a bathroom in the back but still. It’s like gods way of preventing me from finding the good deals or something.

No. 965206

File: 1636585925844.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 101.54 KB, 1280x720, 497A47F3-1E78-4B48-A420-24124E…)

I feel like the tranny teacher was supposed to be a normal teacher who had a lost/dead sister and that the sister was supposed to be an important character for the story, but the people working for the shitshow decided to let their coom guide them and turned the guy into a tranny for woke points.

No. 965213

I was but I don't work there anymore. Thick straps + hard material that creates a flat "bridge" from your stomach to your boobs and a neckline that's not high enough to emphasize your shape but not low enough to show off a lot of cleavage is just weird to me especially since older uniforms really made breasts pop, ik my theory is a bit exaggerated but surely hooters knows how to make shirts that make boobs look good but now they're making shirts that minimize breast shape??
It was fine when it was a sports bar for adults only, it's really unsettling when people start bringing their families there but these same men would also flip out if their daughters started working at Hooters or something, I also believe this has been watering America's boob obsession since hooters in other countries are strictly adult only

No. 965217

What is this

No. 965236

High spice guardian, a shitty cartoon made by some retards working for crunchyroll, a weeb site where people pay a ridiculous amount of money to watch Japanese cartoons that can be watched for free.

No. 965237

I have a subscription but why are they making American cartoons for a an anime site? The only reason I have a sub is because I need to see in a higher quality

No. 965250

My cat had a huge hole in her side, like she had been gouged and torn. I was crying and freaking out and woke up today ready to take her to vet asap but now there's nothing there. I guess I was dreaming???? It felt so real. I am spooked. I even got my neighbor to inspect my cat just to double check lol.

No. 965256

This looks awful. Avatar was a better anime

No. 965316

Its a shape shifter, i'm sorry, but your cat is no longer alive.

No. 965574

File: 1636632777439.png (3.02 MB, 1232x1472, grey-hair.png)

I'm 31 and I kind of wish my hair was turning grey but I search for grey hairs often and still find nothing. I just really like the color, all shades of it. It's even trendy now to have it but regardless of trends, I can't wait to have ashen hair.

No. 965610

Yes, this is good, because rodeo is adjacent to bulls and bulls are adjacent to cows and we are on lolcow.farm which means you will have great luck.

No. 965683

File: 1636645278661.png (23.61 KB, 300x250, CF9A6F13-03F4-49C4-AB9D-025D03…)

Daily reminder that Town Hall is in 3 days anons. Don’t forget to fill out the form and check for correct time.

No. 965689

I get mad thinking about the stupid shit my PE teacher used to put us through in high school. Sometimes we did sports, but sometimes we just did exercises for our exams like 20 situps, 10 pull ups, etc all under a specific time frame. As an adult, I now know how fucking shitty that is. He used to chastise me for not even being able to lift up the weightlifting bar, which is 40lbs!! How do you expect a girl with zero weightlifting experience, who does minimal physical activity, to lift a bar that is almost 50% of her body weight? not anachan, just short and was a bit underweight in highschool How am I expected to do sit ups when I've explained to you that I wear a body brace for the majority of the day because of my scoliosis, so therefore I have no core muscles? There was no "here's an alternative you can do that works similar muscles", it was just "do it or you fail" as if sit ups are the only core exercise that exist in the whole world.

I don't hate the gym and I don't hate working out, but I hate how we were all expected to just be able to do these things right off the bat. He would also only let a few kids do weightlifting instead of offering to teach people who wanted to and slowly progressing, like you should be doing so you don't injure yourself. I remember for one exam we had to do an ridiculous number of exercises and reps in like 5 minutes or something. I took so long to finish, and I was late to my next class. I remember my legs feeling like jelly and then no longer being able to move them as I got up the stairs, and then when I finally made it to class, I threw up from overexertion.

No. 965696

I know how you feel, fuck adults that make gym class into that sort of experience. Like kids need more of an excuse to shun exercise. I had a p.e. teacher from hell in middle school that was so horrible I would deliberately forget my clothes so I wouldn't have to participate, so I failed gym. The guidance counselor let me skip it the next year because I went in her office and sobbed. The gym teachers lacked any empathy. One was ex-marine and he gloated that he made us do similar drills to bootcamp (suicides, bearcrawls around the gym, running the track for the entire class period, etc). No drinking water allowed. They would scream "PICK IT UP, LAST NAME!" at us. I hated gym class until I joined weights in highschool with an amazing female instructor that just wanted us to be healthy

No. 965698

Gym scrotes like that are always fat and give off pedo vibes

No. 965703

Got really high yesterday and thought about how hot it would be to have jesus as a boyfriend then realised there are mental woman out there that literally do think that jesus is there boyfriend and then I put the pipe down and thought I can't get this high during the working week
Well guess what I want to be that high again so I'm going to work on that rn. I love you jesus my sexy husbando

No. 965704

I get my rota tomorrow, maybe see you bitches there but if not, tell admin not to nuke the site plz!!!!

No. 965705


I want what you're smoking

No. 965707


Gym teachers are mainly just mad their the biggest failures that are allowed to teach kids. Those who can't do teach and that goes like, ten fold for middle/highschool gym teachers. Most of them are burnouts

No. 965709

Super silver haze

No. 965713

In my experience it's always like that with gym classes. Their only point is fluffing up ego of athletic kids while shitting at fat or out of shape kids for not already being athletic. PE never improves anyone's physical form.

No. 965714

File: 1636647347432.png (278.84 KB, 1000x1000, 1286950488002.png)

I miss the old internet so much

No. 965716

File: 1636647452862.jpg (656.8 KB, 1469x1412, 2211a67c.jpg)

No. 965717

I start to tell stories in work and then I realise the punchline is i was really high and then I have to start changing it or making something up.

No. 965720

We had to jump on tall wooden boxes and back down, up on to another. There were about 7 boxes and we would do this with all of the kids in a line, looping back through. Of course, the assholes set the boxes up on tile, making them slide around when you jump on them and a hundred times more likely to miss and rip your shins open on the bare edge.

It’s so retarded, kids will run around playing tag for ages, but they make you run laps in gym and now no one wants to run anymore

No. 965726

We'd sometimes have free periods where it was just "do literally anything, even walking laps around the gym" and actually very few people opted to walk around and talk, while most played badminton or volleyball or other things with the equipment we had for the entire gym period. Just let kids have fun and they'll have fun!!

No. 965743

I originally made such a thing with my ex work crush in my head I think I have telepathically infected his mind that there is such a bizarre tension between us and I think other people are picking up on it. I don't even think he's objectively attractive but I think I still want him omg

No. 965794

File: 1636654802767.png (573.25 KB, 765x896, 005522.png)

i did some late spring cleaning (fall cleaning?) and accidentally threw out the charging cable for my favorite sex toy.

No. 965930

File: 1636665774431.gif (1.82 MB, 223x200, 1634243281830.gif)

Why did I buy into the cauliflower rice meme? It's nothing like the real thing and I'm never cooking with that garbage again.

No. 965939

CinnamonToastKen doesn't game anymore? He also became a fat tub of lard

No. 965942

File: 1636666261640.png (823.73 KB, 1061x1448, 1636645734205.png)

I just saw this pic in the Genshin Impact thread, but why is she holding her skirt up when the water is way below it

No. 965947

cause she's holding flowers in her skirt

No. 965973

She needs pockets.

No. 965993

because shes a retard

No. 965995

So apparently Lowtax is dead and shadman has been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

No. 965996

Aw I think he looks like a cute himbo. Very handsome to me. I think he looks huggable.
Also yeah he makes worthless piece of shit garbo videos about reacting to useless videos on youtube.

No. 965997

Cool but if you come here with no proof you will die too

No. 965998

Check kiwi retard

No. 965999

File: 1636670144599.gif (975.22 KB, 220x182, C20DB7B9-C01D-4E68-8CA8-F5EAD3…)

now that was out of pocket

No. 966001

>check a website full of autistic males
No thanks, screencaps or GTFO

No. 966006

File: 1636670479046.png (36.06 KB, 418x108, dfvfvfe.png)

I'm sorry but this is so fucking funny to me

Imagine all the powerless and bullied retard kinnies with neopronouns clicking on this video to fEel pOwErfuL like the anime guy portrayed, thinking this way they'll finally own up to the people who make fun of them… then going back to reality and being like "uwu don't hurt meee uwu"
I would go and check the comments but I just don't have the heart. It's funny but also sad.

No. 966014

There are screenshots on this very imageboard of the shadman thing. Head on over to the absolute retard thread since that's where you belong.

No. 966017

File: 1636670677366.jpeg (51.87 KB, 720x319, 36695F85-B8D1-4F28-919F-1C0754…)

picrel for lowtax dead confirmation from Something Awful.
anon above already posted caps of shadman arrested for felony.

No. 966022

Thanks for the update.

Would you like a cherry on the top of your self-important request your honor? Since everyone on this website exists only to post according to your wishes.

Cunt(moid rage )

No. 966039

This post screams entitled male, go back to kiwifarms.

No. 966041

We're on the dumb ass shit thread dummy

No. 966044

File: 1636671416687.png (1.49 MB, 2048x1536, muh_subs.png)

I have fallen down the rabbit hole of subliminals, after I found one by mistake and I am just kinda fascinated. I’ve heard about them, but I am out of the loop, so when I found ones that were uber ~aesthetic with “y2k” and kpop visuals and sounds I first laughed. I like to look at the comments (my real pastime) and while for some I can mildly laugh, I feel terrible for these kids. Hopefully they grow out of this.

Yes read the comments

No. 966045

Nta but we're on a gossip site and you're supposed to post screencaps, linking to or saying you should go to another gossip website is spam and advertising. So if you want to say anything, say it to farmhand. They made the rules.

No. 966049

Imagine being a simp for a website so rancid like kiwifarms
You are either new or a retard if you think saying "post screencaps" is "self importance", when in any other thread this is exactly what mods ask for and can ban you on that basis.

No. 966053

>Do this go there post that
Would you like a cherry on top of your even more retarded request too? What's up with idiots demanding the Internet posts like they want or bawwwing. Who gives a shit what you want and how you feel lol
This is the casual dumbass shit thread on the off-topic board, it's not held to gossip standards

No. 966054

You can't be a himbo and fat.

No. 966056

Who are these people and why is Lowtax important to 4chin?

No. 966058

File: 1636672309660.png (1.17 MB, 1272x710, imagen_2021-11-11_171151.png)

Literally not true

No. 966059

obese male cope

No. 966061

File: 1636672443832.png (614.85 KB, 662x652, llbboibiojb.png)

I'm sorry I wanted to be funny but I just played myself kek
chill out edgelord

No. 966062

>I’ve heard about them, but I am out of the loop, so when I found ones that were uber ~aesthetic with “y2k” and kpop visuals and sounds I first laughed.
I went on a rabbit whole like that too not too long ago, and shit was creepy to me. People literally wanting to look like ariana grande, it's crazy. It doesn't even work

No. 966068

Absolutely disgusting. Why does he look pregnant
Himbos are supposed te be fit anyway. If he's stupid but not ripped then he's just stupid.

No. 966069

File: 1636672977698.jpg (45.81 KB, 1280x720, 102.jpg)

>disliking fat scrotes is """edgy"""
what the fuck is going on

No. 966070

>Kek at this komaeda.
I can't believe you would post this without a trigger warning.

No. 966075

Yea the ones about looking like people (I’ve seen ones about lily rose depp and others) and the weight loss ones are worrying. They egg each other on and listen to these annoying audios for HOURS, those audios are annoying as shit. The ones about fashion or trends are kinda sad too but I just find it funny that they think they can summon a whole gyaru wardrobe by just thinking it and not doing a single amount of work. Very telling of fashion nowadays.

No. 966078

Gross He looks pregnant

No. 966090

File: 1636674029743.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3464x3464, 48496B13-99CB-4024-A175-F228B1…)

You could say that it’s a low hanging fruit.

No. 966104

>As a burnt out “gifted kid” that now is a…”psychopath”
>As the gifted kid who turned “psychopathic”
Lmfao is this a trend or something. On like gifted tik tok I assume

No. 966105

I know this is lolcow, but sometimes I kind of cringe when I see a post and get the feeling that an anon is trying too hard to do some kind of "mean girl" larp.

No. 966108

Just let anons reply how they want, this is a Puerto Rican folk dancing anon-e-moose board, nobody in here knows that some anons are just trying to say the things they never told to their bullies.

No. 966110

I didn't say anons couldn't post how they want to, I just said it's cringey

No. 966154

File: 1636679607993.jpeg (31.47 KB, 768x576, R.jpeg)

I gave myself curtain bangs the other day and they looked great but because I'm a retard i had to go in and cut more at 2 am and now I look like a mix between an eboy and season 1 chandler bing

No. 966158

Same, it's so embarassing, specially the shit upthread

No. 966161

it's really weird seeing other women your boyfriend finds hot. I'm all glamour and get all sorts of stupid clout because people find me attractive but the types of women he finds attractive are painfully average. it weirds me TF out.

No. 966162

Does your boyfriend follow these people or he lets you know their hot? I just don’t understand why you know who he finds attractive if he’s dating you

No. 966164

Me too a couple days ago. Really having to convince myself it's not that bad and that it'll grow back soon enough

No. 966177

Lmao count me in, i did myself curtain bangs to hide my fivehead but i cut too much and it just accentuated it more i want to kermit

No. 966182

>I get SOOO much clout from being so gorgeous!
>tfw other women are SOOO ugly compared to you
you sound absolutely obnoxious

No. 966184

Sometimes we talk about it. It's not in an objectifying way, it's appreciative. Like, oh, she has nice eyes, or her outfit looks well put-together. Sometimes I've seen he looks at girls on Instagram, but it's not like it's softcore porn or anything. He knows I don't approve of it and he doesn't do it anymore last time I checked. It's just weird because they aren't that attractive.

No. 966185

I look conventionally attractive, I'm not special nonny. I didn't say they were ugly, they're just average.

No. 966187

File: 1636681595827.jpeg (230.55 KB, 750x1203, A603F591-987C-4F8B-9374-1803FC…)

God I hate how much gendershit has infested fandom, I just wanna look at art of a cartoon bunny

No. 966188

Lowtax was founder of the Something Awful forums. The edgy culture of the forums influenced and shaped 4chan culture.
SA culture itself was influenced and shaped by the previous BBS and USENET cultures that came before it.
The website was an important node in Internet History. (Still exists but has long been unimportant)

But make no mistake, if it wasn't for SA, a similar forum with a similar culture would have played it's role. The Internet was decentralised at the time so there were many many other such forums, and edginess was the zeitgeist of the time online.

This is how I remember it's userbase
Apparently the demographics of the website completely changed since.

No. 966190

>I didn't say they were ugly
>It's just weird because they aren't that attractive.

No. 966191

anon, have you thought that you are also painfully average and only truly become conventionally attractive once you get fully "glammed" up? Like if your boyfriend finds you attractive while also finding these "Painfully average" women attractive it really says more about your looks than anything else.

No. 966194

There's your first mistake. Use pixiv or something.

No. 966200

File: 1636682794017.jpeg (272.64 KB, 725x1280, 9AA35F15-644A-46A0-B723-B48067…)

I think /meta/ is getting a weird raid, so I wouldn’t go there if I was you, and I would honestly just get out of here for the night because I can smell the gore and cp that will get posted at some point tonight.

No. 966204

Lori just appeared on my insta after someone shared her post, didn't expect to ever encounter her in the wild

No. 966205

How did he die?

No. 966209

Suicide. Shot himself.

No. 966212

Wow… why though?

No. 966214

jaw infection from sucking his own dick

No. 966218

He's such a cute cartoon bunny. I hate them making him into a troon. What happened with the whole "men can be femenine too" that the sjw used to talk about?

Plus it's just a bunny… ffs

No. 966223

There’s a woman distantly in my social circle who recently got plastic surgery… she’s only 27/28 and looks like a puma mixed with a plastic bag. The work is horrendous. I saw it first online and thought maybe it would be better in person without all her photographer boyfriend’s funky editing but good lord was I wrong. She’s kind of a bitch though so I guess the outside matches the inside now kek

No. 966239

Why? Oh boy. That question is way way outta my scope.
I can only talk about circumstances that surrounded it, but even there I don't know much. What I heard is that he killed himself after the court decided be should pay alimony for his child, and I heard he is divorced because he abused his partner. I also think I read she's not the only partner he's abused, but admittedly I am too lazy to check.
Like idk why any of that. Idk why people do things, man

No. 966253

Aside from not falling into deep sleep for 2 hours after going to bed, I also woke up at 4.30 am because of extreme hunger.I ate and then went to bed again but the abdominal pain didn't go away.I eventually got up to get some medicine and the pain went away wtf

No. 966262

He founded Something Awful…isn't that explanation enough?

No. 966278

ive been on imageboards for 10 years and i still don't get why people feel the need to write "sage" in their posts. we know you're saging we can see it in the email field. this drives me crazy

No. 966279

File: 1636688966710.jpeg (85.93 KB, 600x750, 7E67C557-B7CA-4AF7-8539-D23E84…)

No. 966282

Because they’re a tard

No. 966289

the older i get and the longer i work from home the more this feels logical

No. 966308

I've always wondered how these work. Doesn't the flap fall into the toilet bowl when you sit? Do you pull it forward and stretch the fabric? I have a bidet and I feel like even if I didn't take a messy shit, water would get on the sides or something.

No. 966317

File: 1636693315837.png (315.26 KB, 443x482, Goals.png)

I want a relationship like this

No. 966324

are you smoker-chan from the previous thread

No. 966325

Fighting your bullies in IRL doesn't work, I've known kids who were tough and would beat up anyone who mocked them but they still got bullied not cause they didn't fight back but because they were weird losers who didn't fit in
My kinda-sorta boyfriend got expelled when some asshole made a joke about his dead brother and he just went fucking ape and beat the shit out of him, also this playlist sucks
filled with generic (c)rap that's not even about bullying

No. 966328

Aren't they related?

No. 966329

No, but the pic just appeals to me

No. 966337

Is that Charlie and Lola

No. 966340

I considered that but I've gotten a lot of attention for my looks when I don't wear makeup. I actually get more attention publicly with no makeup than with it. I don't understand why this is the point to fight over, the point is it's weird to me and it's a dumbass shit thread for talking about dumbass stuff. My ex was hardcode into obese women and I was underweight by multiple BMI points at that time in my life and that doesn't reflect that I was anywhere near obese only because my ex found obese women attractive.

No. 966342

File: 1636695101273.jpg (435.43 KB, 717x819, IMG_20211112_132817.jpg)

Does anyone else think that each outfit item alone looks fine but when put together it doesn't look good? I've seen so many instagram posts where they dress this way but somehow their outfit just looks off. Maybe the beret and/or skirt is tacky or am I sperging over nothing kek

No. 966343

The top looks like it cost $2 and I hate that the skirt is tan with all that pure white

No. 966345

it looks terrible. the colours are all mismatched and the boots look retarded

No. 966347

the top half of the outfit is cute but that skirt is horrible and should be burnt

No. 966355

the skirt is ugly and it would look better in black

No. 966356

phew! Kinda glad I'm not the only one thinking so lmao.

No. 966397

All good chip flavors have been invented.

No. 966398

unintentionally a comedy masterpiece

No. 966456

File: 1636718074046.jpeg (111.66 KB, 441x649, B664A540-746D-4E2A-A424-6D58DF…)

I honestly hope these are good.

No. 966463

You just know the tzatziki is going to be perfumey as hell. Cucumber is hard to replicate.

No. 966479

File: 1636723163683.jpg (109.59 KB, 877x736, Comfy.jpg)

If I ever leave my shitty Muslim country, the one and only thing I will miss will be the clothing
not the shitty Arab trashbag or Niqab or whatever created in the Sands of Arabia by inbred pedophiles
I'm talking about clothing like picrel, my ancestors were all farmers and we created clothing based on what was most practical
Its super comfortable to wear and you can wear it to work, to sleep, for a wedding or any public gathering and for just about any other activity you can think off

No. 966482

File: 1636723613700.png (769.75 KB, 640x499, imagen_2021-11-12_072716.png)

This is beautiful, reminds me of my own country

No. 966485

Looks pretty and comfortable, I like it. Where are you from exactly?

No. 966501

>cinnamon bun
I'm gonna puke

No. 966516

File: 1636727617058.jpg (337.79 KB, 2560x740, 1555332952401.jpg)

Baloch region originally, we have tons of cultural styles and their substyles over here

No. 966518

Those are all beautiful, I’ve always admired Pakistani art and architecture.

I’m an Australian but have Norwegian family. Lowkey always wanted a Bunad but they’re crazy expensive (like 3k AUD plus).

No. 966526

Thank you, you'd be considered a racist in Pakistan for that statement though
our Arab worshipping Prime Minister and large portion of the middle class in our country wants nothing more then to be wanna-be arabs and they actively despise their own ethnic histories and cultures, this is what the religion of the arab pedophile does to a population

they want to be Arabs, they want everyone to learn Arabic and dress like Arabs, my own mother is ashamed of the way she speaks and misprocess a language that is as distant as Chinese to our tongue cause she thinks its an insult to Allah

No. 966530

Same. Love my kurtis and shalwaar kameez, so versatile and comfortable.

No. 966533

It must be a Muslim thing because I'm from Bosnia and my town is full of self-hating Muslims just like that. They think their accents are embarrassing and want to cosplay Turks every chance they get despite Turks/Ottomans treating local peoples like shit for over 6 centuries. We're taller and prettier than them too so they used to steal women from here to take to their harems and now you want to be like them? How embarrassing and sad.

No. 966535

File: 1636729033798.jpg (78.52 KB, 539x640, 2dcbcc82d9313c28cd5fe0c6f7e7ff…)

aww this makes me miss my grandparents! she used to always wear more casual colorful prints of long skirts like your picture. my grandfather would always wear the traditional male garment in all white with a straw hat. ofc what they are wearing is a more glamed up version of whats casually worn, but i wish everything wasn't so americanized these days. seems like people have forgotten there are interesting clothes that are not uncomfortable.

No. 966537

File: 1636729297390.jpg (165.73 KB, 1280x720, 1619541167439.jpg)

That's what I mean as well, in our country we had better civilization and greater warriors then Arabs, Its usually the Muhajirs and the Urdu speaking Punjabis who push for Arabization, they hate themselves wanna make everyone else in our multiethnic country hate themselves for not being Arabs

No. 966539

I'm French-Algerian and from what I've seen most Maghrebis don't really reject their identity as native Maghrebis and many will aggressively correct you if you call them Arabs and most are moderate Muslims But they're autistic over the most stupid shit ever like if your breath smells bad or not during ramadan (I've read a French magazine for Maghrebi women and some readers sent letters to the magazine to say they would eat normally then eat a shit ton of garlic to pretend they didn't eat and they were starving because of ramadan) or if you're ok with eating sushi (since the rice is made with a little bit of vinegar) or boeuf bourguignon (because the sauce is made with wine) or if you date white guys, it's weird. Definitely not as bad as what it's like in Pakistan thank god but it's weird living in the West and being raised by parentd who want you to be a completely asocial autist over small, meaningless things.

No. 966542

My ethnic group is simialr, we(Baloch), Seraikis, Gujjars, Jats and certain tribes of Pashtuns hold onto our ethnic identify and culture and refuse to assimilate to the Pakistan state homogenization for better or worse, their also also massive racists
like everyone in my family is an open racist who would probably support ethnic genocide against Punjabi's and maybe Pashtuns

No. 966547

bosnian diaspora here, I had to stop saying I'm bosnian when I grew up in the US because they act so ghetto, embarassing and aggressive here along with the turk worship and woe is me, gib me moneys worldview.

No. 966548

Oh shit, I didn't even see those. Thought it was a design on her skirt.

No. 966561

it just feels tacky somehow
~like this entire outfit was bought only to take a pic ~~aesthetic outfit pic~ for instagram

No. 966581

Sometimes I want to say rude things when I see an anon being dumb, but then I remind myself that some farmers are genuinely autistic and I shouldn't be mean.

No. 966601

What if I'm rude and dumb to you so you can let out some steam, bonnie.

No. 966603

Who the fuck is Bonnie

No. 966605

it was supposed to be nonnie, fuck

No. 966612

File: 1636735438547.jpg (17.75 KB, 473x519, 07aa7d3cc1e997456f2bc95ec4e06e…)

I wanted to start some good habits for a long time and ever since May this year I have read a book and drew everyday without fail.
I'm very happy abput this and now I want to add some more habits like excercising and waking up early but I'm not having as much success as I did before.
Maybe it's cause reading and drawing are more enjoyable than excercise and waking up but they are healthier and I would benefit mkre from them.
I give up on excercise too easily and just keep sleeping after my 500th alarm

No. 966620

>opens yt video
>cute nerdy guy with long hair
>"wow what a cute nerdy guy with long hair"
>"hope he doesn't troon out haha lol good joke"
>notices hes wearing nail polish
>check his twitter
>is nb troon
why must I be cursed with having shit taste

No. 966628

Nah i get it, i like nerdy guys too but they troon out a lot, truly tragic

No. 966629

Yesterday while I was going through Georgia there was a billboard that said "Make the Taliban great again!" and next to it was a picture with George Bush in a headwrap holding a missle launcher and I still can't get over it

No. 966633

File: 1636737615013.jpg (4.87 KB, 232x217, images (24).jpg)

wow congratulations nonnie, with daily exercise always start out small and easy and gradually increase it week by week

No. 966634

Consistently exercising is hard nonna, as someone who struggled for years to be consistent with it. I really had to ease myself into it. I started off with just following morning yoga stretching videos, because they are easy and wake me up. It's not a proper work out, but I find that I would avoid exercise because I would dread the feeling of just working out. I know it's good for me, but the whole progress of working out and feeling my heart thumping and being sweaty and tired is just not something I looked forward to, so stretching was a nice alternative. I find that I will let myself sleep in if I know I don't have anything to do, so I slowly started getting out of bed a bit earlier than I did before so that I would have time to follow a longer routine. Morning stretches went from a chore to just a part of my routine. If I wake up late, I'll try to even just do a quick 5-10 minute routine because it just makes me feel good. It's like missing my morning cup of tea or coffee, it just became ingrained in me. It took about a year before I started incorporating workout videos every few days or whenever I felt like it. Then it took some more time before I started consistently working out in the mornings. It's not anything extreme, just some easy bodyweight workouts, but I still work up some sweat and warm up my body and feel good. My progress is extremely slow and it makes me sad, but consistency is key and it's still better than where I was before.

I hope you'll be able to do the same nona! I actually would really like to read in the mornings, but it makes me fall back asleep kek. Maybe I'll take my own advice and ease into it with just a few minutes each morning.

No. 966635

Also I've posted her before, but I love SarahBethYoga. Slow stretching videos are my favorite, especially when I started and was still sleepy as fuck when I would stretch. Enough movement that I wouldn't fall back asleep, but slow enough that I don't feel like I'm being forced to run a marathon immediately. I avoided the flow videos for a long time in the morning because I just wanted to hold poses to wake myself up, not actually move around too much kek.

No. 966637


I will take this as a sign from the universe I need to start stretching again

No. 966644

File: 1636739406785.jpg (133.85 KB, 1200x675, B9319254519Z.1_20151021174053_…)

th3 ladi3s

No. 966645

File: 1636739429682.jpg (66.42 KB, 1022x731, 1636135559449.jpg)

My mom told me it was going to be a rainy day and to bring my umbrella with me to work. So naturally I put on rainboots and my new raincoat and forget the umbrella and it's like Satan is pissing out there fuuuuuuuuuuccckkkkkk

No. 966648

No. 966661

I've been struggling soo much with waking up early too. Just today I got myself to wake up at 6am and then fell back asleep a few hours later… I'm sure so many of my issues would be fixed if I was a consistent early riser too.

No. 966733

File: 1636745343215.jpg (28.85 KB, 500x281, a9a45100-8680-4792-aac6-5f765b…)

Thanks nonnies!
I did switch from excercise to streching but that proved to be tedious too. I hear excercise people always saying how they learned to love it but I never do. I don't even end up hating it more I feel the same lol
If it wasn't so cold now I probably would have switched to daily walks or something.

6am is my goal wake up time, inspired by sims lol.
But for starters I'd like to wake up before 10am.
I have no problem getting up if I have something early, but if I'm left alone my schedule just goes all over the place.

If you did it once you can do it again! Good luck!

No. 966736

This is how all the driverfags look drooling over the same man

No. 966951

File: 1636763509861.jpg (852.54 KB, 2304x3072, 2103843_3x4-1.jpg)

I suppose I am poopshy today.

No. 966961

When I first adopted my cat he threw up a huge ball of worms and I don't think I ever really recovered from that.

No. 966974

File: 1636764632349.png (302.1 KB, 1033x583, image.png)

I'm about to turn 30 and spending my friday sitting on the couch listening to the Alvin and the Chipmunks remix of Saleel Al-Sawarim. No Regrets

No. 966983

me too.. i'm sorry you had to see that, anon. but i'm glad i found out somehow so i could take care of him.

No. 967010

No. 967013

Same but only because you let me know it exist you fag

No. 967028

My ex had very strong legs because she used to masturbate often until she couldn't move them anymore. I honestly wish I had the privacy to do the same.

No. 967029

When is town hall

No. 967031

stop spamming OT wtf

No. 967032

Playing with playdoh right now, oh sorry, "nick jr ready steady dough" kek. Having a great time. The set came with a bunch of cute kitchen shit and molds for food. Sometimes it feel so good and so relaxing to just do some kids stuff for a while.

No. 967033

Then answer my question

No. 967034

Click the link at the top of the page, retard, it's right in front of you

No. 967037

fuck you for making me see that pedo thread

No. 967041

No. 967044

File: 1636771782006.jpg (2.46 MB, 3024x2701, waffle.jpg)

Here's a waffle hehe

No. 967045

Anon i think I'm in love with you.

No. 967046

File: 1636772193725.jpg (7.7 KB, 246x250, wqf2hbrcblfq.jpg)

Ohohoho jee wowie

No. 967049

File: 1636772414401.png (854.33 KB, 919x498, AmnesiaMemories.png)

Orion was the only valid character in this fucking game

No. 967052

What game is this, amnesia??

No. 967053

File: 1636772648212.jpeg (81.62 KB, 960x600, F8ABE3EB-0868-4EBD-B274-936F80…)

That waffle looks delicious, nonnie.

No. 967054

I love breaking taboos (2:10)

No. 967056

Agreed. Shin is an ass, Touma is… well, Touma still love him tho, I don't even remember Ikki anymore but I think I couldn't ever trust him to be faithful iirc, and Kent is about as interesting as a brick wall. I loved Ukyo too, but like Touma he's an acquired taste. Orion was the only one who seemed to genuinely care for Heroine. I think he had a platonic route in one of the fan disks, so you could check that one out.

No. 967058

I hope that if I ever get my own apartment/house, that I can make it feel as cozy as my animal crossing house, I love it so much, I make my cute little avatar interact with stuff and sit on places, it makes me feel relaxed as fuck. And I particularly am obsessed with this kind of yoga area that I made in the basement, with a flowers’ field, the cherry blossoms trees and lots of overall cozy stuff that makes it feel like a personal, natural yoga studio, and it doesn’t have a radio or stereo so I can properly hear the footsteps of my avatar as she walks over the grass.
I kind of wish I could jump in the game and come out whenever I feel like it.

No. 967060

What you even talking about

No. 967061

File: 1636773787053.png (1.21 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4136.PNG)

How can you not love Kent and all of his 'tism nona? The dog thing at the end of his route had me cackling too

No. 967062

File: 1636773921797.jpg (2.7 MB, 1881x2558, cageboy.jpg)

Amnesia Memories, It's an otome game available on Steam

Ikki was an extreme fuckboy and his route felt way longer than it needed to be. Majority of it was just being cockblocked repeatedly by his army of fangirls. Thought I'd like Shin since he seemed kind of subtly sweet in other routes, but playing his actual route he was such an asshole. Kent was forgettable. Toma's route was great because it gets so absurd, his good end was dumb as hell though. I'm just starting on Ukyo's route, heard good things about it and excited to start it. I mainly got the game because I thought he was cute.

Thanks for letting me know about the Orion route in the fandiscs! I'll for sure look into it.

No. 967070

If you click the reply in the post she's talking about you'll see what she means. They accidentally backspaced a number so it went to some random post in an weird old thread.

No. 967071

Thanks nona!

No. 967073

so cute!!

No. 967088

File: 1636775894953.jpg (1.4 MB, 2178x3036, hotchocolate.jpg)

You want a mocha to go with that?

No. 967092

You found Kent bland? I thought I would but ended up enjoying his autism

No. 967096

File: 1636777913914.gif (558.7 KB, 220x220, facepalm-cute.gif)

I just wanted to buy some feathers. We went to three different craft stores, and they were all sold out. I decide to check one last store and literally as I get there…. the place is on fire!!! I guess a lighting fixture caught fire and the whole roof went up. My husband was joking that we'd see flaming feathers floating around in the sky if we stuck around long enough kek

No. 967097

File: 1636778126410.gif (136.8 KB, 250x250, 1406366157754.gif)

Told my roommate he has two months to leave, he agreed, and now that he's leaving I have zero fucks to give

He has a new girl in his room right now and I heard loud moans through his open door. Normally I would just deal with it but it's the second time this week and idgaf anymore, angrily texted him to shut the door and if he leaves it open, I'm gonna scream it at him instead and his tinder date can get embarrassed too

No. 967103

you're right, anon. he was the only character who cared about me. i wish we got an actual romantic route with him because it would've blew the others out of the water. the only thing i truly liked in the game was the shin/mc/toma ot3

No. 967132

Dented cans make me feel so fucking paranoid. I'm making baked peaches, but the can the peaches were in had a small dent at the top. I know logically it should be OK, but there's still that fear that it might have botulism. I can't even tell if it smells bad because canned peaches always stink. I know I should just throw it away, but it's almost 1 am and I want these fucking peaches now.

No. 967134

Did the can release air when you punctured it with the can opener? Because if it popped, it's fine, the seal wasn't broken.

No. 967143

File: 1636783351637.png (76.58 KB, 439x323, unknown.png)

No. 967145

It did! It even made a little hiss sound. You're right anon, it's probably fine. I'm gonna go eat them.

No. 967148

Yaay enjoy your peaches anon! Obligatory peach related song.

No. 967157

youse a bitch youse a hoe youse a nawtywahtybo

No. 967163

File: 1636789824860.jpeg (18.74 KB, 275x275, 247F798E-7241-455B-BA10-71E013…)

Sometimes i’m reminded of the fact that rabbit from steam powered giraffe trooned out and i just fuckin hate this timeline

No. 967166

File: 1636790394172.png (716.94 KB, 1232x696, unknown (1).png)

Now that Avril Lavigne have released a new single that makes me instinctively want to steal my dad's dress shirt and rub eyeshadow all over my eyes with my fingers all we need is for Simple Plan or Green Day to come out of the shadows with a new banger and we'll just know these two shitheads are out there somewhere going "DUDE! WE'RE PUTTING THE 2000'S BACK TOGEHER!"

No. 967204

File: 1636797472102.jpg (95.94 KB, 1240x1622, 2288.jpg)

There is a new funny and cute guy in my friend circle I thought might tempt me to cheat on my bf (short relationship, long distance) and I was wondering if I should stay away from him. We got drunk yesterday and I made him spill the beans on what he likes sexually. Typical dominant scrote that wants to "push women to their limits". Told him I'm vanilla as fuck and only like men to focus on my pleasure, "y-yeah I love that too, anon, girls tell me I am their b-best". Sexual attraction to him is mostly gone, now I can keep him as an entertaining buffoon, big win

No. 967206

Why do you want to be around a guy like that?

No. 967209

you sound pathetic

No. 967211

You deserve him, break up with your bf so he can start finding someone better

No. 967219

nta but what's so bad about what anon posted?

No. 967220

>I thought might tempt me to cheat

No. 967222

yeah and in that case she said she'd stay away from him. how is that bad

No. 967240

File: 1636803823842.jpg (71.06 KB, 598x598, 358e93c2.jpg)

I've had a revelation about the incompatibility of being (even mildly) autistic and being on the internet. I'm not being as much of a stupid shit online as I used to be, but the internet is still affecting me pretty negatively to be perfectly honest. I'm thinking of quitting the internet altogether, but I'd still like to access music that isn't on spotify and then online stores from time to time.
If I truly think autistics need to be kept offline, I might as well start with myself. Having had my share of venting, gossiping, discussing and shitposting anonymously - as well as embarrassing myself on other platforms - perhaps it's my time to go. If I ever have kids and they turn out to have aspergers, adhd or some shit, I'm gonna keep them off the computer until they're ready to go through a whole boot camp type thing on how not to be an ass on the internet.
I encourage other autistics to restrict their engagement online as well. Lock yourself down to the bare necessities (work, studying, supplies/purchases, contacting family) and don't let yourself be swept away into hugboxes, 'communities' or other types of idiocy. It's the right thing to do and you'll be better off eventually.

The ones who never even posted one single profile pic while having profiles up never commenting anything were absolutely right and truly ahead of their time. They're out there being themselves in the wilderness doing it right.

No. 967242

How do you think it affects you negatively?

No. 967244

I overthink, overexplain, become more cynical of other people, get distracted from more important things in life, get high off of validation, can't tone down on the edge sometimes, so on and so forth. It's just not a great deal overall especially when I feel the stuff online seep into how I experience the reality offline. I feel like even my imagination is contaminated to a degree.
This whole thing just ain't it for me. Internet as a habit of mine needs to go if I want to be as put together and harmonious as I can be.

No. 967248

>The ones who never even posted one single profile pic while having profiles up never commenting anything were absolutely right and truly ahead of their time. They're out there being themselves in the wilderness doing it right.
well yes you can just use the internet without posting or just post less

No. 967250

If the option to post is there and it's easy to use, an impulsive idiot sandwich will do it. Wish there was a lite or restricted mode for people with a lower ability to govern themselves. Since there are children online these days, maybe some platforms even have 'kid mode' or it's in the development, idek.
Anyway, I have to work against the temptation myself, and am a bit more capable of doing it. But most teenagers aren't, not to mention the fully grown lower functioning types with too much access per day.

No. 967251

you're being too hard on yourself

No. 967260

You stupid polfags love the attention we give you anyways

No. 967326

I don't play them but I want friends who play otome games… just want to hear someone ramble about them and then get me to try something they like

No. 967328

File: 1636817286516.png (623.71 KB, 600x984, R.png)

I come on here once a week and without fail, paskistani anon is sperging over arabs every time. So tired of seeing the same posts over and over and over again.

No. 967330

She should stay in her containment thread or get fucking banned tbqh

No. 967336

aw nonna, I wish I could introduce my friend to you (though she's super anxiety ridden), I'm not interested in otoge but I'm aware that she's religiously playing each and new one being released and would talk enthusiastically about them. None of what she said stuck in my brain, she just seems to have fun with it. Hope you can find someone like that someday.

No. 967337

yeah just saw, awhile ago she went in the artist salt thread disrupting conversation about us talking about cultural aesthetic stuffs. This is just plain annoying.

No. 967347

shes definitely severily terminally online

No. 967355

i would be too if i were a female in pakistan.

No. 967360

Right? The girl is living in hell. Let her post. It doesn't fucking bother me one bit.

No. 967368

There are plenty of anons living in third world shitholes and they don't make their posts distinct like the pakisperg does

No. 967393

I haven't seen her recent posts, but she has a containment thread?
No one is saying she can't post, the problem is she always spergs/infights about the dumbest shit, can't bother to integrate, and has spammed threads. Living in a shithole doesn't mean anons can't call her annoying. I'm sure there are anons that are also from terrible countries that call her out too.

No. 967395

File: 1636824132425.gif (230.39 KB, 220x164, dog-smile.gif)

God I really love poopin, what a relief

No. 967398

File: 1636824198027.jpg (153.78 KB, 1920x1080, Junkrat-1.jpg)

Valorant is a shit game and overwatch is better

No. 967399

they're both shit and tf2 is better

No. 967402

TF2 for liiiiiiiiiiiife

No. 967403

tf2 is ugly though

No. 967404

TF2 is really well down fym anon? just because it isn't the shitty COD extreme realism nowadays doesn't mean it's "ugly" retard

No. 967406

File: 1636824683107.png (982.69 KB, 958x968, can't believe you've done this…)

Are you lying on the internet right now?? In front of mine eyes??

No. 967408

File: 1636824857470.jpeg (444.42 KB, 1242x1242, 1E2BC0D2-E3A7-458D-B048-360FC5…)

Silence, you fool.

No. 967438

File: 1636827524699.jpg (58.33 KB, 342x550, the_vendean.jpg)

tfw no Vendean bf uwu

No. 967439

Yeah I didn't think my post was that bad. Do anons avoid every man in their vicinity when they're in a relationship?

It's about willingly avoiding him, ie not spending as much time with some of my friends. Now that I know he's a pathetic scrote I am not tempted anymore.

No. 967448

He looks poor, promiscuous and stinky

No. 967449

I'll miss the finn thread image. I don't even know wtf it is

No. 967451

The fuck are those ugly stompers he’s wearing?

No. 967460

File: 1636829827929.png (272.57 KB, 562x720, dcpuwch-ab7085e6-7f33-42f5-a4c…)

shoes for work nonna, he's a farmer
y u hate

No. 967476

Feeling very vindicated in my distrust and dislike of psychs and therapists after pixielocks DID diagnoses. I'm cackling. Literal shit science and shit practioners. They keep telling me to get therapy, like retards. Like hell I would pay some ill-informed motherfucker to spout their own beliefs onto me. My cousin is now actually getting 'clients' she is providing therapy to, this is the same girl who thinks masturbation is a sin and that every other girl is jealous of her beauty and intellect. Love to see what she's telling those people. What a joke.

No. 967489

That's a weird way of spelling overwatch
Honestly not surprised considering what soren's therapist was like

No. 967494

File: 1636832125023.jpg (1.78 MB, 1280x1707, FaceApp_1636832113857.jpg)

>blocks your path

No. 967496

File: 1636832240257.png (248.12 KB, 880x908, 977736f50d90f1592006619f0c407a…)

I just want a ticket to the grand galloping gala it's not asking a lot

No. 967506

I'm myself one of them

No. 967508

Now I understand why I've wanted kids since I was 17.

No. 967511

Scariest skyrim random encounters

No. 967515

I wish I was as confident as Jeff Winger

No. 967520

I wish I was as cute as Annie Edison I have a huge crush on Alison Brie

No. 967528

File: 1636835223026.png (1.1 MB, 1052x1216, Untitled1.png)

No. 967535


look at said image with this music. kek

No. 967538

File: 1636836142307.jpg (27.55 KB, 520x348, FD7RQPGX0Akl5dq.jpg)

I can't decide where I should eat later today

No. 967572

I still think about how three years when I went to an Octoberfest and bought one of those big pretzels, one of the guys in the group I went with asked if he could try some and I said yes and THE FUCKER TOOK A BITE OUT OF IT INSTEAD OF TEARING OFF A PIECE LIKE ANY SANE HUMAN WOULD FUCKING DO WHEN ASKING FOR PART OF A SOMEONE ELSE'S GIANT PRETZEL.

I stared in disbelief and just dead-panned a 'what the fuck' to him. His girlfriend was embarrassed. He got embarrassed. I continued to stare at him as I ripped off the edges where he had bitten the pretzel and threw them in the trash.

No. 967586

oh god this character again lmao

No. 967588

lmao what

No. 967606

File: 1636842047283.jpeg (100.69 KB, 480x600, 7A3AE500-DE96-40C1-B89C-041E71…)

Get in the robot, Elliot

No. 967610

No. 967612

cutie, name?

No. 967617

File: 1636843356284.jpg (21.47 KB, 640x360, scooby-doo-in-wheres-my-mummy.…)

I'm on my period, rather bored and about to go to sleep but I want something to look at and to feel entertained with, like a gameplay of a cool game. I want to eat chocolate. I usually fall asleep while thinking of food but I don't want to be reminded of food in reality, I want to watch something cool while I fall asleep. I wish I could eat cheesecake while watching some cool gameplay of something mysterious. I think I could look for that Scooby Doo Egypt film. I wish I was still a teenager. I want to eat something sweet and go home.

No. 967627

she derails every thread she's in. the cultural details about pakistan are interesting but she does it every single time no matter what the thread is about. it's easy to spot her posts bc she always goes on tangents.
and as an arab who hates islam and muslim scrotes i resent being lumped in when she spergs about all arabs are degens or w/e

No. 967638

The grapes are the worst part of Welch's fruit snacks.

No. 967643

isn't that that one dan and phil guy

No. 967662

can someone recommend me entertaining pickme, nlog cows to read about here? bored

also does the "hiding in my room" guy have a thread here

No. 967666

Old shoeonhead threads?

No. 967671

sonic pls give me strength not to sperg about my husbandos irl

No. 967692

>also does the "hiding in my room" guy have a thread here

He has a dead thread. For the longest time, he was the only one bumping it but eventually he made an OnlyFans. Kiwi Farms is so good at paying for and posting gay pornography that it made our thread redundant.

No. 967722

I’m into a relatively unpopular franchise and nearly all the smut fan fiction is written by people who have obviously never fucked. I’m about to write my own damn fanfic

No. 967753

I made macaroni and cheese for a Friendsgiving event tonight. Everyone ate all of it.
Pro: Everyone ate it and the whole thing is gone so it must have been good
Con: There's none left so I have no leftovers
It's hard being a master chef anons

No. 967766

That’s amazing nonny let all the nerds know about fucking. They need first hand fucking experience and you are just the fucker to clue them in.

No. 967777

Went walking through the alleys sipping some tequila with my bf in the rain. It reminded me of being together when we were in our early 20s

No. 967841

File: 1636870704918.gif (709.28 KB, 480x360, 9D8CE173-C658-41E1-A0C6-A04F4C…)

sometimes i’ll be talking to a dude and i have such good lines i’ll be thinking “damn i’m smooth as fuck”. men could never.

No. 967887

File: 1636877634164.png (207.66 KB, 526x503, imagen_2021-11-14_021417.png)

No. 967897

I ordered a switch lite and it comes tomorrow so I'm going to go buy games today and I'm playing skyward sword on the wii u and I'm just getting back to me. Back to basics. Cmon now

No. 967989

I just had a horrifying thought about that girl on Twitter who had a cutesy and ‘kawaii’ themed acc but has pet leeches and lets them suck her blood and wear pink bows. Did I dream this, no. It is real. Maybe I am remembering details wrong

No. 967999

I remember her too, on the calfs of nicole dollanganger thread

No. 968009

i know she has lolcow status on here so pls no bully I just like her music it upsets me when people only know grimes as one of elon musk's ex girlfriends, as if she's just some nobody bpd girl he decided to impregnate and not a celebrity in her own right. Like I was listening to her music before I even knew who tf musk was and I'm sure that's the case for many other people

No. 968018

the music is ok, but she is nothing more than a mediocre indie pop artist so you can't be mad at people for not knowing/not caring about her. also her cow status overshadows her music imo.

No. 968020

I'm sure it's annoying for a longtime fan, but you have to admit that for a while she really made herself an official Elon Musk accessory. Doing his PR, showing up to be an uwu promo dolly for his press events.

No. 968027

It is so fucked up that I will have to keep folding and putting up clothes for the rest of my life. I hate it. One of these days I'm going to hire someone specifically to fold my clothes.

No. 968036

she is a nobody bpd girl who can't write her won music. she's a piece of shit. not bullying you but she isn't anyone special

No. 968041

Why don't you just hang them/buy all wrinkle free clothes? Once I get to my goal weight I'm just buying all wrinkle free tops and not wasting my fucking time.

No. 968094

https://wiki4men.com/wiki/Main_Page >Negative and inaccurate portrayals of men and boys have permeated mainstream media and online knowledge repositories such as Wikipedia, where the bias is particularly evident. Wikipedia editors routinely write negative commentaries about men and Wikipedia admins protect those commentaries while censoring counter-narratives that might show less biased, more accurate information. This practice is reinforced by feminist editing gangs who congregate

.. feminist editing gangs who congregate! What in the absolute kek

No. 968096

File: 1636908889571.jpg (52.06 KB, 680x709, Tumblr_l_517562607222928.jpg)

When your sex constitutes virtually all of criminals and abhorrent figures throughout history, then innocuous attempts at editing can seem like digital feminist harpies swooping down on you, trying to digitally castrate you.

No. 968102

Who buys embalmed dicks and why? Wtf?

No. 968104

this is straight up lifted from sci-fi B movies except they really think they're living their basedest ironic futurism life, it's pathetic. Grimes had a good thing going as a respected and unique indie artist even if she wasn't my cup of tea, but she really went the whole bimbofication route visually and personally for him.

No. 968133

File: 1636912371935.png (58.41 KB, 677x210, 1635890516278.png)

I don't know why this reminded of this post on r/MensLib where they got offended over Himbos

No. 968148

Snopes says it's fake news.

No. 968171

can more of you actually talk in the discord it’s actually so pitiful

No. 968176

I found the site when I was looking up a case of a mother killing her severely autistic son. He was 10, the supports they should've been getting… they just weren't. They were entitled to something like 60 hours of help a week.. they got 3. She was depressed, her father had died and she was dealing with the kid acting up when she snapped and killed him. I was looking for more details on the case and that site popped up with it's magnificent 2 sentance long write up on it.. My post gave more detail than their page did. What's the point?

A woman killed someone… but we can't give any details because all the details ruin our aim here, nice lol

No. 968215

how many active users are there?

No. 968218

no fuck discord

No. 968249

the matrix chat is even worse lol

No. 968260

File: 1636924561373.jpeg (753.81 KB, 1125x1123, 2E3DA44C-1FBD-483C-8655-FE11D5…)

1 like = 1 high-4

No. 968269

Cause I have a crush on a short mf who is taken (I think) I joined tinder to distract me from him and found myself swiping on short men because I love my crush.

No. 968280

what even is matrix

No. 968288

File: 1636926916742.jpeg (28.37 KB, 236x236, B43E3890-9E73-44AB-A185-272E0C…)

I can’t stop laughing because my mom told me about this gym where, she says, are lots of hot guys, and she said that she’s sure that most of them are British, but the idea of a hot guy with busted teeth makes me kek.

No. 968291

Where is this random British hot guy gym? I want to join.

No. 968295

Here is a Like for you cutie.

No. 968303

Nairobi, Kenya, nonnie, I’m moving there soon, it’s kind of hot to think about a shy bri’sh guy who is self-conscious about his busted teeth.

No. 968312

I keep remembering this moment in highschool years ago, when the teacher was calling names for attendance and he thought i was absent (since he didn't see me raise my hand and i was too cowardly to say 'here') and he muttered "thank god". it just really made me think. I've never been a trouble maker student or anything, i've always been the type who just does the schoolwork and keep to myself. i barely even interacted with that teacher. in that same class (on a different day) this one girl sitting next to me kept staring at my face for like almost over a minute. it's not the first time someone next to me stared at me like that and wasn't just at school either, this post will be too long if i mention every instance lol. it just makes me wonder what kind of impression i gave off to receive those reactions.

No. 968314

Are you American? Most British men hate burger women.

No. 968325

Nope, I’m from latam, nonnie. I mean, the main focus is working out, getting to look at hot bri’sh men is a bonus.

No. 968330

would you like to elaborate in details without ID-ing yourself? I'm curious too.

No. 968333

what kind of details?

No. 968356

some anons on this site seem so genuinely annoying like most are obviously crazy but some are just annoying in the most benign way that I know if I knew you in person you would be my own personal cow

No. 968364

but you're still here anyway, because you love us

No. 968368

samefag but actually this is why i don't talk to anyone irl and don't go outside, most people would hate me

No. 968386

>this post will be too long if i mention every instance lol. it just makes me wonder what kind of impression i gave off to receive those reactions
this is what I meant. Other instances where people just stared at you weirdly and such.

I think as teenagers we tend to have very little self-awareness (for me at least).
I am someone who would desperately try to hide my presence at school and in public, hiding my face and such. Though mostly at the time I was extremely gay closeted and didn't want to be hit on by male classmates, or being perceived by men in general.

No. 968414

File: 1636938425765.gif (3.47 KB, 56x56, 5A9ED533-960D-4506-A819-5778ED…)

it's curretly 2.am. Should I go be a fatass and have some snacks or should I just go to bed?

No. 968418

File: 1636938645485.jpg (52.9 KB, 828x676, Tumblr_l_194196860642586.jpg)

Eat and be merry

No. 968422

Go to bed and brush your teeth

No. 968423

nooo that's literally what I'm doing rn. Be better. Go to bed

No. 968426

Too late…Sorry

No. 968427

the other instances were during adulthood strangely enough, although i do kind of act the same as i did in hs…one of the times was at a pharmacy, i was just walking through an aisle to get to the next one and another woman walking next to me did that similar stare the whole time we were walking, and also seem kind of scared? she looked at me as if i was gonna rob her or something. the other time was when i went to a bathroom at a train station, there were 2 other girls just chatting normally then suddenly went dead silent and stared when i got there. it's not like i took a loud shit or something. in both these cases we were the only people around too.
the other times were during childhood although not as often as later on, it was also around the age when i started becoming more self conscious so maybe my body language has to do with it? one of these times was when i had to leave the class with a few other kids and a different teacher in order to go to a different room and finish a test i missed, it was the teacher staring while we were walking in the hallway. she seemed concerned or confused. another time was at a store waiting on line with my mom, she asked if i wanted the clothes that were next to us, i just shook my head 'no' and the girl in front turned around and did this same long stare. but i figured maybe she thought my mom was talking to her and misheard but she looked like she was disguised for some reason.
i also acted similarly to you, in trying to hide my presence a lot so maybe that contributed to it? but i don't think i purposely did it 24/7, i didn't always feel tense or maybe don't notice it. i remember once at church when i was 13 this woman asked "are you okay?" but didn't think much of it since that was just one person. and someone at my middle school said i looked scared all the time. but during highschool a different student said that i always looked tired (around that age depression got worse and my eyebags became massive), but surely i couldn't be the only sleepy looking person there? idk

No. 968435

>”everyone is annoying but me”

no one ever liked you korean fried chicken biatch

No. 968437

get drunk, have some nice snacks and watch vidrel

No. 968446

Resting traumatized face is a real thing. Our emotions show in the micro muscles of our face. If someone's depressed your brain can interpret all the tiny signs subconsciously and tells you to watch out/something's wrong/stay away.

No. 968457

Yeah I can sympathize, I think the more we purposely trying to "blend in" and hide our presence makes us stood out more.
This is my speculation, but I think the correlation between the people that just stared at you in confusion, especially after you were addressed to (the case with your mom for example). It probably just them being.. confused at themselves whether you were actually there or not, like I sometimes found myself doubting my own eyes like "is this person actually there all this time??"

You might've given the impression of a creepy, quiet kid that is always up to something (to some people at least). And there are some people who just can't stand being around someone who doesn't speak their mind. So there! May you one day master the craft of being invisible nonna (lmao).

No. 968465

you sound annoying

No. 968467

I feel like I should just start stealing from farms and shit. There’s a pick your own fruit place not far from me and I don’t see any armed guards patrolling the fields at night. Same with the apple orchard. There are also cornfields all over the place. When I’m in my roach filled, mold covered government allotted disability housing or being forced to pay 90% of my income to rent a single room apartment, at least I won’t be hungry.

No. 968470

I do hang some of my clothes, but I hate that as well.

No. 968476

Very disgusting taste you should be ashamed

No. 968477

Based and fruit pilled. We could have fruit trees and beans all over the place but dummy gov wants to create artificial scarcity and give everyone hayfever from male trees.

No. 968480

File: 1636944689108.gif (1.53 MB, 245x245, 285C8525-0462-4DC3-B59A-F1B2BC…)

be the acceleration you want to see let your life be destroyed eat grovel piss in a jannys mouth born to die world is a fuck kill em all 1989 millions of cops and citizens just dead

No. 968487

I was thinking of just finding a field and trying to grow stuff there also. Just throwing some seeds and seeing what takes. There are tons of empty fields owned by land developers (scum of the earth) who haven’t started building yet. I think I’ll try peas in the spring.

No. 968502

Woo guerilla gardening!! Beets, any below ground vegetable like potatoes sweet yams etc, peas, fennel, radish, sorrel, and nettle (plant this around everywhere so animals stay away) are easy to grow and not obvious to passerbys. I'd just make sure there's no industrial runoff going through the land.

No. 968503

I very clearly only said some, not all, but good job identifying yourself as one of the annoying ones

btw, what's the point in greentexting and using quotation marks, seems redundant

No. 968508

Wait what is this an actual stereotyped or whatever ?

No. 968509

There's a moment to do this with indigenous species, because nonindigenous plants can actually wreck havoc with your local ecosystem, have a Google to see what wildflowers and fruits would normally grow in your area and just start shoving seeds everywhere!

No. 968512

Yes, even though we have free dental healthcare
I think it's partly because our celebs don't do the super bright white veneers thing

No. 968541

this white noise is so rough and like nails on chalkboard to me. here's my preferred white noise

No. 968559

File: 1636953575605.png (9.68 KB, 614x430, tumblr_6b2d0168a6a7822e91960cc…)

No. 968578

Bf got a copyright email from his ISP for downloading shit and starts telling me to be more careful and goes on a whole spiel about it only to realize it's because he tried to download Dune without a VPN. Dumbass.

No. 968588

I despise when they get mouthy like that, males waste mouth movements on lectures when they should be eating pussy.

No. 968652

My switch lite comes today that I bought as a substitute for a lacking social life. The hours I work suck and probably won't change until the new year so I can't see me joining a club like I told myself until like Spring. This bitch is hibernating.

No. 968653

Get Rune Factory 4!

No. 968655

I will! I got BotW and pokemon shield yesterday in anticipation, I want to pick up skyrim and rune factory during black Friday. The game Gris has also caught my eye.

No. 968656

File: 1636963852371.jpg (4.35 MB, 2592x3872, Cauliforous_flower.jpg)

I accidentally typed Grias while looking up Gris and came across this flower I had no idea existed. Gris looks really pretty, I think I might grab that on PC.

No. 968658

the swotch lite is great.
if you like pokémon, UNITE is pretty fun to play casually. there are in-app purchases but it's still really fun to play as a free player

No. 968662

File: 1636965708526.webm (1.48 MB, 576x1024, tumblr_r2jzbbPEm71y54s2v.webm)

I thought this was satire, turns out it's 1000000% real

No. 968665

That flower looks nice

Like I imagine it tastes like custard or something sweet and comforting

munch munch munch

No. 968681

Yeah I saw that to, I've never even heard of it so I'm going to get it since it's free. Hope my switch lite comes soon, says it'll be delivered by 10pm, I have work early tomorrow and plan to be in bed before 9pm so hope it comes by lunch kek

No. 968685

File: 1636968868822.jpg (225.05 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20211115_093342.jpg)

Literally as soon as I posted that I got a text about it being delayed. Guess I'll get high

No. 968696

I miss trump as president, damn it he kept you in the loop with his tweets. I bet he'd have something to say about travis scott. What the fuck has Biden done apart from take naps literally everywhere. I don't even know what trump did that was so bad during his term.

No. 968701

I miss Dementia Daddy (Republican) too, Dementia Daddy (Democrat) just hasn't been as fun.

No. 968768

me too and i know the economy in my country wouldnt be as shit if he were in power still

No. 968830

File: 1636989581073.jpeg (66.8 KB, 640x360, F4C7579F-9335-4C2C-9EFD-201ABB…)

The new splatoon game is basically
>abandon calamarity
>return to monke

No. 968884

The samefagging in the celebricow thread is cringe.

No. 968886

Accidentally did a 24hr fast. I'm looking forward to lunch but my stomach is rumbling so fucking loud kek

No. 968888

is that a fucking piss bottle???

No. 968903

Why can't I find these posts in the site search? I used both names but even when I hit "find in page" it says 0 results, but then I scroll upthread and here they are. WTF??

The more I look into that case the more interesting it gets, but it really is like nobody is allowed to talk about him anywhere online at all, even here?

No. 968904

Because our search function sucks, anon

No. 968911

IT's not just LC though? Google and Duckduckgo only pull up articles about the appeal, and old stuff from years ago that is just more news articles. That Goldwater thing looked like it would have some info but the latest about him on that site is years old, and when I serached Kai on the Goldwater it had 0 results as well- literally after reading the old article on that site, it said there were no results for his name or nickname which were both used in the article. I want to read about it more without the huge gaps and contradictions and find somewhere I can ask Qs without having to use my identity, but despite how it looks like he has support, he's almost invisible. How is that even possible in 2021?

No. 968913

Oh Christ, I didn't even realize you were talking about Kai. Anon please, no more about this man. We're tired.

No. 968917

I'm not trying to talk about him, I'm trying to find out more about him, but every time I even ask it's like he's being shoved down everyone's throats when he's actually really hard to find. There are more than half a dozen posts upthread, ITT supporting him and asking for more, but the blowback on it doesn't make any sense. And whatever happened to "if you don't like it, hide the thread?" NGL my main interest isn't even Kai himself, it's the fact that for some reason nobody is allowed to talk about him positively anywhere online.

No. 968924

File: 1636997039617.jpg (103.78 KB, 683x1024, overnight-oats-17.jpg)

Can't stop thinking about making overnight oats and all the possibilities. I usually just mix in bananas and call it a day but… pumpkin pie overnight oats, chocolate overnight oats, overnight oats mixed with my favorite protein powder (thats "munchies" flavored and delicious). The possibilities are easy and endless and so yummy.

No. 968926

File: 1636997101572.jpg (121.24 KB, 828x878, E_vkzgjWEAUkGFB.jpg)

It's been bothering me, the amount of newfags who think that because I responded to an anon who quoted them, that I am pretending to be them. How fucking stupid can you be. This is a public anonymous imageboard, not your Facebook DMs. People aren't replying to you as an individual, but the content of your post, and others will chime in if they want.

No. 968927

>my main interest isn't even Kai himself, it's the fact that for some reason nobody is allowed to talk about him positively anywhere online.
I don't know much about him and I don't really care, it's just that Kai stans have been posting about him basically since the start of the thread and at some point it gets old when anons keep posting about some story you know they wouldn't care about if they weren't attracted to the scrote. I'm sure you can go ask in the News Stories thread.

No. 968929

It's probably jut emotional, insecure posters using LC as their anon ventbubble to project their insecurities; don't take it personally. It is annoying, but I guess what can be done about it?

No. 968933

>I'm sure you can go ask in the News Stories thread.
I'm scared to even do that though because, if you scroll up, the Kai poster made their first post in an old news stories thread, then asked abut making a Kai thread, then made one in M only to have it locked pretty much immediately. I'm not trying to get a ban for this, but it's so fucking sus I can't put it down.

>Kai stans have been posting about him basically since the start of the thread

I mean, the thread is barely over a week old, there aren't that many posts, sooo that's kind of a nitpick. Again, hide the shit you don't like maybe? I do it all the time with camwhore threads.

No. 968941

I was the original Kaiposter, I got a 2 day ban for "avatarfagging" and threatened with a permaban if I posted any more about Kai. Admin was irrationally pissed abt it too.

No. 968945

the conspiritard in me wants to look into his case more, but at the same time I'm not trying to catch a ban for it either.

tbh maybe should have tried the conspiracy theories thread.

No. 968949

kek, this reminds me of that post from years ago of an anon posting that they liked to randomly comment "ugly" on other people's baby pics. idk why.

No. 968954

File: 1636999442400.jpg (163.81 KB, 954x567, imposter.jpg)

As long as you don't do shit like pic related. There is a schizo that keeps doing it, that's why we are sensitive to it

No. 968959

I admit I didn't quite get what you were saying, but this is fucking ???? The only purpose for this that I can think of is to separate the OP from getting a real answer to their question, but… why??

No. 968978

Because part of the fun of anon boards is sometimes to make someone look retarded. Some of you are so, so young.

No. 969000

File: 1637001849318.png (142.86 KB, 450x438, 1629189568451.png)

Good one Auntie you really bamboozled them

No. 969046

File: 1637003402024.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.97 KB, 1446x1390, they.JPG)

go do your homework

No. 969058

File: 1637003979311.gif (4.74 MB, 268x380, Tumblr_l_246051581693169.gif)

Anons are we in the mood to go to the dog park or smoke a bowl and clean up a bit

No. 969145

An anon in the confessions thread did this too (look for the replies when anons were asking the cheating OP about her job). There's a difference between chiming with an opinion and outright larping

No. 969162

Vba with work tomorrow cba w/seeing my work crush I'm just too tired idgaf rn

No. 969185

Smoke and clean always

No. 969188

dog park so your dog can play and have fun

No. 969195

Feeling kinda sad today and want to do a mini Sephora haul. It’s in my budget but I know retail therapy doesn’t help. But also I want new make up.

No. 969201

Unless it's really obvious I can barely tell something's been photoshopped. I don't mean the pores removing or extremely large booba/ass, I'm talking about slight touches to slim the waist or arms and anons here are always like "LOOK at the fence behind and how bendy it is!" and I can't legit tell it looks normal to me.

No. 969208

vba = Visual Basic for Applications??

No. 969210

Visual boy advance

No. 969238

File: 1637017041220.jpg (93.45 KB, 768x468, marina-joyce-prompts-fears-dom…)

That Marina Joyce shit was so dumb

No. 969258

I think that most mental illnesses are socially constructed. After all, so many of them have overlapping symptoms and co-morbidities. And it's not like doctors can just give someone a blood test to diagnose what mental disorder they have (OCD vs. ADHD, BPD or CPTSD, etc.) - I think it's possible that 2 different psychiatrists/therapists/whatever could come to 2 different conclusions about what illness(es) a patient has based on their own personal biases. Plus, the therapists don't have firsthand insight about what goes on in the patient's head 24/7 (or what outside factors/life circumstances might be causing the symptoms (trauma being caused by a 3rd party)). The therapist makes the diagnosis based on what the patient says is happening… and obviously plenty of unwell patients and munchies can lie to the therapist about symptoms. IDK, I'm high and spending an immense amount of time on social media, and lowcow, where all kinds of people are claiming to have all kinds of mental illnesses (and gender dysphoria, DID, and Tourette's are all trendy right now), plus my personal experience changing my dosage of SSRIs while being stressed out by my job, has me thinking deep thoughts lmao

No. 969259

Adding in that I feel like "autism" and "Asperger's" have sort of just become catch-all terms for all weird and/or antisocial behaviors… like at this point I feel like so much is encompassed by the Asperger's/autism spectrum, that saying "he's autistic" is the same as saying "he's retarded" would have been 50 years ago. Is western psychology's collective understanding of mental problems and mental health disorders really that much more advanced than when doctors diagnosed "hysteria" and "imbeciles"? Or do we just tell ourselves that we're better informed than our ancestors?

No. 969264

kek I totally forgot about her. what ever came out of that whole situation?

No. 969280

File: 1637021716514.jpg (48.18 KB, 1040x237, Screenshot_20210530-211410.jpg)

Found some old AI dungeon screenshots

No. 969282

Good guy fire

No. 969284

File: 1637021852049.jpg (45.05 KB, 1080x242, Screenshot_20210530-213236.jpg)

I have too many of these.

No. 969304

Tbh I agree and I'm planning to work in the mental health field. Doesn't mean that people don't deserve help if they feel like shit, but a diagnosis is less important than helping someone address the specific things that are bothering them. People get so caught up in fitting a diagnosis when really the main question should be "are you able to function in your day to day life without feeling distressed?" Diagnoses are so categorical, but I think mental health is more of a spectrum and some people are just better at functioning in accordance to societal norms than others. Thomas Szasz wrote a book about how rather than being mentally ill some people are just "disabled by living," which sounds edgy but kind of checks out to me.

No. 969332

Goddamn, insertion is fucking good when it's good. Sucks that a lot of guys don't know how to actually do it well lol.

No. 969341

Go back

No. 969345

Ok but how do you make a man do it well. I’ve never had sex where it felt good and I don’t know what to ask for.

No. 969351

huh? like peene in vagenee?

No. 969356

go have a glass of milk its past your bedtime kid

No. 969361

It's a valid question. We don't know if you mean piv or your man's putting a massive bad dragon dildo in your ass.

No. 969380

These youtube "playlist" videos really creep me out
>POV: The Internet was Your Childhood - A 3AM Playlist

What the fuck
Here's another one
"POV: The Internet Ruined You - [ FW ]"

I was debating posting this on the tinfoil thread but unironically the dumbass shit thread is way less autistic.

No. 969382

File: 1637037972667.jpg (159.9 KB, 640x853, 8atj3ku428711.jpg)

Had a random memory about whipping stinkbomb mushrooms at people

No. 969384

File: 1637038070545.jpg (22.13 KB, 600x403, Step-2_Large600_ID-3052353.jpg)

no dumbass we're talking about knitting. Scrotes won't understand

No. 969394

It might’ve been a lost relationship when he was in the states, because of covid or so? but he has always responded when I message him and it’s 3am or later in the EU (versus Amerifag time) and he can hold at least an hour long convo. Did I miss out on something? Like his responses now are so immediate being on euro time.

No. 969395

I like how my mom bitches at me for buying expensive makeup products yet has no problem using ‘em. When confronted, “I’m your mother, you must share.”

Of course, I’m not going to deny her use of them.

No. 969397

File: 1637040093589.png (152.29 KB, 500x374, 1588326401321.png)

damn, I was temp banned for not posting an image with my post, but I couldn't see where cause the ban page went away too fast. The thing is, I haven't posted in a cow page in forever. Is my scrote roommate on lolcow??

No. 969407

nah they ban for it on all boards

No. 969409

Damn, I guess they didn't like my baking question in /g/.

No. 969410

One thing that always make me seeths about GoT that never got adapted from the books was Cersei appointing a male harem as a small council
Seriously would it have been too much to ask

No. 969412

File: 1637041362088.jpeg (52.33 KB, 564x798, D1F40991-7A67-4105-9BF8-1F5EFD…)

i hate how much i'm attracted to pre hrt aidens

women that look like guys that look like women, that's my ideal type

No. 969413

>women that look like guys that look like women
that's the ting its impossible for women to look like men and vice versa, however certain traditionally male aesthetics can work on women, such as the princely look

No. 969416

i think sometimes girls can look like guys in the face, but guys can't look like girls

No. 969417

Tomboy lesbians are the best. I'm sad what society did to them. I want to murder society.

No. 969420

File: 1637042387488.jpg (50.56 KB, 600x400, depositphotos_45442033-stock-p…)

Having friends makes me feel DRAINED. I'm talking a simple lunch date with one other person makes me feel completely drained. I don't fit in anywhere. I will probably sound like an edgy high schooler for posting this but I just can't. I can't connect with people I work with, I'm literally autistic, I'm overly cautious with offending people and it feels like simple humor and cursing nowadays has people overreacting

No. 969425

That's not edgy, that's just textbook introversion.

I'm not autistic or worried about offending people and socializing still drains tf out of me, partly because I'm awkward and feel pressured to be entertaining, partly because I need excessive amounts of alone time. If I go out for dinner with friends I end up staying up several hours later than usual just to regain the 'me time' I lost.

No. 969430

File: 1637043357316.png (30.25 KB, 681x308, imagen_2021-11-16_001611.png)

how can anyone say this and want to be treated seriously

No. 969435

what's creepy about it

No. 969439

Kids that grew 100% on the internet are already teens

No. 969443

This reads like some alien from outer space who doesn't know shit about human beings is trying to imitate bottoms on Grindr and is failing. I also read the last sentence like when Tidus says "this is my story" in FF10.

No. 969468

Imagine if we as women, instead of being taught to be meek and waste time with stuff like makeup, were encouraged to pick up a sledgehammer and use it to have fun and express what's in our hearts. Just a thought

No. 969470

A nice memory of mine was when a friend asked if I wanted to smash up an old dresser with her in her parking garage. We were probably so loud and obnoxious but nobody bothered us. It felt good.

No. 969472

I wish. You think a man has ever thought about how short his lashes are and purchased and used lash serums? Worried about his cuticles? Toe hair? Anxious about blotting and splotchy foundation? We waste so much time on this bullshit.

No. 969492

File: 1637049589096.png (130.03 KB, 372x302, imagen_2021-11-16_020005.png)

Wtf is this shite?

No. 969500

Bless friends like these. My best girlfriend and I would save our glass bottles until one of us called the other up for a vent session every couple of months or so. We'd go to the train tracks and "crack a bottle, let your body waddle" as we'd joke sing while smashing shit to bits. Truly was a nice release.

No. 969501

File: 1637050136138.png (846.62 KB, 1404x683, Screenshot (255).png)

Coomer Gay/Bi furry dude who likes Yaoi, not much also to explain

No. 969504

File: 1637050573102.png (273.41 KB, 812x435, imagen_2021-11-16_021633.png)

I unironically think this sometimes

No. 969506

I hate coomer shit and I especially loathe the word 'breedable' even when used for a male.

No. 969509

File: 1637050968821.png (983.21 KB, 750x1334, imagen_2021-11-16_022258.png)

Uh-oh. Some people from tiktok want to take tumblr back.

No. 969517

The dog sperging in the unpopular opinions thread just reminds me of being in world history class in grade 10 and when our teacher was saying how Hitler committed suicide that he also killed his pet dogs like half my classroom gasped or said “awww no” kek and my teacher was also taken aback and said that no one seemed nearly as shocked or sad when we were talking about actual humans being genocided in camps

No. 969520

Weren't these bitches like 5 years old when being emo was an actual thing? God I wish they'd all die and stop ruining the internet even more with their bullshit.

No. 969542

They know it's fucked. It's just easier to project it onto some dogs in a class setting.

No. 969547

Anything Bo Burnham could say about The Internet was already said by smart women on here 5 years ago

No. 969569

everything and everyone is pissing me off and unrelated but i hope i get laid off from work.

No. 969575

File: 1637056486761.png (495.43 KB, 750x422, imagen_2021-11-16_035510.png)


No. 969584

File: 1637057602101.png (1.76 MB, 1280x1309, imagen_2021-11-16_041343.png)

Do you ever just think about the ancient cavewomen who loved other cavewomen? book is Feminist Fables by Suniti Namjoshi

No. 969585

On my shitty programming course there's a greasy looking dude who is an mlp fan and "knows all the ponies"…

No. 969587

File: 1637057959871.png (1.57 MB, 1280x1274, imagen_2021-11-16_041944.png)

All these new weird singing shows like the masked singer and alter ego are so weird like they don’t seem real they seem like a parody of a bad tv show in a dystopian world. I just completely forget that I inhabit the same universe as ppl who would watch that
My deep condolenses

No. 969588

I did not need to come across this in my youtube recommendations.

No. 969590

File: 1637058222693.png (1.1 MB, 960x720, imagen_2021-11-16_042356.png)


No. 969591


No. 969596

File: 1637058471129.webm (3.64 MB, 648x576, tumblr_qzsrg3WAoX1ujaqcj.webm)

I thought this was doja cat for a hot minute, click to play

No. 969603

Remember when Twitter was explaining JKR’s alleged transphobia to John Cleese and he responded that he’s “not that interested in trans folks,” but agrees that keeping males out of women’s spaces is necessary and civilized. And TIMs were like “agree to disagree, my good sir!” and then went back to spamming JKR with death threats and pictures of their ladydick. Men can really have their opinions and state them too.

No. 969608

I think I just got cringe disease thank you girl on the left side for relieving it for 5 seconds though

No. 969612

that got a laugh out of me

No. 969626

I was feeling bad about being a haggard spent millennial bitch but actually now after seeing this I'm okay with not being a teenager during in current year thank you

No. 969629

imagine working in HR and doing background checks and you have to watch this shit. and i say this as someone who did background checks and had to explain to my supervisor that i found applicants writing explicit gay the walking dead fanfiction with their real name attached.

No. 969651

kek how did it go? I never did background check because the law is kinda strict for that and references where I live.

No. 969666

we're allowed to google the names of applicants and if anything crops up… yeah. i just told my supervisor that one applicant was writing and sharing erotic stories and had her name attached to it, as in she had her email on her ao3 profile and the email was firstname.lastname at gmail. my boss was like 'how erotic?' and i was like 'porny, but her english is very good' and he pondered about this for a moment and said it wouldn't look good to have someone work for our company and the first page when you google her name shows her twd porn. another person had his real name on his dA profile and he made weird cgi porn. that was an even faster rejection from my boss because visuals are easier to judge than english porn fic.

No. 969675

Now that Britney Spears is free, she’s inevitably going to do something weird and off-putting because she was in a long term traumatic situation with very little control of her life and getting your shit together is hard in the best of times and that does shit to a person and I’m genuinely afraid the public who has been rooting for her for so long is going to turn on her and even start questioning whether or not it’s good for her to be free of the conservatorship and people are gonna need to remember that the answer to that question is unequivocally yes

No. 969676

All these nurses leaving their jobs because they won’t get vaccinated and claiming it’s because God will protect them is the modern day version of the story of the drowning man who refused to get into boats coming to save him because he said he was waiting for God to save him instead and then he dies and he’s like “wtf God why didn’t you save me” and God’s like I sent you boats you fucking ding dong

No. 969681

I used to hate my very common basic bitch first and last names but as I got older, I realized it's been the greatest blessing in disguise. When I want anything attached to me professionally I'll use my middle name too but otherwise I'm basically just another Jane Doe out there kek. Also I don't get why people/teens now will so readily put their name on anything. I just fun usernames because it's fun to use different names on the internet, but it doubles as a hiding place (until someone figures out its me then whoops)

No. 969682

If it was drs not getting vac'd everyone would take them seriously, even though they interact with patients less to see side effects. Silly wimmins don't know what's good for them and should just do what they're told!

No. 969685

Yea but what if the vaccine turns my ovaries into acorns why are you being so aggressive I'm just calming having a rational discussion asking important questions thank god people aren't like this in real life etc.

No. 969686

>(until someone figures out its me then whoops)
Has that happened to you?

No. 969690

File: 1637073026034.png (445.98 KB, 500x740, imagen_2021-11-16_083052.png)

More and more convinced that the fact that everyone seems to have symptoms of adhd doesn’t mean “we’re starting to be aware of mental illness” and more “the internet and the way we work melts peoples brains”. Pic unrelated I just think it looks cool

No. 969695

>reported side effects are gay and fake

No. 969696

I was worried I'm like that too, but then remembered I've been mental since childhood (before I had access to the computer). I agree with you though. Social media, apps, games etc. are ruining everyone's attention span

No. 969699

Nope, not on stuff that would impact me professionally at least. I do use the same unique username over several sites that I'll give out to people when I become better friends with them but there's nothing explicit or weird on them. But in the back of my head, I'm always worried I missed scrubbing something from them because I've used those usernames for like 10+ years and my younger self was a dumbass on the internet. For newer sites/forums I use new nonsensical usernames, or just publish shit under anon if possible.

No. 969702

File: 1637074405976.png (118.42 KB, 344x310, what the fuck.PNG)


No. 969706

I bought babybel cheese for the first time lately and when I googled it there was lots of articles about whether you should eat the wax part… like why would you?

No. 969708

File: 1637074789496.jpg (129.41 KB, 1000x1000, wax-bottles.jpg)

People who eat the wax on Babybel cheese probably also eat picrel.

No. 969712

Ngl, those look delicious.

No. 969756

File: 1637078379344.png (209.8 KB, 500x613, imagen_2021-11-16_095958.png)

This wears me out so much

No. 969758

This reminds me of how arcade machine companies used to run themselves. Make a game, field-test it, if it didn't make a shit ton of money, dump it.

No. 969760

How long does that work though until people realize netflix will not continue most of the shows they start and enjoy beyond season 2 and it stops being worthwhile to watch?

No. 969772

The Stranger Things creators must have gotten a sweetheart contract because that shit needs to be taken out back and retired.

No. 969785

File: 1637080259984.png (77.42 KB, 500x275, imagen_2021-11-16_103126.png)


No. 969788

File: 1637080391801.jpg (160.79 KB, 1400x850, taco-bell-grilled-cheese-burri…)

The grilled cheese burrito from taco bell sucks. Usually their limited edition gimmick-y items are ok, but this was just horrible.

No. 969799

My little brother used to be afraid of those harlequin style puppets as a kid and I had a mini one I would hide in random places to upset him. I got in trouble so many times but I didn't care it was fucking hilarious to me

No. 969820

My great-grandma had one in her bathroom for some reason. I wasn't afraid of them or anything, but always felt uncomfortable when I went to pee. It was blue and had white hair iirc.

No. 969843

i always accidentally eat some of the wax (like a tiny scrape of it) because i'm so greedy and i want to inhale the babybels as fast as possible… inb4 'you sound fat' i am, thanks.

No. 969920

File: 1637093415131.png (53.27 KB, 300x100, imagen_2021-11-16_141028.png)

I made a cool banner, pls check it out, I made it with all my love for every nonnie ever

No. 969922

File: 1637093471498.jpg (119.36 KB, 757x1069, Screenshot_20211115-214548.jpg)

No. 969924

I love it! You should post it in the banner thread

No. 969927

My older sister used to scare me and my brother with her dolls

No. 969930

File: 1637094015349.png (5.23 KB, 161x187, d3.png)

this is fake right, nonny?


No. 969935

>not one of those creepy black guys
>non thugmaxed sub 5 ethnic
Oh look a self-hating creepy incelspeak guy…

No. 969942

I know I should just get over my fear of driving and learn how to drive but it makes me so anxious. Does not help that I live in a big city either. I feel like if I learn to drive here then I could drive anywhere, but FUCK I'm so scared.

No. 969953

File: 1637095857840.gif (1.09 MB, 480x368, xcvbn.gif)

I just wish I could fuck Jay Kay (from jamiroquai) while another Jay Kay dances at the end of the bed, sigh..

No. 969956

Girl same. I even got my license like 5+ years ago but the family car is shit and I'm too scared to drive alone

No. 969960

I was in your spot long ago, it's a big ass anxiety pill to swallow but you gotta take it a day at a time. Tbh big city driving tends to be slow due to traffic and when in doubt, copy whatever the person in front of you is doing and GPS that shit when you're able to lol. Maybe learn one easy route a day. Go to a cafe or grocery store and back. I found side roads that take 2 minutes longer so no one's gps takes them through there so there's less people. If you can set routes that are more comfortable (I despise left turn yeilds for example), it's easy. I plan that shit in my app. Yeah its roundabout but driving anxiety is a bitch and road ragers ruin my while day.

No. 969966

Forgot to add, 4-5 am is a great time to practice if other drivers are what make you nervous.

No. 969971

We have a decent family car but I'm scared of fucking the car up (dad says it'll be fine but I know it won't), I'm scared of him backseat driving with me, and the cost of owning a car in my city is too high for me to just buy a used one to drive in. My dad says I should just get my license and never drive so the insurance see me as someone who doesn't get into accidents… but wouldn't it just be better for me to drive to get used to it??

Thanks nonna! I worry a lot about weird small things, like what if I can't make my turn or drive across the intersection because there's cars in the way and there's tons of cars behind me being mad and honking at me? Or missing signs like "stop here on red" and stuff that my dad sees but I don't. I guess my christmas gift to myself will be driving lessons… My friends have said that things just click when you're behind the wheel, I'm hoping that'll be me one day. I really want to be that person who goes out on long drives for fun, and to visit lots of sights outside of my city.

I will keep the 4-5am thing in mind! But I think my city has restrictions on when/where permit holders are allowed to drive (though I guess if I don't get caught then it won't matter kek)

No. 969983

I bet this guy thinks that women don't like him because he's not a "thug" when in actuality he's severely autistic and uses niche incel lingo to try and get a date lmao. Men are not okay.

No. 969985

Some YouTubers record their driving. Maybe watching it casually can help answer some of those questions? I'd also ask if an experienced driver you know would "tutor" your through your most common daily routes so there's no surprises.

No. 969989

city driving is its own thing, embrace being an asshole while learning because plenty of drivers are and not caring if you need to take your time, so long as you're being safe and clear to other drivers. driving becomes muscle memory, just practice and like other anons said going at hours the roads are empty and start in empty parking lots, we all started somewhere. have you got a driving handbook for the test in your area?

No. 970004

Three guys talked to me yesterday and now I am paranoid they all like me, I'm not sure if I am narcissistic or just devoid of social contact and browse lolcow too much. Everyone here says guys can't be friends with girls, they only try to be friends with girls they like so I've become paranoid.

No. 970023

Thanks for the vid nonna! I’m actually a New Yorker so it’s extra relevant kek, not sure why I haven’t thought to look these vids up before!

No. 970027

I don’t but I’ll look it up!

No. 970036

how to will that a particular person messages me soon

No. 970044

Thought we were gonna be down for a couple days again

No. 970059

Damn you didn't have to put it into context like that, now I'm depressed

No. 970125

File: 1637113887902.gif (6.25 MB, 480x480, giphy.gif)

me in the vent thread telling you to dump your scrote

No. 970142

This is literally a tumblr post who keeps posting tumblr posts on fucking lolcow

No. 970156

File: 1637116232057.gif (400.67 KB, 400x300, 1578305774458.gif)

ahhhhhh!! saw beach bunny a few days ago and I still can't get over it. They were even better live

No. 970225

For an employment shortage, employers are being awfully nitpicky are simply not looking at applications

No. 970231

My friend keeps calling period cramps PMS and I don't want to look like a know-it-all and correct her that you can't have PMS when you're menustrating, but also, she needs to know someday.

No. 970240

I used to to data entry with nails like those and would often be top performer. However I was very particular about the type of keyboard I'd use, those flat ones are SHITE

No. 970266

wait anon what kind of keyboard do you like then? a prop up one, curved keycaps, or the one that's curved and kind of split for each hand?

No. 970307

File: 1637141551274.jpg (213.53 KB, 1212x1487, 20211117_103124.jpg)

All of these memes with Sasuke in Fortnite make me want to play it, can't take it seriously

No. 970314

She probably won't change the way she speaks, people know ATM machine or CGI image is stupid but they still say it

No. 970323

TIL that it's spelled mediocre and NOT medicore

No. 970326

File: 1637145169237.jpg (48.73 KB, 800x533, mediocre.jpg)

medicore you say

No. 970336

it was funny

No. 970433

File: 1637157456299.gif (193.07 KB, 480x291, 1395771816242.gif)

Guess who strained her neck last night while sitting and reading webtoons? Fuck but I got things to dooo

No. 970443

you just reminded me how grateful I feel to not have neck pain right now

No. 970473

I found a chatlog I saved from cleverbot. It devolved into the two of us fighting and cleverbot sexually harrassing me. I just went onto cleverbot again, after re-reading it, and now I'm trying to get tsundere cleverbot-kun to confess his feelings for me after he pushed me onto the bed (he started it). I'm amazed at how much better the chat quality is compared to about a decade ago, when I first found it.

No. 970520

File: 1637162223304.jpg (50.22 KB, 570x576, 20211117_101615.jpg)

My mom and I were watching this shitty reality TV show called vanderpump rules, it's about people working at a bar and having dramatic fights etc. I don't really watch it so I don't know the names, but in the episode they were having a party and playing a drinking game. One of them got a card that says "stroke something phallic for 30 seconds or take a shot" her boyfriend proceeds to pull his actual dick out. In front of everyone. It's censored of course and she's clearly embarrassed and everyone is laughing uncomfortably, but she does it anyway and they just move onto the next scene like nothing happened. What the fuck was that?? he was already hard and everything, both of us were fucking disgusted, I can't believe the producers put that in. I probably sound pearl clutchy but it was really gross. The audacity of scrotes

No. 970522

That's not pearl clutching anon, I would be horrified. Honestly amazed she went along with it, I would have freaked out. Either way people are still going to be massively uncomfortable so why go along with it??

No. 970607

What the actual fuck, that's insane. What episode is this? You're right to be upset I'm just floored bc I'd never heard this anywhere.

No. 970658

File: 1637175365965.png (88.02 KB, 280x201, 1593414935826481-0.png)

Need me a friendship like this

No. 970713

Plastic Love finally getting a full music video added at least five years to my life

I will be whatever you want me to be, nonnie

No. 970718

I don't need friends.. but I need plushies of these

No. 970731

Of usakumiya? they're expensive though

No. 970736

File: 1637180298287.jpg (198.7 KB, 1000x1333, photo-1529778873920-4da4926a72…)

SPAM. Don't scroll down!!

No. 970742

File: 1637180517129.jpeg (533.18 KB, 750x712, 32579ED0-6027-43AD-929B-624A1A…)

bla bla here's an image

No. 970743

File: 1637180548502.jpg (6.29 KB, 225x225, hair cover.jpg)

And this is another.

No. 970745

File: 1637180599110.jpeg (32.01 KB, 600x400, 1613676560391.jpeg)

And a third, now to go back and check. I wish you didn't have to click on it to report it. Are mods on it already?

No. 970746

I don't see anything

No. 970749

its being posted in venus's thread in /w/ and keeps popping up in recent images on the front page

No. 970750

File: 1637180877126.jpeg (23.59 KB, 400x332, 45B5F620-84AB-4645-9C58-D5FA42…)

Cp being spammed

No. 970751

File: 1637180920388.png (218.43 KB, 640x588, 1619191099917.png)

is it still on the home page

No. 970754

If Madoka Magica was real, my wish to QB would be to just erase all men instantly. Bet my witch would look real cool like this too

No. 970755

Goddess, how I hate y-chromlets

No. 970756

I want to draw your witch, nonnie, I got a cool and autistic idea.

No. 970757

Please anon, go ahead

No. 970758

Is the cp only on /ot/? is /g/ safe? Usually /m/'s safe

No. 970759

File: 1637181468695.jpg (77.09 KB, 722x946, hissing booth.jpg)

No. 970760

It’s being posted in /w/ rn

No. 970762

File: 1637181741825.png (784.04 KB, 750x717, EAACC08C-121C-453B-95CD-A4087C…)

aaaand it’s back on the home page again

No. 970766

I just want a pen pal bestie to send cute stationary and stickers and doodles to. I've tried like 3 times from FB, reddit and instagram, and none of my pen pals wrote back despite ne putting so much effort into the package. I sent them a letter with basic info about me, and lots of questions about them. I put in cool trading cards from the 90s, stickers, mini sparklers, local candy, blank stationary and a special drawing just for them. And no reply. I guess life is just too busy for pen pals…. But I want one so bad. Can you feel my prominent frown through the screen?

No. 970768

File: 1637181960477.jpg (85.28 KB, 640x1136, catmechanic.jpg)

I'll just post a bunch of reaction pics I have

No. 970769

File: 1637181981699.jpg (57.89 KB, 902x677, lain.jpg)

No. 970773

File: 1637182080452.gif (2.53 MB, 272x366, jumping.gif)

No. 970775

Thinking about going on omegle to talk about my crush.

No. 970776

File: 1637182130868.jpg (115.94 KB, 1024x1024, 70s dancing.jpg)

is it still on the home page?

No. 970777

Can we please be pen pals nonna… I love handwritten snail mail so much and I like collecting stationary and fountain pens and shit but barely put them to good use outside of journaling and birthday/holiday cards… I want someone to see my pretty shimmery ink…

No. 970778

File: 1637182185813.png (112.86 KB, 500x500, ghost.png)

No. 970779

its been gone for a few minutes already

No. 970780


No. 970783

But just in case I don’t post it here due to my awkwardness, it’s a witch made of feminine stuff like makeup and lace, she has a nose made of a makeup brush and her eyes are those annoyingly useless purse hangers with tears at the end. She’s what males made women turn into and she hates it, so she destroys anything that resembles or even smells like a male, otherwise she’s helpful to others.
Her name is Valerie. sage for incontrolable madoka autism, I just love creating witches, they’re amazing

No. 970786

Yes please please can we

No. 970787

We can be penpals anon!! I'm already used to sending mail and I actually make my own stickers so I'd do my best to not let you down. Drop a throwaway email?

No. 970789

Here you go nonnies! I'm so excited

No. 970801

I'm >>970777 !! Here's my throwaway ♥

No. 970802

Anon, you're so sweet! I had no idea that Plastic Love got a music video, I just finished watching it and it was everything I dreamed of. So perfect

No. 970803

This time it must be manual posting instead of a bot huh

No. 970805

Good. I was really rooting for them

No. 970834

the amount of tension in this gif almost killed me

No. 970845

oh god nonna that sounds so fucking awesome, including the thoughts behind it, the name is fitting too. If you do end up posting it, please do it in this or another dumbass thread, I wanna see

No. 970860

File: 1637186196849.gif (2.85 MB, 320x320, Tumblr_l_713613505292361.gif)

Cat gif time

No. 970885

Season 9, Episode 7, Anger Mismanagement. I'm thinking of going back to rewatch it because nobody is talking about it, me and my mom are going insane kek. Maybe it wasn't actually his dick or something, but it looked exactly like a censored penis and he took it out of his pants so…

No. 970888

Planning on cheating tomorrow… wish me luck

No. 970891

On what? Drug test? Your lifelong marriage? A test in college with that fucking asshole teacher that’s probably called George and is fat as fuck and everyone hates him?

No. 970892

Nyx apparently discontinued their matte eyeliner, my holy grail of all eyeliners. Please give me your reasonably priced matte eyeliner recommendations!

No. 970900

Fatty George's Econ exam hehe

No. 970902

You can make any eyeliner matte with a very slim angled brush and a bit of good black eyeshadow. Plus it looks more diffused . I use macqueen liquid liner and then any black shadow on top.

No. 970907

Also I know there’s a replacement waterproof liner but my issue isn’t whether it’s waterproof or not, it’s if it’ll not smudge from all day wear from my oily face.

I’ll try it out but I’m looking for a single eyeliner product to reduce as many steps/products as possible lol

No. 970944

The comments are so cringe. And that one woman going
>he took a break from masturbating "for a while" which which helped a lot
Yeah no shit

No. 970948

I'm one of the few people that like Nyx's Epic Ink Liner, so I can't help you there. I did just read that they might bring it back though. Good luck finding an alternative for now.

No. 970968


the one in the very middle looks like an ex scrote friend i had. he was typical edgy i hate feminism and i am so edgy scrote. but then he kinda grew out of it. i thought he was chiller. sometimes he would say really weird shit but i would let it go cause he had bad social skills and i didnt think it was malicious. then one night he raped me while i was drunk and i have him blocked everywhere but the mere mention of him or seeing this ugly bitch ass 4chan scrote makes me remember him and hate myself

literally never give edgy scrotes a chance they are rejected by society for a reason.

No. 971069

People who say Radiohead is their favourite band are usually super boring. And this is coming from someone who really likes them

No. 971075

Real tired of this season of ftms using the word "fruit" ceaselessly because they're fujoshi pretending they're male and it sounds softer than faggot. I know they genuinely (want to) believe they're men but how hard the rest of us cringe knowing these are girls repeating gay slurs like it's theirs so it's ok (they're sjws so they would be murderous if a self-identified female said that like we do here kek). "I'M A FRUIT FRUITY AHH" I know you want me to think that about you based on your low self-esteem and desire to be what you idolize instead of icky woman, a gay man. Additionally it grosses me out knowing it's from their being a gay male fetish, on some layer they are getting off on it like it would be expected if you just stuck to being a fujoshi but you had to make it weirder. I wonder if they will ever feel this way about themselves looking back once they detrans should that happen

No. 971076

I cried because my food order messed up lol. Everything is fine and refunded but I really was looking forward to that stupid meal. I even took the time to chop up some extra veggies and toppings to add.

No. 971077

Anon…I am so sorry. I dont know how your life is going now but I hope you never deal with scum like that again and are able to heal.

No. 971079

ninja whose eyes I can't see, slavic-looking guy with the shaved head (especially him), for some reason the weird artemis fowl-looking dude who would actually be cool if he were fictional but isn't so he's uncool, and lastly the manlet who seems to be a lost normie

No. 971080

>literally never give edgy scrotes a chance they are rejected by society for a reason
Why would you anyway? its kind of strange how you hanged out with such a scummy dude who was openly misogynistic in the first place, how do you even find these people?

No. 971081

File: 1637214811783.jpeg (57.19 KB, 960x720, 59990B0F-6352-4ED3-86F3-A6532B…)

also (he's not on my list) the guy with glasses looks like vector

No. 971152

>"I'm one of the guys"
>"I'm sorry your experiences with men are bad."
>[edgelord humor]
>"Men's mental health is important. Let men cry!"
>[only dates men] "I'm bi/pan/queer/ace"
>"Women are so catty and mean"
>"Support men"
>"Feminism is about equality. We gave to consider men's rights, too!"
>"I prefer hanging out with guys over girls"
>"I was never bullied by guys, girls were the only ones who bullied me"
>"My mom is evil, but my dad is the best person in the world"
Internalized misogyny retard compilation.

No. 971242

Kek I love seeing mlm fujos try so hard to larp as men. Like they genuinely believe it in their little mentally ill circles. What doesn't make me laugh is when they pretend like a character is "trans-coded" or some shit like that

No. 971290

>"I was never bullied by guys, girls were the only ones who bullied me"
I've heard women say this line irl when I know they went to an all girls school.. I know because I went to the same school. I too have only been bullied by girls but that hardly counts as meaning much lol

No. 971294

Eat. Your. Vegetableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

No. 971301

I posted a week or so back about how my friend blew off our plans to get drunk with some fugly guy. Well he ghosted her and hasn't talked to her since apparently, serves her right kek

No. 971303

I thought you were going to say she's pregnant.

No. 971305

File: 1637249062208.gif (6.18 MB, 400x500, sable.gif)

i could read every book and watch every movie and play every game in the world and i would never find a character i felt as much affection towards as sable from animal crossing. she's the best

No. 971309

File: 1637250018298.jpg (112.24 KB, 1200x628, benefits-of-kale-1200x628-face…)

Veggies are good. I made kale pesto the other day and it was delicious. Broccoli has also never let me down, so easy to steam, boil, or stir fry really quick for a good simple side when I want something green.

No. 971310

File: 1637250113997.jpg (38.38 KB, 497x497, meet-nana-the-cat-that-s-so-ex…)

Yesterday I heard a french song on the radio at 11am and didn't manage to catch it on Shazam, so I tried to find a radio playlist. There was no playlist for that day, but there was for yesterday so I thought they'll post it later.

Well they did. They posted all the song from 2pm onward.


No. 971311

I love her too
Only real fans love Sable

No. 971313

i can't get over how a certain celebrity megan fox said some of these things completely unironically, yet is still hailed as some feminist icon

No. 971318

Love her! Sable is such a sweetie pie, I loved that Labelle and her made up and have their own store together this time around.

No. 971322


No. 971348

My crush likes me!!! I still don't know if he's single tho I don't think he is I'm pure raging

No. 971404

I will start working at a new job in a month and they hired 9 other people along with me so we will complete the training course for the job together. I hope that the people that also got hired are all women because I don't want to deal with dumb men. I don't want to be friends with them or have to study or do group projects with them because they always turn out to be insufferable, insensitive and lazy. I got interviewed by women so my chances are p good that I will be working in a women-dominant work space.

No. 971417

she always was a dumb pick-me being famous for playing pick-me roles and I cannot believe they really dug her out of the 2000s trash can and now brand her as this feminist role model that is just uwu-understood. She always played the cool girl roles because she is one irl. It fits with the "catering to men is feminism" type of shit the media is trying to pull

No. 971421

>"I was never bullied by guys, girls were the only ones who bullied me"
this really infuriates me because i have an insufferable they/them asexy nb tif in my online group of friends and she keeps bringing this shit up and it annoys me so much. i got bullied by girls too but that doesn't mean i hate every woman in the world now?! not to mention all her online friends are girls too, even though she denies this because she's deep in woketardism and thinks trans is real so none of these girls are girls, they're all transmascs and enbies and shit.

No. 971425

Can you look up the gender distribution for your job field online? I did that too, and was pleasantly surprised when I found out, and it actually factored into me choosing that job field lmao.

No. 971427

The bullying I got from other girls was always so mild compared to bullying I got from boys. With girls it was subtle things, acting like everything is a competition, saying something behind your back. With boys, I was literally punched in the face, had my shit stolen and destroyed, was called really nasty things. No girl has ever been that horrible to me, even the one girl I say I "hate" because she's such a narc has never done anything unforgivable to me. I've definitely never been assaulted by a girl.

No. 971449

I don't get how people decide their lifelong fave gender based on childhood bullying. Adult males (dating them esp when I was new to dating) that fucked me up enough to essentially forget about the girls that picked on me at 10 years old. That was baby shit. Kids can be assholes but adult men can do so much worse. You're walking into a trap if you start your adult life thinking boys are cooler than girls and girls are bitchy so men all the way..

No. 971455

same. I also only ever got ignored by girls because they were probably too afraid to associate with me and then also get bullied. Boys stole from me, they called me names, spread rumors, tried to hit me, block the way, mocked me every time I tried to say something and generally made my school time a horrible experience. I hope they all have shitty and horrible lives and get untreatable illnesses that cause a lot of pain. I hope their spouses cheat on them and are abusive, that they get fired from their jobs and that their houses burn down

No. 971457

When I was a kid boys were worse and more violent
When I was an adult women tend to be harsher and more immature in the workplace and among friendships. Not to sound "not like other girls" or anything. Women are just way too nitpicky even if they under-peform themselves. I also find other women tend to really hate reserved women? Idk I guess it varies from place to place

No. 971462

Yeah I would say it varies depending on a lot of things. As an adult, I've only had one bad experience with a female coworker and that was the girl I mentioned that I "hated", but pretty sure she's like BPD or something. All the other women I've worked with over the years were really awesome and I'm still friends with most of them. In particular the part about reserved women, I think maybe any negativity might be from insecurity. Like the other woman might feel that the reserved woman doesn't like her, but in reality she's just a quiet woman who keeps to herself most of the time.

No. 971466

Why do kids in public like to stare for no reason? Like they want to fight.

No. 971467

No understanding of social norms yet would be my guess.

No. 971468

They are challenging you. Every other adult defers and smiles at them (submission). Are you going to take that?

No. 971469

men are the ones that started the "ohhh women are so bitchy" thing because it is okay for men to be catty and horrible people in general and to objectify women and talk badly about other people but when women talk about other people or do as much as talk just as much as men it is suddenly not okay.

No. 971470

Of course not, anon. I'm swinging on the next five year old that looks at me wrong.

No. 971476

childrens brains are still developing and they stare at faces because they are interesting to them. If a child stares at you it is trying to figure out if it knows you, if your facial features are familiar and if your expression is happy or sad. It is extremly important that a kid knows the faces for the caregivers. They begin to group faces into different categories like human, animal, old, young etc and it looks at your face for a longer time than an adult would to process the information

No. 971487

I wasn't being serious hence the, "like they want to fight" but thank you anyway, nonna.

No. 971488

I guess you're right, I'm reserved myself and it takes me a while to warm up to people and be more open, I've had some places where women were just cold and nitpicky towards to me the point where suggesting I even get fired because I wasn't as outgoing as them. I also feel like a lot of social norms play in and some people get too offended or easily judgemental towards small things like the anon who says it's weird to compliment strangers which is why I tend to stay quiet since I've been judged, mocked, or gotten dirty looks over the smallest things

No. 971503

File: 1637262716075.jpeg (923.36 KB, 1242x1132, 691DB466-A7F5-4B4C-8599-718580…)

I’ve peaked my best friend which thank god bc now we can mutually make fun of retarded trannies we know instead of tiptoeing around it

No. 971514

i love that for you. my sister is an avid tranny hater but my friends are always around trannies so they don't openly say anything bad about them. they don't want to normalize it for themselves, but they don't sperg if i do.

No. 971571

File: 1637266237635.jpeg (87.13 KB, 700x736, D94D895E-F52F-4304-8CDC-A87FA9…)

Cp spam front page

No. 971573

File: 1637266283396.jpeg (123.54 KB, 640x623, B8EA9AD9-84DC-4C4E-AED7-2BC900…)

No. 971574

File: 1637266321421.jpeg (77.3 KB, 780x780, BD5B8C3A-4149-4FDB-8824-73642B…)

No. 971577

File: 1637266353748.jpeg (63.73 KB, 500x568, AB703D8A-093C-4357-BFC8-95E107…)

Hopefully this puts it off the front page

No. 971579

File: 1637266401194.jpeg (28.63 KB, 464x348, E17F536F-D730-4CCA-B2AC-9495BB…)

No. 971580

File: 1637266450196.jpeg (142.45 KB, 1000x763, pua-visits-granville-island-va…)

No. 971581

Posted at the same time that some guy was spamming 'roastie' and getting pissed at being ignored.. interesting

No. 971584

It’s always the same bullshit
>male finds “4chan for women”
>doesn’t get his dick sucked
>tard rages
>gets ignored
>posts CP or Gore
>profit I guess?
It would be funny if their IPs could get tracked after they post child porn, just to make them sweat a bit with their names on a list.

No. 971585

Literally wasn't me

No. 971586

File: 1637266719700.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 12.57 KB, 225x225, A9A1F516-FFD9-4B5A-A437-010FCC…)

Yeah I noticed the anons responded to his bait and clicked out to see the front page filled with it jfc. I thought jannies were a bit quick to ban anons that responded too?

No. 971591

Roasties with schizophrenia(moid)

No. 971593

File: 1637267010856.gif (1023.68 KB, 287x268, 700.gif)

No. 971595

File: 1637267193849.jpg (347.59 KB, 567x850, Abitchhongry.jpg)

ANYWAYS what are yall having for dinner tonight

No. 971596

File: 1637267254916.jpg (54.16 KB, 1024x538, arbys roast beef.jpg)

No. 971598

File: 1637267336389.jpeg (298.88 KB, 1200x1200, CBDCC18B-CF56-48EE-B10C-EFCB4C…)

I kind of want something light like a salad with cashews, but I might have noodles with cashews instead.

No. 971602

File: 1637267435867.jpeg (148.02 KB, 715x715, 1616705738621.jpeg)

No. 971604

File: 1637267488660.jpg (161.25 KB, 724x483, Fibre-is-the-new-protein-Food-…)

random shit to get it off the home pageeeeeee

No. 971606

File: 1637267524130.jpg (143.99 KB, 1200x900, 176701166.jpg)

No. 971608

I could never get into eating foods with nuts in them. Nuts by themselves are great and I love eating them, but whenever they're mixed in with other foods I always pick them out. I'm not really a picky either anyway but something about the flavor and the crunchy but not really texture of nuts bothers me with other things.

No. 971609

And they all seem to have cp and gore on-hand. Disgusting fucks

No. 971612

I was the same, kek, I used to hate the idea of having nuts with other kinds of foods, but now I love it, the mix of the crunch and the flavor are actually amazing, it really makes a boring salad something to look forward to.

No. 971613

I desire and need this.

No. 971616

How big is this thing?

No. 971620

Cringe it's an h3 reddit incel spamming, he got mad I insulted ethan lol

No. 971624

It's to scale with a mid sized orange. 150 grams worth of choc

No. 971625

I hate h3h3 and his girlfriend, they're both evil kikes.(moid)

No. 971627


No. 971633

File: 1637268553214.jpg (55.26 KB, 400x400, s-l400.jpg)

mmm healthy fruit

No. 971638

Every night I get high enough to freak out about my real life interactions and then I get past that point and do it all over again the next day. I need to stop the cringe.

No. 971640

Women that smoke weed always fuck the best

No. 971643

File: 1637268818383.jpeg (35.05 KB, 334x400, 48AD7CC8-6BC7-4DE7-B389-935A10…)

I’ve never been so excited to try a chocolate since I first saw the milka chocolates that had this cow.

No. 971648

The candy you steal from on top of your dad's dresser

No. 971651

the candy on my dad's dresser made me see funny things

No. 971655

File: 1637269530262.jpeg (52.83 KB, 1000x563, DEF53F69-6D5C-424F-8909-F390CF…)

I threatened the jannies with posting the forbidden man and the blue spiky animal, then they banned the ejaculator, does that mean that I got the power?

No. 971656

I can't fucking find these anywhere and last time I ordered international chocolate it was old and turning white

No. 971658

File: 1637269612337.jpeg (31.91 KB, 223x180, 11514F22-747B-4D73-96DE-2C1484…)

Go away, Shayna Clifford.

No. 971662

Remember when a moid made a thread and we started posting naked men in the replies? That was fun, I wish we could do that again but I'm out of pics

No. 971665

Other nonnies get mad because it’s technically replying to bait, but I also liked the nonnies posting hot naked men.

No. 971669

I remember a time where we all posted such random bullshit that the thread was flying along. That was a good time. One of the best flows of chat I've seen… if you could call it that. Turned it into something beautiful.

No. 971671

File: 1637270079907.jpeg (47.38 KB, 357x398, 0C5C4707-B4B8-4D74-8633-706973…)

hummuh hummuh faggot

No. 971673

File: 1637270128499.jpg (127.92 KB, 736x802, 842819e2ced9de5fe24681881693f4…)

If you absolutely can't resist the urge to respond, it's a dominant move to post fujoshit instead of being a clown and arguing with them

No. 971674

I thought posting naked men and copypastas was funny but it encouraged autistic anons to respond with their retarded rants and argue with the moids.

No. 971676

T-tom Nook????

No. 971677

If tom nook was tom selleck I would become a furry, don't do this to me

No. 971679

Those anons must be fun at parties
I remember when this was used as a vent thread pic and anons got pissed, they were right because it was unfitting but then they started saying this dude was ugly which is just bullshit

No. 971685

File: 1637270537768.jpg (153.64 KB, 1280x1280, _re2r__leon_needs_some_break_b…)

I'm always up for some husbando posting

No. 971694

god he's so hot

No. 971695

The one that had medic spam?

No. 971698

File: 1637270958987.jpg (124.94 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_pe5hd54eV31w14na0_1280.…)


No. 971703

File: 1637271125073.jpg (31.29 KB, 736x414, f9fd763e1e4348a7c80cebdb302887…)

yeah bb that was me, kek.

No. 971705

That thread was fun, i posted some medic/TF2 pics too, what a nice time

No. 971707

Thank you for your service, I hope we can have fun again